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File: 1518796444002.jpg (135.22 KB, 604x401, 1512076057863.jpg)

No. 229274

previous threads:

obsession with teens thread:

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general
no victim blaming allowed, no pedophiles, Mods stop banning people for dumbass reasons

No. 229276

File: 1518796694540.jpg (19.47 KB, 500x414, 4ymp3.jpg)

>Man hating thread

No. 229278

File: 1518796962773.jpg (314.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180121-013541.jpg)

No. 229285

I think I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to expect absolutely nothing from men and won't be shocked/disappointed by any shit they do now. I just got so fucking tired after a while waiting for any proof that men don't hate women. Grasping at straws.

Expecting men to be empathetic, kind beings who see you as another human being is a waste of time and energy. Sure, men have a good side, but they only reserve that for other men. You know, because they respect them and see them as equals.

Constantly being let down is so exhausting. I'm ready to just accept that and move on. Stop caring, eventually.

No. 229287

I just found out that the banned incels subreddit has a new website. It's pretty active and even worse now that they don't have to care about reddit's rules.

No. 229296

They are back on reddit too.

It's clear that reddit only bans subreddits when the negative attention gets to be too much. They don't actually care that these things take place on their site until a people start to notice and make a big deal out of it.

No. 229300

And then you have the feminists screeching "but sex work will be fine if it's legal and acceptable!". No, idiots this is proof that even the legal porn and sex work industry exploits people.

No. 229301

Something I've found really funny lately, and I've been noticing it more and more, is that men and society in general constantly shit on anything feminine and speak about women/stereotypically 'feminine' qualities with such vitriolic bitter fucking hatred, but then also criticize feminists for 'acting like men.' They always say no man wants a woman who acts like a man and that they want women to go back to being feminine or whatever. But at the same time, they loathe all women and qualities that are associated with women.

So, which is it? Or are women just supposed to go on being despised by society and never make an effort to fix that? And are they really so surprised that after humanity has been demonizing and shitting on femininity since the beginning of time, that some women get disgusted by and reject those roles? Because who wants to be seen as weak and worthless? Who wants to be hated?

No. 229305

there's no winning with them
they claim to love tomboys and gamer girls so much but next second if a girl does do that they chase them out the community and scream attention whore and whatnot
girls are made to feel ashamed or annoying if they are into girly stuff like makeup, sewing, etc
even if you're into fucking cooking men will scream attention whore even though that's exactly what they beg women to do
they don't want women to win, just find interests that you enjoy and stop giving a shit if men think you're annoying or attention whoring or not

No. 229329

File: 1518823722180.jpg (64.56 KB, 960x688, h6gq9zwqnkg01.jpg)

Okay, so maybe MGTOW is cheating, but I thought this was hilarious. If men think they don't have any advantages from being in a relationship maybe they should just leave us the fuck alone.

No. 229332

RE: OP pic

Men looking at my ass. Don't.

Why do men feel so entitled that they walk around assuming we care about their sexuality.

No. 229334

they feel so entitled to the point where they bitch and victimize themselves when the women they violate don't have the bodies they want them to have

it isn't with just gawking either, men have raped women, blackmailed for nudes, groped, peeping tom, etc but later bitched about those women having flaws

seriously, what the fuck is wrong with men? I had a guy use a fan to blow up my dress as a joke then later get disgusted because I had pubes and was wearing sheer panties like wtf I'm not gonna think to shave just in case some disgusting pervert doesn't get grossed out when he sees I have pubes

No. 229337

> If men think they don't have any advantages from being in a relationship maybe they should just leave us the fuck alone.

they know they do, more than women in fact, men are just never happy so it's not enough for them and so they have to exaggerate(it's not even exaggerating at this point it's a straight up lie) and it's their way of getting more out the relationship
you won't believe how many men will freeload or have women funnel money into their account and the second a woman even asks him to pay for something, like rent at the place he lives, he will scream gold digger
so much evidence shows women are more generous and more likely to give gifts, I'd peel this apart and debunk each and every one but it's not like they would see it or even if they did they'd deny it

No. 229341

It's also been shown that married women die earlier than none married women, and married men live longer than unmarried men. Yet MGTOW and the like make jokes about how women nag men to death. Not to mention there was studies/surveys that showed that women were LESS likely to leave a partner who was diagnosed with a serious illness. Yet women are selfish whores always looking for the next best thing, right?

Honestly I think most people, male or female, would be happier single. However it's pretty clear that women lose out in a relationship, because they will just be treated as a maid/fuck toy and can never get back what they give.

No. 229344

Lmao it’s been scientifically proven men literally live longer being married to women than being single. And men act like they don’t need us.

No. 229363

The thing is, men WANT women to be inferior. They enjoy it and are attracted to it. So they will shit on femininity because they think it is inferior to masculinity, but they still demand it from women because they like it when women are below them.

No. 229371

And women want to be inferior to men, if that's how you're going to put it.


No. 229374

ah fuck it ill tear it apart
>free dinners
most women nowadays don't get this and scripted tv shows doesnt prove anything, maybe you can find a few but most western women pay for themselves sometimes even for the man
>his money
unless it's a sugar daddy relationship, no, and if you are in one then stop bitching, this isn't gender exclusive either since gay sugar daddies and sugar mamas exist
>doors held for you
most men don't do this and even so, it doesn't matter, it's polite and Im thankful but it's not exactly a benefit since it wont do shit, and girls hold doors open for randos too so whats the point
>male servants
what planet does this nigga live on? maybe if you're stacy or some shoe on head level girl with men surrounding you, but that's not even a relationship benefit
>attentions on you
yes…and the attention is on him too, it's almost like he's in a relationship or something wow
>you're never wrong
maybe in a femdom relationship, not 99% of relationships no
>treated like a princess
most men nowadays in a relationship sit on their ass and play league and expect women to do all the talking and emotional labor, I'd be damned if I saw a guy who did this
don't wanna protect then don't it's not exactly a benefit since this isn't cave man times and most girls won't force you to protect them

No. 229386

Yes, in a way women do and that's why I've often been critical of women expecting their partners to be richer, more successful, better leaders etc. The difference is that what women want in men benefits men and humanity in general, as they are generally positive things to aim for and aren't only advantageous within a relationship. What men want in women helps fucking nobody except their dicks and egos, it does is hold a whole gender back and results in them being treated like shit and hated.

No. 229389

I remember when I first started to research the Duggar lifestyle. I remember when my mum first started watching them. They were just this quaint family that made their own laundry soap and managed to live debt free, despite having children in the double digits. The girls only wore skirts and dresses, they had no TV and internet access was monitored, which I thought was odd and antiquated. Then I went online and when down the rabbit hole of discovering "Biblical Patriarchy", ATI, IBLP and spiritual abuse.

They have /very/ strict dating standards, so much so, they don't even all it dating, but instead "Courting". Not really in the olden sense, because a least the boy and girl that were in a courtship got to walk and talk alone. No, the Duggar kids have to have charapones, lest they "stir desires that can't be righteously forfilled".
No kissing or hand-holding till marriage, and only 3 second 'side-hugs'. Oh and if you want to marry a Duggar girl be prepared to fill out a 50 page questionnaire curtosy of Papa Duggar.


I weep.

No. 229398

Why do they get so pissy over the door holding thing anyway? This comes up again and again. It's polite. Sure, you might go to the extra effort for a woman holding a child's hand or pushing a pram by being patient and waiting a little longer but that's….to be expected? I can't imagine not holding the door for someone who is holding a coffee or a stack of papers like if that doesn't come natural to them, well they're obviously not very nice people to start off with?

Like everything mentioned are such minor little things compared to what a woman does for a man. Since they used outdated stereotypes, I will too:

>having good, healthy food made for you thus saving you money and the effort of learning to cook

>she advises you on clothing so you dress better
>she risks her life to produce children for you and spends at least 18 years feeding, changing, teaching them just because you want to "pass on your genes"
>having someone who manages your entire house by decorating, cleaning and stocking up on food and toiletries without even expecting any thanks but because it has to be done and your lazy ass isn't going to do it, so you always come home to a comfy house with no effort
>she acts like a therapist for your emotional needs and because your Bro friends think talking about emotions is icky
>she puts an incredible amount of effort and money into keeping herself looking good for you (waxing, styling her hair, putting on makeup for dates, wearing cute clothes and expensive underwear) and she doesn't expect the same of you (you could have an overgrown beard and dress like shit and she'd say you look rustic and wild like a sexy lumberjack)
>she pays for her own bc and probably things like plan b while condoms are much cheaper
>she's sensitive to all your needs and knows what you want/need probably before you do and without you even asking

I could go on. And this isn't even a 50s caricature, a lot of women do all of the above because they enjoy doing it and their efforts are never appreciated.

No. 229404

File: 1518877586705.jpg (136.54 KB, 720x960, sociopathy.jpg)

from incels.me

No. 229405

They forgot to put on the men's side what they get:

- Emotional labor
- Domestic labor, including child raising since most men won't be bothered with either
- Get to treat your partner like a retard just because you are a guy
- Gaslighting whenever you want to run from any discussion
- Her money considering most women work nowadays, except you'll still gain more doing the same task.
- People will take you more seriously

I could go on but feeling lazy rn

No. 229406

>It's polite.
That's the thing, these men can't understand politeness or niceness, they're literally incapable of it.

They think that doing anything they're not literally obligated to is some huge amazing deed that should be rewarded with admiration and sex. Hell, some men think that even doing things they're socially obligated to (showering) is a huge deed deserving of a reward. They can't conceive of doing anything selflessly, just because it'll help someone else. They're too selfish for that.

No. 229407

File: 1518878304322.gif (177.27 KB, 370x300, 1.gif)

>Stalking children to take pleasure in their blatant fear is harmless fun, just don't actually harass them! It's not like they have any real reason to be frightened despite being literally chased down the street by a strange man!

No. 229410

>harmless psychological fun
>scaring a young girl half to death by feigning to be a rapist
This bitch might not have actually raped anyone but he is a psychotic fuck and a stalker. This is 100% harrasment.

No. 229412

Incels go on and on about Asian women but the sad reality is the Asian women they want will never date them and the white women they want to be jealous about Asian women will never care.

No. 229417

I'm posting this vent here because I feel it's more relevant than the regular vent thread.

>Valentine's day

>decide to wash my boyfriend's clothes for him at the laundromat to be sweet/good gf
>it's like 6 at night, he doesn't get off work until late
>go to the closest place, load the clothes into the washer, go back out to my car
>older (40s, maybe) black man watching me from his beat up, gold car
>before I get into my car to wait on the clothes, he says "hey, can I ask you a question?"
>I'm immediately on guard
>"are you happy in your relationship?"
>I say yes, of course
>"really REALLY happy?"
>"oh, well, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful."
>I'm so creeped out by this point
>get in my car and leave, make blocks, hoping he won't be there when I have to put the clothes in the dryer
>45 minutes later, go back, he's there
>I run in and put them in the dryer as quickly as possible and run out to leave again
>he smiles and points at me as I'm driving away

Seriously, why the fuck do men think this kind of shit is okay?

No. 229418

Samefag to add, but like, I've never heard of women doing this kind of stuff. And even if we did, the man would never have to be aftaid that we could just drag them by the arm behind a building and rape them or something. It really frustrates me that I can't even call it out when it happens because then, the men will instantly be on the offensive.

No. 229423

The free dinners and money are still a thing, but usually when you're literally going to be the vessel to his children which is a huge sacrifice. As much as pregnancy is romanticized, it is a difficult process for many women.

No. 229426

That would be terrifying! I hope someone calls the police on him some day.

No. 229428

Ugh anon I have so many stories like this. The other day I had my make up and hair done nice for valentines day, but I had to run a bunch of errands first. Everywhere I went, men were being weird to me. All of them were older, I think it's worth pointing out. But one of them in particular seemed to be relishing in the fact that I was much younger than him, and he called me a little girl despite talking to me in a sexually-charged manner. Disgusting!

Because most women aren't sexual predators and men "can't help it."

No. 229450

I wish for them all to leave us alone and they can actually go their own way. Find a quiet place and be at peace but they’re all inclined to just claim to refuse dating/ marriage and would rather harass and abuse women for refusing to be their sex slaves and wanting agency.

>incel says he abhors rape
Is it bad that I’m skeptical of this? Incels and co love hurting women however they can. And too many guys have admitted, if they could and get away with it 100%, they’d rape someone.

No. 229451

This is why tasers should be legal everywhere. Pepper spray is just not enough for these people.

No. 229458

On the flip side, I’m tired of Asian men bitching about how white girls don’t like them. It’s so pathetic. I’m half Asian and used to be interested in Asian men, but I’m not sure anymore.

I was talking to this guy who wasn’t attracted to white girls, but wanted to fuck white girls to “cuck white men”. It’s disturbing.

No. 229459

Tbh the moment you're talking to a guy and he mentions the word "cuck" you know you're talking to an incel

No. 229460

Asian guys I've met are pathetic. You'd think hypothetically, beta nerdy guys would be sweet and kind, in reality they're more shallow and misogynistic than anyone else. Have you ever seen an asian guy willing to date a black girl or chubby girl? It's rare, yet they blame asian girls for being a pathetic incel. "Asian girls, we'll talk shit about you and despise you but you have to be forced to date us even though we worship white women like insects. It's your obligation to us as having the same skin color to have no free will." All of those cesspools online dominated by asian men like asianmasculinity think they're allowed to police who asian women date then shame their dating choices. The funny thing is they talk shit about asian women in general regardless of who they date.

No. 229461

>in reality they're more shallow and misogynistic than anyone else

Absolutely. I’ve never seen an Asian guy so fixated on any other race of women besides white, yet they complain about how they can’t get dates in general.

From my own experience, 80% of Asian men either

A. Despise WMAF with a passion and love AMWF
or B. Don’t complain about WMAF because they solely date white women to make up for their childhood trauma

No. 229463

I’ve never seen any other race of men be such an army of hypocritical nice guys. They’ll complain about how Arabic guy/Asian girl and Black Guy/Asian girl is more common than the reverse to push their woe is me narrative while loathing Middle Eastern and Black girls.

The majority of Asian girls date Asian guys and WMAF is only twice as common as AMWF, but they’re still shitting their diapers.

No. 229465

>The majority of Asian girls date Asian guys and WMAF is only twice as common as AMWF, but they’re still shitting their diapers.
Totally agree. Asian men are the most pathetic men in my experience, they have most fragile egos and they're incredibly insecure. At least in their online safe spaces, where they can be honest, they're complete pieces of shit. Yet in real life I see nerdy beta asian guys get cute asian girls all the time. Why? Because they're not miserable pieces of shit who talk trash about asian girls online, they're busy getting girls. Maybe if they stepped outside of their basement for one second they would see that not all asian men are incels, just the pathetic robot tier misogynists who 1000% deserve to die alone.
Ok, I feel very guilty being a walking stereotype dating a white guy and hating misogynistic asian men but I feel it's warranted. I still like asian men who are nice, it's just that it feels like too many asian men aren't genuinely good guys. When you talk to a lot of asian guys you sometimes feel like a lot of them exude all of the worst parts of robots.

No. 229467

File: 1518900530116.png (205.68 KB, 804x592, 1518471379628.png)

this is true, ask one of those yellow fever morons who scream how stacies are jealous to provide one example of a white woman getting upset over white guys dating asians and they're out, meanwhile you can find pages and pages of men obsessing over women interracially dating

jfk is there ANY guy who actually is attracted to asians and is mentally stable about it ? none of that "U BECKIES ARE SOOO MANLY ALL LOOK LIKE TRANNIES LOOK AT THIS GIRL WHO HAS HAD PLASTIC SURGERY THIS IS PEAK FEMININITY!!!" shit, the ones who do like how asians naturally look are rare to see even so they tend to have weird stereotypes about us that came out of nowhere but 4chan, they think asian culture is filled with traditional waifus but holy fuck are they wrong not to mention if they're obsessed with traditional lifestyles so much why not just go for pentecostal type girls like the duggars who are guarantee to be traditional instead of expecting whatever asian girl they meet to be?

No. 229468

>but wanted to fuck white girls to “cuck white men”.
I've seen black men say similar things, basically that fucking white girls is a way to get revenge on white men. It's disgusting on so many levels, but I guess in the end I'm most disturbed about how men feel they 'own' women of their own race and want to 'conquer' women of other races. It could not be more clear that they see women as possessions and objects instead of sentient beings.

No. 229471

>muh white prince charming! He's different!
Can you guys stop?

No. 229478

uhhh who's saying it though? I hate greasy white boys, then again men of all races of issues, even mixed ones

No. 229481

Can you stop being so incredibly butthurt? You have asian male syndrome. I hate 90% of white guys and 90% of most men for that matter. No one has to justify who they date, period.

No. 229483

Why do people always rush in to imply racism when posters talk about other types of men and their weird racial insecurities? Some posters have admitted to being nonwhite or mixed before, and in all fairness we spend a lot of time in these threads laughing at wonderbread ass neckbeards already. White men are shit too and we share stuff about them all the time. They aren't the default human beings on earth, you can't just ignore what we've said about them to nitpick the conversations about men of other races.

Though I have seen a few posts from anons who seem legitimately racist.

No. 229484

Fuck that's awful, I can imagine it now what they'll say afterwards if the girl self-defends herself and shoots/stabs/tasers their stupid asses. "It was just a prank, girl" and if they live and get out of the hospital they'll type on the net about how they were just innocently stalking them to make the girls fear for their lives and that the woman was stupid for reacting violently out of said fear because "we're so out of control with our own emotions"
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 229485

File: 1518908671409.png (37.82 KB, 849x485, lol.png)


Go back to /r/aznidentity to complain about how asian men are so oppressed. That sub, hapas, and asianmasculinity are just hoards of asian neckbeards

>Asian women don't like me because I'm so nice! They like asshole white guys instead! I hope someday my kind, blonde, Aryan princess can save me…

No. 229486

Looks like I struck a nerve.

No. 229487

Kill yourself asian beta male. I loathe you, not for your skin color, for your insufferable personality.

No. 229488

Meant to quote him

No. 229490

>says something stupid
>anon you're wrong

No. 229491

also with guys is how so many of them hate single mothers yet hate abortion rights/are prolife. Why are men so intent on forcing women to physically have kids? then mock them when they do and criticize them when they don’t?

No. 229492

they want to hate women

No. 229511

Even if they are sluts, the mother isn't going to be the one who suffers. The mother will continue being a slut and immature while the child is neglicated. Recently there was a news report about a woman who left her 15 year old mentally disabled son uncared for, he was found at only 80 lbs and stuck to a bed with his own piss and poop. People need to understand they aren't punishing women when they're anti abortion, they're punishing children and some of those children are male.

No. 229512

So wait, killing them isn't a punishment in this argument?

No. 229513


It robot. Hello robot.

No one is a single mother by choice. Get a tattoo of it because it's a fact. Nobody becomes a single mother by choice. They used to be called "deserted women". It's not a choice. Out.

No. 229515

Is rather be dead than live that life. I'll tell you from experience. When my mom had me her life didn't change at all, she continued being a party girl, doing drugs and fucking with random guys(random guys who also molested me and my brother). I was left alone to fend for myself.every night there was loud music and partying(during the rare times she was home). When these slutty party girls have kids do you think they just stop, regret their life choices and change?no they continue being party girls and having fun lol.

No. 229516

>Is rather be dead than live that life.
Yea, I don't buy that, I had my own shitty childhood and struggled with alcoholism for most of my late teens/early 20s and I'd much rather have the option of improving my life over not having a life at all.
That said, I think the problem is that the child isn't the one making that choice.

No. 229520

>They made choices which caused them to become single mothers.
Not always true, sometimes "good" men do genuinely abandon their wives/gfs and leave then as single mothers out of nowhere.

No. 229521

In your head you're thinking these slutty stacies have kids and regret not "giving nice guys a chance" but the reality is they have kids, continue partying and having fun. Youre a troll but I do see people who really have the mentality that forcing immature/disfuntional women to have kids will make them mature, change their ways and feel guilty for not giving that loner geek a chance but unfortunately that's not how it works in reality.

No. 229522

For example trannys and gay guys who decide at 40 they want to be manwhores and live the life of teenage girls and run off.

No. 229523

>will make them mature, change their ways and feel guilty for not giving that loner geek a chance but unfortunately that's not how it works in reality.
It's less about that and more about punishing them.
Which I'm fine with, certain actions should have punishments, that's how we as a species respond. If something doesn't come with some form of punishment, no matter how delayed, we'll never learn.

No. 229524

Precisely. Anon had an abusive mother (honestly sounds like she was a prostitute and not just a party girl) but most women are not.like.that. I'm sorry that happened to you but most women don't do that.
Plenty of women marry in good faith, end up getting abused, neglected, cheated on. They initiate divorce only after years of abuse. The man doesn't initiate because he enjoys having a victim around.

I'm not sure why I'm bothering to reply to a robot but here we are

No. 229526

There are no good men.

No. 229527

don't bother arguing the incel, they don't want to even think about something possibly not being the woman's fault, no matter what they will twist, stretch and turn anything and everything they possibility could to make it women's fault

they don't have the brain capacity to even dare try seeing anything that doesn't fit their narrative, everything and anything to them will always be the fault of women and no amount of evidence or cold hard facts you can show them will make them even doubt for a second that maybe it isn't the womans fault

why do you think they always feel the need to scream feminist, whore, etc etc when a woman doesn't believe 100% exactly what they believe

No. 229529

It's not a punishment if the person doesn't care about their kids. Taking care of a child is a choice and a lot of people choose not to. Anyone with abusive and neglectful parents knows having kids does not mean one will take care of them.

No. 229530

>It's not a punishment if the person doesn't care about their kids.
Sure it is, it means they can't party and enjoy life as much as they want.
Child negligence is against the law, someone neglecting their children will be punished for it, so long as someone is actually willing to call CPS on them.
Hell, that's why CPS exists at all to begin with.
Stripping out punishments for behavior that's a net drain on society and/or the people who inhabit it (especially the children) isn't going to make things any better.

No. 229531

I married a virgin from 4chan and as soon as he graduated college and started making cash he left me for some teenage gamer girl he met on vr chat kek. Of course he blamed it on me and claimed it was because I didn't care about his hobbies(anime, collecting figures etc)

No. 229533

You're so naive lol cps doesn't really do much until it's too late. They have so many cases they don't have time to really keep up with most of them. A lot of kids will die before cps does anything.

No. 229534

>They have so many cases they don't have time to really keep up with most of them.
It's more that, like most government workers they're generally pretty lazy and only do the bare minimum to get paid.
As someone who worked a government job for half a decade I can tell you that the average worker there gives little to no fucks about their job and is there mainly for the benefits.
But if you think a proper answer to children being abused by shitty people is for said shitty people to go out and kill their children before they're born, that's not going to make things better.
I wouldn't even call it putting a bandaid on a broken leg, it's more like putting a post-it on a decapitation wound.
Most people don't give a shit about children and will often pretend they do, but let's be honest, we'll never meet any of the kids who are abused and at the end of the day all the tears for them, including the aborted children, is just crocodile tears used to prop up a political position.
Excuse the autistic ranting.

No. 229535

this is true, not because they don't have time but cps doesn't give a shit
this case infuriates me
the teenage daugher had his baby for fucks sake and went to school with bruises and they did nothing but send her back home after informing the abusive father that she spoke up about the abuse, they don't have the first clue of handling abused children, they fail to realize the fact the adults can and will lie about abuse even though people who supposedly know a lot about abuse wouldn't just walk away the second the parent said "lol the kids lying they just want attention you can leave now"
this is why so many teens are fucked up

No. 229537

>Child negligence is against the law, someone neglecting their children will be punished for it

Nope. Nothing gets done if it never gets reported because “nobody wants to get involved” or “they don’t know the full story”. You could have behavioral issues after all, right? Maybe you’re just like, a really independent quiet kid who totally doesn’t need anything or ever get sick?

>so long as someone is actually willing to call CPS on them.

Hell, that's why CPS exists at all to begin with.

I grew up in a conservative small town and I was literally taught by my parents and relatives that CPS is basically a front for child prostitution ran by closet pedophiles. They told me the poor, overworked government workers take you away and send you to stay with pedophiles who rape you and lock you in windowless dark rooms while the social workers are too busy working to keep an eye on you. And yes, a lot of grown ass adults and people in positions of authority, like cops, believed it too. Not everyone would outright admit it, but nobody ever called CPS either. We had a trailer park across from an elementary school and the year our county put up a digital sex offender registry, my mom found out every trailer in the park was occupied by an offender. Word got around town and cops starte hanging out around the school but ultimately nothing happened. The gut reaction to it is to just brush I under the rug and pretend standing between the kids and the pedos for the time being is enough.

No. 229538

>omg don't kill da babies

Why do people even pretend to care about these children and deny they just want to get revenge against women?the same people bitching about abortion will be the first ones to complain about the government helping children from low income homes. There are some people who are truly prolife and try to help mothers and give them other options other than abortion(usually these people are women), while men are just like "hahaha look at those little bastards suffer. This is what she gets for not dating men like me when she was in her prime!"

No. 229541

>wahhhh wahhhh women only sleep with assholes and not misogynistic psychopaths like me waahhhhhh

No. 229542

>a liar
okay, we get it, you lost already, or you're a troll, hopefully a troll
stop taking the bait ladies

No. 229543

Yeah and we are really helping society by forcing mentally ill people and drug addicts to raise more mentally ill people and criminals kek

I know you're a troll but the sad truth is there are really people who think like this.

No. 229544

>women always go for assholes

Let's just be real. The only reason incels don't cheat is because they usually can't and if by the stroke of luck some hotter and younger girl hits on them they will be out the door in a heart beat.

No. 229546

File: 1518922181430.png (145.77 KB, 1242x773, IMG_2611.PNG)

Ladies if you think by dating a "nice virginal guy" that you're going to have a better relationship, you are wrong.

No. 229551

Most incels don't worship their women, they treat them like retarded babies and are abusive or they act like an asshole because they resent her for not being the hot girl he wanted. They worship their gf at first but eventually the novelty of having a gf wears off and they get bored once they realize she's a human who poops, farts, isn't happy and pretty all the time .

No. 229552

>literally worships you

I'll settle for someone who is enjoyable company, thanks.

No. 229555

I'd rather be with a man who actually likes me and isn't just with me because He's desperate. Been there done that. The moment a cute gamer girl at his college gave him attention he broke up with me and acted like he didn't even know who I was.

No. 229558

Nah he was 200lbs with cystic acne and the girl he left me for was just using him because she wanted someone to do her homework and buy her stuff. After she was done using him, she broke up with him and he came back crying to me about his mistake.

No. 229559

i love this vid lol. men DO NOT have control over themselves. UNFORTUNATELY. the only way to keep them faithful is by making sure they aren't putting themselves in compromising situations. and if this girl didn't want her bf to cheat on her she was dumb to put him in this situation. if she wanted a reason to break up with him, though, well-played. there's no way a straight man wouldn't be compliant with a girl aggressively making sexual advances at him- especially if he believes nobody would find out.

No. 229560

>any male that women choose other than me is Chad
Jesus fuck you are mentally ill. Stop derailing every discussion you autistic fuck. It should be obvious by now that no one gives a shit about your opinion.

No. 229561

I've see more pretty women with men who are ugly/poor than the other way around

No. 229565

Because most men are ugly because they don't take care of themselves. They don't try to make themselves look attractive because they think hot women are suppose to love them for their personality and ignore the sweat stains on their 6 year old tshirt.

No. 229566

>Women really only sleep with guys because they want to money/status/housing/security/stuff in exchange for it.

Money= where? Nobody hands money unless he's a sugar daddy
Status= marriage has status for both. Men earn 15% more by being married than single for example
Housing= benefits both. Easier to rent or buy together
Security= Not sure what that means
Stuff= presents? Most couples don't bother past the first few years

No. 229571

>If I was a woman, I would never have to work. Even if I was ugly, I could easily find a man to give me free money, housing, food, children, sex, etc.

Please show me any woman who has this. Go on. Any in the world.
This is just what you tell yourself. Why do women - and attractive women- work at all if this is the case?

No. 229574

same, but men won't acknowledge it, they moved on from speaking about actual problems and just lying, stretching, etc to pretend to be poor wittle babies who have the weight of the world on them

men have life on easy mode, they always have, and in todays world they have it easier than ever and now they're still screaming how hard they have it, being empathetic with men for once turned the world into shit, they are spoilt little babies who need their rights taken away to be put in their place

No. 229575

> feminist brainwashing

I didn't even know what a feminist was until a few years ago. Feminism doesn't make people need money and go to work. Life costs money. Women work. Often full-time. If we could get cared for by a man who
> worships us
We would (in theory). But that is a fantasy you've completely invented to justify a series of inane opinions.

Statistically most women work which throws your whole argument in the trash.

No. 229576

Can you idiots stop taking the fucking bait? There's no point in arguing with retarded incels like that faggot.

Where tf are the mods?

No. 229578

I know right? This incel - all of them really - still wonder why women even want to work. They can’t comprehend that women are people with their own desires for life behind the kitchen and being a slave to a man that hates them

No. 229579

not to mention if women do do that then they scream and cry gold digger and cry how hard they have it, if you don't do it they call you stupid

like what do you want do you want housewives or working women? Oh wait I get it they want women to somehow magically make money so they can sit on their ass all day and have a slave mommy and put no effort at all into the relationship outside of being a mooch

No. 229583

because they think the tiny amount of bad feminist today oppresses them or whatever shit excuse they have despite the fact in most cultures men are still seen as superior
the fact men can even admit they hate women proves this, men can admit they hate women and almost no consequences, if we do it we're crazy lonely sex deprived feminists who no man will ever love

No. 229584

File: 1518929867255.png (145.42 KB, 677x646, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 10.4…)

Random comment from a fairly old article about misogyny. It's from a man, and he directly admits how bad it is and how much men hate women.

I've already chosen to never have relationships with men at all, but it still pains me and is hard to wrap my head around half the world despising me for something I can't control. Like when I go to work it sucks to imagine that everyone has already made up their mind about me and my work/my abilities just based off of me being a woman so therefore I must be a stupid worthless hole who can't contribute anything. If I had a choice obviously I would have chosen to be a man. but I didn't. And for some reason that means I deserve to be treated like an inferior piece of shit, before I even have a chance to do anything about it?

Idk I wish I was just an unfeeling asshole. I hate being a woman so fucking much I don't even have the words for it, it hurts so much.

No. 229586

And the fact that the incel tried to say men worship women was apparently how ridiculously out of touch with reality they all are. They can only love and worship other men as people and equals; I wish they can just do that but they still love to hurt and punish women as much as possible for being born one.

No. 229587

I always laugh when incels try to pull that shit. It's pretty clear from the way men talk about and treat women that they absolutely do not 'worship' us, much less see us as equal human beings. We are holes to them. Nothing more, nothing less.

The whole sexbot/sexdoll phenomena should have proved that to all women by now. The fact that men can happily substitute a woman with an insentient object and feel no difference shows that we are literally just holes to them.

Sad but it needs to be acknowledged I guess. It's better than walking around feeling like everything is great and everyone sees you as a human being when they don't. Better to be aware of the truth, even if it makes you miserable and want to kill yourself.

No. 229588

I was so protected from this growing up. I was lucky to have a father that grew up with a sister that he has always been very good friends with. And in turn he treated his wife and daughters with respect.

When I left my home feeling mutual respect and admiration for men, I was shocked that it wasn’t returned. It took me a long time to understand this wasn’t because I was less than other people, but because most men treat all women this way.

It disturbs me because I know men CAN be better. They just choose not to be. Extremely sad and disappointing fact of life that is hard to swallow.

Unlike you, I’ve tried to have relationships with other men. I’m so tired of constantly being disappointed by them, though.

No. 229608

File: 1518941988045.jpg (57.24 KB, 1240x698, a_ov_pepe_160928.nbcnews-ux-12…)

>one man wrote men are evil so man are evil
>Unlike you, I’ve tried to have relationships with other men. I’m so tired of constantly being disappointed by them, though.

Chad's cock too short? Chad's wallet too thin?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 229612

Can we just prevent the assholes from breeding and spreading their hate genes?

If Star Trek is anything to go by there are supposed to be these big eugenics wars in the future.

No. 229614

I also have a great father who was very respectful of me/women in general growing up. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who treats me and our daughter with kindness and respect. However I have definitely seen the spectrum of “men” who do not treat women this way, and I struggle to like the vast majority of them.

No. 229615

>Can we just prevent the assholes from breeding and spreading their hate genes?
Yes, you can just stop fucking them and having their children.

No. 229616

Women will never stop doing this because asshole guys will always have good dick/money/a pretty face. We need to start being more clever.

No. 229622

File: 1518948831812.png (209.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-18-10-11-46…)

This is what we need tbh

No. 229626

Live in a stone age primitive civilization?

No. 229628

Sounds good to me. But Western values are far too entrenched in individualism and consumerism. While #metoo is in this time a remarkable the-personal-is-political moment people as a mass never go as far as applying any proper class analysis or even resorting to political activism. With it being so restricted to the entertainment world it remains more of a spectacle to be watched than any true call to global action. I can't think of anything that could really bring on a watershed and turn people in masses out of our complacency.
With women's historic reliance on men we have also never been socialised to global solidarity with other women, is all just temporary alliances to fulfill short term goals and very dedicated individuals and groups.

No. 229636

Well I was thinking more along the lines of sterilization . . . offer a money bounty to shitty teen boys and I bet lots of them will take it.

No. 229641

No. 229642

File: 1518959661379.jpg (195.2 KB, 750x1124, ea817f94aae32ee48b7d6b4d276edf…)


You can't because you get vagina tingles the moment you see a Chad and all your men hate/feminist view goes out of the window.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 229648

They want trust fund babies who live off daddy but those women are out of their league to begin with.

No. 229652

File: 1518962172066.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2613.PNG)

Black men are really something else. They went around saying Serena Williams looks like a man etc for decades then the moment she marries a white guy they're mad about it. They never stop saying black women look like men, are evil and slutty but the moment she disses black guys or marries someone not black they suddenly care. They even go as far to claim he's using her for money despite the fact he's also rich as fuck.

No. 229653

File: 1518962831558.png (173.46 KB, 1242x1164, IMG_2615.PNG)

Black incels are the worst because not only do they have women to blame for all their problems they pull the race card as well

No. 229667

But it’s clearly fake though

No. 229672

Why are most feminist memes almost always projection of anti feminist srs, this barely happens however men will bash women left in right, screech disgusting roastie, all womem are whores, "DNT TALK TO THIS T H O T!!!" and all that shit but a cute girl comes in and they talk about how they wanna marry her and make her have kids and how all the other roasties are just jealous etc etc


No. 229673

Mgtow and incels like pretending to catch a cheater, TLC shows, etc are real to prove their point so if they're doing it we gonna do it to

No. 229686

File: 1518978077710.png (257.43 KB, 1700x1273, 1518946456547.png)

Take away the "wet hole" aspect and you just have a r9k repressed virgin/self hating incel who is on the outside looking in at successful, happy people. people who spew this shit have never befriended a woman or even talked to a woman for more than 5 minutes.

No. 229688

Yeah I've seen this pasta before and the lack of self-awareness always makes me laugh.

No. 229690

Idk why men act like they're not petty and catty towards each other. You all really need to see how men act when a more attractive man enters the peer group.

No. 229695

lmao this shit makes me want to fucking kill myself. violently. Knowing that the world sees me and other women this way all because we're a fucking woman, which everyone has a 50/50 chance of being, is fucking miserable.

What is the fucking point even?

No. 229698

Meanwhile, if you're a man people can easily assume you're a rapist/pedo/pervert/murderer/stalker on sight, depending on where you are, what you're wearing and what time of day it is.
So, it could be worse.

No. 229701

File: 1518985562304.jpg (115.53 KB, 600x711, human.jpg)

Meanwhile, if you're a man, everyone automatically thinks you're competent, hardworking, intelligent, and capable and never write you off as a worthless hole incapable of thinking about anything except for makeup and hair. Meanwhile, if you're a man you never have to hear that you are biologically incapable of doing X, that you have nothing to contribute aside from what's between your legs, that you have no thoughts, feelings, talents, your status as a human being is never questioned, you will never see something like pic related about YOU.

So fuck off and go enjoy your perceived superiority. Must feel great, I'm really happy for you. Sorry you have to deal with half of the population being so inferior and worthless and inhuman.

No. 229704

File: 1518986400479.png (75.33 KB, 948x274, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 2.38…)

Oh wait no sorry. I forgot that women don't even contribute ~having children~ now. Men do that too. Women do nothing for nine months. So the little worth that men sometimes begrudgingly say we have, they don't actually believe that. It's a wonder why men haven't just killed all women yet since they hate us so fucking much.

No. 229705

I'm a woman, I realised after posting it makes me sound like a robot. My meaning was: I'd rather be thought of as a dumb ho than be assumed to be the worst creep just for being male. (sometimes these assumptions are well-founded)

They are not really assumed to be competent, it's more they are handed achievement because they are assumed to be superior.
So many men do fuck-all at work and just have the role because they're male. It's a superiority complex.

No. 229706

Also whoever wrote pic related deserves to be shot out of a cannon. 3% human? This guy is 97% potato

No. 229707

You’d think they would already considering their hatred is that immense. I think also that’s why they’re so ready for sex robots to be common. So that they can finally get rid of women since they don’t see us as human anyway. Big doubt if any guy would object to that

No. 229708

No man would object to that. If they try to feed you that 'uhhh men worship women sweetie' bullshit they're fucking lying. Men hate women. Period point blank.

That's why it makes me kind of sad whenever people in this thread talk about how their boyfriend is different. No, they hate women. They like you because they get sex from you. You give them unlimited access to your body as an object for them to use. Those are the only conditions under which men "love" or even like or tolerate women.

Men. Hate. Women.

No. 229710

>My meaning was: I'd rather be thought of as a dumb ho than be assumed to be the worst creep just for being male.
Well guess what, it's worse than that. You aren't just thought of as a dumb ho, you're thought of as a subhuman animal. You're thought of as a worthless piece of shit.

The "I got called a creep and I didn't even do anything!!1" shit that men whine about is a fucking joke. Nobody assumes all men are creeps or pedophiles, especially not other men. And other men are all that matter to men.

No. 229711

>I'd rather be thought of as a dumb ho
A lot of men don't even see women as human, but mindless holes and wombs. Dumb ho would be an upgrade.

No. 229712

Why does it matter what they think? The law still treats us as equal, we still have human rights. In the western world we don't have to suffer the consequences of this terrible attitude. They can walk around thinking whatever they want, but the law is not on their side. We have freedom, we have the ability to work, train, purchase houses and cars. So fuck what they think.

It's disappointing that they can't love us and I agree with the feeling sorry for women who think they do. But we shouldn't waste time being upset about it. One less thing to worry about.

No. 229715


It's depressing to realize that most of the world considers us worthless, incapable of anything great. I hope I OD on drugs soon and all of the pain goes away. After all, this is what the world wants, a society without women. Maybe it's better that way because a life like that isn't worth living.

No. 229717

>Why does it matter what they think? The law still treats us as equal, we still have human rights. In the western world we don't have to suffer the consequences of this terrible attitude.
Not for much longer, unfortunately.

Same. Can't fucking wait. I didn't ask to be alive, definitely didn't ask to be born a woman. It's only getting worse from here. Guarantee it.

No. 229719

Also if you think there are 'no consequences of this terrible attitude' I don't know what to tell you. It results in rape, abuse, or murder of women. If society sees you as cattle you will start to be treated like cattle. And reminder that the majority of the world sees women this way. All men, and even some women who are perfectly fine being subjugated and treated like shit because ~it's a woman's place~. There is absolutely nothing stopping it from getting worse in the west. Men in the west literally talk about women's rights as an "experiment" and they all think the experiment failed and it's time to put a stop to it.

No. 229727

>And other men are all that matter to men.
This is so deep and true though. They will never see and appreciate something a woman does unless he can do better

No. 229731

I can't wait either. Thank fucking god for drugs. BUT this is what men WANT, I'll feel happy for being selfless during my last moments. There'll be nothing to regret. I did good.

No. 229743

>They like you because they get sex from you.
This is why I'm so conflicted in my relationship. My boyfriend makes me really happy for now. But I know if something serious were to happen- say I fell really ill and was forced to be hospitalized long term- he would not stay by my side. If I were not able to satisfy him, he would find someone else to.

Meanwhile he could lose all his limbs to a horrible accident, and I would be there taking care of him. No doubt about it. I'd literally change his ostomy bag. I've done it for people I didn't even know, so I could absolutely do it for someone I love.

It makes me sad that I'm committing to be forever faithful to someone knowing they won't reciprocate. Still, the other option is loneliness. I'll probably just kill myself if it ever comes to me having to rely on him in that way.

No. 229744

just imagine the chaos if all women did disappear, they even blame mass-shooting, murders, and everything else, they act as if they're superior and how we are supposed to fight over them no matter how much of a disgusting filthy lazy man whore they are with unreasonable expectations just for you to be miserable forever with him and they think this shit is okay, on men not getting girlfriends how much each and every misogynist on earth will regret all the screaming and crying they did about how horrible and worthless women are and how we're replaceable, even if I am dead, men paying for all the gaslighting, abuse, and everything else they did to us will be worth it, lets drink the kool aid ladies

No. 229746


How is it getting worse? Do you think the laws will change? Nothing will change. Yes they have a shitty attitude but the opinion of some smelly dudes who can't stop wanking over photos of you= worth killing yourself over? I think not.

No. 229750

How is no man= loneliness?
Why do you girls think the fact men have brains equivalent to par-boiled eggs means we should feel sad about it?

Knowledge is power. Most women don't know how men really feel. You do. Use it to your advantage. Use it as a source of strength, not pain. You don't need to be upset about pleasing a man, being good enough, being pretty enough.
You can focus on yourself, your skills, being happy without using the fantasy of mutual adoration (which we are fed by shitty romantic movies and books)as a crutch?
The fantasy makes you weak and a pawn. Not believing should make you happy, as you are free from the shackles of dedicating yourself blindly to a false god.

You are free to enjoy your life in the exact manner a man does: Not believing in bullshit designed to manipulate you and make you give up free services in return for a mirage of love.

Love and romance are a belief, which you can take part in for your own amusement, but without detriment to your life that comes from blindly believing.

No. 229752

I really hate the pressure to be married with kids that you get placed on you as a woman. I don't think I want either of these things, I'm still in my early 20's but already get questioned on why I don't have a boyfriend and see women who are 22 - 25 worrying because they've not got a husband yet. It's ridiculous, men aren't ever questioned if they choose to be single.

No. 229753

because i understand myself and i have enough experience to know that i need an intimate relationship to feel happy. you can make the best friend in the world- and you'll inevitably be replaced by their significant other. fact of life.

if i were bisexual, i would absolutely choose to be a lesbian. but i've explored a lesbian relationship before. my partner could sense that there was an attraction element missing. i knew she could be happier with someone else who felt that for her.

ideally i could have a sexless partnership with another woman. we lived together and looked out for each other first. and we were okay with the other person having sexual partners who were allowed into our home, but weren't primary.

this is just an unnatural and unrealistic fantasy that i can't hope to obtain.

No. 229755

>men are never questioned if they choose to be single
Bull fucking shit
That’s because they assume you’re gay
Do you know how many times my parents ask if if I’m not gay or if I don’t like women
Everytime I go to visit them it’s one of the first questions they ask
Fuck even my sister who’s only 2 years older than me asked this
Im not even fucking 20 yet what the unironic fuck

No. 229756

Anybody else think that the male: female ratio is out of whack and that creates a lot of these tensions? At birth the male ratio is slightly higher but then drops because male children are more susceptible to diseases and from puberty on males engage in riskier behaviour and die more in accidents. As is known, in old age women outlive men.
Overall it averages out to a male: female ratio of 49:51 but I propose this was a lot more pronounced in prehistoric times when men would take on risky hunting, protecting and scouting tasks. Societies were more egalitarian but in practice in day to day life consisted mostly of the women, children and old people of the group interacting and the able bodied men off fulfilling their crucial duty to their community. Their role and sacrifice earned them respect and status and the right to procreate. In this context human sexual dimorphism (in morphology, physiology and behavioural tendencies) developed.
Skipping a bunch of nerdery of what I think happened afterwards, in the Bronze Age basically egalitarianism shifted towards strongly hierarchical social structures and compulsory heterosexual monogamy was installed to keep young men complacent that otherwise might become discontent and riot against their leaders. At this point women had become little more than chattel and war spoils.
now we have a surplus of men that 30kya should have been cave lion fodder, with no natural role in society that turn to woman hating because they feel entitled to their forefathers' hard-earned respect and the allotted woman, but since suffrage women won't play along quite as well anymore.
Anyway all of this is basically full on incel rhetoric but most of them fail to take this all to the only logical conclusion. To restore the balance to which we as a species are adapted we must exterminate all superfluous men, starting with murderers, rapists, pedos and incels. Especially the latter, if not burdened with especially inadequate intellect (how optimistic of me), will recognize the truth of what I am saying and, in a most honourable action, should quietly remove themselves from the gene pool to which they are anyhow not contributing in the following generation. Otherwise more proactive steps could also be a possibility, the most humane would be prenatal screening and targeted termination of male fetuses (a currently common but misguided practice in some cultural circles in case of pregnancy with a girl).

No. 229757

The law and the justice system hardly do shit to convict rapists. Thousands upon thousands of serial rapists probably roam free in the US and do enough people in power really give a shit to change that? No. Does society as a whole care about changing its shitty ass attitude towards rape survivors? No.
Not to mention that the large majority of rapes that occur are not even reported. Then there's that huge sex trafficking industry that exploits and brutalizes women and girls every single day.
Jesus fuck c'mon. I don't want to kill myself just because I've been dealt a bad hand and I'm not going to enable those other posters that do but you're being silly af when you imply that men's opinions are the only way that misogyny affects women.

No. 229758

No need. Give it 100 years and we will have lifelike robots that will provide companionship to those unwanted men.
They're already happy with videogames. Being happy with robots isn't a big stretch.

No. 229760

Virtual reality and drugs would be preferable, they would take up less space and resources that way and there would be less of a chance of them engaging in the public sphere.

No. 229761

That's a possibility too. Either way, in the future they won't have to worry about women anymore.

No. 229762

Because it isn't 'some smelly dudes.' It's the majority of men and the minority of women. Any of whom could run for office. All of whom have the power to vote. These are popular, widely held views and eventually they will come back to bite us in the ass. Not tomorrow. Maybe not ten years from now. But soon. The anti-woman sentiment gets stronger by the day and it isn't slowing down.

I mean, male business owners and bosses are already hesitant to hire and work with women now after #metoo. The first response to men being held accountable for sexual harassment is to punish WOMEN for it. Women are punished for speaking out, for expecting humane treatment. This WILL continue to get worse. They are trying to push women out of the workplace and back into the kitchen. Unironically, they want women back in the kitchen. They want women to be powerless and to keep quiet.

Think about it like men do. Try to put yourself in their head. If women aren't even human, why should they have the same rights as men? Seems a little ridiculous, right? There are more people that hate women than there are people who see women as equals. Guaranteed. If they wanted to fuck us over they could.

No. 229764

Dude seriously. Even fucking MGTOW mocks single women, and they don't even support marriage or want women to be in relationships because they want men to be 'free.'

Just look at the vitriol against 'cat ladies' who literally aren't hurting anyone. It's considered an insult to a woman, because she can't or won't get a man, so surely there must be something horribly wrong with her right? I mean she doesn't tie her entire self worth to men, and women are ~only here to please men~ so she has to be defective in some way.

When men are single it's because they're independent and made the CHOICE to not commit to a woman. When a woman is single apparently it's because she's a dumb whore who couldn't get a man. It couldn't possibly be because she didn't want a man.

No. 229769

Wish there was a place where women could go escape to, relax, live and not allow men there to hurt us. Doesn’t that sound better vs living with men and ~their civilization~ who despise you and think of you as worthless incubators?

No. 229770

they mock cat ladies because they're jealous that they are happy with being single and don't feel the need to stab the opposite gender for not giving them secks on demand, unlike men, women can be single and not screech like an autistic retard and hate the opposite gender

No. 229777

>men hate me so I want to kill myself

I don't think that's how you should react. The right way to react would be to fight back… but feminism is currently shit.

I can't even blame men for not wanting to work with women after #metoo. Feminists got angrier and more hysterical the more rights women got, and now you have intersectional feminism and women turning "he flirted with me and I was too nervous to turn him down" into harassment. Women claiming it's a normal thing to think you might get raped and fearing that literally every day. Fuck, I hate what feminism has become… and right when we need it most.

No. 229780

>women talking about their sexual assaults is hysterical
>generalizes a movement over the 0.00001% of feminists who do that today

Keep proving my point Anthony, or at least prove that people having uptight definitions of rape is a common thing amoung feminists, everyone says this but I've only seen it like 4 times withing the past 10 yrs

No. 229782

That's ridiculous though. So women should just deal with sexual harassment at work?

And when you hear about a bunch of men sexually harassing women, would you blame women for not wanting to work with men? Would you advocate that people stop hiring men? No, you wouldn't. How are the women the problem in this scenario? Do you really hate women that fucking much? Somehow men can do whatever they want to whoever they want, even when it's blatantly wrong, and it's perfectly fine. Specific examples won't be used to paint all men as bad. But if a woman does something bad all of a sudden that means ALL women are evil whores.

So either way women lose right? They can speak out about sexual harassment and lose job opportunities. Or they can keep quiet and continue to be harassed at work. And it never occurs to you that the men who are doing the actual harassment are the ones in the wrong, here? Women are being hysterical for not wanting their ass slapped at work? Men are the only ones who deserve respect and to not be grabbed at work and treated like a fucking fuckdoll in the office?

This shit is so fucking dumb. Women get blamed for the actions of men. Women get punished for the actions of men. Men can continue to support eachother and treat women however they want in the workplace and there will always be people who would remove women from the workplace instead. Even though the woman is the one being wronged here.

I just fucking hate it and I'm done. That's WHY some of us feel like killing ourselves. Because there IS no way to fight back. When you fight back, you end up fucking yourself over even more because the world fucking hates women and will always side with men over women, even when a man is the one making the workplace hostile and causing problems. I mean fuck. Just fuck it.

No. 229783

"he flirted with me and I was too nervous to turn him down" is harassment. men have a tendency to get violent when rejected and they completely ignore body language, being pressured into something out of fear very much is harassment.

>I can't even blame men for not wanting to work with women after #metoo

So, not wanting to work with women merely because you can't keep your dick in your pants is absolutely halal to you?

>Women claiming it's a normal thing to think you might get raped and fearing that literally every day

It kind of is. Like, maybe if you're a high degree market failure you won't have to worry about it, but it happens to girls who leave the house very often.

No. 229785

File: 1519012835261.jpg (113.95 KB, 1280x720, Penguins.jpg)

I've been watching Planet Earth 2 and it makes me sad seeing these animals in harmony and knowing humans can't ever be the same.

>The penguin parents that take turns hunting food for their chicks

>The pair of birds that travel the world but meet once every 6 months to mate

No. 229787

File: 1519014565117.png (324.29 KB, 964x1283, penguincels.png)

hate to break it to you anon, but male penguins are fucked too

No. 229788

>but it happens to girls who leave the house very often.

Not really, most rapes happen within the house and are done by family members, neighbors, spouses, people you know. It isn't normal to be afraid to leave the house everyday because you think you might be raped, and it's also not healthy or realistic. It shouldn't be pushed as normal, feminism shouldn't be telling women they're helpless victims who can do nothing but cower.

>men have a tendency to get violent when rejected and they completely ignore body language,

And what do you think should be done with that information? Punish men who weren't aware they were harassing a woman? I don't think it's the woman's fault here either, but it's a tough situation.

Anyway, I'm just saying feminism is shit and making women weaker and less willing to fight.

Things were a thousand times worse and men were a thousand times more violent back when the first suffragettes showed up. They didn't kill themselves because society literally treated them like property and they didn't have civil rights. They didn't cry and whine. They fucking fought.

No. 229790

>I can't even blame men for not wanting to work with women after #metoo.
Yep, it's terrible that men are facing consequences for their bad actions now. Those stoopid wimminz always have to make a fuss about rape and sexual harrassment like it's bad. :'(((((

No. 229791

And how do you suggest we fight? Technically, women speaking out against the harassment they faced in the work place could be seen as 'fighting', right? They're trying to get justice. They're trying to change things. To make people realize that this isn't okay. But you don't seem very supportive of that. You seem worried about the poor harassers. So I would love to hear what you consider fighting, if we're supposed to stay silent on the shitty things we face at the hands of men and misogyny?

What do you expect women to even do when everything we do is seen as wrong somehow?

No. 229792

They blame it on sexually frustrated young males cough sounds familiar

No. 229801

A good solution would be setting up and promoting female owned business.

No. 229804

Or how about men act like civilized human beings and stop putting their hands on people at work? I mean for fucks sake.

I love how the solution is never “hold men accountable for their shitty actions” but instead “push women out of the workplace and make them readjust their entire life if they want to avoid it”

I mean come the fuck on. Men really must be coddled and made comfortable all the time, huh? They just can’t control themselves it’s not their fault :( women just need to leave if they don’t like being treated like a piece of meat because we can’t just punish men for doing shitty things, that might hurt their feelings :(

No. 229805

I'm not saying anything, I just suggested something women could do without worrying about men.

No. 229817

Men are perfect angels who dindu nuffin wrong
Don't you see? They're bumbling morons who have no ability to understand when they're harassing or assaulting you. It's not their fault!! Would you hold a literal retard accountable for their actions? I think not.
It's a wonder why they're still considered competent enough to hold down a job or interact in society.

No. 229824

File: 1519023393276.png (468.27 KB, 750x1334, 0D604212-6252-4724-84F2-2AAE24…)

I’d find this funny if the underlying tone wasn’t so fucking terrifying.

No. 229826

This is some pathetic shit right here. Nobody forced this dude to spend 40 dollars. He chose to. And now he’s taking it out on a woman who doesn’t even know him because he didn’t get what he feels entitled to. The audacity.

>generous loving man


No. 229845

99% of items around you are made literally by women in China but ok. Women also designed a good proportion of those things in the first place.
Also they uh, made you in their own bodies and birthed you, and here you are now dissin' them on the internet

No. 229849

Did you really miss the point of that post?

Men may not be retarded but you fuckers are definitely obtuse. The point was that men are not retarded and are perfectly capable of distinguishing right from wrong and being held accountable for their actions when they have done wrong. Instead of making excuses or kicking women out of the workplace, hold harassers accountable. Punish them, not the person they harassed.

But I gusss general mistreatment and harassment of women just doesn’t translate as ‘wrong’ to men because they barely see us as human anyways so whatever. Objects don’t have feelings~

No. 229853

Just go outside and kill the first man you see lol

No. 229856

No, we should just kill ourselves instead. Men will NEVER change their treatment of women. Even if a woman went on a killing spree which would be stooping to a man's level, that would solve nothing. We should leave men with other men, a perfect world for them.

The other anons ITT are right, what's the point of living when you are viewed as nothing more than a cattle?

No. 229858

Id love to see women-owned companies but I doubt men would let it last. They’d claim it’s terrible, try and use fake statistics to show how bad it is, harass the workers there, and make sure it fails by whatever means.

Love to see it happen but I’m not sure if men can honestly leave women the hell alone.. they hate women but can’t go their own way. It’s as if they’re obsessed with hating us.

No. 229860

Fucking THIS. Most of the teoublenive encountered with men when they tell me I have a chip on my shoulder or an attitude problem, it’s because I tell them I don’t care about men or what they want from me and I jut want to be left alone to do everything by myself. They can’t stand that shit, I don’t understand it, it’s like they think that a woman being able to make her own money and decisions is dangerous to men as a whole.

I read somewhere once that men are myaoginists because deep down they’re mortally terrified that if women finally get equal rights, we’ll turn around and enslave them the way they’ve done us for the last several thousand years and beat/rape/degrade them. Almost like they can’t believe women aren’t just like them deep down, and the only reason men are “on top” is because of physical strength and brainwashing/enslaving women using force and indoctrination. They can’t believe we just want to be left. the fuck. alone.

No. 229861

Wow, sorry for my typos, my tremble is back bc my meds ran out.


*trouble I’ve



No. 229862

It's interesting how men can look at snuff and child porn and be comepletely indifferent to it

No. 229863

you've never heard of women-owned companies? wow. and yeah, good point, being a damsel in distress is better than being a woman in business, because the mens.

to be fair, putting aside the gender component of it, it's pretty clear you do have a chip on your shoulder / attitude. Have you ever considered taking this up with a professional? I mean, you know this is disordered thinking, right?

lol trolling in a troll thread? or just projecting too hard?

No. 229865

I’ve seen several professionals, the problem I have is I’m from a shitty small town where my vagina is a punishment. I know I’m fucked up, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t take my shit out on men. I just want to be left alone by men but they literally will not, unless I do not leave the fucking house.

And yes, I was systematically abused by a mysoginist in my family and taught that I’m a worthless fuckhole. None of my therapists felt the need to address this, they all wanted to focus on my “chemical depression” that doesn’t exist. There is no help for me here, anon. You don’t make it 25 years without trying everything. You either kill your self or stop leaving the house when you realize nobody can actually help you or do anything for you despite what they claim.

No. 229866

File: 1519046782288.png (230.44 KB, 1242x1268, IMG_2617.PNG)

When I googled Daisy's distraction to find news articles there were actually men commenting that it's "not as bad as they thought", one said the only memorable thing about it was the girls annoying screaming . How can one look at child abuse snd not feel completely grossed out?

No. 229867

>How can one look at child abuse snd not feel completely grossed out?
The easiest way is to be a y-chromosoid

No. 229869

The problem is that this attitude is in the majority with men, so it’ll never change. We aren’t real things to them, we’re just livestock that can act and sound like people!

No. 229870

>someone who is virtually desensitized to almost anything

That’s the problem, this guy and guys like him are so mentally fucked up that they just don’t feel anything, so they chase more and more fucked up stimulus to masturbate to. It’s a fucked up downward spiral, but as long as men are taught to suppress their feeling and emotions and not held accountable for their actions, it’ll never stop. Society doesn’t give a fuck about mental health until you do something fucked up, like shoot up a school. Even then, they just blame it on guns or bullying and brush it under the rug after the ratings are in.

No. 229872

I don't think I made myself very clear. I'm all for women speaking out against abuse and harassment and at its core I'm for #metoo as well. But feminism nowadays is hysterical as fuck, and somewhat minor cases (the ones I mentioned - where the girl failed to make her discomfort clear) are apparently enough to ask for some dude's head. It turned into a witch hunt.

Making people more willing to believe the victim was turned by extreme SJWs into "you can never try to understand the situation, the victim should be believed without a single question" (just like the case with rottentomatoes only allowing positive reviews of black panther). I don't think that's a good thing.

Also, feminists for some reason seem to believe that men are empathetic beings so they amped up the "women fear men! ALL THE TIME!" thinking they'd move men. All it does is make women who wouldn't otherwise think of all the ways they could be abused fearful, and make men who wouldn't otherwise mind feminism see it as antagonistic for telling them they're inherently scary and threatening just for existing.

Anyway. Just making myself clear. I didn't mean to defend men, I was just criticizing current feminism for being pants on head retarded and just ending up feeding into sexism and conservatism.

No. 229879

I want to kidnap these faggots and dissect them whilst they're alive, shove a cattle prod up their anal cavity as it's been sliced in half and thrust until they die. I want to slice their little dicks in half while they're conscious, and sow it back up again, then slice it open again, sow it up again, slice up, sow up, slice and sow, over and over. Same thing with the testicles.
And insert fireworks up their anal cavity and set them off. Then I'll curbstromp their face after i've what in their mouth down their throat and just smash that shit deep into their skull until it mixes with their pathetic brain and becomes this disgusting mush of brain and shit.
Fuck em. I hope these faggots kill themselves. That's one advantage of the XY - higher suicide rates. Just kill yourself already. Just do it. Seriously. Kill yourself you cunts.

No. 229880

I'd be happy to be a serial killer of men. I can't think of anything more satisfying then to torture and kill sick motherfucker like this. I'd be a fucking hero killing this scum. I think about killing men. But the only thing keeping me from doing it is realising a prison sentence if caught isn't worth paying for their pathetic worthless lives. They're not worth it or the effort.

No. 229881

And they'll eventually kill themselves anyway, doing it for me. Either that or prostate cancer will get them kek

No. 229882

Maybe women should form a secret group who kill men. When you see pic related of >>229866 its justified.

No. 229883

>where the girl failed to make her discomfort clear
Maaaan just fuck outta here with that bullshit. Women communicate their desires and make themselves clear all the time. It's not that men are too brain dead to realize when they're hurting someone, they just don't care. They love crossing boundaries and pressuring women until they break. The word "no" means absolutely nothing to them. The fact that you're even falling for that bullshit excuse made to give otherwise competent grown men a pass shows how naive you are.

No. 229892

>And insert fireworks up their anal cavity and set them off.
And then walk away with only five years prison sentence like they did with Junko in Japan. Oh, and then make an erotic manga about it for women to schlick to.

Idk fam I've just been there and done that. I wish feminists told me I should be assertive instead of telling me about how violent men are and how I should fear for my life instead of being firm.

No. 229906

Its even worse when men play victim over not getting sex then mock women for playing victim over sexual assault

No. 229907

Sometimes I dream about buying a beautiful island and banning men from it. We'd all have our own little businesses for our crafts and a big college that's free for any woman who wants to learn new skills and anyone can volunteer to teach. Being openly lesbian would be normal and traditional "feminine" hobbies would be praised (not that "masculine" ones wouldn't be, it's just being feminine is shunned here). We'd have amazing nightlife where you can dance and drink fancy cocktails without worrying about creepy men stalking you. We'd all take good care of our pets, we'd introduce birds, deer and rabbits to the environment and we'd all eat good vegan food. We'd all get up early to do yoga in the morning and the café would be packed in the afternoon with women reading and studying. Women would be encouraged to have careers, study, party hard and do things they love doing instead of "settling down"

It's only a dream though. I know men would try to attack the island regularly, it'd attract a lot of negative media attention and it could fall into cult territory pretty quickly. But it's a nice dream. It'd also be a cool experiment to see if a society of all women or a matriarchy is superior (I believe so), especially in intellect and compassion and not the "catty and bitchy" society that cannot take care of themselves that men like to think something like this would be.

No. 229908

Now watch the outrage men have after we're doing exactly to them what they've been doing to us for the past years or so, its even worse considering men have been doing it more, worse, more frequently and have been cheered on, the fact they'll even use us women who had enough of their shit til we finally broke (and over actual shit too… Not waah stacy wont sleep with me now i need to kill women) in order to belittle and mock a movement that stands for good shows what men really are

Who knows what theyll do possibilities are endless, will they play victim that a small amount of us are finally broke, which is a natural reaction to the years and years, for CENTURIES for fucks sake of what men have been doing to us? Will they play victim and pull the "teehee im scared of taking my own medicine im scared of women after what i made them" or will they screech men have it worse over things even most men will admit are made up and exaggerated?

No. 229909

I'd be up for this, but men would screech "HUR WELL THAT WOULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT MEN!!"
But oh well, I'm on my way to become a doctor so i can help a lot, we should also have social media and background checks and fly women to the island for free as well as helping rescue sex traffickers and abused women, just any woman who's been through awful shit because of men, we should rehabilitate them and help them, but not allow male savior handmaidens like sh0e and lauren southern, no trannies either

No. 229910

Not to mention we would have our own job market, currency, government system, punishment system and laws, and they wouldn't be shit up by men

Child molestation, rape, etc would actually be considered crimes and punishable since most men couldn't care less about those things and allow rapists and pedos to roam free, not that it would be common since most people who do that are men and men are care about other men when they wanna get away with awful shit

No. 229911

>We'd have amazing nightlife where you can dance and drink fancy cocktails without worrying about creepy men stalking you.

And if you are drinking men won't come up to you to rant about how he prefers girls who stay at home and do nothing and are "pure" while he's out drinking

No. 229915

>helping rescue sex traffickers and abused women
Yes!!! Offer a haven for women to escape to when they have nowhere else to go.
>not allow male savior handmaidens like sh0e and lauren southern, no trannies either
This is also very important.

>job market, currency, government system, punishment system and laws, and they wouldn't be shit up by men
All of this. I've thought about this so much that I think a country that shows we will benefit for having harsh laws for the horrible crimes that men are allowed to get away with here would inspire other countries to follow suit. Our laws would protect all women's needs (cheap contraception, cheap sanitary products, top quality childcare and maternity wards, regular pap smears and mammograms heavily encouraged, therapy paid for partially by the government for women suffering from post-partum depression or who are from abusive homes, human trafficking/sex slavery would be banned…) Our currency would feature inspirational women from all over the world (Irena Sendler a nurse who saved thousands of children from concentration camps during the holocaust, Rosalind Franklin the woman who discovered DNA but is never credited for it, Ada Lovelace a 19th century mathematician who created the first computer program…there would be paintings of them hanging all over the college to inspire young women).

You'll probably have to worry way less about getting raped or sexually assaulted because you got a bunch of your sisters protecting you <3

No. 229916

cheating hysteria, despite men cheating more than women they still believe women will cheat any chance they get just for fun, to prevent this they glorify neet girls and never leaving your house or even having social media than bashing women who do, they think they second you get an instagram you'll get gang banged

not to mention how cheating is the worst thing a girl can do and if you do cheat (or allegedly cheat, even if you have a rumor spread and you didn't actually cheat people will still up and believe it for no reason) people will use it and excuse abuse, rape, murder an assault
seriously, watch a video on a case where a woman cheated then was murdered, every single fucking comment is people screaming how she was a piece of shit cheating how she had it coming for being a hoe, etc, even christy mack who didn't even cheat people were justifying his actions saying "thats what you get for cheating" etc etc

meanwhile if men cheat no one cares, or if you're a girl and you let your boyfriend cheat you're a cool girl and a good gf, if you're a guy and let your gf cheat you're disgusting cuck

No. 229920

Man, I recently told my Mum about that case. Her only solace was thinking they had the book thrown at them. Imagine her face when I told her they got off Scott free.(Couldn't tell her why, as I'd forgotten and I certainly didnt want to google it. For obvious reasons.) It looked the her soul had left her when I mentioned the Guro manga. Please tell me there was outrage over that.

No. 229948

File: 1519073528829.jpeg (80.94 KB, 700x393, AFF9D050-274B-4075-AE40-6C7A1E…)

This is a little OT from man-hating but RE: setting up and promoting women run businesses

I just wanted to give a shout out to this woman Patrice Banks. She left a high paying job and took a risk learning how to be a mechanic so that she could open an all female auto clinic geared towards women.

I would seriously drive an hour to a women’s auto clinic after all the bad and uncomfortable experience I’ve had at the mechanic.


Linking this in case it inspires anyone else

No. 229952

Does anyone think we should rape men, like they rape women? Make them feel helpless and set them in a barn as if they were some livestock. They would be reduced to a status of being a sex toy and nothing more.

No. 229953

No? I think rapist should be chemically castrated though.

No. 229954

Well, I am sorry for your negative outlooks or experiences.
What kinds of drugs are you into if I may ask. I wanted to try out mescaline and I wonder if anyone had experience in it already. I never did any drugs so far in my life.

you have a good heart and I hope he does feel the same way about you and that your thinking was only a misunderstanding.

Well they do get questionned unless they are basement dwelling robots. Then everybody knows they won't amount to anything.

why genocide the undesirables? Their DNA will die out anyways and they are happy with their videogames and porn. Dead people don't bring tax revenues you know…

They stopped worrying about real women a long time ago…

well, to women their cats and to men their video games.
Everyone has their opium.

I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope he dies in a fire.

this is actually a very interesting phenomenon. Guys tend to desire no strings attached sex and then they wonder why there are no virgin girls for marriage around. They create a problem and then blame it on girls.

No. 229963

Hand maidens are the worse

No. 229967

Absolutely not. Rape is subhuman regardless of the gender of the victim or the perpetrator.

Don't stoop to their level just because you're angry. Aspire to be better. I understand being angry and not knowing how to process that anger, of course, but things like this aren't the answer. We can never change men, nor should we waste our energy trying, but we can try to make things better through our own actions. If you're feeling angry and helpless about rape, maybe try volunteering with rape victims or advocacy groups. Or go speak with a group like that, if you are a victim yourself.

No. 229969

There would never be a video like this mocking single men. It's so annoying.

To society, single men are perfectly normal and it's a choice they made. Single women are worthless and need to be mocked at every turn, apparently. Because we all know women are only worth the company they give to a man~. They literally see no purpose of a woman if she's not serving a man.

No. 229990

Yep that's awesome. We need more people like this

No. 229992

There's been a few fiction books about female-only societies. Men didn't like that and those books never failed to be attacked. If a successful real life version of that came to be, we'd probably get nuked in less than a year.

No. 230000

While I don't think an entire country is possible why not a small town or commune or something? Why can't we make this actually happen?

The best way I can see it working is like a town/commune adjunct to an all-girls college or boarding school. Admittance requires application, you can't just move in. Why? Because societies that can choose their members are much more stable. Of course there are shitty women out there, they shouldn't gain entry just because they are female. Only kind, community minded women that actually want to live in a female society. No handmaidens, no catty women, no dudes. Probably lots of lesbians if I am being honest.

No. 230003

I know I'm a cynical bastard, but there's no way men wouldn't ruin something like this. Probably by physical force if it came to that.

No. 230006

The best salve I can think of is to also set up an alternate all male town. For gays, incels and MGTOW. Then they can't say it isn't equal and the most obnoxious yappers will be too busy in Dude-town.

No. 230007

Nah, you've every right to be. We've seen it in the past with the female-only WW charity screenings and the female-only festival in Sweden. Men see "female-only" and they instantly want to destroy it.

Nice quads. I feel like that could work if it was secret. Like, if we didn't advertise it but we got similar-minded women on board and kept an eye out for houses in an area going up for sale and try to snatch them up before anyone else has a chance to. That way we could slowly push men out and they wouldn't even notice, nobody would notice while passing through a neighbourhood that it was all women and therefore they wouldn't be encouraged to violence towards us.

Then we could set up "girly" things in the area like salons, tea shops, boutiques, veggie restaurants…it would work in a similar way to how lolcow works; men tend to not post here because they see "gossip" websites as "girly". Well no man is going to go to an area full of boutiques, salons and girly snacks for a day of shopping, right? They'll just never have any business there.

>an all-girls college or boarding school

Actually I went to an all-girls school which makes me wonder if that's where I get the idea from? Lol. My school wasn't perfect but I blame that on the fact that we were teens, women are mature and act way more civil towards each other than teen girls. I loved being in a school with only girls, I felt like I had more time to spend on studying and hobbies because I wasn't worrying about silly things like my hair and makeup.

That's what I want for women too. A place where we can study and concentrate on our hobbies and not have to worry about societal pressure to find a husband, have kids and then work like a dog to provide for those kids. Really I only thought of an island because it's not easily reached and I've always dreamed of buying an island anyway (there are a few for sale off the coast of my country that have only been used for livestock grazing up until now so they're basically clean slates).

I'm actually really opposed to a male version because I feel like it will create an echo chamber like they have on their online communities already. A bunch of men sitting around talking about how women are subhuman, sluts, cheaters etc. and maybe even directing their anger towards a female-only community could be really dangerous.

No. 230026

Throw in some self sufficiency, and environmental sustainability concepts and it would be perfect.

No. 230040

>Guys tend to desire no strings attached sex and then they wonder why there are no virgin girls for marriage around. They create a problem and then blame it on girls.
same ones who claim how they're gonna fuck sluts all their life then settle down with a virgin girl then turn around and scream how theres no virgin girls, like there are virgin girls… they just don't want a disgusting greasy neckbeard who whored himself and got stds and at least second wants a meaningful relationship when he hits the wall but at the same time cry when women are in their 20s and don't have meaningful relationships yet

like which one do you want? do you want sluts to fuck whenever you want with no strings attached or do you want traditional marriages? and no men, you can't have both, no matter how much you scream and cry and insist you do

No. 230041

>To society, single men are perfectly normal and it's a choice they made. Single women are worthless and need to be mocked at every turn

this, and not to mention they will turn feminism and twist into until the point where even if you say the word feminism, misogyny, etc everything you say will be regarded as a joke and mockable no matter what you say

it's even funnier when MGTOW or incels mock single women like do you even remember what your movement is for? men are the biggest hypocrites to walk the planet

No. 230042

we should, it can be something like a village, it would have to be rural though and in the states, we can have beautiful architecture and exterior and interior designs, since unlike men, women actually know how to make the world pretty

we can get some cottages with lofts and gal pals as roommates, gardens filled with beautiful species, animals, villege owned farms we can work at, if those choose to raise a family we can adopt girls from 3rd world countries who have been born into a even worse woman-hating shithole than us

No. 230044

File: 1519099503384.png (57.07 KB, 633x233, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.0…)

Saw this under a tweet about a new type of sex bot. It made me laugh but shudder at the same time.

Women wanting their rights to be respected? Women expecting to be treated like human beings because….we are? The horror!

If men have that much of a problem with respecting another person's "civil rights" that's pretty fucking disturbing. This, above all else, reveals how men think of women. But the bots really are the perfect solution. They provide the only thing that they want women for, so hopefully that means less men will harm or harass women if they are able to get what they want very easily and at any time.

No. 230045

If it was a sovereign nation we could allow all sorts of bio-ethics fuckery. Artificial wombs, vitro gametogenesis so lesbians could both be biologically related to their kids, super smart and kind children etc

would be cool

No. 230048

let guess these same men scream, bitch and cry when women won't fuck them but at the same time say this stuff

also what's with all this western women hate? I've seen a lot of places in the world and most 1st world countries are a lot of like pertaining to rural and urban areas, yes even the koreans, chinese, japanese, thai, latin american, ghandi, slavic, etc etc women are a lot like western women, the only places I've known where women are vastly different from others are rural areas and villages vs urbanized and suburban places, even then you'll find the same religious prudes who think sex is a big no no until marriage where you stay home and cook for husband in the same rural villages in thailand and japan that you do in usa and canada or whatever

No. 230049

File: 1519100359007.png (887.75 KB, 600x836, mNA5ukhaR2.png)

Fantasizing about an all female society is truly a comfy feel. I just started reading Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and it's been very quaint so far. I recommend it to you anons.
Ahhhh I could melt~

No. 230050

we can make our bone marrow into sperm

No. 230051

I think it's because all of the visible misogynist men on the internet are from the West, so they just despise whichever women they come into contact with the most lmao

No. 230052

A lot of these incels, tradneets, alt-right, whatever-they-align-themselves-with hate Western and non-Western women equally but in different ways–Western women for 'falling for' feminism and not settling for a basement dweller and cooking their tendies, while non-Western women are seen as uneducated or naive mom-maid-bots that will baby them and put up with them because of mighty whitey. Add K-pop and Japanese culture (harem, ecchi anime or idols) consumption, and you get the weird fetishism of East Asian women that these misogynists only see as (literally and figuratively) 2D objects of pleasure, like >>230051 says, too.

No. 230056

>Western women for 'falling for' feminism and not settling for a basement dweller and cooking their tendies, while non-Western women are seen as uneducated or naive mom-maid-bots that will baby them and put up with them because of mighty whitey

that's what I don't understand, you'll just as much as the same "I don't want kids I want a career" type women you find in east asia that you do in the west however in the west it's just more overblown so it seems like there's o so many of them when in reality there's not, not that it's a bad thing plus isn't that what they want? non-golddigging women who make their own money and aren't spoilt or whatever? or do they just find any type of women just god-awful and constantly twist turn and dig to find something wrong with them, the more traditional type east and south asians are mostly from rural small towns and villages, as they are in USA, think pentecostal duggar type women or do they find something wrong with those women to?

> East Asian women that these misogynists only see as (literally and figuratively) 2D objects of pleasure

true, I also notice a lot of their standards are either extremely low as in you can literally just be asian and no matter how fucked your face is, according to them you'll be cute, or they base their attraction to asians around how JAV stars, ig girls and kpop idols look, with tons of whitening and PS not realizing most asian women look nothing like that

No. 230057

File: 1519102587453.png (84.59 KB, 600x600, 763.png)


No. 230059

It's this
>find any type of women just god-awful and constantly twist turn and dig to find something wrong with them

Men will contort to find something wrong with a woman, even if it means the man looks crazy for saying so, or it goes against consensus/commonly held opinion.

Even if you are what they "want" and they can't think of anything to complain about, then they just ghost you for no reason, or don't talk to you in the first place because they're intimidated or whatever other excuse. The main thing is a man can never be happy even when he is happy. Then he has to sabotage the happiness e.g have affairs to ruin a happy marriage, or just shut himself off from the world in case happiness strikes by accident. Happiness is not what they want. They want to dwell in misery at all costs

No. 230060

Yeah, there's a lot of cognitive dissonance between the image of non-Western (using this loosely since I'm lumping Scandinavian, E. European, etc–I guess non-contemporary Western women would be a better term?) women in misogynists' heads and the reality of what those women are actually like. My mother's side of the family is the rural, traditionalist type you're describing and the women are not meek or quiet at all, and even then, women are often the ones to take up jobs (especially ones that require them to work abroad for years to decades at a time) to support even their extended family.

The reality is that they hate all women and it's just easier for them to project their ideal woman on cultures or peoples they have little to zero connection with, like the Scandinavian aryan GF who walks in wheat fields and herds cows or the quiet Japanese MILF straight from a JAV who will never call you out on how much you've been drinking.

And yup, it's nuts for them to base an entire 50% of the population in Korea and Japan on pop culture, especially idol culture, where girls (and boys) aren't supposed to say anything polarizing or conflicting at all and are groomed into becoming products. Same with famous IG girls, who are all carefully curating their lives/

No. 230064

Lesbian couples could have twins each and have a fully formed family of 6 while only needing to get pregnant once.

There has to be some way of making this happen. I propose making this its own thread. What would you want to name this female society?

No. 230065

I have nothing for love for you farmers. I've been thing with exact the same idea for the past weeks and I'm on board.

More recommendations for books about female separatist societies?
I know "Les Guerillères" by Monique Wiitig, here's a PDF https://tinyurl.com/y9xomsgk

No. 230068

Men think they can easily delete our worth because of sex dolls and neo wombs but forget the fact we are the most organic and best option

We have a never ending supply of milk, its organic, natural, and has been proven to raise healthier smarter babies unlike formula
We have instincts, patience, morals, we raise healthy, smart, worthwhile, respectful human being of children and men nowadays barely have that instinct and just wanna fuck and leave
We have wombs we can nurish and take vitamins, producing healthy and happy kids unlike neowombs that do minimal work
Unlike men, we don't have our egos bursted when asked to clean, cook, sew, decorate, etc and women will have an easily put together society not to mention us STEM ladies can actually be involved without being harassed or pushed out, and women can go back to being the main source of tech work like news, tv, internet, and radios like they were before men took it over
Our media will be less sex obsessed, without seeing giant tits at every turn thanks to men, there would be barely any violence if any at all
Since most women are bi or lesbian, we can have orgasms and romance, even if we didnt we wouldn't go insane and shoot up everyone at the dollar store because we couldn't get laid

We can actually walk out at night without being scared except maybe of wild animals, we can have interests without having men shit on them, we can go places without men creeping us out (seriously, its a big pet peeve of mine when i cant even go to the fucking store without men staring me down and creeping me out)

No. 230072

Eh I am in favor of bio-ethical fuckery because I like the idea of raising a passel of clones and wanton genetic engineering.

No. 230080

>and in the states
It wouldn't work in the US, men would just come and shoot the place up. Also we'd all be obese.

No. 230081

So many young guys are enamored with this man, how can you choose such a vile person as your mentor unless you WANT to find reasons to hate women?

No. 230089

Lol he looks like a vampire from some campy 70s movie.
Also is he on the spectrum or sth?

No. 230116

>and no men, you can't have both, no matter how much you scream and cry and insist you do
B-but anon my SEXUAL MARKET VALUE is only supposed to go up, no matter how older and balder I get, no matter how much more likely my sperm is to produce literally autistic children!

No. 230117

But you’re wrong

No. 230118


You’re lumping two different groups of people together
What you’re saying is that neck beards have lots of sex when they don’t no woman would go for them

##this is almost word for word the opposite of r9k “roastie/ Stacy slut”

Here be the part where I’d say Chad or something but you’ve heard shit like that

I’m pretty sure it’s the woman when they get older have a greater risks of causing mental problems for children at birth

No. 230119

>I’m pretty sure it’s the woman when they get older have a greater risks of causing mental problems for children at birth
It's both you dumbass.

No. 230121

No. 230122

Sounds super cool. Just please no handmaidens and no anti-science, anti-intellectualistic women who'd whine about murdering babies and playing god.

Let us fucking play god. We're the closest thing to "Him" there is.

No. 230123

My bad no need to be so angry about it

No. 230125

A thread has been made: >>230087

No. 230127

Why do men insist on talking about make-up when they clearly know nothing about it? Most women wear nude lipsticks on a regular basis, what does a nude lipstick say then? Or even blue, black, brown or purple? If it's purely to imitate how you look during sex, what the fuck is winged eyeliner for or groomed eyebrows? He also conventionally ignores the fact that it's a literal uniform requirement in a lot of work places to wear make-up and high heels for women. Why don't they try just asking women why they wear make-up instead of all these pseudo science shit?

No. 230139


I'm sure we've all seen this before, but like most misogynyist things, men don't ever even read the article before just screencapping it or showing it to people and screaming "SEEE THOTS THIS IS WHY WOMEN ARE ALL DISGUSTING WHORES#MGTOW"

you read it and it seems like onion level satire, why are people so desperate to hate women

No. 230144

It does seem like complete satire and if it's not, it's clearly a woman with severe mental issues and doesn't prove anything about all women.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/05/my-boyfriend-sort-of-raped-me-and-i-didnt-even-break-up-with-him I'm surprised men haven't jumped on this yet, if you actually read it, it's about men not understanding consent and putting their own needs above their partners at all times but of course, by the title, they'll be like "SEE? WOMEN LIE ABOUT RAPE!"

No. 230148

Women don't wear red lipstick to be sexy, it just contrasts well with most skintones. Didn't watch the video but the suggestion that makeup+heels= want sex now sounds like rapist thinking to me. Trying to justify silent signals that she ~wants it~ to himself.

No. 230149

The comments are even worse, suggesting wearing make-up is "sexually provocative" how the fuck can someone's FACE be provocative? It sounds like rapist thinking to me, also your lips don't tend to look bright or dark red during sex so that theory is complete horseshit.

No. 230155

His fanboys are the absolute worse. Even when you quote the exact words that come out of this man's mouth, they accuse you of taking him out of context and creating strawmen. Even if it's a DIRECT QUOTE.

He clearly says here that women who wear makeup and then expect not to be harassed at work are hypocritical, but all his fucking Jonestown ass followers twist it and say "he was asking a question!!11 it was hypothetical!!1"

He clearly hates women, and the fact that people will deny that is disturbing to me. Just admit it. It's all out there for everyone to hear, why try to beat around the bush? I'm so sick of people that say all this shit about women and then try to hide behind inanities like "well it's not WOMEN who are bad, it's women's NATURE." Fuck off with that shit. Say what you mean. Peterson is, once again, a sign that all of this is going to get worse for women. There is now a rabid fanbase of this dude who are going to pass these views on and on and on. It's archaic.

Anyway, I recommend /r/enoughpetersonspam if you're on reddit. There's some good, well thought out takedowns there.

No. 230170

Men go on and on about how men are biologically designed to like younger women but get super butt hurt about young women wanting men their own age.

No. 230176

yep, and the montage if men getting triggered over women drawing their ideal dicks in the other thread

men can have tip top standards and it's okay (sometimes you'll even get bashed if you point out men having unrealistic standards) but if women even dare say they like a certain dick size men come in screeching and crying

once a girl pointed out when men said they liked curvy women they just men skinny girls with big boobs and butt, men came in screaming how they're demonized for liking what they want, "men are oppressed wahh wahh" typical shit, fertility excuses, etc etc
girls like tall men with big dicks men scream and cry

No. 230190

Yeah it goes to show just how stupid and out of control they are with themselves. They even have the gall the blame the woman for it without realizing it's their own damn fault they couldn't control their "sexual" urges.
If you're going to initiate socializing you better be prepared to get rejected but instead of handling it maturely these guys think "well it's HER fault for looking so sexy, she was asking for my attention!" which is just immature

No. 230244

File: 1519170774384.png (54.54 KB, 711x721, 6973464F-A4BD-4CD1-BEAA-5DDFC6…)

No. 230257

File: 1519174342242.jpg (68.9 KB, 1280x1024, qBdBjem.jpg)

No. 230262

File: 1519175695987.png (164.31 KB, 750x1334, C98EB4A9-EEF1-4FE7-AA76-8E7F6B…)

I was curious about stats regarding females raping men in the animal kingdom and stumbled upon this garbage Wikipedia page.
Gals, we need to evolve and develop some sort of mechanism in our vaginas that will fillet a dick on contact. Preferably in a way that reaches out for the dick so it doesn’t get anywhere near the canal.

No. 230263

File: 1519175750186.png (181.69 KB, 750x1334, F0BF9FA1-0F4A-4A74-8C18-DAD107…)

More trash.

No. 230275

File: 1519178615983.jpeg (45.55 KB, 500x425, EABC479C-3E09-49A6-AF15-0DBDB7…)

What’s sad is that the rape condom was invented and men still cried about it. Cue all the fucking jokes about “escalating rape into murder” and “chainmail condoms”. I think the worst was pic related:

>For those who have not heard, a man in South Africa invented a device called the RapeAxe. It is an anti-rape device that is worn by the female inside of the vagina like a tampon. The inside of the device is lined with barbs which stick into the penis upon insertion, causing great pain and requiring medical attention to remove.

>This device may prevent rape, directly and indirectly, as well as put rapists behind bars.
Unfortunately, it seems that there is no shortage of inventors who are also enthusiastic rapists, perhaps as a side gig or a hobby.
>This product prompted the invention of an anti-RapeAxe device, or anti-anti-rape-device or simply a pro-rape device, appropriately named the “prorape”

>The device is essentially a thick sleeve that goes over the penis like a condom. It is made from a material impervious to the barbs of the RapeAxe and features an outer layer of bumps that are designed to ‘reflect’ the barbs of the RapeAxe.

>ProRape Prevents Global Shift in Raping Procedures: In some parts of South Africa, where the RapeAxe (rape condom) is being used rapists have already begun a new trend to avoid the effects of the RapeAxe device. “Just do anal rape” says the popular, convicted rapist, Forrest Hentry.
>Since no rapist can be sure the woman is wearing a RapeAxe device, most rapists are now knocking at the back door.

No. 230276

as a canadian the door thing is hilarious
fuckin everyone holds doors here

No. 230278

File: 1519181276828.jpeg (112.71 KB, 713x1000, 856C7383-4BDC-4F60-A737-E1C8A8…)

>>Since no rapist can be sure the woman is wearing a RapeAxe device, most rapists are now knocking at the back door.
Fucking hell. No relief in sight.

Has anyone seen this documentary? I’ll watch almost any documentary, but I didn’t read the synopsis:
>>Filmmakers explore how pop culture shapes a new generation's beliefs about gender, sexuality and violence on display among students on spring break.
The whole thing showcases mens’ disgusting behavior and private talks about women and culminates with details of the unreported Rape of an unconscious girl right on the beach, in broad daylight, with lots of witnesses. My boyfriend was in the other room and overheard some of the foul shit these boys were saying and was thoroughly disgusted by it.

No. 230279

And the documentary portrayed these things in a positive light…? Or am i misunderstanding?

No. 230281

No, not at all. It was blaming the broader culture for the behavior men/women displayed because it’s the example and where they learn what it is to be a man/woman. Crock of shit and a way out for men to place the blame somewhere else, as if it isn’t men themselves who impose such attitudes and behavior on men and women as well.

No. 230282

Anon this is so crazy, I read this same article a week ago. And I was seriously shocked at what I read.

I understand where Camille Paglia gets some of her ideas now…

No. 230283

This is from a satire article you silly bints.

No. 230299

Which ideas? I’m not familiar with her work….I’ve only seen one video where she talks about trannies.

No. 230301

omfg this makes me want to cry. men are scum.

No. 230311

Camille Paglia is one of the only people who I would truly believe the "man stuck in a woman's body" trope with all the shit she says.

No. 230317

Something that irritates me with men is when they play the "Men are the highest victims of violent crimes but it's not taken seriously like sexual crimes! Misandry!1" They're victims of violent crimes at the hands of OTHER MEN. Why should women be setting up support groups etc for them? Why can't they do it themselves? They whine and complain when more support is given to women are the victim of sexual crimes….instead of trying to do anything themselves or actually trying to get to the root of the problem.

No. 230321

Eh, its debatable if sex crimes are even taken all that seriously but youre right. Most of the support women get is because they actually take the time and effort to set up things to help each other. If men really cared about those issues they could do something about it if they got off their asses. Easier to moan about the feminazis while they scratch their nutsacks all day I guess.

No. 230330

I've said this a hundred times and it's always ignored but truth is, men who complain about " there's (bad thing) and feminists aren't doing anything about it!" don't think whatever it is should be done. What they mean is "we're victims of (bad thing) and we aren't doing anything about it so you shouldn't do anything about (that other bad thing) either, shut up"

No. 230332

100% spot on, they don't actually care, they just want to silence women as it hurts their feelings.

No. 230334

File: 1519212565734.png (147.09 KB, 1040x1125, 2EFF3A73-C736-4952-B49B-39F6E8…)


I got curious and wanted to see what reddit mra artists’ biggest concerns are.
Many sirprize:
>>false rape=she totally wanted it
>>child custody=how do I get back at this bitch for leaving me.
>>circumcision=a few reason it’s been performed, but never mind it’s huge prevalence in countries with the dominating religion being mysogynistic. But regardless, it’s something we can try to stop as fathers in a partnership, but somehow just don’t.
>>friendzone=That bitch used me

No. 230356

File: 1519226882222.jpg (68.73 KB, 540x400, men.jpg)

Why do guys get angry when you give them a taste of their own medicine? I've noticed this countless times and it always ends in reeeeing and "you're just like other women!"

No. 230360

Nothing men hate more than their own medicine
They would not last one day as women

No. 230367

What is it you endure that we cannot? Try being an incel for (over) 20 years and tell me which is harder.

No. 230368

my point exactly

No. 230369

No. 230370

File: 1519236603889.png (33.62 KB, 912x204, Untitled.png)

the cringe, entitlement, and delusion of yellow fevers never fails to surprise me
just when I thought they cannot get more delusional I see this

No. 230371

File: 1519236789351.jpg (84.89 KB, 1024x408, DVpB8MkV4AA4RGo.jpg large.jpg)

So many people may think this is satire but given we know how pathetic men can be would not be shocked this is real.

Its been said to be legit.

No. 230373

File: 1519236973297.jpg (180.12 KB, 1242x1965, whut.jpg)

No. 230374

lol what the fuck is this shit? do men not know their own anatomy? they remind of of something 100% of women have just because they're scared we wouldn't feel like shit about ourselves like we normally do?

also what's men obsession with our egos? most women are insecure as fuck and men run around saying shit like >>230370
acting as if young women of any race they like are going to flock to them for doing nothing outside of being born a man

No. 230375

Lmao this community create the funniest unintentional comedy.

No. 230376

> the appreciation that asian women give them for being a man
> appreciation
> for being a man

fucking lmao. That is what men think they deserve in a nutshell. The entire world sucking their dick because they happen to have been born a man. By chance.
Absolutely amazing.

No. 230377

File: 1519237189951.jpg (158.18 KB, 529x756, yikes.jpg)

Trigger warning-yeah I know we laugh at them but this is so fucked up I dont even…

No. 230379

Men dont apply the same standards to their bodies because they are "human" where as they see womens bodies as being objects that should resemble mannequins at all times.

Not fucking kidding a few years ago on UK big brother there was a whole conversation around this one guy in the house who didnt realise women shit the same way men do-like he thought women did tiny rabbit like shits and was shocked to discover that male and female shit is the same. He went on to win that year, go figure.

No. 230381

File: 1519237779227.png (347.85 KB, 747x973, oh fuck off neckbeard.png)

No. 230382

File: 1519237915337.gif (2.86 MB, 540x260, DCAA411E-487D-4F40-B21E-9E8354…)

>ANUS creature

pppffffAAAAAHAHAHAH ohhhh my fucking god that’s all I can see, retarded ass incels

No. 230383

that your lives are easy and you're all whiny babies?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 230391

I was about to post this. Makes my blood boil.

Seriously these men deserve to be stabbed. Bet they will cry like a bitch and try to blame the girl if she pepper sprays him.


No. 230392

File: 1519239812842.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, lmao.gif)

I'm crying
There's no way this is real, like this HAS to be a joke or some troll attempt

No. 230398


I had a similar thing happen to me on okcupid.

>Self proclaimed "nice guy" keeps messaging me hi, goes on about how women dont like him because hes shy

>Its not because hes shy, its because hes boring
>I dont reply for a day
>He suddenly gets angry and insults my racial background (which didnt bother him when he wanted to date me)
>Insults my mental health because yes the problem is me not realising what a catch he is, not him acting like a spergy cunt.
>Throws more derogatory insults at me
>Ends with saying I missed out because he was "going to tell me all about resident evil and now have no one to discuss it with"
>Inform him RE is a pretty popular game and he is not the only man on planet earth who is a fan and that there are fans who are not passive agressive dipshits like him.
>Dont hear from him after that, am very thankful.


No. 230399

idk, it's cringe but everyone wants to feel desired. There's a surplus of young men in many countries and those guys obviously never felt like anybody liked them. Also maybe some people don't like hearing it, but it's true that white men are very popular in certain asian countries. They use Tinder in Asia and suddenly every girl they swipe is a match.

In the end nobody wants to be lonely.

No. 230400

>They use Tinder in Asia and suddenly every girl they swipe is a match.

just like if western women go to a middle eastern country every swipe is a match, or if they go to a latin american country every swipe is a match, and any african country but no white woman is running around screaming how western white guys are disgusting gross honkeys and how those men actually appreciate their femininity and being a woman unlike western men who want western women to juggle the impossible and western men act like pieces of shit because they have been contaminated by mgtow so all white western women should leave their skinny fat greasy honkeys for some handsome fit abdus or whatever, just imagine the outrage if even 1 woman did that meanwhile there are hundreds upon hundreds of men doing this shit daily

No. 230401

>those guys obviously never felt like anybody liked them

Theres a reason why people dont like them.

>but it's true that white men are very popular in certain asian countries.

White, attractive men are popular in Asian countries for the same reason they are popular in non-asian countries, because they are attractive. Asian girls are just as repulsed by ugly white neckbeards and incels as everyone else, but its mostly because they act creepy.

>In the end nobody wants to be lonely.

Maybe if these men stop acting like entitled cunts they wouldnt be.

No. 230403

>all those guys behaving like pigs
I really feel ashamed that we are the same biological species as these people. How can someone behave this way. When you know you got nothing to offer and when you know you are undesired, at least admit defeat and go home. A gambler needs to know when the game is over.

Very disgusting but you clearly dodged a bullet.

No. 230404

TY anon, I agree.
Saw him back on okcupid a few weeks ago, in his new pictures he has this creepy smile and slimy facial expression, totes looks like a serial killer.


No. 230405

Davido is that you kek

No. 230406

From my experience you don't need to leave your country to get a ridiculous amount of matches as a woman… Pretty much every girl I know says she gets tons of matches.
Anyway, women don't behave like that because they can get relationships just fine. Why would you behave like that when you can get a relationship easily where you are?

>Asian girls are just as repulsed by ugly white neckbeards and incels as everyone else, but its mostly because they act creepy.
Not really. An incel shared his story in Thailand and he was dating several woman. If you want I can post it.

No. 230408

File: 1519242529196.png (244.81 KB, 783x1263, thailand.png)


No. 230410

>From my experience you don't need to leave your country to get a ridiculous amount of matches as a woman…
confirmed larper
ATTRACTIVE people have it easier, also women don't just sit around talking about their matches on tinder most women don't even have tinder

>Why would you behave like that when you can get a relationship easily where you are?

attractive men can easily get relationships, anyone knows this, this is why men always have had the highest cheating rates since the beginning of time
>leaving your country just to find a gf over pure delusion from what your buddies said on the internet
okay hunny don't cry to us when asian women don't want your ass either

>Not really. An incel shared his story in Thailand and he was dating several woman. If you want I can post it.

wow, someone goes to a different country where no one knows him (nor of the neckbeard meme and how god awful they can be), reinvents himself, and gets gfs, wow
just like how the new kids gets a bunch of admirers even if they're mediocre looking
the newbie in the work places everyone starts talking about how hot they are even if they're only a little above average


No. 230411

Ok, where is the proof hes white and ugly?

No. 230413

>This is the story of an incel
>No mention of incel, but of chad

Dude, honest question what indicates hes an incel/neckbeard?

No. 230414

I can't post his picture because he sent me the story in private. But he's not handsome and obviously wouldn't have gone to Thailand as a 23yo kissless virgin if he could make it in his home country. He is white though.

>ATTRACTIVE people have it easier, also women don't just sit around talking about their matches on tinder most women don't even have tinder
Women don't need Tinder. You'll have to agree with me that women on average have a much easier time getting male attention than the opposite.

>okay hunny don't cry to us when asian women don't want your ass either

I'm not some white dude after asian women. You won't believe me but I'm telling you.

No. 230415

No. 230416

I know women who have a hard time getting matches on tinder, also black women tend to struggle in online dating - I even know a light skinned girl who struggles. I don't get why men act like it's just them.

No. 230418

>Women don't need Tinder. You'll have to agree with me that women on average have a much easier time getting male attention than the opposite.
yeah no tf they don't, they can get laid easily but most women don't want that they want meaningful relationships not pump and dumps, even so just because men will stick their dick in anything then later bitch about her boobs not looking good or whatever doesn't mean women are luckier and have an easier time, you sound delusional
and no, poorly done tinder studies of one guy making fake accounts and asking girls what guys they like to prove women have it easier doesn't prove shit, it's equal as always

>I'm not some white dude after asian women. You won't believe me but I'm telling you.

sure jan, the only people who say this shit are the most delusional of delusional, the fact you base your beliefs around MGTOW lies just tells me everything I need to know about you, MGTOW are the biggest liars on the internet and no smart person would believe a word out their mouths after all their dirty laundry has been aired out

No. 230419

Oops, sorry about deleting my post made a few spelling errors will repost here.

Speaking as an Asian girl I know there are incels who do get lucky. I was referring to those who go to Japan (weebs) rather than those who go to Thailand which is another kettle of fish.

But to address your point

>I can't post his picture because he sent me the story in private. But he's not handsome and obviously wouldn't have gone to Thailand as a 23yo kissless virgin if he could make it in his home country. He is white though.

1) That doesnt mean hes an incel/neckbeard
2) He may not be handsome to you but that doesnt mean hes automatically ugly, men can get away with not being as attractive. This seems more based on your own personal opinion than general concensus
3) Theres no indication he acted creepy, so again I dont see how this refutes my point.

No. 230420

I posted his thread here: >>230415

I understand, but I said that they wanted to feel desired and that was something they never felt. Many girls go on dating websites and tinder to feel desired and see how many guys pay attention to them.

No. 230421

it's clear at this point you're just greedy, men get equal amount of matches and none matches on tinder as they do with women, it's 100% easier being an ugly man than it is being an ugly woman, but knowing men you probably just want every woman to walk the planet to like you and cry, exaggerate and scream oppression when you don't

anyway you delude yourself over pure lies that are easily proven wrong, yes you can get thai prostitutes but guess what most countries have prostitutes anywhere the fact you automatically believe the lie that thailand is some magical country for poor wittle virgin men to fuck hoes
some guy bullshitting and lowering his standards and hiring prostitutes to prove thailand is easier again doesn't prove shit

No. 230422

>men get equal amount of matches
The average woman gets way more matches than the average man.

No. 230424

>I understand, but I said that they wanted to feel desired and that was something they never felt.
again, greedy whiney bastards
most average looking women don't even get a second glance on the street and a lot of the time women in today's world barely even get compliments from their own partners yet where are all those women going to other white women worshiping countries and screaming how western men are disgusting, ungrateful, greedy, expect the unrealistic, lower their standards for others and scream how it's better over a pure delusion they put in their own head, and how it's easier there and how men there actually know how to take care of themselves etc etc

no it has nothing to do with sexism, western world has just been brainwashed by porn and most people don't feel the need to go out their way to fuck you just because you wanna feel desired

>Many girls go on dating websites and tinder to feel desired and see how many guys pay attention to them.

you wish, I never in my 24 years ever seen any woman do that, but like most incels you need to lie to prove a point, women go on dating sites to get a date, when they do they stop going once they have a meaningful relationship, no it's not because "U WANT MALE ATTENTION!!!!!" you need to get out more and actually talk to women not larpers

yeah the okcupid study, the one men love to use to prove their oppression because women rated them lower, okcupid said themselves that men only message the top 10-20% of stacies where as women message all men equally, but keep making up lies hunny anyone with a brain knows that bullshit

No. 230425

Yes and? You want me to read 8 pages of thread to prove your point? No dude, you made the argument not me. At least post a screenshot which indicates hes a creepy incel.

No. 230426

nta but seriously girls can pump and dump just as much as guys can. idgaf what anyone says about me, i like fucking and if i feel like fucking i’m gonna do it. fuck this prissy victorian mentality women impose on other women. be safe but other than that doowhutchyalike.

No. 230427

>Many girls go on dating websites and tinder to feel desired and see how many guys pay attention to them.

You really know nothing about women, and you sound like a davido.

No. 230428

File: 1519244865139.jpg (27.89 KB, 500x217, OK_Cupid_ladies.jpg)

>the one men love to use to prove their oppression because women rated them lower, okcupid said themselves that men only message the top 10-20% of stacies where as women message all men equally
The problem with that study is that they didn't post the details. See this picture.
The picture shows that the 2 women with the most messages got almost 90% of the messages, but the other women still got more messages than most guys. The woman that got only 1% of the messages still got more messages 3 of the 5 men.

He posted a pic on the thread so I guess it's ok to post it here so here you go: https://imgur.com/a/YciWu

Ok, not many, but some do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 230429

This only proves that dating websites are a cock fest, they're dominated by men, also I find this hard to believe since stats that baby men tend to be manipulated to hell and back

Men get less because dating sites are mostly surprise surprise straight men and not a lot of women, in fact most women will tell you from experience that other women never had a dating site in their life however most men I knew had dating profiles

No. 230430

Like I said, women don't need dating websites/apss.
I also would like to see their raw data, but dating apps will never release them. I think it's because the data would show that most men are completely wasting their time with their apps.

No. 230431

Was about to say this. Also women use dating sites less because alot of men tend to be dicks on them.

And thats due to men not taking it seriously and being complete assholes, its little wonder they dont get messages.

No. 230432


>Like I said, women don't need dating websites/apss.

you're right because women don't shoot up schools when they get their pussy ate then blame loneliness

>I think it's because the data would show that most men are completely wasting their time with their apps.

nope, keep spreading this lie sweety if this was a case all this shit you posted wouldn't even be release, just because you put a greasy ass pic and your first message to stacy was to eat her ass and you cry sexism when you can't get matches doesn't prove shit
ever thought maybe it's because men are fucking creepy and rude on dating apps?
if we took away all the men who literally match just to insult them which has happened several times or men who are just creepy about it I can guarantee you that your ass wouldn't be screaming "HURRR ALL WOMEN CAN GET LAID WHENEVER THEY WANT US MEN HAVE TO GO TO THAILAND TO GET LAID"
or if anything it would prove men have it easier, they just don't wanna admit and instead act creepy then cry at last minute because we didn't stalk and marry anthony from 4chan with a serial killer looking pic after he said "hur your name is kenna? cause kenna cum in your ass tonight"

No. 230433

>In the end nobody wants to be lonely.
Then maybe they should try not being misogynistic pricks, then. I know that's next to impossible for men but you can give it a shot.

No. 230450

>They use Tinder in Asia and suddenly every girl they swipe is a match.

I live in Japan. Most Japanese women in Japan who use Tinder do it for white dick. It has nothing to do with white men being desirable (they're not), but with the people who use the apps in the first place. Japanese people have their own apps to date other Japanese people. Pretty sure it's the same in other Asian markets.

>but the other women still got more messages than most guys.

And I'm sure they're all quality messages like "Can u rate my dick?" and "Let's fuck" and "Send me pictures of your feet" and "have you ever had sex with your big brother? Did you want to?". If you want to see what online dating (or just existing online) is like for women online, check r/creepyPMs

No. 230453

File: 1519250389202.gif (1.98 MB, 500x271, giphy.gif)

i dumped my bf of 18 months a couple of weeks ago because while he was sweet and caring, he was also continuously saying some pretty mysognistic remarks about other women, say he'd mention watching charmed as a kid and loving those "whores" - he'd say it like it's a term of endearment, or when forensic files was on and this bright, smiling straight a student was killed by some dude who just wanted to rape her and avoid punishment (like, 80% of those cases on FF), he'd remark that - if she wasnt a 10/10 she "deserved it" or some fucked up shit like that. and everyime he said something degrading to women, my heart would sink. he didn't like listening to female vocals, or watch female stand-up, or female-oriented movies - like, i was hyped up as fuck for I, Tonya and he just dimissed the trailer as "feminist" crap.

mind you, he never ever said anything mean to me, or demeaned me. just other women he didn't know, so it's not like he trash talked his female friends. i dont think he was malicious when he was like this, which makes it worse imho cause then it's just like…ingrained in his person, and it's like that with a lot of men. they're non-maliciously, maybe even unconsciously sexist. and once you notice it, it's like sacred geometry - you see it EVERYWHERE, and you can't not notice it. i guess you just have to shift your focus inward or something.

in the end, i broke up with him, saw I, Tonya twice, and started practicing the occult and growing an herbal garden. i feel like, to me at least, magic and witchcraft and all that stuff is so inherently feminine and it actually really helps me channel my frustrations with everyday microsexism and inequality and turn it into something positive like growing old with my girl friends and sisters and making margaritas at 3 in the morning a la Practical Magic.

i wish all of you well and i wish you find some sane or weird ways to cope with your negativity. :)

No. 230456

> if she wasnt a 10/10 she "deserved it" or some fucked up shit like that. and everyime he said something degrading to women, my heart would sink.
oh hell naw I would have left his ass the second he said that

if he's saying this stuff to you god knows what he was saying behind your back even if he didn't say it to your face

No. 230457

>in the end, i broke up with him, saw I, Tonya twice, and started practicing the occult and growing an herbal garden.
This post was making me very sad for you but then I came to this line and it made me lol.

(Though one thing I will say - did you tell him why you were breaking up with him? Not that it's your job to guide him through life - but maybe by telling him all the shit you noticed him saying and how it made you react, maybe he would do some self reflection and consider changing his behavior or thinking twice. Probably not, but maybe. Because honestly, though you said it wasn't, most of those things sound pretty malicious actually. "If she wasn't a 10/10 she deserved it"? I mean come on.)

Either way, you sound badass anon. And I hope you enjoy your garden.

No. 230458

Remember, to incels non-white women are not women. Non-white women don't exist unless they are to be used as pawns to get back at white women.
The same men complaining about women not talking to them on dating sites are the same men who will talk about black women like they're dogs.

No. 230459

Most guys who contact to me on dating sites are either sending me insults or I get "do you like big cocks?" "How many times a day do you masturbate?"…it's really no surprise women aren't replying if they have the same experience as me.

No. 230460

Of course women in Thailand are going after easy yellow fever fags for a green card. Come back when you have young, pretty, upper middle class/rich Korean and Japanese women on your dicks and I'll believe it lol

No. 230461

You forgot "not mentally ill". The stories I've heard about gaijin hunters in Japan…

No. 230483

To incels no woman is human. I remember that post from a different thread about how incels were arguing the corpses of dead women should be "given over" to lonely incels to fuck because "incels have needs and the bitch is dead anyway"

No. 230484

I'm bisexual but have mostly dated men, I got into a relationship with a woman a few months ago and the difference is staggering. She'll do things like cook me dinner, buy me flowers or a game or something I said I wanted, compliment me etc and doesn't expect me to make a massive deal about it, however when I've dated men they expect praise and sex for the tiniest little thing. I'm talking my ex boyfriend would buy me a coffee that costs 3 dollars and expect me to worship him over it.

No. 230486

Lots of men are entitled pricks. More news at 11.

Sad but true. Men will whine about women expecting emotional work, but many of them will expect the perfect girlfriend for Starbucks once a week.

No. 230488

By "emotional work" they mean their girlfriend might not be happy 24/7, dare to have human emotions and might want his support. You do that for family and friends I thought so why not your girlfriend? It's amazing that they think human decency is so much work for them.

No. 230490

western men have done the bare minimum in today's world and think any effort or money they put into us is worth just worshipping him and giving up our all for him for

they're spoilt, anything they do is rewarded, a lot even admit themselves they're worshipped for being men but then turn around and claim how hard they have it, because nothing is enough for them
if they don't constantly get everything they want they cry oppression, if they do the tiniest thing and don't get what they want they cry about it even more
despite the fact the vast majority of women support themselves men believe that holding the fucking door opens means we should suck their dick, if they're that fucking entitled to us nowadays god forbid what would happen if we went back to the victorian times and men had to support us until we get too old and they throw us out, and they wonder why most women don't want to be involved with traditional style marriages because it's their fucking entitlement that scares us off, no matter how much they scream "O WELLL I WOULD BE LAZY AND NOT WORK AND HAVE A MAN SUPPORT ME IF I COULD U SHOULD BE LUCKY!!!" shows how little in touch with reality they are

No. 230491

File: 1519257996745.png (220.77 KB, 1242x905, IMG_2640.PNG)

What is it with incels being so jelly about black guys and white girls?

No. 230492

>Men will whine about women expecting emotional work, but many of them will expect the perfect girlfriend for Starbucks once a week.

interesting considering most women will complain about having to do all the emotional work
hold conversations, humor them, have hobbies or else we're a boring brick but don't be too weird and talk about those hobbies too much unless he's interested to
we have to message first most of the time or else we get ghosted
men barely hold convos, you can write out paragraphs and they'll only respond to one part of it or ignore completely with all kinds of "i see" shit
men are the least communicative to walk the planet, I've met plants more communicative than most men, any woman would agree, but yes it's apparently them who have to do the emotional work

No. 230494

why the fuck are incels so obsessed with interracial dating?

also they think white women are going behind white mens backs and making up all kinds of shit about white guys to hell and back like they're doing to white men, it's all projection

they fear that women will treat them how they treat women

No. 230495


he was, like many guys say they are, into "dark" humor so i feel like he was trying to make jokes to lighten the mood whenever we were watching some true crime stuff, which he wasnt into. now that I've left, i dont care to analyze him or defend an ex but it was more moronic and tasteless than genuine. it still made me super sad and killed the mood whenever he did it.

oh! and since i mentioned how he didnt wanna give any female comic a chance, don't you just hate it when guys say that women arent funny? like I'm gonna believe his taste in stand up comedy when hes watched the same Fluffy/Gabriel Iglesias stand up ten times. Let me tell you, I'm a stand up comedy nut, I've got a signed Jimmy Carr poster on my wall (talked to him even, he's so sweet! we talked about Mitch Hedberg and i showed him my Bill Hicks tattoo), so when i recommend my bf a female stand up, it's not because I'm a feminist, it's because I have a great sense of humor. just a quickie: Kathleen Madigan if you like stand up, and Smack the Pony if you like british sketch shows :) i have more but this is already a faggy blogpost as is

No. 230496

File: 1519258320975.png (202.38 KB, 1242x1224, IMG_2641.PNG)

They're jealous of black male/white female relationships the most and I really don't get it.

No. 230497

>being this obsessed with if white girls or asian girls are good enough
massive redflag, even as a hapa myself I'd stay clear of him, he seems batshit crazy
also wut? Cali is very different from the rest of the planet, anyone who assumes what an entire race of people are like just because of people in an area known for having shitty people is shitty themselves

also what is it in this guys mind that thinks "O WELL U LIKE BLACK GUYS????/ WELL I LIKE ASIAN GIRLS TAKE THAT WHITE SLUTS!!!!!" now asians don't want him, blacks don't want him, whites don't want him, no one does really, why asians anyway? let me guess out of pure /pol/ stereotypes too that anyone who met an average asian girl would know is far from true?

No. 230498

Everyone should stay clear of guys (and women) who fetishize a certain race. You can have relationships with people of other ethnicities without being a total idiot about it and shouting "Asian women are the best!!!" (As if white women cared.)

No. 230499

I'm going to talk like an incel for a second
>fucking western men whoring themselves getting every std in the book then at last minute want a virgin quality woman to settle down with their greasy fat ass? No thanks
>the lie of mgtow strikes again, pushing us western women into the arms of handsome foreign men who will serve us, fuck us good, buy us nice things, be loyal to us, treat us well, are intelligent and successful and interesting, on top of all that they're handsome and will worship us cute western women,countries like those see beautiful white women as a prize and social status and anyone there is lucky to have one, unlike ungrateful, spoilt, fat, disgusting western men
>foreign men are actually traditional unlike western men as in they wont pump and dump you like the contaminated manwhores they are
>I love foreign men, any woman knows foreign men are the best men, and I myself even left my shitty western bf for a buff handsome Brazilian man who takes me on romantic dates and loves me and is loyal
>western men know they're inferior, they know they are no match up to foreigners, why do you think so many alt righters hate immigrants and spread lies about them so much? They know the immigrants would steal their wives and gfs and they would have nothing left, any foreign men would kill for a beautiful white woman and they know it, they lie to themselves trying to make themselves believe asians want them when in reality asians dont want them either, no one does

No. 230500

File: 1519260016728.jpg (612.93 KB, 1200x1976, fb08950cb85aefd36670fa3b3450fc…)


aww thank you so much anon! I'm not a badass irl I'm more of a soft weenie but i did tell him why i was breaking up with him seemingly out of nowhere - idk if some anons remember i posted in the vent thread that his best friend started a fire in our home (ex and i lived together) and all sorts of truths started popping up at me about who he was as a person, the sexist comments were just another break up boon, and i felt that if i cared that much about women and our rights, i needed to get out of that relationship because he was making me unhappy in little, lasting ways despite how harmonious we were as a couple (water signs oy vey!) and how chill and loving it was. the foundations of this gorgeous house we built together were rotten.

its sad, too, because some women will say that a good guy is already hard to find and he radiated trustworthiness, he worked long gruelling hours and never complained, always in a good mood…and to whomever dates him next, i wish them nothing but happiness, as that Destiny's Child song goes. I had to get out so i could be free to be myself, and not a housewife doing a thankless job, somewhere down the line.

since the breakup, i feel reborn, and free to be all things feminine, whether its as shallow as room decor, or delving into the occult and seeking a higher purpose to combat my mental illness (depersonalization, and from that depression/anxiety). i even bought my first deck of tarot cards and pic related is the card that keep popping up in my personal readings, ha!

I'm going now before i get sent to /ot/vent or more feminist threads. Thanks for listening ❤

Our problem is that we don't hate men. Women love men. It's men that hate women. - Germaine Greer

No. 230501

File: 1519260337680.jpg (35.36 KB, 300x409, IMG_1743.JPG)

Great work anon. It sounds just as ridiculous.

>mfw when I actually have a loyal foreign husband

(Didn't choose him because he's foreign though lol)

No. 230503

Happy for you anon, I agree with the other anon that they only act sweet to their gf with the keyword being "act" because if they weren't dating you, they'd certainly think the same about you. Actually a lot of these men try to drop these small "red pills" or comments to their gfs to try to convert them so I think you got out in time. You did the right thing to show that if they continue that bullshit, it's just going to chase off their gfs.
Also, as another who's into the occult, I wish you well too~

No. 230504

I'm glad you feel better anon! You sound very fulfilled and like you're going to be just fine.

Also, that Greer quote sums up my fucking life. So many men I love and admire, like even my father, yet they hate women so much that I have to limit my time with them in order to maintain some sliver of sanity and not hate myself more than I already do. It's very unfortunate. Men hate women, it's a sad fact of life.

No. 230505

Have anyone here read the comic book, Y-The Last Man? It's literally about how all men died out except this one dude and his monkey.

No. 230508

Now that we talked quite a lot about white guys, can I rant about asian guys for a bit?
I try to be understanding with them, but they're so petty. A bunch of well off guys complaining about how they couldn't get laid as often as white guys in college. It's so petty that this is their biggest problem.

No. 230509

mens biggest problem are always that they can't get laid and then blame us for not putting out the second they come up to us and say "eh girl lemme pee in ur butt" next second they're blaming us since we put so much importance on body count when it's literally only men who do that

just look at the incels that come into the thread, the only and everything they bitch about is "waaah stacy wont sleep with me womens standards are high"
most of them don't even put effort into getting girlfriends, they ignore average or ugly women on the streets then whine when they don't get laid

No. 230511

So much autism in the comments section

No. 230512

his videos are suicide bait

No. 230513

God, these people are insane

No. 230515

It's funny how he's saying that men naturally act sexual to women, as if they can't control what they say and do

No. 230517

File: 1519265180270.png (9.05 KB, 510x188, 4u.png)

No. 230518

Whenever I go to work, I don't feel the urge to be sexual towards anyone, and even if I do - say I see someone attractive, I might have a perverted thought but I don't ACT on it. How hard is that? Nobody is policing what you can think about, just fucking don't act on it. Seriously, it's not difficult.

No. 230519

anyone have the video?

No. 230520

Nevermind, I believe this is it.

No. 230523

it's so insane. they also have a problem with relying on prostitutes, but they also think it's horrible when women express their personal preferences and boundaries. if that' so evil, aren't whores the best most moral type of women and therefore worth going to? what they really want is what they claim is evil…a woman who has sex when she's in the mood to with partners that she's personally attracted to.

No. 230525

Exactly. I really don't understand why this is a problem for some people. I go to work to work and make money so that I can survive, I'm friendly with my coworkers and make smalltalk with them but overall I'm not there to form relationships and friendships and get laid or whatever. I just want to work.

The funny thing is in the comments of that video men are decrying that women want "special treatment" at work, and it's like NO. NO. 99% of us just don't want to be touched, we don't want to be treated like strippers in what is supposed to be a professional environment. For me personally I would prefer no lewd comments on my body or my overall looks (but even that is preferable to getting grabbed/touched and I could put up with a few comments but it would still make me fucking angry.)

I just treat everyone at work as my coworkers, that's it. I treat them like people. I respect their input, I work with them when need be, and I never touch them or say shitty sexual things to them. Why is that so hard for men? They just really hate women that fucking much.

And of course the reaction to #metoo is not to reckon with the fact that a lot of men treat their female coworkers like hookers, but instead to push women out of the workplace and decide that somehow the WOMEN, who are just trying to do their jobs and don't want to be harassed while doing so, are at fault here. We fucking aren't. We just want to fucking work. Sorry but this really gets me heated.

No. 230526

they're contradicting themselves every step of the way
>BE WHORES we need pussy or we shoot up schools
>don't be sluts!! be virgins, your husband will appreciate it and us men wouldn't flock to x y and z women because you're all whores
>wait these women are whores to but they supposedly worship me for being white so it's ok

I don't believe these men can have a single viewpoint without contradicting themselves

No. 230533

File: 1519267076220.png (73.17 KB, 555x280, yikes.png)

Just for context the girl hes talking about died from cancer.

I bet the incels who plague these threads would bitch about us being unfair to him tho.

No. 230534

yeah. guess what? being singled out, ogled at, constantly hit on, and harrassed is special treatment. i want the treatment you give average joe.

No. 230536

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I should have clarified. I want to be treated like they treat their male coworkers - and I guarantee you they never ogle and grab at and make sexually charged comments to their fellow male coworkers. Never. They give them nothing but respect. And treat them as equals who are there to contribute to whatever field they are in.

They could never treat women that way. Men just don't care. They hate us, think we have nothing to contribute, and will treat us accordingly. I want to die.

No. 230537

The only difference between this "incel"'s experience in Thailand vs where he's from is his willingness to bang girls he's rated as 5 and below. He'll probably have similar amounts of success he if he went as far as to pursue so called 3.5/10 girls where ever he is from.

No. 230539

Men are super annoying

No. 230540

some times i feel like guys will swipe right on anything but idk

No. 230542

that's what I've noticed
thailand is only a ~dream~ for them due to the fact they have lower standards and impossible standards for the western world
I bet 6/10 neet girls would love to have a guy coming onto them and obsessing over them and feeling lucky to be with them and everything else but incels don't even give them a second out their day, in the western world they demand stacy and nothing less, in thailand they fuck anyone and anything and act like it's better like no you just have low standards lmao

No. 230543

No. 230546

File: 1519268615487.jpg (193.78 KB, 1280x720, mass_naked_NEET_event.jpg)

if a hole is a hole, they should just fuck each other - problem solved.

No. 230547


probs cause theyre mad both of their slaves are happy without them

No. 230548

don't be too old a virgin tho, cause if no one wants you in your 20s, i won't look at you past that

No. 230549

Ok. This but unrionically. I genuinely believe they would be happier in relationships with each other vs with women, and this isn't calling them 'gay' to belittle them or anything.

Incels, MGTOW, and similar groups don't even LIKE women. At times, they seem so disgusted by women's bodies and entire beings that I don't even think they are attracted to them per se. They fucking DESPISE women, yet they admire men and love other men. For incels especially, who base their entire worth on the ability to get sex, what difference does it make? They would probably fucking vomit if they ever got that close to a woman because they hate us so much, so why not just fuck another incel if masturbation/sex toys aren't enough for you? Like you said, a hole is a hole. And that's true. They only see women as holes anyways, why not have sex with a hole that you don't hate (men)? Of course, most men won't think about this or consider it because they also have an aversion to homosexuality, but for some of them…I really wonder why they don't just hook up with each other.

No. 230550

nah men stick their dicks in anything even if they bitch, complain and write novels about how much they find her ugly
if someones a virgin in their 20s, chances are it's by choice, even so, it's no ones business if you fucked or not

No. 230552

>they would probably vomit if they got close to a woman

This is true. The first time I had sex with an incels he said my vagina was too wet and he didn't expect that, it freaked him out. He was so disgusted by my vagina being moist and not some what dry like girls in porn he couldn't even stay hard.

No. 230553

>This is true. The first time I had sex with an incels he said my vagina was too wet and he didn't expect that, it freaked him out. He was so disgusted by my vagina being moist and not some what dry like girls in porn he couldn't even stay hard.

jesus, let me guess these same men excuse actual science about womens bodies just to be feminist lies hiding our grossnesses ?
why would you fuck an incel anyway? not that i can say anything, most of them don't have the first clue how womens bodies work, I wanted to do anal and told him we needed lube and then he ignored it and cried when his dick hurt later

No. 230554

my best friend is gay, and after posting that i was thinking… he has cheated or been cheated on or BOTH in every single relationship ive heard him talk about

No. 230555

I went through a phase when I thought shy virgins would be kinder

No. 230556

when i first read the term incel i kind of related, sorry dont judge me this was multiple years ago

i have social anxiety and whatever, the only guy i was ready to sleep with dumped me.

now im in my 30s and given up. ill just lay there and say im bad at sex instead of telling the guy im a virgin if i somehow end up in bed with anyone. but even dating someone a month is a pipe dream for me.

i try not to think about it cause then i get depressed and WANT TO KILL SOMEONE
just kidding i just get sad and eat chips or something

No. 230558

do you want to hoe or be in a meaningful relationship?
serious question, idrc which you choose your choice but you can't choose both

if you wanna hoe go on tinder, meaningful relationship start as friends, DO NOT date, just be friends for about a year, then talk for 6 months, then date

No. 230559

meaningful, i guess. i joined tinder for a week and was disgusted with all the men in my area
wow dude 239569326 with a fish and/or a truck, amazing! there was one guy i got along with well enough, but he ghosted me before we even met up irl.

like i said, ive given up. whatever happens happens. my life is too much of a mess anyways.

No. 230563

Kek fucking spot on. It's funny, although you're immitating them perfectly right down to exact phrasing, it still sounds really unfamiliar and nonsensical because I've never, ever heard a woman talk like that, even though I hear it constantly from men. They really are insane.

No. 230566

I miss the all-female society thread, (now locked and redirected here) I get that it is gender-critical but in a sweet and wholesome kinda way? Basically a spin-off on a different topic, talking about women and organizing the society it was so cute.
RIP thread (feel free to continue in here I guess?)

No. 230567

yeah I don't get the point why mods locked it, this is why other boards mock us

No. 230568

File: 1519280624061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.39 KB, 600x450, lolcow admins.jpg)

Isnt it obvious?

>inb4 user has been put out to pasture

No. 230569

>ill just lay there and say im bad at sex instead of telling the guy im a virgin

There is no just lay there, even if you're doing missionary you're gonna need to hold onto something/brace yourself, but usually these porn-raised boymen will either physically move your body into different positions/lift you or tell you to. It's definitely an active participation hobby. Also a lot of them will want to come on your face/tits, some want anal (usually not), put hands around your neck, pull your hair. It's worth giving them a rundown of what you don't want beforehand otherwise they'll just do it

No. 230573

Sorry for the confusion. The thread is now unlocked as long as there is not too much overlap between the other two threads.

No. 230574

File: 1519282799374.png (732.38 KB, 750x1334, C13BBD27-C8B0-4BD6-8DF6-E38D1B…)

Evening ladies. Today was a banner day!

No. 230575

>being a fucking attention whore and causing those around you trouble in death
How greedy can one man be.

No. 230580

Yes! I gave up after a few volumes, because while I liked the premise I was so annoyed that it was all about that one boring man. And then it had ridiculous stuff like murderous dyke gangs that were killing off women that mentioned that they missed their husband.
Realistic scenario:
>All men die
>women temporarily sad but pull themselves together and build utopian society
>At first use sperm banks to procreate engineered sperm from female stem cells is developed in no time

No. 230590

File: 1519291539739.jpg (2.38 MB, 637x7702, 1519103817837.jpg)

>all this rage because a white woman dated a mixed race man
Not even the woman who pander to those men are safe.

No. 230591

These guys are so butthurt it's not even funny. But yes of course women are the guards of racial purity when them fucking around in the developing world is totally fine. Watched a documentary on children of sex tourists in the Philippines the other day, probably the same type of bigotry with the guys flipping out whenever a white woman dares fuck someone non-white.

No. 230595


More reasons to hate men : If something turn them on as vile as it may be, they will find a way to legitimize it in, create more content of it, and they WILL masturbate to it.

No. 230598

lel, I love that all the #120db girls don't seem to be aware that this is what "their" men really want
ya sure "western feminists" are "obscuring the problem" when they call out "patriarchy"

No. 230601

I actually agree with most of what you said, even though it's supposed to be mocking incels…

No. 230602


I've heard 25+ is the new "wall" kek

No. 230603

You shouldn't. Men are the same pretty much everywhere.

No. 230604

Same. Good looking guys are usually nicer people too…

No. 230606

Men create these fantasies where they get back at women when they get older. Plenty of bitter guys have told me about how things would get worse for me as I was approaching 30. Saying how I'd be competing with much younger women for quality men.

None of that shit happened.

No. 230607

I meant the western vs foreign men thing

Western men truly are an inferior breed

No. 230611

Who are these foreign men? Because the brazilians mentioned on that post are notorious cheaters and also violent.

No. 230613

They definitely have inflated egos with little to nothing that warrants them… Like >>230591 mentioned, it's so common to see western [white] men who think they can do whatever the fuck they want and when women or other men do the same things they do (or, significantly less fucked up versions of the things they do in Lauren's case), they completely chimp out.

They're also more obnoxious and prone to acne. Overall I'd say they're on about the same level as eastern european men.

No. 230621

So are thai and japanese women but that further proves my point, its about a fantasy rather than reality

No. 230630

This is the most most embarassing thing I've ever read, like how long did it take to put all this together lmao

No. 230631

LMFAO holy shit, I hope my "PSL rating" is like a 0 or a 1 I don't want to ever be approached by any of these dudes jfc

No. 230632

>I don't masturbate to anime characters I dress up like anime characters and men masturbate to me

Love it
Anywho if they're chasing their own supporters out their movement its gonna be a shit way to continue promoting their movement, they're forgetting women are the majority, they wanna push us out? Ok that's fine but good luck ever having anything they want, this disgusting attitude will only create more and more of the intersectional feminist sex posi roasties they hate so much, not as extreme, obviously but when I was going through my trad anti fem Christian girl alt right stage, seeing stuff like this played a big part in opening my eyes and seeing it's not worth it and showing me the alt rights true intentions

Most likely why evalion/veronica grew up out of it too, I guess when women get exposed to how insane, sexist, racist, and disgusting the alt right can be it pushes them away from it

No. 230654

Men REALLY get off on the idea of women being 'punished' as they age, their crimes being - rejecting anyone ever, not being a virgin, not getting married and having babies of a certain race as soon as possible, not being hot and young forever, etc. It's a revenge fantasy, and a nonsensical one at that.

In particular the idea that riding the ~cock carousel~ means a woman will end up alone is a delusion. All the thottiest girls I knew had plenty of long term relationships, got married young and have kids. They easily get away with sleeping around regardless of what men say about it, because they're often attractive and sheer numbers work to their advantage - if you meet and date enough men, chances are one of them will marry you. If you stay celibate and avoid dating, you're probably just not going to meet many men and have a much better chance of ending up alone, even if they theoretically approve of your lifestyle.

No. 230658

I always feel so sorry for the girls who were exploited in that way, because obviously they don't have a good home life or someone they can trust.

But yes, these men are trash. The internet was a mistake.

No. 230668

I just wish they had the slightest self awareness

they're so black and white, when it comes to their sex life they are either deluded so far in their own egos they think they can have endless supply of 18 yr old asian pussy forever simply for doing nothing but be born a man no matter how shitty they are, next second they're screaming how entitled women are for thinking they can choose not to have sex with them and how they're poor wittle boys and need to #killallwomen for not having secks with them

one second women should have sex with them on command because elliot rodgers, next second all women should be virgins til marriage and never ever do a sexual act or else they're riding the cock carousel and will be single forever and a cat lady or have a sad marriage according to them somehow even though that's far from true, I always thought the whole "men only hate sluts when they won't sleep with them" was a meme but each and every day men are proving it correct, sometimes it's not even sluts, men are just entitled and hypocrites who never know what they want

No. 230674

File: 1519350402817.png (142.06 KB, 1242x708, IMG_2651.PNG)

Its funny how men go on and on about how Asian women have more neoteny than white women but The funny part is they compare 15 year old Korean/Japanese idols to adult white women to prove this is a fact. No shit a child is going to have a more baby face.

No. 230676

Since more white women are now getting into skincare routines I can see less of their "premature aging" than before. Soon these guys will cry about how 20 year old women don't look young enough to be 12.

No. 230678

File: 1519352059252.jpg (147.02 KB, 1280x800, thumb-1920-1828.jpg)

because nothing is ever good enough for them, if you point out the fact a fair share of white women have baby faces and a fair share of asian women have mature faces both being in their 20s-30s

not to mention they use koreans and japanese who have had surgery and other procedures to look that way but don't realize a great deal of white women have natural baby faces, if you point out the flaws in their logic they scream cherry picking, jealousness, etc etc, just the same generic bullshit when they can't think of an actual response

also if men totally loveee neoteny faces then why do so many hate black women? the whole "black doesn't crack" thing doesn't come from nowhere, they just need to stop pretending it's about youthfulness or stereotypes that most asian women don't even fit

No. 230682

I just Googled that and I still don't get it, so I'm just gonna stick with
>Pakistan Super League (PSL, Urdu: پاکستان سوپر لیگ )

No. 230683

File: 1519353352562.jpg (74.69 KB, 600x800, IMG_2653.JPG)


A lot of them might jave had plastic surgery but that's not the point. The main issue is a lot of these Asian models/celebrities have baby faces because most of them actually are underaged lol

In Japan most women's show business careers end at 23, so yellow fever fags are only seeing cute underage girls and think that's what all asian women look like.

No. 230695

File: 1519357610618.png (821.3 KB, 1032x543, Featured-Image-4.png)

take your "LOOK AT WHAT THESE DUMB ROASTIES ARE REALLY LIKE HUR DUR TYRONE HUR DUR RAPE ALL WOMEN" screenshot and gtfo back to 4chan or your incel blog

No. 230698

Please go and larp elsewhere.

Who the fuck masturbates on the toilet anyways lol

No. 230699

You make a really good point. Not to mention, most of these guys assume any white guy getting asian girls in a (non-poor) Asian country must be like them. Er, no. I've met a lot of white guys living in Asia dating Asian girls. They were generally normal, nice guys and not fat neckbeards either. The only way these "White women are gross, but I hate them dating black men" guys will suddenly have women wanting them is if they head somewhere like the Philippines where the local men are generally unattractive and the women desperate to leave.

No. 230701

No. 230702

True. Maybe that's why they assumed women did the same thing. Being picked up by your crotch sounds painful as fuck btw.

Have you ever heard a girl screech about men dating women of other races? We mostly just dgaf but men feel like they have the right to decide over our sex life.

No. 230703

Tbh wmaf couples often make me feel uneasy but mostly because of the age and looks difference and the fact that the girl rarely speaks even passable English so he can't exactly have fallen for her personality.
I can't speak about Asian Americans and other 2nd gens since the only Asians where I live are Chinese immigrants and SEA brides.

No. 230707

Wmaf wouldn't have problems if most the men that went for us weren't scumming and running around screaming how they're only with us for revenge fantasies of stacy or that we're submissive quiet trad waifus when most asian women aren't like that at all, its not the couple itself its the reason why most white guys date asians and how obnxious they are about it

No. 230711

But that's because you feel worry for the Asian woman, whether she's not being exploited etc. Not because you want all that white dick for yourself.

No. 230718

it's sad that it's become so common that it's rare to see a white man with an asian woman because they're happy together and want to be in a relationship

I'd use 90 day fiance as an example but most people know it's scripted to hell and back, but my point still stands, mail order brides, it's one thing for white men to exploit asian women and treat them awfully if they do happen to have relationships with them, but imagine it happening to mail order brides, they can't leave, if they run away they have no family and friends around to help, white men can be scary whether they like to hear it or not, and it's said mail order brides have become such a big industry, it only fuels the idea that asian women aren't women they're dolls and slaves, which is why you see so many of the mail order consumers to have lots of hate for western women since western women have minds of their own (at least most of the time) and asian women they can just buy and do whatever they want to them and they can't do anything about it

for the other types of yellow fevers like what >>230707 mentioned, the ones who are just obnoxious about it, mention western stacy and constantly compare, need to mention every second of the way about asian women, can't go a single day without mentioning asian women, etc, I can't really say they're abusive but they sure prove to everyone they're emotionally unstable and thus make shitty boyfriends and are hiding their insecurity, most racial fetishists are obnoxious however yellow fevers are the most annoying, cringey, awful, abusive, etc and because of sex trafficking and male order brides they have easy access which is worrying after seeing the mental state of most of those men

No. 230724

Are there any anons of non-Asian descent and have dated Asian men? What was your experience like?

No. 230730

I have, he was obsessed with status and flaunted his money every chance he got. He didn't really speak of me and often tried to flirt with other women so I dumped him as soon as I saw what he was actually like. He was the only non-white person I've dated, not that I've dated that many people since I'm very monogamous and go after lasting relationships. Obviously this is just my experience.

No. 230731

Yeah a couple. On the surface they both seemed nicer than most guys, but ended up being just as shitty.

No. 230736

Today when I was walking home from work I stopped to text with my friend, I didn't stand in any place where I would particulary be on anyone's way but I see some old man walk towards me, he keeps walking until he is literally standing right in front of me, kinda pushing me. I just keep texting because what the fuck until the man steps aside, that's right grandpa I'm not going to move.

No. 230744

Yes. 3 longterm relationships. Two were sweet, romantic, and faithful. Of those two, one became an alcoholic for a few months so I dumped him. He's doing much better now, but we live in different areas.

Other one I didn't date long enough to know everything, but would reconsider dating again if I move to the same area (dumped him because I moved with no return date). He was very sweet.

Other one was alright. He became jealous and would accuse me of cheating. Ends up he was married the entire time. I believe he may have been planning to leave his wife for me, from what she said (found out from her), but glad I didn't end up with a cheater.

Even with the issues, my relationships appeared better than most of my peers dating western men (including Asian American men).

No. 230746


I have. He was navy, really buff and good looking, funny and kind and enalways remembered everything about me. The sex was awesome and we really vibed, until about 3 months in he blindsided me with “I just don’t know what I want right now, can we keep it casual?”. I started drinking heavily because sudden depression, I thought this guy wanted to be with me and then he just puts me on a back burner. He stopped texting me unless it was to ask me to come over “just to hang”, but every time I fell for that he would have his hands running up my legs and on my tits as soon as I was in the door and on the couch. The depression and drinking reached a point where I showed up at his house piss drunk and he still fucked me anyway, bareback. after that I stopped replying to his texts.

About a year later I texted him asking for closure. He first tried to claim it was because I got to be “too much” with the drinking and sadness, but I reminded him that only happened after he led me on as a girlfriend for months talking about the future and planning shit, only to suddenly do a 180. Then he told me he was being investigated by the navy for something he did when he enlisted as a teenager that they were considering kicking him out and throwing him in jail for. He said the stress was too much to handle at the same time as a girlfriend and he didn’t want to drag me into it. I know that bullshit.

As of the last time I spoke to him he got married to a chubby, dumpy (like kota, cute but doesn’t try to look good) girl, who is also white, with enough family money to buy himself a career as a comic book artist after immediately getting kicked out of the navy. It’s obvious I dodged a bullet, I just wish he hadn’t put me through so much hell emotionally.

No. 230755

Pretty average. Guy was nice enough but not very affectionate unless I essentially got in his face about wanting it.

No. 230757

I dated a hapa. He was nice, we had a lot in common but we just worked better as friends. Nothing wrong with him really, except he was a bit of an attention whore.

No. 230759

He was Chinese, cute and nice enough, but it was very clear that he didn't want anything serious with a non-Chinese girl. They care a lot about not ending up with someone of another race, it would be disappointing to their parents and they don't want to disappoint them.
Now he's, of course, dating a Chinese girl.

No. 230774

does middle eastern men count?
he's perfect, anything I could ever wish for in a man, only problem is he would randomly get suspicious of me anytime I ever did something out the ordinary, I could literally just buy new shoes and he would get suspicious of me within the next few days, obviously he would never just flat out say it was because of that but I've noticed a pattern, I don't mind it but sometimes it just feels like walking on eggshells

obviously I don't mind it and I don't expect him to be perfect but it gets emotionally exhausting now and then

No. 230783

>he's perfect, anything I could ever wish for in a man

>I could literally just buy new shoes and he would get suspicious of me

Anon, that's not exactly normal tho…?

No. 230786

yeah, though usually when the woman in question is black.

No. 230788

it was the only problem I had with him
obviously I can handle it but he eventually become more assured

No. 230789


Their parents will hate you and put off meeting you and criticize anything related to you even though you've never met them.

One was Korean. He is now really successful now and works for Goldman Sachs. It was weirdly superficial despite neither of us being sexually active. Like it felt like we were playing out some blockbuster romcom together. Especially him. Idk how to explain it. It's like he read a book on how to be a boyfriend then tried to do it exactly right. Then he sort of abruptly broke up with me because his parents thought I was a distraction. Which is weird. I mean, we hung out daily but most of what we did was work out or study together. He told me he was only attracted to white women. Dated white women all throughout college. One of them I was friends with, and she had the same experience with him. He ended up getting with an Asian woman in the end!

Second was also hot but a serious deadbeat. Not doing anything, not going anywhere with his life. Basically just worked to make his car payments then spent all his free time skateboarding or making music. His dad was black and walked out on them when he was super young. He was raised by his mom and grandma- who were Vietnamese- and they refused to acknowledge I existed even when I was in their front yard picking him up from their house. His mom went between pampering him and screaming at him for not doing more with his life. She also payed all his bills. I turned him off of being straight edge, and then all we did together was smoke weed. He was so hot, but we had nothing in common. He wanted to get serious relatively quickly. He never really had enough ambition for me though. Plus I could tell I would just be taking over his mom's role pampering him.

No. 230790

Married to a Japanese guy, he's pretty fucking great, but ymmv seeing as not all Asians (or Japanese people) are the same.

>Their parents will hate you and put off meeting you and criticize anything related to you even though you've never met them.

My in-laws are genuinely lovely people, they treat me like a daughter. But yes, Asians can be racist. Huge surprise.

No. 230792


Black anon here.

One of my exes is Korean. His parents were controlling to the point that it had driven his sister out of the family (she ran away and got knocked up as a teenager, then became a born-again Christian) and he was a spineless mama's boy. He was a bit clueless on how date since he was fairly inexperienced, but he was really sweet - planned lots of thoughtful dates, was happy to meet my friends and participate in all of my hobbies, etc. He was seemingly pretty perfect!

That said, his parents said that I wasn't good enough to date him because I was unemployed/lazy/unambitious. The reason they thought I was "lazy" is that I didn't immediately start working after finishing my 2nd degree…meanwhile, I had worked 2 jobs during school to pay for it out of pocket, so I just wanted to rest a bit. They also talked trash about my (educated, middle class) family not being a good influence and how they didn't raise me properly because I was an atheist/satanist. Btw, his parents are both uneducated, living off government assistance, and addicted to gambling.

He blindsided me by dumping me over the phone, telling me his parents and sister wanted us to break up, then coming to my house 2 hours later sobbing so that he could apologize and un-break up, followed by him dumping me for real a few days after. It hurt my feelings a lot and my self-esteem took a bit of a hit at the time, but I realized that I didn't really do anything terribly wrong and his family were just judgemental cunts.

My bf is Vietnamese, and he's extremely laid-back and easy to be around. We have an awesome relationship and I couldn't be happier! He is very gentlemanly and thoughtful, still feels dutiful to his family but is a lot more independent than most Asian guys would be I think? His mom doesn't speak much English, but she was always kind and caring towards me and made me feel super welcome.

sage for blogposting

No. 230809

nigga you're still here trolling? are you drunk or some shit?

No. 230830

Thanks for all of your experiences anons.
It seems like there’s a mix bag, but I guess across most Asians, there’s a prevalence of racist parents.
My mother beat it into my head not to date white or black men and sometimes I wonder if that’s why I don’t find the vast majority of them attractive. I can’t stand her so I would never actively follow anything she says, but I wish we didn’t have to deal with racist parents.
One of my boyfriend’s mom’s first concern was whether I would get knocked up immediately. I’m an adult, and if that was so plausible, I would’ve been a teen mom thrice over like some of my cousins.

No. 230839

so are you still with him, or…? sorry your posts made it sound both ways

No. 230843

This kind of discussion always leaves me wondering….wtf is an actually normative, healthy behavior in a relationship between a woman and a man, and what is not?
As women in our own respective cultures, we are socialized to exist in a certain way. More often than not, we agree that degradation of the human being is tantamount to savage behavior, but that concept varies across cultures.
Yet, I feel pretty elated knowing that anons around the world care about women across various cultures and communities. Ngl, this thread has augmented my joy in being a woman.

No. 230854

File: 1519469917047.jpeg (238.88 KB, 1242x2008, 748176F9-1576-4EAE-BDA0-7C4497…)

No. 230861

Jesus the fedora is practically dripping from his messages

No. 230863

>Man bragging about his credit score and "having a dick"


No. 230876

No. 230878

still with him
obviously it was normal or healthy but it wasn't a dealbreaker for me and he eventually got over it

No. 230891

No. 230897

Fuck dude. I fucking hate this story. It makes me so fucking I’ll and enraged.

No. 230909

Disgusting. They should be forced to have orchidectomies. Men like this have no right to express their sexuality.

No. 230910

Do you guys think that there are certain races of men who have it worse than their women? These subs like /r/hapas and /r/aznidentity think Asian women have it better than Asian men. It’s ironic since most of them are Chinese/Korean and believe that toxic masculinity doesnt affect Asian men…yet East Asian men were notorious for female infanticide

No. 230919

/r/hapas and similar groupthinks can't get it through their thick skulls that discrimination against Asian women is perpetuated differently than that against Asian men. And no, I don't think there's any example where men have it worse than women across the entire board.

No. 230920

men always want to be the victims to but next minute they're rant about how they're superior and the world sucks their dick for having a y chromosome, next minute they run their mouths about how they're poor little oppressed men that feminists are mean to and women will never ever feel how it feels to be a man and rant about how those evil feminists should be "treated like men then they'll see!!!"

like which one is it? are you worshipped or oppressed men?

No. 230921

spoiler that shit anon

No. 230927

>reminder that most men want to fuck their own moms

No. 230929

this is exactly what they always write on the red pill etc. "Remember women want to fuck their dad" so either both are true and it doesn't really matter or this is just as warped a view as the misogynists have (being the literal mirror image)

No. 230930

File: 1519551746304.jpg (78.13 KB, 651x493, oedipus-complex-rage_o_173029.…)

Men who never grew out their oetipus complex are projecting, at this point I believe frieud was projecting to "hurr i wanna fuck my mom so girls wanna fuck their dad so it should be ok to molest little girls"

I get wanting traits similar to the parent who raised you assuming they had healthy relationships with them, ik I'm a lot like my boyfriends mom and my boyfriend can act like my dad at certain times mostly pertaining to humor and all but some men are fucking disgusting animals with no thought control like most humans have

No. 230932

File: 1519554380903.jpg (409.05 KB, 868x1147, 1519525022841.jpg)

Asian men love bitching about Asian women dating white men, but at the same time they're the thirstiest fuckers for white women.

>herpderp amwf relationship is based on love, not white worship like wmaf

>herpderp we don't see blondes as a status symbol

Men love talking about how they only care about the woman herself when it comes to dating and how they aren't hypergamous status seeking like women, but that's not true at all.

No. 230935

How how do you have a bf if you hate men?

No. 230938

Most of us have bfs
Again, no, not "LITERALLY ALL MEN"
Just most

No. 230939

Toxicness from both sides, both have low standards, both delusional, both look for revenge fantasies, both see their women as status symbols then turn around and hate women of their own race

You mention "hey guys maybe you should find someone that makes you happy and you fall in love with instead of basing your standards and dating pool soley on race" and everyone laughs and goes nuts, because it's 2018 and people somehow devolved into putting so much fucking effort and thought on what race to date

No. 230955

File: 1519574447994.png (252.83 KB, 1242x1960, IMG_2670.PNG)

Imagine if an Asian woman made a video like this about Asian men

No. 230956

It's interesting how much Asian men cry about being rejected about their race but are the most pickiest assholes when it comes to racial preference. Even if they're ugly as a dog they expect nothing less than the whitest, tiniest and cutest Asian and white women. They won't even like an Asian woman if her eyes are too small and her skin is too tan. Then when they finally get a blonde gf with blue eye then they will just shit on her for being too fat and let his family treat her like trash. When Asian girls prefer white guys, Asian men really deserve no sympathy.

No. 230957

My bf gets nervous that I browse this site because of the man-hate, but I said that I love him and hate (most) other men.

One of the benefits of having a boyfriend is protection from other men. I know if something happened to me or someone was threatening me, he would be the first person to take care of it.

There are still typical male things that he did when we started dating which I disliked, but I just told him they were problems for me. And he changed or is actively trying to be better.

No. 230960

File: 1519575768810.png (438.83 KB, 800x2208, IMG_2677.PNG)

Crazy high standards for Asian women

No. 230961

Wow! This is a special day. We are graced with the presence of the woman who found the ONE man who is different. Out of 3 billion bad men she found the one who is good I don't know what to say

No. 230962

File: 1519576952334.jpg (157.86 KB, 960x1200, IMG_1346.JPG)

lmao he has such fucked teeth yet he has the gall to nitpick her arms for being a tad too big. He'd be lucky if a girl as beautiful as Sulli even looked in his direction. Pic related, Sulli is pretty.

No. 230963

Imagine being her and having to hear this motherfucker talk shit about her looks. Ridiculous.

No. 230964

Even if this show is fake as shit this is a reality for so many women out there

No. 230965

File: 1519579124799.jpg (21.48 KB, 500x281, 1506212023911.jpg)

He looks like a fucking gremlin and has the nerve to say she could lose weight. Men are pathetic.

No. 230975

>considered one of the most beautiful girls in the entire industry
>still not good enough for this random literally who
No wonder she quit being an idol and just does whatever she wants now.

No. 230976

I'd love to see the kinds of girls this guy pulls kek

No. 230980

Mgtows would be jizzing and panicking over the show if we had one like it with reversed genders, ironically they would use the "IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED!!!!" Argument a lot because they are too dumb to look it up like they are with most things

Also it would be somewhat of a valid argument and issue to talk about because like most mgtow problems, they're all just extreme exaggerations or made up shit

No. 230983

Yes he is

No. 230988

Please update this thread when he cheats on you/leaves you for a younger woman/gaslights you/turns into a perv or racist overnight or any of the shizz guys do eventually. Nobody is perfect

No. 230990

If it happens will do, but 6 years and Im happier than ever, if you wanna target and obsess over women who have boyfriends good luck going after half the women here

Or just take your "LOLCOW ROASTIES ARE CRUEL!" Screenshot and gtfo because I made the past few threads since day 1

No. 230991

Thing is also that they all have that context of "Asian guys in the US". Asian guys in Asia are doing fucking great. Asian guys in the US might have a few more problems, but it's not as if it was all roses for Asian women either.

AMWF is a genre of porn in Asia, they don't need to create anything new at all.

Ugly fucker. Seriously though, Korean men are a lot worse about this shit than Japanese men. Crazy high standards.

Big surprise, farmer triggered by other farmer in a happy relationship, predicts catastrophic end. lol

No. 230993

goddamnit wtf is this shit? Seriously, how can somebody act like this? People should at least have the decency to hide their ugly thoughts especially if nobody is asking for such comments. This planet is just so rotten.


this is funny because spring is coming soon here and I want to pick up this hobby as well. I intended to grow cactuses the psychoactive ones if you know what I mean. It takes tons of time and I think it will give me something to kill time in a productive manner. I also started to get interested in the spiritual affairs so maybe I will study about this topic as well eventually.

>I've met plants more communicative than most men

oh my sides, that was a good one.

they even have a term for this. They referr to "upgrading the other racial gene pools". I wonder why they consider their weirdo genes an upgrade to anyone.

Well it does not matter what age you are, once you see all your friends getting married to quality guys you start to feel bad about yourself…

>muh leet haxxor skillz

>he doesn't even try to be polite about it

The world just seems so fucked up and I hope everything will be better when the inevitable reset comes.

No. 230994

>AMWF is a genre of porn in Asia, they don't need to create anything new at all.
They don't like Japanese porn for some reason. In my opinion they wanna emulate the american bro porn style.

No. 230997

Bro porn is better than rape porn which is basically all japanese porn. Girls crying and screaming dame(no).

No. 231008

whats bro porn

No. 231009

File: 1519603742163.jpeg (390.98 KB, 750x997, 07E32971-03AC-4F20-8DD1-33236B…)

I walked around Little Tokyo in LA for 10 minutes and saw like 10 AMWF couples. What the fuck is /r/hapas even crying about?

I’m not even surprised that Asian men raised over $3000 to see an Asian guy fuck an average looking blonde girl. It seems like St Peach is pissed that they’re using her to promote it.

No. 231010

Like Brazzers.

I'm sure she's not happy. She didn't sign up for this sort of thing when she decided to date some asian guy.

No. 231037

Why do men make little jokes about things they know their gfs are insecure about?my bf knows I'm underweight and he knows I have an eating disorder but he still makes jokes about me being fat.

No. 231042

Could be
>he secretly likes you being underweight and doesn't want you to get healthy
>he is retarded and doesn't understand your emotions

Men care about looks the most. Even if you are suffering because of your weight your bf will not want you to gain weight if he likes how you look. So many men with underweight gfs think "yeah my gf is underweight, but she should be fine if she doesn't lose any more". Many women could still imagine themselves with their bf if he got fat. How many men do you think could see themselves with their gf if she got fat?

No. 231043

Shut up japanese porn is great
The settings looks way more private, plus those guys know how to treat women

No. 231044

to give an example I saw once men talking about how much they loved really thin bodies. They then went into talking about women they knew with EDs. They did not care whatsoever about the emotions the girls they knew went through, struggling with EDs. ALL they talked about was

>but won't they have less of a sex drive if they get too skinny

>won't they become infertile

All they cared about was if anorexic women would still fuck them and have their kids. No regard whatsoever for the woman. I fucking hate men.

No. 231045

ever since i found out about r/asianmasculinity and r/hapas i've been more worried about how my relationship is perceived when we go to cities more dense with white and/or asian men. anyone else feel this way?

i'm asian, my bf is mixed but white-passing. we're the same age and he's tall and good looking so i'm sure people don't think i'm like a mail order bride or something, but i hate the thought that people might assume i'm white-worshipping, hate other asians, etc. when i'm really proud of my heritage and culture. i'm pretty paranoid of an incel approaching us because they've gotten pretty brazen.

also, what the fuck is with white men and trying to talk to me about the war that happened in my country? they're always older but not old enough to have been a solider, and they fetishize it like crazy. ffs the US massacred my people, i'm not interested in discussing war in any way.

No. 231048

I go for consistency and tell my bf he isn't allowed to get fat. He tried showing me pictures of dad bods saying they still looked good.

"Nah they look fat"

No. 231051

don't worry anon honestly. they're such a small, specific section of the internet that only people really deep into internet culture even find out about in the first place, let alone agree with it. their mentality is not common, especially considering most of them don't even have any original thoughts and only became "woke" about their horrible predicament after reading Eurasiantiger's rants. Sure there might be some people with vaguely racist or sexist ideas about your relationship, but nothing you didn't know about before. It's like average joe sexists vs self described MGTOWs, or average feminists vs internet radfems who know the ins and outs of every miniscule feminist topic. Most people, even if they're a little bigoted, just have not given it enough thought to look at you and think about self hating asians and asian masculinity.
You said your bf is handsome so you're not going to get lumped in with mail order brides or gold diggers by reasonable people.

No. 231052

I haven't watched many JAVs but from the manga I read it seems like they at least really enjoy eating pussy, it's pictured in every male-audience thing I read. I can really appreciate that.

No. 231054

File: 1519617189565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.23 KB, 500x486, die.jpg)

Seriously these men are cunts. But heres some advice I found on a blog of this happens to you:
"If that happens to you, reach down, grab the erect member, and crank as though you were opening a doorknob.With the right amount of torque, you can tear the scrotum. Show him what discomfort feels like."

No. 231055

File: 1519618038385.jpeg (119.91 KB, 957x946, 1519065683225.jpeg)

Does anyone have that image of this japanese girl saying "I don't have to take advice from people who aren't cuter than me" because it is very relevant to this image like, homeboy fix your teeth, pluck your eyebrows and get some oil wipes

No. 231062

throw the whole man away, don't end up as miserable and delusional as yumi king
this, if men like an attribute they don't give two shits further about the womans health as long as if she has that attribute, it doesn't just apply to underweight women it applies to anything from landwhale chasers, pale chasers, men who enable plastic surgery addicts, etc
the fuck is mens obsession with fertility and sex drive?
they won't assume it from you rather if they do assume it most likely would be your bf has yellow fever, the chances of an incel approaching you is unlikely unless you live in a fucking anime convention or some shit
same, I wish womens standards were higher, men constantly make up all this bullshit about how high womens standards when most of us just don't want fat midgets, meanwhile women are supposed to have nice perky big tits and nice nipples, a small waist, wide hips, big round toned butt, perfect pussy and pretty face, it's not just a matter of fat and skinny anymore sadly and if you're even missing one attribute you're seen as a freak
disgusting who even thinks to do this? I'd pop out my glock right on the bus I don't care

No. 231064

I'd break his dick if not rip it off right then and there. The stupid prick will learn his lesson.

No. 231067

seconding that image request

No. 231070

File: 1519628975034.jpg (102.24 KB, 444x750, inceltears.jpg)

This is the problem when guys only get their info from other guys and porn.

Incels are the fucking worst, I wish this was satire.

No. 231073

Kek, why did the delusions of the wave of ~not like other girls~ from 2012 go to incels suddenly?
At least ~not like other girls~ girls used this in a sort of "pick me and stop chasing stacy" type way, incels use this to scream at women

No. 231084

Unlike your cat's, human penises are not bones.

No. 231085

penis fractures are a real thing lol

No. 231086

Not the anon you replied to, but I agree. I love the pussy licking, seems way more common in Japanese porn.

No. 231088

Because in american porn they're obsessed with assholes more than pussies, which no matter how many girls claim to like anal more than vaginal, the clit is still a sex organ made specifically for pleasure and it often gets ignored in porn or slapped (?) Because some how thats pleasurable, not to mention people often ignore nipples in american porn, yeah JAV porn can get pretty sick but American porn a lot of the time isn't pleasurable to no one and gets boring after a while

No. 231092

It seems like porn is made with an intent of giving as little pleasure as possible and as much pain as possible to the woman, while she fake having a good time by moaning and screaming at the slapping of her pussy and the smallest insertion of a dick (sometimes even just a finger). It completely fuck up men's real sex life because they are to retarded to realize a woman screaming like a dying pig while having her asshole pounded is 100 % fake.

No. 231095

This person speaks the truth! They think you are letting them down when you don't react to the biologically unenjoyable things they do, unlike the women on the screen.

Also shame on women who fake orgasm/sound effect it, you're only encouraging them

No. 231098

They come here all the time to argue and tell us wimmin how we're all money-hungry whores, actually

If they left us alone we might return the favor

No. 231102

dipshit, they've straight up killed women and advocate for murdering us because they can't get laid. how autistic are you?

No. 231105

>They don't even interact with women, the worst they do is post dumb shit on their containment boards.
See >>231054

And the incel worldview is often an exacerbated version of how men and society in general see women, sex, and related topics. Incels didn't appear out of thin air, they're the result of a society that is built with a sexist worldview.

No. 231108

Hate to respond to b8, but the entire notion that you're entitled to pussy and to not get it is to be "involuntarily celibate" is completely retarded. If you can't get girls, it's your fault and your fault alone. They refuse to accept that though, and instead they blame women for their own shortcomings. Beta males are so worthless.

>They don't even interact with women, the worst they do is post dumb shit on their containment boards.
Here's one who terrorizes little girls for fun and recommends it to the other betas >>229404

Not to mention, the whole reason the sub got taken down was because one harassed women IRL, plus all the rape and death threats against women posted there on a daily.

No. 231114

I think we do that in the advice and vent threads tbqh

No. 231117

If other girls ITT hated their boyfriends, why would they be with them? Most of us don't have fuck buddies either because most women aren't total whores like men are. Read the threads to find shit about misogynistic coworkers and relatives.

No. 231120

I was coming here to say a similar thing.
Why do men like to make their gf jealous? Like even with small things like talking about "cute exchange student girls" in their class, or mentioning their girl friend with whom they went to a bdsm show one day, when you know your gf is a bit insecure, like I didn't ask for those informations, it's annoying, stop. Apparently most bfs/dates do that. I guess we should start mentioning our exes' dicks…

No. 231138

Men were a mistake and they like to abuse womens love and care, most girls wouldn't ever do that to their bf because they want them to be happy and not leave them and men cry when women finally had enough

It isnt with relationships either, men are obsessed with random women being jealous. At first they scream all kinds of crazy bullshit about how x type girl are more feminine and worthy and perfect and everything else and how y typw girl is masculine, when they realize they can't get a rise out of them they turn around and make up shit about how y type girl is all jealous, exposing themselves in a way

Men were a mistake, I never ever understane why they love hurting women

No. 231144

Men suck in bed but also love hurting women so much they even had to bring it into something thats supposed to be enjoyable

Also men aren't mature enough for anal, a lot think most women are gonna be prepared at all times but dont realize it takes hours to prepare for anal then gets grossed out at having shit on their dick, porn brainwashed them

Also not to mention women are expected to be masochists or we're boring

No. 231151

females should never let men put their disgusting cocks in their anuses. there is no benefit for females. it's all pain. the ENTIRE reason why men love anal is to inflict pain on women/feeling she has let him 'violate' her in a painful way. it doesnt even feel nearly as good as vaginal sex, most guys readily admit this. the spincter is the tightest part, and beyond that, it's hollow and loose feeling.

anal sex should be boycotted entirely by women. there is no mature way or reason for women to be having anal sex.

No. 231152

Yep. Men even admit that the sole reason they enjoy anal is that it's the ultimate domination of a woman. Ugh i shuddered just writing that.

No. 231154

There are girls who claim to like anal ~sometimes even more than vaginal~, I can see why it would be pleasurable but biologically, unless the woman has vagimus, been sexually abused or some other problems that affect pleasure then anal will never be more pleasurable than vaginal, and it sucks nowadays because people are more obsessed with the place you shit from than you know, your sexual organ
I also think it has to do with conditioning and brainwashing from porn, there have been men talking about how they married a woman for the sole reason she was okay with anal then complains about their relationship turning to shit
Its sad now how obsessed women are with male attention, if women weren't like that men wouldn't have it in their minds they can do whatever they want to women

No. 231155

Yes! Some women enjoy having their anus played with but always in a gentle way like licking, caressing or having a small buttplug inserted, but no woman really enjoy having a dick pulled in and out of their ass it's very painful even when the anus is well lubed up.

No. 231158

Lots of girl enjoy anal play. However, a girl should never let a guy perform anal on her, unless he lets her fuck his ass with a strap on first. Men can't just empathize with a situation like women can, they need to experience it to realise how other people feel.

No. 231161

lmao, ik, ik. "i can only cum from anal!!!" a likely story. did you grow a prostate, dumbass? how tf you cumming? and all the damn attention seeking 'feminist' scrote suckers claiming anal sex is feminist. go fuck yourselves.

there is no justification for it. i dont even accept the vaginismus or child abuse excuses tbh. should either be the case, they should be 69ing. females shouldnt be put in pain because they're abuse survivors or have a painful disorder. porn makes women miserable.

yup yup

No. 231163

Eh, I have vagimus, and for me at least, anal stuff can be fun however if its not with just a dick going in dry rather than toys and whatnot

I see where you're coming from though, i hope those attention whores have to end up wearing diapers

No. 231167

I actually like anal but I am also this person >>231095 which I guess is why I don't advertise it. I don't feel pain bc my body is like a ragdoll cat, I'm just super relaxed all the time. You need lube though but otherwise it's fine. RIP the guys who didn't ask me about it I guess

No. 231168

it's dangerous, you can develop anal tears, internal hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, etc. i wouldn't let guys do whatever to you just because your body is 'relaxed'. our bodies have limitations and even practiced 'safely', it's not meant to be done and you're playing with fire imho. not worth it for men.

No. 231169

Yeah I prioritise my health too so another reason I don't tell guys about it.
There's an argument that is is natural for man/man as they can orgasm from it (it hits the right bit from inside) and they have essentially evolved to include anal in their repertoire, in terms of homosexuality. But it isn't necessary for women to do and is just another pressure put on them which seems very unwanted by the majority

No. 231170

I enjoy anal too but the guy need to prep me and be very gentle, sadly most men just want to stick their dick in dry. I only recently learned about "painal" porn (anal sex painful for the girl), I was surprised but not disappointed it's exactly the kind of shit I expect from men.

No. 231171

>surprised but not dissapointed
don't you mean the opposite lol

No. 231173

Yes lmao
But I think I'm neither actually since men are trash, choking has gone mainstream because of them too.

No. 231175

in terms of homosexuality, sure, but it's still very dangerous for them and they often develop complications from it, even, like i said, when it's practiced safely. men can cum from anything though tbf. they can cum quickly from fucking an exhaust pipe or a baobab tree trunk. like, literally anything. males and females doing anal though, def not.

i'm sorry, i just dont get this. it's like taking a shit in reverse. idgi. i can understand licking and kissing, but it's literally like taking a shit on rewind.

No. 231179

same, they expect women to enjoy things that are made to be painful
what bothers me is the second one woman claims to like it, other men expect all women to be
they make fun of women when women call out sexism and unfairness to the point where they have to bring it into everything even when it's not related to feminism "hurr you bitches want equality so take getting treated badly!!"

so it sucks when women can't talk about how porn is ruining sex lives and putting women in danger

No. 231181

>JAV porn can get pretty sick
Yeah, reminds me of how this one Japanese porn company still sells legitimate rape videos, even after the producers and actors were put in prison for it.

No. 231183

plus, a good portion of them feature women who are in trouble with the yakuza.

No. 231185

yeah, I don't get why men worship Japanese culture so much
unless it's because of all the abuse towards women

No. 231186

My religion considers anal sex a mortal sin because it disrespects my dignity as woman. In Catholicism a sexual relationship have to be made mutualy for the pleasure of the partner, I care for the pleasure of my husband and he cares for my pleasure. Sodomy just removes the part where he has to give me pleasure and concentrates it all on him at expense of my humiliation and pain.

No. 231187

Does that go for blowjobs too? Because i find the idea of blowjobs disgusting and humiliating and i get so much shit for just not wanting to do that particular sexual act it's insane. No one tells a guy he's useless if he won't eat pussy.

No. 231189

I will tell a guy who don't eat pussy he's useless… I won't get in a relationship with someone who can't make me cum, period.

No. 231191

Good, Im tired of this standard on women having to slobber on their meatsticks all the time but "eew pussy is too gross for my prince mouth". Give and take. Personally im okay with not getting oral (from a man) because i won't suck dick, but i will not find a man who is okay with that so why even bother. I'll just get a gf.

No. 231192

File: 1519671978815.png (18.82 KB, 512x288, 1502481244638.png)

>No one tells a guy he's useless if he won't eat pussy

Don't they? Anytime that situation is brought up, people are quick to shame them which is nice tbh
Hell I'd never go out with a guy who wanted head but didn't give head in return, thats not how it works lmao
Yeah blow jobs are pretty gross, but sex in general is pretty gross

No. 231194

File: 1519672031364.jpg (23.02 KB, 347x405, otto-walt-1895-1963-usa-farm-g…)

>unless it's because of all the abuse towards women

bingo, that and because of what other men tell them about how ~traditional~ japanese women are and how they worship men or some shit which is far from true for most japanese women, if they really loved traditionalism that much they'd go to religious rural area and find farmgirls to marry, at least traditional western women (the ones who aren't obnoxious about it like lauren southern) are doing it out of free will because they WANT to do that rather than social pressure which can often blow up if a woman is forced to be traditional rather than she just wants to but they just ignore that and we all know they don't give two shits, the worse the woman feels the better it is for them

No. 231195

I talked with my priest and the stance on blowjobs are ambiguous. What we have as doctrine is that thrusts and ejaculation in the mouth are immoral. If one of the couple doesn't sexualy enjoy giving oral sex, it's also immoral since both has to fully enjoy any sexual activity.

Personaly, I like to give my husband blowjobs but i'm the one that controls everything. I'm never on my knees when I do it, I'm always on top of him.

No. 231197

Yeah that makes sense. Your religion sounds pretty cool anon, at least in the sexual sense.

No. 231202

There are things that I think you won't find that cool, like no contraceptions. I'm probably getting pregnant soon because of that.

No. 231207

Why you ignored the anon that likes to submit to pain and humiliation through anal sex and chose to call me slut because I give my husband blowjobs? I made clear that I have the control of the situation when I do it and I asure you that there's no pain on it.

You must be those "redpilled" retards who can't deal with a woman sharing control and power during sex.

No. 231208

>I can't see anything bad a man generally do that women wouldn't do as well.
how about… raping someone with their penis

No. 231210

How about we stop this blowjob shaming? I love doing it, it's not a degrading thing.

No. 231213

Can you leave this thread? Men aren't welcomed here.

No. 231214

Maybe you should read through the thread and check statistics, obviously anyone can do horrible things but we are talking about who does them more and growing and growing problems with men, a lot of problems that men have caused should have never even became problems in the first place and no one would think that would even become problem, an example of this is men going out of their way to make their gf feel insecure or other women feel insecure, some men even play victim if they don't like a womans body, and guess what its always men, rarely women, yes women can do it but are they?

No. 231216

The only tool that can make the difference of power that a man and a woman has is a gun. I dare the strongest man in the world to come rape me in my home, he will be welcomed with a full .38 magazine on his chest.

No. 231217

Holy shit not even that anon but that was hella stretch, not even a stretch a straight up lie and not even relevant to what the anon said at all
No we dont "hate men for having penises"
You said "hur well anything horrible men do women can do to"
Then that anon said "raping someone with their penis"
Not that we hate men for havibg penises holy shit how fucking desperate can you be to stretch

No. 231219

How disgusting


You guys are literally just as if not even more misogynistic than othet men, fuck right off.

>I can't see anything bad a man generally do that women wouldn't do as well.

The point is that men do it 9× more often than women do it, dumbfuck.

No. 231226

File: 1519673704572.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, thisshitbyya.jpg)


No. 231229

Are you sure you didn't come from /r/iamverysmart? Your post sounded dumb enough to be from a shithole like that. Please go be an autist somewhere else, the second hand embarassment you're giving me is too much.

No. 231230

File: 1519674014294.gif (1.28 MB, 337x388, 1480292561614.gif)

Who cares, fuck off to go fap to anime or some shit like that, we don't give a shit

No. 231231

>implying women do even a fraction of the damage they receive from men on a regular basis
How fucking stupid are you? If this was the case, I'm sure these threads wouldn't even exist.

No. 231232

Again not as much or as brutal men do
Obviously theres no denying women take advantage of men, but men do it worse, violently and more often, thats the entire point
If you wanna take the whole "BUT BUT WAT ABOUT MEN ????" Discussion go to mra groups, because you are literally proving our point men flip out when something isnt about them

No. 231235

File: 1519674119136.jpg (47.21 KB, 258x233, possebleu.jpg)

>Yes, lots of women are taking advantage of men in many ways as we speak.

Taking advantage of men, by being mean to them, or by manipulating them for affection, compliments, or gifts.
On the other side, there are women being raped, beaten and killed by men. Problems of the same magnitude indeed, thank you for coming here and giving us your enlightened gay male opinion.

No. 231236

I'm with you girl, I love sucking a hot pussy eating Chad it's so satisfying to give pleasure to a sexy man who can reciprocate.

No. 231237

Same, I love giving actual blowjobs to a man I love. A blowjob is miles away from throat fucking, which is what is considered a "blowjob" in porn these days.

No. 231239

File: 1519674470172.gif (3.24 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)


It's actually funny when you guys pretend to be girls in the internet. Something between hilarious, pathetic and cringy.

No. 231243

Do you really think an incel would give a fuck about reciprocating?

No. 231246

File: 1519674984489.jpg (64.96 KB, 1200x630, cardi-b-0df88311-f708-4f5e-b88…)

Okay, no woman talks like this.
"sucking a hot pussy eating Chad" sounds like a machine learning algorithm and letting it to go nuts with it's confidence interval. lmao

No. 231249

I really wonder, either way, hope you become a statistic number and die.

No. 231250

File: 1519675198088.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, 2r139uyt44.gif)

I read that as eating chad's hot pussy, which really shakes up the situation

No. 231264

>I'm pretty sure ugly gay men living in a third world shithole as myself has much more problems in life than a rich white women complaining about tweets on this imageboard, but whatever.
Yeah probably. And a severely handicapped straight white guy living in Western Europe likely has it worse than yourself. Does that mean homosexuals don't have it worse in regards to their sexuality because plenty of homosexuals got dealt a good card in life while there are miserable hetero people?

>Comparing men and women is useless, as I said, the problems are DIFFERENT, they have different functions in society and operate in different ways, so you first must acknowledge your particular problems are not universal problems.

Women aren't allowed to go outside alone in Saudi Arabia while the men there can do whatever they want but "comparing men and women is useless". Okay dude.

>At the end of the day you're just harming yourself by pretending the opposite sex is "more evil".

I don't think most men are evil. I just think there are raised in a world in which women are a second grade sex, and their brain end up being molded accordingly, which turns many entitled and over-confident over women. You're not proving me wrong.

No. 231274

Sorry hunty, we don't give leftist men and gays cookies here. You might want to try a Facebook group or something like that.

No. 231275

It's funny when dykes think they know what straight women like or not.

No. 231276

Do you think calling me a dyke is an offense? I'd love to be a dyke, it is actually really sad to like dick. If I could choose I most definitely would be a lesbian. So I wouldn't have to deal with shitty men like you.

No. 231278

File: 1519676093010.webm (2.86 MB, 890x500, memepm.webm)

Don't worry, so did I the first time I read it. These favela spammers are so bad at english it has made their "attack" seem more comical than anything else. I am refreshing the threads they occupy so I can keep my laughs up.

This is me when I spot a new favela post.

No. 231279

You are wrong. Science points to testosterone being the cause of male violence. Once again, you've proven yourself to be a retard. I guess that third world brain of yours can't wrap itself around the fact that a huge amount women there have it worse than you ever will.

God, I hope this is a robot larping. If not, you guys are disgusting whores and you honestly need to get your shit together.

No. 231280

File: 1519676185262.gif (1.21 MB, 206x196, 1504107638742.gif)

>I'm still pandering to your side

>I don't respect non-communist

Took you long enough to show your true colours, eh?

No. 231282

Oh my god fuck off, some of us aren't dyke, oral sex is a normal part of a relationship.

No. 231284

Sure, dyke-chan.

No. 231285

File: 1519676718327.jpg (115.61 KB, 1280x720, dude.jpg)

>Violence is not bad itself, get your shit together. If it wasn't for testoisterone you'd have to go to war instead of us.
>Violence is not bad itself
>not bad


No. 231287

Don't you have to make another post on tumblr about how you never had an orgasm?(stop)

No. 231288

Oral sex is very pleasurable and for some of us it's the only way we can reach an orgasm. Why would I deprive my man from it when I enjoy receiving it AND doing it? You need take that stick out of your ass.

No. 231289

We probably wouldn't even have wars if men weren't such territorial autists. Men ruin eachother's lives and their own.

>Violence is not bad itself

t h i r d w o r l d b r a i n

No. 231290

Look, you're allowed not to give oral, but stop hating on those of us who enjoy it. I don't even know why I'm arguing with you, it's pointless. Sage.

No. 231291


You do know that men see oral sex as degrading, right? That's what gets them hot about it.

No. 231292

All men whose dick I sucked went down on me even more than I went down on them, so I guess it's even.

No. 231293

Lmao why would they go down on women if it really was degrading?

No. 231294


They don't think they're degrading themselves when they do it, though. They think they're exerting control. But when women do it to them? Them see it as a degrading act that they made the women do.

No. 231296

My bf genuinely likes giving oral.

No. 231298

How is oral sex degrading? Is it degrading to kiss your partner too? To caress them? To masturbate them?

No. 231300

Hey buddy. Why don't you walk to the nearest high bridge and jump? Thank you and bye.

No. 231301

I can't help the fact I enjoy sex so much I also only chose men who can make me cum with their mouth so i'm really filthy I guess lmao.(stop)

No. 231302


Men see women doing oral as them worshiping their dick. It's how they perceive things. They've this whole madonna–whore complex about it.

No. 231304

Of course! They might enjoy it and that would make you a whore. You're not allowed to have a sex life with a man anon, get it right.

No. 231307

Stop replying to the robots and stop derailing.

No. 231316

exactly, I wouldn't even mind blowing men if most of them didn't allow it to go to their head

No. 231323

Well I’d at least like to see the bait that they post so I’d at least get what happened when I’m not here

No. 231326

That just leads to more anons responding to them though. It's not worth wasting your time reading their bullshit anyway, we all know it's some variation of

>but women commit crimes too

>what about the menz
>some retarded evo-psy that justifies a modern lifestyle using pre historical lifestyle and ignoring history altogether
>low-tier redpill rhetoric

Staring into a wall is more productive than reading their posts

No. 231335

Since we're kinda on the subject, I never really got the idea of getting cummed on, especially on the face. I've never had that happen to me, and I always skip the parts in porn where the guy cums on her face. It's just so disgusting and it makes me uncomfortable thinking about it.

No. 231338

returns to thread after a few hours
Whoever derailed this is 14 years old, who (else) in the world thinks blow jobs are more controversial than anal?

Btw I agree with the vague allusion by one Anon that face-fucking is immoral. A guy surprised me with face fucking once until he came (him naked, me fully dressed) and I cried a little afterwards. Great stuff!
Also another guy I never BJ and then decided to give him one, the next time I saw him he wanted more and preferred it over PIV so I didn't meet him again… as I didn't like being forced to do something I gifted in randomly (idk if he thought I was desperate to add that in, never do nice things for men iguess?)

No. 231341

I had a guy (I'm >>231338 and all my sex experiences are bad kinda, been celibate 4 years now gr8 job guys)
So my one event in between the celibacy was him essentially bundling me into a taxi which I said no to taking, and subsequently kidnapping me in his home for 14 hours, ignoring my requests to leave, for a few measly minutes of sex (also pulled hair and choked and demanded I announce I'm enjoying it out loud, which I did not oblige =this made him angry)
The second time he comes on my face (after clearly wanting to come inside bareback and when I say "don't come in me" he gets angry) picks up an (obviously previously used, probably for the same purpose) towel from the floor next to the bed to wipe it off. I don't mind the chest but stay away from my face thanks

He was a son of two vicars, which makes it worse somehow. Imagine being so selfish that your 5 minutes of sex is worth me having to take the morning after pill for.
The bright side is whoever I sleep with next (a long time from now) will seem great in comparison?

/bad sex thread

No. 231343

Cum on face is done for the sole purpose of demeaning the woman tbh. Anywhere else is ok I guess, I have a fetish for bodily fluids so I like it, and it doubles up as extra contraception.

The focus this has on porn though is 100% because men are animals and still have the drive to mark their territory. Like dogs. They should be controlled and put down when they hurt others, too, like the animals they are.

No. 231345

File: 1519691712879.jpeg (57.26 KB, 500x472, 1516975270334.jpeg)

Just recently my semi-gf made me into her actual girlfriend. She stopped dating guys good few years ago, mostly because the guys were pretty abusive. She told me before that she had sex with 2 guys, but then during /quality time/ session I have learned that it was pretty much the first time someone made her come.. Since it came out that the both guys didn't care about making her also enjoy stuff, which made her feel used by them.
Also worth mention that when she dumped one of them, he started going about with how many girls is he going to sleep with..
It all makes me sad, she sometimes mentions that she gets scared that I will dump her one day and just feeling insecure because of past experiences.

No. 231346

Also I am myself some kind of creep magnet. Whenever I go eat alone in public place or even on street there's always this guy in his 30s (I'm myself only 20) who starts hitting on me. People tell me it happens pretty often with less-social girls, like they're mostly targeted by creeps desu.

No. 231347

That's 100% about dominance. No one likes that shit, semen smells and if it gets into your eye you might get an infection. Idk ideally I'd have my partner cum inside me, but if that's not possible my stomach will do. Easy to clean and not demeaning.

No. 231348

I had an ex who asked me to say "Cum on me" while I was giving him a handjob. I decided to indulge him by saying it really sarcastically. He was definitely a case of a dude who watches too much porn. At least he would actually give head though.

No. 231350

>I decided to indulge him by saying it really sarcastically.
You're my hero, anon

No. 231352

On the subject of giving/receiving oral, its upsetting that I've never given a second thought about whether the guy has trimmed or shaved or not, bc it doesn't really affect the blowjob for me. I'm already doing nasty things with him so an accidental hair in the mouth doesn't turn me off.

But in my experience men wont have anything to do with female pubes (even though they can just spread the lips/outer labia out of the way to get to the areas they wanna stimulate…) and I've grown to be ashamed of it and I tell men to not give me oral because I expect them to hate it and would rather avoid the embarrassment. Sex is largely not fun anymore because it has to be a day where I'm freshly shaven and god forbid razor bumps. I really hate modern porn for giving every man on the planet the desire for a child-looking vagina.

No. 231354

I get not wanting a giant bush but even ugly ass men will demand fresh shaved pussies or if they "don't mind it" they will later whine to their friends about how her pussy has hair

porn made sex enjoyable for women, it did for men to but not as much as women, you must be 100% perfect or sex will never be enjoyable

No. 231356

Men have crazy high standards for when it comes to sex, but as we all have mouths, I think just learning to say "no" will go a long way. I'd rather not have to, but if that's the shit the guy gets off to, it's good to tell him in no unclear terms that porn sex has nothing to do with real sex. I'm not a porn star, I'm a human being and I will not get pounded in positions he's seen in a porn once. They're all uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 231359

I've only been with two guys, but neither of them seemed to care that I had a full bush. It could also be age though, this was at least 8 years ago, and I was in my 20s in both relationships and so were they.

No. 231363

>college age people in 2010
Well yeah obviously, men nowadays demand literal sex dolls and nothing less hell some men nowadays even find problems with sex dolls and porn stars appearance

No. 231367

I've never thought of cumshots to the body as being kinky or demanding, just easier clean up, less pregnancy risk (even though I'm on the pill), and a way to avoid swallowing since cum is hard on the stomach.

No. 231381

you're on a blue board spoiler that shit

No. 231383

Even the most vanilla men want to cum on your face nowaday, it used to be seen as extremely dirty and degrading, it's 100 % porn normalization.

No. 231384

nowaday violent sex is considered vanilla
it started with just light bdsm being considered kinky and hot, but nowaday people consider vanilla with light bdsm to be boring and too vanilla, it's the edgelord olympics
"hur well you like getting tied up and spanked? o well thats nothing compared to stacy she likes being forced to lick cum off the toliet lol stupid vanilla so boring"

No. 231385

I don't understand how men don't feel bad about their disgusting fetish, they don't even think twice about how humiliating getting cummed on you face is, they try to twist it around and say "it's a loving act, it shows she love every part of me" bullshit it's about power, they say the same things about drinking their cum, but have no idea how vile it feel and taste.

No. 231386

I've flat out said I won't accept cum on my face. I'm very dominant though so most of what guys seem to want to do is a turn off to me.
Anon, this isn't bad sex. This is rape. You were raped. I'm so sorry.

No. 231387

I enjoy anal AMA

No. 231390

I'll go a step further and say I think blow-jobs are gross. I always skip them in porn too, there's nothing sexy about that to me.

I trim but never shave. It's uncomfortable af and to be honest, I think having ingrown hairs and razor burn is way more off-putting than something that naturally grows there. Anyone who doesn't respect that isn't worth having sex with, anon.

Maybe it's also because idgaf whether a guy goes down on me or not because they're always shit at it and I much prefer touching myself.

No. 231391

File: 1519721227641.png (52.34 KB, 1860x332, incel.png)

What a piece of shit.

No. 231392

Why do guys care so much about race? I've seen beautiful white women walking around with ugly ass short black guys, but dudes can't even handle walking around with a dark girl who is model tier.

No. 231395

they think race = social status, they put more thought into what race to date or not date and why than they do with anything else it's crazy

when you call them out they claim it's just preference when it's obviously not "just a preference"

it's also funny because it's always changing, one second men will run their mouths about asians, asian gf, "I dated and asian!" or some shit like that, not to mention rich gross old fucks see them as accessories, yumis husband is a good example of this, next second "asians aren't worth anything because they're gold digging and cheat and they're easy, the true reward is a ____ woman"
white women, one second they're seen as a reward, god tier, pale trad housewives, "I want a european farm family with qt white wife" next second and white women are all disgusting roastie feminazis who will leave you for tyrone any second they get a chance, it always revolves around white women vs asian women as well it's ridiculous and they're constantly contradicting each other, they don't realize what individuality is at all

black women are constantly bashed to hell and back, the men who are into them are often too ashamed to let other people know because men care more about social status than the woman they supposedly love, black women have told stories about how white men they dated would go out their way to hide their relationship, men can't think for themselves and choose what to do in a relationship for themselves they let societies control them like the brainless idiots they are

middle eastern/latina/mediterranean/ etc do have their fetishists but they aren't as batshit crazy and delusional as black, asian or white fetishists, plus men who do like arab/latina/mediterranean women do so in a way that they wouldn't reject or break up with a girl solely for her race and they don't get as much generalization, judgement and delusions as they others do

No. 231396

also I'd like to mention how obsessed fags are with putting women up against each other, to the point where if they can't make a girl jealous of another girl they have to just insist and demand they're jealous for no reason, sometimes if they don't even talk to the women, they want to "repeat a lie until it's true" in a way, can't make a woman legitimity jealous and needing to compete over their gross asses? they just demand they're jealous and need to compete in hopes they do rather than if they actually are

No. 231399

But anon, it's because they're the ultimate prize. Women have to fight one another to win Chad's attraction. /s

Yea, the second you start referring to a race as a food item in a non-joking manner, you're a racist. Men are crazy to have these soecital rules deter them from dating any one race or ethnicity. Like unless a woman's parents are super traditional, she most likely won't care. No one's like
>Let's pick up Asian guys, they're the least desired.
What a sick thing to say.

No. 231400

>Yea, the second you start referring to a race as a food item in a non-joking manner, you're a racist.
men don't care about being racist, sexist or anything like that and if you call them out you're an evil feminazi party pooper
men have shown their faces at racist rallies before and cried when it backfires, they cry when they can't run around treating people like shit anymore because they weren't born exactly like them

No. 231402

I don't consider that incident rape but I had a dream that he raped a girlfriend he had after me. He also posts pictures of (not with, just her alone smiling) his 6 year old goddaughter with the caption just saying "perfect." Every time which becomes more creepy in context of his personality. He deleted all the pics of his ex-gf (the one I suspected he raped) and now the only female on his IG is the 6 year old

No. 231407

It's funny how men say women are controlled by social status and the media but men are as well. I remember in the early 2000s all men wanted skinny girls with no ass but now they all want thick girls with huge asses and bash thin girls.

No. 231408

and then they turn around and claims it's because of this this and that
like lolno men, everyone knows damn well it's for social status not "fertility" the most common defense men use

No. 231409

exactly. all this evopsych bullshit coming out of nowhere that's also conveniently used to justify them treating us like shit. men back then preferred thin waifs, esp white men. now it's all about the thiccness out of nowhere. funny how evolution just magically made you faggots start to want thick asses in 2010

No. 231414

>wahhh women can't think for themselves and seek social approval all the time
>b-but guyz how embarrassing it is to have a non-white gf

No. 231415


reminder men can't have nude pics threads without doing it to make girls feel insecure for some reason

No. 231417

File: 1519741160362.jpg (68.19 KB, 900x665, 2837922-zawal-serca-atak-serce…)

>Fembots will never have a cute plump butt that i could worship and pump my seed into.

No. 231427

It's the same with eating ass. Before it was considered gross but since the media started promoting it, every guy wants to lick some girls poo hole. I wouldn't be shocked if in a few years scat becomes mainstream.

No. 231430

I think it stems from black culture becoming trendy. My body shape is what they would call "slim thick" and I remember my freshman year of highschool (2007) black guys would make objectifying remarks about my ass on the daily. Eating ass has similarly become popular through rap music. I definitely remember the same black guys back then talking about eating ass before Kevin Gates' "real niggas eat booty" line (like 2014.)

No. 231431

Samefag to add, and we ALL know black male culture is probably the most misogynistic of any.

No. 231435

I really think men get a sick satisfaction out of the notion that supposedly all women are jealous of and always compete with each other over their looks, partners etc.

No. 231438

Absolutely. It's set up so we will always compete and never share stories and ask for advice (which they hate)
Ironically the most downtrodden women are most likely to seek help online so the propagation of porn and therefore internet availability helped us out of that one.

Has anyone had a guy trying to rim-job them? That's seems up there with "things impossible for a woman to enjoy but it's in porn so now people do it."

No. 231439

>Has anyone had a guy trying to rim-job them?
Yeah, it's kinda uncomfortable and quite boring.

No. 231440

No. 231441

Soon enough men will be demand rim-jobs. It's the ultimate humiliation to women.

No. 231442

It feels nice but it's not groundbreaking, I find it sad that men are so obsessed about something that's not all that pleasurable to women, why can't they be obsessed with cunnilingus instead?

No. 231443

what a disgusting misogynist pig.
Is he saying men are autistic? His cry for extremely rigid rules in order for men to not harass women indicate so…

No. 231444

They wont because anything related to their own assholes is seen as gay. We're safe from that.

No. 231445

>I think blow-jobs are gross. I always skip them in porn too
Porn blowjobs are gross, and oftentimes really violent looking, I skip them too. IRL, I do them sometimes if I feel like it (never on my knees).

more misogynistic than cultures that actively practice female infanticide?

No. 231460

No. 231464

File: 1519769745462.png (328.64 KB, 720x705, iCoYPwu.png)

>I hate it when men act like x
>Exclusively sleeps/reproduces with men who acts like x
What did beef curtains mean by this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 231466

The truth is that "Chad" treats women a million times better than incels ever could.

No. 231468


They get pussy on tap, no need to hurt the business by not acting nice. Hell it doesn't even matter women love them even if they are fucking serial killers, rapists and murderers.

No. 231470

Can you stop responding to triggered incels?

No. 231472


The guy who did the most emotional damage to me was 5'9" with a small chin and a pencildik that was REALLY small when not erect. Like 2 inch

No. 231475

I once had sex with a guy with a micro penis. Not like "small", but literally like my small finger. I didn't feel a thing.
That said, if you guy had a normal penis when erect, that's just how some penises are.

No. 231477

It was normal length but really thin, hence pencildik. I thought it was quaint, but incels always think all we care about are big dicks. Most women don't care

No. 231478

All types of men are shit, who even gives a fuck about Chad as much as they do? The amount of ruminating these freaks do over big, muscley men with monster cocks seems homoerotic to me. I’ve always went for average looking guys because that’s what I prefer. I’ve never felt the urge to fuck some model-esque meatstack, much less talk and think about it constantly and in the same amount of detail the way that these blokes do.
They should just take Chad’s cock in their mouths already. At least they’d shut the fuck up about women for a bit.

No. 231484

Realistically some Chris Hemsworth (sp?) looking fucker is going to get some more action than an average guy, but that's the same for women as well, so it all balances out. At least women don't have ridiculous standards for men when it comes to looks. "Taller than me", "not obese" and "not the hunchback of Notre Dame" is usually enough lol

No. 231486

>I know cancer is bad but LOL if you feel bad for her, watching cancer fuck her up this bad is just insanely satisfying.
>Reminder that breast cancer is on our side.
>Not giving it a view but thank God. Dead whores fill me with joy.
>The only good femoid is a dead femoid.
>That really cheered me up, thanks dude. Excellent lifefuel. It’s always uplifting when bad things happen to female objects.
>I wish this would happen to all the cunts I met at uni
How am I supposed to react to this?

No. 231487

Not at all. Incels do not deserve sympathy or your reaction. Just ignore them and let them LDAR. If their strongest weapon is cancer then … lol whatever. Still more men dying from cancer each year than women.
I'll probably get some shit for this, but there are men who do care about women, who don't call us femoids and who don't wish us death. They're never incels. Some may even be Chads.

No. 231490

Actually, just "not the hunchback of Notre Dame" is enough for most girls. Daily reminder that in the Disney ver even the literal hunchback of Notre Dame got a grill.

No. 231506

it's always funny to me how they'll scream all of womens problems with men are caused by chad but in the same breath become part of the problem and say and do a million times worse shit than chad ever had

No. 231510

Luckily they all live in their basements. We all know that men are mentally weak and need a babysitter to wipe their own arses, no need to argue with them about it. They'll just throw a tantrum because "I'm not a baby!!!" aka the same tantrum every 2-year-old throws.

No. 231511

what video is this

No. 231516

Yeah no one said that and no one here throws tantrums at the presence of another gender and no us calling men out on bullshits isnt throwing a tantrum soley because they exist

No. 231519

No. 231522

where are the bad comments? or was it posted to incel blogs?

No. 231523

Posted on the incels website.

No. 231529

the deleted post proves else

No. 231543

File: 1519832333388.gif (159.23 KB, 240x183, 1519309156423.gif)

it's funny when (many) straight women think having a mans piss stick down the hole where they express their thoughts and opinions, is somehow empowering to them and not humiliating.

No. 231544

Oral sex is "normal" because of porn/rape on camera. You think our foremothers consensually slobbered on cock?

No. 231545

I acutally unironically agree lol

No. 231546

>A guy surprised me with face fucking once until he came
not to be a cunt but couldn't you just have… pulled away?

No. 231547

If you take a look at erotic novels from the past, they did slobber on men's repulsive piss sticks. It's always been a thing.

No. 231560

Don't go projecting your issues with sex onto others. Oral is natural and yes, our ancestors did perform it. Do you seriously think people in the just did missionary or something?

No. 231561

File: 1519841863365.png (63.84 KB, 675x282, p4LrrVf.png)

Men just love pitting women against each other and being racist, unoriginal dicks at the same time. It's always the same or similar bullshit they screech about:

>black men claim black women want be white women

>white men claim Western women are just jealous of Asian women
>Asian American men claim Asian women want to replace white women

No. 231601

Anon was probably in shock and it didn't occur to them. Poor anon. :(

No. 231605

Oral sex had always been a thing because it's pleasurable. You can always shower before sex.

No. 231608

He had me cornered literally, my head was against the bedhead, a wall on one side and a cabinet on the other. He was standing over me and I was laying down. I didn't know what was happening and just went along with it even though I was crying a little while I did it.
Now I just tell every guy I don't like that don't do that because while I enjoy giving blowjobs that was a w f u l

No. 231611

Also we were both completely stone-cold sober at the time
Yup :/

No. 231619

Imagine the outrage if we ran around screaming white guys want to be black and black men were jealous of asian men and replacing them and all that nonsense

Not even just saying it, makes millions of videos, pictures, speeches and every thing else obsessing over women of different races competing against each other or greasy white neckbeards out of pure delusion

No. 231621

>- Cucks telling me to 'man up' and 'take care of my kid' that I had with a Thai hooker.
>- Cucks telling me that I should be wearing a condom when fucking third world foids because it's not fair on the girl.
I don't even know what to say about this "human being".

No. 231622

What was this from?

No. 231624

A well known sex tourist from Incels.

No. 231630

I just wish we can have a lynch mob for incels because if they did get thrown in looney bins they'll most likely torture the therapists and other patients

No. 231634

>Imagine the outrage if we ran around screaming white guys want to be black and black men were jealous of asian men and replacing them and all that nonsense

Make it
>asian men want to be white men
>white men want to be black men
and maximize outrage.

No. 231641

sex tourists are the fucking worst

No. 231643

>asian men want to be white men
>white men want to be black men
>black men want to replace white and asian men
>white and asian men are too feminine and black men are the peak masculinity, to prove it heres black men who have been on roids and testosterone for the past few years, anyone who points out the flawed logic is a raging furious white or asian dicklet who is terrified that more and more women are marrying black men and having successful marriages

No. 231657

Why do ugly worthless poor incel men have higher standards than good looking men who are a full package?
they want a
>virgin, they claim it's required for marriage
>white chick or 10/10 plastic doll asian chick and then have a racial hierarchy of women in their head where they will be willing to fuck some but not marry them
>traditional anti-feminist conservative
>has all the same nerd hobbies as him
Why would a woman who is high quality in their eyes want an ugly loser robot?

Why do they think ANY women in the world would date them when a good looking guy will usually be the one who loves you unconditionally, treats you with respect, actually sees you as a human being and not an object. And they're going to love you for who you are and not superficial autistic characteristics in a nonexistent ideal waifu they imagine in their head. They hate "chad" and claim all women want chad, while being inferior to chad not only physically, but in every aspect of their lives. Why are men, especially white incel men in their 20s, so deluded, shallow, and entitled?

No. 231658

>virgin, they claim it's required for marriage
because they know they're shit in bed some compensate for it by finding some virgin girl and tricking her into thinking his tiny dick dry fucking her ass is what sex really is, and they're insecure
>white chick or 10/10 plastic doll asian chick and then have a racial hierarchy of women in their head where they will be willing to fuck some but not marry them
social status, they wouldn't dare be seen with a non white or asian woman, then make up all kinds of bullshit excuses that only prove their hypocrisy and ignorance, like "hur they look younger" but refuse to get anywhere near black women and black women are literally known for looking young forever
>traditional anti-feminist conservative
brainwashing, most anti-feminist women are attention whores ridden with laughable female guilt based on delusions anyway, they all just want the "I wish more girls were like you!" brownie points or some shit, these women are pathetically desperate and incels know it, they scream all kinds of other delusions from their echo chamber as if there's only two types of women
who knows why they want that, I guess it's pretty normal for someone to like a smart partner but incels demand it pretty much and constantly twist, turn, and lie about anything they could to prove women unintelligent so who knows
>has all the same nerd hobbies as him
"not like other girls" syndrome is tried and true, pretty normal for people to want someone compatible but incels will see one woman and demand all women to be like that and more "oh you brenda have an xbox and games you play every now and then? well emily has xbox one, dreamscape, wii plus, ps1,ps2,ps3, and ps4, and spends 15 hours a day playing non mainstream anime games so get on her level roastie!"

>Why do they think ANY women in the world would date them when a good looking guy will usually be the one who loves you unconditionally, treats you with respect, actually sees you as a human being and not an object

see june for example, they're obsessed with male attention, the more beta male orbiters the better, but she has been like this for so long, catering to ugly worthless poor neckbeards that they started to despise her for doing exactly what they want women to do but not do it out of attention seeking, which is quite impossible, I just wish women weren't so damn brainwashed into believing they need male orbiters in order to be worth something

>They hate "chad" and claim all women want chad, while being inferior to chad not only physically, but in every aspect of their lives.

yep, they spend all day screaming at their laptops about roasties getting acid burned, bragging about sexually assaulting women and children, anything and everything they do they have to do it to bother women, like the bots who couldn't even have a nude thread without making it all about "making fembots jealous!!! u roasties will never have this ass", spend their days bragging about how they shit on their girlfriends tits and the girlfriend gets insecure, load up yt comment sections to the brim nitpicking and twisting anything and everything women do for their agenda, then when women finally had enough and talk about it, they turn around and point the finger at chad and twist and change definitions of chad, normie, and bot to take the blame off them when we all know damn well who's doing it, then say "b-but bots would be happy and thankful to even talk to a woman!!" like lmao what rock have they been living under to tell that massive lie?
>Why are men, especially white incel men in their 20s, so deluded, shallow, and entitled?
they live in an echo chamber, they never get out and constantly read 4chan and reddit and shit and take it as reality, they get deluded and brainwashed by other incels and it only makes them sink further and further into the most delusion things imaginable

No. 231660

>because they know they're shit in bed some compensate for it by finding some virgin girl and tricking her into thinking his tiny dick dry fucking her ass is what sex really is, and they're insecure
Maybe, but I think it could also be a narcissistic entitlement thing? Like, they're virgins so they think they deserve girls who are virgins, which is fair enough, but the girls they want are the kind who save themselves for marriage. These men are virgins because they're worthless, ugly losers, not because they're saving themselves. If they want virgins, they need to go look for a girl who's so ugly no man would fuck her. Girls who are saving themselves are too far out of their leagues.

No. 231661

that too, I also heard some mention that sleeping with a woman who has had a previous partner is like her cheating on you, they're fedora atheist skeptics who think religion is silly but spread the same bs

>Girls who are saving themselves are too far out of their leagues.

abstinent women want worthwhile men, even if an incel fakes a personality to get one the mask will eventually drop and she will leave his ass, these women HATE egotistical delusional men, which is what these men are

No. 231663

No. 231664

File: 1519888433249.jpg (14.21 KB, 300x225, Mineta-351-300x225.jpg)

just with foreign men in general, plus so many movies and tv shows have parts where some foreign man comes to town and swoops away the prettiest girl from all the beta white orbiters, or like in inside out where when the moms western husband kept acting like a dumbass she would fantasize about the brazilian man she had romance with, it's hilarious, lets put these greasy gross western men in their place

not to mention irl a lot of foreign men consider western women a reward, I've seen foreign men write stories about how dating western women was a million times better than dating women from his country, these men actually take care of themselves instead of just running around and joking about how greasy they are and trying to make nasty ass dad bod a thing instead of working out and dieting

western men have zero self awareness and entitlement, get a handsome foreign man instead like I said
>6 yrs with qt fit middle eastern bf

No. 231666

The grass really is greener on the other side. Something about being in an interracial relationship probably gives you a placebo effect, or maybe you're just better able to appreciate someone "different" than you. Minority men tend to favor white women and minority women tend to favor white men, at least asians do. Maybe because they seem exotic to you, you'll think of them as a prize. Sounds like racism but I guess it is what it is.

No. 231667


I mostly just wanted to be funny and add onto >>231643 and make 'all women want Masai warriors' into a meme and then y'all went and put actual thought into your responses.

For real though all this macho masculinity bullshit and fear about seeming 'gay' has made a lot of men sloppy. There is literally nothing wrong with moisturizer and fashionable clothes. This is an area where incels and Redpill fucks are at a weird impasse, at least RP tells guys to not look so grody. Over all I think men's fashion is at a nice place right now but so many men are not getting the message even though male grooming and fashion is more accessible than ever.

No. 231668

File: 1519890801437.jpg (44.57 KB, 590x392, loveh.jpg)

I was in the relationship before I even learned about any of the interracial craziness and nitpicking people do

>minority women tend to favor white men, at least asians do

nope, sure there's some, but take a good look at wmaf relationships and you'll see my point, not to mention women of other races will call most white men ugly because they are

>Maybe because they seem exotic to you, you'll think of them as a prize.

his accent maybe, while he is arabian, he can easily pass for just some other american chad on the street, so the only thing foreign really was where he came from and his voice, I find foreign men value and care about women more than american men do, there's exceptions sure, but foreign men make better boyfriends overall compared to american men, they tend to be more tame as well, as in he won't scream gold digger if you don't sugar mama him, he doesn't assume and he isn't as entitled, he doesn't spend months whining about feminism for no reason, he doesnt spend hours on the internet, he doesnt have extremely high expectations for how I look or act, it's just better and happier overall

No. 231671

Do you really think the cultural environment is more at play than individual personalities?

Because if so damn that is sad. I'd like to think I could meet a sweet guy but if the cultural environment is that bad and overbearing it means its gonna be that much tougher to find one.

No. 231673

I lived in one of the Gulf States and men there are as equally messy and hateful as men in the West. There's not as big of a cultural gap as you think there is.

No. 231679

I'll admit the older ones can be misogynistic but younger ones tend to be more caring, protective and empathetic towards women

I guess it has a lot to do with I kinda expected arabian to be misogynistic and when I met tons and tons of sweet ones it was kinda shocking, where as you'd think men in an area were people are taught basic morals and feminism (was kinda) an idea widely accepted, at least to the point where if a man is being blantly misogynist its seen as wrong, then it wouldn't have as much misogynists right? Nope, men are crazier, raging, screeching and more delusional than ever but now they want to pretend to be victims to which makes it even more annoying and frustrating

No. 231680

>I guess it has a lot to do with I kinda expected arabian to be misogynistic and when I met tons and tons of sweet ones it was kinda shocking

Oh honey, they are just pretending to be sweet. I am guessing you are white, and arab men have a huge boner for white women and will act sweet and gentlemanly around them. The same man will beat his wife for not giving her sons, use her as a slave, and probably have non-muslim women on the side.

No. 231681

There's definitely a generational divide, but the younger generation of Arab guys I grew up with were misogynistic the way many men are in general–I definitely saw and heard derogatory comments about feminism/feminists, and a few straight up convinced women were less intelligent than men (one asked the dumbest question that my American white teacher never corrected that I still think about), but admittedly, I don't think anyone I knew by name would be posting on incel forums.

Also it was expected for groups of guys to follow girls around the malls, and they would straight up corner you and grope you (I think a lot of these guys were from segregated schools?). Like one mall was branded as the creeper mall up until another mall became the bigger attraction. They get really aggressive about western women especially, since they're considered "easy".

But yeah, if you're family friends or classmates, Arab men tend to be super protective and will act like your big brother. It's a really big difference from how I've interacted with Western men, who just don't respect boundaries or say something if someone insults you.

I don't want to lump an entire culture as being "good guys" (or "better guys" at bare minimum), especially when there's problems like domestic workers being assaulted and killed by male employers to less opportunities for my female classmates whereas their brothers could go out boozing and whoring and their parents will turn a blind eye.

No. 231682

Has anybody else kind of internalized all of the misogyny and talking points from redpillers/mgtow/everyday men? I just want to go back to how things were before I knew of all this shit. I hate myself so much now just for being female. Like I don’t even see the point in trying things anymore, I’ve lost interest in all of my hobbies because I just think I’m not good at them anyway because I’m a stupid woman. I was going to go back to school for another degree in the fall but I’ve lost all motivation to do that because I don’t even know if I have the intellectual capability for it. I just always think maybe I really am some worthless hole with no talent and no potential, so why should I even try? I doubt myself way more now that I’ve been constantly exposed to all of this shit. I feel as though it’s been beaten into my head so much that women are inferior and worthless that now I question whether they’re right, at least about me, and it angers me and disgusts me that I would even think that way for a second. Picture the most heinous and vitriolic shit you’ve read from men talking about women - the things that go through my head thinking about myself are even worse than that.

Has anybody else felt this way and somehow snapped themselves out of it? I’ve always had very low self esteem but this is something else. I very severely despise myself and doubt everything I do and think I’m worthless because I’m female. And maybe I am. I probably am, and it once again angers me that I even am self absorbed enough to think that I maybe have something to offer other than my body.

I know the first step would be to stop seeking these things out and stop visiting certain websites and whatnot. I have done that for a few months already, and it hasn’t helped. I mean you would really have to lock yourself up with no internet connection to avoid this shit - even mundane innocent areas of the internet are eventually infiltrated by the “all women are worthless whores” crew. It’s very hard to avoid. Plus men in my real life, particularly my dad, are raging misogynists. I can’t exactly avoid them.

I know this post makes me seem like a terrible piece of shit, and it’s mostly venting, but I really genuinely need advice from anyone who has gone through this. I know I’ve seen farmers talk about how they used to be like shoe and Lauren southern and then they snapped out of it. How do you get to that point? And please refrain from making fun of me for being weak minded, I know that I am. But this all hurts so fucking much and I can’t help that. I’ve tried to become numb to it and be confident and say that these men are full of shit and I’m capable of doing anything I want as long as I work my ass off for it, but it ends up being just a front. I can’t make myself believe that anymore. I hate every waking moment being a woman. I can’t stand the shit that goes on in my own head. I just want it to stop. It’s like I grew up and realized how much most people hate women and it completely fucked me up. It just feels hopeless all the time and I really need to find a way out of this.

No. 231684

I don't know what to say to help you because I've never been in your situation. Do you have any good male rolemodel in your life? I'm pretty sure all this bullshit about women being useless and dumb don't affect me because I grew up surrounded by very strong women and every single men in my life (dad, grandfather, uncles, family friends) were awesome and respectful they also never made me feel inferior for my gender. Even thought I was the only girl of my generation I never received preferential treatment, if there was some sort of physical job to do they would expect me to put in as much effort as the boys and it did me great in the long run, now misogyny DO hurt me, not personally but rather intellectually because I know I'm worthy and capable and I know I'm as smart if not smarter than most men. You need to be CONVINCED deep down that you are valuable, you are smart, you are capable not because or regardless of your gender but because of who you are as a person, don't let them reduce you to your womanhood.

No. 231685

>I hate myself so much now just for being female
I'm being 100% serious when I tell you that you need to take an actual break from the internet. Online there's MGTOW and alt-righters literally everywhere, but when you step back, you'll quickly realize these people are in the minority and don't really have any presence IRL. Misogynists group up on the gutters of the Internet because they'd be shunned IRL for being the bitter, loser virgins they are. With that being said, allow me to project for a bit and say that you probably have a subconscious feedback bias and absorb the negative shit you can relate to yourself instead of positivity. That's something taking a break from the internet can't fix. Try to inject more positivity into your life if at all possible. It's easy for negative thoughts to take over your psyche when nothing else is there.

No. 231686

You simply need to be brought back to reality, anon.

You think you shouldn't bother going for another degree because women are dumb? Women make up the majority of college students and statistically do better overall in school than men. Incel-tier types have a disproportionate amount of NEETS among them. Yet women are completely worthless and intellectually inferior to these types?

These kinds of men lack any kind of logic in their arguments and just blindly hate women no matter what we do. College educated? Well, you're a baby maker who belongs in the kitchen. Housewife raising children? Well, you're a gold digging leech draining your husband's resources.

And just look at the massive inconsistency in their worldviews
>women's role in society should be motherhood
>men are so oppressed because women get unfair custody preference!

>men should be the breadwinner of the household and women should be financially dependent on them

>women are gold digging whores who just care about money!

And the list goes on.

You are listening to men who hate women no matter what. You are listening to men who throw logic out the window when it comes to justifying their hatred of half the human population. You are listening to men who are disproportionately failures at life and have nothing to offer the world, so they shit on women because an unwarranted sense of superiority to half the population is all they have.

Think of human history. You'll notice a theme: men horribly fucking up society. You really think men are that great?

Ffs anon, Einstein straight up said women are better. Are you seriously going to take what a bunch of incels say to heart over Einstein?

No. 231689

Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, unfortunately I don’t have very many male role models in my life. I love my father but he is very much a “women are worthless aside from sandwiches and babies” type of person, and as I’ve gotten older he’s made no effort to hide that in front of me. Honestly hearing him say things like that hurts more than anything else.

I know that that is the most logical advice, but believe me I have tried. I barely use any kind of social spaces on the internet anymore, but it’s just too late. I already know those things are out there, I’ve already read the worst of the worst shit about women. I can’t get it out of my head. I know I said this in my original post but I just so desperately wish I could go back to a time when I was naive and had no idea people hated women so much and I was seen as worthless just because of something I was born as that I couldn’t choose. It’s a dumb thing to wish because it can’t happen…but I still do.

I know that most people who say those things are the incel types that you mentioned…but what about everyone else? These views have become way more accepted and widespread and it feels like I really can’t escape them now. Even normal and nice men I knew from college spew redpill shit and constantly shit on women. Like I said, even my fathers views wouldn’t be out of place on return of kings and he’s certainly not some NEET incel. I do get what you’re saying, and the internet has certainly been part of my problem, but honestly I encounter this shit in real life too and it’s terrible. I don’t know any men who see and treat women as equal human beings. I know a few who at least pretend to. It just seems like misogynists vastly outnumber people who don’t despise women for no reason.

I try to get away from these things because I know that even if I can’t unsee some of this shit, at least I won’t be exposing myself to more of it. But I can’t get away from it when it’s everywhere. And I don’t know what else to do aside from removing myself from the equation altogether. If I’m this miserable and I’m going nowhere in life because I’m not good enough I might as well.

No. 231692

Where do you live, anon?

I almost never hear misogynistic or redpill shit from grown men in my area. Most of them around here identify as feminist.

No. 231693

The sad reality of the world is that men are terrible and everything would be better if we put most of them in gas chambers.

I'm not kidding, men are inherently evil. Look at the way they treat women and even each other. The problem isn't us, it's them. They're violent, void of compassion or logic, and have god complexes even when they've done nothing to earn it.

Stop hating yourself and feeling inferior, you're directing it in the wrong place. Hate them instead.

No. 231694

I live in a decent sized city in the Southwest (US). Most men I've met fucking hate women and will reveal this if you talk to them for long enough. I mostly avoid men unless I have to deal with them at work because like I said, I'm trying to cut all this out of my life so I can feel better and be able to live with myself.

But that's the thing. I would never want to make someone else feel the way I feel right now. Despised and seen as inferior for something that they couldn't control. I COULD take all of my anger out on others instead of myself, but in the end that would be even worse. I agree that men are terrible, but I still could never treat them the way they treat women. It hurts that much. It definitely wouldn't solve my self hatred problem, because then I would hate myself for being such a hateful piece of shit.

I appreciate everybody's advice and responses, and I always welcome more. But I'm seeing more and more that there isn't much I can do. Misogyny will never go away and I'll probably always be oversensitive to it and start to believe those things about myself. I think it's just one of those things where you're either strong enough to handle it or it just becomes too much and you end yourself. Because you can't get rid of a problem that's this widespread and people are so deeply passionate about their hatred of women and express it any chance they get.

Just fuck it.

No. 231695

What do you guys think about apps like Tinder?
So many young men are on apps like that.

No. 231696

Honestly I prefer them trying to find dates in designated spaces than annoying women going about their day in the street.

No. 231699

Try to find a guy who at least have been socialized around girls consistently from a young age. There's a reason why the majority of the really misogynistic guys and MGTOWS and whatever are people who have never had a meaningful interaction with a woman in their life, while "chads" aka guys who are comfortable talking to women seem nicer. Maybe not just sisters (that's kind of a mixed bag), but like childhood female friendships or something. Also a healthy relationship with his mom, if possible. Or at the very least, just avoid men who have no relationships/interaction with women at all ever or have no healthy ones. Guys who have a lot of dude friends but never really had a female friend in prepubescence tend to be the worst IME.

Cultural environment does play a role, but ^ is kind of universal.

No. 231703

The funny part is men seem way more jealous of each other than women. White men are extremely jealous of black men which either leads them to worship them or hate them.

No. 231704

You would think this is a meme but it's actually true. I was out at the mall with these two obese neck beards and they were making fun of 10/10 black girls looks and saying "I'm not into that". Of course they only want prefect white and Asian women which is why they're still virgins lol they probably think it is because all women only want assholes.

No. 231705

Id also like to add white men are not jealous of black men because of things that are actually true, they're jealous of black men because of stereotypes white men created. They think all white women want to be raped by strong huge orc black men and they created the stereotype that black men are like this when in reality black men statistically are shorter and have more estrogen than white men. White men create all these standards and stereotypes then get buttt hurt when it comes back to bite them in the ass.

No. 231719

What do you guys think of Asian men? I’ve been annoyed because I’m not very attracted to white men, but Asian guys I’ve talked to have always been super whiny. I used to feel bad for them, but not anymore lmao

No. 231742

It wasn't muslim ones though, ofc hardcore Muslim men are going to be batshit crazy but keep in mind not every single middle eastern state is going to be muslim


My boyfriend isnt muslim but he did practice Catholicism growing up but isnt currently religious

No. 231744

What do you guys think about this?

Most studies like this are manipulated by neckbeards but however it does bother me when they use photoshop and plastic surgeried asian women to "prove" asians are cuter, obviously tons of asians can be naturally cute but why use ones who have had plastic surgery as representation and "proof"? It makes no sense especially since these seem men hate plastic surgery

No. 231746

>Southwest US
Well, that certainly explains why all the men you've encountered are shit-tier. Location plays a massive role in how much misogyny you're going to be exposed to. Southern US women will almost always be exposed to far more than those on the West Coast or especially in New England. I use to visit the South regularly and the culture there is appalling. I've lived in almost every New England state (except Maine and New Hampshire) and avoiding misogynists is incredibly easy for the most part. They exist, but they know to keep their mouths shut generally since they're in the minority of men around here. Also, it helps that most of the women don't put up with that shit or drink the Kool Aid like they do in the south.

No. 231747

>But that's the thing. I would never want to make someone else feel the way I feel right now. Despised and seen as inferior for something that they couldn't control.
That's the thing, though, they CAN control it. When men hate women it's simply for being women. When they try to justify it, it's all either reasons that aren't based at all in reality, or things that MEN made part of society. When women hate men, it's because of the horrible disgusting shit they've actually done for the entirety of human history.

Yeah, you shouldn't blindly hate anyone with a penis, but you absolutely should hate all the men responsible for making you feel this way. They CAN help their misogyny, they CAN help the horrible thugs they do/say, but instead they make women like you and others who can't handle it feel like worthless piles of shit that aren't capable of anything besides babies and male pleasure. So yeah, direct your hatred at then instead of yourself because they ARE awful and they ARE inferior. They are a plague on the world for their beliefs and behavior, while your only crime is having a fucking vagina.

No. 231749

Because men are too fucking retarded to be able to tell when a girl has clearly had work done. Even when she's from a country like South Korea where the majority of women in their 20's get it.

Ffs, Jessica Nigri still has a lot of fans convinced her tits are real. Need I say more?

No. 231753

Because men are in denial, they rather seem fucking retarded and blind than to admit that they changed their minds about plastic surgery being gross and undesirable

No. 231755

I made the mistake of going into the women's history tag trending on twitter. Just to see what people are saying, hopefully learn about some interesting women in history that I'm not familiar with.

Instead I see a bunch of sandwich and kitchen jokes and people asking why "these hoes get a whole month and men get nothing."

Just extremely dispirited. Even if they are jokes (they're joking but they really believe that), they couldn't just leave it alone and let people talk about great women in history? They HAVE to remind us how worthless they think we are, even now? Come the fuck on. Men are exhausting.

No. 231762

Because only white men are allowed to be prideful of their "contribution" to the planet
Women inspired and empowered by other great women in history? What about men you selfish bitches! "Lol muh ___ u stupid bitches men do everything for you and they can take it away and theres nothing you can do men did every thing the world would be nothing without men"
Black person empowered by other inspiration blacks? "Lol dumb 3rd world niggers we did everything have fun with your peanut butter"

For people who claim to hate feminism so much they sure are fueling the reason why feminism is needed today

No. 231763

I really enjoy watching those Gordon Ramsay clips on youtube, but whenever a woman is the owner and fucking up, the comments are "Feminists!", "Prove that women can't run a restaurnt/cook!", yet then it's a male they only attack him as an individual.
Sometimes the husband is only ordering the staff around yet everybody, even other women, blame the wife, saying she's the one responsible for him being burned out etc…

No. 231764

>"these hoes get a whole month and men get nothing."
Maybe because the vast majority of history taught is about men? Maybe because men have done everything they could historically to keep women secondary? For fuck's sake it's called HIStory, his-story. Even the fucking name is male-centric. Fucking idiots.

Yeah, because so many people don't see women as individuals. We are a hive of identical organisms. Men on the other hand are all unique snowflakes.

No. 231765

>>and men get nothing.
>me me mE MEE MEEEEE
Is History class not enough for these egotistical little spoilt brats?

No. 231766

Men ruined every thing
Anytime theres a woman involved with anything, unless shes a little girl, men nitpick, twist, stretch, lie, splerg, and whine about how its about them

Men act like feminism is ruining every thing yet theyre a million times more annoying, nonsensical, and obnoxious than the small wave of sjws ever were

No. 231768

Isn't that exactly the same as black history month?

>When is white history month?!?!

Every other day of the fucking year.

You'll see the same thing happen every time the person in question isn't male and white. Like terrorism, suddenly all muslims are supposed to speak out, but if a white guy shoots up a school because he didn't get laid it's all an individual's mental illness.

No. 231770

People white men don't like get generalized for their failures as "proof" anyone who isn't a white man can't do anything right and are worthless but all white men get asspats and put on thrones for what white men did centuries ago depsite the fact most white men nowadays have no morals,no respect, no self awareness and sit on their ass playing league and scratching their nuts all day and whining about womyn on yt and Twitter, they piggy back off of other white men but mock others who get inspired by others

No. 231771

It's because bigotry is the ultimate self-esteem boost

Failing at life? Well, you can always convince yourself you're superior to entire groups of people based on things people who share your race and gender did, as if it magically makes you any less worthless.

No. 231775

No. 231778

File: 1519950682102.jpg (28.33 KB, 400x274, wpid-tumblr-6.jpg)

also what's with this fuckhead who thinks everyone who talks about how normal, fully grown women, no matter how skinny they are, even if they're anorexic asians, aren't gonna have super small anime shoulders, that they're some landwhale fatty, tf kinda logic is that?

these are pretty narrow shoulders on an anorexic woman and even they aren't ~anime uwu~ shoulders, weebs need to stop living in fantasy land

No. 231779

wtf are anime shoulders? how can people be so deluded

No. 231780

File: 1519952659868.png (68.18 KB, 636x357, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.03…)

I can't even laugh at this dumb shit anymore. It's so frustrating, because you know they actually think this. It's just a joke to obscure how they really feel about women and how worthless society sees us as. And of course all the men in the replies are like "this is funny!!! I don't care who you are!11"

Of course you all think it's funny, dumbass, you don't have to CONSTANTLY hear "jokes" about how worthless and inferior and shitty you are aside from fucking and making sandwiches.

No. 231781

super impossible narrow and tiny with a small chest, sloped but not bony somehow with a long tiny neck

I know people think it's laughable and all that anime, porn, and instagram makes men have unrealistic expectations of women but men are proving that it does affect them negatively when it comes to relationships, not to mention it makes them less romantic which romance is one of the most enjoyable parts of being in a relationship

No. 231782

men have dull, overused and unoriginal jokes then turn around and scream how unfunny women are but shit their pants laughing over retards going up to groups of women and screaming sandwiches

No. 231783

File: 1519952825280.png (36.49 KB, 639x136, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.05…)

And here's another fucking asshole who, like always, has to jump in with the classic "men invented everything!11 Be grateful you worthless whores!1!"

Also whenever they spell it as 'sammiches' it makes me want to end myself. Sorry for overreacting but I've been dealing with bitchass men all day and now this. Like they always talk about how women don't contribute anything and have nothing important to say or do, but here's a little hashtag dedicated to important women in history and they still have to reduce us to sex objects and imply that those women STILL didn't accomplish enough. Like you claim women have contributed literally nothing, here's some proof that they have contributed shit, but oh wait that doesn't count for some reason because men are misogynistic pricks.

No. 231784


Is it 2007? Who the fuck still says this
It's especially weird since it's not coming from an invader zim obsessed XD random scene kid

No. 231785

and dudebro trailer park stoners, most men don't even find it funny, they literally only do it for the bandwagon and to annoy women and scream triggered when you say it's unoriginal and old

No. 231787

I think they do it because it's an easy way for them to express their misogyny outright and bond with other men over it but still be able to hide behind "it's just a joke!11" defense. Because yeah, it is technically just a joke. But we all also know that it's what men truly think of women. And that's why it sucks.

No. 231788

tbf "sammich" is a historical/regional pronunciation of "sandwich" (in the United States). I'm not sure when the usage became a meme, though I'm aware of it in general.

No. 231790

Am I the only one who hates "tuff female badass in modern movies" trope?

Like, I don't really think it's all that empowering to see some hollywood chick pretend to beat up bad guys on the screen. I'm no damsel in distress, but as average women, you or I will probably never have that kind of strength but it's just another standard men will hold you by.

>Oh you're not hot like Scarlet Johanssen?

>why didn't you just fight him like Black Widow would?

No. 231791

Yeah, it's stupid. It's like male writers saw the term 'strong female character' being thrown around and instead of trying to write actually interesting and developed female characters they thought they just had to make them physically strong. In the end those characters are still boring as fuck and usually end up as a boring love interest anyway.

No. 231792

I don't necessarily mind the characters but it's sheer delusion to think they're feminist. It's like they think the best way to give a female character value is to make her like a man, nevermind that it's something most women physically cannot achieve.

No. 231797

File: 1519960793521.gif (218.14 KB, 300x181, giphy.gif)

>browsing /soc/ in 2018

No. 231810

Theory: some crazy dicklet neckbeard larped as us to post the link to their thread here to scream fatty at everyone who pointed out the obvious, because once you think they cant get more delusional, they then do this

No. 231812

>over shoulders of all things
I didn't know not having 4 inch wide shoulders made someone fat
also jfk what makes someone some obnoxious fatty with bdd simply for pointing out anime shoulders are unattainable no matter how skinny someone is, is this the new thigh gap meme? you sound batshit crazy, if you aren't trolling seek help, literally, google your nearest behavioral hospital and turn yourself in

No. 231814

File: 1519966333830.gif (49.95 KB, 316x200, 200_s.gif)

Yeah I remember when I browsed /soc/…when I was 19.

>mfw all the delusional bickering about women's bodies when 90% of the men who lurk there can't even get an average girl

These are so embarrassing!

No. 231837

File: 1519994181184.jpg (324.32 KB, 1280x1920, 07 - aCzMMZ3.jpg)

Nuns are just maids for the priests, there is no escape for women anywhere.

No. 231839

File: 1519994504801.jpg (155.89 KB, 1009x781, Capture.JPG)

Anyone seen how men reacted to the recent news of 14 year old boy being a sexual harassment victim to a 26 year old female teacher?

Basically that woman was having sexual relations with the underage boy, sent him nudes and would pick him up for sex. She was also giving him marijuana.
Boy got uncomfortable and decided to tell his parents (while crying), who then called the police and the woman got arrested.

The thing about this is that every comment section I read about this is filled with angry men who are berating the victim. Saying shit like "I dreamed about this stuff when I was a kid and this little fag ruined his amazing luck. I hope he never gets to fuck in his life again"

Women on the other hand leave comments that express empathy for the victim's horrible situation.

Some male victims who went through similar abuse also commented and all say the similar thing: "It might feel "nice" at the beginning, but it fucks you up psychologically long term." Of course, they get berated in the comments too, being told that women they got sexually harassed by must've been ugly etc.

MRAs will always cry about "WHAT ABOUT MALE RAPE VICTIMS etc" and here you have it. Men themselves are berating other men who are victims of rape, while women show empathy.

No. 231840

?MRAs will always cry about "WHAT ABOUT MALE RAPE VICTIMS etc" and here you have it. Men themselves are berating other men who are victims of rape, while women show empathy.

like men, they constantly change their mind, one minute,"lucky faggot snitched and shit!!!" next minute "THIS IS OPPRESSIVE IF IT WAS A MAN HE WOULD HAVE LIFE IN PRISON (which is a flat out lie since most rapists walk away and if they do get in trouble it's barely a year, but whatever men need to tell themselves to prove how o so hard they have it)"

No. 231841

having narrow shoulders and a pencil turkey neck affects how romantic a guy is going to act towards me? wew lad. men need an anatomy class.

i'll stick to my otome

No. 231842

well not that exactly, but rather men will be too focused on looks and lust in a relationship than they will with romance and how happy they make each other

the op pic in the first thread is a good example of what I mean, they put more thought into if every single physical feature on their partner is perfect or not rather than you know, the most important parts of a relationship, and yet most men are ugly themselves but are willing to break up with a girl if she doesn't have big enough tits, obviously it's fine to want someone physically attractive but mens standards are ridiculous

No. 231845

File: 1520000981041.jpg (658.93 KB, 760x984, broodmother_angry.jpg)

No. 231846

The double standard when it comes to female and male teachers in these situations is one of the top things that men love to complain about, but then they're the ones shifting on the victim and saying he should feel "lucky".

They see women mostly as sex objects to the point where they will look down on boys taken advantage of by their teachers for not seeing how "lucky" they are. They see nothing wrong with these situations because they're "living every guy's fantasy". Yet they complain about another double standard that they're fucking creating. Ofc these situations are going to be taken less seriously when it's a female teacher when the general consensus from men is "where were all these horny teachers when I was a kid??? I would have killed to be him!"

When they complain about it, it's not because they want justice, it's because "much double standards!" I'm sure if it were up to most men, it would be legal for teachers to fuck any student in the freshman year or higher.

No. 231847

and what is the point of posting this?

No. 231848

Yet women are shallow if they prefer an attractive man over a hideous ogre 8 points beneath them.

Because women should like men strictly for their personality or be berated, but it's totally fine for men to only care about looks even to the point of shitting on women significantly more attractive than them over the stupidest shit.

No. 231860

Why do males like watching women get hurt by men?

No. 231865

They don't

No. 231873

The internet disproves that

No. 231878

I also wanna add this isn't cherry picked either, literally just about any place on the internet if a woman gets the shit beat out of her men are screaming and laughing in the comments and justifying it and screaming how it's equal

No. 231879

A few of the comments in this video are fucked up, too

No. 231882

That reminds me of the men I've seen ree-ing about feminism in videos about matriarchy in the animal kingdom or insect mating videos. I've never seen one without at least a hand full of triggered males in the comments, it's so embarassing.

No. 231883

ah, dropped my example. Just scroll for 2 seconds in the comments on this one and you'll see them

No. 231884

Help me spotting bad men. I have a learning disability but I still want love.

No. 231885

the only time they practice and support equality is when they get to beat the shit out of women or if attention isn't on them, hell men couldn't resist reeing in the comments and screaming inequality over shit they don't get "hur that's not a REAL truck this is gendered biased!!!" "dur if it were a man there would be no documentary, you want equality here it is!"

men like so are a perfect example of why feminism is needed in even the western world, men keeping this shit up we will revert back to victorian ages but worse, men now have this victim complex and use "HA WANNA BE TREATED LIKE A MAN WHORE?? HERE IT IS!!!" as an excuse to treat women horribly even if the man didn't know a single thing about if the woman is actually a feminist or not, men don't give a shit about making since, logic, and ethics, they thing just because they have a penis they're 100% right all the time no matter how retarded and ridiculous they sound, that's why us women actually have filters and want to make sense of what we say, men do not.

No. 231891

File: 1520019878697.png (230.96 KB, 1755x606, kill men.PNG)

Why are men such shitty people?

No. 231892

To men gender equality means being able to beat the shit out of a woman without consequences. It means being able to sit on a crowded bus while a pregnant woman has to stand. Men see the right to punch women as a human rights issue.
Men use equality as a way to justify violence against women. If women won't sumbit to men then men are free to attack women.

>Why do males like watching women get hurt by men?

Men bond over the abuse of women while the trauma of their victims is reduced to background noise. That's why in war men gang-rape women as a way to form camaraderie and brotherhood.

No. 231893


> "Anyone could molest you," the teen said, as he began crying.

Poor kid :( How can you not feel sympathy for him?

No. 231895

MRAs are such a fucking joke. They don't want men to have more rights, they just want to shit on women.
These men are incapable of empathy, they see others around them as either pawns to use in fulfilling their sexual fantasies or competition (other men)

No. 231897

Christ, it's painful reading such accurate truth bombs even amongst all the other truth in this thread.

No. 231902

red flag number one: they have a penis

jk, but basically if he goes on 4chan, ifunny or any other media that tends to be filled with neckbeards and most normal people don't use, spends time lurking youtube, league players, any chan really, uses online neckbeard jargon even if they pretend to be not like others, they are, it's better not to take a chance

listen to how he talks about women, if he calls them females (there are some exceptions, like if he is talking about them medically, or statistically, etc)
judging and nitpicking women constantly, talking about past lovers a lot, justifying when women get hurt for no reason, etc

No. 231906

Oh please. Men get off on it. They LOVE it.

Plus it's no coincidence that the only time men seem to be in favor of gender equality is when women get beat by men. Then they are diehard supporters of it.

No. 231912

In short the more normie they are the better

No. 231913

normie or chad, but there are the outlier crazies to avoid
pretend you're an employer looking to hire someone
you don't want someone with fucked experiences that wouldn't be reliable for long-term, however hiring someone with no experience is ok if they can prove they do the job right
with skills and whatnot, turn the other way if the expect you to do everything, men with no ambition are red flags (and no lurking neckbeards it's not because we are money hungry it's because no one wants to baby and financially support a man child who doesn't even have goals for life, even sugar mamas look to support ambitious men)

No. 231915

File: 1520029118769.png (362.41 KB, 695x912, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-14-42…)

No. 231916

File: 1520029152012.png (410.63 KB, 658x920, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-14-47…)


No. 231917

File: 1520029184495.png (358.05 KB, 697x925, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-14-52…)


No. 231922

I hope there will be fuck-robots soon so they can leave alone other people and stop wasting their time and giving them false hopes. This behaviour is truly disgusting.

No. 231924

File: 1520034771308.png (129.04 KB, 277x273, ..png)


Images involving murder should be spoilered anon
but seriously they make good points

No. 231938

File: 1520047180361.gif (2.23 MB, 480x270, 72fIwXW.gif)

>Your hurt feelings do not override my rightto say no.

I've been rejected before (he said I was too skinny for him, but in retrospect I guess he just really wasn't attracted for other reasons, which is fine) and while it hurt and I cried a bit, it still was his good right to say no to me. I didn't throw a tantrum about how "He should just give me a chance" or "But my character is so good" because you can't force attraction.

God I'm so happy I'm with someone who only uses the internet to look up recipes and watch TV shows on YT.

No. 231945

>exploits people
just say women you fucking coward
also, kys

No. 232011

Know what hurts a lot more than being rejected? Being made to feel like you're somehow wrong for not forcing yourself to be intimate with someone you don't want at all because "but their feelings!" Having it made clear that your feelings are seen as secondary to the man who wants you and the implication that he is entitled to you simply because he desires it.

So many people dismiss this behavior as harmless or even sweet (gag) but this type of shit is why so many women get verbally and/or physically attacked for rejecting men. This kind of mentality is what stalkers and even strangers use to justify their victimization of women for simply saying no. Because society has led them to believe they're entitled to any woman they want.

No. 232012

No one cares if you get to fuck or not. Especially not in this thread.

No. 232038

It isn't real and it never will be. It's your own fucking fault you can't get laid, you pathetic fag.

No. 232041

incels constantly discuss how they want to rape or inflict violence on women not to mention wanting to take away our human rights and freedom of choice.

You think we are gonna be nice towards you? Nope, gtfo you disgusting piece of shit.

No. 232043

>generalizing "all incels want to kill and rape women"
>calling somoene they never met a piece of shit because hes an incel

and you still think incels arent real.

No. 232044

it really is your fault. one of my best guy friends is unattractive but has a killer personality. very sweet, considerate, and empathetic, and he's had multiple girls that have asked to take his virginity/wanted to have sex with him, despite him being conventionally not attractive and him wanting to wait for the right person, because they're so emotionally drawn to him and find him cute as a result. you losers are fucking noxious though, and no one wants to suck off a noxious nancy. grow a personality and a conscience and you'll see how people actually grow to like you when you're not a pile of literal shit.

No. 232047

File: 1520117605112.gif (2.01 MB, 275x202, 1510046640682.gif)


Just hire a sex worker if you thinking putting your peen inside a pussy is something worth of indentifying your entire personality upon then?

No. 232049

If you weren't a piece of shit, you wouldn't be an incel. Stop whining and neck yourself.

No. 232064

Genuinely curious, do you have many male friends IRL? If not, then why do you think women will stand you if your men can't stand you?

Anyways, as an immigrant in U.S with a heavy accent, what I get asked a lot by random guys, is that if I am here alone. I know it could just be an innocent question, but coming from a stranger it's super weird.

No. 232096


>Syrian refugee residing in Germany took to Facebook Live immediately after killing his wife

>Abu Marwan said that his actions were a message to all women who irritate their husbands saying “this is how you’ll end.”
>the man and his son urged viewers to share the video
>frequently asked his ex-wife for money

And the bonus is, that it's apperantly not only his fault, but also of all western women who voted for this (according to some male commenters)

No. 232097

Sage for samefag, but i forgot to add that of course the arabian fb users, 'celebrated' him

No. 232099

Finished watching this episode of the "Undatables" which features a woman who had a stroke at the tender age of 18 and developed aphasia, and I'm greeted with multiple comments about "How she's the perfect woman, because she's good-looking, won't talk and just take the "D"".

FFS, that's all they consider us good for, isnt it?

No. 232100

You must have some special settings enabled since for me that comment is buried at around 50th place with just 10 likes.

Also this is pretty much only mean spirited comment I saw.

No. 232106

First time I heard of this, checked Google and apparently German mainstream media are completely omitting the Facebook aspect. Can only read about that on right-wing pages, that if they even show concern for women's safety go for the whole #120db angle

No. 232110

If women are rejected then they just need to accept they're ugly and worthless and get over it but if men are rejected the woman is a selfish bitch who isn't giving good men a chance

No. 232116

That's a specific one, but I've saw a few comments proclaiming her to be perfect wife material, because she can't talk back. It's just exhausting, because I'd read comments like that from men over and over, again.

No. 232127

So I reread those comments and yes you are technically correct. I managed to find two more expressing similar sentiment.

But if I weren't actively looking I doubt I would find any. So question is why are you actively looking for those types of comments?

No. 232187

typical men, can't find any reason to prove women today of being all gold diggers so they make shit up

No. 232191

How can I complain about all men unless I actively look for things to complain about? Don't you know how this works?

No. 232195

unless you mean "looking for" by turning on the tv, youtube, computer or walking outside then no

No. 232201

Why are guys so interested in anal? Does anyone even enjoy getting fucked in the ass?

No. 232215

Because they see it in porn and they see it as an achievement to guilt a girl into it. Mostly.

No. 232219

now they're obsessed with fucking them dry, not realizing it hurts them and the woman, but all they wanna do is hurt women sadly, to the point where they run around screaming about how masochism is so hot and feminine and all girls should be masochists but also use masochism to justify rape and abuse

anal is partly men jumping on the porn band wagon mindlessly like a dumbass thinking anal is just like normal sex, the other part likes hurting women

the women who do like anal, the ones who genuinely like it not the ones who conditioned themselves to like it so they can appeal to men, they need to prepare, enema, washing, etc and men are dumbass who think womens buttholes are gonna be washed and not filled with shit at all times, the reality of "surprise buttsex" is getting shit all over your dick and having to end early, even then there's still a chance of getting shit on their dick, but men believe either women don't shit or women's buttholes are magically and somehow stop producing shit when they fuck

once I even saw a guy say "if the woman is clean there should be no problem" like no amount of showers or scrubbing your asshole will stop digestion
or maybe they're doing this because they know anal can get messy and they want women to feel like shit and dirty for not being a literal sex doll, who knows

No. 232241

I don't think it's just plastic surgery because a lot of white women get plastic surgery and don't look like that. I think a lot of Asian celebrities are more neotenous because most of them actually are underaged….which means mean are comparing teenage girls to Hollywood celebrities in their 40s, which makes them think Asian women look younger and cuter.

No. 232258

You're joking right? Have you seen the ps rates there?not to mention underage kids have it all the time, they look fake too, you really think they all have paper white skin, v lines, big tapered eyes, straight western nosed all because theyre young and no other reason?

No. 232312

File: 1520288908017.jpg (69.82 KB, 612x613, genvenge.jpg)

Reminder that men and their handmaidens will soon cause nuclear war, 'cause the US and Russia are playing nuclear chicken again.
I fucking hate this shitty male-dominated society. Nothing will ever be okay and it's all because men and their female enablers get off on power.

No. 232318

File: 1520291473484.png (176.75 KB, 727x627, Capture.PNG)

No. 232324

I enjoy anal. Kissless virgin here so it's not like I had a boyfriend coax me into it or anything. I had a bad experience with tampons when I first started my periods and that scared me for a while to have anything shoved up my vagina. I guess I just got used to anal masturbation because now I enjoy anal stimulation more than vaginal.

It's a bit safer to wash a bit if you want to be squeaky clean, but honestly, the rectum is not filled with shit 24/7. Unless you have digestive problems, you're pretty clean right after having bowel movements. It's only when your feces accumulate up to a certain threshold that it enters the lower portion where the penetration occurs, so just don't eat a huge meal right before and know your bowel movement schedule and you should be okay.

No. 232330

I know it's late, sorry, but am I the only one who notices that if a female teacher goes after a student she's usually in the 20-25 age range and going after a boy in the 16-18 range? When the situation is reversed, it's a 64 year old male teacher going after his 6 year old students. I'm not saying it's excusable or acceptable if it's a female teacher on a male student, but I see news like this every day in my email and noted a trend.

No. 232333

I use to be the same, but you sound like a bot roleplaying

>so just don't eat a huge meal right before and know your bowel movement schedule and you should be okay.

again, shit never stops moving, you can not eat for days, douche thoroughly and still get shit on the dick, I'm assuming you've only used small objects and put them in the right position where as most men will slam right into your intestine wall, not very pleasurable, shit never stops moving through your body and no matter how hard you try there is still a large chance of getting shit on the dick, just look at porn bloopers
these women take pills to slow bowlments, douche for an hour, and clean but sometimes shit still comes out, it's just life, if you put your dick in place shit comes out of guess what you might get shit on your dick, but I'm assuming because you're a ~teehee kissless virgin who only cums from anal and too tight for vaginal cx~ you should at least know basic human anatomy

No. 232334

I think you called it.
>Kissless virgin who loves anal but is scared of vaginal penetration
…doesn't really add up.

No. 232347

>only used small objects and put them in the right position
This is probably true since I usually just use fingers. On occasions where I used something longer, it still comes out clean though. I'm not saying that no shit will get on the dick ever, but that it's not full of shit like you're seeming to imply.

Also, I would assume that both ramming right into the intestines and ramming right into the vaginal walls are more or less equally not very pleasurable.

Why not? I don't really care if you believe that I'm a real person or not, but is it that improbable to you that someone would prefer anal over vaginal penetration?

No. 232349

well no shit, obviously just sticking it barely in there it will come out clean and feel nice but anal is a whole different story

> but that it's not full of shit like you're seeming to imply.

the places we shit from aren't full of shit apparently, what's next, are our mouths not filled with saliva?

> but is it that improbable to you that someone would prefer anal over vaginal penetration?

no I know attention whores who lurk 4chan too much and now want neckbeard dick exist, you can make claims but the gspot and clit is made specifically for pleasure, you may have issues or whatever but it is a biological fact vaginal is more likely to cause orgasm than anal, you have issues or at least claim to, on top of all that you're claiming to be some kissless virgin who hates vaginal and loves anal but doesn't understand how anal works, which smells like roleplaying neckbeard

No. 232351

>is it that improbable to you that someone would prefer anal over vaginal penetration?
Yes. You have one part of your body that's literally meant to feel good, expand and lubricate and that's self-cleaning, and it's not the part of the body you shit out of.

No. 232353

It sounds like a teenage boy who thinks they're a girl, or a 2EdGY4U 4chan reader, but nevertheless they are defying science and logic with what they've written.

No. 232358

I mean not to butt into your argument, but the rectum isn't usually filled with shit unless you are about to take a shit.

No. 232372

well no but obviously sticking things in there, all the while bowls are moving you'll get shit on your dick,no just sticking your finger a few inches in your rectum wont do anything, but having a dick hit your cervix from your ass in your intestine will cause shit to get on it, im not saying someones ass is filled with shit the second they go a few inches in

No. 232379

Anal is fucking disgusting. Thank fucking God my bf shares my opinion and isn't obsessed with assholes. I'd never do it.

No. 232380

File: 1520331487485.jpg (299.59 KB, 2000x2000, blonde.jpg)

>Having a dick hit your cervix from your ass in your intestine

No. 232381

Stop derailing.

No. 232384

File: 1520332023866.png (165.45 KB, 711x453, idiot.png)

Here, maybe this may count as a bit of humour as we can laugh at how pathetic this guy is (sorry the image is a blurry thats just how it is)

No. 232403

File: 1520347877380.jpg (51.99 KB, 600x372, EtQAnAl.jpg)

Better quality version. And holy shit he seems straight out of his first visit on returnofkings

No. 232405

What the fuck did I just read

No. 232407

what the fuck even?
>stop streaming, send me nudes, be my gf because it's such an honor to play with me and I'll maybe buy you a lootbox

No. 232408

File: 1520352207078.gif (4.18 MB, 480x360, giphy (11)(1).gif)

where do men like this come from

No. 232418

File: 1520359298399.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, tumblr_msgca1t0Wu1rqwhzro1_400…)

they think it's sexy to be a complete jackass because they read on /theredpill/ that an instant pantysoaker is "dominance". reminds me of this guy.

No. 232424

File: 1520361251041.jpg (1.2 MB, 961x1353, WhatPercentageOfViolenceIsComm…)

sounds pretty accurate

No. 232435

File: 1520363003562.png (151.24 KB, 421x500, 1510989331158.png)

This has to be a joke
>I think that it's great you're one of the top mercy's!
>but if you played a skillful hero like genji or widow maker you wouldn't be 4th, also know your place ,don't talk to other guys and send me nudes
Back handed compliments are my fave

No. 232436

>like doing my makeup because pretty colors are fun and I grew up watching a combination of classic movies and scifi stuff
>Notice with my new job (which deals with the public) I've been getting a lot more men making creepy comments when I'm wearing makeup, even a natural look
>Certain women, especially older feminists, also treat me like garbage because of it and the fact that I wear a lot of dresses
>They say it's because it gives into what men want or whatever
>Hard to argue with them because of the amount of men who think it's okay to harass and abuse me because I dress "femininely" (idk if I even can say that now without offending someone)

I hate this. I don't blame women for being hostile or hating me for my aesthetic choices, because men have fucking ruined that for them as well as I. They'll only be happy when we're all literally in burkas, chained to the kitchen.

I don't even dress in a way that could be considered skimpy (not that there's anything wrong with that) but apparently just wearing a knee-length skirt is an invitation to attempt an upskirt shot if you're a man, or worse.

No. 232437

Yup :( I've got a ton of cute dresses and skirts I don't wear…mostly because if and when I do, it's guaranteed problems.

No. 232438

This. I feel a very real difference in how men look at me when I'm wearing a dress instead of jeans.
It's very unsettling. I never get these looks when in tee-shirt/jeans and I have pretty stumpy legs. It's not like it's an incredible sight yet I feel all the leering and it's fucking disgusting.

No. 232445

Yee, I have similar problems, I live in a town where people like wearing pajamas and shitty workout clothes everywhere and anything except for formal events, the nicest you'd see someone dress is in jeans, and I get soooo many stares and people treating me oddly because of this, even when its just a simple skater dress, like sorry I like looking nice

No. 232446


I know it's a man hating thread but has anyone ever found it weird that certain women (especially Butch women) will only take a woman seriously if she basically emulates a man in dress and attitude? Men, meanwhile, have a weird "I hate them but I want to fuck them" attitude about tomboys/Butch women/etc.

To me, it feels as though every single aspect of one's life needs to be done in a "masculine" way or you aren't taken seriously/respected. That really pisses me off.

No. 232447

Ik i already posted this in the mental illness thread but it still brings up my point
Military men playing victim, they get away with shit so easily but still turn around and screech about how no one cares about them when they have all thr privleges in the world but god forbid someone they abuse speak up about it what a bitch right

No. 232449

yes lesbian can be some of the strongest woman hater sadly.

No. 232450

I wasn't. It's just really sobering that instead of wondering how she manages to cope with such a frustrating and debilitating condition, there first thought is how perfect a woman she is, because I won't be able to hear her voice. There's another woman on the program with dwarfism, who is weary of men, because they come up to her and state she's "The perfect size for a blowjob". No empathy. And, it's not just that video, I've heard sentiments from men like that before.

Seriously. You don't have to look far.

No. 232451

their they

No. 232452

And as expected the comments are disgusting…
The women speaks out - Yeah, we're all sooo terrible; it's also you're fault that the marriage failed etc.

No. 232453

Yep. Femininity in both men and women from all sides are looked down upon.

(Explains why Feminism is called /Fem/inism)

No. 232454

Military men, the younger ones at least, you'd think have thicker skin but the ones in the comments are the biggest babies in the world, we're apparantly supposed to let husband beat the everloving shit out of us and not do anytbing because hes a big tough military men and they dont get anything besides you know the millions of programs that help veterans and console them

Most of them never even seen combat but use their "ptsd" as an excuse to get away with anything, they want the world to revolve around them as if america sucking their dick wasn't enough, also notice how its only americans to, rarely any other soldiers from other countries act this obnoxious

No. 232461

I thought nowadays there is no conscription anymore in most of the world and boys only shoot guns on their playstations.

No. 232462

It seems sex these days just means "do everything to make the woman uncomfortable and her ability to pretend to enjoy it means she's good at sex"

No. 232463


A nice glimpse into our future as women I guess. I'm really paranoid about this shit taking hold in America. It really feels like we're on the cusp of something extremely threatening.

Not that I could even afford to leave if I wanted to, but is there any country that isn't starting to give way to batshit crazy far right ideals?

No. 232466

Rape is never going to be okay, because no matter what the internet would have you believe, not nearly all men are that deranged.

No. 232467

I'm so fucking tired of dealing with asian dudes. I swear I have to deal with way less bullshit when dealing with non-asian men.
They can deny it, but they're much more patriarchal than the average western man. They go on and on about how they're standing up to white supremacy, but their whole "movement" is still a boys' club where women are sidelined without any thought.

No. 232471

There are enough men that hate women that could make this a possibility if they ever come into any sort of power. It doesn't have to be all men.

I mean listen to this shit. These are growing sentiments among young men. And this IS the eventual consequence of talking points like "all women are whores" and "women are emotional children who need men to guide them" and "women shouldn't be in any sphere outside the home." This is what it ends up in - dehumanizing women to the point where our wellbeing no longer matters and our rights are eroded. Not all men will literally rape women, but most of them won't give enough of a shit to put a stop to shit like this. It doesn't harm them, it only harms those worthless whores that they hate so much, so why would they lift a finger?

No. 232472

They still have female family members.

No. 232473

literally every rapist in history had female family members

No. 232474

I mean that the average non-rapist man won't like seeing his family members getting raped.

No. 232476

Funny how it has to happen to a family member for them to be disgusted by it at all. And yet we still want to believe that men don't fucking hate women and only pretend to care about shit like this?

Anyway, if you listen to the clip again, it sounds like women with male family members will be fine. As long as they are the "property" of a man, either their father or their husband, they won't be raped. Only those worthless whores who aren't in relationships and dare to work outside the home and dedicate their time to something other than child rearing and getting slapped around by their misogynist husbands. So the average non rapist man has nothing to be outraged about, and would not be horrified by a society that runs that way.

No. 232478

>the average non-rapist man won't like seeing his family members getting raped.
what you actually mean is that the "average nonrapist man" won't like seeing his property being damaged by other men.

men only care about women insofar as they 'belong' to him, and he has full control over what they do and what they are. please don't fall for men who pretend to care about the actual victim and what rape does to her. they only care that some other man thought he could disrespect him by fucking with what he views as his and only his. Like a fucking kept animal.

No. 232479

What you said is sad but it's true.

No. 232491

I'll eat the ban. Yes, we exist. There's just an overrepresentation of the ``muh submissive uber feminine housewife,, types because there is more to say about them. What could you really say about someone who just preferred asian aesthetics over his own race's anyway? It's pretty much always going to be the first two panels in your image.

No. 232495

it's not so much about muh aesthetics rather than plain ol lies, also most of them have delusions
of what asian women look like, as in posting kpop stars who have been under the knife to hell and back and claiming its ~peak femininity~ then turning around and calling all non asian women ugly and manly, if it really was the first two panels there wouldn't be a problem with men splurging straight up delusions and always putting asian women against white women
also it's not really fair to claim one race is more attractive, most mentally stable men can see beauty in all races, not just pick one solely from what they see on the internet rather than irl, as a hapa it's not fair, it's hard finding mentally stable men who are level minded about their attractions with realistic views

No. 232498

File: 1520381696516.jpg (1.7 MB, 1600x2400, 1520378591475.jpg)

this is what men actually believe

No. 232516

No one has a problem with just liking asian features, the post was about the fact that most people who are attracted to asians are either
A)yellow fever autists with delusions set by 4chan
B) ones that have only seen asians that have been shooped and had plastic surgery and now have a superiority complex over them

Not to mention most asian features arent really exclusive to just asians. So there's no point in acting like it does, hence why a lot of native americans, latinas, islanders, etc get mistaken for asians, I just dont see the need to group it together, even tons of white women like bjork are mistaken for asian, being attracted to features isn't a problem but the delusion most of them have is

No. 232522

A reasonable, non-hostile man in the thread? Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

No. 232526

Then why even post if you didn't understand? Tons of islanders have asian features, almost all, obviously when people hear you have a preference for asians, thanks to 4chan, they're going to assume delusion and sterotypes

If you are genuinely attracted to asian features just say "oh i like monolids" or " i like straight black hair" or whatever it is you like, not to sound pc or anything but it is kinda dumb to say you have a preference for asians, which in most peoples heads they will think of creepy, yumi king husband type of men and it makes it sound like you rather location than actual features so it will make people who arent asian but do have features you claim to be attracted to feel belittled if they do happen to get in a relationship with you

And not to sound like im projecting but say, a girl who has "asian features" overhears you say you prefer asians but she is an islander or latina, eventually you get in a relationship with this girl and it will negatively impact the relationship, like if i were to say "i prefer arab men" but what i meant was i like hairyness, tan skin, and deep voices and black hair, i get in a relationship with a guy who has these things but isnt arab, but in his mind he thinks i have a soft spot for arab men rather than features he has, he's always gonna be on edge thinking he isnt enough because of his race, its just better to state features youre attracted to then grouping a race and claiming to have a preference for a race when you really mean certain features

No. 232527

Yes, I hate the pressure for women to like sadomasochistic kink shit lest they be a boring vanilla prude or whatever. Nothing has ever turned me off more than when my ex tried to dominate me, but I ignored that at the time because I thought that was to be expected. Really I just hate being dominated. I hate power imbalances. Conversely, why would I ever want to hurt my partner? That just sounds lame af. I hate having this shit pushed on me like I need to accept abuse in my sex life.

>anal is partly men jumping on the porn band wagon mindlessly like a dumbass thinking anal is just like normal sex

They 100% got their impression of anal sex from porn. What they see are the selectively edited clips but they missed out on the porn actress doing dozens of enemas the morning of the scene so that the dick comes out clean on camera.

No. 232529

Fuck off. This place isn't for men.

No. 232530

>its easier to say asian features
Then what? The only reason why i think you'd be talking about who youre attracted to are when people ask or whatever, most people just list out what they like, no need to group it into one race, it gives the wrong message and can negatively impact relationships just because youre to lazy to say more than a few words, unless youre a yellow fever hiding behind "oh im just attracted to asian features"

>pc when you deliberately misinterpret what i say so you can be offended.

Kek, yeah, go back to 4chan, I didnt "deliberately misinterpret" anything, you did when you replied to the comic
Someone saying they have a preference for asians has negative connotations behind it, not to mention it can negative impact relationships, if you can't spend a few seconds out of your day to not be a retard then you deserve to have future relationships damaged

>if i heard a woman i was dating say "i prefer [place where people generally share features i have but i am not from] men" in the context of purely physical attraction i would not assume she exclusively prefers men from that location because it makes no sense…

Then you'd be retarded, not everyone has your mindset and considering what most yellow fevers say, they act as if they want a fucking dna test from the woman before they can start dating her, the world doesn't revolve around your thought. And most people dont think like you (or at least the way you claim to think)
Most racial fetists will throw a hissyfit if they find out someone who they thought was of the race they are attracted to isnt, this is nothing new, just avoid all that by talking about what features like like instead of grouping a race as a whole and claiming you have a preference for them

No. 232532

This incel robot keeps traveling from thread to thread and acting like a pants shitter. Please leave, kthx

No. 232533

Give it up, dude.

No. 232534

1 that wasnt me
2 i already explained myself, it can have negative impacts on future relationships and is pretty much racial fetishizing, whether you like it or not

No. 232536

we hate bad ones which sadly is most men on the planet, yes including mras, mgtows but also crazy muslim misogynists and stuff like that

No. 232538

>not really worth addressing your post if you're going to continue doing this and calling the mods
hiding behind the excuse and claiming "I'm calling mods" when I never even mentioned it
resorting to saying I'm triggered just for thinking that fetishizing a race is wrong, has negative connotation, can be taken the wrong way and used to hide yellow fever autistic intentions as well as negatively impacting future relationships, which it does doesn't mean "I'm triggered"
no not everyone who calls you out is a big meenie triggered feminazi

No. 232541

>i never called you a feminazi just like i never said "i have a preference for asians."
you were using memes, so I did to
and you never said it but come on, you really think I would believe you never said anything like it if you're that offended over the comic that had nothing to do with what you meant?

>but i'm unsure how that relates to me because i don't do it.

then why defend it?

>your entire issue is that i said "asian features" to be concise instead of "monolids, olive skin, jet black straight hair, relatively smaller stature, etc" in response to "is anyone that actually finds asians attractive mentally stable?!"

you realize those features range from anyone to mediterranean women, islanders, natives, and most latinas which is why it's dumb af to only include asians in your preference even if you claim "w-well I actually mean this"
If you find those features attractive and aren't hiding behind "IT'S JUST PREFERENCE!" then you'd recognize all the races that do have them, not just one

>in response to "is anyone that actually finds asians attractive mentally stable?!"

well you proved my point further anyway, and I meant men who are attracted to only asians, they tend to be very unstable

>again, why does the term trigger you so much?

rolls eyes it doesn't, for the last time, I just think it's wrong to group up features as shared by a fuck ton of other races as well at the fact asian fetishizing is a thing and it's better to avoid it whole, claiming the features you claim to be attracted to are asian is racial fetishizing, just like the arab man example I used, if I ran around calling anything I find attractive to be "Arab features" when in reality shit tons of other races have it, it's just dumb and can negatively impact relationships as well as come off the wrong way, I said this several several times
having to repeat myself because you're too lazy read and understand triggers me, no not the words "asian features" trigger me like you're trying to push and twist so much

No. 232544

nah, he is too muscular

No. 232547

>i was addressing the question in the post.
and you misunderstood so it's pointless
>i'm not? fetishizing a race as demure sluts for white cock is retarded. i've said this already.
I never said that's what your defending not to mention a lot of men who will go on 4chin and scream about how their asian gf loves their white cock hide behind "it's just a preference"
>it was used for convenience. in one of the deleted posts i addressed this.
the convenience for what? just because you can't be asked to type more than one word? I assume the only time you're talking about features you like are when asked, correct? so of course you can list out any features instead of making everyone believe you only find asians attractive and claiming attractive features are "Asian" which is as dumb as saying the only x women can be attractive has y features, it just comes off as saying only one race can be attractive, even if you "didn't mean" it, it comes off as that beauty standards revolve around race

>so you're upset because you think i said something that i didn't say and because if for some inconceivable reason i decided to discuss this in public i could upset a native American with monolids and black hair?

that makes no sense, I was talking about what most yellow fevers are like, what you said had nothing at all to do with anything I said, either you're reading the wrong post or are delusional, maybe both
> that's nice, but i really don't care about this imaginary person and i certainly don't care about you being upset by something i literally never said.
jesus, I'd assume you'd know what an example is, did you drop out of elementary? this is basic stuff

No. 232548

Lol such bullshit, on every site that has mainly men on it there are loads of threads based on rating women, how often do you see women sit and rate men? Men cry if they hear their female friends talk about what they're not attracted too, well try fucking hearing that EVERYWHERE and 24/7.

No. 232550

>and not whatever backpedaling nonsense you made up later.
you misunderstood, and most guys who are attracted to asians aren't mentally stable about it, you're one of them, but given most men aren't stable and get influenced easily in general so I doubt they're gonna be stable about women they're attracted to and finding an asian woman attractive without bringing stereotypical yellow fever stuff into it

No. 232552

kek, get a real defense