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File: 1620103095124.jpg (993.5 KB, 1280x1280, demonsimp.jpg)

No. 834197

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>828666
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://andtwitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

>Immediately forgets Attack on Titan ever happened while aggressively simping for Douma from Demon Slayer not unlike a weeb in middle school.
>Embarks on fine art journey and spends thousands of dollars of art supplies she has no idea how to use.
>Only wants to make fanart of her new husbando and continuously posts about lusting for a fictional character at the age of 25.
>Rejoins twitter to show shit tier drawings, pretend to pass Maddie/umbranwitch's art off as her own, and harass Japanese artists via Google translate.
>Buys iPad Pro to trace more easily after realizing art requires skill.
>Gets obvious veneers after pretending to get Invisalign on already straight teeth.
>Gets cringey tattoo in honor of Douma on top of her Fate seal tattoo against the advice of tattoo sensei, despite anyone with eyes and common sense thinking it looks garish and awful. Plans to add more color.
>Potential cross country surgery trip for a nose job.
>No Patreon posts since January, profile now flagged for review.
> Planned costumes nowhere to be seen.

No. 834198

looks like her art phase has come to a close, seeing as she hasn't posted anything about it in just over a week

No. 834199

File: 1620109043479.png (2.11 MB, 941x1849, fanny.png)

She probably realized it's easier to flex via her money rather than by drawing. She did buy that overpriced sunscreen. She's probably going to continue to buy overpriced "beauty" and "skin care" products since she hasn't in a while AND she no longer fits in that Gucci fanny pack of hers. (Yes, she did already have a phase where she bought lots of beauty and skin care products and it looks like she's going back to that).

No. 834221

Thread closed before I could reply but her and Kevin no longer follow each other on Instagram. In fact, his profile is almost completely scrubbed clean with just 15 posts which are just him hiking with some guys and posts about him and his girlfriend.

No. 834238

File: 1620144404951.jpeg (296.66 KB, 1242x1337, 61CF8F5A-C678-4814-A185-F1EF59…)

Her header is her shitty art, she also now labels herself a cosplayer kek!

No. 834262

damn i wonder what happened? maybe his girlfriend got annoyed with him always being over at her place? it doesn’t look like she follows momokun anymore either

No. 834263

File: 1620156145466.jpeg (451.42 KB, 787x1005, 85E5A33F-F39A-4190-80D1-C44103…)

says its because they had a fallout over his anti BLM posts and his thinking of covid as a joke. Says she’s apologized but I don’t remember an apology at all.

No. 834264

Yes! This scrote seems like the type of respond to Moo's foot in mouth syndrome. Milk.

La Mer is a great product and she has the disposable income to buy it. I mean, there's always cheaper equivalents to luxury brand skincare, but I don't judge her for that. It's that Moo is such a cunt she makes everything nefarious.
>She says she judges people for not using sunblock.
>Clearly would have sunburns all the time.
>Has shitty skin
>Abuses filters while posting about judging people's skincare
>Recommends expensive ass sunblock that she can afford for showing her hair mound

No. 834275

I have noticed that Kevin deleted his original handle and is now private with the name sloshpupppie. Before the change he wasn't posting in Moo's house and was posting with other rock climbers. I assume he just moved out in Las Vegas because of a falling out but could not confirm

No. 834276

I don’t ever recall her addressing that post publicly unless i missed a brief mention of it buried in a comment thread on a post she probably archived.

No. 834277

The funniest thing about all this? How we know it's just lies Moo couldn't care less about the virus and hasn't since the start. Not in anyway saying Kevin is good by any means, but it's easy to surmise he just got tired of her hitting on him and dipped the moment he could. I mean look at Tattoo-kun he's ready to rip his ears off at her demanding a shit tattoo.

No. 834282

Honestly Moo did this sweet "I'm so innocent. They were just sooo mean and cruel" shit before in her friend groups. It's one sided so we don't know the real story. But knowing our edge lord Moo she tried to sleep with him, he said no, she flipped and black mailed him and he left like KoreanBBQ.
She never gave an apology so we already know she's lying.

No. 834283

Not to mention the Kyle Rittenhouse incident was almost a year ago. Moo and Kevin were literally still hanging out together this year.

No. 834288


It just goes to show how much of a trend hopper she is, and her having Twitter again just makes her that much easier to see through. Skincare/sunscreen talk has been something I’ve personally seen talked about more and more on Twitter too, so, she just parrots whatever she sees people tweeting about without following it or even knowing half of what people are actually talking about. The equivalent of those people that read headlines but don’t read the actual article then go spouting off about it.

No. 834289

I'm pretty sure in less than a month her "art" account is just going to be another place she posts her porn on because we all know Moo needs that attention and validation

No. 834291

File: 1620176344417.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, 848911E8-0597-4450-BE5F-EF9DEC…)

Speaking of which, it’s only a matter of time before she starts posting old sets there for attention since that’s what her lazy ass is doing right now on IG. She’s too busy obsessing over a cartoon to do what she gets paid for (What else is new). She had how many plans that, as usual, she never follows through with lol

No. 834295

is she pretending this is a new set? what a scam artist

No. 834296

It literally says re-release

No. 834300

learn how to read.

No. 834305

How is this a rereleased set if it wasn't released in the first place

No. 834311

File: 1620185884329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.18 MB, 3840x5760, mX0t57g.jpg)

Paya x Link x Zelda set. You're not missing anything except these. The rest are basically the teasers she's released before on social media for free. Business as usual.

No. 834312

File: 1620186086758.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 3840x2560, FkQqiDt.jpg)

As a reminder, Akemi was the "Link" and wore a chest plate.

No. 834313

File: 1620186135048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 3840x2560, l9u0Uii.jpg)

No. 834314

File: 1620186307291.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 3840x2560, t2kxY7h.jpg)

No. 834315

Is it supposed to look like she's getting fucked here? It would help if you couldn't clearly see that the other girl is wearing pants?

No. 834316

File: 1620186736987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 3840x2560, uKImAvZ.jpg)

No. 834317

File: 1620186861888.jpg (86.51 KB, 719x981, dOGXafK.jpg)

This is what she said was her ~vision~

No. 834318

she's charging $25 for this shit.
No wonder she's abandoned her patreon

No. 834320

They edited one leg waaaaaay too small. They don’t look low they even belong to the same person.

No. 834321

Don’t zoom in, especially not where that bruise or whatever the fuck that is. Her pores look gross.

No. 834322

I zoomed in :)) kill me. from what I can tell that bruise is actually a spot where whatever foundation she’s slapped all over her ass has rubbed off. When you zoom in you can clearly see that it’s makeup, just very poorly set and put on an ass that’s never been moisturised and only gets washed once a week

No. 834323

File: 1620190468370.jpeg (480.74 KB, 750x680, A588DCDD-8288-4F8F-A95A-82DD4A…)

POV; you’re an underage anime character and moo needs content

No. 834324

How did this NOT get edited out?? she manages to look like a digital art piece in like every other photo but the giant discoloration on her ass was left in? Idgi

No. 834327

If I remember correctly, Paya has a birthmark on her butt that's shaped like a Papaya, hence her name.

Looks like a poorly attempted darkening the skin to make that.

No. 834329

Fuck man you’re right I think that’s what it’s meant to be - she must’ve put the ‘birthmark’ on and decided to go all out with the ass makeup instead of just getting it all blurred after the fact which is why her ass is caked in foundation and we can see all of her nasty ass pores. My bet is that whoever was editing this set saw that her ass didn’t look as nasty as usual because of the makeup and either didn’t bother to zoom in or just straight up forgot. I’ve never seen skin on an ass look that bad, the foundation does her already shitty skin no favours.

No. 834332

Imagine gatekeeping sunscreen

No. 834334

I saw maddies tiktok earlier but forgot to take caps. She said something about hating wig making, could it be she’s done with moo lol.

No. 834335

What’s her @

No. 834339

I think it was just umbranwitch

No. 834340

File: 1620208927142.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 600B46A1-9CC6-4B4E-9910-F0320A…)


>Is into gay men

>gay men are more masculine than straight men
>Most men she’s known “displayed toxic masculinity” and are therefore “boys”
>ReNGokU iS a MAN111

Again, another anon can transcribe this better than I. This whole rant just shows how completely out of touch she really is with reality. Maybe you should have seen an actual shrink, Mariah, instead of playing pretend therapist with Sensei.

Also, Douma and Rengoku are cartoons, Moo, they cannot fuck you no matter how hard you wish they could. You sad fuck.

No. 834343


considering she only makes wigs for famous people, they're probably cracking the whip on her. I've heard tons of horror stories about her wigs for non famous cosplayers. Rushed to shit, ugly and stuffed with pins.

No. 834344

>spends all day thinking about demon slayer
>finds it depressing that characters like rengoku and douma aren't real
>wants someone that's hot and acts like doma but only creeps at like him "and that's gross"
>something unintelligible. The only words I got were 'hot' and 'fan'
>has only ever met one rengoku type, and he was gay
>"i think i'm literally just into gay guys"
>complains about straight men not caring the way gay, bi and trans men do
>straight men can never embody rengoku
>so many men in her life "have embodied toxic masculinity to their core, even when they don't think they do"
>Rengoku is a man
>most men she's know have been 'boys' and lacked 'masculinity'
>"rengoku is a man, you'll never be that"
>complains about gen z and millennial men. very few exist, mostly just 'boys'
>"unfortunately lord" in her weird ghetto(?) accent
>finds bisexual men more manly
>again with the gay men
>spergs about masculinity
>spends the next 30 seconds reiterating "rengoku is a man"
>ends with " i fucking simp for pixels"

What i'm getting, is that she's desperate for dick and no-one is willing to give it to her.

No. 834347

I know this is a small nitpick but the belt floating on top of stretch pants without belt loops made me lol

No. 834348

where does she get off saying this stuff

No. 834350

Moo, we know you're actually fucking moronic but please shut the fuck up. This is why no man will touch you. You have this fantasy of what being a "real man" is from a fucking anime. They aren't real. What they do in the show does not reflect real life and in no way are the situations the same. You have no idea what it means or takes to be a "real man." That is the reason why you will die alone. Maybe once you start actually living on this plain of existence, fix those sausage lips and actually lose some weight, a guy may actually give you a look. Maybe. And that's just from physical appearance. Good luck fixing your toxic mentality bitch.

Her thought process is skewed. Beyond delusional. She doesn't know what being a real human is, how would she ever know what positive masculinity looks like. Girl, sit down. Go rub one off to your chibi plushies. I really didn't think she could get even more pathetic. I'm sure these will be deleted before midday today too. Glad someone saved them.

No. 834351

So she's horny and her fuck machines aren't cutting the mustard anymore. Real men won't fuck her unless she pays them, so now she's deflecting into being a fag hag/ otaku. K

No. 834353

So she’s only attracted to the type of men who will never want her. Reminds me of when neckbeard types complain about real women, but put lesbian porn and their anime crush on a pedestal. It’s just coping

No. 834355

>I think I'm literally just into gay guys 'cause I feel like real men like they just don't care the same way gay men do

Kek Moo thinks gay men are not real men.

No. 834356

Gay men are also way more likely to be nice to her face and talk all the shit behind her back lol. Or say things to her that are put downs but in a ways she doesn’t realize. Cause they are “friends”. They just want to be around the disaster she is because it’s like watching a fun disaster reality show

No. 834357


As I mentioned last thread, she is known in the male escort circles in LV; she can't reliably get a male prostitute anymore because she's rude, disgusting, and then clingy and wants to hang out for free after. Also tries to take photos/videos with them and won't hire anyone twice.

She's gone full neckbeard incel at this point.

No. 834358


Samefagging but she's also so well known in the non-escort male model/talent circles that no one will work with her for anything below obscene rates if at all after the way she treated the guy that fondled her udders awkwardly.

No. 834360

the most pathetic femcel cat lady energy
real snapewives shit

No. 834361

Get your male escort friends here and give us the stories lmao. I want to hear first hand how moo tried to pay them with hamburger coupons.

No. 834362

creme la mer isnt a "great product", its scented and has many ingredients known to be irritating, it breaks out a lot of people

No. 834363

So I was going back to threads trying to find that original post she liked of Kevin's to debunk her. While going through it I realized this set was shot 7 months ago. SEVEN. And its just now getting released. I don't believe for a second they spent 7 months working on this shit since it doesn't even look good in anyway.

What a fucking embarrassment.

No. 834364

Biggest pile of BS lies I have ever heard of. How do you live with someone, spend everyday, all day with someone and not know their views? I find that just not possible in the slightest.

And if she really didn't understand Kevin's comment then she is truly oblivious to the outside world and any kind of current events happening around her, which is a far cry from her woke persona she wants to push.

And FYI, her and Kevin had interactions months after his post and was still thirsty for his dick. People called her out immediately for liking it. This is all just her trying to do damage control and make herself be the victim because she knows if Twitter found out they'd rip her a new one.

No. 834366

Honestly I don't think twitter cares enough about her anymore. Maybe it's because she's flying under the radar rn, but aside from one or two people early on, no one's brought her up. There's no talk about her.
I hate to say it, but I don't think twitter is going to cancel her again.
Maybe if she does something stupid again they will, but until then she'll continue to fly under the radar

No. 834367

I'm fine with her on twitter it's good entertainment.

No. 834369

Translation "I'm stalking and harassing a gay cosplayer just because he cosplays Douma. I don't respect his orientation because it's up to him to fulfill my needs as a man."
She's just salty that straight men don't want to fuck or date her. Though she certainly isn't the problem even though she has the immature mindset of an edgy 14 year old with no self control. Certainly not the fact she refuses to bathe every day.

If she accepts who she is and dates one of her scrotes she will be a lot happier. She will get someone who will happily grope and do her all she wants.

No. 834370

Any quality man wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, they'd run in the opposite direction. That's why she's never met a "real man".

No. 834373

kek I was going to say. That and never forget when she went on that anti gay rant during the devil man phase. She only likes gay men if she has this fantasy she is the only woman they will fuck. But will go on anti gay rants if that reality is shattered.
Maybe you should see men as more than just sex toys Moo?

No. 834374

When asked yeah she will throw Kevin under the bus and say it was because of his views. But we all really know she's mad he didn't fuck her. If he was giving it to her she would still be defending him. How many times did she walk around the house with just a robe when he was around in a pathetic attempt to entice him and he gave zero fucks.

No. 834377

Y'all think the way she acts around her hairdresser and other gay men in her life that she wasn't a fag hag?
She's really riding this "my dad was abusive and toxic" train just to get some pity dick lmao

No. 834378

when things completely open up soon we're going to hear a lot more stories of predator Momo. Bet you money in the future she's going to look up which cons that gay Douma cosplayer is going to and plans to follow the guy, insert herself in his group and eventually corner and molest him. Then get mad when he shoves her off like "I don't understand! Why wont this gay man fuck me??? Is he even a real man?"

No. 834380


A lot of them do lurk here but don't want to out themselves. Suffice it to say the lolcow threads about Moo have been passed around enough that, even if not for warnings from other escorts who had first hand experience, no one will work with her.

But yeah last dude she was with(that I know of), she tried convincing to let her film them to put it on OF. The one guy we've seen her actually fuck on camera was an escort, too.

No. 834381

God I miss the snapewives. Maybe Moo can marry Douma on the astral plane, too.

The fat guy with the triforce tattoo was an escort? Well, I guess it is Vegas.

No. 834382

The guy with the tri force tat was an escort? Didn't she take him out to eat like it was a date too? that's just sad

No. 834383

Multiple times. She wouldn't show his face, which I assume is because he WAS a escort. Interesting.

No. 834387

how how how can a paunchy schlub with a gamer tattoo be an escort
i am fucking dying, like moo should have been able to pick up low value dick like that in a comics shop
did she order from wish?

No. 834388


Yes. The straight escort/hookup scene in LV is… variable in quality, and even before then Mariah had a rep.

No. 834389

There are plenty of low grade prostitutes in las vegas. Both men and women. If you want a sexy ripped guy he can pick his clients and you know he will be expensive (Remember that sexy escort Moo hired to touch her breasts awkwardly? It was probably the only thing he would allow). A guy like Tri force kun is the type who has no say since he rarely gets picked and most likely has to take male clients as well

No. 834390

She’s sounding like james charles with this fetishization

No. 834391


I'm not privy to the details on how they arranged anything or specifics, unfortunately. All I know is that the dude got paid, and agreed to be filmed only if she didn't show his face in anything.

She asks pretty much anyone who works with her if they'll let her pretend they're an item or film something, and tries to take them on "dates".

Her reputation in both male SW and non-SW talent/model circles is so scuffed in LV that there's basically no saving it. It's why she stalks/harasses people in more insular circles on insta/twitter to try and get them to work with her.

No. 834392

yeah it's pretty much the same all around the world. Not all escorts are ultra sexy/hot, some just look like your average person, sometimes even worse. They just charge different rates (and allow different things that the more picky escorts wouldn't do).

I'm a little surprised triforce-kun was an escort though, mostly because she was posting them going on 'dates'. That's pretty sad tbh. Doesn't she have a tinder/OLD app? I wonder what her matches are. I feel like you could look like gollum in a bra and still get a lot of scrotes messaging you 24/7. Does she not get ANY? Especially in a large city like LV?

No. 834393

File: 1620234478806.jpg (143.68 KB, 966x1500, 818k1CLbUbL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 834394


That guy ended up ducking calls from her for weeks afterward, btw. She offered him free shit, tried to talk about anime constantly, and kept joking on set that he was her "boy toy", then kept trying to get him for dates after the shoots were done. Zero respect for his personal space.

No. 834395

She does have dating bios. However she's basically cat fishing with her photos. You expect to meet up with a sexy thick 150 woman. Then you see your date is double the size, you can smell her across the room, the long beautiful hair is really a short tangled mess.
There are guys who love death fats. But she has to take pictures of her real body to attract guys who want her.

No. 834396

>tries to take them on dates
I'm surprised (but I also get why) they don't say yes, and then charge her for a Boyfriend Experience afterwards.

She probably does, but her standard is too high. The kinda guy that'll do her isn't the kinda guy she wants.

No. 834398

What has been said about her being "gross?"

No. 834399

there are guys who offer that service, but that wont fit Moo's fantasy in her head she got from hentai comics.
"Oh he was a prostitute. But He fell in love with me the moment we embraced. He loves I'm his sugar mama and he doesn't need to work anymore. I saved him from a life of a man hoe."
Kind of like how she has this fantasy of saving some old asian lady on the streets from racists and the womans hot ripped grandson fucks her on the spot. The girl isn't living in reality.

No. 834400


Boyfriend experiences are still performative enough that she won't go in for it. If I had to guess why it's because she wants to feel like she won the hooker over with her personality.

No. 834401


The gossip and word through the vine was generally that she had caked on nasty makeup, her hair was always a disgusting mess, and she wore the same clothes constantly. Her room was also a fucking car crash, but I'm pretty sure none of any of this is news to LC, sorry. She also talks with her mouth full a lot.

No. 834402

I just wanted cheap laughs but this is genuinely pathetic

No. 834403

How would they know she wore the same clothes constantly though? Didn't you say most guys would only see her once? The idea that some anon HAPPENS to be in the inner circle of guys Moo fucks. But I have to doubt everything until solid proof comes in other than anon

No. 834404


I'm hardly "in the inner circle". The wearing the same clothes a lot was no more or less specific when I heard about it and could just as easily have meant that she only wears the same "kind" of thing. Stains and cat hair all over EVERYTHING were also mentioned.

I've no "solid proof" to provide, unfortunately. You can take the gossip with the same grain of salt I did; I'm not preaching gospel truth, just relaying what's circulated about her.

No. 834405

You're Triforce kun, aren't you?

No. 834406


ayrt lmao no and that's not even who that was about I'm just someone from the LV area with SW friends that had the misfortune of crossing paths with the cow

No. 834407


to clarify; the one that spent weeks ducking calls from her was the guy she got to massage her udders awkwardly. I don't know if Triforce-kun did(but given what I had heard about their encounter it wouldn't surprise me either).

No. 834411

Moo is a retard by hiring escorts. If she were smart she'd have her fans pay to fuck her for OF content.

No. 834412

if she wasn't a cunt to the cos community im sure she could have a few guys willing to shoot with her in a professional way and not fear a whale is going to diddle them. Now the only people who will work with her are clout chasing cos thots.
Speaking of, what happened to Moo being an asexual lesbian? She cant keep her lies in order

No. 834429

I mean isn’t that the main draw for escorts? To have a “dating experience” with them vs just having sex. She still paid money to go one dates with me escorts because she’s so pathetic. Still good laugh.

No. 834431

Not possible. Have you seen how hideous her fans are? She really thinks she's a 10/10. Moo doesn't care what's real, just what delusion she can conjure. Filters mean she's hot, plastic surgery means she's a small waist-ed thick girl with big lips. She paid for it all and she thinks she can do the same thing with men.

So you said she was kind of shunned from the higher end, more attractive male escorts? Does she still try to reach out to them and gets ignored? Because that's hilarious.

No. 834432

Shes mentioned before she’d never date a fan. Also her unrealistic expectations of how men should act all come from anime so she’ll be single for a long time

No. 834433

Her fans are ugly as sin but that didn't stop her from paying triforce-kun to raw dog her.

No. 834435

Kek you can literally see where the textures were duplicated/cloned to clean up her ass

No. 834437

Wait if everyone’s calling this character underage why would it be a known fact she has a birthmark on her butt? That’s some weird dialogue to add in BOTW. Even creepier to sexualize it Moo, you freak

No. 834440

File: 1620257632792.jpg (151.07 KB, 1200x900, C_FbTgLUQAAeVzp.jpg)

I think it was meant like how parents tend to say something embarrassing you did as a kid when talking to your friends.

Moo just wants to make it known she actually played the game she's cosplaying for once

No. 834441

File: 1620257871246.jpeg (250.84 KB, 729x1474, 61C25DC7-AA7C-4B60-9512-C61196…)

“only my roommate I didn’t know his views uwu we stopped talking a long time ago” my ass

No. 834445

And this was a few months AFTER she liked his post. Bunch of bull SHIT.

No. 834448

File: 1620262335795.jpg (325 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20210505_205154.jpg)

Does this mean she's bleaching her hair again? Or wig?

No. 834450

proving once again she's color blind

No. 834451

They went out shooting guns together in January as well with her parents.

No. 834458

Slight tinfoil, I know moo has a big boner for Trisha Paytas and while I was watching Frenemies, Trisha goes off on a tirade about blaming mental health for doing shitty things. She mentioned sexual assault and immediately follows with ADHD. I wonder if Trisha knows about moo and made a dig.
Comments mentioned around 58:33

No. 834460

Douma's hair isn't ash blond at all moo what are you doing?

No. 834467

File: 1620273020691.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, 03D7A3A5-6E2B-4B23-998F-CDF1BB…)

I know it’s a blurry cap but I’m dumbfounded by the sheer size of her despite being squeezed like a sausage casing into those compression leggings. That can’t be healthy right?

No. 834472

Well when you lack a literal ASS and suck it in, anyone can look skinny

No. 834474

Who does moo look like a cryptid of some sort? Her body proportions are so weird with the tiniest head. Botched fatty.

No. 834475

she was talking about gabbie hanna who has been going off about her adhd and using it as an excuse for her actions. moo is a literal nobody.

No. 834477

File: 1620280309456.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2343, 3C2BAF9D-A476-47F9-84B5-3CB141…)

So she’s forcing her wig slave to make this wig. How much you wanna bet that this is why she raged here >>834334 moo wants it done exactly like the Asians she worships

No. 834487

Sage for no contribution, but I just have to ask here.

Did momo really post a video of her getting fucked with no condom in the past? It randomly popped into my head, I feel like I remember watching it, but at the same time the idea of someone risking getting her pregnant is just so surreal to me. I also can't find any evdence of it online.

No. 834489

Yes she had a random (alleged escort) dude fuck her raw dog for a video or two. And I wanna say it was during the pandemic? Or shortly before.

No. 834490

Kek so I didn't make this up, holy shit. Thank you anon, I was kind of worried I'm having legit sexual fantasies about her.

No. 834491


AYRT She has been blacklisted by all of the high-end ones I know of, and the lower end ones up their rates for clients with problematic reputations. I do know she has repeatedly tried to get a couple of the nicer-looking(in my worthless opinion) asian men to the point of offering double their usual rate only to be rejected for her rep. They all heard how she treated the guy she got to fondle her and want nothing to do with a womanchild who goes stage 5 clinger on a prostitute.

No. 834506


Post screencaps or proof of any kind, otherwise this just sounds like some elaborate weirdo fantasy you’re having.

No. 834515


As I said before, I'm just privy to rumors and gossip, no more or less concrete than anything else, nonny. I absolutely will not be outing anyone or revealing my identity(and thereby potentially losing my access to gossip) just to satisfy your scrotelike skeptic fixation on the idea that someone would fantasize about hearing gossip from hookers.

No. 834520

wait , you mean to say that the guy that groped her udders on that photoset was actually a male escort?
AND ON TOP OF THAT he had THAT expression of " i regret every decision in my life so far " while fondling her?!

now i want to know more about her escort shenanigans , >>834489 is there any actual video of this?

No. 834522

Didn't Trisha Paytas hire the same guy moo did?

No. 834523

>is there any actual video of this?
Yeah, I randomly remembered it because moo posted a video of the dude raw doging her, I tried to find it but it seems like it disappeared from the internet kek.

No. 834524

No I uploaded it to kiwi farms when it came out.

No. 834527

File: 1620306027281.png (217.8 KB, 720x1520, 1597626267093[1].png)


No. 834531

>834520 here , ive been reading more on this thread ( i got confused with another one so i didnt realized there were more SW related comments ) you have no idea much ive laughed , thank you anons.

whats a kiwifarm? i´m kinda new to this board

No. 834539

learn to sage anon
kiwifarm is another site like this

No. 834543

that ass PHLAT

No. 834546

she tryin to prove she isn't morbidly obese but we saw that tennis video. I hope those girls release more from that day unless Moo bribed them not to

No. 834547

Yeah. he is a very well known escort and worked with Trisha and many others before. In the video he looked like he barely wanted to touch her and just wanted to leave. Of course Moo most likely took it too far with comments and trying to fuck him on set. She can't keep her paws off guys, especially ones she paid and thinks she owns.

No. 834554

Yea the guy that raw dogged her seriously wasn’t having any fun with it anyway he could barely get it up and I wonder how much her paypigs paid to see what 30 seconds of a flaccid disinterested guy putting it in.
As to the anons asking for proof of shit from a seemingly legit source wtf kinda proof you expect? Satellite surveillance video of a buncha guys sitting around talking about private clients? Sheesh- even if it’s made up it’s still entertainment and it doesn’t feel made up

No. 834556

File: 1620316062658.jpg (Spoiler Image, 603.81 KB, 647x1070, 1597615203046.jpg)

Nope, you're not fantasizing at all. As another anon said, the video is gone, but here's a screenshot.
>pic related NSFL

No. 834557

It's more convincing than her finding guys on tinder.

No. 834558

no wonder no one saved it , its so bland and forgettable , even if its the cow taking non ubermenscht D as shes supposed to be entitled to .

I wonder how shes going to up the bar to keep milking simp money on OF , do you think she will manage to entagle any chick to do GG stuff?

No. 834560

File: 1620316865983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 2454x2356, evengaymenarentsafe.jpg)

Moo hired the same guy Trish did, so other way around.

No. 834561

damn , you can see the vast difference in attitude

No. 834563

I'd love to know how much he got paid. I wonder if it hurts her ego to know she had to pay for a guy that cute and can't just pull someone that level on her own.

No. 834567

Something tells me he had way more fun fucking Trisha lmao

No. 834568

Pay a guy like that most likely double his insane rates only to barely touch your titts and refuse to work with you again

No. 834569

This brings up the other male model she worked with who did cosplay. He was super buff and did a lot of All Might from MHA cosplays. I remember her simps being super annoyed she got some chad. I kind of thought she stopped working with attractive male models because of that, but OF COURSE IT'S NOT THAT. Mariah wants clout as much as she wants money. She'd sacrafice a few cuck bucks for some nice arm candy.

And I can't get over the fact that she's a full on female neckbeard. Women have a lot more pride and don't stalk/harass men who aren't into them and are way better at reading "you're gross" signals. I'm so fascinated at the idea that this doesn't register and she's angry about it she just simps for 2-Ds like any other fat neckbeard incel. I love this gossip.

No. 834571

I don't think he worked with her again after that as well. She wants some perfect, super buff 10/10 in looks and personality. She doesn't want to accept she's a disgusting, obese lark with a personality to match. Moo has no positive quatlities

No. 834572

oh come on , she does have some positive qualities!
she could feed a whole caniballistic african tribe for 2 months AND they could use her lip fillers and boobs to go fishing !

No. 834573

I'd think so too. Trisha is insane in her own ways but she's not naive enough to think that business is anything but business, so she could just work and enjoy making content without trying to woo her filming partner.

No. 834574

he didn't even fuck moo, only fondled her sandbags LMAO

No. 834576

File: 1620324276148.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 1618109409097.png)

wearing an all black sausage casing from the neck down. The level of insecurity. I haven't seen her wear normal-ish clothes since the tennis video and she was still wearing a body shaper for her waist.
Like, what's her game plan for going to cons?

No. 834577

to add to this, if the rumors are correct and she's over 300 pounds she can be a candidate for bariatric surgery. So instead of liposuction she could get that.

No. 834579

>>what’s her game plan for going to cons?

Same as it always was- ghosting them or staying in her room buying all the drinks trying to buy friends. Then posting about “uwu all the love I felt there! Great to see so many stronk cosplayers!” And then taking a couple pictures with some rando neckbeard thirsty guy in the parking lot. Also she’ll only be in cosplay about 20 minutes and then street clothes. You know, like every other con.

No. 834580

that one is worse , having a balloon makes you loose so much wight that you look like a turkey neck all over your body

No. 834582

he didnt even fondle them, I'm the anon that capped most of the 'fondling' he was straight up kneading them so hard it pretty much confirmed she has no feeling in her tits.

No. 834587

File: 1620328790798.jpg (191.97 KB, 1080x536, 20210507_071533.jpg)

Vids not gone. It's been included in a torrent with seemingly all her other stuff up to this point. Even her simps don't wanna pay for her stuff lol

No. 834589

Hmm if true this kind of supports the theory that she’s lowered her pricing because people just weren’t buying.

No. 834590

File: 1620329489753.jpeg (556.31 KB, 750x1082, 79BBB2FB-4EDB-4D36-9EE1-D78FD4…)

“Lebanese Barbie” lmao

No. 834591

interesting how this gets posted when anons are talking shit about her in tennis garb.

No. 834592

Basic economics really. If she's charging $10 for entry than another $15-$30 per release (based on screenshots) that's ~$30+ for subpar content. How OF models charge less for more? No wonder they don't want to pay.

Ah, so we're back to Lebanese again.
>Lebanese barbie
What did she mean by this?

I was just thinking the same thing. And she mentioned drawing, which was brought up at the start. I wonder what she's traced, oops, I mean I how much she's improved now?

No. 834593

i guess you can lower your rates if you have an actual army of simps subscribed to you

No. 834594

"Guys guys do you remember I'm not white? where are my POC points?"

No. 834595

>Not me in my Douma nails
Can she not go a single second without mentioning her faggoty obsession towards her jpg of the month?

No. 834600

She's milking this false "innocent girl getting more open about her sexuality" so hard and of course stupid pornsick men will follow and pay. They deserve to be catfished and fooled tbh. Too bad Moo profits from it.

No. 834606

nah man, video still there, quick search and found it. At least the 17s one, but idk if there ever was a longer one.

No. 834607

I don’t think there was a longer vid- if there was I’m sure it would have surfaced by now, and honestly that’s right up her alley- anytime she does something she thinks is “lewdest thang evar!” She does a shitty short video and overcharges for it. Remember when she decided to finally flop out her pancakes how she charged some stupid insane amount? Like one shit tier picture at what 70 bucks?

No. 834610

But if they’re willingly paying the $60 why would you lower it to $30? To me it just seems like people were, or aren’t, buying her content like before.

No. 834619

the nails are fucking gross. looks like her cuticles are dirty or infected.

No. 834620

File: 1620347267743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 3840x2560, zLW1gHO.jpg)

muddy editing

No. 834627

LMAO she looks like a fugly wax sculpture. This is one of the most lackluster sets she's ever done. Even her trashy hotel room futa shit is a little step up from "how can I lewd a fucking tennis outfit with a puke green bra." Does she literally think even her most dedicated of scrotes would jack off to this?

No. 834629

No wonder she can juggle her tits with her knees. That bra does not fit her.

No. 834631

it is hilarious how fake and almost simulated her face has gotten in her recent photos. i would give anything to see what her real complexion is like. it’s gotta be fucked up beyond repair

No. 834635

When I saw >>834590 I immediately thought that she was going to do some sort of 'sexy' tennis girl shoot, I didn't actually expect her to do it though.
Does she have no decency at all?

No. 834637

File: 1620360759960.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 960x1280, FA0BC69B-D467-4529-9188-86A5AD…)

No. 834638

File: 1620360783190.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 960x1280, 22EBF523-43AF-40AA-8A76-1FB81A…)

No. 834639

what’s with the weird bruise/rash on her left/our right tit lol

No. 834640

she's getting to the point where not even photoshopping a new body can save her

No. 834641

I'm 99% sure she has really bad acne on her breasts from her poor hygiene, and the weird "rash" is the best the editor could do to erase a huge infected zit.

No. 834642

foreverkailyn cosplay?

No. 834643

oh no… babygirl I’m sorry but that’s not a good pose for you

No. 834645

At least she’s not trying to hide her morbid obesity?

No. 834646

File: 1620363600504.jpeg (93.61 KB, 414x347, 04CE4A70-67E8-4F09-94FA-76D854…)

I mean this whole photo set is disturbing but her tongue is freakiest part of this pic for me… that must be a photoshop error right?

No. 834647


Images you can smell.

Like, Jesus Christ, how does she look at this and still charge the rates she does? It’s so… I don’t even know what to say. At least most other costhots/porn models put some minimal effort to look alluring and attractive but not Moo. Mariah is under the assumption that just showing her meat flaps entitles her to money. I can’t wait to see her continue this shit well into her 30’s-40’s and charging pennies for it. There’s always an audience for bloated and botched aging whores.

No. 834648

Have you not looked in the mirror at your tongue against the roof of your mouth, anon? I agree it’s disturbing though but that’s expected from Mariah because she can’t model for shit.

No. 834649

No I haven’t lol is that something people do? Just looks freaky, you’re right she can’t pose for shit

No. 834650

Fucks going on with her labia? I know she probably struggles with wiping herself given her size. But unless that's blur burning it looks almost like she has a ringworm rash.

No. 834651

i love how even in poses like this her absolute lack of ass is so apparent from the contrast of her massive thighs. of course she's doing a "set" in her mcmansion shower, but couldn't she have scooted a little forward to cover the drain or picked a slightly more glamorous angle? Looks like foreverkailyn tried to make her onlyfans debut and fell over. this activates the part of my brain that is repulsed by sex trafficking porn because it looks so much like someone forced an elderly escort into low budget free porn. the combo of that and the drain make this feel like frame one of some golden shower grotesquery. holy shit umbran help abuelita up and press the life alert!

No. 834652

File: 1620365203659.png (8.26 MB, 1125x2436, B1779B38-6249-4967-91AD-DDE93C…)

The leopard geckos cage is littered with dead mealworms that’s further proof she doesn’t clean her animals cages

No. 834653

Somebody dropped their holiday turkey in the shower?

No. 834654

when taking pics, it’s a good tip to press your tongue to the top of your mouth. it makes your neck seem skinnier and your jaw more pronounced. she just for some reason opened her mouth while doing this

No. 834655

looks like she’s wearing a sumo suit lmao

No. 834658

Lmao the shelf of fat she has under her tits holy shit. She looks like a brood mother from dragon age

No. 834659

These fatties are absolute shape shifters lol good to know

No. 834660

File: 1620368452133.jpeg (447.84 KB, 1242x1669, 2BC03D5C-DD27-439A-BAD1-C1923E…)

The official promo for the brand of bra she’s wearing literally released all their sets via tennis promo at the moment. She’s not even original lmao

No. 834663

Holy shit this is a new level of lazy even for Mariah.

No. 834666

Jesus, the shoop is so bad this deserves to go in the bad photoshop thread.

No. 834695

Every time I zoom in it gets worse. The bruised, inflamed tit. Her dumpy rolls. Her discolored fupa, pimply ass cheeks… Christ. For someone who likes snapping photos in the shower I bet she smells like rotting cheese just by appearance.

No. 834698


the quad boob is hilarious. get a bra that fits mariah, this >>834620 ain't it

No. 834704

File: 1620405738771.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1680, 1C8399D4-4F90-43F6-90ED-E8EAE9…)


That blurred out part under her kneecap lol, she has so much money and yet can’t hire anyone competent in photoshop. I’m convinced Squarecuck is secretly sabotaging her at this point with these awful edits.
She just looks like an obese toddler here.

No. 834706

I don’t think it’s a bruise. Sometimes with large tits if you have bad circulation you get these inflammatory spots.

No. 834707

File: 1620405995019.jpeg (591.22 KB, 1242x785, E812A7E1-94D6-443D-9098-43DA6F…)

Here we go again. Master set designer Mariah needs credit for checks notes ripping up fabric.

No. 834708

I don’t think it’s laziness, I think it’s her vanity. She thinks she’s just as attractive as that model and could copy that look, half assed of course. All of her photoshoots are to fuel her vanity.

No. 834712

true, she could get someone better. However Momo asks the impossible from Square. She' asks him to eliminate every pore, wrinkle, cellulite, and to top it all off make her look 100 pounds lighter than she really is. The guy is probably stressed because Momo is basically asking him to repaint a new body but still make it look "realistic"

Momo has reached early Dakota Rose levels of delusion and photoshop. At least Dakota did the photoshop herself. Moo is the very essence of lazy.

No. 834714

This. She thinks she is the most original and succesful in everything, but quite the contrary. Also lacks completely in taste.

No. 834715

Both those shower pics have a hair by the drain.
Why didn't she credit whoever made her costume&accessories too?

No. 834718

>Why didn't she credit whoever made her costume&accessories too?

She has always been like this. Bitch doesn't want to admit she's a useless, lazy fatass

No. 834720

Just watch when she stops posting about her new animals. They’ll probably end up dead, i feel sorry for them.

No. 834721

>> I always look unhinged

Well she got that part right.

No. 834722


Her taking a shower is a fantasy, that’s why it’s a photo shoot. She’s cosplaying as bitch who takes showers anon

No. 834725

wtf how are her fingers so short in here???

No. 834727

She doesn't take care of her pets currently. Maddie cares for the cats and I believe Square takes care of the reptiles and plants. RIP plants.
I would only worry for her pets if she lives alone, but even Moo knows she can't be by herself. So her animals are okay-ish. Honestly worried for the snake since someone is over feeding it. Other than that they are fine.

No. 834730

Fingers crossed for a TND/moo crossover in where Tayter tries to tell Moo how to take “care” of her neglected animals, and Moo convinces Tayter to do lewd cosplay for simpbux.

No. 834736

Oh that makes sense, she's had that reddish blotchy patch on her tit for years and it doesn't seem to ever get better.

No. 834737

the photo looks as if she fucked up playing tennis and bonked her head on the cement.

No. 834754

File: 1620430545251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 2880x3840, Ybs1I5s.jpg)

My friend, you dropped the best ones. What a shame
How could her newest feature? The crusty lips?

No. 834755

File: 1620430662046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 2880x3840, xM3HssR.jpg)

No. 834756

File: 1620430855883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.73 MB, 3840x5760, 04iDGKu.jpg)

Actual fucking question: is she just not shaving for shoots? Is Square needing to blur out her leg hair?

No. 834757

Christ. I feel like I’m watching a walrus about to give birth in an aquarium.

No. 834758

File: 1620430978809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 3840x2560, oboBNfD.jpg)

Forgot the unnie pointy chin in this one

No. 834759

File: 1620431152482.jpg (1.89 MB, 3840x5760, 2KX5T3F.jpg)

nice leg ripples

No. 834760

Jesus Christ. I would ask if she was trying to cosplay as the dead, rotting woman from The Shining, but whatever this is a photo of, it’s way scarier than that.

No. 834762

there is something just terrifying about this. my eyes keep seeing new things that just look..off

what on earth is that expression?!
help I've fallen and can't get up

No. 834763

Lol why doesn't she hold the racket or ball?

No. 834765

this looks more like a titan than her titan cosplay

No. 834766

She's a world class athlete how dare you question her sports aesthetic!!! For her stolen shoot idea!!

No. 834767


She’s wearing a long sleeve shirt under a turtle neck sweater? What in the fashion ..

No. 834768

1. I'm under the assumption this court is near or in her gated community. She's being sneaky again and "hiding" her exposed body
2. She's hiding her bingo lady arms

No. 834769

so have we given up on drawing already? haven't seen mention of it for a while

No. 834771

The fact she has white shit in her teeth, crusty ass lips and her tiddy looks like it's suffocating is gold

No. 834772

It didn't net her millions of adoring fans right off the bat and her jpeg husbando of the week is probably not doing it for her anymore

No. 834775

File: 1620436961081.jpg (82.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


No. 834776

What was her goal in posting this? Why would not only her, but her team/editor(s) throughout this whole process not fix her chapped as fuck lips? This is genuinely bewildering.

No. 834777

also her eyelashes are falling off but who can really count that entire travesty lol

No. 834779

This is genuinely one of the funniest photos she's ever released wtf. This is how I imagine she answers the door to her doordash orders.
>hey kid, you want to make an extra $20?
Strong desperate alcoholic housewife energy, the weird hunched pose and sagging udders down to her bellybutton really sell it.

Her extensions here look like a mangled something pulled out of a gutter drain. kek

No. 834780

the scariest part is there are the BEST photos they picked, heavily edited them and it was the best they could do. And she wonders why men run away from her. There is no way she's someone in her 20's

No. 834781

Moo is so desperate to show off her work in the smallest timeframe possible. She definitely doesn't quality check her "team's" work anymore. It's just a race to be first as usual. The photos I presented to you are not the repeats (she posts alot of repeat poses in her sets to "bulk" it up for sale). These happen to be the worst out of the bunch release imho

No. 834782

I’ve lol’d at some of her photos before…but this one…just feels like laughing at someone with a mental disorder (and I am laughing) but I am starting to feel worse about it

No. 834784

Sage for samefag and blogposting, but when I came into momokun threads, it was to laugh at an arrogant and hypocritical bitch for sexually harassing ppl. For the past 5 threads,it’s just been watching a body horror pov of a mentally disabled person with severe body dismorphia exacerbated by these very threads, fall deeper into their delusions and fuck their body up worse and worse

No. 834787

Men will touch her. Men dont have any fucking standards and fuck anything with a pulse.

No. 834788

Do you think she meant Phil as "Rengoku"? (he cosplayed Rengoku a while ago)

No. 834789

No. 834790

She will get new simps with these.
I dont think people realize that her face is plastic (bimbofication) and she attracts men who like big tits and dont care about fat stomachs or anything.
People here have way too high standards for men.
Men simp for any woman. Even twomwn on my 600lb tv show or whatever can get simps.
Moo doesnt attract normal men. She attracts pornsick men, fat fetishists and bimbo fans. Then again males will believe her photoshop because theyre retarded.
I just hope one day she saves up and go to school or some shit because shes not going to last long.

No. 834791


No. 834792

File: 1620444621176.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 0DF3F31F-542D-4753-9DDC-47472D…)

I thought only “real men” existed in anime, Moo?

No. 834793

Men jerking off to her digital paintings is different than fucking her irl. She's been thirsty and desperate for months now. The last guy was a paid prostitute and he was only able to get half flaccid and get a few pumps in.

No. 834795


Anon she's cosplaying Lady Dimitrescu, who hunts down the player character and threatens to devour his man flesh.

This is a perfect costume for her, Mariah is going to look awesome as this tall, shapely, sensual character! /s

No. 834796

I know who she’s cosplaying, it was a joke about her latest IG sperging.

What was the point of digitally painting her legs into a muddled mess when the edges show how lumpy and cellulite riddled her legs really are?

No. 834798

Okay, let me rephrase my post. The men she actually wants will never touch her. She will end up throwing thousands of dollars at escorts the rest of her life and that's it. The only way any man will ever touch her willingly is one of her freak fans. And we all know she actually hates her followers. They're just her piggybank to throw cash at the men she wish she could get. What a pathetic existence.

The men she desires have standards. I wonder if she's aware of that fact or is still delusional about it.

No. 834800

File: 1620452816304.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, DAC759A4-54EA-439C-8040-1C9BC8…)

Guessing Moo had to churn something out since farmers mentioned she’s already given up on her “artistic” pursuits. What happened to the all new iPad Pro?

She still draws like a cringy middle schooler lol

No. 834804

I can't believe how much she cares about lolcow or KF
Her art looks like trash and she seems so proud about it, she's delusional if she thinks she has any talent.

No. 834805

She really does draw like a weeb. The face is turned to the side. But the hat is facing straight? Learn the basic, moo.

No. 834806

Oh good, she was able to herd in another calf for the shoot. Aly's manly face will round out this shitshow nicely.

No. 834810

File: 1620457363465.jpg (16.15 KB, 250x206, douma.jpg)

That does not look like a child at all.


I was laughing about that too. How do you even manage to fuck up that bad.

No. 834811

Yoooo why the FUCK does her left leg look like a giant finger

This pic is even more egregious. One leg is gargantuan in size while the other looks like it got blasted with a shrink ray. It's serving elephantiasis realness. Adding insult to injury, I'm 100% certain that he redrew her fun sized left calf in ms paint.

No. 834813

>I just hope one day she saves up and go to school or some shit
But anon, she already has degrees in international business, linguistics and pharmacology!

No. 834814

File: 1620459060116.jpg (822.12 KB, 1191x1788, 20210508_093047.jpg)

No. 834815

File: 1620459849908.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, 198F709E-8E4E-44D7-94D2-9E842A…)

She can’t even draw uniform circular beads lmao

Don’t worry anon, she “aged him up” so she can continue to lust over him without looking like a pedo.

No. 834816

She draws Douma like she is herself; bland and ugly. At least aly's version has some emotion. If I drew that I'd be embarrassed to show these side by side.

No. 834817

Even her drawings look like they want to be put out of their misery. I hate to give Aly any kind of compliment but at least the drawing looks somewhat decent compared to Moo’s lifeless “I want to dead” piece.

No. 834818

lmao the fucking glowing balls

No. 834822

I think that's the most visible vein-kun has ever been holy shit

No. 834826

this has "what you ordered vs what you got" vibes

moos has exactly the amount of care put into it that I'd expect

No. 834831

>Both too afraid to draw hands

No. 834834

Excuse you, anon. Don't you remember that Moo mastered drawing (and totally not tracing) hands in the last thread? She's so proud of it, it's her Twitter banner.

No. 834836

File: 1620480295004.jpg (776.56 KB, 976x1442, Stay_Out_of_the_Basement_(Cove…)

All I could think of is her hand looks like one of those Halloween monster gloves with those talons of hers.

No. 834847

File: 1620494217482.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.08 KB, 583x1134, 0BB03246-D6BC-44FC-A3F4-899133…)

Moo can’t help herself and like shotas still. This was in her Twitter likes

No. 834848

yeah the top (head and face) have such an uncanny look to it maybe because her plastic face is such a contrast to her blob body? kek

No. 834860

When exactly did all of this start to become an exploration of body horror?

All of this is so scary. No movie or game can keep up with her content.

No. 834861

I know right? I never seen someone who was morbidly obese get so much lipo suction done. Her body is… one of a kind.

No. 834864

And she's only 25 years old. Just imagine what she'll manage to warp herself into in another 5 or so years. Genuinely curious how she'll age into her 30s and 40s.

No. 834866

File: 1620514862305.jpg (139.96 KB, 716x1047, Hlva737.jpg)

Excited to see this trainwreck

No. 834867

File: 1620515157840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 2878x3838, 820oEIH.jpg)

No. 834868

holy fuck that rash does NOT look healthy

No. 834869

File: 1620515221728.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 2879x3839, Fmoy2RH.jpg)

Snow filters cannot blur out the huge fucking red rash on her tit

No. 834870

File: 1620515325667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2880x3840, 7hJfGx1.jpg)

Looks worse here, anon >>834868
I want to know what it looks like without filters. That cannot be normal. She's had this for a while

No. 834871

File: 1620515409574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2878x3838, fBGNdkS.jpg)

No. 834872

he wasn't your boyfriend Moo. he was a prostitute you paid to go on two dates and fuck you half flaccid.
All I have to say to the current dude is… good luck. Any guy that looks at Moo she thinks they're a couple. It's creepy. I'm sure the second they meet she will make him post a pic with her and she will post her infamous rant about how much he means to her and the deep love she has for him.

No. 834873

This has so much "lonely middle age mom" vibes. Like you go and visit your friends house and their mom asks for your help in their room and your confronted with this sagging mess.
The cat hair all over the thong just sells this image.

No. 834874

Eh technically half truth. A paid boyfriend is still a boyfriend. It's just sad.

No. 834875

The fact she has to make up boyfriends is so so sad. Gunt wasn't a boyfriend. Gunt's tattoos never matched any male friend's tattoos she's encountered at cons. Where did this boyfriend come from? I thought she was a bad bitch that didn't need a man? So confusing

No. 834876

Pretty sure those thigh highs she has on are so she can hide her hairy legs without shooping them.

No. 834877

someone supply that torrent my guy(begone)

No. 834878

Her stance on lolis was “they are just drawings I don’t know why people are mad when I sexualize them”
She likes younger feminine looking men
Mommy complex…
Doesn’t surprise me she looks at shota too
How much longer are people going to be blind that she’s a fucking creep in that regard.

No. 834879

Coomer detected. Ban imminent

No. 834880

File: 1620517981629.png (491.74 KB, 750x1334, 46159068-953B-4F8B-ABF0-8716B4…)

Tinder anon supplying cringe..
“I promise I’m not white guys im just a wacky artist Lebanese Barbie”

No. 834881

She is literally a female neck beard so her being a sex pest pedo wouldn't surprise me. Well she is one since that whole "moo-lester" saga

She will find zero success with such a dishonest bio. First, her pictures are basically catfishing and guys hate that. If they manage to get past the fact she looks nothing like her photos they have to deal with her smell and her "lol totally random" personality. Basically screeching on their date as everyone looks at them as the guy says "I have to use the bathroom" and runs.

No. 834882

Not the "lol randum xD" bio trying to get a man…Jesus
Yes, mention having ADHD for no reason

No. 834883

this reminds me of how edgy rawr teens wrote their myspace bios like 15 years ago. She says she wants a man but she wants to act like a teen

No. 834884

I don’t remember kbbq being her bf. face it moo you were nothing but a fuck buddy

No. 834885

She has these outlandish expectations for what a “real man” is… according to some YouTube video and anime men….
Gets off at emasculating men by calling them “boys” when they don’t do things in her perfect design.
She doesn’t know how to act like a human being much less a woman.

No. 834887

the way she talks about men is so dehumanizing. She isn't looking for a partner, she's looking for an accessory. If she wants one of those shallow relationships she has to be an 11/10. I hate the numbers shit, but since Moo wants to act like a scrote I'll do it. She's a 2, maybe a 3 if she showers and puts in maximum effort. The only advantage she has is everyone looks at her when she enters a room because she's a circus act.

No. 834889


No. 834893

It's either that or she's finally admitting her shoots with KBBQ were porn. Goodness, she was on such a high horse about not being a ~whore~ back then too, just look at our cow now.

No. 834895

either way she only worked with a small handful of guys and NONE of them considered her a girlfriend (Some were dating someone else). What a weird thing to lie about

No. 834896


Boob Rash arc has begun!

No. 834897

her respondimg "indirectly" to lolcow is so pathetic

i honestly think we're the only ones she can turn to for actual advice/critique since she runs off anyone who isn't an enabler 24/7 irl

imagine being so much of a toxic, overbearing person that your only real dose of reality is an anon internet forum.

No. 834898

I was going to ask how she keeps up with her lies but then I realized she’s clearly not.

This just seems like she’s trying to erase the travesty that was Gunt-kun by pretending she’s only worked with KBBQ. and the fact she’s calling him her bf… how fucking embarrassing for her. Also wasnt there another guy she did POV with after David? I think he did her moo cow POV set in milk or some shit.

Also I find it interesting after the anon came here talking about her rep in the escort community she’s talking about doing more work with male models, and has to specify he was a male model too. Like look guys, I can work with MODELS

No. 834899

I'm pretty certain there was another guy she worked who turned out to be an abuser too. It was quite a few threads so I can't be bothered checking, but I'm 100% certain he was

No. 834901

File: 1620531340216.jpg (29.32 KB, 730x487, rnldu651.jpg)

Uh mariah, KBBQ wasn't your BF, that's the entire reason you doxxed him and sent rabid fans to his house, because he didn't want to date you… We haven't forgotten your lies.

No. 834902

WHY did she think this was hot? The slighty hairy pussy and stretch marks like wtf is going on through her head? Can't she at least shave or edit it out if she's going for the smooth porn star look?

No. 834903

She's lazy

No. 834904

wow mariah, asexual queen

No. 834905

Lol at moo never mentioning the reptiles in the bio.

No. 834906

She’s only asexual for men who are in her league, anyone higher than a 5 she’ll gladly spread her wallet and her legs for

No. 834908

This seriously reads like old myspace bios. For a second though I thought she was just straight up begging for a guy to acknowledge her.

No. 834911

Can you imagine how much more pathetic she’d be if her supply of cuck bucks suddenly dried up? If she can’t throw money to get a guy’s attention, she literally has nothing to fall back on lol.

No. 834913

She’s also involving her 3 “friends” as well; who also did a hentai Photoshoot with her. It makes me wonder how this will play out as I remember how jealous she was of Vamp when she was on her webcam as simps paid more attention to her. If that Ethan cosplayer flirts with one of the 3 girls other than Mariah then there’s gonna be a shit show. If the escort stories about her were true then imagine how sad it will be if she’s been blacklisted from the male OF community in the west coast as they do network each other.

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