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File: 1414641550762.png (247.39 KB, 1800x330, cow.png)

No. 19946

I think we're ready to have a thread about this piggie.




No. 19947

File: 1414642318091.png (1.36 MB, 1826x565, progress.png)


No. 19948

File: 1414642683955.jpg (61.97 KB, 377x507, fat fuck.jpg)

Mmmm duck face.

No. 19949

Why is it that the fugoos always think they're hot shit and actually pretty girls think they're fugly?

No. 19957

File: 1414647370250.jpg (55.1 KB, 500x483, geneticallysweet.jpg)

>mfw that's my post in pic

No. 19958

File: 1414647505500.jpg (98.05 KB, 640x640, 10693610_279559128918436_34899…)

I'll drop some shit.

No. 19960

File: 1414647640735.png (782.77 KB, 1178x702, fat fingers.png)

No. 19962

File: 1414647705658.jpg (72.59 KB, 640x640, closest thing to a dick.jpg)

No. 19965

File: 1414648060032.jpg (93.72 KB, 640x640, kill it with fire.jpg)

No. 19966

I don't want to imagine the chafing her thighs go through. I'm not even overweight and I don't dare wear skirts or dresses without at least a thin pair of safety shorts underneath. I can't imagine what it's like being that big

No. 19969

File: 1414648510059.png (899.34 KB, 1179x705, dude seriously.png)

Bragging about your basic shit:

>Dat $3 City Color Lipstick


Here's where you can clearly see her resemblance to John Candy.


Because you totally needed to eat this, fatass.


More shit eating habits.


Oh, look.. more.


Still too big of a portion size for you..

No. 19970

File: 1414648726578.png (1.18 MB, 1305x790, Screenshot (245).png)

A "balanced lunch", guys..

No. 19971

File: 1414648810347.png (518.52 KB, 349x615, ffs.png)

No. 19972

File: 1414648861321.png (887.17 KB, 1292x777, Screenshot (244).png)

No. 19974

File: 1414648934103.png (881.7 KB, 1311x792, Screenshot (242).png)

No. 19975

File: 1414648992647.png (745.04 KB, 1308x779, Screenshot (243).png)

No. 19976

File: 1414649004188.png (724.28 KB, 461x614, save me.png)

So…she just…pulled it up? She makes it seem as though she sewed it.

No. 19977

File: 1414649066192.png (823.1 KB, 1300x787, Screenshot (240).png)

No. 19978

File: 1414649168767.png (525.65 KB, 1615x786, Screenshot (237).png)

No. 19979

File: 1414649243360.png (1.14 MB, 1298x785, Screenshot (234).png)

No. 19980

File: 1414649330821.png (294.71 KB, 1307x790, Screenshot (236).png)


No. 19981

File: 1414649416080.png (773.54 KB, 1179x811, stained.png)


Look at her shirt. This is in public, guys.

No. 19982

File: 1414649535811.png (582.48 KB, 1290x779, toothless grandma look.png)

No. 19985

File: 1414649584548.png (844.2 KB, 1028x566, why nutella.png)

>oven baked chicken
Then why the hell is the nutella there?

No. 19987

File: 1414649840988.png (1.05 MB, 1030x616, snack.png)

No. 19988

File: 1414649929502.png (713.13 KB, 1192x842, your outfit is horrible.png)

No. 19989

File: 1414649976278.png (891.08 KB, 620x615, dat arm size.png)

No. 19990

File: 1414650030085.png (714.49 KB, 1217x727, but who was neck.png)

No. 19991

File: 1414650135878.png (617.84 KB, 1192x725, disgusting.png)

No. 19992

File: 1414650314328.png (564.29 KB, 1030x615, ratchet.png)

No. 19993

File: 1414650372300.png (700.93 KB, 1178x712, filthy.png)

No. 19994

File: 1414650525220.png (847.15 KB, 1032x616, no you dont.png)

No. 19995

File: 1414650567101.jpg (84.54 KB, 640x640, potato.jpg)

No. 19996

That oven baked chicken is chicken parm. That's nowhere near healthy when fat people make it

No. 19997

File: 1414650618265.png (715.04 KB, 459x614, is that food on her face.png)

No. 19998

File: 1414650663061.jpg (79.46 KB, 640x640, MOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)


No. 19999

File: 1414650837218.png (983.69 KB, 1031x617, absolutely disgusting.png)

I'm so sorry! That was unintentional, but I still love your reaction.

No. 20001

File: 1414650912580.png (685.03 KB, 1025x615, wut.png)

No. 20002


I actually felt a pang of heartburn when I looked at that food.It was like a pavlovian response, it was weird.

No. 20003

File: 1414651176486.png (807.87 KB, 1027x614, huge.png)

It might just be me, but that serving looks freaking huge.

No. 20004

ALL her servings are huge. Like >>19987 is supposedly a snack, it's the equivalent of a whole meal for most people.

No. 20005

File: 1414651418638.png (725.18 KB, 1026x614, frumpy obesity.png)

No. 20006

I know, but I was still hoping it was just the angle, unlike the snack pic.
Ugh, my stomach is almost heaving from the thought of that much food.

No. 20007

File: 1414651599762.png (882.57 KB, 1031x615, half the woman.png)

So much hope…

No. 20008

File: 1414651655280.jpg (511.73 KB, 2937x2203, 1364136573002.jpg)


No. 20009

for the love of god never buy it.

No. 20010

File: 1414651756472.png (926.72 KB, 1025x616, ugh.png)

She probably did and had to return it.

No. 20011

File: 1414651823246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.36 KB, 1280x960, disgustingcow.jpg)

No. 20012

File: 1414651863910.jpg (126.89 KB, 640x640, fucking shit.jpg)

No. 20013

File: 1414651932016.png (1.06 MB, 1026x616, hfs.png)

No. 20014

File: 1414651982172.png (693.91 KB, 1194x721, LEL LIKE A BALLERINA.png)

No. 20015

File: 1414652090487.png (943.97 KB, 619x617, flapper.png)

Halloween "flapper-girl" costume

No. 20016

File: 1414652115329.png (732.53 KB, 1189x720, sucking it in still.png)

No. 20018

File: 1414652413576.png (770.84 KB, 617x612, bleh.png)

No. 20019

Oh jesus christ what the fuck is this.

No. 20020

File: 1414652520088.png (919.99 KB, 1026x614, omg.png)

Think she ate all of this?

No. 20021

File: 1414652621451.png (817.52 KB, 1195x723, kill yourself quirky.png)

No. 20022

File: 1414652760586.png (914.47 KB, 1031x616, kid bite.png)

Wow, her as a kid.

No. 20023

No. 20024

File: 1414652928604.png (777.6 KB, 615x616, drunk derp is strong in this o…)

No. 20025

No. 20026

File: 1414653035250.jpg (63.28 KB, 640x640, WHAT THE FUCK NO.jpg)

No. 20028

File: 1414653102125.jpg (89.22 KB, 640x640, hurrhurrhurr.jpg)

No. 20029

File: 1414653185668.png (828.24 KB, 1031x612, giantass bite.png)


No. 20030


No. 20031

File: 1414653373583.png (843.46 KB, 1027x614, fucking disgusting.png)

No. 20032

File: 1414653504129.png (1 MB, 1295x777, boo fucking hoo.png)

No. 20033

File: 1414653585808.png (1.16 MB, 1296x775, Screenshot (248).png)

No. 20034

File: 1414653667384.png (1010.44 KB, 1027x614, time for a heartattack.png)

No. 20035

File: 1414653667390.png (964.22 KB, 1284x774, Screenshot (246).png)

No. 20036

File: 1414653743419.png (712.21 KB, 1311x764, Screenshot (247).png)

No. 20037

File: 1414653778028.jpg (60.63 KB, 640x640, JESUS FUCKING.jpg)

No. 20038

File: 1414653829619.png (809.68 KB, 1026x614, only a serving.png)

No. 20039

that poor kitten.. all i can think it wants to say is "save me plz"

No. 20040

#wifestatus? More like fucking #widowstatus once you kill whoever is stupid enough to marry you by feeding them this shit daily.

No. 20041

File: 1414654104493.png (861.47 KB, 1193x811, fuck no fatass.png)

No. 20042

wtf that is the ugliest dress i have ever seen. why.

No. 20043

File: 1414654286581.png (757.86 KB, 1202x791, gross.png)

No. 20044

Same here and pretty much why the filename is "save me"

No. 20045

File: 1414654638842.jpg (70.57 KB, 640x640, fat fuck.jpg)

No. 20046

File: 1414654765375.jpg (67.35 KB, 640x640, but how.jpg)

No. 20048

File: 1414654901725.jpg (61.69 KB, 640x640, ew die.jpg)

No. 20050

File: 1414655240482.png (740.83 KB, 1188x714, clueless fat bitch.png)

No. 20051

Is that two portions of food?

No. 20052

Yes, unfortunately..

No. 20054

maybe she's trying to bulk and get gains

No. 20055

>not the 90's

No. 20056

is that soup or a plate of lard?

No. 20057

That crooked liner.

No. 20060

Former fattychan here, I really hate my arms now that I've lost weight but I think if they ever looked like hers I would probably kill myself

No. 20063

>her arm takes up the majority of this picture

No. 20064


No. 20066

I've noticed in almost all of her pictures, her hair's always greasy and gross.

No. 20067

wtf. Is her brother her feeder or something?
How can her family look at her & not see a problem?
If my sister was that fat I would just bawl my eyes out because I wouldn't want her to DIE from just being a morbidly obese fuckton of lard.

yeah flappin those bingo wings.

No. 20068

it begins.

No. 20069

What the fuck are those dark spots on her arm?

No. 20072

>Sailor Mars
oh boy

No. 20075

good god she's ugly. And she should really match her lipstick to her skin tone better, clown red is doing nothing for her.

No. 20085

She probably lost like 1kg and thinks she's 'lost weight'

No. 20086

actually shame helps to keep weight down, there was a japanese study on it recently which found that feeling ashamed and being shamed by society is what kept the weight of many japanese people low.

No. 20087

She probably doesn't walk around enough to chafe

No. 20091

So, is she trying to actively gain or lose weight?

No. 20092

EWWWW This is so disgusting, it can't be delicious, and imagine how tired she must feel after all those simple carbohydrates.

This is not balanced at all.

No. 20093

WTF are all those stains?

No. 20094

Why doesn't she iron it? Too lazy? Too fat to iron?

No. 20095

No. 20097

File: 1414680175831.png (1.28 MB, 1475x591, ddd.png)

I was gonna join in with you guys, but look at what she does to h8rs.

No. 20098

I'm scared. It worked.

No. 20099

Oh, and her surname is 'Skaggs' in case anyone cares. Rosie Jean Skaggs.

She mentioned and showed her dad in one of the instagram photos in this thread, so I recognised him and found his fb account.


No. 20100

File: 1414681319751.jpg (72.13 KB, 573x771, Itried.jpg)

I tried to thin her face down to see what she'd look like as a normal person. It doesn't look anything like her anymore

No. 20102

> It doesn't look anything like her anymore

You've succeeded in making her look attractive.

No. 20103

>Super yummy and left overs for the rest of the week.

Who does she think she is kidding?

No. 20106

The nutella's probably there for her to snack on while she makes/waits for the chicken.

No. 20109

This is terrifying.

I also wonder if her features are actually deformed by fatness (as in, she'd have been a pretty girl if she weren't fat) or if they were always sort of weird…though her making retarded duck faces certainly isn't helping.

No. 20110

I was thinking that too.

No. 20112

File: 1414687700842.jpg (260.29 KB, 1198x900, winter_efteling_holle_bolle_gi…)

She legitimately looks like this trash can in my local theme park.

No. 20113

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 20114

Do not insult the great and kind Holle bolle Gijs. He has always thanked me for putting my trash in his mouth. He is a kind soul. Not a disgusting arrogant pig like quirky.

No. 20115

File: 1414690353497.png (887.08 KB, 1163x663, dsg.png)

No. 20116

File: 1414690403972.png (152.94 KB, 736x220, efsfd.png)

No. 20117

File: 1414690565757.png (1.61 MB, 1317x681, diabeetus.png)

mmm diabeetus…

No. 20118

File: 1414690702518.jpg (42.84 KB, 720x960, jhi.jpg)

No. 20122

I think her nose is just sort of ethnic, while the rest is due to her body running out of places to store fat. I'm going off of her picture as a kid to get a feel of what her features would normally look like. >>20022
She's kind of fat as a kid too, though, which tells me she was raised with poor eating habits.

No. 20123

Oh god, what the fuck? Who gives another human being that insanity as a present? Oh go why. She talks as if she thinks she's cooking.

No. 20124

These women would be considered 'plus size' and curvy in the model world. I think they look grata and I don't consider them fat at all. I knacks obese people probably think they look like said people but it's so far from reality.

And her portions make me gag. I can't even stomach the idea of eating that much. Ugh no wonder she's so big.

No. 20125




>Don't be down, punkin. All yesterday proved is that if we all stand together and lift our sisters up, not anything or anybody can keep us down. ❤

>lift our sisters up

That'll be a fucking challenge

No. 20128



No. 20129

File: 1414696028115.jpg (64.87 KB, 720x960, ujujuj.jpg)

Oh ya, her bro is fat too. Many family members and friends around her are on the chunky side, if not horribly fat too.

No. 20130

This is a reasonable meal if you haven't eaten all day long, and even then I don't think I'd be able to finish it, wtf.

Also, she doesn't need that fanta lol

No. 20131



Link please? I'd love to see her followers flipping out at them for daring to recommend improving her health

No. 20132

File: 1414697995257.jpg (51.81 KB, 500x333, hhhe.jpg)

No. 20140

File: 1414704422039.jpg (196.28 KB, 1000x750, babeanddaughters.jpg)

She kind of reminds me of a really fat Babe Ruth. Here's a cute picture of him and his daughters.

No. 20144

all you have to do is walk at a brisk pace to guarantee a getaway.
She'll be too busy fondling the folds of her fat trying to find the holster.

No. 20148

Man, she's not even one of those obese girls who are actually cute or know how to do their makeup/hair well enough to pass as cute. That eyeliner is fucking awful and her skin looks like absolute shit. Not surprising considering what she puts in her body, but at least pear-chan's face doesn't look god-fucking-awful.

No. 20151

I'm not overweight either but I put deodorant on my thighs to keep them from chafing.

No. 20152

Not too mention that she must be a shit shot to have the target that close.

No. 20157

I've been meaning to try bandelettes. I've no clue if they're really good or not though

No. 20163

When I was chubbier and had to walk a lot in the summer I would put some cheap makeup primer on my inner thighs. It has sillicone, which produces a nice smooth barrier. I guess other things like wax coud work too?

No. 20164

>fat fetishists

No. 20169

No. 20170

I'll have to try that next summer.

No. 20171

look at that cheek, look at that cheek trying desperately to hold on to some kind of bone structure. That isn't a normal indentation that is just a face trying and failing to keep a human shape

No. 20172

She's so ~Voluptuous~ and glamorous and feminine yet she seems to only remind people of men

No. 20175

I hate how she always brags about her "rocking a mean, bold red lipstick" and her eye liner. Her liner is ALWAYS fucking crooked and yet people praise her. Her lipstick is a $3 fucking piece of shit from a beauty box. It's hardly mean or bold and it looks terrible on her. Same for when she wore bronze lip gloss like the retard that she is.

Just.. ugh. She's constantly filthy looking.. her hair.. her skin.. just why.

No. 20178

I was scrolling up and I thought I was going to see her back connected to her butt, not her face.

No. 20179

Can you delete comments on ig ? That demented chika sounded like she suggested QR lose weight and everyone jumped on her.

I couldn't tell why her arm was discolored and if it has stretch marks on it.

No. 20181

File: 1414721556780.jpg (167.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

In b4 deleted

No. 20182

File: 1414721669968.jpg (77.51 KB, 469x444, fupa dupa.jpg)

she's got a front butt.

No. 20183


No. 20184

File: 1414722109241.jpg (92.45 KB, 640x640, HIS FACE LOL.jpg)

No. 20185


No. 20186

Where the fuck did you get this.

No. 20187

not that anon, but she posted her nudes on a bbwgonewild subreddit. There are definitely more. lemme find em

No. 20188

Oh Christ, there's more? Welp, curse my morbid curiosity.

No. 20189

I know that feel. I don't want to see more, but at the same time, I really, really do.

No. 20190

I wish I could tell you it's fine but morbid curiosity.

No. 20191

..She makes like zero sense. She bitches CONSTANTLY and I mean literally every. single. fucking. day on Instagram about the attention she gets from guys sending her dick pictures, hitting on her, and fetishizing her weight.. Yet, that's where she dropped nudes? Are you for real right now?

This fucking cunt, smfh..

No. 20192

File: 1414725764452.jpg (32.12 KB, 306x306, curves.jpg)

No. 20193

No. 20194

File: 1414726248708.png (793.33 KB, 1095x868, Screenshot (250).png)

No. 20195

File: 1414726392510.jpg (216.32 KB, 826x828, flapper moar liek fatter.jpg)

No. 20196

File: 1414726671847.png (1.01 MB, 1217x807, Screenshot (251).png)

No. 20197

File: 1414726709207.png (14.84 KB, 516x192, the irony.png)

No. 20198

When she types shit like this, it makes me rage.

No. 20201


Hahahaha jesus christ if I didn't know any better I'd really think this was just another greasy fedora neckbeard dude

No. 20202

Dude, I'm telling you all she's John Candy faking his death. They look exactly the fucking same.

No. 20203

Is that a crumb stuck in her eyebrow

No. 20204

I lol'd at "diabeticly yummy"

No. 20206

I was thinking white head, but either is gross.

No. 20208

File: 1414728953046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 361.23 KB, 1280x1706, sad.jpg)

I deliver now!

No. 20209

>work out lines

No. 20210

I tried those and they seem to work pretty well, I was cursed with narrow hips and a tendency to gain weight in my thighs, so I've used them on and off.

No. 20214

She's so fat she's too big for even a hat

No. 20215

Anon, I will never again feel insecure when those fat cunts in my college cafeteria glare at me when I have a full tray.

Thank you. I can sleep peacefully.

No. 20216

Halloween "flapper" costumes never fail to get me unreasonably angry.

Why is it that I know of so many fugly heavy-to-obese snowflake types with that exact same color hair? It's always a gross mixture of yellow and teal with obvious brown roots.

No. 20229

>Anytime you say stealing is bad for WHAT EVER FUCKING REASON, you are theft shaming.
>Anytime you say killing someone is bad for WHAT EVER FUCKING REASON, you are murder shaming.

i honestly hope this chick keels over soon so at least her followers get a reality check. she's too far into FA shit to be saved.

No. 20230

lmao she's a real fucking trip. Also wtf do they mean by "honor my curves"? Why not just #respectmybody? Oh right, I guess to be body positive that means we have to exclude everyone but fatty because reverse discriminashun don't real!!!

No. 20231

I mentioned that in the other fat thread, but another anon did pose a good point; Her followers are just as deluded as she is and are likely to just sob about it and move on to coddling the next fat person.

I don't want to believe that that would happen, but all things considered with this bullshit movement? I can't say I'd be surprised if it did. Aggravated beyond words, but not surprised.

No. 20247

God, I think this is what you see when you die… D:

No. 20249

They simply mean "honor my fatness".
It's a way for them to glorify their body while mixing this sassy, confident attitude they like to pull off. In the end it's just a big way to patch their very own insecurities.

It's sad because all the effort they make to force everyone to love them and "accept" them could be used into other things like actually losing weight.

No. 20254

I hate her expression in every single picture. She has a face I want to punch eternally

No. 20265

This kitten looks waaay too young to be taken away from his mom. I hope she didn't do that.

No. 20266

I didn't even notice that. Yeah, he/she does look way too young - at least three weeks but possibly not older than a month. (Of course, I'm not expert.) Even the runts I've dealt with haven't been that small at 8 weeks.

No. 20267

* not AN expert

No. 20282

File: 1414775618125.png (699.13 KB, 915x495, ff.PNG)

A whole stick? For one portion or for more servings? I really want to know lol she can't possibly mean for one serving but then again look at her

No. 20284

Probably for the whole pot. I think she would probably eat at least half the pot in one sitting and finish it off a little while later. But I wonder how much Velveeta she uses in it too.

No. 20287

I think my aorta clogged reading her ingredients.

No. 20289

reminds me of simply sara, that woman who used half a kilo of sugar and a jar of mayo to make a 'healthy' potato salad

No. 20296

Now I just feel sick.
6805 fucking calories?! Fuck me, that's just insane.

Also, thanks, going to go do an extra set or five today.

No. 20299

Reminds me of Mama June's sketti recipe.
1 Pound spaghetti
3/4 Cup ketchup
3/4 Cup butter or margarine

I think someone on /ck/ or /co/ made it once.

No. 20302

Do you remember what they said after trying it?

No. 20307


No, because they died of cardiac arrest.

No. 20308

this doesn't even look like it would be good it just looks runny and bland

No. 20309

Excuse me while I go vomit. A whole fucking stick of butter??? I wanna slap this girl and all fatties who think they can cook. Even most students in my country can make a proper pasta.

No. 20310

Lol Thanks for making me laugh

No. 20316

Would you even be able to taste the cheese with all that butter? That sounds like a way to ruin a perfectly good pot of mac n' cheese.

No. 20319

File: 1414800355349.jpg (819.95 KB, 1348x3750, image.jpg)

They got sick.
I couldn't find the archive thread but here's an image cap.
http://imgur.com/I6xCz for higher quality.

Yeah they didn't feel too good.

Velveeta is pretty soft on its own and adding butter to it would wash out the processed cheese flavor.

No. 20321

everytime she eats something fatties covet, she hashtags it #'fatshitfood'sisters4lyf

No. 20322

maybe it just looks really tiny in comparison..

No. 20329

File: 1414816155758.jpg (81.22 KB, 640x640, ugh.jpg)

No. 20343

Holy fucking hell.

No. 20344

The can of sweetened condensed milk is actually what disgusts me the most about this, above the mayonnaise even. The thought of putting it in something you aren't going to cook, just….ughhhhh.

No. 20347

I was confused by the hambeast front butt for a while, but now, having seen disgusting nude fattie pictures, I think it's just their gut hanging down. They stretch their pants over it cuz having a fat vulva is less embarrassing than leting your gut hang down I guess lol.

No. 20357

File: 1414832840396.jpg (67.23 KB, 640x640, more stupid faces.jpg)



Really, fat ass? That's the least of your problems..

No. 20368

I can't get over these. They are incredibly ugly. What makes you look at this picture and say 'great, I'm gonna put this on Instagram.'?
Especially this >>19971

No. 20370

File: 1414841255831.jpg (144.79 KB, 831x871, 2.jpg)

The delusion that she's doing the same as attractive people.

No. 20372

File: 1414845540120.png (264.36 KB, 500x346, Johanna2.png)

Yeah, because Johanna-Photoshopped-As-Fuck-Herrstedt is hella attractive

No. 20373

File: 1414846253710.jpg (22.76 KB, 400x400, 0.jpg)

Ok anon, Rosie is more attractive than Johanna, you caught me.

No. 20374

File: 1414846546761.jpg (134.53 KB, 176x420, 10469093_663427803771310_45623…)

Insult a lolcow with another photoshopped lolcow


No. 20375

File: 1414847286857.jpg (36.41 KB, 433x365, <johanna <lolcow.jpg)

No. 20377

I have no idea who Johanna or whoever the fuck is but photoshopped or not I think we can all agree she's objectively more attractive than fatty.

No. 20380

To be fair, when anyone does the purposeful ugly-face(especially more than once)it's infuriating. It just screams "LOOK AT ME, I'M SO RANDUM AND UNIQUE!"

Her "BITCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE" t-shirt is beyond corny. Oh my fucking god, it's killing me. This contrived ~sassy~ personality that everyone and their grandma is trying to cultivate is so fucking boring, annoying, and embarrassing.

No. 20381

File: 1414850260404.png (472.87 KB, 720x1229, Screenshot_2014-11-01-08-53-15…)

No. 20382

File: 1414850616531.png (533.13 KB, 720x1227, Screenshot_2014-11-01-08-56-44…)

No. 20383

File: 1414850679762.png (542.49 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_2014-11-01-08-57-00…)

No. 20384

It's probably the insecurity/fake confidence thing again. She wants the validation of being desirable to men but doesn't want to be seen as someone who needs validation from men because she's a strong independent womyn. The way she really is doesn't match the image she's trying to portray, which is the image that gets her all these followers and asspats. So she posts nudes to BBW places to get attention from men and then complains to her Instagram to get attention from other women (and possibly some men who might appreciate being directed to the BBW places).

It sounds exhausting, really.

No. 20385

File: 1414850764840.png (808.35 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_2014-11-01-08-58-05…)

Anyone know why she's always eating off paper plates? My sister and I think it's cause she's fat and lazy.

No. 20390

lol does she ever snack or eat small meals?

No. 20391

Does it taste disgusting? I've never tried

No. 20392

File: 1414851350696.png (942.49 KB, 1090x606, fsdfdfdsfdffd.png)

No. 20408

can she even reach behind her head to make a regular pony?

No. 20409

It sure does sound exhausting, that's why she needs to eat so much I guess

No. 20410

File: 1414852912700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.92 KB, 480x640, proxy.jpg)

No. 20415

Doubt it. And if she could, it would probably be a workout for her.

No. 20416

No, it's not really disgusting, just sickeningly sweet. Some people will put a teaspoon in iced coffees, or put it into boba or milk teas. Usually it's only put into drinks or cooked dessert things but not savory foods.

No. 20424

A lot of Americans we see on tv in my country seem to eat off paper plates, but that might just be the fat lazy ones like her.

No. 20425

her snacks are our full sized meals

No. 20428

Yeah, that's why my sister and I think it's the fat factor.
My family and other families I know use ceramic. Some use plastic because they have young kids, but still.

No. 20434

The only time Americans generally use them is at informal parties, picnics, outdoor barbecues, etc. Using them on a daily basis is seen as decidedly trailer park. Even the non-trailer park rednecks I've known at least use rewashable plastic.

No. 20437

File: 1414872241045.jpg (427.14 KB, 2448x1836, vgW67OB.jpg)

No. 20438

Oh no…

No. 20439

File: 1414872375392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.26 KB, 2448x1836, xcuQq7y.jpg)

No. 20440

File: 1414872517630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 477.7 KB, 2448x1836, pHt39Jm.jpg)

No. 20441

No. 20442

File: 1414872842935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 431.71 KB, 2448x1836, wvUzPoA.jpg)

No. 20443

File: 1414873061415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 481.87 KB, 2448x1836, jUiSlTI.jpg)

No. 20444

Too lazy to do the dishes is my bet. Saxy posted something on tumblr about how her brother didn't get paper plates on his way home and all the dishes were dirty, I wouldn't be surprised if Quirky were the same

No. 20445

Is anyone else surprisingly not sickened by this? I think it's because she's just one big indiscernable mound of flesh, I have no idea what's happening in the pictures

No. 20446

I think it's personally fucking disgusting lol

No. 20447


No. 20449

File: 1414874365542.gif (4.45 MB, 832x358, post-26672-I-just-threw-up-in-…)

This better be fake.

No. 20450


This is like a nightmare

Thanks anon I have PTSD now

No. 20452

That's chipotle to-go so it's obviously in a cardboard bowl

No. 20453

How do hamplanets even have sex??? Like that dick would not even be able to penetrate because it would be lost in her rolls of fat before it could ever reach her vagina. What a fucking miserable life

No. 20454

There's no way he could possibly get past her various skin flabs to penetrate her with a dick this size.

No. 20455

Had this unpleasant conversation once. I guess the guy just sticks his dick in any fold of fat and fucks it that way. Like every fold could be a vag. I know, all my wtfs

No. 20456

I wish I could see it that way. I'm literally holding down vomit.

No. 20458

Nice chode brah.

No. 20460

It's even worse when you consider the fact that most hamplanets don't really even wash their fat folds thoroughly. I know for sure Rosie doesn't lol

No. 20461

I did consider it unfortunately.
I'd be shocked if Rosie could wash thoroughly.

No. 20463

Also. Can we talk about how fucking ugly and annoying her torifaye friend is? She has a hideous horseface mug and always takes pictures at shitty angles. I'm glad to say I reported all her nude pics she posted on instagram and got her taken down. But I guess she's back at it again so idk. Maybe I'll save them this time for a rainy day

No. 20464

I haven't heard of her. Is she that one girl in a lot of Rosie's pics?

No. 20465

File: 1414878119042.png (971.95 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_2014-11-01-14-38-11…)


this bitch

No. 20467

File: 1414878262980.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_2014-11-01-14-40-15…)

Someone is obsessed with themselves for no good reason

No. 20469

Ah. I see.

She could use some squats.

No. 20470

All of her friends are fucking annoying

No. 20472

She looks so goddamned haggard.. How old is she even..

No. 20474

lol she looks 40

No. 20475

>tfw /fit/ posted her channel and i've been using her as negative reinforcement ever since
>tfw she has been hospitalized for a month because of pneumonia
>tfw no more negative reinforcement

No. 20476

> this hole… it was made for me

No. 20477

Its usually only for parties and barbecues. Some people use them because they're too lazy to wash dishes and others use them because they're poor. Quirky is actually poor. She's from the slums of Georgia with a stay at home job. She still lives with her Mom and younger brother. She's got an LDR, but this guy lives in the Midwest or something and he has a kid.

No. 20478

thats…thats not her hand is it…

No. 20479

that stopped being an ass a long time ago.

No. 20481

File: 1414881374682.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_2014-11-01-15-31-07…)

Wow who would actually send her shit like what does she actually do?

Also can someone please post the whale dramu between her and randomlancila?

No. 20482

Ugh, yeah.. This creature.. She takes pictures of herself half naked while eating pizza and thinks its sexy.. Honestly, its just sickening. These two have made me like scared to ever eat pizza again despite the fact that nobody in my family is predisposed to get obese and I don't gain weight in my gut. It sounds retarded, but just.. Dude, after seeing these two and what they shovel down it fucking makes me nauseous. I see pizza and now all I think of is them. I didnt even friggin eat fast food more than probably once every two months and its only ever pizza or Panera.. Fucking fuck fuck.

These bitches make me feel like vomiting up everything..

No. 20483

how self centred and entitled do you have to be to literally expect strangers to buy you things for your birthday?

No. 20486

That sounds really fucked up anon

No. 20487

I don't know about the drama between them but I read randomlancila's FAQ and holy god:

> So hi! My name’s Amber, I’m a 27 year old fat queer intersectional feminist from the general Boston area. Other buzzwords that could probably define me are anti-theist, body-positive, and mentally ill (Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, depression, just to name a few.) I have my good days and my bad days. I’ve been self-harm free for over a decade now!

>(Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, depression, just to name a few.)

A sure sign of the most special of snowflakes, "I have upwards of 20 mental disorders"

No. 20488

Probably all self diagnosed, too.

No. 20489

>those shitty angles to make her pancake ass look better.
>you can still tell she has no ass and a muffin top.

No. 20490

of course, you've seen how they act like it's preposterous when Doctors tell them they're too fat.

No. 20491

I know, I know and I'm not trying to be all MUH TRIGGERZ or shit, but I have literally NEVER seen anyone this huge in my life. The biggest was that Latino man on TLC who was stuck in his bed, but I really thought that was a rare case because I was a teenager at the time. I have a small headache right now, I'm angry, and I wish I could just beat the shit out of this girl because it's seeming impossible for me to process her lifestyle. It feels like just saying 'well, shes careless' is just too easy of an answer and all too common. I just am unable to understand how one allows themselves to get to this point. I don't understand how you look at pictures from high school and then at yourself now and honestly think that you've made any sort of progress.. She's gotten fucking bigger and I feel like she's only going to keep getting bigger despite the bullshit Advocare program she claims to be on.

I don't know how or why, but knowing that there are unhealthy people getting praised for taking pictures of themselves barely clothed while scarfing fast food is making me irrationally angry and upset and fuck I just need some tea right now..

No. 20494

To be fair, Quirky has always gotten shit sent to her without needing to pay or even ask. If you go through her IG, you'll see her often whining about her bank account being in the negatives and having 'no food' and then her followers buy her a pizza. It's happened more than once. She also is incredibly irresponsible because on one of the days she whined about no money or food, she bought a gaming headset the very same day.

No. 20495

And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

No. 20496


I want to beat her face in with a crowbar. I hate the retarded, wide eyed stare she tries to do to look cute. She just looks disgusting. Also, your fucking condensed canned soup, go fuck yourself nobody wants to see you eating that shit. I hope you fucking die.

No. 20497

I can at least respect this one, as gross as she may look.


No. 20498

Guess that's why fatties always date niggers LOL

No. 20499

Niggers also go after fatties because it's all that they can get.

No. 20504

Did he died?

No. 20505

File: 1414887103312.png (913.67 KB, 1306x773, Screenshot (252).png)

Beautiful soul.
Beautiful. Soul.

>lies about having been raped for attention

>demonizes anyone thinner than her as "triggers"
>encourages other girls to stay fat or get fatter
>bawws about negative attention yet brings it all upon herself by dropping nudes and instigating fights
>gives her Father a bunch of candy as a gift after his close friend does of obesity related causes
>acknowledges in one breath (or gasp) that she's unhealthy yet continues to eat like shit
>attacks former fatties who lost the weight
>leeches off of others for free gifts, food, and money

Okay, sure. Such a beautiful soul.

No. 20506

Chill out kkk chan

No. 20507

No. 20508

Uh, what? Sorry that you've never seen scrawny black dudes hooking up with white, fat and dumpy poor bitches because it's honestly the best that they can do.

No. 20509

Not being racist =/= being a sjw

No. 20511

I know it's stupid but her eyeliner pisses me off so much. She looks like she fell asleep at a frat party.

No. 20512

That's nice. Go cry on tumblr about it butthurt chan.

No. 20513

It's not stupid, at all. She posts a lot of selfies where she brags about how "fierce" her makeup is and how proud she is, but her makeup always sucks. She uses cheap, drugstore shit from a beauty box that is greasy as fuck like clown makeup on her face and it shows. Her cat eye is always, ALWAYS fucking crooked and yet everyone kisses her ass about how it looks. Probably the same ratchet bitches who can't even do eye liner properly.

No. 20514

That's literally my first post about this race derailment. I have absolutely no clue how that's butthurt but alrighty then

No. 20515

File: 1414888008606.png (264.68 KB, 1179x762, Screenshot (253).png)

No. 20516


That red lipstick too
Like it's pretty hard to pull off in general but being shit with makeup and being a fatty-chan makes it 10x worse

I think the thing that bugs me the most is she could practice with her winged eyeliner instead of actually being in public with a crooked line going about an inch away from her eye.

No. 20517

anon crooked liner is one of my triggers i seriously have a need to stab bitches in the eyes when i see crooked liner.

No. 20518

No. 20519


I'm glad someone else feels my pain

No. 20520

File: 1414888861395.jpg (78.7 KB, 640x640, tori being disgusting.jpg)

No. 20521

File: 1414888928422.jpg (86.55 KB, 640x640, fat fucker.jpg)

No. 20522

I don't know which one I hate more.

No. 20523

File: 1414889007183.png (660.59 KB, 1033x906, Screenshot (256).png)

No. 20524

File: 1414889109130.png (597.26 KB, 1091x914, Screenshot (257).png)

No. 20527

File: 1414889199083.png (20.11 KB, 795x188, loloaypig.png)

No. 20528

File: 1414889440567.png (1.08 MB, 1306x779, Screenshot (233).png)

No. 20529

File: 1414889641183.png (266.23 KB, 750x315, fit trolling.png)

No. 20530

No anon, practicing would be compromising her natural perfection and creative avant-garde skills as a makeup artist. But she could wear red lips and wear a colour of red that suits her skintone. It's the Asha foundation problem but with lip colour. She has an orange based red when maybe a brown or blue base would look better

No. 20531

File: 1414889956554.jpg (111.79 KB, 640x640, more fit trolling.jpg)

One of the tags is #pizzawrath. How fucking pathetic, bitch you have zero wrath. You have an army of weak minded followers and deep down, you're all fucking alone.

I hate her. I hope someone hits her with a car or ends her. She's a piece of shit.

No. 20532

File: 1414889997768.jpg (87.55 KB, 640x640, fit trolling again.jpg)

No. 20533

File: 1414890143585.png (450.96 KB, 1028x899, Screenshot (261).png)

No. 20534

File: 1414890270209.jpg (94.94 KB, 640x640, e-ew.jpg)

No. 20535

>comparing herself to glowpinkstah
Rosie, no.
Gloria fully admits to her size and what health issues that can come with it, as well as the fact that she's been slowly but steadily losing weight over the last like, year I think.
She's pretty much the exact opposite of Rosie and her attitude of absolute denial.

No. 20537

Yeah, I agree the main problem is probably o do with the undertones of her lipstick and skin. I still kinda feel like no matter how good her makeup was it's kinda wasted on her when she's that big.

You're kidding about the eyeliner though, right? Sorry about my autism.

No. 20538

Speaking of makeup:


I'm not really that great with makeup, so I'm wondering if her lipstick is that shit because she's just really bad at makeup or it's kinda bleeding because it's such bad quality stuff? Maybe a combination of the two?

No. 20539

It's both. She's flaunted the brand before. It's called City Color. It's three dollars. It's shit you get from beauty box subs or drugstores. She's not using quality, lip liner, and take into account that she's a massive fat ass with no steady hand (a la, her constantly crooked eye liner). Her lipstick wouldn't bleed if she bought a quality one and used a liner. Doesn't even have to necessarily be matte, just needs to be not shitty.

Also, she probably sweats a lot considering her size. She also probably doesn't use any primers.

No. 20540

I think the reason her skin is so disgusting is because she's malnourished from eating horrible foods all the time. Same thing with her hair and her eyes, it makes me a little sad. Anorexics get into a destructive cycle of thinking due to lack of nutrients, maybe she's going through the same thing and that's why she's so delusional.

No. 20541

Lipstick usually feathers due to its quality. If it's not dense enough, it might get all patchy like a crayon or it might feather so much it makes you look like a clown.

No. 20543

It isn't even just that. It's her lack of bathing or bathing properly. You can see in her close up selfies, she has actual stains and spots on her skin that aren't freckles. In other pictures, her hair looks dry yet greasy at the same time. As if she tried to use her natural scalp oils as a heat protectant serum before running her hair through a straightener.

No. 20546

She's probably also using crappy shampoo and conditioner (not sure if she is even using that).
Either way her hair looks so unhealthy.

No. 20548

As a stylist,that description immediately brought to mind the SMELL of someone trying to iron unwashed, sebum drenched hair and I dry heaved. I hate you.

No. 20553

soo… can we get the dirt on her boyfriend? Like pics?

No. 20569

doesn't she work from home? i can't imagine what she's supposedly so busy with. by multitasking she means shoveling crap in her mouth while she surfs instagram i guess.

No. 20572

I get it. It's not as extreme for me but seeing people like this, eating crap food day after day makes me not want to get it at all; and I hardly eat it to begin with.

No. 20582

Comments - fat people should stop eating so much though
it's a good pic tho

No. 20595

Oh, she does. She works from home doing call center shit and just sits on her ass literally all day, everyday.

No. 20601

Did she used to be anorexic? She tagged that pic as ed and eating disorder.

No. 20603

No, not at all. Rose has been heavy since she was little, but she counts what she has as an eating disorder.

No. 20606

File: 1414901320955.jpg (82.68 KB, 640x640, ew why no.jpg)

amg lyke new pic gaiz

No. 20608

If she acknowledges it, I hope she changes.

No. 20610

..Er.. I.. I'm sorry, but where have you been for this entire thread..

No. 20612

Is she trying to rival Snape with greasy hair?

No. 20613


Looks like she just sprayed a bunch of dry shampoo on her hair because she probably haven't bathed in a week

No. 20615


No. 20618

I've read it but I assumed she said those things in the past and that she now decided she didn't want to change.

I think she's trying to gain sympathy on all angles - trying to get healthy, being obese and proud, fashion and makeup queen, loves herself etc

No. 20625

File: 1414905163914.png (45.53 KB, 574x406, how about no.png)

Is she seriously whining for a tv show to save her from being harassed..

No. 20626

I didn't know what you were talking about until I clicked. What the actual fuck is she doing?

No. 20634

Yeah! Let's make society more punitive than it already is! Who cares about basic rights like the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty only in a court of law? Persecuting people for calling others fat is MUCH more important!

No. 20636

Why, haven't you heard of the Tubby Rights Movement? It's here to purge the world of all of you tubby hat0rz and show that tubbiness is teh truth!1eleven

No. 20652

File: 1414911092422.png (54.04 KB, 581x429, because you do.png)

No. 20700

I was talking to this girl once, and she told me about this woman she knew. She was morbidly obese and somehow managed to get a guy to want to fuck her. They're getting down to business and the guy is moaning away, doing his thing.
She then stops him and tells him he has his dick in her belly button. So I guess it's just like what >>20455 said. Just stick it in and hope for the best.

No. 20701

I think it's someone who feels they were wronged by lolcow and want to make us look like racist retards.

Edji comes to mind, and a few other pull users. Not to mention raven.

No. 20702

is that half a plate of meat? Imagine her shits.

No. 20703

Yeah man, I love love LOVE glowpinkstah. She may be fat, and I'm a bit sad about the impact that will have on her health, but she's not delusional, she knows she's fat and she knows that it's a problematic thing.

She knows how to take a joke, has real confidence etc.

She's what rosie WISHES she could be but never will because rosie is a bitter cunt deep down.

No. 20704

>As if she tried to use her natural scalp oils as a heat protectant serum before running her hair through a straightener.

This is the toppest of lels

No. 20705

File: 1414937253982.jpg (83.06 KB, 902x960, trtr.jpg)

No. 20720

She literally looks like an ogre or a troll out of storybooks. Looking at her pictures makes me feel so, so bad. I would be really upset and hate myself so much if I looked like this. I'm not even trying to be mean here, I feel so bad for her.

No. 20728


She's really huge, I can't imagine how much she actually eats to keep it up.

But I can imagine what the bathroom must smell like after she's done with it. I'm not trying to be a dick here, but I bet it smells rotted and rank. She eats too much red meat. She eats too much.

Red meat reeks when you shit it out.

Do you guys think she has a special toilet?

No. 20734

don't people who eat only garbage shit very seldomly?

No. 20755


So, she's full of shit?

No. 20763

Yep. So imagine her grunting away on the golden throne, for 20 minutes, trying to squeeze a painful hard turd made of carbohydrates and fat out, nary a fibre in sight.

I bet it smells rotten, causes her pain, and occurs once a week. But yeah, health at erry size guys.

No. 20794

"U have a beautiful body like a goddess from heaven"

LOL wut

No. 20811

You owe John Candy a posthumous apology.

No. 20816

Manuel Uribe. He also died a while back of his fatassedness.

No. 20818

File: 1414981592402.png (430.46 KB, 1149x651, I'm not a slut!!.png)

>I do not appreciate being assaulted with the a picture of you fingering your girlfriend.
>sick and tired of you sick fucks thinking it's okay to visually sexually assault strangers!

No. 20830

Just like thin people have sex.
What are you guys fuking retarted?

No. 20831

How can she call someone illiterate when she doesn't even know the difference between "than" and "then", though?

No. 20846

Thin people don't have flaps of fat obscuring their vaginas, so it's obviously easier for skinny people than fatasses

No. 20848

You act like her rolls and weight don't make sex difficult. Are you retarded or a hambeast yourself?

No. 20851

>Because theyre poor
I dont understand this, how is it cheaper to buy paper plates everytime you run out vs buying shitty plastic ones from walmart once

No. 20852

Forget fat people having sex, what do girls this big do when they get their period? Assuming that they do still get it, a pad would be useless because blood would get into their fat folds, and it'd be too hard to insert a tampon or menstrual cup because it's gotta be hard to find the hold, even if they can lift up the huge amount of flesh.

No. 20853



>says the one of the grossest lolcows ever

No. 20855

Holy shit I laughed way too hard at this post

No. 20860

File: 1414993212079.png (98.41 KB, 308x303, fdghbjnk.png)

No. 20864

Not really, no.
Morbidly obese people often lack flexibility and stamina to perform sex in a satisfactory manner.

Their physical condition doesn't allow them to do much in bed, plus the potential risk of them breaking furniture, for example, or having to stop in the middle of the whole thing to catch some breath.

If walking a mile makes fat people sweat profusely and short of breath, imagine sex.

No. 20867

In all honesty, I've never seen or heard of anyone eating off paper plates everyday, no matter how poor and trashy they may be. I'm pretty sure that the reason hamplanet here eats off them so much is because she gets take out multiple times a day. That, or she's just incredibly fucking lazy and would rather spend money than wash a plate. Like in >>20038 she seems to have a normal plate.

No. 20868

Reminds me of that mega gulp story from /fit/

No. 20869

Going through her eating at home posts now. Holy fuck, she does eat off paper plates a lot.

No. 20870

File: 1414995574276.png (1.04 MB, 1030x619, ew.png)

Wish I was kidding when I asked.

Have another paper plate full of yum.

No. 20872

That girl on the right does not to belong.

Seriously, throw some cleaner eyeliner and a new hairstyle on her and she'd be a cutie.

No. 20873

Those look revolting.. She shouldn't even be eating that. She acts like just because shit is 'homemade' that it can't be bad for her. What a stupid moron..

No. 20874

Decided to try to google about it and found this instead.


No. 20875

That sounds horrible, I'm glad she lost the weight.

No. 20876

Me too. She looks so much happier.

No. 20877

Why am I crying, holy shit..

No. 20881

Watching people put makeup on with their dirty fingers grosses me out. Rosie just made it ten times worse…

No. 20884

File: 1414999727911.jpg (13.52 KB, 214x317, oliverpratt.jpg)

Am i the only one who sees the resemblance?

No. 20891

Imagine her annoying voice during these

No. 20893

>demonizes anyone thinner than her as "triggers"
>encourages other girls to stay fat or get fatter
>attacks former fatties who lost the weight

I think I've missed some stuff, are there any screenshots of this?

No. 20894

well foreverkailyn also eats off paper plates a lot so let's go through the check list;



I think I'm seeing a pattern…

No. 20906

I feel like throwing up..


No. 20930


No. 20932

Why is it more cost effective to constantly buy paper plates and shit instead of washing the dishes? I'd think the cost would be about the same.

No. 20956

It's probably more expensive in the long run, but a single packet of paper plates is cheaper than a single set of ceramic plates. So if someone only has $5 to spend on plates, they might as well go for the cheapest option.
So I'd say it's indicative of an inability/unwillingness to save up. Possibly in addition to laziness since with paper plates there's no need to do the dishes.

No. 20966

Are we sure she's from Georgia? Like hell that's barbecue. (Sorry, "barbaque".)

No. 20969

barba que


No. 20974

No. 20976

Oh gods, that disgusts me every time I look at it.

No. 20981

Its only been in like every Facebook post, dude..

No. 20988

I want to see this too.

No. 20992

File: 1415042672639.png (671.89 KB, 930x532, fishmaul.png)

No. 20995

File: 1415046395797.png (611.12 KB, 1035x621, wordyblahblah.png)

No. 21007

File: 1415051357221.png (56.15 KB, 582x460, Screenshot (290).png)

This post is so fucking entitled. She's acting like people calling her 'fat' or 'lazy' is a crime. You don't just get to assign the term "harassment" to anything that you don't like to hear or don't agree with. Unless people are actively trying to do bodily harm to you or making death threats, which they haven't been, you can't do shit. Also, "saved"? Saved. That shit killed me right there. What the fuck are you getting saved from? "Mean" comments from strangers on the internet? Are you fucking serious right now? What happened to the 9001 post this cunt has made about DURRHURR IDC WAT PPL SAY BOUT ME XDDDD IDC IDC YOLO #HONORMUHCURVES ..?

Seriously, what a stupid piece of shit. I hate her.

No. 21010

>so entitled
>so privileged

Yeah, Rose, because you totally aren't any of those exact things you're bitching about. Also..

>weh imma sleep all day

Good job, fat fuck. That's just what you need; To be more sedentary.

No. 21011

She annoys and yet fascinates me so I don't really hate her. It's kind of like watching animals in an exhibit at a zoo.

No. 21012


I'm friends with her on FB (not like friends friends, just that I can see her statuses) and she uses the word "Literally" all the fucking time, in every fucking post, in the wrong context.
I don't think she knows what literally really means. She just uses it to make her idiot posts sound more intelligent.

Hint: They make you look dumber quirky.

No. 21013

Agreed. I found her randomly in that HAES thread and posted the initial link. I didn't know she would grow (lol) into her own thread.

No. 21014

I hate it when people do that. It's worse than using "like" in every sentence. Even as someone who isn't good at english it annoys me so much.

Also how does she dare to talk about privilege when she can afford to eat herself to death, posting shit on the internet every day and being able to afford being lazy all the time? …I wonder how much money she spends on food every month.

No. 21016

>works from home, answering phones and eating all day
>calls other people lazy

No. 21018

I didn't think so either, so thanks for introducing us all to her. I got a good laugh at my sister when she realized Rosie was the same age as she; my sister is a thin asian girl that takes care of herself, so her reaction was priceless.

No. 21021

You're welcome for the horror / lulz.

How old is she?

No. 21022

22 almost 23

No. 21024

Oh wow. I was going to assume but I didn't want to feel sad.

Isn't that how old Saxy is too?

No. 21025


What does being asian have anything to do with it? We're all equally horrified by these deathfats.

No. 21031

Because asians look young and kawaii desu nippon? I don't know.

No. 21034


If you've ever seen any of those exaggerated faces some asian girls can pull, you can get an idea of how my sister's face was. Freaking priceless.

No. 21035

You're weird.

No. 21037

I have no idea what you're talking about and I have no idea what she has to do with anything because I really don't care about her

No. 21038

File: 1415063306488.png (1.03 MB, 1038x622, wheres the cheese.png)

I might be a little.
Anyway, back to Deathfattie Rosie.

Has anyone seen what her mom looks like yet? I've only seen her dad and brother.

No. 21039

ya, you can find her on fb easy peasy, looks like a sallow old lady

I'm surprised nobody has sent her nudes and dick sucking pics to her mum and dad, would be lulzy

No. 21046

File: 1415064282119.png (833.05 KB, 1035x619, unacceptable.png)

Forgot about fb, I'll have to take a look.

You've got a point, but I think it might just be more fun to watch and document like we have been.

No. 21050

Oh ya, I would hate for one of us to do such a thing, we should like you said, stay silent and keep documenting.

I wonder if the anyone on the cwciki forums or reddit had the idea though. Maybe they don't even know what her parent's facebook accounts are? Sometime I feel like sharing info outside of lolcow, because we have such juicy deets.

No. 21051

hah I got her mixed up with raven there, not a huge mistake to make, considering they're both fat as fuck.

Is she known to cwciki or anywhere outside of lolcow?

No. 21053

lol, and both aren't much of a looker either

Not that I know of.

No. 21057

I wonder what would happen if her bro, mum and dad etc. found out about the nudes. Maybe she'd learn not to take nudes with her face still in the photo lol.

No. 21058

Knowing her, she won't learn.

No. 21061

File: 1415065404657.png (857.24 KB, 1033x621, save me humans.png)

No. 21062

Just pointing out with having dishes that would mean the money to either have a dishwasher and detergent to wash those dishes and pay the water/electric bill or paying for soap and stuff if washing by hand.
But I still would bet she uses paper plates so she doesn't have to clean all the dishes she would have from constantly eating.

No. 21068

Even her cat is fat

No. 21069

Those hashtags are aggravating

No. 21071

She is /r/fatpeoplehate's mascot. That's originally where the nudes surfaced. Not sure about cwcki forums though

No. 21082

File: 1415070139552.png (812.23 KB, 1032x619, stupid.png)

Her blurb for the photo was stupidly long. Kinda long-winded isn't she?

No. 21083

File: 1415070266718.png (624.68 KB, 895x612, ewww.png)

I feel nauseated.

No. 21095

"In conclusion, I try to sound like I'm some sort of nutritionist when in reality, I'm still a fat cunt."

No. 21096

She's fucking disgusting. I don't care. I wish someone would fire those nudes off to her parents. People act like she would trace it back to here when she'd just start shit with Reddit or mystery hackers.

Hell, she's acknowledged her nudes like a month ago. It would just make her posts funnier.

No. 21098

#anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #edrecovery HAHA bitch plz. I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder too guess what? I lost 100 lbs because instead of being a lazyear ass landwhale who eats everything in sight like quirky I learned fucking self control and got off my ass. But nooooo #honormycurves and glorify me for doing nothing but wasting space

No. 21101

whatever hater, funnel cakes are great.

No. 21102

>eating fast is an eating disorder…

Also, the way she tags everything is super annoying. I hate people who do that.

No. 21105

File: 1415078812017.jpg (37.9 KB, 419x296, 1402608335728.jpg)

Holy shit, how does one even get so fat and disgusting?.. like, her food portions will feed my entire family for a week (I'm exaggerating but JFC)

No. 21107

>you're life

fuck I'm not even a native english speaker and seeing someone using you're instead your makes me cringe

No. 21109

Omg, you are life is so meaningless.

No. 21110


I just knew that she ate like a fucking monster. I can even picture just slurping and shoveling food into her mouth and not really tasting it until the last bite.
Then she's like, "SO YUMMY!! XD".
Bitch you barely enjoyed your food. You keep running back for seconds or getting massive portions because you literally/s can't taste your food until the last of it is in your mouth.

No. 21111

She says she is seeing doctors to treat her binging, but she has made no progress at all. I first knew of her last february and she really shows absolutely no progress.

When confronted about it she gets defensive and people kiss her ass.

No. 21113

That's honestly probably a sign that she's not seeing any doctors and is full of shit. Remember those so called diabetes tests we never heard about again? We never see any proof of visits or hear updates. I think she lies to keep 'trolls' off of her back.


No. 21115

Oi, I love funnel cakes. Just not with that much sugar on it.

No. 21117

File: 1415084605963.png (1.07 MB, 1034x619, sandwiches.png)

No. 21118

File: 1415084657204.png (838.51 KB, 1035x620, shes got two butts.png)

>never for attention

No. 21120

so wasteful…people like this are the reason our planet is dying

what is so bad about washing by hand? almost no one I know has a dishwasher

No. 21121

>needs to take nude pictures to show how comfortable she is with herself

Bitch, there are plenty of girls comfortable with themselves without the need of whoring themselves out

No. 21122


>I love your foot

>What is your weight

No. 21123

She should take Vyvanse, it's impossible to eat while on it. They really should be prescribing it more to fatties instead of antidepressants or whatever the fuck else they use.

No. 21124

That fucking eyeliner. Omfg.

No. 21125


No. 21127

I used to follow this lolcow from SR named Throh, she always did that too.
This one time she called someone who was trolling her a "literal adult" What the hell is a literal adult anyways? Oh and this was all while Throh herself was 19 so an adult herself.

No. 21128

Thank you so much for reminding me about throh lol.

No. 21131

haha I saw your other post in the other thread.
No problem, anon! She is less lulzworthy than she used to be though, I guess she grew up a bit…a tiny bit

No. 21152

Slowly counting down the days until she finally goes into cardiac arrest.

No. 21156

Why does she need 2 sandwiches?
She needs to step up her sandwich game. Delux sandwiches are where it's at. She could make egg and tomato and avocado on wheat or add tomato and lettuce and peppers too if she wants meat.

When she said there was a lot of fat (on the plate) I read it as "I have a lot of fat" and was impressed she would admit it like that. Too bad.

If you switch her meat with vegetables (like Creed from The Office) I doubt she'll notice since she inhales her food like Kirby.

No. 21161

She should probably go on Atkins/low carb diet. If she stopped inhaling a loaf of bread every two days she'd probably drop the weight fast as fuck. cutting out a ton of carbs works pretty well for obese people.

No. 21165

Pretty sure Saxy is 23 now, yeah.
>tfw I share a birthday with her and know exactly what was going through anon's sister's head

No. 21166

She eats a lot of Bagels she prob should change that. Not saying she never should eat them but you know. Not everday for breakfast.

No. 21167

Handwashing isn't that much effort. The only person I know who uses a dishwasher regularly is stuck in a wheelchair, everyone else just takes ten minutes out of their night to wash by hand. It also doesn't take much water or detergent. I only have to buy a new bottle of detergent like every two years. Handwashing your dishes is definitely the poorfag way to go.

>MAN my eyeliner has improved
In the sense that there's now usually less of it, maybe.

No. 21168

File: 1415120354169.jpg (92.41 KB, 640x640, no.jpg)

She looks so greasy

No. 21173

I'm surprised she didn't get Majin Buu.

No. 21175

Maybe it's just me, but I'd be embarrassed as hell to be seen with her in public.

No. 21176

File: 1415125634010.jpg (64.38 KB, 700x525, buu.jpg)

No. 21184

File: 1415128365503.jpg (57.29 KB, 643x360, image.jpg)

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 21186

>2 tablespoons of mustard
Ew. Eeeew. She knows that just because it says "1 serving" doesnt meab you need that much, right?

Oh, wait.

No. 21197

It isn't just you. I would be, too. I can only imagine the stares you'd get from being beside her. She probably walks slow and smells terrible. I could see myself punching her if she made one of the stupid faces she often makes on selfies; The 'Im too fat to close my mouth fully' look or those intentionally ugly faces. Both are infuriating, but the latter just invoke crowbar to her face fantasies. She's ugly enough as it is, making even dumber faces doesn't really help her case.

Also, the gross ass video on IG of her eating condensed soup on camera. Staring at the camera as if she was impressive or cute and needing to see her fat mouth around a spoon twice was nauseating. I hope she gets brutally fucking beaten one of these days.

No. 21198


>since she inhales her food like Kirby.

hahahaha oh my god A++

No. 21212

I actually missed that. Isn't a serving of mustard 1 teaspoon?

No. 21213

File: 1415134630987.png (1.08 MB, 1035x621, no veg.png)

I'm going to regret asking, but which video is that? I usually avoid them due to her squeal-y voice.

No. 21214

File: 1415134820460.png (766.24 KB, 1032x619, aint cute yo.png)

No. 21216

I have to imagine more people would stare at her rather than anybody with her.

No. 21217

Knowing her, she would think that the stares would indicate how enamored people are with her.

No. 21218

No. 21221

She needs to take the skin off the chicken and eat some fucking vegetables if she's serious about eating healthy.

No. 21222

She only seems to eat carrots and those have sugar in them, anyway. But, of course, according to that stupid cunt its 'super yum' and she knows jack shit.

Why do fat people always make the fucking dumbest, most childish ways of expressing what they eat? Super yum? Are you fucking four? SO YUMMY AMG XDDDDD1111

Fuck just go die. I wish Rosé would get hit by a car or beaten.

No. 21225

No. 21227

Wait nvm I didn't realize that they were using different portion sizes. The cholesterol and saturated fat are still higher in legs, though.

No. 21228

File: 1415138568943.png (47.86 KB, 333x286, chival.png)

Is she trying to say that this is a healthy and balanced meal? When she has a Nature Valley "Protein" bar which might as well be a candy bar and are those CANDIED almonds? Not even any fucking lettuce on her sandwiches either.

No. 21231

What's more, it's a fucking DOUBLE DECKER sandwich with thick ass ham slices and a bunch of mayo..

No. 21240

>Fuck just go die. I wish Rosé would get hit by a car or beaten.

That's very unkind, not to mention that her fat would cushion any damage sustained from a car accident.

No. 21241

>hashtag ED warriors

LOL what for overeating? what a bint

No. 21242

what are those folds under her eyes? isn't she only 23 or something

No. 21244

File: 1415141992029.png (877.65 KB, 1387x688, lel.png)

lol this really bothers me

No. 21245

wow I never knew, thanks anon. Guess I'll start buying breasts instead of legs from now on.

No. 21246

anon can't you tell she's bulking?

No. 21247

>that's very unkind

Too bad? She's a piece of shit who is completely proud of her actions. She wants to act like she's such a victim yet all she's ever done is instigate shit with others and when she's called out, whip out her persecution complex and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

>baw baw dun fetishize meh #iamnoturfetish!1!1!1 #proud2beee

>drops nudes online
>takes more nude selfies for the public
>continues to bitch about getting harassed
>former fatties think they're encouraging her to get healthy
>get army sent down upon them and blocked while rosie cries about "abuse"
>bawws about bullying yet admits to having been a bully herself who hit people and started shit

Yeah, no. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

No. 21249

>drops nudes online

On a fetish board, at that. After complaining about being fetishized..

No. 21250

Just finished my dinner and decided to watch. Instant regret.

It drives me crazy that she thinks the legs are healthier.

No. 21252

The argument which happened in the comments of this fucking picture is utterly ridiculous..


No. 21254

File: 1415142953821.jpg (104.52 KB, 640x640, have mercy on my soul.jpg)


Rose whining about McDonald's.

No. 21257

File: 1415143248476.png (473.39 KB, 1298x774, fucking weh.png)

No. 21259

File: 1415143508063.png (51.88 KB, 562x451, WEH GAIS IM TRIGGURD.png)

More fucking whining.

No. 21261


holy shit, her portion sizes are ridiculous.

No. 21268


No quircky, Criminal Minds did not just LITERALLY break your heart, if it was literal you'd be dead.

No. 21269

I don't think I understand. How is this a trigger? What disorder would it be a trigger for?

No. 21286


Now, she's suddenly fucking bipolar? Fuck this bitch and her self diagnosing..

No. 21295

She should self-diagnose herself with stupidity.

No. 21297

I got blocked like three hours ago because I asked Quirky if the flap above her pussy was a snack compartment in case she gets hungry.. :(

No. 21299

Lol nice!

No. 21301

File: 1415160326257.jpg (220.66 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Comments from pic.
I don't get what the first girl is saying.
If you binge on veggies, how is that a bad thing? That's rose's logic.

No. 21302

The mustard I have in my fridge (French's Honey Dijon) says 1 serving is 1 teaspoon

No. 21303

File: 1415160627324.jpg (18.13 KB, 250x152, image.jpg)

Maybe she's trying to be quirky like Chris from Parks and Recs.

No. 21305

Keep in mind that such as the comments on >>21252

Rose has retarded ass friends and followers who are on "special, unlimited diets" where they can eat unlimited amounts of whatever they want and not get fat. Oh, and it's magically not bad! Says the girl who ate six pieces of chicken in one sitting..

No. 21310

And she used two tablespoons. That's so much. Just disgusting, and I like mustard.

No. 21314

The mustard portion she had on the plate doesn't look that bad, it's like ketchup and fries portioned. However depending on how much she eats, yeah that prolly is a lot of honey mustard

No. 21322

but that's a candy cigar not a pregnancy test lol

No. 21326

File: 1415171295932.png (897.22 KB, 1307x766, Screenshot (293).png)

>implying you haven't been revolting this entire time though

No. 21327

Keep in mind this is Quirky, so she probably licks the plate clean afterwards.

That fucking eyeliner

No. 21332

File: 1415173747901.png (235.36 KB, 344x291, 1374987358235.png)

>>it's really not good to overdo it on meats….. But things like vegetables and good carbs it's fine.
>>it's really not good to judge someone's diet when you are completely un educated on it

No. 21333

Holy fucking shit those "wings".

No. 21334

Holy fuck, this cow keeps getting dumber and dumber.

No. 21335

File: 1415175191931.png (942.87 KB, 995x607, oinkoink.png)

On that note, clicking on her profile….
>>the specific lifestyle plan that I'm on enables me to eat unlimited lean meats and fish, unlimited carbs like potatoes and rice and unlimited fruit an veg. Unfortunately some of us don't have the luxury of having the money to buy organic food. So your opinion on my specific diet plan which over the past two months has increasingly improved my health is completely uneducated.
>>Trust me. I know how the diet group I attend works more than you
>>You can't dispute evidence and results.

She can't afford to eat plants but she can afford go to the salon regularly and has a huge wardrobe.

No. 21336

well you see, anon. She is so obese, even her eyes have rat rolls.

No. 21337

shit I meant fat rolls

No. 21340

>rat rolls
It's funnier this way.

No. 21348

Holy shit it is way too early for me to be laughing so hard

No. 21349

>huge wardrobe
I geddit.

No. 21361

drinking the night before > hangover > bar food first thing

Yeah I'd say she's healthy

No. 21373

She looks like Tobias in this picture.

No. 21408

File: 1415212015187.png (696.8 KB, 1035x622, always a mess.png)

No. 21409

File: 1415212144863.png (606.08 KB, 1032x621, fucking 12.png)

She was 12 in this pic. Fucking 12!

No. 21414

Is she holding up her second chin to appear slimmer ?
I guess her eyebrows are ok though

No. 21415

Her eyebrows are a mess, are we looking at the same photo? Look at her right eyebrow, you can see it is in severely bad need of some tweesing.

No. 21416


>"don't fetishize meee!!!"

>Tags her photos as #bbw and #ssbbw

No. 21424

what is that hotdog bun/breadstick and meat looking thing? their plates look like adult size portions of food for children.

No. 21425

wow, really shows how much fat ages a person.

No. 21426

I hate to make assumptions but it seems to me that she is acting the ed part and basically wants asspats for eating just half the pot and not the whole pot. Does someone gets that feeling, too? I feel horrible for thinking like that but I can't help it.

No. 21427

Pulled pork hot dog, I think. All the food in Wetherspoons (pub chain) looks a bit weird like this.

No. 21430

I get that feeling too and I'm betting it's correct.

No. 21432

12 going on 32

No. 21451

File: 1415223461277.png (508.52 KB, 1294x771, the fucking tags tho.png)



No. 21454

This girl reminds me of someone I know. I pray to god she doesn't hop on the "#genderissues #genderproblems I'd make a hot guy AND a cute girl tehehe!" shit as well since it seems like she's inhaling every other special snowflake tag there is.
Has she blamed her weight and lack of getting anywhere in the world with "I was depressed and suicidal!! stop telling me the truth so I can blame it on a fake mental illness!! :c" yet?

No. 21456

this "everyone is beautiful" shit is so annoying. no, not everyone is beautiful. i'd like to see a movement where that stresses that beauty isn't a virtue in itself. you can be butt ugly but you can always improve your personality and become a better person regardless. unfortunately quirky is revolting in both her looks and personality.

No. 21458

No, Quirky's deal is "loving" her weight while every other day talking about dieting and yet still posting pictures of incredibly massive portions or unhealthy shit. Her logic is that everyone else is the problem and she doesn't need to change herself. She's just an arrogant bitch.

No. 21467


Not everyone is beautiful, and that's okay. We need more people to realise this.

No. 21469

That's what she's doing so you're right.
She's basically trying to make it look like she's not eating that much but she is. It's like those people who change regular coke for diet coke. Just because it's diet doesn't make it any less harmful.

No. 21477

File: 1415230311590.png (1.13 MB, 1282x727, ds.png)

What do you guys think about sending her family her nudes via facebook?

I've been kinda toying with the idea lately, but I want to know what you think first.

No. 21478

Just do it, who cares.

No. 21480

She won't leave the internet like PT did if you do so I don't know how it really could go wrong if you did

No. 21481

DO IT! She deserves it

No. 21482

Ok, but I'm stuck on what I should put in the message. Should I just send the photos and not say anything?

No. 21487

Sorry guys, I'm going to pussy out. I just can't bring myself to do it, imagine how ashamed she would feel for the rest of her life because of it. It's too horrible.

If someone else has the balls though, go ahead, here's their FBs

Her dad


assorted siblings/close relatives




No. 21491

Are you guys sure she wont make everything private and delete everything? I'm all for instant gratification and laughing at her expense, but at the same time I don't want to lose another cow.

Regarding the shame, she shouldn't have taken noods and put them on a public forum. It's her own fault really. And who knows, I don't think Quirky is capable of feeling shame.



No. 21492

Personally, I'd rather not. Mainly because I don't like dabbling in another's life more than making observations and chuckling over them.

No. 21499

File: 1415233113071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2448x1836, quirkyloverosee 2.jpg)

I already messaged her Mom and Dad two days ago and I dropped this awful collage I made all over her FB. That's why a lot of the shit is now suddenly friends only. She blocked me.So, I've just been spamming this image around /b/ and /r9k/ like an asshole.

No. 21502


I can't stop fucking laughing.

No. 21504


You forgot her siblings and relatives yo

No. 21505

ahahahaha oh my goood anon, this is the best collage ever

No. 21506

wtf is the image in the bottom right?

No. 21508

trust me anon, it's better for your mental health not to know

No. 21510

Neither can I. I dropped a bunch in a thread in /b/ and I'm still in there now.

No. 21511


Link me anon, I'll join you

No. 21512

No. 21513


Why not 8chan?

No. 21514

Because I have no idea which boards would be best, but trust me, I did think of it last night. Feel free to use the shitty collage if you're better at navigating it.

No. 21515

That one of her with the dick. Why do I always think she's sniffing it?

No. 21516

It's Quirky, I'm surprised she didn't just eat it.

No. 21517

Your collage is not shitty anon, maybe it needs some blingee graphics, but that's about it.

No. 21518

Same anon here, I even thought of creating an IG with nothing but her nudes and then following her followers to see what they do.

No. 21519

fatties supposedly give the best BJs because they love to suck and have experience from eating

I wonder if its true or a myth

No. 21521

No. 21522

anon did u send it to the other relatives too?

No. 21523


I like 8chan, but all the pedo shit really puts me off. I have difficulty even browsing /b/ because of it most of the time, but on the bright side there's boards like /v/ that have none of it.

No. 21524



Made a rosie thread! Let's make rosie famous with perseverance.

No. 21525

Honestly, I think fatfucks just inhale food and therefore have no idea just what a mouth can do during a bj.

No. 21526

Yeah and now like.. EVERYONE'S shit is 'friends only'. I did it at probably 3am and I was just slopping the collage together and sending shit to them. If you don't have her or any of her relatives as friends (why would any of us, though lol), you can't freely comment on shit anymore or see photos or even most wall posts. She wound up blocking me and I'm still awaiting that baawwing post when her parents check those messages.. if they even see it in the "other" folder.

No. 21527

how long ago did you do it anon? if it's recent maybe they just haven't seen it yet

No. 21529


Other folder? Maybe this isn't the first time someone has tried this antic on her parents.

And they must have seen it, why else would she make everything private?

No. 21530

Two days ago, going on three.

If you don't have someone added on FB, any messages they send you go to this 'other' folder where it's not a priority and they may not even see it. I'm hoping they did, though. I just don't know how out of touch her parents are with technology and FB.

No. 21531

Do her parents seem like they're on FB a lot? They might not have seen it yet if not.

No. 21532

Her Mom's shit is ALL private, so I don't know. Her Father just posted on Halloween..

No. 21533


Her brother


Just in case you missed him out

No. 21534

3 days is still early. old people don't check facebook as often. Give it 2 weeks minimum.

No. 21536


Send it to her bro brah, maybe he'll stop making her those french-toast sausage maple syrup sandwiches.

No. 21537

File: 1415235173457.png (195.11 KB, 899x510, Screenshot (295).png)


No. 21538

even though it'll go in his other folder, he'll still get a notification about a message, or at least that's what happens on my fb.

I get notifications for things that go immediately into my other folder.

No. 21539

Did you put that in your settings? I just checked my other folder and I had a message from last year that I never got a notification about.

No. 21540


#HAES #Quirky #pizzasisters4lyfe #bbw #sexybbw #quittouchingyourself

No. 21541

I don't know much about this girl, and not to moralfag, but isn't sending nudes to her family kind of extreme? She's clearly crazy but what'd she do to deserve that?

No. 21542

you guys.


Hear me out.

What if… what if her brother feeds her that shit because he wants her to die? She's an annoying morbidly obese cunt so no one would even suspect him since she eats like shit all the fucking time.

No. 21543

you could try adding him to bypass the other folder thing

whatever you do, good work anon, you're giving us lulz and we are grateful for your bravery

No. 21544

Well, you shouldn't take nudes where your head is clearly visible and easily recognisable. Just saying.

No. 21545


No. 21546

it all makes sense now…

No. 21548

Obviously she's not too smart. But at this point it seems like some of you just hate her. lolcows are for ridiculing, not hating. Posting the pics on 4chan and 8chan is kind of funny, but sending them to her family seems unwarranted in my opinion.

No. 21549

I honestly think it's kinda extreme to do that. Just why getting your family involved? Sure, she got those pictures taken but her family doesn't need to see that stuff.

No. 21550

No. 21552

All I know is that he has Aspergers. I wouldn't even be surprised if Quirky also had Aspergers, but is high functioning.

No. 21553

File: 1415236037087.gif (631.56 KB, 500x294, opinionated.gif)

No. 21557

There's a big chance her parents wont see it. I just checked my "other folder" and I had messages from 2010.

stress sigh

No. 21559

Agreed. Does everyone want to risk the chance and chase away our newest lolcow or something?
Of course, Roser might just use the opportunity to just baw and make it even funnier, but still…. I've been enjoying just laughing at her without getting her family involved.

No. 21560

Why are people acting like she'd leave? She's acknowledged that she has nudes before on IG on one of her pictures, back when she first started doing those stupid teehee nude XDDD selfies there.

>implying it wouldn't be hilarious to see her bawwing posts

No. 21563

I can't say for others, but I was sad when Raven "disappeared", so moving to this pile of rippling fat was fun.

No. 21564

I don't think she'd leave, just make everything private. She has too many friends who kiss her ass and tell her how great she is on the internet to go away. PT left because she really had no friends or anyone else she could trust online, Quirky has heaps

No. 21565

Even if that happened, I could still make a fake account and add her being all


No. 21570

I've already added her months back, so I'm set.

No. 21573

I agree, I don't want her to go away.

I'll never understand why assholes feel the need to chase the lolcows away, it ends the fun for everyone. Lame.

No. 21576

Sending her parents her nudes is fucked up imo. It would be one thing if she was underage or somehow endangering herself but I really don't see the point of making some sad old people look at their beast of a daughter's flabby vag, they probably feel enough shame for raising her a whale. The ridicule and humiliation she gets online is cruel but at least it exists in a sort of not-really-real-life internet bubble that she can escape from by turning off her laptop. Bringing it into her home is just too far.

No. 21577

My thoughts exactly.

No. 21578

Unfortunately we're not all one entity and different people have different opinions about what's appropriate and what's not. Someone's always going to suggest something like this and someone's always going to follow through on it. Don't dwell on it too much.

No. 21579

Yeah I know, it's not anything new, I felt the same way when people would get Chris-Chan's parents or PT's mom involved. And I can't say part of me didn't find it hilarious and that the same part of me isn't curious to see what quirky's reaction will be, and I can't pretend I'm a moralfag when I'm posting on lolcow. Just my 2 cents.

No. 21580


How can her nipples look so huge in a picture and then tiny in another?

No. 21583

She's aroused in the tiny nip picture?

No. 21584

I think she's referring to the areolas in the bottom left picture vs the one above it.

No. 21585


This one where her nipples are small? That's an older picture from where she weighed less. The one where her nipples look like dinner plates is very recent.

No. 21587

Her Mom already hates her. Who cares.

No. 21595

I guess in one picture they are hard and in another they are soft? It can kind of affect areola size too.

No. 21597


I don't blame her (rosie's mom) for that

No. 21600


Wait what? This is news to me, how do we know she hates her?

No. 21611

underrated post

No. 21612


At 9:40. Oh my fucking god.
>>I was so scured i wood be anorexic from dropping 40lb off my 500lb ass

No. 21626

jfc i wish she was kidding

No. 21644

I got the feeling that her "recovering from an eating disorder" was another way of saying that she attempted to diet for maybe a week and then gave up. She's fighting this horrible eating disorder and no longer restricting her diet! She's such an #EDwarrior!
She tagged a couple of posts with #EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) which is often used for people who don't quite meet the criteria for anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, for instance by being of "normal" weight (or more).

So yeah, I'd agree that her "ED" is her trying to eat more like a normal person and "fighting her ED" is just an excuse to pig out and feel good about it.

No. 21662

Areolas can contract when you're aroused as well.

No. 21669

File: 1415299177176.png (747.53 KB, 1292x779, Screenshot (298).png)

Calling bullshit on all of this:


No. 21670

Instagram bawwing for months. She's blamed her binging on her Mom and "getting into fights with her".

Yeah, no. It isn't just because you're a fat ass with no self control or anything.

No. 21678

I don't usually read her ramblings, but this sounds like she saw this on tumblr somewhere and just copy-pasted it into IG.

No. 21681

She got scared when she saw she list weight and realized her fat protected her from getting hurt in HS.

May be true but if she has that self awareness she needs to build up her confidence and lose weight again because I can guarantee she'll feel a lot better and will have more mobility.

I just can't see her genuinely happy because of how much crap she eats and how much weight she carries.

No. 21682

File: 1415304656120.jpg (126.87 KB, 900x1160, v.jpg)

I'm sorry but I'm just too distracted by the fact that she looks like a mouth-breathing lumpy space princess.

No. 21683

She gets to make an excuse and garner sympathy at the same time. Good for her.

No. 21686

File: 1415308452822.png (40.41 KB, 519x379, lul.png)

No. 21689

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this were the case. There's one picture on her IG from some months ago (I can't remember exactly what of, but I remember the comments and description) where she was screaming at her followers for messaging her too much and being too clingy. She said that she was being "raped by messages" and that apparently triggered one of her followers, who called her out on it. Then, Rose proceeded to apologize and claim that she's been raped and that's why she uses it.

Because, somehow, being spammed with messages you can easily just delete feels exactly like a rape.

After that, her alleged rape was never spoken of again– just like that one British tv show she claimed that wanted to interview her and her diabetes results.

I normally don't like to say that a girl is lying about rape, but this is Rose and she's time and again proven that she'll say just about anything in order to manipulate people for sympathy. Not to mention, while I understand how many rapes go unreported and victims feel safer admitting to them online, I feel like rape is something that is becoming trivialized nowadays. I feel like there are girls out there lying about having been raped, just to get people to back off from criticizing them and to excuse their actions, which then screws over the actual rape victims of the world.

Not trying to get all feminist or Tumblr/whatever, but I just don't trust or believe Rose. It seemed like shit she said in the heat of the moment after being confronted so she could avoid any guilt or responsibility.

No. 21690

Who in their right mind would be low enough to do anything sexual to this mammoth? If she's telling the truth, this person needs to be charged with beastiality.

No. 21691

Her LDR boyfriend, who also apparently has a daughter according to an IG post from around two months ago.

No. 21692

I can't get over how a single person can consume so many resources and produce so much waste, all while contributing nothing to society. Even if she dies, disposing of her will take a lot of effort and her remains will probably pollute the soil with preservatives and all the other trash she fills her body with. Can you imagine finding a casket her size? She's too self absorbed to get herself cremated, but even then, no cremation oven will be huge enough to do the job without cutting her into bits first. Those poor people who'll end up having to dispose of her. I used to feel that obesity was a good way of eliminating people with stupid, arrogant, disgusting personalities. They die young, often suffer from infertility/no one fucking them, and don't reproduce. Eugenics in practice without the government effort. Now, I feel the effort isn't even worth it, considering the rest of humanity will have to pay for these fat fucks to keep up their disgusting lifestyles.

No. 21693

>die young

I thought that these people would also die young, but then I discovered that obesity is just a slow, painful way of dying. These fuckers live for years when they really shouldn't.

No. 21698

She looks like a fat bird waiting for food to drop down its gullet.

No. 21700

File: 1415315717305.jpg (51.98 KB, 640x640, fat ass.jpg)

No. 21719

she claims she was raped? srsly?

if someone went into all the effort of raping someone, risking prison etc. why would they rape her?

No. 21720

It's a post from either two or three months ago on her Instagram. I'm still going through it and trying to find which one it was, because I don't remember the picture itself, but I do remember the whiny ass description and the comment drama afterward.

>why rape her

Lol, oh god, careful with that. I know where you're coming from because she is pretty beastly, but there are so many people who would jump on you because rape isn't about attraction. It's about power. Which, I mean, they're not wrong about that.. But, it's Quirky. She's beyond disgusting and while I'm sure she's an easy target because of how slow and fat she is, I just.. I don't know, you'd need to be one determined motherfucker to want to rape her. If I had a dick, I'd sooner stick it in an anthill than make the effort to try to get inside of her nasty cunt.

..Eugh and now you've reminded that diet affects genital fluid smell/taste and how awful she probably.. oh.. god..

No. 21722

So, about the hygiene..

>I shower daily obviously XDDD


No. 21724

Post where she admits to her nudes, so everyone can shut up:

No. 21727

Another gross ass video:

Bashing on fatpeoplehate despite having posted her shit there and claiming to have been approached by modeling agencies:

No. 21730

File: 1415326649365.png (769.81 KB, 1287x768, enjoy your chewbacca snatch.pn…)

No. 21731

File: 1415326714622.png (646.23 KB, 1284x772, so hows that progress.png)

No. 21732

File: 1415326793308.png (640.61 KB, 1281x769, Screenshot (300).png)

Being told like it is and then, of course, bawwing.

No. 21735

Lol overly hairy Chewbaca tier legs are disgusting on either gender imo. I imagine she's so hair on her vag that not even light can escape.

No. 21740

I don't even think that she can reach her vag or her legs to shave, honestly.

No. 21745

If you look at her nudes, she seems shaven… or you just can't see anything cuz of her fat. Though, I don't know at what point in her weight (gain) those nudes were taken.

No. 21746

Those are older because her current tit/nipple size is far larger and her hair is different length. Judging by the lame ass hand holding pillow pic on her IG, around last year. She's only gained since then.

No. 21747

>I can only handle so much before I collapse
so like what 10, 20, more pounds?

No. 21748

File: 1415334939732.png (247.97 KB, 451x352, 1306740898009.png)

No. 21749


>I will continue to shine

she speaks the queen's words

No. 21755

File: 1415338230130.gif (1.76 MB, 340x255, 1410579808048.gif)

No. 21756


>the effort to try to get inside of her nasty cunt.

or just any fat fold

No. 21758

Most fitting reaction image

No. 21760

File: 1415347613919.png (837.56 KB, 1285x765, dem home alone quotes tho.png)

No. 21763

The photos where her tits seem to grow directly under her fat chin are so funny.

And even if she loses weight, she will need plastic surgery to remove the all the stretched out skin that would be hanging off her. Not even her followers could pay for that.
Anyway, she'll never have that discipline it takes to eat healthy anyway. At this point she is putting up with a lot of complications just so she can be lazy. It's pitiful.

No. 21790

No. 21806

I can imagine her hair does get greasy super fast she probably sweats from just breathing.

No. 21830

I went back and read that text in her voice.

Sounds like a "I have a black friend so I can say this without being racist!" excuse to me, and I definitely get what you're talking about. I don't like to doubt people who say they've been raped but with this girl it really does seem like she's just throwing around words to shield herself from criticism.

No. 21875

File: 1415397660443.png (823.62 KB, 1035x619, all kinds of fucked up.png)

No. 21877

So fucking gross looking.. if I didn't know any better I'd think she were a fat 12 year old boy..

No. 21884

I thought she looked like one too in some of her pictures.
She is more masculine because of her fat if I'm remembering what an anon said in the HAES thread correctly.

No. 21887

Obesity tends to make people's ages seem more ambiguous, like how in >>21409 she's actually 12 but looks like she could be in her thirties easily. The makeup must also age her a little but overall it's nearly impossible to tell because of her ridiculous rotundity.

No. 21888

I think she's trying to make her head look a little bigger in comparison to the rest of her body by sinking her head down into her neck or something. Nasty.

No. 21889

File: 1415400455262.gif (496.64 KB, 215x168, 1404451941198.gif)

>>all those plates stacked up
How many meals do you think she orders when she goes out?

No. 21895

I'm guessing 5 as the low end.

No. 21910

..Seriously, all I hear in my head is the voice of a fat, snorting 12 year old boy. It isn't even an exaggeration at this point; She just looks like a kid whose balls haven't dropped yet. Even the face she's making makes me want to punch her right in the fucking nose. Fuck, ALL of the faces she makes are infuriating and retarded. She thinks she looks cute or "quirky", but she fucking doesn't. She just makes herself look even more hideous than she already is.

>inb4 hurr durr but ugly faces are supposed to be ugly!11!1

No. 21913

I concur.

No. 21953

I think obese people look perpetually middle aged. The younger ones always look older and saggier than their age and the old ones are so fat they can't even form wrinkles, their skin is so stretched out.

No. 22017

File: 1415478059806.png (822.5 KB, 1034x621, poor cat.png)

I'm worried for that cat. It looks so unhealthy and ragged compared to my fiance's cat when it was 20.

No. 22018

File: 1415478673995.png (824.99 KB, 1034x621, jowls.png)

No. 22020

I've seen lots of ugly people and/or obese people but something about her face really makes me feel uncomfortable.

No. 22022

I know what you mean. There's just something unsettling that I can't put my finger on.

No. 22023

Yet another picture that makes me wish it were perfectly legal to take a steel bat to her face.


It's how fat it is combined with the fact that she is almost gender ambiguous looking in certain shots. Plus, the "doe eyed" expressions and facial ques she uses. They don't flatter her. They never will. She really needs to cut it with the..

>gais i haev anime eyes XDDD

>pursed, slightly open lips look
>one hand behind her head and smiling
>exaggerated expressions for anger or happiness
>"ugly" faces that just bring out her hideousness even more

None of these make her interesting, but she believes it to be so. She's already extremely unfortunate looking and all she does is make herself look even more vomit inducing. Also, she is almost always.. okay, no, she is ALWAYS filthy looking. She'll have weird skin stains on her face, neck, and chest in certain shots that are blatantly not freckles. Her under eyes are disgusting. I know that people can age prematurely and some people have lines under their eyes just from genetics, but her lines are deep ass crevices and massive for someone only a year younger than I. Her lips are gross and almost always chapped or scabbed from being bitten, a la her "just woek up XDDD" selfie and that doctor's office one. She's also the type of fatty to possess a pig snout and, in other angles, a potato as fuck nose.

I think what is most jarring is probably the fact that we all know she's a miserable cunt and even in her "motivational" selfies, where she has her cheap ass makeup on and trying to be "sassy", she still looks miserable. Her eyes and smile both still appear miserable.

When someone as manipulative, bitter, and disgusting as this tries to be "sassy" and attractive.. you just feel it, man. Even staring at a picture of them. There's that lingering, underlying vibe and it's really uncomfortable.

No. 22024

File: 1415483168715.jpg (78.66 KB, 488x639, keikogotoiled.jpg)

Pic for reference of the stains.

No. 22027

You definitely hit the nail on the head. Thanks for putting everything into words that my flummoxed brain couldn't manage to do.

No. 22035

I think the thing that annoys me most is how her hair is ALWAYS disgusting & greasy. It just really signifies that she smells like rotting cheese.

Also I watched her 'open letter to fatpeoplehate' vid & not only was her hair greasy as fuck, watching her put on make up annoyed the shit out of me because it was terrible & she was trying to act sassy through it.

No. 22040

Good lord and her stupid #sassyrealness on every single picture as a caption. Her hash tags are always shit, but that one probably irks me the most along with the laundry list of alleged disorders she claims to have. Notice how THAT list only grew over time on the pictures..

No. 22044

File: 1415494245148.jpg (43.85 KB, 521x418, 1407999677492.jpg)

No. 22058

Well that's only slightly disturbing.

No. 22061

Knowing how lazy she is, the cat is probably living is some disgusting conditions.

No. 22062

The bipolar thing really pisses me off. I know people who have real bipolar, it's difficult to live with and people have a tendency to underestimate it because of retards who self-diagnose. She would be talking about it a lot more than her eating disorder if she actually had it, considering how much it affects your day to day life. She also would have been showing symptoms at a very young age, taking meds for it, and seeing therapists her whole life. God, the bipolar fad makes me so mad.

No. 22063

That's actually pretty similar to what my cat looked like at 16. Older cats sometimes just don't groom themselves as much. We had to step up the brushing and use an occasional pet wipe on him. Also a cat living to 17+ isn't unusual. rachaellkat must have dogs.

Still though every time I see a cat posted on here I just wish I could reach into the picture and rescue the poor baby.

No. 22066

Makes sense and I bet rachaellkat never had a cat.

I do too. Especially that little kitten a while back.

No. 22078

Eating disorders can go from anorexia/bulimia to compulsive eating or binging habits.

She says she has an eating disorder because she binges on food and has stated she's addicted to food overall.

Now, I DO believe that she does suffer from an eating disorder because she has shown she's addicted to food, but I also believe she's doing absolutely nothing to change her patterns.

No. 22079

As a former fatty, it's a slow progress, really.
You don't really see how much you're eating and you end up underestimating your portions, not to mention you don't even count liquid calories because your logic is that you'll pee them away anyway.

In most cases, people get so fat they can't really do much about their situation anymore, so instead of changing their habits they remain in their comfort zone because losing weight proves to be a slow and difficult process.

No. 22084

See I thought this too originally because I had BED and used to have an embarrassingly high BMI, although now I am recovered and figured out that anxiety fueled my binge eating, I just didn't realize it until I A) accepted that I even had a problem and B) worked out that I was always stressed and binge ate to cope, but I always binge ate so I never felt the anxiety… Once I figured this out I was finally able to nip it in the bud and now I am a healthy BMI and no longer feel the urge to binge/rely on food like I did before. So I always have a lot of sympathy for other people who are in a similar position to what I was in, because I know it's not as black and white sometimes as most people would have you to believe.

This girl though? I'm pretty sure when she talks about "recovering from her ED" she is not talking about BED. She said in an earlier video she was becoming anorexic when she started losing weight so she stopped losing weight or something to that effect? She yeah I'm pretty sure she's implying it's anorexia recovery, from what I've read anyway.

No. 22108

File: 1415553003028.png (534.98 KB, 948x569, ugh.png)

>slow progress
>underestimate portions
>logic of peeing liquid calories away
As a recovering fatty, I can attest to this. I'm lucky I "woke up" before I got too big.

No. 22117

wtf is wrong with that cat? it looks like its ears are inside out? it doesnt look real, it looks like bad taxidermy

No. 22135


Oh it just has a genetic deformity is all. It also has ten toes. It's perfectly healthy though, and it's like 17. I like her cat a lot. I don't like her, but I do like that cat.

No. 22137

lots of people have tinea versicolor. It's pretty common.

No. 22155

She mentions that she was getting thinner "too fast" and that she was fearing she'd become anorexic, which is retarded because when you change your eating habits you start to drop the weight relatively fast at the beginning, and then it becomes harder as you start to approach your ideal weight. Given she's always been big and has never lost but gained weight, she probably got too scared of losing weight because she doesn't know what it is like, so that's why she stopped doing it and went back to her eating habits.

No. 22178

That was some of the finest overreacting I had seen in a while. What a fucking baby she is. She acted like she was becoming a skeleton, when it was anything but. She knows damn well what anorexics look like, but she felt like being a lazy, dramatic cow and fishing for sympathy. Fucking excuses.

No. 22218

File: 1415586196681.png (825.56 KB, 1035x619, fishing for a hamplanet.png)

No. 22235


I'm kind of going through that right now myself.

In my teens I actually used to be anorexic, and then I recovered and maintained a stable weight for about 2 years although I still had severely disordered eating, and then, I'm not really sure what happened.
I turned 21 and all of a sudden it was like I couldn't eat the same amounts as a normally would without gaining weight, and then I fell into deep depression and blew up to 230lbs.

I'm 218lbs now I'm finally losing the weight thank god.
For a while I thought I was so far gone that I would end up with stretched out skin forever, but thankfully I've been seeing a lot of images of girls who were even bigger than me who lost the weight and look totally normal phew.

No. 22250

This reminds me of how I used to binge and got a sore throat….also that I had more fat around it making it harder to breathe in certain positions

No. 22251

Keep it up, anon!
At the beginning of the year I was 187lbs and now I'm 160. I wanna get to 154 to the end of the year.

Pretty much like Quirky, I used to be a big child, I seemed to have lost weight in my teens but then due to depression I gained all that weight back. This weight I carry now is what I used to weigh when I was in middle school, so to me it's kind of a big deal.

I've learned to control my portions and calorie intake, but sometimes my family will say I'm not eating enough.

Being conscious about your calorie intake isn't being anorexic ffs. I was an obese child, chubby teenager and when I was 19 I was bordering on the obese category, I needed to change my habits ffs. I'm 22 now so it's kinda good because I'm still on time.

No. 22252

by the end of the year* oops

No. 22316

Why do these fat bitches always retaliate with ''self love/self hate'' whatever.I remember once I commented on this fat bitches post (It was some tumblr art of an unshaven lardbeast of a woman, that read '' It's my body, and I decide what to do with it'' or something) that '' yeah you can, but that doesn't mean it's healthy.'' Then she blocked me (then replied) then posted a screencap of my profile with a novel of rage in the caption about how I tried to ruin her day and failed, and made some rude remark about the amout of selfies I had (Don't remember what she said exactly, I just remembered the irony, since she had about 2000 posts, a lot of them selfies, about 50 pictures. She was probably just mad that I was half her age ( she was in her mid 30's) with 10x her follower count, and I'm skinny af) and then all her fatknights started insulting me, and going on about how I obviously don't have self love, and then made more rude remarks about how I gasp had lots of selfies.
I mean, who posts selfies on INSTAGRAM? kek
But yeah, got good lols out of it, but I was hanging my mouth open inbetween laughter because I couldn't believe the stupidity of these people (Some of them even well above 30) when I got a first hand taste.
On another note, I'm eating crap (Cornchips and salsa) for the first time in a while, and reading this thread. I feel I might be feeling deep reget in a bit…

No. 22319

jfc your snow is showing.

No. 22345


No. 22346


Her awesomeness. Guess that's what the new thing kids are using now. I had to check Urban Dictionary for that one.

You're annoying. post screencaps and stfu about how cool you are Ms. I 10x the followers on instagram XD

No. 22350

This is the kind of person we were talking about in the Chris-chan thread.

No. 22398

File: 1415663813619.png (907.2 KB, 1284x767, Screenshot (308).png)

No. 22423

Soooo wanted to be like, "He's a personal trainer. Does this mean you're going to try getting in shape now?" lol

No. 22428

lol do it. Make a sockpuppet account and do it.

No. 22430

File: 1415682581500.jpg (55.4 KB, 485x574, 1401797430221.jpg)

More proof that fatties only like fit males who are wayyyy out of their leage

No. 22431

*league sorry

No. 22440

Oh snow = cool? Sounds kinda lame haha.

No. 22441

Pretty much. I don't understand their mindset at all–especially the ones with shitty personalities like this orca.

Lol oh man, I was on a serious Lisa Frank nostalgia kick recently. Good times.

No. 22442

I think they meant snowflake.

No. 22444

File: 1415689128549.png (935.3 KB, 1280x760, Screenshot (309).png)

No. 22446

that failed attempt at perking her lips…

No. 22447

Her retarded looking faces (aka attempts at being cute) look so horrible, how on earth does she not see that????

No. 22452

plz go and stay go

No. 22458

I wish people would throw food at her and call her a monster.

No. 22459

lol "Not your thinspiration". She's been mine for months now.

No. 22461

>i am not your thinspiration

no shit

No. 22462



No. 22465

Mine too, if i have cravings for junkfood, i look at her pictures and say "No, do you want to become like THAT" Helps me to stay strong.

No. 22473

It's meant in a 'reverse thinspiration' way, as in seeing someone as big as her motivates you to lose weight.

No. 22476

She's such crazy motivation that I actually started jogging.

No. 22477


Just checked my instagram and this greeted me. She actually said "teehee".

Also, is she getting fatter faster? She's got a mini double chin going on in the pic.

No. 22479

It's negative reinforcement, anon.
Some people, like me, use fat people as motivation to lose weight or to keep our weight on check.

No. 22510

File: 1415728677390.jpg (134.5 KB, 714x530, image.jpg)

You should let her know that she's an inspiration and has motivated you to lose weight. She'll probably bawwwlock and screencap to make herself the victim on IG but seeing more than one person tell her that would be funny.

I think she is gaining more weight.

On the topic of clothes, that's why I would never want to baloon out so much since there are no cute clothes. It looks like half her pics are tie dyed moo-moo's.

No. 22512

I've been very tempted to make a fake account and do that.

Also, I agree, I fit into size 0-1 at torrid luckily, but there isn't much cute clothing for fatter people.

No. 22546

>steamy.pizza.queef tagged me

what a name

No. 22550

steamy.pizza.queef is not a username I want to hear in a quirky thread…

No. 22563

Those disgusting tags and lies..

No. 22568

She is and has. She claims that she's made progress, but her only "progress" is that she's become more arrogant and pigheaded about life. She's only gotten bigger from the time she was a teenager and it's been shown with her throwback pictures.

No. 22592

You're right, before my fatty redemption I couldn't fit into normal clothes so I had to go to stores with plus sizes and the clothes were far from pretty.

No. 22599

Jesus, where to begin..


No, but it'll be the end of you if you can't get your ass together.


Get the fuck over it.


Honey, nobody would ever approach you, so there's nothing to worry about.

No. 22606

File: 1415751082716.png (164.98 KB, 357x354, Screenshot_2014-11-11-18-03-35…)

Her "Winking".

No. 22608

This was a while back, so I don't have screencaps.
Well, I was just pointing out how much 'cooler' I am compared to these HAES bitches, which isn't hard. Sorry, was just venting. Hard to brag bout my awesomeness since I'm anon.

No. 22612

Again, looks like a fat man.

No. 22613

>>I have most of my life memories repressed due to childhood trauma, so my memory recall is extremely selective and almost none existent

No. 22614

Sure, you do.

No. 22615

i didn't know she made an instagram for her queefs

No. 22616


As a psychology student who works in a cognition lab, this is the toppest of keks to me.

No. 22622

Is this a still from a video or a pic? I find it hard I believe she can't close one eye because of all the fat on her face.

No. 22633

i friend requested her on facebook but i'm not sure if she will add me since i'm only 115lbs and not 500. but at least i can follow her, i needed more humor in my feed anyway
also: bullshit. complete and utter bullshit.

No. 22637

>I have no respect for vapidness
Well she's got some damn nerve.

No. 22642


No worries, she adds everyone, she is a true attention whore, just watch what you say if you ever respond to any of her statuses, she will block you, screencap it, and send her whiteknights after you.

No. 22643

File: 1415758270482.png (795.7 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_2014-11-11-18-03-35…)

Original pic I got it from. I'm guessing it's a pic.

No. 22644

File: 1415758461241.png (705.59 KB, 720x1231, Screenshot_2014-11-11-20-10-25…)

No. 22645

File: 1415758559653.png (340.92 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_2014-11-11-20-12-22…)

No. 22646

she looks revolting

No. 22651

Lol wonderful. I think I will just lurk quietly, don't want to risk upsetting the cow.

No. 22663

I don't know how girls who are extremely fat/ugly can stand being friends with girls so much more attractive than them. If I were her I'd feel insecure as fuck next to someone like that, like I think it would be painful to have to be around someone so much better than me. I guess I'm insecure myself and also kind of a shallow cunt though, I just really can't believe quirky can be happy with herself looking the way she does. I feel self-conscious leaving the house when I get a pimple.

No. 22666

Wow she looks even more terrifying. Banding together for pizza is right, they're not banding together for health.

Also no visible winks in any pics. Pathetic.

No. 22667

You sound cool. You're honest. I respect that.

No. 22702

File: 1415769104188.png (1.15 MB, 1283x768, Screenshot (313).png)

No. 22719

I didn't think it was possible to have worse eyeliner than quirky's but I was wrong again.

No. 22720

How long ago was this? (not familiar with instagram and its interface). Because even though you can't see half of her, she looks like, half the size she is in >>22702

No. 22743

I think it might be only on mobile or the app, but I got it from the "Photos of [whatever]" tab in the app. There are a few others at the way bottom along with that one, so it's definitely an older pic.

No. 22775

This reminds me so much of our queen (not that you are, at least you admit it)

My bff is much hotter than me but she inspires me to lose weight and take better care of myself…and I hit on her when I'm drunk…

No. 22777

In this pic, she kind of looks they way she did when she was 12 so maybe it's that?

No. 22803

As to why she always makes ugly faces, I think I can explain that because I did that too when I was fat.
They make ugly faces on purpose because it shows they don't care they're ugly and they're totally cool about it. Why else would they make such randum ugly faces? While in reality, they hate themselves and the fact that they're ugly and fat eats them up inside, except it's more likely they're the ones doing the eating.

No. 22834

That or they know they don't have a good angle anyway so they make ugly faces to justify it.

No. 22862

I really don't get it either. This is really OT, but when I was in middle school, I was one of the skinniest girls in the school (which isn't saying much because all the girls wore junior's sizes while I still wore children's clothes), and the 2 fattest girls in my class really wanted to be my friends even though we literally had nothing in common at all whatsoever. Anyway, it's been like 5-7 years, I haven't hung out with or made any attempt to contact these girls, but both still actively try to contact/hang out with me even though I ignore them for the most part. One of the girls literally had a mental breakdown and forced a bunch of people to talk to me for her bc I was completely ignoring her. These girls have other friends, but they have an odd fixation on me. I think people like that cling onto the most attractive person they can find because they want to be like them. One of the girls that wanted to be my friend, got incredibly excited bc she lost weight and wanted to try on my clothes. She also always tried to wear matching outfits with me, dye her hair the same color as mine, do her makeup the same, etc. Or maybe it just makes them feel prettier/more popular because those are the type of girls that rejected them, idek tbh.

No. 22869

Is that why she takes photos of her disgusting meals? To remember what she inhaled before another "memory loss"? If so, she should be aware what kind of shit she consumes on a daily basis.

Not that I believe in this bullshit, ofc.

No. 22871

This really is true. girl I knew would make ugly faces in a ton of her photos so she could show how "cool" and "uncaring" she was about her weight, like "lol ik im ugly but im still cool tho" but when she tried to take a normal selfie she'd be insanely self-conscious and take 50 to get the right angle of not showing how obese she'd gotten.

Most people do have good angles to a point. With this cow, she's too fat for even the classic myspace angle. If she could find a lighting/angle combo that would work for her, she'd look a ton better. But I think she's just accepted that she's morbidly obese and is following on the "im 2 cool 2 curr how ugly i am" trend.

No. 22879

(incoming cool story)
I had a friend like that in middle and high school. I wouldn't call myself hot but I'm definitely skinny and I think decently cute, just slightly socially awkward. My friend was morbidly obese and was much more socially capable. She would drag me to parties and on a couple of occasions introduced me as her "skinny but socially retarded friend". She often insisted on taking dozens of selfies together but then only posted the ones in which I looked bad. Her FB was full of candid pictures of me eating and yawning with no flattering pictures of me whatsoever, whereas the pictures of herself were all duckfaced selfies with myspace angles.
She would simultaneously put me on a pedestal ("omg anon you're so cute and skinny everything looks good on you, I wish I looked like you") and tear me down ("it's kind of gross how skinny you are, nobody likes an anorexic") and completely beat my self esteem into the ground. Any time I wore something cute to school she'd convince me that it was weird or slutty and I should go back to baggy shirts and jeans. When I finally figured out what she was doing it was hard to cut her out of my life since I met all my other friends through her. I only managed to escape when we went to different universities. Going by her IG and twitter it looks like she's doing something similar to another girl, now. Did I mention she's studying psychology?
I don't think it's necessarily a fat girl thing, but it's definitely a horrible insecure bitch thing and being fat is usually a source of insecurity.
(end cool story)

No. 22881

I had a friend like that in middle school. She was skinny, as was I, but she was controlling. I think that's the main factor in all of this. She didn't like that a neighbor friend and I would play pretend (power rangers lol I'm old) and she wanted to be mature all the time. She would say my clothes are bad and that I wasn't holding my fork right and I need to look a certain way, she didn't want me hanging out with the other neighbor girl because she's immature, just a lot of weird things like that.

Then she'd invite a different neighbor girl over and ask me what I thought of her while she was hiding. It was pretty messed up. I ended up realizing it a few months into our friendship and I dropped her. We're in our late 20's now and she's since moved away but seeing her on FB makes me realized she's probably the same person but I hope she's changed.

The short of it is, I think they just want to be in control, so they find people who they can manipulate ie build them up while tearing them down so they feel great.

No. 22898


Do people really feel like that? I have kind of yoyo'd my entire life in my weight, right now I am a healthy weight but even at my highest weight about a year ago I never felt insecure about being friends with people who were more attractive than I am/was. It was/is legitimately something that has never entered my mind. Them being pretty or ugly isn't going to affect my appearance so…

No. 22921

File: 1415817844898.jpg (65.19 KB, 425x340, cankles.jpg)

Has anyone noticed Quirky is apple shaped? Like her legs are oddly thin for someone that deathfat. I was actually surprised she still had ankles and not cankles at this point.
All of her fat is in her upper body, so much so it even morphed her face. She barely looks human anymore, and I'm really being nice here.

Also, does anyone else also think she look malnourished? She has terrible skin and hair (that may due to a lack of hygiene though) wrinkles and bags under her eyes even though her face is stretched out to max capacity. Her skin has a weird tint to it. IDK, maybe I'm looking into her pictures too much. I should stop.

No. 22922

Wow, the friends you two anons had were total douchebags. I hope you two got rid of them completely.
The two girls I was friends with never really gone out of their way to be assholey to me, unless they did go out of their way to distract me all throughout school so I had to be put in a "dangerous minds" school/home schooled/drop out. The only malicious thing I can recall one of them doing is, laughing at me in front of my face and always put me down for wanting to do something in music/art, mostly music.
I'm sorry if my post hurt your feelings a bit. I don't mean everyone is like that, but I've encountered a lot of people like that. Like just the other day this heavier set girl was harassing my younger brother to hang out with her, she's been doing this for the past couple weeks, even though he won't even acknowledge her existence. As long as you're not clinging onto someone or anything like that, you're not annoying. I don't really have an issue with fat people, it's moreso just annoying and clingy insecure people and it was just an observance of my experiences with some bigger people.

No. 22926


I had a roommate just like your shitty friends. She outweighed me by over 70lbs (at the time I was 175) and would insist I was beautiful and perfect and shouldn't change anything, but the next minute she'd say "your breasts wouldn't be so saggy if you lost weight you know. You'd look better if you lost weight. you'd look better in a swimsuit if you lost weight, your boyfriend would like you more if you lost weight." And she'd do the same to her girlfriend who was 110lbs. "you have a pooch right here, you're so fat you need to lose weight it's gross."
We've both cut her out of our lives and she's getting fatter by the day, doing the same thing to other girls. It's really sad, to be honest. She used to be so friendly and the more weight she gained and the more weight I lost, she'd get so angry. A while after we stopped being friends we saw each other at a convention and I'd lost a bit of weight and the ex-gf was with me. She refused to be near me and would even get up and walk to the other side of the convention to get away from me, but would angrily say I looked good in my cosplay but hers was going to be better. (she ended up wearing a size 2 small nun outfit..)
fatties are fucking crazy bro.

No. 22937

She's definitely malnourished, so you're not reading too much into it. How her skin and hair looks is mainly because of her shitty and fatty diet.

No. 22942

File: 1415821377052.png (823.77 KB, 1034x619, so disgusting.png)

No. 22950


It could be she just doesn't take off her makeup or wash her face often as well. I think it would be hard to give yourself pampering if you can't even hold your arms up for more than a few minutes.

No. 22951

Oh yeah I did say that in my post, we were only friends for a few months. She lived in my neighborhood but we went to different middle schools so I didn't see her much after I dropped her.

It's easy to spot toxic relationships once you've been in one, and I'm so happy when people can escape it.

Though it doesn't look like Rosie is toxic (her friends look alright) but I don't know much about them. She seems to live on IG though.

I don't know why but fat angry lesbians make me laugh. I imagined when she walked away she tried to be graceful and cool but failed. You see a lot of crazies, not just fat crazies, at cons.

I'm glad you both got away from her.

No. 22955

I cant imagine that any guy would want to see her face anywhere near their dick, but there is that one pic so idk.

As a linguistics major i find giving head to be an interesting exercise in exploring/practicing the different articulatory methods…

No. 22958

Ewwwwwww. What the fuck why.
>>tee hee look at how much i liek cock XD
I don't hear a lot of women say they hate bjs. I think this bitch just wants to brag about her cock sucking abilities. I bet she likes it because she has something to swallow at the end lol.

No. 22961

Fat girls always think they're hot shit because they swallow

No. 22962

breaking news: fat girl likes putting things in her mouth. more at 11.

No. 22977

Eh, I'm friends with people over personality, not appearance, being friends (or avoiding friends) based on appearance is kind of weird to me, it makes sense for romantic–or sexual–partners, but people you hang out with? As long as they're cool I'll enjoy their company no matter how they look. I've had friends that were gorgeous (model tier) and ugly, once you know them it really makes no difference, and you learn to stop feeling insecure in the presence of beautiful ones (especially if, like in many friendships, you've been around her vomiting, farting, crying, etc).

No. 23064

How does this hammy not have a ED page yet? She's just an endless supply of lulz.

No. 23066

same way yaya han doesnt have one yet but deserves it

we lazy

No. 23079


I think it's because we're not autistic (Well the majority of us anyway, I'm looking at you racist-chan). Look at how well Chris Chans life is documented. Someone went to his burnt down house and stole his homework ffs. And surprise surprise a good percentage of the people that follow Chris Chans shenanigans are spergs themselves (at the cwckiforums).

So, I think it's a combination of us being lazy cunts and NOT being autistic.

Bitchy gossipy bitches we may be, but autistic we are not.

No. 23120

My lord, she looks absolutely putrid.

No. 23134

That really is a possibility and I'm willing to bet it's both.

No. 23241

File: 1415854031576.png (257 KB, 1034x621, looool.png)

No. 23242

File: 1415854099069.png (467.73 KB, 1035x622, lucky bastard.png)

Her comment was long so I had to paste it.
Here's the link.


No. 23257


No. 23282

Glad I could be of service.

No. 23307

File: 1415864312943.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, 001.jpg)

>As a linguistics major i find giving head to be an interesting exercise in exploring/practicing the different articulatory methods…

No. 23308

What she's actually trying to say
>Good relationships are too much work to maintain so I ended it

No. 23334

What are you the dick whisperer?

No. 23341

Looks have a tendency to reflect on ones personality, though. Fat people are lazy and stupid,un-kept people have no shame and are also stupid, ect.

No. 23347

My aunt is about Quirky's size and goes to a nearby hair salon to have her hair washed every few days, since her arms are too heavy to do it herself. So yeah, that's probably part of it at least.
~health at every size~

I'm pretty fucking autistic but I still can't be bothered to do anything about an ED page. Sorry for failing you guys.

No. 23360

File: 1415880417563.png (43.73 KB, 600x450, areyouserious.png)

…Are you kidding me right now?

No. 23361

File: 1415881277974.jpg (51.42 KB, 550x381, 1365094572609.jpg)

Whatever. At least I know that my bf prefers velar constrictions over retroflexes

No. 23429

File: 1415898656373.png (549.4 KB, 720x1234, Screenshot_2014-11-13-11-06-55…)

Her ass apparently.
Her description is stupid too.

No. 23437

Wow I could hardly even figure out what was going on here. She could at least adjust her panties before taking an ass shot like everyone else

No. 23438

If it wasn't for that bit of ankle (I think?) on the left I'd have no idea what this was supposed to be, it just looks like an amorphous mass of flesh covered by some fabric.

I wonder how much trouble she had getting up after, she looks like she's collapsed or something.

No. 23442

Holy fuck. How do you get that bad where you can't life your arms? Wow.

No. 23443

File: 1415899645168.png (305.69 KB, 720x1231, Screenshot_2014-11-13-11-23-22…)

Forgot to cap the description.
The fuck is a belfie?

No. 23444

Butt-selfie? I don't know, the word belfie makes me think of "belching" or "belfry"

No. 23454

Isn't that a marketing slogan by Dove?

No. 23455

No. 23459

That's what I was thinking or a farting butt selfie.
Either way, it's stupid.

No. 23481

File: 1415905185069.png (770.33 KB, 1032x617, kek.png)

I can't stop laughing. She's seriously milking this.

No. 23484

It was a LDR right? I don't think they ever met, she never talked about him, so I don't think she's that broken up about it.

No. 23506

Yeah I don't remember her talking about him except for a shoutout once or something.
She really isn't broken up about it at all. If she was, her face would show many signs of having cried and be even rounder from the puffiness.

Also, no mention of said "breakup" on her fb from what I can tell.

No. 23516


They met to fuck, those noods of her sucking a tiny dick is him. He's also the one sicking his hand into the abyss while she's on all fours. He also has kids. She never mentioned him on FB as far as I can tell.

No. 23572

Alls I know is that post she made about how she had a bad day and her boyfriend ordered about 3 boxes of pizza for her. That's why I think he's just got a fetish and is a feeder.

No. 23575

>He also has kids.
oh wow, what a catch

No. 23603

Catching anything better would be too hard, she'd get winded way too quickly.

No. 23613

The fuck is wrong with her bottom lip. It`s droopy as shit.

No. 23617


Fat people lips always seem to look like that

No. 23642

Aside from sagging, I think she tries to make cute shapes with her lips and fails miserably. I think pursing lips like that looks stupid and ridiculous on even the cutest of girls, so it looks even worse on her.

No. 23656

File: 1415936193068.png (840.01 KB, 1034x619, nasty bumps on her chin.png)

Yep, still milking it. Seriously though, anyone else notice those weird bumps on her cheek and chin?

No. 23658

Those are the crumbs she forgot to brush off before applying make up.

No. 23662

You will have to be more specific, which chin?

No. 23665

File: 1415937839086.jpg (31.62 KB, 559x197, image.jpg)

[I] >need to drag myself outta my slum

I know it's a typo but I like to think it was a Freudian slip.

No. 23668

Third one on the right from Merlin's fuzzy asscrack.

>Seriously, though, thanks for making me laugh. Needed it today.

No. 23687

Everyone keeps mentioning this Beauty Box she has and how greasy it is. Is it literally a box? A brand? What brand is her $3 lipstick?

No. 23692

I doubt she can reach.

No. 23693

File: 1415951091997.jpg (114.67 KB, 997x787, Don't Be Mad.jpg)

I'm >>23307 don't be mad anon, I was just complimenting your funny

No. 23698

>I've finally gotten the courage to take and post this
What? Why is she pretending this is something she HAS to do? Like getting the courage to start finding a new job or something…. Wtf? it's not an obligation to take a picture of your ass and it's not enlightening or something

No. 23771

File: 1415985482627.jpg (4.45 MB, 3407x5770, Leching.jpg)

No. 23772

File: 1415985803241.jpg (4.45 MB, 3206x7124, what ass.jpg)

No. 23831

So I laid some bait for rosie but only her followers took it. Damn.

No. 23867

I'm a sappy cunt, but outside of the context of her being an insufferable fat bint, this sounds really nice and positive.

No. 23905


No. 23906

She gets a beauty box subscription. They never really have too many good things, but Quirky is poor, so to her Smashbox is high end. (Not shitting on those who like SB, but just basic bitches who are poor and think shit like M.A.C. is high end, etc.) Her "mean, bold red lipstick" (her words) is $3 and by City Color.

No. 23923

File: 1416013931736.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_2014-11-14-16-55-18…)

I made a bawww post about how she is bodyshaming the mod of FPH. And then all her minions appeared. It was gr8. They claimed they weren't shaming the mods body, but correct me cuz I am not so well versed in tumblrnomics, but isn't even just bringing up someone's weight in a negative way "body policing"? Not that I give a fuck. I just was bored. It's my throwaway anyway. One of the chicks who replied to me, Liquiduniverse, has a really punchable face. You guys should check it out

No. 23990

why are people surprised by this? a lot (probably about half) of the posters on /r/fatpeoplehate are self-aware, self-deprecating fatties. you can discover that pretty easily by spending more than, like, 5 minutes there. COOL SLEUTHING THO, FATTIES

No. 23991

i'm responding to the pic, not the post, by the way

No. 24004

Oh yeah personally I think fatpeoplehate is weird. I tried to see what was cool about it, but it's honestly just pictures of fat people with no context.

No. 24058

Yeah, sometimes it you just get weird people who seem to either:

1. Fetishize hating people and fatness is just their excuse
2. Are using it as some sort of self esteem boost

Neither of those people contribute anything good, it's always "I saw this person that was so fat and gross…!" without any sort of meat to it (if you will).

No. 24064

Personally, I prefer r/fatpeoplestories.

No. 24123

I agree, fatpeoplstories and fatpeoplelogic hate are the only good ones.

fatpeoplehate is just…weird…They post stuff like a fat girl and a normal guy getting engaged or married…not doing anything funny or displaying fatlogic, just doing everyday boring stuff…and they flip their shit over it

the also post chubby/slightly overweight girls (doing nothing special, just standing there or smiling with friends) and go on and on about how fat they are and how they'd never date them, It's so weird. I don't get it.

No. 24137


What the fuck are you doing?

No. 24138


Yeah seriously. Whenever I see someone going on and on about how they hate fat people online I automatically assume they are a hamplanet themself.

No. 24140

in b4 a legion of size 2 girls come defend themselves

No. 24143

I don't actually think the majority of the people on Fatpeoplehate are fat. I think they are probably scrawny, awkward skinny guys/girls that latch onto the one thing they have- their skinnyness, and put fat people down to feel superior

No. 24148

I can tell you from experience that the majority of people who hate fat people vehemently are complete fatties themselves. It's only a small minority of thin people who hate fat people like you say.
Most of it comes from hamplanets who are dieting and trying to get in shape actually. It's like someone who got bullied for doing something a certain way, they stop doing that thing and then they bully others for doing that thing so they can feel better because they're not like that anymore/it means that they are the opposite of what they were before, which was perceived as a bad thing.
Which doesn't even make sense in reality since these people are still fat, they just changed their habits. They actually do hate themselves.

Most people hate fat logic, I don't think that's up for debate. But literally just hating people for being fat is something that is spouted by mostly fat people themselves.

No. 24151

File: 1416069898984.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_2014-11-15-08-40-47…)

Makes sense. I still think there's a good chunk that are just awkward and scrawny. Anyway, has it been mentioned before that she looks a lot like Hagrid?

No. 24153

Those eye wrinkles holy crap

No. 24160

lol dem chin tits

it's pretty much the only thing she has going for her

No. 24173

I've seen a bunch of this. The only thing they have going is that they're thin so they obsessively and dramatically hate fat people to compensate. I see a similar phenomenon on racist sites, the most outspoken people are the ones who clearly have low self esteem and the only thing they can be happy with is their race.

That's an insult to Hagrid.

No. 24184

Sorry, used a new app so I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

No. 24189

File: 1416083310229.png (951.81 KB, 1036x621, tags.png)

I thought she was sounding better or at least a little less BAWW until I saw her tags.

No. 24190

Also, if I remember correctly, a serving of potstickers are around 5-6 dumplings. I bet she snarfed a few before snapping a pic.

No. 24191

Let's say each is 80 calories. I spot at least 10. She ate, at the very least, around 800 calories for lunch. That's kind of absurd. It could be more factoring in her mountain dew or whatever beetus juice she so pleases.

No. 24192

Don't forget the soy sauce.

No. 24200


lol that describes racist-chan perfectly. he/she just rages about Mexicans invading their border town and I think they even threw in some Filipinos with a picture calling both races the roaches of the world or some shit.

It's like dude, I'm not going to act like I'm perfect and not racist (cougheastindianscough), but goddamn I don't go autistic online or IRL over them.

I always had a feeling s/he was pretty inadequate IRL.

No. 24201

Sounds about right. It's most likely more too since most chinese restaurants like loading those containers to the brim.

It honestly makes me sick seeing how many calories she has on one of her plates.

No. 24203


At least they're not fried? Meh, I don't know. I have a bad habit of having one giant meal consisting of 800-1000 calories and that's the only meal I have for the day. It keeps me full for hours and hours though.

And lol at those of you assuming this is a meal for her, this is most definitely a snack (not trying to be funny, I've seen her meals and I've seen what she snacks on, this is definitely a snack).

No. 24205

I do that too. And eat like a yogurt later on in the day. But Rosie DID say this is her lunch. But I'm guessing she eats 3-4 meals a day and 4-5 "snacks". I really want her to go on secret eaters or a show like that. How cool would it be to say we knew her when :^)

No. 24206

Holy fuck do I want her to go on either secret eaters or supersize vs superskinny.

No. 24214


Ahh I glossed over that, still though… That picture of the bagel (not even whole grain or at least wheat), 3 dollops of nutella, strawberries (not bad), and a fistfulls of nuts (can't remember what type), was a snack for her. I'm just having a hard time believing she stopped at just these dumplings. Her stomach (the organ itself) is so stretched out this probably just tickled her belly.

No. 24215

They were cashews and don't forget the banana.

No. 24278

File: 1416109835795.png (635.21 KB, 935x560, lol.png)

>So much has changed for the better.

No. 24279

she looks so fucking disgusting

No. 24281

File: 1416110098646.jpg (40.17 KB, 640x640, oh lord no honey.jpg)

No. 24321

Woah she sounds just like Raven.

No. 24379

File: 1416157144647.png (235.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2014-11-16-10-54-58…)

No. 24381

File: 1416157339812.jpg (87.76 KB, 640x640, eugh.jpg)


No. 24407


I see her wear that damn shirt all the time. In fact, it's like she only has three outfits that she wears all the time and A LOT of XXX4 T-shirts.

Fucking eww.

No. 24408

I know. She's obsessive with that shirt and it's not even good looking. Needing to wear a statement on your shirt like that just makes you look pathetic and makes people want to drag you down even more, but Rose thinks it's a fucking shield.

No. 24426

File: 1416170549226.jpg (98.78 KB, 640x640, john candy.jpg)

>all natural pretty selfie

No. 24444

File: 1416175486803.png (154.03 KB, 514x457, the mooon.PNG)

my magnum opus, inspired by her massive visage

No. 24445


afsgjdkfb I wish someone sent this to herrrrrrr.

No. 24452

Someone yes please do say it's fan art. It's so easy to inflate her ego into thinking you're an actual fan of hers just say the words "inspiring, body-positive, & self-love"

No. 24461

No. 24467

You should add "And I think that we have to breach the societal beauty standards in art by trying to illustrate people more realistically. I, myself, used to be an artist who drew over stylized figures to match the patriarchal standard of beauty but I've been slowly trying to face my triggers [because I suffer from PTSD caused by bullies throwing Twinkies at me back in high school] and trying to draw more realistic people so I'm sorry if it still comes too cartoonish ^^;;;"

No. 24478

the necktits are perfect, someone send it to her

No. 24500

File: 1416189337756.png (1.09 MB, 986x766, quirkylovefrank.PNG)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 24512

File: 1416191498558.png (736.13 KB, 1294x774, why do you fucking whine.png)

No. 24516

I actually don't think she's wrong on this one.

No. 24534

I'm pear shaped so I have a wide pelvis, but also tighter than any girl my boyfriend's been with (apparently). I'd love to see some sort of science to back this up, this stinks like fat girls trying to make themselves feel better about being lardasses

No. 24535

This sounds like a ton of horse shit.

No. 24537

Girl measuring in at 34-22-36, here.
Not even trolling, but what it's like to be pear shaped? Because it seems like fat bitches have tried to take hourglass and pear for themselves when these bitches are far past apple. Like, what clothes flatter you?

No. 24538

ngl i find the small gap between the legs mor asthetically pleasing than thighs that rub together when you walk. it just looks nicer.

but anyway i highly doubt this is true. if it is than the difference in "tightness" is probably not that much at all. i think it has more to do with being petite or something…

No. 24541

Can't wear anything that doesn't have some sort of shape to it or a defined waist, like a shift dress because I end up looking really wide when it skims my hips. It's really not that bad, I generally wear skater or a-line skirts at my waist which makes me seem pretty balanced. I'm kind of halfway between pear and hourglass so I usually don't need to worry about making my tits and torso look more in proportion if I'm wearing a full skirt.

No. 24545


Isn't vaginal tightness more related to pelvic inner muscles rather than hip width?

No. 24546

I imagine so. I don't know why there would be a correlation between tightness and thigh gaps. Thigh gaps aren't internal like your vagina is.

No. 24548

Lol this is really stupid, there's no correlation whatsoever.

No. 24549

Yeah me too, but i hate the obsession with thigh gaps. Its like if you don't have one you are automatically branded as fat.

Extreme pear shape here. It is not pretty. I have a hard time finding flattering shorts in summer, because i have 111 cm hips and a gigantic ass. Most shorts look like they try to eat your thighs and crotch. So last summer i had to make my own, because store ones looked like shit on me. I am also damn short so i really need clothes that elongate my torso, so i look in proportion.

No. 24562


I know it's not a popular opinion, but I like /fatpeoplehate.

I'm not fat, nor have I ever been fat, but I enjoy it as incentive to work out and, well, as a laugh at funny fat people.

I don't want to make fun of ugly people, or disabled people, or anything like that, as it's not their fault, but being fat is completely by choice, a slow process (it's not exactly like something you did while drunk in your 20s, which everyone can excuse, you gotta work on that shit for years) and fully reversible.

In my experience, the users on that board (at least those who comment/post) are very rarely fat themselves. I'd say it's a roughly 60:40 mix of people who've never been fat : people who used to be fat.

Also posts just of a fat person in public with no context are actually quite rare and generally called out or just ignored. The exception is when they're very obese/wearing something funny (a recent example was of a fat dude wearing a gym t shirt saying "feed me more").

The posts are at least 90% Tumblr HAES shit, just like this thread. Then there's maybe 8% OC and then, yes, 2% of people who don't get the joke and take it way too seriously.

Yes, if you're morbidly obese and go to Walmart in a stained green onesie someone might take a photo of you and upload it in the internet. Because you look funny. And every way in which you look funny is your own fault.

TL;DR I think a lot of people look at the name and think it's literal, but it's hardly the cesspool of hate you seem to envision. It's essentially just a less PC version of /fatlogic.
I'm subbed to both (along with fatpeoplestories) and at first heavily preferred /fatlogic but lately it's become more and more "u guise i only ate 3 bagels this morning instead of 5 i'm losing so much weight teehee". Fatlogic is supposed to be what it's making fun of, not a description… And as for /fatpeoplestories, don't get me started on >be me >be 200lbs, 5' >workin on it! down 2lbs since january! >don't ever be giantfatsmellyham >210lbs 5'1 what a fatass >etc

No. 24570

I can see that. I don't like fatlogic because it has too many DWF posts. And fatpeoplestories is too fake. Whatever floats your boat anon.

Anyway, she has an ask.fm now. People have already asked…interesting questions


No. 24572


>what are Kegels

No. 24599

File: 1416241284351.png (303.95 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_2014-11-17-08-16-14…)


No. 24601

I don't think she knows what an hourglass shape is…

No. 24603


Maybe she thinks hourglass shape is head-neck-body, not chest-waist-hips

No. 24616

that's still not even true in her case. her neck is as wide as her head…

No. 24619

I feel a bit conflicted, I always thought fat people were just lazy until my father-in-law developped cancer and decided to just enjoy what was left of his life. His doctors were not very concerned and basically told him to check if he lost weight because that was actually a bad thing in his case (that's what happened just before he died, he lost a lot of weight).

Same happened with my best friend's father so I'd rather not laugh at fat dudes just because. Also both were disabled, it didn't really show but they couldn't walk a lot. Just my 2 cents.

No. 24630

This bitch is apple shaped, it's so obvious. Look at her legs, they're thinish compared to her upper torso. Also she has no ass. As fat as she is, SHE HAS NO ASS.

No. 24636

File: 1416254899176.png (34.52 KB, 496x330, FancyQuirk.png)

Quirky is so fancy! 600 thread count? LOAWDY LAWD

No. 24641

I think once you get fat enough, it doesn't matter what your body type is at a lower weight, you're just a fat lump all over. I don't think someone at quirky's weight would have a defined waistline no matter what

No. 24645


Dude Quirky is very top heavy. I've seen deathfats that are pear shaped, and while the're still fat on top, holy shit all the fat that goes to their legs and ass is insane.

No. 24652


Well I mean obviously everyone's free to be fat, just like everyone's free to smoke or dye their hair purple or tattoo a cat's bumhole on their face. It's just that 1) you can't claim it's healthy (or not unhealthy) and 2) you have to appreciate that you look unusual and stand out. If I shaved all my hair off and wore lime green clothes, I wouldn't be surprised if people looked at me in public. Likewise, if you're hugely obese you shouldn't be surprised that you're noticeable.

No. 24656

Yeah obviously I also understand that my father in law and friend's father are not the same as delusional fat people without any disease, blaming their thyroids.

But if someone posted a pic of them without knowing their conditions simply because they were fat I'd still be offended. I know it's rare and just me but when you know at least one person genuinely disabled that's not as funny anymore. (Obviously not talking about people with shirts 3x too small, but for example because his face was almost paralysed he'd often drool and had stains on his shirts so he might have passed as a dirty fat guy)

No. 24668

>her gut sticks out further than her chest
Girl must have been around some weird-ass hourglasses.

No. 24712

File: 1416271295987.png (7.81 KB, 730x89, wut.png)

I've been curious as to where she would buy clothes that fit and luckily got my question answered.

I think I found where she got her tie-dye shirt.

Also asked her about her favorite dessert. Apparently it's strawberry cheesecake.

She still has yet to answer about if she has a MFP.

No. 24763

No. 24774

myfitnesspal i think? iphone app for counting calories

No. 24785

Yeah, myfitnesspal. Sorry about that, anons.
MFP is also on android, just saying.

No. 24853

There a people who are fat because of a mental disability though and an ED counts as this too…

No. 24874


Yeah I agree with this.
It's like if someone mocked and ridiculed chris chan solely because he has autism, that's cuntish.
But if you laugh because of his actions and general bad behaviour where the autism is more just a thing on the side and it's not the reason why people mock him, it's at least understandable.
If someone is literally just sitting there minding their own business and they are fat I see no reason to make fun of them.
But if someone starts that whole fatlogic shit, that's where people start to get annoyed.
Plenty of fat people don't display fatlogic so I feel it's not right to make fun of them simply because of their size.

Also this. EDs and things like depression can contribute to someone's size. Again I'm not saying I condone that HAES bs either, but for some people a lot of psychological issues are attached (especially for people who are 300+. I don't think it's possible to eat your way to that size and there not be something very wrong with you, I don't mean that in an offensive way or anything but you clearly have issues if this happens).

No. 24882


I'm confused, you say your father in law and friend's father are aware they're fat and fat because they choose it? They are also disabled for unrelated reasons.

Yet someone making fun of them for being fat (not disabled) is in the wrong?

I really do see it as similar to the tattooed face analogy. If you choose to do something that makes you look unusual/shocking/etc I don't think you have the right to get offended when people take notice.

No. 24885


>It's like if someone mocked and ridiculed chris chan solely because he has autism, that's cuntish.

>But if you laugh because of his actions and general bad behaviour where the autism is more just a thing on the side and it's not the reason why people mock him, it's at least understandable.

I guess it's a difference in assumption. Being fat is not like having autism - being autistic is not self-inflicted, nor is it curable through your own actions. If you see someone who's fat, you know the behaviour behind it; they eat too much. You don't have to know anything about them other than that they're fat and you know that they exibit bad behaviour around food, and I think a lot of people would argue that it's very hard to be obese without displaying fatlogic.
There seem to be a lot of people online who go "oh this person knows they're obese, they're okay with it, they have no fatlogic"… If you didn't have fatlogic, you wouldn't be obese. No one is 'okay with' being obese, in the same way no one is 'okay with' having any other severe medical issue.

For me personally, I don't really make fun of fat people but I do actually have a lot of dislike for them. Hear me out.
Being fat is a horrible state of being. Your organs are being choked, you have mobility issues, your hormones are fucked up. Like any other severe medical condition, it's hell, and there are a lot of people who treat it as a legitimate disability, which of course it is. It can have horrible affects on your health and welfare.

However, there is one big way in which it differs from every other severe medical issue I can think of.

It is 100% the fault of the person, and the state of being (if not the damage it causes) is 100% reversible. Yes, there are people with mental disorders, or physical disabilities, that contribute to their fatness, and I don't want for a minute to undermine these issues. But the fact is, it is a medical problem that boils down to the actions of the individual, and most individuals don't have severe EDs, or Prader-Willi syndrome. It is not unfair of me to assume, if I see a fat person out and about, that this person is disabling themselves simply because they eat too much.

No. 24889


That noise, that fatty pizza, that crumb on her lip ew
If I were her size I wouldn't dare to eat pizza tbh or maybe just self-made with lots of veggies and minimal cheese once in a time but that thing in her hand doesn't look good to me…
I think I have a problem I'm so grossed out by the way she eats wth

No. 24891


oh god she puts it back in her mouth before swallowing urrrgghhh i can see the chewed up cheese uuuguhh

No. 24905

I'm not saying they were delusional but at least in my father-in-law case, he was somewhat big before (with a few attempts to lose weight the healthy way) but had a difficult cancer and chose to enjoy food. So he was fatter because he couldn't exercise (disabled) and ate rich food.
There's people who would still take care of their weight even if they knew they'd die in a few years but I don't think it's a stupid decision to enjoy eating fatty food if you know you won't last long anyway ? When you're suffering daily, eating can be a pleasure when you can't go out as much or do anything pleasant, or anything at all for the matter.

He didn't wear ill fitting clothes or acted ridiculously (Except for the drool stuff I mentioned and funky looking face) but I've seen people publicly mocking fat people for basically looking funny.

So in your analogy you leave out the pain equation, nobody tattoos themselves because they can't go out and are suffering daily and can't enjoy a lot of things.

No. 24918

She's so out of breath in her videos, like just talking exhausts her.

No. 24919

>"I had above a college reading level in 4th grade! I read all the baby sitter club books!"

Not that those aren't age appropriate books for a child that age, but they certainly aren't college material.

No. 24924

But see now it just sounds like you're trying to make your bias sound ok. Be biased all you want, I don't care. You're not justified though.

Saying "it's self inflicted" is a moot point. There are many reasons someone can be fat. It's never as black and white as "stop eating fatty". It really isn't. It's the same as someone being a drug addict or an alcoholic. It's never as easy as just deciding to be x one day. There are always underlying issues.

>"oh this person knows they're obese, they're okay with it, they have no fatlogic"… If you didn't have fatlogic, you wouldn't be obese.

I think you don't understand fatlogic. Some people are totally self aware and don't make excuses for their size. They simply don't care. They are not exhibiting fatlogic.

I'm not saying it's ok to be fat btw. Everyone should aim for a healthy weight.

>and most individuals don't have severe EDs

Actually completely untrue. I've been researching EDs for years. Binge Eating Disorder is extremely common but largely unreported as many people are in denial to the fact they even have it. Almost everyone who fits the criteria of morbidly obese on the BMI most likely has an eating disorder, it's almost guaranteed.
Can you really tell me that someone can eat themselves to 400lbs and not have disordered eating?

>It is not unfair of me to assume, if I see a fat person out and about, that this person is disabling themselves simply because they eat too much.

Obviously someone ends up fat because they eat too much. But you're missing the bottom line. It's never as simplistic as "eating too much" for most people, there is always an underlying factor. It is unfair to assume that is the only reason. In that case you are just mocking someone's appearance without even knowing the possibility of their circumstances which is just shallow.

Like I said, I don't care if you're biased. But don't try and convince yourself you're justified and it's ok to mock someone just because of the way they look. You're only trying to convince yourself of this.

No. 24935

Different anon, I don't need to convince myself or anyone. I love that nobody in my family is fat. I love that people get insecure and try to say weh weh baw u can b unhealthy if UR skinny, because they need to cover their asses and can't understand that some of us have always eaten healthily and aren't genetically predisposed to gain all over like a ball. I love that there are piss poor attempts made to criticize my health status, often by the fatties trying to project. Anyone can see a fat waste of skin and know they're not healthy or on the road towards doom. They delude themselves into thinking they can look at myself and other fit girls the same way and the logic still applies. Its cute.

Frankly, I don't give a shit. And, I don't even care how horrible it sounds. Being such a glutton is disgusting. Being unremorseful about it like Quirky and other Tumblrinas makes it even worse. And, this cute little movement encouraging fatties to stay fat under the guise of body love? Don't make me fucking laugh. These are miserable pieces of shit who figured out one thing and one thing only; Its easier to wallow in validation and phony self love than to actually try. Fuck, there's even been a study done recently where people say they're doing something on social media, then they never do it. Why? They already got the validation from everyone praising their posts. That's enough for them.

Quirky and all like her are disgusting human beings. I don't feel bad. I'm not trying to be edgy. I genuinely wish we could just send them all to North Korea or the barren, radiation infected part of Russia. Quirky lies and manipulates people and uses her knights to shout down anyone who dares to call her out. She's a miserable cunt who will never change, despite all the support she has to do so. My only hope is that she gets food thrown at her while she's naked, on her hands and knees. She wants to act like a pig? Okay, then you get to live like one. You already don't bother to bathe and your house is disgusting like a barnyard.

No. 24940


I'm the anon you're replying to and I'm not talking specifically about people who are super obese. Just fat people in general.

>It's never as black and white as "stop eating fatty".

Of course it's not black and white. Nothing in life is. It is however one of the simplest life decisions there is. It's on par with committing crimes - there are many reasons why people do it, but at the end of the day it comes down to one person's physical actions.

>I've been researching EDs for years.

Interesting, I'd love to see your research. Who is it published with? I haven't seen much stuff about binge eating disorder (DClinPsy student here but I specialise in forensics)

No. 24942


Totally missing the point. You admit that your relatives chose to become fat, yet somehow expect them to be exempt from criticism for it.

And btw, many terminally ill people do things like dye their hair and get tattoos. The tattoo analogy is actually very fitting.

No. 24948

Can you stop being retarded for 2 secondes ? You're basically saying "Haw haw look at that fat dying guy, going to die and everything, let's mock him for being fat". Nobody ever told you "Yeah you've got some motherfucking tumor you won't last long kiss your kids goodbye" but I'm sure you'd totally rock that shit.

I'm not even mad because either you're braindead or just a troll to trashtalk a dead person.
Getting a tattoo isn't fitting (again are you that dumb ?), it's not a daily thing and it doesn't give you a physical pleasure. If being fat is the consequences of enjoying the last thing he could, then so be it, he didn't care about that. Anyway, you'd be happy to learn during the last weeks he lost a good chunk of weight as dying people often do (ya know with the whole thing about incurable disease and not being able to eat ? happy ?).

No. 24952

Wait she failed her freshman year of highschool because she ate and watched TV instead of doing her homework?

What an idiot.

No. 24956

Yeah, but we're all supposed to feel sorry for her and clap and sing kumbaya, anon! What a brave soul! How far she's come! Its not her fault! Its the system and bullies! Lets all be biased and pity her and shower her with even MORE coddling! It certainly won't enable her to keep being a useless, bag of shit!

No. 24959


>I don't think random people are in the wrong for making fun of your relative for being fat, since they would have no way of knowing the circumstances and it's still their choice to become massively obese

>haww haww look at that fat dying guy, let's mock him for being fat

Nice logic there brah. How exactly do you expect random passers by to know that your relative was dying? They see a fat guy. They laugh at a fat guy. They're not in the wrong for this. And yes, although your relative has a reason to be fat, he still made the choice to be fat and being fat is still his fault. Very few people would make fun of him if they knew he was dying, but you can't ever expect people to just assume "oh there's a fat guy, I bet he's going through some gnarly shit right now". No, they think "there's a fat guy, I bet he's fucking greedy", and you know what? They'd still be half right.

No. 24964

Both of you stfu.

Anon whose father passed away, I'm sorry for your loss, but this is an imageboard, you're not going to get anybody to agree with you or give you sympathy. I'm sorry.

The rest of you, jfc, ignore her and let it go. It's quirky's thread, go argue in the HAES thread.

No. 24965

Aaaaand that's the whole point of what I was saying. You see a fat person in the street doing his stuff, not being ridiculous, maybe looking a bit funny, maybe it's best to not ridicule him ? I'm not policing anyone, if you want to quietly laugh at him go for it, whatever makes you happy. But i'm just offering my perspective because maybe that person is currently dying and that'd be a dickish move to do mock the guy publicly ?

What I'm saying doesn't apply to Quirky because she expose her life and we all know she's fat and doesn't have anything in her way to lose weight. She also is delusional and encourage others to live a dangerous lifestyle which I don't agree with. My father-in-law not giving a shit about his health was justified imo because he WAS dying anyway.

Actually I thought I was at first on the HAES thread so that's my mistake. I'm done anyway cause what I'm saying applies to strangers, not people who expose their life like quirky

No. 24970


You're right man. When we see someone fat and disgusting, or funny looking in any way, we should never make fun of them because they might be dying. Nevermind the fat that 99% of them aren't (I mean immediately, obviously the fatsos are all dying slowly anyway).

You sound fat as fuck.

I just find it kinda funny someone laughing at a fat girl on the internet but omg when it's someone they know, that's just wrong. Like get over it buttercup.

No. 24971

Anon, to be realistic, everyone is slowly dying because we're all aging and shit. Please go take your moralist bullshit somewhere else.

No. 24981

so what happened to that alleged diet and making a huge deal on instagram over how she cut processed food and coke out of her diet, went on advocare, yet is still eating pizza and wendy's..

No. 24999

Fat people are selfish for…
1. Being gluttonous pieces of shit while children in other countries starve
2. Making people look at their disgusting bodies and expecting respect.

No. 25002

File: 1416351848526.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, wtf.gif)

>mfw I check this thread after a day away and see that somehow HAES thread bled into this one

It probably went to pot. She finally answered my mfp question and apparently she doesn't use it. I'm going to see if she is doing any calorie counting or something. Kills me to make my messages sound desperate, but she likes answering those, so why not?

No. 25004

Has anyone done this yet? I'm tempted to toss it to her through her ask thing.

No. 25010

I haven't. I don't think anyone else has.

No. 25019

Ok, I'm going to try it out. Let's see if she takes it.

No. 25020

Sent. Now we wait….

No. 25024

that's as bad as saying that if you're going to die it's fine to become a junkie so you can enjoy your last years.
I think that's so wrong. Enjoying life by eating yourself into obesity? Enjoying life by hurting your body? Imagine how much more you could enjoy life with a healthy diet and outlook. Not to mention how selfish it is to decide to take what you can from the world when you could be trying to do some good for others instead. If I knew I were dying soon I wouldn't eat a bunch of food, maybe I would try to help feed some starving nation or do charity work.

No. 25031

She's honestly aggravating. As someone who does do charity work often, when you need to go and see people like Quirky it just makes you sick. She probably consumes enough to feed a small village that needs it a lot more than she ever will. I couldn't even imagine being related to her, let alone knowing her. I'd be so humiliated to be in her presence. I honestly don't understand how her friends aren't ashamed to be seen with her in public. They're either just as deluded as she is or trying to play moralist in the completely wrong way.

No. 25036


>"How about we focus on her crazy talent and less on weight loss."


No. 25040

File: 1416362693629.png (12.2 KB, 660x124, lmao.PNG)

No. 25047

lol she actually took it.
Did she delete it though? It's not showing up for me.

No. 25053

looks like she did. it was right after the tanning question.

No. 25055

Lol she's trying to look sassy but she just looks tired and lethargic.

No. 25067

I don't get why she thinks she could even look sassy while eating. Watching people eating is just gross and boring. Nobody wants to see her gross, too fat to ever fully close lips, crumbs, hearing those noises, etc. She's revolting.

No. 25096

No. 25098

Jesus did not die for this

No. 25100

Do you really think all eating disorders are just anorexia or? Disordered eating and eating disorders can easily lead to obesity because of fucked up behavior with food. A simple google search can show you that.

I do think there is a tendency to oversimplify extreme obesity as "just eating too much!" without looking at any underlying problems. It's really the equivalent of addressing all social problems or drug/alcohol addictions as simple moral faults when there is clearly more to it. So yeah, you can feel superior for not being fat (or not being poor, an alcoholic, a drug addict, what have you) but it is way, way too simple and closed minded to turn everything into some moral lesson.

And I think it goes without saying that I'm addressing truly obese people, not people who are just a few pounds too heavy.

No. 25101

File: 1416382639361.gif (701.32 KB, 500x321, 1412812455904.gif)

That shit says album 1 which means there's more.

No. 25102

Any drug or alcohol addict in recovery knows the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Sure, there are tons of reasons (or excuses) for why people do things. There's depression or trauma or heartbreak or boredom to blame, you can blame the government or religion. But ultimately the person will not change until they take CONTROL and recognize that they CONTROL their actions. Every time you feed into those excuses you are hindering the process of getting better. The only way to get OUT of that rock-bottom is to push yourself which means taking responsibility.
Even a psychopath has reasons for doing what they do. The difference is that these people aren't so far gone that they can't turn their lives around.

Anyway I seriously feel sick when I read threads like this. It's making me never want to touch junk food again. I know others ITT have said the same.

No. 25103

she found us and posted screenshots of shit you guys are saying

hooo boy

No. 25104

Honestly, I have to side with her. I don't really understand why you guys find her so interesting. She doesn't do anything but eat and be fat. From what I have seen, you guys literally are stalking her shit and tracking her every move because she's fat. At least all the other lolcows here have done ridiculous shit.

No. 25105

If his body/hand is white, why's his dick so brown???

No. 25108

Durhurr what is painkillers ? Yeaaah I totally believe you, I'm sure you'd be totally rational if you had an incurable disease, constant pain and depression. Sure sweetie. Tell me what good you could do when you can barely walk ? oh right you can't. I don't want to derail this thread anymore but you all don't know what you're talking about. To be clear this is wholly different from quirky situation.

I can believe Quirky could have an eating disorder but I guess it's as bad as if some pro-ana would say it's ok and healthy to be severely underweight. At least pro ana communities tend to encourage each other to recover.

No. 25113

I'm laughing so fucking hard. Good. Not that it matters. She won't try losing weight. Her followers will continue to coddle and enable her with asinine remarks, like the uneducated slime most of them are. Its easier to just write someone off as jealous rather than actually evaluate yourself as a person.

No. 25114

If the album was created two years ago, that points to the photos possibly being that old.

No. 25115

That's cool.

No. 25116

I'm surprised, she said she wont post links here. You would think she'd want to send her hugbox to defend her, but maybe it's because she knows that deep down most of the shit that's been said here is true?

No. 25118

yay! Now it's time for the fun to begin!

No. 25119

I'm loving how one of the comments on the first collage says that in the UK we could be arrested for this because trolling/stalking is illegal. Even if that were true, the first thing a judge would do is check to see if the victim had made any attempts to prevent it

No. 25124

Some people find her entertaining enough, and her making a deal out of this thread is only going to add fuel to the thread.

No. 25127


So basically what I'm hearing is you don't have any research and are talking out your arse.

No. 25128


This is going to be interesting. Kind of funny how she automatically assumes we hate ourselves.
No, dear Rosie, you just fascinate us with your refusal and fear of getting thinner and healthier, snarfing at least double what a woman needs a day, and humorously mislead most of your followers that you have lost weight. See exhibit A:>>19947

No. 25129

It is a new law there, but from what I can tell, we're fine even if we're in the UK.

"Under the act, which does not apply to Scotland, it is an offence to send another person a letter or electronic communication that contains an indecent or grossly offensive message, a threat or information which is false and known or believed by the sender to be false."

She should stop posting her obvious lies and attention-seeking behavior if she didn't like them documented.

No. 25130

She puts herself out into public social media. Once it's out there you lose any control over what happens to the content or what comments people make about it. I totally agree with you. This is all for attention. And now that she has found us she will milk her enablers for sympathy and ass pats.

She posts some pretty cringe worthy things. I guess it's her right to do that on her social media, but if you are going to post stupid ass photos of stupid ass things expect people to go "ewww, stupid bitch"

No. 25138

File: 1416398501343.png (624.79 KB, 1071x628, lelelel.png)

So, why has nobody posted about this

"To those that down play or don't believe that #fatshaming #fatphobia isn't a thing, this is a typical week for me on the Internet. The disturbing part is this is NOT fatpeoplehate. This is a month old thread, updated daily, posting about EVERYTHING I DO. They found my parents online, they tried to send them and my brother different things about me. They made fun of my cat, the talked about my brothers autism and called him my feeder because he use to be nice and cook me breakfast sometimes. My BROTHER. They posted all my social media, my full name, and picked my life apart saying they wished I was dead, and the running theme of bashing my face in with a crow bar. All for the crime of being fat. All because I am an over weight person who refuses to hide away in a corner, all because I simply exist. Trolls on Instagram have bragged on here how they said this or that to me on this forum and they pretended to be nice to me just to come on this forum to fuck with me. I will not disclose the name to anyone, so if you want it, don't ask. I'm not sharing them for people to find them. But I am at a loss right now. I have a reason to be here, but this on top of the in house MORONIC bullshit, I've lost a lot of faith. Gonna need to recharge and come back with a vengeance. Because the only thing this does is remind me why what I do is so important. This is what a lot of self hatred looks like guys. So work on yourself and remember, you input positivity into yourself you output positivity and you win with true happiness. Anyone who lives their life this way, I only feel sadness for them. Deep, deep sadness."

Nobody made fun of her cat, it's cute as fuark. Like any cat.

No. 25139

>she found us

No, the link crawled into her maw, there's no way she found us herself. Someone linked her here.

No. 25140

>stalking her
>publicly available information

yeah no try again

No. 25141

>follow and discuss her IG while agreeing with her
Friends! Fans!
>follow and discuss her IG while disagreeing with her

No. 25143

I was going to, but my phone derped. I don't recall us ever making fun of her cat. If anything, we're worried for her cat.

No. 25144

Hey Quirky, screencap this and answer me these questions (except you won't)

Why do you insist your body is not a fetish while taking nude pictures of yourself and constantly using tags like #bbw ? Did you know it's not a common thing for women to make nude photographs? Did you also know there are plenty of women with enough confidence without having to take naked or almost naked pictures?

Why do you keep destroying our beautiful planet by constant use of paper plates and eating about double the food a normal person eats?

Why do you pretend to like your body so much while you're systematically killing it?

No. 25145

>Did you know it's not a common thing for women to make nude photographs?
Forgot to add, I meant making them public.

No. 25146


Ah, right. You see, when you said you'd been 'researching for years' I assumed you meant what most people refer to as research, ie subjective investigation of a hypothesis. As opposed to Tumblr research, which is 'reading Yahoo articles that agree with my opinion'

No. 25147

and those of us who do take nudes (I myself took nudes) are smart enough not to leave their face in, or easily identifiable info.

No. 25156

>They made fun of my cat
I'm guessing she's referring to this comment >>22117 which was unwarranted because her cat is genuinely cute.

No. 25159

I wonder how she found this place. Probably one of her followers

No. 25188

Ah, then that makes sense. I agree, that comment is unwarranted. I actually like her cat.

No. 25189

Probably. It's the only one I can come up with.

No. 25191

>Because the only thing this does is remind me why what I do is so important.

Eat? Wear ill fitting clothes? Not take care of herself?

I guess that is important to some people

No. 25193

:( I thought we all agreed that her cat was cute. Old cats are nice. They're lazy but they have a lot of love to give.

No. 25194

We did. :( I love old cats too. They're so sweet and cutely chill. I miss my friend's cat; she was the definition of sweet.

No. 25199


It's funny because that's one of the only things we've ever agreed on as a group. Her cat is mad chill.

No. 25212

Her cat's adorable as fuck lmao. I think a lot of people have a problem with her abusing tags and in general being a cunt of a person to everyone around her and acting like she's hot shit. Her weight ties in greatly to her poor attitude so that's why we talk about her weight a lot as well.

No. 25214

Indeed. Her cat is like this old chill creature. So i don't get why she has the idea we make fun of her cat, we only make fun of her and her fatlogic

No. 25216

Or some of the anons who tried to be all "but criticizing fat ppls is wrong :(((" itt.

No. 25217

I personally use her as motivation to keep losing weight.

No. 25242

we never talked about her brother's autism, I think the fat is getting to her brain

but thanks for telling us your bro has autism, not sure how that's relevant to anything

No. 25243

she's trying to portray us in a bad light, thus she pulls out shit like us making fun of her cat (1 post out of 100s) and her brother's autism (0 posts out of 100s).

No. 25244

File: 1416430765440.png (675.69 KB, 1316x750, loooooooooooooool.png)

the people commenting on her shit are just as funny

No. 25245

Yeah, never figured he had autism and honestly I, and most likely no one here, cares.

Um…she looks like any average 3edgy5me high schooler.

No. 25246

I love how she's so proud of being a fatass supposedly, but only takes fat girl angle shots

No. 25247

That makes me giggle.

Also, apparently it's Rosie's birthday soon.

No. 25248

Is she originally from Cali? There's a girl in my class from California who talks just like her. I feel sorry for anyone with an accent like that who's not a moron.

No. 25249

She's just like every other person who finds bad things written about them, pick the few horrible ones and ignore the rest so that way everyone gives you asspats. some things said here were a bit harsh and other things are taken out of context, for the most part the only reason we're "mean" to her is because of her disgusting attitude and habits.

No. 25250

This exactly.

No. 25253

That septum makes me angry. If you have one at least make sure it sits richt instead of all lopsided

No. 25263

Where's part 1?

Also I love how most of that pic was taken completely out of context. Don't think anon in the top screenshot was even talking about her…

No. 25279

I'm not denying that, these people need to realize that they are ill, not just quirky fatties or whatever they want to use to make themselves feel better. But I also think that as a society we need to stop moralizing certain issues (like this level of obesity, drug and alcohol issues, etc) because what good does it do anybody (except for the people who like to feel moral superiority)? If a problem is going to be fixed it needs to be recognized for what it really is and addressed as such.

For instance, I think it was a good idea to consider obesity a disease so that people can get medical treatment and address it as such (even if yeah, it technically isn't).

I'm not the anon who had been doing research. However, go to pubmed (or something similar) and look up keywords related to this. Or continue to feel moral, I guess, I don't really care.

No. 25281

This is why I said what I had said earlier in this thread. The bitch is manipulative and has no remorse for it. She's blatantly taking posts out of context, one of which isn't even talking about her. That top post was someone yelling at that anon who was being a hypocrite for policing how others think, yet being in here to still make fun of a fat person.

I'm not upset that she found this and I do bet that butthurt anon linked her just because everyone told her to sod off. It's fucking laughable that she and her followers are acting like anything is illegal, as well. Go ahead and be like every other dumb bitch who tried to sue a chan for information they put out there themselves. Those nudes were posted BY HER on Reddit's fetish board. That Imgur album was posted by either her or her boyfriend, has been up for two years, and has almost 9,000 views. Lol, also, her friends and fans can repost shit she puts out and follow her and it's not stalking. Yet, it's stalking when anyone reposts her shit and disagrees/calls her out on being a hypocrite or blatant liar? My ass, you don't fucking scare me.

The comments on these are absolutely asinine, as well. It's the typical bullshit I've seen for years whenever someone's biased as fuck army gets involved; Same old broken record rebuttals of jealousy accusations and how people must be miserable. Yeah, it's totally that. It couldn't be that maybe you insult former fat people who got their shit together. It couldn't be that you're completely lazy and ungrateful. It couldn't be that you're a walking eyesore and leech, milking validation from whichever pair of wimp tits you can get your mouth on.

She's scared, that's why. Notice how when she said "tried to send stuff to my family", she didn't explicitly say that that "stuff" was her nudes. Her SELF DROPPED nudes. Saying that would make her lose all credibility. Wording it as "stuff" makes it seem like we sent her family death threats or some shit, which is exactly what she played for. She learned how much of an ass whooping she got when she brought Reddit into this. She's still suffering backlash from that community, so she's very much fresh in their minds. Linking this to her followers would only humiliate her, because she knows shit we said here is true. We don't blindly follow her and believe her and that scares her. She's arrogant and manipulative.

No. 25282

>Why do you keep destroying our beautiful planet by constant use of paper plates and eating about double the food a normal person eats?

Unrelated but neither of those two things are really destroying the planet. Just rustled my autism, is all…

Yup, someone sent her something guaranteed. I'll never understand why people do that, I doubt she'll clam up but other lolcows will, it spoils the fun.

No. 25286

There is no Californian accent, some people just talk like that.

No. 25288

File: 1416438947599.jpg (214.3 KB, 1031x616, part1.jpg)

The caption is the same as the other post.

No. 25289

File: 1416439748649.png (746.85 KB, 1035x616, 23 years old.png)

She sure likes her tie-dye clothing. I didn't know they made dress versions.
Nice mirror though.

It's tempting to link this to her followers. They're listening a little too intently and believing a little too desperately.

No. 25291


Wait wait wait anon, you're going to fast for me.

Ok so I know she posted her noodes on r/BBWgonewild for empowerment or whatever the fuck the thought that was.

Are you saying she's talked about in other boards on reddit? If so can you tell me which ones? I need moar Quirky dramu.

No. 25292


lmao two of those posts are mine!

No. 25293

She is /r/fatpeoplehate 's punching bag

No. 25296

File: 1416442348273.jpg (53.35 KB, 900x592, yrV2rjr.jpg)

Reddit tried to give her a jawline.

No. 25297


I can't stop laughing, thanks anon.

Also holy shit her hair looks so dry and frizzy. Put down the fucking litre of soda and drink some fucking water ffs

No. 25298

My pleasure, anon.

Add in a tub of intense leave-in conditioner too.

No. 25306

It's honestly been tempting, but I haven't because I don't speak for the majority of us and I know that even though she's so blatantly in the wrong– her followers just don't give a shit. She could drop dead tomorrow and they'd blame us instead of her shit health and how she lives. She has zero responsibility and her followers have enabled her for so long that anything contrary is just seen as an attack. That's why she's even gotten passive aggressive with former fat people on her comments. Some had come to her, thinking that they were being helpful by telling them how they lost weight even though it was difficult, and she either ignored them or got passive aggressive and hid it poorly. Then, her knights jumped on the people because these fuckers have become so overly sensitive and prone to wanting to be victims that any criticism is bad. The same people on those comments, tossing the typical 14 year old retort back and forth about jealousy and people allegedly being miserable, are the same people who don't amount to anything and project hardcore. They see our posts, taken completely out of context, and just start flying into moralist mode. And, it's even more embarrassing that they can't seem to think for themselves. Whatever Quirky says is automatically written law and anyone questioning her gets blocked and their comment screenshot, so her knights can go demonize the person. She's guilty of doing exactly what she criticizes everyone else of doing; Being a manipulative, spiteful bully.

I digress, look at her followers. A lot of them are either white trash, ghetto trash, fat fetishists, or Tumblrinas who thrive on an SJW lifestyle just as much as Quirky herself does. These are people who are so myopic that the slightest differing remark sends them into online tizzies. Some of them think that saying they'll "cut someone" is automatically going to scare someone.

I'm completely desensitized by this, because I've seen these rebuttals for years and they really do piss me off. It's like nobody thinks for themselves, so let's all reply to shit in life with things like 'haters', 'jealous of meh', 'u must b miserableee'. It's really basic and makes them look simple.

No. 25307

Also, take note of how some of them assume that this is 4chan and what they think the average 4chan user is.

>a bunch of unfit, losers who were bullied

That's some dated ass shit, lol. This isn't 4chan, first off. Format may be the same and all, but it's not that site. Second, that remark maybe held some weight in like 2003/2004, but they're so out of touch that they act like normal people don't use 4chan. Their knowledge is limited to /b/, like most casuals, so they instantly assume the worst.

But, hey, this once again ties into that whole thinking for yourself shit. They're incapable.

No. 25308

Well said. This is pretty much the same reason why I didn't even bother.
They're going down the shitter anyway so might as well just sit back and watch in fascination.

No. 25314

There is a Californian accent. Just because it's not distinctive to you like a Southern or New Jersey accent would be, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

No. 25318

Yeah, Quirky, you're so brave for posting your ugly mug i eye-searing noods for everyone to see, all while adding a shitton of asinine tags about #muh feminysm and #fat pride. You're brave for being proud of your disgusting fat body, which you achieved by proudly and bravely sitting on your ass, scarfing down insane amounts of gross food and litres of soda, and posting shit on fb and instagram. You don't even have what some other fatties have going for them since you don't try to take good care of yourself: your hair is shit, your skin is shit, your make up is shit and your fashion sense is shit. You just sit in the pool of your own trash, surrounded by your equally trashy followers, and you keep assuring each other about how great and admirable you are, so neither of you feel any desire for improvement or even effort.

I'm sure you're reading us, Quirky. Why don't you link your followers here? There's plenty of room for discussion.

No. 25323

Indeed. But for some reason, people seem to think that everyone has an accent except themselves, because they're just oh so special and perfect.

I guess that's what happens when the size of an area's populace tries to compensate for a general trend of idiocy found amongst many of its denizens.

No. 25325

>plenty of room for discussion

Not with how wide she is..

I digress, she wouldn't link them here for the aforementioned reasons. She's also just recycling her logic she used against Reddit. She explicitly stated that in her video to them; They asked her to get in there for a discussion on her lifestyle and how she is and she refused to. She'll refuse the offer to do so here, as well. She doesn't feel that she owes anyone an explanation for how she behaves, because she knows her shit has been called out and her hiding under the guise of "being sassy" hasn't fooled quite a number of people.

And, we can't even take all of the credit for her becoming e-infamous. She began that journey all on her own, by posting her own nudes to Reddit's fetish board. That Imgur album is two going on three years old with around 8,400 views. People on 4chan knew about her BECAUSE of Reddit. There were threads making fun of her on /b/ and /fit/ long before ours. Her username also shows up as a Google search result before you even finish typing it, so she's OBVIOUSLY been Googled enough in the past because she started shit before. That's how that shit works. Nobodies don't just get auto-suggested if they haven't been searched for a shitload of times in that engine.

No. 25327

Oh, and also? Her oh so convenient IG post about how she's suddenly a volunteer? Well timed for this debacle and I call bullshit. Just one more thing to add to the martyr complex.

You know what they should get her for Christmas? A big wooden cross, so that every time she feels unappreciated for her sacrifices, she can climb on up and nail herself to it.

No. 25335

File: 1416459026273.gif (551.63 KB, 245x175, tumblr_mwo0m3KmtT1rcwa0zo3_250…)

Pretty sure because she doesn't want them to know what we know now, and she wants to look like a martyr in front of their followers so they keep patting her on the shoulder and telling her she's a role model and inspiration.

Honestly, as a former fat person, she pisses me the fuck off. When I was diagnosed as obese, I really hated myself. I hated everything about me, and I felt like shit.

I couldn't walk a mile without needing air, my sleep was irregular, I always felt fatigued, and I looked older than my real age.

The only way you can be content with being fat is by being so far into denial that you reject your body's cry for help, or by being so fucked over by your lifestyle that the only way you'll ever look like a human being again is by going under the knife.

I am not going to glorify people who keep eating like shit, lying about their lifestyle to get pats on the head, and who flat out lie about their so called improvements just to get an ego boost and attention that they wouldn't get otherwise.

I am on the healthy range on the BMI scale now, and looking at people like her gives me life. It's made me realize that hating myself would've meant me becoming what she is, and that she is not something to aspire to.

And just look at her, despite posting those screenshots she won't go ahead and link people to the site, let alone come here to discuss her shit.

I'm pretty sure she's reading this thread now so I personally have some questions for you, Quirky.

Where are the so called tests that your doctor ran on you to know if you suffered from diabetes? For that matter, all your tests with cholesterol levels, sugar levels, etc. to prove you're in great condition?
If you're so concerned about beating your ED, then why do you keep eating sugary foods and disregard a healthy lifestyle? You do realize that you're fooling yourself if you keep eating the same shit but in small quantities, right?
Also why is it that you actually look fatter compared to the beginning of the year if you're trying to beat your ED, do you even keep track of your own weight? I write down my weight every week, do you? Maybe you're too lazy to write, but don't worry that's what smartphones are for.
If you don't care about us, if you are a ~warrior~ then why do you need to post every single negative thing someone says about you on your Instagram to get validation? You don't need to prove shit to us, you need to be proving it to yourself, you know why? Because in the end you're the only one alone with your thoughts at night, and the only one who is going to suffer from it in the long run is you.
Your bullies in high school? Yeah they don't and won't give a shit about you, just like mine, and so far you've done a spectacular job at playing victim, but you're far from being the warrior you pride yourself of being.

You make me really mad because you saw the easy path and took it. You don't give a shit about yourself, or about your followers. You only give a shit about the instant gratification you get from posting a stupid selfie with shitty crooked makeup on Instagram, talking about your ~battles~ as if you made the effort to change. And then on top of everything you retort to the stupid edgy "you don't know me" bullshit excuse to try to justify your lack of competence to change your habits, without realizing that we know everything about you. From your family to your whole humanity because -you- posted it online for everyone to see, and even after being at a "loss for words" you still don't make your ig private, probably because you're not "afraid of the haters". I know people like you, Quirky, and you're the fucking bottom of the barrel, because people like you only bask in the attention your minions give you but rarely make a change, while also harming the people who admire you by getting defensive.

You don't want to be anyone's fetish yet you go posting your nudes on a BBW board, so not only are you a big blob of fat, you're also a big blob of contradictions.

So like, yeah dude, if you wanna come and discuss your life with us, the door is open. If you have actual proof that what you're saying is true, you can take the victory. I'll shut up and then I'll give you an ounce of respect in return.

No. 25338

"Hun just laugh. Just laugh because they can't do anything besides bully someone because of the way someone looks. Laugh at them because they don't have the confidence you have to be who you are. Just laugh because they are NOT confident, amazing, beautiful, sophisticated, wonderful, strong, independent, brave, encouraging, smart, and a role model like you. Just laugh at them. Laugh as they type empty threats to wonderful people (like yourself) because they are so damn jealous, ignorant, pathetic, weak, and dense. Just laugh as all the morons who wrote those damn comments sit there and say in the back of their puny minds,over and over again, "I wish I have her confidence and her heart" you are so damn amazing! Don't you dare let any asshole tell you other wise. Keep doing you gurlfrand!"

Dey're just jelus of ur sophisticated ass, Quirky! Ur a role model!

Lol, if I had her heart, I would be dead before 30.

No. 25353

this made me laugh really hard thank you anon

No. 25357

lol, her "confidence and her heart".
No thanks, I don't want her hubris and her stressed out heart.
I'll keep my actual confidence and my heart though I am a carrier for fucking Brugada Syndrome even with a normal echo and ekg.
You read that right, Rosie, I'd rather keep my diseased heart that might kill me in the middle of the night than deal with your stressed out mess.

No. 25417


Lol greedy bitch.


Because nobody else gets gifts on their birthday, nig, yeah. It's just you.

Ohohoho, the entitlement. Also, grow the fuck up. Most people work on their birthdays. It isn't the end of the fucking world nor does it automatically invalidate your birthday.

No. 25422


A wishlist? Seriously? She acts like she's 8.

I work on my birthday too, big fucking deal, and no I don't tell anyone it's my birthday at work you retarded attention whore.

I only get presents from my SO on my B-day, and that's fine with me, you know why Quirky? BECAUSE I DON'T SPEND ALL MY MONEY ON FUCKING FOOD AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO BUY ME SHIT AFTERWARDS.

Everyone, we should just send her pizza and gift cards to fast food places. I feel bad for her poor heart, but she's already a lost cause.

No. 25429

>Unrelated but neither of those two things are really destroying the planet. Just rustled my autism, is all…
and how exactly do they not? I'm not saying one person makes a big change but if everyone who's currently doing these two things would stop, it'd be a big difference.

No. 25432

She wouldn't accept then if she's still lurking here.

Hi, Quirky. Friendly reminder: You're so gross. Your pizza video actually made me sick to my stomach. Nobody likes seeing your jacked up, yellow teeth, crumbs on your mouth, filthy face, and disgusting eye wrinkles. Maybe your broke ass should ask for some Clinique. You could look like a dog's ass instead of a horse's ass afterward.

No. 25445



holy fuck that's disgusting. seriously? She filmed this, had to LOOK at it and decided 'yeah that's how I want people to see me?' Her fatass ugly face chomping away on pizza.

Jesus she's foul.

No. 25456

Yes, I'm so jealous of a person with a shitty job (if she has one at all), who has to bully others, has her nudes floating around everywhere and will most likely not make it past the age of 30 because she doesn't want to change her lifestyle.

No. 25463

She does have a job. She's an in-home customer service rep.

No. 25469

I had the sound turned up high thanks to a movie with sound problems last night. I honestly lost my appetite and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet.
Gods she's disgusting

No. 25478

File: 1416510833897.png (333.07 KB, 1075x551, wuuut.png)

One of the things RH wants for her birthday.
I don't think her waist is 42" even if you're supposed to go a few inches under your waist measurement for a corset.

No. 25480

File: 1416512495542.png (70.27 KB, 534x353, ss (2014-11-20 at 07.37.38).pn…)

I just looked at her wishlist.

No. 25488

it's not even a real corset omfg
how is she even going to fit in it, shes pretty much just a sphere by this point

No. 25489

Given that PT is probably around 40 inches around her waist, there is NO WAY Quirky is anywhere near 42 inches. Despire being fat, PT is like, half her size

No. 25490

Yeah, my first reaction was wondering how she expects a cheap shitty chinese "corset" (that's probably too small anyway) to hold all her fat in.

No. 25491

Yeah, it's definitely a fake corset. Of course she's too dim to know where to get actual corsets tailored to fit her.
It's probably only going to fit on her arm if anywhere.

My bust is 42" and it's nowhere near how big her stomach is. It's gotta be at least 50+.

No. 25493

I so want someone to buy her that corset so we can see her try to squeeze into it.

No. 25495

As someone who is naturally skinny yet had trained with a corset for about three years now, this is fucking laughable. I swear to god, it never gets old when I see this shit. She reminds me of the 3edgy5me girls who brag about Frederick's of Hollywood corsets with the plastic boning. This isn't a real corset. I have two and they were both around $300 and are steel boned. Sure, some beginners buy their $60 steel boned trainers off of eBay and that's fine for just starting out. However, this is garbage.

She's seriously better off just getting some Spanx with how huge she is.

No. 25496


Well, gee. "You're a piece of shit" comes to mind. Also..

>creepers get blocked

Which is why you still post yourself naked on your IG, ass shots, and cleavage shots.

>trolls get blocked

Because anyone who isn't coddling you is wrong.

No. 25497

underrated post

No. 25498

The spanx would rip trying to get over her fupa.

If I wasn't saving money for supplies to make a corset I'd get that for her.

No. 25499

She'd not be 42 no anywhere near that. fatty I follow on Instagram posted her stomach and said she's 42" and wanted to waist train down to 36" and she's half the size of this chick.

No. 25501

Oh god. I want to know her measurements now.

No. 25503

She probably won't reveal those. The same way people have asked her weight and she says that it's "none of people's business".

Funny, it was apparently 8,400 people's business to need to see your mouth wrapped around a cock on an Imgur album which is public.

No. 25519

Yeah, though I guess we can make an estimate comparing her with her friends.
What we can do is estimate how many calories she's taking in in one meal that she shared on IG.

So, for this meal >>20385 she got a chipotle burrito bowl. They're usually not bad if you don't go haywire, but judging by the size of it, she doubled all the toppings. I can't see everything under the giant layer of cheese and sour cream, so I may be off, but I calculated around 1,240 calories if all the toppings there were doubled (minus the meat). If it wasn't doubled, it would be around 785.

No. 25524

I always think it's amusing when people go to places like Chipotle and think they're eating healthy. It's still fast food. Jesus, at least go to fucking Panera where most of their shit is loaded with vegetables and they list calories on the menu.

No. 25526

Agreed, or make it at home where you can actually control what goes into it.

No. 25530

I know, right. Either find the most health conscious option if you happen to be out or just make food at home. She thinks that just because she cut instant ramen, freezer nuggets, and allegedly diet coke out of her diet that she's making progress. Since that announcement, she still posts herself eating Wendy's, pizza, cupcakes, and she drinks that Advocare pyramid scheme shit in place of the coke. Shits an energy drink, I don't know why the fuck you think it's any better, but alright.

No. 25531

Now, watch my post get screenshot and captioned as "stalking" despite the fact that I'm only reiterating shit that she's made public knowledge.


No. 25536

I know, it's utterly revolting. She and her followers must smoke some good shit to accuse people of being jealous. For that matter, since so many of them claim that she's beautiful, why aren't any of them working to look like her? Gaining copious amounts of weight and taking a stay at home job so they can be lazy. I mean, that's so desirable, right? Why don't you all go ahead and imitate that?

Oh, but of course, they wouldn't. Because these fuckers know they would never want to look like her, yet they call her beautiful.

No. 25561

I would laugh so much.

I wonder if any of them are. It would be interesting, but I bet most of her watchers, the quiet ones, are all creepy guys that found her through her bbw tags and nudes.

No. 25567

File: 1416531969210.png (737.26 KB, 1920x1080, dis hypocrite.png)

No. 25569


I already know that the guys are creeps, but I meant the other girls. If she's not followed by equally hatchetfaced fatties, it's thin girls with unfortunate faces. Some are pretty, but I guess they're that pussy type where they feel like they need to be nice to everyone because they're doormats. I've wanted to quote them when they're in the midst of their SJW parade on her comments and ask, "So, if you honestly think Quirky is the definition of beauty, why aren't you trying to be like her?" It's a pretty legitimate question. They kiss her ass enough to the point where they don't realize that it makes them appear as if they wish that they were her. So, why haven't they gotten started? If you think that body is as beautiful as you say, where's your weight gain progress? Where's your feeder? Your motivation to be a ~*BBW*~ ?

No. 25571


Kind of sad that her followers are in their 20s and 30s with the mindset of teenagers.

No. 25572


Her brother has aspergers. If he was a full blown autistic I doubt he'd be able to cook those meals or work. I mean they might hire him for a menial job, but that's about it.

She wont say he has aspergers because AUTISM sounds way worse. She's making her brother sound retarded just for attention. What a cunt.

And when did we say there was something incestous going on between them? Because we jokingly said he was a feeder? They aren't always sexual in nature. Get your mind out of the gutter you stupid cunt.

No. 25573

File: 1416532584759.png (361.18 KB, 1035x622, oh my my my.png)

Damn, you beat me to it.

Here's the screencap with her giant wall of text for documentation purposes.

Seriously, though, who is this Amber and why is it Rosie keeps saying we call her brother a feeder when one person wondered it once? What I find interesting is that she didn't bother saying her bf isn't one though we have mused over that more.
The funniest bit is that she thinks we're not part of the IG community. I've been a follower of hers for months.

Also, that one girl that thinks we're uneducated. I can't stop laughing.

No. 25575

Forgot to add this: I don't know about you guys, but I only asked some basic stuff that she answered happily. She falls for b8 so easily it's actually getting boring.

No. 25577

Shit, sorry. But, hey, you capped better than I could with the descrip! I just wanted to really point out those comments.

No. 25578

Don't worry about it, anon! The comments are pretty funny most of the time, so someone has to cover them too.

No. 25579

Her BF IS a feeder though. It's is funny she didn't mention that bit because we already figured out he was one.
I think she knows he's a feeder too and wont even touch the subject. IRL, deep down, she's lonely and sad and she deludes herself into thinking this man loves her.

No Quirky he doesn't. He gets off deathfats like you, that's about it. He'll keep feeding you pizza until you die, then he'll move on to someone else, like you never existed.

I wouldn't be surprised if she ate until she threw up only to keep eating immediately afterwards while crying.

No. 25582

So, how long until the white knights begin pouring in? I'll make some popcorn.

No. 25583

It's really sad isn't it? That's probably why she wanted to split with him a few days back, if she can be taken seriously.

Watch as she makes a post on IG claiming otherwise.

No idea, but I'm betting pretty soon.

No. 25585

File: 1416534249741.gif (387.51 KB, 256x192, popcornCOLB.gif)


I'm so excited

No. 25587

No. 25588


I think she wanted something more. Maybe she wanted to move in with him or closer to him and he was like, lolno. We have this, take it or leave it. And she took it.
Maybe it was something even less invasive like: she wanted to make their relationship official and put pictures they took together up, and he was like lolnop. We have this, take it or leave it.

In the end, she's too weak to break up with a guy, she has low self-esteem. If anyone is going to get dumped, it'll be her.

Anyone want to bet he's fucking the local fatties? I'm positive he is.

No. 25589

He has a daughter who is young, as far as I know.

No. 25591

That is definitely a possibility. lol, at least he knows he doesn't want any evidence of them being together.

This is going to be so fun.

No. 25593

I hate that it's a blue board. I'd love to see their reaction if they found her nudes.

No. 25594

I know, right? I bet they would nope the hell out.

No. 25595

As if. Calling someone out on their shitty behavior/thoughts itt =/= anyone is automatically going to whine to quirky about it. Are you really incapable of thinking that maybe people were disagreeing because some of what was being said was wrong?

No. 25596

Wait, someone linked the album.

No. 25597

You'd be right except that Quirky had been posted months ago on this board, without having had a thread of her own. This thread is only a month old. And, it isn't unlikely to assume that that asshurt anon linked her because everyone told them to shut the fuck up. Besides..


Scroll to the bottom and read across the border's comment.

No. 25599

Hm. Wonder how that person found said thread then.

No. 25601


lol, is that racist-chan?

>>Across the border

Are they mad that they got banned?

No. 25605

Please get real, th