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File: 1568604898686.jpg (113.5 KB, 1080x1148, 1568567336638.jpg)

No. 704388

Thread Image: >>703848
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No. 729223


Link to the stream.

Minor nitpick: Regina lookslike a clown in that makeup, but at least she's telling her story to Chris.

No. 729225

Lainey called regina sexy and regularly talked to her in a romantic context when she was 15 and lainey was 19.

No. 729227

>Kai answered a Skype chat topless with regina when she was still underaged

No. 729228

much body dysmorphia

No. 729229

>sarah, regina and lainey all where in a group chat where they would share "thirst trap" (sexually suggestive) photos of eachother. Regina was 16 at the time.

No. 729231

File: 1573694110392.png (1.45 MB, 1130x1388, xxmot56.png)

Wow, so Regina just basically said "thirst traps" were a tactic that Kai actually used to lure girls in..

No. 729233

>Regina brings up the "banter" line that lainey would use to justify talking sexually to her underaged friends.

No. 729235

We know for sure that Plainey was just grooming them for Greg and not herself. I hope they mention that.

No. 729236

>Regina sent lainey nudes where she was "completly naked, grabbing her chest, bent over". Lainey sent photos of herself topless and nude in the mirror.

No. 729238

You don't have to green text, anon.

No. 729240

>lainey wanted regina fly down for their wedding to take pictures

No. 729241

Regina said Kai lost interest in her around 18 as if she started to age out. Creepy.

No. 729242

Regina confirms that lainey had an eating disorder (would only eat tic tacs) and greg dismissed this by saying she was fine

No. 729244

I think Kai’s a predator by her own account cause Regina said Kai would hide their “friendship” from Onision cause Kai thought Greg would get mad at how young her friends were.

No. 729245

Well yeah she is, her actions make her a pedo without a doubt. But once those girls were properly groomed, she was going to serve them up in a platter for Greg like she did to Sarah. It's why she got back in contact with Regina. Plainey doesn't like pussy, Greg does. Plainey wants to use them emotionally and Greg physically.

No. 729246

She looks great anon. You act like she's too old for cabaret.

No. 729247

Oh boy, "Kai is transitioning"? No, she isn't. She'll never transition,

No. 729248

Didn't say anything like that.

Nope, she never will. Greg needs tits after all and he's not getting any more teens with Taylor in hiding.

No. 729249

I legit thought she might be starting T only to realize she's just aging terribly. Greg would probably never let her anyways.

No. 729251

Yeah, it's just Greg doing what he always does and sucking the life out of the women he abuse.

No. 729253

Regina doesn't want twitterfags pretending to be cops doing an investigation into Greg selling photos of minors, she wants the proper authorities to do so.

No. 729256

then she needs to talk to the authorities… "not yet" isn't ok because we all know this will just continue to go on until Greg and Taylor are finally held accountable legally

No. 729257

I feel bad for Regina. She's lucky her mom stopped her from visiting the swamp but she clearly got really fucked up by Lainey like when Lainey asked her out and a month later she finds out Lainey is with Billie. It sounds like dumb teenager stuff but that shit hurts.

Regina says she's 3 years sober. Good for her.

No. 729259

I agree. I'm hoping it's just a matter of digging up those nudes and Chris will help with that.

No. 729261

gotta love how Chris hasn't mentioned & most likely won't acknowledge greg's disturbing sexual harassment towards him. that's gonna make greg narc ego feel tiny

No. 729263

Regina said that someone posted her nudes to a popular drama site. Any idea which one she's talking about? This one doesn't allow photos of minors, especially not nudes.

No. 729267

Its possible they were posted here but then removed but idk if I'd consider this a "popular drama site".

No. 729268

Same here. Maybe she meant KF.

No. 729271

Chris is talking about the bizarre harassment that Greg's been doing to him and his team. He pretty much glosses over it which will make Grog mad kek.

No. 729275

onion and krainey getting v&'d

i think christmas is about to arrive really, really soon.

No. 729529

Nudes were posted in the early onionflakes threads, it was a clusterfuck of onioncord patron's dropping each others nudes as a wierd revenge for catching senpaigurgkai attenshuns. Most were removed instantaneously by farmhands/admin. Strangely enough most of the hardcore onionfags were/are fucking psychotic. Iirc there was a specific discord server where nudes were dropped (looking at you sylar and co.) shudder

No. 731467

Anyone like watching it like right now?

No. 731468

yep! its so fucked how onion orchestrated all of it

No. 731469


Yes. B discussing how her first time with Krai and Greg. Greg was apparently giving Kai instructions on how to touch B

No. 731470

Yeah, Billie seems very nervous so far.
No new milk so far.

No. 731471

pedonison is ragetweeting right now

No. 731473

Link to stream. Billie's definitely really nervous.

No. 731475

ew why on earth does he insist on posting """"erotic""""" tweets

No. 731477

because he's an insecure narcissistic faggot

No. 731478

She does seem really nervous but I'm glad she's coming forward with her story.

No. 731479

He made Billie and Ayalla sign contracts to stay a week longer. Chris is hella shocked.

No. 731480

What does a contract even do in this situation? Make it "illegal" for them to leave? He's so fucking stupid.

No. 731481

billie's saying she's signed countless contracts wtf

No. 731482

Extremely nervous. It shows that this wasn't planned, like the last interviews, but more of a last minute thing.
I think she's gathering herself a little more now.

No. 731483

Gerg made her sign 4-5 contracts?? jesus

No. 731484

He made her sign a lot of contracts. She thinks they're enough to fill a folder. He typed them up and made them sign but the idiot genuinely thought that was legal when it wasn't. She knows that now. Chris is going off.

No. 731485

File: 1574299854605.png (202.44 KB, 531x311, wow.png)

No. 731486

She’s talking about contracts now and Chris is all shocked. Billie almost didn’t bother to explain it until he asked her to elaborate

It’s always fascinating how the girls bring something up casually and Chris is like “wait a minute… WHAT?”

No. 731487

>i need your finest potions

No. 731488

Onion and Chive pushed Billie and Sarah into babysitting.

No. 731489

She's now affirming that Greg never does anything around the house and that Kai felt entitled to Sarah and Billie cleaning and babysitting. If they didn't, she said Kai would "have some sort of fit or meltdown."

No. 731491

To no one's surprise. Lainey would rather spend time staring at her phone and vague tweeting than raise her own kids.

No. 731492

Billie walked upstairs and Lainey was naked in the bath with Sarah in the bathroom. Like it was a normal thing to do.

No. 731493

B says that the tub thing actually happened; Lainey was naked in the tub while Sarah sat in the bathroom with her. Sarah was a minor at the time.

No. 731495

Billie said that Grog never threatened to blackmail her, he just did it. We knew this already but it's sad to hear her say it.

No. 731496

billie looks like shes about to cry, god i feel so bad for her to go back and remember all this bullshit

No. 731497

Lainey looks worse and worse with each interview.

No. 731498

Krai is so fucked.

No. 731500

Chris asked Billie if Greg ever tried to blackmail her by threatening to post info/pictures/etc of her. She said no, because he would just do it, he never threatened beforehand. lol.

No. 731501

He wanted to shave Billie's head to be forgiven and to prove her love for them. He knew that she wanted to be a cosmetologist and wanted to make her hate her appearance.

No. 731507

Greg would deliberately cause drama between Billie and Plainey just for the hell of it. Probably to manipulate them into trusting him as the middle man. They both caught on to what he was doing when they were alone.

No. 731508

Jimmy is Regina George lmao.

No. 731509

She has over twenty emails from Grog still asking for her back.

No. 731510

greg still sends billie emails begging her to come back

No. 731511

Pleeeease don't cut it off before mentioning the chaining, tattoo and other shit…It's really damn important.

No. 731512

It says a lot about Lainey that she knew this was happening and yet still blames Billie for all of it. Mega doormat mode.

No. 731513

Chris is surprised that Billie gets called a homewrecker.

No. 731514

kai is just as bad as onion boy

No. 731518

Billie wishes for Greg to get help and he doesn’t deserves his platforms, he abuses his platforms

it’s hard to say anything to Lainey because Billie had feelings but initially she wants to say “get out” but ultimately says “you knew better”

No. 731520

Bless billies heart for not knowing what blackmail means or what a cult is

No. 731521

greg tried to get billie's best friend to come up with her

No. 731524

Gurg needs a death penalty.
But fuck Billie less benzos before this interview.

No. 731526

Noticed that too. I'm surprised the basement stuff wasn't mentioned.

No. 731527

Yea Billie seems quite naive and she doesn't seem to really grasp how bad the situation was even now. I'm surprised she didn't bring up that Lainey was pregnant the whole time.

No. 731528

billie seems kinda like an idiot

No. 731529

It's clear that Billie doesn't want to talk about it or how the kids are treated. I really hope she tells Chris off camera about those things in case they're useful for any legal investigations.

No. 731530

Yeah, the most damning things weren't talked about at all.


No. 731532

Chris has spoken to the FBI about the investigation.

No. 731533

Billie was clearly uncomfortable and Chris wasn't about to push or pressure her, all considering. She did good.

No. 731534

Hes gone to the FBI with the stuff from sarah and regina it sounds like

No. 731540

She was. She said that she got pummeled by messages from Greg's fans and still does occasionally. She's been scared ever since.

No. 731541

I get the strong sense that Billie doesn't really want to get involved or get anyone in trouble. I definitely saw Sarah holding back a lot too but Billie just didn't want to say anything bad about Greg or Lainey. Such a shame, really.

No. 731545

Chris Hansen just confirmed that he’s been in contact with the FBI and that the info is of interest. Although the onions were careful, there’s the reality of having nudes of anyone under 18 being a federal crime. Very good chance of a criminal investigation.

No. 731547

No new milk

No. 731548

Vince, please for the love of god mention the basem-, no it's over. Shit.

No. 731557

Soooo Billie confirmed waht?

No. 731558

It always surprises me how the girls will mention some serious things so nonchalantly. Such as Sarah saying Greg and Kai would have sex with C on the same bed, while Billie confirmed the bathtub thing with Sarah and Kai.

Also Billie saying T and C are attatched to Kai. Doesn't surprise me but it's kind of scary.

No. 731560

She confirmed Sarah watching Lainey bathe.

No. 731566

So nothing new?

No. 731570

The new thing is that the FBI is getting involved.

No. 731586

Yea but Sarah is still young, she will come around. Billie seems way more lost.

No. 731877

I mean, Billie is only 22. Sarah is what, 19? They're both young.

No. 731882

okay what SHOULD billie have talked about?

No. 732041

Are people still giving Billie shit? lol.

No. 732304

Lainey is not okay

No. 732366

Care to elaborate anon

No. 732377


One can only hope.

No. 732503

No disrespect to Billie or what she's been through, but I felt it was more or less a pointless interview and she really didn't have much to contribute to a case against the swamp couple. Being an asshole isn't against the law. Gurg and Krai broke no laws with her. She is a victim, but not of a crime. She's a victim of a narcissist's abuse.

No. 732522

It's a shame she didn't mention anything about how the kids were treated and what the kids' behaviors were like, or anything she witnessed involving sarah besides lainey bathing in front of her. As others have said the basement "request" should really have been brought up, if only to show his continued pattern of abuse and humiliation of women

No. 733462

It was frustrating when she stopped herself and said she wasn't sure if she was "allowed" to talk about the kids. If she didn't want to broach the subject then that's one thing, but the whole moratorium on talking about the shallots was imposed on her by the Onions and it seemed like she was still scared to talk about it. I do wish she'd had the forethought to reflect on what SHE wanted to say. Def looked like she felt pressured into doing the interview and was reluctant to be there

No. 734002

Lainey better tell the truth if she doesn't to go to jail

Justice and truth prevails in the end :))))(:)))))

No. 736328

Isn't Billie ex-gay now? Her thread is fucking buried and I can't find which farmer said it

No. 736366

>Being an asshole isn't against the law.

true but there's a thing known as a "character witness" for a reason

No. 737373

Here we go, it started

No. 737380

lol fucking gurgles literally showed up in a joker costume to pick up billie and ayalla, the god damn clown

No. 737381

He talked to Ayalla about the square comment he made to Sarah.

No. 737384

Chris's face really puts into perspective how bizarre all of this really is, lol.

No. 737387

They brought up the basement.

No. 737389

His face sums up every Onion thread.

No. 737390

I want to see Chris' reaction to Billie being doxxed after she was on his stream!

No. 737391

File: 1575509497076.png (402.12 KB, 611x338, the thinking man.PNG)

No. 737395

lol kai confirmed for crying again

No. 737396

he's the one that got onion taken off patreon for it so i dont think he has much of a response to give live

No. 737401

File: 1575510342098.jpeg (455.81 KB, 828x891, 9DEF19C3-3306-4D32-A957-0B185F…)

Ayalla is gonna be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, I think. The chat is going insane and donations are flowing in.

No. 737402

We knew that she'd be honest but she's really spilling all the fucking milk without hesitation.

No. 737403

Onision has 8 channels?

No. 737404

I wish the show was longer, an hour doesn't seem enough right now. She's doing amazing.

Lol, 100 % on point.

No. 737407

Ayalla just said Kai told Billie she was worried about her daughter because of how James treats woman

No. 737408

he has a lot of channels including old gaming and archive channels that he's still holding on to, some arent active

No. 737409

she's also claimed she and her mom offered Sarah a place at their house as a foster kid

No. 737412

No wonder Kainey doesn't want to be a woman

No. 737419

Christ there have been like at least 3 or 4 $100 donations that I’ve seen and I’m not even actively watching, just popping in every once in a while. Chris Hansen’s pocket thanks you, Ayalla.

No. 737420

Ayalla is also a blue haired smol bean(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 737422

Is Billie with Ayalla? There's a 2nd shadow, who looks like they're crying?

No. 737474

why does this whole thing feel like chris hansen is trying to become relevant again by dragging a failing youtuber because he's a horndog?
Chris hansen isn't a saint either.


the guy is a con artist check bouncing guy trying to stay relivant.
I know that he's part of chan culture but damn, this stinks of people trying to make a buck on the internet
all this drama just spirals their incomes up during the shitstorm.

No. 737478

Old milk

No. 737480

Silly anon, you said horndog instead of sexual predator

No. 737522


Sounding like a Onision stan. Fuck off

No. 737571

alright, onion shill.

No. 737615

You misspelled “predator”, nonnie. Was Chris Hansen using all of the “To Catch A Predator” fucks for a check too? Even if he was, at least he’s doing SOMETHING (huge) to spread the word about the turd.

No. 737663

File: 1575566748406.png (101.39 KB, 329x188, absolute cringe.png)

I love the face he made when Ayalla told him about Greg making her sign another contract. You can really see the pure, unfiltered cringe.

No. 741736

Anyone watching live?

No. 741737


No. 741740

Ngl, this is a bit boring for now.

No. 741741

Couldn’t agree more

No. 741743

Only interesting thing so far is Chris was disgusted that Greg got away with showing his baby carrot on youtube.

No. 741745

Did he though? I only saw his hand, there was no full frontal nudity?

No. 741747

She said you could see his genitals in that video. He is naked so it's weird as fuck, but you can't actually see his pen. This is the least compelling interview this girl suuucks

No. 741748

peeling back the layers of the onion kek thankyou chris

No. 741749

consider this a nitpick but the abrupt pauses in between her sentences is very hard to listen to, I understand she's nervous but it's clear she doesn't have that much to say…

No. 741750

FBI is looking more into evidence and is looking at enticement, grooming and CP charges so the end is nigh for Onion

No. 741751

Yeah, this one was a complete waste of time. >>741750 is the only real info, but we knew that before.

No. 741754

Yeah Lane gave nothing of value that wasn't already known.

No. 741755

I think Jaclynn Glenn is slated for an interview… THAT should be interesting

No. 742152

I had this reccomended. Not sure if it was posted but I did search someguy in the thread.

Onion claims he is an abuse victim and wrote his story on it.
Pretty interesting to watch

No. 742872

Just reminding anons to post here if you want to discuss the ls, not in the main thread.

Although, I can't imagine it being remotely interesting tonight. We'll see.

No. 742873

No. 742874

Lainey, Lainey. You're so fucked.

No. 742875

Who is adam? I feel kind of off with him right now already, at least without any background or small receipt.

No. 742878

Agreed. We never even heard of this person before. There's no receipts, proof, or even the other young girls (that I've seen) talking about Adam. From the wording and hesitation, it truly feels like someone just riding this "train" for clout. Something feels extremely off with this entire interview.

No. 742879

We all probably know about as much as you do, lol - nothing. I'd like to believe Chris & co at least did a screening before the interview, though.
We don't need to see the receipts ( although that'd be amazing ), but I do hope the team did & aren't just taking this at face value.

No. 742880


I feel weird questioning the validity of this person, but going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They seem very young mentally (as well as physically) and very easy to manipulate. It makes me wonder if there's A LOT more victims out there and they were just trying to gather as many young people as they could. Would make sense why Hansen asks about it being a cult constantly. He most likely knows a lot we don't know.

No. 742882

Yea I don't want to disbelieve and not necessarily need to see proof but I'm hoping Chris is taking in some credibility behind scenes. I'm not surprised if people come forward that stayed silent so I'll do my best to remain optimistic on it's truth for now.

No. 742884

Adam seems pretty sincere honestly, he's getting really vulnerable with Chris

No. 742887

you always know that chris is running out of things to say when he starts asking about the youtube algorithm

No. 742905

Is this that little girl who recently was like "lainey doesnt just prey on girls she likes boys too cuz she preyed on me" ? Some tumblrina tranny who didnt provide any proof

No. 743031

Hansen has been a journalist for decades you idiots. Of course he/his team screens interviewees beforehand. None of the victims have to provide “receipts” for the benefit of ransoms on the internet - they only have to provide them for the FBI!

No. 743065

Yall need to lurk moar we already discussed this moncherri cherrimon whatever chick who sent a pic of her tits to kain on snapchat

No. 744953

Link for the shitshow boom tsss today. I think they set the timing wrong. It's suppose to start at the same time it usually does. ( in an hour )

No. 744978

Jimmy felt up poopbeck's ass, ay.

No. 744986

I cackled at Chris Hanson asking what Naruto running is.

No. 744988

Same, lmao. "So, nothing sexual?"
I'm actually enjoying this stream, though.

No. 744991

beck is actually being useless, she was a whole adult going into that house and is now making herself out to be the victim

no new information, just her trying to get some clout online. actually disgusting behaviour considering the real victims

No. 746745

No. 746771

Loving this one so far.

No. 746778

"Thank you to Erica for pointing out two spelling mistakes". Lmao, I didn't even know about that.
I know there are going to be anons complaining about the interview, it's the usual Whine Thursday, but for me she's knocking it out of the park.

No. 746780

……Fuck me, LOL. Vince's mug cursed the stream.

No. 748686

No. 748696

Greg used to pay Plainey $100 whenever he insulted her.

Plainey also went deadpanned face when Jaclyn played with Troy.

No. 748698

His name's not even Greg.

No. 748700

Jesus, he's such a creep. Redundant, I know, but this e-mail's…a bizarre thing to send.
What the fuck.

No. 751040

is anyone going to be watching the livestream with stevie?

No. 751041

No. 751044

he just gave a non-explanation about vince and the laptop.

No. 751050


Only to watch Stevie make a spectacle of himself.

So far Mike Morse has claimed that Chris is the one who's been harassed by onision, not the other way around. Pretty much onions going to get laughed out of court

No. 751053

Insane that 23k people are watching this.

Lots of people are mentioned Mike Morse (Chris Hansen's lawyer) has a bunch of sexual assault charges, and if you google him it's true.

No. 751054

it probably will get dismissed but Hansen isn't getting harassed either WTF? Why in the hell is it everyone who goes after Onision ends up being so stupid. Mike is a idiot attorney from a different state with his own issues he should be taking care of.

No. 751056

"multiple open active investigations" according to chris.

No. 751057

Stevie's playing internet doctor, he has no idea if the child will recover or not.

No. 751060

just want to say that chris has repeated that there are numerous open investigations, but won't say for what. i'm assuming that if this is true the only real investigation is regards what happened to cloey.

No. 751062

10/10 worth the watch. He's making himself look like an idiot and he's been on for less than 15 mins.

"You don't recover from a hematoma"

He doesn't know the severity of it, from the police report.

No. 751065


Serving someone with fake legal papers and making repeated sexual comments toward a person is harassment. I don't think it's enough for a legal case, idk about Washington, but Chris has been harassed.

No. 751069

not really, there are a lot of normies who are extremely interested in greg now.

No. 751071


They weren't fake he went to a courthouse and filed for a Anti-Harassment order. He truly believes he is being harassed so it isn't illegal. He made stupid videos on a public figure it isn't like he walked up to some random person and sexually harassed them. Hansen is not being harassed. Onision is not being harassed. I bet if Hansen tried to file on Onision it would be thrown out too.

No. 751072

i never understood why people disliked stevie so much but now i do. he's a blowhard and he says 'proclivity' too much.

No. 751080


He seems like he's on the spectrum.

Dude needs to remember to breathe once and awhile.

No. 751081

stevie just said he thinks grug made $20-30 million during his heyday on youtube. fucking kek

No. 751087

The way Stevie apologizes under his breath after every rant he goes on is cringe

No. 751088

"Somebody severely in denial" Yeah, to put it mildly.

No. 751090

the chat is like a who's who of other cows and cow-adjacents: repzion, edwin, repzilla. the only person who could possibly have made it better would have been joy sparkles.

No. 751091

Predictable. Everyone who wasn't licking Stevie's asshole knew that it would be a mistake to have him interviewed and this is exactly why. His theories are fucking crazy and he's just letting the flood gates open.

No. 751093

"pierce county sherriff's department now confirming multiple open investigations". he's mentioning harvey weinstein and jeffrey epstein. he also asked stevie to come on the show again.

there was a lot of trolling in the superchats, too.

No. 751095

it's probably just the really useful counter argument for court. greg made those sexual innuendo tweets and videos about hansen, it's hard to claim harassment when you do that.

No. 753591

No. 753592

15 streams in: So what should the victims do? Lol.

No. 753598

Apparently there's one "Australian male victim." Thoughts?

No. 753601

Why is Regina on here again? Looking like a clown again too, but what could she possibly add that she hasn't already? It's about time they got someone from the county on too. I feel like Chris should have had him on there sooner.

No. 753679

If it isn't Adam the tranny the probably another MtF
Onion doesn't like boys

No. 755645

Is anyone going to be watching it live?

No. 755653

Shiloh said she went quiet because she was getting a lot of hate because of Jimmy.
Kinda don't buy it, she was getting so much support ever since her interview.

No. 755655

They're getting a "cult expert" on the series in the future.

No. 755656

she's talking about back when she and onion had just broken up, not right now. she was definitely getting a lot of hate back then

No. 755657

I'll rewatch that part, I thought the convo was about why she went dark now.
I remember the hate, yeah.

No. 755680

Why a cult expert? A former pimp would work better, I think.

No. 755692

No idea, anon. You know they're trying to push this cult aspect really hard.

No. 757165

No. 757196

"irritating and somehow grotesque and offensive"
chris really nailed it, exacctly what it feels like to watch onion's videos

No. 757232

That's Hansen's typical sensationalist, reality tv "journalism" at work. Most of the people he's currently working with could hardly be called professional including that lawyer of his who's had multiple investigations for bribery, solicitation and sexual assault.

No. 757282

>>Hansen’s lawyer accused of sexual assault
Ironic and devastating

No. 758803

Another…exciting evening ahead of us.

No. 758819

So the 'cult expert' is just another Youtuber?

No. 760579

No. 763310

I forgot this was even on this week. Any anon watched?

No. 763350

The first half was awful and the girl being interviewed had her post history published in the anti o thread. The second half was about someone other than Onion

No. 763359


>>had her post history published

There's not really anything stopping Admin from acting like Null on his period and claiming all kinds of posts are by anyone.

No. 763361

I only know Type: Null but you seem butt hurt anon.

No. 763808

Taken down and reuploaded. Comments say it's cuz people kept bullying special needs Holly,also took out Sarah's surname? Can't confirm shit tho I didn't watch the OG

No. 764685

Forgot to update, because I'm not even watching these anymore.
Judging by the comments it's also about Jimmy ( no idea how much of it ), not just about Dahvine, so I'm posting it for the sake of cataloguing.

No. 764773

File: 1584705818632.jpg (8.58 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

So no one is going to address the giant elephant in the room how Hansen is trying to make money over the Corona's victims backs by selling snake oil as a "cure" for Corona?

No. 764776

When it comes down to it I'd say that right now Chris Hansen is even bigger scum than Greg.
I have never ever, no not ever, seen Greg scam sick people all over the globe for money.
Hansen at this point is WAY bigger scum, here go see for yourself:
10,406 people died of Corona at my making this post. I'm sure that number will be bigger by the time you check.
And Hansen claims to have the CURE for it.
Hey Anti-O's I thought that Hansen did things for free and out of the kindness of his heart? Why won't he give this so-called cure to the CDC and cure the entire world?

No. 764780

No. 764794

Hey faggot. Greg scamed people with mental illnesses. Unclench your pearls.

No. 764877

shows that no one really watches these or care about them anymore.
And I don't blame 'em, shit's boring.

No. 769172

Hansen isnt molesting teenage girls so no

No. 777569

Hansen's not preying on teens for sex but he's still preying on naive, gullible people so he can con them out of their cash, like that COVID scam. He's no different from Onision in terms of crass opportunism. No one can honestly say Chris Hansen actually gives af about any of the victims he's supposedly trying to help.

What ever happened to that FBI investigation he was crowing about? I recall Hansen saying something like he'll continue being a journalist (lol) long after Onision goes to jail. If Onision ends up in jail it won't be because of anything that scammer did.

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