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No. 19013

the moderators in the onision thread are pure shit:


as soon as you joke or say anything bad about anyone the accuse users of having a "vendetta" against that person and go in mass ban mode. its stupid and it needs to stop.
unless we're not allowed to joke about people anymore? doesn't the very word lolcow imply that laughter is involved?

No. 19014

Yeah, gotchas arent milk. If this post got reported, good. The ban was warrented. Posts like this are 4chan tier. Not actually worth discussion just because you want to rally other anons to laugh at every single off topic hate post. Make a discord for that.

No. 19015

pfrt right, if i were a mod i'd be butthurt too.
so what, its like "no fun allowed" here now in this place?
you need to get laid.

No. 19016

Not when its shitposting which is against the rules. Stay mad and keep getting banned please.

No. 19017

"stay mad" said the gal fuming at the ears.

First off: Not trying to get anyone to rally behind me, I can fight my own fights.
Second of: I am simply filing my complaint.
Third of: You have blackmail Billie shoving a buttplug in her ass, it being posted here, and do not expect people to joke about it? Boy gal, you must be the life of the party. Sign me the fuck up!

No. 19018

Sorry anon, I didn't realize that you deserved special privileges to samefag and obsess over Billie's asshole.

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