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File: 1544171354124.jpeg (193.12 KB, 752x856, 1543353109259.jpeg)

No. 610871

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>601671

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own threads here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
and General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it done a million times by now.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun has proven to be a sexual predator, she has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refused to take responsibility for it, tried to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and ultimately simply made fun of the accusations with Vamp.

>Her Japan trip continued with awkward instastory videos
>She made a weird flex of stabbing and throwing out limited edition figure boxes (an act widely known to ruin the re-sale value), told people that she'd "wrap the figures in some clothing" to transport them back to the states. Eventually pissed off some of her Patrons because that's their money she's throwing down the drain.
>Made a really awkward foot fetish themed Chun Li shoot in which she tried to poorly emulate a hentai doujin cover
>Got ANOTHER new cat, apparently it's previously been an outdoors cat and it keeps escaping the house
>Planning multiple Fate cosplays she's probably never going to do, got into Re:Zero because Vamp did
>Got "Pet Play" gear (her words) for a shoot, another fetish group she's trying to pander to?
>Like a good little Netflix thot, suddenly showing signs of getting into NGE after its Netflix release despite hating it and declaring it as overrated no less than a year ago
>Puts on a ~totes bisexual~ kissing act in Holly's vlog with Vamp being really awkward about it and leaning back to avoid her

No. 610874

I feel like her signing up to Pornhub should have gone in the OP

No. 610877

Isnt this technically 89 since we had two 87

No. 610906

u don't have her subreddit in the OP cos she doesn't run it, however it can be funny. About 5 different guys wrote on her chun li "Why is her asscrack missing?", "What's the deal with her ass being so.. blurry?" They couldn't understand she was wearing leggings

No. 610918

>>610891 The most irritating part about Mariah's legion of neckbeards is that they don't care if she's fake, or a transient fan. They just want to see her photoshopped body and poorly made costumes. She knows this. None of her longtime fans are gonna call her out for her previous Evangelion hatred, because they don't care. They're probably just as fake as her, when it's all said and done.

No. 610981

File: 1544206306237.gif (2.54 MB, 337x600, 2DC9B3B3-E078-473A-BA3E-9FDBB0…)

two quick instastories showing parts of new house

No. 610982

File: 1544206370563.gif (3.09 MB, 337x600, 36D0B810-34D7-4F2D-A10E-64014D…)

second one, showing around the bathroom

No. 610986

it makes my blood boil to see a place look clean, knowing she keeps her house as clean as she keeps her body. she's going to destroy that place so fast. it's going to look disgusting.

No. 610995

Agreed. Still waiting to see what comes of that.

Asides from a few nitpicks though, I feel like the OP threads lately have had decent descriptions and pics. There was a while where they were just a hot mess

No. 611003

File: 1544212561817.jpeg (869.91 KB, 1125x1975, AB64E54F-1A9A-40B7-A2B3-F96D03…)

It’s unfortunate that she’s talked about looking for a clean house with lots of neutrals and white walls, yet once she moves in the place is sure to look as much as a dump as her last house.

No. 611005

It still weirds me out such a lazy person like this gets so many opportunities to basically do nothing and binge eat all day
I'm low key hoping she's being dumb and she's spending all her cash and is living month by month or somethin. That's just me

No. 611007

I'm curious… why is she moving exactly? I don't recall her saying why.

No. 611009

she’s been looking for a place since last year, I don’t think she’s given a real reason besides she wants to. it’s not for more space, she already said she’s going to need to downsize? I’m surprised that she showed this house, got it so quickly, and is already pretty much moving in

No. 611018


Makes me wonder if the "downsizing" is intentional really or her income being lesser. Either way wont take long to trash her smaller place.

No. 611030

Didn't her old place have 3 bedrooms that were being used for nothing except to trash later? That and no one wants to room with her either so I guess downsizing makes a little sense?

No. 611033

I don’t think she downsized, I think this place is bigger
It’s 2 stories and that bathroom is huge

From what we’ve seen so far it’s definrely bigger, just a smaller entry way

No. 611035


Call me bitter and salty but I hope I’m not the only one heated this cow is able to buy a nice, new house while others who work harder and more than she ever has in her life struggle just moving out. Fucking bullshit.

No. 611039

she said it was smaller. her current place is 2 stories too.

No. 611047

Same, but just remember that as lazy as she is, she’s a sex worker. That’s just life, sex workers are able to make bank.
Just remember her asshole is on display for the world to see just by googling her REAL name and once the neckbeard bucks dry up, that’s gonna haunt her forever

No. 611049

Don't be. 1) That's exactly how she wants you to feel and 2) she can't actually afford it. Homes are long-term investments that require a stable, sustained income. Mariah's income, though it was once quite high, is neither. Patterns indicate that her income will continue to drop until she can't afford the mortgage, utilities, and upkeep, forcing her to downsize again.

People who are shit with money like Mariah tend to only look at the financial effect of houses in the short term, and will also often overestimate their budget. For whatever reason, people always forget that your budget needs to account for [redacted] in addition to whatever the buying price of the home is.

Long story short, she can't afford this house long-term. It won't be long before she downsizes again.

No. 611051

She didn’t buy it. She’s renting. Such a terrible financial choice considering how much her patreon support is slipping.

No. 611068

Im not going to fucking lie, this is nice looking. I don't know how many bedrooms and baths it is, but she could probably shoot some pretty nice sets here.

No. 611071

it doesn't really look very nice to me. the layout and stuff is extremely wonky. and it has a ton of wasted floor space, as with most american homes. like the bathroom. it's big sure, but it doesn't have much wall space for anything other than what's in it now.

No. 611075

She isn't buying. She's renting. You don't find and buy a house in a couple of weeks and besides she doesn't have enough money and has bad credit.

No. 611080

It's an apartment. In Las Vegas. Living space downstairs. Bedroom upstairs. Lot's of places just like this in the area for no more than $1500 a month or even less.

No. 611085

yeah? that doesn't mean it's nice. it just looks really standard imo.

No. 611094

It's not nice really. Just a box you live in.

No. 611102

I wasn't saying it was nice. It's a scaled down version of McMansion hell. There are thousands of these vacant in Vegas just waiting for people with no taste to move into.

No. 611104

right, but my initial comment was to >>611068 who was saying it does look nice. i already said basically that.

No. 611112

just in general, property/rent is stupid cheap in vegas - it wouldn't even be that outrageous to think she had bought a house bc you can get a house that size for like 100-200k in certain parts of town, which wouldn't be a super large deposit. she definitely didn't buy and is only renting, and >>611080 is right about the price. i've seen 5 bedroom houses like her last one rent for 1000-1500.

No. 611114

Short sales they do. Its very common to rush sell and short sales. People tend to have to be out by the end of the month and move in pretty much right away during those.

No. 611121

She's moving so she doesn't have to clean her old place.

No. 611124

That's an apartment? You're fucking with me.

No. 611126

Its not an apartment. I don't know what anon is talking about either, but thats a small two-story, stand-alone house.

No. 611129

i think they mean to say that it's a rental

No. 611130

It isn't an apartment but it's likely a house she's renting
For perspective: I've known people that work as waiters that can get a house like that in Vegas

No. 611131

In anon's defense there ARE apartments that look similar to this. A girl I knew once had one. They're about 1-2K per month and vary in size.

They're Almost town homes but not quite. Without a full house tour it's hard to say, though. So nothing worth speculating or arguing over.

No. 611132

I hope she is buying it. That way the IRS can seize it when she finally gets busted for not paying her taxes.

No. 611136

don't start this #thotaudit bullshit, you have no proof of that and she's made at least a vain attempt to prove she's doing them.

No. 611137

NTA but
It's more of a safe assumption that moo isn't filing taxes properly.

Thanks for playing though?

No. 611139

I am just confused and salty because [blogpost redacted]. But I'm poor so idk maybe fancy apartments can be like that, I guess. But I'd be more inclined to call them condos.

No. 611142

Stop tinfoiling/assuming shit. Without proof its stupid to even talk about.

No. 611144

Patreon doesnt make it easy to skirt taxes, they file a W2 or W9 for you so you…kinda have to pay taxes on Patreon income. They keep track of earnings.

No. 611149

It's stupid to say something like this too. Assuming things is a part of what we do here and if it's within the cow's nature and fairly accurate, then what's the problem?

Anons assumed that she was getting lipo, other anons refused to believe it, infighting happened, voila! The truth comes out and it was lipo all along. Tinfoiling/assumptions is always going to happen. You can't stop that.

No. 611150

shut up

condos are cheap in vegas too, a 1bdr is like 5-600$/mo

No. 611152

condos and apartments in US are different things and have different agreements. condos have mortgages like a house but fees like an apartment. apartments are just paying rent forever. but you can rent out condos as an apartment.

also i had a 2 story apartment before, they are bit pricier, but i don't think this is an apartment because it looks like the door leads directly outside. it's probably a cheap house.

No. 611160

I'm pretty sure it's a 1099 (that way they don't classify you as an employee, just an independent contractor). They send you a paper with your earnings at the beginning of the year and you pay taxes based on that.

I'm going to side with those thinking she's not paying taxes… you end up paying almost 1/3 income on 1099's. There's no way she wouldn't be complaining about how much that would end up being. Even only making $1000/month she'd owe over 3k for taxes. Probably much more.

No. 611168

I don’t know why this is even an argument?? If she was buying a house she’d be bragging about it WAY MORE. It also wouldn’t have happened this fast. When she said fingers crossed she means her rental application.

No. 611169

File: 1544238785025.png (912.67 KB, 1272x678, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 7.10…)

She's definitely renting and probably paying around $2k amonth depending on the size of the house. it's easy to look up property prices in vegas and renting there is extremely cheap. Pic related, a 5 bedroom 3 bath house for $2,500. It's not a townhouse or condo moo has, it's definitely a house.

No. 611170

If she bought it she’d be flaunting like crazy the same way she was when she pretended to pay for her moms car when she actually just helped with the down payment.

No. 611178

Exactly. She would throw out words like realtor, big down payment and show paperwork. She would have shown off house hunting for sure.

She’s renting. And it’s not super nice but it’s not a total dive. Seems nicer than her other place. Some anons here sound salty.

No. 611179


Such a big house for someone who lives alone with no boyfriend, two cats? and a friend who probably secretly hates her. Sigh what a waste

No. 611180

i don't think anons are salty for saying it's objectively meh. not all of us are poorfags.

No. 611182

>she has bad credit
I don't doubt it but source anyway?

No. 611183

Uh, it's moo?

No. 611184

a many threads ago she was going on and on about how she was fixing her credit score and how eventually she got it to go up to whatever number I don’t remember. so it wasn’t good, and now it’s a couple hundred points better

No. 611185

This. Patreon sends a report to the IRS of what they paid you but they don't do withholding. They just send you an I9 form and it's up to you to file and pay. If moo was really making 120K a year she would owe around 30K at least. Not just file a tax return. Write a check for 30k. Not gonna happen people. I don't understand why so many anons get triggered by this tax thing unless you are moo lurking or a calf.

No. 611188

Sure it is. And she’s also a double major senior at UNLV and speaks fluent Japanese. You don’t get to pick and choose with moo. Just face the fact that it’s all bullshit.

No. 611190

are you the same anon? no one's triggered but you. it's completely baseless as of right now and there's no use tinfoiling this hard.

No. 611203

Can you PROVE she hasn't paid taxes? If not, shut up about it. This whole IRS thot thing is fucking stupid and unless you have milk to go with it, stop bringing it up.

No. 611213

what you mean like two threads ago where OP was wrong about moo wk'ing sssniperwolf and then naming the whole thread after it?

imaginary sage for somewhat OT

No. 611228

You're probably right. I mean it's not as if she has lied about virtually every detail, no matter how small, of her entire life. kek

No. 611230

It's not an argument, I think as >>611152 picked up on, non Americans are just confused. Well, I'm not arguing, anyway.

Also even if she said she bought it, I wouldn't trust her. She lies about everything.

As a poorfag, I guess it's nice, but I fear the idea of cleaning it. But she's not going to, so that's a non-issue ha.

Space is nice, but if it's just wasted… what's the point?

Looking forward to it filling up with garbage like her new "bedroom" and every other room in the damn house tho.

No. 611269

Truly, she has no need for a house this big. I know she talked about Tattoo-kun moving in with her for a while but it looks like it's just going to be her and her cats.
Honestly though, she has barely any actual belongings - she had trouble furnishing her last place, even when Vamp was living with her. Whenever they streamed the background was just empty rooms and broken down boxes. It took Mariah what, over a year to furnish the guest bedroom? And that's only because she needed a nice set to attempt camming in.
It makes me really think she's just doing it to seem more important/well-off than she really is, or simply because she still has the spoiled mindset that bigger is objectively better and must equal success.
She doesn't craft, she doesn't stream, and she keeps her costumes all over the floor anyway. She's used the same shitty Japanese screen backdrop for every other shoot so it's not like she needs a studio space. I'm not trying to sound jealous, it's genuinely ridiculous that she's convinced herself she needs this, and I can't wait to see this place trashed in three months by her and her animals.

No. 611292

why are people still going on about this. Get this through your head: space is not the premium everywhere. In a desert wasteland like the edge of Las Vegas, there's no space constraint. A bigger house just contains more air. There and in many cities, a tiny flat near the city costs way more than an airport style house in the newer suburbs. These newer suburbs are called 'new slums' because they're made to trash people's taste where there's no garden and they build the hollow house to fill the whole block. Working class people stay inside with A/c and five tvs. There's no shops or amenities around.

No. 611303

thank you. Whenever Momo wants to have fun she has to drive a bit to just stuff her face, she doesn't live on the strip. Or she was to go to another state. She is never at home

No. 611329

Moo will probably get bigger at this point. Having a huge house in the middle of nowhere will nothing to do? She'll get bored. Since she just joined pornhub and will stream there, who knows though

No. 611437

while you're right that space isn't at a premium, don't act like she's at the ass of the world or anything - you can drive totally across the city in like 45 min. summerlin, where she was last and probably still is, is full of expensive chain restaurants catering to middle class whites, she's not squatting on a rancho in searchlight or something. she's also on the side of town for chinatown, which is why she's at kbbq etc all the dang time. unless she really moved out crazy far, she's no more than 5 mins from stuffing her face.

No. 611468

It's time to stop arguing about space.

No. 611470

Still nothing on her Pornhub except that header photo with her dry, crusty lips.

I'm calling it that she posts a video of her new space as a "shoot location."

No. 611532


I’m betting she won’t actually do anything on there. It was just another ploy to get attention and sucker her neckbeards into thinking she might finally go nude. She knows she can’t pull any of that “I don’t do nudes so don’t disrespect me by asking” shit she did on Camversity and get away with it so she chickened out once she saw that she had to actually deliver the goods

No. 611646

File: 1544329220965.jpg (103.92 KB, 1080x1920, 1927856103404636029.jpg)

unless she thinks that her current "work" falls under the category of "art and photos"… lewds not nudes my dudes

No. 611650

Has she announced any plans for Christmas sets on Patreon? Other than buying a $500 fake fireplace and trinkets I don't see her planning for anything. I know it'll just be a random wig and bikini again in various pooping poses so it doesn't take much preparation, but she only just reposted her Xmas Pochaco and nothing else? And to top it off she's moving into a new place. 10 bucks it's another selfie set.

No. 611655

She said she was gonna do Mei and I forget what else.

No. 611675

Velma too. So she can use the same wig

No. 611679

File: 1544333675343.jpeg (546.92 KB, 750x1038, C81B2F14-F18F-4A26-B0ED-0F4627…)

No. 611680

File: 1544333772728.jpeg (495.54 KB, 750x1040, 1EFB1F9A-D0D4-4717-8342-200570…)

No. 611682

just make a pile, sweetie. it's where it's all going to end up.

No. 611683

File: 1544334479982.jpeg (692.79 KB, 750x1093, 220C5F09-6CEA-4669-9D2D-01B439…)

Shooting slaves incoming just in time for those last minute December sets

No. 611685

The first half drunken water bottle of many strewn about

No. 611686

>some insane patreon stuff

I don't think anyone's falling for that anymore, Mariah. We all know it'll be the same rehashed photoshoots with the same poses.

No. 611690

Can't even make eye contact with her.. shitty editing too, their hands look like a different skin color

No. 611696

Once again proof that Moo has absolutely no fucking clue how to actually care for her skin. Can't wait to see this place turn into an utter pigsty before her shoot in there.(nitpick)

No. 611708

>obvious couple's bathroom
poor moo.

No. 611709

All those skincare products…

and her skin still looks like shit. Amazing.

No. 611710

It's because more than half of it, I won't say which ones, actually make your skin worse

It's what she gets for just buying everything off the shelves and not doing research

No. 611711

it's just what happens when you buy drugstore brands. this is why so many thots have shit skin. pricy makeup cheap skincare. it's the opposite of what you should do.(derail)

No. 611718

these aren't drugstore brands, these are from spehora. i recognize most of the brands there and she got them just because they're crazy expensive, but it's just a mishmash of products lol(derail)

No. 611719

anon, she has a lot of biore and clean and clear.

No. 611720

>>611719 this.

You can clearly see the clean and clear morning burst and clean and clear foaming cleanser in the picture. Some of them may be sephora skincare products, but the bulk of them are drugstore and some lush crap.

No. 611726

Lol maybe shevthought she’d win over tattoo sensei and was looking at this place in advance

No. 611727

It doesn't matter what brand because she cakes them all on at once for a week then stops cold turkey because it melts her face off.
She wants her skin care to be glamorous looking and shit when real skin care is a medicinal, boring bottle that has not so great smelling cream in it.

No. 611736

What happened to buying La Mer? Can't flex anymore? Expensive brand or not nothing will work on her face anyway because she's a lazy cunt that expects immediate results and can't be arsed to be persevere.

No. 611755


More so she can recycle pic sets, which amazes me she still have a large amount of patreons that isn't catching onto that..or just don't care. If I want to see the same recycled videos/photos I'll go to "MY EX GF" websites.

No. 611770

Didn't she buy a lot of Tatcha stuff, too? Don't see that there, either.

No. 611802

I’d say she would benefit from reading r/skincareaddiction but like. That involves actual research.

No. 611804

>clean and clear

enjoy ruining your skin even more moo~.(nitpick)

No. 611807

most of them are probably at the $10 tier and just forgot.

No. 611825

There's no beauty gurus on skincareaddiction to tell her what to buy. I swear she's the blindest consumer I've ever seen

No. 611834

Why would she ever need advice about this or anything else? She's an expert on any subject you can name.

No. 611850

She actually minored in dermatology during her time in pharmacy school my dudes, it was a bop.

No. 611855

While at the same time taking Skype classes to become a certified facial esthetician.

No. 611858

I wish I could sage for this but Jeeze I hope this cow starts producing milk soon. I’m tired of people speeding over skin products and housing.

She has been awfully quiet though. I wonder if she actually learned anything and is taking a break from social media.

No. 611859

She's been quiet since Japan which Ive been surprised af about that. It's like she's become sentient but also because she's only got instagram and doesn't go to cons because she's been kicked out of the community she pretty much has nobody to spill the milk except herself or her cows and they won't

No. 611861

All that and she really isn't doing anything now. Reposting old sets is about it. Her social media presence is also not nearly what it used to be so when she's not interacting with people online the volume of lies is way down. Her pathological lies were a huge source of milk.

No. 611879

Be patient. Every time it looks like she's going to dry up, she shits the bed all over again because she can't help but lie or be a bully or sink to new lows.

I do think that cuck-sensei has been trying to rein her in, we can mostly thank him for the lack of real milk from Japan other than her usual autism, but it is only a matter of time.

No. 611933

We still have her going to Pornhub while using her real name. It's only going to be a matter of time where she flips up once senseis out of the picture. We just need to be paitient.

No. 611963

Has she announced any conventions lately?

No. 611965

She's planning on Katsucon. I forgot how long it's actually been since she's been to a con in cosplay.
I'm sure she thinks the hatred against her has died down, and I'm sure it has mildly, but I feel like not many people would want to publicly be around her.
And tbh I'm sure out of everyone who recognizes her, someone's sure to at least say something (not necessarily to her, but people shout shit at cons all the time.) She's hated in too many communities now.

Not to mention last Katsu was when she got called out for kicking CBCs cosplay. I'd be amazed if she's out on the floor at all tbh, she's chickenshit.

No. 611968

File: 1544424257437.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 9AB72EAA-271C-4656-8FEC-529F60…)

No. 611971

File: 1544424568034.jpeg (138.85 KB, 750x261, DFEA9E7A-5406-47E3-85B5-F9AFE3…)

I believe she’s going to this one with miso

No. 611976

This dumb bitch. ALA is going to have more people who openly loathe her than nearly any other con. This is absolutely Moo thinking she's in the clear with the community and can waddle back in. It is little wonder why she's considering skipping it, she has more places to hide at Katsu than ALA.

No. 611983

It is really awkward to have Chris Hansen from an episode of To Catch a Predator as the background image of this post. She totally knows what awaits her if she decides to go to ALA. But lol, going to Katsu as if the cosplay community there won’t know a lick about her.

No. 612052

Katsu is a huge con now and there's no way her name getting dragged through the mud that she'll be able to go there without drama or confrontation.

No. 612076

I'm so ready for it tbh. I really hope someone calls her out in public.

No. 612112

Hoping the backlash will make her run to her new pornhub account for ass pats and extra hypocrisy points. My popcorn is ready.

No. 612180

I don't know the time stamps of these but is she going to ALA? Because there will be alot of milk there
Almost everyone who hates her will be there

No. 612181

Plus with their new rules she can't ghost it. You have to have a badge to be anywhere now in an attempt to curb the overflow. The fuck is she gonna even bring anything recent has just been barely dressed. Darkstalkers? I can't wait for the lulzy pics people will snap of that if she does.

No. 612196

File: 1544476650033.jpg (629.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181210-151657_Ins…)

Bitching about youtubers that used to hate pewds, now supporting him. Saying they're spineless and choke on his balls. Saltyyy

No. 612205

wow it's almost as if people can't grow and mature and learn to move past their differences like adults do. guess that's just a foreign concept to moo

No. 612209


Exactly. This is her thinking that she is finally in the clear and can comfortably show her face in public without having to worry about someone catching her on camera. Newsflash Moo, you’ll never be in the clear. You’ll always having to be watching over your shoulder hoping that no one recognizes you. Hoping that word doesn’t get out that you decided to show your ugly mug at an event that clearly no one wants you there. But please, continue trying go on as if all is forgiven.


And even more evidence that she is an immature dipshit who needs to learn to keep her fat mouth shut when it comes to online drama. You would have thought she would have learned at this point but nope, she still always has to weigh in thinking anyone gives a flying fuck about her opinions. And she always manages to say something completely stupid and somehow makes herself look even worse than before.

No. 612236

Wow I love when trash defends trash!

No. 612334


Its just another page in her massive book of hypocrisy. Shes always mooing about how shes changed and people change and "wah stop hating her because shes always changing and growing" yet a youtuber cant change their minds about people?

Its just another small thing that proves she never learns and wont change for the better.

No. 612342

seriously. how can moo even expect people to change their opinions on her, she literally disagrees with other peoples' choices to do that.

No. 612343

she's just salty because she sees someone else get forgiven and no one wants to forgive her dumb ass.

No. 612370

Why does she always act like she's relevant to these people lol. Like she was always trying to involve herself with iDubbz drama or H3 and it's like
I promise Moo none of them know who you are and if they saw you they wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole

No. 612387

not to get ot but miss me with that pewdiepie hate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 612394

File: 1544512061653.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181211-010710_Ins…)

Code words for "I'm lazy and I'm not going to do anything for my neckbeards on time."

No. 612397

she probably didn't read the page on their site that says certain items (SKUs) have 1 week+ processing time.

>we will ship your item out in about 1-2 working Days (sku below edw1000),4- 7 working days (sku above edw1000),18- 25 working days (sku above edw2000) after payment received.

No. 612398

I just came here to post this. Basically all the wigs in their cosplay section take the 18-25 working days for processing before they ship. Again, moo drags another company through the mud because she's too lazy to read.

No. 612402

File: 1544514958944.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2688, CA6C4723-7258-43A6-92F3-9E226A…)

More proof her income is slipping - gonna try to sell her selfies on another shitty platform because no one trusts her patreon anymore

No. 612423

One of her favorite cons? didn't she talk mad shit on katsu, saying that east coast cons were stuck up and that she had a miserable time out there?

No. 612438


Not only that..but most people sub for onlyfans for ACTUAL nudes and such. Yes some "tame" stuff exists, but moo can't get away with that.

No. 612461

File: 1544534880022.png (258.76 KB, 1080x1435, IMG_20181211_142644.png)

Another one? And no mention of the new black cat on the page?

No. 612469

My eyes can't roll back any further. When she bought Guzma she was called out for buying from a backyard breeder and she clapped back so hard claiming it's all legit. Bitch was probably trying to adopt a month-old kitten again but got schooled by the breeder, and she can't bitch out about her because she's trying to mooch the ragdoll, so she has to act nice and innocent.

She's already so tired of it that she can't even spell his name right. Bets on when will the new ragdoll become a complete pest like Guzma?

The black cat Bern probably ran away which is why she didn't post a pic, hoping people would forget.

No. 612474

It sounds like another scam to make her neckbeards think they're getting more.

No. 612481


Exactly. The only people who really use Onlyfans are people who post actual porn like porn actors. Just like signing up for Pornhub this is her yet again desperate to trick her neckbeards into thinking she is finally going to do nudes since her patreon scam is running thin now. I hope this dumb bitch really does sing up on porn sites and tries to do her “I don’t do nude stuff so don’t disrespect me by asking for it” bullshit so she can get btfo’d. I don’t know why her dumb ass thinks she can get away with doing it. I get that she is scared to death of doing porn and not wanting to be seen as the trashy no talent whore that her parents would be ashamed of that she would constantly call other girls for doing the same. But she really thinks she can sanitize an entire industry just so she can feel comfortable actually telling people what she does since she can’t lie about being a cosplayer anymore.

No. 612483

You mean she'll actually be forced to buy a badge for a convention this time?

No. 612490

File: 1544545097443.png (46.56 KB, 517x157, local breeder.PNG)


remember when she said she purposely got Guzma so early so she can create a "bond"?
remember when she took a 6 week old unvaccinated kitten out on a shopping trip with her? so she could socialize it to take it to cons?
remember when she was going to fraudulently register him as a service animal so she could take him to cons?
remember when she bathed the 6 week old kitten on a semi-daily basis because it stank? like kittens do?
remember when she sent a 6 week old kitten who is too young to have all its shots to a pet hotel because going to conventions was more important?

she shouldn't be anywhere near animals, especially vulnerable baby animals.

No. 612493

Remember when she also didn't listen to advice from people saying to keep him isolated from the other cats in the beginning? And because she didn't listen, her elderly cat got hurt pretty bad and stressed out?

She really should not be allowed to have animals. She neglects them all as it is.

No. 612520

File: 1544549153446.png (31.58 KB, 896x432, momocunt.png)

Couldn't find this posted yet so putting up her pornhub post + comments for archival.

No. 612522


No. 612525


We all know what a crock of shit this is. “uncensored” takes on completely different meaning with her and it usually means still clothed but still too trashy looking and too close to porn for instagram’s standards. But of course her little army are all going to get worked up thinking she is finally going to show tits.

No. 612549

Mariah you should start a go fund me for people who specifically DONT want to see you naked. I’m sure you’ll find it profitable.

No. 612561

She should have people pay her to stay away, she'd make serious bank. "$400 and I stay out of your convention for a day, and don't fuck it up with my unwashed, unwanted self"

No. 612565

File: 1544556663275.jpg (44.79 KB, 500x375, AwnCJ5MCAAAhvks.jpg)

It'd be mad cash for her tbh

No. 612566

>4 days ago

Hows the pornstar life going for you, Moo?

No. 612570

That would mean her admitting she's disliked though, which she refuses to do.

No. 612578


She’s not really doing anything to build up any kind of following though. She hasn’t promoted this at all or even posted any reader images to entice people. So far it’s been complete radio silence from her, almost like she doesn’t want anyone to know and is just hoping fans of hers will just so happen to stumble upon it. Obvious signs that she is ashamed that her “career” has come to this and is hoping she doesn’t get roasted too hard once this story picks up legs on the internet.

No. 612586

File: 1544563900244.jpg (365.77 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20181211-153117_Ins…)

No. 612590

You do it all the time Mariah, shut the hell up.

No. 612591

The sweet sweet irony of this Netflix anime cosplayer

No. 612593


What a hypocritical cunt. Sure Moo, pretend like you didn’t absolutely benefit from that same mob mentality when you doxxed people or sent your followers after someone you didn’t like.

Fuck off.

No. 612595

should begin adding the pornhub link to op aswell

No. 612596

has she actually linked this account anywhere?

No. 612597

First of all dips shit you aren't "adopting" anything. You are buying a cat from a breeder. Secondly you just can never stop slipping in another little lie can you? Now you claim you had to bottle feed your other kitten with "kitten milk"??? You can never stop with the lies can you? They just pour out of you like rain.

No. 612599

She says whatever she can to make herself feel or look important or like “caring and nurturing uwu”. My guess is she sees how popular that instagramer thekittenlady is and wants to gain those kind of people who like kittens and kitten caregivers

No. 612601

(Apologies. Her name isn’t thekittenkady and I can’t locate her handle rn but is just this lady who fosters kittens and documents it )

No. 612603

I seriously suspect that the black cat ran away in the end and that's why she's "getting" another one. Fucking Hell.

No. 612611


She does this shit with literally everything she does. Every time she does something she has to act like she is a patron fucking saint providing to those less fortunate than her. It’s so fucking obnoxious and self-serving. Like with Camversity she tried to bill it as “I’m doing this for all the non-lewd models of the world because camgirl websites have have such a bad reputation and I want to help change that!” Or how she constantly throws in other cosplayers face how much she helped them out by paying for something for them or allowing them to do a shoot with her.

She knows her reputation is complete dogshit and consequently always has her motives questioned for why she does anything so she immediately always tries to preface it with “IM SUCH A GOOD PERSON FOR DOING THIS!!! SURELY YOU GUYS CANT HATE ON ME FOR DOING THIS!!!! SHOWER ME WITH COMPLIMENTS AND ASSPATS PLZ!!!!!”.

No. 612632


Nah, the cat's still there. Vamp posted an instastory with Bern earlier today.

No. 612635

It's just stupid of her that she's annoyed that certain YouTubers who hated Felix now don't when he asks them for help which is what Collette did. She hated Mariah then when she asked her for help with making cosplays that changed.

No. 612663

She'd be earning money doing the thing she loves most: absolutely nothing.

The novelty probably wore off for Moo already, Bern is only used to show that she's a ~true Umineko fan~

And speaking of being a Umineko fan, she's not really excited about a certain announcement.

No. 612673

File: 1544578651718.jpg (823.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181211-193740_Ins…)

No. 612675

Looks necrotic! So much for the foot worshipping content.

No. 612676

her nails are painted …. who had to paint that rotting toe??

No. 612692

Has enough money to buy Gucci but not go to the urgent care?

No. 612693

yeah being obese can really slow healing

No. 612694

exactly. She's already bored of the black cat because it isn't affectionate or a kitten. I had a feeling once Guzma was an adult she would get more cats because she's the type of owner to neglects pets once they are out of the baby phase.

No. 612699


You do not know what "necrotic" means.

That's just dried blood from a busted blood vessel. Can't be more than a few days old - the nail growing out over the last two months would've dragged dried blood along with it and by this point it would have faded completely.

She lies about the dumbest shit.

No. 612714

It happened to me once from wearing horribly stiff new boots and it took way longer than two months for it to grow out from the cuticle (unless you got weird superfast growing speed). But anyway, it's gross and who cares Mariah.
>help meeee
There's nothing to "heal" there anymore and it's definitely not painful either. She can just paint over it.

No. 612716

maybe she's trying to appeal to foot fetish fans after her failed chun li doujin cover cosplay

No. 612718

Yeah. That's a fresh one. She probably took off her bra and one of her boobs fell on it.

No. 612729

it's just dried blood stuck to the bottom of the nail. it'll grow out later. but ffs get the fucking entire thing painted if that kind of thing is there.

No. 612740

File: 1544587477411.gif (3.7 MB, 270x480, 1EE54CAC-CCB2-44B4-B2D7-95E97C…)

No. 612744

moo's landlord could kick her out for this shit.

No. 612747

…..that's a reach

No. 612748

No. 612749

Just got the place and already putting her nasty feet all over the doors.

I doubt she got her security deposit back on the last place she rented since she left the carpet and the walls so nasty.

No. 612750

I'm waiting for her fat ass to collapse the door lul.

No. 612752

File: 1544589086056.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 939D7AED-F2C5-40A2-97CA-C3FC62…)

I don’t know if her mom has been there the whole time but this is the face she makes as her talented daughter zooms in on her face while screaming

No. 612753

File: 1544589360829.gif (2.9 MB, 270x480, FF567202-396D-4A39-A324-148DF1…)

rolling around lip synching

No. 612758

My God .. she's massive. Seeing her in motion really something else.

No. 612762


That is the face of an exhausted mother who has had to put up with this shit all her life. You can literally see the pain in her face lol

No. 612765

File: 1544590658251.gif (1.42 MB, 486x600, D33482FD-03E7-41D1-BC20-EA19FC…)

No. 612766


Jesus Christ she looks like a fucking beached whale.

No. 612767

moved in and has already started trashing it

No. 612768

moved in and has already started trashing it

No. 612775

I'm beginning to think those cats inhaling toxic glues and fumes is not by accident. This may be tinfoiling here but think about it. If I was a cat and I had to see that thing prancing around the house naked or having even more gross habits behind closed doors when no one's around, I'd huff glue just to take the edge off too lol

One of these days she's going to wake up to find that one of her cats hung themselves with their own cat toy holding a sign up that says "You did this".

No. 612778

I hope we find out soon what drugs she's abusing to be manic and screaming like this all day every day

No. 612780

Not so much drugs as it is being very immature and a total attention whore. And being a dumbass doesn’t help either.

No. 612781

Also like most narc types - she thinks she's the most interesting piece of shit around. Which is of course the total opposite because the only way she's interesting is seeing how she's going to be an utter and total train wreck next. She has no personality beyond a bullying, unpleasant cunt except for what she pretends to be interested in. She's got no ambitions except to skinwalk another vapid, fake bitch who wants nothing to do with her now. If it weren't for the milk, we wouldn't have been here this long posting about her, she'd have gone to the cos-thot thread in /snow and just been the occasional running joke. Seriously, Mariah. You're nothing. You would be pitiable if you didn't bring it all on yourself.

No. 612784

You mean flat ass. She’s just air humping like a dog.

No. 612786

It's gifs like this that make me sideeye everyone who thinks she's either not abusing her meds or not on something.

No one acts like this unless they're either drunk, high, or otherwise mentally messed up.

No. 612787

Pretty sure at least 2 out of 3 in her case

No. 612794

How are her feet so dirty? Is her new home really already that filthy or does she not wear shoes outside or something?

No. 612806

She seldom bathes.

No. 612809

Like >>612806 said, she's a slob that seldom showers, and I'm sure she didn't bother to clean or hire someone to do so before she moved in, hence why her mom is there doing all the hard work.

No. 612829


Thanks anon I choked on my coffee. I bet the cats have encounter groups when shes out of town.

No. 612846

does this bitch even know the reason of the word "adoption"

No. 612871

and even when she does bathe she probably can't be bothered to wash the bottoms of her feet… she probably is still able to do it but i don't imagine it's as easy as it used to be bending that trunk of a body and hammy legs kek

No. 612881

Anyone got her PO box we can send her a dang foot scrubber for Christmas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 612902

They also need to send her:
- Another fake butt for her flat ass
- Makeup for Dummies
- "How To Do Your Taxes: A Step-By-Step Because You're An Idiot" book
- Dildo because she can't land a man
- Soap (because God knows she needs it)

No. 612904

We can call it the "So This Is What Your Life Has Become Now" care package.

No. 612915

oh man…oohhh man she's absolutely struggling to twerk or to at least jiggle whatever semblance of an ass that she has. nothing is moving but her backrolls and thigh fat… god this is so beautiful i love it

No. 613010

File: 1544641747493.gif (610.21 KB, 480x228, 099.gif)


No. 613047

This is just sad. I’m sorry to tell you Moo but no matter how much weight you gain you cannot escape the fact you have genetic flat white girl ass. And don’t give me that “poc” crock. Bitch you’re white.

No. 613056

Reminds me when she was parading around as a white Italian girl wearing Christian crosses
may have times have changed

No. 613101

She really is just a generic white fork just latching into anything she thinks will bring her attention. That’s why she comes off as such a fake fan. Because she is. She just adds different flavors to her plain mayonnaise of a personality.(racebait)

No. 613175

Don’t know if anyone has noticed yet but she’s switched off the “limited commenting” feature on IG. Anyone is able to post now.

No. 613187

File: 1544654525986.jpg (51.73 KB, 640x729, es2EOkJ.jpg)

So its all come full circle.

No. 613198


Wonder what made her change her mind

No. 613215


jesus christ not this again

No. 613217


anon, i want you to take a look at the description of this post. at the very least i want you to do a ctrl+f for "kik for fat" so you can find the part of the op that says "YES, WE KNOW ABOUT THE KIK FOR FAT AD"

No. 613218

File: 1544657541655.jpeg (671.53 KB, 1536x2048, E157FEF4-100F-4417-AABF-942786…)

is this momo

No. 613219

They said 'So its all come full circle' so I'm pretty sure they already know that. It was an ad on Pornhub and now she's going there for real.

No. 613220

I think what >>613187 meant was the irony of someone having made that Kik for Fat logo with her image on it only to have it displayed on Pornhub.

Now she IS on Pornhub.

No. 613224

Remember when her body was human and not a Donkey Kong mess

No. 613229


late but it's unreal she has ruined guzma so badly. ragdolls are a notoriously docile breed; a friend who got hers from a (legit) breeder had to sign a waver saying he wouldn't go outside because he doesn't have any instincts to defend himself from predators/etc. she's FUCKED that cat up for him to be so aggressive.

No. 613233

And she's about to ruin another ragdoll. Moo is incapable of seeing cats as beings with needs, she should not be raising any animals.

No. 613234

you can anonymously report someone to animal control right?

No. 613236


Wonder what made her change her mind

No. 613238

probably not getting enough comments (attention)

No. 613240

Based on what? That she annoys her pets and one of them is kinda aggressive for its breed but not causing any maulings??

Mariah is a shit pet owner and is irresponsible. Her cats are sometimes stressed because of her actions. But, the cats she owns are fed and kept warm and aren’t being beaten until they’re black and blue. Unless that is happening animal control or the law won’t care, because the cats aren’t being killed or treated inhumanely. As shitty as she is to them, they aren’t being treated cruely in the grand scheme of things. It just sucks for them.

Honestly some of you guys need to go outside, you look ridiculous when you make suggestions like this.

No. 613249

anon, I didn't mean do it, I just meant that's an option if you think someone has far too many animals that they can care for.

No. 613252

>some of you need to you outside
>you look ridiculous
>writes an entire paragraph based on their assumption

you're right about people needing to go outside…

No. 613253

Maybe testing the waters before Katsucon

No. 613254

If you play rough with them and you are always grabbing and restraining them so they can "love" you from the time they are kittens this is how they turn out.

No. 613257

File: 1544664724233.jpeg (561.16 KB, 750x1077, 8849AB95-14CA-43DE-93C2-71952C…)


No. 613258

File: 1544664836534.gif (804.8 KB, 337x600, 2D45EBDE-D1D8-4731-B670-266A70…)

No. 613259

File: 1544664986444.gif (3.9 MB, 270x480, 4CE08D30-A7CE-4865-B92B-E2D28A…)

No. 613267

So she's gone the full thot route , hadn't she? After her freaking out about her ig being banned for a but, I'm surprised she's posting this.

No. 613270


Fucking called this shit. Of course “uncensored” means pasties to her. I hope she posts this shit on Pornhub and gets her fat ass roasted to hell.

No. 613271

File: 1544665548708.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 9CDB6141-1AE7-4ABD-A1D9-18AC8C…)

No. 613275

Do we still have any patron anons?

No. 613278

Didn‘t this lady of the night complain about her nudes being posted on 4chan?

No. 613279

the new place is already a trash pile I see.

No. 613281

Tights-kun are back to hide her nasty thighs and ass.

No. 613283


Not like she is going to be doing nudes anyways. Get ready for pasties and handbras and bitching about how “I don’t do nude content so don’t disrespect me by asking me for it”.

No. 613285

File: 1544667060846.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3345x2509, E6189B51-5CA9-4B47-B1EE-B9B85A…)

another one, said in the caption she was inspired by a calf who we haven’t heard from in awhile (megamarines gf)

side by side because why not

No. 613299

lol what a depressing lack of jiggle. she's shaking her whole body and those saggy pancakes are barely moving at all.
it's only going to get worse the bigger she gets. she's going to rely on more and more shapewear to give her some semblance of a figure once she finally edges over 300 pounds.

No. 613301

Is full tits out even allowed on Patreon? I get that there are pasties, but still.

No. 613302

>what a depressing lack of jiggle.
Anon, don't be a fucking retard. You understand nothing of important flood barrier manufacturing. Those have been built to last. It's only a shame she's keeping those reserved to a desert wasteland when there's dams being made with far inferior products.

No. 613316

The stuff most of these cosplayers and lewd models do technically isn’t allowed on Patreon, but they don’t obey their own TOS since they make so much money off of those girls

Hell there are even hentai games getting funded on Patreon

No. 613318

Those are some sad tits.

No. 613323

Yeah. On pornhub. kek

No. 613324

File: 1544672944234.jpeg (417.27 KB, 750x1013, F28D5EB4-6A2B-4582-91EC-6128B6…)

turtle face is back

No. 613333

Nudity is allowed on patreon as long as it isn’t public.

No. 613336

terrible shoop and crappy higlights. She's got a fucking dorito chin here it looks awful. Why would she post this? LOL

No. 613338

Not defending her at all, but saggy tits are the best tits(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 613340

That editing made it look like her jaw collapsed in itself. Face it Moo, no amount of Photoshop can save you now. You’re too far gone.

No. 613350

This is reminding me of the mom from Matilda. not a good look.

No. 613351

her arms and shoulders just look… uncomfortable at this point? if that makes sense. even with her trying to disguise it here you can see how wide she is.

No. 613376

Pretty spot on, anon! Just a grossly fat version of her.

No. 613380

File: 1544680618651.jpeg (353.9 KB, 1194x1916, DE5A5D44-67E8-4982-A734-D87CEC…)

“IRL pochaco”

No. 613382

File: 1544680837855.jpg (241.83 KB, 1077x1019, Screenshot_20181212-235941_Ins…)

"She should work on being her best and her soul etc." Says the eldritch beast herself.

No. 613384


Not allowed, but the thots bring in a ton of money so Patreon looks the other way until they get enough reports.

No. 613385

She's more of a Solamith if you ask me.

No. 613386

So is she just not cosplaying anymore? She's just going to do shitty selfies? She doesn't need a 35 dollar level for that

No. 613388

did she really just put a wig on the outfit she was jiggling her titts to and called it a Pochacoo cosplay?

No. 613389

File: 1544683486776.jpg (485.76 KB, 1120x900, To moo.jpg)

No. 613390

what the fuck did she do to herself in meitu? she looks like michael jackson lmao. and that cupid's bow highlight looks like a milk moustache

No. 613396

Stop looking at yourself dumbass. Your narcissism is showing.

No. 613397


I'm thinking she got a new place because she couldn't fit in her old tub.

No. 613398

Damn girl. You are large. More like pochachubby.

No. 613399


isnt stuff like this not allowed on insta? suprised no one has reported her and she isnt banned AGAIN

No. 613406

give it time. She's soliciting porn at this point and insta has a zero tolerance on that. She can't claim it's art in any form anymore

No. 613408

ily anon.

No. 613411

Looks like the stories of her flopping her tits around were either removed by her or taken down by IG.

No. 613414

Might be a reach but is she posting her tits out because tenleid got implants recently and has been posting their process? Mooriah tends to latch onto random shit that other costhots do, especially if she has beef with them

No. 613418

Finally a cosplay in which that fugly bright pink eyeshadow would have looked ok since she's going for 80s look and she uses brown or something instead.

No. 613423

File: 1544692349914.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2034, E56A6F76-C09B-4233-AA7C-2545AC…)

No. 613424

File: 1544692426748.jpg (54.04 KB, 599x771, 12509230_471766483030802_68223…)

I dare the cow to do the chicken version. It's official unlike this 80's inspired bs

No. 613426

File: 1544693606755.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2138, 7F6D9556-CDE5-4025-BD63-F32EE8…)

What a lying cunt lmao. They’re all going to be pissed and leave when they realize it’s not nude.

She’s wearing tights again. How disgusting have her thighs become if she can’t even edit them anymore?

No. 613427

I’m wondering if she actually got chin lipo

No. 613428

She edited out her massive eyebags

No. 613429

why does the post say it's taken in Tokyo?

No. 613430

>Tokyo, Japan

Samefag but I completely missed this. I guess she’s trying to pretend she actually had this done early and shot it in Japan

No. 613431


> Tokyo, Japan

> her plain ass living room

No. 613436

Why does she do this dead fish stare? So unattractive

No. 613452



How is she so bad at being a thot on the most basic level

No. 613461

File: 1544702114770.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1785, 84634498-D5C3-47F3-BF27-8B62B6…)


Don’t correct someone’s spelling when you made the same mistake you uncultured cow

No. 613463

Plus, instagram has never allowed coochie shots on their platform.
She's just parroting what people have been saying lately with the Tumblr change and shit.

No. 613464


Oh so she's calling herself a sex worker now?

No. 613466

Maybe it's not her disgusting thighs she's trying to hide with the tights, it's her feet. We all know she panders to fetishes now. What if she's waiting for the patreon bux to go dry before she "reveals" them and cashes in

No. 613470

The couches are so tacky. Like you couldn’t take this anywhere else in your new house? Minimal effort. No original idea. Random (80s in December when everyone is doing xmas shoots?). I don’t understand her.

No. 613474

Trump has nothing to do with IG tos. rofl wtf is this bitch on?
Also, she just called herself a sex worker.

No. 613475

>irl pochaco

Is this her new thing? it's cringy

No. 613487

>>613461 It wouldn't be a Momokun photo without a cameo appearance from that damn folding screen yet again. That thing gets more camera time that Steve Harvey.

No. 613488


She really does just say the dumbest shit ever.

No. 613492

> I’m wondering if she actually got chin lipo
pretty sure it's just face tape …

> Why does she do this dead fish stare? So unattractive
again, I'm pretty sure she does this because of the face tape, she must put it on so tight she can't move her face

No. 613498

I know people often say she's both ugly inside and out, but cripes, her outward appearance has really caught up with how vile she is, personality-wise. Even if she wanted to try and better her appearance, she's got a lot going against her: her hair is absolutely fried, all the lipo and CoolSculpting work has absolutely fucked with her natural fat distribution (including making her boobs look like hard, dangly rocks), and her skin is in perpetually terrible condition because of all the trash food, energy drinks, and alcohol she consumes.

Granted, she probably has a slightly better chance of reversing some of the physical damage compared to, say, Amberlynn or Tess Holiday, since she's still so young. But man, when you look like a 40 year old try-hard mom from California in your early 20's like Momo does, well… good luck. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually has some kind of body dysmorphia issue going on. Then again… sometimes, a narc is a narc.

No. 613570

So her feet look like amputee stubs. How is everything she does so gross and stupid?

No. 613577

Looks like we're gonna be in for another episode of The Vanishin Asscrack with those horrible illfitted tights.

No. 613608

File: 1544731622598.jpeg (521.09 KB, 750x1020, 25ABD735-F6CD-41BC-8151-D74474…)

relate to what? Being a fat smushed figure always hovering around and behind a hotter girl?

No. 613609

File: 1544731718657.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, FF66EB1E-4AB0-4189-B5C1-0B284B…)

>December 13
> “just the start of holiday lewd shoots!”

No. 613614

Eh.. As long as they are 'sets'. Some girls aren't even releasing content until December 25th, Christmas. Surprised at the huge jump though.

No. 613618

File: 1544732555809.jpg (11 KB, 400x300, a1ec74db8729436a29d4c5e5860866…)

I really hope she meant the figure in the helicopter too.

Off topic but is that a TM.Revolution tribute outfit?

By now all she does is micro bikini outfits because even a normal bikini on her gets swallowed up.

No. 613623

The huge jump is because she made people believe she’s finally getting naked. She’ll hemorrhage them at the end of the month.

No. 613628


It’s going to plummet once people catch on that she isn’t doing nudes. She got them all worked up thinking they’ll finally see “uncensored” photos of her and that her signing up on Pornhub was actually going to amount to something. Once they hear her “I don’t do nude content so don’t be disrespectful by asking me for it” bullshit they are not only going to roast the fuck out of her but also pull out of her patreon.

No. 613629

How is a micro bikini shoot rewarding if she’s done it before? Probably just same shit different color if anything. Why not say what character she’ll be “cosplaying”? Most patrons are interested in lewd cosplay shoots rather than just lewd shoots right?

No. 613650

you can just check that shit out here https://thothub.tv/?s=momokun her stuff gets leaked enough

No. 613652

underrated post kek
Her posts are starting to look more and more like giantess fetish art with the pin head. I want to blow it back up to normal size in photoshop

No. 613655


Also off-topic but yep! It’s a series of figures in that outfit. The Sonico one is supposed to release this month, actually.

No. 613659

I think it's safe to say that she has officially progressed from thicc to fat fetish.

No. 613668

that's not what anon asked…

No. 613677

Seems like the photos are removed aswell, wont be displayed for me atleast.

No. 613678

File: 1544740689122.jpeg (442.28 KB, 750x830, 554590C6-5F68-494F-9214-6B1500…)

this is a new low

No. 613680

File: 1544740936323.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, A56DBE87-B001-4FA9-8221-494AFB…)

No. 613682

She always spends her money on the most useless shit. Momo, go buy some bed sheets instead.

Damn, I hate how self-absorbed she is for charging """"nudies"""" when there's pasties on her fucking tits. I see girls flashing their tits for just a dollar.

No. 613683

File: 1544741114334.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 0D5E69E5-D089-4ED2-937E-831D68…)

No. 613686

who the fuck would want seven pairs of that.

No. 613690

why is she even bothering with the pasties? you can see the side of her nipples anyways, and showing basically all of your breast isn't much different.

No. 613691

File: 1544741943404.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, DB49E4B6-70D3-4721-A474-0730EC…)

Patreon jump? new iPhone!

No. 613693

File: 1544741991361.jpg (197.12 KB, 905x1280, f9932cf8d36d448875214ca6bc8712…)

is she seriously wearing these outside?

she may not be a true fan of anything but she's certainly a disgusting weeb.

>no makeup

>stupid animal ears
>shit dye job with hay for hair
>greasy unwashed
>poor health (fat)
>illfitting clothes

she's even got a high dose of delusion and BDD. she looks in the mirror and sees pic related instead of the fat mess she actually is. she's a dime a dozen fat weeb with a big fragile, undeserved ego.

No. 613694


It’s because she believes actual nudity is somehow beneath someone of her “talent”. She’s always had a problem with sex workers and and porn actors in a big bad way. She believes nudity or sexual content is solely reserved for trashy, no talent whores who don’t have the capacity or skill for anything better and that she has always been better than that and would never resort to doing something so lowly and shameful.

No. 613695


It’s because she believes actual nudity is somehow beneath someone of her “talent”. She’s always had a problem with sex workers and and porn actors in a big bad way. She believes nudity or sexual content is solely reserved for trashy, no talent whores who don’t have the capacity or skill for anything better and that she has always been better than that and would never resort to doing something so lowly and shameful.

No. 613704

Wonder how long it'll take before we start seeing how badly she trashes that house…

No. 613705

ty anon for understanding the point

No. 613709

$35 for shit quality selfies, Huh?
Also her hair is fried to the core

No. 613713

Whenever I see her posting shit like this, I can't help but imagine how her highschool self would laugh hysterically at and bully the fuck out of her current self.
I wonder what does her old hs bullying clique think of her now.

No. 613717

She did get cool sculpting on her face months ago, which should be finally showing results, but i really just think its face tape tbh

No. 613719


Exactly. She’s become the exact kind of girl she used to spend all day bitching about on Twitter. Funny how she used to say “I don’t have to take my clothes off for money or attention”. Couldn’t have happened to a worse person.

I’m sure she was absolutely hated in school but she acted like she was everyone’s friend because she didn’t want to actually confront her own crippling loneliness. She was totally the tryhard who constantly wanted to be in on everyone’s jokes or acted like an obnoxious jackass whenever the attention wasn’t solely on her.

And even still that doesn’t speak to all the bullying she did and how she made everyone’s lives miserable just by being around. I’m sure everyone who went to school is having a huge laugh at how she turned out and low she has sunk since high school.

No. 613726

What is that weird blur on her left (our right) boob?

No. 613728

an attempt to shoop out vein-chan probably

No. 613775

Can a collector correct me if I'm wrong… but is it normal to own like 4 pairs of the same ears or ears that look so similar?

No. 613777


A lot of people tend to hoard gear in hopes of either "connecting" to them or trading them, so it isn't shocking that she's hoarding them

No. 613780

Not like this tbh. We HAVE seen moo try to trade things already though so the other anon is probably right. This doesnt make sense for Tamamo specific ears since They're not 'realistic' most other ear collectors are not going to be interested and good luck reselling them.

Legit question: if she's SUCH a tamamo fan why not actually buy tamamo merch? There are plenty of really nice Tamamo figures out there so why collect ears of all things as if that says that you like the character and not just collecting ears?

No. 613781

She's a child. She collects things on a whim with no real reasoning behind it. Like everything else though, once she has it she doesn't really care about it anymore except for flexing purposes.

No. 613800

File: 1544759056391.jpeg (24.02 KB, 224x224, BE16CC0A-3B91-47FE-9ECC-B06920…)

It’s okay for her to have seven pairs though guys because she’s obviously the biggest Tamamo fan, and the irl Tamamo my doods. Just like she’s the biggest Umineko fan.

No. 613826

This is the exact issue with her. She sees herself as this thicc anime girl with chub in all the right places yet she looks like well, yeah… I know tons of girls like this in my local comm. She's not really unique other than being (in)famous.

No. 613828

File: 1544763070970.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x2164, 19851700-B866-4E4E-9D87-E93C4C…)

I think moo might be using one of these instead of tape. They’re really popular in Japan and China among cosplayers and I’ve seen a few of those taobao resellers stocking them

No. 613831

she uses tape, she’s shown on steam how she applies her make up and tape

No. 613835

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613836

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613837

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613838

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613839

Roxy taught Moo the Ultimate Secret of Dorito Chin (because she sure as fuck didn't teach our cow how to sew or style wigs): Tape like you mean it and shoop/filter like it is going out of style.

Her jowls are going to be amazing once she gets a little older, they're already looking rough as fuck.

No. 613842

now i want her to start using these too to combat the face-tape sag until her face totally slides right off the bone

No. 613862

I've tried to Google but never came across, but does anyone know around what year's she lived in MI? The last time I looked at her mom's page I had mutual friends with her "friends". She's a bit younger then me but I found that bizarre.

No. 613921

She always looks like she has a few chromosomes missing

No. 613943

Anons kept telling her to wear dance tights now she'll probably never take them off. Farmer/managers what other useful advice needs to be constantly repeated to help our cow?

No. 613947

showering and washing your hair regularly is a good start. also with inculding brown rice in her diet since it’s filling but low in calories and carbs since its full of fiber.

No. 613960

anon, brown rice is not healthy and does not have low carbs. it has the same amount of carbs as white rice and a marginal amount of fiber. obviously you're trying to sabotage poor moo, who is counting on us for guidance.

No. 613963

She reached 1000 patrons. So far its bikini new years Mei and another bikini lucoa.

No. 613979

she probably bought some again lmao.

No. 613980

she likely did but the rest are most likely, as other anons have pointed out, dudes who are hoping she's finally going to get totally nude and/or do porn. the number will drop again once they realize she's just doing the same old shit yet again. I wonder how many more times she can continue to do this, tease that there will be more only to deliver the same tired old bikini shoots, before people recognize the pattern and completely lose interest.

No. 613982


She’s eventually going to run out of sites to scam them on. If she doesn’t finally do nudes on Pornhub then it might be the end. After that she’ll be lucky if anyone buys her scam shit ever again.

No. 613989

she's sucking out the last bit of money from clueless idiots.

No. 613996

File: 1544816527215.png (3.56 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_12-14-01.41.36.png)

Even more possible skin walking. She didnt show the whole thing so it might not be but shes always gotta copy.

No. 613997


She won't do shit on pornhub except hawk her patreon.

No. 613998

even if it's not it's the same bikini.

No. 614003

If the bottoms are that tiny on Jessica, Mariah is going to have her entire stubbly vulva out.

No. 614012


Can anyone provide me with basic receipts of when momo kun told someone to kill themselves and also tried to promote mental health or positivity?As well as her molesting someone at the convention and dismissing it as ADD?

I know some of the basic drama but I don't go in this thread a lot and NEED this for a video that is going to be guaranteed getting some attention. Thanks and sorry for the spoon feeding request of receipts but I am on a time limit and it would be helpful.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 614016

Just go find threads from July. Stop being lazy and go through the threads like everyone else has to.

No. 614019

are you the same person who came asking to be spoon fed a few months ago? it was at the height of the controversy and there were similar claims of a video guaranteed to blow up, but time was "of the essence". either way, it's been all over multiple threads now, you don't have to dig very far so quit asking and go find it yourself if it's so important.

No. 614022

Go back through the threads yourself. It’s not hard. Each thread OP tells you exactly what happened during the previous one.

No. 614024


You’re probably better off looking for it yourself. Anytime someone tries to ask for something here the most you’ll get is a dick measuring contest in who can tell you in the most creative way to fuck off.

No. 614026

File: 1544826605185.gif (997.82 KB, 500x306, 1541943202785.gif)

Oh stop. We can get in trouble for spoonfeeding that much information. That's trudging up literally 3+ threads of information because that whole ADHD excuse blew up on multiple social media websites. She's told people to kill themselves many times over the past few years so there's no one incident of it, but multiple ones. Being a lazy, bitter bitch is less helpful than telling them to go look within a specific time frame.

No. 614031

ctrl + f
it's a twitter screenshot, you'll find it in no time, dont be so lazy

No. 614032

Just google search stuff like 'momokun death threats' or 'momokun sexual assault' or something like that if you want to narrow it down, but spoonfeeding isn't allowed as other anon said.
inb4 the inevitable drop in patrons in January when she doesn't do full nudes.

No. 614035

File: 1544829523098.png (5.49 MB, 1125x2436, B03B0212-0E91-4709-81B3-FCF812…)

Of course her favorite anime of the season is goblin slayer. Since it’s so eDgY. But ofc moo just has to make sure that everyone knows she’s the biggest Fate fan to have ever graced this green earth

No. 614051

Her skin is so bad! It looks like one of those fat suits you can buy at a store!!!! Now she has signed up for Pornhub. That is going to be….. something alright.

No. 614053

It's like she's an obese Dolly Mattel..

She's on her way to doing petplay porn and furry porn, isn't she?

No. 614055

File: 1544833851416.gif (965.7 KB, 480x362, 2E7E20C5-37BB-4FFE-BBB9-6938D1…)

She showed her feet on a story the other day and they are some of the nastiest, most bloated wrinkly things I’ve ever seen. Most foot fetishists won’t want to pay for that. I know I sure wouldn’t.

No. 614056

Goblin slayer is actual trash with lots of triggering footage (POV rape shots) for any rape survivor. Of course she'd be totally okay with it since her favorite VN is Euphoria. ugh

No. 614057

I think thats for New Years Mei but yeah, regardless she still stole the exact same bikini nigri is wearing

No. 614058

Nah she will just do what she did last time
Wear it backwards and hope no one notices (we did)

No. 614062

Oh come anon, I'm sure there's a niche part of the foot fetish community that beats their meat to bloated diabetic hooves.

No. 614074

File: 1544838566126.gif (5.17 MB, 396x600, 926AEFD8-84EF-4143-8E6A-5E07BF…)

No. 614076

It's so weird to stare at. It's like she isn't even naked and wearing a puffy flesh colored suit

No. 614077

File: 1544838766813.png (69.21 KB, 629x443, drink bleach.png)

I'm only giving you this because I saved it. Find the rest yourself.

>too stupid to find the ADD blaming for groping

tbh I shouldn't even give you this image.

No. 614078

File: 1544838883091.jpeg (537.89 KB, 750x1095, 04E6BC46-308E-47C4-A5E3-FD86DB…)

No. 614079

is she doing the pec dance thing??

No. 614080

>shaking to the point that it looks like an earthquake, get only barest bounce out of fat sacks
top kek

her right boob is nightmarish in this, holy

No. 614082

she does every trick in the book to look like she isn't obese and pushing 230 pounds

No. 614088

I don't why anons keep referencing this? We know moo is a p.o.s, but if someone shit talks you, can't you do it back? He started the bleach talk.

No. 614090

Anons just freaking out about her sudden rise in patrons but this happened last year at this time too. It's nothing new. Then she went right back down.

No. 614091

there is a zero tolerance thing when you're a public figure and you publicly try to say you are an advocate to mental health, say shit like "making fun of suicide is wrong", I use to cut so making fun of the subject is triggering to me, and tell all your followers you were a victim of rape and it's sensitive to you while re blogging rapey anime scenes.

No. 614095

Exactly this. It's also one of the last abusive tweets she made before being banned.

Thanks for proving your video will be shit. I'm glad no one else helped you.

No. 614097

I think you're confusing me with someone else

No. 614099

File: 1544844197873.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 5253D4A3-DBEC-41B8-B79D-9B6B08…)

another thing to never update, another place to sell lazy selfie sets

No. 614100

File: 1544844228801.gif (4.93 MB, 337x600, 148C3EC8-50EB-4951-B164-B2F2A3…)

trying to be sexy~

No. 614104

another thing to neglect when tax season rolls around LUL

No. 614105

File: 1544844483775.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 863CE2A0-8799-45CD-A8AE-75CBD4…)

last thing but…T W E L V E D O L L A R S

No. 614106

It looks like she's taking a dump…

Why is she taking all these shitty selfies constantly? Atleast buy a fucking tripod and get a backdrop or something.

No. 614107

her lucoa sets are her most palatable imo because the "im high" face is much better than the turtle or the face-taped grimace or the slack-jawed 'ahegao'

No. 614110

12 dollars? for nothing? for literally nothing that's any different than any of your other shitty content? mariah, surely you jest.

No. 614111


She passed 230 pounds at least 20 pounds ago, anon.

This bitch is massive.

No. 614112

File: 1544845920710.jpeg (182.6 KB, 750x473, AA2EFC7B-5A67-4E7A-A61A-CF18E3…)

Plus you get the same thing on her Patreon for two dollars cheaper? unless she plans to shoot “exclusive” selfies for onlyfans to milk her cucks for at least $20

No. 614113

I think these are supposed to be more lewd? We wont know unless another anon takes the dive.

No. 614115


>a onlyfans

Linguistics major, y'all


Well spotted anon. This is nothing but a straight up scam and I really hope no one lets her get away with it.

No. 614144

Her wig is still very wrong. All that time since she was last Lucoa and she didn't bother getting the gradient correct. Lazy slut

No. 614147

It's Mariah. They aren't getting any more lewd than her camversity streams.

No. 614148

File: 1544857297351.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, EA08778E-75F4-461E-80D6-228EBF…)

looks like this is from new porkchop set

No. 614149

File: 1544857460462.jpeg (219.58 KB, 750x833, 66527364-57D3-47CE-B79A-4409FF…)

she also has added a second onlyfans post

No. 614151

Still trying to pretend she’s doing nude content

No. 614156

File: 1544862295204.jpg (516.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181215-022438_Ins…)

Oh God no.

No. 614157

I think the big question is that how does she get it from 500 patrons to about 1000? I thought she was the most hated cosplayer right now.

No. 614158

Go watch all the videos youtubers made of her, they included her insta rants of blaming ADHD and posts her victims made

No. 614159

File: 1544862607918.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 3ECE04B5-9CBF-4EC0-9021-5CE231…)

No. 614163

That will be the most work she's ever done.

No. 614167

She couldn't even keep up with her gym videos

No. 614169

She's producing more tacky lewd shit which always sells and fuckboys really don't care if she's a cunt. If anything all the negative attention she gathered has made it more beneficial for her unfortunately.

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