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No. 912942

This thread is a continuation of the lolcow anti-o flakes thread, found here:

These twitter accounts (twitterfags) include victims of onision, mods of Chris Hansen’s livestreams, as well as a member of Chris Hansen’s team, Vincent. At the time of uploading this thread, Vince has deactivated his twitter account over a failure to own up to his actions/jokes.
Members of the anti-o community frequented the previous thread, even attempting to say they were doxxed by one another. These accounts are omitted or have deleted themselves.

This community is known for feeding into “cancel culture” easily. A lot if them created their twitter accounts semi-recently, while others are “infamous” for having created–or feeding into—conspiracies surrounding Anus and his rectum family.
Below are a list of accounts involved:
Twitter.com/witchykittne (current username)
Twitter.com/aldlii (not as drama-oriented on twitter, the closest to “good” an anti-o gets)
More are bound to pop up, or go from staying in their own lane to making others’ business their own. Let the shit posting begin.(shit thread)

No. 912951

No. 913194

Anyone know why @witchykittne deleted her Twitter? She had been posting a lot of the vimeo mirrors.
It's been weirdly quiet, even after Beck's stream.

No. 913229

hey this is stevie's actual twitter account just so you know https://mobile.twitter.com/SWolfethorne

No. 913242

File: 1578091179663.jpg (177.44 KB, 1079x550, Internettoughguy.jpg)

Wouldn't talking about your Daddy's security clearance be a bad idea?

No. 913259

Has it been confirmed that Vince was making sexual advances towards one of the main girls?
It's not any less bad if it was towards some unrelated Twitter fag, but it wouldn't really have the same impact, since a lot of us don't know or care for them.

No. 913306

Someone >>913264 said they didn't leave twitter, just changed user names. She did say yesterday that she won't be talking about Onion stuff anymore. Honeybee >>913276 and Sewergrandma >>913279 also dipped.

No. 913326

They're still there they just changed their user names:


Looks like kitten's done talking about Onision.

No. 913332

File: 1578101822435.jpeg (214.69 KB, 750x516, 6EFD029C-0494-4EA5-9CA3-8C04D1…)

The fakeboi who was on Hansen is as masculine as dylan, what’s with all these anti onion fags and their pretend genders? If you look like this don’t get offended when people don’t use your “preferred pronouns”(derailing)

No. 913333

Young, dumb and impressionable. It's also what's trendy right now. I cringed over Regina's "they/them" pronouns, but I'm pretty sure she's going to grow out of it, much like most of them.

No. 913334

At least Regina isn’t claiming to be a man while wearing a full face of feminine makeup

No. 913336

Didn't she claim to be super upset that Kai or someone outed her for wearing a wig? Sorry but if you're wanting to pass off a wig as natural, or you're sensitive about the fact that you wear them, maybe don't get one that's snow white?

These fucking kids, man.

No. 913337

Anyone who calls themselves trans and runs with this crowd is a fake. They're young and think being trans is trendy but none of them actually want to transition. It's why they were easily lured in by the Pedo Transtrender and just as sensitive as she is.

Too true. Still cringy with the pronouns and clown makeup, but that's about it.

No. 913340

File: 1578103819283.jpeg (1.07 MB, 975x1857, 951CB03C-0058-4AB3-9338-0BB439…)

How the fuck is anyone with eyes going to think that a) this isn’t a wig and b) the person wearing it isn’t a girl(derailing)

No. 913344

The way the antis jizz over all the clown makeup selfies she posts are even more cringe than the selfies themselves

No. 913364

Agreed. And that's the difference between anons and people crossing over to anti o territory. Anons can still be objective and not spazz out about how every girl is perfect and flawless and yasss kween slay - while anti o's are licking everyone's asses.
Then in the end they're going to turn on each other and self destruct, much like every anti o group before them.

No. 913366

And just like every group with cult mentality, they start doing arts and crafts of their beloved kweens. Instead of finding it creepy, said kweens gobble that shit up. Reminds me a lot of Joy Sparkle's fans.

No. 913371

Probably because the fan art is a lot more forgiving than their actual faces, kek. With the exception of Billie and Ayalla none of these girls are pretty. They are plain at best and unfortunate at worst but all the shitty yaaasss kweeeeen slaaaaay doodles they retweet makes each one of them out to be a ~goddess~ and it is cringey af

No. 913373

lmao none of them are even close to perfect or flawless, the way they are treated like celebrities is so embarrassing

No. 913379

File: 1578107258333.jpeg (144.9 KB, 750x984, AFC46A1E-6F28-4B38-A8B5-3E543B…)


No. 913381

Nah it’s only the onion chefs who were all up in their ass, schmoozing for attention from their queens but I see they are bailing out of things now that Chris and Vincent have been exposed as frauds.

No. 913390

If she would you know, stop lurking here, she wouldn't have her sensitive ass chapped about what we say. She could literally look away from the screen or resist the urge to look and the problem would be solved. Anti-o flakes are their own problem.

No. 913398

He's afraid of being doxxed yet is bragging about very specific information that could lead him to being doxxed.

No. 913412

File: 1578112478906.png (16.45 KB, 588x149, Screenshot_2020-01-04 ( sewerp…)

Looks like Sewergrandma's leaving along with Kitten. Wonder if Honeybee will follow.

No. 913416

I don't get the point behind talking about his dad's sooper sekret access to classified information. Comes off as a brag more than anything, and something someone very young and naive would do.

No. 913420

Sewer and Kitten have dissociated from Onion entirely so they're no longer relevant here.

No. 913423

People can still talk about them. It's a recent thing so it's expected.

No. 913426

I don’t think so. They were two prominent leaders of their antio cult. Telling people what to do and how to behave on Twitter as an antio, they’ve rightly earned their place.

No. 913429

Exactly. Saying they won't do it again won't erase the cringe or cow behavior they displayed. That's not how it goes and I honestly doubt that they will stop talking about it. As soon as a new development happens, they'll be right back at it.

No. 913435

Obviously talking about past behavior when they were anti-o's isn't irrelevant. What's irrelevant is their current accounts since they're not longer anti-o affiliated.

I can't see Vince recovering an online presence after all this fallout. If Deity took it the way he did, I can't imagine how Regina must be feeling.

No. 913439

What ever will they do without kissing ass and swooning over vince’s dad jokes and Reginas mod status

No. 913444

Magdarl shares some DM's she had with Vince (basically he dicks her around and lies to her). He's calling the Bakeline videos "slander" and "libel" LMFAO. What she also doesn't know is that Vince doxxed his two "hackers" months ago.

No. 913455

File: 1578119479005.jpeg (514.64 KB, 750x1177, AF5223A2-5DE4-4CFA-B3B4-7EEC23…)

Sarah, who is a married 35 year old woman, is still playing attack dog for him too. He is apparently 20. And probably an incel who loves the attention from someone with a vagina. I wonder what she is getting out of it

No. 913478

File: 1578124841806.jpg (221 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20200104_025602.jpg)

So NeglectedBanana is taking the sudden quiet as something to do with that drama like a month ago??

No. 913485

No. 913508

these reek of selposts. also lmao at the way you announced it 'ill be focusing on vg and art now' like its work and not shitposting

No. 913511

They probably made those statements and changed their handles thinking it would stop them from being mentioned here seeing as not only have they been the gatekeepers of the anti fags but they are also chris and vincents lackeys so who tf knows what is going on behind the scenes with that shit tornado

No. 913524

>they been the gatekeepers of the anti fags
I've seen this said before and have no idea where it comes from. Being an asshole doesn't make someone a gatekeeper lol. Some of them were also accused of doxxing awhile back, another thing I never saw evidence for.

Out of the 3 >>913326 I only know of honeybee modding Hansen's streams. I don't know how closely the other two worked with Hansen or Vince. I just assumed they left as a result of Hansen and Vince losing so much credibility. I'm sure things will get more milky as the weeks progress.

No. 913527

I agree. I keep seeing anons saying that group doxxes, attacks others and now gatekeeps but there’s no evidence of any of it. Maybe they’re just tired of the anti-o community? I would be - it sounds exhausting.

No. 913528

So Vince was hitting on one of the victims while interviewing them for their abuse stories? Sounds like a great guy. None of these people had the victims best interests of the victims at heart, not even Chris or the loud mouths who have decided to bail. They all got Anus more attention and views than he could ever ask for and have given him fuel to discredit everyone who has spoken out against him. What a bunch of numbskulls.


No. 913529

The streams still have live chat available, you can see who’s modding. Regina was getting some of these idiots to mod for Chris. She had even called herself Vincent’s ‘associate’. Not sure about the last few streams but even that Adam kid was a mod at one point.

No. 913530


if only you knew the truth

No. 913531

They mod for Chris Hansen but that isn’t proof they dox, threaten/attack others or gatekeep.

No. 913532

Perhaps they are talking about the doxxing in the previous thread. Someone posted someone's address/house and someone's phone # was posted. Farmhands deleted it, obviously.

No. 913534

I saw that cow doxxed themselves.

No. 913537

Yahhhhhh no one doxxes themselves… guessing you are one of the doxxers?

No. 913541

They probably are. Some people are trying so hard to make everyone believe this story of someone doxxing themselves. People got doxxed, even if you haven't seen it, it happened. And got deleted. Accept it and get over it.

No. 913547

Toasty and Bean two of their side kicks came here at the beginning of thread to cause problems about kittensaurus and others because they were all infighting and left their onionchefs discord. The discord was a toxic hole ran by kittensaurus and her husband who asked people for their Twitter names to keep an eye on what they were up to. Kittensaurus stepped down as leader because she was being exposed and sewergrama took over.

No. 913552

Bad Banana and his friends/followers are actually retarded and love to stir shit over literally nothing. I don’t get why people feel the need to defend him. He’s a grown ass man who throws tantrums whenever people rightfully call him out for being an asshole. It was cringy seeing him post on lolcow trying to get asspats for harassing the onionfags on Twitter. It’s even more cringy seeing him obsess over this thread and twitter to see if anyone is talking about him, especially after complaining he got permabanned from lolcow.

No. 913555

This whole thread was likely started by him to begin with. He’s a sad miserable soy boy who needs to get laid because clearly he’s taking his sexual tension out on anyone who doesn’t act how he wants them too.

No. 913562


I mean he isn't Vince or anyone who worked with Vince.

Not many people use the term "asspats" though. Keks, why do you have such a hardon for this rando, I assume you our doxxer since you seem to have an axe to bury.

No. 913567

Why do you have such a hard on for protecting this cow? He’s clearly a shit stirring virgin who loves the attention from that 35 year old.

No. 913571

Funny bad banana thinks lolcow full of uneducated people yet their twitter is one of the worst for posting screenshots from here. He wouldn't have his gay following if he didn't dedicate so much time to lurking here. Fuck off you twat.

No. 913574

Autists always expose themselves for their tunnel vision. This thread was created because they couldn't keep their faggot drama contained to their twitters and thought themselves so empowered and important we needed their opinions.

Onion drama has slowed down because the twitter fags won't stop cowtipping and acting like spastics. The important players aren't speaking out anymore because it's a shit show. Half the victims being interviewed were never deemed thst important to the main thread and spurred the creation of the patron flakes thread. Now they're hogging the limelight and all these twitter spastics are derailing.

Should have just kept your mouths shut and kept posting all our uneducated posts as your content on twitter and got your lil rocks off that way. Faggits

No. 913578

This, so much. Whatever drama there is involving them, they have no one but themselves to blame. No one would be even talking about them if they haven't brought themselves into the equation by being retards.

Let's be honest, they're the most boring anti o group ever. For the most part they're just random Twitter names to a lot of us. I didn't even know Bad banana was a guy until 10 posts ago, lol. Yet the self importance displayed here >>913572 is delusional.

No. 913579

Sad, sad little attention whore. Is he really that desperate for puss that he will get his dick hard by a 35 year old woman or anti-o that shows her face? Wow.

No. 913586

Post histories will be revealed shortly.

No. 913588

File: 1578157591217.jpeg (78.45 KB, 750x209, C7CF9E79-AEAA-4B63-BD2B-1AF606…)

Maybe he is giving her somethings her mummified husband can’t

No. 913589

File: 1578157868492.jpeg (89.94 KB, 665x295, 8891D70B-67D5-4DCB-B419-C7E9F7…)

Inb4 Banana comes out and tell us all that the 35 year old woman he’s flirting with groomed him.

No. 913593

File: 1578158940130.jpeg (138.62 KB, 750x939, F82F1288-DE37-4CC0-83F1-5E42F5…)

No. 913594

It's always so amusing the first thing the fags do when they get called out on lc is use our sex against us. We're just that pesky bitchy corner of the Internet everyone loves to lurk. I think he just fancies us uwu

No. 913595

Lol, oh wow, what an absolute moron. Yeah, we're totally the type, kid.

Really looking forward to this!

No. 913599

File: 1578159565746.jpeg (99.16 KB, 750x795, 85A0119F-7420-43DC-B9E1-B5334C…)

The only point that he has proved to lolcow is that he’s an attention seeking loser living off of daddy’s money in Malibu

No. 913611

File: 1578161615883.jpg (88.73 KB, 1079x320, 506172616e6f69642062616e616e61…)

Doesn't he have ~2k followers? Let the paranoia begin!

No. 913619

So then stop complaining since obviously you love the attention and want more of it

No. 913631


im living for the fact there are going to be some receipts - of your selfposting girls

i cant believe you twitterfags would come here, whiteknighting each other like crazy, thinking we would eat that up like its day 1 of internet

No. 913635

>I didn't even know Bad banana was a guy until 10 posts ago

Same, I've been saying she all this time.

Starting 2020 with milk. Thanks, admin!

The more he lurks here, the longer he'll be talked about. He's a fucking idiot.

>Just now realizing this
Yep, a fucking idiot.

No. 913636

You can revel in this pitiful creature's post history here.
Don't try to deceive the farms, you have been an embarrassment to this entire cause.

No. 913638

File: 1578169510924.jpg (14.39 KB, 629x95, 2020-01-04_15-21-46.jpg)

Bless you, kind warden.

This one was too obvious. You would think that after being in the hot seat and constantly touching the poop, that they would at least be more cautious. Now they're about to run to Twitter, say several text walls of apologies, and kiss all the asses of the people that won't block them.

No. 913641

File: 1578169901053.jpg (33.89 KB, 494x375, DheaQ6k.jpg)

No. 913644

It hasn’t been actually confirmed but there are several twitter users claiming this and know the victim in question. Hopefully she spills the beans soon.

No. 913645

Well at least Toasty was right about something. They're all pointing fingers at each other while being guilty of the same thing.

I wouldn't believe it until she says something if it's coming from twitterfags.

No. 913650

Farmhands, you're fucking amazing. That is all. Same goes for moderation in Jimmy's thread.

Like I said, they always self destruct. It's like they just can't help themselves. New batch of anti o's, same outcome. Like clockwork. At least we get to sip on some side milk.

Yeah, it's best to wait for more actual information. I do hope it happens soon, though. If they started this whole thing, might as well bring out the info and finish it. If it's one of the girls, my money's on Regina ( can't really explain why, just a feeling ).

No. 913651

>Bee doesn’t dox people. She calls people out and starts drama sometimes but she doesn’t dox. She focuses on talking to Onision’s fans and trying to educate them with kindness and retweets a lot about the victims. She’s new to the twitter onision sphere it seems. She seems okay, a bit strong headed about her opinions on right and wrong. I think she was just sticking up for her friend.


No. 913652

Lol why do they make it so obvious

No. 913654

File: 1578171263354.png (13.37 KB, 128x118, 591613289134424067.png)

we love you admin-sama

its extra funny that they probably would have gotten away with it if they actually retired from interjecting themselves in drama like their gay statements said. they just had to push it

No. 913655

Nothing like talking about yourself in third person to make yourself look better here. All of these cows act more like Onion's flakes than supporters of his victims.

Exactly. They gave it away with posts like that.

No. 913659

I just want to make it clear that my staff and I do not rely purely on intuition or inductive reasoning. If we have the data to tie it to the person then we can post the history with confidence.

Honeybee is now permanently banned for self posting since her last post this morning. Toasty is now permanently banned as well.

No. 913663

1) Thank you Admin.
2) Looks like Bee's twitter is gone. I looked around to see if she just changed her name again and it looks like she just deleted it.

No. 913665

I mean, she was publicly going after Toasty and Bean for posting here while doing the exact same thing. That's pretty embarrassing. I still wonder why the onion chef's all of a sudden decided to stop posting about Onion and changed their handles? It so suspicious, maybe there's more going on than just the fact that they trusted Vince?

No. 913675

>The more he lurks here, the longer he'll be talked about. He's a fucking idiot.

I doubt he'll stop lurking. He doesn't realize that if he stops with his cowish behavior, we'll stop talking about him. But that would make the thread rather boring since he loves talking about himself kek. I also don't think that he realizes that most of the anti o's on Twitter hate him

No. 913680

>I also don't think that he realizes that most of the anti o's on Twitter hate him
The most aggressive posts against him here were from Bee, so he can probably imagine if he has a semi functional brain. The rest of us wouldn't really know that much about him, apart from the fact that he's posting cringy tweets about us, lol.

No. 913681

File: 1578175280429.jpeg (189.19 KB, 750x488, BE805D00-91C4-4695-B67D-CDB455…)


I think he does, he blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with him. The only people who openly support him are the cougar and another crazy bitch called Pegabooty (she apparently had her previous account suspended for threatening to go to Washington and kill Greg)

No. 913697

File: 1578177480237.jpeg (571.94 KB, 980x4625, 9003DD62-3193-491E-AAF8-2B6FDE…)

> I don’t get why people think I’m having as affair with Sarah back off haturz

No. 913701

That made me more uncomfortable than I thought it would. How old is this banana kid? I've seen different ages mentioned and we never got a proper thread op, with any useful info on these people.

No. 913725

File: 1578182833048.jpeg (72.96 KB, 750x554, 667E89C4-BE7F-460B-92DA-513B60…)

Banana said this in response to the honeybee and toasty call out. According to him, he’s a teen

No. 913727

if he’s a teen why is sarah flirting with him so hard hmmmmm

No. 913729

So, a teen who's getting underwear pics from a much older woman is…fighting for ( former ) teens who were getting underwear/nude pics from a much older woman? Is this clown world?

No. 913730

According to an anon in the last thread he might be pretending to be a teen? Idk it wasn't super clear.
>Also, I’m pretty sure Username_kno was the one who posted here saying NB was 17. I vaguely remember a tweet from UK saying “I may have thrown them off by saying you were a teenager” or something of the sort in response to one of NB’s tweets.

No. 913766

File: 1578190903880.jpeg (266.84 KB, 1242x1442, 37A51538-55D9-411E-9A1A-BF7706…)

Any anons know who this anus mod is and if this is still happening?

No. 913769

File: 1578191099280.png (58.41 KB, 470x257, Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 7.25…)

afaik its just some fakeboi who is constantly reminding everyone that there are male victims of krainey.

No. 913774

lel Lainey’s not allowed to have male victims, snowflake

No. 913777

Lainey wishes she could date a real cis emo boy. When will all these retards understand going be the nominar trans they're just slapping a label on them that says insecure vulnerable idiot. None of this shit is conductive to transsexualism which is a mental disorder that affects barely 1% of the population. Tranny emos need personality transitions.

No. 913778

Isn't Mon just Adam, who was on 2 weeks ago?

No. 913785

As expected, three nobodies that will bring absolutely nothing to the table and a waste of time. The whole thing is a joke now and is just a "I spoke to Onion/Shallot one time and they replied". I wonder if it's Regina who's suggesting this retarded shit to Chris.

No. 913786

No, we have no idea. I'm personally hoping it's Erica. I don't know who else it could possibly be. Although perhaps it is another rando that we don't even know exists.

No. 913788

Yeah, they said they were a victim of laineykai and everyone was confused but apparently they sent in proof to Vince. But Vince's nobody has been on the toilet lately. But they sent him like a promise ring laineykai mailed this kid.

No. 913789

It's Vince, though. He would consider anything as proof of something.

No. 913790


Isn't @ecka6 the same one who did this Reddit AMA on r/Onision https://www.reddit.com/r/Onision/comments/e8nqkb/i_was_a_moderator_on_onisions_forums_ama/


As >>913778 said, @iamsopoppunk was Adam that was on two weeks ago right after Christmas, not (presumably) Erica who will be on next with Chris

No. 913791

True true. What a shame that he has fucked this whole thing up. This is a whole ass circus now. I mean with onion it always has been. But this is just a shame.

No. 913792

This is going to be Erica then, yes. Thank you for the link, anon!

No. 913794

Let me backtrack a bit. I just saw Rag's comment "Can confirm this guy is legit." - but the only old school mod left is Erica who's…not a guy. I guess we'll see this week. If it's not her then it's going to be someone completely new to us.

No. 913827

Vince has a long pattern of questionable behavior that goes back a ways, including with the TCAP community. It's only come to a head now because instead of taking corrective action then like he should've, Chris decided to let it go. We still don't know if an FBI investigation is actually happening. I won't be holding my breath waiting for confirmation. The twitterfags found it out through Vince who presumably was told this by Chris. Time will tell who's lying there.

No. 913831

>constantly hits on a married woman
>and every female Anti-o that shows her face
Whoa there anon, he's gotta find a beard somewhere.

No. 913836

>The twitterfags found it out through Vince who presumably was told this by Chris.
You make it sound like we all have to get information on the FBI case through middle-man Vince. That Chris "presumably" says there's an FBI case. At the end of almost every show Chris informs us personally where the FBI case is at.

At the end of show that Lane was the guest Chris said-
>I have some further information from the FBI the investigation continues. I know for a fact tonight and I can tell you this that the FBI will be examining potential evidence involving enticement grooming and the transmission of child pornography and it's a full-fledged investigation.

When Adam was the guest Chris said-
>The FBI is investigating a number of things in relation to Onision and Kai one of which is the transmission of what is considered child porn there's some evidence of that physical evidence of enticement which is a very broad federal violation.

And the most recent show with Beck Chris mentions-
>In terms of the FBI investigation well I can tell you it's continuing. I know people want answers people want results but the facts are these. It takes a while to work up a case it takes time when
somebody like me gets information that has to be shared with law enforcement usually it's the reverse usually I'm trying to get information from law enforcement and I am in this case.

No. 913837

I figured she'd follow soon after sewergrandma and kitten. I still think she probably changed her handle like they did.

No. 913846

>You make it sound like we all have to get information on the FBI case through middle-man Vince

That's just it, all we have are Vince and Chris's word. Some of us don't take Hansen at his word. Did you see the vids BakedSalmon >>912881 did on Vince? Some of the info's related to Hansen too. Vince is a verified fraud and regardless of how much Hansen does or doesn't know about it, to say his credibility is cast into doubt here is a huge understatement.

Someone said in the Onion thread they won't believe an investigation's happening until an FBI spokesperson makes an official statement, I agree. Since knowledge of a supposed investigation has already been made public, it should be no problem then for the authorities to issue an official statement confirming that it is in fact happening.

No. 913847

All the girls still follow Chris on Twitter so maybe there is something going on behind the scenes

No. 913848

>complaining he got permabanned from lolcow.
Did he? lol I missed that one.
If i remember correctly, Erica's the one who helped make Rag a mod on Onision's forums. She recommended him when she was stepping down because she and Rag were friends. I don't know why anyone would continue participating in this shitshow after what's gone down this week, but to each their own.

No. 913849

it's no-one's business to demand info on what the fbi is doing or not doing, and they will make no statement. imagine anti-os thinking they are that important. chris saying it is the closest to confirmation that would ever come out. and even an investigation can go nowhere and end up at nothing.

No. 913850

Maybe, either that or they don't know the full extent of what Hansen and Vince have been up to over the past year or so.
Hansen made it everyone's business by telling the public, and his word is evidence of nothing. It won't hurt the alleged investigation if the FBI made an official public confirmation.

No. 913852

I agree with most people in this thread that Vince is swarmy and a fuck up. I don't care what Vince says or does. As for Chris I don't love him or hate him, I only care that he brought the FBI into this and gave them physical evidence to push it forward. If you don't trust what Chris has said about where the FBI investigation is at then there's nothing I can say to change your mind. I just don't see Hansen making bold-faced lies and fabricating all the details about what the FBI are looking to charge Greg & Lainey with.
If you're holding your breathe for the FBI to make an official public statement, its not going to happen. Personally Im willing to suspend disbelief in hopes that this is all real and something will come from it. Im not sure why you're such a Doubting Thomas. Either you've been disappointed in the past when some other scandal was suppose to bring down Onision and nothing happened, or you're an Onionstan trying to subvert the happy vibes everyone's having knowing there's FBI detectives going through Onisions old laptop.
"I don't believe Chris Hansen, look at his history" "If its a real investigation then the FBI should make a public statement" I've heard those same arguments from his patrons during their private discords.

No. 913853

File: 1578204858134.png (72.88 KB, 598x717, Screenshot_2020-01-05 _patient…)

No. 913855

>I wonder if it's Regina who's suggesting this retarded shit to Chris.
From what I've gathered, Vince was having Regina do his work for him, booking guests and whatnot. She was essentially working for the show for free. The whole set up was horribly unprofessional.
Will be interesting to see if Vinny stays on while Hansen does what he's always done and looks the other way.

No. 913856

No one cares about what Stevie the nobody has to say, but if Shiloh knew it then why did she go along with it for so long? The girl took money and didn't see any red flags then either? This whole thing has been mostly red flags outside of Chris' first few interviews. The anti-os including Stevie, Vince, people wanting to use her for her victim status, she should have seen it because of her experience with Greg. Then again, she has done some questionable things too so maybe she fits in with them. It seems like Skye and Alicia did and abandoned ship. Jaclyn probably abandoned ship too since I haven't heard anything about her going onto the show since the initial idea and we only have randos appearing on there now.

Fucking indeed. It was great in the beginning but it seems like a huge milking shitshow around if not after Ayalla's interview. Everyone started showing their true colors and now Greg might be able to take advantage of that.

No. 913858

>I just don't see Hansen making bold-faced lies
It's not like he's never done that before. Do a little research.
>I've heard those same arguments from his patrons during their private discords.
All I can say is I'm not putting my hopes in something that may or may not exist, that there's zero evidence for. Taking someone at their word when there's no evidence to back up what they've said makes you very credulous. By not dealing properly with that fool HE hired, he's made himself untrustworthy.

No. 913860

>It seems like Skye and Alicia did and abandoned ship
I was wondering why Skye and Alicia seemed to have distanced themselves from anything Hansen related after Shiloh's interview. They still retweeted anti-o stuff here and there, but never any of the interviews after Shiloh.

No. 913861

>to watch nothing be addressed this past stream
I doubt Hansen will be addressing anything regarding the situation with Vince because he's ignored things in the past. I half expect Vince to stay on quietly in the background. That'll really help Hansen's credibility lol.

No. 913864

Im willing to look gullible since we're all anon and it doesn't effect my real world life. Im going to cross my fingers and say a little prayer that the FBI thing pans out.
I know we wont get a public statement from the FBI, but I was wondering how it will play out if Greg and Lainey get arrested. I mean how will we find out? Laineys already gone radio silent so there wont be any difference with her. But when it comes to Greg I guess he'll just suddenly go missing, he wont address it, wont make a video about, wont tweet about it, because it would be the ultimate nose rubbed in his own shit moment.

No. 913871

She was doing the ‘associate’ thing, whatever that meant at the time, getting clout, picking mods who kissed her ass the most, contacting victims who wanted to be interviewed. All these people are partly to blame for what transpired. Vincent’s stupid memes about baby carrot jokes being retweeted as well the popcorn eating memes. It was sewergrama or kittensaurus who retweeted it and said how it was there mood. No wonder he was acting like a spaz on Twitter they were egging him on. A bunch of attention whores

No. 913873

It's not about looking gullible it's about whether or not putting evidence before hearsay matters to you. As of now what we have from Hansen is strictly hearsay, and he has lost a lot of credibility imo. We don't know if the FBI told him anything directly because there's no evidence to support his claim.

Should anything actually happen with the Jackson's they'd be arrested, charged, and a trial would commence. Opinion's been divided as to whether or not the trial would be made public or if any of its contents would be made available to the public. We may never know unless Sarah or the other girls choose to mention it IF it happens.

No. 913876

Ok but who did Vincent work for? Ultimately the bulk of the blame goes to Hansen for not handling his employee. Some of the twitterfags made the mistake of encouraging Vincent but the point is, he never should've done it in the first place. As a supposed professional, he also never should've put Regina (a victim) in the position that he did, but he was never thinking of anything except making a quick buck anyway.

No. 913928

File: 1578236019564.png (129.68 KB, 760x594, Screenshot_20200105-095101.png)

Deleted tweet from Chris Hansen. Hopefully Vince gets fired

No. 913929

samefag/doublepost, he deleted and reposted to fix his typo. I just wanted to snag it in case it was deleted for a different reason.

No. 913933

I misread the tweet earlier. Erica was a mod for him back during the Shiloh era. She quit coming around shortly after Lainey came into the picture iirc and I don’t think she really talks to many of the other antis. I really hope she reconsiders doing the interview now that all of this Vince shit has come out. She never struck me as a clout chaser like the others and she always seemed fairly normal.

No. 913950

File: 1578243219609.jpeg (91.5 KB, 720x1280, BE2A2A38-C583-4B7C-95CA-C2746D…)

That could still be Vincent, talking in the third person. He is Hansen’s media manager after all.

No. 913980


I'm pretty sure Shiloh is talking about Lola Bohemia here and NOT Vince (who she still supports, along with a bunch of other sketchy anti-os like RSN) because Lola wanted to get paid for something instead of giving Shiloh free money for tattoos and also called out the aforementioned grimy anti-os.

No. 913991

Sounds like Vince. Chris already said that he's looking into the whole thing about his behavior, so there wouldn't be a point in removing someone's channel about it. It makes this >>913928 look contradicting if it is Chris.

No. 913993

>It's not like he's never done that before. Do a little research.

how about you post it. the vast majority of us arent tcap/hansen connosieurs and it hasnt been talked about, so its not like you have to spoonfeed us. it would certainly be more interesting than reading about a bunch of cringy twitter nobodies (aside from the selfposting - that was golden and i cant wait for more post histories or even tagged posts)

wait a goddamned minute. where these posted anywhere or? in case you are based baked cutie, give us another drinkypoo

No. 913998

No there is no way they would hide the contents of the trial.What was argued was if the trial itself would be televised. The feds don't put trials on TV but you can still get info if someone is charged off from pacer. If they get locked up then that info would be public also. The state of Washington does allow cameras but you would have to find a media outlet to want to televise it. Even if there is no cameras there would still be trial info through the state of Washington and if they are put in prison then you can find them on the offender search.

No. 914028

File: 1578262120659.png (111.09 KB, 817x619, ratimusss.PNG)

So this account that was announcing coming forward a few weeks ago only to stop posting started posting again today. I don't know if it's legit or a troll but I'm gonna drop it here

No. 914030

Thanks for posting this, anon, but I don't think randos like these should be given much attention until they actually provide some proof. Any kind of proof, really.
I also don't at all see Jimmy posting that shit anywhere where it could be capped and shared with the internet ( but I'd gladly be proven wrong, why not, it just means more milk ).

No. 914031

This. If I recall, they never gave proof of anything and sounded more like someone who wanted attention or felt like trolling.

No. 914035

File: 1578263977386.jpeg (176.48 KB, 720x1280, 7B7BF680-CF16-4CA6-AD54-D0FC83…)

No. 914039

I checked their twitter and it sounds like this person is offering to send people pics that would incriminate Greg while claiming to be 13 in those pics. Either this person is incredibly naive or a troll trying to see who will accept the offer because it sounds like they are basically offering to send people CP.

No. 914046

Haylee did a livestream on Twitter along with Regina addressing this. The person sent them the proof they had and Haylee and Regina both said it was poorly done photoshops. I guess this person thinks enough time has passed they can try to bring it up again. Do they think we're goldfish?

No. 914049

this is a bad troll lmao

No. 914052

Oh okay, thanks for the update anon, much appreciated! I don't follow any of this on Twitter so unless it's posted here, I don't know about it.
It's sadly granted that a situation like this is going to bring out attention whores and trolls.
Imagine trying to pass fake caps of Jimmy talking about lactation, lol. How desperate.

No. 914081

This person sounds as cringy as Vince.

No. 914216

File: 1578296480686.jpeg (309.93 KB, 750x594, E3268959-6582-456F-8EBB-B6916E…)

This tweet is from the senior reporter at Huffpost, who worked on the Dahvie Vanity exposé, calling out Vincent to Chris.

Meanwhile Shiloh has gone off on Twitter. So did Ayalla but that was before Vincent’s apology was posted on Chris’s Twitter. It’s a circus out there.

No. 914226

Did she drop the receipts or? I guess I'll go browse her acc. But this is all so confusing, who is this person even?
I swear to god I can't fucking understand how Vince managed to derail everything this hard in just a week or so.

No. 914233

i meant some more of that vincent sperging, it was said in videos that not everything was released. btw, good job with the videos, they are really enjoyable


if i were shiloh id ignore all of these. we should also give them 0 attention here, unless they have milky receipts

No. 914235

Yeah, I misread it. I thought it had way more to do with Vince than it actually does. This account gets cringier and cringier the more posts you read.

No. 914258

It wasn't discussed much but there were posts about it in the last thread >>912646 >>912706

Mista GG used to be part of the TCAP community, he's made some good vids related to the subject.

No. 914265

File: 1578310807645.png (65.94 KB, 598x598, Screenshot_2020-01-06 Drama an…)

I'm pretty sure she's making another video on this. Ape brain is constantly biting off more than he can chew and it's catching up to him.

No. 914267

Luxy dm'd this troll months ago. She said they showed her "badly faked ss/texts".

No. 914269

So he's not just going to ignore it this time around? I'll believe it when some real definitive action is taken. Vincent shouldn't be associated with the Hansen brand at all, not if Hansen wants to maintain any sort of credibility.

No. 914273

File: 1578313537216.jpg (70.45 KB, 540x1110, Vincent N.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Hansen is the only one who has access to/uses his twitter acct. I doubt the person answering Baked is Vincent. It's possible but I think it's more likely Hansen has another assistant.

Here's a sample of part of something Vince wrote to Onision.

No. 914285

File: 1578317899286.jpeg (284.15 KB, 746x1132, 995C0F1F-0B78-4A3A-8E6C-AB5703…)

I have no idea if there’s even a third person, but have some self-promotion comments from Facebook.

No. 914288

>while we expect emails like yours from a predator like you

peak professionalism, how can i hire the guy

>our legal team will respond to you at the appropriate time

… there is no legal team, is there

No. 914290

That was actually a decent email he sent. Onion is a predator and would be gleeful at this shit thinking the whole investigation is a farce. Mostly because he can't hack having to pay additional legal fees on top of the ones he's already got.

Vince is a twat and it was suspect how close he was to Regina, but thinking he was using her as a free point of contact for all victims is maybe more appropriate than him fancying her. He needs to chill out and take a step back so the investigation can continue. Maybe they'll even focus more on the interviews and making them more compelling so this shit can stop being talked about.

No. 914344


anyone notice how these randoms that pop up now and then with no receipts type like milk Chan? lmao

No. 914437

No and Onision called his bluff. The best thing to do was not respond at all.

No. 914457

Will you ever get over it Skye? It sucks your husband chose her over you but it doesnt mean all men will, just let it go honey, dont you also have a new boyfriend?(hi cow)

No. 914459

Thats gotta be the cringiest shit i ever read in my life

No. 914471

File: 1578349296812.jpg (92.85 KB, 1206x865, 38ccot.jpg)

No. 914651

Of course that would've been the correct way to handle the situation but as we've gathered here, Vincent isn't the brightest bulb. Not only did he lose in a pissing match with a pedophile, he let a bunch of young girls in their early 20s egg him on and feed his stupid ego.

No. 914661

>I do not understand why Shiloh is the designated leader of the ~warrior kweens~
Initially Skye assumed that role until for whatever reason, she seemed to take a step back and Shiloh stepped up in her place. I've had my suspicions for why this happened but most likely it's something totally mundane like school. I think Skye stepped up the way she did because she's the oldest. Alicia is still involved somewhat with some of the twitterfags.

I don't think having one designated spokesperson is a bad idea necessarily. I do think Shiloh's too young to be making decisions on everyone else's behalf or "lead the group".
You posted this in the Onision thread. Skye and Alicia have lurked but I doubt they ever post.

No. 914723

File: 1578382892575.jpeg (148.28 KB, 828x1792, 8A6D202A-984D-41F0-8A1C-80A4CE…)

No. 914732

These are a bunch of the videos Hansen/Vince got taken down. I'm guessing the cap on the bottom is from the summer? Vince will have more time on his hands to take up a hobby if Chris actually does the right thing and sacks him - maybe he can take up something in IT.

No. 914761


Vincent should be. The man should have stayed in his professional lane. Producer or whatever it was. Chris is the journalist with decades of experience, he should be the only one addressing the public.

No. 914790

I get the impression that Hansen isn't particularly interested in engaging with his audience (which is fair; at the height of his fame it wasn't a common practice) and just wants to redeem himself/salvage what's left of his career.

He also doesn't seem very internet-savvy and would probably embarrass himself if he tried to interact extensively with HvP fans. He does need a producer and PR person, where he went wrong is hiring someone from the TCAP fandom instead of a qualified young person who's desperate to break into the field.

No. 914795

tbh after everything that has come out I am starting to think that Chris Hansen is just as shady as Vince is. Even if you ignore all of the stuff going around about him specifically the fact that he's let Vincent get away with so much says a lot about what kind of person he is and what kind of behavior he thinks is acceptable.

No. 914853

He might have known, but I think it is just as likely that he is clueless. I am sure Vincent acts more professional when speaking to Chris and it doesn't seem like Chris reads social media at all. He may have never seen any of Vincent's posts.

No. 915042

File: 1578452863676.jpeg (207.55 KB, 1080x1046, 6635E43E-0DBC-4ED0-AADA-030E34…)

No. 915059

This one reeks of professional victim. I went thru her ‘evidence’ and it all amounts to Vince being rude to her. He insulted her career choice and forgot her name.

Some of these people need to get off the internet and go live in the world if that equals the ruckus that’s gone on Twitter on her behalf.

Vince is a pos no doubt but some of these people just want attention

No. 915117

File: 1578470474124.png (41.28 KB, 588x400, Screenshot_2020-01-08 Chris Ha…)

What Vince has done over the past year isn't just unprofessional, it's illegal. Even without the build up of the past year, what he's done in the last few weeks alone should be more than enough to get him fired. He was working with very vulnerable people who he clearly had no consideration for on top of using one of them for free labor (doing his job for him).

He's obviously not sorry for what he did, he's sorry he got caught. And now it looks like Hansen's giving more lip service about "looking into it" >>914216

If Hansen fired Vince back when he doxxed Wes and the others months ago, the events of the last few weeks never would've happened and Chris wouldn't have lost so much credibility - most of the responsibility falls on his shoulders. Whatever problems he's having, if he's incapable of running a professional outfit he should just walk away rather than drag more vulnerable people into his incompetent orbit.

No. 915150

LOL something tells me an apology isn't going to settle this. Vince hasn't done a good job, he and Hansen have literally scammed people and misrepresented themselves as professionals/authorities in their field, then tried to walk away after getting called out like nothing happened.

No. 915153

Agreed. I started getting suspicious after Hansen started asking weird, leading questions like "does this [referring to Onision] sound like a cult to you?" Real journalists who actually care about accuracy don't hype up their stories, it comes off as sensationalist, which of course is what makes money. The longer Vince stays on the more it looks like Hansen is knowingly supporting a fraud and that his real motive here was just a petty cash grab.

I'd love to be wrong but I seriously doubt Vince will be fired, I think Hansen's just keeping him hidden away. If he's hoping to sweep all this under the rug then he's not as smart as he likes to come across, more like smug and arrogant.

No. 915156

Looking back through the threads >>905822 (lol that last sentence) >>905884, >>907345 there were anons raising red flags about certain things and tbh, I just thought they were being faggots at the time but in hindsight they were right to call it out. Hat tip to you anons for calling it like it was and now being proven right.

No. 915157

Heh the first comment was mine. Honestly though, I think it would have been obvious to any other seasoned farmer. Unless you're from tumblr, twitter, or one of ayallas retarded ex laundry fangirl frens.

It was only awhile ago that haylee had to publicly apologize for her retarded wanted posters tweet. I don't expect anything substantial from girls that will never take personal responsibility for their own foolish actions. I'm just glad Sarah said her piece and confirmed what we suspected for years.

Shame on spineless ayalla for jumping on twitter with "onision fucked sarah" for shock value. You are part of the problem bitch, good luck selling lewds since you given up on that awful band kekk

No. 915164

Alicia was caught posting a year ago, lurk moar

No. 915167

Yeah that tweet always rubbed me the wrong way. It was almost gloating for being right about it. I really feel for Sarah and things like that were just horrid, we had Lane memeing out how she fucked Anus in a chair that they all laughed about. So gross. Maybe she’s quiet because she realized how toxic that all is, it’s almost shaming her for being with him, in a way.

No. 915184

There are different kinds of cults and not all of them have you drink the kool aid. Hell, you could refer to some MLMs as cults. What he is referring to is a cult of personality. One really great and timely example is Trump.


While not every bit of that entry may apply, the general idea of it totally does.

No. 915346

The leading questions still apply though. Watch the poopybeck interview, he kept trying to lead her on to say she was a victim despite her even disagreeing with that. Rewatch it dude

No. 915414

File: 1578539382759.png (454.87 KB, 998x736, 436675.PNG)

I know this wont stop the Onion fans in this thread from continuing to use the excuse "the FBI would tell the public if there really was an investigation" But its a link that can be shoved down their throat again and again when they try to spin it and actually think the FBI is going to give up info to the general public about their investigation of some Z-list YouTuber.

No. 915432

I don’t think the FBI would tell the general public about an ongoing investigation. I also don’t think they would tell Chris Hansen or any other journalist.

No. 915526

Mista GG succinctly sums up recent events with Vince.

No. 915531

I think if he meant cult of personality he would've used those words instead of the one he chose, he's smart enough to make the differentiation. He's also smart enough to know that the word cult by itself is a loaded one. A serious journalist isn't careless with their words or word choices.

No. 915533

Comparing Onision to people like Jim Jones just makes a mockery of what they do/have done. Saying shit like that makes Hansen comes off like a hack and an amateur.

No. 915537

Wes (one of the people Vincent doxxed) shows milky dm's with Vincent.

It looks like Hansen and Vince took the fans that were trying to help them, people who offered constructive criticism (in Wes's case free consulting), and threw them under the bus. Either Hansen's content to mostly ignore all of this like it's not happening (something Onision would do), or he hasn't done his due diligence not only in hiring Vincent but in continuing to retain his services, whatever the fuck it is he actually does aside from scamming and doxxing people.

No. 915539

>haylee had to publicly apologize for her retarded wanted posters tweet.
Haylee tweeted almost immediately afterwards that it was just a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. I didn't think she was serious.

There were a good handful of anons raising suspicions and doubts, being voices of reason. I think some were trying to ignore this in part because they didn't want to derail the thread but also they thought Hansen and his team were more professional and trustworthy than they turned out to be. Anyone who associates with Hansen now puts themselves at risk, especially if they're victims. Vince has shown to have very few scruples and Hansen silently backs him up. It's a shitshow.

No. 915573


Clearly, there are people who don't know what that means AS EVIDENCED IN THIS VERY THREAD.

You're trying so hard. Bless your heart.

No. 915701

File: 1578607633493.jpg (146.54 KB, 903x562, Screenshot_20200109-225118_mh1…)


No. 915727

Oh oh, The Right Opinion is using that dreaded word too. You guys better get the pitchforks.

No. 915752


The fact that they draw a parallel to Sciesca and what he's doing now with his YouTube channel and fanbase is gonna make their heads explode. What a shame.

No. 915797

File: 1578619845186.png (94.15 KB, 1888x880, Capture(1).PNG)

So I contacted Chris hansen and instead got replies from vince. Here's our convo. (1/6)

No. 915798

File: 1578619867698.png (101.15 KB, 1858x826, Capture(2).PNG)


No. 915801

File: 1578620036508.png (62.98 KB, 1851x574, Capture(3).PNG)


No. 915802

File: 1578620203623.png (54.25 KB, 1190x663, Capture(4).PNG)


No. 915804

File: 1578620312189.png (40.01 KB, 1517x413, Capture(5).PNG)


No. 915805

File: 1578620376003.png (37.09 KB, 1495x438, Capture(6).PNG)

(6/6) If I get a response from Chris Hansen I will post that as well.

No. 915806


I hope your ban for cowtipping comes fast and long.
You dont touch the poo.

No. 915813

I was asking Chris question and instead Vince answered. I thought the board would want to know that Vince is replying instead of Chris and letting the board have the email.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915819

Why are you or even random Twitter antio’s emailing them? I’ve seen this shit a few times, maybe stop trying to control the situation/ narrative and how this plays out.

No. 915881

Yes they have two different meanings anon, and the tryhard is Hansen who sensationalizes with his terrible journalism. A lot of youtuber's have a cult of personality built around them. It looks like Hansen has some of that himself what with the diehards who refuse to take seriously any of the shit he's pulled (passing the buck) with the TCAP community like it doesn't reflect badly on his character.

No. 915883

Ok, he's still wrong lol. Onision isn't a Jim Jones/Manson. Also >>915533

No. 915885

Anon there's a name at the very top of the image >>915797. Appreciate the gesture but this is probably something you should take to BakedSalmon instead of posting here, he has a twitter. I think it does count as cowtipping.

I expected Hansen wouldn't do anything about this. His "next steps" are to ignore all of this with Wes etc. in the vain hope that it will blow over and be forgotten. Vincent is a pathological liar and fraud, and Hansen chooses to associate himself with that. I don't see his career ending on a high note, which is a shame because he has done some good work in the past but like Vincent, he's let his ego and greed get the way of being a half way decent human being.

No. 915890

File: 1578638044258.png (325.95 KB, 1247x510, Screenshot_2020-01-10 'To Catc…)

I'd be surprised if Hansen replies to you directly. I agree with >>915819, emailing Hansen isn't going to accomplish anything, he's already shown he has no respect for any community that would support him. The more things unfold the more this looks like a money grab for him, he's millions of dollars in debt.


No. 915893

He called Wes a pedophile too. How much of a pos do you have to be to call someone that just out of personal dislike? He's a power tripping cunt, I've met people like him before. They never change.

No. 915896

I was wondering what Chris is actually doing to make money and found this. Looks like he's done a few of them. It's not the worst thing but it's really scraping the bottom of the barrel with tabloid/reality tv. He can't be thrilled about his martial infidelity being blasted in public so I don't know why he took this on, probably had no other options.

No. 915898

I think you're right. Chris said he has "connections" in LE. If he's to be believed, that's where he's most likely getting his info.

I wish I could say that neither Chris or Vince have ulterior motives with the Onision situation, but after everything that's come out recently >>915526 I've lost confidence in them. Vince is using the attention to scam people with prostreams and whatever else, while Chris continues making empty gestures about accountability. The fox is guarding the hen house.

No. 915924

Their use of the word doesn't hold the same weight since they're not journalists who're supposed to maintain a certain standard, which Chris has clearly failed to do.

No. 915931

Impressive, impartial. He covered a few details even I was unaware of. I'm glad they dove into Greg's parasitism of EC's illness and the resulting blatant shekel grab. He likes to try and gloss over his actions there by making it seem like it was something other than what it was. Glad the community's taking him to task, that's what's going to make the difference.

No. 915935

@16mins TRO literally used the words "cult persona", which is another way of saying 'cult of personality'. So really he's more factually accurate than Mr. Chris Hansen lol. I agree with >>915881 that having a cult of personality isn't unique to Greg, a lot of youtuber's have that. What separates many of them from someone like Greg is that Greg's become a notorious predator of minors.

I also agree >>915883 that Greg isn't a Charles Mason, however much he may wish he could be. Yeah Greg has a tiny group of desperate sycophants that he exerts some power/control over but that's because they're not that bright. He's only able to manipulate people who struggle to think critically, most of them being underage or barely legal girls.

No. 915937

i was cracking up at how he has vince saved as 'bitch ass vince' and how he sent him 'answer the phone bitch' on new years eve. its like quintessential personal drama that everyone gets to experience once in a while

good copy writing, 10/10 targeting, would click again

No. 915940

No. 915944

Oh, wow. Anon. Posting this is so cringe. Noooo.

No. 915963

File: 1578667197957.jpg (84.55 KB, 1080x474, 20200110_094017.jpg)

No. 915976


Nicole Vultao from the JoySparkleBS thread.

"Nicole Vultao, the IDIOT who ran with the Special Spaces rumor & mad a video that really set the rumor off did a livestream with Chambers of boring. The whole thing seems to be about Joysus. Nicole plz stfu and stop trying, you aren't good at this."

No. 915995

She didn’t run special spaces and unless u have proof of that it’d be wise not to spread rumours

No. 916000

File: 1578676725965.png (31.41 KB, 462x142, Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 10.1…)

>ran with the Special Spaces rumor
learn to read?

Also in the interest of not derailing this thread further this is interesting. I wonder if he is going to be biased considering he went on the show.

No. 916021

If she had more of a online presence she would be a good candidate for her own thread. She is the one that did a wellness check on Joysparkle and kept touching the poo with her. She also had some vendetta against one of the Joy haters and kept making a threads on them here that were deleted. She always gives herself away too like she did here. She should really stop.

No. 916036

Actually, you are wrong about that. The “idiot” who flew with that stupid shit rumor, and made a video, and livestream was “MILA’ or “MsBitch”. I remember that because she (msbitch)kept insisting that joy pocketed the special spaces money even after people spoke to the place.

No. 916037

Vendetta? That seems to be stretching a bit don’t u think?

No. 916038

Too bad her YouTube got striked down. But perhaps everyone should go read the joy threads b4 throwing stones into glass houses

No. 916045

No because the 3 threads she made in under a week were all called out for being vendetta's and deleted

No. 916058

Yes, it was pages of twitter links after twitter links. A whole full page of links.

No. 916081

Okay I saw those threads b4 it got deleted. It doesn’t prove that this Nicole person did the threads. As for the special spaces thing, it was proven in the joy threads that she didn’t do it.

No. 916083

The only proof of her online presence on here are the screenshots that she or other ppl have provided. The screenshots provided don’t
Show her involved
W special spaces

No. 916104

Except, much like she did here, she left her personal info in the screen caps. She also followed said person around different youtube streams etc.

No. 916116

And the proof of her personal info posted in those caps and of following said streams?

No. 916136

What in the fuck has this to do with jack shit? I mean it sounds like this “said person” whoever the fuck they are, are self posting with the other “said person” vendetta posts to each other. Fuck right off with this shit and make a whole new thread for this sour shit milk. It doesn’t belong in here.

No. 916152

Rag's video about vincent is up. He starts talking about Vince and Chris at 8:17.

No. 916176

I was pointing something out to the others in response I didn’t post any screenshots or do those threads.

No. 916198

I'm the vendetta person, and I agree it's derailing and I know it's probably nicole I'm arguing against. Like I said she is sloppy, she showed it here like she showed in the vendetta post of a person I don't even like nor want to defend, but she is well known to in many groups to be sloppy. I don't have screen caps cause I didn't care enough to save, I'm sure people could look them up like how they can look up her doxing ways. When she made threads of said person she included her profile pic much like she included her name here, the care bear one I believe it was. Her vendetta post gave no real milk, and she is pretty well known amongst the groups as a cow herself. Personal beefs =/= milk, why it was a obvious vendetta and all 3 threads were deleted

No. 916202

You weren’t arguing against Nicole before but now you are reality check. Clearly you can’t leave me alone. I’m sorry I hurt your feefees by not being your friend and deleting you on fb but you have accused me of disgusting things. I have screenshots of your online presence that proves what a monster you truly are. Be warned(BE WARNED GRR)

No. 916210

INFIGHTING. Take it to the streets please.

No. 916219

Great outting yourself, but no I'm not RC, no one cares about her which is why your vendetta threads failed. If I cared enough I could show the caps of you're vendetta post and leaving your profile pic in the caps, the care bear one. I just run around those groups and since I don't care about RC I didn't save, thoi mods can "chexk my IP". You made your post obvious by knowing who I was talking about. I don't even like RC but you, nicole, are pretty well known in the anti community as someone not to trust. You're a flip flop poo touched, whom has been warned by many of us not to touch the poo

No. 916224

Nice try rc? Also why post this twice. I read it and don’t care. Send me an email or an fb message if ur interested

No. 916225

Again I'm not rc, and I'm going to stop reply here cause it's not needed any further. I had a fall out with RC months ago, but again the anti's know all about you. Like when you doxed another anti for Joy's profit. We dont talk about you publicly, but we do talk.(cringe)

No. 916227

Again I am not special spaces. I don’t even own a YouTube channel. If I can’t screenshot shit u think I can do that. A woman named missBitch2u2017 did the special spaces shit.

No. 916232

No one gives a fuck retard, and It totally figures all this retard shit comes from that cow Joy Sparkles and her heard of mentally disabled stans that sucked her utters everywhere she went. Be gone.

No. 916243

WHO'S RC?(stop)

No. 916250

Reality check

No. 916294

what's going on? one is reality check the other one?
they were friends on fb - any clue?

No. 916307

Why are we even talking about these people? I think someone meant to post in the joysparklebs thread and we got sidetracked on dumbasses

No. 916308

File: 1578741166220.png (477.5 KB, 573x538, chrishansenwantstohaveachat.PN…)


In other news hansen showed up at onisions with a camera crew and the pierce county sheriffs. I hope vince was with him just to piss everyone off.


No. 916309

File: 1578741579030.webm (11.49 MB, 606x1078, vfgaz.webm)

lolcow exists so we can come here to point and laugh. selfinjecting into drama is strictly forbidden. some people still chose to involve themselves in the shitshow and thus this thread was made, so we can point and laugh at them too

after yeeeaars of reading onision threads and anonymously screeching about him being a pedo, you bet your ass im going to combust with laughter when chris fucking hansen shows up at gregs door. does this mean ill buy hansens shitty sub and publicly ride his dick on social media? heck no

people on lolcow should just enjoy the shitshow. dont get me wrong, i sincerely hope that sarah gets justice and that you guys break vincents fingers for doxxing you and your friends. ill gladly eat up more potato head videos, but im not going to crusade against chris hansen for being a broke cheater. its extra milk and we are going to support you by giving you views. trying to mobilize people on the other hand is a bad idea because, you know, not your personal army etc etc. it will end up blowing up in your face

No. 916311

Anon, not everyone is a self post. Some of us peek at their twitter.

No. 916312

yeah it dont matter, they read the thread so

No. 916314

Wait so the cops accompanied Hansen? I thought they didn't show up until Onion called them?

No. 916315


He literally said in the video that Onion called them, turn your hearing aid up.

No. 916317

lol I was trying to watch it and missed that part you meanie. The audio/video is potato quality, and anon >>916308 wrongly said he showed up with pierce county sheriffs.

No. 916321

>He knows we want to talk to him
>I heard his voice

This is some of the most ridiculous shit I've ever seen. How much money did he waste going out there just to say "I think I heard him murmuring in his house". And what does he mean by "on his trail"? Has Onision even left his house since doing those sperg vids in the hotels? It looks all he did was waste his time.

No. 916323

Rag sounds a little out of the loop. Glad he's looking into it though.

No. 916324

>It looks all he did was waste his time.
Im sure he talked to gregs neighbors after fucking around in front of the swamptrailer for a while. Hearing what his neighbors have to say will be entertaining. Im sure they wont have any delicious milk but just seeing their shocked face when chris informs them about what greg and lainey have done will be worth a chuckle.

No. 916325

That would be funny if the neighbors agreed to talk to him. Otherwise he really did go out there for nothing.

No. 916346

>lolcow exists so we can come here to point and laugh.
Speaking of >>915896

No. 916347


Unless you count confirming that he's a grimy hack something.

Sarah and Shiloh (and everyone) have made it clear that people should never drag the kids into this so Hansen, his shyster lawyer and some 'anon' turn up to the swamp shack while the kids are there.

No. 916350

That was only uploaded a few months ago in Nov. At least we know when he's not busy camping outside Onion's house, he's making these cringey reality tv type vids for youtube. He must be desperate for cash.

No. 916351

File: 1578748697748.png (828.26 KB, 1000x667, chris in swampland.png)

No. 916352

>Hansen is a grimy hack
I think that goes without saying, at least to those of us who don't want to rub his balls because of our hate boner for Onion boy. All Hansen has done is turn this even more into a shitshow then it already was, and yeah that's milky, but it's not at all professional or considerate to the victims.

No. 916355

thats not true, his interviews with sarah and shiloh were good and got through to a large audience. youre just personally hurt because your expectations are insanely high

No. 916358

>your expectations are insanely high
I had reasonable expectations. I expected him to be a professional journalist and not a ringmaster. I expected him to not be a liar, and not turn this thing into a shitshow. Obviously you haven't seen GG's >>915526 or BakedSalmon's vids >>915940. Lurk more.

No. 916360

Woooow. I don't think anyone needs to lurk more when it comes to this, lol. You can't avoid continuous posts about how much Chris & Vince both suck ( and as long as it's not the main thread that's perfectly fine ).

>you bet your ass im going to combust with laughter when chris fucking hansen shows up at gregs door
Same, honestly. I can't wait to see what they actually managed to film.

No. 916362

ive seen all of them and hyped them up multiple times. still, saying that nothing good has come out of the interviews is being overly dramatic. and saying that this is only a giant shitshow is downright antiproductive. yall throwing tantrums and demanding that the fbi issue a public statement (LMAO) is a shitshow so chill out a bit maybe

No. 916367

>You can't avoid continuous posts about how much Chris & Vince both suck
And yet somehow they >>916355 did.
I didn't say nothing good came from it, I said they turned this into a shitshow. Ultimately Shiloh etc. didn't even need him. That he and Vince have more than discredited themselves is inarguable - this will affect the legitimacy of any future work and possibly some of his prior efforts. Not taking Hansen at his word isn't throwing a tantrum. Since when do the FBI tip off journalists about their open investigations? You do know the FBI have spokespeople right? It makes more sense to use one of them than to have a journo speak on their behalf.

No. 916370

>I didn't say nothing good came from it
>All Hansen has done is turn this even more into a shitshow then it already was

No. 916376

anon there's a difference between quoting someone directly and just putting words in their mouth. Some of you have serious reading comprehension issues.

No. 916391

File: 1578753969070.png (235.8 KB, 588x1180, Screenshot_2020-01-10 aldli.pn…)

>his shyster lawyer
There's a lot of questions about him. Considering what's happened with Vince I'm not surprised.

No. 916399

>It would appear Hansen's advocacy of victims is conditional; subject to his business associations and subsequent personal gain.
Really? She's just figuring this out now? It wasn't after Vincent doxxed people, or Hansen made a glib public statement about some of his questionable actions (not the doxxing) only to do nothing? Under real professional circumstances, Vincent would've been fired immediately.

No. 916407

>people on lolcow should just enjoy the shitshow
It's amusing to an extent. It's just the thought of Greg and Kainey's victims suffering more because of some boomers incompetence and unprofessionalism really takes some of the enjoyment out of it.

No. 916413

He didn't even comment on any specific actions. He kept it purposely vague and bullshitted about looking into it. >>914216

No. 916415

File: 1578758703967.png (63.5 KB, 640x482, Sebastian Murdock.png)

>senior reporter at Huffpost,
I was wondering who this guy was. Curious about the "source" he mentioned. Unsurprisingly, Hansen's not well respected among his peers in general.

No. 916416

a video about mike morse and his sexual assalut

No. 916430

File: 1578760858792.png (176.04 KB, 871x623, 673992_765_98091.PNG)

No. 916431

Morse is recorded admitting to what he did. Did you watch the video? She lied about something unrelated to the case that's why she was dismissed.

No. 916432

There's no way Chris's association with people like Vince and Morse is simply careless oversight on his part, I don't believe he's that oblivious. He knows who he's working with and chooses to look the other way. At this point you'd have to be really dense to not question his motives at the very least.

No. 916436

File: 1578761846942.jpg (653.56 KB, 1023x2160, Screenshot_20200111-175439_mh1…)

no need to pick sides just yet, but lets keep asking questions

No. 916437

If she "set him up", then why did he admit to what he did in a recording that was played in the courtroom. Care to figure that one out?

No. 916441

he says in the audio that he thought they had something and thats why he touched her. BY NO MEANS am i defending him or saying that this is what happened. people do get set up like that sometimes, like assange, its not really unheard of

No. 916444

>that's why she was dismissed.
The woman was dismissed or the whole lawsuit was dismissed. The article seems to state the whole lawsuit was dismissed. That means a lot to me and all I have to hear. You have to come to court with clean hands.

>he admit to what he did in a recording that was played in the courtroom
Well then those voice recordings must of been very damning because the court case continued and Mr Morse was found guilty… oh wait, it was dismissed by the judge. You're grasping a straws and its sad.

No. 916457

File: 1578763697470.png (4.48 KB, 290x147, lol.PNG)

I love that you twits have such a hate-boner for Chris that you try to find dirt on anyone associated with him.
Next up-"Hansens barber was once jailed for DUI, how can Chris allow such a monster to cut his hair, so unprofessional."

I forget this very appropriately admin tagged (shit thread) is even here until one of you gets banned on the main Onision thread with a bright red (derailing) or (take this to the flakes thread) and I get reminded and have to peek my head in and laugh at how hard your little circle jerk is trying to gain traction, but keep slipping the whole time.

No. 916461

The question was whether or not she set him up >>916437. Obviously since Morse was recorded admitting to what he did to her, the article >>916436 claiming she set him up is bullshit.

No. 916465

File: 1578764138812.png (522.6 KB, 950x673, Court reinstates sex assault l…)

No. 916473

I keep seeing antio’s say that Chris and Vince are jeopardizing an investigation but the truth is, they aren’t the fbi and no matter what they do or say it doesn’t take away anything illegal that Anus and Foot may have done.

Antio’s are always like this when someone comes into the picture to take Anus to task, they always end up demonizing the person and digging up dirt for the sake of it. I seriously have been questioning a lot of these so called antio’s and in general anyone who comes on board because it seems like this always happens. Do people actually really want to see Anus go down or are they just in it for the game and drama.

Most of this information about Chris was known before he even got involved, he wrote bad cheque’s etc etc Anus was even talking about this stuff in his live-streams.

I’m at the point where all of these people, including Chris and Vince don’t matter so much because if there’s an investigation it’s going to happen based on illegal activity by Anus or Foot or it won’t because there was nothing illegal but in the meantime any exposure or platform to showcase the abuse is good enough for me.

No. 916477

>you try to find dirt on anyone associated with him
Nope, actual journalists with integrity have already done that. And it's not even digging up dirt when it's already a matter of public record.

No. 916480

of course, but its also a bit hypocritical to table the tables like this. the girls that are now called victims were endlessly insulted by lolcow for ages. so we turned a blind eye to their suffering back then and it was just drama, but now its suddenly ~not just drama anymore you guise~

No. 916484

Of course they won't affect the FBI's investigation (if there actually is one), that's beside the point. Chris and his team are supposed to be professionals, they're held to a certain standard for a reason. I don't know why that's so difficult for some people to understand. How can Chris be "investigating" someone for sex crimes while the lawyer he's working closely with is also in hot water for sex crimes? There's a lot more to this than bad cheque's.

No one's digging up dirt for the sake of it. Had Vincent not doxxed people then lied about it and all the other shit he did >>916415, most likely people wouldn't be looking into Chris as closely as they are now. Vincent is the one who kicked all of this off and Chris still doesn't get rid of him. That says a lot.

No. 916488

I feel the same way. I know its paranoid to say but I feel these threads are populated by Onisions fans. They know they cant question Sarah or any of the other women that were abused without it being obvious and them getting shut down and banned. So they go for anyone that is making Greg look bad or bringing his actions to a wider audience.

Well you keep looking through public records and reporting back to us. As long as you keep it to the containment shit thread the admins have allowed you to wallow in.

No. 916489

You do know where you are right? How do you know that those same people who were "insulting the victims" back then are here now? I don't know who "we" is supposed to be, you can only speak for yourself.

No. 916491

>you keep looking through public records and reporting back to us.
What are you talking about reporting back? People are literally replying to each other. Are you okay anon?
>I feel these threads are populated by Onisions fans
Yes, I'm sure Vincent feels the same way lol.

No. 916492

I have a question for you. Does the unprofessional actions, questionable tactics and shady history of Chris, Vince and Morse affect the interviews and stories told by Sarah, Shiloh, Billie and Regina? This isn't rhetorical, Id like you to answer. As for me I don't care who the interviewer was, it could of been Keemstar for all I care, as long as the women got to tell their truth and we got more insight into how Greg and Taylor abused them. Personally I think Hansen is turning this "investigation" into a circus, but who cares. The only kudos he gets from me is that he brought these ladies stories to a huge audience and got the ball rolling on an FBI investigation. Trying to bring down Hansen and his cronies seems like a veiled attempt to discredit what the women have said. Because the interviewer is a clown doesn't mean the stories told by the woman is suspect. I'll ask it again. Does the shitty actions of Chris, Vince and Mike affect the legitimacy of what the woman have said in their interviews?

No. 916499

>Does the unprofessional actions, questionable tactics and shady history of Chris, Vince and Morse affect the interviews

Why would it effect the victims testimony? What it very well could effect is a potential future court case by their associating with these unprofessional asshats.

No one can be faulted for questioning Hansen's motives. So far it looks like he's not only been misrepresenting himself, but also the people he's chosen to employ and work with. If I were in the victims shoes, I'd want to know who these people are that are pretending to help and trying to come off altruistic when nothing could be further from the truth. imo any future victims would be doing themselves a disservice by going to Hansen, only because of what a mess this has turned into because he's refused to step up and do the right thing. He's criticized because he's held to a higher standard as he should be, and so far he's failing spectacularly.

And btw, if you have sympathy for the victims, you should have some extra for Regina because she trusted Vincent and he shat all over that.

No. 916505

>Mr Morse
He's upset about those lawsuits >>916465, >>916416 huh? Maybe he should try keeping his fucking hands to himself.

No. 916507

If Skye or Alicia decided to come onto Hansens show would you not listen or think their story is untrue because of Hansen and his crews shady behavior? The only remaining victims I care to hear from are those two, and if they were interviewed by Jake and Logan Paul I wouldnt care. The interviewer/investigator doesn't matter at this point, the victims stories and any impending Federal case is all I care about. The one thing I will give Chris praise for is his interviewing style. He got the women to bring up more detail that we ever heard about before. Like Greg and Taylor having sex with Sarah while their child was just inches away in the same bed.

I agree with you, Chris is a clown, Vince is smarmy, and Mike seems creepy, does that diminish the illegal actions that Greg and Taylor will have to accountable for? No.

>What it very well could effect is a potential future court case

This is brought up over and over. Could you tell me how the actions of Chris, Vince and Mike could effect a federal case of child pornography and child enticement?

No. 916514

If anything, Skye and Alicia probably dodged a bullet by not going on. As far as affecting a court case, I'm not referring to cp or anything else there's blatant, disgusting evidence for. Could the victims association with Chris et al have an impact on their credibility? If his lawyer's being investigated for this >>916465 and they knew about it and still chose to associate with him in their situation, I suppose it would be for a jury to decide how much of an impact it would have, but it wouldn't look good would it?

Again, I'm not questioning the victims, what I'm questioning is these people who're acting like they're helping them, trying to pass themselves off as professionals. If Chris is just doing this for clout (which I have little reason to doubt at this point) then he's lying to the victims. Should that type of person be working with vulnerable people? I don't think so.

No. 916531

The only court case or investigation Ive heard about is the Feds looking into child pornography & child enticement concerning Greg and his spouse. Sarah and Regina haven't said they're going to start a civil case or attempt a criminal case against the Jacksons. Once the Feds get involved they dont care that Chris wrote bad checks, or that Vince doxxed people and lied. Chris, Vince and Mikes actions have no bearing on an FBI investigation or court case. Hell, someone could find evidence tomorrow that Chris has women chained in his hotel room. Would it stop the FBI investigation against the Jacksons or cause it to lose legitimacy? Nope.

Im glad you made it clear that you don't doubt the victims. I wholeheartedly support you talking about the shenanigans that Chris and his people are involving themselves in. But I do feel you're screaming into the abyss. You and your kin are stuck in a slow thread in /snow/ that I doubt will ever be bumped up to /pt/ And I know it must be murder trying to keep yourself from making comments in the main Onision thread because you fear being banned. Good luck.

No. 916567

File: 1578776162028.png (551.52 KB, 1440x2040, Screenshot_2020-01-11-12-56-26…)

Deleted my post about this in the onion thread because its about Vincent, I think this account is his way of being cringey as fuck under an anonymous name so that Chris doesnt fire him. Definitely types like his age and makes cringey baby carrot jokes that we stopped making ages ago.

No. 916576

File: 1578776808752.png (88.74 KB, 1329x536, totally not vince.PNG)

No. 916581

First of all, who cares if he’s doing it for clout. Everyone needs to make money and he is still a journalist after all so clearly he’s going to work in the same field he’s always been which is talking about predators and in this case using his platform to share these stories.

The fbi investigation is private information anyways and we shouldn’t be just writing it off because nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes.

>>916499 testimonies? They aren’t in court yet dude.

No. 916585

>everyone talking shit about Vince is an Onision fan

>everyone talking shit about Onision is Vince

The paranoia in this thread is hilarious. Im loving it. How long until there's posts about white vehicles gang-stalking you?

No. 916589

File: 1578777594141.png (329.37 KB, 1345x2383, Screenshot_2020-01-11 Gregory …)


this site is 100% vince, the fucking potato head lol. ive seen this same banner type situation on hansenvspredators.com and i havent seen it anywhere else in the world

No. 916601

File: 1578779147002.png (756.01 KB, 958x532, 672_354_4653_866.PNG)

If I turn up missing tomorrow remember this white van. I think I saw Vincent Nicotra sneak out a side door and into the building near my house when it was parked in the carport this morning. I've been causing Hansen and Nicotra a lot of problems lately which I now regret…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916604

>The paranoia in this thread is hilarious
Itt: Chris's a hack, no he isn't, Chris's a hack, no he isn't, Chris's ruining the investigation, no he isn't. I mean jeez, lmao.

No. 916612

File: 1578780197524.png (936.29 KB, 1159x2092, Screenshot_2020-01-11-13-56-41…)

Same anon but I was trying to find any connections between Vince and the names Gene, Melissa, and Janine which all appear in that account and found the weirdest article.


>"That said, it concerns me that this lunatic has total access to the biotrak system with everyone's private information of which they're using to find, neigh set up pedophiles, for Chris Hansen."

>"I know, that's the crazy part. This man who mocked everything from my seizures to getting "throat fucked" is in charge of children that are victim of sexual predators. This man, has all your personal information and has been threatening and doxing celebrities and youtubers for god knows how long, the guy mocking and harassing sexual assault is in charge of the child victims on Hansen vs Predator."

I'm not on some kind of vince witchhunt btw I genuinely just find this to be fun and interesting to see how deep it all goes. Sorry if any spergyness is annoying or if its been posted before. idk.

No. 916649

>You and your kin are stuck in a slow thread in /snow/ that I doubt will ever be bumped up to /pt/
My dear anon, I had no hopes of this being bumped to pt. At this point with the avalanche of info that keeps coming, I see it as only a matter of time before Chris and his incompetent crew of boomers end up imploding on themselves. Milky as this all is, they don't deserve their own thread or to be in pt for that matter. They're embarrassments to their respective professions.

No. 916654

File: 1578785687881.png (49.39 KB, 588x565, Anonymous Asshole named Gene (…)

I don't know who he is but he's definitely as dox happy as Vince. He doxxed Greg's family.

No. 916669

>I will give Chris praise for his interviewing style.
>Chris is a clown
How can you praise his interviewing skillz in one sentence then call him a clown in the next? Lol anon. He asks blatantly leading questions, I'm not impressed with his "journalism". I know this thread's a little schizophrenic because some people like to think Chris is above reproach. I think Aldlii put it best >>916391. If Chris not firing Vince and associating with someone like Morse is any indication >>916465, he's not working on behalf of the victims, he's doing this all for himself.

No. 916679

>who cares if he’s doing it for clout.
So you missed the part about him being held to a different standard than a Jake Paul or a Keemstar? He's supposed to be a journalist. He's trying to make it seem like he doesn't have ulterior motives, and yet everything that's coming out about him and his good buddies indicates otherwise.
>The fbi investigation is private information
Then why did Chris make it known to the public? I swear some of you really don't think.
>You do know the FBI have spokespeople right? It makes more sense to use one of them than to have a journo speak on their behalf.

No. 916690

What circle jerk? Many youtuber's have made videos about this clusterfuck and there's more in the works. This info is spreading, it's silly to act like it's all contained here. I don't know about Hansen's barber but apparently his lawyer's having trouble not being a sex pest. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, creates quite a problem when you're supposed to be advocating for victims of sexual crimes. Some of us, myself included, are uninterested in waxing daddy Hansen's balls for our own convenience.

No. 916695

ha he made accounts for Greg's family members, bragged about "getting them to join" in his banner, but forgot to log them in. Oops.

No. 916696

>So they go for anyone that is making Greg look bad or bringing his actions to a wider audience.
Right. Repzion was really shit on after doing the Onision Files… lol before being an apologist for anything, try actually knowing what you're talking about first.

No. 916709

That's cute anon but gang stalking is illegal. See 18 U.S. Code 241. Conspiracy against rights: "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States…" (Zersetzung was never a thing)

Attempt to educate yourself, then maybe you won't use words like "paranoia" as a means to discredit people like a giant ignorant asshole.

No. 916719

Nice find.

>because he'd studied me and my friends list, I was forced to listen to them mock me with personalized insults about my weight, my seizures, being raped, having my children taken, past abuse

>Vincent got a job at a dispensary, my dispensary, Mindful dispensary where he continued to dig through my personal friends and attempt to sell them PLANTBASED or oneplant cbd, CBD products that never passed inspection and we do not sell due to failed labs in some weird MLM type of deal

>Vincent was feeding all my information back to a bunch of strangers on the internet to use against me for god knows what

>If you've applied for a business license in hemp or cannabis, or you've ever purchased it, he's got you too.

(this one's vague. I'm guessing she means if you've ever applied for a business license in hemp or cannabis in that particular state? Maybe I'm missing something)

>This man attempted to ruin careers like Petty Paige and Nick Schneider, in fact pitting us all against each other.

(I remember Petty Paige being around when pedo gate first started)

>I have half a mind to wonder if there's anything else illegal being done at Mindful since Vincent works there and they hire felons.

This was published Jan 9th 2020, so I'm guessing he's still employed with this company? What a scumbag. It makes me wonder what he knows about Chris and vice versa. It looks like they're all protecting each other. That's working out well lol.

No. 916734

Yeah the baby carrot thing is on his banner, this after Shiloh explicitly asked for people to stop making jokes like that. He definitely cares about the victims guise.

No. 916736

File: 1578798624858.png (528.76 KB, 813x710, Next-Generation BioTRAC System…)

>the biotrak system with everyone's private information of which they're using to find, neigh set up pedophiles, for Chris Hansen

Sounds like entrapment? Only LE's allowed to do that. Would be great if she could corroborate that particular statement.

I found two different types. One is used by dispensaries to track their cannabis sales and distribution https://www.biotrack.com/cannabis-cultivation-software/

The other is used to track PEOPLE via Orwellian biometric ID horseshit: https://www.biotracksoftware.com/eng/time.htm

If Vincent does in fact have access to all this private, personal data like she claims, I'll take a wild guess that he obtained it through the latter and not the former.

No. 916739

>This man has all your personal information and has been threatening and doxing celebrities and youtubers for god knows how long
Samefag. Really curious to know where she gets this from. If she's telling the truth, it sounds like a potential blackmail situation. Nothing I'd put past Vinny "the potato" Nicotra.

No. 916750

>What did you do to him today?
This person sounds mentally balanced and sane..

No. 916820

File: 1578816475258.jpeg (91.45 KB, 750x230, 5470FA29-C76F-4550-86B0-67E0D4…)

You mean like you shamed Adrienne? Get off your fucking high horse, Shiloh.

No. 916823

Even edgelord Shiloh was better than woke Shiloh.

>Body shaming pedophiles is problematic uwu!

No. 916825

No. 916855

File: 1578831673312.jpg (141.81 KB, 1366x728, 1578830335944.jpg)


notice how vincent nicotra avoided all allegations about him being vincent nicotra :')

hold up lemme rephrase that, notice how ANONYMOUS ASSHOLE Named Gene AKA Vincen Nicotra working at VEN Interactive Media selfpromoted his forum, then proceeded to banevade, post scat and post his own ip in main

EDIT: some of the posts, including this screenshot he posted, were since delted

No. 916857

File: 1578832366303.jpeg (27.22 KB, 184x184, C1C0C09D-5A81-4B25-967C-33DEB7…)


holy fuck anon, i was wondering who was shitting up the main onion thread with degenerate porn and doxxing unrelated family members while simultaneously calling anons pedophiles lol

fuck vincent, boomer must’ve skipped his medicine and has got the fuckin spins

No. 916860

File: 1578833307881.jpg (1.24 MB, 1264x4854, Screenshot_2020-01-12 pt - On…)

kek, whole spergout has been deleted. pic related for posterity

No. 916861

>I have half a mind to wonder if there's anything else illegal being done at Mindful since Vincent works there and they hire felons.
She makes it sound like he's currently employed there? The only locations for the Mindful dispensary are in CO and IL. https://bemindful.today/

Pretty sure he's never lived or worked for any length of time outside of NY. There's not enough info to verify her claims. She made a post on her IG about Vince possibly doxxing her. I think she might be confusing him for someone else. Also her twitter got suspended for some reason.

No. 916863

>post scat
Didn't mods say that was a kiwifag?

No. 916864

File: 1578834606501.jpeg (378.74 KB, 828x922, 1578785830851.jpeg)

This fat blob wants a piece of attention as well. If he has some new information about the abuse then why didn't he speak out sooner and why does he want to speak out now just because Chris went to Washington? It's clear he's doing it just for attention, I hope Chris doesn't acknowledge this pedo lover

No. 916879

File: 1578839414601.png (395.3 KB, 1230x741, Screenshot_2020-01-12 pt - On…)

vince and wes, probably

No. 916903

This woman is batshit insane, she has made these same claims against numerous YouTubers in the past.

No. 916905

I wasn’t going to say anything because I wasn’t sure but isn’t she a fixture in the commentary community who said some crazy shit during the jsbs days? Yeah if I’m remembering her correctly I would take what she says with a grain of salt.

No. 916913

There was never any proof that this Gene guy is Vincent yet you all are running around as if it is a fact.

Gene's ban message had his IP and he wasn't using a VPN. The IP traced back to the vicinity of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

No. 916920

File: 1578847704587.png (5.91 KB, 488x287, lol.png)

No. 916921

File: 1578847844786.jpeg (595.04 KB, 828x1325, 2055502A-DA2D-4F30-B9EB-530F85…)

Surprise, fatass didn’t actually have anything of substance to say.

No. 916923

File: 1578847874910.jpeg (832.95 KB, 828x1275, 5F4ECE5A-6172-4A5D-8EE6-CDAA70…)

No. 916925

it doesnt work like that. using a vpn allows you to show a random ip provided by your vpn service provider, instead of your own. other than that, youre right, its just speculation

No. 916927


He wasn't using a VPN.

No. 917009

So Billy's argument is that teenage girls should know better than to get manipulated by an adult man after all these years but no one should criticize him because he didnt know onision and he "hid" the Sarah situation from him (after all these years).

Tell me how it makes sense for him to throw young girls under the bus and basically say they deserved it for getting involved but no one should give him shit because he didnt know!! For a bunch of grown ass men they really have the brains of a couple of teenage boys.

No. 917014


And he's STILL victim blaming the girls. This fat piece of shit still has Onision's micro dick in his mouth and he is an abuse apologist.

No. 917076

I get this is the internet that and the newfags from twitter are most likely underaged but most people in the real world find it ridiculous when groupies cry after leaving with their tail between their legs.

Adults like Billie or even AJ have dozens of reasons to be embarrassed about this shit, I bet that's why AJ doesn't want anything to do with two faced shiloh or hansen. Sarah was just a child, literally 14. Even Shiloh wasn't a damn child

No. 917148

This looks more like theater. I forget if it was Wes or BakedSalmon, pretty sure it was Salmon who left a comment on Gene's twitter asking to dm him. It was on a pinned comment where Gene said his dm's were open to anyone who had questions. I didn't cap it obviously. Anyway, I think they're too busy to get in a pissing match with this guy.
I'm not convinced it's Nicotra. There's a wide enough pool of idiots and unstable's to choose from that are aware of Onision.

No. 917210

Because Jeff… the one person who actually does have legal implications, Sarah.. has said she doesn’t want to do that. I like how he completely dismisses the fact these girls are the only ones who can take him to civil court and have chosen not to.

I know the tdp’s and that shitty YouTube community was going to get in on the clout train. It’s only a matter of time until neckbeard videos start popping up defending Anus being a pedo/predator

No. 917241

Yes it’s the same woman, she has sponsored various YouTubers with her cbd company and always ends up having some kind of drama with them.

No. 917269

She’s natural cbd on Twitter who either tries to get you tubers to promote her products or tells them they raped/harassed her. Reality check is her bff/supporter

No. 917275

Kind of gross how many men come here to discredit and make apologies for Onion's fucked up behaviour. How about men like Onision just fuck off and stop talking to teenage girls altogether and leave them all the fuck alone. All these bitter ass fat ugly fucking men still harbouring resentment that they all failed to get laid during highschool.

No. 917349

File: 1578913297335.webm (11.8 MB, 1280x720, DEITY STREAM VINCE.webm)

It might not be Vince but they definitely come off like some incompetent boomer that's very likely associated with him.

In Deity's livestream Vince said someone "hacked" his phone and leaked inappropriate images of his wife. He mentioned "the TCAP trolls" from the summer, insinuating that it was Wes and Yap Yap who did it.

He also claims he got "emails from hackers" showing him Onision's location and that that's how he knew where Onision was. I uploaded that part of the video because this stupidity >>916860 reminded me of Vince's claims that hackers were emailing him info, which I don't believe for a second given the fact he's been caught in more than one blatant lie, including where he said a "hacker" issued certain tweets from his phone, while also claiming that it was his "friend Chris" who did it.

No. 917354

Samefag. I watched most of Deity's stream and it was obvious to me that Onision had really gotten under Vince's skin. imo he came off as someone with a vendetta. He even admitted that he didn't need to be impartial because he wasn't a journalist, which helps to explain why he's tossed any hint of professionalism out the window.

The baby carrot thing [Vince's favorite taunt] and the doxxing make me think it could be Vince, but looking at the writing makes me think it's one of his boomer pals pretending to be a hacker. There's also the fact that, if I remember right, Gene was the one who originally posted that vid of Hansen showing up at Onision's door. So it's either Vince, or he passed the footage along.

With the "hackers" Vince made up and lied about how they gave him info on Onision, including all the above, it just looks too convenient.

No. 917359

Then it probably wasn't Vince. Definitely some pathetic boomer though.
>demand Chris Hansen tell you what field office he's been talking to with the FBI
>the FBI he's saying he's been in contact with since November of last year, ask him what field office that is
>call that field office and ask them what the status of the investigation is
>Is there anything happening?
>Why is it that Chris Hansen and his "producers" are not trying to get these girls to levy civil suits against Onision?
>It is a good thing to start the proceeding for a civil case because it would establish a chain of evidence
>Why haven't these girls been advised by Chris Hansen?

He's not wrong. Hansen hasn't given any evidence that he's been in contact with the FBI. Vincent says the same thing, that they "work with the FBI". I take everything they say with a grain of salt. Hansen brought in that shady lawyer - should this guy >>916465 be working with victims of sex crimes?

If FBI are involved then why has there been no official statement from them? And before someone says "FBI doesn't do that!" >>916679

No. 917366

File: 1578919676818.png (Spoiler Image, 347.58 KB, 694x750, genelovesscat.png)

Here's the scat porn and black dicks too. Seeing is believing I guess

Spoilered for obvious reasons

No. 917393

Anti- Os unironically think like this. Idiots.

Learn how networking functions.

No. 917403

File: 1578927934714.png (206.82 KB, 666x771, notvincent.png)


Don't be skerred, Gene("hi cow")

No. 917734

Wow Chris is really ramping it up. I think I see Vince in the background.

No. 917874

lol the sex pest lawyer's name is right smack on the video. Perfect. Chris just doesn't give af about anything anymore but that clout.

No. 917875

This wasn't posted in the Onision thread, was it in /meta or something? Another insult Vince likes to throw around at people critical of him or Chris is that they're Onision lovers. He called Wes a fucking pedophile for criticizing him too.

I want Onision held accountable as much as the next person but this shitshow isn't going to accomplish anything. Chris is just milking this situation to get his 15mins while hoping this ambush will distract people from how unprofessional, untrustworthy, and highly suspect his team of incompetent boomers really are.

No. 917877

I don't know if it's him or not but anon >>917354 made a good point about the timing of it all. It was just NYE's when Vince was rambling on about being hacked and how hackers were giving him sooper sekret info on Onision, and then this Gene boomer moron with a Guy Fawkes mask shows up doxxing and releasing Hansen footage? Between Wes >>915537 and Deity, I've lost track of the number of lies Vince has been caught in.

No. 917878

Seems like Chris is doubling down like Trump. Laughing in the faces of his detractors and rubbing their noses in it. I bet he starts doing videos with that lawyer as a cohost just to piss everyone off.

No. 917907

Mista GG caught him too >>915526. So much shit has come out about the people Chris chooses to associate with and bring along on his "investigations", I don't know how anyone wouldn't doubt his motives at this point.

No. 917914

File: 1578980956249.png (173.56 KB, 639x730, nothing to see here.png)

Yep Aldlii >>916391 was right. I don't know why some people keep giving Hansen a pass and Hansen thinks he can keep ignoring the glaring problems here. It really speaks to what he's trying to accomplish, which obviously isn't to help victims of sex crimes, ultimately.

No. 917916

>long settled and looked into
lmao these lawsuits >>916465 aren't settled, and nothing with Vince was settled either. They're just going to keep lying to peoples faces now.

No. 917935

The person replying is probably Vincent tbh

No. 917937

That was the Onion thread I had my browser open the entire time

No. 918070

No. 918111

oh cmon, she was a teen

does anyone else find mista gg cute as fuck? damn

No. 918144

Aren’t you the same cocksucker defending Skye in the other thread?(offtopic)

No. 918166

File: 1579030410021.jpg (206.2 KB, 1022x429, asd.jpg)

no, but i am the same sucker that sucks baked dick all the time orz

not to derail too much, vincents twitter is back

and wes is making dramatic lawsuit threats

No. 918282

I'm hoping to godbear that this is sarcasm bc based on the wierd anti-o twitter movement there actually is a petulant child person who quite literally and unironically does this publicly.
Sadly some ppl believe there are no degree's of crime, calling an attentionwhore an attentionwhore is exactly the same as grooming and sexually exploiting numerous underaged girls.
Fuck off with this shit.
This thread truly is a spergatory and I'm thankful for it's autistic containment. Farmhands/admin are legends itt.

No. 918375

Right, because this person >>916465 should be working with victims of sex crimes lol. Not everyone thinks giving the shady boomers on Hansen's team a pass is a great idea. Vincent's lied >>917877 then lied about his lies, yet people like you still insist he's legitimate and should be involved with criminal investigations.

No. 918377

>does anyone else find mista gg cute as fuck?
Girl don't even get me started lol.

No. 918392

File: 1579063148299.jpg (8.81 KB, 300x300, mista-gg-5.jpg)

we should turn this into a Mista GG appreciation thread, hes dreamy.(stop)

No. 918414

No. 918493


dude looks like an irl cartoon character

No. 918494

File: 1579093862160.png (66.8 KB, 640x541, Screenshot_2020-.png)

>dramatic lawsuit threats
I don't he's playing around or making empty threats. He said he spoke with Vince recently.

No. 918502

>I keep hearing that people don't want to derail the Onision investigation, and I think that's why everyone is currently giving Vince a pass?
>But my question is why would you want a clumsy hot-head helping Chris spearhead this?
>Vince is the one that gets the group killed in horror movies
>People not addressing this and continuing to allow Vince to be a loose canon will be the ultimate derail to this investigation

And now Vince is back on twitter >>918166, this after Hansen bs'd about reviewing his actions and taking further steps.

I don't know why anyone on Hansen's team, including Hansen himself keeps getting a pass from anyone. It's almost like some people really don't care about the integrity of those who're supposed to be fucking running on integrity here? It's bizarre and short-sighted. The constant argument from the stans is "But Chris isn't a pedophile!". What a high bar guys! I mean have some fucking standards people.

No. 918597

It basically comes down to this. Chris was on TV. In their minds that gives him mountains of credibility. It sounds stupid because it is stupid. The guy had a reality show where he had other people bait pedophiles and do research and he would just do voiceovers and show up at the end. He's not some pulitzer prize winning journalists. People need to get a grip.

No. 918604

File: 1579111563658.gif (1.73 MB, 320x180, She Lured Me_ (To Catch A Pred…)


more power to him if the threats arent empty, civil suit just seems like such a huge hassle

anyway, will there be a hansen video today? because this 'on location wrap up' doesnt count. there was literally no substance

No. 918610

Yeah, Jaclyn Glenn did a stream last night where she said she’s going on Hansen today.

No. 918614

oh god, well at least shes eloquent. instead of being ANOTHER character witness that we dont need, she could use the opportunity to grill hansen about vince and mike

No. 918625

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure they discuss what they're going to talk about on the stream beforehand and Jaclyn doesn't seem like the type to flip it over back on them. It would be a nice change of pace though. Let's see if she has the balls.

No. 918644

File: 1579118945975.jpg (72.51 KB, 611x733, wut.JPG)

the anti-os on twitter frustrate the hell out of me.
WHY must they post ridiculous tinfoils as if they are fact? This is how idiotic misinformation gets spread.
Crap like this, paired with idiots insisting things like Chris Hansen visited Greg at an AirBnb and not his house, that Greg is selling his house, that Greg has 2 new cars, etc… it never ends. It makes everyone look like complete autists.
Like, spend 5 minutes to do some actual research before retweeting false info FFS

No. 918731

File: 1579129760555.jpeg (113.41 KB, 900x600, 1M56emho8GjSdwL0YnIJenA.jpeg)


No. 918909

I almost posted this in the main thread but didn't want to derail. How in the hell did Jaclyn not know about Greg in 2015?! He was already MARRIED to Lainey by then. All of the Skye, Adrienne, and Shiloh shit had already happened. Jaclyn was at least acquaintances with Repzion who had made several videos about his antics. I don't buy her "I had no idea" defense for a second. She was basically clout chasing but accidentally hitched her wagon to the wrong horse. It just irks me because I actually like Jaclyn I just feel like she thinks the audience is stupid. It was nice seeing someone who seemed to have their shit together for a change though and not someone who is a random twitter nobody or a person who hardly knows him… even if there was no new milk from her interview.

No. 918941

File: 1579157678291.jpeg (283.81 KB, 750x1096, 82E4BA35-D114-4314-99D3-5A20F1…)

LMAO the sodium levels

No. 918942

File: 1579157791712.jpeg (406.75 KB, 750x1080, 6A5058AC-5A21-4D5E-B988-7E06B7…)

And the replies, holy fuck the cringe

No. 918960

She just can’t handle the heat. When this entire thing started and everyone was coming out with their stories she jumped on the wagon, plenty of people were supportive of her. But she got a couple of negative comments and lost her shit, deleted her posts that were supposedly tweeted to support the other girls and help the cause, and made the same salty tweets about how no one cares about her.
If she truly just wanted to help, she would not have deleted her posts. Most of the other girls have gotten their fair share of negative comments (and people like Shiloh have gotten far worse said about her) but none of them took their ball and went home.

It’s clear Madison does not have the right attitude about the situation to this day. How she can’t see that her actions indicate she’s only in it for the ass-pats is beyond me.

No. 918984

lol like anyone's really surprised. Isn't she friends with Shiloh?

No. 918986

File: 1579165428365.jpg (877.17 KB, 1052x2048, Madison1.jpg)

Samefag. Anyone know if they're still friends?

No. 918989

I think she would've asked Hansen some questions had she been aware of any of that. She might've even refused to be on the show. I think she just got married or something? The point being she's been too busy to keep up with things like this.
>I just feel like she thinks the audience is stupid.
If they're taking Hansen seriously, they are.

No. 918992

>Chris was on TV. In their minds that gives him mountains of credibility.
That's such a boomer mentality. Chris is still doing "reality show" fare, but now it's for youtube, and big dummies are standing around acting like it's legit investigative journalism lmfao. No one who's seen real investigative journalism would ever compare it to this clown show.

No. 918993

File: 1579166613660.jpeg (244.79 KB, 750x687, A4294A27-160C-44D7-980C-F8E55C…)

There’s this but Shiloh doesn’t follow her (she follows Skye, Alicia, Billie, Haylee and Regina so make of that what you will)

No. 918994

>I've always believed and expressed to you personally
Well, they probably still have "personal chats" at least. I thought Madison was angry at Skye and the other girls for excluding her, curious that she'd follow them.

No. 918996

So the question is, who was the one that told her to stfu and that her story wasn’t as valid. She posted recently about someone telling her at the time to not talk about it anymore.. I always thought it was Shiloh. Was it billythefatass?

No. 918999

File: 1579167680044.jpeg (418.12 KB, 1242x1549, A5E50E21-B2BF-4B11-96C6-DB9531…)

So it was Shiloh

No. 919001

Madison is still whining and crying about "muh support" months later. What's the point in whining about people calling her out on her attention seeking behavior if she's just going to prove them right? Shiloh's not the gatekeeper, if Madison had something to say then she should have said it instead of baiting people with "maybe I'll tell, maybe I won't" and trying to make it seem like Taylor did no wrong. She did that to herself and can't blame anyone else for that. She acted like a catty, jealous cunt because Taylor was cuddling with a child she was grooming instead of her. People don't take her seriously because she's been doing this song and dance since the fallout she had with Onion and Chive.

No. 919002

Tbh,I'd ignore Madi. She's done the same one too many times. She has milk, she doesn't, totally coming out with milk, whoops it doesn't happen.
I'd welcome more milk, so she's deadass wrong on "nobody wanting it". It's literally that she fails to deliver every single time. There's always some weird excuse attached to it, too. "That one anon was mean to me", etc.

I do believe Sh was a bitch, because guess what, Sh's a bitch.

No. 919003

Exactly. These two cows need to settle their issues privately, cause they're both looking like self-righteous idiots. But since I know they won't, more milk for us.

No. 919004

right on, anon

what a whiny bitch lmao. if given the opportunity, shed go off on the girls in hansens stream too. making herself the turbovictim

No. 919005

True. I do also get the feeling that she would still be with Anus and Foot had it not been because of Anus being pissed she defied him. She still defended them and wanted to be with Foot even after diapergate. That alone would have been my out.

No. 919006


lmao I'm no Madison fan but it sounds like Kween Shiloh is a bit of a snake. I'm glad this is public it's hilarious

No. 919007

File: 1579168863356.jpeg (110.68 KB, 750x470, A577A030-F1BD-4C29-ACC6-B118E2…)


Your BPD is showing, Madison

No. 919008

Without a doubt. She constantly tried to get back into their good graces even after threatening to spill milk.

They're both snakes but Shiloh's protected by a victim status.

Literally no one cares, Madison.

No. 919010

She's always "hurt and angry", lol. It always ends like this, with zero zero zero milk.

No. 919011

Absolutely fucking this. The only reason she started with the “I have milk UwU I might spill UwU” bullshit was when Gerg “kicked her out of his life” because she’s a ddlg degenerate thot. She’d probably be shacked up in the trailer wiping Trot and Clot’s asses and picking Panera bread crumbs out of the carpet while Anus fucks his new teen side piece in the master bedroom and Taylor alternates between crying in the broom closet and sending pics of her smashed crab to minors if she hadn’t been “dumped” by the pedonions.

No. 919013

I’ve always loathed shiloh for being a monumental cunt and I always feel vindicated knowing that I’m not alone here. I wonder how many twitterfags secretly hate her but feel compelled to keep up the “YAAAAASSSS KWEEEEEEN” celebration of cringe purely for clout because somehow these girls are seen as celebrities in the eyes of these clowns.

No. 919014

she does seem cunty. what's weird is how people still act like that memory loss video was real?? she still lies and says it was. it clearly was not and she did not lose her memory. that's one thing i think greg is telling the truth about.

No. 919020

lol so I guess this means they're no longer friends.

No. 919022

I don't really know what to think about Shiloh, honestly. I figured she grew out of most of the shitty things she did when she was a teenager in a toxic, abusive relationship. She seems to be in a better place now, mentally. I can understand why some people still don't trust her though.

No. 919045


Does Shiloh follow Mike Morse? She's sure selective about what kind of predators she wants deplatformed, anyway.

No. 919064

How is she a cunt? She æiterally hasnt done anything

No. 919065

File: 1579180539737.png (93.79 KB, 233x388, Screenshot_2020-01-16 _patient…)

I don't know if she follows him but I've seen a few comments on her tweets mentioning Morse and the obvious conflict of interest his involvement creates here. Hansen should know better but he either doesn't care or has no other options, I'm betting on the former.

Shiloh maybe thinks she knows better, but if she's not denouncing people like Morse then she obviously doesn't. She claims to care about ALL victims, so what about Morse's?

No. 919066

Who tf is Morse? Can you twitterfags atleast learn to pretend to not be twitterfags?

No. 919068

Morse >>916465 is Hansen's sex pest lawyer. Lurk moar anon.

No. 919071

File: 1579180986827.jpg (2.09 MB, 1353x3598, Mike Morse Questions.jpg)

Hansen has said he fully supports the 1st amendment. It seems this doesn't apply to questions he doesn't like. At least he made a few bucks out of it.

No. 919074

I don't think it's a good idea to post your account's picture and name, Bethany.

No. 919086

those screenshots were posted on twitter. but i saw the same squad post screenshots (of gene's sperging) from lolcow on twitter. classic twitterfags

No. 919096

It's on her twitter which also I believe has her name. I don't think she cares.

No. 919099

I don't understand how anyone can put any confidence in these boomers. Vince and Mike Morse just make Hansen look guilty by association. If Hansen gave af about the victims he would've gone dark with this "investigation" of his after Onision's victims said their piece, and the FBI got involved. The only legit investigation is what the FBI's doing. A jury isn't going to look at Hansen's tabloid journalism and take it seriously.

No. 919105

Hansen took this shit seriously when it was just Sarah but now this shitshow has derailed into “uwu onion was mean om twitter” and “i saw a girl 2 years older than me’s tit, the trauma” and no one, not even Hansen is taking it seriously anymore, hes only doing it for clout/money now.

No. 919126

> given the opportunity, shed go off on the girls in hansens stream too. making herself the turbovictim

She should definitely go on then. That sounds hilarious.

I've been waiting for some rando to just go on and fuck with Hansen since he'll apparently talk to literally anyone but so far it hasn't happened. It looks like our best bet is Madison going on and sperging out over some twitter drama with the other girls. I won't hold my breath but that would be amazing.

No. 919241

Madison has shit taste in friends if she considers billy someone who has her back, as she said. I notice how she’s always so quick to defend him yet he’s thrown her under the bus several times, including not defending her against Anus. I seriously think they are all made for one another.

No. 919284

File: 1579213854673.jpeg (302.27 KB, 640x812, E155A201-7250-4AE1-9F89-BF53E9…)

Ohhhhh boy

No. 919285

File: 1579213893550.png (687.18 KB, 640x1136, 761996A2-A925-4D9F-9451-A90A65…)

No. 919286

File: 1579213914972.jpeg (279.03 KB, 1152x2048, 1939D422-C7A0-4406-A0C5-DAABA0…)

No. 919287

File: 1579213937009.jpeg (264.71 KB, 1152x2048, E1A5C560-1325-42BA-9618-422350…)

No. 919288

File: 1579214006895.jpeg (243.7 KB, 1152x2048, 89D57BCF-08B2-4459-96F4-FBF253…)

No. 919291

There are more tweets/ss after this. If no one else does I’ll put them together in one pic later because she will probably delete them.

No. 919293

File: 1579215260649.jpeg (372.96 KB, 750x1096, 35F613C3-9CF4-4E70-9363-FA5BE0…)

This the tone of most of the replies, people are defending Madison and calling Shiloh out, what a hoot

No. 919294

File: 1579215349352.jpeg (16.12 KB, 618x409, 7605A90D-54EE-405D-A16E-3AB440…)

Well then

No. 919295

"Just reach privately to her" is a great advice. I hope no one takes it, because this is getting hilarious.

No. 919297

I know people call her a cow, but i feel really bad for her honestly

No. 919298

File: 1579215658447.jpeg (169.4 KB, 750x420, 301332DB-7389-4BBA-B322-A264B4…)

Of course theres the ass kissing courtesy of someone who said they were done with the onion drama

No. 919300

She is a cow. Shiloh is a cow. They’re all fucking cows.

No. 919301

I mean… you're not wrong. lmao.

No. 919303

File: 1579216073387.jpeg (305.7 KB, 750x949, B0499340-0AC3-476D-8D6D-982209…)


No. 919305

get your screenshots! shes going to nuke it all any minute.

No. 919308

File: 1579216525515.jpg (122.97 KB, 580x587, moo.jpg)

In case she deletes it or something.

No. 919310

This was before Sarah had ever come forward and Onision was doing his typical harassing and mud slinging. Shiloh was giving correct (albeit cunty) advice on not getting sucked into his cycle. This was before all these hoes formed like Voltron to take him down.
She really missed the point and how/why things changed after this.

No. 919311

File: 1579217079738.jpeg (362.71 KB, 750x1065, 2066546A-C181-4199-B8C3-511441…)

No. 919312

File: 1579217104997.jpeg (335.01 KB, 750x821, 7250FC6D-55DE-44F4-9824-D477A8…)

No. 919314

File: 1579217202999.jpeg (146.29 KB, 750x413, 2ED4AEB5-EEDE-42E4-A11E-0F5C24…)

No. 919339

File: 1579220203748.jpg (69.32 KB, 540x960, 82228701_899005593853803_93420…)

No. 919343

she has more dead babies to fake

No. 919344

Madison has proven time and time again that she only cares about herself and will do anything to make herself seem like the victim. We all knew that Madison was only friends with Shiloh to piss off Greg.

No. 919347

Moo. One dumbass public argument and one deletes her Twitter, while the other one steps off completely and is now on the sidelines. Lol, okay.

No. 919350


"thanks for the money to get my tattoo covered with a lion that has a wandering eye, thanks for all your praise, now that its becoming actually hard i decided to leave.
my music sucks now, lol, bye!"

No. 919352

No. 919357

File: 1579222429617.jpg (119.18 KB, 1142x846, Image2.jpg)

anyone here follow Deity? he's hilarious in his own right. gets offended and starts crying angrily the minute he gets any sort of criticism and has many regrets being "up vince his ass" (direct quote)

hes exceptionally needy for praise and lovey dovey feelings.

No. 919367

Feel bad for her why? She's constantly inserting herself in the drama just to play the victim and then acts like she's above it all. She's annoying as fuck and a self centered attention whore.

No. 919394

File: 1579226793756.png (7.34 MB, 1125x2436, 0996F2FA-07EF-42DE-81B4-07AA32…)

>Sarah told me to fuck off!
With good reason tbh

No. 919420

this is why people say you're attention-seeking madison

No. 919432

Deity needs to stop talking about drama if it affects him so much lmao so many YouTubers do the same shit it’s hilarious. They make dedicate their channels to drama videos yet are so surprised And upset when they find themselves in drama…. idiots

No. 919433

If she's really smart, she'll disavow any association with Hansen before that trainwreck investigation of his finishes going off the rails. It could affect her legal case.

No. 919437

Ok Madison is obviously an attention whore but all of this does remind me of something in the last thread. Someone made a comment about one of the girls gatekeeping who should and shouldn’t come forward with their story. Saying that for certain people with info it would be “inappropriate” for them to come forward. I doubt the poster was Madison because she wasn’t referring to Sarah or Shiloh so it’s interesting to hear something so similar from someone else. Now granted I’m not saying that they weren’t right to tell certain people that it would be inappropriate to come forward just that it’s interesting.

No. 919440

>I may not have the screenshots
>But I know what happened because I remember how it made me feel
This whole screed incredibly melodramatic. Madison, feelings are not facts. Your feelings are obviously clouding your thought processes. Maybe take a lesson from Shiloh and walk away.

No. 919442

Madison told her story plenty of times though. She's just mad the Chris Hansen hasn't messaged her himself. This all started because she got upset Jaclyn Glenn was on the show.When she made a separate twitter for her story she got upset she wasn't getting as much positive attention as the others did and started complaining about being treated like "garbage" by the others when the opposite happened.

No. 919447


I'm wondering if Madison was ready to jump in with what happened to her, which was essentially just "footface was a meanie to me and onion stopped being my friend and made a mean video about me" right after Sarah came forward about being groomed. And she was warned that it wasn't the right time not because the other girls didn't support her, but because she would get backlash due to the very obvious differences in hers and the other girls' situations. She clearly doesn't have thick skin and cannot handle criticism. And with the way Madison handles things, she interpreted it in a selfish way and took it to mean her story was unimportant to the girls.

Most of them are cows in their own right but the biggest difference between Madison and the rest of these girls is Madison is a grown woman who was old enough to understand onion's behavior but went along with his friendship anyway. Onion didn't really DO anything to her.

No. 919453

If Hansen's interested in having more irrelevant people on his show, I'm sure he'll reach out to her.

No. 919455

lol I don't understand the people who are like "it's not going to matter to their legal cases!" They do realize all the evidence has to go to trial first before there's a conviction? Or are they conveniently forgetting that? Hansen's boomering about here could very well negatively impact a court case.

No. 919479

It wasn’t just that anon, she’s been working with Anus since she was 18. She was also a confident to Lainey and there were talks about them being together. She’s also alluded to sexual comments made by Anus during their collabs, the rape situation where Anus went off on both her and Lainey and made a video without Lainey’s consent and of course diapergate which in my opinion would be something important to focus on. Sure she’s dramatic but I do think those things are important to showcase

No. 919480


They're not important. She's not important. I'm glad Hansen isn't bothering with her because there is literally no story for her to tell other than "Onion didn't change a diaper", which is weird but not particularly interesting and definitely not criminal.

No. 919483

I would be shocked if Vince hasn't already reached out to her trying to get her on the show after seeing the drama with Shiloh. Knowing him he probably is dying to spice things up.
Yeah agreed. Jurors are idiots. It's a group of people who were too stupid to get out of having to do jury duty or weirdos who actually for some reason REALLY want to do their "civic duty". If Lainey goes back to being a woman, grows her hair out and cries about being a stay at home mom who was falsely accused and bullied a jury will eat that up….especially if she has a good lawyer who decides to paint her victims in a negative light. I'm not even going to go into what Greg would do in front of a jury because I would be surprised if they were able to get him on anything (based on what we know at this point). It's fucked up but there's a reason why sex crimes so rarely lead to convictions. I hope I'm wrong but I've learned that it's better to not be naive when it comes to stuff like this. Hope for the best but assume the worst.

No. 919486

I really hope Onision's victims are getting real professional help. Relying on the 3 (boomer) Stooges is a big mistake.

No. 919488

I just can’t muster any sympathy for Maddison when she posts that her mental health was ~so bad~ during the shit with the Onions, but in the same breath talks about how she had already planned her “goodbye” posts for her social media, including photos of her and her daughter. So you were fine planning those things, but the thought never crossed your mind to use that time to maybe check yourself into a mental health clinic so you wouldn’t leave your daughter motherless? I get it, muh BPD, but fucksake get off the internet and get some help.

No. 919489

I have no sympathy for her because she literally watched Plainey snuggling a child and instead of finding it weird and wrong she got fucking jealous.

She's sick in the head and I don't mean because of some BPD bullshit.

No. 919492

>and instead of finding it weird and wrong she got fucking jealous.
I was thinking about that yesterday. It's bad enough that Lainey was doing what she was doing with Sar but Madi over here ( another adult ), didn't even think there's anything wrong with that whole situation at all.
She gets jelly because "there was enough room for all of us on the bed". Just wow, lol. It's actually really fucked up.

No. 919497

He'd donate the money to the victims? That's top notch if he means what he says.

No. 919499

From the looks of it, Hansen and co. are taking advantage of the general public's ignorance of not just the law, but the way a criminal case actually works. He's blundered this situation. I hope the victims get justice but Hansen's actions, especially recently, is going to make that more difficult.

No. 919655


I was thinking the exact same thing. yesterday he was showing off all his moderators and my god was it ever a mutant freakshow. it was hilarious seeing him show off his tiny e-peen.
i predict many milk from him in the future, this old lady is anything but dry.

No. 919697

LOL what is Madison a victim of????? The only “victims” are Onions exes, Sarah, Shiloh and Adrienne, maybe Skye everyone else is a huge attentionwhore

No. 919699

She was 17/18 you sick fuck

No. 919714

Deity is such a retard. He says in his new video that Shiloh is taking a step back because of Chris Hansen and Vincent's antics. He then added to his description that he's aware of the Madison drama but basically that he doesn't think Shiloh is that petty. He is so clueless.

No. 919715

It's not normal behavior for someone to take a photo of someone's premature baby and fake it as your stillborn.
Shiloh has always been nutty, get over it.

No. 919716

Also she's never addressed it much less apologized for it. That's a pretty fucked up thing to do and not apologize and it's easy to apologize for something you did when you were 17. The fact that she still hasn't apologized says a lot.

No. 919726

idk man when i was 17/18 i never pretended to have a dead baby.

No. 919728

Yeah I mean… when you're 17 you do a lot of dumb shit. Maybe you date a guy who is a total loser. Maybe you care way too much about petty drama and cry over stupid shit. Maybe you even pick up smoking cigarettes to look cool. You don't fake a dead baby. That's a major character flaw.

No. 919730

eh wasn't the baby thing true though? like she had a whole miscarriage in canada and even got sepsis in the snizz over it

No. 919732

different baby. Before that she posted a picture of someone's premature baby (who lived btw) and said that it was her dead baby. She even named it Rogue. The actual mother of the child came out and debunked it herself.

No. 919734

File: 1579279764085.png (247.09 KB, 1246x676, Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 9.49…)

No. 919735

This sounds like something gunt would do behind her back to stir up attention.

No. 919748

File: 1579281613192.jpg (8.96 KB, 183x275, download.jpg)


but did she get skeksis in her vagina from the fake baby?
also begs the question who's is more rotten, hers or Adrienne's.
(since she once talked about how dirty Adrienne's pussy supposedly was)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919751


i'm joking, of course, all the VICTIMS are super duper brave and i support them.

No. 919764


Randos on twitter keep saying that Mike Morse is laywering pro bono 'for the girls in their cases' which I hope is bullshit because the fuckery of it would be too much.

No. 919768


what if they want a GOOD lawyer?

No. 919773


"pro bono", moar like pro boner, amirite? kinda the Casey Antony type arrangement.
Can you say "conflict of interest"

No. 919787

You're suppose to be an adult if you're posting here, and nearly a decade later you're still offended a 17 yo said the 26 yo her finance at the time dated in between had a dirty vagina? Fucking grow up lol. This thread is full of reaches and cunts that don't know how to sage. What a trainwreck

No. 919793


>movie from 1982..

"You're suppose to be an adult if you're posting here"

Ya.. not too many children would catch my movie reference there, champ. but keep blubbering all over the forum about me "hurting the victims feefee's"
take your SJW horseshit somewhere else, child..

No. 919797


oh, and by the by i don't care what shiloh said about adrienne's vagina. hell, i don't care about anyone involved in the story, and i don't care who will get deplatformed or go to prison.
i am here in a lulz capacity only. i sit back, enjoy the show and occasionally make comments like this. granted, my sense of humor might not be the best out there, but given how you are reading this its the best i have to offer to you right now.
have a wonderful, blessed and fruitful day.

No. 919800

ok but please sage your posts if they don't contribute new milk. I'm asking nicely because you seem a new and possibly a bit lost. To sage your posts write "sage" in the email field. This makes it so that pointless posts don't bump the thread to the top and it (theoretically if people did it properly) makes it easier to find which posts have new info. You can tell if a post is saged or not because saged posts will have the "Anonymous" field listed in navy blue and non saged posts will have it in green.

No. 919804




No. 919808

CH kind of made it seem like the lawyer is representing some of them when he talked to Morse after the Jaclyn interview which just makes me think his involvement in this is definitely shady ambulance chasing. He even mentioned that his “team” is looking at how to sue Google. He wants that $$$.

No. 919814

Deity is going to be talking to Regina in 45 mins

No. 919843

This interview is a mess. No new milk Other than when Deity asked if there was some way people could help her she said the girls had “something in the works” then mentioned her cashapp in her twitter bio. Also she thinks some people are reporting on all of this for clout. Lol no shit.

No. 919890

He’s not their lawyer and he’s not even Hansen’s lawyer. So many rumours it’s ridiculous

No. 919896

Conflict of interest is an understatement. It's a fucking joke that he's even walking around with Hansen in the first place.

No. 919897

File: 1579306395505.jpg (119.22 KB, 1474x826, mutants.jpg)


You said a mouth full, god DAMN look at those freaks

No. 919900

I'd certainly hope not. Hansen's screwed the pooch enough without involving a literal sex pest lawyer on top of it.

No. 919901

Samefag. At least it's milky, but still, it shows Hansen has no regard for the victims.

No. 919904

So basically this was just her asking people to donate money to her school fund or weed fund. I wonder why she just doesn’t follow the other girls and cash in on onlyfans

No. 919909

Hansen gets more credit than he deserves imo. If he was a such a high profile, "respected journalist" then why was his career floundering before he started covering Onision, the lowest of hanging fruits? Like Mista GG said, Hansen's career was stalled before he turned his hand to youtube controversies. I'm not knocking him for falling on hard times but surely he could've found other people just as worthy of his attention before Onision came along, yet it seems this is what he's decided to hitch his wagon to. Nevermind the cast of shady boomers he's surrounded himself with.

No. 919913

I'm all for people getting help when they really need it but I hope she doesn't pull a Shiloh afterwards and go "welp it's been real", and dip.

No. 919917


My God, these people are FUCKED. What the hell is up with SJW Snowflakes, blue hair and being fat? And that over abundance of very bad make-up makes them look like a dead hooker found in the trunk of a car!

No. 919926

File: 1579310061010.png (3.88 MB, 1922x2521, Creepy lawyer.png)

>So many rumours it’s ridiculous
Gee I wonder how these rumors got started? Isn't Hansen relying on him for legal advice though? Why is he suddenly advertising this dude in his videos? How can Hansen even afford a lawyer when he's millions in debt and doesn't have any regular income that we know of?? Either way, I can only see him plastering this creep all over his vids backfiring on him.

No. 919933

Oh boy. These girls >>919814 are super fucked if they're relying on Morse at all. Hansen's not looking out for them, he's looking out for a payday.

No. 919937

File: 1579310907710.png (214.77 KB, 535x951, Bluestacks_0fYC9Yxo5Z.png)

Madison keeps playing the victim on instagram.

No. 919938

File: 1579310953583.png (64.53 KB, 718x463, disgusting.PNG)

chris hansen was NEVER a respected journalist and i suspected that this would happen the minute he stepped foot into the picture. he is nothing but an opportunist.

he launched his entire career in the 80s by straight up lying about a barely 17 yo white boy from detroit who had a rough life and was an informant at 14, later turned very small time drug dealer as a result of the FBI throwing him away, keeping him out of school to help them, encouraging him to not go to school so they could gain promotions off of his info, using him for their purposes. hansen was the first to bring the story to the public and set the tone for how the public perceived this case, and non-stop has framed this kid as a "kingpin" despite him being an absolutely peanuts nobody in the drugworld, in reality. though he was surrounded by literal empires of drug dealers, their priority was scapegoating this kid. this bullshit smear piece captivated the public, and that's all hansen cared about. he had no respect for, or interest in, the truth.

he was incredibly smalltime, while chris hansen would repeatedly frame him as a huge time drug dealer and turn the public against him and sabotage his chances of gaining freedom. murderers in the same drug scene have already been released from prison while he remains in prison to this day thanks in large part to the media sabotage created by hansen and his piggybacking competitors. hansen has NEVER had an ounce of integrity. his role on to catch a predator was purely for clout and he was essentially a tv host like any other, not a journalist.

No. 919940


The world is a fucking dirty, dirty place. NBC was and is a hive of scum and villainy so Vincent and Morse are Chris' type of guys especially at the price he can afford (nothing).

Everyone distancing themselves from this endgame is smart. All anyone can hope is that fucking pedo greg is finally neutered in the end one way or another.

No. 919942

That's a juicy bit there anon (juicy about Hansen, sad for Wershe). Found the sauce: http://www.thedimedroppers.com/2015/09/a-media-smear-that-has-lasted-nearly-30.html

No. 919948

File: 1579312144187.jpeg (37.25 KB, 541x567, DF32E7C4-196A-4351-ADED-6DC05A…)

Fuck off Madison, you witnessed a child being groomed and instead of trying to stop it you threw a jealous fit. You’re a degenerate cunt.

No. 919949

File: 1579312210399.jpeg (25.87 KB, 500x492, 6E8AF2D1-5FFB-4B1A-97D4-EDD0B8…)


>a little girl

You are a vile piece of shit and deserve everything you get

No. 919956

Little girl…that you also wanted to snuggle with, Madison? Lol.

No. 919963

that's not the source of my pic, but yeah. this is where i got the clip from, a local detroit news outlet that featured that same guy, who is an actual emmy award winning investigative reporter and documentarian, despite the lame formatting of his ugly boomer blog: https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/13306/vince_wade_detroit_media_smears_against_richard_wershe_jr_stretch_27_years, but that post is completely right and there's a lot of other information and sources about the wershe story that now show how deceptive the key media players and the cops were.

hansen knew the agenda that the cops wanted to push (we know now that there was a demonstrable and well documented wave of police/political corruption within detroit), and instead of you know, actually being a investigative reporter, he went with the most salacious take, that would also benefit him and ensure he'd have a stream of steady insider info from them to continue build his career off of. he does 0 investigation. he has always done dumbass host gigs or just reading off of scripts, because he has no actual cred or talent in the field. not a single person he has involved in this onision "investigation" has been even remotely professional, let alone credible, either, and it speaks volumes. when left without a team from NBC or whatever, you see how fabulously he flails. he has no clue how to be professional.

No. 919968

I wonder whatever happened to his big Ice Poseidon investigation.

No. 919988

Well, since Ice refused to participate in such shenanigans and people started to bombard him with emails telling him to investigate the biggest, baddest wolf of the Internet -Onision- he smelled more of a chance of money, YouTube relevance in conquering the big bad predator, and decided to switch gears. It worked out for him kind of because, as it’s been demonstrated, the whole show has turned into an actual “series”. Even after knowing about Vince being a racist spaz and continuing to run his show, even after having the sleaziest ambulance chaser-lawyer in Detroit as his new partner mixed with the most gullible audience I have ever witnessed, I swear these people think Chris Hansen is God, it worked out perfect for him. I’m sure he’s hoping that after seeing how successful he is with this circus-show maybe even a television network may give him another chance, instead of him having a seat in the corner where they left him.

No. 919989

Oh yes, and let’s not forget. He had Corinne and then Egypt Beauty as a guest. That was the workings of Vincent the alcoholic. If he had done ANY research at all on those two morons he would have known that those two are probably the biggest jokes of the internet and live streaming. Btw has he stopped calling everyone streamers yet? Lmao

No. 919990

Have you seen the stans on twitter calling him the pedo-slayer? Hansen's a pop journalist of the lowest variety. He's always been a reality show peddler, a hype man. A lot of people bought into the hype and they're in for a major crash the longer they follow him, just like what happened with the TCAP community. History repeats.
I can see him falling flat on his face in the end. He's hoping that by not addressing this shit with Vince and Morse that people will just forget about it and he can go on acting like nothing's wrong with what he or his team have done. Nope.

No. 920004

> It worked out for him kind of because, as it’s been demonstrated, the whole show has turned into an actual “series”.
Yeah it also worked out for him because now he has an audience of overly dramatic & gullible 20 year olds who were dumb enough to be fans of Onision at one point. It's way easier to get them hooked than an audience of nihilistic basement dwellers.

The sad thing is that it probably WILL work out for him. These people are really stupid and really gullible. In a few months he will probably just tell everyone that the FBI couldn't come up with anything but it doesn't matter because of all of the good they did getting the word out. A few people will catch on to the fact that he was in it for the cash and was full of shit the entire time but most people will still see him as their humble, imperfect hero.

Onision will go back to making his usual videos, find a replacement for patreon, probably make a new forum and this time next year everything will be back to how it was and they will have a new barely legal chick living with them.

I hope I'm wrong. Really I do.. but I've seen this same song and dance play out so many times with edrama so I'm not getting my hopes up that this time will be different.

No. 920019

oh look. A sane take from someone with a large platform. He's going to get so much shit for this.

No. 920043

>When Hansen jumped from Channel 7 to Channel 4 in Detroit, he continued to exploit the White Boy Rick legend he helped launch. Hansen suggested to Rick Wershe that he do an interview with him about police drug corruption.

>Detroit FBI agent John Anthony, now retired, urged Wershe not to do it. Wershe didn’t listen.

>The interview spooked a lot of corrupt cops and Detroit politicians into thinking Wershe knew more than had been reported. All these years later Wershe realizes that interview may have contributed to the start of a vendetta against him.

So Hansen was a shite journalist even back then, huh? It's thanks to real journalists like Gary Webb that we know it was the CIA smuggling cocaine into black neighborhoods who were responsible for the crack epidemic that was blowing up at the time Wershe was informing for the feds. Webb died with two gunshots to the head. It was ruled a suicide, naturally.

No. 920055

I saw the likes/dislikes ratio is about half and half. I don't understand when people say Hansen's doing good work yet still question his methods. If he were such a seasoned pro you'd think criticism would be unnecessary.

The idea that Hansen gave victims a platform to speak is erroneous - they already had (even larger) platforms in people like Blaire White, Repzion etc. willing to hear and share their story. I give Hansen credit for helping get the FBI involved (even though Onision was already on their radar according to him), but beyond that his involvement here just comes off as bumbling, unprofessional and self-serving. If anyone's going to "take Onision down" it won't be Chris Hansen. That's why one of the guys he tried to entrap got acquitted, because a judge/jury doesn't take Hansen's bullshit journalism seriously.

He brought up a good point about Hansen's record as far as how many of the guys he covered who actually ended up going to jail. Hansen likes to inflate those numbers. The reality is A LOT more of them have gotten off than he admits because he's willing to use dishonesty to make himself look better.

No. 920059

I admit to buying into the hype initially, but the longer it went on the more I started seeing issues, like with Hansen's leading questions trying to make Onision out to be a cult leader so he could sensationalize the story. Real journalists don't do that.

The problem I think is some people are so caught up in the hype they've suspended their critical thinking. It's a cult of personality and they're not capable of handling even the slightest amount of criticism no matter how fair or warranted without losing their shit. They forget that Onision and his spouse have yet to see a trial and that it's up to a jury to weigh all the evidence - Hansen's meddling in this could very well fuck that up in a lot of ways, especially with those other 2 incompetent idiots he has on his team.

No. 920080

It's cool that they don't want to support Madison because of her prior shady behaviors, yet they support Hansen on their twitters, give a pass to his doxxing, lying media manager, and the lawyer who's being sued for fraud and sexual assault? lol yeah that makes perfect sense. It's become such a shitshow that more than likely Greg is going to walk. Meanwhile the dumbasses eating up the reality show bullshit are acting like it's going to go anywhere.

No. 920104

Don’t let your boner for Madison cloud your judgement. Most of the others have seemingly distanced themselves from Hansen’s show unless it’s to show support to those speaking out. Most normies aren’t digging into the history of Chris Hansen and friends and it’s unrealistic to think they’ll care because he’s giving Greg’s victims and ex-associates a voice. He’s the greater of two evils.

No. 920121

Lol this bitch was obviously jealous of Sarah. Also the reason she wanted to commit suicide in 2018 was probably just because the Onions dumped her, how fucking pathetic is this cunt

No. 920209

No one's got a boner for madison lol, unless you don't think she was acting shady?

Yeah most normies won't be digging into Hansen's history, instead they'll follow him off the cliff of reality tv land while he Mr. Magoo's his way through, jeopardizing the victims chance at justice. And if you wonder why I say that I suggest looking into his media manager >>915526 & his lawyer >>916465. This has yet to see a trial and things are looking grim. It's too bad these people are either too dumb or too short sighted to see what's going on. So much for caring about the victims.

It's not about "distancing themselves", it's about denouncing him for fucking up their chances at justice and calling out the bs. You can't call out one and not the other just because one is the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still evil. He's not helping them anymore.

No. 920215

Some of them still retweet his shit so they're not all distancing themselves. Time will reveal the truth of what the critics have been saying about how this shitshow could very well fuck up a trial. I'd love for them to be wrong but the more I look at it, the more I see what they're saying. I hope Sarah and Regina can still get justice, but for Regina still actively supporting Hansen, it doesn't look good. I think Hansen straight up lied to these girls. He's going to get massively shit on when most people finally realize what he's really been doing.

No. 920216


Currently Hansen is making a big deal out of one of the baby onions getting hospitalized last year and suggesting he's going to be revealing something about it.

Video related.

No. 920222

lol art imitates life. Sauce for Hansen's mentioning the baby onion? I can't find it anywhere.

No. 920223

samefag. Never mind >>920216 I found it in Onion's thread. If CPS haven't done anything by now, I don't see them doing something just because Hansen wants to mention old news.

No. 920229

My guess is that the "big reveal" is something that was already discussed to death in the onion thread a year ago. We already know Vincent lurks and possibly posts here. He probably found something and thinks he found some smoking gun that's really going to impress everyone.

No. 920240

Without Vincent you guys would not have a Chris Hansen on Youtube today. Instead of talking shit about Vincent Nicotra you should be thanking him. He even floated the bills in the beginning.
Just because he got hacked a few times by Wes Moast and his cronies doesn't mean Vincent isn't an expert professional. He built his own streaming service from the ground up within a year.(bait)

No. 920257


> I think Hansen straight up lied to these girls.
Same and its fucked up. Regina mentioned something in the Deity stream about consulting with people about what to do as their next steps. I hope to god that the person who they consulted with wasn't one of Chris Hansen's people and they actually gave them decent advice. I don't know why so many people act like Chris Hansen was the only way they could have possibly gotten the platform they needed to get their story out. Surely there are people who don't have horrible reputations who could be doing the exact same thing he's doing but without the trainwreck.

No. 920288

Fuck off Vinny.

>>919890 If Morse isn’t Hansen’s lawyer then maybe he should stop calling him “my lawyer.” And if Morse isn’t the girls lawyer then why would he waste time and resources investigating the potential to sue google and bring a civil case against Gurg? He said these things himself.

No. 920289

File: 1579399508327.jpg (68.37 KB, 599x449, kek.jpg)

>expert professional

No. 920356

Vincent's a proven liar and fraud though, that's with receipts by the people he's falsely accused >>915537 >>915526 of hacking him and posting nudes of his wife. How does Vincent respond after getting caught red handed? He not only doxxes them and goes on a public tirade lying about them >>917349, but false copystrikes their channels when they tried defending themselves. That's not what real men do. Hell that's not what adults do. Hansen only makes himself look worse by continuing to associate with someone like that.

No. 920361

>he got hacked a few times by Wes Moast
Where's Vince's proof? Oh right he never had any.
>He built his own streaming service from the ground up
Why come here just to spout proven lies?

Is it okay for Vince to walk away with no consequences after something like this >>916415? He hasn't done Hansen any favors, all he's done is further tarnish his and Hansen's reputation. Hansen's not doing anyone any favors either by creating a media circus that a judge/jury is NOT going to take seriously. Hansen's an opportunist.
>Without Vincent you guys would not have a Chris Hansen on Youtube today.
Yeah, thanks for that Vince.

No. 920372

If Vince worked in a real professional environment after having been found doxxing people, lying about getting hacked, lying about his website and whatever else he's lied about, he would've been sacked immediately. The fact that he's still working there after all of this is evidence enough that Hansen isn't running a professional operation. If I, an autist can understand this, a judge and jury won't have any problem seeing it.

They're supposed to be supporting very vulnerable people and they've turned things into a circus. It's laughable that anyone thinks they have any credibility left.

No. 920416

I'd be very careful spouting shit like that online about Vincent. I hear he's connected.

Trust me when I say vincent has plenty of proof for it, which is already in the right hands. The law will catch up to him and his hacker friends.
Mess with the bull you're going to get the horns.

Had he been caught doing all that sure, strange though that he didn't right? Oh thats right because he did none of those things.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920425

Oh no, he’s retarded

No. 920426

you can tell this is someone pretending to be vince pretending to be an anon rather than vince pretending to be an anon though, so not as funny

No. 920443

RSN did an interview with billy the fridge about Greg if anybody gives a shit. It's not all that milky or anything (so far its mostly shit we already knew) and they are both massive cows so I figured I'd post here instead of the main thread.

No. 920532

There is an RSN thread, please don't post his shit here.

No. 920583

Considering RSN channel came off the backs of tempcow, I'd say he belongs in the anti flakes thread.

I realise you're autistic but why would a judge even give a fuck about Vince? Is someone bringing him in front of a judge lol. This thread is so retarded, it's barely even about Onion anymore.

No. 920590

>Webb died with two gunshots to the head. It was ruled a suicide
Did this happen in the 90’s, was he Clinton’ed??

No. 920631

Of course that fatass pedo sympathizer and abuse apologist would give a rapist an interview.

No. 920657

>Had he been caught doing all that
The evidence is all over this thread and easily found elsewhere.

I see some people kissing Chris's ass who blatantly ignore the evidence and for what? Several youtubers have covered this including Mista GG. Vince's response to being proven a liar and a fraud was to go dark on twitter for awhile, then when the heat died down a little he came back. Such bravery. I hope Vince takes his "connections" and shoves them up his ass.
You can't say Vince isn't stupid enough to post here though.

No. 920664

Why would a judge not care about Hansen's operation not being professional? Are you really asking that question? Hansen's inserted himself into this case, he is indelibly tied to it now, why would his credibility, integrity and that of his team not matter? He's sitting there pretending to give af about victims, when he's obviously just trying to make a few bucks and revive his career. He's turned it into a circus. He's fucked up his credibility, not addressed anyone's reasonable concerns, and continues as if nothing's happened.

If you really want to know more, I suggest doing a little research on what people critical of this investigation have to say. Vid related made comparisons between the Onision case and Jian Ghomeshi.

A post in the Onion thread with a vid by this youtuber was red lettered for "shilling an anti-o youtuber", which is funny because not only is this chick not an anti-o, she's routinely criticized the community.

No. 920671

Samefag. She temporarily privated some vids on her channel after some people who were presumably asshurt over her criticism of Hansen, tried to dox her and issued various threats.

No. 920675

Stevie Somefaggot’s gonna be interviewed next, his topics with include:
>being bffs with Adrienne
>”Onion’s making videos of me!!!”
>”He’s been stalked me throughout the years!!!”
>”I’m bffs with all his exes, take that Gurg!”
>stupid conspiracies
>bragging about finding Sicesca and being sued for it
>“I know everything about Gurg because I’ve been a-logging him for the past 10 years and that’s totally normal lolz”

I hope they interview Keith next time!

No. 920685

Do you think every journalist that's wrote about Onion in the mainstream media would be subjected to scruntinity by a judge? You're really grasping at straws here. Hansen and Vincent do not represent any of the victims or Onision. They are conducting interview, that's not the same as an official investigation so of you need to take your heads out of your asses.

No. 920686

Do you know what a-logging is? I thought this thread liked Stevie is this just the contrary thread lol

No. 920688

It's honestly better to just sit back and laugh at these posts. One anon in particular, they correct and re-post one anti Chris post 10 times before posting the 'final version'.
It's a hilarious thread.

No. 920689

I'd laugh but they always have to bring their newfag reeking posts over to the main thread. I mean jesus christ. They're admiring to autism, targeting Vince in one post and then being like "The judge will not appreciate Chris Hanson!" Then name drop nobody YouTubers as if it means anything. I have no idea who Mista GG is and I don't plan on finding out. No one apart for the twitter autists give a fuck that Vince doxxed some commentary channel that doesn't make an impact, and most of us farmers don't feel bad for Regina. This thread is awful.

No. 920696

It's not about the youtuber, it's about the information/evidence presented which obviously you don't care about, so why bother trying to come off like you do? I don't care how much of a "nobody" a youtuber is as long as their info is valid.

No. 920698

>every journalist
Move the goalposts much? Somehow in all your wisdom you missed the part where Hansen has directly inserted himself into this case. He only went to Onision's house like a moron and turned this into a shitshow. He and his team have discredited themselves several times over. Their incompetent fumbling about here can affect Onision being successfully prosecuted, but don't take my word for it. You can ignore all of that and all of the valid criticism to your hearts content, it doesn't change the reality. If you think you're doing the victims a favor, you're not.

No. 920703

Kek nobody liked Stevie, just the whiteknights and himself (selfposting)

No. 920704

>targeting Vince
How is bringing up Vince lying and being unprofessional, thus discrediting Hansen's entire operation, targeting Vince? He's been caught in many lies, it's not the fault of the people calling him out for it. Maybe he should try being honest for once in his life.

No. 920705

>I hope Vince takes his "connections" and shoves them up his ass.
I wonder if Gene the boomer >>917366, >>916860 is one of his connections? It wouldn't surprise me, all things considered.
>the "hackers" Vince made up and lied about how they gave him info on Onision

No. 920720

It's not against the law to knock the door of someone's house lol. Again, do you think paparazzi get pulled in front of judges for turning up outside celebrities homes when they're going through court cases? No. And move the goalposts, I thought it was originally about how unprofessional Vince is and now it's about how unprofessional Hansen is. A judge is not going to give a fuck about any of this. A judge is not going to give a fuck that Vince targeted unrelated people to this case months before. Keep your autism in check.

No. 920760

>I hope they interview Keith next time!
Oh god can you imagine. I'm sure he's lurking in every stream waiting for his channel name to get a mention.

Also has anyone other than Stevie mentioned him being BFFs with Adrienne? I would be surprised if it was really a two way friendship. It really seems like she just wants to move the fuck on and forget that her 2 week long mistake ever happened, but she's too nice to tell Stevie to fuck off.
Anyone who claims to have encyclopedic knowledge of a cow as if that's some kind of badge of honor is a cow.

No. 920796

While I'm glad you understand Hansen is no better than paparazzi, you can look for yourself and find out there have been cases where people sued the paparazzi and won.
>I thought it was originally about how unprofessional Vince is and now it's about how unprofessional Hansen is
I know it's hard but try to keep up.
>The fact that he's still working there after all of this is evidence enough that Hansen isn't running a professional operation.

This wasn't that long ago >>916415. Like I said before, either their credibility matters or it doesn't. Obviously it doesn't matter to you. Will their transparent lack of credibility and integrity matter to a judge after Hansen's more than inserted himself into this case? We'll see.

No. 920803

Initially I thought a few of the anons being critical of the way things were going, like when the FBI investigation was publicly announced, were being somewhat autistic but I can see now why they were critical. The publicity surrounding this, especially the media circus that it's become thanks to Hansen, is what can fuck up the integrity of an investigation and consequently, prosecution.

Hansen's not doing investigative journalism, he's doing infotainment. The people giving Hansen a pass don't care if Onision gets prosecuted, and I know this because if they did want him prosecuted, they wouldn't keep supporting this media circus lead by Hansen the "journalist".

No. 920806

Whdid your change your mind about whether Hansen will affect the investigation?

No. 920824

I think they mean the federal/FBI investigation. Hansen's not doing an actual investigation lol.

No. 920826


everybody is always so fucking dramatic about chris hansen, the INVESTIGATION and the VICTIMS. i literally don't give a shit, i don't care about the groupie hookers greg has abused, i don't care if he and his wife go to prison and i don't give a shit about hansen. i just sit back and enjoy the show, its all entertainment. hell if anything i'd rather nothing ever happens in regards to greg going to prison because then i'd lose this prime source of lulz.
a lot of you don't realize things are perfect the way they are. because if they do go to jail (which will never happen), you too will lose this fun hobby.

No. 920827

Most of his critics focus on his million of dollars worth of debt, but he's done far worse.

The fact that Hansen has never really been a journalist let alone an investigative one, should tell everyone everything they need to know here. He was without scruples then and he's without them now. He gives real investigative journalists a bad name.

No. 920828

What hobby? When this is over we just move on to something else.

No. 920830

alright, name me any lolcow as milky as greg and taylor.
just one.
i'll check em out right away.

No. 920842

There are tons of cows with just as much milk, you anons just like sitting in that thread to virtue signal and pretend you're actually doing something productive by obsessing over onion.

The difference is the rest of us don't have to think cows are "evil" to laugh at them, and we don't need to pretend to be saints either.

No. 920848

lol this retard went on a spree across multiple threads trying to defend their pwecious milkies

No. 920849

where exactly did you see me defend greg and taylor? how is simply not caring and enjoying the lulz fest defending them?
if anyone is virtue signaling its the ones i called out, harping on and on about the VICTIMS, who in my eyes are nothing more than stupid sexed out slut groupies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920865

The girls knew this as well, unless they actually believed that having legal relationships qualified as some FBI sting lmao
It was all selfishness towards Sarah but deep down I think she got what she wanted. Onion broke her feefees so she fucked up his life and left it in shambles.
Everyone else involved is a professional v ictim

No. 920882

Witnessing the assembly line of women he emotionally abuses continue isn't what I would call entertainment.

No. 920889

This is actually bullshit though.
How many times did laneclone get on to make jokes about where onion fucked sarah? How about all the smallpeen memes that finally got to shiloh?
This is exactly the virtue signaling I was talking about, stop pretending you aren't here for entertainment. You all yass kween'd for half of it

No. 920897

NTA but how do you know that anon entertained any of that shit? It's not possible that they didn't give a fuck about the memes, jokes or other bullshit and only cared about what they said they cared about?

No. 920901

You got a point but that doesn't really apply to Chris,the anti-os, the girls,and vince whose actions speak otherwise
At the same time these are the very same people demanding we take them seriously.

No. 920958

No. 920978

Imageboard, anon. Post caps.

No. 920988

Only his stans after he brags about their friendship, which I believe is also because she’s Al Jourgensen’s kid.

Stevie’s an opportunist through and through.

No. 921061


How is Stevie an opportunist? He has been covering Greg's crazy antics and warning people about Greg since the very earliest beginning. And he did it without making a single dime off of it.

No. 921071

File: 1579563734453.jpeg (647.33 KB, 1242x1587, C490088E-F4FB-473E-BC37-9EBD89…)

Why are these people so stupid? Some cop just mentioning it in whatever this is doesn’t mean it's proof of an investigation. More likely Hansen told them this when they responded so the cop added that info.

No. 921076


> More likely Hansen told them this when they responded so the cop added that info.

This wasn't from the Hansen visit; It's from December.

No. 921077

it looks kind of like notes from a call. Someone called about a video in August and the "concerned citizen" mentioned the FBI investigation.

No. 921121

File: 1579571430638.jpeg (122.63 KB, 1125x446, DB67D6EB-1086-4103-AF4C-BA723D…)

Shiloh wants to an hero herself at 27

No. 921125

File: 1579571910046.jpeg (452.8 KB, 1125x1089, F0F3878F-3585-407D-8E39-9AE0E5…)

Lolwur? Oh yeah and Stevie liked it

So EdGy \m/

No. 921186

what does 'becoming a hamburger' mean?

No. 921194

The Ice Poseidon segment starts at 19:00

There are some speculative points, like an unconfirmed statement about the FBI saying they've NOT been contacted by Chris Hansen? Most everything else has receipts. Half the vid is screen caps of articles.

>Mike Morse is currently under multiple federal investigations for racketeering and has a case pending with the Supreme Court for sex crimes
>The sexual assault case against Morse was initially thrown out but has since been reinstated
>A federal judge called Morse a "co-conspirator" in a fraud scheme
>Speculation: Hansen's "contact in LE" is actually Morse, who is currently under federal investigation for illegally obtaining police reports via bribery
>Speculation: Hansen and co. plan to take a "big payout" from Onision [extortion]. This may have happened with Ice Posidon who'd made sexual comments to a 13 y/o girl [Strawberry Vision]. Hansen ended up dropping the story with Ice, calling it a "publicity stunt" on his part, when there was ample evidence for his being in contact and making sexual comments to a minor.

Some articles in the vid:

Judge calls attorney Mike Morse a 'co-conspirator' in alleged fraud scheme

Court filing: Morse got bag of cash amid bribery probe

Feds flip Morse's sex therapist sister
>The alleged conspiracy being investigated by federal agents involves bribed Detroit police officers selling unauthorized accident reports that flowed to Morse's firm, according to separate civil lawsuits that involve some of the same allegations, people and companies as the federal criminal probe.

Court reinstates sex assault lawsuits against Mike Morse

Supreme Court to hear case involving lawyer Mike Morse

Other Morse related shit [THIS is the guy Hansen's relying on for legal advice LOL]:

Doctor claims Mike Morse demanded kickbacks

Claim: My husband helped attorney Mike Morse hide MRI center money

Fifth Sexual Assault Complaint Filed Against Attorney Mike Morse
https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/06/07/fifth-sexual-assault-complaint-filed-against-attorney-mike-morse/ [all 5 women are lying right?]

Appeals court rules assault lawsuits against Mike Morse can proceed

No. 921201

>This is a known subject we've received numerous calls on from around the country.
LOL people's hatred of him is literally nationwide.
That could be. R/P is "reporting party", so it's possible the r/p is the source of the cops info, but we don't know for sure since it's not specified where the FBI info comes from.

No. 921208

I don't pretend to be a saint. What I will do is call bullshit when someone like Hansen stands around pretending like he wants to help people when he obviously doesn't.
I know some anons don't like Regina, but there's no denying that Lainey took advantage of her when she was a child. Same with Sarah. Shiloh has her issues but I think she did genuinely want to help the other girls and keep another girl from being abused by Greg, who refuses to acknowledge responsibility for anything on top of being caught lying and contradicting himself, especially where Sarah's concerned. If he didn't do anything wrong, he wouldn't need to lie.

The girls didn't know Hansen was a wolf in sheep's clothing. A lot of people didn't know because they weren't aware of the history. There's no excuse for them not to be aware now.

No. 921211

Oh boy. I know she struggles with depression and anxiety. She said she went to therapy awhile ago, maybe it's time to go back. Therapy's a good thing.

I don't know if she feels bad about Madison or whatever. Madison already outed herself as a shady character.

No. 921231

Suck his cock already. You shitpost about this dipshit so much you have other trolls wondering what your deal is.

No. 921281

Shouldn't Vince be busy pretending to build another website so he can scam more unwary people out of their money? His current scam will only last for so long after all. Funny how Vince and Morse are both frauds except only one of them is under federal investigation for it, for now at least. lol

No. 921289

Her and billie are pretty stereotypical e-girls

No. 921314

Interesting how Regina says that the situation with Morse and Vince is "not relevant" to her… I guess she only cares about justice for victims of sexual harassment when the victims are herself and her friends

No. 921348


It turns out The Professionals lied to Sarah about the laptop being sent to the FBI. It's just been sitting in an office in NYC all this time.

No. 921355

so are we still pretending the investigation is real over in the /pt/ thread or…?

No. 921361


The investigation is real, it's confirmed in the released police report that there is an FBI investigation open. They just dont have Sarahs evidence.

No. 921413

File: 1579638849349.png (126.08 KB, 328x692, Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 1.33…)

wow. So Chris Hansen had the laptop & cell phone with all of its potential evidence for 2 months while he was making a series on onision. Yikes. I hope she sends it to the police herself but at this point it seems like Lainey & Greg could just argue that anything that is found was planted.

No. 921416


There are ways to tell when stuff was put on a laptop. I don't think greg will be able to successfully argue that vincent knows how to fool the FBIs IT guys if it comes to it

No. 921417

I'm not worried about the FBI being fooled. I'm worried about a judge throwing the evidence out.

No. 921418

This >>921071 is not a police report. That looks like maybe a dispatch log. So remarks made by a dispatcher stating what they know about the subject of the call. Or even a log of calls a cop responded to and they basically wrote, “ffs not this guy again.” But it’s def not a police report. Evidently they’ve received enough calls about him that they’re aware of who he is. But like other anons have said, they could’ve been told about the FBI by one of the dozens of people who have called. This is far from solid proof. And you can’t honestly think that the FBI wouldn’t have learned about the existence of the laptop and already taken it if they were really investigating this? The first thing they would’ve asked for is actual evidence. They wouldn’t let it sit in CH’s apartment for months while they watch hours and hours of YouTube videos that the local police have already said they’ve watched and not seen any laws broken.

No. 921422


Why would a judge do that if the FBI can prove that any evidence was placed on the laptop before it reached Hansen/Vincent?

No. 921430

None of what they say makes any sense. If there’s a real investigation the FBI or police wouldn’t dare ask some nobody to “make a copy of the hard drive.” That destroys the integrity of the evidence. They’d send a field agent to collect it. From Sarah. Not have Sarah mail it to Vince using Chris’s name so Vince can fucking copy the hard drive. And oh yeah, they’re so busy investigating that the only real solid proof they have they just forget about and let sit on Chris Hansen’s coffee table for two months?

No. 921432

At this point I think the FBI thing is a sham and Vince and Chris fucked up any real chance Sarah had at getting justice. Hope the superchats were worth it. Fucking clowns.

No. 921444

Maybe Laptopgate.
I think "Vincegate" would be a good name for the last few months though. Greg must be going through quite the emotional roller coaster though. Just sitting on the sidelines watching this all unfold completely helpless to do anything about it. He was probably furious when the shit came out about C. Now he's probably laughing at all of the antis scrambling to clean up Chris & Vince's mess. Maybe having a victory kombucha thinking he will get away with all of this. I mean shit he might as well start making videos again at this point. It's pretty clear that nothing is going to come of any of this.

I'm honestly annoyed now. Before I figured that Vincent would somehow find a way to fuck everything up but I was hoping that at least Sarah could contact the police herself and get justice that way. Now I'm worried that they fucked up so badly that she won't even be able to do that. Greg is a scumbag but he's still an American and the 6th amendment still applies to him. He has the right to a fair trial and all they are doing is creating mountains of reasonable doubt for a jury to find.

No. 921445

Sorry, anon, I deleted my post.
I realized I didn't want to add fuel to the fire, because I want to stay hopeful that everything will turn out for the better in the end.

No. 921489

Don't know what to think, at all. I agreed that 'anything's possible' in the previous thread, but didn't think the laptop was just sitting there for this long and was never turned into official evidence.
I hope there's some sort of an explanation for it, because otherwise this is some depressive as shit milk.

No. 921501

One of the mods here to clear up some things. Nobody's on board with Vincent's bullshit, his memery was received on a spectrum from lukewarm to cringe and he had been told to lay low multiple times before the "hack". More things of concern:

>mods have been fed info by Vincent for them to to publicize

>Vincent has been made aware that he's putting us in a bad position and will only damage the credibility of said info since it'll be disregarded as rumors circulated by attention-hungry twitterfags. He did not respond to this
>Vincent has been lying about the status of the FBI investigation (which was one of the things we were pushed to tweet about)
>Vincent texted Regina the same meme he was supposedly "hacked" over, yet lied to everyone else about it (we knew)
>Vincent has to constantly be wrangled in group chats where he spergs out and complains about not feeling appreciated
>Vincent is still in possession of Sarah's laptop, it's unclear if he lied to everyone including Chris or just us
>laptop is in the process of being sent back to Sarah now
>however there is an open investigation, we were given a name and confirmed it
>Chris has been approached about Vincent's conduct several times by different people, says he wants to fire him but needs to figure out how to replace him
>Chris seems well-intentioned but utterly clueless
>the girls are heartbroken and ashamed of being taken for a ride and are afraid of getting more flak for this shitshow

No. 921505

It was posted at the same time the other statement on twitter was posted.

No. 921507


Interesting if true. Got anything at all to back any of this up? Screenshots etc?

No. 921512

I can't wait to see how Vincent loses his shit when he reads the statement and that Chris wanted to fire him. We know how well he deals with criticism.

I predict a shitload of milk from him in the coming hours/days.

No. 921529

File: 1579654879642.jpg (69.33 KB, 1230x658, aids.jpg)

Deity is streaming and talking about Grotto, and making everything about himself again.
They'll have an interesting conversation among themselves and he butts in talking about himself.
He's as big a narc as Grugly is.

No. 921534

Why are you faggot mods coming to lolcow to release a statement, you've had absolutely no power in any of this. You guys moderate a weekly live chat. Why is Regina the only victim that ever gets namedropped by you faggots, is it because she gets a lot of criticism for her conduct? This is so embarrassing, you guys are even less important than Vince and Hansen and you have no sway on anything. Regina needs to just maybe step away from this altogether. If she has any evidence about the underage nudes go to the police, what the fuck. This is all so queer

No. 921538

wait a minute how much of this did you guys know when people were trotting around plugging their gofundmes and shit?

No. 921542

This is just a bunch of BS. Hansen said he had talked to the FBI and they were investigating the devices. He is a liar. He wants everyone to send him money and think he is a hero while he is doing nothing but pulling stunts and handing the defense team reasonable doubt on a silver platter. Newsweek has reached out to the FBI and not received comment but some nobodies who moderate a washed up reporters you tube stream got confirmation of a FBI investigation. I don't believe it, unless you mean you have seen the same crap everyone else has in the released dispatchers log. If you have a name and number why not call and ask why they didn't collect the devices and why they haven't contacted the victims? Oh because the investigation has nothing to do with the victims or Hansen and is a investigation on his youtube videos. They have been reported for years by random people on the internet. I guess that investigation wouldn't have gotten everyone involved the same amount of attention and money.

No. 921564

>however there is an open investigation, we were given a name and confirmed it
Yeah, just not the actual investigation everyone was hoping for, since they didn't even have the laptop. Jimmy's forums ( if they're investigating that ) pale in comparison to "there's a laptop with possible cp on it".
To think none of it was handed into evidence is unbelievable. Were these girls not interviewed by the FBI/police at any point?
If not, did none of them think that was strange? What was up with all of the "there's so much stuff happening behind the scenes"?

I'm still entertained by Chris's videos, but this milk tastes off.

No. 921604

Sarah was never even contacted by the fbi so I’m assuming she hasn’t been interviewed by them

No. 921618

They trusted Hansen and he told them these things take time. He talked about it at the end of one of his live streams. When people said it sounded shady they were told they didn't know what they were talking about and Hansen the investigative reporter was an expert.

No. 921624

I mean, these things absolutely do take time but when "stuff's going on behind the scenes" was thrown around, I automatically assumed that meant the girls are talking to the FBI. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. It's a logical next step.
If no interview happened, at any point, how do you not question it? How does no one raise serious questions about this aspect alone?
I get it, they trusted 'the authority', but fuck. Sour milk.

No. 921643

File: 1579664291772.jpeg (291.77 KB, 640x792, 9A9ACC0A-2C23-4853-90C5-FD2D5E…)

“Gene” is back shitting up twitter with this tinfoil spam. A bit on the nose with the timing.

No. 921665




I bet he is the same fucktard in this thread saying 'NO FBI INVESTIGATION. IT WAS CALLER REPORTED' over and over.

No. 921666

Shiloh said in her patreon stream that she had been contacted by fbi and that she had an open investigation so I guess she was lying as well.

No. 921669

File: 1579666878953.png (39.12 KB, 204x239, ch.png)

No. 921670

To my understanding that was "a separate investigation." But who the fuck really knows at this point.

No. 921676

Why would anyone think she had a open investigation? The FBI doesn't run like that. They pile on charges so people are more likely to plea or so they are more likely to get a win. They don't have tons of separate cases. You don't see someone get charged with x and then y. People are charged with x and y so they can also charge z. That is how the law works.

No. 921694

File: 1579669848409.png (23.81 KB, 577x243, Untitled.png)

No. 921708

Strange that Shiloh would have an investigation when Sarah is the one who was groomed and Regina was sent nudes. Idk I’m not buying her ‘investigation’ either at this time point. I think she lied probably because Twitter idiots were harassing her and the other girls about their being no investigation. I feel bad them but at the same time I get the impression that they must have known things were getting suspicious

No. 921720

>I think she lied
It wouldn't be the first time, would it.
I don't know what to believe anymore. I still find it insane that no one thought not getting interviewed by the FBI/LE was not weird. I don't even mean the girls alone, I mean literally everyone who was involved, knew about this, talked to them on a more personal level. How did it make sense to anyone that a phone and a laptop with incriminating evidence would just be sitting at the FBI's office getting investigated, without the girls getting as much as a call back for this long?

Initially I was laughing at all of the sperging about how Vince can ruin the case with his Tweets/doxxing, etc. It was laughable not because Vince isn't a moron ( he is ), but because that wouldn't have been a technicality in any reality.
But keeping a laptop for two months is a different story entirely. Shit like that gets thrown away in court soooo fast it's not even funny.
The case doesn't exist anyway, just saying. If they take this to court now it's going to be 10 times harder than it's suppose to be, thanks to the…Well, everyone, but primarily of course, Vincent and Chris ( I'm not going to speculate on how clueless he is about this ).

No. 921722

File: 1579676202063.png (30.2 KB, 588x229, Screenshot_2020-01-22 Steven A…)

>If there’s a real investigation the FBI or police wouldn’t dare ask some nobody to “make a copy of the hard drive.” That destroys the integrity of the evidence.
This exactly anon. Why anyone is still gullible enough to put any confidence in these fucking morons is beyond me. And now they're "in talks about the future of the channel". How about just fucking off entirely? I mean, they're going to get relentlessly clowned on for this anyway. They can try false copy striking the criticism like they did last time but people aren't going to stay quiet.

No. 921737

Ultimately it comes down to the admissibility of the evidence. Those scamming boomers getting involved may very well have fucked this up, which is what several people including many anons here have been warning for weeks >>916514.

No. 921739

I want to stay hopeful too but realistically? Chris and his team of clout chasing morons have really fucked things up here. If Sarah and the girls can get in contact with REAL professionals, they might be able to salvage something from this as far as getting justice is concerned.

No. 921745

>What was up with all of the "there's so much stuff happening behind the scenes"?
I guess they believed whatever Hansen told them? They like many others, thought he was credible. There's that vid Shiloh uploaded on the 13th where she said to her knowledge, there was more than one FBI investigation open including her own. I just assumed she heard this from Hansen, and since I've known that he's a liar I called bullshit, much to the dismay of many an autist.
>a washed up reporters you tube stream
>Hansen the investigative reporter
Oh anons, Hansen was never a reporter >>919938, he's a glorified reality show host.

No. 921746

>shiloh lied
We stan a consistent cow

No. 921747

The only stream I saw was 11secs she put up on twitter. She didn't say anything about being "contacted by the FBI", unless she said this in the full stream? If someone cares to upload the part where she said she was contacted by the feds.
>Strange that Shiloh would have an investigation
Yeah, it didn't make sense to me either when she said that. I had assumed it was Sarah and Regina's cases only that were being investigated for criminal offenses.

No. 921748

People have been cowtipping with the CPS and animal control for ages. It's probably why they don't take those calls seriously anymore.
It's about clout and money (that she has asked for). Clone is already getting excited that people at school found out a skinwalking loser like her totes worked with Hansen.
That isn't a police report >>921418
Nobody cares and you're still a faggot. I know all about the lot of you and how you are all genuinely delusional enough to see yourselves as super heroes. Go on and keep putting all of the blame on Chris and Vincent, this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for how hard you guys wanted this sensationalized in the first place.
You are part of the problem and I hope the mods figure out who you are so I can cook up some more popcorn for you fucking clowns.

No. 921749

Ok, this made me laugh so hard. Always count on at least one anon to bring in a much needed comedic relief.

No. 921752

>followed by Chris Hansen
What? Am I reading that right?

No. 921754

doesn't vincent use hansen's twitter?s

No. 921755

Uh oh, the intrepid Gene the boomer has returned to exact his revenge on the world via dick pics and scat. Watch out guys, this boomer means business.

No. 921756

He's been outed as running Chris's twitter, yes.

No. 921759

I don't even understand what Vince's deal is. How long was he planning on keeping the laptop for? What was the motivation, even. "Totes sent all of it to the FBI, have your laptop back and enjoy your freshly installed Win10".

No. 921764

>Vincent has been lying about the status of the FBI investigation (which was one of the things we were pushed to tweet about)
I'm sure he's going to pass the buck to Hansen saying he just repeated what he was told, that's IF he makes a public statement on this. That's all he and Hansen have been doing for years, passing the buck.
>however there is an open investigation, we were given a name and confirmed it
Until the source can be verified, it's just hearsay.
>the girls are heartbroken and ashamed of being taken for a ride and are afraid of getting more flak for this shitshow
I'm sure there will be some angry people who don't understand that these girls were duped along with many others. I don't blame the girls for trusting in these people who tried to sell themselves as professionals and victims advocates. The only shame belongs to these men who lied to and took advantage of vulnerable people. I hope the girls take this as a learning experience. You learn, grow and keep moving forward.

No. 921773

I lol'd. This lady went in on Chris Hansen. She also lays into a youtuber (not hard to guess who it is).

No. 921778

The motive? To string people along as long as possible, accumulating some shekels before disappearing? He's a fraud, a grifter, just like Hansen. There could also be some data mining going on, what with some of the TCAP people who signed on to their previous scam who ended up getting doxxed by Vince. Pro-streams is another iteration of the last scam.

A lot of people think this laptop failure was all Vincent's doing. Of course he shares a large portion of the blame but I don't believe Hansen was totally unaware. We know Hansen looks the other way whenever Vince gets caught doing shit he's not supposed to be doing >>916415. He has an established pattern with Vincent. Vincent's also not above say, taking what was on that laptop and copying it so he can use it against someone later on. Whether it's against Onision or one of his victims, Vincent is a vulture opportunist, like his boss.

No. 921779

Ma, I'm feeling scolded and I have nothing to do with anything, lol. I don't agree with her on everything, but this is actually a really good video. I liked the bluntness regarding YTers too.

>but I don't believe Hansen was totally unaware
I don't think so, either. But I don't want to speculate the extent of his knowledge yet.

>We know Hansen looks the other way whenever Vince gets caught doing shit

Also true. Vince would be really easy to replace. There's no way around that.

No. 921781

It might be for when she met Greg when she was underaged because Greg crossed states just to fuck her and bring her to his home.

No. 921782

File: 1579696108704.png (28.29 KB, 640x196, Screenshot_2020-01-22 WesMoast…)

>data mining
It was from this stream >>917349 Deity mentioned the problems he'd had with his laptop, wondering if Vince had possibly done something to it. I wouldn't put it past Vince to install something on Sarah's laptop, which was why he told her he was going to "rebuild it", which makes no fucking sense because that wasn't the job he was assigned to do. We know how much he loves doxxing people. I imagine he likes having personal info to use for leverage, not unlike a predator.

No. 921805

giving anyone virtual access to your box is a fucking tard and all of these people including the girls have been idiotic. when shit goes down don't rely on middlemen, handle it yourself.

No. 921808

File: 1579701448574.jpg (23.74 KB, 704x396, captain_picard_facepalm_.jpg)

you can't be serious about this shit, right?
whats next, reptilians?

No. 921809


Chris doing nothing with the laptop/phones makes sense if you look at it from an 'Ice Poseidon investigation being made to mysteriously go away' point of view.

Morse has been trying to 'negotiate' with greg recently and who knows how much money greg might have been willing to pay to make this all stop.

If the phones and laptops were suspected of containing CP then they should have been switched off and not switched on again and been RAPIDLY given to police.

No. 921930

This is a misconception of the law. Shiloh was staying there getting ready for her tour (her own words). Onision traveled to her and had sex with her. That is legal. What would be illegal is if Onision and Shiloh traveled to a state just because the age of consent was lower and he wanted to have sex with her. You can cross state lines to have sex with someone. You can't transport a underage person across state lines to have sex with them in a state where the age of consent is lower.

If Shiloh said she had a investigation she is lying. All the stuff that happened to her happened years ago. If the FBI isn't interested in a victim (Sarah) who last had contact a few months ago and who may have had devices with evidence then they don't care about sex with a 17 yr old that happened what 8-10 years ago and something that wasn't illegal. Just because something is scummy and gross doesn't make it illegal.

No. 921944

File: 1579724115572.jpeg (585.42 KB, 1125x1321, BE9A4B73-62F7-4C6B-AE54-A679B2…)

No. 921969

File: 1579728666631.png (6.06 KB, 484x290, Untitled.png)

No. 921984

No. 921998

lol nice fall guy
who didn't see this coming a mile away?

No. 922009

and who will the next fall-guy be I wonder? Mike? because Mike is already fucking up, here Chris is running a show on predators yet his own lawyer is a predator.
then again, good employees are expensive, amirite?
this entire thing is a crock of shit. theres no investigation, hansen doesn't have FBI contacts, and absolutely nothing is happening.
at this point Hansen vs Predator is just a glorified Onision commentary channel..

No. 922010

i mean here Chris Hansen is, an INVESTIGATIVE reporter yet he doesn't vet his own employees nor the people he's interviewing.
Thats some investigative journalism, my friends!

No. 922022

File: 1579733374273.webm (14.36 MB, 320x568, gtw-FgONq--ScW1K.webm)

there's an expectation you will post at least a cap.

chris: reviews and fires the guy
you: waaa still chris!
I mean you couldn't be any more transparent.

No. 922025

transparent in what way exactly? that hansen didn't deliver sarah's laptop to the cops? that he knows mike is accused of being a predator himself?
what is he waiting for exactly? doesn't he, you know, want justice for the victims?
that laptop should be at the cops already, at their tech department, being checked with a fine tooth comb.
but oh sure i think his goal for withholding evidence from the cops and hiring a scummy ambulance chaser are nothing but lofty.
its saint hansen, after all.
its not like he's worked with scum before, xavier von erck anybody?
in a way i guess you're right, its still hansen, waaaaa.. why can't we get a GOOD guy on the job, someone that can actually get greg deplatformed and in prison waaaa..
you're right, i'm super duper transparent.

No. 922036

Hansen knew that the devices weren't sent to the FBI and still mislead everyone into thinking they were. He only fired Vincent because the Anti-Os are to dumb to realize Hansen was the one who lied and mislead everyone.

No. 922037

you're a breath of fresh air.
so refreshing to finally see a fellow human with a working brain on this chan.

No. 922048

as an anon that was on hansen's side for some time, it's all too little too late imo. Onions really do bring all the cows to the yard

No. 922096

Taking this as great news. And remaining hopeful, lol.

No. 922108

How do you go from data mining to reptilians anon? You disgrace Capt. Picard like that. Vince is a shyster. Should anyone be surprised if he did something unscrupulous involving Sarah's laptop?

No. 922113

Oh I'm sorry were you paying attention?
The man can't built a website, steals scripts, you truly think he has the knowledge to mine a pc?

No. 922116

You mean the knowledge to install malware/spyware etc.? That's simple enough, even for that dumbass.

No. 922127

He's left twitter before and came back. I hate to sayit but I don't think he's going to stay gone. He may or may not be back with Hansen but I don't think we've seen the last of that boomer.
He won't have anymore left if Mike gets the boot too. That firing's going to have to be real strategic.

No. 922131

I'm just waiting for Vincent to lose his fucking mind and start doxxing everyone. That seems to be his go to reaction to criticism. If he stays true to form getting fired might push him over the edge.

No. 922134

Yikes, lol. This might actually happen. I'm just content he's gone. I said he'd be 'really easy to replace, no way around that' and that was true. If he's gone for good is a different story entirely.

No. 922135

File: 1579747495453.png (142.64 KB, 588x1275, Cognitive Dissonance.png)

He went on this long autistic rant all because of this video >>921773. He's going to such great lengths to justify his continued association with a disgraced fraud and a liar. I don't get why he's trying so hard.

No. 922140

Samefag. His interview with Hansen btw only lasted 30mins when everyone else got at least an hour. Hansen promised to have him back on, and we all know how good his word is.

No. 922149

This does remind me a lot of what happened with Ice Poseidon.
>Morse has been trying to 'negotiate' with greg recently
Morse has been negotiating with Greg for quite a while according to this >>921194. Morse made a video on his own channel in December where he mentioned trying to contact Greg himself. Nothing like one alleged sexual predator having "negotiations" with another. Clown World.

No. 922153

>If Shiloh said she had a investigation she is lying.
Hansen and Vincent are the ones who told this to the victims. Shiloh believed Hansen. Some people still believe him because they love being gullible apparently.

No. 922154

Anon was talking about what the 'separate investigation' might be ( but probably isn't ). She said something like 'two investigations, including my own'. Separate from Chris.

No. 922169

>Without my permission and without my knowledge
How can this be when both he and Vincent told the victims the same bs? Hansen's supposed to be in charge right? Yet things are happening without his knowledge? It's not like Vincent was running some elaborate, sophisticated scheme in the shadows.

I don't believe Hansen suddenly cares about Vincent's behavior, not when Vincent's fuckery has been openly going on since July 2019 via doxxing, intimidation/threatening the FBI on people. Vincent's victims have been trying to get Hansen to take action this entire time. Hansen is only doing something now because his back is up against the wall and there are too many eyes on him.

Why did he wait so long to fire Vince? In the past he gave endless excuses. With his inability to either vet people or just not give a shit who he works with, it's only a matter of time before he has some other unprofessional pos working with him, nevermind that joke of a lawyer he's got. Have you even seen what's in this thread?

No. 922187

Tbh I think he’s been so hesitant to fire him because he knows what a loose cannon he is. Obviously there was a reason why Chris chose to sacrifice his own credibility and continue to work with Vincent instead of just firing him at the first sign of fuckery like a normal person.

No. 922189

It's bizarre how these people continue giving Hansen a pass, looking the other way all because they think he'll take down Onision? It must not matter to them that these stupid boomers have been dicking the victims around for months.

I don't understand why anyone still thinks Hansen should be involved at all anymore. How far does the incompetence, unprofessionalism and deception have to go before it's finally determined that Hansen's not who he's been trying to portray himself as, nor is he the right person for this job.

No. 922190

you are being extremely charitable, to an illogical degree. hansen's credibility is completely gone, it's just going to take a while for the worst bits of information to come together among the very stupid Anti-Os. once people realise that chris was allowing this to happen for what, half a year, that he entrusted evidence to some random retard, and that he was complicit in vince's attempt to trick everyone into thinking he wasn't running the streams anymore, it's over for his attempted career restart. it would have worked if he wasn't a lazy boomer which is the funny part.

No. 922192

Hansen knew he was spouting lies because he and Vince were saying the same lying shit for months. It's obvious Vince was the fall guy.

How is Hansen going to pretend he's sorry when that lawyer of his, Morse, the one with open investigations/lawsuits for sexual misconduct is still working with him on a story that involves sex crimes? Hansen isn't sorry. I'm tired of the gullibility from some people.

No. 922201

>I'm doing what's necessary as you would do if you were a journalist actually worth a fuck and knew what being strategic is
What a weird thing to say "doing what's necessary", "being strategic". I don't get how going on the show of the guy who outright lied to the victims is somehow "strategic". I don't see how it helps the victims to continue having their names affiliated with these boomers who've been caught in several lies.

No. 922203

>I will continue our very important investigation
LOL he's still pretending he's doing an investigation? Well there is a sucker born every minute, I'm sure he's got that quote mounted on his wall.

No. 922208

Why would anyone with 2 brian cells even trust Chris at this point? Even if he was sincere here (like he ever was), all of this shit happened under his watch. I understand everyone makes mistakes but this shit with Vince and lying to Sarah is beyond the pale. Sarah deserves better and I hope she finds real professionals to help her.

No. 922210

File: 1579756361439.png (213.47 KB, 546x619, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.1…)

more boomer antics. Vincent's statement. Cue the circus music.

No. 922211

File: 1579756433852.png (228.99 KB, 558x660, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.1…)

No. 922212

File: 1579756545445.png (216.02 KB, 425x666, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.1…)

No. 922214

File: 1579756668830.png (228.3 KB, 673x663, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.1…)

No. 922222


Thanks anon. Unfortunately for Vince, he's been caught faking screen shots before (what he did to Wes). A 3rd party will have to verify its authenticity before it's to be believed. Otherwise it's just he said/she said.

No. 922227

Chris and Vince have both lost so much credibility at this point, I don't even think it matters in the grand scheme of things what either of them have to say. They'll just continue wasting time with pointless back in forths/finger pointing. They both suck. Sure the milk is lulzy, but still.

No. 922235

File: 1579759941484.png (48.41 KB, 640x411, Screenshot_2020-01-23 chat cal…)

>so many in chat calling Chris "Superman"

lol this is the level of intellect of these stans. I stopped sitting through Hansen's bs after the Adam interview.

I don't understand what Stevie thinks he's going to get from this. Maybe he got upset at the car lady >>921773 because she hit too close to home? I do find it odd that he says he supports the victims, yet he has no trouble supporting the people who've shit all over them.

No. 922240

Chris Hansen lost credibility years ago >>919938. Some people >>922022 are just too stupid or too ignorant to see it.

No. 922254

File: 1579763721030.png (31.39 KB, 598x357, Screenshot_2020-01-23 Steven A…)


>Chris put none of his own money into the channel or website

Boo hoo. How could Chris pay for anything anyway when he's literally millions of dollars in debt? I'm assuming Chris partially lives off of other people's charity at this point. Chris is a professional moron who doesn't care who he hires, and Vince is just stupid in general.

Someone brought up a good point about Chris's debt: in REAL LIFE, professionals who work with vulnerable people (social workers etc.) can't get hired if they have any debt. This is enforced for obvious reasons. Poor Sarah had to cross paths with these two bumbling idiots.

No. 922256

I'm beginning to wonder if Stevie and AJ are still friends. If he were my friend I'd tell him to steer clear of Hansen and co., but apparently he's made up his mind.

No. 922261

Lame clone also only got half an hour.

No. 922264

File: 1579765757075.png (507.38 KB, 597x967, Screenshot_2020-01-23 ven_webs…)

Not according to this he's not.

No. 922265

File: 1579765825118.png (23.73 KB, 1505x84, source code.png)

No. 922267

vincent's been all over the place with his claims and it got him fired, I wonder what the real facts are.

No. 922284

This is my first time seeing what Hansen said about going to Onision's house, the fallout from that, and he literally says
>I didn't get into Youtube to practice journalism, I [took my brand] of journalism to Youtube.

LMFAO does he know he's talking out loud? This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard anyone say. Hansen's so full of himself he actually thinks that what he does is journalism. There is no "brand", you're either a journalist or you're not.

He should've gone to Clown College, at least that education would've prepared him for the shit he's doing now.

No. 922339

File: 1579782280655.png (19.75 KB, 598x166, Screenshot_2020-01-23 Twitter.…)

That's right. Keep telling yourselves you're not being lied to like Sarah was. That's guaranteed to turn out well.

No. 922343

File: 1579783164522.png (772.33 KB, 814x678, Screenshot_To Stay Out of Jail…)

>xavier von erck anybody?
Oh that guy was a peach. Here's another stellar individual Hansen's associated with, albeit tangentially. He paid off Hansen's $13,000 debt for the merch he failed to deliver to his kickstarter backers.

>Romanik went on a racist rant back in 2017 after Waka Flocka wiped his ass with a Trump jersey. Bob called the rapper a “greasy black n* son of a bitch

Because going on a racist rant after someone wipes their butt with a shirt that had your favorite boomers name on it is a totally rational, intellectual thing to do.


No. 922372

This is the reason his being in mountains of debt is such a problem - it easily leaves him open to all kinds of unscrupulous people, to blackmail and bribery. This is why it was speculated that Ice Poseidon paid Hansen off to get him to drop the story, Ice even made a joke about this.

If Hansen's desperate debt situation is put into context, we can see now why he worked with someone like Vincent and why he's still working with Morse. Instead of recruiting capable, credible professionals, Hansen ends up bringing in people who like himself, are only out for themselves and willing to foot the bill (his) as long as they get some exposure (hell Vince's still getting exposure). That's not to say all the people around him are frauds >>921501, just the ones with financial incentives.

The people still supporting Hansen either don't believe they're being played, or else they're going along with the con-game for their own self interest.

No. 922382


All the little Hansen Mods have claimed that Morse is nothing to do with them and not their problem. I have to wonder if they'll release another word salad explaining how shocked, horrified and nay, APPALLED they are if Morse gets found guilty of any of the sex claims.

No. 922387

File: 1579793749503.jpg (18.56 KB, 396x322, Image1.jpg)

No. 922394

File: 1579794760304.png (54.2 KB, 762x428, onioncritic.png)


Documenting the Hansen Mod being rather an un-woke spokesperson.

Are all these people just starstruck little hypocrites or what?

No. 922414

Everybody says they're in it for the VICTIMS, which quite frankly I don't see them as victims asides from maybe Skye and Shiloh. They're all in it for themselves, all trying to skate uphill and control the narrative. Most of them like Regina are trying to be the head honcho, the big cheese, in all of this. Having contact with a washed up reporter helps.
People forget that in regards of this so-called "investigation", Hansen was just a mouth piece like Ron Burgendy. Making sure his hair looks right and he wears the right turtleneck, then stand in the sting house reading the dirty chatlogs to the perps in front of a camera.
The fact that the cops where there was because it was easy arrests for them, doesn't matter that most these cases where thrown out of court due to Xavier von Erck's perverted justice entrapping mostly really stupid and horny hicks.
A good crime reporter knows crime and the players well, and has an investigative team behind him. I'm sure Chris now feels since he has this shady lawyer that he has that, even though he doesn't.
Getting a good investigative team and staff is hard, its expensive, and usually the production company makes sure a reporter like Hansen does. But we're pretty far removed from his days with NBC, you know before the shit hit the fan about Xavier and before that what was it, a pederast senator? blew his god damn brains out.
He was way out of line with that one, you see normally the pedo's would come to the sting house, but that Senator wouldn't fall for it in the end so both the cops and Hansen decided it would be a good idea to come to his house. It wasn't. The Senator panicked and blew his god damn brains out while they where there.
How he would then think something like this would again be a good idea at the Greg house is beyond me, even though I do love that he did.
Getting people like Vince and Mike is cheap, or doesn't cost Chris a dime, since they're like him pretty much washed up. I totally believe Vince when he says he actually lost money on his whole endeavor with Hansen.

No. 922531

wow way to sTaNd WiTh AlL vIcTiMs

No. 922573

He's getting all buttsore when that woman >>921773 wasn't even talking to him lol. If he cared so much about the victims getting justice he'd support actual professionals doing honest work, observing due process, because that's what would've gotten Onision prosecuted. Not some washed up boomer, pseudo-journalist hack, who lied to the victims and is obviously only in this to revive his failed career. These anti-o's need to get over themselves.

No. 922576

Onion Critic is an idiot who still actively supports Hansen and his "investigation". I don't know if all of Hansen's mods still support him. If that's the case then they're all stupid too.

No. 922587

>that Senator wouldn't fall for it in the end so both the cops and Hansen decided it would be a good idea to come to his house.
Pretty sure that dude an-heroing himself is why no one worth a fuck wants to work with Hansen anymore. Even if he had the money to hire competent people they wouldn't work with him because of his tarnished record, so he resorts to shit like this >>915896, and his little Onision reality show.

No. 922641

What is he sperging about now I can only make it a few seconds

No. 922657

I usually often agree with Stevie but in this case I disagree all the way, but I guess he wants to stick up for his new BFF Chris Hansen, which actually I feel is a sell-out move.

Hansen fell pretty hard from receiving 8 Emmy awards to a youtube channel dancing his spiel for nickels and dimes.

No. 922696

File: 1579823872646.jpg (565.17 KB, 1280x720, RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg)


I'm watching it right now but GOD DAMN is he ever RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEing in this video.
And all because she got critical of Chris Hansen, the Anti-O's and Deity, of all people lol

No. 922697

File: 1579823917512.jpg (20.57 KB, 462x464, groose.jpg)

He is totally buying into Hanson is God talk. He's just mad because she hurt his feefees? He's mad because she's shittalking his friends?
Why is he mad exactly? I watched the entire video and I still don't understand.
>>if only I didn't delete my video during a meltdown like a fucking retard

No. 922700

He's even defending Deity.
Deity, who is a narcissistic drama-queen hard on his way to become Mikenactor 2.0
Thats like Mikenactor defending Joysparkle LOL

No. 922706

If he wasn't so insufferable, it'd be HILARIOUS how seriously he takes himself. He's a cow in his own right.

No. 922709

He´s always been a lolcow. I mean I like him since he reminds me of Hellionexciter way back in the day, with the exception that Hellionexciter was a really great troll.
Stevie´s powerleveling is out of control and he´s a basket of lulz, he´s awesome because he gets under Greg´s skin a lot.
Yet even Greg got the better of him in their last little stream chat, because emotions LOL

No. 922908

Knowing some of Hansen's background >>919938, it makes me wonder where all these accolades even came from. He was never any good.

No. 922958

LMAO what is his problem? Is he really that threatened by the opinion of some little middle aged lady sitting in her car? I used to think Stevie was alright until he started blowing smoke up Hansen's ass, this after Hansen lied to Onision's victims. It makes me think Stevie might have some skin in this game.

No. 923025

Why does he keep asking what she has to offer? Did he miss where she mentioned she's a journalist and is criticizing one of her peers? It's a good thing that someone in the profession Chris is supposed to be practicing is taking him to task. Maybe that will keep him from fucking things up even more, but I doubt it.

No. 923040

My sides. I have to appreciate this wonderful autist for making me laugh.

If, as he said, he caught on to Hansen and his fraud operation so quickly, then why does he still support it? Why go on the show? Because he still thinks they're going to accomplish something for the victims after dropping the ball? After they've all but lost credibility (like they had any to begin with). WTF kind of logic is that?

No. 923049

>At least at the end of the day, something is happening.
>I know when something real starts to happen.

What exactly does he think is happening? What's actually happening is Sarah was lied to, told her evidence was with the FBI when it wasn't, and now who knows what's going to happen with it since it's most likely no longer admissible as evidence. Greg's still on youtube. YT isn't going to boot him unless he's prosecuted, and the Boomer Squad Stevie still supports for whatever reason, have seriously fucked up the chances of that happening.

All Stevie's doing here is stirring shit up because he couldn't figure out a better way to deal with his misplaced hurt and anger. Supporting unscrupulous fuckwits posing as professionals won't get Greg held accountable.

No. 923055

The only way for twitterfags to deal with the fallout is to say
>at least something happened!
instead of admitting to being retards

sour milk will never amount to cream

No. 923096

>It's a good thing that someone in the profession Chris is supposed to be practicing is taking him to task.
I don't agree with everything the woman in that video said but she wasn't wrong about Hansen. Anyone with a fair amount of objectivity who's watched him on youtube would reach that same conclusion.

No. 923098

File: 1579863626348.png (19.25 KB, 779x376, Screenshot_2020-01-24 CHRIS HA…)

Looks like she had to turn off the comments on that video (they were there yesterday). I'm guessing Stevie's autistic reeeeing triggered the Hansen stans watching, so they went over to her channel to reee too. Stevie needs to grow up.

No. 923126

File: 1579878614889.jpg (52.64 KB, 500x557, stevie.jpg)


I'm really getting tired of listening to this combover cunt screeching about some random old lady to try and distract from him being a gullible phony.

The funniest part was where he implied Repzion invests his Onision video money back into his quality videos.

No. 923134

File: 1579879914176.png (25.95 KB, 227x279, temp.png)

Now he's claiming to work with Chris Hansen

No. 923140

What a fucking retard.

No. 923150

>now who knows what's going to happen with it since it's most likely no longer admissible as evidence.
let's be real here. It probably never was. Maybe if it was taken straight from Lainey by the police but considering Sarah had it for who knows how long after it belonged to Lainey a lawyer could probably argue that it her using it amounted to tampering with evidence.

No. 923156

File: 1579887247888.jpg (95.82 KB, 604x858, kl6YmW6.jpg)


No. 923157

Wasnt he the one who posted the first clip of being at Greg's house with Hansen? I thought we knew it was one of those boomers trying to be cool, or even just Vince? Sorry if I'm confused, these threads are stuffed to the brim lately.

No. 923165

Yes he was, and it's Vincent lol, just look at his twitter profile, the photos and jokes he shared (another short-bus joke, he thinks those are hilarious), and look at his browser in his screenshot.

No. 923195

Let me explain it to you, you stupid fucking retard Vince: The reversal thing is http://farm.lolcow and is a joke done by lolcow when you get banned.
In other words you didn't do shit, so stop claiming you did.
Its like Sarah's laptop all over again.

No. 923199

No. 923252

File: 1579898848974.png (13.96 KB, 558x104, temp.png)

No. 923265

File: 1579900142677.png (88.19 KB, 564x977, temp.png)




No. 923363

>His twitter account was the first to follow Hansen twice
>Gene was the person to first request the 911 audio and incident reports which meant they had to know the case number.
Yep. Hansen followed him too >>921669. I guess Dick pic-scatty Mcgee's rampage isn't over yet. >>916860, >>917366, until he gets suspended for the umpteenth time anyway.

No. 923374

File: 1579915392982.png (1.67 MB, 1920x960, non payment.png)

So how's that network tv comeback going, Chris?

No. 923589

Funny how he completely glossed over her criticism of Hansen, guess he didn't have any smart ass comeback for that one. He makes himself look like an asshole here.

No. 923689

File: 1579971368306.jpeg (407.13 KB, 1079x690, 7E263489-9BB8-4100-98FB-CD8528…)


No. 923690

that picture is horrendous. stevie legit looks worse than waterhead. he dresses and styles himself like such white trash, might even be worse than greg.

No. 923694

File: 1579975334518.jpg (24.88 KB, 232x353, IMG_20200125_210030.jpg)

That pose KEK

No. 923773

Sloppy hobo beats Skrillex hair giant medallion tryhard emo twink any day

No. 923776


lmao he comes off even worse than onion the moonheaded pedophile how embarrassing

No. 923812

File: 1579996406736.jpeg (740.06 KB, 1125x1455, ABB26B30-C175-448D-BE0E-E1DC61…)

Why haven’t the onion bitches dropped this faggot yet? Skye and Alicia retweeting his Hansen interview and then he’s currently licking their clits

Greg: how do I taste, Steve?!”

No. 923829

Steveje Stevedore desperately needs to stop power leveling.
And sue his barber and get that hair fixed by a trained professional ASAP.

No. 923855

Someone in the Onion thread said "I’m sure he’s rebuilding". Yeah don't hold your breath.

No. 923858

I just checked Skye's and Alicia's tl, they didn't rt Stevie's interview. The last interview Skye rt'd was I believe, Shiloh's. I don't know why anyone would support him after his recent, mentally unhinged rant >>922641.

No. 923861

Wow this boomer is really embarrassing, and Chris Hansen followed him >>921669 before that account got suspended.
>Its like Sarah's laptop all over again.

No. 923901

File: 1580011409023.jpeg (674.68 KB, 1125x1131, 280F9063-C086-42AE-A080-96DED5…)

More shenanigans from Vincent

No. 923902

jfc Vince is a bitter loser. getting fired for inappropriate conduct so he throws a public tantrum. He's almost like Greg in that way, next he'll be breaking out the kombucha

No. 923906

Wtf? I'm honestly lost for words. What an autistic loser, lol.

>next he'll be breaking out the kombucha

Lmao, anon. I can see it.

No. 923912

Vincent should start a channel where he mukbangs and cries, it would only be a step up from this. H's only proving he should have ben fired a lot sooner, and should never be hired again.

No. 923920

File: 1580014838881.jpeg (131.56 KB, 750x1075, 55CD460C-D983-42A8-9991-C1E599…)

This random faggot is claiming to have “special ties” to Chris Hansen and is leaking totally real screenshots that Chris sent him from Vincent. I don’t know what’s worse, this loser or the idiots in the comments blindly believing him with no proof

No. 923923

File: 1580015397755.jpg (120.35 KB, 1024x728, QtnXHfn.jpg)

No. 923928

This “proof” is piss poor at best. Not only is it incredibly easy to text yourself and change the contact name to “Chris Hansen”, the typing styles between him and Chris are the exact same. I don’t know who this guy thinks he’s fooling lol

No. 923930

File: 1580016225376.jpeg (145.47 KB, 748x819, 7CDB3ABB-4A6A-44E4-9193-F012D5…)

He and Chris tweet to each other though.

No. 923936

File: 1580016587769.jpeg (186.63 KB, 1125x409, 5342525C-C620-44FB-8997-DD1CA8…)

Nvm I must’ve been dreaming, but I did found this

No. 923938

Was this tweet recent? Vince ran Hansen's sm, so after Vince was fired (assuming they're not still working together on the sly >>922264, >>922265) I guess someone else is running it? Who knows, these boomers are so fucking shady. Chris is up to his ears in debt, BOTH of them have lost credibility. Fuck them both and their incompetence.

No. 923942

jesus christ

No. 923943

The tweet happened today, but as you said, it’s been established that Chris doesn’t run his own social media so it really doesn’t mean much that he tweeted him. This whole thing is so fucking stupid

No. 923945

Yes, the tweet from Chris was posted 10 hours ago. Chris also has him as a Facebook friend.

“Det. Moss” must be from Pierce County Sheriff’s Department?

No. 923948

This all looks like theatre imo, a distraction. Vince told Mista GG "there's no such thing as bad publicity". He tried to get GG involved in a publicity stunt to boost Hansen's views. GG showed those convos in vid related.

Vince and Hansen are both attention whores, out for a quick cash grab. They both lied to Sarah for months, saying her evidence was with the FBI/FBI were investigating. How the fuck are the FBI supposed to investigate without a key piece of evidence?

No. 923951

How convenient! He’s friends with Chris AND detective Moss?! Totally believable!

Yeah, this honestly reeks of a publicity stunt. Whether it’s Chris or Vince behind it, this shit is fake as hell

No. 923953

Wow this is quite the spectacle. I have a feeling Vincent is just getting started and if Chris’s buddy keeps antagonizing him this will turn into a glorious shit show. I wonder how long before Vincent starts teaming up with Greg and getting into slap fights with the victims. I’m sure if he hasn’t already emailed Greg offering him dirt he will any day now. It’s not like these people have morals and Vincent needs to find a new way to get attention. Maybe he will go on DP and circle jerk with Billy and Jeff Holiday.

No. 923954

gene is social engineering. that's it.

No. 923956

At least they can have fun in their little anti-o circle jerk echo chamber, desperately crawling up Chris Hansen's ass while he lies to the victims they claim to care so much about. These people are sad as hell.

No. 923959

You can change the usernames of people you’re talking to whatever ‘nickname’ you want it to be. I’m not buying it’s someone talking to Hansen. I can’t help but feel the whole lot of these people who’ve come into this recently to expose one another are fishy as hell.

No. 923962

>I don’t know what’s worse, this loser or the idiots in the comments blindly believing him with no proof
I agree, shit looks staged. We have no idea who Gene is, just that he's an asshole who likes to dox, commit dangerous acts of autism >>916860, pretend he's 1337 HAXORZ >>923156, all while claiming to have ties with Hansen/Vince, and no one with a functional brain cell would believe anything those two frauds had to say.

No. 923967

After catching up on this thread, and previously hearing about laptopgate, I’m mad at myself to have even bought into the CH hype. I watched each stream until Luxymoo, then I got over it. The hopeful part of me wanted to think Sarah would get justice, but the world works in fucked up ways. Chris shouldn’t be covering this anymore, Sarah needs to contact the FBI on her own accord, and all of the other victims should drop CH and Co. ASAP. They’re “heartbroken” because they placed faith blindly into two old hacks, instead of going to TRUE members of LE. Had Sarah turned the computer/phones over to the FBI herself, or even alerted local police about a computer she received from the Anuses, containing CP—she would have had more progress on the case at a quicker pace.
While I can’t blame the victims entirely for this, entrusting someone with your abuse story, personal information, and vital evidence on your abuser is a situation that needs extensive research, as well as reputable sources. Not just watching TCAP and extending a branch to someone. I’m mad. Very mad. I truly hope Sarah gets this case straight, and that CH & Co. didn’t fuck it up for her.

No. 923968

>Maybe Vincent will go on DP and circle jerk with Billy and Jeff Holiday.

Funny you mention that. @27:31 Jeff starts talking about Gene >>923930. He claims to know Gene's real identity, that it's NOT Vincent, and that they work for Chris Hansen. He didn't say how he knows this, but I've long suspected that Gene was not Vincent.

Here's the timestamped link: https://youtu.be/0DyjHBC5V8M?t=1649

No. 923973

>I am black
Well, he did post black penises (and scat for some reason) >>917366, so maybe that much is true. He's still a massive autist. There's no way to verify whether or not Vince actually wrote what he's being accused of (not that I'd put it past him at all).

No. 923980

I can't get over the sheer amount of mass stupidity on twitter in general, no wonder pewdiepie fucked off from it. There are small pockets of intelligence but it's few and far between. So much asspatting, feelings over facts bullshit.

No. 923985

You can’t say they’re heartbroken without proof to show that. They’re all still following Hansen, including Regina being a mod still. The only person they’ve said anything publicly about is Vincent.

No. 923997

Wes said he asked Vince about these text msgs (that were directed at him) and Vince replied,
>no worries, it's all good
Vince didn't even deny it. Source in the description of the video.

Gene is still shady af though.

No. 923998

>They’re all still following Hansen, including Regina
I thought at least Sarah was no longer following him? Not sure about the other girls.

If any of them are still pinning their hopes on Hansen after everything that's happened, they're in for major disappointment. You'd think they'd take seriously what happened with Sarah and look to actual authorities/victims advocate groups for help.

No. 924006

How is it not relevant to her when the guy making up shit about investigating Onision, still works with Morse? I heard Hansen suggested Morse may represent the victims in a legal suit. If that's true, the victims WILL lose that suit, that's if they even go to court before Morse sees his own trial and possible incarceration. It boggles my mind that some of them still retweet and support Hansen like he's worth a shit. That's the kind of stupidity I expect from the anti-o's.

No. 924013

Cap when Gene first showed up.
>Followed by Chris Hansen
>Now he's claiming to work with Chris Hansen
>His twitter account was the first to follow Hansen twice
>Gene was the person to first request the 911 audio and incident reports which meant they had to know the case number.
3 of Gene's aliases.
Gene's leaked text messages from Vincent.
Gene's and Hansen's accounts tweeting directly to each other.
>Vince told Mista GG "there's no such thing as bad publicity"
>Jeff claims Gene works for Chris Hansen

Gene doxxed Onision's extended family and made various threats. If it's proven beyond a doubt that he's working with/employed by Hansen, that's going to put Hansen in a lot deeper shit than he's already in. So much fuckery.

I wouldn't be surprised if all 3 of these boomers - Gene, Hansen and Vince - were doing major theatre right now to get attention on manufactured drama and off of what they've done to the victims. Of course it's all going to backfire spectacularly, no one paying attention is going to forget these incompetent fuckwits lied to the victims.

No. 924017


Add this to the fact Vincent told Deity >>917349
>someone "hacked" his phone and leaked inappropriate images of his wife.
>he (Vince) got "emails from hackers" showing him Onision's location

I think it's safe to say Vince knows Gene.

No. 924043

File: 1580037717928.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, lol.png)

The rapping Elmo at the end nearly killed me. Wasn't expecting that. Also, Vince is a pussy.

No. 924044

I'm sure he is black. I'm even more sure that I'm Joe Pesci. No one associated with Hansen can be trusted.

No. 924045

Even though Chris doesn't run his sm, it has HIS name on it, it's HIS "brand", he owns it. If he's been totally oblivious to what Vince and Gene (his employees) have been doing, he should get the fuck off the internet.

No. 924047

And how convenient would that be for you, huh? All these people are shady as fuck, including this Wes person and I’m starting to see slips in their twitter campaign

No. 924048

File: 1580039689990.png (205.92 KB, 598x592, womp womp.png)

Someone in the comments said "vince was a volunteer", yeah, because Chris literally has NO MONEY to pay anyone.

Creditors Are Hunting “To Catch A Predator” Host Chris Hansen For Millions Of Dollars Of Unpaid Debt

No. 924049

If you have evidence anon, post the caps.

No. 924055

>website suspended due to non payment
Why are some idiots saying Vince wrote that? It's a message from the web hosting service/service provider, not Vince. Hansen's not paying his bills, shocking.

No. 924059

totally cause the web provider would put Chris mugshot and a pic of onion as a background for none payed websites

No. 924072

It's because retards on social media refuse to have shit handled professionally. Instead of privately dealing with the matter they prefer to make cringey tweets and gofundmes to speak their so called truth in the messiest way possible.
It's definitely milkier this way but it isn't going to lead to the justice the kids and Sarah deserve.

No. 924113

File: 1580056807397.png (Spoiler Image, 238.18 KB, 820x643, Screenshot_20200126_083940.png)

Anyone else sick of madison's bpd on twitter?

No. 924120

File: 1580058075656.png (26.8 KB, 515x114, twt.png)

I can't with this overdramatic bitch. Yesterday she inferred that Billy/Greg/Lainey/whoever else started off as her ~fans~, whined some more, posted two suicide bait tweets, and went AWOL to make everyone think she an hero'd. Her first tweet after coming back from that (after waiting the appropriate amount of time to get enough people worried) was another thirst trap.

I'm surprised that vid hasn't gotten out sooner, I found it once while looking for her leaked messages about Lainey and Sarah. GG Madison, new fodder to victimize yourself.

No. 924126

Maddison is the fucking worst. She’s a whiny attention whore who’s so desperate to be the worlds biggest victim. I pity her daughter so much, She’s going to grow up with a narcissist for a mother. Madison is the type of mom that would try to steal her daughters boyfriends because she can’t handle male attention not being on her

No. 924267

So she was upset with billy now? Jfc doesn’t she realize when you keep finding yourself in drama with people over and over usually that’s a reflection on how you are and less about the other people. She should just stick to using sm for whatever work she does and stop being an attention whore.

No. 924283

Hansen is not a cop or any form of law enforcement. No one the victims have been in touch with via Hansen has been (c'mon, Mike Morse may not be hacked or a hacker but he is an absolute hack, a cha)…

The fact that Hansen/Vince were made aware of victim's advocates (they help victims file initial reports and inform them of what charges can be pressed and if they want to still do so; ultimately it is the decision of the victim) and NEVER utilized them says it all. This whole thing has been an exploit.

No. 924288

Thats a great example there to set for your little girl, Madison.
Classy girl.

No. 924303

All of the victims have had ample opportunities to persue this legally if they had wanted to. Sarah has said many times she didn’t want to do that and they have all consented to sharing their stories not just on Hansen’s platform but did interviews with a few others including Newsweek. I’m not here defending anyone but the narrative keeps focusing on how Hansen is exploited everything yet none of these girls have shared those same sentiments and in fact one is still a mod on his platform. If this is their decision which clearly it is that should be respected.

No. 924306

I have some theories on why they haven't but here's the thing; people keep wanting Onision in jail. He isn't going to get there unless a report is filed. If someone has evidence of abuse and wants to see justice served, they go to the police with it and they have to do it themselves which sucks & is a traumatic experience in itself. This is why advocacy programs exist; they offer whatever resources are needed and support the choice of the victim.

Even without an arrest or conviction, if someone comes forward with evidence a crime happened, makes a testimony, but the evidence isn't enough to proceed forward to the prosecuting attorney they still can receive compensation which covers missed work, additional healthcare and doctor visits, etc.

Sarah submitted her laptop but under tweedle dee and tweedle dumbfuck it went nowhere. This is not how any of this works. When bringing awareness of how to find and preserve digital evidence many were surprised and hadn't done so.

What's being said and then what's happening doesn't seem to fit. It makes me question what the victims have been told.

No. 924323

I find it scetchy you mention that because it was actually one of the victims who had made a tweet about one these so called advocacy groups/people trying to cash in on them. It was posted further up the thread of Shiloh tweeting about someone named lola bohemia. The anon posted saying this person wanted to help them but they had some drama over wanting money from the victims. I think there’s definitely a lot of exploitation going on from various people in this and not just from Hansen.

No. 924333

File: 1580087886325.jpeg (639.46 KB, 1242x1787, F4587CCB-EE77-437D-BFF9-C311B1…)

Madison is back with her “muh BPD made me do it” bullshit, fuck outta here you attention whoring piece of trash

No. 924334

File: 1580087910452.jpeg (340.88 KB, 1242x1066, FDDB45FD-8E51-409D-A874-DBF471…)

No. 924335

If the girls expect to ever be taken seriously off of this circus then they're in for a rude awakening. This reeks of impulsivity and poor judgement.

No. 924337

File: 1580087958333.jpeg (86.66 KB, 750x270, 0F474ED9-4F3F-4FE6-B20C-62EDC2…)

Boo fucking hoo

No. 924349

File: 1580089537271.jpeg (64.45 KB, 750x1026, 337126A1-EE39-420B-ABDB-6DA695…)


No. 924351

HAHA. How many times is he trying to get suspended before he gives up, I wonder.

No. 924354

I didn't know his mugshot was on there lol, I haven't gone to the website. Either way web hosting service's do leave notices like that. If Vince is still accessing the site that means he's still paying the hosting provider, unless he's paying for his own server which I highly doubt. Not that it's terribly expensive to do so, but it does require a lot of man hours and know-how to maintain which everyone who knows Vince knows by now he's incapable of.

No. 924366

Initially most people put trust in Hansen because they thought he was trustworthy and credible, they believed he would move things forward legally.

His shady goings on over the last several years weren't widely known. Even now retards are still blowing smoke up his ass, believing he's "going to handle it" because he keeps bullshitting about all the connections he has in LE and the FBI. He's been saying that since day one, which made a lot of people think he was taking the proper steps, doing his due diligence and observing due process. We now know this isn't the case.

No. 924370

It was their poor decision though and if anyone is in fact truly concerned about these victims and their poor decisions they have the opportunity to go and talk to them but yet all I see are assumptions being made on their behalf when in fact nobody has even spoke with them about it. Except the tweet I suppose from Shiloh over someone who had reached out to her to help but yet the help was not wanted. I see so many anons also going on about some investigation and charges but the fact is none of these victims besides Sarah have anything they can charge him with. The nudes are debatable but Regina seems pretty content with her choices so far.

I’m probably the only anon here who does believe that the fbi was notified and because there’s nothing illegal here the only thing they can do is keep watch and collect information.

No. 924377

>Hansen is not a cop or any form of law enforcement.
People were lead to believe he had connections in LE because he said so repeatedly. He's a con-man.
>The fact that Hansen/Vince were made aware of victim's advocates and NEVER utilized them says it all.
Way before we found out about Sarah's laptop, I remember a few critical comments here and there over why Vince/Hansen were not utilizing victim's advocate services. Not knowing much about it then, I didn't think much of it, in retrospect it was a HUGE red flag.

No. 924389

>This is why advocacy programs exist; they offer whatever resources are needed and support the choice of the victim.
I hope the girls will still try this route. I've no doubt they've been lied to just as much, if not more so than the audience has. What I find pathetic are the anti-o's like Stevie, who still kiss Hansen's ass like he's going to accomplish anything. I don't see why they keep supporting Hansen when he's been caught out in blatant lies, and to the victims no less. These people are only interested in feeding their own validation.

No. 924395

File: 1580093612034.png (39.41 KB, 858x210, 48137131-0F60-401F-9F56-0E4DA0…)

This clown baleeted this.

No. 924406

File: 1580094647835.png (189.17 KB, 765x1357, mod statement.png)

That's the thing, Hansen/Vince led them on this entire time into believing something was being done legally - FBI >>923948. I know Regina's still modding on his platform which I admit seems sus on her part, especially after Hansen's mods released that public statement >>921501 (pic related)

Shiloh dipped, Skye stopped rt'ing Hansen awhile ago (she barely tweets anyway), same with Alicia and Sarah. I haven't seen Billie and Ayalla rt Hansen in a long time either. The only victim I've seen publicly supporting Hansen still, is Regina. Everyone else currently feeding into Hansen's bullshit are the anti-o's.

>If this is their decision which clearly it is that should be respected.

They haven't publicly spoken about it yet. All but one are actively supporting Hansen online. I don't expect a big public announcement from them re: Sarah being lied to, at least not right away.

No. 924411

This dude really needs to stop drunk tweeting.

No. 924446

It is sketchy as fuck. I'm fairly sure she posts/selfposts here.

I feel bad for most of the victims but this is nothing more than a cashgrab from all sides with the cliffhanger being "will onion go to jail?". How are we supposed to believe any investigation is happening when they failed to send the most promising and crucial evidence to the FBI? Now when this blows over and he brings in another victim nobody will take it seriously. They'll be desensitized or they won't have hope for punishment.

That Jian Ghomeshi video posted upthread was very interesting. There are so many parallels to this shitshow. I had never heard of it so I'm sharing interesting things about it here:

>musician/radio host Jian Ghomeshi accused of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse by seven women

>had a history of getting with much younger women, several of whom were in lower tiers and positions in media/entertainment
>one victim was an actress who stood to benefit from the attention and had a publicity ban removed to speak to the press
>the case became a form of entertainment for the public
>victims talked with each other and formed friendships despite orders not to
>at least one victim cherry picked and lied in hopes of strengthening her case
>also got important details wrong
>they ruined the case by speaking publicly and amongst each other about the trial and their desire for Jian to be locked up
>dirtbag walked free

No. 924463

File: 1580105999483.jpeg (2.63 MB, 1135x6458, 1579639268103-.jpeg)

(repost of better quality)

>Chris said in a statement that he "called the FBI immediately but didn't want to ship it [Sarah's devices] around without knowing the proper chain of custody.

>Time went by and (he) didn't hear anything back.

Nov. 20th 2019: At the end of Hansen's interview with Billie, Hansen mentioned the FBI for the first time saying he had a "conversation" with the FBI the day before, that "contact is being made within the Bureau between the different field offices involved here, across the country, including WA state."

Nov. 26th 2019: Vincent told Deity on stream that the FBI had Sarah's laptop, cellphone and mobile device.

Dec. 11th 2019: At the end of the interview with Rag Reynolds, Hansen said he had "updated information" from the FBI, saying "the Bureau had Onision on its radar for some time" and that his (Hansen's) interviewing the victims "gave the case more urgency in terms of an investigation."

Dec. 18th 2019: At the end of the interview with Lane, Hansen said he had "further information from the FBI", following with a vague "the investigation continues" and "the FBI will be examining potential evidence involving enticement, grooming and the transmission of cp, and it's a full fledged investigation."

So, if Hansen hadn't heard anything from the FBI or as he told Steven Asarch, "time went by", how was he getting "updated information" from the FBI as recently as December 18th? We know thanks to Steven, that the FBI never had custody of Sarah's evidence.

By the way, I don't believe any of this gross fuckery invalidates the victims at all. Their stories and experiences are still valid. They placed trust in the wrong people, as everyone's done from time to time.

No. 924465

File: 1580106164100.webm (9.07 MB, 640x360, VINCENT LYING NOV.webm)

No. 924468

>Shiloh tweeting about someone named lola bohemia.
The only mention of lola is here >>923252. There's nothing between her and Shiloh in this thread.

No. 924475

This >>913853 was shortly after the Vincent debacle and was in response to his actions at the time, not about lola or whoever else. That's why Stevie chimed in, which makes his last autistic rant all the more baffling.

No. 924476

I'm just gonna tinfoil and say Vince is still running Hansen's account. We know Hansen can't afford to pay anyone to replace him. Hansen/Vince have both actively engaged in deception, and Vince and Gene (if Jeff is to be believed) have both worked for Hansen. I don't think Hansen could have that many people working very closely with him as volunteers, not unless they're also shady with equally compromised backgrounds like Vince, Morse and Gene.

No. 924491

>FBI said (Hansen's) interviewing the victims "gave the case more urgency in terms of an investigation."
Urgent, yet despite that, the FBI somehow magically failed to retrieve Sarah's electronic devices. Right. If this girl were my sister I'd be legally knocking some heads, including Onision's.

No. 924543

I think what a lot of people don't understand is the only reason Chris (publicly at least) gave Vince the boot, is because the mods spoke up about him and shined a light on all of Vince's shitty behaviors. Had they not done this, Vince would most likely still be working with Chris. What they don't seem to understand is that Chris really isn't a whole lot better.

No. 924550

Some shrink-wannabe wearing a white blazer because he thinks it looks like a doctors coat, something that shrinks not wear, "analyzes" gregory poo by pulling everything out of his ass.
Fun fact: Shrinks are not allowed to analyze people like this when they're not a patient.
Part 1

No. 924553

Part 2.
This guy has a ton of videos about Gregory Poo by the way but I won't post them because the first one already almost put me to sleep.
Dude sure likes to hear himself talk, the gif's and very bad channel art really give off that professional therapist vibe there.
Dude makes Mike Morse seem legit.

No. 924566

Slightly ot but is anybody else getting "the Josh show" vibes from the try-hard Anoymous gene account? He clearly getting info both from here and over at kiwi but he hasn't figured out how to go through the old archived onion threads so he doesn't realise the sheer amount of onioninfo that's available. He also calls himself a "black hat" and all I see is Josh's trusty old fedora..

No. 924574


Maybe, but I don't think so. I was wondering if it was that Jesse guy because Jesse took the name of Greg's stepdad and Gene has an interest in Greg's family seeing how he doxed Greg's mother and sisters while everyone else seems to know that's a bridge too far.

No. 924576

I don't think it's him but I agree he give off the same vibes

No. 924577

If by this part in the story you haven't figured out yet that Gene is Vincent Nicotra there is little to no hope for you.

No. 924602

If by this part in the thread you haven't figured out how to sage there is little to no hope for you.

(jk anon)

Honestly though, Idc who vince/gene actually is I'm just enjoying the retarded sperging and attention whoring he's constantly displaying. Lolcows come and lolcows go, except they never ever really go anywhere. Narcissism is a helluva drug. Sadly this whole onion thing is in perpetual motion, everything changes and everything stays the same. He's awarded online notoriety every couple of years and everybody's outraged, rinse and repeat indefinitely. I just find it funny how they all behave almost identically online.

No. 924669

File: 1580156960637.jpg (215.4 KB, 1204x2048, IMG_20200127_202921.jpg)

Lmao nice MySpace layout bro

No. 924703

File: 1580159541349.png (77.33 KB, 1598x348, Screenshot_20200127_131122.png)

Anti-os are the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 924849

Like moths to a flame.

No. 924903

Joe "exposed" Billy the Fridge tonight for throwing him under the bus in his stream last night.

-Claims Billy is pretending to care about the victims.

-Claims Billy is a pedophile, spoke about wanting a harem in the past.

-Throws Billy back in his chair and humps his face.

-Says he asked Billy if he really thought Greg was guilty. Billy said no and it doesn't matter because everyone else thinks he's guilty.

I don't doubt his claims are true, but Joe seems completely unhinged.

No. 924922

File: 1580205554366.gif (12.53 MB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)

Lmfao I can't with this retard. If anybody has doubts about how much of a cow Stevie is just keep in mind he deleted his main channel because he had an autistic meltdown when he realized that the whole reason his obsession with Grugly exists is because he has more things in common with him than not and he was really just trying to make himself feel better about it by shitting on Onion. I know waterhead likes to pin this line of thinking on all of his critics but in Stevie's case it's the truth. Explains the chronic embarrassing comparisons he makes.

What is she going on about? Why is she posting all this on Twitter? Stop taking your emotional issues out on social media Madison, that would be a fantastic fucking start in the right direction.

Kek this bitch. What milk? Her boring commentary is lulzy at best: >Chris Hansen you better listen up see? finger wagging. Muh generation X wisdumb. I know how to help because AIDS epidemic and the gays

Please tell us how badly Chris Hansen is fucking up helping the victims (he is) while your self posting your shitty videos on image boards, desperately thirsting for engagement for adsense bux. You're no better genius.

No. 924925

wtf is this even. i dont get this guy. does he like to do the pointless edgy villain thing like fagboy does because he's developmentally arrested, or what? it's not funny or troll-y, whatever. he has already legitimately attacked people and gotten attacked. when he was living in some stupid as fuck youtuber house he started choking a dude (either legitimately or just more convincingly than choking billy) and the contestant smashed him over the head with a bottle and he got cut up. seems like legitimate anger in vid related. i don't get it. who does this appeal to? what is the point? it's not funny and how is he even making money? he has other videos from this time where he chokes and punches a woman after she bitchslaps him fairly lightly, again that anger seemed legit too. literally what is the point of this? it doesn't get him famous so…

No. 924935

>they all behave almost identically online.
It's like they're all cultivated in the same autistic petri dish.
Joe sounded unhinged af when he was pounding on Billy's door, screaming to be let in during the last livestream Billy did.

No. 924936

I tried watching one of this dudes videos awhile back, he talks out of his ass. If you want the pov of an actual mental health professional, @quintonclawson. He has a yt.

No. 924937

File: 1580209719674.jpg (122.7 KB, 724x1081, Boomer anonymous.jpg)

He claims to work for Hansen. He did leak this >>916309 and this >>923252, so who knows.

No. 924938

I think it's very likely that Hansen has more than one unscrupulous lackey in his orbit >>924013. He might not be getting paid, but Hansen's definitely giving him some kind of incentive.

No. 924939

>your self posting your shitty videos on image boards
LMAO. Anon she obviously has no clue what an image board is, how could she self post to one? I hope Chris sees her video so he can hear what an actual journalist has to say about him.

No. 924943

she's saying the stevie fans are milky. she's not saying she's milky. anyways, they are sorta milky. they're rabid and they've been posting in her comments on her videos that they've reported her to the non emergency lines for driving with a camera on.

No. 924952

File: 1580214901932.jpg (543.62 KB, 556x2158, Hansen FB.jpg)

Old FB posts on Hansen's channel had some "updates".

No. 924953

>seems completely unhinged.
The best part is, he has a daughter on the way.

No. 924954

If it weren't for Stevie's autistic unhinged rant last week, there wouldn't be an influx of Hansen stans to her channel. Like Stevie, they talk a lot of shit, pretending they actually know something. Stevie purposely mentioned Deity because that lady didn't want to name him to avoid drama. It must make him feel so manly, acting more like his soulmate Onision.

No. 924955

I've seen guys half Stevie's age with more maturity, no wonder he's single. He's effectively sent his audience of tryhards to hassle a middle aged woman for having an opinion he disagrees with. Classy.

No. 924975

Christ. Joe looks fucking insufferable as a person. No wonder he and Onision still talk to each other.

No. 925083

File: 1580244994134.jpeg (311.08 KB, 724x1081, 7A007BF7-53E3-410B-BFD2-48C411…)


No. 925095

Lol good catch

No. 925153

@cylints : claimed to have hacked Onision's email. Fucked off to a hugbox on Discord which he ran like a tyrant.

@hackingpredato1 : Very briefly tried to pass public information as privileged

@username_kno : Jesse / Donald Latsha (The latter is the name of Greg's exstepdad). Know it all liar who claimed multiple expertise and previous job titles. Concern trolled.

Gene : TBD

No. 925240

I don't really get this. Billy has a convo with Sarah about how 'sorry he is', then they make a video mocking the situation again the next day, lol?

No. 925280

File: 1580267243458.png (269.94 KB, 632x716, Screenshot_2020-01-29 Pescator…)

ss from Pescatore's twitter.

Someone took the jpg from there and uploaded it here. Maybe all the hurrdurr self post anons need to chill.

No. 925328

>no worries, it's all good
Until he loses his teaching job. kek

No. 925338

>Please subscribe to Mike Morse and his current court case for sexual assault and conspiracy to bribery here at…
That's some professional operation Hansen's running there, what a tight ship.

No. 925344

This pedo-supporter is a disgusting ass bitch. She should get her poor kid taken away from her already.

For what I've seen Billy goes from half-assedly apologizing to talking shit about Chris Hansen. Oh and did anyone see how joe treated him like shit and embarrased him in his stream? It was SO cringy, and billy just laid there on the floor and let joe say whatever he wanted and put his balls on his face

No. 925357

Was Billy mocking the situation? I only saw Joe doing that, but then Joe mocks literally everything.

No. 925358


>Boomer Gene to Vincent: Just tell us why you are fucking with Chris, we would really like to know Vincent

No honor among thieves, it's that simple. They'll all turn on each other under the right conditions, guaranteed. Probably Gene will turn on Chris once he's finished doing whatever "favors" he owes him. Bunch of clowns posing as adults and professionals.

No. 925382

If they publicly go after each other instead of settling it privately like adults, Gene or whoever tf it is leaking ss of his convos with Hansen (obviously with Hansen's permission), I'm calling this a PR stunt. >>923948

No. 925385

It's always Joe doing that, even in the stream where they visited onion's house. But he let's it happen which he should not after all the backlash and talking to Sarah

No. 925388

I mean…kinda? He's doing nothing but laughing at Joe's jokes while knowing what the fake comedy rant's about. He didn't stop this kind of shit in the interview with Jimmy ( okay, let him have a pass for that one ) and he didn't stop it now with Joe either.
Can't be all "supporting the victims" then laughing at shit like "they aren't survivors, they should be called rape me nevers" ( or whatever was said by Joe ).
As far as Joe goes I'm totally not surprised he's friends with Jimmy. At least he bluntly said he doesn't give a shit, though.

No. 925390

>he chokes and punches a woman after she bitchslaps him fairly lightly,
Found it. I expect nothing less from friends of Onision.
Joe always seems like he's minutes away from an "accidental" homicide. Fine he was mad for getting hit but he could've easily gone too far and broke her neck. Billy meanwhile just fucking sits there like a lump while it's all happening on TOP of him. The girl in blue stomps on Joe at the end.

No. 925392

It's not just Onision. What does it say about Billy that he still calls this guy a friend?

No. 925588

What a loser. I have some hesitation in calling billythefridge a douche but most of these people in this drunken pheasants circle are terrible people. The drunken pheasants themselves have all had sketchy drama including TJ.

It’s really no wonder they are all friends

No. 925677

It was mentioned before in the onion thread but some anons speculated that the reason sarah hasn't done anything with the laptop is to protect lainey. We've never had a mention from any of the girls that onion sent nudes or received nudes. If Sarah still loves lainey it makes sense. Thoughts?

No. 925684

>the reason sarah hasn't done anything with the laptop is to protect lainey.
She didn't even have the laptop for two months because she sent it to Vince ( thinking it's going to get forwarded to the FBI ). That alone says that even if she still has feelings for Lainey she was still willing to seek legal justice regardless.
Dunno what her intentions from this point on are, though.

No. 925751

File: 1580358363380.jpg (29.44 KB, 668x668, image0.jpg)

Is it safe to assume that Hansen has run out of people
Regina came back on to reiterate things, twitterfags cope by saying it's for awareness

No. 925752

I believe she even said in her first interview that she still has feelings for both of them, she said that because being with them for so long was hard to just stop feeling for them. Which is understandable.

No. 925784

File: 1580370081857.jpeg (18.07 KB, 606x112, 08508FC2-C776-4B85-B4A7-1CCBC3…)

Chris apologized on his latest YouTube video on Gurg. Not once did he mention Vincent’s name kek

Vincent is now using his sister, a divorce lawyer, as a shield. This screen shot is from Baked Salmon’s Twitter.

No. 925800

I'm really surprised nobody has mentioned Sam/Chris should interview her since she lived there for alittle bit, babysitting and dealing with the onion family from the inside.

No. 925805

How do some people keep missing the fact that Sarah was lied to? She was led to believe something was being legally done with her devices by both Hansen and Vince, which makes Hansen's latest apologetic tripe >>925784 nothing but a fucking joke to me. For the longest time he kept making excuses for not firing Vince, making it easier for Vince to get away with more shit, and now he pretends like he's sorry about it? I don't buy it.

Vince is just the fall guy, a convenient scapegoat for how south Hansen's "investigation" project has gone, when it's Hansen himself who's supposed to be at the helm and he's dropped the ball repeatedly. Then there's the people fawning all over Hansen for his nice, flowery words (damage control), who have the attention span of a goldfish and couldn't think critically to save their lives.

No. 925807

It looks like he had Regina on to give an air of legitimacy to what he was saying, to make himself appear more sincere, like he was actually helping the victims, which of course some people are dumb enough to fall for. Real professionals don't spin their wheels and make excuses which is all he's done up to this point.