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No. 321710

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

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No. 321716

Fuck these incels

No. 321717


men are so easy to trigger lmao

No. 321720

Shirrako was banned from youtube after uploading all the different versions of killing a feminist in that game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Of course, incels being the little bitches they are, are crying after the videos were taken down.

tbh I didn't want Shirrako to be banned merely because it showed the man's true nature of hating and wishing violence upon women. They tried to joke it off that you can kill any NPC which of course stands. But what they avoid addressing is the attention and the sadistic abuse of that feminist NPC. And that Shirrako faggot deliberately uncensored all the comments to spread and incite hatred against women.

I'm sure they'd be singing a different tune if a MRA or MGTOW member was treated in the same fashion and with the same response.

I'm still wondering whether to get the game or not but that's for another thread.

No. 321721

Also, I wanted to add it's not a big deal. There are much more pressing issues that affect us.

However, as the videos are being reuploaded, you can again see the incitement to violence against women and not just feminists being celebrated and echoed.

I've discussed this with a friend of mine and he said it's just teen edgelords and others hiding behind layers of sarcasm but I didn't get that impression. I do think that the next generations of men will be even worse and more violent and the internet will provide spaces for them to support their hateful claims and misogynistic beliefs. It only takes a small portion of them to enact on their fantasies out of the whole lot.

I'm really fearful for the younger girls that will have to deal with it.

No. 321723

And when we say men hate women, their little fanatsies always prove it. Theyd love to abuse power over women and kill us, joke about it and laugh along the way.

I dont think the edgelord excuse doesnt hold up anymore. Too many of them are autistic anyway

No. 321728


It's a great game, you can kill KKK members in it and ignored the nice first wave ladies if you want. That's what I'm doing.

That being said I'm glad someone posted about this video, and that it's been taken down. It keeps appearing in my feed and it grosses me the fuck out. These troglodytes are literally upset by women wanting the most basic of human rights, and yet they'll scream all day long about how they're "egalitarian" lmao.

No. 321731

it makes their usual "i don't mind REAL women's rights, like letting them vote!" excuses clearly bullshit. so many of these guys have stopped pretending it's just new feminism that's gone too far and make it obvious that they don't even care about basic rights for women

No. 321750

> Theyd love to abuse power over women and kill us, joke about it and laugh along the way.
Yeah, you should have read the comments.
I avoid the manosphere just so I don't think about what men really think about us. They were wishing female genital mutilation under the excuse that men go through that. They were wishing that feminist irl had that treatment by being shot in the face with a shotgun. And ultimately, there were a bunch of calls to abuse women in general in the sense of beating, taking rights away, and how we're not able to think and make decisions and how we're the cause of the downfall etc.

Hear this, one user was complaining because his mom wants him to find a job. bwahahaha

The whole comment section was insane all because of one suffragette NPC. And they're saying we're emotional. Fucking lol

Thanks! I'll still consider it.

> women wanting the most basic of human rights, and yet they'll scream all day long about how they're "egalitarian" lmao.

What's funny is that in the comment section you have a bunch of NEET losers that scream how women don't deserve to vote while themselves are only good as worm food and have contributed nothing to the society.

If it were up to them, we'd still be second class citizens. They just pretend to be egalitarian so that they can play the victim because, you know, men have duties and obligations like child support and can be jailed for rape. Imagine the horror /s

No. 321763

Shirrako's channel is back. What's worse, he's going to be treated like some martyr in the eyes of the incel retards.
Wow, you sure showed those SJWs by punching NPCs.

No. 321766

It pisses me off how men have the audacity to whine about how awful women can be. From birth women are literally servicing them in every possible way, most men do absolutely nothing in return. Women cook, clean, please their partner sexually, and dedicate so much effort and yet men expect us to be happy when they wash a dish or actually try to put you in the mood before sex. Men do not appreciate women at fucking all. I feel so badly for the married women out there that have to pick up after their husbands and deal with their emotional neglect and porn addictions. Women are saints.

No. 321767

I want these disgusting incels to say this shit about women to their moms who birthed them and loved them and took nearly all responsibility for them. I dare them.

No. 321776

Like they'd care. They're incapable of empathy. They don't see women as humans so they're blind to sacrifices made by their mothers. On contrary, they will blame their mothers, single or not, for their shortcomings. Most likely, they wouldn't even think twice to inflict harm on them either.

No. 321791

Incels have mommy issues first and foremost. They all despise or have a Freudian relationship with their mothers so yeah, I think they would definitely spew their shit at mommy and probably already have.

No. 321792

Remember that Marjan Sickfuck aka caamib literally believed that his mother (and father) deserve death penalty for either not hiring him a prostitute (disgusting) or having the mother have sex with him

No. 321803

I really hope the FBI is watching them then because they're a terrorist group at this point. Hating your mom for not having sex with you? What..how..how are there people like this?

No. 321811

The thing with men is they connect their self worth with a woman wanting to have sex with them

No. 321817

File: 1541639089150.jpg (489.44 KB, 1080x1536, 20181107_180134.jpg)

Welp that didn't last long.

But I agree. The comments gave a striking insight into the average dude's mind. I don't even think handmaidens could deny the hatred that was there.

No. 321818

If I were a man I'd be pissed off at women as well. Imagine being so obsessed and frightened by something you feel is inferior…that wouldn't confusing for anyone. Men feel women are inferior but at the same time seek their validation and approval in everything.

No. 321827

>mom nags me about being a fat neet that does nothing all day but play vidya :(
>blames all of women for this and promotes murder fantasy to others

Yeah theyre frightening. I really cant grasp typing out how elated you are desiring to kill women for being women so easily like they do. But! at the end of the day, in reality they will always be useless genetic dead-end neets desperate to feel some control over their pathetic lives. Other women around them do. They work, vacation and travel, have relationships, own homes, start businesses, volunteer, are happy. They LOATHE it and LOATHE us for living life.

Sickening.. but surprising. The video is one thing, and those comments are another..

Do low sex drive/asexual men even exist? We need to clone them if they do and be rid of sexually aggressive men. Then maybe things can get better

No. 321828

Why are we like this?
I just want to get along and have us stop raping and using each other.

No. 321832

There are men that at least try to control their sex drive and don't just run to masturbate or cheat on a partner anytime they're horny. They are a rarity though.

No. 321842

I’ve met one man who claimed to be asexual/sex-repulsed. He’d even talk about how bodily liquids just squicked him out. Who knows if it was true or real though. Or if there was some bad trauma that caused it. Idk but definitely weird.

No. 321850

I have a reasonable sex drive but I could never be compatible with most men, I just can't accept someone that is supposed to want to have sex with me masturbate all the time or cheat or force themselves on me which most men do. It sucks that women are being told to tolerate this when they shouldn't have to, your partner should actually love you and be attracted to you and not indulge every impulse and then try to justify it.

No. 321890

A-fucking-men. Men are literally babied from the day they are born to the day they die: first by their mother, then by their wife, and they offer fuck all in return except hatred against the same people who birthed and raised them.

No. 321899

Recently started seeing this guy. We’re both white. He’s pursuing me very hard and I was into him at first but then after like a week of talking he randomly started telling me about how he “loves asian girls.” He also showed me his Instagram feed and there were tons of asian girls on there. He constantly jokes about having yellow fever. I explained to him that I will not tolerate him telling me those things, and why the fuck did he think it was appropriate to tell me about his asian “interest” when he’s pursuing me romantically and I’m not even asian. He apologized and promised that he would “limit himself” whatever the fuck that means. He also kept whining that he felt like I “hate” him after setting those boundaries. Why do white guys even bother going for white girls if they’re so into asians? Go find an asian girl then. But then again I imagine most asian girls would be uncomfortable with that fetishization.

Sorry for the blog post but this incident really made me think about how often men pull this sort of shit with women and think that it’s okay. How often guys will get with a girl that doesn’t fit their standards physically and then just bitch about it or bring it up to demean the girl that they’re with. It’s like men have to constantly be with a girl romantically/sexually even if she doesn’t fit his “preferences” just to temporarily appease their sex obsession until they find another girl that fits their standards better. Yet guys say that girls are picky just for having a height preference. So backwards.

No. 321916

I went on a date once and we asked each other what celebrities we thought were attractive
>I'm pale, auburn hair
>He lists european women with dark hair
>I list people who look nothing like him
>be thinks this date is going great and wants to see me more
>I bail early

Genuinely why do they chase after women who aren't their "type" in the slightest?

No. 321918

Can you please not see him anymore

No. 321919

That one is a bit unreasonable because you didn't ask him specific features just celebrities

No. 321921

What? Just because you find some actor attractive doesn't mean that's the only kind of person you can be attracted to. Are you 15?
>>321899 has a guy she's seeing who, without being asked, tells her about how much he wants to bone Asians and fetishises Asian girls, that's something entirely different and she should really tell him to look for a freaking Asian girlfriend then.

No. 321927

>get killed by men you invite yourselves to your beds aka Chad
>It's somehow the fault of bunch of virgins who never leave their houses

Are women even sentient?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 321942

> Remember that Marjan Sickfuck
It's Marjan Siklic, right?
There's also a thread about him in/pt/

> he had been previously arrested for detailing his plan of a murder-suicide of some girl who broke up with him

> he believes that society has been brainwashed by “The Atheist Cult” (TAC) which consists of liberals, leftists, atheists, and feminists
> he is sickened by the fact that rape is considered worse than involuntary celibacy (incel).
> Marjan has at least three admitted arrests, one for beating up his parents, one for protesting naked on the court house steps in the name of incel, and one for threatening to kill a woman who rejected him and then kill himself

I remember reading years ago that he tried to rape his mother. I don't know if that is true but it's not on the wiki anymore.

I'd say he's a perfect representative of the "harmless" incels that totally wouldn't go out of their way to harm women.

No. 321944

>Science Proves Men Really Are Attracted To Psychologically Vulnerable Women
> A new study suggests that males are physically attracted to women who are psychologically vulnerable — that is to say, immature, depressed, or unintelligent — though that doesn't necessarily convert into a desire for a long-term relationship with them.
>The results show that, across the board, men find women with some psychological vulnerability far more attractive than the average. Comparatively, physical vulnerabilities — such as being short — don't make any difference.
>Sadly, that initial attraction doesn't necessarily convert into long and loving relationships: when the same men were asked whether they would be interested in pursing a long-term relationships with psychologically vulnerable women, the answers were overwhelmingly negative.

Not news to any of us here that men actively seek out women they can manipulate because they are soulless and have no empathy. Might be news to all the height obsessed anons that being short makes no difference though.

No. 321954

Yeah, that was a pun on his last name. I mentioned his bizzare blog monicker (caamib aka coalpha anti modern…modernist? or something) so it would be clear who I mean.
His blog is a cesspool of incel degeneracy. He claims to be fucking a girl/woman and might have even impregnated her. If she exists, to say that he is abusive is an understatement.

At least his kiwifarms thread is very fun with him sperging and kiwis kicking the shit out of him kek.

No. 321956

This marjan fucker needs to get slaughtered and tossed in the garbage

No. 321963

This makes me sad because I've always suspected my naivety makes me attractive to men. I was beat up by my mum a lot as a child, and it made me very placid and always try to mediate for peace. Literally all of my boyfriends have hit me and barrage me with emotional abuse down the line after I open up about my childhood because I'm always quick to be on the defensive. I've had boyfriends use my mums obvious disdain against me as evidence I deserve to be put in place. I wouldn't say I'm aggressive but I guess I like to talk out my feelings and grievances. People have said I like to victimise myself but I always thought of it as me trying to rationalise why this shit keeps happening and I naively trust people won't use triggers against me.

I doubt I'll ever feel emotionally supported by a man but I bet I'll always be in some mess of a relationship.

No. 321975

not really related to man-hating, but anon, you really need some proper trauma therapy. talking out your feelings and grievances with people who don't care about them won't do anything except harm you further. you're just getting sucked up in their circular arguments and then JADEing (justifying, arguing, defending, explaining), and the more words you say gives them more to twist and put in your mouth. you're like a bright white light to these narcissistic, piece of shit moths. which is NOT to say it's your fault, because you've been groomed for this your whole life due to your childhood of abuse; but more to say that makes you such an incredibly easy target for future abusers, since they don't have to go to the effort of "breaking you in" and grooming you themselves.

if therapy seems too daunting, at least lurk the CPTSD, raisedbynarcissists and the JUSTNO (justnomil, justnofamily) subs on reddit, because they have lots of practical advice on dealing with toxic people, especially family. they can also guide you to other resources to help you learn, and heal, and grow. one book that you'll hear suggested a lot is Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft, which you should definitely read.

you DO deserve a romantic relationship with someone who loves you and supports you, but in the mean time, i'd say that having no sandwich to eat (i.e., not being in a relationship) is a lot better than eating a sandwich made of shit out of some ill-conceived notion of obligation (i.e. being in a shitty toxic messy relationship). you're the master of your own fate, anon, and you can change how your story goes.

No. 321984

I hate how my boyfriend is all like
“I’m not perfection but you make plenty mistakes” and the mistakes are just me being scared to talk to him a lot recently, because I get a lot of criticism everyday from him and other people.
I’m so close on quitting the relationship.
I pointed out that this is absolutely not helping. He mostly comes up with I’m tired but hey guess what I am tired too and I still try to act cheerful around you, with the little bit energy I have left, even with my Depressions.

No. 321986

Honestly I've heard stories of men denying high-sex-drive women in favor of porn.
I don't even know what the excuse is there. 100% if I had a cute bf I'd be fucking him all the time instead of getting off to videos. It's just the superior option.

No. 321991

You don't get to see a double penetration followed by a golden shower in reality.
Porn-sick men will choose porn because their need for more brutal images will gradually be less and less fulfilled by real life sex.

No. 321998

But even I'm into hardcore shit in regards to men (like male anal prolapse and reverse pegging gangbangs) and I would still give up the fantasies to touch the flesh of someone I love. Even if it never went beyond gfd.
Men are just emotionally retarded.

No. 322016

File: 1541687942427.png (346.75 KB, 611x822, CE65-AACA-B4-B6-4-BC9-A526-78-…)

No. 322048

But it was a man shooting them…like 99% of all mass shootings. Good on those men though.

No. 322051

lol the dudes who come here to point out that ~sometimes men do good things~ are like abusers coming back to their victims to lovebomb them and sweep the abuse under the rug.

No. 322052

Yeah, the fact that they have to point out when a few men decide to do something good just makes it clear how rotten and violent men are in general.

What about all the women that don't commit mass shootings and help and volunteer and make sacrifices on the daily for everyone? Where's their article? Where's their recognition?

Nope. Nobody cares.

It's the same thing with single dads and single moms.

No. 322053


>League of Legends's developer is facing legal action over allegations it paid female employees less than men because of their gender and tolerated sexual harassment.

>The legal action is being led by Melanie McCracken - an internal communications specialist who has worked at the company since 2013 - and Jessica Negron - a content editor who quit in 2017 after being employed for two years.
>Their complaint - which has been shared online by Kotaku - states that the company fostered a "bro culture", with specific claims including:
>Female workers had been sexually objectified, with an email chain that rated the company's "hottest women employees" and a thread that referred to one woman as being a good target to sleep with and not call again
>One of Riot's co-founders had used the phrase "no doesn't necessarily mean no" as a slogan during a company meeting
>Female staff had been regularly belittled by supervisors whose alleged comments had included: "Her kids and husband must really miss her while she was at work," and: "She's shrill"
>Unsolicited images of male genitalia had been shown to workers by their bosses and colleagues
>Women had been required to take part in online games where they were "routinely harassed and demeaned" by others
In addition, the two have made complaints about their own treatment.

>Ms Negron alleges that while earning $56,000 (£42,500) she had been asked to take on the duties of a former manager who had earned about $160,000.

>After further setbacks, she said, she had left after realising Riot would never promote her or pay her a fair salary for the roles it had expected her to carry out.
>Ms McCracken alleges that she had spoken in confidence to the company's human resources department about a supervisor who made sexist hiring decisions, only for the manager to reveal he had been informed she had made the complaint.
>Ms McCracken said that in a separate role she had later been falsely accused of showing people pictures of another Riot executive at a strip club and of uploading naked images of him to the dark web.
(lol where is reddit's outrage over this false accusation???!)
>This led to a situation, she claims, in which she had missed out on a promotion and faced a "dire future" at the company as a result.

No. 322060

dont kid yourself anon, men do the raping 95% of the time

No. 322063

This makes me want to start a female only game company where no such things can occur. I think it's the only way to completely prevent harassment and unequal pay.

Also, the gap disparity is fucking horrendous. But I bet men will come up with all sorts of fucked up excuses like women work less or some other bullshit.

I'm soon finishing my STEM degree and I fret about the job hunt because I heard similar stories of sexual harassment and wage discrimination that never hit the headlines. If you dare to express your concerns you're just a paranoid feminist.

No. 322065

Oh and any articles about the lawsuit are being filtered out of the LoL subreddit. Apparently the devs have the subreddit mods in their pocket.


No. 322072

More like 99.9 percent of the time. Every anon here with a brain knows men do all the raping and try to gain sympathy for 'muh childhood' somehow.

No. 322073

More like 99.9 percent of the time. Every anon here with a brain knows men do all the raping and try to gain sympathy for 'muh childhood' somehow.

No. 322074

Samefag but I'm going to try posting this to /r/kotakuinaction. If they're truly about eThIcS iN gAmInG jOuRnAlIsM then they should be glad to know about this censorship. Let's see if they allow it.

No. 322085

No. 322121

It's really sad that I was 75% sure it happened in India just based on the headline. Not that the US doesn't have its share of rape.

No. 322123

All races of men have the capacity to be fucking disgusting as evidenced in these many threads and I really am not a racist person but seriously fuck India. That place is a hole and all the men are rapey perverts.
There's reason that 'bobs and vegana' is a meme because literally every girl has a story of an idian dude trying to chat her up online crudely.
Also I work with a lot of people and I find indian men customers to be terrible with personal space, they often stand too close despite me moving a few steps back. They also try to flirt and often their eyes are drawn to lips and chest area a lot.
Sorry if I sound racist, I do realise that there are creepy dudes all over and there are probably okay indian dudes…but damn sooo many are creeps.

No. 322125

Then you'd be accused of discrimination. Discrimination against women is seen as normal, discrimination against men is the only thing that gets any attention.

No. 322141

Any time I see an article about the gang-rape of a small child, baby or animal, I just assume it happened in India. That place is a nightmare shithole.

No. 322146

India is a literal shithole and if i could, i would relocate all those women to other countries.

the men there are literal beasts and they all deserve to stew in their own shit. i cant fathom how disgusting india as a country is. I have a friend who works for a tech company in America, but it's outsourced to india and she hates going there for meetings twice a year because it's sexist and she's scared of being raped constantly.

I fucking hate india and it makes me sick that nothing is done there for those women.

No. 322147

There is are still men out there are think the gender pay gap is made up. There are women out there more deserving of a pay raise or promotion than any man, but don't get it because of their sex. i fucking hate this world

No. 322149

Just a reminder that gang rape is 'normal' in india and these men get away with it all the time. It makes me sick to my stomach!! How can this happen even in a hospital??

No. 322150

The league community is cancer. Recently the devs made a panel available only to women and non-binary people until a certain time if the day and gamer babies got incredibly triggered and wanted to sue for sexism against males. Their strategy was an incredibly weak attempt to calm the drama about these accusations but to be honest I wish conventions had at least personal hygiene requirements and could block entry based on that.

No. 322155

File: 1541706695286.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>sexism against males

That's a fucking riot.

No. 322163

Thanks to all the shootings almost daily I'm never leaving my house. I hate men.

No. 322164

It happens with ladies' nights in bars too. Any promotion related to women because they don't get why businesses make those choices.

No. 322169

Every patriarchal country is a shit hole, and you're right about Indian women they deserve better.

No. 322188

Whats sad is that there's MRA movements in patriarchal countries
Its like men want to run around and torture people but also cry male oppression when anyone say anything

No. 322191

I'm utterly enraged that there are very vocal women MRAs in India of all places.
> "Feminists are driving stupidity into people's minds, infantilizing women and demonizing men as a group," she beamed. "We talk so much now about Black Lives Matter. What I realized is, men's lives matter."

I'm honestly sickened and wonder if they deserve feminism at all if they're going to shit on it. India has real rape tapes selling like hotcakes in local stores. I even saw an islamist condemning those acts. That's how fucked up that place is and those indian women sure love being regarded as cattle.

No. 322197

>using handmaidens as a representative of all Indian women
Do you realize how "undeserving of feminism" American women, with all their tradthots, pick-mes, Shoe0nHead and Lauren Southern clones, would be, by this criteria?
I'm not even Indian, but please stop going full retard, anon.

No. 322200

When I said they I meant indian handmaidens obviously.
India is miles ahead when it comes to institutionalized misogyny. Just look at their rape cases, they get ruled in favor of the rapist most of the time.
We're talking about a shithole were female newborns are buried alive. That's how fucked up it is.
So, you need to be a special kind of cunt handmaiden to talk about poor oppressed men.
And they got upset because of dowry law so that they couldn't commit dowry related crimes.

No. 322201

If it was up to me I'd send them off to some island with the egotistical yet victim complexed men they love so much where they can live in the patriarchal society they wanna live in so badly, since clearly anything else to them is male oppression, even just not being able to make women property!

No. 322213

of course Karen Straughan, Supreme Handmaiden, was the top comment kek

No. 322214

If it were up to me, I'd bury them all alive

No. 322215

>men's lives matter

holyshit, this is an actual new level of self hating. This person has to be the dumbest bitch alive, dumber than Sh0e.

No. 322218

Oh, that ugly inbred bitch, she looks worse than those evil feminists she hates so much, I feel like if she wasn't an MRA, MRAs would be tearing her apart and using her as a reason as to why all people in that group are hideous, she literally one of the ugliest "women" I've ever seen, no wonder she hates herself so much and is desperate for men to like her

No. 322232

Karen seems like the type that hasn't received a lot of male attention so she's had to resort to pandering to men this way because she can't use her looks. I notice some women who have a harder time attracting men resort to debasing themselves.

No. 322235

Not saying women have to look good for men or anything but I'm going to drag you for infringing on my rights and betraying womanhood just to get some dick.

No. 322236

Not saying women have to look good for men or anything but I'm going to drag you for infringing on my rights and betraying womanhood just to get some dick.

No. 322237

I don't know much about handmaidens, so I looked her up.

> She is a mother of several children, and a published writer of erotica.

kek. For a supreme handmaiden, she has quite an empty and worthless bio. Her Twitter is shit too. Of course, she had to RT about the Shirrako fuss.

I don't know how she gets 600$ per month from Patreon considering she hasn't posted there for a few years.

No. 322241

Not saying women have to look good for men or anything but I'm going to drag you for infringing on my rights and betraying womanhood just to get some dick.

No. 322261

Desperate women trying to stay on mens good sides so they dont end up raped and left for dead. They reek of insecurity. She and indian mras cant have much to say when they are in the rape country of the world. What are they so afraid of?
>false rape claims :(((
>4 year was gangraped in icu and those rapist will never see justice because india
>countless other gangrapes and murder

Mras in western countries always use india and the middle east to show women how bad it is over there vs here too.

Thought Karen fell from mras good graces a while back?

No. 322262

>99.999% of men never have and never will commit any kind of shooting, mass or otherwise
>multiple men immediately come to the aid of random women and risk their lives to protect them without hesitation
>"This is why I hate men they're ALLLLLL scum!"
Women are such ungrateful cunts. I wish more men could read these threads and realize it's not worth protecting women because they'll never appreciate it anyways.

No. 322271

File: 1541724298336.png (747.31 KB, 990x592, 0pgm2hfzdx401.png)

I find it so funny when males browse this site and after a while of course can no longer contain their immature and hormonal brains from raging and spewing out those buzzwords they're so fond of, like e.g. "roastie". Goes to show again and again how sensitive, weak and emotional they are. They're just not mentally capable of successfully posing as women, they always end up outing themselves.

No. 322272

Sucks they don’t want to admit they’re retarded and would rather blame everyone else for their problems. They’re really bad at reading too lmao

No. 322276

>Karen seems like the type that hasn't received a lot of male attention so she's had to resort to pandering to men this way because she can't use her looks. I notice some women who have a harder time attracting men resort to debasing themselves.

I posted this in the Tradthot thread but JudgyBitch gives me a similar vibe. She really fucking hates women and is the ultimate notliketheothergirls.

Ironically she divorced/separated from her first husband sometime after she got doxxed. The guy in the video is her new man.

No. 322283

>when men openly admit that they're men I can easily tell they're men! Lol theyre so bad at blending in. It couldn't possibly be that I don't notice them when they are blending in.
Wow. Truly it's the razor sharp wit like this that has allowed women to contribute so much to society and science and been such prominent leaders.

No. 322287

>women shouldnt vote, have rights and should just stay at home and shut up uwu very traditional right boys uwu im the perfect wife uwu
>files for divorce from her husband and remarries
Ok Andrea

Is anyone keeping track on that Thousand Oaks shooting in the us? Another male kills multiple people just having fun. Ex infantry marine. No motive yet

No. 322289

File: 1541726295742.jpg (41.74 KB, 600x315, f403d9b5d5b069ddd5fd1669c8a4e1…)

>we wuz warriors
>we wuz emperors
>we wuz inventors
>we wuz soldiers
>we wuz strong

No. 322293

>League of legends
I mean just from that, you can tell it was going to be a mess. The gaming community is such a giant dumpster fire.
I’m glad more women are playing video games these days tho

No. 322296

>millions of men kill a year
>but but not all men
>some men (allegedly) take bullets for women
>women have been proven to save more lives when they're doctors as well as women being in the medical field, saving millions of mens lives a year
>not one drop of thanks for it
>one woman lies about rape a few years ago

women have to take blame for all the bad things women done, men do not, even if men do it more
men get to take credit for all the good things men did, women do not, even when it's women doing better

No. 322300

>fantasies involve necrophilia and cannibalism of a child
>"need this asap"

Are we surprised anymore

No. 322301

There's just as many male doctors saving lives so that's not even a point. Plus doctors aren't putting themselves at risk when they save lives, and they're being paid huge salaries to be doctors. Not exactly the most noble reasons for saving lives.

No woman would absolutely EVER jump in front of a random man to protect him from gunfire or any other danger the way men constantly do for women. If anything she'd jump behind a random man to protect herself because she just assumes it's ok for her to immediately put her own life above any man's. Women have zero empathy for men despite all your bragging about how kind and gentle you are, you expect men to suffer and die for your sake and never spare it a second thought because you're so heartless.

No. 322305

there is, but factually women take up the vast majority of the medical and you're more likely to survive if your doctor is a woman


also women never put themselves in dangerous situations in order to save mens lives? combat nurses? women who went on literal battlefields to save men lives? but yeah those evil women lacking empathy. It's people like you who make me just want to leave men to die anytime a life of a man is on my hands, what's the point of going out my way and putting my blood, sweat in tears into saving lives if I'm still going to be known as nothing more than an evil unemphatic woman who puts my life above any elses?

No. 322307

Women put themselves in harm's way every day simply by interacting with any man. Women lift cars off their children, sacrifice their careers and personal lives to coddle to their husbands, lower their standards and date losers who don't shower and play video games 24/7 because hey, "at least he doesn't beat me." Women kill themselves by a thousand tiny cuts every single day to soothe men, who act like they're doing their girlfriends a giant favor worthy of a reward of sex simply for doing the dishes. Men are incapable of feeling empathy.

No. 322317

You seem to be missing the point. If you're being paid to help someone, you're not a saint. You're not doing it out of pure altruism, you're doing it because it's your job.

I'm talking a random situation involving strangers. A dangerous situation suddenly happens in public, men will immediately put themselves in even more danger for the sake of any random nearby woman. A woman would absolutely never do that for a man. When danger happens, a woman's first priority is herself every time. Men's first priority is other. The only times women might help is when there's no longer any active danger, and if someone is paying her.

And even after the men risk and give their lives for random women, the women go home and complain about how all men are scum who should die, zero gratefullness.

Also it's a pretty empty threat to say I make you want to not help men, as if you ever wanted that to begin with.

No. 322318

If there's a dangerous event happening, a man is the cause 99.9% of the time. Men need to address the violence of other men on a sociological level. Most murder victims are men, sure, but that's because they are being killed by other men. Clean your own house, you absolute deranged monsters.

No. 322320

stop replying to it.

No. 322321

have you ever risked your life for a random women? okay then stfu

most men are too busy running their mouths about how the world should follow india and women should be forced to be their sex slaves, chances are most men will never lift a finger for random women, there wasn't even any proof that saving these women were the motives of men if any motives at all

No. 322322

File: 1541729838718.jpg (25.87 KB, 540x332, tumblr_phtrdb7OYf1s2sq21_540.j…)

No. 322323

>women have a better survival instinct

keep crying incel

No. 322325

That's a nice way of saying "have no empathy". Glad you're admitting women are utterly heartless though.

No. 322326

I'm sorry if there's an active shooter in a building my first reaction is gonna be to get my ass out, not stand in front of men just because it pleases incels

cry all you want, I feel like even if say, for some reason, women did put themselves in danger for the sake of being a heroine, you'd still either ignore it or keep insisting all women are evil and unemphatic for not dying for strangers, out of all things remind you

No. 322327

>men write novels about how women should all die, oppress women for years, in some countries even kill females simply for being born females, beat women for no reason, torture them, take up the vast majority of murders, rapes, and any sick and twisted case you can think of

I will again, ask you, will you, or have you ever put yourself in danger for a woman? if you truly believe most men are taking bullets for random women you are beyond delusional

No. 322328


Daily reminder that when a woman held out against an ISIS attack for hours while alone at whatever Outpost they were at, called in the location so they could wipe the area of insurgents even if it meant she would die, and kept fighting them until they were literally breaking down the door- which is when she chose to end her own life rather than face what ISIS does to women.

And what was the typical male reaction?


Men literally cause every problem in the world and then get upset when women can't fix it all for them.

No. 322329

Yes, you're a bad selfish person. The average man is far more empathetic than you. So if you could quit with the constant crying about ebil men

No. 322330

where is your proof an average man will step in front of a bullet for a random woman? this is the only time that's happened out of the thousands of shootings that have happened over the years, you still didn't answer my question either
and you still didn't recon the combat nurses who literally stepped in front of millions of flying bullets,bombs,landmines, etc in order to save men, but by your logic, since there were millions of those it's actually men who are evil and your ass should STFU about evil women

and lots of army nurses didn't get paid either, some even had to buy and sew their own uniform, pay for their own equipment, etc
not one drop of thanks, but yeah, evil women

No. 322331

The average man has no empathy. You've proved it yourself by failing to acknowledge the fact that the absolute, overwhelming majority of violence in the world is committed by men.

No. 322333


I'm assuming you must have been in quite a few shootings yourself to come to the opinion that someone who runs from a violent maniac is the bad kind of selfish/evil. And you must have saved dozens of people! Hell, you must look like Swiss cheese at this point with all those bullets your selfless male body has taken, it's quite frankly a medical miracle you're alive. Just another thing men are great at I guess. I hope you're around the next time an incel gets mad that mommy didn't cut his sandwich right and decides to shoot up the hospital I work at, I sure could use a real hero to protect me while I care for terminally ill patients.

No. 322335

This. Incels should be whining at the man shooting the gun than the women running from it. Hell, Ive read where some men admitted they would hate it if women saved them from harm because it'll "emasculate" them.

No. 322336

>1 man does something bad
>99 men immediately rush to protect you, get you to safety, treat any injuries, and stop the 1 bad man
>"ALL men are evil I hate ALL of them they should ALL die!"

No. 322338

No. 322340

when has "99 men" ever rushed to treat and save a woman before? women take up most jobs in the medical field, even then if the only scenario you can think of was when men supposedly stood in front of women then…

No. 322341

>man shoots man and kills man
>this is women's fault, somehow

brain-dead, drooling monsters honestly

No. 322343

Stop replying to it, its pointless

No. 322349

Women should also be angry about the man shooting the gun.
Instead you spit on the graves of all the men who tried to stop the shooter on the logic of "the shooter had a penis therefore everyone on the planet with a penis is also a guilty and is a horrible person"

No. 322351

no, it's the millions of men who oppressed women over the centuries, beat women and children and laughed about it, tortured children and animals, molested and killed children, killed over billions, tortured the rest, made war, made women suffer from what they created, shoot shit up, but expect men to be worshipped because some men might have stood in front of women during that one shooting and all women are evil for running away from danger

you claim we're "spitting on the graves of the men who stopped the shooter"
when no one tried stopping first of all, but we've said since day one not all men, it's sad we even have to keep repeating ourselves but you're allowed to claim we're these big evil women no exceptions, why should we give men the benefit of the doubt when the person preaching it can't do the same for us?

No. 322352

>and non-binary people
I'd probably join the males outside complaining about reverse sexism. If you're already allowing males in might as well allow all of them instead of validating the snowflakes

Just make sure to start up with an all-female group and don't openly discriminate against males. Just do it the way they've always done, accept male applicants but hire only women.

Nobody can prove you didn't hire the male out of discrimination. If questioned, you can always say "they were just as/more qualified than the women but idk man they just didn't seem like good team players".
This literally applies to every male so you can exclude them all while also pretending to be treating it on a case by case basis kek

No. 322355

This sounds like my ex, except his thing was red headed and blue eyed girls. I am black haired and dark eyed. Never shut the fuck up about how much blue eyed redheads turned him on. It's one of the many reasons I dumped him. Don't waste your time on this guy.

No. 322357

I'm asian and I avoid males like him, they have this very warped view of what asian women are supposed to look and be like, and when you're outside the standards they set in their head of you, they'll cry about how you're being westernized for not shutting up and taking their bullshit, or how some fetishists will try to turn your white friends against you, not to mention how horribly these males will treat their girlfriends if they do get an asian girlfriend.

I feel like maybe if you'd had low enough self esteem you can deal with it, but no one who isn't self hating would go for a racial fetishists whether or not they fit their standards, they're the lowest of low

No. 322359

I guess you're ignoring the many cases of women who sacrifice themselves in order to save their children. Just Google "woman dies saving child".

No. 322360

but don't you get it anon? because a woman didn't put herself in front of a man in that shooting like those men did one time, it means all women are evil and all men are angelic saints who deserve to be worshipped who shit gold

No. 322375

Anyone can care about their family. Caring about strangers is a true test of empathy.

No. 322377

sure, whatever, all women are evil selfish cunts because most of us aren't willing to die for random people we don't even know, and all men are pure angelic saints because some men got shot instead of women during that one shooting that one time, ignoring where women put themselves in danger for others, can you go now? thnx

No. 322379

just look at this man saving this evil unempathic woman…. oh wait

the difference is men get thanks, reconizition and everything else
what do woman get? Men sperging about how all women are evil and should die

No. 322380

Us evil selfish women, putting our lives in front of those of men! how dare us not bend over and let men fuck us because of that one time! when have women ever - oh

No. 322382

T-This must be fake right? evil women would never!
only perfect angelic pure men would save strangers lives we should suck all their dicks we don't deserve men!

No. 322384

No. 322386

No. 322388

>men will immediately put themselves in even more danger for the sake of any random nearby woman.
Reminds me of that one case when a guy saved a girl from a rapist only to turn around and rape her himself lol

The fact that males have no impulse control is literally the only reason such an event would even come to be in the first place. Males (especially young ones) and their inability to restrain themselves are a blight to this world. The only reason women are labelled over emotional is because men don't consider their unrestrained anger and lust 'emotions'.

Males are so incapable of restraining themselves and not acting upon their emotions that they don't even see trying to control themselves as a possible course of action. If something rouses an emotion from them they just blame the thing for it, because clearly nobody should expect a male to control himself!

>she was wearing short clothes! what did she expect!?

>women make me mad and i hit them, it's their fault for making me angry!
>the female body is sinful because it makes men sin!

How does it feel like, knowing you're entirely incapable of being truly rational because you're biologically cucked into acting upon every impulse? How does it feel like, to know that now physical strength is out of the picture and the suffrage happened, women are better equipped for civilized living and outperforming you? How does it feel like knowing you and every incel spend all your days thinking about women and we don't give a shit about sex and, unlike you, we're capable of not giving a shit?

Yikes. Thank god I'm not a dude.

No. 322390

I find it pathetic how men struggle to even go a day without jacking off/looking at porn.
I can go months without masturbating without even realising. How can men be such slaves to their lust and still think they are higher beings than women?

No. 322399

I find it pathetic how lactating women struggle to even go a day without milking themselves / feeding a baby.
I can go months without squeezing my chest tissue without even realizing. How can women be such slaves to their boobs and still think they are higher beings than men?

I will now explain my satire, because I know women would be too fucking stupid to understand a non-literal argument and you'd just rage at me "men don't have to Jack off like a woman needs to drain excess milk lol ur so dumb". Well actually you're the dumb ones, because a man's reproductive system is constantly producing sperm and semen and all those other fluids, and if it isn't regularly emptied out can very much start to become painful and sore. The term "blue balls" isn't just a metaphor.

Therefore, the point of my comparison was to showcase that a woman bragging that she doesn't need to masturbate when her reproductive system doesn't get sore from not doing it like a man's does would be as stupid as a man bragging that he doesn't need to milk his breasts when he doesn't have breasts that build up and get sore from not being emptied like a woman. I wish you could learn a bit from this post but as we all know you hate men and have no empathy for them so you will of course not care about the differences in their reproductive organs and how they would necessitate different behavior from your own, easier to just be stupid and say "lol men suck cuz dey jack off so much and I don't".

No. 322400

yeah, that's why men are such slaves to their instincts they can't even work in a damn hospital without raping women and babies, because their poor balls! jerking off is just like feeding babies apparently

No. 322401

wow what an interesting article. I'm happy for those men, they're pushing back against western backed feminism.
The ultimate goal of feminism is to revert society back to pre-historic age where only 20% of men reproduced while 90% of women did. The biological hatred women have for non-alpha males makes them push this feminist agenda against the average man. They want 80% of men neutered and alone, but at the same time paying high taxes to support women and the children they have with the 20% of men who get to reproduce.
Congratulations, indian men. Keep those harpies out.

No. 322404

yes anon those evil feminists are conspiring against you
go to india since it would be like your wonderland and you don't have to worry about those evil feminists, since no matter how much evidence we can show you to debunk your claims you'll still repeat it

No. 322405

This is literally the stupidest thing I've ever read. "Blue balls" is entirely made up, you dipshitted freak. Throw yourself off a bridge, you're too stupid to live.

No. 322406

I'm against violence. India might be a violent country but they should fight that violence with the law instead of feminism. The core of feminism is the hatred against the average man and the systems that allowed them to reproduce like monogamy and traditional marriage.

No. 322407

do you have any proof this is what feminists are trying to do? explain, write a paper if you need to
"why I think feminists are conspiring against non-chads!"

No. 322409

Try and change the subject if you want it won't change the fact that you were just ignorant about something but would rather deny it to be in line with your angry narrative.

Great argument. Cause you'd totally know for yourself what having testicles and a prostate and etc is like.

No. 322410

no, YOU missed the point, it was nothing about having to take care of yourself (and no, you won't die if you don't jerk off every 4 hours)
the point was men being slaves to their genitals, which you further and further prove our point, so thank you.

No. 322411

Women overwhelming vote for welfare so they can have children out of the wedlock, replacing fathers and marriage with the State.
Sexual freedom and the end of monogamy allows women to share the 20% of men they find the most attractive.
In the perfect feminist society 80% of men would work like cattle so they could support women and the children they have with 20% of men.

No. 322412

source? proof? examples?
like I said, write a paper

No. 322414

>Women govern differently than men do in some important ways. They tend to be more collaborative and bipartisan. They push for far more policies meant to support women, children, social welfare and — when they’re in executive positions — national security. But these bills are also more likely to die, largely because of gender bias, research shows.

No. 322416

this wasn't proof though, and you need proof that the people who voted for welfare are evil boogieman feminists who want ugly guys to pay for chads babies

No. 322417

File: 1541745701885.jpg (245.18 KB, 681x912, 1525565131019.jpg)

Femtopia soon sisters. Just keep voting blue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322418

File: 1541745774841.jpg (59.58 KB, 700x226, paper.jpg)

No. 322419

still wasn't proof evil feminists are going to take your money and make you pay for chads baby
keep crying incel

No. 322420

this image is just making me die of laughter. there are actual human beings who take shit like this seriously.

No. 322421

File: 1541746049340.jpg (38.45 KB, 574x272, cumul.jpg)

No. 322422

you're right
incels don't deserve to see such beautiful womens bodies

No. 322423

this doesn't prove shit
explain to me how, this graph, proves evil womyn feminists want to make ugly men pay for babies
do you even have any charts explaining how they're making ugly men pay and proof the money is going to mothers?

No. 322425

You dumb bitches will never learn to not take bait. Sigh

No. 322426

Teen convicted of girlfriend's murder documented rape, killing on cell phone

>In addition to the recording, jurors also saw graphic images Campos shared of Perez after killing her, and the teens with them refused to turn him in. One said in a text message, “bros before hoes.”


No. 322427

wonder if the conspiracy theorist incel, who once said womyn are evil and unempathetic for not dying for men and not having sex with him, are going to praise this murderer and see him as a legend

I love when incels prove our point

No. 322429

>Roughly half of means-tested spending goes to families with children, most of which are headed by single parents. Some 28 percent of spending goes to disabled persons. Another 14 percent goes to elderly persons. A final eight percent of spending goes able-bodied, non-elderly adults without children.
Men as a group are the only ones who pay taxes. Women like these take most of it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322431

you realize this literally debunks it, right?not only are you only getting it from one country, but you also don't mention how many are single families out of the 50%, which means even if it, worse case, was 49% it would just be mostly very old dudes, who are often very rich so it would make sense they're paying more since older people often have more traditional families, you know, the one you praised so much

so no
what you proved is
>old rich men pay lots because they make lots and some of what they make goes to single parent families sometimes
>evil feminist whores are making ugly males pay for chads babies while 80% of men don't reproduce

No. 322432

You should know men don't read.

No. 322433

Dual mating strategy of females is one of the most standard well-known parts of evolutionary psychology. Alpha fucks beta bucks as some say.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if women are allowed to control government that they'll structure things to enable their dual mating strategy as hard as possible.

No. 322434

keep crying incel

No. 322436

Is this meant to prove me wrong?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322437

>Roughly half of means-tested spending goes to families with children, most of which are headed by single parents.
>Another way of examining spending levels is to look at welfare spending on families with children. In FY 2011, total means-tested spending was $927 billion. About half of this spending ($462 billion) will go to families with children. (Around one-third of this spending went to medical care.)
Aka single mothers.
>Some 28 percent of spending goes to disabled persons. Another 14 percent goes to elderly persons.
There are fine.
>A final eight percent of spending goes able-bodied, non-elderly adults without children.
I'd bet most of these are women too.

>evil feminist whores are making ugly males pay for chads babies while 80% of men don't reproduce

Like I've said before this is the feminist GOAL for their ideal society. Right now they're still working for it.

No. 322439

no! of course! you're right!
we've been conspiring against you all along. pretty soon 80% of ugly guys will be in concentration camps and we will be draining your bank accounts to pay for our babies we made from chad harems

No. 322440

It won't happen though. Society will collapse long before it. Feminists just can't see the harm they cause. They don't value civilization like the evil men promoting monogamy and marriage.

No. 322441

boo hoo

No. 322443

Once you got to like a 100 employees, your excuse probably wouldn't hold up in court.

No. 322444

first evil women run the government, next it doesn't
which one is it?

No. 322447

it's so frightening and exhausting to be a woman every single day, living in constant fear of male violence. and men are too stupid and lacking in empathy to even be afraid of other men, so they do nothing to stop it. their biggest concern is whether or not they're getting fucked, pathetic.

No. 322449

I am not arguing with you, I'm just pointing out the reality that you cannot claim that you hired 100 women out of 100 employees by sheer chance.

No. 322450

Also, the court system isn't the government.

No. 322462

Hilarious thing is, what these "b-but we protect the wimminz!!" spergs forget to mention is that who is it that they "protect" women from, if not other men?

No. 322486

Incels should all be shot, just for being annoying. Face it, you'll never be as sexy as chad and all women want a hott young guy that you could never live up to. Better to just kill yourself and get it over with my dude.

No. 322487

Incels should all be shot, just for being annoying. Face it, you'll never be as sexy as chad and all women want a hott young guy that you could never live up to. Better to just kill yourself and get it over with my dude.

No. 322488

Incels should all be shot, just for being annoying. Face it, you'll never be as sexy as chad and all women want a hott young guy that you could never live up to. Better to just kill yourself and get it over with my dude.

No. 322491

Hey dude, you posted your bait 3 times.

No. 322492

Nope, that just happens for some reason.

No. 322493

I appreciate that you didn't deny it's bait.

No. 322495

I just don't see the point in reasoning with them, they're retarded so I'm just going to trigger them because its fun. They want to control who I have sex with and take away my rights so fuck them, I do hope they die.

No. 322500

This Anon >>322355 had the exact thing I wrote (but in reverse, I was the blue eyed redhead) so I think it's valid. A preference doesn't need to be of a different race to be annoying or insulting. Nobody should be dating someone who is so different from what they "want".

No. 322502

Also I should emphasize the chasing element. They act super keen or even have a relationship with someone they think is second best. I should note that at the time (sorry blogpost) I just went on dates with guys who went after me, and I don't have a specific type image-wise. But I think these things shouldn't be ignored. I had another guy I casually dated who messaged me constantly, lost interest after I went blonde. Their "type" means a lot because men tend to be obsessive about what they like. We can't just overlook that because the difference isn't huge, hair color and eye color stuff, or skin tone. anon quoted above and original anon obviously were annoyed by it.

Basically, men: date someone you are actually attracted to and stop insulting and wasting time of those you're not

No. 322504

Women need to be harder on men's looks, they constantly size us up and tell us what we should look like or what their "preferences" are. Straight up tell them they're ugly lol.

No. 322505

>When you try and sound smart but end up sounding even dumber

If a lactating woman doesn't breastfeed, guess what happens? It dries up. Lactating is dependant on milking which is why some woman can lactate years after a pregnancy. The male sperm production system is not comparable.

No. 322510

Does he not realise that the vast majority single mothers end up that way because the men leave and shirk all responsibilities after knocking them up?

No. 322531

Oh, I'm glad you're at least a femanon. I thought it was a robot larping.
I'm not sure what to do with them tbh.

No. 322532

Man is anti Lindy,
Woman is Lindy af.
Case closed.

No. 322538

Uh, can't you see those bitches obviously got pregnant by Chad's superior sperm on purpose with the plan of relying on betabux afterward.

No. 322578

That's because women are very attracted to dark triad men and do everything to have their babies. Obviously this sort of guy ends up bailing on them.
This is one of the reasons no matriarchy ever became an advanced society in any corner of the planet. Female biology is inherently incompatible with civilization.

No. 322584

Can we have a thread where we judge guys looks and talk about our preferences? That would be fun.

No. 322586

Just cause you ugly doesn't mean its our fault, go clean your room bucko.

No. 322587

Incels fit all the personality requirements of a dark triad man and yet still can't get laid.

No. 322592

>it is still triggered and sperging on a board for girls
That being said, the blue balls shit is laughable bullshit to excuse your weakness. There is biologically absolutely no need for males to ejaculate that often.

No. 322593

I'm so happy you're so miserable :), women will continue fucking as many hott buff guys as they want and you'll die all alone hehe

No. 322608

lmao anon

No. 322638

File: 1541792752261.png (114.24 KB, 2098x376, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.46…)


>A 22-year-old man left in a coma after his genitals were "ripped off and eaten" by a bulldog had apparently smeared his crotch in peanut butter.

>Biggie Smalls, who was covered in blood and restrained, was taken to kennels and later put to sleep.

Men are disgusting

No. 322641

I love how most men are punished for being perverts, what an awesome doggo wish he wasn't put down :(

No. 322647

RIP Biggie, you absolute lad

No. 322654

lmfao imagine being this guy
imagine waking up and realizing that everyone knows you got put in a coma as a result of trying to make a bulldog lick your dick

No. 322655

Something tells me this was beastiality gone wrong.

We have a cute guy thread in /g/, but idk how a man rating thread would work. Just find randos' selfies and post them?

No. 322657

wow anon, that's quite a hunch you've got there

No. 322659


No. 322666

File: 1541796586634.gif (980.67 KB, 244x250, 1540493524211.gif)

Serves that sicko right


No. 322670

they should've put him down instead, jesus
>inb4 angry anti-dog fags

No. 322676

Yeah why not just judge randos? They do it to us lets do it to them, we have to be super picky like a weird freckle or mole deducts a shit ton of points.

No. 322679

File: 1541798922187.jpeg (75.97 KB, 645x380, 10BA9AF1-1BBE-4A64-9F01-8CEA59…)

RIP faithful canine and clearly woman’s best friend. I hope that fucker has gangrene on his dick, fucking sick. Bulldogs don’t attack people like that.

No. 322704

I feel bad for the dog, but i'm glad that asshole got recked. (Poor dog though..)

No. 322706

I dont like dogs, but it clearly wasnt the dog's fault that happened. very sad

Makes me worried he was molesting the dog, cuz who the fuck does that to begin with??

No. 322718

He obviously was. Why else would a man put peanut butter on his dick and balls

No. 322740

>owner agreed to put the dog down
I would have fought tooth and nail and refused to sign anything that said they could put the dog down. What court is going to declare it a dangerous dog when it's so fucking obvious what the sick man was trying to do to it?

I'm glad the guy is dickless and tbh I hope everybody finds out his name and never lets him forget why he lost his member. Bullshit like this is a downward spiral and he'll only abuse more animals and maybe even people if nobody keeps an eye on him.

No. 322747

It's sad but the problem is the dog already tasted blood and bite off genitals, so it's deemed dangerous. it's standard for any dog that bites/draws blood. It's not the dog's fault, but there's nothing that could be done.

No. 322822

keep in mind the owner that agreed to put him down is the same man who put peanut butter on his dick to get his dog to lick it. he probably only got the dog to abuse it.

dogs developing a "taste for blood" after killing an animal/biting a person is a myth. it would be one thing if he had bit another dog/person unprovoked but wtf do you expect when you stick something covered in peanut butter in front of a dog

No. 322823

This is from a conservative YouTube channel but I felt like it just validated to me how perverted men are. When I was younger I had male friends tell me that they automatically check out women whenever they're in public and form a flash decision about whether they would have sex with them or not. My dad even told my sister when she was around 16 that he 'checks her out sometimes'. His own daughter. Wtf.

No. 322826

lol that channel is brainlet conservative garbage. My personal favorite is the video titled "There is No Gender Wage Gap" but in the video they literally admit that there's an unexplained gap of 7%.

No. 322828

>My dad even told my sister when she was around 16 that he 'checks her out sometimes'
..Throw the whole dad away

Im always disturbed about this. Like how do you have kids. Have a son and risk getting killed like this, one of many stories: https://abcnews.go.com/US/teen-accused-killing-mom-burying-fire-pit-argument/story?id=58941450
or raise daughters and risk their own father being sexually attracted to them, fuck. Thats beyond horrid

No. 322836

This is one big fear I have about having kids, I’m terrified my daughter would be raped, assaulted, abused, and statistically in the current world that’s more likely than unlikely. Also having a son and him ending up being the rapist or abuser or sexual assaulter. It seriously prevents me from being 100% certain about having kids. Also my husband is Asian and I’m white so I’d be terrified of gross yellow fever/gaijin hunter men fetishizing my daughter if I had one. Or on the flip side mocking a son/daughter racially ugh.

No. 322837

Naw its actually just that abused/neglected dogs tend to be the ones with aggression problems n easier to put em down, sad really. You can try and rehab em but it doesn't always turn out…not from taste of blood but i mean, can you imagine how traumatized poor fellow was to go for actually biting the dick off? Christ. Anyway men really are terrible.

Also dunno if anyone's else had this but i got what any incel would arguably say is "led on" by a guy for two months straight and today, when I'm honest and direct about my feelings, is when instead of putting me down gently (which he had plenty of opportunity to do) he finally raged at me? For reading into flirting? Wanting to take it further? Ok fuck you too then men. Jeez.

I'm probably much better off as that's a red flag for a particularly ragey and abusive one but damn.

No. 322857

Same. I wish I had a load of money to start my own game studio because then I know women wouldn't get treated like crap.

No. 322872

wtf. men are disgusting and your dad should be in PRISON. No one 'checks out' their own children. wtf is wrong with people??

No. 322874

Men are weak cowards. Women have to find so many ways to 'let them down easy' or else they don't know what could happen. We make up names, boyfriends and phone numbers to get away, and i wish more women would straight up tell them no. However, we've seen the unpredictable behavior men have when women say they dont want to be with them. Pathetic weaklings they are.

No. 322882

It would have to be women who aren’t jealous of other women though because I hate that shit. I’ve had too many bosses also favor men coworkers because they hate other women so much.

No. 322887

File: 1541840515671.jpg (96.47 KB, 640x853, uz0bc1t8vxb11.jpg)

No. 322904

I have a supervisor like this right now. Coddles male coworkers even when they're lazy incompetent assholes, but is hypercritical of any female coworker. Several of these guys are constantly making overtly sexist and racist comments but she insists they're really "sweet boys" on the inside and are "just joking" even when they're clearly not. Meanwhile an overworked heavily pregnant female coworker doesn't sound chipper enough when saying good morning one day and she rants for fifteen minutes about how rude that is. She's one of the main reasons I don't feel comfortable reporting these guys to HR because 100% she'd be one of those women going
>umm well I'm a woman and I don't have a problem with them calling female coworkers cunts and making sexual remarks all the time, so like, maybe you're just oversensitive? uwu
and undermining me at every turn. Imagine having a 50-year-old shoe0nhead as a supervisor and in charge of extending your contract.

No. 322907

she's doing amazing

No. 322912

My dog has fished for my bloody pads lots of times and loves the taste of blood, still hasn't attacked or bitten me though. Biggie is innocent!

No. 322914

I can't stand women like this who have to be the only woman around men or the hottest, its just pure narcissism.

No. 322933

She constantly refers to our group as herself and “the men”. Not even “guys” which I could accept as semi-gender neutral, but specifically her and her men. Outsiders and new people have been legitimately confused when I showed up to meetings because they didn’t think there was another female member of the group.

The most pathetic thing is that she’s physically downright unattractive and old enough to be everyone’s mother. That ship of being the hottest girl in the room has sailed, if it were ever an option at all. I have no idea why she’s trying so hard. Most women that age have stopped giving a fuck and I have so much more respect for them.

No. 322935

I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and I met so many animals who were terrified of men or hated men.

Never met or even heard of a single one who hated women. Animals know what's up.

No. 322938

Probably the same thing Karen Straughan has, didn't get a lot of male attention growing up and panders to the men to get that attention. I don't care if people flirt at work but I can't stand it when I'm meant to feel like I'm always in the way of a lady boss trying to get a piece. I just wanna do my job and go home and not be treated like shit, I know how you feel and its even worse in blue collar jobs.

No. 322947


anon, thats fucking disgusting

No. 322951

Yes anon, ignore the fangirls, the several upon several studies showing women like feminine guys, the cute boys thread, who we date, marry, etc
Clearly we need an uwu man to tell us what we like and you caught us! We actually liked meatheads all along

Same, almost all dogs and cats I met loved women but strayed away from men, even farm animals get herded better when being herded by a woman. Men truly don't deserve women

No. 322952

The fact we was so quick to get backlash for it literally debunks any male oppression claim you can make

Meanwhile men do this shit all the time, men even hack women and steal their nudes just to judge the everloving shit and be supercritical of a woman who's twice as hot as that man can only wish to be, or the scrots in the older threads who would creepshot and violate women just because he didnt like their buttsize, not one drop of hate and when they did get hate other scrots white knighted them quickly

If only men had to pay for their consequences like women do

No. 322965


NTA but I believe it. Men are disgusting sub-humans and animals can sense it.

No. 322970

So you're salty that your poor ass can't afford to buy jewelry?

No. 322972

These men look nummy from the waist down

No. 322974


Dogs hate men. Dogs are women's best friend.

No. 322975

>mfw men use century-old sayings to prove they are better than women

oh I am laffing, first evil women aren't feminine enough nowadays, now they're evil gold diggers who love diamonds

No. 322977

>A Tennessee man was arrested Wednesday after he flew into a rage over an Xbox video game and fired over a dozen rounds from two different handguns into his bedroom ceiling and walls, a report said.

Le logical and unemotional gender


No. 322978

>man's best friend - dog

and yet men rape them too

No. 322979

File: 1541860396541.png (7.42 KB, 732x92, 29.png)


If dog's are man's best friend then how come dogs being afraid of men is one of the most common fears for dogs according to experts like Cesar Millan?

Whoops, guess dogs don't like you guys so much after all.

No. 322980


And yet dogs still prefer us to men!

No. 322982

Why do you post here? Honest quest.

No. 322983

Is the scrot really getting triggered over dogs not liking men? So sensitive kek. Sorry that Fido prefers women to you.

No. 322984

File: 1541860566003.png (821.86 KB, 1470x828, xbox.png)

Bonus article: 45 year old man arrested for threatening to shoot an 11 year old after losing on Fortnite

No. 322985

Don't worry, even if you shove the evidence in their damn face they'll still nervously deny it
"experts who have studied this agree with me"
"b-but, t-they don't!"

sure showed us

No. 322986

>Calling dog's "man's best friend" in a thread where a news story was posted about a man getting his dick bitten off by a dog because he smeared peanut butter all over it

No. 322988


If you google "dogs hate men" you get tons of articles from experts saying this is an extremely common thing.

If you google "dogs hate women" you get… articles about dogs hating men and liking women. kek

No. 322989

Don't forget that furry circle that got busted for raping and murdering dogs were ALL MEN , not even one female.

"""best friend""", sure

No. 322990

source please

No. 322991


https://rekordnorth.co.za/123031/sound-clip-charges-dropped-against-north-man-accused-of-raping-dog/ (but whatever happened to men get life sentences for everything lmao)

wanna take your best bets on how many of those evil women are caught in animal cruelty, dog fighting, drug trafficking by cutting up puppies, etc?

No. 322992

but but, anon! evil women!!! fuck the fact we're actually the ones posting sources, clearly this man pulling shit from his ass knows more

No. 322996

>>ignoring all the sources from florida, georgia, new york

Lol men are the same literally everywhere, this isn't a "muh western culture" issue

No. 322997



>Attention to bestiality was first widespread in the United States as a result of the well-known Kinsey studies. Eight percent of American males reported sexual animal contacts (Kinsey et al. 1948). However, more notable is that40 percent to 50 percent of rural males reported such acts (Kinsey et al. 1948).

Females have a much lower rate of sexual involvement with animals, with only 3 percent of adult females reporting any such sexual acts.

No. 322998


Would like to add more recent studies back this up, with the lowest estimates for men being 4% and the highest being 10%.

Women hover around 1 to 3% in all studies, including the ones focusing on just dogs.

Men are the ones raping animals. That's why dogs hate you.

No. 323000


Hey genius! The Kinsey study I just cited was only for Caucasians.

No. 323001

That's the thing lol exactly i didn't try to be an incel about it, i just was like "look i sense were dancing around the issue and wasting time, truth is i like you and want to be with you and am willing to go at your pace with your complicated situation. And if you say no i understand."

And that was met with fucking BRUTAL rage. Rage where he decided to inform me we apparently weren't even friends? Just friendly acquaintances? Um. Ok 2 months of flirting and talking could have fooled me…

Men rage at women for fucking everything is my conclusion. I've had them rage at me for putting them down nicely, like just "hey that's nice but i don't feel the same" and now there's rage when i try to pursue one and leave lots of room to put me down gently, because i assume we are friends and I'm trying to respect that. What the fuck.

No. 323004

Everyone hates you.

No. 323007


Yes they do

No. 323008

Post pics or gtfo

No. 323009

Scrot ITT just proving how mentally incompetent they are. Can't argue beyond posting r9k memes about old sayings, and can't check sources properly when presented with facts. Just proving us right with every post it makes.

No. 323012


No. 323013

How big is your dick? Under 7 in erect GTFO beta bitch

No. 323017

googoo gaga nobody cares

No. 323018


>thinking men invented fire

No. 323021


Don't forget rape, war, child abuse and torture! Men invented all those things too.

No. 323022


what have you personally contributed to society?

No. 323024

You have a tiny dick I bet

No. 323028

On a serious note, isn't it amazing that even though men have oppressed women for most of human history, kept us inside, denied us education, the right to vote, or jobs, women have still made so many amazing contributions to society?

Women invented computers. Women invented dishwashers. Women invented science-fiction and superhero fiction (as well as fiction overall, the first novel was written by a woman). Women invented stem cell isolation, meaning it will be women's achievements that eventually let us cure cancer. Women invented kevlar.

Women have done everything men have ever achieved with one hand metaphorically tied behind our back. Is it any wonder men are so intensely jealous of us?

No. 323029

Thinking men invented agriculture. Ouch, it hurts.

No. 323030

>we wuz inventors

It's not like angry ape men kept women out of academic field for years with threats of angry ape violence. Hey fun fact scrot, but the first female doctors in Britain completely destroyed men in their entrance exams, and how did men react? They chimped out, threw mud and garbage at them, screamed at them, and blocked them from the entrance to their exam room. The logical male strikes again!

No. 323031

>women invent agriculture
>men take it away and say they did it
>men invent sky daddy that gives them rights and takes away women's rights
>women are behind many inventions but men get credited
>women get abused throughout centuries through gaslighting

>finally 20th century and women get their rights

>start showing their true potential
>men are dropping out of schools while women are succeeding
>men whine more each day
>they hope everything goes back the way it was

male genocide when?

No. 323032


Women invented the computer. You are typing on a woman's invention right now.

Your sex will never amount to a fraction of what women are capable of. Oh, and dogs still hate you.

No. 323035

I have a full time job, I pay my taxes, I live independently without mooching from any family members. I volunteer regularly and I donate to charity with frequency. I helped work the polls during the election, and I campaign for progressive political candidates looking to move our world forward.

You, however, have probably been unable to leave your room for at least 3 weeks now, have 6 gallons of piss jugs by your feet, and your mommy is currently making you a PBJ with the crusts cut off so you don't have to pause losing at League of Legends, am I right?

No. 323037

So the scrot realized he lost the argument when someone pulled out statistics showing that men are the ones abusing animals are astronomically higher rates. Now I guess he's going to have to backtrack and find something else to ree about now that people have pointed out women invented computers, fiction, and the human race itself.

No wonder women outperform men in schools. The male brain is just inherently weaker.

No. 323039

Charles Babbage mostly stole the work of Ada Lovelace, so you lose again. Then Grace Hopper was the one to invent COBOL, giving us the modern computer.

No. 323040


Men contribute one thing after women do all the hard work of birthing and raising them, so I guess by your logic women invented everything ever. Thanks, scrot!

No. 323042

>not knowing who Ada Lovelace is

this is embarrassing for you, truly

No. 323043

men are the biggest whiny victims, how can they even function with all of these easily damaged emotions flowing through them

No. 323044

100$ on the scrot not even having majored in a STEM related field


No. 323045

You just hate women because you can't get one to hop on your tiny weenis, don't worry it might happen one day and then you'll eat your words.

No. 323047


So I was right, you're giving in on the "men are inventors of everything" argument now you've lost it. I guess "men are better than women at school" is your next argument? It's gonna be embarrassing when you lose this one too.

Thank you for illustrating so beautifully why women outperform men in everything.

No. 323050

>to get school system rigged in their favour

And what makes men unable to pass it?

No. 323051

>women protest to get have equal rights and get treated like human beings

>men protest because women wont be their fuckmommies :((((

No. 323053

Margaret Keane's husband took credit from her paitings, Colette's husband took credit from her books,Rosalind Franklin should have won the Nobel, but James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins won it. Why do men always take credit from what women do?

No. 323055

>women manage a large-scale, worldwide, peaceful protest
>scrot cries on image board that school was just rigged against him, is incapable of taking personal responsibility for his failures

weird, who is the whiny one in this situation again

No. 323056

Why do you spend so much time arguing with us? You haven't disproved anything and its just annoying constantly going back and forth BACK AND FORTH

No. 323057


>Not inventing things as we've established.

>we established

But we didn't establish that, your argument got BTFO'd
>>323039 >>323042 >>323052

>not starting businesses

But they are?

>not being political leaders

But they are?

No. 323058

Because they're lazy cowards. And have a non existence pride where they think women being better at things than them makes them less of a man somehow

No. 323059

>cry and beg men to give them rights

nobody cried and begged, women demanded and fought for it.

No. 323060

File: 1541863702370.png (33.91 KB, 586x363, haha.png)

Feels good to be superior.

No. 323063


No. 323064

Lmfao i bet the scrote ITT os gonna become a tranny after being BTFO'd so hard.

No. 323065


Because men's own inventions and creations are vastly inferior. They know that, so they steal women's.

No. 323067

Bullshit, every female teacher I had graded me harshly, they had the hardest classes for me to pass I'm a gorl.

No. 323069


Men literally killed suffragettes.

No. 323070

>Thinking it was socially unacceptable to physically attack (even IMPRISON) suffragettes

My fucking sides

No. 323072

>women ruining country straight into the ground

How exactly?

No. 323073

Guys, just ignore the scrot. You can throw citations and studies and statistics at him but his tiny brain won't be able to understand it. His education comes from other tiny-brained scrots on Youtube screaming about feminazis until they're red in the face and panting. That's about as high-brow as it gets for men, they're just not intelligent enough for anything else.

Let's return to our discussion of dogs and how they despise all men on the planet.

No. 323074

Why are you so mean?

No. 323077

>90% of crimes being comitted by men
>majority of scams being comitted by men
>majority of exploration being comitted by men

b-b-but women are ruining the country because they don't want to be my fuckmommy!!!!

No. 323080


Imagine not knowing who Emily Davison was. How embarrassing for you.

No. 323081

No. 323082

The most depressing thing is that if you search for "men who took credit from women's work" you will find countless examples, it made me wonder how many examples are hidden in history and we don't know about it.

No. 323083

It sucks being straight but knowing men are awful, but still liking dicks, but still knowing men hate us. How do I reverse this?

No. 323086

Anyone else here in a teaching position finding it a pain to deal with male students?

I'm a TA for a programming lecture.
Whenever I correct male students they get irritated, one even once yelled at me. Sorry that facts don't bend to your will.

Yet I have plenty of female students who, upon correcting them, are thankful for the help, instead of being insulted for not being right 100% of the time.

No. 323087


You haven't heard of her, or Ada Lovelace, or Lady Murasaki, or Mary Shelley… oh dear. You're not very intelligent, are you? Still, you're a man so I guess your inferior intelligence isn't surprising.

No. 323093

You still didn't answer why you post here, I don't post on one of your incel/4chan/whatever threads where you bash women. Can't you go there and do it?

No. 323095

Awww that's so sweet

No. 323096

it's because this is the only outlet he has to get female attention. stop giving it to him and just report his shit.

No. 323105

autists who respond to incels and allow the thread to devolve into… this… are worse than the incels. don't reply you idiot >>323095

No. 323110

Is this from his personal porn collection?

No. 323114

We're ruining everything and their society by not being their sex slaves, chained to their stove at home, pregnant and barefoot 24/7 anon! uwu

They'll say that we destroyed the family unit for when its just code for 'women can choose not to fuck me and I want a wife to abuse who cant divorce me this isnt fair!' Men hate women when we're not doing what we're told and when we do for being inferior and weak to them.

Theyre really transparent about it all lol

No. 323137

What is this?

No. 323138

A lot of these incel types don't have anything to offer in a relationship beyond their unimpressive paycheques (and sometimes not even then lel). Back in the good ol' days this might have been enough to attract a woman out of necessity - the "traditional family". But now that the evil feminazis can make a living wage on their own, their one bargaining chip becomes nearly worthless.

No. 323142

File: 1541874245843.jpg (103.13 KB, 1080x348, Mood.jpg)

This tweet is so relevant to our thread discussion.

>men shooting people every week

>why aren't women saving men from shootings???

>men raping women, other men, children, and animals

>why don't women defend rape victims who aren't women???

List goes on and on.

No. 323144

At this point, it really is a miracle to find a man who isn't a rapist or wannabe rapist, so we have to keep rewarding the non-bad ones for just managing to not be completely terrible. It's so sad how much men have to be coddled and babied just so they don't become abusive trash. Not even so that they become good or loving, because 97% of all men are biologically incapable of that. Just so that they don't become toxic and terrible.

No. 323153

Whats the final solution to the male problem girls?

No. 323154

Separate spaces, I like having sex with men so there should be an optional place to meet in the middle. Otherwise build a wall.

No. 323160

File: 1541877078531.jpg (28.95 KB, 600x338, we-need-to-5b5174.jpg)

No. 323164


I agree.

Also women can go into the male space if they want so mothers can see their male children if they want, but men cannot enter the female space.

No. 323166

Will walls even work. Men will try their hardest to tear them down in the name of conquest. Because they love violence and to hurt women. They cant handle seeing 'women-only' anything without REEEing into oblivion

No. 323170

I suppose that's true, I'm out of ideas then :/

No. 323171

We need to secretly ship all women & sperm at sperm banks to another planet. That way we can finally live in peace & breed out male trash. We could just carefully select the sperm & breed out high testosterone levels & the genes of rapists & murderers. Women with criminal history ofc won't be allowed to raise children & spread their genes.
This way the men on planet earth can bomb themselves all they want.

No. 323172

So we will breed a new generation of men? Or will we just have robots?

No. 323174

Women only elysium

cute husband android yes please

No. 323176


Plus you know MTFs would ruin it, and handmaidens would let them. We'd have men in dresses cluttering up our spaces and committing all the crime in the name of muh inclusion.

No. 323178

We will breed a new generation on a new planet. This way, we can start anew. Men won't have the urge to rape, murder or start wars because it won't be in their interest to do so - and we will need men to uphold the power of humans on planet earth - I don't want us to go extinct. Male robots would be nice tho.

No. 323181

With that I don't mean that we will need men for political power - women will be in all leading positions. We need men to breed & as workers for our economy.

No. 323185


I've already seen men use this incident to shut women up about everything..

No. 323187

You can still support women and have sexual needs, I'd never sell anyone out for some dick no worries.

No. 323213

just watched some prank videos where straight men get asked out/harassed by other guys and it was fucking hilarious
men can't stand being in our shoes for once, as soon their masculinity gets questioned they get all agressive like animals
i resent them for being able to have a carefree life and protecting themselves by using strenght
wish i could make men as uncomfortable as they make us

No. 323219

If women put their foot down they could end up in a grave or disfigured for life

No. 323220

It's funny how I have gotten to the point where I see the death penalty prescribed for bestiality in the Old Testament and I'm like 'Yeah that sounds reasonable'.

No. 323236

It is reasonable. That's pedophilia level abomination. There's no reason a person who did that should continue breathing.

No. 323262

This. I was also raised to be direct and put my foot down. Unfortunately, men are crazy pieces of shits and how many women were killed or worse just for saying no or 'rejecting' a guy's advances? men are disgusting

No. 323263


No. 323265

The tweet speaks so loudly. Men are rewarded for the literal bare minimum. Reminds me of those old tv commercials where the dad would be brushing his daughter's hair or pretending to have a tea party and be considered dad of the year. Meanwhile the mom juggles her kids and a full time job, still getting her kids to school in time, helping them with homework and cooking dinner for everyone. Men are so incapable of that.

No. 323266

Hopefully this is okay to be post here. I have a male friend who i've known since high school and we get along because he's more sensitive to women than some men. However, it's incredibly hard for me to empathize with men, even when they are assaulted.

he told me he was sexually assaulted/groped by a random man coming home from work and it was incredibly difficult for me to garner any real sympathy because this felt like what women go through all the time but when they try to stand up to these men, they get called liars or death threats. i dunno.. men do this shit to other women all the time, so when it happens to a man, i don't care.

No. 323270

jfc, that's terrifying. I hope he lived alone. Men are legit the most unstable and emotionally weak creatures on this planet.

No. 323274

What is pros?

No. 323279

do eet

No. 323280

my bf said to me a few weeks ago he thinks rapists can be rehabilitated and 'the focus shouldn't be on punishing them'. he also said that if even 1% is rehabilitated it's okay if 99% of them re-offend. I'm disgusted and I kind of want to dump him.

No. 323283

Yeah no shit you kinda wanna do that. Dude told you straight to your face that he's not safe to be around.

No. 323285

ty anons. I needed that sanity check.

No. 323290

Sounds like a future rapist, if not one already. At the bare minimum you know he's an apologist.
dump his ass

No. 323297

Listening to men having a conversation makes me lose brain cells.

No. 323302

Sounds like you need a new boyfriend.

No. 323303

>it's okay for men to rape cuz sometimes people make mistakes, y-yanno

ew, drop his ass like old trash.

No. 323307

You may not like it, but this is what peak MGTOW looks like

No. 323308

>hair or social media or celebrity drama

It's pretty funny that you are on this message board where you can easily find thousands of posts, most all authored by women, on a literal fuckton of different topics and still this is all you can take away?

So who's skull is empty?

No. 323312

Lmao, was not ready for that. 30+ y/o neckbeard throwing a tantrum over actual tendies. In public. Oof.

No. 323313

MRA's are so embarrassing, waaah I can't call a woman a bitch boo hoo muhequalrights

No. 323316

Time for a new bf anon! Like yesterday

No. 323350

Its 3 am where I live and my creepy male neighbors just shouted "you fucking cunt". They live below me..

No. 323351

Put some videos where chads are being rejected.

I love those

No. 323352

Is his name Daniel? I think I know him. He is fucked up.

No. 323362

>cute husband android yes please
You know that androids will mean the end of the pussy pass, right? You should be glad they don't exist (yet) and you can still leverage the only important thing you have, your holes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 323397

No. 323401

Holy shit I laffed. Men always screech about this but it's solely because important women were shoved under the rug

No. 323403

can you imagine all the things women could have accomplished, or things they did accomplish that were stolen/discredited from them throughout history? makes me sad.
on the other hand the second there's even SOME parity in the playing field we start outperforming them. sucks to be inferior, scrots.

No. 323427

File: 1541951505950.png (43.46 KB, 818x163, reddit123.png)

No. 323460

Imagine being so ignorant of what women are actually like (due to having little-to-no interaction with them per being a socially inept loveshy) that this is what you really think they talk about.

No. 323472

No. 323476

What a prick, whats your views on surrogacy though? Kind of unrelated but I know some people who post here are GC and they're against it.

No. 323477

Yup, happens often. Stop having sex or birthing their children and watch them implode

Also KEK at males promising that robots will make women want them or make women worried about being 'replaced' Sex toys and sex dolls (used in porn all the time) already exist for men and they can easily live out their fantasies in peace away from us ebil women. But they HAVE to and make sure we know they're gone. Their genes wont be passed on anyway so not sure why they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results, like us dropping everything and running to kiss their feet. Women not caring makes them go insane?

No. 323478

Why would we want to be with any of these men who want dolls anyway? What kind of relationship/sex are we missing out when clearly none of these men know how to reciprocate.

No. 323484

When people say robots they mean advanced ones pretty much indistinguishable from real people. Something we won't be seeing in at least a couple hundred years.

No. 323486

I had few male (ex-)friends since high school and they've all gone batshit in their mid 20s.

In high school (and I've hanged out quite often with them) they were somewhat mature for their age, good grades, had long-term girlfriends and were in normal relationships generally.

Enter early 20s and it all stars going downward spiral. By their 25, they became (or revealed themselves) as irresponsible, lying, gaslighting and manipulative pieces of shit who do alcohol and weed constantly, cheat and blame women for all their failures.

Anyone else had a similar thing happening? It's baffling to me.

No. 323493

Anyone against it needs to just mind their own business, honestly. As long as the women carrying the child aren't being exploited, it's totally fine. Sadly, some couples use women from dirt poor countries so they can pay them ridiculously little, though.

No. 323495

lolno. We're not far away at all from robots indistinguishable from humans (though obviously nowhere near ones that can incubate humans). However, what these men are too retarded to compute is that they're actually the ones who would become more obsolete from the existence of robot SOs. You need women to keep the human race going, but this point we have countless amounts of sperm in banks and if men magically vanished off the face of the earth, we could keep the human race going effortlessly.

Not that I'm saying I want that, I'm just saying that's the reality of who would theoretically be made obsolete by robots.

No. 323499

I've only ever had one friend who ended up being overtly misogynistic, but I have another who blames his mistakes on women manipulating him.

>guy has gorgeous gf with great personality

>cheats on her with psychotic hideous hambeast stalking him
>hambeast talks him into dumping his gf
>he does and regrets it
>"but she manipulated me anon! I was too afraid to say no to her and she knew that!"

I bitched him out and told him he needs to take responsibility for his actions. He agreed. Still, though, men will blame everything they do wrong on women and it's disgusting.

No. 323502

File: 1541972972727.jpg (165.72 KB, 1280x1379, 1e9ae9c36c2a7ee9e7e9e5c051e275…)

I'd give it another 20-30 years and I can have my Connor husbando.

No. 323504

But why are you even friends with him? wtf, anon.

No. 323521

If men want to pay for sex with something humanlike, prostitutes have always existed and guess what? It has never stopped men wanting relationships and children with regular women. Some supplement their sex life with prostitutes, some go to them because they cant get a girl otherwise, some refuse to go them because they find it pathetic. Sex robots would be in the exact same situation, but at least real women wont be hurt by them the way prostitutes often are.

No. 323524

A lot of people just need a trusted voice in their ear telling them they're horrible and need to be less of a piece of shit. Had he not listened to me, I would have dropped him in a heart beat, but he did so we're good.

No. 323526

I watched an interview with Elliot Roger's dad where he said he offered to take him to a prostitute to lose his virginity, but Elliot said he wanted to be loved.

Men pretend they only want sex because love is too painful for then.

No. 323528

Nah, their madonna whore complexes are just so strong that every woman is fuckable but any woman who dares actually have sex is worthless

No. 323535

>man at work always makes wife beating jokes, even made jokes about an ex coworker who was abused by her husband
>no one said anything, but when I did I got the stop being so sensitive shit
>made joke about hitting guys during sex
>hey dont joke about hitting poor hard working men reee reversed roles

Why do scrots always scream about reversed roles even when its untrue?

No. 323547

30 years? No way. We're far away from a convincing AI and human-like materials for the body. You also need super advanced robots to mimic the human body.
It's gonna take a long time, but it will happen eventually.
You can't bring a prostitute to live with you though. With human-like robots you can.
I believe many people in the future will skip the dating game if a convincing and easier alternative is available.

No. 323551

God please yes bless that day. Give me a sweet connor husbando

Right. They claim they want love but love to them is simply women being their fuckmoms without any protest

No. 323553

There are some practical differences, both will have pros and cons but ultimately they are th same thing. Both represent an alternative to a relationship, one that men dont choose en masse because sexual validation and passing on their genes is more important than sex itself.

No. 323556

A robot can't give them the validation they're so desperate for, though.

No. 323559

It's frustrating because you can technically report this to HR. You can say this coworker is making this an unsafe and hostile environment (specifically use the words hostile .)

Sometimes HR arent absolute shits and you can actually get something done. i'm sorry you had to go through this.

No. 323560

>men dont choose en masse because sexual validation
I don't think sexual validation is too important. Imagine it's the year 2300 and some guy can bring home a human-like robot that looks exactly like the woman of his dreams and has a AI so advanced you can't tell it's a robot. Another thing is that they can still pursue real women for casual sex if they want. Men get very invested in their toys, be it computers, guns, cars, whatever.
>passing on their genes is more important than sex itself.
Even today a big number of people hate the idea of having kids, in the future I bet it's gonna be even worse. There's also the argument that in the far future there will be artificial wombs.

No. 323562

Meh, 2300 we'd be dead. Men love war and violence too much

No. 323564

This is good, we can actually have separate societies for men and women and be satisfied.
Het or bi women can have gentle robo-husbands and no men will be present to rape and murder us since they can just do it to their own robo-wives.

I was born too early. I want a cute twink android bf to love…

No. 323569

I wish we could round up all men into camps tbh

No. 323578

Yes, men will like and want sex bots. But they will not replace relationships, just like how prostitutes and porn and sex toys haven't. They use those things in combination with real women because inanimate objects cannot provide a human connection, ego boosts, a family, etc. You talk like men are robots with no desire for anything but sex, but evidently that is not enough for most of them. You're exaggerating the importance of looks and convenience, they are appealing but cannot satisfy their biological imperative and self esteem.

Men only talk about sex bots in the context of revenge on women. That's how upset they get when women dont want them, that's how invested they are in us fucking them, all it does is prove that their egos depend on our sexual acceptance.

No. 323590

>inanimate objects cannot provide a human connection, ego boosts, a family, etc
I guess it depends on how advanced those objects are. If you can't tell the object apart from a human, the brain might be fine with it. Another point is that many of those things can be attained through friendship, like ego boosts and human connection. Family could be attained by adoption or through artificial wombs.
>biological imperative and self esteem.
I agree on the importance of the biological imperative to pass your genes, but I'm not so sure about the self-esteem part. Concepts like marriage and love are very recent, they aren't hardwired in our brains.
I don't think men or women really need one another that much.

No. 323600

I disagree that there is a great biological motivation for men to father children/have families. That's just incidental to the drive to have as much sex as possible. That drive has been funneled into a more controllable expression (i.e. the nuclear family) by societal rules.

No. 323621

Your post is spot on. Men are obsessed with women whether they want to admit it or not.

No. 323628

File: 1541987083171.jpg (157.67 KB, 749x1100, 1540348134191.jpg)

Black guys are sooooo romantic.

No. 323629

File: 1541987164623.png (1.08 MB, 813x847, 1540682221178.png)

This trigger me so much.

No. 323630

That's so so sad. That mother is probably traumatized and that poor woman is dead because she dared to reject an emotionally unstable man. I know the header is MEN ARE TRASH, but they truly are the scum of the universe.

Women do not pull this shit when men break up with them. this is horrible

No. 323642

Annoying thing is, other men will just blame her for dating a black guy and believe his race is the issue here rather than his gender. Even though black women aren't shooting their exes up and non black guys do the same shit all the time.

I mean, it is true that women should avoid dating black men if they want to prevent domestic violence. They just also need to avoid dating white, asian, middle eastern, etc men too. If we need to make decisions based on crime statistics, we will end up single.

No. 323645


Anon, In my experience, black men tend to be more "aggressive" than white men. And less romantic.

While whites have a "twisted mind."

In truth they are all fucked up.

No. 323656

People are use to men shitting everything up, so much that the second a woman does anything other than comply and make everyone happy even if its just one woman, that woman will forever be used as an example for "EVIL WOMEN!"

Thats what I hate most about being a woman, everything we do is bad according to men

No. 323657

File: 1541993087909.gif (2.01 MB, 275x202, 1520117605112.gif)

My friend is being shamed for breaking up with her boyfriend in jail for stat rape with a 14 year old at 24. They're making it about her not being able to hold out while he's in jail as opposed to the crime he was convicted of.

He was really jealous and she basically couldn't hang out with males. And then she finds out he was cheating on her with minors by him getting arrested. Imagine that for a second- your boyfriend being so jealous and distrusting you can't hang out with males… finding out he was cheating on your WITH MINORS and is a child predator… and then being treated like the villain when you leave him.

To top of all off, one of his friends made it into a misogynist thing. Acted like women are incapable of being with a partner the second things get inconvenient m the way he was talking, you'd think it was a guy sent to jail for a few months on a weed possession charge or something, as opposed to someone who engaged in sexual conduct with middle school girls.

No. 323668

I've ruined my body and although I'm not barren I do have some personal reasons for not being able to be pregnant. So I've thought about surrogacy but GC makes me feel bad for it.

No. 323692

It's interesting how MRAs will say the school system is rigged against boys but the traditional classroom - sitting down, staying quiet and listening to the teacher speak, has been around before any sort of feminist influence. If anything we've actually become more accommodating to slow learners. They really can't accept the fact that we're better than them in something.

No. 323693

Right? Men dictate how the education system runs and ban women from it for ages, claiming we're not smart or capable enough, then when we do well they change their story entirely.

I have to admit, the widespread acceptance (among men) that women are dumb or intellectually inferior was something I could not have fathomed while at school. I didn't realize anyone genuinely thought that until later, when 4chan's misogyny became more serious and political and less lame edgy memes. I never realized because my dad had a lot of praise and encouragement for me, and secondly because girls, including myself, were always doing better than boys in class. The worst students were always boys, and the smartest kids were a mix that skewed towards girls. I never once thought that men as a whole were smarter than me or many other girls in my school because there was just so much evidence that the male school population had plenty of slow/lazy/disruptive boys and the smart, studious ones were few and far between. My opinion has not changed since then, except that I probably concede that the vast majority of people of either gender aren't too bright. It's just that even slow girls are better students.

I guess it's just the typical male inclination to ride on others coattails - there are more acknowledged and celebrated male geniuses than female, therefore every man gets to celebrate himself as a genius by association.

No. 323702

Boys need discipline! When corporal punishment was made illegal boys' grades went down. A little switching to keep those rascals on the straight and narrow would restore men to their former glory.

No. 323712

Why do these robots have an obsession with black men? Most white women date other white men, calm down.

No. 323729

I'm convinced the same anon who keeps shilling alt-right men from 4chan as the true pro-woman, anti-porn allies and screaming about everything being "the Jews" is also bringing their nonsense to this thread.
It's an attempt to "redpill" farmers to be part of their movement, in hopes of recruiting more ~*fashy*~ tradthots like Lauren Southern and Brittany Venti.

No. 323731


I had never said this but, I am a Latina woman and for some reason I am more attracted to blond guys.

Some explanation?

I don't think she does it with bad intention, in my class the white boys are calm while the blacks, always try to show their "manliness" in front of others. I just try to ignore them.

No. 323732

File: 1542011167033.jpg (55.86 KB, 500x450, tumblr_inline_p8wnikY8e31s2sq2…)

No. 323733

Why are you talking about what men you're attracted to in a man hate thread?

No. 323734

File: 1542012049458.png (368.07 KB, 700x1763, rrpn6i8u2jx11.png)

>It has never stopped men wanting relationships and children with regular women.
Even so, just because they want relationships with regular women, it doesn't mean they'll get it.
The more sexually liberated a society is, the less sex the average men will get. If the trend of sexual liberation continues in the future most men simply won't have the option to be with real women. They'll either be with robots or alone.
Pic related is what will happen in the future, but in a much larger scale.

No. 323736


I believe is because in a more liberated society, women often prostitute themselves without feeling fear.

But only if we're talking about average men.

I think that even so, the chads will continue to have more relationships, curious case is that most of them in the background are misogynistic and if so, nothing would change.

No. 323739

Wait, are you really calling most Finnish women prostitutes?

No. 323740

Okay? That response is to the way scrots are always gloating about sex robots ruining women's lives in future.

I'm also sick of them touting that specific situation as the worst thing possible. Maybe they are biological garbage and deserve to be weeded out of the gene pool. As long as women aren't dependent on Chad for money and child rearing, his sperm is enough to keep the human race going while women support each other via extended family etc. The nuclear family is a meme men desperately try to preserve because it's the only way they can keep women dependent on them. You know a family structure is wrong and unnatural when the only way to keep it going is by restricting the rights of 50% of the population and treating them like a subclass, and you know men lack critical thought when 99% of their arguments are based on an inherently flawed premise (the necessity of nuclear families).

No. 323741


What I want to say is: Statistics show how many couples men and women have. But it doesn't talk about men who stop having sexual partners resort to pay for a prostitute.

I mean, in a liberated society average men would start paying for prostitutes knowing that they can't get a couple.

And yes, prostitution is legal in Finland.

No. 323742


B-but but, what if I want a nuclear family?

No. 323743

In my opinion sex bots won't ruin women's lives. They'll just give more options to unwanted males. Women will get bots too if they want.
>I'm also sick of them touting that specific situation as the worst thing possible. Maybe they are biological garbage and deserve to be weeded out of the gene pool.
That won't really happen. In the future people will be able to breed through artificial means if they wish to do so.
Well that graph doesn't show men getting the services of prostitutes, it just shows them having less and less sex partners. Men like that will be the prime market for bots.

No. 323744

Most people want one, and it's a nice fantasy. It's not like I enjoy the situation I was suggesting and I don't actually enjoy the idea of men's genes dying out, but what other choice do we have when men hate us so much, if the only way we can be 'good enough' for them to marry is by being submissive bangmaids? It's just not practical to rely on the benevolence of a husband for the rest of your life, their good will is far too reliant on us being young and attractive, doing everything they say and never disagreeing with their mistreatment of us.

No. 323747


>if the only way we can be 'good enough' for them to marry is by being submissive bangmaids?

Gurl,Now I see the problem.

I think that is your perception of things, but in my experience I know many married couples where each of them has a job, the woman above all is the one who has a better position but at the same time has less time to be at home. Marriage is not a bondage.

No. 323748

Pretty much all studies show that women do the bulk of domestic chores and child rearing even when they work as much or more than the husband. And if you hadn't notices, men everywhere are flipping shit over the horrors of feminism allowing women to work in the first place.

No. 323750

File: 1542015585102.png (364.47 KB, 700x1763, Finnish_Study_18-24_Excluded.p…)


The 18-24 age group is skewing the overall appearance of the study. If you exclude them like I have in this edited image, then there's not much of a contrast.

Men seem to be more likely to have video game or internet obsessions that keep them indoors for long periods of time. You cannot meet anyone for sex if you're inside alone. The spread of MGTOW/incel/whatever mentalities among young men worldwide that make them repulsive to women might be another factor. There also might be something going on in Finnish culture that I don't know about since I'm not Finnish.

No. 323751

Anon I mean no offense but please screen who you're putting your energy into replying to.
When it's 10-20 word replies with anecdote or "b-but what about me" (literally in this case kek) please just don't. They're not after an honest discussion and just want to move the goalposts and waste your time. As you can see, they disregarded everything of what you said and instead want you to address their feelings on the matter. Don't give them the understanding they aren't giving you.

No. 323752

>then there's not much of a contrast.
If you look at the 25-34 group, you'll see that the percentage was 30% in 1992 and 14% in 2015. For 35-44, it went from 25% to about 18%. For 45-54, 26% to 17%. All of these are big drops.
For older men the change isn't that big probably because most of them already have stable long term relationships like marriage.

No. 323759


The numbers for women have dropped too. In 1992, around 19% of 25-34 year old women said yes and in 2015 it's around 16%. Since 14% of 25-34 year old men answered yes in 2015 that makes it almost even. Compare the 2015 numbers for men and women to each other and more men are having 2 or more sexual partners per year from the 35-44 age group onwards.

No. 323769


Actually I am reading every word and I care about each one.

I like to express my feelings and that others can understand me.

Please anon, don't underestimate the argument of a girl just because you think I do it to waste other people's time.

>Pretty much all studies show that women do the bulk of domestic chores and child rearing even when they work as much or more than the husband.

You are right in this, but… many of the wives do the chores of the house to please their children and that they come to have a good life, while the husband is in the background. That's my opinion.

No. 323770

Males hate being told they're the violent irrational gender yet they can't help behaving in violent erratic ways.
I honestly believe they should be chemically castrated and be under the supervision of women for most of their life. Only once their testosterone drop and they're really old and weak should they be able to make their own decisions.

No. 323771

>>many of the wives do the chores of the house to please their children and that they come to have a good life, while the husband is in the background. That's my opinion.

Nah, wives do the chores and childrearing because men are too lazy and selfish to do them. Even in relationships where both partners work full time, the man gets to come home, relax, play with the kids, while the woman still has to cook, clean, and do the actual raising of children. It's not that it's a "good life," it's because they have to do it or it won't get done, because men are incapable of stepping up.

No. 323783


You'll notice when these men need medical treatment to stay alive, it's women giving that treatment and care.

Just fuck off back to 4chan already, scrot. You're not wanted.

No. 323785

>When men make women-hating boards, sites and threads
Women: How lame. Oh well, whatever.

>When women make one man-hating thread


No. 323786


50% of doctors are women. 81% of nurses are women. You are stupid, like all men. Run along now.

No. 323788

Lol, males literally bully women out of those jobs. Male genocide is necessary tbh.

No. 323789


I think we should just rescind their right to vote.

Think about it, we had only men voting for centuries and it didn't work. Now we have both men and women voting and it's better but not perfect. Time to try letting only women vote.

No. 323790

This. They complain women are "lazy", but are vehemently against women in these same jobs, even the military.

No. 323791


Please do ;-;

No. 323792


Of course today's annoying ree-ing scrot is an incel.

No. 323793

Maybe their right to leadership roles should be removed for the same reason.
Also, they say women are tyrants on their periods, but we're actually just a little bit closer to men when we PMS. That pretty much means men must be tyrants 24/7.

No. 323795

No. 323798


Take away their voting rights, make them property of their mother or wife, and teach them only the bare minimum of reading and writing. Ugly males can do physical labor and the jobs women don't want to do, and the rare attractive males can be househusbands and sperm providers. We'll have a utopia within ten years.

No. 323799


Yes, it does seem to be hard for incels. I guess that's why you guys stay in your parents basement screaming at your moms to fix you tendies all day.

No. 323804

50% of the population aren't incels, so I'm relatively okay.
Unfortunately for you, roughly 50% of the population is female, so you must be on the verge of an emotional breakdown whenever you leave the house because the grocery store cashier is a roastie who won't fuck you.

No. 323805

As usual, ignore the scrot. Men need attention from women to live, they can't function without it. Don't give it to them.

No. 323806

Whatever help you sleep at night, incel-kun, you don't even need to lurk a lot to understand that most farmers are in a relationship, have a job and a normal social life.

No. 323810

This. Many women with "radical" thoughts are still capable of maintaining their lives and hygiene somehow. Men, on the other hand…

No. 323811


The most radical woman I know works part-time as a model kek. She's happily married, one of the most gorgeous women I've ever met, and would make most of the man-hating anons in this thread look like sh0eonhead.

At first I thought it was strange that such a beautiful, successful person is so radical but now I'm a bit older it makes sense. She doesn't need to debase herself and suck up to men to make them like her. She can be as man-hating as she wants and they will still worship her. It's actually the ugliest women who are usually pro-men, because they don't have anything else going for them.

No. 323813

>One of the many thing on the list of things incel-kun will never ever get to say IRL

No. 323814


Oh, I'm sure he says it often, thinking he just fired off some sick zinger. And then goes quiet when women just raise an eyebrow or go "…Anyway."

No. 323825

That's actually quite interesting. The biggest "handmaiden" I know is also a model. She's always defending men, even incels.

No. 323829

And who may that be? From what I've seen some of the most hideous women are pro-man, but some of the most gorgeous women hate men, isn't it funny how one minute anti feminists mock people for dieting and caring for themselves just to turn around and claim its actually evil feminists who are fat

There's a reason why red states tend to have the highest obesity

No. 323832

>She's happily married
Not with you

No. 323833

You don't expect me to release the info of someone I know, right? I'm just telling you that she's a super good looking model and still defends men and even incels.
Another thing is that some would argue that good looking people tend to be less hateful because they don't get the bs ugly people get all the time.
It really isn't set on stone.

No. 323834

Is there a thread to discuss NLOG girls with internalized misogyny? Men are obviously far worse in general, but there are also women out there that are beyond disgusting and warrant conversation.

NTA but I've seen some really pretty anti feminist women. It typically comes from extreme NLOG and narcissism. Like, they get off believing they're a unicorn for being pretty and "smart", so they need to knock other women down and feel like they're inferior. With those with an internet following it's also pandering to their fans. Depending what kind of modeling you do or general internet presence you have, you often get shitty males for fans. For example, girl gamers who use their bodies for attention like SSSniperwolf and Anisa have the kind of trash fans that eat that shit up.

No. 323836


We're both straight, so no? Are you OK? You seem confused.

No. 323838

>For example, girl gamers who use their bodies for attention like SSSniperwolf and Anisa have the kind of trash fans that eat that shit up.

Those girls are annoying but I wouldn't assume they sincerely believe any of the crap they say. They make money off claiming anti-feminist shit, that's a pretty powerful motivator to continue saying it even if you don't believe it.

No. 323853

incels pretending to be women online never cease to amuse me

No. 323855

Why would an incel be happy that a woman is a radfem? What?

No. 323883

Why are men so fucking dramatic? This is the 10th time men have ruined something I was looking forward to from how damn overdramatic they are over everything, I wish the world was only womem tbh, I'm sick and tired of how dramatic male nature is

No. 323887


It's because of their hormones. You know how sometimes your period hits and you feel very emotionally volatile? That's actually the part of our cycle where testosterone is highest and estrogen is lowest.

i.e men are like this All. The. Time.

We really shouldn't let them be world leaders, they might wake up one day and decide to start WW3 because they're feeling emotional.

No. 323888

Yeah, I find it funny when they say the reverse of this.
You've already started two world wars yourselves, you absolute fools. We've started NONE.

No. 323916

I think some anon already shared a German-language version of this story in an earlier thread, but here it is in English from the NYT.
Men are just so lost without female guardianship. It almost makes me feel sorry for them, but in the end we can't be everyone's mommy.


No. 324018

>Eastern women upon the fall of the Berlin wall: pursue new job opportunities
>Eastern men: don't, then whine when they become unemployed

No. 324044

OT but as somebody who's living in west germany this pisses me off so much. It's been decades and the people living in the east still constantly complain and whine about how much harder their life is. The west had to pay a shitton to the east back then. They do earn less etc, but food and living expenses are also less, so in total they shouldn't be poorer.
I'm by no means leftist but these people (mostly men) are just a huge embarrassment. They're the living embodyment of all negative stereotypes foreigners have of us.

No. 324075

does anyone else use this board as an emotional crutch?

No. 324077

Ok but its going to be corned beef.

No. 324083

Im sorry I just dont buy it, the modeling industry in the west tends to be very feminist, someone who bent over backwards for men wouldn't last a day, unless you mean model like some random hoe who got a photoshoot done once

No. 324088

No. 324090

File: 1542064028798.jpg (59.5 KB, 474x995, kaneoyasachiko.jpg)

>tfw no qt robot husband

No. 324094

I'm surprised lolcow doesn't talk about her more.

No. 324101

File: 1542066264533.jpg (18.6 KB, 480x240, 5482291029efc_-_horrible-bosse…)

Did anyone else see the shitty movie horrible bosses? I never understood Jennifer aniston's character, how she was a boss who sexually harassed her male coworker and patients. like, that shit doesn't exist.

i'm sure the guy who wrote it thought it was 'equality' but using a woman who sexually harassed people for comedy made no sense to me. also, in what situation does that ever happen? it just annoyed me, that's all. apologies for slight OT

No. 324104

Can we talk about how its more socially acceptable for a man to buy testosterone than it is for a woman to buy estrogen?

Its like its not expected for men to have top notch reproductive systems as much as its pushed on women, so much that men see women as worthless and a deal breaker if they aren't 100% fertile, but a woman buying estrogen or progesterone is frowned upon yet straight testosterone is marketed to men, but you never see straight estrogen marketed to women, why?

No. 324111

Medically speaking, isn't it because testosterone makes them stronger, whereas female hormones can have so many negative side effects? Such as interference with fertility, fatigue, sickness. The wrong/excess can cause excessive/heavy/prolonged bleeding. I do get your point though.

No. 324113

testosterone "therapy" is garbage nonsense marketed to idiot men. Just laugh at them.

No. 324115


as far as i know they used to market oestrogen as a beauty/anti aging/magic drug in the early and mid 20th century but people didnt want to buy it as much when all the nasty side effects, such as an increased risk for some cancers, came out.

No. 324121

I can't find the link I'm thinking of, but search progesterone dominance and estogen dominance. Each of those two work to negate the negative effects of the other. Remember birth control is hormone based usually, and older women are somewhat expected to be on HRT. I would say we are somewhat expected to be on hormones - bc when young, hrt when old, wheras men are never expected to be on testosterone or steroids.

No. 324152


Agreed. I take Spironolactone to reduce my elevated testosterone and have told many people, including men, and I've never been looked down upon for it.

No. 324153

File: 1542074548791.png (273.83 KB, 433x466, 1541787611045.png)

I have a love (platonic) hate relationship with a new friend of mine. On the one hand, we have very similar personalities and abilities and I feel as if I would be him if I were a dude. On the other hand, he's like me but more defensive/guarded and very haughty and proud of his abilities. I am just as good at what I do but I often feel as if I get overlooked compared to him because I am a girl. Not even dunning-krueger I don't think. Also he yells at his mom.

No. 324187

File: 1542080413883.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

>yells at his mom
Put him in the trash where he belongs.

No. 324191

>yells at his mom

drop this piece of shit. wtf

No. 324209

I was on tumblr and looking at the notes of an innocent video and managed to stumble upon the hardcore domination/sadist blogger side of tumblr and I’m just full of rage and disgust and shame. These men who shamelessly admit they kink on misogyny, rape, and eating disorders could exist in my life and I would have no fucking idea. I’m just shaking with rage right now. Why do men hate us so fucking much? How sick do you have to be to get off to vomit, to causing someone to bleed and wanting to starve them? Men are broken, they’re sick in the head and they can’t be fixed.

No. 324212

It's a fictional movie, anon. It's FAKE. Would you rather they make a mockery of sexual harrassment that does happen?

No. 324258

Is it different if a woman has those fantasies about men? Or just as bad?
t. Woman who has those exact fantasies about men

No. 324344

I’m pretty liberal when it comes to kinks, or I thought I did. I’m a submissive woman with gentledom kinks. But I think any kink that comes from hatred and the desire to cause actual pain is unhealthy and shouldn’t be catered too. There’s a difference between enjoying rough sex, or the illusion of control like a hand on the throat or spanking. But wanting to do it until your partner cries? Wanting to see them bleed and die? That’s not right, that’s not normal.

No. 324345

If you told someone "I watch simulated rape videos because I find them funny" people would (rightfully) think you're sick.

But if you told someone "I watch simulated rape videos because I find it arousing" that becomes A-OK and anyone who thinks you're sick gets told to stop being a prudish kink shamer.

No. 324380

Misogyny kink blogs are purely disturbing and awful. I really hardly doubt anyone uses them as 'just a kink'. A few minutes reading captions and descriptio s and its obvious how its just hatred towards women mixed with hardcore porn and degredation hidden behind the veil of kinks. And you cant call them out without the shame police coming in to tell you how bad YOU are for shaming someone

No. 324386


Femdom kink blogs are never like this either. I've never seen a femdom kink blog that got anywhere near as vicious and nasty as misogyny kink blogs do.

No. 324392

This particular blog had submissions from women and it made it even more disturbing. There was a submitted video of a woman punching herself as part of her “training”, and photos of overweight women with insults written on their body. They called it “starvation kink” but what the fuck, that’s not a kink that’s fucking torture.

Imagine having a man like that in your life, knowing that every time you eat around him he’s fantasizing about starving you and making you vomit.

No. 324425

I find it interesting how males that get into anime find it normal to talk about lolicon on non-anonymous websites and brag about reading hardcore doujinshi and fapping to them. Yeah, there's a lot of girls that go through a cringey weaboo fujo phase, but there's A LOT more fetish manga/anime translated and localized for guys and in such communities it's normal to post porn or fetish art of teenage girls.

There's a complete disconnect from reality and lack of awareness that you shouldn't gloat about the porn you like in discussions about shows, so many scrots upset when a discord they join doesn't have a nsfw channel or a site bans loli because it's pedophilia.

No. 324430

yes, yes, yes. It's a terrible addicting habit for me when I feel lonely.

(but it does help me see that my experiences with men are common and that they are trash indeed)

No. 324442

at least fujos mostly sexualize adults when it comes to yaoishit. the fact that loli is so normalized within the male-dominated weeb communities just goes to show that a lot of men are complete, shameless degenerates. a lot of these weebs will shit on furfags but they really aren't any better when it comes to being open about their gross fetishes. i had an ex who came across a fairly active fetish discord server where the admins apparently talked about exchanging and procuring actual cp to fellow pedofags in private messages.

No. 324457

I went to see my doctor today (a man) to talk about recovery and trauma, and at one point he asks if I'm high maintenance and politely tells me I'm a strain on my husband. I wanted to strangle him. He talked about how marriages don't work out and blah fucking blah even while I was visibly anxious and miserable. Why are men so terrible at treating people with common courtesy?

No. 324458

I always want to believe that submitted asks from women are men larping but then videos and photos of women hurting themselves.. hurts me. Because we KNOW its not mutual. Men take that and actually get off on abusing women in every way. Misogyny kinks only exist to fuel and justify misogynistic actions.

Notice too how many of those blogs are run by (often times) white middle aged men.

Right? Femdoms never go into detail about how useless, weak and pathetic men are for being holes and fucktoys. The degregation and humiliation is always extreme and painful. I wodner if we can discuss this more in the anti porn thread?

No. 324460


A few months ago there was an AskReddit post asking men if there was no age of consent or minimum age, what age of girls/women would they have sex with or watch porn of?

The vast majority of the replies were men proudly saying they would never go lower than 11, and would probably settle around the 13-15 mark. They truly seemed to believe that because they would wait for puberty to start their child abuse, they were good and moral citizens.

No. 324461

The amount of male pedophiles out there blows my mind. Whats the point in trying to trust them anymore?

No. 324463

I literally don't know a single girl out there that hasn't been abused by a man at some point in their lives, we can all connect and share about that.

No. 324464

File: 1542137475849.png (51.66 KB, 602x360, 1525989215586.png)

Never forget.

No. 324465

source on that? most studies i've seen usually say 18-23 is the typical preference.

No. 324470

Because we make up our health issues for attention, apparently /s. I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition by a female doctor, who sent me to a (male) specialist to help manage it and potentially start recovering. He essentially told me it was because I wasn’t having enough sex with my boyfriend and that it was making me depressed, and I wasn’t being fair to my boyfriend for not having more sex. He just decided all this without asking if it was true or taking my concerns seriously at all. Have you tried submitting a complaint? That’s what I did and I got a letter of apology from the hospital as well as one they made him write, haha.

No. 324472

I hate men.

No. 324473

In my experience, women that are doctors and nurses have better bedside manner

No. 324475

Wtf does sex have to do with anything and how does he know how much sex or how little sex you're having?

No. 324476

I am so sorry that happen, fuck. Is there a way to report him or at least rate him and warn others about him anon? Holy shit. And please find someone else

Men can only have empathy for other men. Women are only tolerated

The past taught them nothing.
>never go below 11 fellas
>expecting awards for choosing not to fuck children but developing teenagers are ok

Probably because they have to. 18 is the youngest they can go legally (most of the time). Theres so much teen porn out there where the selling point is "barely legal" because thats what they want - underage kids to ruin and psychologically hurt.

Sex segragated society cant come sooner. Women raise the children since men cant be trusted

No. 324478

i feel really bad saying this, because i know that not all men are paedophiles, and that not all women love children, but i get really uncomfortable with the idea of men being around/looking after children, especially small children and infants. theres just something so disgusting and wrong about it, and i cant quite put my finger on why. someone on my facebook posted some article about skin to skin contact and why its important to babies once, and the picture was this dad putting the baby onto his bare hairy chest, i almost threw up. its just not right somehow .

No. 324480

Now will the scrots who come here to argue understand our fucking point? Will men ever acknowledge that? I wish men would at least admit they hate us and want to rape kids and be done with it.

No. 324481

Hearing what men say when they're anonymous has truly made me hate them.

No. 324486

Please consider going to a female doctor. My doctor is a woman and she's always been so empathetic towards everything I go through. She's never had any problem giving me strong painkillers (I've always had chronic period pain and often suffer from UTIs) or referring me to therapists/gynecologists. She prescribes me anti-anxiety medication when I have to fly and helped me find an oral contraceptive that didn't give me horrific side-effects through a lot of trial and error. When your mental health is bad or when you're in serious pain, you need someone like that who is kind and takes you seriously. Someone who will thoroughly run tests to get to the bottom of what's causing your problems, instead of just assuming. I love my doctor and I appreciate everything she does for me so much.

All the things above would not be taken seriously by a male doctor. Seriously, male doctors do not deserve your money.

No. 324489

Your doctor sounds amazing, every doctor I've had made me feel like a burden especially men.

No. 324490

I'm so so sorry, anon!! That's truly vile. I hope there is a way for you to report him to higher up because that is beyond gross.

No. 324493

i would never leave my child alone with a male. It doesnt matter who they are. At least i can do this when i have my own children. I was molested by my mother's so called friend as a young teen and my dad actually flipped his shit when he noticed my grandfather on my mom's side wanted me to sit on his lap alone in a bedroom. it's probably trauma i pushed into the back of my skull, but never trust men. ever.

No. 324494

He wasn't mean about it, but when I'm already having panic attacks the last thing I want to think about is how I'm a burden to my husband. I don't know what he meant by it he said "no offense". I haven't slept in a while and I spaced out a lot through his talking AT me not with me so maybe he got butthurt?

No. 324495

You sound like you're making excuses for him. stop it and love yourself anon. You were being gaslighted by him.. come on

No. 324496

It makes me double think. Because they can give you a shallow smile in publiv. Maybe be nice. But anonymously, they show what they really think about you. Or tell the world that they'd fuck a 12 year old or a 13 year old if the laws allowed it >>324460 right here

its sick

No. 324497

Why are men so creepy and manipulative, like they want to get inside your mind and hurt you?

No. 324507

This. Women doctors are better by so much. They dont bullshit you or put you down and they're actually better doctors in general. My urgent care clinic has all female doctors and nurses and it makes me so happy.

No. 324510

Hopefully this is okay to say here, but this is why i am against male gay couples adopting children. I dont think two men make good parents AT ALL. I am fine with two women or one man/one woman parents however.

No. 324520


There were these two gay men who hired a surrogate to have a baby for them and got permission to film the birth. But then they were making fun of her the whole time, saying her vagina looked disgusting and laughing at her for not having shaved. While she was screaming pain because she was in labor delivering THEIR kid.

No. 324523

wasnt there also that gay couple that filmed their surrogate or adopted child getting raped by other men? or something horrible like that. i remember it from one of the earlier threads. men truly are trash and need to stay away from children.

No. 324528

Yes. Here's the documentary.

>One video showed Boy one performing sex acts on Newton, with a disturbing level of sophistication when he wasn’t even two years old. When the boy turned five, in one month alone, Newton video himself engaging in sexual activity with Boy one on more than a dozen different occasions.

No. 324529


Where are the mra's when this shit happens?

No. 324532

staying quiet because it goes against their "buh fathers deserve equal custody" bullshit

No. 324535

A village of women raising children >

People are surprised that gay men are misogynistic. Didnt know you HAVE to be straight to hate women. You cant hide behind "im gay" shield and then talk gross shit about women. It makes no sense

And their baby was a girl, unfortunately. But the surrogate sued them after too.

No. 324538

They're blaming women somehow. Fucking sick pieces of shit.

i hope they went to prison to get raped repeatedly until they died.

No. 324540

Women in general are proven to raise better children. Why the fuck would any real parent want only a man or worse– two men raising a single child? recipe for disaster.

No. 324546

Did they still get the baby? :(

No. 324550

the problem with this is that conservative men use statements like this to keep women in the kitchen and pregnant and at the whim of men. men are perfectly capable of taking care of children, they're just socialized to be monsters and given entitlement complexes since they never have to work hard in their lives for everything. if men weren't so sick in the head with sex and porn addictions, men being single fathers wouldn't be a problem.

No. 324560


Why do men need laws not to rape a child?

No. 324567

Yes :( they claim shes happy and healthy but I wish that baby girl was raised by two women instead. Two men who mocks vaginas raising her.. I pray for her.

Men can be decent single fathers so long as they're asexual eunuchs basically.

No. 324568

hahahaha you mean the same rule of law and judiciary system that made it legal to rape your wife up until the 80s/90s, when it was finally put to an end by feminist lobbying? fuck off.

No. 324569

Women don't seem to have an issue not raping/killing.

No. 324570

>men in the third world don't count as men
>men who break the law don't count as men
>all men are equivalent to the elite minority who design and uphold the legal system

You should just stick to convincing yourself it's good and natural to fuck children instead of futile attempts at pretending men as a whole are actually opposed to it.

No. 324574

If you mean partner violence:
(page 12)
Haha, no.
That aside, men commit most crimes you dunce. You CANNOT disprove that. It's a fact.

No. 324581

File: 1542148196646.jpeg (34.81 KB, 2035x158, 6CB3D1F5-2D01-45BC-BA8E-8C813C…)


No. 324586

I just watched the movie Shutter ( I think it's… Vietnamese?) And there was a rape scene near the end that triggered the shit out of me. Why are only men the animals that rape innocent women??? Why do only men gang rape and do/say nothing?? I'm so angry right now.

No. 324587

Sorry for samefagging but the guys excuse was that he was young and stupid. I know it's a movie but yes very real in how women are treated, but especially in poorer, asian countries. I hate men

No. 324589

I remember that movie. Watched the american version and when those same men who raped her started dying, it was justice espcially at the end when the wife left him after learning that the ghost of the woman was warning her about her husband

No. 324592

Can you tell me the differences between the American and Thai ver? I'm glad the main dude stayed alive, but with brain damage and a ghost haunting him forever as a result of his piece of shitness. I honestly wanted to see more gruesome ways of the men dying. there wasn't any justice to be had imo. But then again, justice would be those disgusting men not raping at all. I did love the scene in the bathroom with the ladyboy. haha

No. 324602

I dug around and found an archived /v/ thread where it was posted, but with a citation: G. C. N. Hall, R. Hirschman, L. L. Oliver; Behavior Therapy; 1995. I can't find anything backing it up, but maybe someone else can.

No. 324607

That's admirable compared to most men though. Usually they would fuck barely pubescent and actively aim to marry an 18 year old.

No. 324609

more info: the title of the paper is Sexual arousal and arousability to pedophilic stimuli in a community sample of normal men. It was published in Behavior Therapy Volume 26, Issue 4.

No. 324614

>Wouldn't date anybody below 25
>Would fuck an 18yo

There's obviously a reason for this and I want to know what possible reason you could have for being unwiling to DATE a teen but willing to FUCK them

Are they not mature enough? Then don't fuck them.

Are they not adult enough? Then don't fuck them.

Are they not emotionally stable enough? Then don't fuck them.

Are they not ready? Then don't fuck them.

No. 324618

You know its bad when we give props to guys who admit they wont fuck minors. Bar is so low into the sea, maybe James Cameron can find it

No. 324620

And what proof is that

No. 324625

why are men obsessed with blowing everything out of proportion? I also find it funny how women get labeled as hysterical or drama queens if they show any emotion at all, but men will have a mental fucking breakdown if he got pepsi instead of coke and fling shit everywhere, and it's considered acceptable or "just some crazy guy" even with female customers they aren't as violent and dramatic as men get, but women are all labeled as evil screaming banshees just because some crazy old lady yelled about her food once

I just wish male sensitivity was stigamatized, so tired of men being coddled to hell and back

No. 324627

That just reminded me of this article of 2 dads who brought their 2 toddlers to the Folsom Street Fair in leather harnesses and dog collars. Men are fucked up in the head.

No. 324634


how many parenting experts are women? how many women work in NICU? how many women write parenting books? women have been up with raising kids since the dawn of time, isn't it funny how men will demand us to be their submissive babymakers who stay at home and raise kids, just to turn around and act as if women suck at is it, all while actively claiming they're the ones better but will admit how little time they spend with their kids, all in the same breath?

these incels are so caught up in their own bullshit, why would they want women to be traditional so badly if they think we suck at it and we're all evil?

No. 324706

Reading through a light article: Vanessa Hudgens Isn't Looking to Get Married Anytime Soon Despite 7-Year Romance With Austin Butler

And the comments were mostly men criticizing her looks, age and the expected few "women arent popping out babies when i want them to they're gonna hit the wall wahhhhh" types. Took a look at one of the commenters history and yup, the same type of man who complains about women not being feminine sex slave baby makers is a white mgtow. (Brown migrants having babies is bad and white women should be forced to breed) Figures. Believing that everything and anything related to women is bad, helping women is bad, women shoulnt work or be hired anywhere, should stay at home, rely on a man for everything (women should just be born with money I guess or else its golddigging) and be controlled by them.

Men like him despise women but are obssessed over fetility and making kids, while also not giving a fuck about raising them for at least 1i years.

No. 324713

Every negative stereotype about women is really a projection of something annoying men do that they shit on us for.

>women are hysterical & emotional

Kavanaugh and countless others prove this one is a projection

>women only care about money and sex!

Men only care about sex and money.

>women get favored in custody battles!

Men who fight for custody almost always get it, it's just that most men don't care

>women who kill men get lighter sentences than men who kill women!

False & reversed ofc. Women and teen girls get decades behind bars for self defense killings while men get like 5-10 years maybe

>women talk too much!

Men talk more than women, also they think women are "dominating" convos when women talk more than 30% of the time, and they also think they talk way less than they actually do. Men are too stupjd to realize every problem in the world is caused by their projected insecurities, biases, and fetishes.

No. 324715

The accusation of being emotional is my favourite, which sex is it that tends to murder innocent people when they get rejected? Not women kek

No. 324748

On the whole gay men being misogynistic thing, I HATE when gay men get into relationships with women and use them for money/fame.

No. 324760

lmao at men for thinking a woman having sex with 30 guys would loosen her up but having sex with the same guy 30 times won't. not that the latter loosens anyone up but you get my point

No. 324762

File: 1542204663389.jpg (38.75 KB, 491x251, oer34JGM1w9jpzk_540.jpg)

Thank you for these posts

Men are dense walnuts that played themselves

No. 324763

>Men who fight for custody almost always get it, it's just that most men don't care
Men don't give a shit about their families. That's why they have mancaves because they hate their wife and children and can't stand being around them.

No. 324766

Men who are obsessed with womens vaginal tightness tend to be insecure with tiny dicks, TMI but I'm really tight down there which would be fine if my boyfriend didn't have a huge dick (inb4 humblebragging) it makes it literally impossible for us to have sex without sending me in intense pain and he's made me bleed down there despite using lube, it upsets both him and me because we just wanna fuck like a normal couple, I can only imagine how tiny a guys dick must be for them to enjoy sex with a extremely tight woman,or they're the type who purposely want to injure the woman and in that case they're just awful at sex if they don't care about their partners pleasure and who tf wants to have sex with a guy like that

No. 324774

File: 1542206613311.jpg (516.52 KB, 1200x891, Screenshot_20181114-154256.jpg)

Fucking hell

No. 324776

There is no such thing as a ~tight vagina~, this is factually a myth. Being tight means your body is not going through the physical changes during arousal that allow for comfortable sex. When you're aroused, your vagina is supposed to expand and get wet to allow comfortable entry.

It's not that you have a tight vagina. It's that your vagina unfortunately doesn't respond to arousal the way it's supposed to. That's why it's painful and you're bleeding. You should definitely discuss this problem with your OBGYN.

No. 324778

I was going to say the same thing anon. Maybe tight anon is afraid of his dick/because she has been hurt before and it makes it even worse. A baby can come out of there, it's a muscle that stretches. I have trouble getting the smallest tampon in, but I'm very relaxed with men/sex and have no issues. Though ideally would not want an extra large man for the reasons in her post. Once a guy sent a pic to me and it looked like a little dinosaur. He was genuinely sad because his last gf dumped him because of it.

Basically tight vag is a myth, but large dick is not and if men aren't careful with theirs we are gonna clam up.

No. 324782

File: 1542208640485.png (494.93 KB, 1361x696, 1495105554537.png)

Alright and? If that's the case, then they have no fucking integrity and are vapid, airheaded losers. They salivate at the idea of throwing away their character for a brief monetary gain so they can spend it on plastic, meaninglessness crap. It's so unabashedly shameful and pathetic.
Is promoting insincere, self-hating ideology for some fucking Funco poptoys or another PRO gamer chair or fucking kitty cat ear headband really worth it?

No. 324783

So they are just casually neutering women without their consent in 2018

No. 324794

I finally realized the "real male feminist" i met is just another "male feminist" doing it for his own gain. Rather telling his twitter is the most self righteous bullshit on earth, but all he does is tweet and retweet about the black lives matter stuff and abortion rights. He never seems to comment or retweet economic disparity even though he'll kinda mention it irl but then look down on anyone that isn't a programmer making 6 figures like him, he goes on and on and on about helping people and volunteering and then just like, fucks off and only hangs out with other rich, high power career people, he doesn't actually do anything except get mad when someone beneath him wants him to demonstrate his beliefs and not just spout them. He gives his number out to random women to help "mentor" them because he's this guy that works for a silicone valley company, gets weird and flirty and has no boundaries, and then will be emotionally abusive and patronizing to these women. If you confronted him, they're all acquaintances and people he's trying to help mentor, he never ever does or says anything that might be predatory and creepy, no sir!

Fucking hate this guy. A lot of his coworkers are women. I hope his anger and narcissism fucks him over big time in the form of him getting caught sexually harassing and getting fitted or having inappropriate relationship but I'm not holding my breath because everyone loves what a great, down to earth, well traveled guy he is.

No. 324797

He sounds like a lolcow himself.

No. 324802

This isn't actually about them being NA most likely, it's probably about them being impoverished. This is a very common thing doctors do in my area as well. While I think it's disgusting to coerce anyone into any major medical decision when they aren't in the right mind to consent, I can't say I'm against preventing poor people from pumping out more kids they can't afford. Honestly, these women should be jumping at the chance to get sterilized after their first or second kid. Getting to three when you're poor is just disgustingly irresponsible.

No. 324804

He's more like a personal lolcow. He's too rich and good at keeping it together for his public image to be a true lolcow. Just another obnoxious liberal on Twitter if you don't know him personally.

Also his mentoring basically consists of giving you links to resources anyone could look up themselves and then enacting a series of flirtatious, "deep" conversations over a long period of time. He drops them like hot potatos for asking for actual mentoring or wanting a relationship with him, which he then pulls the "i never did anything that should have made you think i want that, this was purely professional." Charming.

No. 324833

I agree, no reason to put their children through hell and continue the cycle of poverty

No. 324836

They don't really do this to poor white women though. I've never read an account or heard of it. Sure, I've heard of doctors pestering all poor women, even white, to go on birth control for the reasons you stated. But I've never heard of sterilization against consent and coercion like this unless its someone not white or if they are disabled.

So yeah, its fucked up and you're being racist and sexist. No reason to be sterilizing women against their will or trying to coerce them when shit like IUDs and other long term, highly effective birth control exists.

No. 324840

There's also the fact they seem to routinely refuse to sterilize white women, even when they have severe, potentially life threatening diseases or disorders, because oh no they might "regret it." Its easy to get a vasectomy at a young age for most dudes, simply because they don't want kids. But white women under 40 with endometriosis or something or who don't want children and reasonably never will, will have a hell of a time finding the one reasonable doctor that will move forward with tube tying poor hysterectomy.

So yeah its all fuckin sexist and racist bullshit. Heck you can't even get some really old fashioned doctors to give young white women at high risk for unwanted pregnancy an IUD, they'd rather she get knocked up i fucking guess.

No. 324844


I suspect it's because of that tired old stereotype that non-white families "breed like rabbits." So racist doctors get it into their head that sterilizing a woman of color won't hurt, and is in fact "good" for society.

No. 324849

Ding ding ding you win the prize that's what i was getting at. Its based in that old fashioned horse shit. And if the people being like "but they're just doing a public service in a fucked up way" ever worked in or around healthcare and heard the shit doctors and nurses say and do behind your back, they wouldn't be so sure.

No. 324852

Most white women live in first world countries with access to social services, clean drinking water, and education even if you're poor in a western country you have a better chance of moving up and providing a decent life for a child. I'd agree to sterilize any woman regardless of race that has too many kids.

No. 324858

This is actual racial genocide in the modern age, unlike what those idiots on /pol/ crying "wHITE GENOCIDE!!11" post. Very fucked up.

No. 324860

It is pretty fucked up though to just jump to sterilization without first getting these women better access to healthcare and birth control.

No. 324863

It's the roastie thing too. Interestingly enough, despite the male obsession with porn I've never, ever seen evidence of a pornstar with increasingly lengthening labia over the span of their career despite having a lot of sex. It's almost like they have no correlation at all.

No. 324865

I used to think my vagina was too "tight" to have sex, but then I started taking magnesium and drinking a lot of water with it helps tremendously.

No. 324875

All my non-white friends were put on birth control almost instantly for any sort of reproductive or vaginal issue, my white friends got actual care, despite begging for actual treatment and hormones my gyno refuses anything other than BC

No. 324878

I'm white and that's all I've ever been given for late periods/period pain.

No. 324883


I believe you, but I have PCOS with severely painful periods, and all I've ever got from any of my doctors is an eyeroll and "Just take the Pill." I'm white.

No. 324890

Were you not paying any fucking attention? These are native american women, in America, being coerced and mutilated, in actual, "first world" hospitals.

also ladies lets stop fighting and agree that maybe just male doctors often fucking suck and drag anyone that might have reason on their team down with them. My favorite doctors when I did try to go into healthcare were always the women. They may have sometimes been cold, aloof, and had some terrible bedside manner in the worst cases, but they usually never believed horrible shit like this or wouldn't dream of actually acting out on it and harming their patients.

No. 324891

File: 1542227875379.png (374 KB, 1914x1406, mentally disturbed r9k pedosex…)

Reminder to never let men near your children.

No. 324893

Yes I was actually, but you also have to understand they isolate themselves in reservations and live by their own culture so there's no easy way to help them.

No. 324897

They. Are. Being. Treated. In. Actual. Hospitals.

Not reservation hospitals.

Grow a brain.

No. 324901

god I hate 4chan, I love the memes but its shockingly sad how many of these people are so mentally disturbed. I'm lucky I've never stumbled on the child porn or irl gore shit.

No. 324902

White women show their true colors for the tenth time

No. 324904

Because no one is teaching them about safe sex and birth control, but whose job is it supposed to be to do that?

No. 324908

They are projecting that's why

No. 324909

Did she write "hello i'm a white woman and this is my opinion"? No? Then fuck off with this shit.

No. 324910

Don't derail yet another thread with race baiting.

No. 324911

And that suddenly makes it ok to sterilize them without their fucking consent? And boy are you ever looking ignorant as fuck, you need to sit down, shut the fuck up, and get out of this fucking thread. You don't know a goddamn thing about native americans and how they live. Yes I'm mad.

Native Americans are not ignorant savages. There are a lot of problems on reservations, but them being retarded to the point of not understanding or teaching that sex makes babies is NOT IT.


But I guess you don't care, A native american woman should just be fucking sterilized to fix the problem even if she never consented to the sex in the first place and it was an act of violence.

Please stop trolling and go back to /pol/.

No. 324913

if this is real I hope the parents had a nanny cam

No. 324920

Calm down, you could've just said "rape happens a lot on reservations"

When you start to rage like this, shit like this is why if you're genuinely trying to get the message through, you're just gonna sound like some all.hail.satin shit, instead of throwing a shit flinging fest, maybe you should explain to the ignorant instead of being so quick to attack

No. 324936

>calm down
Kek nice gaslighting

No. 324937

Stop fighting. Make your point and keep it civil, otherwise move on I don't want to read this shit.

No. 324940

Yes anon, im emotionally abusing you through the screen when I told you to calm down after seeing you rage at someone who is ignorant about the rape issue on reservations, which you could've calmy explained, but decided to spazz out like a child shitting itself, calling them every name in the book, throwing a tantrum, at a non-threatening person

Again, you could have gotten the message through, but you just come off as a screaming banshee and will end up making anyone who actually cares about getting the message across, look bad

No. 324958

Ok I'm not going to justify this shitty troll and shitty bait with more replies.

Other anons let's just agree that forced sterilization is a human rights violation especially when long term reversible birth control exists and move on.

No. 324960

Maybe instead of forced sterilizations while the women are in altered, pliant mental states from heavy painkillers, doctors should be recommending condoms or morning after pills? Or giving out some fucking pamphlets on BC? Surely, rendering people unable to reproduce, period without their educated, explicit consent isn't a solution the citizens of any humane first world country would entertain or support?
"They're uneducated" isn't an excuse for actual genocide of an entire demographic, anon. Rape is a rampant issue, as well, it's not like they're just addicted to childbirth.
Kind of shameful (and scrote-ish) to unironically try to defend systematic violation of women's bodily autonomy.

No. 324963

Holy projection, never said they were savages, they are uneducated and impoverished and live in closed off reservations. Never advocated for sterilization either.

No. 324969

??? Just when did I accuse you of calling them "savages" in my entire post, or even use that word, period? I literally just said them being uneducated is not a feasible defense for sterilization, and you arguing that they're uneducated in a bid to make things seem less nefarious is scummy.
It's funny that you're the one to talk about projection when you're denying shit you were never even accused of, fucking hell. Way to tell us how you really feel, as unintentional as it was.

No. 324972

File: 1542234559023.jpg (45.48 KB, 600x600, stop-posting.jpg)

You are not going to win this argument and i honestly think you need to be banned at least temporarily for this outrageous race bait. Even if you are somehow not a troll and didn't intend it, it was taken as race bait and your failure to self reflect on why what you said is offensive and wrong has shat up this thread beyond recognition.

No. 324979

>A baby comes out of there

Seriously. Stupid ass women who act like 'omg it's too big! i'm so tight' are uneducated as hell.


Sweetie, you have to be 18 to be on this site. No one cares about your boyfriend's 'big dick.'

No. 324980

This is extremely sad and terrifying. what the actual fuck, America

No. 324981

While I agree there is absolutely no reason to have more than one kid if you're already living in poverty, the surgery and taking away ability to have kids without consent is dead wrong, no matter how you spin it.

Trust, I'm from Harlem, NYC and there are tons of poor and uneducated women having kids for no reason other than to have them, but there are better ways to do this. Education is key.

No. 324990

Nah, they just have no idea its not supposed to actually be tight

No. 325136

I'm actually not white and am NA/black/white mix LMFAO. My paternal grandma grew up on a reservation. Nice try, though.

Anon you replied to here. My area is majority white and all the women I've personally known to go through this are. I wouldn't be surprised if minorities were more exposed to this than whites overall, but white people still are too.

Also, you say that as though all women are open to birth control or only get pregnant due to lack of it or it failing. I live in in North East USA. My area is extremely poor, but extremely left. We have great sex ed, access to birth control regardless of monetary situation (PP location with tons of free condoms), and vast majority of women in the state have easy abortion access. However, there's a disturbing number of women who are happy to pump out multiple children when they work part time at a fast food restaurant and their spouse makes hardly anything either if they're luck to have an spouse at all. There is absolutely ZERO excuse where I live to have several children when you're poor as we do everything we can to prevent these situations and any responsible woman would utilize them.

There are always people who don't give a fuck about their monetary or financial situation. There are always people too stupid to recognize they should absolutely not have children. There are always people happy to spawn despite living paycheck to paycheck with less than a thousand dollars in the bank at any given time.

So yeah, don't act like there's anything wrong with wanting to protect society from these selfish and/or delusional people. It's not as simple as "give them birth control and this problem will be orally solved!" that's only one step.

No. 325138

Human rights are subjective.
The democracy of mediocracy shouldn't exist tbh.

No. 325140

Yeah, it's pretty fucked up. My husband is white and his doctor is not down to even refer him to get sterilized. I'm half black and my doctor gave me a giant list of resources. I don't want to call race card, but they're making it hard. He ended up going through Planned Parenthood and got a list of referrals, but still the fact his primary refused is rather unsettling. Especially since he's been telling his primary he wants a vasectomy for 4 years now, so it's not like he's being impulsive.

No. 325149

Wow, really hoping this is just anecdotal evidence because if this is a systematic thing that is beyond fucked up.

No. 325150

I really shouldn't dignify this with a response, especially because you are definitely not who your claim to be with your shitty opinions like "forcible sterilization of the poors is ok" and absolute ignorance of native American issues (kek I'm so sure your grandma lived on a reservation, miss 1/16th cherokee so i can say native Americans being forcibly sterilized is a-ok!)

That being said, your problem sounds a lot more like a "children are suffering due to economic disparity, lack of education, and pervasive, subconscious religious attitudes to breed moar"

For a lot of reasons I'm not going to bother to explain because your won't care or won't read or will accuse me of being emotional or retarded, the solution is seriously not violating human rights on this level.

Please go stay in the unpopular opinions thread where you and your terrible opinions belong. Thx.

No. 325167

Not either of the anons you replied to, but
>I'm actually not white and am NA/black/white mix LMFAO.
Seems legit, sure you are, kek. Just give it a rest.

No. 325170

if you truly cared about a point, instead of throwing a tantrum and attacking potential allies, you should calmly explain, listen, and actually read what that anon said (which you clearly didn't, as I can tell), although I do recognize your arguing and typing style so I know exactly who you are and hope you don't get as obsessed with this anon and go to other threads and start shitting yourself about how everyone is that anon

just go, not only did you embarrass yourself as well as revealing yourself but you also made people like me, who actually care about natives, look bad, you're just as bad as incels, did someone slip testosterone in your coffee this morning and that's why you keep freaking out like someone just insulted your mother?

No. 325175

I posted >>324960, but none of those other posts. My reply wasn't even rude, unless you're straight out of PULL and expect everyone to treat you like a delicate baby. I'm convinced you're samefagging, because only that person would be so angry and accuse all their detractors of being one person.
Your post was fucked up. Learn from this dragging and do better instead of throwing tantrums about how mean people on a chan board were to you, and what a "potential ally" you'd be if only anons hadn't been so harsh.

No. 325178

then you're just as dumb as the other anons because nowhere did the anon support tying womens tubes without their consent, shit like this is why arguments here get so out of hand

someone can say "those flowers are pretty", a crazy anon will pop in and say "wow are you saying those other flowers are ugly? rude" and instead of actually reading, anons like you will pop in, read the responding posts and go "hey its your opinion but you shouldnt say those flowers are ugly thats mean"

my "post" was defending the first anon because of how crazy, novel writing anon reacted like a fucking baby instead of explaining and trying to get people on her side, the thing she cared sooo much about but she rather just villanize anyone who doesn't pat her on the head and tell her she's right

No. 325180

This is my first post on the topic but the only embarrassing one is you. People dont have to calmly and kindly educate anyone out of fear their feelings might be hurt. People are allowed to get angry and not soften the blow for retards who need educating aka common sense.

No. 325184

>People dont have to calmly and kindly educate anyone out of fear their feelings might be hurt
if you want to get your point across and not seem like a screaming tumblr banshee who thinks everyone is literally hitler, than yes you do, and it's not about their feelings getting hurt, when you're so fucking quick to have a mental breakdown it's only going to make people repel
> People are allowed to get angry and not soften the blow for retards
they are, but when you blow something out of proportion over a misunderstanding then, again, you're doing nothing but making what you stand for look bad
>who need educating aka common sense.
anon, not everyone is going to know everything about everything, as I suggested earlier, maybe instead of screaming your damn head off about how the anon is an evil racist nazi who failed at everything and has shit for brains, you could have just explained there was a problem with pregnancy because of the rape issue amoung reservations, now you've done nothing but make people repel and cause war as well as making your side look crazy, happy?

No. 325188

You're "not that anon", but you're writing these stupid, emotionally charged, long rants in their defense and claiming different people are one person with "the same typing style" after they were rightfully called out by multiple people for replying to "Forced sterilization is wrong" with "Uh but those people are rly uneducated about birth control, whose job is it to fix that?".
Sounds likely.

No. 325189

1. wasn't that anon who said that
2. there was miscommunication, yes the anon could've worded it better or been more educated, but to be fair, no where did she activly support forced sterilization, in fact when other anons accused her of supporting it she made it clear she didn't support it, but anons ignored it and just kept insisting…and insisting…and insisting, shit like this is why you will get nowhere when you make everyone an enemy

No. 325193

File: 1542251758881.jpg (46.47 KB, 640x428, dfn2cb3w0aaj1ql.jpg)

>anon implies sterilization is ok and not based in genocidal history, the doctors are doing a good thing bc they're uneducated and poor
>when called out doubles down on implying its ok bc apparently they don't teach kids the facts of life on reservations, which is actually not true revealing anon has no idea what they are talking about
>anon shits up thread with insulting anyone that is understandably angry about this and plays the victim card
>anon triples down, claims to be ACTUALLY NATIVE AMERICAN Y'ALL and again doesn't DIRECTLY say sterilization but states "So yeah, don't act like there's anything wrong with wanting to protect society from these selfish and/or delusional people. It's not as simple as "give them birth control and this problem will be orally solved!" that's only one step."
>now anon is quadrupling down, pretending to be someone else, and claiming "that other anon" said they were against sterilization, which they only said AFTER at least two different anons got angry at the clear implications of the OP

How hard is this to get? That sterilizing people without their consent is wrong according to ever law and ethic we have? People aren't mad at you because they're tumblrites, people are mad because implying sterilization is the next best step for economic disparity and lack of education is Hitler level shit and its disingenuous to say otherwise or try to take back the clear implications now.

No. 325200

I truly miss when this shit was contained in unpopular opinion threads. People need to just stop replying instead of employing damage control when they're almost universally disagreed with by a whole thread. We've all been there, I get it, but grow the fuck up. It's an anonymous board, there is no reputation to protect. Live and learn.
This anon really got so mad that they wrote this essay >>325170 WKing themselves (after racefaking, of course) and yelling at people who just wanted the thread to get back on track. God.

No. 325203

I haven't been paying attention to the infighting but I think would be okay to sterilize ugly, inadequate, or worthless men of every race. Hopefully we wouldn't need to after a few generations. And male/male couples should never be allowed to adopt children regardless of the sex of the child.

No. 325204

Pretty sure some will die out eventually, most will be fucking they’re sex dolls in their basements and not reproduce~

No. 325207

What actually happened
>anon said something that can be percieved as rude, but ended up being a miscommunication
>another anon, instead threw a shit flinging fest, cursing and blowing shit dramatically out of propotion and played victim when she got told to calm down (literally accused another anon of using an emotional abuse tactic when being told to calm down after using every word in the book)
>first anon made herself clear that she didnt mean what anons claimed she meant
>other anon(s) kept insisting she actually meant it the whole time
>anon claims to be part native
>anons accused her of lying, still writing her out to be hitler despite making herself clear
>anyone who doesnt agree anon is hitler must be that anon
>claims the anon was actually playing victim, while playing victim
>insists the argument went one way, writing out 1 anon to be this crazy horrid racist lying person, all while ignoring how fast the crazy anon went batshit on the anon even after the anon made herself clear
>instead of actually wanting to stop infighting, you of course, continue to villanize the original anon despite making herself clear, as if we can't scroll up and see the actual argument

Could've fooled me

No. 325209

NTA, but jesus. You just have to have the last word, don't you? No one is going to read all that shit. Stop shitting up the thread already.

No. 325210

fuckin right? prolly just a scrot that wandered in because honestly the woman hating tone in the man hating thread is so suspicious lmao.

anyway moving on…

yeah tbh idk if sterilization of quite a few terrible men would be necessary, I'm gonna go ahead and agree that what with waifus and daikamakuras the problem with some of em will solve itself. and if its seriously not obvious, I'm pretty much joking about the sterilization bit. I don't actually think anyone should be. Funny that a lot of genes will simply get held back by waifuism though tbh.

No. 325220

I am >>324802 and this is the only other post on this topic in this thread >>325136.

Multiple people can disagree with you.

And it's really gross to insist someone is lying about their race when they disagree with you. Why is it so hard to wrap your head around the idea that some people who see first hand the suffering caused from being born into extreme poverty would see no issue in lowering the number of kids people who can't afford them pump out? Sorry I don't see the problem in capping impoverished people at 2 before they're conceived? Sorry I care more about the quality of life of innocent children than some selfish person's desire to have more than two kids?

No. 325227

Oh you mean just like all the other anons are doing, but you're not starting shit with them, why?

If you really cared about the thread not being shit up you'd either sit the fuck down or stop pointing at one person who is literally doing the exact same as all the other anons are doing, singling them out, and tell them to stop, which has been proven to do nothing but make infights was, as we seen from the past
And of course, youre nta, just like theres magically 10 other anons here at the same time, with the same typing style and defense mechanisms, not accusing you of anything (just saying that before you throw a shit show about how you're "NOT THEM!!!" And "stupid racist anon thinks we're all the same people!!!) But its just funny, you know?

No. 325230

File: 1542254723821.jpg (38.96 KB, 630x630, 2573354_0.jpg)


No. 325231

A system where the men with the best genes are used for breeding and grunt work, while women occupy roles of power would probably be the best.
I know you're a buttblasted scrote, but only you guys want us in harems.

No. 325235

>more sperging and samefag accusations
Now let's get things back on topic.

No. 325238

Oh, its reasonable when me and several other anons are accused of being a samefag
But when I even remotely touch the idea the there might be samefagging going on the otherside, its sperging, got it

Just like how im shitting up the thread and baiting, but others who are literally doing the same, aren't!

No. 325253

I'm one of the anons she was responding to. I don't think genocide or sterilization is ok, nor do I think of Native Americans as "savages". I do apologize if it came off that way.

No. 325256

We could follow the baboon model where the aggressive males were killed and the group lived more peacefully with the females outnumbering the more quiet less aggressive males. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC387823/

No. 325259

I think I'm the person you're thinking is other people samefagging, and I literally just was offline for like, 2 hours. What the fuck.

Can you not drop shit or what? Do you just have a burning need to shit up the thread with how impoverished women with a few kids personally rustle your jimmies?

Again, this is the man hating thread. Either start hating on some dudes or leave. No one cares.

No. 325262

What even is a chad to you guys anymore?

No. 325265

I guess incels think only chads are agressive?

No. 325267

If incels want stacies why can't we want chads?

No. 325270

>12 hour long infighting
Pls just stop. You don't need to have the last word. No one's reputation is at stake here

No. 325273

Has anyone else heard about the Korean women who were beaten up because they "looked like feminists"? Apparently Korean news is trying to spin this like it's the women's fault and not even calling it assault. The news stories are all in Korean however and are being translated in English and posted on kpop forums. No official English translations as far as I know.
Can any Korean anons give more insight?

No. 325332


Same thing fam, but other way around. Attractive men aren't anymore or less violent than any other men. You're just mad women can be just as choosy about looks as the men.

No. 325346

Yeah, I'm not attracted to looks, I'm attracted to incarceration rates and roid rage.

No. 325356


He cute tho

No. 325362

I don't even know who this is, I'm fucking with you because you're annoying.

No. 325364

You really shouldn't read those incel websites, its a form of self-harm and an echo chamber that full of delusion.

No. 325365

>Yeah who cares if almost killed a teenager, the teenager was a boy
this but unironically

No. 325366

No. 325375

Saw a different post about it too.
I wouldn't be suprised tbh, reminding myself about spy cameras in public restrooms/toilets.

No. 325377

File: 1542270284438.jpg (39.05 KB, 675x1200, Dr_WoHmVYAAjBUT.jpg)

No. 325380

File: 1542271267055.png (47.96 KB, 1288x736, atlas_SyrYHW4h@2x.png)

samefag, but I also got a 2 years old great article about violence against women in South Korea that someone did link due to recent event:

No. 325384

>South Korea came out to be ran by a literally feminist blood cult
>Why do they hate feminism tho

No. 325387


Korea has been anti-feminist long long before the Park Geunhye scandal, scrot.

A scandal that you should probably do some reading on because you have your facts wrong.

No. 325388


There was nothing feminist in name or action about the cult, it literally had nothing to do with feminism. Are you just saying that because it was ran by a woman (after her father, who started it, passed away)? You seem confused.

No. 325412

File: 1542279138836.png (8.91 KB, 1059x107, Screenshot (113).png)

That's exactly what scrots think.
South Korea was ran by a feminist cult…because it was run by a woman.

If something is run by a woman it is feminist. Because it is feminist it is inevitably bad. And feminism is bad because females.
They have no idea that it actually means "equality for all", they only read the "fem…" and their bird brains immediately translate this to "female, meaning not for me and if it's not for me, it must be bad."
Imagine we'd say every country, every organisation, every brand, every factury, every firm etc. run by males = MRA.
But that's simply how their brains work. They can only think in collectives. Park Geun Hye was shite and therefore all women protesting against sexual harassment via spy cameras must be lying feminazis. But if a man does something wrong - oh no, #notallmen!

Imagine that your biggest issue with this board are other women letting of steam from being treated shitty by men in their day to day life or simply wanting to discuss the gruesome things that are done to women (in more unfortunate places in the world)… I really don't understand it. I hate kpop and anime, I can simply hide those threads. We are not "infesting" everything here. That's a straight up lie. This might happen once in a while, but is it really worth gettting this triggered over? Literally, why do they care so much? Can't they just igore it?
It's not us who are spamming this site with gore and cp, but men. Maybe it's just me, but I'd say that's much more severe and a much bigger problem, no? But go on, whine to the mods about how this thread hurts your feefees…
All I want for christmas is for male larpers to fuck off.

No. 325417

you can immediately tell someone is a scrot here by seeing them complain about the man hating thread.
I've seen "go back to your man hating thread" thrown as an insult on multiple occasions even if the discussion had nothing to do with man hating lol

Their egos are so frail that one single thread where women discuss their negative experiences with men hurt scrots' feefees :((((

But let me tell you this, after spending much time on imageboards with presumably larger male userbase, their women hating threads can't even compare with our man hating threads. They post gruesome gore pictures of women brutally murdered, raped. They post porn excerpts where the woman is brought near death with various disturbing methods. An average man thinks like this. They want to see us dead. If they don't get off CP, then they get off on stuff like that. They're mentally insane. They are incapable of empathy.

They're going to use whatever excuse to hurt us which is why there are so many girls being killed just for rejecting a guy, this is the man's default state of violence.

No. 325421


If a woman running something makes its feminist then I guess a man running something makes it run my men's rights activists.

Which means the Korean cult was still an MRA cult, because a man created it. lol

No. 325423

Which means… based Korean women made their country a 1st world country and then crazy Korean scrots formed a crazy cult to drag it back to the stone ages.

No. 325428


Your inferior male brain is showing again. There are currently (so this doesn't even count former heads of state) 24 female heads of state worldwide, including in countries like Germany, the UK, Portugal, Norway, and Canada.

No. 325429

Ignore the scrot, he's pissing his pants in impotent rage that it ended up being a MALE-led cult that dragged South Korea down lol. I can't believe daddy Jordan Peterson lied to him again. Boohoo.

No. 325432

File: 1542284475904.jpg (48.52 KB, 955x106, monsters.jpg)

Men are subhuman.

>The 19-year-old took several photos of Noceda naked, unconscious, and blue-lipped on his bed and texted them to his friends in a group chat, Varela's friend Jayson Pepito said.

>Pepito said Varela boasted about the act, saying, "She died having sex with me."

No. 325439

Yeah because you fuckers always barge in :)

No. 325440


There are some African tribes where women have all the positions of power and one of them was interviewed for a documentary. The matriarch said "You cannot give men power. They ruin everything, they cannot help themselves."

She's wise and I want to make her our President.

No. 325448

File: 1542288154523.jpg (260.99 KB, 1186x841, 6q5sfo1_1280.jpg)

Men are the biggest fucking crybabies I swear

>"She died having sex with me."
It's really amazing how something can stoop so low and be so retarded and fixated on sex that they go on thinking this way. Like fucking bravo, you proved how fucking subhuman you are.

No. 325451

I know a lot of girls that were raped while they were passed out, can you imagine waking up to that? Also, who the fuck leaves an oding person ALONE in a car???

No. 325452

It gets worse. After he got back from work he broke the corpse's legs to stuff into a crate and tried to bury it.

No. 325455

> he broke the corpse's legs to stuff into a crate and tried to bury it.
Absolutely disgusting!
Imagine being the girl's family, that your daughter was treated like that in her last moments, not only desecrated by being raped to death, but to give her a humiliating burial by breaking her legs too like she was some trash.

No. 325461

There's just reason. My mom has been cautious ever since her uncle copped a feel on her when she was 15. Even girls trusting their fathers is a gamble. My childhood friend's mother was molested by her stepdad from 8 to 16 (she ran away). I'm damn lucky because I haven't been molested by a man (not for lack of them trying since I was a small child). Most of my friends have been assaulted by men (including my male friend who was assaulted by his own grandfather when he was 8.) It's better safe than sorry and truly good men understand the caution women have.

No. 325463

I've had so many friends that have been molested/raped and its sad when when someone casually tells you they were raped while they were passed out and its just expected at this point when you hang around other guys. It sure as hell shouldn't be!

No. 325487

File: 1542295847329.jpg (273.81 KB, 1796x1729, Dr4f6xPWkAEo_C8.jpg)

A man in Ireland was just acquitted of raping a 17 year old because of her underwear choice despite a witness seeing him dragging her by the neck and covering her mouth and heading to a dark alley.


btw the rapist's lawyer is a woman and she pulled that panty lace argument. It makes my blood boil.

It's also similar to the case of Lindsay Armstrong that killed herself after having to give evidence, the same underwear argument was brought up against her to do the victim blaming.

Wtf is wrong with this world.


No. 325488

File: 1542295911153.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.68 KB, 267x1607, D7E86DED-C894-4404-9B29-7C79AB…)

It’s really long, so I’ll spoiler the pic. Anyway, it’s this word vomit I found on Omegle, written by a troon. It’s basically a TERF’s best argument against trannies.

No. 325490

sorry for accidentally posting the wrong link regarding the lindsay armstrong case,


No. 325491

>mentioning communism
I mean, all I can assume is they're annoyingly right wing nonsense.

No. 325498

wonder how many men will STILL cry male oppression, yet when have you ever seen a man getting blamed when something bad happened to him? It's always womens fault, never the mans, people treat men like retarded babies and coddle them to hell and back, being a man is literally life on easy mode and you never have to face consequences

isn't it funny when men cry about male oppression over shit like men not getting off easy when they murder and rape, or if women are sentenced to death if they shoplift or get speeding tickets, but stay silent on stuff like this, why?
they don't want equality, they want men to get away with everything and women to be sentenced to death anytime a woman isn't a perfect pure angel

No. 325500

I agree, and it blows my mind that scrots and weird femcels mad about this are always like "REEEEEEEE MAN HATERS, WANTING TO KILL EM, WANTING TO STERILIZE THEM, HOW DARE!"

Its like they've never heard of the concept of hyperbole or considered the fact that for those hyperboles were not being 100% serious all the time.

Important protip: when we say we hate men, we mean men as a class, not necessarily individual men.

How hard is that to get?

Meanwhile like you said woman haters seem a lot more legit violent, posting things like gore and cp, demanding anyone that says anything negative about men "go back to the man hating thread" etc.

Its almost like they are willing and able to be personally violent to a woman on an individual level for being a woman speaking out against men. Gee. Wonder why that is…

And the woman hating has been RIDICULOUS. i saw what I'm 100% certain was a scrot non-stop harass a mother in another thread for no particular good reason. Maybe its the woman hating that needs to stop.

No. 325501

Ireland is wonderful, but they have a BIG problem with brushing over rape and sexual crime. This isn't helped by the handmaidens there, who blame women for everything done to them. It's surprising in such an otherwise empathic and kind group of people

No. 325502

remember ladies, to always dress modest, even wearing granny panties!

not because it actually prevents rape, but if you do get raped the rapist (might) be punished instead of people blaming the clothes!

No. 325503

I'll dress in whatever feels comfortable

No. 325513

because it hurts their feelings :(

No. 325516

Sounds good. Men need to go.

No. 325517

you really think a guy that is willing to rape someone is capable of empathy for OD-victims? especially female ones?

No. 325522

Not surprised, they're just here to emulate us they don't actually care about us

No. 325577

why is it when I google "man kills himself" the only news stories I can find are murder-suicides or men raping them commiting suicide? but muh male suicide rate, it's proof poor men are oppressed and women should give up their rights!

ladies, anytime a scrot wants to cry male oppression over the male suicide rate, link them to this

No. 325615

Is it weird for a Doctor to give you his number and text him? He hasn't been inappropriate about it just kind of pushy..

No. 325616

>world would be better with female leaders

>British kweens

>war like no tomorrow
>War over literally nothing and oppression
>Tansu ciller in Turkey
>Highest amount of government sanctioned hits on Kurdish people, most still unsolved/have mass graves
>Oppress smaller countries to take more savages in and ruined Europe with immigration
>Probable war with Russia over Syria

Such emphatic creatures, definitely the gender of peace. Women are just as likely to be pieces of shit when they have enough power, only reason most women don't do fucked up shit as much as men because they don't have strength to back it up, plain and single.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325617


This is the man hate thread, not the testerical screaming thread. Go somewhere else, you're boring.

No. 325619

Kill yourself small dick virgin. You're worthless. No one needs you.

No. 325621

When are you finally going to suicide?

No. 325623


Not an argument.

No. 325625

Do you think it kills men inside that the majority women don't really find the male form sexually attractive? Even with straight women the most popular type of porn is lesbian porn lol. Women don't want men.

No. 325626

Yes wtf. That is not professional

No. 325627


…Anyway, war is a male invention and men have caused all of the worst and bloodiest wars in history. Men are subhuman. The end.

No. 325628

I have a lot of anxiety around people, I'm never sure if I'm being standoffish or if someone is crossing a boundary, what do I do?

No. 325631

Read the book "Lucky" by Alice Sebold. It's the memoir of the woman who wrote The Lovely Bones. She was raped in college by a stranger. She was also a virgin and wore oversized jeans and a turtleneck during the incident. The incident happened in the 80s.

She was still put through the ringer in court and forced to answer a litany of invasive questions meant to trip her up and intimidate her. And then her church leader had the nerve to basically say she was damaged goods because she wasn't a virgin anymore. The book is called Lucky because a police officer told her she was lucky she was only violently raped because women had been killed before at the spot where she was raped

No. 325635


A while ago I read about Recy Taylor.

She was a black woman in the forties who was gangraped by six white men.

The men confessed to the police of committing the crime, and STILL weren't convicted. Her court case was given an all male jury who decided her attackers, who again had CONFESSED to doing it, were innocent. After five minutes of deliberation.

She went back to court again and again they gave her a shitty all male jury who decided she must have been a prostitute (she was a married woman with a young family who regularly attended church and had character witnesses who said she was nothing of the sort, and was a very proper young woman) who wanted it. They ruled the gang rapists innocent for a second time.

Men are scum.

No. 325642

Nah dw, men are just obsessed with being hyper-critical of women, even if women saved the planet men would bitch about women playing god and use it as proof of why those evil women shouldn't be in power

Nothing women do is right, we can save their life and still be in the wrong

No. 325646

Men, especially white men are actively protected by court of law, so much when they DONT get freebies males will cry oppression because they're so used to using their get out of jail card

They'll actively ignore millions of cases where the man got away free, but use the same 3 or 4 cases where women got away with murder to prove how "evil women get away with everything"

They want their cake and to eat it, they want to get away with everything and be treated as a superior, while doing everything in their power to paint straight white men to be this poor oppressed group

I'm as straight as a womens sweet curves

No. 325647

It's because most low quality males relish in being disgusting and repulsive, very few males attractive enough to turn a woman on, that's why so many women around the world are having painful, anorgasmic sex, because we're brainwashed by society to believe that we should settle for a nice fat guy, and pray we'll eventually start to feel sexual attraction for him.
My sex life has completely changed for the best now that I only go for chads.

No. 325648

I dated a brony, I've dated incel types and they still treated me badly. Once I could land more attractive guys I stopped having low self-esteem and stopped believing I didn't deserve to have standards.

No. 325649

it probably does lol.

read any male orientated website, they always bitch about how "low" beauty standards are for women (lolwut) and how "high" they are for men. im so sorry that women are just naturally more beautiful and dont want to settle for your subpar looks kek.

these babies unironically believe that women expecting them to not be a fat piece of shit always 5 minutes away from a heart attack is the same as what men demand of women.

No. 325652

They think beauty standards are low for women because only underaged stacies register as women to them, oh my god a hot teenager wake up looking amazing without having to do anything? That must mean all women have to do fuck all to fit into societal standards of beauty!

No. 325662

The most ironic part is that its average or even below average men who often tear apart celebrities and models
"Ashley graham is too tall, Megan fox has no ass, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina jolie hit the wall, Marilyn monroe is skinnyfat and ugly, kate moss is flat chested, emilie browning is average with no figure, etc"

Just think of any female celebrity, find their social media and watch as millions of men tear these women, who are literally known for looking good, ie above average women, apart, men even think Victoria secret models are flat, too tall, too skinny, etc, when literal above average lingerie models aren't enough for most men then the average woman is fucked to find a man who will find her genuinely desirable and endearing

Meanwhile most women give an insane amount of praise to even chubby and old male celebs, despite men constantly repeating its us who have these crazy high standards and women have it so easy

No. 325665

Chads are scum too. Stop associating yourself with them.

No. 325666

We aren't all bull dykes anon.

No. 325669

I'm not very shallow, and being a fattychan that's not overly beautiful i stay "in my league" for the most part.

I really think its funny and sad when incels say this, because the amount of times I've had a fat, what other anons would consider dumpy man bitch and moan that they don't want to date me or move into a committed relationship with a fat woman because they deserve to experience a hot thin model once in their life is truly pathetic.

No. 325697

what's sad is men demanding thin women with cute faces is just the tip of the ice berg for the shit men are demanding nowadays

even the most ugly men see women as drawings to rate, judge, and tear apart, a lot of men will randomly shift the conversation over to womens looks, or if other men are praising a womans looks some douche has to come in and point out whats wrong with her, basically unless you look like a damn shapeshifting fairy princess, there will always be men to tear your looks apart, yet we are expected to get use to this instead of you know, men being shut down

sure men will fuck anything with a hole, but they won't give two shits about if either of them are happy, they'd rather send women to mental hospitals if it meant being able to have a hole to fuck

No. 325698

Sentence date is today I believe. Men like this dont deserve a happy life. He is a complete sociopath who needs to be thrown away

Its like their objective is to make rape legal.. or at least just ok. They hate women having any independence so they want to take as much power away as possible

Wish all women everywhere can carry guns. Or live 100% seperate from all men

No. 325708

When men make fun of women it makes my spine chill, it feels so wrong and they take things to a sickening level. I hate seeing men disrespect women, yell at them, call them crazy, old, etc. When they're just existing and haven't done anything

No. 325709

I'm really glad this board exists as a place both to vent, have a conversation, and relate to other women. Lets keep it that way.

No. 325728


I've gotten to a point where I have no tolerance for that. It's hard, and I can only do it really b/c I'm self-employed and live independently, so no shame to women who don't. But god, it feels good to be able to respond to that shit with a curt "why did you say that. why do you think that makes you sound funny."

No. 325784

typical rape case sadly
woman:I was raped
court: liar! show evidence
woman: okay here's a rape test, DNA from under my fingernails, picture of the damage and doctor bills from vaginal stitching
court: liar! you just had sex and regretted it!
woman: there were witnesses who saw him drag me to the alley as well as security footage
court: oh yeah? what were you wearing?!?!?
woman:maxi skirt, loose, baggy turtlene-
court: what underwear you were wearing?
woman:umm lace ones
court: ha see dumb lying bitch you asked for it wearing sexy underwear case dismissed

I swear the shit people will do in order to dismiss a man from rape, they'll blame millions of women before blaming a man for anything

No. 325800

I watched a show on sbs where a woman in a legal firm was violently raped by a coworker. He was charged ect but it made me incredibly sad because as she was retelling the story she mentioned that she had long pants and her suit jacket. The host stopped her mid story and said that she couldn't believe the poor woman was trying to justify what she had been wearing that night. It's so sad that we are taught to blame ourselves for not being safer or wearing more.

No. 325804

And what's worse is that it has been proven without a doubt that is does NOT matter what a woman wears. If a man wants to over power and rape her, they will. Men are fucking worse than animals. What a woman is wearing should never ever be brought into question, but unfortunately our society has engraved it into our heads that it somehow matters more than the man who assaulted her.

No. 325805

Same, anon. I'm glad this board is pretty much 99.9 % women too. Fuck, men are garbage. It's like our one sanctuary.

No. 325828

>having a joking conversation about rape with my husband
>I say “if I got pregnant by a rapist would you help me taken care of the child?”
>he says “no just send it off to an orphanage because it isn’t my child”
>then I say “well if that did ever happen I would choose the child over you”
>he gets mad then hangs up the phone on me

Are there any men on earth with empathy?inknow we weren’t being serious but this was low key a red flag

No. 325829

how tf did you even end up marrying a man this dense

No. 325830

He never seemed like this before. It just shocked me that he would care more about me having a baby from rape and his masculinity being threatened than actually having sympathy that I was raped and forced to have a kid…

No. 325833

Comparing 4chan to lolcow, I've realized how sick men really are, no empathy at all just hate and rage.

No. 325835

You should get a divorce

No. 325836

Fuck off

No. 325837

Jesus christ I am never getting married. If I was stuck with someone who thought like that I would not stay.

No. 325840

lolcow isn't really the best example of empathy though

No. 325843

I've gotten wicked harassed on here, particularly in the last two months, and its made me consider leaving a little bit.

But never has it ever been as vicious, disgusting, over the top, and deeply, deeply disturbing as places like 4chan or 8chan.

And that's why I'm just gonna stay and try to help make it a little better.

We have to stick together with men like that.

No. 325844

i think that kind of works towards anon's point though. lolcow is women admitting they're being petty mean bitches, but most of the shit said about cows is still less dehumanizing and fucked up than a lot of men on normal boards talking about random women who aren't even cows or known personas

No. 325845

YEah he just claimed I didn’t care about his feelings in this situation even though in this hypothetical situation I’m the one who was raped, he still made it seem like he would be more of a victim because “he would be raising another’s mans child”. Then he goes on to imply that I’m selfish for not understanding why he would be abusive to the child born of rape if he had to be its father.

No. 325846

Obv, but its nowhere as bad as 4chan.

No. 325848

Fragile masculinity? He cares more about being seen as a "cuck" or less of a man than he does about what you've gone through.

No. 325850

What happened?

No. 325853

Eh. I'm used to the usual tone and crudeness of anons on here. But this hasn't been like that lately. There's been anons full on going into what seems to be a damn near mouth frothing rage with all their insults and chimping out at people, and at reasonably chill anons not doing anything i can perceive as a provokation. And they seem pretty bullheaded too. Won't stop for anything, even people trying to move on.

And that's when i feel it kinda goes from "a little excessive Chan culture" to "retarded flame wars no one wants to sit there and read" which is exactly why i don't really like 4chan.

Still, can't ever be thankful enough our dumbass shit doesn't usually involve deranged men posting gore or cp randomly.

No. 325854

you think its a troll?

No. 325855

>chimping out

Yes I'm sure u r a 100% innocent angel baby who has never done anything wrong in their life

No. 325856

I've noticed that too, I've posted a few vent and every single time I get at least one extremely cunty answer.

No. 325859

lol neurotic. she said reasonably chill probably because she wasn't trying to claim she's perfect.

No. 325862

Why wouldn't you abort the child?

No. 325863

File: 1542359650938.png (47.78 KB, 500x495, ablesisters-misandry-pride-fla…)

Someone should make this flag real


No. 325868

>terfs dont touch
lol embarrassing

No. 325944


some women become attached to the child and choose not to abort even if they got pregnant from rape.

No. 325966

>Do low sex drive/asexual men even exist?
Yes, they exist. 2 of my 3 male friends have low to inexistent sex drives (the third one is gay). Of course, I don't have any actual proof of this, but they are porn critical, and uninterested in having a girl friend. I honestly feel safe only around them when it comes to men.

anyone can care about their family? Like the men that rape their children and beat their daughters if they wear skirts too short and that are generally shit fathers ?

On another note, I hate that mods here are too friendly to males. There are tons of obvious males in other threads that don't get banned but you get a notice how you should take your man-hating in the man-hating thread if you post something even slightly critical of men in some other thread.

Actual radfem image board WHEN

No. 325967


They can tell us to keep it in this thread all they like, but they will never be able to completely stop women from hating men. kek

No. 325972

One of my best friends is such guy. He also always seemed to have a pretty low sex drive.
Had only one gf as I remember, and said that sex is overrated for him. It feels nice, because he's one of few guys I am not anxious around + a person who would want to cook/bake and even sew stuff with me.

No. 325975

You just proved anon's point about catty replies.

No. 325983

How do you get harassed here or on any anonymous image board?

>Still, can't ever be thankful enough our dumbass shit doesn't usually involve deranged men posting gore or cp randomly.
I've browsed 4chan for years and have never seen gore or cp. idk what boards you have been reading. Unless you want to expand the definition of CP to cropped hentai with underage characters. To which me and other fujoshi are guilty of.

No. 325984


That's a lot of words to say you've never been to /b/.

No. 325987

Why the fuck would you go to /b/? It just sounds like a miserable shithole. Sounds like you would have to be pretty fucked up to go there. Well no wonder so you have a fucked up view on life if you developed your opinions on the world from there as a shut-in.

No. 325989

What fucked up view on life?

No. 325990

Haha you're kidding right? Please go outside soon. :)

No. 325991


I'm not the anon you were replying to. I just think it's beyond stupid to say 4chan has no gore or cp when /b/ is literally synonymous with gore and cp. It makes you look really dumb, anon.

No. 325995

They literally had to put an illegal content option because of how common child porn is there and how they'll literally post and brag about molesting women and children or beating them

No. 325997


Fujo spends a week on /d/, thinks she's now an expert on 4chan. More at ten.

No. 325998

and they defend pedophilia ALL THE FUCKING TIME and nobody steps in and says anything!

No. 325999

My doctor called me yesterday and texts me asking me to call him, this feels weird what do I do?

No. 326000


/r9k/ is practically Pedo Central.

No. 326001


What did the text say, anon?

That sounds kind of weird. Your doctor shouldn't be contacting you via phone at all unless it's for a telephone appointment or something.

No. 326002

There's plenty of users who use 4chan who never go on b. And most of it is just porn these days. Do you even go there?

I've been using 4chan for years and I even bought a 4chan pass at one point. I've been on /d/ once lmao.

Where is this magical "illegal content" option?

Maybe you need to go outside

No. 326003


Don't call him. He might be up to some inappropriate shit and call recording may not be legal where you live.

Call the surgery he works at and speak to the receptionist there. Tell them about his text to you. If it's inappropriate, they will know and be obligated to pass it on to their boss.

No. 326006


Anon, this is embarrassing… maybe you're the one who needs to go outside instead of sperging out because someone insulted 4chan of all things.

No. 326007


My mistake.

Fujo spends a year on /cm/ and now thinks she's an expert on 4chan.

No. 326008

He said "can you talk now, I called you yesterday where have you been?"

No. 326009

Please stop.

No. 326010

Pretty sure he's the boss, I'm not exaggerating things am I?

No. 326013


You're not exaggerating. Call the surgery and speak directly to a receptionist if you want to lodge a complaint. Otherwise just cut your losses and switch doctors. Don't keep this one.

No. 326014

>whiteknighting 4chan

Only on lolcow lmao.

No. 326017

Doctors will call if you have bad results from a test and to set up a follow up appointment. Maybe see what he needs to say before becoming this anxious? Anyways I don't see why you're asking in this thread. Record the call and if he says inappropriate shit then file a complaint.

No. 326018

I told him to text me, it just feels weird to have a personal number of a doctor

No. 326019

I'm glad you can be an expert on 4chan now. Hope you're proud of yourself.

No. 326158

I understand men wanting to marry young and cute women if they have the money to afford one but what I don’t understand is why men act shocked when they find out these women are only using them for cash and then men try to use these examples as why women are bad. I mean yeah if you’re married to someone a lot younger for you they’re obviously using you for cash, if you wanted to avoid being used for money you should date women your own age. What do they think some 18 year old actually wants to be with some 40 year old man because of love? That’s rarely the case kek. When men get used by women they red flags are just slapping the dude in the face and it’s so obvious. Most of them deserve to get used by gold diggers.

No. 326163

they project so much you can always tell what a scrot is like with how much he projects

they truly believe because they were born a man the world should suck their dick and women should drop their panties for them on demand for no other reason than existing, the best part is that they expect women to like them for who they are but almost never put effort into being a decent person, women are expected to juggle looks, personality, body, sex and everything else but if we have even one preference we're evil gold digging roasties who want to have chads babies and make poor men pay

No. 326164

Why would you admit to buying a 4chan pass, even anonymously?

I thank those young women for their service o7. May they enjoy much prosperity while keeping the stupidest shallowest men of society occupied.

No. 326178

File: 1542404834503.jpg (27.88 KB, 400x281, tumblr_pacolmNSRw1u60o27o1_400…)

Always makes me think of this

No. 326223

File: 1542420561186.jpg (83.9 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_pi8lutoByG1x9zm3yo1_128…)

No. 326224

also males:

reminder to abort male babies ladies

No. 326255

Men are always going to try and trade up in looks/youth even if they fail they will keep trying, so if you're going to have any kind of relationship with a man make sure he doesn't get what he wants from you and leaves you with nothing.

No. 326257

I literally just watched the documentary about this family like an hour ago. Here's the link if anyone wants it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OfzdJ0vZX8

No. 326265

I told my bf If we ever had daughters he’s not allowed to bath them or dress them. He says I’m being unreasonable and paranoid but idk sometimes….

No. 326267

I'm a bit confused, do you think he's possibly an child molester? You shouldn't be marrying him at all let alone having kids with him if so. Not getting to see them naked wouldn't stop a potential abuser.

No. 326271

Does anyone else think the “no but November” meme is just stupid? The fact men revolve their existence around their dick is just pathetic.

No. 326272

god yes, and I 100% fucking KNOW none of them are doing it.

This shit is dumb anyway. I never understood it. Who the fuck is raising money because a dude decides to be a fucking sasquatch for a month or lie about not masturbating?

No. 326279


Sorry it‘s only im German. The article talks about a statistic from the police that basically says that in 2017, every 2 or 3 days a woman in germany was killed by her partner or ex(147 women)
I really hope that the police and politicians will take this seriously and do more to protect women and properly punish violent men.

No. 326280

Sadly the simplest reason for the hate men have for us is they find us attractive. Women and little girls have always been seen as evil because of the power our bodies have over these people.
It isn’t superiority, it isn’t jealousy….they simply hate us because they desire us so badly. They want control over us and throw a fit when they can’t.

No. 326290

It's not always just written on someones face, when you get to know male sexuality you often realize they have a hard time controlling it even around kids.

No. 326294

Yeah what if he sees her vagina and his dick just responds “pussy is pussy” or he gets turned on by the idea of something taboo in the moment

No. 326298

wtf it is YOU who is a huge red flag you are literally counter-arguing against everything MH threads claim
I would have dumped you before hanging up the phone

No. 326300

>Arguing against everything


No. 326301

I'm gonna barf.

No. 326302

she is defending the rapist/rape and not aborting

No. 326303

How is she defending the rapists/rape by not getting an abortion?

No. 326308

this is massively disrespectul to her husband and really makes you wonder if she really takes the rape or her husband seriously

No. 326309

In this situation the husbands feelings don’t matter at all. He wasn’t the one who was raped and has to deal with having an abortion. He should be more concerned that his wife was raped rather than worrying about himself.

No. 326310

I kind of have a hard time agreeing with this, I'm married and I love my husband more than anything and there is no way in hell I'd accept giving birth to someone else's child. I'm not very maternal though so there's that.

No. 326311

File: 1542445716557.png (207 KB, 450x416, 1535930258952.png)

you are a fucking scrot baiting right now this is the last reply

No. 326312

Because you’re looking at this and you’re just seeing a woman cucking her husband by giving birth to another mans child, you’re not seeing or caring about what the woman might be thinking or feeling.

No. 326314

Yeah ignore that a woman has been raped and ignore her feelings about abortion because her poor hubby feelings matter more.

No. 326315

the husband is one thing but why would you decide to keep the rapists baby?

No. 326316

A person can have many reasons why they don’t want to abort but I don’t think keeping the child means they don’t take rape seriously.

No. 326317

The thought of that is so sickening though so try to understand why people are freaking out. You have the right to keep your baby but I can't see why you would want to?

No. 326318

The issue should be that the woman is raped and has to deal with something awful, not that her husband “has to raise another mans child”. That just comes off as victim blaming.

No. 326319

If we want to design a society of docile men we can't let the rapists win, your situation is so sad and unthinkable I truly hope it never happens to you or any woman for that matter.

No. 326320

Having an abortion doesn’t necessarily mean that the rapist lost because why would they care rather she aborts or not?this logic isn’t much different from “you deserved to be raped because you wore sexy clothes”.

No. 326321

This is pro-life propaganda, nobody said you can't keep the baby

No. 326322

The issue is your main concern is the husband being cucked/disrespected or trying to blame women who kept babies of rape for continuing the cycle of how shitty men are and you don’t really care about the rape victim.

No. 326325

You're the troll from earlier got it.

No. 326326

>anyone who disagrees with me is trolling

I personally wouldn’t keep a rape baby but if a woman is raped and decided to keep the baby I don’t think the main concern should be the fact that she’s keeping the baby, it she be focusing on how fucked up she is after going through all that.

No. 326328

yes the main focus is helping the woman but I cant see how a rape baby is helping here
Its only making her situation worse

No. 326329

I don’t think keeping the baby would make her situation better and I agree it would make things worse. There are plenty of reasons why keeping a rape baby is a bad idea but threatening your husbands masculinity or “letting men win” aren’t it.

No. 326337

if it gets them to stop watching porn then i don't really care

No. 326354

hmm it's not right to expect a woman to raise a rape baby so why would it be right to expect a man to raise one?
Did you expect a "yes ma'am I'll accept this emotional and financial burden for the rest of my life"?

No. 326355

Stop derailing the man hate thread. Go and start a lazy male whining thread if you need to talk.

No. 326384

i got a man fired from his job because he decided to leave fucked up victim blaming comments on an ig account dedicated to victims of abuse at a restaurant chain in my city. it feels so fucking good to know that people’s words really do come back to bite them in the ass. i love it when they make it that much easier to do by leaving their full real name and place of work right in their bio.

best part, he was a car salesman, so good luck trying to get back up to the level of making commission ya scumfuck

No. 326387

Patiently waiting for the scrotes circling this thread to lose their shit and start calling you Satan for "doxxing a poor, innocent man for thought crime and getting him fired!!!1!1". I think anyone who's dumb and shitty enough to leave comments like that with their personal info exposed deserves whatever comes to them, good job.

No. 326455

i think it's weird how it's presented as this super hard challenge. as if not masturbating for a measly month is gonna fucking kill you lmao.

No. 326477

File: 1542477038730.jpg (43.94 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.1431399405_df9z.jpg)

I get the joke, but why are men supposed to be threatening?
It's the same as when they make fun of young girls being attracted to pretty boys. Why do women have to accept male violence in order to be "mature?"

No. 326484

It's so dumb.
Obviously someone would like a non-threatening partner. Men don't want threatening, abusive women do they?

No. 326491

File: 1542478806302.png (457.86 KB, 446x521, y e e t.PNG)

you're a true hero anon
fuck that guy

I feel like it's jealousy tbh, let's face there's a lot of men out there that would lose their shit if you told them to maintain basic hygiene

No. 326492

This pisses me off too. Why am I meant to be attracted to men who are threatening and frightening to me if I want to be considered "mature"? Nobody would expect men to only be attracted to women they're terrified of being physically hurt by.

No. 326493

because they are confused and insecure
usually turn out to be the most childish ones

No. 326494

>Then he goes on to imply that I’m selfish for not understanding why he would be abusive to the child born of rape if he had to be its father.

Concerning af

No. 326495

Literally the plot to 1000s of shitty porns. He's so devoid of thought he has adopted actual porn plotlines as opinions

No. 326498

No. 326499

I'm really concerned for how porn is shaping men's minds and the addictiveness, I don't want myself or other women to be a porn category or have men think those kinds of thoughts about us

No. 326500

They're jealous lol, they make up this chad aggressor dude but in reality all women have different taste in men

No. 326502

men that say shit like this (even in jest) need to be reported to the FBI and i like unironically think men should be prosecuted for just thought crimes because they're proven to have absolutely no impulse control. we need a truly prophylactic legal system

No. 326504

He is stating that he would rape his daughter, so yes. If he has one she is in danger.

No. 326505

um so why not just… not have kids with men? like… it's not hard, and you're condemning your potential daughters to almost guaranteed abuse growing up in society as it is currently. if you even suspect your daughter might be abused by any man you're with, you need to just not have kids at all, jfc. it's not safe out there in the home or out there and you're better off just sparing these girls from near guaranteed abuse at some point in her life

No. 326541

File: 1542483040536.jpg (43.36 KB, 639x627, buh0iSkp1vd3urd_640.jpg)

have they never heard of a dildo? >inb4 those aren't the same thing as real peen!
I mean I guess but at least those things don't get tired, pre-ejaculate or beg for you to get on top lmao.
And aren't most lesbians with men at first before they realize they're lesbians?

No. 326544

Someone I briefly dated years ago posted the faceapp of himself saying it was hot, his mom commented on it, and he replied to his mom saying he's lucky he didn't have a sister (implying he would have been sexually attracted to her/raped her)

They literally have no filter, boundaries or morals

Also briefly dated another guy who admitted his sister was hot/his ideal woman/his type

My father once told my mother he had dreams we (young children at the time) were lying naked on the sofa and he could see our vaginas. After that she never left him alone with us, and luckily we were never asaaulted. I've always avoided him and never hugged him. He also used to make weird comments about my sister when she would come out of the shower.

I think we need to be incredibly proactive about not leaving children alone with men, whether relative or stranger, or even their own brothers. Take note of weird comments or jokes. Be wary and proactive.

No. 326545


Plus multiple studies have shown lesbians have orgasms during sex at an astronomically higher rate than women who fuck men, so what are men expecting to show them? What unsatisfying, orgasm-less, boring sex is like?

No. 326547

Getting on top is the worst like…why do I have to do the work when he is gonna get the orgasm? Never got an orgasm from a man ever. Yet I gotta work. K

No. 326548

In the rapey porns it's like…wow this gross old dude has fucked me, now I'm 120% more lesbian, thank u

No. 326550

I suspect that sister admiration from my husband but he never admitted it. Ugh.

I’m sorry about your dad that’s really awful and traumatizing imo :/

No. 326551


I'm part of a local lesbian and bisexual women's club and I know two lesbians who there who slept with men after being pressured to "give it a shot."

Both of them said it kinda sucked. One of them stopped him halfway through kek.

No. 326555

Female faceapp, rather, you know the thing. Same guy posted a lot of offensive memes about women and posted pictures of his 5 year old god-daughter constantly with "perfect" written under it everytime, so we have a future offender

No. 326559

I don't agree with these comments implying that men shouldn't be trusted around their daughters. It sounds like conservative thinking that strips all responsibility away from men. I have to care for the kids alone because my husband might accidentally rape them? Better not to have kids then.

No. 326561

but it's true. you really can't trust men. the only logical conclusion is to not have children. anyone handwaving it away and putting their potential kids at risk is pretty selfish because men have proven themselves to be untrustworthy abusers. women shouldnt have to take on the burden because they're untrustworthy - the only logical solution is to not put children, or yourself, into that kind of situation, period.

No. 326569

you don't have a problem aborting kids left and right what are you getting sentimental now for?

No. 326575

idk how to say this without sounding cruel or bait-y but a majority of you must not have had a decent father figure in your lives. i’m not trying to sound like lel daddy issues but i think you’re working yourself into a distorted picture of reality of you think the majority of fathers are out to abuse or lust after their children.. but maybe i’m just sheltered lol.

No. 326577

one of them had a perfect guy in their life but he turned out to be as a classic case of user asshole and broke the princesses heart
now she is bitter and still can't get over him
the rest are just girls who never got attention from boys and follow the Bitter Prime as followers

No. 326586

I would agree that some anons are taking it too far. But I can’t completely blame their paranoia since being sexually assaulted by a close relative is common, especially when the victim is a child.

No. 326594

My dad is perfect, he's my best friend and I trust him with anything. I still would never trust men as a whole, I have massive reservations about marriage and kids because men are so inclined to being pedos. Are all men pedos? No. Are enough of them pedos that I would be unwilling to risk a child's safety by breeding with one? Fuck yes.

It is extremely.naive to think a good father figure negates th statistical evidence of men being abusers.

No. 326599


Same here. My dad is wonderful and I would trust him with any child, including my own. But I know he's a minority among men.

No. 326619

Men can say whatever rotten things they want about us and no one says anything, god forbid women have a place to vent..

No. 326621

You really shouldn't I don't know why men don't have morals but they just don't. You deserve your alone time and some space once in a while and fuck men for not working harder at being good parents

No. 326638

Read a little conspiracy theoy a while ago that when things are bad, women are placed in charge to blame them when it falls. Like companies for example. When a company is in trouble, all the men agree bring on a woman to lead and when it eventually fails because the damage was too great, they can blame her and use it as an example for women being weak, useless etc etc. Thus the cycle of fueling mens hatred of women continues. Men hate women. Women hate men hating them. Men hate them back more for reacting. It just keeps going.. tiring

Best case for everyone to be happy is that women and men live totally seperately in seperate societies but who knows when that will be

No. 326639

Read a little conspiracy theoy a while ago that when things are bad, women are placed in charge to blame them when it falls. Like companies for example. When a company is in trouble, all the men agree bring on a woman to lead and when it eventually fails because the damage was too great, they can blame her and use it as an example for women being weak, useless etc etc. Thus the cycle of fueling mens hatred of women continues. Men hate women. Women hate men hating them. Men hate them back more for reacting. It just keeps going.. tiring

Best case for everyone to be happy is that women and men live totally seperately in seperate societies but who knows when that will be

No. 326642

Read a little conspiracy theoy a while ago that when things are bad, women are placed in charge to blame them when it falls. Like companies for example. When a company is in trouble, all the men agree bring on a woman to lead and when it eventually fails because the damage was too great, they can blame her and use it as an example for women being weak, useless etc etc. Thus the cycle of fueling mens hatred of women continues. Men hate women. Women hate men hating them. Men hate them back more for reacting. It just keeps going.. tiring

Best case for everyone to be happy is that women and men live totally seperately in seperate societies but who knows when that will be

No. 326650

i would be willing to wager that this is 100% real and put into practice on the daily

No. 326665

>I've browsed 4chan for years and have never seen gore or cp
Lucky you.

cp gets wiped pretty quickly but it still gets posted on the regular. Hell, 4chan used to have a loli board years ago that was a huge cesspool until they finally axed it.

Toxic masculinity is kind of a buzzword but that describes it pretty well, being aggressive and violent is considered "manly", and being caring, kind or nurturing is associated with femininity and therefore "undesirable" in a man, except that only works in theory because having a partner that's emotionally crippled and aggressive is nothing anyone actually wants.

No. 326666

Reminds me of when Ellen Pao was an interim CEO for reddit when they nuked a few subreddits (FatPeopleHate was one iirc). The male directors had planned it all along, they kept quiet and let Pao take the criticism and hate, then after the uproar died down they finally admitted it was their idea, not Pao's.

No. 326667

Oh yeah, she was also blamed for firing the AMA coordinator Victoria Taylor when in reality it was one of reddit's co-founders. That also didn't come to light until much later.

No. 326694

Stalked and killed for turning him down. How do you avoid this situation or these men..??

No. 326704

File: 1542507827325.png (Spoiler Image, 141.44 KB, 1288x264, 5f64ca58b6a07a0433ed8c0b307fbd…)

Men are trash and this is just more proof (spoilered bc they decided to use a RAPE SCENE for their thread image)

No. 326705

A few days ago, some robot posted a picture of a beheaded woman on the board. I felt so shocked.

No. 326707

>scrot thinks "go get a pap smear" is an insult
how cute

No. 326709

I literally needed the reminder like yesterday

No. 326710

fuck that movie it sucked

No. 326712

sad thing is this is the only female attention 4channers get

No. 326713

Kek why does scrot9k think that edgy gore/porn will bother us? So adorable

No. 326715

lel ikr like as if basically all of us didn't come from 4chan or visit 4chan in our teens. they're so fucking stupid. also is it weird to anyone else that these guys are still visiting 4chan or even going on 8chan? like, are you people fucking stupid? imho anyone with sense and dignity left when moot started obviously emotionally abandoning it in like 2012-2013 or whatever. how long can you cling to the carcass of a trash site or its more retarded offshoot (8chan) anyways?

No. 326729

I've never posted there but I check it out once in a while just to torture myself

No. 326734

File: 1542517416827.gif (1.22 MB, 250x241, 9yP1s5e5bko1_250.gif)

>when scrots just prove us right

it's just really sad at this point, jeez
Also thank you to the janitor/mod that cleaned that sad mess right up.

No. 326744

The janitor only did that after I reported it, it was up a good while. I have applied for mod position again fingers crossed I get it to keep the scrots off this board.

No. 326769

Pretty sure my downstairs schizo neighbor is going to either rob or kill me, he screamed "I don't wanna do it" a couple nights ago like he was fighting the urge to do it. RIP me.

No. 326779

Why are you all so weak? You people hugely overreact to the most trivial inconveniences in life and treat every minor "microaggression" like an attempt on your life. You obsess over things that are complete non-issues in the real world.

You are the female equivalent of /r9k/ incels. You take the bad experiences you've had with an abusive father or a neglectful boyfriend and project them onto every single one of the billions of men in the world. The way you experience the world is so fundamentally divorced from reality that it's laughable. You would know that men aren't how you claim them to be if you interacted with a man without the intention of twisting everything into an act of aggression so that you can confirm your delusional fears of half of the entire human population.

No. 326780

Why are you so triggered by this board?

No. 326781

Why are you triggered by men?

No. 326782

Read the board and you'll see why

No. 326799

>Asking this in a thread which has receipts of men abusing and murdering women and children

Congrats on being a fucking idiot, you really want that darwin award dont you?

No. 326803

Women: We hate how men are violent towards women.
Man: I'll show those manhaters…with pics of violence against women!!

No. 326827

Why are you all so concerned? You people react to the rates at which men abuse and kill women with disgust and anger, and I don't like it. You talk about issues that don't exist in the lives of men, like me, because men don't harass other men like they harass women, but I don't like that you are talking about it.

Having had abusive experiences at the hand of men, like all women, and being weary of them is the same as hating women because they won't fuck you. You take bad experiences you've had with the men in your life and project them onto the men in your life. The way men make women experience the world is sad, but I don't care. You know that men are exactly the way you claim them to be because you interact with them, but it would be better, for me, if you just accepted their harassment and let them erode your self-esteem, because that makes it easier for me to fuck you.

No. 326828



It's like other anons said earlier about that Simpsons non-threatening boys joke. Men think we're not only supposed to take the violence, abuse and torture from men, we're supposed to like it and ask for more.

No. 326832

I mean, you go on /g/ and see the most popular thread being the one where you talk about fucking serial killers. Of course men get confused

No. 326833

File: 1542542006837.png (Spoiler Image, 144.43 KB, 571x603, download (7).png)

Its funny how pathetic and stupid men are, especially when it comes to self reflection. They really think they deserve a partner no matter how worthless and ugly they are, and throw temper tantrums when confronted with the truth about their shitty selves. Its amusing.

No. 326835

Males post on this imageboard too. I've seen the /g/ threads you're talking about and a lot of posts look like males or trans posts. Only in this thread is it all women (I doubt there are males self-hating enough to post man-hate here).

No. 326836

They must be really dumb if they get confused by an degenerate anonymous image board thread filled with with everything from being turned on by cutting off men's limbs to fishes with weird teeth.
This is not your average woman's wants geniuses…

No. 326840

anon, this is perfect. I wish I could buy you a drink.

No. 326843

>as if half of them didn't admit to wanting to torture those criminals

No. 326858

>I just wish I could impregnate a man (seahorse style) and continue fucking him for months afterward even when he's heavily pregnant.

This is all women's secret fantasy.

No. 326866

Chuffed to see my post getting recognition in the man-hate thread.

No. 326867

Anon that was my parody of the scrote's post…

No. 326871

If you're going to post in 49k about how much better than the rest of us you are than don't post here at all. It's not helpful.

No. 326876

Imagine being the type of woman who goes off and panders to the same men who will call her an attention whoring slut and a roastie, knowing full well how much abuse, violence and misery is inflicted disproportionately by men on a global level. Those numbers didn't make themselves up.
Imagine not being satisfied with having a boyfriend, husband, brother, father and/or son who is not trash and loves you, but having to beg particularly putrid men (/r9k/ers) for appreciation by saying you're "not like those crazies uwu".
Embarrassing life.

No. 326880

>well I created the last thread and a lot of anti-male content
Thanks for helping out?
>strange OP picture in the last thread
Not strange, it perfectly showcases the stupidity of men and gives us more reason to hate them.
>you are just so ficking fun to bait
We'll get new mods that won't let posts like yours with "I have a pp" in them stay up for two hours soon.
>an enemy you control and push in your interest
Your interest is more women hating men? Hah. If you guys were the ~controlling from the shadows~ puppet-masters you fancy yourselves to be, you wouldn't be bitching and trying to get the thread deleted in /meta/.
I suppose what you're saying is you make posts like the "Men totally can't control themselves, don't even try. What you need to do is accept it and become a housewife to protect the kids!" ones from before. I've definitely noticed and will make sure to point them out in the future.

No. 326894

File: 1542559733657.jpg (46.34 KB, 206x227, 1490143719226.jpg)

Seriously, it's going to bite them back in the ass eventually.
"hurr durr I'm not like those other *~girls~*", except you are.
Just like every other damaged psycho who shows up on those boards every now and then to attention whore.
Get some self-respect, goddamn it.

No. 326949

Is anyone else tired of men hounding you for not enthusiastically wanting to get pregnant at the youngest age possible?

No. 326958

yes, especially when they don't even actually want kids. men are like, most likely to cheat on you while you're pregnant. this "gotta impregnate!!" meme is insane. i miss when guys used to avoid getting women pregnant and were relieved when women didn't want to get pregnant.

all of these men that are pushing for having children are the same as the non-committal men that don't want kids and will ditch you anyways. either they just believe they want kids because they're retarded and impulsive and don't actually think things through and are later disappointed by the reality of being a parent, or they get some kind of sick pleasure out of impregnating women (a la onision) and leaving the women they feel they've now marked as their territory, to clean up the mess.

No. 326959

Yes to everything you just said, they don't think about us as people just cattle. I'm not ready to give birth but I'm still a person that deserves some respect and I want domain over my own body. Men think if you wont have their baby that you don't love them but they can't comprehend what a sacrifice that can be for us and they just don't take it seriously. Plus the physical aspect of it all its excruciatingly painful.

No. 326965

this. i want to see all evil men in pain.

No. 326983

Men push for women getting pregnant young to ensure they have plenty of 20 somethings available for when they hit 40 and decide they are finally ready for kids. They want the fear and pressure ingrained in us as young as possible to lower the chances that they'll end up with a 30 year old wife.

No. 327012

If men just dated within their league and had the balls to shut down girls who want attention (which I understand on some level) just because they're prettier or more feminine shit would be a lot easier. Be happy with what you've got and stop trying to level up.

No. 327039

Breeding fetishists want to nut without any consequences when they are most likely one of the worst types of men to be fathers. I kinda think its because also it keeps women vunerable and dependent too. And then thats easier for men to control and abuse without much protest

Ive wondered too about how many porn blogs there are that post women yet will say the most misogynistic things about them. Ive seen porn blogs on tumblr weigh in, call women whores and sluts and cunts (not in their kink context) when the discussion is about BC, being pro choice, or any serious issue related to women. Yet go back to reblogging their porn solely involving women

They hate women but cant jack off without them. And they hate us for it. They want to shame and degrade and still expect those women to enjoy it and enjoy being shamed and degraded. Its.. bizarre and fucking depressing

No. 327048

I am convinced any man enthusiastic about getting someone pregnant is a. Trying to control and subjugate the woman
b. Wants it as proof of his masculinity
c. Has a breeding fetish
Or all of the above. I never buy the 'but muh child that I care about so much' shit from men

No. 327051

How many men have kids from different mothers and owe child support now? How many dads pay as little attention to their kids as possible? My dad has 3 kids from 3 different moms..

No. 327181

That's actually a well proven psycho-social phenomena, I can't think of the name at them. But just look at Theresa May and Brexit.

No. 327193

It's called the glass cliff. There have been studies on it proving it to be a real thing, you guys can look it up if it's something that interests you!

No. 327206

File: 1542632227052.png (280.05 KB, 452x710, 1443895269693.png)

You forgot to mention how many of them avoid to pay said child support.
Mine has 5 kids from 2 different moms (second is 25years younger than he is) + served as sugar daddy to some more, but not much info about them. Just remember one did lie to him about being pregnant.
While I still get support, my friends have so many problems with their dads that they decide to change their surname to mother's with time and just cut all the contact.

No. 327244

This is so wrong, whats even the point in having children when men want to BE children? I hate how common this is and yet still I'm the one who should hurry up and get pregnant and never consider the future..

No. 327274

File: 1542648123449.png (42.02 KB, 1724x316, 1542647466622.png)

No. 327277

All of these problems men face are in part or entirely because of other men!

No. 327278

>40% of domestic abuse victims are men
And that leaves the other 60% to be…?
They're so dumb.

No. 327283

Male solidarity is a meme. When will men ever stop killing each other?

No. 327284


It's not even really true kek. The statistic comes from a study with questionable methodology that weighed all instances of aggression as exactly the same. So if a man punched his wife so hard it put her in the hospital for a month and when she got out she lightly slapped him on the arm those instances would be counted as the same, and the study would consider them equally violent.

No. 327285

i remember reading somewhere that the source that's taken from also counts verbal and emotional abuse on the same level as physical?

like, as in it counts some man getting yelled at by his wife as the same as a woman getting beaten to a pulp by her husband. idk tho.

No. 327287


They left out the most interesting statistic: 90% of the women who are in prison for homicide killed their abusive partner. That was their "crime."

No. 327295

Do any of you have an SO? I love having sex with him but I'm afraid he'll just decide to leave me someday maybe even with a child :(

No. 327304

File: 1542651644145.png (50.69 KB, 306x476, mgtows.png)

anyone ever been on the r/whereareallthegoodmen sub? unironically i would kill myself if i was this bitter

No. 327311

>hmm, how can I make it womens fault? I know!

Yeah, sucks evil women coddled you so much to the point of blaming all your actions on women
Funny they never mention how many of those suicides are murder-suicides, how many of those homeless are ex-convicts, how many abuse drugs, why they get longer prison time, etc etc

They'll play the pity card with statistics until its time to explain

No. 327315

File: 1542652272714.gif (2 MB, 500x206, based.gif)

can this be next thread pic?

No. 327329


By this logic, women are also responsible for all the good men too, since they were also raised by women. lol scrot logic is so bad.

No. 327331


It's also a fact that children raised by lesbians end up statistically healthier and more successful than children raised by any other parents, single or otherwise.

Mothers are better than fathers. Women are better than men. Children don't need men, and neither do women.

No. 327332

No anon, clearly those men were raised in single father households!

No. 327334

>Men are expected to not show emotion and remain stoic at all times.

Lmao as if you fuckers don’t strive to be like this.

> Real sexism is having your gender stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc

Where is the lie?

No. 327335


It's not even true, men love that MUH STOICISM meme but it's bullshit. Men are allowed to show the full spectrum of emotion, it's just not overdramatized like women's is. An emotional man is just stating facts in a charismatic and emphatic way. An emotional woman is crazy and hysterical.

No. 327338

So if you're an abusive asshole with a good mom that took care of you its her fault?

No. 327341

This 100%
Anytime a man cries 80% of the time he is using tears to manipulate but almost no one can see that because everyone is so brainwashed into believing men crying is "real crying" and women crying is women being dramatic or manipulative

Read up on loser ex threads, all the stories about men crying when their girlfriend doesnt want sex, when they dont give them money, etc
But those poor men!!!

No. 327346

Amazing how women arent allowed to have a vent without it being infested with males seeking attention from women that they hate wow

Their issues are almost always caused by other men fucking them over. Take it up with your 'fellow brothers' and leave us alone

sex segregated society when

No. 327352

I don't usually believe men when they say a woman abused them.

It's not that I don't believe women are capable of abuse or that men can't be abused, but at this point I've heard so many men claim they were abused by a girlfriend or their mother but then when you ask them for details it's like

>She didn't have anal sex with me

>I wanted to talk for seven hours every day about my problems and one time she only let me talk for four
>She didn't call me gorgeous and handsome every day
>She came home to find me jerking off into her underwear and was shocked
>She got angry when I said I wanted a threesome with her sister

I used to take them seriously. Then I started hearing what they consider to be abuse.

No. 327357


I literally saw an incel accuse his mother of violently abusing him because she wouldn't take his virginity.

No. 327359

The way some men talk about women makes me wonder if they're gay, just no warm feelings for any women in their lives whatsoever. I remember feeling so misogynistic for a girl because this dude I was friends with made me realize I was putting my mom through hell and talked shit about other girls constantly. Guys like this are going to end up being prison gay if they don't stop hating women. Yes I'm talking about 4chan.

No. 327361

Are you female? You're right though. And I do think some of them are like, either meme'd into being gay, or are bi. A lot of them seem to be bi, and tbh, coincidentally, the most disgusting, misogynistic, pervy-ass guys I've met tend to be bi. Idk what it is about bi guys but almost all of them are so gross in the way they talk about women and act toward women.

No. 327362

> Real sexism is having your gender stereotyped by society as being violent, abusers, etc
Nah, real sexism is being responsible for 99% of violence, abuse (personal and of human rights), and committing basically all atrocities throughout history, and STILL not actually getting blamed as a collective for any of it. If women were so exclusively responsible for those things, you bet your ass they'd be blamed for it by the majority. Even now if women are responsible for a tiny % of abuse they are called out for it and lies to exaggerate it are spread everywhere, women cape for #notallmen and men refuse to acknowledge their violence at all, choosing to shift the blame to cruel roasties who won't fuck them.

But somehow it doesn't even register with most people that men really are the problem - there are so many of them, they are the 'default' so when they do something as a group they are subdivided and categorized further in order to be blamed (eg black men, white men, sociopathic men, lower class men, alcoholic men, etc). I like the concept of #nametheproblem because it's really that simple. Men just do not let up on committing horrific acts of violence, sexual and otherwise, and this is consistent all throughout human history. It needs to be acknowledged instead of complicated by people trying to determine which men are violent and why, because the common denominator is being a fucking man.

No. 327365

yeah, I grew out of the misogyny for the most part because I couldn't stand watching my mom, myself, and my friends get fucked over by men. I don't know how you can just hate your mom and every woman in your life that takes care of you and worries for you and probably still lets you live in her house. I don't think I could ever be with a bi dude, my bf kissed a guy once though..should I be worried?

No. 327371

Being gay =/= having to be misogynistic though. You dont have to see someone as sexually attractive to treat them with respect as a human. Men just hate women, period. And would rather plot ways to remove us from the world entirely.

Although! there was an old quote I heard that male heterosexuality is homoerotic. Praising male forms and male work while dehumanzing women because they hate being attracted to them.

No. 327375

Empathy is something most men are clearly incapable of. So like I said before, these men should give up on women entirely because no one should have to put up with that kind of treatment because of someone else's insecurities and inability to deal with their anger.

No. 327386

File: 1542658207186.png (251.01 KB, 449x768, pffuk7zutz501.png)


Sorry to disappoint you, scrot, but it's real.


Imagine being part of a sex so worthless that even actual facts about them sound like insane strawmans. Can't relate.

No. 327395

lol you tried to say something was fake, got shown proof it's not fake, so now you need to move the goal posts. it's so sad when males try to debate.

No. 327397

Reminds me so much of this lmao.

Even if men had their perfect isolated male society they would still rage and whine about women and how they can't get laid.

No. 327399


Find me a post, of literally any age, where a woman claims her father is murdering her by not having sex with her and not only will I apologize to all men everywhere in this post, I will donate $50 to the charity of your choice.

Go on then. I'm waiting.

No. 327400

why argue you with you when you're too stupid to do it properly? all you can do is move the goal posts and whine.

No. 327405

>we gave women rights and now barbarians will rape and murder them now so we should have just kept them without rights as humans so we could rape them murder them ourselves!

Sooner women and men live in 100% seperate societies, the better things will be tbh. Tired of realizing how much they're ready for genocide

They'll whine about not getting laid but they have their toys right?

No. 327409

File: 1542660801732.png (69.57 KB, 497x652, download (1).png)

>Incels will defend this
This is why I get mad when i hear men whining about being hated-if you guys were only as mad at your fellow men for being shitty rather than women who have to fear for douchebags like this then maybe we could trust you.

Seriously tho less than 3yrs for this. where is the justice?!

No. 327412


What's sad is I feel grateful to the coworker who alerted the police. It's a sad world when I have to feel surprised and grateful that someone thought a woman being raped and killed was worthy of a police report.

No. 327413

A lot of women do, but I bet quite a few guys dont. I wonder if the co worker was male or female.

No. 327414

>sentenced to 2 years 10 months

it's disturbing that the co-worker was the first one to alert the police. he literally bragged to his friends about raping her the night before and none of them turned him in. I hope they were punished too.

No. 327416

This same state has issues with unfair prison sentencing

And this is just one examples of the many I can think of, I wonder how many scrotes still cry about court systems being sexist against men despite witnessing the complete opposite on firsthand

No. 327430

im kinda getting lonely. I guess some people would consider my standards in men to be too high but to me they're just reasonable.

The same female friends who tell me my standards are too high have shitty porn addicted sexist boyfriends and they complain to me all the time about how miserable they are because of something their shitty bf did and they just dont see the connection.

No. 327485

File: 1542675149512.png (19.75 KB, 576x347, kek.png)


No. 327489

No reason to give up entirely, I'm sure there's got to be at least a small percentage of moids out there that are nice

No. 327652

some more happier man hate thoughts: i have a rather normie friend who is the usual "feminism is for everyone!" libfem koolaid drinking girl but what i like about her is that even though she doesn't agree me with my man hating habits, she respects it. for example we like to go out often and travel, and she usually asks me if it's fine for me to go spend time in some of her friends's place since there will be men there, or when we're looking into sleeping arrangements she asks me if i am fine with sleeping at a place that has men there. a true ally.

No. 327665

Wonder how pissed the men doing the same "all women are evil!!! What about men???" Shit on women's day reacted to this

Just use women like I do, I use to just use men for sex and so many got upset despite claiming they only wanted sex, ie they wanted me to fall for them just to hurt me

When I found out about the true nature of men I dropped them alltogether, and let's be honest, such vile and disgusting creatures as men don't even deserve to look at womens bodies if they can't learn how to respect and appreciate it, but too bad all they know how to do is "ruin" it as they like to say

No. 327667

>Just use women like I do, I use to just use men for sex and so many got upset despite claiming they only wanted sex, ie they wanted me to fall for them just to hurt me

Kek, I have the same experience. They don't want a relationship but they want you to want one because it's an ego boost for them. They get so upset when you don't crawl after them begging for commitment.

No. 327669

I wish there was such a thing as a pure guy. Not necessarily a virgin, but hasn't slept around, doesn't fantasize about degrading women, loyal, has a kind heart, gentle, empathetic. I thought my bf was all of these but he showed me his true colors recently. It was like a switch was flipped and everything I thought I knew about him changed. And this was after a couple years… My mom had a similar experience with my dad when he became an aggressive bitter and angry person and I scoffed at her "he didn't always used to be this way, he was such a nice guy!!!1" Now I finally get it.

No. 327676

Someone told me that the conversation at his workplace during lunch today was about how they hate "feminazis" and that women should stop complaining because they already have all the rights they need. They brought up a recent rape trial and used it to talk about how it's "so haaaard to be a man these days!" They're genuinely convinced that any rape trial that comes up in the news is a "false allegation", even if it turns out to be true and that at any moment, a woman they're casually having sex with could turn around and accuse them of rape. Was recently talking to my dad/brothers about rape allegations and they have the exact same opinion (they also believe that women only do it for "money" or "fame"). I'm genuinely so disgusted that people in my own family have these beliefs when I've tried so hard over the years to talk to them about it and that I could enter a workplace where I'm forced to listen to how my co-workers think I'm subhuman every day at the lunch table and I'd just have to grin and bear it if I don't want to be fired or get a call from the HR department.

Why are men like this, anons? It genuinely makes me feel so ill that they hate me so deeply and would say such horrible things to my face. Why is it that women asking for basic human rights that men have always had and sharing stories of their assault is so offensive to them? I've never, ever seen feminists oppose father's rights or trying to get rid of gender roles for men to. I've never seen them put down a man who has come out with a sexual assault allegation, I've seen nothing but support and love. I don't even want to live on this earth anymore.

No. 327677

All I want is a man who sees me as an individual.

My female friends are capable of it. But whenever I talk to any man he just projects what he thinks I should be based on shallow observations. Like I'm short, so I must be "cute" and "submissive." Or I'm quiet, so I must be shy and virginal and innocent. Or if I get angry I'm feisty, like the girls in his animes. They can never just see me for me, I'm always some sort of inaccurate constructed ideal based on their half-baked ideas about women to them.

No. 327680

I know what you mean, anon. Women as a group have been so forgiving and loving to men. We've been enslaved, tortured, denied basic human rights, and killed by them for centuries, and yet women in general still believe in the goodness of men. Women will fight for men to be recognized as victims of abuse or rape even though men rape us in far higher numbers, women defend men and say "Not all men!" and what do women get in return?

>Rape never happens ree false accusations ree feminazis ree ree ree domestic abuse is OK because she's married to you so you can do what you want ree let's make abortion illegal and punishable by the death penalty reeeeeeeeee

No. 327686

Kek, using men is the best, they get so annoyed when you get them before they get you

No. 327697

File: 1542720856876.jpeg (343.58 KB, 750x928, FF06242C-8385-413F-9A0D-2BB264…)

Today in men are evil news..

No. 327699

Meanwhile Tondalo Hall was sentenced to prison for 30 years because her abusive husband started abusing their son, and she only realized when she saw her son's leg was swollen (and took him to hospital). She was charged with "allowing" her son to be abused.

He got 10 years in prison.

She got 30.

No. 327700


Oh, and he only served 2 of the years he was charged with. Meanwhile Tondalo is still in prison, and her repeated requests for appeals and commutations are denied.

Men hate women to death.

No. 327703

I've done both, and the mode where they were crying, declaring love and self harming due to my impassiveness (just not wanting to date, that's it, I'm very kind) was preferable to the
>not wanting to date but wanting you to want it for the ego boost

Caring about men is a mistake. I've gone back to not caring and it is blissful

No. 327704


I had one who made a big deal at the start of our hooking up that he didn't want commitment, just wanted no strings attached sex. That was fine because that was also what I was looking for, so no big deal.

Except after about two months he started launching all of these attempts to make me jealous. He'd constantly bring up girls he was going on a date with and stare at me waiting for a reaction. When I didn't react he'd say "Are you jealous?" or "Does that upset you?" and when I shrugged and said I didn't really care he'd get upset and say "You say that but I know you're actually jealous."

In the end he said he didn't want to hook up anymore because of "feelings." I didn't ask him to elaborate lol. I wasn't in the mood for a big mantrum about how he got hook-upzoned.

No. 327705

That's awful, they actually punished her for reporting him. He goes free, she stays punished. They tell us we have equal rights…not where it matters.

No. 327706

She did everything we're supposed to do and still got sentenced to triple the amount of prison time he did because she's not psychic.

No. 327725

I think men love women more obsessively. They either don’t give a shit at all or they love you so much they pretty much become your stalker and worship everything you do. Idk why there can’t be any middle ground with them kek

No. 327726

I'm not sure stalking is really about love. It's more about hatred than anything. Stalkers frequently try to deliberately terrify and upset their victims, and even kill them. It's often borne out of rage that they've been rejected, a disgusting mix of lust and hatred.

No. 327734

File: 1542732516149.png (69.48 KB, 873x298, 5436578697543.png)

can we go back to not allowing men into the delivery room? that was the one and only thing they did right in the 1950s kek. or at least they should do a check for violent tendencies so that the man doesnt end up harming someone. ive seen/heard of shit like this happening way too frequently, and people just laugh it off, like in pic related. had he punched just a little harder or in the wrong place, he could have seriously injured or even killed the doctor. also, causing a commotion in the delivery room like that can pose a serious risk to the mother and the baby, its not a good idea to stress out someone who is in thbe middle of giving birth.

even in the best case scenario men just act like a nuisance.

No. 327761

Idk. I see giving birth as a huge sacrifice and gift to my so, I'd want him to have the memory of how much I suffered imprinted in his mind forever. I don't see him spazzing out and hitting a doctor but if he throws up or tries to leave that would hurt me so bad.

No. 327768

Guys say how much they love "ruining" your genitals, your body alot.. its creepy. Why are they like this



Reading the comments and most are disgusted. Except i noticed 1 ex con playing devils advocate for other ex cons to have the ability to apply for any jobs once they're out of prison. He didnt give a fuck, obviously, about the victim and only stressed about the poor mens employment opprotunities. Even if those poor men are abusers, murders, rapists etc. They hate women, in life and death.

Yikes anon im sorry. Tbh, its probably because deep down, men dont care for rape/dont consider it a bad thing or legit. When it is, its because the rapist is another race (white man does nothing wrong but brown muslim? Rapist). Theyre always more worried about themselves than the victims. So they demonize the victim and claim its all fake. Its disheartening too when handmaids chime in to protect their egos and demonize victims too. Anything to be the cool girl

Did he try to get into a relationship with you anon?
>"does she make you jealous?? ;))"
Would get me annoyed if they asked that over and over wow.

No. 327772

I'm "abusive" because i didn't shut up and doormat enough about my now ex husband cheating on me, neglecting our child, and exposing him to a new stepmother figure who neither of us knew if we could trust before the divorce even started.

Women are just so "abusive." Expecting men to have empathy and consideration for others, especially their own children.

No. 327777

How are we going to solve this man problem anyways?

No. 327781


Imagine if a woman said "I'm gonna ruin your cock" to a man. He'd freak out. He'd think she was planning to cut it off.

Yet they expect us to be OK and even turned on by the same rhetoric.

No. 327782


I don't know that he necessarily wanted to date me, I think it was more like he'd bought the myth that women can't have casual sex without catching feelings and got butthurt that I wasn't falling in love with him, so he tried to force it. Either way it backfired, because I just got sick of his shit.

No. 327789

I feel like a man wrote this, chuckling away to himself

No. 327804

>he'd bought the myth that women can't have casual sex without catching feelings

I feel like this is another one of those things men say are true about women even though they do it wayyy more than we do.

No. 327810

The shakeup on campus sex assault rules

DeVos in the US going at it again. Its so easy to see where this will and how things will be. Theyre so transparent. Men will just destroy all forms of communication (how easy it is to take her phone and break it), make their friends take a vow of silence and assault with no cameras or witnesses anywhere. The victim gets blamed and harrassed for "lying" and the guy gets to ride the "its hard being a male these days :( am i right brothers" train. Rape kits are hardly counted for too. Theres a backlog for thousands of them.

im starting to think.. sex segregated schools?? Conceal and carry???

I remember that steubenville case. There was actual evidence and the victim still was trashed and harrassed for speaking up. Those "poor" rapists were coddled and treated like victims.. googling them and you find out how theyre at college, playing football and people like him uwu. fucking dispicable trash

No. 327816

This, men trying to romance prostitutes is a thing, right?
Not that it's actual love that they feel, they just get weirdly attached to the idea of a woman. Never her actual personality.

No. 327849

Read a story about a man who was accused of carving an x onto his ex-gf's chest however, a selfie with his family provided that he had an alibi at that time. So people now believe that the ex gf is at fault. Tbh it seems like she confused him with another man who snuck into her room to do this.. still this gem was one of the comments that really is telling.

>well when women who false accuse men start getting their faces cut, burned alive, tied to the back of a truck and dragged alone a rural unpaved road, the rest of the would be false accusers will back off and think triple before trying to destroy men's lives

…if only men felt the same way about rapists, abusers, murderers instead of "giving them a second chance uwu they made a mistake uwu" i guess something good is that more men are going avoid women, so they've said. (Less women killed for turning down dates? Less women harassed) Hopefully they keep their word

No. 327854

A friend of mine broke up with her first and long term boyfriend recently and just after it, she started using tinder a lot. I'm 100% all for it, I think women and girls should have a promiscious phase if they want to (not to be a libfem) but she's just so not precocious.

She does ask for my advice but I'm shocked with her lack of basic judgment. She will send me screenshots of obvious redflags and will ask me stuff like "what do you think?"

She sent me screenshots of a 37 yo ugly dude urging her to come at her place to "paint together" (she's 20 for context) and when I told her she shouldn't go she asked me "why" because she genuinly didn't understand.

She does value my opinion but I can't watch over her all the time and if I keep saying her she shouldnt meet all these creeps she's gonna end up thinking I'm paranoid but she just lacks ANY judgment what so ever. I'm worried honestly.

No. 327856

It really sucks that older dudes wont just date older women. Men really are so shallow and ruined by porn that it all feels hopeless.

No. 327860


Cant screenshot properly on my phone atm
But remember ladies if you dont graciously welcome all male strangers warmly, youre rude and men deserve to be mad and annoyed at you for daring to be protecting yourself against strangers especially males /s

No. 327861

I'm only rude to men so they wont think I'm interested. Its especially difficult when I'm in a relationship, because I'm made to feel like its my fault some strange man is being pushy.

No. 327864

Why would they date older women when there are plenty of young girls willing to date older men?
Most of the girls here have dated much older men. Three of my friends are dating much older men.

No. 327867

Maybe I don't want to have to rope in younger guys when I get older?

No. 327868

And it needs to change because it's disgusting. When older guys ask me out irl I make sure to make them feel awkward and disinterested. They really think they're hot shit. It's disgusting. Older men are so fucking disgusting and should be shamed and spit on by younger women at every turn.

No. 327870

I just want to be 60 one day and have my so look at me with love and still want to have sex with me.

No. 327871