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File: 1622660668073.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 221F4D05-8F2B-4C02-8D6F-750F57…)

No. 838781

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >> 834197
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://andtwitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

>>Visiting Portland, possible plastic surgery
>>Still simping for Douma on Twitter but no signs of any art
>>iPad has only been seen as a stand for her boyfriend plushie
>>claimed to be 210lbs but candids from her tennis shoot prove otherwise
>>Paid for article to be written about her shitty REV Cosplay because no one cared about her spider mommy.
>>Tiktok has not welcomed her as she hoped. Users are warning one another about her and her sexual assaults.
>No Patreon posts since January, profile now flagged for review.
> Planned costumes nowhere to be seen

No. 838785

forgot to mention her racist tirades all in the name of "free Lebanon" and even supporting terrorist groups.
Other than that I like the OP. Good job!

No. 838786

File: 1622662875674.jpeg (260.27 KB, 955x1569, 66925C72-8A72-41E4-A7AF-C85B9E…)

Fuck, knew I forgot something important. I thought it was last thread. Mbad. Also the last thread link fucked up.

Last thread >>834197

No. 838789

That art phase was very short lived though. And that Free Lebanon phase was even shorter. Flannel kun lasted longer

No. 838794

File: 1622665112699.jpg (329.51 KB, 1080x1835, Why.jpg)

No. 838795

File: 1622665157383.jpg (364.18 KB, 1080x1825, Why2.jpg)

What a fucking waste of money.

No. 838796

what a weird way to say she's renting out a space.
I feel Moo will be delusional till the day she dies that she doesn't do porn, she does cosplay

No. 838797

Desperately trying to cling to her "cosplay" career at this point. It's okay moo, you're not some desperate porn star, you're still a huugge (pun intended) part of the community /s

No. 838799

But she already has a whole ass house for that, why would she need a studio?

No. 838800

Nitpick but I hate that she keeps putting that peach emoji.

No. 838801

My guess is that it’s so she can get her friends and those who don’t know her reputation to use the space for “collaborations” and for her slaves to build props. That and she probably thinks she can build a longer lasting business based on this instead of the “realty” investments she never mentioned again after that one time.

No. 838803

renting a studio space isn't as expensive as one might think. But hilarious that Moo is pretending she built and owns the whole building.
It's odd that she's spending MORE money now that her paetron is gone. Someone explain that one

No. 838804

File: 1622666808491.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1697, FFEBD163-DDA8-417B-AD86-83A6BE…)

I got a few caps of things while waiting for the thread to be made.


No. 838806

File: 1622667044495.png (377.59 KB, 1800x900, D9166C61-887F-48EE-845D-91638B…)

The comments on the photo she posted. There were quite a lot of them pointing out her lips and sagging face before Moo went in and deleted everything but the comments kissing her ass.

No. 838807

I always wondered why her engagement seemed low. She has to delete like 80 percent of the comments. Even her fans can notice the filler face with Moo editing the picture. She really needs to dissolve her face and just get a face/lip lift.

No. 838808

File: 1622667341424.png (3.04 MB, 1800x980, 4C93F530-3513-40C3-832D-28159A…)

She looks downright creepy here. Moo had to have had something done up in Portland.

No. 838810

Her face looks like it's as photoshopped on as the OP pic

No. 838811

File: 1622667557097.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1764, CD7B1B5F-CFE8-418A-9F61-279FD2…)

Her Howl is so lackluster for having put it off for how long now? But that’s no surprise considering it’s Moo.

No. 838812

File: 1622667647495.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1764, 5F8ECBC5-7276-45B3-8F70-247EB6…)

No. 838813

looks like she lipoed her neck and double chin again. Isn't this the 3rd time she had that done?
Honestly it's very hard to tell because the filter is blurring everything
It has always amazed me how she can look 120 pounds in pictures, but in candids it shows her 300 pound body. I know photoshop is a thing but damn it's scary

No. 838814

File: 1622667749619.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 66AAD2C1-7605-4384-BAF0-BA4377…)

No. 838815

File: 1622667977764.png (4.11 MB, 1800x1443, 76F6663B-0C7B-4001-A7BF-5FCA9E…)

Her corset is holding on for dear life as well as those pants.

No. 838820

even with whatever procedures she had done she can't fit in any korean clothes. If she did, they would be barely holding on by the seam and cut off circulation.

I'm actually wondering if the regular place she goes for lipo refused her so she had to go out of state

No. 838824

Those pants look like a straight up garbage bag. Since it’s moo I suppose it IS a garbage bag. This has to be legit one of the worst Howls I’ve ever seen. Just a fat girl in pleather pants and a white shirt. Yawn

No. 838825

pretty sure they're asking when the porn set will be released. No one gives a shit about her cosplay

No. 838827

Studios dedicated to cosplay and sets isn't a bad idea the problem is that Moo is God awful at set design and also is extremely biased. It will be a place for her friends to shoot for free and the only people who can rent it are people who haven't heard of her or kiss her ass

No. 838829

File: 1622670176542.png (3.38 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20210531-223034~2.p…)

Screen from her reddit mod's Instagram.

No. 838835

Andcif this house was something she built and designed, why did she not design for her own studio?

Seems sus to me

No. 838837

File: 1622671460800.jpg (15.39 KB, 226x305, XUqgTUp.jpg)

She wants to live out her weeb fantasies

No. 838839

So is she opening this studio in Washington? For why…

No. 838840

I don't see anything about the location but I wouldn't put it past her

No. 838842

Paris, Casino

No. 838844

File: 1622673431371.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, 5CBF9CE1-930A-4808-8FAB-F3D2BB…)

“muh adhd” but abuses adderall because it’s said to “help people loose weight”, doesn’t actually try to do things that would help her cope with her adhd healthily, and acts like having adhd saves her from any viable criticism of the toxic aspects of her shit personality.

No. 838847

Maybe she wants a legit business location for her taxes idk. Washington seems like a weird place to have one since she's in Las Vegas.

No. 838852

everything about this is just sus as hell

No. 838857

ADHD paralysis didn’t stop her from groping anyone before. How convenient.

No. 838859

Where are you guys getting Washington from, isn’t she in Oregon still? Ecola, the park she’s at, is in Oregon anyway.

No. 838861

Yeah, I’m not sure where they’re getting Washington from when it was posted that she’d been lumbering around Oregon the past week. But she’s back in Vegas since she posted an IG story with her cats the other day. Also, anons give her too much credit thinking she could run a studio in another state when she can barely function out of her own house lol. Just wait until she abandons this idea once her “studio” gets flooded with 1 star Yelp reviews from angry Tiktok kids lol

No. 838867

Bitch, like you've ever read the book, let alone a book that Circleofcucks didn't shove onto you.

No. 838874


No. 838878

Doesn't she have a warehouse she shoots in in LV?? She dosent need this

No. 838879

She doesn’t NEED a lot of the stupid shit she gets- like another cat, a buncha lizards, some broken figures, or third helpings. When has any of that stopped her lol.

No. 838881

This is a very brazen attempt from our cow to try and reestablish herself as a cosplay mama stronk independent kween. She just needs to accept she's a shitty porn star now and live with it, but fortunately for us and the milk, that isn't how Moo operates.

This may as well be a 'present' for squarecuck and Maddie, god knows Moo can't actually manage shit, or even MAKES anything.

No. 838882

File: 1622697317559.png (1.78 MB, 1242x2208, B13A3E37-4151-44EA-9805-224BF8…)

Sure Moo…

No. 838883

Bleached white teeth look so bad.

No. 838884

I think she's going to try to rent it out for time didn't there. She wants to make a Japanese photo studio with different areas with themes. That's exactly what this is.

No. 838885

I mean she leaped right over nuance into I stan Hamas, death 2 infidels soooo….

No. 838886

Good to know she's getting more work done!

No. 838900

She definitely got more abdominal work done during her little vacation. She hasn't posted a full body picture where her waist/abdomen was visible since she went to Oregon. So she is just following it up with "omg guys I still totally workout".

No. 838901

She has veneers or some other fake teeth thingys.

No. 838915

She should have the studio in Los Angeles. It's not like she can't afford it.

No. 838921

File: 1622736735002.jpeg (287.62 KB, 1170x2172, 28FE476F-A14C-48A0-B04E-CE71E7…)

>mornings and nights
Christ that’s so unhealthy. I mean we know already that moo has a terrible relationship with fitness and her health but twice per day is ridiculous.

Also she claims she got a comment saying “something along the lines of those poor cats” but TikTok has a video reply to comment feature that she could have used. I don’t think anyone left the comment, might be directed at us might just be a flex. Either way she claims she have a shelf whole pantry just for their supplements and grooming. Casually forgot to mention to all the TikTok kids that she pays a groomer because she’s too lazy even though she sought out high maintenance cats.

No. 838923

I posted a cap of that TikTok in the last thread. Gotta love her not-so-subtle dig at the people criticizing her. Because anyone who criticizes her is just some dirt poor asshole that’s jealous of her wealth. Really showing her true colors with these posts. And I agree, it’s definitely directed at us because she can’t help but lurk here every day. Maybe she should post some TikTok videos about the cosmetic work she’s done recently since she vowed to be upfront about it?

No. 838924

File: 1622738215684.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 27F53271-4262-4B91-A82D-9657C0…)

I don’t know why she thinks cranking her filters up to 11 makes her look any more interesting.

Samefag but whoever is reposting these caps on Kiwi thinks she flew to Paris for this shoot lol. She literally went to the fucking Paris casino. Do people forget she lives in Vegas?
In any case, if the porn and cosplay don’t work out, she can at least collect tips as characters on the strip. But those people put more effort into their outfits, which isn’t saying much.

No. 838931

File: 1622740975853.jpg (495.58 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20210603-102232_Tik…)

No. 838934

I'm really surprised alive_alf took these. They usually take amazing photos but these are very boring. Some of them look really blury.

No. 838935

I can’t wait for people to go in thinking they’ll shoot in elaborate themed sets like the ones she shot in Japan only to get there and cheap imitation Japanese decorations from Amazon are haphazardly strewn about (much like her “bathroom onsen” in her previous house).

Moo is exceptionally terrible with money so I can imagine this endeavor being something that could potentially bankrupt her. She has no idea how to run a business and flashing her vag on the internet doesn’t count.

No. 838936

I guess he’s using the ol’ Vaseline on the lens trick lol

No. 838938

Someone explain to me why she had like..20 products for her cat food? Not counting supplements???

No. 838939

File: 1622745199670.png (560.05 KB, 864x810, ratpaw.png)

Ever since anon pointed out her rat paws in the Zelda set it's literally all I can see

No. 838940


Flexing how much she spoils her Cats, with care products every owner should have? If someone asked me what treats I have for my Cat, I'd empty his toy box, care and hygiene products are not something to gloat about.

No. 838941

Exactly my thought. Funnier thing is she doesn’t even brush them and just has a groomer come take care of them regularly. Also idk but bragging about being rich ain’t it moomoo, not in 2021.

No. 838944

File: 1622748250855.jpeg (197.02 KB, 946x2048, 71368B3C-F189-4778-A5E7-1E0011…)

Speaking of cats, this pic shows how much she makes her cats look tiny in comparison to her unit of a body. That’s not a small cat

No. 838945

File: 1622748411807.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.1 KB, 938x1599, C7CF7BD7-E7FC-4B2B-856A-2A6417…)

B-but nonnie, she IS a cosplay queen uwu

No. 838951

Serving pixiteri realness

No. 838953

Big Shayna vibes for me

No. 838955

So you left the machine on and came back to step on it for 5 seconds.
Moo everyone already knows when you pretend to work out you're covering up some major surgery

No. 838959

File: 1622753181660.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, 0BEE6046-FD2E-4D10-ABCA-A9210C…)

No. 838964

oh yeah she def got plastic surgery. she went from posting fast food to pretending she eats fruit. Gunna be honest, I'm not looking forward to her giving half ass fitness advice when she's all plastic

No. 838966

This sounds like something one of her simps would say

No. 838968


I agree. I’m sure in her head she is expecting to do what she got in Japan, with professional, high end costumes, wigs, lighting, cameras and ready made props and sets. When the reality is more like a bunch of cheaply made shit lazily strewn about and a bunch of expensive equipment that she has no idea how to use.

She really thinks that she can buy back her dignity with all this. Being a d-list onlyfans thot doesn’t feel good and she’s probably tired of all the gross neckbeard shit she has been asked to degrade herself into doing, so like always she thinks she can throw a bunch of money at a problem to fix it and wants to flex that she “isn’t just some dumb whore who takes her clothes off for money/I’m a boss bitch!”. Except she keeps ignoring that she is utterly despised in the cosplay community, so no one is going to want to shoot at her shitty “studio”. And anyone who is stupid enough to actually go there will head for the hills once they see all the cheap, busted props and garbage costumes covered in cat piss and fur.

I see it being a place for and her friends to dick around in for a few months, maybe she’ll do one or two shoots of her own, probably guilt a friend or two to shoot something in order to drum up interest and likely shut down after a year when the lease is up after losing a shitload of money on it.

No. 838969

lets just say this isn't just Moo blowing smoke and she fills the space for cosplayers to do whatever with. Whats keeping people from taking the things in the room she rented out?

This whole thing reminds me of how she posted selfies in a Victorian house saying she bought it but later ended up in the white box McMansion

No. 838973


Nothing, quite honestly. But let’s be real, it’s never even going to get to that point. She is still utterly despised in the cosplay community, despite what she thinks having been away from cons for a year. No one worth a damn is going to want to come her garbage “studio” much less have to deal with her annoying, fat sausage fingers pawing at them every two seconds while they are trying to get work done. Because we all know how good she is at keeping her hands to herself.

This has no hope remaining a professional setting because she has proven time and again that she has no idea how to conduct herself in a professional setting. If she isn’t creepily touching and hitting on (and in some special cases blatantly trying to get them to fuck her) actors who are just trying to do their job with her she is trying to muscle her way into being “friends” with them, which for her means being her total lackeys who answer to her every beck and call, with expensive gifts and dinners that they have no hope of ever actually being able to pay her back for.

No. 838984

So, Bishoujomom has a friend who does seasonal photoshoot sets out of her house. Her name is Abicadabi. If she's following Bishoujo, like we all know she desperately wants to look like her, she's also taking ideas from her friends too.

No. 838985

No its more likely she got the idea from Akemi, one of her calves, who worked at Wonderland OC studios for years
Moo shot there once or twice and probably thinks she can do better

No. 838999

I actually think she’s doing it for squarecuck, remember he started his own “brand” or whatever the fuck. She probably wants to team up with him as an in-house photographer for the rented office space, I mean studio.

No. 839009

doesn't squarecuck act creepy towards the models of his photos though?

No. 839013

I welcome her studio saga. I want her to decorate it with shitty sets and having it not be sanitary.

No. 839018

File: 1622768647966.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, DC654EDD-6585-479C-87C6-A4206B…)

It begins…

No. 839025

isn't this the same brand Square let moo be a model in but kicked her out of the project. If so, Moo really hates it when her friends do something independently from her

No. 839027

the dark circles under the eyes and how glossy she looks just makes her look like a candle melting

No. 839029

oh my god it looks like a jail cell. I think anons are right on the money. She thinks she can do better than professional studios by slapping some stuff she found on ebay.

I wonder if the studio phase will be shorter than her professional artist phase

No. 839034

Sage for construction sperg but bamboo flooring is super cheap and low quality. That shit breaks on a dime and has to be replaces instead of repaired. It's marginally better than laminate. Plus its for a photo studio. Do tile or carpeting cheap because the floor is gonna be covered 80% of the time. Other people like having full sets for their work moo.

No. 839035

“We getting to work” aka I’m sitting on my ass waiting around for the people I hired to finish the floor

No. 839037

Why do I have the feeling this studio thing is an excuse for Moo to get cosplayers in secondary locations to grope and feel all over them? Betcha she's going to personally invite women she's jealous of or men she wants to bang for a free trail.

No. 839066

I mean if she wants to act like she’s a fucking millionaire why is she doing any of the renovations and not hiring a contracting company to do it?

No. 839070

Given her history, I wouldn’t put it past her to have her parents doing the work here lol but it’s most likely her friends. She’s probably using her recent “trip” as an excuse not to lift a finger, know what I mean?

No. 839071

"I gave you guys an amazing vacation to bum fuck nowhere so you can watch me get plastic surgery and drag you around. The least you can do is be my free labor!"

No. 839075

About as long as her fashion designer career.

No. 839090

File: 1622777525321.jpeg (3.38 MB, 5312x2988, B21302E7-68F5-48FD-AF68-D67162…)

RIP to the fabric wasted in that failed endeavor.

No. 839146

Anon, no. She's not a serial rapist or groper. I get where you're going with this, but that ain't it.

No. 839157

Anon she literally is hated by most of the cosplay community for her sexual groping and harassment. There is video of her groping a random dude and her infamous video of her blaming it on her adhd.

No. 839159


Except she is though. There are countless stories of her groping female cosplayers, pulling their tops down or lifting their skirts up in front of people or her getting way too handsy with male models she does shoots with. The whole reason she has been ousted from the cosplay community is because of her sexually inappropriate behavior at conventions.

So yes, you can expect her to do more of the same, especially at a location where she feels she is in charge and gets to call all the shots and people are paying to use her equipment and resources. She’s always felt entitled to other people’s bodies, especially if she feels like they are indebted to her for all the expensive gifts and dinners she buys them.

I’d quite frankly be shocked if we didn’t hear stories of her groping women who come to shoot there or her forcing her hamplanet body on some poor male model she drags into filming something there.

No. 839160

Yes, we're all aware of that,but >>839037 is trying to make it seem like she has some devious plot to offend again. She doesn't. Her intention is alot more benign than that.
And that's assuming her "studio" plans go anywhere. She might get one or two people at first, but I highly doubt anyone other than her actually shoots there

No. 839161

Omg I wasn’t ready for how classic PT this looks

No. 839164

Considering how often she jokes about her sexual harassment and thought it was okay to take pictures flashing in a public area I don't think she ever stopped offending I think she didn't have access to anyone outside her inner circle or random hires.

No. 839171

File: 1622820157267.png (4.07 MB, 1800x1612, FDB7FF5E-79B3-4663-8427-095330…)

No. 839173

This. I remember she grobed some other female models too in shoots a few years ago. She most definitely will do it again since her apology wasn’t genuine, and now she’s trying to paint a picture of herself being misunderstood and ”muh adhd made me do it”

No. 839174

This also, Mariah Mallad is a known sexual offender, and nobody besides her inner circle will work with her anymore. Serves her right for being trash.

No. 839179

The fact she has to hire male escorts because no professional male cosplayer will work with her (besides Alex Drastal, because he’s an asshole who excuses her behavior) just shows how much of an outcast she is. And from what little info we did get from the one insider, she still continued to be creepy, desperate and clingy to the guys she paid to flop her sandbags around. There’s no doubt in my mind that in an enclosed environment where she calls the shots that she’ll feel comfortable enough to do something incredibly dumb. She never learned her lesson or grew up and since she never faced any actual criminal consequences for what she did in the past, Moo will likely continue doing it.

No. 839183

Most likely she will just keep doing that even if she got charged with something. Oh yeah almost forgot about the escorts. Bet she must be even worse then, to have even escorts blacklist her?

No. 839185

A lot of sex offenders don't "mean" to commit sex offenses and once convicted, they try to stop or at least remain low key. Moo is no different. Yeah, she's not setting up a studio saying "I'm going to molest people using this." But she is using it as a way to get back into the cosplay scene where she uses sex as a power high just like a sex offender. This studio is just a way to get connections and clout so she can continue to do whatever compels her. She uses sex as a way of humor and power. It's a mix of middle school girl and sexual predator.

No. 839193

Her tits are all sorts of mishapen. That sucks.

No. 839194

Anon, people have been letting her back into the scene. Martin Wong working with her is a massive show of it. She has a high normie following, so they want a slice of that 1mil cake.

No. 839195

Because an unsaged anon who came here, without proof, said she's blacklisted? No. Can we stop that fake news shit and stick with postable proof? Sounds more like she was uncomfortable with someone she didn't shoot with is all and the photos were awful anyway. She can't hire other models outside of her friends because she can't control all the quality.

No. 839198

Escorts do get the worst of it. Because people like Moo think that since they fuck for money she can treat them like living dildos and not people.
But if you treat Moo like a cum filled hole she will get all offended.

No. 839199

One photo taker doesn't mean she's back. Nor does her porn sick following matter when people talk about her and making posts on her behavior everywhere she goes. Anyone who associates with her is either the dumbest person, someone who isn't in cosplay at all, or only in it for the cash.

No. 839200

imagen defending sexual predators in a site full of women. kek
your argument is shit and you sound like a scrote

No. 839201

scratch that. predator anon sounds like Moo or one of her friends.

No. 839209

I think the escort rumors hold some weight to them. They aligned with past behaviors and people have recognized tiddy nightmare man from porn.

No. 839211

we know the boob kneader is an escort because he also did porn with trisha paytas, who said he was an escort

No. 839217

No business she starts will succeed because A she’s a stupid and B she doesn’t like to work. Like at all. And she won’t stop doing cringey things to others because she has zero self awareness and again, she’s stupid.

No. 839218

How is that defending sexual predators? Are you retarded? Predators are compulsory and are habitual offenders because they value power over avoiding consequences. They won't stop and that's the point of the post. Moo is setting up a studio and despite not doing it as an obvious reason to offend, she'll use it that way inevitably. And why would I be Moo? Would Moo call herself a sexual offender?

No. 839219


No. 839220

I had no idea what you were talking about but now I remember. It was more cringy because she was thanking everyone for amazing sales and so well it was doing.

Anon, even you're saying that Moo will eventually do it. Of course Moo didn't get the building just to molest people. But you're dim if you don't think Moo will keep her hands to herself in a place she has full control over. That and
> A lot of sex offenders don't "mean" to commit sex offenses and once convicted, they try to stop
That is very sympathetic to offenders.

No. 839222

Why would anyone actually bother paying her to rent anything from her? Figure if it’s a newish cosplayer/clout chaser it wouldn’t be long before they either know or get roasted for doing anything around her. If they have clout or are popular she will just offer the space for free or even pay them to use it so she can try wedging her fat ass into their circle (while insisting they give her credit of some sort for the “set design” or some shit). No I don’t think this idea is going to fly, not as a business anyway. And as for her getting back into cosplay? Lol no I’m sure it will be like just before lockdowns- she shows up to a con and nobody gives a damn or outright laughs at her- then she will leave. Nobody of note wants to actually be seen with her.

No. 839223

>even if you're saying Moo will eventually do it
>But you're dim if you don't think Moo will keep her her hands to herself…

What? I said she'll eventually do it, but I'm stupid for thinking she won't…

And that's why I put "mean" in quotations. It's not sympathetic, it's simply the mindset of predators. Ever read any interviews with serial rapists and child molesters? They definitely try to suppress their urges, but fail. They're un-salvageable, even when it comes to their own intent. It was in response to anon saying Moo's intent is not this scheme to molest people. Moo can't help herself was the point, but instead of blaming reading comprehension it might be an error in communicating how I define Moo as a predator. She thought that her compulsion to sexually humiliate a person was just a product of ADHD. Or at least thought that excuse would work which is beyond the pale. What she means to do and what she does are in line with a lot of predators I've read about.

No. 839225

File: 1622829093463.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2135, EB4BA8D9-4266-489D-AD3D-4A69FC…)

She’s trying to rope people in.

Anyways checked out that eminence shit and it seems they got more girls to join their “modeling agency” as they’re calling it. I definitely think this is related to the studio shit. Squarecuck has been the only “loyal” person who’s stuck by her.

No. 839226

All those girls are pretty average looking, but compared to moo’s whale of a body they’re gorgeous.

No. 839228

I guess compared to Moo yeah. But they're all skinny fat. Like they joined this team because they couldn't get a contract anywhere else.
At least the one in the middle with black and white hair is okay.
But forgot it's Square so he will just PS a new body anyway

No. 839231

God this picture just screams as some sleazy way for dudes to get close to models and try to fuck them. I foresee those whole thing going down in a huge ball of flames

No. 839232

I’m anticipating her pricing structure for this “studio” endeavor to be something fucking ridiculous because we all know Moo thinks she’s worth more than she actually is. She’ll label it as some luxury and over inflate the prices, especially for no-name cosplayers and photographers. Of course her friends and people with clout will get discounts or comped.

She probably sold like… 1 and suddenly it was a huge success. Even Creators Guild wiped it from their IG. That “lewds before nudes” phase lasted about as long as she waits between lipo sessions lol.

No. 839235

Anyone can just be a model now?

No. 839237

File: 1622831845186.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2688, BA0C1A03-AD0C-4D49-9A76-B13522…)

Kek. Since no ones checked her depop last she’s sold a lot of cosplay shit and berthing is XL. I didn’t know she wore size 9. Here’s the infamous never laced and tied boots

No. 839239

File: 1622831946465.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2688, 353D9E17-9B39-4801-A707-0DE0D4…)

She’s totally been working out.

No. 839243

How much longer until this management company and studio ends up like the Chateau?

No. 839255

Yeah, that's why it's more obvious it's fake. Escorts don't come to websites like this. This isn't milk unless an anon can pay text messages or something proving shes BlAcK LIsTed. It's just more tinfoil and anything that's tinfoil isn't exactly grade A milk with Moo.

No. 839256

She's going to have groups of people and make half pay, half not pay, because she won't make her friends pay, but if those friends bring non-moo friends.. She's going to look like a huge cunt when she tries to charge and I don't think it'll be equal across the board. Vamps does good sets, Moo has never had a good set. She's going to use Vamp to help.

No. 839257

She's probably making the prices as high as the Japanese studios. Ya know, fully staffed, safe, multiple professional sets with authentic items, make up and hair.

No. 839288

if squaredildos can be a “manager” those girls can be “models” but who are all the other incels in the photo?

No. 839296

Moo really thinks she's Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
over here.

No. 839305

No. 839322

File: 1622853719069.png (3.03 MB, 2150x1208, Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 01.41…)

damn… so that's where the gucci fannypack went

it's hilarious how many unworn cosplays are under sold

No. 839327

File: 1622854424781.png (4.9 MB, 1242x2208, 3DC66803-B594-4B5D-927F-F321A3…)

Mariah is incapable of preparing meals for herself at home unless Squarecuck is doing it for her.

Can you imagine the smell from that? Gross.

No. 839328

Starting top leftmost:
???, j.squarenoodles, patrick_fran (Patrick Calilung), da.thirdcon, not sure about the last three guys. Maybe boyfriends. Actually not surprised Moo didn't go because the chick Mavispepper (white girl top leftside) knows Gabby Cooke (Goober, GabbyCCosplay). Gabby, if anyone forgot, is a ex-friend who worked with Moo alot and even was photographed by Moo a couple times (Remember that? Mememe shoot). She probably didn't want the heat. Gabby left the internet a while ago like Nana did.

No. 839330

Gabby is still active on twitter.

This totally doesn’t look like something that will be abandoned after a year /s
The models mostly look so… underwhelming?

No. 839332

File: 1622856560330.png (5.88 MB, 1242x2688, 6E601979-AD24-45D1-8267-B999ED…)

Fuck that is huge portions. Also almost al the ears she sperged about buying and collection are all sold on her depop for way less than she bought them for. These ugly pink shoes couldn’t fit her gigantic calves either.

No. 839333

Hah you can tell she tried on the one shoe with none of the wrappings on it and realized they don’t fit and never even tried the second one on. Chefs kiss.

No. 839334

Between these and the grey Nikes, she’s writing the jokes for us.

No. 839338

Wasn't she supposed to be plant based? Kek

No. 839340

File: 1622860068683.jpeg (546.94 KB, 1242x2320, B3700D13-1309-4DE8-AFFF-05475C…)

She even sold her CUSTOM nikes kek. I can’t figure out if they’re suppose to be glow in the dark or if she picked the ugly yellowish old plastic looking material

No. 839348

I'm guessing she's buying, so they get to choose the food, but they have to cook and shop and do dishes.

No. 839350

I'm guessing she out grew it. rip fannypack
whoa that's a lot of food. Was the mac and cheese really necessary?

No. 839352

This photo was posted from a restaurant.

No. 839353

File: 1622864870309.jpeg (606.82 KB, 1242x1108, 4A2FB458-A0F6-4EEB-BD01-0741D8…)

Does she not neuter her cats? Is this why this one is fighting the other ones all the time?

No. 839355

I’ve always found it weird that she insists on selling clothes/shoes. These aren’t even marked up, so it’s not like she’s selling it with her name attached to it, you know? Just .. donate them..? You make enough money..?

No. 839357

Oh but that wouldn’t be in character for moocow. She believes I’m sure that these crappy items she sells to whomever is sick enough to actually want them (seriously who the fuck woulda bought that stupid nasty fannypack?!) are some kind of artifact and that people buying her garbage means she’s “famous” or something. And actual charity is not something moo does. Like ever.

No. 839360

Actually she used to """donate""" to local shops way back when. She would organize her closets and claim her stuff was donated by the truck full.

No. 839362

Oh wow I never noticed. I can’t imagine how bad her house smells, there’s no way an unfixed male cat wouldn’t be spraying with so many other males in the house. Nasty.

No. 839367

They don't actually remove the cat's balls during the procedure. It's just a small snip but they can still spray if they learn the bad behavior or are not fixed in time.

No. 839375

File: 1622878741879.jpg (222.96 KB, 1920x1080, moooo.jpg)

I turn around for just a few days and she's looking crusty af. Her face is Bordering on a tumblrite caricature.

No. 839378

Lol that is almost spot on, except moos nose is a bug old honker.

No. 839382

Ot but it does not surprise me seeing MavisPepper in this group

Mariah may be involved bit Annje's profile says she is the contact for this eminence modeling thing

No. 839386

File: 1622885665290.png (7.34 MB, 4350x1174, Fanny.png)

Out of boredom I scrolled the previous threads, when the fannypack was previously posted about being on depop on 2/24/21 it was already sold and the strap was adjusted for max length per the photo. Googling, "While the bag itself measures 14″W x 7″H x 3″D tip to tip, the adjustable element of the belt runs from 35”-47”." A woman with a waist over 47" is easily 50%+ body fat.

Doing some more backtracking, holy fucking shit Mariah you are huge. Last recorded fanny pack sighting posted in here was October of last year, where she could've been wearing a shaping garment as she was covered up, which was after at least one round of nonsurgical lipo (only one publicly documented in that time frame), likely after she saw how huge she was shooting her Boy x Girl video. The last sighting posted before that was exactly a full year prior in October of 2019.

No. 839404

I almost forgot how that dress pic in the middle is the perfect example of how much Noodles and Moo edit her pictures. You never know her actual size until you see a candid

No. 839409

File: 1622907410237.png (2.07 MB, 1242x2208, D5C37D6E-F9B0-48DC-A796-F948B7…)

If it’s anything like her body paint skills, this is going to be laughably bad.

No. 839410

File: 1622907596819.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, 0369130E-4F1C-4C93-9B28-38A6C3…)

Anyone remember her writhing on the floor in this outfit and being out of breath doing it? Such energy.

No. 839411

But isn't this suppose to be a place for professional shoots?

god that waist shop. Well know we know why she loves all white

No. 839413

I feel bad for whoever rents this out after moo. They're going to have to do lot to make the space look decent again.

No. 839414

What horrible colour choice. I would have picked a wall more pink than peach and a brown or dark brown faux wood floor.

No. 839417

The energy? Fatty looks like she’s pushing 60 years with those saggy pancakes.

No. 839418

Does anyone know the brand of boots? I'm really curious what the calf measurement is so we can get some perspective on just how big her calves are.

No. 839421

I’d like to know too. Probably by some brand that specializes to big girls shoewear. Also the fact that she couldn’t even lace those up or close them, if i remember right.

No. 839424

Unless this room is specifically like the receptionist area, it really defeats the purpose to have a professional studio look like… that

No. 839427

File: 1622914879530.jpg (417.14 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20210605-183923_Chr…)


Looks like they're Walmart, couldn't see calf measurements though. Those pink ones are YRU.

No. 839433

Honestly the room should have been a neutral color or white and they could just have a lighting system. White walls will appear any color with the right light

No. 839441


It’s just shows more that she has no idea what fuck she is doing and is treating it as her own personal space and not a professional studio meant to cater to a variety of needs for her potential clients.

No. 839446

Of course she hasn’t. The fat cow has probably never thought of other people in her life.

No. 839467


Watch her be painting Mariah’s logo or some narcisstic shit so any picture taken there will have Mariah’s logo/mark in it lol

No. 839468


Someday when a museum is doing an exhibition of early 21 century fringe culture this needs to be in the section that explains what a costhot was.

No. 839485

Omg that middle photo I’ve never seen that before. And that is post lipo right? I thought after you get lipo the fat cells don’t come back but she still looks chonky as hell. She’s fatter now I can only imagine what her body must look like now. boy I can’t wait for cons to open back up.

No. 839497

When someone regains weight after lipo, like Moo does every time she gets some lard sucked out, the fat will go to different cells instead.

Which is why the cow has a fucked up body even after heavy shooping and filters.

No. 839502

You missed the point anon. OP >>839410
was talking about the shitty "dancing" tiktok and being sarcastic about how much energy moo had

No. 839510

File: 1622959626366.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2208, DD36BE94-348C-419F-95AE-1E49BD…)

This doesn’t apply to you, Moo. You don’t make anything.

No. 839514

lol eat your heart out hemmingway

No. 839517

I'll never get over how the bodysuit's "abs" stretch half way above her pancake tits, it's so funny.

No. 839518

Ahaaahaa! I was gonna make a similar joke but wasn’t sure how to word it.

She even shaved it down to 5 words rather than 6. A true literary genius!

No. 839522

It just baffles my mind how everything she does, she does it with her real name,from thrifting-websites to etsy, including porn lol. Like, is she trying to make it easier to stalk her and know every of her whereabouts or…?

No. 839527

nta but no, moo put "I love the energy" in her own post, they weren't responding to op

No. 839529

You mean to tell me she didn't credit herself for anything in this shoot?? Not even a belt or pair of socks?

No. 839530

Because her endgame from the very first time she's logged her carcass online has been to be famous. Her cosplay 'career' was unabashedly copied from Nigri's, after all.

She admitted to refusing to lay low after she got exposed for sexually harassing people because she was afraid that people would "forget her".

And you know, going by that statement just proves how utterly fucking stupid Mariah is.

No. 839567

My bad, didn't see her caption.

No. 839569

File: 1623026018064.jpg (41.66 KB, 480x480, 20210606_183248.jpg)

Give Miss Trunchbull a Fanny pack and we have momokun

No. 839584

File: 1623032765868.jpg (195.47 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_06-06-09.26.30.jpg)

No. 839586

It’s frightening how well this fits moo

No. 839588

This is too good! Tbh, her head should be smaller lol

No. 839593

File: 1623037240239.jpeg (789.51 KB, 1080x1080, 3F470528-7C26-4AD9-86FF-2AE2C2…)

No. 839598

Lol spot on! Her most accurate cosplay.

No. 839599

Perfection. Thank you anon!

No. 839600

Thank you Anon she's beautful

No. 839609

At least the Trunchbull was actually athletic and strong, unlike Moo with her ‘like new’ Nikes. Great job, anon!

No. 839635

Her having adhd isnt milky. And i wouldnt be surprised if she enjoyed the weight loss effects if she abused adderall. Shes fat as hell.

No. 839636

Shes already so infamous. Theres no way people dont know her drama and porn.

No. 839639

If I remember correctly she doesn't even have ADHD, she just takes Adderall cause that's one of the things she used to stay skinny in HS(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 839672

Did you miss the entire “sorry i accidentally on purpose touched that guy’s ass at a con muh dudes it was my ADHD” arc?

No. 839686

File: 1623108659443.png (2.43 MB, 1242x2208, A1FF43B9-A9F0-4233-8387-979BE6…)

Let’s not forget famous gay rights activist Mariah Mallad who wants it to be known that she supports the gays and totally didn’t throw a hissy fit when told about Devilman and Satan being gay. Not to mention she lusts after the gays because they’re “real men” who are up to her standards, according to her.

No. 839697

The fact she's nowhere near the sign says a lot. Nobody likes her smelly ass.

No. 839700

didn’t she once say something like “I don’t like my hair short bc it makes me look like a lesbian”? what an ally lol

No. 839701

Replace “lesbian” with “dyke” and you’ve got it right. She’s thrown slurs around like nobody’s business before and I doubt she’s ever stopped. And also, isn’t Phil Mizuno gay? Mariah has clung really creepily to him in the past at cons to where it seemed it was really uncomfortable. Guess he has all the “qualities” of the men she respects and wants to fuck (doesn’t help that she shared his Rengoku cosplay earlier… the exact character she sperged about in that video)

No. 839710

She lusts over gay men for the same reason she constantly flirts with men in relationships; she sees it as winning.
If she feels special when a guy "chooses" to cheat on his gf with her, imagine how special she'd be if a guy chose her over his own actual sexual preferences.

No. 839737

File: 1623166283976.png (2.13 MB, 2008x2048, Screenshot_20210608-083057.png)

I don't know why but all I see when I see her face here is this.

No. 839740

She's the female equivalent of men seeking out lesbians because they think they just haven't had the right dick. Moo is a predator.

No. 839745

File: 1623169185798.jpeg (89.88 KB, 1174x820, 0FFDB61E-AAC7-4922-935C-4183A3…)

Sure Mariah

No. 839766

Every time I see her in this costume all I remember is of the video a farmer took of her at Katsucon trying so hard to hop on the guy's dick during a photoshoot.

No. 839768

samefag but I found it.


She looks like a completely different person and she was a massive cow even then.

No. 839770

File: 1623181243292.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1841, 9E70BF79-2DA4-4933-8264-F95DC0…)

No. 839771

Oh good she finally got around to finishing watching the lets play for RE. Cause she totally finished the game lol

No. 839774

Oh god, I remember this. Thanks for finding it anon. She's so embarrassing.

No. 839777

Ugh, her forcefully shoehorning RE talk to show she's a true gamer gurl is so cringy.

Didja beat it on your "big fancy gaming PC" you built some years back, Moo?

No. 839778

Omg… this her "investing" she has been bragging about. Because instathots are known to have the cash to use a professional photography studio. Ahahahahaha what a dumb bitch.

No. 839780


We’ll all be laughing in about 3 months when she is forced to shut down her “studio” from lack of business and anyone with an iota of common sense not wanting to be anywhere near her. Her dumbass really thinks this is her golden ticket back into the industry and that she is going have this amazing Japanese style cosplay studio that everyone is going to be kicking down her doors to want to shoot stuff in.

This is easily one of the dumbest ideas she has had in a long time. At least with the other ones she didn’t stand to potentially lose thousands of dollars into a complete sink of an idea.

No. 839785

“The difficulty on some of the levels” bitch shut the fuck up. Even if you did play it you probably set it to easy where the enemies are the weakest. Dumb whore. Stop trying to sound like you’re some gamer.

You’re not Barbie Mariah Mal-Lard. You can’t do everything and can’t be everything.

No. 839797

Lol i almost forgot about this. It looks like she’s in pain even standing up.

No. 839802

Everyone knows she's saying Mother Miranda to make the point that she "made it till the end". Most people will say Heisenberg because MM is a slow and relatively easy last boss. She's really a tryhard.

No. 839808

It's a huge mistake to attach her name to the studio. People are going to review bomb it and stay away because of her.

No. 839809

MM was the worst one and everyone knows that. all she did was fly around and send shit after you. you're right, she clearly just said MM bc it's the end boss.

No. 839810

File: 1623200052624.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2208, F51CBBD7-8790-46A7-8B02-BD31C7…)

No. 839811

Swap her axe wound with her bloated lips and you can't even tell the difference!

No. 839813

Lord her fat gut and hank hill ass are gonna rip that.

No. 839817

How is she even going to fit in this?? If this is latex like I think it is, it's going to be an extremely tight fit.

No. 839823

What is this supposed to be?

No. 839825


Its not latex, you can see stitching on the shoulder trim. Latex can only be glued.

She's still gonna look like a burst sausage though.

No. 839846

Yes. Though i think the outfit is pinned on the back of the mannequin. At least i hope so, there’s ni way moomoo is that delusional? Right?

No. 839859

She can't wear shapewear and a corset under this without it being very obvious. Oy vey squarecuck sure has his work cut out for him. I can't wait to laugh at her.

No. 839876

It also lends credence to the tinfoil that she had work done. She always does a super skimpy “cosplay” after she’s had a procedure done.

No. 839889

Her tits are gonna fall down past her navel anyways. Seems like such a waste.

No. 839900

Yeah, came here to say this. What's the point of the straps and rings if her gunt and fat sacks are going to obstruct the entire front of the piece. Even if she did just do more lipo she's gonna rip that thing like a plastic bag by the middle of the shoot.

No. 839911

its gonna be wonderland studios isnt it? I swear that place has gone to shit since the original owner sold it to the guy that runs it now. Only momokun can turn a shitty place into an even shittier place.

No. 839914

File: 1623267943394.png (2.19 MB, 1242x2208, 66B669C9-4202-45A7-A906-AF6287…)

Ever since her man rant on IG, it makes posts like these even creepier. He’s not going to fuck you, Moo…

No. 839917

She got her own place.

No. 839944

File: 1623292139376.jpg (504.33 KB, 367x566, 5ubMLy2.jpg)

She's in California with Aly

No. 839972

I actually was doing photoshoots outside during their Photoshoot and honestly leonchiro is such an asshole- so I’m not surprised momo sucked up to him and wanted to pounce on him so hard because everyone only knows him for his abs and being such a great guy online but is an absolute scumbag in person or when someone is against something he wants done, an absolute man child. So I’m not surprised she was all up on him and he was not even giving her any time of day, she was the only obnoxious one cause she kept yelling while talking to him and trying to take photos of other cosplayers when you have a screeching hyena behind you laughing at anything and everything- it’s mind numbing in the worst way. Didnt her and leon have a falling out too?? Like she was always posting about him and shit and now she never mentions him- I mean not like he ever mentioned her or posted any photos or videos of them when their group would hang out cause he was probably embarrassed by her or afraid he’d lose followers if he showed his face around her on his own account.

No. 839973

bobble head ass bitch cant just take a normal photo without contorting herself to have some semblance of a human frame

No. 839974


I’m sure she accused him of rape or being a creep like she does to every other guy who kicks her to the curb when her sad, desperate attempts at getting them to fuck her fail.

No. 839980

My favourite thing about this photo is the floor tiles being warped to high hell.

No. 839993

That pose looks like it took considerable effort for Moo. At this point any time we see her out of state, I assume she’s getting some kind of procedure done lol.

No. 840007

Wasn’t it the opposite? Didn’t someone else accuse him of harassment and she defended him? Or an I thinking of ANOTHER scummy bro cosplayer

No. 840016

Yeah i feel like it was that way.

No. 840029

No, you’re right. Leon was accused of sexual harassment and has a shitty reputation for that and generally being a huge douchebag.
It’s no wonder Mariah tried so hard to get his attention then, birds of a feather (I mean, they have so much in common like not making any of their outfits). But even he won’t touch Mariah which should be a wake up call to her. A guy known for not keeping his hands to himself and being a creep around women won’t get near our dear Moo lol

No. 840044

Might be because Leon is fit at least and not so many are into landwhales like mariah.

No. 840064

Is she in Little Tokyo LA? Also, the shoop on herthighs is laughable

No. 840096

File: 1623390437904.png (3.66 MB, 1242x2208, FFEF54EC-21F1-4497-9D2C-76A36B…)

So Moo bought the food and Aly cooked.

No. 840097

It all looked overcooked and dry. They basically threw food into a bento box and called it Japanese food.

No. 840098

File: 1623394393956.jpg (159.57 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20210610-235222_Fac…)


It's ironic since Phil is probably talking about her.

No. 840102

I want to believe that but he willingly hung out with her knowing her shitty reputation (I sincerely doubt he was clueless about her considering how catty the cosplay community is). Unless he explicitly calls her out on her shit behavior then I’m inclined to believe he’s just talking out of his ass to save face.

No. 840112

Didn't she just say 2 weeks or so ago that she hates this character?

No. 840120

I’m gonna say it, her weird fetishism of Japan is borderline racist.

No. 840123

The one she hates is Giyu Tomioka, and it’s out of pathetic jealousy because he “gets in the way” of her Doma/Shinobu ship by being THE guy Shinobu is shipped with. LMAO.

No. 840137

I think he’s also talking about Lorentziwood who was outted for abusing women (his ex girlfriends) as well as using Phil for just clout cause his ex girlfriend caught it on tape that he was just using Phil for followers instead of a real friendship. I highly doubt he’s talking about momo cause he interacts with her comments and story posts as well as interacting with her at cons.

No. 840138

I feel like this her attempt at being a “manic pixie dream girl” by bringing toys everywhere saying she’s on a date and only eating Asian food and shit. Thinks she’s original and quirky to try and get attention. Essentially she’s role playing what she THINKS people want. We all know the takes of her bullying anime kids in school and only hopping on the cosplay thing to skinwalk Jessica.

No. 840151

Didn't they only hang out during that con she went to in Peru? If that's the case I'm sure it was more her inserting herself into his group in an attempt to grab his dick than them actually being friends.

No. 840155

They’ve hung out at cons like AX anon. (Theres pics of them together as early as her “Irl Mei” days) And like the other anon said, he still plays nice with her in her comments on IG. So it’s kinda shitty he holds those standards for others, just not Mariah.

No. 840178

Wow is that for real. That’s on par with fujoshis hating female characters for getting in the way of their yaoiz lol

No. 840187

why the fuck would you cook a huge pot of miso and just put it there like that along side the rest of the dishes? Looking at this is so painful

No. 840197

probably because they ate it all kek

No. 840199


This food is depressing looking.

No. 840203

aside from the miso, wtf is Japanese about his "feast"?

No. 840208

File: 1623486903450.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 0700253F-3EA2-476F-9180-EB0589…)

Dude what the fuck I don’t even have words.
why is she forcing this “suburban” accent?

No. 840219

Whatever this was it's been deleted already.

No. 840230

I guess the salmon sashimi and kabucha. All of these things could be part of a Japanese meal, but the portions are really off and they didn’t really prepare anything- they just took the Western route of pouring all the side dishes into huge bowls

It’s neckbeard behavior. Cultural interest is benign on its own, but when you pair it with romantic and sexual fantasies then you’re getting into weirdo territory

No. 840244

At least write what she was talking about instead of nitpicking

No. 840247

She’s a Japanese pixie trapped in the body of an obese midwestern basic white girl my dudes. Transracial? Transnational? Not sure but totally legit and not at all racist because she is one of the worlds leading experts on Japanese history and culture.

No. 840258

It was nothing substantial at all, just about her stuffy nose. Quite literally this woman was just speaking seemingly to hear herself talk.

No. 840287

File: 1623549915055.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2061, 6CC87E52-D6D5-4C98-9D33-4A1C6A…)

Her lips are looking extremely fucked today, holy shit.

No. 840289

Ah, going for that prolapsed asshole look, i see.

No. 840291

File: 1623558459551.png (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 2048x1370, Screenshot_20210612-212739.png)

No. 840292

How does she not see how fucked up this looks? Even with the filter applied, this is objectively terrible. She needs serious therapy.

No. 840293

i'm surprised she hasn't considered living in korea instead of japan. she could botch her face up weekly and hunt for asian dick on the weekends lol.

No. 840306

Lets give her a round of applause for not going out in a black compression sweatshirt.

No. 840308

That solid quarter inch thick layer of filler above her lip

No. 840314

I have always been curious as to why she’s never hopped on the koreaboo trend. She clearly finds Asian men attractive, and most of the Kpop guys have a very pretty boy look to them, like her anime husbandos. But there’s also more “zaddy” types too.

Makes me think she’s so stuck in her weird fetishism of Japan that she’d never keave her comfort zone, and also she knows guys like that are way out of her league.

No. 840315

She knows the kpop fans would eat her alive specially when they find out what her past is like.

No. 840323

honestly prefer sweatshirt-kun to whatever the Grand Ol’ Opry hell potato sack boob tube she’s wearing

No. 840330

She used to go to Koreatown all thetime when she was dating David. He is Korean.

No. 840341

I have the huge impression she THINKS she's owning the "haters" by continuing to fill her lips and face. But in reality it's either concerned fans or people like us laughing at her. Her lumpy moon face is horrifying with and without filters now. But if she wants to continue to disfigure herself I'm all for it.

No. 840343

That got said a lot and it never happened

No. 840352

File: 1623620471164.jpg (704.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-06-13-16-41-44…)

No. 840353

File: 1623621079898.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.7 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-13-05.51.15.jpg)

Kek, anon

No. 840355

File: 1623623004225.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, B2FDAAE0-F34A-46C0-8353-67D09F…)

What is even going on with her body shape here??

No. 840357

Her right arm looks like a deformed baby limb, holy shit

No. 840369

wtf you’re right, that is one weird arm. i bet she tried to photoshop her waist slimmer and ended up warping the arm. i can’t think of another explanation.

No. 840389

Probably, also adding in the filters.

No. 840392

>>840352 I really feel like shes trying to low key tell us shes unhappy with her living situation

No. 840393

File: 1623630614736.jpg (54.42 KB, 750x918, actualLadyD.jpg)


At some point, could cosplayers for once recognise when the shape of their faces/general vibe don't match the character they choose to use? The model for Lady D. is an actual Polish woman with a strong jaw, sharp nose and a natural, gracefully maturing face (the body is an entirely different beast)

I'm nitpicking but modern games use real people as a reference, pic related.

This isn't just a Maria thing. Fucking insulting seeing genuinely seductive renditions of a tough looking, feminine woman being bastardised like this. This isn't just a Momokun thing. I would argue the character's maturity (voice, movement) is the sexy part, not the chesticles or the hips.

Granted, cute, thicc characters would work better with Momokun's face. Not mature women (but plz no more child-like characters like in the past). I assume neoteny is preferred for the pleasure of men, and many characters she's cosplayed are just 2-d waifu bait anyway so who cares.

I assume the women in the background were physically there. I hope none of them got groped against their consent.

No. 840394

Came to my mind too. She already made a tiktok a few months ago about how she hates making wigs.

No. 840404

Don't be retarded with gatekeeping cosplays based on weight and shape and height. You might as well say ethnicity too, anon.

No. 840408

She’s deleting any comments that mention Mariah and momokun at all lol
She wants to flex on that “millionaire” house but not who it belongs to. Such a shame when none of your friends want anything to do with you on their platforms.

No. 840409

Really? Lol, just about year ago cumbran’s stories and posts were all about how wonderful and lovely miss momokunt is.

No. 840411

Shes looks older than her mom jfc

No. 840413

It’s even better when you notice people know she’s deleting them but are mentioning that they saw the house recently wink wink in her comments so whatever flags she’s using don’t delete them. She also will not answer anyone who asks who’s house it is and a lot of people are talking about how sterile and uncomfortable the house looks in all white. One person even asked how it feels to be “owned”

No. 840417

the wink wink "I saw that house recently" comments are because they think mariahs hospital house and couch looks like it's from that meme/porn where the girl is surrounded by black dudes

No. 840418

The funniest thing is that Maddie is legit turning into or already has turned into momokun, like the cow did a full 360 on her personality. I hung out with Maddie a lot during cons before she got in contact with momo and she was always a very secluded and shy person, like the only time she really got above a whisper was with close friends/her groupies. Not to mention her family already had a shit ton of money and her parents babied her hand over fist. So it’s not surprising that when she saw the cash moo was making over time she knew she had to have a piece of it along with the clout so she wouldn’t be living in her parents house forever or in a not so glorious home like her parents once she moved out. But the fact moo could practically be Maddie’s mom with her looks and she changed Maddie from being a pretty nice and warm person to such a cocky bastard child is very alarming.(no1curr)

No. 840427

most female characters in anime are fap material without any personality

No. 840439

Oh dear, but she basically is owned by moo. I doubt moo even pays her and just makes cumbran to constantly make new wigs. Kinda sad way to live.

No. 840442

Anon that's not related to people like momokun hating characters just because they're shipped with other characters.

No. 840450

File: 1623694478981.png (3.39 MB, 1800x1067, D702553C-CF78-4C3C-BA62-30912A…)

Ironic considering she’s snubbed kids at cons before.

No. 840463

The middle one is STILL her most accurate cosplay to date. God knows she looks and acts like an orc

No. 840467


Considering her degenerate state of mind from all the hentai she watches I’m sure she’d take that as a compliment, considering how rapey they are portrayed in most hentai.

No. 840472

Baby Arm, you're a good detective

No. 840478

I've been laughing at this for an hour anon, stop

No. 840479

Ya’ll talking about her arm when the real concern is that fucking leg in the back. Her thigh is literally folding in on her knee, she literally has no knee, dear god.(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 840481

File: 1623714757425.png (2.97 MB, 1073x1800, B1609E33-DD8E-4324-A068-79B784…)

>da prön
Even her attempts at promoting her porn are obnoxious. It’s not 2006 anymore Moo.

No. 840482

She released a "pron" recently but its just a closeup of her fat snatch. Yes she shoved her long white nails into her snatch. No blood this time tho. It's not remarkable enough to cap

No. 840486

Ah, ye olde webe speake. Obviously trolling Lori /s

No. 840492

Sage but I was watching a YouTube video about fillers gone wrong and the example they showed of neurotic tissue literally looked the same as Moo's lips do now.

No. 840501

I fucking hate people who use ADHD as an excuse for shitty behavior. I have ADHD. It doesn't make me a fucking psycho. She's giving me strong gabbie hanna vibes with her blaming her bad behavior on ADHD. ADHD doesn't make you a pathological lying bitch moomoo.

Also, if she were abusing adderall, she would have lost some weight by now and not look like her clothes are about to rip off her body. Adderall not only stops you from feeling hungry, but it also increases your metabolism.

all of them are skinny fat except moo, she's just fat.

cats who are not introduced properly or socialized correctly can display aggressive/unacceptable behavior. Considering how lazy moo is, I'd bet she didn't try to discipline or socialize her cats whatsoever and now they just do whatever they want.

ok there's 0 chance she hasn't gotten lip fillers. Even if she used some kind of snapchat filter…those lips are comically big for her face. She's so delusional.

she's not cosplaying as an orc. it's who she really is underneath all the fillers, makeup, photoshop, and excessive filters.

No. 840502

I might have missed it in the previous thread, but does momo have financial issues now? Didn't she just buy a studio?

No. 840503

Given the info of others saying she bullied them in school for liking anime she would have bullied herself lmao.

No. 840522

No. 840524

File: 1623756734726.jpeg (292.27 KB, 828x1451, F0E4C06C-558E-4372-8076-8BA432…)

Seems she’s lurking through

No. 840529

This has already been posted >>840481

No. 840532

File: 1623766331880.jpg (42.67 KB, 597x181, what.jpg)

It's a real shame she's not causing drama on twitter again and is posting shit like this instead.
Also funny to note that she hasn't used google translate to chat up artists again or posted any more art.
Hope maddies enjoying those free art supplies lol

No. 840534

I had the same thought as well regarding this picture

No. 840582

File: 1623794119088.jpg (1.49 MB, 1048x932, VTEC9Vx.jpg)

I think Moo took them to Hawaii. Would explain the lack of compression wear as of late

No. 840592

she’s totally here in Hawaii. I can’t tell which island she is on. Might try to find this whale in the wild and snap some candids.

No. 840595

They are/were on Honolulu, they posted pics from a Musubi Cafe Iyasume

No. 840597

File: 1623805490023.png (4.27 MB, 1239x1800, B95F4642-AF22-4C72-9BCD-9603AC…)

No. 840598

File: 1623805607151.png (5.83 MB, 1242x2208, E356AD38-F1DD-4B41-AD13-C5634E…)

Her fake ass veneers will never not creep me out.

No. 840602

Imagine doing this infront of a pool of men who don't want anything to do with you

No. 840603

File: 1623806313072.png (1.65 MB, 1393x2048, Screenshot_20210615-181819.png)

Vamp looks like the corpse of Tori Spelling.

No. 840606


They both look like two bitches who ran into a wall face first. They bother are pretty much the “ugly one”.

No. 840608

File: 1623808879024.jpeg (395.4 KB, 714x1126, 6F210A1E-3FCB-4BB6-9781-A12021…)

“show me how that ass farts baby”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840614

Ese culo bota caca

No. 840615

File: 1623815832953.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2208, B93B3AAE-1A85-4192-9B62-11AE63…)

Serving that middle aged, single mom of five realness. Man, how does it feel to be only 25 and look older than your own mom? Whatever recent procedure she got in Portland (still just speculation but what else was there for her really) made her look even older.

No. 840619

she looks more asymmetrical than ever. sorry if it's nitpicking but those lashes do her droopy eye no favors

No. 840620

Fat injections is my guess

No. 840623

File: 1623824356943.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, E423F5E9-5430-47E3-929A-E77235…)

She’s shooting Vamplette’s Rikku photos.

No. 840624

Love how she’s paying homage to the queen with this “I’m poopin!” pose

No. 840626

guess we can add "photographer" to her growing repertoire of skills now.
Surprised they didn't rehire girlonthemoonpro /s

No. 840628

Is this just shoop or what the hell did she do? She did something if she keeps defaulting to these stupid poses. Wow, nice obesity ass?

No. 840631

File: 1623831362193.png (3.71 MB, 1242x2208, 88E808D7-DED5-4CCF-8758-A7D292…)

No. 840632

The sad thing is these were video stories so she was in motion when I capped them. Not even her phone camera knows what to make of her body lol

No. 840636

> supposed "millionaire"
> wearing black leggings and a literal aliexpress/amazon shirt
Such a great fit thank you, Momo-Kun!

No. 840642

looking at this it suddenly hit me: she looks like mr bean.

No. 840651

File: 1623846950348.jpeg (480.12 KB, 1284x2649, AD21FAAC-1620-4DBC-8240-BE7FD6…)

Looking rough

No. 840657

File: 1623853680958.jpg (66.11 KB, 600x1002, 0e1 (1).jpg)

No. 840662

stfu with the /s shit and learn to integrate, this isn't twitter, we can tell you're being sarcastic.

No. 840666

Damn, sunsets are not her friend. She looks wide as hell, too.

No. 840668

Noo don’t do mr bean dirty like that.

No. 840670


No. 840676

Next thread pic has to be those text boxes over >>840651 I’ll only ask this one thing of our dear thread making anon

No. 840681

File: 1623875684173.jpg (775.33 KB, 1284x1582, PicsArt_06-16-01.34.46.jpg)

Here you go nonnies

No. 840687

File: 1623879487947.jpg (203.52 KB, 449x750, mariahsquartthefirst.jpg)


I have officially been a part of these threads long enough to see meme history repeat itself. Might be time to step away lol.

No. 840690

File: 1623884743054.jpg (191.73 KB, 720x1047, 20210616_180353.jpg)

She's unfixable at this point. It looks like she's aged 10 years since before she left for Portland. What the hell happened to her there?

No. 840692

Idk what happened but the tip of her nose?? looks like a crater or something. But yeah, she looks completely different than she did just a year or two ago, in the worst way possible.

No. 840693

I can’t tell if she’s still using filters here or if they gave up entirely. Nothing can save that mug at this point since she looks like she’s pushing a hard 40 here.

No. 840696


Cursed and incredible at the same time.

No. 840703

File: 1623896883359.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 39CD5093-CDFE-447D-AC58-19AFC2…)

Shocking that it remained buoyant with her heft lol

No. 840704

vamp got her nose bent the right it should go in a human face way?

No. 840705

File: 1623898933594.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210616-230125_Ins…)

No. 840706

So she lipo’d the shit out of her upper body and left the rest a weird midget toddler shape. I’m so confused about what body shape she’s trying to achieve with all these procedures.

No. 840708

God it looks like her ankles are going to snap

No. 840716

This photo is legit one of the best illustrations of how fucked up her body really is.

No. 840717

her feet look so tiny I was going to accuse you of shooping this but nope just the surreality of Moo

No. 840719

I swear to God, if every time I see her post shit like this it always looks like she photoshopped a skinny body on those heifer legs. It doesn't even look real

No. 840720

File: 1623906177509.png (332.94 KB, 500x375, 2fac9d6049e7e947f53bd5796de21a…)

Idk man but she's really reaching this Squidward meme at record pace.

No. 840744

Holy shit, why in the world would she post this? Her feet barely look like they exist because her legs are so fat.

No. 840750

Bitch looks like a character from Bravely Default with tiny ass feet like that

No. 840760

Is that just her bra?? Just her bra just out there??

No. 840761

Do you think this is still shopped? I’ve seen so many variations of moo it’s hard to tell.

No. 840765

Idk if it is because she has this weird posture and a loose long sleeve shirt to hide how fat she really is. I wouldn't doubt it tho. I also think she is wearing that realise or whatever swimsuit that obviously doesn't fit considering how it is digging into her hips.

No. 840768

damn anon, feeling honored that you saved my edit from years ago lmao what a blast from the past kek It's been a ride!

At this point I'm just here to see what her end game will be. How do you move on with a body like that?

No. 840781

Why would you be so proud of purposely deforming yourself? I’d be asking this even if she was a nice person, I just don’t understand it. I wonder if she ever has moments of realisation that she’s a monstrosity of her own making?

No. 840783

File: 1623962577845.jpg (458.71 KB, 1055x1505, Screenshot_20210617-134108_Ins…)

Who is she kidding with this bs eating healthy and working out while she's on vacation. Jfc

No. 840792

Man that was a slog to read through. Anytime I have to read her posts, part of my brain shuts down. This one is like a child giving a summary of their summer vacation in front of their elementary school class.
Is this how she’s going to explain her recent likely round of lipo? Kayaking?

No. 840796

Something about a tourist preaching about how bad tourists are and how they mistreat the Islands doesn't smell right
Especially a tourist who's famously disrespectful and came here to flex and take sloppy nudes

No. 840802

File: 1623968620100.jpeg (273.81 KB, 1242x885, 053D11E3-BCA8-41A3-9C66-98215C…)

>still dieting

Sure Mariah…

No. 840809

File: 1623970410365.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, 93EE7F39-5599-412E-9FB1-09478E…)

Does this photo she took look squished or is it just me?

No. 840813

File: 1623971851240.jpeg (483.96 KB, 1242x1397, CD58BEC3-18EC-42C4-B709-8445B4…)

The outline of her right leg is so fucked up. Also lol at the tan lines

Is it just me or does it seem like she's showing more skin than usual on this trip? I know she's in Hawaii but compare this to what she wore for her last Hawaii trip. She had to have gotten something done. My bet is on her arms.

No. 840817

What in the grandma nursing home hell even is this outfit?

No. 840818

Definitely the arms. They look very small and she's making a big deal of showing them off in every photo thus far.

No. 840819


>next time

that's why the diets never work

No. 840828


An Açai bowl alone is 1500 calories in one sitting Mariah.

No. 840830

She’s doing what most fat girls do to hide flabby fat. Her thighs are pressing together. I still think it’s shooped but her legs are lumpy already. She definitely took in her waist if you look at how she fucked up her shitty clown tattoo

No. 840831

Her fucking sunburn tho. She has permanent socks on

No. 840833

She is exactly the kind of idiot that thinks “if it looks and sounds healthy, it must be”. Like when she replaced nearly every meal with sushi and filled half her fridge with coconut water.

No. 840836

I was thinking the same, she’s absolutely had something done to her arm flaps.

No. 840840

what's with the dark spots on her toes?? from wearing shoes that doesn't fit?

No. 840848

Her neck/jaw too, unless that's just a filter. The overall impression is giving me pear shaped which is weird with someone as top heavy as she is. Did she run out of people in state willing to lipo her? Even for us plebs, Vegas/Portland flights were like $75 one way pretty frequently pre covid.

She probably gets off on people speculating assuming they are jealous, but it's more like……horrified confusion?

No. 840859

File: 1623986225995.jpg (92.76 KB, 165x250, wzH6Aip.jpg)

Looks like this was a actual family trip including her mom and dad, and itsroxycos (took a pic with Vamps earlier).

No. 840875

She says all this shit about tourists being disrespectful when she routinely needs someone wrangle her in public. All while traveling during a pandemic. Trashy nouveau rich bitch.

No. 840879

oh, she's definetly had lipo. She only ever spergs abouting eating healthy when she gets something done.
I still can't get over how awful those tattoos look. It is interesting, atleast to me, that she hasn't gotten anymore black bands, or cheese blocks, or colored the demon slayer letters like she said she was going to

No. 840880

Those teknis candids really got into her, huh? She’s fooling nobody, she’s insanely obese.

No. 840881

Lol, tennis*

No. 840883

File: 1623997305029.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 6776DC11-F18F-462F-B787-983EEC…)

A shame this shit wasn’t lost at sea.

No. 840892

I just wanna reach into the screen and slap them out of her hands

No. 840896

File: 1624011378740.jpg (570.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210618-061423_Pho…)

Y'all overlooked the way stretched forearm where are sucked her waist in, and her weird cripple arm. Her arms probably look thinner because she's liquifying her body in BeautyCam. I bet it was Lipo, or something done to her ass.

No. 840913

They keep getting flatter by the day

No. 840922

Not sure if I'm reaching here but looking at these
I feel like there's a line an inch or so above her elbow in all of these pictures like one would get from wearing constant compression wear. in the top right pic it's the most obvious but I see it in all 4. Probably she got her upper arm lipo/cool sculpting done again but was hiding the compression wear for it under all of her long sleeves.

No. 840929

File: 1624031160243.jpg (30.27 KB, 536x604, 1476453157871[1].jpg)

No. 840930


Mariah has never once worn the post-op compression gear long enough to get a line from it at all.

No. 840940

this tattoo is so fucking bad I can't believe she thought those two nonsensical stripes will elevate that cheese rose

No. 840962

File: 1624043660184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.55 KB, 1080x1957, IMG_20210618_151208.jpg)

No. 840965

Her nipples are almost to her bellybutton. She’s def had work done. I also love how on her Instagram, the only accounts or people who tag her nowadays are only from fat or “curvy” fetish accounts. It’s drown out most of her cosplay. Her asshole is tagged too

No. 840970

File: 1624046612576.png (2.52 MB, 1800x1075, 10F86E43-8E37-44A1-A7E7-34FC84…)

She pulls this shit whenever she’s gotten work done, for sure. Otherwise she would wear baggy cropped sweatshirts and compression leggings out. It’s like clockwork with her, she’s so predictable.

No. 841013

And yet… she paid to look like a roll of open soggy pillsbury biscuits.

No. 841059


The fuck is that rash? Definitely had her flabby arms and second boobs worked on.

No. 841090

No matter what she does she's going to look like she's a can of deflating dough. I can't imagine seeing her in the water in that. She already serves bloated Pillsbury corpse on land.

No. 841111

that's a burn but it sure looks like a rash with overexposed light

No. 841116

She looks like Mewtwo lmao(sage your shit)

No. 841131

File: 1624142762484.png (2.61 MB, 1242x2208, CA991EA8-74D8-4D3D-B981-36603B…)

No. 841139

File: 1624149827299.png (5.17 MB, 1800x1617, 1E194C98-DDD2-4CF4-997A-C35C3B…)

Posts this

Sure Moo.

No. 841146

This looks like a 50 year old mother and her 30 year old adult child on vacation.

No. 841149

File: 1624157976742.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, ABB68570-EDB3-4C31-A78F-4D7E4B…)

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