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No. 217093

New man-hating thread since the old one will inevitably reach 1200 posts within the next two hours.

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

Please take care to report obvious incel posts which attempt to derail the thread. It is in your best interest not to engage.

No. 217097

>two hours

Actually, at this rate probably within the next half hour.

No. 217104

ehhhhh… couldn't you've picked a better op image?

No. 217107

Idk I think its pretty appropriate given the subject and the shitstorm that the previous thread became lol

No. 217108

On behalf of Bernd I want to apologize for how mean he was to you. Maybe one day he'll learn. Maybe he won't. But either way I'm sorry. Please don't feel sad or angry at guys because of something Bernd said. He's really just a nobody and he just wants to be left alone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217112

I remember when I first found this post and I had no idea what ROK was.


I love how one of the comparison photos he uses it Anne Hathaway's haircut she had to play Fantine in Les Miserables, as if that wasn't done for a fucking movie. The reaching is real.

No. 217117

>people who have no business commenting on the attractiveness of women, like gay men
God, this reminds me of http://www.femininebeauty.info/

It's an autistic, in depth, scientific exploration of what is feminine (attractive) and masculine (unattractive) in women, right down to the angle of jaw bones and pelvic structure. And his reasoning is that gay men in the fashion industry are forcing people to think that masculine women (ie women with jaws) are the standard of beauty. He tries to pass it off as concern for eating disorders in women lmao, then goes on to talk about how masculine wide ribcages are. Imagine being SO MAD that women you don't find attractive are considered attractive by others that you create an entire website to tell them how manly and gross they are.

Incels can cry about how women like tall Chads with nice jawlines but no woman gives it anywhere near as much thought as these guys.

No. 217118

> but no woman gives it anywhere near as much thought as these guys.
I think the idea is it is important subconsciously.

Here is another gem Ive found

No. 217120

The point is that women aren't hateful and entitled, so they don't put a whole tonne of effort into making men acutely aware of their physical shortcomings the way men do. Because if a woman doesn't find a man attractive, she will ignore him and find someone she does. If a man doesn't find a woman attractive, he takes personal offense at her existence.

No. 217122

Wonder if that anon claiming that men do love women would pop up to tell us that again afterward

No. 217124

File: 1513460160879.png (174.83 KB, 933x814, Screenshot from 2017-12-16 16-…)

No. 217128

The last thread got kinda out of hand.
I’m one of the girls who posted about her shitty ex behaviour that got me into a fucking depression and I kinda don’t want this fighting anymore in these treads with obvious robots and stupid males that just want to troll in these kind of threads.
There is absolutely no point they will ever listen or let’s just say “read & understand” in what we try to tell. You just feed them your sperge about them, that’s what they want. Even if this is OT please try to ignore such people, this is why we don’t get taken seriously a lot of times. If you talk irl with a man about it.
Iit would make more sense and maybe in a less dramatic, normal tone and more reasonable ways.
There are more important things to waste your time on than these male trolls girls.

No. 217136

File: 1513462136360.jpg (78.68 KB, 400x563, 3478uhf.jpg)

Agreed, its best to report and ignore. The farmhands are being somewhat quick about it, but I imagine folks are busy because its a weekend during the holiday season after all.

We're not going to wizardchan or /r9k/ to start shit with them so I don't understand why any of this is warranted. An open dialogue could be established somewhere else if everybody were in agreement, but that isn't the case.

At this point, its like watching boys pull girls hair on the playground.

No. 217139

underappreciated post

No. 217143

No. 217145

No. 217147

I used to frequent casey before for serious discussions but few years ago it turned into an avatar fagging place and an increased number of misogynistic threads. I'm really glad I left that place. It was a toxic and depressing place. I don't know how much things have changed there but just seeing that screenshot brings so many memories. It used to be such a cozy board. Sage for blogpost.

No. 217148

This spills over from the porn thread, but the fact that many men can't seem to masturbate properly anymore unless they're watching some pornography where a woman is obviously suffering is fucked up. There's a huge disconnect here, on one hand men are supposed to be more attuned towards shit like sexual harassment (lest they get fired), care for their children, and it's not accepted to beat the gf/wife anymore, but on the other hand porn is just getting more and more violent. It's really weird, and I wonder if one is the reaction to the other or if it would've gone down like this even if society hadn't evolved.

No. 217150

All the quality posters have left kc long long time ago. You can have your casey.

No. 217151

> but the fact that many men can't seem to masturbate properly anymore unless they're watching some pornography where a woman is obviously suffering

hi, where is the proofs?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217154

Kuzu's a guy, wtf are you bringing him up?
Oh wait, you're a retard that holds himself in a high esteem, am I right?

I don't care what you do there anymore, you and the 99% of current posters not giving a shit about quality posters turned KC into a cesspool it is today. All the quality threads are gone, now it's just a mixture of r9k, pol and soc.

P.S. go fuck yourself

No. 217155

What gets me is that, there's multiple places for men to post about hating women. Not even just on image boards, there's youtube channels, facebook groups, entire websites dedicated to it (ROK etc) yet when we even get even just a smudge close to their level of hatred, we get raided lmao. Men really can't handle even a taste of what they dish out.

No. 217156

tbh it's kind of hysterical how worked up they get over us having a place to talk that doesn't include them.

No. 217157

We should just let them rage or at least screencap their posts, so anytime one of those incels tries to argue how much men love women and would do anything for them. It will also serve as a good warning for girls that consider starting a relationship over internet.

No. 217159

File: 1513465825289.png (136.11 KB, 428x510, lolx.png)

No. 217161

is it ukrainian site?

No. 217163

Stop derailing.

No. 217167

uh-oh, ban incoming

No. 217168

Ive slowly realized that literally every man is trash and it sucks. I honestly believe that a man would always cheat, given an opportunity. I also kinda think all men are pedophiles, even tho some of them would never fucking admit it. Idk this is just stupid rambling, caused by our recent influx of incel scums

No. 217169

I'm into MILFs and have a cuck fetish, what now?(no one cares about you)

No. 217170

>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
Eh, they do a good enough job themselves by being convinced we're all evil sluts so they already repel themselves away.

Same goes for the sex-robots they keep warning us about, I find that completely fine because it just means it'll keep them away from us. It's actually hilarious because it's like they're just using that to threaten us into having sex with them ("watch out, if you don't have sex with us losers, we'll just build sex-robots to have sex with instead!")
Like how sad can you get?

No. 217171

Honestly I know a dude that has like a really fucked up tumblr porn blog and I was honestly disgusted that what he called “normal and kinky” was brutality at it’s finest but my stuff that I find great and also something that shows love as “vanilla” …
he had like woman getting beaten up on it and people almost choking from too much semen. I know some dudes that still rly enjoy chill vanilla stuff, so yea I get what you mean.
It has gotten quiet a problem by a majority that they kinda have a crush for such disgusting stuff and their mind get’s kind of warped thinking woman “actually” want it rough all the fucking time.
They didn’t look like they enjoy anything on these disgusting gifs and also like multiple of them have yeast infections and other stuff.

No. 217172

File: 1513470546474.jpg (34.4 KB, 720x762, apu pillow hug.jpg)

>no one cares about you

o-ok(ban evasion)

No. 217177

File: 1513471279171.jpg (39.16 KB, 640x640, smug kot.jpg)

you have to be nice to girls on the internet or you will remain a virgin forever

No. 217179

what a fun saturday night for you, really trolling the females in the man hate thread. this will totally make us wanna suck your tiny peen.

No. 217193

You are going to get banned again.

No. 217199

File: 1513472514106.png (702.79 KB, 1346x1056, spoortspalt.png)

I'm so sorry you had to see this.

No. 217202

>(ban evasion)
could you not, sweetheart?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217204

i told them it would work, but noone believed me
i'll show them all!

No. 217214

Thanks for all the work you're doing, farm hands!

No. 217215

out of all the shit from the last thread, THIS is the most offensive post I've come across.

Ok, tbh imo, the vanilla stuff is the best and its fucked up how its seen as lesser than bdsm or other genres.

No. 217226

So do you girls think all consumption of porn is complicit with abuse, or just the violent kind? I can understand and even agree with the latter, but the former is nonsensical.

No. 217232

Only girls should be allowed to wathc porn

No. 217236

File: 1513475077370.jpg (70.81 KB, 960x720, downloadfile.jpg)

You don't get it, do you?
Women don't exist to serve men. Pornography is an industry dominated by male desires. Therefore women should not participate in porn. And women who do are submitting to patriarchy.

No. 217241


I don't exist to serve men or women or a State or anything.

However I did not inherit millions, so I have to work to serve myself.

That is sad. However, if I refuse to work, I will die and that would be even more sad.

The women who participate in porn have the same problem. They have to do something and they choose to make porn to keep themselves alive.

From all the possible professions, they choose porn. They are not forced to do so.

They might even enjoy it.

Why you think you know better than other women, what they should do for living, or what they should like?

Are you a Communist, or another Totalitarian?

I would rather let people choose what they want to do with their life and bodies.

No. 217242

I don't have an issue with people watching porn (so long as it's not the disgusting violent stuff) but I think the industry is extremely flawed. Look at the abuse in the porn industry thread. In theory, if everyone who filmed porn was treated well I wouldn't have a single issue with it but the thing is, you don't know what's happening behind the scenes and that's what stops me from enjoying it myself. I actually think camgirl stuff is much better in that sense, since women who cam generally have more control over their situation and can do what they're comfortable with, which just isn't a guarantee in other types of porn.

No. 217245

>and I wonder if one is the reaction to the other or if it would've gone down like this even if society hadn't evolved.
Smells like maleposter "women are getting abused more violently because we're not allowing men to abuse them lightly in everyday scenarios".

Same shit got posted to the teenager thread iirc,
>hurr men are obsessed with teenagers because it's the forbidden fruit, back then you could marry a 12 yo
>now that we can't marry 12 yos we want to fuck 8 yos deal with it and just let us fuck literal children
>the more inaccessible you make something the more men want it and men WILL GET WHAT THEY WANT

No. 217246

Pornography reinforces male supremacy, and the idea that men are entitled to sexual access to women’s bodies.

Women who choose to participate in this are free to do so. But they are not my allies. Many radical feminists choose to live in poverty to escape patriarchy. I will not sell out to patriarchy and I will not align myself with women who do. And I'm not sorry for that.

I hate men.

No. 217248

Incels are just a cancer and they are that way not for begin ugly or weird, their are incels for have stupidly high standards and begin narcissistic that only a woman to satisfy their needs for power.

No. 217250


So if some incel cant get a Woman and wanks alone, how does that reinforce male supremacy?

If a Woman enjoys the same porn, does it reinforce male supremacy?

Are Women entitled to sexual access to men's bodies?

If a Woman wants to fuck some man, is that also reinforcing patriarchy? It would give a man an sexual access to a Woman's body. Would you want to deny the sex from her, if you could?

Why would escaping patriarchy mean living in poverty? That means being weak, and by the mercy of Patriarchy. I think women who want to escape Patriarchy should become strong and rich.

Are you implying that making porn is the only way for a Woman to get rich? That's a sick idea.(baiting)

No. 217254

Adding to these points, everything is about power for them. Lusting after minors while setting the wall at 20, 25, 30 whatever the fuck it is - its all about control over women. And when you finally have had enough and want to live outside of it, they'll condone harassment and threats. And they'll always blame you for getting shit on, hardly will they reflect on their own actions. So fucking tiring, you know?

No. 217256

File: 1513478676138.jpg (64.28 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_on62d2Olaf1qmlql…)

What about gay men?

No. 217259

Nice, attacking her looks and ability to attract a mate. Because that's obviously all that matters in a woman.

No. 217260

Gay men are often the most misogynistic of them all.

The amount of times a gay male "friend" has groped me without permission and then said "lol calm down I'm gay" at my rage is stupid. No, your sexuality has nothing to do with me not wanting to be touched. Don't touch me without permission whether you are gay, straight, or purple.

No. 217263

Nothing matters in a man. I want nothing to do with them.

No. 217264

Gay men often experience the same thing from women who assume it is okay because of the sexual incompatibility (ignoring the fact that she may still be attracted to him).

No. 217265

>which are basically all about selling one's body

>But why should a woman give a fuck what a man lusts?

>survive and be successful like any man?
Because unfortunately, political lesbianism is not a real thing. I don't understand why you're equating success and independence with a lack of romantic relationships.

No. 217266

Radical feminists strive to not care about anything men want. The problem is, though, that patriarchy is a pervasive, societal problem. Because it is cultural it affects everyone- even those who try to remove themselves from men as much as possible. Patriarchy exists in every facet of our modern Western society.

Liberal feminsists do care about men and what men want. They think men can be changed. They think society can be changed. Because they want to love men. To a liberal feminist, all we need is individual freedoms and we're all g, right?! They want to call themselves feminists while still being compliant to patriarchy but still having the "sisterhood".

No. 217267

Did it ever cross your mind how stupid you look when you make these assumptions like what a person looks like or is like on an ANONYMOUS board with no name and face attached to judge them on?

No. 217268

Well, I didn't realise this because I genuinely don't touch anyone unless I've been romantically involved with them for an extended period of time.

That sucks and I'm sorry they are also touched against their will by dumb chicks. Still doesn't change the fact that gay men often spew the worst shit about women.

No. 217270

Except that doesn't work. Males are a privileged class. Jews are not. Jews are considered a minority.

Nice try tho.

No. 217271



I just came to this board. Could someone explain what kind of discussion if allowed here?

Because usually in discussion there are two sides replying each other until some kind of agreement is found. Or other proved wrong. Or intense shitstorm created for everyone's amusement.

But here all replies are banned? Why so? What's the point of such echo chamber, or chamber of mirrors, where I can only stare at my mirror images? What's the point of such "discussion"?

Pls don't ban a newcomer. I don't want to get banned but I would like to discuss.(ban evasion)

No. 217272

>male genocide.
Come back when you see women leading the industry of sex dolls, sex robots to be replicas of men as companions. nah, it'll be female genocide by how eager men are to make us obsolete lol.
They only see us as holes and wombs, stuff that can replaced. Many anons here are hating men back for much they hate us.

No. 217274

>female genocide by how eager men are to make us obsolete lol.
>obsolete because of SEX bots

We have robots pretending to be women now?

No. 217277

Men don't want "companionship". They want girls who will fuck them whenever and however they like, and want to to function like a mom slave who will always clean up after him and never complain about anything.

No. 217279

Because this isn't a thread for arguing with men. It's a thread for women to vent their negative experiences with men as there really aren't any other anonymous spaces to do so. Even if you don't have negative intentions and genuinely want a discussion, this thread isn't the place for that. I wish incels would understand that, I don't go onto /r9k/ woman hate threads to post 'FEMALE HERE' and stir shit, so why do guys feel the need to come to our threads and do that?

No. 217280

The "women hate sex dolls/bots" is mostly an incel myth and projection. No woman is really that bothered by it, especially since it'll only be creepy losers like you who go for them. No one wanted your rotten personality in the first place, if you drop out of trying to date that's for the best. If you did get some luck you'd just abuse the woman anyway.

No. 217284

>I don't go onto /r9k/ woman hate threads to post 'FEMALE HERE'
You might not, but plenty of others do.

No. 217285

Maybe it'd be better if we were all wiped out and replaced by sex bots. At least women wouldn't be forced to suffer anymore.

No. 217288

Yes. There are many women here who have stories of giving one of these types a chance, and it always ends with the guy being abusive.

No. 217291

To be fair, most jews look white and are well off

No. 217293

Sex robots are not gonna replace women, men also care about other things than just sex, are they gonna show off their sex robot gf to their friends as a price?? I dont think so lol

No. 217295

maybe he was subscribed to r/theredpill more? I've heard plenty of stories from women regarding how those guys tend to be abusive or maybe both? male spaces like incels and trp sometimes just.. blends into one another..

No. 217296

No, they absolutely despise women. Even when they get into a relationship they don't trust her at all, blow up at her frequently and accuse her of being a "manipulative woman" if she ever shows she's upset by anything he does. They love showing off how much they hate women who aren't you, but also like to look at other girls bodies and remind you you aren't good enough. They'll freak out at you if you've had anything romantic or sexual in your past, no matter how little. And even if you're their perfect virgin ideal they'll never trust you or constantly believe you're cheating. They'll call you a slut for agreeing to any sex with them and get mad at you if you ever say no.

No. 217297

Can confirm. Dated one for a year. We've been broken up for months and I've had no contact with him and he still attempts to harass and stalk me.

He's the final straw that convinced me men are utter shit. And he was a 4chan oldfag like me.

No. 217301

Men hate women because they don't give them everything they want. Women hate men because they hurt them. Bit of a difference there.

No. 217303

Women hurt their fragile feelings by not sleeping with them on demand. Men hurt women by beating them, raping them, and treating them as less than human just because of their sex.

No. 217304

Yes, anon: People hurt people.

However, this is a venting thread specifically for women to vent about men.

No. 217305

More like why do they feel the need to do it here and any other female-oriented chan. Notice how they don't do this to LipstickAlley, PULL, GuruGossiper, mom forums, etc. No organized raids and shit there.

No. 217306

File: 1513484341251.jpg (27.61 KB, 500x299, 1513066701107.jpg)

men FUCK OFF. Just let us have this ONE place where we can talk negatively about men.

No. 217309

Someone will just reply that we could "do it over on Tumblr".

No. 217310

Anonymous imageboards are what they are comfortable with.

No. 217311

File: 1513485969120.png (138.86 KB, 339x947, 1508963477067.png)

To add to this, if anyone doubts that incels aren't complete pieces of shit, they should take a trip down to the incel thread on /snow/. It's filled with dozens of lovely gems such as pic related. Truly, how could an incel ever wish to abuse a woman?

No. 217312

Yep and we've had incels come on the board in the past spewing bullshit. They're psychotic.

No. 217316

>she'd be dead
>I'll fuck her one last time



jfc. Not surprised that incels would be down with necrophilia too.


No. 217318

IMO we should trace the IPs of all males who have ever made an incel comment or post, or liked one or agreed with one, and we should just set their sad asses on fire. The world would truly be a better and more free place

No. 217323

>trace the IP
real life isn't NCIS you know

No. 217335

I dated a guy who seemed like he came straight from /r/theredpill. At first it was just not liking tumblr feminism, being into edgy humor which is fine to me and I didn't think that was unusual. Then it got worse, we'd talk politics and social issues a lot, he got aggressive with me if I said anything about women having any sort of difficulty/was critical of men in anyway and had this belief all women are over emotional/manipulative. He constantly accused me of cheating on him even though I barely left the house without him, he would go to strip clubs but I wasn't allowed to talk to male friends, his reasoning for this was "The strippers don't want to have sex with me, all your male friends probably do" It was so bizarre and before dating him I honestly didn't think these men actually existed in real life or at least didn't actually leave their houses etc, well they fucking do.

No. 217337

>he would go to strip clubs
This is one of the number one red flags. I've never heard of someone's bf/husband who frequented strip clubs and wasn't also a piece of shit.

No. 217338

Also gay men love to talk about how they're superior to women and all straight men should be into them because only they know how to "please a man". And the whole "eww Vaginas are SO gross!!!" shebang they like to pull. But overall I feel gay men are much less threatening than straight men.

No. 217339

That’s a typical man for you, I remember my ex being all mad for me for hanging out with his friend who I was also friends with during the relationship. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with his friend after the relationship even thought I told him he is absolutely not my type and also his friend was too emotional for him, that’s why he came to me talking about his problems. My ex was a huge cunt. They just want absolute control over you, whatsoever.

No. 217340

Yeah, I'm embarrassed to admit this but before and during dating him I was the "cool girl" who didn't mind these things, but I've realised pandering to these types was a huge mistake and I regret it so much. He was attractive, had a job etc and seemed normal. The reality is these men aren't all the stereotypical neckbeard neet, they can be literally anyone. It comes from a seething hatred of women, they can have everything going for them but still despise women.

No. 217341

Hey, you're not alone. Ten years ago, when I was a teenager, I'd be fine with everything because I wanted to be cool. Edgy jokes? I'd make worse ones. Sex with hookers? Not really love, so not cheating. Etc. etc. As you too found out, the guys who are interested in you are bottom of the barrel. After kicking some of them out of my life, one messaged me "Why'd you delete me from your social media? You used to be so cool.", but at that point I didn't give a fuck anymore. Distanced myself from guys like that. Got a sweet husband.
Another gripe I have is women who "are not like the other girls", because they just put down other women. "Women suck but you are different" is NOT a compliment.

No. 217342

I used to be one of those "I'm not like other girls, I'd rather hang out with guys because there's less drama" type of people in my teens (at 12-15 years I think). It was because I didn't have healthy relationships with girls in my school as I was bullied by them, and the only people who made me feel welcome were older guys who, whether consciously or not, were grooming me. I wanted their approval all the time, I made it my aim to show that I can be gross and edgy as well. I grew out of it after I got to know some female peers of my age and lost contact with the men.

However I've seen a ton of young girls going through the same phase, but taking it even more to the extreme than I did. Namely 15-18-year old girls who very openly like hardcore porn and lolicon to impress the gross older men while roleplaying as little girls to feel desired. It's shockingly common to see cases like this and it's why DDLG bullshit has blown up recently. And it only validates the men's attraction to fucked up stuff since they can play the "see? this girl likes this stuff too so it's okay!" card.

I wish the "another woman is a woman's worst enemy" meme preventing f+f networking would die down so young girls wouldn't be so afraid of making friends with their peers and having to stick to older men. They'll always crash and burn when they hit the 20 mark, don't look like a 12-year old anymore and the men have moved onto a new target they glorify as their sexy loli princess. The Bechdel test can be some petty stuff but honestly it shows how the society doesn't support the idea of f+f interaction unless a catfight/male is included.

No. 217343

Why do women date men why they could date a girl instead? It makes no sense.

No. 217348

Let's not get into being a political "lesbian."

No. 217350

File: 1513519233944.jpg (89.58 KB, 598x545, chobits-1964669.jpg)

A perfect comic book example that's analogous would be Chobits.

It's eerie, actually scarily eerie how the women in Chobits have been affected because of the AIs. Don't get me wrong, I love the manga in itself for separate reasons but if you want to imply the misogyny there its plenty.

ESPECIALLY with Chi going into sex work unknowingly and almost getting raped because of it. Every theme covered in the manga series pretty much correlates to what would happen in society once AIs are created. Which is disheartening in itself.

I wouldn't mind having an AI waifu, and it may be a good thing as the incels would just buy AI sex dolls instead. But it just proves a point how men just often sexualize and again see as nothing than just incubators in their eyes.

No. 217352

Can confirm. Dated one for fucking five years lol.
Now he's in his 20s hitting on online teenage girls because he's a NEET who can't get some in real life unless some poor girl falls for his pity sob stories about how I'm a vile whore.

Men are desperate to do anything to get sympathy and free pussy. They can bitch about how we are the psychopathic, insane cheating vile whore sluts that we are but in the end of the day if that girl is smart she WILL look through your shit and not fall for your lies.

He also lied to me saying he was a successful DJ and had a trueno and had a cabin in the beginning to woo my 17 year old ass. Please.

I was a naive teenager. Now I know better. Disgusting abusive piece of shits who think they can get away abusing young starry-eyed girls.

No. 217353

File: 1513520078448.png (7.13 KB, 686x66, Screenshot-2017-12-17 int - I…)

This is what some of the recent raiders have been posting on their board. Men really don't have any sympathies for women.

No. 217354

they just want to see us die at this point, when they don't get what they want.

No. 217356

yeah, I mean, what else can we do? Our mere existence is apparently an insult to every man.

No. 217357

>The answer is simple. We need to find the root cause if this yearning to be raped. Why do women want to be raped?
Living in this society as a girl or woman is mental rape, esepcially early on when you still think that you're going to be treated the same as your male siblings and friends, it is only rational to internalize and play with that disgrace in your head.
>It is because women hate being responsible for anything. They hate having to make any decision and hate having to deal with things like consequences and repercussions.
If more women than men don't like leading it is because women aren't taught to be responsible for important matters (though I'm sure this generation of parents will do better in that regard) since they'll be cordially, if not legally, passed down from the father to the husband. It's normal to hate something at first if you've never been required to do it, of course, having someone else make decisions for you has dire impacts on your life later.
>They like to be able to wander through life as if everything is a happy accident that they have no control over.
This is just a way of escaping from the misery that being a human female brings, as a woman you will never be able to have control over everything like men can achieve. There is more happiness in letting go than fighting for something incomplete for some people.

I think that you are trolling. Your overtly agressive writing style however leads me to believe that you're just another redpiller, alt righter or whatever the men that don't care about hiding their misogyny call themselves now. And that's fine, I hope for a future where men can see from a female perspective, but it will not happen until your testosterone levels are drastically decreased, as it clouds your mind.

No. 217358

The inshallah part was probably ironic. There are many robots, redpillers, and these Bernds that think white Sharia is a good thing. White Sharia is having the same treatment of women like in the muslim world just without the religion part.

No. 217359

did we date the same neet, anon?

No. 217361

Most likely. He's also prone to cheating so I'm not surprised if he dated the both of us and hid it. :^)

He also runs a shitposting weeb page with a few thousand likes on it if that also rings a bell. It's rather amusing if it is indeed him. Shows what a two-faced piece of shit he really is.

No. 217362

Pretty sure this is the season of survivor where they specifically pitted men in technical/manual jobs against fucking female models. They specifically put women there who wouldn't have any experience in the wild and were prone to infighting against fucking carpenters. Not biased at all.

No. 217363

A stupid reality show is not proof. If you watch that garbage and consider it an argument, then go neck yourself. I've seen it like millions of times by now, get something new. Pathetic.

No. 217365

File: 1513521230947.jpg (50.57 KB, 554x313, 1512332500361.jpg)


Nah, you got it wrong. You meant a 4chan r9k incel.

No. 217366

That is a perfect example of women raised to become reliant on a male in some regards. Thank you for proving my point. In a world with no testosterone they would be taught survival skills when they are young, alongside the boys(?), since no one with an inflated ego would claim those skills as their own, in order to feel superior (by eradicating all competition).

No. 217367

He was legit the stereotypical "nice guy" lmao, rarely are these assholes "chad" and that's what incels don't understand. It's the "nice guys" that tend to be fucking psychotic, I will never date a guy who goes on about how "nice" he is again.

No. 217368

Especially the "nice" guys who talk shit about their exes and have blatant yellow fever / sexualize subcultures.

B-but muh yellow fever and wanting a submissive asian slave waifu


It's pretty much the typical waah waah I can't have my toy because I'm an entitled brat excuse.

And yeah, again I'd rather date a normie chad who has casual weeb taste than some worthless NEET scum incel who will just see me as a cocksleeve and an ATM machine.

No. 217370

Because they were physically stronger.

No. 217372

It was the stone age fucktard. Physical strength was all that mattered. And i'd say men where the ones subjugated since men were basically used for hunting and getting killed for the wellbeing of the "pack", while women controlled everything else.

No. 217373

The entire post was ironic

No. 217374

No, it wasn't. Stop pretending that men don't hate women and don't want them dead.

No. 217375

Even if it was, an alarming number of men still think that way.

No. 217376

File: 1513522898408.png (550.19 KB, 1345x733, Screenshot-2017-12-17 int - I…)

Also, a reminder that these recent raiders celebrate violence on women of any kind. Fresh screencap of today's thread where a russian guy choppod off his wife's hands because she wanted to divorce him and these Bernds love domestic violence. They constantly make threads about it and post gore images of mutilated women. This is the type of imageboard users that we might have to deal with irl.

No. 217377

Men and women are not the same. Women are physically weaker due to having to carry 90% of the reproductive duty (menstrual cycles, fat increase, "breats for pectorals"), simply put, woman is a sacrifice to the perpetuation of the species. Men "subjucated" women when the survival standards and tool creation became too high in physical demand for women to achieve due to this natural handicap. Everything advanced from that rule.

No. 217378


Additionally based from this article, obviously noted that men have higher levels of testosterone. Due to this, they are more prone to being more aggressive and physically violent. Who's to say in the Stone Age women didn't get raped? Especially considering the lack of contraceptives or free will for women back in history.

It wasn't even until the 1960s where a more viable way of contraceptives was introduced to prevent pregnancy. Men literally physically overpowered women and rape them as they please.

No. 217380

>Who's to say in the Stone Age women didn't get raped?
I thought this was common knowledge. Unless concealed ovulation in human females is something new, which it is not, frequent mating would've had to take place for us to be here today. I cannot image cave men knowing about foreplay or the clitoris. Women used to be somewhat stronger physically back then if I remember correctly though, that must have given them more of a choice than we have today if a 1 on 1 encounter where to happen.

No. 217381

File: 1513524133823.png (200.13 KB, 1223x275, Screenshot-2017-12-17 kc - I'…)

No. 217383

I wouldn't say it was sexim. If we are the believe that, then we must acknowledge that nature is inherely sexist on nearly all animal species. Few are truly equal in this regard.
The sexism started when men equated their given body with a god-like ownership over women.
Were they not right though? Would you simply let women run around and use everything even though they cannot produce their own tools?
It is a complicated topic. How would you make everything equal starting so far back? Was euqality even on their mind? Were women fine with how it was?
The gap kept widening until physical strength wasn't of much use, that is, industrialization. What we have today are the remnants of the gap, and the fury over it having existed in the first place.
It is so obvious why men want to go back in time, hell, were I a man, I would too. Sadly, or thankfully, depeneding on which side you are experiencing from, such lack of empathy doesn't align with western society ideals.

No. 217384

No. 217385

Why do they hate women so much? What have we done that men think of nothing but chopping us into pieces?

No. 217387

>45% of men are virgins/unfuckable

No. 217389

No. 217390

File: 1513526917931.png (9.39 KB, 806x82, Screenshot-2017-12-17 int - I…)

One after another thinks killing a woman for asking divorce is okay.

No. 217394

Yes because pretending you still love each other, fighting regularly (traumatizing the child) and bringing new relationships to the household where applicable is so much better than to just get a divorce.

No. 217397

Found the robot/KC trash. Don't engage.

No. 217399

File: 1513528504498.png (7.86 KB, 1217x66, Screenshot-2017-12-17 int - I…)

This! Friendly reminder not to reply to incels/robots/Bernds(KC). They don't view women as humans so don't even bother having any discussions with them.

No. 217400

Sure, go back to fapping to your pedophilic drawings or playing your manchildren games.

No. 217403

File: 1513528708605.png (12.81 KB, 441x131, Screenshot from 2017-12-17 11-…)

He is just an edgelord, fuck off

No. 217404

Juste ranting here, but why do men always turn their anger outward? I don't know any depressed woman who turned into the crazed weirdo men turn into.
Women hate themselves, men get to turn it on everyone but themselves.

No. 217405

Stop posting screenshots of that cesspool if it's not for saying how much of miserable cunts they are. Nobody cares about their opinions here. We just want proof for our misandry.

No. 217406

These screenshots are a good example of what men think of women. This is a man-hating thread so men talking how it's ok to dismember a woman for asking a divorce is just one in a dozen examples how men justify violence and normalize it by going through heaps of mental gymnastics.

No. 217408

>all broken homes are the womans fault
testosterone makes men aggressive, society makes women compliant
it's fucked up because you do end up feeling better if you shit on someone else than you do if you keep everything inside

No. 217409

Pics like this and the whole "cock carousel - settle down" narrative is so silly.

No. 217410

File: 1513529738633.png (627.48 KB, 847x767, 1513526529001.png)

No. 217411

Consider they invented the term "reverse rape", as in, when a female doesn't have sex with them, it's literally much worse than actual rape in their opinion, I'm not surprised by this.

No. 217412

But, like, how?
My inadequacies are mine. I can try to put them on my parents or on men but it just sounds ridiculous. I seriously wish I could hate others intensely like men do, it sounds liberating. I never actually have seen a man really hating himself more than he hates others.

No. 217413

Yeah, just goes to show how twisted and sick their mind is. They're so petty and biggest egotistical maniacs out there that not getting laid is much more of an emotional and physical pain than someone being raped.

I sincerely hope sexbots become a thing because then they will have no excuse for rape(in their minds) or such cringy statements.

No. 217415

>But, like, how?
testosterone, entitlement and coddling in early life. above all testosterone though, like, boys picking on their sisters or younger brothers as soon as they enter puberty or before, the thing being so obivious that we need "boys will be boys" imo their advantages are all based on their aggressivenes and phsycal prowess and what that entails
>I seriously wish I could hate others intensely like men do, it sounds liberating
I wouldn't it if I was in their place, but as it is now I do wish I could hate them and get it over with, since they actually deserve hate

No. 217417

Selection bias, people who hate themselves more than they hate others tend not to spend their time constantly writing posts and huge essays blaming or taking out their problems on others.

No. 217419

We do have a fair amount of women typing walls of text about their lack of self esteem and how they hate themselves here, though. I never see that on the men boards not accompanied by some kind of rage. Could be that men are discouraged of feeling helpless without putting it on someone else, could be that men are raging cunt.

No. 217420

2/3 of those men in the incel section look fine - cute even, the third one would probably be fine if he shaved the shitty beard and got nicer glasses. The guys in the "genetic" trash again it's a case of weight loss/weight gain, different hair/clothes etc and they'll look just fine. It's not your looks stopping you from getting laid, trust me. You probably have heard that before and know deep down it's true.

Anyway, it's cute how triggered the bots are over this thread. They post daily in multiple threads about wanting to murder women etc but when we have one thread for complaining about men they sperg the fuck out lmao. You're just proving every point that has been made in this thread right.

No. 217425

I've noticed from browsing this place and /r/foreveralonewomen before it went private, women tend to blame themselves if men aren't attracted to them and are actually open to suggestions to improve themselves. Men on similar boards just blame women entirely, there's nothing wrong with them it's all on women in their heads. Most incels wouldn't give an average/below average looking woman a chance and have delusions about their attractiveness (Elliot Rodger thought he was really good looking and just couldn't understand why women weren't hopping on his dick kek) Most incels are average or slightly below average in looks, if they actually attempted to be decent people and went for women in their league they'd have no issues getting a date, the problem is they don't want to work on themselves or accept they're probably not going to get a 10/10 model virgin girlfriend who will be their slave. They want a woman that doesn't exist or women way above their league.

inb4 "fat ugly women get laid!1" meaningless sex with a guy who views you as nothing but a hole is not the same as a relationship, and probably feels every bit as lonely as being incel.

No. 217428

>You fantasize about shit you want to happen.

this shit cracks me up since men all fantasise about action movie scenarios that they would be terrified to be in in real life because it's not just a story in your head

never mind all the pathetic sexual fetishes men have like cuckolding, forced feminization, forced-bi, ect that they'd hang themselves if it happened for real

actually hol up, I remember reading an article that actually gave it's data about this, let's have a little look


>Being forced to have sex

>female: 28.9%
>male: 30.7%

so men "want to get raped" more than women lmaoooo, projecting as always

>This is why women dry up like a bucket of sand when you ask them for consent.

yeah for you maybe lmao

>this study

>link to a message board that links to a 404'd msnbc.msn.com page

top kek

also funny when men try and say involuntary sexual response = mental enjoyment when half the male experience is suffering undesired involuntary sexual responses when they get boners in public/cant get hard when they want/cum too soon/cum in their sleep/cant cum from certain sex acts/annoyed by the need to jack off/being insecure as all fuck if they have gay thoughts/being addicted to porn/getting more and more degenerate sexual fantasies/wishing their lust for women didnt have such control over them/incels like this that wish they were asexual

No. 217432

kek at that filename. So, what's a terrone doing here? Mamma didn't make you enough of pasta so you feel like venting here?

No. 217437

>wife wants divorce. husband mutilates her. men's response: 'whore must suffer'
>white sharia
>men believing women want to be raped & assaulted
>men openly telling us that they want to hurt & murder us in general
>asks "why do you hate us"

Its like they want us to envy the dead. Because at least when you're dead, you don't have to share the planet with these guys. Ugh.

No. 217439

Half the thread was about how Russians were subhuman

No. 217440

Why is it that the incels, robots, redpillers or Bernds are the ones enjoying and welcoming mutilation, torture and murder of women? It's not the Chad type, it's you that women should fear and distance themselves from. You wouldn't even think twice before harming a woman and it shows in your posts, so maybe try and hide your hatred towards us better, loser.

Stop lying. Your lies won't pass here. I used to frequent your board for many years, I know how and what you think of the entire female gender. Sugarcoat it as much you please, we know your true face.

No. 217441

Loving that code red.
>stop being hysteric about being raped, muh legitimate anger about women not wanting to touch my dick is worst.

No. 217443

not provide me with a counter argument like an IQlet

No. 217446

File: 1513535620729.gif (2.31 MB, 350x200, tumblr_inline_p0v9p7X1D51srwt8…)

I married a Chad and he's miles more respectful than the average nerd guy. But next you will tell me I'll get cheated on, blah blah blah. It's always the same arguments, the same tears. Men on internet are always so pathetic.

No. 217448

File: 1513535783809.png (294.79 KB, 1875x900, vs.png)

No. 217449

I browsed there too around 2010 or so and for quite a while I hated myself for being a woman and hated other women. Notice how everytime they had female posters they prevented them from befriending each other? That's because men are afraid of women having the same sense of camaraderie men have with each other. They know it might fuck them up because once we start talking about the shit we go through with the male gender, we can't be quiet anymore.

No. 217450

>watches Oprah

I'm not even American or watch TV. It's just a gif. Reach more. You have no arguments. lol

No. 217451


nope, the fantasy is "being forced to have sex" not "force someone to have sex" (which is 10.8% for women and 22% for men, so you're still more degenerate)

learn to read IQlet

No. 217452

File: 1513536472447.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, 1487699988472.jpg)

>dumb Bernd being rekt with their own data

They should just off themselves, that's too much low.

Have some shame and leave, retards.

No. 217453

Bernd doesn't use the term IQlet

No. 217455

I didn't know there were many ex Bernadettes here. Yes, I noticed that too. And I know precisely how you feel, their active misogyny is so omnipresent that as soon as you spend a few more hours daily on that site, you start hating yourself and the entire gender.

I hate that I wanted to be so much not like the other girls or maybe that's a phase you have to go through when you spend so much time on internet and make yourself believe that women are indeed useless trash and not worth anything after they reach 25 since you see yourself through their skewed worldview.

> I browsed there too around 2010 or so

You're lucky that you got away earlish, I was there from 2009 to 2016 and it got really bad. No pure love anymore, no quality threads or posters. Only pol and r9k, actually I would say even worse than those two combined.

> Notice how everytime they had female posters they prevented them from befriending each other?

Yes, they always interrupted and never allowed us to continue our comfy discussions. I wish there mas a female only serious discussions board with mandatory pure love.

No. 217456

File: 1513536828446.jpg (127.68 KB, 1280x720, sexy.jpg)

I beg your pardon,anon, but this is what a male at his to peak looks like

No. 217457

I left around 2013. Started playing more MMOs and spending my time learning things and talking with actual friends. KC was too much shit after 2012 or so. Never looked back as I had nothing to miss.

This is the only imageboard I can stand. 4chan is a cesspool. My country's imageboard is a cesspool. I am not missing anything important as I can get the memes/reactions on several other sites.

No. 217459


also the study he originally referenced doesn't actually exist and is a made-up hoax rofl


No. 217461

> KC was too much shit after 2012 or so.

I know. It got downhill soon after 2010/2011. I stayed because it was a big part of my daily routine.

> Never looked back as I had nothing to miss.

Precisely! I wish I left sooner. I felt so much better after I cut that habit. I became a far more positive person and my life overall improved. It's amazing how toxic and how much of a mental toll can a prevalently male board have.

No. 217463

File: 1513537819333.jpg (41.08 KB, 1850x124, 13123.JPG)

They're getting smarter.

No. 217464

e-celeb gossip vs. a cesspool of gore/hate…yeah I think the gossip is the best option here.

No. 217466

File: 1513537963840.png (43.92 KB, 657x527, 1510192430693.png)

Yes! My self-esteem increased as soon as I left these boards. I started being more healthy, mentally and physically, because I had more time to do anything else I wouldn't do because I was spending time shitposting and trying to be one of the guys. Even here, I browse more /g/ and /ot/ and I try to focus on things that are more productive.


Not sure if you haven't noticed, but we have two boards that are not dedicated to e-gossip. But it takes too much perspective from you to even notice that. Boohoo. Dumb Bernd. Just off yourself.

No. 217467

Only I don't. I don't give a monkey's fart about celebs, I'm here for all the other threads, from vidya, vent to general advice threads. I don't find anything wrong with the gossip here, I skimmed a few threads and none of the farmers here are spewing excess hatred that makes me want to kill myself. The positive threads outweigh the negatives. I couldn't say anything similar about kc.

No. 217468

They never post anything relevant ever. It's always "It's the jews!!" or "-insert country- is subhuman" or "I hate women because of xy" or porn dump.

No. 217470

We have 5 boards if you can't count. And where do you get that number from? Oh yeah, straight from your ass, where also comes the shit you keep spewing here.

>u mentally deranged harpy.

Are you hurt? Try seeking professional help. It might make you a productive member of society. Can't promise anything though.

No. 217471

> Yes! My self-esteem increased as soon as I left these boards. I started being more healthy, mentally and physically, because I had more time to do anything else I wouldn't do because I was spending time shitposting and trying to be one of the guys. Even here, I browse more /g/ and /ot/ and I try to focus on things that are more productive.

Awww :3 I'm glad to hear that! It's really odd talking to a fellow ex Bernadette outside of /int/. But yeah, I went trough the same experience. Everything improved and I'm just glad I left that place. Now even when there's a major happening, I don't even bother to check it there.

I know. There was that misogynistic russian, brit and german that kept dumping gore with dead women of course, that irish bernd with his fat fetish porn and a few other blogposting bernds. The few quality threads went to the last page in matter of minutes.

No. 217474

exactly, bots are always trying to convince us how horrible chad is, reality is bots couldn't even make up for being hideous with their personality and then whine about how women always want money and looks

No. 217476

lel stop being such a bitter loser. You're posting in a man hating thread on a girl oriented imageboard, how pathetic can you be that you have nothing else to do? man, get a grip and try to fix your life.

No. 217478

yes because the fact takes you on dates, says romantic and sweet stuff, is actually valuable and does things that actually matter is just the halo effect, clearly us women are just deluded and greasy greg-chans are actually a lot better how they post our nudes on the internet, spend most of their time judging womens bodies, and just ignore us most of the time to play league unless they want sex, just the halo effect tho, clearly bots are better

No. 217480

>a few women go on r9k

go back to the autism clinic

No. 217481

>women ruined /r9k/
>not moot

Spotted the newfag.

No. 217483

He doesn't sound like a Bernd, and has been constantly using robot vocabulary and reaction images. But I digress.

Fundamentally your criticisms of kc are correct. I have extreme disdain for the current state of kc but I still have nostalgia for the olden days and gratitude to kc for expanding my worldview. I always hoped that one day it would return to its former state but that seems less and less likely over time. Your unanimous statements about how your lives dramatically improved after quitting is especially jarring. I think I will rethink my browsing and internet habits in their entirety. I guess I wanted to show a small gratitude of thanks for showing a glimpse into a life without kc. Sorry for the pseudo-blogpost.

No. 217485

Not at all, you're very much welcome! It wasn't just the misogyny. Overall, the most threads were extremely negative and made you feel there was nothing you could do or nothing that would matter if you did. Which is wrong! There's nothing wrong with wanting a serious discussion but there are better sites for that. My outlook on life in general improved and I implore you to even just diminish your activity on that site and you will surely notice a difference too.

No. 217486

yes because clearly it's the fault of everyone elses actions except for your own
as we said before, you're a spoilt baby
even women who were bullied and rejected by men growing up don't take the time to run around and scream and cry about chad and treat men like shit and then blame the fact men always left them for stacy, really makes you think

No. 217487

I married a nerdy Chad. Got him into DnD myself. I almost married a normie/incel tier guy and I'm so glad that I didn't. Normie guy constantly needed me to baby him and didn't really appreciate what I did for him. Had a massive dick but sex with him was lackluster at absolute best and he had no self esteem.

My husband is the best. He bought me a video game and baked me top notch cookies while I played it the other night just cause. He thanks me everyday for cleaning even though I told him he doesn't need to. Amazing in bed. Awesome cook. Constantly gets creeped on by women and gay men. The whole package.

According to these failbots, we found unicorns. They need to realize that Chads are way more varied and better with women because they actually try. They genuinely like women. The amount of work the robots would have to put in to get a girlfriend is really minimal if they didn't have such a shit personality.

No. 217488

Your post gives me hope. I mean, I'm not searching for perfection, body-wise. I just want an actual nice guy, non abusive with mutual appreciation. Money, height and whatever the robots are claiming we want, is not my priority.

No. 217489

File: 1513539961146.jpeg (61.55 KB, 500x282, 98418456-7C35-429E-ABD2-97E268…)

>why won’t they let me ruin vagene with my bepis >:(

No. 217490

Shhhh anon, you know they can't think outside of their narrow point of view. You can't just break their illusion like that.

No. 217491

exactly, and then they want to blame the fact sex didn't get handed to them the reason why they treat someone so badly

I'm with a chad myself, he treats me so great, he actually gives me the choice to be traditional, where as with bots they just expect you to be a traditional waifu but don't want to be a traditional man themselves, treating women horribly and sitting on their ass being lazy but expecting a trad woman to do everything for them, he doesn't expect perfection either and is actually very happy with my flaws. I can discuss financial things with him without having him scream gold digger in my face

No. 217495

They probably would be okay with it as their husbands aren't their dad's, so they can do what they like on the internet…..

No. 217496

>2 maybe 3 women say they're with chad
>Im sure this "Chad" finds it A-Ok you are here shitting on men and gossipping about youtube celebrities huh?
we aren't shitting on men, just incels
>gossipping about youtube celebrities huh?
BREAKING NEWS:PEOPLE LIKE TO GOSSIP, guess our hubbies will never love us now

No. 217502

>No just deranged old harpies
you realize a lot of young, in shape women go here right? plus wasn't it men who invented the stereotype of stacies gossiping and yet magically it's only old harpies? kek

>Men talk about politics, ideas and other high-iq topics

yeah maybe men on the internet. not that you talk to men irl anyway which if you did you wouldn't even be saying that

No. 217505

File: 1513542342893.png (976.55 KB, 1274x686, O5uFx2P.png)


No. 217506

Yeah, male-orientated sites are filled with thought-provoking discussions such as what porn they watch, how stacey ignored them and how they can't get laid. Real high-iq my dude.

No. 217509

Still beats e-gossip imo

No. 217511

The anon you replied to here, my husband is very similar, nowadays we play games together, we cook together, we can balance doing normie shit and nerdy shit together, which is ultimately healthy for the both of us. A robot would never.

No. 217512

not really because professional people still gossip in their free time, when have you ever seen someone actually make something out of themselves post their lovers nudes on the internet and whine about stacy

No. 217514

as if """professional""" men dont talk about porn ???

No. 217515

>using 'triggered' meme

You are the triggered one here, hun. We are not going to your shit board to tell how much you are wrong. You came here to show how hurt you are by your views. My suggestions remain, seek professional help or end your life.

No. 217516

File: 1513543407981.jpg (104.67 KB, 500x690, tumblr_olfjnpe5Ht1r1gyewo1_500…)

No. 217517

There's a difference between watching/talking about porn occasionally and posting violent porn/gore daily and screaming about how you hate women and wish violence on them.

No. 217518



No. 217519

Report and ignore incel posts.
They're never going to get it through their heads that women are also permitted to have our "spaces" to talk shit just as they are.

No. 217521

You can gossip and still be a useful human being, where as you never see someone who is useful spend their time whining about stacy

never said they don't, I wasn't that anon they were replying to. Professional men can talk about porn they like in their personal life, but they wouldn't make a huge deal since most of them actually fuck women.

No. 217524

If gossip is the bottom of the barrel, why are you wasting your time here? Why no go discuss intellectual shit with your fellow incels?

No. 217525

>what is this even supposed to mean? Gossip is considered to be bottom barrel by philosophers
and yet people with high paying jobs still gossip, people who own businesses gossip, people who are CEOs gossip for fucks sake, it's human nature more than anything, I bet these "philosophers" even gossiped themselves before, hell you're probably going to go to your incel reddit and gossip about us later, everyone gossips, big deal, get over it sweetie.


>crying about people gossiping

>"just get over it u dumb cunt".

No. 217526

not sure if this is a fellow farmer coming to the thread to contribute how men are shit, or if this is an incel wanting to trigger us with memes that have already been posted in the teen thread that inspired us to make the man-hating thread

No. 217527

No. 217528

File: 1513544536366.gif (1.02 MB, 235x133, 1503934877920.gif)

It's funny the dumb Bernd posted discussing philosophy instead of gossip because I just remembered this.


>"That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my student let's take a moment to filter what you're going to say. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

Everything posted in the gossip boards are the truth and if they are speculation, they are considered speculation and nothing else, thus not taken seriously.

>"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?"

It is good if you consider the point of view of the people posting these. Many of the people posted here are scammers that pretend to be good people. So in a way, it protects people by giving them information some people are not trustworthy in their circles.

>"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, even though you're not certain it's true?" The man shrugged, a little embarrassed. Socrates continued. "You may still pass the test though, because there is a third filter - the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?"

As I state before, the facts posted here might be useful. Many people posted here are not only scammers, but also abusers, liars and cheaters. So it's a social service, to be able to talk about these facts without facing social consequences.

So literally, according by Socrates, the usefulness of this board is clear as water. Thank you dumb Bernd for making this even more obvious.

No. 217529

He's a robot not a Bernd

No. 217530

Doesn't really matter, could be both. Either way I hope he dies.

No. 217531

any of you ladies want to fill me in, who is Bernd?

No. 217532

KC posters are called Bernds. Same way /r9k/ posters are called robots. They are very similar. Incel-like losers.

No. 217534

Nice ban evading. Also nice argument. Why not cite another philosopher? Assuming you even know philosophy at all.

No. 217535

I don't think that anon was trying to reach for an elaborate cope. They pointed out that an incel brought up philosophy which jogged their memory to this specific passage on Socrates. For you to be this upset is insane.

No. 217536

File: 1513545241773.jpg (16.7 KB, 179x219, 114790093.jpg)

interesting point anon
Also that gif is gold

OT but
But I will have to say that there are cows/people that get boring or have no milk and their threads are just constant nitpicking
Like the Venus thread, or the Baylee Jay thread were people bitch about her weight; the thread is targeted at her art and her refusal to improve her channel/ take crit, not her looks goddammit.

No. 217538

In my opinion that is a problem as well and it takes the seriousness of the facts posted here. For some people it might be fun, but it's infact not very interesting browsing a thread to realize half of the comments are about the person's appearance. They are misusing this tool we have to feel better about themselves.

No. 217540

Agreed anon, I always get bored of a thread once it results in nitpicking looks because it's not really relevant and gonna sound a bit tumblr here but I don't like when men place all a woman's value on her appearance, so I'm not going to contribute to that mind set by sperging about a woman's weight etc even if she is a lolcow.

No. 217548

Its been pointed out several times in threads that nitpicking/vendettachan crap isn't allowed, but the farmhands really need to just start banning those posters because they ruin shit for everybody by derailing threads and causing infighting. Its been happening for weeks now. We had much less of this in 2015.

No. 217555

File: 1513547999370.png (14.26 KB, 810x116, anon.png)

this is the top comment on the MGTOW fappening video that was posted in the old thread… Is this what men consider "no ass" nowadays?

Like damn, it's one thing to have their privacy invaded by perverts but to have a bunch of greasy losers shit on their bodies and say they have "no ass" (which is ridiculous they even consider these women to have no ass but that's another point)

No. 217556

>if you're attractive to them, you'll be harassed
>if you're not, you'll be harassed for being not

Just can't win with men other than finding and using your own personal invisibility cloak.. which doesn't sound too bad, tbqh

No. 217558

File: 1513548930306.jpg (144.29 KB, 682x1024, fWrcYsO.jpg)

not to mention
>screams and cries about how women have high standards
>calls celebrities "average" and says women like jennifer lawrence have no ass

No. 217559

yeah, no hunny
is this what men think we're like? if this was the case most doctors and men with good jobs wouldn't be married, and which they are. Interesting coming from men, who are KNOWN to only give a shit about womens looks and nothing else

No. 217561

File: 1513549580706.jpg (402.92 KB, 1000x1425, 1513548888308.jpg)

Fixed it!~

No. 217564

File: 1513550696691.png (Spoiler Image, 200.62 KB, 500x666, tumblr_ns6dubEpFZ1r3vhtqo1_500…)

I'm convinced the only way possible for women to considered to have an ass nowadays is to spend thousands on surgery, hell sometimes even that won't do it because a lot of women with surgery still get told they have no ass>>217555

No. 217566

File: 1513551023961.png (881.17 KB, 921x754, 1512409742890.png)

Gay men are just as disgusting as straight men

No. 217568

File: 1513551351239.jpg (124.09 KB, 640x764, 1.jpg)

Men love to complain about how women invade "male spaces" (video games, comics) yet men constantly invade women's spaces.
Men have zero self-awareness.

No. 217570

Bi women are the ones who started the marches in the 1960s.

No. 217571

File: 1513551570253.png (517.88 KB, 518x525, 1476001259901.png)

Here's your reply I guess


>relentless roasty invasion on r9k

Roleplaying doesn't make them girls anon

No. 217572

File: 1513551585691.png (411.38 KB, 500x502, 983672998.png)

literally the only girls on r9k are mystery.jpg and a buch of trannies. keep bitching about shit that didn't happen tho.

god, I wish all these robots would just hurry up and self kill.

No. 217573

Pretty sure that was lesbians, dude

No. 217575

File: 1513551895677.png (207.54 KB, 540x760, men fucking corpses.png)

ewww male pig smell polluting the thread

No. 217576


Eh. How do you feel about Dita Von Teese?

No. 217577

it always blows my mind the extreme lengths men will go to in order to prove all women to be gold diggers

they go as far as hiring actresses to play gold diggers, changing the definition of gold digger to be, pretty much all women, getting staged TV shows in order to prove women are gold diggers, and then when you call out their insane tactics they gaslight and crazy make to make it seem like we're insane and triggered

being an incel should be considered a mental illness, like these people seriously need legitimate help, not just some armchair psychologist who gives them prozac and tells them to exercise more, like long-term stays in a psychiatric facility

No. 217580

They really should be lynched, they do nothing but hurt society.

No. 217582

I thought this was a male hate thread
you want to hate something else make a thread about it shit stain~

No. 217585

File: 1513552521270.gif (953.23 KB, 333x214, giphy.gif)

she's prob average or ugly according to incels standards, wouldn't even bring her into it tbh

what I want to know is what DO these shitbrains find attractive ? since most celebrities and models are considered average to them and sex symbols are considered "doable after a few drinks"?

No. 217586

That's easy anon, anime girls and underaged girls.

No. 217588

File: 1513552907918.png (435.84 KB, 911x507, male violence.png)

Men have to make up shit to make women look bad. We women only have to turn on the news to see men rape, kill and terrorize. Every single day.

No. 217589

They can't have these women, so in self-denial they convince themselves, that they're not attracted to them anyways. It's like when I want to learn how to play the guitar, but it's too hard, so "I never wanted to learn this stupid instrument anyways". It's also a great self-fulfilling prophecy, because even if a woman was stupid enough to want to sleep with one of them, they could still say that "no real worthy woman wants to fuck me". Whatever happens, in their minds they win. In the long-run we win, because they won't pass on their genes.

No. 217590

File: 1513553170538.png (35.31 KB, 1450x234, ass.png)

>Men have to make up shit to make women look bad. We women only have to turn on the news to see men rape, kill and terrorize. Every single day.

This. and then they want to scream that men are the ones being oppressed by claiming courts favor women but provide no examples that can easily be proven wrong with those claims

No. 217591

File: 1513553317157.png (1.55 MB, 1536x820, 1512076963562.png)

They literally feel attacked when a woman dares to be less than ideal physically

No. 217593

File: 1513553383535.png (30.65 KB, 1150x204, poo.png)

everytime I see posts like this I wonder if the girl even had "no ass" or their standards were just so damn high any girl who's ass wasn't as big as nicki minajs had no ass

No. 217594

You're really reinforcing the point of this thread if you seriously think women = womb and a pussy

By that logic, men are obsolete already since we have enough stored sperm to last a millennia.

No. 217597

Id like to see a male society with male nurses/caretakers/any job that requires EQ. They'd crash and burn.

No. 217599

not to mention how batshit insane men would go if they're single/without women and yet most women are perfectly fine with being single and don't demand men date them while putting no effort into actually being dateable

No. 217600

That's why they're better off with sexbots and sexdolls. Guys like this >>217583 will call gorgeous women average and say nobody over the age of 15 is hot enough.
>b-but women over 30 aren't as fertile!
>better fuck a literal sex ROBOT because those are totally fertile

And they say it's women who don't know what they want.

No. 217602

Why do incels use this as a threat? I cannot wait for the day that they start fucking robopussies because it means we won't have to deal with them anymore.

Nice Emma tho

No. 217603

That won't be enough for them. They'll probably torture and kill us all if they ever get the chance.

No. 217604

You do understand that even for artificial wombs you need women's eggs…? If anything, men will become obsolete because women can reproduce sans sperm. Men will weed themselves out by buying VR porn and sex robots while women get their precious genetic variety from other women's genes.

Enjoy your extinction, male.

No. 217606

No. 217609

File: 1513554110579.png (140.92 KB, 500x523, the-weak-should-fear-the-stron…)


Who said people would be taken care of in male society?

No. 217611

>it would mean you'd lose your beta providers and orbiters
Even better, I already wish they'd all hang themselves

No. 217612

>bottom of her ass is hanging out of her tiny shorts
>she has no ass


No. 217613

Oh my, what will I do without creeps creeping on me?!

No. 217614


Anyone else exited about women potentially being able to reproduce asexually in the future?

No. 217615

No. 217616

File: 1513554469857.jpg (65.95 KB, 620x826, 1a1ce347a59a763fe36dfeaa60b826…)

probably not, most men can't even make their own beds or wipe their own ass, not to mention the fact they act like they're dying when they're sick, it's like it's ingrained in their mind they want us women to baby them and they want the most amount of attention they can get, plus isn't it them who blame women for them not getting laid so they have to rape and shoot up places? if all women were gone and they had a scare supply of sex dolls they would end up shooting each other, raping other men, as well as the entire world just ending up as some prehistoric wasteland

No. 217618

File: 1513554678952.jpg (55.14 KB, 540x301, fathers day.jpg)

fathers shouldn't exist

No. 217619

You must be joking. Men can literally be considered the niggers of gender, the only advantage being brute strength (not even endurance lmao). Not only that but they're more prone to over emotional outbursts and crime. That alone makes them more like animals and less like humans than females.

I thought lolcow was stupid gossip but after reading a few threads I might have changed my mind, at least in relation. This site is leagues ahead of the popular 4cancer boards. Actually imageboards were the driving factor which made me realize how simplistic the average male's brain is and how unable to use logic he is. Return to your safe space.

No. 217620

>you have similar thoughts about what would happen if _______ was wiped out, must be plagiarism !

the difference is my post was actually true

do you think people who do their hair like you is plagiarizing to?
we get it, you want attention, and you got it

No. 217622

File: 1513554760502.jpg (71.97 KB, 850x400, Robert E Howard.jpg)


>, as well as the entire world just ending up as some prehistoric wasteland

As it should be


No. 217623

>it's all my mom's fault I murdered and raped someone, I'm real the victim here!
also lol @ no mention of the shitty dads who refuse to raise their shitty kids.

No. 217624

Must be so frustrating to be a male at this day and age
>tech, which they claim as their own, was mostly developed and maintained by women
>society and scientific advances, which they claim were all built and made by males, now makes it possible for women to reproduce on their own

I mean, imagine spending thousands of years working on something, only to find out it's the very thing that'll exterminate you and your kind?

IMO we should start passing laws that'll force men to obey us if they want a chance to come anywhere near our pussies and have a shot at maybe, just maybe producing a male child.

I don't like kids and I have no desire to procreate, but for the greater good of making men obsolete, I'd pop out a little girl every nine months. I'm super excited for this.

>boohoo women are obsolete because the men who are currently alive won't want them anymore

>w-what do you mean we're all going to die and you girls won't birth new male babies…?

No. 217625

Are there any updates on this? I remember hearing it literally a decade ago and finding it interesting

No. 217626

File: 1513554890686.jpg (83.95 KB, 500x471, Jt2f3yU.jpg)

some people actually believe this

No. 217627

as a lesbian, if I were to get in a relationship where we would want to start a family, the ability to have a child that's 100% ours sounds very attractive. from the options available right now I'd prefer adoption over sperm donor but this would top everything.

No. 217630

>copycat of 4chan
>not knowing where 4chan comes from

we have a newfag over here

No. 217631

They forgot to add
To the foreveralone male list.

No. 217633

File: 1513555054188.png (32.9 KB, 500x348, chromazones.png)

Let's not forget the woman is the original human while the man is just a mutation made purely for physical strength and ensuring the woman and childrens survival.

No. 217634

File: 1513555140130.png (461.39 KB, 1228x700, omen.png)

reminder not going door to door to knock on peoples basement doors to see if there's an incel in there so you can have sex with him is a million times more worse than refusing to do anything when you hear someone getting beat up

No. 217635

File: 1513555151642.jpg (119.48 KB, 853x1280, woman.jpg)

You think this woman is bi?

No. 217638

>physical strength and ensuring the woman and childrens survival.
What's that? You're saying men are obsolete now that we have robots to do manual labor that requires physical strength? That men are obsolete now that society is so advanced we don't have to fear predators?

men are useless l m a o

No. 217639

File: 1513555319881.png (27.59 KB, 652x391, don't blame his mother.png)

Men always find some far away woman to blame. That's why men used to burn women as witches when crops failed or livestock died. If something goes wrong, in the male mind it must be a woman's fault.

No. 217641

Males are the predators.

No. 217644

File: 1513555372461.jpg (68.79 KB, 500x680, ScEqCjB9ktW6iBECGlcSAyKMfJxMvJ…)

No. 217645

Yes i was agreeing with you.

No. 217647

You think there doesn't exist at least one woman who can maintain, develop and invent robots? Weak.

No. 217648

Spoken like the true niggers of gender.

No. 217649

I know, I'm just reinforcing your point!

No, anon, they're a plague. Predators deserve to live and serve the purpose of keeping an animal's population in check. Men are plague and need to be eradicated.

No. 217652

File: 1513555774771.jpg (227.67 KB, 630x400, laughing.jpg)

There is still a lot of stupid gossip on here that I dislike, so I'll give you that.

>Nah its a blatant copy cat of 4chan, a male invention. Women can only copy men's inventions.

I won't let out names because I don't want them to get shit on by 4cancer retards, but the 2 imageboards I regularly visit which I consider actually decent are admin-ed by females. And one is fairly popular.

>You are low IQ it seems, dont draw conclusions on your own again.

Don't embarrass yourself bud, I have a degree and STEM job, can you say that for yourself? Let me guess: dropped out of high school, the world doesn't understand me, degrees are a jewish trick. Bonus if you realize the truth and commit suicide within the next 5 years.

No. 217653

Christ. That's nasty. How are men so compliant with sticking their dicks in ANYTHING, including decaying bodies?? HOW? WHY??
I hope when I die, mine is never found or is unrecognizable.

No. 217654

Nice image, men have it really hard.

No. 217656

Thankfully I'm no 'murrican so I don't need to fear Trump's antics :^)

>this is just terrifying

Welcome to life as the new weaker sex. I'll be your guide, but only if you lick my pussy thoroughly and beg for it.

No. 217658

>Education is shit (coincidentally its catered towards women)
>catered towards women
Education nowadays is a result of millennia of traditions, mixed with capitalistic demands. It can't, by definition, be catered towards women. Maybe if you went to college you'd know this.

No. 217659

Tons of women have pretty low standards, the only reasons why I can imagine the incels foaming at their mouth about how they can't get laid and need to rape people is

A) their standards are way too high and women who don't meey their standards arent an option for them, since a lot consider even most celebrities to not be good enough, it's no wonder why they're running around screaming how they deserve girlfriends just because they're mentally ill and hate women
B) they put no effort into getting a girlfriend, several other men have confirmed this. They do nothing all day, which a lot of them claim they do, they don't go out and meet women but cry when they can't get a girlfriend. Almost like they expect a beautiful woman to just show up at their doorstep
C) their attitude just repels women. Say they do get lucky with one woman, 3 days after meeting her demand nudes, if she isnt already creeped out and leaves, if she does send nudes the incel will tear apart about how her body isnt good enough, show their friends and 4chan her nudes, blackmail her, etc. If this still isn't enough to make her leave the incel will scream and cry about how big of a slut and gold digger she is for sending nudes. If she is STILL with him somehow he will become abusive, and as told by other women who have dated men like this, will just become abusive, and then the incels will just scream "BUT BUT BUT!!! WOMYN ARE EVIL!!! DEY WNT LEMME SEE BOBS AN VEGNEE!!!"

No. 217660

No, in nature the male sex only exist to provide the true organism (female) with DNA (sperm) so that our offspring will have a greater genetic variance and therefore a greater chance of survival.

Men aren't people, they're a side effect of evolution.
Stop treating men like people and treat them like the thing they really are: walking testicles with a dildo attached.

No. 217661

Men are equipped with the amount of desire necessary to fuck a corpse and a lot of people have little to no impulse control. Put two and two together and you have necro diddling.

It's pretty bleak when your sexual need overcomes the stench of death

No. 217663

True that. I just didn't know how to articulate that, thanks lol.

No. 217665

They're not copies like this one, the formats are much better imo. And the fact that the only high quality imageboards are the ones created my women really made me think (no I didn't start posting there because of that, I didn't even know for a few years).

>Education is shit

Stopped listening there.
Let me know when you make the world's next greatest invention. You might need enough good boy points from mommy to leave the house first though.

No. 217666


Even the two things females feel (or at laest seems to be judging from the magazines they read) most passionate about: cosmetics and fashion, are developed and designed mostly by men. And I'm not being spiteful here, I think it'd be amazing if women actually started creating instead of merely consuming, humankind could only benefit from it.

No. 217668

People seriously still buy magazines? Tf. Last time i bought a magazine was in 2009 or something and it was a lad mag.

No. 217669

> I think it'd be amazing if women actually started creating instead of merely consuming
maybe if you'd let us and not discredit things we do

also what cosmetics and fashion are made mostly by men? besides the few gay men in fashion and makeup, I can literally name more women than men in this

No. 217671

>men created the internet
this meme is getting old

No. 217672

>cosmetics are made by males
>but males are now creating apps to remove said cosmetics from women's faces

How's that schizophrenia working out for y'all?

No. 217673

The difference is, men in female-dominated industries are praised and welcomed by women so men in make-up/fashion tend to be glorified, whereas women going into male-dominated industries are harassed, told they're not good enough simply because they're women and constantly belittled.

No. 217674

You're living in a fantasy, I recommend you do some research outside of redpilled sites after switching off the "jewish/feminist scam" defense mechanism.

No. 217675

they hate makeup but they love exploiting womens insecurities and enforcing performative femininity for money

No. 217678

Yeah women are getting hired but they easily quit when faced with discrimination, disrespect and "benevolent sexism" in the workplace. Women are not socially accepted in male industries.

No. 217679

Affirmative action has nothing to do with what I just said, women don't shit on men for joining female-dominated industries and are treated well by other women - it's always only other men I see mocking men in the beauty industry. Women going into gaming or anything else male dominated? Good fucking luck with that.

No. 217680

File: 1513557352886.png (402.96 KB, 1650x820, marie.png)

exactly, they feel the need to pull apart everything a woman does in order to make it seem as when women DO perform well and are successful that it isn't good enough. If a woman does things on her own men will scream and cry how she stole it from a man, all of course without proof rather than just babbling from their ass

No. 217683

honey and men are making more than women on average despite the fact women are also more educated on average and you're acting like AA is a bad things? or are you just salty stacy is actually employed ?

No. 217684


The app you're talking about was originally made for women so they could see how they'd look in a certain makeup without having to physically put it on their faces.


> enforcing performative femininity

Nobody forces to put makeup or wear high heels, this is not XVIII century China

No. 217685

>Again, being an admin of an image board doesnt mean you created it.
What? Let me clarify: they did make it. It's not based on vichan or tinyboard or anything.

>Find me a leading scientist who thinks education is good I double dog dare you ;)

What the fuck? The only reason I keep responding is because I want everyone else in this thread to laugh at this train-wreck.
I'm gonna use 2 of the most well known scientists so there shouldn't be any debate about their influence:
Read the education section of both. Check sources if you don't trust wiki. This neet meme about geniuses hating education needs to die.

No. 217686

Aren't some of them at least aware of that? I guess the same could be said about other shit too like bestiality. Ack..

That headline in particular mentioned how the corpses would be left to rot for several days. I wonder if there had been guys who'd still stick their dick into it even after, pass the stench and overall decay.

No. 217688

>The app you're talking about was originally made for women so they could see how they'd look in a certain makeup without having to physically put it on their faces.

LMFAO gonna need a source for that, do you even know what you're talking about? There's makeup apps and then men made the one that removes makeup

>Nobody forces to put makeup or wear high heels, this is not XVIII century China

they just said they enforce it as in it's encouraged for women to look ultra, unrealistically,feminine, not that anyone is literally forcing them

No. 217689

No there isn't physical force but practically every type of media, men, other women are telling women to wear makeup, shave, diet etc. And why? Because men make big money on it.

No. 217690

Affirmative action is done wrong and hires under qualified people further reinforcing the stereotype, don't use that as an example. The USSR did it right.

No. 217695


No. 217697

File: 1513558416934.jpg (50.69 KB, 375x233, Autism_Treatment_Programs.jpg)

Reminder just about all therapists who specialize in autism are women, I would suggest you see one, but you'd probably end up raping her than blaming it on women for not reading your mind and showing up to your doorstep and giving you secks

No. 217700

Radfems go against this ideal but just about everyone hates us for being "uggo harpies lol" "legbeards btfo!!". No matter how enlightened you think you are, you too are conforming to social pressure, everyone is. Some more than others.

No. 217701

Yeah, maybe they aren't "forcing" women to wear it, but if we don't we're even less likely to get jobs, even less likely to me taken seriously, more likely get harassed about our looks, etc.


Please go back to therapy, you clearly need it.

No. 217702

>he wants to fuck little girls
all your arguments are white noise now

No. 217704

At a company called Thomas Cook it only stopped being mandatory this year for women to wear high heels to work. Many workplaces make it mandatory for women to wear make-up, heels etc.

No. 217706

I wonder if the guys who come in here posting
>women are shit / stupid / only sex objects to be used
>men build everything so suck my dick whores

know they're just reinforcing misandry? Maybe they don't care. Actually.. Yeah, probably. Eh, whatever.

Did Thomas Cook have a height requirement for those heels? When I went to a christian school (this was during high school years), we had church/chapel every week. All the girls HAD to wear some type of heels, no flats. I learned that the hard way when I was sent home for wearing a pair. A few other girls did too.

No. 217707

They're mad that we dare to think we're more than shitty stupid sex objects.

No. 217713

I want more man hate in this thread and less anons replying to shitty bait

No. 217716

Does anyone else absolutely loathe men who attempt to justify their attraction to teenage girls? They'll absolutely CLING to pseudoscience in order to deny the fact that they want romantic partners who rely on them and that they can control. Their absolutely warped mentalities become so apparent when they talk about how much they HATE adult women.

No. 217721

>Their absolutely warped mentalities become so apparent when they talk about how much they HATE adult women.

I think it's even more frustrating when if they're not outright saying they hate adult women, they pretend like wanting teenagers is the more reasonable alternative for a variety of weak reasons.
>muh historical precedent
>muh fertility pseudoscience

No. 217722

Yep they want to insist they like 14 year olds because MUH FERTILITY but conveniently forget that women are at their most fertile from 20-25. And teenage pregnancies are more likely to have complications or baby defects such as downs syndrome.

No. 217724

There's so many greened out replies that it's hard to even read through the thread. PLEASE stop respond to bait.

No. 217725

They always sound so desperate wanting it to be the medieval ages when child brides were common and their wives dying after childbirth even more so. They have their birth rates plus less women, win-win for men.

Do women who’d like to adopt ever cross their minds as something that exists in their world? Or is it only biokids or bust?

No. 217726

I will honestly never understand what MGTOWs want

Why MGTOWs hate western women (what they think they're like)
>they think they're plastic, superficial, and high maintenance
>they think they worship rich white chads
>gold digging
>they partake in sex work
>single moms
>non trad

Why MGTOW likes Thai women (or just what most of the women they are chasing are like)
>plastic and high maintenance
>worship rich white chads
>gold digging
>"partake" in sex work (most are forced into it, sad truth)
>lots of single moms get sucked into sex work to help pay for kids
>thailand has the highest infidelity rate in the worth, almost 60%, which is more than double than what america has
>non trad

Can they even make up their mind about anything or at least not be massive hypocrites ? I know MGTOWs are probably going to come in here and scream jealous roastie because they get off on women being jealous for whatever reason, so now they have to twist and turn everything to make women seem jealous when they aren't. I just want to know why they literally make most their movement bashing and making up shit about western women doing what they are literally chasing thai women over as well as thailand even having higher rates of what they claim to hate western women over

No. 217728

I’ve noticed a lot of them being just weebs in general. Them believing that East Asian women are still stereotypically traditional and feminine vs western women being roasties and “masculine” (by having jobs and rights even though women over in the east have the same thing, even though plenty of women are still pretty feminine)

It’s interesting. Since they hate gold diggers in the west (basically white women) but I know that there are plenty of Asian women who see white men as nothing but wallets. But those guys don’t care, cause their waifu fetish.

No. 217729

yep, I'm east asian myself, once they find out you're not a carbon copy of the fantasy they put into their own head about us, they go batshit crazy, say shit like "well I have a lot to teach you" then when finally they get the clue we aren't some puppet thats meant to be their submissive housewife and never say no to them, they will either scream and cry about how we've been americanized or say something like "well you're not even hot for an asian girl anyway" since they've been by skin whitening and plastic surgery on what their image of what an "asian woman" is supposed to look like

No. 217732

You missed one important factor anon

Why MGTOWs hate western women (what they think they're like)
>western women have standards and won't fuck them
Why MGTOW likes Thai women (or just what most of the women they are chasing are like)
>thai women have low standards and will fuck them

They can also freely be pedophiles in thailand and buy sex for cheap

No. 217733

MGTOW also seem to think that Russian and Ukrainian women are all so pure and traditional.

oh boy do I have a surprise for them.
Russian and Ukrainian women are just like other women all over the world with their own individual personality, things they like and dislike etc etc. they don't want to be slaves for men

No. 217740

I just have to say this and I hope by doing so, it gives a better understanding of the issues presented in this thread.

Now, a lot of the girls/women here will probably feel worthless and frustrated because of the material featured in this thread of abstracts taken from MGTOW and such like that.
Do not feel this way.

You must first realise that such groups like mgtow are an extreme and vocalise views which are unbalanced and toxic. These toxic views are usually expressed by men who, having experienced poor relationships with women throughout their life, whether it be through upbringing with a difficult mother figure, perhaps emulating how their father figure treated their mother whilst they were a child growing up, perhaps a father figure completely absent or even a series of poor father figures entering their life as a child via failed relationships of the mother, or through intimate relationships where rejection could be a major theme, with this they begin to fester within a bitter bubble driven by hate. This toxicity and bitterness which teeters, if not already, blends into hate and stems from what I believe is the cause - hurt.
They have been hurt by the human female encounters and instances in THEIR life which perpetuates the unhealthy opinions we witness in this thread.
This in no way justifies such despicable and uncivilized, barbaric opinions they expres, but I deduce it is highly likely the reason.
They are unable to relate to women without projecting their personal experiences onto women. They fail to realise that the negative relations they have experienced are particular to their own life.
Any woman is triggering to them because the members within that gender remind them of the bad experiences they've had themselves with women simply because they share the same biology and anatomy. Simply because they are a woman.
The presence of any woman will evoke the pain and rejection.
They are unable to acknowledge that not all women are bad because they have not experienced that in their life.
By harbouring such negative view and opinion of women which is bias to their own experiences, they will continue to attract toxic individuals (women) to themselves which will further feed their hatred and bitterness.

Also, despite how disturbing and disgusting the opinions held throughout mgtow, it is nothing more than a sub on reddit which equates to nothing really. It is broadcast on the internet; absolutely negligible.
It is a shit pit where lost, lonely, disgruntled and failed male members of society cluster together to bitch and vent and release some tension which has been fuelled by their poor interactions with women.
Successful men content with their life will not ever make an appearance in such a group. They're too busy enjoying their life and putting their energy into worthwhile efforts such as their work, projects, family and enjoying quality time with their wife/woman.
It's a dark hole for men to congregate in a depressive manner whom have passed their best and are unable to get laid again as they are no longer desired by women and no longer possess virility, with women they desire remaining a highly unlikely, unattainable fantasy.
I would not fret over such a group as it is likely not taken seriously in real life and is just something gross that lingers there pathetically, contained within the walls of the internet.

I would like to mention that there are many things women have achieved with there being many prominent female figures within literature, art, science etc, having made and continue to make significant contributions to society and it's development.
We are not educated nor hear much about these women as male achievement is glorified and highlighted, celebrated highly that it overshadows what women have done. Only at present day are we beginning to hear and see more of women doing great things like that young female student who recently has believed to have found a cure for cancer as one example. For hundreds of years the achievements of women have not been heavily vocalised nor encouraged and instead any woman undertaking endeavours to further expand her knowledge with the desire to do something with her life other than take the role of wife and mother, were greeted with 'WHY?' and judged.
Women have been suppressed and were not permitted to educate themselves further and make ground-breaking discoveries. That's why through history there have been few women at the pinnacle of achievement; it was not supported in society and even if there were women who achieved, it wouldn't be recognised and possibly be given to a man saying he achieved the idea the woman did.
Of course there were still women who broke through with such novelists such as Mary Shelley who wrote the renowned Frankenstein for instance.
Women have been denied for centuries to realise their full potential. It's simply illogical to judge one's capabilities and achievements when they were never given the chance or tools, encouragement to explore it. It's the same as blaming and faulting someone for being stupid when they were denied books and the tools necessary to learn; How can it be said they are stupid when the opportunity to learn has been denied? They haven't had the privilege to explore their capabilities because the tools and environment necessary was denied.

Men don't like competition. The world is run by the white male and he does not like competition of any kind. A woman to be successful will intimidate and make an insecure man feel inferior and question his worth as man. A man will define his worth with what he can offer a woman and with a large number of independent successful women capable of looking after themselves, the man will question his worth as he will see that there is nothing he can provide her as she has already provided it for herself.
Men can be jealous of women.
Also, if women are so inferior, why is it there are so many men who pay large sums of money to fund their aspiration of transitioning into a woman? So many men becoming women these days with their artificial tits and vaginas kek

Women actually hold a great power over men. Through her sexuality, beauty and feminity, it can make a man hate a woman because these aspects of her make him weak and leave him vulnerable. She makes him weak with his intense desire he feels evoked through her simply being a woman (an attractive woman particularly, don't even have to be attractive, but be feminine).
A woman is the weakness of man and men hate this.

Anyway, I believe I touched upon the main points I wanted to express and I hope it was somewhat helpful giving some kind of an insight.
Don't feel useless or even begin to hate being a woman because of these bitter fuelled hate driven rants you see written by very sad individuals.

No. 217741

So what you're saying is men are worthless slaves to their desire? We agree.

No. 217743

A few more things, which I actually forgot to touch upon earlier~

As you all know, mgtow stands for "men going their own way." How can this be true when actually, despite involvement with women eradicated, it was necessary for them to find and identify with a group catered to their ideologies? How can you be considered to go your own way but require a group to feel a sense of belonging? They are not going their own way because they rely upon this mgtow sub as a support to help them cope, using it as a crutch.
And with the topics of discussion heavily centering around women, they are still involved with women in a sense since talking about them on "mgtow" is an integral part of their life.
They haven't broken away from women because they're so absorbed and consumed in their hate and toxic thoughts of women, womrn still have a hold over their life.
A real man going their own eat, or anyone going their own way would not feel the need to seek put and BELONG and identify with a group of others. Instead, they wouldn't give a fuck about any of that and would be going off th grid.
You can't go off the grid if you're posting on the internet talking about a subject you hate.
They're chained to their computer, a slave to their screen. Men going they're own way? They're going nowhere.
It's fucking pathetic.
Should be correctly named, MGN; men going nowhere.

No. 217744

This. I don't know what anon is doing laying out this wall of text telling us what we know already. Men are weak and can't control their feefees. We know that already.

No. 217745

It was written to explain and give the reasons behind this because you may say "we" know already, but who is "we" when you can only speak for yourself. Perhaps not everyone knows so I thought to communicate it through a detailed manner.
Besides, there were other areas I highlighted such as men can be jealous of women, don't like the added competition suffered by having women in the workplace and ascending into male dominated areas. Means another chunk of the population to compete with.

I think it can be said that men are jealous of women for having the ability to give life; Birthing children.
Men don't get that intimate bond with the child during its development, experienced during those nine months pregnant.
Motherhood is a very crucial and powerful role. And they can never experience it.

No. 217746

File: 1513580151365.png (391.73 KB, 450x456, mental problems.png)

I just have to say this and I hope by doing so, it gives a better understanding of the issues presented in this thread.

Now, a lot of the boys/men here will probably feel worthless and frustrated because of the material featured in this thread of abstracts taken from feminism and such like that.
Do not feel this way.

You must first realise that such groups like feminists are an extreme and vocalise views which are unbalanced and toxic. These toxic views are usually expressed by women who, having experienced poor relationships with men throughout their life, whether it be through upbringing with a difficult father figure, perhaps emulating how their mother figure treated their father whilst they were a child growing up, perhaps a mother figure completely absent or even a series of poor mother figures entering their life as a child via failed relationships of the father, or through intimate relationships where rejection could be a major theme, with this they begin to fester within a bitter bubble driven by hate. This toxicity and bitterness which teeters, if not already, blends into hate and stems from what I believe is the cause - hurt.
They have been hurt by the human male encounters and instances in THEIR life which perpetuates the unhealthy opinions we witness in this thread.
This in no way justifies such despicable and uncivilized, barbaric opinions they expres, but I deduce it is highly likely the reason.
They are unable to relate to men without projecting their personal experiences onto men. They fail to realise that the negative relations they have experienced are particular to their own life.
Any man is triggering to them because the members within that gender remind them of the bad experiences they've had themselves with men simply because they share the same biology and anatomy. Simply because they are a man.
The presence of any man will evoke the pain and rejection.
They are unable to acknowledge that not all men are bad because they have not experienced that in their life.
By harbouring such negative view and opinion of men which is bias to their own experiences, they will continue to attract toxic individuals (men) to themselves which will further feed their hatred and bitterness.

Also, despite how disturbing and disgusting the opinions held throughout feminism, it is nothing more than a sub on reddit which equates to nothing really. It is broadcast on the internet; absolutely negligible.
It is a shit pit where lost, lonely, disgruntled and failed female members of society cluster together to bitch and vent and release some tension which has been fuelled by their poor interactions with men.
Successful women content with their life will not ever make an appearance in such a group. They're too busy enjoying their life and putting their energy into worthwhile efforts such as their work, projects, family and enjoying quality time with their husband/man.
It's a dark hole for women to congregate in a depressive manner whom have passed their best and are unable to be rammed by chad again as they are no longer desired by men and no longer possess virility, with men they desire remaining a highly unlikely, unattainable fantasy.
I would not fret over such a group as it is likely not taken seriously in real life and is just something gross that lingers there pathetically, contained within the walls of the internet.(u forgot to write this in MLA format)

No. 217747

File: 1513580964926.jpg (397.91 KB, 551x600, 9282378270.jpg)

>bf asks what I'm reading
>"Man-hating thread on lolcow."
>"Yeah, we are pieces of shit."

I think I've found a keeper.

No. 217748

File: 1513581462455.jpg (37.82 KB, 500x748, afa78691b6070bcae51b869671edf2…)

take good care of him and spoil tf out of him anon, he's a goodboy

No. 217749

l m a o get fucked

No. 217750

Don't acknowledge the filth, mods will clean it up :)

No. 217752

Similar story for Eastern European. Either you must be perfectly submissive virginal homemaker or easy girl that will get with any man. Pathetic.

No. 217758

>(u forgot to write this in MLA format)

No. 217759

I'm sorry but I truly don't give a fuck anymore, I use to try to sympathize with mgtows and the like but I think they truly enjoy being hateful. Half the time it's not even for any particular reason, it's because they weren't the popular jock in highschool who got all the stacies (majority of people weren't, why do they think life is a teen movie?) and other extremely petty bullshit.

Almost every single woman I know has been in an abusive relationship with a man or been raped or had a shitty father, yet they're not miserable cunts who go out of their way to make men miserable and scream about chad etc. Men are weak.

No. 217766

Funny how males have entire boards, websites, channels openly hating women and suggesting to take away their human rights but once one thread pops up on female-targeted image board they swarm to protect their fragile pride. How does it feel to be considered as 'superior' by most of the population yet not leaving your room at the age of 30 and being a complete failure of a human? You have everything set up for you to be successful but you are too lazy, too weak to become a better person.

I come from an Eastern European cou try but I am travelling across Europe and let me tell you - misogyny is way stronger in poorer countries. The more developed the country is - i.e Sweden, The Netherlands - the richer and more prosperous it is. See the general rule? Misogyny is a trait of weak-minded men, constantly looking for excuses for their weaknesses. Unfortunately the internet allows those individuals to meet other people thinking alike and instead of trying to fix themselves they just dwell in their misery together.

I am glad lolcow exists and I love you, anons. Don't let those losers make you lose faith in humanity and just remember that you are all better just for standing up for yourself.

No. 217767

Shit I meant to add 'the less misogynistic it is' after the rich country thing.

No. 217769

I kek’d at this hard because all my ex bf’s proved me on that point recently

No. 217770

I've had men irl and over the internet try to use science to justify them being into girls 12 - 16 years old, by screaming about fertility. They're clinging on to the "youthful" bit of fertile women but ignoring that this also includes wide "birthing" hips and fully developed breasts….things underage girls don't tend to have yet. Also, a woman's most fertile years are in her 20's.

No. 217771

Saged for samefagging but they try to justify their paedophilia by going "BUHH FERTILITY" yet tend to also be the same guys who want to replace women with sex robots, are sex robots fertile? No. Just admit you're a paedo and stop trying to use pseudo-science to justify it.

No. 217772

I think the same anon, but I have to add
- I think they search for younger ones because they can’t keep up with mature woman nowadays in their age, that see through lies easily and have a own life.
Always remember to count by men -4 on their actual age, lmao

No. 217773

they expect women to look like 9 yr olds with 50 inch hips and size DD yet somehow round and perky totally not augmented tits, and then when you try to point out their ridiculous standards they scream "omg we aren't too demanding!!" yet are willing to bash a girl to hell and back if she doesn't have wide hips, big round and extremely perky tits, big round butt, perfect skin, anime pussy, and a tiny waist

I swear to god it seems like most of them make it a second fucking hobby to judge random womens bodies, even when whatevers happening isn't even pertained to her body


someone literally spent hours finding unflattering photos of ariel winter just so they can "prove" she isn't as hot as people claim, like they forget attractiveness is subjective and people are allowed to thing a woman is hot without making sure they approve, I'm honestly sick and tired of men believing the world revolves around them

and the authors name is leon powell for anyone who wants to claim it could be a woman (but we all know only men would put this much damn effort into letting the world know that they don't find a woman attractive)

No. 217775

That's something that's always bothered me, men claim women have such high standards yet I always see men saying conventionally attractive female celebrities are average/ugly, women are also heavily criticized for having things like acne, cellulite and stretch marks when men have them too - almost everyone does it's just women don't spend time autistically searching for unflattering photo's of men.

I remember a discussion about make-up I had with my ex, he said other women are more likely to shame women for not wearing make-up. That is such bullshit lol, I'm in multiple make-up groups on fb and women post non make-up selfies all the time while doing before and afters or asking about skin issues and they're never shamed. Also, the make-up community is nothing like how men say it is, it's not catty. we don't sit around thinking about how we can trick men into thinking we're hotter than we really are. It's literally a group of people (some men too) with a hobby and another form of grooming. Men on the other hand write entire articles and make videos shaming women for how they look without make-up.

No. 217779

Are videos like this also made for women?

No. 217780

File: 1513603594113.jpg (119.84 KB, 990x820, pZgE87-Zjjax.jpg)

yep, they spend their time splurging about how much better women look without makeup with the idea of all women magically having perfect clear skin for some reason, yet don't even pay a second of their time attention to girls who don't wear makeup even though they claim to just love no makeup so much

I think what they mean is no or minimal eye makeup looks best on women, some women NEED to cover their skin in order to look decent and men don't want to admit it (unless they have an acne fetish or something)
then they see celebrities who spend thousands on plastic surgery and skin treatments to get perfect skin and facial features without makeup and then assume all women are going to look just at perfect without makeup

everytime a guy says he prefers natural I don't take it with a grain of salt

No. 217782

I have naturally very blonde hair which also means I have light eyebrows and eyelashes. I get them tinted so I don't look albino without make-up but one time I hadn't tinted them for a bit and a guy sperged about how I'm such a liar for tinting them. Are men retarded? Why would a person with naturally platinum hair have dark eyelashes and brows?

No. 217783

I mean unless you know any women named leon powell, the author of the article…

anywho, there's gossip, and then there's people who go to extreme lengths just to judge womens bodies and make it known they don't find that woman attractive, while it could be woman, about 90% of the time it's men, and when you call them out about it they scream how women are catty and judge each other

just ask around to most women who have been bullied over looks, a lot of the times women will tell you it's always men, it can be women, but lets be honest, the vast majority of it is men

No. 217784

So is shaming celebrities for not wearing a make-up a men's or women's thing? As all the articles I'm seeing come from mgtows and redpill types, also if you don't care about how women look without make-up and it's just silly reemale gossip why is seeing random women without it shocking to you and a "must"? You're contradicting yourself a lot here, buddy.

No. 217786

>Most women get bullied by other women
Some research on twitter showed this.

where's the links buddy

No. 217787

>calls an attractive woman "overrated"
> citing "research" on twitter

I think you must be trolling right now as you're proving every point we're making lol.

No. 217789

File: 1513604279643.jpg (91.33 KB, 634x761, 95fd64b8741be48270f4922da171dd…)

>we were just discussing how men act like attractive women aren't good enough for them
>calls this woman "overrated"

No. 217791

it literally said in the article it's 50/50, and take in account the male/female population distribution on twitter, which would literally prove men are more likely to bully women
and put twitter aside, in real life as well as most places on the internet it's men on women bullying

No. 217792

>I'd still fuck her
yeah, no. No one wants to fuck a guy who calls them "overrated" and doesn't even understand the plot of the show they're in, hell now I wouldn't even fuck you no matter who you are because of that.

>GoT just made her some sex queen for no reason?

mate I don't even watch GoT and even I know why they did, she auditioned, she made the audition, and the "sex queen" was just part of the story she auditioned for, which she made, why you can't comprehend this I do not know

No. 217793

File: 1513604605596.jpg (98.11 KB, 637x626, 1483550637940.jpg)

Stop engaging with the robot. He will keep pestering if you give attention.

No. 217794

yeah, this. we already know why he's wrong and all his replies are going to get deleted anyways, so there's no point arguing with him.

No. 217796

File: 1513605852622.jpg (174.4 KB, 768x768, Violence has a male face.jpg)

This is the man hating thread. Not the reply to men thread.

No. 217797


it's honestly really funny how men who pride themselves on being smart literally cannot read articles and just read the headline

No. 217801

File: 1513607904309.png (219.67 KB, 888x956, lesbian DV lies.png)

Why do you think fake news has become such a huge issue? Because men will spread whatever garbage they want to be true regardless if it’s actually true or not.
Same reason the ’lesbian relationships have the highest rate of domestic violence’ lie gets passed around on manosphere blogs. Men simply accept any shit they read as long as it agrees with their worldview, never once thinking critically. I call men repeaters because they simply repeat shit they’ve heard elsewhere and never express an original thought. Anything that comes out of a man’s mouth I’ve heard a million times before.

Men are mindless clones.

No. 217805

Most of the time they won't even read the things they use as "proof". Example is the retard that keeps replying to every post using links as proof for his argument and getting butthurt when his arguments are proven wrong with his own sources because he doesn't even know what he is talking about.

No. 217806

File: 1513610095806.jpg (64.91 KB, 540x533, tumblr_nyp8h9tfPA1uwpu11o1_540…)

You should see 4chan, they seriously think Emilia is ugly or average at best. I've seen even posts calling fucking Eva Green "a goblin".
They also point at nonexistent manjaws and are grossed out by small moles.
Pro tip, you just can't win with these "men". Let them rot alone, they're not going to reproduce anyway. Find yourself a cute Chad that treats you right and don't give those people a second glance.

No. 217807

>Because men will spread whatever garbage they want to be true regardless if it’s actually true or not.
>Men simply accept any shit they read as long as it agrees with their worldview, never once thinking critically

Yep. I follow several forums that happen to have a primarily male userbase and I can't believe the amount of misinformation and one-sided articles that get posted without anyone calling it out. It's obvious that most of them start to post their angry comments right after reading the clickbait titles and don't give a fuck about the actual content of the article.

No. 217810

That reminds of me of the BSP video, he basically used a bunch of headlines to back up his point but never read the full article, which went against his point lol and he also made his own graph. Here's a really good response video to it that sums up everything without having to watch the original.

No. 217811

Saged for samefagging but another bps video that relates to this discussion some what, he basically says women who wear bikini's etc deserve to be objectified. He has the same views as Islam yet claims to hate Islam, I've noticed that a lot with alt right men.

No. 217816

>Men can be jealous of women.
I've heard of that before.. but how? They've repeated over and over again how much we suck as a gender and how much they just simply hate us entirely. Whats there to be envious of?

Their obsession with fertility is so damn creepy. If its all under the name of having kids, is adoption even an option for them?

A'lot of those guys hate Islam mostly because its predominantly practiced by brown people. If sharia law (white people edition) was thing, they'd be on board. Two sides, same coin.

No. 217819

A makeup-less pic was posted above. When will you learn that setting the bar too high for yourself will only prevent you from getting laid ever? Unless you're a 10/10, but everyone knows that robots are 4/10 at best. If a technically flawless woman is seen as a 7/10 at best, what's beautiful then?

No. 217824

Horseface Roberts is prettier? Ooh, now I get what you do. You force yourself to consider attractive women less attractive, and less attractive women the opposite, so you can feel like you have a chance. And spare me ridiculous charts about muh men perceive beauty better than women, because it's always been the opposite. Men can be swayed by T&A even when just judging a face. This is why underwhelming models with average faces like Emrata are popular

No. 217826

Maybe this is just my opinion, but I find women in general are just more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Women also tend to make more of an effort with their appearance, so many guys are just blah to look at and extremely average, as a woman I look at style in a person as well a nice haircut, nice clothes etc can take a 5 to an 8 for me but so many guys make zero effort with their appearance. So maybe that's why the chart is the way it is.

No. 217828

Robots are a 0/10 by default, they're literally subhuman. Don't acknowledge them bc they're also huge attention whores.

No. 217830

File: 1513618175662.jpg (19.49 KB, 443x488, 1504814498533.jpg)

>I have far bigger problems than not having sex

No. 217833

If you have far bigger problems, why not try and solve them instead of wasting our time here?

No. 217835

Could you all please fucking stop replying to the robot/incel bait and just report them, I don't want my only way to vent about men is infested with these faggots derailing and whining over having their feefees hurt by realizing what a waste of space they are

No. 217838

True. I hate what this thread has turned into. You can't even vent. Sage & Hide.

No. 217844

Let's ignore that cuck and his idiocy. Anyone who has more than one brain cell can see the million flaws in his sperging, so let's not waste any time on this moron.

Anyways, men are the worst, am I right?

No. 217846

Anyone else who's ever used dating apps, does anyone else find it annoying when men bombard you with 5000 messages before you reply? Like chill the fuck out, you sperging out cause I didn't reply straight away makes me not even consider talking to you. They take dating apps so seriously and conclude you're their waifu cause they messaged you, also I put my age range to 18 - 25 but still get 50 year old men messaging me and sperging out when I say they're too old for me, sorry I don't want to fuck someone old enough to be my dad.

No. 217847

File: 1513625276996.jpg (34.68 KB, 919x530, 145.jpg)

"WOMEN ARE GOLD DIGGERS REEEE" but still pays for dates to get sex, maybe if you tried valuing women for more than sex and tried being a decent human you wouldn't get women using you for a free meal.

No. 217850

So its all ok when guys send unsolicited dick pics to random girls, expecting a positive response.

But girls who take nudes for their partners` eyes only, gets hacked, harassed and shamed for it. lovely.
>women are sex objects
>dont be sexual. ever. at all

No. 217851

I totally relate. Only dating app I use is Tinder, exactly because only people whom you liked can message you so I can avoid the greasy old men. But now and then there's always the psycho who starts bombing your DMs and gets all pissed off if you don't reply for 12 hours. I'm not there really often, so sometimes I open the app after some time only to see an escalation of messages from "Hi babe" to "…" to "Fucking bitch" in the matter of two days or less.

>I expect sex
>Woman didn't give me sex
Literally no correlation

No. 217853

> Dudes on dating sites are rude when I don't respond to them for 2 days
That's pretty lame, I want to see some proper venting. That's the purpose of the thread. Like, when you're going out and then there's this guy who just stares at you like a retard. Eh, yeah, take a picture, it'll last you longer. Do these guys think that if they stare like retards for long enough you start swooning or something?

Post retarded things that guys do that annoy you.

Hard mode: No feminist talking points, no internet-incels (neither have any bearing on the real world)

No. 217856

File: 1513628885520.png (538.28 KB, 1000x1011, CTPB8cmUYAA_SI4[1].png)

Exactly my thoughts!

No. 217858

>Guy is afraid of when the time comes and someone ruins his career in the light of all the sexual harassment lawsuits in Hollywood
>Decides to beat them to it and write a "confession" in which he doesn't apologize for what he's done, instead pulls a full Kevin Spacey and paints himself as a victim of circumstances
>"What a brave man! I'm so glad you realized the folly of your ways!"

No. 217859

>post retarded things that guys do that annoy you

…..they did though? not sure if this is a robot or anon playing mod.

No. 217861

disgusting, he should've denied everything until solid proofs are evident
thats very antisemitic of you, I myself am of a Jewish family but I do not practice Judaism and I find this offensive.

No. 217863

File: 1513629369176.jpg (93.17 KB, 375x525, 1373481016408.jpg)


>he might say something about the industrial output of the ottoman empire in WWI

No. 217866

Time to nuke this thread, mods.

No. 217868

File: 1513629758600.jpg (83.76 KB, 600x801, 2.jpg)

exactly. They don't leave their house and just fap to beautiful women all day, it has caused them to come to a point where the only way a woman can be beautiful to them is if she photoshopped, has plastic surgery, is anime or is a child

meanwhile chad from the library thinks you're the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on and will give you respect, love, and cookies
Greg from r9k thinks you need to look exactly like an anime character in order to be hot, only thinks you're "fuckable enough", talks shit about your body on 4chan, disrespects you, and just ignores you all day unless he wants to get his dick sucked

No. 217869

Lol, he put a full face of make up on her too?

No. 217870

They can say women are gold diggers. But men hunt and hound women for sex, "digging" women for sex.
It's a trade off.
Can't complain about some women only interested in men for their resources and wealth, when the man in question is only interested in the woman for her body, looks, sexual capabilities and youth.
It's a trade and both benefit.

I think the guys who complain about women being gold diggers are simply salty that they can't be that wealthy motherfucker who gets all the female interest.
If they could be a rich cunt surrounded by model tier ladies with fucking ability of a porn star, they'd be happy.
Salty as fuck because they have nothing to offer any woman; not looks, not charm, not personality, not wealth. Nothing. They're Fucking useless and they know it.

Just be thankful for wars because men kill each other in those kek

No. 217873

>>claims to hate unrealistic standards thanks to photoshop and plastic surgery
>posts a woman who is photoshopped and had plastic surgery

source? it's an old as fuck pic, like pre photoshop first of all but lightning has a lot to do with how smooth the skin looks

No. 217875

Can Hollywood just get cleansed? and sanitized? I remember that Corey Feldman interview where he openly said that the industry's biggest secret is pedophilia and sexual abuse. I mean the Stranger Things kids, like Millie, are already getting labeled ''sexy'' while being 12/13. Can that shit just stop? The fuck is the point of it all?

No. 217879

>Who cares, its still an unrealistic standard, wether it be due to photoshop or lightning effects.
>makes up shit about how this pic is shooped, claims it's photoshopped
>claims lightning effects is "unrealistic"
>pretends like any girl can't have the exact same skin texture with the same lighting
>doesn't understand I used the pic to represent an attractive woman
>thinks it's "unrealistic" for whatever reason

No. 217880

No one will ever love these men of which we talk of throughout this thread. No one.
Bunch of the most unlovable cunts with no redeeming features whatsoever.
Just wait until the next war when they'll be conscripted and blow each other up kek men killing one another in a glorious bloodbath fighting for the elite 1% whom do not give a single flying fuck about their dispensable lives. Used as pawns.

No. 217883

It's probably just one guy this time.

He's literally posting child porn, we already know he's nothing more than a shitty little cockroach. Same for all other males, honestly.

No. 217886

Pretty sure it's been the same one or two robots for days that are ban invading, can tell by the constant Emma Roberts pictures.

No. 217888

No, you whiney fuck, i said any woman, in the same lighting, can have the similar smooth poreless skin texture, quit reaching.

Also there's a difference between expecting someome to look like a certain woman vs just thinking a woman is beautiful vs getting to a point where you're so brainwashed you call attractive women disgusting and goblins

No. 217890

Women don't need men to provide for them because if you look at present day, the family model is broken and majority of women are raising kids by themselves.
Women wouldn't notice if these men you speak of evaporated because reality is, they were never there anyway. And so women adapt.
Women have been providing for themselves and their family for decades now.
Like I said, the family model has long dissolved.

Although unfortunately it is necessary for boys to have a father figure present and a good one at that. Boys growing up need a good father figure or else they end up all fucked up and problematic with issues.
Girls don't necessarily require a father present for optimal development.

No. 217894

God dammit, this is what happened when r/incel gets shut down….all those incels come flying here to sperg about their bullshit.

But I just love how all the retarded shit that they do just reaffirms what we discuss here. Aaaah, keep on giving us milk you filthy animals.

No. 217895

Triggered much kek

Drink bleach and die :)

No. 217900

Yeah I was actually really upset when that subreddit closed. I'm pretty pissed that happened. At least all those assholes were contained in their own little space where we could keep an eye on them if they were suggesting doing anything violent and also laugh at them.

I just knew they'd spill into other subreddits and other parts of the internet. All those years of circle jerking their shitty opinions about women would of course bring them to mostly female spaces.

Thank god we can take the little virgin trolls on and we're too intelligent to fall for their shitty "red pill" bullshit.

No. 217901

Seems that last paragraph hit a nerve. Mommy issues detected.

Your mother should've aborted you by fishing your fetus out with a coat hanger and discarding you into the bathroom bin. If she had known the loser that you would come to be, she probably would've and it would be justified because you're a problem for civilised society to deal with.

No. 217908

delicious milk nom nom

No. 217912

This is now a warning, reply to the robots you will be banned. You are doing nothing but encouraging them to come back.

No. 217914

They claim to be envious of our perceived "easier" lives. They'd like to be able to get attention for their bodies. They hate women for being remotely sexual but all say they'd essentially be prostitutes if they were women themselves.

No. 217923

> they'd essentially be prostitutes if they were women themselves
Isn't that what what they literally do? Incels turn themselves into trannies / Shemales. It's not the well adjusted, handsome guys that do it, it's the undateable incels with social anxiety and double assburgers.

They literally turn themselves into "women" so they can be whores. And I don't just mean "whores" with big quotation marks, I mean giant ass pornstar whores taking a bucket full of dicks every day, even when they're butt ugly and everyone can see it's a man in drag. They have like, higher AIDS rates than even regular gays.

It occurs to me, those guys are the incels who thought their philosophy to the end and decided to take one for "team incel" and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

No. 217924

I agree, transexuals are mentally ill.

No. 217925

That's as redundant as saying "Schizophreniacs are mentally ill", transsexuality is literally a defined mental illness where the conventional "treatment" is to "adjust" the body to the delusion.

No. 217930

True, but the cows here arent exactly very healthy either. Why would you spend your day spewing so much hate when it doesnt even affect you?

No. 217932

I don't hate. Not even trannies. I just think "Yeah… Loser" and carry on. But I feel it's important to call things by their proper name, so we don't forget what they truly are.

No. 217936

The Internet; where people are elaborate and verbose in expressing their disapproval.

No. 217938

The incels are completely pathetic, but then, so is everyone posting in a thread such as this, frankly. Hating on an entire gender is pathetic and screams of personal failure, no way around it.

I think the difference is that the incels actually define themselves as sexual losers, it becomes their identity in the same way that being "black" is part of the identity for BLM activists. And the incels do threaten to become some sort of Elliot Rogers type activists.

Meanwhile, venting in a thread like this doesn't define or change your identity. Talking shit about people is what half the board is about, that's just a thing you do for fun, and talking shit about "men" as a whole, no matter how applicable or untrue, is just one of the things you do, again for fun, or to get yourself back into balance.

It still bothers me, though.

No. 217940

Gay men are just as bad, if not worse than straight men. They are just as sexist, but use the excuse 'it's okay to say this to women, cuz i'm gay! haha'

fuck that bullshit. I've seen gay men make shitty remarks about lesbians and straight women all the time about their looks/weight.

No. 217945

>It still bothers me, though.

Hide the thread. Go somewhere else.

No. 217946

You're just presuming things. I wish I could say "not all women are like that", without making you cringe so hard your jaw falls off and drops on your cum-stained floor. But it kinda is like that. Your willingness to project such views is YOUR problem.

Hey, maybe you should read "The Manipulated Man", it's basically a long antifeminist sucking of man's dick, and it's written by a woman, just to understand that there are women who understand your incel problems and yet genuinely like men

I don't like it very much, because it's just too… dicksucky for my taste. Read it and you'll know what I mean.

No. 217955

I'm sure a lot of people here just do this to let off steam after reading horrible shit that men say about women online. I spend too much time on 4chan and I'm constantly seeing absolutely vile shit even on the supposedly non-political boards. I don't even hate men, I'm just here to make myself feel better. Is this a healthy way to do that? Probably not. I don't really care though.

No. 217956

honey stop listening to MGTOW media and get a reality check

men do most crimes and therefore they get a lot of punishment, you can run around screaming courts favor women because you saw 2 or 3 women get lesser sentences on something they shouldn't have but thats nothing compared to the amount of shit men got away with, hell most ACTUAL male rapists aren't even in prison, some just freely walk away, just take a look at how many sexual assault cases have been exposed and yet none of the men are in prison, that sure is some female privilege right there

" When a girl changes her mind about a one night stand and accuses him of rape the guy's life is ruined whether it was true or not. "
yeah maybe if you live on an echo chamber instead of actually getting out, hell several rapists I know are walking free and here you are claiming how poor little men have it sooo hard and just get thrown in prison for everything

>These threads are filled with comments about mean responses on Tinder or "that creepy guy who looked at me in the grocery store".

where? when we make fun of greasebags who do nothing all day but insult women? guess we hate all men and judge them like crazy then apparently !!

No. 217958

Not the anon you're responding to, but the reactions on these types of threads tend to stem from men's violent reactions towards women. (ie wishing to rape them, brutal death and all types of harassment as punishment for being rejected romantically or just because.) Some of it IS trolling, but you know - I know - that there are those who truly feel that way. Anonymity on the internet gives you a voice and many guys use it to voice their true thoughts on women. And alot of these guys want women to be second-class humans or just objects for them to use, abuse (without consequences) and get rid of for 'a newer model' once we get too old; its power they want over us. No matter what negative feelings you may have for men, it'll ALWAYS be met with "but men hurt too!" / "the courts favor women!" / "giving women rights was a mistake" / "women are inferior whores who are only good for sex; men built everything!" etc. And we know. We know. We get it. Men hate women, some may be jealous of women but many of them just fucking hate us. Why can't we just vent here?

No. 217959

> Entitled Tinder messages do not qualify as anything serious obviously.

and yet somehow they do when men want to be oppressed

>Did any of you get raped or rejected hundreds of times?

clearly you have to be raped and rejected a bunch of times in order to call out bullshit men do

also women not wanting to suck your dick isn't oppression nor should even be factored in with trying to prove how hard men have it

> Ruined in courts?

yes because women NEVER got ruined in courts… Oh wait, that yoga teacher who all the teenagers drugged and made flash them who got charged with indecent exposure and now she's being harassed and called a pedophile repeatedly and people are seeing the teenage boys who had been proven to drug her drink as victims? right, that female privilege sure is clear, what about all the women who had taken their rapist to court just to see their rapist walk free and to have them be labeled as a liar despite massive proof of the rape? the woman who got fired for having a period leak on her chair? yep it sure is easy being a woman in court and this is all satire obviously!!


No. 217966

In the previous thread anons did talk about their experiences with rape/abuse and other more serious topics, they probably don't want to talk about it right now as the thread is full of robots and it'll be an endless train of "KEK FUCKING WHORE U DESERVED IT!" if anyone talks about those things, you see that enough online and probably some anons have even dealt with it irl, I think it's understandable to hold off on those topics until the robots get bored.

No. 217970

so, i'm one of those people that really doesn't like to generalize, but with all of the radical mra/alt right/incel shit that's so prevalent online currently it's really been hard to not just passionately fucking hate men

not even only that shit but most of the trauma in my life was caused by men, i was raped by an adult man when i was in first grade, my dad was the one who would hit me when i was a kid, i've been in several abusive relationships with men throughout my teen and adult life. women have also been responsible for some awful things i've been through too, there's no doubt that we're capable of doing horrible things to each other as well but it's infinitely less widespread… male violence against women seems to be an epidemic, if that's an appropriate descriptor? for every one case of a woman hurting a man, there are thousands of cases of men hurting women in often much worse ways. men are unapologetically violent and unempathetic, more like rabid animals than they are like humans. for always talking about how emotional and irrational women are, they sure are quick to start entire "movements" about wanting to murder women just bc they weren't able to get their dicks wet. i'm glad i generally only like having female friends because you never know how many of the men you know are this fucked up and just doing a good enough job of hiding it

also ik there's a robot problem on here right now and maybe i shouldn't discuss anything very sensitive but idc, it's very rare that i can talk about these things and they're getting banned at the speed of light anyways

No. 217972

>or rejected hundreds of times?
Ah yes, that's some major, major suffering men go through. Those poor misunderstood souls.

>most of these guys just need help

Should have read the last thread before it turned into a shitfest, many of us tried talking to them, sometimes befriend them, hell, some anons DATED assholes like that. They don't want therapy, they don't want a gf, they're beyond help. If they can't be put down, they might as well make themselves useful as fodder for our mockery.

No. 217974

God fucking bless you for posting this. At some point I read that bullshit being debunked, but then I forgot the details/where I read it. Ever since then it's been driving me INSANE to read lies being parroted by men all over the internet and not being able to give them solid proof to contrary. Even without the proof it feels obvious that someone misread stats somewhere along the way, the idea of women being more violent than men is absurd to the point of hilarity.

No. 217978

Just realise women aren't to blame for your problems; don't project your self-hatred onto us and you'll be alright.

No. 217983

MOTHERFUCKING STOP REPLYING TO THE ROBOTS. You have plenty of women looking for mutual support to reply to, do that instead for fucks sake.

No. 217984

Anon, I feel you. Every woman I know including myself has been raped and/or abused by men in some way. Yet most of us still try not to generalize and be decent to men, all it takes for men to be vile and hate us is just us not having sex with them even when most of them don't even try they just expect a woman to show up on their doorstep offering sex. I was raped too and had an abusive dad, I confided in an ex-boyfriend about it once as I thought he'd understand and I could trust him, also it would explain my intimacy issues but no he just told me I was "making excuses" for not being able to have sex with him sober and I'm being selfish…..I don't know why people think neckbeards only exist on the internet the truth is they're everywhere.

No. 217993

File: 1513682318187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.23 KB, 896x640, Lui.jpg)

Yesterday a bunch of my guy friends said that Rihanna's body for the Lui photoshoot was "disappointing". Because she doesn't really have an ass and her breast are saggy according to them. Instagram really fucked them up.

No. 217994

God. Do they think any boobs that are natural nowadays saggy? Like damn, its one thing to be disappointed a womans body didn't meet your standards, but to have a standards so high that rihanna "doesn't really have ass" and has "saggy boobs" because clearly anything outside of missalices fake ass tits and a Kardashian ass is disappointing and if you don't have those things you should wear a burka at all times and never be around men

Speaking of not being around men, do these men expect to get fucked after saying all this shit about women? Not to humblebrag but I think I have a pretty nice body and even I wouldn't sleep or do shit with any guy who ever said this shit, I'd be too afraid of "disappointing" them

I hope your guy friends are virgin neckbeards because that would at least explain their standards on what an ass is and they don't know how boobs work

No. 217995

one of them is very good looking and used to be the highschool stud but I know for a fact that he haven't had sex in four years. Most of the rest are virgins or guys who fucked a girl one day by sheer luck. I don't think any self respecting women would want to be with any of them after discovering their views of women. It's sad because I really like their personality, but I always get extremely uncomfortable when they start talking about "female". (one of them recently told me that I must be having sex non stop since I just broke up with my boyfriend)

No. 217996

you can't know if he had sex or not hun

No. 217997

Actually I can because he told me. And I don't think any guy would lie about that.

No. 217998

If he told her, she would know? Guy friends overshare like crazy, I know evey single one of my male friends penis size, how often they use it, if they use it, what their favourite position is, who they have used it on, etc. They literally can't stop talking about their sex life, or lack of it.

No. 217999

people can tell many half serioous things or straight up tell jokes. it happens all the time.

No. 218000

you have overcompensting guy friends, it's very extreme behaviour.

No. 218002

In the context it really wasn't a joke. Like the other anon say guy friend tend to overshare, almost all of them have told me extremely personal things, i guess because they can't really tell each other those things? Idk.

No. 218003

Dick of GTFO.

No. 218005

it seems odd to me


kc is shit almost complete garbage but I managed to find one bernd to not write complete incel garbage and he was quite positive about women in a feminist way.

didn't read btw

No. 218006

no1curr, fuck off

No. 218008

>When men are so fucking entitled they hear about one man-hating thread they need to come in to write their tl;dr walls of text about how ~we just don't understand~.
I'm starting to hate men even more.

No. 218012

most likely the same men to scream and cry about how oppressed men are and how all women are hypocrites the second any woman DARE have standards that don't fit who they are

>"waaahh stacy likes attractive respectful men, what high standards it damages my self esteem, stupid womyn putting so much importance on penis size it hurts my fewling us men arent disposable !!! you loose roastie whores!!!"

No. 218013

Hello farmers, reminder people replying to robots and the like will be banned. Don't be stupid and don't answer their bs. Thank you.

No. 218016

>rihanna lookin like fire
>men complain that her breasts are saggy and has no ass

Drop your guy friends anon. Get dogs.
I can’t follow how those types of men would also say that women who have implants or fat transfer augmentation or whatever are just as ugly and undesirable as women with natural breasts that sag.

What the fuck is it with them? Because I think they just need to compare real women to their 2D anime waifus at every chance.

No. 218017

Men will shit on women for wearing make-up etc and being "fake" but then shame them for how they look naturally, what do they want from us? If you're not attracted to someone it doesn't mean you need to treat them like shit or even let them know, I see men I don't find attractive all the time but it doesn't make me angry nor do I feel the need to tell them or post their pictures to insult them. Why does someone not being fuckable make them so angry?

No. 218018

Replying to robots should be a permanent ban. Cull the idiots from our midst already. Nobody will miss them.

No. 218026

there's absolutely no winning with men

they run around claiming how easy it is to meet standards as a female and say shit like "don't be fat and don't be flat but men are constantly pressured to have hulk sized dicks and have big muscles and be rich!!!" and yet I never heard one woman demand any of these things from men, I've heard women saying it's nice to have these things in a man but they don't run around bashing men who don't have these things or hurt their bf if he doesn't like men do to women

they claim that all you need to do is not be flat or saggy but jack the standard up so much to the point any woman who doesn't have basketballs for an ass has "no ass" and any boobs that don't look like a fucking hentai characters is either flat or saggy, there's no winning with them, and yet women think even slight ab lines on men are considered sexy and desirable, but yep it's apparently women with unrealistic standards

No. 218027


men these days have impossibly high standards and i guess that'd be fine…if they didn't go out of their way to make women hate themselves for not 100% matching up to those standards. i have friends who have gorgeous bodies that you'd think any guy would feel lucky to see, yet they all deal with body image issues to some extent because shitty guys have verbally torn them to shreds for not looking like living blowup dolls. why do men get to come up with ridiculous standards for women's bodies but women are suddenly misandric bitches for wanting a guy that's fit or tall?


spot on, anon. and porn is 100% to blame for all of the unreasonably high standards men have, but not even porn stars are safe from it. i'm starting to think that even if a man met his dream girl it still wouldn't be enough, men are just bothered by women existing in general unless we're willing to let them treat us like living fleshlights and act like doormats for them

No. 218028

File: 1513700858080.jpg (12.39 KB, 282x240, 203024785003202.jpg)

Does anyone else hate arguing with stupid men on non-anonymous platforms like facebook? They're always so hostile and get defensive mighty quick.


>fb page posts a study that links sexist humor in magazines to increasingly normalized attitudes towards sexism

>a bunch of men get offended and think feminists are trying to police them from telling jokes
>"That's a non sequitur and a fallacious argument."
>"I already said you have a non-argument, there's nothing to address."

No. 218030

And tbh this is why I like the power of posting online because men don't have the physical intimidation advantage that they would have irl. Like some of these men would easily bash a woman over the head before they'd admit they're wrong, or try to make her life hell in every aspect.

The worst they can do in retaliation online is try to assassinate character with some ad hominem. Still aggressive, but it exposes their truest nature.

No. 218031

Can't you read two?



No. 218036

And the ironic thing is that men also have demands for the genitals, your inner labia needs to be minimal in size, you must shave your pubic hair and your vagina should be so tight you're in pain while having sex. They think reshaping your labia is a "minor surgery" like removing a mole and not fucking cutting mucous membrane off for nothing, they don't realize how expensive it is to get your pubes lazered unless you want the itchy stubble and ingrown hairs from a razor, they most certainly don't realize that when a girl is really turned on, her vagina is "loose". All women want is a dick that's not a micropenis, foreplay and stamina for more than 10 seconds.

No. 218039

I wouldn't go to a male-dominated website and post in a thread where women explicitly weren't welcome and then cry about it being unfair.

You're wasting your time.

No. 218044

Maybe because I've been forced so many times to adapt and blend in, I consider it easier than trying to resist the culture of a website.

>like cooking

>cannot post to /ck/ on 4chan with any iwords that reveal I am female
>men are allowed to talk about cooking for their gfs and taking their autistic dates to McDonald's
>I can't use my own pronoun while talking about cooking without 10 replies of shitposts
>pretend to be a man
>nothing changes except being allowed to talk about my cooking

But you're a guy. You're special. We have to make exceptions for you in our spaces because your opinion MUST be heard.

No. 218046

File: 1513704707737.png (54.67 KB, 500x522, tweet-rembrandt-duran-retweete…)

Men claim that women can't be lonely or alone because we can just open our legs and any man would fuck us, as if that is supposed to be a comforting thought? They act like they'd be doing us a favor while shoving their tiny dicks into us.

This combined with the fact that men are just not good at sex is laughable tbh.
>using dick like a jackhammer
>not knowing where the clit is and not caring
>not giving head at all, but expecting head
>wants a "submissive" girl aka a dead fish to accept terrible dick

pic related has probably happened to so many women (including myself) and it's why i'm not having sex with men anymore

No. 218051

They love saying that it's "omg just NOT MENTIONING your gender! why would you need to bring it up, you ATTENTION WHORE?" but in truth it's pretending to be male. If you say you have "an SO" they'll derail the thread with "gay or female?".

Men are fucking hypocrites.

No. 218053

Had this experience with /mlp/. I was a fan of the original 1980s series as a child and in 2010 when my then girlfriend and I found out they were rebooting something from our childhood to be even better, we were stoked. Couldn't post on /mlp/ in any way revealing gender and finally gave up the thought of even doing cosplays of the characters I liked from the show because I knew they'd just end up on that board with a bunch of men screaming about how dare I, a living person, cosplay their hoofed wife. How we just "do shit for attention" despite a fucking girly show about ponies being FOR GIRLS.

No. 218054

significant other

No. 218059

Mfw just got permabanned bc janitor thought I was the male shitposter. Even deleted the wrong posts at first.
>inb4 ban evasion
Anyway I can't read the backwards russian text anyway. Ban again for evasion of you're too proud to admit the mistake.(put in an appeal )

No. 218060

Them actually believing that getting a blowjob would make the girl cum is hilarious but – like they'd care, lbr. Its all about their orgasm. Girls' orgasms aren't important or are irrelevant, remember?

>your vagina should be so tight you're in pain while having sex
and you should bleed. The shit that gets them off the most - pain.

No. 218063

это не русский, 'девушка'.
Who can say who you are, in truth?

No. 218064

I put in the appeal when you first did it. Doesn't mean I'm not pissed at you. It's not like you can't see my IP and noticed my previous posts weren't the shitposting.

No. 218067

Jackhammer? more like a screwdriver, lol

No. 218072

Not weird at all. He'll, bound to happen.
Men are violent - history is about channeling that and making it positive.
Not anymore.
Tell men ALL violence is always unacceptable and the won't turn non-violent, they'll hide it. Shame them for it? They'll hide it.
Soon it is associated with other things they hide-are shamed for.

No. 218073

thats because they don't want women to have grown women vaginas they want women to have vaginas of a 5 yr old

I get the appeal of wanting a "clean" looking vagina, I mean I'd be grossed out myself if I saw a bunch of bumps on a guys pubic area, but it's just they DEMAND we all be shaved, smooth as porcelain, wet but not too wet, most don't even bother with foreplay, all the while they want pretty much no inner labia and a smooth innie outer, and yet they're all TJ-kirk level ugly with hideous dicks

and the fact they think all vaginas are like that from sex yet plenty of outties aren't from sex… one girl I knew had an outtie but had it because she had urethal surgeries, it's disgusting how judgemental men are over every single damn part of our body

No. 218074

>Males are a privileged class. Jews are not.

I agree with most of the rest of the content ITT but this is bullshit. Jews are extremely privileged by just amount any measure, whether or not they're a minority. Definitely more than Appalachian Whites and other disadvantaged groups who happen to share the same skin color.

No. 218076

This. I was the same. But I'm not so sure they get into hardcore porn purely to "impress older men". I think that might be a part of the whole cool girl persona, but I think another part of it is genuine enjoyment because of low self-esteem, hence the desire to be abused and degraded sexually. I know that was true for me and I know it's true for a lot of women too.

That said I don't think it's true all men who enjoy doing that stuff are "bad men". Some of them have just been screwed by porn in the same way we have. Too much reward chemistry in masturbating to ever more screwed up stuff. My ex wasn't violent in the slightest outside of the bedroom, and he wasn't abusive or controlling or jealous, but in bed he loved hurting me, making me do degrading stuff, and if I'm being honest I enjoyed it a lot too.

We need to stop the early access to porn. But part of me feels that porn is so easily available because the people at the top want to steer society in this direction. People are easier to control if they're just driven by by their next sexual fix and "kink".

And society as a whole is too sexual, it's not just porn. It's everything from adverts to Sunday Night HBO. I don't blame men for being brainwashed by this stuff, I do blame the ones who use it as an excuse to genuinely abuse us.

Holy fuck this. Dykes constantly pestering you "why are you still into men?" especially in radfem circles is harassment. Fuck off and leave me alone. I don't want to be a dyke. I'm not attracted to women. Stop asking me about it and questioning my sexuality as something that needs to be fixed. It's insanely creepy.

No. 218080


>And society as a whole is too sexual, it's not just porn. It's everything from adverts to Sunday Night HBO.

That's not new, though, if the historical record is anything to go by. Sex has taken prominence because it is no longer connected to reproduction, thus changing the equation. Throw in largely reduced gender roles and bam! the act of coitus (rather than sensuality or courtship) becomes that much more important.

No. 218081

They don't always. My brother is one of those self-loathing autists who blames himself for everything and hates himself (to the point of hurting himself if he scores lower on tests than he wanted), but is perfectly friendly with other people.

I think the asian fetish thing is overblown. I don't see a lot of it among men I know, all of the men in my family married white women. It also struck me as weird incels like asian women so much as anyone who knows asian women knows that they'll date the fattest, ugliest guy so long as he has money.

No. 218082

I've experienced the opposite as a hapa, but it could just be where I've lived. Incels I've been in contact with typically want a Stacy and think both full and half asians are mongrels that will ruin their gene pool because they want to stay white.

No. 218083

I love you all.

No. 218084

Yeah, there's a deep discomfort among most white men (well adjusted ones and incel types) about having kids who aren't white. I think a hapa could get away with it since your kids will be 3/4s and hapas are usually really americanized, but I know an acquaintance at high school who dated an asian girl and broke up with her a year in for that reason.

I won't judge guys for that because I'd be uncomfortable having mixed kids too, but you shouldn't use girls of other races for sex if you don't want a proper relationship with them.

No. 218087

>I won't judge guys for that because I'd be uncomfortable having mixed kids too

Its more about how they go about it. There had been times where it was a group of us at uni and the topic wasn't even about dating preferences, but they felt the need to randomly interject with, "I respect your culture but I would never date an asian just sayin." Another time it happened was at the mall food court and it was, "I don't understand the appeal of asians when they all look the same, but don't worry anon you don't count because you're not even a real asian since you're half."

Mind you, this has only ever happened to me in America and not in Canada.

No. 218092

>typically want a Stacy
Isn't Stacy the epitome of a western whore roastie? And that's why they feel the need to go to Ukraine or east asian countries for pump-n-dumps? Why would they still want her following their logic?

No. 218094

It's paradoxical, but white guys are actually comparatively loyal to white women (at least as far as serious stuff goes). Hence the butthurt about interracial relationships.

Disclaimer: All of the above is based purely on anecdote.

No. 218095

They're bitter about Stacy because in high school they thought they had a chance with her and either went for it and got shot down or admired from afar and stewed in their anger even well after high school was over.

No. 218096

this labia stuff is so autismal, labia size has nothing to do with how tight your vagina is which in turn has nothing to do with how many sexual partners you've had (which doesn't even make any sense, how would fucking the same guy all your life thousands of times not have more of an effect than fucking a hundred different guys once? and women can recover from having a fucking baby coming out of it? absolute retardation but thats insecure men for you)

No. 218101

t. man who gets his entire worldview from male echochambers that tell him all women fuck black men and then falsely accuse white men of rape or whatever gibberish(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218102

I remember asking a guy how come men seem to conflate all masturbation with watching porn and I asked him do guys not fap in the shower where it's just them and their imagination and you know what he told me? he told me he puts porn on his phone and balances it on a little shelf in his shower so he can still fap to it

No. 218104

>Lookism community

this made me burst out laughing, thanks(Don't reply)

No. 218105

don't take the bait anon
like literal bait

No. 218108

>white guys are actually comparatively loyal to white women

white guys cheat a looot more though, statistically, also whats with this "white girls cheat" stereotype? I'm surrounded by white women and all of them were highly against cheating, I only ever knew one who cheated

No. 218110

Men in general seem to cheat more (whatever incels want to say about it).

And white men cheat with white women, generally.

No. 218111

>At least I know its exaggerated/satire, but with some serious undertones. There are no serious undertones here?

wow the "It's a joke" protection force, never saw that before

>You cunts actually believe the petty shit u spout here is a genuine reason to hate 3.5 billion people. Its hilarious though keep going by all means.

maybe because there's a whole shit ton of brainwashed dumbass men out there and you're one of them

>So when these guys date it's creepy and they should just "kill themselves

Literally no one said that, if you have to make shit up to defend yourself you're automatically invalid

>But when they stop trying and fap to porn its bothering you as well? There is no winning with you people is there?

No, dumbass, it's how porn effects their mind, no matter how much you deny it

also that pic should be the other way around, last time I checked it was women who were heart throbbing over 50s styled romantic life dating, rom cons, love poetry, cute date ideas on pintrest, cute stuff to do for bf, and men who mostly wanted a pump and dump, thats why cheating sites are overwhelmingly men as well as men having the highest cheating rate(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218112

Its sad to see how more sensual, slow, vanilla stuff is geared towards women, considered "pretty porn" More male-oriented stuff tends to be more violent and fucked up, getting off on power, humiliation and domination.

but anon! its all ok since they're only doing what they believe they're suppose to do, which is sleep around to spread their genes. then blame those women for being single mothers or getting an abortion. Not much hate in women adopting though.. unless I've missed something.

No. 218113

omg stop taking the damn bait

i agree about that pic though, that's insane. men are the ones making and watching this fucked up, disgusting rape porn and women are the ones writing cheesy romance shit. just how delusional are these bots that they believe that pic?

No. 218122

>typing out a stutter like a pathetic man child over something thats been proven to be made up

>believing its common for women to use sex as currency ever

yep, I can just walk into walmart and ask a bunch of women if I can fuck them and I'll give them groceries for free and it will happen

No. 218123

> sign up to choke a dick for a few thousand.

I would say you clearly don't know the fact most women are forced into porn as well as very little women even doing porn enough for you to scream and mock us, but you'd probably just scream liar to those women even with proof

No. 218126


Do you come to this site because attempting to stand up to women irl ends up with you stuttering out your insults and stacies laughing at you? lol

No amount of laughter.jpg.gifs you have can hide your socially awkward incel real life.

No. 218127

>It literally is tho. Why do you think prostitution is the oldest profession there is? Women have traded sex for resources since the dawn of time.

because it's old it means everyone uses it? Honey spying is an old ass profession but I don't run around and scream how all men are spies and now they're just mad they can't use it anymore

>Women have traded sex for resources since the dawn of time.

your point? it's supply and demand, if you were starving to death you'd probably fuck someone for some food too if thats the only way you can get it, stop being retarded

No. 218129

Can we delete this thread? It's been ruined and we should start anew with a stricter policy of not replying to incels/robots/bernds and keep it stricly a girls only space.

No. 218131

>bullshit and cope. Have u ever seen "girlsdoporn" for example? Actually, tons of companies use first timer regular 18 yr olds for porn. "Teen" porn is the most searched term and thats why it pays so well.

wow that sure proved the whole "lots of women are forced into porn" theory wrong, 18 yr olds do it so clearly they cant be forced! wow

No. 218133


Sorry, didn't realize you had such thin skin.

Also, it's not an ad hom, I'm making fun of you, incel :-)

No. 218135

I've a better idea, raid the incels back!

No. 218136

>Oh so you agree with me? Women's morals only go as far as her food supply


imagine being this brainwashed

No. 218138

They're just going to shit up the next one until we don't have a thread for the topic at all. That's when they'll be satisfied because god forbid people are talking about shit on a site which they don't even frequent. If they don't act like the men that are mentioned itt then they should be so fucking triggered.

No. 218139

this has been debunked a million times but k

No. 218141

>invaded male spaces
>implying those spaces aside from wizardchan ever had a "no girls allowed" rule

No. 218142

wow they said they needed money, because clearly pimps would NEVER go after them if they used their name in public

you don't even know what you're talking about

No. 218144

what did I interpret exactly? the fact you said yourself women are whores for having sex to survive? what if a womans family is starving to death and she can have sex for money is she a big bad moraless whore for getting money in exchange for sex and now that proves all women are whores by default? that is literally what you said

No. 218146

why would we stoop so low? they probably want it anyways.

No. 218147

>No women have traded sex for all kinds of things

but we were discussing the fact some women needed to have sex for food, money, or just survival needs. Yes there are some women who are whores but to act like the entire female population are whores by default is just ridiculous and shows how brainwashed by the echo chamber you are

No. 218150

I don't want to go on their level. I don't want to deal with them at all because as witnessed here they won't change their opinions at all and I don't want to receive any of their venemous bile. I had an interesting historical figure related to this thread (male abuse and feminism) that I wanted to share with you but it would all get drowned in this endless fight.

We need to enforce a stricter policy to replying to these incels or bernds, or whatever other label they carry. I did that mistake at the beginning of this thread and it's always going to be in vain. Not only you can't vent irl but you can't discuss this on a girls imageboard without being raided and insulted for having bad experience with men. Man-hating thread does include personal experience. Yet we are forced to defend ourselves agains these rubbish lies and cherrypicked and conveninently cropped photos and headlines, as if we were on a male board. This is just preposterous.

No. 218151

>Yet we are forced to defend ourselves agains these rubbish lies and cherrypicked and conveninently cropped photos and headlines,
I havent posted those as argument though. And if I did they were certainly not cropped, my anti-feminism folder is very well maintained.

It is you people who use reddit links and shitty twitter photos as proof. >>218073 >>218046 not me

No. 218152

>Not only you can't vent irl but you can't discuss this on a girls imageboard without being raided and insulted for having bad experience with men.

What is left then? Start a thread in their shithole until they hopefully forget this one. Their attention span isn't great

No. 218153

>Woah, you mean you arent aware your pussy holds tremendous value to men and you can get basically anything you want from them with some proper manipulation?

I am so sorry for you, you seem thousands of years behind your smarter sisters :/

No because not everyone lives in their schizophrenic world of "ALL WOMEN ARE PROSTITUTE WHORES!!!"

>Women trade and have traded sex for all kinds of resources since the dawn of time. This is one of the worst kept secrets on earth.

No ones denying it, dumbass, there's supply and demand. And I think 99% of people would agree someone cheating on their wife and paying someone to have miserable sex with them just so that person can survive is a million times more moralistic than prostitution will ever be. Using prostitution against women and acting like a majority of women do it or want to do it is just retarded, but you're an incel, I don't expect you to understand anything that doesn't fit your narrative to stretch and dig for anything to shit on women over

No. 218154

Stop replying to the clear trolls.

No. 218156

File: 1513722224307.jpg (240.07 KB, 1280x737, Men are lazy.jpg)

Why are males so lazy?

No. 218157

I think just by not replying to them as >>218154 recommends is going to make these raids less frequent. They feed on attention so by not giving it to them they will eventually go away.

No. 218158

File: 1513722343260.png (220.48 KB, 500x500, MRAs screaming in the distance…)

Even in the animal kingdom males are lazy

No. 218159

Umm yes you did, you're using it as a reason to justify your hate towards women

>when push comes to shove and a woman really wants something, shes going to use the nukes

like I said, supply and demand, some women are desperate for jobs, some need to survive, in order to survive, sometimes she will need to use sex, sad truth but I think most of people would rather spend a few minutes fucking a greasy loser with a condom so they can eat and feed their family for the next than to let their family starve

no matter how much you scream " Women have been whores since the dawn of time, and a sizable portion at that!!!!!"

If it needs to be done and it's the only way a woman can get money or she's forcing into it, I think most people who don't tear apart at every reason to fit their "ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES!" narrative would agree she shouldn't be bashed or seen as a gross whore because of it

some people actually have empathy believe it or not(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218160

File: 1513722854814.jpg (42.29 KB, 339x428, Caroline_Norton_(1808-77)_soci…)

So here's an interesting historical figure.
Caroline Norton was a writer and well known for her novels. Due to the laws back then she had no right to own and handle the money she earned from selling her novels, which sold really well. Her husband, a barrister had a drinking problem and mistreated her, he was abusive, held her money and refused to give it to her. He also took kids away from her and left her to manage on her own without any money.

The jury threw out the claim, but Caroline was unable to obtain a divorce and was denied access to her three sons. Caroline's intense campaigning led to the passing of the Custody of Infants Act 1839, the Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 and the Married Women's Property Act 1870.

Domestic abuse was really widespread. I studied the Victorian era, Women's rights in that time as part of my seminar and it's frightening to know the vast amount of women that were left on their own and had no sympathies from the judicial system. Caroline was of a better social rank so her voice was heard. Unfortunately, so many other women didn't have that priviledge.

No. 218180

i am forever thankful for being born when i did because life for women in general has never been easier, only more difficult (not that it's sunshine and equality rn). just hearing my grandmas stories from when she was young or her sisters horrifies me and that wasn't even that long ago. can't for the life of me understand those girls/women that love to do the whole "i wish i lived in the 50s the milkshakes and diners uguu" thing, like i don't think you actually do??? not even talking about earlier centuries/decades

No. 218186

I'm convinced 99% of men nowadays are just disgusted by any female body that is natural

No. 218187

I'm convinced 99% of men nowadays are just disgusted by any female body that is natural

No. 218204

File: 1513763540857.jpg (112.75 KB, 500x640, 8eb92d8b3f9ba9ace8adb07a9219bc…)


No. 218205

Natural, none mutated

No. 218223

File: 1513789205682.png (32.93 KB, 1000x800, 1509491461049.png)

I wonder which website could possibly be orchestrating these raids
Please don't respond to the bait girls, its what they want

No. 218227

I don't think its 4chan

No. 218229

No. 218237

File: 1513798356904.gif (78.3 KB, 160x160, 14658171_1215474998524781_3919…)

These men are so pathetic holy shit

No. 218240

I hate how incels come here and raid these threads.

Why do we never go to their boards and raid the woman-hate threads?

No. 218252

Speaking for myself, I'd rather not stoop to that level. Its pointless and annoying in general to go back and forth with trolling. Let them rage and whine all day long. I'll just keep minding my own shit.

No. 218253

It's pointless as they don't ever listen, also despite hating us they badly want women's attention so it's just giving into them.

No. 218259

File: 1513810010975.jpg (65.9 KB, 728x567, ch.jpg)

Dumb petty shit but when men insist they can't "hit the wall" Christian Bale, case and point.

No. 218261

that's tragic. he was so pretty in American Psycho… how did he turn into doug walker? and who took his damn eyebrows?

No. 218262

As other anons have pointed out: doing that is petty, retarded and there’s no profit in it.

Dude wtf. Damn, he used to be so handsome…

No. 218263

There were so many examples you could have used but that was a terrible example. He gained weight and fucked with his eyebrows for a role.

No. 218264

Yet you don't see women sperging out about male celebrities gaining weight or ageing, but women supposedly are more shallow lol.

No. 218265

Probably because of all the weight fluctuations he did for movie roles. They took a massive toll on him. Jake Gyllenhaal dropped a shit ton of weight for one role and his face hasn't recovered since.

Bale seems like a cool guy, though. Never heard anything bad about him minus that one set freakout years ago.

No. 218266

File: 1513810536180.png (108.64 KB, 1266x770, Untitled.png)

they're upset women don't flip out and try to cling any guy that passes their way so they don't stay single when they're old and most women nowadays are actually acceptable with being alone past "the wall" and then think it's gross, selfish and narcissistic of women to want to be with a man that's actually worthwhile, they get pissed that all women don't have the same cookie cutter "get married, have kids, become housewife" fantasy and act as if any woman is making the worst choice in the world to not follow their ideals despite the fact these men hate supporting women and just wanna lay on their ass and have women do everything, then makeup lies about how ~hur dur us men have to do everything for women~ which is easily proven wrong, some men even freeload and call women gold diggers when the woman asks for assistance paying bills where the man lives, the whole "hitting the wall" thing is a load of crap incels made up because they hate women and can't stand when women make choices of their own, thats why they cling to fertility (without actually researching it on their own to find out mens fertility is fucked as he gets older to), they want an excuse to bash women for not clinging to any man that gives her attention as well as the fact that they love making women feel like shit

No. 218267

I'm not sure if you're a troll trying to rile us up, but rest assured to know that women don't give a shit whether someone wants to fuck a doll. It's kind of pathetic, but whatever.

No. 218269

Yup, and it's not a big deal really. People age, weight fluctuations can do a lot to a person there's nothing wrong with not looking the same as you did 20 years ago. The point I was trying to make is men can "hit the wall" too but women don't make men feel shitty for it or say they're now useless because they don't look like a 20 year old at 40. Men use female celebrities who often had eating disorders or drug problems as examples, a common one I see is comparing drug free plastic surgery free 17 year old Lindsay Lohan to 31 year old Lindsay Lohan.

No. 218271

No. 218274

File: 1513813238720.jpg (103.65 KB, 1280x720, JG2017.jpg)

> Jake Gyllenhaal dropped a shit ton of weight for one role and his face hasn't recovered since.

Say whaaaaat

Also >>218259 Bale always lets himself go in between movies, then goes onto a strict steroids-only diet to look awesome again.

> He's playing former VP Dick Cheney for a biopic, and his transformation is in full swing.
Oh, n/m, he's meant to play a fattie. I guess you just pay him 20 mill and he takes on whatever shape you want him to.

No. 218285


This is honestly the lie men tell that I hate the most. Men look like shit when they age; significantly more than women do because they aren't as encouraged to upkeep their appearances. It's amazing the amount of men I see in public WITH THEIR WIVES hit on girls who are 1/3rd their age because they think they're hot shit and above their wives. It's sickening.

It's so funny when men trick themselves into thinking they "age well" because they can hide a saggy jawline, double chin and wrinkles under a shaggy beard.

No. 218286

I was hanging out with a love interest of mine a few days ago, when he went to send a meme to me from his phone and I saw his camera roll. I saw my lewds I sent him on snapchat, which he PROMISED not to screenshot and never showed up as screenshotted so I assume he used some kind of app. I started crying then he did and said if I cared about him I would give him another chance. he said he was so sorry, and because i was sending them with a 3 second timer it wasn't enough time for him to see them. I don't even know how to feel. I really liked him and this shit happens. sorry for blogposting, just wondering if any anons have thoughts?

No. 218287

Three seconds sounds short, he's probably not lying about that part. He should have just said that to you directly though. Ask him why he felt the need to lie about it, because that's the real problem. Aside from that, just ask him to delete them now, if he refused or you saw them again later then it would be pretty fishy. Doesn't sound like anything that dramatic without further context tbh. Considering that turned into crying talk, your relationship sounds like it has a pretty unhealthy dynamic one way or another.

No. 218288

File: 1513818092160.jpg (56.86 KB, 406x606, 1447774632171.jpg)

holy shit how'd this thread get 500 posts in 4 days
anyways, i think the biggest problem with men is that they have no ability to self-reflect on their flaws. whenever something goes wrong, it's not their fault! it's everyone else's! it's a constant victim mentality, and they'll scream at you if you dare to point it out.
just look at how adachi is one of the most popular persona characters, they all sympathize with him getting rejected and unironically think he did nothing wrong

No. 218295

The worst part is that so many women buy into it. They think older men are hot, but lbr what they really like is the leverage and security they get being the more desirable one in the relationship (even if it's temporary).

Men have potential to age better because of more collagen and melanin but the reality is, they smoke and drink at higher rates than women, they don't wear sunscreen or use skincare products, and they're more likely to stay out in the sun for long periods of time. Their skin is haggard as fuck, especially compared to same aged women, but they get away with it because nobody expects baby smooth skin from them to begin with.

No. 218296

Why do you think so many resort to incelism and anti-feminism?

if you get raped its your fault, if you get murdered it's your fault, if you get abused it's your fault, if a man cheats it's your fault, if you cheat it's your fault, if you get broken up with it's your fault, if you break up with someone all women are heartless scum, if you get convicted for a crime you didn't do it's your fault and you deserved it and if you try doing anything about it you're a gold digger, if men are innocently convinced then they're poor little victims who deserve money, if a women does self defense by killing her sex trafficker she's charge with assault and punished with life in prison, if a man falcon punches a 5 foot tall 120 lbs woman for barely slapping him he gets a pat on the back "for showing those hoes what equality really is!!!" if a woman gets charged with "staging a false rape" men go insane to prove how all women are going to say they raped them divorce them and take their kids and money and fuck tyrone, all without actually looking into the case and failing to realize how many rapists easily get away with stuff simply for claiming the victims lied.

men like to scream double standards but fail to realize the double standard is only against women, not the delusion in their head that they're all innocent little victims being oppressed by women

No. 218298

>women who are single deserve to be single forever because they've all hit the wall
>why do women hate men?? we do so much for you wtf

Wish they'd understand that women hate getting shit on for things they can't stop. But that'd require them to actually have empathy, self-reflection and give a shit about women at all lol. Think of the backlash men would have if women had the same vitriol for them breathing or eating. And its always attached to their obsessive feelings of fertility and having only bio-kids. Seriously, what is wrong them? Is it the changing demographics? Their dry dicks coupled with a high libido? Low self-esteem and an inferiority complex? I don't think they're scared or jealous of women, just hate them.

No. 218299

1. don't send nudes
2. don't trust men

No. 218300

Make him delete those. If you ever send him nudes again, make sure to crop out your face.

No. 218302

don't be afraid to threaten, explain how it's a sexual offense and you are obligated to report him and press charges against him and tell him how much it will fuck up his life and he will have to register as a sex offender, not only that but most employers aren't gonna hire someone who has "sex offender" under their name. All these men with petty little bullshits of women trusting them despite what's going on and having every reason not to trust them but still trusting them to expose them to something women tend to be very sensitive and self conscious about, men take for granted like a bunch of spoilt little brats, he broke a promise and has saved intimate photos from you without your consent, I know people don't like "hur dur the law coming into things" but sometimes these little pieces of shit need to be taught a lesson


No. 218305

My face wasn't in them luckily. I had him delete them but for all I know he has a secret photo storage app he's keeping them in and he only deleted them from his gallery.
Lesson learned.
So I just confronted him about why he didn't just ask for it to be longer and he said it would have been weird. Like??? dude??? Communication isn't weird????
I will definitely do this if he starts shit again. thank you anon.

No. 218311

The comments on this vid are fucking scary. You can really see how widespread this hatred of women has become. They are practically drooling over the idea of a woman being miserable and "worthless."

I try so hard to trust men. Or not hate men. I try REALLY hard. And then I see shit like this.

No. 218314

I'd say sending nudes in general is a bad idea, but NEVER send nudes to a guy who isn't a boyfriend you've already been with awhile and trust.

No. 218315

another video with cringey ignorant comments whining about women not have 10 kids and married by 30

No. 218334

File: 1513868504031.jpg (55.57 KB, 539x960, kdnap.jpg)

It baffles me that people are posting this shit with their real names etc attached to it.

No. 218340

>men: women should be married with kids before 30
>men: men should never marry or have kids because divorce and custody rape

but you know, men love women! men do so much for women. women are so illogical and irrational for not believing this. >>218311 Sad to say, but same.. I used to actually think men had some good in them, but that 'good' is only for other men. They don't give a fuck about women other than making sure women are aware that they're lesser than. And even acknowledging that they hate us triggers them. What more do they want?

No. 218351

Slightly OT but relevant to some of the porn talk ITT - what do people think of the self shot porn that cam girls make? There’s one in particular that I’ve seen who makes really pretty aesthetic B/G videos but it’s all anal and DDLG, like who is she trying to appeal to? It’s almost like they’re trying to capitalise on this “cool girl” thing in their porn, like you can be super cute but also like being DPed in the ass. It’s hard to explain but it’s not like standard PornHub fare where it’s just a blonde blowup doll being done hard and fast. I almost feel like they’re trying to normalise the things that neckbeards want women to be… that they should just be pretty little holes to fuck.

/sage because I probably did a fucking poor job explaining this I’m tired

No. 218352

They love blaming anything they can on women
If we're single, its our fault and we deserve it
If they're single its our fault and we should give ourselves to them

No. 218363

It's still bad, just with less actual rape. Those are pretty much the only pornstars I hate personally. Most of the others are forced into it or don't have other options, but these girls (most of which are middle class white girls who were too lazy to get real jobs) are doing all this disgusting shit by choice in the comfort of their own homes and then they say shit like ~muh sex work positivity, there's nuffin wrong with porn or prostitution!! yr a misogynist if u disagree~~ They're all ignorant as fuck.

No. 218374

Should we start a countdown to when they'll start blaming women for the weather.

I wonder if there will be a day when I'm just completely numb to their vitriolic hatred of women, like utterly unbothered. Right now, it's just tiring.

No. 218376

File: 1513894560534.png (92.88 KB, 988x614, womencauseglobalwarming.png)







"hur dur but those evil women leave us nice guys for abusive men and thats what they get for being stupid and they should kill themselves for not being married and having babies by 30, us men have to do everything for you women so let us do what we want!!! stupid evils sluts!!! feminism ruined the economy !!! KEEP CRYING FEMINISTS AS I BRING MY ARGUMENTS INTO EVERYTHING!!"
If we're ugly, it's our fault
if we're pretty and we get harassed it's our fault

and if you're wondering
yes they are blaming women for weather now

No. 218378

>They say that both start with w's
Lel, there's no fucking way a real human being purposefully wrote that to make a point. It has to be satire. Very tastefully done as well. I rate it a 7/10 on the subtlety scale

No. 218381

Yeah.. this is tiring. Whether that is satire or not, there are men who believe that women are useless, how we know we’re hated and will make time to tell us this until we evaporate, or something.

We’re the cause of all evil in the world and deserve the hate until we die. Ok, fine, lesson learned but their shit just keeps going, fuck.

No. 218385

File: 1513903861407.png (110 KB, 1342x279, Screenshot-2017-12-22 g - gir…)

As someone that's in STEM, a thread that was on /g/ yesterday made me very depressed. I usually don't take many things to heart, especially when imageboards are concerned but the fact that a lot of them wouldn't consider hiring a female programmer just because of her gender ruined my day.
I told this to my friend who said it was stupid that I was getting upset over a thread. It made me ask myself how many in an actual hiring process wouldn't consider a female programmer unless it was for getting diversity points? I'll admit that everytime I heard or read of a female programmer/engineer complaining that they have had a hard time getting a job, I thought it was because they weren't good enough, but what if that's not the case? Men can bitch about women as much as they want, it is when it reflects on the job market that worries me. I fear for my future. The thought that someone would ignore your hard work, skills and capabilities based on something you had no control is soul crushing.

No. 218388

There's no such thing as diversity points in my country. And I would never want to surf on something like that either. I'm convinced that I'll achieve my goals, despite your ilk.


I'm an engineer but I also do programming ever since elementary school. What does it matter, STEM is STEM. I thought it was that one field where the only thing that mattered are skills. No connections, no social skills just plain skills. Obviously, I'm proved wrong.

No. 218389

I'm sorry anon, I wish there was something I could say but unfortunately I think this is a serious problem that will only get worse. Men hate women and want us out of the workforce completely, so eventually I do believe that could happen. It's very unfortunate for those of us who value our career and have put all our time and energy into always improving and having something to contribute to our field. Some of us just want to be left and alone to work and that's all. That's all I really ask, personally.

I honestly don't get what the point of continuing on is. I think about suicide pretty frequently and being a woman has a lot to do with it. It just seems pointless to even try to make something of yourself when you'll always be written off as worthless or lesser or seen as only useful for sex by the majority of people. That's no life to live. It just isn't.

And there's no sense in trying to change societal ideas about women either, because they won't ever change. In fact I think they will continue to deteriorate until we are second class citizens again. Lately I've been thinking and worrying about that more. Sorry to be such a downer but things just seem to be getting worse and worse. Or maybe I'm just old enough to see it all a bit clearer and stop pretending that women will ever be seen as anything but sex toys. I just don't want to live in this world, and I feel even worse when I think about all the other girls who are born into it every single day who are going to have to deal with this shit when they're older. I think about how much they will probably end up discouraged and hating themselves based on nothing they could control just like I am now, and it breaks my heart for them.

No. 218396

I have had to work. I've worked (albeit retail) since I was 15. Though I didn't enjoy working those jobs, I did it to save money for college so I could study to get the jobs that I knew I WOULD enjoy working. And now I do. I love my work, I'm passionate about it, and even when it stresses me out and I feel like I just want to quit and go live in the woods somewhere, I come out of those periods feeling accomplished and more determined to move forward. I wouldn't say working is 'empowering' per se, but it is freedom. It gives you financial freedom, and whether we like it or not, financial freedom and security play a big role in happiness. It is certainly not a curse. Being able to choose the direction you go in life and then doing the work you need to do in order to get there is not a curse. Depending on what your field is, getting up everyday and contributing something and helping people is not a curse.

A lot of women want to be wives and mothers. I don't. A lot of other women don't. I've never wanted a husband or a relationship with a man because I know how much they hate women and I don't need that level of venom in my life. I have no maternal instinct and no desire to raise children. I, along with many other women, made the choice not to pursue those things. I instead chose to focus all of my energy and time on my hobbies and my career. I know your type, so I know you won't believe me when I say this, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Those things do make me happy.

I do however get depressed when I have men telling me I'm a worthless cunt who is only good for cooking and sex, and I shouldn't pursue my career at all. That I'm not intellectually or emotionally capable of being in the workforce, even though I do it everyday. So, there's your honest answer. That's what makes me depressed. That's what makes me want to kill myself. Not my career. Even though I know you'll just respond that I'm a roastie whore who doesn't know what's good for me and I should get back in the kitchen. And that I am probably a diversity hire. And that I will never be capable of doing anything good in life. Go on.


No, you imagine that over half of the population thinks you're worthless and wants to replace you. Imagine that nobody thinks you are capable of contributing to society and you should just shut the fuck up and let people treat you like a lifeless sex doll. Sounds like a fulfilling life, right? Sex isn't everything. At the end of the day, the world is at your fingertips. Nobody is ever going to deny you a job because you're a man and you may be too ~irrational and stupid~ to do a good job based on your gender.

No. 218398

> I'm sorry anon, I wish there was something I could say but unfortunately I think this is a serious problem that will only get worse.

I'm really sorry too. I never thought that this was such a common thought. When I work, I don't think I'm a female engineer I just see myself as an engineer. The notion that others, well men, would see me as a woman first and an (incapable) engineer second makes me depressed.

> Some of us just want to be left and alone to work and that's all. That's all I really ask, personally.

This thousands of time. I just want to work something that I love and that makes me happy and be alone. I can't believe we're asking too much.

> I honestly don't get what the point of continuing on is. I think about suicide pretty frequently and being a woman has a lot to do with it. It just seems pointless to even try to make something of yourself when you'll always be written off as worthless or lesser or seen as only useful for sex by the majority of people. That's no life to live. It just isn't.

I'd love to cheer you up but I don't know what to say. I think the best thing we can do is find something we genuinely enjoy doing and close ourselves in a bubble with as little contact with men as possible. The words that I read in that thread still go through my head. How many others think the same? How many others will discard our achievments because we were born the lesser gender? Ever since I was a kid I wanted to work in this field. If I don't get to work in the field I love then I will seriously consider suicide.

> I just don't want to live in this world, and I feel even worse when I think about all the other girls who are born into it every single day who are going to have to deal with this shit when they're older. I think about how much they will probably end up discouraged and hating themselves based on nothing they could control just like I am now, and it breaks my heart for them.

If this is the state of our society then I would rather not be a part of it. And I feel sorry for other girls too, girls that want to be something more only to have people laugh in their face and tell them they're not good enough no matter how hard they try.

No. 218402

Oh man. This is a venting thread. It is made for whining about misogyny, so that's why we are doing that here. I'm not sure why you're here. You come here spewing misogyny and then get upset when you see women talking about it among themselves. Why?

Anyway, I was answering the question that the male anon asked. In a pretty civil manner. I'm aware it's a harsh world, and I never claimed otherwise. I also quite literally stated that it can't be changed and there's nothing we can do about it. I value the opinions of others because as you can see from upthread, those opinions can have real life consequences where women are passed over for jobs and seen as second class because men think they are so worthless. I already have my career, but if i want to come home and commiserate with other women about the shit we face from men, I can do that. No harm in it.

If you have a problem with what is being discussed in the thread, don't come here. Simple.

No. 218403

File: 1513907298429.png (222.37 KB, 729x593, 2.png)

Reminder women were the first computer programmers, as well as tech-based jobs being considered "womens work" until men pushed us out and started insisting it was all men


>The vast majority of people capable of programming are men
> For every 1 woman capable of programming, there is 9000 men.
maybe because men pushed women out of the programming career. You don't have a bunch of people in the kitchen making all the food, kick them out, start making the food your way then cry about how the people originally in the kitchen don't know how to cook
>Combine that with the fact that women cause a lot of drama in the workplace
You wish. Workplace drama happens in men and womens field all the time, It's not just a female only thing sweetie and if you are going to claim it is then you need proof. As someone who's been in the workforce for 10 yrs I can tell you from experience none of the women I knew caused drama
> potential (false) accusations of sexual harassment
lol hunny "potential false accusations" are even more rare than sexual harassment, by YOUR OWN LOGIC we shouldn't hire men because millions of more men are sexually harassing then there are women falsely accusing, you've done pwned yourself
> maternity leave
Oh no, some women choose to have babies even though we don't know if that particular woman did, guess we can't hire women now
>lots of complaining
Oh the irony
>You won't have a problem getting a job though because of diversity quotas.
and yet a lot of women do. Even if they're qualified. Go figure.

No. 218406

Solidarity anon. I'm not sure what stage you are at in schooling or job hunting, but I wish you the best of luck. All you can do is put your best work forward and always continue to learn more and innovate more and hopefully things will work themselves out.

>I'd love to cheer you up but I don't know what to say. I think the best thing we can do is find something we genuinely enjoy doing and close ourselves in a bubble with as little contact with men as possible.

I appreciate it, and I apologize for my little suicide rant earlier. I will be fine, as I'm sure you will in the end. I find that if you just stop expecting the tiniest amount of decency from men, you won't be as disappointed or surprised when you experience the shittiness.


Where did I say I didn't want to be successful? I'm really not sure what you're going on about now. I answered the question about why women might want to work instead of be housewives. I explained my experience. I have experienced misogyny in my career, and venting about it does belong in this thread. Misogyny isn't really an issue that can be fixed, we just have to ignore it or come to a place like this and get it all out at the end of the day so that we can deal with it again next time it comes up. Again, it's not hurting anyone to discuss it. If you don't want to, don't come here. What are you freaking out about?

No. 218408

I don't have PTSD. Though I do get depressed whenever I have to deal with misogynistic shit, I don't necessarily let it hold me back. I bite my tongue, deal with it, and continue forward, as most women do. Most of the time it makes me want to blow my head off but I haven't yet so I'd say I'm doing alright so far. Though Donald Trump might not care about 'libcucks calling him a traitor', some of us do care about the opinions of men because it leads to shit like the screenshot in >>218385. What if the next hiring manager one of us has to deal with shares the same mindset? It's a very common mindset, one I'm almost positive you have yourself.
Talking about the shit I experience in this thread with other women actually helps as well, at least when there aren't men like you here flipping out implying misogyny doesn't exist, all while going on misogynistic rants on a forum full of women.

I should know by now not to engage at all, though.

No. 218409

This, yeah. Guys will jump in to say how easy women have it because they can choose to be housewives and have children, thats it. But men hate housewives, too (of course). They see women worth less than men is because of how weak we are, only valuable for sex and babies and thats essentially what housewives are for them, just a dumb baby factory that they'd have to be financially responsible for since women shouldn't be in the workforce according to them. There are some pretty lies in how some of them think being a housemaker and raising kids is "noble" but I think it's just them trying to keep women out of sight. Or its just them enjoying 40s/50s aesthetic.

It's a lose-lose. Work, and be hated for not having babies and hitting the wall (then be told and reminded that you deserve to be alone forever if you're not married by 30). Not work and be hated for having babies, a risky money-pit (with potential custody battles and divorce costs) in men's eyes. Not to mention, how expendable you are to men once you've aged, since you'll no longer be a youthful baby factory just a liability that should be upgraded for a newer model. As mentioned a hundred fucking times over in this thread, men hate women, period. And hate us for venting about it too. There's little that can be done about it overall. But still, shit is bleak and I want to be left alone too to mind myself.

No. 218410

>As mentioned a hundred fucking times over in this thread, men hate women, period. And hate us for venting about it too. There's little that can be done about it overall. But still, shit is bleak and I want to be left alone too to mind myself.
Exactly. Sums up why this thread exists.

No. 218414

Thank you, sincerely! And from what I've gathered you're doing great professionally despite everything and that's awesome to hear. I think that as long as we have passion for our work, that in itself will keep us going.

I don't know if you feel the same, when I work on some project I like, it's as if I'm in a whole different universe. Everything else fades and it makes me forget about the current world.

And I even feel sorry for posting that screenshot. It's not worthy of making either you or me or anyone else feeling suicidal.

I wish you all the best, I hope you thrive in your endeavors.

No. 218415

>I don't know if you feel the same, when I work on some project I like, it's as if I'm in a whole different universe.
Ha, that's pretty cool because I know exactly what you mean even though I'm in an artistic field, so I couldn't be any further away from the STEM world. It's truly one of the best feelings.

>And I even feel sorry for posting that screenshot.

Nah don't feel bad, honestly it's better that we are aware that men think that way even though it hurts to come to terms with the reality of it. I truly think it's better than walking around blind thinking everything is just peachy and men see us as equals.

>I wish you all the best, I hope you thrive in your endeavors.

You too anon!

No. 218416

>Guys will jump in to say how easy women have it because they can choose to be housewives and have children, thats it.
That is a specific class of women who have that option. I can never relate to anything males on the internet have to say about what my life is supposedly like. Personally, I didn't come from a well off family. My mother had to work, her mother had to work, and so on. I will have to work the rest of my life and I don't have a say in that if I want to survive. Doesn't sound too bad though if the other alternative is leeching off some piece of shit dolt who will probably abuse me, most likely without any financial safety net.
Fuck that.

No. 218417

No. 218419

File: 1513910514996.jpg (91.78 KB, 684x570, 012417-feminist-tee-shirt-lead…)

just look at these evil fat dyke feminists, how dare they state facts

No. 218420

File: 1513911529773.jpg (107.6 KB, 640x920, 0513188b64b120328096923bf43c0c…)

>claims she just wants her future husband to find her sexy
>caters to men

yeah, because women who cater to men sure are the most loyal of the loyal and totally would never cheat kek. Meanwhile some of the most reserved, modest, loyal, self-caring,women I knew were feminists, If only these women can see how how obnoxious they sound.

No. 218421

Same here, anon, same here. My family worked, all of us. Whatever we had to do to make sure we could support ourselves.
>Doesn't sound too bad though if the other alternative is leeching off some piece of shit dolt who will probably abuse me
I can't imagine doing that and to some guy who'd definitely get off on knowing he can hurt me and I'd had no way of supporting myself outside of him. Not to mention, I have a very, very low libido so a guy who'd see me only as the sex toy in the relationship would probably be pissed off at me very often.
Like you said, fuck that.

No. 218422

Do any other women here not really care about marriage/kids? I don't feel that massive urge I'm supposedly meant to feel to have kids, I've had relationships but haven't met anyone I want to spend my entire life with. It irritates me as if I was a man feeling like that would be accepted, nobody would give me shit but because I'm a woman I'm selfish for not wanting to pop out kids and be a wife. I know I shouldn't value other people's opinions and mostly I don't, but I am also a human and being told you're selfish/a spinster/ a slut etc for not wanting to pop out kids and be married in your 20's does irritate me, I'm not an unfeeling creature who can just never be affected by society's standards, mostly it's the double standard that annoys me as again if I was a man my attitude wouldn't be a concern to anyone.

No. 218423

saged for samefagging, but from watching my parent's traditional marriage and hearing stories from others….I simply cannot trust a man to rely on. I don't want to end up a doormat to some guy who's going to abuse me, bore me let alone bring kids into that situation. Also men these days, want a traditional woman but don't want to be a traditional man. They want a woman who will cook/clean/raise their kids but that will also work and pay for them, they want a mum they can have sex with basically.

No. 218425

I'm 18, I eventually want to settle down, have children, get married, become a housewife and raise kids and all that jazz. I've been saving myself and learning skills and whatnot throughout my life, but honestly, after seeing the people who CONSTANTLY enforce the "teehee be sexy housewife for husband and always on your knees and be fertile" just makes me want to shy away from it. I want to do this because it would make me happy, and I myself will always encourage other women who want something more than that, seeing women and men who shame women for not wanting to be a fucking doormat housewife makes me want to marry a woman or get some cats, Seeing men who run around and scream how all women will be lazy, cheat, take their money, etc makes me want to shy away from it. They don't realize that screaming in everyones face that they HAVE to do these things make the women who do want to do these things shy away from it.

>Also men these days, want a traditional woman but don't want to be a traditional man. They want a woman who will cook/clean/raise their kids but that will also work and pay for them, they want a mum they can have sex with basically.

yep,that's men for you. the second you want a fair relationship ie "I raise kids, cook, clean, etc etc, you make money to pay the bills" they want to yell how you're a gold digger and how men "HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU GOLD DIGGING SELFISH HEARTLESS WOMEN!!!"
as I said before, they're spoil little babies, mommy gave them everything and accepted them growing up even when they were little shits so now they expect all women to do the exact same and put up with their hypocrisy and abuse and if they don't we're crazy feminazis who want everything from men

No. 218426

why do you idiots think that being a housewife is the greatest life ever
what do you think happens if a woman never gets an education, then gets married, and the husband dies
how easy was it as a widow, i wonder

No. 218429

File: 1513912716604.gif (51.24 KB, 192x224, 1445739864685.gif)

lmaoooooooooooooo are you getting your facts from telenovelas? remind me why "widows and orphans" were seen as the most destitute group of people in the past
why do you guys even want women to settle down and become housewives if you're all living in fear that she'll drop you immediately and divorce you or poison you for life insurance

No. 218430

Oh boy it's the bot hysteria of "WOMEN ARE GOING TO TAKE EVERYTHING!!!!"

yes, when peoples spouses die they get what the spouses. Doesn't take away the pain of having someone you love die. But what do you know, you live in an scizo echo chamber fueled by whiney misogynist paranoia

No. 218431

Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. It's due to seeing how men are nowadays and men I've actually dated that have made me not want marriage/kids. If I were to meet a guy who treated me like an equal, wanted to travel, have adventures etc then eventually settle down and have kids….then yeah sure that'd be great. So far with dating in my early 20's, men have been insecure, extremely jealous and possessive….while they're cheating on me the entire time but I'm not allowed to even talk to another man, one ex even used the incel argument on me to justify his cheating "it's because women can get sex whenever they want for a man it's different!1" fuck off.

Honestly, it's men's behaviour that has pushed me away from the traditional lifestyle…not feminism or whatever else tradfags try to blame it on.

No. 218433

>and the husband dies
What is life insurance, inheritance, getting a paid-off house, his car, all his valuables, etc.

Some women just kill their husband on purpose for this you know. Some just decide to divorce and take half of it.

>remind me why "widows and orphans" were seen as the most destitute group of people in the past
>in the past
Exactly, in the past.

That's why most women don't wait for their husbands to die, they just divorce him and take half of everything he has, and take his kids + child-support and alimony.

No. 218434

>they're cheating on me the entire time but I'm not allowed to even talk to another man
that's the thing about men. They hate and are scared of their own medicine. They put the hysteria in their head that all women are cheating gold digging whores, and try to prove it with things that were proven to be fake (ie staged cheater shows and gold digging shows) all the while they've probably never been cheated on(or if they have they think some dumb shit like "hur dur she dated another guy after we broke up she cheated, like the cristy mack case" is cheating. Women can get abused by several men but don't have abuse hysteria all the while men have a lower population. Really makes you think.

No. 218435

spending too much time on the internet has clearly rotted your brain

No. 218439

>Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. It's due to seeing how men are nowadays and men I've actually dated that have made me not want marriage/kids.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Since around age 12 or so I've wanted to get married, have children, and have a loving relationship. After seeing and hearing how men treat and think about women I don't see any reason to. The internet was a big factor because I could now see the unfiltered, private thoughts of millions of men about women.

I never had my sights set on only dating a millionaire, or only a man with movie star good looks, or only a star athlete, or only the most popular guy in town, or only a PhD holding genius, etc. All I wanted was someone who would share at least a few of my hobbies and interests, love me honestly, and never cheat. After my years of experience in the real world, I know that's setting my sights too high. If I cannot be with someone who'll respect me and treat me as an equal, then I'd rather be alone.

No. 218449

Why do men always try to force their hobbies on their gf?my bf is constantly trying to force me to like video games and Star Wars but he won't even watch a movie I like. The moment i ask him to do a hobby I think his first response is to make up some excuse as to why he can't do it but when it's his hobbies I'm suppose to just be 100% into it and ready to learn.

No. 218450

Easy answer, men think they are the greatest, smartest people around and that they have perfect taste. They obsess over women sharing their hobbies (games etc) because they see it as a woman agreeing that their hobbies are the best, not for the sake of having things in common. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

In general, people look down on feminine hobbies or things aimed at girls (especially young ones) - girls read shounen but boys ignore shoujo, girls enjoy male and female pop artists but men despise boy bands, etc.

No. 218451

This sound so pathetic… simultaneously thinking that your interested are the best and at the same time CRAVING women approval about them.

No. 218452

File: 1513934368599.jpg (38.8 KB, 500x263, a71124.jpg)

Most women are literally happier when their husbands die, marriage sounds like it fucking sucks

No. 218453

Very good article about men and their depraved tendencies:

No. 218463

>most successful kind of men with women are test ridden violent thugs

Really makes you think

No. 218465

Can't help but love how the incels in this thread have no arguments yet still want to "debate" with the same 10 debunked lines

No. 218468

Every time you try to make a point they outright deny it and post a 100% bullshit infographic from /pol/ or something. They have no legit information to back up any of their claims, only the stuff they pull out of their asses. Sad!

No. 218474

I remember last night we had an argument that I was willing to watch blade runner even though I didn't care about it but he won't watch any tv shows or movie he doesn't care about that I wanna see. Then it was a full argument of him telling me why blade runner is better and my interests are vapid. This isn't the first time I've had issue I've had with men. The crazy thing is men will cheat on a girl if they don't have the same hobbies as them, even shallow hobbies like games. I don't get why it's so important to them, I've seen many women with men whose hobbies are extremely different from theirs and they're happy. The ironic thing is they claim that hobbies like makeup etc are vapid yet they want a girl to look good. And another weird thing is men always claim that women are boring but men are 100% unwilling to try anything that is outside of what they already like. Women are at least open to new things.

No. 218476

Ever notice how men are welcomed into mostly female-oriented communities too? You won't see cries of "REEE FAKE MAKE-UP BOY" to men in the make-up industry or in make-up groups, only people who make fun of them are other men yet when women show an interest in gaming or sport, if she hasn't memorised x thing's wikipedia page she's obviously fake!1

No. 218481

File: 1513961615267.jpg (234.27 KB, 866x1200, wife beating.jpg)

why are men so violent?

No. 218484

There's a reason why men are more susceptible to cancer than women; half of men get cancer in their lifetime whereas it's only just under a third for women. There are more cancers with bias to men also.
Their XY makes them weak to cancers whereas women have XX which is strongest to suppress and fight cancer.
It's just nature trying to erase the weak.
They'll get cancer soon enough kek

No. 218488

The world is cold for everyone unless said person is hot and rich. I don't know why you guys have it your heads that people will give a shit if I dropped dead tomorrow just because I'm female.

No. 218489

…No, it's 100% biological. Males have been doing violent, disgusting shit all over the animal kingdom since the dawn of time, unlike females. They're literally a faulty by-product of evolution, this is what happens when they're allowed to run rampant. It's just what they do.

No. 218491

i just love how men like >>218486 are always the first to state that women have no concept of personal responsibility and accountability and yet have to blame the feeeemales for the fact that they can't control themselves and act like civilized creatures.

>Women are partially the reason men are violent

fucking lol dude. If you can't control yourself, that's YOUR problem. Or continue to be weak and blame women for all your shitty behavior.

No. 218495

Yes, I understood the point you were making. Men hate women and think we're worthless but at the same time are so weak that they're willing to engage in violence and uncivilized behavior in order to get them.

And then if you still don't get laid it's women's fault and not yours :( :( :( Life is so hard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218496

File: 1513969058262.gif (21.79 KB, 585x241, c-g-1-eng.gif)

not to mention despite all the "WOMEN HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH EVERYTHING SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME!!!!!!" bullshit MGTOWs like to scream, men do get away with things easier

while the court sentences are about the same, a lot of the time less for men, men also get let off the hook easier by friends, family, and just society in general. If a man rapes and murders someone his family will defend him until the end, bring him gifts and prison, etc etc. If a woman rapes and murders someone, she will automatically get shut down and shamed by her family and friends. Women, in families often have strict ass rules, they have to get a job and education, be on their own by 18, dress nice, look nice, and with men, they can be 24 and still be a greasy pile of shit living with mommy and she will happily make him sandwiches. It has caused men to get the sense of entitlement that they can do whatever they wanted and get away with it, where as women are cautious and try not to do bad things. Then men like to play the oppression card and show the court sentence gap, with the same logic women used for the wage gap but magically the wage gap is considered a jole and the court sentence gap is considered serious and male oppression (they forget men and a million times more likely to do crimes than women which is why the gap is bigger)

No. 218497

man kills himself, gets addicted to drugs, sells them, and becomes homeless meanwhile a woman works hard to support herself and get an education as well as learning to cope with her mental issues

No. 218498

Men don't have to take responsibility for their actions, because society will back them up and make excuses for them. They will do backflips to try and blame the women in their life before they actually hold men accountable.

Just look at the street artist putting up posters of Meryl Streep in response to the whole Weinstein situation. She has been met with more vitriol from men for "knowing" and not doing anything than Weinstein who was the one who actually raped, harassed, and abused women. But no, it's the women who are at fault.

No. 218499

>Why are over 80% of the homeless male (in some countries like japan, over 99%).
Maybe because men don't give a shit about eachother? "Every man for himself." Women make safe spaces, women's shelters, etc. but men don't seem to care too much about other men. Hell, a man is probably homeless in the first place because he got fucked over by the capitalist society put in place by and for selfish men.

>Why areover 80% of suicides committed by men?

Because they're biological fuckups and they're more succeptable to mental illness.

>Why are men the vast majority of people in prison for robbery, drug dealing, or any other illegal activity to make money?

Because they're the ones who do it the most lmao. Once again, you guys are violent and stupid by nature.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218500

*susceptible kek

No. 218502

>it's the same reason they give children or retards lighter sentences.
lmao here we go guys. 'Women are literally children' rant incoming.

Despite the fact that men are the ones that can't control themselves and have to blame others for their actions instead of handling shit like a civilized adult. Sounds awfully childish to me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218503

No. 218505

File: 1513970135457.jpg (613.2 KB, 1700x2200, aa4.jpg)

>G U Y S???

You approach the subject of 'women' like an equation, or undiscovered bacteria in a petri dish. Sorry friendo, but we have autonomy. "ADD VIOLENT CHAD + FAT STACKS + 11 INCH DONG = PUSSY REACTION?" does not work.

No. 218506

Also, they're forgetting that many arranged marriages did/do end in abuse and that's their father choosing who she marries…..

No. 218508

Men like this seriously need to just buy a blowup doll or a pocket pussy and get it over with. What even is the difference? They don't see women as human beings anyway. They view women as a hassle they have to deal with in order to have a supply of pussy. All they want is the hole, so why not just buy one?

A lot of people joke about it but there's really no shame in buying a sex toy and using that instead of running around treating women like shit. A lot of men have them and use them. Buy one already and shut the fuck up about how you can't get sex so women are evil. You can stick your dick in it anytime you want and it won't even ask to be treated like an equal! Amazing!

No. 218510

Saged until you newfags learn how to not reply.

No. 218511

I've owned several of some of the best onaholes on the market today. The latest in fake vagina technology.

Let me tell you something, I don't even use them, they suck, I prefer my hand.

The technology will NEVER get much better either, there is no possible advancement in technology that will ever make them an equivalent replacement to real female holes.

I know guys want to wish that sex dolls/robots and fake vaginas will be great, but they won't be, EVER, no matter how much technology advances.

No. 218512

For me it's the opposite; i study to be a teacher (therefore not i a 'real' field) and there are so many guys looking down on me for this… Just because i'm simply not interested in anything STEM related, doesn't mea that what i study is of lesser worth…
Do they really think them wanting to do things like developing computer games is contributing more to society than what they think of as jobs who are mainly for women?!

No. 218517

Could you open a separate threat for "debates with robots"? I think it would have to be farmhand-sanctioned and -opened to relax the rules with regards to maleposting.

No. 218520

Men hate it when women are in STEM, believing that it goes against nature and how inferior we are working with them. Remember that (now ex) Google engineer a while back ranting about this?
So then, lets say you don't go into STEM fields, you'll still be harassed by men calling you a retard for not choosing those booming fields in STEM with good salaries and all that. I wanted to be a teacher, a museum curator, a vet (I went through a couple of stages growing up lol) but none of it was well received from the guys in my life. As anything other than the hard sciences and CS are useless and a waste of time, apparently.

No. 218521

they'll dig and scratch for anything to hate women for, nothing women can ever do is going to be enough for them unless we shut our mouths and become cult neets who do anything they say, then again even that won't be enough

it's like they want to be unhappy and hate women

No. 218522

This mod must be a male kek

No. 218524

Sounds like a terrible idea 2bh. It's one thing for them to raid on their own accord, and it's another to invite them over to shit up the board. No thanks.

No. 218530


so alpha you gotta blow throw IPs like candy just so you get some female attention…so alpha.

No. 218539

this was already proven to be fake

No. 218541


No. 218542

b-but anon, ALL their arguments are based on fake info :( don't deny alt-facts just because they're not true, you dumb, shallow bitch :(((

No. 218543

File: 1513992463359.png (54.71 KB, 1348x628, fake.png)

use your brain dude, the incel that made this originally posted "stealing candy" in the bio, then changed it because like all experiments, men have to make up shit to make women look bad where as women can just use the fact men make up shit like this and turn on the news

why do you think all women are taking it so lightly as if it was a joke? it's almost as if it was rigged? wow

No. 218548

I don't see any proofs of such things happening. Not that such things would be impossible to happen, but you have not presented them, and posting things like
> men have to make up shit to make women look bad
Suggest you're mentally deficient to a pathological degree. Nobody needs to fake anything to make anyone look bad because everyone is shit under the right circumstances. But yeah, this type of discussion is exactly why I want a separate threat.

No. 218549

I don't really see the point in a separate thread as the post about women supposedly going after the fake male model profile who said he raped kids, only proves some women are shallow. That's not shocking or news to anyone, you could do the exact same experiment on men and get the same results (literally look at any comments on an article about an attractive teacher sleeping with students, full of men saying the boy is lucky etc) we're not here to discuss how some women are shallow though, we're here to vent about men.

No. 218550

> only proves some women are shallow.
No, no. TINDER is shallow. Women aren't shallow, the mode dating sites/apps operate by is. All those dating apps where you have a picture, are shallow, because the picture is the most meaningful thing you upload on those things. Those description texts and all that, they're complete bullshit, either copypasted from someone who's more funny than the person posting it, or tl;dr, utterly boring. All you have is the picture, and because tinder is about quick dates where a fake picture doesn't hold up anyways, you can make an assumption that the picture is depicting the person in question. But because the only thing that your dating site profile people pay attention to (because of human nature) is the picture, then people will react to the picture much more strongly than the BS you write in your description.

Post an experimental Tinder profile of some fantastic stunner looking girl into Tinder and have the description read something like "Cut off my ex BFs penis in his sleep and spent 14 months in prison for aggravated bodily harm" and you'll still drown in matches. TINDER is superficial. The experiment conducted there is meaningless, made worse by the idiotic fantasy of some incel that the whole world works exactly like tinder. That is different from forgery. You don't need to fake shit like that because that's just how those shitty dating apps work. Hence the observation that this is supposedly faked is as stupid as posting it in the first place.

> we're (…) here to vent about men.

Exactly. But if I try to have reasoned discussions in here I feel like I'm abusing the thread, and maleposters get banned anyways, and then I get banned for responding to maleposters. That's why I want a separate thread for such discussions.

No. 218551

Agreed with you on tinder, real life doesn't work like tinder at all and any experiment done on it is completely pointless.

I think a thread for critical discussions on gender would be fine, I just don't think having robots in it would do you or anyone good though as it'd just bait them into raiding us again and shitting up threads, they don't actually want discussion.

No. 218552

> they don't actually want discussion.
Tough shit. I want it though.

No. 218554

I understand that, however they will just spam you with "REEE WHORE" and porn, they don't care about what you have to say nor will they attempt any reasonable response or refute to your arguments. That's why people get banned for replying to them as it's a losing battle.

No. 218556

> they will just spam you with "REEE WHORE" and porn
I don't give a shit. I turned down sex for 4000 USD and in retrospect, I consider that a mistake now.

No. 218557

>But if I try to have reasoned discussions in here I feel like I'm abusing the thread, and maleposters get banned anyways, and then I get banned for responding to maleposters. That's why I want a separate thread for such discussions.
How much y'all wanna bet that this is a male/robot, as well as anyone else calling for a separate thread? We don't need a fucking thread to lure in shitposters and give them a voice, 100% chance that they'd start shitting up the rest of the board too. No one wants to see the same old song and dance here, it's fucking trite and boring and I could go anywhere else to read what they have to say. If you want to debate them so hard you could go to their boards and forums.

No. 218558

File: 1514003693134.jpg (34.92 KB, 314x290, autism-warning-sticker.jpg)

> they will just spam you with "REEE WHORE" and porn
Ok, I assume you want to hear the story. It's even more terrible on my part than this bland description would imply. Here it is.

I was single at the time and so I just went out on my own. So there was this harmless pensioner looking guy who invited me for drinks at his table. He'd pay for drinks, great, I was a student at the time and I didn't have anything better to do anyways. He'd invite me to dinner at his place and offer "pocket money" to boot, so fuck yeah, right. I'd eat dinner at his place weekly and he'd give me some pocket money, we'd chat about stuff. He was like an ex teacher or something, now an unmarried pensioner and pretty bored with his life.

Eventually I found a new GF and I told the pensioner of her. After a few dinners, he offered me 4000 bucks to let him watch us fuck in front of him. That's when I decided to break off all contact to him because I didn't want any part in turning that "innocent" girl into a prostitute. I turned him down and broke off all contact to him.

I talked to her the other day and we both agreed that I should have gone for it, her being a prostitute being a fantasy for her, and I sure could have used the money as well back then. That's that. Yeah, I didn't even have to fuck an old geezer, I had to fuck my GF that I loved and still do in front of him. No, we're not together anymore, she has a BF now, but she still sees me regularly for chat.

idk about anyone else calling about a separate thread, that's just me as far as I can tell, but I am from Krautchan, having been made aware of the board once again in a recent thread on KC. I was here before long ago, but didn't stick around. You can consider me part of the "invasion" if you want, yet I don't see an invasion, there's just 1 persistent troll that likely has nothing to do with KC, and some "Bernds" (the "Anons" of KC) begging for GFs or reeing for whores, that have been banned days ago. As for me, I just like discussions.

No. 218559

>tl;dr useless information that no one asked for

No. 218560

No. 218561

Yeah they hate when a feeble feeeemale knows more than them.

No. 218572

File: 1514025428711.png (26.94 KB, 290x241, ówò.png)

I don't know why you guys are still responding to robos. There is no point discussing things with them. They don't have any valid points, you just tell them why they're wrong while they go "those statistics were probably made up by the black jewish illuminati! this pic I found on /pol/, however is 100% true and even when it's proven to be wrong, I'll still believe it because I really need a reason to hate women and blame them for my shortcomings instead of myself." It's pretty much explaining to a schizophrenic conspiracyfag that the earth isn't flat. They will never listen to you, they never admit that they're wrong, and this won't trigger some epiphany in them to make them actually give a shit about women. Don't waste your time on scum.

No. 218573

This, and if you're some honey badger who wants "discussion" go to /pol/ or whatever and talk to them there.

No. 218575

I hate how men are so desperate for sex not getting it on demand is enough to make them hate us….yet we're also whores if we've had a certain amount of sexual partners or have casual sex.

It's men's faults women never make the first move, it's men's fault women tend to be more prudish - it's because you force us to be. Men force us to pretend we don't have any sexuality, but this also frustrates them as they want us to be whores but only in the way they like - they want us to be virgins that can fuck like porn stars they want us to lower our standards, but only for their ugly neckbeard ass. We're not allowed to have more than one relationship or sexual experiences without being labeled whores.

No. 218578

Reading this thread is depressing. As bad as my experiences with some men have been, the men closest to me have always been a good enough example of what men should be that I didn't end up hating men as a whole.

Didn't any of you have good relationships with your dads? Partly, my disappointment with a lot of guys stems from the fact they're not like my dad at all (hard working, kind, chivalrous and gentle with women and that sort of stuff). My brothers are mostly the same, my younger brother was speaking to my oldest the other day and the older one told him to break things off with the girl he was seeing because it wasn't right to lead her on in the way he was doing.

I just can't seem to find men of that quality outside of my family, and it sucks.

No. 218579

I don't hate men nor do I think the majority of posters here do, it's just a place to vent about the shitty things a lot of men do. There's nowhere you can really do that on the internet without getting harassed, so an anonymous internet board is the best place for it imo.

No. 218582

My dad was always good to me, but when I was a teenager I found out he was into some really disgusting porn. Like fisting, degredation, and very old women. He even used my computer to watch it, I found out because he didn't bother clearing the search history. I think all of them are gross/sexist in some way or another, some are better at hiding it than others (especially around their kids) :/

No. 218584

I have a good dad, brothers, friends, but i can still see that most men have a disdain for women.

No. 218585

If I could find a guy as good as my brother or my dad, I wouldn't be here.

No. 218589

>Didn't any of you have good relationships with your dads?
Yep. Well, no. I was raised by my mom and grandparents, and my grandpa was more my father figure during my formative years. He took care of my grandmother once she started seriously declining for the years all the way until her death, just out of pure love. He was genuinely very sweet and kind. Honestly when I think about the concept of "men" and what a "man" is I don't even consider my grandpa to be in the same group of people until I have to consciously make that link, because he's nothing like them. My instinct is to scoff when I'm urged to compare him to other men, because it's so ludicrous at first glance. There is no comparison to be made.

So yes, what I feel towards other men is something like disappointment, but that's not exactly the right word because the bar for acceptable male behavior is basically at the fuck flooring - there wasn't even an attempt at fulfilling my expectations.

No. 218591


Me and my older brother lived together for a few years after college and I still hate his current girlfriend for taking him away from me.

No. 218593

Some of us can be redeemed with age I think, when I was younger I hated women because I kept getting rejected, I was thinking " wow how could you fucking reject me I'm fucking perfect" while I was just a fucking lardass sperg. When I started college did some self reflection and realized I was just fucking disgusting and that was the reason, tried losing weight with no success but guess I'm better than when I was a teenager now. Quit r9k and other poisonous shit and realized I as the problem, hopefully all people can realize this.

No. 218595

Props for developing self-awareness and working on yourself, I wish other men could do the same.

The thing is, most women on this thread who are tired of men isn't because they're being rejected. Many of us have been raped and abused, including myself and realized men see us as "damaged goods" because of this and don't have one shred of empathy, they just scream #NotAllMen when we try tell our stories instead of listening and attempting to understand. They compare (not saying you are) being rejected to abuse which is why I'm personally losing hope with men. Also they have no idea what it's like to think a man actually cares about you but all along he was just after sex, you're entire worth to him is based on sex and that shit hurts, it also makes it really difficult to trust men.

No. 218597


Some people just won't mature and have self awareness, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. I seriously really don't like how things are between genders, in the past people at some point were forced to socialize and actually get to know each other and maybe change their opinions, now with the high speed internet everyone can reinforce their shitty opinions and shitbags like roosh making money on it. I fucking hate this so much.

No. 218601

Good for you. I was always under the assumption that at least a fair amount of young men will grow out of it when they get older. Tbh I remember being incel-tier in middle school with how much I attributed everything bad that happened to me socially to shallowness and my looks. In reality some of it was shallowness (kids are assholes and will bully anyone) and some of it was that I didn't have my personality worked out yet, so I was either really shy and quiet, or loud and obnoxious which repelled people who would have been my friend despite the fact that I was a pimply and ugly teen.

The despair mostly comes from seeing a lot of grown ass men in their late 20s and 30s who are STILL oblivious piles of shit that never matured past a certain age. At some point it just becomes who they really are.

No. 218603


Pretty much yeah, I'm still bad looking but I don't let it bother me anymore. It's how I was born so meh, I have lots of girl friends now and they're all pretty decent.

No. 218607

I hope this doesn't come across as condescending but you're heading down the right path. Self-reflection, identifying and addressing personal flaws are traits lacking in so many men that are desirable AND attractive - and the older you get these will begin to outweigh your appearance anyway.

No. 218608


Well I'm old enough now I guess, gonna be 28 this year. I'm not rushing, I haven't met anyone I liked in years maybe someday but I still have treatment for my mental stuff(GAD, avoidant, major depression)so probably not ready for a relationship anyways. Anyways, this is not the place to talk about it.

No. 218617

If you want to know what's going on inside the head of your local bitter virgin or divorced old man :

No. 218621

That thread is bizarre and depressing, men really think we're empty headed bimbo's with no interests apart from "chad dick", shopping and sex….but we don't enjoy sex obviously it's only to have children because all women are obsessed with popping out babies but we're also whore's because we're not becoming house wives at 20 with 5 kids by the age of 25. They don't even make sense, they contradict themselves.

No. 218622

Holy shit, that sub is cancer. I remember lurking there just to find out wth it's even about, and it seriously puts you into a depressing mood. Imagine spending a significant amount of time there. It will seriously mess one's mind.

No. 218623

File: 1514055736878.png (17.41 KB, 984x264, irony.PNG)

this is so ironic, literally all of them do that shit lmao

No. 218628

That sub, youtube mgtows and their comment section is just depressing. To them, being born female is greatest crime against humanity and destroying civilizations that only men have built. Despite us being incredibly weak and incompetent, huh.

Its an echochamber that reaches thousands.
>women are hypocritical illogical animals
>536 points
Whats their goal, anyway? Wait for all of us to die out? or prevent relationships with women in general? Whats the point in telling us how awful we are

No. 218631

File: 1514063121097.jpg (211.8 KB, 587x1358, 1514045470611.jpg)

No. 218633

>i'm not a pedo
>i'm 21
>i want this little girl to suck my dick
>little girl is 12

All of those comments make me disgusted at male sexuality and perversions.. god damn.

No. 218655

Oh my god it gets worse

>Holy shit so many PERFECT jailbait girls, and Chad probably fucked all of them at once. There is NO WAY to reconcile not getting this.

>Even if I looksmax hard enough to fuck above average women I will never have a harem of jailbait.


These guys need urgent psychiatric help immediately

No. 218656

if only people got sent to psychiatric facilities for what they post on the internet, the world would be a better place

No. 218658

Incels are obsessed with young/teen love. They'll cry about missing out on ''pure'' love as in holding hands in the hallways, having no worries except homework, being each others first romance. But they always seem to forget these details. Ask them about it and all you'll get is b-but TEEN PUSSY! YOUNG PUSSY! DEFLOWERING PURE VIRGIN CUNT! Because that's what it always boils down to.

No. 218659

Oh wow, apparently we are divided in levels too

>Despite most of them being fuckable, women have to compete too. Every woman wants to not be like other women but her ability to climb up the ranks of uniqueness depends on many factors, such as her intelligence, looks, environment, inborn personality, creativity, and more. This list is quite simplified but it helps define female evolution from its simplest forms to the most complex ones.

Goal is simple and universal to all but the last type: “To maximize number of sustainable high quality orbiters and to obtain the greatest possible appreciation and commitment level from the best available Chad.”
LEVEL 1: Basic Stacy
Life revolves around being validated on social media, make up, identifying with Beyonce's songs, and Chads cock. When eventually too old for Chad to keep on fucking, she sells herself to the highest bidder, has kids, gets fatter, dies.* Chad of Choice: Justin Bieber
*keep in mind, if attractive enough, she doesn’t have to compete with anyone below level 8. Especially in Gym Stacy version, which is Basic Stacy attending gym.
>LEVEL 2: Basic Stacy Deluxe


No. 218660

I wonder if they'll EVER ask guys who've actually fucked virgins, because from what I've told it sucks since virgins don't know what to do or how to move. But incels just what to say that they've had sex; they're stuck in some stereotypical movie high school in their heads where having sex was a big, only thing that matters. It's bizarre and pathetic.

But I fucking despise how predatory they are towards kids.

>black pill
Assuming that's meant to be just pure hatred for women.

>Chad of Choice: Justin Bieber
AHAHAHHHAHHA OH MY GOD, okay, they're stuck in high school confirmed.. in 2010. Wow.

No. 218662

Teens these days literally want to fuck junkrat, pennywise, and adam driver, and before that they wanted to fuck benedict cumbernch, bilbo, and that guy from dr. Who who doesn't have any lips. It speaks volumes about how full of shit they are when they go on about how every girl just wants, like, ryan gosling or the beebz.

No. 218663

samefagging to add that it's really ironic how they think women are shallow, like look at who they want to fuck (junkrat and non-neckbeard guys in their age group) vs who men want to fuck (barely legal teens/virgins, kids, girls with tons of plastic surgery, etc.)

No. 218664

Look how many teen girls are attracted to Post Malone too, he's not exactly conventionally attractive. A lot of teen girls and women are into more unusual looking guys, I don't know a single woman who lusts over male models or even knows many male models. In fact I knew zero male model's names till I browsed incel boards briefly. They love male models more than women do.

No. 218665

Saged for samefagging but another point I want to make, it's mainly gay guys I see lusting over male models and reblogging muscular guys on tumblr etc. Why aren't they reeing at gay guys for being shallow? The gay community is also known for plastic surgery, impossible body standards set for men etc basically all the shit they accuse straight women of doing but they don't rage at them.

Also, they brought up the "women are lying to themselves when they say they wear make-up for themselves!" It's not even just incels who say that, normie men do it too. It seems incredibly narcissistic for men to assume women can't have a hobby and enjoy something without it being about them, do they seriously think a woman does a cut crease or wears purple lipstick because she's thinking about how hard a guy's dick will be over it? Do they think women get excited over the release of a new eyeshadow palette and spend loads of money on it for men? I can't get over how hard it is for them to believe women genuinely enjoy something for themselves.

No. 218666

eh, makeup is still 99.999% patriarchal bullshit, but I won't get too far into that right now. it's definitely not for the reasons incels think anyways, it's because women and girls are taught to hate how they look naturally (mostly by men) and because of that, they feel the need to wear it. a lot of us HAVE to wear it just to be taken seriously, it's hardly even an option.

No. 218667

I'd say the industry is changing for the better in recent years, it's becoming a lot more about creating fun looks etc and more of an art thing than a need to wear it, plus the recent amount of guys being into it casually too (not just CEOs or celebrity make-up artists, just normal guys) but yes men will shame women at any chance they get for not wearing make-up….but will also shame women who enjoy make-up. There's no winning with them.

No. 218670

File: 1514090415193.jpg (255.13 KB, 1647x858, 1500295474750.jpg)

Me and most other guys hate or dislike makeup.

A young girl with good skin will look way better to men without makeup. Makeup would hide her youth and natural beauty, which is always infinitely better than fake beauty.

Pretty much all conventional beauty standards for women are created and enforced by other women, not men. Most men don't even like them.

If men controlled female beauty standards, you'd all be wearing dresses, hijabs, or uniforms with long skirts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218674

Men who claim they like "natural beauty" only like it, if a woman is naturally perfect, has literally zero flaws. Which shockingly, most women don't have. Women are made to feel inferior for normal human things like stretch marks, spots, cellulite, their tits not being a certain size, not having a giant ass. Women who try to improve themselves with grooming are seen as "fake" by their logic, none of us should ever bathe as you're not naturally clean! Embrace your natural stink and stop being so fake! Stop brushing your teeth and let them rot to their natural state! Also the porn industry is controlled by men, are porn stars natural and wearing hijabs?

No. 218675

don't respond to the "WOMEN ARE THE ONES BULLYING EACH OTHER!!!! NOT US!!!" bait guys, it's already been debunked

No. 218676

Yeah very true, it's such a tired argument and not true. I've only encountered a few catty women in my life but many vicious men and even when it's not been towards me, I've heard how they talk about women they don't find attractive….they act like she's offended them by even existing, there's also a game I've heard off called "pull the pig" not sure if it's just a UK thing but it's a game where guys will find the ugliest girl they can and pretend to be interested in her, only to humilate her once she's expressed interest back. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4642247/pull-a-pig-game-sophie-stevenson-coronation-street-gemma-winter/

No. 218678

>out in public with my 23 year old brother
>fat woman walks past us
>he starts oinking and making loud pig noises
>punch him in the face out of shock

He wasn't raised like this. I hope the woman didn't hear him. Ever since puberty hit it seems like he feels only disgust for women who aren't attractive to him. And from my experience with male friends and hearing how they talk about unattractive women I'm starting to wonder how common that hatred is.

No. 218679

LMFAO "only middle school boys act like this" anon needs to look at this thread as well as the old one and teen thread, this has easily been proven wrong on so many levels, if they even looked through the last or this thread for a second they wouldnt be saying that

No. 218680

That's so disgusting and just unnecessarily cruel. I get hit on by men I don't find attractive a lot, particularly old men seem to be the ones that are creepy in public the most. I feel fucking disgusted that a man old enough to be my dad is hitting on me, I feel disgusted looking at his beer gut, his wrinkles and balding head but do I tell him this? No, I ignore him or politely make up an excuse to get away from him. These are men that are actually bothering me but I still don't feel the need to tell they're disgusting (even if they probably deserve it sometimes) but a woman just walking past a man doesn't find attractive makes him feel the need to say vile shit, when she's not bothering him in any way.

No. 218681

File: 1514092309581.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

yep, men are so damn obnoxious when it comes to not finding women attractive, I can't believe some people are just blocking out the amount of bizarre shit men will do simply for not finding a woman attractive

exactly. when a girl with small tits or a small butt is flirting with a guy, most of the time the guy will make jokes like "calm down young man" and then talk shit about her to his friends, they can't learn to be proper and poise when a girl they are not attracted to dare to exist

No. 218682

File: 1514092427370.jpg (343.76 KB, 720x729, 20171223_210915.jpg)

>do they seriously think a woman does a cut crease or wears purple lipstick because she's thinking about how hard a guy's dick will be over it?
Men self-admittedly prefer natural beauty and scoff at anything that isn't natural-looking makeup (because they can't tell the difference,) it beats the fuck out of me why they think women who enjoy make up as a hobby are crafting these elaborate looks just for them.

No. 218683


This guy literally matched a girl just to tell her she's ugly and fat.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3823654/The-ladies-like-lot-don-t-consider-dating-s-fat-Good-looking-man-slams-overweight-Scottish-women-Plenty-Fish-saying-size-14-medically-obese.html This guy got angry that a woman he wasn't attracted too dared to message him and sent an autistic paragraph to her.

Women get hit on all the time by men they're not attracted too and that are way below their leagues yet most have the decency to ignore them or tell them they're not interested politely.

No. 218685

File: 1514093030777.jpeg (5.22 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg)

I use to fall for the "men prefer you without makeup" meme yet most women can tell you, from experience, that a lot of the time their bf/husband/lover or whatever will pay more attention to them and give them more love and affection when they do choose to wear makeup and be less affectionate when they aren't, even the men that claim they like women without makeup

It's like they can't practice what they preach, they'll ignore and reject naked face girls but go crazy over girls who wear lots of makeup, I don't understand what they want

No. 218688

>keking at the fact people cant see even fucking armored skeptic, boogie, dazgames, fat guy from 21 jumpstreet, tj kirk, etc and his ugly ass still pulls bitches but most average women can't even flirt without getting mocked are laughed at if theyre not attractive and yet men want to run around and scream how all women only want top few percentage of men

No. 218690

Also, armoured skeptic's girlfriend is far more attractive than him and she's definitely not with him for his "status" she has a larger youtube channel than him lmao.

No. 218691

a lot of the men I listed have girlfriends far more attractive and have higher statuses than they'll ever be, the point was that even ugly, bottom of the barrel men can still get attractive women to love them where as even slightly below average women are going to have hella hard time to get a man, and yet men are using the graphs like incel OP posted (don't wanna respond don't wanna get banned) because they think " how the bottom 80% of men have an unfair deal, he's trying to improve the hypergamy problem"
when in reality, women have low standards and men can easily get gorgeous women even if theyre greasy basement dwellers, most men run away and shun a woman if she dares be unattractive and want to date

No. 218692


It's because they're bitter as they feel like they "can't" wear make-up (they easily could, nobody would be able to tell if they wore properly matched foundation, concealer and blended subtle contour)

Also, I think there's a side to it that may be because they can't stand women enjoying something that doesn't involve them. As mentioned before, many women see make-up as a hobby and create elaborate looks - men freak out over non-natural looking make-up and sperg about how ugly it is so it makes zero sense for these women to be creating elaborate colourful looks for them. Men want everything women do to be about them, notice how they claim women into sports or gaming are only doing it for male attention? They're so narcissistic that they believe everything is about them and women still continuing to
wear make-up (especially unnatural make-up) despite their cries about natural beauty, irritates them.

No. 218694

The hypergamy thing is a lie incels tell themselves so they can blame women for their inability to get a date. Unattractive or even average women are given a much harder time in society than unattractive/average men ever are. Most women tend to leave men alone they're not interested in and don't make them feel shitty, men get offended at women not falling at their feet and begging to suck their dick. Unattractive women have to deal with being told they're fat/ugly etc by men, when they were just on a dating app not bothering them or minding their own business in the street or on the internet. Go on any video with a woman in it and the comments will be filled with men talking about her appearance even if that's not the subject on the video.

No. 218699

File: 1514094697649.jpg (46.8 KB, 736x544, f5756d621b5a83d6560abd7c9d8db5…)

> I think there's a side to it that may be because they can't stand women enjoying something that doesn't involve them. As mentioned before, many women see make-up as a hobby and create elaborate looks - men freak out over non-natural looking make-up and sperg about how ugly it is so it makes zero sense for these women to be creating elaborate colourful looks for them.

pretty much,in the 40-60s, men loved red lipstick, winged eyeliner, rosey cheeks, and all that jazz, it was often encouraged by men for women to wear it, men often brought it as gifts to women, etc etc, but now when women are getting more interested in it, it becomes a hobby for them suddenly men come in and splerge about how they want to see naked acne covered skin and dull eyes but when women do have those things uncovered, they won't even give her an acknowledgement of her existence all the while jerking it to women who had their makeup done for 2 hours, if they ~love~ no makeup faces so much but no nothing to prove they like it outside of telling women not to wear makeup and then claiming to like it when we point out they're bullshitting

>They're so narcissistic that they believe everything is about them and women still continuing to

THIS. there's no winning at ALL with them

No. 218704

File: 1514095176543.jpg (135.84 KB, 1280x720, glitter.jpg)

Exactly, in recent years make-up has become much more than covering up flaws or enhancing features. It's about creating something visually interesting/beautiful and as a woman who's into the artistic side of make-up (sfx make-up, full on instagram make-up, pretty much all kinds) the process is really fun for me, there's something therapeutic about taking that time to yourself and painting your face.

I truly do think men are just angry that we're doing something that doesn't involve them or really care that they don't like it. I'm not bothered if a man doesn't find my make-up attractive, I would like them to stop trying to do armchair psychology on me though and involving themselves in something they have no idea about.

No. 218705

>It's so obvious you're a sexually frustrated ugly hambeast yourself.


>I know for a fact you could still _easily_ get average guys, but for some reason aren't aware of it.

I, myself, actually have a very handsome boyfriend, treats me like a queen, makes good money, is supportive and protective, and a modeling agent even tried to cast him before and he rejected

most women, even attractive DO resort to dating men who are so much below them status and looks wise, as an the examples I gave you that easily prove you wrong, and "unattractive" and ugly women again, resort to dating hideous men, it happens, leave your house instead of believing everything on the internet

>had the extreme egotistical sense of entitlement that average women have,

yes average women are so egotistical and entitled that must be why these ugly shit tier men are getting laid by hot women and thats why most womens standards are lower than dirt, thats why women will easily stay in shitty relationships yet men will up and leave the second she refuses to send nudes (and this can be proven by past vent threads and relationship threads)

>now we even have landwhales acting like they're hot shit

yeah try to find me evidence outside of tumblr oh wait you cant

>Previously only average-looking women acted like that.

again, maybe if you lived on an echo chamber who sees one drunk hoe at the club talk about how hot she is and now they run around and foam at the mouth about how all women are narcissistic whores

No. 218706

>less likely to cheat
proof? tons of obese chicks cheat, tons of slim women are the most loyal women you could ever meet, why do you think prude level pentecostal and catholic women tend to be slim or on the curvy side (actual curvy not tumblr curvy)

> less likely to leave

need proof, it all depends on the woman, look at yumi king and june, their bfs shit on them all the time yet they worship them, and yet some fat girls will leave a guy if he doesn't introduce her as his gf

>- likely to have had few or zero past sexual partners

again, like with my previous prude level ladies example, they tend to be virgins til marriage and still slim or curvy, plus wasn't it you that said lots of fat girls are whores? kek

>- more likely to be submissive and feminine (in her personality)

again, if you want "submissive and feminine" women I suggest you hit up a cathedral, not that women there want you anyway since most religious women want men who are worthwhile and not looking for a slave, someone they won't be miserable with long term
>- more likely to be loving and affectionate
yawn, most women in general are loving and affectionate

>So yeah there's tons of guys who specifically want ugly girls with low self-esteem

wow I guess you're all men now apparently

No. 218709

Pls don't respond to neckies.

No. 218711

I don't get how it's a compliment to anyone that guys would like a fat ugly girl with low self-esteem because she'll be easier for them to control. Notice how when guys list things they want in a woman, it's all shallow things and shit based on their own insecurities? (Submissive, less sexual partners etc)

When women list things they'd like in men, it's stuff like a good sense humour, caring, sweet etc all personality based things and things that will benefit both sides (who doesn't want a partner they can laugh with seriously) but with men it's about them.

No. 218714

"Men have an agenda to keep female's self-esteem as low as possible, because women having higher standards and a strong sense of entitlement is really bad for men."

Oh no why would men do that sweetie? because women will leave greasy abusive greg from 4chan when she find out he doesn't do shit in the relationship besides play league and whine we she doesnt suck his dick on command? because women will go for chads who treat them right and some women realize being single is better than being with a POS like you? wow

>Most men have no standards at all, but men can't let women know that, because it would give women way too much power

sorry last time I checked not feeling like shit about yourself wasn't "power"

> which they already have in modern society.

debunked already unless you are going to explain more

>Men insulting women based on looks is a way to keep hypergamy in check, and make it so we don't have fat/ugly women or single-mothers acting like they're hot shit

then explain why some men will even do this shit to their own gfs? is that guy who ghosts his girlfriend because she was too scared of getting implants just "negging" honey this is why women aren't after you, you're making a huge joke of yourself, if you sooooo don't want women being confident for some reason under your delusions, you wouldn't be making shit like this, which will only encourage women to run as far away from men like you as possible and will be confident just because it makes you mad when women dont hate themselves

>super high demands and expectations, and bad attitudes.

wow you watched a staged TLC reality show once and saw 3 fat girls in memes act as if theyre hot shit and now you get that to project how you think things are and use it to justify shitting on women, pathetic

>I speak on behalf of a lot of guys. This is how men generally think, they won't say it though, and they might not even be aware of it.

Nope, you're just giving us a reason to become lesbians, cat ladies or cling to our chads and not you

No. 218715

"You can't possibly believe this. Outside of high-school and college, the #1 thing women like in men is their financial status. It matters more than both looks and personality.

Here's a list of things that matter (a lot) to women, that guys don't care about in women:

Financial status, social status, height, physical strength, confidence, speech skills."

Hunny you keep talking but don't name any specific examples yet there are tons of examples that debunk "WOMEN ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY AND SOCIAL STATUS !!!" bullshit, if this was the case poor losers, as mention wouldn't get laid and yet they do all the time. Do you even want to be taken seriously?

No. 218717

Gold diggers exist yes, but men who go for gold diggers are often only going for them for sex and to have a pretty young girl on their arm. They're both as shallow and as soulless as each other. They're not a relationship you should strive for or a representation of normality at all, incels use these extreme examples while conventionally leaving out the man only went after the woman for shallow reasons too.

No. 218719

File: 1514097718390.png (8.66 KB, 1104x96, Untitled.png)

not to mention the ridiculous things men nowadays are considering women gold diggers for, sadly this wasn't even the first situation where something like this happened, a few other girls mentioned how their boyfriends would freeload and then call THEM gold diggers when they mentioned how the men should help pay bills

No. 218724

>You apparently understand the general concept, if that's the specific example you want to think of, yes.
Your boyfriend would love you if you sucked their dick on command. Every guy wants this.

eh I've met guys who like stable women with minds of their own. Not everyone is an insecure incel

also you're defending men shitting on women so women end up in abusive relationships and stay there, are you even looking at the big picture or are you just screaming because mommy spoilt you and now you don't get what you want?

>Keep the balance of the relationship in check. Lower her self-esteem, make her think "maybe I'm the one not good enough for him?". Which will decrease her chances of cheating or leaving.

and yet several women have left their boyfriends because of men being abusive and insulting them and several women have flocked to chads that make them feel happy abou themselves, so I guess "INSULT WOMEN SO THEY DONT CHEAT AND LEAVE!!!" thing didn't work

>Poor male NEETs do NOT get laid, ever, unless they were already in a relationship beforehand, which is obviously about to end because they're NEET.

this was already proven wrong kek, I already gave examples, hell just ask around, not that you'd believe anything that doesn't fit in your schizophrenic world of all women being evil so men need to shit on them so women dont feel good about themselves because they think women who feel good wont cheat or leave, which has been proven wrong

No. 218725

So, my boyfriend hates men. Not in a jealous incel shithead way; he's never once exhibited any kind of controlling or jealous behavior about any male friend/boss/etc. He also supports LGBT people and doesn't get hung up about sex (he has never once made me feel bad as a csa and incest survivor. No pressure at all, understands consent and boundaries, etc. I literally freaked and shoved him off me once and his first response was to see if I was okay. Sad that I have to mention this at all but whatever.) and in general is a very tolerant, polite and easy going person.

But I know he hates men from his personal opinions that he's shared with me. His father was an asshole who abandoned him and his wonderful mother, and he grew up in an area where thuggish assholes were eager to take advantage of him- and his stuff. Being stolen from, beaten up, etc was normal. The only kindness he had was from me, his mother and aunt, and female teachers. Since escaping that life he has not only shared with me that he outright isn't fond of men, but he will do anything possible to avoid them in social settings if it's possible to do so without being impolite. He has no friends and seems content that way, preferring to do solitary hobbies.

I guess I'm rambling because I want to know if I should be concerned for his attitude, or just accept it and move on? I know it's not affecting me because he isn't a jealous asshole incel type, but I still can't help but be concerned. Maybe it's a meme, but doesn't he need -some- friends…?

I mean, I completely understand his distrust, so maybe I'm just being anxious and dumb.

No. 218726

File: 1514099412872.jpg (22.52 KB, 300x225, 1bowb7.jpg)

I wish all men were like this tbh, my ex yelled at me for not sending him nudes on command so I left his pathetic ass

I'm with a really nice guy rn, similar to what you said, he's understanding, often mocks incels and mgtows, supports me and whatnot

>I guess I'm rambling because I want to know if I should be concerned for his attitude, or just accept it and move on

accept it and move on, support him through his past as well

>He has no friends and seems content that way, preferring to do solitary hobbies.

maybe he's just introverted? not really to be concerned about though unless he starts getting too clingy and whatnot

No. 218727


You're right tbh, I guess I'm just a very social person and I'm projecting my wants/worries onto him. He's always been more of an introvert, tbh.

No. 218729

File: 1514100012765.png (151.18 KB, 892x908, lol.png)


No. 218732

wow one person said LDR therefore every single one of them must have been ldr right? oh wait a lot of them were real life relationships

"- A guy can have sex with gf IRL
- Breaks up with her because she won't send nudes
- Now he's left with no sex, because he was upset about not getting nude photos????"

you'd be surprised at some mens stupidity, also some girls want are more prudish when it comes to sex, so nudes seems to be easier more than actual sex to some people since they have control over what the other person sees what they're vulnerable about, men are idiots and when a relationship doesn't meet their sexual needs, they become big babies, but insist all women are whores

No. 218734

I don't think it's too much of a concern, he sounds like a really great guy just with some issues due to his father etc but he's not taking it out on you or anyone else, so it doesn't like a red flag. Just be there for him and supportive.

No. 218738

>Why would a guy even want crappy nude pictures of his girlfriend, when he could just jack off to the infinite amounts of better porn on the internet, 3D and 2D?
Entitlement and gratification. I once dated a guy who would hound me for hours to send him nudes, and manipulate by saying that if I loved him I'd keep sending him more and more shit that I wasn't comfortable doing.
Porn is a reason why. Revenge porn is very popular. Sending nudes has become a standard in dating culture. Children are exposed to this shit and they grow up internalizing it. Teen boys think it's acceptable to emotionally manipulate their gfs and trade their nudes amongst each other like pokemon cards now.

No. 218741

File: 1514102406805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.33 KB, 966x734, Study_naked_no1939_Villeneuve-…)

exactly, they beg for nudes then call women whores for sending them, some guys even harass and shit on women for other guys having their nudes… all the while they're the ones who sent other guys their nudes, men are fucking idiots

does anyone remember when that guy tweeted about how he liked a girl, she sent him nudes, he sent the nudes to his friends, then ranted about how she was "damaged goods" because other guys have seen her body? I'm trying to find the story that one anon wrote in either this thread or the last one where the autistic dude took a nude picture of her unconsentually, sent the picture to his friends, and then bragged about how "at least my friends don't have my nudes like my friends have yours"

No. 218742

Friendly reminder: Please remember not to respond to robot bait! We don't want to encourage it. Thanks!

No. 218749

Yesterday i had a convo with a male friend of mine about this:

"Most of the preferred female faces contained childlike proportions of 10 - 50%"…

He then said that i don't have a say in what 'preferences' they have and that it's like that because that's how we evolved as mammals; men to like younger women beause of reproductive reasons and women to have stronger and capiable men to look after their offspring…

That guy is really skinny has never had a girlfriend etc and that awfully reminded me of that incel rethoric of "girls don't like me because i'm a beta!"…

But there's a huge difference between wanting somebody who's at least a little reliable and men of all ages thinking they deserve to fuck little girls!

What do you anons think about this?
I already once had a fight with him there he stated that being male is harder when being a women while we (and other girls) talked about at what a young age we got our periods and how painful cramps are…

No. 218759

File: 1514126366586.png (49.99 KB, 1150x556, 1503156126551.png)

Daily reminder.

Where's that robot who goes on about how men like girls for their personalities and women are shallow and only want sex and money? Most men only want a young girl to fuck, they don't care about anything else. That's why le gold diggers take advantage of that. The dumb perverts who fall for them don't deserve any sympathy.

No. 218763

"But but but anon! Its so girls feel like shit about themselves and get in abusive relationships and not leave because they're insecure!!! We don't want women to not feel like shit!!"

No. 218767

File: 1514134384147.jpg (76.71 KB, 736x843, 2339543d6036c41eca0d1863009452…)

whats with mens hysteria about being cheated on? a lot of men go out their way, go through their partners shit, only date __ type of women because they believe "they're the most faithful" without any evidence to prove those type of women are more faithful, just to assure that whoever they're with is faithful, and some men are even refusing to date out of fear of getting cheated on, once I even saw a guy say "I have to make sure every woman I am ever with knows that if she cheats on me or leaves that I WILL kill her and I make sure she knows I will" and men praised him

while I get being faithful is pretty much necessary in a monogamy relationship and cheating is awful, I don't get the extremes men will go to so they won't be cheated on, and it's even more ironic because men have a lot higher cheating rates than women, in fact a lot of the time cheating in men is so normalized that no one bats an eye when someone mentions "mens mistress" but people will go batshit crazy, sometimes to the point of even murdering a woman and having the world shit on her and make fun of her dying if she was cheating. And yet you never see women go out their way to assure they're not being cheated on, given there are some crazy women out there but sure as hell not as much as men do despite the facts they're the ones cheating

No. 218768

More men cheat, so I'm not sure why they act like women everywhere are just awaiting an opportunity to fuck someone behind their back. This is probably going to get a lot of reeing but I've been cheated on, and it fucking sucks but you get over it. Men act like it's on the same scale as being raped and that being cheated on in their teenage/early 20's relationship (it's totally different if you're married, not talking about marriage) literally ruined their entire life and it gives them an excuse to be a controlling, abusive piece of shit to any other girl they date in the future.

Yeah, when men cheat even if they were the one in the relationship, even if the woman they cheated with didn't even know he had a girlfriend - the woman is always blamed. It's fucking ridiculous.

No. 218771

Men have such huge victim complexes that they have to twist and turn everything to make it seem like they're victims being oppressed by women, hence why men use getting cheated on/being broken up with(even though men cheat more despite them being lower population) to justify their "frustration with women" and have to scream and cry, meanwhile more women have been abused or sexually assaulted than men have been cheated on and yet (most)women don't run around and cry about how evil men are despite the fact they've been given every reason to

No. 218773

Literally, every single woman, including myself has been abused by a man in some way whether it's sexual, violently, emotional or all three and have also been cheated on. Guys I know the worst that's happened to them is being cheated on by their high school girlfriend and they act like it gives them free range to be abusive assholes to women they date later in life, but a woman saying she finds it hard to trust men after years of abuse? FEMINAZI REEE. It's such a double standard.

No. 218789

People were discussing make-up earlier, how fucking ridiculous is it that this good looking girl (with make-up or no make-up) has to justify her natural face? I follow a lot of make-up accounts on instagram etc and men always come to hate on women's before pictures…but they say they prefer us natural. Bullshit, also the "all women need to do to be attractive to men is not be fat!" again bullshit, you have beautiful women having to justify their natural faces because men get so triggered by seeing them without make-up.

No. 218810

File: 1514171357900.jpg (135.22 KB, 604x401, 1512076057863.jpg)

Yeah men really feel personally victimized by women who are not up to their standards

No. 218817

god mgtow is so narcissistic "WAHHHH WHY ISN'T IT ABOUT MEN!!!"

No. 218820

Disregarding the shitty mgtow commentary, how can a person even go through all that trouble just to humiliate another person without thinking twice about it? I'm assuming they were talking back and forth for months, or at least weeks before she went on the plane to meet him. Didn't he even grow sympathic for her the more they got to know each other, at least a little bit? That's some sociopathic shit.

No. 218821

not to mention the amount of money she spent so she can see him, and then mgtows come in saying how "WOMEN MONEY RAPE MEN BUT DOING THIS IS OKAY GET OVER IT FATTY"

god I want to avoid men forever

No. 218826

God the comments are vile, I'd take screenshots but there are so many bad ones it's impossible to select just one. "They said to treat women with respect but I HEARD NOTHING ABOUT TREATING MEN WITH RESPECT?" Um because it's about a woman in this instance you fucking simpleton.

Also saying she deserved it based on her looks etc, just vile.

No. 218827

If this has happened to a man, they probably would've doxxed the woman by now and her social media would be full of death threats. When it's a woman though? GET OVER IT FATTY.

No. 218830

>If this has happened to a man, they probably would've doxxed the woman by now and her social media would be full of death threats.
Holy fuck this. Men already do this to women for much less, like stating an opinion they don't approve of or y'know just existing out in the open. Can't even imagine what the repercussions would be if a woman dared to do something every bit as horrible to a man as what that guy did.

No. 218832

They doxxed a model on reddit for doing an /r/roastme, literally all she did was join in on a game and be attractive. Women have been murdered just for rejecting a man's advances, men could not take half of what they dish out so I don't get why they think women are seen as victims, it's the other way around.


No. 218844

And when you say fuck their standards and live for yourself, they're offended. Can't improve yourself or you're superficial whore. Can't not improve, or you'll just be hated on for being so inadequate and inferior.

>gf's breasts too small
>time to break up
That colleague is just pitiful and sad.

I don't want to read those comments.. mgtows are truly abhorrent in their hatred. I want to avoid men altogether, forever.

No. 218855

File: 1514228333074.png (317.64 KB, 406x342, oo.png)

>men age like fine wine

No. 218857

File: 1514229217507.jpg (687.47 KB, 2048x2955, jen.jpg)

I love how that's a guy that hasn't had any issues with drugs, eating disorders etc men LOVE using celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan that have had those issues, instead of a healthy woman who's aged.

Here's a picture of Jenifer Anitson at 48, pls keep telling yourselves all women age badly and you age amazingly while losing your hair at 30.

No. 218858

File: 1514229479129.jpg (684.08 KB, 811x1024, 631646086.jpg)

lets not forget this woman it 60

No. 218859

File: 1514229844165.jpg (1.38 MB, 3030x2000, isabella-rossellini.jpg)

isabella rosselini is 65, I believe she was like 63 in this pic though, even as she ages she still looks amazing

No. 218863

Most women over 30 look fine/still good, men delude themselves by comparing pictures of George Clooney and a female celebrity that's had a drug problem/eating disorder. The average woman if she's healthy and grooms herself will age fine, where as men will likely loose their hair etc.

Also want to add something about make-up as men like to say women only look good because of make-up. Make-up can't manipulate facial features you retards, if someone looks fine with make-up they likely look fine without it. Sure it can enhance and define features, but it can't turn a weak jawline into a nice jawline, it can't turn a big hooked nose into a small button nose.

No. 218864

>but it can't turn a weak jawline into a nice jawline, it can't turn a big hooked nose into a small button nose.

This is where men would reply with a picture of before and after filters+heavy contouring that only looks good in that one pic using that one angle.

No. 218865

Yup and they don't understand the heavy drag style contouring only looks good in pictures….or in dim stage lighting. It's not the sort of make-up your average woman does, and again still doesn't manipulate facial features.

No. 218868

File: 1514237467142.png (2.43 MB, 1878x864, womenagelikemilk.png)

>Most women over 30 look fine/still good
yee, if a woman already looks good in her 20s, unless she gets addicted to drugs or has an eating disorder/under a lot of stress she's still going to look good, even in her late 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, etc. I've seen more women look great as they age than I've seen men age well. They nitpick at anything to stretch just so they can belittle women

>if someone looks fine with make-up they likely look fine without it.

true, unless they use it to hide skin problems like acne, even then most of the time its temporary and acne isn't automatically ugly. If you have good features you'll look good even without perfect skin, which a lot of women do have attractive features and cuter faces than men

No. 218869

File: 1514237798275.jpg (34.45 KB, 398x594, Ming Na Wen Arrivals Disney Me…)

This woman is 54

No. 218874

File: 1514241018140.jpg (217.41 KB, 1200x1200, marisa-tomei-9542448-1-402.jpg)

Marisa Tomei is 53

No. 218877

Men saying they hate older women because "muhh fertility" while also wanting to fuck sex robots. They can't even not contradict themselves while making up lies to comfort themselves because they get ugly with age no matter what they do.

No. 218878

Whom is the 40 year old woman wearing the hat?

No. 218880

>fish talking about the fishermen
oh you mean the entire redpill/pua movement?

No. 218881

Don't respond directly to robots anon as it could get you banned, but you made an amazing point there. The entire redpill/pua movement do discuss what women want….despite being told the opposite on a regular basis lol.

No. 218887

Manuela Arcuri

No. 218888

Always funny when beta fags go on about how "m-men are attracted to younger girls because muh fertility!" Lol you guys are NEVER having kids, you're just perverts trying to excuse your bullshit. Besides, men are the ones with the worst age-related fertility issues and older women are significantly less likely to die during childbirth.

No. 218889

Exactly, if it was about fertility and sex robots were the same as masturbating….why spend loads of money on a bot if you can just masturbate? It has nothing to do with fertility or men wouldn't have one night stands, cheat, run off if a woman gets pregnant (deadbeat dads are extremely common) also men are more prone to having fears of commitment.

Honestly, if they just admitted they want a brainless sex doll that looks underage and fucked off with their robots, I'd find them a lot less irritating lmao.

No. 218890

Thanks, many of these women are Italian. Why is that? Does their diet help with aging?

No. 218891

File: 1514252882108.jpg (306.86 KB, 1920x1277, tmp_8367-ca7905b0261192dda6c5b…)

>have sex with fertile wife
>she gets pregnant
>have to stop having sex because she is already pregnant and so is temporarily infertile
Not that these losers would find wives but the scernario amuses me. They're too good for women over 30 but masturbate to anime.

No. 218892

This thread is funny because its weird seeing girls as miserable as I am.

If any of you want to talk you can email me h3kBattlenet@mail.com(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218893

It's pretty funny seeing men pat themselves on the back for being "logical"
Men are logical the same way an autistic child might be, but that's unnecessarily critical of children with autism because even they can go on to learn what is or is not appropriate given the circumstances. Point is, all that translates to is god awful communication skills and poor emotional intelligence. I am continuously dumbfounded by just how obtuse men can get. It's like they're not even sentient.

No. 218894

File: 1514254885589.jpg (22.64 KB, 306x423, article-2445994-188A90DA000005…)

Honestly gotta pipe in here and add Jude Law as an example of men 'hitting the wall.' He was the most beautiful man in the world at one point, he even had trouble getting work because he was considered TOO pretty. Now look at him. Dude is only 44.

If Jude Law of all people aged like dogshit, it's not looking much better for the mere mortals that comprise MGTOW and similar spaces. Of course, this is just me spinning their own talking points to show how ridiculous they are. All of us, male or female, will age. We won't look as good as we once did ~back in the day~. It's not a fucking crime to get wrinkly and lose some hair. Men act like women are assaulting them by daring to exist past age 30. Get the fuck over it dude, it will happen to you.

Yeah, some men age like fine wine. Most don't.

No. 218895

Groos he looks horrible

No. 218897

I think it's the extra fat from their diets that plump up their skin, hence why a lot of them are curvy as well, not to mention evolution could have something to do with it since mediterraneans are around the sun a lot and overtime the ones that produced more collagen naturally were chosen to reproduce and now that an average italian or mediterranean women doesn't stay in the sun a lot, they just don't age as much, odd theory but makes sense

No. 218900

They ALWAYS use fertility but NEVER would they give a shit about raising children, especially in a healthy environment. Men want to keep women barefoot and pregnant but thats it. Moment those kids are born, they'll bounce and blame the woman for being a single mother. All talk of Chad pumping and dumping is what they really want to be.

Notice sexbot talk always comes with the prospect of artificial wombs (dont ask them about ovum since it'll crush their dreams lol) being the end of human women. Nobody would give a shit, really, if some guy just wants to fuck a doll in their room. But they have to push it as THE replacement then wonder why we say that they hate us and view us as objects.

Some men will age better if they take care of themselves with a good diet and skincare. But I hardly ever see men (in the west primarily) follow any skin regime. But even then, aging will happen yet they hate it so much. Not to be TOO armchair but I wonder kinda if its tied to their fears of mortality. These guys LOVE to believe that men created everything like they're invincible, so realizing that they too will end up like an ugly prune probably freaks them out.

No. 218907

There's a youtuber called Naked Ape that made a video called "Why women ruin everything". I got through the first 5 minutes but honestly felt so mad and depressed. Here's some of the comments from the video. It's just…depressing

No. 218908

File: 1514260220752.png (94.2 KB, 875x795, comments.PNG)

whoops, file didn't attach

No. 218909

Again in this video he just uses the typical "women sleep around then decide they're ready to settle down and are shocked when men don't want them!1" Where? Where is this epidemic of single women screaming out for men? Most single women I know are single by choice, it's men crying for a girlfriend constantly not the other way around.

Also, this dude sounds like a teenager, who the fuck taught this little boy to be so bitter?

No. 218910

Holy shit…I see his tactic tho, I love how he says that 'not all women~ there are some good ones~~' so when a woman will see this vid, she'd go 'ah yes I am one of those good ones'… also lmao @ how he parrots the same buttfucked points that PUA uses..bitch get outta here with your generic ass avatar in tuxedo.

"You are not a princess! You are a roastie! A dirty little roastie!" and you are a bitchass beta austist with a whiny kid voice 10/10

No. 218913


I watched the video in chunks (because if I watch it in full ill kill myself) and one of the things he whines about is "why should men give up their positions for women" and that oh now women want to have sexual freedom and well paying jobs and that feminists are trying to increase woman's relative value to men….like, does he even hear himself?

First of all, a job position that you didn't get was never yours to begin with. You are not entitled to that position just because you have a tiny sausage in your pants. Second, why do these men always think that whatever woman chooses to do somehow has to relate back to men? Everything a woman does has to be to catch a man or to please a man. Like, women aren't autonomous beings who just want to live their life, have passion for their careers and hobbies? His video is so stupid, like it's based on an ape's primitive instincts to fuck and reproduce (makes sense why his name is Naked Ape). Also, I hate the myth that all feminists are just ugly women who band together against pretty once. I have met plenty of beautiful women who are feminists, and ugly anti-feminists. Ugh, sorry for the mini rage I just couldn't take his stupidity.

No. 218914

He pulls a Milo/Blair White with his audience by going “I can’t be misogynist / feminist can’t rebuttal me because IM GAY” as if they truly believe they need to use their __ card to avoid getting shit on themselves. Makes them sound naive. It’s the same thing with Lauren Southern’s “If I shit on women too will I be spared by you?! and be those Not Like Other Girls!?”

Also, lol at how he tried to “uplift” women by saying how men exhaled them for being mothers and shit. They’re so incapable of seeing women as people, how atrocious. It’s either on a pedastal or subversion. Never equal as a human. More reasons to avoid men.

No. 218917

I don't understand why they think like this, gay men and troons are notoriously some of the most misogynistic men there are (especially the troons)

No. 218920

Yeah, like they are what they are by the very definition of sexism or misogyny, their lifestyle or sexual preferences are not part of the equation. If you hold prejudices or discriminate women due to their sex, that's sexism, no excuses like "But I am GAAAY" "But not ALLLL women".

No. 218921

Man I'm so sick of having to hear shit like this. It's exhausting. Why are men like this? I would almost like to sit down and have a conversation with a man like this (I know plenty) and ask him WHY, but I would probably just end up needing a drink and a depression nap afterwards.

Women are half the world population, if we were really that bad society would be way worse off than it is currently. And am I supposed to believe that women are single handedly responsible for poverty, war, disease, and economic collapse? Because those are real problems. Not 'some girl won't get on her knees and worship my mediocrity because feminism.' Honestly I'm just done with men. I used to have hope but for fucks sake….they aren't worth having to hear all this constantly.

No. 218940

File: 1514280201212.jpg (31.99 KB, 451x538, tmp_19456-03e454fea05b76c77ef0…)

I think it's the fox and the grapes. They can't find a woman that meets their ridiculous standards, and so they rationalise this by convincing themselves and each other that women are awful.
Their idea of a wife:
>Does everything for you, treats you like a baby, basically your mother
>Has sex whenever you want, your personal Fleshlight
>Is a virgin, therefore lacks perspective on your sexual prowess
>Insecure, emotionally dependent on you
>is financially dependent on you, and therefore will remain despite any abuse
It's pretty sick. They want women that remain virgins until marriage, but they don't want to remain virgins themselves in order to share something special with their recently wedded wife, they want to sleep around with lots of women before settling down with a subservient virgin they can abuse and manipulate. They say that women 'ride the cock carousel' before settling and yet that is exactly what they desire to do.
Any man that doesn't respect you as a person before his wife and lover isn't worth your time.

No. 218947

Who wrote this article?

No. 218955

I think everything you said is spot on, apart from the financially dependent part. Men want a traditional woman who will cook them a meal them give them sex, but they scoff at the idea of doing anything for women, taking them for dinner or buying flowers they scream they're gold diggers after a free meal….but it's totally fine for them to have a long list of demands and expect women to do everything for them.

No. 218988

No. 219028

Cmon no one is replying to robots anymore, pls unsage.

No. 219035


No. 219042

I don't know…I mean I know your theory is correct in a lot of cases. But part of me still thinks there's something inside men psychologically that makes them hate women. Because I've known of raging abusive misogynists who DO end up with the submissive, insecure doormat wife that meets their standards and they still hate women. Both the wife and other women. So in those cases, I really don't get it….it doesn't make sense for it to be sour grapes if they get everything they want from women and still want us all to die lmao.

Maybe despite all the talk of men being the rational ones, there is no rational explanation for their hatred at all. It's just pure emotion and vitriol.

No. 219075

>Because I've known of raging abusive misogynists who DO end up with the submissive, insecure doormat wife that meets their standards and they still hate women

getting an insecure doormat wife won't help fix their misogyny, in all likelihood, might even encourage their misogyny because it will only fuel the idea of women deserving to be abused until they give men exactly what they want. Women like so fuel the problem, since men know that they can still get a wife even if they are a low life greasy piece of shit, where as women, if we want a relationship, we HAVE to put in effort. hence why you see so many women vent about having to put all their effort into a relationship with a man who sometimes won't even give them the time of day and women have to deal with their boyfriends shit, go out of their way to make him happy, meanwhile men are running around breaking up with women just because their body doesn't meet their top notch standard. Women actually value relationships, men, only value what they can get from it.

>it doesn't make sense for it to be sour grapes if they get everything they want from women and still want us all to die lmao.

mommy issues, whether it has to do with their mom just not being a good mom or mommy spoiled them and in their mind they're conditioned to believe if they don't get what they want, they can act like a screaming, crying spoilt brat to get it. Everytime he saw a fucking video game he wanted, when mommy said she can't afford it, he screamed, rolled on the floor crying, foamed at the mouth, screamed about how awful she was, until she brought it just to make him shut up, and when she did buy it, there was no thank you, no appreciation, no apology, no nothing, he just kicked mommy out the room everytime he wanted to sit on his ass and play call of duty and eat doritos, and mommy was okay with this, now this behavior is rubbing off on women, and now there's insecure doormat hoes who think they're submissive by fueling the misogyny and the idea he can get whatever he wants by acting extremely awful

>Maybe despite all the talk of men being the rational ones, there is no rational explanation for their hatred at all. It's just pure emotion and vitriol.

I believe some men can be good, just like some women can be bad. But in reality, lets be honest here, there are more shitty men then there are women, and this is coming from someone who was molested by a woman. Look at it this way, men get broken up with, they join mgtow, foam at the mouth how all women should be abused, if they aren't exactly what they want they're worthless and should die, how they should be handed government girlfriends to stop them from killing people, blame women on everything from men murdering other men to rape and robbery, make claims about how much importance women put on money and blaming robbery on women, blaming rape on women for not putting out when men want it (which is ironic since the same men demand all women to be pure virginal women and never have a sexuality of their own) then, since it's not true, they have to make up shit about how women who have jobs are gold diggers, women who go to school are whores, women who own businesses are gold diggers, women who think men should pay their part on rent or bills if he's living there and always using utilities, saying women are gold diggers if they take nudes because "they did it to sue apple" or whatever, any situation they can turn into women being gold diggers, they will. They have problems, them always getting what they want all the while claiming its women who get what they want to justify their high demands fuel these problems, which is why I encourage every woman here to stay clear of any man they even shows a tiny sign of being an incel or mgtow

No. 219107

Had a quick little browse through /pol/ and came across a thread about more women being in med school than men. Typical comments ensued: women are dumb so med school is easier now, etc. I tried debating a little and one of them said there's policies put in place to keep men out of college or medical schools… Are they just making stuff up? I can't debate these people. It seems like a lost cause and it makes me afraid of my safety around men tbh

No. 219110

File: 1514373333285.jpeg (42.05 KB, 628x640, 0F9F499D-7D43-41F7-8944-84659B…)

I’ll just leave this here

No. 219127

>debating /pol/fags
lol. They are some of the most delusional circlejerkers on the entire internet, don't waste your time in that shithole.

No. 219132

I knew about this story lol. Apparently those same men blamed the doll’s creator for not being able to withstand the damage. The creator called the men at the expo “barbaric” in their behavior. But those barbarians believe that doll should be able to take any and all abuse from them. Its disturbing when you think that these life size dolls in the shape of women are just for them to destroy, not help men socialize better (or whatever the company’s sales pitch is; we know better) Their hatred for women just keeps going.

No. 219155

File: 1514397359308.jpg (565.12 KB, 2048x1536, 1514395332333.jpg)

No. 219225

This is probably a terrible thing to say, because I know that quite literally any man could be a misogynist (and most of them are), but whenever I see pictures of the type of man who posts on /pol/ and similar places, the next time I read some screed about how all women are worthless whores who need to be subjugated, I feel a little less irritated by it because I know it's coming from THESE men. Why should I let the words of some comp sci major who works part time as a delivery driver at Domino's hurt me so much? I really have to ask myself why the fuck I ever cared.

None of these men have ever 'created' anything. None of them have ever invented anything. Most of them don't contribute to society in any meaningful or impactful way. They only take pride in these things because they share genitals with the men who HAVE done these things. They are nothing special, and really in no position to call anyone else worthless.

Anyone else feel similar?

No. 219341

As a girl in comp sci major, I concur. I have met a few really sweet dudes in my classes, but it feels like the majority thinks that they are the shiiiiit because they wrote like 5 fucking lines of code. I used to be afraid of them looking down on me for being a girl or thinking that I am too dumb if I dress too girly. But honestly, why would I give two shits about what they think??

Also, I love how some of them claim that finding a hot girl who is a comp sci major is like finding a unicorn, when finding a hot dude who is a comp sci major is just as rare lmao

No. 219344

I agree. Sometimes i get hurt by the bullshit they spew but when i remember they just piggyback off the achievements off men from many generations ago, and that the only thing they've achieved in life is writing some lines of code and MAYBE getting a college degree, i don't feel that bad after all.

No. 219345

btw does anybody else not see this thread in /ot?

No. 219346

Yeah mods put it on autosage because people were replying to robots but COME ON we're not doing it anymore plz unsage :(

No. 219356


tbh I've found that boys vs girls runs very deep in everyone, all adults everywhere, and it is much the same in these threads, no one wants to believe each other even though both feel super aggrieved and justified

No. 219444

File: 1514443287724.jpg (142.89 KB, 505x810, whiny single dad.jpg)

>man wanted to have a child
>his gf didn't
>she got pregnant
>he begged her to have the kid, thinking she would magically get motherly instincts and they would live happily ever after
>she didn't get magic motherly instincts
>he got custody
>now he's butthurt that he got excactly what he signed up for

No. 219445

File: 1514443303740.jpg (45.15 KB, 640x291, tumblr_ogal0oSb2J1rqgazso2_128…)

cont. 1

No. 219446

File: 1514443317867.jpg (67.05 KB, 640x402, tumblr_ogal0oSb2J1rqgazso3_128…)

cont. 2

No. 219447

File: 1514443413760.jpg (35.06 KB, 640x194, tumblr_ogal0oSb2J1rqgazso4_128…)

cont. 3
Men really can't handle having the parental responsibility every woman has. Men aren't really parents they just supply sperm and get to play the "fun cop" role while the woman does literally everything that actually matters. There are some good dads, so don't lynch me, but most men really don't want to take on the heavy work included in raising a child.

No. 219448

let me guess, he posted it on the same subreddit where men scream and cry about how women always get custody in court and how women "steal their sperm to impregnate themselves for child support"

god I wish all men who go to reddit would just demolish themselves

No. 219449

File: 1514445121524.jpg (155.03 KB, 978x730, Screenshot_20171228-065030.jpg)

Look at this sickening shit.
Seriously ladies, for the sake of your own safety, look after yourselves and learn any defence training/ martial arts/ offense etc, cause these psychotic cunts have natural physical advantage over you and will abuse this to commit heinous acts so you got to make up for that by learning how to defend yourself. Knowledge is power.
Hope you will take up offense classes of any kind so you can hold your own out there.
With all these murders, rapes and attacks, you got to keep yourself safe and no one is better to do that than yourself. So if you learn and train yourself to fight, you can have confidence in your ability to defend yourself.

I think all young girls, our daughters, should be taught offense/ defense classes and should be taken seriously. It will ensure her safety.
Can you imagine having a poor child, a daughter and growing up now?

I hope you all learn to protect yourselves. It's important.

This certain male featured in the news story, resorting to murder just because he was upset he was laughed at, how pathetic and weak is that. You have to be seriously fucked in the head to kill someone. Mentally unhinged and retarded.

No. 219450

File: 1514445163498.png (343.87 KB, 1072x1822, 20171228_065611.png)

Continued; pt2

No. 219451

Men are so fucking insecure that they resort to fucking MURDER just for being laughed at. Women get belittled and laughed at just for existing everyday, yet 90% of violent crime is committed by men. To refer to a popular and very true quoute: "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid of men killing them."

No. 219452

Sooo, can someone here come up with a virus or pathogen that only attaches itself to men, triggered by their y chromosome, or any particular hormone that is exclusive to men? Any science fags here so we can create some bio hazard, infection, disease, whatever, to wipe out men? I don't care how it works just find out and do it kek

Suppose the cancer already does that since men are more inclined towards developing cancers than women. But it doesnt happen fast enough and they get cured. Needs accelerated kek

No. 219453

start putting cyanide in doritos and mountain dew, no it won't wipe out all men but it will take care of most of the ones who are causing problems

No. 219455

I doubt most of them even have employment or higher education tbqh, in the same breath as redpilled shit they regularly complain about how hard their life as a NEET is (usually in the context of "women have such high standards!" lmaooo), which explains a lot

No. 219478

I'm glad to see most of the comments on the original post are calling him out for being an abusive, controlling asshole.

Some women just don't want to be mothers and that's okay, yet men want to force it on us and scream about paying child support/how they don't get custody….yet when they do get custody they bitch about it. Men feel zero empathy for single mum's, think they're leeches to society etc yet praise single dads when most of the time single mum's had no choice to end up in the situation they were in, anecdotal but every single mum I know is a single mum because the dad begged her to keep the baby then got scared and ran away once the baby was born. It's the most common cause of a single mum.

No. 219512

Same. Him getting called out is nice however, its still disgusting that calls her a deadbeat and a mother when she knows herself to be just an egg donor. This guy just doesn't understand that being a sperm donor != being a father, being an egg donor != a mother. Those are two separate roles; not everyone is meant to be a parent yet this asshole tried and is trying to force her to be one when shes made it already clear that she isn't/wasn't right from the beginning. He seriously believed that every woman has some hidden mother powers that awaken during pregnancy.
>she pays 125% in support until the father finds someone to marry and support the child
>sounds agreeable and financially supportive all around
>help reddit i want to force ''motherly instincts'' on her how

Best thing for the child is to find a suitable, loving home instead of being raised by a dad who resents them* because he got exactly what he wanted.

No. 219515

File: 1514484064287.jpg (71.01 KB, 1241x1114, 0925783469182.jpg)

hol up, I was with you up until that. are you a genderfuck?

No. 219517

Maybe she meant them as in the "mom" (egg donor) and the child.

No. 219518

Sorry i just have to vent about my dad. He is normally an okay dad and he's never been abusive towards me but he is absolutely incapable of admitting he's wrong. Not too long ago he and my mom had an argument because he was fucking sexting other women, which naturally made my mom upset, but somehow he made my mom out to be the bad guy because "it's not a big deal it's just text!!", "you probably text other guys too (projecting)", and when she threatened to throw him out if he continued his behaviour he started fucking throwing things and scaring my animals, and at that point i was scared he was gonna hurt someone. Im just glad my little brother wasn't home. Anyways, he then "runs away" to our cottage and i checked my moms phone (yeah its bad i know) and there was a message from him actually threatening to kill himself if she left him. Things are better now but holy fuck if he's not the perfect example of an emotionally abusive husband then idk what is. Im just glad i know what to be wary of in a future partner.

No. 219529

Yeah thats what I meant. Since that guy told everyone how he resents his own kid(most likely because the son didn't fix anything in the relationship) and the biomother for not magically turning into a doting parent, probably after reading trp thinking all women would since thats our only purpose according to men.

Damn anon, I'm so sorry you're going through that.

No. 219531

ahh, that makes more sense. sorry about that.

No. 219566

If that was me I would say to his face, 'go ahead, kill yourself. I'm still throwing you out and your empty threats won't change that. You don't want to be part of this marriage and honour the vows you made, you don't want to be part of this household and would rather lust after other women hoping to spend nights fucking them, then I'm going to make it easy for you by throwing you out. Go run to the women you be texting. I'm not going to be disrespected in our family home we worked hard to build together and I'm not going to sit back and watch you desecrate this family. Get the fuck out and don't come back.'

No. 219571

File: 1514506374467.jpg (39.08 KB, 500x490, tmp_3611-179d07b4ecf745b5b3828…)

I'm sorry to hear that anon. Stay strong sweetie.

No. 219757

File: 1514574543660.png (47.49 KB, 480x402, 26362626.png)

No. 219777

File: 1514583350977.jpg (57.87 KB, 750x567, img.jpg)

Guys give themselves way too much credit when it comes to humor.

No. 219778

Lol very true, I hate Amy Schumer and don't find her funny but women don't take time out of their day to go hate on the many unfunny male comedians. Men act like Amy Schumer killed their entire family by existing.

No. 219779

please unsage we haven't been replying to bait

No. 219785

The mods have abandoned us :(

No. 219802

>women talking about their sexual abuse on #metoo makes boys paranoid and sad
>this is why men kill themselves
>deluded little boys are the rising next generation of MGTOW
>more mgtows trying to implant the "FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION" hysteria in everyones head

No. 219803

omg, mgtow assholes could careless about men killing themselves. They only will use them as an excuse to shit on women whenever they can.
I freaking hate it, all those mgtow/red pill youtubers will do some cringyass mental gymnastics to shit on women and get that patreon money.

No. 219807

Women just talking about awful experiences angers them, women are the ones who have had to live through them….they can't even stand to hear it but they call us the weaker sex.

Slightly OT but you're video made me think, I was watching a video on toxic masculinity recently and the definition of it listed things such as.

> The idea men can't be emotional

> The idea that women are automatically caregivers and men shouldn't get custody.
> The media's portrayal of men wanting sex 24/7.

WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE? Mgtows etc literally argue some of the same points as feminists do, except they can't ever look at issues within themselves and instead blame women for all their problems. It's other men you see mocking men for being emotional which could lead to them not getting help for their mental illnesses etc. It's other men you see calling each other "beta's" and "soyboys" etc for showing any sensitivity, women aren't the ones mocking you.

No. 219809

File: 1514614189018.jpg (43.79 KB, 576x518, 0099aa04e002f90fff6e5947c556dd…)

pretty much, they call other men faggots, refuse to help men in anyway possible unless it's to encourage them to avoid women out of their own irrational hysterias, thus wondering why men are depressed and then using men killing themselves in order to scream "BUT… BUT…. MEN ARE OPPRESSED TOOOO!!!" and then don't do anything about it, whats even more ironic is that WOMEN did more to help mens suicides then men ever had

women created mens body positivity ads, not only was it women, it was also feminist women, you know the ones that MGTOWs like to scream how they're not equal and hate men
women created mens suicide awarenesses, an example would be the ru ok mate ad in the uk, they have some campaigns catered towards men, created by mostly women
women created the "when did she stop treating you like a price" campaign

and yet here men are, screaming that women are privileged men are oppressed because of these things and the same women they screamed and cried about are doing more about it then they ever had.

on another note, I saw this and rolled my eyes in the back of my head, I can write a novel with overwhelming evidence completely destroys and demolished this retarded ass claim but I feel like it would be uselsss, since even other men know this is a straight up lie

No. 219810

It's always other men I see making fun of guys who don't lift, not women. Women don't give a shit if a guy doesn't lift, nor do they ever demand it.

Also, women's bodies are a lot more diverse than men's, men have like 2 body types whereas women have several.

No. 219811

>women's bodies are a lot more diverse than men's, men have like 2 body types whereas women have several

well generally speaking, for men there's just fat, skinny, athletic, and bodybuilder, there's inbetweens like chubby, skinny fat, bearman fat, etc but men don't get rejected for their bodys unless it's wayy to much and just looks unhealthy, men don't really need to pay much attention to their chest, hips, ass, legs, etc etc unless it looks extremely weird, women however are expected to have top-notch features or else men will rip her apart

mean while men are ghosting women for not getting boob implants on demand, breaking up with women for their bodies not looking like a perfect hourglass, men tearing women to shreds, even women with gorgeous bodys, hell even MARILYN MONROE was ripped apart to shreds by men calling her skinny fat, porn stars get body shamed for fucks sake, you're expected to have the body of a literal sex doll, loli pussy, huge ass and hips and the face of some drawing

women tend to be happy with just not hideous men, meanwhile some men run around crying about how literal sex icons and models aren't good enough, are overrated, are just average, etc etc

No. 219841

Is anyone else disgusted by the term "roastie" that these incels/mgtows/alt-righters love to throw around so much? They're basically defining women by how their genitals (supposedly) look and nothing else. Bleh. I don't see women running around the internet, calling guys "micropenises", "smelly scrotums" and "saggy nutsacks". Apparently, if your vagina looks like anything else than 10/10 loli anime pussy or surgically altered porn pussy, it means you've hit the wall and probably slept with dozens of men too. It's like they don't even know anything about a real female anatomy… oh wait. They don't.

No. 219842

#MeToo makes me want to avoid men forever. Isn’t that what mgtow want? To prevent relationships between the sexes because we’re all evil feminist roasties and men are perfect sweet angels .

Mgtow are such spoiled brats that they want to be the ones leaving women and also want women to come back chasing them back. They couldn’t care less of suicidal men, it’s only for their agenda, blaming women for everything like women experiencing assault and harassment - it’s always her fault. But just hearing the stories of men hurting women triggers mgtows so much since they want society to change back into a time where it was acceptable and women had to keep quiet.

No. 219860

Yep, basically anyone that says something they don't like is a roastie

Once on a thread, men were freaking out because OP went through his girlfriends dirty laundry, saw a bunch of discharge on her panties and men as well as OP were wilding and acting as if its some disgusting problem and how shes dirty and he should leave her, OP even made a plan to let the poor girls discharge rot, he was going to steal the panties and put it in his pillow for a few months, then rub it in her face "for being dirty"

A woman came in mocking the men, using a comparison saying something along the lines of "wow I saw hair in her ass I think she has aids" men went apeshit calling her and anyone who defended her a disgusting roastie, saying she was "making excuses for not shaving and being gross", even if you slightly pointed out that they missed her point they would scream roastie

No. 219861

There are so many misconceptions about vagina's it's ridiculous. It's even affected some women (mainly teenage girls though) I remember girls giving themselves yeast infections etc because they attempted to wash their vagina's with flavoured soap or shower gel due the whole "vagina's should smell like fruit or you're disgusting" bullshit.

I've also heard legitimate grown men think, once you've had a certain number of partners your vagina gets looser and you stop feeling sex so therefore no man can keep you satisfied anymore. Where the fuck did all this bullshit even come from? It's a google search away yet I've seen so many people believe it and state it as fact.

No. 219870

Its just a shaming tactic to keep women from leaving them/in place.
>dont have sex with anyone else (except me) or your pussy will get too loose and no man will love you/pleasure you
And to solidify it, they'll convince other retarded men that its truth.

Same type of thinking that the hymen must bleed during sex for the first time or should still be intact as means of chastity. (When there are porn stars with their hymens still doing fine) The hymen one is most disturbing; they WANT women to bleed and be in pain during sex.

They hate women but want to spend all their time controlling women's bodies and minds with misconceptions.

No. 219882


Even women who suck up to men, are still hated. Whoever wrote article wants to bring back torture devices for women who "misbehave" yet nobody is discussing it. If a random feminist blog said anything even close to that it'd be viral by now, even if it was satire.

No. 219891

Kill all thots, yet all women are thots to them. And yet! Some women still try to be on /pol/'s good side so they won't get harassed themselves. But women are still despised by these guys regardless. They'll hate you for siding with all their bullshit, they'll hate you obviously if you don't. There's no reason to exist if you're a woman in their eyes. They all could try to move out to some deserted area, start a community like the Amish and leave everyone alone.

Learning from Charlottesville, the dailystomer alt-right black-pilled mgtow incels are ready to kill. Or at least, assure that you're doxxed and bullied off SM like Lauren.

No. 219892

It pains me how dumb men are when it comes to vaginas. Omg discharge in her underwear??! He'd probably faint if he saw a blood stain and assume it was shit.
Also if i recall, the roastie thing was originally meant to just be a meme to make women insecure but the retards started to believe the memes and now they genuinely believe that sex has any relevance to labia size. Try telling them you're a virgin with "roast beef" or a nonvirgin with small labia, they lose their shit.

No. 219893

"To all the e-thots out there: mean tweets aren’t the half of it. Consider yourself lucky if we only bring back the stocks and the scold’s bridle. We’re going to have WHITE SHARIA in WHITE AFGHANISTAN, and you’re going to have a big problem. If you aren’t lucky, this thing is going full Turner Diaries. I know you probably haven’t read Dr. Pierce’s works because you generally don’t read at all but you might want to crack that thing open and find out what happens to coal burners."

I don't think any of this will actually happen (well I pray it doesn't) but there's a large group of men that literally want to torture us. Right now they're everyone on the internet for the sake of "not being PC" people just accept them, it's terrifying this way of thinking is becoming the norm.

No. 219896

It's funny how they want white sharia when in those places, "loser" men are treated much worse then in first world countries. But hey, as long as the mean roasties get stoned to death, who cares?

No. 219901

this is true, one of my old friends was a virgin with "roast beef" but only because she got several surgeries when she was a kid because of bladder/urethra problems yet there are porn stars with perfect anime vaginias,given some may had surgery, but even so, women can easily have "perfect" vaginas even after they have a lot of sex

do these men think all innies turn into outties the second any man puts their dick in ? God men are dumb

No. 219902

They also think the labia is just an extension of the vaginal hole and not an entirely different organ.

No. 219904

File: 1514684725713.jpg (45.99 KB, 564x536, 5fd76a89967c3e2ed72de394cfc612…)

No. 219905

File: 1514684841232.png (184.76 KB, 686x1134, 1500647921059.png)

lol, saved
have this too

No. 219909

> I don't think any of this will actually happen
I don't know about anybody else, but I legitimately fear that it will. I can see it happening*. I feel like we're fucked. Sexism/misogyny is just becoming more and more rampant and it permeates EVERYTHING. Obviously everyday misogyny is a far cry from 'white sharia' but fuck man…with the rate that it's been getting worse I won't be surprised when we watch our rights being stripped away. I know most people will say I'm overreacting and I used to agree with you and admit that I was, but now I'm not convinced.

*In the US at least.

No. 219910

I actually am a little bit scared of this too, and i don't even live in the US…

No. 219911

>But hey, as long as the mean roasties get stoned to death, who cares?
They don't ACTUALLY want Sharia Law, just White Sharia Law*

*exceptions that all men are protected from crime and responsibility. All women however are less than human and should follow The Handmaid-like lifestyle. Not men! Never men. They're free to fuck whatever and whoever. But if they fuck a woman, she'll be killed off because she became a roastie.

But you know, since men built everything in civilization, women should be grateful and praising and suck their dicks everyday that we'd get to live in White Afghanistan.

No. 219913

File: 1514685832063.png (68.99 KB, 630x234, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.02…)

I mean just read shit like this. Even if a man doesn't come right out and say it like this, none of them would have a problem if these things happened. None of them would give a fuck or resist it.

This is what they want.

No. 219914

>Yes, women are important and have an important role to play
Hah! As if he meant that. We're just expendable brood mares to them, nothing more. Until that job too is replaced.

Men wish to make women completely dependent on them so they can control everything and abuse us as much they want and we couldn't leave (unless we fake our own death, runaway completely or something). Its fucking despicable. They hate us /this/ much

No. 219916

Yeah. My favorite (most depressing) part of that comment was that it was left on a video about the "potential backlash of the #metoo movement."

The men in the comments are salivating over the idea of a backlash and getting back at women for…speaking out about sexual assault and harrassment? Like nowhere in the comments did any of them say that the people who actually commit rape and assault are bad…it's the women who are bad for finally having the courage and support to share their stories.

They completely absolve the men of all responsibility for their inhumane and illegal actions and now want to punish women. They want to punish women simply for shining a light on the actions of shitty men. Nowhere do they acknowledge that #metoo wouldn't fucking exist if men just didn't assault and harrass women. That's why it fucking exists. It's unbelievable. And THIS kind of shit is why I believe we are fucked. It's only a matter of time until they get their little sharia-lite society they fantasize about.

No. 219934

File: 1514694472709.png (165.31 KB, 452x500, 1514687032920.png)

A man calling a girl who could be 100lbs lighter than him, fatty. Women have high standards and go for men above their league though…lol.

No. 219935

her body is hotter than junes anyway since she actually looks healthy and not like a 12 yr old boy had cancer and got implants and pancake nipples

No. 219936

File: 1514694665956.png (157.54 KB, 331x376, as.png)

Saged for samefagging, but a pic of AmouredSkeptic in case people don't know what he looks like. He's a fat guy who has a very skinny girlfriend and calls a woman who probably only weighs about 100 -115lbs fat.

He probably considers himself "built" and "muscular" rather than fat. There's a lot of fat guys that do, people bitch at fat women calling themselves curvy but fat men do the same shit too but aren't criticized for it.

No. 219937

File: 1514695381991.jpg (230.37 KB, 1280x1920, hd.jpg)

Agreed, I don't think June is ugly or anything but she is too skinny imo.

Hilary Duff is a woman who gets slated a lot for her body (just type hilary duff dailymail and read the comments, you'll see what I mean) I think she looks great. I don't get why there's this obsession with women being skeletons with huge plastic tits.

No. 219938

File: 1514695965196.jpg (47.54 KB, 468x833, mccutcheonBIG_468x833.jpg)

yep, her ass actually looks frickin natural too, people like skep and june only seem to like big asses and hips if they're augmented to hell and back, probably why she feels the need to shoop her hips where ass if she just ate more she would get hips, they just would be extreme camgirl type hips that are just fat transfers

No. 219939

*wouldn't be, my bad

No. 219940

File: 1514696304822.jpg (9.48 KB, 240x210, last ned (1).jpg)

Oh but haven't you heard? Men can't even get a woman too look at them if they don't look like a michelangelo sculpture, so it's fine to expect women to look like runway models (but they also need to be thicc!), since all they have to do is not to eat! /s

No. 219941

What a joke.

No. 219942



>swear word blanked out
Even imageboards have some posting standards.
Better not post any pic at all than that one.

No. 219955

was june sarcastic in this or is she mocking people saying that this girl who look perfectly healthy and is more slim than most americans, isn't fat? she does realize people thought this was june for a reason not just because of the face, you can literally see the girls damn hip bones for fucks sake

No. 219975

Does anyone live near or have had experiences with military towns or military personnel? My friend and cousins went to the marines and coming home, I’ve noticed their misogyny is so blatant, it’s disheartening. It’s telling of the culture that’s all male, their hatred of women just intensifies.

No. 219980

I don't know if this counts, but I knew an ex-army guy who literally beat the shit out of several people (male and female), to the point they were knocked out….because another guy had looked at him funny.

The police were called etc, he got community service and his friends were saying what he did was forgiven because he'd admitted he was wrong. Then they started the whole "THIS IS WHY MEN CAN'T TALK ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS" when his victims spoke out, um no this is why men can't beat the shit out of people and face no crictism for it.

No. 219987

Its always funny to me when men talk about mental illness they scream oppression when people call them out and talk about horrible shit they went through because of him

The comments on this video are vile, men play victim because women speak out about them abusing women, they act as if 100% no one cares about them at all, make up claims about how women get more attention, etc etc, if they care more about women getting abused then why are so many women stepping forward with their stories that disprove that? These men get away with pretty much anything. Even fucking MURDER and they still wanna play victim and scream female privilege

No. 220032

should we make a new thread since mods abandoned us

No. 220067

military men tend to be the most entitled pieces of shit I've ever seen, you'd think being in the military would thicken their skin but they cry when something doesn't go their way or when attention isn't given to them

Given, there are some good military gentlemen, a lot of them are old, even the old veterans with PTSD aren't insane, violent, and rude like the younger ones are

it's always the younger ones as well, they'll be in their early 20s, a lot of them never even been in combat before but come back and claim to have PTSD and expect the world to cater to them and everytime they do something fucked up they'll easily get away with it by using their PTSD as an excuse, meanwhile veterans who saw their friends get shot and served in actual war aren't beating the shit out of people, yelling and screaming when something doesn't go their way, being misogynists, etc

Onision is a good example of this
Some experiences I had with military men are when I use to work in retail when I was a teen, this man came up to me with his gf, after I was finished scanning his items he asked me why he didn't get a discount and I kept explaining to him he had no items I could discount, and then kept trying to get me to discount him, slamming his fists on the table, raising his tone at me, kept asking "why everyone else got it but he didn't", used the "it's because I'm a man!!!" card, and then asked for military discount so I just pretended to give him one just to make him stfu, I felt bad for his poor gf because when he started getting angry she looked embarrassed and walked out, god knows what he was probably doing to her at home

No. 220070

File: 1514836456055.jpg (27.37 KB, 147x218, 1513995209763.jpg)

that's a good idea

No. 220071