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File: 1557950115536.jpeg (141.17 KB, 640x646, 1557634467769.jpeg)

No. 661550

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>657902

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Releases original and photoshopped version of pics in her Pochaco set >>658419
>Finally release nip-nops but still holds on videos. Decides not to show face in the set itself
>Anon who got scammed finally got his full refund
>Intentionally posts a photo of her and Sensei together despite him having a GF. Has posted a photo on her story of the two together and Sensei has put up his own selfies of him and his GF together
>"Hangs out" with sensei and his GF despite Vamps and co. going to Detective Pikachu
>Posting on her IG story various call out and vague posts obviously centered around Sensei and other recent drama
>Vamps removed Moo as her relationship on FB
>Ran out of friends to pay so she's taking her hairdresser to Hawaii
>Stealing from >>660339
>said the last month, this past weekend, in particular, has been going rough
>said she's self-reflecting, acknowledging things are out of her control sometimes and "that's okay…is it?"
>said this year has been truly amazing and she's felt the growth in herself and in her business. Is still learning and growing
>made it a point to rant about how she's appreciating those who are loyal and respectful of her
>"Get better, not bitter. Don't be a bitter bitch"
>signed up with a new trainer and is going to the gym after she comes back from Cali. Is practicing self-care
>going on a vacation because she "has miles saved up"
>wants to "hike everywhere"
>is shooting with Cat (Azur Lane), Alex Drastal (Jiraiya and Tsunade), Misotokki (Sonico set)
>is doing a fitting for a new corset (Bowsette), might do a video for it ("some big dog shit")
>apparently has a new website being worked on by a team ((um okay?))
>More shitty cosplays planned and being taken (MHX)
>To sum all this recent milk up. Moo is in serious mental breakdown mode because Sensei got a GF, Vamps has pretty nuch ghosted out of her life, and the usual myriad of drama she has around her
Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 661553

File: 1557950432877.png (956.51 KB, 574x911, Screenshot_113.png)

No. 661555

File: 1557950593650.png (1006.2 KB, 551x902, Screenshot_114.png)

No. 661556

File: 1557950710098.png (862 KB, 583x922, Screenshot_115.png)

No. 661558

File: 1557950998721.png (373.88 KB, 575x1366, patronchanges.png)

Patreon Tier changes to get her cucks to spend more

No Topless tier that she mentioned she was going to do for 75

No. 661559

File: 1557951186601.png (51.29 KB, 545x555, Screenshot_118.png)

She is changing the characters of the promised 2 shoots and probably not going to do one of them.

No. 661562

I hope she isn't talking about those last minute nip nop photos she posted where you can't even see her face.

No. 661563

Sensitive eyes says the woman who tried to layer two contacts on top of one another.

Wasn't it suggested that her Hinata 'contacts' were just photoshopped? And why do another character when you COULD just photoshop the eyes rather than a whole new character?

Man, the dodging she does to get out of doing (what's HER JOB) is amazing.

No. 661566

Or… invest in better quality contacts instead of spending $15 on something.

No. 661573

This is so funny if you compare the size of the fake nip and her photoshopped nose, they are the same

No. 661583

File: 1557958297023.jpeg (248.95 KB, 750x1097, AB57F7C0-68E0-46F3-B173-CE6648…)

she really just reuploaded her photoshopped ad when you can see her real hog waist one row below this is next level retardism

No. 661584

>>661558 Two key observations here:

>No more location shoots.

>No more videos.

Aside from her screwing her subscribers over with the refusal to do a true topless tier, she's really taking advantage of the $10 tier idiots.

Just think. Recently, she was giving away that Silver Kitten set with the silver pasties on for $10. Now that exact set would only be available for $75.

No. 661585

She'll blame it on the angle or ''my weight goes up and down which is why I'm in the gym a lot more these days~"

No. 661586

>>661584 Correction: meant to say the set that she originally sold for $10 is now $50, not $75 as previously mentioned.

No. 661587

Since her “team” is small, she can only offer it to 20 people. Bitch what “team”? Didn’t your teachers or coaches ever tell you there is No I in Team?

No. 661589

File: 1557959966213.jpeg (688.76 KB, 1242x1750, 8590DE14-3751-426F-BF11-736E7A…)

No. 661590

What school is she in? And to get a student Visa in Japan she does know that she would have to go to a physical school they're right? like they're notoriously easy but you at least have to show up.

No. 661591

Really determined to find some asian boys to get over sensei huh?

No. 661592

Is she planning to move there? WOW, just wow

No. 661593

>>661591 Gaijin hunters are brave with low standards.

No. 661594

Her standard might be low, but i'm pretty sure most Japanese men have much higher standards

No. 661595

God can you imagine the train wreck of her living there. She doesnt know the language at all

No. 661596

Can you even own property if you aren’t a resident ?

No. 661597

We'll be tuning in to "Momokun ching chong changs the locals"

No. 661598

>this months location shoot
surprise! it's the beach again.

No. 661599

…did she really think she could get a work visa for taking photos of herself with a tripod? …and now because she claims to be a student (of a school located in the US if there actually is one) she thinks she can get a student visa? Holy shit she is truly retarded

No. 661600

File: 1557961325931.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, FCE1DF19-3EE4-408E-9AFB-C2D432…)

You can literally see the camera glitch as it’s trying to make her look smaller in this story.

No. 661601

Anon was talking about Japanese people who hunt for “gaijin,” which means white/foreigner in Japanese.

No. 661602

LOL….she has no idea on anything out there…….good luck buying a "house" dumb cow.

No. 661605

I don’t know in what world Moo would be able to buy a house in Japan. Every time I tell my dad I’m going to buy a house in Japan if I win the lottery (we are even Japanese), he always corrects me and says Japan doesn’t let just anybody buy a house there, and especially not someone like Moo. Her pay is completely subject to online patrons, she does questionable schoolwork, and has no relatives in Japan. They’re not just going to let her buy a house.

No. 661606

Exactly plus I dont think you can buy a house when your on a student visa or even a work visa. This just seems like a weird flex

No. 661607

It's extremely hard to do from what I've heard.

There are also a lot of requirements for the student visa, right? She hasn't even seen the inside of a classroom for years.

No. 661608

On top of that, doesn't this bitch have seven cats? What is she going to do with them?

No. 661609

File: 1557962720840.gif (1.39 MB, 337x600, F6F1FCFA-AB55-4794-8575-D8C9AB…)

slowed it down and gif’d it for us

No. 661610

File: 1557962731764.png (845.26 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-15-16-06-24…)

Inb4 she gets kicked out of Nippon and claims racism

No. 661611

Isn't Tokyo one of the most expensive cities to live in… In the world? She's not going to buy a house in back water Japan, the locals would oust her immediately and there's nowhere to buy weeb shit

No. 661612

File: 1557963283475.png (1.13 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-05-15-16-33-46…)

No. 661613

The milk would be fantastic if she lived out in Japan. So many cows roam there as it is, another would be entertaining to watch. That weeb fix doesn't last long and they always become miserable fucks. Right up Moo's tragic future.

No. 661614

File: 1557963369615.png (759.77 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-05-15-16-35-39…)

No. 661615

You can RENT, you cannot own as a foreigner, especially in very specific areas.

No. 661616

File: 1557963506682.png (807.81 KB, 720x884, Screenshot_2019-05-15-16-36-55…)

>when Sensei won't sage your house

No. 661617

File: 1557964505470.gif (1.59 MB, 337x600, 4FA72A09-5675-48B1-A227-381AE1…)

No. 661621

Vamps is no longer following either of Moo’s accounts and Moo just said something about “thank god for the mute button”

No. 661622

Is she cosplaying a kappa?

No. 661623

I take a bit of solace in knowing that not even a filter specifically made for people like Moo to feel better about themselves can fix her horrid body.

Each one of these shoots should just be fuel for her to realize that she is doing wrong in life, not encourage her to keep on.

No. 661624

Theyre still following each other. I dont know why its not coming up for you

No. 661626

File: 1557965345558.png (740.36 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-05-15-17-07-33…)

This is the opposite

No. 661629

You can buy a house, even as a foreigner. But it doesn't mean you get a visa out of it. You also need to cough up the majority of the cost up front. It's also fucking real hard trying to get a loan from a Japanese bank if you're not PR or on a spousal visa. IRC, you also need a lawyer to assist you through it as well. I vaguely know this because my partner has co-workers that have purchased houses in Japan.

No. 661630

File: 1557965843726.gif (1.03 MB, 337x600, 3910581284.gif)

the mirror warping omegalul

No. 661631

At least she's learned to wear a lip color and blush, I guess? I actually don't know if this is an improvement.

No. 661632

So after the whole refund debacle what she learned, instead of offering what she's supposed to offer (location shoots, videos), is to continue to be a lazy fuck, stop offering those things, and make what she usually coughs up more expensive, which she never fully delivers anyway. She never send out prints, and now usually pads with old photo sets. Also this is the first time I see a cosplayer not let patrons have access to contents of previous months, exclusivity my ass, it's just so she has an excuse to recycle things faster and to get paypigs desperate enough.

No. 661633


Holy fuck!! That's her double chin!??

No. 661634

>>661632 Hey! You just made me realize something else!

She also stopped offering her older sets in the new tiers!

No. 661637

File: 1557967235527.png (710.88 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-05-15-17-37-46…)

No. 661638

File: 1557967567057.gif (2.97 MB, 337x600, 37602CEB-898D-4DD1-8F5F-0A1AC7…)

No. 661641

Holy fuck what is going on with her eyes in this gif? I can't figure out if it's a filter or really just her being that spastic, but it's terrifying.

No. 661642

Dude this is fucking freaky! What even is that?!
Seriously what is she on right now that’s making her be this spazzy and weird cause I’m highly creeped out.

No. 661644

It's her not knowing how to work her face to be sexy or cute again. Stoic tard is her blue steel.

No. 661645

it’s a combo of both. filter plus circle lenses plus being a spaz so when she does the “surprised eyes” before she puts the whole thing in her mouth she looks extra crazy

No. 661646


She’s actually retarded if she thinks she’ll just be a able to pack up and move to Japan and purchase a house. Her dumbass doesn’t even speak the language and she hasn’t stepped foot in a classroom for years. Not to mention her taking shitty photos of herself isn’t a stable enough income nor will it even qualify for a work visa.

This is shit weebs grow out of once they graduate high school when they realize how stupid expensive and incredibly difficult it is to move to Japan. Christ she is so fucking stupid. Did her dumb ass really just think “I want to move to glorious nippon and live out my life just like my anime. I’ll torally be welcomed there with open arms among my people”. Hell, her last visit there had people physically cringing at her autistic screeching. Also, what happened to all the “horrible racism towards foreigners” you had to face while there Moo? Surely you wouldn’t want to live somewhere with that kind of toxic environment, right?

No. 661648

Do you think we're reaching a boiling point here? Every day she's throwing vague shade around and she's so toxic that anyone of real worth to Mariah won't be caught with her for more than a hello.

Are there cons coming up? Just curious what will happen without her precious friend by her side.

No. 661649

She’s getting REALLY bothered on her side account with the whole “I see you, I see you” intimidating thing. Wonder who she scared away this time.

No. 661651

It's kind of amazing when you look back to where she was on thread one and compare it to who she is now. I know it's common for internet weebs who go viral for about 15 seconds to fall fast and hard but damn.

No. 661652

Tinfoil its about vamps. If it is its pretty hilarious comparing the two with what theyre posting

No. 661653

File: 1557969113048.png (6.98 MB, 1242x2688, DFEDE16A-29B7-4A8A-9816-49CEF2…)

I didn’t buy it at first but vamps is shooting with chibigains today.. anyway I’ll move my tin foil about that to the /w/ thread

No. 661654

File: 1557969540499.png (528.97 KB, 720x1011, Screenshot_2019-05-15-18-17-21…)

No. 661655

Looks like girlonthemoonpro is doing her photoshoot today, how generous of moo to loan her out!

No. 661657

What the hell is she on about in the caption. This seems like an obvious lurk but it's retarded and doesn't make sense.

No. 661658

File: 1557970011152.jpg (336.94 KB, 1440x1723, 20190515_182157.jpg)

collete is following both of moos accounts but momocunt isnt following her back on either account big yikes!

No. 661659

File: 1557970117868.jpg (85.76 KB, 1440x848, 20190515_182216.jpg)

did moo ever follow her, is this old milk?

No. 661660

File: 1557970185014.png (426.61 KB, 645x705, 2019-05-15 21_26_28-.png)

Saw this on Vamp's FB page(use the calves thread to discuss vamp)

No. 661664

>>661659 Gotta type out the full names. For some reason, the search feature doesn't auto-populate with Mariah or Vamp's accounts.

And I'm sure Mariah will follow for all of eternity, even if it means using a sock account. After all, she still keeps tabs on Thorne and Gabby Cooke in order to steal their ideas, live vicariously through them, etc.

No. 661667

File: 1557971282962.jpg (234.21 KB, 1440x1322, 20190515_184642.jpg)

Moo is following her.

Its better to go to the person account and see who they are following vs checking who are their followers.

No. 661668


It's about a servant class called Foreigner in FGO.

No. 661669

File: 1557971651787.jpg (195.47 KB, 1066x1151, 20190515_215311.jpg)

She is still following her, you have to type in her whole name.

However, I'm with the tinfoiling that something happened between them. Moo lurks so much that she would have posted something about her waifu by now to prove the haters wrong.

No. 661671

I think it could be a secret shot against momo since she's losing friends and workers.

No. 661675

Bet she has no idea how long visa applications take and moves on in a month when she hasn't even gotten a response.

No. 661679

Sage.(minimodding; autism)

No. 661680

Pewdiepie recently put out a video about how he and Marzia really wanted to move to Japan and had been trying to for a long time, and just how hard it would have been for them to get approved for it.

The most popular Youtuber in the world, with a very long history of fairly solid income from online work, who can hold at least basic conversations in the language, couldn't get approved. How does Moo, who has only been making money online for a few years from porn, and truly has no knowledge of Japan and no speaking ability, expect to trick them into thinking she's a hardworking student who they would WANT to be there?

No. 661681

because moving to Japan through legitimate channels is totally different to just enrolling in a language school and going for a few years on the student visa.

No. 661683

I would love to see Moo try and go to real school in Japan regularly. On top of doing her shitty bare-minimum for Patreon.
Not to mention she'd triple in size because she'd need to drink more booze to compensate for no weed

No. 661686

A lot of real estate companies won't rent to foreigners either, and she doesn't know anyone that can vouch on her behalf or speak Japanese, plus walls are thin in Japanese houses so I'm sure she'd get kicked out for her constant screeching

No. 661687

File: 1557978179394.png (676.81 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-15-20-41-28…)

Then say it? This is what you did when you said you had so many receipts but never proved it

No. 661688

File: 1557978268463.jpg (352.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-204122_Ins…)

Mariah acts like everyone is spying on her IG accounts, but here's the proof that the exact opposite is going on.

Take a look at the timestamps from when these were posted. Surely it's not a coincidence that Mariah posted her A&E plug an hour after Vamps made one. Such a petty bitch.


No. 661689

File: 1557978440271.jpg (412.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-204106_Ins…)


Also, if memory serves me correctly, isn't Chibigains the same person Mariah gave her phone to at last year's AX in order to try and create the facade that Mariah was actually in attendance (and not solely hiding in her hotel room)?


No. 661690


We all know her chickenshit ass won’t say anything. This is just being bitchy and catty as usual. Same when the internet was dumping on her ass when she was outed as a sexual abuser, she claimed she had soooo much shit to say like she was about to out so many people and she wound up keeping her fat mouth shut and crying in the corner. This is just her trying to stick her chest out and act tough for whoever it is that has her flinging shit like a chimp at the zoo all week.

No. 661691

Jesus Christ, you cannot sage on PT. Stop already.
Read the fucking rules.

No. 661692

This exactly. My partner speaks fluent Japanese and was rejected numerous times because they took one look at him and refused cause he was a gaijin. Can you imagine momo trying to get a inkan/hanko so she can stamp her forms for her bank account? Or going to the city hall to try to register herself in? Going to the conbini every month to pay her pension and health insurance?

I can imagine her being like that one girl from Sweden?? that spent 3 years saving up for a study visa in Japan and didn't go to classes after one week cause it was too hard and she didn't expect that she had to know what hiragana was?

No. 661694

See, this is how you model and drive sales, not mooriah's bullshit lol. Yeah she gets more likes, but it's CLEARLY designed attire for chicks.

Both are trash, but I'd sooner go with vamp, she at least TRIES in her cosplay. So yes, clearly something is going on with these two.

No. 661696


But Japan has to totally accept her. Haven’t you seen how much she loooooves anime? She should be able to just move there right now.

Fucking christ, is she literally still in high school? She’s like every dumb weeb who thinks they are going to move to Japan right out of high school and start working on their own manga and anime.

No. 661702

Man wtf, I didn’t know they made apps to fucking filter and cinch your body too wtf

No. 661711

File: 1557987196192.jpeg (253.44 KB, 750x927, D54F9CC9-25E1-4529-81DE-6D4BA6…)

Is her reddit down or is it just me?

Wonder if this has anything to do with her meltdown.

Her neckbeards had been spamming it with the nip nops and complaining about her business practices

No. 661713

reddit as a whole is down atm

No. 661721

It weirds me out because she doesn't even own a house in the USA, she rents. I'm not even sure why she wants to live there if she doesn't speak the language. Weeb points I guess

No. 661724

>>661558 I have a suspicion that a lot of these tiers changed for two reasons.

1. Mariah hasn't been coming through on her end, especially with video footage. Either she'll scrap the videos entirely, or she'll only release about 90 seconds worth of footage after she reels in the neckbeards with bogus promises, like the 30 minute workout video that never happened.

2. I find it peculiar that she made these changes shortly after the Vamplettes theories are beginning to circulate. Now that she's literally only down to Cat/Antares in Vegas, and the California trio of Squarecuck, MisoTokki, and Aly, she has to modify her tiers to compensate for any inconveniences.

Kinda sad, since this is a stronk woman with a stronk team of loyal supporters who would never put themselves first before Mariah.

No. 661731

Weeb points, and maybe because her social circle is dwindling so much she wants to start over in a new place.

No. 661735

this. and since moo is that kind of weeb she assumes she won't be totally isolated (if not more than now) in fucking japan of all places. she can't even do jet or anything and gaijin hunters don't go for that "high-test" body of hers.

No. 661736

Can’t unsee her fucking moustache in this one, goes perfectly with the turtle lips

No. 661738

Plus she wouldn't be able to smoke weed in Japan because it's illegal there, so there goes one of her favorite passtimes. Her calves wouldn't be able to accompany her to cons there, and no one at Japanese cons would recognize her, negatively or positively. None of her slaves would be able to make cosplays for her, so she'd have to start ordering everything.

The fact that she goes by "Momokun" would cause her humiliation there, because it basically translates to "Mr. Peach" at best and "peach dyke" at worst. If she manages to find someone who will rent out to a camwhore (because god knows she's not buying), moving all her cats and shit to Japan would be an expensive pain in the ass.

I really hope she actually moves to Nippon. The milk would be glorious.

No. 661740

>>661687 Yup. This is her "vendetta's" bullshit all over again.

Be better, not bitter my ass. And imagine being this full of piss and vinegar because one of your friends wanted to hang out with other girls.

No. 661756

she was talking about wanting to get into a relationship earlier, why doesn't she find a gross gaijin green card? lmfao

she looks like she's on meth, she's gotta be on something.

Holy shit, I cannot believe you're the only anon to point out that her own fucking brand name would be a subject of humiliation, on top of what she does in regards to how she looks. I can't decide which is worse, maybe Peach Dyke since she hates Dykes?

No. 661772


I guarantee that she hasn’t thought about any of this further than “I’m going to move to Japan and become a cosplay idol! I’m totally gonna get invited to all the cons and all the cute bois will be tripping over themselves to get with all this thiccness. They might even ask me to work on some of their anime and manga because I’m such a huuuuuuge fan with all these theories and analysis”.

Typical stupid weeb that doesn’t understand they will be completely ostracized from the moment they step off the plane.

No. 661782

Exactly. Bitch is high/wasted 24/7, she's just spinning her wheels because she can't do anything but lie lie lie. That and it impresses the retards still throwing money at her because all she has left for genuine fans
are autistic neckbeards. The rest are just money chasing thots and gross dudes who get off on her getting fatter, uglier, and more desperate.

No. 661792


And that will show Sensei how much hes missing out when all these Japanese guys are worshiping me and then he'll cry and I'll laugh and also a unicorn! and Collette will still be at a grocery while I live in a highrise in tokyo and am adored by millions!

totally what moos thinking.

No. 661793

And maybe she can befriend all the Weeb cows who live there, it'd be like one happy family.

No. 661801

File: 1558026542388.png (927.79 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-07-00…)

Why does Moo pretend to care about women's bodies when she sees each body as a competition?

No. 661802

File: 1558026565171.png (1.1 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-07-04…)

No. 661805

Every 'popular peep' I've seen has had a very strong opinion on it and has been pretty damn vocal about it. You arent special, Moo. Knock off your shit.

No. 661807

>that’s not going to solve the issue

That’s the point, you absolute retard.

No. 661808


not like she needs to worry- I doubt highly she's ever gonna fulfill the requirements to get pregnant. ever.

No. 661809


Her dumbass I’d really about to dip her sausage toes into this political mine field? This will surely go well for you Moo.

By the way, may the girl who abused other women’s bodies without their consent should maybe sit the fuck down and shut up about this particular subject. You didn’t seem to care then about women’s bodies or whatever.

No. 661814

File: 1558028499011.png (720.53 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-39-41…)

I get what this dude probably meant but lol at Moo

No. 661815

File: 1558028621661.png (467.19 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-39-59…)

No. 661816

File: 1558028688809.png (373.73 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-40-09…)

I'm rolling. She's in a fucking mood

No. 661817

>>661801 Misandry and Moo. Color me shocked.

I can't even take her seriously with this shit. All she's doing is using a hot button issue to disguise her true hatred for men, since nobody wants to sleep with her decrepit ass.

No. 661820


lol she thinks only half her fanbase is male

No. 661821


Man, ever since sensei cucked her with this new girl she has become completely unhinged. She’s swinging at anyone and everyone at this point. It’ll be fun to see her numbers nosedive when they leave because of her preachy bullshit. I’m sure your male fans will totally appreciate being lectured at and stigmatized like this Moo.

No. 661822

File: 1558029000189.png (316.26 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-46-19…)

If she wants to quit she can do it anytime but she'd rather be controversial

No. 661823

Oh poor silly moo, the dick just doesn’t want you~

No. 661826

File: 1558029226900.png (395.06 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-05-16-10-52-59…)

No. 661828

This is not the solution though. Women can avoid having sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but sexual assault is still going to happen. No amount of dildos or vibrators is going to protect people from that. Her concept of how this works is so immature. Making jokes about how she can replace men with sex toys in light of the horror of what's going on in Alabama and Ohio is disgusting. Know when to shut up and stay quiet, Mariah. Especially since everyone knows your sexual boundaries are screwed.

No. 661829


She also thinks that taking on a hot button issue will magically absolve her of all the shit she is guilty of. She does this all time time where she’ll try to pretend to be an advocate of some movement or join in on the dogpiling of whoever the internet has decided to impersonate this week. All the while screeching about having “morals” and how “she isn’t afraid to call people the fuck out who think this way”. And when her transgressions get thrown back in her face she doubles down harder by saying “NEVER MIND MY BULLSHIT!! THIS IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!’”. Making it obvious to everyone she is just looking to get the heat off of her.

I’m sure after about a week we won’t hear about this from her ever again.

No. 661831

I find it horrible hypocritical that a woman who has used her fucking hands to violate other's physical autonomy suddenly cares about abortion. Why is she doing this? For brownie points. She's fucking disgusting and ill informed. As >>661828 said, sexual assault still happens. What a fucking idiot.

No. 661832

Lmao at this dude though, “didn’t know you were a liberal”
Moo is a lot of unsavory stuff but did this guy really think an instathot he was following that sells her tits and ass for and video of herself dripping fake cum from his mouth for money is going to be… conservative? The logic here lol

More importantly and on topic Mariah thinks she’s some savior of the people by being a champion of woman even though it could ~hurt her career~ and she doesn’t care because she had to do ~what’s right~ lmao ok Mariah

No. 661833

I really don't think someone whose entire livelihood centres around dicks can be too misandist lmao

No. 661835

>not realizing most of the spergs who follow moo think she's a tradthot

oh silly naive anon.

No. 661837

Fucking this.
Imagine saying "ew boys lmao muh body muh rules" when everything from your house down to the toilet paper is bought using sticky dick money.

No. 661838

Please, nothing about moo screams tradthot and even majority of her followers know she isnt one. They’re majority sexist paypigs sure, but that’s a reach. She doesn’t have the characteristics of a tradthot in any shape or form (always talking about muh ARABNESS, dresses like a homeless prostitute, puts not effort in to her appearance), that dude is delulu

No. 661840

All Mariah does is cherry picks.

Here's a woman who doesn't think twice about the Nike products she constantly wears, and how the company is under scrutiny for paying slave wages to sweatshop workers, or their partnerships with controversial sports figures.

Hell, she probably wears makeup and uses hygiene products that were tested on animals. So where's the outrage there?

All of this screeching is nothing more than a hissy fit because she's been getting rejected left and right, so she's trying to get positive attention by attacking politicians. Politicians who happen to be men, by the way. Men who don't give two shits about her precious cosplay/sex worker career she tries to glorify.

No. 661842

She uses Huda beauty and J* products too.

No. 661843

File: 1558030345485.png (588.45 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_2019-05-16-11-11-01…)

Should've shaved

No. 661844


This is also just the newest issue she is trying to use to cover up her own bullshit and get heat off of her from her latest fuckup. I’m sure if another male feminist was being outed as a creep or someone in the nerd community was found guilty of sexual harassment or assault she’d be jumping on that bandwagon instead.

No. 661846

Isn’t.. isnt it year of the pig

Why wouldn’t you keep this in 2018, not 2019…?

No. 661848

File: 1558030728913.jpeg (228.02 KB, 750x596, 4538609D-3F8A-484D-9A15-4A68F8…)

is there any update on her going to london? it's a week away and i haven't seen her mention it.

No. 661849

Youre not the only one? Most of them are posting long threads on twitter where it's easier to discuss this shit. Youre not special, you're just banned for life from Twitter so you don't know. Fucking insufferable. Shes literally a 'am i the only girl who..'

No. 661850

Oh it did happen and she did support a side. The Projared thing allowed her to compliment AtelierHeidi but not say outright her thoughts.

No. 661855

"I have my morals"
Fucking rolling here. Bitch, your morals are "will it make me look like the best? Yes>then do it" with your mental answer always being yes, sit the fuck down.

No. 661856

File: 1558032217179.jpeg (65.49 KB, 750x724, D6JWNqUUUAAk6xA.jpeg)


I mean, if Moo did her homework, she'd maaaaybe be able to get a 1 year visa, but would have to work a real, not glamourous job 5 days a week and act as a functioning member of Japanese society. Which realistically, she knows next to nothing about.

Does she have any real accreditations, or just a highschool diploma?

Just stick to being a fat, screaming stereotype, Mariah. Your visa will only ever be tourist.

No. 661860

File: 1558033908333.png (723.95 KB, 750x1334, 43A5C82B-BBB5-4247-BA63-C170C7…)

I think this is backwards, moo.

No. 661862

File: 1558034232172.jpg (753.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190516_121542.jpg)

No. 661865


Let’s see how well that hold up when she can no longer find trips to Japan. Or has to move back in when mom and dad because she couldn’t get a regular 9 to 5 job. Or when she’s forced to sell off all her figurines for rent money. We’ll see how much it was worth standing in her “morals” when her male fans begin taking their money away from her for being lectured at.

Also where were these “morals” when she was out sexually abusing and humiliating all those other women? Where was the “respect for women’s bodies”? You didn’t seem to respect them enough to not touch their privates or grope their breasts without consent.

Go sit your hypocritical ass down and pray that you haven’t somehow damaged your already garbage reputation even further enough for your neckbeards to start pulling out.

No. 661871

Well, she lost about 1000 on IG. I'm hoping it's more but it probably won't be. Was at 610K now at 609K.

No. 661876

Could be a bot cleanup

No. 661877

I can see why she hates men with the way they treat her but honestly.. they pay her bills while she acts like a bimbo. She isn't helping women, she took girls a step back by proving to her gross fans that girls are just wank material.

No. 661878

>I have my fucking morals, but not when I sexually assault and harass people!

She's a fucking idiot hiding behind her self-righteousness.

No. 661879

Its funny her demographic of fans who she caters to/trys to milk is the same group of men she is complaining about. She feeds into there idea of woman with some of the captions she uses when she post her shit tier lewds

No. 661880


Kinda surprised this is isn’t getting thrown back in her face more. Then again her chucks aren’t exactly the smartest, even when they are supposed to be calling her out.

No. 661883

File: 1558041216822.png (1.02 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-05-16-14-11-28…)

No. 661886

And those very men are the ones who don't want your repulsive, smelly, turtle looking ass, Mariah.

No. 661887

File: 1558041320435.png (707.49 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-05-16-14-11-33…)

No. 661888

Lmao this is just tragic.

No. 661889

File: 1558041469374.png (223.93 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-16-14-11-46…)

No. 661890


What was that Moo? I can’t hear you over all that backpedaling.

No. 661891

She's really sperging fucking hard these past few days.

No. 661894

I do love a Moo meltdown. They're always the same, always contain some back pedalling and always make her look like a complete idiot.

No. 661895

I don't get it. She is screeching about how men should respect women but she did a photoshoot with a guy who broke into her ex girlfriends house and assaulted her.

But I guess it didn't matter cuz the guy was cute right?

No. 661897


You can practically set your watch to her stupidity. It’s always the same. Makes some stupid comment condemning all men. Her DMs get lit up with guys calling her out and sees she’s pissing off her her fans so she tries to walk it back by being like “I was just talking about those bitch bois coming at me in the comments. You cucks who donate every month are totally fine”.


Same with her getting “cat called”: Its totally fine when it’s some hot guy she’s desperately wanting to fuck. But if it’s some shlubby middle aged guy on his lunch break now it’s “All men are such pigs and I won’t stand for such disrespect!”

That’s her basic rule. If the guy is hot then it’s all fine.

No. 661900

HOLYSHIT. here she goes again, applauding men for the bare minimum. Bitch, shut your face. Men STILL control women's bodies and would have them as sex slaves and cooks if it were up to them. She's such a dumb shit. Just cuz she panders to neckbeards for her income instead of getting an actual education or career.

No. 661903

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all app-applied makeup and she wasn’t actually wearing shit irl

No. 661905

Because Moo will do anything not to be associated with pigs.

No. 661906


She’s just as much of one as the ones she claims to call out. Remember when the photographer she worked with was busted snapping creepshots of models? Remember what her response was? You’d think that it would be to contact the police, fill out a report and look to press criminal charges and alert others to the offender so that others won’t be victimized by them either. Nope, her dumb ass said “Make sure your scrub any proof of wrongdoing so it can’t be used to bite you in the ass later”

No. 661909

Because it's always the victims fault and the abuser is never at fault

She really does talk like an abuser

No. 661916

>delusional dude thinking that Moo is a tradthot

Lol her fan base constantly proves to be dumber than we previously thought. Imagine being this stupid that you’re shocked to find out a woman you jerk off to, that makes her living off of pornography isn’t a conservative.

No. 661918

Whenever I have a question about current events or just morality in general the first thing I think is "What would momokunt do in this situation?"

No. 661921

She would need at minimum a bachelor’s degree to qualify for a work visa.

No. 661923

If she had half a brain cell she'd realize this is what anti-choice lawmakers want so it can go all the way to the Supreme Court and over turn Roe v Wade. But she has no critical thinking skills sooo

No. 661925

Its most likely just people who don't care about politics and just want to follow her for the nip nops.

No. 661929

File: 1558048217838.png (572.89 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-08-29…)

No. 661930

File: 1558048269597.png (945.14 KB, 720x1171, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-08-38…)

Forgot she had this listed as a cosplan MONTHS ago

No. 661931

Those are stretch marks my dude

No. 661932

I think I kinda get it. Momo is hurting because Sensei got a GF and is in fuck all men mode.

But I think it's because she isn't accepted in the body positivy, POC or LGBT circles for being fake. Now she's pretending to be pro women when she hates women with a burning passion. I wonder how long she will fake it until people call her out

No. 661933

What even is Momokun sexuality, speaking of the LGBT community. I heard she hated butch women. Idk if that’s true tho.

No. 661934

File: 1558048676478.png (128.7 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-16-23…)

And pubes.

No. 661935

File: 1558048734303.png (75.89 KB, 720x454, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-16-42…)

I guess Reiq is drawing her stickers. I knew it looked like his style.

No. 661936

File: 1558048866785.png (1.05 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-20-07…)

No. 661938

File: 1558048973787.png (940.65 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-05-16-16-20-15…)

Shes sperging about "men who would love her teehee" I suppose.

No. 661939

She doesn't need to dress like a pig because she already is one.

No. 661940

Funny because that cosplayer, greatwallofwu doesn't even have a single photo of him and moo in their Fate cosplays on his page. Not that I blame him or anything.

No. 661941

Playing morality police with fgo characters is the stupidest thing I have ever seen

No. 661942

I thought she was being anti men yet post this insinuating objectiving women for tits. Oh moo your meltdowns are amusing

No. 661943

She edits ALOT in her photos and more so recently as she's gained more weight. Moo is incredibly insecure and it's just not her stretch marks that make her dislike herself. Don't preach about body positivity if you can't naturally accept who you are and what you look like.

No. 661944


Moo: “Love your body and all its flaws! Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look”

Also Moo: “Edit out the parts you don’t like about yourself and lie to everyone about how you look”

No. 661945

She wants Sensei to beg her not to move, cause then he'll have to as well, presumably.

No. 661947


Moos best cosplay yet- cosplaying Senseicunts "girlfriend" at a wedding.

It wasn't a date moo- and he just isn't into you. get over it.

No. 661950

5000% heterosexual. Her mooing about being TOTES BI, MY DUDES!!!! Was her backpedaling on various issues she shoved her hoof in her mouth over and trying to entice cuckbucks (see: the whole 'lol Vamp is my wife' bullshit.) She also loves to claim that she's dated one/two trans folks (this lie flip flops often,) but like, BEFORE they were trans, my mate.

No. 661951

She said she hated/could never have short hair because it would make her look like a lesbian or something.

She's straight, someone post that dumb furry pj party she had with Sabrina
>tfw you actually have consent

Never looks at women in photoshoots etc etc

She's str8 but tries to claim… idk. polyamory or something, but I haven't followed her in months.

She's had sex with three dudes. We know who 2/3 are. I guess the first is the guy she lost her virginity to and bitched about on some Higurashi forum.

No. 661953

Nah, she's porked more than three, particularly early on her her heyday she when wasn't absolutely disgusting, but all of one guy has been actually serious about her and she dumped him to try and be Nigri 2.0 and chase clout.

No. 661956

God I love how she's too scared and chicken shit to say whats wrong, but instead tries to subtweet like a 12 year old. So much for the 'im a bad bitch~' image she tries to show ha

No. 661957

File: 1558053387809.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, C427144E-6BB2-4238-B114-FC7996…)

Congrats Moo on sending an image that has been shared countless times on FB to people who have lost a pet. A+ consoling.

She’s trying really hard to make it seem like her hairdresser is her new bestie.

No. 661961

That sheer desperation for a new doormat when your usual lapdog has now become self aware and won't be loyal to you any longer.

No. 661962

She said three on the cam site, that's all I know.

No. 661965

>Believing Moo
>Believing Moo while she's trying to butter up cucks to tip her for feebly shaking her boobs at the camera

She's no sexual dynamo, but never underestimate a dudebro's love for easy pussy.

No. 661978

File: 1558057219227.png (1004.71 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-05-16-18-35-28…)

No. 661979

Vamp was there too. I believe it based off her coming off as someone who's never even seen a real penis before, let alone had one in her.

Then again, maybe she was only listing relationships that involved sex, since there is the whole "Nathan whoever raped me!!!11"

She might as well just become deathfat and eat herself to death, it's the only joy she has.

No. 661982

File: 1558057527547.png (562.13 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_2019-05-16-18-37-35…)

No. 661984

File: 1558057797940.png (405.97 KB, 750x1334, 91DAD0F6-494E-4AF3-A807-977208…)

Guess she canceled London, also this confirms Moo is lurking here. She changed this after anon mentioned her trip this month.

No. 661986

She's usually been out too eat or something at least once by now, usually Vamp in tow. Her posting has become insane. Who hurt you Moo? Sad about Sensei? Don't like the way Vamp is shilling for A&E and looks better in it?

No. 661987

she can't even put a glove on right

No. 661988

You did it, boys! You funded your heifer to party and spend money on stupid shit in even more exotic locations than before! Enjoy your nonexistent location shoots and your thicccccccccccccheaded kween continuing to rip you off.

No. 661990


man never noticed that- what the living fuck is up with that? otherwise isn't this actually an OLD set?

No. 661991

And when UK anons started getting suspicious of her possibly attending London's biggest comic con happening this month which was originally when she planned to travel, she changed it. It was posted in all of the group pages for the con and she's heavily disliked. So that's twice now she's changed it and with it completely removed after recent anon mentioned it, we now know she's definitely full of shit. She won't travel anywhere else that isn't Japan or the US.

No. 661992

Why is she suddenly spamming pics of this poor bastard? Desperate for male attention much, Moo?

No. 661996

File: 1558059473997.png (134.1 KB, 720x898, Capture _2019-05-16-21-14-27~2…)

With all her inaccurate mistakes (some "intentional") she has the balls to say shit like this

No. 661997

She gets almost everything wrong for every single one of her cosplays. She has no room to talk.

No. 661999

Is this bitch for real? Wow the irony.

No. 662000

Yeah, it's from like last summer or something. Can't remember if it was before or during July 4th shitfest

No. 662003

First, not a poem. Second, this is what vets give you after they put your pet to sleep.

No. 662008

During AX. This was from one of the few times she crawled out of her room. The shit she 'made' for the costume promptly broke apart to boot.

No. 662012

File: 1558062886596.jpg (79.19 KB, 1079x289, Screenshot_20190517-041338_Ins…)

trying to pull her usual stunts

No. 662013

Weren't they suppose to collab together on her trip to London or am I remembering something else?

No. 662014

File: 1558063242138.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 37AF38EB-81AA-4015-B88C-9387A8…)

No. 662015

why does she keep recycling this one shot and outfit…shes literally spammed "nobody snatches waist like me!" out the ass with this.

No. 662016

I somehow got this mixed up with hunchback casual Saber where no one shared any pics with her in them. I guess I didn't realize no one shared AX ones either.

No. 662018

>local straight white girl voice

No. 662024

File: 1558065015562.png (835.67 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-05-16-20-47-30…)

She said it's a "refitting" aka "I got fat"

No. 662025

File: 1558065062627.png (865.98 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_2019-05-16-20-47-55…)

No. 662027

Did she even show any interest in Violet Evergarden or did she just hope on that hype train or “big titty anime waifu! I gotta cosplay!” Idea

No. 662028

I have a feeling she wont travel to any English speaking country besides the US. Less chance of people knowing her BS. But even if she went to Japan I'm sure they would be talking about her in a month

No. 662029

She was going to cosplay with Aly with Cattleya but never did

No. 662032

I think she's just pickin on her cuz she's a very popular lewd cosplayer. Instead of being nice she's being mean but trying to play it off as "I'm not being mean, I was nice to point out something negative!"

No. 662035

Why is she acting like belle.delphine is one of her close friends? Yes Moo, a total stranger will totally go "Oh! yes! This chick I only know from controversy will help me out and not totally destroy my rep"

No. 662037

Because they do the typical thot thing of fawning over each other on social media to try and snatch the other's paypigs. As mentioned here >>662013 Moo was making BIG PLANS to come ~collab~ with Belle but that fell through. Maybe because she can't buy Belle, or perhaps couldn't snag a calf or three to tag along.

No. 662039

File: 1558067816367.png (519.3 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-05-16-21-34-23…)

No. 662041

She really is looking for her new BFF by the looks of it Just hanging onto anyone that remotely hangs around her

No. 662043


Humanities visa just passed as well but its work moo could not handle

No. 662046

she really doesnt understand drag/gay lingo does she

No. 662047


Basically the kind of work she would have to do to obtain and maintain a work visa is something she has neither shown or is interested in doing. She thinks she can just pack up everything and move there and continue her cosplay “career” normal. With the added delusional that she’ll somehow be either more or just as “successful” as she is here. That she’ll magically get invited to all the cons and companies will practically trip over themselves to try to work with her. Photographers will want to shoot with her, companies will ask her to provide voices in anime, artists will want to use her as a reference in their manga.

She’s a deluded moron who doesn’t understand how difficult it is to move there in general and that the country isn’t anything like her weeb trash fantasies that she dreams up every night before she goes to bed.

No. 662051

That doesn’t even look like her

No. 662066

File: 1558086282978.png (4.21 MB, 1043x1800, 307CD061-0B05-4EC6-B0A8-09046A…)

>me me me me me me

Might as well just spill it already instead of vaguely sperging for days on end on how you’re being victimized.

No. 662067

She reminds me of 16 y/o me when my first bf broke up with me after 2 months of dating and I felt like I was broken 4 lyf
Jfc, Moo. You’re a fucking adult. Act like it already.

Also, if I was a guy just following for the tits, I’d be sooo annoyed by this whole drama bs.

No. 662069

All this over a guy that was never hers to begin with. Fucking pathetic lmao

No. 662073

Dude. Moo. We've been saying from minute one that Sensei was a fuckboy.

She needs to stop latching on to dudebros who are way out of her league and have nothing in common with her. And to guys who are taken, obviously. Would it kill her to find a guy who is already into loud, hyperactive fat chicks? I'm sure one of her paypigs would be willing to take one for the team, lol.

Just. Someone occupy this walrus before she annoys the shit out of any more guys in relationships.

No. 662085

it's exactly like that lmao

No. 662094

File: 1558102374160.png (589.72 KB, 720x1195, momo.png)

She looks like the fucking Momo challenge on here, how can she put this out.

No. 662095

If these are new, aside her OBVIOUSLY lurking, it's fucking hilarious how she never misses a beat in her bullshit. Everyone called this out happening shortly after her "fuck everyone" sperg.

It's just too bad people are too busy jerking off to her to wisen up to her scams and leave her pennyless.

No. 662098

>i'm just really hurting rn
>and a lot of you have noticed

yeah, hard to not notice it when you've been on a spergfest

No. 662103

File: 1558106054275.jpg (209.23 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20190517_111307.jpg)

"I'm just so sick of people using me and hurting my feelings because… I'm sensitive"

Lol using you how?? So weird and childish how she is broadcasting this drama.

No. 662104

I highly doubt Moo’s actually applying for a Visa for Japan. We’re all aware of her and her half truths, saying “I’m applying for a Visa” only means “I want to apply for a Visa” but she won’t actually do it because that’s too much work for her.

No. 662105

She's trying to garner sympathy that she doesn't deserve.

I mean, literally the same chick that said "you have to better my life for me to be with you" basically.

No. 662107


Guarantee that people “using her” means she bought expensive gifts and paid for trips and them not bending the knee to all her whims. She thinks that because she occasionally does nice things for people in lieu of all the shitty things she does it somehow means they owe her and can never question or talk back to her. So when people leave after getting tired of her dangling favors and gifts in front of their face, now she feels “betrayed” and “used”.

No. 662110

What a sad cunt. Honestly this is just embarrassing. Just goes to show how alone she truly is.

No. 662111

Whether these are about sensei or vamp, then they need to speak up before she does. She’s clearly on the edge and wants to telk the world about has happened, and I honestly think she will if she keeps going like this. But if we go by what happened with the KBBQ she will twist and turn it and run that person to the ground. It’s a power move for her to get the first word in. She must be really confident whoever this is about isn’t going to stay shit. Whenever others get the upper hand in her (myoppa incident, sexual harassment) she backs down super quick. Can’t let her control the narrative.

No. 662116

The more she posts about being “so loved and happy” the worse she is. It’s always in the height of her shit that she suddenly posts about how full of love etc she is.

No. 662122


Exactly. She sounds like she is confident the other person isn’t going to speak up, probably out of fear of what happened to everyone else who did. Where she’ll spread all kinds of disgusting rumors about them to the point where no one wants to be around them and she is allowed to play the poor innocent victim who just loves people so much and her kindness and generosity is being taken advantage of. She always needs the narrative to benefit her.


Same as when she leaves a convention that she obviously ghosted. She’ll post over the top essays about feeling “Soooo loved right now and was so nice to see all your smiling faces greeting me”.

No. 662132

So here's the real fucking tea:
if she had her tires slashed, she would've taken pictures. She would've made a police report. Not sure if she meant it actually happened or if it was a figure of speech. She took video of Vamp's car when she asked for funds? When it was broken into?

Also, as anons said, you're a fucking adult. Grow the fuck up. What is this livejournal "woe is me" shit? Don't worry Moo, you'll find a new costhot to leech from.

No. 662148


Remember. “People who are depressed need to just get over it because there are other people in the world who have it much worse than you”.

No. 662151

>>run that person into the ground

Not this time. She has ZERO clout in the community that she pretends to be from- whereas in the past she was not nearly so despised I doubt anyone of note will listen to her sperging really this time.

>>control the narative

I agree, except that nobody cares about her narrative in the first place. CoC (lol circleofchiefs, but thats funny as she was chasing coc) doesn't associate with the crowd in any real way cept banging vamp. And Vamp wouldn't have to lose control of any narrative since she could retaliate with much worse I am sure.
Moo- your tactics are SO over with. you have no power, no love, and nobody gives two shits how you feel. Your last hurrah and hope for continued relevance to anyone is to find out how many things you can shove in various places for greasy neckbeard cash.

No. 662152

Did I miss something? Vamps and Mariah aren’t following each other anymore. I’m guessing Mariah is trying to say vamps backstabbed her in some way?… I’m confused lol

No. 662153


Apparently dangling free trips and hotel rooms in front of Vamp’s face isn’t working anymore so she finally decided to leave her now. Now Moo is feeling “betrayed” and “used” because how dare she leave when she did all these nice things for her.

No. 662154

And because sensei isn't dicking her down but instead of much more attractive (and more than likely superior in personality) woman.

No. 662155

File: 1558115499578.png (311.77 KB, 1230x1800, 24983898-85C2-4A67-B0B5-52860D…)

I went to check because anons have been claiming for days that they unfollowed despite not putting in their full username for it to show up. But today it’s finally confirmed.

No. 662159

She deleted this already.

No. 662160


she's saying it as a figure of speech. like "thank you for being a part of this wild ride and not stabbing the tires of this wild ride"

No. 662161

File: 1558116911716.jpeg (232.05 KB, 1242x2151, 98E34424-05A7-4F31-A5F7-C898D3…)

No. 662162

The photoshops never do.

No. 662163

Using you how? You literally throw money at people, there isn't much they can do but accept it. It isn't their fault you use money as black mail "I gave/paid for this for you! So you belong to ME!!!" If you were truly kind Momo, you give without expecting anything in return.

Also the money you're rolling in isn't deserved. You are using your own pay pigs, constantly lying to them and throwing out shitty boob selfies. You're the one using THOUSANDS of people. But nice projecting Moo

No. 662164


this manic episode is proof that she is lying any time she is saying she hasn't talked about something previously or extensively because she wants to keep it secret (ie school). she's trying so hard to keep this fight with vamps secret, probably at the behest of vamps, but the pressure of not telling the world what is going on is causing her to blow a gasket.

No. 662165

lol i hate when people cry disassociation
like, fuck off you attention whore

i guess that part is redundant
but seriously, is it some tumblr thing or just a cow thing to always claim that?

No. 662166

True, but the korean BBQ incident is different now. Momo hasn't taken anyone down because she knows she isn't loved anymore. If she tries taking either Vamps or Sensei down, others will defend them now. The ONLY people Momo has now are cucks who wont defend her and orbiters who only wanna be near her.

Momo knows she has to be very careful about publicly calling either Sensei or Vamps out because they have endless dirt on her being so close to her. Even if Momo shows she paid them both a large amount of hush money, it just proves Momo PAYS people to shut their mouths about the shit she does. She loses no matter what

No. 662167

File: 1558117431102.png (955.15 KB, 750x1334, 634FAEC4-648D-4D62-BE22-705D41…)

going off the rails on a crazy train

No. 662168

File: 1558117530182.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, FF56B1A4-BEA9-4FD5-9A7E-B4EE25…)

crazy but that’s how it goes, millions of people living as foes

No. 662169

What about your 3rd time deleted public apology to the people you sexually harassed?

No. 662170

She's fully trying to play Heidi in this situation but she's really ProJareding it up

No. 662171

File: 1558117850847.jpeg (77.08 KB, 1004x975, 2A78239C-7AF8-4370-96E6-923252…)


No. 662172

LOL FUCK OFF what cunt

No. 662173

please tell me that an anon will make a "curb your __" meme after she ends up making an ass of herself after this.

No. 662174


No. 662175

She's in full narcissistic range mode right now. She's slowly reaching Margo levels of manic.
Whoever she is trying to push, I assure is the victim and will destroy Momo further. If it is Vamps then Vamps can show the countless times Momo has molested her, pretended to be in a relationship with her to cover up her homophobia and for fetish shit, the abuse, using Vamps…. all the cover ups she had Vamps do for her. Momo, stop being stupid

No. 662176

Tinfoil but wouldn't it be fucked up if Moo was paying for the surgery Vamps was getting but was trying to mold her into someone else she wants to actually fuck?
And Vamps got really uncomfortable and told her to stop? Or pulled out of the offer?
I dunno it seems like what Moo was trying to do was coach Vamps but Vamps didn't want it to happen.

No. 662177

I don't think Sensei gives a fuck about any of this childish drama, which makes it the best.

I hope he moves in with his new girlfriend.

If Vamp had actually committed to school, this probably wouldn't effect her as much either.

No. 662178

I love it that whenever Moo's milk gets stale or dried up, she finds a whole new teat to go off on. Between this, her buying new friends to drag around, and AX, we are in for a great summer.

No. 662179


well she was over that manic episode in >>662161 for a whole 10 minutes. it's funny when she tries to pretend she's clear-headed when she clearly isn't.
also anyone notice the 14-year-old words within words thing? "I'm" "still" "hurting" is made bigger?

No. 662180

It looks like Sensei is hanging out with his g/f and brother. He posted a instastory earlier today. He's dedicated his time to his new girl which is probably grating to Moo.

No. 662181

The anon who said you can set Momo's drama on a watch is 100 percent right. She always seems to produce milk and get caught up in a scandal every summer now. Then usually a charity scam around the holidays. It's wonderful

No. 662182

File: 1558118396608.png (2.21 MB, 928x1800, 669B2253-84F6-4855-8042-00F976…)

Poor, poor Moo. Always the victim… in her head. Get a fucking grip Mariah. You aren’t 18 anymore, take responsibility for once in your pathetic life.

No. 662183

A witch burning? Seems like she's hinting she wants to start a witch hunt and watch someone burn. Oooh moooo. I see you

No. 662184

Too bad her witch hunt schemes don't work anymore against anyone except herself.
Boo hoo, Moo.

No. 662185

Release some doctored screen shots, Moo.
You did it before with Nana. I'm sure you're willing to do it again.

No. 662186

I'm sure that's what she's doing now to fight back at the person she's been bullying this time. But again, no one in this community will believe her. I've never seen a costhot have so much constant drama before. It isn't other people, it's Momo being toxic

No. 662189

Holy shit, she actually credited an artist for once! Too bad she didn't actually tag or link them, but Moo gonna Moo.

No. 662190

didn't tag or link the artist and using it as an obvious message to the person she's pissed at too. Watch her delete it anyway and pretend things are fine

No. 662191

iirc, wasn’t it pretty much believed around here that vamps had come close to spilling milk on Moo here on lolcow?

Wonder if moo found out vamps did that, or was continuing it even to this day. Maybe vamps is here right now kek

No. 662192

File: 1558119476168.png (569.49 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-05-17-11-56-09…)

Wow its like this was posted when she was outed at AX?

No. 662193

Sry for samefag but I guess that could be why vamps was depressed on facebook saying she was a horrible person.

Don’t worry vamps, we’ll take you in. Just give us that milk!

No. 662194

Vamp was extremely loyal to Moo too, so whatever it was that pissed her off or made her mature and leave Moo behind must have been pretty bad.

No. 662195

Yeah she used this exact same screencap before her ADHD sperg

No. 662197

Narrator: It was not fine

No. 662199

She probably didn't even do anything horrible, but in Moo's eyes it must have been since Mariah is an abusive, controlling kind of friend.

No. 662201

File: 1558119778578.jpg (8.08 KB, 236x249, ooboy.jpg)

These manic posts and soon to be milk. What a nut. she thinks people care about this or she's gonna cancel someone, then actually cancel herself. im laughing.

No. 662202

File: 1558119808306.jpeg (39.93 KB, 750x133, A8A84DC8-716C-47FF-9051-1EDF99…)

I’m confused, my insta still says Mariah is following her. Is it just slow perhaps?

No. 662203

Vamps is probably at work like a responsible adult NOT CARING. It's obvious Moo is going to lose more friends and isolate herself. There are more than 1 moocher in your group of friends and at least Vamps was the levelheaded one.

Also, did you not get the clue when Vamps admitted you were her "sugarmommy/daddy"? Stupid. You knew.

No. 662208

File: 1558120035578.jpg (66.74 KB, 1080x638, Screenshot_20190517-130618_Ins…)


Must be slow on your end. Definitely not following each other on my end.

No. 662210

I just realized something
where is Cat? She usually posts her woke azn shit daily and hasn't posted in a while (aside from talking about EddyBaystar on Twitter?) Does this involve her also?

No. 662212

I got tired of people going back and forth on whether they were following each other or not so I just took an hour and a half to go through moo’s main acct, bts account, and vamp’s full following lists to be sure — neither are following each other. Moo is still following Sensei and other calves.

Can’t wait for the expose by vamps.

No. 662213

Man Vamp if youre reading this honestly get the fuck out of there. Mariah is a manipulative asshole and no one deserves to be bogged down by someone like this.

I know Vamp has done a lot of shit, but I'm honestly rooting for her to get out if Mariah's clutches

No. 662215

Vamps, there are so many big names who will back you up if you take Momo down! DO IT! Get out of her grasp!

No. 662219

for all the things you’ve done for HER? vamps dragged her own name through the mud to defend YOU when you were outed at AX, and has defended you every time you decide to act a fool this entire friendship. she could’ve dropped you then, or dropped you countless other times you decided to act stupid, but you had it good having a friend so loyal to you.
what have you done? payed for dinners, payed for vacations, bought whatever vamps little heart desired. no one ASKED you to do that. you claim you do it out of the kindness of your heart, but money =/= love. you can’t buy someone’s affection. when you dangle cash in front of someone’s face, what else do you think would’ve happened? of course she would get used to that lifestyle and eventually get greedy.
you create lasting friendships by being someone people actually want to be around, not by trying to earn that respect by throwing money at it. money won’t fix an ugly, manipulative personality, mariah.

No. 662221

File: 1558121035094.png (328.85 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-05-17-12-20-24…)

No. 662222

File: 1558121135446.png (1.12 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-05-17-12-20-42…)

Moo sits in her messy ass house half heartedly talking about her overtone and halo purchases boo fucking hoo

No. 662223

Why the fuck would anyone want to be within five feet of you much less starting a cosgroup while you're having your 5th manic episode in the last 2 days? Bitch is wild for this one.

No. 662224

cuz cats can't betray/leave you right momo?

No. 662225

File: 1558121254074.png (890.96 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-05-17-12-21-22…)

Sad reacts only

No. 662230

She's comparing herself to Jeanne d'Arc? A fucking martyr? LMAO the level of delusion.

No. 662231

Tinfoil but I'm afraid I don't remember all the different Sabers: Mariah wants to witch hunt and burn Vamps.

Isn't this the version of Saber Vamps cosplayed? This seemed like passive aggressive shade.

No. 662232

File: 1558121746929.jpeg (479.73 KB, 2048x2048, BB5CE071-0AAF-4311-A361-DD2832…)

Maybe my app is glitching but she deleted this one really fast. Saykng someone was scammed 3500$ for a quick cgi clip

No. 662233

Says someone who scams monthly nearly 6x that amount. Momo you're taking notes

No. 662237

>>662232 She's been deleting the shit out of her IG stories within the past 24 hours.

You can tell Mariah is desperately trying to get some attention, but she knows there's far more incriminating dirt on her. So while she wants to start a war, she also knows she can't go unscathed this time.

These are gone on my end as well, and I just watched them live a few minutes ago.

No. 662240

Ok but that was some insanely fluid and quality cgi. Still over priced, but it's nothing compared to what you to moo. You scam 4x that with selfies and tripod shots of your nasty fupa.

No. 662242

It looks like it was a team of 3 people for the CGI as well.

No. 662243

and at least the cosplayer provided SOMETHING! Momo will scam WAY WORSE and then not deliver the goods with some BS excuse she was sick or her paetrons misunderstood the "rules" she makes up on the spot

No. 662244

I doubt highly Vamps will serve the tea. The reason I say this is she seems a little more mature and over it than Moo will ever be. I wish I was wrong and I am sure we would not chew her up here, but she has always kinda struck me as that way. And now she has the ability to move out from the shadows and take Moos following, and THAT would be epic.
just my two cents.
Keep mooing Moo- we see ya boi

No. 662245


Exactly. She wants to drag this out in public and shame and unperson them, let the wolves on social media have them. But now she doesn’t have the community at her her back anymore like she used to. Any attempt to ruin this person will be thrown right back in her face on top of whatever dirt this person has on her that she probably doesn’t want made public. So now she is stuck in limbo waiting for this person to get upset enough to publicly respond to her anger and vitriol so that she can feel justified in coming back at them.

No. 662249

File: 1558123317712.jpg (732.69 KB, 1080x1920, x0712wu3bqy21.jpg)

From Reddit. Did she really list herself as a "gravure model"?

No. 662250

She added it on her first trip to Japan when she tried to score some asian dick. It didn't work out for her.

No. 662251

catfishing hard with that pic

No. 662252

Vamps cosplays Jeanne quite a lot

No. 662253

File: 1558123574110.png (233.41 KB, 974x1516, vamp 4chan r9k.png)

Are you thinking of the old 4chan post?

No. 662254

My theory is she introduced Sensei and the girlfriend.

No. 662255

I though Gravure was mild sexiness with an air of it being kinda being innocent, not full out showing people your chooch and butthole.

No. 662256

>>662244 Vamp won't serve the tea, unless it's retaliatory. Same for Tattoo-kun. Gotta give them credit where it's due.

The only combustible element here is Mariah, who clearly has trouble keeping things under control after people managed to break free of her spell. It goes to show you that people probably only stayed friends with her for as long as they did due to fear or pity. But once the fear is gone, Mariah no longer has anything credible to dangle over someone's head.

But don't worry. Mariah has a team of website specialists and round-the-clock lawyers to keep her company, and she has 4 cats that are incapable of opening windows or doors to escape.

No. 662257


I though Gravure was mild sexiness with an air of it being kinda being innocent, not full out photoshopping your chooch and butthole.


No. 662258

She deleted these already

No. 662259

File: 1558124101375.jpg (274.4 KB, 1364x2048, DXLij3CU8AADz2Z.jpg)

Your memory isn't as bad as you think. Holy shit.

No. 662260

I feel like moo is going to pull a ProJared and start some unnecessary shit and that's going to start the overflow of milk from either Vamp or Sensei or both. She can't NOT stick her nose where it doesn't belong and despite everyone telling her not to do something it just makes her even more determined to go through with it.

No. 662261

I have 2 theories on what’s going on.

A) Vamps got caught either telling someone or saying that she has stuck with Momo cause of the money, clout, trips, etc (“I’m not a golden goose”)

B) Vamps and Momo went at it and in the heat, Vamps blurted out the above saying she’s had enough and doesn’t need Momo anymore cause of the toxicity but feels bad she stayed this long cause of the gifts (“I’m a horrible person”)

No. 662263

Now you know how the people you bullied and drove to suicide in high school feel.

Disgusting bitch.

No. 662264

This bitch even deleted the IG stories where she sarcastically praised the arrival of her cosmetic products. The bitterness is real.

No. 662265

Oh shit I almost forgot about that. When faced with that didn't she say she wasn't responsible for others feelings/being emotionally weak?

No. 662266

File: 1558126071838.jpg (181.36 KB, 720x1107, 20190517_134603.jpg)

That awkward feeling when Tripod-san gets caught in the middle of the Mariah vs. Vamplettes drama

No. 662267


No that's not the same. Moo posted Jeanne Alter and Vamps cosplayed Jeanne. I don't think it's a dig at her cosplay but I do think Mariah is trying to paint herself as a victim here.

No. 662268

File: 1558126325620.png (119.27 KB, 2724x220, Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 6.50…)

I saw this not long ago in OT and thought it might be about Kelly Eden (like Phi or someone) but now I'm thinking maybe it's Vamps or one of Moo's crew, the timing seems to be alright. maybe this should go in calves though

No. 662269


>I'm just so sick of people using me…

Remember when Mariah couldn't keep viewers satisfied on Camversity, and she had to constantly rely on Vamps to twerk and interact with everyone on the live chat?

I can't understand how Mariah thinks Vamps only took, but never gave anything back. Vamps is also largely responsible for the creation of numerous costumes and accessories Mariah pretended to create over a year ago.

No. 662270

Lurk harder twat. Just after anon posted saying Vamp needed to come forward she already tries to push the narrative into her favor.

No. 662271

I really don't think this is about Sensei directly. I think its about Vamp getting new friends and possibly being annoyed at Mariah for God knows what

No. 662272

Wasn't Vamp also the one who actually opened the door for Momo to become a cosplayer? By introducing her to the first group of people she associated with? Talk about ungrateful

No. 662273

But even Momo said that Vamps NEVER opened any doors for her! How dare you.

Sarcasm aside, Momo really should have been more grateful to Vamps for sticking around as long as she did.

No. 662274


And Moo straight up said “I don’t think she opened any doors for me”

No. 662276

Mariah's first Samus costume was Vamps, and thats LITERALLY the costume the started her career
Besides Diane from 7DS which was sewn by Vamp
Also her job at the anime store in Vegas was because of Vamp, hmmm… almost like there was a pattern

If Vamp was mooching off of Moo its only because she wanted to reap the rewards of HER work that moo was being credited for

No. 662277

So Vamp was the one who started her whole career for her. It would be fitting if Vamp was the one to end it too. Like killing the monster she created

No. 662278

This is the minute Vamps should've gotten right the fuck out, but whatever.

No. 662279

She's trying so hard to burn down Vamp and I can't see it working. Best thing to do is not let a narc attempt it once cutting them out of your life. They fucking lose the plot when this happens and will keep at it for months or even years. I love how whatever happened has definitely fucked up Moo in the head.

No. 662280

Narcs lose it when the main person they used and abused finally gets a mind of their own and leaves them. And Vamps was under her claws for years. I can see why she's losing her shit

No. 662285

File: 1558129076643.jpg (173.08 KB, 1024x1820, 58858160_613913149125412_51972…)

An anon was speculating in the calves thread something might have gone on between Vamps and Moo's cousin Brandon, which I think they might have been onto something, as we haven't seen him around either since this started blowing up, and recently that dude was around all the time…

This could be entirely unrelated but it looks like Brandon also posted this as an IG story in the last 24 hours

No. 662287

This reminds me of crazy narc Margo and Venus Angelic when she escaped to Japan. Her mom absolutely went mental and stalked her for ages. This is some fine milk from Moo. Everyone is against her because she didn't get her own way, bless.

No. 662290

File: 1558130148904.jpeg (335.71 KB, 1242x1090, 4249E1F8-7917-4D7B-BDE6-DECD58…)

I’m sure Diclonious has been waiting ages to take Vamps’ place as Moo’s personal doormat.

No. 662292


God, Imagine the possible milk if vamp really dumped her. Margo and Venus were just the best thing ever for a long while because Margo just went batshit crazy for such a long time, so I really hope it's Moo's turn now to go into the same direction lol

No. 662293

I look forward to Moo's demise. It's only a matter of time before she becomes as batshit as some of the other cows here.

No. 662296

Whatever it is that got between these two, it must have been big. Vamp went hard for Mariah during the sexual harassment scandal. If you're going to defend someone from something like that, then whatever makes you finally cut ties has got to be big.

No. 662299

Mariah just wears people out with her constant demands both physical and emotional. Vamps had to be fucking autistic to begin with to put up with her for as long as she did. But she was also the closest thing mariah ever had to an actual friend. If vamps finally broke free them moo is totally alone now. No family. No friends. Fake internet persona going down the drain. Nothing. That's a fate worse than death for a total narc like her.

No. 662300

vamps silence with all this is deafening. you know our thicc narc queen is squirming not being able to get a rise or reaction out of her with all these posts and deletions. moo thinks she’s on top of the world and above it all when she’s out with friends with all her social manic energy, but the second she gets home and has to be with herself, her mantra of “be better, not bitter” flies out the window. i really hope vamp dropped some truth on her before she left when the alleged argument went down, someone’s really gotta knock that ego of hers down a couple pegs.

No. 662302

I like how she's continuing to post cosplays, with no hint of what's going on especially more Fate recently while Moo is using it in some way to blatantly target her passive aggressively.

No. 662304

File: 1558133419141.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, giphy.gif)

Just checked this thread and holy shit moomoo has gone completely mental. Finally the milk we deserve!

No. 662305

>>662302 One is a person who understands the importance of delivering satisfactory content to fans and subscribers on time, and takes pride in the craftsmanship of a costume.

The other is some person named Mariah Mallad.

No. 662309

File: 1558133777408.png (227.71 KB, 1242x2208, CBC5CFE7-9F7C-4C60-A50C-A7B936…)

I’m a bit iffy because Vamp is still following her since her SFW still shows that she’s following her but of course, it could be because she doesn’t go on it much
But Moo still follows that account

No. 662312

I personally hope (if this really is a Vamp/Moo fallout) that Vamp says NOTHING. Let Moo stew and keep on like she has. Let her make a damn fool of herself. Keep living life. Do anything but give her the satisfaction of dragging her down to her level. And if Moo starts running at the mouth? Look at the fucking source. Moo's a lying sack of shit and anyone not on that MooMoo payroll/clout train (or wanting to be balls deep in lard) sees that. And honestly, Moo already aired all Vamp's dirty laundry on CamV. What's she got now? Vamp made fun of a few people in texts? Boo-fucking-hoo. She was agreeing with her master. Of course she's gonna be just as mean and rude.

This is by no means saying Vamp is a good person. She's shit too. But she's the only person I can think of that being in this situation with Mariah and still be able to just walk the fuck away with at least SOME dignity by keeping her mouth shut. She knows soooo much we don't and with that information, keeping quiet would show who is more mature. I want the milk as much as the next farmer but it's really a toss as to whether I'm enjoying this total metldown more or how glorious her fall would be.

No. 662313

File: 1558134119012.jpg (162.13 KB, 800x600, byevamps.jpg)

Oh boy I hope this is legit. Can't wait to see what milk awaits if it's true.

No. 662314

She won’t be after lurking here and seeing this.

No. 662317

>>662312 Agreed. By keeping her mouth shut, Vamps has the upper hand here.

The only problem with that is how Mariah has shown no remorse in the past for people like Nana, the girls who stepped forward and brought Mariah's grabby hands issue into the spotlight, Nathan Deluca, and several others. The less Vamps knows about what Mariah is saying behind her back, the better. If she plays the game the same way as Mariah, then they'll both look stupid. At this moment, Vamps still has a shred of dignity left, in spite of the numerous times she went to bat for Mariah.

We may never get the full story, but it seems evident that Mariah crossed a line that even Vamps couldn't forgive her for.

No. 662319

any bets on moo going round to albertsons trying to fuck with Vamps or doin drivebys of the tattoo studio?

As for vamps and the cousin- psht, vamps could do a lot better.

No. 662323

My vote for next thread pic

No. 662324

Didn't things backfire on Moo the last time she tried this with Janet? If I recall, Janet ended up working with Blizzard soon after that.

Yep, people were even asking for Vamp to come back when they saw that they were left with Mariah on her own channel. Vamp has way more personality than she does. Vamp even tried to get those fans to be nicer to Mariah, so if anything, she has done a lot for her, not the way Moo claims.

Yep, and then Mariah had the absolute nerve to say, "She didn't open doors for me". She's such a cunt when it comes to showing gratitude and being a friend.

No. 662329

This might not even be over something major. Moo may have just wanted vamps to go tear up a fabric store with her or have sushi. Now! And vamps said no and maybe even snapped at her when moo started demanding shit. And tinfoil but vamps may be the only person that moo is a little afraid of. Vamps knows where all the bodies are buried.

No. 662333

She did. The soulless cunt acted as if the people she harassed were nothing and she's was doing a good thing by making the "mentally strong prove their worth". I hope she never gets peace of mind.

No. 662334

I hope that Vamps nails her to the wall. Then you'll really have something to cry about, moo.

No. 662335


lol everyone stand back, the fat whore's mad that her beaknosed guard dog's changed sides. can't wait to see what mooch is gonna say about this when it inevitably catches more wind.

No. 662344

She never wanted to fuck Vamps. Moo is a homophobe and used "being in a relationship with a woman" for woke points and to keep neckbeards from getting to delusional because she's "taken". Plus it draws pervs in because two girls fuckin is hot to men with one braincell

No. 662347

File: 1558142608445.jpg (103.55 KB, 360x335, curb.jpg)

No. 662353

The longer vamp ignores her, the crazier she is going to get. I hope vamp doesn't say anything at all. We'll get months of crazy.

No. 662372

People describing their real lives in terms of anime plots is always total cringe.

No. 662375


Those things in the foreground… I recognize it. That's the top cheap stretch mark cream on Amazon. She's getting to the age and weight where her skin can't keep up anymore. Too late, now that they've started showing… they're there forever unless you get surgery, sorry girl

No. 662378

The white tub things? Its her Overtone hair color conditioner. She kinda chucked one around in the video. Its the same directions on the back of the one in my bathroom.

No. 662390

does anyone have a link for this? i'm curious because everything in moo's eyes is cheap so why is she saying this is overpriced?

No. 662392

Sensei is in Portland with the new girl right now. Must suck being all alone in that house stewing in your own bitterness, Moo.

No. 662402

That stew is going to need some… sage.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662408

File: 1558151906231.png (401.4 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-05-17-22-56-18.p…)

It's super fast at 1.58 her tail opens behind her like a peacock. Where'd she find the price of it tho?

No. 662416

Probably in the behind the scenes vid linked

No. 662423

There’s no sage in /pt/ why are people still doing this

No. 662432

NTA, but they were probably referencing the time sensei sage smudged her new filth den.

No. 662445

File: 1558158293508.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i hope vamps keeps her mouth shut as long as she wants and/or needs because the looming fact vamps could throw her under the bus is clearly what is causing this milky as fuck breakdown. shes paranoid as fuck cuz vamps prob knows more then anyone else. moomoo is gonna go on a big down fall its evident even now.
i do wish vamps would do some vague apology for supporting moomoo for so long it may clean up her image some for those who r aware of her and moomoo being butt buddies (that arent farmers obvi). yet, waiting and letting moo make a damn fool of herself first is cool too. more fun for us. lmao.

No. 662453

How do you know its fake? Its a cry for help. No reason to insult someone for needing attention

No. 662456

tfw the guy you tried to fuck is with his beautiful girlfriend and your ex-best friend wants nothing to do with you

No. 662459

File: 1558161592086.jpeg (268.41 KB, 1242x2312, 5A9C44AE-3F1E-4359-A5F7-A9313E…)

She’s trying to shade vamps so badly lmao

No. 662461


>Mariah “Be better, not bitter” Mallad

So unbothered and feeling “Gucci” but still feels the need to be petty on her cosplay account. Your cucks don’t care about the falling out with your former doormat.

No. 662465

This bitch is always bitter. Bitter about not getting the guy, bitter about prettier girls, and bitter that her ex friend finally dropped her bitter ass. Part of me wants vamp to come out and spill the milk, but then it’s really up to her to see if she wants to.

No. 662467

“with people who don’t expect me to pay for everything”
oh yeah the same people you literally bought plane tickets for? who will get their room covered by you as well? just so you don’t have to go to paradise alone with the absolute misery of your own thoughts? bitch is so dense and narcissistic she can’t even be grateful going to such a beautiful place without making petty slights about collette every 5 minutes. you’d think with how concerned she is about getting ‘used’ for her money, she’d put a little more stock into the value of even having it. no respect or gratitude for anything.

No. 662469

My bet: Moo told Vamp that she would have to pay for her own stuff in Hawaii. Vamp says she can't afford it because of the upcoming surgery and can only join if Mariah pays as usual. Mariah screeches I'm not a golden goose, Vamp replies she cannot toss money around like Mariah and leaves, Mariah replaces her with Hairdresser and starts vagueposting.

No. 662470

Literally just bought for your hairdresser. Girl sit down

No. 662478

>>662469 Pretty solid theory. Vamp has been selling private twerking videos and using her Onlyfans money to finance her nose job and dental work.

Mariah, being the insecure petty bitch that she is, probably told Vamps that she'd have to pay for her own shit in Hawaii. This way, it would set Vamps back a pretty penny, and Mariah wouldn't have to immediately worry about being severely upstaged in the looks department by Vamp. Not that it's hard to look better than Mariah, unless you're one of her fans.

No. 662479

her lack of self respect and respect in general was always obvious but its starting to show physically, BIG time. the lack of morals and discipline are catching up to her. her relationships, her personality, her body are all worse for ware. hyperpigmentation and blemishes on her face, dark under eye bags, stretch marks on her thighs and bikini area that will inevitably travel up her stomach. what then moo? what happens when you get to the point beyond your friends, your photoshop, your ego saving you? when you have to face the consequences of your own actions? where the damage you’ve caused is irreparable?

mariah, i know you think you’re all that, but when the looks fade, the cash flow slows, and your absolute dogshit attitude has driven everyone away, just know, you did this all to yourself. you’re a sinking fucking ship, and i don’t blame vamp for saving herself.

No. 662482

Somehow this is more pathetic than taking your mom.

No. 662483

File: 1558165993930.png (5.05 MB, 1800x1663, 668FC579-CA9E-4581-8934-CF6269…)

It’s almost 1am in Vegas and she’s dragged Cat over.

No. 662484

>glorified cup noodle


No. 662486

I love watching her desperately trying to keep some sort of friend then she's quick to label how "amazing" they are. Moo needs someone to fill the void, her current buddy circle are going to be her new little lapdogs in no time.

No. 662488

didn't she just pay for her hairdresser ticket??? imagine having to always pay people to get them to travel with you

No. 662502

File: 1558171279402.jpg (115.71 KB, 1080x1279, tumblr_pr8bmpLaDE1veuntao6_128…)



imagine having all your friends ditch you so you have to resort to buying your hairdresser's friendship. holy shit girl get it together.

No. 662504

Moo mentions Hawaii and not paying for people in the same post. What a bitch, you know you have to, to have someone come with you. And to buy a friendship is her speciality. Hairdresser will be living lavish out there for IG brag posts, and Moo will be posting simply to show off her new "friend".

No. 662508

Wait till con season picks up, will her desperate hair dresser join her on those trips too? AX is around the corner. Vamp was her shadow in EVERYTHING.

No. 662510

File: 1558178355383.png (651.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4795.PNG)

No. 662511

Moo. Youre not clinically depressed. Youre just sad for a few days. No one actually depressed acts like you. Jfc.

No. 662517

File: 1558184791207.jpg (220.14 KB, 720x1169, 20190518_080608.jpg)

No. 662518

File: 1558185376226.png (396.18 KB, 540x438, 1532637041898.png)

Cow's raging harder than ever to vent from Vamps not being her loyal lap dog anymore.
Ironically her clapbacks at these guys go against shit she claims to be into or badly pretends she's not against.

>people who get rid of their kids for being gay

She had a freak-out over the idea of being seen as a butch lesbian and can't even fake sexual interest in another woman for paypig funds.

>Women are not fucking breeding machines

Hasn't she claimed to be into breeding kink before? She's certainly into the mommykink.

No. 662524

File: 1558192137439.jpeg (902.03 KB, 1242x1807, 2BEF72B1-B83C-4979-A2DE-EF8F2A…)

She’s still going on with her tough girl bullshit (comments)

No. 662528


I'm beyond confused by what exactly she's trying to achieve. Like,yes bitch, you're having a breakdown. But no one can be this unaware right??? Her entire fanbase just consists of dudes that want to see her do shitty cosplays and show tiddy. What makes her think telling them what the fuck to do is a good idea? They came there for tits, not for a big chick to yell at them about REEEEE WOMEN'S RIGHTS when she's the world's biggest hypocrite.

No. 662529

MOmo didn't you pay for everything for your hair dresser because you have no real friends?

You were miserable with no money, and now you're miserable with money. All your ex friends decided all the money in the world isn't worth it if they have to spend time with you. That speaks volumes
They don't need you or money to be happy!

No. 662532

Her retarded view on gun rights that "they're gonna take my guns away!!" when it isn't even about her shitty hand guns
But she's gotta keep that dick interest somehow

No. 662536

Thor got fat and depressed for good reasons. You got fat cuz you have no impulse control. You're also not depressed, you're a bitter bitch. Don't compare yourself to Thor

No. 662539

I think my favorite part of this is Moo at home being a bitter cunt and then you go look at Vamp's page and she's out enjoying life. Collabing with people (Chibigains I think?), going out, just doing her thing like it's not worth even thinking about Mariah. Then you got Miss Massive Mood over here not even happy with her purchases, not really making content (not that she did much anyway), and vague posting about having to pay for friends while buying a new friend.

No. 662541

Here's Momo, thinking Gucci and money is worth more than enriching friendships. Objects can't love you Momo, but go ahead and hug your fanny pack, see if that makes you feel better

And Moo since you lurk… You didn't make Vamps happy throwing money at her. She's hanging out with others who don't even have to pay her shit. It's you

No. 662546


Do you think that moo is extra salty about the fact that vamps is getting plastic surgery soon to improve her looks that may make her outshine moo in comparison? If I recall it right, Vamps is getting her theet, nose and tits done? And then there is Moo with getting fatter and fatter, her body that she ruined on a very young age with lipo, junk food and overall unhealthy life style that can't be fixed at this point in any way.

No. 662547


>> that may make her outshine

Um Vamps actually already DOES outshine Moo. even if she is the shittiest person on earth, she has a much better front. I think moo is extra salty for many reasons- IE getting called out for her shit on Patreon, her only friend sleeping with the cousin (assumed) Sensei cuck getting a girlfriend that makes Moo look like a diseased fatbag in comparison and also the fact she screeches and the community doesn't gaf.

No. 662549

skimmed through the bts video, didn't see anything about the cgi but at the end they say that this is all voluntary work and no one is getting paid. could be that moomoo contacted the cgi artist(s?) and found out that way

No. 662558

Tinfoiling. She probably reached out to the crew that handled the CGI work for that video thinking she'd be able to get them to do it for her either for free or for a very cheap cost because she's momokun… only to get quoted the full price of possibly even the "fuck off" price (aka the "I don't want to work with you unless you cough up a lot of money" price). She does have her another "big" project coming up, doesn't she? kek

No. 662559

I wonder if Sensei went off on her… she may have acted really inappropriate and rude at the baseball game, as well as her posts at the time… he may have told her point blank that he will never be with her, she's a raging cunt and he doesn't want anything to do with her. Vamps may have taken this as a chance to get out too (by taking his side). I'm surprised she hasn't cried rape on him or something. She is going crazy and should honestly be on a psych hold.

No. 662560

I'm pretty sure vamps is paying for her own plastic surgery and what likely happened is that since vamps can pay for expensive things that moo thinks she should now be able to pay her way through these excessive trips and she said no. Like another person said vamps has been doing private videos and extra things to make up the cash. I think moos immature view of money is coming into play because she's probably thinking "well Collette can just be extra slutty for a month and start paying for everything". Even though we all know moo was probably being overly insistent to take her on these trips. I don't think she understands that even if someone can save and pay for something expensive it doesn't mean all their income is disposable (or that they can't keep taking off work)

No. 662566


That’s the way to do it. Moo wants this to be dragged out in public for everyone to see. So that she can play the victim who is tired of her generosity and compassion being exploited and sic the public on Vamp. She wants there to be a bi nasty public fight so that she can feel justified in retaliation.

Better to let her sit in her own bitterness and tear herself apart from the inside. Now all her anger and insecurity has nowhere to go except inward and she actually has to deal with it. Which she only knows how by lashing out and being passive aggressive.

No. 662570

Soo did she just ghost Alex/Elizabeth and Miso? Because she had a tantrum? I thought they were doing photoshoots this month and not June?

No. 662596

I honestly just think the deal breaker was vamp getting new friends and Mariah is just throwing it in her face about laying so much for vamp. Leaving out the fact she most likely forced vamp or absolutely insisted that vamp accepts the “gifts”

No. 662598

She's actually been hanging out with JTeamJason and his extended friends. I think back to when Moo talked on CamV about warning people about hanging out with certain groups because they "made [her] uncomfortable". Do you think that's why she gradually stopped hanging out with that large group except at parties? Vamps would always be with her and she'd only talk to what seems like gainzfranco? Imagine having 1 friend tell you that your multiple friends make her fees fees hurt and you can't hang with them like normal adults? I'd say "have fun sitting in the corner, you hag" and have fun. Shit, Vamps went to a rave/music concert with them and it looked fun

No. 662602

And what's Moo been up to while Vamp goes out to have a fun night with friends? She's been sitting at home petting her cats and having a tantrum while Cat makes her noodles? Good on Vamps. Seems like an upgrade.

No. 662607


It’s literally some high school bullshit that she should have already grown out of. “You can’t be friends with them if you’re really my true friend”. In typical abuser fashion, she tries to dictate who people are allowed to talk to. Controlling who they are allowed to interact with. All because she can’t control those other people or what they say about her.

No. 662616

I feel bad for whomever Vamp is hanging with now. Tbh she's just getting a taste of her own medicine with how vamp treated Nana, Steff, and others for moving on.

I'm sure we all are happy they are separated, but they are both still full out cunts who deserve each other.

No. 662617

>>662539 Vamp went to EDC, and Mariah couldn't even be bothered to go to IHOP.

Now Mariah is trying her best to channel her inner activist. After all, nothing says cool, calm, and collected quite like bitching about politics while lying in your filthy bed all day.

No. 662623

File: 1558216937606.jpg (444.45 KB, 1440x2504, Screenshot_20190518-150123_Chr…)

The video was partially crowdfunded–the 3500 was their estimate

No. 662628

So less than $3500 for an entire video, locations props, costumes, etc. + some decent looking CGI? Sounds like Mariah is just jealous her monstrosities cost her $10k and they look like trash.

No. 662630

Mariah’s ridiculously overkill budgets for her cosplay videos are reminiscent of Adella’s “The Zelda Project” where she even had a 10K donor yet still “didn’t have enough money” and the end result is still shit. If Mariah actually had someone on her team that was good at budgeting and wasn’t snubbed in the cosplay community, then maybe her passion projects wouldn’t be so damn shitty. Then again, anything she touches is doomed since her fanbase only want to see her do porn and the other half are ugly chicks with bad self-esteem.

No. 662632

Plus have the decency to actually call venues rather than just show up and be butthurt when they say a big "No." and bitch online

No. 662644


Exactly. She refuses to go through the proper professional channels. She just shows up there wanting to film without notifying the venue beforehand, signing any waivers or documents or even paying any fees and when she gets asked to leave she accuses them of being “so rude and unprofessional”

No. 662648

She's posting a lot of great stuff that her "I JUST GOT OVER DEPRESSION, IDK WHY YOU CANT" or whatever quote would be a great reply to

No. 662649

File: 1558226298864.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x696, madman.jpg)

I applaud this behaviour because I think this abortion stuff is fucking bullshit, and because her numbers will likely drop.

No. 662651

File: 1558226751576.png (1.63 MB, 1385x2048, Screenshot_20190518-174427.png)

She's finally gone out with some people, and she posts this… Just why.

No. 662652

Because Moo thinks she's 'quirky' and 'that cool weird girl everyone just hates for no reason'

No. 662654

Welcome back Flannel-Kun, whom which Moo whipped out to TOTES PROVE US WRONG when we said he was properly retired now due to her size. Poor guy probably can't even cover that shelf of lard she has going on back there anymore.

No. 662658

Not that it really matters cause its not relevent to Moo, but yes thats the price that covered the entire music video including all the editing and CGI throughout the video (and while more was subtle, there was alot throughout the video)

Also Moo only cares bout this because she wanted to be in this video because it was an open casting invite for extras (which is why she suddenly was going to cosplay KDA despite not playing league) but she cancelled when she found out that the extras werent going to be in it for very long
She probably thought Dom needed main members to join her but Dom was just trying to get as many KDA cosplayers to join as possible for the final ensemble scene

No. 662662

Wait isn’t this old? Smaller legs, diff color hair and those glasses haven’t been around for awhile. Why does everyone think it’s new?

No. 662663

It's either old or she's been lurking, cause Flannel-kun was mentioned just yesterday.

No. 662668

File: 1558230428232.png (4.8 MB, 1242x2208, FFBE39D9-1501-4107-ADFD-522157…)

It’s an old pic (she doesn’t have her Apple Watch on like in the pic above from today) But she definitely just proved how often she lurks by posting it.

No. 662670

She also stopped doing her coconut water 'health' thing after Sensei a long time ago.

No. 662689

and her love for celery juice

No. 662690

She still drinks coconut water like there’s no tomorrow (when she isn’t chugging Monster) because she thinks it’s healthy. That IG story was from today.

No. 662692

File: 1558232708482.jpeg (506.73 KB, 750x1042, 4BAE624B-A0EB-47B0-9D04-E238E2…)

Not to be nitpicky but didn’t she buy a shit ton of Jeffree Star makeup recently? Why the hell does she do the same blotchy eyeshadow look and make her nose too small with over contouring. Someone get her a makeup artist. (Then she’ll have two friends along with the hairdresser awww lmao)

No. 662694

Looks like desperate levels of trying to prove she has lots of caring friends by using past videos. Moo you're a lonely, sad and bitter cunt with only degenerate cucks to keep you company.

No. 662704

>when you have no friends and have to go to your favorite spot with your hairdresser and her gay sidekick
This is sad

No. 662711

I imagine they pity her and listen to all of her woes and tragic tales of the damaged Moo just to make her feel better.

No. 662717

She never really hung out with them until this moment.
I imagine it's annoying. Oh well, come a couple weeks/months they'll realize she's shitty then dump her.

No. 662729

Yeah this is definitely older we haven't seen the Tom's appear for awhile now.

No. 662734

most likely ghost her after hawaii

No. 662752

With all the money she makes, your think she’d at least either learn how to use all that makeup she bought or go to a fucking professional for her photo shoots. She lives in fucking Summerlin. We have several salons that offer full face makeup services, there’s a Sephora at Downtown Summerlin and let’s not forget the MAC counters. She’s just fucking lazy and would rather do that same unflattering unblended white and brown eyeshadow.

No. 662753

She poated a story with Vamps in it on her BTS account but they still dont follow each other anymore and no noticeable interaction between the two that can be checked.

1) She's been lurking here and thinks we're idiots who will stop encouraging Vamps and calling her a shit friend so she posted an old video clip
2) Master called and Vamps came back for more $$$

No. 662754

File: 1558239561439.png (785.8 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-05-18-21-18-11…)

Made up, I guess?

No. 662755

Tough choice. Vamps is that stupid and so is Mariah. Bets anyone?

No. 662756

Maybe she came over to grab her stuff from her

No. 662757

…and momo followed vamps again and its recent.

No. 662758

Nah they're following each other again

No. 662759

And were in the honeymoon stage again in this cycle of abuse.

No. 662760

Such a sellout. Oh well. Knew it would happen. Have fun in Hawaii (Moo funded) Vamps!

No. 662761

snagglebeak probably got scared she'd have to pay for everything herself, like an actual adult. these dumb bitches deserve eachother

No. 662762

What a spineless fucking coward. Her dumbass is really going to forgive all the shit she said about her? These two sacks of shit absolutely deserve each other. Hope the cash was worth it Vamp. You could at least try to not look like a cheap two dollar whore everytime Moo dangles some cash in front of your busted ass face.

No. 662763

>>662754 Yes, these two idiots are really following each other on Instagram once again.

But this snippet lacks context. You don't have Mariah blurting out like her bad mama bear bitch self. And it's a very short video, which doesn't prove much.

I'm still leaning towards the possibility that they've decided to be civil, but it looks like Vamp is taking shit out of Mariah's closet like a scorned lover. I could be wrong, and I probably am.

No. 662764

And here we were ready to give Vamps some credit for finally ditching Moo. Collette, you’re pathetic for going back to that emotionally manipulative bitch. Hope the money is worth it now because it won’t be for long with the way Mariah alienates her cuck fanbase.

They deserve each other. Fucking pathetic.

No. 662769

Honestly I feel like whatever went down wasn’t actually anything. I think it was a cry for attention and nobody took the bait so they gave up.

No. 662770

We've come full circle again anons, How is this surprising anyone anymore

No. 662771

Fully expected this to happen a bit disappointed but hey we got some good milk at least

No. 662772

The milk hasn't stopped yet – we still have Sensei.

I wonder if hairdresser is still going to Hawaii or whatever then.

No. 662777

I honestly don’t think that Vamps and Moo have made up, I know Moo is fucking crazy and rants on her stories ALOT, but a solid week and a half of it? Plus that story of Vamps was super short, maybe she’s looking for something of hers and that’s it. Maybe Moo will go on another insta tantrum and be like “Oh woah is me, my friends use me”. I refuse to think Moo went that batshit and Vamps flat out ignored her to just crawl back I’d lose my mind.

No. 662778

Same honestly.
This is the first time they've unfollowed one another and moo went on a tirade about people using her this long and hard. Something definitely happened and I think they're either just trying to save face or one of them offered a peace treaty (probably Vamps considering all the recent posts she's made about being the bigger person type of thing).
I'm interested to see if moo will keep up her sperging over how she's being used, she's been manic as hell recently and it seems highly doubtful that this is the end of it.

No. 662781

I think this was more salt at her roommate's new gf. Showing off how far she can spread her legs, trademark smug bitch face & it's the 2 of them. Tinfoil tho

No. 662788

File: 1558249823600.png (685.48 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-05-19-00-08-42…)

At Sssniperwolf's house

No. 662789


is she drunk or retarded

No. 662792

why not both?

No. 662794

I legitimately thought for a moment she was lamenting about a far better house than hers for a second.

No. 662797

File: 1558251000306.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, 7117445A-F36E-4157-9A7A-F09062…)

She’s there with Vamps as well.

No. 662802

Lol so sad..was SO close to giving vamps some credit, now mooriah will be even more insufferable.

No. 662803

Vamp's wants in on that efamous friend clout clearly. What a fucking twat. She probably thinks without the bank of Moo she'll have next to nothing. She can not live without her. Having a normal job, while making money from lewds on the side and having low key friends with no social status isn't enough for Snaggletooth.

No. 662804

Slowly becomes Sonic Kid When will you learn, when will you learn Vamps

No. 662812

She never will, she's just as bad as moo and will do anything for those saggy teeth bucks.
Remember,Vamps is the same person that when other MUCH POPULAR cosplayers tried to separate her from moo (cause she used to be a decent cosplayer before lol) she made a tweet making it seem like they were evil skanks.
Because, sure they were actually pretty, successful, and normal people. But who needs actual connections when you can just leech off a cow who's so annoying and mentally handicapped they have to pay you to stick around?

No. 662816

File: 1558267401579.png (612.69 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190519-200309.png)

Something about this picture ain't right yo

No. 662818

Maybe its the bikini bottoms disappearing into the crack?
Maybe the back fat eating the strap?
Whats the strap round her thigh supposed to even be?
Maybe her general position/shape/angle?
Pick your choice

No. 662829

All that blur and Photoshop
It barely looks human

No. 662831

Too much sage.

No. 662836

She blurred her body, but not enough to blur out the backrolls, judging by the shore line and waves she shooped her waist smaller and her butt bigger, but the front of her thigh is still bigger than her butt, and the size difference is emphasized by the "holding in a pee" pose. It's the phrase "half-assed" in visual form.

No. 662837

File: 1558279576885.png (763.67 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-19-08-17-58…)

>ordered "Ibaraki" cosplay, can't wear til Fall
>said Asian Large is US extra small so it won't fit her. She will need to "remake" it

No. 662838

Wowee those jowls are really coming out full force.

No. 662839

She looks like her face is actually melting….why would anyone post anything making them look so horrible?

No. 662840

File: 1558279861282.jpg (297.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190519-102925_Ins…)

She's trying to do these jojo poses when the only ones she could possibly ever do are polpo and all he does is sit and eat. Which I guess is what shes best at.

No. 662841

Can‘t tell if her butt is actually that bumpy or if it’s just bad photoshop like >>658419

She’s delusional to even think she’d still fit in a large. Maybe next time try your actual size, so there’s a chance it might fit to begin with.

No. 662842

Yes, an Asian large is usually scaled a bit different than our large, but if you read the fucking measurements, you'd know it wouldnt fit you. My guess is that in the time she took to order this to the point it got to her, she already gained weight. That or shes still in denial that she's as big as what she is now.

No. 662843


I feel like she's attempting to hold up her fat with that strap to make her look 'curvier'. But of course that didn't go too well

No. 662844

an Asian Large is usually a US Medium unless you're talking like Old Navy sizing. She KNOWS she's an XL at best because it's not like Nike sizes are forgiving and it's half of what she wears.

No. 662845

File: 1558281465462.jpeg (454.21 KB, 1242x2102, FCF0B4D4-6AA3-42C8-B5A9-578187…)

Even in US sizes a large is usually pretty small. Pic related as example.
Just because her saggy sweatpants that she’s wearing 24/7 are a large doesn’t mean she’d fit into a regular one.

She’s delusional. But… nothing new

No. 662849

File: 1558284429374.png (1.1 MB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-05-19-03-06-23.p…)

Obviously about moo

No. 662851


who posted this?

No. 662853


No. 662854

This is obviously ThorneChan talking about the Women in Comics panel at Lvl Up. (I think that’s that right Con)

No. 662855

File: 1558285832636.png (192.11 KB, 327x340, 24635D95-DB72-4EE9-8202-8386B8…)

I thought that was Holly Wolf?

No. 662856


this is the panel >>662854 is talking about

No. 662857

The Lvl Up they did a panel at was a few years ago, during the Kanna debacle. This pic you’re referring to was at the more recent Lvl Up.

No. 662858

That’s the one! Thank you anon, I got them confused.

No. 662864

Thanks for the clarification. The 2019 Lvl Up was pretty cringey and still on my mind. Either way, I'm sure Thornechan isn't the only one with a story like this.

No. 662868

I don’t know why she’s saying she’ll have to “remake” it. That’s the reason why she keeps Cat around.

No. 662870

Guys, read, it was Bishoujomom's answer on Instagram. Not Thornechan. Did Bishoujomom do a panel with Moo?

No. 662871

File: 1558290340121.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 14B0A1F1-1128-4FC7-8F33-A39D38…)

Then maybe the anon who posted it could include the account name next time to avoid confusing things. Goddamn…

No. 662873


Isn’t she friends with Dominique Skye as well? She really does have a knack for hanging out with shitty people in order to chase clout.

No. 662874

Yup, they’re friends with each other on IG as well.

This photo is legitimately frightening. Her back tits are swallowing everything up. How can she think this looks alright?

No. 662877

imagine photoshopping this bad, and thinking it looks good. i cant imagine how horrifying the original was.

broken lipo bodu + photoshop was a mistake

No. 662882

She looks frightened and about to piss herself wtf even is this
What is this for???

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