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File: 1404530297497.jpg (251.31 KB, 800x272, PULL.jpg)

No. 955

PULL thread? PULL thread.

This site is full of lolcows (such as its users) that need to be highlighted.

No. 958

Only ones I know are Moemo and OC.
>inb4 Moemo comes in here to whiteknight herself

No. 961

File: 1404545664716.png (25.32 KB, 634x401, moe.png)

I wanted to post this on SR as soon as Moemo did this, but the admin rage banned me. Anyhow, these are her comments after deleting her account.

No. 962

File: 1404545881206.png (91.16 KB, 1204x828, moeliehoe.png)

Her getting pissy about the Photoshop is just more proof that she was white knighting herself. (Like it wasn't obvious already.)Aaaaaaaaaand she blames it on her being European. Funny how other European posters on that site don't seem to have this much trouble.

No. 967

File: 1404556822050.jpg (52.63 KB, 540x720, moemo2.jpg)

I still have some pics of her saved.
Totes not photoshopped u guise ur just jealous

No. 968

File: 1404556985961.jpg (42.79 KB, 600x800, moemo.jpg)

IT'S JUST A FILTER!! my skin is naturally kawaii and blurry

No. 969

Her DA account is petitemodevil btw

No. 970

File: 1404557791134.png (596.66 KB, 704x800, whorepride.png)

God,she has such terrible taste in everything. I'm not exaggerating when I say that she's everything I hate in a person, wrapped up into one ball of bad attitude.

No. 974

kawaii offensive text so edgy desu ne.
The fun thing is she's talking shit about speshul snowflakes/kooter/… because they're shooping and whatever but she's a shooped snowflake herself

No. 975

You really can't blame it on the language barrier. I am a Eurofag and a non-native English speaker. And if you come across rude, you are probably rude in your own language as well.

No. 976

But she doesn't lie about editting? The deal with Dakota is that she claims to be all natural, there are many positive threads about people that edit their photos.

No. 977

>>976 Exactly,

No. 978

File: 1404563081242.gif (450.33 KB, 500x270, 1397713837522.gif)

Either this is a troll or it really is happening again.

No. 979

I still don't get why people think everyone using a double t is her, it is common mistake when not being native in english.

No. 980

>>978 I spell it like that sometimes and I AM English, not everyone is a whiz kid with the IQ of Stephen Hawking.

No. 981

I smell vendetta in here.

No. 983

File: 1404565060512.jpg (59.47 KB, 560x600, 1358183169001.jpg)

She's back.

No. 984

>>But she doesn't lie about editting?

Yes she did. She was white knighting herself in the other thread claiming that she just naturally looks Photoshopped all the time.


No. 990

Wtf is up with that cat hahahaha!

No. 991

Not even close, you can ask the admin to check the posts.

No. 997

I posted:
The other posts were by someone else, I'm not Moemo by the way, thought I should say that before someone accuses my opinions and posts of being her.

No. 998

I'm going to go ahead and predict that retarded penis-anon is going to
"suddenly appear" again.

No. 999


This thread has everything. It has your sockpuppet, it has your really stupid white knight, it has your super butthurt "MUH VALUES!!!" conservafag, it has your dramatic climax…

Basically, it's perfect for popcorn reading in so many ways.

No. 1000

Page 13 is where shit really heats up.

No. 1005

This thread was reported by multiple people.

On one hand, it doesn't break any actual rules and I don't exactly want to have to police or judge content that is not sufficiently "lolcow". On the other hand, I understand this may not actually fit the core purpose of this board.

But even if the reporters' accusations are true, I don't see that as deserving of thread deletion. I may open up a third and final board for threads of this nature, "meta and debate/discussion" or something like that, and move threads where necessary. Would that be amenable?

No. 1006

I don't exactly think this is meta or debate, everyone ITT is just laughing at a website infested with tryhards.
What was it reported for, if it's okay to ask? It just sounds like someone from PULL and their friends got butthurt.

No. 1008

It may be because of the use of the banner maybe. I don't think it should be deleted. If you have to, move it to another section.

I agree with this anon. I find it hilarious that people actually reported it. Now it should definitely be kept up as a middle finger in their face.

No. 1009

I would never even consider deleting this thread or any thread like this. But the reports look like they may have been made in good faith, so I won't reveal what they said.

I've thought of a new idea for dealing with future things like this. I am going to keep this thread in this board, even if I do end up making a new board, though.

No. 1010

That thread is gold. On another note, is anyone else weirded out by that Thartan character? They talk like an 80 year old woman.

>For crying out loud! Go clean your mouth out with soap, young lady!

>It really makes me feel absolutely sick to my stomach that a (not to mention unmarried) girl as young as her was, ehem… doing "lairteam" (NOTE:500 A.D. Old English word for you know what.)

No. 1012

They're just a narrow-minded conservative by the looks of it. I don't think he has ever lurked the board. Lol

No. 1013


Well speaking as the person who made the PULL banner I'm granting the users of board the rights to re-use and re-distribute as they see fit as of right now.

No. 1014

That's what I thought. They made this long ass post on the Ally & Sally thread on their views and what they find "impure". I was just thinking, dude no one fucking cares.

No. 1016

That doesn't prove shit. You're probably using a proxy.

No. 1019

Lol I have no doubt that Moemo is the one that reported. I just made the thread because PULL has some hilarious lolcow-esque users. Some of the threads are full of gold too like the one on Yuuhi Takahiro. I need to make more popcorn to finish reading that one.

No. 1021

Plus the fact that Tharthan said he was a dude…

Also that weird rant about Californians and vowel pronunciation.

No. 1029

Yeah… There's something horribly off about that person.

No. 1030

Wasn't he a minor too?

No. 1031

I'm glad I'm not the only one noticed. It really perplexes me what a person like him is doing on PULL..

No. 1033

Me either. I don't get him or that other annoying conservative person on that site. Most of the users are either SJWs while the few sane ones just don't give a damn about what others do in the bedroom.

No. 1037

File: 1404605920855.jpg (107.67 KB, 500x500, goth_type_24__the_pastel_goth_…)

Pastel goth is so stupid. Subfashions that exist for a solely aesthetic reason tend to annoy me in general. Most sub fashions are influenced by a type of music, culture, or way of life. Pastel goth is a bunch of kids trying to identify with one another for reasons that don't matter. They took a fashion that is known for dark colors and added pastel colors. Clever. It's like lolita. At one point in time, lolitas who were in a specific category of loli because it fit their interests and personality. Sweet lolitas were girly and sweet, goths liked spooky stuff, classics were lady like, ect. It was also influenced by music, like Mana. Like in Kamikaze girls, there was a general feeling that they were rejecting modern culture in a way by adopting modesty and manners. Since it got popular on tumblr, the whole fashion has gotten edgy as fuck. People now feel it's a fashion and nothing else, and feel "lifestyle lolita" is elitist, where is used to almost be standard. Not that the average loli obsessed about the lifestyle, but they generally took up hobbies like sewing, tea, elegant things, ect. I remember GLB would always give tips on how to make your everyday life more loli. Now, it's all just "Lol, I smoke pot and have sex in my lolita. And fuck wearing a blouse." I also remember it was common for girls to make their own clothes. The old tea parties were the best, as lolis actually had an interest in fun ladylike things. Some people may disagree with me, but I feel as though the community has gone down in quality since tumblr.

No. 1038

Who's the other conservative person?

No. 1040

I'll have to dig through the forum later when I get home but they were always going on about how abortion is "murder" and how your body is "God's temple" or some other dumb nonsensical shit like that. Their posts were like reading something from the 1950s. They also didn't seem to know how birth control works.

No. 1044

I haven't been following this thread at all but I wanted to say thanks. As a goth in my teens and early adulthood I went through different sub genres but I always did my research (the internet wasn't as big back then as it was now either). I also stumbled upon Lolita because of the Jrock I listened to and I loved looking at what is now considered classical Lolita.

I love fashion groups but this pastel goth didn't seem to have any connection at all to the gothic culture so I'm glad you cleared it up because I've been so confused about it since I've seen it a lot on Tumblr.

No. 1048

While I like the aestetic of Pastel Goth (I love pastels, but hate most of the cutie toy/stuffed animal prints that come with it). I agree about how the Lolita community has gone in a wrong direction. I got into Lolita, because it was so elegant and lady like, and most of the girls also acted that way by hosting proper tea parties like a picnic. Now meet ups seem to be like ''Lol lets go bowling in Lolita and eat spare ribs!'' and that is really disappointing.

No. 1064

Rotfl. Conservafag REALLY flew off the handle when someone asked him why the fuck does he feel the need to spew his beliefs http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/yuuhi-takahiro-t4543-420.html

No. 1065

I feel the same about Lolita going downhill. It just bugs me when some women are all tryhard and go on about, "I'm going to a dive bar in Lolita to get wasted and don't give a fuck!" Way to go.

Anyway, I think this is the wrong thread for this. Shouldn't this be in the tumblr one?

No. 1066

>In conclusion, within my humble opinion, milord, all of that which I have addressed does in fact matter, thank you very much.
tips fedora

No. 1067

I more posted it because Moemo had it in her favorites and I wanted to make fun of her interests, but ya, I started to ramble lol it should probably be moved.

No. 1068

O lord, what a sperg.

No. 1069

File: 1404673597970.png (21.17 KB, 601x142, Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.55…)

>omg this generation is full of sluts!!
>not me tho I'm pure
>right, senpai? (omg a boy omg)
>t-talk to me with your sexy words and sentences, senpai~ (he's mine bitches I saw him first)

It may be completely inaccurate but I'm picturing this Tharthan character as either
1. a pimply fedora who is bitter that his kawaii online waifus aren't paying attention to his wang-wang so he turned to PULL to expose their impureness
2. a conservative middle-aged man who secretly enjoys perving on troubled teenage girls online but pretends to be all morally outraged so he can still pretend to have some dignity

No. 1072

I think it's a legitimate sperg lord who wants to make himself unique. That, or he's some twenty year old weirdo who wants to make girls pure again.

>>Everything was arranged for us

What country is he in? That doesn't sound right for the 40's if he were living in the west. He had his wife arranged to him? What?

No. 1073

He says he's from New England. I think he's a sperg who wants to live in the colonial days or whatever. I really dont know why he comes to PULL, though he seems to have a justice complex and just wants to expose all the dirty lying sluts.

No. 1075

Is it rusure? I think I have seen them say thins like that.

No. 1076

Yes, that faggot.

No. 1077

Haha I saw that! Fricken colonial sperg. That's fine he got his own beliefs but dude you don't need to a write a freakin essay on this shit. And I hate how they try to act like the forum police, spewing the TOS when someone says one little thing.

No. 1078

Well, since Kiki went apeshit they have to be more careful than before about posts, can't blame them.

No. 1079

One thing I absolutely hate about PULL is when it comes to opinions, they all reach a consensus of what they believe is right, and when someone expresses something different from this, they attack them and try to prove their OPINION to be false bringing up the "facts" against it. Like ffs people come from different background. there is bound to be a person have a different view as you. No need to get your sjw panties in a bunch. What happened to agree to disagree?

No. 1085

He sounds like he's on a crusade.
>at least in my mind, [ignoring some dude she met at a con once is] something that can never be forgiven. Never.

The girl they're talking about sounds like a nasty piece of work but come on, dude.

No. 1086

File: 1404679562347.png (65.45 KB, 775x521, learn how to filter yourself.p…)

And it's not like he's contributing anything to the thread at all. This guy just likes to hear himself talk, even in his sig he has quotes of himself.

No. 1089

That is true but I think they were offended by how he basically called people filthy sluts for being okay with premarital sex. Honestly, he's so bizarre in his speech pattern that I think he's a troll. The fedora is strong in him.

No. 1090

The term is thrown around a lot these days, but I really think he has legit aspergers.

No. 1093

Seriously! He keeps vomiting essays about shit that doesn't even have anything to do with the thread. I'm surprised someone hasn't called him out about this shit.

No. 1094

Oh I meant pull in general. This guy is just blowing shit out of his ass. He's not even on topic.

No. 1095

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this, what the fuck was the point in him randomly telling everyone how to pronounce his usename? As if anyone gives even the slightest shit, or is ever going to have to pronounce it out loud anyway?

No. 1096

I forgot to add as well, he used "One" completely incorrectly all the time and it's so fucking pretentious and annoying.

No. 1097

I'll probably do it next time he goes on one of those retarded tangents. I have zero fucks to give about how people on that thread feel about me. He's annoying as fuck and contributes NOTHING.

No. 1098

He does that in every thread. I feel like he'd be fun person to poke around with. If he is a troll he is definitely looking for a reaction from the board with his moral speeches considering there's always gonna be someone to sjw it up.

No. 1100

Oh please do anon. And make sure you post screen shots of the shitstorm. I feel like he's gonna get himself the almighty ban hammer from it.

No. 1101

Will do.

No. 1126

Well shit, nigga. Someone beat me to telling the nutcase off. I'm awaiting the shitstorm with popcorn and soda.


No. 1129

I start to think that the Cloud_Connoisseur guy is either his second account or a friend of him.

No. 1131

…have you read anything that's going on in that thread? Cloud_Connoisseur is some dude Yuuhi fucked over and came into the thread to spill dirt on her. He's obviously not a PULL regular and is a decent enough guy to give a spoiled fucktard like Yuuhi a ride, so he's just trying to avoid unnecessary hate (even though I really want to watch this smackdown lol).

No. 1132

cloud_connoisseur is a Las vegas entity, tharthan is a new england entity. two different corners of that country

No. 1133

Yeah, no. Cloud person is from Vegas and is spilling deets on Yuuhi since she fucked him over. He's just trying to keep the thread OT.

No. 1134

Annoying, I already contacted one of the admins about all the OT going on there but they seem busy with personal stuff.

No. 1136

Someone needs to give him a warning. It's ridiculous. I under stand a little OT comments here and there but he spurs off into a whole nother issue.

Speaking of the Yuuhu thread, I wonder where that neck beard Nitropig ran off to. He probably freaked after finding out his kawaii little Asian friend ~ (whom he came all the way from Canada to meet), is a very underage 13 year old pathological lier.

No. 1137

I wouldn't be surprised if he left to furiously scrub his hard drive clean.

No. 1138

I'm STILL wondering where his bitch ass ran off to. I'm still laughing at how he wanted proof for the false rape charges when he lives in fucking Canada while people in Yuuhi's town are coming forward, all with similar stories, and screen shots yet he goes, "If there isn't a screenshot of her saying it then it didn't happen!"

What the fuck is he expecting? Someone to have recorded the whole thing as proof? He's dumb as hell.

No. 1139

File: 1404693955920.jpg (11.53 KB, 184x184, image.jpg)

I checked his steam account (which he himself confirmed was his under the same name) and this is his profile picture. Ahahahahahaha all I can do is laugh. What a creeper.

Someone hurry up and take a screen shot incase he changes it.. (I'm on my iPod and the top button is stuck so I can take one myself)

No. 1142

^ killem

No. 1143

It's hilarious how he wants proof for this. He himself is proof of her lying ass, since I'm assuming she lied about her age to him too. (Unless he deliberately met her knowing she was so young which is even creepier). Now he's gotten pretty much screwed over by this since everyone has their pedo radar going off.

No. 1144

Sorry to samefag but I also want to point out that he is a dumbass for using his name which is connected to his wattpad, reddit, and steam (and telling people). Now he's going to be referred to as Nitropedo.

No. 1145

I'd do it but I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. Something on this page? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nitropig

And I will start calling him Nitropedo. Thank you.

No. 1146

File: 1404696532622.png (26.19 KB, 771x497, lol.png)

Meanwhile at the Beckii Cruel thread.
>everyone is just jelly!!!11

No. 1147

That stupidsexyflanders is so fucking annoying. They're always white knighting the weeaboo tryhards. "Oh she's actually really nice~*".

>she was very much popular

Uhuh yea.

No. 1148

Anyone see that normalimpaired girl shit talking orange? if I recall correctly, and I do, she was pissed nobody defended orange on Stamina rose, and now she's laughing at her. this bitch needs to get on somewhere, pissin everyone off with her fake ass autism.

No. 1150

If I remember correctly, she didn't know about Orange sexualising children first but only that people started a shitstorm because of her doing webcam nudes.

No. 1155

tharthan the great got mad at me for calling nitropig nitropedo lmfao. he also things i'm a troll from 4chan thats sending other trolls to troll him

No. 1158

Lol. I saw that. He's fucking pissing me off derailing the thread when I'm trying to post relevant shit and info. He can fuck off.

No. 1159

lol i mean part of the thread derailing was my fault for calling him out, but he was just such a dumbass i had to do it. i seriously believe he has mental issues. he got the most offended when i called his avatar shitty…..but c'mon, it is. he wouldnt top talking about it and how it looks like him and shit. fucking nerd.

No. 1160

What annoys me the most is when people quote his long as post so you end up having the page filled with his irrelevant spewage. Espurr gave him a written warning, but he's still at it.

No. 1161

It lengthens the page and I have to scroll endlessly down this bullshittery. Even though I'm using mobile it's still annoying.

No. 1162

normal impaired accused tharthan of having assburgers which prompted him to reply with "i don't have any type of mental illness blah blah" which i fucking doubt

No. 1164

Yea I think he is a sperg. If a spazz themselves calls him out then there's definitely something in question.

>>1159 anon were you simone or karhu09?

No. 1165

He's gotta be autistic. He has to. I'm still laughing at how he seriously thought the police would do something about Yuuhi. Bitch, this is Vegas. Our police force is full of Chief Wiggum clones so like hell they'd do anything.

No. 1166

yea i'm simone. tharthan thought that karhu09 was my sockpuppet account lmfao. why would i make a sock puppet account for that shit? >_>)paranoid af.

No. 1171

well he pretty much said he hates the west coast and brags about how nice it is in his little hick town

No. 1174

Can he get any more offensive?

No. 1175

I'm reading the thread partly for the Yuuhi dramooz and partly for someone to say the wrong thing to Tharthan so that he spergs the fuck out which would make for much lulz.

No. 1176

lmao I'm karhu09

Incredibly paranoid considering we don't even type the same way. How full of yourself can you get? Believing that some rando you're arguing with would waste time to make a sockpuppet…lol

What I hate most about this freak is that he goes into these long ass tangents about shit no one fucking cares about… that whole thing about vowel pronunciation really weirded me out. As a linguistics major NO LINGUIST would be so asspained that regional linguistic differences would exist. The fact that he's so analblasted about that really points to the possibility of him being a big ol' sperglord.

No. 1179

Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't go off on me for implying that he must live in a hick town.

No. 1181

You spoke too soon. He just went off on his spergin again. LOL someone said they ignore his post and no to reply to him about so he sends it to them in a PM. WOW this guy..

No. 1183

>I got a response from Nitropig in my PM box.

>But I'm not sharing it with you guys, because you've ticked me off too much.

>Too bad.

Spergazord teams up with Nitropedo. I'm sure he'll have a blast taking to him. Wtf is with this guy

No. 1184

Oooooooh October just called him a prick. SHOTS FIRED.

No. 1185

LOL. Jesus Christ there's something horribly wrong with him.

Oh my fucking god, who cares?! Nitropedo PM'd me the other day trying to get info out of me. Yuuhi was trying to figure out who I am and asked if I was this one girl. NOPE, WRONG. Whatever he sent him is useless and nothing worth wondering about.

No. 1186

Someone needs to ban hammer this bitch he literally contributes NOTHING to the thread. All he does is make people angry and drag out arguments.

>We have trolls from 4chan who are attempting to rip apart the thread, and inconsiderate individuals who will jump on anything and anybody.

I'm assuming thats us? Oh hai Tharthan (: please don't come and spazz in this thread.

No. 1187

I'm sick of his shit. I couldn't take his spergorama rants anymore but god damn. ESPURR! I know you're there! Ban this bitch! He contributes nothing and is constantly derailing the thread.

No. 1189

ban normal impaired while you're at it "lol autistic buddies ily"

No. 1192

What I hate the most is that people say shit to him, and then THE THREAD GOES ON. But he just haaaaaas to reply and ruin it further…… arrrrrrgh

No. 1195

It's really a pain in the ASS. I just wanna post stuff exposing Yuuhi but this faggot is shitting up the thread. I wish I were on my laptop so I can just report him directly. Augh

No. 1198

Seriously he is just mucking up the place. I don't think he has ever said anything that wasn't useless fuck. It's funny how he's trying to act like "the gentleman", but he's just being an asshat and pissing people off.

No. 1202

he didn't even know what 4chan was at first he had to google it now he thinks everyone disagreeing with him is an evil 4chan user from the rule-less evil impure pits of the internets ha~

hes getting on my nerves censoring other peoples posts. wtf is wrong with this guy…..

No. 1204

Oh is that why the [censored] thing is showing up. I thought it was a new update or something. Everything he does is aggravating.

No. 1205

He's the worst kind of poster. He's always droning on and on about his opinions or whatever, then completely shuts down when other people are trying to tell him their own opinions.

No. 1206

File: 1404715661087.png (23.29 KB, 148x160, CMqBK2AstNC3wVcCqfm5LG6k22qSue…)

if you really wanna make him sperg out comment on his dumb avatar hes obsessed with it

No. 1207


He has a lot of time on his hands.

No. 1209

wow what the fuck haha

No. 1210

Omg is that really him? It is! WOOOOOW see this is why we need this thread here. So many lolcows on PULL.

> I would prefer if you would refrain from referring to me as an "American"

Hmm how about referring to you as a fucktard? Fair enough?
(Quick! Someone call him an American. Now we know what will really set him off)

No. 1211

i did it lmfao

No. 1214

No. 1215

Oh my fucking god doesn't he realize that only the first five tags show up in searches? And capitalization doesn't matter….and the amount of tags that are the same with small differences..

He's cray.

No. 1216

This guy is such a sperg it hurts.

No. 1224

Espurr thanks for stepping in because I was getting sick of that shit.

And lol Tarthan sent me a PM asking if he offended me. HELL YES HE DID.

And as for him claiming to be a New Englander, wtf??? I lived in New York for several years, traveled to Jersey, Maine, and Mas several times and I've NEVER run into anyone that talks like they're from the goddamn 1700s. He's pulling shit out of his ass. Then again, I expect very little out of a guy that thinks that Las Vegas is on the border to Canada. I can easily forgive a non-American for that but seriously???

No. 1226

How old is this guy? I feel like he's a creepy middle aged man, but then again he's got Pokemon all over his tumblr.

No. 1227

In one of his earlier tirades he mentioned that he has a little sister around Yuuhi's age so my guess is either a horribly autistic older teen or a horribly autistic 20-something. I'm still amazed that he's not some old fart with the way he I appropriately goes on about his stone age views and ideals.

No. 1228


Damn autocorrect

No. 1229


>One is a New Englander and it is as such that one deigns it appropriate to communicate oneself in a more convoluted fashion so as to appear more intelligent than I actually am and so as to separate onself from the heaving proletarian masses


Oh fuck right off.
I am from fucking Old England, as in like, the original one, and whilst it's true that we tend to make use of a more archaic vocabulary you will find nobody in the UK that actually speaks like this.

This guy is autistic to the max.

No. 1230


Also, speaking as an actual lingual student this guy is making me cringe hardcore.

No. 1232

What bothers me about this guy, aside from EVERYTHING, is that on the yuuhi thread (on the first pages I think, when people was suspicious about nitropedo being a sockpuppet) he was like "well, you know we've had lots of sockpuppet cases here in the past", "here we expose liars and scammers blah blah blah", like dude, you're a new member, you haven't done shit, you haven't actually contributed with information or anything to ANY of the threads, you just went all pretentious in the circumcision thread, you make every fucking discussion about you and your morals and you insist on discussing purity and censoring words (seriously, WTF).

And why the fuck is he quoting himself on his signature?

No. 1234

Wtf there's a circumcision thread

But yea I agree with you. It's annoying when new users come out if the woodwork and act like they are hot shit. Tharthan obviously did not lurk the thread long enough because he could have learned how to communicate properly. He sounds like a fuckin robot half the time.

No. 1236

Omg why is there a circumcision thread on pull oh my god what. not to derail but I can't imagine anyone on that site having anything of value to say about dick skin.

No. 1239

Talking about their bf's problems maybe?

No. 1241

Idk I guess maybe but if your bf isn't a disgusting slob their shouldn't be any 'problems' really. I guess maybe if a dude feels robbed a choice or something? but I've honestly never met any men who give a crap. Idk maybe I just don't get it.

also everyone on PULL seems to get really weird and immature about sex, even the ones who claim to be open about it and against ~slut shaming~ I'm pretty sure have never really had it so idk man but right now this is blowing my mind

No. 1242

Seriously I thought the same thing. And the majority of PULL are women. What could they possibly contribute to this?

I feel like threads like that are made to see who's the most socially correct. They are incredibly one sided.

No. 1243

The thread is about babies getting circumised for no real reason.

No. 1251

How is that in anyway related to PULL?
I guess since most of the userbase is women they feel theyre able to comment about babies, even if its about something women have to cause to contribute.

No. 1252

Not all forum sections are about exposing liars.

No. 1253

It's in the general forum, in the health section iirc. I think a girl made the thread because her boyfriend had problems with it and she was asking to sign some petition or something idk, and of course people wrote their opinions on the matter.

No. 1254

A petition? Ahahaha what a dumb bitch.

No. 1255

It should be mentioned that the petition is about banning male babies getting circumised for religious reasons.

No. 1256

Did anyone see this thread that the sperg made:
He's such a spazz and has a weird obsession with New England.

No. 1259

LMAO oh wow he actually censored Fire Cracker's post of the CA and TX flags…

No. 1260

not anymore ;D
if anyone sees any more bullshit like that, report it. I'll fix it.

No. 1261

his tumblr is fucking stupid.
also why are some of them members there encouraging this bullshit. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT FLAGS. i can't believe people are actually posting in that thread.

No. 1262

if he doesnt like cursing so much he should just get off the internet like srsly. just join some place that has to do with your dumb interests, not pull.

No. 1264

He either has OCD or is a high-functioning autist, undiagnosed or not. I can't accept any other explanation for this bullshit.

No. 1265

I agree with you simone. The forum is no place for his colonial bullshit. He should just go to a political forum cause that's all he talks about.

No. 1278

File: 1404821433636.png (98.61 KB, 776x376, lol.png)

Everyone just finds random people to attack for no reason at all.

No. 1279

"In my country, it's custom to act like an annoying cunt all the time". lol. Gurl, you're the one who had her fee fees hurt. Make dealings, this would have blown over pretty fast if you weren't white knighting yourself like an idiot.

No. 1280

File: 1404822105931.png (29.24 KB, 772x343, cultureomg.png)

Dropped picture.

No. 1283

People confirmed back at SR (including Espurr) that many people with german as native language write like that. Stop beating the dead horse.

No. 1290

Um, no, that's not what happened at all. People were pointing out other German speakers were nowhere near as rude and cunty as Moemo.
Moemo is that you

No. 1291

But it did happen, shall I get Rose-chan onto this thread for posting proof?

No. 1292

>>continuously says stupid shit on PULL
>>gets under peoples skin and they talk about it on SR
>>lol she photoshops like crazy yet shits on kooter for the same thing
>>Hi meomo

Everyone just hates me because I'm Austrian. That's the only reason anyone ever dislikes me, it's the language barrier.

No. 1293

>thinking people on PULL give a fuck about Photoshop when not lying about it

No. 1294

Do it, faggot. I dare you.

No. 1295

No. 1296

I think what happened was Tharthan finally found a forum nice enough where he could spout this innane bullshit with little to no backlash.

No. 1297

This plus being summer. The mods aren't very active right now and therefore don't see his BS until getting reported.

No. 1298

People on SR were the ones talking about the photoshop. She says stupid/cuntish things on PULL, which is why she was being discussed in the first place. She then sent her boyfriend or whatever to post his dick everywhere and white knighted herself whenever she was discussed. This encouraged people to find out more about her, to which someone found her DA and made a passing remark on the photoshop. It became even more incredibly obvious it was her when she started getting defensive over it and calling people jealous. Were you in the thread?

No. 1299

Why do people put up with his shit, anyway? The more SJW users of PULL would normally call him out on slut-shaming, wouldn't they? They flip a shit if anyone uses the word "fat", so his "purity scale" shit should set off at least one person's radar.

No. 1300

Is there some sort of connection between autism spectrum disorders and a hatred of sex? I know a different guy with aspergers who says he's asexual.

No. 1301

Yes, I was lurking the thread.

BUT I doubt that Penis-chan wasn't here on his own, he posted in other threads too and can be found at Uni.

No. 1302

Maybe they don't read through his posts lol. But really, if you're not paying attention, you could miss some of the nuances of his monologues.

No. 1303

>and calling people jealous.
…please don't tell me you took that troll post serious.

No. 1304

o Moemo

No. 1305

Seems like you missed the part where it was megannyan.

No. 1306

I guess it's more because he doesn't hold that expectation for only women, and said he would make a scale for men? Idk, man.

No. 1309

Seems I did. When did this happen?

No. 1310

If I remember correctly, the day SR got closed. She started to namefag after people called her Moemo too often.

No. 1321

Jesus that was a mistake. I stupidly used "off topic" when I meant Cloud was tying to keep the thread ON topic.

Anyway, more people are ripping into Tarthan for being an asshole spewing shit that no one cares about. So that makes Simone, October, Sweetheart, karhu09, and lexipedia that blew up on his dumb shit.

No. 1322

Megannyan is another PULL poster I can't stand. She's pretty cunty and oh my fucking god, her makeup is hideous. I seriously hope she doesn't leave the house looking like she got attacked with clown face paint.

No. 1323

speaking of the sperg meister he went into another angry rant at lexipedia for calling his ass out LMAO

he fucking doesn't understand that HE is the problem with the thread. the way he tries to justify his of topic posts due to "lack of new content" despite the thread only being a few fucking days old is autistic as fuck. he needs to get his ass diagnosed

No. 1324

File: 1404845980502.jpg (570.71 KB, 769x2154, th.jpg)

Compilation for people who can't be bothered digging through his posts.

No. 1325

Working on a post about Tharthan to inform the rest of the forum of his asshatery. I will borrow a screenshot from this thread. Hope everyone's alright with this.

(hope I did this right, I've no clue how this works.)

No. 1326

I fail to see how sticking up for a friend is being "cunty". I am not going to white knight myself, but I will stick up for Moemo. She doesn't need all this hatred filled comments, it only seems a couple of posters who keep bringing her back up. Just leave it be, I know you won't because it's the kind of forum you are; but it's not fair on her to be put down for no reason.

No. 1328

File: 1404848258036.jpg (25.84 KB, 728x143, 435345.jpg)

Oh boy.

No. 1329

File: 1404848308824.jpg (45.41 KB, 800x414, 364634.jpg)

No. 1331

What's this all about?

No. 1332

Tharthan defending some rapist.

No. 1333

re: Lord Tharthan's Censorship Laws

I don't even care if he censors cuss words, cause I get it, not everyone uses them or likes seeing them or whatever have you. What ticks me off about him is that he censored Fire Cracker's ENTIRE post (before some mod graciously fixed it)JUST because it contained a Californian and Texan flag. You don't see anyone bashing New England or where he's from or even the east coast. He's never been here (or plans to), and no one is really talking about this anyway, so there is absolutely no reason to bring it up. Just because Yuuhi is a lying, spoiled brat doesn't mean you can piss on an entire region. Shut the fuck up about shit you have no idea about.

re: Lord Tharthan's "Lingual Expertise"

As a student of Linguistics myself, I don't see any point in being asspained about vowel pronunciation. Geographic differences exist, regional differences exist, hell, people in different pockets of the same state pronounce shit differently.

tbh I was fine with lurking the Yuuhi thread, but I made a PULL account just to call him out.

No. 1336

Do it.

No. 1337

I think it's partly physical (lower sex drive is common) and mostly psychological;
>society makes a big deal about sex > aspie does not understand big deal about sex > feels attacked > SPERGRAGE
>maybe aspie does want sex > aspie cannot find sexual partner because of social retardation > SPERGRAGE

No. 1338

I don't know about aspergers, but don't autists have an aversion to physical contact? Maybe it's something kind of similar to that.

No. 1339

Oh yeah, that too.
It's a combination of things that makes sex a confusing subject for people on the autism spectrum, and as we've all seen confusion sometimes turns into anger and bitterness. Especially in the guys, for some reason.

No. 1340

Probably because not having sex as a guy is a bigger social no-no than for girls.

No. 1342

No. 1343

this Thartan dude is so fucking annoying like he's constantly arguing with everyone and always goes offtopic talking about himself and his view of things. Like STFU dude, this thread ain't dedicated to you

No. 1344

>Because I started studying Japanese at an early age, I can read Katakana and to a lesser extent Hiragana

LMAO That's not hard AT ALL.

I didn't even know how lulzy this sperg was.

No. 1352

(Ignore this post unless you are someone who once again reported this thread)

[For reference: I will never reveal anyone's identity, IP, or report reason for reporting anything, barring severe abuse. People are free to report whatever they want anonymously, and to post whatever they want anonymously. So anyone who sends reports: keep reporting things if you like, but if you do, I reserve the right to occasionally respond to a report publicly in a vague manner. Just keep in mind I will not take any action against a post unless it violates one of the rules that are found on the main News page.]

Nothing in this thread violates any rules. I am not going to delete anything. People are free to discuss what they want and to talk about who they want.

No. 1353

If someone is reporting posts, all I can say is present your own argument here. Or whiteknight. Don't report posts and expect shit to get deleted because it'll just get reposted here or somewhere else anyway.

No. 1354

LOL it was probably that sperg Tharthan or another Moemo white night.

No. 1355

i suspect it's the Than.
also, this. he thinks people are pissed about his opinions when no one really gives a fuck. his replies are gold. http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/ok-f-k-it-t4407-130.html

No. 1358

wait how do you know that's him??

is that an actual pic of him? LMFAO.

No. 1359

File: 1404875108500.jpg (7.08 KB, 148x160, tumblr_n8ermmsCqc1rylc8bo1_250…)

No. 1360

People found his FB searching his accounts.

No. 1362

not hard when every user is the same…

i dont get his fb name. is it a joke or?? judging by his tumblr (the tags slay me) i and others think he's late teens, early 20s. on his YouTube….he actually talks like that from what i listened to. eugh.

No. 1365

File: 1404883651779.png (58.46 KB, 226x172, innocent desu.png)


omigod guys so impuuuuuure he does lets plays of japanese animu waifu games

No. 1366

I'm going for late teens; he doesn't really talk like anyone who went to college/has real world experience with dealing with different kinds of people.

The fact that he doesn't really seem to understand why people are calling him out (though it could be his sperg levels are out of control) or a sign of immaturity.

No. 1370

File: 1404887736286.png (26.76 KB, 762x651, ronnie.png)

Well, I did a bit of digging (actually just link-clicking and googling) on Milord and…

He seems to be a man by the name of Ronald "Ronnie" Larocque. This is a cap of his "company"'s website (of which he is the one and only member of apparently) giving his name and location. We all know that he's from New England, and he has hinted that he lives in Rhode Island.

Peoplefinders.com lists only four Ronald Larocques in RI varying in ages from 37 to 64. However, three of those Ronalds are from West Warwick and only one from Warwick Proper. If Tharthan hasn't moved since 2009, we might be talking to a snooty 64 year old geezer…on a internet gossip forum.

How creepy is that?

No. 1374

File: 1404888606222.png (8.27 KB, 760x137, Untitledvd.png)

apparently he's a self proclaimed video game designer

No. 1375


i knew it. he's probably like 40.

No. 1376

best case scenario he's 64

No. 1387

File: 1404890621147.png (9.13 KB, 619x210, Untitledkldmflk.png)

he says he doesn't live in rhode island

No. 1393

File: 1404891127357.png (66.72 KB, 781x550, uhh.png)

I could be mistaken, though I remember he wrote something about being from the last of the 13 colonies that became a state, which is Rhode Island (pic rel) and that cap of the facebook stuff you posted is about a pedo teacher from Cranston/Warwick, RI, which is why I thought that.

No. 1394

Wiki'd state histories, and I could be wrong as Maine seceded from Massachusetts and became a state much later than Rhode Island did. And knowing Tharthan, he would definitely be anal about something like that.

sigh Oh well

No. 1406


you would be correct there. I won't say more than that, but this is correct. At least in terms of location.

No. 1413

Totemoyumii, you're an idiot. Now he's gonna go into lockdown mode (if he hasn't already). He already deleted that FB account.

No. 1416


not really, he had already been 'alerted' by some other forum members and at that point it didn't matter anymore to me

No. 1434

Sperg masters like him can't stay away though. He'll find some other way to voice his offensive as fuck opinions and derail discussions.

No. 1444

I mentioned Moemo… Where exactly?

No. 1445

I think she meant the postchain you replied to.

Back to the topic:

No. 2043

Moemo, she pissed me off, I loved how she would always go on about how she can eat SOOO much but never gain any weight every. opportunity. she. could. it was obnoxious.

No. 2047

Omg I remember how she would often bring up her weight and how she was so skinny in many threads. She would also post her stats a lot. It was kind of obnoxious.

Another thing I remember is a thread where this one girl asked if people could their put their stats in spoilers (they bring it up a lot in random threads) because it made her uncomfortable even though she is recovered and could trigger other people. I mean, it sounds like a reasonable request for PULL since they are considerate with trigger warnings. but they said no and basically told her to get off the Internet if she's triggered by that. I'm pretty positive Moemo was one of them. I thought it was pretty fucked up coming from the ol hugbox.

No. 2048

Yeah, I've started to notice the thing is with PULL users is that usually the people who bring up their weight or make themselves a focal point in topics aren't actually that nice.
They're just trying to make themselves appear nicer and siphon some sort of popularity, either just within the community and the forum itself, or on the general internet (eg the ones who have links to their Tumblr in their signatures).

No. 2071

You guys are confusing her with Orange, she was the only one doing that in threads unrelated to body measurments.

No. 2078

I remember in the Bodyline thread Moemo was accusing Venus for having a XL in Japanese clothing size. even though many people told her it's impossible, she still couldn't admit she was wrong. She even claimed that Venus was a cup G and most have size XL, which was absolutely hilarious XDDDD

No. 2079

Mr. Yan wrote himself on his Venus rant that she was that size and ripped all the M sizes.
>still now knowing that cup sizes are relative to the band

No. 2080

It'd be only logical for her to have a L instead of XL and the lolcow was the one who said cup G, not the creep. Don't remember the creep yelling XL! XDDDD

How do you know what I'm talking about? Moemo??

No. 2082

If you mean >>2079 I didn't talk about her cup size but you did act at >>2078 like if G=GIANT BEBZ IMPOSSIBRU.

No. 2083

>Usually we model the M size of the products, but our M size was tight for her current size.

Just leaving this here.

No. 2086

Nope, never acted that way. Just found it ridiculous that she claimed to know her shameful size. Bra's are shameful in Venus oo not so pure world, no?

No. 2087

Eh, it is not hard to find out that Venus would be somewhat close to a G cup. Ya know, all her measurments can be found online including her bust ones and there are plenty of bra calculators out there.

No. 2089

No mention of XLLL! You must be Moemo XDDDD Stop hiding

No. 2090

Penis-chan, is that you?

No. 2119

Seriously. Is this Moemo again? Who cares about Venus' cup size (which obviously isn't G, lmao)?

No. 2120

Ask the anon that started it with talking about threads that are old as fuck.

No. 2123

It's almost as if she thinks she's thin.

No. 2127

I don't know if it's moemo or a whitknight that's in this thread, but please fuck off. It could not be more obvious that it's you. You're doing more harm than good to your pastels goff tumbler efame reputation.

No. 2129

Hoglee annoys me with her personality and self-promoting. She has this logic that doesn't make any sense, "I don't know anything about this girl so I'll defend her anyway!" and "At least my discussion topic is better than YOUR discussion topic!" She was the most aggravating person on the old and current JNig thread excluding OrangeCitrus and the other fem-nazis.

No. 2130

>Im a well known cosplayer in the LV community and right after I do something she will post a comment about herself but really more about me… the reason she started saying she makes her own cosplays was because I started posting pictures of how I was making my cosplay, then she started complaining about how people was telling her than she was showing too much skin and that she was a s* (she was clearly talking about my cosplay-pic attached)

>Then, people started posting pictures of me and my bf cosplay everywhere (same series) it got tons of attention so she started to complain that if she had a partner she would get more attention (like undermining my work…)

Oh well.

No. 2131

Nah she did do that. Flaunt how thin she was. Untentionally or not, she did it. I've seen her put the hip/bust/waist sizes (which were very small) at least a handful of times.

No. 2132

Oh that's the person who posted the cosplay selfie hahahah. I saw that and I was like "wtf".

No. 2170

SO everyone has had enough and it has come down to this http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/tharthan-poll-t4584.html

About fucking time.

No. 2172

LOL I have been waiting for this. Awwww poor apsie. No more luls. Oh well.

No. 2173

Just about everyone over there hates his ass. I know he tried to make friends with a couple of people but… They also hate him. And one of them is a dude.

No. 2174

Tbh I kind of enjoyed seeing him piss off the hugbox. It's funny how PULL says this place is horrible, but as soon as condervafag gets their panties in a knot, they all come over here to vent.

No. 2176

Only the SJWs do that from what is seen. I don't think any of the people that have lashed out at him fall under that category. Some of them even frequented Staminarose.

No. 2177

what I've seen*

No. 2180

File: 1405407448614.png (22.3 KB, 617x442, lol.png)

tryna b friends with me. rly bitch? >_>)

and he thinks i created thread about him on here for some reason??? idek.

No. 2182

Hahahah so he has lurked on here. The thing about Tharthan I've noticed, is he loves to ask questions about shit that does not matter (I guess as a means for conversation?).

Than don't flatter yourself. This thread isn't about you.

No. 2183

>I'm actually around the same age as most of the other users of this forum
That's even worse

No. 2214

Is he fucking serious??? Can someone PLEASE point out where the OP mentions Tardchan in the opening post?

No. 2215

He thinks the world centers on him, he is 17 btw judging from this made in 2009:

No. 2264

It's kind of hilarious, considering she's quite chubby in all her pics. She prolly thought all us English speaking lard asses would kiss her ass for not being a whale, lol.

No. 2281

Defending your butthole in every post you are mentioned makes it very obvious that it's you.

No. 2282

You don't seem to realize PULL talks about your BS on the chat since days.

No. 2288

Chubby?! Are you deluded, it's very clear that she is slim in her photos. Come one, show me a photo of yourself so I can judge your weight and see if you fit into your own category of the perfect weight No? hmm, thought as much. Moemo only once posted about her weight/measurements in the body shape thread in the health section; which is what the thread was for. She didn't go around throwing her stats around here and there. She never posted much personal stuff, only where it fitted in such sections made for those subjects.

No. 2323

I have lurked PULL for a long time but never made an account. The health section is hidden unless you are a user, as it seems. I have seen her proudly mention her slim physique in other threads (probably Dakota or Venus ), not randomly, but when it was brought up as OT. Multiple times. I have only seen her post stats once, but it was not in the health section.

When ever someone brings up moemos name, white knights are sure to pop up.

No. 2324

>white knights
No, it's just her. It's literally ALWAYS her defending herself.
She honestly believes no one can tell when she's whiteknighting herself and samefagging for some reason and it's ridiculously obnoxious.

No. 2326

No get admin to IP check if you want, it won't be a Austrian address.

No. 2328

Already confirmed for using proxies.

No. 2332

Moemo just stahp, you are not a underweight japanese girl with the perfect measurements and who eats massive amounts of food, you are a try hard like seriously stfu

No. 2345

Right'o then an admin can also see if an IP address is proxy or not. I'm not using proxy so you can end that thought right there.

No. 2346

Yeah no, just like you always called Espurr and Nyan Mo back on the old SR thread.

No. 2398

And you would know it was them how? Funny how all your white knights type the same. It's almost as if they're the same person……….oh wait, they're all fucking moemo.

No. 2399

That was already explained earlier, both started to namefag after being annoyed.

Not to mention that the admin already said earlier that it is multiple people in here.

No. 2434

File: 1405582465967.png (24.47 KB, 778x551, rusure-shit.png)

I never noticed it (because I usually lurk on mobile), but rusure has a very triggering photo of herself on her PULL avatar. I only noticed because someone just called her out on it hahaha. She sure is not "treating her body like a temple".

No. 2443

>foe list
Is that an actual thing on PULL or…?
It sounds like you narrowly escaped him writing your name in his Death Note, good job

No. 2455

Not a fan of that lass tbh.

No. 2461

File: 1405608787571.png (52.49 KB, 778x642, 534535.png)

Found the SJW.

No. 2462

I kinda agree that is what's happening but not to that extent.

No. 2463

I don't even remember that people in Japan were ever opressed, the only thing that happend is them invading people themself so her argument is invalid.

No. 2468

No I mean about the whole most countries are becoming more western, because western advertising etc is so strong.

No. 2471

But she is saying it is the result from western imperilism?

No. 2495

Yes, Because of "White washing", they are stripping countries of their indigenous cultures to make them more "civilized". In South Africa the same is occurring. Natives are not allowed to wear traditional clothing inside of Post offices, Court Houses and so on. However with Japan, they are happy to accept because their desire is to be like white people. They have no problem with that. Japanese women and Japanese men are so desperate to be american/ european that the desperately date and marry white people for the sake of "hafu" children. How shallow is that?

No. 2496


It's not western imperialism or white washing in countries like Japan, because they are free to participate in traditional Japanese culture as they so desire. Japan just has weird ideas of what is trendy.

No. 2497

Anon, I feel like you're talking about a lot of things you know absolutely nothing about lol

No. 2498

I know a lot about this topic Just because you don't know about this topic doesn't make my statement false. Even The last samurai movie touched this "whitewashing". There is nothing hidden, its in plain sight. Have you ever been to Japan? Do you talk to Japanese people on a daily basis?

No. 2499

Yes, they are free! However for vain reasons, White is best. Like I said It's accepted, because this is their desire. Racism never left, its reversed. I know this because I live it everyday.

No. 2500

They hate typical gaijin features tho, therefore that statement doesn't make much sense.

No. 2501

Like what? Please explain I'm curious.

No. 2502

So what do they hate about WHITE PEOPLE. Since I seem to not make any sense.

No. 2503

They make fun of white peoples' noses and "manly" features all the time. Like there are literally gag "gaijin nose" novelty masks the same way there are those "asian eyes" glasses.
Stop thinking everyone wants to be you, seriously.

No. 2504

Oh sure, so they get plastic surgery to look like who? White people? There is a gag but that doesn't mean anything.

No. 2505

Thats not a good argument against what I'm saying either.

No. 2506

hey I have a good idea, how about nobody speaks for a race that they aren't? How about instead of silencing people who actually HAVE A SAY in how they feel, people stop running over them to scream "WHITE OPPRESSION!!!!" Didn't anyone learn from that shitty Avril music video?

No. 2507

What kind of "Gajins" are we even talking about seriously, mexicans? White people? Black people? Jews? WHO?

No. 2508

To look like more attractive Asian people, lmao. It's really your own problem if you think generally attractive features are white features.

No. 2510

It's your problem if you choose to disagree, but what I am saying is not false. People choose to IGNORE truth. They DO desire white people. And THE DREAM to have"HAFU" children. This is not a mystery. OK? So lets agree to disagree because obviously you won't see it my way, I definitely can't see your view. (no offense)

No. 2511


No. 2512

Wtf is going on. Who let the sjw in, and why are they generalizing a whole entire nation?

Not every Japanese person wants to be white. Not every Japanese wants to marry a white person. There are some who even hate foreigners (there are places that refuse to serve then). YOU ARE STEREOTYPING.

They have influences from the west. many countries do, but they take it and make it their own. We are also influenced by them and other countries as well. No one is matching up and ripping their traditions away from them.

Just because you live in Japan DOES NOT make you an expert of Japan. Did you take a poll of every japanese person to come up with this conclusion? Damn you sound like Mira.

(Btw it reeks of samefag I here.)

No. 2513

Are you 12 or something?
Also, learn to use the quote function.

No. 2514

You can say i'm 12 all day. Still doesn't refute my argument.

No. 2515

So I am 12 years old, because I have experienced racism? Really, why must I be attacked because you don't agree with my argument. Instead you can show evidence that I am wrong. I would actually be happy to be honest.

No. 2516

OH btw my "Quote function" is my "sarcasm" (exaggerated emphasis". I use it the way I please.

No. 2517

(exaggerated emphasis)*

No. 2518

Anon you are wrong because you are referring to the people of Japan as one thing.

Every Japanese citizen has their own ideas, values, and point of view. You have a point in that there are some who want to be white because they feel it is best. However this is not true for every single person in Japan!

People feeling inferior because of their race and desire to change it, is also not exclusive to Japan. It is also not just white that people they desire to be. What if I said that there are people in America who want to be Japanese (because there are)? There are also people in other Asian countries who feel this way as well. Would you apply that same logic that you did with white people?

And don't say they have no influence, because Japan has a HUGE influence on other nations, especially in America.

Anyway this thread is not called white washing in Japan. Take what I said or leave it. I am not going to argue with you because it will derail the thread. Honestly, it just sounds like you are vengeful about what happened to you.

No. 2520

I also wasn't saying they didn't have "no influence". I am saying that as a race of people, they are SHALLOW and don't embrace their own culture LIKE THEY SHOULD. You took my comment out of context. But in Japanese culture they are taught to conform in ideas. BUT, I can agree to that I shouldn't say ALL, Yes I am bitter, And I will not de- rail the topic no further. I will leave it be.
P.S. My point was to explain what the poster in PULL was stating.

No. 2521

>I am saying that as a race of people, they are SHALLOW and don't embrace their own culture LIKE THEY SHOULD.

Ohh my

No. 2522

anyway moving on

No. 2523

>I am saying that as a race of people, they are SHALLOW and don't embrace their own culture LIKE THEY SHOULD

STOP. GENERALIZING. YOU ARE BEING RACIST. This is why no one took you serious.

ANYWHOOO. Back to PULL. Does anyone know what happened to Tharthan? They closed the poll. So did he get the boot or what because I don't see him posting anymore.

No. 2524

If he didn't get the boot, he's probably laying low. As much of an aspie he is, he does seem smart enough to at least do that.

No. 2525

They mean link the posts you're replying to so the conversation is easier to read as a third person.

It's bad posting etiquette not to and it outs you as a person who has never used the board or lurked long enough to observe the proper way to behave.

No. 2529

The derailing of the thread looks familiar… I wonder where I have seen it before grin

No. 2530

AHAHAHA! I see what you're hinting at anon.

I initially thought that, but they don't have the same writing tone. Plus, Tharthan wouldn't dare damage his precious puritiii , by coming to this inconsiderate troll thread that jumps on anybody and everybody (his words).

It would suck if he did come here because it would be impossible to shoo his conservative ass away. PULL had a hard enough time and he still isn't banned.

No. 2533

The admins had to close the thread because SJW would derail the thread saying it is personal vendetta, he disappeared since that.

No. 2536

He just posted about 3 hours ago. WHY WON"T HE FUCK OFF. Why would you stay knowing so many people hate you!?!

No. 2537

It is probably the only way he can get attention I guess.

No. 2543

I don't get it either. With how many people his dumbass offended, with how many people he pissed off, with how many people that hate him… Why in the fuck would he want to stay on that forum?! People hate him and he isn't welcome! I'd leave if that many people detested me, personally.

No. 2550

He seems to be able to talk more contemporary nowadays. I think the 17th century writing style he was using in the beginning is fake. No one talks like that, even not a 17 y.o. linguist owning a gaming company

No. 2551

That's one of the things that made it so cringeworthy. Forced eloquence just makes you look like a pompous tryhard, not like a ~supreme gentleman~

No. 2555

Naa, I think he's just attention whoring. Anyone with a brain would have the knowledge to behave on a forum. Not to mention the warnings he got from the mods. If he's really that stupid, I'm seriously feeling sorry for his parents.

No. 2579

File: 1405719558652.png (95.84 KB, 800x687, PULLshit.png)

>Showing off my emaciated chest as an avatar in a forum that gets thousands of views a day is totes okay guys. It's not photoshoped so it's totes fine.

If this was one of the snowflakes who did this, they would be quick to call their shit out.

No. 2580

…are you seriously getting your panties in a wist over an icon? This is nothing lolcow worthy.

No. 2585

I agree, though lol. If a snowflake did that, everyone would go nuts and be like, "NO RESPECT OMG SHE'S GLORIFYING EDs!"

No. 2586

They wouldn't, there are positive threads about people with EDs on PULL in the interesting people forum (like the Smergeh thread or however her name is spelled), nobody gives a shit as long as the person doesn't make actual posts about EDs being something good.

No. 2592

No one's getting their panties in a twist, it's hypocritical. I can understand if it's something that little that can't be controlled, but it is very suggestive that she is purposing making it that way. It is a huge focus of the photo.

It maybe be unintentional, but this is the kind of stuff that would be put in a spoiler FOR POSSIBLE TRIGGERS were it to be any of the people being talked about.

If you read the thread, you would see that it is not all positive. Smegeh is too guilty of posting photos that accentuate her ED. People aren't as harsh with her because they like her. It's like they excuse her for being a cool person.

No. 2594

Lmao, this girl constantly posts thinspo-esque photos of herself on her Tumblr and they get a shitload of notes.

No. 2603

what's her tumblr?
Curious about this chick.

(Thought it was a guy though tbh)

No. 2606


No. 2611

Dude. How had she not been called out before lol.

No. 2615

File: 1405782183073.jpg (29.58 KB, 400x400, kanye not.jpg)

Although she says she never wanted to be a thinspo, I doubt this is the case when she posts images such as:

No. 2616

File: 1405782282393.jpg (11.53 KB, 400x321, nope.jpg)

..And. I'm quite considered for her health as she looks deathly. But she doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.

No. 2617

File: 1405782338424.jpg (143.67 KB, 1280x1280, sigh.jpg)

Which is a shame because she is a pretty girl, she just chooses to harm her health this way.

No. 2620

Because it is on Tumblr and not people have other things to do than checking the sites of every member.

No. 2630

Ugh god, I really wish girls didn't do this to themselves. It makes me physically ill to see this as a former (involuntary) eating disorder sufferer. I think they would be much happier with themselves if they just ate healthy and exercised. Not only will your body look and feel better but your mind will be happier since exercise releases endorphins…

It really makes me sad.

No. 2631

Okay, the fuck.
How is she not being talked about if this is what she does on her tumblr.
She's obv showing of her bracelet!

> no

> that is fucking thinspo

What the fuck.

No. 2663

File: 1405811774727.jpg (96.35 KB, 999x710, IMG_20140719_071238.jpg)

It sounds so flakey.

No. 2664

Why does no one freak out when fat people post their unhealthy bodies and promote obesity as beautiful?

No. 2665

I've noticed a lot of people still don't like that. There's even a thread on the forum.

No. 2668

I dont get it too, not to mention that you cant be triggered unless you have mental problems already and it isnt the fault of the person of the photo that somebody got them.

No. 2669

It still looks scary for a normal person. She's almost like a skeleton… Almost

No. 2848

wow someone seriously just created a thread about sucking dick

No. 2849

File: 1405999271576.gif (494.01 KB, 500x259, 1404459987160.gif)

>that thread
what in the fuck.

No. 2853

…What the flying fuck?

No. 2857

Wtf how many cocks have some of these chicks sucked? Classy pull lmfao

No. 2858

You need an account to read the thread.

No. 2859

I am horrified by those videos.

No. 2860

File: 1406010286402.png (24.74 KB, 968x179, sjw.png)

Is this girl for real?

No. 2861

Idk, some of the things she's saying are legit social issues, though she definitely needs to get off her high horse.
Also, I bet she's white (or some other variation of not Japanese) but honestly doesn't think she's directly contradicting her own logic by using a username like "Candy-chan".

No. 2863

She's black apparently. But still hasn't caught on that her name is making her look like an idiot.

No. 2872

Plottwist: It was created by a lolcow usersfor the purpose of seeing the reactions.

No. 2877

She is right about a lot of this but… The SJW part of her makes me not take her seriously. Yes, there are racist idiots out there, even a few aspies on lolcow but not every white person is a racist asshole.

No. 2891

a lot of sjws seem to think they have a special understanding of the world which means they can do weeb things like have their name in japanese or something kawaii and tumblr themes etc but if someone else did they would bitch about/ """side eye""" them

like 'don't appropriate other cultures but i want to be a kawaii magical gurl toooo'

No. 2892

There's videos?? God.

No. 3262

Exactly. That Anon is talking complete bullshit.

-South Afican Anon

No. 3303

Right? I remember when Avril Lavigne released that "Hello Kitty" video a bunch of them were getting their panties in a wad and accusing her of being a racist and appropriating Japanese culture and people. Even though their own blogs were full of Japanese and kawaii shit. Somehow it's ok for them to plaster porn stills of Japanese girls everywhere but it's awful and racist when a singer wears colorful outfits and dances around in Japan?

When some actual Japanese people said they didn't care and no one in Japan cared or thought it was racist they pretty much straight up said they were "brainwashed". Because obviously the silly slant-eyes are too stupid to know when they're being oppressed and need their tumblrina saviours to educate them.

No. 3342

This whole SJW shit is more racist than people who actually admit to being racist. All they're doing is creating a new type of segregation where no one is allowed to take part in anyone's cultures. And if you dare be a poc who doesn't find 100% of white people evil than you're brainwashed. All dat internalized racism for trying to think for yourself.

No. 3357

Do I need to be worry about all the Anglophiles on Tumblr appropriating my culture? Am I being oppressed?

No. 3361

No, but you should yell at them anyways for being dumb fucks.

No. 3396


No. 3420

Meh, I like Anglophile better. It's kinda old having "boo" at the end of thing. I don't being reminded that weebs exist.

No. 3427

File: 1406310171083.png (927.35 KB, 513x940, autism.png)

No. 3429

Not really related but for some reason your comment reminded me of those creeper pics of Japanese schoolgirls that tumblr for some reason is perfectly okay with. Like schoolgirls from the back or under skirt shots or whatever. I'm sure some of them are probably staged shoots but I'm doubtful that they all are, and they get like 50k notes. That and the trend of having random Asian girls as your icon picture. It's all pretty fucking creepy.

That comment… the autism is real.

No. 3442

Lmao what a fucking retard. There's not a single person on the damn planet that thinks British people dress like that. And macaroons? Those are fucking French, not British.

No. 3443

If you guys want to talk about SJW issues, please make an own thread for that or put it into the Tumblr one.

Thank you.

No. 3518

That rusure girl needs to be called out. She looked emaciated on purpose in that pic and possibly edited on purpose. She is very thin obviously but her icon pic is the only one where her rib cage is jutting out. The shadows are too deep. She changed the lighting in that photo and used a tool to make the shadows even deeper. She had plenty of head shots where she shows her neck and chest and none are as bad as her icon. Plus some of the thinspo pictures on her blog (Like that bracelet one) isn't even her pic. Plus she is also very aggressive. She wants people to IM her if they have a problem but she either ignores them, tells them to go away, or replies aggressively.

She is a hypocrite sorry XD
Can we just call this bitch out? Because I'm tired of her posting in threads where the snow flakes have an ED when ALL of her pictures… ALL OF THEM are obviously thinspo. Seriously she makes some threads look like a joke
Check list:
-Edits pics to look thinner
- uses other ED girls pics and tags them as her own
-hates other girls with the same problems
- poses on purpose to have her bones jut out
- acts like a bitch when someone calls her out

No. 3520

>She is a hypocrite sorry XD

How old are you, 13?

No. 3522

The only thing you had to say about that was the XD emote?

No. 3523


Pandai, y u gotta be anon :'((

No. 3524

See, I don't like feeding trolls that don't even know how quoting posts work. The only one she is hurting is herself nor is anything she does lulzy.

No. 3530


I didn't wanna quote since it was one post apart

No. 3550

Rusure/okhayley here hi, would just like to clear some things up if that's okay.

I don't steal photos, all the photos that I tag on tumblr with "self" or that are on my instagram are photos of myself. I can take a photo of that bracelet next to my face if I have to once I return to the UK. I don't photoshop them but I just about always use a filter on Instagram. Someone said that I ignore PMs, or reply aggressively but no one has sent me any PMs on PULL so they're just straight up lying. I might've been a bitch at some point but I don't know what they're referring to, maybe post a screenshot or something. I don't "hate people with the same problem" I have a fair few friends on tumblr who also struggle with mental illness. And yeah I try not to look fat in photos, so you're right on that one Pandai, but that's it.

Thanks to the posters who have been reasonable and polite.

Oh and that wasn't me who said that abortion is murder, I am 100% pro choice.

No. 3636

I'm 99% sure the girl in the picture was born and raised in England, so uh. Or does that not count because she's Asian?

>implying the English courts didn't just copy anything the French did

No. 3653

omg i love seeing PULL members fighting with each other XOXOXO DORAMUUU

No. 5834

File: 1407517692940.png (136.71 KB, 879x696, 2014-08-08 19.05.22.png)

That guys completely retarded. Can't believe pull still deals with him

No. 5842

The problem is that some mods actually want to ban him as well as some others that permanently go OT (like all the SJW) but then other members suddenly cry "Omg, power abuse, you are Orange 2.0!1!!"

No. 5844

Oh, man. So many members want him gone. I just flipped in that Sabina thread. It's so fucking annoying. He doesn't contribute and he's pretentious as fuck. Like, why are you here, bro.

And it's funny how he says a "small handful" of people who don't like him. No, it's a good majority. The poll from a few weeks ago was at 70-something % of 80-something people.

No. 5847

but then users who only hate modes fucked it up and ruined that whole plan. if they didn't ruin it members like Candy and October would probably be on the next poll

No. 5849

I'm still surprised he's hanging around. I blame the dumb fuck members who were screaming about mods power tripping and SJWs being idiots ruining that plan.

I can't stand Candy. She and hoglee are two of the most annoying people on that site, holy shit. Fucks SJWs. I actually used to like October because she actually stood up for herself against cunts like OrangeCitrus but now? She's nuts! She flies off the handle at the drop of a dime and keeps picking fights with people.

No. 5851

I used to admire her too but then she started accusing mods of power tripping when they post to the whole thread "get back on topic" and now she sees 1 OT post and goes "RULE BREAKING RULE BREAKING GTFO GET BACK ON TOPIC OMFG" and if someone says "it was only 1 post calm down" she freaks out more. That's why most threads get derailed now.

No. 5852

Exactly. People just made it into one big mess, like, "THIS SHOULDA BEEN HANDLED BEHIND THE SCENES. YOU'RE NOT RUNNING THE FORUM THE WAY I WANT." Wat. Honestly, I was one of(if not, THE) person who suggested the voting system. I think it's fair that it involves all the members that have seen problems but not problems mentioned in the Rules. Cool, you don't think it should be handled that way, but why ruin it for those who agree and want that person gone?

Oh, god. I'm not even gonna get into October. eye roll

No. 5853

Man is he forgetful or stupid? "I never did what you said I did" to this: ("I don't use this word because it's american/had a different meaning 600 years ago") and yet…."Cute is one of those words, along with OK…nice which mean stupid….I refuse to use them due to having dumb etymologies"

No. 5858

He's stupid. For sure.

No. 5868

omg this thread is all about that tharthan bitch. why cant you just block him if he bothers you so much?it's not hard. im sure PULL would be a better place without him

No. 5879

Sometimes I sit back and wonder why do I even bother with PULL. I thought that maybe things would get better after OrangeCitrus was dethroned and perhaps the retarded SJWs would start to thin out but NOPE! It seems they have gotten even louder than before and we have a new idiot with Tardthan taking Orange's place as the village idiot. The site is a headache to use now since so many people make me want to just punch them in the nose. I suppose the only good thing about PULL is that it easily archives snowflakes and lolcows… that is, if you don't have easily butthurt faggots shitting up the threads and derailing them to Hell and back again.

No. 5895

Does anyone remember Jeshika? God she was annoying as hell and took things overboard

No. 5915

Yup. I'm glad that both she and Moemo are gone.

No. 5935

I think Jeshika had a youtube channel

No. 5981

Jeshika is still at PULL, at least she says so once a while at the chat.

No. 6000

This so much. It seems like most of the PULL users try soooo hard to be as pc as possible, but just end up being annoying as fuck. I will always remember everybody jumping at my throat for a simple, dumb joke I made in the Pixitery thread. And I mean, we're talking fuckin' Pixitery here, who is pretty much a walking joke on her own. But no, everybody had to play the "you're *-shaming!" card, and how they don't think it's right to comment on anybody's appareance, which is so hypocritical on so many levels. OrangeCitrus truly was the worst offender, but the vast majority of the people there are just butthurt wannabe-snowflakes SWJs of the worst kind.

No. 6016

I hate Tharthan (or w/e the fuck his name is)
I'm convinced he has some form of autism, as autistic people tend to become completely obsessed with something that really interests THEM & no one else.
For him it's apparently flags & english.

if he doesn't have autism well…
he's still an annoying cunt either way.

No. 6019

I remember that, I think. Some fatass got super butthurt and went, "There's a lot of mean comments about weight!! :(" It's fucking Pixyteri, for fuck's sake. She world renown for being as fat whale. I can't believe how butthurt they get over fucking nothing. Call someone ghetto who's certainly acting and dressing the part? " DAT'S RAYCIS!!!" even when some of the people calling them as such are black. Call someone a whale? "WAAAAHHH!!! YOU'RE BODY SHAMING!!!!" If I knew hoglee, Candy-chan, redchild, girl in the PT thread with the fat girl icon IRL, I would be so fucking embarrassed to be associate with them.

I hate him too. He's just as bad as the SJW's on the annoying as fuck level over there. He claims he's not an aspie but even Normal Impaired asked him… And that's quite sad. I did laugh when he got super offended by that question. Lol

No. 6034

Tharthan is PULL famous. Everybody knows him when some people can't even name all the mods.

No. 6035


No. 6036

Lmao. It's fucking sad but true. Same with Orange. Both infamous for terrible reasons.

No. 6040

true dat. i don't even bother tharthan's posts cuz they're just stupid and boring.he's always responding to every fucking single post it's so annoying

No. 6042

i say autism or asperger's syndrome.
1.he has no sense of humor
2.he sounds like a fucking robot
or maybe he's just an idiot trying to look like some fucking smartass and make us an impression

No. 6043

OMG truuue! Some ppl on PULL seem to be so fucking overly sensitive. That girl is a true ghetto bitch and calling her ghetto is not racist, it's a term for black ppl who act in a certain way.

No. 6044

For Pete's sake, why can't you just block Tharthan? !

No. 6047

Tharthan has a youtube channel, and his voice is just as stupid as I thought it would be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODv2qVmoMtg&list=UU4fJkw83ExNw_d0A3Ing4ig

No. 6051

fat fedora detected.

hmm you're right, I think it's more likely aspergers.

No. 6052

i don't like Normal Impaired. I know she has aspergers but she's so dislikeable. her posts are useless and don't contribute anything but saying irrelevant weird shit to get attention. in the "people who look like dolls" thread she posted a video of a child bride, like wtf, which of course detered the whole purpose of the thread and weirded people out for no reason. and now she's back to making pointless threads in the general forum

No. 6054

omgf LOL what a retard!! who gives a shit about these "respond videos"? can't he just fucking staph talking about himself and his point of view, it's so boring,nobody caaaaaares . duh this dude is annoying as fuck

No. 6055

I don't like her either she stalked me forever and would not leave me alone.

No. 6056

ohh fucking irritating now that Tharcunt found his way to PULLs chatango

No. 6057

she was temporarily banned for going apeshit when kelly was made into an admin, cuz she doesn't like her, but when orange was demoted she appeared again.

No. 6058

Yeah I know all the details, more than what was released. I was glad. At least she isn't causing trouble more, now that she is back.

No. 6059

Yep, just like how I imagined it.

No. 6060

what details you know that we don't?

No. 6062

Basically a little secret group aside from PULL was started to bitch about people and shit went down in there. I can't say much because that would reveal things I'm not supposed to talk about.

No. 6066

your anon tho. and this page is basically the same thing

No. 6072

>dat way of pronouncing "sure"
that's def the 'burgs.

No. 6076

where the fuck are mods?? why can't they just block him? let's be honest, NOBODY LIKES THARTHAN and no one would ever miss that pathetic "smartass" cunt. he ruins the threads

No. 6077

October, Candy-chan, Normal Impaired, and Tharthan leaving would make me love PULL again. Hoglee is a nobody so I don't give a fuck about her. As much as she wants to believe…

No. 6079

You know we said that PULL would be better off without orange citrus but people like Tharthan took her place instead. It is like a hydra. You can cut one head off, but two more will come any way.
As for October, I don't know what happened. I use to really enjoy her posts. Hopefully this is a phase or something.

No. 6080



No. 6081

Does that make everyone else The SHIELD?

No. 6082

I think hoglee often takes things personally, like the whole "racism mayhem". it's obviously she got offended because she's black. it's annoying that people make such a big deal of everything. PULL is full of butthurt pussies

No. 6083


No. 6087

You mean the FB group and no, it wasn't made to bitch about people rather than dicussing mod descisions.

No. 6088

Because people like October would go apeshit screaming power abuse and would bring their SJW army there, wouldn't be the first time she did that.

No. 6090


Would you mind clearing up the situation for us bystanders, too?

No. 6093

To make it simple:
It started when Apple quit, people were talking about what to do next with PULL (aka searching new mods). Normal said to not make Kelly an admin because she doesn't trust her since she loved to bring up old threads again for no real only to spread her "important" opinions, she also would brag about how many likes her posts got, making homophobic remarks and other snowflake-like stuff but later deleted those posts with her mod powers, it would show in the mod logs. Whatever, Normal did feel she wasn't taken serious and after that there was an 300+ posts long discussion just about why Kelly shouldn't be made a admin.

No. 6095


Thanks for the explaination. Just one more thing, for anybody willing to explain: how does this "speshiul" group or facebook page or whatever comes into play?

No. 6096

I remember when PULL first started there here wannabe snowflakes branching off into separate groups for idols and models. Orange, the read haired asian and Spoodoodle were in it for internet fame.

People fought in the facebook group and it leaked over to PULL. Dramu

No. 6097

The group itself isn't even special, the first post about its existance was made public in the Random Chat thread and you only would have to ask Espurr for an invitation, it only exists for a faster communication since not everyone is at PULL 24h.

No. 6107

Normal Impaired has a habit of obsessing over a PULL member and harassing them until they leave. she did that to at least 2 other people before for invalid reasons.

No. 6108

Normal will still harass/obsess over PULL members who are not even members anymore.

No. 6109

the mods and admins are not assertive. they're pushovers who don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and that's why people like Normal, October and Thanthar are still there. I think Lain is the only one with balls

No. 6110

it took one of Lain's quarter-year visits to get Orange out of the way. the others definitely weren't going to.

No. 6111

that tharcunt really is a nuisance, you should have seen him yesterday on the chat, everyone started raging at him

No. 6112

It's not cause of not wanting to hurt feelings but people causing a shitstorm over wanting to ban people, see what happend when we wanted to ban thar.

No. 6113

you shouldnt have to ask for everyone's permission to do your mod job. this is what i mean, pushovers.

No. 6114

Espurr already did that once with banning Kiki, at the end others did unban her again saying she isn't allowed to make decisions alone while she is one of the fuckins admins.

No. 6115


No. 6116

Yeah, Kiki Kannibal's billion fake accounts she uses to collect data of members, see her own thread for more info.

No. 6117

nyankola? or another one?

No. 6118

Nyankola, Nyankoko, etc.

No. 6136

goddamnit, they even kicked Jrcach's ass out of PULL,why can't they block this fucking Tharthan bitch too? His stupid rants make me hate PULL. All the fucking threads are spoiled with Tharthan's stupid shit. I'm so tired and sick of seeing this pathetic cunt bitching about irelevant shit

No. 6141

Yeah but that was before the Orange BS, some people went nuts since that.

No. 6143

>1 like
>6 dislikes
ayy lmao

No. 6146

you dont like me? im barely on PULL, or you only paying attention to my few 'SJW" posts. I do agree i go over board after i made my point.

No. 6148

who are you?

No. 6152


No. 6188

It wasn't really them saying I can't make choices, I did it without telling them and they all made the choice to not ban her after I already did it

No. 6217

But that is stupid, both Cathy and Kiki are insane, right now it is only stalking but it is only a matter of time it will grow into something worse. I can even imagine them calling people's phones everyday treating them with the court if they don't stop posting about them.

No. 6267

Can we discuss Lain for a minute?
I really hate how she shows up every four months just to complain about the forum she created. The host sucks, the drama annoys her, the gossip bores her, the users bother her. Then STEP DOWN, you stupid bitch, it's not like you did that much after setting the forum up anyway.
And now her request to merge lolcow and PULL in the suggestions thread… Hell no, bitch. You keep your SJWs and speshul snowflakes.

No. 6275

Oh shit. I have the suggestions thread hidden so no idea this was going down, thanks anon.

No. 6279

She apparently hasn't even discussed this with the rest of the mods before she asked on here. I talked with two of them earlier and they went from clueless to pretty damn pissed. Which is understandable. As an admin, you don't do that without at least having a discussion with your staff.

No. 6293

I think Lain just really wants to get PULL out of her life. She's too lazy to properly mod her own forum so she wants to dump that duty elsewhere. None of the current mods have balls to do anything regarding bans because the other users will cry "omg but thats so meeeeeeen!!" and the other mods will unban them. PULL's moderation team fucking sucks.

No. 6294

I think they just need a badcop. Someone willing to enforce the decisions the other mods make and tell the people who whine to shut the fuck up. I'd be happy to take on the role.

No. 6296

Let's all remember that they used to have fuckin' OrangeCitrus appointed as mod there. That alone says a lot about the general level of that place.

No. 6298

I agree with this shit so much. There needs to be at least one person to play badcop and not chicken out just because a few shithead SJWs get upset about a moderation decision.

No. 6302

And people like you, who complain about fucking Orange all the time, is the reason why mods can't do shit anymore. Nobody knew about her past until the unifags appeared on Staminarose and Orange /was/ a good mod until the Jnig thread, nobody reported about her doing bullshit until it was too late already, mods have something else to do than watching every thread 24h, that's why the report button exists.

No. 6312

I'm with you there. I want to be an admin/mod just to ban some of these people. Like that Mella girl. Fucking ignoramus. It took too damn long to ban her imo (with all the shitposting).

No. 6313


I really don't see the correlation between us complaining about Orange here on lolcow and why mods can't do shit anymore on PULL?? Are you implying that OC was the ultimate moderator and shit's started to go down once she was demoted?? Bitch please. And btw no, OC was never a good mod, she was always condescendent as fuck and rude with anybody whose opinion differed from her. And can we talk about all the times where she derailed entire threads making it about her and "muh big-boobed problems", spamming with her lame-ass videos in order to explain jiggly-boobs physics, among other things?? Really grasping at straws to defend her here, anon.

No. 6314


>nobody knew about her past until the unifags appeared on Staminarose

Not true, I was posting about Orange and her past life as a Boxxy imitator and even linked her little chan she had set up well, well, well before the Unifags appeared.

No. 6319

No she wasn't. She was a fucking neurotic mess who never should have been modded in the first place. The whole making a voccaro graphically describing being raped because she didn't get her own way thing happened ages before she was modded.

No. 6322


Does anyone have a link to this video where she describes being raped?

No. 6328

Then you guys should have reported those posts but no one ever did, for everything else complain to Lain.

No. 6331

When mods do stand up to members in threads, some of the members that got yelled at are quick to defend themselves and call out either the past or Orange. "Well you didn't care three weeks ago/when orange was here so why care now hm?!" And it just ends up in a fight. I don't have a problem yelling at members but I try to be nice so they don't scream "UR JUST LIKE ORANGE!!!! POWER ABUSE!!!" and I end up being too nice/a pushover. If i could do things the way we want to, I'd do it. But we try to keep a system going to make sure none of us step over our boundaries and we don't have crazy members attacking 24/7 from what they think is a mod on the loose.

No. 6332

Orange WAS badcop. She took the power into her own hands, demoted Normal Impaired, took down threads without warning, banned members, threatened them with warnings on the board and made decisions without the consulting the others. Nothing came out of that except members crying to the "good ones" to do something about her because they were afraid to post anything she didn't like and get banned.

No. 6333


Lol I really fail to understand your logic anon. We have the right to complain about OC and PULL's shitty mod squad as much as we want here, why should we bother go to Lain? It's not like anybody care about PULL going to shit, at least I surely don't. As for us not reporting OC during her trip power, you're assuming we're all active users, but I can bet most of us are just lurkers there, 'cause ain't nobody got time to spend in that shithole of a forum, thank you very much.

No. 6344

That's not what a badcop is. The badcop is just the scary guy who enforces the same rules as the goodcop. They're the intimidation basically. Pull needs someone who doesn't give a shit when the members go "Wahh wahh!" and stands by their decisions, and takes the flack that the other mods can't handle getting.

This is why most forums have a the moderators are never wrong / arguing with mods in public = a warning or a ban rules.

No. 6345

Because Lain is 1. the one who makes the final decision on who will turn mod and 2. she is the only one that can demote them when going batshit.

And if you don't care, why do you even complain about in the first place, it's not like if anons couldn't contact the mods without an account. If you got time for reading all that BS you sure will have few seconds for pushing a button.

No. 6348

But if we enforced that rule, Orange would have never gotten demodded. And I feel as if we do that now we'd 100% get called shit mods and abusing powers and hur hur u don't kno how 2 do ur job

No. 6350

That's not bad cop, that's dirty cop… The cop that pretends to be abiding by the law but uses their powers to do bad. That is what Orange was.

No. 6351

Fuck them. The majority of the user base is a bunch of whiny SJWs who have a stupid entitlement complex and feel that things should be their way or the highway. You shouldn't be afraid of what those idiots think. You guys aren't a using power like those retards may think.

No. 6353

I think you're really missing the point here. I read all that bs for the lulz and nothing but the lulz. I couldn't care less about the future of PULL, and was actually pretty entertained to witness OC making a complete ass of herself when she estabilished her "regime of terror". That's what lurking is all about, you know.

No. 6355

I asked one mod and now I'm asking another if they have an issue with me being Bad cop, since I don't have a problem with it at all. I'm a pretty mean person/have the ability to be an asshole so I think I can do it. We all pretty much know who'd get warnings/banned anyway.

No. 6356

Orange banned people for personal reasons and abused her powers like no tomorrow. She's not a badcop, she was just a powerhungry bitch.

>And I feel as if we do that now we'd 100% get called shit mods and abusing powers and hur hur u don't kno how 2 do ur job

Why do you /care/ what they think? You're the mod, you get the final say. The members either have to deal with it, or leave. And if they leave, good riddance. You'd lose the SJW and whiny oversensitive fucks and actually gain a good userbase. Lose the pushover mentality, it's a bad thing when you're supposed to be enforcing rules.

This is what I hate about PULL. Everyone's so obsessed over protecting their ~image~, even the mod team to the point where it takes priority over rule enforcing. That's why PULL's a hugbox shithole.

No. 6360

You don't enforce between the actual mods, just in public. The mods don't let the users see that though. People have to be a little bit afraid of at least one of the mods or they just don't give a shit about behaving themselves, because why would they? This is why most websites have at least one aloof gestapo mod who enforces the rules, and usually one nice mod who people feel comfortable going and complaining to. But it's all a front, both of these mods are on the same page really.

No. 6361

It's not so much Image, it's just that I don't want a bunch of people screaming that PULL mods are all orange and fucking up my personal life. I already had one member shit up my inbox on PULL and Facebook so I'd rather not go through that again.

No. 6363

> it's just that I don't want a bunch of people screaming that PULL mods are all orange
Why does it matter what they think as long as you know you're not?

> and fucking up my personal life. I already had one member shit up my inbox on PULL and Facebook so I'd rather not go through that again.

Then ban that motherfucker for harassment and stop linking your profiles together.


No. 6366

It wasn't linked, she got invited to the FB group for faster posting and she freaked out when Kelly got admin and would Harass my inbox and then deactivate her account before I could block her. The idiot kept it up for like a week until she got bored or some shit. I'll give you one guess as to who it was.

No. 6367

It's fucking Normal Impaired, isn't it?

Is the admin team looking for applicants? I'd gladly apply since I'm quite blunt and don't fuck around when it comes to rule breakers.

No. 6368

That FB group was a bad idea anyway, linking something like PULL to something that could be traced to you IRL. You guys should've just banned her from PULL.

Lol. Normal Impaired. Bitch is cray.

No. 6373

Ding ding you're both correct. She used to still complain about me in chat for shit she made up, and even went so far as to say my bf cheating on me was my fault. like lmfao bitch what are you even on?
Well it wasn't really for all members, it was for the main ones that contributed a lot + mods. Just ones that were pretty chill and offered a lot of info. But this was made a loooong time ago, before I was even a mod I think. and right now we're gonna see how the "good cop/bad cop" thing works out but shoot me a message (I'm espurr if you didn't know) and we'll chat it over.

No. 6387

Why hasnt she been banned yet?

No. 6392

She was right after her mod powers got taken away from her.

No. 6397

She was banned and she got way way better, I mean she was like a normal person at that point. We decided that orange banned her unfairly and she had calmed down a lot, so it would be okay to unban her. She basically started right back up with her old attitude (though not AS bad) but she doesn't post often anymore from what I see.

No. 6622

So it seems that Tharthan guy now lurks the chat on PULL all the time. I feel like he is not really there to talk, but to just see if anyone mentions him. It makes you wonder… he is on a site where everyone hates him, does he really have no place else to go? Did every other place ban him or is he a dedicated troll?

No. 6623

I honestly wonder if he has any friends IRL. He feels so strongly about his offensive archaic views and they aren't very popular with the under 50 crowd.

No. 6624


You gotta feel bad for him. He chooses to be on a site where everyone hates him because it is the only place he has. Wow you just feel bad for him… still want him out though.

No. 6643

File: 1407818136867.png (46.9 KB, 617x432, www.png)

found this gem.lol

No. 6644

Wow Tharthan's made friends
Didn't know he had whiteknights

No. 6646

meh,IMO they know nothing about tharthan.his rants are anoying,irelevant and pointless as fuck

No. 6648

Yeah… I don't think they've ever read Tard-Chan's posts either. The guy is annoying as fuck and I wish he'd leave but all I can really do right now is ignore his ass whenever he replies to my posts.

No. 6662

Oh no they were there during his freak outs. Dunno why the admins are letting this guy stay. He is too unstable. He is constantly PMing people saying he is sorry if he offended him and goes back to his behavior. But instead of posting in threads this lonely hipster is on the chat 24/7 trying to play buddy buddy until his next freak out.

No. 6664

I think people are just trying to ignore him now. It's obvious he's not going anywhere. He's like an annoying pest…

No. 6668

Agree. He always goes OT talking about irelevant stuff. I think he learned his lesson and now behaves like a good boy but he's still not very welcomed there. He doesn't know how do these forums actually work. You don't reply to every single member if you have nothing to say.

Not to mention that he ruined Yuuhi Takahiro thread talking about "purity", himself and shit. What an attention whore

No. 6669

i still think hes extremely annoying and probably has some kind of mental disorder like aspergers or autism. that wiki page hes created for himself omg. like dude,who cares???

No. 6675

I don't think Tharthan has any friends in PULL. He's just always in the chat now trying really hard to get along with everyone but everyone is still meh about him. Like people just chat with him normally there but I'm sure no one would be able to say they like him.

Can't kick him out cause he's not breaking any rules. He just has an annoying personality like…always responding to what everyone says (on the chat), then posting on threads things that really don't contribute to anything and he keeps asking stupid/boring/who cares questions that is just the type of questions people just ask for the heck of keeping the conversation going but they don't actually care. And the fact that he's this nerdy guy obsessed with the 90's makes it even more annoying. He's just like that loner loser geek guy from school that is always following you and your group around trying to be part of the group even though it's obvious they just want them to fuck off and even say it to their face but they just keep sticking to you like a bug cause they just got nowhere else to go. Yeah

No. 6678

hm exactly. after the shitstorm he's caused on PULL i'm not even sure how to treat him. it's like we know he's a sexist asshole who thinks he's smarter than the rest of the members, but on the other hand now he's trying to act normal and not to get into any trouble with other members cause he doesn't want to get called out again. i just think he doesn't really belong to PULL

No. 6679

He never contributes anything to the forum and just chats about pointless things with other member, maybe trying to make a conversation. It's just so annoying and uninteresting to read

No. 6681

You've read my mind

No. 6684

I don't like Tharthan either. He actually sent me a pm telling me to reply to the reply he sent me in some thread, I decided to answer that one message, but on the forum I just try to look past his posts.

No. 6685

Ok look, all of you instead of coming here to complain about Thartan, why don't you go back to PULL and do it there? What do you think we are, a fuckin' dumpster where you can come and spew all your hatred and not-so-pc opinions 'cause otherwise it'd ruin your precious image on PULL?

No. 6688

This is a thread about PULL. And most of us told Tharthan to his face we don't like him, publicly made it known we don't like him, told mods we don't like him, stated our opinion on a thread trying to vote him off. The mods just get touchy feely now and want to keep him so we are just venting here. A lot of us has blocked him but he has this "Look at me I'm desperate and lonely" thing going on and makes his presence known. He is also one of those annoying members who thinks their mighty purpose on pull is to expose liars. Seriously, ask him and he will spew that shit all over you. A lot of members do that sure, but coming from a guy you know doesn't even even come for the lulz spewing that greater justice crap is just more annoying. We all ignore him in hopes he will go away but it isn't working. I myself am wondering how more mental break downs and sexist rants he has to do before the mods kick him. It is a little creepy knowing his views on women yet stays on a site full of "impure" girls and wants to be their buddy.

No. 6689

Oh, I did when the thread was made about banning him. However, it's not relevant in any other thread, so I won't derail threads just complaining about him on PULL, because that's pointless.

I'm just saying, I hope he slips up and gets banned.

No. 6690


Exactly, it's a thread ABOUT PULL for lolcow users, not for PULL users that wanna come here to talk about things in a way that your site wouldn't allow you to.

No. 6692

Holy shit the fucking present batch of PULL users:

>this site is an exposé site!

>leave, you're not welcome here!

- she said just before announcing that the only reason she found PULL was through Tumblr.
Fuck you bitch I'd been there since the day it was created until it went to shit because of cunts like you. Fucking cancer man.

No. 6696

Saw you on the chat. Can't say batch when it was just one user spewing the "This is an expose site"
We all know we go there to talk about snowflakes and there behavior. Sure some people see the light with snow flakes and we only had one instance with Mira where our proof actually helped cause a shit storm but no real downfall… then again Mira is stupid and transparent so it is not like that was hard to prove.

No. 6697

Pretty much this, people just tend to ignore him instead of wasting their time, calling people whiteknights just because they choose to ignore him is dumb.

No. 6698

I'm sorry for finding Pull when it's still a tumblr. I NEVER participated in the forum until late 2012. Don't blame me for the way it had become, because I also had to deal with the change.

And you're right about the cancer too^^ I've got a swelling living inside me, but I'm sure I've got more life than you do!

Sorry for posting here lolcow^^ I usually just lurk here, but your member provoked me first on the PULL chat

No. 6699


>>And you're right about the cancer too^^ I've got a swelling living inside me, but I'm sure I've got more life than you do!

Lol sooo convenient. Trying to make us feel bad for having made a reference to cancer? Ain't gonna work.

No. 6701

Just heard from a member that the start of PULL was since the PULL tumblr and I think she's right.

Before parts of cgl moved to the PULL tumblr it wasn't even called PULL. Cgl only counts as the ancestor of PULL. So why are you angry that I found PULL at the tumblr era?

About the cancer, I was just being sarcastic because I coincidently have a good tumor and it was used as a curse word against me^^

No. 6702

Sometimes I think that lolcow's own users seem to forget what it is about.

If you guys are annoyed by PULL users responding to your posts about issues with how PULL is run, maybe consider going back to posting actual lolcow-worthy things? Thanks.

No. 6706

>> Didn't know cows were that retarded

Well I've got retardation inside of me, but I'm sure I've got more brain than you do ^^

Go ahead, go whine on PULL about the evil-doers farmers for calling you out on your shit!

No. 6708

Honestly! What shit have I done? Found the PULL tumblr? Calling it an exposing site, because it is one? Or making my first posts right now, after "farmers" started milking me?

No. 6711

Stop posting, you're just embarrassing yourself. The only winning move in these situations is not to play. There is no response that doesn't make you look retarded.

No. 6715

Excuse me? People are accusing me of things without clarifying what and now I look retarded for looking for answers?

Just answer my questions and I'll leave. I just want to know what "shit" I'm doing and why farmers feel the need to mention me here.

No. 6716

what the actual fuck..? can you just fucking stop trying to sound sooo fucking witty and funny? it's not working, you're only embarrassing yourself. that's it, i'm so done here. you're annoying

No. 6717

Just someone answer my questions and I'll leave^^ I hope I'm clear

No. 6719

You're annoying. That's it. You and your lot from tumblr stopped the original userbase of the site from using it how it was intended.

>"Yeah we're an expose site not just a stupid gossip site! Look at how morally superior we are! Yeah we're actually doing good things by protecting people from these evil snowflakes!"

No. You're a gossip site that was made to bitch about petty e-celeb drama.

You drove out the main admin and made it so we had to resort to having people like Orange as mods, now there's a whole flock of SJW members who get up in arms if you call someone hideously obese fat.

No. 6720


omg fuck the fuck off you fucking cunt whore.

No. 6721


>doesn't understand the "x is cancer" meme

>I have cancer btw but my life is much more awesomerer! ^____^

>it's an expose website!

Please make your cancerously deficient cells multiply at a faster rate so that your body can shut down already kudasai.

No. 6722



Admin ban this carcinogenic piece of shit already.

No. 6723

Different anon but Lain never had much of a presence in the first place, nobody drove her out.

No. 6724

The rules say whiteknights are welcome, just saying.

No. 6725



You know what really is embarrassing?
Fat girls uploading DIY hair tutorials to Youtube.
Now leave before I dox you for real.

No. 6726

Lovelystar's is from Europe, not the US like the person you claim to be her.

No. 6727

File: 1407854894652.jpg (46.17 KB, 608x295, fweff.jpg)


PULL users have become a parody unto themselves.

No. 6728

>one person
>PULL users

No. 6729

File: 1407855064138.jpg (163.94 KB, 601x968, sdadsa.jpg)

No. 6731

>please respond

No. 6732

lol it's funny XD pull members calling each other out. wasn't it supposed to be "exposing liars" site?
so what, she's fat and i guess you use it as an insult? grow up, it's lame.

when ppl get called out for their looks=WRONG
when ppl get called out for shit they've done=RIGHT

No. 6733

Tharthan is a piece of shit. Period. I'm so tired of that little cunt

No. 6734

And Apple refuses to ban him from the chat, she is the only one that can do that but she says she sees nothing wong with him.

No. 6735


>when ppl get called out for their looks=WRONG

Oh honey, that's just something ugly people tell themselves to make themselves feel better.

No. 6737

im not ugly, but dont consider myself as a "model" either XD im just saying that insulting ppl for being fat/ugly and pointing finger at them screaming "omg look at yourself, FAT UGLY BITCH!!" is stupid. she didnt say that she was pretty and the others ugly, did she? i just think its childish

No. 6740

Yeah, and you were all obsessed with ruining Dakota's career (Actually ruining btw, no one from /cgl/ SR or here ever tried to contact any of her managers to "expose" her) because she was uglier than you all thought she was and therefore didn't deserve a career. Stop hiding behind your little moral crusade and admit that you're just mad someone you consider ugly managed to do well at modelling, and you can't.

No. 6741

Whoops, meant to reply to the post this is replying to.

No. 6742



This is the most obvious samefag in history.

No. 6743

Doesn't even need to be samefag, there are quite a bunch of people using emoticons here, they even attacked people for calling them samefag back at SR saying that "we" aren't /cgl/ so emoticons are common.

No. 6744

Sorry for not knowing or caring about farmers and cows.

Why are you posting the chat btw? It's that farmer that went to bitch on the chat first and decided to post about me later.

No. 6745

There were only few people that actually wanted to ruin her career, it is like how some people here tried to ruin PT's life with the pedo bullshit.

No. 6747

Thank you^^ I make sure I stick around in this world just to annoy the hell out of you.

No. 6749



>she actually believes that's what we call ourselves

We got a live one here folks!

No. 6754

Tharthan is getting BTFO on PULL atm after Espurr banned him.

No. 6755

As an actual 90s kid, I find it silly that he's obsessed with that era. He doesn't exactly seem very knowledgable about it…

No. 6758

Now the only problem left is >>6734

No. 6759


No. 6762


Check the chatbox. He keeps begging and pleading not to banned not realising that Espurr banned him like 20 mins ago.

No. 6776

File: 1407870052498.png (41.04 KB, 548x458, chat 01.png)

The best part is how smug he was a few hours ago.

No. 6777

File: 1407870082261.png (48.77 KB, 548x458, chat 03.png)

>>I'm not going anywhere lolol

No. 6780

File: 1407870515348.png (52.73 KB, 548x458, chat 21.png)

He also apparently started crying irl.

Sorry for the triple post. I have the good parts of the chat capped.

It went on for hours though so there are like 35 uncombined ones and I don't want to flood the thread.

No. 6781

Honestly it is good he was forced to leave for his own well being and others. Being on a site where everyone hates you is very toxic. He was also just a toxic person to be around. I think now everyone can calm down. Besides… it was a bit creepy how he was ALWAYS on the chatbox and the moment he woke up he scrolled up to read what he missed while sleeping. Obsessive much? He will realize this is good for his own benefit because I think he was developing a serious problem. A lot of what he did was creepy, even the icon he choose for the chat was fuckin creepy. Well he is Apple's problem now. But the thing is he was invited to come again with a new user name and email, so if he is really desperate to get his PULL fix he can always come back.

No. 6782

i dont really understand what "samefag" anon is talking about. my english is really shitty so i thought no one could confuse me with another anon anyway. i noticed that ppl dont really use emoticons here and if someone uses them they get called out for "the same writing style" or spelling mistakes. these forums are hella weird and full of paranoid dumbasses

No. 6783

Omg this is pure gold.

No. 6784


No. 6785

He started crying irl? Wow he really wasn't in the right place. PULL wasn't the right fit for him and I hope he finds a place where he does not offend everyone. If he really has no friends or no where else to go then he really needs to make serious life changes and make some real friends.

No. 6786

IMO Tharthan sounds like Jrcach:
sounds like a fucking robot;
rants about stupid shit;
has no sense of humor;
thinks that people who call him out are "butthurt".

No. 6787

File: 1407870994493.jpg (26.46 KB, 310x207, ds130429_holland.jpg)

i sincerely hope he finds some friends

No. 6788

Oh my god, what a drama! What is a grown old fashioned dude even doing on PULL

No. 6790

Wait,can't he make another account on PULL? Haha, it's not like a friend irl betrayed him. Idk man, Im going to take his words with a grain of salt.

No. 6791

He reminds me so much of my brother, who has Asperger's, which really causes me to feel absolutely terrible for him.

I lurk a lot of these sites, but don't participate in the weird groupie nonsense. It's too bad that this kid/man? latched on to such a terrible group of people.

No. 6792

>It's too bad that this kid/man? latched on to such a terrible group of people.
You don't seem to know where you are.

No. 6794

He refuses to use other username than Tharthan because as he wrote he's using it for 9 years now on all accounts so he doesn't want to change.

No. 6795

You know, I think I agree with Espurr at this point (if that's who Anon6781 was). Leaving PULL was probably the best option.

So, yeah, I did some pretty lulzworthy things out of foolishness. I like lulz too sometimes, I can get that. But what do you guys personally not like about what I did? I know you guys aren't really all that humanitarian, but maybe you can tell me what was the most "messed up" thing about what I did? So I can improve myself in the future.

I'm not here to try and defend myself. I don't really care anymore. I plan on just going back to what I was doing after this, but I just want this lolcow stuff to be resolved first. I thought about just ignoring it and just fade into obscurity, but I have decided I want to try something before I do that: see what the biggest issues with what I have done are and try to correct them.

(There is one correction I would like to make to some of the posts here though: I really am 17. That's true. Just wanted to make that clear. You can think what you want though, idk. You can think I'm some 40 year old man in Gimli Canada for all I care.)

I know some of you are probably going to say "…stop being a lolcow, then". That's fair enough, but if I truly am a "lolcow", I would like to know what I have done that was facepalm-worthy enough to get you guys to point it out on here, so I can avoid doing it again in the future.

Alternatively, if you think I'm here for some other reason than what I said, or to just bother you guys, then you are perfectly free to just ignore me in hopes that I go away. Trust me, I will happily oblige. That will be the perfect oppurtunity for me to fade back into obscurity so I can go about what I was doing before I joined PULL and not have to worry about any carry-over stuff.

The choice is yours. I personally prefer you go with the former, but it's up to you.

No. 6798

>I don't really care anymore.
> Proceeds to type four more paragraphs

You're annoying as hell and contribute fuck all. Don't sperg up lolcow too.

No. 6799

File: 1407873672363.png (42.95 KB, 548x458, chat 33.png)

>9 years
>all his life

No. 6800

File: 1407873760612.png (43.09 KB, 548x458, chat 34.png)

tl;dr cry somewhere else.
We are not as nice as pull.

No. 6801

Tharthan that is your problem. Since the moment you entered PULL you kept asking people what you did wrong so you can improve yourself. You fall back on old habits and when people do attempt to help you what do you do? You freak out. So many people on PULL tried to help you and pointed out your problems so don't act like you don't know why over 90 percent of the people there disliked you. You need to take a break from this, PULL is not the place to make friends I know this for a fact. I don't know why you choose to kick up the dust Tharthan. You need to let it settle by just leaving. It will die down. Go take a break and watch, people will stop talking about you in days. Find a good site where you can make real friends. I don't know what you found so attractive about PULL. I don't think you stayed for the snowflakes. Was it the people? Because most ignored you, tolerated you, or were tired of you. You can find a better place. Try a scocial networking site.

No. 6803

File: 1407873918151.jpg (94.67 KB, 662x610, jq2ih2.jpg)


Also if you don't intuitively know that sending someone this many messages is a BAD IDEA. There's no helping you.

No. 6804

Oh sorry, I was sure he said something about using it for 9 years, my bad.

No. 6806

No he did.
Sorry I wasn't clear, I was calling him out, not you anon.

I think he said since 2006?
Point is he was being overdramatic when he said "all my life! Ruined by PULL! Boo hoohoo"

No. 6808

File: 1407874337417.png (55.7 KB, 548x458, chat 22.png)

He latched on because he has no friends irl.

No. 6809


He's actually 17 years old, and throughout the argument in the chatbox he kept claiming that he wouldn't leave until every trace of his name was removed from PULL and all his posts to "protect his identity".

When suggested he simply choose a new user name he reveals that he has been using the name Tharthan since 2006…. when he was 9 years old.

I think this guy is legit autistic.

No. 6810


Well, I only came here to ask what it was that was particularly dumb so I can avoid being in this situation in the future.

In regard to contribution, I suppose that's fair enough. I didn't contribute any new information.

But I wasn't talking about PULL, though. Like I said, I think it's probably indeed better for me not to be a part of that site. I was asking, in general, what was it that I did that was derp?

Didn't come to cry.

Well, I don't plan on going back to PULL at this point anyways. I'm only here right now to see what the issues with me were so I can try and correct them.

Yeah, that was dumb on my part. True enough.

Well, I do. It's just they're all busy with stuff during the summer.

I suppose I should probably take that as a hint that I should be busy with stuff too, I guess.

No. 6811

I feel like this is going to be another Marjann situation guys…

No. 6813


I'm not, but whatever. I've actually gone for testing for that before in my life, and I don't have it. Can't blame you for assuming that though, I guess.

No. 6814


Well dude, it's kind of hard not to assume because you are displaying quite literally every symptom of mid to high functioning aspergers.
I have a sperg friend who's a pleasant and decent enough guy and seriously, you behave and talk just like him.

No. 6816

He has every single hallmark of asperger's syndrome it's uncanny.

Look at this fucking list. Look at it.


No. 6817


Normal impaired even called him out a few times for being Autistic because she herself is Autistic. It's hard to not think it when someone who has Asperger's is saying "No you seriously act like you have Asperger's"

No. 6818


I dunno. I've only met one person before that I am aware of that had aspergers.

The biggest thing I noticed is that he wasn't very social, and he wasn't a fan of have conversation subjects changed on him.

He was a bit awkward to be honest. Nothing wrong with him being him, but I'm just saying.

No. 6821


Oh, whoops. Asperger's and having.

No. 6822

>People with the condition have difficulties in three main areas. They are:
>social communication, interaction, social imagination

>have difficulty knowing when to start or end a conversation and choosing topics to talk about

>use complex words and phrases but may not fully understand what they mean

>behave in what may seem an inappropriate manner.

That sounds AWFULLY familiar doesn't it?

No. 6823


I've already said I haven't come here to argue stuff with you.

You can think what you want.

What I want to know is what stuff I was doing before could I fix to avoid having a similar issue to this one in the future.

No. 6824

You are missing the point here.
What you did on PULL is relevant. You basically did everything wrong and when we point it out you can't just stick your fingers in your ears and say "lalala I'm not going back to pull so none of this matters!"

And I know they mentioned this in the chat. STOP REPLYING TO EVERYONE. That's what creates your annoyingly long as fuck posts that have little to no actual content.

No. 6825

>struggle to make and maintain friendships
>not understand the unwritten 'social rules' that most of us pick up without thinking. For example, they may stand too close to another person, or start an inappropriate topic of conversation
find other people unpredictable and confusing
>become withdrawn and seem uninterested in other people, appearing almost aloof
behave in what may seem an inappropriate manner.

Sorry dude, but this sounds about right.

No. 6826

File: 1407875379579.png (54.56 KB, 548x458, chat 07.png)

They've told you, we've told you.
The problem is that you don't listen.

In case you are so dense that you've forgotten, here is one of the MANY MANY reasons you were (justly) banned.

No. 6827

File: 1407875550891.png (56.32 KB, 548x458, chat 08.png)


And that two hour rage mode? Should have constituted a ban instantly since it was after multiple warnings anyway.

They've pointed it out to you and all you did was argue with them.

We aren't here to coddle you and tell you how to make it all better.

No. 6828


So what you're saying is that I bite troll bait too often when I should just be ignoring it?


I don't really expect chan users who were loling at dumb things I chose to do to sympathise with me.

No, I just asked anyone who was interested in doing so if they could tell me what was wrong with what I had done.

No. 6830

What part of that was troll bait? She's telling you why you were banned.

Listening might have saved you from being kicked off your beloved forum.

No. 6831


I meant what Espurr said about "arguing with people". A lot of the people (but not all) who I argued with in hindsight were probably just trolling me.

No. 6833

You really think that EVERYONE who disagreed with you were trolls?

Spoiler: most people either disagreed or tolerated. Not saying there weren't exceptions, but I'm talking about the majority.

Some of the people that argued with you have been on the forums for far longer than you. Do you think they created those accounts with the anticipation that you would show up so they could troll you? Come on, now you can't be this dense.

You even throw out your wiktionary link whenever anyone brings up that old saying:
“The first time someone calls you a horse you punch him in the nose, the second time someone calls you a horse you call him a jerk, but the third time someone calls you a horse, well then perhaps it's time to go shopping for a saddle."

No. 6834


Nowhere near the majority of people, but there clearly were a good few.

My point was that I sort of caught on to that they were just trying to grind my gears, but I ignored my intuition and kept responding to them.

No. 6835

Holy shit it was 80 percent of people that wanted you off the site! There was a public vote! And that percent got higher the longer you stayed! You are just delusional at this point. And no one was grinding your gears. We didn't know how to handle you and we tried talking about how to deal and people wanted to know what was up. But like a creeper you stalked the form and chat to see if you were mentioned. Hell when you wake up the first thing you probably do is scroll up and see if you were mentioned. You are not listening. Get off lolcow. We are not PULL. Get over it. The only person who can solve your issues is YOU! Not people on an anon site who dislike you for good causes.
Get a clue and leave!

No. 6836

Yes, the majority actually. Enough to even have a thread where almost everyone was in agreement.
You have no idea how many times you were reported by individual members do you? kek if you did you wouldn't still think you had anybody who really wanted you there.

Where are all of the people defending you if you supposedly have all these members that want you back so bad? Oh right, because they don't exist.

Protip: When someone tells you to stop talking, that's not a troll. They literally want you to close your mouth.

Trolls want you to keep talking so they can make fun of you.

You can't pin the blame for your banishment on anyone but yourself for not listening to the community.

No. 6839

see >>6776

Pretty sure he literally has nothing else to do all day.

No. 6840


I meant nowhere near the majority of people were trolls that responded to me, but there were a good few.

No. 6842

File: 1407877036848.png (183.4 KB, 400x240, 0VEU3x6.png)

Go play Mii Life or something.
Your Mii's like you more than anyone on PULL or here.
And until you realize that you have already been told what you did wrong (yet are still in denial) they will be your only friends.

>Tartan: That's my Mii on the left, my Mii's son Blue in the middle and my Mii's wife Lily on the right.

No. 6843

Tomodachi Life* Derp

No. 6845


I'm actually a terrible procrastinator. PULL has eaten up so much of my time that I have a wicked big backlog.


That game gets a little bland if you play it too long.

And, like I said, I have friends. It's just they are all busy during the Summer, making me the odd one out I guess.

No. 6847

get a job then. Get a hobby. How about not spend almost 24/7 making sure nobody said the word "tharthan". Get a life.

No. 6850

I'm going to bet that there is a reason that you aren't included in ANY of their summer plans. If they exist at all.

(hint: it's your attitude)

No. 6855


Fair enough.


Well a particular person comes to mind actually now that you say that, and I can more or less safely assume that you are probably right.

No. 6860

I can see why they think he sounds older than 17

No. 6861

Honestly, I am not going to argue with this guy any more. I'm going to go eat some lunch, jog, shower, enjoy life, maybe draw… ya know instead of arguing online with people who wont effect my life. Tharthan take a similar lead. Peace out!

No. 6863

I'm laughing so hard atm. Tharthan is such a drama queen omgf

No. 6864

My voice got deeper around puberty. I don't know what else to say.

It used to sound like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhSSh8w9WOU

If you look at my videos from before 2008, you'll see that I was clearly a kid back then.

No. 6865


Same. I'm done.

I'm going to go to work and live my life outside of the internet for a while (and away from Tharthan's dramalama aspie-ness).

No. 6866

Anyways, like I said, the only reason I came here was to ask some questions.

I have gotten sufficient answers, so I am going to take my leave now.

No. 6918

guise, I missed all the fun.

No. 6938

File: 1407922088382.png (9.73 KB, 647x250, butthurt jrcach.png)

dat butthurt

No. 6944

Haha what a hypocrite. He used to post there too

No. 6950

baaaahaahaaaaa but he lurks on PULL. idiot

No. 6951

Not to mention that he isn't christian himself but that is something that belongs to his thread.

No. 6953

indeed.PULL is his source for drama

No. 6954

Nah because all the girls he makes a drama about aren't even related to PULL, he only stalks the thread about himself.

No. 6958

How about the whole "kanadajin3" mayhem bandwagon he tried to jump onto? He also tried to make Kat look bad and said she's "one of us" and that she's spreading lies about "poor Mira" on PULL. Also,recently he's been slandering PULL members,like nitpicking Megannyan and Hailie about their "gaijin" noses. Once Keekihime came to PULL's livechat and asking for advice. Afterwards JrCach wrote "Keekihime lied, she spoke bad about me on infamous gossip forum yadda yadda yadda" or something like this. Holy fuck I'm almost sure PULL is Jrcock's morning newspaper.

No. 6959

That's why I'd like to remain anon on PULL. Butthurt snowflakes like JrCach attack members

No. 6961

Why can't you speak english yet properly Moemo?

No. 6962

Not this shit again.

No. 8418

What happened to hachi?

No. 8453

To be fair, Megannyan looks retarded. She also thinks she's black. Wut.

No. 8457

File: 1408612873443.jpg (249.99 KB, 1388x1600, HEARTS.jpg)

No. 8458

hm i have to agree. that makeup and photoshop looks like shit. i hope she'll grow out of this and create a decent looking internet persona.
sorry megan. when you grow up you'll understand.

No. 8459

Shiet,that's scary

No. 8461

She thinks she's black??

No. 8466

File: 1408616482041.jpg (188.95 KB, 625x937, 3ca21d4228cc7e8224f342889d4d14…)

No. 8471

yeah what's the deal with hachi? Their account's suddenly gone from PULL

No. 8472


That's what I mean when I say that the majority of PULL users are snowflakes themselves. Btw, Megan thinks that OC wasn't snowflakey at all, so yeah, it all makes sense…

No. 8477

No, she doesn't.

No. 8478

You guys happend + she needs more time for her rl.

No. 8482

hey, I'm no sjw, believe me, I just saw hachi contributed a lot on there & didn't see any posts indicating she would be leaving so it seemed odd that her account was suddenly gone; I thought something must have happened.
But, if she left to do more thing irl, then that's good for her.

No. 8488

LOL How do I think i'm black; actually died at that. And >>8457 >>8458 don't worry that was me in my weeb phase, I've grown out of that. >>8472 I'm not a snowflake for having been a weeb a year or so back; I don't think OC is a saint, sure she was acting irrationally on PULL banning peeps left right and centre, the sjw crap was annoying. But I don't see a big deal with her camming. Anyhow, that's about all I have to say :)

No. 8491

No. 8501

i hate seeing pull members fighting each other :< lets be frieeeeeeendsss

No. 8505

I see what you did there

No. 8507


No. 8508

File: 1408627542343.jpg (234.33 KB, 600x800, 1404922497095.jpg)

No. 8509

i don't really know much about the members as snowflakes so maybe i should keep my mouth shut XD
i just hate seeing mebers on forum acting all so fucking sweet and all, chattig with each other but then they come here to talk shit about each other. eugh..

No. 8510

I need this shirt in my life.
Oh lord, you wasn't being fascist. Noelle?

No. 8514

haha, you called me noelle? XD nope, she's probably crying on jrcock's shoulder (or dick) atm. lolcow is a scary ugugu place,remember?
idk man i just feel like PULL is a place where people unite to expose liars, not expose each other lol.if that makes sense. idk it'd be better if everyone on pull was anon so we could discuiss slowflakes', not members' shit.

No. 8516

That NoelleBelle bitch should have her own thread.
Why do these kind of people even register to PULL? Don't they know what PULL is for? Definetely not for complaining how mean people are and sugarcoating everything.

No. 8518

Sorry thought you were her. Yes I agree with you on that.

No. 9132

File: 1408769097423.png (37.55 KB, 800x451, lol.png)

"Especially not with Venus's voice"!!
LOL because she does exactly the same. This girl is the shittiest Venus wannabee I've ever seen
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_EoGVPlP4c&list=UUFl77GyOdrsxUNHg3lFuUrw&index=9 I have no fucking idea what she's doing on PULL

No. 9133

that kawaii ugugu lullaby background music…

No. 9135

No. 9137

I want those 3 minutes of my life back.

No. 9138

Holy shit,NoelleBelle deserves her own fucking thread..So cringe worthy

No. 9139


No. 9141

A sneaky way of asking how to stay in Japan.

No. 9168

my thoughts exactly.

No. 9892

File: 1408904715415.jpg (48.97 KB, 640x400, 1386525876530.jpg)

>PULL censored the word 'slut'

Is slut a TRIGGER word now? In that case they should censor fat, suicide and everything else deemed ~offensive and triggering~. It sure is tumblr in there.

No. 9897

Not a trigger but hasn't it been done when Orange was still an admin? And she had a problem with the world "slut"?

No. 9910

Most forums provided by free hosting services have an insult filter.

No. 10411

I don't keep up with PULL stuff. Why did Hachi delete her account?

No. 10412

Nevermind, I looked back a way and saw.

No. 10509

File: 1409268808026.png (158.53 KB, 816x1508, lololol.png)

KFC getting slayed

No. 10512

She is right tho.

No. 10514

I kfc would take her piggy face somewhere else, she's not even making sense. Simone was right she didn't say anything about being against anything…..what was she even trying to say here?

No. 10515

But she DOES make sense? If you complain about people insulting people by their looks you shouldn't do the same.

No. 10516

oh give me a fuckin break. i was talking about how she picks out the stupidest shit or shit that isn't there. like how she is obsessed with talking about kikis "short torso". she will bring it up out of nowhere and keep talking about it even when no one cares.

people piss me off with having there stupid face up there, like why? this isn't tumblr. what are you doing. stop trying to be cute.

No. 10517

i really didn't. i was talkin about this one bitch that gets on my nerves and here come the crybabies defendin they're buddies. this is the problem with that forum. it's become a little hugbox community, where girls post they're pics and try to be nice but bitches at the same time.

No. 10520

>i was talking about how she picks out the stupidest shit or shit that isn't there.
If you were talking about it then why didn't you write it anywhere? It's not like if people can read your fucking mind.

No. 10521

>complains about shittalking
>complains about turning into a hugbox

No. 10525

i DID say that in the original post tho. are you slow or are you just KFC? i'm guessing the latter.

No. 10526

File: 1409280600845.gif (474.17 KB, 245x150, jflsjk.gif)

you're an idiot. i already said i was specifically talking to this girl about the stupid things she picks. go back to whoring out ur shitty tumblr on pull pls.

No. 10529

Not even close and this was not what I meant, you didn't state any other examples for the nitpicking besides here. This way your posts sound like a Tumblr SJW.

No. 10530

Who are you to judge with YOUR own stupid nitpicking?

No. 10535

yes. i am totally a tumblr sjw. that makes sense. i'm exsposed. gr8 job.

No. 10556

Simone, why do you come here to complain about shit you don't like on PULL, instead of talking about it there? Do you realize that it's kinda dumb coming here being all like: "look at what that stupid user said against me lol" while still keeping on posting there? What do you expect, us patting your shoulder and be like "Ikr? Such a loser!"?? Seriously, I can't stand you PULL members coming here to complain about shit on PULL you don't like. You've got your own forum, and if you can't express yourself the way you want there in 'cause you're afraid of being labeled not kawaii and desu enough, that's your fuckin' problem. SO piss off.
Btw, KFC was right and you're a dumbass.

No. 10570

simone is my waifu
keep doing what you're doing, you're the chemo curing PULL

No. 10571

Personally, I like simone because I love to see PULL members get BTFO'd. They're a lot of dumb, fake bitches and it's entertaining as fuck when they get told. I don't really care why she posts here, even if it's to get whiteknights or whatever.
PULL members are lolcows in themselves.
tl;dr: kfc pls go

No. 10573

Dat embarassing self-compliment.

No. 10574

wasn't kfc the dumb bitch who tried to kill herself over some tumblr drama? or am i mixing people up?
(this happened during early "freelice" days i think?)

No. 10575

Nope, not her. I am >>10571, though

No. 10576

Yeah, in the first ever prettypolly thread she claimed she smashed a mirror and cut herself up because of Polly. No one said shit to her about it. Another time she attempted suicide and PULL had to intervene to save her via her husband. IMO though, her "Husband" Who is conveniently esl, doesn't exist. I don't think she attempted suicide at all and it was all a big attention seeking ploy.

No. 10579

um, wow. i didn't even know about those "attempts."

for some reason, the version i have in mind involves her fighting with some other tumblr blogger, overdosing and being rescued by her husband and him posting on her "truth blog" to let people know what happened. because that totally makes sense. the internet has to know. the internet cares. yup.

her tumblr name had "ostrenga" in it somewhere if i remember correctly… ughhh. so much drama, so many snowflakes, so many truth bloggers who turn out to be snowflakes and cause even more drama. i lost track.

No. 10582

>>10576 they are divorced, from what i heard he was very protective then became abusive

No. 10583

Well, she's not that really active in ~freelice~ anymore besides helping with this Myspace Memorial/Scene blog -?- I don't pay much attention to her but she seems to be really happy and has some type of business. I haven't heard of any drama lately, nor would I really want to know. It says on her tumblr. she wants to be a professional musician, and I think she's got the chops. Checked out her music a long time ago, and it was actually quite good for just doing it all herself. I just wonder how old she is.

Besides that mess, I agree when it is said PULL is mostly made up of two-faced bitches. Can't say that about all, some are completely one-way-bitch-faced.

No. 10587


No. 10590

>>10587 lol internet slowly becoming the land of paranoia eats popcorn love this like the third time someone been accussed of self posting

>>10583 shut the fuck up. tho i follow her soundcloud so we

>>10582 thats a muzzy for you

No. 10610

Lol are you implying that I'm KFC? Sorry to disappoint you, but I somehow doubt that she'd have an italian IP, whaddayathink? Besides, I agree with the fact that PULL users are all snowflakes themselves, and so, how's Simone any different, coming here fishing for whiteknights? That's why I can't stand them coming here to bitch about PULL, this thread isn't made for them to spew all the hatred they wouldn't show in their silly little forum.

No. 10616

Unless you are KFC or someone else she shat on, I literally don't see any reason to be bothered. She occasionally provides content and calls out retards. What's not to like?
Plus, she spews all the hate she wants on the forum instead of pretending to be a kawaii desu pure-hearted girl who ~only wants the truth~.
I'd see your point if it actually was one of the posters who act disingenuous and would definitely do the very thing you're complaining about, but I don't think simone fits that criteria.

No. 10619

Again, I'm not KFC and hell no she hasn't shat of me or anything, snce I've never had any direct exchange with her, at least that I know of. The thing is, she comes off as annoying and condescending, plus nobody gives a shit about the irrelevant small fits among them PULL users, so why would she post it here, if not for gaining attention? That's a pretty snowflakey move to me. Plus, that KFC chick was right to call her out, what she wrote was hypocritical as fuck. So in the end I wouldn't give a crap about this Simone that all of you seem to be so into, if she didn't come here to fish for whiteknights.

No. 10657


bc i go to pull bc it's hilarious and entertaining???

what do you want me to do make a call out thread to talk shit in on pull? i don't even think that's allowed and people would get butthurt as fuck. that's why i bring it here BECAUSE IT"S FUNNY. it's stupid to keep it going in the threads on pull bc everyone will get pissed.
i just go with the flow and say what i want at the moment.

i don't see why you all think you can talk shit about all these bitches but nobody can talk shit about you or else you all start getting ur feelings hurt.

No. 10658

And you know this is lolcow, right?
This site is about lolcows, not about you being a hypocrite with complaining about nitpicking.

No. 10659


you do know this is a thread about pull right?

to, you know, post things about pull and things that happen in pull.

wtf did you think this thread was?

No. 10660

lmfao. i never complained about anyone on here nitpicking.
why do you keep trying to bring up what i said to that dumb girl on pull. did i go too far sayin she was ugly? she made herself an easy target by havin her stupid pic up like shes cute. so that didn't help.

No. 10662

You actually did in >>10509

No. 10663

Btw, the more you post the more you turn into a lolcow yourself.

No. 10664

yes, i am annoying. the person who was the first to call out one of the most annoying fucked up users on pull bc everyone else wouldn't say shit until i did. obviously you just mad bc either ur kfc or that bitch with the dumb picture of herself wearing that black hobo coat or something that i said was ugly.

idk why you are so annoyed about me bringing things from pull here. that's how the tharthan bullshit began which was hilarious. he even ended up crying by the end of it lmao :'D

hm…wonder why no one seemed to care then?

No. 10665

I'm not in PULL, who are you and why should I care about you?

No. 10667

Ssid the person attentionwhoring here like Thar.

No. 10668

…………you don't have to care about me idgaf?? srsly what the hell.

No. 10669

heh I just posted to see if you would respond, please keep talking

No. 10670

yea. anonomously attention whoring. i could understand what you're trying to say if i had links to accounts or pictures of myself on my profile, but srsly, what would be the point of attention whoring if no one knows who tf you are?

tharthan wasn't attention whoring. he was just being a sperg lord.

No. 10671

oh and keep adding extra question marks and ellipses, it's so kawaii

No. 10673

File: 1409391171770.jpg (23.74 KB, 500x341, tumblr_mlleyrM3kZ1qj760fo1_r1_…)


i try to be as kawaii as possible in every aspect of my life. the fact that you noticed this means i am on the right path. arigatou gozaimasu. here is a picture of me. if i type more question marks and elipses i'll turn full anime one day…….. wish me luck anon chan. V.V)

No. 10681

Yeah, 'cause these girls would totally have an italian IP, I'm sure.
I just happen to find you annoying, rude and stupid on PULL (which I only lurk btw) and especially here. But please Simone, keep embarassing yourself "anonymously" (I guess you've got the definition of "anonymous" wrong) for our viewing pleasure. You're so unfunny and dumb it's actually pretty entertaining.

No. 10682

Simone you're fucking cancer. Gtfo you're making yourself look foolish.

So noble of you to "call out" someone who hasn't even logged on since May.

No. 10683

She's obviously a troll, why are you giving her attention?

No. 10693

I don't care about simone and KFC bullshit, so I'm ignoring all of that.

I have to lol at the Taylor R thread. Fuck, PULL, do you really think that Dakota was so fucking special that Taylor is "copying" her?? Like Dakota was so original that this is something that hasn't been done by every other kawaii uguu wannabe in asia? Come on. I would post on PULL but I really don't give a shit enough to sit there and argue with them. I like Taylor R quite a bit. It's like you can't like ANYONE on that site. What a joke.

No. 10694

None of them know anything about Japanese fashion or trends outside of what they've seen from Dakota, so they don't know that existed before her or in many cases she copied it from someone else. If you try and bring this up you're just ignored. They just want to bitch about people.

No. 10695

Sorry, deleted and reposted because of some errors I made.

I know, it just drives me freakin' nuts. That site is pure gossip at this point. I don't know if it was ever "good". I just like to follow Dakota's career, and I'm shit at moonspeak.

No. 10710

Pretty sure the majority of that thread is people speaking fondly of her and saying she doesn't copy Dakota.

Can you not read?

And Taylor is a copycat. Get over it.

No. 10746

It's not about copying a fashion style. She has replicated a lot of Dakota's pictures. You'd have to be stupid to not see that.

No. 10757

Lol pls go back to PULL and lay on the fake.

No. 10771

I will when I become a member. Oh sorry did I hurt your feelings?

Taylor is another Dakota clone. Go fangirl somewhere else or stop getting your knickers in a wad over a shitty eceleb.

No. 10772

confirmed for Ael.

No. 10775

Yeah, because being a model before Dakota is totally copying her.

No. 10781

Just because she was already a model before Dakota doesn't mean she can't copy her which she does since about a year if you look how quickly she gets the exact same brand products after Dakota wore them, even when they are actually sold-out since years. Also look at her Weibo, she is only writting in japanese there since Japan noticed here, also something that Dakota did.

No. 10786

Still can't use since properly, huh Moemo?

No. 10787

Yes, if there is another white girl in Japan who models and wears cute clothes from certain brands at the same time, she's obviously copying the queen Dakota. There is no other explanation, even if her videos, outfits and photoshoots have been out since Dakota was still being a scenie weenie.
It's not like East Asian countries have a track record of hiring blonde white models.
Dakota started it all, obviously.

No. 10788

You can say: which she does "for" about a year, but the "since" form seems to pinpoint/emphasize the time a little more – at least suggestively if not actually.

No. 10791

Totally, that's why she got the long sold-out Irregular Choise bunny heels right after Dakota used them at photos or the Kokokim cat shirt right after Dakota did model it at an event.

No. 10792

>You can say: which she does "for" about a year,

No you can't. You need a "Has" In there for it to be correct, because otherwise it'd be future tense, and because of the subject we know that it's past tense.

That aside, Moemo uses the word since (and a lot of other words) in a very specific and unnatural manner.

>Kokokim cat shirt right after Dakota did model it at an event.

Coupled with the posters inability to admit the fact they're wrong, their know it all attitude and the fact another anon was called out as being Moemo by two different anons over in the Dakota thread whilst using exactly the same argument.

Go the fuck away Moemo. If you're trying to be incognito by only posting on Anonymous websites you're doing a shit job. Maybe if you stop having such a shit attitude you'll be able to make friends with some people with English as a first language and improve your shitty English.

No. 10794

How many times have people pointed out your incorrect usage of 'since'… for the love of god sort it out.

>If you're trying to be incognito by only posting on Anonymous websites you're doing a shit job.

I really hope she doesn't think she's going unnoticed. She always posted things from cgl on PULL and acted like they were exclusives anyway.

No. 10795

Right, Dakota is the only one who could possibly own either of those items.
Lookbook doesn't real
Tumblr doesn't real
Fashion magazines don't real
Taobao doesn't real
Only Dakota

No. 10796

>on Anonymous websites
Yet you make the same mistakes as her, it is AT websites and not ON, they are not an object.

No. 10797

Er, no, it's definitely 'on' websites.

No. 10799

This thread is top grammar kek.

No. 10803

You realize "doesn't real"/"don't real" is basically a running joke, right?

No. 10807

You're wrong here. It had been pointed out and proved that Taylor posted a photo wearing that shirt way before Dakota showed up wearing it at event. So no, just because they wear similar clothes sometimes does not mean she's copying her.
There are some similarities that really looks like copying but not everything and seriously, sometimes it's getting ridiculous.

No. 10813

No, Moemo. In this instance "On" Is more like a substitute for "using" , as in:

>I am on the toilet

>I am on a bike
>I am on the computer

Last one being especially relevant as that's why we say we're on a website. We're on the computer, on a website.

Please don't try and call people out on their English, I know you liked to do this on PULL but yours is barely passable. Don't teach your shitty habits to other ESL people.

No. 10816

I love how you guys always call people like Megan Moemo while she is a native speaker.

No. 10847

I didn't post any of that which is being discussed atm.

No. 10849

Was only an example.

No. 10854

Hm, I get your point everyone gets blamed of being Moemo posting in the PULL thread if they spell something wrong.

No. 10858

Don't act like it's just misspellings or little typos that are getting picked up on. Moemo's entire syntax is distinctive.

No. 10867

Yeahh, is that why people have been called out for being her plenty of times, when not actually being her? Right'o

No. 11057

Lol, I find it ironic that she started defending her on PULL after I posted this. Maybe she read this and thought "oh, someone agrees with me." or maybe it's coincidental. Either way, I couldn't really give a shit less about whether I'm being confused with her. She might care that people think she's "white-knighting" over here. But no skin off of my back.

No. 11059

And fucking thank you.
Run-on sentence much?

No. 12016

Late to the party but… too damn good.

No. 12019

She already got an own thread >>9142

No. 12145

File: 1410307608727.png (360.69 KB, 1280x800, SweetandSour.png)

Any thoughts on SweetandSour? Seems like a bit of a retarded bitch.

No. 12147

Why retarded, she is correct with everything she said there since it was about Kiki's art theft.

No. 12148

…why would you use Kiki's screenshots, unless you are Kiki?

No. 12169

Plus that's from July so why post about it now

No. 12174

I think the crazy Monstrengas have found the thread.

No. 12178

File: 1410330875317.jpg (36.76 KB, 322x700, i7UOdLK5AEU.jpg)


I suspect this, too. Apparently they haven't uploaded more screencaps to the archive either

No. 12204

I think they have already submitted their lawsuit files to their lawyer, so they don't have to keep uploading more files to the archive because it's already final.

No. 12205

But I'm still wondering why uploading them in the first place? It's a public space after all, accessible for everyone. I know that their knowledge about internet, online stuff is pretty limited but still…?

No. 12207

I am pretty sure all the files are too much for an email so they sent the lawyer the folders instead.

No. 12208

Maybe you're right. What kind of a lawyer would take this seriously though.

No. 12212

the one mooching their money off

No. 12215

But what next? Just a lawyer won't be able to do anything with lame caps and accounts of random people they stalked.
I mean, they could try to fool followers on twitter with mixing those caps before and claiming some bullshit about the posts count but in court they need way more and prove it properly, that trick won't work there. The judge and others will need actual proofs and who are they going to go after actually?
The only one I can think about right now is crowdgather since they haven't removed PULL when they wanted them to do that but that's basically all. They don't have anything about anyone else.

No. 12331

What next? nothing. You can't sue somebody for being a snarky bitch, and that's PULL in it's entirety. The screenshots over the years imply that they have messaged lawyers about the scene hater sites and Chris Stone in the past too. And nothing came out of that either.

No. 12481


I can imagine the judge secretely laughing while reading monstrenga's lolsuit docs

No. 18552


You know what really is embarrassing?
Fat girls uploading DIY hair tutorials to Youtube.
Now leave before I dox you for real."

Lol, I didn't notice this post until someone asked me today. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's not me^^

Good luck doxing me btw. I live in a small town, so the bigger cities around show up instead XD

No. 18554




No, seriously. Please stop.

No. 18555

Where did this 'farmer' shit come from anyway? Like I get farmer/farmhand was a cute little admin/mod term, but I've never seen any lolcow user actually refer to themselves as 'farmers'. This isn't some fucking PULL hugbox where everyone feels the need to be in some kind of ~~speshul club~~.

No. 18556

I don't remember who explained in the Pull chat that the people discussed here were cows and the members here are milking the drama or something. That's why they're farmers? Too long ago sorry.

I don't feel special at all, just funny someone thought he/she found me and called me fat. Hilarious!

No. 18560



You sound fat m8.

No. 18562

Omg please, will just gtfo?? Nobody is going to dox you, nobody cares! You made a fool out of yourself once, and you keep coming back here asking for more? Just stay the fuck away from lolcow and stopping bring up our stuff on PULL.

No. 18566

Did you respond to the wrong comment?

Actually, I don't care about you guys and had stopped coming here since Simone got a warning.If someone didn't ask me about that comment in the PULL chat today, I wouldn't be here.

I just wanted to leave a message for the idiot who thought he/she found me and didn't even know about the failing XD

I do respect that you don't want someone who's uninterested in your board to post here and thus would leave it alone until that dumbass show up.

But I don't see why I can't mention lolcow on PULL, if you have a whole thread dedicated to us^^

Have a nice day~ and I'm going to openly lurk here for a while!

No. 18568


The fact that you scrolled through thousands of comments to find that one comment and then felt that you HAD to reply to it anyway just goes to show how insecure you are.

Absolutely disgusting.

Not get out you chink bitch.

No. 18580

Isn't it better to just ignore me if you don't want me here?

Web browsers comes with a search function btw. I did hit miss 2 times, got lazy and asked for directions in the chat afterwards.

Applauds You guessed right^^ I'm insecure, but who isn't?

P.S.: Just ignore me and I'll leave on my own. Respond to me if you wanna entertain me. Yawns

No. 18581


Entertain you? You are making a complete and utter fool of yourself.

No. 18582

You sound like Marijan's dream girlfriend.

No. 18583

I ship it. She's from The Netherlands and he's from Croatia or something, we need them to meet half-way to make it happen.

No. 18585


kek, funny because not too long ago she was claiming that she lived in guroriusu Nippon and that people totemo mistook her for Japanese, like, all the time!

No. 18590


If you're going to lurk, it means you're not posting.

Hurry up and start fucking lurking.

No. 19117

Theres an argument on Dakotas Popteen thread about her posing, PULL has gone so downhill jfc

No. 19175

Your newfag is showing, there always have been arguments like this.

No. 19176

they start arguments like that and worse all the time.

No. 19190


I remember one of the few times I visited PULL people noticed Dakota's lips looked like she bites them and suspected that she does it on purpose to look like a BJD.

What the fuck, man.

No. 19206

We had similar talks in threads here too, nothing special.

No. 19210

Dude, why would you revive this thread? Do you WANT people to talk shit about PULL members?

Seriously, just let it die.

No. 19212

It's been 4 days ago. For 4 days no one wrote anything about this, which means this topic was on a good way to slowly die.
Better to just really let it go even if it was silent about this for few days.

No. 19216


I've never seen nitpicking quite as bad as PULL on here, but I guess any bitch site is going to have lots of it.

My point was that yeah, it's not really anything out of the ordinary for PULL

No. 19223

Why can't we talk shit about pull members?

No. 19233

Nobody said you can't do that but complaining about things that we do here too makes us look like hypocrites.

No. 20435

I'm south African and can confirm that your post is utter bullshit. South Africa has gone to shit since blacks took over, and the biggest racists are the niggers.They kill and rape fucking everything.

No. 20436

It's funny, 'cos the only south african I know is the biggest SJW I have ever seen. The other day she got slapped on the butt by a random black guy, in public, and was laughing it off like 'oh it's no big deal'. If it had been a white guy she would've flipped her shit.

No. 20493

>literally calls black people the biggest racists and then calls them niggers in the exact same sentence

No. 20500


There is a difference between black people and niggers though.

No. 20544

Different words have different meanings in different countries and among different classes. You sound like one of those people who got buttmad over Yolandi painting herself black despite the fact that blackface is only offensive within the US. It's only become offensive in some other countries as a direct result of American influence.

No. 20666

>strawmanning this hard to make a moot point
Nope, Yolandi is cool as fuck.
Unlike blackface, "nigger" is generally considered an offensive term everywhere. I'm pretty sure "kaffir" is, too.

No. 20667

It isn't. In my country even black immigrants call themselves "neekeri" in jest. Up until some years ago we had candy that was called "nigger's kisses" and the word is used to denote a black person, the only reason it came to be offensive is because of American media. We even had to change the name of the candy to just "kisses".

No. 20673

Sorry, but your country isn't South Africa, and they don't magically share the same values just because you put them under a collective blanket of "Not America".
Anon's post isn't even just coming out of a "different culture" context like the two examples you gave, they obviously meant to be offensive and speak derisively of black people because they consider them murderers and rapists and SA has supposedly gotten shittier.
To be honest, there's really no shielding things with "No it's just not considered racist in their culture!!" in this specific case.

No. 20681

>>"nigger" is generally considered an offensive term everywhere.
>>that's not true, my country for example

Nigger nigger nigger lol nigger
Go back to tumblr and cry about teh n word there, no one here cares.
And whites in SA have every right to be angry about all the rapes and farm murders. The government wants them to stay, but does nothing to protect them. Them leaving has caused a massive brain drain in SA. Also,


No. 20682


Hey, another Anon here. I'm half finnish half Afrikaans, (lol pull members know who I am).
It's true nigger wasn't ever considered offensive in SA cause it isn't used there. Plus South Africa has gone to shit ever since that terrorist mandela was put in power. Anc has just ruined the country since it took over. Soth Africa is literally in so much shit atm. Please don't talk about things you have no ideas about.

No. 20684

>Nigger is generally an offensive term
>But that's not true! My country doesn't consider it so!
>Anon explicitly meant for it to be used offensively in this case, using your own country's ignorance of the word's history is no excuse
Are you fucking retarded?

No. 20685

Literally no one is arguing about the plight of SA. That poster was just being racist while complaining about racism, and some faggot is trying to defend them.
There's no way that they just "didn't know" or they didn't mean to use the term "nigger" derisively in the first place, which makes them a hypocrite.

No. 20690

Just a reminder that this is PULL's thread, not racism or whatever you are making it now.

No. 20692

as someone who's been medically diagnosed as a 'low-functioning' autist, there's no way he's high functioning lmao

No. 20693

An autistic anon here, i'm genuinely saying this to try to help you. please go to a different doctor/psychiatrist/specialist or whatever and get diagnosed so you can get proper support.

No. 20695

High functioning just means he has an IQ above 80 and isn't mentally retarded. Are you sure you were diagnosed with LFA? Even Chris-chan is technically considered high functioning.

No. 20722


The very fact you're on a website like this demonstrates that you are most certainly not low-functioning.

I used to work with children with aspergers, speech impediments, severe learning difficulties etc. and if you were low functioning I doubt you'd be able to demonstrate yourself so articulately let alone grasp the concept of "lmao" and use it within context.

No. 20784

I'm autistic, asperger's is no longer in the dsm, your typing style and word choice is extremely consistent with everyone I know with asd. It's nothing to be ashamed of, just a part of life.

No. 20796

That's how people talk outside of tumblr you stupid little PULL cunt.

No. 20799


People who think other are "copying" their unique snowflake style really annoy me. And can we have another thread? Why must our threads be 1000+ posts long?

No. 20800

Because they don't get deleted anyways.

No. 20908

I didn't consider this before, but perhaps Tardchan was diagnosed with a disorder on the autistic spectrum, and he doesn't want to accept it because he problems with the word "autism".

Well Tardchan, am I right?

No. 21417

File: 1415213353379.png (135.36 KB, 800x312, lol.png)

Oh the irony…

No. 21418


Don't mean to derail, but jesus fucking christ that eyeliner-an-inch-away-from-the-actual-fucking-eye thing all these snowflakey weebs do pisses me off so much.

I presume they think it makes their eyes look bigger, but it just looks painfully retarded.

No. 21419

I really don't understand how they can't see how stupid that looks.

Blame Michelle Phan?

No. 21421

Blame Anastasiya, a couple of years back she was the reason my eye make-up was as cringy as Hellie's.

No. 21423

This dumb bitch is always promoting herself everywhere and she always looks like shit. Sadly, other than being delusional, there isn't really enough material on her to make her own thread.

No. 21442

File: 1415220677741.jpg (35.06 KB, 890x250, candy.jpg)

>we should a tread

No. 21444

…So this person is suggesting that almost everybody on PULL get a thread to themselves?

No. 21445

no a tread.

I think the admins should just ban everyone with "candy" in their name the second they join.

No. 21589

yeah i love how haillie criticizes other snowflakes' make up while she looks like s*it. not to mention that she's the ultimate weeb

No. 21590

Oh my fucking god I don't understand why PULL members praise Haillie's fucking ass.

No. 21591

Oh fuuuuuuck,her make up is disgusting

No. 21599

I think why they praise her is because she is pretty young. Everyone had that young weeb phase. When they first saw her they had a thread about her and they started ripping on her like every other snowflake. Saying mean shit. But they she showed up and was like "Oh awkward… I'm a member and a kid" and they felt bad and started giving her ass pats. After that she started promoting on PULL and everyone is eating it up despite their initial reactions… so you can see the kind of bitches you're dealing with.

No. 21602

File: 1415259619070.png (122.79 KB, 619x569, Screenshot (7).png)

I only looked at the first page. But at least Totemo kept her opinion

No. 21603

yeah i hate that.
"kids" like her get posted on PULL all the time and members make fun of them but since Haillie is the member of PULL she's "on the safe side". she's a total snowflake imo

No. 21604

Totemo is my hero

No. 21605

File: 1415260343367.jpg (94.19 KB, 960x960, 1378027_689613324424834_183960…)


No. 21606

Jfc, that make up is sooo bad!

No. 21607

File: 1415260490866.png (83.58 KB, 793x377, b.png)

>I joined this forum to find out more stuff about the Bodyline contest, I'm totally innocent desu
>Makes fun of some russian chick's shitty make up

No. 21608

File: 1415260568013.jpg (100.48 KB, 960x960, 10639556_907384229314408_61956…)

guise,pls stop calling her a kid. she's like 15 or 16

No. 21609

File: 1415260697641.png (727.21 KB, 749x1033, wat.png)

Reminds me of OC

No. 21610

File: 1415260782938.png (189.96 KB, 400x398, image.png)

Basically her

No. 21615

I looked at that thread and yikes… I thought she was younger than 15. Does she edit her pics? That and she acts like she is 12 or 13 years old. I remember she use to type out… fucking stuttering like she was so shy desu
"H-hello, I'm a member here uguu"
I don't see her in any of the main threads. She only seems to say shit about snowflakes she is jealous of or promotes herself.

No. 21616

It's like her hands were really shaky when she was applying her eyeliner or something. And that open mouthed stare. Why would she think this looks good?

No. 21619

These days she seems to have moved away from the living doll image to a 'sexier' one.
Exhibit A: her amazing dance cover teaser, complete with her gut spilling out.

No. 21621

File: 1415277321673.png (564.03 KB, 1011x609, Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.3…)

No. 21622

Her 'lower' lashes are killing me

No. 21630


No. 21631

she looks like a fucking drag queen. where are her parents?

No. 21633

File: 1415284685838.png (754.88 KB, 1008x601, 111.png)

No. 21634

Argh, not Sistar! I hate that all these kids are getting into Kpop now.

No. 21635

File: 1415284855120.png (748.79 KB, 1018x585, wtffff.png)

>Blondes have more fun right?
Okay bitch, but don't complain when a man will treat you like a whore because you act like one.

No. 21636

Wow,she really wants the D

No. 21637

Those tags..wtf

No. 21638

What's going on with her hair? Is that her real fried hair at the top with extensions underneath??

No. 21639

so innocent
very kawaii
just a kid, guys

No. 21640

My thoughts exactly. LOLd @ how PULL members say nice things to her because she's "just a little kid" and they don't want to break her innocent kokoro

No. 21641

File: 1415285481365.png (428.83 KB, 542x817, Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 14.4…)

Her weaves tho


No. 21642

those eyelashes.ewww

No. 21650

lmaooo those granny panties are seriously so unflattering

No. 21651

File: 1415291715102.jpg (52.94 KB, 468x594, naomi.jpg)

lol why does she wear a weave? isn't that only for black girls and Hollywood actresses? It seems so vain for her to do that, why not keep her normal hair?

No. 21652

you'd be surprised at the amount of normal girls who wear extensions. difference is they know how to wear them.

No. 21655

Well if her real hair is as rekt as it looks in >>21635 I don't blame her.

No. 21656

You seriously believe extensions/weaves are only for black girls and celebrities? You must be basic-looking as fuck IRL.

No. 21657

Normal people don't need to wear weaves, because unlike black women and celebrities it's possible for them to just grow their hair out.

No. 21658

Bad bait.

No. 21666

haha, wow what happened to that little VA wannabee? she looks like a slut now

No. 21932

Never seen that happen?

No. 21936

lol top bait

No. 21942

I'm calling it now:
It's all an act.

No. 21943

Whenever something becomes extremely popular, like J-Pop has, the hipsters (i.e. 90% of kids today) think that they're above it, and move onto something else that is quite popular but not ''as'' popular as the prior thing.

They're just poseurs. And quite the bore.

No. 21944

She looks like something out of a visual novel.

No. 21945

90% of kids on the internet.
I think the majority of kids I meet irl are pretty basic.

No. 27213

File: 1417288546877.png (27.22 KB, 777x494, wtf.png)

please tell me it's a fucking troll

No. 27217

If it's the creepiest VN ever.

No. 27218

File: 1417291247936.jpg (39.17 KB, 540x405, sayanouta.jpg)


she totally does desu~

No. 27223

Sounds more like a retarded fan or one of them judging from the spelling mistakes.

No. 27231

Her eyeliner actually fucking looks like that
I'm dying

No. 27286

>Anime Expo
Aren't Ally and Sally canadian? What would they be doing in a SoCal convention?

No. 27314

Don't forget that they are loaded and travel all around the world just to do their stupid dances at cons.

No. 27326

I know but I went to AX 2014 this year, and I didnt hear any announcement of them coming.
I think PULL user meant Japan Expo ??

No. 27329

LOL anon. You're really cute. Many people have shitty hair - it doesn't need to be curly afro hair, just extremely thin/short/frizzy/prone to breakage

>calling non-blacks "normal people"
I'm not even a SJW but what the hell

No. 27367

>>27326 Nope, that post is correct, I saw them at AX 2014, getting food across the street. In their defense, they look less fetal alcohol syndrome-y in person.

No. 27420


They were working the MangaGamer booth. They were on the panel too, but I'm not sure why. They didn't say anything or contribute in any meaningful fashion. They just kinda sat up there.

No. 28490

No. 44185

File: 1422422730411.png (169.15 KB, 782x666, pull.png)

No. 44186

File: 1422422770765.png (751.52 KB, 1000x605, mint.png)


No. 44187

File: 1422422854858.png (972.15 KB, 998x606, mint.png)

kawaii desu!

No. 44189

I take it she didn't learn anything from Orange. Posting your face, personal accounts that can be linked back to you, and trying to self-promote yourself on PULL is the dumbest thing you can do on there.

No. 44193

i'll never understand why ppl post their faces/links on PULL. they're gonna have a haaard time

No. 44197

>Okay I need you guys to listen up🚨
Haters gonna hate QuQ There's a lot off would that get upset with Internet hate. You guys need to realize a few things. 1 Do they really know you? Have they sat down and talked with you and experienced life with you? No your family and friends have. So call bullshit on it because they don't know shiet! 2. These people hating on you are probably hurting inside way more than you are. If they're spewing negativity onto the Internet about you imagine something must've caused that negative energy, if you really want to solve things with them ask what's making them feel like they -need- to hate on someone else to make themselves feel better. Because there could be something completely unrelated behind it. 3. What are these people gonna do? Bet you 200/10 they won't do shit in person lol. They're hiding behind screens and if they were really concerned they would say it to you personally and be mature about it~ 4. Talk shit get hit. If you're nice and kind to these people what're they gonna say? "She was nice to me when I was being a lil bitch hoe?" LOL seriously karma's gonna bite them in the ass some day QuQ 5. YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS LOVE YOU SO THEY SHOULD HAVE THE MOST IMPORTANT OPINION. Take your family and friends advice not a stranger or someone you met via Internet! 6. Misery loves company. Don't give them what they want! Just show how happy you are and that's honestly the best way you can handle the situation!! 💕 But to those people hating on me or others, fuck you all I'm happy and you're not bothering me one bit!! I do wish the best for you in life since you are hurting inside Im sure, but you need to pick up your feet and stop wasting your time on people you don't like and start putting it towards things you do! Be happy and stop focusing on the negatives QuQ 💕 I love all of you guys and wish the best for everyone! Don't listen to haters, because if they were in league I would "report for noob" because they are literally noobs in your life if that makes sense. ANYWAY ILY STAY HAPPY!!! ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃◡ ˂๑॓)◞
This sounds sooo fake.

No. 44198

Good luck dealing with snowflakes

No. 44211

Who is this on PULL? Or how does it concern PULL?

No. 44229

I think this is a post by a girl that had a thread made about her on PULL. Reportedly she and op of that thread are trying/tried to make up?

idek man

No. 44270

No. 44501

So can someone explain what PULL is exactly? Is it just a place on the internet where attention whores congregate for e-drama?

No. 44506

pretty much. especially these days.

No. 44605

A forum for collecting evidence and talking about snowflakes but some people seem to think that they can use it for self-promo and won't get caught.

No. 44611

Okay so from what I heard, it moved from /cgl/ to tumblr so they could talk shit, and gossip about Kooter without being a clear nuisance to the board or something.
So gossip board
Then more snowflakes popped in, and then it turned from talking about Kooter to exposing/talking shit.
Now, like cgl, it's infested with sjws and attention whores, where they discuss their high and mightyness with the disguise of exposing snowflakes.

With more rational people scattered around.

No. 44623

Pretty close, there was a tumblr first whilst /cgl/ still allowed discussion which was made because threads on imageboards eventually disappear, so there was no way to refer back to previous stuff without making the current thread closer to being deleted. I think the admin didn't like having to deal with submissions so made a forum.

No. 44658

Pretty much. It seems like there's a few trying to "fix it" but it's all an utter failure. You cut off one SJW another grows in it's place. A nasty roach infestation.

Although there's always been faggots on that board, Orange Citrus was the one who really brought it down, I think.

No. 44677

It's true. Get rid of one massive shitstain (such as OrangeCitrus) and another one that's even worse takes its place (like Tardchan). You still get easily butthurt retarded people that get all SJW if you call someone out on being fat and are automatically branded as racist just because the fattie in question is black. I stopped giving a fuck long ago and if any SJW-chan has a problem with me calling JNig a slut, Barbie a fat ass, or whatever, they can come at me. They haven't done so… Yet. Kind of surprising.

No. 45229

File: 1422733127951.png (173.77 KB, 780x681, stfu.png)

God she's so annoying.

No. 45248

Such a very special snowflake.

No. 45266

It's kind of annoying whenever they act super nice when the snowflake they talk about comes in the thread to speak.

Also the "earned the right to self-post because you posted enough to qualify" rule is stupid.

No. 45289

What the fuck, seriously? How long has that dumb attention whore rule been placed into effect?

No. 45290

Whaatt, I've been a member for a while and I've never heard of this ridiculous rule. This is the reason it is going down hill.

No. 45296

Since I could remember, like 2 years ago. People post themselves "kotified" and that's ok. People post confessions about themselves. People can compare themselves to snowflakes since ever and bring up their face/height/weight..


But if people make a thread on themselves, it's not ok. It's… weird.

No. 45300

I remember a user questioned why they don't question people who posted a lot as self-posters. A different user responded it's because self-posters tend to have few posts. People who post a lot can't be self-posters. Smh what? xD

I'm going to try to find the post but it was a long time ago. I remember it because it made me lol.

No. 45357

I vaguely remember something like that. I also remember one user with a shitload of posts who kept making useless threads in the beauty section just so she could post her face and she got a couple of warnings. She did really annoy one of the mods though.

No. 45360

You didn't hear about that rule because it doesn't exist, anon seems to confuse posting in OT threads with self-promotion, according to that our /b/ must totally be attention whores self-promotoing themself.

No. 45361

There is no rule where if you post enough you can self post. That is stupid. But the thing is attention whores come onto PULL and spam all the threads so they can get 50 posts or whatever is needed to make your own thread and make it about themselves.

There was one obvious self poster a few days ago who even used her own icon and people gave her ass pats when she said "That isn't me tee hee ^^ I just look exactly like the person I idolize… who does not even have 100 people following her. But she is super kawaii unique! Better than the other girls that are posted here"

It is just some PULL members are WAY too dense and wait for an admin to roll in saying it is a self post.

No. 45378

Ugh yeah idk how they just shrugged it off. Like what are the odds that she and that "totari different and totemo unique desu" internet nobody look exactly the same.

No. 45409

Didn't one user call her out? And only THEN did an admin do something. That girl hasn't posted since.

No. 45410

Forgot to add:
There's definitely not a rule about being allowed to self post. Pretty sure that milkysky was one of the people who had a good amount of posts but got banned after she self-posted.

No. 45426

Damn truuuue

No. 45427

File: 1422772599635.png (17.89 KB, 784x429, pull.png)

No. 45429

File: 1422772745758.png (14.89 KB, 795x389, pulll.png)


These posts contribute nothing to the thread, can they just stfu…

No. 45430

File: 1422772849662.png (17.66 KB, 777x290, midori.png)

No. 45432

File: 1422773113359.png (20.19 KB, 768x273, munch.png)

> I sleep with the same bear I got when I was hospitalized as a child
>I have attachment issues
>I am extremely impulsive which has not only caused problems with relationships but also with the law
>I don't like friends coming to my house because I feel like they would judge me
wow. poor thing… much depression. very special.

No. 45435

This can't be for real, is PULL RPing site now?

No. 45436

File: 1422775408273.gif (1.84 MB, 325x244, 1422467645768.gif)

>My longest relation ship was almost three years but ended because my boyfriend got my half sister pregnant o.o"

No. 45438

File: 1422775956776.gif (1.24 MB, 290x189, 1421714366407.gif)

I'll take "shit that never happened" for 200 Alex

No. 45468

File: 1422784217041.png (143.05 KB, 1150x582, wtf.png)

This chat though, Jesus fucking Christ

No. 45490

Who the fuck would lie this hard on PULL?
Is she expecting to get status and esteem?
>my boyfriend got my half sister pregnant o.o"

No. 45493

meow is just like "fuck this shit I'm outta here"

>he'd make me a baby just to have sex with him
Wtf does that even mean? I read it 4 times & still don't understand.
He lured her into sex saying it was to try for a baby?

No. 45494

I thought firexcracker was kinda cool but wtf is this

No. 45506

It means they don't have sex, I remember they don't because of the age gap.

No. 45522

File: 1422805849117.png (170.68 KB, 787x603, pull.png)


No. 45527

Cracker was drunk or something that night. I don't remember I was in there for five seconds.

No. 45533

Eh well this is embarrassing. Usually I criticize idiots from the forum who come in here to defend themselves just to make it worse but I wanna clear up that I WAS about two glasses too many to be on the chat. But that didn't seem to stop ME! So me being whiny sensitive and stupid turnt said something dumb that will be on the interwebs 4ever.

Sorry if I made anyone in the chat feel uncomfortable though. I was hoping it'd be one of those things nobody remembered… it wasn't.

No. 45535

Imo you're just making dumb excuses but we all want to make confessions once in a while so it's understandable. Just saying that you shouldn't feel embarrassed for wanting to talk to people about stuff that bothers you.
You're still my favourite PULL member ,Crackie.

No. 45537

Never have children you crazy bitch

No. 45539

Aww ilu2 anon. I'll just be more careful about the stupid shit I say in the chat from now on.

Candy-chan is that you?

No. 45558

it's because people assume anyone under 15 is retarded by default so "iT CANT BE HER FAULT! SHES SO YOUNG!!@@@"
smfh i wasnt in a shitty weeb phase like this when i was 14

No. 45561

Nobody really praises her anymore. Now they just talk about how awkward it is that she's posting pr0nz at 16/17.

It is dumb that they protected her in the first place but it seems some of the members are being less cringe. Only slightly.

No. 45661

>>45438 It could be possible. I've had classmates like that before but they never bragged about their accomplishments.

I hate it when people derail a thread to talk about themselves in a way that doesn't contribute to the thread at all. That doesn't count as a form of self posting?

No. 45667

And no I'm not talking about the confessions thread, I was talking about another subject where they derail just to brag.

Well at least the confessions thread is an outlet.

No. 45671

Depends on the content of the post, something like talking about the own experience or viewsaren't selfposts until they are completely OT spam about themself or links to the poster's sites.

For example, in case of a thread about a dance video:
Pointing out what is wrong based on what user X learned wouldn't be a selfpost, user X posting a video of themself doing it better would be a selfpost.

No. 45685


Well, if y'all are still talking about this >>45429 , then I've already removed all of those posts + a handful of other OT posts from kuronekotopianist. But I'm personally keeping up the posts on the 10 conffession's thread because it's too lolsworthy to remove.

No. 45725

That's what I meant. Comments about themselves that are relevant to the topic like that aren't irritating to me. But just mindless bragging is, like talking about your own height and weight, comparing it to the snowflake's for no reason other than to mention it.

No. 45735

>"Pshhh Kota says her waist is 22" whatever"

No. 45738

ugh, that kind of shit is so fucking annoying. like seriously nobody gives a shit about your waist size ok? this is a thread about kota, not your dumb snowflakey ass.

No. 45813

Love it when they say "I have the same body/face/looks as Dakota"


No. 45825


mary sue status, I guess

No. 45924

dakota's not that bad looking, but i don't get why anyone would want to look just like her.

No. 46016

People have different opinions of beauty? People want to have her fame secretly?

No. 46972

No. 46974

No. 46980

Does she think sounding like a complete idiot is funny?

No. 46992

Hope she doesn't go out in public like that…

No. 46996

This video makes me cringe a lot because I did this makeup when I was in my delusional living doll phase. I actually went out like that, there is photo evidence of it (cringes).
I was thinking that you just brought back that video from 2012 to early 2013, but this video was actually quite recent? I thought that white eyeliner mess was a kinda trendy experiment and the general consensus was that it was an awful look that we should never do ever again.

No. 47252

File: 1423345382439.jpg (94.62 KB, 512x512, image.jpg)

i remeber someone on PULL saying that only japanese girls can do duck face because its part of their "culture" ???

No. 47434

File: 1423417347273.png (38.7 KB, 780x603, ruire.png)

''multicoloured hair, long and slender fingers, dainty and small wrists, shapely and sexy legs, bib boobs, pale skin''

No. 47454


Holy fucking shit, I'm surprised she can even read what she's typing with her head that far up her own arse.

No. 47473

File: 1423420765251.png (43.92 KB, 775x523, veslrbiselrib.png)

No. 47479

File: 1423421781337.png (42.02 KB, 759x502, 21ffb917dba32448026f611d21b7ba…)


I'm so sick of this girl already

No. 47481

lmao that sounds so goddamn forced holy shit.
>listen guys i sound so innocent and child-like so kawaii desu~ rite? hihihi ^3^

No. 47482

This bitch is fucking passionate about talking about herself.

No. 47483

that vocaroo was some cringy ass shit

No. 47485

Can she piss off, people like her is why PULL turned to shit.

No. 47487

File: 1423422931486.png (8.82 KB, 603x118, 74dc91e4a209039f35a0ad8353fe38…)

Kaninchen and Prince called her out

No. 47488

Do you have screenshots of what they said?

No. 47489

Glad to hear that because she was a twat.

No. 47490

No. 47491

>but it's a self appreciation thread

That doesn't mean you should wrote 2000 word essay on how special you are

No. 47493

File: 1423423557202.png (52.58 KB, 711x659, bsudhbvhbz.png)

No. 47494

>>I honestly don't know why I joined this site.
Neither do I, fuck off.

No. 47495

hahahaha. this is gold. should've waited until the selfies came tbh - she sounds like a delightful lolcow

No. 47496

>High functioning autism

Ah. It's Tharthan 2.0!

No. 47502

No. 47503

>i am such a thoughtful and wise person
>let me join this gossip and shittalk forum
>but i have no idea why i've joined since i am so innocent and good teehee

lolcow material confirmed
did she post her tumblr or something
someone should fish it out of her

No. 47504

I think she got banned.

No. 47505

aw too bad
so much cow potential

No. 47506

Should've nourished it.
Just imagine PULL members sarcastically complimenting a narcissistic lolcow and massaging their egos to milk more kek-worthy material out of them.

No. 47508

I would've but got there to late. I love a bit of milk from daft cows.
Her profile say's she's 27 right'o then.

No. 47509

No, she's not banned yet. I'm trying to lure out her social media accounts atm. (Kaninchen)

No. 47511

Yass my snazzy lass x

No. 47514

I like your approach, let's hope she bites.

No. 47517

Btw, I clicked on this link before she removed it: http://vocaroo.com/player.swf?playMediaID=s0qWhuXxHUEE&autoplay=0

No. 47519

OMG wtffffffffffffffff
she must be an emo or scene kid, even though it's long gone.

No. 47520


So I found this. It wasn't that hard. When it gets to the 18/19 second mark it sounds like the voice she put on in her vocaroo links.

No. 47521

Oh god

No. 47522

File: 1423426930501.gif (903.63 KB, 240x228, cringe -.gif)

No. 47523

YASSSSS let's find everything else

No. 47524

>must be an emo or scene kid


No. 47525

Also found this. She didn't make it that hard to find things about her.

No. 47526

That literally hurt my fucking ears

No. 47527

She's 27 yet acts the way she does. wtf is this shit.

No. 47528

The RAWR gave it away.

No. 47530

>Every child deserves a chair
This is great

No. 47531

Right? And in one of her posts on PULL she was all "omg i hate my mom, parents are so LAME!!"

No. 47532

>Member since: February 14, 2014
I didn't even know this site was still going. Are members even that active anymore?

No. 47533

No, but it seems the ones that are active are the 13-15 y/o.

No. 47538

File: 1423428123301.jpg (43.94 KB, 499x750, 48005227.jpg)

>multicolored hair, long and slender fingers, dainty and small wrists, shapely and sexy legs, big boobs, pale skin

No. 47541

Well…she was right about the pale skin…I guess?

No. 47544

She's so basic. I was imagining this ethereal beauty like a Millais painting.

No. 47545



No. 47569

The only thing that's always active is the hair group.

No. 47582

All levels of fucking crazy.
Are you that same faggot who whined about the cam girl getting abortion?
God I hope you never reproduce, you're pathetic.

No. 47584

Lol. The only thing she was right about is her pasty skin.

No. 47637

You are PULL's chemo.

You guys should just keep her around as a personal lolcow. She can be the mascot.

No. 47643

I don't drink/take drugs/smoke either I'm so special desu

No. 47667

This bitch and her chairs. I've seen my 8 year old niece say more poignant things.

That was so bad. So bad. I want more. That was pixy-teri level cringe…

No. 47668


No. 47677

It says 28

No. 47680

She must have just changed it because it definitely said 27 earlier

No. 47687

Or maybe today is her bday?

No. 47689

kek. happy birthday to her then.

anyway she's back on the thread

No. 47709

The three friggin' page thread. Christ. If she really is as old as she says she is, this is beyond pathetic…

No. 47710

>irish/english/scottish are all around similar though, genetics wise, but then i have that unknown element… a possibly exotic element… o.o I really really want to get my dna tested, to see what's in there.

My fucking sides hahaha

No. 47722

hahaha look at the chat right now

>ruire: iv tried googling and cant find shit…

>zoom: There are websites you can go to to look for scholarships, too
>zoom: I used google to find them
>nachosenpai: That's such BS you can find them via Google so easily omg
>ruire: ah i found those ones, they were no good

No. 47763

Cracker's one of the few I like so I can't really hate her for this.

Tumblr seems to be breeding a new snowflake that revolves around white-guilt. All of these white chicks desperately trying to convince us that they're anything but caucasian. Not saying it's okay, just that more and more white girls are claiming to be something they're not so they can join the special world of being oppressed.

Am I doing something wrong? Nothing pops up when I search Ruire's name.

No. 47773

The whole "I know I look white but I'm actually part Cherokee/etc anything else that's either some ~*exotic*~ Euro nationality or just not white!!" thing was way before Tumblr, actually

No. 47785

For sure. People always wanna say they're like 1/64 Cherokee or list all the fractions of their nationalities. It's like, I guess it's cool if you're proud of your heritage, but it would be even cooler if these people actually wanted to learn about these cultures instead of just claiming fractions of the nationalities to sound cool.

I feel like Ruire is just a really dedicated troll… Entertaining either way.

No. 47788

The ethnicity thread on PULL is so cringeworthy. They all HAVE to mention 400 countries and not even ONE of them can say "I'm <1 nationality>"

No. 47789

Na, there are a few who say they are from one country.

No. 47893

Fuck I always miss drama, is she still there fucking around or is she gone yet

No. 47925

In all fairness, it's fairly common in this day and age to have a bajillian ethnicities mixed in. I just feel like it's unfair to get mad at them for just naming off what they are.

That being said, it's still a pointless thread.

No. 47928

That's true. My sister is big on calling herself "mixed race" because she has an irrelevant amount of native American blood. Drives me up the wall.

No. 47978

jesus fucking christ that's so annoying. You are not a fucking Moroccan rub spice you're a human being stop trying to be exotic

No. 47979

yeah no.
If your mum's chinese & you're dad's german, then by all means, proclaim it.
But no one gives a shit where your grandparents or anyone else in your family came from, & unless specifically asks, it's snowflakey to bring it up.

You sure as hell don't need to write a shopping list of all the microscopic amounts of ethnicities in the mix.

No. 47980

unless someone* specifically asks.

No. 47981

>unless someone specifically asks
but isnt that kind of what the thread is?

No. 47998

So legitimate question is me saying that im 1/4 inuit 1/2 swedish and 1/4 euromutt snowflakey?

No. 48001

it's snowflakey when you brag about it to the point where it sounds fake

No. 48005

If you say it when someone asks then its perfectly fine. If not, then who cares? Why volunteer that information when it's not part of a conversation? I mean, I bring up being Mexican even though I look white when people talk about cooking and traditions. Usually I bring it up when trying to describe why Mexican children are feral and shouldn't be approached. Need to have the cred to insult my own idiot ethnicity.

No. 48014

I feel like we would get along great, anon. People never think I'm Mexican because I'm light-eyed and fair-skinned but I def use my ethnicity to my advantage to talk shit about all the Mexican nationals that come to my store and act like entitled assholes. And it's gr8 because I'm not racist, just remarking on the asswipes that I share a culture with.

No. 48016

whats wrong with the mexican babies?

No. 48037

What's so wrong about admitting you're Finnish?

No. 49829

Not that I really care much but is pull down?

No. 49832

Seems like freeforums is getting ddosed again, happens once a while.

No. 49904

Ok, guess I'm not the only ones having issues with the site loading.

No. 51270

File: 1424308430895.jpg (44.14 KB, 785x293, backtotumblr.jpg)

I seriously can't stand this user. Is she trying to be the PC police? She's been pulling this shit in three threads I'm posting in already.

No. 51275

I hate her too, I hate a lot of the new users. I only like the mods and a couple of old time users. It's turning more shit everyday.

No. 51318

Who do you hate/like? I'm there and just curious if I come off as a complete fucktard or not

No. 51334

Personally? The only person I can tolerate there is Kazzie atm. There are others, but I can't think of them right now.

No. 51335

Yeah, this bitch. I swear she is like a SJW. Why are there so much tumblrinas invading PULL with their 'nooo, you cant say that' policies?

No. 51336

Not that anon, but I think you're fine as long as you're not being an sjw or randomly making every little thing about yourself. You can relate things back to yourself/experience if it's on topic, ie, if people in the thread are speculating something about someone and you give a response based off of your experience. But no one likes someone who feels the need to randomly go on about how they look like this snowflake/lolcow, how petite they are, how people shouldn't shame someone for having [X] feature because they have that feature too, etc. With the last example, people really need to keep in mind that people don't hate [X] feature altogether, it usually just looks like shit on the person talked about. I really don't think anyone gives a shit about some random person who did nothing wrong that has [X] feature. Most of the time people criticize certain features because the people with the features are egotistical assholes.

No. 51341

I can't stand that mintscribbles girl. She posted in the off topic sub thread about doing cosplay without a wig because she's got 'similar hair!' and so many users were trying not to state the obvious about how much of a dumb fuck people look when they try to cosplay based characters based on their hair color/hair length.

No. 51428

I don't know the word cunt is censored from the site and immediately changed to vagina. That just…what?

Anyway, it's weird that the word is changed to vagina on PULL. Has it always been this way?

No. 51436

Ah, okay. I don't do that. Hate it when the users use their own pictures as avatars and put links to their shitty KAWAII UGUU blogs and what not. Like why would we give a shit, we're there to discuss snowflakes. PULL isn't a typical social media site. I kinda feel like those who do it come there for attention/ass-licking, pretty much potential small snowflakes.

Why wouldn't they wanna hide their identity?

No. 51437

It was added by one of the old mods who aren't there anymore, iirc.

No. 51448

Thartan. Oh please thanks god he's not posting again. Also there's a lolita in PULL that is a damn brat. Ah and I can't stand how Mintscribbles tags every girl as "average" when are pretty girls, what they expect in PULL, that everybody is Rosie from VS? So everybody is average cuz they're not VS angels. I wonder how they look in real life, well I know how Mintscribbles does and she's the one who's average

No. 51454

File: 1424341162084.png (111.92 KB, 771x529, titanicromance.png)

Mintscribbles is annoying as hell. She talks about herself like people care. No1curr, girl.

Kaluwa's getting grating with her romantic pedo bull. You can't say something on PULL without someone offended.

No. 51460

That's annoying too and I think that's the reason why they do it. I've seen many people give these girls attention and praise for their looks, especially in the past years. They probably want a piece of the attention and immunity from criticism on there, like Lauryn had.

I still don't get why you'd post you face on pull or any sort of site where you're being catty/talking shit about someone else. If people you know find it, they're going to think less of you, and strangers will want nothing to do with you. Plus a lot of these girls can dish it out but can't take it, being personal on these sites is going to make you a target.

No. 51465

i haven't visited pull much anymore, but when i did frequently, i was absolutely terrified of that moemo chick. she was so obnoxious. i could hardly stand kfc. also the one ~~uguu i am such a innocent sensitive kawaii little girl, i don't want to say bad words like boob and butt~~ whose name i don't remember. she was a latino iirc and didn't speak too good english and was always apologizing. god she was annoying. i remember liking unicornface, she was hilarious.

No. 51467

Moemo was scary at first because she was always ready to pounce on people who she disagreed with, but she was a sound chick on chat. Unicornface is brilliant, never fails to make me laugh.

No. 51468

oh my god are you talking about shrike? (she's changed her name to something different but idk if she even still visits pull)

Fuck I hated her so much.

No. 51470

I can't believe I used to believe whatever crap flew out of Moemo's mouth because she always seemed sure and 100% correct. Then my friend found her blog and bitch is a tumblr basic ita, pretending to be part japanese. She was basically a huge weeaboo, I don't know how she managed to hide her power level like this.

We loled forever when she said rtbu is as good as brand then left the board.

No. 51476

She doesn't even own a blog nor did she ever dress lolita, try harder next time.

No. 51479

Oh, because lolita and the blog were the main points of the post right? Your pedantry sure made anon look stupid!

No. 51482

yes! i remembered her name started with shi or something! she was such an annoying little wannabe loli and people went out of their way to protect her from different words and stuff because she was so innocent desu~~. it was kinda cute at first, but then it just turned so irritating. jesus.

does anybody remember the one chick who pretended to be a model in japan who knew some people who knew dakota and she used to spew so much shit about her, and everybody believed her? oh god how i wanted to believe

No. 51501

Hi Moemo, long time no see ! If by blog you mean something like blogger I meant tumblr. (And deviantart but it's not a blog). Also for someone who posted so much in the fashion thread and had a terrible ita coats you sure look(ed) like an ita. I hope you got rid of your emo fringe cut, no kidding, you can end up with a lazy eye with that shit.

No. 51505

Found the lolita brat >>51501

No. 51517

Hated her too. She loved going ot and talking about herself. I usually found her in threads that talk about snowflakes with ED issues and she'd always be like "I…WEIGH THIS MUCH TOO!!! WOW IM THIN??!!!" Like stfu no one gives a damn. She'd also "contribute" to the thread by lightly commenting in 2 worded sentences and then proceeding to talk about herself. FuckiNg hated her ass

No. 51518

Mintscribbles is an annoying cunt. Everytime she posts in a thread I'm active in, I just cringe with what nonsensical bullshit she's going to say.

No. 51519

I can't type in whore anymore in threads. Fuck PULL.

No. 51520

Just turn the safe word filter off in the settings.

No. 51532

That wigless cosplay thread tho

No. 51549

I barely go on PULL anymore, its turned to sjw shit. Honestly I just want to go back on to cause shitstorms because its so easy to start one.

No. 51800

I found it even more hilarious when the users say "The users on this board are way prettier than Venusangelic or other snowflakes." They don't hesitate to compliment the beauty of other users but rip on snowflakes even when they have similar levels of beauty.

What's so bad about looking average? A lot of models look plain without the angles and make up.

No. 51807

Shike admits to being a snowflake whether she's serious or not xD


No. 51809

Thanks, I'll do that.

Yeah, I saw that thread. She posted ugly ass pics of herself in shitty cosplay and then posted more pics of characters she could cosplay with her real hair. It felt like /cgl/, except people were attempting to tell her it would look like shit in the nicest way possible.

No. 51815

File: 1424395329386.jpg (40.23 KB, 811x348, KILLITWITHFIRE.jpg)

What the fuck is this avatar? Mintscribbles is soon to become the next little snowflake.

No. 51836


What the ever living shit is that.

No. 51838

File: 1424396961329.jpg (94.36 KB, 640x640, 10958248_1557643631185709_1890…)

That shit gave me a heartattack when I saw it on PULL. Here's another fucking picture from her instagram.

No. 51847

Ugh, she's gross. Now she's derailing the JNig thread with this bullshit. Keep that shit on tumblr.

No. 51849

Not sure if this should be under a spoiler or what. This is seriously horrifying.

No. 51990


>try so hard to be cute that they become aliens

I think I'm sensing a bit of hypocrisy or delusion. Maybe a mix of both.

No. 52001

Jesus Christ almighty. Absolutely terrifying. I only realized after about 10 seconds of staring at it in horror that her make-up is supposed to make her look like a deer. It looks like ganguro gone very, very wrong.

No. 52012

look like she fell in a bag a flour

No. 52015

those eyes so totemo kawaii so natural~

No. 52025

FFSSSSSSSSS I give up with PULL now. Wtf is this shit.

No. 52050

Ruire's post though
>>'I see it as more of a parasite than a baby'
>>' i have a phobia of pregnant people'
>>'have an abortion and save a child who is already living'
Yes what a great idea, kill your own baby so you can adopt someone elses, fucking logic.

No. 52053

File: 1424439231858.png (176.35 KB, 1190x508, Screen Shot 2015-02-20.png)

Speaking of mintscribbles

No. 52059

I stay away from these fucking topics really. Red child's completely, "I dont care what the situation is, you dont abort" stance really grinds my gears like nothing else. The world is not black and white with circumstances. fuck you.

No. 52060

File: 1424442529175.jpg (65.24 KB, 785x535, okbitch.jpg)

Pandai got so snark when they were called out on being really off topic by talking about fawn make up on JNig's cosplay thread.

No. 52080

I fucking hated red child. I feel like she's always trying to stir shit up by trying to play devil's advocate and offensive but then later on saying STOPPPP ATTACKJNG MEeeee UWU

No. 52082

Redchild is some hardcore republican. Homophobia, racist, pro-life, Mitt Romney and the whole 9 yards

No. 52091


It's not a fucking baby you sperg.

Like I can't even with these PULLtards but I hate people like you even more who legit think a random collection of cells that cannot think, feel pain or survive outside of the body is on par with a newly delivered 8 month old human child.

No. 52095

redchild is the biggest tradfem it's so annoying to see her start shit

No. 52102

lol okay mate, I was just wondering why anyone would want to abort their own child for someone else's snotty brat.

No. 52108


Perhaps they are not ready to have that child yet. It is not like they abort their child and right away go and adopt another. They only get a child when they are ready. And why not adopt? You get a kid out of the orphanage and you're not adding to the over population.

No. 52112

Wtf is wrong with PULL this week? I mean, this girl makes one thread on something that would be interesting for that type of forum, and they go wild.

And digging up old threads? People do it all the damn time, I just think SeñorCake's feefees got hurt, and lashed out on them.

No. 52115


Lately PULL members have been bitching about shit that has been going on since forever. It's like the whole site is magically on the rag.

No. 52165

Shut up Ruire.

No. 52177

File: 1424472960844.jpg (35.3 KB, 480x270, image.jpg)

You gonna take that shit Ruire?

No. 52184

That cat from Puss and Boots gives me life.

No. 52189

I work with someone like red child awand it drives me up a wall. They want to eradicate all Indians and Arabica, regardless of their innocent. Ugh. He's white and as privileged as they come.

No. 52195


Hahahaha, I'm not Ruire, I'm SnuggleBear. I'm not white knighting for Ruire, but I felt the hostility was sort of uncalled for.

Now, I like SC don't get me wrong, but I honestly saw Ru doing nothing wrong. She give her opinion (and examples).

Okay she said in the General section instead of the snowflake section, so what? At least she tries to stay on topic, and hey I didn't see her posting about herself on the Snowflakes' sections so who is she hurting exactly?

No. 52202

People from the middle east^ not Arabic. Curse my phone.

No. 52209

File: 1424476668271.gif (406.99 KB, 245x300, ohhh.gif)

Here it is in gif form.

No. 52257

I love that cat so much. I have a guilty pleasure for that movie.

No. 52491

Thanks :)

No. 52558

You've just made it to my list of idiot SJW PULL members. Cool.

No. 52576


And mine. Fuck a bunch of that. Ruire is an annoying, lying little shit. Girl tried lying after being caught in her lies.

No. 52584

Woah what did I do now? Say a reply was uncalled for? Say that I didn't see anything Ru did wrong? I honestly don't understand. I actually try to keep myself and behavior from the sjw mindset, so to hear that I'm considered one is kind of funny. Hah

What did she lie about? I never saw anything like that. Annoying? Fine, but may you please point out where she lied? I might have missed it somewhere.

No. 52587

Ruire need to go, she is a twat. You shouldn't be backing her up.

No. 52589


It mostly happened in the chat.

No. 52591

Okay wow PULL members I gotta say that some of you were pretty aggressive towards Ruire or anyone not understanding why you guys ripped on them so hard. It's like Ruire came to each one of your houses and strangled your pets or something. Shoot, calm down. There are waaaay more annoying members than her.

No. 52594

Mate you're on Lolcow which is like 100x more aggressive. Fuck off already.

No. 52598


Please, I know where I am. Just saying that PULL member was a random nobody. Yeah I get that this PULL thread is where other members come here to be 100x more aggressive. But seriously, shut the fuck up about Ruire. All this bitching about someone who barely left a mark. Get over it, she already left PULL since you guys jumped on her with every post she made. Fuuuuuck some of you guys are more annoying than her.

No. 52600

File: 1424553522332.jpg (18.35 KB, 250x264, MUH FEELINGS.jpg)

No. 52601

Members have been more 'aggressive' recently because tbh we have been too soft on members who come to self promote and flood threads with rubbish telling stories about their selves. PULL is known as a hug box, yet when members start to realise that idiots shouldn't be tolerated, shit hits the fan. We can't win either way.

No. 52603

No. 52604

Hm. I feel like this is a That than instance again–She may be annoying, but I don't think she broke any rules.


Oh well–What did she lie about then? Sorry if I missed it, I just thought that certain response (like the person above me said I think) was kind of aggressive. I didn't really mean to get on anyone's bad side–heh.

No. 52608

File: 1424553972205.gif (1021.16 KB, 200x113, 1415554682210.gif)


>Being on lolcow

>Telling people to stop bitching about someone

No. 52611

Very similar to Tharthan actually. Both flooded and spammed the shit out of threads talking about their selves for no reason. In Ruire's case she has no intention of having an interest in to what the forum is actually about, just as an opportunity to talk about herself and how she's special and has otherworldly beauty. She keeps making threads for no reason about shit that automatically have to be locked by mods as they are a load of rubbish.

No. 52612

The irony is delicious isn't it?

No. 52615

Whoops, I meant Tharthan instead of That than, I was on my phone so it changed automatically without it warning me (I would sage for ot, but can I on lolcow?)

No. 52619

Ohhh, okay. I think I also missed/ignored the threads she made. But I still don't see what's so wrong with staying in the General section, talking about herself, on y'know topics that ask about /you/. I'm a bit torn on my opinion though, I see exactly where you are coming from, but I don't see anything too terrible about it. Is there a rule against it?

No. 52625

No, but a lot of older users want there to be as PULL is way past the point of having any credibility, due to all these snowflakey members. A harsher set of rules on self posting and not being allowed to have selfies as icons would purge out the idiots and prevent them from joining, as they would realise they will be warned for promoting their selves. It would also be a last attempt to scrap back any dignity left at this point.

No. 52626


Said she knew some programming, but when faced with questions about basic programming(in the languages she "knew", she knew nothing. She tried to cover it up with more lies until eventually she said, "I forgot".

There were more lies and excuses. Just scroll up.

No. 52628

LMAO how did I miss that, that is brilliant.

No. 52860

No. 52861

Life is just a game,
A game of Musical Chairs.
Every person has a chair or two or three.
A chair that represents shelter, food, clothing, and love.
Everything a child is entitled to is with that chair.

Children are given chairs,
But then they wear, or sometimes even break.
Some children share chairs with others,
For there are not enough to go around.
Children without chairs wander.
Looking with hope for a chair to sit.
Children walk past chairs,
Whose owners have put signs of "Reserved" or labeled it "Mine".
Some children come across broken chairs,
Whose child was not lucky enough to walk away.

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
Why with all the wanting children,
Would someone not give them a chair?
These children all deserve a chair.
But life is a game of musical chairs.
Some of us win.
The rest? Just lose…

No. 52971

Beautiful. Much poetic.

No. 52977

How come literally all her FB friends are random African people?

No. 53566

No. 53573

What the cunting fuck is she doing? This is embarrassing.

No. 53576

her teeth must be so fucked

No. 53577

Why has PULL become tumblr 1.5?

No. 53578



she reeks of britbong just from her face

for fucks sake these people have got to be mentally ill

No. 53583

WTF I thought she was singing in Icelandic or something until I scrolled down to see it was meant to be a Marina cover.

No. 53598

Because the mods don't allow any fun.

No. 54405

I had a lot of friend requests from African strangers when I signed up for facebook. Maybe she accepted them. I don't even know where they came from.

No. 54407

>>53573 Face tutting. Better example of face tutting.


No. 54487

I fucking hate Redchild. She's as offensive as they come with her backwards ass 1950s views. I love how she was fast to accuse people of racism on the Delandra Barbie Johnson thread when she's as racist as they get. I don't get wtf she's even doing on PULL.

No. 54489

Yet she complained the whole time about how you can't be racist towards caucasians. I wonder what she is up to these days, she probably left PULL in the hopes that some other forum accepts her bullshit.

No. 54492

She mentioned being Afro Caribbean, so maybe the racial sensitivity is from that.

No. 54496

Examples of her views? I don't stalk her.

No. 54528

I'm going to vomit.

No. 54864

She's racist and is an extreme pro-life bitch who thinks women should not be allowed to have abortions no matter what the situation.

No. 54884

File: 1424925163816.gif (446.18 KB, 500x281, anigif_enhanced-7045-139993827…)


>I don't stalk her

No. 54906

>>955 I like how lolcow users are honest about what they are. PULL users deny their bullying and try to hide behind a guise of being good.

No. 54908

Yeah, we're fucking assholes and we love it.

No. 54912


Like that bullshit in the Beckii thread. "You can't say she has a potato nose!"

No. 54914

Sadly, most lolcow lurkers are also PULL members and vice versa. This is where they're mean without reproductions.

No. 54915


No. 55611

Can KontraKoti stop calling Kirsten Dakota's friend? It's fine if you want to call her Dakota's sister because they're sisters but lol kontra is so annoying "hihihi Dakota's sister here Dakota's sister there HEY GUYZ LET'S CALL DAKOTA'S SISTER DAKOTA'S FRIEND" and that was because the post of Kota with the pic Kiki stole says "my friend sent me this picture" and it wasn't Kiki because she wasn't in Japan when Kota posted it but it makes her happy saying Keekz sent it to Kota so she can call her Dakota's friend. What f I call her KontraDumb. Lol not a Kirsten white knight but Kontra is so fucking annoying.

No. 55620

I kind of agree. Her obsession with Kota is disturbingly pathological. In fact I don't understand why others are so obsessed with boring Kota and bring up her past deeds as if they are still relevant.

No. 55664

Tbh I feel like her bias toward Kota makes her an unfit mod. She's not the worst that's come through PULL but the forums were created as a way to talk shit about Dakota, kind of odd that they turned it into a Dakota fan site.

No. 55669

I don't want to bash her or anything, because she's she quite nice. But I agree that Kontra's obsession, zealous dedication, and love-hate relationship to Dakota is hair-raising.

No. 55672

It is strange. I feel like some of the users have this "I hate you but I want to be you" mentality about snowflakes. Totemokawaii slags off Venus a lot but she constantly compared her face to hers at one point. She said it looked similar to Venus's and tried her makeup tips at first or something.

She made that cringey signature saying "I am an ass but not the freshly pink cherub kind" or some stupid crap like that. Then said "I don't care if you're offended. I really don't care." All the sudden she backpedaled and said how sorry she was in the signature because someone threatened to dox her ass and she suddenly didn't feel invincible anymore. She started saying how she never meant to be a bitch while being a bitch lol.

My friend who knows her irl said she even tried to imitate Venus at one point.

No. 55673

Is she the one that posts with an Asuka avatar?
If so, what else can you expect from people who actually like that character?

No. 55675

that's Redchild. Totemokawaii is the one with the South Park naked guy in the signature. They could be sisters since they both like to stir shit up and feel superior for their deeds.

No. 55676

she's so pretty wtf

No. 55677

Not sisters for real, just saying they're so similar

No. 55680

Totemokawaii makes some good points sometimes, but fuck her angry times are funny.

All of the schlicking that goes on in the Venus thread(or PULL in general) make those times when she goes crazy, a little more bearable.

Too much "Omg don't hate her she's fragile and cute! Her boyfriend's not creepy for stalking a child! his skin doesn't look stretched! He's cute"

And fucking mintscribbles. Bitch needs to change her avatar. Shit, she's dumb. "I'm going to follow Anne's dumb shit and say it where she can see my evil plan."

No. 55689

File: 1425161265934.png (2.08 KB, 384x94, wow.PNG)

that was information worthy to post thx

No. 55697


Oh thank goodness! I thought it was the 8th.

No. 55698

Omfg, who is that MintScribbles?

No. 55699

Nah, nekosama
would've fit mintscribbles tho

No. 55822

>>55672 Because making a signature about you not caring is totally not caring. :p She wants attention so bad.

No. 55824

Can they please remove posts like that or ban them when they make too many posts that are just to talk about themselves?

No. 56012


Why the devil are you still gossiping about me? How often do I have to I have to type !lolcow and !prettyuglylittleliar and search my name to make sure that you aren't slandering my name?

No. 56015

>Why the devil are you still gossiping about me? How often do I have to I have to type !lolcow and !prettyuglylittleliar and search my name to make sure that you aren't slandering my name?

AHAHAHAHA WOW. Is this really happening?