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No. 279732

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

previous threads:

No. 279737

That OP image actually makes me want to get sick. How can men become so desensitised that they think something like this is okay? Why do they think that their sexual urges are above the life of another being and her offspring? Just an innocent creature trying to live her life and she never got to see her babies. I'm fucking tearing up, men are literally inhuman.

No. 279740

Men and boys should be given a curphew. They should not be allowed out late at night and without a guardian.

Wow must've been those criminal Chads women love so much

No. 279742

Men being heinously cruel and uncaring about others is so normal I barely even register it, but it's still shocking that they're so animalistic and sex driven that they'll fuck absolutely ANYTHING. And they dare turn around and call us sluts for not being virgins, like the relatively few times we deign to have sex are such character destroying occurrences. Meanwhile they are so completely devoid of standards they will even fuck animals. Disgusting.

No. 279780

Sure are a lot of sandy vagina’s around here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279786

File: 1534171041635.png (127.78 KB, 480x692, Screenshot_20180813-173159.png)

No. 279789

File: 1534171991532.jpg (211.03 KB, 1237x1170, swedishnews.jpg)

Remember ladies, do not reply to bait or trolls, let's not repeat last threads mistakes.

Here is another article worth posting. Men enraged over women's body hair in the country known most " feminist ". Funny how men claim it's basic hygiene to shave FEMALE body hair, yet men do not regularly do this. As if a woman's hairy legs are any different from a man's. Does that mean going by this logic, men are filthy for being hairy? Dirtiest people on the planet are men?

No. 279790

A woman's hairy legs actually are different from a man's in that the hair is usually much finer, lighter, cleaner, and there's much less of it.

>Dirtiest people on the planet are men?

Why'd you put a question mark at the end of this? This is true. Men are fucking filthy.

No. 279793

that's not even true though. it varies greatly by race but it really depends on the person.

No. 279794

File: 1534173412185.jpg (163.82 KB, 749x363, pleaseladies.jpg)

No. 279795

Don't porn stars often have high t boyfriends and husbands? So much for "anyone who dates a woman who has has sexual experience with anyone other than me is a low t beta cuck!!!"

This dude is super insecure, then again I've noticed any dude obsessing over if other men are manly or not are often low-t betas themselves. They sound so butthurt over the fact women are having sex with men who aren't them

No. 279796

If only men were as grossed out by rape, pedophilia and bestiality as they are with womens body hair and feminism

No. 279807

Not really. Some italians and girls with pcos might be as hairy as a man who isn't particularly hairy, but normal women aren't.

Unless you were talking about the males being filthy thing. No debating that.

No. 279808

Im Italian with pcos and my hair isn't bad, its thin and fine and my body hair doesn't grow fast

No. 279819

Great graphic :-)

Why do men possess such little self control?

No. 279820


A rich person who cannot read.
t. Urban Dictionary

What did he mean by this?

No. 279830

File: 1534179615524.png (953.58 KB, 1440x2464, lmgdvbnhdvf11.png)

>OMG men are horrible criminals!
>I can't stop fucking them though teehee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279832

Right? Why is it a big surprise that sociopaths are manipulating women? They can smell gullibility and naïveté a mile away and know just how to exploit it. Some of these men already have a long history of pimping and conning. These aren’t love stories, these are men manipulating women so they can break the law behind bars or get privileges.

I feel for any woman that has to work in corrections.

No. 279833

No. 279834

>a man is literally sitting behind bars with a criminal record in front of your eyes
>still let yourself be conned
wew lad

No. 279836

>I didn't know he was a bad person! How could I know? He manipulated me! I am the victim here!

No. 279841

they call women 'feminoids'. foid is short for that

No. 279858

Remember, anon, it's always the woman's fault! Not the men doing the manipulating, no, poor babies. The problem is the women being manipulated, just like the problem is the women being raped and beaten and killed, the roasties.

>male logic

No. 279864

File: 1534187457790.jpg (108.09 KB, 653x645, g8_ylYLZ7OAGqHH1P6vylCCH1t024u…)

>you can't blame women for fucking prison inmates! They're victims!(bait)

No. 279867

What's your point? Women are human beings who make bad decisions, and??? Meanwhile, male prison guards rape female inmates

No. 279871

Please don’t respond to obvious bait.
These discussions are for ourselves. This isn’t a debate, this is a man-hate thread.

(I won’t be taking any replies thank you)

No. 279872

I guess some men lurkers were offended in the last thread about how a lot of men are writing to female prisoners and are trying to turn the tables.

No. 279873

>freeing a child rapist is just a "bad decision"

No. 279874

File: 1534187983334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43 KB, 400x485, 876543.jpg)

For all the scrotoids who keep shitting up the threads

No. 279879

Question mark was not intentional, my bad.

No. 279940

File: 1534199258749.png (999.3 KB, 1216x1314, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 6.03…)

Men are so pathetic.

No. 279941

File: 1534199671061.png (701.89 KB, 1062x1312, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 6.03…)

No. 279958

File: 1534204224439.png (215.41 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20180814-014832~4.p…)

No. 279963

That seems like a whole new type of low. Men never cease to amaze me with their depravity and selfishness.

No. 280001

..but why a suicide hotline.. the fuck is wrong with men. What goes through their mind when doing that jfc.

No. 280009

File: 1534212636730.jpg (303 KB, 720x1156, 20180813_185814.jpg)

I was on Twitter a few days ago and saw this guy's comment in response to a video about child marriage. The girl in the video is 15 y/o and from India IIRC. If you needed a reminder of why men's opinions on women's issues mean less than absolute dog shit here it is. Reminds of Western men saying shit like
>hurr stop talking about sexual harrasment when women in 3rd world countries are actually being oppressed!!!11!!
Yeah, nah. Men will disparage any issue women face whether truly big or small. Stop listening to these idiots. Their opinions on your life mean nothing. They are only worried about their own agenda.

No. 280044

I just looked it up and he gets worse in his explanations.

And if anyone’s wondering, it’s about a 15 year old girl and a 73 year old man. I would gag. Poor girl, how is that a safer option (per that idiot in the photo).

No. 280046

File: 1534217839898.jpeg (190.21 KB, 1300x866, 7E90CF0B-9BFF-4A16-8A54-4F2186…)

No. 280048

it is a bad decision, what do you wanna call it? we aren't minimizing what she did
and you probably think it's the girls fault for being raped assuming you're the dude sperging and obsessing over who women like

they were mirroring your behavior, I don't know why us acknowledging the fact men do it too and it isn't just the big evil criminal loving women somehow means we think all women are victims
if you wanna generalize, don't cry when you get generalized too, especially over half the population

No. 280063

Same thing that goes through their mind the rest of the time: nothing and muh dik. Men have nothing in their brains but white noise and a vague desire to bust a nut.

No. 280076

File: 1534227151145.png (Spoiler Image, 722.71 KB, 720x1040, wp_ss_20180814_0001 (2).png)

Awful thing I saw on Instagram. A wife beaten beyond recognition because he gave her 500 in Kenya money (probably like $12) for food and she didn't buy food. Disgusting and dangerous ""man"" to do this.

No. 280077

Correction, 500 Kenyan is $4.96 in US dollars

No. 280080

Ok but women often die from shock and injury well before "weeks months and years" what a tosser. He's probably a rapist who is trying to negate his crime of "well at least it wasn't for months!!!"

And 15-73 is obviously rape, whatever he does to her

No. 280081

Because you cannot possibly care about two things at the same time. Why are men like this?

No. 280091

What I love about this thread is how nearly all the stories posted and mentioned are about Muslim men, or the occasional Indian or black man.
Yet I'm also certain all the women here are die-hard liberals who would never dare speak out against these groups of men actually doing these bad things, and instead use the stories to hate the white men of their own country while calling for open borders and more immigrants from the countries these stories come from.

Just hilarious.(race bait)

No. 280103

File: 1534231647123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.15 KB, 720x910, 20180814_002550.jpg)

Why would we just hate white men when men of all races are obviously shit?
>hurr white men dindu nuffin

No. 280104

I wonder if mras managed to set up a domestic violence shelter for men it would turn into a violent hell hole just like male prisons.

No. 280105

Has literally anyone here claimed non-white shit are saints? Fuck all men to hell, but everyone with a brain knows that men of color tend to be the shittiest ones.

I'm sure most of us aren't even libtards. They regularly suck mens' dicks, even white men as long as they're gay or wearing dresses. You sound like a braindead /pol/tard with a victim complex.

No. 280107

Yeah I know you'll obviously have stories of white men and are going to start posting those and think you "got me". The point is up until I pointed it out and you were acting neutrally nearly all the stories were about non-white men, so clearly that should show where most of the problem comes from, yet you're too simultaneously brainwashed by conflicting liberal ideas to realize it.

No. 280108

>yet you're too simultaneously brainwashed by conflicting liberal ideas to realize it
see >>280105. who here is acting like men of color dindu nuffin, dumbshit?

No. 280109

All of you when you're being die-hard liberals AKA all the time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280113

>nearly all the stories were about non-white men
Maybe because most men are non-white. Why do you think you're the center of the universe? Your solipsism gets boring after awhile. If we posted stories about mostly white men you would accuse us of thinking brown, black, and yellow men are perf angels.

No. 280118

Did you even bother to check which site you were on before you came in screeching about le sjws? You don't have to be a libtard to acknowledge the fact that men are trash. If anything, being a liberal would make you more likely to excuse male bullshit because it would be ~problematic~ to call it out when dealing with non-white men or trannies. Dumb motherfucker.

No. 280138

Welcome to your first manhate thread, newfag. Nobody here fucks with liberal feminism, it would take you about 30 seconds to realize how openly radfem we are but hey, why do that when you can shit up the thread with your dumbassery instead?

No. 280140

>Non-white men are often bad
>Surely, this means us white men dindu nuffin! Why can't you libtard fee-males see that!
Men of all races are pretty bad. A white male is more of a threat than a black female, so it's not a racial thing.
If you just cut men out of the equation at literally every point, on every occasion, the frequency of crime and insane shit like killing your entire family after forcing your daughter to marry you, or raping a pregnant goat to death, diminishes dramatically.
People in this thread say it all the time.

No. 280147

These problems would still exist with white men, because they are men, so why not remove them all? Why are you special when you do the same shit? No one just wants a "little bit" of murder, rape, harassment, bestiality, pedophilia. We want it all gone.
>You use the actions of the browns to villainize all white men
No one does this, you already admitted we can pull up cases of white men being downright inhuman. You don't need to be framed, you've been building your portfolio since Albert Fish, lmao.

No. 280150

The bulk of people who do it (especially on continual sprees) are men, and a lot of the women who do it are partnered with men who co-sign it.

No. 280151

File: 1534239272860.jpg (352.08 KB, 720x883, 2929281717.jpg)

Shut the fuck up, faggot.

No. 280155

File: 1534239712155.png (408.2 KB, 733x794, 1504225384264.png)

>N-No it's all the browns, I swear, white men do nothing wrong!
>Uhh…THOSE white men don't count as white! Muh no true scotsman!
No one is falling for this. This kind of stupidity is part of why you still have no girlfriend.

No. 280156

File: 1534239849046.jpg (279.41 KB, 714x952, 02837371929.jpg)

I already have these on file, cry harder you fucking faggot. You whine about being scapegoated but still throw a bitch fit when the spotlight isn't on you. :^)

No. 280157


>She explained that her father kept her in a basement and that she bore seven children. She explained that Josef was the father of all seven of them and that he would come down during the night, make her watch pornographic films and then rape her. She explained that he’d been abusing her ever since she was 11

No. 280158

Are you coming to lolcow to not all men us in the manhate thread? Crimes happen regardless of race, what a ridiculous angle to take. Meanwhile on another thread women here are accused of only being annoyed at white men specifically. Yet when we post about men being abusive regardless of race you cherry-pick and say it's because all white men are saints. Please

No. 280159

>You keep posting russian stories, and we all know russians are the black people of white people.
They are still white what the fuck is your point?

No. 280160

Classic daily mail posting an underwear shot of a deceased woman
Also why are men so disgusting? (oft echoed words in this thread, but seriously wtf)

No. 280162

File: 1534240822063.jpg (746.51 KB, 2448x1727, COzcmkO[1].jpg)

Glad you asked! There's this thing called HAPLOGROUPS you see.. if you let open a thread and not close it I'll explain.

No. 280165

>Hello I am man come to educate you little ladies on things you don't understand
>I cherry pick the nationalities of people I think do crimes despite the fact there is a prison system in every country on the planet, most people in said prisons are male
>But not I, head educator of women on the internet

No. 280167

If you already know, please educate your fellow lolcows yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280198

Lmao what a non-sequitur
Go back to eurogenes

No. 280204


Males are literally blind and retarded, he came here thinking we're "liberals who protect minorities and poc" and he will clearly keep believing that's what we think regardless of what we tell him, because

Trying to argue with them is pointless. They aren't reading. They're never going to read. They have their minds made and nothing we say will make a dent because they aren't. really. reading. your. posts.

No. 280207

File: 1534254413716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.03 KB, 609x557, 1534221788126.jpg)

No. 280209

what sort of headline is that? is arya mentioned for them clicks? that's fucking vile

No. 280210

File: 1534255994959.jpg (6.92 KB, 300x168, 3c1962d77cccae42ba6f7ecf104d8f…)

What's the final solution to the ugly male problem?

No. 280211

This post is bait but ugly men are actually way nastier and mean than attractive ones.

No. 280213

>Yet I'm also certain all the women here are die-hard liberals
you're wrong cumstain

No. 280214

lmao he missed the gender critical thread

No. 280215

the guy supposedly said "now you'll look like that Stark bitch" after beating her

No. 280216

he probably thinks radfems are liberals anyways because we support womens rights lmao

No. 280218

>Being this afraid of 50% of the human population.

You must never leave the house since you're so afraid of men that you would shit your own pants.

No. 280219

Why the fuck most men defend or try to justify rape? There are even a lot of them that try to rationalize it.

Fuck, the even laugh when a man is raped. This shit makes me feel so grossed out.

No. 280220

fear is not the same as caution

No. 280221

because in their male heads, rape is just uncomfortable sex, and sex can never be a negative thing for them.

No. 280226

Yeah, just yesterday I was listening to Bill Burr talk about sexual misconduct in the comedy industry and how many horrible experiences he had with older women and gay men invading his boundaries, touching his crotch, licking his neck etc. and the male interviewer just laughed at him the whole time like it was a great big joke.

No. 280227


Women laugh when a man gets raped. It should be funny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280229

>Women laugh when a man gets raped
pure projection. i can't laugh at something as horrible as rape, even when it's done to shitty men.

No. 280231

This. Still don't understand what's so fucking difficult about ignoring the obvious scroids.

No. 280232

i know this is really irrelevant but why does gotland have its own thing? that’s sweden; it’s not its own country.

sage for ot nitpicking

No. 280233

>muh racial superiority

No. 280251

Nice bait
I wish women laughed at men getting raped as much as men laugh at women getting raped, it's a known fact when a man supposedly gets raped people coddle and baby him, except for other men who claim he liked it, where as when women get raped people jump through hoops to blame it on her
See comments on videos of women vs men getting raped and you'll see what I mean

No. 280263

Making up situations in your head and lying about what an anonymous user you never talked to would do in them =/= actual arguments

Acknowledging a lot of ugly men are shit people to, doesn't mean they think hot men can't be bad

No. 280271

Unless you have proof you know who that anon is or who I am and who our boyfriends our and how we'd react if we were prison guards, you can save it,you have no point if you are making up (yes making up) situations about us
Otherwise you just sound like a batshit crazy redpill who's paranoid about all women liking criminals no exceptions

No. 280273

Stop responding to the retard, anon, it makes us all look bad.

No. 280277

i find it hilarious how men make fun of women for being scared of men as if women didn't have every fucking reason to be scared of these piece of shit y chromo mutants.

No. 280278

samefagging, and men complaining that women give hot men more leeway than ugly men as if women's goddamn medical health wasn't affected by how good looking we are! male doctors are more likely to treat those female patients better they find good looking and are more likely to ask them for follow up appointments!

No. 280293

Many of the other countries are resolved into their different regions as well, Gotland is presumably interesting because it has the highest frequency of I1. The figure is probably just compilated from studies that looked at these different regions and retains the information.

No. 280299

Men are just sociopaths.
>women love rape
>oh but i go to rape survivor support forums to torture them with their trauma
>but they like rape, there's no trauma
>we stalk women and spend all day fantasizing about raping, killing, or enslaving them
>but there's no reason to fear men
>most men admit they would rape a woman if they thought they'd get away with it
>most criminals are men and men routinely kill their SOs over jealousy or breakup

>but there's no reason to fear men, it's just paranoia

No. 280366

>>most men admit they would rape a woman if they thought they'd get away with it
And many men admit that they have raped someone if you take out the word 'rape' and replace it with phrasing that indicates it's non consensual. The word itself is defined by violent back alley rape by a stranger in their mind.

No. 280377

File: 1534284911448.jpg (140.89 KB, 640x920, 051b1670642a153963098036fb4b67…)

if it's not stranger rape people jump through hoops to prove she's lying, she had it coming, she actually had sex and regretted it
if it is stranger rape people just try to claim she's lying or actually did have sex and regretted it because they had a boyfriend

their obsession with trying to claim everyone hates men and automatically believes women which is far far from true
hell I WISH rape was like how MRAs claim, where you report and the man is arrested, no questions asked
but nope, thanks to these "women are lying about rape 90% of the time" fuckers, not only was I branded as a false rape accuser despite having video footage, but it's gotten to the point where I still have nightmares, breakdowns, paranoia, and self harm episodes and I feel like I can't talk to anyone without having them secretly think I lied about being raped, the only thing I want is to get help and I can't even get that thanks to these people, but yeah, us women have it so easy when it comes to rape even if we're lying

No. 280378

Men will defend this

No. 280402

>most criminals are men and men routinely kill their SOs over jealousy or breakup
and even though men will kill over jealousy, they still try as hard as they can to justify cheating or gaslight women into open relationships because "wamen are so jealous and petty!!"

No. 280478

File: 1534306500042.jpg (93.75 KB, 866x285, Army medic admits to raping, _…)

Funny how men will claim women are emotionally unstable and the worse sex when they do shit like this. Men are a fucking mistake:


No. 280505

can we please start advocating not having children with men, ever? can we please, as feminists, all admit that having children with men is worse than marriage and puts not just us in danger, but our children – especially our daughters, in danger? even if you have a "good guy" that you love and want to have children with, this WILL ALWAYS BE A RISK

love men all day long or whatever, if you want, but do not have children with them. do not expose children to men, ever. i really think we need to start pushing this. i do not see it enough. i hear and understand how heterosexual relationships in general are not good for us, marriage, etc, but i rarely hear the critiques on having children

No. 280507

I won't be having kids, not because I don't like them but because I dont want to tie myself to a man for the rest of my life. They're too much of a risk and could ruin mine and my hypothetical kid's lives.

No. 280509

Sperm bank.

No. 280515

why even tho? having children benefits men, capitalism, and the corporate elite, especially. having children devalues labor. men want us to have children. even if we don't have THEIR children, the men at the top want us to have children so they can exploit them, not to mention the fact that the world is an absolute shithole and you can't guarantee your child's safety. it's immoral, especially if you know how at risk girls and women are and you're basically powerless as a parent to protect your children from harm, or, if you have male children, you're powerless to prevent the harm he could cause.

it still benefits men for us to have children and to create women they can exploit, wage slaves they can exploit, etc. it just doesn't make sense to do, esp when the world is already overpopulated

No. 280516

Become a lesbian

No. 280517

I dont wanna be a single parent, poverty and exhaustion aren't appealing either. It sounds dumb but my ideal situation would be to raise a kid with my immediate family, they're the only ones I trust enough. It takes a village to raise a child, but even so the idea is so out dated it'd be absurd and demanding to expect so much help.

No. 280524

Men make fun of women for drinking starbucks and watching romance movies but if you make fun of men for watching anal gangbang porn they lose their minds

No. 280526

I decided many years ago that it's logically better to raise children away from men - even if you're married, he lives separately. Also to be very careful about older male children or teens if I also have female children in the house. Enforced gender separation would be PREFERRED by men; they find children and chores annoying, and some male children bully their sisters relentlessly. Obviously it wouldn't be enforced in a way that is recognizable; it's a "everyone is happy" thing rather than entirely safety based.

No. 280527

Just think, this is the most sordid generation in history. In no other time was endless porn freely available for any male with an internet connection. It used to be a couple DVDs and magazines at most. Taking their endless porn away is unthinkable to them. What a messed up generation of men we have. And as lamented by many: They bring everything they see into your personal bedroom and expect you to go along with it.

No. 280528

It's not outdated. Our current western familial structure is designed by sociopath men who attempt to romanticize isolation from family, immigration, whisking you away, eloping. In other countries it's normal for the family to be present, even in the same house. Grandparents living with you. It doesn't work if everyone in the household is a selfish narcissist, but if we helped out and treated each other equally it could be done.

Then they put the duggars or someone on TV as proof that extended families are sordid. They hate the idea of a married woman having help from family and not being an isolated victim: Slave only to him. They are even jealous of their children, which I think leads to stuff like baby rape and infant murder as posted above.

Summarily, we're stuck in a system built by the western man, but we can defer from it and not allow ourselves to be a victim. If he doesn't like it it's because he planned on taking advantage of your isolation. (Or just needs more convincing)

No. 280563

File: 1534329474655.jpg (40.69 KB, 500x375, 1531700983862.jpg)

I find it funny men think women give every hot felon a pass when they're the ones that constantly need to remind each other "don't stick your dick in crazy". But male psychopathy is now women's fault too. We need to answer for our and their crazies both. Nevermind someone like Meeks was a piece of shit, it's the womens fault. If a woman gets involved with a bad man, does she automagically inherit his wrongdoing?

>drinking starbucks and watching romance movies

Damn, pink drinks and meg ryan, how low class. mt dew, sword art online and ready player one - now that's the stuff!

No. 280575

Yikes! You women have some issues that you need to bring it up to a therapist. Not all men are like this you know.

No. 280578

Reminder not to respond to bait.

No. 280580

File: 1534335802631.png (132.23 KB, 1304x688, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 8.15…)

Arab man called a woman a slut on a train and of course he said its cos they were being racist.

Sure, jan.

Reminds me of when my friend and I were walking home after a night out this group of random salty Indian men started shouting at us calling us sluts and "look at she's wearing". My friend spat on the ground they were standing on lol she's a wild one AND she's brown herself, kek.

Anyone else getting tired of the ~poor brown man~ narrative? It only hurts women, especially brown women.

inb4 race baiting. IDGAF. This is the man hate thread and you're not allowed to say ANYTHING about non-white men in literally any other place IRL or online.


No. 280581

You women OBSESSED over men so much it's inevitable. I think you all secretly wish to be male.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280582

I bet you he tried to flirt with her, she ignored him and he called her a racist slag, lmao.

No. 280583

kek. 100%

No. 280596

link? i fucking love bill but i never heard of this

No. 280600

I just did. I was banned, as I expected, and proved my point that a HAPLOGROUP thread won't be allowed to open.

>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men

stop opening man-hate threads. that will unironically help you.

No. 280604

good bait

No. 280630

do i hear some pathetic watery cum squirting?

No. 280632

Ikr, I kekked. Is this a copypasta at this point?

No. 280633

seriously this low sperm volume shit is always the same, constantly repeating same slogans over and over again.

No. 280638

Pretty much, the whole "you have issues you think all men are the same" claim was already debunked several times

No. 280639

And where's the proof we do this, outside this thread? Last time I checked women weren't the ones shooting and stalking men like incels and mgtows do

No. 280640

Maybe if farmers didn't answer to every single shit male bait they wouldn't think we're obsessed with them?

No. 280641

File: 1534348476215.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x2666, tzd02mv2h8g11.jpg)

>everyone in this thread

No. 280645

File: 1534349099521.png (147.98 KB, 456x810, men are pigs.png)

Men are the worst things on the planet.

No. 280646

I hate how men (incels/bots especially) see female sexuality as a fucking hivemind these days.

For example, they assume all women desire alpha Chads and no matter how many times you repeat that no, you like small delicate sub guys, they will never accept it.
"You won't say that when CHAD aks you out!"
You don't catch anyone saying a malesub will become dominant to the right girl, so why are they bothering us with this? This goes along with the complaint that they assume we all find the same physical traits appealing.

Of course the wimmins are all the same. No diversity in taste at all. Impossible.

Does it count if my hate is inspired by the bait?

No. 280649

Mens worst issues they have mental breakdowns over = women liking manly men
Womens issues = men being sexually attracted to their children, rape, abuse. Murder, etc

No. 280650

they don't even think women have a genuine subjective sexuality. they think it all exists in our monkey brains and "instincts"

i wonder what they think about women who have foot fetishes and like men's legs or some shit

No. 280652

What's worse?
1- ultra horny animals who will commit all kinds of horrible crimes, including raping a goat to death, to satisfy their hornyness


2- ultra horny animals who can't help but being attracted to the first kind of ultra horny animals despite all of the things that they do?

t. lesbo

No. 280655

dickety cockety i'm a larping mockery

No. 280656

tell your fellow men to stop being sluts and to cover up if you don't want us to want to fuck them

No. 280657

this honestly reminds me how once a guy told me that i can't understand women's sexuality because i'm a girl (i told him that not all women are submissive)

No. 280658

Fucking barf. Fully deserving of a bullet in the head.

They don't want to accept that the reason they're not getting laid is because their not lowering their standards and putting themselves out there, its easier to think that no matter what they do they'll never able to get laid, give them an excuse to complain while not trying at all.

No. 280659

By lesbo, I assume you meant smelly trancel who jacks it to loli yuri and larps as an anime girl with his smelly trancel friends.

No. 280661

Do you really like frail tiny manlets or are you telling that to yourself because of your unresolved issues with men?
If you were a healthy person I doubt you'd want a 5 feet tall sub manlet to be your boyfriend.

No. 280662

if he has a fat ass and a thick uncut cock, who cares about his height?

No. 280664

the fact that males have higher cases of autism and mental retardation is sure showing again lmao

No. 280665

Yeah, if they don't pull that they'll pull this >>280661

And I do love tiny guys in earnest, guys with small frames in submissive positions has been the biggest turn on for me since I hit puberty. Muscles and dominant males have always made me uncomfortable.
This just seems like a roundabout way to say there is no correct female sexuality. If you like alpha Chads you're spreading evil in the world, but if you like frail betas then you're a failed woman.

No. 280672

womens standards are actually quite low
the fact men like the amazing atheist, the fat landwhale dude with a deformed dick, some of the most ugliest deformed men in the world, are also able to have girlfriends and wives, but some of the worlds ugliest women? by incel logic they would have easily gotten a husband, NOPE! most men run away and scream if even beautiful women have cross eyed
or something as small as acne they flip their shit over

but yeah. us privileged bitches only wanting chad huh

No. 280674

File: 1534352159964.png (394.56 KB, 989x2000, 0ao3d411q5g11.png)

>womens standards are actually quite low

No. 280675

Yes I wish women raised their standards more, we've been brainwashed into believing men are naturally ugly bumbling idiots who can't take care of themselves and need you to be their mommy. They can very well take care of themselves but why wouldn't they take advantage of the fact that women will accept their disgusting flaws and ugliness?

No. 280677

women in real life*
vast majority of women don't use dating sites, sorry it hurts your male oppression agenda but its true

No. 280679

wow you fucking losers are up all night making graphs in attempt to legitimize this stuff LMAOOO

go outside and look at actual couples

No. 280680

1/3 of people use online dating. The rate is ever higher among younger people.

No. 280681

because women receive a lot of messages, they mus be privileged huh
okay, how many messages are shit like "show bobs and vegene" or some creepy shit

you don't even take into account what kind of messages they're sending, just assume all messages = "evil womens get laid easier!!!"
there are even men who only match with women to insult them

1 - proof
2- I have never met anyone who used a dating site, except one who used tinder, even then tinder is hesitant about putting out their stats, only because people like you will twist and turn them like crazy, by your logic, from how supposed common it is, I would have easily found lots of people using dating sites but nope

No. 280684

What's the rate for people that actually pursue a relationship crafted online to real life? I'm sure it's extremely low.

No. 280685

Tinder doesn't release their data because they need to keep scamming lonely men out of their money.

No. 280692

see what I mean? constant paranoia about women, stemming from dating sites, and lmfao, "Scamming men out their money"
you realize you don't need to pay to use tinder correct? and they don't just sell it to only men, it's advertised to both genders, just men are dumb enough to buy it oh wait that doesn't fit your male oppression fantasies

No. 280695

>are ready to fuck anything that walks
>swipe right on every woman on tinder
>complain when that they don't get matches when they're the one drowning women in attention and forcing us to be ultra selective

No. 280698

This tbh

No. 280711

File: 1534355867367.jpg (1.41 MB, 1254x1771, 1533139291968-d.jpg)

Is it disgusting for guys to have a foot fetish? They creep me out.

No. 280714

I'd rather have a guy fetishize feet than children

a lot of the time it goes hand-in-hand though

No. 280715

I used to think foot fetishist were disgusting until I realized men fetishized prolapsed anus, beating women to a pulp, having people shit in their mouth and even cutting their own dick…

No. 280760

File: 1534364304082.jpg (128.3 KB, 1456x1061, 1533912086366[1].jpg)

>only men fetishize

No. 280761

My bf has a mild foot fetish. It isn't anything super depraved, but he likes to hold them and give me footrubs. So I'd say an occasional footjob is harmless compared to what he COULD be into. And if it makes him happy…

No. 280763

Thank for proving my point, men literally fetishize the most vile stuff while women are mainly into power exchange.

No. 280765

and literally rape, masochism, sadism, bondage, choking and cutting. "vile stuff" vs rape stuff. sick women.

No. 280793

are you saying fucking pedophilia isn't rape? that rapeplay is worse than pedophilia and bestiality because… why? do you think children and animals can consent?

No. 280804

fapping to naked children != being a rapist.
fuck animals. I know you care about them more than men, but we don't.

No. 280808

I like how you left out "rape-play" behind it, a lot of women fantasize about being raped, but most of it involves stuff like getting felt up while they're sleeping, vs men who want to brutally beat women into pulps while raping them pretty much

just look at say, anne rice books, it's gentle and loving, vs a typical rape play porn, typically consumed by men, and it isn't women fantasizing about raping men, its women fantasizing about being raped, which completely different from wanting to fuck actual children vs just getting off to a made up scenario acted out by two consenting adults


also very vague, this can mean anything from hair pulling and gentle biting to stabbing, if it went more into detail you'd have a point


oh noes, womens want to be consentually tied up, how gross! but fapping to naked kids is okay though


not exactly bad, as I said, two consenting adults


I can agree that it's bad, but it's literally on the same level as bestiality and pedophilia, which are male interests, I'd honestly take a bunch of people who want to be cut during sex vs people who want to fuck animals and kids anyday

No. 280810

>Straw man this retarded

You are terrible at getting a point across

No. 280812

>fapping to naked children != being a rapist.
rape-PLAY as in
who agreed to acting out a rape scene

as said before, this is also very vague, anyone who gets off to the idea of fucking children is in fact a danger, way more than people who want to act out a consensual rape play scene, you keep leaving out the fact that it's rape P L A Y

>fuck animals. I know you care about them more than men, but we don't.

and that's why we don't care about you

strawman how?rape play is not rape, I think the fact people are treating rape play just like rape says everything I need to know, vs people who want to fuck actual dogs and kids, both cannot consent and can be fatal in some situations

No. 280815

You're delusional if you think pedos will be happy just fapping to pics of kids. And where do those poca come from? Not all pedos are happy with cartoon porn. ALL pedophilia is rape because children cannot fully understand or consent to sex or erotica wirhoit being coerced or groomed.

No. 280817

>men beating is a common fetish
where? which data justifies it? I said you were sicker than us, I did not even address how widespread is women-beating fetish.
>also very vague, this can mean anything from hair pulling and gentle biting to stabbing, if it went more into detail you'd have a point
"anything can mean anything" great point. pedophilia can mean "liking to watch children".
>oh noes, womens want to be consentually tied up, how gross! but fapping to naked kids is okay though
being restricted isn't sick? being unable to move and being dependent?
>cutting isn't bad
so far we've seen women having a fetish to bleeding and cutting someone (themselves or else).
>not exactly bad, as I said, two consenting adults
>rape play
Then why is it called RAPE and not SEX PLAY? perhaps because the fetish is about RAPE, which is nonconsensual.
>watching porn is rape
radfem detected

No. 280818

Don't entertain the scrot. This one is a pedo so I understand why you'd want to, but let's not ruin our thread for a male.

No. 280820

I'll be happy to leave if you agree yout fetishes are worse.

No. 280824

>Then why is it called RAPE and not SEX PLAY? perhaps because the fetish is about RAPE
you're very dense, it's a played out scenario, in which they pretend it's not consensual, but it is
because you have the intelligence of a child, I will leave this here
basically anything from a girlfriend asking her boyfriend to act out a rape scenario and having a safe word, is rape play, to a woman liking the idea of being played with in her sleep

>y-you said cutting isn't bad!!!!

(copy and pasted from my post)
>>I can agree that it's bad, but it's literally on the same level as bestiality and pedophilia, which are male interests, I'd honestly take a bunch of people who want to be cut during sex vs people who want to fuck animals and kids anyday
>I can agree it's bad
>agree it's bad
>it's bad

nice strawman though, did you forget people can go back and read what I said?

>being restricted isn't sick? being unable to move and being dependent?

nope, wanting to be tied up DURING SEX isn't some evil crazy fantasy and whoever thinks of it needs to be sent to the mental hospital like you are acting like it is, again, two consenting adults, if the person wanted to be tied up outside of sex, then yes it becomes weird
>pedophilia can mean "liking to watch children".
you're correct, but pedophilia is well, a mental illness that can often spiral out of control, chances are women who want to be handcuffed by their husbands aren't going to go to parks and show their vaginas to kids or have even stronger and stronger urges to do more things, the fact you even compare the two shows how badly you want to stretch

>where? which data justifies it?

do you even have a link to this said date you keep spamming?PORN, which is largely consumed by MEN, often reflect their interests

No. 280825

women wanting to be handcuffed and spanked is just as bad as men who want to fuck children (which can cause intense psychological damage and be fatal depending on the child)

No. 280834

>because you have the intelligence of a child, I will leave this here
can you read?
>A rape fantasy (sometimes rape play) or a ravishment is a sexual fantasy involving imagining or pretending being coerced or coercing another into sexual activity.
coercion isn't consensual. even if you imagine it you imagine being coerced.
>nope, wanting to be tied up DURING SEX isn't some evil crazy fantasy
then why do women cry rape when they weren't even penetrated but only tied down?

>but pedophilia is well, a mental illness that can often spiral out of control

haven't you shown how many times non-pedophile men rape and harass?
>you want to stretch
ad hominem. typical for a foid.
>do you even have a link
look at the pic. You women posted it. If you argue its validity, so be it.
Spanking and handcuffs can cause psychological damage. or so numerous victims said at court.
>want to fuck children
Pedo-philia. Child-love. Same as Necro-philia, corpse-love. The fetish doesn't specify sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280835

> involving imagining or pretending being coerced or coercing
>imagining or pretending
congrats, you played yourself
>then why do women cry rape when they weren't even penetrated but only tied down?
what are you talking about? who is doing this?I'm not justifying their actions, but if they were tied up unconsentually, it's bad, if women want to be tied up consentually, I don't get whats so ~evil~ about it

the same reason why a lot of women want their ass grabbed but don't want it to be grabbed by strangers

>haven't you shown how many times non-pedophile men rape and harass?

talking about how harmful pedophilia can be =/= claiming non-pedo men never do no harm

>look at the pic. You women posted it. If you argue its validity, so be it.

well I didn't post it, but if you wanna use it as ~le proof~ where's the links? for all I know you could've made this in window paint

>Spanking and handcuffs can cause psychological damage. or so numerous victims said at court.

if it's done unconsentually yes, if it's done consentually, no, I'm sorry you're not intelligent enough to read the lines between consent and no consent and now bitch about women who have been assaulted just because other women want similar things to happen to them keyword "consentually"

>The fetish doesn't specify sex

lol did you just try to claim pedophilia or necrophilia doesn't mean they are sexually aroused by kids or corpses ?

No. 280836

>we should be able to rape women on the streets because women want to have kinky consensual sex with their boyfriends !!

No. 280840

Why do y'all have to ruin every fucking thread by infighting and replying to trolls jesus christ

No. 280841

don't you get it anon? some women represent all women!(except when it applies to men of course)

No. 280848

We should instead use him as a case for studying. He's so desperate to prove that women have """"bad"""" fetishes too! Women commit crime and rape and violence and oh women are so so bad!! Women are just as bad if not more than men.

That's what he wants the world to SEE, to believe. Why? Becuase despite being male, he can't stop women from realizing how shitty men have always been compared to women, and I think it affects his feels to be so violent and disgusting by nature.

If the "worst" women liked as a fetish was… I don't know, tickling? He would still be here doing this, because it doesn't matter that the implied damage in women's fetishes are directed towards themselves instead of others, or that there might be a conscious and active effort in our society to get girls to want to occupy that role.

All that matters to him is that he has something on our side to equate to men's sickness. Is it a bad and untrue comparation? Yes, but really, after you get over listening and giving men the benefit of the doubt by default (they won and maintain this privilege over with physical force like animals, but the beasts would like to think that it's their mind that's intimidating) you realize how much shit like this spew, and how desperate they are to make the world believe it because it hurts them.

No. 280854

File: 1534373661076.jpg (360.29 KB, 810x1590, cunt.jpg)

Anons, please just remember to report the bitter incel and not fall for the baits which are the same lies over and over again.

So-back on topic-straight from the incels mouths

No. 280855

one second women aren't kinky enough and if we're "boring in bed" our boyfriend will cheat on us
next minute if we dare have a sexuality of our own and enjoyed kinky roleplay we're evil, deserve to be raped, sick, etc etc

one minute men cry about not being able to have casual sex
next minute if thats what women want we're disgusting roastie whores

one minute if we want kids we're crazy catladies
next minute "where have all the good traditional women gone"

one minute "lower your standards women! you dumb privileged cunts!"
next minute "what are you doing you dumb desperate bitch? raise your standards!"

one minute "lol I don't wanna care for a screaming satan baby thats womens job!"
next minute "why do women always get the kids? female privilege men are oppressed!"

one minute "lol I hate women they're so dumb"
next minute"the only reason why women do so well in school is because of female privilege and favoring girls! women have higher education because they're dumb! why aren't all women dumb housewives again? I hate what women have become!"

one minute "us men have to do all the work for you dumb bitches! men make up most of the workplace deaths!"
next minute "STOP CRYING ABOUT WORKING A DANGEROUS JOB dumb bitches suck it up sluts this is equality so what if you get harassed go back to popping out babies and sucking off your husband"

men are pissed because they got exactly what they wanted, is there ANY mgtow/mra/incel issue men haven't flip flopped on

No. 280867

Mgtow-hating women because you're trying to convince yourself they treat you how you treat women

No. 280885

He spends a lot of time on this study showing women rated images of men displaying happiness less sexually attractive than pride or neutrality, despite that the idea of hypermasculine tough guys inherently being the hottest is a concept pushed hardest by male-made media, and women spend their whole lives exposed to tens of thousands of male-made images of smoldering beefcakes as sex symbols. He also cites women cherishing their male partners being able to open up emotionally and honestly express sorrow etc. to them, equating it to "psychopathy", as if it's unreasonable or even evil to want a partner who is open about their struggles with you so that you can help them and connect with them on a deeper level, rather than having one who is constantly distant, aloof, and secretive about their normal human feelings.

No. 280886

Does /lowcow/ into masochism.Dat is pretty lame

No. 280888

>as if it's unreasonable or even evil to want a partner who is open about their struggles with you so that you can help them and connect with them on a deeper level, rather than having one who is constantly distant, aloof, and secretive about their normal human feelings.
Not unreasonable, just incorrect.

No. 280892

we don't even need to have this discussion. this is all a self-designed problem. men can't admit they're hyperhomo gaybaits for the shitty caricature of manhood/maleness that they've dreamt up and created for themselves, and want to punish women for 'liking' this caricature, even though most of us dont.

maybe it started with the greeks and their homodom, but the hypermasculine, callous, gross, borderline sociopathic """stoic""" male has always been deified BY MEN and they've always wanted women to deify these men, then shit on women when they've molded popular media and brainwashed women into thinking this type of male is attractive (female thirst for this kind of dude isn't anywhere near as high as male thirst for these disgusting scrots, but they assume we all want them bc they admire them).

No. 280894

Nah women really do hate emotion in men. They like to say otherwise but that's just a trick to make you expose your weakness so she can leave you.

No. 280895

kek, so all of the times my female friends called me telling me they're going to break up with their bfs because they're not as sweet and emotional as they used to be were just mirages?

you're spending way too much time cumming to these caricatures. few women want them. it's you faggots that keep precumming in your panties over your fantasy of the 'perfect' unexpressive social retards

No. 280897

File: 1534391035627.png (24.94 KB, 1764x117, 1.PNG)

My mistake, I should specify women only hate negative emotions in men. You're allowed to have emotions that involve helping and doing stuff for her, but God forbid you ever have a feeling that's inconvenient to her or your ass is out the door.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280898

When are you going to learn to stop replying?

No. 280908

The only way sadness is inconvenient is if you're dating a female sociopath (this actually happens to more sensitive guys, the same way sensitive girls attract sociopaths)

OR what you are calling "sadness" is expressed with aggression and violence and any sane women naturally runs for the hills

No. 280912

Can you retards stop entertaining the males? You're making this thread a space dominated by them just like the rest of the world by taking their bait.

No. 280913

File: 1534398100256.png (14.71 KB, 952x73, 3.PNG)

it's the second one, fam

No. 280914

>implying women are allowed to show emotion and not be called irrational babies, attention-whores, high maintenance, "lol stupid women amirite", "feels before reals amirite"

No. 280917

File: 1534398491573.jpg (19.9 KB, 750x504, 5z689xl3knr01.jpg)

>running for the hills when a man shows violence and aggression
Ha. Hahaha. That's a good joke. Ah who says women can't be funny.
Well maybe just not on purpose.

No. 280918

anon, bill is like a huge woman hater. he's funny but i dropped him once i realized he was an insecure ginger red pill manlet. sad. even before he went full retard, he was dropping pretty obvious hints of misogyny. his kind of anti-natalist shit is really good tho

No. 280919

The thing I never get about incel is how they admit they don't have any relationship with women yet they believe they know every thing about us. I'm not even going to get into how retarded thinking they can boil down to a few truth how more than half of the world population behaves.

No. 280920

Funny how incels say "women only see chad, all us other men are invisible :((" when they themselves only have 2SassyJustUMCThings stacies as their "sources" lmao.

No. 280921

File: 1534399075527.jpg (121.2 KB, 1148x462, unnamed.jpg)

Disgusted by violence amirite ladies

No. 280922

File: 1534399137433.png (536.59 KB, 637x873, 1531101039241.png)

At least your own female family members will stick by you

Ahh but that violent Chad dick though.

No. 280924

incels :
>Go on a killing rampage because they can get their peepee wet
>Make fun of rape victims online
>Bully each other into an hero

>Sometimes aroused by manly dudes

Fucking roasties!

No. 280927

>all this talk about incels
Go to any prison and see how many of them are incels.

No. 280929

yeah, because they're all fucking each other, kek. wow, homo, nice one. if gay prison sex is your bag, it's not hard to get and you don't need to rag on women because you want rockhard prison dick

No. 280930

No, prison males actually father more children than the average man. Women love complaining about how men are horrible but they can't stop having children with criminals.

No. 280931

Men complain about women being sociopathic idots who take advantages of them and divorce rape them, but they can't stop wifing mean bimbos…

No. 280932

Everything you say about incels is about a minor fractions of a minor fraction of half the world.

Whereas just about every woman would reward the bully who ruined their brothers life by sucking the bullies dick. Anything for the most alpha cock you can get your hands on.

No. 280933

Men honestly think the same women who complain about ape-tier men are the ones who fuck them and have kids with them… Talk about projection.

No. 280935

anon, men meme themselves into being gay. how do traps make sense, evolutionarily? how does anal make sense, evolutionarily? how do any of their retard fetishes make evo-psych sense?

how are men that claim to be SOOO controlled by the biology able to justify fucking dudes in dresses? or liking anal, even though female anal doesn't stimulate cocks and most men readily admit that it isn't even physically pleasurable, it just literally gets them off to hurt women. neither of these things facilitate reproduction. most of men's fetishes are counterintuitive for reproduction, but men don't question these fetishes despite their being no real reason for them other than that men are mentally malleable af

No. 280936

File: 1534400145801.jpg (63.23 KB, 640x1136, 2zlol80zv7f11.jpg)

If you guys want to know what those guys calling themselves subhuman look like go to /r/incelselfies.
Pic related is a "hugless, kissless 25 yrs old virgin", I bet a few girl have had crushes on him, but he probably either have Eliot Rodger tier standards or a mental illness.

No. 280937

And yet when they go MGTOW you try to shame them. Gee almost as if you want them to just willingly enter deals you know will ruin them for your own benefit.

No. 280938

Guys who are actually ugly don't attention-whore online, dumbass.

No. 280939

Even in this website full of basic white girls you can't control yourselves when it comes to serial killer. Stop pretending it isn't a normal thing.

No. 280942

No. 280943

so why are you doing it?

No. 280944

>not "incelfies"
Boo. Never going there for failure to make pun alone.

No. 280945

and it's obviously not true. literally so many incel uggo tripfags on r9k that can't go a few minutes without posting their mugs and crying

No. 280947

What exactly do you mean isn't true? You think the people posting pictures there aren't actually incels, or that the incels steal pictures of other random men to post there?

No. 280948

Men: created chad worship
Men: don't put any effort at all into getting a gf and cry oppression when they can't
Men: jump through hoops to try to claim women are actually evil roasties and the only reason they don't have a gf is because all women like chad, no exceptions
Men: try to "prove" women like violent men with non-valid evidence

Also men: traumatized by fantasies they created themselves to the point of insisting women are hiveminds just to justify wanting to beat women or blame them for getting raped

No. 280949

>its minor when it comes to men!
>>Whereas just about every woman would reward the bully who ruined their brothers life by sucking the bullies dick

Well, if it was as common as you claim, then someone like me or any average woman would know a woman who does this or just goes for evil men like you claim, correct? Nope, not one woman I know does this, however I do know men who fetishize women being crazy, but you probably think that's evil female privilege and not mens fault since its nevwr mens fault, always womens

No. 280951

Don't know any women who had babies with criminals and most of that shit is contained inside of hoods,if you have to use stats that are mostly in hoods to apply to the rest of the planet you're insane and pretty fucked up

No. 280952

Cause in your head that violent guy isnt "evil" he's "confidant and assertive" and just so damn sexy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280953

No, you're just insecure + retarded.

No. 280954

and not to mention that the uneducated have more children. that's what it's about – not criminality. it applies to women in prison, too, as women and men in prison tend to be less educated and lower on the socioeconomic scale.

No. 280955

It's not surprising you don't understand the personally traits you're talking about. You're like an alien. Nobody will ever want you.

No. 280956

Woman:fantsizes about a gross guy
Woman:recognizes its wrong and wants to stop it

And where's your proof? Can you read my mind or something? Oh right you can't, and if you did you'd realize how wrong you'd be.you're so fucking paranoid and having mental breakdowns constantly trying to prove to yourself "all women like evil men, no exceptions,all women like evil men, no exceptions,
all women like evil men, no exceptions"

If you're trying to prove a point, constant paranoia, making shit up, and "some women are all women,except when it applies to men" ain't gonna prove shit and only gonna turn you into a laughing stock

No. 280958

Don't they also try to prove how innocent they are by claiming most of male crime is done by blacks in the hood? Lmao, I guess it only applies when they want it to apply

Men committing the vast majority of crimes = b-but it's mostly blacks!!!
Women having criminals babies = ALL WOMEN ARE CRIMINAL CHASING TRASH

No. 280961

File: 1534404350726.jpg (92.82 KB, 460x696, incel.jpg)

No. 280965

I don't believe I ever claimed women "only" fuck criminals.
Only that women are almost universally aroused by violent behavior in men. The arousal easily overriding any empathy or morality they thought they had.

No. 280968

a thread back some of your ugly friends came in insisting the only men who get laid are criminals. it's a talking point that's brought up often by you poor stupid bastards.

No. 280970

>in the 10th thread of shitting on violent men
>lol it actually just aroused
You absolute mouth breather

No. 280971

Actions speak louder than posts on image boards.

No. 280972

File: 1534405574855.jpg (26.9 KB, 640x360, 777e63db192c02857423317312bd22…)

Sure, that's why so many women are into men like Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans (look at his evil laugh, clearly a violent panty dropper), Jean Dujardin, Hugh Jackman, Jason Momoa…
All smiley men, who give kind and soft vibes. (not saying it's the reality but that's the air they have)

No. 280973

This seems a …very specific example. Maybe something you want to share with your therapist and not us though

No. 280974

>universally aroused by violent behavior in men
I don't think you know what that means anon
and even so, women are wayyy more empathetic compared to men, so much to the point where it's always the poor oppressed men who laugh and mock good things women do when women want to stop bullying and stuff
we HATE men for being violent, most women hate violent men and criminals, if you were correct we'd be chasing them, but nope

>The arousal easily overriding any empathy or morality they thought they had.

where is the proof? again, back to my personal experiences, the only people I knew that went for bad people were men who fetishized crazy women
oh wait they're men
well myself, and none of the hundreds of women I know aren't getting wet to violent men, do you have proof? and something that isn't the lame "100 women like used car salesman therefore women chase criminals !!!" shit

No. 280976

This, like it's all in your heads bruh. Women love men in all shapes and forms. Just don't be a dick (no it does not make you more attractive)
If being an asshole was attractive surely incels would have harems of women. Maybe they're missing something…

No. 280977

>I don't think you know what that means anon
Try not deliberately ignoring the word "almost" that I put before the "universally" next time retard.

No. 280978

jesus guys please stop responding to these idiots. this is the most female interaction they will ever get in their life and posting here is clearly the highlight of their day. let's not give them the satisfaction. this isn't a discussion or a male vs female thread. they have their own sites for venting, we have this one. i know it's tempting but just ignore them, it's getting seriously derailed and becoming a debate club

No. 280979

hey idiot man, instead of whining here go to a doctor and ask them what exactly is your mental problem that has made you into such a whiny idiot little shit and if there is any other cure for that than euthanasia

No. 280980

>Try not deliberately ignoring the word "almost" that I put before the "universally" next time retard.
I didn't, not sure why you had to makeup why I did
I don't see african or arab women getting wet when their husbands beat them, if you were correct they'd be loving that shit but most of them can't wait for the day it changes and they're able to escape it

you probably think teen girls sold off to old men to get raped are loving this shit too huh

No. 280981

kill yourself cumtank

No. 280982

sure showed me

No. 280983

do you all think men's go to argument tactic is to pretend to be a total idiot is because they actually are complete morons

No. 280984

oh shit sorry i got all esl again and mistook your message, sorry for not knowing english well enough for proper reading comprehension

No. 280985

Again you intentionally misinterpret what I say. I never said women were exclusively aroused by violence. There's other ways to arouse a woman but being violent is one of the most surefire ways.

The main reason women like those actors is because they're rich and famous. But it's funny you should choose that particular list of actors considering most of them play (gasp) violent characters! And don't even bother trying to claim the characters actors portray doesn't influence the way people feel about them. Captain America might be a good guy who always fights for good reasons, but Wolverine and especially Kahl Drogo are DEFINITELY not noble heroes.
I'm glad you brought up Jason Mamoa in particular because drogo's relationship with Danny in Game of Thrones is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Women love getting their hands on the biggest strongest murderer they possibly can, so long as she's his special little princess whom he doesn't hurt. He can kill and enslave and rape whoever else he wants as long as it all means Dany gets more nice stuff from his plunder and stays protected. It just makes him all the sexier when he shows off how good he is at killing. Empathy for the people he kills? Pffft, they were just gross betas not strong enough to survive, no pity for them in women's hearts.

Clearly not me by the way. I haven't made any posts in this entire argument that we're just simple insult spewing. Such things are beneath me, I can pick apart women in much more in-depth ways.

No. 280986

> I can pick apart women in much more in-depth ways.
yet i bet you never manage to pick us up tho lol

No. 280987

They play violent character written by who? GASP! other men.
You are the ones playing yourselves.

And I was 100% talking about the way the behave in interviews / IRL, not about their characters.

No. 280988

Don't reply to them with dumb shit like that, just proves them right about us having no arguments and just responding insulting them for being virgins.

There's no point in replying to that tard at all. He's been here for days trying to convince us that we all desperately want to fuck criminals. I'll stick with my sanitized boy band twinks but whatever.

No. 280989

they deserve nothing but dumb shit. you're not going to change his mind. nothing you ever say, is going to change his mind, he is just looking for you to waste your time debating him and rope you into pointless discussion. there is no reason to waste any effort on males like this; they're not here for honest conversation

No. 280990



>thinking that watching porn and watching child porn are comparable at all

No. 280991

also sorry spamming but using general you here and not like personal you-you

No. 280992

>The main reason women like those actors is because they're rich and famous
there is no actor or actress on the face of the planet who doesn't have fanboys or girls, if you're popular you're just exposed to more people and this may shock you but most people have different standards

>particular list of actors considering most of them play (gasp) violent characters!

and? how men many gawk over women who played bitchy characters like emma watson who's actually a bitch? oh wait they're men

>Women love getting their hands on the biggest strongest murderer they possibly can, so long as she's his special little princess whom he doesn't hurt

I don't, none of the women I know do, none of the women here do, have any actual evidence that it's most, I repeat, MOST, women like you claim?

>no pity for them in women's hearts.

uh huh, explain why in situations where men are killed or pushed to suicide women are quick to coddle, men laugh and make jokes, but us psychopathic women huh

you know what I find funny? men in the comments are laughing at and praising the murderer, women are disgusted by him
but let me guess those women including us must secretly be aroused by him somehow

No. 280994

not to get all tinfoilhat but i once read a good post about how alt-right uses certain tactics to rope people into pointless conversations, acting as if they were looking for honest debate but what they instead are doing is basically waste their discussion partner's time, forcing them to put way more effort than deserved to their pointless discussion without actually ever considering the points the other person makes. how males debate women reminds me a lot of this. that's why you just gotta tell them to fuck off and be done with it.

No. 280995

>They play violent character written by who? GASP! other men
George RR Martin doesn't do that on purpose. He writes villains to be horrible people and is surprised when female fans are sexually attracted to them. He doesn't get how women so casually overlook child murder, he wrote his villains doing that to make readers hate them, and it baffles him when women say "I wanna fuck that child murderer".
There was another screenshot I've seen of him talking to a female fan on Twitter about this but I didn't save it sadly, wish I could post it right now.

I was just about to make fun of her for the usual "my hole is the most important thing in the universe and by saying you can't have it I've magically won the argument", but I'm impressed at least one of you is self aware enough to realize that just makes you look stupid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280996

even if every woman in the world chased harmless twinks, he'd still be in here insisting all women secretly want to fuck criminals

no matter the amount who we marry, no matter who we fuck are chase, in our heads we all must secretly want to fuck serial killers no matter how repulsive we find them

No. 280998

>He doesn't get how women so casually overlook child murder, he wrote his villains doing that to make readers hate them, and it baffles him when women say "I wanna fuck that child murderer".
wow it's almost as if women are gushing over the actual actor himself and not the character?

since you keep avoiding what I keep saying, what about men who gawk over evil female characters?

almost all these women had men chasing them and licking their boots, does that mean men want to fuck insane women now?
or the countless examples given in the last thread of murdering women, some even killing their own children who had tons of male fans

what makes you look stupid is that you do nothing but ignore this but expect to be taken seriously, I will ask, yet again, what is your response about the millions of men who are doing the very thing you hate women for so much to the point of coming here, time after time, ban after ban, being so fucking paranoid and making up about how we all secretly want to fuck criminals, out of all the things you hate women for, but ignore when we bring up men who are doing what you hate women for

No. 280999

Lol how are those incels unable to distinguish between fiction and reality? It's well know women have more elaborate sexual fantasy than men, it's also well known that they're more prudish IRL, what you might think about while masturbating or daydreaming =/= what you want to happen IRL.
I think men can't understand that because they would realize every single one of their fantasy (inculding raping women, child and animals) if they could get away with it.

No. 281000

>Baffled by women being aroused by the horrible male characters he created
>Not baffled by men being aroused by the equally horrible female characters he created

Or are you next going to tell me that Cersei and Daenerys aren't as horrible as Drogo?

Also, whenever men mention the celebs they find most attractive they mention
>Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)
>Meghan Fox (Jennifer's Body)
But obviously it's just women attracted to hot rich peopple portraying violent characters.

No. 281001

I started this off by posting several real life examples. You're the ones who brought up actors, and I explained how it's true with fictional characters too.

Minor point but Black Widow and Jennifer (i assume that's the characters name) are definatly not the roles either of those actresses are most famous for. Scarlett Johansson has done more things than I can even think of, and I'm pretty sure most people know Megan Fox from Transformers.

No. 281002

So according to you she's not known for being in the most successful-movie franchise (Avengers) but instead for…? I have a hard time thinking about what else she's been in. Ghost in the Shell comes to mind, are you arguing THAT'S more well known than Avengers? Sure

No. 281003

Oh I gotcha
when men are attracted to evil female characters
"i-its because they're not the only one they're famous for!!!"
when women are attracted to men who played bad roles its all women want to fuck criminals, gotcha

>You're the ones who brought up actors, and I explained how it's true with fictional characters too.

the original anon talked about how women were obsessed with the actor himself, not the character

you can't use fictional characters to prove your point because well, it's fictional

and you still keep ignoring >>280998

No. 281004

I already said earlier to not even bother trying to claim the characters actors portray don't influence the way people feel about the actor themselves. They absolutely do.

No. 281005

The majority of the world population isn't autistic, if anything seeing how sweet Jason Momoa really is compared to his more violent manly characters is a charming point.

No. 281006

There you go subconsciously associating violent with manly. Are you even aware of what you've been trying to argue for the past hour?

No. 281007

What about men who do the same? Im just gonna keep asking you this anytime you post since you keep ignoring it, probably because it doesnt support your agenda and you'd have to admit ~gasp~ some people like bad people, regardless of gender

If you're trying to claim women think a man who played a murderer is actually a murderer or going to murder someone, you're dead wrong lmao

No. 281008

Stop feeding the bait.

OT: Why are men so hard to work with? They refuse to listen to other people's input, they just can't seem to accept that sometimes they are wrong.

After a couple of tries, only getting eye-rolls in return, I give up trying to give advice. Then it's fun to watch them fail because their egos are too big to actually try to improve.

No. 281010

No you're just projecting. Two adjectives next to each other in a phrase =/= those two adjectives go hand in hand all the time.

I think your severe retardation has been proved and I'm not derailing any further.

No. 281011

Men like those violent female characters in spite of them being violent.
Women like violent male characters because of them being violent.

No. 281012

Oh so when men do it, its to spite them, when women do its, its because evil women like violent men, ok

And you came to this conclusion how? Did you read their minds or something? You're so caught up and obsessed with women liking violent men you don't even know how to make sense anymore

No. 281013

Maybe the robot itt hopes women like actors portraying violent characters BECAUSE they're violent because he, himself, has violent thoughts (maybe even has acted on them) and hopes it will not turn women away from him.

No. 281014

I don't think you know what the phrase "in spite of" means.

And the conclusion is reachable with basic biology. Men aren't looking for a woman who's strong and able to protect him. Women however want a man to protect her and violent behavior is a good way to show off that he's capable of that.

No. 281016

Men are AWFUL at money management too
I knew a guy who bragged about having an apartment in downtown in a big city, the only affordable one he could find is most his monthly salary, he started complaining about how half the shit didnt work and he wasnt able to afford furniture and he didnt have appliance
When i suggested him move to the suburbs of town because he can get a bigger apartment with all the appliances for the same price, possibly cheaper, he laughed and mocked people who live in suburbs just because he thought he was too good to live anywhere that wasn't a big famous city
He made 1200 a month and got fired for plagiarizing and leaving work to be with his gf lmao

Another guy I know complains about never having money, always having to ask people for rides, etc, when I suggested he save up for driving school he whined about bills yet spends how much driving school would cost on wish within months

Another man complains about bills, yells at his wife if she buys a shirt, but blows money on lottery tickets, cars, alcohol, etc

No. 281017

I don't think you do, I mocked you because you show no evidence, and just assume rather

>Men aren't looking for a woman who's strong and able to protect him.

They did in ancient Greece and Rome, you realize that muh biolgy isn't the only thing that makes people attractive correct? If that was the case kpop stars, male and female, wouldn't have millions of fans who want to fuck them, the entire kpop industry would be shut down, society also influences who we find attractive

>Women however want a man to protect her and violent behavior is a good way to show off that he's capable of that.

Women do want to be protected, Whats your point? Whats so "MUH EBIL WOMEN!!!!" About that? And no, the vast majority of women aren't chasing violent men, they just want a man that looks strong enough, and god forbid I hope it doesn't hurt your feefees women like attractive men

No. 281019

The "ebil" comes from women's action. You can say all you want that you don't like it but everyone can see it first hand. When men hurt other men, women will start to feel more attraction to the winner. They have no empathy for the man who gets hurt, and even encourage more violence by rewarding the violent man with sex, and reproducing with his violent genes. It's basic biology.

No. 281023

A man making fun of you because you say weird shit, or pushing you because you scare women with your autistic behavior, isn't him being a bully or hurting you, kek.

No. 281024

File: 1534412039097.png (173.22 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_2018-08-16-04-29-05…)

P r o o f
That women are doing this, and if biology ruled all attraction no exceptions explain why millions of women want to fuck twinky harmless korean men or boyband dudes
And no "ITS BECAUSE THEYRE RICH!!" Isnt an answer

No. 281025

in every single thread, as soon as delicate sub guys are mentioned as being super desirable, robots chimp out and accuse them of lying. every single thread.

No. 281026

>blaming women's behaviour on women's biology
>blaming men's behaviour on women's biology

Are you not an adult? learn to take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming others.

No. 281028

Being rich is absolutely an answer. Wealth is like a modern-day replacement for strength. In caveman days the strongest male could beat up all the other males and get the most food for his mate. Nowadays the richest male can buy the most stuff for his woman. Though women still haven't let go of their old instincts to find the Violent Men.

In this thread I've only seen other women accuse women of lying when they said they wanted a sub delicate man. Just a few posts Above This in fact one is trying to say I must just be upset that I'm a "failed man" because im not the Chad stereotype. Yet you turn a blind eye to those women.

No. 281029

Stop engaging with the incel, he's an ugly twink who hate himself and all of womankind, and will die alone, would you talk to someone like that IRL? No so don't do it here.

No. 281030

And yet women are still fanning themselves for non-rich korean and asian twinks in general

> I'm a "failed man" because im not the Chad stereotype. Yet you turn a blind eye to those women.

I like how you just made up it was because you weren't chad, totally has nothing to do you've been in here for weeks now being paranoid and having mental breakdowns over what women like

No. 281031

And yet these women are fawning over pretty K-Pop guys and not Bill Gates.

No. 281032

Stop replying to bait. This is the exact reason it was autosaged before.

No. 281033

File: 1534413276879.jpg (19.66 KB, 667x91, Pro Revenge Stories — How I go…)

You know, im really not a "think of the children" type of person but only a man would pull this kinda shit


No. 281035

She said
>strong, protective, successful, dominant
"Chad sterotype" was clearly meant to summarize those traits.

Either way you're now ignoring my point. You claim it's men who accuse you of being a liar if you say you like delicate sub men, yet there's another woman clearly implying that a man has to be strong/dominant/etc or else he's a failed man that no woman would ever want. So why not argue with her hmm? She's doing the exact thing you were just complaining men supposedly do.

No. 281037

It should be common courtesy to not watch porn in public, whether there are children or not. Men are animals.

No. 281038

>ur a liar if you dont like chads!!!
>she called me a failed man!didn't go into detail what she meant!must be because im not chad!!!! Y-you cant go back and look at what she said right??>>281020

>They are severely pissed they're not strong, protective, successful, dominant if needed REAL men with integrity

>listing out why they're pissed
>""if needed""
>real men, with integrity

Chads only have integrity now apparantly

Someones triggered

No. 281039

Is there any incel argument they dont have to make up in order to create

No. 281040

you're talking to different people, and you do realize people will purposely try to offend people based on what will hurt them/sting the most, even if it isn't something they care about, as long as they know it's their insecurity? do you understand insults?

No. 281041

Yeah, the multiple stories of real life examples I've posted already.

No. 281042

>no real life arguments
>half the claims they made are made up, with no proof either
>when asked for evidence it was most women vs minority, the only argument they had is "some women are all women"
>ignores or make excuses when men like violent women
>but muh real life evidence tho!!!

Bitch where

No. 281066

We should be discussing OUR ISSUES not incels’ issues with us.

Here’s a topic for the man-hating thread: I hate men who drive around in oversized, impractical, showy pickup trucks. If they drive like normal people its fine but I can’t think of any instances in my experience.

No. 281072

Why do you hate people who drive trucks?

No. 281074

File: 1534419119027.png (291.39 KB, 500x500, cw8zKpL1rkp72r_1280.png)

Shitty meme, but it's truly extraordinary how much men enjoy seeing women getting hurt for art or their amusement.

Shows like the handmaiden tale or Got are 100% torture porn.

No. 281080

Wouldn't it be worse to get sexually aroused by women getting hurt and abused?

No. 281087

I have seen maybe two episodes of got and they were horrible. Obviously, over the top exploitation.

No. 281089


Women don't have any integrity either. They're unloyal, backstabbing, prideful, materialistic whores.

No. 281091

uh okay?? How about u go rape someone or work on your lawnmower piece of shit

No. 281097

Dont reply to obvious bait.
He’s thirsty as hell. Talk to your fellow women.

No. 281098

men cheat more
men lie more, backstab more and everything else, tell me, who created revenge porn men or women? the ultimate form of backstabbing, but most men probably think its womens fault, since its always womens fault, never mens
howso? and how is it bad?
last time I checked, when women got rich it wasn't them collecting lambos and benz, some women are materialistic, but I've definitely met more materialistic men than women

also back to the thread: I ranted about this in the other thread but I wish male sensitivity was stigmatized again, I'm tired of male friend after male friend always using me as a shoulder to cry on, they'll literally drop their textbook and cry, sometimes nothing will fucking happen and they'll cry but scream hysterical emotional bitch and leave me the second I'm not happy 24/7, they cry about feminism while benefiting from the male sensitivity movement made by the women they hate

oh and don't even get me started if I dare even accuse a guy of pretending to be sad for attention or for manipulation, they'll threaten suicide if you don't show them your tits and you're an evil woman if you leave them

No. 281099

any arguments incels can make that don't involve
>twisting and manipulating words
>using the whole "Some women, are all women" thing but crying when you even pull remotely the same thing they're doing

nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine

No. 281100

they do tho. they just justify the production of these disgusting shits with "B-BUT IT'S ART!!!". it's often pornified shit and usually features gratuitious rape that's obviously only inserted for men's sexual satisfaction. even the shit that isn't straight up rape, men get turned on by

No. 281107

File: 1534420961717.jpg (63.28 KB, 220x348, Fifty_Shades_of_Grey_poster.jp…)

explain this

No. 281112

where in 50 shades of grey, was there any rape or gore at all?
I don't like 50 shades, but it's literally nothing compared to porn, which is marketed by and for men

No. 281115

what is a "rape"

No. 281117

Stop taking baits, we're going to lose our thread, thanks to your inability to control yourselves.

No. 281122

tin foil hate time but is it handmaidens replying to get us saged? I feel like we're too above this.

but seriously STOP it. sigh.

No. 281123

This has crossed my mind too.

No. 281125

Rape is when a girl has sex with an ugly man. If you are a handsome white guy it's "BDSM"

Kill all incels to the concentrations camps.

No. 281126

Sometimes I envy men like the incel sperg, only because their worst issue with the opposite sex is when women have kinky consenting sex with men

Sorry, I'm too worried about acid attacks, being actually raped and having men like so blame me or pull the "if chad did it" shit, too worried about being accused of being a gold digger the second I ask my boyfriend if i can borrow a dollar, trying not to get broken up with, cheated on, or dumped the second im not a perfect fertile sex doll 24/7, trying not to get stalked and told im overexaggerating, trying not to get beat or murdered and blamed for it, trying to actually be fucking happy without having everyone jump through hoops to blame me for anything simply for existing and owning a vagina

No. 281127

Violence in game of thrones to women is horrible misogynist!

But I have fantasy of being raped by tall sexy white men XD its consensual!

No. 281128

The have the definition of 1st world problems. I also never understand what they want, they claim their life is shit because they can't get laid but at the same time that women are the worst creatures on earth responsible for all evils, why would you want to be in a relationship with such disgusting beings?

No. 281129

File: 1534422938104.jpeg (331.33 KB, 1600x1064, 75A836CF-6852-4E31-AAB6-6A4A63…)

I saw all the new posts and was ready to get my dose of man hating but instead had to skim through y’all entertaining a scrote :-(
do better!

No. 281130

>why would you want to be in a relationship with such disgusting beings

Which is exactly why I suggest for them to date men.

No. 281131

Are they even able to argue without putting words in our mouths?
Scrote pls, save the mental breakdown for your therapist

No. 281138

Yeah i dont even think it's an act, they are just completely fucked in the head while stimultaneously, desperately clinging on to the idea that they're intellectually superior.

No. 281139

I guess he thinks that childporn of his features children who magically appear on screen and aren't actual real life children who get abused, and that pedos who watch it, continue to fund the industry. I guess he hasn't taken economics 101 and doesnt understand supply and demand.

No. 281141

They desperately want fantasy to equal reality so they can rape women and excuse it with "b-but 60% of women have rape fantasies! this is actually helping her just think about it roastie!!"

No. 281143

has mental breakdown over adult men women want to have sex with
Muh male intellect!!

Didnt he also claim fetishes arent sexual and "could just mean watching children!" But rape play is rape, then claiming the only reason women "cry rape" is if its an ugly dude. Even though the big mean feminists he hates so much would admit consent has nothing to do with looks at all, good looking men can be rapists (there are even cases discussed in old man hating threads about how average looking women will get raped by a good looking man, when she goes to the police the police laugh, yeah its all about looks huh)

He literally isn't even able to argue without putting words in our mouths

And also, good looking white men? I thought all women wanted tyrone or whatever, get your memes right incels

No. 281144

Manly doesnt equal good. I know incels grow a tumor every time they hear this word but have you heard of toxic masculinity? Men are the ones defending masculinity and ALL aspects of it while women want to weed out the violence, but then men complain that we "pussify" them. Can't win.

No. 281146

They're like a dog chasing himself in circles
>HA toxic masculinity, stop pussifying men, you evil women! Chad is god tier
>y-you're lying if you say you like twinks all women secretly crave chad cock its science!

No. 281149

This is a solid analysis, good post.

No. 281154

several hours of scrote-screeching aside, does it fucking piss anyone else off that there is literally NO alt sub culture that attracts less shallow men, disgusting men that are possibly better people?

none. every musical subculture? sadistic, shitty, manipulative, borderline evil men. nerd subculture? L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y shittier men than normie chads, that hate women 10x more, and have far less to offer. artfags? emotionally manipulative, sadistic fucks that jerk off to women being shit on by pigeons and female blood-letting, just, filmed on a grainy camera.

there is no alt-male. women have such an emotional and intellectual range, but men are absolute garbage, even when they put on eyeliner and guitar pedals over their evil bullshit. men are completely shallow. men are always like literally the same guy just with a different hairstyle.

No. 281155

Anime/nerd dudes are so fucking pretentious and emotionally unstable, some of my worst experiences with men are with anime/nerd dudes. They beg for women, when they get them they treat their girlfriends so awfully, have a long list of demands much more than a typical chad would, it sucks many women are tricked into thinking theyre the actual good guys unlike normie chads

No. 281156

Men dont deserve women, plain and simple

No. 281158

>howso? and how is it bad?
Men hate when women have any pride because they think we are beneath them and should "know our place".

No. 281160

this is why i would never even so much as look at a weeb, especially. they need to extend the abortion allowance time to like, 312 months in the case of weeb men, tbh.

and the thing is that with men in these subcultures, they KNOW women really do want a partner they can relate with, especially relate to feeling ostracized, or out of place, etc, so to women, they see a major emotional asset, but these men aren't capable of relating with women and see no value in it, and even when ostracized, it doesn't lower their self-esteem – it increases it, almost, so that potential bond is never even actually there, and they use that emotional bond that we crave, because we're outcasts, against us. they're such nasty fucks, truly.

No. 281162

This rings so true.

No. 281167

>Shows like the handmaiden tale or Got are 100% torture porn.
every single rape scene in TV and movies are uploaded to pornhub with millions of men jerking off and complaining in the comment section that the rape didn't look real enough.
"art" my ass!

No. 281172

I did not knows this. Men are so fucked.

No. 281174

is this a thing? i thought i had it bad, until i talked to a friend who works in hacking and IT. poor girl has a new stalker every day.

No. 281175

Men cry if women are kinky
They cry if they aren't kinky enough
Cry if they're slutty
Cry "where have all the good women gone" when women dare have normal sex lives

There's no winning with them at all

No. 281179

I think it's so disgusting that some farmers want to kill our only platform to discuss and bitch about men.

No. 281180

Uh what? Killing it how? Do you not know this site was just made to talk shit about people? It's not that deep

No. 281182

she's talking about the people in meta. they keep trying to push for permabanning and shit.

No. 281186

But why though? I really don't fuking get a site like this where so many women draw the line at "man hate" thread aka discussing all the actual insane shit they pull around the world. Do they realise men will NEVER cape for them like they cape for men? its so god damn embarrassing.

No. 281188

Gay males, trannies or controlling cunts, I don't get how you can care THAT much about a thread on lolcow.

No. 281194

Eh, I get it. I love this thread but the retards responding to male bait really need to go, not permaban but at least a warning + their posts deleted. When we engage with men here it just makes them come back for more and it leaks into the other threads.

No. 281196

I would completely support of the original scrotoid bait and replies were deleted. This particular scrot has been posting the exact same shit for at least three threads now, I swear that stupid fetish graph was posted like five times already. It really shits up the thread.

No. 281202

Nta, yes it all sound like the same person, and as stated upthread, it could be another farmer sabotaging.
I don’t get how it is so difficult to just ignore such obvious bait.

No. 281203

Exactly, I wish you can legally send people to mental hospitals based on what they post on the internet, does this kid even fucking sleep? He did it since the man-hate thread rose

I know it sounds cliché but does he have no life, all the while most of us are at work, at uni, reading sleeping, socialising, caring for something or someone, cooking, cleaning, shopping, working out or whatever, this dude is sitting here having full on mental breakdowns over women wanting to be spanked and dominated so that traumatised him, out of all things, smh

No. 281204

Lmao do you think it's the same guy who said in /g/ he want to punch women when they talk about the men they're attracted to because they're insulting him?

No. 281206

Probably, this same dude has been raiding other female image boards too like cunt cafe with the exact same thing

I can only image how spoiled of a kid he was when his bigger issues are that women are attracted to men other than him

No. 281208

>It's well know women have more elaborate sexual fantasy than men
Yeah women have very elaborate rape fetishes.

No. 281211


You don’t talk to crazy ppl IRL, don’t do it here. Thank you!

No. 281212

I give them a big kick in the face

No. 281275

You attack mentally disabled people? Wow aren't you cool.

No. 281289

File: 1534448596535.jpg (196.53 KB, 560x1342, call the police i just witness…)

Ladies, I think its time we start having a bit of a laugh in this thread so lets begin with this sad sack of shit who got a humiliating read.

The one thing men hate the most is us laughing at their pathetic asses so lets continue.

No. 281290

>someone could shoot at you point blank and still miss
>Most cousins fucked 2k15
I'm fucking howling, that was savage

No. 281292

This is how it should be, rather than trying to reason with pathetic incels and stupid men we should read them and laugh. They do not deserve anything more.

No. 281294

we're not "aroused by ___ behaviour" because something is being triggered in our dumb monkey brains


No. 281296


Yep, they should just go to the face gym. Fucking lazy shits.

No. 281298

And the height gym too. Seriously, there's no excuse for a man not being at least 6'2 these days.

No. 281300

Anon don't you know your not supposed to be attracted to beautiful people, only beautiful souls? Sadly for the men butthurt over us liking pretty or handsome guys, their inside is rotten too, so even if we went for personality only they would still be pushed aside.

No. 281302

Its extreme, scifi-ish and probably wont happen. But a nice thought. Women raising kids in a safe, quiet village with other safe family members and friends. Men can live elsewhere with their sextoys and sexdolls. Sperm banks will still exist so the population continues.

No. 281303

Now I want a radfem imageboard with the strictest no scrot policy called cunt cafe

No. 281304

Anon, don't you know that cunt is a vulgar word used against women that are danger to patriarchy and which shames women's sexual organ? The proper radfem name is vulva cafe.

No. 281308

Little known fact about the soul, souls get bigger the higher quality they are. A good big soul requires a big vessel, this is why tall buff guys are also the most genuinely good people. And therefore scrawny manlets are also automatically shitty people.

No. 281310

Doesn't have quite the ring to it. Being a danger to patriarchy seems fine by me

No. 281315

it's a demeaning world and we will not call women like men that want to degrade us. Lets find a name which sounds good and not like something a 30 y/o fupa came up with for his rape porn blog

No. 281330

Sorry but where are you from? From what I know most of this shit happen in shithole countries like mine.

No. 281333

Had she not said dollar I would have guessed UK

No. 281340

Souls aren't real, silly.

No. 281385

Well SOMETHINGS gotta be causing this difference in personality quality between real men and those ugly goblins.

No. 281402

>someone could shoot at you point blank and still miss
my sides lmao

No. 281404

How did you miss that joke? Are you a scrot who got so triggered by it you couldn't think straight?

No. 281417

Aren't acid attacks on women often common in big cities in the US? They happen a lot here

No. 281419

Uhh, no? Where the hell did you hear that?

No. 281421

No. 281425

File: 1534473032121.jpg (102.16 KB, 750x883, tumblr_pdj476nm2L1qzur8uo1_128…)

Wow men only desire crazy chicks!! They're encouraging bad behaviour!! they should be castrated

No. 281428

What the fuck.
Not in the US, no. I live in a big city. We’ve had more terrorist attacks than acid attacks tbh.

No. 281430

More reads? Maybe I’ll go look for some.

No. 281431

Guess it just depends on where, it happens a lot here
Men will fetishize the shit out of crazy women and then coddle another man who got hurt soley because he went for a crazy girl and knew it, but then go out of their way to pin the blame on women if women ever get hurt by a man ever without even knowing what he told or convinced her
Why men think they're oppressed is beyond me, im sick and tired of the world jumping through hoops to always pin blame on women, never men

No. 281433

I am honestly skeptical you live in a US city and you’re saying theres acid attacks going on a lot? I could find only one recent incident. It was in MD. A man threw acid on a woman.
I would believe the UK or South Asia. Also that article is written by an Indian working in an Indian company as far as I can tell.

No. 281438

You really sound like you want that opression points. It's fine to shit on men but let's be objetive here, if you really live in the US you wouldn't worry about half of those things.

No. 281440

Why do men seem to get so offended when other men find a woman attractive that they don't find attractive

No. 281442

they need the keep the homosocial culture of men only doing things for other men's approval or else everything falls apart

No. 281444

Yeah it's always funny when men claim that women have herd-mentality and do everything for social approval when (save for a small minority), men are the biggest approval-whores there is. Without their hiearchies and pecking orders they go insane.

No. 281448

Then why are most "weird" people men?

No. 281449

>(save for a small minority)
the majority of men are still normies. And no you have sources that men are the weirdest? At least when women are weird we stan k-pop stars or are super into horses or something like that, when men are weird they have autism and daydream about raping women.

No. 281451

It really is impressive how in a single post you can get offended at the claim that men are weirder than women, and then immediately begin ranting about how weird men are.

No. 281454

as if those "weird" men aren't all the same
>i like anime
>i'm a shut-in
>i have a foot fetish

wow so unique

No. 281456

Most niche hobbies are dominated by men. Men have more weird fetishes. Men obviously care far less on average about societal approval.

It's so funny how in any other situation you'd be the ones happily arguing how weird men are compared to women, yet as soon as it's reframed as being less concerned with social approval suddenly you're screaming that women are the weirdos and all men are normal.

No. 281460

>you'd be the ones happily arguing how weird men are compared to women
um certainly not me. that's why i said what i said, retard.

men have built communities and multimillion dollar industries on how xDDDDD weird they are

No. 281482

File: 1534483163545.jpg (182.53 KB, 1200x2130, Virgin chad alliance is misogy…)

The thing about incels claiming 'all women just want Chad cock!' is scarily accurate. A lot of 'normal' men think the same.
How do I know? I bumped into one of my brother's friends from the time we were in school while going home yesterday and started chatting. He's a nerdy guy but not incel-tier as he has a cute party animal gf, a good job and seems like a nice guy overall. It was a nice chat until he kept insisting 'women love chad' in a accusatory tone and holy shit, he sounded kind of bitter. It went like this:

>wants to go to the gym and become one of those buffy guys to impress gf

>tell him gf would probably want him to remain the same way as they met
>b-but big muscles and jacked men are attractive, chads get all the girls!!
>tell him most women would prefer a cute, nice guy instead of an agressive meathead
>'i doubt it, you girls love ripped guys, you're always drooling over them'
>'i'd rather date a guy not too thin and not too fat, i can't stand the full of himself gym freak types.
>'i bet that if he lifted his shirt you'd be all over him' (you girls can't resist chad!!!)

I got tired of arguing with him, it was obvious he wouldn't change his mind so I gave up.
If women really preferred only alpha males how did he even get a gf in the first place? I wish she would dump his insecure ass.

Random pic, if you incels hate us so much just date men instead.

No. 281483

Having one of these conversations irl is my nightmare.

Also concerning how the emphasis was on impressing …girls that are not gf because she already likes him? Whew

No. 281484

>a cute, nice guy instead of an agressive meathead
you're no different than the people you're critiquing.
there's only two types of men to you and a guy who's hot is automatically an aggressive meathead?

no, most women want a hot guy and most women find big guys sexy

No. 281485

My boyfriend is v handsome and keeps insisting on working out despite telling him over and over again he's perfect the way he is, most of its projection because these same men often have a long list of demands for women before she'll be anything other than a walking hole to fuck and dump, so they assume women do the same, minus casual sex of course, the thing they invented but hate women for

No. 281487

I don't think arguing specifically about muscles is very productive. Chad just represents men who are appealing to women and intimidating to other men, it's not a concrete set of traits. If short, skinny guys were overwhelmingly popular with girls all of a sudden, they would be Chad.

I also think
>tell him most women would prefer a cute, nice guy instead of an agressive meathead
just reinforces incel ideas that conventionally attractive men are worse people than ugly incels, and that girls who DO like muscles date douchebags. If a girl has a nice bf who works out, incels will accuse him of being an aggressive meathead even if he's not. We don't need to defend or justify our taste in men's bodies. If a girl likes muscles that's fine, if not that's fine too.

No. 281491

You know what I'm tired of? The fact that incel has completely replaced virgin and so many people (mostly women's) vocabulary. For fucks sake, the meme was virgin vs chad. It's even right there in your filename.

No. 281493

Boo hoo hoo
Ask 100 different people you'll get 100 different meanings of what chad means

No. 281494

That's not even what I said.

No. 281497

I mean, guys on Tinder or whatever get more likes when they go shirtless and show abs.

No. 281504

I'm the OP of this post >>281482
Here in my country we have a specific term to describe men who are obsessed with being as ripped and manly as possible, most of them if not all act like assholes that only think about going to gym and fucking women, also treating them like shit. The nerdy guy wants to be like them. I was mostly talking about these types so sorry if you took it the wrong way. I'm definitely not talking about nice Chads here or regular gym rats.

And well, ime most women I know are attracted to kind and nice guys regardless of how ripped they are. This guy was acting like appearence is the only factor that matters when it's not.

Oops. I swear I thought it was an incel.

No. 281505

ik guys going on about how women are shallow and only want super hot guys is annoying, but there's nothing wrong with wanting hot guys. it's not masculine men or women's desires that are the problem, it's misogyny. denying women of their sexual desires and boiling it down to "women just want nice guys" is something misogynists say as well.

No. 281507

File: 1534486446263.jpg (102.96 KB, 1480x832, ppyjd7addjg11.jpg)

No. 281510

'women want chads' is literally a self-perpetuating meme. feminine faced skinny boys are liked by most women from what i can tell. that's why pretty musician boys and men like johnny depp are considered so universally attractive

disgusting. men will defend this.

No. 281511

Is he already working out? If so he to work out in order to stay the way he is.

I serious wonder for those of you with bfs how they would feel if they found out you post on these types of threads.

No. 281512

because you're probably a 19 year old who mostly talks to nerdy girls

No. 281513

i mean, i'm literally not either of those things. again, men like johnny depp are found attractive by practically all women of all ages. literally. that's why he retained so much popularity.

No. 281514

File: 1534487412037.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)

>not knowing incels think johnny depp is a chad role model in lookism circles

No. 281515

You know this is like the third time in this thread alone a woman has tried to blame the scary incel Boogeyman for making up the myth that women all want Chad type guys, and women don't actually like that.
And once again, it's other women who respond to her and say "shut up yes I do".

Hey, maybe the reason your argument didn't go anywhere is because he's seen threads like this and knows first hand how the majority of women talk when they think they're alone.

No. 281516

True, women over that age suddenly succumb to pressure to pretend to like hairy dad bods or bear mode guys, and develop an irresistable urge to put down any woman who prefers pretty boys as immature. Very convenient for ugly old men who feel threatened by qts.

No. 281517

File: 1534487601257.jpg (32.7 KB, 388x600, 388px-ChadThundercock.jpg)

No, they'll often call him subhuman or beta for having negative canthal tilt (not a joke).

They seriously think pic related is the most desirable male to women.

No. 281518

he's not a meathead and he isn't masculine. he has androgynous facial features. i just tried saying women like androgynous fem facial features and you tried to deny that. the caveman look is not much desired by women. psychologists literally call it the 'johnny depp effect' and note that women are attracted to facially feminine men.

No. 281519

itt ugly women who think they get to skip out on misogyny for liking twinks

No. 281520

He probably is to many women. Just like kpop twinks are the most desirable to many other women. It's almost like we aren't a fucking hivemind with identical tastes.

No. 281521

that guy is hot. what's your point?

No. 281522

They wouldn't make those signs unless they did in fact know that the majority of freshman girls are going to be eagerly getting drunk and fucking frat guys.

No. 281523

yeah but kpop boys and this dude are two extremes. a guy in the middle, like depp, is more likely to attract more women, overall, because he's not physically extreme – not an overly masc big guy and not an overly fem twink with 100k in plastic surgery. and it appears to literally be the case so often that scientists have named it.

No. 281524

If any women are attracted to him it's probably in the minority, he looks like a fucking caveman.
And he certainly isn't what MOST women like in a man.

No. 281526

if you say so and if that's what you tell yourself so you can feel superior to other women, go ahead

No. 281527

What's your problem? I don't judge women who are attracted to beefcakes, idgaf about who you're attracted to, I disagree with the idea that the MAJORITY of women are into men like him.

No. 281529

Kek, just amazing how the incels get so salty when anyone tries to mention liking anyone but big burly dudes. Immediately they try to claim women are lying to seem superior to other women. Same shit they try to say about women who like video games, or math, etc…

It's a brainlet scrot who can't grasp the concept that women are individuals and taste in men has nothing to do with with trying to be superior to other women.

No. 281530

File: 1534488302925.jpg (70.48 KB, 692x414, sPR8mgZ.jpg)

>he looks like a fucking caveman
a bit blinded by your own subjective opinion, no?

No. 281533

Damn you're right, the scrot is now trying to pass for one of us, lmao.

No. 281534

Or it's a girl who finds it annoying that anon's defense against incels saying women like Chads is claiming that women don't like big strong dudes. Plenty of women do. It's kind of unintentionally placating men to pretend otherwise, I know the intention is to prove them wrong but it still comes across like sucking up… 'no, we totally prefer skinny nerds like you! Chad is a douche, we don't want him!'.

I could argue for either body type, I like both and see many women who like both. But tbh we're starting to act like men on 4chan, who have weirdly passionate, heated debates about which women are most attractive.

No. 281535

>Accusing every anon who doesn't partake in the hivemind of being a man

No. 281536

File: 1534488997376.jpg (304.8 KB, 900x900, 578-Cry-Baby-1990-1-4081.jpg)

>'no, we totally prefer skinny nerds like you! Chad is a douche, we don't want him!'.

I don't think young Johnny Depp has anything to do with a skinny nerd.
And I think it's true that most women aren't into the big meaty chad that incels claim we're into. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

No. 281537

no, we're not. are you reading the same things that i'm reading? certain anons, either incels or apparently just autists, can't grasp that, again, women have been literally shown to seem to like feminine faces on males at a frequency that negates common thought. everyone has their 'ideal' and everyone has their own preferences, but extremes on either end will alienate plenty of women. that has already been said before.

and most nerd guys are fat and aren't pretty. saying women like feminine faced guys is still alienating to ugly incels. it isn't pandering or trying to disprove them. the common assumption is that WE ALL PREFER hypermasc men. it isn't true, and that's why feminine men in popular media have such a strong following. that's all that was being said. men assume this evo-psych shit and the truth is that plenty of female preferences don't support it, and maybe some do, but either way, not all of us love burly men.

No. 281539

are YOU reading this thread? no one is denying that feminine men can and are attractive. anons are denying that macho guys can be.

No. 281540

no, they're not. you're hyperbolic and annoying. no one said "MUSCULAR MEN WITH MASCULINE FEATURES ARE ATTRACTIVE TO NO ONE!!!", retard.

kek, right? depp is just as unachievable to these manosphere turds as whatever hypermasc guy they admire and claim we love

No. 281541

No one is denying it at all, lol. We're denying that big beefy guys are what most women want.

No. 281542

File: 1534489681902.gif (5.35 MB, 350x200, Ib1mR1yDMktqXHmY8DHE9qhhFljEp1…)

then why the hell are you so defensive if that was the case

No. 281543

NTA but one of you claimed that only a minority of women would find that guy attractive. While I don't think he falls exactly in line with most women's tastes, they would find him at least moderately attractive.

No. 281546

His look his kinda extreme with his huge orbital bone and his ginormous butt-chin, I find him ugly, but I understand how some women might be into it, however I disagree with the idea that this >>281517
is the ultimate panty dropper, maybe in a sorority house, idk, but in the real world his look would be very polarizing, he kinda fall into a small niche. It would be like saying Ezra Miller is the ultimate chad because skinny alt girl are crazy about him.

No. 281547

exactly. any extreme is going to alienate a sizable percent of the population, generally.

No. 281548

>'women want chads' is literally a self-perpetuating meme

and what about this >>281516

No. 281549

He would only be 'polarizing' in a theoretical discussion about the ultimate panty dropped like ours. In reality, he would have a good chance with the vast majority of girls. He's clearly above average, fit, young and healthy. Most women don't have the luxury of thinking they are too good for that, and just like some of us settle for men who are a little fatter or thinner than ideal, most girls are going to settle for a man who is maybe more muscular and jaw-y than ideal.

No. 281550

>I find him ugly
Good for you, but I think most women would disagree.

No. 281551

File: 1534490283777.jpg (59.23 KB, 464x453, tumblr_inline_p8vs064VB21v7olk…)

it's almost as if chad-ness isn't real and is based on people's subjective opinions…

No. 281553

Nothing to do with thinking you're too good for him, if you're not attracted to someone you're just not, not matter how amazingly hot some other person think he is.

I disagree with that, I think plenty of women would find him weird looking.

No. 281554

most people, regardless of gender, don't have hard lines drawn in the sand on what their "type" is. you'll understand one day, femcel.

No. 281555

Sorry you have no standards / taste?
So we're gonne full circle now, if you don't like hyper masc chad you're a femcel now.

No. 281556

Maybe 'too good for' was a bad phrase to use, but I mean most girls aren't going to say 'too hypermasculine and not enough like Johnny Depp, 2/10 would not bang'. Most people are reasonable enough in their taste and flexible enough in their attraction that they aren't going to struggle to find appeal in him, even if their preferences skew towards prettier guys.

No. 281557

no? i don't think you're a femcel because you don't like him or that you have standards and preferred aesthetics, it's that you have this idea that people have strict types that they always abide by.

No. 281558

legit, why are you guys even bringing up whether or not people would date him irl? that's not the discussion. we're talking about absolute preferences in absence of personality. lots of people irl, ofc, settle for people that aren't their absolute ideals. this doesn't even need to be said.

No. 281559

>but in the real world his look would be very polarizing, he kinda fall into a small niche.
This is what I'm arguing. If you can assume most people would find him dateable IRL, why would it be polarizing? I said that it might be in this specific discussion, but not in reality.

No. 281560

if you took out dating and personality, most people would become even more flexible.

>that guy is attractive

>i agree

No. 281561

I mean I wouldn't find him undatable due to his looks but I would definitely no go after him for his beauty or attractiveness, some people aren't into big strong guys, get over it.

No. 281562

people can still be immediately physically polarizing and still be dateable irl. when that anon said 'polarizing' i'm pretty sure they were talking about their general physical preferences. their ideals. not what women would be willing to accept irl.

No. 281563

>some people aren't into big strong guys, get over it
are you illiterate? no one is denying that
you're the ones who keep insisting most women don't like masculine guys and that they're a "niche" interest (OMEGALUL)

>general physical preferences
means less picky, not more (for anyone who isn't an incel)

No. 281564

>ost people, regardless of gender, don't have hard lines drawn in the sand on what their "type" is.
>Sorry you have no standards / taste?
Wow. You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 281565

>you're the ones who keep insisting most women don't like masculine guys and that they're a "niche" interest (OMEGALUL)
that guy is on the upper end of what most people consider masculine. he has excessively masculine facial features, is very tall, is very buff, etc. he's not 'just masculine'. yes, someone that is more masculine than the avg masculine guy is going to alienate some women. also
wtf are you 12

No. 281566

This conversation is retarded.
Every type of men can be attractive to someone, EXCEPT incels, period.

No. 281567

What is embarrassing about having taste? Not everyone is desperate enough to take absolutely any kind of man.

No. 281568

You're making a really crappy strawman. That's what's embarrassing.

No. 281569

there's having taste and then there's creating your perfect husbando down to his ankle circumference

No. 281571

>more masculine than the avg masculine guy
>avg masculine guy
What the fuck does that even mean.

No. 281572

nothing. these women don't go outside

and lol
>I would definitely not go after him for his beauty or attractiveness
i highly doubt you're going after anyone, your royal highness

No. 281573

that's not even hard to understand? there's a spectrum of masculinity, facially, physique wise, etc.

No. 281574

>i highly doubt you're going after anyone, your royal highness
I understand you're desperate to fuck him, but not reason to get butthurt over people not sharing your tastes, anon.

No. 281575

File: 1534491918253.jpg (32.32 KB, 400x386, tumblr_pci1zrivPf1ur16nuo5_400…)


No. 281576

>there's a spectrum of masculinity, facially, physique wise, etc.
Exactly my point. Where does Mr, "average masculine guy" fall on the spectrum?

No. 281577

There's multiple girls in the "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" who said they'd fuck that guy who did the vice interview on incels.
I saw similar comments in the YouTube section.

No. 281578

This and Elliot Rodger has a small following too.

No. 281579

File: 1534492278765.jpeg (9.13 KB, 289x175, Spongedisgu.jpeg)

I don't except any less from this disgusting place.

No. 281580

i don't get why so many women pride themselves on having high standards. get a real personality.

No. 281581

You should be ashamed of having low standards.

No. 281582

why tho

No. 281585

Who gives a shit? This is the man-hate thread.

No. 281586

File: 1534492721970.jpg (30.82 KB, 435x580, 1035.jpg)

maybe something like this. he's not excessively facially masculine, he doesn't have a much larger build than normal (in terms of height and bone structure), he isn't overly built, etc. he's still really masc to me, but he doesn't have a very brutish look to him, unlike the other guy. note: we're not talking about 'average' on like, a 'hotness' scale, just a spectrum of masculinity

No. 281588

because it's an incel, probably.

No. 281589

this dude is like 60

No. 281592

he's 43 now and he was like 38 in that photo. age is irrelevant, anyways. we're talking about facial features and build.

No. 281593

facial features are relevant to age, silly. dude looked like a goober when he was younger.

No. 281594

Uhh Bill Burr is 5'10 the fuck are your height standards

No. 281595

File: 1534493128166.jpg (167.72 KB, 1200x768, Brad-Pitt-fight-club-body.jpg)

I think Brad Pitt in fight club fall into the medium of the masc scale.

Manlet detected.

No. 281596

it takes a lot of work for a long time to look like that

No. 281597

Role-playing man detected

No. 281598

>comes to the man-hate thread
>arguing about whether some scrotoid is attractive or not

het women will never be able to hate men properly smh

No. 281601

File: 1534495092138.jpg (117.13 KB, 1242x1113, weak.jpg)

>The one thing men hate the most is us laughing at their pathetic asses
Can confirm. Nothing angers the scrotoid more than women refusing to participate in his greek philosopher debate RP. Men are energy and time sucks and know exactly what they're doing when they're trying to start drama.

No. 281603

File: 1534495900439.png (934.37 KB, 1203x790, Screenshot_20180817-035040.png)

The incel in question, for reference

No. 281605

I often wonder just how many supposed man-haters here are just fake posers and actually have boyfriends.

No. 281606

Lol. I think most people in this thread have bf. That's why the femcel argument doesn't stand.

No. 281607

chad isnt the same as "has a fit body". when men say chad they mean annoying domineering personality AS WELL as muscular/handsome/whatever.

No. 281608


No. 281609

how do you reach the conclusion that liking twinks = ugly and "skipping out on misogyny" whatever that means. if you're implying that twinks are just as misogynistic as your average dude then sure i agree with that but if i have to deal with men i'd rather have one that i think looks good (twink).

No. 281613

>the majority of women dont like beefcakes with 100% masculine facial traits
so this is what qualifies as a hivemind now?

No. 281617

no, i think that anon was a robot saying "you're still deserving of being hated by males, even if you prefer skinny men – it doesn't exempt you uggos from it"

the anon you responded to was obv an incel but exactly. the idea that women are wary of men because they just can't get laid (instead of the fact that we've all been warned since birth of men, to protect ourselves, to cover up because of men, and how we see ritualized female abuse daily, on the news and irl, etc) is so fucking stupid, esp because i'd say 60% or more of women in these threads are in relationships w men.

No. 281619

a little bit of rhinoplasty and he's easily chad

No. 281620

No, the femcel argument doesnt stand because
1. Women don't get mad at men en masse if they don't want to fuck them. I'd say we hate men partly because of how much they want to fuck us and the lengths they go to to achieve that.
2. Some guy will ALWAYS want to fuck a woman regardless. Men are so easy it's virtually impossible to be a femcel.

No. 281622

>Women don't get mad at men en masse if they don't want to fuck them

I agree with the rest of your post but this doesn't stand, a lot of women base their self esteem around how desirable they are to men and the whole fat acceptance movement kinda was about that. (real women have curves, dog go for bones, etc..)

No. 281625

the femcel argument doesn't stand because women have not created a community around their inability to get laid, resulting in an irrational hatred of men, attractive men in particular. most women who hate men do so for very good reason.

along with this, incel ideology is literally based around male entitlement to women's bodies. women are way less likely to commit sex related violence against men or hurt men as a sort of "revenge" for their inability to sleep with them.

"femcel" implies women feel the same way about men that they feel about us, which simply isn't true. a woman can hate a man with all her guts and never fantasize about raping him or brutalizing him in a sick humiliating way. men can get chastized by their female boss and immediately jump to fantasizing about utilizing violence & sex (rape) as a way of "putting her in her place".

No. 281628

>the whole fat acceptance movement
But they want to be considered attractive or at least not hated, not necessarily actually get sex out of it. If that was all they wanted, there are men on craigslist and shit actively looking for fatties to fuck. Men don't really give a shit how highly a woman thinks of him if she's willing to fuck him regardless, incels are looking for actual sex rather than just women finding them attractive.

No. 281631

Eh, it's extremely embarrassing and entitled to create a whole movement around wanting people to find you attractive and it show men how much we need them to find us fuckable.

No. 281634

that's not what the whole movement was about. they weren't even angling for being fuckable. there's a difference between conceding that fat women can be attractive, and wanting to be seen as fuckable. it had to do with media portrayals and shit.

what you're saying isn't a corollary. fat women are treated like shit in society, even if they are pretty, and plenty of men even think they genuinely are pretty, but can't admit it because men are such socially retarded bandwagoners. it's really not the same and fatties didn't want to be seen as fuckable or literally get fucked like incels want.

fat isn't attractive, but fat people can be attractive, and i do think that's a sentiment that should be expressed more, and so in that they are/were right and it isn't similar at all to incels.

No. 281635

Well yeah, that's true. But the end result of it isn't fat women planning to rape men, wanting to take away their rights, demanding the government ration out sex. Sex is something you can take, being considered attractive is something you have to be given, and no matter how tragic fat acceptance types are, they aren't going to violate anyone in pursuit of it.

No. 281670

File: 1534511227048.jpg (123.77 KB, 804x960, crmcupki6mg11.jpg)

What's wrong with you girls? Why are all of you so violent?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281683

> Daily Fail
kindly neck yourself brainlet

No. 281684

You didn't answer my question

No. 281685

You have to dig into last year's news about a woman that did something horrible. I just need to look at today's news to read about a man doing something terrible and beyond depravity.

No. 281686

Can you retards not engage the scrot?

No. 281691

THIS. Report and ignore

No. 281692

>Waaaahhh I can't engage in my anti male circlejerk

That's why no guy wants to be with you. You incel types will be forever alone.

No. 281701

A friend of mine told me about how her mom invited only the women in her family and friends' group to her birthday party this year.

The men are always starting drama with each other during family gatherings, getting drunk, angry and sometimes even violent to the point where they have to call the police. My friend's mom was tired of the women always having to act as peace makers instead of having a good time because these men can't handle their emotions. Of course some of them threatened to show up anyway, getting angry that she didn't invite them, but luckily no one followed through and the party had been a blast.

I'm just astounded that she clearly just wanted to celebrate her birthday without being worried about it ending in violence. She had explained to the men why she didn't want them there, and while some of them to their credit promised that they wouldn't start any drama, most of what she got was mockery and jokes about how "your party is going to suck without us there to spice it up!".

No. 281707

File: 1534521560043.png (578.29 KB, 672x884, 1.png)

This weeb faggot tried mailing 66 pounds of doujinshi lolicon manga back to Switzerland it gets confiscated by the authorities, and he has the nerve to complain on Twitter. He said that Swiss cops don't understand "hentai culture", I "understand hentai" and I say that lolicon is fucked and it shouldn't be a thing. Pedophilia is accepted in Japan, why else is the loli genre, characters who act loli, underaged idol girls for old guys are so popular? Old guys like to grope girls on the train and child pornagraphy sentences are garbage to non existant over there. I fucking hate weebs and how they try to defend Japan's blatant pedophile culture.

No. 281708

Isn't this the guy who made out with his actual mom on camera?

No. 281711

kek I always thought that's a persona he puts up but apparently he's even more degenerate than I thought. Not that I mind loli.

No. 281718

Why kill them? His pregnant wife and own children? Sorry for personal, but I've always wanted a family but hearing shit like this makes me reconsider. Not to mention statistically, women are more likely to be murdered by their spouse. https://www.insideedition.com/colorado-man-allegedly-confesses-killing-pregnant-wife-and-2-kids-45978

No. 281720

Why can't males keep their memes straight? One minute women are the most privileged in the world because we can just open our legs and a man will fuck us, next minute their first insults "well you can't get laid!!"

Make up your mind scrotids

No. 281721

>Not to mention statistically, women are more ikely to be murdered by their spouse

This statistic increases even more when the woman is pregnant. Thats actually the time women are most likely to be killed by their spouse.

Smh. Men were a mistake. They're barely human.

No. 281722

Another factor is money.
I've seen a lot of these murder cases where the man kills his wife and kids because of a fight over finances.
Men get really bitter over money, and then they begrudge their wives and children for the financial demands and responsibilities on their shoulders. Men can't handle the bruise to their ego when it turns out they can't be good providers, so they take out their frustrations on the victims and turn to abuse or murder.

No. 281723

the best part is that they get so fucking offended when women make more than them, and god forbid she even suggest supporting him
but next minute they cry about voluntarily paying for dinner, so much to the point where I've seen women and men discuss sexual assault and men will pull the "BUT BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT MENS!!! I PAY FOR DINNER WE'RE OPPRESSED" card
they literally think them voluntarily paying for dinner is worse than sexual assault

No. 281726

Yeah, they really do want it both ways.

They want their women to be domestic, tale care of children, AND go to work 40 hours a week. They want women to surrender their paychecks to household expenses, but to be hush about it because they don't want it to be known how much support they provide, if they aren't funding entirely everything.
Men hate that the most, knowing women are more useful in every regard.

No. 281732

I don't think in their ideal fantasy they'd want women to work, at least not outside the house for someone else, they'd want women to do housework and such while men are the only ones allowed to work and control the money, meaning the women. Does it sound familiar?

No. 281739

In my generation, where I grew up, women worked at least part time, usually full time like my mother. They also had to take care of the children, cook, clean (us kids would help).
The men, they worked 40 hours/week. My father worked more than that but had winters off. During which he never helped with childcare. Also, the men are allowed to go to the “tavern” as often as they wish.

In working-class families, women are expected to go above and beyond.

No. 281741

Nah, I think their ideal fantasy is their girlfriends/wives replacing the role of their mommies by being omnipresent caregivers and financial providers. What a man will do is gaslight a woman and belittle what income she earns, that way she'll be more complacent in working more and giving more.

I think what you're describing is more of a 50s situation where financial dominance made sense because of socioeconomic reasons. Women needn't have worked and a man's income was enough.
It still happens if a man's income is high, but I'd say it's more uncommon.

These days, households often need two incomes. Men have become more entitled because women are now expected to work, if they stay at home they're seen as lazy and freeloading.

No. 281743

Yes it's incredible how transparent men are, a lot of them grew up with an extremely complacent mom and they expect the same thing from their gf.

No. 281758

despite all this, the fact we go above and beyond to raise them and work for them to live, they STILL hate our guts

men DO NOT deserve women, nothing we do will ever be good enough for them until we're all legally required to funnel any penny we have into their bank accounts and be mommy sex slaves, even then they'd still cry oppression

No. 281822

Can you imagine 4chan banning women-hate? Well there are people that don’t like our man-hate.

We should all make an effort to
>not reply to bait, trolls, “handmaiden” types.
>post your personal shitty experiences with men. It will encourage openess and, dare I say, sisterhood.
>keep our hate in this thread. I agree certain topics are intertwined, but that may be the point to move the conversation to this thread, or take it down a notch.

We don’t want to lose this thread, and we want to keep it quality (don’t reply to trolls). Don’t we all hate scrolling through 20 back and forths between a troll and someone engaging him?

No. 281826

spot on, anon. why bother w/ some gross dude when you can have a hot butch GF? strap ons vibrate- it's over for dudes.

No. 281829

>not reply to bait, trolls, “handmaiden” types.

Tbh this needs to stand in general and some of you really need to let people have their little opinions. Not every post you disagree with needs a response and a 20-reply infight.
How many of you can count the times you've ever successfully converted someone who seemed to be upset or shitposty?
Let it go, the website would be better off for it.

No. 281834

Men are legit ugly as fuck inside and out. They all look like each other (walmart-tier too, literal dime a dozen lookalikes everytime you go out in public). Why would I want to spend time with Joe Blow who's just looking for a quick fuck when I can invest time in my pretty girlfriend with a kind and interesting personality?

I don't give two fucks about how 6ix9ine is your favorite rapper and is "the GOAT".

No. 281880

men always stan shit rappers too, what's with that?? xxxtinct and that 6ix9ine scumbag. the latter of which sexually assaulted a child. men don't have a conscience, which is why they can let that shit slide. they don't know how to have feelings.

No. 281913

what I hate is a lot of the time male stars will get a free pass even if the do the most vile of vile shit but if a female star dare even have cheating rumors people will go wild and spam her with death threats and she'll be removed from holywood pretty much

ot but I have normie male friends who would often praise and talk about stars like chris brown, bill cosby, xxxtentacion,johnny deep and will give them praise but if you dare even bring up a star like ellie goulding and kirsten steward the first thing they talk about is cheating rumors and how much they hate the woman for that

basically, they can excuse men raping and abusing women but draw the line when a woman has cheating accusations

No. 281916

>This weeb faggot tried mailing 66 pounds of doujinshi lolicon manga back to Switzerland
My sides

No. 281926

File: 1534578142026.png (62.42 KB, 620x548, menaretrash.PNG)

This tweet is making rounds on my TL and it's SO frustrating. Wow you think there are good men around and that not all men are trash? What a novel thought, I'm glad I saw this fresh new opinion because it instantly made me re-think my ways and ignore the 99% male rape statistics, pedophiles, daily abusing of women and the way the whole society is built around male needs! Because a hash tag is trending, we really need to baby the poor men who might have their pwecious feewings hurt. #NotAllMen! Both genders have bad people! Women are just as violent and bad as men! uwu

No. 281929

>they literally think them voluntarily paying for dinner is worse than sexual assault
The sad thing is that this isn't even exaggerating, you're speaking the absolute motherfucking truth. They bring up the "b-but paying for dinner!" card every FUCKING time people are talking about real life-threatening abuse women face at the hands of men. That and "b-but men never get custody!" while doing absolutely nothing related to child care that would warrant them to be a good guardian.

No. 281933

lol, this pick-me ass bullshit is so sad. like, you can't even just suck up to the shitty men in your life with absolutely pathetic shit? you need to attach your face to this and try to get asspats from hundreds to thousands of bepricked uggos? what a sad life. i'd be so embarrassed to attach a faceless internet persona to this sentiment, but her actual face and probably her name? sad.

No. 281934

>don't take your experiences with a small sample to blanket the entire gender
Funny how this logic only every applies to people who generalize negative experiences. She takes the few men she knows (or THINKS she knows) and uses them to generalize men as not trash.

But seriously, imagine being so sad and naive that your heart 'breaks' for men being insulted in the most basic, broad way without anyone specifically being targeted. Imagine if she knew how few of those 'wonderful' men would cape for her in return.

No. 281936

File: 1534579981143.jpg (52.35 KB, 500x307, 1530699517549.jpg)

In all honesty, tweets like that remind me of this image

No. 281938

the ones like this are purposefully ignorant. the ones that come onto this thread and prattle on endlessly about how their grandpa was a savior, etc. i dont believe for a second that all of these women have just been treated like gold by most or all men. they just haven't developed the consciousness to recognize the disrespect, or they push these negative experiences to the backburner because they realize speaking out against men doesn't reward them.

i feel bad for these women to some degree, but on the other hand, they often prioritize the prospect of getting their crumbs over other women and girls, and i just feel… ugh. they're just kind of selfish, shitty people for trying to drown out female voices for the pathetic payoff of a few stale crumbs, tbh.

No. 281940

Girls like >>281926 I mainly just pity and laugh at. They're not really throwing women under the bus, giving her the benefit of the doubt I'd say she just wants to see the best in people and is blissfully ignorant. Not everyone has spent as much time as us reading what men say behind our backs, so it would be easy enough to assume rapists on the news are outliers and not an inevitable extension of everyday misogyny.

But women who praise men while putting other women down and patting themselves on the back for it are just so god fucking awful, internalized misogyny is an ugly ugly thing to witness.

No. 281952

Everytime a man kills his wife or commit a terrorist act the friends and family are always saying "he was a good guy".
Women don't like to imagine that those wonderful men they interact with everyday go home and look at rape porn or pressure their gf into sex.

No. 281964

I also know intelligent and caring men, men are still trash as a group, and even most seemingly great dudes have trash tendencies simply based on how they were socialised.

Real tired of #notallmen bs from women when most of the men they're implcitly defending barely see them as a human being.

No. 281969

my bfs friend is an incel. he pulled the typical "women have it easier because they can get fucked at anytime" and to that i said "ya know, if you were gay you'd have just as many men trying to fuck you as if you were a woman..". he shut me down and said that it is not the same thing.

they never seem to understand it isn't women fault that we arent willing to fuck everything with a pulse. Gay men will fuck anyone, if they just want free easy sex and attention they could just become traps or fuck dudes. This behavior has nothing to do with women, it is just men are naturally slutty. There is a reason you dont see any gay incels complaining about their lack of sex and being a virgin, thats why ya dont see trannys who like men complaining about no one wanting to fuck them unless theyre transbians.

No. 281970

File: 1534602006801.jpeg (171.3 KB, 1280x667, 0FF0D012-A40F-499E-849F-09440F…)

Men have almost no control over their sexual impulses so of course there will be an imbalance in the hetero world. Supply and demand. Men are so dumb. It’s really not that hard to understand.
Maybe they should switch teams if lots of sex is important and they aren’t getting the results they want with women.

No. 281971

Oh yeah. I seen that pic posted on a chan. Thought it was interesting.

No. 281972

wow, gay autism. nice.

No. 281973

they seem to just want to be in denial that it isnt that women are too picky, it is that men will fuck almost anything, most of em would fuck their own sister if theyd get away with it. of course hot guys will fuck below average women if they just need a quick fuck and cant get anything else but if incels were gay they would get the same treatment by gay chads.

No. 281974

Does anyone else get annoyed that men complain about pregnant women doing anything besides waiting for the baby to come, like doing your makeup or playing a game on their phone? Like maybe they just want women to be in constant pain rather than have a slight distraction? I keep seeing it everywhere. Then again men just hate women over anything.

No. 281975

To be honest, a lot of incels and alt-right types come off as super gay and they have no self-awareness. They have no idea how to realistically take care of or look for a woman and value men as so ~intelligent~. I think the whole "manosphere" is basically in the closet.

No. 281976

Do you know anything about gay men? Gay incels can't exist for real unless they live in a country where gay sex is super illegal.

No. 281977

Yeah that's what I mean. If these incels went gay they'd be getting their boy pussy pounded out every night by hot chads.

No. 281978

Oh shit, I read your post wrong. Sorry!

No. 281983

>you had your fun now you want to settle down with a beta for money!

I don't understand this argument. this kind of behavior isn't even exclusive to women. Normal college guys fuck tons of slags who they would never marry then in heir 30s they settle down with some plain looking virgin. When girls are young and in college they're not going to want to be sitting around in a dark room watching their bf play video games and a young college guy isn't going to want to spend his whole day at bible study with his boring trad gf….they're going to be out getting wasted and partying. Then they grow up and you just want to relax, they have a career so they don't have time for partying and physically their bodies can't handle it anymore.

No. 281987

>"To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand hentai"
Imagine being this much of a loser

No. 281992

>they could just become traps or fuck dudes
A lot of incels and robots do this shit and it's actually disgusting. The trap culture on 4chan is awful, really unconvincing mtf trannies in striped thigh highs pulling the whole "men are so much better at being women my boipucci is pure and tighter than any roastie vagina!!!uwu" act and posting super photoshopped petite Asian trap models thinking they can achieve the same result as a 6'2" white dude with an inbred face. It's basically just them taking their hatred for women to the point they are so delusional as to attempt to overthrow them completely.

No. 281995

its gross but if all they're looking for is a life of getting fucked in the ass and just fuck fuck fuck fucking becoming a trap would be a good option.

No. 282005

Men also have more sex partners on average (even though they run around screaming how all men should mgtow because of this, but a woman do it? Shes a roastie whos gonna hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone) but instead play a bunch of mental gymnastics to convince themselves why it doesn't apply to them and they should be able to fuck millions of women but all women should stay virgins until marriage, or even better when these same men cry about womens standards being high and not being able to fuck a bunch of women

Can't they makeup their mind about what they want for once?

No. 282007

If a woman was killed people go out their way to justify why she was a slut and deserved it

Its sad, I WISH i saw this mgtow fantasy land, but the world hates women

No. 282017

literally this. i was looking at comments for a doc about a female murder and a male murder.

the comments about the female murder all said she was a slut, bitch, deserved it etc. when she was badly abused and was literally defending the life of her and her kids.

the comments on the male murder blamed the girlfriend for cheating on him, calling her a slut, whore etc.

EVERYTHING IS WOMEN'S FAULT. there is actually a really good facebook group by this name which is currently pretty small but shows excellent examples and commentary on prime examples of how fucking everything is women's fault.


No. 282018

File: 1534612356109.png (91.78 KB, 351x509, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 18.0…)

This was just posted in the group I mentioned above. Her dean's email is dmcdonald@usf.edu

Do your thing lolcow.

No. 282021

So fucking tired of this shit
I'm actually legit terrified that if something bad happens to me (I work in a dangerous job where I have to go to remote locations and people can easily set me up for a scam and try to hurt me) instead of getting help I need, people would instead go out of their way to turn it into MY fault because I have a vagina

it's one thing women have to deal with this shit, but it pisses me off that instead of recognizing the issue and fixing it, people delude themselves to believe it actually happens to men and everyone thinks it's always womens fault and being a woman is life on easy mode, even dead women can't get a break

open your eyes people, stop worrying so fucking much about ~oppressed men~ and stop jumping through hoops to blame everything on women

No. 282023

It's sad how much porn transformed men sexuality, I was having a conversation about bisexuality a little earlier and the majority of men's opinion was that women are naturally bisexual and even if they aren't it's easy for them to kiss and even GO DOWN on other women.
NO, it's 100% a consequence of porn consumption, I don't even like women but during my porn addiction I couldn't get out of my head that I wanted to fuck another women and have a FFM threesome, I came back to my sense right when I was about to have sex with a very nice lesbian, I wasn't into her at all I was brainwashed by porn and I realized how much I didn't want to lick a pussy, touch breast or even have a woman go down on me…

No. 282025

This is basically the concept of a really good group I found called everything is women's fault. You should join it

No. 282027

Exactly. Women arent as violent as men though, thats the thing

No. 282031

>chlorophyll rag
>tfw to intelligent

No. 282033

>men are dangerous to be alone with

do these people know they can't victimize men (especially if women are scared of them) if in the same sentence they're blaming women for not being paranoid of men

they want their cake and eat it, they want to treat men like poor oppressed babies who have been hurt by society, but when it comes to women getting hurt? their fault for trusting men

No. 282037

@hello 911 i'd like to report a misandry is a good group to join as well

No. 282054

Just sharing a sad story caused my men's sociopathy and natural need for violence and vengeance.

David Rothenberg who's father set on fire when he was a child died yesterday at 42 yrs old.

When he was six yrs old his dad told him he would bring him to Disneyland, gave him a sleeping pill, doused him in kerosene, and burned him alive in a motel room. Why?
To get back at his wife he was in a bitter custody battle with.

No. 282058

>There are many more hoes than rapists
I'd love to take a look at her hoe/rapist statistical documents. She sounds like a real piece of work.

No. 282094

Should we really feel bad if the child was a male though?

No. 282098

Male spotted.

No. 282099

I didn't know that. Custody is definitely about hurting the ex wife in a lot of cases. What a horrific thing to do to your own child.

No. 282102

Interview of a man about his missing pregnant wife and two children hours before he confessed to killing them all.

No. 282104

File: 1534626845526.jpg (73.93 KB, 524x511, murderous bastard.jpg)

Men are such spiteful cunts, too many stories of men killing their kids to get back at their exes yet they have the fucking nerve to call women bitter.

No. 282110

>triggered incel whining
>also doesnt disprove my point

No. 282112


Infanticide is not the same as murdering a grown human. Infanticide is often times done out of compassion for not wanting a sick or deformed human to suffer a life not worth living.

No. 282113

File: 1534628040957.png (209.92 KB, 1222x562, Filthyscrotcrimes.png)

Reminder to not engage with scrot + that male are the main perpetrator of violent crimes.

No. 282116

File: 1534628315675.jpg (45.75 KB, 662x146, men dont deserve life.jpg)

No. 282121


No. 282122

>However, what's extremely worrying is that there is a small minority of men who find it impossible to cope when their families break up.
>These men come from all walks of life. They include doctors, businessmen, electricians, lorry drivers and security guards.
>But they all seem to have one thing in common. They feel that their masculinity is being threatened.
>In getting divorced, they believe they are losing the one thing that makes them feel like successful men: their families.
>In murdering their children, they are, in some twisted way, wresting back control not just of their children, but often of their wives, too.
>Killing their children is the most shocking and dramatic way they can think of to shout to the world: 'Look how powerful I am.'

Men are evil incarnate.

No. 282123

File: 1534628577377.jpg (143.54 KB, 337x674, monster.jpg)

No. 282128

File: 1534628746381.jpg (177.88 KB, 658x497, scum.jpg)

So true, and look at the comments on the article, men bending over backwards to excuse other men killing their own children. Men cannot be trusted they are fucking cancerous.

No. 282129

File: 1534628858189.jpg (223.45 KB, 318x923, men are a fucking mistake.jpg)

No. 282134

>Do everything in their power to rob women of sex ed
>Make it almost impossible for young women to get access to contraception or abortion
>Rape women
>Womend desperatly kill the child when he's bron
>See! the evil women! They're killing baby fresh out the womb

If men could get pregnant I bet neonaticide numbers would be 400% highers.

No. 282135

where did i say that? maybe if you stop being so triggered we would not be laughing at your pathetic ass.

You are the one cherry picking but are now saying we are. Man you are such a dumb cunt kek

No. 282136

File: 1534629378926.jpg (128.77 KB, 647x523, Jean Say murdered children to …)

No. 282138

If men were the ones getting pregnant they would have already made an abortion pill and tech and people wouldnt protest being pro-choice

No. 282139

>this article gives men a bad name
No it's men and their disgusting actions that give men a bad name. This is why I hate men. For every shitty man there are 100 men defending him. Have some fucking guts men and start hating men who kill their children and wives. Stop being passive white knights.

Killed them to protect them? Really? Men are so wrapped up in their fantasy world of being "protectors" it's like a schizo who can't tell they're sounding delusional.

No. 282140

Maybe you should look at the post you originally responded to. If you were a lawyer you would make Lionel Hutz look like a genius.

No. 282144

Literally they'll defend a child killer and think of themselves as good person at the same time, they feel more connected to a killer than to a murdered women because he has a dick too… And they call themselves the logical sex.

No. 282145

File: 1534629704334.gif (279.95 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Good point, I stand corrected.

No. 282146

>He's so triggered hes resorting to strawmanning

Top. fucking. kek.

No. 282148

File: 1534629802496.gif (2.97 MB, 700x393, source.gif)

No. 282153

quick question - do you consider abortion to be infanticide?

No. 282154

>no argument so just makes up shit
Stay mad button dick-kun.

No. 282155

File: 1534630200823.gif (565.73 KB, 285x303, orig.gif)

>tfw the buttmad incel is proving all our points right

Man I love this thread

No. 282166

File: 1534630621231.jpg (283.63 KB, 1225x967, Revengeful fathers kill childr…)

>Hes saying his strawmanning triggered posts are "direct quotes"
oh I am laffin, my sides!
>You live in fantasyland
That projection!

Anyway heres more rightful man hating:

No. 282167

File: 1534630747615.jpg (163.17 KB, 751x687, He Got Custody and Killed Thei…)

No. 282184

Let's see how the MRAtards who cry about how men kill their kids because they can't get custody explain this one.

No. 282188

Thats because everything women do-especially teen girls, is mocked. Most likely to lower their self esteem. I've seem grown men far more cringy than any teen girl-most of these men have youtube channels.

MRA's should be euthanised, they are oxygen thieves

No. 282192

it makes them feel welcome and then they stick around and keep posting shit baits.

We're only entertaining him. If you want to make a point post it without quoting his post.

No. 282200

File: 1534631452912.jpg (181.48 KB, 664x895, good riddance.jpg)

No. 282202

File: 1534631526623.jpg (101.08 KB, 688x497, fucking cunt.jpg)

Men are such sadistic cunts

No. 282203

File: 1534631544456.png (910.16 KB, 1070x662, fatherkillsdaughterrevenge.png)

No. 282212

File: 1534631758603.jpg (52.96 KB, 685x197, - Sons of man who killed wife …)

Because they are entitled stupid cunts who thinks the only people who matter are them and that women and children are property

No. 282214

How the fuck can men claim they're logical and not governed by emotions when they start riots over ball games?
Other fanboy antics:
John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster
Ricardo Lopez sent a mail bomb to Björk and filmed himself shooting himself in the head

That's not as bad as writing terrible slash fiction according to men.

No. 282215

File: 1534631880992.jpg (63.68 KB, 800x441, straw-man-meme.jpg)


No. 282218

File: 1534631955184.png (81 KB, 624x628, gCcwVGD (1).png)

the absolute state of this thread

No. 282219

IKR? men get off to violent shit but whine about girls masturbating to fictional characters just shows how pathetic men are.

No. 282223

Point to the post where I defend women killing their kids.

No. 282225

agreed, i deleted my post because anons are engaging with incels and it's going to get buried under all the shit.

No. 282226

File: 1534632122476.png (75.59 KB, 664x654, fatherkillsthreechildren.png)

No. 282229

why don't the mods delete the incel posts?

No. 282234

File: 1534632452760.png (489.92 KB, 998x644, mankillsdaughtersandwife.png)

No. 282235

File: 1534632534185.jpg (34.47 KB, 825x113, Running Amok_ Why Are Virtuall…)

No. 282237

File: 1534632625856.jpg (109.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 282239

File: 1534632765335.jpg (44.7 KB, 462x308, tumblr_m8z66vzYBf1rzv5c9o1_500…)

Any of you guys heard of the Gulabi gang? They are awesome:

No. 282248

Seriously shit like this breaks my heart, talk about being selfish bastards
It angers me men think they deserve forgiveness for this shit

No. 282252

Most serial killers, mass shooters, terrorists, stalkers and perpetrators of murder-suicides are men too, I don't know why people keep trying to convince us that women are just as bad as men.

No. 282257

To keep men in power. A lot of society is brainwashed, which is why the "not all men" thing is heard so many times. If we were honest about how entitled and emotional men are they would be out of power and the world would be a much better place.

No. 282264

File: 1534633923570.jpg (138.14 KB, 1235x277, heartless.jpg)

>Man babies: killing children is a perfectly acceptable reaction for being upset! Why are you not giving me everything I want for nothing?! wah waaahhhh

Do these cunts not hear themselves sometimes? Fuck and they have the gall to say women are over emotional.

No. 282271

File: 1534634358914.jpg (227.89 KB, 1322x835, sick fuck.jpg)

Lets be honest here: men ARE better at doing some things than women are!

Like being sick fucks for example.

No. 282280

File: 1534634756027.png (785.56 KB, 1155x1080, Untitled.png)

Makes me laugh that people seem to think that married men or men with kids can't be sick pervs.
Almost all pedos are men and are the biggest threat to kids.

No. 282282

File: 1534635009801.png (143.48 KB, 682x646, manbreaksdaughtersbones.png)

No. 282289

File: 1534635275922.jpg (291.9 KB, 1028x1000, Catholic cover-up_ how pedophi…)

Ugh, its disgusting.
Men are a plague,and when they do wrong, they cry, make excuses and want forgiveness. And other men just cry and try to play victim while ignoring the real victims which are mainly children.

They are the biggest disease on the planet. They should not be allowed in positions of power.

No. 282298

I bet annoying ass mgtows would still scream if it was a woman she would have had community service, women can literally get life and men can never go to prison but they'd still jump through hoops to convince themselves court systems oppress men

No. 282299

File: 1534635749430.jpg (39.86 KB, 981x114, worlds no1 [roblem.jpg)

This shit breaks my heart how can anyone be so sadistic?! Also that other men cry and think men should be shown forgiveness for being utter cunts to children because only men are human beings. Talk about pathetic.

No. 282300

Bitch where are women getting forgiveness? Oh right nowhere, we don't even get forgived if we get raped or abused (as proven above) you really believe we get away with murdering kids?

No. 282301

>Mfw searched for "man arrested for child pornography"
>All the cases that showed up are recent as fuck
Seems like men being arrested for watching child pornography is a weekly incident
Yes, they would say she got a "pussy pass"

No. 282302

SO many men are manchildren and think they are more important than women and children so have no feelings towards hurting them. mgtow are the biggest man babies going and should off themselves

Ignore the incel, hes been trying to bait people all thread and is mad we got receipts. He's owning himself, proving all our points about being men being selfish sociopathic cunts with every post. He's exhibit A.

No. 282306

Sadly its on the rise and given all the child refugees that have gone missing its knows many have been trafficked into child porn. So many men are literal monsters but have the gal to complain about women and children being wary of their disgusting asses.

No. 282314

File: 1534636547433.jpg (25.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Its wonderful not only having articles but a living, breathing triggered poster who validates this thread. What a time to be alive.

No. 282318

File: 1534636679107.jpg (163.38 KB, 694x616, We record all the killing of w…)

No. 282319


"Seventy-two percent of the murder-suicides involved an intimate partner. Of these, 93 percent were females killed by their intimate partners. Among the incidents where females were killed by intimate partners, 94 percent involved a gun."

"Most of the killers in murder-suicides were men. Of the 285 suicides, 254 (89 percent) were male, 30 (11 percent) were female, and one was of unidentified gender."

"Most of the murder-suicide victims were women. Of the 332 homicide victims, 252 (76 percent) were female, 79 (24 percent) were male, and one was of unidentified gender."

How can they be so fucking selfish? Why don't they just kill themselves and leave their girlfriends and families alone?

>child refugees that have gone missing its knows many have been trafficked into child porn
Oh god, this is horrifying

No. 282324

File: 1534636832010.jpg (27.63 KB, 744x109, this kills the mgtow.jpg)

No. 282325

I remember reading a story about a un worker who has "lost count" of the kids he had raped. Men are a disease you can't trust them with kids they love abusing the weak there is nothing they will not try and stick their stubby dicks into.

No. 282331

Men killing their pregnant wives alot lately. We know that men genrrally hate women but why kill us when we're pregnant? Wtf is the reasoning behind it

No. 282332

File: 1534637407328.png (196.4 KB, 740x661, mankillswife.png)

No. 282334

Jealousy. There was a news article published recently about this and the reason is that they were jealous of children getting attention. If i can find it i will post.

No. 282335


Uh huh, is that why almost everytime men name the 3 or 4 same cases to prove "WOMEN GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING!!!" I can name 10 for when men got off with something, men are so caught in their oppression fantasy they have no grasp of reality

No. 282339

Fucking kek I guess I know where the term man baby comes from imagine being this pathetic : https://marriagemissions.com/how-husbands-feel-when-his-wife-puts-the-child-ahead-of-him/

No. 282357


was searching for 'cute granny' on google and a fuckton of porn pics and videos appeared

fuck you men, your dicks ruin everything. male lust has no limits.

No. 282368

Men ruin everything.
I feel bad for kids googling their fav cartoon only to be greeted with the sick fetishes of incels.

No. 282369

File: 1534638998226.png (225.22 KB, 480x748, 23765567.png)

They don't even respect women who are dead, and invade women's privacy with shit like creepshots, spy cams and the fappening

No. 282387

it's really terrifying how many cases of abuse were uncovered just in PA. Imagine how many there are across the country, even the world…

No. 282423

I love that the anons have been coming through with all the screencaps and evidence of unfounded male violence. What evolutionary advantage does killing your own kids out of jealousy have? How many women find this an attractive trait?

incels watching the thread are silent

No. 282434

>It DepEndS on ThE SituatIOn

Yeah maybe men don't get custody because they are the primary killers of their own children and have proven themselves untrustworthy, just a thought. Never mind that most CSA happens via male family members

>b-but custody

No. 282471

Being jealous of your child getting love and affection. Killing them all to hurt the mother and make her suffer
And the men who read these stories over and over again
>but what about the fathers side??

Women need to start staying away from men when pregnant and at your most vunerable

No. 282487

File: 1534644799194.png (115.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1067.PNG)

i sometimes go to the mgtow sub just to be more grateful that these men will voluntarily die alone kek

No. 282501

File: 1534646045951.png (210.17 KB, 539x534, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 7.22.…)

No. 282507

reposting now that the incels finally left

it took me some time to notice men get really bitter when women fangirl over male celebrities and start to merciless criticizing and making fun of them. i just had to make a quick google search to find 'fangirls are annoying, cancerous and worse than fanboys' videos. i used to think fangirls were stupid and always thought 'it's just the girls being cringey, you never see men acting like that', at least that's what men made me believe in to act like they're above us. not true. when i got into football i realized not only can men be the worst cringy fanboys but very violent ones as well. you can't say anything about their male role models without getting cursed at or being told 'you just don't get it, only men will ever understand'. yeah i totally get you sucking footballers dicks all the time and having the nerve to call girls out, at least we don't get agressive to the point of beating people up just because we feel offended about their comments. i personally dislike the obsessive fan culture where people camp out for days to see jb's shows for example BUT it's annoying as fuck seeing men acting superior when they're guilty of the same thing.

>video related is grown ass bearded guy embracing his idol

>fanboys invading the pitch to get signatures
no different from fangirls and somehow it's seen as more acceptable.

No. 282578

No. 282631

For "going their own way" they sure bitch about women a lot.

No. 282641

A lot of them get pissed when they walk past women in grocery stores or whatever, when you read their stories it will often be completely normal situations that they used their victim complex and stretched out to make it seem like the woman involved was some horrible evil being who had bad intent all this time

It will be shit like "hey sir can you pick up the peas off the top shelf for me" and they'll go home to reddit or YouTube and rant about "STUPID WHITE ENTITLED WESTERN SLUT!!WHERE'S YOUR MAN!! YOU HIT THE WALL AND RODE THE COCK CARSOULE ALL YOUR LIFE AND NOW YOU WANT PEAS YOU ENTITLED CUNT? THIS IS WHY ALL MEN SHOULD MGTOW!"

They seriously can't even exist amoung women and be mentally stable about it, they turn around and try to claim it was women or feminism who ruined gender relations but pull this shit, they're incels in denial pretty much

No. 282645

Post natal depression and psychosis is a thing. Not everything is the fault of men. Even women who are married and conceived the child consensually attempt to murder them. I'm sorry about the "what about the womenz" tone, but this happened to me and I'm sick and tired that anyone has empathy for people who try to kill their already born children. Idc there's no excuse once it's out there, men and women both need to stop killing their kids and NO ONE should have empathy for them.

No. 282646

File: 1534662869943.gif (6.49 MB, 253x338, 58066db0e58b733c900a28292c79b2…)

No. 282659

File: 1534668045482.png (63.8 KB, 869x344, mgtow.png)

Married men live longer so I'm happy knowing that these men are shaving several decades off their lifespan by remaining single.

Because MGTOW is a reaction to women walking away from men they never wanted.

No. 282677

Whenever a person adamantly thinks absolute strangers are involved in their psychotic mental theater and own self-made issues, it's a sign they're on the unhinged end of mentally ill. You always hear about men that kill women they don't fucking know because they think, somehow, they do know her and she "deserved it" because, they said so.
>"I'm killing this prostitute because she's a bad person!!"
>Nevermind the fact she may be one step away from the street and struggling to raise children alone that desperately need her
>"I stabbed the cashier lady because she was a fucking tease and would not even acknowledge me"
>Meanwhile it's just some fucking woman who's working a job and didn't even know this crazed man was eyeing her

No. 282681

>post natal depression
>literally your body completely out of whack after 9 months' worth of hormones and having another human being (or 2, 3, etc) inside of it (followed by birth)

Men get a pass for literally everything. Rape? Well, its her fault for being attractive. He can't be blamed for his biological response! Nevermind that ugly, old, fully clothed, etc etc, women get raped. Poor man!, you expect him to control his biological urge?

But you come in here with a braindead "well, actually…" and expect anyone to see your post, think "hmm, that's true, post partum depression IS a thing. I guess sometimes it's not the man's fault" and come to the conclusion that… in cases of depression it's the woman's fault? For biologically caused psychosis? You go around saying people with schizophrenia and dementia deserve no sympathy either?

Begone, male. And take your shitty gif >>282646 with you, it makes no sense to cheer when Tyrone fucks with a girl when he would do the exact same thing to your 5'4" manlet ass.

No. 282686

>men are violent and commit all the crime
yes that is true but who do you think catches these criminals, trials them and sends them to the gallows?

No. 282689

Ugh this is disgusting any sympathy I had for incels is now gone I hope they all kill themselves

No. 282691

Men are so good at making you feel pity for them, women's empathy is a serious weakness in front of men but it's also what make us more human than them.

No. 282719

Go to the incel thread on snow and see the shit they post, these guys don't deserve any sympathy

No. 282807

File: 1534692187941.jpeg (8.45 KB, 275x206, 1533596880665.jpeg)

The most unnerving thing is how under every single article featuring a man who did something fucked up, you can ALWAYS see at least one apologist (male, of course) popping up. Their favorite bullshit is "MUH INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!" and they repeat it without even understanding what it means, like complete retards.
I scrolled past an article on my feed talking about Brock Turner and his sentence, and there he was, the retard defending him in the comments. "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!", except the article was actually talking about how Turner is 100% guilty… there are literally witnesses. I wish I could slam those people on the head through the screen.

No. 282823

Its only innocent til proven guilty for men, when women get convinced no one doubts for a second she was falsely convinced, but if its a man people demand 30 pages of evidence so much to the point where I've seen underage girls get a rape test and the man admits to it and people still accuse the girl of lying

They forget lying about rape is a crime to. But have no evidence to prove she lied but still insist on it.guess false accusations are only bad when it happens to men

No. 282838

I mean, why are you wishing the literal death of all of those incels when 99.99% of them will never do what that guy did. The guy posted isn't even an incel in the first place.

No. 282853

incel men who just dont have the cojones to be as terrible as they wish they could be should still get the bullet. if they express terrible sentiments online and help to cultivate a toxic community that does result in actual deaths and harm to females (95% of them do) but just can't nut up, they still deserve to face the consequences

No. 282860

Everytime I'm watching a crime story show where a woman is raped, kidnapped or murdered the male police they're interviewing seem so blank faced and seem like they're just saying stuff to be respectful but when the case is a woman doing something awful to a man you can tell they're actually mad and care

No. 282865

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY is the battle cry of men until a black man is shot by cops.
Not race baiting. Just pointing out how men don't give a shit about the fairness of the justice system, they're just empathizing with rapists.

No. 282866

well yeah, think of how many of these male police officers go home and jerk off to women being brutalized. i have had male friends that have like, warned me that if i was ever raped, that they'd be turned on by me telling them about it

No. 282876

sorry randomly went past after seeing this image but theres been a rise in men sexually abusing and attacking horses in recent years. The most grotesque one where a horse had a chunk of flesh taken from her rump, several stab wounds and sexually abused. I believe the horse was ok but the fucking men that do this are sick and twisted, especially with animals.

No. 282884

Fuck you were not kidding. what literal shit stains

>>282838 what >>282853 said. Incels are fucking cunts who treat women like shit, rather than get pissed at the guys who make them feel like shit they take it out on women. SO cry me a fucking river shit stain, im out of sympathy for you assholes.

No. 282905

I don't agree with this completely. Even in cultures where families live together or live more closely, the wife is often at the mercy of her in-laws and is not only just a slave to her husband, but to his parents as well.

No. 282918

I should clarify: Any parental involvement should be from the wifes parents, not his. They are a more direct line to help out with family and kids.

No. 282947

The gif isn't mine, and I'm not a man. I was an innocent babygirl who reportedly never even cried, I didn't deserve to be smothered with a pillow by my own mother. Thank fuck the crazy bitch was caught. Depression is not a fucking excuse to kill your child. I understand this is the manhating thread, but how can you excuse infanticide from any fucking gender?

No. 282952

I'm with you anon. Man hating thread =/= excusing shitty things women do.

No. 282955

It is almost like the thread is about men and bringing up "b-but women are shitty t-too" is off topic

No. 282959

Its like men want everything to be about them except when you point out how shitty men are, you can bring up any trouble women go through and men will pull the "but but what about me? Men pay for dinner!" Or whatever, or if a woman does something good men make it about themselves and how they did better, when a woman goes through hardships men make it about how they have it worse, but magically when its bad things women are expected to take the blame for it

No. 282960

If men did not commit violent crimes they would not need to be caught in the first place.

Fuck you are thicker than dog shit kek. Maybe you should give up trying to be witty, its clearly not your forte. Also
Fucking kek

No. 282961

File: 1534717409661.gif (333.38 KB, 420x315, giphy.gif)

No. 282963

File: 1534718321948.jpg (106.44 KB, 500x745, 854259758.jpg)

Even if you bend over for a man, do everything you want for a man, most are shallow assholes who will do this to you, yet incels and beta's whine its the womens fault. Maybe for once place your anger where it should be-at the assholes who do this shit.

No. 282964

File: 1534718457333.jpg (114.99 KB, 522x572, oh ffs.jpg)

>men: create sex industry
>men: whine about it

No. 282970

File: 1534719295854.jpg (81.63 KB, 550x634, self drag.jpg)

oh I am laffin, and they call us dramatic!

No. 282971

>"sugar daddy"
>says clearly fiancé
Yeah, those are definitely the same things. It's infuriating how incels warp reality in their favor to their own circlejerks when the truth clearly contradicts them right in front of everyone.

No. 282973

Sex is and has always been profitable. Get fucked (or don't kek), incels.
lmao, do they even read their own stuff?

He also sounds like a radfem with all the language he's adopted. You become what you hate.

No. 282974

The wall hits hard eh?
Who could have guessed trying to coast through life on your sex appeal would backfire when your sex appeal has a built in hard time limit.

No. 282975

>incel who moans about women not wanting him laughs at a story of a woman who was loyal to her fiance only to be cheated on by him and proves our point for us

Yet again exhibit A: reasons incels are just as cunty as other men.

No. 282979

>all women exclusively pursue rich chads
>shocked when rich Chad trades you out for a younger model on a whim because (shock) he can get any woman he wants and doesn't need to settle for you
>somehow twist it in your head to blame the whole situation on the guys you refused to give a chance to begin with from the start who probably would have actually valued you
Oh you women are so silly.

No. 282981

>he did'nt read the post
>is strawmanning again
>shows how much he hates women and ironically justifies this threads existence
>clearly triggered
Oh incel, you are such a stupid cunt, I sincerely hope you die alone, no woman, no matter how dumb she is, should have to put up with your incoherent ramblings which is why this is my last reply to you. Bye.

No. 282982

File: 1534721604738.jpg (133.46 KB, 570x1222, self drag 2.jpg)

Here, have some more to laugh at

No. 282983

File: 1534721754906.jpg (89.4 KB, 552x886, tumblr_pchoblErFK1wcp4pjo1_640…)

No. 282984

File: 1534722018365.png (17.23 KB, 898x220, 8511254212.png)

So, not only are men disgusting pigs they get away with such shit. More reason to be wary of them.

No. 282989

File: 1534722427208.jpg (149.75 KB, 1362x351, Man who sexually abused 3-year…)

Men will always make excuses for other mens disgusting actions-its a disgrace, they should not be in power.

No. 282992

this has got me fucked up.

No. 282993

Even I don't feel sorry for this woman. Get a fucking job. She doesn't even have kids!

No. 282994

I'm pretty sure those first 2 are joking

No. 282995

>raised in patriarchy
>spend all your life hearing "you should marry a good guy while you're young and fertile!"
>"be a traditional housewife, men will appreciate you, trust men, they're loyal to their wives if their wives are loyal to them!"
>do what every incel, MGTOW, tradmen, and redpiller says women should do
>get a husband before you "hit the wall"

I'm sorry for her. If I had the means, I'd take her in and show her the way to independence. No woman should be blamed for being fucked over by patriarchy and its double standards, not a single one.

No. 282997

She should get over her daddy issues and GET A FUCKING JOB.

No. 282999

Nobody forced her to do what he asked. He offered a chance to live life for free to be his sex toy and she took it happily, never realizing he might get bored of her when her looks start to fade.

No. 283000

Interesting how her post has no indication that her age is the reason he left. Of course MGTOW assume that, but MRA are always saying we need to lock a man down before we hit the wall. She did that, she dated someone a decade older, she stayed home when he asked her to. If MGTOW are right and she got dumped because of her age, why on earth would it make sense for women to get married young or be trad and stay at home? You'll just get dumped when you're older and be left with nothing.

No. 283001

Do you have any proof this happened outside of plain assumption you pulled out your ass? I knew plenty of women who fell for manipulative guys who convinced them "oo I'll take care of you babe you don't need to get a job" some men would even abuse or harass their girlfriends if she even spoke about it, no one expects this to happen to them, if your only point as to why we shouldn't care about the woman is to makeup the situation of what YOU think happened, while theres no context given then you have no valid point

No. 283005

>I was raised in an environment where I learned that was an option so every woman was too

Show some fucking decency towards your fellow women. A lot of us get told from the moment we're born that that's the path we must follow and that we shouldn't listen to those feminist hags who want us to stray from our true biological destiny.

Kinda blogpost but I was raised by a single mom who was independent and self-sufficient as all fuck, and learned from a young age that I should always be sure of myself and depend on no one. It led me to years of misogyny and thinking women who weren't as strong as me were just stupid bimbos.

They're not. Not all of us are fortunate enough to learn we can stand up to ourselves. Show some fucking empathy.

No. 283006

>As a child, 14-18, I used to love getting attention from older men. This was back when only instant messaging and chat rooms were available. Used to turn me on knowing I was wanted by older me. Is there a name for that?
Daddy issues.

>Today is your 40th birthday. You’re on some beach in a beautiful paradise in another state while I’m back home dreading packing my bags to move out. Supposedly this is temporary and by the end of the year we’ll share a home again. I love you more than life itself but right now I hate you very much for what you’re doing to me and to us. I just want to tell you I don’t deserve to feel this way and I hope that when you come home to an empty house that you’re in as much pain as me.

30yo and STILL pinning for the rich daddy.

Again. Stop being a 30yo loser and GET A FUCKING JOB.

No. 283007

Wouldn't mgtows be against marriage to begin with? Why would they be telling women to do it if they're against me doing it?

No. 283009

Mgtows are known to flip flop, they mock women for not getting married but mock men who even have normal interactions with women, why anyone would take them seriously is beyond me

No. 283014

come to http://onesixtwo.club/scv/res/410948.html#413264 and hate on all the men dont worry ladies its just us boys there :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 283016

Because in reality they are bitter foreskins who cry and moan about women not paying attention to them-their name is a misnomer. If they were really about going their own way they would do it already and fuck off.

No. 283017

File: 1534731075414.jpg (18.71 KB, 613x387, a5eaddcdef21ff9042a8df0d669ffa…)

No. 283021

File: 1534731310336.jpg (91.61 KB, 640x674, BJtEhNpH59vnG5pwUQeiHDJQX2UX_o…)

You can never tell with incels, they are the most delusional creatures

No. 283023

>only values women for their looks
>but will bitch when "stacy" does the same to him and refuses to date him
You incels are so hypocritical its funny

No. 283024

>is forgetting that 13 year olds don't want to fuck your musty old ass
>neither do the thots
>Stand down son

No. 283026

File: 1534732481163.png (114.21 KB, 640x1138, FdKv6z2u8cLVfOxxsE2eea9L1wfP3q…)

kek! but if you think thats bad check this out-men are disgusting-notice there are more options for underage

No. 283028

What does that have to do with my post, mr triggered?

No. 283029

File: 1534732863759.png (27.63 KB, 906x82, 2w4f5kzmohg11.png)

No. 283032

File: 1534733211054.png (42.75 KB, 892x728, 8oo3evd1y9g11.png)

No. 283049

This type of roleplaying is so funny to me. They think if my options were limited and I was threatened with no cell phone or internet (nevermind how women would go on strike for that alone), I'd magically want the incel with no life, redeeming qualities, and is incredibly misogynistic and abusive. I'd still go for the best men available to me, always.

No. 283062

File: 1534741131491.png (877.73 KB, 720x629, 1534629822355.png)

how do i stop making excuses for men's behaviour? I keep on falling into this trap and I don't know how to stop myself. Maybe it's because I've never had bad experiences in my personal life, but the majority of men out there really are human feces.

No. 283069

I just try to remember that no much how much I love my dad, my male friends etc, data doesn't lie and there are real people behind the constant vicious misogyny on the internet. There's not much point trying to reconcile the two, men won't show themselves their worst side and even if they're amazing it doesn't negate the terrible things other men do.

No. 283071

>men won't show themselves their worst side
Men won't show YOU their worst side I mean

No. 283072

lmao I'd sooner die a spinster

No. 283073

I took a look and what the fuck is going on in there?

"We must lower the supply of men"
And instead of organizing as men and making an active effort not to be standardless mansluts ready to fuck anything that moves, their plan is to limit female freedom.

Males are fucking cavemen, incapable of creative thought or making up decent plans of attack
>attacks russia in winter
>another asshole dictator comes along
>does the same shit all over again

>create huge ass mass destruction bombs that could wipe out the entire planet

>actually plan to use it

I'm convinced the only reason males rule things is because women have no interest in such matters. Males are literally retarded and only capable of thinking with their dicks and desire for destruction. Absolutely disgusting and uncivilized.

No. 283077

To be fair Hitler didn't invade Russia in winter, in fact he tried everything he could to avoid that and was super paranoid about it, but was overly optimistic about his battle plans and ended up stuck there completely unprepared.

And Napoleon technically did succeed in taking Moscow, for what it's worth.

No. 283078

Thanks for the info anon, I'm not very good with history. Still,
>germany in crisis
>omg yes please hitler is what we need

>us in crisis

>omg yes trump is what we need

Still retarded

No. 283079

>witnesses a woman getting attacked/robbed/raped
>men: idc "Id join in"

Horrid but not surprising coming from them.
At some point, there needs to be some absolution. Whats the answer to this bullshit? Men have hated and will always hate women no matter what. So can there be a way for women to live away from men in peace? Because for men, a world where women are told how worthless we are and we shouldnt ever demand rights or speak up on it is their perfect world.

No. 283083

this is one of the most retarded posts in this thread. congrats.

No. 283085

are you comparing trump to hitler wtf

No. 283086

Anon I hate men just as much as the next person but 53% of white women voted for him…

No. 283089

Well people are scared, dumb, reactionary animals. It's easy to elect "strong man" type guys with a collective vision, promising a cohesive cultural narrative, when people's individual lives are so uncertain. Germany was in a seriously crazy crisis between the wars. People forget this but it was barely a nascent, cobbled together country and losing WWI made German society especially fractious and vulnerable. A huge part of the national identity was German martial prowess and the conditions of their surrender after WWI were humiliating, then the punitive economic yoke insisted upon them by the Allied powers would make extremism or re-balkanization inevitable.

The situation in America is no where near the conditions in Weimar Republic Germany, the comparison is absurd, I don't get how you could use the same word 'crisis' to describe both. If you think there is a crisis in America you need to get off the internet and go outside more, actually talk to people. Happy people. And even while Trump winning wasn't a good thing Hillary winning could have made things worse in the long term, if the groups perceiving themselves as marginalized were not allowed some measured ventilation of their dissatisfaction. Anything Trump does can be reversed by future administrations, even if the precedent of how he made those changes is hard to undo, but letting unrest boil over in a population is far more damaging.

If you practice empathy and consider the mental state of the individuals and populations that make these decisions, their actions reveal a more logical mode of thinking. You can disagree with their fundamental values maybe but calling them retarded is dismissive and alienating. Conflict, war, destruction, etc are unfortunate conclusions of the male biological desire to establish security for his tribe when evolved in an environment where resources were scarce. Blaming men for this is just as silly as blaming the women who chose to procreate with the men displaying those traits, because apparently they were successful.

Sorry, I know this is a man-hating thread but really it's ALL people that are the problem. Humanity is simply too short sighted and selfish for any few good individuals to make up for. If you got rid of all men there would still be all the stupid women left to ruin what was left. The worst part is our actions are all completely rational.

No. 283092

Literally. My dad did it to my mum. So many men don give a shit about children and just open battles to spite ex wives. That's why so many custody battles are lost by men: judges are aware of this fact

>men losing most custody battles
>superior gender my arse

No. 283093

Male spotted, please spare yourself from this monologue

No. 283094

lol, calling out my academic voice as male I can see that

No. 283095

more like there are systematic things that kept women from becoming the "leader" for evil powers.

feminism needs a marxist class analysis because w/o it leads to thinking men were powerful because they're evil and have penises and women encourage that behaviour by having sex with them ????

war doesn't exist because of maleness. war exists because of colonialism

No. 283099

Ironic considering women have better average academic grades than men but go awf

@mods please permaban the male

No. 283100

Why tf does this male keep hanging around here? It can't always be a new one, it has to be the same poor soul, I'm starting to feel bad for him.

No. 283109

Men love being dominated by a stronger male as long as they have someone underneath them in the hierarchy to bully (usually their wife).
That's why incels are so obsessed with Chad and so drawn to nazism.

No. 283112

well that really depends. if you are talking wars between modern nation states yeah but physical conflict between groups is definitely biological in nature and predicated on resource scarcity. it would be interesting to frame that as colonialism but I'm not sure its quite the right way to describe it

it's easy to understand how a system where success is based on the outcome of physical conflict would lead to the strongest in the group to become the leader. it's a morbid cycle which in turn would encourage further conflict and promote even more violence and stronger leaders that would seek more conflict, since that is what led to success in the past. in that nature is a system, I guess you could make that argument. there is no such thing as evil in nature though, only what promotes selective survival and what doesn't. in that sense, sexual selection is pragmatic

the power structures in modern nation states and cultures are way harder to generalize, or apply reductive reasoning to, because they are esoteric in nature and designed by the people operating them. enacting change in the face of codified discrimination is simple but disrupting cultural momentum is far harder and often leads to violent schisms when done abruptly. most formal societal structures are basically brand new in comparison to whatever cultural baggage informed their design.

wars between modern nation states though seem to have an empowering effect on marginalized groups, probably due to scale and technology. the french revolution armed the general population, colonial wars had people of different ethnicities fighting against but also alongside one another, and WWII mobilized the whole world in a general war. Russia definitely wasn't the first but they definitely popularized the image of the female soldier in the eastern front, it wasn't just preaching equality for them. whether it was actually motivated by ethos or just necessity who knows

wow okay that got kind of ranty and off topic

thats exactly the point I was making but sarcastically

yeah you can see this all over nature too in other animals like dogs/wolves, horses, lions, apes etc. what's interesting is you also often see males being dominated by females in the hierarchy, like with hyenas and elephants. they don't seek to be dominated necessarily by other males but to submit to the most competent individual in the group, and in that pattern of prioritizing strength, hierarchies beneath form after. after so many generations though, dominance almost always also becomes manifested in the animals physical traits. or maybe its the other way around?

No. 283113

Nice word salad.

No. 283114

sorry if it doesn't make any sense, i havent been able to fall asleep and might be a little manic right now so it could all be gibberish

No. 283115

lmao i too get all my education from blogspots

No. 283117

I might be showing my age (youth?) but I don't know what blogspots are…

No. 283123

I'm begging you to stop shitting up the thread with autism

No. 283137

That makes… No sense at all, you're not even replying to the right anon either just mindlessly screaming "GET A JOB GET A JOB GET A JOB" to whoever anon without even reading their post at all, get help

No. 283142

Could be a young, dis-illusioned girl. For some reason the man-hating thread really attracts hate from a vocal minority of farmers. Not sure why they hate us. We all have our “aha!” moments.
>inb4 arguments from trolls
I don’t respond to trolls M or F so don’t waste your time.

No. 283148

>be 15 years old
>very good (male) friend’s bday
>hang out, walk around the neighborhood
>wake up next day super foggy head
>hear a noise
>it’s the bed squeeking
>foggy head still
>realize my friend is laying behind me have sex with me
>realize I’m wearing boxer shorts
>he’s having sex with me
>wat do
>awkwardly jump up
>find clothes asap
>look back at him before leaving room
>he’s laying on his belly face-down on bed, shamed
>leave room, his dad is in living room and could hear everything

This was before cell phones so no record of my night really. I imagine I was drugged. I wasn’t drinking or anything else.
I never spoke to him again. Everyone always asked why and I would tell people I could trust. When you’re so young you don’t think about the police.

I have had other shitty and sometimes shittier experiences with men.

No. 283157

Once I had a close male friend steal my phone when i wasnt paying attention and send my nudes to friends

And I ofcourse got blamed for it for leaving my phone unattended, it sucks that if a man ever does anything bad to a woman people go out their way to blame the woman for not being on their ass paranoid that any man they come into contact with is gonna do something bad 24/7

No. 283161

>it sucks that if a man ever does anything bad to a woman people go out their way to blame the woman for not being on their ass paranoid that any man they come into contact with is gonna do something bad 24/7

But then if you are paranoid of every man all the time they have a problem with that too and call you an over emotional man hater and over paranoid. Women do bad things too!!!!!!!! Its not just men!!!!!!!!

No. 283176

Yeah I dont get why the mods are not banning the sperging bitter incel given they said this thread got permasaged on account of it.

No. 283177

This is irrelevant as whoever it is is derailing the thread and should be banned. I've seen people get banned on other threads for much less.

No. 283179

File: 1534764081879.jpg (23.52 KB, 561x381, hitself.jpg)


No. 283204

No. 283242

File: 1534768190810.jpg (53 KB, 640x360, 1459401014327.jpg)

>marxist class analysis
>war exists because of colonialism

No. 283340

File: 1534776338492.webm (7.19 MB, 400x400, fuckthem.webm)

I'm really glad I was born in Europe. Imagine not having any rights whatsoever.

No. 283344

Yeah they really do overestimate how much women want men/project their own needs onto women, i think i can say with confidence that most women would rather be alone than settle for an incel type guy.

No. 283345

The fact that men's whole universe is their peepee and manhood isn't a meme sadly.

No. 283348

Yeah but that guy was saying he would kill his own sister if she decided to work, laughing at the thought of it.

There are people on this planet that completely agree with him.

No. 283352

No critical thinking skills. Can you imagine never questioning your morality in your entire life?

No. 283354

One of the biggest redpills in thread. Men love to claim women are sluts who crave domination but it's just pure projection, they need a strong man to be beneath and someone to be above. They love hiearchies.

No. 283357

That's why I often read men writing things like:
"Ideal society is where a man listens to God and where a woman listens to her man"
or to quote the Bible directly:
"But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ"

This was the whole point of the book Soumission (Submission) by Houellebecq. I still like his previous works but I was incredibly disappointed by his macho portrayal of perfect society. I will never buy any of his new books.

No. 283392

>The only person who said anything was the woman
>Comments section still full of men moaning about women

No. 283404

This happens a lot actually
I find it funny men only ever seem to care about other men is when they want to victimize themselves, even when men get raped or abused they STILL bitch about women despite the only people who actually speak up about it is women, or the men who only bring up their issues when a woman dare talk about theirs

Women care more about men than men care about men, and they still hate us

No. 283409

File: 1534787329189.png (899.78 KB, 1374x1220, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.45…)

This is horrible. Male refugees were a mistake. I hate that I'm considered a racist for not blindly supporting taking in every refugee.

Germanfags how do you deal?


No. 283410

I mean, you probably are a racist anyways, so it doesn't matter much.

No. 283412

I'm racist cos I don't want ISIS terrorists granted asylum. OK.

No. 283420


Mods disappoint me sometimes. They once allowed themselves to be bullied into deleting a thread about this violently pro-rape misogynist who publicly confessed to his sickening views. Should I re-erect the thread with all the milk?

No. 283423

I was considering making my own imageboard site to discuss stuff we do here but do not have the foggiest on how to do that. Yes they are disappointing this thread gets a lot more shit left in it than others where incels have gatecrashed and rightfully been put out to pasture.
Yes please do.

No. 283428

when i kill my first man i'll think of your post

No. 283430

I really hope we get rid of the muslim scum. Their radical ideology is incompatible with women's rights.

fuck off. This isn't Tumblr.

No. 283433


No. 283435

Your wish is my command, anon.


No. 283436

No. 283448

PA anon here so I've been thinking a lot about the terrible outing of the 200+ rapist/pedophile priests in my state.
Of course its the priests. Never the nuns or something. Occasionally a pedo woman teacher or something will be outed but look at these numbers. There will never be some pedophile ring of just women. Only men do this shit. All of these disgusting men. Men are so so so fucked up and there's obviously more going on since this is only one state investigated. And the victims were mostly little boys, not girls.. so what is their excuse besides men are just fucked up???

No. 283451

File: 1534793575666.jpg (47.91 KB, 615x759, 0_Greenwich-attack.jpg)

>Greenwich hammer attacks: Man arrested after 'horrific' assault on two women in south London
"A 27-year-old man has been arrested after a “horrific” hammer attack in south London left a mother and daughter fighting for their lives.

The two victims, aged 64 and 30 and not thought to be known to their attacker, are in hospital in a critical condition following the unprovoked assault in Greenwich on Sunday afternoon, the Metropolitan Police said."

No. 283453

This is why I trust no men, even normal looking ones are fucked up

No. 283454


"unprovoked" huh. I thought in the general public thought all women somehow provoke attacks by men. Wow! We've come such a long way.

Kill all men.

No. 283455

So I just saw that a porn video were two guys pretend to strangle a girl to death before raping her dead body has 2 millions views.
The "killing" plus molestation is more than half the video length btw.
Makes me hate men.

No. 283459

Porn is destroying men and has been for a while. Idk how more extreme can things get.

No. 283464

I want male snuff porn kek. don't kink shame me

No. 283465

File: 1534796792501.jpg (54.93 KB, 677x397, wpbkw.jpg)

I hate Disney for setting my expectations too high

No. 283470

Disney is an interesting thing, I always hear men complaining that women expect disney princes and they set their standards too high. But you posted Aladdin (great taste), who is just a qt cheeky poorfag and the moral of the story was that he didn't need to be a prince. Girls don't salivate over the boring ass side character princes from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc, they like the ones with more charm than money. I don't think disney made anyone's expectations become a stereotypical rich handsome guy on a white horse, and those characters were pretty much extinct by the 90s.

No. 283502

Men will always play victim, no matter how many women date and marry poor, non white, average looking men they'll insist we all secretly want chad all along and blame us if we get abused

Its funny, because despite fucking anything that walks men will have a long list of standards before he even takes a woman seriously in the relationship, one of those is not having a woman who sleeps around, most women want serious relationships and thus will have higher standards, which honestly, is nothing compared to what men expect of women before she becomes anything other than a side hoe or whatever

No. 283619

This is why I side-eye people hating on fangirls or "futoshits". Girls get mocked for their interest, will guys get asspats. And, they are way worst with that shit.

No. 283622

Anon, ignore them. Your points are well explained.

No. 283629

Redpill: All men are either necrophiles, pedophiles, and/or interested in rape/bestiality. There are no exceptions, even those "close" to you are included.

I've only just started to accept this and it sure does hurt to swallow. But it's best to go forth with knowledge of the truth.

No. 283659

File: 1534857718894.png (1004.91 KB, 1544x774, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.19…)

I know Chris Watts has been posted but new developments

>His wife, Shanann's body was found in a shallow grave and the bodies of their two daughters, Bella and Celeste, were found in nearby oil tanks at a company where Watts had worked

>The girls' bodies were in an "oil well filled with crude oil for several days,"
>Watts was involved in an affair with a co-worker
>Watts told police that he had told his wife that he wanted to separate on August 13.
> he told police that he saw Shanann strangling their daughter Celeste through the baby monitor and that he saw their younger daughter, Bella "sprawled" out on her bed and blue. After seeing that, Watts told police that he went into a rage and strangled his wife to death, according to the affidavit.

So if he saw his wife killing his daughters why didn't he call the cops hmmmm?

No. 283667

I've seen speculation that he was an physically abusive dad and strangled one of his daughter in a fit of anger, killing her "by accident", he figured he now had to kill everyone so he killed the second one, waited for his wife to come back and killed her too.
The reason why non fatal strangulation is the n1 risk factor for homicide in an abusive situation is because it's so easy to kill someone "unintentionally" by choking them.

No. 283680

File: 1534861257059.png (190.16 KB, 841x750, 1534860874369.png)

No. 283682

Turns out his wife was gone for nearly a week and her friend reported it to the police after she missed a doctor’s appointment. She went to their house while the husband was working and realized the wife and the kids were missing.

And to top it off he was having an affair as well.

No. 283725

No. 283728

What a disgusting piece of shit to try and smear the name of his dead wife who HE killed with such slanderous lies

No. 283751

Thanks for bringing up this book! You're right about the hierarchy, but my reading was different, I had the impression the only character that got a good ending was his Jewish gf who WGTOWed to Israel.
The book works well as a prequel to the Handmaid's Tale, it really grasps the scrot mindset.

No. 283755

She was on a "business" trip for a multi-level marketing scheme, which they also supposedly were in 400k of debt to and declared bankruptcy several years ago

No. 283759

Watched a video by john oliver on workplace sexual harassment. In the comments, there was one user who'd appear on other peoples comment threads talking about how all women are worthless, shouldnt have any rights, destroying civilizations with man-hating laws (like the ability to report sexual harassment) etc etc. The typical stuff. Decided to see his channel and surprise surprise to no one he liked this vid: https://youtu.be/91ZPsvPbyAo (titled 'mgtow women are worthless') Mgtows, incels and the ilk always sound the same.

No. 283761

I fucking hate weeb men and how triggered they get if someone criticizes their titty animes. I wasted 40 minutes of my life, watching this video and hoping that this guy would have at least ONE good argument, but the whole video was just:

anime avatar making a smug face "Well if you don't like it don't watch it, you fucking retard, of course anime doesn't affect people's view of women because it just doesn't, duh, you fucking retard. And no it's not misogynist either because men get objectified too like in lists only two fujoshi bait animes, also those girls (characters that look like they're at least under 15) are not kids they're actually 18-year-olds! Lmao it's really simple you retard, if you don't like it don't watch it. Did I already mention that you're retarded, you dumb fucking idiot?"

Hell hath no fury like a weeb man(child) hearing someone call their beloved titty cartoons sexist.

No. 283773

As men are wont to do this abusive subhuman chimped out and killed his seven year old daughter by bludgeoning her on the head with a dumbbell. All because she was caught in the crossfire of a divorce.

>Before he killed his daughter and himself in his Manayunk home last weekend, Jeffrey Mancuso penned a vengeful note that he left on Kayden's body, according to Giglio. "It said we got what we deserved and he had the final say — something along those lines," she said.

No. 283774

"Well if you don't like it don't watch it" is actually pretty reasonable.

No. 283801

It's not enough. It needs to be brought up and shamed, like porn, because it affects psyche and men always take their mental illness out on women

No. 283812

>affects psyche

It seems men into anime always become pedos or trannys.

No. 283825

File: 1534888206567.png (98.2 KB, 679x534, Kayden Mancuso killed by dad i…)

No. 283826

Holy fuck, and men love to say the courts are biased against men. That ear biting, dog punching piece of shit got visitation rights and an innocent child died for it.

No. 283827

File: 1534888741904.png (51.07 KB, 1246x268, Dad 'killed four-year-old daug…)

Sadly this isnt a unique case-and mra's claim women have kids to claim benefits and dont care for kids, clearly its peojection on their part

No. 283832

File: 1534889037070.png (40.73 KB, 955x225, Judge who granted custody to p…)

Men are the problem, whether they are killing their own kids or being judges granting custody to men who clearly should have it

No. 283839

Sure, if they were talking about something harmless, like artstyle, plot etc. If someone said something like "I don't like sci-fi anime" then you could tell them to just not watch any sci-fi. But if you're gonna make a 40-minute response video to something you disagree with, you maybe should come up with something else than "well don't watch it then, retard" or "X doesn't Y because it just doesn't".

No. 283842

Don't watch the video either if it upsets you so much.

No. 283875

MRAs/PUAs are a fucking joke. They complain about women's high standards but their ideals are literally supermodels. Scroll down to see the images, it's ridiculous.

No. 283877

File: 1534900218216.png (52.02 KB, 1920x144, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 7.18…)

Also they complain about women being unfeminine/bitches to them but suddenly want a cold woman whenever their glorified sex slave smiles in public.

No. 283879

File: 1534900395126.png (185.3 KB, 2170x610, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 7.57…)

from kiwifarms

No. 283880

File: 1534900419579.jpg (861.16 KB, 3072x1728, 28 (2).JPG)

and this is what he looks like. jesus christ

No. 283884

I wonder what the incel who was having mental breakdowns about womens preferences and blaming them for abuse thinks of this

Don't wanna play devils advocate here but they did ask what is a perfect 10, not whats fuckable or whatever
Was actually surprised due to how many men throw tantrums about how nasty and disgusting any non-asian girls are, or the amount of men who have hate boners for tall women, or men who demand women to gain weight to be more curvy or whatever, turns out their standards are a bunch of stacies

No. 283885

i always knew this deep down but i knew for certain last week when my boyfriend of 3 years raped me. and he thinks he's a feminist.

No. 283890

File: 1534902431889.jpg (257.77 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_4365.JPG)

>constantly hear trad thots and incels claiming me like naturally cute girls who dress modest
>their examples of 10/10s look like strippers and Instagram hoes who hangout at the club

So what do they really want?kek

No. 283891

They like*

No. 283892

File: 1534902838409.png (291.16 KB, 1242x2071, IMG_4366.PNG)

Where are all the modest women who don't wear makeup they always praise?

No. 283899

I'm so sorry anon I hope you are able to heal well from the experiencee

No. 283900

>that shoop

Its a Madonna whore complex I assume, like the whole "fuck hot girls marry an ugly girl" thing
And then they wonder where all the good women gone (two can play at that mgtows) because good women aren't chasing men who think they're ugly and cheat on them

No. 283903

File: 1534904914878.jpg (78.15 KB, 820x960, 52455154554451.jpg)

No. 283907

Was the whole hidden camera thing from SK posted last thread?

No. 283914

File: 1534907361863.png (104.4 KB, 720x300, tumblr_pdqeq2oy5j1uwshj3_1280.…)

They also want women to degrade themselves sexually, but to also be innocent virgins that have never watched porn. Most men are sociopaths with no comprehension, it's in their genetics.
pic related?

No. 283915

this reads like an OTT satirical strawman of how shallow and vile men are lel
I'll remember that second paragraph next time I read "women love criminals" autism

No. 283933

Sometimes I read misogynist bs, like in that kf post, and find myself angry. Then I see the picture. Looking so very sad and weak, and just like that my anger is instantly elated. It's a nice feeling.

No. 283985

Yet almost all men think a woman is crazy if she is even UNCOMFORTABLE about a guy watching porn.
So inconsistent… can't say I'm surprised whatsoever.

My anti-porn sentiments involve past trauma and are a big deal for me whenever I think about dating. It's hard since anyone can just lie about it. I'm a bisexual woman though and should honestly just look for women, even though I hate having to "look for" anyone. Men are easy to find, especially bad ones. So I'll have to get involved in some LGB(T) things.

Wow, imagine that. Realizing that to meet suitable women, I need to change around how I'm living life, even a little bit. What a novel idea.

No. 283994

This the reality of father's rights activism. This little girl said she was afraid of being alone with her dad but the courts didn't care about that since father's right activists have invented a term called parental alienation syndrome. The belief that the mother is brainwashing her children to hate their father. Men are so self centred they can't imagine that their own behaviour is driving the child away. Men spend endless hours of activism to get violent men to have access to children.

No. 284012

File: 1534941144690.jpg (170.67 KB, 800x1202, 000000456974-tika_camaj_ivezaj…)

Anyone else they kind of have shitty taste? A lot of these women aren't anything special face-wise, they're just heavily made up and posed in a sexy way (+ photoshop for most of them).

No. 284026

porn needs to be outlawed asap, especially violent porn. i would 100% ally with conservatives to do it. i really think porn is such an underrated threat to the health of society. all women need to avoid men that watch violent porn, and really, all porn at all.

well, she has a great body, so there's that appeal. though all of these models that they so desire would absolutely tower over these manlets and even if immediately attracted to them, i can almost guarantee they'd grow to resent them even if they had them bc "muh masculinity!!"

No. 284053

Can we like, not put down women for their bodies or whatever? That’s what they want us to do. Sorry, I’m just finding it hypocritical when some of you are nitpicking just as they do. Women’s bodies aren’t the problem here, regardless of if they are supermodels/shoop/whatever.

No. 284055

Thanks for this post anon, it's nice to know we have a few level-headed people around here

No. 284058

You sound like you belong on tumblr.
Regardless: pointing out a pattern in what these MRA/PUA consider to be a 10/10 looks-wise isn't "putting women down for their bodies or whatever".

No. 284061

it is a little bit though. by saying they have "shitty taste"? girl above is pretty, though facially isn't a classical beauty and if she was w/o makeup they'd call her an ugly roastie. i agree with the sentiment that they glorify average women (maybe with editing or surgery) with sexy/dramatic styling and a lot of makeup, then claim women are fake. their bodies are uncommon (model tier or boob jobs, etc) though.

the styling is often what attracts them to them but still demonize the styling and claim women that aren't all done up are plain/ugly roasties

No. 284065

This is what I was saying.

No. 284068

I agree with you. I guess saying shitty taste does sound harsh so I should have worded it differently, but I wasn't calling them ugly, I said most were nothing special face-wise.
In the end we share the same analysis.

No. 284074

i get what you were saying. no worries, anon. i don't think you meant it in such a harsh way, i get what you meant. we just have to be mindful of our phrasing bc scrotoids are so desperate to validate their misogyny by claiming women are worse to other women than men are to us, etc.

No. 284109

Recently in Hong Kong a Telegram group with over 10000 members was exposed for taking boob and panty shots of girls in public and share picture-taking tips. The girl who originally exposed it has a following for her political views, so the fb post spreaded like wildfire, and the incels and scumbags reported the post and fb took it down and closed her account.

Her friend took over to continue spreading the word, and multiple news outlets covered the story. The comments, as expected, are full of men who complained that the screenshots are too small, or claim that you can get your picture taken in public easily and it's not a crime. Our Secretary of Justice (head of Justice Department), said they are unable to sue whoever's involved because tl;dr the laws are poot. In most cases where the harrasser was charged they are caught on the spot taking photos and are charged with Loitering or Access to Computer with Criminal or Dishonest Intent.

After being exposed, the Telegram group is full of complaints of their freedom being repressed and being unable to share and take wank pictures without being exposed to the public, and calling the two girls that continues to expose them names like 臭閪 (lit. smelly cunts) that got in their way.

Men are actual scum.

No. 284113

all of them need to be exiled. they can't even be allowed in public.

No. 284126

No. 284128

don't they cry male objectification anytime a woman finds a man hot? or those dudes who threw tantrums or japans muscle cafes but then call women hysterical feminist roasties if they say anything about porn or whatever

I swear they literally cannot make any points without being hypocrites, I wouldn't even have an issue with them selling calender's like this if they didn't cry objectification over nothing

No. 284147

File: 1534963751518.jpg (25.61 KB, 912x500, 39914736_267435553867890_55380…)

men menning

No. 284158

File: 1534965937470.png (506.78 KB, 576x719, cringe.png)

No. 284161

I feel for those girls. Remember a while back some judge ruled upskirt photos of unsuspecting girls were legal to take. And unsurprisingly men were overjoyed. They take so much pleasure from making women as uncomfortable as possible outside. But cry oppression when faced with consequences.

Throw him into a fire. Or exiled. We should take note of elephants and orcas, living with other female members raising kids. No outside males unless its for sex.

No. 284162

Here's an idea: fire the lazy 'undermotivated' employees and replace them with the cheerleaders they'll do a better job

If you want anything done, have a woman do it for you.

No. 284182

this is so dumb but what does that have to do with gender-criticism?

No. 284186

Wrong thread friend

No. 284207

>Dumb fat white roastie goes to Japan, thinking she can get laid! haha
Yeah and the same thing happens with the genders reversed a thousand times more…? It's not like only Japanese girls do their best to stay skinny, their men do as well.

One of the comments said that American men and women are both fat, therefore would fit together perfectly, yet they hate each other; then 3 guys answer
>that's why I go for Asian girls!
Don't you get it? You're just as bad! Why would you as a fat American man deserve any better…?

And why doesn't youtube ban this account? Hate against other races is forbidden, but if it's against the other gender it's okay?

No. 284215

Regardless of gender, it amazes me how much of a simple mind someone must possess for their primary motivation being to fuck a random. Who–might I add–they share nothing in common with, while visiting a foreign country that will never accept them for more than just their bodily differences.

People need to get a fucking grip. Also I'm so tired of closeted weebs comparing everything to ~glorious nippon~
So fat white girl can't get any in Japan, big deal. Doubt the white men commenting could find a Japanese lay without paying for it either.

>Why would you as a fat American man deserve any better.

Because the tone is that a man, no matter how ugly or fat, can demand anything he wants in a partner.

Ugly lardball men just groom women into thinking they need to be a certain way to appease them.
Another reason they like catching asians is because of how easily manipulated they are, and most asian women come pre-programmed by their culture to be self-critical of their bodies and follow a male lead.

No. 284221

File: 1534979149592.png (455.22 KB, 635x666, fatty.png)

This guy's a funny one. He's a somewhat typical yellow-fevered expat who is ironically pretty fat himself (but when white women are fat, they're worthless hamplanets!)

No. 284222

kek, that reminds me: do you guys ever watch 90 day fiance?

this fat, lying-ass little meatball manlet went into the series LITERALLY complaining that "american women are all feminists and too independent, that's why i wanted a gf/wife from russia", and gets a 'golddigger' mail order bride that proceeds to absolutely crush his balls (rightfully, no shade – good for her), like, 100000000000000000000000x worse than most american women would.

it's just glorious. he's such a piece of shit. honestly hope his ass-gristle catches fire.

the male impression of a lot of these mail order women isn't even accurate. they spend so many hours memeing about the perfection and submission of a russian wife or azn wife, and it often doesn't even work out that way, and i love it. i know some family 'friends' who've done this and have gotten taken for every dollar they had from these 'super submissive' meme foreign wives, which is just what they deserve, plus a swift, debilitating kick in the nuts.

No. 284224

he looks like he's made of play-doh and dickcheese. these men need to neck themselves tbqh

No. 284230

I bet incels would love it if women did "hog hunting" on men cause that'll be the only time they get some is if we drop our standards for a cruel sex game
Another link
But leave it to men to do something stupid like this and then cry victim when it backfires horribly

No. 284232

File: 1534982170900.png (54.81 KB, 1242x272, IMG_4378.PNG)

Lol he must have never been around any actual Asian women

No. 284234

With men claiming to be so much more intelligent, you'd think they'd take into account that these mail order brides are using them for a green card and will ditch or abuse their ass as soon as they get it and for that DID expect it, probably thought the girls would "owe" them for it. They never realize they were idiots and let themselves get played, it's always the women's fault.

No. 284235

*for -those- that DID

No. 284236

Judging by what women eat in public in Japan they do eat fucking tonnes. Japanese food being healthy is a meme, and they aren't into exercise either. Maybe they starve themselves the rest of the time but from what I actually see, it's not that inaccurate.

No. 284239

i think they just walk/bike a lot more than we happen to.

No. 284241

I don't understand why men feel the need to go on and on about who they're fucking. Many white women have yellow fever and they don't behave like this. Black guys can't prefer other races without bashing their own woman and calling them nappy headed hoes, white men cant have yellow fever without comparing white women to perfect fragile Asian princesses.

I thought men didn't like high maintenance bitches anyway? They love all the stereotypes about Asian women that make them come off as high maintenance.

No. 284242

What about the men though? Some of them are inhumanly skinny, more so than the women, and there's very little reason to assume they're dieting. Yeah, being skinny is a good thing for asian guys, but they could gain 20kg and still be skinny. They dont have the same social pressure to be as small as possible, just slim is fine.

I dont know, I just dont think we know enough about the body to assume the ONLY difference between us is diet and lifestyle. Men and women gain and lose weight/muscle differently, it's not so out of the realm of possibility that there are racial differences too. But you cant argue this without people thinking you're also saying being fat is natural or cant be helped. I dont think being fat is ever natural, but I do think being thin can be.

No. 284243

>what about the men

My ex Chinese bf was extremely thin because he sat online playing lol all day and didn't eat. There are many factors that come into play other than Asians being perfect humans who can eat whatever they want and never gain weight because they have super genes.

No. 284247

Is also like to add that Japanese food being healthier is not a meme. Take Japanese 7/11 and American 7/11s for example. There are far more healthy/low calories options at the Japanese version.

No. 284249

I love watching fatties go into cope mode and honestly try to tell themselves how everyone who's thinner than them must be starving themselves or somehow unhealthy. Yeah sure, you haven't seen your toes in years but it's everyone else who's unhealthy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 284250

wtf does this have to do with anything

No. 284253

She's probably just hangry lol

No. 284254

I'm not american and I've been to countless conbinis, they're part of the reason I think japanese food is unhealthy. There is so much fucking junk in them, and I don't know what you consider low cal cos most of it is at least several hundred calories. A single onigiri is high cal af, the actual meals are even worse. And conbinis are so ubiquitous, it's not like they aren't selling this shit.

But anyway I'll just concede that they could barely eat the rest of the time. I knew I'd get told I'm a fatty for thinking japanese people might not have iron willpower and perfect diets.

No. 284255

No one ever said they were unhealthy. But it's delusional to think someone is thin and eating whatever they want. They're eating their tdee or less. That's just a fact. Asians are not super humans incapable of gaining weight, if anything I think weeaboos use the Asians are small meme as an excuse to be fat asses "omg Asians are so cute and small because of genetics! I could never lose weight because I'm white and it is my genes to be fat"

No. 284258

File: 1534984672598.jpg (258.32 KB, 1024x566, muripo_drinksize11.jpg)

People love bringing up portion sizes too. Just as an example, the biggest cup size you can get in most European coutries is 500ml - smaller than in Japan. Their portion sizes might be smaller and their meals healthier than American ones, but not in comparison to other countries. People in Europe also are much more into working out than people in Japan, yet they're still fatter.

No. 284259

I think it's funnier that you believe extreme crash dieting and unhealthy eating habits are uncommon for women in Japan. Bless your heart.

No. 284260

One onigiri is like 280 calories and they're quite filling and can hold a person over until dinner.

No. 284261

The same could be said about a sandwich or a pretzel - yet people still eat more than that. lol

No. 284262

I'm actually surprised by these american cup sizes. 900 ml for a medium soda? That's absurd.

No. 284263

You can work out all you want and still be a fatty if you're eating more than your tdee. Japanese women are immune to weight gain, if they came to America and ate the same way we usually do they'd be fat as fuck too. Look at how huge cl got after staying in America a few months.

No. 284266

>We should take note of elephants and orcas, living with other female members raising kids. No outside males unless its for sex.

Can I have sources for this? I'm really interested to read about it. Things in nature are usually so spot on for how things should be or for what is natural.

No. 284267

I'm German and all the Asian students at my Uni are fat af. They simply don't get that you can't eat all that fatty meat already at breakfast and this every single day lol

No. 284269

Not sure, but it's always relevant. Post it again.

No. 284272

I think it's because of all the hormones and sugar they put in american foods tbh, an average candy in japan doesn't even merely have the amount of sugar a soda or coffee does in america , don't they put sugar in water and milk over there to? I remember when I went I could barely taste half the shit I was eating due to how much salt or sugar they put on everything

No. 284381

Reminds me of this article I saw a while back.
>white western woman moves to Japan for work
>is warned western women generally don't last long there, smugly brushes warning off
>process to be unable to get a date the entire time she's there
>all her white western male co-workers however are swimming in cute Japanese girls
>she gets so bitter about this she convinces herself the reason she can't get a date is because she's just too good for Japanese men, and that the white men around her who are all getting dates are still gross losers, and Japan is just broken and backwards and not following the correct rules for how society should function
>the rules of course being that she should get all the attention she wants and Men she deems unattractive shouldn't be getting any

Great laugh that article was.

No. 284393

And your post reminds me of the INFINITE fucking reposts I've seen of that exact same article by bitter yellow fever MRAs who think it's the best revenge on white women ever. I mean, never mind the fact that it's literally the only form of evidence they've found to prove their point, they will just repost it until the end of time. Never mind all the white girls who go to Japan and bask in the unwarranted attention they get just for being white, that one frumpy middle aged woman truly has white women BTFO.

No. 284407

Guys always use this one stupid article as proof that white women have it harder in Japan. They really seem to want to believe that white women are somehow undesirable in Japan. I have yet to meet a white girl who has any problems finding someone, but somehow if you tell guys that, you're told your experiences are made up lol
Men's egos are so tiny they not only need to feel like gods in Japan, they also need to belittle white women.
Japanese women don't really know what's attractive in white guys, but Japanese men somehow require you to be a 10/10 traditional housewife? Give me a break lol

No. 284409

File: 1535018193727.jpg (366.15 KB, 2037x2048, loll.jpg)

Why is it always the disgusting looking cretins who advocate for polygamy?

No. 284417

he looks half downs. what the fuck.

semi ot but honestly, i can't even feel as bad for men that look mentally handicapped or are genuinely disabled as i used to, because they still turn out to be hideously chauvinistic and disgusting. i can't tell you guys how many times that has happened. amazing. it does not matter how physical disadvantaged men are, or literally disabled, they're still all so fucking entitled and disgusting.

No. 284418

I legit recoiled from my screen when I saw this. Jesus Christ.

No. 284420

these men are fortunate their mothers kept them, god damn.

No. 284423

File: 1535021630004.jpg (400.74 KB, 750x1334, fssf.jpg)

>Dumb fat white roastie goes to Japan, thinking she can get laid! haha

But men post shit like this all the time on various Japan-related subreddits

No. 284435

A similar one to before. Reminder when a man on the internet rates you out of 10, he probably looks like this.

No. 284437

File: 1535023952836.jpg (2.58 MB, 3264x3264, brent.jpg)

A similar one to before. Reminder when a man on the internet rates you out of 10, he probably looks like this.

(sorry for double post, dropped image)

No. 284438

His fucking teeth oml

No. 284440

he doesnt even deserve to look at melissa auf der maur. ugh. at least he complimented her skills. could be a lot worse, tbf. still, dude is gross.

No. 284449

So I've seen Jordan Peterson being mentioned in these threads before but I never bothered to check out what he has to say until today.

Watched this lecture about women in high-paying positions, it has high number of view and it's well-received.

What a fucking disgrace of a lecture from a critical and logical standpoint. This man just shoots out one broad generalization after another, no source or proof. Jumps from one point to another without any kind of correlation between.

I guess his deceives his fan base of "very intellectual and skeptical" men by talking fast and acting dramatic.

No. 284460

And the comments on these videos will always blame the woman even though it's his dumb ass who's using her for looks and allowing himself to be exploited.

No. 284463

whoops lol sorry

No. 284503

>men conplaining about women with jobs
>men complaining about jobless women who are gold diggers

complaining no matter what. I cant understand why their so against women in the workforce then whine and hate on women who turn to men for resources. Its like they all believe all women have a trust fund somewhere and dont have to work but do so to hurt their egos. A woman who isn't rich doesnt exist.

Sort of ot but another thing is how men will rage against being pro-choice yet hate how women have children with men to "trap them" I read a while back about a prolife rally I think in brazil and the comments were filled with guys saying shit lime
>hot women and no abortion? Yes!

..so they want to fuck, make children but leave them while blaming the women for having those kids and picking the wrong guy. Theres just no fucking winning in this world. Men want zero consequences to their actions, praise themselves for doing all the good and blame women for everything wrong.

No. 284526

You honestly think Chad has never rated someone with a number? You're delusional.

No. 284546

No, but at least "chad" isnt a hypocrite which is what anon is pointing out.

No. 284560

this rant sounds like a crazy person with a bitter vendetta. wtf did i just watch. he sounds bitter that he's not a business person

No. 284568

i love peterson because he looks like such a bitch-titted crybaby and has that fucking voice that's impossible to take seriously - it's almost reminiscent of a squeaky toy, and he's talking about masculinity, interwoven with his Chicken Soup For The Soul basic life tips, and men eat that shit up and call him an alpha red pill philosopher.

No. 284581

>women in high paying positions all leave their jobs when they reach 30s because they want children

>it's impossibly hard for a woman to raise children while having a highly paid job

>someone asks if women should have children in their 20s then focus on career later

>We just don't know! Currently it's impossible to know the answer to that question

>women are replacing men in the workforce! men are failing in schools.

>it's all because of women having reproductive rights!

what the fuck did i just listen to?

to anyone with at least one working brain cell, this shit is completely nonsensical…

was he high?

No. 284596

>I don't want to pay at a titty bar
>but I need to hurry and meet someone to fuck before my trip's over
>also I need a visa to be able to emigrate to japan

Lel who seeks out a long distance relationship? If he found a woman he clicked with it'd be one thing, but the way he expects an online relationship with occasional visits before he moves in, sounds like a visa thing. And he mentions the language barrier, so how would he even talk to them online? And men rag on women trying to get green cards lel

No. 284628

It's cute that by the end, when he talks about women who have both family and career, he doesn't consider even for a second the possibility of the mother not doing all of the housework and child rearing.

No. 284642

Weebs are delusional and I get enough shit from them over here. I was thinking of making a thread for idiots. especially incels, who go to japan because they hate the west only to have their dreams crushed but I dont know how many people here would have those stories.

kek, I dont suppose you have the link for this anon? I searched but can't find, I only hope its not been deleted I want to see what the responses said.

No. 284660

File: 1535087381639.jpg (165.42 KB, 1280x1440, 1_1280.jpg)

God, that is so shitty. I feel so sorry for the girls involved.
Asian countries seem to have this awful problem, I've read similar things happening in Korea and Japan.

No. 284661

Can someone give me a summary of this?
He sounds like he's just rambling so I couldn't quite get a grasp it. Is he saying women are unreliable to stay in work for too long because eventually they'll leave to settle down and have a family? If that's the case, I wonder what he thinks of Elizabeth I, who said she was married to England and therefore ruled an entire country with no King/husband and didn't have children.

No. 284662

*grasp of it

No. 284666

This guy sounds like he's permavirgin status tbh. Truly a grand wizard in the making, if not already.

No. 284668

NVM, rewatched it. So apparently he's saying women are so smart to want to leave a demanding (but well paying) job to pursue other "meaningful" things like settling down, but that our current economy doesn't allow that (like how now it takes both parents to work), and he doesn't like that, claiming it's wrong for them to ditch wanting a family and instead devote themselves to work, and he claims in the future, it'll mostly be women working and excelling in academies and finishes it by saying "letting young women know what being thirty and being female is like" and to tell them there's nothing magical about having a career. So I guess he's advocating women GO BACK to staying housewives because that made us smart.

No. 284669

He sounds like he's just rambling because he is just rambling. There's no overarching point being made. It's nothing but a very long

>"This delicious cake right here that you want to eat because you think it's delicious? Nahh, it's terrible. Disgusting. Not delicious at all, I'll eat all of it so you don't have to. See? I'm doing you a favor!"

The main theme of the rambling is that work is bad, having a career is bad, working too much and having power sucks and it's, like, sooo much responsibility. Nobody likes you when you're the boss and girls crave social acceptance too much to enjoy managing people (unsaid but implied that we're incapable or unwilling to manage efficiently because our urge to please and not piss anyone off is too strong). It's not a problem if women don't get high positions, we wouldn't like being in them anyway.

He also thinks the most important thing in life is family, and that this is an unquestionable truth that applies to everyone and is in no way his personal opinion. But of course, just like the rest of the tradthots, redpillers, mgtow, and all the other such "50s were the bomb!" groups, he does not practice what he preaches and dedicates most of his time to his career. And as noted here >>284568, he also cannot conceive of anyone other than the woman doing housework so women can't have a career and a family. Only men can.

Also, women entering workforce is bad because it doubles the amount of available workers, so the increased supply lowers wages. This is true of course, but I don't know why people think the only viable and desirable solution is to remove women from the workforce. Nevermind China and poor countries with lax regulations and cheap labor, nevermind that capitalism in its current state is unsustainable, women are the real problem.

He rambles, says things are awful, and he has no answers to the problem in a thinly veiled, poorly executed attempt to socratic method the "OHH I KNOW THE ANSWER, REMOVE WOMEN FROM THE WORKFORCE!" out of his audience. He's inconsistent as all fuck, misrepresents facts, makes a bunch of unfounded assumptions (and build other arguments on top of them)… it's nonsensical word salad. MRAs (et al) like him because they can sense the underlying misogyny and cant fully comprehend what he's saying (because they're stupid, yes, but also because there is nothing to comprehend) but he's saying many things that sound complicated so it must mean he's Very Smart and right about everything.

Male stupidity knows no bounds.

No. 284671

It's really astounding reading through the responses in this thread and seeing just how stupid and incapable of understanding a few simple ideas women are.
Your intellectual capacity really doesn't go any deeper than "he hurt muh feelings and he's ugly so he's wrong!" does it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 284672

File: 1535091936796.jpg (57.19 KB, 640x920, angry fedora thinks hes smart.…)

No. 284675

Is this supposed to prove me wrong? Is this all you're capable of doing?

No. 284677

File: 1535092418798.png (479.6 KB, 474x632, fedora prick.png)

No. 284678

>wearing a fedora AND there’s ragecomic face taped on it.

This image is super cursed

No. 284682

Gotta love scrotoids coming here, ignoring all our points and arguments, not addressing a single one of them then crying "y-you're just saying it hurt your feelings!" It's like the idea that women don't have enough brain power to do anything but whine about feelings is so ingrained in them that they wouldn't recognize a reasonable argument coming from a woman if it sucked their dick and called them daddy.

>in the future, it'll mostly be women working and excelling in academies
This is the best part because it's such a random fucking non sequitur and none of it makes any sense. He's using the fact that we're doing better than men as a way to… what? Tell us we should quit?
>You're too good at this job, you're fired

And it's funny that he thinks any woman who isn't motherly and caring and compassionate has something wrong with them. Again, his opinion is Universal Truth

No. 284684

The day women all have to work their lives away while men just get to sit home and relax as house husbands who's only duty is chores and having sex with his wife when she comes home is welcome to happen whenever.

Why did women ever complain about this exactly?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 284688

How can someone unable to make a clear and concise point be a college professor?

No. 284691

Do it sometimes. See how much you like it. Make sure your wife does not give you recongition for anything and you have trouble keeping afloat because one income is not enough for your family. You'll also need to figure out how to carry children.

No. 284702

The man is a joke. He does nothing but strawman the hell out of everything he disagrees with and voice his opinions as if they're fact. No wonder shit-tier males like him so much, he's as bad as a MRA incel, only with better articulation and fancy wording.

No. 284706

If all men drop out of the workforce labor will become twice as valuable so two income households won't be necessary.

No. 284718

I'd complain because I want to work and have control over myself, as I'd imagine all women who don't want to be housewives would complain.
I agree btw. I'd love a reverse-trad world and having a househusband when I am a financially successful woman is my goal. I also want men to evolve to be the physically weaker sex but that's just fantasy.

Anyway if you think this group of women is going to hate working for a living you're trolling in the wrong place lmao.

No. 284756

Not really because humans are replaceable in several areas, we are living in the machine era, not 1950 you fucking retard.

No. 284760

Will men obey us then?

No. 284765

they complained about being reliant on abusive men that treated them like shit, idiot. most people don't want to be wage slaves, but being completely beholden to an abusive spouse is what they complained about, generally, as no one, including men, would probably want to be abused and treated like they're useless by the working spouse.

peterson is a fucking retard anyways, just like his fanboys. most families can't be supported on a single income anymore because conservatives have abolished workers rights. why don't you cry to the conservative males that peterson supports, that work to bust unions, lower wages, and abolish a minimum wage, so a single source of income can still support a family?

No. 284779

I just watched this and I am so pissed. I don't know how good the subtitles are but fellow germanfags, watch this if you are still unsure whether or not men are the scum of the earth. I wish there was a 100% female country, no men allowed.

No. 284784

File: 1535116797927.jpg (9.34 KB, 500x203, tumblr_inline_n5sdccISFZ1ssrue…)

men can't comprehend when they're the problem, so instead rather blame women for any and everything
if it's one thing men are better at than women it's playing victim
they're so caught up in their bizarre mgtow fantasies, they wouldn't even dare think for a second maybe men are the issue and chasing women away from the trad lifestyle they claim is soooo easy and fun or whatever, they then go on about how their life is "SO HARD!!!!" because they don't get the option to be a househusband (they can but men get offended when women pay for them to live) like women do (sometimes, if you meet the right guy who is financially stable enough that is), and other women like working for themselves and having a sense of freedom

No. 284846

It doesn't have subtitles. Can you sum it up for us?

No. 284854

>women were treated like pets for men for centuries when they're intelligent human beings with their own pursuits they could never achieve in oppressed societies
>why don't they like being a breeding factory and sex toy with absolutely no independent income and hope to escape?

No. 284911

I'll try, but pardon my vocabulary.
It's a german documentary about what female refugees have to face during their journeys and in camps and asks why only 30% of german refugees are female.
It's probably because it's basically death if a woman gets near a man because they behave worse than animals and can, by no means, control themselves.

First a woman gets to a german refugee camp, is the only woman there, the workers tell her that keys would be a fire hazard, so she can't lock any fucking door (room, toilet, shower). She gets raped by two men. She reports it, the workers say "sorry police is closed on sunday" and later accuse her of lying.
Second case, a family with a 7 year old girl in a german refugee camp, the girl gets harassed and can escape attempted rape by a german red cross worker - who has a record of 13 child molestation allegations but nobody seemed to mind.
Then off we go to Jordan, where women are raped and wed off as young as 10 years old just because they can't afford anything, because they lost everything and can't work because fucking men are going to rapekill them when they try to do so.
A father says after his daughter was almost abducted on her way to school, he forbade her to continue going there. Nice, so she'll also be wed as soon as possible with no other choice.
They talk about how rich golf arabs come to the camps, choose young girls to have sex with and dump them after some weeks.
A deserted guy from syrian military tells about how his leader wanted to break a man by raping his daughter in front of him and have the father lick off the aftermath. He and a female prison inmate talk about how syria systematically arrested women just for gang rapes in prisons and how the regime tortured women.

Why is nobody angry about this. Why are we taking so many men and not helping those women. Fuck them all. This is not "I hate kebabs", it is just fucking male violence and suppression of women and nobody seems to really care!?
Torture, rape, murder. I don't know how they sleep at night.
Men are an absolute disgrace.

No. 284918

Gee maybe women should stop calling for open borders and inviting these rapefugees then.

No. 284920

tbh it is kebabs.
White men can be quite violent but arabs and black men in general are way more violent and aggressive, there's no denying that.
I wish we didn't take in any of those sandniggers, muslimshits and the lot.

Yes, I'm mad because I live in the EU and experience the consequences of it directly.

No. 284921

it's the media, no friend of mine ever thought it was a good idea but you can't say it aloud.

No. 284922

>only 30% of german refugees are female.
I read that actually close to 90% are men, meaning amongst the remaining are women and children - probably also many "17-year-old" male ones…
They're literally killing each other in refugee camps, the violence against christian refugees is also out of control. Nobody can tell me that these men are all "traumatized"…

No. 284926

Angela Merkel is basically the face of "woman leaders" in the world.
She's also the face of "invite hordes of violent terrorists into your own country and cover up when they murder everyone and rape women at record breaking rates".

No. 284928

Men have and continue to view women through rosecolored lenses. They actually believe that all women had to do was stay at home, clean up and have sex. No idea of a lack of agency or control in general. No consideration to womens dreams and aspirations. Nothing. Just an empty life and you're blamed for everything thst goes wrong. Raped? Your fault. Murdered? Your fault. All while men constantly dehumanize you because women on average cannot lift as much as men. Therefore, women are inferior and worthless (and women should enjoy being called and treated as worthless). What a fucking life.

No. 284930

the prime minister of sweden is a man, therefore all men want rapefugees

No. 284964

A politician is only as strong as the number of people that support them. And most people voting to support politicians who support Mass Refugee immigration are women. People who opposed this, mostly men, get called Nazis.

No. 284969

Why are men coming to this thread and accusing us of supporting and believing things that are directly opposed to the points we make here?

Yes, the women who are disgusted by men constantly raping and murdering women are definitely the ones who chase sadistic criminal Chads. Yes, those same women must be the ones supporting the influx of the most violent men into our countries.
Very logical. Perfect sense. /s

Where do they expect these arguments to go? Do they want us to take responsibility for weak and misguided women? It's not even a legitimate argument if it doesn't apply to us at all.

No. 284971

Lol, there wasn't a vote on whether we want to let them in or not. We were never asked, Merkel simply decided so.

Also, Merkel is actually a member of the Christian, conservate, more "right-wing" party in Germany. It's not like people elected a liberal leftist. And the party is generally liked by both genders alike, so at least in Germany the argument of "women voted pro refugees" is completely false.

No. 284988

dont you just love it when dumbass american men amerisplain european politics to us, people who actually live in europe?

No. 284998

>Germany = All of Europe
>Thinking everyone in Germany voted for her
>Thinking it's solely her who ratified the act
>Thinking presidents in European countries have as much power as in the US
I'd call it a shit bait but I know there are dumbass fedoralords who believe this unironically and spew their b-but merkel bullshit to everyone from the continent.

No. 285041

File: 1535151666557.jpg (90.33 KB, 1600x900, 1535137513120.jpg)

we have other men like jews, muslims, niggers and of course the russians and chinese and the EU and marsians to worry about don't add yourself to the list
if you behave like my enemy you become my enemy

No. 285045

File: 1535152064029.jpg (63.26 KB, 991x594, Sweden-Gang-Rape.jpg)

if feminism had a choice between a poor muslim refugee and the 12 year girl old he raped then feminism has chosen the side of the refugee as clearly stated by swedish feminist government
one rape is a tragedy a thousand rapes is a statistic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285070

tbh we should just put all men into internment camps, I mean I'm sure 1% of them are rapists. You idiots pretend as if women hadn't been raped in Europe before the refugee crisis. "I hafta protect mah wimenz" fuck you, you are the guys we need protection from. You're just mad that someone else is raping us, not that we get raped at all.

No. 285074

>You're just mad that someone else is raping us
So true. The only time men DON'T defend rape as not that bad/well deserved/a rare occurrence is when it's an outsider raping 'their' women. Men don't recognize humanity, only ownership.

No. 285075

Would any of you have an abortion after finding out your pregnant with a boy? It's something I've been thinking about lately. I would try so hard to raise a man who isn't a piece of shit but with the way men are conditioned in society idk if my efforts would be effective or worth the effort.

No. 285077

I'd keep a boy. Mostly because I've been trying to get pregnant for some time. But whenever I or my husband dream of our future child it's a girl, so there's hope lol

No. 285081

I don't hate the idea of having a male child, just a male adult. I never had male friends until I was a teen, I never had any young male relatives or family friends or anything, so young boys are a mystery to me. A boy before puberty is probably the last time you'll ever witness innocence in a man and I'm honestly curious about it, I think I'd like 'boyishness' minus the toxic masculinity. After that age… who the fuck knows, but I'm not having kids anyway so I haven't thought about it in depth.

No. 285089

LOL I'd run, not walk, to get that shit aborted. No thanks. Most males, even with great parenting, become offenders or at the least, low key abusers and just generally shit people. Society makes like 90% of men low key sociopaths. It's almost impossible to prevent, and not worth the time, money, effort, and heartbreak.

No. 285090

Certainly or try to make sure the fetus would be a female if you can manipulate the gender, though that's because I've always wanted a daughter anyways.
I told my parents that if I did have a son and he turned out to be a murderer/rapist, I'd take him back out of this world and they agreed lol.

Since I had a brother (a year older than me) and grew up with him, it was easy to see into their prepubescent world. Not exactly good to see especially my brother's group of friends or classmates and know what they were talking/joking about. They don't stay innocent for long, I'll tell ya that.

No. 285091

Just think of the ridiculous amount of exponential growth we've had in both our population and the advancement of technology in just these last ~100 years. If we're to measure the success of our species on these two factors, we're doing fine. The 20th century was a time where many previously oppressed peoples were finally, after thousands of years of human society, given agency and freedom to lead their own lives. Not to say this is the only contributing factor to the success of the past century, but it certainly didn't hurt us.

It's just unfortunate we have this extremely vocal minority of moralfags (and their ilk - MRAs, incels, etc) who cannot see beyond their own issues & anecdotes and look at the big picture. Instead they try to dictate how everyone else should conform to their desire to go back in time.

But so is life, I mean they are more than welcome to hold these views on family/women/society but in the grand scheme of things it won't really matter. I think a lot of these men must live in a delusional bubble. Women are doing fine in the professional world and they aren't going anywhere. There are literally millions of us.

No. 285140

With the amount of articles being written on the Chris Watts case in the States plus others regarding fathers killing their wives and children, unsurprisingly its still men who will redicule women commenting on how evil men can be towards women
>article: man kills wife
>"what did the wife do"
>"women gain everything in marriage and men lose everything!"

Women are being murdered by their spouses yet its still men who will cry oppression because divorce hurts their wallets and egos. Is it seriously just that impossible for them to see women being fucking murdered as a bad thing? (versus how women saying they dont like men as the worst)

No. 285144

Its a mystery you and I are both trying to solve
Men have always been bad, but out of nowhere we see a spike of these little boys who can't stand for 1 second when they're not coddled and victimized? I blame handmaidens and MRAs for coddling men to the point of delusion

No. 285175

since we were on the topic of jordan peterson… this particular snippet from an interview with vice was so uncomfortable. he is either severely autistic or severely delusional regarding his own IQ. its pretty embarrassing, especially that people look up to him as a voice of reason..

he argues that currently men and women cannot be in the workplace together until some rules are established. then goes on to say that one of these rules should be banning makeup completely- because women wear makeup solely to appeal to men by looking like they've just engaged in sexual intercourse (red lips and cheeks). i've never heard a bigger reach.

No. 285177

Idk why incels praise the 40s-50s because back then being a gold digger was considered a good thing. Marrying a broke man with no money was looked down upon, especially by other men.

If you are poor and socially retarded you were expected to die on the streets alone alone. The world was much harsher to men in those times.

No. 285181

it really is odd since their main chance to get action is casual NSA sex with women with low standards you can find easily now adays by just spamming dating apps
if you had to be suitable for marriage and supporting children to have sex it'd never happen for them since uh they're mostly manchildren who can't even look after themselves properly

No. 285185

There's no such thing as a woman with low standards on a dating app.

No. 285187

I've seen a few of his lectures and I didn't know what to think because he's incomprehensible. I knew that he had a problem with women and that was it. But it was after this video I realised how fucking deep his problem with women is, how severely autistic he is and how nonsensical anything he says is. He always feels the need to speak FOR women. Women wear makeup because I say it makes them look horny. Like when was the last time you read one random thing on the internet and decided it was a fact without consulting someone who might know more than you or another source? Yeah maybe that was the idea in the 20s but have you seen modern makeup? Blue mascara and golden eyeshadow and fake freckles and highlighter are not designed to make you "look aroused". Even pinks and reds on lips and cheeks are generally worn just to make someone look healthier, I've literally never heard or a woman wearing makeup to work expecting to lure in a man jfc how pathetic do they think educated, well-trained and dedicated women in the workplace are?

It really does remind me of someone with autism taking the first source they see as fact, like Occams Razor. Everything is black and white to him, like an autistic.
>women can either admit they wear it to lure on men and be permanently banned from the workplace or we should ban makeup entirely from the workplace to punish them!
Nothing in between. Either way, we need to "control" women. We need to control their freedoms, their rights, their sexuality. This is the fucking 21st century and I can't believe someone this unintelligent is so popular. I do believe that his fans are also probably autistic for the most part since he speaks their language and they seem to cross over with incels and people who are way too into conspiracy theories (as shown by the video, people asking him what he thinks of UFO sightings lmao). It would also explain why the obsession with him is so strong. When an autistic person becomes obsessed with something, they'll dedicate their every waking moment to it and that would explain all the views and comments under the videos.

I'm glad people here are responding to this old, sexist grandad. I love this website.

No. 285193

there is though, I know women who are probably sex addicts who've fucked hundreds of guys off of dating apps based entirely on their current availability and there's women who specifically like to take guys virginities because they've had bad times with more experienced shitty guys judging them/controlling them/not appreciating them at all/whatever, that's why incel is a huge meme and it should really be insingle but men no talk about feel feels too good and are more comfortable just obsessing over non-existent sexual dynamics

another weird thing incels go on about is muh chad, in real life high quality men usually get married young to high quality women and focus on their careers, the type of men who have huge amounts of casual sex are usually low quality grimy ugly scummy types but they partake in their local drug scene or some other dysfunctional community so come into contact with a lot of women with emotional problems they can take advantage of, the type of men you should avoid being because their lives are a disaster of drifting from one addiction to another, worse than incels since they fuck up other peoples lives rather than just their own

No. 285199

they think women are a hivemind with the same opinions, thoughts and feelings. anyone claiming otherwise is a special snowflake apparently

No. 285249

I wish, men nowadays are too entitled and don't deserve women