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File: 1459483021519.jpg (53.64 KB, 528x700, BbKkbIVCIAAVGMA.jpg large.jpg)

No. 113789

Previous thread >>100787

Kayla has had various personas on social media, predominantly tumblr, gaining popularity through her poetry. She currently "raps" about having a hood life.


No. 113790

Last thread reached post limit so here's another one for anyone who wants to continue the discussion.

No. 113810

Meant to post this in the other thread before it hit limit: To the people who want to pretend to be poets online like Kayla just to fool people on tumblr… wtf? Like you expose her for being fake and lying and act so sad for the people she fooled yet you want to fool the exact same people. Like do you actually think she's wrong and a fake or do you have some kind of personal vendetta

No. 113813

if anything someone should make a dis track

No. 113818

meant to post this in the last thread to Mandie:

girl, Kayla literally ditched you asap to get tumblr fame. She's not complicated or a lone wolf. She's a bitch who used you.

No. 113822

File: 1459490637320.jpg (204.1 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_nqsa6nmexz1s3nxrro1_128…)

Mandie says we're weird and obsessive and yet she's the one who's got Kayla as her lock screen… lol okay.

No. 113891



No. 113894


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No. 113895


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No. 113896


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No. 113927

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No. 113937

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No. 113938

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No. 113940

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No. 113941

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No. 113942

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No. 113957

No. 113958

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No. 113960

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No. 113967

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No. 113969


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No. 113971


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No. 114004

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No. 114005


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No. 114010

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No. 114011

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No. 114012

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No. 114025

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No. 114083


No. 114085



No. 114091


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No. 114092

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No. 114093


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No. 114094

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No. 114099


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No. 114100

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No. 114108

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No. 114114

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No. 114115

File: 1459558644945.jpeg (143.72 KB, 640x995, image.jpeg)

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No. 114119


>implying my BMI is over 16 (∪ ◡ ∪)

No. 114123


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No. 114124


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No. 114128

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No. 114129


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No. 114130

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No. 114144


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No. 114148


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No. 114155

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No. 114216

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No. 114217

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No. 114218


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No. 114219

File: 1459602422230.gif (798 KB, 500x190, 21rgil8bo1_500.gif)


admin can confirm my p, girl. ana-chan.

No. 114302

she really looks like angelina jolie

No. 114321

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No. 114338

she really looks ike kate upton!!!!! o,o

No. 114347

massive fuking whore dyke cuntwad tho =_=

No. 114352

she is kawaii tbh

No. 114380

well tbh that already sounds like her. i don't doubt she watched it already

No. 114419

i remember seeing, in the previous thread, people's theories on what media she'd ripped off - 'gummo' as an example. has anyone who has read 'white oleander' noticed any similiarities? i'm currently on like chapter 14 & the whole ethereal blonde girl ~living in a foster home~ sucking dick for pot reminded me of some of the shit kayla spews.

No. 114422

Yep I've thought of this before too. I actually remember someone sending her a message saying she reminds them of Astrid, so we're not alone.

No. 114427

Style wise I think she ripped off wearing those dirty ballet slippers from Amy Winehouse.

No. 114453

File: 1459691914438.png (304.92 KB, 494x546, born badd.png)

No. 114458

Also Courtney Love liked ballet slippers, she had them displayed in her homes and wore them in photoshoots and videos. When I see photos of Kayla's "Art" seriously she is just ripping off the crap that was published in Courtney's diaries, but at least Courtneys was unique at that time.

No. 114460

ie there is a video "Violet" by Hole that has ballet imagery.

No. 114461


"skin white like mayonnaise" lmao anon i love you for this

No. 114463

Now I read all her shitty tweets to this beat.

No. 114468

File: 1459696030118.gif (704.62 KB, 500x279, giphy (3).gif)


No. 114519

LOL, I read this as "Barn Bad". Picturing thug life down on the farm!

No. 114526

be careful, kayla might snatch your idea and start sporting cowboy hats and grillz

No. 114529

"i'm a pirate."

i love this too much

No. 114533

Ironically the parody is better than Kayla herself. Great job anon!

No. 114535

white oleander is on her list of favorites. and so are plenty of the other books and movies that were mentioned: gummo, girl interrupted, lolita, christiane f.

No. 114591

It all seems so fake and impersonal, like she picks her favorites based solely on how well it fits her aesthetic.

No. 114721

File: 1459733805386.jpg (26.49 KB, 400x500, cute_bellzi_white_w_teal_contr…)

I wanna try the parody thing!

>h00d bunny

>by ginger bronson

>hey daddy over here hey look at me

>swimming in my silver chains & bathing in my money
>but i'm still super poor my life be tragic and unfunny
>my lips be like caramel my pussy tastes like honey
>i'm the h00d bunny
>with a mouth like a papercut
>don't come near me with your shit i'll get daddy to fuck you up
>after I spray your ass with mace
>cos i'm the h00d bunny
>that all the bad boys wanna chase

No. 114750

i remember someone asked her once if she liked "gummo" and she answered that the first time she watched it she tought it was a documentary and she felt very frustrated when she realised it was not cause that was the way twin peaks and other towns really are and she didn't like that real people's lives were used to shock or do art. or smt like that.

No. 114751

i don't think she steals ideas or characters from movies/books to create her fake persona i think the only movies/books she likes are those she can relate to/ have similarities with her life

No. 114755

hey i don't think that's her website cause ginger bronson appears in the music list and kayla day in the quotes list. also all the lists are from 2012-2016 and (i think) her ovum persona was more older than that. i think one of her followers uses her old username for this website.

No. 114824

Did you even read the thread? Her persona is the complete opposite of her life.

No. 114877

I am the only one who think Mandie is right? I mean I came to this thread because of soren and I am very dissapointed…the parodies are very funny but insulting her and every aspect of her personal life without reason… seems like idk very very immature. There's no serious evidence or arguments enough to talk so bad about her. I don't like her music it's not even music and neither like her vulgar style or her "daddy issues" poetry but she's a human being, don't liking her or her aesthetic does not mean you all can laugh about her life when you don't have proof she's not been into really serious shit. Saying "oh she probably has rich parents, they could never damaged her, she had a perfect life" is fucking stupid since every life is complex and can't be scanned and simplified to some old photos and supposed facts, dates, and parent's profiles. Also I think her mom's supposed profile is wrong, look at this:


This woman is pretty similar to the therapist Ruth but I don't think they are the same person and this one looks more like Kayla. Plus her maiden name is Tiffany which is the surname of Kayla's supposed grandma. And if you were wrong about that, you could be wrong about more and more.
All here are just stupid guesses and assumptionss. All here sounds like people with too much free time and too much hate inside who think ridiculizing girls who write silly lolita poems make them better when writing stupid poetry doesn't make you a bad person but writing shit without knowing about others does actually. Makes you a cynical loser who likes to emotionally discharge your personal hate by totally obsessing with a stranger. If she's so stupid and ugly and pathetic why do you care SO much about her??? Why she deserve your toughts and precious time?????
Also if she "encourages teenage girls to do bad things", you encourage people to have eating disorders. All the comments calling her fat or saying she was prettier when she was skinny are disgusting as it's obvious she had anorexia or bulimia (and for me she looked horribly unhealthy) and overcome this disorders and be able to feel good with your body is absolutely HARD and admirable you idiots.
So seriously you are pathetic if gossiping like this make you feel better with ourselves. Think about it. You all look like a bunch of idiots trying to be cool.
(Btw I wonder how many of you would would have the balls to insult Kayla NON-ANONYMOUSLY on her tumblr. NONE of you probably haha).

No. 114880

you raise an interesting point. maybe you should tell her that you're a stan instead of stanning her on an anonymous imageboard

No. 114885

Defending someone and reading a thread doesn't make you a stan. Maybe you should tell her personally all the things you write here so she knows so then I could tell her I support her. Otherwise I don't think she would understand u know ;)

No. 114891

perhaps you really should tell kayla so she can re-evaluate her life choices, and see where she went so wrong along the line that somebody like you would end up pathetically brownnosing and clinging to her. or she could recognize your bravery and canonize you for your valiant efforts.

No. 114899

I couldn't care less about her or her life choices. I'm not interested in her "recognizing" me since I don't even fucking follow her on tumblr. Is people's attitude what really worries me, people who are rude and mean just because it is the internet and they know there's no consequences. People who is so stupid they can't even discuss normally and politely so they just offensivly try to bring down the other (in this case also trying to show that person as a clinging Kayla fan) .

No. 114900

Oh and btw, "someone like you". You don't fucking know me dude

No. 114901

No. 114927

File: 1459792447915.jpeg (155.47 KB, 640x739, image.jpeg)

She posted this recently and reblogged it because we didn't put it here, because she very subtly wants to ensure that people fall for her very slow and deliberate backtracking lol.

No. 114928

Nobody has said she was prettier when she was skinny lol you pulled that out of your ass yourself. Her following diminished when she gained weight, which is what was said.

No. 114929

the comments youre reading calling her fat are part of the april fools day prank on this site. click the comments and they'll show the original posts.

No. 114930

this doesnt make sense in many ways but i'll point out again, how do you simultaneously grow up all over california, in the south, and in twin peaks. like.. ok kayla

No. 114937

twin peaks is in california. it's near san bernardino. it's not twin peaks like in the tv show which was filmed in washington, even though i'm sure she'd love people to believe that.

No. 114941

aah okay i already jumped to assuming she wants the bizarro lynch aesthetic

No. 114943

Considering how much she lies you can't even automatically trust that she actually grew up in Twin Peaks.

No. 115000

29) I wasn't talking about those comments since I tought they were for Mandy or for some user of the thread. But tanks for clarify that because I still tought they were awful. The comments I wrote about are not too many and there are in the 1° thread.
28) There was one comment saying that in the 1° thread. You can look for it if you don't believe me.

No. 115002

"she'd love people to believe that" she had clearly explained it was not the david lynch twin peaks lol

No. 115054

File: 1459811158723.jpg (37.68 KB, 550x413, 11yel0.jpg)

Even if you ignore the glaring inconsistencies and rip offs in her story and the fact that she completely changed her personality(from Kayla Day), Ginger is still an attention whore who glamourizes a horrible lifestyle and encourages impressionable teens to do shitty things. I think thats reason enough for people to talk about her.

People itt would talk shit on her regardless of her income level because she's a shitty person. Also most people here aren't obsessed with her, there are 100s if users on this site, so a lot different people could be digging into her past. People like dont seem to understand that most people are here out of boredom or for the lulz, because she's not even popular enough for people to obsess over.

This is lolcow we're not exactly known for having nice, polite discussions about people. If you can't handle us "mean jelly bitches" then gtfo

What is with whiteknights writing walls of text? For gods sake, at least break that shit up

No. 115075

File: 1459816616649.png (18.8 KB, 492x335, twinpeaks.png)

no she didn't. she was perfectly content letting people think she grew up in the david lynch twin peaks and that it was the epitome of the white trash aesthetic she went for.

No. 115091

What the fuck is this shit.

No. 115103

but she had said in another post that it wasn't david lynch's twin peaks. actually the place she describes looks more isolated and weird than the series one.

No. 115120

lmao this is the same person from the 1st kayla thread who said english wasn't their first language. they keep acting like they don't stan kayla when all they do is come on here to defend her and get pathetically butthurt when no one pays attention to them. a lot of emotion for someone playing devil's advocate lmao.

No. 115121

i mean she's a liar lol. she changes her story all the time. not that shocking/surprising. she really could've cleared up it was another twin peaks but she never did. again, being cryptic and lying by omission. no one knows of any other twin peaks than the david lynch association.

No. 115123

re-evaluate her life choices, apposed to, what? making a public forum where you have spent how long getting as much information on a person's life and continuously put them down in any way you can? this is getting so juicy, because all it's showing, really, is what kind of person you are, and how shallow you are and in your own world, you're only spiting yourself

No. 115124

oops, opposed, dammit. anyway,

No. 115126

no one created this entire website for kayla lmao the page you're on is called a thread. it'll be here forever. and hundreds of people will continue talking about kayla because she's trash. and you can continue refreshing for replies til we're on thread #6 if you wanna act like you're doing anything better with you're time. cos at least we're having a good one. you're like a rusty needle trying to hit a vein. you're not even funny or making good points. it's like you're tapping at the windows until someone pays attention to you. no one cares? lmao

hi mandie.

No. 115133

Someone should look into her ex boyfriend Paul or Paulie whatever
He went to school with her. Definitely not a bad boy lmfao

No. 115136

U're absolutely right. When i sarted reading the thread i started thinking maybe kayla was a faker now all I can think about is that no matter how much she could have (possibly) lied she would NEVER be as pathetic as these persons.

No. 115137

where? and yeah she describes it as so so isolated and weird, but she's lying and embellishing ofc. it's a regular town a hop and a skip away from a major city. the waterslide she describes? it's 300 feet and not at all full of nails. an ice rink did collapse under snow but they never reopened it because there was another world class rink where michelle kwan trained. she acts like babysitting is something bizarre. she loves telling these ridiculous poverty porn stories when she grew up in a bougie-ass environment with a private school education.

No. 115138

I am brazilian and it's really stupid to think there is just one person on lolcow who is a non-native speaker. But I suppose you and your language are the center of the world right? lmao

No. 115141

File: 1459833509016.png (598.42 KB, 535x934, jksdbflkajsdbfk.png)

This shit is worse than all your parody crap on her, like this is honestly just awful and makes no sense at all. Also I feel like in recent photos she's been trying to look thin again

No. 115143

>like a loaded gun
Didn't she just use that in her latest "rap"?

No. 115147

This is so annoying to me because I thought some of her poetry was actually good. As a whole her poems were often just trying to paint a picture of a fucked up life, but some of the phrases in them were really beautiful. She had a way with words, at least some sort of talent that she really could've developed into something. When I read what she writes now I feel like I'm losing IQ points.

No. 115149

I feel the exact same way. A lot of the halfbunny poems actually had a meaning or story in them, whether they were lies or not. they were well written. i dont even know how to describe this shit she's pulling out lately

No. 115152

Yeah. She could write. But I think that proves her decline you know, normal people don't try to be seen as dumb…it's really strange. Many people hate her here but I just feel pity for her…

No. 115154

File: 1459838780690.png (342.16 KB, 574x511, screen-shot-2013-05-13-at-10-4…)

i just know she has a black guy in mind when she's writing this. fresh and woke? tell me when she ever described cory like that in her old poetry. she's using aave again. and assuming a black traplord would ever be into white trash meth addict mediocrity with a swatstika tattoo and a $3 walgreens shirt. watch some more movies kayla you're regionally inaccurate. has she ever taken a look at a model in a rap video? they actually have sex appeal. they also wear bras. it's hilarious because most of those girls grew up dirt poor stripping as teenage girls. and what do you know, they all take showers and put time and effort into their appearance.

kayla is literally such a walking racist cliche. trap houses(no longer meth labs!), talking about the hood, rapping, gangsters, weed, excessive sex. she embodies everything white people think black folks are about. this just shows she only ever copies tv and movies. only thing she got wrong is thinking they'd ever be into someone like her. what black people does she wanna pretend she's around. how many times has she seen straight outta compton tbh. you know if there was ever a black human being around her they'd slap some rhythm into her at first listen to her garbage music. that's gotta be her first give away that she's still in her parent's house lol not some trap house sucking black parolee dick.

No. 115159

OT but who are the girls in this picture?? They are fine af

No. 115162

girl on the right is pretty mesha idk who girl on the left is. pretty mesha was engaged to chief keef a rapper who ya know sold drugs and even got arrested and shit. these are the kind of girls these guys go for.

the mv for hella hoes is just a good example of the legit lifestyle and lady choice of the traplords kayla loooves to sing about. hella hoes makes frequent references to buying and selling drugs. kayla actually never uses any of these references lmao she can only ever say daddy and trap house and weed. like, you're in a fucking TRAP HOUSE and that's all you can rap about is sucking dick? bitch these are businessmen no one wants your crusty smeared lipstick mouth on their dick.

>I got a start in these streets, extra hard for these hoes

self explanatory

We move hard in these streets, young God, X'in' them O's
I'm like God in these streets, got a tech in my coat
I go hard in these streets, Johnny Depp with the blow
I flip nickels and O's, I flip powder in bass
I done shoveled the snow, I done showered the state

so yeah. it's apparent these guys love beautiful girls. they're fucking obsessed with money, beauty and glamour. they got IN this business for money, beauty and glamour. if they're traplords they have money period. why the fuck would they have some white nearly 30 year old former meth head hanging around writing shitty music on her macbook while wearing dirty winnie the pooh shirts? lmao

No. 115163

and my favorite part is that there's white girls in this music video too lmao. they look nothing like kayla.

No. 115177

did these whyte knights even read the comments in the previous thread? like i dont wanna sound dramatic but there were actual testimonials from people who'd been coming to kayla for support in their teens and given horrible advice and exposed to tons of romantization of their problems that they were opening up about, i know its def not kayla's job to Guide or Help them or whatever but instead of pushing them deeper into a pit of unhealthy choices an dangerous situations she shouldve just ignored them or tell them she's not the right person for that. i'm sure she's intelligent enough to realize how harmful it is to encourage all these dumb teens to lead such toxic lives.

No. 115187

also same anon but do we really need more entitled white girls sensationalizing ~violent thug hoe ghett0 h00d life~ + racist stereotypes to this world lmao…

No. 115203

That's what really gets to me. If she wants to do her tumblr poetry persona fine, whatever. But when young people with ACTUAL problems came to her for advice she could've messaged them privately with some helplines or put up a disclaimer that she wishes kids well but that she's clearly no help guru. Instead she answered publicly in ways that supported her dreamy drug princess image. She used those kids for content and she's old enough to know better.

No. 115204

>in the land of the fucked up
binch are you serious is this woman really 26

No. 115219

>in the land of God and monsters
Is what she really wanted to say

No. 115220

"in the land of the fucked up" sounds like something i would've used to describe my classmates in 7th grade when i was scribbling 3edgy5u garbage in my angsty notebook

No. 115221

Lana also used "In the land of sweetness and danger" in one of her songs. Poor Kayla couldn't think of anything better than … fucked up!

No. 115245

sweet jesus I'm getting kitty pryde flashbacks.

No. 115288

oh hay, girl.
you're pretending i don't know anything about internet land because i am fully aware that this is at most 2-3 butthurt girls who just want to take the bad shit in their life out on someone, and the rest are just people going through it and commenting.

me not know what computer is

tumblr lyfe is so real guys
SO REAL(you can defend your friend if you want but at least post intelligent and objective replies)

No. 115327

…2-3 people? Nah girl not even close but if that's what you want to believe.

No. 115334

lmao so it is mandie

No. 115337

>why the fuck would they have some white nearly 30 year old former meth head hanging around writing shitty music on her macbook while wearing dirty winnie the pooh shirts? lmao


No. 115371

File: 1459878844368.jpeg (59.54 KB, 640x646, image.jpeg)

Her writing has gotten more and more horrific because she really has such dedication to her live action role play of Lana feel Rey.

No. 115378

her dad paid for her to study english in the uk only for her to purposefully sound like this

No. 115380

literally kayla :30

No. 115402

File: 1459885040064.png (251.59 KB, 497x494, image.png)

2-3 people

No. 115411

first kayla has to be noticed by a black guy lmao she wishes.

No. 115431

Someone suggested this but I think someone should make a pastebin on kayla. the last thread had a lot of good info but for those too lazy to read it, it would be cool if someone was willing to summarize it.

No. 115880

No. 115881

File: 1459936542916.png (661.66 KB, 635x796, kdfgdfg.PNG)

forgot pic

No. 115884

File: 1459936837544.jpg (4.47 KB, 100x100, kayla_aaron_75240975.jpg)


No. 115885

File: 1459936896862.png (47.81 KB, 626x565, kayla_aaron_75240975b.PNG)

Sorry if these were already uploaded here

No. 115894

I still can't get over the fact how bad her music is. you know someone can't rap when you're not a native speaker and you understand every single word of a song while listening to it for the first time.

The fact that I'm german and I understand her lyrics makes it worse because we . germans . like . to . speak . very . slow . and . keep. our . words . separate.

No. 115963

I noticed she spelled "loneliness" wrong on her shirt, then realized that was most likely very intentional lmao. Tryhard as all fuck.

No. 116000

is it just me or does she look wayyy better with no make up(?) / very little make up like… shes ridiculously beautiful obviously. she also seems very interesting and intelligent without the whole stereotypical h00d g0rl sugadaddie ldr bs

No. 116003

Yeah, i don't get why she has to overline her lips. It makes her look like a clown. And the really heavy eye makeup makes her look like an aged stripper tbh.

No. 116007

i agree. i´ve notices - especially in her older writings as others have also mentioned - that there are glimps of something resembling a talent. when she doesn´t try to be something she´s not, when she´s absolutely real and herself, her writing isn´t bad at all. she´s stunning, and really know how to structure words into a sentence that´s original, it´s just too bad all of that, of her potential talent, get´s fucked over by her pathetic need to be something she´s clearly not.

No. 116009

File: 1459961387541.jpg (63.26 KB, 630x420, Lana-Del-Rey-Neil-Krug.jpg)

Kayla, stop.

No. 116010

Stop…talking to yourself

No. 116016

Fatties are so creepy

No. 116023

if she got accepted into a university internationally then she obviously is intelligent. actually to have people so convinced of her persona shows she's smart. she also comes from a wealthy family so they could defimitely afford a good education for her lmao.

No. 116045

i agree on that, but you don´t necessarily have to come from a wealthy background to write decent poems tho.
but, as someone else mentioned earlier, that´s probably the reason why she feels the need to be these different personas. her life got boring, so she decided to become a traumatized victim online lol

No. 116046

No it just means her audience is a bunch of morons.
There's also a lot of people that like onision. Doesn't mean he's clever.

Getting into an university in London isn't an achievement if you are rich and american.

No. 116054

i think it was a uni in leicester, which is in the east midlands and the least glamourous place ever compared to london.

No. 116071

yeah exactly like… she used to have that out-of-this-world kind of unique vibe to her writing. ofc back then she seemed like a fascinating person herself too but like, her writing seemed to be more about seeing your surroundings in a new light and 'getting lost in your head' y'know? and now it's just kind of 'eh, i'm gonna write about being bad and fucking daddies and gunz because it fits The #Aesthetic" over and over and over again. even some of the girls imitating her sometimes ALMOST seem like they could have something interesting to say but it all gets lost in their ripping off other writers idk it's just kinda sad but that's tumblr for you i guess

No. 116084

I don't see it. Some of her imagery may have been impressive coming from a teenager, but she's an adult woman.

No. 116125

same anon as >>116071
nah it was never impressive imo? just, it was kind of sweet and like, over romanticized but in a good way if that makes sense lmao

No. 116142

No. 116148

i think a lot of her followers found comfort in her early writings, bc most of it contained how she was feeling etc, which many could relate to, but now it´s just about that money and sucking that dick, which is just disappointing.

No. 116150

yeah yeah like it has zero feelings to it now its all about how ~cool and fucked up~ it is to make horrible choices lmao
like i for one learned to cope with a lot of negative feelings thru her writing and after she transitioned into writing about negative life choices i just kinda rolled with it and assumed that since it all made me feel better before it would still help me but instead it just made me act dumb and reckless lol
and again im embarrassed about it bc i was a teenager but thats the thing, at the time she was 20-something and she knew she was messing up stupid retarded kids like me and she kept doing it bc it fit her ~aesthetic~

No. 116178

p sure that's exactly what she's going for lmao except she thinks she looks younger

No. 116179

I think at least once during her bedbones era she said she hated her lips n wanted to hide them? Does anyone remember this? n now she's tryna appeal to black guys w her fake thicc lips lol she made a complete 180. Also I'm so done w her whole white savior complex constantly writing bout "violent thugs" n her "I'm a sweet pale bbydoll coming in2 yr lyfe 2 make u sweet put yr gun down n kyss me <33" bs

No. 116257

TRU ew i'd never even thought about that.

No. 116264


I remember every time she was asked about any of these films listed or some of the books she answered as "they are not that good" "i'm not impressed by it" and seeing it on her fav list now is quite ridiculous.

No. 116266

by the why i remember one of her asks in an old website ask.me or something her real ethnicity is "lithuanian" from her grandmother.

No. 116271

I really don't think that list is hers. Probably just some random girl from tumblr that used Kayla's old url. All those books/movies are very popular in that kind of tumblr circle. Kayla always portrayed her music taste very differently, and some of her writings are in the quotes list.

No. 116280

Didn't someone / some people in the last thread mention she was stealing trauma narratives from the asks they sent her, like blocking them shortly before posting similar "poems" on her tumblr/Twitter? wtf was up with that

No. 116300

are you kidding me i clearly remember her answering an ask on tumblr a while ago (which has since been deleted lol) where she said that her grandmother were russian!
anyway she has some east-european characteristics but for god´s she has to make up her mind lol

No. 116302

she did. i used to send her messages from time to time a while back, but she never responded to any of them. i think she gets tons of messages, and i wouldn´t be suprised if she´s still does that. i also don´t think many of her stans would call her out on it if they experienced her ripping of their messages, bc they´re so fucking loyal to her. in their eyes she can´t do anything wrong

No. 116309

i'm pretty sure you're thinking about soren. kayla may have done something like that too, but he has a reputation for it

No. 116313

File: 1460034809793.jpeg (101.55 KB, 500x656, image.jpeg)

No. 116314

Also "things r gonna b so different when u get out" oh please Kayla we all know the only convict you could possibly be corresponding with is your white supremacist ex boyfriend Corey. Stop trying to make C-murder happen. It isn't going to happen.

No. 116335

soren probably did that, but i remember someone from the last thread mentioning her message to kayla suddenly appearing in one of her poems

No. 116336

File: 1460039624399.jpg (63.17 KB, 540x395, tumblr_o2em8eVKA71tkoecxo4_540…)

No. 116337

File: 1460039764429.jpg (65.54 KB, 540x359, tumblr_o2em8eVKA71tkoecxo1_540…)

i just saw this on tumblr; lanas four "stages"


No. 116338

File: 1460039781423.jpg (66.73 KB, 540x393, tumblr_o2em8eVKA71tkoecxo2_540…)


No. 116347

You can tell she's trying to move her writing in a new direction but it's just gotten 10x worse.

No. 116366

File: 1460049097887.jpg (65.46 KB, 540x362, tumblr_o2em8eVKA71tkoecxo3_540…)


No. 116491

File: 1460088729388.jpeg (165.86 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

>Daddy I just wanna make you feel blessed

No. 116495

Can someone explain to me this red eye camera flash look? Her photos are bad enough and that just makes it even shittier, i dont understand at all

No. 116506


No. 116565

edits the eyes, but not the chub, ugh

No. 116568

To look like crappy photography from a cheap camera that is not edited afterwards. Adds to her broke ass glamour aesthetics I guess lol.

No. 116575

She's so grimy looking, like even more than when she was "on meth"

No. 116579

i always thought those pics were taken by someone else. Hard to believe she could pose like that for random ppl tho lol, but maybe thats what shes going for? making it look like she's just being photographed by random strangers? idk. Also the aesthetic side of tumblr loooves sloppy looking photography, im talking fucking up the macro setting and over exposure & the whole fake retro look. makes it seem more "real" i guess. as someone who clearly is familiar with camera settings + her years of modeling and all Kayla def does this on purpose though, unless someone else is indeed photographing her.

Also, unless she made that thing up too: she has vaguely mentioned in some of her early posts that there was someone/some people who were creepily interested in having her modelling for them, sending her kind of perverted emails begging her to have photo sessions with her. There also were photo shoot pictures in her tag that got deleted shortly afterwards. It seems definite that she has participated in quite a few photoshoots (I'd assume by relatively unknown artists) so it wouldn't surprise me that people (esp American tumblr artists) wanted her to feature in their projects.

No. 116584

Also kind of ot i guess but i think one of the bedbones duplicates talked about being secretly filmed and that causing her to be "scared" of cameras and having an eating disorder or whatever, ninfolessia or abattoirette i think? Anyway yeah that happened wayy back so there probably arent any receipts/proof of it happening. But yeah it seems kayla ripped that off too and I'm going to fucking scream laugh if that turns out to be true lmfao

No. 116587

I don't mean to be a
whiteknight or anything but like… Isn't it still entirely possible that the fucked up shit she wrote about happening to her really did happen? Like, obviously she leaves out a lot and only writes about the things that seem "tragic" or fitting to her narrative but. 1) I've known someone who regressed mentally due to severe shock/trauma and their personality change was very similar to the change Ginger went through after her suicide attempt + hiatus from SoMe. 2) someone ITT brought up that the rich psychiatrist woman who was assumed to be her mother might be a complete stranger and I haven't seen even one comment questioning it let alone evidence to debunk it and 3) I know for fact how easy it is to either a: hide how fucked up your living situation is or b: post false information about it.

Trust me, I love digging up dirt and exposing assholes as much as any farmer and I sure as dick dislike her fake persona but to me it seems that the only solid thing we have on her is her giving bad advice to teenagers and being a racist. If there's real evidence, pls share.

No. 116600

I agree. I think her strange behaviour is because she has ptsd and not because she wants attention. She already had attention and tumblr fame BEFORE change and adopt her new exaggerated shitty style so it wasn't really necessary. ptsd could also be the cause of her writing/singing about the same shit over and over again because she would be obsessed with this things and they could be part of her trauma.

No. 116605

google ruth tiffany aaron and the therapist pops up. she's gone by both ruth aaron and ruth tiffany-aaron professionally. the fb is obviously the same person and looks exactly like kayla. she was listed as living with kayla. she's not a complete stranger.

No. 116649

just because you have attention doesn't mean you don't want more or if or keep it tho. not to mention there's other rich, boring white women(laura albert, lana del rey, courtney love) who have done the same thing as kayla where they lie about being poor and abused white trash for the sake of aesthetics. so it definitely isn't a situation isolated to ptsd?

and even if her theatrics were driven by ptsd it doesn't change the fact that she's lied about drug use, prostitution and growing up poor she gives terrible advice to young kids, asks for money, and is also a neo nazi turned black fetishist. kayla is theatric as fuck. she's copying movies like girl interrupted and gummo. like. at this point even if she had ptsd and was abused as a child none of that justifies her shitty actions because there's literally no correlation.

No. 116650

Exactly. They were listed living in the same place. The age matches up, the address matches up, the info matches up.

And to the person who tried to say that the woman on Facebook looked completely different: no she doesn't.

No. 116722

File: 1460169123100.jpg (390.49 KB, 600x404, oGmlR_f-thumbnail-100-0_s-600x…)

No. 116725


I remember on her early tweets. She used to talk about being kidnapped in a locked room for days. Tied up with all the windows covered and being videotaped while being fucked.

Later on she used to talk she wish she was in snuff films and stuff like that. like wth?!

No. 116740

>being kidnapped in a locked room for days. Tied up with all the windows covered and being videotaped while being fucked.

no offense but this literally only ever happens in movies. will kayla's quest to be the ultimate victim martyr ever stop.

No. 116749

Another new torture method has been released

No. 116751


she is repetitive as f$ck. always the same daddy, same random tweet sentences, no flow no rhythm, no consistence, even the symbolism is deeper in 2 years old coloring books. man, you should retire girl. daddy's can pay you another hobby like i don't know, plant veggies in a farm town. you could get a house in the cowshed or stable wherever to continue your succulent narrative.

No. 116752


"u were the king of the south kool-aid section 8 crown" god is testing me by having me hear this

No. 116755

damn what a waste of a decent beat. I was really enjoying the music until she opened up her mouth. Holy shit she sounds like a 13 year old boy whose balls just dropped, doing whale calls.

No. 116828

File: 1460217405458.jpg (21.79 KB, 416x70, 1.JPG)

>ever since u went away i get on my knees & i pray cuz i don't wanna do it

does she just rearrange ldr's crappy lyrics?

No. 116868

>kool-aid section 8 crown
is this neo nazi methhead-smegma-licking saggy titty goblin gonna rap about watermelon and mammies next

No. 116874

File: 1460228242290.jpg (94.36 KB, 604x403, tumblr_nmex4u8lIB1uspsfjo1_128…)

Ah her Nazi roots are showing. Next up cornbread, watermelon and fried chicken. Cos, you know, white pure angel is totally getting gangbanged and tainted by dangerous black gangsters in trap houses.

Don't forget to donate to her paypal and fund her music career to get her out of this toxic environment! She just wants to fulfill her dream uwu

No. 116887

All the "aesthetic" people do it on Tumblr. Mostly on the creepy/trashy side of it. Who knows who started it but people eat that shit up.

No. 116893

Sorry I've only just checked out this cow, who makes her beats?

No. 116910

she does it herself lmao

No. 116912

I just fucking finished the entire saga of the first thread, on a whim because I kept seeing this bitch's thread get bumped and my mind has been fucking blown - she's worse than every lolcow in that her entire online presence is complete fabrication to the point that she fucked up her "best friends" lives because they went against her delusion

I feel so fucking bad for her parents, and her ex friend Mandy. Her obsession with the internet is fucking crazy, especially for her age. Really wish there was like a video interview of her, this is fucking wild.

thank you everyone who made these threads possible omg

No. 116925


have you read the soren saga, anon? that's wilder imo


"daddy is the kool aid king and he got so much paper

he got a gardener from south of the border named pablo

he tried to touch and i said "nuh uh i only fuck guys from the hood"

i'm the trapqueen and i definitely dated c-uh, uh, uh, c-murder and not a nazi

went to the penitentiary to see my baby and said to him, i was getting my tattoos removed including my totally not a swastika buddhist peace symbol

he said back to me "who the fuck are you, hoe?" and now i'm crying baby girl tears in the trailor park

my daddy totally broke my heart :'((("

No. 116935

Yeah you write like some fucking shallow idiot that would be into her writing. So grateful you found this thread to share your experience.

>instead it just made me act dumb and wreckless lol

No you stupid cunt, it didn't make you do anything. That's why the tacky and repulsive persona of Ginger continues to thrive online, because there's an infinite amount of impressionable dough-minded bitches like you out there eating this up and never bothering to log off and read a fucking book.

No. 116941

damn like put the keyboard down
take a few deep breaths
tell your parents you love them
y'know like take a day off
set ya self free. let it go

No. 116950

Fuck right off to tumblr.

No. 116953

File: 1460237749058.gif (841.48 KB, 245x190, tumblr_inline_o2vq11DEt61qeou2…)

No. 116960

was it tumblr that did this to you? im here if u wanna talk. look. see these right here? theyre my loving arms. and they'll always welcome u

No. 116971

It's the absolute limit. I can't take her seriously anymore. This is total self-parody.

No. 116972

hey calm down dude there's no need to be so rude even if u don't like what he/she says

No. 117018

can't remember which song but i KNOW she had one line that was "cornbread for dinner we sneak out like sinners"

No. 117049

File: 1460254104731.png (281.51 KB, 452x320, tumblr_inline_n6auzwvQ1O1r2u4h…)

>Next up cornbread


i said u still slang he said u bet
he said lets get high today in ur grandma's house hideaway
cornbread 4 dinner we sneak out like sinners
smoke hoodies & liquor

No. 117055

File: 1460255438657.gif (499.89 KB, 500x302, 1458761150044.gif)

>dated white supremacist
>white trash tattoo
>swatstika tattoo
>ss bolts tattoo
>made up fake story about black guy named papi who was a gangster from bronx who beat her and had a big dick

raps about
>big dicks
>trap houses
>kool aid
>southern usa
>drug dealing
>incarcerated lover

wait till tumblr gets a load of her racist ass

No. 117062

File: 1460260539384.jpeg (158.97 KB, 750x865, image.jpeg)

You can tell just by the soundcloud pattern that this is a horrible song.

No. 117064

rest in peace that's horrible

No. 117065

File: 1460260919920.gif (856.02 KB, 400x224, tumblr_nnqec676bj1tq4of6o1_400…)

all of her patterns look like that

No. 117079

the papi story was true. someone posted a picture on the 1st thread of a black guy between kayla's legs saying she posted it refering to papi. altough idk how that guy could ever fuck her with that swatstika tattoo

No. 117091

just because there was a black guy eating her out doesn't mean the whole story about their magical dangerous Love The Way You Lie™/Robbers™ mashup adventure was legit lmao. especially not with that swatstika tattoo on her chest. you don't need to take off your shirt to get eaten out especially since she wasn't living with the guy and he was most likely some dude trynna smash and she was probs just some quickie. the swatstika literally delegitimizes her entire thug life adventures literally no black man is gonna fuck with a nearly 30 year old white lady who wears 3 dollar walgreens shirts and has a swatstika tattoo they're not gonna keep her around.

refer to here for more info on why black drug dealers wouldn't fuck with her ugly ass anyway

No. 117307

She's regressing so bad to the point that everything she writes legitimately sounds racist and I'm surprised the tumblr tards haven't ripped her for it.
inb4 she tries to pretend this is a social experiment.

No. 117318

All that proves is that one time one black guy went down on her. The picture doesn't prove they had some torrid relationship they may have only have only fucked around with each other once. There's no way she's doing all these black guys with that fucking swastika tatted below her boobs!

No. 117517


he was not even black, he was just from portugal.

No. 117651


It's Swastika, not Swat-stika. You look stupid.

No. 119140

reading the first thread and then this one was like witnessing 34 car crashes i'm screaming this is the most pathetic hilarious shit i've ever read through on this website. does she just intend to live on this stunt forever? lmao?

No. 119158

Her new song is so awful. She's getting worse and worse at this and it's embarrassing.

No. 119801

File: 1460683562271.jpg (171.11 KB, 1280x720, robbie.jpg)

I've been watching rupaul lately and kept seeing this queen Robbie Turner and wondering, "where have I seen her before?"
then i realized she looks familiar because she overdraws her lips shittily just like kayla. they look like sisters

No. 119873

File: 1460705506044.png (176.18 KB, 420x380, Capture _2016-04-13-22-26-39.p…)

I don't know what to say about this picture.

No. 119875

stop shitting up this thread with your obsession with black people please. we get it, you know what "aave" means, now please learn to spell swastika properly and post about something else.

No. 119879

i don´t think that the therapist is her mother. Someone in the first tread linked a facebook of a Ruth Aaron, a woman ginger actually looks like (they have the same nose lol) and who were friends with the listed grandmother and brother. I befriended her so that i could look through her friend-list (i also did that with her "grandmother" and "brother") to see if any of them were friends with ginger, but i could´t find anything and now i feel like a stalker

No. 119945

File: 1460731988726.jpg (364.18 KB, 3000x1814, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


No. 119979


kayla is not going to appear on their list obviously because she deleted her facebook and also with the kind of things she posted there, do you think she would share them with her relatives?

PD: why take a polaroid while doing a selfie with the phone at the same? like wut?

No. 119990

"i flinched when my mother moved to touch my face today & she said “i’m not going to hit you” but i can’t tell the difference between the way love & pain look & i think i’m going to die alone & beautiful" more poetry about her abusive parents.

No. 120063

File: 1460747805591.jpg (72.22 KB, 550x448, sf.Children-Stress-3_.jpg)

unless there are two identical blonde, blue eyed, middle aged ruth aaron née tiffanys living in the same city, they're the same person.

No. 120261

File: 1460771765325.jpg (44.47 KB, 500x281, 1458762950044.jpg)

>stop shitting up this thread with your obsession with black people
>please learn to spell swastika properly

No. 120274

she's changing tumblr theme. beware of new persona coming!

No. 120276

Let's just hope it's an improvement. The Ginger Bronson persona needs to be abandoned, it's a complete mess.

No. 120280

File: 1460775501684.gif (962.64 KB, 245x219, tumblr_inline_n9pr0h6SwI1rb8xi…)

>i think i'm going to die alone & beautiful
>alone and beautiful

No. 120292

i'm glad i waited like 50 years to remake my kayla expose blog it's gonna be sooo lit once i've collected every receipt from both threads and just let loose lmao

No. 120997

i wonder how many posts she's deleted to cover her tracks since she found these threads about her kek

No. 121252

A LOT. She actually started deleting a lot of posts a couple days after the first thread came into fruition.

No. 121441

File: 1460948489722.png (506.34 KB, 479x892, Screenshot (91).png)

she sounds like the fucking Doge meme

No. 121466

jesus, one shitty twitter quote from a random ho and suddenly these people are enlightened? "eternally grateful" my ass…if she's so easily influenced that even minger's incoherent rambling means something to her, she will probably get demotivated by something else soon

No. 121470

a lot of times this is just a way of getting promo for your blog lmao. i used to do this shit with nicole dollanganger back in like 2013 where i was like wowow nicole ur my hero!! and put some sob story because i wanted her to notice me and be my friend so i could be tumblr famous ultimatley lmao. i was 16 back then. truly only children pull this shit. which makes kayla's obsession with keeping up her false image just even grosser. she's got a narcissistic fetish for having vulnerable underage girls sucking on her saggy martyr titties. obviously kayla wants fame and recognition and there's normal ways of doing that but nah.

i don't even know where i was going with this i literally always feel like i'm in a vortex writing about this cunt. she's no better than soren.

No. 121473

she seems to legit love the grunge aesthetic i wonder why she can't just be some grunge bitch with shit tattoos and be a little more down to earth? like if she just dropped the act and moved on a little. damn.

No. 121475

kayla is incapable of changing her image without changing her life history with it so it's p much impossible for her to go back to any previous look. ghetto bby is her "recovering meth addict" look. she'd have to have a plan a relapse storyline before bleaching her hair blonde lol

No. 121476

File: 1460954627976.png (80.01 KB, 864x904, ging.png)

wow grl, much special, very soul.

No. 121480


perfect, anon

No. 121482

lol that makes sense, i wouldn't have guessed this could've been a marketing strategy thing makes sense. glad you've seen the light tho. and yeah, kayla must be addicted to the validation she gets, she probably does it this way rather than going about a normal way for recognition n fame coz it's easier. she doesn't need any talent or skill, just pose for a few pics and write a few lines of gibberish to belt out later and she feels like she really is what she wants to be (some kinda harsher lana del rey knock off)

No. 121624

please @ her on tumblr with this image and a sob story about how her beauty inspired you to pursue your dream of being an artist

No. 121648

send this to kayla lmao

No. 121786

No need to, you know she's already lurked this thread incessantly and saw it.

No. 122219

File: 1461133806206.jpg (96.48 KB, 390x293, tumblr_ljeh0nwL9M1qh6hioo1_400…)

She posted this on her blog at some point, then deleted it.
What the fuck is with these people and grainy, creepy stills of children?

No. 122226

She's trying so hard to do the lana del rey "pretty baby" tortured angsty ho thing, she probably doesn't even think about the meaning behind what she says just how "poetic" it sounds.

No. 122227


Blondie is missing a leg.

No. 122272

File: 1461151221140.png (119.26 KB, 293x279, Capture _2016-04-19-22-08-36.p…)

The lips. The nails. Why does she think she looks good? She really does kinda remind me of the mom from mean girls.

No. 122285

Really interested in the psychology behind this tbh. They fetishize the vulnerability of children.

No. 122292

especially considering the people who do this haven't been abused, or if they have, exaggerate it (like soren)

No. 122306


i wonder if she can manage to wipe off her ass without bleeding.

lips are sausages, she is a parody of herself like her whole narration and her looks makes it look like a black humour comedy.

No. 122394

i can't understand how she can think she looks good with those nails and clothes and her mouth painted like she is 6 years old. what's the purpose?? i am convinced she's a faker and an attention whore but she also acts very weird. look at the me tag on her tumblr. her old poems have more notes than the newer ones. and that without taking in consideration all the photos and poems she deleted i remember most of them had like 1000 notes

No. 122471

>i wonder if she can manage to wipe off her ass without bleeding.
she probably peels them off after the photo while the glue is still fresh lmao. that was me for like the first 5 pairs of walgreens acrylic nails i wanted them long as fuck but i just got frustrated bc they kept catching onto shit and coming off. so i peeled all of them off after i took photos of them.

No. 122545

Yeah. Seems like a subtle way of implying they've been abused, usually combined with sexualising that victim role. It boggles my mind.

No. 122597

File: 1461255366998.jpg (182.39 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_n4v624PaFR1qh6hioo1_r1_…)

No. 122633

hey everyone, I run/ran the only existent Instagram fanpage for her, gingerbronson4ever. It's the only one she follows along with like 5 of her cronies. I regret everything and I'm so mad at her for pulling people into this lie so does anyone want it?

No. 122636

I'm 14 and very very vulnerable to this shit and stayed up making 21 artsy edits of her instead of studying for my exams(underage)

No. 122644

if anyone wants to co-own it as a ginger exposé thing DM me on there i'm taking auditions

No. 122645

if anyone wants to co-own it as a ginger exposé thing DM me on there i'm taking auditions

No. 122656


You have to be 18+ to be on lolcow.farm, by the way. You can go on Tumblr and ask the exposegingerbronson girl if she's still around. Just be glad you realized the truth now more than later.

No. 122658

Lol she said woke. Trying to be black I see

No. 122668

aaa sorry just googled woke and realized what it meant! changed to enlightened. probably never coming back here again until i'm 18 so bye

No. 122682

why didn't you just get them done professionally you fucking weirdo

No. 122723

By the way, the single reason her poetry was popular is because back then she seemed to be "inspired" by other writers and artists, specially from poetryfoundation.com and she literally rip off many quotes and sentences. And to give those mega enlighted answers she checked the dictionary to look wise and cool.

No. 122729

I really want her next persona to be Pickles Oblong-sque. I think we're half way there anyways.

No. 122734

File: 1461286937273.jpg (18.34 KB, 210x240, char_58981.jpg)

Ah that was fun show, that's for the reminder.

No. 122981

New music yet again. Remember when her poems used to get thousands of notes? It's weird that she doesn't seem to mind that her music only gets around 20.

No. 123004

this…. this is the worst yet

No. 123039

The way she talks makes me feel nauseous ugh. She's clearly trying to sound seductive but all i hear is a mouthful of saliva. Gross.

No. 123060

she literally sounds like she is muttering under her breath so her mum doesn't hear her from the other room smh

No. 123067

lol she has a very obvious even cheaper knock off called 1aurapa1mer who raps over the same britney instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/1aurapa1mer/angel-rage-freestyle
this is almost too hilarious

No. 123087

this is one of my mutuals and she seems like a sweet girl, but her 'rapping' is so fucking cringe. No flow whatsoever. I always want to send her an anon saying that she's embarrassing herself, but whatever, let her be great

No. 123088

ridiculous, she sounds drunk. btw can anyone hear how some lines clip too fast? she's off-beat, or out of sync whatever, and she tries to make it fit in lmao

No. 123089

What the actual fuck was that?
Just when I thought Kayla had shitty music…

No. 123092

imo she sounds like she's holding her phone up to a speaker and playing a youtube video for the instrumentals

No. 123131

I actually kind of like this one
Reminds me of 1st Lady, but even she had better production and this was made in 2006 lmao

No. 123132

>I'm your mama
I fucking cringed.

No. 123134

>that slurred singing
Holy shit. It's like she's trying to do what Rihanna did with "Work", but with the type of instrumentals Bones uses, and it doesn't sound good because she's a fraudulent white woman with no musical talent whatsoever.

No. 123136

She look like her pussy stank

No. 123139


OT but I'm so glad that someone else listens to Bones on here, he's so good & the production on Useless was insane.

No. 123141

amazing thread

No. 123158

Have you read through the first? That's one wild ride!

No. 123177

I've been into him ever since I heard "Witch Boy". Top-tier artist tbh

No. 123379

Good god she's like lana del rey on steroids or something. How is she not embarrassed at all?

No. 123556

rihanna was actually just channeling a deep bajan accent

No. 123664

File: 1461469575505.jpg (23.18 KB, 459x434, 1458004973855.jpg)

>You can go on Tumblr and ask the exposegingerbronson girl if she's still around.
hey dat me

FUCK lmao i haven't remade yet. been busy but i'm defs remaking. i've got 2 threads of glorious gold(the first thread didn't have neeearly as much dirt when i first made my blog so it didn't take me long to actually make masterposts) so i mean i'm gonna have a blast exposing this bitch to all her followers and this time i'm making several back up blogs with the same shit lmao like i'm gonna go hard on this bitch cos i'm petty

No. 123676

Was the (edited) address info the reason you got kicked off? If so maybe leave that off some of the backups, good luck!

No. 123799

nah she'd reported me since before cos i got terminated like a few minutes after the address post and tumblr doesn't respond that fast lmao. altho who knows maybe they totally did. i'm definitely posting the full address this time tho because i got terminated a second time just for remaking with one post about how i remade. so address or no address i'm still gonna get terminated. her address is the most incriminating piece of info tbh it shows she's a rich girl. and since kayla is an even bigger scumbag than i ever imagined my mercy for her is out the window lol. i love kayla so much i'm also gonna update her encyclopedia dramatica page which can never be taken down.

i hope the past 5 years have been fun because that's exactly how long her little act lasted before she started going down lol.

No. 123808

>i hope the past 5 years have been fun because that's exactly how long her little act lasted before she started going down lol.

lord 5 years that's so pathetic. did she really think this would last forever? i wonder if she's gonna disappear quietly like felice or raise hell trying to defend herself. either way grabs popcorn

No. 123815

File: 1461509769034.jpeg (88.35 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)


No. 123829


Those lips look like clown make-up

No. 123899

File: 1461522544083.png (171.87 KB, 361x691, tumblr_inline_n36a02IwXx1qebls…)

No. 123923

File: 1461526707779.png (286.03 KB, 807x652, Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.32…)

not sure if still relevant but her lyrics reminded me of this song from the tune i was reading it in.

No. 123924

File: 1461526765107.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x374, l_f30c4ca6182e48d79420817fb795…)

also is this her? (will delete if already posted)

No. 123966

not her. is that cory?

No. 124015

what´s her tumblr?

No. 124045


wait what? i thought this post was just parodying ginger's dumb fans and not actually serious

dude, did anyone ever find out what happened to 1st Lady? anyway i think shitty production is part of ginger's (and laura's by extension) "aesthetic" lol

No. 124057

Did this instagram get deleted or did she just unfollow it after reading this?

No. 124080

No, she's for real. These are her posts:


No. 124156

omg. that girl is even worse that ginger. does she have a tumblr?

No. 124180

if you look closely at her pics you can notice she has some small bumps on her lips, i wonder why.

No. 124183

File: 1461594126705.jpg (97.85 KB, 700x525, tumblr_nbwuvzpxUG1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 124218

Something about this photo makes me feel unclean.

No. 124230

lmao at the hipster christmas lights decorating the bed frame.

No. 124241


No. 124253

this made me laugh way more than it should have

No. 124297

jesus take the wheel

No. 124367

i honestly feel bad for posting her new music im so sorry to anyone who's listened to them all

No. 124370

Her new song is garbage. Waste of a beat with potential.
Born (Barn) bad is way superior

No. 124380

File: 1461635306157.gif (496.76 KB, 410x221, bow.gif)

'barn' bad was truly my magnum opus
i hope kayla took some notes

No. 124405

i'm honestly insulted she sampled drake lmfao

No. 124406

me when i got my first karaoke machine when i was 8.

No. 124413

File: 1461642111021.gif (1.94 MB, 235x180, 1457329249625.gif)

No. 124416

This the same girl that said she got turned down by a record company because of her weight?!

No. 124417

Each song is worse than the last goddam. And what's with this new britney spears babydoll voice she's started putting on? Where did her 'husky' voice go?

No. 124438

Only 2 reblogs on tumblr. Why is she still releasing shit? I feel like any normal person would understand when to stop jfc

No. 124439

is this… legal? like, copyrights or whatever? she uses other peoples music and this one has someone else's lyrics in it? like what

No. 124446

sampling is a thing but depending on where the sample is actually from it's subject to copyright. like, you can make a song sampling a particular beat to the soundtrack of a movie or even a direct scene from a movie. but to sample the rapping of another rapper in your rap song it like a bootleg feature lol. if she were to sell that shit she'd get sued. cross your fingers.

No. 124449

adding the actual rapping of two talented artists right before cutting to her sleep mumbling is literally such a self drag this is so embarrassing. it's like putting your face next to adriana lima's side to side and then posting it LMAO

No. 124451

nobody has that video of ginger dancing in a hotel room? she posted it on her tumblr but is deleted if you can find it watch it. it is hilarious.

No. 124461

Maybe she's trying to gradually transition into a new persona?

No. 124466

Elvira Scabface
Cinammon Güdfellaès
Sweet Potatony Montana
Pumpkin Belford
Cabbage Brasco
Kourtney Codaine
Apple Dontfuckwithmetony
Michaela Corleone
Imgonnamakeyouanofferyoucantrefuse Day

No. 124472

If its the one I think you're talking about, I believe it's in the first thread.

No. 124474

File: 1461660024609.jpg (57.75 KB, 640x640, 12328341_190016388012101_52557…)

No. 124476

Lana Del Rey has a baby voice that she sometimes slips into in some of her songs, wouldn't at all be hard to believe she's trying to emulate that.

No. 124477

File: 1461661274313.jpg (16.96 KB, 355x354, 41-gnp8 9AL._SX355_.jpg)

Her lips look like those wax lips…

No. 124478

You hit the nail on the head! I don't get why she overdraws her lips with such an odd, ugly shape.

No. 124546

it's because she just overdraws her lipstick first and uses a lip liner in the same damn shade. also she only overdraws the side so she looks like she's scowling lmao? then she makes that ugly face where she looks like she was boiled. it's not like overdrawing your lips can't be done right. but much like she refuses to rap properly or shower i'm sure it's all part of her "i wasn't raised 2 kno any bettr i hav no talent but iv got a soul n i wanna succeed n dream <3" like she's just pushing against the odds because she's such an inspiration!!! earth angel <3

No. 124696


Pogo? Is that you?

No. 124745

but did her traplord daddy take this picture

No. 124747


honestly…this isn't completely awful. it sounds like she's trying harder to match the beat of the song instead of just rambling.

No. 124911

focus by ariana grande isn't completely awful. fancy by iggy azalea isn't completely awful. cruise by florida georgia line isn't completely awful.

this song is atrocious. her other songs were an abomination. kayla's music is on a scale of torturous to bad it literally never gets higher. i've heard better shit coming off 13 year olds with a banjo on youtube.

No. 124923

She wants people to think that's what her life is like. In reality she has a college degree and posts on tumblr from the comfort of her parents house.

No. 124937

File: 1461742029761.gif (868.1 KB, 400x225, latrice wouldn't lie kayla.gif)

Between this picture, >>123815 and >>122272 someone is clearly lying to her. She seems like the sort who needs constant feedback in the form of asspats and someone is telling her "You look amazing, definitely post those!"

No. 124997

What I really wanna know is WHO takes the pictures. I wonder what theyre thinking about as she pouts for the camera. Who would approve of Pogo making a fool of herself yet again?

No. 125042

>Who would approve of Pogo making a fool of herself yet again?
maybe it's one of her kingdom hearts loving friends. maybe she says this is all part of a performance art and after the photo's done she puts on abercrombie and flip flops and goes to in n out burger with her mom

No. 125498

honestly i think she takes them herself, either with a selfie stick and/or with that camera setting that gives you like ten seconds to put your phone down and strike a pose can´t remember the word but you understand. she just wants us to believe that she has a fucking private photographer

No. 125511

90% sure of this too.

No. 125523

>i like ridin in ur car

this is reaching unintentional self-parody levels if it wasn't already oh god :^)

>Sweet Potatony Montana

k e k

No. 125553

Ginger posted a crap-tacular new photo of herself to Instagram last night before deleting it. Anybody save it?

No. 125556

File: 1461845535012.png (763.66 KB, 604x606, 1459365514778.png)

I've wondered about this too. I get there's a lot you can with a timer and a tripod or selfie stick but I think she might have some assistance. Like this pic from the last thread that girl could be her and if so there's no way she took it herself. I'm curious what people who know her IRL think about her shtick, she has brother not much younger than her…

No. 125560

She's seriously one of my fav flakes. I just wish she would post more, but I guess she's too busy sampling and writing lyrics in her moleskin while she sucks on lollipops with her daddy watching her.

No. 125579

i remember in her pissangel.blogspot she had pictures of herself in the bathtub peeing. too bad i don't have it in my computer anymore to share with you guys.

No. 125606

but who is the anon who firstly gave her the idea to sing/write her poetry in songs? should be burned at the stake.

No. 125630

she took that one herself for sure. there's a security camera aimed down that aisle and she's taking a picture of the tv with the footage. imo she probably takes all of the photos she posts. look at the photos other people took of her on the other thread. she's always dressed in normcore flannels and abercrombie and jeans instead of the furs and misspelled embroidery. the anon who knew her irl said seeing her online persona was shocking so i get the vibe her internet presence is her own private pet project for attention or whatever.

No. 125657

I actually remember that post, maybe around a year or two ago she posted a video of herself talking then singing a bit (SINGING, not rapping) and someone was long "OMGZ UR SO TALENTED MAKE MUSIC LUV U FOREVA DIRT QUEEN XOXOXO"

No. 126233

Anyone else think she's trying to be a more modern version of Peaches?

No. 126417

File: 1462059992620.jpg (44.76 KB, 338x600, tumblr_o6gnm2NHQx1qh6hioo1_400…)

"baby pink silk highway girl" r u fucking kidding me ginger

No. 126440

Sh'e just throwing random words together without even trying to make sense at this point.

No. 126498

File: 1462084191108.jpg (45.68 KB, 900x599, IMG_7017-angle.JPG)

pretty sure baby pink silk is a metaphor for a bald smooth pussy/labia aka referencing child prostitution and rape since she's also mentioning highway girl aka runaway hitchhiker/prostitute. the whole child rape prostitution hitchhiking thing is truly a theme she's often used before. her fav one. nice. wonder if she's a pedophile.

No. 126502

Is "baby pink silk" some sort of obscure slang for that, then? I Googled it and only found ads for literal silk.

No. 126510

nah only in that pedophilic tumblr *~bruised lolita~* scene where child abuse is #aesthetic. kayla wrote poems about how she was abused and raped as a child and it got hella notes. she likes to mix shit like winnie the pooh, pigtails and lollipops into her wildly sexual look not to mention the never ending references to daddy.

really it's all rooted in pedophilia i'm starting to believe the vast majority of these girls are pedophiles there's always those obscure less popular tumblrs with lolicon and closeup shots of suspiciously smooth genitals in floral printed panties. and it's the same blog content as these more popular tumblrs. these obscure ones just have occasional explicit porn. who knows how many of these popular blogs keep their fetish under wraps. i know nicole dollanganger used to reblog lolicon, bloody child rape(there was a manga page of a pregnant toddler giving birth) and incest manga when she was pinklarvae. then she wiped everything when she began getting attention in like 2013.

No. 126512

i hate this 'troubled' babygirl trend, it's so fucking stupid. i want it to end already

No. 126535


Nicole Dollanganger has a song called 'White Trashing' probable an ode to Kayla. She commented her instagram pictures and her songs too.

No. 126550

File: 1462104721617.jpg (113.99 KB, 593x593, glitterging.jpg)

Oh just nonchalantly posing in front of a fence in a glittery dress, not trying to look like she was crying and forced to prostitute herself. Just an average evening ok. Was she using a tripod or did she have a photographer for this one?

No. 126552

I searched around for "pinklarvae.tumblr.com" and found nothing.
Checked /tagged/pinklarvae + /search/pinklarvae and it was empty there, too. Also, the URL "pinklarvae" was up for grabs (I just now reserved it to avoid confusion in case someone does take it).
I almost want to believe you, anon, but receipts? Caps??? The information shared in these threads loses credibility if we can't prove anything.

No. 126554

Anon, you are a beautiful creative soul.

No. 126555

pinklarvae was Nicole's tumblr years ago, what does it have to do with anything?

No. 126556

I know, which is why I looked it up. And idk, >>126510 is the one who first brought it up.

No. 126568

get a foundation that matches your skin, kayla. jesus.

No. 126574

File: 1462115285091.jpg (217.32 KB, 500x382, tumblr_lrxb0d5Q3W1r22195o1_500…)

pretty sure these are kkkayla's old pages. i found a link to pissgarden as the source on one of her old writing pieces. the flickr links to the same deactivated flavors.me page. it looks like someone else picked up the url in 2013. nicole used to reblog from the original pissgarden too.

No. 126575

File: 1462115420198.jpg (34.17 KB, 640x480, 6558458483_47e3f43448_z.jpg)

"blood test" aka look at my emaciated arm and weird clubbed thumb

No. 126576

File: 1462115447601.jpg (104.19 KB, 640x427, 7143911137_930a989e28_z.jpg)

No. 126577

File: 1462115475635.jpg (91.5 KB, 413x500, 6634577073_d2fd53b5a9.jpg)

No. 126578

in her favorites she has a picture of cassie from skin. and when she was bedbones she pretended to not know. lol

No. 126579

also https://www.flickr.com/people/120772733@N07/ lol at her favorites that picture of the buddhist signs temples in asia. probably she thinks the swastika has only 1 meaning in the world. how ignorant…

No. 126580

She looks legitimately transgender in this photo.

No. 126581


she looks like courtney love without surgery.

No. 126667

WOOPS sorry it was i think babylarvae lol

No. 126668

that was literally years ago when she only had coma baby up and didn't call herself a musician. her hair was still falling out. like. i followed her. when she went ghost and then came back saying she was in the hospital before she said she had an eating disorder. there's no receipts she was always deleting shit lol literally almost all of her archive from way back in 2012 is gone. she knew people would lose their shit.

No. 126681

yeah nicole used to reblog a bunch of fucked up shit. in her defense she was really sick and depressed, and i remember when i was depressed and self harming i drew gore and skeletal bodies and of course followed her so i was into the same shit as her lol whereas now i just draw spooky artsy shit. anyway she reblogged constant jun hayami manga, bloody bdsm, piss, vomit, girls getting raped by bugs, premature babies, worms, amputees, mutilated bodies. she had river phoenix's corpse as her icon one time.

go to bones-of-baby-dolls and look at her archive in 2012. that's exactly what nicole's was like. lolicon and all. if someone's got the time to look through pictures i'm sure you'll find that some of the most fucked up pictures will say via nicoledollanganger.

No. 126767

>she reblogged constant jun hayami manga, bloody bdsm, piss, vomit, girls getting raped by bugs, premature babies, worms, amputees, mutilated bodies. she had river phoenix's corpse as her icon one time.

jesus christ what the fuck

No. 126803

File: 1462184143901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.28 KB, 1055x1311, omg1.jpg)

>you'll find that some of the most fucked up pictures will say via nicoledollanganger
Holy shit, you weren't lying anon. Not all of the unpleasantness was from her but you will see via nicoledollanganger pop up quite a bit! I know we're not delicate flowers over here but I'm going to use a trigger warning just in case.

No. 126804

File: 1462184231727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524.13 KB, 1061x1968, omg2.jpg)

More… TW just in case.

No. 126808

What do people without gore fetishes get out of this? Edgelord points? Satisfaction from grossing people out?

No. 126809

Yo what the fuck. I just went through that person's archive and came across what looks a lot like CP. Wasn't reblogged from Nicole (wouldn't that be a fucking scandal), but still a nasty surprise.
Be careful, guys.

No. 126811

This is a good question… I felt anxious after sifting through that stuff.

No. 126815

I'm sure different people have different reasons, like >>126681 has depression for an excuse and some people have a fetish.
For me I just got into extreme gore pretty young out of curiosity and nothing else to do, I think the internet desensitised me. There was definitely some desire to be an edgy special goth snowflake mixed in though, liking stuff that would scare noemies etc. The sjw-free tumblr of 2009 created a microclimate where people liked my pictures of bloody baby corpses, so it just accelerated.
Now I'm older and have actually experienced that horrible things aren't "uwu so tragic" I avoid posting real crimescene, selfharm or rapey photos but I still just dig that #guro aesthetic. I try to be more tasteful about it now.
Sage for blog

No. 126832

File: 1462197609148.png (31.65 KB, 555x147, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.5…)

no comments.

No. 126886

total lana del rey wannabe.

No. 126916

Holy shit is Nicole gunna end up with her own thread on here? I'd love to see that lmao

No. 126948

She already has one >>>/snow/71407

No. 126982

gonna rant here mostly bc some people are kind of like, wondering how people like this exist yaddayadda

i mean there definitely are people who are psychologically disturbed and use their blogs as a means of expression. me included. my blog looks exactly like that minus porn. and it's like, i'm unbelievably depressed and never leave the house and fucking smell as we speak. and i'm ugly and feel a deep sense of self loathing. and when i'm not on lolcow i'm on tumblr scrolling through corpses and haunted houses and hospital pictures. it keeps me in a depressive state which is fucking stupid but that's what happens. you know, it's how my illness manifests. i'm a gross smelly idiot i've been depressed since i was 7. wow so #aesthetics so #edgy amirite?!

god i just hate how these tumblr shitheads have trivialized mental illness with their stupid aesthetics. i mean the aesthetic is entirely based on psychological trauma. pedophilia, abuse, gore, self harm. put the face of a cute girl over anything and it becomes a trend. it just makes me so angry that people would wanna play dressup with that. because sometimes it hits me when i look at my blog where i'm just like yikes girl this is pretty bad maybe you should! get better! but i don't. there's nothing glamorous or cute about it. my blog has been the same gross gorey mess since 2011. reading here that people get uncomfortable and upset looking at blogs like that, like mine, i genuinely feel kind of humiliated. i feel bad. and then i realize, some people actually crave that reaction of disgust from people. they want pity. getting attention isn't fucking enough they want pity and disgust.

but my favorite part is when this fucked up gore shit becomes a trend. because then when that trend passes oh, i'm left with a boring blog aesthetic. i'm unoriginal lmao. like. it's literally become a joke. i remember when i got followers at first i was like wow i'm not alone. boy! how mad i am now to know how it's all about aesthetics and attention.

tbh this rant is stupid and i sound like such a whiny bitch lol. anyway i just hate that people forget that these trends came from actual sick people. people like kayla come around and wave the edgy pieces of psychological disturbia and they make it their brand. i can't think of anything more vile and fucking harmful.

No. 126990


You know, Anon, I was in the same place as you - I was depressed and agoraphobic, I even had one of these sad bby uwu aesthetic tumblrs (still have it, just don't use it) and just stepping away from Tumblr helped my mindset tenfold.

I took a eight month long break from Tumblr and just recently came back (this time with a nature/positivity blog) and in that time, my life has become much better. I realized that Tumblr (and pretty much all social media) doesn't actually mean anything and it's better to focus on real life and how to improve your real life.

If you surround yourself with negativity, your life is gonna suck. I don't know, but I thought sharing my experience might help in some way.

Sage for OT.

No. 126999

File: 1462231299656.jpg (84.27 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o6kodxsFQb1qh6hioo1_540…)

"I won’t believe a word u speak just make it sweet 2 hear"

what the fuck is with her arm?????

No. 127006

Get off Tumblr. As someone extremely similar to you who has also been in therapy since they were 7, delete your account. Mental illness is obviously nothing you chose to have, but you're exacerbating it tenfold. Sometimes "self care" isn't juts indulging in things that make you feel better as escapism, it's doing things that suck that will make you feel better in the long run.

No. 127018

It's the leftover ink and scarring from removing her really shitty tattoos. Makes her look even more diseased though.

No. 127043

america is so funny… this whole, obsession, praising and trying to be dark cool and edgy with serial killers, illnesses, criminality and etc is beyond my understanding and i think is quite retarded. I smell this girl is just a white rich bored and who tried to jump off from her own environment to find something to get the attention her busy parents didn't give to her.

No. 127044

Thank you for your amazing commentary anon. Why don't you read the thread to see her already confirmed rich white family?

Anyway this sort of morbid fascination scene isn't just in the USA, or did you forget internet subcultures are global? The language barrier doesn't keep the edgy out.

No. 127049

File: 1462245092172.jpg (1.06 MB, 1233x2126, nh.jpg)

>I smell this girl is just a white rich bored and who tried to jump off from her own environment to find something to get the attention her busy parents didn't give to her.

No. 127050

File: 1462245249441.jpg (1.45 MB, 1552x1500, nuws.jpg)

>I smell this girl is just a white rich bored and who tried to jump off from her own environment to find something to get the attention her busy parents didn't give to her.

No. 127053


but in one of her writings she said her mom married in a poor wedding in las vegas and ate cornbread inside of a car the next morning.

No. 127054

"my grandma was a teenage girl during the depression & when they asked her how it was all she said is that she and her sister had to share one pair of high heels to go on dates. she had gangster boyfriends who bought her mink coats & diamonds & never said anything more about it. i’m just like her. turning rags into riches by batting my eyelashes. making hell look like heaven.

only talk about what is beautiful. nothing else is real." her grandma had a thug life too. :)

No. 127064

File: 1462246991700.jpg (205.15 KB, 1109x472, zasc.jpg)

even if this message is sarcastic i'm gonna clear up anyway lol

kayla's mom graduated california state university in 1988. kayla was born in 1989. with over 20 years of work experience, kayla's mom has been working as a psychiatrist charging $40-$80 per session since the day kayla was born. not to mention, she married a fucking criminal lawyer. there's literally no way a university graduate with a degree in psychology married a lawyer and had a low budget wedding in las vegas and then had cornbread right after. kayla wishes, apparently.

No. 127065

File: 1462247063586.jpg (47.46 KB, 226x104, bnu.jpg)

>charging $40-$80 per session

No. 127066

No. 127067

Three cars in the driveway. Aw, how sweet! An SUV for each of her parents, and a beat up Toyota for Kayla to appeal to her #aesthetics <3

No. 127116

File: 1462264328149.png (29.08 KB, 550x195, Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.30…)

No. 127117

File: 1462264409996.png (36.76 KB, 525x177, Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.30…)

No. 127118

File: 1462264538095.png (25.06 KB, 520x87, bulimic mom?.png)

No. 127124

wow thats so embarrassing you do realize that you are not special right? you are just the same as all other people with a blog like that stop being mad for something you like becoming trendy

No. 127139

>stop being mad for something you like being trendy

i think it's more embarrassing to read how bad your reading comprehension is for this to be what you got out of what i said.

i said that i don't even get pleasure out of my blog content. i'm mad that now whenever anyone sees a blog with gore or sad photos the immediate reaction has become "ew she's trying way too hard for attention wtf are these girls thinking" because of girls like kayla. i don't care about my blog becoming "trendy" because i want to be oh-so special and get attention. my blog is a manifestation of my depression which i? am not happy about? i said that reading how uncomfortable and angry blogs like mine made other people just made me feel bad because i wish i wasn't in such a bad state as i am now.

comments like yours are exactly what i'm talking about. i can talk about how i'm some ugly loser who is so depressed that i can barely keep up my hygiene much less an emotional connection with a human being and that that's why my blog has so many pictures of mutilated bodies and sad pictures, and the first reaction will always be "she's taking this edgy sad lolita aesthetic too far". i'm not angry that people think that in the first place because it's become so common that even i have begun to believe most of these blogs are girls living normal lives. i just hate when people forget that actual mental disturbia exists. i hate how people have forgotten where this trend came from. i hate how it's no longer an option because of these stupid fucking cunts.

my blog *~aesthetic~* isn't something i sat down and thought about. jesus christ i can't imagine how someone could. do you know how nice it would be if i could actually run a blog about memes, captain america and interior decorating? i fucking tried and i got no pleasure from it and it made me fucking sad. like, my mental health has been essentially crushed in a blender. i've always seem my tumblr as this bittersweet thing where i can express and let out in some way all this shit i keep inside. but then once i actually see what is inside i wish i would die already. because i'm never getting better just looking at my blog. i don't get pleasure from what i see i don't look at girls being raped by insects and go "oh this is so cool imma reblog luv it!" i condition myself to all of these horrible images because depression.

god i hate that i have to write all of this because i'm honestly just whining and bitchingggg. i don't think i'm special i'm not crying about how i'm special and want attention blahblab. i'm anonymous!! i don't care!! people just need to know that mental illness still exists despite these girls making it all up. i know more often than not it's all part of some blog aesthetic but it didn't start that way.

you know how these blogs constantly reblog the same 3 pictures of genie wiley the feral child? the same screencaps from child of rage? yeah they want that. they idolize these girls. they all wish they were that unimaginably abused so they can get the same attention, documentaries, pity, shocked reactions and even icon status. it's so fucking vile.

No. 127141

lmao no one's going to read 5 paragraphs of pointless rambling about your blog aesthetic. settle down aspie

No. 127142

you sound like a broken record. some people left helpful comments for you but you only responded to the b8. get the fuck off tumblr, you know better or you wouldn't leave these rambly-ass long replies defending yourself.

No. 127143


>i got no pleasure from it and it made me fucking sad. like, my mental health has been essentially crushed in a blender.

>but then once i actually see what is inside i wish i would die already.

Not trying to be harsh, but you seem to take Tumblr waaay too seriously. I mean, it's a website that has no effect on your real life (if you don't let it). It's supposed to be something fun you do in your spare time, not something that makes you want to kill yourself.

If you're really that mentally disturbed and you know it? Then you would know to log off Tumblr and get to a therapist instead of whining about how people are appropriating your embarrassing edginess.

No. 127145

File: 1462279953521.jpg (69.4 KB, 600x600, so pure.jpg)

contributing some content because i forgot to sage up there

No. 127148


i've been depressed since i was 7 you think i don't already have a therapist lol?? and yes i know i should get off tumblr i've deleted at least 6 times already. you're right it isn't good for me. i already said it's stupid and fucked up for me to keep doing something that is detrimental to me i already said i'm stupid i know it's not good for me. nothing i do is good for me. i know i should shower more but i don't. you act as if just because i know better means that my depression won't keep me from doing it. it's a chemical imbalance in my brain. and when you've been depressed for so long as a child it becomes a permanent state and embeds itself in your brain permanently like language and speech. sorry buddy but deleting tumblr won't magically make me better because it never has. and that's why i didn't respond to the previous anons even though i appreciated the concern. apparently you're offended you didn't save me and give me a wake up call over a reply on a forum. i wasn't talking about getting better or wanting advice i didn't expect someone from lolcow to save me lmao. i don't need advice or pity i don't like it i was just giving my side of something really ugly that does, sometimes, make for the gross content on thesr blogs. did i right too much yes lol but oh well. people hadn't thought about actual sick people when the other blog came up, which if you read the replies before my first message, it's apparent. not that it matters anymore since i get now that it's not that big of a deal.

truthfully my emotions are everywhere and i'm a stranger anyway who got too dramatic for 4 minutes on a website about a website you're right lol. so you can just ignore me now i won't whine anymore.(where can i subscribe to your newsletter, i am interested in hearing more)

No. 127149

fuck i forgot to sage. why am i even saging now rip.

No. 127155

This thread is about Ginger, not you. No one is interested in hearing about your depression or what you think about tumblr aesthetics. Stop embarrassing yourself with these gigantic narcissistic blogposts.

No. 127156

File: 1462282930207.jpg (66.64 KB, 600x600, grody.jpg)

a lot of people on here are depressed, among other things. you aren't special because you cling to your diagnosis and make excuses for why you can't control yourself. get better anon.

No. 127157

you talk as if i didn't just call myself dramatic that i'd shut up now lol.

No. 127163


all i can say is, there is worse shit out there, like the 'lady' we are talking about here. wake up every morning and repeat to yourself that you are better than this useless fat cow's bullshit dogma diarrhea she spits out of her mouth in every and each of her words.

nothing in this world compels to the shit of her songs. remember that ;)

No. 127165

PD: I think her songs are more gore than the trigger pictures up there.

Everything she puts on is a visual fart to my eyes. I'd rather see a chopped head on my tea table, it'd be more pleasant.

No. 127166

looks like she burned her lips with a hot drink.

No. 127218


Seems like everyone here is jealous. She's pretty cute imo

No. 127223

Why would anyone here be jealous of a white trash girl with a swastika tattoo that can't rap for shit and wears ugly $3 Walgreens jumpers?

No. 127257

I don't think anyone here has called her ugly. The problem is everything else about her.

No. 127266

nobody gives a fuck

No. 127295

Not sure why anyone would be jealous of a girl who looks like she exchanges bjs for mcdonalds.

No. 127323

File: 1462310019437.jpg (65.59 KB, 416x294, 7e023f1fd053333e068676245782fa…)

kayla's rapping be like

No. 127451

it's not that deep. you reblog a certain aesthetic snowflake, stop scrambling for an excuse for you following a trend.

No. 127466

Didn't someone mention somewhere here that they knew how to see if an anonymous ask was sent to a user from the user's IP address? How do you do that?

No. 127476

Statcounter, it shows you who visits your page and what time they visit it.

No. 127551

Those lips…I know she overdraws her lips badly normally but jfc this photo's lip makeup is particularly horrible.

No. 127553


How good of a burger are we talking about here

No. 127556

99p saver menu chicken burger tier quality.

No. 127611

i love how this shit looks like verses lmfao

No. 127664

File: 1462401195681.jpg (35.05 KB, 378x241, tumblr_mloeku4ULh1ruam3yo1_400…)

her bedbones era was so obnoxious. hi! wow! pills are great! everything is scary!

No. 127665

File: 1462401222930.jpg (25.16 KB, 383x147, tumblr_mloeku4ULh1ruam3yo2_r1_…)

No. 127666

File: 1462401257576.jpg (23.61 KB, 348x168, tumblr_mpz2gotq2Y1ruam3yo1_400…)

No. 127667

File: 1462401338792.jpg (41.02 KB, 540x466, tumblr_mjuxcuS7tT1ruam3yo1_540…)

i swear to god she's recycled half her old tweets in her new writing, just with chatspeak

No. 127668

File: 1462401382700.jpg (86.14 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nvwz2vv5zL1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 127669

File: 1462401458981.jpg (28.03 KB, 600x450, 653413942.jpg)

her old myspace profile pic

No. 127676

This makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

No. 127681

File: 1462403303541.jpg (85.05 KB, 970x1213, amd-fritzel-jpg.jpg)

Weird. She looks like a 15yr old girl who was kept as a sex slave in a basement dungeon.

No. 127682

Also, now we know why she overdraws her lips so bad and wears such shit eye makeup. Trying to minimize that potato nose.

No. 127686

that's the idea, anon

No. 127687

Why the fuck are these people so obsessed with child rape? Sexually abused kids are their aesthetic, especially when it's themselves in that role. Guess being an abused kid/having been abused as a kid is what earns you maximum sympathy and attention.

No. 127691

There are actual abused kids who don't get any sympathy or attention. A lot of people shy away from hearing about real abuse. That's not a problem for those who glamorize it without having to endure actual trauma.

No. 127722

File: 1462410430358.jpg (28.44 KB, 500x397, beth.jpg)

there's a reason child of rage has so many views on youtube and has hella notes on tumblr.

No. 127733


because many try to do anything to appeal and look interesting to escape their ordinary boring lives. look i am so weird, i read books, drink coffee and watch the moon. it's like this past year everybody tried to be harley quinh or something lol

No. 127758

i've had the displeasure of looking at child porn accounts on twitter to report them. let me just say this picture is nearly identical to the photos i've seen. this was 100% intended to look like child pornography. the flash from a darkened room, the confused face, the naked torso, the damp hair from sweat, the flushed cheeks from what is suggested to be the embarrassment of being naked and having just been molested by a trusted adult.

okay so wow kayla has obviously been looking at a lot of child pornography, and i don't think it was while visiting a signal boosted account to report it. the fact that kayla sat down and thought, "i want to take a picture that looks like i am a child who has just been molested" is like…. what kind of repulsive pig do you have to be. was she checking a reference photo while doing this photoshoot? or was the image perfectly clear in her head from looking at child porn so often? so much time went into the accuracy of this photo and it's sickening.

kayla is a pedophile. this just got to a whole nother level. there's no denying she regularly masturbates looking at or thinking about children being raped why the fuck else would she know so much about what it looks like to recreate the image of it. her constant obsession with child abuse, rape and prostitution and the sexual context of it all is more than a muse. it's a fetish. i hope this pig dies.

No. 127759

No. 127768

it's an escapist fantasy, and it's the ultimate taboo in our culture right now.

No. 127769

lmao holy shit i know you guys love to pull real wild shit out of your asses but it's not funny when you do it with something as serious as this
like damn you honest to god need to chill

No. 127790

yeah right. cringe, but it looks just like a photo I had as my profile picture on myspace or whatever i used at a similar age. Fucking chill, she'd probably just gotten her first DSLR, took a load of selfies and had no idea what to do with her face bc she's a fucking kid.

No. 127791

You are so annoying, stop with your dramatic blogs.

No. 127792

To add, anon, I have also had the displeasure of reporting CP. I also know a survivor. However luckily for me, I never developed this crazy creepy attitude of yours. Cut the melodrama. You have been nothing but annoying since you've shit up this thread with your theatrics.

No. 127795

>>i've had the displeasure of looking at child porn accounts on twitter to report them

What the fuck are you talking about shut the fuck up.

No. 127799

I actually know what anon is talking about as far as that goes. CP twitters can end up under the radar for a whole month even when they have hardcore photos posted. Sometimes multiple people have to report it for anything to be done in a timely manner. Other than that one segment, that whole rant was disgusting and made me incredibly uncomfortable. It's that tumblr autismo again.

No. 127804

Wait, I know that I've seen this type of writing somewhere else. At first I thought it was Soren copying her, but now I think that's sterility. I know that I've seen it somewhere else, cause I've been annoyed for the same reason.

No. 127813

Soren definitely copied her. He copied entire sentences word for word from her poetry and ask responses. There are so many other tumblr users that copy her writing style though. Some of them have been mentioned in the threads, like cygnum.

No. 127917

found her brother on facebook, looks like he has a girlfriend who looks EXACTLY like her. seems fishy

No. 127920

What's the point in posting this without proof…?

No. 127922



No. 127927

>Sorry, this content isn't available right now
Caps and images of his gf?

No. 127933

File: 1462470810605.png (332.86 KB, 455x508, Capture _2016-05-05-12-51-21.p…)

No caption. This is the only public picture he has with a girl and where you can see his face clearly. Everything else is private.

No. 127998

Yeah, I'd say that's what it's about mostly. It's the last big taboo really.

No. 128077

His gf doesn't look like Ginger… Lol. Knock it off. Yeah she's annoying and cringey. Yeah she wants to be seen as a damaged little baby bad girl. What else? Who cares? Quit grasping straws. She's really not that interesting. Quit digging up stupid shit that doesn't mean anything.

No. 128101


Could actually ask him if Kayla was really abused by him and their father if so. Or come up with a random story to get Kayla's real info.

No. 128116


has she said her brother abused her?

No. 128149

i doubt there's anything to be gained from asking him about her. whether their family was abusive or not, i doubt he'd disclose that to a stranger, especially if he was involved in it somehow.

No. 128189

File: 1462558648667.jpg (15.95 KB, 479x146, destinysripoff.jpg)

But she ripped off that line from Destiny's Child - Say my name.

No. 128211

i remember when she was bedbones or half-bunny and she wrote something about her father abusing both her and her brother

No. 128344


the receipt is in the first thread. also can search for "megan" and "jennifer" poems in tumblr, probably somebody reposted them.

No. 128353


No. 128410



the first person i felt close to hung herself in the bathroom in the hospital because she heard i was leaving soon but before i went to where they send girls not even the doctors want to see with my donation box panties we would always take two cherry desserts at dinnertime because they were fun to throw up, she wrote about angels who only felt pure when covered in dirt on my pink & white sneakers & that was what we were & her telephone number, she made my hair messy with her hands on her tiny white just-like-mine mattress, she smiled in my face, i let my head touch her bed frame, she had red watery eyes that looked bruised inside, like if you committed arson in an ocean so the flames came & the deep dark swallowed it, blistered forever & the waves just hit her & since we both shaved our heads we were already best friends & she was warm she was soft in the hallway she told everyone my daddy used to fuck me & my brother both, fire opal soul, girl filled with fresh coal & we were alone & because we thought they’d never send us home we kissed with our tongues in front of the grown-ups who never did watch us & i never called that number when i stopped seeing her because i knew nobody would pick up but at least i know what it feels like to fall in love; whenever i run away now it’s for her, when i close my eyes i imagine they burn"

Dunno about the jennifer one, can't find it. The poem mentions the father abusing Kayla/Ginger and her brother, not the brother abusing her. That's how I understand it, at least.

No. 128452

i remember this poem. i always tought that "my daddy used to fuck me and my brother both" was something that had happened to that girl megan as it says "she told everyone". like the abuse line was something megan said but kayla just wrote it without quotation marks. but i'm not sure, it's confusing

No. 128482

I feel like a total pleb but I thought that wasn't even such a bad read

No. 128497


Same here. Her old stuff, true or not, told a story and seemed to mean something.

That was before she started pretending that she can barely speak English. She seriously went from one day writing like "I love you too" to the next day "I luv u 2"

No. 128499

I guess being illiterate is romantic too.

No. 128503


Y'all serious? Not judging you but it's just a string of edgy clichés… it's like Gaia online roleplay tier

No. 128505


I mean its definitely generic and predictable (and possibly plagirized), but it at least attempts to have some imagery and emotion.

Gold in comparison to what she does now.

No. 128507

She also types and as N. Didn't she get an English degree??

No. 128510


Its honestly fucking offensive if she did have such an exceptional education. There are so many people who really can't afford or have access to a basic education that would kill to have that kind of opportunity.

And she glamourozes them and fakes being unable to spell or write.

She loves to appropriate, she's probably gonna get dreads or something next.

No. 128514

>>105307 This comment is from the first thread, made by someone who was a longtime follower.

Funny that she got educated and then the quality of her writing and spelling went downhill. All for the ridiculous aesthetic that doesn't even suit her.

No. 128517

I don't know if this was covered in the first thread, if it was I apologize.

But I saw something there saying that she wants people to think that Corey was C-Murder (using pictures of him and stuff).
But she's also said that Corey was a white supremacist who forced her to get the swastika tattoo.

So what, she's saying that a black rapper was her abusive white supremacist boyfriend? How does that make any sense?

No. 128530

The way she was showing off her tattoos makes me think no one forced her to do anything. I think she just wants to play the victim.

No. 128650


the second girl who kissed me lives in a psychiatric ward by the beach & sometimes she calls me her voice sounds like sleep so i don’t answer i need something sharper when we were both in the hospital we met i was in the kitchen closet touching donation boxes everything was forgotten & soft, lost, once she wrote the same four-letter word on her wrist only i did mine with a splinter from the bedpost & she did hers at home & i want to say that all we ever wanted was to be found & all we ever did was run until we couldn’t have been & i hope that your scars are still smaller than mine & i want her to know how many donation boxes came after us except she wasn’t there to lead me out from under them, except i’ve always kept my own secrets & i used to put my head in her lap; now i can’t"

more psychiatric ward adventures.

No. 128654

I also remember her posting images and so many texts about blood, self-harming/cutting and later when her pictures in detail HD of her runaway came out it showed her skin was clear af.

No. 128656

"she is so small compared to her brother now & i wonder why some things have to stay so so small when the bigger things get to grow up & get tall & can jump up above you & don’t seem to remember at all what it was like to be quiet & close to you in the dark."

this is a fragment of an answer she wrote to a random anon question clearing it more she was abused by her brother.

No. 128819

I wonder if her writing can degenerate even further? Maybe her next ~aesthetic~ will involve removing prepositions and connectives altogether lol

No. 128827

File: 1462765405933.png (1.38 MB, 1436x785, Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.40…)

"Pretending you're poor is wrong. It wasn't okay when Mary-Kate Olsen went through a hobo phase & it's not okay now."

No. 128931


She didn't write that. Sounds like something from one of her clones.

No. 129038


She wrote that. I can't make you an screenshot of the tumblr site since it's not there to prove it. But I have a note document with all her poems since the beginning and many of her anon questions with her answers.

No. 129124

File: 1462886851684.jpg (47.24 KB, 640x640, 12107523_752992598138681_12971…)

wadda'papi meme

No. 129125

File: 1462887000410.jpg (90.42 KB, 640x640, 12142116_1501713826792744_2105…)

la colezzione

No. 129276

File: 1462922097966.png (371.04 KB, 469x475, Capture _2016-05-10-18-02-46.p…)


No. 129282

What a mid life crisis lol

No. 129384


photoshop laser removal swastika + titties contouring.

congrats you leveled up gg

No. 129477


Still doesn't imply she was abused. Probably just close with her brother. I've followed her for a long time too, I don't remember reading that though.

No. 129536

i used to follow her bedbones and pissangel blogs and i realised i still do and that i can see her old entries on my reading list even when she has deleted them all so i am going to post the most relevant:

✰ at . - 4 years ago
yay, tiny garden ! two evenings ago a woman held my face & i want her to be my mother, maybe

✰ at . - 4 years ago
yay, tiny garden ! tonight i drank cheap beer out of a wine glass while wearing a fur coat that weighs more than i do. everywhere hurts, also. it's lovelier than you might think. p.s. morphine morphine morphine i won't eat so much of it tomorrow, or the next day, really !

No. 129537

✰ at . - 4 years ago
I. AUTOPSY today a man touched my hands with his hands without asking & then without seeming to remember that he should have asked, he should have not, he ran his fingers over mine, though not for longer than he wanted to. i could not escape his hands. II. FUNERAL when i arrived where i was meant to arrive, i washed my hands, scoured them really, for what was minutes but was eternities of unearthing & then expelling him, the now missing man, i mean, but even then i could smell the strange terrifying smell of them, my hands; his skin on my skin. III. EULOGY beca… more »

0 1 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
when i visit the doctor, he says that there is not enough of anything between the bones of my wrist, just a smallness. he says, "consider this the beginning of physical problems due to being too thin." at the hospital, i wonder what my body looks like inside: a great expanse of earth or bone, & i in calm enclosure, observing it like a moon.

0 3 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
after not walking through acres of near-dead narcissus, i dropped a glass on the kitchen floor & abruptly went back to bed where i lay absent & quietly ill for some time. in unmoving, i eventually found a sliver of paper on which i had written, "march 22: get out of me whoever you are."

0 5 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
when away from home for the first time & every time since, i can't seem to remember what my father looks like, nor which one of him was my favorite.

0 7 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
i remember the first hospital stay in this way: here is where she sat crying, here is where they laid linens over the little bodies we belonged to, here is where she played with my hair, here is where she hung herself & fell, a too-heavy star, helplessly removed from the dark.

1 2 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
sometimes my mother paints pictures of women who look like they haven't wept in years. she keeps a movie on the television, one in which a man gets very angry at anytime & wraps his hands around things like shoulders, & shakes, & shakes. sometimes i fall asleep in her bed to a sheet-scent of pale wisteria & the medication she doesn't take. sometimes i imagine that she hasn't stopped smiling since we first saw one another, that she misses me like eucrasy when i am nowhere near.

1 8 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
i am running my hand under kitchen sink water. i have a dizzy head & dirty socks on. my mother says very suddenly & beside me, "she needs me to take care of her." i feel very sad when she hugs me, & i don't quite understand the feel of it. i can't even imagine it now. it's almost as if she were a closet door closing, & i the air inside, strangely unaware of anything that might mean anything to me if i had a mind with which i might understand the difference between dark & light.

2 0 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
my mother has a bruise where her eye is, or where her eye should be. our eyes have always been the same color, though she's never said so herself. i think i haven't once looked at her eyes & understood them to be otherwise, or anything other than mine; it seems to be something that has always happened, is always happening, though i don't think that the glow-green, cerulean silent films that she owns, the ones with the yellow sighing somewhere & suddenly in the center an hour or two in are the same ones that i know, the ones that i've got all the words to. i imagine that when my moth… more »

2 1 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
he was wearing a tie & there was something on it, i think, a strange flower, an almost-flower, so i said so & so i reached out because by that time he was close enough to reach out to. after flowering i kept not-looking at him much as i felt that i'd blush, or that he was looking first, & so i stood not saying a word & twisting around & back & forth with my eyes down & all about & he was smiling & i knew he was smiling & i could just tell without seeing & he said "it's okay," & he said it again & again & more than once & i think that the beginning of anything that's at all lovely mu… more »

2 2 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
today i found the diary that he used to put his hands on my thighs for having.

2 4 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
i am wearing a dirty silk blouse & a too-long skirt as i sit in the car with my mother. she talks for a minute about the hours in which one can do things. i recall briefly that once she bled & bled on the mahogany before i held her separate skins in place & together, her blood blooming & shooting up up up from my fingers like favorites. "you have some appointments coming up,"she says, & a bit later, "i am a lot less hungry."

2 8 .
✰ at . - 3 years ago
he hadn't meant to, had he? he hadn't meant to. he hadn't meant to. he hadn't meant to apologize as apologies are for awful happenings, are for accidents. accidents. if it wasn't an accident, hadn't he meant to? apologies are for "forgive me's""i'm sorry's" mean that what was wrong fell from my body & found a home inside you. a home means a heart. what rains or flees removes me. he hadn't meant to, had he? "sometimes falling feels like flying"

No. 129538

that was from bedbones, tell me if u want me to post the pissangel posts too

No. 129549

yes please, would be interesting.

No. 129550

can you see any of the pictures still or is it just text?

No. 129552

File: 1462998945561.jpg (21.08 KB, 240x320, 4.JPG)

No. 129553

File: 1462998982818.jpg (34.72 KB, 300x400, 101.JPG)

the rest is just childish gifs. i will post the pissangel posts (includes + photos) later!

No. 129588

No. 129643

The cringey lip syncing reminds me of this lol

No. 129686


That's not the video, this is just her being an attention whore in her "trailerpark" room.

I meant other where she actually is walking and dancing around showing her luxury "suite" which is just whatever hotel tbh…

No. 129698

File: 1463025716830.jpg (13.35 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

kayla be like

who did your lips? they are full of bumps

No. 129720

File: 1463031745393.png (50.45 KB, 542x314, ging ew.png)

This doesn't even mean anything.

Everything she says is just an effort to sound poetic like it's layered in 9000 layers a metaphor but it doesn't fucking mean anything.

And I've had the feeling that she just sends herself messages to answer when she thinks she has something good to say.

And why is it necessary to reblog your own answers? Are you that in intrigued with yourself?

No. 129729

is this you kayla?

No. 129753


I think she sends herself asks too. She reblogs them because she doesn't get a lot of notes like before. Same with her selfies/songs.

No. 129778

does anyone have this video of her in the hotel?

No. 129860

post her pissangel poems!

No. 129883

File: 1463076904086.png (158.26 KB, 659x292, wsdhsd.png)


Now she deleted the reblog lol.

No. 129893

Kayla lurking confirmed?

No. 129918

Wouldn't be surprised if that's why she posted that selfie. She wanted to prove she had no swastika tattoo. Lol. She's a dumb cunt.

Also in the first thread someone mentioned a boyfriend she had, that was the opposite of what she portrayed. I think it's a guy named Paul.

No. 130006

New song, apparently she had someone help her produce this one. sigh

No. 130026


Jesus Christ. As a califag, West Covina isn't even that bad. It's fancy, sure, but if she wanted to pick a true ~crystal meth druggie town~ she should have went with El Monte or Baldwin Park.

Ging can't even pick the right shitholes to sing about.

No. 130027

*not fancy sorry

No. 130078

It was already confirmed in the first thread. She's posted a link to the thread on twitter with the words, "Luv it" a few months ago, however, she deleted it not long after.

No. 130091

heart shaped ass? cognac glass? her new song is so lana maybe she can sue her

No. 130281

i love how she's bringing about her own demise lmao. she's getting less notes, becoming uglier and fatter, and truly making nothing out of her time. i mean good luck when you'r 40? what are you gonna do @ kayla. they're gonna google your name and find all this. it's like the never ending trainwreck. imagine being this much of a waste of a human being lmao.

No. 130324

can someone link that ginger diss track on soundcloud that was posted a while back? i remember it being hilarious but can't find it

No. 130329

crystal is just any random girl she was with in pictures in twitter and friends with her in facebook. i remember she updated a video in twitter in her car calling other girls bitches and laughing. but it seems she likes to kill all her friends being hanged from a rope. i remember one she called her ex being sociopathic, narcissist, and a long etc. I think she was describing herself. I wonder why she even have followers. She's fake and boring, she totally sounds like a retard in her songs. It seems tumblr is her only source of self-steem and that's why she continued with all this bs.

No. 130330

No. 130331

bless you anon

No. 130335

lol this is way better than any of ginger's actual 'music'

No. 130340

File: 1463203167486.png (42.76 KB, 474x247, Capture _2016-05-14-00-18-04.p…)

The killiest… Okay…

No. 130345

she literally sounds like an snl skit

No. 130347

She's not even really trying any more.

No. 130391

Sounds like something Kiki would say in her videos trying to be quirky.

No. 130397

We should try to guess how Kayla will try and butcher the English language next.

No. 130428

whats happened to the exposing ginger bronson tumblrs?

No. 130592

No. 130623

wow, the cringe is way too much.
i fucking hate her voice, but i think she looks good in this video. her photos are always flash-bright that accentuate her clown lips and puffy face.
i can't decide if she's trolling or not. her writing used to have some quality.

No. 130663


It would be better if she could at least keep a rythym..she clearly doesn't understand how music works. She needs to stop trying to force this because it's not working.

Her cringey "personality" aside, this is just bad.

No. 130664


She looks like she's trying to look stoned.

No. 130665


She's whispering like she doesn't want her parents to hear her in the next room lol

No. 130704

what's the difference lmao

No. 130718

the fact that she thinks black people or actually literally anyone poor sounds like this… i can tell she was born and raised in claremont.

No. 130723

File: 1463289378947.jpg (90.06 KB, 640x640, 13181383_1596348447347633_1338…)

did she get eyelash extensions? lmao, so much for poor, you rich bitch

No. 130738

i seem to have suddenly remembered goatse

No. 130746


What the fuck lmfao
This guy and Gingew should make videos together

No. 130769

do you think her pupils are red because of the flash or that she wears cringey contacts on a daily basis

No. 130787

She told someone on Twitter they were falsies. I think she said the brand but I can't be bothered to scroll through that cringe feed of hers.

No. 130941


the secondhand embarrassment is triggering my gag reflex, I wish I'd never watched either of these. I can't believe people put videos of themselves doing this kind of shit on the internet.

No. 131298

how does one live a life so contrived for the past 6 years like how does that happen. how is she enjoying this lol.

No. 131309

Contacts don't affect your pupils. It's the flash.

No. 131701

she looks like a circa 2004 vodka aunt on her way to walmart

No. 131794

lmao vodka aunt

No. 131814


She'll probably like that tbh

No. 131842

then i should mention she looks like she's in the middle of her mid fourties crisis after the divorce of her husnand and uploaded that photo to facebook

No. 131845

File: 1463555267287.jpg (85.55 KB, 640x960, BjdDn9hIUAAZ4vn.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 131846

This photo is a trainwreck. Like even more than usual. What even is that shirt?

(Also does anyone know what song was playing in the video of Kayla in her undies trying to act stoned? I feel like I've heard it somewhere before but I don't remember it…)

No. 131847


future - one helluva night

No. 131848


Kayla is like a bizarre aesthetic rabbit hole - how far will she go for the ~*broken trauma baby uwu*~ aesthetic next?

No. 131849


Just wait for what is the trend next. She has changed her persona every year depending on what was popular at the moment.

What happened to the exposing ginger bronson blogs? It's kinda sad all the messages she gets are from teens on their 14-19 years old… i don't know why she keeps up with all her created fantasy world in tumblr and that people actually buys her shit.

No. 131850

Most buy it because they're impressionable tweens that don't know any better. I think all the callout blogs had to lay low because they were reported for ~harassment~ and Tumblr was actually deleting them to protect Kayla's feefees and aesthetic trap baby "stardom".

It would be hilarious if the next popular bandwagon that she tries to hop onto is the complete opposite of this one.

No. 131880

Let's hope she tries to go country. I'd love to see that mess.

No. 131899


this is a weird concept to me just because i wouldn't see a call out blog as harassment and i know call out blogs of much bigger/more famous people and way more active that haven't been taken down in over a year. like tess munster?

No. 131919

File: 1463583263585.jpg (41.5 KB, 401x401, kaylasay.jpg)

I really don't find her to be that attractive at all tbh. Not just this picture. Even in the ones where she is all dolled up. She has an odd face… Idk. It's symmetrical and all, but it just looks strange. Best way someone on this thread described it was "Courtney Love before surgery" lol.

She's kinda ugg. With shit music. Does anyone follow her on twitter? She ALWAYS screenshots stupid ass anonymous asks she answers and posts them to her twitter saying "oh my bby all my 2 bad angels ily u all we r all 1 <3"

I can't be arsed to take a screenshot (also cant find button for it on this comp) but she tweeted this a few days ago:
"I xperiment w my music cuz I wn have fun! If u don't like it, don't b mean! I can't hear u & I don't really care lol. Just b cool instead <3"

do you guys think she's read the thread lately? Or does she notice her dwindling fandom? She definitely doesn't get as much attention on tumblr after her whole 180 style change to ~dreamy broken sad dolly gangsta

No. 131927

I thought this actually was a photo of Courtney Love.

No. 131930

If someone is persistent enough they can whine so much that Tumblr will remove it. Tess has always cared more about her Instagram ~haterz~ than her Tumblr ones tbh.

No. 131970

We should all really start chronicling her misadventures

No. 132031

File: 1463604448479.png (76.9 KB, 518x240, tumblr_mpaepc2eNb1qh6hioo1_500…)

what a cliche

No. 132035

2deep4me lol
At least stereotypical emo diaries are better than whatever Kayla even is nowadays, I suppose.

No. 132087

thank you lmao i made that shit and ain't nobody contributed smh roast that bitch!!! if there's anything no one can take down it's encyclopedia dramatica that shit is truly for life. and the kicker is that it's always the #1 thing to appear in search results it's literally so high profile.

No. 132105

No. 132122

Loving that double chin action.

No. 132136

It is way too easy to spot you in all of these G.Bronson threads. You sound like you have some kind of personal vendetta, or you're just a bitter dark sjw. fam. get a life, seriously. nobody really gives a fuck about your Bronson expose tumblr. Stop talking about it smh bae fam

No. 132149

i just made the encyclopedia dramatica page lmao i'm just a nigga passing thru relax beckie

No. 132150

What happened to that anon that was gonna post her old poems?

No. 132151

you type as uneducated as I can safely presume you are. beckie? i'm black, fam. stay in your fucking lane. nobody cares.

No. 132152

sage, just gotta also add that saying 'nigga' is trashy as fuck.

No. 132153

i'm black lol

take your own advice

No. 132154

yes, i also told you i am black. and i dont say nigga because it's trashy.
all you've done in the past two threads is constantly bring up that fuckin' tumblr nobody cares about. it's annoying. stop trying to make it happen, fam bae nigga squad. not gonna happen.

No. 132157

Guys, stop shitting up the thread and stay on topic.

No. 132158

More Cringe from our bby Ginger <3 NEW VIDEO! posted 2 hrs ago on her twitter. 7 likes lol


No. 132161

i brought up an encyclopedia dramatica page i made lol you ok

>fam bae nigga squad

this is literally shit ppl say on instagram you ain't black why do you want me to care

No. 132162

how insulting for you to think that blacks have to talk using that ignorant slang to be "black" or be believable. youre everything wrong with the community , fr. go away.

No. 132163

Lol, ew. I think the best way to describe ginger is "Puffy"

No. 132164

File: 1463633916232.jpg (41.47 KB, 600x600, Ch9cC9WVIAAXUV7.jpg)

No. 132165

File: 1463633965132.jpg (61.51 KB, 600x600, CiYzFHEUgAAkK7K.jpg)

her bag looks ratty as hell.

No. 132166

File: 1463634078710.gif (481.89 KB, 390x359, 1394349055353.gif)

No. 132168

The best way to describe her style would be grimy dirty grandma hand-me-downs mixed with trailer park wanna be edgy alt glam. so in other words, disgusting.

No. 132170

File: 1463634245782.jpg (3.61 KB, 124x120, alo.jpg)

No. 132172


An anonymous person having beef with another anonymous person. Do you have that much time and effort on your hands? School's out, I presume. Seriously, shut the fuck up

No. 132173

she should put pillsbury toaster strudel icing on her bedsheets to make it look like cum i mean if she wants to seem legit and all

No. 132174

> Anonymous:

how would you define yourself?


Christmas lights in a gang sign world
Thumbsucker with a wolf heart

Ain’t changed ⭐️

from her tumblr blog.
>aint changed

lmfao this girl changes every time the wind blows

No. 132177

>Christmas lights in a gang sign world

Whaaat does that even mean?

No. 132180

Ginger just mashing words together.

No. 132187

kayla literally just looks like she belongs on people of walmart. like some lower middle class middle aged divorcee living in the suburbs who watches tlc at home, eats great value cheetos and occasionally abuses pain killers. she types like she just discovered the internet and is trying to sound hip. she looks like her life is a mess sure but she doesn't look poor while doing it. so what is the point.

No. 132188

I really want to know why she is so attached to this ~ghetto bby glamor~. Especially on tumblr. I'm honestly surprised nobody has majorly called her out on her false representation and romanizing of a ghetto/white trash lifestyle. Especially when she always has her nails done, new extensions, new clothes new shoes new place she's in at every picture. I used to wonder how she supported herself and had so much money for things. Everytime somebody would ask she would be all "find a man nd make him fall in luv bby, nvr give him whT he wants, b a dark angel". When in reality she's 26 still living with her fucking parents they pay for everything.

No. 132190

Just the typical bored rich girl trying to be something they aren't. This one just takes it to a new and weird level.

No. 132193

Something must have happened to her as a kid to make her act like this. This is not normal human behavior. Probably some repressed shit and not in a "romantic" tumblr way.

No. 132194

That's the thing. She can be a bored rich girl all she wants. There are many aesthetics she could have chosen from. Her writing has regressed backwards. Her typing has regressed.

No. 132195

either that or she's just deranged with deranged interests. sometimes it happens to people who haven't experienced any major trauma or abuse. some people are just sick. maybe she always wanted to a ~broken tragic angel~, but her life is not tragic enough. so here comes the Internet, and she can have a field day exploring the hard life she wishes she would have had to be able to fit into the aesthetic lol. rich people r wild

No. 132197


Lol they need to make a tlc show about her with "rich people r wild" as the title

No. 132199

our tragic bby kayla cn b the #1 on the show. i can see her attention whoring with her ratchet nails n extensions, laying around smoking cigarettes and brooding on the drk harsh realities of the world viewed from a tragic drrk babygirl like her <3

No. 132206

File: 1463639195702.jpg (69.23 KB, 919x603, 1459244029954.jpg)

nah before this persona kayla was normal going to university in fact WHILE she was on tumblr talking about sucking dick and doing meth in berlin she was actually just in uni making jokes about justin bieber with her friends on instagram. nothing about her life is or has been tragic. she started off writing about abuse and shit and lowkey roleplaying on her blogspot and tumblr as pillowstars and pissangel. then she started getting attention because people assumed all of those things about her were true. she became interesting and popular and got a fanbase. and from there she just kept going based on whatever movie she was into. by creating this ultimate tragic life she truly rose to fame and became iconic among her little tumblr clique for a while.

things like this have happened before. google laura albert. she created the penname jt leroy and wrote two books claiming to be about jt's life called sarah and the heart is deceitful above all things. shit about the kid being raped, being in meth labs and doing drugs as a child in a trailer park. everyone ate it up jt became famous and laura hired a model to pretend to be jt and show up to book singings. they caught her when she committed fraud on her taxes or some shit. then she was like "oh through jt i was more creative i could write more" it's literally the same with kayla. two writers who roleplay being abused as a form of muse because they can and because it gets them attention.

No. 132207


she was was just luring poetryfoundation.org and copypasted a lot. she's the kind of appropriating but never ever gave the source. like not rebbloging pics from other users in tumblr. but she just posted in her tumblr and instagram pictures from "aesthetic" groups in flickr she never credited for.

it's not like she regressed. she is just showing her kinda natural true form now, which is that she is just plainly brainless and stupid.

No. 132208

>she was was just luring poetryfoundation.org and copypasted a lot.

i knooowwwwww that's the only reason her old shit sounded good. her writing was just a bootleg of other actually good poets. that's all she's ever been is one big bootleg.

No. 132209

I remember somewhere on an ask.fm pr something she answered a question saying she didn't give credit to the images she posted or quotes because "art was separate from it's creator"

No. 132210

holy shit I googled Laura Albert

"For me it was created the way an oyster creates a pearl: out of irritation and suffering. It was an attempt to try to heal something. And it actually worked, and it did so for a lot of other people. The amazing thing is, now I can be available to people. It's OK with me if someone doesn't like my writing. But they shouldn't try to tell me how I'm obliged to present my work. No audience for any work of art needs to worry about being fooled. Art is the opportunity to change the way you think, which means you can never be fooled – you either have that experience or you don't."

Let's be real this is totally what Kayla is doing.

No. 132215

she once said something about a music record label manager push her away because of her weight so does it mean by this approach she really thinks she can be a real singer to start with? is she that delusional? or she's a completely narcissist who thinks her looks can take her anywhere?

No. 132224

Pretty sure that didn't happen Lol. I'm pretty sure, if she even HAD an encounter with a music producer, he listened to her shit and told her to get out and stop wasting his time, and to at least make something halfway decent. She just puts out garbage.

I think that was just a little "i'm being judged for my weight but i left and told him 2 fuck off bc im pefect how i am beautful broken angels 2 good for life, ur all perfect how u are fuck beauty standards"
just trying to make herself seem noble.

No. 132284

File: 1463666336346.png (217.16 KB, 472x550, image09848.png)

No. 132285

File: 1463666359124.png (278.38 KB, 470x530, image48219.png)

No. 132286

File: 1463666396509.png (264.23 KB, 474x479, image10390.png)

Some old pics of Kayla in her past life

No. 132301

pillowstars was just another member of her clique. all their writing and blogs and tragic lolita schticks were pretty much interchangeable though, kayla only stood out because of her tattoos and modelling in europe. but imo her popularity started declining when she retroactively added the meth and poverty and sugaring shit to her backstory and started transitioning to her ginger persona because that's when she started dumbing down her writing. i think her peak was during her earlier halfbunny days when she just had that original opiates/hospitals/abuse/ed/ptsd backbone to her backstory.

No. 132326

is that a fucking slipknot shirt?

No. 132328


she also has some of cannibal corpse, acid bath, marilyn manson, etc. yet her skull tattoos and the 666 etc were not about being a metalhead poser but an alabama kidnapped sweet girl that was methed up and forced into it.

No. 132337


As soon as she said she was kidnapped was when I was like, there's something off here. And I think other people noticed too she had a couple of asks about it calling her out that she delered and she started getting less notes. Then came ginger and every started bailing.

No. 132338


No. 132340


She already deleted it lol. She sounded like a fucking goat.

No. 132761

has anyone messaged the person on instagram who posted those pics?

No. 132763

Seems like people did, she changed her tumblr settings so it's dashboard view only and she made a post about this site is all about bullying, her and kayla don't talk much but it's always the same when they come together again etc etc.

No. 132768


whats her tumblr?

No. 132770


No. 132780


did anybody screenshot?

No. 132786

No. 132854

File: 1463801644874.png (97.73 KB, 640x640, IMG_9427.PNG)

in case anyone was curious, the crystal she's talking about on her latest song is this girl, crystal didomenico. she posted a few pictures of them together in august of last year, around when she first got back to socal, and she was the other person in that twitter video of her shit talking a bartender for kicking her out that someone mentioned before. she is very much alive, and there's nothing on her profiles that suggests she had a recent suicide attempt, or that her mental health was ever in a dark enough place to warrant one.

her twitter, instagram, and tumblr are all crystalxfrankie, and she has another tumblr with the url crystal-di-domenico. most of her posts are about, well, herself and her boyfriend, but she's still interacting publicly with kayla's posts. they probably still see each other regularly, despite what the song was implying.

there was an anon in the first thread who knew her irl, saying that her songs and poems were generally about multiple people in order to ratchet up the drama. i wonder if the third verse might've been about someone she's mentioned before (megan, jennifer) or someone else entirely? ofc it could all just be a flat out lie, but i feel as though she's cherry picking. a lot of her friends are aware of her web presence, and i doubt she would blatantly make things up about her interpersonal relationships. they would know. it would have real repercussions for her & she isn't that stupid.

i wonder which it is. because if it's not about crystal, and it's not made up, then she's using her friend's suicide to sprinkle some shock value into her music… just another drop in the bucket of shitty things that kayla has done.

No. 132932

She's probably just using "crystal" to hint to her meth lifestyle

No. 132938

File: 1463841062881.jpg (32.29 KB, 600x600, 4.jpg)

Kayla updating her meth poetry blog mobily at the turn up function


No. 132996

No. 133083

File: 1463886269700.png (69.69 KB, 593x270, Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.0…)

You were not happy with the size of them Kayla?

No. 133123

File: 1463911566295.jpg (65.65 KB, 600x600, CjCpwZmVEAA6iEr1.jpg)

No. 133124

File: 1463911587951.jpg (62.25 KB, 600x600, CjCpwZpUoAEY8_S2.jpg)

No. 133131

She probably already literally has all this shit lmao.

No. 133181

>dear mom, may I have a $3 walgreens shirt so I can look like a broken trauma angel with a heart of gold & a new lipstick 2 overdraw my lips 4 the aesthetic & something something pretentious metaphor about feeling heaven in my fingertips

Fixed it lol

No. 133183

File: 1463929963486.gif (1.79 MB, 200x113, tumblr_inline_nt3w9nywQc1rqinb…)

>Dear God please let me have more money than all the men who ever disrespected me
>Dear God please let me have more money
>more money

Why pray to God for more money when you can ask your dad the attorney working in Riverside who lives in the same house as you tho.

>Kayla Day Aaron
>2342 Jamestown Ct
>Claremont, CA 91711-2215
>related to Jeffrey A Aaron

>Jeffrey Alan Aaron
>2342 Jamestown Ct
>Claremont, CA 91711-2215
>related to Kayla Day Aaron

>Jeffrey A Aaron (Attorney)

No. 133186

File: 1463930121138.gif (928.44 KB, 245x240, odAP689.gif)

No. 133213

writing with numbers is texting/internet slang?? to abbreviate and type faster?? the fact that she handwrites with numbers in a notebook is so fucking stupid oh my god.

No. 133251

i love how kayla never mentions tinder, uber or okcupid even though she's got a smartphone. it's like she wants everyone to think she's meeting guys at bars and on the street and hitchhiking like if this was 1995.

No. 133345

I wonder what her OKC profile would say? The cringe level is fun to imagine.

No. 133452

she doesn't even look poor she looks like someone going through a midlife crisis. is she wearing flip flops yet.

No. 133721

whitepages was truly her downfall

No. 133782


Well I doubt their friends give a crap about the lies she tell in tumblr, probably they are like "as long as you have fun with it" Kayla: "look at this losers who buys all my shit". But It would be kinda funny if they really lurked into her tumblr because Kayla has many times stated that she didn't have any real friend or one at all, that she has been a lone wolf travelling and being rescued by men, blah blah blah.

She's the kinda acting like the typical teenager at 15s who doesn't have a clue about their lives and are spoiled af. Please grow the fuck up.

No. 133871

the sad part is that she's closer to 30 than she is to 20 yikes!

No. 134192

File: 1464208127431.jpg (79.84 KB, 463x924, Screenshot_2016-05-25-21-27-03…)

This ask sounds like Kayla wrote it herself tbh.

No. 134202

wow that's cringy af

also i don't ever want a bloody boy in my drink

No. 134224


i thought exactly the same thing.

No. 134225

She mentions now god a lot and has the fucking 666 tattooed on her.

No. 134226

File: 1464215159389.png (615.62 KB, 808x814, Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 07.2…)

No. 134274

the three dots was a dead giveaway lmaooo

No. 134276

It's like she watched Lana Del Rey's Ride music video and said, "This is what I want everyone to think I am"

Maybe she's trying to be religious like LDR is or she's doing it ironically. Probably the former. Everything I see of this chick screams wannabe and copycat. She also keeps mentioning how city lights inspire her like Lana used to say A LOT. Fucking cringey.

No. 134295

oh my god lana sings about jesus, the virgin mary and god all the fucking time. comparing god to elvis begging god to save her from her wicked hooker stripper ways etc etc. kayla is literally copying lana del rey wtf lol. she went from vaguely believable trailer park meth addict with ptsd to fat ldr wannabe with ugly makeup? that is so fucking 2012. talk about a downgrade.

No. 134302

I wonder if she's losing her fans/audience with this shit.
People liked the skinny, blonde, methed up personification of lost innocence. What she's doing now is just dated and sort of trashy.

No. 134304


she hasn't had a post with more than 15 notes in like 2 weeks

No. 134324

can you belieb she played herself like this and brought upon herself the one thing she's desperate not to lose. hopefully she'll delete and get a job before she turns 30.

No. 134361

Or in a worst case scenario, shift from persona to persona hoping to regain her lost Tumblr fame and failing miserably…I can kinda see that happening.

No. 134434

the ginger bronson ship is sinking so if she wants to hop onto something more marketable(and entertaining tbh) she better do it now before it's undeniable she's in her thirties. those 12 years olds won't idolize someone who's old and ugly lol.

No. 134674

>op onto something more marketable(and entertaining tbh)

ikr this thread has become so boring

No. 134723

I do hope that she tries to go country. Or maybe something edgier with dangerhair…that could be funny too.

No. 134970


#tbt to my a+ suggestions for kayla's new persona

No. 134979


I'm voting for kayla goes kawaii

No. 134988

I hope Kayla becomes a Jehovah's witness.

No. 134999

kayla will bring scenekids back. kkkla dayng3r. might as well she already types like one lmao.

No. 135008

Kayla should take up a babysitting job and say the baby is hers. Then when the kid grows up she can say it died and afterwards she'll link to her paypal for funeral costs because her boyfriend wants to throw the body in the trash and she's on the run with a dead child in her Winnie the Pooh backpack. Also check out her new acrylic nails and lashes.

No. 135041


now every time she gets a comment about being similar to LDR in her instagram she deletes that message.

No. 135047

That would be particularly lulzy, especially because of all her un-kawaii tattoos.

No. 135455

File: 1464542143301.png (506.35 KB, 1411x2072, Screenshot_2016-05-29-13-10-15…)

sending herself anons to remind every1 how she's a complicated & broken fighter in this cruel world<3

because it's so hard for a uni graduate living in upper middle class california with her psychologist mom and lawyer dad to succeed in life.

No. 135531

I wonder when the last time she got a geniune ask was lol

No. 135535

File: 1464556972578.jpg (92.26 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nhu03tk2FJ1qh6hioo1_500…)

imagine seeing her on the street

No. 135540

>I got myself thru it bi pushin myself into da fiyah so I can never die
We Daenerys now

No. 135662

did she really paint clouds in acrylic paint on a blue bedsheet and then super glue it to the bag lmalamdslamallsdmo

No. 135869

now she's getting comments on her songs on soundcloud saying how fucking terrible she is

No. 135878

link omg

No. 135918

It's still so funny to me that this bitch lives a mere 3 minute drive from me.

Makes so much sense now that she's from Claremont.

No. 135925


You can go by and say hi~~

No. 135949

that's the only bad comment i've seen, can she delete comments? -although i didnt go through each EP track or anything

No. 135979

take one for the team and take a picture of the house we have the address of it

No. 136000

Ok first of all no no NO. Do NOT fucking stalk this girl, it's not only against the lolcow rules, it is illegal and is also fucking cruel as hell. This isn't 4chan.

Leave her alone in real life. That's too far.

No. 136025

Calm down Tumblrina, her address and phone number are available publicly on whitepages when you google her name.

If people choose to stalk her that's 1. not our fault and 2. the fault of her dumb ass for literally signing a paper giving permission for her house address and photo to be available to everyone across the globe. No one's forcing or encouraging anyone to do shit since we've brought up her address early in the previous thread. Anyone who stalks her is a fucktard who could've done it without lolcow.

Shut the fuck up.

No. 136046

File: 1464724105785.jpg (883.67 KB, 1440x2113, Screenshot_2016-05-31-15-45-13…)

we made it

No. 136052

how often do you think kayla has reported lolcow for cyberbullying as all snowflakes do

No. 136163

Probably more times than poor ghetto princess Ginger ever learned to count!

No. 136179

File: 1464748375345.png (57.44 KB, 694x566, what.png)

her writing composition lately is reminiscent of my alzheimer riddled grandmother in her final days

No. 136184

This poem is literally, "I'm not like the other girls".

No. 136188

File: 1464749990916.png (17.99 KB, 370x68, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.57…)

No. 136189

File: 1464750003646.png (13.71 KB, 305x61, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.57…)

No. 136190

File: 1464750098074.png (25.53 KB, 401x89, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.00…)

let me guess..you're the flawed rose. because you're better than other girls.

No. 136214

lmao that song broke his waking state enough he couldn't even punctuate correctly

how fucking old is she really again? i understand being a middle class white girl and the delusion that gives you but really how the fuck has she never been touched by the real world to this degree? while she romanticizes the ghetto lifestyle she has literally no connection to???? when even ghetto people want a better lifestyle ???????

No. 136215

she's turning 27 this year rip

No. 136245

this whole thing is just the "fuck skinny bitches" "men like girls with curves" "i'm not like OTHER girls i don't need a man". what in the 2012 tumblr hell. i feel like this belongs on a grid theme with nebulas and pizza.

No. 136249

File: 1464762718403.png (423.55 KB, 511x910, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 08.2…)

She keeps sending messages to herself.

No. 136250

File: 1464762767764.png (539.38 KB, 553x921, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 08.2…)

Her job is selling dope it seems.

No. 136251

File: 1464762829955.png (473.29 KB, 557x915, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 08.3…)

This is so inspiring, almost convinced me to be like this but hell nah.

No. 136252


the edge is strong in this one

No. 136384


dad's phone in one hand and her own in the other, sending herself texts from her dad's phone and screenshotting them as they arrive before deleting them.

that's one way to pass the time when you're unemployed.

No. 136416

I think…
I like..
I am..

No. 136456

Leo nonsense

No. 136522

she types like an indian person in the comments section of a bollywood movie trailer

No. 136537

fucking topkek anon

No. 136562

File: 1464858745468.jpg (276.18 KB, 1080x1920, d3ac0119-ee4d-4ccb-b3c1-be4372…)

No. 136563

File: 1464858768911.png (107.25 KB, 449x645, Capture _2016-06-02-04-10-33.p…)

No. 136564

File: 1464858787351.png (92.43 KB, 417x583, Capture _2016-06-02-04-10-45.p…)

No. 136565

File: 1464859048858.jpg (96.22 KB, 612x612, 121d6e1c-3e1a-4650-be08-72db5d…)

Proof she sent her books or whatever from the UK i guess lol

No. 136654

oooh what is this

No. 136825

Some Tumblrina who's sad that her precious ~aesthetic bby ginger~ has a Nazi tattoo.

No. 136832

i mean a huge swatstika tattoo on your chest is pretty heavy even by tumblr standards. especially when so much of her current aesthetic centralizes on black culture.

No. 136847

bitch you want to try and hate on that guys grammar when you aint punctuating right yourself

she doesnt even try to sound different. this is her exact word choice


No. 136851

i hope no one paid more than $4 for this

No. 136879

Well yeah, but it's the fact that she's getting so worked up about some cringey girl on the internet that's hilarious.

No. 136892

no yeah i know i'm mostly just thinking like. damn kayla wins for heaviest snowflake receipt lol. not that she said the n word or said something vaguely racist or bullied someone or made furry art just literally like, hey did you know your fav has a giant swatstika tattoo on their chest and was a literal neo mazi? it's hilarious.

No. 136893

*neo nazi

No. 136918

File: 1464966880289.jpg (72.66 KB, 918x584, Capture1.JPG)

these look like shit

No. 136923

>selling things with photography that isn't hers
>walgreens card section cat stickers


No. 136926

File: 1464968475296.jpg (46.32 KB, 800x293, Capture2.JPG)

adult women buying stickers and exchanging their word vomit/scrapbooks

No. 136927

File: 1464969016378.jpg (92.43 KB, 935x577, 00000000009941.JPG)

No. 136928

kayla's is the worst

No. 136934

Has anyone tried adding Kayla expose shit on instagram? Seeing as she has so many admirers there.

No. 136935

lmao as if kayla is on the same standard as warsan shire

No. 136936

not sure if you're replying to the pic or my comment, but i was talking about kayla and clones of kayla, not the other two authors, i don't know anything about them

No. 136938

File: 1464971910535.jpg (27.8 KB, 254x290, 34.JPG)

bpd confirmed?

No. 136940

Jesus Christ this sounds like a fucking nightmare

No. 136941

Lol, this reads like something a single mom would post on facebook next to a picture of Marilyn Monroe or a minion. Kayla's writing is shit but usually it's a bit better than that.

No. 136944

that's not even the usual "love me at my worst",it's way over-board NOT WORTH IT

No. 136949

File: 1464974745588.png (508.93 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nh0bqp6zWg1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 136952

File: 1464974967196.jpg (88.46 KB, 500x523, tumblr_ne2kyx3Koh1qh6hioo1_500…)


No. 136968

File: 1464979172987.jpg (60.96 KB, 450x413, large.jpg)

hold up, does this mean an ex other than cory did some of her tattoos? so much for not wanting any. wonder if he did the skull on her leg too. the linework looks similar.

No. 136982

she sounds like an abusive piece of shit. imagine if a dude wrote that on their tinder profile.

No. 136983

File: 1464984271304.jpg (329.05 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o0ypxuu2An1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 137011

well that's just a beautiful, random, and secondhand embarressment text example, someone scribbles down on a nice 'mind opening' drugged up night…

No. 137023

Just when I think Kayla has worn her ugliest possible shirt, she manages to raise (or lower? depends how you look at it) the bar.

No. 137032

she's worn that shirt before. it's her token "i'm poor and sad and traumatized and holding onto the childhood i never had"

No. 137041

deddy funkd me herd in alerbammer

No. 137059

dirty plush doll she pulled out of the dumpster because poverty, prostitution and drug abuse amirite? i'm surprised she hasn't rapped about having an std yet. might he her one believable lie.

No. 137160


while she was talking about being in berlin she said she was going to write a book with photography about street corners, chlamydia (hell yeah), city lights, boys, booze, substances and strip clubs…

No. 137167


during her halfbunny era she used to write so many poems with the head titles named by big serial killers.
it seems she was inspired by this? just to spice up even more her edginess. she also used to post in her facebook stories about not very well known ones like dalphine laularie as if that was gonna maker more edgy interesting or cause shock to the public. i wonder what she will do when the whole gang/thugh/rap trend gets over. now she sounds like the typical 40s mid life crisis woman trying to catch any rich old man in a southern beach palm tree rich city with no avails, always complaining about how everyone is on fault and that don't like her or don't play her way and making it seems is others problems not her cause she is superior and ethereal and out worldly.

No. 137168

File: 1465030109722.png (26.08 KB, 588x85, Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 10.4…)

more like full time unemployed and stupid.

No. 137231

>i wonder what she will do when the whole gang/thugh/rap trend gets over
this. trying to be black is so in right now and it's how i smelled the fakeness of this new era she was walking into. because it was just. so. trendy. right now is all about gold and long nails and grill and those bootleg cornrow french braids and overdrawn lips and saying y'all and finna and bad bitch and fleek and whatever other aave. and kayla of course had to make her own oh-so unique spin on trying to be black. by being a mess and looking poor and rapping about drug daddies in la and overdrawing her lips. which. just ended up being a 2013 lana del rey bootleg. i really feel like she didn't mean to do it on purpose lmao. it just shows what little imagination she has.

>she sounds like the typical 40s mid life crisis woman trying to catch any rich old man in a southern beach palm tree rich city with no avails

lord i know she doesn't even sound edgy. she just sounds like a middle aged woman on facebook who discovered internet lingo for the first time and is trying to relive her youth after getting a divorce. she doesn't even sound poor and tragic anymore or that she lives off sugardaddies. she just looks like she smells and has a part time job at office depot.

also why can't she just learn how to rap on key??? or even sing in verses. being born poor and abused in a trailer park doesn't mean a person can't have talent or even grasp the concept of melody.

No. 137247

they weren't making fun of that guy's punctuation. they said that kayla's song was so bad that it fucked up his mental state, thus, he couldn't punctuate correctly.

that's her book? it looks like folded paper.

No. 137261

File: 1465066980956.jpg (104.58 KB, 400x374, DSC02050_400w.JPG)

blown was even worse, it was just stapled together and scrawled on with sharpie. at least violetly looks like a normal chapbook, but i swear the covers are just photos she reblogged before. btw the postmark on that envelope says it was sent from santa ana, not the uk.

No. 137262

File: 1465067013664.jpg (153.9 KB, 550x388, tumblr_mp4f40utNj1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 137346

i made christmas cards in elementary school that looked better than that

No. 137380

No. 137479

File: 1465147709625.jpg (25.59 KB, 575x131, Capture1.JPG)

i see she's a fan of leafy

No. 137653

isn't that how everyone picks their favorites?

No. 137704


yeah, and everybody makes their lives out of them right?

No. 137746

i think this chic is going thru a quarter life crisis. nothing more cringey than a proper adult (23+ imo) trying to be baby doll aesthetic. It makes them look OLDER than if they just dressed nicely and behaved like functioning adults with jobs. Anyway what's up with this baby aesthetic dominating so many women's minds lately?

No. 137825

File: 1465239048368.jpg (24.38 KB, 500x278, she-dont-love-herself.jpg)

I think it's everywhere right now due to the recent social acceptance of bdsm and the dd/lg "lifestyle" aka romanticizing pedophilia. Roleplaying as a bbygirl allows women to regress and release their autonomy to their "daddy" (ew) while receiving validation for acting like an oversexualized toddler. It's an extreme way to give your life meaning by enrolling yourself in this extreme power play scenario I guess.
tl;dr they dont love themselves

No. 137900

File: 1465262838958.jpg (11.25 KB, 299x224, 01.jpg)

finally realized who kayla reminds me of

peggy from married with children

No. 137929

Anon no, at least Peggy was entertaining, and actually poor
Kayla is just sad and pathetic white girl living a fake life

No. 137943

What's with all these anons calling her white? Did I miss her trying to pretend to be something else?

No. 137945

No, she's just a rich girl who is white and incredibly fake. For some reason, this kind of behavior seems to be a trend with girls who fit those traits. There are more examples mentioned in previous threads, I think.
Don't mistake it for a racist thing, anon.

No. 137947

I got my hopes up a bit tbh. She already lies about almost everything else. It'd be fun to see her try to come up with an excuse as to why she never mentioned being half black or something before.

No. 137950

She could be the next Halsey if she tried that lmao

No. 137953

File: 1465281759873.jpg (20.08 KB, 236x355, 6136b70268c2c8bba2ad333a84d8e1…)

when people bring up the fact that's someone's white it's not pointing their race it's to say basically this person was born middle class with well off parents and they probably live in the suburbs and wear uggs and drink starbucks on the weekends. and it's always brought up when we're talking about someone who is, in some way, claiming to be #struggling #suffering in a situation that only really ever negatively affects people of color. if you notice, in the previous thread during kayla's meth head neo nazi white trash alabama thing no one brought up that she was white. but now that it's obvious she's obsessed with black culture it's become relevant.

example: simply replace the face of kayla's whole ginger bronson act with the face of the lady in the pic attached. look at that she's even taken a flash photo in the dark! anyway, a "hoodrat trash" tramp stamp, greasy hair, bad makeup, horrible rapping about sucking sugardaddy dick in a drug house, prostituting, atrocious grammar, narcissistic retarded rants about being a manipulative piece of shit etc etc. now tell me honestly if an unattractive overweight black 26 year old woman doing aaaalll of that would be *~aesthetic~* #feministgoals on tumblr lmao.

No. 137955

at least halsey's pretty and understands the concept of verses. kayla just blubbers over a shitty beat. she should hop onto the trans trend on tumblr. wouldn't be too hard to believe she's mtf taking estrogen and saving up for gender reassignment surgery.

No. 137957

File: 1465282489629.jpg (32.64 KB, 750x586, tumblr_no25ob0Opl1ut6io9o7_128…)

started from the bottom

No. 137958

File: 1465282515803.jpg (44.67 KB, 640x640, tumblr_no24zvCP8V1ut6io9o5_128…)

now we're here

No. 137960

I get that, I was just really thirsty for milk. I feel like Kayla could be a huge lolcow if she finally went all the way.

No. 137962

do you really believe that poor white people don't exist or

No. 137966

you completely missed the point. i'm saying there's a clear difference between the kind of poverty halfbunny was about then the one gingerbronson is. you'd be naive to say that there isn't often a difference in culture between poor white people and poor black people. i clearly said that no one felt the need to bring up kayla being white when she was writing poetry about ptsd, sucking dick in berlin/alabama and doing meth. it was believable lmao. but there's a reason people collectively smelled bullshit when she hopped on her ginger bronson persona. black dick, rapping, using aave, getting long nails, hoop earrings, the hood, gangsters, wearing fur coats, dealing drugs, trap houses and rapping about literal fucking cornbread and grape soda is obviously an image of poverty relevant to black people, or at least people who grew up in urban cities. which kayla didn't.

not that that matters anyway because she was born in neither a trailer park or a ghetto lmao she lives in upper middle class california this bitch was never even poor period.

No. 137968

i can't stop laughing at the stretched out pattern of those tiny children's hello kitty panties.

No. 137969

>rapping about literal fucking cornbread and grape soda

Please tell me this isn't true…………………

No. 137970

Oh, but it is.

>cornbread 4 dinner we sneak out like sinners

>the king of the south kool-aid section 8 crown

No. 137975

File: 1465287951646.png (20.26 KB, 439x146, Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.2…)

honest my ass. trying to make people believe she was real, raw and true to life.

No. 137979

File: 1465289190781.png (233.49 KB, 410x315, Capture _2016-06-07-03-45-20.p…)

This is one of Ginger's ex boyfriends
Don't know if it's important at all but they dated when they were in highschool, he's 2-3 years older than her
They split because she left to Michigan and from there to Alabama
He got in trouble because he'd ditch class to be with her amongst other stuff

No. 138026

it is possible she listed her parents address on legal documents because she has no permanent address. i grew up in a really bad neighborhood and i had a life similar to the one ginger is attempting to play off like she had. me and my mom were technically homeless for 6 months and at one point we had like three different addresses on various legal documents so we could get certain benefits. my mom also didn't want our actual address on paper (until we had to in order to get her meds) because she was a drug dealer and didn't want the cops to be able to find her. also geotagged photos prove nothing except she was there, js.

No. 138032

the difference is that your mom was also struggling with poverty and your changes in addresses had to do with receiving benefits. both of kayla's are rich, her mom is a psychologist and her dad is an attorney. kayla is most likely unemployed and sheltered which is why she would live with her parents. also in the google images photo of her listed address you can see three cars in the driveway. two suv's for her parents and a beat up suzuki which is presumably kayla's.

No. 138033

ok but spill more tea about kayla since you know about what she was like in high school

No. 138056

the car probably isn't kayla's because the streetview isn't recent and she could've been abroad. she's definitely living at home now though. i checked a few of her recent photos with fotoforensics and they were taken at her parents house (and one at 7 eleven) with her iphone 6s plus and run through photoshop express or some other editing app. so yeah, she's literally swanning around her parents' house while her upper middle class family is working, playing dressup as a poor bbygrl with a tough hood life until she gets bored.

No. 138062

i can't imagine living a life so pathetic at 26. i guess karma is already working its charm.

No. 138064

well this is obviously her car, the suzuki in the previous thread has the same color and everything so i think it is the same. do you think poor ginger had enough funds to change to a new one?

No. 138065

what a life. living off of her parents at 26 while pandering to teens on the internet. that sounds so fucking sad.

No. 138069


She was kinda quiet, but really sweet. Nothing like you'd imagine her to be like or like she says she is. I didn't know she was like this at all. I thought she was a nice girl until I was linked to this. I remember everyone knew she had run off to Michigan and that she was homeless there for a while, but I stopped hearing about it. She has a myyearbook profile and an okc one too. Paul still really likes her and a lot of people she used to be friends with

No. 138071


kayla's version:
Anonymous: What were you like in high school?

I cut all my hair off in the bathroom & spat at the skinhead who liked me & wore a shirt I wrote better off dead on in red paint & a skirt I wrote FEAR on the back of in the same & sniffed glue & snorted meth & sat alone

No. 138072

If I recall correctly, she never had any yearbook pictures taken, I assume because of this reason. I'll try to dig some up and see if she's in any of them.

I read through the previous thread and saw someone was talking about a guy she dated who wanted to get pokemon tattoos, his name is Jake (Jacob)

No. 138074

is there any glimmer of truth to her stories about high school about being hospitalized/whatever else or were those all just complete lies? and do you know why she went to michigan?

No. 138075

File: 1465324796407.png (13.51 KB, 584x114, Untitled.png)

No. 138076

No, not to my knowledge. I had classes with her freshman year so I saw her everyday. She's not this big persona at all. And I had no idea about the nazi tattoo. Sophmore-senior year I saw her around too, she'd ditch class and I saw her leave once, but she was never gone for long periods of time like she'd need to be if she was hospitalized.

No. 138077

Yeah obviously not the 14 year old runaway. Kayla graduated but didn't go to the ceremony. She got really good grades and studied abroad (France, the UK)

No. 138082

File: 1465325643802.png (141.31 KB, 1164x884, Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.45…)

i think i follow someone on tumblr who knew her a little bit more recently. she makes vague posts about ginger all the time and threw a shit fit when she dropped one of her recent songs. i'm not sure how they know one another, since this girl is some 6 years younger than her and lives in new jersey, but she might have stuff on her blog about her somewhere

No. 138084

so is this person supposed to be megan the girl she was with in the hospital? either way by this screenshot kayla seems like a very sociopathic person… it's kinda scary. manipulative, narcissistic, no empathy, no feelings, doesn't contribute anything to society… pretending to be sweet among her "friends" and those who still cling to her after what she has done. it's like emotional vampires, very toxic people. also in one of her recent tweets she's talking about selling dope (implying is true); with people knowing her real address and everything how she dares to talk about it so openly as if it was a child's game? fjc

No. 138087

interesting, wish i could say i'm surprised but i'm not.

the anon in the first thread said she knew kayla when she was on the east coast and that she was actually a few years older than her even though kayla said they were the same age. could that be her?

No. 138088

i think they're the same person. they write the same way, if that makes sense

No. 138090

I knew her when she dated this Asian boy from PA. Thought they were the same age but from all this info apparently shes older? Never figured that IRL though. She didn't particularly act it. and shes apparently in love with some generic white sjw girl from the same area rn. You know the type maybe "they" pronouns and "a gender" and all that shit. Never met this girl IRL tho

No. 138094


she just came back home to LA after graduating in the UK. She has always been chubby or kinda fat since I know her in 2010 in facebook. Later on she choose to be edgy and be anorexic/bulimic you could see her posts through bedbones (writings and pictures). Actually according to some not very old tweets (maybe 2 or 3 months ago) she still mentions some pills for something specific. She's just the way she is by her body constitution. I would believe your theory If she went to public institutions to recover but having a professional therapist as a mother I doubt so. She was probably living out of home as a escapee of her boring teenager school life in some places (remember Corey was from Alabama. She mentions him in the Champange on Ice (another metaphor for meth) "you were my lungs for 2 months" ←- that's it, 2 months in Alabama; missed some school years before she went to study to UK and that's it.

No. 138095

I'm >>138090

And to:


I think we are talking about the same (ex?) girlfriend of hers. They both used to date this Asian boy at different points. Think that is how they met?

No. 138097

was she ever really as skinny as her bedbones photos showed? she looked like she was at a healthy weight during her hedi photoshoot but if i remember right she was already halfbunny by then.

is that ex-bf the jake/jacob guy that >>138072 mentioned?

No. 138098

Okay there's a lot new developments in this thread someone summarize the new info so we can keep our references easy to put together.

No. 138103

from what i'm getting: in hs she had a bf named paul, was sweet and quiet, ditched class sometimes, but got good grades and didn't act out or spend time out of school like she had been hospitalized or run away. she graduated and went to michigan and was allegedly homeless for a while. idk if this is when she got her first tattoos from the ex with the face tattoos and long dreads but that would make sense since she didn't have the arm tattoos when she was showing of the stomach tat. then she went to alabama, was with cory for two months if she was telling the truth in champagne on ice and i guess got the rest of her tattoos. and then i guess she was in nj or pa? allegedly hiding from cory and dating jacob who wanted pokemon tattoos, who is possibly the asian guy who also dated "crystal". anyone who knew her correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 138106

So her entire story of being kidnapped at 14 and being forced into getting all those tattoos is proven false now?

No. 138108

obviously. the only thing that's not proven or disproven is whether cory forced her to get the arm/knuckle tats and swastika by getting her high but considering she lied about everything else…

No. 138111

File: 1465333610092.png (482.58 KB, 513x522, fvkjg.png)

I really want more info on this story

No. 138113

that was disproven waaay early on in the previous thread for various reasons.

No. 138116

>I really want more info on this story

noun: lie; plural noun: lies
1.an intentionally false statement.
synonyms: untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, invention, fiction, piece of fiction, falsification;

No. 138124

I knew a girl who actually went through the things Kayla lied about. She tried to tell us all the time that Kayla was a liar but nobody listened to her and thought she was mean and even accused her of lying about her own past.

Thing is, I knew her all through school until she disappeared for a long time after sophomore year. She's actually doing great now and she's a super strong and inspirational person, albiet hella embarrassed about her past, but she's trying her best and wouldn't be caught dead pulling the Kayla act.

I feel pretty bad for not believing her when she told me Kayla was an obvious liar. She pointed out that no real junkie wants to glamorize poverty but claw their way out of it. Hell even when said girl was like that, she actually dressed really nice.

Trigger warning for personal blog but the girl I know who actually went through similar shit was actually super cute but we went to a tiny awful bumpkin school and everyone was relentlessly mean to her. She even carried syringes in her purse but the teachers did nothing. They let her sleep at her desk wrapped in a fucking snuggie because they knew her mom was abusive and crazy. The art teacher even let her steal money from them for a whole year because of how sorry everyone felt for her. Her elbows were always bruised but she claimed it was anemia. She stole a lot of clothes actually, she refused to look poor. Even now when it's been like…seven years people talk about her because of all the lies she had to tell to hang on to her sanity. She got institutionalized and nobody saw her after sophomore year, I'm one of the few who reconnected with her. She's great now but super embarrassed lol. She won't even talk about it, let alone write flouncy poetry.

TL;DR Knowing all the shit she went through and how people treated her despite the fact that she tried to hide it, I can now see just how big of a liar Kayla is.

No. 138152


i follow someone who also makes vague posts about her a lot and also threw a fit when she released that crystal song saying kayla "cherry picked" details from her life. it can't be the same person because this one lives in pennsylvania i think? hmm.

No. 138153

I think another anon figured out that Crystal was someone Kayla knew in LA. The Asian guy's other girlfriend is probably someone else.

No. 138156

I don't know if there's any connection, but if you google Corey (Cory?), news articles come up talking about him and his baby mama who were living with their kid in a meth house (and iirc, the baby's room was right next to the room where they made meth).

Yeah, it'd be nice if someone made a Google Docs or something summarizing everything so nobody gets confused.

No. 138160

she probably used the name crystal because of the l.a. friend, but the song apparently used the other girlfriend's suicide attempt story. i didn't know what else to call her other than "crystal".

No. 138161

There was a girl who I followed May of 2014/2015 who also made vague posts about Kayla stealing from her
But this chick was legit from a bad place and I remember her posting about living on essex in chicago. I'm trying to look for receipts but her blog is now private so I'm looking for reblogs.
I feel like Kayla steals from friends she makes online and obviously that poetry website.

No. 138164

File: 1465350644036.png (921.77 KB, 1276x1274, Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.48…)

was this her?

No. 138165

how does gothicprep always get involved in everything. wasn't she the one who publicly exposed soren

No. 138166


i'm >>138152 and yeah that's who i was talking about

No. 138174

so are there two different girls who think "like sisters" is about them or just this one?

No. 138261

File: 1465391370784.png (288.97 KB, 1066x418, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.00…)

From the looks of it, she's been pretty invested in both of them for a long time. If she and Kayla were dating, though, it makes a lot of sense that she would be the one to expose him. I mean, Soren wrote a really elaborate rape fantasy based around her. It's not that surprising.

No. 138294

File: 1465402805674.jpg (85.32 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o2ix6wjypv1qh6hioo1_500…)

I'm sure your mother was not living in her parents basement, making up stories for her 14yo audience on tumblr at 26, Kayla.

No. 138296

File: 1465402945230.jpg (66.78 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nnzytpVIfe1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 138297

File: 1465403374360.jpg (179.4 KB, 428x595, tumblr_nt06kf4qWx1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 138307

well i just came home for my vacations. i have here with me blown, moonet and violetly. all these shits sent hot like cupcakes from claremont back then (it's even written at back from the envelopes her address) not from her trailer park lost in nowhere in case you want to see the content.

No. 138310

Could you post pics of the pages, as well as the back of the envelopes?

No. 138333

File: 1465414489859.jpg (111.85 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mwse1pwVDs1qh6hioo1_500…)

she only smoothed out half her face here…

No. 138335


and one eye fake bruised with make up or whatever else.

No. 138337

File: 1465415063752.jpg (133.3 KB, 407x500, tumblr_mkhuxfqHRG1qh6hioo1_500…)

probably photoshopped that too. something usually looks off in her pictures of bruises. they're too smudged looking.

No. 138339

File: 1465415498721.jpg (111.86 KB, 500x669, tumblr_ncbote9KZL1qh6hioo1_500…)

No. 138346

File: 1465416658806.jpg (268.14 KB, 1280x1259, tumblr_o1my7tKhey1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 138347

File: 1465416849285.jpg (676.92 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_niljbvpcge1qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 138349

File: 1465417584986.jpg (33.32 KB, 394x525, tumblr_ncfebgZH731qh6hioo1_400…)

No. 138355



No. 138356

No. 138359

I just watched that video and feel like I walked in on something I wasn't supposed to see

No. 138360

File: 1465420362411.jpg (63.91 KB, 720x660, tumblr_n568cizpG51qh6hioo1_128…)

No. 138362

File: 1465420447076.jpg (53.05 KB, 309x750, tumblr_mlhjycaKDm1qh6hioo1_r1_…)

No. 138363

File: 1465420523690.png (16.6 KB, 517x125, tumblr_mla5nuG7hH1qczzhyo1_500…)

No. 138366

when you download meitu xiuxiu for the first time

No. 138374

File: 1465424751468.png (23.1 KB, 686x566, gp.png)

No. 138399

File: 1465430908896.png (12.99 KB, 671x303, layla.png)

Kayla's also going by Layla. How many names does she have ffs

No. 138403

talk about a compulsive liar. she lives in a complete fantasy. how bored must she be with her own perfect financially stable life? maybe if someone had bought her sims she wouldn't have turned out to be such a waste of a human being or a manipulative piece of shit.

No. 138425

i remember gothicprep recently posted a conversation between her and "layla" (that was her name on facebook, which i looked up and it still exists as layla day. incredible) from some time ago when she was dating that asian guy (harry) and kayla told her she married him. like legal marriage and everything.

the post was deleted btw i knew i should have taken a screenshot. my bad.

No. 138427

lmao if kayla is married. now we know who takes her *~aesthetic~* pictures out in the street.

No. 138494

i dont understand how kayla and gothicprep can be friends. kayla is so the sparkling daddy bbydoll that gothicprep seems to hate. Also it was gothicprep who reported the exposinggingerbronson blogs. Can someone explain their relationship?

No. 138509


Knowing gothicprep (been following her tumblr since 2012), she's probably exaggerating quite a bit. Her and the Asian guy dated for only 3 months and then she was obsessed with him for years and made out he was like, the love of her life (to the point of harassing his gf after her, who was a proper gf, with him for over a year. Some white chick with dreads). He was the type she hates as well. Stoner skater type. She did the same with a guy before harry too. Some guy called Nate who she was with for maybe a month and then obsessively blogged about him for a year. She's a nice girl but really needs to chill when it comes to **~~love~~**. Ive got other examples but don't want to get too offtopic.

No. 138510

Also gothicprep does get overly involved with online shit. Remember her getting way too emotional and invested with online shit. Particularly remember some drama with h0odrich (who ended up blocking her because she would not get over a little spat they had years ago, despite the fact it was all over with) and she ended up getting doxxed over being way too involved with some communismkills drama (which had nothing to do with her. Even black tumblr who had the issue with ck,moved on and gp still wouldn't let it go)

No. 138595

File: 1465499218732.png (7.75 KB, 566x194, baww.png)

if you look through the layla or "L" tag on gp's blog, you can tell it's not just friendship. kayla's toying around with gp/jackie/kitty/sawyer (maybe they're perfect for one another, they both have a bunch of fake names).

No. 138597

File: 1465499429268.png (28.17 KB, 678x544, kayla.png)

gothicprep addressing the kayla situation.

No. 138600

"This is the last time I'm going to address the matter directly etc" bitch please. You address the matter more than ginger herself does.

No. 138659

she acts like kayla is just being a dramatic catfish when kayla has literally put herself in the position of an idol to people who have been sexually and physically abused and struggle with drug addiction and are fucking homeless. who the fuck wants to worship some rich white girl who uses their struggles as a costume because she's bored? kayla knows actual victims(most underaged) look up to her and become emotionally invested in this oh-so tragic and inspiring story, and she jacks herself off to that every night. these people don't deserve to worship such a goddamn narcissistic piece of shit. that's why so many people want her exposed. it's not just to be petty it's just like, a lot of people would appreciate knowing martyr ginger bronson is currently chilling with mommy and daddy in upstate california where she was born and raised.

i sure did.

No. 138666

She doesn't have that much influence anymore though lbr. Gone are the days where shed get constant (genuine) asks, 1000s of reblogs, a bunch of copycats, people paying for her little books… Now she gets like 10 notes per post, ain't no one paying shit for her "music", her new aesthetic isnt as popular with the nymphet crowd that idolised her. She's literally a tumblr version of a celebrity has been.

Those expose blogs would have been a real scoop if halfbunny was still a thing. No one cares about ginger Bronson except to idly discuss her here for those of us who remember Kayla at her peak.

Her fanbase has moved on. They don't care if she was living in a Hollywood mansion the whole time or if she literally lives in the gutter.

No. 138706

File: 1465524339780.gif (698.59 KB, 300x168, 8inKhL4.gif)

No. 138708

File: 1465525096220.png (17.47 KB, 1218x136, Untitled.png)

some old asks, this one is especially ironic

No. 138709

File: 1465525118645.png (12.49 KB, 1211x178, Untitled2.png)

No. 138710

File: 1465525136591.png (10.05 KB, 1224x114, Untitled3.png)

No. 138711

File: 1465525160918.png (7.79 KB, 517x140, untitled4.png)

No. 138712

File: 1465525180002.png (2.38 KB, 240x79, Untitled5.png)

No. 138716

you could tell she was ripping off gummo with her alabama meth glue shit lmao

No. 138723

File: 1465527910765.jpg (89.77 KB, 548x519, Untitled.jpg)

>lurks this thread
>sends herself asks to explain why she goes by fake names

No. 138724

even though her current persona is much more… unpleasant to me than her old one, I'm glad she's chosen one that isn't as effective in attracting naive little girls who are obsessed with lolita aes & brokenness & all that ~pastely soft victimhood~ garbage. Being a skinny pale girl with trashy clothes worked for her target audience & aesthetic back then, but now that she's trying to push herself into black tumblr & make her little faux ghetto rap songs (with that weak voice of hers & unimaginative lyrics) she just looks stupid coz she could never pull it off. I'm sure she won't be able to get up from this mess anymore even if she switched to another, more fitting persona. The best thing she could do now is delete her accounts, disappear from the internet & just… Go outside, make real friends, lay low, get a job, leave this "internet stardom" game behind. save what little dignity she has left lmao

No. 138725

lmao shut up the next anon will be like "are you lurking that thread?" "what thread"

No. 138731

>it's seriously hilarious to see people who are obviously deeply invested in other people's business, but still manage to have pretty much all of the details wrong

when people expose you and you're panicking. as if the people who aren't posting in this thread aren't literally people who went to high school with kayla lol. try again. send yourself another anon to "clear up" more shit to save your ass and then say it's the last time you're addressing this thread before indirecting it for the millionth time.

No. 138737

No. 138745

File: 1465537543104.gif (958.72 KB, 245x245, tumblr_inline_mz7nxjxJED1s8sp5…)

>my blood is spinning like a bullet in a 12 gauge shotty
>weapon on he & stash in the refrigator
>cupcake swag sweet girl livin
>keep the coke cold call him waiter

No. 138760

okay i just remembered about a post in the previous thread and i'm 99% sure this is gothicprep >>105641 when they stopped talking for a while and she was pretty mad at kayla

also i have no idea if they ever even met in person honestly

No. 138765

File: 1465553519107.png (27.45 KB, 1108x104, Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.0…)

this is rabbittongue i think she obviously was talking about kayla. i remember i sent her a private message one day about a picture of kayla in her instagram with a bunny sleep mask with a caption that said "i am gonna hurt her" while kate was visiting in her house those days but she refused to believe me. at that time nobody knew kayla had an instagram and she always was asked in tumblr if she had one and always saying she didn't and was like "should i make one?" same answers when she was pretending to have PTSD as bedbones she had an instagram already and was goofing around with her friends… she's is so cruel and vile.

No. 138767

Yeah that was definitely her. There was way too much personal info, even more than she reveals on her tumblr.

No. 138768

Also I'm sure I've seen her post in one or two other threads here, so she's obviously not above it

No. 138769

So kayla is trying to be queer now? Bitch will do anything to stay relevant.Everything she does is for attention including fucking with gothprep.

No. 138770

That's funny because I remember her being asked about her sexual orientation at least a couple of times and she always said she was very straight.

No. 138776

Kayla has always identified as straight, and hasn't even posted otherwise on tumblr for her persona. So I'm starting to wonder if gothicprep or whoeverthefuck self posted that to make it seem like they had a "thing" on purpose.

No. 138783

>a picture of kayla in her instagram with a bunny sleep mask with a caption that said "i am gonna hurt her" while kate was visiting in her house
wait holy shit what

No. 138786

Followed GP for a bit and she's pretty obsessed with with Kayla. I remember a post about older lesbians taking advantage of younger girls or something. (Sorry no screen shots) but it sounded like she was talking about K/Layla.

I don't get what's so alluring about her though that so many people get attached to her. Also she looks like she smells of expired 80's perfume just like her lingerie

No. 138795

Tbf this may be cringey as fuck but at least it flows ever so slightly better than her usual soundcloud trash lol

No. 138804

about being straight: she wrote a tweet a few months ago that went something like "shy 2 admit but i think i want to date girls" (not her exact words)

No. 138854

as of last night she deleted a lot of music off her soundcloud. like sisters, cough syrup violet hazy, cherry milk, not ur baby, i smell like vanilla, evil tastes good, those other girls, and hellifornia were all taken down. i may be missing a few

No. 138859

File: 1465588102286.png (14.32 KB, 558x268, krjgk.png)

Someone JUST commented on her songs being gone and all of a sudden she has an ask about it too

No. 138861

File: 1465589118099.jpeg (87.9 KB, 640x789, image.jpeg)

No. 138877

I sense a persona transition on the horizon. It seems like she's trying to destroy evidence so she can re-ivnent herself again.

No. 138880

File: 1465598852093.jpg (15.83 KB, 600x450, snapshot_04671ef9_44671fa0.jpg)

I got bored and made a sim version of Kayla called Ginger Bronsim. She lives in Pleasantview but pretends to live in a trailer in Strangetown.

~drug haze queen livin the strangetown dream~

No. 138913

File: 1465605016780.png (289.28 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-06-10-21-24-02…)


btw gothicprep reblogged that from kayla and added those tags

No. 138943

File: 1465615436307.gif (998.79 KB, 245x165, tumblr_n6vztzAsjT1qgf1i8o1_250…)

>I sense a persona transition on the horizon

No. 138945

What drives me absolutely mad about most of her songs is that the back beat is usually really good, and then she proceeds to shit all over it with her rapping or singing.
Does Kayla make the beats herself or does she buy them off someone?

No. 138954


They're all literally stolen samples from real artists. She stole at least one from Britney spears and n'sync too I think.

No. 138955


She doesn't even fucking credit them so she looks like she has an ounce of talent.

No. 138972

hahhaahahahaha just arrived, never heard of this girl, this shitfest is amazing

No. 138975

I dont have a screenshot as i only visit tumblr from the app but I've been noticing that a lot of pictures of abused or murdered children are being sourced to the gingerbronson blog and i have been around the shitty site of tumblr for long enough to know that she definitely is not the source of those imagages. So why is she reuploading child abuse pictures?

No. 138996

Her blogs (pissangel and bedbones, bedbones now being gingerbronson) used to only be pictures she uploaded herself, no reblogs. She would just find them on the internet and post them with absolutely no credit. Whenever people asked her where they were from, she said she didn't know the source/that she found them "on the internet"/that art is "independent of its creator". They were child abuse pictures specifically because ~*~aesthetic~*~

No. 138998

maybe spending too much time searching and getting off to real child abuse victims fucked her up so bad. if i've understood correctly, she didn't have this fake "survivor" persona until like, 2010 or 2011.

No. 138999

no wonder soren looks up to her so much lmao

No. 139018

Lmao this hypocritical bitch

No. 139033

i have just caught up with the topic and this is hilarious. haha. she says to other people she call herself Layla? sure i must know the reason. long ago as halfbunny i told her to watch a movie called "Lie With Me" and the main actress was named Layla, i told her she reminded me of her. She told me: "thank you so much, this is so me! as a reply answer. So there it is, for sure we know she is a pathological liar who try to emulates movie characters, books and etc.. oh my goodness.. haha.

No. 139182

so far it's girl interrupted, gummo, spring breakers, christiane f and now lie with me. although i think there's more i'm missing.

No. 139215

File: 1465731096149.jpg (26.91 KB, 400x250, BRITTANYMURPHYSPUNRIPACTRESSKI…)

spun? it's a brittany murphy movie about meth, i feel like she got some ideas from it

No. 139217

I wanna see kaykay doing #relatable vines for the Youngsters. There's only a limited amount of online personas so it's bound to happen eventually. This is what I believe. This is what keeps me going

No. 139219

i'm rooting for a russian nationalist kayla, like that sasha girl who turned out to be mexican

No. 139220

maybe someone with an account can see her posts? her likes are fucked up, straight up animal abuse and shit

No. 139308

I'm pretty sure she's used this in one of her songs. Idr which one though.

No. 139468

File: 1465820624316.png (92.78 KB, 590x459, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 14.2…)

ehm.. wut?

No. 139470

I think she's talking about how music, freedom and ~the big city~ were there for her when her parents weren't, because she has a ~tragic hood life uwu~ and they didn't care…or something.

No. 139518


No. 139562

she deleted the cringey q and a and some songs

No. 139566

like most of her songs were great before "I Smell Like Vanilla" that song onward the quality of her songs ( i dont mean just lyrics i mean the way the sings too) DRASTICALLY decreased (i think she deleted that song and all after that)
What I don't understand is why she deleted some earlier songs that were actually good (imo) like Hellifornia &

JUST WHAT in the hell happened after I Smell like Vanilla?

even if you dont like any of her music you cant deny some massive break in quality happened there

No. 139567

i personally think they are all horrid and she should just delete herself from the internet

No. 139572

File: 1465845454872.png (25.72 KB, 543x124, Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 21.1…)

okay. someone's tongue tickling

No. 139624

File: 1465859182734.jpg (128.13 KB, 1200x1177, Ck3X-CFUgAAAo2p.jpg)

I didn't think she would get worse yet here we are with this shit

No. 139627

File: 1465859965632.png (157.69 KB, 500x464, when-you-hear-a-girl-calling-h…)

No. 139684

as of two hours ago she's back on snapchat! I just opened a snap from her saying 'i'm back ilyu'. i don't know her personally so i'm assuming she sent it to everyone that has her added

No. 139962

idefk but is this person wearing a wrong-size binder or smth because their tiddies are freaking itty bitty but theres also like. a 1/4 of a cleavage like 200 meters above just below their collarbone. I'm so confused. I'm lost and scared. What is goin on in there

No. 139963

She is lying down and her boobs are more fat than muscle so they collapse.

No. 139964

Like damn just bind properly or let your boobs hang there like normal boobs

I'm gonna scream is that person tryin to split their tiddies in half

so they'd have 4 mini tiddies

I just

No. 139972



cuter than her tho

No. 140074

Chill the fuck out dumblr

No. 140145

why is she trying to look latina?

No. 140178

Because in Kayla's mind:
>latina = hood
>hood = tragic
>tragic = interesting
>interesting = attention
>attention = something Kayla wants

No. 140180

How is she trying to look Latina?

No. 140198

Kayla has Snapchat again now, for anyone that actually uses it and might find something lolworthy.

No. 140213

her portraying image sometimes also she has tweets and had some mentions in tumblr about wanting to be in mexico (or being with someone) and talking about the cobras. just a bunch of stereotypes but that's how she is, appropriator.

No. 140228

File: 1466031560735.jpg (253.37 KB, 500x666, remember to delete this for be…)

Another weird pic of a child with her blog as the source. This bitch is fucking creepy.

No. 140231

I don't even wanna know where she got that.

No. 140234

File: 1466032248860.jpg (93.06 KB, 969x912, Screenshot_2016-06-16-00-08-10…)

>"throw your mask in the trash & never talk about who you used to be again"

…I think this is from before Kayla went full ghetto with her typing.

No. 140236

she started her bedbones tumblr with these kind of pictures. she even had a watermark in her theme this blog belongs to "feral community"

No. 140238

File: 1466032813623.jpg (69.75 KB, 1383x939, Screenshot_2016-06-16-00-16-44…)

>"a knife at your spine"
>"the ghost of the man you should've shot when you were 7"


No. 140242

man i really like her songs but i thought she was just some ~~aesthetic~~ girl singing ~~aesthetic~~ music, not some attention-seeking liar. i still like her songs tho.

No. 140300


I used to have the same pants.

No. 140302

File: 1466046199164.jpeg (28.13 KB, 640x280, Free-Hearing-Test-Box-Hill-Sou…)

>man i really like her songs

No. 140319


She's singing… and it's really really bad.

No. 140326

is this what purgatory sounds like

No. 140328

This is hilarious. I kind of hope she never stops.

No. 140386

I think so, anon. I just…what even was that?

No. 140423

She has a benzo addiction.

No. 140438

That's just what she wants you to think. She's a sheltered rich girl

No. 140439

I keep coming back to watch this, such a trainwreck.

I can def see it. This reminds me of trying to snapchat while almost black-out drunk.

No. 140448

File: 1466078292078.jpg (47.6 KB, 582x411, rr.JPG)

No. 140450


new vid of her singing unedited. i'm tone deaf but i suspect it's objectively shit.

No. 140459

Please make this a thing. This is gold lol

No. 140460

"Do u like it baby?" NO NO I DO NOT
At least the video is only 4 seconds long, I suppose.

No. 140464

File: 1466083548881.jpg (92.53 KB, 640x521, Capture33.JPG)

just for anon

No. 140465

Thanks so much lol
I'd make my own if I had photoshop and the fonts.

No. 140466

No. 140488

File: 1466087643891.png (627.03 KB, 640x642, Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 16.2…)

No. 140855

File: 1466108309546.png (22.78 KB, 588x264, ginger.png)

did a farmer send this?!

No. 141155

File: 1466129490838.png (29.23 KB, 343x238, Capture _2016-06-16-21-06-21.p…)

This is a reply on Gingew's recent post… What the fuck lol

No. 141250

File: 1466152701934.jpg (66.26 KB, 570x519, captured.JPG)

No. 141279

The white housewives of rich men who are never home also have benzo addictions.
It takes a benzo addiction to be okay with sounding this fucking awful and embarrassing. Benzos take away all self awareness and you're easily susceptible to becoming a stupid, fat fuck.
It all makes sense.

No. 141297

I really wanna know.

No. 141399

she's always been a stupid fat fuck lmao she just got an ed for like one year and then went back to being a cow. she doesn't need drugs. she's been a weird lying creep since high school.

No. 141418

File: 1466202232742.jpg (51.8 KB, 556x882, Screenshot_2016-06-17-23-21-12…)

Any suggestions, /snow/? Kayla is doing another cringey q&a thing lol

No. 141419

As someone that's had an eating disorder for years (first Binge Eating Disorder and now Anorexia Nervosa), she seemed to recover far too easily from her eating disorder. Really makes me wonder if she was just pro ana or something…

No. 141420

I meant to say that I am the one with BED and then AN not Kayla lmao I hope I didn't confuse anybody.

No. 141425

It's gone now but she answered an ask about her 'recovery' before, said her boyfriend in Berlin bought her a burger when they first met and she just never starved herself again after that. her exact words were 'i just kept eating'

No. 141430

Wow, she literally lies about everything lol I'm thinking it's pathological at this point tbh.

No. 141438

I swear that happened in Skins with Cassie & the taxi driver. Wouldn't surprise me if she'd adopted it for her own fictional narrative.

No. 141441

the only reason she started eating is because she was dating that berlin half black guy so she just wanted to look like nicki minaj because she wanted to be black too. end of story

No. 141448

File: 1466211064089.gif (2 MB, 245x245, tumblr_inline_o1qxnhHcg21rqinb…)

No. 141542

File: 1466242142823.png (294.12 KB, 586x378, Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.2…)

is she also copying us?

No. 141585

Maybe? I hope she is lol it would be quite ironic if she is.

No. 141588

Instant Tumblr fame:
>Be attractive
>Pick three favorite characters from any media. Make sure they are all sad or edgy, as well as attractive
>Select their most outstanding qualities and basically write an OC with all these traits.
>Begin acting like that OC would on the internet
>Never make any mention of these characters or risk exposing yourself. When asked if you're familiar with them, pretend to be outraged that some "rich guy" would take such difficult ~issues~ and ~romanticize~ them for the sake of a story when it's your ~real life~
>Write cryptic text posts/poetry
>Upload strange images. Never give the source, ever. Pretend to have deeply personal reasons for everything you do/say/upload.
>Edit images poorly and tag them as "my art"
>Dress oddly, keeping in with the aesthetic you have on your blog
Congrats, you are famous

No. 141589

File: 1466257363464.png (385.74 KB, 393x593, tumblr_n5ubgaChQ21qh6hioo1_400…)

Another one of her uploads.
There is no doubt in my mind that she used to Google "disturbed child", "mentally ill child", "child abuse", "hurt child", etc to get these pictures.

No. 141606

you forgot
>Weigh less than 130lbs. Bonus if you have an eating disorder
>Reblog a reference to the 1997 adaptation of Lolita at least three times a month.
>Reblog the occasional hardcore porn gif of a teen being choked with black eyeliner streaming down their cheeks.
>Wear pigtails at least once
>Pose with a large kitchen knife at least once
>Wear chokers
>Be white

No. 141646

I genuinely can't wait for the q&a. If it's anything like the "talking about my tattoos" video with the shit trap music and bad acting it'll be hilarious.

No. 144493

File: 1466372151499.jpg (115.12 KB, 1800x1066, Screenshot_2016-06-19-22-31-57…)

Kayla was attention seeking on Twitter and it was great because no-one cared and literally one person actually gave a shit and asked what was wrong lol

No. 145742


Could you please post photos of the pages? Always was curious of those poems.

No. 145747

This. I wanna read the poetry cringe too!

No. 146039

Please post Blown too! I've always wondered what the drawings were like/what kind of abusive neglectful childhood she was claiming.

No. 146102

alright. sorry, i was just enjoying my vacations and lost track of it. if i can manage take nice pics with the phone i'll post them if not i'll scan the pages.

No. 146145

Thanks in advance, anon! <3

No. 146307

File: 1466546751930.jpg (108.67 KB, 1156x880, Screenshot_2016-06-21-22-59-28…)

In other news, Kayla keeps reblogging that Q&A question request post over and over again since nobody likes her current aesthetic so it has virtually no notes or requests for our poor ~aesthetic trap bbydoll~ to answer.

No. 146494

what's the point? she will just make up some boring questions like the last time.
does she have a job outside tumblr or is she being lazy lately?

No. 146527

I think she's just lazy, since I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a job.
Maybe she's figuring out what new direction to take her aesthetic in, since she deleted most of her old songs to try something new…

No. 146595

I completely agree with the idea that she may be starting over. Realistically and from a serious standpoint, what do you all think her next aesthetic/persona will be? Part of me thinks she may go back to the halfbunny aesthetic on some sort of level as she was more popular/well-liked at the time but more likely I think she will do something completely different. Something that still has some degree of "edge" to it still but more subtle than her current GB persona. Like, I don't think she will be playing up being with gangsters and all that - probably claiming she was finally able to get away from that lifestyle or some shit. Basically, what tale and persona do you all think Kayla will turn out next? I'm honestly very curious as to what everyone's guesses are.

No. 146600

All she has always done is talking about men in her poetry, in her answers, in her songs. She just did it with different words. Probably she'll go full twin peaks aesthetics since they are gonna show a remake of the show this year and it will be "new". I think the she just took the babydoll-thug aesthetic cause she realized she's getting old and saggy and wanna feel she's fresh.

No. 146603

Not before she says she was abducted and went through a lobotomy as a trigger though.

No. 146611

I don't think she's capable of doing anything more than white trash. Maybe she will pull an Aust and turn into a minimalist/ make up guru…. one can dream.

No. 146664

I remember someone suggested she might try going country…

No. 146666

When she first talked about making music, before any mention of rap or whatever, I instantly thought she'd go down the route of creepy/sad/damaged lyrics, in like Nicole Dollanganger/Infinity Crush style. With the way she wrote before she could definitely change her music genre around

No. 146961

The question is whether she'd want to go that route though. I'd say it's 50/50 whether she'll try something completely new or backpedal to one of her old aesthetics tbh.

No. 147054

Maybe she'll go all ~flower child uwu~ and escape from her tragic gangster bbydoll lifestyle by getting super "in touch with nature"…

No. 147227

Someone in the past thread said maybe she'd become an ISIS bride

No. 147228

I wanna see deathmetal Kayla

No. 147309

She was already when she had black hair as pissangel, always wearing bands t-shirts, if you check her last.fm you can see the music she used to listen to as well.

No. 147423

Yeah, but i meant i want to see her making metal music lol. i think she'll keep making music even if she does change personas

No. 147426

I wonder if she'll try singing more? Her singing is somehow even worse than her rapping!

No. 148009

Kayla has been silent for almost a week now which leads me to think that she is 100% definitely changing personas, and presumably planning on unveiling the new one and establishing its "character" so to speak in her upcoming Q&A video.

That is unless her rich parents took her on a surprise holiday to the Bahamas or something lol

No. 148011

File: 1466885461069.jpg (230.22 KB, 1645x960, Screenshot_2016-06-25-21-09-17…)

Oh wait there's a photo from yesterday. She looks just as fake trashy as ever.

No. 148040

Blatant Rihanna copy. No originality

No. 148086

She's so flabby..

No. 148276

File: 1466943939561.jpg (25.11 KB, 259x303, Capture232.JPG)

No. 148439

I hope this was sent by a farmer messing with her. But at the same time the thought of some tumblr ~*nymphet uwu*~ getting a tattoo of Kayla's lyrics is pretty hilarious.

No. 148448

File: 1466970287906.jpg (51.04 KB, 805x748, Screenshot_2016-06-26-20-40-33…)


No. 148469

I feel like this is an old photo. It might just be deja vu but I swear I've seen this exact photo of her before…

No. 148512

its because she only has like 2 angles she can work

No. 148538

File: 1466989645097.png (25.8 KB, 279x237, Capture.PNG)


Another cringey LDR-esque video but this comment is gold.

No. 148652

yeah… she has to be on something in that damn video
how can a person do this to themselves?

No. 148689

she's not. she's just trying to be poetic or something but it's making her look awkward and desperate

No. 148699

File: 1467044874856.jpg (44.22 KB, 500x437, 16ir4l.jpg)

before she inevitably deletes this horrible video:
>u know someone told me its a man world but pussy makes the world go round… who has the pussy?… me… and what makes the world go round again?.. pussy… so whose world is it?… mine.

No. 148854

File: 1467082899202.jpg (36.92 KB, 736x613, daf5075222e5caa1734a9dd4dc5420…)

literally everything kayla writes sounds like the relatable minions facebook meme

No. 148885



No. 149030

File: 1467144406794.jpg (39.5 KB, 487x752, Screenshot_2016-06-28-20-55-52…)

It seems Kayla really wants to generate some hype for her next video since she reblogged that cringey preview thingy again.
It's pretty funny since even with her enthusiastic hype generating it still only has 93 notes.

No. 149031

File: 1467144543866.jpg (81.42 KB, 1182x525, Screenshot_2016-06-28-21-01-43…)

I genuinely think she's losing the ability to speak English. This is a new grammatical low, even for her.

No. 149068

wtf is going on with her eyebrow

No. 149069

I can't tell if she's raising it in a sarcastic kind of way or whether they were just shaped asymmetrically by whoever did them.

No. 149081

>"they r not who they're inside 4 real"
and you Kayla? have you stopped and tried to think that maybe nobody is interested in the crap of your persona? but also if you spit the things out of your mouth the same way you write it is a no wonder.

No. 149103

The lack of visible forehead wrinkles point to the second option

No. 149241

I feel like, assuming she's moving on to her next persona, she could be trying to fake some type of mental illness or something akin to that at least. I know this does not apply to everyone with a MI but I and many people I've spoken with can have where all forms of communication can become very difficult (and thus simplified, often with plenty of mistakes kind of like Kayla's recent tweets/posts) during "episodes"/ times when mental health is shit (for me it's usually during panic attacks, flashbacks, mental age regression from PTSD, etc.)

TLDR; It's quite a shot in the dark really… But I feel like her obvious aggression in typing could point towards her next persona having developed some kind of neurological disorder/brain injury/ mental illness, based on my own experience and the experiences of others.

No. 149392

File: 1467255494611.jpg (51.28 KB, 500x271, 11455200295_15b7fe6120.jpg)

you mean a retard hooker like in gummo? #aesthetic

No. 149986

File: 1467464585529.png (67.37 KB, 331x395, Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 14.5…)

>the ultimate aesthetic

No. 149988

File: 1467465951672.png (65.47 KB, 314x403, Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 14.5…)

No. 149989

File: 1467465977469.png (27.73 KB, 310x152, Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 14.5…)

No. 149993

someone PLEASE post pages from blown, moonet, violently

No. 150164

File: 1467501444700.jpg (609.08 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o9o5041j8N1qh6hioo1_128…)

> "sometimes a sun just sets inside u"

No. 150249

File: 1467541471793.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x2448, 01.JPG)


No. 150250

File: 1467541517700.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448, 02.JPG)

No. 150252

File: 1467541596147.jpg (2.25 MB, 3264x2448, 03.JPG)