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File: 1620103095124.jpg (993.5 KB, 1280x1280, demonsimp.jpg)

No. 834197

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>828666
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://andtwitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

>Immediately forgets Attack on Titan ever happened while aggressively simping for Douma from Demon Slayer not unlike a weeb in middle school.
>Embarks on fine art journey and spends thousands of dollars of art supplies she has no idea how to use.
>Only wants to make fanart of her new husbando and continuously posts about lusting for a fictional character at the age of 25.
>Rejoins twitter to show shit tier drawings, pretend to pass Maddie/umbranwitch's art off as her own, and harass Japanese artists via Google translate.
>Buys iPad Pro to trace more easily after realizing art requires skill.
>Gets obvious veneers after pretending to get Invisalign on already straight teeth.
>Gets cringey tattoo in honor of Douma on top of her Fate seal tattoo against the advice of tattoo sensei, despite anyone with eyes and common sense thinking it looks garish and awful. Plans to add more color.
>Potential cross country surgery trip for a nose job.
>No Patreon posts since January, profile now flagged for review.
> Planned costumes nowhere to be seen.

No. 834198

looks like her art phase has come to a close, seeing as she hasn't posted anything about it in just over a week

No. 834199

File: 1620109043479.png (2.11 MB, 941x1849, fanny.png)

She probably realized it's easier to flex via her money rather than by drawing. She did buy that overpriced sunscreen. She's probably going to continue to buy overpriced "beauty" and "skin care" products since she hasn't in a while AND she no longer fits in that Gucci fanny pack of hers. (Yes, she did already have a phase where she bought lots of beauty and skin care products and it looks like she's going back to that).

No. 834221

Thread closed before I could reply but her and Kevin no longer follow each other on Instagram. In fact, his profile is almost completely scrubbed clean with just 15 posts which are just him hiking with some guys and posts about him and his girlfriend.

No. 834238

File: 1620144404951.jpeg (296.66 KB, 1242x1337, 61CF8F5A-C678-4814-A185-F1EF59…)

Her header is her shitty art, she also now labels herself a cosplayer kek!

No. 834262

damn i wonder what happened? maybe his girlfriend got annoyed with him always being over at her place? it doesn’t look like she follows momokun anymore either

No. 834263

File: 1620156145466.jpeg (451.42 KB, 787x1005, 85E5A33F-F39A-4190-80D1-C44103…)

says its because they had a fallout over his anti BLM posts and his thinking of covid as a joke. Says she’s apologized but I don’t remember an apology at all.

No. 834264

Yes! This scrote seems like the type of respond to Moo's foot in mouth syndrome. Milk.

La Mer is a great product and she has the disposable income to buy it. I mean, there's always cheaper equivalents to luxury brand skincare, but I don't judge her for that. It's that Moo is such a cunt she makes everything nefarious.
>She says she judges people for not using sunblock.
>Clearly would have sunburns all the time.
>Has shitty skin
>Abuses filters while posting about judging people's skincare
>Recommends expensive ass sunblock that she can afford for showing her hair mound

No. 834275

I have noticed that Kevin deleted his original handle and is now private with the name sloshpupppie. Before the change he wasn't posting in Moo's house and was posting with other rock climbers. I assume he just moved out in Las Vegas because of a falling out but could not confirm

No. 834276

I don’t ever recall her addressing that post publicly unless i missed a brief mention of it buried in a comment thread on a post she probably archived.

No. 834277

The funniest thing about all this? How we know it's just lies Moo couldn't care less about the virus and hasn't since the start. Not in anyway saying Kevin is good by any means, but it's easy to surmise he just got tired of her hitting on him and dipped the moment he could. I mean look at Tattoo-kun he's ready to rip his ears off at her demanding a shit tattoo.

No. 834282

Honestly Moo did this sweet "I'm so innocent. They were just sooo mean and cruel" shit before in her friend groups. It's one sided so we don't know the real story. But knowing our edge lord Moo she tried to sleep with him, he said no, she flipped and black mailed him and he left like KoreanBBQ.
She never gave an apology so we already know she's lying.

No. 834283

Not to mention the Kyle Rittenhouse incident was almost a year ago. Moo and Kevin were literally still hanging out together this year.

No. 834288


It just goes to show how much of a trend hopper she is, and her having Twitter again just makes her that much easier to see through. Skincare/sunscreen talk has been something I’ve personally seen talked about more and more on Twitter too, so, she just parrots whatever she sees people tweeting about without following it or even knowing half of what people are actually talking about. The equivalent of those people that read headlines but don’t read the actual article then go spouting off about it.

No. 834289

I'm pretty sure in less than a month her "art" account is just going to be another place she posts her porn on because we all know Moo needs that attention and validation

No. 834291

File: 1620176344417.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, 848911E8-0597-4450-BE5F-EF9DEC…)

Speaking of which, it’s only a matter of time before she starts posting old sets there for attention since that’s what her lazy ass is doing right now on IG. She’s too busy obsessing over a cartoon to do what she gets paid for (What else is new). She had how many plans that, as usual, she never follows through with lol

No. 834295

is she pretending this is a new set? what a scam artist

No. 834296

It literally says re-release

No. 834300

learn how to read.

No. 834305

How is this a rereleased set if it wasn't released in the first place

No. 834311

File: 1620185884329.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.18 MB, 3840x5760, mX0t57g.jpg)

Paya x Link x Zelda set. You're not missing anything except these. The rest are basically the teasers she's released before on social media for free. Business as usual.

No. 834312

File: 1620186086758.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.19 MB, 3840x2560, FkQqiDt.jpg)

As a reminder, Akemi was the "Link" and wore a chest plate.

No. 834313

File: 1620186135048.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 3840x2560, l9u0Uii.jpg)

No. 834314

File: 1620186307291.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.92 MB, 3840x2560, t2kxY7h.jpg)

No. 834315

Is it supposed to look like she's getting fucked here? It would help if you couldn't clearly see that the other girl is wearing pants?

No. 834316

File: 1620186736987.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 3840x2560, uKImAvZ.jpg)

No. 834317

File: 1620186861888.jpg (86.51 KB, 719x981, dOGXafK.jpg)

This is what she said was her ~vision~

No. 834318

she's charging $25 for this shit.
No wonder she's abandoned her patreon

No. 834320

They edited one leg waaaaaay too small. They don’t look low they even belong to the same person.

No. 834321

Don’t zoom in, especially not where that bruise or whatever the fuck that is. Her pores look gross.

No. 834322

I zoomed in :)) kill me. from what I can tell that bruise is actually a spot where whatever foundation she’s slapped all over her ass has rubbed off. When you zoom in you can clearly see that it’s makeup, just very poorly set and put on an ass that’s never been moisturised and only gets washed once a week

No. 834323

File: 1620190468370.jpeg (480.74 KB, 750x680, A588DCDD-8288-4F8F-A95A-82DD4A…)

POV; you’re an underage anime character and moo needs content

No. 834324

How did this NOT get edited out?? she manages to look like a digital art piece in like every other photo but the giant discoloration on her ass was left in? Idgi

No. 834327

If I remember correctly, Paya has a birthmark on her butt that's shaped like a Papaya, hence her name.

Looks like a poorly attempted darkening the skin to make that.

No. 834329

Fuck man you’re right I think that’s what it’s meant to be - she must’ve put the ‘birthmark’ on and decided to go all out with the ass makeup instead of just getting it all blurred after the fact which is why her ass is caked in foundation and we can see all of her nasty ass pores. My bet is that whoever was editing this set saw that her ass didn’t look as nasty as usual because of the makeup and either didn’t bother to zoom in or just straight up forgot. I’ve never seen skin on an ass look that bad, the foundation does her already shitty skin no favours.

No. 834332

Imagine gatekeeping sunscreen

No. 834334

I saw maddies tiktok earlier but forgot to take caps. She said something about hating wig making, could it be she’s done with moo lol.

No. 834335

What’s her @

No. 834339

I think it was just umbranwitch

No. 834340

File: 1620208927142.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 600B46A1-9CC6-4B4E-9910-F0320A…)


>Is into gay men

>gay men are more masculine than straight men
>Most men she’s known “displayed toxic masculinity” and are therefore “boys”
>ReNGokU iS a MAN111

Again, another anon can transcribe this better than I. This whole rant just shows how completely out of touch she really is with reality. Maybe you should have seen an actual shrink, Mariah, instead of playing pretend therapist with Sensei.

Also, Douma and Rengoku are cartoons, Moo, they cannot fuck you no matter how hard you wish they could. You sad fuck.

No. 834343


considering she only makes wigs for famous people, they're probably cracking the whip on her. I've heard tons of horror stories about her wigs for non famous cosplayers. Rushed to shit, ugly and stuffed with pins.

No. 834344

>spends all day thinking about demon slayer
>finds it depressing that characters like rengoku and douma aren't real
>wants someone that's hot and acts like doma but only creeps at like him "and that's gross"
>something unintelligible. The only words I got were 'hot' and 'fan'
>has only ever met one rengoku type, and he was gay
>"i think i'm literally just into gay guys"
>complains about straight men not caring the way gay, bi and trans men do
>straight men can never embody rengoku
>so many men in her life "have embodied toxic masculinity to their core, even when they don't think they do"
>Rengoku is a man
>most men she's know have been 'boys' and lacked 'masculinity'
>"rengoku is a man, you'll never be that"
>complains about gen z and millennial men. very few exist, mostly just 'boys'
>"unfortunately lord" in her weird ghetto(?) accent
>finds bisexual men more manly
>again with the gay men
>spergs about masculinity
>spends the next 30 seconds reiterating "rengoku is a man"
>ends with " i fucking simp for pixels"

What i'm getting, is that she's desperate for dick and no-one is willing to give it to her.

No. 834347

I know this is a small nitpick but the belt floating on top of stretch pants without belt loops made me lol

No. 834348

where does she get off saying this stuff

No. 834350

Moo, we know you're actually fucking moronic but please shut the fuck up. This is why no man will touch you. You have this fantasy of what being a "real man" is from a fucking anime. They aren't real. What they do in the show does not reflect real life and in no way are the situations the same. You have no idea what it means or takes to be a "real man." That is the reason why you will die alone. Maybe once you start actually living on this plain of existence, fix those sausage lips and actually lose some weight, a guy may actually give you a look. Maybe. And that's just from physical appearance. Good luck fixing your toxic mentality bitch.

Her thought process is skewed. Beyond delusional. She doesn't know what being a real human is, how would she ever know what positive masculinity looks like. Girl, sit down. Go rub one off to your chibi plushies. I really didn't think she could get even more pathetic. I'm sure these will be deleted before midday today too. Glad someone saved them.

No. 834351

So she's horny and her fuck machines aren't cutting the mustard anymore. Real men won't fuck her unless she pays them, so now she's deflecting into being a fag hag/ otaku. K

No. 834353

So she’s only attracted to the type of men who will never want her. Reminds me of when neckbeard types complain about real women, but put lesbian porn and their anime crush on a pedestal. It’s just coping

No. 834355

>I think I'm literally just into gay guys 'cause I feel like real men like they just don't care the same way gay men do

Kek Moo thinks gay men are not real men.

No. 834356

Gay men are also way more likely to be nice to her face and talk all the shit behind her back lol. Or say things to her that are put downs but in a ways she doesn’t realize. Cause they are “friends”. They just want to be around the disaster she is because it’s like watching a fun disaster reality show

No. 834357


As I mentioned last thread, she is known in the male escort circles in LV; she can't reliably get a male prostitute anymore because she's rude, disgusting, and then clingy and wants to hang out for free after. Also tries to take photos/videos with them and won't hire anyone twice.

She's gone full neckbeard incel at this point.

No. 834358


Samefagging but she's also so well known in the non-escort male model/talent circles that no one will work with her for anything below obscene rates if at all after the way she treated the guy that fondled her udders awkwardly.

No. 834360

the most pathetic femcel cat lady energy
real snapewives shit

No. 834361

Get your male escort friends here and give us the stories lmao. I want to hear first hand how moo tried to pay them with hamburger coupons.

No. 834362

creme la mer isnt a "great product", its scented and has many ingredients known to be irritating, it breaks out a lot of people

No. 834363

So I was going back to threads trying to find that original post she liked of Kevin's to debunk her. While going through it I realized this set was shot 7 months ago. SEVEN. And its just now getting released. I don't believe for a second they spent 7 months working on this shit since it doesn't even look good in anyway.

What a fucking embarrassment.

No. 834364

Biggest pile of BS lies I have ever heard of. How do you live with someone, spend everyday, all day with someone and not know their views? I find that just not possible in the slightest.

And if she really didn't understand Kevin's comment then she is truly oblivious to the outside world and any kind of current events happening around her, which is a far cry from her woke persona she wants to push.

And FYI, her and Kevin had interactions months after his post and was still thirsty for his dick. People called her out immediately for liking it. This is all just her trying to do damage control and make herself be the victim because she knows if Twitter found out they'd rip her a new one.

No. 834366

Honestly I don't think twitter cares enough about her anymore. Maybe it's because she's flying under the radar rn, but aside from one or two people early on, no one's brought her up. There's no talk about her.
I hate to say it, but I don't think twitter is going to cancel her again.
Maybe if she does something stupid again they will, but until then she'll continue to fly under the radar

No. 834367

I'm fine with her on twitter it's good entertainment.

No. 834369

Translation "I'm stalking and harassing a gay cosplayer just because he cosplays Douma. I don't respect his orientation because it's up to him to fulfill my needs as a man."
She's just salty that straight men don't want to fuck or date her. Though she certainly isn't the problem even though she has the immature mindset of an edgy 14 year old with no self control. Certainly not the fact she refuses to bathe every day.

If she accepts who she is and dates one of her scrotes she will be a lot happier. She will get someone who will happily grope and do her all she wants.

No. 834370

Any quality man wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, they'd run in the opposite direction. That's why she's never met a "real man".

No. 834373

kek I was going to say. That and never forget when she went on that anti gay rant during the devil man phase. She only likes gay men if she has this fantasy she is the only woman they will fuck. But will go on anti gay rants if that reality is shattered.
Maybe you should see men as more than just sex toys Moo?

No. 834374

When asked yeah she will throw Kevin under the bus and say it was because of his views. But we all really know she's mad he didn't fuck her. If he was giving it to her she would still be defending him. How many times did she walk around the house with just a robe when he was around in a pathetic attempt to entice him and he gave zero fucks.

No. 834377

Y'all think the way she acts around her hairdresser and other gay men in her life that she wasn't a fag hag?
She's really riding this "my dad was abusive and toxic" train just to get some pity dick lmao

No. 834378

when things completely open up soon we're going to hear a lot more stories of predator Momo. Bet you money in the future she's going to look up which cons that gay Douma cosplayer is going to and plans to follow the guy, insert herself in his group and eventually corner and molest him. Then get mad when he shoves her off like "I don't understand! Why wont this gay man fuck me??? Is he even a real man?"

No. 834380


A lot of them do lurk here but don't want to out themselves. Suffice it to say the lolcow threads about Moo have been passed around enough that, even if not for warnings from other escorts who had first hand experience, no one will work with her.

But yeah last dude she was with(that I know of), she tried convincing to let her film them to put it on OF. The one guy we've seen her actually fuck on camera was an escort, too.

No. 834381

God I miss the snapewives. Maybe Moo can marry Douma on the astral plane, too.

The fat guy with the triforce tattoo was an escort? Well, I guess it is Vegas.

No. 834382

The guy with the tri force tat was an escort? Didn't she take him out to eat like it was a date too? that's just sad

No. 834383

Multiple times. She wouldn't show his face, which I assume is because he WAS a escort. Interesting.

No. 834387

how how how can a paunchy schlub with a gamer tattoo be an escort
i am fucking dying, like moo should have been able to pick up low value dick like that in a comics shop
did she order from wish?

No. 834388


Yes. The straight escort/hookup scene in LV is… variable in quality, and even before then Mariah had a rep.

No. 834389

There are plenty of low grade prostitutes in las vegas. Both men and women. If you want a sexy ripped guy he can pick his clients and you know he will be expensive (Remember that sexy escort Moo hired to touch her breasts awkwardly? It was probably the only thing he would allow). A guy like Tri force kun is the type who has no say since he rarely gets picked and most likely has to take male clients as well

No. 834390

She’s sounding like james charles with this fetishization

No. 834391


I'm not privy to the details on how they arranged anything or specifics, unfortunately. All I know is that the dude got paid, and agreed to be filmed only if she didn't show his face in anything.

She asks pretty much anyone who works with her if they'll let her pretend they're an item or film something, and tries to take them on "dates".

Her reputation in both male SW and non-SW talent/model circles is so scuffed in LV that there's basically no saving it. It's why she stalks/harasses people in more insular circles on insta/twitter to try and get them to work with her.

No. 834392

yeah it's pretty much the same all around the world. Not all escorts are ultra sexy/hot, some just look like your average person, sometimes even worse. They just charge different rates (and allow different things that the more picky escorts wouldn't do).

I'm a little surprised triforce-kun was an escort though, mostly because she was posting them going on 'dates'. That's pretty sad tbh. Doesn't she have a tinder/OLD app? I wonder what her matches are. I feel like you could look like gollum in a bra and still get a lot of scrotes messaging you 24/7. Does she not get ANY? Especially in a large city like LV?

No. 834393

File: 1620234478806.jpg (143.68 KB, 966x1500, 818k1CLbUbL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 834394


That guy ended up ducking calls from her for weeks afterward, btw. She offered him free shit, tried to talk about anime constantly, and kept joking on set that he was her "boy toy", then kept trying to get him for dates after the shoots were done. Zero respect for his personal space.

No. 834395

She does have dating bios. However she's basically cat fishing with her photos. You expect to meet up with a sexy thick 150 woman. Then you see your date is double the size, you can smell her across the room, the long beautiful hair is really a short tangled mess.
There are guys who love death fats. But she has to take pictures of her real body to attract guys who want her.

No. 834396

>tries to take them on dates
I'm surprised (but I also get why) they don't say yes, and then charge her for a Boyfriend Experience afterwards.

She probably does, but her standard is too high. The kinda guy that'll do her isn't the kinda guy she wants.

No. 834398

What has been said about her being "gross?"

No. 834399

there are guys who offer that service, but that wont fit Moo's fantasy in her head she got from hentai comics.
"Oh he was a prostitute. But He fell in love with me the moment we embraced. He loves I'm his sugar mama and he doesn't need to work anymore. I saved him from a life of a man hoe."
Kind of like how she has this fantasy of saving some old asian lady on the streets from racists and the womans hot ripped grandson fucks her on the spot. The girl isn't living in reality.

No. 834400


Boyfriend experiences are still performative enough that she won't go in for it. If I had to guess why it's because she wants to feel like she won the hooker over with her personality.

No. 834401


The gossip and word through the vine was generally that she had caked on nasty makeup, her hair was always a disgusting mess, and she wore the same clothes constantly. Her room was also a fucking car crash, but I'm pretty sure none of any of this is news to LC, sorry. She also talks with her mouth full a lot.

No. 834402

I just wanted cheap laughs but this is genuinely pathetic

No. 834403

How would they know she wore the same clothes constantly though? Didn't you say most guys would only see her once? The idea that some anon HAPPENS to be in the inner circle of guys Moo fucks. But I have to doubt everything until solid proof comes in other than anon

No. 834404


I'm hardly "in the inner circle". The wearing the same clothes a lot was no more or less specific when I heard about it and could just as easily have meant that she only wears the same "kind" of thing. Stains and cat hair all over EVERYTHING were also mentioned.

I've no "solid proof" to provide, unfortunately. You can take the gossip with the same grain of salt I did; I'm not preaching gospel truth, just relaying what's circulated about her.

No. 834405

You're Triforce kun, aren't you?

No. 834406


ayrt lmao no and that's not even who that was about I'm just someone from the LV area with SW friends that had the misfortune of crossing paths with the cow

No. 834407


to clarify; the one that spent weeks ducking calls from her was the guy she got to massage her udders awkwardly. I don't know if Triforce-kun did(but given what I had heard about their encounter it wouldn't surprise me either).

No. 834411

Moo is a retard by hiring escorts. If she were smart she'd have her fans pay to fuck her for OF content.

No. 834412

if she wasn't a cunt to the cos community im sure she could have a few guys willing to shoot with her in a professional way and not fear a whale is going to diddle them. Now the only people who will work with her are clout chasing cos thots.
Speaking of, what happened to Moo being an asexual lesbian? She cant keep her lies in order

No. 834429

I mean isn’t that the main draw for escorts? To have a “dating experience” with them vs just having sex. She still paid money to go one dates with me escorts because she’s so pathetic. Still good laugh.

No. 834431

Not possible. Have you seen how hideous her fans are? She really thinks she's a 10/10. Moo doesn't care what's real, just what delusion she can conjure. Filters mean she's hot, plastic surgery means she's a small waist-ed thick girl with big lips. She paid for it all and she thinks she can do the same thing with men.

So you said she was kind of shunned from the higher end, more attractive male escorts? Does she still try to reach out to them and gets ignored? Because that's hilarious.

No. 834432

Shes mentioned before she’d never date a fan. Also her unrealistic expectations of how men should act all come from anime so she’ll be single for a long time

No. 834433

Her fans are ugly as sin but that didn't stop her from paying triforce-kun to raw dog her.

No. 834435

Kek you can literally see where the textures were duplicated/cloned to clean up her ass

No. 834437

Wait if everyone’s calling this character underage why would it be a known fact she has a birthmark on her butt? That’s some weird dialogue to add in BOTW. Even creepier to sexualize it Moo, you freak

No. 834440

File: 1620257632792.jpg (151.07 KB, 1200x900, C_FbTgLUQAAeVzp.jpg)

I think it was meant like how parents tend to say something embarrassing you did as a kid when talking to your friends.

Moo just wants to make it known she actually played the game she's cosplaying for once

No. 834441

File: 1620257871246.jpeg (250.84 KB, 729x1474, 61C25DC7-AA7C-4B60-9512-C61196…)

“only my roommate I didn’t know his views uwu we stopped talking a long time ago” my ass

No. 834445

And this was a few months AFTER she liked his post. Bunch of bull SHIT.

No. 834448

File: 1620262335795.jpg (325 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20210505_205154.jpg)

Does this mean she's bleaching her hair again? Or wig?

No. 834450

proving once again she's color blind

No. 834451

They went out shooting guns together in January as well with her parents.

No. 834458

Slight tinfoil, I know moo has a big boner for Trisha Paytas and while I was watching Frenemies, Trisha goes off on a tirade about blaming mental health for doing shitty things. She mentioned sexual assault and immediately follows with ADHD. I wonder if Trisha knows about moo and made a dig.
Comments mentioned around 58:33

No. 834460

Douma's hair isn't ash blond at all moo what are you doing?

No. 834467

File: 1620273020691.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, 03D7A3A5-6E2B-4B23-998F-CDF1BB…)

I know it’s a blurry cap but I’m dumbfounded by the sheer size of her despite being squeezed like a sausage casing into those compression leggings. That can’t be healthy right?

No. 834472

Well when you lack a literal ASS and suck it in, anyone can look skinny

No. 834474

Who does moo look like a cryptid of some sort? Her body proportions are so weird with the tiniest head. Botched fatty.

No. 834475

she was talking about gabbie hanna who has been going off about her adhd and using it as an excuse for her actions. moo is a literal nobody.

No. 834477

File: 1620280309456.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2343, 3C2BAF9D-A476-47F9-84B5-3CB141…)

So she’s forcing her wig slave to make this wig. How much you wanna bet that this is why she raged here >>834334 moo wants it done exactly like the Asians she worships

No. 834487

Sage for no contribution, but I just have to ask here.

Did momo really post a video of her getting fucked with no condom in the past? It randomly popped into my head, I feel like I remember watching it, but at the same time the idea of someone risking getting her pregnant is just so surreal to me. I also can't find any evdence of it online.

No. 834489

Yes she had a random (alleged escort) dude fuck her raw dog for a video or two. And I wanna say it was during the pandemic? Or shortly before.

No. 834490

Kek so I didn't make this up, holy shit. Thank you anon, I was kind of worried I'm having legit sexual fantasies about her.

No. 834491


AYRT She has been blacklisted by all of the high-end ones I know of, and the lower end ones up their rates for clients with problematic reputations. I do know she has repeatedly tried to get a couple of the nicer-looking(in my worthless opinion) asian men to the point of offering double their usual rate only to be rejected for her rep. They all heard how she treated the guy she got to fondle her and want nothing to do with a womanchild who goes stage 5 clinger on a prostitute.

No. 834506


Post screencaps or proof of any kind, otherwise this just sounds like some elaborate weirdo fantasy you’re having.

No. 834515


As I said before, I'm just privy to rumors and gossip, no more or less concrete than anything else, nonny. I absolutely will not be outing anyone or revealing my identity(and thereby potentially losing my access to gossip) just to satisfy your scrotelike skeptic fixation on the idea that someone would fantasize about hearing gossip from hookers.

No. 834520

wait , you mean to say that the guy that groped her udders on that photoset was actually a male escort?
AND ON TOP OF THAT he had THAT expression of " i regret every decision in my life so far " while fondling her?!

now i want to know more about her escort shenanigans , >>834489 is there any actual video of this?

No. 834522

Didn't Trisha Paytas hire the same guy moo did?

No. 834523

>is there any actual video of this?
Yeah, I randomly remembered it because moo posted a video of the dude raw doging her, I tried to find it but it seems like it disappeared from the internet kek.

No. 834524

No I uploaded it to kiwi farms when it came out.

No. 834527

File: 1620306027281.png (217.8 KB, 720x1520, 1597626267093[1].png)


No. 834531

>834520 here , ive been reading more on this thread ( i got confused with another one so i didnt realized there were more SW related comments ) you have no idea much ive laughed , thank you anons.

whats a kiwifarm? i´m kinda new to this board

No. 834539

learn to sage anon
kiwifarm is another site like this

No. 834543

that ass PHLAT

No. 834546

she tryin to prove she isn't morbidly obese but we saw that tennis video. I hope those girls release more from that day unless Moo bribed them not to

No. 834547

Yeah. he is a very well known escort and worked with Trisha and many others before. In the video he looked like he barely wanted to touch her and just wanted to leave. Of course Moo most likely took it too far with comments and trying to fuck him on set. She can't keep her paws off guys, especially ones she paid and thinks she owns.

No. 834554

Yea the guy that raw dogged her seriously wasn’t having any fun with it anyway he could barely get it up and I wonder how much her paypigs paid to see what 30 seconds of a flaccid disinterested guy putting it in.
As to the anons asking for proof of shit from a seemingly legit source wtf kinda proof you expect? Satellite surveillance video of a buncha guys sitting around talking about private clients? Sheesh- even if it’s made up it’s still entertainment and it doesn’t feel made up

No. 834556

File: 1620316062658.jpg (Spoiler Image,603.81 KB, 647x1070, 1597615203046.jpg)

Nope, you're not fantasizing at all. As another anon said, the video is gone, but here's a screenshot.
>pic related NSFL

No. 834557

It's more convincing than her finding guys on tinder.

No. 834558

no wonder no one saved it , its so bland and forgettable , even if its the cow taking non ubermenscht D as shes supposed to be entitled to .

I wonder how shes going to up the bar to keep milking simp money on OF , do you think she will manage to entagle any chick to do GG stuff?

No. 834560

File: 1620316865983.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 2454x2356, evengaymenarentsafe.jpg)

Moo hired the same guy Trish did, so other way around.

No. 834561

damn , you can see the vast difference in attitude

No. 834563

I'd love to know how much he got paid. I wonder if it hurts her ego to know she had to pay for a guy that cute and can't just pull someone that level on her own.

No. 834567

Something tells me he had way more fun fucking Trisha lmao

No. 834568

Pay a guy like that most likely double his insane rates only to barely touch your titts and refuse to work with you again

No. 834569

This brings up the other male model she worked with who did cosplay. He was super buff and did a lot of All Might from MHA cosplays. I remember her simps being super annoyed she got some chad. I kind of thought she stopped working with attractive male models because of that, but OF COURSE IT'S NOT THAT. Mariah wants clout as much as she wants money. She'd sacrafice a few cuck bucks for some nice arm candy.

And I can't get over the fact that she's a full on female neckbeard. Women have a lot more pride and don't stalk/harass men who aren't into them and are way better at reading "you're gross" signals. I'm so fascinated at the idea that this doesn't register and she's angry about it she just simps for 2-Ds like any other fat neckbeard incel. I love this gossip.

No. 834571

I don't think he worked with her again after that as well. She wants some perfect, super buff 10/10 in looks and personality. She doesn't want to accept she's a disgusting, obese lark with a personality to match. Moo has no positive quatlities

No. 834572

oh come on , she does have some positive qualities!
she could feed a whole caniballistic african tribe for 2 months AND they could use her lip fillers and boobs to go fishing !

No. 834573

I'd think so too. Trisha is insane in her own ways but she's not naive enough to think that business is anything but business, so she could just work and enjoy making content without trying to woo her filming partner.

No. 834574

he didn't even fuck moo, only fondled her sandbags LMAO

No. 834576

File: 1620324276148.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 1618109409097.png)

wearing an all black sausage casing from the neck down. The level of insecurity. I haven't seen her wear normal-ish clothes since the tennis video and she was still wearing a body shaper for her waist.
Like, what's her game plan for going to cons?

No. 834577

to add to this, if the rumors are correct and she's over 300 pounds she can be a candidate for bariatric surgery. So instead of liposuction she could get that.

No. 834579

>>what’s her game plan for going to cons?

Same as it always was- ghosting them or staying in her room buying all the drinks trying to buy friends. Then posting about “uwu all the love I felt there! Great to see so many stronk cosplayers!” And then taking a couple pictures with some rando neckbeard thirsty guy in the parking lot. Also she’ll only be in cosplay about 20 minutes and then street clothes. You know, like every other con.

No. 834580

that one is worse , having a balloon makes you loose so much wight that you look like a turkey neck all over your body

No. 834582

he didnt even fondle them, I'm the anon that capped most of the 'fondling' he was straight up kneading them so hard it pretty much confirmed she has no feeling in her tits.

No. 834587

File: 1620328790798.jpg (191.97 KB, 1080x536, 20210507_071533.jpg)

Vids not gone. It's been included in a torrent with seemingly all her other stuff up to this point. Even her simps don't wanna pay for her stuff lol

No. 834589

Hmm if true this kind of supports the theory that she’s lowered her pricing because people just weren’t buying.

No. 834590

File: 1620329489753.jpeg (556.31 KB, 750x1082, 79BBB2FB-4EDB-4D36-9EE1-D78FD4…)

“Lebanese Barbie” lmao

No. 834591

interesting how this gets posted when anons are talking shit about her in tennis garb.

No. 834592

Basic economics really. If she's charging $10 for entry than another $15-$30 per release (based on screenshots) that's ~$30+ for subpar content. How OF models charge less for more? No wonder they don't want to pay.

Ah, so we're back to Lebanese again.
>Lebanese barbie
What did she mean by this?

I was just thinking the same thing. And she mentioned drawing, which was brought up at the start. I wonder what she's traced, oops, I mean I how much she's improved now?

No. 834593

i guess you can lower your rates if you have an actual army of simps subscribed to you

No. 834594

"Guys guys do you remember I'm not white? where are my POC points?"

No. 834595

>Not me in my Douma nails
Can she not go a single second without mentioning her faggoty obsession towards her jpg of the month?

No. 834600

She's milking this false "innocent girl getting more open about her sexuality" so hard and of course stupid pornsick men will follow and pay. They deserve to be catfished and fooled tbh. Too bad Moo profits from it.

No. 834606

nah man, video still there, quick search and found it. At least the 17s one, but idk if there ever was a longer one.

No. 834607

I don’t think there was a longer vid- if there was I’m sure it would have surfaced by now, and honestly that’s right up her alley- anytime she does something she thinks is “lewdest thang evar!” She does a shitty short video and overcharges for it. Remember when she decided to finally flop out her pancakes how she charged some stupid insane amount? Like one shit tier picture at what 70 bucks?

No. 834610

But if they’re willingly paying the $60 why would you lower it to $30? To me it just seems like people were, or aren’t, buying her content like before.

No. 834619

the nails are fucking gross. looks like her cuticles are dirty or infected.

No. 834620

File: 1620347267743.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB, 3840x2560, zLW1gHO.jpg)

muddy editing

No. 834627

LMAO she looks like a fugly wax sculpture. This is one of the most lackluster sets she's ever done. Even her trashy hotel room futa shit is a little step up from "how can I lewd a fucking tennis outfit with a puke green bra." Does she literally think even her most dedicated of scrotes would jack off to this?

No. 834629

No wonder she can juggle her tits with her knees. That bra does not fit her.

No. 834631

it is hilarious how fake and almost simulated her face has gotten in her recent photos. i would give anything to see what her real complexion is like. it’s gotta be fucked up beyond repair

No. 834635

When I saw >>834590 I immediately thought that she was going to do some sort of 'sexy' tennis girl shoot, I didn't actually expect her to do it though.
Does she have no decency at all?

No. 834637

File: 1620360759960.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 960x1280, FA0BC69B-D467-4529-9188-86A5AD…)

No. 834638

File: 1620360783190.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 960x1280, 22EBF523-43AF-40AA-8A76-1FB81A…)

No. 834639

what’s with the weird bruise/rash on her left/our right tit lol

No. 834640

she's getting to the point where not even photoshopping a new body can save her

No. 834641

I'm 99% sure she has really bad acne on her breasts from her poor hygiene, and the weird "rash" is the best the editor could do to erase a huge infected zit.

No. 834642

foreverkailyn cosplay?

No. 834643

oh no… babygirl I’m sorry but that’s not a good pose for you

No. 834645

At least she’s not trying to hide her morbid obesity?

No. 834646

File: 1620363600504.jpeg (93.61 KB, 414x347, 04CE4A70-67E8-4F09-94FA-76D854…)

I mean this whole photo set is disturbing but her tongue is freakiest part of this pic for me… that must be a photoshop error right?

No. 834647


Images you can smell.

Like, Jesus Christ, how does she look at this and still charge the rates she does? It’s so… I don’t even know what to say. At least most other costhots/porn models put some minimal effort to look alluring and attractive but not Moo. Mariah is under the assumption that just showing her meat flaps entitles her to money. I can’t wait to see her continue this shit well into her 30’s-40’s and charging pennies for it. There’s always an audience for bloated and botched aging whores.

No. 834648

Have you not looked in the mirror at your tongue against the roof of your mouth, anon? I agree it’s disturbing though but that’s expected from Mariah because she can’t model for shit.

No. 834649

No I haven’t lol is that something people do? Just looks freaky, you’re right she can’t pose for shit

No. 834650

Fucks going on with her labia? I know she probably struggles with wiping herself given her size. But unless that's blur burning it looks almost like she has a ringworm rash.

No. 834651

i love how even in poses like this her absolute lack of ass is so apparent from the contrast of her massive thighs. of course she's doing a "set" in her mcmansion shower, but couldn't she have scooted a little forward to cover the drain or picked a slightly more glamorous angle? Looks like foreverkailyn tried to make her onlyfans debut and fell over. this activates the part of my brain that is repulsed by sex trafficking porn because it looks so much like someone forced an elderly escort into low budget free porn. the combo of that and the drain make this feel like frame one of some golden shower grotesquery. holy shit umbran help abuelita up and press the life alert!

No. 834652

File: 1620365203659.png (8.26 MB, 1125x2436, B1779B38-6249-4967-91AD-DDE93C…)

The leopard geckos cage is littered with dead mealworms that’s further proof she doesn’t clean her animals cages

No. 834653

Somebody dropped their holiday turkey in the shower?

No. 834654

when taking pics, it’s a good tip to press your tongue to the top of your mouth. it makes your neck seem skinnier and your jaw more pronounced. she just for some reason opened her mouth while doing this

No. 834655

looks like she’s wearing a sumo suit lmao

No. 834658

Lmao the shelf of fat she has under her tits holy shit. She looks like a brood mother from dragon age

No. 834659

These fatties are absolute shape shifters lol good to know

No. 834660

File: 1620368452133.jpeg (447.84 KB, 1242x1669, 2BC03D5C-DD27-439A-BAD1-C1923E…)

The official promo for the brand of bra she’s wearing literally released all their sets via tennis promo at the moment. She’s not even original lmao

No. 834663

Holy shit this is a new level of lazy even for Mariah.

No. 834666

Jesus, the shoop is so bad this deserves to go in the bad photoshop thread.

No. 834695

Every time I zoom in it gets worse. The bruised, inflamed tit. Her dumpy rolls. Her discolored fupa, pimply ass cheeks… Christ. For someone who likes snapping photos in the shower I bet she smells like rotting cheese just by appearance.

No. 834698


the quad boob is hilarious. get a bra that fits mariah, this >>834620 ain't it

No. 834704

File: 1620405738771.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1680, 1C8399D4-4F90-43F6-90ED-E8EAE9…)


That blurred out part under her kneecap lol, she has so much money and yet can’t hire anyone competent in photoshop. I’m convinced Squarecuck is secretly sabotaging her at this point with these awful edits.
She just looks like an obese toddler here.

No. 834706

I don’t think it’s a bruise. Sometimes with large tits if you have bad circulation you get these inflammatory spots.

No. 834707

File: 1620405995019.jpeg (591.22 KB, 1242x785, E812A7E1-94D6-443D-9098-43DA6F…)

Here we go again. Master set designer Mariah needs credit for checks notes ripping up fabric.

No. 834708

I don’t think it’s laziness, I think it’s her vanity. She thinks she’s just as attractive as that model and could copy that look, half assed of course. All of her photoshoots are to fuel her vanity.

No. 834712

true, she could get someone better. However Momo asks the impossible from Square. She' asks him to eliminate every pore, wrinkle, cellulite, and to top it all off make her look 100 pounds lighter than she really is. The guy is probably stressed because Momo is basically asking him to repaint a new body but still make it look "realistic"

Momo has reached early Dakota Rose levels of delusion and photoshop. At least Dakota did the photoshop herself. Moo is the very essence of lazy.

No. 834714

This. She thinks she is the most original and succesful in everything, but quite the contrary. Also lacks completely in taste.

No. 834715

Both those shower pics have a hair by the drain.
Why didn't she credit whoever made her costume&accessories too?

No. 834718

>Why didn't she credit whoever made her costume&accessories too?

She has always been like this. Bitch doesn't want to admit she's a useless, lazy fatass

No. 834720

Just watch when she stops posting about her new animals. They’ll probably end up dead, i feel sorry for them.

No. 834721

>> I always look unhinged

Well she got that part right.

No. 834722


Her taking a shower is a fantasy, that’s why it’s a photo shoot. She’s cosplaying as bitch who takes showers anon

No. 834725

wtf how are her fingers so short in here???

No. 834727

She doesn't take care of her pets currently. Maddie cares for the cats and I believe Square takes care of the reptiles and plants. RIP plants.
I would only worry for her pets if she lives alone, but even Moo knows she can't be by herself. So her animals are okay-ish. Honestly worried for the snake since someone is over feeding it. Other than that they are fine.

No. 834730

Fingers crossed for a TND/moo crossover in where Tayter tries to tell Moo how to take “care” of her neglected animals, and Moo convinces Tayter to do lewd cosplay for simpbux.

No. 834736

Oh that makes sense, she's had that reddish blotchy patch on her tit for years and it doesn't seem to ever get better.

No. 834737

the photo looks as if she fucked up playing tennis and bonked her head on the cement.

No. 834754

File: 1620430545251.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 2880x3840, Ybs1I5s.jpg)

My friend, you dropped the best ones. What a shame
How could her newest feature? The crusty lips?

No. 834755

File: 1620430662046.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 2880x3840, xM3HssR.jpg)

No. 834756

File: 1620430855883.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.73 MB, 3840x5760, 04iDGKu.jpg)

Actual fucking question: is she just not shaving for shoots? Is Square needing to blur out her leg hair?

No. 834757

Christ. I feel like I’m watching a walrus about to give birth in an aquarium.

No. 834758

File: 1620430978809.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 3840x2560, oboBNfD.jpg)

Forgot the unnie pointy chin in this one

No. 834759

File: 1620431152482.jpg (1.89 MB, 3840x5760, 2KX5T3F.jpg)

nice leg ripples

No. 834760

Jesus Christ. I would ask if she was trying to cosplay as the dead, rotting woman from The Shining, but whatever this is a photo of, it’s way scarier than that.

No. 834762

there is something just terrifying about this. my eyes keep seeing new things that just look..off

what on earth is that expression?!
help I've fallen and can't get up

No. 834763

Lol why doesn't she hold the racket or ball?

No. 834765

this looks more like a titan than her titan cosplay

No. 834766

She's a world class athlete how dare you question her sports aesthetic!!! For her stolen shoot idea!!

No. 834767


She’s wearing a long sleeve shirt under a turtle neck sweater? What in the fashion ..

No. 834768

1. I'm under the assumption this court is near or in her gated community. She's being sneaky again and "hiding" her exposed body
2. She's hiding her bingo lady arms

No. 834769

so have we given up on drawing already? haven't seen mention of it for a while

No. 834771

The fact she has white shit in her teeth, crusty ass lips and her tiddy looks like it's suffocating is gold

No. 834772

It didn't net her millions of adoring fans right off the bat and her jpeg husbando of the week is probably not doing it for her anymore

No. 834775

File: 1620436961081.jpg (82.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


No. 834776

What was her goal in posting this? Why would not only her, but her team/editor(s) throughout this whole process not fix her chapped as fuck lips? This is genuinely bewildering.

No. 834777

also her eyelashes are falling off but who can really count that entire travesty lol

No. 834779

This is genuinely one of the funniest photos she's ever released wtf. This is how I imagine she answers the door to her doordash orders.
>hey kid, you want to make an extra $20?
Strong desperate alcoholic housewife energy, the weird hunched pose and sagging udders down to her bellybutton really sell it.

Her extensions here look like a mangled something pulled out of a gutter drain. kek

No. 834780

the scariest part is there are the BEST photos they picked, heavily edited them and it was the best they could do. And she wonders why men run away from her. There is no way she's someone in her 20's

No. 834781

Moo is so desperate to show off her work in the smallest timeframe possible. She definitely doesn't quality check her "team's" work anymore. It's just a race to be first as usual. The photos I presented to you are not the repeats (she posts alot of repeat poses in her sets to "bulk" it up for sale). These happen to be the worst out of the bunch release imho

No. 834782

I’ve lol’d at some of her photos before…but this one…just feels like laughing at someone with a mental disorder (and I am laughing) but I am starting to feel worse about it

No. 834784

Sage for samefag and blogposting, but when I came into momokun threads, it was to laugh at an arrogant and hypocritical bitch for sexually harassing ppl. For the past 5 threads,it’s just been watching a body horror pov of a mentally disabled person with severe body dismorphia exacerbated by these very threads, fall deeper into their delusions and fuck their body up worse and worse

No. 834787

Men will touch her. Men dont have any fucking standards and fuck anything with a pulse.

No. 834788

Do you think she meant Phil as "Rengoku"? (he cosplayed Rengoku a while ago)

No. 834789

No. 834790

She will get new simps with these.
I dont think people realize that her face is plastic (bimbofication) and she attracts men who like big tits and dont care about fat stomachs or anything.
People here have way too high standards for men.
Men simp for any woman. Even twomwn on my 600lb tv show or whatever can get simps.
Moo doesnt attract normal men. She attracts pornsick men, fat fetishists and bimbo fans. Then again males will believe her photoshop because theyre retarded.
I just hope one day she saves up and go to school or some shit because shes not going to last long.

No. 834791


No. 834792

File: 1620444621176.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 0DF3F31F-542D-4753-9DDC-47472D…)

I thought only “real men” existed in anime, Moo?

No. 834793

Men jerking off to her digital paintings is different than fucking her irl. She's been thirsty and desperate for months now. The last guy was a paid prostitute and he was only able to get half flaccid and get a few pumps in.

No. 834795


Anon she's cosplaying Lady Dimitrescu, who hunts down the player character and threatens to devour his man flesh.

This is a perfect costume for her, Mariah is going to look awesome as this tall, shapely, sensual character! /s

No. 834796

I know who she’s cosplaying, it was a joke about her latest IG sperging.

What was the point of digitally painting her legs into a muddled mess when the edges show how lumpy and cellulite riddled her legs really are?

No. 834798

Okay, let me rephrase my post. The men she actually wants will never touch her. She will end up throwing thousands of dollars at escorts the rest of her life and that's it. The only way any man will ever touch her willingly is one of her freak fans. And we all know she actually hates her followers. They're just her piggybank to throw cash at the men she wish she could get. What a pathetic existence.

The men she desires have standards. I wonder if she's aware of that fact or is still delusional about it.

No. 834800

File: 1620452816304.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, DAC759A4-54EA-439C-8040-1C9BC8…)

Guessing Moo had to churn something out since farmers mentioned she’s already given up on her “artistic” pursuits. What happened to the all new iPad Pro?

She still draws like a cringy middle schooler lol

No. 834804

I can't believe how much she cares about lolcow or KF
Her art looks like trash and she seems so proud about it, she's delusional if she thinks she has any talent.

No. 834805

She really does draw like a weeb. The face is turned to the side. But the hat is facing straight? Learn the basic, moo.

No. 834806

Oh good, she was able to herd in another calf for the shoot. Aly's manly face will round out this shitshow nicely.

No. 834810

File: 1620457363465.jpg (16.15 KB, 250x206, douma.jpg)

That does not look like a child at all.


I was laughing about that too. How do you even manage to fuck up that bad.

No. 834811

Yoooo why the FUCK does her left leg look like a giant finger

This pic is even more egregious. One leg is gargantuan in size while the other looks like it got blasted with a shrink ray. It's serving elephantiasis realness. Adding insult to injury, I'm 100% certain that he redrew her fun sized left calf in ms paint.

No. 834813

>I just hope one day she saves up and go to school or some shit
But anon, she already has degrees in international business, linguistics and pharmacology!

No. 834814

File: 1620459060116.jpg (822.12 KB, 1191x1788, 20210508_093047.jpg)

No. 834815

File: 1620459849908.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, 198F709E-8E4E-44D7-94D2-9E842A…)

She can’t even draw uniform circular beads lmao

Don’t worry anon, she “aged him up” so she can continue to lust over him without looking like a pedo.

No. 834816

She draws Douma like she is herself; bland and ugly. At least aly's version has some emotion. If I drew that I'd be embarrassed to show these side by side.

No. 834817

Even her drawings look like they want to be put out of their misery. I hate to give Aly any kind of compliment but at least the drawing looks somewhat decent compared to Moo’s lifeless “I want to dead” piece.

No. 834818

lmao the fucking glowing balls

No. 834822

I think that's the most visible vein-kun has ever been holy shit

No. 834826

this has "what you ordered vs what you got" vibes

moos has exactly the amount of care put into it that I'd expect

No. 834831

>Both too afraid to draw hands

No. 834834

Excuse you, anon. Don't you remember that Moo mastered drawing (and totally not tracing) hands in the last thread? She's so proud of it, it's her Twitter banner.

No. 834836

File: 1620480295004.jpg (776.56 KB, 976x1442, Stay_Out_of_the_Basement_(Cove…)

All I could think of is her hand looks like one of those Halloween monster gloves with those talons of hers.

No. 834847

File: 1620494217482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.08 KB, 583x1134, 0BB03246-D6BC-44FC-A3F4-899133…)

Moo can’t help herself and like shotas still. This was in her Twitter likes

No. 834848

yeah the top (head and face) have such an uncanny look to it maybe because her plastic face is such a contrast to her blob body? kek

No. 834860

When exactly did all of this start to become an exploration of body horror?

All of this is so scary. No movie or game can keep up with her content.

No. 834861

I know right? I never seen someone who was morbidly obese get so much lipo suction done. Her body is… one of a kind.

No. 834864

And she's only 25 years old. Just imagine what she'll manage to warp herself into in another 5 or so years. Genuinely curious how she'll age into her 30s and 40s.

No. 834866

File: 1620514862305.jpg (139.96 KB, 716x1047, Hlva737.jpg)

Excited to see this trainwreck

No. 834867

File: 1620515157840.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 2878x3838, 820oEIH.jpg)

No. 834868

holy fuck that rash does NOT look healthy

No. 834869

File: 1620515221728.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 2879x3839, Fmoy2RH.jpg)

Snow filters cannot blur out the huge fucking red rash on her tit

No. 834870

File: 1620515325667.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 2880x3840, 7hJfGx1.jpg)

Looks worse here, anon >>834868
I want to know what it looks like without filters. That cannot be normal. She's had this for a while

No. 834871

File: 1620515409574.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 2878x3838, fBGNdkS.jpg)

No. 834872

he wasn't your boyfriend Moo. he was a prostitute you paid to go on two dates and fuck you half flaccid.
All I have to say to the current dude is… good luck. Any guy that looks at Moo she thinks they're a couple. It's creepy. I'm sure the second they meet she will make him post a pic with her and she will post her infamous rant about how much he means to her and the deep love she has for him.

No. 834873

This has so much "lonely middle age mom" vibes. Like you go and visit your friends house and their mom asks for your help in their room and your confronted with this sagging mess.
The cat hair all over the thong just sells this image.

No. 834874

Eh technically half truth. A paid boyfriend is still a boyfriend. It's just sad.

No. 834875

The fact she has to make up boyfriends is so so sad. Gunt wasn't a boyfriend. Gunt's tattoos never matched any male friend's tattoos she's encountered at cons. Where did this boyfriend come from? I thought she was a bad bitch that didn't need a man? So confusing

No. 834876

Pretty sure those thigh highs she has on are so she can hide her hairy legs without shooping them.

No. 834877

someone supply that torrent my guy(begone)

No. 834878

Her stance on lolis was “they are just drawings I don’t know why people are mad when I sexualize them”
She likes younger feminine looking men
Mommy complex…
Doesn’t surprise me she looks at shota too
How much longer are people going to be blind that she’s a fucking creep in that regard.

No. 834879

Coomer detected. Ban imminent

No. 834880

File: 1620517981629.png (491.74 KB, 750x1334, 46159068-953B-4F8B-ABF0-8716B4…)

Tinder anon supplying cringe..
“I promise I’m not white guys im just a wacky artist Lebanese Barbie”

No. 834881

She is literally a female neck beard so her being a sex pest pedo wouldn't surprise me. Well she is one since that whole "moo-lester" saga

She will find zero success with such a dishonest bio. First, her pictures are basically catfishing and guys hate that. If they manage to get past the fact she looks nothing like her photos they have to deal with her smell and her "lol totally random" personality. Basically screeching on their date as everyone looks at them as the guy says "I have to use the bathroom" and runs.

No. 834882

Not the "lol randum xD" bio trying to get a man…Jesus
Yes, mention having ADHD for no reason

No. 834883

this reminds me of how edgy rawr teens wrote their myspace bios like 15 years ago. She says she wants a man but she wants to act like a teen

No. 834884

I don’t remember kbbq being her bf. face it moo you were nothing but a fuck buddy

No. 834885

She has these outlandish expectations for what a “real man” is… according to some YouTube video and anime men….
Gets off at emasculating men by calling them “boys” when they don’t do things in her perfect design.
She doesn’t know how to act like a human being much less a woman.

No. 834887

the way she talks about men is so dehumanizing. She isn't looking for a partner, she's looking for an accessory. If she wants one of those shallow relationships she has to be an 11/10. I hate the numbers shit, but since Moo wants to act like a scrote I'll do it. She's a 2, maybe a 3 if she showers and puts in maximum effort. The only advantage she has is everyone looks at her when she enters a room because she's a circus act.

No. 834889


No. 834893

It's either that or she's finally admitting her shoots with KBBQ were porn. Goodness, she was on such a high horse about not being a ~whore~ back then too, just look at our cow now.

No. 834895

either way she only worked with a small handful of guys and NONE of them considered her a girlfriend (Some were dating someone else). What a weird thing to lie about

No. 834896


Boob Rash arc has begun!

No. 834897

her respondimg "indirectly" to lolcow is so pathetic

i honestly think we're the only ones she can turn to for actual advice/critique since she runs off anyone who isn't an enabler 24/7 irl

imagine being so much of a toxic, overbearing person that your only real dose of reality is an anon internet forum.

No. 834898

I was going to ask how she keeps up with her lies but then I realized she’s clearly not.

This just seems like she’s trying to erase the travesty that was Gunt-kun by pretending she’s only worked with KBBQ. and the fact she’s calling him her bf… how fucking embarrassing for her. Also wasnt there another guy she did POV with after David? I think he did her moo cow POV set in milk or some shit.

Also I find it interesting after the anon came here talking about her rep in the escort community she’s talking about doing more work with male models, and has to specify he was a male model too. Like look guys, I can work with MODELS

No. 834899

I'm pretty certain there was another guy she worked who turned out to be an abuser too. It was quite a few threads so I can't be bothered checking, but I'm 100% certain he was

No. 834901

File: 1620531340216.jpg (29.32 KB, 730x487, rnldu651.jpg)

Uh mariah, KBBQ wasn't your BF, that's the entire reason you doxxed him and sent rabid fans to his house, because he didn't want to date you… We haven't forgotten your lies.

No. 834902

WHY did she think this was hot? The slighty hairy pussy and stretch marks like wtf is going on through her head? Can't she at least shave or edit it out if she's going for the smooth porn star look?

No. 834903

She's lazy

No. 834904

wow mariah, asexual queen

No. 834905

Lol at moo never mentioning the reptiles in the bio.

No. 834906

She’s only asexual for men who are in her league, anyone higher than a 5 she’ll gladly spread her wallet and her legs for

No. 834908

This seriously reads like old myspace bios. For a second though I thought she was just straight up begging for a guy to acknowledge her.

No. 834911

Can you imagine how much more pathetic she’d be if her supply of cuck bucks suddenly dried up? If she can’t throw money to get a guy’s attention, she literally has nothing to fall back on lol.

No. 834913

She’s also involving her 3 “friends” as well; who also did a hentai Photoshoot with her. It makes me wonder how this will play out as I remember how jealous she was of Vamp when she was on her webcam as simps paid more attention to her. If that Ethan cosplayer flirts with one of the 3 girls other than Mariah then there’s gonna be a shit show. If the escort stories about her were true then imagine how sad it will be if she’s been blacklisted from the male OF community in the west coast as they do network each other.

No. 834916

Love how the mirror bulges out from the wall

No. 834923


Genuinely excited to see what goss floats around the circles after she goes nuclear cling on another "model". If I hear anything worth mention I'll bring it up. My sides are fucking imploding that she saw me outing her escort usage and blacklisting and immediately tried to find another one to shoot with her. Dude's probably going to get paid 4x his usual rate.

No. 834926

Combat pay, hazard pay, regular pay, and medical pay definitely. Whoever it is should also consider taxing for the inevitable changing of their phone number lol

No. 834933

Who knows if the male OF models will blacklist. There's a lot of blurred lines between them and the cosplayer community and there's always degens who just want clout, and sadly people still think Mariah can provide that with her followers. While with escorts, its never about clout, or at least public clout, so its a lot easier for them to cut someone out if they feel they need to.

No. 834935

Bunch of scrotes ITT obsessed with a woman they will never have. Sad!

No. 834938

Like anyone here wants her lol bye now

No. 834939

thats not why theyre obsessed with her but they are obsessed with her. she hasnt put out any milk worthy content in months and here everyone is talking about her drawings or even giving her money so they could post content and pretend to talk about something. let it die if theres nothing to talk about

No. 834940

if you don't think her shitty new addition to her already shitty tattoo that looks like tingle making an orgasm face isn't entertaining, gtfo this thread already

No. 834944

File: 1620579192582.jpg (635.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-05-09-11-52-25…)

Oh yeah, we can all just throw fuck it money on boujie silk sheets and 100$ sun screen. Just say fuck poor people and move on.

No. 834945

>let it die if there’s nothing to talk about
>bumps the thread

pick one, retard

No. 834946

is this really milk?

No. 834947

when you've got nothing else to talk about, yeah

No. 834948

Wouldn't be surprised if she isn't actually talking to one but more saying she's planning it. She has a habit of suddenly mentioning or showing something right after anons here point it out for her, case in point her "prescription" glasses she won't wear for months until we say something and then she'll be wearing them in her insta stories. I think the male escort stories here really bothered her and she's scrambling to make it seem like she's totally not blacklisted guys!! I'll believe it when I see it because more often than not she doesn't go through with 80% of her cosplay plans anyway.

Also reminded me, what happened to that video of the guy slapping her in the face? The rawdog video was brought up a while ago but I didn't see that one mentioned. Was there even a full video?

No. 834949

Moo has always been retarded with money. Even if her cuck bucks stopped she wouldn't change her life style and keep spending until she's in a stupid amount of debt.

No. 834950

I don't think they understand half of us are just here to gawk at body horror. I just find it fascinating as she morphs before our eyes into a dark souls boss

No. 834951

The photoshopped sculpted “abs” on her upper torso sent my sides into fucking orbit

No. 834952

>very harsh and strips the skin and hair
So is sleeping in makeup

Even though everyone is hoping her money will run out, I have a feeling she’s going to be comfortable for a long time. But it doesn’t matter because it obviously isn’t making her much happier. She uses it to compensate for the lack of relationships

No. 834954

fair enough but it just gets boring coming here expecting milk and its just another post of her weird looking tits

No. 834955

Moo is the only person who is worse off with more money because now she has disposable income to be stupid. The plastic surgery is morphing her into some botched melting monster. And she can spend thousands on food as she rolls herself into morbid obesity. Her life is only glam online, but irl she is in a miserable mess who lives in a bubble. She can't look in a mirror without looking through her phone, and she can hardly breath. She's so self destructive I will be surprised if she makes it to 30. She's her own worse enemy

No. 834956

Blogpost but I used to get a boob rash like moo. I have a history of eczema and other skin rashes so all I did was use rash cream to treat it and stopped wearing bras that irritate the area.(no1curr)

No. 834957

Are you talking about the one where she sucks the dudes fingers, or am getting it mixed up with another one? Pretty certain they were posted around the same time as rawdog was

Even if she stops posting completely, she'll still get people that pay the $10 entry fee, plus whatever else she has pay walled, plus tips. Like it or not, onlyfans was the best (money related) thing to happen to her. Unlike patron they won't care if she's inactive, so she's basically set with essentially passive income now.

She's generating her own gravitational field now.

No. 834958

Comfortable or not, I’m here for this horrorshow. It’s free entertainment. Money can’t buy her love and that’s the best part.

No. 834959

Fucking same. Also I have a feeling once cons start becoming a thing again there will be some new milk flowing.

Before covid she stayed away because of her scandal, so she’s been out of the Sven for a long time. There’s always shit that comes out. I’m patiently waiting.

No. 834961

Yeah that's the one. I'm pretty sure that was triforce guy too. Only reason I bring it up is because it seems like they were probably filmed at the same time. Unless I'm remembering wrong I don't think a full video was ever posted? Just the short clips of her getting rawed and then the finger sucking? Makes me wonder if she only hired him for sex and then tried to get him to film it POV for her onlyfans. If a full video never came out maybe he told her he didn't agree to it or something.

No. 834968

At first a lot of anons speculated it was a Tinder hook up that she convinced to post a private video they recorded. So we all thought it was filmed without intent of ever being released until after.

Even with the escort theory I personally still think its partly true. The fact she did 0 hype for it and seems to want to ignore it ever happened, makes me think it was an opportunity for a quick buck and to gauge her follower's interest. Since we haven't heard her do anything else like it, I'm assuming it did not go over well.

No. 834969

File: 1620587498945.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, D241D52C-B7F4-4E03-9928-791EE2…)

Samefag but she’s so goddamn predictable. Keep lurking Moo.

No. 834970

Well if it was an escort he should be pissed. Some people take videos for the sake of being kinky. But if Moo never told the guy she would be selling it as a porn for profit yeah. Paying someone to fuck is one rate, but paying for a video porno is more expensive.

That anatomy, wtf.

No. 834986

Considering she took them down I’m fairly certain he didn’t want those posted and she only posted them to try and make a quick buck. There’s no way he didn’t ask her to remove them let’s be honest with ourselves moo would’ve milked that for as long as she could

No. 834987

>grid lines for face
>wing the rest of it

lookin' great

No. 834989

File: 1620598728217.png (279.37 KB, 551x515, Screenshot (27).png)

Sucks that Momo is cosplaying Lady Dimitrescu right when Capcom hired Yaya Han to cosplay her. Momo hates being compared to better people. I forgot which cosplay but Yaya out staged her before and Momo never mentioned a certain cosplay again. It was the cosplay Moo put tape on a corset and it fell apart in a day.
Not like Momo can cancel the cosplay and flake now since she roped in other people kek.

No. 834990

Camilla from fire emblem fates I think

No. 834991

Yeah. Moo saw that yaya sew ed a comfortable armor and then tried to sew armor too. Five days before katsucon lol it yaya three months to do. It was a disaster and moo never spoke of it again.

No. 834992

nta but you’re correct. It was also held together with visible safety pins which was always hilarious to me.

No. 834993

She's done this with both Shampoo and Camilla. Both cosplays were hacked together after Yaya dropped hers.

No. 834995

ah the worbla armor she made lol. Tasha told her it wouldn’t work because worbla melts and moo was like nah it will work I’ve tried it on already and it fits me. Then it melted at the con.

No. 834996

Notice that the Camilla our cow wore the right color lenses the first time. But when yaya dropped her Camilla yaya had the wrong color eyes. Strange since yaya is a stickler for detail. The Mariah started wearing red lenses with Camilla instead of purple. I honestly think yaya did it to see if moo was copying her.

No. 834998

File: 1620603362202.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, B8AA856F-7ECD-42F2-A9E3-74751C…)

Speaking of Yaya…

I wonder how many hours a day Moo lurks here instead of “practicing her art” lol

No. 834999

File: 1620603511643.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, B9B5B21C-9ADE-44D6-B4D4-FB0888…)

Dear lord the anatomy! Good to know those thousands she threw down on supplies and art books went to good use. /s

No. 835000

Moo needs to worry about her degrading body than a group of anons on a image board.
Crusty lips.

No. 835002

Agreed, and the fact she didn’t hype it in any sort of way, like she was being sneaky and hoping he wouldn’t find out. It that is the case, it’s pretty fucking illegal too.

No. 835003

what the fuck is with all the chicken scratch? and that arm just doesn't look right…

No. 835004

Of course she lurks here 24/7. She's been obsessed with lolcow since thread 1.

Watch her try to suck up to Yaya after this. Both Nigiri and Yaya want nothing to do with her.

No. 835008

>the hair is the scariest

then fix the rest of it first moo, he doesn't even have a head to put the hair on lmao
read your books again PLEASE

No. 835010

Doesn't matter this point. Mariah just doesn't porn. She doesn't make money off cosplay.

No. 835011

At this point I'm 100% sure she loves our attention. Aside from her small friend group and the men who pay for her content we are the only other people who give her any attention or even know she exists, and we do it for free too! The way she always responds in some way when we bring something up here sounds more to me like she does it because she KNOWS we'll talk about it. She never grew up from being a teen and she acts out for attention just like one.

Btw, no mother's day post today Moo? Has her mom not slaved over something enough for her lately to earn it?

No. 835013

Mother’s Day post imminent,
(Also if you’re reading this, hi mooriah)

No. 835016

Honey, he has no neck. Maybe reread those books you bought for better anatomy before working on hair. Weird not seeing a Douma post either today. And not a story patting herself on the back for being "such a good cat mama uwu"

No. 835017

Oh we all know she does porn. But she's so ashamed of it she will still screech her main income is cosplay.

Also the day is over and no mention of mothers day. Which for her mom… thank god. The last 3 she made her mother work for her, clean the house, pull weeds exc. Seems the only time she posts about her mother is when she's shamelessly putting her to work.
Maybe her dad finally convinced Mama Mallad to disown her like the rest of her family.

And cue in Momo rushing a "loving" post about her mom in 3…2…1

No. 835019

File: 1620613821791.jpeg (498.59 KB, 1241x2202, 52647365-E8C3-438B-B415-8101FA…)

And I rest my fucking case.

No. 835021

you say that like its strange to post on mother's day, if she can show something off shes just going to do it like everyone else that uses instagram

No. 835022

looking like fat anisa

No. 835023

Her mom looks like she’s cringing on the inside

No. 835024

it's funny because she most likely read anons shitting on her for forgetting mothers day and scrambled to take her to get a quick bite to eat at 8 pm.

No. 835025

Lol she probably covered her lawn in fake marble so mom doesn’t have to do yard work anymore.

No. 835026

her mom looks younger than her lmao

No. 835028

That's her mom?! They look 5 years apart

No. 835030

The difference between a sweet woman’s aging process vs a rotten girl’s aging process
I find it funny how in 5 years moo will look 55

No. 835031

imagine wasting all that money on art supplies and then just buying a tablet. Hope maddies putting those supplies to good use now.

is she using herself as a reference? because he's as boxy as she is. Also that thumb is massive, learn proportions ffs.

I think she's going for that rough "draft" look, where an actual artist would roughly scribble a draft to figure out poses etc and then use that as the starting point to work from.

like clockwork at this point.

wouldn't you, if your daughter took you out and made you take a photo making kissy faces at a plushie on mothers day?

No. 835032

So is she just bringing that thing around everywhere now like a 5 year old?

No. 835033

At least it’s not a body pillow, though on the other hand I would love to see her drag one around like <s>an autist</s> the strong independent woman she is

No. 835034

Plot-twist: I’m the actual autist that can’t format text

No. 835036

File: 1620636165140.jpeg (431.09 KB, 1236x1249, E66C83A1-8C61-4779-A334-C3A09E…)

Oh boy we got lots of errors here. Here’s what I found so far.

No. 835037

Anon we all know she is a shit artist. But this is cringey as fuck, no one needs you to redline “errors” it for us to know it’s bad. We got eyes.

No. 835038

Don’t forget it’s “toroso” not torso
Moo can’t spell anything correctly

No. 835039

we have a redline thread in /ot for a reason

No. 835040

File: 1620639244720.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, 0BB181A6-3344-43E7-AA28-0EA775…)

How long until she imports her one true love to the states to live with her? And by “true love“, I mean the fucking toilet she won’t shut up about every time she sets hoof in glorious Nippon.

Her fetishization of all things Japanese is so goddamn gross.

No. 835041

preetty certain that hotels in japan aren't covered floor to ceiling in garish faux marble, cat hair and fake plants.
also why would you capitalize hotel but not Japan?
oh and those tattoos are truly awfull, damn

No. 835042


Didnt know she had a fun house mirror. Oh whoops there’s the warp she used again to photoshop herself because half a dozen lipo procedures didn’t do the trick

No. 835044

Her mom!? More looks like her younger sister at this point. I honestly hope moo keeps earning so we can see how much of a plastic surgery disaster she becomes.

No. 835051

I’m surprised she hasn’t been canceled for fetishizing Japan and anything originating from there, she’s creepy for that.

No. 835052

File: 1620650504515.jpeg (193.34 KB, 457x799, 2C06BA4C-E28E-4B8D-93D9-3CF831…)

These donkey Kong proportions

No. 835061

That bitch couldn't fit in a Japanese hotel.

No. 835063


So get fake marble everywhere, and use cheap bath mats everywhere? That was her grand vision? She looks like she put her bed in the bathroom (and beyond)

No. 835065

and like a 5 year old she will get bored. Remember when she bought her first rag doll Guzma? She put him in one of those cat backpacks, said she wanted to take him to cons, make him an emotional support animal so she can take him everywhere? Well she got bored of him in like a month and the same year bought another cat.
The only gift you can give Moo is food or bowls to eat the food. Because at least you know she will use them.

No. 835066

and that amrezy filter is still on. Those sagging tits down to her belly button, those giant arms, those baby legs. Does anyone sit her down and tell her they're concerned about her health? Or did she kick those people out of her life?

My theory is she spent everything on the mcmansion. She filled it with Ikea and Walmart furniture. If she could control her spending habits every month I'm sure she could get some really good furniture. But everything goes to plastic surgery and dumb purchases.

No. 835068


She wouldn’t know good furniture any more than she can sew or translate Japanese. She can’t even spell IKEA

No. 835069

File: 1620664653194.jpg (132.3 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20210510-103614_Twi…)

No. 835070

"I walk to the fridge, make my friend take care of my animals and stopped making content. I scammed scrotes so my lazy ass doesn't have to work. Life is good"

No. 835072

jesus, that level of chickenscratch. apparently she's both too lazy to go jogging and too lazy to study. probably why she's opening her legs instead of getting paid for a career.

what's her 5 year plan? considering she buys $100 sunscreen it's safe to say she isn't buying index funds. welfare? simpbux for a babytrap? even starbucks wouldn't hire her. being a prostitute is one thing since both you and the john want to keep it private, but once you put your face on the internet with your cunt exposed there isn't any HR that will have you. the ethot trend has been fascinating.

No. 835073

File: 1620671252405.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4000x4000, B90F7445-40CE-4C11-B724-FE4990…)

Was reading trough her old threads and well.. her face and body has changed so much, not the best comparison bc the filters on the new pic but yeah.

No. 835074

Oh yeah, the left pic is from thread 11, so 3-4 years ago. But in no way nobody’s face changes so much naturally.

No. 835076

It looks like as she gains weight she melts more and more. She should invest in a breast lift but we know she hates recovery time… well at this point she needs a whole new body but whatever

No. 835079

I wonder if moo will ever look back on this weeb boss-b!tch-but-actually-just-washed-up phase and cringe. Like she's 25, there's no way she's not choosing to grow up mentally at this point and not choosing to be a child. But fuck, I wonder what life will be like when life forces her to grow up.
Moo, you lurk here. Get your shit together before it's wayyyy too late.

No. 835080

her tits are hanging so low that i could swear to god it was her belly, what the hell

No. 835081

She's 25, 300 pounds and doesn't care because showing her asshole pays the bills. Does she hate being fat? Yeah but that requires work. Momo doesn't want to work.
On the plus side, if she keeps destroying herself by the time she's 30 she can be a TV star… on my 600 pound life

No. 835084

Anons, correct me if I'm wrong here, but are her pancakes hanging so low they're almost resting on her thighs? Jesus Christ woman, get some fucking help.

No. 835085

yup, they are almost down to her thighs. Say anything about it she will tell you "this is what a REAL womans body looks like"
Which, yeah she would be right. If the woman was over 40.

No. 835087

I will never understand how this sow literally got a breast reduction young thats also basically a free lift in one, knew her fat ass would repeat the big sagging udders if she got obese again and then went ahead and let herself go anyways. We know she has no issue reversing expensive procedures she goes through but I am still floored she has basically made it a conscious choice to look busted.

No. 835088

the problem started with this fucking breast reduction when she was 16 for no other reason than wanting to turn into a jock to seek attention from her jock parents. who would have guessed it would go bad later…lol

No. 835089

well I would blame her dad for that one. But I kinda understand why. Your child is a lazy obese brat so you want to fix that. However he was a major dick about it. But don't feel too bad because when Moo was fit she started shitting on fat chicks. She would still be fat shaming if she was thin

No. 835095

File: 1620686750023.png (2.52 MB, 1800x1571, 6B876136-7CF9-4814-A62C-B30E94…)

No. 835096

Samefag but the first article doesn’t even mention Moo and the second focuses more on Akemi. Either way, her ego is going to swell from this and she’ll think these nothing articles (which no one comments on) solidify her “cosplayer” status.

No. 835097

Yeah she must be re living her long past glory days where news sites knew her as thicc Samus. But yeah, checked their other articles, zero comments.

No. 835098

They probably don't know she is a molestor. They need to know.

No. 835100

Molester, suicide baiter, harassment, art thief. The list goes on

No. 835103

How long until people realize and beg the websites to take it down?

No. 835104

My question is, is she the first one to mention anything about this article? I find it funny she would be the first to even notice this even if she’s quickly mentioned.

No. 835105

I think she was since she’s tagging everyone in it. Not surprising considering her vanity, she probably obsessively googles herself for mentions between lurking here.

No. 835111

She does google herself and has a “team” of people who frequently browse her name and aliases to take down people who distribute her content.
I get it but she’s also a narcissist.

No. 835113

Learn actual anatomy before trying to correct moo.

Cringe and sage

No. 835114

Her head is 2 shades lighter than her body. It's free to get color matched at any Sephora since you find it so hard moo.
Also her teeth are awful. I have no idea why people think overly white obviously porcelain teeth look good? Her real teeth are little stumps under there. So creepy.

Can't imagine having such low self esteem I refer to my vagina as a cock warmer. She's spent so much trying to look hot and she still has to absolutely beg for bottom of the barrel attention.

No. 835117

File: 1620702436941.jpeg (127.57 KB, 828x552, 575BB819-C150-44FA-ADC4-E7D213…)

She’s really proud of this ms paint mess?

No. 835118

This is so poorly edited my eyes didn't understand what they were seeing for a min and I thought they had poorly photoshopped her partially behind the tree before seeing her head awkwardly pasted further back. lmao

No. 835121

Thanks, captain obvious.

No. 835122

I had the same reaction when I first saw it. Now I see why she hasn’t posted much of this set, it’s edited all horribly. The blurry trees make me feel nauseas.

No. 835123

kek they forgot to edit her right leg to match her left. Look how massive her cankle is in comparison. Betting they figured in the shadows no one will notice.

No. 835124

The most distracting thing to me is the fact they didn’t bother to shoot her face in different lighting so they cropped her head and rotated it. It’s so fucking amateur it hurts. The fact anyone thinks this is impressive is sad.

No. 835126

I wonder is she searches the names of anyone she shoots with afterwards now?

No. 835130

I went to read the articles and they barely mention moo

Hilariously it's all about akemi

Wonder how it feels for moo to literally just be called spider mom shoot by akemi vs momokun in the title

I bet it eats her alive it's why she posted it I think to rub it in that she was included but even the articles glossed her over in favor of her "friend"

No. 835137

What am I looking at? Is her head… twisted behind her? Istg the editing is so choppy it's depressing. They just realigned her fat head like a Barbie doll. She's also sporting some serious beetus legs, lmfao.

No. 835141

Maryo Chozuki managed to spin all-around weird-looking boobs into an ero cosplay career and is still at it after 13 or 14 years despite being heavier than ever. She is 33 and looks younger than Mariah. Her costumes are also pretty decent. Who i mean:

There are such low standards with softcore porn cosplay so why did Mariah decide to do whatever the hell she is doing?

No. 835148

Mariah's head is so far up her ass she thinks as long as she flashes a floppy tit or snaps a pic of her crusty cunt she'll get nothing but praise and worship. I'm sure her scrotes aren't that stupid. One day they're all gonna drop like flies and she has no back up plan whatsoever. Bankrupt saga when?

No. 835150

knowing her history she contacted the website and paid a pretty penny to promote the set. It's just weird an unknown website would promote a set that isn't fully available to the public. Big circles were not talking about this set so it would be weird that this would count as "news" in any site

No. 835151

to add Moo hopped on this article right away didn't she?

No. 835154


Having come straight from the lillie Jean thread I thought this when I saw that- that this was bought engagement trying to pretend she’s still relevant to cosplay. Or that what she does is cosplay. It just feels bought.

No. 835155

I'm sure she tried a bigger website but they turned her down because of her rep and they don't need the money. She had to go to a website that was struggling for engagement and cash

No. 835158

File: 1620747343970.jpg (64.21 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_20210511-113403_Fac…)


Oc she does.

No. 835159

File: 1620747670741.jpg (32.51 KB, 680x478, e33.jpg)

Momo during this whole article debacle. This has got to be so cringe. The sad thing is no one cares except for her

If some photoshop savvy anon can edit Momo into this meme it would make my day

No. 835165

File: 1620754601419.png (2.96 MB, 1242x2208, BE03644F-A8FD-4CA8-BD96-63EB85…)

That sad attempt at editing her an ass. I’m also never going to understand why she loves looking like an unkempt hobo in all her shoots with these ratty wigs.

No. 835167

I'm fucking crying at the wavy lump on her right ass cheek.

No. 835168

File: 1620758343296.png (339.32 KB, 680x478, bestcosplayeraward.png)

probably not exactly what you were looking for, but I had fun lol

No. 835170

There is something equally funny yet tragic about seeing her boob literally melting into her body
At this point anytime she does something she turns it into onlyfans content.

No. 835175

File: 1620763842009.jpg (Spoiler Image,315.98 KB, 2334x564, 1488649211219.jpg)


No. 835178

But anon, she had an eating disorder and was severely depressed back then! She‘s the happiest she has ever been now!

No. 835179

If that isn’t a wake-up call for how far you’ve let yourself go, then I don’t know what is. Holy shit…

No. 835181


Lebanese Barbie that hasn’t mentioned a thing about Palestine although every Arab person has, further evidence that she just uses her .10% heritage as an exotic race card

No. 835182

And that has nothing to do with how she has ZERO responsibilities and nothing to account for her in her life besides easy money!

No. 835183

Honestly kinda surprised she hasn't used it as an opprotunity to remind everyone she's ~not white~ and that this somehow personally affects her horribly and is a victim.

No. 835184

I don't know how much she really cares. She probably makes much more money being the fat slob she is. The exaggerated proportions is what the fat fetish scrotes love.

No. 835189


she's had so much work done that the right pic is looking like elon musk, who has also had a ton of work done. the resemblance is uncanny

No. 835191


Kek the second to last pic where she used the bedsheets to give herself curves.

And people were stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 835192

File: 1620773462441.jpg (Spoiler Image,743.3 KB, 687x890, JkG4rq9.jpg)

Some more video (why won't God let me die):

>upgraded from American porn star moans to Japanese AV ones

>clutches her stomach fat less in this one
>makes literal coochie cream

She had another feature that was with a gummy dick but who cares.

No. 835193

File: 1620773549988.jpg (Spoiler Image,599.47 KB, 687x878, 97CKCJ2.jpg)

No. 835194

Her nails digging into her boob and >>835193 white hair on her black socks… holy shit.

No. 835196

I’m convinced she has no feeling left in her body with the way she’s clawing at her breast and vag like that. I guess you gotta be dead inside to do what you do now, huh Moo?

No. 835198

Shes gonna mention it now.

No. 835199

three of her four grandparents were born in Lebanon
the “she’s really Italian” mythology is easy to disprove with a quick Google

No. 835205

Eesh those black band tattoos do not look good. Her skin in general looks so unhealthy. Moo please drink water and moisturize

No. 835206

I know it's low on the list of moo's body horror issues, but I wish she'd figure out what she's trying to do with her pussy hair situation. The half grown in, patchy hair spread out almost hip to hip and halfway down her inner thighs is giving me shay vibes. I guess she legitimately is using the thigh highs to hide not shaving like the other anons were tinfoiling. kek

Moo invest in some razors and a lint roller. It's a couple bucks and 20min tops. You're prob gonna need some monistat for that yeast situation tho.

No. 835210

File: 1620784366833.jpg (141.14 KB, 1080x1009, IMG_20210511_205239.jpg)

No. 835214

Cat fur all over her socks, very professional

No. 835217

So girl is 300 pounds and she's proud of flushing cash down the toilet? kek, alright Moo

No. 835225

Subtle Moo… She’s so proud to have wasted an absurd amount of money to look that botched. This is why anons shouldn’t be mad about the cash she pulls in from her scams, it only goes towards ruining her body more because she can’t control herself. I say sit back and enjoy the show because Moo will always deliver the cringe.

No. 835226

File: 1620790476203.jpg (264.6 KB, 1080x1625, IMG_20210511_223427.jpg)

Sure Jan

No. 835227

210? who tf does she think she's fooling? kek

No. 835229

We saw the tennis set candid your friend posted Moo, there is no way in hell you’re 210! Nobody at that weight has cankles like those! My god the denial is staggering.

No. 835230

imagen being morbidly obese and gloating about health. The level of delusion and self loathing. And of course fat shaming someone else. Good thing we grabbed the screen cap before she deleted it
"I fat shamed in the past! I have changed!"

No. 835231

Also que in Moo making Maddie or Square stand on the scale and claiming their weight is hers to prove she isn't close to 300 pounds

No. 835235

If she had a single brain cell in her head she wouldn’t engage with these people, but I guess that’s what makes her a lolcow… idk how tall she is but I have a very hard time believing she is “only” 210.

No. 835236

File: 1620794971937.jpeg (628.07 KB, 1242x1779, 1A38FC06-185A-4EED-84BB-66394B…)

The last comment on there to add to yours, anon. I think the person deleted their replies but I recognize that username from someone attempting to call her out on twitter during the sexual assault era.

Moo screeches constantly so are we to assume she hates herself and life? lol

No. 835241

Moo writes comments like my mom does on Facebook.

No. 835242

i remember listening to a frenemies podcast and trisha said she was pushing 220/230– i feel like trisha definitely weighs less than moo does so her even trying to push the idea that shes below 250 is fucking delusional lmao

No. 835243

Hilarious to watch moo preach about the dangers of a bad diet as if she doesn’t eat takeout + sweets like daily lmao

No. 835244

"210" lol sure. she was probably 210 the last time she weighed herself 6 or more months ago.

No. 835245

Some people will lie about 5 extra pounds. Momo will lie about 50 extra pounds

We have seen her kitchen before. If Square isn't cooking she's eating chips and snacks all day along with whatever uber order she gets. We know Moo doesn't cook because she documents her whole life and would show off her amazing pro chef skills. Remember when she was eating JUST beef for a month because Square taught her how to cook meat with a lil salt? She even tried to justify it by saying pro weight lifters eat POUNDS of beef daily to stay fit.

No. 835246


>you cannot out work a bad diet

Except that you can? I've seen countless people do challenges where they eat like, nothing but Jack in the Box for every meal for a month straight and still lose weight and get fucking shredded. I've known people personally that eat like shit but still look good because they put in the work. She just can't out work her terrible diet because she's lazy as fuck.

No. 835252

its early but I vote this for the next thread image

No. 835271

It’s funny she preaches a vegan diet to people irl… as of that gives her a moral high ground,
If she’s faithful to a vegan diet how is she so overweight.

No. 835272

Well, you can be a fat vegan. Moo isn't vegan anyway, she has been posted eating fish.

I just want a time machine to see how she's gonna look in 5 years.

No. 835295

not bothered queen is extremely not bothered

No. 835298

not bothered queen probably just booked another full body lipo session and is going to pretend to work out in the gym now.

No. 835299

It’s not even about the eating for me, it’s that she constantly brags about throwing her money around and paying cash for things normal people have to work hard and save up for. She has zero respect for other people and it shows.

No. 835301

except if a normal person gets lipo it's because they are already at their goal weight and they will make the results last. I can't even count the amount of Lipo Moo has and she just gains the weight back. She may as well take a video burning 3k and it will be the same

No. 835311

What happened to ‘I don’t grow much hair down there uwu’?
I wouldn’t consider the entirety of your lower abdomen being covered in stubble ‘not much’.
I also feel even worse for the people who have to wax that now.

No. 835312

She has pube hairs growing out of her THIGHS. It's not like she's a freak. Plenty of women have strange pubic hair patterns, but the way Moo's lies is unnecessary and retarded.

No. 835315

Yeah that’s how lipo is supposed to be done. Don’t know which doctors moomoo goes to bc that’s not very ethical practice.

No. 835317

i've been reading some older threads and just jw how u found her etsy and ebay accounts? ik she doesn't buy high quality shit but wanted to lurk what she thought was classified as that

No. 835318

>the moonlight still shining on the face even though it's facing the opposite direction

yikes this is such a bad edit lmao

No. 835340

File: 1620853411813.jpg (265.98 KB, 1080x1915, IMG_20210512_170147.jpg)

No. 835347

How performative of you, moomoo.

No. 835351

Moo would never have known this if an anon hadn’t brought it up here earlier in the thread. I know this bitch doesn’t read/watch the news.
I’m surprised she’s restrained herself from showing pictures of the dead children since she was cool with showing the charred corpses of animals during the Australian wildfires.

No. 835353

Yeah, her being a little hairy isn't what makes her a cow, but her lack of hygiene and upkeep definitely adds to the body horror. A little hair on her thighs ain't nothing, but the fact she keeps wearing the thigh highs and using filters to try to hide her recent laziness with shaving/waxing is kind of funny to me since anons were tinfoiling it for a while now. It was exactly what she was doing. kek

Really tho, I feel like she should be more worried about her chronic yeast infection. That dildo she's using looks like ones of those cheap ones that you're supposed to use condoms with tbh. Probably isn't helping her downstairs situation. You have the money moo, why not buy something that isn't going to make you into ooze cottage cheese?

Anon >>835198 called it

No. 835361

File: 1620856538832.jpeg (740.31 KB, 828x1649, D0E92927-3944-471D-86F8-39122A…)

not an art anon but good lord how can she possibly think she looks good. How can she think this is a sexy face.

No. 835362

File: 1620856838885.jpg (144.48 KB, 1055x1910, 1.jpg)

No. 835363

File: 1620856866069.jpg (139.8 KB, 1069x1913, 2.jpg)

No. 835364

oooh my god. does she not know how bad this sounds? She JUST found out about this today. She just called the BLM movement self serving.

No. 835365

The reason why people were present and aware for BLM is because it was happening in their backyard. She's making the public divided with statements like this.

No. 835366

Oof. She’ll dirty delete when she gets too many angry DMs.

No. 835367

It looks really bad because she liked an anti BLM movement post. So her shaming that movement doesn't help spread awareness of the other. Really she just shat on both of them

No. 835371

Yeah this. I kinda wait that BLM people will lash onto her for this if they find out. The way she worded that sounds really bad too lol.

No. 835373

I don't think she even knows what Muslim is. I don't think she has any idea what she's saying. Well she just admitted to that, but still. But yeah, Moo, you ain't Muslim.

No. 835374

In later stories she admitts her posts about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are self serving because she's Lebanese and her family is muslim, kek. She also admitted she didn't hear about this until her family told her because she doesn't keep up with the news herself, but is lecturing others to educate themselves and demaning others to speak out about it. This has been going on for years and started to escalate extremely quick over the past couple of weeks. It's been trending on Twitter since day one it's been impossible to miss. Clearly she sees this as an opportunity to jump on a new bandwagon and talk about her family's religion/ethnicity and how this personally effects her because she's such a victim.

No. 835375

To add further she talks about how she has family in Palestine yet didn't hear about this until today. Press x to doubt.

No. 835376


does this bitch not know that a lot of African countries are Muslim-majority?

Like there's fucking large amount of Black Muslims in part due to immigration/refugees from African countries to North America

No. 835377

I don't know why she decided to pick a fight with the BLM people with this. Especially with that famous black artist who drew the Kiki fanart speaking out about the racist comments she gets daily. Now other black creators are speaking up against bullshit like Moo pulls. She basically told them to shut up about their problems and focus on her even though she's white passing. Yes, that matters. Tensions are already really high in the black community. She just proved she's both dumb and racist

No. 835383

File: 1620859267111.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, EE96FBF4-3A74-44A2-A071-ADED3A…)


Recorded the stories for when she eventually deletes them.

No. 835384

She just said that people who pretend to be activists should just come out and say they hate Muslims and think Muslims are terrorists. She criticized blm for posting hashtags and black squares for their movement but aren't saying Palestinian lives matter or Muslim lives matter. This is gonna be a shit show grab the popcorn everyone.

No. 835385

Funny how the woman who basically ignored tensions in the US for months on end (BLM, the election, the 1/6 attack on the capital) is suddenly enraged about what’s happening overseas because it gives her a chance to victimize herself and her family all the while lecturing others on “performative activism”. I hope this blows up in her ignorant face.

No. 835387

3 things.

1) her face, especially her mouth, fucking yikes.

2) If you cannot spell the name of your own culture/heritage correctly.. your dumbass cannot claim it.

3) no, but seriously, her mouth.. it's peak horror show. Like, it moves in different motion to her words. Is she the cracked out version of that one big lipped muppet?

No. 835388

Activists are certainly not calling Muslims terrorists. But she is screaming it. Why the fuck is she attacking black people? Why is she trying to silence them? She's being so openly racist towards two groups of people.
Moo, you're white passing in America. You're so privlaged it's ridiculous. No one hates you for your skin pigment. And the bitch ain't even Muslim

And we've been through this, she isn't even part of the Palestine POC. Her family are Mediterranean who migrated to Italy then America like a century ago. Why they look white and why a lot of them wear crosses… ya know… cuz they're Christian

No. 835389

moo wasn’t even this angry about the asian hate crimes in the US because she couldn’t claim any poc brownie points for speaking out, and boy does she love asians. the most she could make it about herself was acting like a savior for all asians because she’d fight people in the streets.

shes so fucking infuriating lmao

No. 835391

This whole situation
"Where is my attention?! I don't want black people to have any. It's all about meeeeeeee"

Makes me wonder why she isn't yelling at Asians. She's really transparent

No. 835398

File: 1620861250677.png (970.27 KB, 1037x1800, 3EC64033-5A74-4D10-89CF-A96485…)

Here are two more grabs from her stories to add what another anon posted.

No. 835402

Can't believe a white passing woman is fishing for sympathy about a issue she learned about in 2 seconds. Maybe people don't want to speak about it because they don't want to seem uneducated about issues that don't affect their community directly? Might want to stop picking your skin. The filters can't covered the red spots up.

No. 835404

Can't help using her favorite filter while being a huge bigot. Lmfao this bitch

No. 835406

She admitted she was clueless about the situation until her mom sent her a tweet about it (in the stories). She’s so fucking pathetic that, as a grown ass woman, she has to get her news through her mommy because she can’t watch the news like an actual adult. But y’know, I’m sure those news reports cut into her Demon Slayer marathon.

No. 835408

I think she got mad she didn't get the reception she needed via Twitter so she needed to be a bigot against black people and Asians yet again? Make it make sense

No. 835410

File: 1620864497802.jpg (209.21 KB, 680x478, Moo.jpg)

Welp, may as well add this. Congrats Moo

No. 835411

File: 1620864621322.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2688, A2F4A79E-0BF8-4CE6-B0C1-6DDAD7…)

She is horrifying to watch in motion. Her mouth is like something from the little shop of horrors.


No. 835413

Imagine if she found out the largest population of Muslims is in Indonesia.

No. 835414

She's going to talk about this now as a "fun fact."

No. 835415

Holy shit Moo just called Israel zionists and basically said Israel is not a legitimate state this is grounds for a permanent ban.

No. 835416

I think it says a whole lot she’s using her hug box to say this bullshit. The fact she didn’t even respond to the tweet on Twitter but just went to IG shows that she knows she’ll get dragged.

Also I’m kind of laughing at her getting mad at this pretend idea of activists thinking Muslims are terrorists when she’s the one in her stories talking about Arabic people love their guns

No. 835418

This just solidifies past rumors that Moo was the one being racist towards middle eastern/Muslim kids growing up. I wonder what drug she's taking that's making her go on racist rants on multiple ethnicities

No. 835419

You could say this is just Mariah showing how anti-Semitic she is. But we all know she hates anyone who isn't kissing her ass or a hot Asian.
Believe it or not Mariah people can worry about the innocents in both countries.

No. 835420

Not going to get into a political debate, but her GENERAL sentiments aren't awful. It’s how she’s going about expressing them, clearly showcasing her anti BLM opinion, playing the victim, and openly admitting she just found out today thanks to her mom. While before she was too busy kissing her dimpley ass for being in a article with three likes. It’s obvious she’s doing it to seem woke and that she cares about her Muslim heritage but she really gives no ducks and by tomorrow everything will be deleted sbd she’ll pretend it never happened.

No. 835421

File: 1620866212882.png (3.75 MB, 1242x2208, 00881696-E7C5-45E2-9F0B-CBAC5F…)

No. 835422

she is literally using white supremacist talking points kek

No. 835423

Real friends don't let friends go on racist rants on Instagram.

No. 835426

>using american taxes to pay for weapons in israel
so she uh… doesnt know how taxes work? am i hearing this correctly?

No. 835427

She never paid her taxes (cue her showing em off or mentioning it now) so why would she?

No. 835429

She's doing exactly what people on are saying she shouldn't do
Instathots and shit giving lectures on this whole issue who don't even know the situation themselves. They're all just playing a game of telephone by repeating what other posts/vids say.
Not to say the issue in Palestine isn't awful, but it's dangerous to have people who aren't versed in this to act as an authority

No. 835431

She just writes off her Japan trips kek.

No. 835433

Exactly, Mariah is oblivious to most current world events that occur outside the safety of her bubble so her spouting off when she’s clearly uneducated about the topics is extremely dangerous. And her doing this on her main account is so mind-numbingly moronic. This is definitely one of the times Moo should have shut her trap but no, she needed the attention apparently.

No. 835434

Moo is retarded, but tax payer money is reallocated annually to fund the military industrial complex. America has an agreement with Israel to give them military aid every year. In 2019 the US government gave 3.8 billion dollars in military assistance. It is a known fact America has given Israel missiles for decades. Last year in the covid relief bill Israel was given $500 million for US-Israel missile defense cooperation. That money doesn't come from the Fed printing money, it's tax payer money.

No. 835435

File: 1620868086650.jpg (290.05 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20210512-200638_Chr…)

Moo coming out as pro BDS and saying she believes Israel isn't a legitimate state means she could lose her business in the state of Nevada.

No. 835437

The way she's struggling to communicate the spark notes of a unsourced Facebook post is sending my sides into outer space

No. 835438

I just think it's the funniest thing that moo is shedding her tears and spouting off about how no one cares about muslims or arabs when moo baby, you are the LAST person to ever be affected on what is going on with the muslim and Arab community. No one in their right mind would look at you and think first that your Arab or muslim, not to mention you dont practice anything they do at all and your very open and outright about it. Just stfu with the fake "this affects me so heavily boo hoo" act when we all know it doesn't. Just say that 1% muslims makes you a true "poc" and you dont care about any other Bipoc and go on with your day sis. You've shown the lack of care with the BLM and asian hate issues, so dont step up and claim how no one or any big cosplayers are gonna talk about whats going on right now, considering you didnt either, and when you did it was a single post about how your fat ass is gonna "fight someone" when we all know your ass would either run in the other direction or get beat on sight if you even tried anything. This whole performative bs is so annoying, especially when she does it when it only benefits her and tries to call out others when shes literally in the same group.

No. 835440

For real. Guaranteed bitch has never experienced racism in her life. She looks, talks, acts, and was raised like a basic white girl. It really doesn't matter if she is Lebanese or not she was born in fucking Las Vegas lmao. But she sure does love to appropriate black culture with the way she talks in that awful slang. She'll never realize people like her ARE the issue people are speaking out against since for her it's all about clout and acting like she DOES care when she doesn't. Has she shared any screenshots of her donations yet? Doubt it because she doesn't care that much until we point it out. She only donated to BLM causes because everyone else was.

No. 835443

Ex-fucking-zactly! I'll also just sit back and wait to see if moo is gonna harass tf out of sqaure, maddie and any other of her cosplay friends to see if their gonna post anything on their insta today or tomorrow. Cause lord fucking knows shes gonna be in their faces or off on the side like " I cant believe people aren't talking about this when this is affecting me and my family, and MY PEOPLE!!! Everyone only cares about BLM and Asian hate issues because Muslims and Arabs are all terriosts, boo hoo :(((". She's gonna gaslight tf outta them until they start saying something or hide under their beds so they dont have to respond or listen to her anymore.Cause your not a true friend or follower if you dont support her and the horrible things shes had to face throughout her whole life-when the only issues shes faced is all because of her dumbass causing them and getting well earned backlash from it

No. 835451

and like clockwork she deleted all the videos and text rants on her insta story. way to go moo, maybe do some actual research next time before opening your botched sausage lips to try and victimize yourself further

No. 835454

My recording app was definitely getting a workout today so at least her foolishness has been documented.

Knowing her, she probably did her usual lurk here after the fact, saw the one post where it pointed out that it could ruin her business and then massively backpedaled. She didn’t take it down because it made her look like an uninformed jackass, my bets are she did it to protect her “business”. Because Allah forbid she lose her platforms and the cuck bucks that come with it. Moo is such a fucking pussy and doesn’t stand for anything unless it benefits her somehow.

No. 835455

Who knew that all it took was her ban evading on twitter and a poor article on a bad photoshoot to become a completely milky sack of shit again.

No. 835462

I think tenderbroembrace is Moo's new roomie. Everyone else moved out. Maddie is still there but Kevin and Brandon are not. Aly (tenderbro) said she was moving out to Vegas a couple days ago. She just reposted some of what Moo posted and "stands with Palestine". Would explain the "I love Maddie and Aly!!!" post.

No. 835464

lmao the audacity of her going on a racist instarant with that fucking amrezy filter struggling to keep her looking somewhat human as she recycles Alex Jones talking points I can't

No. 835467

welp theres one that moo has succumbed into her dumb fuckery of speaking out just cause she probably harassed or pissed off her friends because she wouldnt stop talking about her shit that she has no clue whats shes talking about. Now to just wait for vamp, akemi, and maddie to make their statements next.

No. 835468

File: 1620877923906.jpg (386.49 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20210512-222705_Ins…)

She just advocated for physically assaulting Jewish people

No. 835469

Notice how she moved to her backup accont, lol.

No. 835470

She could of said "punch Benjamin Netanyahu" or "Punch Reuven Rivlin" or punch any of the other Israel politicians actually pushing for Israel to take over Palestine. But no all Jews are evil now apparently.
Love how she adds "punch Nazis" to try and cover her ass and then implies Nazis aren't a problem anymore as if Neo-nazis don't exist.

No. 835471

who woulda known all Jewish people are nazis?

No. 835472

She said Zionist regime. That’s not all Jews.

No. 835474

Yeah she literally did specify politically those in power regardless of faith and not just Jews

No. 835483

No. 835484

the next thread should be titled "Hate speech edition"

No. 835485

File: 1620881754476.jpeg (563.18 KB, 750x1093, E33F602F-DC7A-49FB-81A6-3B816C…)

No. 835486

File: 1620881879024.jpeg (65.97 KB, 750x229, 53A05A13-7332-4229-ADF5-8C30B1…)

She added that she’s Lebanese in her bio lol

No. 835488

Shes openly supporting hezbollah and hamas… I'm fucking speechless

No. 835489

Both of those groups support the execution of gays

No. 835490

Now she’s on IG comparing the Palestine situation to Attack on Titans. Said she’s trying to “simplify” it for us. I can’t with this bitch lol

No. 835491

not buying it anymore she just came out in support of two terrorist groups that chant death to all jews Moo is passed the point of redemption on this one

No. 835492

She just called Israeli cosplayers that have interacted with her Zionist scum and said they’re like roaches. Maybe tone down the anti-Semitism a bit moo

No. 835493

pity she's not saying this over on her twitter, they'd have a field day with it all

No. 835496

Post the caps on that homie.

No. 835497

Posts all day about muslims not being terrorists then comes out in support of two terrorists groups wow you're a great advocate for "your people" moo

No. 835498

This post got deleted.

No. 835499

One of our recording anons, please go and grab what she has just posted on her main Insta before she deletes it. She is off the fucking rails right now. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets banned over this. This bitch is going too far. Supporting actual terrorists while ago harassing Israeli cosplayers. Girl, you do not live in the real world, please go back to your lala land. Oh my goodness. She has really shown her colors with these recent posts.

No. 835501

Oh wow she already took this post down lol. Hi Mariah

No. 835502

you're not the victim here Moo, stop pretending you are one. You are not the same as those people being persecuted over seas. You're a bored white passing American.

Also wtf is happening today? This milk is as big as the time she came out as a moolester. She just outed herself as every kind of biggot you can be in just one day.

No. 835503

Whoa can we get caps of her harassing Israeli cosplayers? Wooooow she just used this as an excuse to just go full racist on everyone. Where is her tard wrangler?

No. 835504

Such milk…. Muslim isn’t a race moo.

No. 835505

she’s literally going so off the rails right now in her instagram story but what gets me is that no matter how serious or dire a topic is she will never forget to turn on that amrezy filter im loosing it haha

No. 835507

you expect Moo to actually give a fuck enough to understand that Muslim is a religion? One that no one in her immediate family practice, including her?

No. 835508

Not all Zionists support the way things are going down in Israel & Palestine right now. There's even some Zionists who think Israel would be just fine co-existing with Palestine.

But for her to get that Mariah would have to think and realize things aren't black and white.
Then record and post the story here.

No. 835509

File: 1620884852813.jpeg (698.99 KB, 828x1580, 61BB2EAB-8D49-43E1-93C8-71D142…)

you’ve gotta be kidding me lol

No. 835510

File: 1620884976717.png (2.06 MB, 1242x2208, B806C81B-73AB-4EF3-BDD8-A107DA…)


Recording of her latest rant before it gets deleted like the other two from earlier.

No. 835511

maybe because they don't appreciate using your platform for hate speech and terroist propaganda Moo.
I just wanna if Moo's "friends" stick around if this racist saga sinks her. Like she threw her male friend under the bus for his anti BLM post but she went BEYOND that.
Moo sit your white lookin ass down before you end your own career. We don't need you being a Kanadajin 2.0

No. 835512

Based anon.

No. 835513

I got you fam, just posted it. I have a feeling I’ll be keeping an eye out for her eventual 2am meltdown in stories.

No. 835514

if Instagram is already deleting some of her posts I wonder if the account will just get deleted. But I guess she's willing to sacrifice her side account. Coward wont post it on main but made her friends post it on their main accounts

No. 835516

File: 1620886594078.jpg (50.07 KB, 500x671, 89e186381849e339821779705114c1…)

I've had an image in my head of what momokun reminds me of but could never remember exactly what it was. Well ladies of lolcow just Photoshop giant lips and it's our girl!

No. 835517

I dont think IG is deleting post. i think she is checking this site, then deleting the post and lying about it saying IG did it.

to cover her non existing ass

No. 835521

It's just amazing she's been spewing out hate speeches on both accounts all day and Insta didn't do shit yet. Maybe they didn't catch on yet. But daaamn

No. 835524

there is no way her muslim side even acknowledge her. They would probably fatwa her ass if they knew her debauchery.

No. 835525

File: 1620887518747.png (626.39 KB, 1800x1290, 5816F1C5-628B-40B5-A34D-FDCB9D…)

She’s removing comments on the post.

I hope her mom is proud of her daughter’s bigoted outbursts today since she was the one who brought it to her attention. She can’t say she hasn’t seen them since she actively follows her daughters accounts (which must be sad and extremely embarrassing).
If she hadn’t done so, Moo would probably be blissfully posting more Douma crap without a care in the world.

No. 835526

Her Patreon is under review.

"This page is under review.
Our Trust and Safety team is currently reviewing this page.
Read our Community Guidelines to learn more."

Sorry for no screenshot, mobile.

No. 835527

Here comes the "ig is censoring me because I'm Arab" victim posts

No. 835528

Princess Jasmine stanning Palestine set when

No. 835529

it's been under review since last month. She doesn't give a shit

she didn't even educate herself on the topic. She just admitted she just got the gist of what is happening a few hours ago by her mom. She has no idea what filth she's spreading.

No. 835530

File: 1620888958265.gif (4.01 MB, 853x365, FB453FA2-0792-40B5-A091-26CCF3…)

Can’t unsee

Narcissism is one helluva drug.

No. 835531

File: 1620890138379.jpg (637.48 KB, 1692x2048, Screenshot_20210513-001310_mh1…)

She changed her bio on her bts account.

No. 835532

File: 1620891559578.png (433.29 KB, 500x671, gross.png)

No. 835535

Moo, shouldn't you be in bed instead of lurking lolcow right now? This bitch is so obvious, it's sad and pathetic. Maybe you should be taking our advice before shit hits the fan for your dumbass.

No. 835536

File: 1620892949087.png (3.2 MB, 1242x2208, E20ADCDB-4000-441C-8A34-18F877…)


I highly doubt IG is taking them down, they never work that fast on reports lol. She’s backpedaling and playing the victim.

No. 835537

Samefag but she’s taken everything down and is back to posting her cringe Demon Slayer crap.

No. 835542

did you even read this before you posted it? It stops government entities from dealing with companies that boycott Israel.
some of you need to stop posting because you have no idea what any of this is about and you're embarrassing yourselves. it's not racist to point out zionists are full of shit and not all jews = zionists you absolute retards. Also the situation isn't black and white, literally 103 Americans landed in Palestine a few days ago to claim land from Palestinians that have lived there generations. Moo is right on this one but some of you alog over this fat useless bith so hard you'll go full colonizer just to be on the other side of their issue to her

No. 835545

You're partially correct. Some anons have "look at that bitch eating crackers" syndrome.

On the other hand, she's easy to pick on for this shit because she constantly misspells Lebanese, and 90% of the time doesn't know what the fuck shes on about.

No. 835561

OK sperg I'm pretty sure no one here thinks what the Jewish government is doing is good, but I also don't think that supporting hezbollah and hamas is good either. Are you sure you're not mooriah with such a dumb take?

No. 835562

the only reason she went off like this is because it's finally her chance to play victim. she barely posted about BLM or anti-asian hate movements, but the minute she can get the attention and attempt to stir up pity for herself of course she's going to go on 50 different uneducated rants.

No. 835569

She loves the pity party,
That’s why she tries so hard to sneak in that “Lebanese” into everything she does.
Does she not realize even Hitler said Lebanese people were basically white. (A lot of people with blond hair and blue eyes from Lebanon)
You’re so white passing moo it’s not even funny stop trying to be POC you aren’t.
Post your porn and keep your mouth shut that way your PR team doesn’t have to keep dealing with damage control from your mouth

No. 835577

I was the person She was responding to. My comment was she removed her OG post because she was being anti-semitic and had to save face. I then went on to comment my personal beliefs of Palestine (which we’re not going to talk about) and then she blocked me on her backup.

No. 835582

Is moo finally based? Kek no
Anti Zionist…yet supports sex work.
Pick one moo, you don’t get both.

No. 835583

Nothing is wrong with taking a side but Moo took it past retard level. I don't think we should be congratulating her for regurgitating a Facebook post, calling isreali cosplayers cockroaches and lying about instagram taking down her posts.

No. 835584

>>835582 I called her out for that lol. I said if you went the Palestine like the thot you are you get stoned to death.

No. 835586

Man Sativa and booze really hits different when you do performative political commentary

No. 835587

“aS a LeBaNeSE wOmAn…”
girl you are a white-passing american. you don’t even practice islam. stop.

No. 835588

Tbh Mia Khalifa has done more for Lebanon than Moo has.

No. 835590

Did the comment she make about Israeli cosplayers happen in one of her lives? Where did this comment come from, I’m confused.

The issue isn’t that Mariah is taking a side during a political situation. It’s the way she goes about it. She wants to act like she gives a fuck but she admitted she only heard about because her mom sent her a tweet. And then all of a sudden she’s using it as an excuse to play victim and make it about herself once again. It’s fuckibg disgusting, it’s like anything else with her. She has to go hard on anything she learns about and she always comes out looking like an ignorant piece of shit.

No. 835596

Moo thinks she's dropping hot takes but it's all just bigoted/disjointed/cognitively delayed nonsense. Why is she even pretending to care about other human beings? She's made it abundantly clear, time and time again, that she don't give a single solitary fuck about anyone but herself - and at this point she doesn't even care about herself anymore, as evidenced by her grotesque transformation into an especially malformed ogre. Mariah doesn't feel sympathy or empathy, just hunger and hatred. We all know this to be true. Dumb bitch needs to stop bullshitting. Can this unwashed, uneducated, unwanted, (o)beast plz just shut the fuck up and go away.

No. 835599

Big doubt any cosplayer is arguing with her. This is just like before when she claims it happens but never does.

No. 835604

Of course it’s not, because if someone actually said shit to her she just blocks them

No. 835608

Does moo even know about the two-state solution? The absolute batshit insane conservative leaders that are perpetuating violence on both Israel and Palestine? The amount of bad blood that dominates mindsets in the Middle East? A woman who can't even spell her own ethnicity shouldn't be calling out one of the most fragile, complex situations in the world. With all her sex work, I almost forgot why I thought Moo was one of the most repulsive cows on this site because she degrades herself better than anyone alogging her.

>Israel will fall.

She's not just Anti-Zionist if she's posting this terrorist garbage.

No. 835613

Well yeah anon like she said Arabs sure do love their guns.

No. 835614

The fact is Moo tried to do a "good" thing by bringing down every other race and group possible in the most biggoted rant ever against every group of people. And the coward deleted everything. And nothing will come of it. It's kind of frustrating to know Moo could probably go full terrorist at this point and suffer zero consequences

No. 835624

Lol. This fake ass white passing bitch and her crocodile tears. Get the fuck out of here.

No. 835626

I love u anon

No. 835628

I just checked her stories on insta and she deleted everything and is back to posting about her anime boyfriends.

No. 835631

"I hate fake activists", says the fake activist. How can one person be this stunningly self-unaware. It is literally mind boggling.

No. 835636

She's projecting, but I have a huge feeling she's very aware she is. Just last month she was telling people that "We Muslims sure love our guns" and now she's screaming "if you don't do as I say you think all of us are terrorists"
she went on an all day hate speech and hid behind the cover of being an activist. Maybe she did it out of ignorance, but a lot of racists are ignorant boobs

No. 835637

How long until she starts swapping nudes for donations to Palestine?

No. 835639

File: 1620926332454.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, D0510969-52CA-4E7B-B3AE-F7F5B7…)

Yeah bullshit Mariah, post a screenshot if you’re not full of it

No. 835640

Lol, way to speak out, Mariah! Such strong convictions! Lasted about as long as my last bowel movement.

No. 835642

she just got tired of deleting comments and hearing she's a racist pile of shit

No. 835652

lol, deleting your own shit while claiming you’re being censored. So brave.

No. 835653

Take this bullshit to Twitter, don't be shy

No. 835656

File: 1620928928960.png (6.8 MB, 1242x2688, 53A2EB7F-1AE3-4991-92A3-9797E0…)

Jesus christ I don’t know what’s worse, the plush obsession, the fanny pack, or the terrible flexing

No. 835657

File: 1620929379915.jpeg (483.69 KB, 1241x1941, D3B21231-0A8B-4A73-8CFE-E117D9…)

I’m not plantfag but those plants look droopy and bad. And there’s one with dead leaves.

Also I found this fake Twitter using moos pics and it seems they’re ripping pics right from her OF/pattern cause there’s some ive not seen.

No. 835658

LOL MOO “Israel will fall”
Violently based, but u don’t get to act like a little victim girl when those Palestinians would murder you in a heartbeat for being an ewhore, go back to doing porn stop acting like this affects your white suburban upper class life at all.

No. 835660

File: 1620929960307.jpeg (90.64 KB, 720x701, 1F092455-B900-4CF3-B74D-5F070C…)

No wonder that Asian prostitute didn’t want to fuck with her. Look at how bad her boobs fit in this

No. 835662


it really is a shame she's so much of a coward, this would be fucking legendary

No. 835669

She's not getting hit with violations at all, she's just doing the cowardly bullshit that she always does. She hides out in rooms at cons, won't post that bullshit opinion on twitter, won't post it on her main account, keeps deleting it on her backup account, and won't keep up any of her opinions because she's a cowardly obese bitch. There is nothing brave about her cause she cowers as soon as she posts. Take care of your fucking plants, you dumb whore.

Her delusions are making her more unhinged by the day. Can't wait for her to start making threats again with her guns while she's making these racist rants.

No. 835670

We would never go hungry again with the amount of milk

No. 835674

They would stone you to death in Palestine you dumb whore. Lmao.

No. 835675

As has been explained before on these threads, the reason people rag on moo for posting her “woke takes” so often is because it’s literally just virtue signaling and performative as hell. she spent all that time sperging about “doing your part” during the covid pandemic and getting vaccinated despite the fact that she travels and goes out to eat literally daily, aka things people have been discouraged from doing during covid. The reason posts like this are so embarrassing is because she doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about + just regurgitates what other people are saying, pulls the “i’m lebanese POC kween” card because she thinks it makes her opinion more relevant, and deletes all her posts whenever people disagree with her or call her out instead of sticking to her opinion and explaining her side; she’s wishy-washy as hell and a performative activist. I am not convinced she actually knows what’s going on and just wants an excuse to be like “as a lebanese queen i stand with palestine!!!!” to remind us that “she isnt actually white my dudes”

No. 835677

This, her Snooki looking ass would flip flop if Italians or if Whites (in an alternate universe) were being attacked. Hell, she almost tried that shit with the Asian pride shit and photoshopping herself asian for a week. SHe may as well have since in the past she claimed she was east Asian.
Hell it was just 5 years ago she was saying she was a white Christian. This fake woke shit is disgusting

No. 835681

Nah. Being pro-palestine is fairly liberal. I mean Moo in general would get wrecked, especially after saying "where are you blacklivesmatters?!" as if African Americans understand their voices should be heard when they have profound experience about it and aren't just bullshitting for woke points.

No. 835693

plantfag, and yeah the pothos is absolutely underwatered, which is hard to achieve because they are a very forgiving plant.

No. 835694

If she really cared about spreading awareness she would post this shit on Twitter.

No. 835702

Imagine her caring about anything/anyone but herself. I can’t

No. 835713

Honest to god I thought momokun was just Italian before I delved deep into the lore.

No. 835714

I log off for two days and come back to a beautiful manic episode meltdown

bless u anons capping this shit, she really is disgusting inside and out

No. 835717

File: 1620944131330.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 828x1792, 4908A35F-3E42-4A73-99F9-A07E3B…)

there is a twitter account talking about this though i’m not sure if anyone has picked up on it yet.

No. 835721

The fact she is so confident in what she's saying, when most of it's historically inaccurate/literal nonsense and then on top of that telling people to ask HER for info?! Just wow. I think this is just her trying to feel better about the fact she only found out about this the other day, not because she cares, but because she feels uncomfortable when she's not the #1 expert or fan of something. The same way she always pretends to know everything about a topic one of her calves are into (remember her claiming she had taken pharmacology classes when Vamps said she was going back to school for it?) It's all sheer histrionics. She has to shit on people in order to feel superior again. She truly does not give a fuck about anything but herself.
Why spend so much time defending people on the internet who would literally murder your fat degenerate ass, Moo? Just stop.

No. 835724

Are you advertising your account?

No. 835725

it would show tweet analytics if it was their account

No. 835728

I’ve seen this person’s twitter and IG and they’re honestly extremely cringy. It’s no wonder people aren’t paying attention or taking them seriously, even if they do have receipts (which is basically regurgitated from everything that’s posted here)

No. 835730

This is hardly milk and it certainly isn't worth not saging your post. This is stuff that's been discussed here, OP is just someone looking to stir the pot on twitter

No. 835734

Seriously. She's already canceled and does porn with escorts half limp chode. Nothing is going to happen because the scotes paying her money don't care what she does as long as she can show her yeasty crotch and rashy frankentits.

No. 835741

Those sad looking plants… all this money and she can't afford to hire a plant nanny on top of her cat nanny and personal wrangler. Sad!

No. 835742

Slight tinfoil… go check her ig following, Considering the people following her ig account, most of them seem to be bot accounts or people from India/Mexico/Arab countries Maybe they just see fat titties and have no idea what she did or how awful she is. I feel like using this as a reference most of the people buying her only fans probably have a very skewed English speaking ability. This isn’t definitive take it with a grain.

No. 835757

"Get well soon"
We know she's sick in the head but is she ill or just got another surgery???

No. 835758

Found 2 other accounts pretending to be whoever with what I assume are stolen pics/vids with the same onlyfans link

No. 835760

None of the above, at least not in this situation. It’s a colloquial/slang expression used to kinda poke fun at people for doing something silly; you’ll see it a lot on twitter in fan communities when people are talking about whaling in gacha games and shit like that. It’s in reference to moo carrying those stupid demon slayer plushes out with her in public — cringey and embarrassing for sure

No. 835762

You clearly don't know what you're talking about either. What is it with art anons and Dunning Kruger?

No. 835772

looooool she is so dumb about her public image I can't even. Of course when you are a public persona people will press you to "speak up against the oppressors" and ask you to give your two cents about any political event to "speak about it" but bitch u don't actually have to omg….it's better to stay silent than to spit ignorant cringe crap on top of actually problematic bullshit crap omgggg.

No. 835779

Dunno, you tell me
https://fapster . xxx /videos/105959/thick-ig-thot-trisha-paytas-leaked-sex-tape/

No. 835795

Null from Kiwi Farms featured Momokunt's "political" rants in his stream today. He picked apart the "facts" moo was spouting.
Starts at about 33mins in

No. 835798

If you mean Mylow, he’s Columbian.

No. 835799

this is very likely , she got some cult-like following like the one that jessica nigri got back n the day , only that it was in some latam countries , i remember because i started following her shenaningas when i saw her as a " worl level cosplayer guest for XYZ-con " and immediatly the very next day of the con she was robbed like the silly gringo tourist she was xD(xD)

No. 835816

>thinking null is any less of a cow than moo

No. 835830

Why are so many of you people zionist faggots. I get that she's bad, but we don't have to act like a Lebanese person is supposed to like what Israel is doing in the Middle East.

No. 835831

Ok moo.

No. 835833


Mariah has literally no grasp on what's going on, and is likely not capable of understanding even an ELI5 version of events. She just leaps on any excuse to be a race-defending "bad bitch" white savior. People taking issue with her braindead posturing and racist rhetoric does not make them zionists, piss for brains.

No. 835834

She's got NO personal connection to Lebanon outside of genetic material. Moo is opening her fat American mouth when she in fact would be stoned to death by these people she do thoroughly "supports." Honestly it's just a desperate attempt to be like "lookit me guise im not like other fattie whores im an INFORMED, NONWHITE fattie whore."

No. 835835

File: 1621035166721.gif (Spoiler Image,12.42 MB, 540x960, momo.gif)


No. 835836

No one here defended what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians. You can acknowledge what is happening in the middle east is bad without supporting terrorists sorry that's such a crazy concept to you.

No. 835837

This ain’t 210lbs kek

No. 835838

when mariah needs poc points she says she leabense
when mariah needs asian points she says she's asian
when mariah needs to sell her nudes she fronts as white for her snowbunny chasing scrotes

she lied about wearing a fucking hijab lmao. you think this is about her being lesbonese? she's no more leabonesese than you or i anon. catch up on moo's threads before injecting your bullshit itt

No. 835840

anon the way you misspelt lebanese differently each time is sending me into orbit. you good?

No. 835842

These filters are working overtime. You don't look like that Moo. You literally just posted >>835383
>>835192 just the other day. kek

No. 835844

File: 1621039295063.jpg (321.41 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20210514-173647_Ins…)

I don't even know where to start…

No. 835846

File: 1621039454432.jpg (78.89 KB, 494x462, SmartSelect_20210514-204405_Ch…)

You could start at the fat-buckled knee… or go to her big hulking shoulders?

No. 835848

File: 1621040055745.jpeg (191.22 KB, 1000x668, how-to-detangle-barbie-doll-ha…)


Those ratty extensions… I don't know who those other two are but she always looks grimy compared to anyone she takes a photo with

No. 835849

This has to be a setup. She's the only one here that look like a sloppy hooker. There's no way those other two didn't do this on purpose

No. 835850

They did that nasty ass photoshoot with a child and parent in the background?

No. 835851

There's no need for her to wear two shirts.

No. 835852

300 pounds easily, also her shoes are bursting under how bloated her feet must be.

No. 835854

Holy shit, good eye anon, I hadn’t noticed because I was distracted by Moo’s body breaking the natural laws of physics. She doesn’t have any shame, this is the same woman who recorded herself masturbating on a VERY public trail in Red Rock Canyon and took nude photos of herself at a rest stop on Mount Charleston.

No. 835855

I’m seriously doubting that they did the entire photo shoot while a kid and mom were there. She’s pretty stupid no doubt but I feel even she wouldn’t be that dumb to lewd like that; and certainly the other two might be smarter.
Also I only hear moo quoting from men in black
Moo- “if you were half the cosplayer I am!”
The other two- “ please we ARE half the cosplayer you are. Together.

No. 835856

one leg is a completely different color and texture. I don't know who edited this but there are photoshop mistakes all over this picture.

No. 835857

I honestly think those two took that video of Moo out of spite. Because once again, whoever edited these pics shaved off 100 pounds from Moo so she would look semi human next to two normal sized girls. If Moo is THAT insecure about her weight why doesn't she go on a REAL diet?

No. 835858

It wouldn't be from a lack of intelligence, it would be from a lack of consideration. Mariah lacks both.

No. 835860

Remember when Momo was on vacation and she was on a boat tour with a public group with kids and she thought she could just turn her back to the crowd and quickly flash a titty?

No. 835861

Or that time she did her Arknights cosplay at what looked like a rest stop kek

No. 835862

I mean even if they weren’t actually there the fact she did it in an area where anyone could just walk over to is so classless.

No. 835865

nayrt but they're referencing mariahs consistent misspelling of her own heritage lol

No. 835866

File: 1621051843025.png (3.88 MB, 1800x1092, E6C362BD-F7C4-4ABC-8940-20FFCA…)

Moo’s face is truly unholy…

No. 835867

File: 1621052072392.jpeg (109.2 KB, 594x588, 7B54264A-C152-401D-86BD-9FB7FA…)

Samefag but her face reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode “The Masks”.

Mariah still using oversized sweatshirts to hide her arms/waist. Literally everything she’s worn lately follows the same tired trick.

No. 835868

They're all pretty homely looking.

No. 835869

She is trying so damn hard to look like bishoujoMom but it’s just not and never will work out for her. But I guess, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

No. 835870

I’m sorry but all three of them look a mess, and I dunno if it’s just because of how horribly done the wigs are or if it’s the fact it’s momokun with her milkers. I think it’s both but god damn, Maddie really slacking on those wigs, especially the daisy one. How tf you go from looking like a partially decent daisy wig to whatever the fuck that is??? The bangs don’t even look like proper bangs and the hairline is fucking huge. The only one that looks remotely a little ok is vamps.

No. 835871

File: 1621056527375.jpg (100.19 KB, 845x1280, d9dz8h5-d294f591-0614-4efe-82b…)

Here's what peach actually looks like. I notice moo has been covering up her tattoos with long sleeves.

No. 835872

She made it infinitely harder for Squarecuck to photoshop her tats out on top of everything else on his laundry list of things he needs to edit into oblivion. Moo never takes that into consideration because she‘s selfish and never plans for these things. I’m sure she’ll regret those tattoos in a few years.
Tbh, I think the sleeves are to hide how massive her arms are too.

No. 835873

she said she would use makeup to hide her tats. she has done that 0 times. But you're 1000 percent correct. She's using the sweater to hide her arms and upper body.
"lol that's not fat, my sweater is baggy"
So now all Square has to edit is…. everything else. Cuz you know Moo is crying about how thin the other girls are and for him to work his magic.

No. 835876

Her flushed face and all the pink reminds me of when she cosplayed Pink Diamond from SU. Now she really has the shapeless bulging lips and hulking proportions of a SU character.

No. 835881

So she did something to her cheeks and jowls right? It's pretty interesting to see someone destroy themselves in real time. From average everyday fatass to botched freakshow. All you had to do was lose weight, shit for brains. Instead you went and disfigured yourself. Is your surgeon Jewish??? Is that why you were posting hate speech on Instagram?

No. 835891

File: 1621085775055.jpeg (83.63 KB, 422x750, 750x750bb.jpeg)

I thought it was the gif but no, just proof of another filter. There's a white dot that pops up in her belly button. Not sure which program exactly she's using but it's hilarious how huge of a catfish this ho is

No. 835894

Bitch, this is lolcow, not pol.

No. 835896

is that supposed to be some kind justification lmfao

No. 835897

Lol “Is your surgeon Jewish” nearly made me do a spit-take.

No. 835899


I took into consideration the rest area and the hiking trail when I said I didn’t think she was that stupid but had forgotten this . I am corrected and she’s a moron.

No. 835900


It really looks like neither of the other girls want to actually be there.

No. 835904

Moo serving that XXXXXL Meowri-Peach realness. Good lord, Maddie did Akemi dirty with that Daisy wig. Since Akemi is new to the herd, I guess she's the low calf on the totem pole.

Also way to completely invalidate all of the apologizing you did to people for associating with Moo, Vamps. Ah well we've always known she is just as trashy as Mariah.

No. 835906

Well Maddie did say she doesn't want to make wigs anymore. Makes you wonder how Moo is treating her. She did treat Maddie like complete shit before she told her she can't post videos of them together anymore. I don't feel bad for her though because she decided she wants to live a misreable life with Moo for some clout.

No. 835907

She must be annoying to be around. I liked how she was pretending to kick them in the story she posted on Instagram lol, very charming

No. 835908

Always funny when moo pretends like people want to be around her for any reason but clout/money
Without money moo is nothing.
Maddie wouldn’t have associated with her if moo was a nobody.

No. 835910

Yeah before Moo Maddie was trying to worm her way into Nigiri's friend group. Of course knowing Moo's past history she told Maddie she can't be friends with other people or else it will hurt her feelings.
I honestly don't know if Maddie is just autistic or desperate but I don't know why she's satisfied being Moo's maid.

No. 835911

Speaking of Maddie we haven't seen her in a while. How long until Moo posts a video with her to prove da haters wrong?

No. 835922

Why are you so insistent on sperging here about shit that’s not even relevant to what’s actually being said? As his been explained multiple times before, nobody is arguing with what momo is saying (please find me one message on this thread that contains any explicit with anti-palestine propaganda), people are taking issue that she, once again, is being a performative activist. Performative activism is not helpful and she’s not doing anything to actually raise awareness about what’s going on, she’s using this as yet another way to flex her “lebanese woke POC queen” status. She started one of her posts about the situation with “as a lebanese woman,” because she wants the situation to be about her, not about raising awareness for palestine. Go play keyboard warrior on twitter if you can’t understand why people are upset with moo here.

No. 835937

and to add on to your points Moo didn't have to shit on other activists, races and cultures. She was making zero sense and shows she has no idea how activists work

No. 835939

File: 1621106770074.jpg (307.19 KB, 854x480, cover6[1].jpg)

>He bought the dip?(unsaged autism)

No. 835940


No. 835942

When Maddie first showed up in these threads, a bunch of posts were calling her a part of Nigri’s entourage and saying Moo was ingratiating herself with Maddie to get access to Nigri. At that time I bought it because I didn’t know anything about these cosplayers’ social groups but now seeing what a failed clout chaser Maddie is, I wonder if she was selfposting all of that. Imagine thinking you’re about to be one of Jessica Nigri’s bffs but ending up as Moo’s live-in wig slave/pet nanny in return for some discarded art supplies.

No. 835943


Maddie probably thought Moo was closer to Nigri than she actually was, or expected Moo to outlast Nigri. She probably stayed with Moo because Moo needs her, and dependency has always been the most visible trait of Maddie's personality. Maddie's also considerably more wealthy than Moo, so she still sees it as being a no-risk affair.

No. 835945

Yeah never saw Maddie with Nigiri or her close friends as part of the "squad".
If I remember this was around the time Vamps left and Moo was being a creepy stalker with Nigiri. Like Moo just happened to be in the same places as Nigiri, even the same party, and even when Moo just so happened to be hiking the same place and time Nigiri was. Even to the point Moo said she was looking at houses near Nigiri (yes, that shit happened) The girl was smart though and just moved into areas of the con where it was impossible to ghost your way in without a badge

No. 835947

File: 1621111050324.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.04 KB, 828x1015, 1B89CC25-FA40-4C50-BCAB-82B49A…)

Emn what is this

No. 835950

It’s old is what it is. Sage your posts if you have nothing relevant to add.

No. 835958

File: 1621120980766.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2256, 80547FDA-DC47-451E-936F-0570C7…)

Is it me or does she just look dirty.

No. 835959

This is arguably the strangest her tits have ever looked. The shading does make them look dirty, you’re right lmaoo

No. 835962


I did similar makeup to look like a battered zombie, so yeah either twatted or dirty.

No. 835965

In theory this would be a good cosplay for her but what sells her short is that she's short. Kek

No. 835966

her face looks more bloated than usual
>my favorite scene
bitch, you watched the trailer. Why you gotta lie about everything

No. 835967

Late to the party but: Lmao, that's literally just Umbran's Malon/Romani wig from Zelda being used as Trailertrash Daisy. The sideburn pieces are legit coming out of her forehead. Jesus.

No. 835968

This cow has little idea of anything Resident Evil as well as little to no play time on ANY thing.

No. 835993

File: 1621133868657.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.3 KB, 710x1261, 20210515_215733.jpg)

There's so much to unpack here, I don't know where to begin.

No. 835994

File: 1621133893834.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.22 KB, 720x1280, 20210515_215724.jpg)

No. 836000

File: 1621134749433.jpg (76.6 KB, 1000x564, intro-1611929763.jpg)

smarter cosplayers wore high heels or stilts to make themselves taller. Moo looks so short and stubby. And it's not even her iconic dress. Honestly she was better off cosplaying the Duke. Her fat baby body woulda fit it better

No. 836012

I think the thing I hate the most is just how overall dirty she looks. Like does she not realize the actual character is not and does not look that dirty??? And if she was that nasty it would be from blood not from whatever the hell rat hole she came up out of

No. 836015

Her and her henchmen look like they bought their costumes from the clearance rack at Spirit costume outlet after Halloween, cheap and ugly.

No. 836016

sorry for being a newfag, but what does jnig stand for? i googled it but can't find a definition.

No. 836017

Rumpelstiltskin and some dirty ass flies.

No. 836018

I'm not familiar with the whole game yet, is that… an alternate outfit? Or was she really so lazy the dress looks nothing like it should?

No. 836019

Good to know she’s gone back to the poop smear makeup jfc… she looks like a walking curtain.

The one time she doesn’t steal a gimmick from another cosplayer lol. She never thinks these sets through and I’m sure she’s going to get that hack Lagoon to photoshop her taller instead of, you know, using some of those thousands of dollars she gets a month to hire someone to create some stilts for more practical effects. She just looks like a dumpy debutant.

No. 836020

It’s Moo, of course it’s inaccurate as fuck. She’s too lazy to actually coordinate anything or do research.

No. 836021

I get it because every thot is cosplaying her. But it is the most basic dress. She's also the shortest girl there trying to play a thicc (not obese) woman. It's like she went to the clearance section and found a white dress. Maybe that's why she didn't bother getting an extra long dress to make herself appear taller? Well it's Moo, so we know she choose the laziest option and did exactly that.

No. 836023

nickname for Jessica Nigri

No. 836025

It's because she did a bell shape to the dress to help hide her fupa tbh

So not only is it like a ball gown instead at the bottom but it makes her look dumpy

No. 836026

File: 1621142159004.jpg (403.39 KB, 376x666, 6S4XM6b.jpg)

I guess Ericvegasss is the photographer

No. 836027

File: 1621142219506.jpg (128.59 KB, 193x514, NOG0gAN.jpg)

No. 836028

File: 1621142293955.jpg (274.46 KB, 377x496, MCDPF8S.jpg)

210 lbs sweaty

No. 836029

Can’t wait for the inevitable “POV you’re my prey and i have you cornered” onlyfans garbage that’s sure to come from this lmao. Moo dimitrescu nudes are going to be an absolute shitshow

No. 836031

Pretty sure if Ethan winters saw this he’d vomit on sight and actually kill the bitch. No body in their right mind would sit and let this cow do the things she thinks people want her to do to them

No. 836032

File: 1621149955596.png (695.49 KB, 604x958, puFPwbF.png)

I mean it's a pretty accurate cosplay anons

No. 836034

The Duke wears a dress?

No. 836035

Her arms are absolutely bursting out of those sleeves. I imagine a seam or two were split today.

No. 836036

I could be wrong but I THINK vamps already did this cosplay like a week or three back. So moos really late to the show even in her own backyard and still doing it like shit compared to vamps.

No. 836038

File: 1621162500574.png (4.76 MB, 1800x1623, A53F0D71-A102-46A6-BE73-0E1AA0…)

No. 836043


Dress was rushed and makes her look like she is 50/60.

No. 836044

The dress is poorly done. The fabric choice is really weird too, it doesn’t fit that style at all, it drapes so poorly and looks bulky.

No. 836047

It suits her face perfectly then.

No. 836048

Game company worker anon hear your let you all know (and hopefully get a kick out of) that the chances of Momo getting a paid sponsorship by any company for any game character is practically slim to none. Most if not all game companies that pay a well known cosplayer (yaya, jessica, leonchiro, etc) to Cosplay a character for their game for advertising, know of moo’s issues with the sexual assault/harassment, and her off the walls mental issues. Because of this when companies start asking around or preparing to ask said famous cosplayers to represent them momokun gets immediately checked off the list, not only cause of all her issues but also because she makes next to no costumes by herself as you all know. So basically we all know about her in the company business and we make sure to avoid her at all costs.

No. 836049

totally, guy that knows a guy

No. 836050

We already knew all of that.

No. 836051

Didn't FUNimation work with her after the fact? I feel like she did because they posted her to Facebook and people were freaking out.

No. 836053

It was a close call, I think, timing wise. She worked with them but other people in the community ass blasted them telling them about her. Ever since then people are willing to comment and let these companies know. However, she still has ~industry friends~ that do not care and will praise her for her ~marketing genius~ (Senpai Squad, Squarecuck, Martin Wong, etc. etc.)

No. 836055

Wasn't the situation where Moo met a guy at a con who happens to work there and she hoed herself into a cozy spot with the guy. Also didn't the dude get in big trouble for that? It's company policy not to accept sugar?
The only guys who will work with her now def don't do it for the sex appeal but more like Moo doesn't know the value of money and will easily drop thousands.

No. 836060

dress looks like it’s from a low budget high school theatre performance yet I think it’s better than the majority of cosplays she has done… so congrats?

No. 836065

Yaya Han already has the sponsorship of Capcom of doing the official tall vampire lady cosplay. So we can rest assure that Mariah won’t be getting that for sure as if she was sponsoring then she would’ve cosplay her before the games release. At least with Yaya she was able to make a tutorial video on how to make the damn cosplay, which is good for marketing purposes since many cosplayers wants to be her.

No. 836068

Game co anon again, yes but you also gotta remember that funimation isn’t a game company. Their an industry suited for doing dubs-not to mention funimation already has and did have a horrible rep so it’s not shocking at all that during moo’s scandals came out that funimation was turning a blind eye to it and the community had to put them on blast. Hell they’ve worked with plenty of sexual harassers and supposed assaulters so why not add another to the rag tag team.

No. 836070

I don’t think anyone ITT ever even considered that Mariah would be getting sponsored by a real game company to cosplay this or any other character. If that were ever to happen it would have happened back in her thicc Samus or Mei days and certainly not now after all the scandals and the porn.

No. 836072

You would be surprised actually, there’s always that one person when we get our group together (cause they always select certain people to reach out to cosplayers to ask for them to advertise for us) that has no clue about momokun’s past and just sees the 1 mil mark and all her Cosplays and assumes she’s made them- especially when she doesn’t always say if she made them or not (but we obviously know castlecorsetery makes everything for her) so we always gotta bring that member up to date or simply say ‘ yea know, shit person moving on’ and we leave it at that and let the person kinda find the information themselves cause it’s not that difficult to find. Truth be told- if momo just was a nice person and wasnt known for all these scandals, lies, and problems she has done and continues to do, companies might actually hire her, even if she doesn’t make her costumes. Cause we have hired plenty of cosplayers who have a team who make their Cosplays for them and who have advertised the games or go to cons to advertise.

No. 836076

The only one I know she cozied up to is the showrunner for Lvl Up Expo. Which is why she was able to get two booths at the last show they did before Covid and wasn’t kicked out despite a lot of complaints that came in about her.

No. 836082

The Duke is too good for her
She should cosplay Moreau
This cosplay is so simple and she still fucked it up. Dimitrescu's dress is very form-fitting and corseted. But Moo chose a rejected wedding dress instead…

No. 836084

File: 1621194810739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.5 KB, 768x520, 7F2E26B1-DFCC-4343-8BEB-D01D0D…)

I didn’t play REVIII so I assumed you meant this Moreau lol. Both are pretty appropriate for Moo.

No. 836091

Shine con and LVLup Expo. One of them is a speaker on Sojubombtv with SenpaiSquadcuck and Squarecuck. He obviously gives two shits that Moo groped anyone at all which is sad.

No. 836092

Well, Shine Con is run by a known scammer in the Vegas anime community so this isn’t surprising.

No. 836097

She's carrying around plushies of an anime character that she thinks is her boyfriend in a fannypack.

She's just gone full retard.

No. 836099

File: 1621206022804.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 44FF871E-4C1C-4FF8-97F2-B2756E…)

No. 836100

She remembered AoT exists only because her chinese bought products finally arrived lol

No. 836105


early but i vote for next thread pic omg

No. 836106

“I’m a woman of color!”

No. 836111

File: 1621216842464.jpg (238.07 KB, 387x673, 71qALhU.jpg)

>has 11k likes, 642 comments so far
>users are saying that Moo is mass deleting their comments mentioning past drama
>users who liked her videos before are now unliking it
>one user mentioned how she was "antisemitic" this past weekend with her Palestine sperg

uh oh spaghetti-os

No. 836112

Lmao eat shit Moo. It’s so easy to keep your hands to yourself you nasty betch

No. 836113

TikTok kids finally catching on to her newest bullshit, you love to see it.

No. 836118

I’m surprised she got Martin Wong for this, thought for sure he really disliked her. Wish people would stand by their morals in this industry and not just forget shit when they get money thrown at them.

No. 836120

I'm sure he was offered a hefty sum for his inconvenience

No. 836121

I mean, it’s not like it’s the first time someone who completely despised Mariah worked with her because she threw a disgusting amount of money at them.

No. 836127

File: 1621221035550.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 2085524A-9E40-44D7-873B-E3509F…)

>I’m 210

No. 836128

Not only are her legs an entirely different color from the rest of her body, they're also the color of a decomposing corpse.

No. 836133

What the fuck did she do to the front of it. Why did she sew it like that Jesus christ moo just turn the garment inside out and sew the pleat on the sides but it appears your fat ass popped the seams because you can't even sew something tighter

No. 836136

those seams cheapen the dress so much ugh. is she just so happy that she’s able to squeeze herself into something that she’s willing to overlook that or does she just not care? or both lol

No. 836137

I think those are safety pins actually?

No. 836141

idk I kinda believe she’s around 210 or so. not sure how tall she is though

No. 836142

She put shapewear underneath and added saftey pins to give the illusion of a waist because she got mad people were calling her out for using a sweater to cover her fat.
Too bad her whole body is a problem area that needs to be covered

No. 836143

Yes moo, push that waist in with your hand. Suck it in. Fake that waist. You got this.

Really though. It's no wonder she spends most of her time laying around these days. Those little ankles must get so sore and swollen carrying all that heft around.

No. 836148

Pretty sure they're dance tights. They're definitely wearing them in the shoot here >>835866

No. 836149

File: 1621228948275.jpeg (725.17 KB, 828x1473, D7BCCAD6-487F-4F9C-A67E-84B0D0…)

ah. yes. i remember when the witch of the waste cosplayed as howl in the movie.

No. 836150

OP here, I would reeeeeally appreciate someone else making the next thread. Anyone can do it, and graphic design is not my passion.

Has she been saying she's going to do this costume for over a year or am I thinking of another cow?

No. 836151

The cosplay that hasn't left anon's mouths. Lmao
This is just Bimboifcation!Howl. Kek

No. 836152

It only took her 2 years (and 100 pounds) but she finally did it! Dumpy!Howl with a greasy looking wig and bad lip fillers!

No. 836153

File: 1621230201851.png (2.99 MB, 2181x1296, weightcomparisons.png)


She's only about 5'4" iirc. Here's a quick comparison. First photo is from her Hawaii trip, she confirmed around this time that she was at least 265 pounds. Second is an unedited/unfiltered pic from her tennis shoot a couple weeks ago, and the third of course the Peach from earlier where she's clearly wearing shapewear and using filters. Not trying to sperg about it, but I don't believe for a second she's under 250.

No. 836156

She is absolutely positively 1000% not 210 lbs. At 5'4 someone who's 210lbs would be around a US size 14 or 16. At the very least, Moo wears size 22, which makes her weight in the vicinity of 260-270 lbs but most likely more since every photo we see of her is filtered to hell and back.

No. 836158

The jacket lives holy shit never thought I'd live to see the day she's had it since around thread 20? Now we just need to see that 3k Albedo dress and we're catching up to 2018 cosplays!

No. 836159

> At 5'4 someone who's 210lbs would be around a US size 14 or 16.

Are you insane? It would be a much higher size than that.

No. 836162

Nah, thats XXL, 18. Even then it depends on distribution.

No. 836163

File: 1621238747595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.12 KB, 1170x2414, 28488F10-E80E-454A-960C-3B6027…)

Absolutely horrifying, the insta filter doesn’t even know what to do with her face

No. 836168

blogpost but i'm 5'4" and 210lbs and am an XL/16. but i also don't have 30-40lbs of boobs lol.
i'd honestly say she's pushing 300 based on my own experience and body.

the leggings she's wearing in >>836153 go up to a 3X, with measurements of a 49-53in waist and a 54-58in hip. i don't believe we've seen her in lululemon recently because she probably got too big for them.

No. 836170

Goddamn this bitch is so gross. How can she be so cocky when she has to pay male prostitutes to bang her? That's like the lowest of the low. So what if she has all this money? she won't need it when she dies from diabeetus or some fat embolism in a couple of years.

Also, do y'all think she's only this popular over there because of how the US people are (regarding fat acceptance)? I doubt this level of obesity would be that popular in Europe, Latin America or Asia

No. 836174

Lol where the hell have you been anon? She was invited and flown out to a couple cons in Peru and Mexico, even when she was packing on the pounds. They also didn’t give a shit about her reputation.

No. 836176

That was years ago now, and she wasn't popular at all at either con. Her iPhone got more action in Peru than she did, after all.

At this point her lingering 'fame' in porn shit is because she was mooing for years that she's too good for porn. Sick coomers love it when chicks like Moo fall from grace and become as disgusting as they are. They were trying to push her into porn from the beginning.

No. 836177

I think this is a miccostumes dress and she just pinned it

No. 836178

Her cosplay career didn't last long and she's pretending she's making bank just from that. However her cosplay patron is gone. She doesn't want to accept it's over and she's a sex worker now.
She still hates sex workers and is just pretending she isn't one of them

No. 836179

File: 1621262759423.jpg (29.9 KB, 360x450, Akihiko_Usami.jpg)

Her face is starting to look like bad yaoi art.

No. 836181

File: 1621263319862.png (1.3 MB, 1640x1640, Cart_Titan_character_image_(Pi…)

This is just an Aryan cart titan cosplay.

No. 836187

Bitch looking like a lampshade. I didn't think anyone could ruin Dimitrescu, but this is Moo we're talking about. Characters are meat and she's the butcher.

No. 836189

She looks like the reptilian version of Joanne the Scammer.

No. 836190

Ah, yes, the ever popular dirt-stained Ganguro Howl.

Who is this supposed to appeal to? Her neckbeards don't care. Any anime fans that still somehow follow her don't want this. There's no profit or benefit. This appeals to literally nobody but her.

No. 836192

File: 1621273584730.png (397.28 KB, 590x596, Makeupyourmind.png)

She's definitely over 300 pounds, because according to this tweet from years ago, this is her at "177"..meaning her claims of being in the early 200lb range is definitely bullshit.

No. 836195

It's Momo and she tells half truths. She was 210 during this picture and didn't lose 30 pounds in a month. That isn't how weight loss works unless you're 600 pounds and on a doctor restricted diet.
She is def heavier than her Hawaii trip and she thinks tying up her mid section with waist trainers is going to cover up the rest of her body. Her legs are disgusting

No. 836198

I remember now. 177 was the magic number between her being just over weight and officially being obese. That's why she lied about her weight. Her Chun Li was when she started lipo and telling photographers to edit her thinner. This was also around the time she called a cosplayer fat because poor Moo is an insecure mess.

Wow, look at us now. Looking at Moo on the edge of morbid obesity. What a wild ride. Wonder when she will completely give up and waddle towards 600 pounds.

No. 836199

Mexico has a higher obesity rate than the US, and Peru is closing in with a 25% obesity rate.

No. 836201

Were these pics taken before she'd had any lipo done?

No. 836202

Oh look, moomoo back when she had some kind of definition on her knees.

No. 836203

you can tell by the little round bruises where they sucked the fat out zoooOOOP

No. 836207

She looks massive in that jacket

No. 836210

File: 1621279409805.jpeg (430.71 KB, 2048x2048, D7AE6C3B-42B2-4DD2-B69D-059526…)

If I am remembering correctly this is the time of the first suspected round of lipo (anons saw the little circular marks in this cosplay) though she continued to deny it for very long time.

No. 836211

I don't understand why she's so salty whenever someone reminds her she doesn't have a fupa thanks to monthly rounds of lipo on her gut. It's painfully obvious she doesn't work out. Zero muscle, all fat. She's weird to watch and horrifying to watch in motion

No. 836216

Don't worry anon, she's going to pretend to workout at the gym soon since we brought up her lipo, weight guesses and lack of exercise.

No. 836217

She should just accept the way she is and pull a Trisha and do mukbangs. We all know she eats more than her. Those eating videos would be impressive

No. 836218

File: 1621282702264.png (15.09 KB, 85x93, 1621273584730~2.png)

Sometimes I miss turtle lip moo

No. 836220

Oh, the memories. If I remember correctly, her pubic mound was showing and you could see very apparent stubble. And yet this sloppy bitch wanted to humiliate other cosplayers sexually.

No. 836224

Yea right before this con we were speculating as the little 'birthmarks' were appearing in her mirror selfies. I recall a few anons saying it was tinfoiling she's not that stupid. And here we are. a botched plastic surgery nightmare pushing 300 pounds.

No. 836228

Can confirm. 207lb 5'4" here. I wear 14/16. Also my tits are waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than hers, so if she says she's 210 lbs, I'd say at least 10-12 of that has to be here tits, and there is no way she would weigh 198 with out tits.

My guess is she's 250, but thinks her tits weigh 40lbs and she doesn't count them when quoting her weight.

No. 836230

I do too tbh she was a bit cuter then.

No. 836234

File: 1621293438003.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, 54EE496F-9A66-49C6-9F01-9FD218…)

It’s always so funny how much momo lurks around here. She got so pressed about us calling her out for looking nothing like the character, so she had to write a whole paragraph about why she does look like her and why she looks so dirty. Keep it up moo, your neck beards may suck up to you but that’s all that you got going for you- oh and your herd of other cows.

No. 836235

File: 1621293579692.png (2.33 MB, 828x1792, 6497AB37-E80F-4F51-83FB-D5758C…)

Maddie, stop sucking up to moo when we can all see she looks nothing like the character. The only difference is that moo has wrinkles and other issues wrong with her skin because she doesn’t take any care of herself and continues to inject shit into her body, compared to a 100+ year old vampire woman who has been affected by a disease/virus- but yet shes still looking better than moo.

No. 836237

This is the perfect side by side to demonstrate the difference between thick and obese.

No. 836240

looking at models of Lady D she isn't short, dumpy and morbidly obese. Lady D is actually quite thin. She just has huge titts and ass. Or as many people will say, slim thicc

No. 836241

File: 1621296045012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,296.39 KB, 1242x1725, C26DE8BF-BDCD-446A-B98D-C2EDCA…)

I bet moo has a secret hard drive somewhere

Why didn’t she do the same pose? Is it cause she didn’t want to show how big her stomach is?

No. 836243

What I don't get, is why she's still doing cosplay. Now that her patreon is gone where is she posting them? The people subbing to her onlyfans aren't there for cosplay and she's not posting them on her store. Speaking of which, her photobook store page has gone 404. I wonder what happened, I highly doubt she sold them all..
Ah, looks like we can add "wig maker" to her imaginary repertoire of skills now. And this whole essay just shows that she only watched the trailers and never actually played the game.

No. 836244

For the ego only. Cosplay got her attention in the first place and if she stops she will feel like she failed at it like everything else she tried. That and it's mainly to feel superior to sex workers.
That and she thinks she can snag a hot guy if she pretends to be more like a dude and like video games. Too bad most guys are shallow.

No. 836246

It’s not hard to make a big hat for a photoshoot, but I guess it’s too much effort for miss moo

No. 836252

Anyone notice how she's suddenly pumping out all these "cosplays" after weeks and weeks doing nothing? I think us talking about how she's nothing but a sex worker now is really eating at her. I'm going to predict another manic episode sometime soon.

She thinks by hiding her nasty shota obsession on her dead "art twitter" that no one is gonna catch on lol.

Speaking of, guess her art phase is officially over?

No. 836254


I don't think she can fit her arms into the jacket so she pinned it on her shoulders

No. 836255

>guess her art phase is officially over?

Literally every time someone posts this comment, she uploads a hilariously bad Demon Slayer sketch the next day to prove people wrong.

The jacket is worn over Howl’s shoulders in the movie but what I’m wondering is how WIDE they had to make it to fit her linebacker shoulders so she doesn’t “Hulk out” of it.

No. 836256

Maybe if we keep mentioning it she'll actually get better since she'll have to draw to prove us wrong.
Or she'll get maddie to draw for her

No. 836267

The fact that her Twitter has little to no followers is proof that her fanbase doesn't give two shits about her actual interests.

No. 836270

What a fucking idiot. She thinks this is a virus. She knows NOTHING about the fucking new game or RE7.

No. 836276

I think the funniest thing that she mentioned in that ass pat paragraph was the fact she degraded other cosplayers to lift herself up (surprise, surprise). Because most if not all the lady dimitrescu cosplayers looks very fancy, clean and all around beautiful and then you have moo who told her make up artist to throw dirt all over her and her dress, while also not even doing the pale white vampire skin because for some reason moo hates matching the characters actual off color skin tone (like the spider mom, pink Diamond, etc). Like moo, shut up, stop downplaying other RE cosplayers when you literally only Cosplayed the character cause it was hype and hoped to hook in some sorry saps who hadn’t already found their favorite Dimitrescu Cosplayer. Stop being mad over the fact Yaya got the position of sponsorship and you didn’t, and literally every Dimitrescu Cosplayer looks better than you. Instead of looking too deep into a character you have no clue about besides the fact you wanna play into your mommy fetish, maybe actually Cosplay a character that would better fit your attitude and looks like you like the Moreau family blob fuck :) I promise it’ll fit you to a ‘T’

No. 836280

Out with friends in Vegas at an overpriced asian fusion place and spotted moo in the wild. I heard a waiter call her by name . she was there with her parasite Maddie and a few others. She is fucking huge in real life. Kind of like seeing pics of an elephant and then seeing one at the zoo for the first time. Terrible skin even from 10 feet away and her face is busted. Like she’s getting one of those real housewives plastic faces. She and Maddie were babbling like idiots. Real loud too. Surreal for sure. If you have never seen her in real life you can’t even imagine how weird and sad.

No. 836281

I think drawing is the most benign hobby Moo could have rn, and I hope she sticks with it to improve until it takes up more of her time. Problem is that since she’s at that middle school weeb stage where she copies/traces manga panels and anime screenshots, I feel like shes a ticking time bomb before she ends up tracing some other artist’s work and getting blasted for it

No. 836282

A bully victim from her school came out about her on tiktok. Might pick up some traction.

No. 836283

Post it

No. 836286

Pics? Cant be terribly hard to catch her

No. 836288

I wanna know if the poor reptiles are alive. How about that Moo can you prove us wrong?

No. 836292

anon might forgot to do that, I would love to see her candid too.

No. 836295

it’s candid moments like this when people see her in a public setting that really get a laugh out of me because almost everything that can be assumed about her physical appearance and personality are proven to
be true—i can’t fucking wait until cons come back man

No. 836297

Seriously, same here. I’ve taken a few of the more memorable candids here and still it’s nothing like experiencing that mess in person. Yes, she does have a weird smell and her back-tits are a lot larger in person (especially when she’s in a corset/waist trainer). I fully expect her to worm her way back into Lvl Up Expo next year where they’ll once again turn a blind eye to her shilling porn in front of kids.

No. 836310

File: 1621338898682.png (Spoiler Image,786.77 KB, 572x768, 2E55389F-22AD-4BE2-9E9A-6C858B…)

Provided from the comrades at KF

Totally not haram my guys

No. 836313

File: 1621339905551.png (5.69 MB, 1800x1554, 5DED80F6-9DDA-4C1E-9274-B20AF6…)

Those Hefty bag lookin’ leggings are holding on for dear life.

No. 836314

File: 1621340013968.png (2.73 MB, 1800x1056, D27CFEBE-7981-4047-A7F6-A2CBC5…)

No. 836315

I think she might have had more surgeries done, it would explain her small break of photoshoots and such.

No. 836325

I'm surprised nobody has attempted to dmca her leaks from this board then, because these threads are always some of the first results when you google her nudes

No. 836332

Her fucking thigh is the same width as her torso what the fuck

No. 836337

Totes not a sex worker my dudes.

No. 836345

"because it's like we get to be together in a weird sort of delusional way"
That's just sad. Even if she's lying about it it's still sad.

No. 836347


…the fucking amrezy filter is working so hard that it ERASED THE BENDS OF HER FINGERS my fucking sides are leaving the galaxy holy shit

No. 836350

File: 1621352701334.png (8.06 MB, 1242x2688, 4BEDFC65-CB84-427C-AC06-19E15C…)

Can’t find the video of high schooo girl coming out but did see the racist vid get posted to tiktok

No. 836353

You reminded me of the anons (Most likely Moo herself) were mad because a lot of con goers were saying she smelled really really bad to the point of being unbearable to be around her. She outed herself by giving weird reasons why bathing daily is bad for your physical and mental health and that she smelled fine. Even went as far to say people who bathe daily have bad dry skin because lotion isn't a thing in Moo's world.
Either way yeah, I tend to trust people who have seen Moo in the wild because they are proven right

No. 836355

They just missed her most recent racist meltdown where she tore down BLM and a bunch of other groups because making herself look like a terrorist is a fantastic thing.

No. 836359

I actually found a few from when she sperged about BLM and her friendship with Kevin and now they agreed with the 17 yr old shooter

No. 836360

if she does get back on it (She wont cuz it takes up too much practice and Moo hates practice) she will just bitch about "muh style", trace manga panels, her friends art and finally just go full Butch Hartman

No. 836365

God you're so LUCKY. I wish I could see bigfoot in the wild too. Were you able to smell her across the restaurant?

No. 836384

All that money spent and it’s still not accurate

No. 836388

Not using the same metric system, so you telling she's like 150cm tall and has a weight of almost 140kg?

No. 836389

120-130kg at the height of 162 cm

No. 836393

Her BMI has to be in the 50s+ to have fat mass like that. BMI simulation dolls can't even get to Moos planet like body.

No. 836394

Bit OT but did Moo ever post about her second covid vaccine? Or did she get the single JnJ one? Just curious because she definitely seems the type to skip her second dose.

No. 836395

She got J+J

No. 836396


She got j&j

No. 836405

You think she would aim for the more preferred vaccines. J&J is being used in nursing homes and prisons for people who can’t commute twice, and even that was paused. I guess she just wanted the “vaccine passport” for her Japan vacation.

Seeing her unfiltered must have been an experience

No. 836408

Fken hell, I'm 165cm and weight 90kg and look fat af, i don't even want to imagine how she looks irl.

No. 836412

J&J has been cleared just fine to use, and she got it before that whole thing happened. She most likely wanted it because she’s too lazy to get a shot twice and probably thought it was a flex at the time.

Jokes on her though because it’s only about 75% effective. There’s been a whole baseball team that got it and are having a outbreak now. Chances are international flights will be requiring either Pfizer or moderna since both are so effective and seem to be working great.

No. 836419

File: 1621370320780.jpg (786.81 KB, 598x750, 1612408957539[1].jpg)


reusing wigs again?

No. 836424

File: 1621372229643.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 3743D244-28B5-4E58-A4EE-D3D7D4…)

I’m having a blast seeing multiple kids on TikTok trying to call her out (even if they’re all parroting the same sexual assault accusation and not really doing research. Especially considering the wealth of drama attached to her they could use) but I wanted to share this that was among her tags. This is your typical fan, Moo! You’re going to have to settle for one of these chaps once the money dries up and you can’t afford to hire “male escorts”.

No. 836426

lmao is that a scrote? i really thought that was a fat lesbian at first

No. 836427

File: 1621373254536.png (4.39 MB, 1242x2208, 00975E4B-38C5-40D7-BBB7-38FDBA…)

Wondering if the anon who spotted her in the wild last night caught a glimpse of the unadulterated pure autism on display.

No. 836430

File: 1621373529369.jpeg (706.92 KB, 1242x1988, 36E0E0DF-6929-4583-B459-77D181…)

Had to double back but yeah, you’re right! Goddamn, I’d be embarrassed if I had a fanbase that consisted of scrotes and whatever this mess is.

No. 836431


Moo’s fans are following in her footsteps of identifying as multiple conflicting sexualities lol

No. 836432

Literally no one cares about her followers or defenders unless they're also cows. Give info on Mariah or don't post at all.

No. 836435

Nightmare fuel….

No. 836438

jfc how do you identify as both pansexual and lesbian?

No. 836440

same way you are nonbinary and also a lesbian. clout.

No. 836441

anon, i'm dying

No. 836443

I'd pay big money for this dude and moo to fuck on camera. It would be hilariously sad.

No. 836445

Talk about Mariah whose the actual topic. No one cares about some rando you terfs.

No. 836446

Where do you think you are anon?

No. 836447

Kek. Knew they were a troon. They look nearly as fat as moo.

No. 836450

I'm one of the few non-terfs on this site and even I think posting this scrote is hilarious. Obviously a chris-chan type wanting to seem less gross to women by being a lesbian. They can fuck around in our spaces while being a gross coomer. Mariah's fans should be called out way more because it's hilarious that she makes cuck bucks from the bottom of the barrel.

No. 836454

Her fans should be shamed/bullied for supporting and or giving money to her.

No. 836455

if you think this person is trans you're just as delusional as he is dude looks like a predator

No. 836458


If I didn’t post, you wouldn’t have gotten those recordings of her recent IG lunacy so stfu.

>you terfs

Did you get lost on your way to twitter?

No. 836472

File: 1621383201447.jpeg (368.15 KB, 828x1094, 3F4BEB85-ACF2-47E2-8944-D5D132…)

does she ever put this goddamn plushie down

No. 836476

File: 1621384033985.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, 7FC32B4B-237E-4F5F-B145-FA233E…)

The only place where taking a plushie anywhere with you is looked over is an anime convention… and only if you’re a teen weeb. You’re 25 years old, Mariah. Is this how you cope?
The first pic in that post of her shadow in the reflection is sending me.

No. 836483

Jesus Christ that thing must fucking reek by now.

No. 836485

when you expose yourself. 210 pounds my dudes

No. 836488

What a lack of cock does to a motherfucker

No. 836489

Pfp change incoming

No. 836494

her reflection be looking like megatron, might be her best cosplay yet

No. 836496

File: 1621397319511.jpg (97.77 KB, 680x889, 77f.jpg)

Looks like she's going to fight me in the Facebook comments on why Kyle Shithouse deserved to shoot multiple people.

No. 836499

Considering she is pretending to be a bad bitch with shooting skill it fits.

No. 836500

File: 1621400770376.jpeg (122.49 KB, 750x563, D40B975E-BAEE-4E40-AF82-0F4E62…)

No. 836501

thank you

No. 836515

We're on a female website anon, wtf. Post some strong ass women instead.

No. 836516


anon you're on a thread devoted to the stronkest woman on lolcow. dont you know that momo could crush your head between her thighs?

or just. crush your entire body beneath her mass.

No. 836527

This fucker. THIS FUCKER. This fucker has been there the longest. He has been there when she had her sexy streams, when she did Twitch, comments "LeAvE BrItNeY aLoNe" type comments when she gets heat. Displays typical troon behavior. You should see their partner. God

No. 836534

Shitty People apologize 'do better' all the time and still remain shitty people. This neckbeard is probably trying to get noticed by her.

No. 836535

File: 1621430962229.png (2.98 MB, 1800x1595, EFC12CE8-D6E1-4F63-9A11-6BD979…)

>everyone is replaceable

Just like the friends she keeps close until they no longer serve a purpose for her.

No. 836548

What in the name of all that's holy is that monster? jfc… If that's your face, why the hell would you have a TikTok account?

No. 836554

File: 1621437631047.jpeg (380.4 KB, 680x889, 751BBEA4-AC5B-4F72-BEDA-9EBB66…)

She blends right in lol

No. 836556

File: 1621438376995.jpg (658.28 KB, 1440x3200, Screenshot_20210519-113033_Tik…)

Someone made a tiktok about her @keigokfc

No. 836557

Link these tiktoks. They are hard to find in the mass of videos

No. 836561

File: 1621440960894.webm (1.62 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6963347021105270022_ti…)

No. 836562

File: 1621441027330.png (950.05 KB, 750x1334, 7A4DDCCC-04C8-4EC1-B500-2AD853…)


that’s so fucked if that’s true

No. 836563

Deadass thought you were making the same joke as me until I realized she's just shooped in.

No. 836565

File: 1621442316917.png (1.24 MB, 642x1800, 91940521-8028-4274-8F2D-32510A…)

Fucking hell. Like, we knew a while back about her bullying that one girl in her high school by nearly suffocating her in a theater curtain in their drama class but this takes it beyond that. If it’s true (and I’m inclined to believe it is given Mariah’s track record) she is truly irredeemable.

No. 836566

I usually take things like this with a grain of salt but if this is true Moo's a true sadistic cuck. It's hard not to a-log towards her.

No. 836567

I really want this to be true because when people lie about these kind of things it really does hinder the hate train.

I hope this girl is doing better now and I hope she's living her best life.

No. 836573

Because of things that Mariah has already done that we know for a fact that she did, it makes it hard not to believe this stuff. A lot of the things that she did to other people was to humiliate them.

Now everyone is laughing at her. Hope she spergs like she always does when she's called out.

No. 836577

How could anyone not believe this? It perfectly aligns with the stories of other people she bullied and humiliated. Years of consistent accusations with similarities and video/witnesses to attest to it cannot be farce. She has no clout to drain and her fanbase is bottom of the barrel. Dealing with a chunk of her fan base would be a nightmare

No. 836578

She's a sexual predator. Instead of sexual gratification, she sexually demeans other. I mean, this sounds a bit extreme because she's selling child pornography? This level of deviance is off the charts. Not sure if I believe it but if true, she needs to go the police.

No. 836586

A lot of people assume they won't get in trouble if they're a minor selling pictures of minors. Bet she thought if she was caught she'd just get a slap on the wrist.

Considering how she sexually harassed others and made jokes about it later it's really no surprise she'd do that stuff in high school.

No. 836598

It's hard for me to believe, but only because I struggle to imagine something that horrible. Taking pictures to make fun of a classmate seems like typical bullying behavior, but selling them is on another level. If she actually did it she's pretty sick.
Also, I wonder how the adults following her and her sister are related to Moo? Was she friends with them? That part kind of confused me.

No. 836602


lmao too real, it took me a minute to find her on there

No. 836608

She probably didn’t consider it cp at the time because it was people the same age as her

I know this is the logic a lot of teenagers use when they send photos between one another (that conversation is an entire other thing but it’s a similar thought process)

No. 836609

I fully believe it. I know worse things that have happened with somebody I know personally in regards to photos/videos being spread in high school. And I don’t put this behavior past Mariah at all.

No. 836610

I believe it because Moo already admitted that yeah she bullied people so bad at school they wanted to kill themselves. And the theater incident where she made someone have a panic attack for no reason. She had zero sympathy and blamed the victims for being too weak.

No. 836613

I mean yes take it with a grain of salt but are we really surprised? Bullying kids in school? Kids is plural? She might've just had a jealousy streak and bullied people she wanted to enjoy anime with but couldn't. I don't know if this KeigoKFC person is the same person that admitted she bullied them earlier in the thread but I'm willing to believe them separately. I mean Moo had her own nudes leaked and also was rumored to send her nudes to voice actors, con staff etc. for attention. Not surprising she would do the same to another nonconsenting female in her class

No. 836614

she even leaked her own nudes and it's believed she's still giving them out. Well she might not think much of it since it's her job now. But if she's been doing it since she was a kid.
That and her harassing women she's jealous of has been confirmed at cons where she tore the clothes off a girl who was changing and lifted a girls top on the con floor, that and putting a megaphone near some chicks crotch in public thinking she was funny.
Her harassing a girl in a high school changing room and taking pictures seems right up her alley.

No. 836615

Don't give her so much credit. I can believe she was a jerk to nerds when she briefly became a jock, but she is not a professional bully. She is barely a cosplayer bully. She thinks she's a bully but she is just being obnoxious and makes people feel uncomfortable.

No. 836617

It's sad that this is common, a kid was doing this shit when I was in HS as well.
People like them don't go far in life, they don't move far from their hometowns, they don't go anywhere past working minimum wage jobs or MLMs (or in momo's case selling herself for cheap online) and crash and burn by the time they're in their mid 20's.

No. 836618

I do believe Moo was a "professional" bully (whatever the fuck that means). She just calmed down a little bit because the world is watching her. She isn't completely immune to jail time and has to keep her antics under the radar

No. 836620

I forgot about the megaphone thing. If I recall, didn't Mariah treat that as no big deal? I remember that she accused them all of lying for clout.

No. 836621

She and Vamps made fun of it by "cancelling" each other on Instagram.

No. 836622

Can’t wait for the day she gets deplatformed completely, if it ever happens.
Throwing a party for that shit.

No. 836624

the weird thing is she admitted to it all, said sorry. But then her and Vamps started making fun of the situation and then she back peddled. She didn't deny it, but she said they were only coming forward for clout

No. 836625

I highly doubt this is gonna happen. Scrotes don't give a shit about that stuff, as bleak as it is.

No. 836626

File: 1621461278668.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, BCC73327-AE5B-4FA5-8446-5685E3…)

No. 836627

Aaawe who rejected her

No. 836628

Right before she got outed for sexually assaulting people, she was bullying a cosplayer that couldn't speak in English. That cosplayer went on to cosplay for Blizzard. The one who outed her about the megaphone incident was doing streams with cosplayers that Moo wanted to be around because they were popular. People who she bullied went on to do things that Moo wanted to do and now all she does is sell whore photos to guys who want to see her degraded.

That's never going to happen.

No. 836629

But… only beta males talk to her..

No. 836636

Beta males like the ones she's constantly chasing?

No. 836637

it's over for her cosplay career. But she can stay online for as long as she's willing to sell porn. Which is just endless milk for us. Because the whole time she'll thrash and throw a tantrum how she's still a cosplayer

No. 836645

This is gaining a lot of traffic

No. 836646

She’ll keep doing cosplay until she dies I think. It’s her one grasp at trying to seem legitimate. But an actual career out it? Sponsorships? Invite to cons/ panels? An sort of sway in the community with legit members? That’s been gone hke awhile, but TikTok is making sure it stays that way.

No. 836650

I think they could have recognised the girls from the photos Moo sold them and wondered if they could get them to do more than just pictures for the right price. They're predators, so spotting vulnerable young girls who they know have already been exploited would just seem like an opportunity. We don't know for certain if it's true, but it definitely sounds plausible.

No. 836656

I’ve been following here since the early threads and I held off on posting some info because I knew anons wouldn’t accept that it’s technically hearsay and didn’t have proof from my in person conversation to show for it. Several years ago, I had a (now former) co-worker who went to high school with Mariah and said she had sent nudes of herself to other guys at her school. He was still in contact with guys who still had them. Hearing this come out now makes a lot of sense to me tbh but he didn’t mention anything other than her photos. I’m inclined to believe it’s true given her history and she’s just that vicious to other girls/women.

No. 836659

File: 1621478704341.jpeg (227.08 KB, 1242x1260, A3D0D843-EB52-4C75-AB00-DB9589…)

No. 836661

her extremely small head is extremely bothersome

No. 836662

The only thing that would stop Momo is if she thinks she's untouchable and does something really stupid and lands herself in jail or something. Who knows if she will ever reach that level of tard but you never know with this cow.

No. 836667

She's come close on a few occasions (trespassing and public indecency mainly,) but in the end Moo is a huge chicken shit of a lardbeast and flees at the first sign of trouble.

No. 836669

She's toast with millennials and now Zoomers. How long until she tries again with the alphas?

No. 836670

At first I thought she was wearing a really dirty sock then I realized it was one of her cats

No. 836671

This is her home? It looks like she's in a hospital with her cats. That all white is just atrocious.

No. 836673

So anon, how new are you? She's bragged about bullying others for a long time. She used to sleep with girl's boyfriends and said it made her feel good because they "picked her", even though those encounters led to nothing more than the sex for her.

The thread doesn't need your scrote-like skepticism.

No. 836687

Man this shit is terrifying to me, it's so bright and lifeless looking. Her cats and her are the only color in the whole room and def gives off hospital vibes

No. 836692

Money doesn’t buy taste or class.

No. 836697

So long as there is cuckbucks to be made, she will have a platform unfortunately.

However, she will hopefully be bullied and barred into oblivion if all goes well with the upcoming con season later this year.


No. 836700

Emoticons aren’t allowed, nigger.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 836702


No. 836704

what's with the influx of retards? is it school holidays in the US?

No. 836719

Maybe one of moo’s fans came here to shit up the thread for a crumb of m’lardy’s yeast infection.

No. 836737

Her fans gotta realize that the hired male prostitutes have top priority.

No. 836746

It’s either her fans or minions just trying to divert attention from the fact Mariah is getting called out again for being a terrible human.

No. 836752


this guy has been namefagging for a year, ryan padilla loves to mini mod apparently >>>/pt/665126

No. 836771

whose butt is that in the background tho

No. 836772

Lol. The bitch that has run from literally every confrontation in her life? The only thing she eats for breakfast are 1st, 2nd and 3rd breakfast.

No. 836780

Are tiktok call outs really going to make a difference? Aside from a chunk of cosplay tiktok I really don't think people could care less. It's almost cute how these younger cosplayers think her fan base of scrotes would care, even though she's sexually assaulted scrotes before. She gets called out, makes trendy waifu traps, deletes comments and just carries on. This time won't be any different I think. Plus, don't all the big names in the comm and cons know about her already? What is the goal of it even, just to deplatform her tiktok?

No. 836784

It wouldn't matter to the Scrotes.
But it matters when it comes to momokun ever finding new lapdogs to make her cosplay shit. The more new artists and new cosplayers that find out about her actions the less people momokun can bribe to be her friend/slave/new clout source.

Plus you know it makes Momokun mad. Why else would she talking big?

No. 836787

This right here. Not many people are willing to work with her and she created unprofessional work environments by making the people who do work with her "friends". It's emotionally manipulative because even if they don't want to work with her Momo will pull out the "But we're friends" card
She doesn't invite out her hair stylist because the woman realized it isn't worth being Momo's in house slave. And the wolf sanctuary distanced themselves from Moo after Moo made them treat her sick cat for a discount while Moo was dicking around with the wolves in an inappropriate way (she could have taken her cat to the vet wtf???)

Both places will still take her business, but now exclusively as a client and NOT as a friend. Momo is just inappropriate and doesn't respect boundaries.
It's def for the best Moo doesn't rope in anyone else in any community.

No. 836788

It's pretty much like the male prostitutes spreading her info around and gossiping about her. All it can do is protect them from unbearable situations with Moo. I wouldn't be surprised if she hired a prostitute on her next Japan trip though.

No. 836799

Japan has its own problems going on with the pandemic and potentially canceling the Olympics. The last thing they need is Moo sniffing around their country for Japanese dick lol

No. 836806

File: 1621537209451.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, C9F0CE3C-C092-4E91-B41D-FBAB68…)

>I would drink Douma’s piss

I didn’t think this sperg was worth recording but her mannerisms and obsession with anime men make my stomach churn.

No. 836809

a lot of the high class ones in Japan usually don't take in foreign clients anyway since gaijin cause a lot of issues. She could find gaijin hunters, but Momo isn't exactly what they're looking for. Even her photoshopped body is too fat for them.

No. 836811

Don't worry, Momo only had vanilla sex before. She's just parroting what her disgusting scrotes say so they will like her more.

Then Moo wonders why normal men want nothing to do with her. If you're going to mirror people, mirror the ones you want around you. You would think as a narcissist she would understand that.

No. 836820


She has a set of Japanese dating profiles for smash and dash with gaijin hunters; one or two trips ago she was pretty actively fucking her way across the most disgusting part of those apps. They really don't care about her weight, bimbofication is a huge fetish with gaijinhunters because they first and foremost care about easy women and Moo is VERY easy if you're asian.

No. 836823

Just because she had the profiles doesn't mean there was any takers. Moo shares everything. YOu think she has the grace to fuck someone and not tell the world she smashed?

No. 836826

I'm surprised she hasn't bought another animal to name Douma honestly. Naming her cats after who she's simping for used to be her thing.

No. 836828

you know she's shopping for an animal the moment she lurks here. Even though she has too many animals already and makes her live in slaves care for them

No. 836870

File: 1621559518142.jpg (315.42 KB, 378x670, sJGg75n.jpg)

Making fun once again:
>drops mousepad on counter, Umbran's hand tweak nipple
>Moo swats hand says "Aye, get out of here kid! That's assault, brotha!"

No. 836875

Yeah she should know what sexual assault looks like considering she’s a predator herself lol

No. 836878

that's the whole point anon. She gets salty whenever people bring up the sexual assault so her response is to make fun of the situation.

No. 836886

is she trying to prove she's "self-aware" or what?

No. 836887

No, she always acts this way instead of taking responsibility or apologizing for it. This way she'll hope it is viewed as a "joke" or "she owns it" whenever it gets traction.

No. 836896

File: 1621572479271.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2208, C10B76C8-DB26-48D1-9F9B-572508…)

She’s so insecure with herself that she maxed out the filter settings on a low res photo, this is not even a video story. She has time to do this but no time to wash her greasy hair?

No. 836900

what's the point of having the best phone for video and pictures if it just ends up looking like a shitty webcam from 2012 with the filters maxed out. It makes me curious what kind of morbid monstrosity her face has become if she's freaking out that bad

No. 836901

File: 1621573304291.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x2061, E10DC6CA-E539-4129-B338-5FA600…)

On her Tiktok.

Bitch has a lot to learn before lecturing others on accountability. And Moo, crashing Sensei’s tattoo parlor and unloading on him while he’s working is not considered therapy…

No. 836903

If shes been in therapy for four years she’s going to need a new therapist

No. 836905

Except she still does shit like this, it's just male sex workers don't come forward. And there has been zero recent cases at cons because there's a pandemic. Who is she foolin?
Doesn't mean she hasn't done more shitin the past year though… like that racist rant that happened literally last week

No. 836906

Samefag but I’m going through all her recent videos and I guess she gave up trying to delete every single post calling her out or telling her to die since they’re all still there lol. More videos are being made about her that are popping up in her tags so that’s probably rattling her.

No. 836907

They really think people are okay with Pedo James and Pedo Zoe? No idea who Lopez is but I'm pretty sure most people want James and Zoe to be thrown in Jail.
Also Mariah going to Therapy doesn't mean shit when instead of the actual Palestine people you tell everyone you support Hammas the terrorists that Palestine people hate.

No. 836909

She is probably on tiktok now on her manic episode deleting comments. prepare for more salty videos.

No. 836921

File: 1621582224551.png (1.62 MB, 1800x975, 115FEE7B-B864-4AE9-9565-2603D5…)

No. 836922

File: 1621582486039.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, 3C06935A-0CAA-405C-A4A6-BF5241…)

Incase anyone was wondering, yes it’s another neckbeard (baby neckbeard) that is sucking up to her and telling everyone he don’t care about her horrible past. He also recently made a video saying ‘people are telling me to kms cause I support her and guess what, she’s gonna go on a mass blocking spree to those that are doing that! She’s more than likely even gonna ban the word die in her comments section.’ As if she hasn’t been mass blocking and deleting comments already to those who are calling her out for all the shit she’s done and will continue doing.

No. 836923

I know we get on Maddie a lot for hopefully having a fucking brain bigger than momo to use her to get shit but on god I swear she’s dumber than momo. They both share one fucking brain cell, it’s no wonder she was so willing to live with this trash bag. ‘ document me verbally abusing you- your fans would love that~’ like who says that? I swear if mooriah sexual assaulted someone again and told Maddie to do it, that girl would do it in a fucking heartbeat. Their both absolute twats and it’s just amazing to watch these animals work together.(emoji)

No. 836924

File: 1621583068854.jpeg (685.83 KB, 828x1469, 5D47F6D7-DF56-4E95-87D6-21D040…)

It’s always so refreshing seeing her trying to claim she isn’t an absolute lunatic with no brain

No. 836925

I hope Mariah sees these are the only kinds of people going to bat for her. Not one of them defending her honor is going to be a built Asian man with the personality of her current anime obsession lol
But this is the audience she cultivated, Moo gotta live with being worshipped by misanthropes.

No. 836931

Yes,please dump more of your money into a system you have no clue about.

No. 836932

kek never occurred to me that you could outfat a fanny pack

No. 836947

You can't even speak your native language properly, but you want to get into stocks, Mariah? What an amazing part of the saga. I bet she's going to start talking about how she learned stocks in school.

No. 836949

She's making her investment choices from fad trends. This is hilarious.

No. 836954

It’s gonna be amusing when her simp money runs out and she’s broke left with nothing but botched face and a tarnished reputation

No. 836956

Was going to say, she’s hoping on the stock trend and hoping hit another GameStop moment. It ain’t gonna happen.

No. 836957

I can't wait for Moo's potential homeles street whore saga. She'll broadcast her shitty life through her phone and e-beg to get herself from one meal to the next. Milk galore. Maybe she'll actually lose some weight for once when she can't splurge her simp bux on expensive restaurants.

No. 836958

I love how the only thing she's never recorded was her going to therapy. Or school. Or doing things that are, y'know, actually helpful in healing her brain damage.

No. 836959

Momokun is a product of her parents. They've enabled her throughout her life have allowed her to act like a dickhead. They created a monster that has bullied and sexually assaulted people. Good job on being shit parents.

No. 836961

by her fat/weight ratio i think she could survive like 4 months on just liquids and vitamin supplements ( you know , for vitamins ).

the longest fast record belongs to a guy called angus barbieri , he fasted for 13 months only eating tea , coffe and some vitamins and he lost like 115 kgs

No. 836964

Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. As >>836959 said, her parents have been shit parents so far and enabled her terrible behavior. If she ever becomes broke, she'll just move in her with slave, I mean mother.

No. 836973

Her parents may be shit but I'm sure they all have a breaking point. What if she pulls a Pixyteri and starts doing photoshoots and low grade porn in their basement? How are they going to handle a 25-year-old womanbaby for years on end? Moo will either fuck herself over with her attitude and they'll kick her out or leech off her parents until they die.

No. 836980

If it ever gets to that it's their demon they gotta face. They did it to themselves tbh.

No. 836984

I think she doesn't care because she doesn't know the value of a dollar. She certainly didn't care her paetron was gone (delighted because less work for her)
and in her head she knows she didn't earn that money. She's aware it's all cuck bucks so why should she care if the risk is high

No. 836987

I don't think Moo's father even allows her in the house anymore. Moo's mother is a push over and will still sometimes see her. But her father had enough of her shit because his daughter decided to use the family name for porn. Yeah, I would be pissed too.

No. 836994

I have a feeling if Moo ever hits rock bottom and starts being her mother's parasite I doubt that would last long. Moo can hardly do a thing for herself and has ruined her name. No job will have her, she'll bring in no money, hell she'd be too lazy to at least help out around the house. She'll shovel food in her face and pile on the pounds while her mother has to shovel her filth. No one will ever last long in Moo's presence without her throwing money at them. And well, she's got no money to coddle her mother with.

No. 836995

Um anon they were literally hanging out and walking with each other the other day lmao

No. 836996

with her father? cuz I didn't see it

No. 836999

must be weird to see your daughter’s fat nasty beaver all over the internet

No. 837034

She's at her parents like every day. Same with their work. She was walking with her dad a couple weeks ago and posted it on her account. Her dad and mom are divorced but live together. They are friendly.

No. 837035

she thinks this is a flex when if she had real money to invest she would have someone doing it for her. That's what the celebs do anyway. Cool that she downloaded the acorn app though and is going to spend the next week playing pretend wallstreet

No. 837036

When did they ever divorce? I've been here since thread 13 and never heard they split.

No. 837037

File: 1621648990394.jpg (428.21 KB, 1080x1668, 1604292934770.jpg)

Remember when she posted her "schedule"? It said therapy every Tuesday but if that were true then why is she constantly getting plastic surgery and selling her body online? She doesn't seem to be improved by any means.

No. 837038

I think this is a troll or a white knight. Most def Moo is never at her parents house kek
She barely remembered mothers day until anons reminded her at like 9pm on mothers day to grab some fast food

No. 837039

Her therapy has been proven to be just tattoo sensei and he looks absolutely done with her shit