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No. 704388

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No. 729223


Link to the stream.

Minor nitpick: Regina lookslike a clown in that makeup, but at least she's telling her story to Chris.

No. 729225

Lainey called regina sexy and regularly talked to her in a romantic context when she was 15 and lainey was 19.

No. 729227

>Kai answered a Skype chat topless with regina when she was still underaged

No. 729228

much body dysmorphia

No. 729229

>sarah, regina and lainey all where in a group chat where they would share "thirst trap" (sexually suggestive) photos of eachother. Regina was 16 at the time.

No. 729231

File: 1573694110392.png (1.45 MB, 1130x1388, xxmot56.png)

Wow, so Regina just basically said "thirst traps" were a tactic that Kai actually used to lure girls in..

No. 729233

>Regina brings up the "banter" line that lainey would use to justify talking sexually to her underaged friends.

No. 729235

We know for sure that Plainey was just grooming them for Greg and not herself. I hope they mention that.

No. 729236

>Regina sent lainey nudes where she was "completly naked, grabbing her chest, bent over". Lainey sent photos of herself topless and nude in the mirror.

No. 729238

You don't have to green text, anon.

No. 729240

>lainey wanted regina fly down for their wedding to take pictures

No. 729241

Regina said Kai lost interest in her around 18 as if she started to age out. Creepy.

No. 729242

Regina confirms that lainey had an eating disorder (would only eat tic tacs) and greg dismissed this by saying she was fine

No. 729244

I think Kai’s a predator by her own account cause Regina said Kai would hide their “friendship” from Onision cause Kai thought Greg would get mad at how young her friends were.

No. 729245

Well yeah she is, her actions make her a pedo without a doubt. But once those girls were properly groomed, she was going to serve them up in a platter for Greg like she did to Sarah. It's why she got back in contact with Regina. Plainey doesn't like pussy, Greg does. Plainey wants to use them emotionally and Greg physically.

No. 729246

She looks great anon. You act like she's too old for cabaret.

No. 729247

Oh boy, "Kai is transitioning"? No, she isn't. She'll never transition,

No. 729248

Didn't say anything like that.

Nope, she never will. Greg needs tits after all and he's not getting any more teens with Taylor in hiding.

No. 729249

I legit thought she might be starting T only to realize she's just aging terribly. Greg would probably never let her anyways.

No. 729251

Yeah, it's just Greg doing what he always does and sucking the life out of the women he abuse.

No. 729253

Regina doesn't want twitterfags pretending to be cops doing an investigation into Greg selling photos of minors, she wants the proper authorities to do so.

No. 729256

then she needs to talk to the authorities… "not yet" isn't ok because we all know this will just continue to go on until Greg and Taylor are finally held accountable legally

No. 729257

I feel bad for Regina. She's lucky her mom stopped her from visiting the swamp but she clearly got really fucked up by Lainey like when Lainey asked her out and a month later she finds out Lainey is with Billie. It sounds like dumb teenager stuff but that shit hurts.

Regina says she's 3 years sober. Good for her.

No. 729259

I agree. I'm hoping it's just a matter of digging up those nudes and Chris will help with that.

No. 729261

gotta love how Chris hasn't mentioned & most likely won't acknowledge greg's disturbing sexual harassment towards him. that's gonna make greg narc ego feel tiny

No. 729263

Regina said that someone posted her nudes to a popular drama site. Any idea which one she's talking about? This one doesn't allow photos of minors, especially not nudes.

No. 729267

Its possible they were posted here but then removed but idk if I'd consider this a "popular drama site".

No. 729268

Same here. Maybe she meant KF.

No. 729271

Chris is talking about the bizarre harassment that Greg's been doing to him and his team. He pretty much glosses over it which will make Grog mad kek.

No. 729275

onion and krainey getting v&'d

i think christmas is about to arrive really, really soon.

No. 729529

Nudes were posted in the early onionflakes threads, it was a clusterfuck of onioncord patron's dropping each others nudes as a wierd revenge for catching senpaigurgkai attenshuns. Most were removed instantaneously by farmhands/admin. Strangely enough most of the hardcore onionfags were/are fucking psychotic. Iirc there was a specific discord server where nudes were dropped (looking at you sylar and co.) shudder

No. 731467

Anyone like watching it like right now?

No. 731468

yep! its so fucked how onion orchestrated all of it

No. 731469


Yes. B discussing how her first time with Krai and Greg. Greg was apparently giving Kai instructions on how to touch B

No. 731470

Yeah, Billie seems very nervous so far.
No new milk so far.

No. 731471

pedonison is ragetweeting right now

No. 731473

Link to stream. Billie's definitely really nervous.

No. 731475

ew why on earth does he insist on posting """"erotic""""" tweets

No. 731477

because he's an insecure narcissistic faggot

No. 731478

She does seem really nervous but I'm glad she's coming forward with her story.

No. 731479

He made Billie and Ayalla sign contracts to stay a week longer. Chris is hella shocked.

No. 731480

What does a contract even do in this situation? Make it "illegal" for them to leave? He's so fucking stupid.

No. 731481

billie's saying she's signed countless contracts wtf

No. 731482

Extremely nervous. It shows that this wasn't planned, like the last interviews, but more of a last minute thing.
I think she's gathering herself a little more now.

No. 731483

Gerg made her sign 4-5 contracts?? jesus

No. 731484

He made her sign a lot of contracts. She thinks they're enough to fill a folder. He typed them up and made them sign but the idiot genuinely thought that was legal when it wasn't. She knows that now. Chris is going off.

No. 731485

File: 1574299854605.png (202.44 KB, 531x311, wow.png)

No. 731486

She’s talking about contracts now and Chris is all shocked. Billie almost didn’t bother to explain it until he asked her to elaborate

It’s always fascinating how the girls bring something up casually and Chris is like “wait a minute… WHAT?”

No. 731487

>i need your finest potions

No. 731488

Onion and Chive pushed Billie and Sarah into babysitting.

No. 731489

She's now affirming that Greg never does anything around the house and that Kai felt entitled to Sarah and Billie cleaning and babysitting. If they didn't, she said Kai would "have some sort of fit or meltdown."

No. 731491

To no one's surprise. Lainey would rather spend time staring at her phone and vague tweeting than raise her own kids.

No. 731492

Billie walked upstairs and Lainey was naked in the bath with Sarah in the bathroom. Like it was a normal thing to do.

No. 731493

B says that the tub thing actually happened; Lainey was naked in the tub while Sarah sat in the bathroom with her. Sarah was a minor at the time.

No. 731495

Billie said that Grog never threatened to blackmail her, he just did it. We knew this already but it's sad to hear her say it.

No. 731496

billie looks like shes about to cry, god i feel so bad for her to go back and remember all this bullshit

No. 731497

Lainey looks worse and worse with each interview.

No. 731498

Krai is so fucked.

No. 731500

Chris asked Billie if Greg ever tried to blackmail her by threatening to post info/pictures/etc of her. She said no, because he would just do it, he never threatened beforehand. lol.

No. 731501

He wanted to shave Billie's head to be forgiven and to prove her love for them. He knew that she wanted to be a cosmetologist and wanted to make her hate her appearance.

No. 731507

Greg would deliberately cause drama between Billie and Plainey just for the hell of it. Probably to manipulate them into trusting him as the middle man. They both caught on to what he was doing when they were alone.

No. 731508

Jimmy is Regina George lmao.

No. 731509

She has over twenty emails from Grog still asking for her back.

No. 731510

greg still sends billie emails begging her to come back

No. 731511

Pleeeease don't cut it off before mentioning the chaining, tattoo and other shit…It's really damn important.

No. 731512

It says a lot about Lainey that she knew this was happening and yet still blames Billie for all of it. Mega doormat mode.

No. 731513

Chris is surprised that Billie gets called a homewrecker.

No. 731514

kai is just as bad as onion boy

No. 731518

Billie wishes for Greg to get help and he doesn’t deserves his platforms, he abuses his platforms

it’s hard to say anything to Lainey because Billie had feelings but initially she wants to say “get out” but ultimately says “you knew better”

No. 731520

Bless billies heart for not knowing what blackmail means or what a cult is

No. 731521

greg tried to get billie's best friend to come up with her

No. 731524

Gurg needs a death penalty.
But fuck Billie less benzos before this interview.

No. 731526

Noticed that too. I'm surprised the basement stuff wasn't mentioned.

No. 731527

Yea Billie seems quite naive and she doesn't seem to really grasp how bad the situation was even now. I'm surprised she didn't bring up that Lainey was pregnant the whole time.

No. 731528

billie seems kinda like an idiot

No. 731529

It's clear that Billie doesn't want to talk about it or how the kids are treated. I really hope she tells Chris off camera about those things in case they're useful for any legal investigations.

No. 731530

Yeah, the most damning things weren't talked about at all.


No. 731532

Chris has spoken to the FBI about the investigation.

No. 731533

Billie was clearly uncomfortable and Chris wasn't about to push or pressure her, all considering. She did good.

No. 731534

Hes gone to the FBI with the stuff from sarah and regina it sounds like

No. 731540

She was. She said that she got pummeled by messages from Greg's fans and still does occasionally. She's been scared ever since.

No. 731541

I get the strong sense that Billie doesn't really want to get involved or get anyone in trouble. I definitely saw Sarah holding back a lot too but Billie just didn't want to say anything bad about Greg or Lainey. Such a shame, really.

No. 731545

Chris Hansen just confirmed that he’s been in contact with the FBI and that the info is of interest. Although the onions were careful, there’s the reality of having nudes of anyone under 18 being a federal crime. Very good chance of a criminal investigation.

No. 731547

No new milk

No. 731548

Vince, please for the love of god mention the basem-, no it's over. Shit.

No. 731557

Soooo Billie confirmed waht?

No. 731558

It always surprises me how the girls will mention some serious things so nonchalantly. Such as Sarah saying Greg and Kai would have sex with C on the same bed, while Billie confirmed the bathtub thing with Sarah and Kai.

Also Billie saying T and C are attatched to Kai. Doesn't surprise me but it's kind of scary.

No. 731560

She confirmed Sarah watching Lainey bathe.

No. 731566

So nothing new?

No. 731570

The new thing is that the FBI is getting involved.

No. 731586

Yea but Sarah is still young, she will come around. Billie seems way more lost.

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