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File: 1405997688476.jpg (18.54 KB, 599x337, BsPdNHaCEAAwLhx.jpg)

No. 2844

General net idol/J-fashion idol/dancers thread

Basically girls who are wannabe idols/models/dancers/etc in Japan. Or are popular in the international community.

Some of these girls include:
Ami Nyan
Beckii Cruel

We can discuss the good, bad and the ugly here.

No. 2847

aminyan is cute but she doesn't try hard enough. like bitch at least do ur nails if your gonna make a photobook.

No. 2850

Eugh Beckii looks so gross.

No. 2851

Can we please include HoneyKittenMomo/Momouto in here as well? She was like my own personal lolcow. Last time I heard of her was when she opened up that pee-play blog and people on SR got her blog shut down and she disappeared from the internet. :(

No. 2852


She's still around, she recently whiteknighted herself and her sister on PULL recently.

No. 2887

File: 1406057386891.jpg (458.57 KB, 1000x1000, preuzmi.jpg)

idols of idol matsuri con

No. 2890

Fuckin Ally and Sally man… I'll never understand how they got into oishii.

No. 2902

The shark potato twins… I'm guessing they only made it in because of the twin gimmick. Thing is, they actually have to be cute to make that shit work. I used to be part of a maid cafe and the head maid accepted a pair of twins in just because… Well… They're twins. But they were so damn fat that it was useless.

No. 2912

So much fugly. Does Japanese culture have a thing for average/below-average-but-cute-acting girls?

No. 2915

Sure seems that way. The Japanese Akiba idols look average but god damn, the white ones are ugly.

No. 2916

To be fair, Akiba idols are shooped to hell and back all the time tho.

No. 2926

I think Asian culture is more attracted to the "cute" versus "hot" type of girl. I'm not sure why that is, but I imagine the girls would have to at least be pretty

No. 2932

Eugh… Makes me glad I'm not part of that culture to hear things like that. I can understand preceding cute over sexy but that's going way too far if you ask me.

No. 2933


No. 2978

Japanese men are beta/omega so they prefer innocent/easily manipulative girls. That's why childish girls>>mature girls in Japan.

No. 2979

Marjan pls go

No. 3072

Marjan doesn't like mature girls.

No. 3073

Well, my name is not Marjan but are you talking about me? Since many people use that name for me?

No. 3079

oh come on, don't shit up the net idol thread too.

No. 3080

So have there actually been any successful gaijin idols that didn't self-sabatoge their career like Leah Dizon, Beckii, and Yukapon? All I hear about are failures and I'm curious. At least Leah Dizon was hot though.

No. 3081

There are plenty but everyone gets replaced after a while, don't even get me started on all the imported russian farmer girls.

No. 3082

Well Dakota is moderately successful. At least more than Yukapon and Beckii.

No. 3085

What was the falling point of Beckii's career?

No. 3086

She and her family got greedy and wanted more money. When she tried breaking into the British music industry after firing her Japanese manager, that was the end.

No. 3087

But Dakota is a model, not an aidoru.

No. 3089

I don't want to shit up anything, I'd just like to say that I am not naturally attracted to girls who aren't "mature" (whatever that meant anyway).

They have huge advantages but if the situation were normal I wouldn't want them more than any other type.

No. 3090

I've heard about those. They get dumped like yesterday's garbage if they don't do well quick. Not the smartest career path…

No. 3094

I remember when she re-released the "you can't kiss me video" for the "western" market and it was truly awful and about as eurotrashy as you can get. I would love to know who thought it was a good idea to put those big bald twin men in it.

No. 3099

Becks looks so smug in that picture, tucan nose and all.

No. 3103

Yeah… That shit was truly awful. Safe to say at this point that it was her ego that ruined her idol career. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 3145

Depends if you consider being slightly well known on a niche corner of the internet a career or not.

No. 3175

Anyone know what happened to the other two girls in the whole Cruel Angels "group"? They both seemed to drop off the face of the planet when Beckii disappeared.

No. 3261

Why do all of these girls try to type in a way that makes it seem like English is not their first language / they dragged Japanese through Google Translate into English when it is clear that they're fluent? It goes hand in hand with the cutesy hearts and emojis. Do they think it's charming? I've always noticed it, but this >>3231 (in the Abi Pop thread) really fucking annoyed me.

No. 3265

It is considered moe in Japan.

No. 3343

the only 'idol material' one I think is the girl second from the right in the front row (god, the 2 asians next to her are just as fug as the white girls)

what is up with the red head.. she looks like someone's mother trying to be 'qt rori chan'

No. 3348

File: 1406252643199.jpg (189.94 KB, 843x726, x.jpg)

I agree that Abipop wasn't using broken English, but in fairness I'm sure some of these girls do. I know for a fact that Ally and Sally do.

No. 3554

Honeykittenmomo looks like an ape.

No. 3555

Her face is pretty fucked, yeah.
Aminyan is cute though

No. 3556

Why does Jrcach hate her

No. 3557

No idea. I think it's because she once denounced him. Either that or he just has this weird "thing" about black weeb girls, idk

No. 3558

It doesn't take much for him to hate someone.

No. 3561

Almost all of these girls have an absent or negligent father.

No. 3562

I don't think beckii was being greedy but I think her family expected too much. The Japanese entertainment system screws up their workers. Idols don't get rich.

Leah didn't sabotage her career she just got knocked up and married. If she didn't get divorced she would've still been in Japan as a talent probably.

The problem with most of these girls is they can't speak Japanese. Leah dizon's looks were enough to sustain her because it surely wasn't her terrible music or personality. Most of these girls are average to cute as best. They're going to need language skills to cut it because most idol music sucks.

No. 3564

all those jpop dancers/kawaii aidoru in japan wannabees are fucking annoying. how about get real? get a decent education, a job?

No. 3565

Idol music does indeed suck. I don't think I've ever come across an idol that actually had singing talent–even the Japanese ones sound like shit. I used to love J-pop but now everything of that genre that gets churned out is horribly composed high pitched music, high pitched off-key vocals, and shit lyrics. I miss the late 90s to early 2000s in that industry…

No. 3566

File: 1406477463194.jpg (37.06 KB, 524x430, 9f580ae34617feb9f0e034b5005a3e…)

That AbbieKins chick is extremely annoying and unfortunate looking IMO. Dat schnoz tho…How come Jrcach calls her "the kawaiiest girl he's ever seen" desu desu?
Did she ride his old fatass dick or something? She's soooo below average. Her face gives me the creeps. Let's be real…If you want to be a ~kawaii aidoru in japan~ at least you have to be pleasant looking. All those YukaPon wannabees are too far from pretty

No. 3567

FFFUUCK scared the shit out of me. She's like the female version of Quasimodo

No. 3571

Jrcach's favorite

No. 3576

Christ, she is hideous.

No. 3577

Kelsey Parnigoni is doing fine and so is tiagoingmerry. Keekihime was just fucked over by Jrcach

No. 3578

Idols are just glorified prostitutes. Everyone knows this

No. 3581

I wonder how long before Jrcach starts attacking that Kerukkuma chick too? He liked KeekiHime too but now he's trying to ruin her life just because she stood up for herself. Well I guess Kerukkuma will act like a good girl fap material and will please him no matter what because she knows he might attack her too and try to ruin her reputation. Those girls seriously need to get a personality instead of ignoring such an ass.

No. 3583


No. 3585

File: 1406487415732.jpg (71.01 KB, 612x621, Otaku-Owls-PP.jpg)

This ain't even her final form

No. 3586

THIS is why I hate those jpop dancers-slash-aspiring idols. They look tragic

No. 3589

…and yet he complains about the noses of others when hers is giant as fuck.

No. 3592

i was thinking EXACTLY the same. he's criticizing girls for having "big ugly gaijin noses" and tells them how it makes them unattractive and not appealing for the idol industry. while abbiekins has a massive potato nose and he has no problem with it and says she'll make a good career :jrcach logic:
well but we all know that'll never happen so let them be

No. 3593

There's only a few people who still take him seriously. Kerukkuma doesn't like him I feel like she's just not being aggressive. But she doesnt like him at all. I don't think Ally and Sally like him either to be honest

Abbiekins still likes him because he gives her hope she can still become something. Chii still likes him because she's a bitch. I saw an old profile of her before she was an ~aidoru~ and she was pretty bad. Her personality is fake.

Keekihime had a huge ego but she seems like she's getting better and more down to earth.

No. 3594

Is she missing a tooth? Looks like me at age 5 ROFL. Seriously, I feel bad for her. That's one hell of an ugly nose

No. 3595

I kinda like KeekiHime. she reminds me of myself. she seems simple and always gets straight to the point even though it annoys me when she speaks badly about herself. it may look that she's fishing for compliments and stuff, but i believe she's not, it's just how she feels about herself.
either way, 99.9% of those aspiring idols are fake and no one takes them seriously because they sugarcoat everything. can't even have a decent conversation with them. like that abipop girl acts like an idiot,ignoring questions, dropping shitloads of emojis, calling people her "oneesans/oniichans" and stuff. cringe worthy…

No. 3596

who's Chii?

No. 3597

all those girls who call themselves "idols/net idols" aren't even real idols. most of them aren't known in this community. not a single bit. i just think it's ridiculous

No. 3598

Why is AmiNyan so relevant?

No. 3599

A 25 year old who jumped on the idol bandwagon and complains about the teenagers who are on the same bandwagon calling them ~immature~

No. 3600

File: 1406489340578.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x409, preach-12.jpg)


No. 3601

I like keekihime too. She gets a bad rep and isn't really known outside of the Japanese internet but she seems the most genuine

No. 3603

She's obviously full of shit.At first I thought she was nice but she's obviously fake. Like Dakota was such a scene racist queen before she gave birth to "kawaii elf goddess purincesu Kotakoti desu" persona.

No. 3605

She's posted plenty of racist, sexist things and posted in defense of Jrcach but when people call her out she becomes a huge bitch. Her peer group is a bunch of teens obviously she's started to act like them

No. 3606

Oh,another caucasian chick with circle lenses staring at the camera and making kawaii desu face.

No. 3607

Goddamnit this community is so full of shit it makes me sick. I recall that there was basically no drama back in good old 2008 days. When the fuck did all those weebs start coming from with shitloads of drama?

No. 3608

Jrcach hates her, she knows Japanese and is the token brown girl. She doesn't do much else.

No. 3611

so basically thanx to jrcach,aminyan is so talked about? yup ,the racist in jrcach is strong. he's an uncivilized human being

No. 3613

She does Nico Douga with a company in Japan too and they have her all over their their page which have her some attention I think. Jrcach has promoted said page a lot too. It would be a funny plot twist if Aminyan was Jrcach and used negative publicity to become the underdog.

No. 3616

nooope, no way. jrcach's been running those blogs for quite some time. like he's been writing that crap since 2010,2011 and aminyan is like 15-16 years old. but i heard that aminyan self promoted herself a lot on 4chan, warosu, staminarose and such forums..? i think aminyan loves any kind of attention but she's definetely not jrcach

No. 3617

Nah ,JrCach is just an internet troll.His blog isn't about NicoNico community anymore.It's all about the gossip.Bitches love drama

No. 3619

Aminyan is more like 17-18. She was around when dansa started but I think she had another alias. Jrcach said he called abbie ugly which is why he hates her. She seems nice but I wouldn't be surprised if she did that.

No. 3622

I bet my money most posters of this thread are in this community

No. 3623

Don't think so, he made himself lots of enemies outside of the community with jumping on every drama train to get attention.

No. 3627

yup. pretty much everyone hates/dislikes him because of his horrible behavior. i bet he even has to whiteknight himself anon pretending to be someone else and stuff

No. 3629

He's done it on PULL and 4chan a few times.

No. 3647

PULL is jrcach's morning newspaper, i can tell. but yet he acts like he hates the forum hahahha

No. 3667

Aminyan-just a typical anime weeb desperately trying to become internet famous;
Beckii Cruel-her glorious 15min of fame are over.She's average and uninteresting;
Kimonotime-She may be a good dancer but it's a shame she's jumping on the Kyary wannabees bandwagon.Plus she's annoying;
KeekiHime-Seems genuine but making friends with such a shitty person like YukaPon and supporting her was a bad idea;
AbbieKins-Ugly as fuck and I don't feel bad for saying this because besides being a typical weeb, pedos fap material, she's also a huge drama lover.
Just my two cents. flies away

No. 3669

File: 1406545427160.png (211.95 KB, 616x340, tumblr_moyu8fexnT1sxw5uzo1_128…)

found this on tumblr.100000%agree.she makes me puke

No. 3670

File: 1406545493083.png (954.37 KB, 1092x960, tumblr_moytl0FyZi1sxw5uzo1_128…)

oh my god is this for real?just look at dat face.LOOK

No. 3671

She forgot to add "-said no one ever".lol

No. 3672

Not only in her videos.IRL too

No. 3677

she does't do that hairstyle/act "loli" anymore tho.

No. 3678


No. 3691

Abbiekins has no personality.
Kimonotime is super nice however her any abipop are the biggest weebs ever and don't know anything about idols. They have a lot of fans and good dance skills and not so much drama whores but I don't see them as idols.
Aminyan she's not a weeaboo but she seems in her own world. Only really old guys like her. I'm surprised how much she got on her kickstarter thing though. Didn't expect her to make it over $300
Keekihime was a huge bitch. There's a difference between being genuine and rude and she crossed it multiple times. However she's direct unlike most of these girls. Abipop has no personality. She's nice but an ex scene girl trying to be Yukapon is weird. By previous posts I can tell Aminyan is a shit ton smarter than she lets on but she acts dumb to manipulate others. Also beta guys who like idols don't like strong women hence why Keekihime's career failed.

No. 3692

Is that why she isn't popular any more?

No. 3693

If someone is in the public eye obviously they'll have a different persona. However having a bunch of clones of Himeko Sakuragawa isn't interesting. At all.

No. 3694

there's a difference between having a different persona and being a total fake self promoting bitch.
i agree,it seems like abipop and abbiekins have no personality. they're just very uninteresting and unoriginal. but i'd say that abi pop is worse than abbiekins because she often self posts on /cgl/, pretends to have shitloads of fans. not to mention that "kawaii ugug oneechan" act which totally gets on my nerves

No. 3699

she's passive aggressive now.

No. 3700

was she ever popular?

No. 3702

She's very passive aggressive and kisses everyone's ass but will talk about them behind their backs. A few genuinely nice people are: Mico, Boderline Chocolate, Kimonotime, Yukikachan or Caprice even though she looks like yukapon, Ally and sally they kiss everyone's ass but they aren't mean, Maxine is becoming annoying but she's a good kid, Teya(see Maxine), beckii even though she's annoying she is nicer than most these bitches, kerukkuma/Kelsey Parnigoni, Aminyan is autistic so she seems self centered but I think she really wants to be nice, Keekihime is becoming nice after she had a reality check, abipop isn't rude or mean she's just fake. She doesn't watch or play the things she cosplays but that doesn't make her a bitch., that Sarah girl from Cruel Angels, Scarlett…

Besides those people everyone else is a genuine bitch like Abbiekins, Chii, Yukapon or they're a nobody so I didn't list them.

No. 3703

HOLY SHIET it looks like she got hit in the face with a shovel

No. 3704

File: 1406562587117.png (153.94 KB, 1280x232, tumblr_n7nz5rwWWv1tf86ago1_128…)

trust me,i've been there so yeah,basically she's a total attention whore. also there's a rumor about kimonotime and abipop stealing some artist's drawing or something. pretty much most of those "aspiring internet celebs" are full of shit

No. 3706

Why does her nose not have any defining feature? It's like she doesn't have a nose bridge or there's a mass of flesh in her nose bridge making her eyes look too far apart.

No. 3707

what exactly happened to keekihime?i only discovered her blog 1 year ago so don't know much about past dramas.

No. 3708

She's annoying as all hell but it doesn't make her a bad person. There's far worst girls in this community trust me.

No. 3709

Yeah I thought the same. Her face is just weird and hella unattractive. Like everything is such a mess

No. 3710

Yup.The worst girl in this community is JrCach. xoxoxo

No. 3711

She is really famous on Nico Nico and became an idol in Japan. But her group had some challenges so she broke labor laws to make money. Jrcach used to love her but she turned him down so he set off to ruin her life. Keeki got 2000 euros from a Japanese guy then ditched him when she came to Japan. Jrcach harassed her agency so they fired her.

No. 3712

LOL! Exactly.No one can possibly go as low as Jrcach goes

No. 3713

No. 3714

meh i really dont care what keekihime has done bc that was long time ago. we all do shitty mistakes and later regret them so badly… and at that time she was like 15…16 or 17?.. nope,thats not an excuse.however jrcach is a grown ass man and he should show some maturity.. but not!dedicated his life to gossip and drama instead. thats so pathetic and lame. idek keekihime is still not that bad. ive done many mistakes in my life too and i wouldnt want to be reminded about it for the rest of my life.jrcach needs to get over these meaningless things and move on with HIS life.just leave those dumb teens alone.

No. 3715

You forgot Rukichan, Jenya and Himeka who are all successful but don't involve in dramas

No. 3716

Some hot shit :D I wish we could prove Jrcach is around 43. With pics. Omg that would be hilarious

No. 3717

His accounts all had his age as 40 a few years ago so that would bring him to 43-44 now. I'll share the picture if I find it

No. 3719

File: 1406563570919.jpg (60.3 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

She's actually pretty cute

No. 3721

no,abbie,you're not cute

No. 3722

File: 1406563827842.jpg (32.24 KB, 328x285, me_and_abbie_kins_by_pureblood…)

Yeeeah, from certain angles, lighting she may seem acceptable looking

No. 3724

yeah but he said it was fake because he has this habbit faking his age blahblahblah.. We need proof. Anyway there's thousands of creepy old dudes like him in Japan so I ain't even surprised haha

No. 3728

Don't believe that shitty excuse. Nobody would fake their age to be older. So either he's 43 or older.

No. 3742

nobody wants to be older..nobody wants to be in jrcach's shoes

No. 3757

beckii cruel is weird

No. 3777

File: 1406570249936.jpg (142.3 KB, 540x780, image.jpg)

No. 3801

he makes no sense at all.what a weird style of writing.
erm that lolita comparision says it all.he's attracted to little girls.i mean sexually.yuck

No. 3863

I hope this is an appropriate place to ask but I'm wondering if you guys have any tips for being a net idol? I don't want to become ~big nihongo akiba aidoru~, just develop a small online following

No. 3865

Learn about idols therefore stop saying Akiba idols because most of these wanna be idols have no idea what an Akiba kei idol is.

do live streams

Post cute selfies and pretty much just be active on twitter and with blogs or Facebook. If you're cute people will blindly follow you.

No. 3871

Thank you very much!

No. 3884

never listen to jrcach.

No. 3945

The problem with Beckii is that she had no idea what an idol was before she became one. Yukapr0n and Keekihime both spoke out against Kerukkuma because she became an idol and they failed. ngl I don't think Kerukkuma really knew what idols meant either

No. 3946

For example, half of these girls think Kyary is an idol.

No. 3953

srsly just bc keekihime and yukapon didnt lick kerukkuma's ass it means they're against her? are u fucking jrcach?
it's not a fucking competition who'll become a "bigger" idol srsly.

No. 3954

Yuka made a post saying how she hates kerukkuma. I don't hate any of them but they're being jealous bitches

No. 3956

Keeki did become an idol tho but she was already too old at that point so she had to graduate the idol band quite soon.

No. 3958

That's not what happened at all. Her visa got revoked because she did other jobs to sustain herself because Tone Jewel didn't make enough money to live off of. Jrcach also contacted her manager and actively tried to ruin her career. Also she violated some visa regulations. It was a combination of reasons

No. 3959

dude,kerukkuma is like 21 y.o, how come keekihime is "too old" for idol buisiness? if i had to choose between two of them i'd choose keekihime. at least she doesn't lick anyone's ass and doesn't make that high pitched voice shit unlike other girls.i have no doubt thatkerukkuma's so-called-fame won't last very long.

No. 3960

I never understood why people do Keekihime vs kerukkuma when there are more white girls in Japan doing the same thing as them. Becoming a part time idol like they are or were isn't hard at all. Part of the drama in this community stems from girls thinking this is a "one and done" situation.

No. 3963

probably because of jrcach? he sent keekihime anon message "how do you feel now that kerukkuma has taken your spot? pain,jealousy?" he even made a screenshot of it and later posted it privately. can't find it now tho. but basically i think jrcach started it all. like goddamnit, they're both living their lives and are into completely different buisiness ,keekihime is now more into cosplay and all… jrcach is a troll

No. 3967

Nooope.A true talent is never too old

No. 3969

Not in the idol industry, even at AKB48 members have to graduate at a certain age.

No. 3970

goddamnit this is sick. then simply become a fucking popstar.
this is why i think that this whole idol thing is ridiculous.once you turn 18,20 you get your ass kicked out of the buisiness. well kerukkuma is 21 so she's getting too old for this shit. she already did gravure so i wouldn't be surprised if she decided to become an erotic model or a pornstar.

No. 3971

IMO Kerukkuma is way below average and she knows it. The only way to become something is to take your clothes off and do some fanservice.

No. 3973

Which is why Shinoda Mariko just graduated AKB at 28 years old.

No. 3975

File: 1406655868294.png (362.88 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_n8axk8Eu4q1solz6…)

this is scary.those pigtails make her look autistic.she's like one of those ~forever 12 years old~ yukapon wannabees.trying to look as young as possible but also sexy at the same time.ew

No. 3976

Kerukkuma is average looking. She's not ugly but average. Idols are supposed to be girls next door, and average looking. Not models.

No. 3977

>pigtails make her look autistic
You're the full retard from the jrcach thread.
Idols in Japan wear pigtails all the time. Get out.

No. 3978

meh,even models aren't pretty.most of them are plain like beckii cruel.agree,kerukkuma ain't even really pretty

No. 3979

aren't gravure models supposed to look "sexy"? because she doesn't look sexy or feminine at all.weeeeeird

No. 3980


No. 3981

Idols don't have to be pretty. Just average. Plus she's an Akiba idol so the bar is even lower than your average idol.

No. 3982

File: 1406656049372.jpg (231.97 KB, 393x600, tumblr_n9dp66IPCE1sl1emuo1_400…)

jrcach and other horny pedos gonna love it

No. 3983

It's a gravure DVD so she's supposed to look innocent. Not sexy. There's different types of gravure.

No. 3984

She's 20 how would pedos like her.

No. 3985

File: 1406656118253.jpg (125.38 KB, 500x647, 3523.jpg)

Depents on the target audience.

No. 3986

Showing your bewbs is the easiest way to become famous.How sad that girls who work so hard don't get half as much credit as those half naked chicks

No. 3987

Suddenly I lost my respect for Kerukkuma

No. 3988

No, I was talking about JrCach. he's a pedo.

No. 3989

Why would you lose respect for her? She's not doing porn and it's her body. Americans are such prudes

No. 3990

Most idols do gravure. Even Hello Project which is already famous or Momoiro Clover Z. That's apart of being an idol.

No. 3991

Keekihime showed her ass cheeks on Nico Douga streams. It's the exact same except keru is getting paid for it

No. 3992

eugh..most of those "idols" have no talent , no dsancing/singing skills, not to mention that they aren't even attractive.. so why are they even "known"?

No. 3993

Because of japanese neckbeards paying lots of money for supporting their imaginary gf.

No. 3994

Idols are supposed to be jack of all trades so their quality doesn't matter. They're the product. Not their music. That's why AKB fans will buy 50,000 CDs, vote for their favorites or get meet and greet tickets and then sell all the CDs for 50 cents.

No. 3996

File: 1406657100881.jpg (16.29 KB, 450x325, 1387166664840.jpg)

When people say Kerukkuma is famous

No. 3997

True dat."idols" like Kerukkuma only have a fanbase of under 100 actual fans

No. 4006

I thought that advice applied to anyone not just aidoru wannabes lol

No. 4007

well jrcach likes giving his shitty advices to girls who aren't even interested in becoming idols.he's one hell of a scumbag

No. 4013

Most idols in Japan are underground

No. 4014

File: 1406666708690.jpg (31.81 KB, 335x151, image.jpg)

Why do people call them ugly but people like beckii or Keeki pretty? They look average

No. 4016

Because of their downsyndrome faces.

No. 4018

I've noticed the word weeaboo thrown around here a lot, but what do people on this site consider one? I feel like somebody could completely master the language or whatever but lolcow, SR cgl would still shout weeaboo

No. 4020

Somebody that is obsessed with Japan.

No. 4021

LOL true. Their faces are hella weird. Beckii isn't pretty at all. She's extremely plain. KeekiHime is average but her lips are very pretty imho.

No. 4032

I don't think they're weird I think everyone else just uses photoshop. There isn't any girl in this community that is truly beautiful besides lala shy and she's a model in Japan now

No. 4035

Mah, they look the same at their Nico Nico livestreams but nobody likes girls were you can already see at their faces that they are disabled.

No. 4037

File: 1406684341237.jpg (3.12 MB, 3456x4608, CIMG2362.jpg)

Average? Nope.

No. 4039

somebody obsessed with japan while knowing very little to nothing about it

No. 4043

If they're nice I don't see why people would hate them

No. 4057

there are many beautiful girls who don't even need makeup to be pretty but i guess they're pretty underrated.

No. 4058

To me they're average as hell.Just some midget caucasians dreaming to become supa kawaii aidorus in japan dancing and singing in seifukus/maid costumes.youtube is full of those

No. 4089


In defence of their height they're actually quite tall.

No. 4091

Everything they do is cringe worthy.

No. 4096

>womanlet detected

No. 4099

Can you stop shitting this thread and the Jrcach thread with your terrible grammar and full retard comments.

No. 4100

what's the point of chasing your dreams if you know it's never gonna happen?

No. 4105

most of those weebs just need a good slap of reality.get an education,get a job,save some money.go to japan and see what it's really like.most of those weebs think japan is some kind of wonderland where all dreams come true,everybody will love them because they're white and they'll live happily ever after.duhh.most of them can't even dance.dancing to some kind shitty anime opening songs doesn't count.even kids are able to learn them

No. 4107

File: 1406725838696.jpg (141.04 KB, 510x1024, 4f15i0b.jpg)

Pretty much, plus the part where they claim to love eroge since they were 9 or something like that.

No. 4109

Leah Dizon
Beckii cruel
Cruel angels
Yukapon(if she didn't hurt herself)
Steffy from Spatio(she's pretty much unknown but white and in an idol group since 2011)
Himeka the anisong singer
Jenya the first white anime actress
Dakota even though she's a model
Lala who is now a model under Bravo

It's pretty possible. They won't become super famous but it's possible and has been done multiple times. Most of these girls don't even try to learn Japanese or about idols so they emulate Yukapon which doesn't work at all. Someone like abipop has no chance because she can't speak Japanese and isn't unique or knowledgable at all. Same for Abbiekins and pretty much every girl in this thing except Ally and Sally and maybe aminyan.

No. 4110

Why are people calling kerukkuma racist

No. 4113

because she's racist.

No. 4115

I was talking about weebs like Abi who dance in their supa kawaii animu room wearing seifukus and talk in broken japanese. Beckii cruel is an exception. She wasn't trying to become idol or anything, she got picked up by some japanese manager, she was lucky.Also dakota became famous because of the internet, she didn't put much effort into it either.

No. 4116

That's why I find Ally and Sally so fucking weird. The whore eroge thing is so wrong

No. 4118

since when has kerukkuma been around anyway.

No. 4124

I'm just in the dark so please enlighten me

No. 4126

They're 22. Who the hell cares if they like porn games

No. 4130

…but they are claiming they play them since they were children.

No. 4132

They said since they were like 14. Not 9. Nobody would have a problem with a 14 year old boy watching porn.

No. 4136

Eroge weren't even avaiable at english when they were that age so it is pretty much only bs to attract neckbeards that are into girls that already were into pervert stuff as child.

No. 4137

That was 8 years ago there was some but it was limited.They also had a blog when they were 16 or 17 talking about eroge and anime. I think that's when they got into it.

No. 4138

File: 1406746680923.jpg (68.94 KB, 1575x147, w8s6qt.jpg)

No. 4139

this whole net idol thing reminds me of this (turn captions on for eng subs)


No. 4140

Is this just cgl ghost stories or?

No. 4141

No. 4143

any screenshots?

No. 4144

The OP of that thread even linked her FB, people even posted screenshots of talking with her about this thread as proof for their claims. Not to mention the thread is old as fuck so it would take ages to find the Skype screenshots of her convos with him, his Twitter would be @tatsuhikotkmt and if have too much spare time you will find them tweeting with each other anyways.

No. 4145

I looked in the thread and I don't see her talking about that thread. Can you post the pictures here

No. 4146

File: 1406748951261.png (100.98 KB, 476x608, 1368920693976.png)

…are you blind or?

No. 4147

Just saw it. I don't see any proof though

No. 4148

Believe whatever you want, for 90% of everything posted here there is no real proof anyways, just saying.

No. 4149

I think most girls in this community have some creepy guy doing stuff for them. Some of them probably take their clothes off but I think most of them don't. That thread probably has some truth to it but it's probably exaggerated or a vendetta post. A lot of those girls have weird guys do stuff without sexual favors though

No. 4150

If you watch the TV segment ally and Sally were on in Japan there's some tall otaku guy who picks them up from the airport. They say he's a friend of the family but if you look at their performances you can see him shouting chants in the background so

No. 4152

most of their live streams are risqué.

this one the title says "do you want to play with two Canadian twins? Oniichan sex!!!!!"

No. 4160

Reminds me more of PT, really. Especially the mom thing

No. 4167

No. 4169

File: 1406752621171.jpg (25.63 KB, 530x309, facepalm.jpg)

dat animu slangu

No. 4170

The weeb is hella strong in this one.
On the other hand, this whole cosmates contest is full of those

No. 4176

himezawa is okay

No. 4210

did you watch the video,DID YOU WATCH IT?

No. 4256

himezawa would be ok if she didn't act like a the ultimate weeaboo. her facial expression is kinda awkward tho

No. 4264

She's a friend of Abipop?

No. 4266

that japanese and acting… nope

No. 4275

Pretty much 90% of all non-adult idol stuff in Japan is like this, even Kyary did some as minor.

No. 4276

this.is.SICK!it's so pedophilic

No. 4277

oh my fucking jesus christ she's 20.it's so painful to watch.

No. 4278

How the fuck is this even legal?o.O

No. 4279

Abbiekins runs this blog and she's trying to make dansa no Himitsu part 2. Nobody else would reblog Jrcach and reblog about otaku owls.

No. 4280

As long as you can't see genitals, pretty much everything is legal.

No. 4281

90% is a hyperbole but this market is pretty big

No. 4283

The anatomy of a wanna be idol:

Bullied at school
The "cute" weaboo whose anime club puffened her ego
Knows nothing about idols in Japan
Has a camera and tripod
Absent father

No. 4287

haha that's hilarious!she mainly reblogs her weeb friends's stuff

No. 4288

I remember like 2 yrs ago Abbie Kins uploaded a video of herself crying wolf and complaining about how much she's being bullied.Golden times

No. 4289

That page is full of weebs (except those few jap dancers gifs)

No. 4290

Eeeugh it still looks like child porn

No. 4291

I should add "does shitloads of self promo" to look like a celeb

No. 4294

The same could be said about seifuku and not everyone wears them to attract pedos, even Wikipedia says even adults wear them because of the childhood memories.

No. 4295

File: 1406829849842.jpg (152.2 KB, 599x400, clipimage_15.jpg)

Even adult males wear them.

No. 4296

No. 4302

If you want to be famous why would you not self promote

No. 4303

There's good and bad ways of going about self-promotion. These girls use the bad way of becoming annoying egotistical twats.

No. 4309

File: 1406832921884.png (433.6 KB, 700x525, af9deb39.png)

Modern randoseru are A4 size so they can fit every age.

No. 4310


No. 4311

I feel like a lot of people on this site nitpick about stupid shit

No. 4312

if you're gonna self promote(pretend to have many fans by creating fan pages for yourself and all that shit)make sure no one can tell it's you because you'll be veery embarrassed if someone finds out.it's a shame that most of these girls spend hours praising their own asses doing it

No. 4313

Welcome to lolcow

No. 4314

Never heard of "good self promotion".I don't actually hate these kind of people but they definetely piss me off

No. 4315

Who made a fake fanpage? Did abipop?

No. 4317

Good self promotion would be, for example, when you promote your YouTube dance video at a group that is about dance covers.

No. 4318

I know its probably just for the video but having pictures of yourself seems pretty pretentious

No. 4380

yes,she did create loads of fake "fan accounts/fan pages" to herself.

No. 4381

I thought exactly the same.She also has her nickname (HIMEZAWA) above her bed written in capital letters.Seems like the chick is full of herself

No. 4384

She probably keeps tons of photos of herself just in case if anyone asks her for autograph lol. it's hard to be such a kawaii celebrity desu

No. 4385

its funny cause its true

No. 4392


No. 4395

hey usaokun

No. 4400

Are you seriously retarded?

No. 4401

okay am i the only one here who thinks that keekihime is a legit idol?

No. 4402


No. 4403

Well actually she WAS an idol in Japan.And still is for many of us

No. 4404

Plus she is still successfully selling her CDs and artbooks there, pretty much counts as idol work.

No. 4405

basically everyone here is retarded.people with actual lives don't contribute to such forums and don't talk shit about other people's lives

No. 4406

But you're here.FAIL

No. 4407

She worked hard for it.I think she deserves some credit for all the effort.Because I swear it takes some guts to live on the other side of the world at age 15-18 all by yourself

No. 4408

Are you one of those butthurt girls we've been discussing here?Just staph slready

No. 4409

http://kneten.tumblr.com/ Jrcach made a tumblr dedicated to KeekiHime

No. 4410

File: 1406912424876.jpg (109.12 KB, 500x398, tumblr_n39548yV7S1r5ca4lo1_500…)

is this kekihime?could be a girl who looks like her.i'm having a hard time believing it's her

No. 4412

Even if she used to be ugly,so what?She's a real life Cinderella. A living proof that there's still hope for everyone

No. 4414

"there"?you mean in japan?btw i though she came back to austria last month

No. 4417

there's a Jcrotch thread for that shiet

No. 4420

Yes its her. She's not ugly she's just not wearing makeup and wearing glasses

No. 4421

She was a signed idol in Japan but had visa troubles and had to quit.

No. 4422

Imo she was much younger here.trust me, i looked liked SHIT when i was in my early teens. so what is jrcach trying to achieve? show people that she wasn't always good looking?it's pathetic

No. 4423

Wow I wonder where did he find it.The duy must've been be surfing the internet for days.lol.

No. 4425

It was in a stream or something when she first went to japan. She wasnt ugly just a normal teen with no makeup

No. 4427

agree.most girls nowadays look like this without makeup/circle lenses and extensions

No. 4428

its just normal…..

No. 4437

I'd like to see a 100% natural idol

No. 4438

All dat tag spam.

No. 4440

No you dont.

No. 4446

File: 1406914704249.png (232.88 KB, 585x390, sdf.png)

how is even megannyan related to this video?

No. 4447

He's a tag whore

No. 4448

File: 1406914741567.png (661.09 KB, 611x746, sdf.png)

"sailor moon"

No. 4451

someone here said we should stop giving him attention. that's a nice idea i think..just if everyone could just stop reacting to his provocations that'd be great

No. 4454

I get tired when people send him stuff cursing him out. He loves that

No. 4458

Pretty sure he lurks here too.It should really boost his ego

No. 4460

No. 4462


No. 4466

Whoa,wut?I didn't know that you can create a wiki page about yourself nowadays because you have to be known enough

No. 4467

Who is she?

No. 4469

She seems nice but I wish she didnt do stuff like this

No. 4470

Even Margo made one about her daughter.

No. 4471

Venus is actually well known enough

No. 4472

File: 1406915509289.gif (575.9 KB, 238x211, Jack-Nicholson-lol.gif)

"Internet celebrity"

No. 4473

Keekihime has one in Japanese on Japanese wiki but she's efamous

No. 4476

Won't make any difference but us calling out his BS at least will warn others.

No. 4477

Well damn. I did appear on TV for like 10sec when I was 16. I must be an actress too. WHERE'S MY WIKI PAGE??

No. 4478

someone should sum him

No. 4479

I laughed more than I should have

No. 4483

I'm trying to dox him. I found his private youtube and on 2ch people say he's Yoshihiro Igarashi or yutanpo but idk if thats true

No. 4484

Doxing him wont do much but maybe scare him to shut the hell up.

No. 4485

The problem is that the only way to scare him would be knowing his real identity.

No. 4487

That's what I'm trying to know. Find his true identity, harass his pathetic ass to oblivion. I wish the anon that made the panty claims will give screenshots

No. 4489

self promo?

No. 4490

and having his photo.that'd be great

No. 4491

Maybe ask one of those Twitter accounts made by people from 2ch that hate him? They sure know more details.

No. 4492

That guy is keeki's biggest fan and he says jrcach is yutanpo. People on 2h said that too. It would be a shock because yoshi or yutanpo seems really nice

No. 4494

lol, he rebloggs all of Kiki's insane tweets from her mental meltdown.

No. 4495

knowing him he probably agrees w her

No. 4497

Worst case scenario would be that Kiki notices that and then tries to get in favor with him and also ends as wannabe idol sucking his virtual cock to get into Japan.

No. 4498

please let this happen the drama would be amazing

No. 4500

Who is Himezawa?

No. 4512

That would be glorious. I can see it happening since he gets a boner for ugly to plain white girls and Kiki falls under that category. He never seems interested in the cute ones.

No. 4516

remember he called kanadajin and abbiekins cute.awful taste is awful

No. 4518

Kiki is that famous drama queen right?Well they'd make a perfect couple

No. 4521

He likes ugly girls because they're most likely to he ~pure~

No. 4686

File: 1406937979073.jpg (93.84 KB, 640x364, image.jpg)

No. 4687

Dakota's sister

No. 4715

Dakota's REAL sister? Sorry I'm new here

No. 4717

Yes. Kiki Kanibal was one of the most popular "scene queens". Dakota was just her little copy cat sister. This was like 2006-2008

No. 4735

File: 1406973067488.jpg (24.25 KB, 500x498, 500px-Conspiracy-keanu.jpg)

JrCach is AbbieKins's suggar daddy

No. 4736

How old are they?

No. 4750


22 and 21 as of September 2014, but Dakota pretends she's 18.

No. 4970

File: 1407115444966.jpg (105.34 KB, 800x543, hiroyuki-kun-is-9.jpg)

There are boy ones too, this little guy for example is an 8yo idol named Hiroyuki and also makes streams on Nico Nico, the youngest male idol would be 4.

No. 4976

I clicked on the wrong link and downloaded this to my phone. Feels like I should be on some kind of watch list now. He's a cute enough kid and it's not like North America hasn't had enough tween idols of it's own, just with shitty acting or songs tacked on. But the swimsuit shots, particularly with a pair of swim briefs…it just feels a little unwholesome

No. 4977

It's for pedophiles. In Japan this legal however "child glamor modelling" is just as legal in the United States.

No. 4978

Nasty. And it's not like he just wandered into a studio one day and said "Beat-off material for creeps? When do I start??" Mama or Papa had to sign him up for it.

No. 4979


In the UK you can't do porn until you're 18 but topless glamour style stuff isn't considered indecent and thus not porn. This is why it's legal for underage girls to be naked in films, such as Keira Knightley at 15 in The Hole.

The added bonus is that you're also considered an adult at 16, so an aspiring 16 year old model can start doing glamour shoots without their parents' permission.

This meant that in the past newspapers like the Daily Sport have featured 16 year olds but they never infantilise them. It was always along the lines of "check out these firm 16 year old DDs".

>Before 2003, British tabloids sometimes featured 16- and 17-year-old girls as topless models. Samantha Fox, Maria Whittaker, Debee Ashby, and others began their topless modelling careers in the Sun when they were 16, while the Daily Sport was even known to count down the days until it would feature a girl topless on her 16th birthday, as it did with Linsey Dawn McKenzie in 1994.

If you google those models they're all well endowed. I'd attach a photo except I'm not sure how legal they are outside the UK.

No. 4981

jesus poor kids they should be taken away their parents

No. 4983

>Keekihime showed her ass cheeks on Nico Douga streams

pics or didn't happen

No. 4986


are you jrcach? because you just went full retard. don't start this whole "keekihime is so bad, she's a whore" thing again, you fucking moron.

No. 4987

this is wrong in so many levels

No. 4993

yea even if it's not child porn, why would anyone have that shit? they must be somehow attracted to kids,.that's the only explaination

No. 5009

Yeah, no. It's because they are bad parents and want to profit off of their children.

No. 5011

File: 1407151113070.jpg (97.5 KB, 585x609, image.jpg)

He's a disgusting person. He commented to Keeki very rudely on his alternate YouTube, YouTube.com/user/teleostomi to bully her. "You're too disgusting"

No. 5020

you think this is rude? he contacted keeki's manager and got her fired . he's a miserable loser who has no personal life

No. 5031

>mixes german and japanese
And I thought he couldn't be more retarded..

No. 5033

He also did that quite often on his old website, he was like obsessed with learning german and Austria's history.

No. 5034

It's just so sad that people like Jrcach even exist..He's no good for this planet.

No. 5040

He provides nothing to the world or this "community" if anything he creates a hostile and upsetting enviornment

No. 5254

Ally and sally aren't that bad to me. Certainly better than Kerukkuma who knows absolutely nothing

No. 5261

Does Abbie run this page? If so it's very self centered around herself and otaku owls.

No. 5267

Abbiekins runs it.

No. 5268

Oh wow what a silly bint, that's hilarious.

No. 5396

who else would reblog otaku weebs stuff,silly?

No. 5410

File: 1407337899668.jpg (123.72 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

EllTia is so pretty and she's an idol in Japan. She's just so tall and gorgeous. I wish more people recognized her

No. 5412

5/10 typical skinnyfat.
Can't see enough of the face to judge.

Besides that, who cares? Is she a lolcow? Does JRach have anything to do with her?
Your post reeks of selfpost, btw.

No. 5413

No. 5414

self post?

No. 5415

If you selfpost here you're going to have a bad time. I guarantee. No, EllTia or whateverthefuck your nickname is..you're not gorgeous, and no one gives a shit about you. GTFO

No. 5416

It looks sloppy.Kinda gives the impression that she doesn't control her own body,like she's about to fall anytime.It's painful to watch her randomly jumping around like a broomstick tbh.

No. 5417

You must be new here. This ain't the right place for self-promo.
My self-post detector is beeping you know

No. 5418

god this sucks

No. 5419


idk, I mean I like her too. she's pretty and I'm jelaous of her face-not an axtraordinary beauty but she has a nice face.

No. 5420

No. 5422

same anon here. looks like her visa is temporary expired as she is going back to canda for a while…


No. 5424

oh my god, staph this.staph TIA!!

No. 5426


No. 5427

This anon bitch is annoying. We don't give a shit so just stop it ok?

No. 5428

She isn't even relevant

No. 5430

just an average caucasian tsubasa masuwaka wannabee with circle lenses .

No. 5432

Himezawa can't dance for shit,it's not her thing

No. 5433

OH God you're annoying

No. 5434

Oh Gosh, that was…painful to watch.

No. 5438

File: 1407341775588.png (170.68 KB, 297x395, bootiful.png)



She's pretty typical, like most idols.
Skinnyfat, big ego because they are idols which translates to not ugly/girl next door.

You are not a supermodel, sorry.
Especially when you forget to keep your face posed perfectly (cough dakota).

No. 5443

Goddamnit there's nothing more annoying than average bitches coming to promote themselves on such forums.
Oh, you want to hear people praising your stupid ass? Here's what I think: you're an average, annoying little bitch craving for attention and you're not a fucking idol. Go away

No. 5444

lol i told you you're going to hava baaaaad time~

No. 5464

File: 1407348622612.jpg (53.62 KB, 613x615, df.JPG)

>She's just so tall and gorgeous.


No. 5466

is she smiling there or making a funny face? that's an unfortunate smile.

No. 5467

Lmao ElleTia you are an idiot to self-promote here. We've seen enough plain ass, egotistical, boring, I talented Caucasian girls trying to be idols self-promote that it's easy as hell for is to spot them. Enjoy your stay.

No. 5468

Wow, thanks a lot autocorrect for making it look like English is my 12th language

No. 5470

This wasn't EllTia I was worried you guys would say that. I'm one of the aspiring idol girls but I'm not her. I don't see the backlash you guys had for her though. Is there drama I don't know about?

No. 5472

yeah sure.all self promoters say that shit. just go away,ok?

No. 5473

This wasn't her. You bitches are worst than jrcach

No. 5474

dat engrish tho. even if we tried we couldn't be worse than jrcach

No. 5475

To make this clear; we're not interested in discuissing her so stop putting her links or/and photos.

No. 5476

so then y r u here?u r free to leave

No. 5477

This is the idol thread you dumb land whale whores

No. 5478

But this is lolcow, if somebody isn't a lolcow gtfo with it.

No. 5479

this ain't a thread dedicated to praising some random girls's asses ,get it? WTF is wrong with you,if you have a problem GTFO.
what's your deal if we don't like that elletia bitch anyway? maybe it's because YOU ARE her and got butthurt because we didn't call you pretty and all that shit?

No. 5480

Preach it gurl!

No. 5482

Typical bitchy looking white girl. If >>5438 really is her smile… yikes. And christ, I can feel her crusty makeup cracking in >>5464.

No one's ever even heard of this "EllTia" chick. We don't take self-posting nobodies too kindly. And on the off chance that you're not self-posting, you did her no good by posting her here.
> aspiring aidoru
Aspiring idols have like a 1 in 50 chance of being above average and a 1 in 1000 chance of actually making some sort of name for themselves. You're either her or you're a nobody and as fuggo as she is. Either way gtfo, everyone's here to see people who actually did something relevant, not you.

No. 5484

exactly. she's not even known. who else would take their time trying to convince us how "perfect" and "beautifu" she is. gimme a break

No. 5485

File: 1407356594858.jpg (35.21 KB, 552x464, a91e822ad401f1fda29b2a146817d6…)

THIS. Thank you!!

No. 5486


I think you're just jelaous. She has no drama around her and has already been in professional MV and seems like her career isn't going to end like Beckii's.

No. 5489

White girls are pretty calm, black girls and beaners are horribly bitchy. That's why their men are always creeping on white girls.

No. 5491

what do black girls have to do with it

No. 5492

I didn't self post, I just thought about saying something nice about someone because she seems drama free and I thought she was cute. You bitches are serious haters. I could understand if it was Dakota or whatever but it was just a nice change to the thread. So fucking ready to jump on jrcach and margeret or dakota but you bitches are the worst.

No. 5493

samefaggin it up

No. 5494

Your hair is too thin and short for those braids, please stop

No. 5495

Why do you shit this thread up with your bad grammar. The jrcach thread too. Can you learn english and come back?

No. 5496

Oh wait, those aren't pigtails. Disregard, I'm a faggot
Still looks bad tho

No. 5497

General question: What are good physical qualities for these want to be idols? I notice a lot of people say theyre plain but so are a ton of Japanese idols. What do you guys look for?

No. 5499

I think most of people say that they are plain because they are jelaous. I have noticed my friends adore Japanese idols, but when the topic comes to gaijin idols they go nuts.

No. 5501

There's a lot of "average" gaijin idols but if you look at AKB besides the top7 members most girls look super plain, some even chubby some even "ugly". I think people who don't normally like idols shouldnt judge foreign idols because idols arent meant to look like Beyonce or some shit. Someone could post the cutest and sweetest girl on here and people would say "shes fake" or something. Since this is a gaijin idol thread I expected some drama but not a total bitchfest for no fucking reason

No. 5503

ngl a lot of gaijin idols suck but some are good and you guys bitch anyways

No. 5506

Anyone can show me her MV?

No. 5507

Just google for her, nothing hard.


I though her group only had one video but it looks like they have more. This song has potential (just don't get scared by this old lady in the beginning). But I don't know if it is an original song or a cover.

No. 5517

I don't think it's her samefagging, esp when Jrcach has posted about her on his Tumblr and reblogged from her.

No. 5519

I'm not Tia.

No. 5522

If you take a walk down a street in Japan, AKB48 would be above average. Fairly cute but nothing too special. And I don't think I've seen a chubby AKB48 member, AKB48 does a shitton of bikini/lingerie shots and I dont think that'd fly.

The bitchfest was because some anon posted some regular looking girl (presumably her) and start praising her to the sky on a site that's dedicated to dramu and lolcows. It was to be expected.

No. 5526

File: 1407365100681.jpg (20.27 KB, 188x268, image.jpg)

No. 5527

File: 1407365125482.jpg (119.72 KB, 640x891, image.jpg)

"none are chubby"

No. 5528

File: 1407365204620.jpg (15.38 KB, 204x247, image.jpg)

No. 5529

can people who don't know shit about Japanese idols stay to bom park or oppa or whatever

No. 5542


>She has no drama around her

Which is exactly why nobody here gives a fuck about her. Go post on idolconfessions or something. Lolcow isn't the place for your thinly-veiled self-promoting.

No. 5554

Stop promoting idolcofessions abbiekins

No. 5561

oh my god..seriously? "jealous" ??? please,come back with an invalid argument

No. 5562

Damn she's pretty

No. 5563

exactly.this site is dedicated to drama and all that shit,not praising some midget asses. that poster obviously must be new here

No. 5564


No. 5565

Why would they be jealous?

No. 5567

lol no one's jealous of that dumb bitch we're just not interested in her. why is it so hard to understand? now, can we just get back to the topic now?

No. 5568

Not all of us here are native speakers you know

No. 5569

Wow this thread is getting weird

No. 5571

what topic lmao

No. 5572

I feel like I'm on deviantart

No. 5573

I feel like I'm on Gaia online

No. 5574

I feel like I'm on livejournal

No. 5575

I feel like I'm on tumblr

No. 5576

I feel like I'm on weaboo stories

No. 5577

I feel like I'm on Jrcach

No. 5578

I feel like I'm on worldstarhiphop

No. 5579

I feel like I'm on Myspace

No. 5580

o k

No. 5581

I don't feel anything, I'm paralyzed

No. 5582

I understand fully. I was just asking why would they think the people here disliking their looks would be jealous when these idols are nothing special to look at.

No. 5583

Name a few gaijin idols you think are pretty.

No. 5587

I wasn't actually endorsing idolconfessions, I just assumed that's where "aspiring idols" selfpost.

No. 5588

What site did you think you were on…

No. 5590

well she's not akb but berryz kobou. hello project has other fat idols too like suzuki kanon but i don't think akb has any

No. 5591

fuck that's not her i think.. just ignore that then lol!

No. 5594

good point. also, that gaijin idols wikia page is also full of self promoters. cringe worthy stuff

No. 5596

File: 1407404634963.png (74.3 KB, 996x338, dfdsf.png)

someone edited abipop's selfpromo article. I'm laughing my ass off right now!!

No. 5597

That person is my personal hero

No. 5598

File: 1407404772905.jpg (9.33 KB, 261x195, 554992_1404951159723363_200988…)

It's about time!

No. 5599

all the comments came from the UK. Not sure if local community really hates her or just himezawa trollin' again

No. 5600

Comments are hella amusing to read

No. 5601

>>jealous of ugly girls
said by no one ever
>>jealous of a nobody
said by no one ever

idk if you've noticed, but most of these weeaboo aidoru are not attractive including that cake face girl that idiot posted.

No. 5602

Probably the only person that didn't self post on that page is Beckii Cruel.The rest of them are just weebs

No. 5603

File: 1407405834933.jpg (91.7 KB, 400x400, 53373165.jpg)

No. 5703

No. 5707

Himezawa's a sweet lass, good luck to her. Amazed that she has raised £200 nearly in about a day o

No. 5741

oh my god,Himezawa,stop…. you're known for self posting

No. 5745

Himezawa is annoying IMO

No. 5749

Usaoukun we know this is you.

No. 5752

Seriously guys? So now we can't just discuiss shit without pointing fingers on each other? You're acting like JrCock

No. 5753

No. 5754

>>5749 you just went full retard. AGAIN. you're either jrcach (because he's the only one that talks about her. she's not even relevant, never was) or butthurt himezawa. either way, not gonna waste my precious time trying to convince you. himezawa isn't relevant here too so i simply presumed it might be a self post. there are lots of self posters here

No. 5756

File: 1407475157045.jpg (24.77 KB, 400x331, spongebob-nobody-cares-2.jpg)

No. 5757

THIS.It's getting annoying

No. 5759

Can you just stop being such paranoid bitches

No. 5760

selfpost or not,we're here for the lolcows so don't get offended if we don't praise your ass.this is for all the selfposters out there

No. 5761

File: 1407476007154.jpg (32.35 KB, 598x332, aidotnet-6020.jpg)

Thank you,finally

No. 5762

Stop shitposting thread.

No. 5767

I'm going to need the bitch who doesn't know how to use the space key or speak English to leave for a few reasons. You said "Himezawa isn't relevant here" and Elletia isn't either. Self post or not, this is the aspiring idol thread so they're very relevant. Use a different word than "relevant". Oh and stop fucking shitting this thread. This thread has become literal shit

No. 5768

The first defense you guys have is self post. It's getting fucking annoying. I'm all for talking shit about lolcows but don't just fucking post cgl ghost stories and tell "self post" when someone calls you out

No. 5772

The last sentence . 1000% agree. We've got too many newbies here that don't even know how these forums actually work

No. 5773

cant we just stick to topic and talk shit about lolcows? im so tired of seeing a bunch of anons calling each other out. no one gives an actual shit. get over youe butthurt

No. 5774


No. 5798

I thought my blatant English vocab would make people recognize that i'm not Himezawa sigh Well >>5707 Is not her anyway, I can't vouch for >>5703 Adios.

No. 5850

I'm the one who posted about her kickstarter. Yeah, I'm not her. I saw it and remember you guys talking about her so to keep the topic going, I posted it here.

No. 5862

nobody cares.can we now just get back on topic

No. 5863

Not sure if she belongs here but
This shit cracks me up everytime

No. 5864

File: 1407525155940.png (7.33 KB, 389x255, 728-computer-reaction-face-kni…)


dafuq did just i watch

No. 5873


No. 5874

black&obese yukapon version

No. 5875

She's Momo's sister right?Sooo much cringe.

No. 5877

The opening of that video reminds me of shit Pixyteri does. It continues to go downhill from there. Girl needs to work out because she looks huge.

No. 5880

God she makes black girls who are into kawaii and/or Japanese culture look bad. And her dancing is so lazy like she'll run out of breath.

No. 5882

w-why would anyone think that's cute…

No. 5883


Her sister is Momo (Honeykittenmomo/Momouto)


I feel sorry for their parents for having birthed two weebs.

No. 5891

This girl is even worse to look at than her sister… both girls are pretty unpleasant to look at.

No. 5900

Both of them manage to get 3,000 views on a Nico live thing but it's only because they make their titles like "15 year old with G cup boobs". Most of the comments are teasing them but they don't know Japanese.

No. 5901

i hope that bibi baby girl doesnt end up like her sister

No. 5905

She does webcam shows in Japanese school swimsuits and jiggles her boobs on cam. She's already there if not worst. I wish they didn't have a "everyone is jealous of me" attitude when they really need to reevaluate their life choices

No. 5906

It's not like you were born weeaboo. I was at my weeaboo phase when I was 13. I hope she grows out of this

No. 5907


No. 6037

tbh I think Bibi Baby's face is kinda cute but the way she represents herself is fucking horribble

No. 6038

Who? Momo or Bibi?

No. 6039

File: 1407557118516.gif (1.18 MB, 319x426, unnamed (1).gif)

No. 6050

what she looked like before

No. 6064

I'm with you on that. Bibi has a decent face. I don't really know how she compares with Momo (facewise) because all the pics Momo has are her with her retarded glasses all the way down her nose. I wear glasses as well and seeing that pisses me off.

I think the Williams' sisters have nice eyes though. Might just be pure angle shots, but their eyes seem to have a nice shape.

No. 6073

ew why does she do her mouth like that? very unattractive

No. 6075

because she thinks it's "kawaii"?

No. 6084

She looks like a black PT.

No. 6085

She makes me feel better about myself tbh

No. 6086

File: 1407585366055.jpg (12.8 KB, 200x200, 46dc8bced6f07052aa52a326920e67…)

Idk why momo got upset that people said her sister looks older. Like she legit looks 24.

No. 6303

goddamn, her forehead is bigger than mine.
first rule of the 5head: never take photos from an upward angle. and i just hate how she's pursing her lips and making her nasolabial fold more prominent. gurl, if you're trying to be ~ kawaii sugiru ~ i'm gonna need you to stahp with that shit

i also left a comment on bibi baby's youtube video for one of those dance covers about her Japanese and how i could hardly comprehend her (she kept saying nya nya in between phrases eugh) and she was like…welll….that's how my Japanese is. so…you'd rather sound incomprehensible for the sake of being kawaii pedo bait??

No. 6306

Probably just a matter of opinion but she looks older than 24 to me. These girls have some bad genes… How old are they anyway?

No. 6317


She looks like she's a mother posting selfies on FB.

No. 6340

Damn, she does look older. But I'd take this over kawaii Bibi desuuu~ any day.

No. 6342

File: 1407704751838.jpg (92.33 KB, 480x480, m730b1vru41qgc0bno1_500.jpg)

She's 15 and her sister Momo is 17 rn.

Seems like it runs in the family.

Also I think the parents are partially to blame for indulging them in some of the mess they do. The parents sent Momo to Japan last year (or year before last can't remember), this year they went to France. The parents lets them buy their weeb stuff. But she still bitches about her mom like an ungrateful brat.

No. 6343

Momo's set to go back to Japan this September.

https://twitter.com/himekangel Her twitter. She goes by "Himeka" now.

No. 6347

15 and 17, oh my god… I never would've guessed that I you hadn't told me. I have a friend who's 26, same race, and looks way younger. These girls have unfortunate genetics and lost the lottery. They really aren't suited for that kawaii lifestyle. There's other styles and niches they can fit into but they do not have the youthful look that kawaii shit often requires.

No. 6352


Her parents must be loaded

No. 6376

Laughing at Momo saying over 1000 people want to meet her when she goes to Tokyo because of the response in her live stream. Meanwhile most of her viewers are like middle aged men that thinks she's easy.

No. 6399

I want to see her get that many views without her tits being in the thumbnail

No. 6415

Very related.

No. 6418

No. 6419

I wish she would stop thinking someone is jealous of her. She's a delusional bitch.

No. 6425

I don't get why either of them would think anyone's jealous of them. They're ugly as fuck. I'd rather be jealous of Rihanna and they're not fucking Rihanna.

No. 6426


Don't you know everyone is jealous of subpar-looking little girls that pander to old guys (with one selling nudes of herself) for extra cash even though their parents give into their weeaboo wants and needs? /sarcasm

No. 6436

omg that was hilarious. she's dumb and made herself look even worse

No. 6437

Every time you say something bad about a girlthere's ALWAYS this one person that throws this "jealousy" card. Those crazy sisters are not even pretty tbh

No. 6466

File: 1407754478567.jpg (127.97 KB, 960x960, 10302101_527499604027540_58124…)

Has anyone heard of SHEawase aidoru wannabees? One of the members asked me to like their fb page.
It's a shame only one of them is actually pretty

No. 6467

Indeed.Girl on the right is stunning. She MUST be a model! I'm so jealous of her beautiful smile because I'll never be as pretty as her.

No. 6468


No. 6469

The ginger girl is actually pretty. no homo

No. 6483

>only one of them is actually pretty

and which one is that?

No. 6485

huh they're all average at best

No. 6492

Which one exactly…?

No. 6494

hahaha I'm just teasing you guys. Redhaired girl looks the best IMO. Definetely not her best shot but she looks much better than the others.

No. 6495

her nostrils look so large in this pic but i think she's actually cute…despite the nostrils

No. 6496

These two need some serious dental work done

No. 6529

Why are they called "idols"? Isn't an idol a person you strive to be? Someone who achieved something you want to achieve too?
I don't know about you guys,but ~being kawaii~,mediocre dancing and singing and dressing like a japanese toddler doesn't impress me enough to idolize a person.

No. 6560


No. In Japan an idol is a type of public figure who is known for an array of talents or abilities, are forbidden from romance and have a pure image. It's completely different than the term "That's my idol" such as a role model. For example, Morning Musume and AKB48 are idol groups. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Dakota Rose and Ayumi aren't idols however people look up to them. A Korean idol is different than a Japanese idol.

No. 6561

No. 6596

I can see why girls aspire to be idols though. You can be mediocre in every area and still get a career going. Versus being an actor or singer where you kinda need to be good.

No. 6604

Plus in Japan idols don't have to look like supermodels. Japan's standard for talent is already super low so for idols it's even lower compared to UK and US

No. 6714

does anyone remember nagatopyon? shes not an "aspiring aidoru" but i wonder what people think about her. she seemed to be quite "popular" long time ago.

No. 6930


No. 6937

No. 7651

File: 1408354122867.jpg (112.92 KB, 960x720, 10613074_559559307482807_61842…)

aminyan with that sage chan stripper?

No. 8818

Yukapon's old friend I think

No. 8820

Both plain as fuck.

No. 8906

*profit from their kid being jacked off to by strange grown men

No. 8914

>>Someone posts pretty girl they admire
Let the nitpicking begin! Seriously, though, I doubt any of you look any better. A lot of you sound like your compensating for your flaws by bitching at girls who lack said flaws.
Muds who are mad because white girls get all the love. My nappy hair is beautiful in it's own way. :(
Proud of her curves

inb4 I'm the girl in the picture. So far, she's the only pretty one, which is probably what spawned the autistic anger.

No. 8916

I'm >>5494. What are you on about, and what does anything have to do with "nappy hair"?
Either this really is you, or you're some whiteknighting faggot. pls go

No. 8919

Nah, I'm just a regular user who was scrolling though the thread and noticed an immense amount of jealous butthurt. I'm guessing you have monkey hair?

No. 8923

>I'm just a regular user
No one would say this, ever
confirmed for white knight

No. 8925

uhhh okay. Enjoy being brown with dull mud hair, I'm sure it's very pretty. Am I supposed to say chantard or something? That's stupid.

No. 8927

You're just digging yourself deeper

No. 8930

Saying "regular user" is perfectly fine. LOL anon is legion epic lulz were had XD

No. 8949


She's an idol in a Japanese group. Why doesn't she belong ?

No. 8954

omg why whenever says something "not so nice" about a girl someone always has to pull out that "jealousy" card. come on now… self posters are not welcomed here GTFO

No. 8970

Exactly? I enjoy watching foreign idols, why am I not allowed to talk about her here? Especially that talking about keekihime is allowed. How is she different? Because she got kicked out and Tia is still in? Seriously, wtf.

No. 8973

The idol thread is full of jealous whores

No. 9068

Please stop doing "^^". Whoever you are, I've seen you do it three times already. I'm not the person you're replying to, and I'm not the person who originally posted her, I just think you sound like a retarded gook who's mad that white girls are prettier.

No. 9075

You need to leave, too. I have a feeling you're one retard trying to force stormfag b8 on this board. Are you the same anon who bitches about Mexicans all the time, too, or what?

No. 9113

File: 1408758344560.jpg (105.21 KB, 400x400, 1408181444026.jpg)

Nope. I don't like mexicans, though. Are you mexican? You seem awfully concerned about them.
Confirmed gook. Don't you have your own site to bitch about white girls on? I know they're beautiful, but there's no need to get butthurt.

No. 9114

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again

No. 9123

don't reply to it faggot

No. 9128

I do but I'm not leaking it because Jrcach is an ass

No. 9129

I do but I'm not leaking it because Jrcach is an ass

No. 10132

anyone heard of this yukapon wannabee try-hard?

No. 10133

File: 1409025938601.jpeg (143.65 KB, 960x960, 1QRzlHoD.jpeg)

No. 10143

Reminds me of OC

No. 10173

She's quite bozz eyed..

No. 10245

Not just a Yukapon wannabe, a whiteknight as well. She called Akira out a while back, and he responded to it. Don't like her much, in appearance or fake persona, but I find her teeth really cute, for some reason.

No. 10246

Anybody know what the fuck is up with here teeth?

No. 10255

It looks like she has little fangs, like the Japanese term yaeba (I think that usually refers more to crooked teeth that are found cute, but that's the closest thing I can think of).

No. 10272

crooked teeth r never cute. the fang thing is kind cut tho

No. 10277

i need to hear more about this pls.
her teeth are horrible…… and those eyes makes her look like she has down syndrome

No. 10278

File: 1409119751713.jpg (15.91 KB, 302x391, 5b8m04.jpg)

Crooked teeth are considered normal in japan, it's very unusual to see a japanese person with braces. (Kozue Aikawa got them like last year tho). But those fangs are considered very cute in Japan. I'm sure Kipi wouldn't be so famous if she had straight teeth.

No. 10279

And of course it depends on a person. I still think that Verna girl is not very attractive.

No. 10280

misa amane?? lmfao

No. 10490

No. 10732

Out of all of these weeb girls ally & sally have a chance. Their faces being the major thing holding them back.

No. 10734

>The site is under construction right now.
>Most of the site is barely updated or 'coming soon'.

No. 10735

No it had character profiles but people bullied them so they took it down

No. 10738

What's the point of the website then?
Also, trying to be aidorus and not being prepared for people making fun of them? Good luck with that.

No. 10739

File: 1409450543196.jpg (545.62 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_na7nedZmXQ1qfaayao1_128…)

That wig is awful, please don't.

No. 10741

File: 1409453954382.jpg (625.29 KB, 1779x802, XGhhUHz.jpg)

You mean this?

No. 10742

File: 1409454093786.png (528.69 KB, 706x608, Untitled.png)

No. 10744

God dammit. She's so cute, but that outfit is horrible. Match your colors, you learn it in kindergarten. Guhhhh.

No. 10745

And their cringe inducing personalities. And their general slowness. Poor, mentally disabled weebs. If only their parents would stop enabling them.

No. 10747

File: 1409456625127.jpg (64.68 KB, 861x720, 1351879190374.jpg)

I can't. I am so done.

No. 10761

>The sacred land of Akihabara

No. 10769

This sounds so retarded.
Also I heard their parents made them the site and that they are spoiled as hell.

No. 10777

Oh lawd, no wonder people 'bullied' them.

Do they actually have a disability…?

No. 10780

File: 1409490782397.jpg (113.73 KB, 500x750, IMG_0246.jpg)

I don't mind Beckii that much but she does upload some super unflattering pictures sometimes…

No. 10782

oh god is the ice bucket challenge transferring to the net idols world? I hope at least SOME of them donate money, and not only do the silly video itself… The idea is noble, but it makes me so freakin' angry when I see ppl doing it only because it is 'cool'. come on…

No. 10785

She looks so tired bless

No. 11044

If anybody hasn't figured it out, Ally & Sally prerecord their voices then perform. So their performances aren't "raw".

No. 11045

People have speculated that they have FAS but I think they're autistic

No. 11072

Why, though? Half the reason people think they have FAS is because of their soulless meaty shark faces, and autism wouldn't explain that at all.

No. 11081

They might just look like that.

No. 11083

File: 1409524544972.jpg (696.97 KB, 1200x800, IMG_0225.jpg)

This post made me look through some of Beckii's old photos and, well, they certainly both look a lot less polished than their usual posts.

No. 11084

I think when that anon said they might have autism, he was referring to down syndrome because they do have features that resemble that.

No. 11178

didnt they confirm they were fastards

No. 11223

Such grace, fab moves, much balance, many talent.

No. 11224

lol what was that at 00:47??

No. 11225

I know, so much second hand embarrassment.

No. 11226

No. 11227

HAHAHA I burst out laughing at that and my whole family turned around and gave me the look of death. It's even funnier that it has no music.

No. 11228

epitome of awkward white girl dancing

No. 11229

why is she so stiff? it's not cute

No. 11231

they're actually not quiiiite as bad-looking in person.

No. 11232

I'm going to leak a few things about this "community" considering I've been in it since 2010 and I really know the truth about everything.

First of all, Jrcach had more knowledge than Dansa No Himitsu so people trusted him at first. DnH didn't know shit about idols, dancing, Nico Nico or any of that. She attacked Keeki and she was a nobody but people listened to her. Her bad advice, slut shaming and general retardedness fucked the community up.

OishiiProject also fucked the community because most of the girls in this community joined it. By joining O!P you had to sign a contract prohibiting you from anything else. A few girls got offers they had to miss out of because this dumbass "project" hurt them

Jrcach has shit advice and so did Dansa. The fact of the matter is if girls got of their asses, learned Japanese, and put effort becoming an idol wouldn't be hard as all.

There's also a few girls who are heavily riding the bandwagon of "idol" who just want to be famous any way they can, they don't care about idols, know about them or whatever. These girls are Kimonotime, Lolichii, Abipop and Himezawa. None of these girls have knowledge about idols and they're just riding the bandwagon for more viewers. Himezawa is somewhat interested in being an idol but for the rest they all have ulterior motives which I'll leak later.

Finally, a tip for all aspiring idols or models, if you think Jrcach is the worst you're mistaken. The girls in this community are absolutely terrible users. Don't mention any audition you tried for because even if they don't live in Japan or don't have plans to go there, they act without logic and will apply too. Contact Jimushos yourself and learn Japanese. Make your own blogs and stop having Akira write them for you, Heddie, Caprice aka Yukika I'm looking at you.

I have more juicy information to leak pretty much about fake girls later. If you're serious about becoming an idol take my advice. These girls are all users don't trust any of them.

No. 11233

Don't trust even what the girls say because their advice may be intentionally bad to drive out competition. moetwinstyle for example told kerukkuma on twitter last year that she would run into visa problems. Not true. She's been on a working holiday visa for longer than a year now.

Moetwinstyle also said student visa workers can't work as idols. Also not true. If you do your own research you'll see the only work you can't do as a student is pachinko and soap land.

I don't think Keekihime is a bad person but don't believe everything she says. It may be because English isn't her first language but she's stated things that don't add up. By Keeki's own words she left ToneJewel willingly. She complained about working everyday but with the law, it allowed her to work now about once a week but she didn't want to feel like a "sub member". She could've stayed in Tone Jewel if she wanted and did modeling jobs on the side. She would've been allowed to keep her visa and probably none of this bullshit would've happened.

What she said about live houses and foreigners isn't true either. Stop being lazy and do your own research because you can't trust girls in this community. A&S failed every audition so why take advice from them?

No. 11234

Interesting. More?
>First of all, Jrcach had more knowledge than Dansa No Himitsu so people trusted him at first.
>DnH didn't know shit about idols, dancing, Nico Nico or any of that.
Yeah, I definitely got this vibe. Fat weeb thought she knew about idols because she watched other weebs dance to Vocaloid songs on YouTube. All her blog was good for was gossip, which was the main "thing", so I don't know why she changed.

No. 11235

File: 1409596084109.gif (2.17 MB, 442x450, 547a768162a48609ef5e7f9e3f7a7b…)

No. 11236

I'm so happy this exists

No. 11237

No. 11238

> Himezawa is somewhat interested in being an idol but for the rest they all have ulterior motives which I'll leak later.

pls do

No. 11253

Running from da h8trs

No. 11256

Okay so I'll talk about more. Jrcach is more heinous than people think. He was the one who spread yuka's vids getting leaked by going to her 2ch thread and saying "Yuka had her Japanese debut!!" And when her fans clicked it, it was her nudes. 2ch blocks proxies and IPs not in Japan so this wasn't Margeret. It also wasn't Akira or Nick, and Jrcach fessed up to it on a sub blog.

Dansa was a terrible person who gave shit advice and was good friends with Chii. DnH's first posts were bullying Maxine who was 11 at the time and xMintySweet. Not criticism just talking bullshit. She even said Kimonotime "has too much energy" which just goes to show she made up bullshit "tips".

Kelsey Ellison's ulterior motives aren't sinister but she's a huge weeb. Her and Abipop(who I will talk about later) are huge weebs who know absolutely nothing about idols or care about becoming them. Kelsey is into zany, quirky, tumblr fashion and will jump on any bandwagon. Now it's Kpop. Becoming an idol in Japan is a billion times easier than becoming a Korean idol but she gets more money from YouTube by doing Korean shit because it's more popular. So she's not a bad person just a HUGE weeb.

Abipop is an even bigger weeb and gives a terrible name to the aspiring idol thing. Abi doesn't want to be an Akiba pop idol she actually wants to be a gravure idol. She isn't rude or anything just very in genuine. She hasn't watched any of the animes she cosplays and just does it for pure attention. Abi is not in this because of her passion or whatever, it's all for attention. She claims to "love" Himeko Sakuragawa" but in actuality that's the only Akiba or Denpa idol she knows.

Chii doesn't give a shit about idols and has said it before "I just want to be famous in Japan." She's incredibly annoying and changed her privacy settings after being exposed on the Jrcach thread. Her ulterior motives is to become famous whether it's in Japan, Korea or whatever. She's also a huge weeb.

Himezawa is annoying but she keeps her power level down enough. She's done basic dumb ass shit like making her own Wikipedia etc but she doesn't get enough credit. She can be annoying but she's more successful than a lot of girls in this community. She doesn't know much about idols but she knows way more than the former.

No. 11258

File: 1409602190622.jpg (144.98 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

Now something juicy about a few girls.

Ally & Sally aren't as nice as they put on to be, but they're surely not as bitchy and fake as most girls in this. Their old blog from 2010 has them talking about weebs(even though they are them). They also are passive aggressive at times. Granted they aren't fake geek girls how people make them out to be. They genuinely love Eroge, Akihabara, Anime etc unlike Abipop who is totally faking it.

They do however have a Japanese sugar daddy type of guy. I don't know the extent of the relationship but they lied about it.

On Japanese TV the media crew said "Who is this? This is suspicious?" And they said "a friend of our family." They asked how and the man said "um…from work." This is a huge big fat lie.

Look at their performances in Japan, that guy is doing full on wotagei, he also showed them to their apartments. (Pic related he's the furthest on the right)

No. 11260

File: 1409602518513.jpg (213.97 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

The average Japanese person, even a family friend wouldn't be caught dead doing Wotagei. This guy is their biggest fan and their "Oniichan". He even has/had a blog on Ameblo where his name was "Ally & Sally's Oniisan" and his twitter said the same. His name is Anthony and maybe he's -just- a fan but I'm pretty sure he's more than that to them considering they act incestous during most of their broadcasts for views.

This picture is of Sally, The guy who everyone thinks is Jrcach aka Yoshi, Anthony their "older brother" and Ally

He isn't a friend of their family by any means. They completely lied which makes it all the more suspicious

No. 11261

There's a ton more I plan on "leaking" but let me gather my screenshots. In the mean time I can attest that these people are genuine

Lala Shy
Kelsey Parnigoni
Kelsey Ellison
All of Pinku Project
The rest who are well known are pretty much liars, or just fake. I'm going to gather more screenshots though. If anyone has any questions I'll reveal as much as I know

No. 11265

Add AriKi/borderline chocolate to that list too

No. 11273

thank you!

No. 11277

Yukapon also hates most of these girls. Ally Sally, Abipop, Heddie, Yukika/Caprice, and a few more girls all sucked heavily on Akira's dick, had him send them gifts, he writes blogs because they're lazy etc. Even though Yuka is a liar Akira is an extremely shady person but these girls will use anyone for "fame".

No. 11312

It was kind of obvious lots of these "aidoru" like abipop aren't really into the whole otaku culture and are just doing it for fame.

No. 11323

abi pop surely isn't the smartest girl around, since she copied everything from yukapon including liking himeko sakuragawa and doesn't even try to hide it

No. 11435

omg that is awful. beckii cruel no2

No. 11436

Please go die asshole.

No. 11441

File: 1409748550062.jpg (87.89 KB, 540x960, fail.jpg)


No. 11442

wtf? are you one those idols

No. 11445

Wow! A story in the Barnsley Chronicle! She's really hitting the big time.

>blasted the show's producers for trying to make her look 'weird'
>that picture

No. 11452


To be fair to her it's not like she signed up herself expecting to hit the big time.

She was apparently scouted by the shows producers who were looking for some J-pop/K-pop singers to appear on the show and made it sound like a great opportunity.

Shows like the X Factor, Big Brother and Jeremy Kyle are all trash that prey on peoples weaknesses and hopes. I don't blame her at all for what happened to her, the X Factor is notorious for hunting down professionals and putting them out there pretending they're amateurs with a miraculous talent come from nowhere when the people really have managers and producers and agents and stuff.

No. 11453

Hah, she looks deluded and weird because she IS. If she genuinely thought the producers were asking her on because they thought she was talented, then yeah, delusional. They never at one point said they thought she was any good or that she would be put through. Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past 10 years KNOWS that X Factor auditions are just a bunch of sob stories and freak shows.

No. 11456

Woah I didn't know she was 22, I thought she was about 19.

No. 11457

only would be available if it airs on the show
it just started.

No. 11459

File: 1409757226079.png (19.78 KB, 501x150, kel.PNG)

No. 11460

Yeah, yeah, I watched her video full of excuses. It's already been discussed in this thread.

Whether you like her or not, she's clearly very desperate for any kind of fame. She even put her story in the local paper, that's lame as all fuck.

No. 11461

i think she put it in the paper so she could "defend/prove" herself before it actually got aired

No. 11462

You admit in your own post that the X Factor has a terrible reputation. But somehow it still isn't her own fault for agreeing to go on? Right…

No. 11464

Either she knew full well X Factor has an awful reputation but went on anyway because she's so desperate for attention or she agreed to go on a national TV show without bothering to do any research on it. You only have to spend a few seconds typing in "X Factor audition" into youtube to find thousands of videos of people like her embarrassing themselves. She has no one to blame but herself for being such a fame whore.

No. 11469

This is seriously gonna be gold. I hope good anons will post links to that episode as soon as it will be avaible online or sth

No. 11471

Will do. They're doing the room auditions at the moment, I assume if they do show her it'll be at the arena stages.

No. 11474

Oh god that would make her 20 when she made this one, how embarrassing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7uLhBBSr2k

No. 11476

kimonotime is 22? what is she even doing rn. studying? working? rly i don't mind when 14 years old do this idol thing, or if it's just a hobby, but i feel like when you're actually excepting it to work out you're just gonna end up like pt

No. 11477

She works at a nightclub, pub or something like that.

No. 11479


No, it is her fault, but I think it should at least be mitigated between her and the scouts that deliberately sought her with the intentions of humiliating her for ratings.

22 is still a young enough age to be naive about this kind of shit. Hell I didn't learn how to properly use a washing machine until I was 22. Why are there so many drawers and what are they for.

Even so, of course I'm going to watch her audition video and laugh, but I don't think it's entirely her fault. X Factor is scummy as fuck.

No. 11481


This is the original song. The girl is 20 in the video as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_l9Cza-1A

No. 11484

She looks about 40. Even idols look stupid doing this song.

No. 11485

yeah, momoko isn't the prettiest, but she's really entertaining to watch

No. 11489

Does anyone know what Kerukkuma is up to? Looks like she left her group and now is waiting for some kind opportunity? (inbefore someone says it's her posting-nope, just a fan who likes idols and is interested in gaijin idols as well-deal with it)

No. 11495

She was kind of dumb to leave her group especially now that they're getting some fame but guess she wants to be solo…

No. 11497

They are? According to what she wrote they rarely did solo because of other members school activities and she left the group because she wanted to do more performances.

No. 11500

They got switched to a way more better company and they're under Universal Music Japan. She's a fool to leave.

No. 11514

Holy shit, really? How did I miss that.
That's a great news for them. Keru really made a dumb decision unless she is moved to an even better company.

No. 11516

They've been under Universal since they started they're just under another company that isn't Candy Fruit Promotion. She's still under Candy fruit but she still could've been in the group like the other members. Her gravure DVD comes out today which is why she is happy

No. 11570

lol,nope. just sayin that no one (except those "idols") cares

No. 11571

What a dumbass
Shouldn't have gone to X factor. It's not a fucking YouTube.

No. 11572

oh maaaan i cant wait to see kelsey getting humiliated

No. 11575

File: 1409802861825.gif (342.62 KB, 320x234, 2540173-0237640794-Micha.gif)

No. 11578

how the hell does that girl look 40 to you? lmfao.

No. 11589

I think it's her neck, it's quite droopy.

No. 11593


Creepy as fuck.

No. 11602

Certainly not 40, but she does look weirdly old somehow. I can't work out what it is though…

No. 11613

File: 1409856512020.jpg (140.22 KB, 600x850, BwssUFyCAAEX1m7.jpg)

Himezawa and Beckii…

No. 11617

I don't care for neither of them but the other guest look promising! dammit…too bad I won't make it on time

No. 11655

obviously people do care because they made this fucking thread about it

No. 11656

yes. now i see it. her neck looks old kinda….

No. 11684

omg what this world is coming to

No. 11718


you pervs? more like "act your fucking age"

No. 11720

she's a grown woman. why is she being this dumb?? jfc

No. 11736

Very long shot but did anyone cap Kelsey's comments on the KLUE group?? The members' responses are so interesting but Kelsey bawleeted everything.

No. 11746

File: 1409963351621.png (98.38 KB, 564x400, Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 01.2…)

Tail end of it…

No. 11748

What is KLUE and what happened?

No. 11749

File: 1409963765896.png (55.51 KB, 579x237, Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 01.3…)

Just do it then… stop writing statuses like this to get sympathy.

No. 11751

Kpop Lovers United Events

No. 11777

File: 1410004449779.png (82.93 KB, 576x247, 스크린샷 2014-09-06 오후 12.52.01.pn…)

KLUE is a UK-based Facebook group for Kpop fans. It's amusing to follow because it's full of cringey kids.

Someone linked to a Tumblr post where people were discussing whether Kelsey was appropriating other cultures.

As I said, I got there too late but it seems like she was incredibly defensive and kept denying that she was doing anything wrong. The other people were giving her genuine advice on how to improve but she couldn't handle it, got pissy and deleted most of her comments except a few like >>11746

And this morning it seems like's still completely incapable of taking any advice. Jesus christ.

No. 11778

this screams attention whore.maybe she should just get off the fucking internet

No. 11797

Can someone explain why these two think this is cute. The blue chick sounds like Miranda Sings, and the pink one is British but is singing in an american accent like a 5 year old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-0rA75yOH8

No. 11801

what the fuck was that….

No. 11804

No idea, I was hoping someone would enlighten me..

No. 11846

The blonde girl looks almost exactly like Abipop. She sings just as horribly too.

No. 11874

Oh god, I was wondering when these guys were going to get posted. Dat makeup…

So much cringe in one video.

No. 11876

oh geeze…..
the weeb is so strong in this one

No. 11877

Where the fuck are those gaijin groups are coming from?
>Half assed dancing
>Pastel Sailor Fuku
>Speak wapanese
>Are hella fugly

No. 11878

They remind me of Otaku Owls or Tokyo Melody. Hell,they're all the same to me.

No. 11879

File: 1410107853683.jpg (85.74 KB, 900x674, Facepalm_desu_by_RainbowSeizur…)

No. 11880

jfc, they're so fucking hideous….but this shit is kinda entertaining lmao

No. 11881

>Are from UK

No. 11882

Why didn't they film somewhere quiet…?
Also Amelia looks like she's regretting everything.

No. 11883

These girls obviously watch too much anime, I can tell

No. 11884


They're not even remotely in time with the music or each other. Christ.
And they need to cut down those tree trunk legs a bit.

No. 11887

dat blonde bitch looks liek abipop

No. 11888

So painful to watch

No. 11889

File: 1410114702446.png (497.36 KB, 880x584, Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 19.3…)

No. 11890

I just realized how far apart Abi's eyes are.

No. 11893

british "aidoru" are the worst

No. 11894

No. 11895

I don't understand why we have so damn many…

No. 11909

What is this?

No. 11911

No. 11912

She gave 10000000000x more helpful advice in one post and all of jRCach's lawl.

No. 11919

Trying to be an idol is
It's for attentions whores who want to make a living off being an attention whore.

No. 11920

so basically every famous person ever

No. 11921

Not really, since some people are actually famous for being talented.

Most of these aidorus have close to zero talent and just want attention and gifts.

No. 11929

shit i want attention and gifts please.

No. 11930

damn agree.i dont understand whats wrong with living a "normal" life.like getting an education first,then job…

No. 11932

The thing that annoys me is they all act the same, fake voice ect.

No. 11956

I think they all see one of those more successful aidoru on youtube/tumblr and think "damn that bitch is nothing special and has no talent, if she can be famous and get gifts then so can I"

No. 11957

and the circle continues

No. 11994

I wonder how badly the judges would have made fun of her if she's performed that Pom Pom travesty on the show.

No. 12002

It's kim kardashion syndrome. It's just not a "kawaii thing". It's appealing for a lot of these spoiled girls. They get to remain children forever and by enfantilizing themselves they're rewarded for it. That's a raw deal if you're attractive enough

No. 12008

The brunette is even worse than you think: http://youtu.be/E9a4GTItRl8

No. 12009

Her nose. She needs surgery ASAP.

No. 12022

Keekihime has always been pretty arrogant. I don't agree with what Jrcach did but don't take her word on some things. What Jrcach did was fucked up but it wasn't 100% his fault she got fired.

No. 12058

OMG this is GREAT for all the wrong reasons. Literally on par with Miranda Sings..

No. 12083

This is what I am thinking about all the time. People are sorry for her now because she is stressing her depression all over and yeah, I get why she is sad. But she wouldn't get fired if it was only for the jrcach accident.

No. 12581

File: 1410454955548.jpg (24.88 KB, 480x360, keekihime.jpg)

keeki's eyebrows are really scary.

No. 12593

Just look like eyebrows to me.

No. 12602

where is this image from? I have never seen it

No. 12603

Does anyone know how is her job at the hotel going?

No. 12605

From her Facebook, you can only see her photos by having her as friend, so whoever posted this is a bitch….
As for her job, see for yourself: http://ameblo.jp/keeki-hime/entry-11922631025.html

No. 12617

No. 12622

Why does she sound so nervous the whole time? You're on your own at home, at least try to go for it.

That shaky voice plus the way it seems like she's making eye contact the whole time makes this super uncomfortable.

No. 12625

Himezawa self posts too much. I know I sound like Jrcach but she really needs to stop

No. 12655


self post or not that really sucks, she can't even stay on pitch. Girl learn how to sing before posting yourself on wikipedia as a singer

No. 12752

Agreed. They're the worst type of weebs

No. 12821

No. 12868

It's private now, what was it

No. 12919


What a shame, that was some good laughing material. She acted like a dumb girl called Eleanor or something.

No. 12920

*she, Kimonotime

No. 12929

File: 1410632293595.jpg (100.26 KB, 640x640, 10469231_539719886173633_23548…)

Oh well, at least she's always providing new things to laugh at, like this outfit.

No. 12968


What amazes me is her courage to actually go out like that.

No. 12972

File: 1410646181555.jpg (109.31 KB, 425x640, 10476.jpg)

~SuCh QuIrKy AnD uNiQuE SnOwFlAkE dEsu~

No. 12973


Jfc she can't dress to save her life.

No. 12980

Kelsey always claims she's trying to ~promote Asian culture~ and that she's not doing it for the fame (especially in response to criticism of her going on the X Factor) but who's oldfag enough to remember when she wanted to set up a Lady Gaga tribute act?


To be fair, at least her voice sounds a lot better than when she does that fake cutesy thing.

No. 12982

File: 1410647650839.jpg (198.53 KB, 500x691, tumblr_m7ikbyneCd1ql9ilao1_r1_…)

Looks like Baily Jay.

No. 12984

No, this is even more cringe than the kawaii crap.She was about 17 here, fair enough if she was 13 I would let it pass. But seriously wtf.

No. 12985

Is her (kelsey) xfactor video out? I mean footage from the programme broadcast.

No. 12986

that wig tho

No. 12987

No she hasn't been shown in it so far, idk how many audition shows there are to go.

No. 12988

My thoughts exactly.

No. 12993

Can't wait to see it.

No. 13022

Nice fake Lazy Oaf, pleb.

No. 13034

File: 1410707903497.jpg (108.57 KB, 640x960, jinx.jpg)

Seems like Kelsey loves bad wigs.

No. 13052

I liked Kelsey when she was just a dancer and didn't do that "kawaii" shit.

Now she just makes me cringe.

No. 13082

> Dat fraying, sloppy wig
> Dat bikini top
> Dem watercolour tattoos


No. 13102

what is she supposed to be here?

No. 13107

jinx from league of legends

No. 13130

wow i know who jinx is and i didn't even think that was the character at first. what a shitty cosplay.

No. 13157

The tattoos looks like mold.

No. 13182

I don't think they're real. Jinx has those tattoos. Unless she actually has jinxes tattoos, which is….beyond words.

No. 13184

Er, obviously they're not real? Nobody here was saying they were.

No. 13193

File: 1410803904147.jpg (251.61 KB, 2048x1366, 10514415_10154530983995504_587…)

She really, really can't.

No. 13266

so kawaii desu lol

No. 13284

LMAO that bow. Those cheap, fried extensions. Those clashing patterns on her shirt and skirt. That hooker makeup. I hope she dies.

No. 13285

jfc, that was so creepy

No. 13313

Oh god this just reminded me that I uploaded me singing this song in English on Youtube.

So glad at 14-15 I wasn't brave enough to show my face on the internet in my weeb phase.

That singing though… She needs a lot of practice. I couldn't even recognize the song til halfway because it was so off tone.

No. 13333

Same k-on! is ma fave I saw the title of the video and was like "what, I can't remember this monstrosity being in the show" only realized when she got to the end…

No. 13336

Wow she's tone deaf. I wonder if nobody hasn't told her that.

No. 13337

File: 1410886067786.jpg (67.85 KB, 442x600, tumblr_mqvgukz4Y31s6p91ho1_500…)

she looks like Bailey's uglier, slightly retarded cousin who they hide in the attic

No. 13338

OMG she does look like her.

No. 13339

No, she's to busy hyping that over 10K people have viewed the video, no lie.

No. 13342

Jesus,and they let her on the stage..The girl halfasses everything..That dancing,awkward singing…

No. 13343

File: 1410889034535.png (213.04 KB, 704x719, lol.png)

lawl I could use those

No. 13346

HAHAHAHA this post>life

No. 13417

Anon what is this? What is its purpose? I"m confused ha ha

No. 13421

Not that anon but foam earplugs.

No. 13428

I saw that shit too and couldn't stop laughing.

I wonder if she even listened to her own video before posting it. Or listened to the original song for that matter.

No. 13441

omgf i can't …stop..fucking laughing.
yeah,her singing really sucks and she needs to know it.

No. 13883

Abbie is full of shit. But most of these girls are so.

No. 13904

File: 1411163484773.png (128.94 KB, 302x391, kelseynow.png)

Looks like she always had trouble getting outfits together.

No. 13908

totemo kawaii desu

No. 13914

That's what Bratz and Trollz did to my generation. She was a cute kid but gosh her feet were massive.

No. 13944

Kelsey's SO irritating throughout this video, but special mention to her hideous no makeup face:

Also lol'ing that they're shooting in some shitty corner shop. Keep reaching for the stars, Kels.

No. 13980

wtf who is this?

No. 13997

I actually enjoyed this video, she doesn't look hideous she just looks like girls usually do not wearing make-up, she doesn't have bad skin.

No. 14005

She is so irritating in this video and it's badly edited together. I never realized how awkward she is and her greasy sausage lips, slug chin and eyebags are really off putting.

No. 14006

>not mentioning her lumpy nose, lack of top lip and ugly hair

No. 14007

Yes those too, however I like her hair, just her fringe is a tad too short. Her voice irks me also.

No. 14010

Fuck man, why does she always look so awkward and hideous?

No. 14011

I think it's because she's always trying to look so cute desu but it's REALLY not working.

No. 14016

She's like 'one day' about Wembley but didn't she already humiliate herself on stage there for the X Factor (whether they end up airing it or not)?

No. 14021

The japanese version is even "better".

No. 14030

link it, anon

No. 14032

No. 14035

pahahaha desu desu desu is all I hear..

No. 14037

She's speaking incredibly simple sentences but you can still see her reading it. Why do those annoying cuts but not take that out…?

No. 14094

jfc, i never realized how fucking weird she is.

No. 14095

0:37 a shitty attempt to act moe

No. 14097

File: 1411274474244.png (490.49 KB, 849x441, fail.png)


No. 14098

this lolcow deserves her own thread

No. 14101

What is Himezawa's novel about? She goes on and on about being a published novelist…maybe I am overlooking it.

No. 14107

Is that deerstalker?

No. 14119

wow she can't even self introduce herself properly. also she speaks really weirdly like "nihongo ga ok desu". and what is she even speaking about in the end "oh is that so.. i am very busy, im really sorry"

No. 14120

Aliens. No lie.

No. 14128

That's really creepy desu

No. 14129

Omg I can't believe she's 19…..

No. 14182

horrific. i could barely understand her omg. those cuts though. you could see she was plainly reading a script…

No. 14186

I think she's 20.

Eugh It's weird she doesn't realize how cringe worthy this shit is.

No. 14437

No. 14439

Beckii's outfit is pretty cool and she looks fab however her dancing sucks.

No. 14440

LOL I saw this on my facebook the other day and she's fucking awful and looks like a pug.

No. 14441

Wow, she's even skinnier than ever. ED?

No. 14443

Honestly, it feels weird watching a 20 year old do this kawaii dancing shit.

No. 14444

I don't think she looks too skinny, she's a nice body. She's always been thin.

No. 14451

I wish this whole idol crap would die. How about these girls get an education and slave away in real jobs while trying to actually do something with their lives. Ffs.

No. 14468

>slave away

No. 14474

nothing wrong with making money doing what you enjoy instead of "slaving away"

No. 14476

why can't anyone believe she's 20? that's really young. what do you expect? 20 year olds are immature. the brain doesn't even fully develop until age 25 anyway.

but even regardless of the age, what about what she is doing has anything to do with age? liking anime and cute things, dancing, singing, and learning japanese? i mean i agree she's terrible, i just don't understand everyone's surprise and horror about a 20 year old doing these things.

No. 14479

I think if she did this whole idol thing perfectly no one would be saying shit about it. But she's a disgrace and not even cute.

No. 14486

I always felt bad for disliking Beckii's nose since it's out of her control, but it just bothers me so much

No. 14492

This is not real, its a parody right?

No. 14493

Yeah, I don't get it either. I feel like the people who think 20 is mature are probably way younger and have a skewed perception. I remember when I was 15 or so thinking even 25 was too old for certain things and people should have their shit together by then but now I'm kind of like eh. Not that old.

No. 14495

Nakamura Connie

No. 14498

Most people I know in their 20's usually don't have their shit together lmao.

No. 14510

No it's real all right.

No. 14533

The vast majority of these idiots don't make money though. What planet do you live on?

No. 14538

fucking made my day ahahah

No. 14539

The outfit looks ridiculous

No. 14558

why does she stick to the dancing when she is so terrible with it? maybe she should invest into singing lessons, stand still and just sing. I remember that her mother said that she was attending dance lessons for years? wasted money lol

No. 14559

is she a 'busu' idol? (ugly idol) Because it is the only thing I can think of looking at this video…

No. 14562

Someone thought people would buy this? What?

No. 14563

She's like Venus' ugly sister her mother refuses to acknowledge or talk about

No. 14565

Wow and she has a dvd and a cd. Holy fuck Japan you sent keeki away and left something like that?

No. 14575

Can people stop kissing Keeki's ass? She had a good career in Japan for a couple of years. She can be incredibly snobbish and rude.

No. 14576

Besides her name where did she come from? And she does look like Venus.

No. 14579

i'd buy this crap for laughs

No. 14589

No. 14590

And what makes me hate her even more is how she talks about her jimusho, for instance that they didn't even help her with moving back to austria and that she was all allone with the stress. Seriously? Her contract finished so they didn't bother to look after her, it's only business not a family.

No. 14592

You seem to forget the part that it is was the faulkkt of jrcach and hell, who wouldn't talk bad about somebody that falls for his bs?

No. 14593


No. 14610

Why does she sound better live than her PV's? (she still sounds shit, but seriously why?)

No. 14611

Adding to that, why does she look less ugly live than in her music video.

No. 14614

She sounds and looks equally bad.
Dem tree trunk legs.

The posts on her Ameblo go back years, so it seems like she's been in Japan a long time.

No. 14619

Why does she always look so awkward and uninterested?


Hell, I've seen weeby kids do better performances at conventions before.

No. 14622

This is so half arsed, she looks incredibly bored.

No. 14648

I kind of feel bad for her. She looks like she's about to cry the entire video

No. 14660

She does, which is weird considering there's videos of her performing going back years and she looks like that in all of them. Why keep doing it if you hate it so much?

No. 14662

It's like watching someone's grandma do karaoke, jeez.

No. 14695

she's been performing since 2011…wow… japan is weird.
how old is she btw?

No. 14742

Read the fucking thread

No. 14746

I mean if they end up doing well snd making money there is nothing g wrong with that. People can make money off of anything these days. Even if they are not that great at least they tried and went for they're dreams and are having fun.

No. 14763

No-one's posted Connie's age. They discussed Beckii's if that's what you're confused about.

No. 15205

File: 1411849943086.jpg (9.66 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 15206

Easily one of the most grotesque idols in the thread…

No. 15318

File: 1411895394672.png (1.58 MB, 1489x645, wtf.png)

Don't you guys think Kerukkuma is going too far? I mean jfc….

No. 15319

This bitch is gonna do porn soon .i almost guarantee it

No. 15320

File: 1411895525338.png (1.61 MB, 1457x634, d.png)

No. 15321

File: 1411895606628.png (1.18 MB, 998x733, untitled.png)

She's actually pretty fugly

No. 15322

File: 1411895731389.jpg (69.5 KB, 417x388, Funny-WTF-meme-face.jpg)

I never had problem with Kerukkuma but I lost all respect for her

No. 15323

wow…i didn't know gravure models were supposed to look so slutty.

No. 15324

File: 1411895835923.png (1.55 MB, 1485x632, slut.png)

No. 15325

Well damn,I didn't see THAT coming

No. 15326


No. 15327


I'm not even surprised.This is what most of the dumb untalented ugly bitches do for a living

No. 15328

That's kind of disturbing.

No. 15329

Where can I watch this porn?

No. 15330

LMAO it indeed looks like porn screencaps

No. 15331

tbh I don't think she has any self respect.

No. 15332

>slowly puts Papa Jrcach's penis in her mouth

No. 15334

Haha wow, does she look ugly.

No. 15335

File: 1411897543113.png (207.05 KB, 580x326, eesZDWN.png)

The only reason I'd NEVER do such things is my father.I don't think he'd like to see his little daughter providing fap material for creepy old jap men like JrCach.
She looks kinda desperate now.I'm glad KeekiHime didn't fall for this gravure shit.It's fucked up

No. 15336

Whoa Whoa…holy shit,this is sad……

No. 15341

>go to Japan to become a kawaii Akiba idol and achieve your weeb dreams
>end up making seedy gravure videos for basement dwellers to fap to instead

No. 15348

haha,my thoughts exactly!

No. 15349

Holy shiiiiit.Not to be a moralfag here..but isn't she showing too much skin?

No. 15351

Yeah that's really sad

No. 15378

wat.kerukkuma is doing porn now?

No. 15379

Americans are the only ones who will "lose respect" for someone doing something mildly sexual. Gravure isn't looked down upon in Japan and there's a few female politicians that either used to do gravure or were hostess. Gravure isn't porn and it isn't like the bottom of the barrel. I'm so sick of fucking prudes who don't know shit about idols commenting on stuff like this. If you want pure delicate little girls go back to Hello!Project because I'm pretty sure that's the only idols you fuck twits know.

No. 15380

Keekihime did streams in bloomers and pointing her butt to the cam. Who fucking cares if a girl does something sexual. It's her life. Like I'm so tired of you bitches saying "I don't like this idol because sex!!"

The world isn't America. The world isn't a bunch of close minded dumbasses. Keekihime probably would've done it too if granted the chance so please stop kissing her ass.

No. 15381

IMO Kerukkuma has a shitty body.She looks like a MILF here

No. 15382

I'm pretty sure most of the Anons in this thread are actually girls in this community. Not all but most are nobodies in the "aspiring idol community".

Slut shaming is probably one of the biggest problems with you girls. Idols appeal to men and girls. If you think appealing to older men is "sexist" or "slutty" then join Oishii!Project or go to fucking Korea. Japan isn't going to change because of a few uneducated Tumblrinas.

No. 15383

She's just a healthy size. Different guys like different bodies. I don't understand how your body can look like a MILF

No. 15384

why do you guys keep saying "Akiba idol". please stop

No. 15385

Srsly?Pls don't pull out that jealousy card .
It's really stupid. I don't even belong to "j-pop dancer/idol" community

No. 15386


Nowadays every bitch with the internet is an "akiba idol".

No. 15387

So…providing fap material for horny japanese grandpas is okay?

No. 15388

She's 20. She's a grown woman. Who the fuck cares

No. 15389

Akiba idols is a super niche thing and after Yukapon said it none of these girls know anything about akihabara so I really wish abipop and her collective would stop using that word. Saying "idol" would do just fine.

No. 15390

No. 15391

>she's 20
>grown woman

No. 15392

I can't wait to see Kerukkuma removing her sweet panties. I want to see her nipples getting hard right before my eyes. I'm gonna stick my big black penis inside her and make her scream.
Her virgin pussy wants the dick

No. 15393

File: 1411923155333.jpg (34.33 KB, 500x375, 90cb19a687bdfd775fe8dc122d8661…)


No. 15394

No. 15395

Healthy size(aka Plus size) is just a nicer word for "fat"

No. 15396

enough internet for today.

No. 15397

Damn true.IMO people in this community are really abusing the word "idol". Most of them don't even know what it means.

No. 15398


Yeah the same people tend to post in a thread dumbass

No. 15400

I would go as far to say Abipop & Kimonotime even abuse the word. The only people who seems to know what it means is Beckii, Keeki, Ally Sally, Kelsey P and aminyan. Oh and that Tia girl. Most girls don't know what it means at all so how will they be successful

No. 15401

They could've photoshopped her face cause she looks wasted

No. 15402

It's Eurofag who can't even use punctuation again. Shitting up this thread and the Jrcach thread

No. 15403

Yup. People don't understand that being more or less "Internet famous" is not the same as being an akiba idol

No. 15404

20 is an adult.

No. 15405

No stop saying "Akiba idol".

There's Japanese pop idols who can't date, have wota, and no talent. There's national idols and there's local idols. There's Akiba idols who only perform in Akihabara as a hobby and it's super easy to do. Keekihime was a local idol. Tiagoingmerry had a major debut so she's between national and local idol and same for Kelsey. Yukapon and Moetwinstyle only performed in Akiba and do anime style performances so they are Akiba idols. Do you guys understand now?

No. 15407

Yes, she's an adult but I hope she won't regret it later, when she's 25,30.. I mean shes going to have a "decent job" one day.
No employer would ever take her seriously after seeing those pictures. Some men would treat her like shit.

No. 15408


No. 15409

File: 1411924543345.jpg (33.3 KB, 448x256, a99176f17f98d40c567bce80a2707a…)

No. 15411

In North America. But in Japan and Europe probably not. I think she's trying to be the next Leah Dizon so…

No. 15413

That's one expensive DVD considering the content…

No. 15414

I'm sorry we practice monogamy. It's not us, it's you. The majority of the world would agree that sexual infidelity is a bad thing, it's just you nasty eurofags who think prostitution and slutting around is progressive.

No. 15415

In Japan, yes. That's why you see japs covering their faces in lolita pictures.

No. 15416

She's fat as fuck and her tits sag. So sad, she's too young to look this horrible.

No. 15417

File: 1411927180319.png (97.74 KB, 625x626, 1385700008367.png)

No. 15418

>gravure dvd
ok please stfu

No. 15419

Um they do that because maybe their face looks ugly in that picture. Japan doesn't give a shit about that stuff

No. 15420

I'm just saying, being a slut is frowned upon in most parts of the world. Most people around the world say that European women are whores, it's not just us.

No. 15424

>calls others tumblrinas
>is the one complaining about slut-shaming

No. 15426

No. 15427

No. 15444

You're the one who's trolling here. I'm sorry you're a fat slut, just don't expect others to respect you when you don't respect yourself.

No. 15456

what the fuck? she said she was really happy with how the dvd footage end up to be so I thought it would be a cutesy all over… Such things are normal for a gravure dvd but I thought that since she says she's really satisfied with the outcome, it would artsy and her flat ass close up…

No. 15457

The sample is available to watch online. It's pretty cutesy.

No. 15458

I cannot find it, is it on the amazon site?

No. 15471

In 10 years this bitch will be sucking cocks.

No. 15472

File: 1411963076781.png (607.32 KB, 1003x611, kerukkuma.png)

No. 15473

File: 1411963143010.png (1.47 MB, 1166x611, kerukkuma_porn.png)

No. 15474

File: 1411963184877.png (1.22 MB, 1103x608, untitledd.png)

No. 15475

No. 15477

watch the video for kerukkuma's bouncing saggy tits

No. 15478

File: 1411963860345.png (2.39 MB, 1330x1278, keru.png)

No. 15479

File: 1411964115811.png (2.3 MB, 1341x1278, hornykerukkuma.png)

No. 15481

File: 1411964189384.png (2.19 MB, 1314x1278, untitledddd.png)

No. 15482

File: 1411964259700.png (291.72 KB, 671x435, k.png)

No. 15483

Even though this shit isn't porn I'm still kind of disappointed in Kerukkuma

No. 15484

>That second pic
>Her derpy face is priceless

No. 15485

i had to make sure i was home alone before watching that mess. the tickling part was kinda creepy.

No. 15487

Fuck yeah..Imagine the crew members behind the scenes. The things they want to do with her…

No. 15488

creepy thing is they do these dads with children too..thinking of the plp recording them…oh god. I remember kerukkuma going on a big rant on tumblr defending those creepy junior idol dvds.

No. 15489

>>15488 DVDs

No. 15494

these dvds are sick and should be illegal.its child porn. kerukkuma must have some serious daddy issues

No. 15498


>child porn

She's 20 years old.

No. 15502

I didn't expect her DVD to be this erotic, I am pretty disappointed in her.
Guess her innocent girl image won't work anymore now

No. 15503

>>junior idol dvds
See >>4275 >>4970
They're 20, stfu.

No. 15504

Fuck she has an ugly body. All flabby but no tits or ass.

No. 15522

Only Americans get angry about shit like this. What did you think idols did?

No. 15523

>I hope she dies.

I hate seeing these childish, petty ass post here. Grow up and learn how to shade people properly.

No. 15524

why do you always have to bring up americans? are you jrcach? cause you sound like him.
gravure models aren't supposed to look SO erotic, it was REALLY unnecessary. i guess keru is just a horny bi*ch

No. 15526

Oh wow, looks like some butthurt gaijin aidoru won't shut up about Keru or whatever getting all the delicious Yen from horny japs.

No. 15528

does anyone know how she draws her eyemakeup to look more japanese?? sometimes she looks 100% causcasian and other times kinda jap

No. 15531

She doesn't look jap at all.

No. 15536

>gaijin aidoru

No. 15537

No I'm not Jrcach, fuck him. I'm just tired of 15 year old girls ridiculing someone for doing something mildly erotic even if they are 18+. Ally & Sally made a video in bloomers. Keekihime put her butt to the camera. "Gravure isn't supposed to look so erotic" there's different types of gravure dumbass.

No. 15538

And I bring up Americans because it's only American girls who have problems with this. Japanese and European people don't care at all but America is still living in the Stone Age and would rather show violence than sex. I have a theory that she's trying to be the next Leah dizon because Leah was the most popular gaijin idol in Japan and was known for sex appeal. In order for Kerukkuma to become popular mainstream wise(as in shedding the Akihabara image) she has to be more sexy than cute to appeal to a wide range of people.its really hard for Japanese to see white women as cute because they're usually seen as sexy. Plus she's damn near 21. Since this DVD got #1 on amazon she's making some decent money.

No. 15539

when was she ever a role model? she's an idol in Japan not a catholic nun.

No. 15541

Yes, fucking seriously. Who else would think that person is Jrcach instead of some fucking liberal eurofag AND irrationally hate some random gravure bitch at the same time. She's either a retard or a jelly butmmad gaijin aidrrruu desu.

No. 15545

Nice try keeki.

No. 15547

Omg someone who can read moon please translate the reviews

No. 15548

Oh god, someone do a proper translation please.

The Google Translate version is amazing: "Trace shaving of dark unwanted hair is clearly up in the shin. Processing traces of armpit hair also turned black"

No. 15558

Nothing special there, just that she is so innocent and pure because she got no piercings and tattoos, that it is said that she is leaving the idol stuff for gravure soon and that you can see the shadow from re-growing armpit hair uncensored in the full version.

No. 15564

That's so humiliating

No. 15578

WTF the male hand tickling her and bouncing on a ball???

No. 15585

Oh man, you totally can see the shadow at 0:24. At least see to your shit before your gravure shoot, goddamn. Also her pants are way too small for her in that scene.

No. 15586

ITT: B'awwww someone over the age 18 did something sexual! Let me nitpick everything they do.

No. 15589

You didn't get the pint at all, it is because she basicly claims to be as pure as a nun.

No. 15591


No. 15592

Did you even read the thread or?

No. 15593

She's never done that. You guys are just finding shit to bitch and moan about. This thread is like a highschool bathroom wall littered with graffiti. There's legitimate lolcows in the kawaii aidoru desu community but you guys rather not talk about them because 50% of you are them and kiss Keekihime/Yukapon's asses even after they were proved to be terrible people

No. 15595

I wish we could ban 14 year olds from here. I've been observing this community since 2010 and I remember when this thread was made. She's never claimed to be "pure". You bitches just throw a fit about eroticism when every idol does stuff like this. Go back to Reddit, PULL, Cgl or whatever shit hole you crawled out of.

No. 15596

The butthurt is strong in these.

No. 15597

No. 15603

she is an adult I just think it was pretty creepy she's been in idol for like a few months and she's already gravure or w.e you call it dvds.

No. 15604

btw whats she up to now that she quit that idol group?

No. 15606

Judging by her Tumblr she will only do gravure photobooks and DVDs from now on as well as selling her own CDs featuring her gravure photos.

No. 15608

she still does live performances as an idol lmao what are you talking about

No. 15610

Huh, I never said she doesn't?

No. 15617

She doesn't earn any money from them tho, at least it would be illegal under her visa.

No. 15618


she has a working holiday visa. not illegal.

No. 15620

But she isn't signed to any agency anymore so it is illegal if she earns money with it because she sure ain't paying taxes.

No. 15621

don't talk about things you don't know about.

No. 15622

She even said so on her Tumblr you retard.

No. 15623

if you're not making a huge profit, you don't have to report it. I doubt she's making a lot. if you look at her twitter she's only performed once or twice.

No. 15626

But it still can get you in trouble, at least when people like Jrcock find out about it.

No. 15627

if I were to make 1000 yen babysitting for a night in japan I doubt anyone would make a fuss. especially under a working holiday visa.

No. 15628

As everyone knows, them Islamic cultures love to see their daughters in porn. So do Japs. Are you serious with this shit? You're a whore who's trying to justify being a whore by telling yourself that only one country in the world thinks it's bad to be a whore. The Jr. Idol shit has been controversial in Japan, and has even led to arrests. Don't even kid yourself.

No. 15630

Hahaha. I wonder who this white knight is. I'm inclined to believe it's Kerukkuma herself, as waifu fags don't usually like to see their waifu being tainted.

No. 15633

She looks doughy as fuck. Bitch needs some muscle.

No. 15634

At this point, the best thing she can do is lose a ton of weight to make her tits and more more proportional.

No. 15639

She posted about losing a ton of weight but it didn't change anything.

No. 15642

Junior idol is because they're children you dumb fuck. Outside of America and the Middle East most countries are way more sexually liberal.

No. 15643

Please. Stop. America is different than Japan when it comes to taxes.

No. 15644

>junior idol
>child porn is practically legal in Japan
>led to arrests (which is a lie)
Japanese women have a huge reputation of being sluts. Stop talking about shit you don't know about

No. 15645

ITT: comparing borderline CP's controversy to someone being nearly 21.

you guys are so fucking retarded

No. 15650

>child porn is practically legal in Japan


>>on August 25, 2007 the Japanese branch of Amazon.com removed over 600 junior idol titles on grounds the likelihood these were produced in violation of the Japanese anti-child prostitution and pornography law was high

>>4 Shinkosha executive staff members arrested for sexualizing minors
>>Child pornography defined as "the depiction "in a way that can be recognized visually, such a pose of a child relating to sexual intercourse or an act similar to sexual intercourse with or by the child", of "a pose of a child relating to the act of touching genital organs, etc." or the depiction of "a pose of a child who is naked totally or partially in order to arouse or stimulate the viewer's sexual desire
>>Genitals in adult jap porn are often censored
>>one million yen ($10,000) fine or imprisonment up to a year on those who possess child pornography
>>Suwa Yuuji made manga that didn't censor genitalia in adults
>>Was fined 500,000 yen(About 4,900USD) and avoided jail time by pleading guilty. When he appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Japan on arguments that the manga was not as indecent and explicit as much material on the Internet and that Article 175 violated the Japanese Constitution's protection of freedom of expression, the Court upheld the ruling and the fine was tripled to 1.5 million yen.
>>After Yuuji's conviction, a number of bookstores and chains removed their adults-only section.

Tehe, omg Japan is so weird XD It's filled with perverts just like me! >.< They wont make fun of me for being a slut like those baka americans

No. 15651

That why FGM is so common in Africa?
>>inb4 Africa and middle east are same thing
Stop trying to pretend this shit isn't exclusive to euro countries, it's a blatant lie.

No. 15652

Female genital mutilation isn't common you dumb fuck. Only very small groups of orthodox people still practice that.

No. 15653

File: 1412037040792.png (82.6 KB, 865x412, whore.png)

Green is where porn is legal. Look at the west. Reddish is where it's illegal.

No. 15654

File: 1412037104697.png (134.16 KB, 744x600, FGM_prevalence_UNICEF_2013.svg…)

I can't get over what a ignorant fuck you are.

No. 15655

I wish admin would start banning Tumblrinas. They're stinking this site

No. 15657

>implying everyone here is american

No. 15658

The discussion started already before we were talking about Kerukkuma here, just saying.

No. 15689

She said she lost weight after filming.

No. 15820

Lost weight..yeeeeeeaaah,sure

No. 15864

she does look thinner in her recent photos…still ugly doe.

No. 15865

I think she's gained a lot of weight

No. 15888

File: 1412173423051.png (5.87 KB, 344x326, 1323635452001.png)


No. 15893

Her body looks fine IMO. The panties she wears in some of the frames and photos make her look pretty bad though

No. 15894

Now imagine PT's life
>WANTS to make seedy gravure videos for basement dwellers to fap to
>can't even manage that

I'm from a European country where prostitution is legal and I'm cringing at these photos just as hard as the rest of you. It's not even that she's pointing her butt at a camera (although I personally wouldn't do that either and wouldn't recommend it to anyone) but that she went there with the dream of using her talents in singing and dancing or whatever to become famous but ended up rubbing her nipples on camera. It's the Japanese equivalent of wannabe Hollywood starlets failing to get legitimate acting jobs and ending up in porn, and it's pathetic.

Some Japanese people may not give a shit but others give a ton of shits and think lolita is for "broken" girls or some kind of fetish. Japan isn't a magical land of self-expression and many people there frown on anything alternative. Maybe they cover their face because it looked derpy, maybe they covered it because they don't want it out there on the internet for potential employers to find.

No. 15899

I love how you guys are completely ignoring the fact that she still performs and is known as a singer. And gravure is not the "equivalent of starlets doing porn." Some Japanese people have a problem with it but it isn't percieved that way at all. I wish people could talk about things they really know.

No. 15900

Part of the idol job is gravure but you guys don't educate yourselves so…

No. 15903

not necessarily
so stfu

No. 15904

100 % true!

No. 15906

Yeah, right, that's sure why no agency wants to make a contract with her anymore.

No. 15908

Explain Leah Dizon.

No. 15909

I wouldn't doubt if Keekihime and Yuka were in this thread.

No. 15910

She idn't even an idol anymore since ages, what do you want to say with this?

No. 15911

File: 1412182099111.jpg (43.36 KB, 600x450, BybaUYSCEAAl7R3.jpg)

Meanwhile at an adult DVD store.

No. 15912

I'm saying that Keeki was proved to be incredibly rude unprovoked at times(no I'm not talking about Jrcach he's an ass) and Yuka was also very vindictive. When Kerukkuma first joined her group Yuka took it upon her to make a status about how she hated her for no good reason. I'm not a fucking white knight and yes Kerukkuma is pretty plain but Yuka and Keeki have both shown to be incredibly rude to her for no reason and they both have failed careers.

No. 15913

They sell DVDs like that at normal stores in Japan. Even if she ends up doing AV which I doubt considering MOST idols do gravure, who the fuck cares. The reason I said Yuka and Keeki is because you guys are acting as petty as they do.

No. 15914

…and how is this related to Leah Dizon?

No. 15915

You just went full retard.

No. 15916

You said that gravure will make agencies not want to work with you? Kelsey left her agency willingly. Leah Dizon did a shit ton of gravure and didn't have a bad reputation. You guys are legitimately pulling shit from your asses. I'm all for a good Lolcow but this thread has been reduced to a bunch of cgl expats complaining like middle school bitches

No. 15917


>I have nothing of value to say so I'm going to say "full retard"

No. 15918

The post wasn't about her doing gravure but the part where you said she is still a known singer, I am pretty sure most people don't even know who the fuck she is.

No. 15919

>talking about Leah Dizon

No. 15920

That's most idols but she's more popular than Keekihime has ever been. I mention Keeki because you guys love kissing her ass

No. 15921

No. 15922

Nobody is kissing your ass, you are the ONLY one that ALWAYS brings her up you fucktard.

No. 15923

>white knight
>you must be her
>full retard

No. 15924

No. 15925

Isn't the girl on the left a member of SKE48?

No. 15926

Oh god lmao

No. 15928


No. 15929

Leah Dizon was never an idol and her gravure was a lot more intense. She had to quit because she was pregnant.

No. 15931

She was an idol with albums and performances

No. 15932

Former member Kato Tomoko, yes.

No. 15933

You probably would call Kyary an idol too by that.

No. 15934

My point was that even though she did gravure nobody said "wow I hate her she's doing something sexual!!" And Japan feels the same way about kelsey(at least the folks who know her). The only people who care are little whiny Tumblrinas who want to be bitches

No. 15935

Um no. Gtfo.

No. 15936

But you basicly just did.

No. 15937

Nah leah was an idol who appealed to men. Kyary appeals mainly to girls and Japanese men thinks she's strange looking.

No. 15938

just stop

No. 15945

Surely "whiny Tumblrinas" would praise her for being ~empowered~ rather than criticizing her for doing gravure?

No. 15946

no ur the cgl side of tumblr

No. 15948

no ur the cgl side of tumblr

No. 15951

> tumblrinas
can you just stop it,faggot?

No. 15967

The only reason why her dvd is disgusting is because she looks so terrible in it. I hope she really loses weight and then releases something new.

No. 15968

This is good point. Whenever keeki does something-she is forgiven and everyone says how awesome she is. Nope, she is even bigger bitch than others and Kerukkuma at least earn her own money-she didn't need anyone to pay for her trip to Japan, she earned them herself.

No. 15972

Can you finally stop bringing her up the whole time? This is annoying as fuck and as long as somebody doesn't do anything lolcow-worthy, of course we won't talk about them here because that's not the point of lolcow.

No. 16018

did keekihime say she hated kerukkuma?can i see that post?screenshot??
imo it's pretty hilarious since we know keekihime lurks this thread

No. 16054

Anon is just pulling things out of her ass like usual.

No. 16083

She probably thinks Keekihime hates Kerukkuma because Jrcach said so .
Proof of GTFO

No. 16381

lol keekihime was so petty towards kerukkuma on tumblr, but honestly I think Kerukkuma had a bit of a "i'm an idol now and you're not" kind of thing going behind the " lets be friends!" shit she was pulling. Keekihime is dumb as fuck i don't feel bad for her and I won't feel bad for kerukkuma when her kawaii slutty idol thing goes nowhere.

No. 16393

glad to see someone post rationally because for the past few days the only people in this thread have been Keekihime, Claudia VS kerukkuma stans

No. 16528

This is what she calls a 'debut' dancing around on a shitty little stage in an almost empty park FML. I thought she was going to be preforming in clubs and small venues but no. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnRMVKdwOSE

No. 16530

The version with the original sound shows just how out of time she is for most of it as well: http://vimeo.com/107990687

No. 16532

jfc, this chick is so awkward i can't ….

No. 16533

Fuuucck hahaha she dances like a spider running up a wall.

No. 16534

She's as awkward as Beckii Cruel.
And that dancing…Even my 6year old sister could do better.

No. 16535

secondhand embarrassment

No. 16536

The clapping is of about 20 people. "Are you ready?" three people give an unenthusiastic "yeah" oh dear, and people paid for her to go and do this shit.

No. 16537

Oh my god so cringe wothy

No. 16538

Christ,is she deaf and blind?

No. 16539

I'm laughing my ass so hard atm.
And this is her "GREAT JAPAN DEBUT"? Geeze..

No. 16540

OMG the 'are you ready' part made me cringe badly. So awkward.

No. 16541

That bitch should seriously think about taking some dancing lessons

No. 16543

Who gives a celebrity a photobook of themselves, talk about vapid and desperate.

No. 16544

She'll just reply "Fuck off I don't need lessons! I danced in theater that ONE time, i'm a pro asshole!"

No. 16545

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himezawa laughed so hard at her wiki page.

No. 16546

Yeah, Himezawa gave Kyary a signed photo of herself hahaha like Kyary should be grateful and honored in Hime's presence such cringe.

No. 16547

>Sabrina Schultes[1] (born 7 December 1994) is a model, actress, internet celebrity and cosplayer from Germany
wow.much talent.such model.

No. 16548

Oh my god,what??

No. 16550

Beckii is delusional.Like Kyary gives a s*it about some ugly untalented "internet sensation".

No. 16551

Hahaha this made my day

No. 16552

No. 16553

OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Poor Kyary, she proably threw that shit away afterwards.

No. 16554

Himezawa's face on this is hilarious, I have never seen such unfortunate lips like hers in my life.

No. 16555

File: 1412430418364.jpg (53.75 KB, 600x600, facepalm1.jpg)

No. 16556

They both look pretty shitty (Beckii and Himezawa)

No. 16557

Haha you can see the pain in Kyary's eyes.

No. 16558

Her forced smile, it's like when your Auntie gives you a shitty Christmas present and you have to pretend to be grateful.

No. 16559

Pretty much this. Oh lord it's hilarious

No. 16560

kyary must be so lucky!!/sarcasm

No. 16561

Ew,what is wrong with Beckii's face?Her face looks swollen

No. 16562

Is she for real? Who fucking does that?!

No. 16563

Dumb bitches who are disgustingly full of themselves

No. 16565

IKR!! Laughed so hard

No. 16566

The ending is SO awkward….

No. 16567

Wow! Just look at all those amazing achievements like entering cosplay competitions, writing half a novel and being interviewed by MCM Buzz!
Christ, even I've been interviewed by them, anything MCM is a pile of shit.

No. 16568

File: 1412431377666.jpg (96.91 KB, 800x600, 10622874_10152399949261723_132…)

Now that's what you call a potato face.

No. 16569

She's just another weeb who gets few likes on facebook and thinks she's a celeb. It's a shame she doesn't realize how silly she actually looks

No. 16570

Christ, what happened to her.

No. 16572


No. 16573

What is she doing in Japan?

No. 16574

puberty gone wrong

No. 16575

Yeah the clapping track on the music, when the music abruptly stops not one person applauds her..

No. 16576

Hahaha that was hilarious.

No. 16577

yeah that was kinda painful to watch tbh

No. 16641

wtf was she wearing?…ew

No. 16642

I think kerukkuma is in a new idol group tokyo topping girls?

No. 16644

The whole post she made about it on her Tumblr sounds shady as fuck.
>From now on, I will not be allowed to reply to messages.

No. 16646

…it is the names of the entertainers of a ramen restaurant, LOL.


No. 16647

File: 1412467686921.png (6.17 KB, 493x113, 4354.png)

She even tagged the post as ramen.

No. 16665

Oh wow, she seriously looks like a man here

No. 16683

Most idols aren't allowed to reply to messages online.

No. 16692

Don't you mean Zawa
(Not putting the "hime" part in front of it, she ain't no princess)

No. 16693

beckii gave kyary her photobook.

No. 16697

She can't answer to messages? she's just in a noodle shop idol group..maybe she left her previous group cause she dint like being oldest..She seemed better of with them than with some noodle shop girl group..but maybe her ugly face will blend in better with a bigger group of girls.

No. 16701

Good point,anon

No. 16715

No. 16716

Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest is pure shit imho

No. 16717

But the work at the ramen restaurant hardly can be counted as idol work, judging from the website it is rather embarassing to dance while cosplaying ramen toppings.

No. 16721

Oh god you guys are retarded. Most idols can't do that

No. 16722

Himezawa posts her stuff here and in other sites. I can't believe fans send her stuff and she signed an iphone. She knows no Japanese and has almost no net presence in Japan or outside

No. 16723

But she isn't signed to any agency anymore, working at a ramen shop as its mascots isn't idol work.

No. 16724

File: 1412519258608.jpg (89.33 KB, 720x540, 1457606_611937422178540_105489…)

To be exact, the Topping Girls are the shop's waitress that act like maidos.

Pic related, the topping girls from last year.

No. 16725

Didn't she write something about belonging to a new agency?

No. 16726

Himezawa posts her stuff here and in other sites. I can't believe fans send her stuff and she signed an iphone. She knows no Japanese and has almost no net presence in Japan or outside

No. 16727

No, only that she will work as Topping Girl for one event.

No. 16728

File: 1412519525507.jpg (75.82 KB, 720x540, 1375923_599854396720176_210092…)

No. 16729

File: 1412519670687.jpg (40.18 KB, 640x365, 70000000_20121018123734.jpg)

No. 16739

Who would want her as a topping girl? She looks really ugly and that would put people off the food.

No. 16744

To be fair, the other girls aren't that hot either. Seems like they have pretty low standards.

No. 16746

Exactly.Well but I guess jap neckbeards are attracted to dumb european weebs

No. 16749

BUT dude,Himezawa has her own wikipedia article! It says she's an
>internet celebrity

No. 16750

Usually they have a casting event for them, they probably only wanted her for the event for the guys with a fetish for foreign girls.

No. 16751

her wiki page cracked me up

No. 16752

The dude is so scary. I bet he wants to fuck them all

No. 16755

People call him the ramen master. He died a while ago.

No. 16756


No. 16757

What was his name?

No. 16758

No. 16766

No. 16823

is himezawa in an agency? or did she just need the kick starter to perform that trash on that stage?

No. 16835

Okay wait so how did Himezawa get to go to Japan with the stage performances and the modelling runway and the MTV interviews and all? Like, yeah, she's pretty untalented and unspectacular, but how did she get all these opportunities?

No. 16841

I ask myself the same question… She's pretty much talentless and ugly as fuck

No. 16842

File: 1412604893570.jpg (25.98 KB, 480x480, FD287EB4551093928099181375488_…)

Himezawa is a shittier version of Beckii Cruel.

No. 16843

Christ,she's hideous.Is she balding?

No. 16844

dafuq did i just watch

No. 16845

File: 1412605513877.jpg (5.08 KB, 208x150, images.jpg)

No. 16859

Himezawa, Abipop, Kimonotime, Chii, Mico and Abbiekins don't even know Japanese. How they expect to become popular in Japan is beyond me.

No. 16887

At 12:00
>"People were SCREAMING their lungs out"
Hey hey now, lets be realistic. We all saw the video and we all know it was like 3 people saying "yeah~" really boredly and a handful of people lamely clapping.

No. 16891

Lel. Love how she shows some clips from the performance with the original audio in this video, but conveniently doesn't include one of the audience screaming their lungs out.

No. 16919

HAHAH oh my god this is hilarious. She's delusional.
This lolcow deserves her own fucking thread

No. 16920

>and i was like LOOK AT THIS,LOOK AT THIS, everything is JAPANESE
the weeb is strong in this one

No. 16921

Her wapanese makes my ears bleed.

No. 16932


was this already posted? its totem kawaii AkB48 should tap into this market of kawaii gaijin girls.

No. 16934

Yes we've seen it. Fucking brilliant!

No. 16935

i've never seen this before but it's REALLY CRINGY OH MY GOD

No. 16938

There was chat about them upthread, but thanks for reminding me because I spy a dance cover with their new members!


Fatty in yellow is late for literally every single move. Did they not practice together at all before recording?

No. 16951


I was watching some videos about Japan and look who I found. Monkey twins!

No. 16952

OH the cringe,,,

No. 16953

The blonde looks like abipop.
And yeah…they really suck.

No. 16954

Why do all the weebs ALWAYS have to wear those cheap pastel sailor fukus?

No. 16955

bc they think they'll look more "japanese"

No. 16956

File: 1412686882690.png (915.1 KB, 840x462, images.png)

Pretty much all of them are fat except the girl in purple.

No. 16957

Oh god, I wonder what those people in the background are thinking.

No. 16958

I wonder what are THOSE GIRLS thinking. Jesus they're so horrid

No. 16961

They're atrocious.

PSA to everyone in the uguuaidoru community

Stop wearing Galaxy/Nebula Sailor Uniforms
Stop wearing pastel uniforms
Stop wearing the same kitty printed rights
Stop wearing flower crowns
Don't wear anything you see on Tumblr.
Stop wearing dingy jeans

Seriously. Forever21 has cute clothes for super cheap, some you could actually confuse for Japanese and Korean brand.

Please stop being so basic.

No. 16962

Oh and add lumpy eBay randoseru to this list too.

No. 16965

>stop being so basic

No. 16968

I'll admit forever21 is pretty basic but these bitches probably wouldn't know how to buy Liz Lisa or a real brand. They're used to Walmart and bodyline

No. 16985

Forever21 was made by a Korean American.

No. 16986

Ew, who's that girl at 4:32 onwards with the gross teeth?

No. 16993

Yes. And how is that adding anything to this thread?

No. 16995

pink isn't fat. clearly the weebiest though.

No. 17005

File: 1412706393502.jpg (94.07 KB, 649x720, 139079317757.jpg)

>Drama free

You must be knew here.

No. 17009

They are so ugly it irks me.

No. 17075

Omfg you went so far back in the thread

No. 17117

File: 1412746477006.jpg (78.04 KB, 480x386, image.jpg)

No. 17122

Basically Japanese equivalent of bronies.

Also is that Yutanpo?

No. 17297

yes,it's him.
this man really gives me the creeps

No. 17310

Is it just me or is there wanna be aidoru with vendetta in this thread?

No. 17651

File: 1413124137236.png (193.83 KB, 401x373, Untitled.png)

jfc her hands are fucking massive.

No. 17673

>those hands

are we sure she's not a he? jesus christ.

No. 17677

Judging by the lenght of her fingers it only looks that big because of the cam's angle.

No. 17680

No they are like that all the way through the video.

No. 17685

hello i just came by this thread, sorry for replying a week later haha. anyway, i think in the japanese ent. industry it's very common. sayumi gave me her photobook and a bunch of momusu CDs, hitomi yoshizawa gave me her CD, there was a collaboration photobook by a bunch of hello pro idols, they gave me their PB when i met them, etc etc. it totally does seem egotistical from a fresh perspective, but i did it as a gesture which i had been given in turn in the past. i'm sure that kyary has also given out her fair share of her own goods to other artists she has met, too.

(i saw somebody asked why i was even in japan)
i was in japan invited to model at moshi moshi nippon with himezawa, the event kept us for four days, and i extended my trip to last for 2 weeks.

No. 17686

Jesus christ her hands are bigger than her face

maybe she has marfan syndrome

No. 17688


No. 17711

There's a big difference between someone well-known giving out CDs to fans and a nobody giving a famous artist their goods.

No. 17728

I can't even tell what's going on with the hand that's holding that…packet thing.

No. 17733

hentai hands

No. 17750


No. 17751

GTFO Beckii. You're lame.

No. 17794

Are you trying to compare Kyary to you? Don't make me laugh please.

No. 18138

File: 1413485469273.jpg (27.15 KB, 236x354, image.jpg)

Has Yuriko tiger been mentioned here? What kind of visa is she even on?

No. 18150

I have a feeling she's secretly married.

No. 18189

Oh this girl. I was considering posting about her. She's been on Japanese tv twice that I know of in recent times.

She was on "Why did you come to Japan" and then another show that I believe is called 4x9. On the first one they went to her home and she cosplayed and did some ridiculous voice acting as Junko. I don't know anything about this girl aside from seeing her on tv so I hold no prior grudge, but it was truly cringeworthy. After that they went to a maid cafe and she kept commenting on how cute the maids are and even going as far as saying she wishes she was Japanese and said that Japanese people are so much cuter than white people. And then came the compliment fishing. She mentioned she's not cute a few times so the male hosts would of course kiss her ass and say it's not true.

On the other show I mentioned it had 9 webcam streams and the hosts would talk to each person. At the end of the show the audience would vote on whose home they wanted to visit to find out more. She put on her kawaii desu voice and the hosts immediately asked her if she's serious with that. She said she's just being a character and then went to cosplay Junko again all while doing a bunch of poses showing off her tits. The audience ended up voting to visit the home of a girl who collects carnivorous plants and even eats the bugs herself. They didn't show her face after the vote but given what an attention whore she is I bet she was pretty disappointed.

No. 18192

Kind of tired of people who see Japan as easy fame. There's people who genuinely I guess wanna be an idol or whatever, but it's pretty fucking annoying when people like Dakota or yuriko tiger just ride along every bandwagon. Most of the wanna be idols are just using Japan as easy fame too to conceal their daddy issues

No. 18195

I cringed so hard when she started using the cutesy voice
ユリコタイガー 「バイキング - FUJI TV] Yuriko Tiger: http://youtu.be/R32-SULZhaE

No. 18196

Here's the vid from the first show:

I can't find the 4x9 one but it was basically just her doing her Junko voice again and showing her tits. Nothing really noteworthy but it disappointed me that she's getting the attention she wants. I highly recommend going to 20:30 if you want to know the true meaning of secondhand embarrassment.

At 24:30 she says she's jealous of how cute the maids are (and later that she'll never be that cute) and that's one of many times the hosts give her the compliments she so desperately craves. Right after that is where she starts lamenting that she wasn't born Japanese. It's really ridiculous that she's living here and still fetishizes Japanese people so much.

No. 18202

MAAAAAAAAN, watching this girl make an ass of herself makes me so glad I never had a weeaboo stage. Anime otaku stage, maybe since all I cared about was Slayers and Escaflowne shit.

The way this girl conducts herself is painful. The high pitched cartoon voice?! Wearing a school girl uniform in public?! The way she was impersonating Junko made me want to crawl into a hole and die. I have the feeling she won't look back on herself years from now and cringe…

No. 18214

File: 1413514431296.png (967.17 KB, 857x1509, Screenshot_2014-10-12-21-17-56…)

Wow the skirt she's wearing for her Junko cosplay is so …..not Junko.
> mfw she ruined my Junko

No. 18218

wtf is wrong with those japs? there are thousands of cosplayers like her.
yuriko is just some average fake white chick imo

No. 18219

1:27 the fakest shit i've ever seen

No. 18220

Jfc,what a shitty way to represent yourself.

No. 18221

how old is yuriko tiger?

No. 18223

She's 21

No. 18224

File: 1413524137073.jpg (57.06 KB, 725x485, 9b7da0833c376f0fad7a9b12e2ee04…)


No. 18238

File: 1413540239955.png (40.74 KB, 737x583, thefuck.png)

the fuck she on about..?

No. 18242

That she deactivates ratings and comments at her videos because she doesn't want negative feedback, that's all.

No. 18245

>most of it has been positive
Yeah sure..her shitty videos barely get any likes. In fact, she's been getting a lot of negative feedback lately
that's why she's disabling ratings on her youtube videos

No. 18246

File: 1413557885941.png (270.26 KB, 444x382, Nobody_Cares.png)


No. 18247

Her boobs are so pushed up, they almost touch her neck.

No. 18248

Himezawa overeacts about every fucking thing

No. 18264

She's an awkward dancer, she barely hit 1000 subs on YouTube, most of her videos have a lot of dislikes. why did anyone fund her kickstarter, if she's barely popular and isn't even good at what she does

No. 18274

Only 20 people funded it, most of them were girls from the "kawaii community"

No. 18294

She only has like 2000 subs how does she think she's famous enough to do this?

No. 18308

Who the hell cares about you and your shitty dances anyways?

No. 18314

I think Zawa is pissed because she doesn't get any comments/likes on her videos.
She only hitted 1000 subs because she's a self promo queen but her subscribers couldn't care less about her.

No. 18315

I agree. This chick sucks at everything

No. 18377

her wikipedia page is the best shit

No. 18379

Keekihime made herself a Wikipedia too.

No. 18458

I didn't know that!

No. 18472

Bullshit. I can't find anything, so provide a link to it.

No. 18477

link pls? i say it's bullshit

No. 18478

Her wiki page is hilarious
>internet celebrity
Himezawa is so fucking delusional.

No. 18480

Yes she did. It's on Japanese Wikipedia. Keekihime is VERY arrogant

No. 18483

Okayy,now link pls

No. 18485

It was taken down but here's a link of a mirror site

No. 18492

Nice try Jrcach.

No. 18493

still not a proof

No. 18494

That page doesn't exist.
Your link is shit and doesn't provide anything

No. 18512

File: 1413723642138.png (3.76 KB, 589x206, keeki.png)

from keeki's tumblr. not sure if fishing for attention or…

No. 18513

File: 1413723736527.png (7.23 KB, 562x233, kk.png)

No. 18514

File: 1413723984760.png (4.51 KB, 560x283, keekihime.png)

No. 18538

A few of my friends on fb recently liked tori yummai and i checked her out and her poison ivy cosplay is so bad

No. 18539

File: 1413744782058.png (132.91 KB, 953x516, akira.png)

i know shes basic and a nobody now but i noticed that akira has been all over this girl lately. i remember watching her stuff a million years ago, and i thought she was good friends with yuka and even went to japan with beckii? doesn't sit right with me, and i hope she isn't his new girl. another two-faced bitch maybe?

No. 18540

Probably. Most girls in this community are.

No. 18544

Go away fag.

No. 18758

File: 1413859481525.jpg (67.88 KB, 359x740, CI_77295_1365704063.jpg)

No. 18759

Akira is a fucking pimp and those girls want to ride his cock to get a free ticked to Japan. It's obvious.

No. 18760

i thought bekah was too old for this shit