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No. 329718

Previous: >>321710
Reminder to ignore all scrote posters

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

No. 329724

we should call this male-hating thread

i don't think scum should be humanized by the word 'men'. males absolutely must be dehumanized and humiliated as the lower, parasitic lifeforms we all know they are

No. 329729

Funny that picture spells her last name wrong. Never heard of her so I did a quick google check and 7 kills is a bit excessive especially when she said she did it to rob them and other horrible quotes like: "I'm one who seriously hates human life and would kill again." note she said "human" instead of "men"
I'm guessing this is either a poorly started thread or bait. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

No. 329756

Yeah, it does seem like it may be that scrot from last thread who claimed to be the OP of another in the past.
If no explanation comes perhaps we should remake. Thoughts?

No. 329759

Regardless, most women incarcerated for violent crimes did indeed commit them out of self defense and "snapped" instances after years of abuse.

No. 329763

i think we should remake the thread, based on the op pic this seems like bait made by a scrot

No. 329764

nah, i just think she was right, all men who buy women for sex are scum. that's why i agree that she was right.

No. 329765

is my explanation >>329764. don't worry, not a scrote.

No. 329769

Shit is so fake lol. Even if it wasn't, it doesn't mean anything. It's so pathetic how men cling to meaningless anecdotal crap like this because they know deep down their gender is the more depraved.

No. 329770

Honestly, I think it's pretty bad form to be defending a serial killer. Just not a good look. Her life was shit, she didn't deserve some of those things that happened, but it's still no excuse to kill strangers.

Now defending a killer like Gypsy Rose Blanchard would be a different story imo.

No. 329779

does it piss anyone else off how much more teenage girls are antagonized compared to teenage boys? i was just reading (old) news about some teenage boys throwing rocks from a bridge to a motorway and killing people, and how teenage boys do this shit all over the world! but no teenage girls are sooo catty and like dumb music, they're the worst

No. 329784

Lol, I was just defending her earlier today on yt against retards trying to say that she's a sociopath and a manipulator for 'manipulating' the poor wittle aspie that had a psychotic rape fetish, that raped her, wanted to rape her mother, and did ultimately end up killing her mother for her or whatever.

unrelated to that case, but have you guys fucking seen the way nutjobs are going out of their way to demonize shannan watts for being 'bossy' on her thrive videos? holy fuck, like, 90% of comments are brainwashed women saying she was an abusive narcissist that abused chris (literally because she committed the crime of saying "if you guys want me to put the facial mask on him, i'll get him to do it, he'll do anything for me" – the horror!!), and that he snapped bc of it and she deserved it. it's lunacy. it's unbelievable.

No. 329790


>make a regular tinder profile

>change bio after you get matches

They literally have to make this shit up in order to pretend we're the degenerates

No. 329793

>have you guys fucking seen the way nutjobs are going out of their way to demonize shannan watts for being 'bossy' on her thrive videos?

It disgusts me because it just goes to show that we can be murdered horribly, and our children smothered and sunken into oil, and yet there will still be wastes of air who think we are partially responsible because "words."

If anything, the male was the narcissist. He's the one who wanted his wife, children, and third unborn out of the way so he could lead a new life with his mistress as the forlorn widower. He cared about his image, and didn't want the image of someone who would willingly leave his pregnant wife and children for his side chick. And then to cramp his lifestyle with child support payments from his needy and bossy ex wife? Pft, he thought, easier to kill em! It was all too convenient for him.
If that's not narc behavior then I don't know what is.

No. 329799

Manipulative, entitled, slut, narcisstic,triggered, etc

These are all wordd mgtows and incels just scream at anyone with a vagina without even knowing what those words mean, theyll call you manipulative, narcissistic and entitled when you ask for proof

No. 329800

Even if it was real, it's fucking Tinder. People don't even read bios, guys who look like models rarely write them to begin with.

And we all know that if a woman is hot, she could be pure evil and men would be all over her with no fucks given. But women aren't evil anywhere near as ofte as men, so you don't get many examples of the situation in reverse.

No. 329802

Right? Most likely half the women didn’t even read the bio. You don’t see it when you’re just swiping. And the two that did acknowledge it clearly thought it was a stupid edgy joke or something.

No. 329805

File: 1543196082770.png (67.92 KB, 737x579, th efuck.PNG)

some of the top comments. scary thing is that this isn't a selection of tumblr hybristophiles and it's far from being the minority of comments. these are like, everyday women you see at the grocery store, and these videos are littered with them. it's so sick how women are encouraged to hate each other and 'baby' men, even when they're murdered by the person that they're supposed to be closest to.

tons of people saying "it makes more sense now" (her being bossy explains him 'snapping', they mean), yes, that's why he murdered his two baby girls, i'm sure. women can't even rest in peace without being vilified. his daughter bit her tongue and had contusions all over her mouth from struggling to breathe and the coroner said she fought him off, but these people truly believe he just snapped because she asked him to get something from the kitchen and didn't praise him for it afterwards? fuck offfff.

No. 329809

surprisingly, they were mostly women saying those terrible things about gypsy. i don't blame these retarded-ass women, necessarily. i blame society for conditioning these dunces to demonize an abused young lady who just wanted out of her personal hell. i don't know if it's because they see her as competition or idek, but defending that doughy piece of shit because he's slightly spergy and claiming he "doesn't know the effect of his actions!!" but obviously has a CLEAR sadistic streak and relishes in the effects of rape, is so disappointing.

on that note, too, i'm so fucking tired of people acting like "oh yeah, well, a rape fetish is just a fetish!!! everyone has rape fetishes!" the fuck they do not and in what world is fantasy not an indicator of a person being a liability, especially when that fantasy is tied to sexual pleasure? god i hate this hellworld

No. 329818

Yeah, anyone who has a rape fetish is a huge red alert for me. Especially if they're a guy.

No. 329821

I dont trust any woman who defends a man like that, especially when they're a fucking murdering bastard.

There is never any excuse in the world to kill your own child or children when they are young and innocent.

No. 329831

What the fuck. Apparently you’re a narcissist abuser if you don’t have a pet name for for husband and don’t fall on your knees with gratitude if he turns off a light switch when you ask him to. Christ. Are these people 13? That’s how relationships work. Expecting to get showered with praise for doing basic ass everyday things is narcissistic if anything in that situation is. Reminds me of this super traditional Filipino guy I had as a coworker once. His wife was pregnant and would come to work and complain she didn’t make him breakfast when she was on BED REST AND PREGNANT. And then he got so cranky because he didn’t get enough praise or thanks from the management for his work when he didn’t even do a good job. Smh.

No. 329840

File: 1543202776195.jpg (69.46 KB, 750x743, lunkrwqgqg021.jpg)

No. 329848

Ummm arent most thots having money paid to them via PayPal? PayPal automatically reports to the IRS sooo

No. 329850

A pregnant woman and her children were brutally murdered but somehow, someway, the murderer is the victim. Details of the crimes are public and one of his daughters fought for her life.. but yeah, poor chris. Honestly, is it worth it to have children and live with men when they can simply kill you and earn sympathy, fuck.

Honestly same. I feel bad saying that because its not business but rape fetishes are always red flags. Whole notion of con non-con is just.. creepy, especially if its a guys fetish. Like they are getting off on you saying no. Ive heard of strugglesex too and just violence like choking and slapping be too vanilla and not edgy enough for men these days


kek roosh desperately clinging to anything that will make him relavent. I remember a long time ago how he wanted to just fuck around and then settle down with a virgin hippie girl. now hes just irrelavent

No. 329857

no one on either side of this knows anything about taxes, the irs, or paypal. paypal doesn't do anything to you unless you make more than $10k in a year, or frequently receive payments over $600. you also cannot just email the irs with some paypal link and say "please audit this thot!!!". the incels are idiotic, and the lazy snapchat sex workers are equally idiotic, since i highly doubt any of them are making enough money for the IRS to even care. the screenshots the incels keep sharing of someone saying they got audited is probably fake.

any money sent via cash app, venmo or paypal.me links are going to be considered donations between friends. and most people automatically have to pay taxes on patreon earnings if they earn over $600.

No. 329973

>Honestly, is it worth it to have children and live with men when they can simply kill you and earn sympathy, fuc

definitely not, notice how on female murder cases, no one even thinks for a split second what the victim did wrong, where as when a man murders a woman almost everyone will victimize the murderer and talk about what the victim did wrong

what's even worse is people will continue to victimize men and claim they're being oppressed, claim "women get treated like spoilt kids!!" etc etc

they'll punch women in the stomach, blame women for getting punched, when women don't like it they'll tell them to shut up and claim it was poor men getting punched, god I hate being a woman, being a man is unironically life on easy mode, even when you're a damn killer people will feel sorry for you and defend you

No. 329989

I text my ex-gf and abuse her with nasty messages or asking how she is when I get smashed on alcohol/drugs but the thing is I can't stop myself, its either not get drunk or block her number which I can't bare to do

Wish she'd just respond to me haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330020

Why the fuck are you even here?

No. 330071

It wants attention. Don't give it the pleasure, just report it.

No. 330107

Hey….I just found out my fiance of a decade has been cheating on me and lying to my face about it for a year. We are done, but I am crushed. He did this before and I forgave him. I worked so hard to be there for him, to love him better. And he never reciprocated. I can see now that he took the easy way out for himself every single time, even if that meant reducing me to a non-person without a soul or a mind of my own in his head.

I am done. I will never sacrifice this way for a man again. But I'm wondering if any of you have any like, articles or posts or book you might recommend? I'm going to have to deal with a lot of "welll buuut he's so saaaad" from people in our lives and I just want some stuff that tells me "no. this was not okay. there is no excuse for it." And some stuff that acknowledges that this is often….a gendered act.

No. 330109

Hi anon. That fucking sucks, I'm so sorry he did that to you. I'll try and find some blogs or books that might help.

No. 330121

You're right
Despite the fact when men cheat more, women have to pay consequences all the time, you did nothing wrong anon, he did as well as anyone who defends that trash
Men have it so easy when it comes to cheating
>woman cheats
>reee all women are evil cheaters
>youre 100% in the wrong evil women!!!
>men get coddled when they're cheated on and use it as sob stories for future gfs
>men now use their cheating as an excuse to be emotionally unstable and controlling and manipulative to any future gf
>no one thinks about what the man did wrong to get cheated on
>a man can react as insane as possible and its justified

When a man cheats on a woman
>but anon! He feels so bad stay with him!
>dont dump him dumb bitch stop ruining the family! Evil women ruining relationships!
>what did the woman do that made him cheat
>dont react in anger though just calm down dont be like those crazy thots
>dont even think of using it as a sob story
>how dare you not let him leave at 2 am for no reason evil controlling abusive women

No. 330149

its a classic case of familicide. the majority of perpetrators are white men in their 30s. pardon the wikipedia article:


>David Wilson of Birmingham City University has divided these cases into four groups: anomic, disappointed, self-righteous and paranoid.

In this typology, the anomic killer sees his family purely as a status symbol; when his economic status collapses, he sees them as surplus to requirements. The disappointed killer seeks to punish the family for not living up to his ideals of family life. The self-righteous killer destroys the family to exact revenge upon the mother, in an act that he blames on her. Finally, the paranoid killer kills their family in what they imagine to be an attempt to protect them from something even worse.

>Although the total number of familicide cases are relatively rare, they are the most common form of mass killings. However, statistical data is difficult to establish due to reporting discrepancies

No. 330159

samefag, but according to a british study over 80% of perpetrators are male. 59 out of 71 identified.


No. 330173

Fucking lmao.
I finally understand that this is the only way to "argue" with those kinds of scrotes. If it's not interested in a genuine discussion, I'm not going to bother. Short and snarky replies like they do.

No. 330193

are men brainlet enough to not see whats happening here?
the constant goalshifting, the complete change of subject when she says "and why are they single mothers?", pretending to care that women dont raise children right, ignores that men never bother raising children. not even acknowledging men take up all prison systems but calling women violent. its just trolling and bringing up different shit constantly to blindside her and look quick-witted/superior when shes actually right.

also with the "muh rocket science" etc theres proof of women working in NASA alongside men to get the first spacecraft going, but of course /pol/ likes to call it sjw shit since there was a movie about it and it features 3 black women. memes aside, it doesnt change the fact that it happened and those women were part of history. theres countless other women that were a part of major discoveries/advances in technology, we just never hear about them, which is how you get this idea that women were never a part of it to begin with.
men have a habit of completely erasing women from history, then blaming women for not being a part of it. it's insane.

No. 330195

>women base there entire lives around there sexuality
Meanwhile Chad and the virgin meme, TRP, if you're a virgin long enough you're a wizard, MGTOW, porn, fetishes, males actually having a higher sex drive, males saying they can't control their dick, males purchasing sex from sex workers, incel, lookism.
Are the above women? You sound like a troll trying to make men look bad by saying that women are the ones controlled by their sexuality.
Anyway, I like when scrotes say if you insult their looks (particular lol at that one, not like they do it way more with women) or their sexual life it's because you can't come up with anything else.
I used to give these long elaborate and factual replies but they just ignored it. They get mad if you call them incel because it gets to them, so don't hesitate. They hate it because it hurts them, they basically revelead their soft spot, the idiots.

No. 330202

I don't know if I would class her as a serial killer. A mass murderer, sure but she didn't really follow the same patterns serial killers tend to. I don't know if I've ever come across a female "serial killer" who does. I'm not saying women can't be sadists or psychopaths but the way in which women commit murder differs from men. If a male had committed her crimes we'd never have heard of him.

No. 330203

Ideally both people reponsible in creating a child would support it until independence. The problem with men raised by single moms becoming criminals is that they don't have a father figure to abuse them though. They need an alpha male to instill fear into them to become civilized human beings, like animals. Women don't need this because they don't have a beastly masculinity to curb if they want to become civilized.

Funny how the males that did most for humanity adopted a more tame masculinity, bordering on femininity: controlling their sex drive, studious, not obsessed with physical strength.

No. 330204

File: 1543260912192.png (177.19 KB, 1257x1202, 1496828798711.png)

>The "chad" and "virgin" meme is popular because its caricatures of real life people.
That's not right, it's popular because it took one caricature (the virgin) and added an absurd, inhuman exaggeration (the Chad) that in no way reflects real life to mock it.

Sorry to nitpick but it's one of the only funny and not offensive memes to come out of 4chan in a while.

No. 330210

>His point was that women didint do it alone
no it wasnt, watch the video. "you think women invented xyz?" she say they could have. his point was that women had no part in it, hers was that they did. dont really care if shes an actor or not though, its dumb propaganda to make himself look right when hes not

>So your point is that women need men to raise children correctly?

no one said anything about needing men though, nice "so what youre saying is" shit. families ideally should have two parental figures, woman woman is fine, the point is stability and picking up where the other spouse might slack. imagine one person needing to not only work a full time job to support her family but care for those childrens needs as well, where everyone else has a spouse to alleviate some burden (either taking care of the kids or going to work). its a lot of stress on one person, two parents barely have enough energy to raise one child.
but women still try, where women will try to raise the child right even if single, a man would dump the kid off at an orphanage, or blame their child for their stressful life and go on to abuse them. theres a reason you dont see single fathers, they all run. they dont give a shit about their own blood if it means possible stress and responsibility, sad.

No. 330211

>goes on 4chan once
Men needed arranged marriage because they can't survive without having sex, it controls you. It's obvious when you look at the growing anger from virgin men online nowadays.

>Why is it such an insult to call a women a slut?

Because having more than a sexual partner gets you killed in other countries. They sew girls' vaginas shut so they can't become "sluts". Ask men why they care so much about sex, honestly. For women, it's such a big insult because like I said, it has serious implications as to what men will do if you're seen as a "slut", sometimes number of partners doesn't even matter.
Virgins get called sluts and harassed for it.

>Why do women tend to look down on promiscuis women?

Probably because their partner looks down on sluts, and if they go against him he might just bash her like an animal and kill her, so she doesn't.

>Why is it an insult to call a man a "incel","virgin

Did you read the last part of the post you replied to? I started using insults against men only after they ignored my genuine attempts at discussion. As for why I picked virgin and icel, it's because I thought it would hurt them the most, they sure get worked up when they see it.
You virgin incel.

No. 330212

File: 1543261313660.jpg (389.28 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20181126-133926_You…)

I need to vent about this real quick. Every To Catch A Predator video on YouTube will inevitably have comments saying, "why don't they do this show with women? They molest kids too!!!" And it just really pisses me off.

No. 330213

File: 1543261346419.png (223.06 KB, 1013x1249, 1496830972012.png)

What? Literally all the examples are like that. It's literally the joke.
The Chad isn't a caricature. It looks like one visually, but his traits are bizarre, unnatural and unattractive, not an exaggeration of a real Chad.

No. 330214

Countries without a feminist movement are shitholes

No. 330215

So best course of action is to have children via sperm banks and raise them around women, trusted relatives and close friends. The men will whine about it not being fair but they'll get over it since they wont be paying and supporting them. They just fuck off and live out their bachelor life

Look at that babboon study. When the aggressive males died out, the group became tamer obviously with less aggressive males and females becoming cooperative and calm.

Also kek at males hating their dick and their own sexuality. they claim to hate sluts yet turn around snd demand slutty girls to fuck them. Fucking someone you hate. cant relate.

No. 330216

Reminder not to reply to subhuman scrotes. They live off your attention since they are lesser beings unable to be fulfilled on their own. Their inferiority is shown in the way they have to victimize themselves over any criticism. Also it sucks that single moms get such a bad reputation just because they are trying to raise and care for their child while males usually don't contribute shit to raising their children. Scrotes have such an inferiority complex.

No. 330217

i like how uggo scrots' fragile masculinity gets pressed at justin bieber wannabes and k-pop boys getting popular with women lmao

No. 330219

Because kpop guys can actually groom themselves and take care of their skin lol

No. 330220

90% of prostituted women want to get out of prostitution, men who buy women for sex are scum because they are using vulnerable and abused women (a huge number of women in prostitution are runaways, were sexually abused in the past, are currently being mentally and physically abused by the pimp, etc) for their own pleasure without caring about her pain and contributing for the continuation of her abuse by "funding" the pimp. Prostitutes are the victims of prostitution, pimps and men who buy sex are the real pieces of shit.

No. 330223

>Look at that babboon study.
I know, I don't actually advocate for abuse. I just want to make the scrotes lurking here suicidal, or at least make them hate themselves.

No. 330225

Do men seriously think that women commit sexual assault and rape as much as them? This has so many likes, wtf.

No. 330226

Same person, to add to what I said, I don't advocate for abuse against the innocent. I consider being rude to the scrotes as punishment for posting here where they don't belong.

No. 330228

That's what makes me so angry. I know there are obviously women out there who molest children, but I'd be willing to bet my life that it's at least 100 men to 1 woman predator, if not higher.

No. 330230

*1000 is what I meant.

No. 330231


I honestly wish they DID do the show. It'd mostly be crickets and a lot of waiting around, maybe few trannies would show up. Maybe in one episode we'd get actual woman.

No. 330254

>a few trannies show up
Did you mean Jonathan Yaniv

in all seriousness, they always have to deflect issues like male violence, men committing more crimew, men killing more on women, men committing more sexual crimes etc. They want to be oppressed and be victims in a world they claim to have built. Any vid on male predators, articles on males being pedophiles and there will always be tho who start out saying, "yeah ok but..!"

No. 330260

File: 1543266723224.jpg (281.7 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20181126-151104_You…)

Why do they even have to ask?

No. 330281

i dont know why, but men always feel the need to make everything about them, eg if someone brings up female rape victims, aka more than 90% of rape victims, they always start reeing about muh male rape victims

and then they act like its somehow womens fault that men are raping each other

No. 330285

Someone said it in another thread, but basically when you see men making retarded "arguments" like this just pop 'em with this one:

'If your young daughter was alone and lost in the woods, would you rather her be found by a man or a woman?'

Case closed.

No. 330286

Although on second though most of these men probably don't have daughters else they would probably have a different outlook on it.. at least one would hope.

No. 330294

Most of these men shouldn't have daughters. Posted a while back in an older thread, there were comments on reddit from fathers admitting being sexually attracted to their daughters, checking them out in their pjs, it was horrid. then to only defend themselves by saying how much they look like their mother. and the men responded with, "wow! So brave of you to admit that" it was disgusting overall

Wouldnt surprise me if that was more common. Sympathy for women in general is low from men, including family like daughters. Incest is a popular porn genre among men after all.

No. 330307

Amazing how the whole "thotit" drama happening are just incels trying to falsely report sex workers for a crime. The same type of males who probably need sex workers the most are the ones who hate them the most. They hate their dick so much no wonder some go full tranny

No. 330321

I think Chris Hansen actually gave a logical explanation for this. Female predators are more likely to prey on someone they know whereas men do that AND prey on strangers via chat rooms and whatnot. Obviously child molestors are scum no matter what the gender but men are way more sleazy about it. Plus they vastly outnumber female molestors.

That reminds me of when I used to watch episodes of Who The Bleep Did I Marry on YT. It was a show that documented people telling about their former spouses were terrible people. It was usually women talking about how terrible their ex husbands or boyfriends were but occasionally there would’ be an episode where a guy talks about his ex wife. On those particular episodes, there would be plenty of incels who would go on about how terrible women were and this was “proof.” You know, this was also a show where two different women were set on fire by their ex husbands. Another one was given AIDS on purpose by her boyfriend. And one found out that her ex husband was molesting their preteen daughter. But no. Women are the evil ones because they squandered money out of men. Fuck that.

No. 330327

What truly fucks me up is the fact that he was supposedly openly cheating on her. Could you imagine her calling him "baby" and praising for doing the most basic chores when he is betraying her? What the fuck?

No. 330340

They don't care. Misogynists will simultaneously make fun of women for being delusional if they're cautious about men, and make fun of women for being naive if they trust that most men won't hurt them.

No. 330348

File: 1543282545580.png (501.26 KB, 971x425, 1528296052128.png)

What proof do you have that it's fake? Do you just decide everything you don't like is fake?

Is this fake?

No. 330355

Yup. watch men REE at women who take self defense classss or decide to conceal and carry. women are paranoid about safety and should be shamed for being rude and judgemental

then when women dont, theyre blamed for their assault for doing xyz.

No. 330384

File: 1543289458722.jpg (128.43 KB, 1226x1111, 6lol4fjobsu11.jpg)

Women and their "personality" detectors LMAO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330394

File: 1543292598886.png (104.64 KB, 373x475, image.png)

In a completely unsurprising twist of events, the creator of the #thotaudit hashtag was outed as a pedo, catfish, and abuser:

No. 330395

Why do useless phalloids use Jeremy Meeks as an example for their screeching. Jeremy Meeks is essentially this woman's sugar baby. You really think she would have picked some raggedy felon off the streets to date? She used her wealth to attract a pretty-boy model. Dumbass

No. 330397

Easy, they all have a gigantic collective boner for him. It is known.

No. 330399

What the fuck are you saying?

The point is women don't care about how good of a person a man is, just that he's hot. Morality is meaningless to women's sexuality, that was the original point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330400

The point is that specific women doesn't care of how good a person he is. Likewise, he doesn't care about how good a person she is and just wants her money.

The main difference between men and women and valuing looks over character is that women are only a tiny minority of criminals, and are usually far less immoral than men, so men are statistically less likely to be with a female equivalent of Jeremy Meeks. Doesn't mean they wouldn't trip all over themselves to get a qt prison gf, if women in prison were even remotely attractive.

No. 330401

if these two examples are enough to justify calling this a behavior of women in general, you should have no qualms about women who generalize men in general as violent and predatory. so do you?

No. 330402

File: 1543295184938.png (212.5 KB, 415x400, A.PNG)

Jodi Arias
>“She receives marriage proposals on a weekly basis,” the friend said, adding that many were even “offering to leave their wives for her.”

There are always going to be pieces of shit attracting other pieces of shit, this isn't restricted to gender.

No. 330408

Not surprised. Plenty of pedos fall alongside incels. Nobody is taking thotit seriously anyway. Just males who hate women, especially sex workers. Even some of those redpillers are calling incels betas and not caring about their plight

Remember anon, women are always wrong in everything uwu we are all evil creatures hellbent on destroying poor angelic men who never do anything wrong ever. they deserve all the praise while we take the blame for everything and dont complain about it

No. 330409

Seriously so scary.

No. 330450

>There are always going to be pieces of shit attracting other pieces of shit, this isn't restricted to gender.
This is true. People who get attracted to criminals are usually easily manipulated and have mental issues themselves. The women who got involved with Charles Manson's crimes, for example, Manson was manipulative and they were already fucked up in the head

No. 330458

usually the women who are involved with criminal men are self hating women too and they despise other women. so many of them have fantasies of luring other women to be enslaved by their shitty sex offender boyfriends.

No. 330469

I remember Chris addressed it once.
He said it’s not like they seek men out specifically, and in all his years doing it there has never been one woman trying to get with a kid online.
Rlly makes you think
But kek at the fact that men think there are enough women doing it that it needs recognition, get real

No. 330482


God just shut up and fuck off. I'm so sick of your obsessed ass in this thread every day, and I'm sick of having to remind everyone to just ignore you because you can't go five seconds without female attention.

On that note, everyone ignore and report the scrot. Again.

No. 330490

Study is behind paywall

No. 330492

Scrots invading this thread daily just proves everything we say about them. The woman-hate subreddits and threads on 4chan don't get constantly invaded by whiny women, because women aren't obsessed with male approval and have bigger problems to worry about than some random people online not worshipping women. But men don't really have any real problems, so their biggest worry is that some women they've never met don't think men are perfect gods.

No. 330503


every time a scrot comes in here with a biased study against women in order to “own teh females” and show us how evil we apparently are, the ghost of andrea dworkin grows stronger

No. 330543

women:we don't like men because of how obsessed they are, how violent they are, and their stupidity and hypocrisy when it comes to generalizing us

scrot: what are you talking about evil womyn? let me prove you wrong by constantly coming back to this thread and posting debunked studies, pictures of women being abused, and whining about who some women like while simultaneously ignoring the millions of men who do the sane

No. 330545

When I was eighteen I remember talking to my friends about personal types. I mentioned that I like boyish, softer, generally non-threatening looking men.
All males in the friend group collectively lost it and to this day call me a 'cougar'. (I'm 20 now) Mind you, I was barely a fucking adult then.

It's terrible how males always look for a way to prove that hey, women are horrible too and pick the smallest things to justify their own insecurities.

No. 330557

They were probably compensating for hurt feelings because you didn't describe men who look like them. The rage over women liking soft, delicate featured men always comes from chubby bearded men.

No. 330571

Actually I think the 'women prefer manly, bearded, big men' thing is a meme. Most of my female friends would also like more boyish types.

No. 330579

Why is there MGTOW, TRP, mensrights, & pussypassdenied for shitting on women but there are no subreddits where you can shit on men in a similar manner? Do I just not know about it?

No. 330594

I thought women are the superior gender? Why would you want to shit on men?

Yikes you girls are crazy!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330605

Men can hardly stand THIS little anonymous thread on lcf. You think they'd be peachy with something like an active WGTOW or anything similar to how frequently they shit on women on all other public sites? Men hate women. They'd never not invade a place where we vent or be critical of them because they are all perfect and sweet and we are so evil for thinking otherwise

No. 330607

Why wouldn't we want to shit on men? They deserve it.

No. 330617

I used to frequent a subreddit catered towards women. Now it has turned into a big ghost town because men kept invading it, making misogynistic comments and pulling out far-fetched assumptions about us from their asses. No one felt much like posting in a place where woman-haters could brigade their posts any time.

No. 330631

Men are constantly coddled but yet at the same time, told they're being oppressed, by the same people mind you, its sad it isnt unusual to see someone curse up a storm about evil women and how all women are evil entitled gold diggers and should kill themselves, but next minute claiming everyone hates men

They can't make up their minds as to if they want to scream and cry about women or play victim and claim they're being hurt and deserve empathy from the people they just claimed were the devil

The best way to shut them down is to ask for legit proof (not scewed around stats

No. 330709

r/againstmensrights exists.

No. 330737

There's /r/inceltears /r/thebluepill /r/niceguys /r/justneckbeardthings

No. 330769

those subreddits aren't anything like the subs i mentioned

i've never heard of that sub, thank you.

No. 330789

File: 1543360833387.jpg (114.75 KB, 600x1200, twetter.jpg)

i haven't really been following up on this thotaudit thing but i saw this and that last tweet is pissing me off so damn much. of course it's the MEN who need protection from these evil women!! these awful ladies that trick men to give them their money!! who cares about women who might do this kind of work because they have no other choice, once again it's men who are the real victims!

holy shit am i ready to murder a scrot some day

No. 330804

>but there are no subreddits where you can shit on men in a similar manner?
Because you're already allowed to shit on men almost everywhere already?

No. 330806

Some of these retards tried to report a cam girl who isn't even american to the irs. Kek and almost zero percent of those camgirls and sex workers care about "thotit" its really just a bunch of autistic incels trying to make false reports. Or at least claim they do (but when women come forward with rape and sexual assault, THATS a false report always)
I do wish women who choose it would leave sex work permenantly though

No. 330812

does anyone know of a radfem dominated forum/tag? i feel like most of you fall under that category and i wana see more

No. 330825

What? Haha, very wrong.

No. 330828


it gives them what they want

No. 330829

Okay lets see
>buzzfeeds video of women drawing their ideal pensies got insane amount of hate, so much they had to take it down but left up the vagina video
>any sort of standard women have is quickly bashed, like the fat girl who made the joke about how "when his height starts with 5", is still getting death threats
>almost anytime women speak about their issues whataboutism comes into play
>there are MRAs flooding india and pakistan, men are hopelessly defended even when they're rapists
>chris watts is getting defended because his wife didn't worship him
>war machine is praised and known as a legend, when rhonda rousey beat her boyfriend or when emma roberts did they're hopelessly bashed and labeled as evil
>with the asia artgino (?) Case, no one for a second doubted the kid, when men come out about rape or abuse its never questioned even with no evidence
>the millions of cases where rapists got away easily
>the buzzfeeds "questions women have for men" video depsite it being satire was quickly bashed and firebombed on, but mgtows almost never get hate and when they do whoever hates on them gets labeled as a bitter feminazi

Yeah poor men

No. 330832

>it gives them what they want
Reply to them all you want they still won't find meaning and happiness lol

No. 330833

Reddit gender critical

No. 330834


>scrot makes appointment, gives receptionist his number

>receptionist pauses to put his number in
>WTF stupid evil cunty women all women are dumb entitled bitchy cunts #mgtow

I always thought this was some cartoon persona and that no one can actually be this way but apparantly not, this is something a literal spoilt child would do. Why are most of these "evil women mgtow" stories literally just normal scenarios but men just desperately finding something the woman did wrong and blowing it out of propotion? Next thing you know a mgtow is gonna go home and cry to his mgtow buddies because a woman walked weird if they haven't done that already

MGTOW, ironically, fuels me to stay away from men, why would i wanna be around men children who can't even act like a rational human being when a woman is near?

No. 330835

lets be real, men will cry and whine about being oppressed as long as women are seen as human beings. they'll be happy campers if we were forced to be slaves for them. And you can hardly talk about this shit or really anything about men without getting bombarded. Its pathetic. They hate women but can't leave us alone

No. 330837

KEK i remember reading how "alphas" of the redpill would mock mgtows for being betas, weak and genetic dead ends

And they continue to ironically prove them right by getting triggered at everything women do. They would fuel me too but you can't tell who is what. Who knows if the guy you smiled to in the elevator will go back home to write up how much of an evil cunt gold digging whore you are for being polite to him

No. 330838

You sure are obsessed with those penis and vagina drawing videos despite being repeatedly told how you're completely wrong about them you are. What a broken record you are.

Everything else you tried listing is either made up or a niche part of the internet. All mainstream media is subject to feminist control. Entertainment does nothing but depict women as strong and smart and men as evil buffoons. 99% of the world is relentlessly thought and language policed by feminists. Only in those 1% niche areas can men say anything besides undying praise of women, but even 1% is too much for you. You won't be happy until 100% of men are forcibly censored in every way. Actually even then you'd probably still be upset about something.

No. 330839

ironic the scrot says that when a mgtow just cried about how a receptionist paused while writing down his number, just another classic case of
>fuck your proof womyn

actually yes scrot please tell me when we an openly hate on men besides here, I'd like to know
and don't say real life because been there, done that and it ain't true

No. 330840

Remember: these dudes rarely listen to reason and just want to get a rise out of us, not to have a serious discussion about gender relations.
Happy reporting!

No. 330842

Go make 2 Twitter accounts. On one of them, post or tweet or whatever people do on twitter "#killallmen" as often and aggressively as you can. Do the same but "#killallwomen" on the other. See which gets banned first. (And by first I also mean "only")

No. 330844

Holy fuck that reads like actual satire. I even assumed you were minimizing the situation but it literally was that inoffensive.

No. 330845

1: Will do
2: #killallmen was repetitively bashed or not taken seriously, as women don't go on shooting sprees because of ebil mens, therefore it's not really hard to see why some 14 yr old girl saying #killallmen isn't as threatening as a 23 yr old man who says #killallwomen



No. 330847

>or not taken seriously,
So in other words, openly allowed.

Thank you for admitting I was right.

No. 330851

File: 1543374166611.jpg (95.02 KB, 750x729, DoNq_0AXcAAthlr.jpg)

male logic

No. 330855

File: 1543375299018.gif (3.87 MB, 480x366, giphy (1).gif)

This is true but it would really be best for their comments to just hang in complete silence and isolation. Also, when people reply without directly quoting the post, it's still a reply and encourages them to come back and post more bullshit.

No. 330856

>A male rape apologist

fucking surprised (Not)

No. 330857

Aye some men can be fuckers. And 95% of them are boring as shit. But 99% of women are tedious, rambling passive-aggressive no-marks (just look at this website). And 99.9% of everything of value in this world was created by some man. Peace out chickees. Enjoy clicking report in the knowledge that I'm right.

No. 330858

That wasn't a rape apology. Are you retarded?

No. 330859

>sub-posting about "ignoring" people on an anonymous image board

No. 330860

Why don't you go look up what the word 'apologist' actually means?

No. 330861

Just dropping by to remind everyone that being dominated by a man is the most common female fetish. Have a good night :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330866

I don't need to cos I know what the word means. That dude wasn't apologising for rape, he was prioritising due process.
Why don't you try to explain how that post was in any way a "rape apology"?

No. 330870

>"I empathise with victims, I am one. But I'd rather see rapists walk free than innocent people have their lives ruined"
>"Rape apologist!"
You fucking cretin

No. 330872

Repeal the 19th: exhibit 46,788,532,231

No. 330874


No. 330875

Where's the SCROT patrol? Mods!! Some small weinered foxes are cavorting in the hen coop.

No. 330879

They cant leave women alone can they?

No. 330880

File: 1543378966040.png (239.24 KB, 500x614, 1543245225560.png)

Famous English sports star complicit in the fantasy-tweet-rape of his wife. Apparently this counts as "banter". Why are men such utter fucking cunts?

No. 330883

I know, right? MGTOW my tramp-stamped heiney.

No. 330887

> I'm sick of having to remind everyone to just ignore you
Maybe, like, stop posting reminders then sis. I dunno.

No. 330894

I appreciate the reminders.

No. 330896

>thinking about someone while fapping is rape

No. 330907

This is a poorly-executed attempt at blending in.

No. 330912

Imagine actually saying the phrase "fantasy-tweet-rape" and acting like that's a real thing.
And then also getting angry that the world no longer blindly believes a woman anytime she says she was raped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330929

Lolcow has a gendercritical thread, its pretty radfem I think.

No. 330931

Well this thread went to hell faster than usual. Hope the same fag is having a good time tonight, crashing the ladies' space and laying down the law. Go you!

No. 330934

Thing is they have their pick of places that have active daily woman-hate threads, sites for rape, murder and genocide of all women fantasies for them but cant handle an anonymous board calling them scrots.
Its not surprising with how they are

Build a wall between men and women and men will try to climb it when women say we want to be left alone.

No. 330935

The guy who said he's here to 'study' how women think…yeah ok how many women even post here? 5 or 6?

No. 330937

File: 1543390968061.jpg (189.25 KB, 594x899, 1543389960956.jpg)

Men are fucking DISGUSTING

No. 331005

Whats with men and raping animals? Jesus christ

No. 331017

Has anyone seen the movie No Men Beyond This Point (it's on Netflix). It's a mockumentary set in a future where men are slowly dying out. Pretty stupid and off base on how it would probably go down in some instances, since it's written and directed by a man after all, but it made me lol at some points. Maybe it'll give some of you a chuckle.

No. 331022

just men being over dramatic like always
imagine if a woman did a documentary about how men are making women go instinct (which many mgtows admit to want doing) she would quickly get labeled as an evil bitter roastie who hit the wall after riding the cock carosole

this dude just takes being butthurt over getting rejected to a whole new level
on another note, some MGTOW lulz

they think the education system is conspiring against men because girls were studying and doing homework while they sat in boxers playing call of duty and farting dortios

No. 331026

File: 1543416843961.png (207.54 KB, 540x760, tumblr_p02pz7eHuZ1qii5jeo1_540…)

and they always have been

No. 331028

And they crush their little "women find older men super attractive" fantasy. 9 times out of 10 when a young woman gets with an oldhead it's because she's "attracted" to his money/status/whatever he can give her, not his looks lmao. Young men LOOK the best, and no, if you didnt have success with women at your physical peak you most likely wont when you're wrinkly, balding and slightly richer.

No. 331031

Big fan of the guy who can’t even use the word “agreeable” correctly

No. 331034

What sort of beta jokes in public about pervs jerking it over their SO? If I had a man and he did this thatd be it.

No. 331035

File: 1543417448834.png (85.64 KB, 1620x348, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.2…)

>boy copies off of girl
>complains that he gets lower grade

scrot logic

No. 331036

File: 1543417660210.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, dhMeAzK.gif)

Exactly, but no matter how many times you tell them this they just REEEE and say you are lying. The amount of 50yr olds I get messaging me on my profile saying they are far sexier than 20 somethings is laughable, especially given I have my age limits listed.

No. 331041

isn't there a single creature that men won't rape?

No. 331042

Probs a few posting here tbf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 331044

File: 1543418170426.png (39.71 KB, 654x263, download (1).png)

the most puzzling thing is how this even is possible and then i feel mad this article made me think that men are such a mistake

No. 331045

Mouse rape might be physically impossible. Anyone volunteer to research some zoo forums?

No. 331047

Unfortunatly I have seen mouse torment being spammed on sfw boards a few years ago, really shocked me, the men thought it was funny. SO again, men are the greatest mistakes.

No. 331048

There is a micropenis rodent fetish sub-culture in the zoophiliac community. I shit you not.

No. 331052

File: 1543419007390.png (239.02 KB, 1280x902, tumblr_nmb1wcaenN1rte8x2o2_128…)

No. 331055

>"ugh evil women are so obsessed with being the victim"
>no one finds him attractive since he can't even take care of himself and has an obnoxious personality
>"why are men expected to fit into such high standards? oppression.."

No. 331060

Some elderly men have no self-awareness at all. They shamelessly chat up young women who work in service but behind their backs, we just think they're creeps. I used to think they were trying to be "funny" but nope, some of them truly think they still have a chance with women who could be their daughters.

No. 331100

I heard of a farmhand who raped chickens. The farmer only found out because all of his chickens were dying. I don't even think men have feelings at this point.

No. 331101

That reminds me, I wish i had the cap of that post where the guy was complaining of feminisms oppression of men which is…to make men shower and clean themselves and he was being serious. Also reminds me of another post of a woman who complained she wanted to anal play with her bf but he had a thick crust of shit on his crack. Apologies for the mental image but its wild men will freak out over a woman having a little public hair when they cant even wipe their asses properly but then expect women to lick it.

No. 331104

god, I thought you meant one oof our farmhands at first kek

that's still fucked up though…

No. 331116

File: 1543431018040.png (58.86 KB, 1262x394, faggot incel.png)

Saw this on a video about abusive tumblr relationships/fetishes, specifically weight related ones. It fucking disgusts me that someone can do this and say "well they ARE female" as if it's nothing.

No. 331118

isn't it funny how femdom and findom are seen as evil women taking advantage of poor mentally ill men but men wanting to almost kill women? just a kink stop being triggered feminazi prude reee

No. 331119

They've always been disgusting.. Add emblamers and morticians to the list of professions men should be banned from

Yeah bathing, washing hamds after using the restroom and personal hygiene is just male oppression. No wonder they sperg over women loving kpop guys or men that groom themselves and call them faggots.

No. 331122

I wonder if that's projection at all. Like they think the default hygiene for all humans is pig disgusting so the only way you can prove a woman isn't swarming with germs and shit is if she appears absolutely sterile.
Conversely, more 'feminine' i.e. not stereotypically macho guys tend to have better personal hygiene and more lax preferences in women's grooming. Like they know from experience that if a woman isn't totally overgroomed she most likely still fulfills basic hygeine.

No. 331127

>washing hands after using the restroom
the fact that a lot of guys don't do something as basic as this is fucking disgusting and it makes me want to never shake any man's hand or touch anything they have touched

No. 331131

I thought it was normal to wash your ass everyday in the shower? I didn't know people could be that gross they don't even wipe properly wtf? This guy sounds like he might be mildly retarded at best.

No. 331217

Why are so many people out raping animals? It's truly vile and honestly they should just have their ducks removed because clearly they have no morals or self control.

>multiple men willing to rape an orangutan

It's bad enough that there could be one fucked up egg in the basket, but for there to be enough for this to be a lucrative business…disgusting.

>shaved and forced to wear perfume and makeup

They were literally raping a wild animal, but apparently still cared about this shit? Disgusting AND stupid.

No. 331219

Only men are vile and disgusting enough to do this shit. fucking men should be kept in cages tbh

No. 331240

There is a hilarious/awful thread on Twitter somewhere where it is revealed that quite a lot of men never wash their ass because it is "gay", and some of them don't even know how to brush their teeth

No. 331258

File: 1543466645115.jpg (48.77 KB, 564x566, ba2d535bd1074d3b287f6d0401ed96…)

men are treated as primitive monkeys themselves and thus never ever have to take responsibility for their actions, they're so used to having their blame placed on women they think taking blame for their part once is male oppression and that women are this privileged group, because after all, the only thing men are good at is blowing things out of proportion, also why they insist everyone who disagrees with them are "triggered"

I hate how feminism babies men and sugar coats feminism for them, but these same men treat feminism like the boogieman, their minds will shut down when they see the word "feminism" and go 'oonga boonga evil womyn"

how are men even alive? they should be lucky women or else men would end up murdering everyone until humans are extinct

No. 331274

Over thanksgiving I went to my bf's families house for dinner, his sister has a 13 year old son and he kept rubbing his knee against mine. I think he's mildly autistic and I don't want to make a big deal of something like this but is it common for guys, especially young boys to have a shit concept of personal space?

No. 331289

No, they just aren't taught to respect women's personal space because "itself not like he's hurting anyone". You should have said something, autism or not. Being autistic isn't an excuse to touch people without their permission and if he's so autistic he can't understand that he needs to be put in a room where he can't rub himself on people without their consent. I hate this false equivalency people have where they think that just because someone is mentally ill or on the spectrum that every unusual thing they do gets a pass because "poor bby dun no any better".

No. 331376

Not common at all and i def would have said something. Guys get a pass for being autistic but that type of behavior needs to taught out of them because men are degenerates.

No. 331396

Wait you mean I can kill them, cook them and even eat them but THAT is illegal?

No. 331416

Ugh. There used to be a man(-child) with aspergers in my friends group who would make innuendo every other second and sexualize everything you said as a woman. No one wanted to call him out since aww poor guy is just socially clueless (no) or they were on the spectrum themselves like me and bad at conflict.

No. 331478

Actually it's illegal to go around killing animals too, (other people's property, or endangered/protected for example) it's only "acceptable" for farmers to kill farm animals that are reared for eating.
Also: begone, scrot

No. 331494

imagine defending bestiality to protect men's honor, instead of just denying that men do it at all lmao
are all men secret furfags or something?

No. 331505

First we can't trust men around other men, then we can't trust them around women, next we couldn't trust them around children, now we can't trust them around animals

when will be the last straw before someone finally steps up and admits men are just untrustworthy and sick all over? How many women, children and animals have to be tortured in order for people to finally admit men are just shit?

No. 331516

this. funny how it's accepted we have to warn children of predatory men and be on high alert for them, but when this is actually brought up in the context of male threat/feminism people refuse to just admit there's no such warning needed for women and that the majority of sexual and violent offenders of anything, animals, human, whatever, are fucking men

No. 331527

>While some people may believe that there is a higher reported incidence of women experiencing violence by their male partners due to men underreporting when they are victims, the reality is the opposite. In 2008, 72 percent of the intimate partner violence against males and 49 percent of the intimate partner violence against females was reported to police.
>Catalano, Smith, Snyder, & Rand (2009). Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings: Female Victims of Domestic Violence. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, NCJ 228356.

I'm sick of men and their bullshit.

No. 331529

watch how people react to men getting abused vs women

men ALWAYS get coddled, women get blamed for their abuse, not once have I ever seen anyone blame a man for getting abused but people will bend over backwards to blame women

No. 331531

That poor ape from the last thread was posted on 4chan a few times that I saw. They blamed the race of the men in that country, no exceptions.

Men are always the problem, anywhere, anytime, but they always categorize themselves into races, religions,'Chads and virgins' etc so they can blame anyone but their own gender.

No. 331532

>Researcher Elspeth McInnes… recounts some of her research that showed that when men talked about women’s violence against men, some cited abuse as not having a hot meal on the table, not having the children bathed before bed, or women spending money on gambling or shopping. At the more severe end of the spectrum, they nominated verbal and emotional violence as abuse. Then, a tiny minority documented physical abuse, and an even smaller minority named sexual abuse.

Actual abuse against men is incredibly incredibly rare anyway and the majority of men who claim to have experienced it are not being truthful.

No. 331540

except they're eager to do it to women, but men? it's x race of men, it's y religion of men, poor men, rich men, etc etc

watch men cry when you point this out, I blame MRAs for babying men and trying to trick everyone into thinking "MALE emotions are REAL emotions, unlike you crazy hysterical women who thinks you're being abused if your husband rapes you uwu"

No. 331541


>man worked as a crossguard at a schoolwith with children

>pretended to have downs to force caregivers to change and bathe him
>got off on it

No. 331569

I fucking knew it was something like this.
Every single time without fail some scrote will bring up the fact that women "abuse" men more. But they never go deeper into what KIND of abuse these men are experiencing.
And no, not all abuse is the same. Like you quoted, not having dinner ready is not the fucking same as having your husband or partner beat your face in.
Almost all the evidence points towards women experiencing more severe abuse/needing to be hospitalized, but nooooo THINK OF THE POOR MEN! HE DIDN'T GET HIS DINNER OR HIS EVIL BITCH WIFE DIDN'T GIVE HIM THE SEX HE DEMANDED .

No. 331586

File: 1543529125830.jpg (53.93 KB, 262x458, men are a waste of oxygen.jpg)

>inb4 4chan
even so the fact this is even a question for them but them complain women dont want their ugly selfish asses….

No. 331588

File: 1543529471894.jpg (273.32 KB, 720x1236, 20181129_140739.jpg)

I just clicked on this random video about how proper tongue posturing affects facial bone structure and there are so many incels in the comments shitting on this girl for no reason. Why are men so pathetic

No. 331589

this is why i roll my eyes every time i hear a scrot bitch about his "abusive" ex it always turns out to be petty shit that most normal people wouldnt even consider abusive

has anyone else noticed that men trivialise rape/sexual assault but only when its commited against women? a woman who actually gets raped or assaulted gets humiliated and dragged because muh "innocent until proven guilty" but people will unironically claim that a man whose girlfriend got accidentally pregnant and refuses to abort is a rape victim.

No. 331593

the most annoying thing about these mens rights activist crying
>"one in three victims of abuse is a man"
is that article states
>"Statistically, one-in-three Australia women will face violence within their lifetime"
what a better use of the phrase one in three. jesus.

No. 331594

>"qt jb"
..yeah, you know, at this point with how many of these men who sperg about "the wall" and wanting to fuck minors rather, they're just pedophiles angry that girls age like them and grow past 13

Because women are always wrong, always bad and always to blame. Men just can't be bothered having empathy. Its always bare bone tolerance at most.

Woukd things ever get better do you think? Like would there ever be a time when men and women can come together, or is that just impossible. Theyve done absolutely the worst to women for being women.. Idk.

No. 331727

how old is she? she looks mid twenties to me

No. 331759

all men perpetrate violence in their lifetime

No. 331764

all men rape women, causing rapists to pass on their genes for several generations(until abortion/bc), then blame women for birthing violent men in their lifetime.

No. 331766


lmao women don't get a free pass for autism, women are socialized differently so the autism either presents itself in a way that goes undetected by medical professionals, or it's masked by the said woman learning how to imitate neurotypicals.

autistic men don't do this so its easily detected in them.

No. 331780

sure nobody rapes as much today, but in the past thats what happened.

present doesnt matter when theres generations of rapist genes that got through over the centuries. abortion can only do so much at this point.

No. 331798

>O-only black men do that!
Lol its always the same tired excuses with these scrots.

No. 331803

Imagine being this off base. If male autists were raised from birth to be nice, timid, deferential, modest, etc as is constantly drilles into women, then maybe it would force some social tact into their autistic heads.

No. 331805

>She recounts some of her research that showed that when men talked about women’s violence against men, some cited abuse as not having a hot meal on the table, not having the children bathed before bed, or women spending money on gambling or shopping.

Fucking l o l. This is exactly what other anons itt have been saying about male "abuse victims". It's nice to know it's actually been recorded.
Great article anon, thanks for sharing.

No. 331810

File: 1543555163311.jpeg (718.35 KB, 1242x1260, 52D7FBF7-F77B-4684-8B14-735E10…)

No. 331811

>tfw autistic woman
>often accused of lying until I have to physically show my diagnosis papers
>people quickly point out my behaviors and awkwardness
>growing up
>never once received help, or was brought to a therapist until I got old enough and had to pay for my own
>teachers, parents, caregivers, etc, would point out what was wrong with my learning habits but never once helped me, instead blamed me and blamed me forcing me to try 10xs as hard as a regular student in order to barely scrape by enough
>took a toll on my social life, was bullied to hell and back, and again, was blamed for it
>people think my quietness is rude
>struggled with relationships
>almost no one besides my therapists have ever helped me with my autism

>seeing autistic men

>autistic men are treated like babies
>often early diagnosed and able to get treatment and help and care, unlike me who had to deal with it and struggle with my autism on my own
>autistic men get to act as weird as possible and get all the special attention they need
>if they have some sort of good skill people act like he just cured cancer, where as anything I achieve is seen as mediocre

please tell me where this easy mode life is

No. 331821

What I've noticed is guys can be VERY weird. Awkward, creepy, unwashed, whatever, and easily hold down a full time job. Every woman I've ever worked with has been "normal", socially adjusted (even if they were a bitch or a bully), clean and relatively trustworthy.

We are not accepted anywhere unless we hit a far higher standard than a man is expected to. Of course autistic women try as hard as possible to adjust and fit in - in order to even get a job, whereas autistic men or men with disorders are fully accepted, employed, have relationships and families despite the glaring issues. We are not the ones on easy mode. We work so much harder in order to be culturally acceptable humans and then get told we have it "easy". A man who can barely string a sentence together can get a job easy, where the same woman would be put into a mental institution.

The delusion is strong with these guys.

No. 331825

>We are not accepted anywhere unless we hit a far higher standard than a man is expected to.
I also think that men are far more likely to consider their personal failings someone else's responsibility. If a man is a fat, ugly loser who can't get a woman, it's women's fault for being shallow whores who want Chad. If a woman is a fat, ugly loser who can't get a man, she's probably gonna spiral into low self esteem and eating disorders and self hatred. But that's taking some responsibility, and is much more likely to result in self improvement than shifting blame is.

Of course, there are a tiny minority of HAES crazies who think society should change it's beauty standards for their sake, but that attitude is just the norm for men. They think women are at fault if they have any standards at all, so why would autists strive for social acceptance when not even regular men do?

No. 331828

>Or when women start being expected to ask men out on dates and entertain them the whole time
Oh no you poor things, how cruel the world is to you! Having to be interested in what someone other than you says for an evening, how preposterous!

No. 331832

>If a woman is a fat, ugly loser who can't get a man, she's probably gonna spiral into low self esteem and eating disorders and self hatred
The entire feminist movement proves otherwise.

No. 331835

The consequences for a woman shitting on a man is /much/ higher than for a man bashing a woman.

No. 331841

How so.

No. 331843

File: 1543566888714.jpg (414.29 KB, 1080x2160, 20181130_023207.jpg)

Back with some more disappointing To Catch a Predator YT comments.

No. 331845

File: 1543566965701.jpg (381.43 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20181130-023524_You…)

No. 331855

>There are just as many women molesters

Citation needed, because literally every single study out of the hundreds that have been done has found that male molesters are an enormous majority, averaging a 95-99% percentage of molesters. But I guess Random Idiot On Youtube must have access to some special knowledge the rest of us don't.

No. 331868

loling my ass off at the second dumb ass comment, it doesnt even make sense lol he must have got too tired from using his single brain cell

No. 331875

>women are just as bad as men they're just better at hiding it
Men have cognitive dissonance when they think women are getting away with thousands of murders and child rape because they are so smart and sneaky but at the same time men think women are dumb and incompetent.
I can't take men seriously.

No. 331878

>child rape
yes remind me again what is lolcows stance on abortion?
you have no problem murdering millions on children but now you grow a conscience?
nigga please men are shit and your shit soul belongs right there along side us on the bench of satan

No. 331879

You're really on here saying you want to rape children, huh?

No. 331880

no I am saying countless of babies have been genocided
why are you pretending to care for them now?

No. 331884

Embryos and early fetuses are no more 'human beings' than for example a liver or a bladder. It's not a murder.

No. 331886

so this is the jewish fairytales we keep saying to ourselves to justify murder
You also have a liver and a bladder my dear sweet friend>>331884

No. 331888

He's a dumbass or he's baiting, anon, don't bother. Report and move on.

No. 331891

preach it sistah

No. 331894

File: 1543585258912.jpg (108.46 KB, 500x667, 1543535854710.jpg)

>males have jobs
you absolute nigger if you want to slave away for Chaim be my guest
you are being pounded in the poo poo 24/7
it was never about catching up to the white man
if you want to win you must be something bigger
you nigger

No. 331897

I honestly think that women are weirder than men, or more unique I guess. "Weird" men are always the same kind of weird, the autistic men are the same, annoying bohemian men are the same, conspiracy theory men are the same and so on. Like there just is types of men and they're copies of each other with their personalities and so on.

Women on other hand, seem to be genuinely weird and unique if they're weird. They have their own personalities even though on the outside they might seem like "normal" ans socially adjusted.

No. 331899

this, 1000000000%

No. 331900

That's a very stupid anecdotal belief.

No. 331902

I do think male personalities are very samey. I've never met a man who was truly unique. You meet a man of a certain "type", like a gamer, a nerd, a womanizer, whatever, and you can very accurately predict his opinions and views on just about everything. It's so strange, it's like men only have ten personalities between the lot of them.

No. 331960

When men can't find anything else to shit on a woman for, they always go for the "you hit the wall", and the wall can literally be anything from 16 to 30 year old. It's like "no u" for grown ass men.

I don't hate pedophiles, because they can sometimes restrain their urges if they get proper help, and they won't try to get help if we demonize them. The men who search for help should be kept an eye on by professionals and they should have regular check ups, and maybe even get sterilized. If pedophilia is outright demonized, the pedos will act in secret and more children will be affected, but if they were offered help to stop their urges, I think many men would reach for it, and they couldn't do nasty shit in secret anymore. Those men, who have already acted on their urges, should be euthanized or castrated and locked up with each other. Of course this system would have it's downsides, but it would be a good start maybe?

No. 332011


Nah, just kill them all please. Lure them into sweet death by pretending we "accept and understand" them.

No. 332013

The joke is it's men who hit a wall. Women are desired by men at all ages, that's why "milf", "cougar" and "mature" are some of the top searched porn keywords. Men only have a very slim window in which the majority of them will ever be attractive to any woman, and it's only the incredibly handsome 1% of men who can continue to be attractive to any woman at all after they age out of that window.

No. 332124

I have found this to be true, especially the gamer thing, if a guy tells you one of his hobbies or opinions it's very easy to predict his entire personality from there. Some women are predictable in this way as well but women seem to have more variance and more under the surface.

No. 332138

If you watched this board at all, robot, you would know that there are plenty of women into other topics. This is a drama board, but damn me if men aren't capable being just as big drama whores. There are tons of topics in /ot/ and /g/ other than what you listed, and women's opinions in those hobbies tend to be all fucking over the place other than "being liberal" for obvious reasons. But way to just pull out the stereotypical ones and not even get the right point the other anon made.
There are shitloads of female gamers, anime fans, crafters, cooks, etc. Most "NPC" types may be more shallow or predictable, but you're not making yourself look very educated on what women like by thinking that's what all women like.
Anyway, I'd rather hear what other women think on this rather than a dude troublemaking. They don't come to have actual discussion, just to point fingers about women being worse based of shitty low-sample-size evidence and complete misunderstandings of women.

No. 332147

theres also the issue of transwomen bumping the sexual assult statistics for women

No. 332152

Fuck off, you're only proving our point
True, women have more variety when it comes to express their likes, men don't even try to understand us, but who cares about their opinion at this point?

No. 332158

>whereas autistic men or men with disorders are fully accepted, employed, have relationships and families despite the glaring issues
Why do you need to lie about disabled people? People with autism have super high unemployment rates and most have never dated.

No. 332159

Or maybe we just go to reddit and 4chan to talk about our hobbies, moron. They are significantly bigger than here, therefore it's easier to get discussion going for a niche interest. Using one of my hobbies as an example, I wouldn't expect a thread to last here for ballet, even though it's a female dominated hobby and this is a female dominated board. I go to reddit and dance forums for that. This place is specifically for women, with roots in weebshit and internet gossip, it gravitates towards those things instead of any random interests. I don't think it's great representation of what women enjoy, but we still all refer to our interests here and there and it's easy to pick up on. But, as always, men think we're NPCs with no sentience and disregard any proof to the contrary.

No. 332170

Lmao, you rlly don't know shit about women uh? fuck off

No. 332173

Scrot proves to us again that they cannot fuck off to the woman-hate threads literally elsewhere

Men seeing women as npcs makes it easier for them to dehumanize and hate women more/care less. They don't give a fuck about whether hobbies include painting or rock climbing. Doesn't matter to them. Time and time again they always prove themselves to despise women for existing

makes me wish that illuminati conspiracy about wiping out 90% of the world was true. Cause at this point, what is the point? They hate us. We hate them back for it. Rinse and repeat.

No. 332179

There are simpletons at both sides, not all men like "weird, obscure" shit, most are on sports or video games, but nothing so unconventional. Also "loser nerd stuff"?, tbfh i have never heard a grown woman saying this or even a teenager, normally they have weird hobbies too but don't have the need to say it or don't consider them to be weird…

No. 332185

>99% just sit on instagram obsessing over celebrities or fashion or just taking pictures of yourself 50 times a day
>For decades most women would never be caught dead playing a video game or watching anime oe playing tabletop because that was "loser nerd stuff"

I would actually agree that men are more likely to be into obscure interests. Men are far more likely to be autistic as fuck and socially incapable people do seek out weird shit. But something like anime (and manga, and doujinshi, and VNs, etc etc), for example, were big amongst Japanese women for decades before you and your fellow white males decided it was a nerdy boys club interest that girls can't genuinely be into. Nevermind the countless series aimed specifically at women.

No. 332187

You know what? i'm not delaying this thread with your bs, it's not worth it, you just want reasons to believe women are npc's compared to you, fuck off

No. 332188

File: 1543629722938.jpg (53.74 KB, 627x414, af000c8c-b1e8-4715-b7ba-1c5ebb…)

guys, please stop feeding the scrot, that's what it wants.

No. 332199

Anime and manga are mainstream as fuck now it doesn't get to be an unusual interest anymore.

No. 332213

omg fuck off already this is getting embarrassing

No. 332239

Huh? I'm saying its disingenuous for men to act like liking anime and manga is unusual or niche anymore. Everyone and their grandma watches it now.

The real male weirdos are the train simulator enthusiasts and the guys with deforestation fetishes.

No. 332251

Incoming wall of text, apologies in advance. I’ve got no screens, because all of the relevant articles are in Polish and I can’t be assed to translate, but I’ll try to summarize this shitshow as best as I can.

So in Poland a few days ago a crazy man - I’ll call him T. - poisoned himself and his 4-year old son to death in a murder-suicide. This happened as a result of a custody battle so drawn out and nasty that it even managed to get some media coverage on both sides. Many times T.’s ex wife has spoken out and reported him to the police about his dangerous behaviors, such as kidnapping and threatening to kill the kid, trying to smuggle him to another country and once taking him to a rooftop (while drunk) with an intent to jump together, all the while painting himself as a perfect loving father on tv. But apparently it wasn’t enough for the court to take away T’s custody completely and so eventually a little boy had to die a horrific death. Tbh, I can only hate T. 99% because from his demeanor and interviews it was clear that he had some untreated mental issues, albeit with a touch of narcissism. This is actually not even about him, but the disgusting men who defend him.

See, there’s an organization here called “brave daddy” (translation, but it sounds just as stupid in Polish) who are against divorced mothers getting full parental responsibility. Again, this is not an entirely hateable offense as, admittedly, family courts in Poland often really do discriminate against men. The problem is, despite a cutesy name, this organization is just a thinly veiled group of VICIOUS misogynists with a massive persecution complex. Seriously, despite having been married at one point, they have the mentality of advanced incels and now they are shitting themselves trying to defend a literal child murderer, because reeeeeee his ex wife must’ve been an evil bitch who broke a poor innocent man and demanded all of his money! While there’s evidence pointing to her just trying to protect the boy from a disturbed, unpredictable father. And even if that wasn’t the case, and she really was after child support money, who the fuck kills his own child?!
Some particularly scary mental gymnastics, mostly from their psycho leader:
- T. was a downtrodden hero who had to kill his son so his harpy of a mother wouldn’t corrupt him
- He did it because he had honor, women are simply incapable of grasping the concept and thus they condemn him
- He gave his son life, so he has a right to take it away
- Courts gave women power over men and men must take it back. This is war and war has victims
- T. died like a warrior, but at least he took 50% of his enemy’s genes to the grave (fantastic way of describing an actual child there, you fuckers)
- It’s literal abuse when a child is raised by their mom and grandma
- divorced fathers can and by all means should unlawfully take children away from their mothers, it’s the only way to defeat the oppressive system
- All this was most likely orchestrated by Russians anyway, T. is an innocent victim (not the son, lmao)
In short, fucking “brave daddies” are using this tragedy to delve even deeper into a cirlejerk about how they are these poor ostracized martyrs just like T., whose ex wives apparently married them and got pregnant for the sole purpose of later snatching the kid away to get free money from child support and taking delight in anguish they’ve caused (yes, these people truly believe that most women are born liars and live only to do exactly that). Some even have this weird tendency to talk about themselves using vocabulary associated with Polish WW2 heroes (kinda hard to explain but believe me, it’s hilariously inappropriate).
What they’re willfully ignoring is that T. didn’t commit a voluntary manslaughter, it was a cold, calculated murder. He had to plan for it, obtain the poison, wait for his visitation date and then trick a probation officer who was there at the time to leave him alone with the boy. None of it matters though, the important thing is that a man felt he was being persecuted by a woman and that justifies everything he’s done. They know they’re literally glorifying a child murderer and they’re fine with it, that’s how obsessed they are with getting revenge on their exes.

Granted, I’ll admit that Polish family laws sometimes work unfairly in favor of mothers. But after reading all the shit these insane, obsessive, bitter men have been spewing I’m convinced none of them even care about obtaining custody, all they really want is to make women suffer and they will use kids in whatever way they see fit, like objects, to achieve their goal. Honestly, I think that the family court, as broken as it may be, made the right decision to ban these so called fathers from seeing their offspring, because anyone with a mindset like that is just plain dangerous.
It’s terrifying how some men will take a seemingly fair cause and spew pure hatred under the guise of fighting injustice. And, hilariously, the rabid morons somehow fail to realize they’re ruining it for regular non-crazy divorced fathers who truly want to stay in their children’s lives.

What’s more terrifying is that there’s also a handful of handmaidens who support these “brave daddy” idiots, but I don’t even want to touch that.

Again, apologies for the wall of text, I’m seriously fucking angry about the whole affair. Bless you for reading.
TL;DR man murders his son so ex wife won’t get full custody, a group of batshit men’s rights activists praises him.

No. 332354

My cousin is getting married. We grew up together and I'm pretty close to him so I know he cheats on her constantly, even with cheap prostitutes. His fiancee is a good looking successful woman and still not enough for him. If he wasn't part of my family I'd rat him out.

No. 332358

who cares that he is family when he is literal trash. rat him out and save the poor woman's life. I believe that's what you would like for yourself. Finding out he's a cheating POS will break her but imagine marrying such a person, wasting years on him and finding out everything has been a lie. I don't even want to think about them having children.

No. 332365

Why can’t you warn the woman anonymously? If he’s a serial cheater and goes to prostitutes regularly, it’s not like you would be the only one who knows about his ways. Why do you want to defend him?

No. 332366

Sorry, I was raised in a culture where male cheating is rampant and people are taught not to "meddle" in other people's relationships. What's the best way to do it anonymously?
They've been together for over 5 years and I know he's been cheating on her since the beginning.

No. 332368

Thanks for typing it all out, anon, obviously this doesn't get international press. How is this handled in polish media? What do normies say about the whole situation?

>He gave his son life, so he has a right to take it away

probably against abortions tho

No. 332369

He’s risking her health by cheating, while it’s not your fault he cheats, would you be able to live with yourself if he gave her an std while pregnant, knowing that you could have warned her?

No. 332370

Gather evidence. If you don't have evidence, don't tell her.

No. 332376

>I’m convinced none of them even care about obtaining custody, all they really want is to make women suffer
Yup. Notice when stories of women raped are brought up, they will be the first to chime in with "but men are raped too!" - they do not give a fuck about those victims. They don't offer much help or give a place for them to speak about their experiences without ridicule. They're only use that excuse to shut women up about reporting the crime and shift attention away from an issue focusing on women predominantly. They don't give a fuck. They just want to hurt women as much as possible and keep them quiet.

No. 332379


This, and also throwaway account, message her on social media somewhere. Or even post an actual letter to her? That might creep her out idk. From what I've read (and personal experience) women don't listen to warnings from other women and want to learn things the hard way, so it may not be that useful to tell. But if you can find a way to rat him out without identifying yourself I would do it anyway.

No. 332385

You're right. That's dangerous.
Well, I don't really have evidence. I've seen him do it but it's not like I have pictures or anything.

No. 332404

If you ever see him do it again, snap a picture. Without evidence she might just dismiss it, or he will tell her some story about how you're just some crazy jealous ex (tbh both of that might happen with evidence too).

No. 332430

It got covered pretty well by the media and most normies are rightfully pissed, so that’s good. What concerns me is that this organization still hasn’t been forced to shut down and there will be more weak-minded divorced fathers coming to them for support, only to get turned into psychos by their rhetoric. We’ve got enough misogynists here, it’s always scary when they organize and gather more people around them.

Oh, I forgot - that T. guy also had a daughter but apparently he didn’t care about getting custody of her too. She’ll just grow up to be another evil woman so fuck her, right?

No. 332603

i really wish women would stop having kids and wanting a normal family and engaging and encouraging the motherhood meme so dumbass scrots would realize literally how little egg count matters. like it literally doesn't even matter to them

these same ugly scrots are down to fuck literal men and claim they're sexy and feminine but use reproductive capacity as a cudgel against women. women need to really refuse to get pregnant altogether and reject motherhood completely

No. 332607

this isn't man hate, it's straight up nihilism. if you want to die off and be miserable until you get there, that's cool with me but it's hardly a healthy expression of women or friendship between generations of women.

No. 332608

I'm glad women have individual value in the first place. Males are completely disposable. If 80% of the male population died tomorrow, it wouldn't have a major impact on the world aside from causing some slight emotional distress and a decline in crime whereas if 80% of women died tomorrow, it would threaten humanity with extenction. I'm so glad the draft still only affects men, their lives aren't worth a fraction of what ours are at the end of the day.

No. 332611

I agree with you, motherhood is important to so many women and very soon we wont even need men to achieve it, we have sperm banks after all.

No. 332614

not really. men capitalize and prey on women placing importance on their biological capacity and feeling shame over it. read shulasmith firestone. until women remove the chains that tie us to our biology (and i don't think artificial wombs are a great idea for the sake of the child), men will use it as a way to break us, shame us, abuse us, etc. there will always be women who will have children for whatever reason, so imo, there's no reason for women who are cognizant of the ways that it can be used against us, to have them. adoption is a thing.

No. 332616

lol so we should just let the human race die off? some of you really need to turn off the computer and go for a walk or something

No. 332619

What's wrong with having kids? I agree that men shouldn't have any control or say in our reproductive rights but motherhood is really a beautiful thing and women shouldn't have to relinquish something they want so badly to prove something to men.

No. 332621

as i said, there will always be women having children for whatever reason, or just because of rape/no access to abortion, etc. the human race wouldn't die off if feminists realized they'd be better off rejecting pregnancy and having their own children, specifically.

No. 332626

it's kind of a shit deal for women though, like, physiologically, even. you guys should try actually uncoupling the reality and the way it sets us back, from your desires to be mothers, tbh.

No. 332628

i'm very glad you won't be having children

No. 332631

and that personal attack was necessary… why? why deny that it's an extremely one sided arrangement, physiologically, and the risks are incredibly high for women, financially, emotionally, bodily, legally, and society basically throws away women's potential and prioritizes children or potential children over them? women are only seen in society by their ability to reproduce. why is rejecting this entirely so crazy? even if society was set up in a way that would make pregnancy and motherhood easy for women, it still wouldn't be because of the fact that our role in reproduction risks our health and is significantly more dangerous than having abortions. being able to create life is beautiful, but also something that is literally a lethal risk and a danger to women in many ways.

No. 332638

i'm not even going to try and debate you because you're clearly very deluded. where the fuck do you live where pregnancy is so dangerous and life threatening? sub-saharan africa?

No. 332642

What? Literally every doctor tells you it's more dangerous to carry a pregnancy to term than to have an abortion. It's a fact? In the US, for example, it's 14 times more lethal to carry a pregnancy to term than abort.

No. 332650

Oh shut it you clearly know what anon is trying to say… everything you do every day is technically putting you at a "lethal risk." In the developed world pregnancy may be more dangerous than getting a safe and legal abortion, but it's not like resigning yourself to dying. Should women stop driving, taking showers, having jobs because they can be lethal?

No. 332654

I'm not going to bash you, I can empathize with your apparently nihilistic bent. I'm curious though, what do you think of women for whom pregnancy itself is reward enough to justify the cost? Just minutes before reading this exchange I was listening to a BBC documentary podcast about about the current state of surrogacy in Canada, where the only payment surrogates receive is reimbursement for their own pregnancy related bills, time lost from work etc. This leads to the phenomenon of "altruistic" surrogacy. Some of the women interviewed for the piece already have kids out their own, and are willingly, repeatedly acting as surrogates for other couples seemingly just because they enjoy being pregnant and feel they're helping other couples. The piece is here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06swpyd it anybody wants to listen.
There's also a throwaway line in there where one of the women mentions she's a surrogate for a single male parent that I could see really triggering some anons in this thread, but they don't go into enough detail to draw any conclusions.

No. 332655

File: 1543712593630.jpg (608.71 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20181201-190222_Sam…)

It's the doctor's faults, apparently.

No. 332661

how can you call yourself a feminist if you let a man use your body and impregnate you lol. gross

No. 332674

but it's not just about lethal risk, regardless. something can still be dangerous (and pregnancy is, during childbirth, and still has long-term effects on women after childbirth: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5575578/) and she knew we were talking specifically about abortion, so please, cut the shit. and the difference is that people need to drive cars to get to work to support themselves, etc. i encourage all women to employ risk management and risk mitigation in their daily lives wrt commuting, hobbies, occupational hazards, etc? pregnancy just isn't a necessity.

healthcare in the US is terrible, but even in the UK, iirc, death from pregnancy is far more likely than general anesthesia, hang gliding, scuba diving, rock climbing, fareground rides, plane rides, etc. it's just a physiologically costly choice to make. you'd be a fool to deny that, and society certainly punishes women for having given birth to children anyways.

it's really not that nihilistic. it's just pragmatism. pregnancy is risky business, and it's also wanting to place emphasis on women and their potential, before their role as 'mothers', and especially biological mothers, and wanting to escape our ties to some biological process that, when you think about it, isn't all that beneficial to us, and certain women realizing that definitely isn't going to be a serious existential threat. plus, there are countless at risk, impoverished, abused, neglected little girls in first world countries that need guidance – even just as a mother figure or older friend. even girls who aren't disadvantaged could use older female guidance. the excuse that women need to have children to touch women's lives or influence girls is bullshit and their effort would be better spent educating and helping girls and young women that need help now, not pouring all of your money, time, energy, etc, into raising one child (maybe even a male) that's likely to become an abuser. and the surrogacy thing is terrible. thanks for not bashing me.

> There's also a throwaway line in there where one of the women mentions she's a surrogate for a single male parent that I could see really triggering some anons in this thread, but they don't go into enough detail to draw any conclusions.

imo, that's terrible. the 'choice' to put your body through unnecessary strain for a child you can't be certain will even be treated well (another reason pregnancy is pretty unethical in general. your child is guaranteed to suffer in life as all creatures are, but not necessarily know happiness or know what it's like to be treated well enough to offset the suffering they've not consented to, especially if you give birth to females). i'd be wracked with guilt worrying about how other people would treat a child i'd chosen to carry to term because it gave me the warm and fuzzies. ultimately, these women will never know how these children are treated, especially by men. child abuse, neglect, or mistreatment can easily be hidden even though people LOVE to pretend they know the full workings of family dynamics because they pass by every wednesday or every day for an hour, or whatever. hell, there are countless parents who never knew the other parent that they live with, abuse their child. imo, there are plenty enough unwanted, abused, suffering children in the world and this is horrible.

No. 332678

What I'm getting from this is that we need to address the neglect we face from doctors and improve maternal care. I'm not promoting pregnancy as something other women should do but I understand the happiness a child can bring to a woman.

No. 332692

File: 1543718672698.jpg (119.44 KB, 993x1500, 71UJUPccD9L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

>your child is guaranteed to suffer in life as all creatures are, but not necessarily know happiness or know what it's like to be treated well enough to offset the suffering they've not consented to
I'm not sure whether you're aware of this or not, but that's at the core of the philosophy of antinatalism, the immorality of having children. While it's actually something I tend to agree with in my own life, you can't deny that it's antihuman and thus is unlikely to ever be more than a fringe view. Suffering is at the core of humanity, and living is the perpetual struggle against it; at least, that's the belief at the center of our oldest and most enduring myths. If the game is perseverence, and winning would be the end of all human suffering, then the only way to win is not to play. I recognize this as true but I will continue to play regardless, because even though I know I will never win, there is still progress to be made in improving the lives of my fellow man, and in so doing I retain my humanity.

No. 332698

File: 1543720037978.jpg (593.4 KB, 1825x4361, sluts.jpg)

>all men who buy women for sex are scum
>being this dumb
those women are voluntarily selling themselves, and they appreciate the men that solicit their services because it's their source of income. it's a mutually beneficial arrangement

when backpage was taken down, who was complaining about it? was is the 'escorts' freaking out about their rent payments, or was it their customers?
>women aren't obsessed with male approval
>spends an hour doing hair every morning
>They hate women but can't leave us alone
we lust for your body (which is all you're good for), but we hate who you are inside
being accused of rape ruins your life, getting raped just means you got a sore cunny for a couple days. most women regularly masturbate about rape fantasy, it's the most common female "fetish". forget what the exact percentage was but the vast majority of women orgasm from rape, there was some study. that's because evolutionarily speaking, if the man is strong enough to forcibly dump his seed inside her, then his lineage is worthy of her womb
>cant handle an anonymous board calling them scrots
I don't mind getting called "scrot", I have low hanging balls and I'm very proud of them. my scrotum is unironically one of my favorite parts of my body
South Africa, thus niggers
I wash my hands before I use a public restroom so I don't get bacteria on my dick. then I use a paper towel to flush and open the doorknob on the way out. so my dick remains nice and clean and my hands are only 'dirty' in the sense that I touched my dick. most guys don't even do that, they just walk in, piss, and walk out
well I'm generally against beastiality but I think that it's okay for a guy to fuck a mare (female horse) in heat because their vaginas are designed to accomodate massive horse cocks so it's not gonna hurt them, unlike most animals where it's really abusive and evil. and apparently mares in heat "wink" their pussies, indicating that they want to be fucked, and they enjoy having sex with human men more than stallions because human men last longer and can actually try to pleasure them, whereas stallions just pipe their 10 inch horse cock down to the hilt 5 times and splooge a pint that'll be dripping out for a week. also horse pussy allegedly feels way better 'cause it's really muscular

and a huge percentage of girls let their dogs fuck them and lick their clits, so you can't argue that men do it more. that's not abusive 'cause the dogs do it voluntarily and will actually go crazy and mount when the girl bends over naked 'cause they think they're getting pussy. but it is really gross and I hope these girls die alone, so gross
>They blamed the race of the men in that country, no exceptions
yeah no shit, they're indonesians. white men don't fuck orangutans, most won't even fuck nigresses
>autistic woman

No. 332702

agreed 100000000000000% anon

No. 332723

File: 1543725028310.jpg (24.56 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)

What a bunch of bullshit, you're so pathetic and gross, ew. Have some self-respect and shut up.

No. 332731

Was the girl who talked about getting raped and keeping the baby a while back a larper? Who was that?

No. 332735

They are always honest about men hating women aren't they. Told us what we already knew on how they feel. It's sad but typical

>rape isn't bad

>rape allegations are the worst things to happen
>beastiality is ok
>white guys are noble they won't fuck orangutans
..wow. And we need separate societies. build a wall. anything

No. 332741

Lol forgetting that women are, just as you are, humans. And that rape (sex against your will and without your consent) can cause severe psychological distress. How would o conpare it to a mans woes so you understand…oh it's almost like when women deny you sex! Because that is the absolute WORST thing that can happen to you!

No. 332752

Every single reality tv show is set up like this for views. This show is no different. NEXT!

No. 332758


You can't breathe without female attention, you're the actual whore.

No. 332761

File: 1543734327014.jpg (150.75 KB, 1918x1078, C70xwV0VQAARW02.jpg large.jpg)


proof this one was?

No. 332767

Literally no one here cares if you think patriarchy is good or not or if you hate women. I need this place to vent and I'm tired of debating, either admit you're lonely and ask for our forgiveness or fuck off troll.

No. 332770

Butch lesbians and career women do just fine. I've depended on men a lot in my life but I fucking hate it and its worth the struggle to learn to live on my own.

No. 332772

By the way you're talking it's do obvious your a male…yaaawn. like you know the traits, skills, and survival abilities of a bunch of anonymous females. If i was out stuck with you in the bush I would just cannibalize you and then go about my business to survive

No. 332774

Ya because men are killing machines and don't give a fuck about slaughtering people. Don't come crying to us in the future if you devlop PTSD from accidentally shooting a civilian/innocent child. Because we won't fucking care.

No. 332776

I like how you jump to survival in the wilderness to women being shit in the army as if it's the same thing. Thanks for the laughs. We don't fucking need you "males"

No. 332777

>actually responding to the idiot scrot who thinks he's clever and we've been btfo by shitty /pol/ images we've seen literally a hundred fucking times, many times in these threads alone

Shut the fuck up, honestly. The responses aren't even good, all you're doing is giving it the female attention it desperately wants.

No. 332778

Aw I'm sorry did i strike a nerve? Why feel the need to thrust your hyge overinflated ego in my face? Assumptions is all you can make. Baseless assumptions. I assure you i know the proper and quick way to kill someone if it came down to it.

No. 332785

File: 1543736586899.jpg (7.28 KB, 209x200, 895753836074983647967670860565…)


>god complex

I never gave my own view on the subject I simply asked you to back up your statement and now you are trying to paint me as a stereotype.

Its kindof sad in a way, much like when you see a dog run over by a car and wen you try to help it she bites you because it doesn't know better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 332788

Dont get me wrong dont personally have anything against women nor do I have anything against this site, I do however have something against people who make sweeping dismissive claims based on opinion, people who are sexist but so filled with ideological possession that they openly propagate racism and sexism while still claiming to be victims and people who use cherry picked mainstream news articles as proof.

No. 332789

these "women are stupid and the other men aren't as smart as me, i'm the smartest, strongest and the most masculine man ever!! i know everything!!" boys are actually insecure bitches and they try to take out their teenage anger online because everyone hates them irl. that superiority complex is a cover up for their fragile masculinity lol

No. 332790

Lol no matter what i say you're gonna say you're superior cuz you're male or males are superior and better equipped to survive than us womenz. So sorry your life is so empty that you're using scenarios that the majority of us will never encounter and thinking your ability to kill and physically overpower makes you better. It is honestly sad and i feel pity for you. Nothing better to do with your night than come here and berate us and using the ole threat of rape to try and silence us or instill fear in us. You can't accept that there are women in the world who are smarter, stronger, and more adept at assesing situations than you are. So sorry you have to be wrong. So sorry you had to be born a useless male. We will continue to thrive and oh, i dunno. Improve and better the world around us for the rest of humanity without senseless violence? And we will do it without your or any other mans help. Because we are fucking capable.

No. 332793

This is the weakest insult

No. 332795



Lets be frank:

you dont know anything about this person. Saying someone is some caricature you believe means something.

It really doesnt, the only thing you are bringing to the table is 7th grade name calling and hipocrisy.

You are discrediting somoene on their race/gender and walk of life while simultaneously propagating not to do that.

I find this hypocrisy upon a hypocrisy more sad than ironic.

No. 332798


>>332795 this goes to you too

No. 332799

says the insecure bitch boy who is trying so hard to prove that he's superior to everyone in a thread that criticizes men's bullshit. why are you getting so offended if you don't do the same shit that gets hated on here?

No. 332804

Lol "this person" is you. Don't even pretend. How can you even preach this when "this person" is saying women can't do shit and calling THEM names and using rape as a threat? LOL! And nobody said anything about their fucking race so stfu you fucking moron. This person (you) is rightly reaping what they have sown. Talk stupid, get talked to like you're stupid. "Wah wah THEIR personal experience!". Yeah. It's just that, you see? A PERSONAL experience! If they're going to take their little bubble of a world and apply it to the rest of it, then guess what? They will be disappointingly wrong. They aren't taking into account that what they experience is not and never will be what other people experience. What are you, a child?

No. 332807

Can you all just stop replying to the male posters, please? It ruins the thread every time.

No. 332808

Oh no i guess your feelings are hurg. Again. Maybe because i dont care? I'm just passing time here and you probably thinking I'm flying into some hormonal, emotional rage. I'm just chillin with my cats chuckling. Now let me spin this back on you…how can you say you're going to rape a women like it's a joke? How come you're saying you could strangle me with your bare hands like it's funny? I said i would cannibalize you because if i was in survival mode and had a sorry excuse of a person like you around with their little dick energy all up in my face, that's what i would do. Eat you.

No. 332810

Thanks for fighting for my right to free speech, mister!

No. 332811

Don't respond to the creeps everyone. Every word this person types is creepy
>it's a mutually beneficial arrangement
>we lust for your body (which is all you're good for), but we hate who you are inside
>a sore cunny for a couple days
>South Africa, thus niggers

Just skimming but honestly every word. If you'd run from this dude in real life, please proceed to run from him online also. This man (a eurofag from what I can see) seems like a degenerate.

No. 332816

That chart is quite the self-own also. The reason why women have more partners is because men want to settle down less, want more casual sex. If the marriages are worse, it takes two to tango baby.
>men not marrying their girlfriends
>using them up and moving on
>somehow women's fault

Also that chart was compiled by a teenager, sourced from internet articles and features glaring typos. So nice work

No. 332825

Some women do what is called selective breeding. So we don't end up with more scrots like you. Stay mad.

No. 332827

>calls us names, threatens us, boils us down to only being capable of pumping out babies, dehuamanizes us
>wonders why more women don't pursue men

No. 332835

Selective breeding as in with people who don't have attributes like you. And i never said i personally was breeding lol. And i never will. Boo hoo I've had lots of sex and you haven't, sucks to be you. You said us not having sex with you or other males like you is detrimental to society? How? We are fucking up by being like this hooow? Do you mean because we are not giving men sex and that's fucking up society because we are somehow responsible for angry, violent men that can't get any, that it's a population thing, or??

No. 332837

>Men do want to get married but not to used up 'sluts' whove had 30 partners.

The many ex-sexworkers who are now happily married with children proves otherwise. Men adore whores and throw money at them, the Patreon accounts and bank balances speak for thenselves. Who do you think you're fooling?

>If we can sense you are one of those girls

First off, men like you have zero instincts regarding women, second off, many "pumped and dumped" women have had zero or very few partners. You have no instincts regarding women. You will just pull any excuse out rather than consider your life situation may be YOUR fault and yours alone.

Hear hear!

No. 332838

I've never understood this. Men who abhor promiscuous women but contribute to the 'problem' have weak conviction. They perpetuate moral harm according to their own biases. I'm strongly of the opinion that men who would not get into a relationship with a 'promiscuous woman' should abstain from live action pornography or sex services. Its like getting mad at the butcher while eating meat (or getting mad at the cow for being delicious).

Its also pretty easy to build up your numbers through serial monogamy or through things you can't control. Sometimes a relationship just doesn't work out, sometimes people move away and you can't continue the relationship.

No. 332840

If it's so detrimental then why can't MALES learn to control themselves and not sleep with us whores? Or do our pussies have some mystical powers and you can't override your primal instinct to fuck? It's either that, or you're not as strong as you claim to be. In fact, it makes you very, VERY weak. You're basically on the same level as an animal if that's the case.

No. 332844

Let me guess, a girl you donated money to or chat with on discord turned out to not actually be in love with you? This is somehow our fault that you can't get over it?

No. 332850

Look at how you write about women though, that alone reflects a desire to abuse us and instead of acknowledging this you continue to blame us both for fucking and not fucking you, working or not working and depending on men, call us whores and that we deserve rape for having desirable body parts but then ask why we wont marry and have children with men like you…how are we wrong again?

No. 332853

There was an anon wishing rape and death on us. We don't randomly come to your boards and tell you that men are gross and we wish they would die, not without an instigation anyway so why can't we expect better behavior from you?

No. 332857

And the domestic abuse and rape falls completely on the shoulder of those comitting those atrocities. Or is that our fault, too?

No. 332859

>There's at least 2 guys in the thread right now

and there shouldn't be fucking any.

why the fuck are you girls entertaining the idiot scrots? you are not getting anything out of that and it's ruining the thread. when will you learn to ignore them so they can go regurgitate their sick bullshit somewhere else? by giving them attention you are doing exactly what they want.

No. 332885

Sometimes i wonder if the way these scrots talk in real life is the same as how they post in these threads. Or if they just get some twisted satisfaction from portraying themselves as a "tuff guy" online because their lives are just that sad. It's cringy to see them throw the same used up insults, fake statistics, and misinformed "facts" out there over and over again and when they are proven wrong, they twist your words, only cherry pick what they want to respond to, or completely come up with a new scenario not relating to their previous statement to try and rile us up or throw us off in the hopes we forget their earlier words. Or they give you their totally fake personal experience to try and justify why women suck. It's so hilarious and pathetic to hear them screech into the void about how we are responsible for their actions. Them saying they have no control over their abusing and raping of women is almost laughable, because they are outright saying they haven't actually evolved and are on the same level as monkeys. That in itself already makes us supetior. But nooo everything has to be our fault. Men WANT to be the victims, it's clear by how they always try to push that narrative.

No. 332887

men are more impulsive its why more of them are criminals too

wish they'd just get stealthbanned or disemvoweled already. Mod tools are weak. I just want to ree and rant about men in peace.

On a more personal level: how do we get men to actually give a shit about their health? The men in my family would not be alive were it not for the nagging from female family members. Why don't men go to the dr. for their yearly check up? Bargaining and arguing with my dad is getting old, like he doesn't care about taking care of his health.

No. 332895

I don't think you can get them to care, because they don't want to listen to women. And fun fact my dad is a surgeon and last year around exactly this time i got super sick, lost tons of weight, threw up every meal (often right in front of him) and could barely move. He had the fucking gall to tell me i was faking it and then at the end of december i was rushed to the ICU and almost died from sepsis due to a large kidney stone trapping an infection.

No. 332896

Sorry for doublepost but try maybe getting visibly upset when you voice these concerns to him, and let him know exactly how you feel and that you want him to be healthy so he can live out the rest of his years without too many complications, and that you want to spend as much time with him as you can. I feel like if he ignores that then there is really no hope…

No. 332897

at least as far as health goes the reason married men live longer is that they do (eventually) listen. But why don't the care in the first place?

No. 332898

Bad role models, not being able to think about the future and what not taking themselves entails, prioritizing other things, possibly not even having great health care?

No. 332924

I hope you gave your dad a lot of shit for that. You need to tell him that he has a problem listening to and believing women and that it cost you a trip to the hospital.

No. 332929

File: 1543750324867.jpg (13.21 KB, 495x279, 0351e91a0fa83d409dc20e29883e6b…)

then die, you attention whoring fag.

No. 332932

Why do so many men cheat on their wives when the wife gets cancer or is dying? Or just replace them asap? No grieving period whatsoever, its like all those years you wasted on a man mean nothing.

No. 332935

You measure quality of life by how many people want to have sex with you, even while knowing men don't respect or care about most of the women they have sex with. While women die, suffer, or face real loneliness you cry about wanting a vagina to nut in.

No. 332940

I didn't :/ he paid the 800 dollars because I'm disabled and haven't gotten disablity yet, so i didn't and dont have the money. All i care abput is that i almost died and the resulting PTSD from it, and even though i probably will never say anything to him about it, i figured he paid in watching me lie in that hospital bed for 2 weeks struggling to breathe. He has never listened to me my whole life, which have resulted in several major surgeries for me because of health problems. It sucks, but he is not going to change because he would rather mock and make fun of his childrens emotional/physically problems. Hopefully one day he will do aome introspection and repent for that, but i dunno…

No. 332949

You'll just cheat on the marriage material wife eventually with the promiscuous one because you're all lack self control

No. 332963

There are no types of women. This is just an excuse for mistreating women because she was a """""type""""" as if she was born for it. Same excuse pedos use when they rape children. She was made for it! She's a special type of child I invented to suit my needs!!!!

Someone apply for mod roles on this site please, we need them

No. 332969

You're confusing ignorance with happiness.

No. 332978

Sounds lame. Men need to be faithful and only have one partner or their penis will whittle down like a pencil being sharpened.

No. 332982

aren't you worried that he might give her stds if he keeps fucking around with random women??

No. 332990

I'm an /x/phile and sometimes I like to think about that what if aliens came to earth and you had to explain to them that we as species reproduce sexually and our existence counts on it, and get this, the members of the other half of our species loves to torture and murder the ones who are responsible of birthing more of us. That they often kill them off as babies in favor of more of these violent members, and then when they don't have enough the birthing sex left they go to other places and kidnap them so that they could make more babies.

Like really imagine explaining that to someone about humans.

No. 332995

That's a lie though. Agriculture was developed because of women.

No. 332996

And on top of that if we ever make contact with aliens women contributed significantly into even getting humans into space! Aliens and women should be natural allies.

No. 332998

If we ever make first contact, aliens will absolutely hate men.

No. 333001

File: 1543757331949.png (172.43 KB, 320x320, nordicalien.png)

If nordic type aliens are real I say women should just reproduce with them and we should become alien-human hybrids and let regular men die out

No. 333002

No. 333009

Let's do it. We can go with the handsome Nordic alien men to Pluto or wherever and just leave all the men behind on Earth to die off.

No. 333011


Not only agriculture, but painting was also likely invented by women. Researchers looked at the hand prints near artwork left on cave walls in different caves and found that 75% of the handprints belonged to women.

>"I thought the fact that we had so much overlap in the modern world would make it impossible to determine the sex of the ancient handprints," said Snow. "But, old hands all fall at or beyond the extremes of the modern populations. Sexual dimorphism was greater then than it is now."

Sexual dimorphism implies that males and females differ. Not only were male hands larger, Snow found that development of the fingers, how long they are relative each other, also differs significantly.

The first step in the process showed that only 10 percent of the handprints on cave walls in Spain and France were left by adult males. The second step indicates that 15 percent were placed by adolescent males, leaving 75 percent of the handprints female.

No. 333013

Yes and they as species are said to be calm, wise and peaceful.

No. 333037

The scrots sure are desperate for attention today. It's sad how men literally can't live without female attention, while we don't care about them at all.

No. 333044

One of them's now obsessed with the idea we "raid" r9k when it's literally just troons and men cosplaying women who do that. Women don't care about men. We just want them to fuck off and leave us in peace so we don't have to interact with them anymore, but they're so obsessed they can't function without us.

No. 333050

When we start our Nordic alien utopia on Neptune should we leave the men on Earth to wither and die without our presence or take them with us, cut off their tongues and dicks and use them as slaves?

No. 333055

Nordic types are all about peace and love so they probably wouldn't tolerate it. Hence the reason why they wouldn't take earth men with them to our alien-hybrid utopia.

No. 333058

the MOST important thing to all men is female attention, so even cutting their dicks and tongues off and enslaving them would actually be kinder to them than just leaving them. they would rather be near us and in physical agony than away from us.

which is why we should just strand them on earth and leave. and not tell them where we've gone so they can never follow us.

No. 333059

Speaking of video games, it's amazing how even though men have done their best to keep women from taking part, women have influenced video games more than men could ever hope to. Jane Jensen, Roberta Williams, Kim Swift, Corrinne Yu, Carol Shaw, Jade Raymond, Amy Hennig, and more… I know it kills men inside that even when they put all of their effort into stifling us, we still can't help but thrive and rise to the top. Women truly are exceptional.

No. 333060

not to mention, women invented literature. the first novel ever was written by a woman. women have shaped civilization and men can't stand it.

No. 333062

You can go even deeper and argue that women invented language itself.

No. 333064

File: 1543760664750.jpg (87.87 KB, 697x463, 1504026370589.jpg)

Honestly, isn't it amazing?
Women have literally risen to the top in so many sectors in so little time. Every year there are more women CEOs, women are becoming more educated than men, women are starting to earn more than men, women are raising families and balancing careers more effectively (I don't even think 99% of men can do this).
We've been oppressed for nearly the entirety of civilization but since we fought for out rights we're blowing men out of the water in under 100 years, hahahaha.

Imagine if men had been the oppressed class and they couldn't use violence to advance. They'd still be living in caves.

No. 333067

People observing great apes have noticed that there too it's the female apes who first have started to use primitive tools.

No. 333068

It truly is incredible when you think about it. A whole class of people violently kept from education or careers, and they still managed to contribute more to society than men who got all the perks and education and rights. And even now, when women have only recently been allowed to access education and have careers, and are still discriminated against, we still effortlessly outdo men. It's like watching a hare race against a slug. Even when you try to handicap the hare by breaking its leg or giving it a speed limit, it just can't help but outclass the slug.

No. 333095

I'm so glad I'm not a man. It must suck to have a lower IQ and EQ, be unattractive and repulsive to most of the opposite sex, and be utterly unwanted and unneeded by anyone.

No. 333107


Ah yes, it’s only women that fail at business. Men can never, ever fail in the corporate world. And tell me how these fine franchises are doing:

Trump Mortgage
Trump Casinos
Trump Airlines
Trump University

Also how are David Cook and Wayne Huizenga doing with their dead Blockbuster franchise? Steven Sasson, founder of Kodak, declared bankruptcy in 2012, but men are so amazing at handling businesses, right? So innovative. Can’t wait to buy a car from DeLorean Motors later, either? Oh wait. That guy’s locked up.

Men fail at business far more than women. :^) Men have underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, making them more irrational and prone to impulsive actions that lead to their failure.

See the desperate scrot flailing above. They can’t rationalize or control their feefees so they have to cry and scream at women and even seek them out in their own anti-male spaces JUST to try to pwn them when it literally just sounds like the internet equivalent of autistic diaper-shitting.

Hope all the scrots in this thread get a bullet to their brain real quick. <3

No. 333158

do you guys ever just wonder what the fuck men are even doing sometimes? i see so many men who are like 6'0 and taller just running around as some lanky autistic weeb or some fat otaku degenerate. some of these tall guys even become half assed 6'5 trannies. its completely pathetic. i feel like if i was born a man i'd at least take advantage of some of those "superior" male qualities and hit the gym once in a while or use my brain for something actually useful but nah. they'd rather sit around playing their hentai simulators and getting cum on their waifu mousepad.

No. 333159

the funny part is many women who grew up in trad areas hate men as much as we do, I live in one of the most conservative towns in the US and all the women I work with as well as my family hate men, joke about them, mock them, etc. It isn't unsual for women here to call men over-dramatic, big babies, etc. A lot of them are on anti-depressents to, "let your husband get STDs and you'll be happy we swear!!!!" my ass

No. 333170

That's not true though. There have been multiple studies done on this. Unmarried women are happier than married women. Married men are happier than unmarried men. Unmarried men die before married men, unmarried women live longer than married women.

No. 333171

>Those problems are more related to poverty than anything else.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was thinking this and thought the other anon is being super reductive.
>Women are depressed because they're fat and their cheating SOs gave them STDs
Lol. More like they're fat because of poverty and can't leave their husbands due to the financial situation of poverty.
Money and having a range of job opportunities generally makes people very happy and enables them to leave abusive partners easier.


No. 333173

They “tolerate” it because to divorce would be social suicide in those areas, and if they are a housewife then it’s a lot harder, financially, to break away. Read the rules, men can’t post here.

No. 333174

>32% of single women aged 45 to 65 reported happiness being single, compared to 19% of men in the same age group. Single women also measured higher for happiness and health than married women.

Men need women like oxygen. Women don't need or care about men and never will.

No. 333175

I think that men who cheat on their partners should not whine and moan if they get "cucked" when their wife gets pregnant for someone else, because the cheating men are possibly getting other women pregnant and so "cucking" their partners or making them single mothers. Ideally nobody should cheat on anybody, but if you're going to cheat on your wife, you should accept that she might cheat on you too.

No. 333181

Men do. What a pity they don't care about you guys.

No. 333184

It's less bad when women cheat. It's better for the evolution of the species, because if several men all finish in the same woman it's more likely the superior sperm will win and get her pregnant. Women should be allowed to cheat. But men should stay faithful, because humanity gains nothing from them all cheating.

No. 333186

>A 2018 study based on a sample of 2,655 adults found that despite men's interest in younger women, their sexual activity was overwhelmingly with women their own age
Also not true. Poor stupid scrot.

No. 333191

Wrong yet again, it was a study of single men. Why are men so incredibly retarded?

No. 333192

File: 1543769120916.png (97.48 KB, 620x686, ph2-1527596126.png)

"M-men only like teenagers and women in their early twenties!" is a cope. Whatever age a woman is, there's men out there who fetishize it. This kills men inside because they know it isn't the same for them and they really do hit a wall.

No. 333193

>fidget spinner
>double penetration
>step sister
>step mom
>kim kardashian

The absolute state of men

No. 333195

These fools want to fuck their mom but say they're driven by "fertility to produce the healthiest children."

No. 333196

What's interesting here is I looked it up and the youngest pornstar in the top 5 is 25. Brandi Love and Lisa Ann are in their mid forties.

No. 333198

Why are men so obsessed with fucking their mothers? If you look at the top 100 stories on Literotica it's almost entirely stories about incest (mostly mom/son) too.

No. 333200

I bet these are the same men who laugh at women who have had awful dads and now have daddy issues, meanwhile they have had a normal childhood but still want to fuck their moms (and sisters and what not). Men were a mistake.

No. 333219

men cant help bitching and moaning about getting cucked because they see it as a better more successful man stealing their "property" from them. they still have savage caveman brains that haven't evolved yet so only see women as property and objects to own. when their object leaves them it means they have to face reality for a moment and it breaks their delusion that they're some perfect ethereal being that doesn't even need to bathe in order to attract a woman and they hate that.

men arent even sentient, they're just computer programs that are incapable of comprehending basic empathy or human emotion. poor men. they're inferior beings. they need to be treated like the silly AI bots they truly are. women will rule the world some day while men do the only thing they're useful for: hard manual labor. but we'll invent robots to replace them soon anyway thankfully, then we can finally rid the world of male uselessness.

No. 333220

Can't wait for cute malebots that don't grow disgusting ball hair or neglect to wipe their ass.

No. 333223

yeah that'll be a major plus. they also wont say "i need to use the bathroom" 5 minutes before you need to leave the house every single fucking time and spend an hour in the bathroom trying to shit out the hoards of junk food and cheese they eat.

No. 333229

Damn now I know I have to wait for cute Android Connor husbando and/or these cute Nordic aliens too. Tell me more about them fam

No. 333292

That "don't ask don't tell" applies to women too, I've heard and seen some shit.

No. 333298

File: 1543780843658.png (224.56 KB, 494x726, put men in a cage.png)


Also men: titty is too sexual so breastfeeding a no no in public

Men the most stupidiest animals on the planet yet they believe they are the best at being leaders? Fucking LOL

No. 333303

Opposite of what you said is true, more sperm = better chance of good sperm making a better baby.

No. 333304

>Nobody can trick you into raising another woman's child.

This happens already in nature, its good for the baby and the mother to have a cuck husbando. Better than being cheated on while forcing yourself to be monogamous :)

No. 333305

>durr hurr humans are sexual beings!!11!

Getting real tired of this argument, literally nobody wants your crusty ass watching that in Starbucks.
It's a coffee place not a jerk off center jfc

No. 333306

Exactly. Women should be encouraged to have as many options as possible to ensure that the best sperm possible wins. If a man feels insecure and jealous about that then that's his own personal problem. This is about what's best for humanity.

No. 333309

Not all men were meant to pass down their genes, that causes overpopulation and unhealthy children anyway.

No. 333310

Men abandon their kids at a much higher rate then women do. Men are still the destructive diseased oxygen thieves in that senario.

No. 333350

..Ew wtf. No. Good job on Starbucks for not allowing this shit. Let them whine all day long about this. It's for coffee and quiet work. Not jerking off. I'm convinced that these men who MUST watch their porn anywhere in public and demand it so must have some type of exhibitionist fetish. Or something. Seriously why are they like this??

They can easily just close the laptop or phone and head home

No. 333423

Thank you. I read that comment and I had to laugh. I have a guy friend who is painfully shy, a bit socially awkward, and before I met him, he admitted that he didn't have any friends until he opened up to me (we were in college). He's also gay and kinda feminine so I'm not sure if that plays a part but for the time I've known him which is about 5 years now, he's always had a hard time finding guys to date and it took him awhile until he got a part time job that he had tried for years to get. He told me that in interviews, he'd get super nervous and studder when he talked. I've caught him doing this sometimes when we talk so I understood what he meant when he told me this.

I'm not gonna say that all autistic, socially impaired guys are like my friend but meeting a guy like him, I really think it comes down to the person because he's had it pretty rough and we were able to relate on our struggles as while I'm not as socially awkward as him, I found it hard fitting in with others, especially with other girls at times.

No. 333425

> women are either whores to be used or wives to be cheated on

No. 333436

>It's nobody's business!

It is quite literally Starbucks' business.

>as long as we have consent!

Yeah, but you don't. This is Starbucks telling you that the staff and the company are not giving consent. That's the whole point. The other customers probably don't consent either.

No. 333437

>It's nobody's business!

It is quite literally Starbucks' business.

>as long as we have consent!

Yeah, but you don't. This is Starbucks telling you that the staff and the company are not giving consent. That's the whole point. The other customers probably don't consent either.

No. 333438

File: 1543791757570.gif (1.22 MB, 250x241, 9yP1s5e5bko1_250.gif)

it's funny because most people here are only in their 20s and are considered "hags".
You eggheads continually set the bar lower and lower and soon no age will be good enough and you'll just implode lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333439

I think a feminine guy who finds it easy to relate to women is…not the sort of guy I was referring to (same anon)

I mean guys who can't string a sentence together but have always been employed, who don't wash, still employed, who are abusive to their families, but still have them. Plenty of men have extemely undiagnosed personality disorders, but still thrive both socially and with their careers.

A feminine leaning sensitive man is obviously not going to be favored by the average male (he makes them look bad and sets an impossible standard for them), but you do mention that your friend does not stand for all people with autism, disorders, etc.

No. 333440

I’m surpised ebony and milf is so high up considering men can’t stop sperging about how much they hate black and older women kek

No. 333443

It's how they cope lmao

No. 333445

File: 1543792963656.jpg (61.56 KB, 866x363, eliminated from the gene pool.…)

>Reminder these are some of the guys who talk about women in their 20s "hitting the wall"

Now I would say this is projection but i cannot imagine at any time in these oxygen thieves lives there were ever even semi-attractive

No. 333446

Ugh, that reminds me of a Russian guy my mom dated (also Russian) that had a creepy collection of black themed porn and yet hated black people. He made me really uncomfortable and eventually thank god my mom left him.

No. 333447

…you're the mommy gf guy aren't you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333451

Ily can I be your mommy gf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333452

Well, if you're not being facetious, I'd say take what you've learned here and apply it to real life. Be grateful for the women that have raised you and be respectful and kind to the women you meet along the way.

No. 333453

I'm not falling for this shit. You just want poon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333457

Back off Stacy, he's mine.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333458

OMG the bald one. I forgot his name but this bitch is so tragic. I saw a video where someone stepped up to him and asked him to repeat his sick opinions face to face. This person was filming and this dude was so scared. He ran away in panic. Well, he tried to. He moves very awkwardly. Like some overgrown baby. I guess waddling would be a good way to describe it. He's a genetic shitshow, it's so bad.

No. 333475

His name is matt forney, hes written some disgusting stuff on how to abuse underage girls abroad, unsurprisingly hes a mra and anti-feminist and h.bomberguy roasts him in one of his videos.
Seriously I can say if this guy died tomorrow the world would collectively be better off.

No. 333481

Yessss, matt forney. Thank you. He is so awkwardly put together. His whole body and movements are so off. Must have a huge inferiority complex that his small brain doesn't know how to work through. Oh well, tough shit.

No. 333482

i love it when hbomberguy does videos taking him down. the one that sticks out is when he made a blogpost pretending to be a woman who hated receiving oral because it made her husband "emasculated".

because if matt forney knows about anything, its the sexual desires of women.

No. 333486

He had a whole entire blog where he was pretending to be a woman. I forgot about this shit! It is one of the funniest things a loser like that ever did. He called it something like Virginia's lady garden…or some shit like that.ahsdffhf the cringeee. I got chills.

No. 333515

i hate that harris is such an asshole bc he really does great videos on the manosphere

No. 333543

File: 1543806838198.png (84.32 KB, 275x262, 1539371894242.png)

No. 333548

I like them when they're unintentionally funny like this.

No. 333554

It's funny for half a second but then I realize there are actually men out there who unironically believe women just hate poor little innocent men for being men, rather than for violently, oppressively exerting power over us for most of history and for seeing us as little more than inferior, subhuman animals for breeding. The people who make these things are the first to say that about us.

No. 333557

You don't even have to think that abstractly.
The picture itself is ridiculous.

Take for instance, the fact that the woman is holding the gun and making the threat. Whereas statistics show men hold the majority of gun ownership and make up the most homicides. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence by men. And are more likely to be domestic homicide victims killed by people they know.

I mean, yeah what you said too, but the exaggerated victimhood depicted in that picture when placed against reality is laughable.
>"Some crimes can never be forgiven."
Kek, indeed.

No. 333558

is he? jumping onto this thread because i had no clue. what did he do?

No. 333559

I'm the one who posted it, I must have read into it wrong because I thought it was a tongue in cheek joke that being male should be punishable by death. I didn't even really think it was trying to rip into feminists, I thought it was a radfem meme.

No. 333565

Neither would surprise me, it is funny if it's a radfem joke but men who cry about feminism destroying society actually think like that.

No. 333574

File: 1543816131944.jpg (70.89 KB, 668x1000, 8817766ac162223c90892b1afcd978…)

My new strategy with Scrots is to reply with a picture of a kitten. Please join me if you spot a scrot.

No. 333581

File: 1543816538529.png (104.89 KB, 392x243, 236.png)

>like totally not defend you from sabre tooth tigers

This scrot went full unga bunga caveman. Kek

No. 333582

File: 1543816545036.gif (361.61 KB, 320x240, giphy.gif)


No. 333597

File: 1543817425506.jpg (33.2 KB, 403x403, fallling-asleep-at-keyboard-ca…)


No. 333600

File: 1543817851646.png (31.63 KB, 803x803, sabre.png)

To be fair, cats with """sabre""" teeth sound absolutely horrifying.

No. 333602

Why are you even on here dude? So boring.

No. 333651

That pic is funny, I think it originated on tumblr as a parody of those "this isn't/this is feminism" posts.

No. 333665

since so many scrots wanna fuck their own moms (as well as all their friend's moms too), what about the gay scrots do they wanna fuck dads?

No. 333673

Age gap relationships are very very common in the gay male community, so yes.

No. 333675

from what i've seen a huge part of the daddy kinksters are bottom gay men and trannies

No. 333747

Anyway, men are worthless and women are the reason civilization exists. If women disappeared men would commit mass suicide after they realized the objects of their single-minded obsession were no longer around. So glad I'm not a male.

No. 333762

maybe white women don't want you because little white boys like you cry about evil white wimminz all day and how women suck at everything, stop blaming race that you're a degenerate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333789

File: 1543859361879.jpg (27.48 KB, 300x300, 1542795128686.jpg)

I wonder how would world look if women disappeared. Knowing that some men would most likely rape either animals or kids, it would be a pure hellhole. On the other side, I wonder how would they react with being /prey/ to other, stronger physically men and all harassment going with that.

No. 333801

>Step 1: Secretly discover a new planet
>Step 2: Build a big ass spaceship
>Step 3: Get all women inside the spaceship
>Step 4: Plant nukes all over the earth
>Step 5: Rob the sperm banks & gather all female sperm
>Step 6: Nuke the earth while we are busy flying to our new home planet
>Step 7: Laugh at all the men getting vaporized
>Step 8: Create cute husbando sex robots
>Step 9: Live a great life on our new planet

Men are no longer needed. Begone, scrots.

No. 333803

Those who are posting itt are actual omega males, they would be a prey and they would pretend that they are females lol. Real alpha males (even sexist ones etc.) will never claim that they are as good as women in traditionally feminine roles. They think that they are totally different so women can't be replaced by men (that's why they are sexist, they know that they need us and have to control us).
Same with beta, contrary to the popular belief, they aren't weak ones, they are sneaky ones. They are nice and are serving other because in certain situations it generates more profit than being aggresive. They are as succesful and as alphas, except they thrive in different enviorments. More fitting scientific terminology is "satelite males" (yeah, beta orbiters lol)

Lmao, I wanted to link scientific definition of biological omega males but they spawned plenty of websites claiming that "omega male is opposite of alpha male but in a good way". They are so pathietic, it's so funny.

Here's wiki definition because I'm too lazy to dig trough their bullshit: "Omega (usually rendered ω) is an antonym used to refer to the lowest caste of the hierarchical society. Omega animals are subordinate to all others in the community, and are expected by others in the group to remain submissive to everyone. Omega animals may also be used as communal scapegoats or outlets for frustration, or given the lowest priority when distributing food."
What's interesting in some species omega males are taking on physical apperance of females, and offering themselves to the alpha and beta males to avoid being beaten and to get food. Other specimens know those are fake females. Same in this thread, they want to be better females than us because they'll never be "real" males. You know what they'll do next.

No. 333840

No need to imagine it, it's just like when men go to jail and beat, rape and kill each other

No. 333852

this whole discourse makes me sad. While I understand your desire to talk about this stuff to other women, it's not that healthy imo at least. Not criticising but I read that revisiting upsetting (or even traumatic) topics (without careful approach) hijacks your amygdala and upsets you deeply and ends up being depressing. Or that's what I think.
I wonder if the guys here really feel that way or if they are exaggerating to troll and get a rise out of the wimyns and I don't know which is worse.
I personally disagree with the "class" aspect because men and women are the same species and two sides of the same coin. Though I agree that really harmful, surpressing and traumatising stuff comes from men mostly, I still think the genders have more in common than seperates them despite everything.
To the guys, shame on you for feeding into this discourse. Won't make you feel better about your life and your broken relationships with women. Why not let women talk shit here? You do it all the time on your boards. Go outside and live a little

No. 333877

File: 1543865051831.jpg (95.22 KB, 700x1244, 1542646983671.jpg)


No. 333879

File: 1543865087537.jpg (86.33 KB, 700x1244, 1542647516740.jpg)

No. 333883

File: 1543865163881.jpg (79.18 KB, 491x640, 1459401014327.jpg)

No. 333884

File: 1543865201215.jpg (33.01 KB, 474x765, 1538962098187.jpg)

No. 333885

File: 1543865257059.jpg (39.68 KB, 555x569, 1541451731388.jpg)

No. 333886

File: 1543865309769.jpg (135.04 KB, 800x1422, 1541925151130.jpg)

No. 333887

File: 1543865349222.jpg (42.31 KB, 750x457, 1536001501773.jpg)

No. 333888

File: 1543865380533.jpg (48.95 KB, 540x631, 1537038213942.jpg)

No. 333890

File: 1543865407012.png (145.91 KB, 640x1136, 15356581334870.png)

No. 333891

File: 1543865496936.jpg (72.2 KB, 800x642, 1536001444310.jpg)

No. 333895

File: 1543865537873.jpg (121.43 KB, 750x1334, 1541934364733.jpg)

No. 333896

File: 1543865627377.jpg (56.16 KB, 620x819, 1496602689942.jpg)

No. 333897

What a horrible human being this man is

No. 333907

>"good cooking, great sex, nice car, mildly funny jokes"
what a humble, selfless human being, i wonder why no one is into him

No. 333909

File: 1543866302999.webm (2.56 MB, 853x480, 1535157645932.webm)

cool down with a little lol

No. 333929

Well shit, living at home is just way too much…

No. 333933

Being the same species mean nothing.
Males and females of almost every species exhibit entirely different behaviors in regards to child rearing, survival, group dynamics and relationships.
When you add the complexity of human cognition on top of that, the differences become even greater.
Are you seriously trying to suggest we're just ~all the same~ when 98% of all violence, corruption, debauchery and unethical choices are commited by men? Why on earth would that happen if we're just the same side of the coin?

No. 333934

This is so trivial but i hate how blowjobs are ALWAYS expected from men and is in 90% of cases a dumping reason if the woman wont do it. But men can refuse oral as much as they want and no one bats an eye. I dont want a cock in my mouth, you wouldn't think that's the end of the world for the scrots but it apparently is.

No. 333964

Men will go down on you for literally five seconds and expect a gold medal.

No. 333969

they cant even do it properly lmfao. i watched porn for the first time a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity and watching the men performing oral on a woman made my vag dry up.

No. 333975

They just tepidly your outer labia like a cat sipping water and think that's good enough. Meanwhile women are quite literally expected to choke on penis.

No. 333988

men to me are objects, the closest thing I'll do is let them massage me and eat me out, I won't even lay a finger on their ugly asses unless it's to slap them

I use to call over fuckboys, make them massage me and eat me out and make them leave, and knowing men they're more than happy to do that because of their little ape minds, the funny part is many of them sucked at eating out so I just stick with women, women just make better partners overall and men just make everyone miserable, but no man wants the hear the truth and they'll get angry and live in their fantasy world. Men are useless to me except to please me but 90% of them can't even do that right

I laugh at MGTOW, the thought that men, especially in 2018 had any use to us at all is just hilariously pathetic to me, we're happy to see them go but they never wanna leave us, just taunt us with this "you'll come crawling back to us you'll see!" bull

I love treating men how men treat women

No. 333989

i wish men would understand that no, i dont think that chocking on some fugly dick and then having the guy lick around for 5 seconds like a timid snake is good.

also, dicks are at least a million times more disgusting than vaginas. i would never allow one near my face.

No. 334044

isnt it fucking disgusting how men treat their dick like they're feeding it some kind of gourmet cuisine every time they have sex. seems like they always need some different thing like a blowjob one day and then they're begging for anal the next and always "trying out" women of different races and asking each other stupid questions like "does asian pussy taste like fish?" and other retarded ass bullshit like that. maybe that's why the low-T beta males hate the chads so much, because chads get what they see as good pussy while they're stuck with nothing. cant even buy a sex worker because they have no job and live in their single mom's house that they take for granted.

No. 334055

This reads like a troll post but I unironically agree

No. 334117

Eh, whatever. If the majority of men think no bjs is a dealbreaker then I'm more than happy to kick someone's ass to the curb if he refuses to eat me out properly. It's a two way street.

No. 334120

Who's going to discover this new planet? All the female astronomers?
Who's going to build this rocket? All the female aerospace engineers?
Who's going to build these nukes? All the female nuclear scientists?
Who's going to build these robots? All the female robotics engineers?

I'm sorry, but your gender studies degree has not even remotely repared you do literally any of this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334123

File: 1543888984041.png (102.67 KB, 232x275, pjw.png)

Paul Joseph Watson is upset that a prostate cancer charity is called out for belittling breast cancer. It's so sad that even men's charities tear down women rather than focusing on helping men. Of course pathetic MRAs like Paul Joseph Watson have no self-awareness and think it's the other way round.

No. 334126

Pharmfag here. That whole sign is stupid. Of course prostate cancer is higher in men. Men's testosterone works against them in old age and almost all men will become susceptible to it. Breast cancer is different with more of a genetic link. Not all women are destined to get it like men are with prostate cancer. What's gross is they frame it like we're supposed to care more about men's cancer then women's cancer, which is snowflakey and attention whore-like in the worst days. PJW of course is too stupid to realize the hypocrisy with this. men make fun of breast cancer awareness events all the time. Can't forget about men making breast cancer awareness into sexual events with "save the titties cause I'm a man who likes groping titties".

No. 334128

How putrid do you have to be to make a competition out of cancer victims. You're right. Men would rather belittle and silence women to uplift themselves even if it's about cancer or if they can't, they have to sexualize and dehumanize us a la 'save the boobies' campaign

Men would seriously rather kill us all than allow any of that sadly. They hate us but don't want us to go unless it's by their own doing, not ours. Wish we had our own little planet though.

No. 334138

>Men would seriously rather kill us all than allow any of that
What is this "allow" you're talking about?
Women would need to be CAPABLE of any of that before allowed was even a question. And needless to say, you are not capable of any of that

No. 334146

Only men would want to compare cancer and who dies more. I wish more men died in general and do us a favor.

No. 334151

Men always have to make everything a competition and they ALWAYS have to be the biggest, most oppressed victims at all times. It's laughably pitiful.

No. 334156

File: 1543894095520.png (188.7 KB, 604x599, bye_felipe1.png)

I'm convinced that at least 1/3 of the men in the western world are misogynists, this shit is rampant in dating sites

No. 334158

Thanks to mods for taking better care of this thread recently!

No. 334159

File: 1543894296299.png (395.85 KB, 608x607, Screen-Shot-2014-11-12-at-3.17…)

No. 334160

File: 1543894340572.png (700.31 KB, 1210x1220, 54fcbee0067d7b694872885d.png)

No. 334161

File: 1543894447568.jpg (65.12 KB, 640x640, 21a.jpg)

No. 334174


No. 334176

Once again. It ALWAYS comes down to choice kek. They will never not rage over the fact they cant force women to be quiet housebound sex slaves
>"you [women] have too many choices today"
>"and you choose wrong" (not me)
>proceeds to throw a tantrum

No. 334177

File: 1543897258881.jpg (59.37 KB, 650x489, Untitled.jpg)

fuck you too, ugly brown bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334178

based and radfempilled

No. 334183


You guys probably aren’t even women. Neither white or women of color bring each other up as much as white or men of color bring up race all the damn time.

No. 334193

File: 1543899251729.jpg (27 KB, 433x473, byefelipe.jpg)

The entitlement is astonishing

No. 334256

So learning about Tumblr purging porn blogs and honestly, I don't care. But what's hilarious is how all of the misogyny/"women are worthless"/dehumanizing and womenhate kink blogs are all frantic and sad about losing a "community" they built around their fucked up fetish

like now they cry they cant post violent porn while they wish for women to be raped and have no rights as humans in the captions! This is oppression to them. And it's fucking pathetic.

No. 334401

Friendly reminder that male masochists outnumber female masochists and has been proven in multiple studies.
Thanks for listening.

No. 334402

It's hilarious. They'll probably all shuffle over to Voat where all the other incels and crazies hang out.

No. 334403

According to a study by the University of Montreal, 28% of women fantasize about being raped, compared to… 30% of men.

Men want to be dominated.

No. 334405

Other interesting stats from the same study:

3% of women fantasized about being pissed on, compared to 10% of men.

48% of men fantasized about having sex with someone much older than them (compared to 34% of women).

Under 1% of women fantasized about raping a child. Almost 2% of men fantasized about it, making men 55% more likely to fantasize about child rape.

No. 334406

>Respondents came from Reddit, a well known meeting place for beta males and incels


No. 334407

Men are significantly more likely to have all sexual paraphilias and have been proven to time and time again, to the point of even mental illness. So enjoy your single study(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334408

Isn't Aellagirl that MRA chick who takes photos of herself fucking garden gnomes?

No. 334410

Beta males are the ones with maledom fetishes. Alpha males usually have femdom fetishes. This has been studied and proven multiple times - men with higher incomes and men who are rated attractive by more women are more likely to express an interest in femdom. Sorry to burst your bubble.

If you like maledom you're probably a beta male.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334411

This lines up with other studies.

>In a survey of 1,500 Canadian adults, 53.3% of men reported fantasies of being sexually dominated, and 46.7% of women reported fantasies of doing the dominating.

No. 334412

I'm into femdom so I used to attend BDSM munches and socials back in my old city, and the type of men who would show up claiming to be doms were always so funny. I saw so many doughy guys with patchy beards in fedoras.

No. 334414

Is that true? I thought most males were into degrading us judging from porn and experiences that I've read.
I wish it was true.

No. 334415

Most males have submission fantasies, but often will not openly talk about it. There are two reasons: 1) They're deluded enough to believe that submissiveness is a female trait and don't want to be thought of as feminine and 2) They believe women will find submissiveness repulsive and that to impress women they need to come across as dominant.

No. 334418


Don't know about the first one but majority of women do find submissiveness disgusting and unattractive in men.

No. 334419

why are people acting so surprised about the femdom thing? men are fucking animals, im pretty sure youll find a higher % of men than women are interested in most fetishes.

also you know damn well that what most men mean by femdom is that theyre just going to lie there and do nothing while the woman does all the work kek.

No. 334423

I'd prefer a starfish to someone who needs to kill me to get off tbqh.

No. 334464


Like women have not been avoiding to be alone with men in the workplace for decades to avoid to be fucking raped and then told they're lying.
Oh no, poor thing, you're getting a whiff that what you've been doing is wrong, you can't think with anything else but your cock, and you fear you might be punished for it? Better not ever be in the presence of a woman ever again!

I'm pissed.

No. 334468

File: 1543951449903.jpg (254.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181204-141808.jpg)

Why do people excuse the crimes of men and don't hold them responsible for anything? It's funny to watch a video on crime and 100s of men complain in the comment section about some lady getting a light prison sentence just "cause she's a woman", but men get away with rape, murder, and child molestation all the time, especially when they're famous. I was watching a video on comfort women and one of the comments stated how disgusting men are for raping and murdering these women. Yet the replies are framing these men as "demons". "They're not actual Men! Just demons!" "Im a man and haven't raped anyone so you can't be mean to Men!"

No. 334469

The more women business owners the better now. Sounds like gender segregation is on its way.

But really, how fucked up is it that men can't control themselves or even trust themselves enough around women. The only ones that can are low libido/asexual guys. And sadly they're like winning lotto numbers..

No. 334504

It's unbelievable, honestly.
Like how hard is it to just shut your fucking mouth and work and keep your hands to yourself?
No one wants to hear about how you'd fuck Janice so hard, or how you jerk off to the young intern at the desk or even that someone looks pretty/hot/whatever.
Men have no filter or self control even when it's most expected in professional environments.
Can you imagine the levels of butthurt and male rage if women started doing the same thing? Talking about how so and so young male intern is so hot and they'd like to take them home? Men would immediately pass laws to curb this behavior but when women do it, we're apparently infringing on the rights to oogle and sexually harass at work.

No. 334511

men are basically like group narcissistic personality disorder, sometimes they'll actually give us what we want (like them fucking right off and leaving us alone for once) but not without framing it as them being a poor helpless victim. thats basically the entire foundation of mgtow: creepy self obsessed men fucking off because women wouldn't talk to them while gaslighting everyone to think they're doing it "cuz they wanna" and because they're helpless victims lmao it makes them think they've won at something, since thats the only thing men value in the world is winning at stuff. they dont care about logic or rationality, they only care about feeling like a winner at all times. poor men and their uncontrollable fee fees.

No. 334514

File: 1543960178962.png (68.66 KB, 502x249, download (6).png)

So I just posted this in the celebcow thread but I think this one should go here
leftist man and shiity actor wil wheaton telling tumblr staff that banning tits = supporting nazis.

No. 334516

File: 1543960536512.png (85.48 KB, 501x646, download (7).png)

Samefag heres one more with good commentary

No. 334521

lol he got bullied off Mastodon when he tried to make an account there

No. 334565

It's always the liberal males as the snakes in the grass who act like porn is empowering women and now they're throwing a fit over tumblr purging it.

How many sites can you upload porn? Quite a fucking few. Pornhub, fetlife??? Go there. That's it. It's that simple. But they always have to shove porn into everything, especially on a site with so many underage users that probably just want to reblog anime gif sets and memes

No. 334592

Probably because crystal cafe had a male mod and is ridden with larping trannies. Sure there's some nice people there but they don't have the spine to have their own threads to bitch about beta cucks like you.

No. 334594

>people who want to avoid pointless raids and confrontation day in and out are spineless

Not really. Just probably too tired to deal with it.

No. 334595

Don't interact anon. It's sounds like a male tranny or tranny chaser angry at women for not being a submissive waifu. They talk like one especially praising cc
>guys jerking off of family members
..Definitely degenerate enough

No. 334597

>admits men jerk off to their sisters while trying to defend men
dont even need to say anything misandrist, just let men talk and they do it themselves

No. 334607

Yeah, one of my favourite things about this thread is that men come in to prove people wrong and only prove them right instead. All they do is bump it and solidify the belief that they are trash.

No. 334673

Why do so many women drink the kool-aid and shit on their gender while males who even acknowledge the damage men actually cause are so rare? The self-hate among women is so tragic it makes me genuinely depressed.

Yeah, people always talk about how vicious and catty teenage girls are, but teenage boys are the ones physically harming people and driving each other to literal suicide. Not to mention sometimes date raping those "vicious teenage girls" everyone is so focused on.

Not that this excuses it, but all the shitty girls I knew in high school were abused by some man in their life. The shitty boys were usually pampered AF.

No. 334680

File: 1543995763039.jpg (71.19 KB, 500x601, Garrus-Vakarian-Mass-Effect-2-…)

Why do they have to be humanoid?

No. 334700

Lmao this read so much like a troon fantasy it's not even funny.

No. 334701

Lol I remember the original ones. Funny shit

No. 334703

Daily reminder:

You're autistic and a faggot who got BTFO'd by me because you only can reply on a scripted message like the NPC you are

No. 334706

It's funny because you can just imagine a scrot's thought process when they come here
>I want to post something that will totally blow these roasties minds and make them regret they ever dared acknowledge the faults of men!
>I know, I'll repost a meaningless, unsupported, sourceless /pol/ infographic everyone has seen and dismissed long ago!

These retards think they're so intelligent and literally put zero thought into the shit they parrot lmao. Their weapon of choice is always the same tired, old meme pictures that are easy to save and repost without ever having an original thought in the process.

No. 334714

even if some women are into some dumb rape kink who the fuck cares what does that even have to do with anything at all? what kind of response are these retards looking for?
>omg uve opened my eyes, women love rape and we should legalize it

No. 334719

File: 1544011376743.png (201.65 KB, 430x860, mcgreavy.png)

No. 334720

File: 1544011410715.png (26.32 KB, 616x446, mcgreavytimeline.png)

No. 334723

Strange, I had a thought this happened to one of our more infamous serial killers in the U.S, no surprise U.K would give more lenience as U.S prison system is pretty rough [bar Cali, maybe]

No. 334727

Do they actually have a male mod?

No. 334760

A huge number of users are actually spewing this same thing, just using Jewish issues as a stepping stone to defend their irrational inability to have a single site that doesn't have women being sexually degraded on it.

No. 334809

I would argue that there are SO many more men who have fantasies about raping babies, kids, teenagers, disabled people and elderly people who actually do act on their fantasies, than women who have a rape kink and who actually do seek out violent men to rape or abuse them, not to mention that women with rape fantasies are usually CSA victims of the men I mentioned above.

If men could just stop abusing kids, they wouldn't be able to laugh and whine about women who have disturbed fantasies because there pretty much wouldn't be any… Too bad men can't be helped to act civilized. It's comforting that CSA victims can be helped, tho. Too bad all of them can't possibly get the help since men abuse, rape and hurt so many helpless people that there aren't nearly enough therapists.

What went wrong in the evolution of humans to make men like this? Can they even evolve into civilized beings after being like they are for so long?

No. 334824

Muslim women don’t act like that. Remember that the Muslims causing trouble are male. You can blame it on black people, Arabs etc but at the end of the day it’s their male counterparts causing the issues. When women think about helping Muslims they’re naively thinking that they will be helping women and children but men just leave their women and kids back at home to die.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334835

In person, women are scared of stepping out of line since men are violent. Online? Most of the "women" are just male larpers or sometimes are women who don't want to be harassed by men

This. When women want to help Muslims, it's the other women and children that are the focus. But a shit ton of propaganda forces you to stay quiet about the men coming (and hardly any women and children) or else you're a racist islamphobe.

Everybody is freaking out over the "female presenting nipple" phrase and not the fact that cp was being uploaded or the rampant porn bots. I don't understand why they have to have porn everywhere, on every site there is anyway.

No. 334836

Yeah I wouldn't feel unsafe bringing over only Muslim women. Less violent to begin with and easier to take down ic they ever do.

No. 334839

A Muslim woman is a less of a threat than a white man.

No. 334894

File: 1544042672677.jpg (237.25 KB, 1024x1475, 00d7aeab-f8f6-4851-87b3-04e914…)

Somebody posted this on tumblr
>men's problems are caused by men
Look at those butthurt replies:
"muh unrealistic beauty standards for men"…

No. 334895

File: 1544042697613.jpg (103.68 KB, 590x1048, 294c815e-0fc0-4316-8034-3bb7fa…)

No. 334897

File: 1544042864050.jpg (284.26 KB, 1024x1475, 69be6e14-7e45-4248-a7cb-07595e…)

No. 334901

Sometimes I feel downright paranoid about who is pulling which strings.
Some have brought this up before: innocent feminists talking about neutral things get banned from twitter etc, but literal criminals (pedos, rapists, that african dude selling his daughter on facebook) and even the IS are allowed to post whatever they want.

Yesterday I clicked on one anti trans video.
Later, suddenly every second recommandation youtube suggested me was that same guy. I quickly realised that he's pretty much against all women and therefore clicked the "not interested"-button and refreshed the page. Yet again, every second video is from that guy and he doesn't have that big of a following.
The rest of the time I pretty much only watch music videos from the same artist - but there are more vids of that mra dude showing for me than from this band? That seems so fishy.
I can't help but feel worried by this…

No. 334905

Imagine being such a handmaid you can list a whole bunch of awful things men did to you in an attempt to cape for their gender. Maybe it's just me, but men rescuing me from each other's harassment might balance my opinion to be neutral at best, not in favour of them. We shouldn't have to be rescued at all, and I would be suspicious of their motives in saving me anyway because men always want compensation in the form of vagina.

No. 334910

Men come into this thread all the time proving to us that they only act nice like that anon pointed out because they want something (you/your body) in return. They don't care about you otherwise. Ignoring that doesn't make it go away

No. 334911

It's so ridiculous I have to wonder if they're trolling. They could've even come up with something like "a man fixed my car" or "a man shared some of the money he earned with me" or "a male doctor gave me life saving surgery" or some bullshit like that?! How can you have so little self awareness that you just list versions of "sometimes men solve the problems they cause me"

No. 334914

>ex-boyfriend (a man) abused her
>drunk men harassed her
>men made her uncomfortable
>men grabbed her neck
Is she really trying to defend men? lol

No. 334940

File: 1544048555232.jpg (33.51 KB, 601x695, 1454272994781.jpg)

I must say I am impressed while reading this thread.
I stumbled on this forum by accident, and seeing Man-Hate thread simply couldnt help but indulge myself.
Seeing things from the other side is quite eye-opening, in make case, metaphorical slap in the face.
So I would like to thank everyone posting here for giving me something to think about before sleep today.

P.S. Why does this site get so much traffic from Hungary, my neighbour state (12% of users) ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334955

>woman explains she is against 3rd wave 1st world feminism
>woman explains she is in a LTR
>woman explains she supports men empowering themselves
>woman makes fun of the fact MGTOWs are going to reply exactly how they did in the comments


No. 334956

i think it is possible but most are just so self absorbed and full of themselves that they refuse to be decent people. they can be civilized but there's most likely a limit to it, like its possible for them to contain themselves and not be complete sexual harassers but they'll always still think of themselves as a perpetual victim since their inferior brains cant develop empathy. thats why everything they say is a projection of themselves, because they cant imagine anything outside of their own perspective and life experiences. mens brains seem to be unable to develop past their teens which is why they're only suited for hard labor and not things that require intelligent thought, patience, and the ability to control your emotions like women are.

No. 334965

good for you for keeping an open mind and not letting emotions cloud the facts. not all women actually hate men like this, even some of the other women on this site think this particular thread isn't always rational, but this thread highlights somewhat universal fear and pain that women have about how we're treated.

No. 334968

explain to me which of these are "stupid definitions"
also if all you're gonna do it reply with "THEYRE ALL STUPID DUMB FEMINAZI REEE" you might as well just proved my point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334970

its honestly surprising how common it is for women to be MRAs or whatever while also experiencing abuse or having been abused in the past. i have an idiot alt right/pol using friend who is constantly abused by her boyfriend and has been raped/molested by men as a child and still acts like men are somehow superior to us and gets triggered any time i make a joke about men lmao they're fucking delusional.

No. 334971

>woman makes fun of the fact MGTOWs are going to reply exactly how they did in the comments
>mgtows do that exact same thing

Wow they can't help but prove us right lol we say itt they hate women and want to hurt us. Then men will come in and say exact thing. Like how much women are worthless, they only tolerate women for sex and they hate everything else like us having rights, being sentient and human

No. 334973

File: 1544052420143.png (62.98 KB, 733x848, why.PNG)

I wanted to reply, but sadly I was permabanned and had to resolve to use VPN to even get this is.
(evading ban on purpose isnt probably helping me, but stating as reason "lul" is not very professional)
So if you are seeing this, I am sorry but this is my second and last post here.
Pity, we could have discussion, but I overstayed my welcome for long enough.(Ban evasion )

No. 334976

You're not gonna get laid no matter how hard you try to show off that you're "one of the good ones" you know.

No. 334977

>clicks on and watches video a woman posted of her talking and comments on it
Why are they like this?

No. 334980

>while we don't care about them at all.
>Man Hate thread
>don't care about them at all

No. 334984

I don't think that's surprising. Staying with an abusive person when you know clearly that they're abusive isn't rational at all (unless you're imprisoned in some way). So people either leave, or they create a reason why the abuse is normal, justified, nonexistent, or good. This goes for all types of abuse but it makes sense that a woman would normalize being abused by a man as "this isn't abuse, this is just how men ought to treat women." A lot of victims of abuse don't make it about sex but instead think "this isn't abuse. this is how i deserve to be treated because i'm bad." but with the female MRA thing is almost even more insidious in a way because they can pretend they DON'T have bad self esteem and pretend that it's NOT about them as an individual. "He actually thinks I'm one of the GOOD ones! How could I have bad self esteem when I know I'm better than most women? It's not personal, it's just my unfortunate condition (being female)"

No. 334988

could you please be more creative? this is about as believable as if i went to r9k and said "hello loser virgins. i flick my bean and think about castrating you as i laugh at your small dick with chad! eheheheh"

when it comes to bait, sometimes less is more(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334993

File: 1544056635340.png (1.01 MB, 1106x1182, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 19.5…)

mods, you really dun goofed on this one

jk, keep up the good work

No. 335031

men are so incredibly dependent on women's attention that they can't even comprehend it when we literally don't care about them or their opinions at all. their minds are so simple that they think just talking about something means women care about it, although that doesn't apply to them at all when they're on their silly mgtow boards spending hours seething and foaming at the mouth about women not giving them the attention they "deserve." topkek. no wonder they dont talk about us to their friends or family or tell their side bitches about us when they cheat: not talking about something means you dont care about it as a man. it all makes sense now lmao.

No. 335048

>woman gets violently murdered
>murderer posts it on facebook
>comments STILL can't stfu about "evil wimminz!!!!!"

god I hate being a woman

No. 335054

I care about them in the sense I'm sick of them despising, belittling and harming us, but the way they desperately want to interact with us and get so mad when we dont want them is just… lmao. I'm always grossed out when they come here transparently seeking validation and attention.

No. 335061

maybe if she didn't drive the poor man crazy then he wouldn't have flipped out on her

No. 335062

I hate living on this planet as woman while our male counterparts are foaming at the mouth waiting to kill us off and blame us for being murdered.

we need a wall between us and them.

No. 335111

I just don't get why men want to make everything about war and fighting. I am yet to meet a man that wouldn't be at least a bit obsessed with military.
For example the above link - it could very well be just a satellite for purely civil purposes. There's not even an estabilished space force yet they're already preparing for fighting in there.
Why do men want to destroy everything around them?

No. 335121

it's like no matter what, you can't get rid of these ingrates (men) even in weeb mmorpgs for kids like maplestory (which is extremely colorful and has a kawaii/anime chibi aesthetic, no reason a man should be interested in this game at all) the server chat is full of fucking mgtow garbage whining about "thots this" and "roasties that" ane ive yet to see a single person making fun of men. probably too afraid of being spammed with their usual abuse about wanting to beat rape and kill them. when internet anonymity is gone some day, the first step we should take is to ban all men from accessing the internet no exceptions.

No. 335139

>triggered by being called violent and porn sick
Also males
>Try to prove us wrong by posting violent pornographic images


No. 335147

I don't think they even want to prove us wrong about anything in particular. Our main argument si that men hate us, and they are perfectly happy to admit and demonstrate how much they hate us. They just compulsively attack women whose lives don't revolve around appeasing them. Apparently the support of literally all men + an infinite supply of desperate handmaids isn't enough, they need ALL of us to accept our supposed inferiority and obligation to them or they are uncomfortable with a tiny percentage of non compliant women existing.

No. 335167

File: 1544103990372.gif (1.71 MB, 327x251, 5f3f6865-6af4-4595-aa8d-836ba3…)

the men ITT are just like little school boys hitting girls because they want them to like them.
Primitively and poorly disguising an infatuation and obsession and turning to aggression because their frail egos can't handle rejection or criticism
Fun fact: we don't like you, not because you're men but because you're assholes. You're wasting your life with misogyny and anger and will die sad and alone. You will never be happy

No. 335191

yeah 15. how many women hate threads have there been on the internet? a bit more than 15 lmao

No. 335256

the entire social part of the internet is like a big woman-hate thread
4chan openly brags about stalking, harassing, and even raping women. They have threads dedicated to violating and hating women, revenge porn, not even revenge porn too, they'll violate their girlfriends trust and post their nudes, defend pedophilia and incest,brag about emotionally abusing their girlfriends until the woman is pushed into an eating disorder or severe mental health issues

reddit has stuff like mgtows, incels, pussypassdenied shit, on redpill subreddits is a woman is being abused by her husband their answer is to try to be a better wife and women who run away from abuse are evil roasties who are destroying the west

youtube comment sections are ALWAYS filled with woman hate or male oppression shit, especially the crime part of youtube, anytime a woman gets raped, murdered or abused comments will scream how it's her fault and ofc if a woman rapes, murders, or abuses comments will scream how all women are like that no exceptions, they can't even watch a documentary about a female trucker without turning it into woman hate, a video about a man with cancer is quickly blamed on the woman who is taking care of him, MGTOW is allowed and praised even when they'll make hour long videos doing nothing but talking about how all women are evil and conspiring against them, but then some fair criticism about mgtow doing this is quickly attacked and dragged

even on tumblr, a man can write a novel about how much he hates women and just pass it off as a kink and no one will care

facebook and twitter is pretty evened out though at least, but it's still crawling with males who think they're being oppressed if the grocery store cashiers ass isn't big enough to their liking

this is literally the one place you can freely hate men and no one will care except for handmaidens and scrots whom are quickly banned, men think they're oppressed by this and 1 16 yr old girl making a man joke several years ago, now imagine the screeching they'd do if all internet sexism towards women was switched to men

No. 335265

men when some article suggests that men are generally better at something

>haha dumb roasties even science says that were superior to you why do you even try

men when an article suggests women are generally better at something

>rheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee misandry

No. 335268

They can't even be reasonable about the one thing they do think we're good at
>men: women are naturally more suited to child rearing and domestic chores than men

No. 335273

its annoying, mainly because most of the men i see bitching about their ex wife/gf getting custody usually only want to get custody to have absolute control over their family or to get some twisted form of "revenge" on their ex. its disgusting.

No. 335293

and the fact they use statistics to "prove" men are oppressed in courts but conveniently leave out the fact the vast majority of custody cases are agreed on by both the mother and the father, similar to how the leave out how many male suicides are murder-suicides but use the male suicide rate to prove men are oppressed, I'm noticing a pattern

No. 335300

File: 1544131390694.png (72.24 KB, 594x626, dBqbbfLDABqXT8GD_5GrhEipdvuqEZ…)

this is what happens when you tell a MGTOW non-consensual sex is rape

No. 335304

They cant handle anything that isn't praising them and shitting on women. It's ridiculous. They have so many other sites to flock to and discuss in womanhate thread #38473, or fuck it - go to the dark web and they're right at home with all the other men who hate women and brag about their crimes among the other vile shit they do

They just want women to be legally forced to be with them without protest. They always whine about women having rights, if that's gone, they're all happy campers with total control

No. 335315

lol trying to tell someone that they're stupid while being too stupid to distinguish your from you're. Absolute classic.

Guys like this usually don't have an income high enough to support two people adequately anyways, so they need their wife to work while they're also manchildren who will die if they ever have to touch the washing machine, cook or god forbid change a diaper. But yes, women totally owe them sex.

Go your own way already, far away from us.

No. 335320

the thought that one point in history, women were supposed to convince men to marry them is a joke

men in 2018 are too lazy and unmotivated to make anything of themselves, blame the school system when they have to actually work for good grades, blame quotas and affirmative action that they didn't get accepted into MIT or harvard with a report card full of Ds and a 14 ACT score

when women are the ones succeeding they're desperately trying to hold onto the fact old men who are going to die any day now still exist but ignore the overwhelming amount of young women getting into STEM and the medical field, some MGTOWs even go as far as claiming career women are gold diggers somehow, it also explains MGTOWs hate boner for successful women, they're pissed off betas who can't stand more and more women are choosing to live for themselves and not having their lives revolve around men, only betas are intimidated by ambitious women

and of course they'll just deny deny deny, keep insisting their way of reality is right even when all proof shows otherwise, and ofcourse the infamous "you're gonna hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone and become a lonely sad whore after you're done riding the cock carousel!!!" but next minute "wimminz have it so easy! just spread your legs and a man will fuck you"

they literally can't make up their minds on if they want women to be independent and become career women or be traditional and go for men who can support them
similar to how they can't make up their minds if we're all evil lonely fat old feminazis or if women can get laid easily and it's unfair women they don't like have relationships

No. 335335

hilarious sperm-jacking paranoia aside
a male in the comments posted this
>I once had a female nurse in her 40's try to rape me in the med room at work in Children's hospital while I was pulling and stocking meds. and this was like my 1st few days on the the job.. I went back to the pharmacy dept. to finish my work and told my co workers what happened,(mostly females) and they all just laughed and knew who exactly the nurse who did it. i found it strange they all laughed, and was thinking, if i was a female, and it was a male nurse, (Not a Doctor), i'm sure the DOP (Director of Pharmacy, or the Pharmacy Supervisor and co workers would have taken it serious, and it would have cost him his job and prison time.

when he was asked what she did to try to rape him, this was his reply
> i just remember looking and hearing her say" Mmm you must be new here" while blocking the door. and thinking. Damn!!. and in situations like that your mind run a mile a minute. thinking, will i have to hit this lady to get away, how will this turn out, etc

apparently all she did was stand in front of the door and say "you must be new here" this is considered a woman trying to rape according to MGTOWs, no wonder they mock so many women and doubt their rape stories with this level of projection, but since it's a man falsely accusing a woman of rape, it's okay

No. 335340

>"it shows these celebrities true nature!!!"
>"expose the nudes better I'm hurting my neck"
>Stupid feminazis saying we shouldn't look at the photos
>Women who don't get tattoos view themselves as expensive sex objects!!!
>They did it to sue apple!!!

No. 335362

>women choosing to live their own lives
>mgtows sperg
So they want to go mgtow but women can't because then they can't get the last laugh. Women not bothering men would be in theory what mgtows would like to see. But they won't be satisfied until women are just gone from the planet

>men demands nudes
>ridicules and harasses you if you dont
>mocks and exposes you if you do
why are they like this

No. 335366

everything men say is a projection of themselves
>women only care about her because she has a vagina!
men only see us as a vagina and nothing more
>women only care about money!
men constantly bitch and moan about money and make us feel guilty because the house needs toilet paper and food
>women want to take our children away out of revenge!
men constantly try to take our babies away before they can even speak
everything they accuse women of doing on their pathetic women hating sites and forums is all stuff they actively do to us on the regular

No. 335416

reminds me of the men who claim their wife "abused" them because they didn't do chores that day

No. 335419

No shit, you think women lie anytime a woman gets raped, when you're out of excuses you just start blaming the womans clothes/her underwear/where she was/ etc


No one doubts men, you can make the most insane, unrealistic rape story possible and everyone will believe you, or better yet, as shown from the video and previous discussions on the man-hating thread, you can claim anything that makes you slightly bothered is abuse, rape or whatever, and people will believe and support you, when we doubt you're quick to attack us and everyone already sees us as crazy evil feminazis or whatever therefore you have no point

the fact the white woman is getting attacked, mocked, harassed, etc etc is proof male oppression doesn't exist
the fact that men can say the most outlandish rape story or claim things that aren't rape or abuse at all, are rape and abuse and can have little to no people say anything is proof male oppression doesn't exist

imagine if a woman, even in a small comment section, claimed a man tried raping her by telling her she must be new here, she would be getting spammed with death threats this very moment similar to all the other women who had come out about their rape

obviously no one is saying women can't do this (as you scream how we're all liars and all rape victims are liars because 3 women lied about rape once) but people keep pretending like men never lie about rape, men are all pure innocent angels who are only ever victims, etc etc
how society reacts to these cases proves my point

as for mods, be faster or at least delete this BS if you really wanna stop us from "replying to bots"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335447

File: 1544159278694.jpg (165.9 KB, 940x1387, image.jpg)

Today is the 29th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre.


May they rest in peace.

No. 335485

File: 1544166841538.jpg (6.12 KB, 225x225, images(6).jpg)

You sure seem upset.
Show me on the doll where the child's backpack sexually assaulted you.

No. 335490

>Boyfriend and I get drunk, he keeps wanting to have sex even before he got drunk
>I don’t want to but it’s hard for me to say no so I keep making up excuses
>I just say yes because I’ve been coerced before, and while drunk, it didn’t seem like anything different than what’s happened before.
> incident does traumatize me and make it difficult for me to have sex after that
>boyfriend gets frustrated at my inability to have sex due to my anxiety
I get it’s my fault for saying yes when I didn’t want to but what gets me upset is his insensitivity for me not wanting to have sex because it was just a very anxiety inducing thing for me.

No. 335517

I've never heard of this one. Fuck, this is beyond despicable.

And I don't even know why he hated women since he's father left him and his mom, and his mother took care of him.

> Some men's rights and anti-feminist commentators state that feminism has provoked violence against women, and without condoning the shootings, view the massacre as an extreme expression of men's frustrations.[71][72] A few anti-feminists view Lépine as a hero, and glorify his actions.

I want off this world.

No. 335519

Sorry to ask but was the last time you were coerced also by him, or someone else?
Also fuck his frustration, he's not entitled to sex on tap, it's 2018 and women are more than obedient fleshlights now

No. 335530

>I want off this world.

>Others expressed a broader analysis, framing Lépine's actions as the result of societal changes that had led to increased poverty, powerlessness, individual isolation,[47] and polarization between men and women.

Sounds like those changes are just women being less impoverished, having more power and being less isolated. But men take any increase in a woman's position in society as detrimental to themselves, imagine genders being 'polarized' because women dared study mechanical engineering. Fucking psychos. It's not like all men go on shooting sprees but they collectively feel so hard done by with every little improvement in women's lives and independence.

No. 335546

Women never were completely obedient. That's why men have created things like patriarchal religions to try to brainwash women into thinking that (a male) god told them they don't shouldn't have equal rights.

No. 335551

That story plus
>was thinking, if i was a female, and it was a male nurse, (Not a Doctor), i'm sure the DOP (Director of Pharmacy, or the Pharmacy Supervisor and co workers would have taken it serious
Sure, because women are believed so often when it's just weird remarks/blocking exits. We're always believed when we feel uncomfortable, never belittled or gaslit. "Oh I'm sure he didn't mean to come across like that" is nothing any woman has ever heard… These guys have no idea what being a woman is like, that's why they can pretend that being a woman is living life on easy mode.


Could we spoiler this? Sorry, but it just absolutely repulses me.

No. 335560

Are you posting this to laugh at retarded males or are you a retarded male? Those are the only to choose from.

It's so terribly fucking wrong, lmao. Are men the ones into romance? Are women the ones that want to humiliate and degrade their partners because they're addicted to porn? Do you think 90% of pornstars want to be there? Do you know why the slut walk was created?

No. 335561

imagine being a scrot and thinking that pictures of porn aimed at men where the women clearly arent enjoying it proves how degenerate women are kek.

if anything it proves the opposite.

No. 335569

>porn made by men, for men, that shows women getting abused (BY MEN) and often causes the actresses physical and mental damage

No. 335593

i know we talk a lot about male violence but does anyone else have violent revenge fantasies against men. like sometimes i'm disturbed with myself. though i guess i am still more human than men since i at least feel guilty about my violent fantasies and could never actually seriously hurt or kill anyone.

No. 335601

Oh yes, all the time.

No. 335606

The cognitive dissonance is strong with these scrots
>watches 15 hours of porn a day
>hops online to call us roasties and whores
"I just want a romantic relationship with someone I love uwu"
"I wish women weren't so sex addicted"

I think men have some sort of programming error in their brains where their only undrstanding of their own flaws is by imagining/projecting those flaws onto other innocent parties

>kills 100 kittens

"God why do women hate animals so much?"

No. 335619

Yeah. I promised myself that if I ever see my ex-boyfriend interact with me or my friends in any way, I'm breaking his bones. At least.
For the first year after the break-up and realizing how much being with a man damaged my self-esteem and mental health I had a lot of very graphic ideas of what I would do to him. It helped a lot.

Also kinda ot, but.
Where did the robots get the meme about vaginas smelling like fish? The only time my vagina smelled like anything besides a human body part was when I had a yeast infection and even then it just smelled like yoghurt. Under what condition would a vagina be smelling like fish? Much less rotting fish as someone says?
It's kinda the same with the roastie meme. That doesn't really happen all that much, why is it so universal for men?

No. 335629

gross, but when the more alkalic semen comes in contact with acidic vaginal fluids it gives off a fishy odor. So really the only instance this happens is after unprotected piv sex

No. 335637

Glad to know that I will never smell fishy then since sex with men is a joke.

No. 335646

>I think men have some sort of programming error in their brains where their only undrstanding of their own flaws is by imagining/projecting those flaws onto other innocent parties
I've thought about this, and like most things with men, I've come to the conclusion that they're like this because they can. That's it. Everyone would rather be angry at someone or something else but themselves, and the dynamics between men and women allow for men to be able to enact this. Since physically women can't stand up to men if they decide everything is our fault, we're always going to get blamed before the man in question takes responsibility.

No. 335652

This reminds me that some men even think women can't sincerely love men the way men love women. That men give unconditional love towards their partners and women don't. Funniest and most untrue statement I've ever heard.

No. 335781

I always see this too, not just with robots but with petty gay men as well. I wouldn’t descibe the smell as fish at all. Like, are they tryin to act like their peens don’t smell bad? kek
Anything to make women insecure as possible I guess.

No. 335785

Seeing the answers to that question was refreshing. I hope that girl finds an awesome new bf.

No. 335816

its the most boring thing in the world at this point to sit there and listen to men bitch and moan and tell women how their own brains work. had to do this for like an hour last night while some man tried to tell me why womens brains are inferior for thinking about things like poverty and other world problems while men being the absolute saints they are think about individuals (or more like what benefits them the most specifically kek), and every time id ask a question to boil down what he was saying like "so basically you're saying…?" and trying to figure out what exactly his point was, he'd get stunned into absolute tumblr style silence before saying no and gaslighting about how thats not what he was saying and even after the discussion ended i was still confused as to what in the actual fuck he was trying to say. so i dont know of i just cant understand his superior man thoughts with my low IQ female brain or what.

i think men are just outright fucking stupid. they cant empathize or self reflect in the slightest so all they can do is project and blame women for everything "sure i made a bad decision but it was that womans fault! she made me do it!" - every man ever. they cant take responsibility for anything, all they know how to do is lie and manipulate to do nothing but self serve.

No. 335817

Wew lads look at those related questions
>My girlfriend is proper ugly, should i tell her?
>My girlfriend has tiny boobs? This sucks!? Should I break up?
>Why did my girlfriend look so ugly as a kid?
They have to be retarded teens or really retarded adults

No. 335835

Were you talking to Jordan Peterson? Lmao

No. 335844

i've hit peak… male interaction. men stress me out so much. again and again, we see and hear how often men always put their egos in front of a woman's safety, or the safety of a group of women.

if there was a place i could live that was women-only, i would do it in a heartbeat. i'm so sick of the male ego and the violence that ensues when you don't submit to them and appease their egos.

No. 335863

Has anyone seen this shit? I'm getting angrier as it goes along.
He becomes her fucking pimp.

I'm just reminded of when people say abusive men are attracted to BDSM, because it allows them to do shit like this and get away with it. And subs just think it's normal. This just causes confusion for anyone wanting to get in the scene. Glad at least people are calling him out.

No. 335868

I've just gotten to the end, and


FUCKING HELL, that is not an environment in which to raise a child.

No. 335870

File: 1544229335015.png (141.34 KB, 394x247, 1543160665714.png)

greetings from /jp/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335876

I was coerced often by my previous boyfriend, often because I was a bit afraid of the repercussions if I said no.
Because it happened in my adolescence (14-18) it just sticks with me wherever I go unfortunately, and I get scared to say no even if I don’t have a reason to be afraid.

No. 335900

hes talked about him before so it must be where he got it lol i swear men just parrot what other men say and dont even think about it. they have a daddy complex thats why they're always looking for some guy to follow like jordan peterson or god or whatever its just fucking sad.

No. 335918

some spergs on kiwifarms are real incel tier

No. 335961

i feel like men are extremely jealous of women's ability to empathize, since men are obsessed with trying to look righteous all the time and think of themselves as gods. but their own stupidity and inability to understand the feelings of others fucks them over constantly and reveals their ulterior motives. they hate that women genuinely care about people unlike men who couldn't care any less about others unless it benefits them in the moment to look good in front of people. we make them look bad just by existing and thats why they're always trying to kill us probably.

No. 335962


No. 335975

File: 1544255163361.jpg (446.74 KB, 2236x1194, DT1rtux.jpg)

Okay first post in this thread, and its regarding incels…
WHY does the media and everyone talking about them, refer to them as if they were fucking victims?
They are maniacle dangerous people who want to enslave, kill and rape women, but somehow people symphatize with them?? WHAT THE FUCK

No. 336026

File: 1544268339948.jpeg (17.63 KB, 300x300, F1B34903-1D0C-4990-979C-2E0A67…)

The sheer amount of cope is unbelievable. You’re living in world built and run by men, but you have the ordacicty to claim the superior gender. Men have and will always be your protector as you couldn’t even defend yourself from a stray dog. Life as you know it is only possible due to male invention. I admit women are steadily doing better but only because men are catering everything towards them, be it education or work quotas. I understand it’s satisfying to vent about men and pretend that instead of being the weakest gender, so easily manipulated and controlled, that you are infact the superior, it’s a fun fantasy. Exactly why we wuz kings came about, seething jealousy and hatred towards the successful only makes you weaker. I don’t pity you for wanting to be part of something greater, you should go out and better yourself, prove me wrong. Put that brain to use instead of letting it stagnate here on the female r9k.(we even have the ordacicty to ban you)

No. 336031

>be man
>don't pay attention in class
>don't do your homework
>half ass your coursework
>get shit grades
>women get better grades because they did the exact opposite of what you did
>reeeeeeeeee this only happened because the education system is biased towards women!!!!!

ive never understood why men act like the education system is being biased. maybe they should start actually working to get good grades instead of expecting to be handed an A on a silver platter.

No. 336048

Men think they are the most smart/the best just by virtue of being born a man. Of course they'd have a breakdown and start blaming "the system" when they get their bubbles burst. Poor ting.

No. 336060

>>giant tiger appears
The fuck happens now, your muscles are worth shit

No. 336070

Why do men assume that women were happy with society or civilization at any point in time?
In regards to the present, don't we have less free time, less happiness, less freedom? Yes we have the illusion of technology bettering our lives, but is it really? People in the past lived almost as long as us, but probably didn't experience the same rates of cancer, mental illness and resource insecurity.
If current society is so great for women, why are 1/4 women on an SSRI, medicinally numbing themselves against this so called wonderful society for us?
Obviously women were treated like literally property earlier, but is it really better now? Now we're just treated like property with a "choice". A "choice" to do sex work. A "choice" that we wear makeup and other meaningless and dangerous chemicals for other men. A "choice" that we have to do the lion's share of child rearing and still have a career.
The society that men create every single time is a reflection of their true, biological nature. And this nature is one that wants to rape, kill and torture everything around them. How on earth would that be good for women, let alone anything? What sane person would want to be raised in this failed society? Who the fuck would thank a man for allowing them to be "controlled" in their "freedom"?

Even women do not know what their true self is. How could we when we have been chained and limited by male culture and society?
If we don't experience an extinction event I really hope we can begin sex segregated societies, that is the only way women will ever truly thrive.

No. 336073

i have been led to believe that it is in fact men who are incapable of love and do not experience human emotion on the level that women do. they are sex-obsessed cavemen who will happily kill each other and whatever stands in their way on the path to having sex with a vagina. it is their entire life's purpose and they are subconsciously angry and resentful over it and women get the blame

No. 336094

File: 1544277986889.png (274.91 KB, 1762x1457, LolCowWantsaDaddy.png)

LMAO now I get why you're all so mad. Just accept that you want a Daddy to dominate the fuck out of you and you'll be happier. Sexual frustration fucks up your brain, see incels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336106

Friendly reminder that more men than women have submission/"wanting to be raped"-fantasies

No. 336108

If you can’t fight off a tiger with a sharpened stick there is no hope for you.

No. 336109

What if I want cute teen twinks? Old guys are usually flabby and ugly

No. 336118

Boys did well in school when physical disciplinary actions were the norm. We are now "catering to women" because we don't hit kids anymore. Obviously the men are calling for a little switching to level the playing field.

No. 336165

Imagine coming here and accusing us of all being submissive when we have an entire femdom thread on /g/.
Not even just this recent scrote, but so many have come over to say this, go out of their way to cherrypick specific posts as "proof", and then ignore a very obvious thread and many posts in other threads that disprove their point. Remarkable.

No. 336303

why does the better gender make less money then?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336319

We have 3 other femdom threads right here in /ot/ too, they're just a bit older so they're buried but that just means we've consistently been this way lol.

No. 336323

Let's not bury our heads in the sand, femdom gets a thread because it's somewhat niche. Femsubs are the default. But instead of going
>look, some women are submissive! Therefore men have the right to abuse them!
We should look at it more deeply. Admittedly my first instinct is to call submissive women pathetic losers who need to stop throwing their gender under the fucking bus and enabling male violence, but when I try to muster up some compassion - these women are brainwashed. They spend their whole lives being told that's what they inherently like, that's what they should like, and that's what men want them to like. They are the kink equivalent of people who only listen to the top 40, they haven't bothered exploring different things and just like whatever is shoved in their faces and never question it. I don't think being dominant is particularly natural either, but I know I'm certainly inclined to it just because it's hot to turn the tables. If there were no tables to turn I'm sure I'd be all about vanilla. People are very pornsick, scared of being vanilla and 'boring', and have been convinced sex needs a power dynamic to be good. There's also middle aged women who don't know where to find stuff online and have 100% of their sexual fantasies dictated by 50 Shades. It's sad.

But in all seriousness, femsubs need to shut up. They need to stop publicly admitting they like things that can result in other women being hurt. It's not private on the internet or with a boyfriend or whatever, it puts thoughts in men's heads that ALL women like being hurt, ALL women want to be raped or beat and surprise surprise, a lot of us do end up raped and beat. Men don't understand the nuanced difference between actual harm and fantasy ravagement, and we should not trust them to treat women's fantasies with any empathy or respect.

No. 336333

>Femsubs need to shut up. They need to stop publicly admitting they like things that can result in other women being hurt.

Popping in to say not all submission is violent or hurtful.
It's not feminist of you to tell other women to shut up about what they like because some dude will read it incorrectly. You're making the fault of men into problems for women. Stop.

No. 336340

>It's not feminist of you to tell other women to shut up about what they like
Of course you're just 'popping in', you sound like a choice feminist.

Even if it's not violent, it's still an embarrassment to our gender that tells men we accept and embrace a position of inferiority to them. If a woman has any consciousness about the power of her words and how it affects the rest of us, they should endeavor to shut up.

No. 336351

Yeah I'm popping in because every now and then when I scroll past this thread, I find someone who posts something so irredeemably stupid and backwards who needs to be set straight even if you want to arrogantly spout off.

If I ever heard a """feminist""" tell me I need to shut up about my preferences because I gotta ~*~tHiNk aBouT dA MeNZ!!1!" I'd tell her to fuck off, as I'm telling you. Fuck right off, you're the embarrassment, and thank goodness you're saying this anonymously so you won't make such an idiot out of yourself irl. Phew.

No. 336385

File: 1544307937369.jpg (122.79 KB, 640x1138, ui8w441wsh221.jpg)

Men are so entitled its funny.
>inb4 angry incel replies
remember to report and ignore, ladies.

No. 336390

idk if this is too off topic but why the fuck are men obsessed with shitting?

every male i know sits in the bathroom for HOURS just shitting. it's fucking gross.

No. 336393

People shouldn't be embarrassed of their consensual relationships. Stop making submissive women ashamed of themselves, and god forbid they're in an age gap relationship.

No. 336397

What the fuck is with that, seriously?
My boyfriend will literally spend up to 30 minutes every day on the toilet shitting. Of course he always brings his phone in.
It's like what the fuck is wrong with your body? Unless I am severely constipated, shitting takes less than one minute for me.
Get your fucking diet fixed and learn how to shit lol

No. 336401

i feel this so much. my bf will spend an hour sometimes longer just shitting and looking at his phone. i cant understand at all. he also goes in the bathroom 5mins before we're gonna leave the house to go somewhere and shits for 30+ minutes and makes us late af. i swear they think they're in some time chamber and when they come out its only been 2 minutes to them because when you question if they have some problem they act like you're literally insane lol

No. 336402

Nah, people who consent to be oppressed and controlled are fucking dumb and should be shamed.
If your brainwashing and " choice sexuality" empowers your oppressors maybe you shouldnt openly embrace it? Maybe you can put aside your individual sexual "needs" and desire to appease YOUR Nigel for the liberation of women.

No. 336406

Self-censorship isn't liberation, it's passing the buck of accountability for a man's actions onto women. There's no reason to believe that bedroom preferences stated by women are what have caused men to be violent, that's ridiculous.
Violent men are going to be violent no matter what you as a woman do.

This is the short skirt argument repackaged. You think men won't grab and catcall women outside if they simply stop wearing revealing clothes. And women who like wearing revealing clothes couldn't possibly be doing it because they like it, but because they're brainwashed gender traitors that seek a man's gaze and dominance.
Except it's been proven infinitum that men do whatever the fuck they want regardless if a woman dresses conservatively.

Why do you feel us women always have to be responsible for shepherding what men will think?
Your way of thinking is fucking exhausting and futile.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336410

>do all the same shit in college
>still get a degree that your female peers fought hard for because they need to fill a male quota in female-dominated fields

No. 336414

File: 1544310922612.jpg (959 KB, 1199x1589, ahahahahahaha.jpg)

Nothing more fragile than the male ego. Whole thread is a hugbox telling him he should dump her because oh nooo how dare she think that.

No. 336416

Meh I’m a girl and even I’d be sad hearing my bf talk shit about my sex skills to his friends and comparing me to exes. Even worse knowing his friends know something so private about me. I think he’s valid in being upset.

No. 336417

>guy throws a temper tantrum for a whole month and wants to break up over dick size insecurity
>after several years of a relationship
This dude has the maturity of a child, if you don't see that you have to be a scrot.

No. 336418

NGL, I can spend a lot of time shitting. /kanyestrug

No. 336419

He’s being petty but telling your friends your bf has a small dick is like telling all your friends your gfs vagina stinks or it’s loose

No. 336420

Honestly though, they should break up. If they can't talk to each other about it and it's affecting their needs, then what's the point of continuing the charade?

Although I will say that people always baby men when it comes to relationship advice and are always super critical towards women.
That's why whenever I post about my relationship problems on other forums I always pretend I'm a male, because I'm more likely to get honest feedback and less trolling.

No. 336422

And I repeat, adults don't throw tantrums for a month, we talk about it and move on, whether it's breaking up or solving the issue. This is peak emotional immaturity.

No. 336427

so this is whats going on when an asshole is ignoring his girlfriend. he exaggerates the incident in his mind until its so blown out of proportion and nothing like what actually happened. then he keeps it bottled up until he can find the most inappropriate moment he can to bring it up and hurt and humiliate the person he's supposed to be in a relationship with after spending days/weeks sulking and acting like some big victim. loling my ass off at this ingrate. men are god damn pathetic. nothing more than childish, self absorbed abusers.

No. 336456


Exaggerates what? His literal girlfriend just told his friends that his boyfriend is not satisfying as her ex bf which she probably still loves. He didn't even threw a tantrum like you people said. He should have just dump the bitch and move on though, no need to stay with a girl who talks behind your back.

No. 336464

ifkr, anytime i ask a man "why do u spend so much time in the bathroom like when u shit doesnt smell pleasant so why do u wanna hang out in there for so long" and they get sooo defensive, most men have told me "UM ITS MY ALONE TIME" which is fucking childish like what kind of excuse is that

No. 336479

He should just dump her. Penis size directly determines the existential worth of a man in the eyes of women- she will never respect him, she will never enjoy having sex with him, and she will never be satisfied with him. Even if he never knew, their relationship would not last because the girl would eventually find another guy with a bigger dick to fuck- whether she breaks up with 'Jason', or not. It could get to the point where they're married and have kids, and the woman would still eventually get bored and decide that her fornices need to be scratched and find some big cock off Tinder to ride. So it's a good thing that that guy discovered the truth, because otherwise she might have ruined his life.

A relationship between a man and woman can only succeed if the man has the largest penis that the woman has ever been penetrated with. Otherwise, the woman will always be thinking about the guy(s) that she's been with that were bigger, always dreaming "what if, what if, what if" the guy she were with were as big. A woman cannot be properly attracted to a guy that is sexually inferior to another man that she had an experience with. The ONLY exception to this rule is:
>if the larger penis(es) was actually TOO large (which is unlikely in itself because penises that large are rare, plus women will tend to become incredibly aroused/relaxed and enjoy them anyway, even if it hurts), AND
>if the man in question's penis is not much smaller, and thus is actually more satisfying due to being comfortable while still doing the job

Basically, if a guy doesn't have a large penis, then he can only have a successful relationship with a virgin (or if he gets lucky and any guy(s) that the girl was with were all even smaller than him), because then she will be ignorant of the glory of getting fucked by a large penis. Once a woman understands the pleasure of having sex with a penis of a certain size, men that have penises of a smaller size are almost always excluded as potential mates, consciously or otherwise.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336484

troll or not this is the funniest shit i’ve ever read in my life

No. 336485

I think it's that same autist who keeps going into the dick size thread in /g/ to write essays about his 5.5" penis.

No. 336487

For a man, you seem pretty confident about how straight women relate to the penis.

I can promise you it's not the same as you - an obviously gay male - taking it up the butt. Women do not have a prostate. And every woman's body is different. I prefer curvature to size, myself.

It's sad that even a gay man can believe he knows more about womanly pleasures than women themselves.

No. 336488

I have three girl sister-in-laws who are autistic. It makes me angry that their father refers to it as a “terrible disease” with their 15 year old daughter sitting right next to him. Men are fucking awful.

No. 336490

>WHY does the media and everyone talking about them, refer to them as if they were fucking victims?
Where has anyone done that. Literally everyone hates male virgins and takes every chance they can to bash them. The only group of people who don't are male virgins themselves, and even then not all of them.
So who exactly in the media is being sympathetic to them?

No. 336493

ever heard of a clit fam? no woman orgasms from a dick js. little dicks are cool too

No. 336622

The defensive scrots are strong in this thread.

No. 336668

Just mainstream media shit like”aaaaaw their just losers who cant get laid, well take a shower and stop being so negtive on yourself!”
Instead of yknow, how they want to rape and kill women etc.
Feel me?

No. 336861

>sounds like an awful lot of projecting considering the last few threads there were dozens of stories of men doing exactly that to women
There is no female equivalent to penis size. Plenty of women suck at sex and only very rarely will a man dump one over that; moreover, there is no extremely common/normal female physiological trait that renders the woman useless in the bedroom- unlike a small-to-average penis. Most men will not consider a woman to be "less of a woman" for failing to impress him in the bedroom, but most women will dehumanize an otherwise great man just because of the size of the thing dangling between his legs that he was born with and has no control over. Small breasts do not make a woman unattractive, but a small penis completely ruins a man. A man with a larger penis will always be superior to a man with a smaller penis, regardless of every other difference between the two individuals. No female feature is as important to overall attractiveness or perceived worth to the opposite sex as penis size.
>hell even porn stars aren't good enough for most men
Men only want to have sex with porn stars, not date them. Maybe not even that, considering STDs run rampant in the pornography industry. As self-conscious as women can be about themselves, there is an enormous population of desperate men with low standards that would still want to date them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336889

This is the penis sperging maleposter from the /g penis size thread, please do not engage.

No. 336911

Yup, men sperg about dick sizes all day long but neglect the clit and wonder why she isn't satisfied from just basic penetration. Sad!

No. 336917

>men sperg about dick sizes all day long but neglect the clit
Regardless of what a man does in the bedroom, a man with a bigger dick will always be better. All he has to do is lie there and maintain an erection and the woman can get herself off because his penis' girth is so pleasureable. Of course, ideally he would do more, and he can. He can do anything a man with a small dick can do, plus he has a big dick, so he's better.

Anybody can have any personality and do anything with their free will. But a man cannot change his penis, which determines how pleasureable sex can be. Therefore, penis quality is the highest priority attribute.
>and wonder why she isn't satisfied from just basic penetration
Clitoral orgasms are not satisfying, they are 'teen girl humping a pillow' tease-orgams. The only truly satisfying sexual experience for a woman is penetration by a thick, intact penis- ideally involving vaginal orgasms, especially from stimulating the fornices.(cringe)

No. 336921

One thing I hate about men is that they drone on about subjects they have no idea about and try to tell women what we actually should want or are like, without listening to women and learning something.

No. 336922

Never a truer word been spoken

No. 336927


I think this anon got it. You're gay. You're obsessed with other men's penis size. OBSESSED. And disinterested in what women have to say. Love penis = gay. Go explore

No. 336928

>virginal "sex expert" mansplains women's own orgasms to them, falsely, in order to validate their own neuroses

therapy. Now

No. 336933

While what she said was awful, a month long strop, broken engagement and all that whining? Pathetic.

Just sounds like he was desperate for an out on the marriage.

No. 336934

It's so funny.

No. 336954

it wasnt even that awful tbh. its not like she said it directly to him. she confided in what she thought was secret to her friend. and if its true, then why not. most people talk about their relationship with their friends anyway.

No. 336986

anyone just get so ridiculously sick of sitting there listening to men talk about "women this" and "women that" as if we're some alien race that needs to be studied like literally all we ask is that we're treated like human beings and apparently its just way too fucking much to ask of these people. there's no hope for men and their bullshit that's why "the future is female" is such a true statement because men wont look at their flaws and fix them and it'll ultimately be their own fault why they're ostracised from society. they let it collapse themselves by being a bunch of professional victims and now women have to pick up the pieces otherwise its going to become a dystopian nightmare.

No. 337011

No. 337030

This nigga just said that clitorial orgasms aren't satisfying big kek

No. 337066

No. 337068

fortnight is a disease and i'm convinced most adults who play that shit are massive autists.

What a piece of garbage. I hope this woman wises up and leaves his abusive ass.

No. 337069

We need to gas em out tbh. Men trying to attempt to figure out female anatomy is pathetic already, but this takes the cake.

No. 337070


from the comments:

>While I can agree that there is a special place in hell for physical abusers, I don't think that should discredit other kinds of abuse that can also be extremely harmful. Emotional and psychological abuse is also nasty, and im picking up a lot of that, as well as throwing shit from the wife. Again, I don't mean to justify or play down the horrible behaviour of mrdeadmoth here, just saying none of the above behaviour is acceptable, and calling some forms of abuse more "acceptable" than others is risky business at best.

>i dont want to downplay the abuse

>downplays the abuse in the rest of the fucking paragraph

is this what anons were complaining about upthread? the fact that men consider beating your fucking pregnant wife the same as being mean. i hate men so much.

No. 337076

They seriously want to compare physically hitting and abusing your pregnant wife in front of your child to being told to stop doing something like video games that's what they believe abuse is… I'm sick. Being pregnant makes you vulnerable enough. I hate this

No. 337084


men consider someone raising their voice at them to be domestic violence and someone touching their leg or an older woman standing in a door way to be rape. men are ridiculous.

when they say women falsely accuse men of rape and domestic violence they are projecting.

No. 337101

You might be onto something anon
Being THIS obsessed with penis size is suspicious and pathetic.
Some incels are so sad that they should just put themselves out of their misery and leave everyone alone.

No. 337109

Men really do compulsively defend each other and blame women for their actions huh. The instant they catch wind of a man doing the wrong thing and immediately women being 'aggressors' and 'provoking' men into beating them is a huge social issue and equally bad as beating someone. Nobody is expecting these commenters to accept personal responsibility for domestic violence or anything, literally all anyone expects is saying 'he's an asshole' and then they can move on. But noooo, men can't do that, men have to win over women in all contexts whether it's physically winning an argument by beating a woman or being the biggest victim in DV.

No. 337118

I fantasise about all the child molesters and murderers and rapists and zoophiles etc. being put to death. Sad that our justice system is so spineless and sympathetic towards the absolute scum of society that it will never be anything more than a fantasy.

No. 337150


Men just being men. What's interesting is how the daily stormer is suppose to be for white men but they talk like the muslim men they claim to hate

No. 337233

One of the worst things about men is that even hating them is consuming.

I just want to fantasize about an all-female society where we can just go out at night alone or travel or simply exist without worrying about men killing/raping us.
I'm pretty sure most women's childhoods would be way less traumatizing that way.

No. 337239

File: 1544420541654.jpeg (77.91 KB, 640x735, 8681FC0C-D69B-4A49-A4C1-3876DF…)

They are for white sharia, basically all the shitty things in Islam applied to a white only society where white women are treated like second class citizens. I’m not white so it’s not my fight, but it’s hilarious when I see WNs whine, “where are all the white women at?!” Geez they’re avoiding you because you scream mommy issues.

No. 337344

I shouldn't have read those comments, men will ALWAYS side with other men.

No. 337345

I shouldn't have read those comments, men will ALWAYS side with other men.

No. 337351

Women always side with other women, look at #metoo and Brett Kavanagh scandal. Bitch literally got up and lied, was outed and he was exonerated. Yet every single cunt on earth backed her bullshit.

I personally would never hit a woman, not because I think its wrong but because its too much of a pain in the ass having to deal with the legal consequences which are skewed against me. However she was being an absolute abusive, manipulating and annoying cunt of a wife. She put the kids in between him and her, started throwing things at him, started doing a condescending countdown implying hes a child then baited him into hitting her. And when he did she put on the fake tears and called him a woman beater. Then she turned them on and off again like a switch. Women use these bullshit tactics because they know they cant physically win. You're all conniving little cunts. Claim to be strong an independent then play victim and hide behind the law when it suits you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 337368

>women are dumb and men are superior in every way especially with intelligence
>men easily fall for womens manipulation and evil tricks into losing their life's worth
10/10 men only have one brain cell

No. 337385

File: 1544447534646.jpg (10.18 KB, 236x209, ba06113c7b7afaedb8fc47f207abab…)

No I havent.(small dick energy)

No. 337387


the yt comments and a lot of twitter comments either outright support abuse or do the "she didn't deserve it but…she did"
fuck off

There may be 3% of man out there who think hitting a woman, let alone a pregnant one is bad, but most of you think a wife that makes dinner and begs you to come down and eat with your own family is domestic abuse and he had right to hit her because it's self defense.
That's probably the same "traditional" men like you that pretend to care about the idea of having a family, but you'd turn into the same abuser like that streaming scum.

No. 337418

File: 1544457666233.png (81.92 KB, 1232x1079, 1538164767213.png)

lots of red in here today lmao

No. 337480

I checked the first link and it's from 2002. Do you have the updated data?

No. 337482

They want white sharia law and wonder why no woman wants them? Also didn't Andrew Anglin go to the Philippines to fuck girls there. So much for muh white race kek

Men have and continue to outright prove to us over and over what they want and how they want to treat women - like shit and sex slaves with no agency or means to reject them. They'll abuse you when you're pregnant and not give a fuck because they don't then blame you for the abuse. It's horrific and yet they cry about dropping birth rates

No. 337483

Here is some statistics for the years 2006 - 2015 on number of partners in the last year and lifetime. I do not believe they have published another indepth paper as they have for 2002 unfortunately.
Spoiler: men are almost 2x higher than women

No. 337487

File: 1544472049328.png (123.84 KB, 512x512, kisspng-reddit-video-game-rema…)

damn, it's men who were the sluts all along!

No. 337513

They think being like them is the worst thing imaginable, and accuse everyone of doing whatever they're doing/want to do

No. 337514

File: 1544477251872.png (169.55 KB, 720x1047, News for scrots.png)

Please can people save a screencap on their phones and post it whenever men turn up here calling us whores.

What's funny is they tried so much harder to get to these higher figures; since their sperging about women finding sex so much easier is true. They searched high and low, scraped barrels, dedicated their lives to get these higher numbers, but dare to call us the whores/sex addicts/etc.

No. 337516

Sorry anon, that wont help. Incels run purely on emotion, their fee fees are hurt when a woman has sex with one person. Not being a virgin is literally all it takes for a woman to be considered a whore, meanwhile there is no point a man can reach where he is a whore.

No. 337525

so men have been sperging out about how 80% of women want to have sex with 20% of men, but it turned out to be the exact opposite kek. i guess because women actually have standards and dont want some random deformed scotoids dick anywhere near them.

also lol @ the fact that 1/5 of them have had more than 15 partners, but they have the audacity to call women sluts kek.

No. 337530

incels have had no partners, they're the shining beacon of purity and righteousness, so they see women sleeping with even one man as "used up" and a slut lel if its not them tearing up some underage virgin with their vienna sausage then they just cant deal with it.

No. 337572

My comments are at the top lmao
No women want us as it is. Under sharia women wouldnt get to pick, we would. And we could get back to building a proper society again. Instead of you sluts running around riding the cock carousel and wasting your wombs on drugs and alcohol and STDs.

Women are not men. More at 6.

Men dont want women to have the same morals as us, we want you to be the feminine gender because thats what your supposed to be. Why the fuck would we wanna marry a girl who behaves like a Man? Thats retarded.

Because thats the thing we have to work to get laid. Any average looking girl can walk into a bar with no money and walk out 4 hours later drunk, fed and with a man to go home with. You women live life on easy street. All you have to do is go outside in a miniskirt and 50 guys will want t fuck you. Taking advantage of that isnt a accomplishment.

No women run purely on emotion. I cant speak for incels but yeah men a cannot be whores, we are studs. Lock and key analogy sweety.

But it didnt. None of you girls in here would fuck an incel. You could literally solve all the worlds problems, stop school shootings, end rape but no you choose to fuck chads only. Then sit here and demonize undesirable men. You wonder why they are so angry?

Being a slut isnt all about the numbers of guys a girl has fucked. Its her attitude and motivation for wanting sex. If she just gets drunk and fucked the first random chad that comes by, wakes up covered in his semen then just accepts that thats all she deserves in some desperate search for validation THEN shes a slut. Because she has no self respect for herself.

No. 337579

>incels defend sexual double standards by asserting that a slutty man is a 'stud' and a 'key' and is therefore a successful, high quality male
>incels freak out at thr fact that women like sexually experienced men as it indicates he is a successful, high quality male
Kek. Like I said, they run on pure emotion. Logic ends where their hurt ego begins.

No. 337607

>we want you to be x because you're supposed to be x
>you're supposed to be x because we want you to be x
why don't you just kill yourself?

No. 337611

men claim women have it easy because they can just do sex work and make money but we all know men are lazy af and only ever want to do the bare minimum and most easy thing as possible so if sex work is so easy then why arent men out there spreading their asshole for old degenerate perverts?

No. 337624

There are men doing that out there, but they do it willingly for free.

No. 337626


No. 337627

Like I said even roasties want to fuck chad. You judge men on traits we cannot control and for a man to gain sexual experience he needs to have sex which women deprive them of. How is that fair? To me thats the same as rape
Why dont you go get another pap smear
Because the market of mal sex workers is almost zero. You need to be a 12/10 hunk of a man and be willing to fuck men and old ugly women. Ive been inside brothels anf there are ltierally fat chicks in there with regular customers. Trust me women do not have it hard.

Most of you e-thots are but ugly anyway. look as cassie o pea. Shes a whale but she has gigantomastia. She knows she doesnt need to lose weight or take care of herself because she has big boobs. Thats literally women have to do, have big tits, have a nice butt.

As a man you need to be tall, have a deep voice, a nice jawline, good brow, good hairline, lots of money, good car, lots of friend and a massive social circle. A women just has to exist.

Women wouldnt know hard if it penetrated their asshole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 337638

If you’re willing to be gay and fuck dudes you could make just as much money for sex as a female hooker tbh.

No. 337643

oh i see so men's unreasonable standards and expectations make it harder for men to become male prostitutes and make money that way. ok i got it now. you've opened my eyes. men fuck everything up for everyone.

No. 337645

Men could make money as hookers if they’d fuck other men for cash but they want attractive young women to pay them for sex which is delusional lol

No. 337658

not only that but they're like every other mentally ill person out there. people with body dysmorphia believing they need plastic surgery to fix something will make everything better. Incels believing they need sex and it will make everything better. Same tune, different artist.

No. 337666

Young and Attractive people don’t pay for sex that’s why even female hookers are stuck banging ugly and old men. Young and attractive men can get sex for free. You can get paid for sex but you won’t have young/hot 18 year olds paying you for sex because they don’t need to pay for sex. My best friend is a chubby feminine gay guy and he has guys giving him money/gifts and has a sugar daddy paying his rent.

No. 337670

Just spread your booty for older men if you want cash for sex lol
If you’re young and twink looking your sexual value is even higher in the gay community.

No. 337675

You Just sound jealous of whores because you think they’re living the easy life but on the bright side you could live a life of sucking old cock for cash and clout if you wanted to so stop whining and put your ass to work kek

No. 337680

Meh plenty of young gay men fuck for cash and live the easy life. You’re just bitter that young 16 year old girls won’t pay you for sex kek
Don’t act like if women you found attractive wanted to pay you for sex you wouldn’t do it.

No. 337685

Just admit the only reason you’re not selling cock right now is becasue women you find attractive aren’t interested in paying you. Instead of sitting online crying about how easy women have it you could be on Grindr or seeking arrangements and having some old man pay your way. If you can’t beat us just join us ya cry baby.

No. 337693

No its because I'm not a degenerate who doesn't respect themselves. Prostitutes are lower than shark shit. Not even human.

>f you can’t beat us just join us

So youre admitting you suck dick for money? I dont need to beat you, I already have by virtue of being a Man and not selling my ass. LMAO.

No. 337695

>the fact that men act as if sex-workers are the worlds evil is proof of how easy men have it

How does it prove that? Women choose to be sex workers, even if they could get a job doing something else they choose to be whores. Women line up at porn companies with their resumes begging for jobs as soon as they turn 18. Some girls dont even think of doing anything else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 337698

Its booming because theyre are women who want to star in it and make it. The porn industry is taking hits, especially since no fap november became a thing. They even when on twitter and actually called out the alt-right. Yes a literally online brothel company went and implied men were sexist fascists for not wanting to jerk off to degenerate sluts. What a time line where porn companies actually think they have any ground to stand on to make commentary about anything.
>even nuns are whores

No. 337700

I mean sex workers wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for men in the first place. Men are the ones paying for it and seeking it out. A business is nothing without its customers yknow.

No. 337702

how long has the scrot been here? must be easy to live off of mommy while insisting evil women have easy care-free lives, denying facts, demanding sex, belittling womens issues but demanding them to take yours seriously

hell, at least sex workers are productive and don't waste their life away, spending hours after hours on lolcow, ban-invading, all being you're triggered at women existing and not doing exactly what you want

No. 337709

>You cant make yourself into an object then demand no one else judge you. If you truly were strong and equal you would go out and get a real job and earn a living.

many women do exactly that but yall same retards scream about how career women are plotting against you, cry about how quotas are conspiring against men, sperg about how "women's job is at home!! no man will want you if you're an evil career woman!!!" but next minute screaming how we only deserve rights if we do the very thing you screamed at us for doing, which is it do you want?

if we get jobs, men are pissed
if we are stay at home moms, men are pissed
if we reject them, men are pissed
if we have sex with them, men are pissed

literally the only way to make all men happy is for women to kill themselves, and honestly it seems like a better decision because nothing women do is ever ever enough, everything we do is wrong, if we get a job it's wrong, if we have sex it's wrong, if we don't have sex we are denying men "basic human rights", if we are housewives it's wrong, everything women do is wrong

No. 337710

Not pro-sex work myself (although I don't see you all as lesser, either, just not something I believe is good for anyone), but it's funny how this scrote is capitalizing "men" like it's a proper noun.
I thought it was a typo at first but it seems he really worships his gender that much.

No. 337714

>complains about some anons not using caps
>doesn't use apostrophes

No. 337717

I'm 19 and I'm in Uni, never done sex work, never even considered it, have 2 jobs (1 is in retail, 1 is babysitting for family member, so it's not like evil scary sexist quotas got me there) , only ever have 1 boyfriend, known plenty of women just like me, if anything, I haven't met one girl who did sex work or had these crazy high standards you claim women have, never met one woman who got a good job unfairly

please show me where all this is happening, with actual proof instead of your emotions

No. 337720


No. 337727

then WTF are you sperging about? you're retarded if you believe the average woman is a sex worker with high standards who only get jobs because of quotas
>that first link
you'd think men would be happy after all the sperging they do if evil women don't do labor force or combat, now when companies are looking to hire more women, it's evil sexist quotas! isn't that great? like I said, no pleasing men

the fact that this is making news headlines everywhere is proof the big scary evil quota is highly uncommon


if your only proof is jobs pertaining to military jobs, you know, the thing men are screaming about how women should do more and it's male oppression that lots of men are in the military, but when the military goes out of their way to include women, men are mad again, make up your damn mind

No. 337728

Scrotes seem think that the only kind of feminism that exists is liberal feminism, and that all feminists have the same opinion.
I'm so fucking tired of these retards typing the same cliche shit again and again
>"You are inviting muslims into European countries!!1!"
>"You think that sex work is empowering!!!"
>"You think that prostitution is empowering!!!1"
Fuck off and go read radical feminist theory instead of bothering us.

No. 337730

funny how men will write fanfictions about what feminists and women think before they even open their mouths

any youtube comment section ever, you'll see novels about "evil feminists think this" "crazy feminists do that", all before feminists even open their mouth

feminists are like boogiemen to 2018 male crybabies, they're becoming so cult-like and paranoid

No. 337731

This incel scrot is retarded. If he wants to have sex, then he can simply hire an escort for a girlfriend experience or something and then be done with it. Never understood why they would hate sex workers when sex workers are the ones offering what they want - sex. Or just a buy a nice sex doll?? Weren't they suppose to replace us already kek

What men want is women forced back into a home, forced to be with some guy and we have no say in the matter because men and their sex drive >
The whole keep em barefoot and pregnant thing (regardless if you have a low libido because they don't care)

No. 337732

Men: It's male oppression that very few women work in the military! Us hard-working, noble respectful men! unlike you stupid evil bitches who have life on easy mode!
Also men: it's male oppression that the military tries hard to include women!evil quotas!! REeeee

No. 337735

also, need proof about the whole "top 10% of men, all women are evil and only want chad, all women are sex workers!" shit

No. 337737

The thing that saddens me the most is how many young girls will end up believing in these men's delusions and lies about le ebul feminists and will start hating themselves and trying to be "not like the other girls".

No. 337741

>No Male wants a woman in combat roles. Trust me.
then why are they going out their way to put women in combat? why are MGTOWs screaming their damn heads off about how it's male oppression that lots of men work in combat?
>Especially in the military when its life or death. You need the fittest and best people. The military and big business is no place for gender politics. Theres too much at stake
tell that to crying MGTOWs screaming about how men being in combat is male oppression
>I dont need to provide proof for everything. The other chick asked where this is happening and I showed her.
I am "the other chick"
>If woman want to serve then good on them, but you meet the standards as set by Men.
I don't care who serves as long as they're doing the job right, it's men who wanted to cry male oppression because men are in military, they made their bed and now they're laying in it

>1. Women cant handle banter

try telling a man, especially a military man they're anything less than a perfect angel who deserves to be worshiped
>2. Are weaker and get injured alot more
biology, sure, but like I said, you made your bed and now you lay in it, sounds like you want women to die anyway so I'm sure you'd be happy
>3. Are very promiscuous and do come into male dominated circles and fuck up the delicate social hierarchy needed to function.
I'd rather a woman be promiscuous than the amount of sexual assault and rape that goes on in the military, although, you'll probably just slam down a typical NPC mgtow excuse like how evil women actually consented and wanted sympathy, she deserved it, it wasn't rape, she's not a human because she is a woman and had sex with men, etc etc Since as we all know, raping women isn't nearly as bad as a woman having sex with a man consentually

No. 337742

then prove it's the vast majority, you'd think if it was as common as you said then me, a young woman in UNI would meet women like so, but I haven't met one, not one woman, unless you're one of those MRAs who consider a womans boyfriend buying her a 2 dollar drink from the coffee shop to be an evil gold-digging prostitute

No. 337743

And I want to know what's the point in this scrot at all. To tell us we're all whores when some of don't have high libidos, arent pro sex work and just want them to stop hating us for being women. Then what? beg for them to control our lives, never say no to sex and become a victorian housewife with no agency? What's their end goal. Cause for some I've see, its white shariaaw and others is abolishing our rights. Fuck this shit is tiring.

No. 337749

Can't believe it has been arguing here for two weeks. just dont reply to it

No. 337751

well you just managed to contradict yourself several times, you don't want women to be in military ? let's make a deal
stop crying about how women not being in military and stop belittling womens issues, then you can make military as male-only as you want, maybe more and more of us will be housewives, just please FFS stop crying about how us evil women have life on easy mode when god forbid we dare speak about terrible shit that happens to us

No. 337752

>male is crying about women going to the doctor
wew lad
anyway do you have proof without anecdotal evidence?

No. 337754

I really wanna thank this scrot for making my evening better kek. Women really can't take banter can't they!

No. 337756

what do you want scrot? You don't want women to do as men do but scream about their easy life and how we can't complain about anything, if you truly wanted to make this lifestyle look desirable to women you wouldn't stand here and scream about how evil women have it so easy, how we're retarded, incapable, etc

>I have however witnesses a girl get drunk then get railed by 5 guys willingly

what situation would you even be in to see that? and in typical MGTOW manner, you managed to prove her point, not even look at the proof mind you, but turn around and claim rape doesn't happen because you haven't seen it but military women are evil sluts because you said so
>As soon as a girl arrives at a unit within a week she would have slept with someone. But heaven forbid anyone calls her out for it.
again, how would you even know?

>The amount of girls who get free breast implants, tattoos, wear makeup everyday.

um, what? why did you just throw that in there? Many men like breast implants, tattoos, and makeup mind you, the world doesn't revolve around you. There are evil men who demand their wives to get breast implants and other surgeries (as there's proof in older threads of men bragging about forcing their wife to get implants) and threaten violence, cheating, and leaving if they don't. But yeah ebul ebin

No. 337757

>but also be an uwu loving housewife

they're all NPCs, not one drop of self awareness

No. 337758

Anon women already suck up to men everyday by not being like other girls and all of that. And they still hate us. We could give them all the male spaces in the world and be stuck in the house all day and they'd still say we're invasive and lazy. They'd only be satisfied once women aren't sentient anymore or just stop existing imo pretty sad but it is what it is

No. 337759

they beat the everloving shit out of us and pressured so many of us into suicide when most of us had no choice but to be a housewife, as I said, everything we do is wrong according to men, even if you lock yourself in a closet and live there forever they'd bitch about how you aren't spending your life serving men

men like so don't even acknowledge shitty men, because he's one of them

No. 337769

friendly reminder to everyone to stop interacting with the scrote

No. 337770

It sucks how these threads are more of a 'women hating thread' than a 'men hating' one because of all the scrots. Only thing happening here are scrots attacking women and women defending themselves. Idk how to solve that but maybe don't reply and mass-report? This shouldn't be a place for debating scrots. To men invading the thread here, how about you just make your own debate thread and stop sperging in a vent thread?

No. 337780

incels should accept their place as people eliminated from society. even degenerate furfags accept their unwanted state and just date each other. if incels arent willing to give it up already and fuck each others nasty asses then they should do society a favor and become an hero. it's pretty obvious they don't belong in the gene pool or someone would actually care about them. if they're not going to do the only thing they're useful for like working in the sewers or some place where women don't need to see them then they should be removed from society like the heaping lumps of trash they are.

No. 337785


Even the shittiest incel is more valuable than women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 337801

they are aware of how worthless they are, so they build a superiority complex as self-defense and blame their shitty behavior on everyone else. sure, the whole world can't understand you, you being an obnoxious scum is always someone else's fault

No. 337812

They really cannot let women have any space for themselves it's pathetic

No. 337814

Male entitlement really is something anon

No. 337826

tbh this line of thinking is exactly why I dont feel much sympathy for those taken in by that whole /r9k/ mtf hormones fiasco. at the end of the day, degenerate males willingly sterilising themselves and shortening their own lifespans can only be a good thing.
give em 10years before they realise that the cutesy uwu animu trap fantasy is just that, a fantasy, and that all they accomplished was removing themselves from the gene pool and looking like retards doing it.

No. 337857

The mods need to start deleting their retarded posts instead of letting it clutter up the thread.

No. 337862

This. I don't know why we keep these worthless male inputs around. Most of us here really don't care about their opinion.

They admit to ban evading anyway. No point in redtexting if 10 minutes later they're back. All it does is bait femanons, and they know it. If we just started to delete their shit they would leave because we wouldn't be giving them a platform.
Why don't we take after anti-women websites? You think they let women post willy nilly? Hah!

No. 337869

Incel-kun openly admits to wanting to kill women and force pregnancy. Fucking nasty. And they wonder why we hate them right back. Don't know what they're talking about women invading rk9 when most of us stay in this thread anyway

Can't they buy a nice sex doll, fuck it instead, join a doll community andeavs us alone. Then call it a day. That's what they're there for right?

No. 337879

File: 1544538074349.gif (459.46 KB, 500x278, tumblr_mx5or0GZhT1t2l4jao2_r1_…)

better question is why idiot anons take the bait and argue with scrots instead of reporting and moving on. would be easier to delete their worthless screeching if it did not leave so many femanon posts arguing with them.
The scrot has spoken, banning does nothing but if he was ignored, he would have no reason to come back here. But no, of course anons have to show their epic scrot owning skills.

No. 337900

like I also get the urge to reply bc I believe in the better of people and ability to change and power of education and all that idealistic stuff, but I never do bc it's just so pointless, all these scrotes are so far up their asses nothing you could ever, ever, ever say, no matter how logical, well thought out and factually correct, will convince them. Ironically they are the ones whose views are clouded by feelings and you cannot get through that especially if you're a woman. They just come here to screech their bs hoping to get a rise out of us, similarly to how a 3rd grader will pull the pigtails of a girl he has a crush on. In a way replying to them seems like a weird form of self harm, I really wish anons wouldn't do it.

No. 337909

They come here because they want attention and really believe they're doing something productive by calling us cunts. It's sad and pathetic but what else do we expect of men

No. 337911

Reminder to ignore all scrote posters

No. 337914

>banning does nothing but if he was ignored
>he would have no reason to come back here

You've got it all wrong. The point of the scrot is to smear his incel propaganda over our boards. That's why they raid.
It has nothing to do with replies, but the principle that their shitty posts will be seen/and or remain intact. As long as they know someone is reading it and is upset by it, even if they don't respond, then their mission is complete.

They need to be deleted. Period. And there's no excuse as to why it can't happen because if a red text can be put over their posts, then deletion is a viable option all the same.

No. 337916

And furthermore, men expect us to be defensive and passive.
They expect us to be okay with them shitting up our spaces while we all scold each other for being mad and replying over the fuckers being here.
Get rid of them.

No. 337917

another annoying thing about incels etc is that their art skills are so shit, why can't they draw visually appealing ideological wank material, why must it all look like inbred 1980s local newspaper comic strips? thought only men can be talented artists or something kek, why does it never show then

No. 337924

I think it's because a lot of incel men are chris-chan tier autistic. Even their pepe memes are unattractive, and they ripped pepe off an actual creator.

No. 337933

Kys incel
How can you talk about about women's self respect if you dont even have respect for women?

No. 337936

>being a sex worker is literally worse than being a murderer
Men are fucking insane

No. 337939

They want attention which is what they get from anons arguing with them.
But sure, help scrots shit up the thread in order to not appear passive.

No. 337956

I'm not saying to give them attention moron. I'm saying to delete their posts because guess what? Allowing them to post here is still giving them a platform.

The point.
Your head.

No. 337963

Thats the thing, they don't even really hate it when women "invade" their communities. You should see what happens if a woman makes a post on r9k declaring herself to be a femanon, there will be 987656 replies in under five minutes. (even when 99.999% of the time its obviously some retarded male baiting his r9kfag brethren with some shit like "femanon herexD why do wite guyz all hav tiny dickes teetheexD subscribe to my patreon"
but there will be 120989781 angry replies clamouring for her attention, every time.
As for women who dont necessarily admit to posting in these places/messageboards in general but who do things like make meme references and the like (ie. "ecelebs" like belle delphine or even an online personality like eliza for instance )/ cultivate a Chan Gurl image, these guys will lose their shit and throw money at them. they love the idea of a woman who is into the dumb shit that they are, they just dont admit it bc they know that in reality those girls want nothing to do with them so they act retarded and tsundere about it.

No. 337967

File: 1544548389939.png (191.75 KB, 758x734, redpanels.png)

for real though, its because most of them had little to no interest in cultivating creativity/art skills growing up/ only spent time watching tv and playing video games like every other autistic male and only decided to learn to draw as adults for one of two reasons
1)to make weird political comics and rake in those patreon bucks making Totally Original and Hilarious Social Commentary
2)to draw loli conjoinment porn or something
in saying that, one (slight) exception for me is redpanels' art style, the comics are mostly dumb as fuck but the art style is actually kind of cute, his fanbase could stand to learn a little from him imo (if only with regards to art style/ not drawing the same rage comic-looking garbage they churn out)

No. 337969

100% agreed

No. 337994

TBH I agree with post deletion but the problem is that the mods react extremely slowly. Would be cool if anons did not engage scrots in the hours before mods react

No. 338022

I actually wish men that say "a woman fasely accusing you of rape is worse than being raped" actually get raped. Maybe in prison or whatever. Just so they know what true violation feels like. I'm not trying to be edgy. I honestly wish this.

No. 338084

It‘s just as bad anon.
Being forced to go to prison when you hven‘t done anything, feels exactly like rape.
t. Been raped and been falsely accused of a crime I did not do

No. 338090

Please go away you attention whore.

No. 338096

i was just thinking of this the other day kind of. i feel like there should be a rape arena where they bring sex starved prisoners and the men who were proven guilty of rape get to go experience it themselves first hand since they love rape so much. and since mens bullshit is getting internet anonymity taken from us, all the men guilty of mocking women and making jokes about raping them can all go to the rape arena and experience their favorite thing. it would truly be a beautiful world.

No. 338097

File: 1544565361328.png (144.02 KB, 1305x892, 40692EE5-B2B9-450A-B4D0-B167BD…)


No. 338098

If you could actually get laid you would be doing that instead of responding to threads from mommy’s basement.

No. 338103

Tinfoil: because the scrot admitted to being a normal guy with a normal life (gym, friends, job etc), the "incel" is Chad who is larping as an incel so they'd stop bullying him and his perfect normal life lol. Poor Chad, it's ok friend

No. 338108

Chads can be misogynists, too, anon.

No. 338109

File: 1544566278514.jpeg (368.13 KB, 1228x2048, E1403D7B-54C1-4095-8424-1AE1DB…)

Why are men so retarded? And these girls think that their boyfriends not knowing anything is cute?

No. 338110

tbh I feel like it depends what time things are posted. also, i guess they are understaffed, thats why they're looking for mods atm. but i agree, i wish people would stop replying, that would probably help a lot
tbh I dont even believe that they would find it upsetting. maybe I have a bad understanding of the male psyche but given how they seem to just fuck each other/any living thing & shove things up their asses indiscriminately without any emotion I genuinely just dont believe that males have any problem with rape, either being on the giving end or the receiving end, rather they seem to view the act of genital stimulation as a universally "good" thing.
Idk ive noticed that a lot of scrotes seem to have a very black-and-white worldview which I'd imagine might extend to sexual stimulation.
If you think about it, vets often have to stimulate the genitals of male animals as a part of treatment, and the animal responds the same whether its a dog, cat, whatever.

No. 338123

>unwashed, stained, sweaty clothes
>unbrushed long messy hair
>cant cook, probably fat from constantly eating takeout
>informs his girlfriend of his shitting schedule, probably has a terrible diet since he seems to be clogging the toilet with his junk-food-and-alcohol shitlogs often enough to have serious need of a plunger.
wow, what a catch. seriously what level of delusion is she on where she genuinely wants to date this, rather than a (somewhat) responsible grown-ass adult who can actually take care of themselves.
I'll bet money on the last time tyler's asscrack was washed being when his mother stopped changing his diapers.

No. 338127

File: 1544567071536.png (315.25 KB, 517x643, 3cb.png)

>using michelangelo as an example of an incel w great artistic ability when he was literally gay
sorry my one only semi reply, I just cannot believe someone is egocentric enough to pull this lmao

No. 338138

i think you're right about that. men cant be raped or experience rape because they think of any sexual act as a good thing no matter what it is. that must be why they think rape is funny, because its always a good experience for them whether its getting plowed straight in their ass or they're raping a woman as she screams in terror.

men are a mistake. thats why nature created the 2.0: women, and thats why we'll always be superior to them.

No. 338154

File: 1544567987427.jpg (198.92 KB, 558x650, sofonisba.jpg)


No. 338159

exactly. a male body will always get pleasure from stimulation, so I dont think it matter whether that stimulation is of the penis or the prostate/anus, by a woman, a man, or even an animal.
Also, lets not forget that the ""victim"" ended up in prison in the first place, knowing full well that he would certainly have sex with other males in there.
I wouldn't call it rape when a vet has to stimulate the genitals of a dog or cat as a part of medical treatment, rather it just…has no emotional or moral conditions attached.

No. 338160

>anal is unnatural
So no gay sex
>being with women makes you a degenerate (a la Michaelangelo post)
So no straight sex for the incel as it makes you lesser?

So what's the point. Is Incel-kun pro sex segregation? Build a wall and men live their happy little lives on one side while women do the same and have the kids via sperm banks on the other. It's extreme but eh

No. 338161

ever wonder if it's the scrots goal to get everyone all pissed off and responding to it so that they all get banned and once again women are silenced? its fun to wreck the scrot but remember men dont even have feelings so it doesn't really matter what you say to it in the end, it makes no difference and women are just getting upset over things that dont matter (men). thats the only thing a man is good for when it comes down to it: wasting womens time and silencing us with their bullshit.

No. 338164

why do men always compare prison rape to a non criminal innocent woman getting raped? they literally care more about murderers/rapist/childmolesters/drug dealers and other dregs of society more than an average woman. most of those disgusting criminals deserve it anyway, theyre just getting a taste of their own medicine.

im all for complete gender segregation 2k18. fuck this "working together" meme.

No. 338167

yea esp considering it's usually the racist twinks and the pedos who get prison raped.

Also why do incels always think that women crave Mister Muscle Tattoo Man ? None of the women in my social circle likes big muscles or overtly jock type guys. That's literally a meme spread by teen rom coms.

No. 338176

men literally have no respect for us while we're slaving away cleaning up their shit either. i hate doing chores unless im home alone because if my bf is here he endlessly tells me "hey look at this look at that" while im trying to focus on cleaning something and then when i try to "respect him" by looking at whatever bullshit thing he's showing me he starts nitpicking at me for dropping stuff or making mistakes and if he's not distracting me with making me look at stuff he's just standing there watching me like im doing everything wrong. like if women are so terrible at doing the jobs they're expected to do then why cant these people just do it their own selves?

No. 338189

File: 1544570871459.jpg (86.13 KB, 937x527, Hegayasfuck.jpg)

No, baby. He was gay as fuck.

No. 338192

My superior, the man I'm supposed to be learning from, nearly killed a this week because he thought she was "faking" her pain. I'd read horror stories like this online but it's the first time I've experienced it irl, although obviously that poor woman experienced it firsthand and is really the one who should be livid/indignant/upset/etc. I assume she is, at least I hope she is.

What the fuck is with men and not believing women at any level?

No. 338193

I agree that there’s a good chance Michelangelo was gay, but just because he drew some dicks doesn’t really prove it.

No. 338201

it doesn't prove anything but he def was drawing the average male in its natural habitat

No. 338240

And you wonder why the scrotes come trolling here, jfc.

No. 338256

men are so fucking filthy. to be fair when i lived with girls my age, they were filthy too, but my dad and brother are too old to be leaving crumbs every fucking where they go like toddlers. men literally have no idea how to organize or do any household chores, let alone fucking cook dinner. in my experience at least; i know not all guys are like that.

but you bet your ass i'm living alone when i move out. i get so fucking angry at how incompetent men are in general, yet they blame that shit on us time and time again. no way in hell am i marrying a man unless he takes proper care of himself and his space, and can fucking cook or do something other than sit around playing dumb fps games.

No. 338259

>thats why nature created the 2.0: women
technically, women are the default sex, and men are the 'altered' sex with the y-chromosome

No. 338283

What are you implying? Having an "alteration" doesn't make men better. In fact the Y chromosome has less genetic material overall. It leaves men more susceptible to sex linked diseases since they don't have a crucial back up X like women.

No. 338284

oh lol well they probably believe men came first anyway cuz "the bible." its their favorite book to abuse women with after all. even their god realized he made a mistake with men and made something better lol

No. 338285

I know it's a just a fucking fairy tale but I find it's very telling that women are blamed for the original sin when it has been men, throughout all of history and even today, who have committed the most heinous of crimes.
Always gotta throw that blame elsewhere.

No. 338286

It doesn't sound like anon is implying anything like that, us being the default means we're the biologically significant ones.

Does anyone have the link to that website of a woman arguing how semen is a chemical attack on women? It had a lot of articles about how biologically weak the position of the Y chromosome is. It's been linked here a few times, it seems extreme at first but the more you read the more sense it makes. Y chromosomes are fragile and not all that necessary so they have to exert every effort to ensure they continue to exist, thus you get men oppressing and obsessing over us for all time.

No. 338287

yeah even the first story in the bible is a story about a dumb ass man and his own stupidity betraying him and he blames it all on the woman for tricking him topkek. they were created to be bumbling fools and they just wont accept it.

No. 338288

File: 1544590786281.png (61.06 KB, 599x535, booger.png)

reposted from the youtubers general thread

No. 338289

can this fence-sitting cowardly blimp bastard just have his heart attack and leave us all the hell alone or nah

every time he opens his sweaty gob it's always lukewarm, ill-informed and retarded

No. 338290

can this fence-sitting cowardly blimp bastard just have his heart attack and leave us all the hell alone or nah

every time he opens his sweaty gob it's always lukewarm, ill-informed and retarded

No. 338291

>women throws a piece of cardboard and yells
>deserves to be hung
The male perspective on human rights is a trip. You know they wouldn't give a shit about people yelling in front of a kid if there wasn't domestic abuse to minimize by bringing it up.

No. 338305

yeah with this guy palling around and defending that piece of shit kidbehindacamera, whos a literal child abuser(the whole family is psychotic child abusing/raping trash including the angry grandpa)
fuck him and his opinions

No. 338310

>military men agree to get drunk and bang other military women
>this is somehow only womens fault

let me ask you this sperging scrots, who is it that's having sex with these evil women? other women? ha, but in order to remove the blame from men you'd have to admit to their primitive mindset and the fact men will blame whatever they can on women, either that or hold men responsible for their actions, but males want neither, they want the sympathy from being a victim but want to be worshipped for doing nothing but being born a male, by chance remind you

funny you mention considering not long ago these same men hopped on the liberal atheist bandwagon and now all of them want to pretend to be traditional bible thumper trump supporters, and of course when you question this they blame feminists, when you ask them to go into detail they do nothing but blame 1% of crazy tumblr feminazis as to why all women should have their rights taken away, half of these morons can't even explain why they support what they support other than "lol triggered feminazi XD"

they literally only like and support trump to piss off feminists, then claim it's women who are going to be the downfall of society when their entire political beliefs are based off of whoever pisses off people

yep, even little girls get accused of lying about rape, but a grown crazy dude claiming a grown woman tried raping him because she stood in the door way? poor wittle victim baby evil women reee

many women have died from this shit as well
too bad no one cares and is too focused on men and screaming liar before women even finish their sentence

men are only ever victims or superior to other men, women are always evil to men, they'll blame millions of women before ever blaming a man for anything

No. 338311

that's men for you, even if this woman didn't throw cardboard you know damn well everyone would still blame her for getting beat, even when 2 men rape a little boy society finds a way to blame women, they're turning "shift the blame to women" into a god damn art form really, but the shitty part is you can't confront them about it because they'll claim it's actually poor innocent men who are getting blamed all along, sometimes even in the same breath as blaming a woman for something that 100% wasn't her fault

wonder how people would react if a woman streamer beat her crippled husband after he threw cardboard
hell the entire fucking world is babying the everloving shit out of ronda rouseys boyfriend because she beat him after he sexually assaulted her, and of course every single fucking article glosses over the fact he took nude photos of her without her consent, meanwhile a woman gets murdered or beat every single fucking comment is discussing what she did wrong, but no one will admit to this, instead just deny reality even when it's in front of their fucking face

they'll beat the shit out of women, when women say stop they'll tell women to shut up and claim it's poor men who are actually getting beat


look at this shit, she was not only arrested but every single god damn news article about it is supporting him and glossing over him assaulting her, meanwhile when a woman gets raped and kidnapped and murdered the entire damn article and commenters can never stfu about what she did wrong no matter how minor it was, "double standards" are right but it's in the males favor, they get to be the victims no matter what, women are always in the wrong

No. 338321

you know what i regret is treating the incels back in high school with human decency and not bullying them like the chads did. but seeing how ungrateful they all turned out to be makes me want to go back in time and grin smugly at them while wearing chad's letterman jacket.

No. 338322

I hate this fat piece of shit, he's a huge manipulator.

No. 338323

I think incels have a deep desire to be the target of someone's lust and they would genuinely enjoy being ass-raped by a handsome chad.

No. 338328

>>338324 exactly. Also, the scrote doesn't seem to realize the mental trauma from rape is life long. Men can be put in prison, which they don't even get long sentences for rape, and live the rest of their lives, but someone who was raped has to deal with mental trauma everyday for the rest of their lives. This is why i wish men who state such things as the scrote did will experience it for themselves. They have no empathy so it's the only way they'll understand. Also find it funny how assblasted scrotes got at my original comment when they all take the rape of women as a joke or fetish

No. 338330

So males genuinely believe women who get raped should just stfu, could they be any more transparent? They want to be able to abuse us without any consequences…

No. 338331

I really, really wish the mods would just delete the robot bullshit instead of leaving it up.

No. 338333

Yep, they want to be seen and heard as much as they want replies and attention so why are we indulging them? I can admit it's hard to refrain from arguing back sometimes, banning people who do is fair enough but leaving the posts up doesn't help. They post nothing of value, if we want to hear the party line recited verbatim we can visit anywhere in the manosphere and find endless posts of the same boring, uninspired shit.

No. 338338

Holy shit I've never seen this but it makes me so mad.
Everyome defending the guy is a piece of shit. She annoyed him with a piece of cardboard but before she did that, she asked several times to get off. She got angrier because he just kept being dismissive.

I get that it's his 'job' or whatever, but if your wife is pregnant and is also trying to manage your other kid, get off the fucking game for a few hours and fucking help her. She may have just needed a break to go to the toilet or to go cook dinner or something.
He's so childish and rude. To physically assault her over a damn game, what a pig.
Maybe she is a little loud and abrasive, but if I was married and pregnant to that asshole, I'd probably end up angry and abrasive too, waiting around for hours with the kid while he plays video games and screeches like a child when told to get off.

The way he screeches at her about 'she doesn't pay the bills' and calls her a cunt in front of his own kid and audience…she's carrying your goddamn child you ape.

I hope she leaves him.

No. 338363

File: 1544613819272.png (706.42 KB, 602x594, feminism.png)

No. 338371

That is liberal feminism, heavily influenced by males

No. 338381

I complained about it on /meta/ before but nothing happened. If more anons join in they might actually do something

No. 338383

it's made for shitting? than explain prostate stimulation.
accept it, your anus was made for taking tyrone's cock and you will enjoy it like a little incel bitch you are.

No. 338385

I once read a theory that most online trolls and incels are covert narcissists and I'm starting to believe it's true, I've never seen such a strong sense of entitlement and victim mentality in healthy human beings.

No. 338387

lmao men have prostates then wonder why they get ass raped. Their asshole was designed BY NATURE to take dick.

No. 338392

>we have prostates so we can urinate.
aaaaaaaaand take your daddy's cock.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338393

Why is this retard convinced we're raiding r9k? None of us take any interest in such a degenerate shit hole. As always males project their own obsession on us, they're the one invading our space yet accuse us of doing that very thing.

No. 338394

Blah blah blah… Keep telling yourself that. Is it a hole that cock can penetrate? Can you orgasm from that? Yes and yes. You were literally made to be superior male's sex slave, this is your only worth in life. Now stop yapping away and go spread those asscheeks for a Chad

No. 338406

>I…I'm not a virgin!! I swear I've put my peepee in a vagene before guys!!! :(

No. 338407

oh I'm sure he was around, all around your asshole.

No. 338411

Any time incels come here we should remind them that they were born to be Chad's fucktoys as they are genetic waste unfit to breed. It's such a shame that the modern society made them forget their natural place in the pecking order

No. 338415

I can perfectly visualize incel-kun cry typing and it's delicious.

No. 338416

stupid pos doesn't realize no1curr what he has to say. His only worth are his two holes. And yet he desperately tries to get our attention kek

No. 338422

>tfw when you are so repugnant you cannot even be a wagecuck kek

No. 338429

>an incel with a good father figure

No. 338431

Stop making fun of virgins, it's hurtful.(lul)

No. 338432

even their own daddies and mommies don't like them :( poor boys :( such oppression..

No. 338433

tbh there is nothing to like

No. 338434

a lot of rape victims end up with sti's, physical injuries, pregnancy, etc. too, not to mention the scenarios where the victim doesn't even survive the assault. men are delusional to try and claim that a false accusation is remotely the same.

No. 338436

They just hate women, we could all be the literal virgin mary and they would find a reason to hate us, that's because they want to possess us and feel genuinely humiliated by the fact that not every single women they lust after drop on their knee to suck their cock whenever they want them to.

No. 338438

I know this is old, but does anyone else remember this IAmA thread from reddit?


its so fucking disgusting. people are referring to the rapist, who admitted to violently raping 2 women and having daily urges to rape again, as bold and wish him the best in life. there was even someone who said that we should get rid of the sex offenders list and reduce the sentences for sex crimes.

also, the number of handmaidens in the comments is concerning.

No. 338441

I know your bootyhole naturally open up at the thought of a sexy chad raping you but please stop projecting incel-kun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338446

File: 1544630802289.jpg (10.32 KB, 225x225, trudat.jpg)


No. 338457

File: 1544633131990.gif (411.03 KB, 500x284, 8D8026B8-DD6B-4E61-9528-5AE6A7…)

Why does every so-called “strong” and “confident” man that is sooo above us women sound so fucking pathetic? I really can’t wait for all the birth control in the water system to slowly sterilize you so there’s no chance in hell that you breed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338485

I remember that, absolutely horrid. I'm convinced that the majority of men on reddit are incels. The number of threads and posts dedicated to shit-talking women is insane. And I love the,"I am grill and don't act like this!1" comments that get gilded lmao. Has anyone seen that post about okcupid's attraction statistics? Everyone was pissed that most women don't find most men attractive. Sorry we don't fuck anything with a pulse like men do.

No. 338492

Ah yes, the OkC data where women didn't lavish men with high ratings but were perfectly willing to message the men they rated low. While men always messaged the top 1/3 of women.

Men can't comprehend that looks aren't everything and that we can be realistic about our 'league' (I rate myself a 5-6/10, therefore I go for guys I also rate 5-6/10, it's not a fucking insult). Their entire opinion of a woman is based on her rating out of 10 and they pursue the hottest women possible. Zero self awareness.

No. 338501

Yeah, men also don't seem to be a to realize that there are personal standards as well as conventional standards.
I can point to a buff GQ model and day "yeah that's the generally agreed upon idea of an attractive man" but I'm not turned on by those types of men at all. Nothing gets me going better than a scrawny manlet with a big nose in reality lol.

Probably because men only find roughly the same thing attractive but "begrudgingly" fuck any woman that lets them. They assume women are also settlers, but no, we actually have diverse taste.

No. 338532

Who the fuck cares what men want?
Caring about men's sexual preferences and desires will always hold you back in life.
Just let men continue fucking their hands or watermelons or whatever else they want to stick their dicks into and get a good friend group or women's community.

No. 338539

File: 1544652629247.jpg (71.11 KB, 540x532, tumblr_pjmm88jzht1stlw8n_540.j…)

No. 338543

its true tho at the end of the day men always go for stacey, even if you look at all those emo bands from the 2000s they're all emo boiz but they all go after the stacy and not the kind of girls who were listening to that music at the time. anything men do is a farce, their only goal is to get into stacys pants and the ones who cant, live of life of bitter hatred and blaming it all on women for not wanting them.

No. 338544

Its funny that all those emo bands writes bitter songs about stacy not wanting to fuck them and somehow think this should earn them sympathy. So glad I stopped listening to that shit.

No. 338547

exactly, every song sounds like narcissistic male gaslighting. men cant make art because they have no feelings. so it makes no sense at all for men to be "emo" kek

No. 338579

She did kill the guy. A comparison of generous male murder sentences would be more apt.

No. 338581

i wouldnt be surprised if most men on reddit were incels. they will have autistic tantrums at a woman posting for no reason whatsoever, but they treat a fucking rapist with dignity. i lurked on askmen for a while and it made me legitimately hate men. every second thread is them bitching and whining about women not coddling and babying them enough.

No. 338584

File: 1544662843619.jpg (38.39 KB, 652x195, scum.jpg)

>A comparison of generous male murder sentences would be more apt.
Then post some. The point is the comparison of self defense against rape vs what guys get for actual rape.

No. 338585

>walks fast
>walks slow


Note they are both wearing a similar pattern but one is apparently better.

No. 338588

File: 1544663534255.png (294.4 KB, 1080x1109, IMG_20181212_174058.png)

This was a disgusting and disturbing read, I don't think that guy feels sorry for anyone but himself.

No. 338595

>by chance or luck
By not raping strangers and being decent people, maybe.
Yes, the poor oppressed rapist. Had a laugh at people saying "at least you're not a psychopath!"

No. 338605

he should never stop paying for his crimes because he's a disgusting monster. rape should get you the death penalty. the only good place for a rapist and most men in general is in the fucking ground.

No. 338698

stop racebaiting

No. 338730

>i can never have kids and even marriage is unlikely

this fucking guy assaulted and raped 2 women and admitted multiple times that he would do it again, and thinks he has a right to get married and have a family? i wish chemical castration for rapists was legal and an accepted practice globally.

>at what point do i stop paying for my crimes?

hopefully never. i hope hell is actually real.

No. 338750

Does anyone have male siblings that they despise?

My brothers live in a filthy room and do no housework. Every morning there's a sink full of crusty dishes waiting for me or containers from the takeaway that smell of curry (so nice at 8am). They don't feed or walk the dog (but they want a second one?). They come home in the early hours of the morning and throw their shoes/coats/bags/whatever around the house for me to pick up. They get into bar fights. They stay up late listening to music on huge speakers or play games online (sometimes until 5am) and when I was studying for finals or doing an assignment and I begged my parents to tell them to use headphones, they'd tell me that I was the problem. They've always been allowed to physically and verbally abuse me. They're missing college (that my parents are paying for) so that they can work and earn more money to go out partying. They're incredibly sexist and will openly talk about how they think women are unintelligent or weak or that women who are abused/raped are "making it up for attention". When one of them has assignments due, he leaves them until last minute and then gets my mom to do them (who then, in turn asks me to help). The only reason why he's scraped by last year is thanks to myself and my mom dragging his lazy, entitled ass through it so yeah I guess women are so stupid, right? The thing is that I'm expected to go around cleaning after them or I'll be told off. Any of the things they get away with, I'd be berated for. I'm convinced that my grey hairs and the giant wrinkle between my eyebrows were caused by them. Right now my mom is caring for someone who is sick so she's not there to do the other half of the housework and it's driving my insane having to clean up after 3 other people or the house literally stinks and is unbearable to be in. My mom always goes on about how men should do their half of the housework but she never fucking encourages her own sons to put a plate in the dishwasher.

Kill me.

No. 338775

Anon can you move out? They're treating you like a slave. Please try to get away from that, there's only so much you can take before you break.

No. 338782

It’s just a tiny thing but it made me laugh today.
I saw a girl make an off-hand comment on facebook about how wearing white socks with dark sweatpants and black sneakers looks sloppy. No joke, within an hour there were 10 or so replies from men swooping in to tell her she’s wrong, because they dress like that, all while acting ~cool and unbothered by a stupid girl~ when they were obviously anything but.
It’s hilarious to me that so many men actively refuse to take care of their appearance and think fashion is for faggots, but then turn around and get assblasted at a mere hint of a woman thinking they look like slobs. Such logic.

No. 338803

Dw anon, I'm working on it. Might take a long time but I'm trying lol.

No. 338833

I feel you SO hard anon. I absolutely resented living with my brother and having to deal with similar things as you described (only on a much, much smaller scale, since I only had 1. I cant even imagine how it is with 3 manchildren) before I moved out of my mum's place. men are so filthy and lazy and totally incapable of looking after themselves. I really, really hope that you can find a place to rent or something soon so that you can have a lovely home without horrible leeches like them, hang in there.

No. 338835

I feel you SO hard anon. I absolutely resented living with my brother and having to deal with similar things as you described (only on a much, much smaller scale, since I only had 1. I cant even imagine how it is with 3 manchildren) before I moved out of my mum's place. men are so filthy and lazy and totally incapable of looking after themselves. I really, really hope that you can find a place to rent or something soon so that you can have a lovely home without horrible leeches like them, hang in there.

No. 338893


Sounds a lot like my sister tbh

No. 338895

Haven't even finished reading your post yet but I already hate your brothers. What entitled asses

No. 338960

Bless u anons, you're all making me feel better. I don't know why men are raised to be like this. If you're going to teach your girls to cook and clean as children, surely it doesn't take much more effort to teach your boys??? In fact, is it not beneficial if something happens to the parents that all their kids know how to be somewhat independent? Wouldn't it be nice to know that your son could move out and live on his own without having to be dependant on a gf/wife for basic needs? It's so ridiculous and I don't understand it.

No. 338964


Mom surely thought me all of that, my sister on the other hand can't even cook eggs.

No. 338983

living with men is nothing but constant frustration and agony. men literally dont care about the suffering of other individuals, only if that person 'suffering' is a man for some petty reason. i remember being so hyped for college in my early 20s, only to have it sabotaged by men loudly playing games and watching their violent tv shows and movies all night, never giving me a single moment of peace to study and keeping me up until ungodly hours of the morning when i had to be up early for classes. and any time i ever complained they'd retort with "you dont even NEED to go." because apparently schooling only matters if its a forced by the law so i was just being a typical frivolous dumb woman pretending and make believing that she's actually going to get a decent job in the future. needless to say that career dream didnt get to happen because of health complications that were caused by sleep deprivation while i already had bad health to begin with kek. fuck that co-ed bullshit they forced on us in the 2000s where young women and men are supposed to live together during college. it doesn't work like it does in the tv shows. its just women suffering while men dont care and drag us down. women only segregated societies is the only way for anything to function and likely the only way for us to be happy and healthy.

No. 338989

File: 1544743799350.jpg (173.48 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20181213-172821__01…)

The .01% of you that actually contribute to humanity don't even make up for the rest of the trash

No. 338993

Because men wouldn’t let them. Women didn’t even get full rights until the 1970s.

No. 339000

Because women are physically weaker. Men take advantage of everything weaker and vulnerable. Look at how men treat little boys/girls, animals and people from poorer environments.

No. 339005

shun the scrots cuz it just gets everyone banned and the thread goes dead for a while and then we have no new man bashing posts to read lol thats all men are good for is silencing, beating, and raping women since they know we have the truth on our side.

No. 339007

What a weird way of saying you feel victimized when you get your autistic screaming deleted

I wonder what this man would say if you used his quote to defend yourself when you aren't allowed to scream about how evil women are


Their entire belief system depends on what pisses people off,not actual intellect

No. 339009

I'm glad that the victims are doing well though! That's what matters more. The rapist can just choke and live on reddit asspats from incels who desperately want rape was legal and encouraged.

No. 339010

Holy fuck imagine thinking weapons give women an actual advantage over men rather than putting them in more danger because he can use it against her. Imagine thinking women, who are typically peaceful, would come up with sharpened sticks before violent warmongering males. If a woman has a stick, a man will have a bigger one and more force behind it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339011

Everytime I see an incel post it reminds how more and more men are dropping out of the work force, education, and society all together only to live a sexless, miserable life in their mom’s basement until they hang themselves. :^)

No. 339012

Reminds me*

No. 339016

scrots screeching on our threads only proves the male suicide rate just isn't high enough.

No. 339035

File: 1544751086178.jpg (188.18 KB, 721x1192, tumblr_piac8uixwi1qjntqi_1280.…)

Amen sister

No. 339045

because you don't deserve it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339049


No. 339053

They want too but they’re too chickenshit. Imagine being so pathetic you have to stalk the one thread on the entire internet where men are insulted when there are literally millions doing worse shit to women. Men are absolutely psychotic.

No. 339054

Men aren't mentally stable enough to handle a LTR as well as a traditional marriage, I WISH this was the case, then we wouldn't have shit like the twitch dude, the watts case and so on

The family unit deserves to die until men learn to be mentally stable about it, but yall can barely even be around women and be mentally stable, how tf do you think you're gonna handle a marriage, you already think women are gold diggers if she asks for a dollar, what are you gonna do if she needs money to buy clothes, groceries, hygiene products, etc?

Cry all you want about "evil women!!!" Incel, its types of males like you are exactly why women are being chased from it

No. 339055

I remember when I was married my ex husband would bitch at me for spending too much money on hygiene products or anything for myself but when he needed to spend 1000s of dollars on this computer or buy video games that was fine

No. 339061

The first female doctors in the UK actually destroyed the men during their entrance exams kek, one of them got the highest score out of everyone. And how did the male studets react? By literally throwing a fucking riot, blocking them from entering their study hall, screaming and throwing garbage at them.

And then scrots try to turn around and gaslight us about how men "gave us everything" and "built civilization" despite threatening violence to stop us from being anything but broodmares. And they expect us to be grateful for it.

What a bunch of pigs.

No. 339062

men dont deserve loving wives and children. they all deserve to rot in the ground. they should just stop pretending to care about the family unit already when all they do is hide in a room and ignore their families while dinner sits on the table cold because it was more important to go jack off to some mila kalifa porn video and make a good impression in front of "the guys" on some dumb ass fps game than spend time with their loving family. these fuckers dont deserve anything but to all be burried in a huge ditch somewhere and covered with not a single tomb stone to remember their worthless asses.

No. 339064

Then explain the abuse, suicide and child abuse rates scrot
Not to mention how many died from disease, how short the average persons life span was back then, how many women were drove insane, the sexual abuse rates, the lack of justice done about it, etc

But hey ugly dudes got laid and were able to beat women so it must have been a paradise for you, maybe you should kill yourself so you can go back and us mentally stable people can enjoy our rights and potential(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339069

Only reason they want "marriage" is power. They want power over women and kids as their property. Watch them then fight for legalizing marital rape and abandoning their families when their wife is too old, got ugly, got sick - whatever. They don't actually care about families or raising kids. It's just to force women to have sex with them.

A loving family in their eyes is a chained up sex doll and kids they don't care about because pregnancy ruined their sex doll's body. Not to mention we can add how much they didn't give fuck or will they ever care about pregnant women being harmed or killed by their spouse or anyone else. They're the first to say how she deserved it for being abc or doing/not doing xyz

No. 339076

I can't wait until every field of work is run by women, I can't bare to work with these weak minded, underachieving pieces of shit.

No. 339080

I bet you probably have dirty underwear on right now kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339089

And how much you want to bet he’s unemployed

No. 339112

Honestly how fucked up is that men who are circumcised still want to fuck up their sons genitals because they have made up stuff in their heads to justify and cope with their ugly scarred cocks

No. 339114

>we are ugly and can't get boyfriends
>we are leeching off of our boyfriends
What is the truth?

Anyway, I don't know why scrotes are going out of their way to post on a board they're banned from to basically preach to the choir about male violence.
Yes, correct, violent men are bad and dating them is awful. This thread is about male violence you absolute buffoons, the women here aren't fucking nastychads.
Can't speak for other girls on the site, but itt? No.

No. 339121

incels hate women because stacy wont sleep with them. but women get chad and still hate men so its pretty obvious the real problem here is just men existing so they should just hurry up and stop already.

No. 339122

It's done under the disguise of not like other guys
They tell us what we already know and have been saying
>men love violence and rape especially towards women
>men hate women

And yet while we all agree, they are different, should be exempt and thus given sex and plenty of praise for being a decent human.

No. 339131

But men always tell us that they are an evolved species that has trascended their biological needs, not like those nasty females that always run after Chad's cock? Projecting much? Yes you are. You are nothing but a shell driven by bodily functions.

No. 339183

Reported bait will be deleted if and only if anons do not reply to it. Every anon replying to a robot will face a 1 day ban per reply.

No. 339212

File: 1544791002218.jpg (117.75 KB, 1242x708, 648b4cfc-16ec-4c78-a95f-e67b57…)

Every argument ever with a scrot

No. 339232

File: 1544795589902.jpg (68.46 KB, 400x516, tumblr_orwkxqtSYO1rmbksvo1_400…)

I guess this is place for this vent. All my life I surrounded myself with men. I had a lot of internalised mysogyny and also internalized homophobia. I was the tomboy, one of the boys, but never good enough to really be a boy, to really be included. I thought that it was wrong to me to be born a girl and questioned if I'm trans.
When I was 14 I started going to meet-ups of a local imageboard. There were never many girls, mostly men in their 20s. so I was quite popular. And men started showing their affection for me. Everyone wanted to have me as their weeb loli gf. I did not understand at the time that it was gross and also illegal. I never dated any one of them, but I thrived on the attention given to me. Finally, being a girl was worth something (blatant sexualisation in my case) I basically fought off every hand that was trying to get in my pants, but kinda liked it on the inside.
At about the same time I met a 28 year old linux developer who lived in my city and I got really friendly with him. He was my father figure, a mentor of sorts and he has introduced me to the world of BDSM. At 14 I thought that it was the only way to be with someone, when someone submits and someone dominates. I got groomed so bad that my first serious relationship ever was a bdsm one at 16. I dated a guy one year younger than me who made me write out a contract and sign it. Who beat me and raped me and gaslighted me every day and I took it, because I thought that's how women are supposed to be. Inferior. I stayed with him for 3 years and only got away by a miracle. My priorities were actually so fucked I thought I was supposed to marry him eventually. Because it was the same in my family, a demanding unstable father and a meek submissive mother.
I really should have stopped trusting men when my father tried to rape me when I was a kid.
I spent the best years of my life submitting to men, being an emotional crutch and I will never forget not one of them.

Nowadays I'm happily in love with a girl, just how I was supposed to be from the very beginning. And I'm still very scared or cautious of men. I wouldn't mind at all if all of them just dropped dead really.
For all that men did to me they deserve to just die off.

Sorry for kinda spewing my whole life story here, but men ruined most of my life so I thought it fitting.

No. 339278

Don't feel like the best years of your life were wasted. It sounds like they're still ahead of you, all the best!

No. 339305

>blaming a child a man raped them
Only men

Wonder how they'd feel if a woman tried blaming a child that they raped, or are they too busy fapping to it

No. 339307


14-15 is not a child, even younger than that I was supporting my family financially while still going to school. Take some fucking responsibility for your actions, age is not an excuse.

No. 339311

14 yr olds are still impressionable and naive, grown ass men shouldn't be fucking them and showing them, why does the minor have to take responsibility but the creepy pedo adult doesn't?

No. 339312

Stop replying to the men. It's ridiculous men have the whole fucking internet to hate women, but we can't have a single thread.

No. 339313

Isnt it funny how men will claim a 24 yr old fucking a 17 yr old student was "molesting little boys" but a 28 yr old grooming a 14 yr old is the 14 yr olds fault and she gets blamed

Its always the womans fault, never the mans, not even the womens fault, they're blaming little girls now, next thing you know they'll start blaming female fetuses

No. 339314


>everyone who doesn't have my experiences is stupid!1!

>lol what is age of consent laws

I'm sorry you didn't have a childhood, go cry about it somewhere else and stop projecting your shit.

No. 339340


I don't care if I had to or not. It had to be done, it's called taking responsibility.


I don't give a shit about them either, take responsibility for your actions.

No. 339344


You clearly do care because you won't shut the fuck up about it. Again, I'm sorry you didn't have a childhood and also were apparently Jesus with the amount of responsibility you carried, that cross sure must be heavy. Go cry about it to a therapist and STFU like other normal adults.

No. 339362


That may be because teenagers are actually pretty stupid and dont know as much as they think they do. When they become adults they might realize some things that happened weren't cool and fun but actually pretty fucked up

No. 339368

lets not forget that men constantly make excuses for their and other mens disgusting urges to have sex with barely legal teenagers, but a woman doing a less extreme version of what theyre doing is literally satan.

men are called "ephebophiles" as if that makes it any better, women who do something similar but less extreme are "pedophiles".

No. 339371

TIL that having a childhood includes casually going to randos on the internet for validation.

No. 339372

File: 1544822269824.jpeg (27.62 KB, 640x466, a5f.jpeg)

Lmao it's like these anons are trying to have us believe they always made 100% rational choices, were independent, free thinkers and somehow unaffected by biology, upbringing and societal/cultural influence in their teens.

No. 339375

i just had to tell a friend off the other day for saying little girls should be married off to old disgusting perverts cuz it somehow is good and safer for them that way. its sad how brainwashed some of these pick-me girls are. funny thing is, she's one of those retards who bitches about "da evil womenz n sjw's" making their kids transition into other genders or whatever. apparently thats wrong but you can marry them off to some pedo. ok then. also hilarious that she was one of those people screeching about pizza gate months ago, but then comes out and says this shit to me. there really is no legitimacy to any of these people's ideas, they're just parroting what each other say. thats why they're screeching it from their basement. they just want to destroy a society they take no part in because they're angry entitled narcissists who were rejected by it for more worthy individuals and actual human beings (women).

No. 339389


Sorry you had to support your family financially but a good portion of 14-15 year olds don't have to and are still children in the way that their family treats them and their development (mental and physical). Do you really think the majority of 14 year old girls, in 8th grade going into 9th grade, are truly able to make adult decisions and take responsibility for their actions?

No. 339398

maybe your family should take responsibility for their own actions and not make a 13-14yo work but it's funny how that works out isnt it

No. 339400

Maybe grown ass men shouldn't creep on little girls and blame everyone except for the males doing the creeping

No. 339430

File: 1544831138606.jpg (46.18 KB, 600x593, b6ae80f5c30af3bef9ac8ede588a09…)

What is the final solution to the male question?

No. 339433

Only keep around men who can behave like non-psycho decent humans.
Child rapists, wifebeaters etc get thrown into volcanos.

No. 339438


lmao no you fucking retard, it means not having to support an entire family before you're legally old enough to drive because your parents are irresponsible, learn to read. Also yes, children are prone to doing stupid irresponsible shit like what you just described because they're still developing/don't have any real sense about the future/are dumb in general. That's why it's on adults to be the responsible ones and not, you know, groom them. Unless you're a developmentally delayed adult or a pedophile, Idk how you don't get this.

No. 339446

Only use men for manual labor.