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File: 1479151497260.jpeg (14.76 KB, 155x275, 1476572343264.jpeg)

No. 198249

Continuing from >>>/snow/181797

About Sindy:
>cringy as fuck
>complains when you bring up old drama about her, but will bring up old drama about other people
>banned from selling at some conventions for traced work
>has accused people of sexual assault in attempts to slander them
>likely to have made the previous thread due to having issues with the three people initially posted on it
>wants to be a professional cosplayer or model
>slut shames and fat shames people but complains when others do the same back
>generally hypocritical, she can do something but when someone else does it it's a crime

More about her on >>>/snow/43108 and >>>/manure/516

Scottish cosplay also has a bunch of cringy folk and drama-llamas. No one as bad as Sindy, but still pretty bad.

No. 198250

File: 1479151650808.jpeg (88.49 KB, 640x890, image.jpeg)

Wrong bitch, you're too funny to poke at.
The YGO people are having a ball with this, shes going to turn into a slagging victim

No. 198251

She genuinely doesnt seem to realise all threads lock at after a certain number of posts. Then again she doesnt realise a lot of things about lolcow in general

No. 198253

I sent this to people already, she just cant get away until she admits her shit, and her post about the ygo boys aha

Reece is one in GR that gets the piss ripped out of him because hes just as big a reject as her , and we all dont want her in the community, and after that post all the YGO players are already done with her for causing drama already.

No. 198255

File: 1479152162316.jpeg (107.05 KB, 640x821, image.jpeg)

No. 198256

File: 1479152337311.jpeg (99.34 KB, 640x800, image.jpeg)

So this is the new thread?

Alright. It isnt Jordan at all, and your a fucking cunt to think its him, stop dragging people you dont even know into your petty shit, this is why we dont want you in the community, you have ALREADY caused drama and we all agree we cant be bothered with you.

Also , you just strengthened the anon who said they didnt want you in the community for your drama issues.

Also Reece, stop being pussy thirsty and white knighting and go back to creeping on the underage catty kids.

No. 198257

File: 1479152356389.png (39.66 KB, 501x381, 11.png)

The highlighted part, she obviously didnt understand her GR ban because as far as I was aware it she was only banned from selling at their events, not actually visiting the place, because of her tracing?

In her eyes everyone's jealous. Except, really it should be "envious", not jealous. She isnt taking anything away from people that would cause them to be jealous.

No. 198261

File: 1479152544814.jpg (13.74 KB, 240x240, en tiedä.jpg)

Forget about these retards Sindy, you got a killer body. Let's make big chinned babies together.

No. 198294

We all just see her as another one of those desperate thirsty girls who come into the shop gagging for dick and flirting with anything that moves, its funny for us imo

No. 198300

Most people would go to a club/use tinder for that

No. 198304

Oh but according to her she isnt thirsty for dick, she "doesnt need dick", etc…

No. 198307

Is this person peacockfeather? Or related?

No. 198308

>not thirsty for dick
>went on 'date' with some 2/10 cringe asian dude to a ygo contest

No. 198317

Nope, not peacockfeather, nor is she related to her.

No. 198323

also said guy said it wasnt a date at all, she was too poor to afford food and bus fair home and he felt sorry for her

No. 198326

ahhaha screens of this please

No. 198370

Guys name is Terry Wan, he said in person and cant say who to as it would give the game away.

But Terry is also known for messing with girls.
Fraser , Andrew and Charlie are all laughing at him for taking pity on an ugly beast like her, how she thinks hes interested is beyond and of us.

No. 198390

>known for messing with girls

So he's also a shitty human being then? K

No. 198394

Its a bit of a complicated one, but he has been known in the past to mess with girls, then be a sniveling begging mess.

No. 198395

Do said girls have absolutely no self confidence / standards because he is pretty vile. Solid 3/10.

No. 198434

Well Sindy thinks hes attractive , so hes already out her league since she only likes folk leaps and bounds better looking than her, but yea p much.

Also , its really sad when even a guy like this took pity on her and got her food and bus home cause she was too poor.

No. 198438

File: 1479167744385.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161114-235422.png)

No thanks Chindy! No one is that desperate for your pancake tits.

No. 198449

Dont know how it's complicated? If he's messing with girls knowingly, he's a cunt. If he doesnt realise he's doing it, then you, his friends, are cunts for not explaining things to him and just watching. If he's messing with them because he was messed about by someone in the past, still a cunt, if anything even more of one because he should know what it feels like when someone messes with you.

Also if it's so complicated, don't just lead with "he's known to mess with girls before" and not fully explain it. Otherwise you are painting someone as a POS when there might be ~reasons~ to it

No. 198456

File: 1479170428120.png (396.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161115-003921.png)

Lol Chindy… learn how to fucking spell, you idiot.

No. 198457

1) Does this girl have some sort of genetic disorder?
2) Is there only one person making all these posts?

No. 198459


No. 198461

1 - as far as I'm aware, no, other than scoliosis, which is just a curved spine

2 - nope, I'm a different anon from the one above, at least. Also the fact someone mentioned their male friend messing with girls and then someone calling said friend a POS, with the original person replying it is complicated, safe to assume that unless someone is a complete loony, that it is different anons

No. 198474

Its complicated because all girls in question have openly admitted mind fucking him. Stop acting as if Its so black and white when people dont want to go into issues.
Also not his friend. I have nothing personally to do with him so has nothing to do with me.

And thus why I said its complicated. Because its all hearsay, or is this another "selective feminist" points.
Because it seems like it is.

Either way, said guy is cunt for other things also, not just that alone when both parties were just as bad.

No. 198476

Same fag as above but again, no where did I say he was my friend.

Learn to read and stop bunching it together.

No. 198477


Also, were not the same…… I replied with its complicated and was my first post.
No one is friends with him, and its complicated because some girls mess with him, but others didnt, so it is very much a Grey area.

Dont assume were the same people, thanks.

No. 198478

File: 1479174070146.jpeg (78.81 KB, 640x797, image.jpeg)

……… Anyway.

Desperado indeed.

No. 198483

she just won't learn

No. 198718

b-but muh scoliosis-!

which apparently means she is unable to work yet can go to numerous conventions each year, walk perfectly fine (if you can walk more than ten yards then you're disqualified for disability) and just sits on her ass sperging out at people online for not worshiping her pancake titties and ultimate shitlord attitude.

No. 198719


Just because some girls mess with him doesn't mean it's ok to do it to the other girls. Seems more like you're whiteknighting for him. Although the two states,Mrs seem contradictory from "all girls admit to mind fucking him" to "some girls mess with him, whereas others didn't".
Which is it? They either all did, or only some did. It can't seemingly be both.

Also if you don't want to air dirty laundry, don't bring up the idea it exists, either. You can't just say "he's known to mess with girls", expect no one to think he's a dick for doing it, and then try and WK by saying its "complicated" without also giving why it's complicated.

And please learn to multi reply or at least sage.

No. 198722

No selective feminism here but the fact you think that says a lot.
If it was a girl doing it to guys I'd feel the exact same way - she'd be a cunt. Messing with people's feelings makes you a cunt regardless of gender.

And as the anon in >>198719 said, you can't just say something like that and not back it up as to why it's like that.

No. 198723

First of all, were all different anons retard, so cant all sage or single post.

And actually it CAN be both, just because things arnt black and white to you Kay, doesnt mean they cant be complicated.
Grow up, not everything is as black and white as you would like to think.

Not white knighting him, and you say that, yet your on lolcow starting things about sindy? Honey you cant say shit, get off your high horse, just because its a guy im being even about.

And clearly you cannot read. I said ALL GIRLS IN QUESTION, not all who have been Involved with him, or is that a little TOO black and white for you, and you need to mix words up a bit?

And no one said to defend him or he wasnt a dick? all that was said was it was complicated?

Another selective feminist who is clearly not reading correctly and just wants to make an issue for the sake of it, learn to read

No. 198724

Who is Kay?

No. 198725

Diff anons again, where did any one say they condoned it? no where.

Exactly, why it was said if it was a girl this was going in about no one would care regardless.

and again dif anon, no one said anything to defend him? And if you read it again, youll see the reason why it wasnt explained more was because its a difficult situation, but clearly, didnt read.

No. 198727

Are you referring to Kay marshall?
Fuck sake, she says she didnt start anything but the screen shots are from her and its so easy to tell when she posts because if its anyone but sindy or laurel, she goes on one of her self righteous rants , like prev did, so anon before is Kay marshall?

No. 198728

Cant tell if jealous, stupid, or needs dick that desperately

No. 198729

File: 1479207704953.jpeg (77.41 KB, 640x818, image.jpeg)

No you cant wear this because your fugly and would look like a local glasgow bike for hire.

No. 198732


Yall need to chill and stop arguing about something so irrelevant, tbh you all look like your arguing over this for dick.

Lets get back to what's important.
Shit posting sindy

No. 198737

Sindy sperged out and went on a mass blocking spree a couple days ago, pretty sure Kay was one of the people she blocked so screens can't be from her?

No. 198739

File: 1479209474179.jpg (37.55 KB, 508x378, selfaware.jpg)

she's become self aware

No. 198741

File: 1479209724027.png (244.14 KB, 501x575, ahahhahahahaha.png)

why is Sindy's new whiteknight a 12 yr old

No. 198743

Kay has the pirate language on her FB. Also didnt say screen shots on here were hers, learn to read.

No. 198744

He's known in the shop as a bully victim. Awkward little sperglord who goes for the girls and is a known pest

No. 198746

"she says she didnt start anything but the screen shots are from her"
>the screen shots are from her

No. 198747

Ryan was one of the people that used to rip into her and slag her? Do not understand.

No. 198748

Yeah, exactly,but I didnt specify WHICH ones now did I? Learn to read.

No. 198749

Stop backtracking lmao you're pathetic

No. 198750

You cant read can you? Just stop.

No. 198751

Actually, just coming across as you didnt correctly read what was written and just sperging now.

No. 198752

Is this Sindy level stupid? Ew

No. 198754

Stop samefagging.

No. 198756

Not same fagging, dif anon, so your already wrong, get a grip , and lets get back to sindy shitposting

No. 198757

We are different people you know……… Again, just stop

No. 198760

File: 1479211441950.jpeg (165.18 KB, 640x908, image.jpeg)

No. 198761

File: 1479211466797.jpeg (175.79 KB, 640x910, image.jpeg)


No. 199480

File: 1479315261209.jpeg (559.82 KB, 2048x1232, image.jpeg)

No. 199482

File: 1479315427900.jpeg (636.08 KB, 1345x1966, image.jpeg)

Grammar, anatomy, fingers, hair………. there's so much wrong with these.
Does she even try anymore? I see better from weeaboo sellers at D-Con

No. 199484

File: 1479315463358.jpeg (476.35 KB, 2048x1104, image.jpeg)

Anatomy, what is that?

No. 199576


Holy fucking shit, no wonder she has to trace
mock up or no mock up, that is not the type of final product you look at and think of inking
the hands look atrocious as well as the weird thigh gap on the girl in the last panel that makes her look anorexic

No. 199585


is this a thread or a weight watchers session. stop bitching amounst yourselves when others dont give 2 shits for you petty vandetta

but hey, congrats, you went a whole day before you made another thread

Suck my juicy private Set cock

No. 199586


btw this is 4 years old

No. 199587

File: 1479324538273.jpg (3.44 MB, 2425x3475, Sinder2WM.jpg)

also, its a webcomming anon. not ever scene has to be drawn out to perfection. if the reader gets the humour, thats fine with me. but then you guys dont actually know anything about humour do you XD

Fwi dCon art below. im hopeing ya'll will come by my table at raicon and have a ready at my original manga im promoting ;)

No. 199589

spell checking has forsaken me


No. 199591


salty is the answer you were looking for, she got her ass hung out to dry by me and is bitching because she cant write shit about me making threads when shes gone and made about me

No. 199592

dont think thiers very much you can do about it. except

Duel me
but i wouldnt wanna dirty my deck

No. 199594

Not really, you're the one salty over Kay, shut up you degenerate

No. 199595

Suuuuuuureeee…….. We all seen HER serve you up, dont try and lie when you're widely spoken about as being a cunt

No. 199596

get a life karli jesus damn. i thought you were behaving now. but instead you prove that snakes dont change, they just blend in.

idk why and and your little knight are so defesnsive over me going into a fucking public store to partake in playing a childrens card game ive played since i was 8.. fucking…years…old

you dont own the shop, you dot influence the managers, you dont own the right to decide who goes hwere, take your mad ass the hell outa my sight, go cool it off outside, its cold enough

No. 199597

Your reputation is in tatters. Just stop, you're only making this look worse on yourself. You just look more and more like you LIVE for drama, its sad

No. 199599

This again? Not Karli, try again, she doesnt care still, didnt last time, didnt now, she even told me I do not care

No. 199600

Still think this is Karli , huh? Not even close.

No. 199601

pure assumption at the most. we went to the venue and were emailed saying they would let us sell art to promote there anime thing, when we showed up we met steven the owner, who told us we couldnt vendor unless we gave him 505.

when we disputed it he became extreamly agressive, throw me, sora chan, my ex my friend. caolyn, coonor and adam out of the venue.

there your witnesses.

No. 199602

Not Karli you sniveling cumrag

No. 199603

i can see the fucking profile picture moron. even if shes not typing on here, shes still causing shit by capping it

No. 199604


do you have a glowing white cock where that sword and shield should be

just curious

No. 199605

Yeah she sent them when asked, the same as the rest of them. Not just her sending them and not her posting so stop trying to blame others not here, fuck up

No. 199606


No. 199607



No. 199608

I mean if you look at the last thread, they tell you who they are and that they ask her, so once again your trying to blame her…….. Okay.

No. 199609

Jesus Christ, Sindy…

No. 199610

Yet you once again just accused Karli? Who has the vendetta against who?

No. 199611

Im go get back to doing what i do now okay, thamls for entertianing me tho.

ill say hi to reece for you

No. 199612

Okay so the Karli card has been played , who else now? Alex? Kay? Hollie? Rachael? Bets on people

No. 199614

literally pointed out that shes caping my pics. dont even see you lieng about it. tell you what . why dont i send my friends to cap her stuff and see if you dont think its funny then :>

No. 199616

maybe i should post about all the status of hers i got taken down before raicon?

No. 199618

oh hey
it lives

No. 199619

When I ask Karli to show me, since im blocked , in before im kay, she always moans cause she cant be bothered with a spineless cunt like yourself, she really only does it when folk ask and even then she rarely can be bothered, she is busy usually.

No. 199620

you guys are pathetic really. your just a salty little white knight thats pissed off i play in the ygo scene. get over it. so i get banned from gr because enough people complain. so what. thats not the only the venue. it just does local games. geekaboo, sevral cons and forbidden planet all do yugioh tournamments. youre a fucking idiot honestly. unless you psyically confiscate my catds, or brake my legs. you aint gona stop me playing. defensive little bitch. no wonder your single and failing to mingle

No. 199621

sup kae

No. 199622


Go for it, shes shown people what's being said when asked, and she done nothing wrong before Rai-con and we all seen it so sure.

No. 199623

cause shes youre mate and youll defend her bullshit in hopes shell suck you off

No. 199624


I'm not Kay you idiot kek

No. 199625

Oh look, old drama she is going to dig up once again as a vendetta against her when it was already public and she didnt do anything but point out your shit.

No. 199626

sais that anymore

mama help me im cringing

No. 199628

No not really friends, im a female and straight so no sucking off and shes pretty happy in her relationship , she deserves it after the old stuff, so wrong again?

No. 199630

what the fuck is this thread anyway, kays evil council of doom?

yall mad i blocked you so you gona conspire to throw me off a boat.

No. 199631


>"im cringing"

>is the walking definition of cringe

fucking kek

No. 199632

You came on blaming someone not even involved again

No. 199633


itl be funny when it gets closed again. cause you know. people cant be assed with the outcasts of scottish cosplay scraping around for any dramu they can get.

but please keep this shit up. maybe youll make me super nation wide famous, and ill put scottish cosplay on the map (not like the rest are doing it well are they)

No. 199634

Honestly i should be earning royalties off this thread

No. 199636


aw how cute
she thinks she's worth something

No. 199637

unpopular opinnion.

yall fucking anti social, outcasted, forever virgin idiots.

No. 199638

Old thread hit reply limit so didnt get deleted.
Scottish cosplayer are just fine without you, thanks, youre a complete nobody, and anyone who does know you , knows you for cringe, being a cunt, and a general maggot of a human. So please continue to tarnish your reputation, youre doing it just fine by yourself.

No. 199639

youre time of day
alot of your time it would seam.

i mean like i said. i littkeraly never had a single fucking problem with half of you.

Especially you.
whos the pne making enemies here for the sake of drammu

No. 199640

cute, you thought i was refering to old thread. no i was refering to Idiot who tried to make a 3rd one but it got closed.

No. 199641

cause as i said


and seriously, posting an image of me making a stupid face hoping people will click the bait ..

this is desperation if i have ever seen it

No. 199642

btw i just evaded your sites shity ban
guess you will have to post up all registered Ips

Still waiting for you to track that


No. 199643

I mean its more sad you care enough to go out your way to do that just to see it if you apparently dont care, so shoo, let us milk the saggy tittied cow

No. 199644

i wear costumes that make me look like a twat in public. any reputation i had was gone by that point

a rep is what you make it. and its something earned on a person to person bais. if people listened to every bitchy little comment, including half of these. nobody would fucking talk to anybody. people are allways gona wanna talk hit about you, especially if you do anything that involves being sene or head.

so i guess ill wait untill i actually have a repoutation before i listen to how trashed it apparently IS or ISNT

tho even if this was to be my reputation " youre a complete nobody, and anyone who does know you , knows you for cringe, being a cunt, and a general maggot of a human. "

i still dont think id give half as much of a fuck as youd like to hope

No. 199646

vandetta is the saltiest milk anon. i am high quality dairy.

cravendale kind.

No. 199647

i didnt even do anything lmao. blame the great brittish weather for deciding to thunder and lightning in the middle of fucking novemember, my internets been off and on all day

do you even know how IPs even work. jesus
like id left my fine ass of my chair to listen to you talk your ususal shit.

No. 199648

You're the milk that turned sour in the light and people throw the fuck out , nobody wants sour milk, just like nobody wants you, and you're reputation is already made; As a cunt and a disgusting human. Not hard to see, so well done, youre already famous.

No. 199651

then stop making shitty low tier quality threads because your menstrating

No. 199652

Even bad furry art on D.A. is better than this.

No. 199653

Youd know i guess

No. 199654

Expert on furry deviant art AYS

god i dont whats more gut wrenching.

The fact you go on that fecal fest hole, or the fact you actually look at furry art
or the fact you critize art that is 4 years old because thiers no shit you can say about all the art ive posted since being in the cosplay community. (3 years)

No. 199655

Well, I do spend a lot of time on D.A. browsing, so even if my prime interest isn't furry stuff, at least I still have the experience to tell you that your art is still worse than it

No. 199656

i think im gona be sick

No. 199657

But she makes a whole £90 (before deducting table costs, travel and material expenses).

And here's the rest of the AA lot laughing whilst we put away our literal hundreds in pure profit

No. 199658

lets see your fantastic art then cipasso

No. 199659

Oh ya go and spew, friend. Your stuff genuinely looks like someone who's bought a beginners manga guide and just drawn the first character that first popped up. Like it is literally nothing special and for someone who has supposedly been doing art for as long as you claim, you would have thought you'd be doing better than churning this shite out.

No. 199660

File: 1479327262706.jpg (2.78 MB, 848x1128, XOSJzEa.jpg)

You mean all the proven traces you've done?

No. 199662

do you actualy vend at D con? Its not a great venue, alot of people are so fucking pissy about buying art, despite going through my entire folder. i try to only charge £3 per A4 print. to hopefully incourage them not to be so pissy about it, where as some people buy £10s worth at a time. working in AA is a very difficult life. people only expect thier see there shitty ships in the folders and if its not then they dont care.

when i was at AA this year the largest part of my work was stuff from the year before, becase i had been mostly working on my Manga art, which as you can guess didnt get alot of sales because people didnt know who the characters were. DMG shit sells fast tho, ill say

>>199660 OLD and dont see you posting your art, nice attamept to evade that tho (waiting here)

No. 199664

I've vended at DeeCon, it's not that bad. If you're proactive, you make decent money. If you're stupid enough to undercharge, then you deserve to lose money lol.

No. 199665

What qualifies as old to you? As this was from this year. I'm a different anon to the anon you asked to show they're art. There's more than 1 person in here.
And actually I do vend at Dee-con. And a plethora of other UK conventions including MCM in Scotland/England and various other events across the country. Every time I've attended Dee-con, whilst I'm not making the massive profit I make at the other events I leave with no less than £300-£350 profit after my material/travel expenses have been covered and usually leave with very little stock.

No. 199666

nevermind wrong anon.

olly you have access to my entire wall (somehow) and your still posting shit from all those years ago. i mean. dont you have any current evidence on me, cause if i truely was a trace artist. its not like id have stoped doing it.

ignore those videos on my wall btw, thier just videos of me drawing pannls from my manga, completly. from, scrath. you know.. live video evidence proving your full of shit.

yea ignore those. I bet you would anyway

No. 199667


"you have access to my entire wall (somehow)"


No. 199668

HA, so youve gone from saying that its that i dont get enough sales, to you undercharge, dont make me fucing laugh my ass off here. when youre entire fucking folder is pokemonon bullshit or MLP ofcourse your going to make a seale to every fucking weeb and 8 year old in the venue.

i sell real art of real characters that are classic and timeless. because thats what people remember and admire.

No. 199669

(Is blocked)
thats why i want sure how you were seeing it

90% of you are blocked here

No. 199670

you don't even know who 90% of us are
it's almost as if you think we're the same five people

No. 199671

and btw, 90 - by £3 is 30 prints

for only 4 hours of vending. 30 prints (my folder is 100 max) is not to fucking chabby if you ask me. but then im not stupid enough to overstock

No. 199672

Actually all my art is original content with the occassional 90's anime thrown in for nostalgia purposes.
Again, we're not the same people replying to you. There are MANY users of this site, not just from the UK

No. 199673

How about instead of blocking everyone you make your profile private you inbred sloth- or is that too difficult of a concept to grasp?

No. 199674

Oh boy, pulling your "omg hurr durr popular stuffs" bullshit again. You tried it earlier with cosplay and now with the art? Maybe let people enjoy what they want. Your OC's are bad, that's why they won't sell. "classic and timeless"? Nah, don't make me laugh.

You have no idea who I am. I can see all three of your profiles.

No. 199675

yet i probabbly weight less than your middle fucking finger

No. 199678

tried with cosplay
NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT . i pulled you up for insting a cosplay of a character i did like 3 years ago when i had done her again in recent months and done her to the highest quality. the same goes for art. people can improve. but clearly you refuse to accept that because old lolz are still relivent.

go play youre elvis records if youre ass is buiried so deep in the past

No. 199679

go you, you are the next top stalker.

No. 199680

also dont think i havent thought about it. sometimes i cant be bothered. lets see if youre smart enough to figure it out on your own

No. 199681

thats true, but i highly doubt those people have vended specifically at fucking D con. you idiots can event keep track of your own comments.

No. 199683

What are you talking about? You've made multiple statuses both targeted at specific people and just generally about how much you dislike when people cosplay "popular" characters. So what you're trying to admit here is that you're a hypocrite because you cosplayed one? So making it "high quality" makes it ok then? Then that means you can't attack half the people that do them then.

I don't need to stalk anyone when the bile is spewed over my feed every 5 minutes.

No. 199685

Actually I'm this anon >>199665

No. 199686

because other people can be assed with this fucking facade?

No. 199687

jesus christ… where were you when they handed out the brains.

you said on your other psot you vend at deecon. and i replied to that post saying whatever i did, then you reply saying were not all from the uk

you dont seam to fucking realize you were the person i was pecifically fucking tlaking to. jesus christ

No. 199689

i dont think youre cut out for this site sweetie. maybe you should go draw some more pokemonz urt

No. 199692

Have you ever thought the people responding to you about making money at DeeCon are the ones who have been? Oh wait, I remember who i'm talking to.

No. 199693

just so you know. i vend for fun. tnot to make crazy high profits. i have all the supplies i need for the next few years.

so i really dont fucking need to over charge at my tables just to pay for my overpriced train ticket home.

seriously. you should spend less time spending all your profit on expensive junk if you actualy want to enjoy it.

and since my buss and table were 60 at the most, i made £30 back in my pocket just from sitting on my ass
and all of that money goes to whatever the hell i want it to. because the only thing i might need to restock on it Photocopier paper.

No. 199694

If you actually read, I was clarifying I was the anon who DOES deal at Dee-con since you specifically said
"That's true, but I highly doubt those people have vended specifically at fucking D con. you idios can event keep track of your own comments."

If anyone isn't cut out for this site, it's the girl who doesn't know how to:

*reply to more than one post at once
*make your posts read Anonymous when you try to remove your trip to hide so manually types the word in.

No. 199695

well id surley fucking hope so, because if not why the fuck are they saying the go to the god damn thing!

No. 199697

Oh my jesus actual christ


i know how to do all of those things, i just dont fucking want to. i dont give 2 shits about this site or its Rules.

No. 199698


No. 199699

You literally failed the first hurdle.

No. 199700

Oh God hopefully she doesn't but it, I actually have that shirt and I believe she will ruin it

No. 199701

why would i wanna appear as anon. that would be all entirely fucking pointless on a half ass thread dedicated to me, now wouldnt it

No. 199702

So Sindy, you gonna put in for the DeeCon mascot contest? Genuinely interested.

No. 199703

too late hun. it got bout 2 days ago. you should email the seller (in chinese ofcourse) and let them know that im going to steal thier design and sell it for myself.

also damn, now i wish i hadnt had my eyes on that shirt for over 2 years. looked so nice aswell

No. 199704

OH shit, i actualy forgot all about that!

No. 199705

Congrats anon, you did something useful

No. 199706

i dont like the cowboy themed thing tho ><
i genuinly wouldnt know what route to go down heter it be a chibi character or some kind of animal.

i cant see mermaids or unicorns rocking western

No. 199709

I come back from the hospital after visiting my sick gran and I find people messaging me saying you're accusing me of bitching about you?
I haven't had my phone on me, and have had no internet connection, plus you even blocked me.

So am I now joining the list of everyone you accuse of posting in these threads? Hollie, Karli, Amy, Alex, and now me too? Get a life.

No. 199718

oh shut the hell up. playing the victim like that single saddest thing ive ever seen in my life.

the reason i mentioned your name is because another anon up the very top replied to somebody adressing them as you
who the fuck even goes around telling people thier relitives are unwell. shouldnt you keep that to yourself instead off mooching off the sympathy of others to justify your own actions, this thread reaks of having your prescense all over it.

No. 199719


>playing the victim

you mean like you do?

No. 199720

and its abit hard to "accuse" you of something youve been doing for the last 4 months. especially when you yoursef admit it publicly.

who needs the life here

example or get the hell out, i dont recall ever bringing my sick relities into it

No. 199722

You play the Scoliosis card at every opportunity. In fact, you brought it up out of nowhere to someone on FB last week and went in a multicomment pity party regarding how hard life with a slightly twisted spine is

No. 199723

i think each and every one of you should just tell me what so far up youre ass that you hate me this much for anyway

g on, ill listen
but i wont appologise for bad pictures, Or admit to things i havent done.

No. 199724

Ugh, im sorry can you post some screenshots of this, not that im denieng i mentioned it, its not like its something that goes away
But sow me where this was used for sympathy.

No. 199725


well that time you decided to -SPREAD AWARENESS- on the Rai-con page because some dudes wanted to get some reaction out of you

and like >>199722 said, the scoliosis card

No. 199726

funny story, the giy wound up banned from the age anyway when he publicly started calling me this and that. i was trying to warn the people on the page what he was like. if they had listened he would have been banend alot sooner

No. 199727

I didnt even know this thread existed until someone linked me to it today. I've not been around much the past few days, sick relatives aside. Had adult life responsibility shit to do, family birthdays, regaining sleep after a 24 hour charity stream.

I also wasnt using my gran being sick as a ploy for sympathy, more "I havent been online and here is why". But hey, that explanation won't be good enough for you, and you'll come up with your own bullshit one anyway.

No. 199729

sorry hun, look from sympathy from youre twisted little mates. you wont find it from me.

like i said this thread reaks of you

but how it does to be put down for something you never did, and people not to give a shit about your legitimate life problems

No. 199730

Does it feel

No. 199731

You're the only one seeing it as sympathy, its a legit excuse she gave, get over yourself

No. 199732

that post in regards to bullieng you all got so anal at me about

wasnt aimed at me, it was aimed in my defense.

No. 199734

maybe you lot should get over me frist

No. 199735

I wasnt looking for symapthy, unless you've lost the ability to read and form coherent thought. Or you're just selective reading, too.
But hey, you were the one that said no more contact until whatever bullshit law thing you wanted to pull, so why are you responding to me now?

No. 199736

i cant help it if i run into you on cest pits, now can i. tho since i was apparently ehre first, and you contacted me on here. technically youre the one breaching that

No. 199737

i mean. how do i know its even really kay and not some anon

No. 199738

you realize this site makes tyou look 100x times worse than you already did.

whats to stop people thinking it was you

uess OP will have to do the human thing and come forward before some innocent bystandard gets the blame, like last time.

No. 199739

Lol, wtf is going on in this thread? Looks like we've got another sperg-chan on the loose.

Even before reading through what's sure to be some salty, bitter milk,
Kay, I can assure you that you're better off without this crazy bitch in your life! Anyone who turns on their friends when faced with anonymous criticism is a shit person and a shit friend.

No. 199740

you know what you guys remind me of.

you preach and preach about how you are all holy and rightous. even goes as far as to make up flase slander and sexual assualt claims.

but when something happens, and people dont agree with youre shit, or you dont get your way, you throw youre toys out the pram an start shitposting like a bunch of 6 years olds. tempted just to ignore it tbh maybe youll get over it in a few months.

No. 199741

i agree anaon. backstabbers are the worst.

you know the kind,. people who are nice to your face at meets, but the minute theyre friend has beef with you they wanna hang your by your own osphogus.

yea i know that kind

good thing me n her were never friends tho, right?

No. 199742

Oh, so you agree that you're the worst?

No. 199743

dont recall backstabbing my friends

No. 199744

I never said I wasnt going to contact you, you were the one that said you were going to stop contact with me. No contract was signed, so I cant be in breach of anything anyway.

But hey, maybe I'm pulling a Sindy and "standing up for myself" or "not taking shit" when I havent done anything?

She's not my "friend", anon. Just someone who knows some of the same people I do, is all. Havent been her "friend" since maybe 2014? Been friendly and amicable though because that's the nice thing to do but hey, if being polite to people even if you're not fond of them is backstabbing…wow the whole adult population of the world must be backstabbers

No. 199745

i mean you guys are literally preaching to me about how to treat your fellow human beings, but youve shamed the absolute shit out of my friend caitlin, because she doesnt fuking agree with you

what is this? LEFT-COW

No. 199747

id admire you for doing that, only thing is all i ever got for it was shit, so why shouldnt you get the same.

and you were never my friend EVER. you only spoke to me so that Blake wouldnt get pissed off at the unnescisary tension, or so that you wouldnt make him feel awkurd.

funnyily enough the only reason i put up with looking at most of youre faces, but no no continue to tell me what a bad friend i was


No. 199748

Clearly you don't have friends if you flip out at anyone close to you, raging at them over your own retarded assumptions.

who tf is caitlin. Oh hey, maybe she's the one posting these threads! You should go confront her about it.

No. 199749


No. 199751

still waiting for this example of me using my socliosis for sympathy too.

god you guys sure know how to leave a girl disapointed, its not even 10PM and already i feel like ive been stood up

No. 199754

lol, sounds like you're a real blast to be around.

So you say that you two aren't friends and that's why you can't be backstabbing her by talking shit about her, but somehow it's still backstabbing if Kay was talking shit about you? sure jan.

No. 199757

youve missunderstood anon.
i wasnt actually refering directly too kay, but other people who have back stabbed me. i will admit when kay first showed up talking shit about me the night before raicon i felt like she had backstabbed me. but then i remember this girl has never felt any form of loyalty to me, so why should i act like she was my friend.

also ive barley ay shit abut herm but nice attempt thier to drop me in the proverbial IT. literally all i said about ehr was whats right above near the top, and that i has thought this was her because another anon named her

No. 199758

File: 1479332286944.jpg (6.14 KB, 173x194, le yogurt seller face.jpg)

Sindy will you marry me? This is me btw.

No. 199759

seams to me none of you can handle a negitive opinnion about yourself. yet you dish them out left right and center

No. 199760

i would reply, but i literally have no idea what gender you are.

No. 199761

nice chin tho ^

No. 199762

also "Sindy will you marry me" i havnt heard shit like this since secondary 2.

please tell me that your not that mentally immature and backward.

thats sad really

No. 199763

sigh you know what annoys me, is just how little time for this i actually havem and how much hassle it all is.

you people know where i am, you have ALL of my ontact details. and yet instead of facing me like grown admults you hide on ehre like children. i mean what are you is going to happen if you confront me

that ill record the whole thing and show the police. dont be stupid. Everybody knows recordings dont count as evidence

No. 199771

nice try, but i only found out about this thread today, this is caitlin btw. i have no reason to make such idiotic threads about people for pettiness sake. instead of posting bullcrap like lil snakes, why dont you actually FACE AND CONFRONT HER? instead of being such pussies lmao. i freaking dare you guys to confront us if you have such a fucking problem. we will both be at nanashi on the 9th of december.

No. 199773

No one's gonna see you if it's the 9th. Since you wont actually be at Nanashi. Check your dates again, kiddo. But oh, should you really be posting here? You're 17, right? Where are the admins to ban your minor ass?

No. 199776

i meant the 10th, my mistake there. i turn 18 in like a couple of month lmao.(minimum age is 18)

No. 199782

News flash - you may have not noticed with your head so far up her ass, but each and every time someone attempts to confront her, she runs away

No. 199785

nah, shes just sick of all yer shit. and my head is nowhere near her ass lmao.

No. 199797

File: 1479335269307.jpg (6.83 KB, 520x87, not4sympathy.jpg)

Clearly not for sympathy, yeah?

No. 199818

Nah shes just a shit bag but down worry , there is people going to be pulling you up for individual issues there dont you worry your greasy ham planet ass

No. 199822

issues such as?

No. 199826

When they pull you up,which sindy openly asked anyone who had an issue with her to do, you will know.

No. 199872

NO LMAO thats not asking for sympathy in slightest,

thier was something on the news that said you shouldnt go to the gp for back pains, but if i hadnt done that i would never have been told i had it.

i didnt mention how it effects me or why i wanted sympathy. you just handle seeing somebody with a genuine condition that people might feel sorry for them with. i told you. it wont ever go away. so im not going to never talk about it.

im sorry my deformitity/disability ofends you so much. but you cleary have issues of your own

No. 199898

just been linked this thread, what a hoot. I used to go to college with 'sindy'. when she bothered to show up she would only ever be interested in linking anything we were doing to her weeb shit. she was constantly unclean looking and would show up in stupid weeb attire like hot topic lolita dresses and shit showing off her hairy legs. there was a boy I never the class who would creep on her and talk about how he wanted to see her shake her arse in a thong at him. i think he even told her that at one point. might even be him posting the arse stuff here lol. it was probably the closest thing she had to a feminine asset. they got on with each other cos hey were the only two people who would put up with each others aspie shite. and yes even i heard about her mangled burger nips lmao

No. 199949

Hi sindy fuck off with your pity parade no one cares

No. 199978

File: 1479346650810.gif (253.61 KB, 270x360, moretracing.gif)

Looks like more recent tracing from Sindy.
She still selling it on her redbubble, too.

It's not even that old, it's on her active Facebook, posted in April

No. 199990

File: 1479348472260.gif (295.26 KB, 255x360, 1eax71.gif)

Look at all that proof you've been tracing, gurl

No. 200031

File: 1479352371901.jpg (48.83 KB, 960x212, 12661845_1032162673539746_2725…)

Lol at the fact she expects people to believe that both are drawn by the same person, relatively close to the same time.
Bigger lol at whoever actually believes her art isnt traced

No. 200042

File: 1479354211114.png (1.06 MB, 1046x983, didntevenfuckingtry.png)

you can't bitch about effort when you didn't even fucking make any

inb4 Mingey says "oh that art is X years old"
time doesn't justify this effortless bs

No. 200049

File: 1479355030020.png (197.5 KB, 504x620, hypocrisypingpong.png)

I couldn't find her status about cosplaying popular characters to add to it at this moment but look at this back and forth ping pong bullshit.

[clarification: second down was capped November 8th, bottom was Halloween]

No. 200052

What on earth is going on in this thread?
Is there an actual fight going on or is this just one person who keeps replying to themselves? It's cringey, ya'll should knock it off.
Why are animu fans so cringey?

No. 200053


also, if she jumped on board the Overwatch hype train she'd probably do what she did with League, play it (somehow), cosplay someone and then jump ship when it wasn't getting her anywhere.
I believe she started comparing League to Kingdom Hearts and talking about how bad it is and how great KH is.
They're not even the same fucking game.

(guaranteed screencap if I ever locate that status)

No. 200055

mainly Sindy Pop trying to fight us until she got banned super hard

No. 200057

File: 1479356193517.gif (33.61 KB, 294x200, image.gif)

>got banned super hard

Shouldn't you be in bed by now? You have school in the morning, right?

No. 200062

File: 1479356983907.png (15.21 KB, 500x147, d29437d6d8c8e3363ab7ef731ace0a…)

No. 200080


Thank you, admin. I can see why the original thread was in /manure/. All I could think of with the posts is she needed a fucking dictionary and to be banned from Scottish cons for selling ripped art. But also mostly because she's annoying as fuck. Wow.

No. 200120

You're trying to mock someone for their age, yet that just reflects on you.
Do you have little man syndrome? Cause it looks like it, shoo

No. 200122

You're new here evidently if you think its one person.
And anime fans? Please, lolitas and ygo nerds are worse

No. 200123


okay seriously, is hamplanet the best insult you could come up with? LAAMMEEEE. also cant wait to see your bitchy asses at nanashi lmao, if you guys even show up that is.

No. 200124

Did it take your fat ass that long to reply? Well done, gold star for you.

And okay, dw

No. 200125

File: 1479378135631.jpeg (100.13 KB, 639x899, image.jpeg)

How sad is it that she tries to pull her fat little ankle biter by the chain but she doesnt reply?

No. 200127

File: 1479378196676.jpeg (76.37 KB, 626x830, image.jpeg)

No. 200128

Tbh this is my thread and id prefer if people just stayed off it and let these morons have their much needed little bitching sessions, whatever makes you guts feel special.

But I wont hold my breath for being confronted at the December nanashi

No. 200129

File: 1479378325127.jpeg (89 KB, 640x761, image.jpeg)

No. 200130

fer yer information, i was busy drawing one of my newest (revamped) oc's and i was tired af aswell so couldnt be assed replying to stuff. you guys really do love making up assumptions dont you?

No. 200131

Not your thread try again

No. 200132

No because its painfully obvious you only start when sindy CANNOT, you arnt clever, and its easy to figure out, your oc is also shit

No. 200133

File: 1479378507106.jpeg (97.78 KB, 633x830, image.jpeg)

Isnt this the peados girlfriend?
Cringe she can only get peados and their girls to bother with her, and her burst couch of a pal of course.
Clearly they have always been the bottom of the barrel friends because I would never have anyone like they two in my friendship group, for numerous reasons.

No. 200135

which one tho anon? i have quite a few oc's

No. 200136

Shouldn't you do something a little more proactive? Like go out a jog? Dont think you need to spend anymore time sitting down festering, or maybe take a shower? You always look hella greasy and flaky and it makes me sick at the thought of having to go near you, and I really dont have an issue with you.
Also please go to the dentist and get your mouth fixed, its free in Scotland you have no excuse for your bettlejuice teeth

No. 200137

I love sindys lapdog being here , she doesnt care any other time but is trying to look like muh best frond needs help, and thats play ground material. But then again its pretty clear these two are either slow on the head, or are just stuck up their own arses.
This is a police matter now, and Jennifers mum did get contacted through her work, so keep going caitlin, you and sindy are just making this easier for people to press charges, and making it easier to press charges on you also, because you both have no idea how the law works, yet numerous people I know have went and spoken with legal advisers about everything and I know for a fact 5 people are waiting on the follow up now.
So keep going and make it easier on all of us, because you and her replying makes your defense debunked in the eyes of the law. kek

No. 200139

Its sad when people outside the community know about this thread and her, people who arnt into cosplay, ygo, or lolita, and its just people shes met in life.
That really speaks

No. 200140

File: 1479379198507.jpeg (52.69 KB, 638x898, image.jpeg)

No. 200141

File: 1479379240140.jpeg (69.57 KB, 638x903, image.jpeg)

No one wants to bother with her do they? People really do just have her to look at for comedic value.

No. 200142

You do know if it wasnt for you and sindy bumping this thread again there would have been no replies?
So you both are just keeping it going, well done , very smart

No. 200145

File: 1479379458503.jpeg (93.22 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)

Tries to crossplay and just ends up looking like your dirty and unwashed and you've smeared dirt across your face.

No. 200146

How can someones hair be that greasy it sticks and lays flat against the head but its still wispy at the bottoms?
Oh wait, thats what happens when you dont wash your hair in ages and keep putting it up. Ew

No. 200148

File: 1479379812070.jpeg (424.76 KB, 1918x1920, image.jpeg)

Fixed for you , you both just look , once again, unclean, greasy, flaky and cakey, and its gross you go out in public like that? Sindy already genuinely gets mistook for a dirty homeless junkie because of how she looks and dresses, we couldn't say your a junkie cause junkies arnt fat, but you look as equally unclean and in need of a bath

No. 200151

File: 1479379957055.jpeg (120.49 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

Her lapdog never seems to be very interested, I feel this friendship is now forced due to how unliked they both are, and caitlin was a nobody before , but now with sindy, shes well known, but not for good reasons.
So she must be happy now? I wouldn't but w/e

No. 200152

Look at the state ae you's, picking on Catilin for what exactly? For been different? Pft, aye right?? You's ain't any better yourselfs! You's are nothing but sick wee bullies! How about you's go and get a life and leave the lassie and her pals alone? What goes on in her life and her pals life is absolutely fuck awl to do with you's!! Imagine you looked in the mirror and you never saw your face but your character? You'd be sickend!!

No. 200155

ahahahah look a fucking normie, we dont hate Caitlin at all.
We dislike sindy for being a bully and a cunt, and Caitlin comes on and involves herself when there is no need.

Also sending this to the people who have started police action as your not involved and can also be prosecuted just like Caitlin, do you never understand?

Also who the fuck uses emojis on lolcow you pathetic disgrace , how sad is it that the fam is coming to protect the little sensitive lard ball

No. 200157

No one actually cares about you lady, your just a degenerate.

Also, sindy is disliked for legit things, such as telling autistic people to hand themselvs, folk with cancer should die, shes homophobic, threatens people and attacks people?
If anything, we all ask the same;
You as caitlins family, why do you allow her to involve herself with someone so toxic, and someone who will just drag her down?
Dont blame the masses for what sindy has personally done, maybe look into a situation before commenting on it

No. 200158

Fuck off Lizzie, this thread was stale until they both commented and started it again, this is common where sindy lets drama lay then starts it back up because shes bored and Caitlin joins in thinking shes untouchable, but when she insults people its fair game for them to insult back, so fuck off trying to protect your Christmas ham, you just made her look even more pathetic than what she already was

No. 200159

Its shit like this that's the fuckong reason people don't agree with you lot. Serious stop acting like fuckong kids throwing your toys out the pram

No. 200160

Hahahahahahhaha!????????????!!! Pathetic disgrace? I'm a mother to 2 children sweetcheeks?? I will use whatever I like, you don't like someone for bullying but yet you think the answer to that is to bully? How hypocritical is that? Get a life and leave the lassies alone … nothing better to do with your time? Catilin is happily sitting doing here work in college … what are you's doing? Sitting in the house been a pathetic little bitch thinking you know everything?? Go fuck yourself pal??????

No. 200162


Has this surpassed sindy? I think it has, well done for making her even more of a laughing stock now than before, we didnt mind talking to Caitlin because we get more sense out of her than sindy, but you just ruined that , now anytime she comments everyone will just rip it out of her how her family is gonna be captain save-a-jabba

No. 200164

Your a mother of 2? Thats even worse and more cringe your commenting then, go look after your kids than act like one on here, or can you not? Caitlin looks unclean I wonder what yours looks like

No. 200165

Tell me, how was it stale. It was active 17 minutes before I went on. And after going off its still active.

You should seriously hope she doesn't take legal action against you spastics for the threats and bulling to Caitlin.

No. 200166

File: 1479380802832.gif (1.47 MB, 500x235, 1462954659478.gif)

>this entire thread

No. 200167

I'm not Caitlin's family actually?? I'm someone that is in her college class … so get your facts right before you say shit, NOBEND!!!

No. 200168

A fully grown woman on here with kids…… Iv seen it all now, sindy Caitlin and her family will be known for this cringe, well done guys youv done nothing more than provide more entertainment

No. 200169

Shut up police and your mum have been made aware police charges are happening , you fucked up

No. 200170

Oh god, shes one of those chavvy greasy mums who go to college trying to look productive , maybe look after your kids than come on here? or is that too hard? evidently is, this is so sad

No. 200171

I can look after my 2 children actually, I'm at college just now, making money to get them a decent Christmas! So don't speak to me like that, I'm not a fully grown women either … I'm only 20 years of age??

No. 200173

Also, emojis on a lolcow board…… what cringe, Caitlin, if you got anyone else here it may have helped, but now its even worse because of who you picked, a single mother in college arguing online instead of looking after her kids……… you sure showed us?
Showed us the other kind of trash you associate with

No. 200175

All I'm picking up here is, jealousy, aggression, tantrum ing, you know you cant have your own shitty way so you stoop to this,

It would be a serious
Fucking shame if you're work / college saw this

No. 200176

Actually 20 is fully grown, and according to your pal and sindy, makes you grown up, so cant play that card when they have, also your 20 with 2 kids?
Learn safe sex and stop reproducing and being a burden on the economy you scrounger

No. 200178

Go ahead , different anons here but if you can figure out who it is, go for it and show them.
Oh but if your wrong, they can press charges and itll be worse for you.
Good luck

No. 200179

I'm not single … I look after my kids, and I got myself involved because I absolutely hate bullies!! What sort of life do you's have? Obviously a sad, boring, pathetic one … I use emojis.

No. 200180

Making money for Christmas?

Thats what a job is for, easy to get one, like any other single mother, if your idea of money and Christmas is college money, I pity the kids for the shite Christmas theyre gonna have

No. 200181

You got involved defending a well known bully , and someone who has been removed from events due to violence, and defending Caitlin, who brings the board back up when its done?

You just seem to be like them and crave the drama, are you another face well see more often?

I feel bad they dragged you into this when you have NO IDEA the actual stuff that has went down prior to this.

No. 200182

Let me just say, if you defend sindy, you defend a ;
Bully, slut shame, disability shame, homophobic, transphobic, abusive , violent , malicious , mentally unstable woman.

Good choices?

No. 200183

Nah hun, my partner also works and makes a lot a lot of money, I don't have to get a job, my partner works and I go to college … I'm only here 3 days a week so I ain't away from my kids every single day! Keep bringing my children into it, I dare you … your pathetic … you live a very sad sad life! Your saying I'm sad for commenting on it? You's have a cheek to say anything!

No. 200185

Just leave before your reputation is ruined too. You have no idea what they have done and why its like this and if you did I would guarantee you wouldn't defend them.

No. 200186

The most textbook reply ever, the dad works?
Please, we know who you are now so we can just put your fb on here and see for ourselves.
Stop scrounging, and we will until you actually be a responsible mother and go tend to them than defend 2 well known toxic people

No. 200187

Also since youre a normie, you know that everyone here is different, right? were not all the same.

Also, youre involving yourself in cosplay /mange and anime issues.

Its sad a normie is getting involved, how pathetic its laughable

No. 200188

What I am defending is people getting bullied … I hate bullies, I was bullied for serval years when I was younger, people like you need to look at yourself and lee your nose out of other people's business … even if everything your saying is true, why is that your business? Why can't you keep your nose out of things!!!

No. 200189

My mother hasn't been contacted a single fucking time. I already told you to try that

And I'm sorry right, lets entertain the idea you contacted ANY authority, this full boards makes you look criminal, you el threatened me physically, and you're bullieng not only me (badly) but seriously laying into my friend because that's what she chooses to be

You're a disgrace to this site, and you're fellow Glasgow cosplayers. And at nanashi on the 10 you'll have your ass firmly put out onto the ground before having some serious criminal charges to answer for

No. 200190

So sindy doesnt attack you for having a partner but attacked another girl for no reason and tagged her for no reason than to cause drama because she has a boyfriend who she lives with, she then attacked her saying her partner paid for her tits when shes known to have always been that size naturally, so again, who you defending here?

No. 200191

Tell you what, perhaps ill send this to Caitlin's actual mother and see if she wants to press charges, she's a social worker so I'm pretty sure she's dealt with this shit before

No. 200192

No one on this thread has threatened you with violence, but here you are threatening us with violence?

No. 200193

Sindy tags people to cause drama, and brings it up from the past, you really have no clue what your involved in do you?

And sindy your mum has , dont worry

No. 200194

File: 1479381782562.png (364.67 KB, 540x960, wp_ss_20161117_0001.png)

Really now?

No. 200195

The social work will ask why her mum is letting her do that, you do know if anything it makes it worse for her and her family? sure go ahead, and they'll even tell her to stop involving herself with you

No. 200196

How is that violence? I think you cant read

No. 200198

No honestly, she doesn't. You talk in the last one about how lovely she us. But you just insulted her above. My mother said she soul not listen to any idiot who think talking to a little autistic overweight girl like that was acceptable

And furthermore. In het own words. Dubbed as " stupid little lassies who are full of shit'

No. 200199

I mean Sindy bullies other people, the evidence of it is rife, so you're technically defending a bully?

Sindys always seemed to have the mentality of "I can do this nasty shit to other people, but when someone else does, that's bad and I'm going to shit on them for it"

No. 200200

Ii mean I'm pretty sure you can interpret it annnyy way you want. But given the last thread where it said. "ill come after you both then"

Yea I'm take that as meaning to inflict harm one they dont hear what they want to.

No. 200201

Omg look a screenshot you posted yourself has the exact same default name style as the ones from the old thread. Tell us all a gain how there isn't any evidence against you?

No. 200202

Sorry I've never pulled anybody in. I dont know how lizzie found out about this. I dont even know her. She must have just see. What was going on and could no longer tolerate it a notion shared with 90% of Scottish cosplayers

Face it
Nobody agrees with this shit

You're only tightening the noose around your knecks gonestly

No. 200203

I never denied my mobile looks like that. Just the legitimacy of that image. But tbh if you're only now noticing. I feel fucking sorry for your parents

No. 200204

Pretty sure that was a dif anon on the other thread but sure, you ask people to pull you up on your shit in person, but now it's violence? It's violence you requested if it's that.

No. 200205

But ill say this much
what rverrrr the truth in regards to who made that thread, you lot make it look so much worse. Fuck even if was me people wouldn't give 2 shits because you all made it much worse.

Yourselves on the back :) you did me proud

No. 200206

It doesn't matter. One threat of voilance at an even is incriminating enough.

And look at you all shitting ot
proof you have no

No. 200207

I found out because I heard Catilin talking about it and she sounded upset. I asked her what was going on and she told me, she then showed me on my phone because she couldn't access it with her own phone, then I had to say something … I'm telling you, see if I found my son or daughter talking about anybody like this regardless if the information was true or false, I'd actual lose the plot! What Sindy does in her life is nothing to do with you, what Catilin does is also nothing to do with you, concentrate on your own life, and before you even say anything about me looking after my children, I do … I always look after my kids, I wouldn't have kids to not look after them, now away and get a life!!

No. 200208

File: 1479382480026.jpeg (107.06 KB, 633x931, image.jpeg)

We havnt, and dont lie about your mum, we have spoken about this and shes helping those who want to press charges, shes sick of you bringing trouble to her door too

No. 200209

YET THEY BOTH START DRAMA WITH OTHERS, so tell us how we start it when they go out their way?
Fuck off your talking all kinds of shit and just as bad as them now, because if your kids were gettin bullied by these two, like other parents have done in the past with these two, would defend themselvs and thats what were doing, theyre not welcome in the community anymore for being terrible nasty people, sindy has been banned from events for attacking people, so again, YOURE the hypocrite now, fuck off

No. 200210

Telling us to get lives yet your a 20 year old mother of two?
Fuck off and get a grip, you should listen to your own advice and stop being pathetic and associating with these two

No. 200211

Your not part of the community.
They have affected many within it.
Leave it to us and the law to deal with, unless you want to get dragged in too? People can be arseholes on the Internet, dont involve yourself when they started this , and now cannot handle it because they know people are not scared of them anymore and so many people feel the same, we dont want them in the community anymore.

And Sindy dragged Caitlin down, she was a decent lass before meeting sindy, its a shame she cant realise why EVERYONE ELSE left sindy; for being a toxic peice of shit

No. 200212

clearly doing lots of 'work' when she's posting shit online, flailing her bingo wings in distress when poor bby Sindy's feelings are hurt

No. 200213

Listen, I'm not the first 20 year old with two beautiful children, and I definitely won't be the last either! So deal with your own problems in life and leave other people alone ae?

No. 200214

>20 yr old
>2 children

couldn't keep your legs shut?

No. 200216

And what? At least I do something with my life … I look after my children, your so so funny ahaha, I can keep my legs shut, at least it's with the same guy and when you have children it will be with loads of different guys.

No. 200217

We all get Caitlin Is just collateral damage.
But thing is, no one mentions her , UNTIL she involves herself.
So if she doesnt want to be upset, all she has to do is ignore this, as it isnt about her, and never will be, and she gets slagged when she involves herself.
Really she knows just not to bother as this isnt even to do with her, its Sindy.

No. 200218

Sweetie you might wanna take that email out of the box, I've already found your Facebook from looking it up, and I'm pretty sure those with more than just curious intentions could do the same and give you mroe hassle there.

No. 200219

Again we would if those two would stop bringing stuff up randomly for drama from months/years ago

Just the other day Sindy tagged a girl for no reason than to just cause drama cause shes had issues with her in the past, so you cant tell us that when she makes up accounts too to keep it going

No. 200220

So you showed up to a thread to defend bullies by bullying the people they have bullied relentlessly for months.

Stop involving yourself in matters that do not concern you. Wasting tax payer's money doing a college course which you're obviously going to fail because you're too busy throwing your saggy flaps around in an argument you have no ground in.

No. 200221

So what if she involves herself? Best thing to do, is it not? She is defending her friend, wouldn't you do the same? You should be praiseing her if anything!!!

No. 200222

Actually the majority have long running singular partners , so you look like your clutching straws there when caitlin and sindy cant even get ANYONE, so your really slagging them more than us?

Also, keep your legs shut and stop being a burden on the government.

No. 200223

Caitlin technically also shouldnt be on here. She's not 18, she was banned for being underage on the site (see >>199776 for admins comment), and yet she came back to start more shit, and also got you involved.

No. 200224

Hahahaha! That's an old facebook … that's why I used that email???

No. 200225


No. 200226

Your name doesn't change just because it's an old email you mong

No. 200227

Yes, an old facebook :)

No. 200228

Uh no?????
If my best friend done something wrong and was then known as a bully and a vile person, and it was true with proof, I would NOT defend her?
Thats common sense you dont defend someone in the wrong regardless the relation?

No. 200229

Don't call me that, that's a horrible word to call anybody!!

No. 200230

So even thought sindy is a bully, and your against those, your telling her to defend her bully best friend? alrighty

No. 200233

No. 200234

If its horrible, sindy called people with autism "autismo " said they should hang themselvs, calls people mongo, mong, downy and all sorts.
So defending her when you think its horrible to say?

No. 200235

>fb profession - full time mother

yep, benefit scrounge

No. 200236

Shes such a thot, who uses the dog filter? Thats the "cover up" filter

No. 200237

Told you just to leave because you have no idea.

No. 200238


No. 200239

File: 1479383678421.jpeg (68.23 KB, 640x895, image.jpeg)

Where are youre eyes going? Do you have a squint or are you on drugs?
Dont come on here to defend a bully when you say your against it you hypocrit

No. 200240

I don't take drugs pal, don't take pictures off my facebook ya fucked your person??????

No. 200241

File: 1479383760854.jpeg (20.93 KB, 474x283, image.jpeg)

One going to the shop, the other coming back with change

No. 200242

English please, thank you

No. 200243

That's a filter mate???

No. 200246

Sindy fatshames, then complains when other people fatshame her friend

She has old drama with people, but god forbid you do too (or even older drama that hers), because time doesnt change people and you're clearly as bad as you were several years ago

She threatens people with violence but also cries when other people "threaten" her with it too

She can slutshame people but no one else can either.

List goes on and on.

She also threatened that she would press charges against a guy for sexual harassment when he did no such thing. Seeing how nothing has come of it yet, it's safe to assume that was an empty threat used to try and scare/bully the guy.

No. 200249


No. 200250

Think tracking your IP address is required here?

No. 200251

If you want, not at mine and in public and IP change is easy, go ahead

No. 200252

The fact Caitlin was banned, could've just ignored all of this because hey, the adult world isn't nice, people are going to say or think worse about you and you often can't do shit against it, BUT instead reset her ip to come back here and stir more shit with people? Says a lot about how innocent and undeserving of this she is.

No. 200253

If you do that means we can counter press against sindy and Caitlin posting anon too, so sure go ahead

No. 200254

Believe me, you can hide all you want … you have no idea the things I can get someone to do, so I'd watch what photos your photos??

No. 200255

Okay whatever , empty threats blah blah blah, you cant even spell, get a grip

No. 200256

I swear, you's post one picture of my children and things will get out of hand!!

No. 200257

uh no i have been mention before posting on the thread, not AFTER. >>200214 also arent you guys slut shaming aswell? man you are so hypocritical

my is flat an thin, i can assure you that i wash my hair on a regular basis. also the crossplay pic was took over a year ago, back when i was a noob at makeup lmao. nice try tho. you all point and say that sindy is the bully, while you guys are sitting here on this site making fun of and bullying others aswell. HYPOCRITES.

No. 200258

You sound desperate , shouldn't have involved yourself

No. 200259

Obviously doesnt understand that the police can't track IPs on here, they'd have to either hack into the website to do so, which is pretty illegal, or get a warrant and ask the site to do so. But since lolcow is US based, they dont HAVE to listen to the UK police.

No. 200260

Fuck off ellie ten bellie we see you posting anon and talking shit and what you say on fb your not innocent, you're just as bad, and you shouldn't even be on here

No. 200261

kek, they dont look the smartest, what retards

No. 200262

You don't know the full story, yet you "had to say something"? Wow get a clue. You're involving yourself in something that ain't really your business, defending people you claim to dislike - bullies - and cant seem to understand why people are genuinely asking you to buzz off, because it WILL escalate into something you can't control.

No. 200263

>>200257 *my hair is flat and thin.

im using a diff computer and didnt mean to post via anon, other than that i post via a username. >>200260

No. 200264

File: 1479384709036.jpg (30.58 KB, 620x310, Train-Wreck-1.jpg)

Well this turned into a train wreck
The milk is strong

No. 200265

You shouldnt even be on the site you were banned for being underage. Coming back and evading bans makes you look like you enjoy the drama, when you could just walk away and people won't give a fuck

No. 200266

nah im just defending my self, and my friends. i dont let people like you slide off my radar.

No. 200267

Ayrshire college Kilwinning

Report them both for misappropriation of college facilities and internet usage.

No. 200268

Or, you don't know who anyone here is, so how you can let anons you dont know stay on your radar is beyond me. You were banned for being a minor, you evaded that ban, you are just here for the drama

No. 200271

and yet you guys created another fucking thread, for more drama against sindy. HYPOCRITICAL MUCH~~

No. 200272

Kek. You're telling me this cow is underage? She looks like she's in her late forties. Ouch.

No. 200274

Caitlin, what happened to your other friends? Did you eat them?

No. 200275

Caitlin is, the one on the left in the picture with >>200148
She admits to being 17, not 18 for another month further up

The other one, Sindy, is 25 I think? Mid twenties at least.

No. 200276

Global Rules
#5 Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.

>>No IP addresses or personal information of posters, or presence or lack of presence of samefagging will ever be revealed by staff. Keep in mind that this privilege may be voided at any time if you break a global rule or frequently break non-global rules, however.

Since Sindy and Caitlin/Dracon have frequently broken Global rules, would it be possible to have that privilege revoked thus ending this shit show once and for all because then everyone will get to see who really posted the previous thread and then all deal with it accordingly

No. 200277

Lol you mean setting your chav boyfriend on some glaswegian girls over your fat mess of a 'friend' being triggered

No. 200278

didnt eat anyone m8, nice try on the fat shaming tho.

No. 200280

Sindy fatshames people relentlessly but you're only triggered when it's someone who isn't your fuckbuddy? You're as massive of a hypocrite as she is.

No. 200281

You should really pull your friend up on all the times she's fatshamed others. Otherwise you cant really complain, because you're allowing her to do it to others

No. 200282

File: 1479385720674.jpg (17.55 KB, 470x496, 1469134625960.jpg)

Admin shouldn't ban Sindy and her friends imo, this thread is golden when they are here.

No. 200283

ok hen, but you guys on here did alot more shit in regarding to bullying.

No. 200284

File: 1479385971763.png (11.84 KB, 502x156, aber.png)

But Sindy there is screenshots of your mother being spoken to. How otherwise would you know? Using her account? Illegal, is that not? Asking her? She could have lied?

No. 200285

nobody has dragged me down lmao, so i was decent for what, 3 months? cos i met sindy a couple of months after my first cosplay meet and have been best pals ever since lmao. unlike others, she actually got to know me and how i function. when i try be friends with other folk they just call me annoying n shit.. so why should i waste my time with people who never spoke or acknowledged me or even took the chance to get to know me, when i have a good friend not too far from me .

No. 200287

Didnt you used to keep stroking peoples hair without their consent? I dunno, that would definietly come off as annoying

No. 200288

Inb4 autism excuses her of any and all shitty behaviour

No. 200289

i admit that was wrong of me, but they didnt tell me to stop and sometimes i do stuff that i dont know is annoying to them. if people just told me face to face to stop or give them space then i would of happily oblige. ofc ive stopped doing that shit cos i wised up

No. 200291

Dont lie I know told you to stop because it made me uncomfortable several times and you just came back half an hour later to do it all again.

No. 200292

You don't need to be told not to touch people up or invade their personal space you raging thunder cunt

No. 200293

I also recall several people who you weren't touching the hair of telling you not to in general, because it made so many people at meets uncomfortable. But you still did it anyway

No. 200294

Sindy probably lets her rub that leg and pussy hair to her heart's content

No. 200295

and who are you? also when was that? im not lieing .

>>200292 >>200293
what part of i admitted it was wrong of me can you not understand?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 200296

Didn't you also defend Amber when she took photos of Hollie's feet while she was asleep lmao

She has no understanding of boundaries or appropriate human behaviour. Sectioned and sterilized along with Sindy is in order.

No. 200297

Samefag, double comment whoops

No. 200298

I gotta say, I hope it's just random passers by attacking Caitlin for her appearance and not people who legit have issues with Sindy as it's uncalled for and is honestly making you look worse than her at this point.
Attack Sindy for what she is: a bullying, thieving, bigoted woman who attacks people and plays the victim when it suits her.
She has plenty of flaws, plenty of things to attack her for and Caitlin herself has said a lot of shit but call her out on that, weight is a low blow especially aiming it at a minor.

Now Caitlin, I get that you want to defend your friend but honestly, this is not the way to go about it. A true friend isn't afraid to call you out on your shit and Sindy really needs someone who she doesn't view as a friend to call her on the stuff she says and does. That's how you help her. Just looking at your wall, your obviously a huge Pokemon fan: doesn't it bother you the way Sindy derides and insults fans of it? What she says about different series goes way beyond simple dislike and difference of opinion: she projects and attacks the fans on such a horrid and insulting level.

I've seen your tumblr and you share a lot of liberal and progressive posts regarding the LGBT community and ethnic minorities in the aftermath of the Trump victory. Doesn't it bother you that your supposed best friend has so much vitriol and venom for people in these marginalised communities? That she says so much downright offensive things regarding trans/non-binary people including that they're faking attacks and in collaboration with the media in the US?
Or that she frequently bodyshames and slutshames people for their appearance whilst preaching that noone is allowed to judge her for wearing a skimpy cosplay?

I'm not saying not to be friends with her: I'm saying really look hard at the girl and if there is a strong friendship there, a proper friendship, utilise that and show her just why so many dislike her and why her actions cause so much grief and generate so much negativity towards her.
Any outsider looking in can see Sindy brings it on herself. Any idiot can look at the previous thread and even without Kays document, figure she probably was involved in the making of it due to the grammatical and spelling errors alone (seams vs seems being the most obvious). If she wanted to make it, that's on her but she should at least stand by her actions publicly since she's so indignant on reminded us all that she's a brave and sassy Aries.

The girl has issues and she needs someone to help her through them. Instead of embarrassing yourself and dragging your name needlessly through this carcrash, help your friend by telling her "No Sindy, this shit is not OK and you need to fix this because you're the one who fucked it all up".
There's a reason so many people left Sindy, you're a smart girl, figure it out.

We are not a hive mind. We are not all one or 5 anons with a vendetta. Some of us are just passers by who's attention was caught by previous threads. The folk insulting you are uncalled for, I already covered that. But Sindys words and actions are also uncalled for and she's headed for some serious trouble soon if a few people proceed with their civil cases against her. Don't get caught up in that. It's not worth it

No. 200299

>> Sindy really needs someone who she doesn't view as a friend

Should read "does view"

No. 200302

File: 1479387756564.png (20.47 KB, 505x322, sindy.png)

Maybe it's stuck in message requests? But there is nothing illegal about messaging someone?

No. 200303

Samefagging, but Sindy why are you checking your mothers fone like a possessive boyfriend?

No. 200304

Screen shots are there so its clear someone did message her

No. 200305

File: 1479388117183.png (281.62 KB, 1098x409, ffscaitlin.png)

No. 200306

Nice anon is nice, fully agree have saif prev I dont have an issue with Caitlin and Its sindy dragging her down.
Grow a spine and stand up to her and tell her her shits not on like a TRUE friend

No. 200307

Thats actually vile how can she defend her? Thats proper creep material, and I would want to know who this person is so i can avoid

No. 200308

File: 1479388243567.png (49.91 KB, 331x437, sjw.png)

No. 200311

Amber taking those photos was illegal and she could have had charges pressed against her. She was lucky all she got was a public callout

No. 200312

File: 1479388399768.png (50.98 KB, 331x433, sjw2.png)

Caitlin's nothing more than a whiteknight honestly, defends the scummiest person in the community at the time, then jumps ship to the next one to stay relevant

No. 200313

Didn't Sindy also defend her? They're all scum

No. 200314

Why is this about amber again. God keep to the topic will you.>>200305

No. 200315

Caitlin is a prime victim shamer, we dont need to pick at her weight when shes such an overall shitty person there's more than one thing to pick her up on

No. 200316

Fuck off child were talking about something else, your not interesting currently

No. 200318

How does it feel to know you resurface the hassle shes had before?
Because you bring her into it?
What a great friend

No. 200321

Fuck off
Fuck off
Fuck off

Ugh.. No?

Anyway. I dont even need to defend myself anymore. But just so lizzie and other anons are made awarem

I'm.not banned from anybevents
I haven't bullied or fatbshamed anybody
I have never attacked anybody
And I have never told those with autism to kill themselves. Just the people who mock it. Like craig

No. 200322

And ofcourse I did
Hollie is a viscous bully. Nobody likes her. Everybody had ambers back

No. 200323

Here's some names for you lizzie

Holly Patterson
Kay marshal
Karli rae
Alex macdonnald
Amy McDowell
Laurel mcwilliam

If you want to get onw back, just go through their facebook.

Also dont worry if you get banned
Because as long as your ip changes (which is easy) you can reconnect.

No. 200325

I would love to go through their Facebook's myself. But id say some but i had them all banned on it, and id rather not wait 48 hoursas it would be.

No. 200326

Your once again blaming people nothing to do with it, get over your hate boner for everyone when its not them, and there's clear photo evidence which lizzie has since seen and has the other anons, so we all know the truth, fuck off

No. 200327

None of those people are banned retard

No. 200328

The comments on the post she made speak differently

but then being as deluded as you, history rewrites itself

No. 200329

Funny as it would be to see them all get defensive

No. 200331

Sindy struggles with basic English. She means blocked.
Don't expect too much from a girl who mixes up Seams and Seems

No. 200332

They actually dont
You just change the context so they look worse

No. 200333

Par from Kay, every one of these people hasn't commenting on the lolcows. Watching you struggle to figure out who despises you is hilarious. Keep it up!

No. 200334

Succ my. Juicy nipples

No. 200335

Funny how majority of the people you have named would literally just be like "for fuck sake " and think it more an annoyance than anything cause theyre not involved , its other people so you'll look petty once again

No. 200336

Liar liar post on fire

No. 200341

>viscous bully

stop projecting Sindy

No. 200344

I'm too lazy to grab screenshots, but if you all direct your attentions to the previous thread, you will see Sindy doing exactly all of these things.

No. 200345

Actually theyre right. Kay is the only one who has posted on here who you have mentioned, try again dickhead

No. 200347

Only one whose posted here, and only under my actual name, never anonymous. But nice try sindy

No. 200348

File: 1479391474246.jpeg (151.28 KB, 640x998, image.jpeg)

No. 200350

File: 1479391520154.jpeg (111.64 KB, 640x993, image.jpeg)

you look like youv just snorted lines

No. 200351

Sindy basically eliciting abuse and trying to get uninvolved people harassed.
Big surprise, their facebook profiles are private because they have half a brain. You should learn something from them. Perhaps Lizzie should scroll through your three PUBLIC accounts and witness the abuse and hate you spew on a daily basis?

No. 200360

Viscous as in thick and sticky? Thick and sticky bully?

No. 200368

File: 1479394663685.jpeg (81.18 KB, 629x942, image.jpeg)


No. 200376

Sindy honestly needs some serious help. She has some mental issues. I'm not even trying to troll, she and another anon have made this thread a mess. Sindy is just a train wreck that you just observe from far away and never interact with.

No. 200394

ebin :D

No. 200446


Funny how she would drag Laurel into this when considering at the last classic grand event laurel was the first one to help her with her "panic attack"

in before sindys "i know who this is" there were alot of people there and a very large group saw laurel help you. This was even after you threaten to throw weedkiller in her face.

lets see
Sindy - fat shames laurel, threatens her and is now setting people on her.
Laurel - tells sindy to stop bullying kids, leaves sindy alone. then helps sindy with a panic attack.

Hollie - tells her ex friend off for sexual harrasment.
Sindy - Why did you tell my friend they are a pervert, god you should be flattered she wanted you to wank over

Kay - your not my friend but we have mutual friends so i will be nice.
Sindy - You were never my friend i hate you so much

Karli - you are getting a bad rep, i'm going to try bond with you and be your friend,
Sindy - throws it back in her face and spills all things Karli ever said all over facebook.

yeah Sindy is totally the nice person.

No. 200466

She also said Karlis dad killed himself to get away from her when he passed away, it was pretty much immediately after it happened, also threatened Karli several times and threatened to slit her throat.

No. 200495

Didnt she also threaten to attack laurel at the same time she threatened Karli because she was making sure laurel was okay and not putting up with Sindys shit?

Of all the people they all seem to be pretty nice and sindy is just trying to start fights again

No. 200498

Didnt Laurel and another of Karlis friends have to talk to sindy after that because sindy literally told the world that Karli got abused as a kid and by exs when she tried to be sindy friend when she claimed similar stuff happened?
No wonder, after that Karli was not going to get on with her again and no one should expect it, sindy really has said and done some shitty stuff to her, I couldn't have the patience of any of these people.
And before she starts, im a female, straight, and married to a male, so no, not looking to get anything from Karli.

No. 200506

Sindy who claims herself to have been sexually abused as a child, then sexually assaulted on a train, then /pregnant/, now she's a sweet little virgin who sympathies with a poor misunderstood pedo who was ousted for constantly fucking underage girls.

Owait, these statements don't add up - could it be…Sindy lied about being sexually assaulted repeatedly just to have something people would feel sorry for her for? Then throws their own stories out there like the monstrous little cockguzzler she is.

No one is fooled by it anymore, Jennifer. You're gutter trash and you'll die alone, filled with contempt and bitterness toward the world and in a nursing home with only minimum wage nurses to bitch at about your terrible life. "But I did nothing wrong!" You'll cry.

Then you'll die, probably curled up in some fucked up way because 'muh scoliosis' and no one will give a shit. That will be your legacy.

No. 200511


No. 200519

I dont like Karli for a few reasons from our pasts, but when I heard that even I sent her a message making sure she was okay because what sindy done to her was vile, and Karli was upset, she didnt try to hide it , and to be honest it was then that people seen past her coldness , me included, shes a bit of a blunt bitch , but not a bad person.
The fact her family just found out aswell and she wanted to come to terms with it and keep it as quiet as she could, after 8-9? years and she went and told the whole world trying to use her as a trump card.

No. 200523

It was Laurel and Sophie who spoke to sindy on behalf of Karli because she was in a bad head space at the time due to it, they both were nice to sindy aswell and she couldn't understand why putting her very sensitive personal experiences on blast like that was bad.
Shit fucked up.

No. 200527

Shit man did'nt know she went through that, she alway's seems pretty strong all round and kinda apathetic?
Obviously she isnt to her friends and famiky , I have her on fb and she does seem a lot better now.

But man, thats brutal, even for Sindy to do.
What a cunt.

No. 200531

She put it up as a dig at Karli and then when laurel and sophie commented on it she started posting more things and started blaming the 2 girls saying them made her do this because they asked her to stop.
She was posting every private detail Karli had said and then laughed blaming laurel and sophie saying it was all there fault for commenting

No. 200543

that's classic abuser behaviour/logic

'b-but you're making me do this!'

No. 200552

What an absolute cunt.
This is why victims find it so hard to open up, shit heads like this.
As far as im aware now, it doesnt affect Karli too much, its something shes put to the back of her mind as much as I know. Hope shes doing better with this.

No. 200557

Shes had a pretty rough and shitty life by the sounds of it.
You wouldn't think by talking to her or seeing how she holds herself that shes a victim/survivor, but I suppose shes strong enough to deal with it and keep it together.

No. 200563

I don't think we should be discussing Karli and her past , as much as im sure it wouldn't bother her, shes not really involved and only Sindy has brought her up.

No. 200580

File: 1479420171443.gif (193.25 KB, 221x360, 1ecncq.gif)

Some more of that good old tracing action.

Someone should probably notify the guy who runs Nanashi, though, if she's got a stall at it. Cant have art theft being sold at his event…

No. 200583

File: 1479420481824.gif (142.02 KB, 200x220, 1ecxel.gif)

Some changes to the head and arms, but otherwise the bust, torso and legs fit perfectly.

No. 200586

But don't you know that Fairy Tail totally ripped off her OC.
She made a big thing about it

No. 200587

File: 1479421933435.jpg (201.61 KB, 2048x1354, 15068369_337347303324539_77398…)

Just look at the difference here. These were both drawn on the same day. The females face is completely deformed in the "draft" but high quality in the next. I don't know about you guys but when I storyboard I don't lose the ability to draw correct anatomy

No. 200589

>guess nobody had to courage to accept my invitation

completely changed from the "draft" too. Goes from being seemingly about someone not accepting a challenge, to a girl moping about not being pretty.

No. 200594

Should also look out for characters that are "totally ripping off her OCs" in the Slayers manga.
Y'know, because it didnt come out late 90s to early 00s and could clearly rip off characters she's making now in 2016

No. 200600

You know, her "art" style is extremely outdated. It's something that comes with tracing. She does it so often that her skills don't improve and she isn't learning New things. Semi-realistic anime is kind of the New thing and evrythong about her style screams late-90s or early 2000's.

If she actually watched tutorials or study figure drawing or something she would have less 2-dimensional work.

No. 200601


No. 200616

The funniest part about the other cows in the Scottish community is that they're all mates with Sindy, that's why they all sit and whiteknight each other. Only maybe 5% of the rest of the community ever have an issue with each other, most of the drama is the gang.

No. 200617

Who the fuck are you? Nobody gives a shit about your sob story bud. This is a cosplay drama thread, not your personal diary.

No. 200641

File: 1479431654195.jpeg (133.13 KB, 640x801, image.jpeg)

No. 200643

File: 1479431895543.jpeg (162.26 KB, 640x843, image.jpeg)

No. 200648

She's typing words and I don't think she even realises what she's saying.

No. 200691


Sindy doesn't understand what a reference is.
A reference in art is supposed to help you improve your skill.
You're supposed to EYEBALL it, not trace it line for line that people will eventually line up when it looks too good to be an original thing.

No. 200723


Technique is a skill ya dumbass.

No. 200762

File: 1479455913502.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, AdvancedAutism.gif)

How the fuck is this shitshow of a thread still alive.

Sindy, fuck off and go do the world a favour by jumping in front of a bin lorry.

Everyone else, stop with the low hanging fruit, Jesus Christ.

No. 200797

Sadly as long as Sindy is still on the internet, she's never going to quit overflowing the milk until we're worshipping her.

That's just how it goes.

No. 200805

File: 1479464266108.jpeg (113.92 KB, 640x809, image.jpeg)

So inspirational.
Is she spewing those tacky motivational posts now? Ew

No. 200806

File: 1479464306796.jpeg (152.22 KB, 640x897, image.jpeg)

Second part of her rant;

No. 200808

I wonder who the one 'like' is from… she has so many friends and fans, it's really difficult to guess :/

No. 200823

File: 1479467564170.png (124.42 KB, 695x960, 15151576_1295869047123787_1772…)

Considering this is both the original drawing and Sindy's "not tracing" overlayed onto each other…
Tell me again how this is just looking at something and redrawing it? Not even artists who've been studying and practising their craft for years can do it that perfectly. The only way they would? Tracing.

No. 200824

File: 1479467685765.gif (209.82 KB, 221x360, 1edy9o.gif)

No. 200836

>No shame in referencing a pose

Except when you dont just reference the pose, and copy the whole piece of art. Plus, referencing poses is typically something you do by using those little wooden figures, or by looking up stock poses that someone has created. Not someone else's full fledged art, especially if you're going to use it to create a piece with the exact same character

No. 200839

Even stock pose people like Senshi-stock ask for credit of reference use.

Through my time sourcing all these traces, I've found a lot of the artists are quite Pixiv central and usually based in Japan/Korea
I'm thinking the reason she traces from them is so she can't get pulled up by the original artist because of the complications of a language barrier.
And I've seen how seriously just reposting Pixiv art on tumblr is taken what with the importance of always sourcing back to the original.

Also >>200824 was a print she did for Dee Con 2015, before the event was when she first got caught tracing the Beyblade pieces and what excuse did she give? Something about how it was just for her and she was never intending to sell them and then here she goes tracing and selling something that the seller didn't even want a simple save and repost of.

TL;DR Sindy is in denial of her absolute wrongdoings and we must believe her because she's an Aries and doesn't lie.

No. 200842


Expect a nicely organised Google Doc of this as soon as possible

No. 200844

File: 1479474928981.jpeg (63.53 KB, 640x822, image.jpeg)

No. 200845

File: 1479475069548.jpeg (106.45 KB, 640x825, image.jpeg)

No. 200848

File: 1479475315228.jpeg (98.15 KB, 640x826, image.jpeg)

No. 200849

File: 1479475379834.jpeg (52.59 KB, 640x471, image.jpeg)

No. Its sad aswell Caitlin is the only like on these.

No. 200851

File: 1479475418305.jpeg (78.38 KB, 640x822, image.jpeg)

Your not even from Glasgow you inbred from the country, you would be torn apart in glasgow

No. 200852

File: 1479475441286.jpeg (120.46 KB, 640x749, image.jpeg)

Even Satan wouldn't tap that, he has standards

No. 200853

File: 1479475451976.jpeg (60.9 KB, 640x764, image.jpeg)

No. 200854

For someone who claims to be Pagan/wicca, the symbol shes drawn has nothing to do with Satan or the Satanic bible, so shes an embarrassment to her own religion.

Also as a Pagen, one of our rules in our bible/Rede/morality is "An' it harm none, do what ye will" which essentially means; do no harm regardless what you do/ as long as you dont harm anyone.

Shes well spoken about in the Scottish and UK pagen pages, as we dont agree the message she tries to drive and the representation of our religion she gives.

No. 200856

Can't even tell her Star of David from her pentagram.

No. 200872

File: 1479483023503.jpg (149.53 KB, 960x653, 15109425_1251745878248090_6352…)

Clearly the same artist, yeah? Also why is everyone in her 'manga' always forward facing? Could it be she can't actually draw side on or back anatomy, and everything she's apparently "drawn" herself is actually just Gasp tracing?

No. 200880

She can only draw face on, bar the ones shes traced for different facial poses

No. 200882

I can feel how fat you are from this post.

No. 200887

Im actually only 9 stone so good try, but wrong.

No. 200900

File: 1479487977471.jpeg (88.64 KB, 638x654, image.jpeg)

You cant be her for several reasons. Biggest is you're ugly af , and have saggy pancake tits

No. 200902

File: 1479487989777.jpeg (43.71 KB, 640x587, image.jpeg)

No. 200904

Except you did an underwear "shoot" of Ryuko using her transformed wig, which isnt canon, and underwear she's never worn in the series, so also not canon. And you called it cosplay…

No. 200923

File: 1479490769517.jpeg (150.44 KB, 637x899, image.jpeg)

No. 200925

File: 1479490819662.jpeg (183.46 KB, 640x907, image.jpeg)

K then see you when you're bored again, you always say youre done.

Also didnt she drag people in for the sake of drama?

No. 200926

File: 1479490917638.jpeg (69.6 KB, 492x492, image.jpeg)

She looks like the goldfish that has the bulging eyes.

Theyre cute though. Just looks like someone knocked her about.

No. 200929

>you dont have to agree, but as a citizen of a free western country, you have to accept that you're not special. not everybody agress with you

Needs to take her own advice really. And most of the things she says isnt really an "opinion". Threatening to attack people, not something you can have an opposing "opinion" to. Being transphobic, again, not something you can have an opposing opinion to. Tracing art but denying it when there is irrefutable proof otherwise, not something you can have an opposing opinion too. It's not about having opposing opinions, it's about you doing shitty things that aren't acceptable - like threatening to throw weedkiller in someones face.

Also most people on here probably do have lives, socialise with family and friends, do other adult things. Ignoring cosplays to make and cons to pay for because for the latter, con season is over until February. And the former, not everyone's lives revolve around making fucking cosplays all the time


Says the person who slut shamed a 15 year old for cosplaying that Millianna character, who was about the same covering as Ryuko. Plus most people don't have an issue with your "slutty" cosplays, more that you should leave them to age appropriate events, and also shouldn't be a huge hypocrite crying about being slut shamed when you've done the exact same to other people

No. 200935

File: 1479493139634.jpeg (142.18 KB, 640x796, image.jpeg)

she edited

No. 200943

Because everyone who witnessed the "I'm going to throw weedkiller over you" exchange is a liar now. Because all the screencapped proof of what you've said and done is lies, now too.

Everyone's a liar but Sindy, it seems.

No. 200961

File: 1479499689197.jpeg (123.91 KB, 634x777, image.jpeg)

"real sluts "

Doesnt work like that

No. 200962

File: 1479499705549.jpeg (127.65 KB, 640x701, image.jpeg)

No. 201017

Nice Fairy Tail traces, Sindy. No wonder no one buys your shit art.
I honestly don't know who I hate more between you & Amber.

So I've just learned the full story about the foot thing and…what the fuck?? Sorry Hollie…

Oh and Sindy, stay the fuck away from my friends and I at Nanashi. You better not try and cause trouble with anyone you fucking keyboard warrior.

I hope secret Santa gives you a fucking dictionary.

No. 201019

>And I have never told those with autism to kill themselves. Just the people who mock it. Like craig

Afaik Craig is on the spectrum, so you DID tell someone with some level of autism to kill themselves?

No. 201022

File: 1479510327385.png (8.97 KB, 399x145, 15139764_1296591447051547_6253…)

Remember, Sindy is a strong, sassy Aries who cannot lie because Aries never lie…

Or, y'know, those things are overgeneralised bullshit that are vague enough to fit loads of people without them being part of a specific Zodiac group

No. 201024

File: 1479510566271.png (10.81 KB, 502x157, 15139547_1296593550384670_1713…)

"Hi I'm Sindy and you can't slut shame me, but I can slut shame this 15 year old girl!"

No. 201025

LOL, with her poor grasp of English and grammar, for a minute I thought she was saying she was ARYAN.

Thanks for the clarification, anon!

No. 201027

File: 1479510667159.jpeg (89.19 KB, 627x724, image.jpeg)

We don't slag you for the sake of it you know.

No. 201029

Man if anyone says anything constructive to that or isnt "omg your cosplays are perf omg" she'll throw a fit and set her thirsty hounds on them.

Shit like that is only ever for attention, because no one is publicly going to say anything against someone's costume without getting chewed out by other people.

No. 201032

File: 1479511172138.png (47.2 KB, 394x733, 15151074_1296599560384069_1924…)

Isnt Millianna about the same coverage as Ryuko, if not more in the breast area? And yet you cry when people complained about your costume this year. Wow the hypocrisy

No. 201038

File: 1479511823918.jpeg (81.63 KB, 633x672, image.jpeg)

"hael "

No. 201049

File: 1479514301052.jpeg (27.53 KB, 625x235, image.jpeg)

And she mocked those with autism? Jesus

No. 201056

File: 1479516639420.png (409.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161119-004958.png)

What the fuck….???

No. 201063

Says the person who hasn't worked a day in her life because "muh scoliosis"

No. 201067

File: 1479517650318.jpeg (29.85 KB, 596x331, image.jpeg)

Look at all that attention seeking

No. 201070

>wouldnt have police shortages

No, you still would, because it's up to the government to employ them, and they're the one cutting police numbers.

No. 201218

who is she replying to? or was comment deleted?

No. 201219

screens of her being talked about pls

No. 201220

Sindy assumes if someone doesn't attend every single shitty meetup that they're 'banned' when really, it's because the majority of the 'older' cosplayers have jobs/lives/families that are more important than running around fucking China Town like a crowd of toddlers (Anime = Japanese, China Town = Chinese community who want left in peace and have nothing to do with mangos and animoos)

No. 201222

>You're probably wondering what I've been up to over the last few weeks

she's such a blatant narcissist. If everyone just cut her out of the cosplay, all unfriend her and just totally ignore anything she says/does, she would quite literally wither away and die from lack of attention.

No. 201225

Yeah but the weebs can get pocky (I think it's actually pepero they sell but whatever) and azn food at Chinatown, and look "kawaii" and disturb normal people and scare kids and leave an absolute tip without them getting reprimanded. Except that one time the police were called.
I'm pretty sure large groups of cosplayers are now banned anyway - small groups of about 5 can go in to get food but they have to leave straight after? Which explains why they all go to that small MEGAbytes cafe now, albeit a lot of them don't buy anything there so…

No. 201226

You can buy that pocky shit at a pound shop in town, there's no need to trek up to China Town, harass the people there, then saunter over to the play park for five year old children and run around in crap outfits having 'professional photoshoots' … in a fucking play park. They all screech and swear when children and their parents are nearby, behave fucking awfully, then protest 'why do people not like cosplayers? why are we ousted by society?' - maybe behave like civilized human beings and not toddlers and people may actually show you some respect, something the cosplayers lack.

No. 201227

That time when Sindy took her panties off at the play park across the road tho

No. 201229

File: 1479555502596.jpeg (97.29 KB, 636x824, image.jpeg)

This is why I love Obayed.

Is this where she got her ego boost from? 3 guys telling her shes somewhat decent? Thats sad

No. 201230

Kristaps is so fucking thirsty for her

No. 201231

Every one of those boys is desperate af and abysmal appearance wise, personalities are bland and the only thing they have to define themselves is cosplay.

David's alright but he tries too hard to be friends with everyone and overlooks any and all shitty behaviour. Also makes all drama and events about himself - commenting on peoples' statuses when they're upset with pitiful bullshit, then posting a status to make it seem like his life is so awful and "pls pity party me"

No. 201253

File: 1479561891936.png (10.58 KB, 502x143, 1111111.png)

Maybe it's because youre a toxic, shitty person and no one with half a brain wants to be friends with someone like that?
Except thirsty dudes, of course.

No. 201256

File: 1479562280305.png (18.88 KB, 421x197, af2d0dc695fcf8f692201d91815213…)

oh look, it's the "I'm an Aries" bullshit again

Not every person with the same zodiac is gonna ACT the same jesus

No. 201258

>kind and intelligent

So, not Sindy then

No. 201260

File: 1479562774247.jpeg (74.31 KB, 640x869, image.jpeg)

She tore sindy up with the replies.
We all knew as soon as someone said something bad she would be like this

No. 201262

File: 1479562908225.png (50.91 KB, 1262x458, negariestraits.png)

Looked up "typical Aries traits", nowhere said anything about them being kind or intelligent.
Did find a list of negative traits on one site that seem to fit Sindy to a T.

(screenshot from http://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/aries/aries-traits.action)

No. 201264

She tried to add Karli last night, for what reason? To start more drama with her. You can tell shes bored of Sindy trying now, because its always the same.
Karli rips her up, Sindy blocks her because she cant handle her before she asks to fight her, and then Karli goes about her business as normal.

No. 201270

File: 1479564406616.png (26.43 KB, 456x325, aw.png)

Zodiacs are literally just over generalised tripe, made to make people think they fit perfectly into these little boxes. Everything you read online, the traits, the romance stuff, the career goals, it's all just generalised to make as many people fit into it as possible.
As a Libra, I feel I fit into a lot of the traits they are described to have, but many of those traits are repeated in other signs, so I could just as easily fit into one of those boxes too.

The fact she believes in zodiacs so religiously hurts, man.

No. 201276

File: 1479565297747.png (26.68 KB, 455x367, 1111111.png)

>nah sorry last i checked bikini and suspenders is fucking underwear

Ryuko is LESS than a bikini and suspenders oh gee

No. 201279

>creates a post to have people rate her cosplays (obv for attention/ego boost)
>freaks the fuck out when people choose the worst option

Typical Sindy

No. 201284

>Goes back to blaming Karli

Oh Sindy, she is not interested in you. Get over her and stop trying to stroke your hate boner for her

No. 201285

So with more of Sindy's traces being found out, I think we should band together and message Nanashi and the Dee Con staff about this with the overlays

I'm thinking the more people the better chance we have of actually getting something done about it and her table rights revoked before she can even apply

No. 201292


No. 201294

File: 1479571859045.gif (600.79 KB, 168x168, tumblr_mv97ewOJhX1qzjr2jo7_r1_…)

Holy shit, this ugly bitch looks like the lovechild of Mira and Peacockfeather

No. 201299

File: 1479572615846.png (27.22 KB, 503x257, weebs.png)

what the fuck is with weebs and their need to throw Japanese words into every sentence

Guess what, saying an entire sentence in English and throwing in a Japanese word makes you look like a colossal idiot. Granted the girl can barely speak English as it is.

No. 201300

grabbing screens, one sec

No. 201304

File: 1479573307000.png (51.8 KB, 503x552, p1.png)

No. 201306

File: 1479573366003.png (55.89 KB, 461x573, p2.png)


someone should throw every piece of evidence in a google doc like the one Kay made, so anytime she tries to start or deny something, just link the doc and watch her sperg out

No. 201307

File: 1479573408115.png (55.76 KB, 452x578, p3.png)


No. 201309

File: 1479573423617.png (55.17 KB, 452x579, p4.png)

No. 201310

File: 1479573443933.png (52.26 KB, 452x536, p5.png)

part 5/21

No. 201311

File: 1479573515800.png (45.36 KB, 446x503, p6.png)

part six

No. 201312

File: 1479573591739.png (52.95 KB, 447x533, p7.png)

>if we'd met, you'd have a different opinion of me, you'd be on your knees bowing before my sexy body

No. 201313

File: 1479573628539.png (52 KB, 443x532, p8.png)

>you're everything that's wrong in the scottish cosplay community

No. 201314

File: 1479573671740.png (57.91 KB, 458x579, p9.png)

part nine

No. 201316

File: 1479574068129.png (58.34 KB, 450x554, p10.png)

part ten


No. 201317

File: 1479574089141.png (60.62 KB, 450x579, p11.png)

part eleven of 21

No. 201318

She probs knows him from the MCM page like everyone does, is sindy retarded?

No. 201319

File: 1479574131345.png (57.54 KB, 455x566, p12.png)

twelve of 21

(apologies for spam bumping thread with these)

No. 201320

File: 1479574172468.png (54.84 KB, 455x577, p13.png)

thirteen of twenty one

No. 201321

File: 1479574193032.png (60.11 KB, 457x569, p14.png)


dis sum good shit

No. 201323

File: 1479574471731.png (50.54 KB, 456x522, p15.png)

>i have all day
because all you do is sit online shitposting and arguing with underage girls, rather than get a job/life like any normal human being

No. 201325

File: 1479574517709.png (49.42 KB, 450x506, p16.png)

>making fun of mental illnesses is hilarious

wait till she pulls out the autism card for the 300th time

No. 201327

File: 1479574557706.png (53.73 KB, 444x536, p17.png)

karli is the mastermind behind everything


No. 201328

File: 1479574587853.png (54.85 KB, 436x579, p18.png)

17 even

here's 18/21

No. 201329

File: 1479574641113.png (50.92 KB, 449x563, p19.png)


who is this Ambrelia girl anyhow?

No. 201330

File: 1479574667158.png (54.91 KB, 443x576, p20.png)

coming to a close at 20/21

couldn't resist tho

No. 201335

File: 1479574780384.png (46.15 KB, 499x376, p21final.png)

I pure battered the owner round the back alley for looking at me wrong, teach him to mess with the mighty Sindy Poop

21/21 finale enjoy for those who have her blocked/are blocked

No. 201336

From the MCM group I think, sindys a funny topic, shes in shit posting groups too and seen her there

No. 201338

She blocked Ambrelia though?

No. 201350

Finds making fun of mental illness funny, tells other people who are on the autism spectrum who are making fun of their own "illness" to kill themselves.

A+ logic

No. 201355

DeeCons table bookings aren't even available yet, so she telling porky-pies

No. 201356

She's right about one thing, she didn't assault anyone at the Nanashi event in question. She was in the bathroom with Rachel Landels crying about how she felt intimidated/bullied by the other femalez and a group of three girls walked in to use the toilets, a little bickering match ensued, Sindy hid behind Rachel, mouthing off, then fled like a bitch and was thrown out for threatening said group of girls.

Witnessed the whole thing, that whole night was a shitshow. She and Rachel both sat on the pavement outside bawling while the other girls explained to security what had happened and that she constantly threatens them online and then pulls this shit in public.

No. 201357

File: 1479577469909.jpeg (75.12 KB, 590x544, image.jpeg)

What the ever loving fuck is this?

No. 201359

I bet she was swelling with pride after concocting this shambles

No. 201361

Sindy, do us all a favour and just kill yourself already. Fuck sake..

No. 201365

Looks like a bad poem.

I'm not familiar with the cosplay scene in Scotland (US here) but can a person be banned from a con if they're harassing people (even if it's just those in her circle) and sell stolen art at their con?

No. 201370

You would assume and hope they would get banned, but honestly, most of the organisers don't give a shit. MCM staff were told about someone selling prints of other people's art (not just tracing) and the staff did fuck all about it, saying it was up to the original artists to complain.

No. 201371

She's tried to do her own unwitty twist on 'Where is the Love?' by the Black Eyed Peas.

No. 201389

File: 1479583518932.jpeg (37.73 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

Let me just say, the drama on this thread is fabulous. I never thought trashy Scottish weaboos could be this interesting. Keep the excellent debate and dialog going!

No. 201395

You want Sindy? We dont particularly do, she causes all the drama.
Without her , were just pretty boring and drama free. Just drunk messes

No. 201398

I mean, we're not totally drama free, it still happens but it's more low-key, and people grow up and move on from it, and get over it. Sindy-drama though, is constantly recurring, and constantly hypocritical. She'll complain about people doing something, but then either have already done it herself before, or will end up doing it later on.

No. 201405

File: 1479587556606.jpeg (148.16 KB, 637x912, image.jpeg)

You are a disgrace to the Pagan religion.
Stop associating yourself with it when the first commandment is literally do no harm to others, that includes verbally.

No. 201472

File: 1479599941098.jpg (452.6 KB, 1600x1000, 67075-4-1434771362.jpg)

She's not Pagan. She just picks the most controversial or edgy opinions to have to create more drama for her to feast on

on another note, anyone ever noticed how much like a hagraven she looks?

No. 201473

C'mon, man, don't insult the hagravens!

No. 201484

File: 1479601717596.jpeg (153.93 KB, 640x913, image.jpeg)

No. 201485

File: 1479601858702.jpeg (172.33 KB, 630x906, image.jpeg)

No. 201486

File: 1479601933354.jpeg (187.03 KB, 633x892, image.jpeg)

Didnt you give the same hypocritical speech a few days back?

No. 201487

But I mean, there is literal proof to the threatening and the telling autistic people to kill themselves.
So even with proof that EVERYONE saw, it's all lies, right?
Because Sindy is a sassy Aries and they "cant lie"?

No. 201491

File: 1479602834651.jpg (24.64 KB, 360x640, 15139319_10154773543988593_154…)

>false rumours - i told Autistic people to Kill themselves

Except, both Michael and Craig are on the spectrum. So, no, you DID tell autistic folks to kill themselves.

No. 201503

People talked about Trump becoming elected, not because it was 'attractive', but because it was a total shitshow and entertaining, like you Jennifer.

No. 201644

Doesn't Sindy complain she can't work at even a sitting down job because "muh scoliosis", like a job like a call centre, but then manages to sit in those uncomfortable plastic chairs conventions give you for around 7 hours straight selling traced art? Surely the chairs in call centres are more comfortable than that plastic crap, and you get a break, too, to get up and stretch and pee and walk around as you please, something you can't really do well at a convention.

No. 201651

Call Centre jobs are really comfy because of the strict regulations they have, they have to have a certain padded chair, a screen protected/glare guard, a mouse mat with wrist support, air con is mandatory, the ear/head pieces they use need to be up to standard with padded ears and noise controlled receivers.
So she has no excuse. She couldn't do call center as shes not a people person and would have a hissy fit and meltdown when someone was rude on the phone to her, and you know you cant threaten customers with sueing them , harassment , sexual harassment ect…..

No. 201693

File: 1479650033189.jpg (37.89 KB, 472x187, 15182338_10205937656799633_155…)

Let the record show that at 16.50 on December 8th 2015, Sindy claimed to be "done" with Glasgow cosplay meets

And yet continued to go to them throughout 2016. Liar-liar-pants-on-fire?

No. 201695

File: 1479650483291.png (32.61 KB, 502x481, image.png)

>do not try to manipulate the cosplay comunity against them

So, like you tried to do to Kay, because you didnt like her speaking out against you? The hypocrisy is rife

No. 201698

File: 1479650797951.png (22.64 KB, 498x297, image.png)

Was also going to leave the cosplay scene in June 2015
And yet is still here…

No. 201702

File: 1479651200787.png (15.2 KB, 566x249, f8764f8003602517966d64814caf3c…)

yeah I think the cosplay community is getting quite syrupy too

I believe she was supposed to be starting college again this year, wonder what happened there

also, muh scoliosis

No. 201709

>my painful scoliosis

Hey look, there is the sympathy grab using scoliosis

No. 201735

>apply for college
didn't she take six years to do a HNC in art?

No. 201752

File: 1479660965822.jpeg (89.97 KB, 640x788, image.jpeg)

But theyre not lies though

No. 201757

I dunno, I know she was kicked out of a Nanashi, but was never actually banned from them? And aside from being banned from selling at GR, I don't actually know of any other events she's been banned from?

No. 201767

Ayyy Sindy.
If you're going to ask for opinions on your cosplay, the best thing you could do is accept the negative feedback. It will make you stronger and you'll be able to improve on where you have gone wrong.

Thanks for shitting up what few profile pictures I have of myself cosplaying - including the one in which my fiancée had just proposed to me on Saturday - you're lucky you're so unfortunate looking, otherwise my feelings may have seriously been compromised. Now, instead of just me laughing at you, it's all of my friends too. What have you done?!

No. 201768

Sindy is a good person and yuo are all gettin lied to by 2 or 3 people pretedning to be alot of folk lets b real Sindy is knowwhere as bad as sum of the cancer of the cosplay in scotland like henry woo and jem and all the "cool kids" who stir shit like tihs

Sindy is a grate person and all thi shit is just jaelousy from fukcs who lie about sindy tracing and make up bullshit all the time to turn people against me

No. 201770

nice whiteknighting Mingey

No. 201771

>make up bullshit all the time to turn people against me


No. 201774

File: 1479663610993.png (73.35 KB, 300x200, img related.png)


>turn people against me

MFW you forget to false flag properly

No. 201775

No. 201778

Hi Sindy.

No. 201792

File: 1479666183892.jpg (90.92 KB, 500x333, That_1cc496_825830.jpg)

No. 201800

Funny how before Sindy the community was never as bad with drama, the odd thing happened and was over quickly.
So yeah. She IS the cancer of the Scottish community, no one has ever been as cringe as her, not even rapists or pedos.

No. 201852

poor attempt

No. 202138

File: 1479727122220.jpeg (49.28 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 202148

File: 1479729419226.jpg (36.07 KB, 380x443, 1477573782351.jpg)


No. 202159

File: 1479732676668.png (3.54 MB, 944x3824, ad.png)

More tracing, although in this case it looks like the paper moved whilst tracing, which I guess can happen if you're using a screen to trace from

Lined up both eyes, which matched perfectly, and the neck, and found a lot of other things matching when they were aligned too, like the nose matching perfectly when the right eye was matching perfectly?

No. 202166

File: 1479734367704.gif (264.01 KB, 360x288, 1ejx60.gif)

More art tracing. The post Sindy made with the traced art had her claiming it was just a style change, but like, no, no it wasnt gurl stop lying.

No. 202167

File: 1479734412020.png (127.67 KB, 986x512, 15064926_10205939275520100_127…)

Screenshot of the mentioned post.
Fuck off Sindy, stop tracing art and claiming it as your own.

No. 202173

File: 1479735003021.jpeg (98.79 KB, 640x819, image.jpeg)

She looks like one of the unpopular cathouse under children thats trying to be edgy and show their mum it "isnt a phase"

Or the other way, is she looks like a homeless tramp and picked this out a bin.
Does not suit her at all.

No. 202175

File: 1479735120075.jpeg (268.64 KB, 793x1122, image.jpeg)


How can her art style go so weak so easily? Oh yeah. Tracing. Pic is recent, Jan-Feb

No. 202179


tfw so bad at art you can't even trace properly.

I was excited to read about a new cow but her and her friends coming in and tarding up the thread ruined it for me

No. 202180

The fucking anatomy in that image though. Like the arm going backwards looks like it is instead just going up and is deformed. And breasts/torsos/ribcages dont work like that either.

How she expects us to believe that the stuff with terrible anatomy is hers, but also the stuff with perfect anatomy that is traced straight from the show.
Panty and stocking >>200580
Ezra >>200583
And Judar >>202159

All of those are traced straight from the show/screenshots of the show.
And everything else is "oh, but I made minor edits so it's not tracing"

No. 202193

Why is she wearing pajama bottoms in a photo trying to show off a new shirt? bitch put on some skinny jeans or some shit you look tacky as fuck wtf are you doing

also that shirt itself is unflattering as fuck on her, ugh as a designer this rustles my jimmies

No. 202200

Is she trying to be a 13 year old Japanese girl? Because even they would laugh at her.
How she thinks this looks nice is laughable, I hope she goes out in public like that.

No. 202201

File: 1479740640139.jpeg (126.74 KB, 640x1068, image.jpeg)

Fuck off Caitlin you ham planet sindy wont motorboat your crusty grease pie.

No. 202202

File: 1479740659333.jpeg (115.45 KB, 640x1010, image.jpeg)

Good man, this guy is a hero

No. 202203

Can I just say, whoever this guy is? You're beautiful , bitch slay them eyebrows .

No. 202205

She is so thirsty to protect sindy, what a laughable mess

No. 202207

File: 1479741203997.jpeg (48.66 KB, 640x441, image.jpeg)

But its fine for Sindy, okay Ellie ten bellie, away and comfort eat , lard ass

No. 202211

File: 1479742390704.jpg (680.21 KB, 1440x2336, Collage 2016-11-21 15_31_27.jp…)

She seems to spend every day in pyjamas, a cosplay or some denim tie-up shirt thing that wouldn't look amiss in the music video for Cotton Eye Joe

No. 202214

That's probably because she doesnt work or go out anywhere except cosplay meets?

No. 202234

File: 1479747127832.gif (211.07 KB, 360x360, 1ekbvs.gif)

More tracing that when originally posted, she claimed to have "drawn"

No. 202235

File: 1479747160424.png (296.66 KB, 492x580, yulyin.png)

Sindy y u lyin?

No. 202238


And it's another artist who has a pixiv

No. 202240

Karli for fucks sake learn to crop out your profile photo in screenshots

No. 202241

Karli isnt the one posting them though. She's just taking them and sending them to the people who are posting them

No. 202245

update: original artist of >>202234 has been messaged and responded with their thanks

No. 202247

Oh man if they publicly call her out she's gonna be fuuuuuuuuucked

No. 202250

Its not Karli , she just gives us the screen shots we ask for, stop trying to blame her

No. 202253

She has openly stated she doesnt post and doesnt even keep up with the drama because she doesnt care.
People tell her whats going on, and ask her.
So keep moaning at someone who doesnt care and isnt involved, productive.

No. 202256

I love people blaming her, just makes it look as if people have hate boners for no reason. How salty.

No. 202265

Don't know anyone here personally, but if this karli girl keeps taking screenshots and sending them to you all for the purpose of keeping this lolcow thread going, you honestly can't say she has no interest in the drama. Just saying.

No. 202266


Kek , hate boner ahoy

No. 202268

We ask her to take screen shots not for drama purposes (well I cant vouch for all) but I ask for keeping tabs on Sindys shit, not posting here.
Cant blame her for what people do with them, so yeah, we can say she has no interest.

You can read above she doesnt like doing it, and only does so for recording purposes, she cant stop what people do with it.

No. 202270

Considering Karli has inquired about legal prosecutions for Sindy in account of her threatening and harassing , she doesnt care about the drama.
Not her fault people post here, and she doesnt know who it is herself as more than a few people ask her, so no, she isnt interested.

No. 202272

Can you even read?
Karli needs to be reminded and recapped of drama because she does not read any of this shit, and Sindy randomly tags her and contacts her to start fights with her for no reason.
Karli isnt to blame for showing people what's being said.

No. 202273

At this point it is beneficial to screenshot a lot of what Sindy is saying anyway, as she'll typically delete what she has said once she's realise how bad it might make her look, or she tries to use small snippets out of context against people.

No. 202274

Its not just Karli aswell, lots of people keep tabs on her, so you cant blame it all on one person when I know that only a certain amount of these screen shots are taken by Karli, so your assumption is wrong.

No. 202277

Keeping evidence isnt participating in drama.

No. 202288

lol oshit what did i miss

No. 202292

Massive Karli hate boner going on

No. 202299

File: 1479756851315.jpg (38.55 KB, 540x390, quasiintheflesh.jpg)

No. 202317

File: 1479760965862.jpeg (92.61 KB, 640x759, image.jpeg)

ADHD doesnt mean anything here, so what's the point in mentioning it

No. 202318

File: 1479760993527.jpeg (62.31 KB, 640x705, image.jpeg)

Sindy shut up you would get the absolute shit kicked out of you

No. 202320

AHAHAHAHA what a freak, calls Karli a stalker yet its there that Sindy follows her.


No. 202322

I just told Karli and shes said something to sindy, kek.

The case against Sindy is stacking up, Karli has already started it and Sindy is just making it easier for her.

No. 202324

File: 1479761495300.jpeg (83.41 KB, 640x558, image.jpeg)

Nice try changing the comment Sindy.

No. 202328

File: 1479761887716.png (40.19 KB, 503x458, rly.png)

>"Inactive for 2 days"
>was posting yesterday

Is the normal concept of time not a thing for Sindy? First it was a ban of two weeks that was only really nine days, now being inactive for two days but posting things the day before?

No. 202332

File: 1479762149985.png (27.04 KB, 494x256, aaaa.png)

>you been liking negative comments on my comments To intimidate me

I…dont even know anymore

No. 202339

I actuall feel bad for Karli having to constantly deal with her, I know shes fed up with it.

No. 202348

File: 1479763784258.jpeg (19.64 KB, 283x424, image.jpeg)

You kids sure do deliver.

Nah, but seriously. Someone with an IQ over 90 needs to explain what's going on here.

No. 202349


No. 202350

Sindy Pop is a pretty infamous 'cosplayer' from Scotland who refuses to work due to 'muh scolosis', constantly hypocritical, constantly drama stirring, threatens to fight people and throw weed killer in their faces but then plays victim each time she's confronted, lies about being sexually assaulted as a child and mocks actual rape victims, slut/fat shames but claims she's never done anything so heinous (even if said comments were made seconds prior, she has the memory of a goldfish).

Classic diagnosed narcissist and potential schizophrenic. Also Trump supporter, despite living in some backwater Scottish village and despising Trump only a few months prior, so basically picking controversial/edgy opinions to have something to define her worthless existence.


TLDR - she's a cunt

No. 202351

I wish I knew how to explain, honestly. Sindy's nuts, traces, whatever, can't handle being called out on her shit.
Has an undying hateboner for Karli, despite Karli not caring anymore, and despite the fact Karli actually tried reasoning with her at one point, to help her be more liked (instead of being a raging cunt to everyone who doesnt suck her clit), even after Sindy shouted personal, private stuff about Karli's past to the whole world.

And now it's come to light that despite Sindy hating Karli, and apparently not doing anything to cause drama, or not wanting to be involved in drama anymore, she follows Karli on Facebook, obviously to see her statuses and posts.

It's a clusterfuck and it hurts my head.

No. 202353

Sindy has reached stalker status. That's a new achievement to add to her resume.

ᵗʰᵉ ʳᵉˢᵘᵐᵉ ˢʰᵉ'ᶫᶫ ᶰᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵘˢᵉ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᵐᵘʰ ˢᶜᵒᶫᶦᵒˢᶦˢ

No. 202358

I genuinely feel bad for this Karli girl.
Much respect for her dealing with sindy, especially after she spoke about her personal life as said in previous post.

No. 202362

Didnt she also tag Karli randomly into a status that she was arguing with others on? For no reason whatsoever , just to "involve" her?

No. 202364

Yes that also happened.
Because clearly Karli, who had had no mention prior to Sindy tagging her, was totally involved in that issue.

No. 202366

Of course your style can adapt. Because you don't have one. Your style changes because all you fucking do is trace.

No. 202377

I remember her working that night aswell and when I told her I have never heard a more fed up sigh in all my life and when I asked if she was okay all she really replied was she cant be bothered with her.

No. 202381

File: 1479767286583.jpeg (101.84 KB, 640x814, image.jpeg)

Gets told to leave it, Karli asked to be left alone and explained shes fed up and just to stop name dropping her, sindys friend also told them both to leave it, and sindy keeps it going.
Well done proving Karli right and your friend that you do actually start on her and keep it going ?

No. 202382

File: 1479767320826.jpeg (88.96 KB, 639x841, image.jpeg)

Also how is she mad by blocking someone harassing her? Its literally the complete opposite.

No. 202383

Also Karli isnt white, shes mixed, so thats pretty racist.

No. 202386

People who's style adapts with improvement and practice retain parts of their style albeit more refined eg they may draw noses in the same style but they'll be better proportioned or use the same colouring method but have a better grasp on light/shadows and color theory.
Sindys style jumps from shounen rip-off to flowery shoujo to generic animu style and the only individual trait is the same eye style drawn disproportionate to the rest of the art because she has no grasp of basic facial anatomy let alone anatomy in general

No. 202388

God she made it what…. Less than 72 hours with her "I can change I can change" spiel?

No. 202396


No. 202402

File: 1479769678959.png (3.62 MB, 888x4272, MOREtraces.png)

Another instance of her tracing where the paper obviously slipped a few times?

Seriously, Sindy, stop fucking tracing

No. 202405

File: 1479770025105.png (357.89 KB, 919x443, finishedtracing.png)

Finished drawing more like finished tracing

No. 202416

File: 1479771630169.jpg (856.32 KB, 1780x2088, 39868468_p0.jpg)

More tracing

No. 202421

File: 1479772723026.gif (233.57 KB, 287x360, 1el91s.gif)

No. 202452

File: 1479776398127.jpeg (158.24 KB, 640x1044, image.jpeg)

Victim blaming again.

No. 202454

File: 1479776486648.jpeg (97.55 KB, 619x688, image.jpeg)

You mean like what Caitlin SHOULD do with you, so that means she isnt a good friend and person ?

No. 202455

>bullies and harasses Karli
>is victim of Sindys harassment
>blames victim and tries to define what a victim is to make her not look bad

Fuck off sindy.

No. 202459

File: 1479776948188.png (39.31 KB, 578x468, image.png)

No. 202460

Not all victims are traumatized as badly as you say, a victim is a victim, regardless of seriousness.

If this refers to Karli
You made contact with her
She laughed at you because she knows how pathetic you are, she has never threatened you (you however have threatened her several times ; slitting her throat, clawing her eyes out, "kicking her head in" I have lost count, and even ASK her to fight you.)
You persued her, and tagged her in things that had nothing to do with her and consistently drag her name into your drama.
She has never bullied you, you have tried to bully her and it does look like you are even though she brushes it off.
And she has never victimized herself, but many others DO see she is a victim of your shite and harassment and hate boner of her.

You can Infact do that, you are prime example of that, but no one is ever that much a sperg lord to seriously blame their illness.

Exactly Sindy.
You are not a victim.
But someone with a victim complex, and blames those who are victims of your abuse.

Well done for making that clear for us.

No. 202482

File: 1479780328875.gif (265.76 KB, 360x240, 1elgh8.gif)

The fact she traces people COSPLAYING of all fucking things, and expects to get away with it because "omg my style changes"

No. 202484

Thats also kinda creepy

No. 202485

File: 1479780565222.jpg (72.81 KB, 501x521, 15182549_10205940393268043_137…)

>i cant believe i made this

Neither can I. Because you fucking traced it

No. 202493


Well that 2 week ban was apparently one that she jumped thru hoops to evade, and then bragged here about how easy it was to get around being banned, like someone who's fucking obsessed with the site and hasn't got anything else on.

No. 202562

How rage inducing is the fact that she buys all of these stupid outfits on taxpayer's money, crying how she can't work and begging the government to give her money to survive, only to spend it on umpteen cosplays a year and sit on her boney ass doing nothing but bitching at hard working people and crying 'muh scoliosis! you don't understand the suffering I endure living this lavish life!'

No. 202563

All of these pjs are from primark

so unless her mum just does all her shopping for this weasel queen, Sindy's a liar claiming that she doesn't know where her bras are bought from

No. 202564

By that logic, Caitlin liking all of Sindy's comments is intimidating everyone else.

No. 202575

I know for a fact that pink and black one she wore for Ryuko and claimed it wasn't from Primark, but didn't know where her mum bought it, is in fact from Primark.
So chances are her mum is buying everything for her, ad it is all from Primark (not terrible, but Primark bras aren't the sizes they claim to be, at the very least)

No. 202576

Someone on PULL posted this about Keekster and it just resonated with Sindy tbh. (Replaced Names only)

>>Sindy is definitely a classic case of a sociopath verging on psychopath and frequently displays cognitive dissonance. She expects apologies toward her but refuses to apologize for her previous doings. Its ok for her to go crazy on a girl she doesn't know on the internet but when people do it to her at a disturbingly smaller degree, suddenly she's a victim. She has the need to promote herself sooooo heavily which makes her a narcissist but her cognitive dissonance situation makes her a total sociopath. If she actually did any of the things she said she wanted to do to Karli/GCG/Laurel/Craig/Kay, legit she would be classified as a psychopath. She really needs to check herself into a mental ward. I'm studying psychology in school but honestly I don't even think you need to be studying it to pick up on everything I just said. She needs help.

No. 202584

Wait till she threatens to get someone doxxed, the transition will be complete

No. 202585

do Primark clothes have labels on them which say 'Primark' or is it all sub companies under the one brand?

the quality of Primark clothes is considerably less than other big highstreet brands, the bras especially after a few washes become mangled

No. 202587

Eh, all my female stuff from Primark has "Atmosphere" on the labels, and all my male stuff, has "Cedar Wood State" on it. The mens boxers I own (because womens underwear is uncomfortable as heck) say Cedar Wood State, too, so I would assume womens bras would have "Atmosphere" on the labels as well? I dont know for a fact, I dont buy my bras from Primark simply because the sizes are so wrong. But I would assume it's the same. None of the items have "Primark" on the labels though.

No. 202593

I got the same thing with Trump's tweets about Mike Pence being "harassed" by the Hamilton cast.
Just replace Mike Pence's name with Caitlin's and how the cosplay community should always be a safe and special place.

No. 202599

Primark underwear is branded as something like secret possession I'm sure. I used to get all my padded bras from there when I was like 13.

No. 202600

Wouldnt know, but definitely none of the labels have "Primark" on them, at least not glaringly. They do have it in small print on the washing instruction label, but nothing elsewhere.
So chances are, she thinks because it doesnt have Primark on it, that it is not from Primark

No. 202618

File: 1479828183640.png (412.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161122-152036.png)

This stupid cow doesn't understand the difference between a size 14 and 14 stone but ok. She needs to stop fucking name shaming everyone and shut the hell up.
She accused everyone for stuff others say. Didn't she create the other lolcow thread?
I hope this sindy fucking kills herself already.

No. 202621

I think its only the cosmetics that have the actual "primark" name on them. So like, nail polish, makeup, eyelash curlers, false nails. Stuff like that. Even the socks are like Atmosphere brand.

No. 202625

Dunno if she made the Amber thread, the girl she took feet photos of was accused but pretty sure she wasn't even in the country at the time.

No. 202637

Sindy get over your hate boner for Hollie. YOUR pervy fat friend took photos of the girl's FEET while she was asleep and jerked off over them and sent them to loads of folk online. YOUR friend fucked up. Hollie didn't do a damn thing wrong and yet you're obsessed with the girl ffs

No. 202638

Sindy casually obsessing over everyone as usual.

No. 202999

Wonder who she'll obsess over once she realises loads of people have documented her tracing and will be sending it to any and all events she applies for a table at..

No. 203043

File: 1479923035624.jpeg (68.88 KB, 627x361, image.jpeg)

She still looks hella greasy and unclean, someone phone the resteraunt and let them know captain ham planet may eat them out of house and home (or steal all the grease to bathe in) and that Chindy might sue them.

No. 203044

She will blame Karli.
Like she always does cause shes obsessed with her

No. 203138

nah she will find a new person/thing to blame
first it was gcg
then craig
now karli

it will be the next person she has a crush on. cause honestly everyone thought she was in love with craig for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

No. 203174

File: 1479938829078.jpeg (110.77 KB, 640x834, image.jpeg)


No. 203176

Im starting to think shes actually in love with Karli too, its not healthy obsessing over someone that much, it feels like its passed the Craig obsession level.

No. 203208

File: 1479945606846.png (15.83 KB, 503x252, image.png)

The yellow fever with her is strong though. Like, she constantly posts about "sexy Asian men", the only person she's dated was an Asian guy too, and the person she was saying she went on a "date" on, also Asian. Although arguably the latter two arent huge lookers, but there's plenty of old posts of her being pretty creepy with "omg there was a hot Asian guy at x event", or "why arent there more hot Asian guy cosplayers?"

No. 203212

File: 1479947134266.png (12.57 KB, 500x182, welp.png)

That's us told, Ichiban is overrated and the food is "average", according to our overlord Sindy. Because we all share the same tastebuds, right.
Also pretty NK is also at least a couple of pounds more expensive than Ichiban on most of their dishes? I mean, it may be fine for one item, but if you're having a full meal, the cost will add up and you could easily be paying the equivalent of another course compared to the bill at Ichiban.

But yes, let's all stop going to Ichiban because it's "overrated" in the eyes of our overlord.

No. 203214

She was racist to an mixed girl and she was asain, you all know who sindy just loves to hate, so its selective yellow fever , or is it because they arnt Chinese there?
If so thats racist af

No. 203215

Ichiban is amazing , she has no tastes.

No. 203218

I'm not entirely sure about her "date" or ex boyfriend, I think they are maybe of Chinese descent? But she obsesses over Japanese guys to some extent, and over Korean guys even moreso.

No. 203420

She was racist to a girl in the cosplay community. Sindy told the she should be glad she is Asian and that she should b glad to take any racism towards her as she was blessed with being Asian and how she didnt deserve to be Asian but Sindy would be honoured if she got to be Asian.
It's how she got kicked from CS but you dont hear her shouting about that every 2 minutes

No. 203423

Do you have any screencaps? this is a fucking goldmine, she honestly sounds like one of those asian fetish guys on 4chan kek

No. 203425

Fucking weeaboos

No. 203443

I screencapped this around the time it happened
I'll dig it up shortly

No. 203484

File: 1479998720789.png (403.63 KB, 502x498, wut.png)

Please no

Also, your name isnt even "Sindy", it's Jennifer, although you freak out when anyone calls you that or Jenny. So dunno how a fictional character who is taking on the Cid role in this FF game is "stealing your name"

No. 203487

File: 1479998819090.jpeg (189.76 KB, 640x989, image.jpeg)

But you moaned about several types of harassment and bullying you, what one is it fucknut

No. 203490

This is probably another one of those "I'm done with the drama" posts that will prove to be pointless in about three days time when she starts up more drama on her FB

No. 203506

File: 1480003304120.jpg (3.08 MB, 870x8595, 20161124_155936.jpg)

"i never slut shame"

No. 203507

Says she doesnt approve of the Millianna cosplayer wearing it to a convention.
Then proceeds to wear a cosplay just as skimpy to a convention.

No. 203514

She needs a boobjob to even attempt this cosplay

No. 203515

She and Caitlin demand that people with an issue with them come and speak to them 'face to face' but then she completely flips it and says 'noooo stay away from meeeee'

No. 203518

As far as im aware, Karli and Kay are the only two to pull her up in public, and both times I heard Sindy shit herself and even apologies to Karli and asked her to "drop the issues"

No. 203519

She only wants to cosplay Cindy because it's a revealing cosplay. An excuse for Sindy to get her tits out. Does she even know who any of these characters are? I think she just does them for attention.

No. 203522

She's been called out countless times by countless people online, thing is most people who she starts shit with are either in a different city and it's forgotten/not important by the time a convention comes up, or in England/another country

Also, runs away whenever approached by someone. In my case when she and Katy scrambled away into a crowd as I approached them at MCM.

No. 203523

she doesn't have any tits

No. 203524

Katy? as in Katy Mami Aoba /Jethro Lenneor?
If so she spoke so much shit about Sindy before she tried to suck up her ass

No. 203526

She was good friends with her right up until around Feb/March this year, messaged a load of folk accusing them of making the other Sindy thread and threatening them lol

Should have been left on a clifftop as a child honestly

No. 203535

File: 1480008480196.png (17.14 KB, 550x185, sence.png)

Manages to go back and correct the misspelling of "their", but not "sence"? Seems like she has none, then.

No. 203547

File: 1480010870331.png (718.13 KB, 495x6950, Sindysweebfantasies.png)


>>203443 here with the caps.
Took me forever to hide all the names/pics etc (the greyish purple is different people)
I've had this capped since then so it's pretty old milk (July 31st 2014) but bringing up old milk always provides us with new milk.

No. 203555

Old milk with Sindy is still good milk because it provides proof for when she whines about "all the lies" about her that people are apparently "spreading".

No. 203556

this was fucking painful to read

No. 203590

File: 1480024364951.png (11.52 KB, 502x292, tryagaindumbass.png)

This comment coming from the girl who buys 99% of her cosplay stuff from AliExpress. Also, I have not seen a single handmade prop from her that doesn't look like complete shite in real life.

No. 203601

She makes them from papier mache and expanding foam, of course they look shite

No. 203606

File: 1480026625032.png (13.5 KB, 498x142, aimedmuch.png)

She's so offended by the thought that people maybe don't want to wear a cosplay to a meet every now and then?
Like, maybe their cosplays are being washed, maybe it's delicate, or not meet appropriate? Can't people just meet up with friends and chill without needing to be in cosplay to do it? JFC

No. 203608

File: 1480027257982.jpeg (80.07 KB, 637x600, image.jpeg)

Fuck off you yellow fever bitch, dont even disgrace us like that

No. 203610

File: 1480027365453.jpeg (183.37 KB, 638x1007, image.jpeg)

No one would want to work for or with you, your far too ugly to be a maid, your brain dead to think you understand how finances within something like that works, and people would actively avoid you and your shit.
We dont wanna see captain ham planet as a maid, she might drool over the food or stroke it like she used to do to peoples hair, creepy fat fuck

No. 203611

Especially at this time of year, you'd freeze going out in a thin material cosplay outfit which is designed for conventions (warm, crowded atmosphere). Sindy expects everyone in society to be in cosplay 24/7 or they are not perfect otakus like her.

No. 203613

She has no background in hospitality, but wants to make some weeaboo cafe anyway? The Food Industry is a hellish place. I'd get into the nitty-gritty of it, but it's too long. Simply put, it's not easy, be you management, kitchen staff or floor staff.

Floral tea making is easy, sure, you pop the flower in the hot water and it's done. Bento is not. You'd need a license to sell the food, you'd have to adhere to strict H&S regulations, your staff have to know what they're doing and also follow those regulations.

Plus, people being salty probably isnt the main reason you wouldnt have been accepted as a maid is your attitude. You wouldnt be able to handle impolite customers. Plus, most of the maids actually look cute, you, Sindy, do not.

However, I'd love to see this very expensive business venture start up and then ultimately fail. There isnt space in the market for that stuff, there's already plenty of Asian restaurants that offer the same thing, but actually have trained staff, have passed all their H&S exams.

No. 203614

I want to know what these 'great ideas' are. Probably life size cardboard cut outs of herself for her rabid fanboys to jizz over. Selling them for less than the material cost, of course.

No. 203615

If she opened a business and someone put a bad review about it, she'd go into full meltdown and ruin any reputation the business might have. Think of Amy's baking company

No. 203616

An expensive business venture funded by taxpayer's money because she claims she can't work

oh, oh wait.. she's just announced she's wanting to open a business so she clearly CAN work?? someone should report this to the benefits office

No. 203617

Amy's Baking Company, only she'll threaten to sue any not nice comments about her as "slander"

No. 203618

She can sit at a convention for about 7 hours a day selling her "art" (tracings), of course she can work.

No. 203619

At least you'd get $$$ discount if you were of the asian origins

-Sindy proceeds to sexually harass any customer with slightly Asian features-

No. 203621

So why hasn't this girl been sent to the Cringe Channel yet?

No. 203622

I think she was but it was eventually deleted?

No. 203628

File: 1480028542387.png (15.01 KB, 497x182, image.png)

Watch as Overlord Sindy passes judgement over more people!

No. 203635

Unless you're Chinese.
Also I would feel physically sick even putting something she had touched near my mouth , never mind eat it.

No. 203661

File: 1480035267452.jpeg (130.62 KB, 629x1049, image.jpeg)

No. 203739

Because S0 was dark and violent you retarded twat, not really what 4kids looks for. And S1 (at least in America) completely explained Seto's background and the puzzle anyway????

I feel really stupid pointing these things out but I was really into YuGiOh as a wee lass.

No. 203768

File: 1480070595009.png (525.48 KB, 1439x2255, 20161125_104206.png)

The like on the first and third comment are from someone who appeared to be one of her stans until recently

No. 203784


Are these the cafes from.the other thread? Cause one cafe she ignored completely yet the other one she seemed to have a vendetta against.

No. 203787

They're the only ones she knows about so, probably.

No. 203790

why does she write like this

No. 203799

File: 1480081139239.png (17.01 KB, 499x176, image.png)

But stating outright that prop making is so easy a chimp can do it isnt an opinion? Neither is saying that you have to go to school to learn to sew. Online video tutorials exist for a reason, they work just as well as going to school. And last I recalled, anyone of any age can go back to college or uni to pick up new skills, and the compulsory education program (Primary 1 through to S4-S6 in Scotland) doesnt actually have sewing in any of the subjects. Home Economics, which used to have sewing years ago, is now just cooking.
So you have to go on to non compulsory higher education to do it anyway, something that people of all ages can do. (There were people in their 40s in my uni course)

No. 203800

I'm trying to imagine a sword prop made out of paper and ice lolly sticks and all I can imagine is something that looks like shit.

No. 203801

File: 1480081581321.jpg (293 KB, 1298x1765, 14205975_287405548318715_49060…)

They look shite

No. 203802

File: 1480081611991.jpg (138.29 KB, 2048x1150, 13996057_1595177114115727_5290…)

No. 203804

Do you know her? It is very weird to refer to someone you dont know as a nickname/shortened name

No. 203806

File: 1480082064856.jpg (23.18 KB, 400x225, Mask_1985-438.jpg)

I knew she reminded me of someone.

No. 203817

doesn't care about it enough to post on it and evade bans in order to get on the site.
Sindy is just so not bothered lol.

No. 203826

She says that yet every opportunity comes back and posts here or rants about it on her fb.
Very clear her jimmies are rustled

No. 203828

File: 1480088391800.png (378.89 KB, 1439x1963, 20161125_153750.png)

On the top, Sindy is blissfully ignorant that people like her are causing problems for legit disabled people

On the bottom, Sindy is blissfully ignorant that protection exists.

In short. Once again Sindy proves to be an ignoramus

No. 203830

File: 1480089040074.png (266.88 KB, 1048x2332, long.png)

There's more to it being posted, too

No. 203833

File: 1480089180869.png (19.51 KB, 499x243, Untitled.png)

Except Sindy was being offended by a 15 year old girls body not too long ago, so she some gall talking about society being "so offended"

No. 203834

File: 1480089275140.png (35.37 KB, 479x398, longcontd.png)

A small continuation

No. 203837

Muh scoliosis!

No. 203838

Yo Sindy, since you explicitly asked here >>199724 for evidence of you using your non-incapacitating scoliosis as a sympathy ploy/victim card, here's some screenshots right here buddy


No. 203855

File: 1480096338057.jpg (2.51 MB, 991x6815, 20161125_174954.jpg)

Arguing semantics because she has no argument. Just because you were too stupid to work out how to effectively use worbla doesn't mean it's a bad material. It looks 1000 times better than your lolly stick and paper malarkey.

No. 203856

File: 1480096463527.jpg (150.21 KB, 736x1104, c221970d282c4275c2bb9e0471702f…)

Hate to break it to you Sindy but Nigri and lots of famous cosplayers use Worbla.
Kamui practically makes a living off of selling her books on how to use it.
Pic related. All worbla. Tell me your foam attempts/paper/lolly sticks look just as good if not better.

No. 203858

File: 1480096653979.png (52.63 KB, 502x513, image.png)

No. 203871

File: 1480098591860.png (10.38 KB, 502x109, image.png)

No. 203880

File: 1480099350756.png (30.3 KB, 501x381, image.png)

Except the sword in >>203801 looks all creased and seamy too, so I cant see how worbla is any worse than a prop that will literally melt if it rains?

No. 203881

File: 1480099375039.png (113.4 KB, 1439x671, 20161125_184055.png)

Quality over quantity you utter reprobate. You can't do panels when your props look like this piece of paper mache shite that looks like a blind toddler made it >>203801

No. 203887

[muffled laughing in distance]

No. 203891

Uh, the funniest part is that she's used worbla and even given advice on how to prime it. My fucking sides.

No. 203892

File: 1480101126828.png (6.57 KB, 448x68, uhm.png)

Because 16 year olds are only ever 5'2", or 5'2" characters are only ever 16, right?

No. 203901

File: 1480102683179.png (3.88 KB, 321x65, shutupyoudumbfuck.png)

Adding to the list.

No. 203972

Sex = ovarian cancer? ahahhahahhaa

why does she hate females so much? does she even realize condoms exist for a reason? Males also have to take account for their sexual health. Also, there is more than a jag, there are contraceptive implants, rods, hell they're testing a male pill atm. She's just rustled because she can't get any self respecting boi to put his dick in her gaping fleshcave

No. 203977

I think she's referring to the STIs, ovarian cancer and Aids being incurable with jags. But most STIs are pretty easy to cure? Some are as simple as popping a pill? But she seems to hate on women who have the confidence and ability to have sex with people? I mean, nothing wrong with consenting, non-relationship sex, but she seems to loathe it. Maybe because she can't get any?

No. 203980

File: 1480118640368.jpeg (90.82 KB, 633x977, image.jpeg)

They look even nastier than before like this, and you just look sickly ugly

No. 203981

They arent even big she just put make up on to make it look like she had some?

No. 203982

pushing your elbows against the sides of your tits and propping them up with padded primark bras will do that too

No. 203983

You don't get ovarian cancer from sex, and many women will catch stds randomly in life, hell, there are countries where a third of the population have herpes (the cold sore kind), that's technically an std.

She hates on any female who has a relationship, too. Freaked the fuck out at Karli having a boyfriend. She's probably got shelves full of 10 inch dildos in her filthy shack of a room

No. 203984

Just has a shower/bath, then puts make up on her tits. At midnight. For seemingly no reason?

No. 203990

all women arent sluts and hos stds arent cute honey

No. 203993

I dont mean to be funny either but Karli is pretty (bitch cute thicc too) and is a pretty cool person overall, and Sindy thinks she can compete with that, its probably why shes so salty about Karli, didnt Sindy make a status about how even the prettiest of girls are ugly on the inside having a dig at her?
Shes so jealous , kek

No. 204133

When/where did I state either of those things kek

No. 204141

Uh oh sindy has returned to the world of anon..

No. 204143

I hate when people with absolutely fucking terrible craftsmanship try to lecture other people on what materials to use and how they should make things. Shut the fuck up, Sindy, you have no idea what you're talking about.

And it only takes 2 minutes to google how to prime Worbla. Use some goddamn gesso and sand that shit. Moron.

No. 204144


Hi Sindy, clearly she isnt bothered , of course.

No. 204150

No, this isn't Sindy. I was referring to when anon said 'all women are sluts and hos stds aren't cute honey' in reply to my comment discussing how many women might catch stds in their life. Pointed out I didn't say women are sluts and stds are clearly not cute?

Apologies for any confusion there.

No. 204156

Wasnt meaning both were sindy, just this one >>204133

No. 204161

I think you misunderstand the other anons point. They're saying >>204133 is them, and they arent Sindy. And that they were saying that in reply to >>203990

No. 204212

My phone backed the comments up, well done Samsung.

No. 204403

File: 1480209578692.png (29.65 KB, 499x345, wtf.png)

Wow Sindy I didnt know Mighty Max, Arthur, Johnny Test, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, TAWO Gumball, W.I.T.C.H., Winx Club, Archer, The Tick, Batman Beyond and Jake Long: The American Dragon were all anime

Except, considering only 4 of the things out of what the guy listed are actually anime and the rest are cartoons, makes you look thick as shit

No. 204404

Anime is a type of cartoon too, so Sindy is an idiot on several different levels.

No. 204412

Why is she hating on stay at home moms? That shit ain't easy and they're raising and caring for their children instead of dumping them in shitty daycare.

No. 204801

File: 1480276728479.jpeg (74.58 KB, 587x466, image.jpeg)

>Grow up and learn to accept diversity instead of making twisted allegations to drive out probably the most open, honest and confident with person you've ever met.

Twisted allegations would imply they're lies. Which the tracing isn't. The racism isn't. The slut shaming of a 15 year old isn't. The hypocrisy isn't.

None of those things are twisted, they're just screenshots of stuff YOU'VE posted. Christ.

No. 204815

File: 1480277919761.jpeg (84.92 KB, 430x653, image.jpeg)

A continuation. God this girl is thick as shit.

No. 204859

File: 1480281291144.jpeg (151.67 KB, 637x974, image.jpeg)

Madoka the mother is married, Arthur and Johnny test also have married parents who work, Kim possible does have patents, Danny phantom the parents are actually a BIG part of the series, also married.
Gumball, WITCH also have parents, along with Winx club and American dragon.

Did she even watch any of these ? At all?

No. 204862

File: 1480281464951.jpg (40.11 KB, 850x471, Kim-Possible-Parents.jpg)

That's clearly a pair of robots Wade made and not parents duh. Sindy is infallible don't you know

No. 204864

Archer - no wife figure.
Literally Lana. Who has a kid. And works at an intelligence agency.
Also Archers mom.

No. 204865

Arthur - no wife
Arthur has a mother who works tho. Mrs Jane Read, and the wiki states "works as a full-time work-at-home tax accountant for Crosswire Motors."
And the fact Arthur is like, 10? Of course he doesnt have a wife

No. 204867

File: 1480281998512.jpeg (103.43 KB, 638x1059, image.jpeg)

One big story line was keeping his powers secret from his ghost hunting PARENTS.

No. 204868

File: 1480282062247.jpeg (124.6 KB, 640x1051, image.jpeg)

No. 204877

File: 1480282872598.jpeg (115.71 KB, 626x981, image.jpeg)

No. 204880

File: 1480282932116.jpeg (152.81 KB, 640x1012, image.jpeg)

A simple google check just showed shes talking all kinds of shit.
Guy is right, she doesnt know what shes talking about and gets pissy when corrected.

No. 204885

>not focused on adults

Refers to Mighty Max as such, but legit none of those listed, aside from Archer, focus on adults. It's all teens or kids.

Also, in W.I.T.C.H., iirc, the main girl (Will?) only has her mother, and her mother definitely works. Irmas mother, I think is a hosuewife. Taranee's adoptive mother is a fucking Judge. Cornelia's mother might've also been a housewife, I dont recall. But Hay Lin's mother ran and worked and their family restaurant?
So the girls parents are shown, and half of the mothers have occupations and arent "housewives".

Fucking hell, Sindy

No. 204920

File: 1480289391341.png (37.08 KB, 500x400, lul.png)

She goes off on a rant about CLAMP and Code Geass and something about them making it - without actually knowing that all they did was design the characters.

Seriously, she's ranting about shit she doesn't have a clue about at this point.

No. 204938

Don't be mean, let her have her delusions

No. 204979

But she has so many delusions, she cant have them ALL

No. 205524


I mean her delusion that she can get anything she wants (like her way by acting like an incompetent manchild) is already classified as too much

No. 205691

File: 1480350005207.jpeg (105.25 KB, 640x999, image.jpeg)

Its not even black.
The only "black"ness about you is how dirty you are, its caked on you, have a wash pal.

No. 205693

File: 1480350038398.jpeg (94.37 KB, 634x939, image.jpeg)

She better not be coming near the Jojo fandom, her shit wont fly.

No. 205696

File: 1480350173088.jpeg (122.92 KB, 640x1080, image.jpeg)

Its overwatch, and new skins are not spoilers.
Also I love how she plays ignorant and dumb with the "ill let you figure it out" trying to look smart when it just looks as if shes a bumbling child who doesnt know what she is talking about.

No. 205713

>yugioh figurine
>those low res cheap monitors

are you sure this wasn't taken in like 2004

No. 205722

Her DMG is a bootleg, kek

No. 205731

Her desk is disgusting. Her floor is always disgusting. I can practically smell the foost already

No. 205762

Clean your desk when you clean your room, Sindy!

No. 205921

The only Jojo thing she knows is the Dio meme as far as I'm aware

No. 206113

File: 1480427152775.png (190.74 KB, 500x961, Untitled.png)

Says the person who has posted their art on dA before.
Plus, aside from the art theft, which you can actually report, it's a decent place for artists to post their work and generate a following. Places like Pixiv, Tumblr, heck even Facebook, dont really help create a following, for different reasons. Pixiv, despite being an art site like dA, is less well known, and is home to mainly Eastern Asian artists. Tumblr is probably the best of the three I listed, but people arent always going to be looking for art on it, and unless you tag it correctly, it might not get seen. Facebook is the worst, because the majority of people are not looking for art, or are not looking to follow an artists page. Facebook is maybe OK once you have a following, but still…

And seriously, suggesting an artist posts her non-anime art in an anime artists group…JFC Sindy.

No. 206116

File: 1480427312352.png (15.04 KB, 503x168, image.png)

You're in your mid twenties and act like a bratty child yourself, dear.

No. 206145

File: 1480432743695.jpeg (41.43 KB, 629x404, image.jpeg)

Take your own advice.

No. 206171

You are not a serious artist if you simply trace existing art and seek no improvement

No. 206239

File: 1480445530972.png (216.88 KB, 373x642, wut.png)

I dont think psychics have anything to do with a bottle standing upside down, Sindy. That would be physics. I understand your confusion, though. To you, to understand physics you'd have to be some sort of psychic

No. 206267

File: 1480451141086.jpg (26.23 KB, 501x208, image.jpg)

Fathers don't have rights because it isn't their body being messed up for 9 months, christ. And plus, that would potentially give rapists the right to say no to their rape-baby being aborted, further traumatising raped women.

No. 206274

Somebody please clarify this for me? Mentally, is Sindy sound? No jokes, she honestly seems legally retarded and her she looks like she was born with a few physical defects. Just tell me she's just obnoxious and ugly so I'm not making fun of someone who couldn't help it.

No. 206276

As far as anyone knows, she's mentally sound. She has made claims in the past that she "might" be autistic but has never actually gone to have it clarified, so it was probably more of an excuse for her behaviour than anything else.

No. 206283

she has to be retarded

No. 206410

She has to be slow in some way. I knew a girl who was mentally handicapped because she had a stroke in the womb and this is exactly how she acted.

No. 206412

She doesn't come across as autistic. She comes across as someone with a low IQ.

No. 206639

Well I mean it did take her 4 or 5 years to finish a course in college that should have only taken 1 year. An art course, too…

And she brags about getting the second lowest grade in Scottish schools for her (now defunct) Standard Grades. A 1 is the highest, a 6 is the lowest, and she was bragging about getting 5s in her work. Considering the level of work you do to get a 5 or 6 is beyond easy… (Since 1 and 2 do one level of work, the hardest "Credit", 3 and 4 do the intermediate level of work "General", and 5 and 6 are the lowest level, "Foundation". It was explained in more depth on one off the other threads)

No. 206654

It was my post so here it is again

To elaborate on the Scottish education system.
15/16 year olds sit Standard Grades split between Foundation (where you can achieve a 7, 6 or 5), General (where you can achieve a 4 or a 3) and Credit (2 or 1) - 7 being the worst grade/fail and a 1 being the best.
Here is an example of a legit Foundation Maths paper from 2011
As you can see, a moron could do it.

Next up is Standard Grade General.
Again here is an example from the same year of the Maths exam.

Again, you have to be exceptionally stupid not to get the highest grade of 3 when questions include;
"Alan and Kate take their 12 year old twin daughters to the Urban Wildlife
Instead of buying four individual tickets, they decide to buy a Family
How much money do they save?" which I'm fairly sure I answered in Primary 5.

You don't even have to answer any questions in the Art exam at all levels. You write a pre-prepared crtitical essay in 2 hours then come back the next day and spend 6 hours drawing, again just re-drawing something pre-prepared (usually a still life set up) and most of your grade comes from the 6 hours drawing so you have to be exceptionally unskilled not to pass with at least a 2 or 3 when this got a 2 (according to the artist comments) http://freyabigg.deviantart.com/art/Standard-Grade-Art-Exam-120873879 (quick google search of Standard Grade art found this)

No. 206719

yeah her reason for never getting her possible autism confirmed was because of how people on the internet with it get treated

No. 206778

DeviantArt is more likely to get your work featured and potentially commissioned, facebook pages are null and void and they only really get popular if you share 4 share with other pages religiously (very small intake of likes this way) or are posting content that is currently popular (example atm could be the new final fantasy game) - Sindy's literally spouting shit she knows nothing about to make herself seem intelligent and 'pls worship my glorious opinion'.

On another note, that Erin girl's art is superb. That's the sort of content I'd happily commission for, not the crap tracework Sindy claims is god's gift.

No. 206779

File: 1480535397433.png (12.58 KB, 500x123, Untitled.png)

I don't even know where to begin with this shit. Aside from she has no medical or biology based background, claims to have "good medical knowledge" (whilst being transphobic), and still comes out with this bullshit.

Girl you didnt even know shit about the hymen, part of your own anatomy, stop trying to make comments or seem edgy on things you dont know jack about.

No. 206782

Most people don't give a fuck if you have autism anymore, it's if you make a big song and dance about it that people will take it out on you. Same deal with other mental illnesses, generally decent people don't care.

Sindy just doesn't want an actual diagnosis because that would mean the glorious overlord's perfection would be somewhat tainted. As a delusional narcissist, she can't stand the idea that she might actually be flawed.

No. 206783

when is she running for president?

No. 206856

Except she's already flawed with "muh scoliosis". She probably doesnt want to get a diagnosis because she wouldnt be diagnosed with autism, and wouldnt have a sort of excuse for her shitty behaviour.

No. 207578

File: 1480701557477.png (385.8 KB, 500x1150, 1.png)

Bitches about how trash the game apparently is, then proceeds to continue playing it to get to the 25 hour mark…
Either your loathing of the game is fake, or you're trying too hard to come across as a fan of the series by playing a game you dislike. Which makes you appear like a fake-fan, who's only playing it because it's popular or "cool" or whatever.

Also was complaining about DLC existing that is probably there to assist new players to the series by saying "the game is supposed to start hard". Don't like the DLC, don't buy/download or use it?

No. 207740

No diagnosis as far as I'm aware, fuck knows how since she may as well be the poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 207946

File: 1480781863273.jpeg (182.49 KB, 638x1101, image.jpeg)

oh look.
The homeless looking bald pedo is trying to pan blame to others even thought all said about him and his gf is true.
Shes a compulsive liar and needs shot.

No. 207948

File: 1480782000806.jpeg (197.98 KB, 640x1095, image.jpeg)

No. 207949

File: 1480782377732.jpeg (177.84 KB, 640x1094, image.jpeg)

No. 207950

File: 1480782438836.jpeg (120.24 KB, 638x1035, image.jpeg)

surprise surprise sindy appeals and tries to appeal to the jump a bitch squad

No. 207951

File: 1480782527531.jpeg (119.79 KB, 633x995, image.jpeg)

No. 207955

File: 1480783520649.jpeg (196.07 KB, 640x1101, image.jpeg)

k den

No. 207956

File: 1480783626393.jpeg (220.35 KB, 640x1085, image.jpeg)

No. 208138

Dude, all those posts are from August and none of the people even talk to each other anymore. I'd like to think they've moved on and just respect each other enough to stay clear of each other, why are you bringing up old drama just to keep this thread running?

Fair enough post content from Sindy's page if it's new milk but leave the other cosplayers alone..

No. 208140

It's probably Kay posting crap again since she's the self professed 'keeper of drama'

Let this shit die ffs no one even cares anymore Sindy is a dead meme and you all need to get lives and stop watching each others accounts for the slightest hint of drama sheesh

No. 208148

Get a grip.

No. 208175

Considering I can't see shit on Connors page, nope not me. But thanks for trying to drag me into more shit, anon. If you have such a huge hateboner for me, why not just say it to my face on FB?
Plus, I don't do old drama. Get over yourself.
Also, I only ever really observe drama, so where you're getting "keeper of drama" I'll never know.

No. 208188

Samefagging, but also, both my phone and tablet leave the time, battery percentage and Internet option (wifi, 4G, 3G, etc) in the screenshots.
I don't know who took them and posted them, but I can say for certain it wasn't me.

Not to mention Emma has me blocked so even if I did take screenshots, I wouldn't see her comments on it, so…

No. 208288

Its not Kay numbnuts

No. 208291

Only person It may be is Hollie as everyone else Sindy mentions ,before we attempt to go there, was either not involved, didnt know, or dont know the people.

No. 208293

File: 1480847166033.jpeg (159.94 KB, 638x1090, image.jpeg)

Yet you come out your way to here and post….. Shut the fuck up and reevaluate what you just wrote because its a steaming pile of bullshit.

Now more Sindy milk, dont like the thread? Do not lurk. SIMPLE.

No. 208294

Amy was talking about it yesterday so it may be her?
Connor and his girlfriend are cancer, doesnt matter if drama is old or not, they both need to get a grip,and emma needs help, who even lies to the point people on your Facebook phone the police to go to your home because everyone thought you were hurting or trying to kill yourself because you wanted attention? And dont blame mental health, in the real world, that shit doesnt fly, and it wont fly with someone like her, and hes a known bully , so he is also no better, both like to stir shit.
They deserve each other.

No. 208295

To be completely honest Amy has every right to talk about it considering what they done to her, vile sick degenerates.
Amy licasa too, why does she always look dirty aswell? And lets not forget Kimberly mcwilliam the mini ham planet, takes after her sister.

No. 208309

The game isn't even out yet, is for a console she doesn't own, and she want s to cosplay her?
The more she says she doesn't need to watch or play a game to cosplay characters from it, just because she likes their design, the more it screens she's doing it for attention.

No. 208363

File: 1480870146184.png (276.27 KB, 440x592, image.png)

Now unless I'm reading what she's saying wrong, which is entirely possible considering how nigh unintelligible it is, but it sounds like she's claiming that piece of art as her own, drawn in the style of another artist. Which, would be complete lies considering:
Everything matches perfectly, even down to the circles and triangles at the side.

Now I could be reading this wrong, but considering her track record, it does seem like Sindy was trying some straight up art theft.

No. 208369

File: 1480871851967.gif (190.42 KB, 270x360, 1fbxgc.gif)

More tracing proof against Sindy. Boy oh boy will she not be selling at conventions again if all this got out

No. 208374

File: 1480873002902.png (639.01 KB, 943x595, finishedtracing.png)

Finished tracing, more like. Man all those people who are gullible enough to think the better quality art she posts is done by the same person who does that shitty "manga" and all i's incorrect anatomy…

No. 208380

I love how it goes to absolute shit right past where the picture cuts off.

No. 208382

Yeah, that back foot is godawful.

No. 208436

File: 1480883238784.jpeg (49.23 KB, 640x366, image.jpeg)

It means nobody likes you

No. 208462

File: 1480887447028.gif (233.15 KB, 250x360, 1fcdfo.gif)

Another load of tracing. This one is annoyingly on her Redbubble portfolio. I also managed to find the original post on Pixiv.

No. 208470

File: 1480888003924.png (480.62 KB, 921x594, 90mins.png)

Took you 90 minutes to trace an outline of someone else's work? Wow, you could've drawn your own art in that time!

No. 208562

As much as I'm loving the more recent Sindy drama, some other Scot milk would be nice

No. 208571

There hasnt really been much other recent milk with Scottish people, to be honest?

No. 208737

The population isn't that big and a lot of it is people way too old for internet milk.

No. 208940

For the most part, aside from some differing opinions, there isn't a huge deal of visible drama in the Scottish community. Not recently, anyway. Everyone's mainly grown up from that.
The visible drama that happens, almost always contains Sindy. If there is drama, expect her to be involved in some way, or at the very least sucking up to one side because she has a hateboner for someone they on the other side of the drama.

No. 208975

File: 1480957935607.jpeg (70.04 KB, 640x753, image.jpeg)

No. 209109

File: 1480972972370.gif (192.72 KB, 259x360, 1felp3.gif)

I believe this makes the 18th gif I have of Sindy's tracing overlayed with the original picture.

Another one she has on her Redbubble "portfolio". A portfolio containing traced art…wonderful


No. 209140

File: 1480977739330.png (66.18 KB, 507x301, 12.png)

TFW no one likes what you post so you have to like it yourself to make it look like you have friends

No. 209146

nothing scream "tracing" more than inking the shadows

No. 209171

She'll probably say it's part of her "style"
Except she doesnt do it in her shitty 'manga', or in a lot of the other images she claims are hers

No. 209220

I take it the job centre etc knows about chindy selling "art" at these conventions? And obviously she's paying tax - Would hate to see chindy get done for benefit fraud…

No. 209458

File: 1481023680382.jpeg (83.99 KB, 625x750, image.jpeg)

At cons you're known for being a cunt and someone to avoid.

And that is such a good cat.

No. 209459

File: 1481023723944.jpeg (106.12 KB, 640x1020, image.jpeg)

No. 209460

File: 1481023744671.jpeg (96.56 KB, 640x1005, image.jpeg)

Someone doesnt get the joke. Cringe.

No. 209464

At cons she is known for selling her traced art to unsuspecting idiots, and running away from people she has previously threatened to fight or attack if she saw them again.

On another note though, so much for her "good medical knowledge" that she claimed to have. You don't get sepsis from just a deep cut. It has to get infected first. And then sepsis can occur if, during its fight with the infection, the body's defences also accidentally damage its own organs and tissues.
She's more likely to get cat scratch fever that sepsis.

No. 209479

File: 1481029253111.png (15.59 KB, 500x198, 111.png)

At least, to some degree, J.Nigri actually pulls off the underwear photos she does (sure she needs to fix her make up, but it's no worse than Chindys)

But, isn't part of her job modelling? She isn't just a cosplayer. Although that's all that matters to our little Chin, isn't it? If you don't cosplay all of the time, or don't think about it all of the time, you're worthless to her.

No. 209483

File: 1481029941390.png (185.44 KB, 506x496, 112.png)

Looks like "I don't start drama" Chindy is trying to start more drama, or at least have people kiss her ass.

No. 209484

File: 1481029969747.png (12.52 KB, 500x154, 113.png)

We've been through this before, Blake does't have the same chin as you

No. 209613

And many folk would bang him, he cute.
You are not cute, nor even remotely attractive.

No. 209622

Considering her recent posts, this girl seems crazy. With how often she flip-flops, are we sure she doesn't have some personality disorder?

No. 209660

she's obviously got some kind of undiagnosed npd judging by how similar to Margaret she acts

No. 209661

File: 1481057754020.jpeg (154.1 KB, 626x1081, image.jpeg)

someone's really upset theyre ugly and cant be nigiri famous

No. 209662

If her Ryuko cosplay wasnt fun, why did she wear it? This just screams that she only cosplays for attention, something that she constantly refutes?

No. 209666

File: 1481058520455.jpeg (150.34 KB, 638x1074, image.jpeg)

No. 209668

File: 1481058677033.jpeg (75.98 KB, 640x710, image.jpeg)

Is he even a person?

No. 209669

File: 1481058723283.jpeg (99.57 KB, 622x651, image.jpeg)

who is this person?A new challenger ?

No. 209670

File: 1481058774919.jpeg (105.91 KB, 638x1097, image.jpeg)

slut shaming ahoy

she sucked up her ass a while ago keep in mind.

No. 209671

File: 1481058803129.jpeg (126.25 KB, 640x1076, image.jpeg)

I…… What

No. 209672

She has a point though. Aside from OCs, and gijinkas, Nigri's costumes are all pretty true to character, at least from what I've seen. OK the character is intentionally skimpy, but so was Sindy's godawful Ryuko cosplay.

No. 209682

She WOULD have a point. If she wasn't so hypocritical and contradicting normally.

No. 209684

Who are we talking about here? Sindy, or the Ashleigh girl in the screenshot?

No. 209691

she was one of the people who believed Nigri's tits were real, defending them and said something along the lines of it being able to be achieved with a push up bra.
This fresh Nigri salt is similar to how she recently posted about why she gave up on League because the girl cosplayers are bitches, specifically stating Jinx and Sona cosplayers which scottish cosplayer Kyahri is both of so it sounded like a failed attempt at coat tail riding.


>my ryuko cosplay was not fun, i didn't like being naked

well she sure wasted a lot of time trying to prove us wrong on why it was a terrible idea to start with
also "muh scoliosis"

No. 209698

No. 209701

I, the anon from >>209672 , was referring to the Ashleigh girl's comment. Not Sindy.

No. 209738

I was referring to >>209684

No. 209741

All the same anon

No. 209744

File: 1481066155856.jpeg (127.87 KB, 640x1045, image.jpeg)

She looks more like Santas little smack gremlin

No. 209755

File: 1481067392872.png (52.76 KB, 593x344, 302983473074355a204692013d67e5…)

came across this tweet and it looks like something Sindy would write
no wonder she supports him, they're practically alike

[sage for ot]

No. 209935

File: 1481110819343.png (204.77 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-07-06-37-55…)

This is my first time posting, I always just lurk, but I just noticed this bitch looks like Matthew Lillard….but worse. yikes

No. 209969

File: 1481117841908.png (33.47 KB, 502x358, Untitled4.png)

She jumped back to a different account because she wasn't getting replies on her OG one?
So either she has no friends who care enough to reply to any of her posts, something she refutes in >>208436
Or, she got her OG account banned again

The latter seems more likely, to be honest

No. 209971

File: 1481118082775.png (23.29 KB, 503x343, Untitled5.png)

And since the OG is no longer active and she's on the other account, here's a handful of screenshots from it for you lot to enjoy

No. 209972

File: 1481118099444.png (123.1 KB, 503x1439, Untitled3.png)

No. 209974

File: 1481118131769.png (15.52 KB, 505x226, Untitled2.png)

Except arrogant doesn't mean what you think it means, Sindy

No. 209975

File: 1481118172646.png (91.91 KB, 496x361, Untitled1.png)

A+ hypocrisy from Sindy

No. 209977

File: 1481118379144.png (37.2 KB, 501x518, Untitled.png)

Nice how you claim to know so many different people. Maybe these folk you know don't care about popularity or winning contests, and are cosplaying because it's fun and they love the characters.

No. 209979

File: 1481118575209.png (179.68 KB, 289x560, Untitled.png)

Goes from adoring and ass-kissing JN to loathing her, all because she doesn't constantly do cosplay shoots, and sometimes does underwear shoots?

No. 209980

In the second picture, that dress looks so low down. Like, it should be starting up under her armpit, not halfway down her torso. And she isn't wearing a bra so her tits are gonna sag real bad. Strapless bras exist, invest in one, Sindy

No. 209988


Yet both her and Caitlin asked people to approach them, so is she wanting a fight ? its seeming more and more like it

No. 209989

She couldn't punch her way out a paper bag, and when Karli confronted her when Sindy asked to fight her last time she ran away with her tail between her legs while apologizing to Karli. Was hilarious to watch.

No. 209990

Wants people to approach her, says she'll fight people who give her shit, but typically runs away from the people she directly asks to fight.

But she should know better. If she punches anyone at the Nanashi event coming up which I assume she's still going to, even though she's apparently not selling, she'll be banned for sure this time

No. 209995

File: 1481122523017.png (14.2 KB, 499x218, Untitled.png)

Uh, the only thing that is rightly not a video game on that list is card games. Because of course a game you play in real life with physical cards isn't a video game?

I mean, saying the only things that are video games are the ones on discs means that PC games that are only on Steam, for instance, aren't video games? That online downloads aren't either? That games at arcades aren't video games…

Girl doesn't know what a "video game" is…

No. 209997

It looks like it's opinion spewing hour on her page. Dumb, not well thought through, semi-shaming opinion hour.

No. 209998

Apps are not necessarily video games though

No. 209999

I'm assuming she means game based apps, like Candy Crush, or Pokémon GO. In which case, they are video games, regardless of them being an app.

No. 210017

File: 1481124903593.png (23.43 KB, 500x348, Untitled.png)

She has this so backwards it hurts. More older people voted to leave the EU, and for Trump, than young people did. Not because of some "safety net", either…

No. 210032

File: 1481126910632.jpeg (145.71 KB, 640x1086, image.jpeg)

They didnt do it in front of children, those were a mock pair and she never even lifted her skirt, we said it was ugly, dont try and make it out as if you are better when it isnt the same .

No. 210034

File: 1481127061265.jpeg (118.78 KB, 640x850, image.jpeg)

Your props are shit. Your cosplays are shit. Your makeup is shit. Your wigs are shit. Everything you do is shit simply. Shes a professional, obviously its hand made and accurate as fuck, its what shes paid to do

No. 210037

File: 1481127253424.jpg (150.51 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_nuvnbfXlFn1ris4f…)

That sword hurts to look at…Paper and ice lolly sticks made it though.

No. 210039

File: 1481127523124.png (54.94 KB, 503x795, Untitled.png)

The full thing in one

No. 210040

anon from >>210038 , saved me having to peice it together

No. 210041

File: 1481127908237.jpeg (126.33 KB, 640x1079, image.jpeg)

No. 210042

File: 1481127946433.jpeg (108.5 KB, 640x1084, image.jpeg)

But I thought sexy cosplays were bad? And you want inspiration from them? Hmmmmm

No. 210043

Please tell me she's going to wear a bra with that?
Otherwise, visible gross saggy tits on display, basically

No. 210072

Must be a slow day at the McGoogan household, she's been opinion sperging since this morning

No. 210078

File: 1481132299559.png (22.66 KB, 503x249, Untitled.png)

Does she even know what she's talking about?

No. 210083

File: 1481133710246.jpg (63.24 KB, 640x960, 13680462_1651824031704983_3585…)

Yeah, it was more likely she got banned and she was meaning she couldn't reply to anyone.

I mean I guess she knows a good DMG cosplay when she sees one! And before anyone has to ask, yes, everything bar the awful staff is from AliExpress.

No. 210084

Another shitty paper weapon that will melt in the rain. Has she got tights on in this though? I recall seeing her at a con with it on and no tights, bent over and showed her ass to everyone who could see.
I was scarred for life

No. 210085

I saw her at MCM when she was wearing it. She took the boots off after about an hour and was walking around in bare feet.

No. 210087

File: 1481134564139.png (32.93 KB, 498x428, woah there friend.png)

I don't even know where to start with this.

I honestly think she is the biggest professional victim I have ever met. The reason she's hated by so many people is because she has started shit over nothing with everyone she's ever come into contact to. Who else in the Scottish community has ever ripped into another person as much as you have Jennifer? No one, because the community here is so quiet and bland. If anyone is a backstabber, it's fucking you. Sorry you think everyone is a booolyyyy because they're telling you that you talk complete shite. There are literally no examples of you at all actually being complimentary or kind to anyone else in the community, so until then keep your mouth shut.

No. 210088

She insists on people telling her how they feel about her, but when they do, they're either gonna get attacked, or she cries that they're bullying her

No. 210126

File: 1481144704992.png (45.18 KB, 498x503, Untitled.png)

She is off her rocker

No. 210143

File: 1481148909593.png (174.1 KB, 1439x770, 20161207_221241.png)

This girl is so vapid it hurts. She's so two dimensional that her entire personality is hatred and cosplay.
There's more personality in the "basic moms" she's making fun of and at least they have some purpose in life to look after their kid l, unlike this parasite who's existence is purely to leech off the taxpayers and spread vitriol at every opportunity

No. 210147

This concept that you're either a cosplayer or a "normie" is dumb. It's not a case of one or the other. A lot of cosplayers themselves are actually in the middle, since we don't obsess over cosplaying 24/7.

The normie looking mother down the street might actually be a huge nerd and cosplays when she has time or can afford it.

No. 210156

File: 1481150599901.png (104.96 KB, 1439x557, 20161207_224204.png)

No. 210162

File: 1481151590075.png (31.45 KB, 495x424, Untitled.png)

What's with her constant hate of Nigri these past few days? She used to adore her? Or is Sindy envious because Nigri is actually decent at what she does?

Seriously, though. This constant "I hate sexy cosplays", then going and doing a sexy cosplay even though it makes her feel "uncomfortable" is a bunch of bullshit

No. 210166

…what on earth is she talking about, holy shit

No. 210171

File: 1481152909118.png (142.53 KB, 504x2084, meltdown.png)

Meltdown in progress?

No. 210172

File: 1481153022170.png (11.77 KB, 456x222, bullieng.png)

"U sed some bad things abuot me to my face liek I ask, ur bullieng me"

No. 210178

File: 1481153927413.png (12.13 KB, 462x271, talkingboutyourself.png)

Sounds like Jenny is describing herself here.

No. 210180

>>you post thejm on sites and call them a Christmas ham

I fucking lost it at that

No. 210198

File: 1481156217857.jpeg (92.65 KB, 640x672, image.jpeg)

Correct. You are not attractive in any way, shape or form.
You're alone not because you choose, you're alone because no one wants to be with such a vile ugly person, who is ugly
inside AND out.
Also your not a virgin if you were apparently raped , or was that a lie too?

No. 210200

who is the other cosplayer?

No. 210201

Lol. She knows the people who have gave her compliments are literally taking the piss out her? Lord.

No. 210203

Taking the piss, or are thirsty and dont realise they can probably get better than Sindy if they'd just back off on their thirst levels a bit

No. 210209

I don't know who it is, she cropped out the face on the full image. I don't think it is someone in the Scottish community? Probably some super "famous" cosplayer that didn't take her underwear off in a park, or spread her legs for it

No. 210216

Sindy claims the two photo shoots happened in the same park, but i don't put i past her stealing a picture of some random person

No. 210228

File: 1481157964044.png (34.92 KB, 502x494, Untitled.png)

You dont have to seek people out to bully them. Although you kinda did with Carolyn's page after she made a comment about you on it, so…

But nah, you bully people behind their backs, posting things about them, calling them out for LIKING A FUCKING COMMENT, vagueing about them…

No. 210230

File: 1481158094334.png (11.9 KB, 501x165, Untitled.png)

Erm, think the first and last should be changed around. 8 year olds shouldnt be playing Runescape. Listening to music, yes. Unless you were a deprived child, all kids listen to music.

No. 210238

File: 1481158765411.png (40.96 KB, 503x546, Untitled.png)

No. 210248

That was a beautiful thread. RIP. Anyone get caps of it?

No. 210252

File: 1481159947344.png (391.29 KB, 497x561, Untitled.png)

Sindy posting about it
After saying she doesnt seek out pages. Wow, that was a fast turn around.

But, if it's another Scottish cosplayer, I'm curious as to who it is? I only know one other Panty cosplayer, and they used different shoes to the ones in the picture. Probably cropping out their face so she doesnt get shit for it.

No. 210264

File: 1481161624443.png (110.13 KB, 498x563, Untitled.png)

Except >>201032 and >>203506 say otherwise

No. 210265

File: 1481161811005.png (13.01 KB, 500x181, hypocrisy.png)

You wore less than bikini coverage at a family friendly event, you hypocrite

No. 210286

I find it amazing that she actually still carries on like this online. Her life outside of the internet is so pathetic that she has to start drama online? Almost makes you feel sorry for her

No. 210292

All she's been doing for the day is posting shit online and arguing with people for disagreeing with her. Must be a sad life if that's the only thing to do

No. 210322

No. 210329

It occurred to me…
The other Panty is Blake.
I even found the OG photo. It's here:

Nice try Sindy, but they had a professional photographer, and it was definitely a prop set. It also wasn't the same children's play park you took yours off in, it was in a completely different location.

No. 210388

Kek, Sindy clutching for straws.
Blake looked 10000000x better , pulled it off a lot better, and didnt pull the same shit as sindy.
So the two cases shes saying are completly different , Blake didnt do anything wrong and looked way better.
Shut the fuck up sindy and get out with your victim card it ain't gonna wash

No. 210425

The biggest difference between Blake and Sindys shoot is that one was a professional shoot, with only the tog and two "models", and the other was a shoot at a meet up, surrounded by minors, in a park surrounded by houses and other buildings.

Blakes shoot, even if they did take their underwear off and it's not a prop pair, there aren't any kids around. Sindys shoot, whilst there might not have been any little kids, there were minors in the group of cosplayers.

So, no, it's not the same, Sindy. Most people don't have an issue with the underwear off part. It's the fact it was a kids playpark, next to main roads, and houses, and that there were minors at the meet. That's the main issue people have

Stop comparing yourself to Blake to satiate your hateboner for them.

No. 210426

Yeah the key part she misses is the location. Noone cares about the underwear as it's in character and a good photoshoot pose. People take issue about the fact it was done on a weekend afternoon in a children's playpark in the middle of the city centre with flats and houses surrounding it.

If she'd done it in a secluded area of Kelvingrove or in a private photoshoot in a secluded area LIKE BLAKE DID, noone would actually give a fuck.

A man got pulled by security in nearby Braehead for photographing his young child for "being suspicious" : can you imagine what would have happened if a police officer was around at that time given how on edge they are about child sex offences atm

No. 210427

File: 1481204386401.png (1.76 MB, 1439x1647, 20161208_133755.png)

Punk? The hair makes you look like Vicki Pollard hen. There's nothing Punk or VK about scraped up side ponytails.

No. 210449

File: 1481206889641.png (96.26 KB, 511x1527, image.png)

New milk in the comments sections of her posts from yesterday

No. 210453

Sindy once again , being ripped the fuck up.

No. 210454

Sindy once again being ripped the fuck up, but thinking she is ripping them to shreds instead

No. 210456

Jesus christ her house is disgusting

No. 210458

Clean your room, Sindy!

No. 210460


The ingrained dirt on that mirror in the bottom right is making me queasy

No. 210483

File: 1481211870017.jpeg (44.38 KB, 640x520, image.jpeg)

> Implies Nigri wants to be in the born game
> Nigri openly says Porn isnt something she will do
> logic

No. 210486

File: 1481211976198.jpeg (92.09 KB, 633x1080, image.jpeg)

Anyone wanna buy this? Beware its been kept in her foosty crusty room, shes had a skin disease for being dirty, we all remember that , and thank god your getting rid of it.
It was half arsed at most, and you looked hideous

No. 210487

File: 1481212025577.jpeg (79.48 KB, 629x655, image.jpeg)

Oh yeah , the voices in your head.

No. 210488

I think she is referring to >>210449 but seriously, the girl gave a good enough reason as to why she was leaving. Sindy just cant handle the fact people have more important, adult things to do with their lives that cosplay and argue with her

No. 210501


No one tried to get her to send nudes, ew

No. 210506

Worst way to sell a cosplay
What size is it?
Has it been in a smoke free house?
What about pet free house?
How much do you want for it?

You cant just say "this is for sale" and not provide at least that basic information.

No. 210603

File: 1481236180199.png (463.04 KB, 502x551, tinselandcats.png)

I hope she realises how bad tinsel actually is for cats if they accidentally eat some of it, otherwise it might be the ONLY Christmas with it.

No. 210606

File: 1481236929374.jpg (286.6 KB, 492x571, plzno.jpg)

I cringe

No. 210694

File: 1481243627584.png (37.23 KB, 479x539, Untitled.png)

More empty threats about getting the police involved. How many times is that now?

No. 210696

take yet another shot

we need a Sindy drinking game but then again, we'd all die in the first 10 minutes

No. 210722

And, she deleted the post these comments were on, seemingly to cover her tracks?

No. 210727

File: 1481245910184.png (96.74 KB, 314x520, Untitled.png)

I'm pretty sure this could be seen as attempting to provoke more drama. Nice try though

No. 211045

File: 1481285596118.png (20.66 KB, 500x304, Untitled.png)

So that means Caitlin should stop jumping in to defend your ass when it doesn't concern her, right?

No. 211048

File: 1481285926796.png (49.87 KB, 501x690, Untitled.png)

Also seems like this is in retaliation to this. Where the dude was quite nice and polite to you, but you decide to make an aimed status about them anyway

>If you're nice to me or try to fairly dispute something with me then ill be nice and fair with you.

People have been nice to you or fairly dispute something, and you explode anyway, and then gasp make aimed statuses about them

Get a grip, Jenny

No. 211050

Cause she didnt get asspats and sympathy the guy is a bad person now, boohoo.
Well done mate.

No. 211053

File: 1481286826021.jpeg (138.31 KB, 633x998, image.jpeg)

>If you're nice to me or try to fairly dispute something with me then ill be nice and fair with you.

Not what you said before Jenny, you said you would punch people if they even approached you about "shit" so really, your not giving anyone a chance and contradicting yourself.
You hyper aggressive cringey smack gremlin.

No. 211235

I can't stand her…I have to see her at the pre-meet and Nanashi tomorrow. I wonder what the skank will be wearing this time. Fucking puking at the sight of her pics…

No. 211236

Probably the cheap santa dress she bought and is "adding stuff" to…

I just pray she wears a bra, for all our sakes

No. 211241

File: 1481314458827.png (762.37 KB, 1292x610, costume.png)

Seems like this is what she'll be wearing. Except I don't think she's finished adding shit. Looks fucking stupid as is, she took a perfectly fine Santa dress and made it look stupid.

No. 211253

Thats hideous…… Going to ask her for photos to take the piss and photoshoop on here

No. 211257

File: 1481317136700.jpeg (82.79 KB, 640x627, image.jpeg)

"Process "
Also she used the word costume so inb4 "people cant use her words against her because she didnt use the word cosplay and its different "

No. 211322

File: 1481326561650.png (929.31 KB, 780x916, Untitled.png)

She took a decent dress. And made it hideous

No. 211324

File: 1481326817961.png (203.74 KB, 502x795, 1.png)

You're seemingly so against "slutty" clothing, why are you looking up a kink page ffs?

Also, Sindy, you've made faces worse than that in your photos, so…

No. 211338

I wish someone would post OP picture in the comments lol

No. 211347

at least that girl has pretty normal facial structure.
I'd really love to know what the fuck went wrong while Sindy was developing in the womb.

No. 211462

File: 1481364256454.png (248.97 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161210-084249.png)

Least she's self aware.

No. 211475

File: 1481367717414.png (101.32 KB, 504x563, Untitled.png)

Oh, sweetie, don't flatter yourself!

Plus, nah, friending someone isnt stalking. Stalking is "Following" someones Facebook when you aren't even friends. Which you did! Gasp

No. 211476

Of course someone can stalk on fb while being in your friend list, there's no rules about it. Saged because nothing to do with Sindy.

No. 211478

Its not even the same Michael. he didnt get kicked out either, Tommy temporarily removed him from the group to calm the child sindy down and hes back in

No. 211480

Yet didnt she do this to Karli and still doing it to this day?

No. 211486

File: 1481372210492.jpg (56.66 KB, 523x213, received_1324965970880761-1.jp…)

Claims not to care about the thread but still lurks on it? Cant keep yourself away, can you Sindy?

No. 211513

File: 1481381415000.jpeg (128.41 KB, 638x1013, image.jpeg)

You realise people who do are taking the piss. No one finds you attractive

No. 211514

File: 1481381571769.jpeg (25.15 KB, 640x281, image.jpeg)

You always do, this isnt something new for you

No. 211516

File: 1481381701630.jpeg (89.06 KB, 640x930, image.jpeg)

Someone did

No. 211563

Sean is a legend

No. 211726

Saw Sindy at Nanashi playing that Monster Hunter game she hates so much

No. 211727

She sat there all night playing it without her lapdog who was sitting on her own drawing or w/e

No. 211741

Wasnt she also complaining it was too loud? Like why go to a club night/disco then if you dont like loud things? Clubs are supposed to be loud.

No. 211743

Yeah heard she once asked David to turn the music down
Or she could just leave?

No. 211746

File: 1481415047649.png (15.56 KB, 505x158, Untitled.png)

Probably was waiting for someone to beat her up or whatever?
Except it's likely the anon who said they would wasn't actually at the event.

No. 211752

They didnt say nanashi so where is she getting that from lol

No. 211753

File: 1481415999593.jpeg (60.97 KB, 640x476, image.jpeg)

You were never popular.
Also , didnt you say you dont care for popularity?
Someone reeks of needing attention

No. 211773

Xander who hates her guts apparently barged into her on purpose and kicked her up the stairs
I only wish I'd seen it

No. 211775

I don't know, probably expects everyone to show up at the next event. Also wasn't she saying she was gonna be at Nanashi and they should get on with beating her up there?
Girl has a creepy obsession with trying to get people to beat her up.

No. 211778

It was beautiful

No. 211939

Xander is such a sweetheart , legend

No. 211947

File: 1481458721721.png (44.27 KB, 498x512, erm.png)

Obviously cant like SuJu if you think one of their songs is a SHINee song. But you'll claim you like them, to get in with the cool Kpop people. Except most of them hate you already

No. 211949

File: 1481459002841.png (32.86 KB, 503x448, hahahahano.png)

>I worked really hard on my cosplay for yesterday

Cosplay? Who the fuck were you cosplaying? And working really hard, you bought a cheap as shit dress, added some bells, and put on a wig? That isnt working hard. Jeez

But you're pissed off because someone didnt offer to take a photograph of you when you wanted memories? Why not ASK THEM to take a photo of you instead, instead of expecting them to do it regardless. Or better yet, since your lapdog was with you, ask her to take a photo of you.

But of course, not taking a photograph of you means someone dislikes you, yeah? What fucked up logic, girl

No. 212012

She also sat on her ass playing her DS all night acting anti-social. So maybe that's why she's not got any photos. Also when the Tokyo Toys staff asked all the cosplayers in the shop for a group photo, she and her white Knight just walked out. So she needs to stop blaming everyone else for not taking photos of her in her skanky "cosplay".

No. 212081

File: 1481483038052.jpeg (156.33 KB, 640x1025, image.jpeg)

Actually, she only uses 1 account as the other got closed.
So she doesnt use more than 1, you drama craving gremlin

No. 212083

File: 1481483223066.jpeg (154.08 KB, 640x1053, image.jpeg)

Obayed will never loose popularity, please get a grip you stalker, and you clearly know nothing on the situation.

It would be the same for you; no one would care if you died, and i can guarantee majority of people will celebrate it , or even go "thank god"

No. 212100

File: 1481484834037.png (64.82 KB, 1242x476, IMG_1458.PNG)

I feel sorry to whoever has to take this gremlin's photos, not worth any amount of money she has to offer

No. 212159

File: 1481492505261.png (128.32 KB, 502x541, lolno.png)

Didnt even need to sneak shots of her horrible Nanashi outfit when she posts pictures of it herself. Because this is "cosplay".

No. 212231

File: 1481500815934.png (192.55 KB, 504x1858, long.png)

The comments section on this post

No. 212234

File: 1481500980217.png (45.15 KB, 509x501, srsly.png)

The pity party of a comments section for this, too.
Legit you are complaining someone hates you because they didn't take your picture, Sindy. What a fucking drama queen.

No. 212328

>at least I use the same name

Except, you don't on your third account. "Jade Louise McGoogan" isn't the same as Sindy Pop. Would love to know what delusional fantasy world you live in, Jenny, where those two are the same name.

No. 212553

File: 1481547872880.png (146.19 KB, 500x930, long.png)

The comment section for this is a mess.

No. 212555

Also, samefagging but iirc, the screenshot the Ambrelia girl posted was from early October. So, 2 months-ish, not 3 to 5 months.

I would love to know what the concept of time is for Sindy

9 days is two weeks
A few hours is two days
2 months or so is now 3 to 5 months…

No. 212557

File: 1481548739162.png (24.44 KB, 502x222, erm.png)

Complaining about how loud Nanashi's music was, is planning on going to another club night that will have the same volume of music playing at it.


No. 212570

Doesnt she put her bad spelling down to "quick typing" or whatever? Why then are things like seams or bullieng consistently spelt that way?

No. 212578

she was apparently spotted in the toilets coming out the stall with gloves on and never washed her hands

No. 212594

It's David/Haggis she's talking about. They're no longer friends on FB

No. 212595

I just checked, anon, he still has all three of her accounts added. Are you sure you aren't just blocked by her?

No. 212615

She will bad mouth him without naming him but wont publicly name him or do anything as he is far too well liked by everyone and even she doesnt want that sort of fallout

No. 212617

So basically she does have 3 accounts and is just talking shit cause she got caught out

No. 212619

I wonder if it was her who posted the image of his SU cosplay to 4chan, as why else would she be on the boards to "find" it?

No. 212621

File: 1481561980261.png (Spoiler Image, 337.56 KB, 1242x1693, IMG_1486.PNG)

'The best you can buy'
Honey not with that cheap ass material

No. 212622

And yet she still doesnt mention the important "pet free/smoke free house" thing

No. 212624

No one dislikes David, and shes been proven to have posted the others , and again, funny how she just so "happened" to
see it. It was her. No doubt really

No. 212640

Strange it's showing up now. It wasn't showing any of her accounts nor was he showing on her friends list on her Popz one.

No. 212690

I'm sorry but who is Obayed?
I've seen him sharing memes to friends profiles and stuff like that but what do you mean by lose popularity?
does he cosplay or do youtube or something? Or an online personality?
I just thought he was some random guy in a friend circle, i didn't realise he was this popular.

Sorry i'm just confused.

No. 212722

File: 1481577239122.jpeg (106.76 KB, 640x1051, image.jpeg)

No. 212723

File: 1481577282243.jpeg (113.32 KB, 640x1051, image.jpeg)

oh boy

No. 212725

File: 1481577315959.jpeg (168.53 KB, 640x1054, image.jpeg)

This gon be good

No. 212726

File: 1481577347124.jpeg (146.78 KB, 634x1066, image.jpeg)

3 of ??

No. 212727

File: 1481577373745.jpeg (137.53 KB, 640x1049, image.jpeg)