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File: 1629831432147.png (1.66 MB, 2048x2048, impendingdoom.png)

No. 850544

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>844586
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

In the last thread:
>Her nose continues to heal and look like shit, not suiting her face at all and she continues to abuse filters to try and hide this
>Currently on another fake gym stint to make it look as though she’s losing weight naturally when she’s clearly just getting more liposuction and gaining more weight
>Continues working on photo studio, filling it with the cheapest and tackiest furnishings imaginable, including a huge rose wall that just looks like one big fleshy colored mess
>Also fills said studio with her own old sweaty costumes and wigs, basically turning it into an aggrandized storage unit as anons suspected, but promises a luxurious experience with fancy air and everything!
>Art supplies and books from previous manic phase also spotted as decoration
>Goes on long winded rant about her veneers barely masking her regret about getting them and ruining her teeth, but still tries to use it as a flex about how rich she is
>Squarecuck hasn’t been seen or mentioned in quite some time, anons suspect they may have split over the modelling agency he started
>Her Patreon has been officially removed
>OnlyFans announces that it is banning pornographic content starting in October
>Moo is at first cocky and unconcerned about this as she thinks people are overreacting and if you guys just read like her you’ll see that they’re still allowing plenty of stuff as long as it’s not piss or necrophilia
>Quickly starts panicking once she realizes that they are in fact actually banning porn and she just hasn’t received the email/they haven’t updated their policy confirming such changes are coming yet
>Girlboss/MLM saga begins! She announces a couple hours later that she will be starting her own service after securing the domain peachyfans.com and that one of her slaves allegedly tracked down the makers of the OF website, says she plans to basically just copy and paste their interface (which could potentially get her into some kind of legal trouble)
>Plans to use herself as a guinea pig first before opening it to “other models”
>What other models would actually want to work with her after her sexual assault scandal is unclear, but what is clear is how she obviously plans to use this as a means to swindle them out of their money
>Obviously doesn’t understand how much time, money, and skill it actually takes to get something like that up and running, let alone be successful and is clearly just panicking after spending 30k on a nose job and god knows how much else on the studio, more liposuction, veneers, buying her friend’s love etc.

No. 850561

File: 1629836196487.jpeg (257.92 KB, 477x855, 0AC1C530-F083-406E-829B-D295FB…)

Sage for off topic and starting the thread with retardation but this gave me moo energy(no one cares)

No. 850564

The next few threads are going to be fun. We're going to watch Moo panic about her cash flow vanishing while she continues to stress buy to make her feel better and burn through cash. Fun fun

No. 850569

sage goes in the email field, anon. just saying sage in your post doesn't do anything.

I hope so lol her threads have been pretty stale for awhile, so I'm hoping some actual milk and lols come from this new era. her manic flailing to keep herself afloat in this new lifestyle she's become used to has potential to be very funny.

No. 850574


Stale yes, but seeming to ramp up. In the last month we’ve had what- nose job lipo studio thirst posting and now subtle sperging about OF. So yea September might be fun and October when OF starts dropping the hammer will be more so.

No. 850596

File: 1629850513536.jpg (650.94 KB, 1920x1080, 20210823_001442.jpg)

Moo, like she does with everything else, jumped the gun and posted about the new site she's "creating" and blasted out the name already but she should probably pick again

No. 850599

Opening a studio, staring a subscription service, OF exodus. Oh boy, am I excited to see where these arcs go.

No. 850600

I am dying. This gives her a good excuse to do nothing, though!

No. 850603

File: 1629852663782.png (5.08 MB, 1242x2688, C1660882-68B0-430D-8471-88FD47…)

She is spiraling down bad thanks to the Onlyfans news. She's holding her vape pen here too meaning she's been smoking weed in the gym locker rooms.

No. 850607

Can't put my finger on why this looks so pathetic. Like snacking and vaping at the gym with her tits about to escape and the filter holding on for dear life. You can smell the panic.

No. 850608

File: 1629856888540.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 8D552444-55D7-49B4-A2C4-A1EC1D…)

She’s going to plaster these on the studio walls… between this and that hideous “Douma wall” this really is just her home away from home, it’s not a business.

No. 850610

Does she really think a photo studio needs a wall covered in gorey manga pages?
And Higurashi is in all caps when nothing else is as if she copy pasted the name from somewhere else.

No. 850612

destroying her already laughably small manga collection for a wall. She really is just putting everything she had in her house into this tiny little building. Luxury experience my gaiz

both projects just seem like narc trips. You can only book a spot on the photo studio through Moo herself, but it's closed to the public anyway unless she personally invites you.

Her onlyfans knock off is closed to the public, except for her until further notice. I guess thinking about only herself is really not doing her any favors.

No. 850614

She deleted this already. Sure would suck her gym knows she uses drugs on their property.

No. 850615

It’s been up a full 24 hours anon… she wasn’t embarrassed by this enough to delete sooner.

I still feel like this supposed OF clone she’s proposing will 1.) never go anywhere once she realizes the logistics/money involved or 2.) upon realizing how impossible it is to build and run said OF clone, she’ll just use it for her personal sets or as the “official site” for the studio because she already blew money on the domain and has to use it.

No. 850616

File: 1629859263213.png (685.11 KB, 501x894, mangawall.png)

how it looks so far. she legitimately has no fucking taste. this studio is just full of various ugly ass walls lol

No. 850617

She's only doing rooms she can personally shoot in for profit and labeling it for everyone's use if its a vague enough room or she drags out the photo papers.

No. 850618

god help the next people who rent this space for their business, once Moo gets bored of this project

No. 850619

File: 1629860257486.jpg (63.98 KB, 1080x191, Screenshot_20210824-195716_Ins…)

Everyone is on fans.ly already. I just checked and even Naked Bakers has moved over and is promoted in the top 4 with Amouranth. Even Vamp has jumped already. Moo is out of her league.

No. 850620

File: 1629860360383.jpg (86.63 KB, 895x613, 260cf9_98da048af7fb4fe8a9dc24d…)

It even has the same UI almost and mechanics.

No. 850621

Did she really use the actual book pages and not, I don't know, made photocopies of panels instead? The mania is taking hold. She's the most wasteful bitch in the world. She can do whatever she wants with her belongings, but she will destroy her things for no good reason. Remember how she shipped her expensive statues from Japan without the boxes and they all got damaged? Absolute moron. This studio will be defunct within a month of opening.

No. 850625

If she opens it to public there will be call out posts on Facebook about it.

No. 850627

is she implying shes working with chaturbate? Because that's certainly what this post makes it seem like. If not, couldn't she get in trouble for using the chaturbate brand without permission?

No. 850628

File: 1629864163831.png (5.02 MB, 1242x2208, 0C597E7B-46C5-4590-9E30-6FAF74…)

I know she’s too egotistical to hire a goddamn interior decorator but she desperately needed one if she wants this trash heap of a “business” to be taken seriously. It’s a juvenile mess.

No. 850629

That is what Chaturbate is calling its own take on OnlyFans. Anon was pointing out that as usual Moo's manic bullshit isn't even creative or unique and nobody is going to notice her Peachyfans shit over this.

Of course she's never going to actually make the damn thing, she's just flinging all of her shit on the wall to see what sticks. Much like her shitty studio décor!

No. 850632

File: 1629868197840.jpg (47.55 KB, 525x938, xKiLmUE.jpg)

No. 850633

I’m trying to understand what this business is supposed to be exactly? Like people just come and take photos in it? Definitely not a tacky concept that will crash and burn in the next few years.

No. 850634

Isn't it kinda rude to vape INSIDE a locker room?

No. 850635

Asides the fact she looks like a background character in Big Mouth, I’m laughing at the hilariously bad eye edit.

No. 850636

Isn’t it an excuse to be able to deduct props, decorations and outfits from her taxes à la Onision? She’ll use things once then store it in her « studio » for other people to use and claim it as an expense.

No. 850637

it's against all gym rules. she only goes to the gym to take pictures anyway. Unless proven wrong I think her trainer dumped her as well. She was an asshole to the other 3

No. 850656

File: 1629875963333.jpg (344.46 KB, 935x600, moofice.jpg)

So I think this is supposed to be some sort of office? The fact that it doesn't cover the whole wall and only goes up about halfway really ties the room together

No. 850659

Giving us "I was too lazy to get a stepladder or figure out how many pages I would need to cover a rectangle, aka basic math." What a #girlboss we stan.

No. 850661

>the ear
She didn’t even bother to maybe wash/iron the blinds? No maids free to do so Moo?

No. 850677

You shouldn't half-ass a building. Each little mistake she makes is going to come back to haunt her months down the road. Just like you can't half-ass your education, or else, years down the road you'll be left freaking out over your income because a website decided to ban porn.

No. 850705

File: 1629897296605.png (684.54 KB, 1242x2688, 1629896882272.png)

Stole this from an anon in Shayna's thread. Too bad they're backtracking. Lucky for Moo though, one less project to execute terribly.

No. 850709

Holy fuck I finally got around to watch her latest video, can't believe this bitch just randomly starts folding loundry with a dildo up her pussy.

No. 850711

oh but the damage is already done , tons of people ( at least that i simp for in OF ) are leaving for good in october , they spat on the face of their largest userbase, only time will tell wether their lazyness to move to another site or their spite to leave the sit will let the platform survive by november

No. 850714

What are the chances of this place becoming a brothel? I'd say atm it's pretty high. Tbh I think this is what she is aspiring to become. She's going to use the excuse of "nobody came to my amazing photo-op store uwu" to finally take the next step and make it a whore house. Mark my words.

No. 850715

They won’t leave, simply because a lot of their fans won’t bother to switch platforms. Meaning they’ll lose a lot of followers. Even if they do leave, they’ll be back pretty quickly.

No. 850719

Unfortunately no:

They chickened out. Mooriah doesnt have to work for her money ever again.

No. 850720

honestly to me, this seems like a way to shut the thots up since I'm sure they were getting non stop messages. At the end of the day it's their website and there isn't anything anyone can do if they decide to boot adult content today or a few months down the line.

The smart thots have their plan Bs. Moo will probably read this and stop planning, thinking her income is safe.

No. 850721

Not really. People still have existing accounts and its just no new material after Oct, all has to be deleted by EotY. I told people up thread its going to be split into 2 sites, but instead everyone is rushing with conclusions. Thots can't report worth shit. They literally over exaggerated what's going to happen.

No. 850722

File: 1629909263726.png (772.97 KB, 1242x2208, 6817D99A-4ECF-477B-BE30-D8FC47…)

I’m sure she’s celebrating this news with more sushi and lipo. I wasn’t holding my breath in hopes they’d actually commit to the new policies so Moo will always be free to continue delivering her lazy sets and never have to be responsible for a single thing ever. Typical.

No. 850724

Predicting that she's going to say it was all thanks to her or humblebrag that she had SOMETHING to do with their decision.

No. 850726

Tch. Shame that they've seemingly backtracked, though what wouldnt surprise me is if they just slowly start making changes to their ToS instead, and gradually transition towards the sfw image they want instead.
What they should've done though, is just not said anything and changed the ToS on October 1st. Every ToS says that it can change with no prior warning and for whatever reason, so they should've just done that. Would've been far more entertaining watching everyone panic too

No. 850727

Her team of lawyers had been hard at work, showing OF what they were doing was warong

No. 850728

I think that's their plan now. They wouldn't just throw their plans out the window. But it will be fun watching dumb cows like Moo thinking their safe one day, then finding out their pages are gone the next

No. 850729

Idk why OF would backtrack. Wasn't it an issue of credit card processing with so much potential for literal children to be on the website? If there was any way at all to get the credit cards to cooperate without first yeeting their biggest money makers, why wouldn't they have done so without making an announcement that would cost them users? There's no way I would be breathing a sigh of relief as a SW knowing how swiftly your income can be halted by your platform at any time. Doubt Moo will be better with money as a result of this.

No. 850731

As stated before I highly doubt onlyfans is going to stop their plans just because a few thots are throwing a tantrum. They can do what they want and I really think it's just a way to shut them up

No. 850733

the 'few thots' are by far the most common creators

No. 850735

didn't stop tumblr

No. 850740

where did you find this riveting tale of a woman and her laundry

No. 850742

Use google, fap material won't be spoonfed to you.

No. 850744

zero chance of her badly decorated office suite becoming a brothel
no legal brothels in clark county
illegal brothels controlled by russian mob

No. 850746

finding these groups on Google is impossible you twat

No. 850754

muh much muh spoonfeeding
do you ever get tired of being elitist on the stupidest shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850756


this board doesn't exist to feed coomer scrotes their porn.

No. 850757

It's very important to you, for some godforsaken reason, that the sources for leaks about cows remain hidden so that you get to feel special, isn't it?
I would bet $20 that you have never contributed any, you don't have anything, you don't find anything or crack anything. Your one job on this site is to be a cunt and contribute nothing ever. You're exclusionary on a niche corner of the internet to strangers you've never met about how people obtain leaks on laughable people, and it's the only thing that's ever going to come close to making you feel good about yourself. Your purpose isn't even to remind others that information can require work to obtain. It's to parrot the exact same thing everyone else has ever said here, to make sure you fit in without needing to think on a forum of people who do not know you and ideally never will.
Where the fuck did you go wrong?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850758

the absolute state of coomers. also, learn to sage

No. 850759

oh fuck the dupshit supreme keeps calling me a coomer what am I gonna do(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850760

i know we shouldn't respond but this is just so funny.

>you don't find anything or crack anything

yeah dude, we're not detectives lol we're not hot on the case, we're literally just here for a laugh

>your one job on this site is to be a cunt


No. 850761

My guy, if you're so fucking horny for this ugly cow, LOOK FOR IT YOURSELF, why is that so hard to understand?

No. 850763

Because it has to do with only MasterCard. They would need to verify every user in every video, ID them, real time reviews of livestreams, those people verified. Its a lot of work they don't want to do. Tbh, they penalty just dropped MasterCard ussage, but they use CCBill, so I don't even know why that matters. It doesn't even have to do with investors. Did no one actually read anything about this?

No. 850765

Don't feed the scrote.

No. 850771

she'll age out soon enough. unless there develops a new parasocial phenomena where moids like, keep consuming a camgirl's content to 'grow old with her' in the most fucked up way possible. seems like that sort of thing could happen with how insane they are about orbiting. saged bc pointless wondering out loud srry

No. 850778


They are too large to be actual pages from the manga. She might actually be using her one cell properly and just printed the pages off.

Also, she did such a disappointing job on the whole manga wall thing… Surprised she didn't put her favourite questionable shit

No. 850781

Is this not what's happening right now? I have a hard time believing Momo is getting legit new followers and assume she gets >60% of her income from a small group of wealthy pervs with feeder/body modification fetishes

While I'm tinfoiling, does anyone else think momo is asexual? She never seems to be into the porn stuff she does, and her main wants in terms of a bf seem more geared towards "someone who will validate me and do all my bidding" vs someone to fuck. Also her "love" for hentai screams try-hard

No. 850784

Not asexual, she's just that disinterested and not sexy in what she does. Keep up with the topics.

That's not a dig at you, but literally…go back through all topics and you'll understand.

No. 850785

File: 1629936739278.png (4.55 MB, 1800x1612, E375C54D-7B59-47D7-8402-36A8B6…)

Is she getting high at the gym again?

No. 850786

It's cute you think she is just high at the gym

No. 850787

Not that anon, but speaking of going through old topics, I decided to waste last night away by looking through Moo's old threads (I got to the mid 50s). What a ride. I initially was searching for the time she wanted to redo some anime character's suicide because that hardly gets talked about as much. All part of her specific autism and not understanding that would definitely be a no. Well, I suppose there's a lot of things to discuss, but I'll do a list so I don't ramble

>ALWAYS PROBLEMATIC. Fucked up everything. Just a natural born scum bag

>Was always pushing the limits of sex and knew it was kept her relevant.
>We thought she didn't take cosplays seriously then, but now it's non existent comparatively. I was surprised how she seemed busy compared to now.
>She has zero growth.
>I forgot how much she insisted she was going to college.
>Kbbq or whatever he was called affected her more than I think we acknowledge
>Her face was wrecked from weight gain and face tape so she had to get plastic surgery to look normal. Glad she went too far.
>Over-sexed with bad porn. It's weird. Movements and gestures are too similar to a moid.
>Gym lies - same; ultimate fan of ____anime - same; preaching about being zen or a better person - same; bragging about friends and parties - she's become way more isolated

Too bad her threads aren't a flip book because it's the perfect descent into botch surgery and body mod.

No. 850789

did the filter show her real face? She actually looks her weight here. But why would she post this?

No. 850791

I’m surprised she didn’t print out the ahegao faces and buy matching curtains.

No. 850806

Probably another room

No. 850808

Honestly Id assume that the credit card companies have given them more time and thats why they've just suspended this TOC roll out. I wont be surprised if it they roll it out later in the year. The smart thots are already moving to another platform because of the uncertainty.

No. 850820

Yea but she’s above rules, regulations, morals. Honestly disgusting to stink up a room with her vice.
But not like she cares about anyone but herself. Right Mariah?

No. 850829

File: 1629965024663.jpeg (241 KB, 1170x2532, CD9FCB86-4630-4B80-A3DD-87AC82…)

That’s exactly what she’s doing again, yes. This was posted between threads

No. 850830

File: 1629967902688.png (458.02 KB, 390x600, 26-08-2021ip11x_gsimage.png)

why would she post this kek

No. 850832

because she's high and will probably delete it once the high wears off

No. 850837

You guys give her a break, she has a perfect, elfin nose. She is practically Belle Delphine but doesn't need filters at this point. Baby smooth skin and the tiniest anime nose. Does no one else see it? You can really tell she spent $30k

No. 850841

She would take a depressant as a preworkout, because she has no idea what a preworkout is for, because she's never done enough work in the gym to require one. Literally fucking retarded.

No. 850853

Was gunna say. Stuff like pineapples or candied lemons are usually had either after or in the middle of a work out. She has giant jugs of protein powders in her pantry. I guess they are purely for decoration

No. 850868

Cannabis is both a stimulant and depressant. She's not wrong for smoking Sativa before a workout. A lot of people do it. But for moo, I would just focus on working out considering she can't even do that right.

No. 850877

File: 1630010376032.jpg (31.59 KB, 494x877, gCChWBZ.jpg)

No. 850878

cat spergs where are you to discredit moo's true and honest catsperience?

No. 850888

Her and her miracle cat, how many threads has it been since that was first mentioned? Feels like forever ago now.

No. 850893

Is she going to get a new kitten now that he's no longer a forever baby or whatever retard nonsense she claimed?

No. 850897

The fact that the vets are ‘in shock’ already shows that she’s at least extremely exaggerating if not lying. No vet would be ‘in shock’, it’s not a reality tv appearance. They might have told her it’s unusual and she runs with the ‘I’m Da MoSt SpEShUl EvA’ idiocy again.

No. 850898

File: 1630022479583.png (3.72 MB, 1242x2208, 75003568-0BEB-49B5-B323-7C3019…)

The studio isn’t even safe from her fake marble obsession. Everything she touches turns into a tacky, cheap mess.

No. 850899

Still can’t believe the fact she had perfectly straight teeth and still chose to get veneers.

No. 850901

The veneers make her face even more punchable than it was previously, especially when she pulls this stupid shit eating grin.

No. 850902

I feel bad for the next person who rents that building and have to repair the damage Moo has done to it

No. 850913


I’m sure the lease has language about how she will be liable for bringing the property back to a rentaable state upon termination of lease. It isn’t just that she’s repainted it which could be overlooked if it wasn’t so garish. So after this shit crashes and burns I expect she’ll probably either get sued or attempt to undo it all.

No. 850920

I’m starting to think she may have bought it. There’s not many commercial locations that will let you paint something so difficult to cover (red and black) or change the tile unless she plans to just lay it over top of current flooring.

Did she specify rented when she started sperging? If any farmers remember

No. 850921

It's totally possible that she bought it, still sucks for the next person who uses it when she inevitably has to sell it or rent it out.

No. 850922


Tbh to assumed lease as I’m not sure even she could afford a stand alone office/commercial space. Could be wrong but with what we’ve seen it looks like one of those strip mall sorta deals. If she DID buy this might get even funnier in the long run

No. 850923

she has no teeth haha how is she going to maintain them when the money dries up?

No. 850926

I don't know if her cat had dry form or wet form of FIP- if it was wet I would buy her vet being in shock, or at least quite happy for her. Cats don't really recover from that and there is no approved treatment in the US.

No. 850928

people in their 20's who get them are legit retarded in my opinion. They only think of the now or think "Well imma die young anyway"
I'm confused tbh. What young person would want fake teeth or dentures? They look obviously fake. Fuck aging gracefully I guess

No. 850930

Mariah never looks ahead, or considered any consequences. It’s why she’s a lolcow
And has been for years. Let’s be real if OF went down she would’ve been fucked, even if she migrated apps it’s like going from twitch streaming to Facebook gaming. You’re still going to lose a huge chunk of your following.

No. 850939

she's already admitted to cracking them multiple times because at the end of the day they are flimsy pieces of porcelain, not bone. There's also the fact you cant drink too much red wine/coffee or anything that will stain them. Which is dumb for Mariah because she loves to consume and can't go 1 day without her starbucks. They're also so fucking white they look ridiculous outside of social media. Teeth aren't meant to be white.

No. 850954

if the vet spent more than 1 minute talking to momo, I'm sure they are in shock every time she comes in and hasn't killed all her cats yet

No. 850955

Don't forget her lizards and snake who we haven't seen in who knows how long, but we'll see now that it's been mentioned.

No. 850961

Wasn't SquareNoodles or some other dude who moved out in charge of taking care of them? I think they're all deadby now. Knowing Moo she will panic buy a lizard to prove she didn't kill them

No. 850967

I do not remember but I assume it is rented. I also assume that she has not submitted her plans for the space to the landlord for approval and is doing everything thinking she can simply do as she pleases. While I am unaware of American and Vegas protocol surrounding commercial leases, you are required where I am to obtain permission from the landlord before fitting things out to your need. At first I gave things the benefit of the doubt that she may have done this, but as things go on, it's increasingly obvious that she believes she can just make changes as she wishes.

No. 850969

was just thinking that. So much flexing showing off her new house that looks like a lobby and no pics of her reptile tanks in any room? Never in the background of any pics either. I noticed her current lovebomb obsession Akemi has a bearded dragon she posts selfies with, I wonder if she took them since she’s probably what set off moo’s manic reptile obsession.

Haven’t seen weebking kevin in a while either, wasn’t he living with her during the reptile arc?

No. 850970

I think you're right. And yeah she kept one gecko tank in the kitchen and another in her plant room… filled with dead plants.
We can only hope she gave the animals away instead of them slowly dying

No. 850971

She looks like a fat oli london wtf lmao

No. 850974

and just as delusional

No. 850976

I guess you could say she’s
>Oily London.

No. 850978

My sides

No. 850985

She denounced Kevin after she got backlash for supporting his racist views.

No. 850986

oh yeah didn't she like his anti blm posts and pro cop stuff? But then the next month attack blm groups cuz "muslim lives matter more!"
love it

No. 850988

We dont know the real reason behind their fallout because he was living with her far beyond when she liked the anti blm posts.

No. 850991

File: 1630100984180.jpeg (525.79 KB, 2048x2048, E7511383-5DED-47A6-8AD7-52F8A9…)

Summer 2019, summer 2020, and summer 2021. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt by using pictures she actually likes instead of candids, even that shows off how terrible she’s aged in 2 years. She’s only 25….

No. 850992

This is fucking up my brain so badly. She looks like a completely different person, not in a positive way.

No. 850995

Christ, that last one doesn't even look like her. I never thought I'd say it, but I miss turtle lip moo

No. 850997

Took me a moment to realize that odd texture on her left thigh on the left photo is the design of the elastic on her thigh highs. I was worried for a second she had some nasty crater stretch marks that didn't get edited out. But still, that image is still there best of the three.

No. 850999

left photo would probably get her CanCellEd for asianfishing if she posted it now. Her natural look suits cosplay best imo

No. 851001

Nothing looks asian about the left one. tf are you on about?

No. 851005

We've bullied her about so much shit and the one thing she took to heart were the turtle lips comments lmaoo

No. 851006

Nah she didn’t buy the office space. You can demo/reno spaces as long as you keep within the lease terms and are renting each room you’re doing work on. I currently rent one and am able to make major changes in the space.

No. 851007

File: 1630117302089.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1706x1920, Lmao.jpeg)

No. 851010

File: 1630121509325.png (1.39 MB, 1779x1392, B77F5FF6-204E-4CF4-AF9C-23ADBC…)

Who stepped out of line this time?

No. 851012

She has always made it obvious she lurks and openly responded in earlier threads. This is a collective consistent dose of reality she refuses to accept. Don't be a predator. Don't lie. Don't scam. If anything she gets off on the attention.

And like any thin lipped white girl in a plastic surgery hub with too much money, she tried to overcompensate for her insecurities. That's why anyone gets plastic surgery. If she wasn't so vapid and attention starved, she could have made her money and dipped and got some therapy and an education before needing to show off her inflamed hoo-ha and talon nails in order to live comfortably.

No. 851013

If i had to guess, she probably tried roping vamps in to do more of her dirty work and vamps rightfully said hell no.

No. 851030

File: 1630140620028.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2012, 54E1B5BA-2C70-4F24-8412-A7D667…)

None of them look remotely human lol

No. 851045

How has sssniperwolf not been called out on youtube for being friends with Mariah the sexual harasser if she's not even hiding it?

No. 851047

All I see is three “horny gilfs in your area”.

No. 851048

People too busy fapping to her. You can't expect men to care as long as they can nut.

No. 851049

Anons also post obvious "what not to dos" and laugh that she'll do them. She does. Like how she's going to blow up her lips like a retard. Most anons mentioned how she just need a slight lip lift and she wouldn't be a turtle but instead she gets lips that are falling off her face. It's her coomers that make her do these things not us. That and copying other costhots.

No. 851050

File: 1630161860001.png (573.54 KB, 1280x888, snipermoo.png)

She is skinwalking so hard lol

No. 851057

How is she skin walking aside from having dark hair and dark eyes? Her hair isn’t even parted the same way. Basic-bitch skinwalking I guess.

No. 851058

You've missed quite a few threads that answers your question.

No. 851060

I forgot how manly and weird Vamp's face looks.

No. 851065

That’s not vamps, the troon is umbran. She’s always had a strong manjaw

No. 851068

A lot of purikuras do that lmao, amp up the beauty filter by a hundred, still cringe though.

No. 851073

A few anons said he tried to blackmail her ex for information under an anonymous user. who knows though.

No. 851104

The hime bangs really don't help.

No. 851128

Yeah I was about to say it looks like they all have Gangnam unnie syndrome.

No. 851147

where did someone say this? id believe it

No. 851170

File: 1630319437690.jpeg (725.38 KB, 3072x3072, 1C0806E1-582E-4662-8C0A-9CF9DB…)

Oh. This is bleak. Someone should make a comparison picture of Moo from 5 years ago to now. I was reading old threads out of boredom and I forgot how different she used to look.

No. 851177

She didn't really though
I mean you should say that with a grain of salt considering she shooped herself back then just as much as she does now
Honestly it's sad to think the only accurate comparisons we have of natural Moo are shitty highschool pics because she's always been so insecure that even when she looked better she shooped herself to hell and back

No. 851206

It's really a saga of keeping track of her weight lies. From her finally breaking 200 pounds to now breaking 300 but desperately getting lipo to pretend she isn't.

No. 851222

Whenever she’s inactive for a couple days, I can’t help but think “what procedure is she getting done now?”

I’ve never seen anything about this, is there more to it?

No. 851233

I personally have not heard anything along those lines and would like more info if it’s a thing

No. 851255

File: 1630361547884.png (4.3 MB, 1800x1642, FBF4CF58-DA6A-4F1F-B8A2-4CEA73…)

And just as we predicted, she shooped her skin tone.
You know why you can’t do that pose, come on Mariah.

No. 851256

File: 1630361657151.jpg (82.62 KB, 525x934, 1yoUMTJ.jpg)

No. 851257

It fucks me up to think she paid thousands to look this unattractive and busted.

No. 851260

Girl needs to chill and not eat so much. Hot dog legs. I feel bad.

No. 851262

I just don't get it why would she use a randoseru for a gyaru photoshoot

No. 851273

Wtf man, I've only seen small children and disabled people sit like that. Why is that a 'pose' she's trying to achieve.

No. 851275

As I was struggling to find what anyone would like in a face like hers, I noticed the crying laughing emojis she added. Does she laugh at herself too, seeing her open-mouthed face that reveals just a bit of her oh-so-worthy veneers?

No. 851277

Anon, it's a common pose for asian women and in anime. You've never seen disabled people sit like this because it's not a condition or related to deficiencies of any kind. Small children do it because it's natural for them.

No. 851278

File: 1630372697045.jpg (147.84 KB, 1078x838, Screenshot_20210830-181437_Tik…)

Moo pulling the usual "nah, no surgery my dude" on comments

No. 851279

Mooriah, I know you lurk here:

NO. ONE. is buying that bullshit. You do not go from turtle lips to about to burst botched lips from a dentist visit. People will like you more if you just admit to your bullshit.

No. 851286

what in the asolute pedobait?

No. 851289

Still waiting on a grooming scandal at some point in her career.
So many red flags on this girl.

No. 851293

Holy shit. She's quite literally unrecognizable in that second picture. If she had just maintained her weight… Christ.

No. 851294

I love how you can tell just how massive she really is in these photos. Of course she’ll edit it all but damn.

No. 851295

File: 1630379692892.png (3.23 MB, 1800x1655, 581A9D50-773C-4284-B449-95FA6B…)

The irony of using a filter called “cute baby face” on that mug.

No. 851298

This is edited too and she still looks massive. I always wondered if her spine or hips will give out one day cuz she only sucks out the fat from her mid section. There is nothing holding her together. Is that why Moo can't walk anymore and can only do the obese shuffle?
But this is also one of the fastest times she's gained. Usually her lipo lasts a month or 2. She instantly gained the weight back and then some.

Basic Moo response. If they keep pushing her she will say "I'm a woman now" like it's some weird late puberty shit that made her botched and not the surgeries. Girl spent just as much as Oli London on her procedures.

No. 851300

File: 1630384696971.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 294418C9-53A9-4429-A423-1D698B…)

The turtleneck in the previous picture and now this… in the Vegas heat. What are you hiding Mariah lol

No. 851301

just one of her arms are bigger than her head. She's being held together by compression gear and a prayer. I really want candids to be leaked again cuz she looks bigger than she was in the tennis shoot.

No. 851304

how in the hell is that "pedobait"? No-one is looking at her, regardless of how she pose's or what she wears and thinking "ah, yes. a child"

No. 851305

It's a flexibility and genetic thing anon. I'm able to sit like that and have other family members who can and who never been able too.

No. 851306

All I can hear is Mr Plinkett asking “What’s wrong with your faaaaaace…?”

No. 851309

Looks like people are waking up

No. 851310

File: 1630399360560.jpg (249.46 KB, 600x600, FIH_20210831_09412174688392986…)

I always think of moo when I see these.

No. 851311

Exactly, it's a pose reminiscent of how little kids sit. Anime girls do it because anime is full of pedos. She wants to do it to pander to said pedos and because she's disgusting.

No. 851322

Even the girl in her example doesn't look like a kid. She isn't pandering to pedos when they wouldn't look at her as is. A pose doesn't suddenly negate her fat, 40 year old body and Real Housewives face. This pedo reach is ridiculous. She's never looked like a child. That's no amount of cosplay or makeup would make a pedo confused.

No. 851324

Anon, take your autistic shit elsewhere and sage your shit. This has nothing to do with pedophilia.

No. 851326

Pandering, sure, but nothing about her is even remotely childlike, hell, not even youthful. She's not even 30 yet and she looks like she's rapidly approaching 40. She should stick to the mommy thing as at least that's more believable.

No. 851330

Imagine telling on yourselves like this? Moo has always pandered to this type of audience. She has sexualized underaged characters for years. She doesn’t have to look like a child herself to be a fan of and promoting lolicon in her videos and porn. Why is it whenever moo’s shota loli pedobait fantasies come up that have been well documented in the past so some anons fall over themselves to defend it? No moo obviously doesn’t look like a child but that’s not what anons are even talking about here, which some of you anons are intentionally missing the point about. she’s got a proven track record if you bothered to read past threads of weird pedobaiting whether it be in the cosplays she does or the porn she makes or the shows she watches or the sperg outs on her stories over certain characters.

No. 851333

She's also into Euphoria but I don't see her actually wanting to hang herself or doing any of that smut logically. Nothing about her is bait. She's literally just a sex craved, desperate, femcel. Dressing as an 'anime minor' doesn't promote it either, especially looking like Moo. No one looked at her DM cosplay and was confusing her with anyone underage.

No. 851335

Nta but you are way too pressed and basically proving their point. TF does Euphoria have to do with anything? And yes a creepy ass show produced by known creep Drake that is largely consumed by minors that heavily focuses on minors having sex is creepy even if that has been normalized in western media. What in Euphoria would she be replicating? Getting obliterated on drugs and wearing glitter makeup? Get a grip. Ask yourself why you want to defend and deny years of well documented behavior.

No. 851336

You clearly haven't lurked enough to realize Euphoria is referring to a hentai, not Drake.

No. 851338

Didn’t realize this thread had so many pedobait and shota/Loli enthusiasts/apologists kek. Imagine dying on this hill just to defend Mariah fucking Mallad

No. 851339

Euphoria…the fucked up edgy hentai that got popular in the last couple of years by tryhards like mooriah.
Her last round of porn videos must have been amazing jerk off material to them they no longer have braincells.

No. 851340

Meant to tag this one.

No. 851344

Didn’t she say the whole point of these surgeries is so she doesn’t feel like she has to hide behind filters anymore? She wants to feel ‘naturally beautiful’ and never have to wear makeup?

No. 851346

She says a lot of things. Yet outside of Highschool photos and candids you will NEVER see her post unfiltered or edited to hell and back photos and even videos has slimming filters that snaps on and off.

No. 851351

Yes but that was before she realized she’s totally fucked up her body.

No. 851368

She literally claimed that right before the nose job.

No. 851392

If she ends up getting another nose job, it would just confirmed that she knew she fucked up. To me that’s hilarious, the idea of her knowing she fucked up and desperately trying to fix her mess of a body.

No. 851395

File: 1630444971409.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 3A591DD8-71DC-4089-9B53-2483D6…)

No. 851401

She really looks like Oli London like some anon said before

No. 851441


Man she kinda reminds me of blac chyna with the mess she’s made of her face.

No. 851483

Oh wow, we all knew she was botched but yikes.. there’s not coming back from that mess. She’ll look like the cat lady before her 30’s.

No. 851486

I mean… she supposedly loves cats so much, might as well look the part.

No. 851493

This is one of her worst looks in a long time, the wig shape and color is so unflattering and ages her even more.

No. 851519

Getting serious Planet of the Apes vibes from this pic.

No. 851530

File: 1630519408006.png (4.7 MB, 1242x2208, 516CFF69-D959-4A94-9C3F-05F9EA…)

That studio is such a mess visually. She just throws in anything she thinks looks expensive and expects it to work. You can’t buy taste apparently.

No. 851532

She probably read our comments about the wall being hideous and is using the mirror to distract potential patrons.

No. 851534

People would honestly get better back drops from wondering around hobby lobby and taking pictures there kek

No. 851535

File: 1630522791241.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, C1059221-2E22-4962-B6B9-E40D6B…)

Jfc Mariah…

No. 851537

File: 1630523359967.jpeg (103.2 KB, 425x640, FFB5BE23-84EC-4A68-BA3E-E61B35…)

Her one job was to name it probably because she already posted before in stories (in the last thread) that Maddie designed it. Still trying to pretend she still has any part of “the creative process”.

No. 851538

Cher, is that you?

No. 851539

File: 1630523483315.png (2.8 MB, 1800x1029, 8EA56E3B-8A1D-4447-B7C1-25D507…)

She needs to stop trying to hide her bulk under her wig’s hair strands. It makes her look even bigger.

No. 851541

She is barely squeezing into this outfit including those poor shoes. Yikes.

No. 851543


Love how her hooves are pouring over the sides of those shoes.

No. 851552

I'm not that familiar with her but no matter whether you like her looks or not, she looks really, really unhealthy. It's sad to see somebody ruin their body and life at such a young age.

No. 851560

File: 1630533882580.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2208, 6EADE527-3C6F-46B0-A99E-5E994F…)

Way to go Maddie, you basically ”designed” a white version of the same outfit. Both her and Moo are creatively bankrupt.

No. 851561

Samefag but I’m expecting her next two OCs to look exactly the same because of course they will.

No. 851562

1, her stubby self wishes she was tall
2, why the child version of Douma when the character is mostly seen as an adult? Keep putting up those red flags. I'm sure there will be a saga where she was grooming a teen on tik tok

No. 851563

She really shouldn't be taking credit for this. They really should be crediting the designer of the fetish gear she's wearing since it's 99% of the outfit.

No. 851564


This mirror is giving me Vicky shingles vibes.

No. 851565

Wouldn't it have been a better idea to mount the mirror BEFORE covering the wall in flowers? Did she plan any of these rooms in advance at all?

No. 851569


Lol you know the answer. If she planned anything ever she would be a popular overpaid cosplayer and not a Z list botched lolcow so far up her own ass she still thinks she’s popular and not a walking cautionary tale.

No. 851570

How’s that plastic surgery working out for you now Mariah?
It’s not even funny anymore just Sad to watch someone destroy themselves like you have.

No. 851575

The photo on the right.. I’m pretty sure she actually can’t list her arm straight over her head because the outfit is too tight. Fuvking sad lmso

No. 851577

I bet you guys anything that the next succubus is either pink or purple. The bondage gear will be Lacey rather than straps.

No. 851583

File: 1630549186083.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x2054, 6966B8E9-DA50-4D3E-B681-F9B38D…)

Is she going to start claiming to be asexual or lesbian again

No. 851584

From shit eating lips to anus lips.

No. 851585

She’s not even being subtle, someone has to check her hard drive.

No. 851587

File: 1630551511617.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2208, F0593871-687A-4003-81F6-0FA804…)

> It’s really funny that people think I give a fuck

Keep lurking Moo

No. 851589

Her and her fucked up "Mama still got it" mentality

No. 851591


>[cutoff] -the mask but it's so funny to me how people think I really give a fuck. Are you jokin'?

>I-I'll answer it for you guys! Okay! It's because these people are actually living fucking boring lives themselves and [drops phone] oof- HAVE NO ACTUAL PURPOSE FOR THEMSELVES EITHER! AND SO BECAUSE OF THAT THEY COME TO BE AND THEY'RE LIKE "UHH, YOUR FACE/UHH, YOUR LIPS" ((I think Umbran interrupts and says something but it's not loud enough to decipher)) [points to Umbran] whatever she's gonna say! [plays city pop and flips off camera] It's okay that.. you have nothing in your life that you have to come to mine! I'm sorry my life's so fucking fun! I'm sorry I'm dead sexy! And these teeth? A down payment for a house, baby! [continues to dance] Get pissed! Say what you want about me! This bag? More than your rent! Shut the fuck up about how I live my life! And just go fucking live yours, okay?

Anyone want to record her big mad before she deletes it?

No. 851593

I think she's made that even her simps don't like what she did to her face

No. 851595

File: 1630553271550.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, 02D88BC7-80EF-4014-B8A4-7CFDD6…)

I got you fam
Sorry the audio might be out of sync, I have a shitty app.


No. 851596

She's such a materialistic bimbo. "I don't care so let me rant about how much people get under my thin skin."

This is just more funny embarrassment for her. She's making herself look worse and we get to laugh.

No. 851599

File: 1630554188896.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 65A4BA04-24B8-429E-A877-532347…)

>in all seriousness, I did dissolve my lips a little bit today because they were getting a little big, thanks for letting me know.

Usually wouldn’t recommend watching her videos because she’s insufferable. But if you guys have a chance, go watch. She seems extra unhinged.

No. 851600

I see she’s gone right back to her “That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you’ll ever get” attitude lol so much for all that spiritual growth/peaceful warrior bullshit. Mariah, toss those “therapy” books in the trash because you obviously learned jack shit from any of those or that “higher self” IG you seem intent on sharing constantly to show how unbothered you are.
The more work she gets done on her body, the more her fans are going to complain. Put 2+2 together Moo, not that hard.

No. 851602

Fucking hilarious. Bitch goes on a meltdown about how people need to stfu about she looks, but then admits she dissolved her lips some because people were pointing out ugly they look. Full blown proof that her idgaf attitude is just for show.

Also her bragging about her teeth even though a few weeks ago she straight up admitted they were mistake. Damn, really wish OF stuck to their guns.

No. 851603

She's was crying and begging people to give her "idea" of a website a chance. But now that onlyfans canceled their plans (for now) she's back to being a bad bitch. Now that she thinks her income is safe she's going back on her usual plastic surgery binges

No. 851604

File: 1630554766699.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2208, C9A56EF8-82A5-4A60-A052-D0D92B…)

Looks like she already deleted this one but there’s more.


Apparently we’re all just jealous lol so people need to be nice to her. Hilarious.

No. 851605

>Put 2+2 together Moo, not that hard.
She can't, that math is too hard for her.

She said all that shit in thread one and hasn't changed since. She can keep saying, "People change, it's all about zen" but clearly she hasn't changed at all and is the opposite of zen. No one likes you, Mariah, and people only hang out with you cause your morbidly obese ass keeps forking over money like a "golden goose" cause you don't want to be left by yourself. Misery loves company.

No. 851606

So why is she slapping on like 10 masks in a night? Even with the filter on I can tell her face is turning pink. Who hurt her this morning?

No. 851608

Looks like someone forgot their fucking Adderall again. I don't understand how she goes from essentially "fuck you you're poor, all this stuff I have is worth more than you." To "Be kind to me pls, but I totally am completely unbothered." Take your meds and get off the internet moo.

No. 851609

she'll be back to crying her udders off if her income flops. She wasn't even smart like other thots. She put all her eggs into onlyfans. She wont even consider another site

No. 851610

File: 1630555510692.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, 7289B73C-2F05-4D78-9FB7-75F818…)

No. 851613

She is clinically insane lmao oh my god the milk never stops

No. 851614

I think she's doing what every teenage girl does on tik tok. Be annoying and cringy to replace the fact she doesn't have a personality. But it's sad cuz she's 26 going on 50

No. 851615

Watch this predictable, cowardly retard delete it.

No. 851616

She danced for 45 seconds and sounded winded by the end of it. Wow

No. 851618

way to show you’re not bothered
make another hour of filtered video about how not bothered you are, hawg

No. 851619

Wtf is she on in these videos? Cocaine? She’s talking so fast and rambling and going on and on about how hot and unbothered she is. And acting like she’s even “punked” anyone out, bet she’s never been in a fight in her life. Sure sounds like the behavior of an unbothered person but keep going off moo. Cocaine won’t make you skinny, lard ass.

No. 851621

File: 1630558380670.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, CA3B2427-12A7-4A4A-8FA6-82E6A0…)


Short one so maybe it’s the end of this meltdown… for now.
Man, it’d be a shame if people saw this series of rants right before her studio opens to the public. I don’t think most customers want to see a bloated cunt bragging about her lavish lifestyle in (what I’m assuming is) an Adderall induced manic episode.

No. 851622


>I wanna take myself serious but I can't- I have a salicylic acid mask on my face- [inaudible gibberish about acne] ANYWAYS! UM! The point that I'm trying to makehere in a serious manner is that I think it's really silly that people make comments-

>-about people's bodies and the way that they make decisions in their life when you don't even know a person? Or know what they do? Know what their situation is or anything? I think it's very silly. I think it honestly comes down to a form of jealousy, a form of-
>-feeling left out. And I understand that. And I am empathetic to that situation but i think people need to be a bit nicer. Er, I think people are very terrible with their voices now and days and-
>-I feel like people have no idea about the word "kindness". Don't get me wrong, I'm a mean ass motherfucker myself but I don't go around just yelling at people about how they look. If you piss me off I'll probably- It'll be bad
>It's so funny to me because I feel like people have no idea about values like "The Self" and…they don't even know how to respect themselves when they speak. 'cuz most of the time when people got something to say about you it's just a projection of themselves-
>-and that's fucking facts! Unfortunately, people who hate watch it'ss because they can't stand themselves. And so thus they spend their time focused on somebody else rather than themselves. You know who I'm talking about.
>If I don't like somebody, if I don't like what someone does, don't like their look, don't like what they wear -anything like that! They just literally do not exist to me anymore! They don't! You don't until you make yourself a problem again in my life and then I have to come over there and punk ya ass out! ((LOLLLL)) Because, again, [[whispers]] I ain't nice!
>I'm kind of a little fucking crazy. But I digress! I think when people do these types of things to like actively put people down it's just a explaination of themselves and where they are in their own lives. And if that-
>-applies to you I think you should take my words…relatively…now! Listen to me! Grow out of it! Grow up! Focus on…real living! You're not even living bro!
>People go their whole lives living, their lives and then at one point will realize "shit I never was fucking living my life" and they're like sixty years old about to fucking die. Like- and then that's it! You're gone from existence forever! Bye!
>I don't know. I'd never spend my one fucking existence being a dick to people. Like, it has nothing to do with money it has everything to do with how you view yourself. If you can't look in the mirror in the morning and tell you "I love you" that's sad. That's where you need to work on shit, not me baby! That's all you!
>Look at this blanket! Look at this blankie! Look at the blankie! Look at that [inaudible noise]

tldr: Moo's mad no one likes her botched body and baboon lips so she has a Sativa-fueled tantrum by herself in her house. She resorts to insults about how poor ~da haturz~ are but then tell them to be nice.

No. 851625

Labeling Mariah a "bimbo" is giving her too much credit. She fails at executing any fetish she uses in her videos and performs at the bare minimum. If things don't go her way, she makes it a "you problem".
This tantrum is embarassing. She doesn't like how simps and ~haturz~ are agreeing on things she never needed to do in the first place. If the issue was her body, she could have exercised and showered and even learned how to wipe her stained ass. These were all simple solutions.
It was always about the money. Despite what she says she isn't educated. She isn't well liked in her own community. Men and women are paid to fuck her and provide for her things she could learn to do herself. I still believe if she had a legit circle that told her "no" once in a while she would work on her damage but unfortunately she just hires brain dead rentals as friends to keep her company.

No. 851626

File: 1630559090459.jpg (217.35 KB, 1050x1883, Screenshot_20210902-010255_Ins…)

Looking good moo

No. 851633

I don't think i'll ever get over how awful those band tattoos look. I really hope she goes through with her plan to get more of them and her cheese tattoos

No. 851634

File: 1630563125683.jpeg (209.76 KB, 507x622, 7EC3E15E-ED60-4C14-9B03-F9879A…)

>I’ve never spent my life being a dick to people.
Oh, Mooriah. Never change.

No. 851635

I’m sure the people she bullied in high school beg to differ with her statement lol. Mariah has never stopped being a massive narcissistic cunt.

I’m in the party of hoping OF drops another bomb on SWs at some point soon because seeing Moo flounder and panic with half-baked schemes was certainly satisfying for that brief time. We all know she learned absolutely nothing from it.

No. 851637


She literally has no relevancy and if it wasn’t for her nudes/lewds and notorious reputation, no one would know who she even is. Literally she has zero to contribute to the world in any fucking way. She’s just damaging this world by being in it and not bettering it at all, just serving herself and her lifestyle, selfish cunt.

No. 851638

>reading “compression”
fucking perfect

No. 851641

Mariah calling people out for projecting, I… I’m getting dizzy trying to count the layers of irony in what she’s saying.

No. 851644


People who 'don't give a fuck' don't feel the need to go on a weird ass splurg about it, Moo.

No. 851650

I don't understand how this kind of shit doesn't affect her financially.

Shut up moo. Just continue to spread that filthy asscrack. It's all people care about when it comes to you.

No. 851652

File: 1630581234584.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.18 MB, 4912x7360, 5E783E61-33A3-4D7D-8274-1C1107…)

Still reading old threads for the sake of curing my boredom and this reminded me of this.

No. 851659

File: 1630585246433.jpeg (154.93 KB, 643x423, 3BA4F443-8613-43D7-8CF9-FA1744…)

Fucking Kek man.

No. 851664

I don't think her simps care about her enough to see view her stories.

No. 851665

Being alone is really starting to affect her, huh.

No. 851667

She deleted her rants LOL

No. 851668

Did she fart?

No. 851680

Yeahhh “unbothered” isn’t in her range of emotions. Bitch has to pay for sex… that’s pathetic. She’s extremely perturbed!!!

No. 851681

Wow… she's uhh peak insane right now.
Mariah, if you don't acknowledge people you are against.. why the sperging? You could, I don't know, just ignore the hate?
And what low level IQ thinks people die at 60? I mean she will because of obesity, but most of us take care of our health.
Fuck Mariah, why not just tell people you lurk lolcow still. Such an unbothered boss bitch. Kek
No, for real keep eating your feelings, maybe you might feel better one day.

No. 851682


No, you retard, it's just because you are so utterly, utterly unlikeable. It's fun to watch someone make such a fucking fool of themselves and so publicly. You have no clue just how classless and foolish you are and that's what makes you the perfect cow.

No. 851684


And the Ching Chong incident and her fake ass apologies and her …. Aw hell my favorite was her stupid virtue signaling after the Vegas shooting and then how long it took her to actually donate to charity.

No. 851685

She must have also forgotten her multiple rants and bullying of Janet, KBBQ, and Nanabear. She spent a long ass time being a dick to them. And sexually assaulting and harassing a bunch of people is being a dick. We could make a whole book on how many times she was a dick to people.

No. 851686

I don't understand her. She's a weeb and made it clear she supported japanese beauty standards but she turned into an inflated balloon? She keeps doing "cute" and highschool girls photoshoots but with a busted face like this it just doesn't work. Idk what she's aiming for.

No. 851687

Can't forget when she told people with depression to get over it and Mica Burton called her out for being a toxic piece of shit.

No. 851689

File: 1630600386916.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 3A6BDCD1-24AD-454F-854C-5D7167…)

Of course this idiot deleted everything from last night. Once the high wears off, her chicken shit ass goes back on everything she’s said. Such a bad bitch right? At least have the conviction to stand by your dumbass rants. Mariah certainly puts the “cow” in coward.

No. 851690

Of course she gives cares what people think, someone who "doesn't give a fuck" wouldn't need to rant to thousands of people stating that. This cow is delusional.

No. 851693

>People go their whole lives living, their lives and then at one point will realize "shit I never was fucking living my life" and they're like sixty years old about to fucking die. Like- and then that's it! You're gone from existence forever! Bye!

i cant stop laughing. talk about a projecting fat bitch. the only person who should be worried about dying at 60 is you mariah, maybe consider that at your next buffet visit. stay mad, never change, etc.

No. 851697

compulsive eating is a hell of a drug

No. 851722

No. 851728

I love how she gave up on shooping her fupa and crotch into something appealing and blurred it out entirely instead.

No. 851729

lol her feet in those heels.. that plastic is keeping them held in for dear life

No. 851730

I was gunna say, 60 is pretty young now a days. But Moo is in denial if she thinks she will even make it to 60. Girl is 300 pounds but her organs may as well be in a 400 pound body with all that lipo so got

No. 851737

damn she's hot why she's a lolcow?(scrote)

No. 851738

guess the coke ran out

No. 851742

This is the first time in a while she’s seemed like she’s legit on some kind of substance besides weed. She’s tripping over her words like crazy and huffing for air. Glad you recorded this one, the money flexing is going to come back to bite her in the hank hill ass I’m sure.

No. 851752

File: 1630622864935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.22 KB, 545x728, kfU2srK.jpg)

No. 851753

File: 1630622961694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.98 KB, 3840x2560, qWdQprJ.jpg)

No. 851754

File: 1630623073240.jpg (Spoiler Image, 621.83 KB, 3840x2560, xU2my8z.jpg)

No. 851757

File: 1630623141510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 3840x5761, xVzftKR.jpg)

>spends money on nose job
>still shoops nose

No. 851758

File: 1630623154102.gif (36.43 KB, 275x204, 1512418876632.gif)

You can see her stockings struggling to hold back all that heavy cottage cheese in her thighs like dams that are about to break.

No. 851759

her skin is disgusting. never seen anyone quite as repulsive.

No. 851760

File: 1630623277213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 3840x5760, CxZhAIw.jpg)

No. 851763

Now anons, Moo is a mean motherfucker and a not so nice lady who has a 24 step skin routine!! And she works out!! How dare you!!

No. 851764

And we’re all just jelly of her cause we have no lives lol

No. 851765

Those shoes are horrendous. She looks like she’s standing on shot glasses kek

No. 851766

her feet are so fat that not even stripper heels can contain them

No. 851768

File: 1630624802408.png (262.35 KB, 1280x139, 6BA8F185-C29B-41F1-A21F-0C8672…)

This is the cheap spandex suit rant of 2021.

No. 851769

She has to be editing these herself because they all look like shit.

No. 851771

I love re-reading this now and seeing how she ended up lol. It’s cathartic really. She’s nothing, a nobody in the community and reduced to selling cheap phone photos of her asshole on the internet for more than what she thinks she’s worth because nobody takes her seriously as a “model”. I fully expect more of these late night meltdowns as she continues to mutilate her body. The irony will never dawn on her lol

No. 851774

Unlike Square, Martin doesn't edit fake body parts and paint them in. He just does the ugly skin blurring. I think cuck stopped working with her? No one is going to give you a fake ass anymore, moo. Do it. Get that botched BBL.

No. 851784

it's almost as satisfying as going back to her old comments from just a couple years ago about how she "doesn't have to take her clothes off to make money"

No. 851786

And now not only does she take off her clothes, but spreads her asscheeks. She's worse than the ones who she complained about.

No. 851787


God, her skin is so gross looking. She looks like a bloated corpse.

No. 851788


the sloppy editing between her legs to give her a fake thigh gap is sending my sides in to orbit. >>851752 shows she has no thigh gap

No. 851791

File: 1630631863973.jpg (231.74 KB, 1225x1182, 1630623141510.jpg)

It's her mouth that gets to me. Truly looking like a demon, good job

No. 851792

someone here mentioned she looks like a big mouth character and i cannot unsee it

No. 851794

That was me and I stand by it! I can never unsee it either.

The fact she has to wear those stupid safety pin earrings with EVERY outfit is annoying AF.

No. 851800

File: 1630636394796.png (116 KB, 192x348, bigmoo.PNG)

No. 851801


I dunno, looks like he edited in that thigh gap pretty hard.

No. 851802

Did she for real keep the hair net on the wig? Jesus hell I never noticed it till now. Nothing ever changes with her

No. 851803

File: 1630638218278.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 752.55 KB, 1242x1686, BDD39FE1-335E-47CA-A5CC-14DCCE…)

Exactly. He literally erased a good chunk of her thighs, he’s just as bad as Squarecuck at editing. He couldn’t even edit her a convincing asscrack but I guess that would be a feat for any editor considering the stains, hair and acne she had there to begin with.

No. 851804

Dear god she needs to get squarecuck back in this bitch. This new photographer is not doing her or us any more favors than square was dear god this is horrendous. Man went hard on that blur/burn tool from her crotch to her thighs. Also her foot literally looks like a belly with how much is hanging over the top of the plastic

No. 851805

Square will never go back, she’s burned that bridge as she does with everything else. She demands loyalty like she’s some sort of crime boss, but doesn’t return it. Square was literally her lap dog and she ruined it like she did with Vamp.

No. 851806

File: 1630639187697.png (398.5 KB, 360x653, bigheadmoo.png)


Her head fits way too perfectly on there lmao

No. 851807

File: 1630639420313.png (187.02 KB, 335x383, twinsies.png)

No. 851808

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Square admit he didn't like Momo years ago? So he had to deal with someone he hated for years and fake a friendship. I don't feel bad for him however. He choose money over his sainty.

But I'm curious what was the breaking point for him? What did Moo do?

Hahaha! omg no way! I had forgotten

No. 851809


I smell a new cosplay.

No. 851810

Probably tried to have sex with him like she does with every guy that wants nothing to do with her stank vag and grandma tits.

It could also have been the smell of her that drives people away. She's pushing if not already at 300+lbs and wears little to no clothing around dudes while wearing sweatpants and sweaters/hoodies in the heat. She doesn't like to bathe either. Money can buy a lot of things but it can't get rid of your sense of smell.

No. 851813

Yeah, he was dating Miso Tokki at the time and she was already far up Moo’s ass so I’m sure he had to shut up. But the lure of money and gifts probably is what turned him into her personal pet monkey (he was literally setting up/taking down her booth at Lvl Up alone too)
I still think him making that agency is what did in their relationship. I wonder how many of the girls he was representing were uncomfortable with Moo being part of it until she was removed from their promo posts.

No. 851814

It might have just been the fact that he was working with other women besides moo and her little groupie that did it for her. Hell the fact he was wanting and actively working with other women is probably what set her off and told him to leave and never come back. She had him under her foot for so long that I’m sure she thought of herself as his one and only lovers or best friends. So the fact he was willing to photograph other half naked or fully naked women without her consent? Doing it full time instead of taking care of all her photos full time? Yea not gonna fly by her. It’s either cater to her or get tf out and cuck was smart enough to take that and leave after years of slave work.

No. 851815

what’s the point of the tail if it’s just gonna dangle there so lifelessly? add some wire in it to make it posable or something, jesus moo.

No. 851817

File: 1630642939016.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, E6C66FE1-531D-486E-A0DB-D8C168…)

Wondering if another night sperge is imminent.

No. 851822

her thigh is fading out of existence

No. 851825

Momokun has always been a lolcow, but I always assumed a lot of it was jealousy from people.

That unhinged coke-fueled rant full of flexing really nailed how fucking awful of a person she is. What a stupid evil cunt. Can't wait until she loses her money.

No. 851826

Go ahead and read her past threads any time now

No. 851827

File: 1630647637380.gif (287.42 KB, 220x220, GOIMJyd.gif)

No. 851828

I often wonder why anyone would assume people are jealous of her. Genuinely. What does she have going for her that warrants jealousy? She's ugly and fat and even when she was smaller and hadn't fucked up her face with fillers she was painfully average looking. She's undeniably stupid and an obnoxious tryhard that has no discernable talent or skill, nor a real personality of her own. She's rude and egotistical and has no genuine fulfilling interpersonal relationships. She's a liar, and not even a good one, and she's just downright unlikable and difficult to be around. What's there to be envious of? Money? Who gives a shit? Obviously she does because, as evidenced by her rant yesterday, she thinks it makes her better than everyone else and makes up for her lacking in every other department. But one way or another she's likely not going to be a millionaire forever, but will remain as ugly, mean, and unlikable as she always has been. Now going forward with a ruined face/body and permanently tarnished reputation. She has over a hundred threads for a reason, so feel free to take a look and see the myriad of valid reasons she's a disgusting and pitiful piece of shit. I see absolutely zero reason to ever be jealous of a person like Mariah.

No. 851830

When Moo goes on her rants it looks like she's trying to convince herself. It seems like she's been high ever since high school to cope with her shit reality. When she realized only fans was cutting off her life style she started to panic because her only skill was spreading her asshole and hoping someone could edit in a new body for her. She lives to eat and get high. That's about it

No. 851831

She earns tons of money for doing almost nothing. Makes me a bit jealous.

No. 851833

There’s no sense of accomplishment or pride in that it’s like using cheat codes to give infinite currency in a game. It must get stale tbh.

No. 851835

Her being financially comfortable is enviable. Literally everything else about her is not. Thing is, there are plenty of rich people out there to envy who aren't such public disasters. There are so many ways she could have improved her life or the lives of others, instead she insists on plastic surgery and burning money on projects like her studio. But I'm not losing sleep at night because a terrible person is rich. There are plenty of terrible rich people out there. It's just wild that she refuses to grow or change.

No. 851839

I genuinely believe the only people jealous of her are the people she stole from and profited off of

Lots of small creators she was "friends" with who never got their careers Kickstarted because of her are probably jealous of her wealth at least

No. 851840

This. If someone was making thousands off my ideas because they're privileged and wealthy I'd be pretty pissed and jealous
Especially when she always does such a lazy tasteless job

No. 851848

I get the envy. She's raking in cash with the lowest amount of effort. Like serious cash, and in this day and age people don't care about how you obtained that money.
I still don't envy HER. She proves every week with her meltdowns that she is a toxic, emotionally unstable bitch. You have to be a desperate parasite to even deal with her bullshit.
I do enjoy how all this money has given her quick access to fuck up her appearance. We've all seen how she looks without the hours of photoshop. She's busted as fuck.

No. 851852

you guys need to get your heads on straight. moo is upper middle class at best. never forget moo lives in nevada which has an extremely low cost of living so her money stretches much farther than if she lived in a nice area. plus she spends her money poorly and pours time into these shitty schemes.

No. 851857

That’s not technically true anymore as housing prices here have been extremely high lately (thanks to Covid most likely) not to mention she lives in the wealthier side of town in a McMansion.

I don’t know about living life in the “upper middle class” since I’m a poor fuck but I doubt as many people in that bracket take as many vacations as she does or blows over $30k on an impromptu trip to NY for a nose job. Earlier this year alone, in the span of about two months, she was hopping between Hawaii, Oregon, California and Arizona asides from NY for procedures and just generally fucking around for the sake of being a lazy asshole.

In the end, she makes an obscene amount from OF and I agree with other anons, she’s not worth being envious over because her wealth came from trading her dignity/reputation (not that she had much to begin with lol) I’d rather be poor and unknown than be an obnoxious, botched sexual predator mocked by everyone on the internet.

No. 851858

housing prices aren't affecting the overall cost of living, it's just a small bubble from corona. and no, moo doesn't really make all that much if you are talking real money, probably just more than most of the people you know. let's not pretend moo has a private jet or maids or multiple bmws or anything. she lives the life of a trust fund baby if anything. girls with daddy's money live moo's life without even spreading their legs. moo could be like those instababies who take selfies in barcelona but instead she goes to hawaii to eat cheap meat and roll around on the beach like a whale. anyway my point is that you and a lot of anons have a very skewed perception of wealth, and the fact that she probably pays 30% less for her cost of living than any anons living in big cities makes her look like she's spending a lot more daily.

No. 851859

Genuinely what is this face? What expression is this supposed to be? Nonnies have said it looks like a blowup sex doll and I fully agree but that cannot possibly be what she was going for, can it? She's posted this photo so many times already and every time it just confuses me more.

No. 851869

Exactly this. I wouldn't call Moo "Rich". She can never be rich because she's always so stupid with her money. Most normies live more posh life styles, have better clothes, comes, furniture and live better lives. Moo puts her money in the dumest shit I've ever seen. The constant plastic surgeries, the scams. If someone told me I could make 20k a month but all of it had to go to plastic surgery I would pass

No. 851872

>I may not have a perfect body
Lol. Shit, man. This hits hard looking at current photos of her.

No. 851876


I'm rather late to the game. How did she make so much money anyway?

No. 851877

Please lurk

No. 851882

File: 1630691009051.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 5E557B82-9E00-4520-9A72-2971D3…)

Funny you should mention maids…

No. 851887

This should be just a normal toilet but ever since Moo admitted she can't wipe well and loves Japanese style toilets for that reason brings a new horror to this image. Would explain why her ass crack looks septic in pictures

No. 851889

Why would she even need maids? Her house is mostly empty.

No. 851890

Before the maids her house was pretty filthy. Moo will find a way. I guess she needed them since none of her friends were willing to clean after her anymore.

She can't clean, brush her hair or wipe herself. She really is like a toddler

No. 851891

True but with the amount of cats she has that place is probably littered with cat hair, piss and dust. And it’s not like Moo will lift a finger to clean/vacuum it all away. I’m actually surprised she’s paying for a service instead of forcing her mom to do it for her for free lol

No. 851892

Square was approaching girls asking for 20-30% of their OnlyFans income to manage them while OnlyFans already takes 20%. IDK how much he was asking for her. Rumors went around he’d send out content and forget to do PPV pricing. For that much money, making mess ups like that, it’s understandable to quit working with his agency. A LOT of girls left pretty quick.

No. 851893

And where'd you apparently get this info? You gotta give receipts or something, anon. If that was the case, I'm pretty sure farmers would've got wind of that already. His Vegas scene is small, so how'd you hear that?

No. 851898

I’m curious about where they got that info too. The IG hasn’t updated since March with most of the posts removed since I last saw it and the website is broken.

Are you >>851073 from upthread that wouldn’t divulge how they knew why her and Kevin split?
You guys really need to stop posting vague shit without evidence to back up your claims.

No. 851899

But it still doesn’t fully explain why he stayed with her so long. If he was really snatching up moo’s money that fast I’m sure she would have dropped his ass quicker

No. 851900

Free rent, vacations, gifts and cold hard cash does something to people. But I guess he got tired of being completely supported by Moo.

No. 851901

Sorry some ppl don’t want to get in legal trouble bc of skeptic anons.

No. 851902

what legal trouble? you're on an anon board. Unless you're gunna say you just so happen to be in the inner circle or one of the girls he contracted

No. 851903

It's a flex to make it sound like she's rich enough to afford exclusive maids. But you can hire someone to come in every other week to clean your house for like $150.

No. 851904

Are you new to these threads? Anons get shouted down all the time for not providing proof to back their claims, otherwise whatever you post that isn’t backed with some kind of evidence is considered hearsay. If you’re worried about being identified by divulging too much sensitive info, maybe don’t post it? I’d rather us not get into another debacle like the escort gossip rumors.

No. 851905

You can't take anyone to court because someone screencapped your DMs and gossiped about them online or else the entire internet would have been nuked one thousand times over by now. Post proof or gtfo.

No. 851907

So you don't have proof, shut up and go away.

No. 851934


Reminds me of Rachel Hollis basically calling her cleaning lady "the woman who cleans her toilets" which prompted someone to call her privileged af, to which she went on a rant admitting she is and saying "what makes you think I wanted to be relatable?" and got backlash because she made her entire identity about being relatable lol

Moo's just not even trying to be relatable though, she's rubbing it in everyone's faces that she has so much money because 1) she thinks that's all there is to life, and 2) that's literally all she has to boast about. Not anything else, just money.

Maybe if she can learn to actually wipe her ass like a proper human being, she can use her money as toilet paper since she apparently has so much that she can "drop a down payment for a house" on her teeth. Having money isn't exactly a good excuse for being a disgusting human being… but I guess that's her only real talent when you take away the cash.

No. 851935

My boss has a maid service. It's not that big of a deal. She's a lawyer.

I don't understand the envy when you've seen her spread her disgusting asshole for that money. It's a really pathetic life. I mean, some sex workers really make it look nice like luxurious vacations and beautiful clothes, but Moo is some fat ass who shuffles herself around pretending to be posh.

No. 851937

File: 1630732655364.jpg (457.21 KB, 1080x1983, Screenshot_20210903-221550_Ins…)

Not exactly proof but he runs the management for OF with Annjelife or whatever the fuck her name is

Because it HAS been talked about in circles she took over as the face of the company cause it doesn't seem skeevy being scammed by another girl

No. 851938

File: 1630732850174.jpg (675.31 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20210903-221841_Ins…)

I understand anons wanting proof but this isn't exactly a scandal or drama, sure it's shitty they charge an extra 20-30% but it's not like a secret "only the inner circle" knows about it
Just a simple search on Instagram shows it

No. 851940

don't worry anon I used to run in the same circles as square and the girls he "managed" and unfortunately know what you're saying is true. I haven't posted anything about it here because I didn't want to potentially out myself so thank you for being the brave one.

No. 851942

I was wondering what the context of this was, bitch looks like she's pregnant with that pose from my mobile but at least

Then I saw the tags. These dudes don't know how to photograph ""models "" at all what scam

No. 851955

Again. Stfu and post actual proof, not stuff anons can look up on instagram themselves. None of this proves anything, especially the 30% anons was saying. No one cares if you know people he knows. If you have nothing to back it up but hearsay, get off the thread.

No. 851959

Don’t most management companies charge like 10% of what someone earns? It’s kind of shitty to charge such a huge price when you’re not doing anything that worth it.

No. 851962

>I don't understand the envy
Exactly. Look at what she had to sacrifice to make that money. She'll never be respected by anyone, including her family. Will always have to pay for friends and sex, or she'll be alone forever because of how repulsive she is. She'll never get back her old looks either because of how far she's botched herself. She'll never be able to afford the upkeep of her veneers once her money runs out, and it will because she spends it all. Her normal teeth are now screwed for life.

She's becoming more obese, bitter, delusional, manic, lonely, and repulsive with each dollar that goes into her account. And all of her riches are based on fleeting interest and websites that allow it. There is no stability there. What is there to envy?

You and the other anon "afraid to out themselves" are just as cowardly as Mariah. You want to talk shit but won't grow a spine. If things are as bad as you two are saying then that's more reason to speak up and stand by your words.

No. 851967

>posts vague, unsubstantiated claims and refuses to give sources/evidence to back it up out of fear.
So brave!

That sperge she made about her teeth costing the equivalent of a down payment on a house is going to become even more hilarious when she eventually won’t be able to maintain them.

No. 851968

Whenever I see her teeth they remind me of Biden's.

Moo must have moments of clarity. I'm guessing that's where the spergs come from and saying things like she regrets the teeth and dissolves lip fillers. Her manic posts are so bizarre. She talks about how she's awesome, it's none of your business then proceeds to tell everyone of her regrets. The amount of cope she has must be overwhelming.

No. 851969


It might be the red cloth to the left of her abdomen giving the illusion, the pose being unflattering, or her having more of a square torso.

No. 851970


Sorry, responded to wrong person! I meant >>851938

No. 851971


Wait I'm an idiot I had it right the first time. I'm going to bed.

No. 851989

Pretty sure myself and other anons just said she's a shit person who has nothing enviable about her but how little she has to work for her income. Envy is about material, physical things. No one is stating that they are jealous and want to be Moo.
Most people aren't so desperate to sell themselves for the sake of their takeout budget, liposuction and tacky marble mcmansion.
She has more than enough money to hire someone to manage her investments. The same kind of person who would tell her not to throw her money into a studio during a pandemic as a known predator in her target demo. Oh well.

No. 851993

It's the three distinct pairs of lashes and the lack of sock tape for me.

No. 851997

File: 1630820875126.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, 4DAD8ADD-3CA1-4FC3-B6DE-BFF0C6…)

Moo was at First Friday last night. How much do you want to bet she bought this purely because it reminds her of her precious VN.

No. 851998

File: 1630821107078.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2208, 690E4C5F-73FC-4C9E-BB32-D61CD4…)

Except you never even attempted to “make things right” with everyone you’ve hurt. My god, she sees this stupid shit constantly and convinces herself that she’s done no wrong, ever.

No. 852002

File: 1630826571871.png (2.12 MB, 1242x2208, BB45E6CF-FE94-46BC-95A1-9B237B…)

No. 852004

File: 1630828491408.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1329, 26BEE657-242A-4B08-8DB6-C325AE…)

Interesting… How hard are those filters working, I wonder.

No. 852006

Those are two different eras dipshit they're not comparable

No. 852009

She spent roughly $1000 on an unusable meme mouse pad.

No. 852013

So she also knows nothing about art, how shocking. That is ugly as shit. Imagine having to explain that being on your wall every time someone comes to your house.

No. 852017

>he runs the management for OF with Annjelife or whatever the fuck her name is

I mean yeah, they've been dating for close to a year now I think?
It doesn't seem immediately sus that someone is running their business with their SO.

No. 852022

I interpret this painting of every guy she’s put moves on who would rather kill themselves than date her. Kek

No. 852023

She's looked like absolute shit in every era, just in different ways, not just her weight, tbh.

No. 852027

Covid is the best thing that happened to Moo. She became full blown catfish

No. 852034

For as much moo moos about working out, her shoulders are weak as fuck and slope so bad. She has no shoulder shape except linebacker. She should focus on that shit instead of her waist.

No. 852036

it's funnier when you realize she's using slimming apps, goes to inta and still uses a filter. I love seeing candids of Moo because it shows she's morbidly obese

No. 852038

she also leans wayyyy forwards, it was hilarious in those rant videos when she'd step back & stand up straight for a second and you could see how massive her body really is compared to her head

No. 852050

File: 1630892632313.jpeg (868.16 KB, 1242x2086, B84C92D8-2A92-45E2-B13E-81B378…)

Moo’s performative action for the month.
>a woman’s body is her own fuckin’ business
That is unless Mariah feels like getting handsy with people she doesn’t know.

No. 852052

File: 1630895855213.jpg (61.48 KB, 489x873, JrtalOk.jpg)

she was posting alot about cars on her second account. recent crush must be a gearhead

can't wait for car moosplaining

No. 852053

bets on her dropping a shit ton of cash on a project car then does nothing with it?

No. 852054

She already has a bunch of cars so why not

No. 852055

Lol, no fucking way in hell she fits into the front seat of an RX-7. You know photoshop doesn't make you thinner in real life, right Moo?

No. 852056

She must be watching the Initial-D anime.

No. 852057

I doubt she has the attention span for Initial D

No. 852058

kek I never seen a cow so desperate to be "one of the boys" and a total pick me yet have no takers. How long do you think it will be before she starts claiming "Well actually I worked professionally in a garage before for 15 years. Here's a picture to prove it" then pull out her awful Cindy cosplay shoot to "prove it".

No. 852059

There’s that and how will she manage to shoehorn her “bodybuilder dad, who taught her everything about diet and exercise” into this new obsession? She’ll probably bullshit something about working on cars with him as a teen (at the time she was screeching about her mom on twitter for not getting her a mustang on her birthday lol)

No. 852064

I was going to say that she probably has takers within her scrote community that would be on their hands and knees for her but given how she let the triforce escort slap her in the face without warning and how he made her suck his pudgy thumb…Even irl she would be on her hands and knees for any shred of male attention, be it scrote or normie, they might play nice for a while and go along with her tantrums but soon enough she would be their lap dogs. She desperately wants a sex slave and it shows + her one true love is money so she'll exploit that for sure.

No. 852071

Probably shouldn't talk shit and preach like some queen that doesn't take shit from your haters when your face looks like it was smeared in shit.

No. 852076

She's botched from fillers, not surgery. She could fix this if she really wanted to she would just need to dissolve the stupid amounts of filler that had migrated. Then she can reevaluate. Personally I think a lip lift and lower blepharoplasty would look better than the filler and shoop she is doing now, she never needed the nose job and her teeth were fine. I think it is possible her eye bags look worse because of filler migration. It is a shame because I don't think she ever had an ugly face to begin with.

Mimikun. Mamakun. There.


No. 852079

Shes 100% botched from both fillers AND surgery, tf are you on? Her body is a disproportionate train wreck because of lipo, and we can add her nose to the casualties list now too. Even if she got all of her filler dissolved it wouldn’t change how botched her body proportions have become.

No. 852102

Its embarassing how bad this is

No. 852103

she spent how much? Why?

No. 852145

Does Moo have a business license? Or is this business listed under Eminence Management?

No. 852149

I literally gasped at how bad her "ass" looks, why would she ever post this

No. 852150

They're just getting used to seeing it now, it's not fixable

No. 852157

Because she's da real life Pochaco, anon!!!! I can't wait for her to trot out her toilet paper headphones again.

No. 852158

File: 1630992677274.jpg (162.63 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20210907-012819_Ins…)

Looking massive and it looks like she had a pipe in her hand.

No. 852160

Man, remember when she used to draw? That feels like it was eons ago already.

No. 852173

Wearing huge black sweat clothes in the beginning of fall in Vegas (which is basically still summer) lmao nice.
Ik ur dying under there moo

No. 852177

Maybe it's a weird "look at all the air conditioning I have access to" flex, because she doesn't know how to exist without flexing. Or more likely she's living in compression garments.
That pipe? Made of diamonds and worth a down payment on the moon. That weed? A special weed grown in space that her boy Elon also smokes. We're all so empty we just need to see Mariah spend money ostentatiously. It's the only thing that brings me joy anymore.

No. 852179

She won't do that, she's just chasing after new dick that doesn't care for her.
She will now.
Even if she is..she has to hide her work done to pretend working out is helping.

No. 852206

File: 1631043472869.jpeg (980.19 KB, 1242x2204, BFF3ADA9-9C23-4F6A-8EEE-FB8AD3…)

Is that a pipe though? It looks like a pickle to me. I know we keep underestimating her level of intelligence but she can't be that dumb to smoke a pipe at the gym right? Right?

In other news, at least one reptile is still alive.

No. 852207

Hey look at that, she's lurking again.

No. 852211

someone lurked, ran to the pet store and bought a new gecko
Haha but really, I wonder if this is even the same one. Should be easy to confirm since this lil guy has some unique spotting on his back. And I don't remember them having it when she first got it

No. 852224

A lot of people smoke before they work out. They claim it helps them concentrate and relaxes them. So I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 852225

“This flab I keep trying to get sucked out? Enough to make all the soap you’ll ever need. This poor judgment? Enough to get you raped and murdered in a back alley aged 15. My enlarged organs? Enough to make all of Walmart’s own brand hotdogs. I’m better than you.”

No. 852226

She fancies herself as a bodybuilder, and from what I’ve seen in online forums, some real bodybuilders say particular strains do help. Because she’s virtually an IFBB Pro, you guys!

No. 852234

having AC is a weird flex. Everyone has AC. She's about to flex on a bowl of oatmeal soon

No. 852235

File: 1631061529205.jpg (26.64 KB, 500x373, b8912096882b8c7bbda55dd80347de…)

I'm sorry but whenever Momo talks about weight lifting or working out this is all I can see

No. 852241

reptile sperge, but the gecko's spine shows signs of the beginning of mbd. Also soaking a gecko before they shed makes no sense. You would soak one after they shed if there's any skin stuck left over that needs to come off. She probably forgot she had a lizard and is neglecting it.

No. 852246


Could just be the angle, but his tail doesn't look fat enough to be healthy :/

No. 852249

It's not healthy anon.

No. 852268

File: 1631085384588.png (566.41 KB, 361x596, b4bf0060f_82a6_50.png)

>Is that a pipe though? It looks like a pickle to me.
could be both

No. 852271

File: 1631085816705.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, 436DE3E7-6250-48F7-8B5E-1AEFA7…)

I can’t get over how bad her nose looks and she’s still filtering the shit out of it despite saying she wouldn’t have to after the surgery anymore. The anons that said she hee hee’d herself were right lol

No. 852274

I've really got to wonder, assuming she gets matches on tinder, what the guy says/thinks when they see the reality of what she truly looks like

No. 852275

This picture is unironically disturbing. All of the filters combined with her poor choice of surgery makes her look like a person wearing a mask. Creepy

No. 852276

Tbh with the way she showcases her life, how does she have any time to give her reptiles or any pets proper care? She's always in her shitty new studio and dining out, No way anyone believes these animals are in good hands. Unless Umbran takes care of them.. This fucking bitch.

No. 852277

Her tiktok has vanished, any info?

No. 852278

Maybe she got tired of getting her shit kicked in and laughed at? Seems a lot of the platform called her out repeatedly and well she couldn’t clap back? I dunno just a thought that she deleted it herself. Either that or she went an posted her “lewds”

No. 852280

File: 1631095948873.jpeg (207.18 KB, 450x550, 8644D0AB-66ED-44B0-8487-8C3E16…)

Hee hee

No. 852281

Never checked it out, but could she have broken ToS?

No. 852286

File: 1631102963688.jpeg (86.64 KB, 1284x503, 8CDD6C64-F9D2-469A-AA2D-130CAA…)

She got banned. How embarrassing
for her but I’m glad she finally got her comeuppance. She was literally posting her porn on the app to keep up the “‘mommy” persona and letting a bunch of young teen boys salivate over her.

No. 852287

I thought I found an alt of hers, but I'm %100 certain its just another account pretending to be her, which I'll never understand. Of all people, why someone with such a shit rep

No. 852288

with every account she loses she slips further into obscurity

No. 852289

The only Tiktoks about her that exist are the ones about all the shitty things she’s done. Lol what a legacy.

No. 852292

i never thought i'd say this but michael looks better

No. 852301

People just do it mainly to troll. Every "celebrity" has a pretender, even her.
If only she'd lose her instagram again next.
It's truly amazing lmao, lets see how she spins the narrative.

No. 852303

she did break terms of service a lot on tik tok. Fetish tik toks, her basically naked and she was flirting with a lot of teenagers, I think in one deleted video she was plugging her only fans. Ya know, on a platform full of kids.

No. 852306

Honestly her insta is next. This hasn't been her year. Her paetron was deleted, now her tik tok. She can't be plugging extreme fetish porn on non porn sites.
The cherry on top is if onlyfans goes through with it's plans and commits Seppuku.
And when that happens I hope people tell her "Well Momo, I thought you said you made money from your cosplays, not porn?"

No. 852308

Inb4 lawyers are on it

No. 852312

Inb4 she finds the developers of tiktok and is making her own version called peachytoc.co or something

No. 852318

File: 1631118959926.jpg (538.31 KB, 646x993, Screenshot_2021-09-08-19-30-28…)

I might be blind or maybe overfilled lips are supposed to look like this, but to me personally it looks like she is over lining her top lip a lot?
Sorry for nitpick

No. 852327

Took them long enough. I’m fully anticipating another series of manic IG stories as her reach on other platforms are dwindling. She’s barely touched her twitter even besides sharing stupid Demon Slayer posts. She has to know on some level if she starts to make noise on that account, she’ll get “cancelled” again.
Her “studio” account hasn’t updated since August 25th and as anticipated, it’s only her and that Akemi101 person using it.

No. 852330

She's feeling insecure because she had to remove some filler cuz even her pay pigs were disgusted with how over filled they were. So yeah, over lining

No. 852331

File: 1631121946483.jpeg (78.76 KB, 1200x680, 21632299-88B7-43BB-BD1A-A8088D…)

Reminds me of odo

No. 852332

I feel like she doesn't like the twitter account because she can't handle being irrelevant. Her "art" twitter is foreshadowing to her future of no one giving a shit about her. That and she uses the twitter to see who's talking shit about her.
As for the studio, of course. I don't know what she was expecting. The way she handled it was just so shitty. She just bought the cheapest, sketchy building and made it impossible for the public to use it. She needs a plan B but she was more focused on her studio being another ego boost instead of a successful business. She didn't even employ anyone for it. No sign up front, no public advertisement. Just "You have to contact me through insta and I'm ignoring all of you because you people expect me to work? Fuck you"

The funny part is, if only fans decides to kick her that building, along with every other impulse buy is going to bleed her dry so fast.

No. 852339

File: 1631124462868.jpeg (94.18 KB, 500x752, AE4F34DA-29BD-4FEE-A551-4D961D…)

She made herself look like fat Park Bom.

No. 852341

Even with OF the studio is a money sink. If she wants it to function at all, she will have to hire and or pay people. It's not something she can get around. If no one ever actually uses it but her, it will be a glorified storage unit.

I don't know why she didn't test this concept with an in home mini studio to see if that was something she was even capable of. She could still be exclusive and use that and use that as an excuse to get cosplayers to her house, and then if that's a successful model, scale it up to a commercial building. But that would like, make sense.

Surprised it took so long with tiktok. I think it was like a year ago (idek?) that anons started mentioning her account, and I said something like "how is this not an attempt expose her porn and body minors at best, if not straight up grooming?" I'm glad the zoomers woke up.

No. 852343

File: 1631127222405.jpeg (195.11 KB, 680x2606, 1618892814-1.jpeg)

Anon how fucking dare you even botched Park Bom is pretty, her issue was weight gained and PS not terrible genes. Even now though she looks way better. Moo looks like Big Ang and Bishojomom had an obese tard baby and force fed her foie gras style.

No. 852345

Not true. It's more a western US luxury.

No. 852346

Well here’s the thing- she made her house look like a hotel lobby a studio setup there would be great if you wanted to do ancient greece or something but not anything requiring, ya know, carpet (the fact she uses bath mats as carpet for her bedroom slays me). Also even if you were a naive clout chasing new cosplayer the rumors of moos assault and abuse still has to be considered. Would anyone in their right minds go to her house and change costumes? The studio is a dumb flex and about as successful as we have predicted (it isn’t won’t be and never will be) and since her “cosplay” career started out by her trying to show up vamps and getting lucky she thinks she can do it again and be taken seriously. She should just go back to clawing at her nappy dugout and let it go.

No. 852347

Calm down nonnie. I was a massive kpop fan over a decade ago I know damn well about her PS and weight gain.

No. 852351


That just makes me so sad :(

No. 852353

Don’t besmirch poor Bom this way. She has actual talent and has a thriving career while Mariah… doesn’t and will never

No. 852359

File: 1631135597042.jpeg (37.3 KB, 700x700, 2516_red-eye-glass-pickle-hand…)

Probably something like this but a one hitter since it's small.

No. 852362

Every thread, every single fuckin thread some anon who hasn't backread posts this image of Park Bom comparing her to Moo like anon is the very first person to ever think of it. We get it, Bom is botched and Moo is botched, it's an old meme a la kikforfat.

No. 852368

She still has her hangers on come over for game nights or whatever, so she does still have people willing to go to her house. She said she was going to do a friends only soft opening anyway. If she wasn't cheap as fuck about the most random things, she could get area rugs, some drywall and lumber and actually see if she is capable of building moveable backdrops (spoiler:no)
She could have let people come over and use a 3D printer and charged for materials or whatever else she said she was going to offer. All of these things were possible to try at home without buying or renting a whole building if she thought about literally anything but the attention she would get.

No. 852369

It should probably be added to the OP next thread because it really is getting repetitive.

I doubt this studio is ever going to open. She’s going to keep it closed to the public for as long as possible to “fix” things and continue to take “suggestions”. But it’ll only see use from herself and her friends. Mariah has no clue how to run an actual business but it’d be hilarious to see her try to hire people (who will no doubt take advantage of her inexperienced ass).

No. 852380

File: 1631147862562.jpg (54.22 KB, 521x927, ghXFLYN.jpg)

This place is supposed to open in September right? Like this month?
Why is she still working on sets? Why is she making a fake window with outlets?

No. 852383

File: 1631148927812.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 583DF043-F136-44A6-A944-942489…)

Funny how I mentioned she didn’t update her studio account in a while and here she is trying to prove to us she still gives a shit.

This “fake window” is as mediocre as the rose painting she picked up at FF. I know Painted Gypsy is her toadie and probably giving Moo a discount for clout but she’s so painfully bad at painting, it’s giving me secondhand embarrassment looking at it (and all the other walls she painted too). Moo has more money than taste and it shows.

No. 852385

I don't quite understand this panel. Did someone give her this weird decor from a thrift store? Wont she have to paint the wall this weird shade of green?

No. 852386

Technically it was supposed to open in august to "friends first" then the public sometime between september and early january. At this point, its safe to say its just become a sunk cost fallacy. She'll never make back what shes invested into this studio and sooner or later it'll come back to bite her in the ass.

Speaking of updates, Its funny that now that OF isn't (immediately) giving thots the boot, shes not mentioned anything to do with her peachy fans or whaetever she was calling it

I thought it was supposed to represent a field or something, but realized that wouldn't make
sense. But neither does the "sky". If it were me, i'd have just painted the wall, or just the window part, like a green screen to make editing easier.

No. 852389

File: 1631151337822.jpg (38.05 KB, 478x599, 77YBF20.jpg)

old face

No. 852390

God she looks so awful. Even with a small waist you can tell she's huge.

No. 852391

So she moved her home gym equipment somewhere where they’ll get even less use. Jesus, should someone call to help her up or something lol. Her waistband is even rolling over her flab. I know we keep saying “why did she think posting this was a good idea?” But at this point she thinks any pic is good enough because she, for the life of her, can’t exert any effort on anything that isn’t stuffing food in her gullet.

No. 852393

File: 1631152525319.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1869, 81B73A95-6F12-4507-851B-DF58EA…)

> “Workout Momo”
Sure Moo…

No. 852394

Well her home equipment were just being used as props anyway. Maddie was the only one using it

No. 852395

What set? She was sitting down on a mat and took selfies

No. 852396


Okay but why is she choosing to make the spot with outlets into the fake window? I'm wondering how she's going to obscure it, especially since the frames she bought suggest that the green part is going to be grass, and… I didn't know you could plug electronics into the ground like that, if that's the case lmao

No. 852398

File: 1631155873396.jpg (764.9 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20210908-195055_Tik…)

She anyone know anything about this Detroit bullshit? Lol

No. 852399

Detroit…. Dearborn isn’t Detroit Mariah. And you “grew up” in a mainly Arabic community and I highly doubt you’ve talked like this your whole life

So happy someone called her out in her blaccent bs. She only talks like that when she’s trying to be tough/ hard.

No. 852401

And the fact she tries to turn her racist ass around day the person calling her out is racist.

Worlds first people??? Does she not know that man evolved in the middle of the African continent. Y Ike’s.

No. 852403

She's Lebeanse again after wearing Michael Jackson's face for a month. Looking forward to the meltdown manic videos she'll post and delete later.

I doubt this retarded dipshit knows that they aren't the world's first people. I hope she gets educated on that too when people make her run off with her tail tucked between her drumsticks.

No. 852405

File: 1631159630635.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, D2D96D9D-B375-4DFC-AC75-317222…)

She’s been called out a LOT over on tiktok. And we all know she only talks like she’s black when she’s trying to be some bad bitch girl boss or whatever. Also didn’t know she trespassed on Hawaiian sacred grounds but I totally believe it

No. 852407

File: 1631162763575.jpeg (947.66 KB, 1242x2063, B34923E6-614C-4BA9-8FB0-EBFF4F…)

Guess her team of “lawyers” worked overtime…

No. 852408

File: 1631162822979.jpeg (374.43 KB, 1284x1303, 6A359B11-5541-44F8-9A76-7021C3…)

Oh what the fuck. Tiktok can you stick to your guns instead of letting this asshole back onto tiktok. How soon until the rant about haters not being able to keep her down.

No. 852409

Exactly. Posting direct porn links and advertising to children is pretty weird. Well she is already a known predator so why not just add child molestation to it.

No. 852410

finally someone is calling her out on the racist accent she ONLY does when she's trying to be trashy or intimidating. Her claiming it's a "detroit" accent when it's clearly not. Also of course, once she has no defense she flounders and throws in "I'm middle eastern, YOUR racist!" even though she's half Italian, Christian and white passing.

No. 852411

Most of these are all the same cringe account but we get it.

No. 852412

Didn't another anon confirm her family are the type of Mediterranean (white) Lebanese? The kind that migrated to America a century ago, were Christians and are mostly Italian? She needs to sit down. She's been pushing the fake POC points so no one calls her out on her racist bullshit for years.

No. 852416

Hawaii Anon here. She absolutely trespassed on land here. Its over by where a hot tourist spot is, a lot of people trespass over there even though there are signs saying to stay away. Not just cause its sacred but also because its for their own safety.

No. 852417

Not surprising at all. Remember when she trespassed onto a ship for her shitty cosplay? What about the time she filmed/trespassed in a hotel for her shitty video? Or the many conventions she didn't buy a ticket for but thought she was "famous" enough to go in? Or the time that she hurt a dog because she's an idiot who can't ask for consent? She also groped people and took designs by numerous artists without consent.

She's an entitled piece of shit that can't respect boundaries of any kind.

No. 852420

I find it funny that she can apparently be a master in anything Japanese but acts like shes never heard of AAV as if she isnt from the US. Same cunt who has been talking like a wannabe bad girls club contestant on twitter since her teens none of which reflected her irl speaking patterns when she wasnt putting on an act.

No. 852422

File: 1631171879452.png (4.98 MB, 1800x1500, AA0C0556-C360-4A21-A3D4-519609…)

Has she found a new filter app to abuse or something because her face is looking particularly ghoulish. Also lol at anyone from the parking lot being able to peer in to her flopping around on a yoga mat for selfies.

No. 852425

Funny how the seams on the ball disappear right next to her hip and those blinds sure have a strange glow.

No. 852426

I'm curious as to why her thighs are larger standing than squatting. Really digging the post 500 plastic surgeries Michael Jackson face though. It really shows she isn't at all ashamed of her appearance.

No. 852433

If she wasn’t ashamed of her appearance she’d be letting her cottage cheese thighs out for all to see instead of wearing those compression leggings all the time in her pictures

No. 852443

The fact that she paid $30k just for her wide open nostrils to be the first thing you see on her face (aside from her baboon ass lips), is sending me kek

No. 852447

File: 1631199167373.jpg (448.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210909-095245_Ins…)

No. 852448

is she trying to avoid the ban from paetron? kek She's shameless and still put fetish on there. Hope it gets reported. Good to know she's still worried about onlyfans. But seriously, her paetron is never going to make the same income again. People don't want her cosplays

No. 852449


not a single drop of sweat

No. 852450

It's easy enough to sign in with Google/fb/etc without an existing account, search for momokun and report. I don't have the energy to pull up specific links of harassment and bullying but other anons are welcome to. You can also report her for simply being "offensive" outside of the platform, but I'm sure more serious claims with proof would stick.

No. 852453

Lolcow anons can’t cow tip unfortunately. So no we can’t just mass report her.

No. 852456

Man, I feel like we are at an end to an era. She's flailing so bad to make any comeback. She is a 300 pound morbidly obese botched wash up who is only surviving by catfishing scrotes and showing her asshole.
She wants to do cosplay so bad but she isn't talented enough to not make it about porn. The lingering fear that onlyfans is going to shut down any moment. grasping at paetron, her first money pit. delicious

No. 852458

Yep, she is legitimately ban/deletion evading now, cow tipping or not, it's reportable so it won't last long.

No. 852460

They reinstated her account. Can any fucking site just stick to banning this bitch already? She never delivers her rewards on Patreon, she constantly broke ToS on TikTok. She’s like fucking Teflon.

No. 852461

File: 1631204172030.jpeg (540.1 KB, 1242x1994, DF73A039-3BF7-4BED-8425-6DED50…)

What range?

No. 852463

File: 1631204399934.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1890, 340B3CB8-40B2-4DD1-9D1F-65B024…)

It’s supposed to be a “balcony” view. I would never have guessed from that piss poor paint job. A five year old can finger paint more convincing clouds. Nothing about this says “Japanese” except for that damn bag that keeps migrating.

No. 852466

What in the middle school drama club production is this nonsense?

No. 852468

by the time she's done filling it with cheap ikea crap, there's going to be more furniture than her actual home. tbh I would rather live in these fake set up rooms than her all white disaster of a home

No. 852469

If only this lazy cow do a little bit of exercise ….

No. 852474

Sure you can, just don’t post that you did.

No. 852487

If i were her, I would start a redemption era where I lose a lot of weight and glow up. It would be one hell of a story since her downfall was so public.

No. 852488

All that wouldn’t change the fact she’s an entitled abusive cunt to pretty much everyone and everything around her. She has guns and can’t shoot; has money and can’t budget. Has no work ethics or education to speak of and no matter how glowed up she gets she will still have groped people and made racists comments. There really ISNT a redemption arc for her

No. 852489

File: 1631224543125.jpg (941.6 KB, 1932x2576, jRCls0W.jpg)

She's been faking the redemption arc for years now. You'd think she would just drop the act and grow up.

She's too busy shooping her enlarged waist for exercise photos. >>852422 A bigger version of this reveals a fucking lot. Mariah, if you're reading this please step on a scale and show us how much you weigh!! I'm sure that since you lost alot of weight you'd be happy to show your progress on scale!

No. 852490

The fucking backpack sends me into orbit everytime I see it, this is my new favorite recurring character in Moo's saga

Ganbatte Randoseru-chan

No. 852491

Imagine spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on yourself, making manic Instastories about how that means she’s better than you, and still looking like 400lb of shit in a 300lb bag. Jesus Liposuction Christ.

No. 852492

This could of been a half decent set if she hadn't done the abstract art.
If she really wanted a fake window she should of paid someone to make one where you can change the time of day and weather.

No. 852495

I wonder what she'd look like if she did actually lose weight considering all the surgery she got. Either way, the average obese woman looks better than that imo, at least they aren't uncanny valley

No. 852496

She took away the exercise bike Maddie used to make it a photoshoot prop. I wonder if Moo said anything about it beforehand or one day Maddie went to use it and it was gone forever. lmao

No. 852499

I miss Flannel-kun

No. 852500

she out grew flannel kun, literally. Same with fanny pack kun

No. 852501

Now her only pieces of clothing are the compression wear she always has on. Haven’t seen the ugly necklace in a while too, perhaps she broke it or her neck got too fat.

No. 852502

I'd love to see her try to squeeze herself back into it to prove us wrong kek

No. 852507

Why is miss totally POC not talking about the talibans taking back Afghanistan and killing hundreds of people? It's been weeks and nothing. They're going to bring back the charia and she defended them in her Palestine versus Israel rant. Does Miss totally POC knows we haven't forgotten?

No. 852508

Imagine what she would look like has she not gotten lipo. Like, just by judging from her bingo wings and hammocks for legs I bet her stomach would be a giant fupa lmfao. It’s interesting to think about the different body she would have been in if she lived this exact life style but didn’t have money for surgeries.

No. 852518

File: 1631246226235.jpeg (779.23 KB, 1242x997, 8B23C67D-9247-4FA1-8A74-D05644…)

All I see is the Windows XP field.

No. 852519

because our racist lil cow went on an anti BLM rant earlier this year and said muslims are more important than black people. Then decided to push the stereotype of the gun waving muslim and started threatening people with guns online saying something like "Be careful~ we Muslims know how to use these" while also supporting a terrorist group

girl is wild

No. 852520

How high up is this skyrise? Since this is supposed to be "in japan" where are the other skyrise's in the distance? There's no sense of perspective.
I guess she decided to change the rooms theme, since this was supposed to be a "japanese style" house, not a skyrise

No. 852524

Oh, I remember. "you know us Arabs love our guns". Bet she's scared shitless of being chewed up and spat out yet again. Still, such a coward. You gotta choose, Moo, peaceful activist or misogynistic terrorist? Which look suits you best? (Since looks and money are all your little brain can handle to care about). Stop clinging to your precious poc backstory if you're not going to show up when the talibans reinstore the Charia.

No. 852526

She has always been a racist twat. She was the girl in school who would harass Muslim girls and rip off their hijabs and call them racist names. In typical bully fashion she stole her victims stories. She NEVER wore one as a child, never celebrated ANY Muslim holidays. She use to push her Italian side more and even wore gold crosses.
It was when she started cosplaying she wanted attention for body positivity and the POC community.
Yes, Moo has some Lebanese ancestor. But she's like those annoying people at school who tell you their great grandparents were foreign and struggled, thus they did as well despite being white passing. She's to vapid to understand POC people can't hide their skin color. Moo can cuz she's white passing

No. 852538

File: 1631283472553.jpg (3.39 MB, 3840x5760, m5lcVAZ.jpg)

No. 852541

File: 1631285645426.jpg (336.25 KB, 838x655, iqMyxwl.jpg)

Her legs are horrifying the longer you look the worse it gets. The ratio between where her left knee it and the fat surrounding it is at least the width of a normal calf. Are we sure she's not 350 pounds?

No. 852542

does she have someone crouched behind her to hold the podium up lmaaaoooo

No. 852544

I didn't notice! Did Akemi have to hold up the podium?? LOL

No. 852545

Anyone want to take bets on how long her studio is able to stay open?

No. 852547

>pretending to be a student giving the teacher a BJ
gross …

No. 852548

File: 1631287221086.png (113.27 KB, 263x284, what.png)

not to nitpick but moo got so fat she couldn't zip up her skirt lmao

No. 852554

having seen the previews they edited her down by a lot. Yeah she looks big here but they shaved off like 200 pounds. There is no doubt in my mind Moo finally breached 300 pounds. But watch her show a picture of a scale number (not her standing on it) saying she's 200.

No. 852560

So… her thighs are so fat laden it’s pressed painfully against the wood of the podium, her skirt zipper can’t be pulled up because flab and they couldn’t even bother to edit out Akemi from holding up the Podium. I guess I can see why people still pay for this garbage, it’s like an activity just to see how many fucked up things there are in an image. Like a “Where’s Waldo” for neckbeards.

No. 852564

Maybe not to hold it up exactly but I’d BET it’s to hold the backing of the podium (technically the front) on. Moo or her slave didn’t put it together very well and that shits just cardboard nailed on. Add 300 pounds of back fat leaning against it and that podium woulda collapsed. Also either she’s got an invisible cigar or she is really into small dicks. How she manages to fuck up even Z list porn is beyond me.

No. 852569

It can't be said enough how anti-sexy her photos are. Who gives a bj with her fingers in that position? What Japanese schoolgirl goes to school in full western instathot makeup? She's so stupid it's impressive

No. 852580

> What Japanese schoolgirl goes to school in full western instathot makeup?
she claims this is ganguro. The manga she's trying to rip off is of a cute petite japanese school girl. So even if her make up is wrong, she gets a pass for being Japanese. Moo just looks like an old mom trying to be sexy for her husband

No. 852581

Oh my god….this….this is just shameful.

Buy fucking clothes that fit you Moo, god damn.

No. 852582

she's reaching the point where she doesn't have any options other than exclusive plus sized brands. And Moo doesn't wanna admit she's obese, let alone morbidly

No. 852583

Jesus Christ, thanks for explaining what that nonsense was supposed to be

No. 852585

Look at all those loose strings on that skirt! How were these not trimmed off before hand?

No. 852592

It's creepy how TND and Moo look almost identical in the face after all their impulsive surgery and shoop abuse. Why does everybody want to look like a botched dollar store Kardashian, I don't understand.

No. 852594

File: 1631304892629.png (1.88 MB, 773x1800, EBEAD873-270F-4262-8967-0D67E4…)

It’s astonishing she was able to sit on that desk without it buckling. Her socks are cutting into her leg, very animeee!

No. 852596

aren't those socks suppose to be knee highs? even with the shop she's huge. Also who's editing her? Her arm is bigger than her head, or is that just her gross proportions?

No. 852598

Tbh they look like the kind that bunch at the ankle, I forgot the name, but they’re way too tight on her and just look normal.

No. 852599

This is actually really disgusting

Her gross pedo pandering strikes again

No. 852600

Damn I assumed she was giving the ok sign but I think you’re right. She has no idea how to be sexy

No. 852601

They’re supposed to be mid calf leg warmers but on her they don’t look how they’re supposed to

No. 852603

That’s the weirdest thibg. She is one of the most delusional cows there is truly, if she still thinks of herself as ”slim-thick”.

No. 852604

Stereotypical gyaru makeup is very distinct, she just did her normal insta hoe makeup and put on a blond wig and called it gyaru. I just don't understand how she is so utterly unable to put even the smallest bit of effort into anything, ever. Her entire life is half assed at this point.

No. 852617

loose socks (“rūzu sokkusu”), supposed to hit at midcalf and be loose from there down
not on moo’s giant treetrunks though

No. 852623

>>female empowerment
>>uses gals

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this nor do I see the empowerment in this. Also thanks for the lesson on shit you know nothing about moo. Where’d you learn about this, a cereal box?

No. 852624

doujinshi. because her whole research was based off hentai lol

No. 852627

She should've even tried googling japanese apartment or literally anything before starting this set

No. 852637

Her wrist is too fat for a normal scrunchie, so she instead has one that looks like it could fit over a basketball.

No. 852639

File: 1631323728906.jpg (30.72 KB, 518x926, AqbltTE.jpg)

No. 852640

Are the bottom of her shoes supposed to be like that or is this bitch so big she flattened them out?

No. 852641

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the huge ass scrunchie. It’s also of a weird poop color instead of something cute that fits the gyaru theme.

No. 852648

File: 1631331220464.jpg (108.11 KB, 1080x1080, us_115_uk_11_yeezy_boost_350_v…)


They're Yeezy Boost 350 Cream, just really ugly shoes unfortunately.

No. 852649

File: 1631331592890.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2145, C864D683-E692-4F7D-93FC-F64CB3…)

The influence Moo has on those around her… christ

No. 852650

Umbran's gotta fill her chin somehow

No. 852651

Yes Maddie, draw more attention to your horse teeth… Surprised Moo hasn’t pressured her into getting an unnecessary nose job yet.

No. 852657

I love her trying to sound like an expert by awkwardly inserting "fashion and style varies depending on the subgenre" as an excuse for why she doesn't look like a gyaru at all

No. 852658

well Moo has to make sure Maddie stays with her. But she has just an unfortunate horse face. There is just no fixing it unless she wants to go to korea and get botched

No. 852659

File: 1631336231610.jpeg (100.6 KB, 1280x724, 1*iLAhoWpAmWYbqKdW0f2K-Q.jpeg)

She looks like a Titan

No. 852663

Unfortunate. Umbran really wasn't that bad and now she's going to follow Moo's path and ruin her face horrendously.

No. 852664

She’s already ruined her reputation by working with Momokun. It’s just a matter of time before the cash well dries and Maddie has to work a real job that’s not sucking on Moo’s distended tit.

No. 852666

File: 1631343019006.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 17B37B00-2C83-46DC-ADC2-2A1587…)

That upper arm mass is sending me

No. 852669

Oh fuck anon I didn’t even notice. They are so beat to shit and have holes near the toes because, of course, she bought several sizes too small. I’m weeping

No. 852671


Not even trying to stop eating hot pocket snackers damn even vamp got his abs working af and this cow just can't lose weight

No. 852678

>>today’s leg glut pump

Oh so you got off your fat ass walked five feet and plopped down again? What a workout! You legpressed 300 pounds!

No. 852682

>unreal pump
Then show it? Your ass looks as flat and sad as it always does, Moo.

No. 852684

The fatroll on her armpit?? Jesus i didn’t know it was even possible to have a fat roll in there.

No. 852698

I already know this is because Mooriah probably comped or goaded her into it so she has another insecure wannathot to do it with her when she goes for her top-ups.
>inb4 she has a botox/filler party to “pamper” her friends

No. 852699

File: 1631359845500.jpeg (591.73 KB, 828x1467, BCE8FFCA-C24C-400F-8A45-4D7195…)

mariah let’s be honest—no link cosplayer that isn’t one of your immediate lackey’s would wanna touch you with a ten foot pole, much less be pictured beside you at a con.

No. 852701

>Umbran really wasn't that bad
She legit looks like an ugly man in a wig. She is one of those folks whose outside matches their rancid personality. Like who comes from money, makes their own money, and then chooses to live with, professionally associate with, and worship someone like Mariah?

No. 852739

File: 1631388007622.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, CD9A6BDE-DF8A-4E31-BED5-F80822…)

She can fit a lot of lipo in a year…

No. 852740

Oh boy I can't wait for nurse Joy 2.0 I remember how irritated her skin was from just that small latex dress. This I can't wait to see her try to squeeze into. I'm a bit behind on moo milk but did she ever show anything on her 3k Albedo dress?

No. 852741

Nope. That dress will never see the light of day. Moo packed on too many pounds since commissioning it that I doubt it’ll ever get worn. Watch it go on her depop at some point soon. That or sit on the rack at her “studio”.

No. 852744

File: 1631392760498.png (81.46 KB, 250x212, ragdoll knees.png)

the blur or whatever they do that removes all definition on the knees/fat somehow makes it look worse, like an old jointless doll

No. 852746

File: 1631396527040.png (3.97 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6446.PNG)

Honestly looking more and more like Michael Jackson every day


No. 852747

Just without the talent.

No. 852749


Getting motion sickness watching that filter wobble everywhere

No. 852751

This is an old draft and before her nose job, anon.

No. 852753

If that's her before the nose job, then that's proof that the nose job just made her look even MORE like him lmao

No. 852754

Ugh, this was one of her worst cosplays, imo; surely one of the skills of cosplay is picking characters who suit you?

No. 852757

File: 1631404381385.png (2.85 MB, 1002x1800, B2A20ECE-1C62-4CBF-9BDA-C37EC7…)

Those “blush marks” were doing a lot of heavy lifting…

No. 852758

>I feel I look the same regardless
Oh honey, you don't

No. 852759

Did she honestly still swipe to put the Paris filter over the video? The stories won't detect those because they aren't considered the same type of filters. She's weirdly smoothed out and that filter does just that.

No. 852762

Mariah is so pathetic she needs a filter to prevent people from ever seeing her real pimple ridden, bloated face. What is the point of proving people wrong? Why say you're confident in your looks when you pull this weak shit all the time

No. 852763

She looks so haggard and I know people say this to normal looking people but after looking at her with that stupid filter for so long, it just make her looks worse.

No. 852766

File: 1631412824591.png (268.99 KB, 357x447, 4b6a3a7744e04cb390a3485c80d262…)

omg the nose. I can't believe she's in her 20s.

No. 852767

File: 1631413121846.png (3.45 MB, 1242x2208, A772480F-FC07-4623-8833-1E1A69…)

Literally 99% of the suggestions she got has a response of “I have the outfit ready!” or “it’s in the works!” But rarely, if ever, does she actually follow through. She always makes a big deal out of all her plans and it goes nowhere.

You know she just can’t for the life of her post anything unfiltered. The story was still blurred to hell. She is the most haggard looking 25 year old I’ve ever seen outside of someone heavily addicted to meth. At least meth makes you lose weight lol

No. 852768


The fact she got shade thrown at her and didn’t catch it lol- yes moo you unfiltered is the scariest Halloween costume ever. Tommy Lee Jones lookin face.

No. 852769

I still remember her being manic and planning 60? Or more, or less? Cosplays for the span of like 2 months. Was that this year or last year lol, anyways that was so weirdly manic of her.

No. 852771

File: 1631415523958.jpg (216.48 KB, 864x962, 20210911215549.jpg)

Thor is a better fit for her

No. 852773

File: 1631416393391.png (2.96 MB, 1242x2208, 01E3F072-1D63-41C3-9477-4638DB…)

Mariah, you in general aren’t appropriate for social media. But what are you afraid of? Don’t you have your crack team of lawyers to bail you out?

Lol it’s a perfect fit!

No. 852774

Just like she's still in school for pharmaceuticals, linguistics, and Japanese. Her lies get so retarded.

This is fucking perfect.

No. 852775


If her body type were the thing that were inappropriate for Instagram, Tess Holliday wouldn't be on there anymore

No. 852776

Is she implying someone skinner would be fine posting almost nudes???

No. 852777

aaawe someone got their neck lipoed for the 20th time

No. 852778

File: 1631421458614.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2208, F50C15EB-7CD1-4713-8726-528FC1…)

This alone should settle the “Mariah is a pedo” debate lol

No. 852779

File: 1631421975401.png (2.88 MB, 1800x1636, 43681214-EEE5-447F-BF52-C32813…)

This is absolutely rich. She’s trying to change the definition of “body positivity” once again.
>but just cause I say that doesn’t mean I condone being overweight or unhealthy
Then just tell them to show their ass for cash online to afford the dozens of lipo sessions like you did since you hate yourself so much.

Moo is also the last person alive who should be giving relationship advice. Bitch hasn’t had a relationship in how long? Much less a healthy one. It’s like she’s giving more away to the fact she’ll always be alone. Relationships are too inconvenient for her.

No. 852780

Anon, Hisoka is popular because he's one of those villains that is over the top and the design is liked. Wanting to cosplay him doesn't mean anything.

No. 852781

Her last was KBBQ and even then he was strictly FWB if I recall correctly. We can't exactly count the guys she has to pay for, and even they have her listed as a bad customer kek. It is pretty hilarious of a woman so foul prostitutes won't even touch her to be giving out relationship advice. I'm 90% sure though at some point Sensei pity fucked her and that's why she clings to the idea of him still.

No. 852782

I wouldn't take the word of an anons who apparently says they know all the sex workers in Vegas and how she's 'black listed as a bad customer'. Highly unlikely when she paid for everything. Their whole gig is to just take the money and do their work. There's no reason she would've been a bad customer when she allowed his entire film crew to also film and she gloated about paying for everything. There's some stuff in thread you anons need to remember that other anons just talk out their ass about.

Then there was that one dude who just stuck his dick and fingers in her and then bounced. I think that was a Tinder match that went 0-kinky fast because the guys wanted an easy fuck and then he never came back. No anons were able to track down who the guy was. Those are the only two guys and only one was a male call-girl.

No. 852784

ross of friends

No. 852789

I’ve always thought that wedding she and sensei went to way back when they pity fucked. Just the pictures and posts back then seemed to have a slimy tone to them (dunno how better to put that). And then really quick after returning to Vegas he got himself a girlfriend and moo started acting all helicopter.

No. 852791

More like Moo thought she'd have a chance having her all to himself as being his personal plus one. I highly doubt he fucked her. he's a vapid pos from his stories and a self rightous guru type. The guy probably does what he can to get girls to like him and then strings them along, like Moo. She absolutely deserves it because she clearly wouldn't stop trying to make moves on him. his girlfriend could probably tell from a mile away that buying him expensive gifts that his girlfriend never could buy him, was her way of trying to make a move on him. Not to mention trying to get his attention with even shitty tattoo ideas [a la black bars]. No way he slept with her. He's a tool, but he's a fuckboy with no actual sleeping around.

No. 852793

I'd agree if it weren't for her same shit with every guy ever until she gets told to fuck off by the guy or the gf. Sensei is the only one she's continues to hold out for. It's complete tinfoil without a doubt, he's just the only constant so I think something went down.

No. 852799

God you can absolutely tell she sent half of these to herself.

No. 852800

Yup. This is her talking indirectly to her target (or should I say targets?) of the year. This is what she wishes she had the balls to say to make a relationship break up and finally have the target all to herself.

No. 852806

Oh they 100% fucked. It’s wild anons think men have standards. SenseI was fucking vamp, moo got super jealous and moved in. I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a huge part in their falling out.

No. 852809

Remember how she was "raped" as well just as she was getting started with her molestation bs?
Yes, anon, men do actually have standards surprisingly. No one wants to fuck someone so unhygienic or shitty if their body isn't even somewhat attractive to compensate lol. The falling out, based on Vamps onlyfans, is just her moving on (not directly stated but you can tell based on timing) and doing significantly better being away from her because she ENDLESSLY got asked about doing shit with moocow and her numbers/tips were declining hard every time she mentioned doing content with her.

No. 852810

That's what i got from that too. Or almost like 'skinny bitches can wear what they want' attitude. rofl

No. 852811

They guy she made a video with the the crew was not a random Vegas prostitute, he was a guy that worked with Trisha Paytas. Moo wanted to replicate her success using the same guy and failed. Maybe you should go back and read the threads?

No. 852819

Working with Trisha doesn't mean you're a famous call-guy and an anon claimed to apparently know him personally and apparently she's black listed all across Vegas by every male escort which is the most unlikely and made up bullshit in Moo threads. Moo knows her normal body was leaked because he had his own camera crew. She won't shoot sex with professionals not because she's blacklisted, but because she doesn't need more candids and I guarantee she's humiliated by the better bodies these people work with (Trish excluded, she's uglier than Moo, but Moo is almost on her way to look like botched Trisha).

No. 852820

i'm a fatty chan about her weight, it sounds about right to me. she has less stomach fat from lipo so she carries her weight in her legs

No. 852826

saged for just wishful thinking but I really hope she gets one of her "Im the baddest bitch" sperges and attends a con since they're opening back up. I'm dying for some candids that aren't her friends.

No. 852828

Oh same here. Hopefully she won’t chicken out from attending cons.

No. 852830

When did Sensei ever fuck Vamps?

No. 852831

….You can't be serious anon. Go back through the threads to find out who he even is.

No. 852837

Point it out. I think you're confused.

No. 852838

File: 1631480383392.jpg (461.5 KB, 1080x1853, Lul.jpg)

She probably cant fit her which would be the only reason she hasnt worn a costume shes had for a while.

No. 852841

Yeah, there's no one on this Earth that gives a fuck about her cosplay, she responded IMMEDIATELY to my troll ass post about the filter within 5 minutes (because when she posts 10 stories in an hour she's out to prove….. something?)

No. 852844

Oh wow she already deleted all of last nights posts as well as this morning's "sage advice". She was ringing one of those hippie bells and spewing some tldr.

No. 852848

I believe it was before moo came into vamp’s life.

No. 852849

Look I can barely read your word salad. The anon claiming to be or know of the male prostitution scene had nothing to do with that guy. Who, while not famous, tends to make his living via porn like the terrible one he made with Moo. Not to say porn actors can't be escorts, but you're shoehorning him into this narrative because you're convinced some anon was lying and Moo would never be blacklisted.
>Moo knows her normal body was leaked because he had his own camera crew.
…what? What leaks are you even talking about?
>She won't shoot sex with professionals not because she's blacklisted, but because she doesn't need more candids
She won't shoot sex with professionals because the end result was awful and awkward as all hell and it's not worth it to buy male porn actors when her audience was not into it. She is entirely capable of hiring a filing crew and having control over the images produced.

No. 852850

Yeah, I have no idea why that anon is stating all those things as if they’re facts. That’s not how things happened at all. It wasn’t even that long ago for someone to misremember/get things mixed up, which would be more understandable.

No. 852851


And she's gonna do it because she saw vamps kurapica too and to have more attention

No. 852856

File: 1631492946536.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 3024x4032, nrRoMo5.jpg)

Mariah you can wear the costumes by yourself. You ARE a confident bad bitch afterall. I thought you were going to be Ishtar also? Grew too fat for that? Who knows. She sucks.

No. 852857

File: 1631492972835.png (3.61 MB, 1242x2208, E925B342-91F5-45F6-8FB8-8E20B7…)

Stop torturing that poor building Moo.

No. 852860

this is such an old set. does it really take that long to edit her down?

No. 852861

Jesus she turned the slimming app on to the max, especially the waist slimmer. And Moo tries to convince herself she's happy

No. 852862

Apparently. That's why her Halloween sets are released in the winter and vice versa, Anon.

No. 852863

since when did she collaborate with james charles?

No. 852869

If you're going to greentext and add extra words to what anon said, don't bother greentexting. A random anon did claim she is blacklisted all across vegas in the escorts scene. Read the threads you retard.

No. 852875


She wants to be Billie Eilish soooooooo fucking bad.

No. 852876

I literally said that though? I just said it wasn't the guy from the bad limo porn like the other anon was insisting. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension before calling other people retard.

No. 852877

File: 1631512444448.png (3.68 MB, 1800x1609, A3D942C5-5C3D-44E3-ABE1-27894B…)

She went on a mini hair sperge. Not worth recording but she did throw (who I’m assuming to be) frogdresser under the bus for “burning her hair”.

No. 852878

File: 1631516642439.png (3.42 MB, 1242x2208, 31E0EBA2-DC08-4EDB-828B-B5621C…)

I don’t think the filter knew what to do with her arm

No. 852879

She is peddling this the way Monet and Fit Teas are peddled. Losing weight doesn't make you lose hair any more than gaining weight makes you lose hair. Moo really thinks anyone losing weight is going through hair loss when just searching the opposite says the exact damn thing. She won't tag this as #AD will she?

No. 852881

Why she looks like lurch so much.

No. 852884

>when dropping weight
Kek, sure Moo. She’s talking like she’s cutting for a bodybuilding show or powerlifting meet. And her hair looks like crap, does she realise we have eyes?

No. 852891

Nobody wants to have sex with you Moo, not even prostitutes.

No. 852892

But these sits aren't latex and it's pretty obvious if you've seen the movie? Only in coomer art are these suits made of latex. Biggest anime fan ever strikes again

No. 852893

she can't talk about hair. Her hair is just extensions. She hasn't been able to grow it past her shoulders for years now cuz she can't even be arsed to wash and brush it

No. 852894

she's just mad cuz anons are catching on she's now 300 pounds. And if she's losing hair it's because obesity is fucking up her hormones and causing early baldness.
Go to a real doctor Moo and stop eating 4000 calories a day

No. 852895

Closet design and ensembles brought to you by Jersey Shore

No. 852896

But that's the new nose. She didn't do this one recently with her new nose, did she?

No. 852897

I am so excited for when she feels confident enough about her body that she thinks she can take a 4 month cheat 'day' and ruin it again, just to do the whole cycle again.

No. 852899

She isn't that size anon. Her whole life is a cheat day.

No. 852901

Right now she's in the lipo state of loving how flat her stomach is. It pokes out, but like anons always point out, it's not overhanging and it's not doing that overly ugly Chun li beer belly yet. That's the part I'm waiting for. For her to blame it all on bloating when in reality it's her fucked up lipo creating a legit GoW Thor out of her.

No. 852903

Does anyone have an exact count of how many procedures (I would not count dental unless it was a lot) she's had done to date? I feel like a counter should be added to the next OP. Her face always looks like it's melting and/or swelling. She looks really diseased without heavy editing, even with filters on.

No. 852906

Girl, you've been getting a ton of extensions and you want us to believe you love your hair? Shut up.

You don't have to worry about that Mariah, no one wants to have sex with you except the fans who are as fat and greasy as you are.

Exactly to all of this. It's like the time she said that lipo causes you to gain weight. Until a doctor (not a plastic surgeon) clears her health, she's just spouting nonsense out of her flat ass again. We all know that she would never go to an actual doctor because she doesn't want to hear the truth.

No. 852907

Exact numbers? Who knows. She isn’t as open about it as she wants to admit. For the types here’s what I can remember:

Various lipo around legs, stomach, arms
Cool sculpting her stomach and double chin
That weird thing she did for stretch marks
Lip filler
Cheek filler
Possibly chin filler too
Nose job

The thing is that for each of these she’s done MULTIPLE times. So although she has done a lot of different things, the horror is the amount she’s done of those things

No. 852912

How much longer until moo is the “biggest fan of genshin” and laughably attempts to cosplay Yae, Ningguang, Rosaria, Ei or tries to one up Vamps with Lisa?

No. 852915

PT clone

No. 852919

I hope she does it. The genshin fandom would have a field day. She wouldn’t help herself and would cosplay Qiqi so she can have a Kanna gate 2.0.

No. 852920

She would probably pick the electro archon because she has dark hair and is known for the boob sword meme. But yeah, pedomoo would surely pick any of the children, either Klee because she’s like the dragon girl being “older than she looks like” or Qiqi because she’s the other inmortal little girl.

No. 852921


That coupled with her Shota fetish is unsettling.

No. 852923

File: 1631569344726.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 13B2B19B-1FDA-4ECB-86C6-C277B7…)

>posts Steven Universe cosplay

No. 852926

I can’t record it atm but she uploaded a video of her singing “Fuck You” by CeeLo Green to IG. It’s just as bad as the other video uploaded of her karaoke but the sheer irony of her choosing a CeeLo Green song is hilarious.

No. 852927

Beidou has long dark hair with big boobies too. At this point it could be either.

No. 852928

I really want to see her getting gangbanged by black dicks someday, when will she give up and just get fucked(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852933

The same day moo buys an account for the game to pretend she plays it.

No. 852934

You're fucked in the head, anon.

No. 852937

I hope Moo does something Eva related soon so we can see how her tarp of a plugsuit comes out. She probably has enough people on hand to form a pit crew and stay on standby with crisco and fishing line.

No. 852938

No they wouldn't. The same scrotes that lick screens of K-ON! and Fate Stay characters and the same ones that like Genshin. Ignore the group of cosplayers that hate her, there was unfortunately more incels that like the idea of a 'ThICc' girl doing these Genshin girls and even if her tits are veiny and saggy as fuck and slightly botched around the areolas, dudes just don't give a fuck.

No. 852939

She did do a Eva cosplay. But she choose one of the few side characters who don't wear a plug suit. She even bought a 2k spear that wasn't accurate for some odd reason. Her excuse was she didn't like any characters so she choose Katsuragi.
Mind you she has gone on rants on why she hates the whole series before and her usual "No one in the anime is gay" rants

No. 852940

She didn't choose it, it was a commission from someone who actually bought the $500 tier on Patreon years ago. She even complained serval times that she's doing it, but doesn't like the series, but thinks the character is tolerable which is funny since she's never seen the series. She did this whole turn around when suddenly the series had a boom 2 years ago. She doesn't like EVA, she doesn't like robot animes.

No. 852943

I love and hate that moo charged retarded men $500 for her to “maybe” cosplay their waifu. Weren’t there some who didn’t even get their reward? If I ever caught my man even looking at moonlet alone dropping half a k, I’d laugh and just leave.

No. 852944

She NEVER did her paetron rewards. She even did the shitty thing of canceling prints and didn't give the ones she owed. And she kept hiking up the prices for people to choose cosplays. She was suppose to do 3-4 cosplays a month but only did 1, even then it was her in a wig calling it a day. I'm surprised it wasn't deleted sooner

No. 852945

The one that gets me is that the $20 and $30 teir were the same, except she never reinstated her Discord and still hasn't, and it took over a year and her scamming an anon on here for her to remove it because they made the whole thing public on Reddit and Imgur around the time all those flyers for her being a theif and all were going around too.

No. 852946

File: 1631584263741.png (54.73 KB, 993x890, scam.png)

Moo had to go through and delete anything related to nudity and porn and still won't delete her higher tiers, but assumes people won't apply to them if they all say "GO TO 20".

No. 852948

She sounds so out of breath, it’s hilarious. Lipo doesn’t make you healthy, moo!

No. 852953

I know this is a work in progress but what a fucking scam this all is. She hasn't kept paetron promises before and everyone knows you can't do porn there so what's the point. I guess if onlyfans fails she could get a couple 100 bucks???

No. 852956

TUTORIALS??? tutorials on what? “Hey guys this is my tutorial on how to buy your slave-I mean, friendships and scam people out of their money buy showing your bloated corpse of a body and acting like the only sex education You got was a poorly dubbed hentai You found on xhamster “

No. 852961

i know nothing about patreon but can’t she just delete the higher tiers?

No. 852962

presumably. But why would she?

No. 852963

Yes they would. This is the fandom that screams constantly about how this obviously adult character is really 15 and if you don't agree you're a pedo.

No. 852965

She can, she's basically doing:
"I told them to change to the $20 tier, they didn't!"
If anyone chooses to refund because they got charged for nothing. Which doesn't work but the fact patreon gave the page back to her, they will side with her.

No. 852971

She can, but only if there are no people in the tier. Doubt she has anyone subbed to the 100+ tiers though …

No. 852980

is this a new paetron account or did they give her back her old one? If so, can't a site just stick to their bans? It seems the only site who stuck to it was twitter.

No. 852985

It's her old account.
She can delete it, it would remove her patreons to no tier status, not that they were GETTING anything they paid for ANYWAY.

No. 852986

what a vicious scam artist. she's really hell bent on making a living on ripping people off.

No. 852996

Well hot damn I stand corrected. That used to be the case anyhow. Hate to say I almost defended this cow Lol

No. 853004

It's the one plant that's clearly brand new from the store, displayed next to two dying plants, for me.
fuck sorry my sage didn't carry to the quickreply box

No. 853005

File: 1631675218261.png (2.8 MB, 1800x1486, 77281485-9214-4448-BF1B-4FF431…)

Damn, that means your studio will be missing some of its props lol
Not sure why she says “practice” when all she did was trace and posted it without credit to where she took it from… much like her “cosplays”.

No. 853006

The Genshin Impact community is split between the waifu-obsessed gacha incels you're thinking of, but also a huge amount of chronically online preteens and teenagers who will go on a crusade to cancel people who liked a photo of a ship they don't like, or who sexualized a character of an unknown age (late teens/early 20s ish). The kind of fans that definitely would have been into homestuck or undertale if they were born a few years earlier. It's really a different beast than the FGO fandom or other typical gachas.

No. 853007

Thats actually the funniest thing she has always had that as a patreon "reward" got to try and pretend she knows what shes doing craft wise. Anything to keep up the illusion to herself that shes a successful "pro cosplayer"

No. 853008

File: 1631682924871.jpeg (158.13 KB, 1284x1568, 87DD1C64-BC2D-46A8-A62F-4BB559…)

Her tiktok got banned again. I can only assume because there has been an influx of people telling her to get the hell off the platform. Can’t wait for her team of lawyers to bring it back.

No. 853010

File: 1631690603772.jpg (374.33 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20210915-022252_Ins…)

Can screen record but she posted a karaoke video sounding like a guy. She really can't sing worth a shit.

No. 853011

The irony of her singing off-key to a CeeLo Green song. He’s just as much of a fucking creep as she is.

I stopped holding my breath for any of these bans to stick. Like whenever she used to deactivate her IG whenever she went on vacation, remember that? lol Im disappointed in Patreon reinstating her account though because she had a ton of pissed off cucks on Reddit reporting her back then for scamming them.

No. 853013

Honestly same. She gets banned a lot but it's rarely permanent. The paetron one was shocking. But I guess Moo started working on that during the only fans scare. But her content is all nsfw so it wont be long before it's banned. That and the fact she doesn't give out promised rewards

No. 853016

This whole thing is bull shit. She’s clearly scamming those people in the higher tiers, well for the entire thing tbh. She has no plans to provide rewards, and the fact people are just going to auto charged on those high tiers. How is this even allowed?

Also why would she even want the patreon back, she can’t post any of her porn on it which is what makes her money. She must know it’s an ez scam abd doesn’t care

No. 853017


Well there is hope even with the idiocy of her simps- when patreon shut it down it would have unsubscribed everyone right? So no autopaypigs still exist,right? And we all know that her shitty lewds and cosplays aren’t what they pay for so why would they sub? And since she still does onlyfans and everyone can see her disgusting idea of porn there (and free in tons of places) I doubt that patreon works out for her. If OF does change TOS it won’t matter what she offers- simps have seen her going downhill and they are going to expect more of the same.

No. 853019

It's not allowed, but Patreon doesn't make it easy to report. What should happen is:
>Moomoo deletes the higher tiers
>Higher tier subs get moved to "no-tier"
>"No-tier" folks get charged for nothing, can get refunds
>Moomoo tries to claim: "They see there's no reward and to move to the $20 tier"
>Patreon questions why she didn't make an actual announcement
>Moomoo gets caught scamming
>her profile gets banned, again.

The only outlier of this is because they restored her profile, they probably won't take action again. Basically she is LEGIT scamming people now and she knows it. You can't make (and charge) people for higher tiers telling them to sub lower.

No. 853021

It puts it on hold, but doesn't completely kick people. It won't charge them though either. Moo hides her sub count on everything, so no one even knows how many idiots are on her page. Not to mention she had to go through and delete anything NSFW, so she has 2 recent posts and then the one under it is from Nov. 2020 I think it said. I'd have to go back to look.

No. 853022

Ah ok I didn’t know how that worked exactly but still I cannot see anyone that follows her going back to patreon. Nobody is into her for her cosplays. Or her tutorials (I still have a laugh at her black widow crafting show) and of course all her simps know about OF where she posts her stupid cosplays anyway. I get she’s trying to have a backup but I seriously doubt she’ll ever make patreon work again.

No. 853023

She was trying to double dip incomes basically, ripping everyone off on patreon, ripping people off on OF (she bait and switches A LOT.)

No. 853025

Don’t forget Ceelo is just as short and deformed like Moo is.

No. 853031

If patreon does nothing about a clear scam, then they do allow it.

No. 853032

File: 1631736535102.jpg (287.13 KB, 1170x2532, 0fd8p5dgfnn71.jpg)

A post she made earlier that's now been deleted

No. 853034


As a fellow big tit woman, your tits are not why you can't fit into anything lmao. No wonder she deleted that quickly.

No. 853035

I am shocked. I didn't think she'd get implants also??? What is the reason?? This doesn't make sense Mariah

No. 853036

Guys she isn't lying. She's talking about her back titts

No. 853037

Come on Anon then she'd need a reduction again!!

No. 853038

with the lift and reduction I'm not surprised she'd be getting implants as well. I'm sure she LIKES having big boobs just not ridiculously saggy ones so having them hoisted back into place and then implants to make up for the loss in breast tissue will make them big but also perky and wont sag the same as natural breasts.

No. 853039

I think with her weight breasts implants will just make her look fatter. She really needs to lose 100 pounds, get back under 200 pounds, then get breast implants/lift

No. 853040

File: 1631737905236.jpeg (931.69 KB, 1242x1935, BEFED2D1-A054-4898-B314-4C1B89…)

Well that explains this then. Holy shit Mariah…

No. 853041

She'll look like that Penny Underbust girl.. really unfortunate because it looks ugly

No. 853042

I don't think a lot of anons realize part of the reason her tits look so fucked is because she already HAD a reduction years ago, she just squandered it getting fat as fuck and if she gets them reduced again she'd be left with so little actual breast tissue that she'd need implants to have any shape whatsoever

No. 853043

I realize having implants might do that but why not exercise? I feel like if she actually stuck to one she'd have a better chance.

No. 853044

That would require work, anon, which is something moo will never do. It is a serious allergy to use that word in a truthful sentence like “work a real job” or “work on my self” or “workout at the gym” but she can say it in lie forms.

No. 853045

>I just want an anime body
No amount of surgery is going to make this happen. And she will still shoop herself.

What a sad existence.

No. 853046

Well technically as we have all pointed out she already has an anime body- witch of the waste, attack on titan, most of the monsters from Spirited Away. Yep she has those dead to rights.

No. 853048


I've lost hair and it's thinned out from losing weight, but guess what? That's because I had weight loss surgery lol

Weight loss surgery era inc??

No. 853049

Didnt she recently talk another thot out of a boob job and tried to push braces on them? Is it because she wanted the boob attention herself???

No. 853050

Congrats, anon you now understand how Mariah always worked! She offered to get Vamps's work done because she figured it'd do nothing for her but instead it gave Vamps an out afterwards.

No. 853051

>taking a break to "train at the gym"
So how many rounds of lipo has it been this year? Does she do it quarterly? How is she not half scar tissue at this point?

Weird that we never got all of that butt content after her Kardashian butt treatments that were supposed to make it look "photoshopped" kek. But she's totes going to have that perfect anime bod by next year you guys!

No. 853052

LOL I FORGOT SHE TALKED STELLACHU OUT OF A BOOBJOB!! God how rancid she is. Mariah you really can't let people be happy, can you?

No. 853054

at this point it's highly likely she goes monthly

No. 853073

I am so ready for this botched mess to happen! We all know she’s not going to follow aftercare. Bet she’s gonna make horseface umbran mommy her while she’s recovering and she’ll make porn content while she’s still recovering just like her nose job

No. 853074

Let’s hope that Moo getting implants in a quest for anime tiddies works out as well as it did for Anisa (spoiler: it worked out terribly, because she is also a cow who thinks she knows better than the surgeon when it comes to aftercare advice).

No. 853075

She's literally going to look like a discount Bishoujomom

No. 853077

You have to change your implants every 10 years. Who says she's going to have the money by then?

No. 853083

>you have to
No, you don’t. The chances of them rupturing might go up a tick but it’s not like you hit the 10 year mark and you have to get them replaced. They’re not tires.

No. 853084

That's not true however Moo would believe it.

The fact is, this is another lie almost 100%.
IF a doctor puts her under the knife, she's going to fuck the recovery time because of how long it takes, upwards of 6 months to a year.

IF a doctor looks at all her history of lipo and other surgeries and thinks "Nah, this is a safe bet" they'd be a back alley butcher who just wants cash. If they've got any sense at all, they'd turn her down or they should lose their license if they don't.
Any good surgeon talks about reasoning behind it and how you hold weight once you gain it back in order to not fuck the reduction/lift placement.
Moo can't shut the fuck up for longer than 5 minutes about her ~dream animu body~ and they'd clearly see she doesn't have a rational bone in her body.
This is just gonna end up like every other thing she's claimed, it goes in the dust heap and moves on. The best we could hope for is she doesn't, otherwise she'd end up with a massive infection and an opiate addiction from the painkillers.

No. 853085

I’m honestly surprised a doctor would think it’s a good idea to give her another reduction.

It’s really telling how much she really hates herself and has no self esteem. There is no such thing as an anime body, plastic surgery will never get you one. Anime girls are literally cartoons and are not real, you cannot achieve a cartoon’s body. It’s sad but I’m looking forward to the hot mess abd her shitting away more money.

No. 853093

tbh I'm starting to feel sad about her. Her ridiculous ego and antics are funny but she's rapidly on the path to becoming a botched opiod addict pissing on herself for $5. I wish she moved to Japan like she said she would and tried her hand at becoming a ~gravure idol~ vlogger instead. Thanks covid

No. 853105

This is a weird ass statement to make.

No. 853112

No surgeon is sending Moo to be analyzed for a first time surgery. If this was Penny, it'd be a different story, but Moo isn't as botched yet as someone like Trisha or Penny. A surgeon would just ask why and honestly take wanting to look like anime as a complete answer and still do it. By anime she means she hates her saggy tits. You're adding so much extra to this, anon lol

No. 853116

I can almost see exactly what she’s gonna get. They’re gonna be super round and artificial looking like an aging porn star and pushed up to get clavicle, probably are also going to be pointing in two different directions… lol she won’t be able to mush her tits like congealed oatmeal anymore. They’ll be hard as rocks.

No. 853118

She's going to sneak in a mini BBL or do a full on one too. She said she wouldn't but she also said she'd never do implants on streams before because she doesn't want to deal with the issues in the future regarding implants. So, if she comes out with all this 'weight loss' which we know means more lipo and coolsculpting, it's not farfetched she'd do a BBL somewhere in there or at least redistribution to her bottom cheeks to fill out her Hank Hill ass.

No. 853124

She can't get a bbl and boob surgery at the same time. You can't sit or put pressure on your butt for idk how long, which for most people would mean laying on their stomach, which she wouldn't be able to do after a reduction and implants. Is she going to have Maddie flop her from her left side to her right side for months? It's not realistic.

Getting implants put in is a different set of risks than the bbl, where the danger is the fat going into your bloodstream when they reinsert it into your butt and having a heart attack or stroke.

No. 853130

Thats literally what doctors do, anon. People like Bishoujomom are a good example of them doing it all at the same time.

No. 853133

Sadly most plastic surgeons don't give a shit. they're there to make money like everyone else. They will tell you about dangers and pretend to care but then quote you a price the same day. The only times I've seen them refuse is if they are pretty sure they will kill a patient or if something will fall off. Even then

No. 853134

Ok but what are the logistics of healing? Do you know that bishoujomom got everything done at once or did she just disappear for a while and come back with two procedures done?

No. 853137

File: 1631819731682.jpg (696.85 KB, 1333x2340, 21-09-16-12-13-07-166_deco.jpg)

This is the first result on google if you look up bbl and breast augmentation at the same time. Not saying she could't find some back alley butcher who would do both, but it very obviously doesn't make sense to do both at the same time for multiple reasons.

No. 853138

She didn't even disappear, she backlogged and made enough content that she wouldn't need to disappear. So while she was recovering from both surgeries she would post as normal or post collabs that hadn't been released yet

No. 853139

She got her bbl done before her boobs
But she never disappeared so I could see how it looks like she got it done at once
There was a small window of content between both procedures that would've shown the BBL before the boob job

No. 853145

Moo is such a fucking idiot. All this time of faking her glow up, faking exercising, and stuffing her face she really could've had the body she wanted if she really had a better diet and worked out all these years. Her life must be so unfulfilling since she refuses to work for any results and things MUST be done within like 2 days.

No. 853146

Isn't she on stimulants for ADHD? It's honestly astounding that she manages to stuff herself to this point on a medication that gets rid of hunger and the urge to binge

No. 853148

yeah it's known she abuses Adderall. Cocaine is just a rumor, and obviously weed. I feel like in Moo's case it doesn't matter if she takes drugs that takes away appetite. Moo eats even when she's not hungry and she def binge eats

No. 853150

Yes, she did. People do it all the time. Doctors suggest it too.

No. 853151

No, she didn't post for 2 months. Read the thread and follow all the cows or don't say anything.

No. 853153

As someone who has consulted for a reduction lift they honestly told me to get implants to replace the fullness towards the top of the boob, so I'm not shocked they told her the same thing. I am surprised she is going to actually go through with it.

No. 853155

I wonder if she's got a medication addiction and plastic surgery is how she gets legal prescriptions for meds. Janice Dickinson was pretty open about this when she went on Botched and got a surgery she didn't really need in order to get Dilaudid. It's 100% tinfoil right now, but I think that's part of the reason she gets back-to-back procedures.

No. 853156

No you could tell Janice was on the drugs and there have been lawsuits against the oxy people. Anons going on about opiods and stuff.. they have non addictive painkillers now, guys. This isn't the late 1980s or the mid 2000s when mixing surgeries wasnt optimal.

No. 853160


Not gonna happen anon the fat ass cow will never lose god damn weight look vamps she got abs for working an entire year because pandemic and this obese staying with excuses

No. 853162

File: 1631840267804.png (4.61 MB, 1242x2208, 9DC5212D-1205-453D-AD15-1DCF45…)

Who wants to take bets on what impulse tat got removed? I’m betting those ugly as fuck black band eyesores.

No. 853163

I've always said her "Archer" tattoo was looking a little spotty so maybe it's that one

No. 853168

It’s probably the Douma eyes one or whatever the red one was.

No. 853170

That's my bet too. I would say the black bars, but she'd need to get the cheese block removed too if she got those done

No. 853179

Going to be shocked if it's the DBZ one on her back

No. 853180

The pain is on the arm, so I hope it’s the cheese rose.

No. 853186

I’m gonna laugh if it’s the douma one, she got that ugly thing so recently. If it’s the black bands she’s in for several sessions, and they might never fade completely unless she’s planning to cover them up. Hilarious to watch someone live their life believing any mistakes can just be undone with surgery later.

No. 853188

Douma seems like the easiest one to remove and we made fun of how it looked like a retarded face how it was placed near her Fate tattoo.

Douma is my first guess. Cheese rose second guess. All her other tattoos are super bold and dark.

No. 853190

an anon last thread pointed out the crustiness of her fate tattoo >>849188 so it's probably that one and she's already had a session or two done on it

No. 853192

If it’s Douma, won’t removing her uwu husbando make her a fake fan?

No. 853194

god, could you imagine if her douma phase was over after she went and painted a wall in her studio after him.

No. 853196


Repainting a set wall is something that children can do, but her "douma wall" was also so incredibly vague and hot topic-y that it really doesn't even invoke him. Drippy red and black is not really a unique motif.

No. 853210

File: 1631884840431.jpg (56.69 KB, 720x418, 20210917_081956.jpg)

Info on her tiktok from the cow herself

No. 853213

My guess is the dragon ball back tattoo

No. 853216

Good to know she's planning to ban evade on there too. She's like a disease that you think you've beaten, yet it keeps returning.

No. 853230

File: 1631896103031.jpeg (49.01 KB, 1132x231, 3F105B3A-FCEA-4BFE-9BF1-48A841…)

Her mom seems really broken up about not being able to see her daughter pander porn to kids on TikTok.

No. 853240

She had to learn her scummy, jock worshipping, pick me behavior from somewhere.

No. 853241

Kind of shocked she even admitted to this. Am very curious which tattoo it is, also sus she hasn’t mentioned it yet too.

No. 853242

I'm not shocked, it has nothing to do with body positivity and pretending she's doing something instead of surgeries and lipo.

No. 853246

It would be hard to miss as well though. Tattoo removal scars are obvious unless she's doing reconstructive lasering after as well or getting it covered up. In-person you'll see where the burning was, especially if it's one of the darker tattoos like the bands or or writing.

No. 853255

God her mom is such a piece of shit

No. 853262

makes me believe Moo's BS lies that she does give her mom money kek

No. 853264

can't be the DBZ one, she's talking about her arm

that leaves archer, douma eyes, and the ugly black bands + cheese rose

I'm placing my bet onnnnn…. archer

No. 853282

The cheese rose and the archer one would be the most likely, given how easily they could be removed without scarring. The black bands would be multiple sessions and leave absolutely terrible scarring until being treated afterward.

No. 853287

File: 1631926587654.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1841, BDE4413B-9EB9-4987-9E43-2EEFB7…)

Sure Mariah..

No. 853302

File: 1631936606941.jpeg (602.8 KB, 746x1184, 03AA0E79-ED2C-4C9F-9E36-A7CAA0…)

No wonder she wants a breast lift. She knows she has a saggy mom bod

No. 853303

all those filters and she still doesn't look human

No. 853304

File: 1631936792829.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 492053D7-ACC1-4B17-B19F-FFD638…)

Filter working overtime warping that room to slim her down.

No. 853305

Admitting she totally sucked at the gym, getting rid of a tattoo everyone said looks like shit, and posting about how old she looks?

Seems like she’s at a real low point.
Maybe getting rid of her nasty tattoo is the beginning of actual self improvement.

No. 853306

I feel so bad for tattoo sensei because he kept telling Moo several times her tattoos would look stupid and he wouldn't do an impulse idea that will look like shit

No. 853307

File: 1631938623967.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 8FB673D9-8A1D-4346-8848-C2F0AC…)


No. 853308

training until muscle failure is a valid thing, but I doubt she’s lifting correctly and she sure as hell isn’t getting results lol

No. 853309

you guys think she ever has mental breakdowns when she takes a glimps at her reflection in a mirror or surface without her phone?

No. 853310

Wait, is she saying the fat build up in her legs are quads? No Moo, you had so much Lipo done the fat needed a place to be stored. This is going to be as iconic as "those are just my work out lines"

No. 853311

Spiritual awakening or the realization she’s a total trash fire both physically and mentally?
Wait this is moo. She’s incapable of self reflection so who’s she thirsting over that said oh hell no?

No. 853312

File: 1631939495492.webm (2.12 MB, 720x1440, 20210918_002507_edited.webm)

No. 853313

so is she deleting the comments saying it's just fat oooor?
Cuz we all saw the tennis candids Moo

No. 853314

Imagine scrolling through your feed and seeing actually fit women and then Moo's lard ass all of a sudden. I totally understand now why she wants a BBL. I have this mental image of her scurrying into the gym to take pics in the locker room when it's empty and then shuffling out hoping no one sees her. Get yourself an ass Moo; watching you botch he aftercare will be hilarious.

No. 853315

what I find funny is most people who show off their muscles show bare skin. Moo is such a bloody coward she can only do it with a slimming filter and compression gear on. If she was really proud she would show off her cellulite and her jiggle, but then she would have to admit it's fat, not muscle

No. 853316

Just get a BBL already this is fucking sad

No. 853319

File: 1631944068613.jpeg (169.54 KB, 1284x608, 6A6E08F2-7A2B-4671-87BD-CA53D4…)

I would love to have whatever strain of weed she’s smoking.

No. 853321

Is she really equating her dad's flat muscle ass from body building shows to her ass and saying it looks like that because it's all muscle?? Jesus what the hell IS she smoking??

No. 853322


She's so delusional to think she's fooling anyone with these gym posts with no videos of her actually lifting.

No. 853323

She's going to delete this all by morning. It's embarrassing she's calling 300 pounds of fat as all muscle

No. 853325

I thought her boobs were a baby beer gut stomach until I saw the video

No. 853332

If she ever wakes up from her delusions, the sheer embarrassment of trying to claim that gelatinous lumpy mass as “muscle” will probably give her a fatal aneurysm.

No. 853341

File: 1631966384183.jpeg (203.65 KB, 1242x1973, 8E11B446-0D8F-431D-81F1-27DF24…)

Here we go… again.

No. 853345

just once, I want a ban to stick. Just once

No. 853353

I don't know. Mariah constantly having to panic if this ban would stick or not is pretty funny. Plus the twitter one stuck, it's just no one cares enough to report her ban evading 'art' twitter.

No. 853357

I wish her million account stays shut down like all the other thots

No. 853358

More like they can't prove its her

No. 853360

Yep, but unfortunately, no ban will stick she gets away with everything which is why she's so insufferable.

No. 853361

Her tiktok has yet to come back so there’s a chance.

No. 853362

She has about 6 other instagrams though, so not like it matters.

No. 853371

M U S C L E???


No. 853385

File: 1631990534737.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2137, 147B74A2-D7BD-41DA-A9F7-57EB44…)

Well this is a new excuse. Haven’t heard this one yet the previous times it went down (mostly due to her deactivating it for vacation/lipo).

No. 853386

this fat girl cope kek this truly is another level of embaressing. Like we can't see the literal blobs of fat misshaping her legs as it desperately fights for air against her compression leggings. Also that knee fat fold.

No. 853387

File: 1631990737733.png (846.2 KB, 1688x1800, 7E3B8030-2050-4EAF-9B08-E7EBBA…)

>if not, oh well
I don’t believe she had the same attitude last time this happened. Just lots of flexing about her “lawyers” getting it fixed. The “verification” thing sounds fishy because it’s coming from her.

No. 853390

Holy shit..she is so retarded.

I know you're lurking here, mooriah, No platform with a verification system WILL TAKE YOUR PROFILE DOWN TO VERIFY, IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

No. 853394

the thing is… her tits aren't big. they're just long.

No. 853405

swing low, sweet chariots they are loooool

No. 853406

And it happens fast too. Some people go to bed and wake up and they have a blue check. Moo is dumb as fuck and no, their Facebook team for this is over in Menlo Park, Moo. Not fucking Germany for this.

No. 853408

File: 1632003166950.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1772, 9F983333-56BB-485A-A7A9-7217C6…)

lol Mariah doesn’t qualify for verification anyway with the way she constantly lies and breaks ToS. Not to mention any article that mentions her cosplay in a positive light is paid for by her.

No. 853435

File: 1632023664679.jpeg (980.45 KB, 1242x1727, 6AF8E24E-8426-43AA-BEF7-DCEE28…)

Looks like hot garbage

No. 853441


Lol ok AliExpress couture

No. 853444

File: 1632029958205.jpeg (322.59 KB, 1206x866, 0D702610-6E30-42E5-97FD-059A7D…)

Samefag but which is it Mariah? Is it down temporarily? A glitch? Verification? It can’t be all of them, Moo. But it’s all good because now has friends at Facebook! I’m sure your crack team of lawyers are hurt they didn’t get a mention this time.

No. 853446

Some simp probably works at FB and he told her he would help so she just ran with it kek.

No. 853447

lillee jean got verified somehow so it's not fool proof…

No. 853449

The weird “ahaha” is throwing me off. Like that’s not her usual typing style. Is Maddie playing secretary now and replying to all of Moos sock accounts?

No. 853450

So you guys are either girls or gay guys right? im not the biggest fan of this chick, but how many years has this been going on? you guys better not be straight men cause this is some weak shit indeed. like pathetic angry little boy level type shit. carry on.

No. 853454

Moos not going to fuck you no matter how hard you try on the internet. Even at her ham planet size she still has unrealistic high standards.

No. 853456


lolcow is primarily a website for women to gossip about and document shitty people. Mariah is, from beginning of her saga to current day, one of the actual worst people with a thread on this site. Even straight men are repulsed by Mariah now; her only admirers are full blown pornsick coomers and indian men.

No. 853458

Oh yes because only men can hate women. Go take your WlW girl unity bullshit back to tumblr.

No. 853483

She always types like this anon. It’s been shown in countless screenshots.

No. 853518

Did she fire her multiple lawyers??

No. 853519

I'm a straight dude and I'd fuck momokun as long as she had a paper bag on her head or sum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853521

kill yourself

No. 853524

File: 1632082399427.jpg (837.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210919-151238_Ins…)

Both busted

No. 853525

lmao y

No. 853529

go commit unalive

No. 853530

shut the fuck up and do it already

No. 853536

Happy 45th birthday Moo!

No. 853540

File: 1632086624339.jpg (32.2 KB, 720x318, cd9e37699d0ce8ed979aedd327a014…)

She was screeching about how her teeth cost the equivalent of a down payment on a house recently and yet they resemble chewing gum.

No. 853547

Dawg it’s not my fault that even though he keeps trying to Michael Jackson herself she’s still got big tits and thick legs. I’m not even into fat chicks but those hips in those tits in that cheap cosplay is always gonna be hot

No. 853548

I love how umbran always posts the unshooped goods.

No. 853549

File: 1632090389382.jpg (44.58 KB, 324x722, g2oUvhf.jpg)

Mariah forgot to let her friends know that they need to shoop the skinny girl body and not let her backtits flop out

No. 853550

File: 1632090465265.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.16 KB, 828x543, wo25tVe.jpg)

No. 853553

File: 1632092147431.png (1.63 MB, 1800x1206, E6AC026A-C6A9-4138-953F-9DBAC6…)

I love that this is the first comment to show up on that post.

No. 853554

File: 1632092414781.png (1.55 MB, 523x1800, D76CB897-2330-48ED-9E08-10BEBF…)

It’s amazing that she’s gotten just enough lipo to zip up those shorts finally! (Since she didn’t bother during the Cindy shoot on the beach) Too bad she still looks like a fat stump lol

No. 853555

why havent you killed yourself yet

No. 853558

File: 1632093184672.jpeg (427.84 KB, 695x1462, CCA715A5-85F6-4257-AE1C-8C5B6F…)

Holy shit those sloppily edited backtits… I can’t unsee this.

No. 853559

she re filled her lips right after getting them dissolved

No. 853560

they may shop her enough to get a waist but her head size always gives her real weight away. Girl is def over 300

No. 853562

File: 1632096685038.jpg (10.62 KB, 210x240, unnamed.jpg)

No. 853573

I hate how accurate the comparisons to Spike are. She thinks she’s doing the cute squinting look but it always comes off as her looking blitzed AF.

No. 853574

This some weird as planet of the apes uncanny valley bullshit going on with her face. Like one of those coomer 3D animations. Asshole lips…. just.. Omgggg this is not good at all lol.

No. 853575

I always wondered if the squinty eye thing is cuz they're swollen cuz of poor diet, the fillers migrating or her trying to look more asian or all of the above

No. 853588

she’s trying to look like lucoa, who has her eyes closed all the time in the anime. it just translates horribly in real life.

No. 853589

File: 1632107830574.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1742, 2EAD7B79-F52A-41AA-B20B-4B8B18…)


No. 853590

File: 1632108024589.jpeg (580.35 KB, 1242x1369, 7D99FD68-ADAD-4CF4-8E85-6F6EFF…)

No. 853594

Moo's mom is in this and still looks younger than her and that says alot.

No. 853613

File: 1632118045488.jpeg (318.05 KB, 1242x625, 93844A8A-6DA2-4FC9-88E4-81BD36…)

Would you look at that. It’s back and on her birthday no less. Shocking…
But still not verified lol

No. 853622

I swear to fucking god this bitch lives in compression leggings.

No. 853623

three words

Ingrown leg hairs

No. 853631

Sage ur posts if youre going to say dumb shit like that
Mariah deserves infinite hate.
Extortion, scamming, sexual assault, harassment. Pick.
Also straight men are allowed to hate her for what she’s done. She shouldn’t have a platform.

No. 853640

File: 1632142888175.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.93 KB, 282x526, 5737807B-B222-4937-AA54-9E66E2…)

Hee fucking hee. That nose is getting worse by the day. I wake up and bam she’s looking like Lord Moldy Butt.

I know her pay pigs are lazy eyed losers with bottle base glasses, but who is she fooling. Is she trying to convince the world it’s not fat but that she’s shaped naturally like a track cyclist?

No. 853644

File: 1632144702481.jpg (186.79 KB, 720x1175, 20210920_082300.jpg)

Who is she trying to fool by saying this? Wasn't her nose job considered medical? I stg this bitch would get all the plastic surgery in the world and go to her grave denying she only ever got 5 "cosmetic procedures." This cow absolutely HATES when people call her out on her bullshit lmao

No. 853647

jesus go back and read past threads. her surgery wasn’t considered medical????? vamps was.

No. 853650

man I love it when her paypig scrotes come in here and just say the most awful shit about her, really puts her existence to her own fans into perspective.

No. 853662

Now we're going to hear how she was an olympic level archer. That her arms are huge not cuz of fat but from RIPPED arm muscles from pulling the bow

No. 853666

File: 1632154104471.jpg (61.5 KB, 600x267, what.jpg)

what on earth is she on about

No. 853668

She's just high and letting her homophobia flow. Though why does she care? Correct me if I'm wrong but most of the important characters are underage right?

No. 853669

It's an anime, who cares? And wasn't she into attack on titan?

No. 853672

File: 1632157044651.jpeg (522.08 KB, 1242x1448, E1DA82F9-9607-4EA9-9AA4-46FFD8…)

Mariah deleted the rest of her and the other person’s comments besides these. I get why she’s is a paranoid asshole but to take it out on someone showing concern is a dick move. If she’s “so unbothered” and “spiritually enlightened” as she always claims to be, then fucking let it go. But no, Moo always needs to clap back.

No. 853678

I've been on these thread since the first 10. And we know Moo lies all the fucking time saying stupid shit like this. If the nose job was invasive enough it goes past being cosmetic and she was sketchy that entire time she was recovering and talking about it. The fact that she thinks going under the knife doesn't contribute to her shitty mental and physical state is why I posted it in the first place. Just showing her being more delusional as per usual.

No. 853680

She had to make her nose job extra weird by saying it wasn't a racial thing as well. Which is weird cuz she still looks like a whiter version of Snookie

No. 853681

Both Momokun and this meow chick are cringe as fuck. It’s Momokunt’s responsibility to wear masks still despite covid numbers dropping and most of america being vaccinated? like sorry your island life sucks but super pro mask people are fucking freaks. And Moo is retarded for even pretending to give a shit to make herself look good

No. 853685

Mariah’s birthday was yesterday and barely got any happy birthdays. Square, Collette, Martin Wong who she’s been working with, Liz Rage, Nami, Mizzimie, tattoo artists whatever their names are and whoever else and all the other people that kiss her ass randomly through the year to climb the ladder all “missed” the occasion to wish her happy birthday. I know you lurk here Mariah. We told you money can’t buy friends. Look at you now, 26 and no one gave a fuck lol esp Ms. Vamplettes your bestie

No. 853687

Well Moo was a piece of shit to all of them tbh. Though now that you mentioned it Moo will now pay her "friends" to party with her and say "Yeah we couldn't celebrate because everyone was so busy. Especially me."

No. 853688

You've not heard of any of the covid variants or the fact some people can't get vaccinated because they're allergic to stuff used in the vaccines have you?

No. 853691

Moo has no medical issue. Stfu anon. Go fight about covid vaccines and exemptions in /ot/. This isn't about the other people she was with. It's about moo making excuses and just not caring like all other assholes like James Charles and Trisha.

No. 853698

Being vaccinated makes any chance of getting the variants slim and the chances of you dying of a variant while vaccinated is slim to none. You seriously expect the entire planet to wear masks for immune compromised people and anti vaxx people? If that’s the case, why weren’t you sanitizing every single surface for them prior to covid? I’ll take my ban for derailment, but this logic is just as retarded as moo and all the other phonies who act like they ever really gave a shit about the pandemic

No. 853699

NTA but
>If that’s the case, why weren’t you sanitizing every single surface for them prior to covid?
Because prior to covid, we already got shots for anything dangerous, e.g flu shots every season, many are already vaccinated, most food place etc already wiped shit down if they weren't a hole in the wall. Asian countries already wore masks for decades without issue, it's only western cultures that politicized it.

No. 853700

Same anon you replied to, my point about sanitizing things for the immune compromised prior to covid was comparing how pro mask people expect everyone even the vaccinated to continue wearing their masks in order to protect those at risk people. When in reality it should be those people wearing the masks and the face shields and gloves and shit because they’re the ones who actually need them at this point, not healthy vaccinated people. Also, while I agree here in the west masks were politicized, I also think those who aren’t easily swayed by shit are approaching things logically and most people aren’t wearing masks because they’re vaccinated and not necessary no matter how much the news fearmongers. In eastern countries mask wearing is more commonplace due to a variety of reasons, I’d argue the most common reason is horrible air pollution. This meow person commenting on moo’s stupid Instagram about her “dangerous” party in September 2021 is simply just wrong. If this was a party during September 2020 id say her fear was a lot more understandable. Momokunt doesn’t care either way, she is just looking to put on a facade of a caring person but we all see through it

No. 853703

Shut the fuck up about masks, we get that you don't understand how it works or care about anyone other than yourself. This is a Moo thread, not a place for you to preach.

No. 853706

Don't you have an anti-vax rally to attend?

No. 853707


Why did she edit her nipples to be neon pink? No one has neon pink nips, Mariah. Get a new photo editor.

No. 853717

File: 1632180530949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.61 KB, 850x1280, 5v6TusZ.jpg)

No. 853719

Kek the blurring is maxed out. They may as well copy and pasted someone else’s ass onto her own with how blurry it is.

This is probably what it takes though to make her blackheads and brown crackstain to vanish.

No. 853720

File: 1632180901505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.41 KB, 841x1255, hQUIsDG.jpg)

No. 853724

File: 1632182184631.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 596.48 KB, 1092x1495, 7B87CB5A-1F96-499C-9929-E29F15…)

How much is she charging for these sets? This editing is atrocious. Release the raws Mariah, don’t be a coward.

No. 853730

It's basically a digital painting it's so far removed from what she actually looks like.

No. 853737

Her ass needed so much blur compared to the James Charles lookalike's next to hers.

She looks like she's wearing a mask and being held at gunpoint. Those are some sad titties.

No. 853742

Nitpick but god couldn’t they have wiped the bottom on their shoes for a picture. Like.. did they wear these shoes outside or is the studio that fucking dirty lol

No. 853743

Martin is a hack. These are horrible.

No. 853748

She's traded one shitty shoop photographer for another. She's also made it evident with her recent stories that she's editing some of these sets herself. Pretty pathetic

No. 853750

Omg yes, bring the saga of bad self-editing like Ivydoomkitty. I can't wait to see how horrible facetuned she makes stuff. She's better off sending her photos to a simp to edit if that's the case.

No. 853764

For sure, but I'd like to believe after all the editing her down to 200 pounds he just didn't care anymore. Can you imagine the brain rot from having to stare at her unedited mess for hours on end to shop? If's there hell for photographers I'd like to believe it's editing Moo

No. 853766

>the L on the chalkboard

No. 853769

File: 1632198718670.jpeg (560.57 KB, 750x1244, 5FCB4E7B-5A6A-41A8-B4E8-E88FAC…)

I just rly want to know who’s paying for this?
Like how is she a millionaire, how is she 0.1 on OF
are coombrains rlly that deranged?

No. 853778

File: 1632206319890.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.09 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210921-013724_Chr…)

I can't anymore. This angle was so horrible she couldn't ride it without looking like she inverted her buttcheeks so she switch to a different angle.

No. 853779

because a lot of her following are into her BECAUSE she's deteriorating. It's the same reason why ohmystephanie has a following.

Its the people who love to see costhots ESPECIALLY like momo who claimed that she would NEVER do nudes (to the point that at one point in a hinata she claimed would be topless shoot she used fake nipples) and then she would NEVER do sex work etc etc etc and see her degrade herself every time her numbers start to drop.

There's also a portion of men who specifically back ugly women because they're more 'attainable'. Momo will respond to random neckbeards much more than the more aesthetically pleasing/skinnier costhots.

Also momo will never be a 'millionaire' lets not play ourselves.

We KNOW if she ever had a million dollars or more in savings she would brag about being a millionaire. She pisses away her money too fast for that.

No. 853780

File: 1632207350405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210921-015309_Pho…)

No. 853782

elephant ass

No. 853783

Please god tell me she isn’t doing this in the studio lol. That would be one very lousy advertisement for it and I doubt she sanitized that seat afterwards. Not to mention the smell that I’m sure lingers there.
Her fucking concave ass is hilarious. I hope she caves and gets a BBL just so we can see how badly she fucks up aftercare.

No. 853784

I genuinely don't understand how anyone gets off to her vids, past Momo being, y'know, Momo. She doesn't have the slightest idea on how to be naturally sexy and it's so tragic considering she has for the most part made sex work and thotty cosplay her lifestyle and the music in this latest video was corny as fuck. Even if you want to be generous and look past the fact that she's a walking train wreck, she picks the shittiest angles and she likes to THINK she's kinky, but she isn't at all. She has as much worth as an unsalted and stale Ritz cracker. Somebody stop her.

No. 853790

What people need to understand is NO ONE is paying for her shit tier pics and videos, it's what she gives out. Men are horny at the end of the day so they don't care.

No. 853793

Christ Jesus what the fuck is this misshapen hag? The old woman in The Shining looked better…

No. 853797

She really needs a skin care routine for her ass.
She was showing off her $100 sunscreen not long ago, she could afford an exfoliating cream specifically for her ass.
She also needs to stop wearing so much compression gear. The rubbing and sweat are probably partially to blame for this mess.

No. 853807

She looks dead behind the eyes.
This is not the face of someone enjoying what they do.

No. 853809

>This is not the face of someone enjoying what they do.
always has been

No. 853830

She's also so desperate for validation she panders to it. She feeds off of their humilation and degredation kinks. Moo is into being treated like trash.

No. 853836

That's just her ugly face. The fillers don't help as she can barely move her face now as seen in >>853524 only her mouth moves and her mouth is botched with Hillary Duff 2003 horse teeth and inflated mishapen lips. If she ever gets in another relationship, it's going to be with a shitty person the same way Trisha is with Moses.

No. 853842

this is what 300 pounds of pure power lifting muscle looks like

No. 853854

also her diet probably has a lot to do with it, if you eat like shit ur body is gonna look like shit

No. 853860

File: 1632251045912.png (2.6 MB, 1800x1032, 41B44155-3B81-440B-8704-E1AEBC…)

Stay in school kids
It doesn’t seem that there will be an end to her endless spending on useless shit for this money pit. And the more she pays that Painted Gypsy hack to finger paint all over the place, the worse it gets. I’m kinda laughing at how I immediately know from that shit that Moo has no idea what constitutes as “cyberpunk”. But sure, let’s throw some circuitry looking shit here and call it a day.

No. 853862


I’m sure they haven’t gotten any actual attention past the neck beards that want to sniff everything.

No. 853863

Kek that “cyberpunk” shit looks like any IT room in an office. Stupid bitch doesn’t have an eye for this shit. She should have hired a designer.

No. 853873

Why is she trying to sell an armoire as some kind of luxury amenity and not an expected component of a cosplay shoot? People need somewhere to put their stuff. She really is hyping up this glorified cam girl hovel/brothel like it's not a dingy office space slathered in mediocre murals.

No. 853874

Samefag but I’d be embarrassed to be promoting a business while typing like a high school dropout. Smart phones have spell check, Mariah. Use it.

lol hire someone who knows what they’re doing and will most likely quit after Mariah butts heads with them over her shit taste and inability to be flexible? That’s just silly. You just know it’s a "black band tat" scenario but on a larger scale.

No. 853875

lmao this is 100% the studio

I don't imagine anything other than porn will be filmed here: Can't wait till she rents it out to some shady company to film a gangbang and they end up putting tarps over the tacky "sets"

No. 853876

this is the same woman who bought cheap ikea chairs, placed it in an empty room and said it was a luxury sitting room
This studio is going to be just for her to rub her unwiped asshole all over and to flex to any potential "friends" or boys she wants to impress.

No. 853877

Is she using the utilities room as…a set? Because that definitely looks like a fuse box/network hub. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or amused that she's using it as a set

No. 853878

“Come on down to mooriahs discount den of depravity! With our network of 57 hidden cameras (just like them big Japanese porn sites!) we guarantee you won’t miss any of the action filming your next adult movie or wedding night! Located off Wayne Newton Drive next to the airports fuel dump, we cater to your every low budget need! From
Water in the sink for the flutters
To water in the fridge for the “talent” and our eco friendly earth warrior recycled lube dispensers it’s one stop for all your sexy time needs!”
- future ad on late night local cable access channels in Clark county.

No. 853881

So question. If Moo is making, selling and encouraging other girls to make porn at this location (aka brothel/porn house) can't she land herself in some deep shit?
As far as I'm concerned you have to be a licensed brother to produce porn at a business in Vegas

No. 853883

She's not licensed to do it, so yes, she can all it takes is enough reports. It's also a health hazard and yes you have to be registered to shoot AND sell porn from a location.

No. 853885

I guess we know the real reason why Moo wont open this up to the public yet. She has to hide the real business name and address from the public so people don't report her. But this is all sketchy as fuck

No. 853888

It most definitely is a health hazard, I agree. How much do people want to bet she didn’t clean the seat in >>853780 after sitting her bare ass on it? (I mean at this point it should be disassembled and burned)

I doubt Moo looked far enough ahead to know what she was doing (is doing) is potentially illegal. This place is never going to open to the public at this point as it’s already got the funk of her moldy body lingering in every room she’s shot porn in. If it does even open, I can’t wait to see the reviews roll in that she will have no control over.

No. 853891

File: 1632259292350.jpg (51.77 KB, 1378x774, QNl4Oq4.jpg)

I can't even find a business license under her name or her business name anywhere so probably no.
Again, I can find Eminence Management but her name is not mentioned.

Anons failed to mention half her video is blurred out like this and she sold this as a fucking product I'm losing it

No. 853892

File: 1632259603883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.06 KB, 1120x766, 5a70FJ2.jpg)

Not safe for life

No. 853893

What she could be doing for all her businesses is putting someone else's name on it so if there is trouble they will take the fall. However I'm sure that's illegal because she is gathering taxes on it. We might see an Onision situation in the future

No. 853894

While I don't care for her porn etc, I absolutely LOVE how BARELY a few years ago she said she'd NEVER do shit like this because she's "above it and doesn't need to."

No. 853895

she would even take time out of her day to shit on cam girls and sex workers. Knowing Moo, she still thinks she's better than them because "It's not porn it's cosplay"

No. 853897

File: 1632260016902.jpg (19.31 KB, 505x476, W2PztXe.jpg)

The skin of a health kween

True, because it does seem like Moo would put it under someone else so she can get away with whatever. At least its not any family member she can throw a stick at, locally.

No. 853898

are…are those ass pimples? she's fucking gigantic too

No. 853899

Since Mariah has a documented history of never taking responsibility for anything in her life… ever. I’d believe she would do something like this for sure. Someone else always takes the fall for her crap if she doesn’t just flat out get away with it first.

No. 853900

Let's see if she goes through with anything for her new launch in October. I thought you had to apply for these types of things in advance? I don't know.

No. 853901

If you remember her first business flop was her clothing line with Vamps. It was a Peach with a lil devil wing and tail. She claimed it was hers but it was under Vamps name. So when it failed it would have effected Vamps credit and Vamps would take all the shit. Even if Moo helped her by giving her cash it was still a POS move.

I'm sure the current idiot taking the fall for Moo is Maddie

No. 853903

Oh yeah, “peachy koumori” or whatever it was called. That dissolved extremely fast. And yeah, Maddie is already in too deep since Moo has advertised that Maddie is using the studio as a storefront to sell her wigs.

No. 853904

which is… weird? Maddie sells her wigs online, there is no need for her to have a physical store. So it's possible Moo manipulated Maddie to put her name on the business. Big oof

And Moo wonders why she has no friends

No. 853906

File: 1632263670623.jpg (47.7 KB, 524x928, uQzDG5v.jpg)

Her Archer tattoo is being removed

No. 853908

She didnt even sanitize the area after

No. 853911

The one that looked like a winking smiley face? What a surprise. Has she said why she’s removing it on any of her social media?

No. 853915

File: 1632266704345.jpg (479.29 KB, 1439x2105, Screenshot_20210921-154911_Chr…)

It's probably under her LLC

No. 853916

I'm so confused why, what did fate do to her

No. 853927

Weird that she has another P.O. Box so far from her side of town but not near the studio.
She has a new flavor of the month husbando now. I wonder if it ever occurred to her that tattoos aren’t interchangeable to keep up with whatever obsession she currently has.

No. 853935

Honestly she probably put down sex workers because she had such low self esteem with her saggy weird tits, pimple ridden ass, and dead looking vagina. I'm convinced if shevlooked better naked and not shopped to hell, she would have being doing porn way sooner.

No. 853936

Lol not only am I not interested in momo but she’s not a difficult type to have fun with at a bar or party. Calling a chick who looks like that unattainable raises red flags on what you might look like.

No. 853937

ooo ur an angry lil boy huh :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853965

File: 1632287436498.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, 4D9B9EA8-5B54-4F59-8923-029FD3…)

I’m sure that poor bastard was held hostage by the “beast with many stomachs” a.k.a. Moo.

No. 853966

She's not involved in the eminence management thing

No. 853968

She is. She was posted as a "model" before it was deleted on their insta.

No. 853971

Jesus christ, it looks like she has fucking chicken pox on her ass. How does assne even get that bad?

No. 853977

She lives in compression leggings, your skin had a hard time "breathing" in those, and sweat gets spread around and trapped when she hoofs it downstairs for third breakfast, ergo assne.

No. 853986

She should be getting rid of the cheese and black bars instead, they're objectively way worse. At least an anime tattoo is on brand for her.

No. 853989

I wonder if she's getting it removed because kinpatsu cosplay has been talking about her tattoo removal for the last couple months lol

No. 853990

Do you even have to wonder when it comes to ms copy literally everything every one else successful does so I can do it better momokun?

No. 853991

There truly isn't an original bone in her body

No. 853995

Even here her ass is just tiny and the ginormous mass is her thigh fat. Bitch be looking like the cave troll in LOTR.

No. 853998

Isn't black ink (perhaps ironically) the easiest to remove? It's going to horribly painful trying to remove that dark red. What a stupid bitch, lmao.

No. 853999

Yep, as black ink doesn't need to penetrate too deeply.

No. 854001

I'm genuinely surprised it's the archer tattoo and not the saiyan one or whatever it was on her neck.
Guess her tattoo phase must be over. A shame, I was looking forward to her arm of black bands and cheese blocks.

After 123 threads, you'd think people would realise she has zero sense of hygiene

No. 854020

her nose is so botched I almost feel bad for her. her nostrils look especially weird in the lucoa set that they're all I can see. her previous nose wasn't even that huge considering her size and it suited her face. I bet vamplettes and her friends laugh at moo behind her back for trying to one up vamps and ended up with a botched nose job instead. if moo's ego isn't too big to admit that her new nose looks ugly, she could get another surgery to fix it. very unlikely though as she'd rather try to hypnotize herself into believing her new nose is better

No. 854037

Question: was Moo's insta locked so they can blue check her profile? Because SSSniperWolf has one now and it wasn't there before. Now she's desperate for one too? Weird

No. 854038

No, verification doesn't work that way. They probably suspended her when they reviewed her and still denied it.

No. 854045

I was wondering this because of the whole copycat thing she does with friends. Makes sense

No. 854049

Absolutely. She probably gets them from unhealthy eating with constant over tight leggings combined with never changing or washing them and always sitting on her ass. Even less could cause breakouts

No. 854052

I don't think she's over tattoos in general, I think it's more that she got sick of Fate and is trying to erase that phase from her life. Literally all her interests are shallow as a puddle, just like her personality. She doesn't truly care about any of the anime or shows she claims to be into, even when she's parading around with a gross plushie or draws shotacon of some character it's more about the attention and showing off than her truly caring. Pure histrionics with her, all the time.

No. 854055

That and she was only into fate cuz a guy she liked was into it, then she tried fucking a cosplayer and it didn't work out for her.

Her current anime obsession is already fading fast. Though I'm confused cuz at least the last guy she got into a fandom for was straight. She went off the deep end for that gay Douma cosplayer. I guess it's her ultimate fantasy to fuck a gay guy cuz it means she's that hot

No. 854061


She looks like this in person but calls prettier women transgendered and ugly? I would be jealous too if I was a bleached whale :3(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 854082

Moo doesn't go after people and call them trans as a common thing. Im trying to think of a time and did that. She just says she doesn't want short hair or she looks like a dyke.

No. 854096

honestly it's probably because we kept making fun of her fate tattoo combined with the douma tattoo looking like a smiley emoji. she is still into douma right now so between the two she chose to get the fate one removed

No. 854101

She just has bad taste

No. 854102

File: 1632375859884.jpeg (11.47 KB, 480x360, amazing-atheist.jpeg)

Does anyone here remember our potassium-filled friend, T.J. Kirk/Terroja Lee Kincaid?

No. 854105

no, but i remember when people fucking saged their shit

No. 854109

She gets this stuff when she's high on the adrenaline of a series she feels sooooo kinned with. It's retarded, juvenile, and a waste of time. She's burning her skin to get something permanent removed, and she barely has any tattoos to begin with. I'm not shocked she did it. I was wondering which one was going to be first. I'm surprised she hasn't touched up the one on her neck. It's old and crusty looking, just like her. She probably will, now that it's in the thread.

No. 854111


No. 854112

This is so stupid because it doesn't even make sense. That's a seat? I can't think of who would think that's sexy. Moo is going to shoot nude and ugly all over this place and it's going to show in how gross the stuff is. Moo is the type of person to think "I'll do it later" and it never gets done and her dumbass will probablt try to hire a cleaning crew, like get her maids to come here too, but commercial cleaning is much, much different than house cleaning and a lot of places won't clean stupid stuff like gym equiptment.

No. 854180

File: 1632431361895.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2142, 0E2BAFFB-DEE5-4359-B890-61BC5D…)

This is looking absolutely terrible.

No. 854188

What is she killing, artistic integrity?

No. 854192

File: 1632437408728.jpg (2.91 MB, 3840x5760, mNVX0UW.jpg)

No. 854193

Holy shit look at those cankles

No. 854194

Oof. This looks like the cover of those vintage “gilf” pornos where the actresses are well passed 70. How is this bitch in her 20s? She’s torn up from the floor up.

Stop it now, Mariah. You’re downhill fast and no amount of plastic surgery or lipo is going to fix the damage you’ve done to yourself. If you had a working brain cell you’d give up now and try to leave with whatever grace you can muster.

No. 854195

Is this a still from a video??? It must be because I can't fathom how on earth someone would willingly upload a picture like this, with their ass looking like…. that

No. 854196

No. 854198

Best part? That shot lasts LITERALLY seconds.
If her paypigs stopped thinking with their dicks they literally could report her for the quality of what she's charging because she's bait and switching.

No. 854199

File: 1632439443461.jpg (8.55 KB, 250x142, Beetlejuice_1-800x453.jpg)

Why in god's name is her head so tiny…

No. 854200

This doesn't look remotely like cyberpunk.

The bigger she gets, the smaller her hands and head are. She's turning into a peanut-headed obese t-rex. She makes all this money, but her hair always looks like a mess. It's like the time when her extensions were completely matted.

No. 854201

She looks like that troon they put on playboy a while back and they made him wear sneakers and socks to hide his man feet.

No. 854202


Those roller skates seriously are abused.

No. 854208

Remember when we thought it was hilarious when she couldn’t even lace up knee high boots without her leg fat spilling out of it? Now she can’t even lace shoes up to her ankle without it looking like it’s going to burst. How is this not a wake up call to her? It looks like blood circulation has been cut off from her feet.

No. 854209

She's probably in pain from those socks cutting off her circulation kek

No. 854210

She looks like fat SSsniperwolf.

No. 854212

She lowkey skinwalks her. Sniperwolf must be everything she wants to be if you think about it

No. 854214

File: 1632448442390.jpg (1.38 MB, 1495x2340, saydoyourememberspankinginsept…)

I have never browsed her IG but it makes sense that Moo wants to skinwalk someone who got six figure likes when she posted regularly. Gotta love friends bringing the candid content. This was only a year ago, the catfishing has gotten out of control.
Is Lia one of those people who keeps around fatties to look smaller in photos?

No. 854218

File: 1632453116518.jpg (21.64 KB, 422x90, doubt.jpg)

Apparently the studios opening in October now. Can't wait till it gets pushed back to november, then december, etc

can't believe they're using the breaker room as a set, that's gotta be a safety violation.

all three people in the back are completely indistinguishable from each other.
>Is Lia one of those people who keeps around fatties to look smaller in photos?

No. 854220

Her hand and head are so tiny. Whoever is editing her clearly has no idea what to do with her mass. If they wanna make her weight more believable they need to make her head bigger

No. 854224

Omg wtf is up with her nose?? They shaped it ALL the way up to the brow? Really? It's so triangular and wide. It almost looks transplanted on!

No. 854225

Snipe edited her ass bigger and rounded out. She didn't touch anyone else lol

No. 854227

Speaking of SSsniperwolf I recall she gave Maddie rollerblades for Christmas last year. It gets deeper. Kek

No. 854229

If I recall Moo is pretty average. Like 5'4 or 5'5.

No. 854232

I think the SSSniperwolf skinwalking suits her

No. 854233

Sssniperwolf really out here surrounding herself with ugly people

No. 854274

I mean, shes not clean either. Her nose/tit job did wonders for that youtube career

No. 854276


No. 854288

No. 854290

Can you just upload it or something? A lot of anons don't want to click links.

No. 854292

Are those ingrown hairs, or pimples?
Either way that looks vile. I’ve never seen a pussy connect to the ass like that before, it’s like one massive gape

No. 854293

Completely lost my shit at her vacum pumping her pussy through the shorts.

I'm seriously leaning on the fact that she might be asexual? I mean, she absolutely doesn't look like she's into anything sexual she's doing, most of the time she just looks bored.

No. 854298

I'm so upset at myself for being curious enough to watch… I want to bleach my fucking eyes. Between her pimple infested ass and her arms bigger than her head, I truly have no idea how anyone actually pays for this. Like yes, some men are desperate, but even her scrotes that are into degradation - it's really hard wrapping my head around that idea. I am derailing, but I love how she conveniently covers up her fupa. She must really hate that part of her body. She does everything to hide it.

No. 854315

She's mentioned she's asexual, bisexual and lesbian before so congrats

No. 854318

File: 1632533129576.jpg (38.82 KB, 523x927, L4myx6c.jpg)

Why do I feel like most of these sets were pulled out of her ass last minute?

No. 854319

File: 1632533161516.jpg (37.86 KB, 522x927, IjluC7x.jpg)

No. 854323

I’m so confused to how many rooms this place has

No. 854333

Maybe she is dividing it into multiple sets per room?

No. 854341

nta but I doubt it. Judging from the size of each room based on what she’s shown in photos (they’re small af) and the fact she has crammed each existing room with a ton of useless/irrelevant props (like the fake balcony in the living room set that looks hideous and is pointless), each room is its own theme and she’s far faaaar too lazy to swap out sets unless someone does the work for her.
I feel like she announced more sets for the studio than she can actually physically cram into that tiny space just to sound impressive. We haven’t even seen progress on the other (god knows how many) themes she announced. Even that weird “cyberpunk” room feels tacked on… and if she really is using an actual circuit breaker room, I’m going to laugh when she eventually gets sued for a thot electrocuting themself.

No. 854351

Because ALL of Moo's ideas that she didn't steal from other thots are born from manic, drug-fueled spergouts.

No. 854352

Jesus Christ. Scrotes actually pay for this stuff?

No matter how much she shoops her waist, its pretty obvious that the rest of her body proportions are fucked up. The damn filter still shows up her arm pimples lmao. Also, the nose job really done fucked up her face, huh?