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File: 1601844538298.jpeg (24.17 KB, 500x375, images - 2020-10-04T174824.818…)

No. 646084

Wanted to do a PS fanart but don't want to get banned for it on the regular threads?
Drop them here!

Let's see how our cows could improve or laugh and bicker about shitty ps jobs. It's bound to happen, you know.

No. 646089

Fuck fan art

No. 646100

This seems more mean-spirited than "fanart", no? PT could never look like that.

No. 646109

I just called it "fanart" because it's literally how the mods call it whenever they red text someone for Photoshopping a cow.

It's not supposed to be mean spirited really, a lot of anons do it for fun than anything else.

And the queen is perfect as is.

No. 646120

this is stupid as fuck

No. 646126

I’ll never understand the point in photoshopping them, like do you want a cookie or something

No. 646128

its because it's fun, duh

No. 646151

Why share them here tho. Nobody else cares

No. 646164

I think it's funny and fun, shut the fuck up and hide thread if you don't care. I'm sure there are other threads that someone could say "nobody else here cares" but it gets traction. Don't you have a vent thread to go bitch in and complain about your boring life?

No. 646165

samefag and no I am not even the anon yrt nor thread creator.

No. 646171

Just hide the thread bitch lol

No. 646177

Weird and cringe, go away forever. This should be in /m/ anyway retard.

No. 646211

Why are anons so pressed about this thread?

There's a lot of threads I follow that have anons posting their shoops (Pixielocks come to mind, people love giving her natural colored hair) and it won't stop, so this is a way of keep milkless shoops out of the way. Shouldn't you be happy? Kek

No. 646213

Yup yup

No. 646217

They're literally newfags. Shooping cows has always been part of the culture, it's only recently that it's been clamped down on.
Some people will probably feel called out by this and respond that they've actually "been around since SR" (been seeing an uptick in this ever since that one PULL shutdown thread, interesting), but won't talk about any of the lore around it, the site(s) before SR and who was in charge of those, and will fail to name any of the legacy cows, kek.

No. 646219

Nah you’re crazy

No. 646220

Nice try.

No. 646221

Clamp that tinfoil around your skull a little bit harder faggot

No. 646222

Not tinfoil if it's true.

No. 646224

people have always done it but it's always been considered cringy as fuck.

No. 646226

They started cracking down on fan arts because they suck and contribute nothing, you don’t have to be a newfag to think that. Keep stomping your feet about how nobody who disagrees with you could have possibly been on staminarose because we are all a hive that give a shit about the exact same things.

No. 646227

Even then, no one got legitimately upset about it. They just scrolled past it. The rage and salt is very new.

This is too long to read, but I'm sorry you're mad about edits

No. 646230

>two sentences too long to read
i know you think you sound cool but you read the whole thing

No. 646231

it's not new, sorry your idea is shit.

No. 646232

I saw "keep stomping" and figured it was just seething, so I didn't bother with the rest. If you'd prefer to imagine I did, though, that's okay.

No. 646234

I'm not the OP, though.

No. 646235

So cool so aloof 10/10

No. 646240

Ok sorry friend

No. 646242

Personally, I always think of Liana Judd every time I see fanshoops kek

No. 646247

There used to be shooping threads for cows all the time. Your newfag is showing.

It’s a containment thread. Better to have it exist than have people post shoops and have fifty subsequent posts mini modding about it in the thread.

>quizzing people on /cgl/ and efagz cows from 10+ years ago who hardly produce milk if any now
>gatekeeping lolcow oldfaggotry
I hear outside has good graphics.

No. 646248

>I hear outside has good graphics
fucking based

No. 646249

I'm not gatekeeping (or even quizzing, I didn't actually ask anyone anything), I just think it's dumb how some people deny that the site's demographics have changed a lot over time. There's a reason this thread is getting backlash.
>I hear outside has good graphics.
Stolen joke

No. 646250

Nayrt but duh it’s a ‘stolen joke,’ a lot of this board is referential humor you absolute shitshow

No. 646252

And? People are still allowed to comment on recycled memes, kek.

No. 646253


No. 646301

File: 1601866811228.jpg (59.96 KB, 341x353, 1466586924731.jpg)

>30 replies of pure bitching

Imagine being this triggered over a dumb thread.
If you Google "Pixyteri photoshop" there'll be a thread here as old as 2014.
Hide the thread and move on

No. 646457

File: 1601886660749.png (155.29 KB, 750x971, 1474017232575.png)

>open thread
>nothing but bitching
Anyways, never forget when Moo stole this shoop that a farmer made of her and posted it on her Twitter kek.
original post is here >>>/snow/174155

No. 646529

File: 1601899779553.jpg (1.34 MB, 1657x1551, goth hot dog.jpg)

just scroll /ot/ and youll see an oldish photoshop thread, it's not a new concept, you wonderful little salty bitches.

anyway, how the fuck do i make her face not look like a pancake? hjälp

No. 646538

holy fuck i thought that was aggy

No. 646721


>Gym motivation

And yet here we are lmao

No. 647057

File: 1601943903260.jpg (632.85 KB, 1059x1737, 1601150191698_mr1601156551726.…)

I tried photoshopping Jenna Lynn Meowri's face to look a little more normal and less botox-bloated

No. 647099


You made her look like Kelly Eden

No. 647155

File: 1601950196654.jpg (7.12 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20201005_22103386…)

I only did this on my phone but I promise, when I get my pc back up again, this is going to be fun

No. 647181

Can this autismo thread be autosaged please

No. 647183

File: 1601953728827.jpg (71.04 KB, 473x713, Woman-with-Umbrella-in-Snow-Ar…)

I was trying to put my finger on why she looks so familiar and then I realized it-she has the face of one of those old geisha paintings.

No. 647187

Hide it if you hate it so much.

No. 647192

File: 1601954522694.jpg (971.32 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201005_232314.jpg)

not sure why, but I felt like doing this

No. 647194

File: 1601954997316.jpg (955.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201005_233106.jpg)

Anotha one

No. 647201

File: 1601955671071.jpg (1005.93 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201005_234234.jpg)

But what if an anachan actually gained weight?

No. 647214

Return the slab

No. 647219

File: 1601957540548.jpeg (20.54 KB, 517x594, images (1).jpeg)

Nta but this reference brought me joy

No. 647223

File: 1601958089298.jpg (1.18 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201006_002133.jpg)

She'd be so pretty if she didn't intentionally make herself look like a gremlin all the time (oh and magically reversed the lipo)

No. 647225

That edit requires her to get a whole different set of teeth and jaw.

No. 647229

this app made me realize that even if you have perfect teeth you can still have an ugly smile by the way your mouth stretches when you grin.
some people show the inside of their cheeks.
some people show every row of teeth.
some lips make a weird M curve when they smile
some people's corner of the mouth point down even when they smile
some people show too much gum

so many things can still make you ugly

No. 647271

Somehow her face looks worse thin. It's more 40 yr old mom

No. 647279

Less 40 year old mom, more 40 year old pornstar.

No. 647510

Pic on the left is an irl Modigliani painting, holy fuckerino

No. 647750

overthinking things a bit, arent we?

No. 1104954

File: 1647794126798.jpg (604.28 KB, 1440x1080, Collage.jpg)

Made this on my phone

No. 1104980

Fuck you, this thread should’ve stayed dead.

No. 1105648

File: 1647837487061.png (3.22 MB, 2000x1083, shatna.png)

No. 1105663

Unpopular opinion, she could be cute if she dropped the fake eyelashes and the weird expression.

No. 1105669

Now that is just lying, anon. She is ugly as sin.

No. 1105748

File: 1647855626896.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x1920, pinkhair.jpg)

No. 1105751

my tinfoil is she's a dude

No. 1105756

i don't know who this is but that haircut makes me want to burn my house down

No. 1105770

It's grimes, nonny

No. 1105774

File: 1647860663284.jpeg (211.91 KB, 1241x1331, 4A1582D9-D0F1-437A-A005-3731E3…)

i like mine better

No. 1136368

File: 1650048260051.jpeg (313.14 KB, 900x1113, 4F6347D9-999D-491E-A7F7-FF6B25…)

i think it would be so easy for kathy to improve her style, please let me know how i did, i never tried this before.

>ditch the baby pinks she likes so much, go for vibrant colors that work with her complexion

>get rid of overdramatic makeup, leave some free eyelid space
>no sparkles, opt for solid blocks of color and classic patterns
>corsets give her too much emphasis. she would look more harmonious with a subtler waistline
>she could add a bit of vintage glamour by picking pieces with a retro style cut. add a blazer if she wants to go for a rich bitch look idk
>shorter tousled hair will help her rounded features

No. 1136380

I'm impressed that you somehow managed to make her look even worse

No. 1136416

Actually like it aside from the eyes and that's probably because you photoshopped eyeshadow away so it looks a bit wonky. She looks like a cute housewife though.

No. 1136433

OT but it amazes me how the internet used to consider PT on left "hamplanet" size where nowadays she wouldn't even fit in among the actual deathfats.
Makes me feel a little bad for her, she was before her time.

No. 1136436

File: 1650052154369.jpeg (1005.38 KB, 3465x3465, 7C7CF3ED-44E0-41CA-80F2-B548E8…)

nice effort, nonnie! you did great ridding her of the drag makeup but i think what would really boost her style the most is investing in some blush and hair dye. her skin tone would pair with a ginger shade nicely. the overly cool-toned makeup and dishwater grey hair washes her out horribly. mascara on her bottom lashes wouldn't hurt either.

No. 1136448

This is giving blue girl redraw from the art threads. Progressively gets worse. Quick someone do another shoop!

No. 1137124

File: 1650122904100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.22 KB, 729x1024, ezgif-2-55db936cd0.jpg)

Wasn't she also much fatter occasionally? I haven't been following PT during her prime, so may be wrong… I know that some of her tiny anime outfits really didn't give her justice. Made her look fatter/worse than she actually was. Like picrel.
It's true she could be succesful nowadays, if only she wore cosplay in the right size and maybe used some filters (since it's a standard, especially for costhots).

No. 1137758

You’re so right about the red hair I think it somehow even makes her nose look normal

No. 1138656

That hairstyle is hideous

No. 1146834

File: 1650862026184.jpg (2.62 MB, 1828x1833, Shaynus.jpg)

I have like 3 more fanarts of Shaynus.

She's just so genetically neglected that I want to fix her sloppy ass self.

No. 1146839

Maybe she should try these kinds bangs. They'd make the messy bun look better. She'd just end up putting it in two ponytails though

No. 1146847

The black hair and the bangs really work.

No. 1146850

this hides her forehead wrinkles really well

No. 1146853

what did anon do? looks like they gave her more of an upper lip (not necessary) and made her nose smaller too, right? but both were unnecessary, she'd just look good if she got darker hair and a real cut

No. 1146868

Did you change anything other than the hair?! She looks miles better with the dark hair and bangs.

No. 1146869

I'm genuinely impressed, she looks heaps better. Shayna is just generally such a rat faced smarmy bastard, she looks human here. Kudos, anon.

The ginger hair works really well with her complexion and the jewel tone of that dress. I also like the make up, makes her look more alive. My only complaint would be that the hairline is too high and it looks like a wig, but I'm guessing this was just a quick job.


No. 1146871

File: 1650865550087.png (528.66 KB, 720x480, iu.png)

Honestly I think Kathy looks as good as is possible for her to with her own styling and makeup, they "work" in the way she always looks like a female cartoon animal of some kind.

No. 1146901


No. 1146915

File: 1650868774149.jpg (1.11 MB, 1530x1022, Shaynuts.jpg)


She just has dark hair, the shadows are softer, and her skin is smoother. Looking at it, I actually did plump her lips slightly and put a lighter lip color.

This one was done using FaceApp and is pretty much the same.

No. 1146919

I can’t believe she’s still doing those retarded freckles that look like someone sharted in her face. Thas mento illness x

No. 1146928

Did you do something to her nose? It looks a bit more refined

No. 1146934

Honestly bewildered by how massive of a difference some bangs and black hair dye could do for her. what the fuck.

No. 1147337

damn she almost cute. makes more sense with her skin tone and the brown eyes. especially plus the bangs? and if she exercised???? nona don't make us hope

No. 1200154

File: 1653734548708.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1920, shayna.jpg)

No. 1200163

I don't follow her thread at all so pls don't come for me but she looks pretty in the original imo

No. 1200166

you made her look like park bom >>1200154

No. 1200208

Top image: snots mom from American dad
Bottom image: Michael H (Haeuyon) Jackson

No. 1200376

you made shayana grande

No. 1202601


Log off k-pop Twitter friend

No. 1208187

File: 1654197469305.jpg (1.28 MB, 1698x1700, Shaynuts.jpg)

No. 1208192

Chola Shayna (Choyna)

No. 1208203

She looks more endearing with this hair style and color, definitely an improvement.

No. 1208373

File: 1654204887665.jpg (804.89 KB, 1440x958, shayna.jpg)

shayna with some relatively light photoshopping. a couple small changes would make her look a lot better tbh

No. 1208387

We still making fan art?

No. 1208695

File: 1654220054876.jpg (77.04 KB, 422x832, rachel-cutified.jpg)

Rachel (>>>/snow/1546635) cutified. Had a little boost from the beauty app to start but this chick needed way more work than that, kek. Thing is most of this would be achievable with some about 50 pounds weight loss, some 'work', and actual self-care. Not to mention the occasional smile.

No. 1208699

Smile dog vibes

No. 1208700

Reminds me of those faceapp smile edit memes. Made me lol

No. 1208746

good work nonnie! But it would be better if she just ditched the unflattering makeup to begin with as a start.

No. 1208792

i know this is a year old, but you have autism anon. also holy shit does this thread reveal that some of y'all have some serious fucking body dysmorphia even by shoop standards if you think some of these photoshops are upgrades or what a real human looks like and not visual representations of the decline of reality, natural beauty+self respect.

>>647201 is one of the few posted here that is a genuine upgrade

No. 1210486

strong mid-late 2000s vibes

No. 1214770

File: 1654571877846.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1418x1024, AA29A012-702E-4C92-8B75-69EF53…)


No. 1214817

She looks cute on the after but she needs to her brows fixed too. They're too thin.

No. 1214905

Damn you turned her into Tifa Lockhart

No. 1215178

you made her uglier

No. 1217417

File: 1654755477909.jpeg (269.01 KB, 736x1334, 6DF77C93-09F0-4B7B-A141-F79FED…)

she should make a witch porn that would be hilarious

No. 1217435

Wtf it kinda suits her

No. 1217441

She looks so cute in the afters omg

No. 1219232

this image looks like one of those images that someone sends you to put a curse on you

No. 1230248

File: 1655577330222.jpeg (520 KB, 828x1129, CF6DA638-3C09-455A-B450-8CF85F…)

All I added was a smile, I think she’s already pretty cute

No. 1230289

not that anyone asked, but I hate this woman's videos so much yet I can't put my finger on why that is

No. 1230314

I don't dislike her as a person, the people who mock her as a cow seem to only dislike her because "she's ugly" and overshares on twitter.
But her videos do fucking suck. They're really damn short and basically just consist of her reading straight from an article about whatever subject word for word. Low effort crap when she could dive deeper and have some sort of crime channel.

No. 1246904

File: 1656644795609.jpeg (319.6 KB, 1118x1644, 94CB61FC-726A-42FD-A81D-892A5B…)

All she needs to do is lose like 35 pounds and fill in her brows

No. 1246905

She looks exactly the same

No. 1246911

File: 1656644998389.jpeg (215.81 KB, 1118x2048, 1167A403-68FD-4D24-9302-D2A094…)

Take it back bitch

No. 1246920

Honestly that and some solid hygiene and she would look good anon. I agree.

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