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File: 1514829808009.png (108.64 KB, 1266x770, 1513810536180.png)

No. 220064

Since mods and everyone else has abandoned the previous thread, this will be the new man hating thread

previous threads:

obsession with teens thread

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

Please no derailing

No. 220072

comments make me facepalm, even when men are patted on the head and told they're superior they still want to claim oppression and talk about how evil and manipulative women are

No. 220087

But when I was on kc int, they bullied me because I was a girl. They mock ugly and average looking women and worship instagram thots just like everywhere else. How is that suppose to help any girl here, dear Bernadette?

No. 220091

Don't respond to the robots, this is why the last thread got put on auto-sage

No. 220095

Absolutely no! Enjoy your vacation.

No. 220098

File: 1514843607322.png (1.95 MB, 1458x993, 1511650525044.png)

Fuck off Incel

No. 220107

You're missing the point of the thread anon, I'm not ugly or fat or anything like that, we KNOW there's normal well adjusted men, (some shybois tend to be elliot rodger tier though) but the ones that are bad are overwhelming, if we continue to be against this and refuse to be around men like so then the millions of shitty ones will have to grow the fuck up, stop playing the "NOT ALL MEN!" card, unless you're a bot in disguise

No. 220110

Careful, don't cut yourself on that edge.

No. 220114

OP here, should have put in rules you can respond to """"""bots""""""""" so mods don't get their tits in a twist when someone even dares to have a discussion

No. 220116

File: 1514844059583.jpg (45.99 KB, 564x536, 1514684725713.jpg)


No. 220118

hmm lets see
incels hate all women, talk about beating and abusing them, stalk women, brag about abusing women because of relationship problems and slight mommy issues

women here discuss men who do gross shit as well as vent about bad experiences with men and the shit they do

No. 220119

This is what men want to do to us. Gore threads with pics like these were really popular on kc, I don't know if they still are. One thing is for sure, they want us dead. They want to torture us and hurt us badly.

No. 220120

File: 1514844205089.jpg (47.01 KB, 311x298, 20180101_140203.jpg)

Men would self-admittedly fuck anything with a pulse.

No. 220122

where did anyone say that? did you even see the last threads? we "hate" men because of rape, abuse, incelism, shitting on perfectly normal women, having crazy high standards, and constantly contradicting themselves because they get too caught in their own hatred of women

No. 220124

>someone even dares to have a discussion
There is no discussing things with these people. You can only tell them why they're wrong while they post the same bullshit "infographs" from /pol/ and pictures of their favorite male models, which is a waste of time and it ruins the thread.

No. 220136

>it's the same frustration - being lonely, being shy, being sad that the opposite sex doesn't seem to like you.
it's really upsetting that we all haven't had the opportunity to be brutally raped and used as cock sleeve by the male sex like all the other pretty girls~*
that's totally why we're here!! Not because most men are genuinely shit human beings

No. 220138

File: 1514844767461.jpg (87.62 KB, 400x400, 1511009068005.jpg)


>If am nice ot them they will want to be my GF

No. 220140


tinder, lel more like grindr

No. 220149

No. 220157

It's done. They ruined another thread. When shall we ever have our peace? It's not enough that you have to go through misogyny in our daily lives but they come here and threaten us and make their opinions known. Farewell sisters, the ride has been nice while it lasted.


No. 220161

well true, but there are people who do have calm debates over a small disagreement, but mods in the old thread would even ban that

No. 220162

File: 1514846137578.jpg (400.62 KB, 720x899, 20180101_143447.jpg)

Real talk, when will there finally be a mass movement of women sectioning themselves off from the male population? At what point do you think enough would be enough for women in terms of putting up with male abuse and violence?

No. 220165

Listen no one makes fun of incels because they can't get laid, but because they are crazy and say cancerous shit.
Or at least that's why I do it

No. 220166

kind of digressing here, but wouldn't it be fun to have our own lolcow band or anthem?

No. 220174


To be honest I don't really give a fuck about incels, volcels or whatever I just like laughing at the stupid shit they say.
I do sometimes feel bad for incels tho.

No. 220176

File: 1514847244254.png (173.28 KB, 407x882, 1506699411196.png)

>>y-you don't like incels because they're virgins!!
>not because they're cancerous pieces of shit
This must be an incel. Notice how hard he deflects personal responsibility onto something else that can't be helped.

No. 220177

I find it kind of funny that even in a man-hating thread, these raiders are given mostly civil responses. Try to reveal your identity on a predominately male board and see where it gets you.

No. 220179

That's not in my case, and I'm not fat before you make any conclusions. You're delusional if think all women have it on easy mode.

No. 220182

it's nice to see that you guys decided to start a new thread to avoid the autosage, as expected the thread has already been raided.

No. 220183

>We don't want that type on the kaycee
You're still shilling you're awful image board here? Go back 2 krautchan and stay there.

No. 220187

umm where have you been? every single mentally ill and socially awkward guy I ever known dated gorgeous women, and by my surprise, all those women ended up being abused by the men or just getting treated like shit or cheated on

No. 220189

> get a boob job

Thanks for providing an evidence why men are such horrid creatures.

No. 220190

>Who? Who says this?

No. 220192

>get a boob job, loser.
You mean an unnecessary and costly procedures with the potential to induce bad side effects, all to gain a bit more attention from disgusting males? No thanks.

No. 220194

>he thinks we complain because we can't get dick
even more reasons to hate men

No. 220195

Its ironic that they suggest that because all I ever see on the chans is men making fun of fake tits.

No. 220197

You are lacking in ban skills.(you should seriously know better)

No. 220202

Yet another comment section of men celebrating their superiority and constantly shoving this "you're worthless" shit in women's faces. It's not enough for them to run shit and have everyone pat them on the back for it, they have to continually shove women's collective faces in the fucking dirt and shove us down. Celebrating the extinction of women with the potential creation of articial wombs.

Why the fuck do we even try? Why are we here if we're so worthless? Should I just kill myself if I'm such a worthless roastie whore? Fuck these people. Fuck everyone.

No. 220205

Sometimes I wish all women collectively just stopped associating with men. Not to like shame them but just for our benefit. Just like maybe a day out of the year when we just don’t talk or associate with all males.

No. 220210

Peaked over at Lauren Southern's thread where there's a link to that TDS article about her and Tara. They want to bring back the stocks, the scold's bridle and probably other devices from the 16th century just for women. "Its for women out of line" aka anyone with two x chromosomes outside the home, or really just existing, lbr. Then at the side, it reads the disclaimer
>We here at TDS are opposed to violence
>Anyone suggesting or promoting violence will be banned.
But since they don't view women as people, of course they only mean violence towards another man.

We can never hate as much as they hate us.
>Why the fuck do we even try?
I just don't know. But every time a man gets upset, he always comes back to insults of women being worthless, sluts and whores, and inferior all around. So their kindness is just a lie, why bother then? Why bother when deep down, they only view you as a thing with an expiration date?

No. 220212

this video is great and she perfectly explains why women are and should be afraid of men

No. 220215

I just…don't get it. Men commit the majority of violent crime. Historically, men have been responsible for most of the wars and violence that have occured. But it's women who are the downfall of society? It's women who need to be shamed and subjugated? Why?

They will NEVER acknowledge the portions of societal rot that men are responsible for. Or sometimes they will, but they will twist it in a way where they can blame women for the actions of men.

No. 220216

File: 1514859146905.jpg (17.98 KB, 500x334, tmp_10503-10527fe0fac5d092a111…)

I'm sick of these fucking robots using female to refer to women. It's so creepy. It's like they're describing another species.

No. 220217

My brother isn't a robot and even he refers to women as females. It has always irritated me but I don't see the point in trying to correct him because then I'd be ~overreacting and hysterical~ simply for calmly pointing something out.

The worst/funniest is when they refer to women as females but in the same breath they just call men 'men.' Men and females. Human and….something clinical and inhuman that they feel nothing for.

No. 220226

File: 1514864021954.png (270.2 KB, 500x392, 120354983112.png)

I love all the mental gymnastics they use to explain that women have
1. not contributed anything to building a civilization
2. runied society with our "degeneracy" (aka not being a tradcon barefoot mommywife)

No. 220230

I love that dog analogy

No. 220231

File: 1514866087099.png (32.61 KB, 830x326, jfr.png)

A comment on that video, why do women talking about their experiences make men so fucking angry?

No. 220232

She even adressed IN THE VIDEO how men reply to womens fear by getting angry, they're just reinforcing how true her video is. Fucking idiots.

No. 220233

Another argument a lot of men make, is that women's primary function is having children and we're made to be mothers….but they also ree about not getting custody and how if someone is raised by a single mother they'll obviously grow into a criminal. So are we made to be primary care takers or not?

No. 220234

They want us to pop out children, suffer excruciating pain and ruin our bodies, spend most our time raising the children, doing all the heavy work involved with children, and they still somehow think they're entitled to equal parenting right. Sperm dispensers is what they are, until they start taking equal responsibility (which they won't because guess what, being a parent is hard fucking work).

No. 220236

Continuing to repeat the "men and females" terms just helps them dehumanizes women entirely. Like this man's comments. >>220231
>A real man..
>..move on to the next female

In fact, he openly admits that men cannot emphasize with women. A real man doesn't care if you're wary being in presence of something physically stronger than you that has the potential to cause harm, they'll just call you a crazy female. Seriously, what is the point of relationships with men? Men don't see us as human, they don't care at all, they'd rather hurt us then throw us away when they're done and they'll openly tell you this straight.

No. 220241

File: 1514878012346.jpg (290.41 KB, 1092x1023, db0e2ce9ac5a351085142a028e493b…)

That's what we do on the Krautchan, moving on from female to female and throwing them when done.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 220243

Mods, can you lock all the existing man hate threads, make one and make it very fucking clear that anyone replying to robots will be banned? I swear to God it is becoming a pain in the ass browsing these thread because the fucking retarded cunts keep replying dem robots and half of the replies are to deleted posts. Stop giving them attention, that's what they want from you, they want us to reply to their bullshit and stop focusing on the subject here. Y'all are fucking idiots for replying robots.

No. 220251

some of my experiences, nothing too drastic but still makes my blood boil
>Men hitting me up with compliments about my looks and then acting offended that I'm not thanking for them on knees.
>Pestering me in public like let me eat my fucking kfc, I'm not here to find a bf
>Professors favouring male students, casually throwing in sexist jokes, making unecessary remarks about pregnant lecturers, all of this in a "elite" field not some garbage course
>acting like oversensitive unstable maniacs both on internet and irl but joking about women being emotional
>acting like they are oppressed by feminism, homosexuals, transexuals, fucking clouds in the sky but "feminazis are triggered"
>lacking empathy. Like even on facebook pages/groups about animal rights there are men raging, if I had a dollar for every "horses are meant to work super hard", "we wore fur for centuries", "it's just a dog lol", "If I see a cat on the road I don't even slow down because what if I hit a tree" etc coming from a dude, I would be fucking rich
>catcalling, especially kids/young teens - I've never been more catcalled in my life than when I was 13-16
Like I can see there are decent guys out there but where they at?? Certainly not around me.

No. 220256

"acting like oversensitive unstable maniacs both on internet and irl but joking about women being emotional "

Exactly this. The hypocrisy is real.

No. 220276

Its because there is no informal middle ground between girl and woman. Calling a woman a girl is insulting and calling a girl a woman is creepy and not enough people say lady

No. 220286

So if i'm not sure whether somebody is still a boy or already a man, i can simply refer to him the way i would to an animal?

No. 220287

File: 1514910612154.png (58.43 KB, 511x525, fuckingkillme.png)

Example of a man being insanely emotional but telling me (the woman) to stop being emotional.

All I said btw was that sex before marriage isn't a bad thing and people should be able to choose, that was literally it lmao.

No. 220290

>"you seem like a little girl"

What is it with men's obsession with infantilising women? I've gotten this a good few times over the last few weeks while discussing issues like abortion or sexual assault or even languages. It really pisses me off, it adds nothing to their argument and says a hell of a lot about them, not me.

Luckily, the last time this happened, a bunch of other women ran to my defense and made him look like a fool lmao. The only problem is that men have far too much pride for it to have actually hurt him to see a bunch of women making a mockery out of him, sigh.

No. 220291

Note how he called me a little girl then said he'd have sex with me, fucking creepy.

Men like that always go for personal insults, they never stay on topic it becomes all about YOU and when you call them out on this they say "stop taking it personally!"

No. 220292

You know that isn't why they say it. Don't kid yourself.

No. 220293

I've actually asked men who call women females why they don't just say women, the response I got was "OMGZ TRIGGERED IT'S JUST ANOTHER WORD AND MEANS THE SAME THING" but why aren't they calling men "males"

That anon's answer was bullshit, call a woman a woman if she's 18+ how fucking hard is that?

No. 220295

>If YOU will take responsibility for what I'VE done wrong then I will concede my point and say that you and women have nothing to fix and address.

Literally crying and projecting that women MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for everything they've done. If a man has 20+ partners, then its women's fault. If a man has 0 partners, its women's fault (incels). You can't be in a ltr because all women are gold diggers who're after a man's resources (mgtows) and you can't not be serious or else you're a worthless roastie. You can give everything to a man and they'll still hate you and you can give nothing, still the same reaction.

I wish they'd buy dolls and leave us alone but they can't do that either. They HAVE to make it seem like we're being replaced.

Just another way to make women sound like another species, subspecies. Theres a man and a female. Fucking gross.

No. 220297

Yup, women's sexuality is policed heavily to protect men's feelings, that's literally the society we live in…when we're finally starting to break free of it and the western world is like "hey maybe women do have a sexuality too and should be able to choose what they do with their bodies" men cry about it and protest it.

I wish they'd leave us alone too, honestly, I'd be happy if these weird men fucked off with their sex dolls and just let us be. I'm sick of random men trying to police how I have sex.

No. 220318

Wars have brought like 90% of the world's technological advancements and kept population in check.Now without any major war we have had basically 30 years of technology stagnation (most of the tech advancements from this decades had been discovered before just weren't fully developed) and a huge overpopulation problem.Basically wars are good.

No. 220322

Ohhh I get it now. Literally everything that isn't women is good.

How can we blame women for the current lack of war? Let me know.

No. 220323

Not sure if that anon was a robot or not, but best not to respond to shit like that as it'll get you banned or this thread autosaged again.

No. 220327

The lack of wars come from a combination of nuclear warheads and having only one superpower in the entire globe.Why are you so defensive?

No. 220333

Just report and ignore.

No. 220347

>be below average and probably ugly female
>non-white to boot
>getting older and still virgin, have never even been on a date before
>talk to men online thinking they will be understanding of me
>it ends the same way every time
>they care nothing of who I actually am, just waiting for a picture
>they lie about themselves when convenient and try to force things
>when it doesn't go the way they planned it, I am at fault
>let's not mention when you say you're not into porn-tier intimacy like rimjobs for example all of a sudden you're a sexless prude
>fast forward to the real world and everyone got married from ages 18-20 so I don't have anyone to find in person
>never known what it's like to be treated like a lady despite dressing and being one outside
>don't even know if I can trust men anymore if all of this stuff spills on the internet unfiltered even from men with gfs and relationships
>hard not to just be afraid in any social predicament
>can't even find female friends either because they are giving 100% of their attention to a man or are thots

I just don't know anymore as I get older everything gets worse outdoors, I hate going outside these days, I hate men and I hate male toxicity on the internet and I hate male desperation (unwarrented) in any online social interaction and I hate men in real life because they always seem to have it so easy, they make friends like candy, have something in common, can just call themselves brothers, laugh and banter. I mean I'm not going to call them a rapist or anything so please don't move to another room because you're talking a little bit vulgar… I hate not being good enough. Sorry for any incoherence in my post.

No. 220351

See anon that's the problem, men online are nitpicky and disgusting, try joining groups and circles irl to make friends, that's what I did, church groups tend to be really friendly and the guys there tend to be nice and wait til marriage and all, if you're okay with that, also volunteering can help you make new friends, like hospital volunteering, or library volunteering, just try to search for places to volunteer, I volunteer for a child abuse charity event and it helped me make loads of great friends who want to do friend things even when I was a neet

I get where you're coming from though, nothing wrong with not being white either or a virgin, I'm personally one myself

how old are you anon and what do you think makes you below average?

No. 220356

I'm 21, going to be 22 this year sadly. I have actually met people from online in person years back which didn't reinforce my optimism. I get where you're coming from and that's great advice, I do like to volunteer and hope to find another opportunity during the summer.
As for groups and circles irl, I actually have a lot of trouble with that since I am very, very bad at social ques, body language, understanding jokes on time, not making things extremely awkward, and my facial expressions and body language often force people to misunderstand me even though I don't know I'm doing them. Don't get me wrong I have been putting myself out there but the stimuli overload hits me like a brick and one of the parties I was excited for I had an anxiety attack for a couple of hours and people were wondering what was wrong with me in a concerned way of course.
I don't have much of a body shape, flat chested, but most of the ugliness comes from my face, it always looks chubby even though I'm 19 BMI, lips are too fat, one eye of mine looks drowsy and I've got a poor head shape, the back of my head is flat and it bothers me so much. Also my head is crooked and if I were to take a picture of one side and compare it to the other it does not look the same. I exercise regularly, I like to but it's also a part of my job. I can't really venture out too much either because I am in the military and also sort of in the middle of nowhere.

No. 220357


Men you talk to online are still men. They're sharing their true thoughts.

No. 220358

yes but online dating sites, tinder, etc just seems to attract worst of the worst men

No. 220359

This. Men online are just men after the mask drops.

Anon, where do you find places to volunteer? Are there any websites or anything with listings or do you just find the opportunities from church?

No. 220360

I search online sometimes, I use to volunteer at the hospital since it was recommended to me in some med classes I was taking, the library where I live just has volunteer forms at the desk, I volunteer at the child abuse charity, mostly in the summer because that's when most of their events are, since I was looking through craigslist they linked to their site and all

No. 220366

Glute exercises and corsetting,for flat chests, try going on the pill, or different massages and push up bras, etc, for face try facial yoga and contouring, also different haircuts and hairstyles can make your head look completely different, I knew girls who were complete basketball heads and made their face look slimmer with framing their face with their hair, different styles of makeup can help with your eyes, or try to emphasize your lips (lots of people love big lips) to take attention off your eyes. Also facial asymmtery can be a good thing, like one side could be sexy and one side could be cute and sweet, tease your hair in the back and use volumizing products to fix the back of your head

No. 220381

Oh you're so lonely, but I bet you wouldn't ask out a fat greasy girl with food stains would you? You're imagining lonely farmers as cute pixie waifus which is sadly unlikely.

No. 220382

1. Don't reply to robots.

2. We're not all greasy fat girls who are just bitter incels, some of us are victims of abuse from men and just want a place to vent. Especially with the recent increase of men sperging every time women talk about their experiences.

No. 220383

File: 1514951851003.jpg (63.03 KB, 600x468, Lets play quotfind the main ch…)

it's always interesting to me how so many girls are willing to go out their way, adapt to hobbies, often spend thousands and thousands to seem "not like other girls", sometimes even shitting on OTHER women, just to make men "happy" and want to be with them, when the "other girls" tend to be completely harmless

meanwhile most men are completely okay with shitting over women, not putting any effort into how they look, praising other men who bash women, etc etc, and mocking and shitting on the men who do dare to say something like "hey I think telling women you will kill them if they don't fuck you is bad"

No. 220384

kek, I knew a guy who claimed to be "lonely and just wanted to make women happy"
bastard cheated on me, said touching other womens tits wasn't cheating, got mad and played victim when I left his ass, then tried to expose my nudes and bragged about how "at least my friends don't have my nudes like my friends have yours", I told his mom and my friends what he did and sent screenshots, and then he cried and played victim about how it was unequal to tell so many people kek

No. 220385

Yup, I use to try the "not like other girls" bullshit as I fell for the meme that women are all mean/catty and guys are less drama. I discovered the opposite, a lot of men are fucking vicious - especially if you don't give them what they want at all times. If you don't date them you're a fucking bitch and they rage, if they're not attracted to you they pretty much want nothing to do with you. They also try force their interests on you but never take the time to try anything you like.

Of course, I've encountered mean women too, but it's on a much lesser scale. I don't feel insulted by being told I'm like "other girls" now as other girls aren't bad the majority of the time.

No. 220387

I feel weird because I've never experienced the "women are all catty bitches who hate eachother" thing except for one girl who targeted me in eighth grade. It's not that I don't believe other women who say that they've experienced that and find it hard to make female friends because of that, but it's just so far from what I've experienced that it's a bit hard to reconcile. I feel the same as you - I've found men to be very cruel and vindictive. Men were the ones who mocked my appearence and told me to kill myself because I was ugly in school. Men are the ones who literally hate any woman who doesn't meet their standards and go out of their way to make them feel like shit about themselves. Men are the ones who love to laugh at any woman's misfortune and revel in their little revenge fantasies about women being miserable and killing themselves because feminism, or whatever.

I've always had trouble making friends in general because I'm very shy and it's hard for me to open up, but the friendships I've had with other women have been so valuable to me. Sometimes I feel like they seriously keep me sane and prevent me from getting too depressed about how men see women/general misogyny. Like I know some awesome fucking women, why would I get upset about what men have to say about women? I still do because I'm a dumbass, but seriously. Having a strong group of female friends, or even just one, really helps.

No. 220388

Amanda todd gets talked into committing suicide by men, she comes the butt of all the "Drink bleach" jokes, people tell her she had it coming and she was weak, dumb, a whore, she deserved it, etc
Conrad gets talked into committing suicide by his gf, the world raves with sympathy, girlfriend gets charged with manslaughter, people use it as an excuse to yell female privilege and male oppression and then men will post dumb memes like "no one hates women more than women hate women" yet 90% of women will tell you most of the shit they went through and the shit they've been told are all from men

No. 220389

o shit forgot to add, I get alb is a meme now and all but I like this one video of hers

No. 220390

The Amanda Todd situation was disgusting, she was like 14 iirc and groomed by an older man online, who leaked her nudes to her school and blackmailed her for years. Yet people say she had it coming, should've known better etc. She was a fucking child, why are literal children who happen to be girls suppose to have more common sense than grown adult men?

The Conrad situation was sad too, but it proves sexism when they're unable to feel sympathy for Amanda but are for Conrad.

No. 220421

can we continue the conversation about military men in the last thread?

No. 220422

what it comes down to is men who got shat on by women making a fuss and women who got shat on by men making a fuss and each side arguing who got it worst in the grand scheme and on a personal level.

No. 220425

File: 1514962241685.jpg (119.6 KB, 853x543, 8b2[1].jpg)

military men are the best

No. 220426

In men's case, getting shat on it's usually not getting enough female attention. In women's case, it's usually being raped by a male. One side does objectively has it worse and has a lot to be mad about, and the other one doesn't.

No. 220427

*have, not has

No. 220428

File: 1514962769579.png (254.52 KB, 1052x2596, twitterinconsistency.png)

>meanwhile most men are completely okay with shitting over women, not putting any effort into how they look, praising other men who bash women, etc etc, and mocking and shitting on the men who do dare to say something like "hey I think telling women you will kill them if they don't fuck you is bad"

And there are guys who think the same thing about women. Meanwhile you had a tweet from a HuffPost editor which said "kill all men" get over 500 likes before it was deleted and despite being reported nothing was done about it

No. 220429

>In men's case, getting shat on it's usually not getting enough female attention.
or getting divorced and having half the stuff taken away along with the kids
or getting raped as a youth by a female teacher

No. 220432

>divorce rape meme
lol, should've known you were a robot. Females only make up 1% of rapists, so it's highly improbable that even a fraction of the men reee-ing are rape victims.

No. 220434

the point is about the getting shat on. Men and women want to say "oh woah is us!" and the see the other side as the villain when the fact is there are shitty people on both sides as well as good people

No. 220436

>being this wrong
>We also pooled four years of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data and found that 35 percent of male victims who experienced rape or sexual assault reported at least one female perpetrator.

No. 220439

>two genders post the same thing
>it was vice versa
>they both get deleted


No. 220440

no the first one was self-deleted then the account was put in protected mode presumably by the owner. The original tweet was reported but it was deleted but that apparently was the response from twitter. The second one was done as a test and they got that response to their new twitter account.

The other explanation could be that the tweet was deleted and Twitter didn't see it? Is that possible?

No. 220442

how do you know it was self-deleted though?
>The original tweet was reported but it was deleted but that apparently was the response from twitter.

again, both reported, both deleted, I don't see the problem

but, assuming you're correct, It is most likely because when women say something such as "kill all men" they aren't very serious about it, and it most likely doesn't translate into real life, where as when men say "kill all women" what comes into mind are men like elliot rodgers, who did take upon their actions, where as I never seen a woman shoot a bunch of men because she is misandrist

>The other explanation could be that the tweet was deleted and Twitter didn't see it? Is that possible?


No. 220443

>again, both reported, both deleted, I don't see the problem
It's about the response from Twitter. The first one was self-deleted not by Twitter who apparently said they saw nothing wrong in that tweet.

>but, assuming you're correct, It is most likely because when women say something such as "kill all men" they aren't very serious about it, and it most likely doesn't translate into real life, where as when men say "kill all women" what comes into mind are men like elliot rodgers, who did take upon their actions, where as I never seen a woman shoot a bunch of men because she is misandrist

So men are killers and women are not? I don't recall Rodgers posting on twitter he was going to kill all women. The point is about the consistency of applying the rules in regards to hate speech. People have been fired for less offensive tweet speech.

No. 220444

>only 35%
Still a minority, still highly improbable that even a fraction of the misogynists are rape victims. Men are still the ones committing the vast majority of them, yet women don't bitch even half as much.

Between 60% and 99% of rapes and sexual assault are perpetrated by men onto women, children, other men

No one's saying there aren't, I'm just saying, women take a lot of shit from men and men hardly take any from women, so it's not really comparable.

No. 220446

>I'm just saying, women take a lot of shit from men and men hardly take any from women,

Well, that's your opinion. It's all perspective.

No. 220447

I mean it differs from person to person, but if you're talking about females vs males as a whole then yes, by fact, women take a lot of sbit from men and men barely get anything from women

No. 220463

Just how many times will people come in to post this same fucking reply? Nobody cares. This is a man-hating thread, not a "b-but both genders have flaws! #notallmen" thread.

The thing about the "another woman is a woman's worst enemy" stuff is ridiculous. When girls bully each other in high school it's because women are inherently evil and cultivate catty hatred for each other due to absolute biological reasons. But when males target other males it's because of ~toxic masculinity~ pushed by the ~society~ which causes men to hurt each other. If I was more of a tinfoil hat I'd be convinced that the narrative is forced on girls just to avoid having them form sister networks to threaten the male society.

No. 220464

>Just how many times will people come in to post this same fucking reply? Nobody cares.

No debate allowed. Gotcha.

No. 220465

I never see women viciously bully each other as bad as men bully other men/women too. Women don't get violent as much, try to ruin their lives etc it's all petty bullshit most of the time. Men get violated, online they'll dox people, send them death threats etc just for disagreeing with them or being trolled a bit.

No. 220467

you didn't see /pt/ or /snow/ did you?

No. 220469


Bullying takes different forms. In school boys resort to physical violence against each other whereas girls tend more to go for emotional bullying though some still will resort to violence.

With online culture it's usually the powerless men who were often bullied in school that can become cyber bullies due to their net skills and anonymity.

No. 220470

/pt/ and /snow/ can be ridiculously nitpicky and mean, however apart from the odd edgy alogging anon there are not wishes of violence etc posted. Again it's just petty shit and people bitching about what others post online themselves.

No. 220473

>Outright admits it's because the society teaches girls to think of females as a lesser group of people and because the work-life is dominated by men they need to sink to their level in order to advance but dismisses it entirely for the rest of the article
>The "only women gossip" meme
>Uses the reaction to that retarded Samantha Brick article as a valid source

Having worked in a male-dominated field for years, they are just as petty and passive-aggressive gossiping cunts when they're bullying someone.

No. 220485

It's not an opinion though. Women have it objectively worse than men overall, that's a fact.

Denying facts and going on about how men dindu nuffin because there are bad people on both sides!! isn't debating

No. 220501

True, not to mention men, when they bully women they make sure the woman feels like shit, they'll shit on the woman mercilessly and then go on about how upset she is, they WANT women to feel bad. Where as lolcow, it's just nitpicky here over milky shit, men will think a girl not meeting their standards is the worse thing a woman can do and will shit on her to hell and back and make sure she knows

Also its not just a female thing either, ever even seen what men do to other men? Most of them will shit on other men to hell and back then men whine about being oppressed because "muh muscles" or "muh dick" meanwhile men shit on other men a million times more than women shit on women, men still do more bullying to women and hurt women so much more than women do, yet they want to scream "hur dur its actually women who bully other women"

No. 220502

Nobody here makes death or rape threats though, like men do

No. 220507

It's not what rodgers posted it's that men are more serious than women when it comes to sexism , sure, it's offensive to men, but with all the shit that incels do, it's rightfully alarming to hear guys make rants about how they wanna kill all women vs when women do it

No. 220512

Do you guys think there is any possible way for us to make men see us as human? I know this isn't the answer, because ultimately I shouldn't have to do this in order to get a modicum of respect, but I pretty much try to remove myself from sex/sex appeal as far as possible. I don't show cleavage, wear tight fitting clothing or red lips, I never flirt with men or pretty much give any indication that I'm a ~sexual being~. (I'm not very sexy to begin with so this is pretty easy for me.) But you would think this would give men an excuse to not treat you like a sex object if you go out of your way make sure there is no way you could be perceived as one, right? But I almost think it's even worse. Because then they get all assblasted and take it out on you because you don't make their dick feel good and that's all they think women are here for. Men always say shit like "I respect women who respect themselves" and by that they pretty much mean a woman who isn't their definition of a "slut" or someone in control of their sexuality. But even when you hide your sexuality completely, they still don't respect you or treat you as human.

I hate that I even care about this, but I'm tired of being treated as lesser than, or looked at as some worthless being who is barely human by men. What are we supposed to do? I know the correct answer is probably just stop giving a fuck. But men are half the population and they influence every sphere of life and work, so they influence how the world views women. If you wear makeup, attractive clothes, and let yourself be beautiful, men will either hate you for this or treat you like a literal toy that they can do whatever they want with. If you don't focus so much on your appearance and instead try to avoid giving men any excuse to call you a whore or treat you like an object, they just view you as inferior but in a different way. Because men think our only worth is our looks regardless, and now you've removed that.

I just really hate it. Walking around knowing half of the population hates you and sees no use for you. Worrying that nobody at work takes you seriously because ~women are just caretakers with low IQ~ or whatever the fuck. Sorry for the rant, I'm just really sick of it.

No. 220514

both comments should have been treated the same and deleted by Twitter and the accounts limited for a time. By ignoring one and coming down hard on the other just fuels MAGA ire.

I wish she (the Huffpost editor) hadn't posted it at all - or at least put a more humorous twist on it. These are the kinds of thing the altreich seizes on to make their distraction arguments.

…however, it seems it won't matter as I just saw that Bannon and Trump just had a falling out. Ha!

No. 220516

What I really hate is women have to be very careful not to offend men when talking about them, if not all sorts of words and accusations get slung their way, but the same thing doesn't seem to apply to men. They say whatever the fuck they want, they can also do it and be thought of as impartial, but women are biased and irrational.

On the same note I've been recently listening to Bill Burr's podcast, and I just thought there's /no way/ there would ever be a female equivalent of him. I can find him entertaining, but the way he goes in on women can be tedious. Can you IMAGINE the amount of abuse a female Bill would suffer. I mean just look at the abuse his fandom gives his wife, and compared to him she's very mild. And, if she does put in her 2 cents, PROTIP: avoid the comments.

I just find it really frustrating. It feels like sometimes I don't have a voice, or that I can't voice it.

No. 220517

I agree I was just pointing out why twitter a man saying he wants to kill women would be taken more seriously than a woman saying she wants to kill men

No. 220519


No. 220521

His own fandom attacks his wife and he's perfectly fine with it? Doesn't even mention it on the podcast or defend her a little bit?

Men don't even give a fuck about their own wives lmao

No. 220523

conrad roy

No. 220528

Considering all the hate tossed her way, I'm surprised he doesn't say anything. If he has I've missed it, I don't regularly keep up with him. I think he just mostly choices to ignore. Despite his fandom being Red-Pill leaning, he's called out MGTOWs for being idiotic assholes, so I guess that's something. He has a baby girl now, so that might make his opinions on women softer. Reading the comments people are afraid of him being "pussy-whipped", and they hate the fact he fell in love with a feminist. I personally think Bill and Nia back and forth is fucking hilarious, and they clearly gel well together despite the arguments. Probably, one of the only women that can handle him. As when one gets into something, one wants to find out more info and others opinions. Typed their names in reddit: Big Mistake. The Opie and Anthony subreddit are absolute racist and sexist cunts towards her. Jesus.

No. 220530

Thanks, first time I've heard about that. I can only imagine the furore around the girlfriend. Did she really bully him into it, or just (gently) encourage? I need to look into it more.

The double standard reminds me of that reddit thread AMA with the female and male "Honeypots". She got nothing but hate, for being a greedy whore that entraps men, but with the male HP they were applauding him for catching all those deceiving whores. Either way women get the blame, and it's not looked at equally.

No. 220532

>He has a baby girl now, so that might make his opinions on women softer
I've seen this happen with so many men, so hopefully it happens to him as well. It just makes me sad that they have to raise a girl in order to start seeing women as human and treating them well. I wish it didn't have to be that way.

No. 220535

Me too Anon, me too.

No. 220538

emily mccombs is such a trashfire. if it was a couple of years ago, she'd be good fodder for a /snow thread.

sage for non-contrib

No. 220547

I am the one who posted >>220512 and my point was that it DOESN'T mess with men in a 'positive manner', unfortunately. They still treat me like less than human, worthless and inferior, but it's just a different way than they would if I dressed in the way they liked. It doesn't circumvent male thinking at all, it just makes them hate you in a different way. We all know that dressing simply doesn't make them appreciate your ideas or your mind, they simply can't do that it seems. I wasn't saying that what I was doing has had a positive result for me, I was mostly looking for advice because even what I've tried HASN'T worked. I still deal with misogynist ass men all the time. :/

At all. Unfortunately I don't think there's anything we can do. Men just hate women and it can't be fixed. "It's a feature, not a bug."

No. 220548

I feel the same as you, I changed my entire look to avoid sexual harassment and be treated with more respect. It didn't work, still got sexually harassed and wasn't treated with any more respect, men still treated me like I'm beneath them despite being educated and in the same line of work as them. I thought, what's the point? I was stuck with a look I didn't like and still being treated just as shitty. I like fashion and pretty clothes, I like make-up and styling my hair it makes me feel more confident, I enjoy doing my make-up and I enjoy how I look in it. Men will treat me shit whether I wear it or not so I'm putting myself first instead of trying to please men.


Also "getting drunk with male strangers" what are you implying women deserve if they do that? You could be having cocktails with your female friends and men will likely be in the bar, are the opposite genders meant to forever avoid being around each other? Honestly, saying, women, deserve to be treated like shit for things like drinking alcohol or having sex doesn't help.

No. 220549

>Did she really bully him into it, or just (gently) encourage?

well she wasn't just straight up like "why don't you kill yourself conrad" but she wasn't hannah level either

basically he said he was going to kill himself, didn't do it, michelle or whatever her name was said stuff like "you said you would so why don't you"

>The double standard reminds me of that reddit thread AMA with the female and male "Honeypots". She got nothing but hate, for being a greedy whore that entraps men, but with the male HP they were applauding him for catching all those deceiving whores. Either way women get the blame, and it's not looked at equally.

exactly, think of feminism vs MGTOW, people often use feminist as an insult nowadays and use it to shut women down if they dare speak up about not being an assholes
"You think women she be able to exist without getting treated as subhuman if they don't have perfect tits and ass? KEEP CRYING FEMINIST"
"You think a woman should be able to talk about her rape experiences without getting called a whore, slut, saying she deserved it or lied in the commnents? SHUT UP FEMINIST"
and of course everyone cheers them on, where as MGTOW is often encouraged on everyone and seen as good.

men are fucking insane

No. 220551

>If you are often part of love triangles, if you get drunk with male strangers, if you use sex as a tool, if you treat males like clients on a waiting list or a simple subscriber to your blog, you are not part of the solution

thats the thing, there will always be love triangles regardless of gender, there will always be people who get drunk with strangers, regardless of gender, there will be people who do use sex as a tool regardless of gender, and people who treat the opposite gender as a client on a waiting list, it just happens, there's nothing you can do about it, it's not a woman only thing either, a lot of men do do the things you mentioned, sometimes even more than women do these things, but the second you call them out on it you're a bleeding heart crazy feminazi, we're simply saying we want to be treated better, is that too much to ask?

>just like women tend to take terrible decisions when finding a mate.

some do, some don't
again, men do this as well, a friend of mine actually was seeing a guy, then the guy completely dumped her off for a fat druggie with no ass, fat druggies ended up leaving said guy for drugs several times, then told the dude she got arrested just to post a pic with her new bf on ig a few hours later, meanwhile the girl the guy left for fat druggie would treat him like a prince, never stfu about him, spent over 600$ buying him gifts, tickets, dates, etc, yet the same girl isn't running around screaming how all men are bad and only want fat druggie hoes, giving up on men, saying all men are evil, etc, it really makes you think, doesn't it?

>I'm assuming that most of the girls hanging out here are graduate school regulars or have jobs in sales/retail. I wouldn't be surprised if the median score on the attractiv-o-meter was 7,

see business and education thread and different body threads and stuff, very diverse group of people here, some women here are 30 living with their parents with no job, some are college graduate businesswomen, not that it matters but shouldn't really capitalize all of us to be the same way

No. 220564

And, we're supposed to be the emotional ones. Anger is still an emotion, Gents.

Male Fragility, it's not just a Tumblr meem.

No. 220573

I remember when people were talking shit about Amanda Todd. Grown ass adults were linking her nudes, calling her a slut, making comments about how disgusting her breasts were, some were calling her hot despite that, you get the idea. I was fucking stunned by how cruelly people were mocking her, partly because of how young she was. She was taken advantage of by a much older man and people thought it was funny to pass around her child porn and make comments about her body.
…y'know I was around her age when that happened too.

I've been a fan of Bill's stand-up for almost a decade. He is pretty funny despite being an ass, but not too long ago I had the same thought about his wife when I was watching a podcast and scrolled down to see the comments. I remember thinking
>they're saying this about the woman he supposedly loves. Hasn't he ever cared enough to tell his fans to cut this shit out?

No. 220576

>they're saying this about the woman he supposedly loves
Yeah, supposedly being the key word. Men don't really give a shit about women. If they look like they do, it's only performative. The only reason i'm shocked that he's never called them out is because usually men defend what they view as their property.

No. 220579

File: 1515058902708.png (1.55 MB, 1536x820, 1512077614656.png)

>making comments about how disgusting her breasts were

this always bothered me about men, they beg to see womens bodies, but not because they like it, but so they can judge and nitpick pick it and tear her apart, even when the woman herself didn't want them to see and was forced into it pretty much

men enjoy judging womens bodies and finding whats wrong with them rather than actually enjoying the fucking body, even if the woman is "healthy, not fat and not flat" like men like to scream how easy it is to be a woman because those are apparently the only standards for women

it sometimes amazes me the lengths men will go through just so they can judge and pull apart at womens bodies, so far to the point a lot of us are use to men on social media asking for tit pics or ass pics just so they can rate them, forums where about 80% of the discussion is about how if ___ woman is fuckable, hot, not, whats unattractive about her, etc, it's almost like a damn hobby for these people with the insane amount of time and effort they put in just to nitpick then call us hypocrites because of /snow/ and /pt/ yet fail to realize people become cows because of their behavior, not to mention there's male cows too

given, we do nitpick, but again, people become cows because of their behavior, men will see a rando girl at fucking taco bell, take a creepshot of her, go home, post it on the internet to humiliate her because her ass wasn't big enough for his liking, meanwhile hideous men get shirtless all the time and no one says shit

No. 220597

File: 1515081684927.png (332.4 KB, 1242x1618, IMG_2191.PNG)

>shames black women for wearing makeup and plastic surgery
>says they should look like a mixed woman with plastic surgery and makeup

I will never understand men's delusional think when it comes to women's looks

No. 220600

They created this fantasy world in their head where they genuinely believe a woman can look like a perfect 10/10 without putting in any of the work and maintenance to get there.
Point out how she is wearing a full-face of makeup fake eyelashes et al, has on fake nails, and (probably) had to get some plastic surgery to get that body type, and they'll most likely get mad at you for shattering their fantasy.

No. 220601

Feel sorry for black women, especially dark-skinned, Afro-centric women. Not only do they get bashed by white men (and others) but their own men, too. :(

Yet, you always see black women supporting black men.

No. 220606

Yehh, I've thought this too before. That black women (generally) tend to be very supportive of their men and stand by them for all they go through in society. Then I see black men frequently selling their women out in favor of a different standard of beauty.
Seems pretty fucked up from what I've observed, but I don't actually know if any black women would feel the same way or agree with that, so I won't take that thought any further.

No. 220610

are you saying we are women incels? if yes I'll have to report your for being a male.

No. 220612

I'm black and yeah I see the way black men act but honestly I don't think any race of men are loyal to their women. They hate us and see us as disposable or something to project their fantasies on to. We don't mean anything to them beyond a pretty face and a hole to fuck, this is why men can so easily jump on to fucking a new woman right after his wife dies. I think black women are just a good example to show how vicious and emotionally abusive men can be towards women they feel have no power.

No. 220614

File: 1515092942551.jpg (201.77 KB, 720x1280, IMG_2194.JPG)

>stop wearing fake eye lashes! Be natural!

Do they think we just come out of the womb with false lashes, fake nails and 30 lbs of makeup?they will claim all women are fake sluts then go worship women doing the same stuff and clam it's natural while calling actual natural women ugly.

No. 220616

That's becuase men are fucking dumb and don't know what 100% natural actually looks like. They're so easily tricked by the "no-makeup" makeup look that it's not even funny, yet they really think they can tell the difference. That's why they ruthlessly attack and ridicule women who REALLY aren't wearing makeup, and praise women wearing light, well applied makeup as being natural and not fake. Seriously, I've always done the no makeup-makeup look because I have zero talent when it comes to makeup and can't do much else, and I've had men tell me how I look nice without makeup. When I'm WEARING makeup. They have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to this.

It's said before in these threads, but you really can't win with men. There's really no point in trying. If you love makeup, you should just wear it and don't worry about how they feel about it. If you don't wear makeup, don't force yourself to wear it just because you feel like you need it. Men are going to mercilessly judge us and tear apart our looks regardless, we might as well be comfortable. It took me a long time to get to this point, but I really think it's the only way to live where you're not constantly trying to appeal to contradictory standards that are set up in a way where you absolutely can't meet them regardless of what you do. They don't actually want 100% natural women, as you can see how they react when they see a woman's bare face, they just want you to appear to be naturally flawless without actually taking steps to look that way. You had to have been born naturally flawless though, because if you get any kind of cosmetic procedure, hair extensions, or wear makeup, you're a deceitful fake whore. But if you don't try, you're a lazy slob.
Can't. Win.

No. 220620

File: 1515094872720.jpg (1.28 MB, 534x8544, 1515094730013.jpg)

>women don't judge and nit pick about men


No. 220622


Ughh, this thing makes me sad, like, I feel pity for short guys (my dad is one lol, but he's never been a good father anyways and somehow managed to have several girlfriends ,how does he do that, short men are actual dickheads???), but what can be done? Most of them really do seem unattractive only because of their height and look funny with their short legs and big heads.
Maybe it's human evolution that makes them unappealing to straight women, idk.

No. 220623

No. 220624


Small dicks also should be exterminated, they are just roleplaying as men.

No. 220625

I'm pretty sure most men are not over six foot, right? And somehow most men manage to have sex, have a girlfriend, exc. The problem is that now men view fucking 5'9 as short when it isn't. It's average. And then they get a complex about it and yes, they end up acting like assholes with a chip on their shoulder.

I mean men in Hollywood are usually considered the most attractive men on the planet and they're all short as fuck. Short men aren't as unappealing as they think they are, they just have a victim complex because they feel inferior to bigger men.

No. 220626

No??? I was mocking the person who did say we are women incels

No. 220627

males doesnt want just a few gfs, they want full package just like when anons are crying others writing she deserves better and she should dumb him. it's same mentality but of course I dont expect someone from men hate thread understand it as if incels understand women.

No. 220628

I don't understand why it matters so much when women wear fake hair, colored contacts or fake eyelashes. I personally don't do it but I couldn't care less if other women do. Is it because men tend to not groom themselves and look like slobs, so they just can't comprehend why some women choose to adorn themselves with "fake stuff"?

No. 220629

Exactly, and then they'll use a select few women who mock short men to "prove" they're being oppressed yet when women talk about the amount of shit they go through for not having a perfect body we are apparantly the ones cherry picking and exaggerating, meanwhile most short men have had no real problems that stem from being short meanwhile men are literally breaking up with women and abusing them just because she has small boobs and the boob standards had been kicked up so high anymore snaller than a large side of C is small, meaning most of the world's female population is flat cheated according to men

No. 220631

> men are literally breaking up with women and abusing them just because she has small boobs and the boob standards
where? if the guy is too good he'll do that but that's rare af. if he doesnt he'll like even small boobs I just cannot believe otherwise.

No. 220632


>men say stupid shit on internet

>women say stupid shit on internet
>internet is not real life ok these are just select shitty women on internet women can't do anything wrong we are super cute innocent angels

No. 220633

I don't get it either, nothing is stopping them from grooming themselves more in fact I think it'd do a lot of men good. Covering their acne would probably help their confidence and stop them whining as much. I've noticed women tend to be very accepting of men wearing make-up, it's other men who have an issue with it.

I said this in a previous thread too, but I think part of it could also be they fucking hate women doing something for themselves. Men scream about hating unnatural make-up, hair, tattoos etc so I highly doubt women who get those things are doing it to attract men. They can't stand a woman not trying to live up to their standards.

No. 220634

people of internet especially on imageboards tend to be stupid, they write all slurs on internet and ask for advices irl desperately and you cannot make them believe they have fucked up mentality and they should change them.

No. 220635

That's because men are like this off the internet too. You guys really have to stop assuming that misogyny is limited to the internet. All men think like this, and a portion of them act like this openly in real life as well.

No. 220636

>All men are like this
POE troll spotted

No. 220637

>honestly I don't think any race of men are loyal to their women.
Ah, yeah I agree with that. White men do the same with the whole shitting on Western women and chasing after muh submissive Asian waifus. I also see men of my ethnicity idolizing white women sometimes. I just get especially sad when I see black men shitting on black women I guess because I think black women have generally had to sacrifice a lot to defend their men at times, especially within the context of American history.

>males doesnt want just a few gfs, they want full package just like when anons are crying others writing she deserves better and she should dumb him. it's same mentality
Lmao yeah because wanting a boyfriend who won't treat you like shit is totally the same as wanting the "full package."
Are you okay?

No. 220638

you are so mentally fucked up it's impossible to deal with you. yes a male making you sad and not satisfying your fantasies quickly became a shit bf. of course I'm the one keep writing you deserve better in a slightest problem right?

go look at relationship threads and cure your delusion, some of us actually have to deal with hardships of life unlike ivory tower princesses gosh girls like you gives us a bad name for no reason.

No. 220640

>yes a male making you sad and not satisfying your fantasies quickly became a shit bf
I've only seen anons using the "dump him" meme when he's done some genuinely sus shit, did something to violate their trust, or completely fucked up. Again what's wrong with wanting to be treated with basic human decency in a relationship?
>you are so mentally fucked up it's impossible to deal with you.
Kek. The irony.

No. 220642

>did something to violate their trust,
translation he made her sad boohoo

>Again what's wrong with wanting to be treated with basic human decency in a relationship?

nothing it's just you hypocrite princesses never want that, in most of the threads you cannot even express your feelings and somehow all can be translated as you all know what you want and that's decency? fuck you and fuck your family that spoiled you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 220644

>translation he made her sad boohoo
Are you fucking 5 years old? Do you know how a relationship is ideally supposed to work? What's the point of being with someone who makes you feel like shit?

>you cannot even express your feelings and somehow all can be translated as you all know what you want

>hurr durr what do women waaaaant??
Male detected. Fuck off.

No. 220645

I'm not a troll. I mean show me a man who doesn't hate women. Who actually sees them as human beings. Not just a man who tolerates women because he's getting laid. I honestly don't know of any.

No. 220658

>I mean show me a man who doesn't hate women.
You sound like the reverse of a MGTOW which is why I thought POE. Also I'm just naturally skeptical of anyone on the internet.

But to answer your request: Shah Jahan

No. 220659

the first man hating thread was a literally collage of several men ranting about how they're miserable and want to dump their gf because her tits are small, some guy even wanted to ghost his gf because she didnt get implants, and men are of course cheering them on, where have you been?

No. 220660

I doubt those were robots or incels or whatever since most of them pine for girlfriends


it was some kind of troll game of reversal to get rise out of people then show something like the short guy shaming list.

Also don't take what people say online without a grain of salt or several buckets in this case.

No. 220661

>clearly not even reading the thread\
hunny, if you look through the last few threads, it literally proves that women have to face a million times more worse shit when it comes to men talking about women than just "hur dur some women don't like short men", no one said they're innocent or whatever, you're stretching to hell and back, but I'm assuming you're a man and that's why you have to do it, meanwhile the exact opposite happens all over the internet and this is one of the only places women can discuss mens disgusting behavior, and trust me, it's a lot worse than just height issues

No. 220663

>White men do the same with the whole shitting on Western women and chasing after muh submissive Asian waifus.

I never understood this, even as an american asian myself, the scream how all women are cheaters, then go to countries with cheating rates more than twice as high than the usa or canada to chase women there, by chase I mean creep out

No. 220664

>you are so mentally fucked up it's impossible to deal with you. yes a male making you sad and not satisfying your fantasies quickly became a shit bf

yes us anons here have this crazy fantasy that we want to feel cared about and not be ignored except when the bf wants sex and attention, how mentally ill and demanding of us

No. 220665

I mean I'm not the reverse of MGTOW. I don't want men to literally die or anything. I just don't believe that they don't hate women. They prove it everyday. I'm skeptical of ones who pretend not to.

But I will read up on Shah Jahan, thank you.

No. 220666

I was just thinking about one of the incels that came in here to sperg a while ago. Its so weird when they say stuff like "yOu Use InCeL aS an InSulT tO oPPresS mALe vIRgiNs!!" People use it as an insult because the person theyre insulting sounds like they're mad they cant get pussy, how can they pick up on that? Autism? Victim complex?

No. 220667

the difference is a lot of women have so many reasons to be the reverse mgtow, meanwhile men will join mgtow run around and stretching everything they see to fit their narrative "YOU HAD YOUR NUDES EXPOSED? YOU ONLY TOOK THEM TO SUE APPLE YOU GOLD DIGGER!!" "DON'T GO INTO WOMENS SHELTER IF YOURE A STRONG WOMEN WHO IS IN AN ABUSIVE SITUATION !""DONT GET A JOB EITHER WOMEN WHO GET JOBS ARE GOLD DIGGERS!!" and so fourth, all the while the most these men have ever been through are break ups

yet the second a woman talks about men being assholes, men begging to see womens bodies just so they can trash it, men begging for womens nudes just to expose ot, men being free loaders on women, the extreme standards they will have, abuse, rape, being hurt by men, people like to scream "SUCK IT UP YOU DUMB FEMINAZI"

most of us have good reasons to stay away from men, mgtow on the other hand has to stretch to come up with reasons

No. 220668

>most of us have good reasons to stay away from men, mgtow on the other hand has to stretch to come up with reasons

It's all perspective. Bouncing back and forth I see nearly the same arguments just flipped on the gender with both sides. There are women abused by psychotic boyfriends. There are men who commit suicide over not being able to see their kids again.

Neither side wants to see the point of view of the other side and thinks the other side hates them.

It's kind of funny really in a sad sort of way. Humans must be a social experiment for sociopathic aliens.

No. 220670

File: 1515103326524.jpg (56.61 KB, 679x491, 1513278851206.jpg)

yes because women wanting to stay away from men after being abused by several men vs men wanting to stay away from women because they got broken up with is all just a perspective

>I see nearly the same arguments just flipped on the gender with both sides

men have to stretch to find reasons to hate, women will go through so much shit a million times worse than what mgtow has ever been through and only want to stay away from men, not screaming "ALL MEN ARE CHEATERS, ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS, ALL MEN ARE ABUSERS, WE DEMAND YOU TO ONLY LOOK A CERTAIN WAY, ETC"

>There are women abused by psychotic boyfriends. There are men who commit suicide over not being able to see their kids again.

and yet one is objectively worse

>Neither side wants to see the point of view of the other side and thinks the other side hates them.

dude, it's not about he said she said, a lot of women have actual good reasons to hate men, meanwhile a lot of mgtows hate women and literally need to stretch and make up shit to prove how bad women are, we actually have reasons, mgtow doesn't

No. 220671

>mgtow on the other hand has to stretch to come up with reasons
sometimes they don't have stretch very far when they can point to wives trying to off their husbands

No. 220672

wow one situation vs the millions of women that are raped and abused by men daily, the several societies that oppress women to hell and back thanks to men, the fact more women are murdered by men than there are men murdered by women, men do most of the murdering, by fact, if you use only a select few situations of women trying to kill their husbands then it only further proves our point and is, by definition, stretching, no one is saying these things don't exist at all, we're saying men are worse, jesus christ

No. 220673

>>Neither side wants to see the point of view of the other side and thinks the other side hates them.
>dude, it's not about he said she said, a lot of women have actual good reasons to hate men,

Had an argument with a MGTOW or Redpiller or someone along that line a while back and they said nearly the same thing you said in reverse thus both of prove my point but I'm sure you'll say he's wrong and that you're right as he would do the same.

I sometimes really do regret that my candidate Asteroid 2016 did not come through. The experiment has run it's course

No. 220677

>Had an argument with a MGTOW or Redpiller or someone along that line a while back and they said nearly the same thing you said in reverse thus both of prove my point but I'm sure you'll say he's wrong and that you're right as he would do the same.

the simple message is there, but is there explanation, reason and logic?
if you asked what those "reasons" were the mgtow would have most likely said gold digging, divorce rape, cheating, etc
meanwhile men have higher cheating rates, women rarely gold dig, and I mean actual gold digging, not women existing and by mgtow definition its gold digging, and divorce rape has already been debunked

if you ask us why we will tell you about mgtow and the insane amount of shit they do and say, we will tell you about rape, abuse, public harassment, pimping, murder, et
you can think we're wrong, sure, whatever, but women like us wouldn't even be as outspoken about this if it wasn't for the amount of insane shit mgtows say and do, it's one thing a lot of us have had to deal with abuse, shitty men, going through god awful shit no one would ever have to go through and still not hate all men for it, but men will hate women for small shit, which is why we've given up on putting up with their shit, we've had enough of their shit, and if they can run around doing all this shit with no consequences and be praised then we sure as fuck can to and we have actual reasons to do this shit

see >>220551

if a man had been through with anons friend has been through he would be just like the rest of mgtow sprouting mentally ill shit

No. 220678

I want to add something onto the (good) points that you've made, and that's that misogyny is also encouraged and supported by the majority of men. Or even if they "don't agree", they certainly won't call another man out for it because they either agree with it or just don't care enough. If a woman acted 'misandrist', not only will she get attacked by men, she will also get attacked by other women who want to defend men. But men will never ever defend women.

"Women is the nigger of the world" is so far beyond accurate. Hating women is the one form of technical 'bigotry' that any man or women can engage in and nobody will be too bothered by it. Like even the most ~woke progressive~ is probably still a misogynist. It's like every other demographic can find supportive places that won't hate them, but if you try to go into a supportive place as a woman, eventually some misogynistic shit will rear its head and you realize that there really is no place for us. It's just going to get worse and worse as misogyny becomes more accepted and encouraged the way it's headed right now.

Personally I just want to end it all and be reincarnated as some kind of fucking genderless amoeba so that I don't have to be inundated with this shit anymore. I used to take sexism and misogyny with a grain of salt but goddamn it's just too much now. I come home every single day after work and just fucking drink because that's all there is to do, really. You can't speak out about the shit you've experienced because you'll just be laughed at and called a whore and told to stop playing a victim. You have to keep it inside and force yourself to laugh and grin and bear it. But it gets really old doing that and sometimes you just need to scream and get it out, but then they'll say you're just complaining too much and you're just an overemotional female. Sorry for the rant but goddamn am I worn out lately. Just tired. I swear I don't whine this much or talk about this kind of thing in real life.

No. 220680

File: 1515105292160.jpg (54.05 KB, 444x592, IMG_1523.JPG)

With men everything boils down to looks. They see pop idols who look pretty and innocent therefore they believe she is innocent only because of how she looks.
>ugly and older women are mean and bitter
>hot women who wear makeup are bitchy and slutty
>Asian models who wear natural makeup are good people

They just come to these conclusions all based on how women look without even listening to what comes out of their mouth

No. 220682

>meanwhile men have higher cheating rates,
Not necessarily

And how many of those men cheated with women who knew they were married? Quite a high number as those other women were secretaries, nannies, neighbors, etc… who know the situation. It doesn't make the man's cheating any less worse but we have to ask ourselves why would they do that to another woman?

>women rarely gold dig, and I mean actual gold digging

Actual gold digging went out in the 1800s but modern gold digging - can you back that up? Both claims from you and the MGTOWS I would say are subjective

>we will tell you about rape, abuse, public harassment, pimping, murder, et you can think we're wrong

Most men don't which is why we have laws and punishments for these things. There's a lot more men in jail than women and for longer sentences for the same crimes.

>if it wasn't for the amount of insane shit mgtows say and do

Since they are "going their own way" why do you care what they say and do? They are a marginalized group that even other men laugh at and argue with. If you don't think so then you are buying into their used car sales pitch.

>men will hate women for small shit,

not all men do - which is hilarious to point out because the other person I had to say the same about women but you'll probably think "yeah, but I'm right, and he's obviously wrong."

>if they can run around doing all this shit with no consequences and be praised

No consequences? There are plenty men in jail or on on the streets without a home for being shitty towards women and there are many men who hate them and don't praise them. They're called white knights, maginas, betas, etc… by your MGTOW/redpillers but I guess it goes to show their fedora tipping has gone unnoticed as they are branded with the broad brush of "men hate women"

Anyway, just ignore me. Men are bad. All of them. I'll tell that Redpiller Women are bad. All of them. And I'll look to the skies for Asteroid 2018, it'll be smaller this year but enough to do the trick I pray.

No. 220684

>>meanwhile men have higher cheating rates,
Not necessarily

the article claims 40% of women cheat yet the top 10 highest rate of cheating countries range from 32-60%, unless this article was taken from a country with a high rate of cheating then it is statistically impossible, even countries like those men still cheat more

ah, like I guessed, it never shows proof women cheat more, just claims women are more likely to cheat, meanwhile stats show men cheat more despite the fact "genetically" women are more likely to cheat thus making women more strong and not slaves to their genitals and having actual respect for their partner

so yes, thank you for proving my point

No. 220685

>>meanwhile men have higher cheating rates,
Not necessarily

the article claims 40% of women cheat yet the top 10 highest rate of cheating countries range from 32-60%, unless this article was taken from a country with a high rate of cheating then it is statistically impossible, even countries like those men still cheat more

ah, like I guessed, it never shows proof women cheat more, just claims women are more likely to cheat, meanwhile stats show men cheat more despite the fact "genetically" women are more likely to cheat thus making women more strong and not slaves to their genitals and having actual respect for their partner

so yes, thank you for proving my point >>220682

No. 220688

>thus making women more strong and not slaves to their genitals and having actual respect for their partner
but not the women who willingly slept with those cheating men apparently

No. 220689

>They're called white knights, maginas, betas, etc…
>getting called a white knight
>for being shitty towards women
Do you even know how that term originated and what it means?

No. 220690

eh? I said there are men who hate them (the shitty men) and don't praise them. Those men are white knights, etc… by MGTOW&Redpillers

No. 220691

>Actual gold digging went out in the 1800s but modern gold digging - can you back that up? Both claims from you and the MGTOWS I would say are subjective
what claim am I making exactly? that MGTOWs have outrageous definitions for what they consider gold digging? because thats easily proven true

for modern gold digging, it's rare as fuck, if it wasn't rare it wouldn't be outcasted so much when a woman actually does gold dig

>Most men don't which is why we have laws and punishments for these things. There's a lot more men in jail than women and for longer sentences for the same crimes.

the whole "men have longer sentences for the same crimes" has been debunked already, men are in prison more because men do more crimes, the study actually doesn't look into each crime though rather men vs women in prison as a whole, do you really think if a woman murders and a man murders the man will get 63% more time than the woman? right, this argument is invalid

>Since they are "going their own way" why do you care what they say and do? They are a marginalized group that even other men laugh at and argue with. If you don't think so then you are buying into their used car sales pitch.

yes why would women be mad they can't do anything without being shit on by mgtows? hmm

>not all men do - which is hilarious to point out because the other person I had to say the same about women but you'll probably think "yeah, but I'm right, and he's obviously wrong."

I never said all men do, but too many men do that's the thing.

>No consequences? There are plenty men in jail or on on the streets without a home for being shitty towards women and there are many men who hate them and don't praise them.

and yet their so many that don, in fact the vast majority of rapists are not even in prison, men who abused and beat the shit out of women aren't in prison either, the most they'll get is a few months or a year at most, it's sad to say that I've been beaten up by a man myself when I was in school and he faced no consequences for it besides detention and people were calling me a snitch, my dad beat up my mom before and when the police were called, they stayed for a few hours, asked questions then nothing happened, my friends step dad beat up his ex wife and he got nothing but charity work, anon in the old thread mention a military dude beat the shit out of several men and women and only got community work and his friends forgave him, this isn;t a rare thing that happens anon

No. 220693

Never mind, I re-read what you said. Your syntax is just weird, no offense.

No. 220694

>but not the women who willingly slept with those cheating men apparently
where did I justify that? where? I never said those women are off the hook, but men are to blame even more, they cheat more, they're the ones hurting their own partner, sometimes a woman doesn't know a man is married, sometimes the man will talk the woman into it, stop trying to excuse the actions of shitty men by blaming it on women

No. 220695

File: 1515107777274.jpg (82.01 KB, 461x855, 0.jpg)

Go back to reddit, shit. Can the mods start banning these #notallmen people too? All they do is recycle the same shitty points over and over again.

No. 220696

>because thats easily proven true
ok then prove it. BTW I said the MGTOW's claim is equally subjective so i'm not taking their side

>"men have longer sentences for the same crimes" has been debunked already

It has? Where? By whom?

>men are in prison more because men do more crimes

The point was there are laws in place to punish men who rape, murder, steal, abuse, etc…

>yes why would women be mad they can't do anything without being shit on by mgtows

If they are going their own way how are they shitting on women? Writing bad stuff on their low trafficked reddit page? lol!

>I never said all men do, but too many men do that's the thing

A subjective opinion much like the MGTOWs that say similar things about all women are alike.

>and yet their so many that don, in fact the vast majority of rapists are not even in prison, men who abused and beat the shit out of women aren't in prison either, the most they'll get is a few months or a year at most, it's sad to say that I've been beaten up by a man myself when I was in school and he faced no consequences for it besides detention and people were calling me a snitch, my dad beat up my mom before and when the police were called, they stayed for a few hours, asked questions then nothing happened, my friends step dad beat up his ex wife and he got nothing but charity work, anon in the old thread mention a military dude beat the shit out of several men and women and only got community work and his friends forgave him, this isn;t a rare thing that happens anon

Well I'm sorry for what happened to you but you can't extrapolate what happened to you to an entire gender or society. though if you want to blame a lack of jail time for abusers blame all the overcrowding due to the jailing of non-violent drug offenders. For some reason we do seem to punish them and thieves more than we do violent people.

No. 220697

>Can the mods start banning these #notallmen people too?

Oh noes! A difference of opinion!!! BAN!!! BAN!!!BAN!!!

No. 220704

>stop trying to excuse the actions of shitty men by blaming it on women
>It doesn't make the man's cheating any less worse
I didn't and I said only those who knowingly and willingly not those who didn't know and are completely blameless.
I should add single men who knowingly sleep with married or attached women are equally bad.

those are UK rates not US ones but I do support jailing domestic abusers and rapists if we can clear out our jails&prisons of non-violent drug offenders who are overcrowding the system thanks to our useless war on drugs.

No. 220705

>ok then prove it. BTW I said the MGTOW's claim is equally subjective so i'm not taking their side
google is free, and there are several links to videos in the last thread as well as women giving their stories of about men freeloading then the second the woman says he should help pay for bills if he's living there they get called a gold digger
men call women who have jobs gold diggers, claim celebrities who had their nudes exposed during the fappening are gold diggers because they wanted to sue apple. It's not subjective to say mgtow has ridiculous definitions of what a gold digger is, it's a fact.

>It has? Where? By whom?

several people, see the innocence gap in the last thread, besides the fact women do a lot less crime, there are several instances as posted in the last thread where women have actually gotten MORE time than a man had for the same crime

>If they are going their own way how are they shitting on women? Writing bad stuff on their low trafficked reddit page? lol!

no, they're making videos that often get thousands to millions of views, comments bombarded with men agreeing with them and having circle jerks about how women are evil, and I wouldn't care if it was kept in one place but it's gotten to the point where it's leaking out irl and old threads provide good examples of that, you can't even watch normal news videos anymore without comment sections being bombarded with men circle jerking and stretching to make it seem like the womans at fault or trying to find anything they can to bash the woman, and there are millions of examples of this in the old thread

No. 220706

and who does the vast majority of domestic abuse and rape exactly?

No. 220707

>A subjective opinion much like the MGTOWs that say similar things about all women are alike.

again, a lot of us have actual reasons to be scared of men because more women have been abused than there had been men who got ~divorce raped~ or whatever

No. 220709

Nigga, your opinion is that women don't deserve to talk about their bad experiences with men or be more suspicious of them because there are some men who don't rape. You sound like either a retard or a male and you're derailing the thread.

No. 220710

>those are UK rates not US ones
:^) if you want an idea of how the justice system has handled rape in the US, here's an interesting little piece that could help put things in perspective for you.
This Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy tested thousands of rape kits which were shelved and forgotten about, and subsequently identified 817 serial rapists in one county.
>817 serial rapists
>in one county
And of course this is just taking a small sample of rapes that were reported into account, and the large majority of victims do not report the offense to authorities. This doesn't even scratch the surface of how prevalent rape is. The rabbit hole goes far deeper than you could ever imagine.

No. 220713

>google is free
I'm sorry but you made the claim. It is not for me to look up your supporting evidence.

>several people,

you don't by chance have their names?

>no, they're making videos that often get thousands to millions of views,

So? That's called free speech. Make videos countering their videos or make comments under them doing the same showing that not everyone agrees. Will cretin trolls jump on you? Of course but most of them are nameless ones who don't have photo avatars. I generally ignore those because I know those are straight up troll accounts.

>and who does the vast majority of domestic abuse and rape exactly?
people who should be in jail if not for our lopsided prison system

>Nigga, your opinion is that women don't deserve to talk about their bad experiences with men or be more suspicious of them because there are some men who don't rape.
Not my opinion at all and I don't know how you came to that opinion. Not all men rape doesn't mean that no men rape and those men should certainly be in prison. BTW don't use racial slurs.

see above statement on the overcrowding of US prisons(shit baiting)

No. 220714

yep, I knew probably 15+ women who were raped, only a few guys got shit for it and the most that happened was he got kicked out of college, the other man was abusing his wife and it was dropped by court but the most that happens is he has to pay child support

No. 220715

File: 1515110879240.jpg (128.9 KB, 749x528, IMG_2200.JPG)

Seeing men rant about women trying to improve their looks is very funny to me. Women wearing makeup pisses men off more than anything. They have an unreasonable amount of hate for makeup.

No. 220716

>see above statement on the overcrowding of US prisons
BIIIIIIIIIITCH if you're not even going to read the article before making a dumbass, irrelevant comment don't bother trying to debate with anyone here.

No. 220717

Okay, then your opinion is that women don't deserve to talk about their bad experiences with men or be more suspicious of them because there are 3 (three) men on earth who aren't misogynistic faggots.

>BTW don't use racial slurs

I'm half black, fuck off [back to reddit]

No. 220718

>It is not for me to look up your supporting evidence.
well you know, you can link back to the old thread but I don't feel like writing novels with supporting evidence on why men who have extreme definitions of what a gold digger is has an extreme definition of what a gold digger is

>you don't by chance have their names?

why would someone post their names on anonymous forums? and why would I post people in real life I know names on here?

>So? That's called free speech. Make videos countering their videos or make comments under them doing the same showing that not everyone agrees.

free speech means you face consequences for saying grotesque and hypocritical dumbass shit,

>Of course but most of them are nameless ones who don't have photo avatars. I generally ignore those because I know those are straight up troll accounts.

so every single person just "happens" to be a troll that puts hours of their time into hating women and talking about how awful women are? right, a lot of the time, it's their true opinion and leaks into real life as well as other counterparts on the internet, especially news, like anons will provide screencap after screencap of awful incel level shit men will say on places where it doesn't belong, like the screencap of the man who ranted about "nasty lazy skanks running around leaking everywhere" under a video about a woman who got fired for leaking on an office chair, just look at the inceltears subreddit, it's not just a thing that happens on one place sadly, which is the entire point.

No. 220719

File: 1515111337300.png (402.67 KB, 714x805, 1512198147335.png)

pic related

No. 220723

>Never said that at all
Oh well, that's exactly what you're implying. That's what this thread is for after all, you'd know that if you'd stop shitting it up.

No. 220724

Lol are you DalasReview? GTFO fucking robot, that Not All Men shit is still fucking sexist and does NOTHING for women, with that you just keep maintaining the blame in women rather than the looking at the real problem. If you don't see how harmful and hateful are MGTOW and redpillers narratives you is fucked too

No. 220731

The crazy part is people think it's our fault when really this shit should be FREE.

No. 220734

yee, I know people mock this "hur dur free stuff for my vagina" but ffs, I understand the need to pay for a basic need, toliet paper, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, ie I don't think the government should have to send all women pads or anything, if they're literally firing people now for leaking on the seats the least they can do is put free pads or tampons in bathrooms, especially for women who never know when they're going get their period like women with pcos or just women with irregular periods in general

shit like this use to happen to me and I actually stained my friends car seat because my periods were so irregular, as in I could get 2 periods in one month, skip a few months, start again for 3 weeks straight, etc, I always started during the day to and I'm poor and didn't wanna wear a pad everyday for the rest of my life just to be sure i dont leak everywhere

when you leak you leak, it's gross and embarrassing, but it doesn't make you as a person unhygienic, also why do guys go months without showering or brushing their teeth but act like a woman leaking is unhygenic

also lazy? skanky?
how do those things even coordinate with a woman accidentally leaking on the seat?
god I hate men like this

No. 220744

It's even funnier that it doesn't even have anything to do with impressing them most of the time. Girls who #notlikeothergirls about shit and not wearing make-up actually tend to be the ones fishing for male approval. Not saying if you're a girl who doesn't wear make-up you're automatically like that, just the girls who think it makes them unique and they're better than other girls for it.

No. 220746

i'm sad and lonely

No. 220753

What's bothering you, anon?

No. 220760

File: 1515126148644.png (195.33 KB, 762x517, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.2…)

Reminder that most men see nothing wrong with this, if not support it.

No. 220764

Why are they ALWAYS like this? Women cannot just have a space to speak about how shitty men are without a bot to scream #NotALLMen. Men have told and will openly tell you how much they want to hurt us but saying "Fuck these guys they're terrible" is such a crime. I don't see a point in opening a dialogue with men who all see women as less than human, deserving of less rights and respect. They hate women and wait for the day when they do literally anything harmful to us without any consequences. And yet, we can't even talk about that without being bombarded.

No. 220768

No idea. Men literally don't give a fuck what women have to say about anything, why start now? Why come into a woman-dominated space and start reading what we have to say and act like the Defender of Men. A bunch of girls talking about men on an imageboard is not going to hurt them. It won't knock men down a level in society, they're going to continue to be on top. They can just turn off the computer and go out and be praised in the world. Why do they care?

No. 220785

Maybe they hate us /that much/ that everyone must love them and suck their dicks, online and off. Anyone or anywhere that isn't praising men for building cities and supporting their misogyny should be harassed and raided. Who knows, really. But its clear that they hate women too much for things to get better.

Yup. They'd love extreme sharia law if it only meant for women to only exist as breeding animals to abuse and blame everything that goes wrong on.
>And you are wrong. Most men in the world share my views.
Uhuh. We know.

No. 220798

why are you angry that men read your posts? Listen to your ideas? Isn't that what you wanted?

No. 220802

>Lol are you DalasReview?
DO you know him?

No. 220810



No. 220813

I thought this would be a good place to ask, since it's online and not in person, and you all seem very frank, which is good:

How do I get over my gynophobia?

I have it controlled enough to where I can work with women (I'm a librarian) but I can't seem to ever get into a relationship with one because I get an anxiety attack every time I try anything outside of a work conversation and it activates this fight or flight response. I can't even touch a woman even casually without this happening.

I've tried therapy and all I couldn't talk to the therapist very clearly because she was a woman.

I'm pretty sure this stems from when my stepmom tried to smother me with a pillow when I was 3.

I just want some tips on how to not be scared of women and I'm really at my wit's end on how to do it. I just want a normal relationship or just any relationship with a woman without feeling terrified of them. Sorry if this wastes anyone's time.

No. 220814

I've only recently been listening to his podcast, so in all of 10 years he's said zilch? He usually doesn't mince his words, don't he not want to offend his fandom?

No. 220816

Hey man, I don't think a male hate thread is the place to get the best answers.

No. 220817

But this thread is all women and they don't seem like they would softball their answers like on Reddit. I would be happier if I could get some tips on how to talk to women without being absolutely terrified, but all they say is "women are not like your stepmom it's okay." Fuck's sake, I know my stepmom was immensely different from a normal woman but that doesn't help.

I want someone to be frank with me. I've made little strides these past months like being able to check out groceries with a female cashier and not crying and running away when I accidentally bump shoulders with a woman, but I feel like my progress is too slow and I'll be too old to have a family when I finally get over it.

No. 220819

Get a female therapist.

No. 220820

I already said I tried that, it didn't help. I could barely get past the receptionist and spent nearly the entire session in terrified silence because I felt trapped in a room with a woman.

No. 220821

> I've made little strides these past months like being able to check out groceries with a female cashier and not crying and running away when I accidentally bump shoulders with a woman, but I feel like my progress is too slow

are you trolling us? if millions of women can get raped and abused by several men and still continue normal lives then you can easily have a normal life despite the fact one woman in your life was crazy

Hell even the girl who was raped repeatedly, abused awfully on the daily for years and finally got taken away with her adoptive dad chased her with a gun after throwing her into a mirror, even she doesn't have problems with men

No. 220822

>But this thread is all women
Yes, about hating men. You're just going to receive answers like >>220821 that wont actually help you at all but instead affirm your belief that women are indeed something to be scared. Look man, women aren't a different species. They're not aliens. You're overthinking it.

No. 220824

I've been insulted over my fear before in person when I was in school, so I know this would be a likely outcome. The point is that there's no one here who would baby me about it, which is far worse. I think it would be far more likely to have a genuine response here than anywhere else because there's no obligation to lokk good or caring on a completely anonymous site with a woman's perspective.

I know I might seem desperate, and I pretty much am at this point because I exhausted everything outside of just treating everything like a work conversation. I don't want to do that though because I stop treating people like people and just treat them like customers.(Beta)

No. 220825

honestly, you just sound like a pussy who uses one bad experience you had in order to milk it and use it as an excuse for attention and to be batshit crazy, I knew people exactly like you who would have one bad thing happen to them and then use it as an excuse for the rest of their life to cry about it and use it to seek attention, reminds me of one guy I knew who acted like he was an abused child because his dad called him useless once and gave him cold showers when he was little to punish him because his parents were against spanking, it's always the people who shouldn't be running around acting like they faced awful deep issues, who are the ones doing this shit

>crying and running away when I accidentally bump shoulders with a woman

yeah… either you're a confirmed whiney pussy or a troll

No. 220827

>The point is that there's no one here who would baby me about it, which is far worse

awe you poor baby must suck people don't fewl bad and give you all the attention you want, some of us actually went through far worse things outside of having a crazy step mom

No. 220828

Again, you're just to get the "suck it up women go through worse shit" retort again and again or maybe a "be a man" (That'd be funny). If you're not trolling, I highly suggest exiting out of lolcow and seeking professional help. Can't talk to a woman? Talk to a male therapist about it. Slowly expose yourself to (normal, non-batshit) women. But this site, and especially this thread, is not the place for this.

No. 220830

>male therapist
I tried that a while ago, but couldn't find too many in my area. I think I should try again, and be less picky about the distance involved to see one. Thank you for your advice.

No. 220831

No. 220834

That one male anon ranting about how if you’re a woman with a low sex drive, you should stay single since no man would ever want you and only tolerate woman entirely for sex - men hate women universally (which we already know) but damn.. I was thinking are there even men out there who have low sex drives and are actually decent? (The answer: no, apparently)

No. 220836

I agree with that anon, you really should give therapy another go. It sounds like your fear stems from that one traumatic event, so unfortunately I don’t think it will go away on its own. If you can’t find a male therapist in your area, they do have online therapy now. You have sessions in a chat room like environment so you won’t ever have to go to them. I think they also do Skype sessions as well. I’m not sure how effective these are because I’ve never done them but I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it and they seem to think it’s no different than physically visiting a therapist.

As for what you can do in your day to day life, I suggest small interactions with women while you are also with men you feel comfortable with. Like next time you go to a party with your closest male friends, try to strike up small conversations with women while they’re around. It might make you feel more comfortable and less anxious when you’re friends are there to back you up so to speak.

No. 220839

Thank you very much, I never even heard of online therapy before. I think getting over the little bits will still be helpful and I appreciate the reassurance a lot.

It's sad to see that people have it worse, but it helps me feel a little better about my situation and makes it less intimidating.

No. 220840

File: 1515171380532.png (89.49 KB, 250x251, 1429258723601[1].png)

> I never even heard of online therapy before

No. 220843

Here is the one I was thinking of when I wrote that post. Seems to be the most popular one that people recommend, but there are tons on Google.

For future reference, you might want to post in the vent thread if you want to talk about your problems further. In this thread, most of us are angry and fed up, so it just won't be the most receptive/supportive place for a man to open up. You were respectful and peaceful and that's nice to see from a maleposter for once, so I think you will have no problems in one of the vent threads. But anyway I hope therapy helps ease some of your issues. Good luck.

No. 220846

Thank you. I should leave the thread now.

No. 220847

you'd think they'd like women with low sex drives since they'd be less likely to fuck around and "be whores" (aka, have more than a single sexual partner in their lives).

No. 220849

They want women to be virgin prudes until marriage then become nymphos with high sex drives once they lose it but they also want women to fuck them on command becausw "it reduces rape"

Men are idiots, become gay

No. 220850

>they also want women to fuck them on command because "it reduces rape"
I love how men almost constantly (and accidentally) admit that men have no self control and are so animalistic that they prioritize their urges over civility and the well being of others. It's really funny.

And then they ask why women might be afraid of men, or constantly look at men as a ticking time bomb. Well, you told us that all it takes is a short skirt or a sexual dry spell for you to lose it and assault or rape someone. That's certainly what the implication is, at least.

No. 220856

Section off where? Who would build this place? Who would defend it?

No. 220869

Yes!!! And then they claim to be the 'rational sex' when they can't even control their animalistic need to rape or harass women

No. 220876

File: 1515195337845.png (100.25 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-29-14-04-51…)

Has anyone had any success with cutting off men from their lives?
I endured a lot because of men and everyone I meet is trash but I still cannot help wanting sex and love.
It is really frustrating and only grows more over time

Pic is from my nightmare tinder profiles collection

No. 220881

File: 1515198553380.gif (1.3 MB, 540x304, 80a2d08d-6622-4bcb-a817-b047fb…)

can't relate. maybe don't get born a hetero next time, nerd.

No. 220882

lmao. I always thought the whole 'mansplaining' thing was a bit ridiculous. I know the phenomenon is technically a thing, but the whole campaign and name just felt dumb to me. HOWEVER I find it funny how men constantly take women's complaints and reverse them in order to seem like the REAL victims in every situation. It comes across so petty. First they started saying femsplaining, now it's "toxic femininity", though I'm still not sure what the fuck that means. I doubt any man could even tell me. It's so funny because they get so fucking offended by these words that they have to throw little fits and reverse the roles which feels very much like "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I" schoolyard bullshit.

Men are perfect baby angels that can do no wrong <3 Even when they rape murder and destroy, women are the bad and evil ones!!!11!

(But to answer your question, I have had success to a certain degree. I still interact with my brother and dad of course, and my male coworkers. But that's it. I don't seek men out, I don't date them or sleep with them (I feel like that's when you experience the most shit - from the guys who you try to pursue a relationship with.) But I should also mention that I'm very introverted and quite like being alone, so it wasn't as difficult for me to be comfortable not having a significant other or coming to terms with the fact that I'll ~be alone forever.~ For people who really crave human companionship, especially that of the opposite sex, of course it will be rough at first. But if you feel like that will improve your life, and the pros outweigh the cons, I'm sure you'll be fine.)

No. 220888

File: 1515206377682.png (112.32 KB, 639x617, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.38…)

They're debating our "value" now. Over 1k people want to basically watch people say that women have less value than a fucking rag and belong in a ditch.

I do love being alive! There's always more misogyny waiting for me the next day.

No. 220889

I've had abusive men in my life for as long as I can remember, I was sexually abused as a child and again in my teens.

A big symptom of my sexual abuse I am ashamed to talk about due to society's perception of women who have sex was hypersexuality. It's extremely common for rape victims, even more so in child sex abuse victims yet it's barely discussed because society would rather go "EWW SLUTS FUCKING WHORES" rather than try to apply some empathy and wonder why someone might be promiscuous. Sexual abuse made me really jaded towards men and really angry. I used sex in the way men can't stand, I used it to get things from men, for validation, I would fuck men then never speak to them again even if they tried to contact me and it'd really mess with their ego's, they didn't even want a relationship with me they still wanted me to chase them, I didn't care about them passed sex and didn't seek out attachment. I understand anons are probably going to ree at me but it's how I coped and I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me a kick to fuck with men's egos.

No. 220890

I feel you girl. Nothing to be ashamed of, and if people shame you or other victims, hell even woman just having sex they dont belong in modern society

No. 220895

File: 1515216419948.jpg (42.42 KB, 640x986, 1513397260616.jpg)

Wish I was born a lesbian so I didn't have to deal with disgusting men.

No. 220896

Just force yourself to be one if you really care

No. 220897

File: 1515218147461.png (185.83 KB, 540x421, rapey j. dennis.png)

lesbians do too

No. 220898

Don't, I hate dealing with straight women that try and turn lesbian since they just end up fucking with the feelings of actual lesbians, you can't force yourself to change sexuality like that and everyone ends up unhappy. I do have a lot of sympathy for straight girls that have to face all the issues of dating men though.

No. 220907

>I hate dealing with straight women that try and turn lesbian since they just end up fucking with the feelings of actual lesbians
Eh yeah as a straight woman that's tried to have a romantic relationship with a woman to see if it would "work" I don't advise that other straight women do the same. We had a great bond but I just couldn't get emotionally attached to her the same way I do with men. Ended up leading her on for too long and just made a mess of it all. I still feel bad about it to this day.
Though I can never cultivate the same type of trust, openness, and friendship with the men I've dated that I could with her. That's the cruelest part of all…

No. 220915

Women's hatred towards men stems from fear. Genuine fear of being killed, raped and striped from all rights.
Men's hatred towards women stems from them not being able to get laid.

I genuinely hate men so much.

No. 220919


FFS will they just leave her alone?!

No. 220920

I'm so fucking glad I'm basically asexual. I've dated a couple of men in the past, but it's been years. I don't miss it, especially with how vile men seem to be nowadays.

No. 220921

>That image&file name
muh sides

Anyway yeah, even lesbians aren't safe. Men either aggressively shit on them because a woman who they can't fuck is worthless trash in their eyes, or become predatory transwoman "lesbians" trying to coax women into enjoying their manbody and dick.

No. 220925

>implying they're actually listening and not just screaming #NOTALLMEN REEEEE fuck you femoids
Anon. Please.

>femsplan ;)
Every day I'm grateful I'm not a heterosexual.

No. 220926

It's pretty easy to avoid trans women if you so choose, but it's pretty much impossible to avoid men tho.

No. 220929

yea for example I've never met a trans person irl even thought it's quite easy to transition in my country, yet I'm surrounded and affected by garbage men and their bullshit even though I don't date and have only one man friend. You can't avoid it.

No. 220940

File: 1515255563472.png (119.72 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-10-14-15-24-19…)

Thanks for input, yes men have strange thing for taking everything women do and make it about themselves


If there was any way to change my orientation I would do so

No. 220947

what does he even want to achieve? lol

also I see they're both Polish, jfc good thing they emigrated the fuck out. I don't see this "intellectual hipster meninist" type here much. But I know many "regular everyday normal guys" who casually share posts about triggered feminazis and how feminism is ruining the world and of course Anita Sarkeesian. uhh

No. 220948

Why is Anita Sarkeesian even still a thing and why did she make men so fucking mad? She made some video game reviews essentially, that was fucking it. I disagreed with a lot of her views in those videos as a gamer, but I moved on and forgot about it. I never expected her to get as much attention as she did as it was literally just opinions on video games, nothing serious. Yet men call women triggered when we don't like being told we're useless and should be in the kitchen, but they're not triggered when they ree cause someone said they don't like video games.

No. 220950

When I was 14, 15 years old, there was a 19, 20 year old man trying to manipulate me into being his girlfriend. He was obsessed with how young I looked, how I was a virgin, that I was flat-chested. He drew pictures of me naked. He forced me to look at pictures of his ass. He tried to solicit my address from me. This was all over the internet, though he didn’t live too far from me. He forced me to be his girlfriend and every time I objected he’d guilt trip the fuck out of me. Eventually I got brave and basically told him to fuck off and he threatened to kill himself so I blocked him.

I found out that he was doing the exact same thing to me to another girl my age. He deserved to kill himself. I don’t think he ever did, but I don’t care and I don’t feel any guilt.

No. 220952

Because its one of the only things men can use to jusitfy their hate for feminism

No. 220957

File: 1515266018686.png (71.73 KB, 707x143, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.13…)

No. 220958

File: 1515266194239.png (40 KB, 638x144, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.13…)

Men will ignore reality and statistics if it means they can make women out to be evil liars who can't be trusted. Yeah it's just two people in the internet, but this is how most men think. Rape isn't that bad, false accusations are what we should really be worried about because those affect men more than rape does. The problems that affect men are the REAL problems, women can be raped, beaten, and murdered but it's fine because they're women and they're probably either lying or deserved it.

I swear I don't know why I get up in the morning. People wonder why women don't come forward or wait until more women come forward so that they aren't alone, well guess what. Shit like this is why. You just get punished all over again. This is why I never told my family or my therapist or anything and I have to keep everything inside to myself until the day I blow my fucking head off.

No. 220961

>Stromae lyrics
I don't think he understood what that song is really about, but just picked that one line about not getting laid. Incredible.

What is this poor attempt at negging, does he expect you to "prove" yourself to his worthless ass or what?

No. 220962

it's hopeless.

These posts remind me of one dude I was really good friends with, we got along great until one day we somehow got onto the subject of rape and he pulled the whole "but what about false accusations!!" thing, and when I tried to explain to him that all women have to be on guard constantly when they go out because you don't know who is a rapist and who isn't and how you can even get raped by someone you're just on a date with, he actually tried to argue that if someone drugs and rapes you it's not that bad because at least you're unconscious while it's happening :^)

Then I found out he was also abusing his gf, real shocker.

No. 220965

File: 1515267623875.png (109.82 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-20-15-10-43…)

They didnt move, I am from Poland but since most (and worst) profiles are in Polish I used few that are in English.

No. 220969

>it makes people less likely to take genuine victims seriously when it does happen

people are ALREADY not taking actual victims of rape seriously, even before the first said woman lied about rape, people have accused women of lying about rape before women even started lying about rape

is proof of that


No. 220971

This guy himself is not taking rape victims seriously, because he thinks 99% of all accusations are false. Going off the statistics, anywhere from 93%-98% are "real" rapes, so those are all the ones he's not taking seriously.

I swear man…I just can't stand men. Even when I meet ones that I think are funny, or smart, or interesting to talk to, in the back of my mind I'm just like "yeah he may be all those things, but he hates women. He doesn't even want you to enjoy those things about him, he wants you to shut the fuck up, suck his dick, and go away so that he can go be funny, smart, and interesting with other men."

Does anybody else get what I mean? It hurts even worse to meet a 'nice' man knowing that he hates women and could never admire you and enjoy your company the way you admire him and enjoy his. It's even worse than meeting an outright misogynist, because it's like if I were a man we could actually have an equal relationship and have fun together.

No. 220978

No. 220984

File: 1515275491648.png (433.29 KB, 627x420, perv.png)

>Rape isn't that bad, false accusations are what we should really be worried about because those affect men more than rape does.
Their reasoning makes no sense since a man is far more likely to get raped than be falsely accused of rape.
I'm guessing it's because when a man is raped he's usually raped by another man, so there's no woman the men can release their anger onto.

No. 220985

Your pic is so incredibly disgusting.. And those last 2, holy shit. I wonder if Ivanka will speak out about it after this pervert dies and she gets her inheritance.

No. 220988

Just now i went on crystal cafe, why do men always have to spend their free time ruining everything for women and posting filthy shit there?!

No. 220989

Crystal cafe?

No. 220990

No. 220991

File: 1515280597271.png (834.47 KB, 1334x750, D360465B-1EB0-49D3-8983-B80CED…)

Ntayrt, (I’d advise NOT visiting right now) but I’ve provided a screenshot of the url instead of a link for you; she isn’t kidding when she says “men are fucking it up”. There’s animal gore being posted and it’s really bad. Otherwise, it’s a strict woman-only site geared towards users of boards like /ot/ and /g/; if a poster adds “MALE HERE,” he’s banned.

This is the type of shit we’ve been saying in this thread: any space we try to keep for ourselves, males must force their way in. Fuck this.

No. 220992

Worse, a deranged man posting CP. Girls are venting about being abused as kids and he posts that shit just for fun.

No. 220993

Can something happen to the board because of that? Sorry if that's a stupid question.

No. 220994

Because /r9k/ keeps posting threads linking to it.

No. 220995

Oh, so like another lolcow?
Can you discuss music on there?

Sad to see Robots keep shitting the place up. All they do is antagonise people they see as the enemy. Women is one of them.

No. 220996

How are men even the same species as women, honestly? Does the shitty Y chromosome and all the testosterone fuck them up that bad? So many men are just straight up sociopathic freaks. I wish they'd never gotten the upper hand. Even if all those retarded "men invented everything ever and no woman ever could've possibly done that!!" memes were true, I'd rather be living in a mud hut if it means I don't have to worry half as much about rape, murder, pedophilia, necrophilia, abuse, terrorism, most violence in general, etc.

No. 220997

This is why even though I want a female-centric Anon space, I know asswads are gonna raid it, because no women's space can be left alone. I don't want to be 'greeted' by sicking images, my psyche is always fragile enough as it is. Doesn't help that it's a small and slow board.

No. 220999

No one can tell me that this dude hasn't touched his kid at least once, this isn't even the worst thing he's said about her. Fucking gross.

Fuck these entitled manchildren, it's like they just start convulsing on their keyboards whenever anything isn't about them. Imo it wouldn't be a problem if a man goes to a female-oriented site and quietly participates in the discussion, but they have to be shitty attention whores about it at all times
>I have a DICK!! Ladies?? ;)

No. 221003

Lmao but it's more like "I have a dick and that makes me better than you roasties!!111"

The word 'lady' has never been uttered by any of these dudes.

No. 221004

well, most of them were unironically saying m'lady like 3 years ago.

No. 221005

That's true. But things have become unbelievably worse since then. God what I would do to just have mild early-2010s misogyny back instead of this shit.

No. 221007

Same and I wouldn't even care about neckbeards screaming about women on the internet if it didnt rub off irl

No. 221016

Hey is this website run by a man?

No. 221018

"Everything you use was built by men, how dare you get upset that they hate you and treat you like subhuman trash!!!11"
- Your next post, probably.

No. 221019

>I'd rather be living in a mud hut if it means I don't have to worry half as much about rape, murder, pedophilia, necrophilia, abuse, terrorism, most violence in general, etc.

This. We could live natural, peaceful lives.

No. 221022

Girl I'm just curious. I don't hate men

No. 221023

"Hey is this website run by a man?"
under man hating thread
no one cares if you hate men or not, most of us don't even hate them, despite us having every reason to do so, also saying you don't hate men only proves our point
what were you trying to get out of being "just curious! no other reason! totally not being passive aggressive"
go back to reddit

No. 221024

Nah we all know why you asked the question because robots show up and pull the same shit at least once a week.

"You hate men!? Well you're on a website created and run by a man!! Be grateful! You have to shut the fuck up and accept being treated like complete dogshit because men are superior and built everything!!1"

Try to be less obvious next time.

No. 221031

With all the shit I see online, as well as in real life, I definitely think that in the back of my mind too. Some dudes will seem cool, but there's always that part of you that just thinks they're like the rest, and want you to just suck their dicks and shut up. And in most cases, you'd be right.

No. 221033

Haha you girls are winding out. I'm married. To a great man. Im probably bisexual though. I just wonder because this website has changed admins so much and with crystal cafe popping up. shrugs

No. 221034


No. 221035

>I just wonder because this website has changed admins so much and with crystal cafe popping up. shrugs

yeah, sure. That's why you ask if this site was made by a man, not about the admins, like you claim your question was about

No. 221037

Well isn't that the same thing? The person who made this site =admin? I mean. Who currently runs this site? That's what I really want to know. If a man created it but a woman runs it? Cool. I like that

No. 221038

>Well isn't that the same thing? The person who made this site =admin?
Oh come on, you can't be that dumb
>Who currently runs this site? That's what I really want to know. If a man created it but a woman runs it? Cool. I like that
Then ask meta if you really are that concerned about the gender of whoever runs the site, not a man-hating thread then wondering why people call out your bullshit
>If a man created it but a woman runs it? Cool. I like that
yeah, sure you do

No. 221040

Why are you so bitter? No, I dont work in IT so I don't understand how website ownership works.

You're a bitch. Seriously. I'm not going to ask meta because I want an answer from you all

No. 221041

And bitch. Don't tell me what I like or don't like. Fucking bitch

No. 221042

> No, I dont work in IT so I don't understand how website ownership works.
it doesn't take a tech genius to realize a site that says "farmhand(aka admin) applications are now open" at the top, to realize admin=/=site creator

>I'm not going to ask meta because I want an answer from you all

thank you for proving my point then, you don't actually care because you're "just curious"

>Don't tell me what I like or don't like

I'm not, I never did, go back to reddit instead of screaming "bitch!!!" when someone calls you out

No. 221043

How do farmhands even equate website ownership or admin? I'm dumb. Please dumb it down for me. I'm a dumbass housewife. Don't be a bitch to me, bitch.

No. 221044

Go be a retard somewhere else, fuck you and your husband.

No. 221046

Also, why are any of you on a website dedicated to ridiculing women, but you claim to be part of the sisterhood and radical feminists? Why be associated with a website like this? Did you know that a man may have contributed to these women acting like this?(baiting)

No. 221048

Lurk. More. This legitimately sounds like some shoe0nhead-teir retardation.

No. 221049

Yeah! Admin-chan and original userbase were all lolcow posters. You can talk about music, video games, paranormal, any interest. There are boards for fashion and makeup, but I’m not super feminine and only know they exist.

lmfaoooo, nobody owes you shit, handmaiden. You’re a /pol/yp, or you’re eager to suck them. Either way, I demand you lick the floor and like it, ~B I T C H~

No. 221050

Not sure how it is for everyone, but I know a few (myself included) mainly hang out on /ot/ and /g/. I know the site has a bad reputation in general, and the main purpose of it is to ridicule others, but I find that /ot/ and /g/ are peaceful and kind for the most part. I would migrate over to crystal cafe permanently if it weren't so slow unfortunately. This site is still more active so it remains a nice place to come and talk to others imo.

No. 221051

But sh0eonhead would be a great contributor here. She's okay with calling out women. Personally I'm ugly af so I don't see why I should call Momokun or Raven out on their fat rolls

No. 221052

Lick the floor? Stop watching so much porn girl. You're being creepy

No. 221053

>Implying you aren't her
Well, maybe you aren't because I don't think June is self aware or secure enough to admit she's a dog. Anyways, hurry up and get banned, handmaiden.

No. 221055

That's why I hang out on on /ot/ and /g/ mostly. Sometimes /snow/ can be fun, but it often wastes too much time on nitpicking chicks looks rather than talking about actual milk.

No. 221056

Keep reporting me. I truly think you're a hypocrite for posting on here. I'm not a radical feminist though so I don't see a problem with this site or if it's run by a man. But if I was a true man-hater I wouldn't even be on here. So maybe you should leave?

No. 221058

File: 1515305854925.jpg (73.19 KB, 640x800, 1514783642706.jpg)

MGTOWs are just clingy cucks with abandonment issues who use the sour grapes coping mechanism. They harbor more corny fantasies about eternal love and peaceful domesticity than tween girls do.
Pic related? Mega fucking kek

No. 221059

>you better stop posting on a website that says mean things about women, or else your feminist pass is gonna get revoked!!!
lol what goes on on /snow/ or /pt/ none of my concern, I only read the the hoe0nhead, incel, and lauren southern threads. Other than that, I only go on /ot/ and /g/. There are mean people on every website, not going to stop me from using them.

No. 221060

This thread is not so much about hating men, it's about hating how much men hate us and the shitty things they do because of that hatred. If you read through it a bit, you'll see it's actually just people being upset about misogyny and societal/male attitudes towards women. This also happens to be what I would bet is the most derailed thread on the board, so if you actually do have questions about who runs the site or whatever, you can go to /meta/ and ask and you will probably get an answer. I think people are upset because we just want this one board to talk about misogyny/sexism and someone (usually robots) comes in and derail and mock the fact that the thread even exists, so that's why people are so hostile to you. We just want the thread to remain what it was supposed to be about and we wish it would stop getting fucked all the time.

Also, not everyone here is a radical feminist. We are all different.

No. 221061

But do you agree with the fact that those women are stupid because somewhere along the line a man fucked their way of thinking/self-esteem up? And that they need help?

No. 221062

Alright, thanks. I get that. I'll back off

No. 221064

Who are you even talking about? Shoe and lauren? In that case, absolutely.

No. 221065

Any questions regarding the site take to /meta/ to not derail other threads. Admin will answer there.
Do not post more about it after this post.
EDIT: it looks like it's resolved but, the post still stand. Thank you for your co-operation.

No. 221069

Men are biologically inferior. That Y chromosome is nothing but a shitty unfinished X one. They should learn about actual biology instead of a stinkpeice of a dumb tv show made by some autist.

They will argue that women are weak and useless but at the same time we have the power to emasculate men. What does that make them if they are emasculated by women whom they regard as weak and pathetic? Kek they're not even, actually emasculated. They're just useless because they want to be. They think they can compensate for being talentless, useless, male market failures with their posturing and mistreating women.

No. 221085

File: 1515324940756.png (77.05 KB, 858x597, disgusting.png)

Men even sexualize their own daughters.

No. 221090

File: 1515328174553.jpeg (29.79 KB, 600x909, d63[1].jpeg)

>I'm a woman you guys are so silly :)

No. 221091

If I found out my Dad said shit like that about me online I would legitimately never speak to him again.

No. 221092

Please spoiler
>"yeah ladies youre supposed to love being molested as children!! Biolgy!! Fuck the fact so many women had been molested by their fathers and are now mentally scarred from it some even have pstd!! You like it!"
>'I dont get it why do women hate us We're just saying the truth"

If these were moms talking about their sons in this manner the reddit would be shut down immediately and men would rant about how disgusting women are and mgtows would use this as a reason to avoid women and yet us women are supposed to deal with this shit

No. 221096

File: 1515331583691.jpg (130.9 KB, 1600x900, 160901170811-brock-turner-mug-…)

anyone else thinks people who knowingly accuse rape/abuse/sexual assault victims of lying should be punished also? IMO it's just as harmful as people who lie about being raped, abused or assaulted, it would also serve as a scare tactic to prevent people who know the rapist or abuser is guilty from claiming the said person lied

No. 221097

>her dad molested her
>but she totally liked it brah
>I should be able to fuck 10 year olds because the age of constent used to be 10 in the 1900s, the most educated and progressive time on earth

He really revealed his true self there at the end hoo boy.

No. 221098

Besides, claiming 18 would be okay or even rather late to get married at a 100 years age - no! That's the age girls got married in the middle ages, and so did the boys. 18 was and will always be considered young. They are not following their 'biological insticts' by finding 12 and 13 yo attractive, this is straight out pedophilia

No. 221104

File: 1515340488332.png (377.09 KB, 1242x1308, IMG_2213.PNG)

reading posts like this is laughable to me lol

No. 221105

No. 221106

I'm asian and I learned my lesson from dating these greasy neckbeards
they don't give a shit about you, they're just with you for the sole reason you're asian and in their mind you're submissive for no other reason but your race
they get extremely creepy around us as well, and almost ALWAYS end up cheating
a lot of them get extremely abusive when they don't get what they want then scream and cry when you aren't what they pictured in their mind and then whine when you dare call out their disgusting tactics
like if you want a submissive doormat so badly go try to find some alt right traditional hoe like lauren or june

No. 221108

why is it men who want to date interracial act so obnoxious about it?ya don't see women acting this way. Congrats you stuck your dick in someone who looks different from you. Nothing remarkable about that and no one actually cares.

No. 221109

I'm asian too and I found a very attractive perfect guy who has yellow fever, but he's not an autist who thinks asian girls are submissive or follows creepy stereotypes. He just thinks asian women look better and thinks white women have more masculine features. I don't think the defining reason of your bad relationships were them having a preference, because I think everyone does.

No. 221110

File: 1515342003681.png (154.44 KB, 1242x822, IMG_2214.PNG)

You're the guy from the thread I posted his from. You aren't fooling anyone kek. At least use different wording so we know it isn't you.

No. 221111

File: 1515342146612.png (121.81 KB, 859x817, aaaaaaaaaaaaa.PNG)

I don't think my wording is similar to his in any way, but you seem very visibly upset.

Here's my absence of (you)

No. 221112

File: 1515342267405.png (849.93 KB, 902x472, o.png)

> He just thinks asian women look better and thinks white women have more masculine features.

i figured it was a man, most asian women even admit the asian women men use to prove asian women look better are plastic surgeried and shooped to hell and back

No. 221113

You robots are too funny. the ironic part is you claim that white women are so horrible but can't stay away from a site full of them.

No. 221114

>I'm asian too
No you're not.
If the fact that someone's asian is the main reason you're attracted to them, then you're just a racist neckbeard who thinks that Asian girls all look like photoshopped cosplay models and will worship your tiny dick.

No. 221115

I never said that, you seem really upset? Are you mad because you're ugly?
Factually, you do anon.

No. 221116

I think it's safe to say regardless of race women with that kawaii look are photoshopped to hell and back, covered in makeup and plastic surgery. That look isn't natural for anyone. The sad part is these men only fawn over Asian women who have eating disorders and have had plastic surgery. The woman from Star Wars looks like an average/normal Asian girl and she's not ugly but anon called her ugly because she isn't covered in makeup and has her natural features.

No. 221118

You said it in your r9k thread. You can stop pretending to be a woman, no one is going to believe it.

No. 221119

exactly, they claim to love asians so much but only when they're japs, chinese or koreans who have had their skin whitened to hell and back and have had surgery yet in the same breath they will worship girls like agatha, anzu, emma watson, allison harvard, and katya (katya is actually white btw, I know people claim she's part japanese but she posts her sisters and family on IG who all have blonde hair and blue eyes)

they claim to be sooo attracted to asian women but don't show any signs of actual attraction outside of telling all their buddies asians are submissive and posting celebrities that look nothing like actual asians

No. 221120

It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. I am still superior to you in every single way, that's why there's threads praising asian women on a daily basis. Does it upset you? I bet that's why you hang out in those threads, because you're butthurt.

No. 221121

File: 1515342786850.jpg (93.11 KB, 862x862, 1504946091654.jpg)

you do realize a lot of women that go here are aisan right?

>Factually, you do anon.

where at though?

No. 221122

What you don't understand is I don't see Asian women as competition. They are women which means they are my allies. I'm sure many Asian women are sick of men trying to use them because men think they're punching bags who will take any abuse they throw at them.

No. 221123

File: 1515342987634.png (438.5 KB, 1119x1013, 121331.PNG)

I don't mind, I didn't make the thread though. No (you)s on my end.

I didn't want to fight, just sharing an anecdote and you attacked me.

No. 221124

I don't even think r9k has any non-white waifus. The funny part is they ree about white women having plastic surgery but shit talk Asian women with their natural tan skin tone and eyes while praising fake idols.

No. 221125

honestly, you just seem like a man that pretend you're an asian girl. pathetic

No. 221127

You're trying to pretend you're a woman and make this into a "jelly of Asian women" conversation but you fail to realize that Asian women hate yellow fever fags too. You treat your women like trash.

No. 221128

>still pretending you're a woman
>pretending /r9k/'s views on women matter

No one here is competing with asian women for neckbeard dick.

No. 221129

Oh, I'm not at all. I only retaliated because you acted aggressive towards me. The only thing I said was that not all of them are bad. For the most part, many of them give me a bad experience but I met at least one good one. I don't think them liking asian women is the reason they're bad.
Then why are you still so upset?

No. 221130

File: 1515343330140.png (275.1 KB, 1052x1637, IMG_2217.PNG)

>goes on tv to talk about how he prefers fucking his sex doll more than his wife

I feel bad for any woman who ends up marrying a yellow fever fag. They don't respect their wives at all.

No. 221131

We aren't being agressive towards you because you're a cute Asian girl and we are jealous, we are being agressive towards you because you're a man who thinks we are dumb enough to believe you're a woman.

No. 221133

The only reason you think so because I had an experience different than what you want to believe. Only shows how butthurt and jealous you are. It must be hard for you to believe that I can get guys 100 times higher quality than you. Factually, I am worth more than you, but I wasn't even here to talk about that.

No. 221134

>omg I can get more sex than you which means I'm more valuable. Womens value is only measured by how much see they can't get and their looks.

It's pretty obvious you're a man based on your way of thinking lol

No. 221136

It's not because I can have sex more than you can, I think it's because your own insecurity and jealousy is showing. You know yourself asians are superior. You got upset because I didn't denigrate guys with a preference that happens to not be you. There are many with a preference for white girls, and I don't say they're all pathetic losers for "fetishizing."

No. 221137

>I get better dick hurr u jelly xD
>implying real women actually think this
Must hurt to never get to speak to women irl.

No. 221140

File: 1515344146634.jpg (34.46 KB, 500x375, dff1c1e1df0052de67034f51099eaf…)

don't take the fat white bois b8

No. 221141

>women's value is only based off of how many men to fuck her. More men want to fuck me which means I'm a better person than you!
>but I'm not a man! I'm a submissive Asian qt who loves robots with yellow fever!

Please make me laugh more anon kek

No. 221142

I don't think you know how to read very well, anon. I said I've had good and bad experiences. I'm not submissive either. But I know for sure my boyfriend is more attractive than yours.

No. 221143

>hehe my bf is better than yours

Is this how you think women think anon?you think we are just brain dead retards who compare bfs and measure our worth on how many guys want to date is?
How do you know I'm not a lesbian?

No. 221144

Ugly women don't.
>How do you know I'm not a lesbian?
Because you're upset over yellow fever. I don't get upset over "white fever" from asian guys. That just shows how ugly and unattractive you are. It's a projection of your insecurity and an inferiority complex.(infighting)

No. 221145

File: 1515344691082.jpg (89.67 KB, 1080x1349, 1514823911867.jpg)

> But I know for sure my boyfriend is more attractive than yours.
"my boyfriend is hotter than yours and you're just jealous because you subconsciously think us cute asians are superior even if you're asian yourself!!"

Oh shut up anthony, we've seen it all, we've seen the neckbeards who get off and constantly and badly stretch so the whole "UGLY WHITE ROASTIES ARE JELLY OF ASIANS!!!" thing fits their narrative, and only ends up making them look flat out ridiculous, and this is coming from a hapa

also isn't it 4chinners who value women on how virginal they are? last time I checked talking about how many guys want to fuck you isn't very virginal or classy

No. 221146

see, you're just making assumptions robots. You're assuming that I'm angry at you for having yellow fever and not the fact that you speak of women as objects who only matter if they're pretty, thin and feminine. Can a ugly woman not be a good person with accomplishments?

No. 221148

File: 1515344906947.jpg (29.34 KB, 630x376, IMG_2218.JPG)

Idk why robots give rose from Star Wars so much shit for being ugly. I don't think she looks that bad. Looks a average everyday woman.

No. 221149

but I don't have yellow fever.
>Can a ugly woman not be a good person with accomplishments?
They can but you're clearly insecure over being ugly.
>value women on how virginal they are?
And they're wrong for it. You are jealous though, being upset over my opinion just proves it. :) It's creepy how upset you guys get over me saying that I've had one instance of a yellow fever guy being a good experience.

No. 221151

File: 1515344983578.jpg (75.9 KB, 600x598, 202114.jpg)

none of us are upset that some pasty fat white boys worship asian girls. I actually feel sad for asian girls that they have to be objectified and having their value as humans redused to racist and sexist stereotypes, like that they're submissive and weak etc etc.

>Idk why robots give rose from Star Wars so much shit for being ugly
because men are blind hypocrites

No. 221152

>if you're a woman who isn't attractive then your opinions mean nothing.

Move along ladies it's just a robot. Don't give him anymore attention.

No. 221153

It's interesting how men go on and on about wanting natural women then viciously attack any women who is natural. I've seen numerous robots say they wish that Star Wars would have used a Kpop idol for this role instead.

No. 221154

One question, why does no one get upset over white fever, or jungle fever, or latin fever? but when it's yellow fever I only see nothing but insecurity and backlash? I've never seen a single comment in my life disparaging someone saying white women are their preference.

It does mean something, but you're still visibly insecure and it's obvious why

No. 221155

If that pic is the ugly asian girl from the new star wars, wow. I take back the ugly comment. Must be the hideous hairstyle they gave her combined with the uselessness of her character.

No. 221156

to me it seem almost like they purposly made her ugly, with baggy clothes and that haircut
however I didn't watched the movie and she looks like some mechanic so maybe it makes sense in context of her character

No. 221157

Except people do get annoyed with white fever and jungle fever. There are many black women who complain about non-black men seeing them as animals who are good at sex, many white women complain about going to east Asia and getting used by men who only want to "ride the white horse". No one likes being treated like an object.

No. 221158

File: 1515345409994.jpg (Spoiler Image, 618.08 KB, 720x1080, 1515198524362.jpg)

they only like asian women if they're unnatural sadly

>You are jealous though, being upset over my opinion just proves it
jealous of what exactly anthony? I have nothing to be jealous for, I make 100k a year, boyfriend looks like a male model and is tall and wears suits a lot, I don't care about you supposedly good looking boyfriend, considering what women call good looking nowadays I highly doubt that
>being upset over my opinion just proves it
You can call someone out over their pretentious bullshit and not be jealous believe it or not
>It's creepy how upset you guys get over me saying that I've had one instance of a yellow fever guy being a good experience.
It's erm… creepy?Do you know what creepy means? Hunny, it's creepy you come here and pretend to be a ~cute azn girl worshipping bf~ when it's more than obvious you're from 4chin
>I've had one instance of a yellow fever guy being a good experience.
and magically somehow millions of other asian women have had god awful experiences with yellow fevers but magically you don't and it's only because he thinks those icky whites are manly bt=y fact (you still haven't given me evidence) and asian girls are the most feminine of them all (still no proof since white people have the highest amount of estro and lowest test than any other race)

No. 221159

very true. i often see men use pictures of women with heavy photoshop, makeup and plastic surgery as to why they like natural women, when those women aren't natural at all! ironically, they shit on women that are plastic as well.

meanwhile men complain when we have standards.

No. 221161

And I never said even most of them are good experiences. I said one. It's incredible how stupid you are. I don't think my experience says anything but there are exceptions to anything.

No. 221162

File: 1515345619376.jpg (115.85 KB, 820x1232, IMG_2219.JPG)

I've come to the conclusion that when men say they like natural women they mean women who have natural makeup on(pic related)and plastic surgery that isn't retardly obvious. They look fake shit that gives off the illusion of being real.

No. 221163

the robots probably think its funny to (horribly) pretend being girls to other girls on the internet, but they dont realise that they're just minimising the chance of them ever getting a girlfriend

No. 221164

Men should know that not doing anything with your looks isn't a good thing. Don't they see how disgusting they look?

No. 221165

File: 1515345832322.jpg (116.65 KB, 1080x1350, 1512857153965.jpg)

You call me stupid in the same breath tell me I said something I never said at all
>And I never said even most of them are good experiences
I never said you did, I clearly pointed out how it's funny just about all asian women have had bad experiences with yellow fevers but magically you're the one girl who didn't have a bad experience from one guy who is a yellow fever because ugly white roasties are manly?
right , do you even know what you're saying?
> I don't think my experience says anything but there are exceptions to anything.

then why post them here if they don't mean anything then scream "UR JUS JELLY!!!!!" to anyone who calls you out?

>but there are exceptions to anything.

Fetishizing an entire race and claiming "___race is ___" is wrong, period, there are no exceptions to it

No. 221167

File: 1515345993051.png (315.55 KB, 1242x1703, IMG_2220.PNG)

But people do get upset about white fever

No. 221168

I was just sharing an anecdote because it was different than the original person I was talking to. I don't think preferences are good or bad. I think every single person has a preference.

No. 221169

Stereotyping entire groups of people because of their race isn't a preference, it is racist. Not all white women are masculine ans mean and not all Asian women are feminine and nice.

No. 221170

I don't think it's okay to stereotype and say all asians are submissive, but I think it's okay to like physical features of a group, if that's your sexual preference.

No. 221171

File: 1515346573120.jpg (22.66 KB, 600x600, 1207120.jpg)

" I don't think preferences are good or bad. I think every single person has a preference."

you can have a preference without shitting on people who aren't that preference then running around screaming about how people who tell you it's wrong are just ugly and jealous

>but I think it's okay to like physical features of a group, if that's your sexual preference.

that's the thing, white women aren't masculine, in fact most white women are actually pretty feminine looking, some would say they're even more feminine looking than some asians, that's why what they're saying it wrong

it always makes me laugh when pathetic desperate women fetishize their own race for attention

No. 221172

If you're trying to claim all women look masculine because of their race and that is racist. You're claiming we all look alike because of our race.

Not only is it racist but it's delusional because you're trying to claim Asian women are more feminine while using idols as an example to prove this is the truth.

No. 221173

men think women are completely hairless, born with makeup, perfect feauteres etc etc

another interesting thing is that men hate on taller girls, but use famous models that are all tall as for what women should look like. that is just more proof that men are retarded

No. 221174

I never did either of those things at all.

No. 221175

Yeah you did, you did it in your thread on r9k and now you're on here trying to pretend you're Asian. You said white women have more masculine features cough I mean your bf said that kek

No. 221176

Another thing I noticed about men is they don't seem the think ugly women are women or even human. Just look at the way they speak. They pretty much don't consider any woman who isn't a 10/10 model as female, ugly women are men in their eyes.

No. 221177

I think I was right that you're really upset and insecure. You're trying to insist I made that thread, I've proven I haven't though. If i did then I would have (you)s in reply to the OP post and I screenshotted that I don't.

No. 221179

They do though, all the time. You must not be looking very hard.

It's hilarious that you assume that everyone calling you out on your shit is insecure and ugly, please keep projecting.

Don't act innocent and "I just think people can have a preference, you guys are so unreasonable!!", when you bragged about your "boyfriend" thinking all asian and white women look the same as a race, and then pretended everyone was just jealous of that good dicking you get. No one accused of making the thread either.

>tfw robots try to gaslight you


No. 221180

yeah mate, you did.

>white women have more masculine features

>I am still superior to you in every single way, that's why there's threads praising asian women on a daily basis.
>You know yourself asians are superior
>inferiority complex.

No. 221181

>blah blah you're insecure because low quality men worship Korean idols

If that helps you sleep at night. And that screen cap doesn't prove that wasn't you because you could have just screencapped those posts from another device. I'm not retarded you silly robot.

No. 221183

Why do you guys always have to take the fucking bait and derail the thread?

No. 221184

I don't think plastic koreans are pretty either.
They did accuse me though.
I tend to agree with it though I don't think they all do.
I think you are but you are free to disagree.

No. 221185

Because when we go on their women hate threads it's just them defending themselves against any female anons and ganging up on them. It feels good to do the same.

No. 221186

It's fine, all you did was prove to me further that all white women are insecure and feel inferior to asian women.

No. 221187

File: 1515347332155.jpg (71.6 KB, 408x594, feminine-woman-femininity-pret…)

some serious backpedaling here
you do realize a majority of the women that go here are in fact asian, are you going to tell me asian women are jealous of you being asian somehow?

No. 221188

File: 1515347479828.jpg (90.2 KB, 640x489, IMG_2221.JPG)

Then go fap to Korean idols because no one cares.

On another note . Why do men always sexualize things meant for children?im not sure if I'm the only one grossed out by the way men sexualize my little pony.

No. 221189

I didn't say so myself but I agree in general. For the most part, white women have stronger jaws and they age more quickly. Saying there are trends isn't the same as saying everyone is the same.

No. 221190

They hate tall women because they want to feel physically superior to them and that's harder when you're a scrawny 5'7" manchild and standing next to a woman who's 5'10" without heels.

No. 221191

I'm only 5'5 but I've encountered men shorter than me. They try to act like I'm masculine and huge because they're manlets. One of them compared his shoe size to me and called my feet big…no my feet aren't big your feet are just small lol

No. 221192

Unfortunately, ugly women are beneath men to them. Barely human, like you said.

Anyways, can we please please please stop shitting up this thread with white vs. asian? Why does it matter? Assuming that we are all women here right now, men still hate us and view us as inferior regardless of which race is hotter to them. I'm sure Asian women have a unique experience in regards to fetishization, but please stop pitting women against each other and putting entire races of women down because men don't want to fuck them or whatever, as if not being treated as insentient fuckmeat is some kind of tragedy.

No. 221193

File: 1515347916757.jpg (75.44 KB, 683x1024, ruslana.jpg)

no, all YOU do is prove how utterly retarded men are, while you're maximising your creepyness, and minimising your chance of ever getting a girlfriend. must suck to be inferior to women.

imo its because most men are perverted at large. many men don't realise this before they have daughters themselves, which is extremely sad, that it takes so much for them to realise it. and many continue to be perverts. it probably also gives them some type of rush, considering that its looked at as a taboo and illegal in most cultures, except from some Asian ones.

No. 221194

I've had this guy look me dead in the eye and try to tell me he's 5'10", when I'm 5'8" and taller than him. He stood between me and my (actual) 5'10" friend, it was surreal. We just gave up and let him pretend.

No. 221195

File: 1515348056638.png (152.37 KB, 710x375, IMG_2222.PNG)

I personally don't even know if I would feel comfortable letting my future husband give baths to my daughters

No. 221196

That same thing happen to me with these guys. I said I'm 5'5 and looked me dead in the eye and said "no you're not because I'm 5'8" and standing next to me 4'11 friend he's only an inch taller than her.

No. 221197

File: 1515348160134.jpg (38.36 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_88…)

> white women have stronger jaws
maybe british white women, but most white women have tiny ass jaws, and age amazingly without surgery, hell have you ever even been to italy, greece, france, etc? did you not see the "women age like milk" thing thats been debunked earlier that used white women to debunk it?
Asians can age like shit too, I've seen asian women look 70 at 50, and have you seen all the befores for korean and japanese plastic surgery? they have killer jaws

> Saying there are trends isn't the same as saying everyone is the same.

even if you're claiming it's a trend it's still wrong because more white women have tiny jaws and age good

No. 221198

It's sad kek, I know so many tall girls who avoid shorter dudes not because they don't find them attractive, but because they're so fucking insecure and won't stop taking jabs at them.

No. 221199

I relate (I'm 5'9 tho). A guy once told me that he would never date me because I am too tall. Bitch, who the hell told him that I would ever want your short ass in the first place lmao

>>221194 >>221196
Same, same. A dude told me that he was 6' but he was shorter than me by a lot

men literally needs to feel superior to women in all ways, and they lie but claim that we lie OVER SUCH LITTLE THINGS

No. 221200

Instead of short men accepting that they are short they try to attack taller women's femininity and make us feel bad for being taller than 5'1

No. 221206

Sorry for the derail, but could any mua provide me the names of the specific palletes and such that i can use to create make up like this?

No. 221209

Nayrt, but simmer down. This whole post reeks of butthurt, and lol @ the trad attention whore in the pic.
>inb4 "you're just a cunty asian"

No. 221212

Men complain about how we have destroyed society but today is actually the best time in history to be a man. Now men can get away with being feminine losers, in the past if you weren't a strong provider you'd either be killed or shunned by society. Men are no longer expected to be bread winners and strong. What is there to be mad about?

No. 221213

Whether you think im "butthurt" or not Im literally just stating facts, if you resort to just saying "hur dur butthurt" then it proves my point

No. 221215

I'm 5ft10 and have had shorter men tell me i must be wrong since they surely are 6ft2… What would that make me then? Call Guiness i must be the tallest women on earth then! I don't even think they themselves that they are the height they claim to be, they only want us to give way and proclaim that yes were lying and are actually 7ft

No. 221223

Because they get slightly less shit handed to them just for having a dick, and actually have to put in minor effort now. Also women are quicker to complain or put them on blast when they're being trash.

No. 221224

Quit fighting and derailing over race.

No. 221225

>or getting raped as a youth by a female teacher
bad but doesn't happen nearly as much as female children getting raped

No. 221233

yep and they actually think they have it worse.

No. 221237

These girls/ women are really beautiful/ pretty. Wish I had some of their features.

No. 221239

>girls at 12 or 13 are fully sexually mature
why the fuck does this keep being repeated? Most CHILDREN have just entered puberty around then if anything, wtf.

No. 221240

I feel like even if the age of consent was lowered to like 12 that still wouldn't be good enough. Then people would just start complaining how 12 is too old and how "people don't become attractive only on their 12th birthday".They won't be happy until there is no age of consent at all.

No. 221243

>or getting divorced and having half the stuff taken away along with the kids
maybe because women brought it to and now you aren't allowed to just throw women on the streets anymore without consequences ?
>along with the kids
No one is taking your kids away, men can easily get custody over their children assuming they aren't abusive, have a criminal record and are mentally stable, just none of them want to, boohoo

>or getting raped as a youth by a female teacher

uh yeah, most of the "female teacher fucks male student" shit I've seen happens to high schoolers, it's bad yes but most of the high schoolers were establishing the relationship as well as a lot of them admitting to liking it, and even then, teachers fucking teenage boys isn't even comparable to the amount of old men raping little girls, like actual fucking toddlers and sometimes babies, I'd take young adults who fuck teenagers consensually over child rapists anyday

No. 221246

This! Also the "back in the good old days it was ok to fuck 12 year olds so that means it is okay now", argument is such bullshit. It wasn't okay because they were more grown, it was okay because men were and are pigs. Even worse considering kids used to go through puberty much later earlier in history, ugh it just grosses me out.

No. 221272

File: 1515371188298.png (25.76 KB, 636x111, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.25…)

If you don't want to get "half your stuff" taken away in divorce, don't fucking get married. It's that easy.

So there's one big complaint that men have thrown out the window. Problem solved. At least you don't get shat on by society, you aren't looked at as inferior, your intelligence and general capabilities aren't questioned just on your gender but rather on your performance as an individual, you don't have. Men are never questioned about SHIT.

Here's an old thread, but if you'd like to know what it's like being a woman in the workforce, or in general, read through it. Next time a robot tries to come in here bitching, link them to this shit. Pic related is how men see women. Society and people in general would NEVER say something like that about men. They are free to walk around and pursue whatever path in life they choose, and nobody will every say shit like this about them. Now imagine half the population views you this way, and it's no wonder they don't treat you like a human being.


No. 221283

>the age of consent was lower over 100 years ago
>agrarian societies married young

Yeah, because the lifespan was half, or less than half of what it is now. Humans lifespans in advanced countries doubled over the 20th century. People aren't slaving away and dying at 35 in the west anymore, on average. Men are so fucking retarded and will ignore how society and people have evolved when convenient.

No. 221284

I watched this video of this yellow fever fag a few months back, and even if he's not as outright creepy as a lot of them, he still acts like them. Everything is about muh Chinese waifu being Chinese. Then when she eats some food and says it's pretty authentic and reminds her of home, he eats it and says "I don't know what she's on about, this is like nothing in China". Because a white guy who lived there for seven years totally knows more than a woman who was born and raised there.

No. 221287

why are all yellow fever fags so fucking ugly? he looks like an inbred frankenstein crossbred with an ugly old bulgarian dude, his eyes straight up look like shit stained assholes with marbles in them

No. 221289

lol i just started watching his vids recently and i swear he's the most autistic fuck i've seen. in one video where they talk about beauty standards in china compared to the u.s. he references some shitty youtube comments people have made about his wife, but he goes into detail about them calling her pig face and that she looks ugly, right in front of his wife. he really didn't need to go into detail. and in the same vid he directly asks his wife what her weight is and it was just very awkward. he has no self awareness or care for what's polite.

No. 221302

>yellow fever fag
>not actually caring or loving said person,only with them because of their stereotype and their buddies think its cool
Wow shocker

No. 221305

I've only seen the one I linked, the food one, but yeah he seemed like an obnoxious fuck with a superiority complex and just the all around typical yellow fetishist.

I don't understand what his wife finds attractive about him.

No. 221312

I've just seen one good looking yellow fever fag and he was black. however his personality were beyond creepy. he would literally smash any asian girl and marry her even if he dont like her

No. 221323


More men are obese than women, it's also much more risky health wise for men to be overweight than women. Yet, it's always overweight women people are screaming about. You don't see women going out of their way to make fun of men for their weight, shit even if a woman is only about 20 lbs or so overweight, or just skinny fat she'll be shat on by society. The only people I ever see shitting on men on a regular basis are other men, they'll call each other manlet's, beta's etc make fun of each other if they're not ripped.

No. 221326

There's this one interview with Milo Yiannopoulos there he goes on that women are getting fatter and fatter (why does he even care how a gender he's not attracted to looks?) using as exampple that the average weight a few decades ago was a lot less. Not that women are also always getting taller ad obesity has been a problem of males seemingly since the beginning of times
Plus he was fat himself once

No. 221327

Yup, and not trying to make excuses but it's a lot easier for women to put on weight due to pregnancy, hormonal weight gain (a lot of women gain weight before/during their period but lose it once they're back to normal) women can get weight during IVF treatment, during menopause and lots of shit….men have none of these excuses but are fatter than women. I also see a lot more fat men on a regular basis than I do women.

No. 221328

>why does he even care how a gender he's not attracted to looks?

Probably a rhetorical question, but because he's just another misogynistic piece of shit who wants to yammer on about how men are superior to women.

No. 221329

>why does he even care how a gender he's not attracted to looks?
Considering how obsessed milo is with women (especially lesbians, whomst he spergs about frequently) it's safe to assume that he's only jailhouse gay/politically gay.

No. 221332

He's one of those weird self-loathing religious gays because he was raised Catholic. He used to be way more subdued, and really a shy pitiful little thing, before he reinvented himself as this flamboyant faggot and hit big among the retards in the US. He really just comes off as any other vain twink to me, with a large dose of woman-hate, hence the obsession with women.

No. 221333

He still comes off as 100% bi to me. I've seen tons of mysoginistic gays, but never like that.

No. 221335

>why does he even care how a gender he's not attracted to looks?

Not exactly the same topic, but they do seem obsessed with women. There's a lot of discussion in my country atm about legalising abortion because it might be a reality soon and literally every gay man I know has an opinion. Most of the young, tumblr-using crowd are all for it but a lot aren't of voting age so it doesn't even matter. But from my generation and older, the more "traditional" gay men are mostly voting to keep it illegal and will get into debates with me over it.

It's fucking disgusting because they're never going to have to worry about being in a situation like that. Makes me wonder if because they're older and from a different generation where it was pretty much assumed everyone was going to one day start a family and they're still bitter about how they can't start one without surrogacy or adoption.

No. 221343

I know a lot of people on this board are anti-trans and all (usually with good reasons regarding MTFs), but do any of you heterosexual-leaning, man-hating ladies consider dating trans men? The ones who transition, I mean. I've been considering it more lately since many of them do seem to still empathize with women even after testosterone. And to me, at least, plumbing doesn't matter at all so long as his presentation is still masculine/to my tastes.

Though I am ""bisexual"" on a technicality, I know that I have such a preference for male presentation (romantically) that it would be cruel to date a girl.

No. 221362

>Milo Yiannopoulos
>Saying something that's not complete bullshit
pick one

No. 221363

I'm fully aware of where we are so this is probably an unpopular view, but:

My former best friend (we're not friends anymore for unrelated reasons) came out as ftm, and somehow a bunch of other people around me did too over the next 2 years or so, so I know a few. I'd have no problem dating a trans guy but some do a full 180 and get incredibly insecure about doing anything "feminine" or have extra baggage. They usually have significantly less shitty views on women though, so make of that what you will. It's a double-edged sword.

Keep in mind that hormones also fuck with your genitals though so it would be slighly different from dating someone with an average vag.

No. 221374

I wouldn't necessarily consider dating, but since ftm in my eyes, even with surgery, are still women i don't see them as a 'threat' so i'm somewhat okay with them

No. 221385

I value the D way too much, I'm bi as well but if I'm gonna have a male looking person by my side, I want a dick. It's kinda shitty, but if mtfs actually passed and weren't awful people and had working dicks, they'd be ideal for me.

No. 221387

If they all can just have their dolls and leave us alone permanently forever, that'd be nice. We all know they only tolerate women for sex anyway and if they get it with those dolls, there's no reason for any of us to be together.

Peaceful, organic lives away from men and their ugly violence. Look at this shit >>221085 and tell me that you'd like to raise a family with a man still, especially one with daughters. I'm fucking disgusted and done.

No. 221395

I've entertained the thought before. I'm pretty straight, so I consider genitals to be a big issue and it steers me away from the thought of dating one. Maybe if I met one that passed well it would urge me to reconsider my attraction, kinda like a straight guy/trap situation, but so far I'm thinking no.

No. 221397

File: 1515444083050.png (826.28 KB, 510x1572, jelly neckbeards.png)

Hi r9k
how is your wife's son?

No. 221398

White guys are so weirdly insecure about guys that aren't white being more attractive than them, yet they're scream about Asian waifus all the time lol.

No. 221399

if it's one thing men hate it's getting a taste of their own medicine, they believe women are just like them and compare which race is more attractive but fail to realize women don't think only one race can be attractive

why do you think when men are boasting about how attractive asian women are, they ALWAYS feel the need to bash white, black or latina women? (even though the asians they do post are ones that have had their skin whitened and had PS)

they can't just say "these asian women are attractive" or whatever

meanwhile when women find men of other races attractive they simply say "___ is sooo attractive" but men have it in their heads that the second a woman finds a man of a different race attractive, we are saying the shit they are saying to us and start bashing men of that race then run around screaming how women will leave their bfs for men of that race all because of a fantasy they have created in their own head
I once knew a guy whos gf was going to a trip in lebanon and all the other guys were on about how she was probably getting fucked by abdus and omars, meanwhile the chick didn't do shit on the trip besides study, like seriously what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 221403

Projection. They'll cling to asian women hoping it'll make white women ~roasties~ jealous because they're ridiculously insecure themselves. And then they'll knock asian guys down so less competition for waifus. Its pathetic lol.

That swimmer is a absolute, handsome cutie too.

They always think about sex for anything. A girl can go on a trip and they'll be the first to say something about ONS or hookups when the girl could be seeing family or studying. For men to call women whores for everything we do, they sure do insinuate that they're ones too.

No. 221404

I also think the "women are gonna go fucked" every time they go away without their boyfriends/husbands is projection too. I've had many an ex boyfriend accuse me of cheating….when it was actually them cheating the entire time. They're paranoid we'll behave like them.

No. 221406

Who's that? He's pretty hot.

No. 221409

Same. He could be the most amazing husband, but you just never know.. And when they become teenagers and start getting breasts etc, that's risky too. And that's not coming from jealousy.

No. 221410

>They'll cling to asian women hoping it'll make white women ~roasties~ jealous because they're ridiculously insecure themselves.

exactly, most girls don't give a shit who they date but they do, like what >>221403 said, it's projection, they think just because stacy went for someone who wasn't white and they were mad about it, they think we were going to be mad that they fap to fake kpop idols or buy mail order brides but fail to realize no one gives a shit greasy greg from 4chan was so hurt by stacy because she said it was gross of him to grab her ass that now his buddies told him asians fuck everyone and everything and are submissive he goes and creeps out poor asian women because of what his buddies told him

what we are mad about is that the asian women they praise are the ones who get their skin whitened and PS, and say somehow these neckbeards do get an asian gf, they have no respect for her whatsoever, they'll be completely abusive to her, cheat on her, especially with the "white roasites" they claim to hate so much, sometimes even physically abusive to her, post naked pics of her everywhere, having no respect for her at all and shitting on her at all times and then expect her to just deal with it because they think she won't eventually do anything about it, these men are just god awful and what's worse is a lot of them are forced into like the ones from thailand who get sex trafficked or mail order brides

>hoping it'll make white women ~roasties~ jealous because they're ridiculously insecure themselves.

exactly, why do you think MGTOWs make videos like this? They don't actually like asian women, they like the idea the internet put in their head about them and they like the idea of "Western roasties" being jealous and have to twist and turn everything to make it seem in their minds that western women are bursting with anger over yet they aren't, they just think it's weird and that sex trafficking is wrong

exactly, meanwhile men are the ones going to japan and thailand solely to buy prostitutes and creep out asian women and a lot of the time their GFs aren't even slightly suspicious about it

No. 221412

MGTOW is just beyond strange to me, and I understand it less and less everyday. Literally EVERY MGTOW space that I've ever seen is dedicated to women. That's all they ever talk about. And the common defense I see is that they are trying to "warn" other men, and they don't actually give a fuck about women, but the amount of pure vitriol and bitterness they have suggests otherwise.

Just want to say that I support MGTOW in theory. I think if people know that marriage/children/relationships won't fulfill them and make them happy, more power to them if they want to avoid those things forever. Personally I like being alone more than anything, so I understand not desiring those things. I also think more people should dedicate more of their time to their hobbies and activities that soothe them and take their minds off the rat race that is life. But it's becoming increasingly clear that MGTOW isn't about that. It's about their revenge fantasy where their wife who left them for another man, or the 16 year old cheerleader who denied their prom invitation, will one day come crawling back to them and then they can turn the tables and reject those women the way they were rejected. Nothing made this clearer to me than a post (that I can no longer find) around the time of Hurricane Harvey, where they were talking about how in prolonged natural disasters, women will get desperate and start sucking dick for food, shelter, and help because they are simply incapable of doing things themselves. And they fantasized about slamming the door in their faces and leaving them out to die lmao.

The truth is that this won't happen. These men remove themselves from any sort of dating pool, but it won't have any lasting impact on women. It isn't a punishment the way they seem to think it is. Women won't miss what they don't even know is gone, and even though MGTOW refuses to acknowledge this, the women who they want to punish will just find another man. No woman is crawling back to misogynists on her hands and knees, begging for their money and love.

Not to mention that a lot of women are emotionally and financially independent now. But MGTOW quite literally can't fathom the idea of women working and having jobs. So idk.

No. 221413

And yet again they are 'raiding' Crystal Cafe, i'm so sick of this…

No. 221414

I find it weird how men are only able to find two races attractive. If they see a pretty dark black woman or Dark skin Indian woman they will refuse to admit she's attractive or even with Asian and white women, a lot of them can't like both, it has to be one or ther other. It's funny how they go on and on about how women can only like one type of man but it seems men are a lot more strict with their standards. Most women can see attractive men in all races but with men it's like "unless she's Asian or white she's ugly!".

No. 221418

> Most women can see attractive men in all races but with men it's like "unless she's Asian or white she's ugly!".

Not really. I'd even argue it's the opposite. I'm speaking from personal experience, all my friends don't find black men attractive, personally neither do I. I mean, the negroid features are not attractive at all. Asians in general aren't attractive (with the exception of koreans and japs if the person is a weeb).

But that's just a personal anegdote, so according to some polls and studies caucasian women are least likely to date outside of their race.

In fact, a frech guy once said "My brain is racist but my dick is humanist" or something like that. A guy will say a lot of things but he will make exceptions when it comes to his dating pool.

No. 221421

>all my friends dislike black men

Yeah I'm sure you're a "woman". Most women don't sit around talking about their disinterest in black men.

No. 221422

Oh ffs, I can't have my own personal preference and experience without being accused of being a robot?

If I were a robot, I'd probably be roleplaying of liking black men because, you know, the memes.

I just know that my friends and myself included find white guys hotter than any other race. And there shouldn't be anything wrong in admiting that.

No. 221423

Yee, a lot of the time its not even what they look like either, its just the race they're concerned about, mostly because of what they believe about said race

IE I knew a white woman who was racially ambiguous looking, so when she met a guy who said something like "oh im into arab girls" or "oh im into asian girls" she easily just claimed to be that said race and they flocked over her and would often bash white women when talking to her but not realize she is in fact white,and it is also funny how men who fetishize asian women will be racist against certain type of asians "don't date koreans, they're all fake, not japanese, they all cheat, not chinese theyre gold diggers, only date Vietnamese, etc"
Like really? Most of the time you can't really tell,like if you start dating an asian girl, and its going good and all, and she tells you shes chinese or something what are you going to do? Turn around and walk away? Men are fucking idiots I swear, especially yellow fevers and just racial fetishists in general, its like its a fucking hobby for them to fetishize them

No. 221424

Not sure if this is bait or not, saying features of a certain race aren't attractive is definitely not nice but i have to second that i probably don't know a single girl who'd date a black guy, because they are not attractive to us.
Since i'm a weeb, i'd consider an asian as well, but usually most prefer their own race.
Guys might not be choosers, but that's only when it's about sex, not a real relationship.

No. 221425

It just seems very unbelievable that you sit around with your friends talking about black guys and you referred to black features as negroid…that just screams robot who posts on /pol/.

No. 221426

I think there's a vast difference between simply not finding a certain race or certain features attractive and being quiet about it vs. posting everywhere black women are disgusting, white women all cheat etc or whatever else. I think men are vocal and vicious about their preferences, they actively hate women they're not attracted too for just existing…where a women don't do that to men.

No. 221428

Yeah men have to make it known and try to put people down. I know many women who prefer different races but they don't feel the need to broadcast it.

No. 221429


> saying features of a certain race aren't attractive

I really don't understand what's wrong with that? If a white guy said he found asian or black women more attractive, if any person of any color stated their preferences related to race, why should it be a problem? It's like stating that you prefer gingers, or brunettes or tall or short people or insert anything else.

What I wanted to say is that statistically women, in general, are less likely to date outside of their race as opposed to men.

The conversation didn't go like that, we just said that we don't find black men on average attractive, we were looking at some photos in a mag and then the discussion went in that direction. I didn't use the word negroid, though the term is still correct, right? I don't think black people or other people of color are lesser, or if I implied that, I really didn't mean to. Just because you don't feel attraction to a group of people doesn't mean you don't value them as human beings.

No. 221431

>What I wanted to say is that statistically women, in general, are less likely to date outside of their race as opposed to men.
Um it takes two to tango though. Are those men just dating imaginary women if the numbers are so skewed?

No. 221432

Oh look it's a robot pretending to be a woman again. Despite what you believe most women don't sit around talking about black guys they don't find attractive. If we don't like something we usually don't think about it, we don't go around blindly hating on people because they aren't atttactive to us. And most of us aren't delusional enough to look at black male models and claim they're ugly just because they're black.

No. 221433

I also don't find them attractive. But the way you worded it didn't simply sound like "well that's just not my cake", but more like "they are inferior how could anybody like them." To white and asian people these features usually are ugly but so are white features to blacks etc

No. 221434

>I'm speaking from personal experience
Emphasis on personal experience. I don't interact with too many white girls irl, but I've known one that has been a friend of the family for years. She used to have jungle fever like a motherfucker, and now has an adorable mixed kid with a guy who is half black and half latino.

No. 221435

Men hate women who they don't find attractive because they're alive. They can't stand a woman who they don't think is pretty to exist in their space. I see this at work with men acting like they're offended by fat women just for being around.

No. 221436

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you? There are certain features that black people have and those features might not be attractive to some.

> we don't go around blindly hating on people

Where did I state that I hate black people? Is this some sick joke? Or are you just mentally challenged?

Well, I'm really sorry it came out that way. I'm done with this conversation anyway. You can't even express your personal preference or experience without being attacked.

No. 221438

I'm not attacking you, you're just being overly sensitive. I just find it very unlikely that women sit around talking about black guys, especially since most white women don't even interact with them.

No. 221439

File: 1515451943354.jpg (25.36 KB, 240x320, Miranda Cosgrove James Maslow …)

>would often bash white women when talking to her but not realize she is in fact white
Jesus, how long will it be before men start forcing us to give our DNA tests? Or do they just feel better hearing that the said person they're into/talking to is of a certain race they want them to be?

No. 221440

>If a white guy said he found asian or black women more attractive
well depends, he can be attracted to certain features but the thing about saying "___ race is more attractive because of said features" is that most of the time the features they DO find attractive are also prevalent greatly in other races as well

say, a guy says he likes asian women more because they're smaller and he likes straight dark hair, small noses and yellow undertoned skin, he can be attracted to those things, but the problem with saying one race is better because of those things is that they fail to realize toooonnnns and I mean tons of women of other races have those features as well and considering the fact there are millions of asian women who don't have those features as well, that's the problem

No. 221442

Or if they find a woman from a race they claim is unattractive, attractive…they will just claim she's mixed and call her a liar if she tells them she's not.

No. 221446

File: 1515453376154.jpg (38.8 KB, 1200x1200, C6afxV2XQAQgHp-.jpg)

I really wonder when enough is going to be enough. It seems like every single day we're inundated with more and more blatant misogyny. It seems like the one thing that all men can bond over, regardless of race, economic status, upbringing, is their hatred of women.

Maybe I'm just extra depressed because I have strep throat and have spent all day in bed on Reddit, which I never normally do. Even when you go into a seemingly innocent, light hearted sub, someone will find some way to slip something in about how all women are whores, worthless, only good for their holes, and it will have like 200+ upvotes and nobody challenging those views. It's just the norm now. And it makes me want to kill myself. I mean I shouldn't care because I'll never meet any of these people, but it's more about what they represent. This is how most men, and even some women, feel. They hate us and think we're worthless. And it's funny to them. It's so much fun for men to sit around and talk about how inferior and dumb women are, and shit on us all day, and there's nothing we can do about it. This is just how it's going to be and it will never get better. Might even get worse, who knows. It can always get worse.

I just want to disappear. Or go back to a time before I knew how much men hated women, and I walked around truly believing that men saw me as an equal, as a human being, instead of just a hole. Now I walk around knowing that people see me as just a hole. A subhuman. Not deserving of life.

Sorry for being melodramatic. But I feel as if this is normal to be upset about constantly seeing yourself dehumanized and blamed for all the worlds problems. I mean if you have it constantly beaten into your skull that you are worth nothing and you can't change that, it only makes sense that eventually you start to feel low and hate yourself, right? I'm sure I'm not alone here. Idk.

TLDR; I look forward to death and shedding my female form, basically.

No. 221451

>I know a lot of people on this board are anti-trans and all (usually with good reasons regarding MTFs)
I just started to browse this place, and sorry if this is off-topic, but why is that? Just curious.

No. 221452

transtrender and perves mostly

No. 221453

I used to be like you anon. It became very tiring to think this way tbh…I have decided that I shall be as happy as I possibly can, be more successful than them, "invade their male spaces", and not give a single fuck. If they want to be bitter and hateful, they are free to do so. Why should we care about the opinions of those small minded ants?

No. 221462

File: 1515455910254.jpg (188.31 KB, 1242x1204, 1513218957937.jpg)

male here
man with a penis, go ahead and ban me

most men don't hate women, the people who earnestly believe that sort of thing are bitter towards women because of past rejections or other bad experiences with individual females
most people who upvote comments like that realize that it's a joke, or an exaggerated caricature of someone's real life frustrations with women

for instance, I have no issues whatsoever with black people, but I found this image funny and saved it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221464

Because some of us wanted a girl-oriented space and not to be bothered by gender cosplayers who think that because there is a pill that gives them "a period" now, they automatically qualify as a woman.

No. 221466

the thing is that there is a difference between just joking vs actually hating women, the thing is that most men nowadays actually hate fucking women, and we've seen more than enough proof that goes way past the whole "it's just a joke or exaggerated caricature" thing for people to make that claim

was elliot rodgers just joking? do men who rape women and abuse them are just joking? look at half the shit on the last few threads, they go way too far for anyone to claim that they were just joking and why would someone spend hours out of their day roleplaying as some mentally ill man who hates women? Are every single person upvoting the whole "you women should like being molested as children!" thing just joking and just laughing at the exaggeration ?

that image of an anime character saying "nigga we out here" of a black man hanging is nothing and not even comparable to the amount of time, effort, and research men will spend to prove how awful women are and how we deserve to be raped and how women should be molested etc(Don't respond to robots)

No. 221468

They talk about how women are the insecure and pathetic ones who shove themselves into "male spaces" (like comics and games and shit), yet they do that exact thing. Never mind the hundreds of male dominated imageboards out there. They gotta raid the female one that has a small userbase. It'd almost be funny how hypocritical they are if it wasn't so fucking exhausting.

No. 221470

aren't these same men fapping to women in these said male spaces and encouraging them? also don't these men whine when women AREN'T in computer classes and shit? and now they're whining about women invading self proclaimed "male spaces" I swear it's like these men constantly want something to bitch about

No. 221471

Because we don't want males on the board, how do you not know this?

No. 221472

File: 1515456745073.jpg (64.31 KB, 750x559, 1512718844059.jpg)

>was elliot rodgers just joking?

no, but people like him are an extremely small minority of men
there are men out there who agree wholeheartedly with that sort of sentiment, but the majority of us have neutral or positive sentiments towards women as a whole
most of the "anti-woman" stuff you see on the internet is a result of a man being hurt by a manipulative or cruel woman, or rejected by many women, and venting his frustrations online, and other men sympathizing with him

>do men who rape women and abuse them are just joking

men who rape and abuse women don't do it because they hate women, they do it to feel power

there's a small minority of women who hate men as well (hence the existence of this website), but hardly anybody would claim that most women hate men like the people in this thread do

No. 221473

I agree that a lot of them are bitter because of past rejection or mommy issues, but it goes deeper than that. They can't deal with those rejections because they feel that they are owed pussy. A lot of these dudes have a shitload of issues, and just feed off of one another, driving them further and further into their woman-hate.

Completely disagree with the upvoting comments out of some sense of thinking it's a joke thing. You just don't understand how much these guys who gather in those places genuinely despise women and feed off of one anothers bitterness.

And like >>221466 said, that image is nothing compared to how obsessively these men will create content that trashes women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221474

>relentlessly dox and harrass women over the internet for petty shit
>it's just a joke calm down!!11!!
This is the most elaborate joke I've ever witnessed.

Bruh men set up their pathetic little "boys clubs" everywhere and bitch and whine when there are women who might want to participate in whatever hobby or interest they've centered it on. Women hardly even have female spaces to themselves, and every corner they get pushed into by men gets invaded out of spite. Men feel the need to gobble it all up for themselves.

No. 221475

I shouldn't have to keep remind you guys to not respond to them. Do not give them attention.

No. 221476

I've literally been in make-up groups that men have raided to get pictures of women's before and afters to mock, to call them whores etc. Men will raid literally anywhere they know women will be….just to harass them. It makes no sense to me, what do they actually want from women?

No. 221477

I know that I should be more like you and just ignore it and live my life….but unfortunately I'm not that strong. Like I said, it just seems to be getting worse. I admit that I am weak and depressed regardless, but seeing this stuff just wears me down to the point where I can't handle it anymore. Now just one misogynistic comment is yet another sexist comment to add to the collection, instead of a one-off occurrence.

And I love how some men like to excuse misogyny with "oh they're just joking!11" when they clearly aren't joking. And we know that because we are at the receiving end of it. Men will never have to really examine misogyny and how prevalent it is because it doesn't hurt them, so why should they care? Why should they care if a bunch of "holes" are being abused and belittled?

I will never, ever be able to believe men who say that they don't hate women. I just can't anymore. I've seen too much.

Anyway….sorry for the tangent again. But anon, I really do hope that some day I can be more like you and TRULY not care. I really aspire to be like that. I want misogynistic shit to just roll off my back instead of play over and over again in my head until I want to hang myself. It is tiring to think this way…but it's even more tiring to know that nothing will ever change.

No. 221479

>It makes no sense to me, what do they actually want from women
For us to hate ourselves as much as they hate us, I believe.

No. 221481

>while we're on the topic of men and "space" I'll go ahead and post this

I wish large groups of women were willing to distance themselves and uphold women-only spaces and communities for long periods of time.

I get fed up dealing with men in any form, these days I dread having to become acquainted with a man that isn't in my family or that I don't already know. Aside from the threat of physical violence and the constant trespassing over women's boundaries, media is oversaturated with the male point of view and the majority of things are made to appeal to men with their gross sexuality in mind.
It gets to a point where even venting about men's bullshit can get tiresome. They're impossible to get away from and I loathe that I'm even wasting thoughts on them. I read this and I thought it went into pretty good detail on some points about how men's presence in society is so fucking smothering.
I would love it if women everywhere decided to stop dealing with them and put all that energy into fostering a separate environment that's relaxing and positive for us. Men would probably follow us there to harrass us tho.

No. 221482

Men will invest anywhere women are just to remind us how much they hate us. If by some drastic change in the social climate, there's some segregation in society between the genders, you bet there will be men attempting everything just to invade it. If we all just fucking left for Mars or another planet entirely, there will be men trying to get there too. They cannot leave us alone. Just.. Whats wrong with them?

>men: women are useless holes kill them all off and replace them
>other men: kek
>man, abuses and kills women
>other men: kek
men will be the first to say how men are naturally the funnier gender but where the humor?

No. 221497

He's very attractive, fit and healthy. Nice face and hair, body. Something the fucking losers airing their insecurities in the comments do not possess.
Their comments say a lot about themselves; feeling threatened by an attractive guy's appearance. Will shit on his ethnicity as his attractive presence fills them with such envy and insecurity. By putting men of other ethnicities down (Who are on average more healthy with better genes), they attempt to safeguard their white male sexual market value so they can brainwash everyone into believing they are superior through their oppression of men of other ethnicities. They also take the women from the ethnic man through use of this oppression and illusion.
They know they are not superior, the comments clarify this. It is genuine fear. Fear that this man is sexually desirable to women than them.
I bet pic related guy makes a better, faithful husband with sense of duty and responsibility to his family. And he won't lose his hair to that ugly as fuck male patterned baldness when he's older kek
Good skin too. And his cock is harder than theirs when erect. That is why Asian women call it 'Asian steel.' It is well known Asian males have the hardest erections.
Whereas all this insecure faggot in the comments can only present a flaccid specimen of a supposed "erect" cock.

No. 221501

Through my experience, I must tell you this.
All my relationships had been with white males, and I had quite a few. I had spent many years with some of them, trying to make it work. But it wasn't working.
After failed relationship number four (and these were just the relationships, not including the many dates and "romantic" exploits), after awhile I finally came across a guy who I really clicked with. We just seemed to fit. Not only was he highly intelligent, handsome, easy going, caring, thoughtful, funny, fit with gorgeous hair, smile and skin, he happened to be Japanese also.
This was my first romantic involvement with a guy outside my race.
Soon we became further entangled in our romance together and have established a healthy relationship which has a positive future together. Everything is easy and relaxed with him. Unlike all my experiences with white guys which were an absolute nightmare (I swear they were fucked up mentally with mommy issues), this has been my first best, most successful relationship

And I'll never look back.

Now I'm beginning to think there's something inherently wrong with the western man. I think theyre more prone to mental disorders. Thoughts on this?

No. 221502

Imagine if a man wrote this about women
>I used to date a lot of white women but it wasn't working
>Then I met a Japanese woman and we just clicked and everything is perfect
>I think maybe western women are more prone to mental disorders. Thoughts?
See how weird and dumb it is now?

No. 221503

they know they're inferior, why do you think so many white guys are obsessed with the idea of being cucked by daquan? but it's not daquan they should be worried about

I only ever dated two men throughout my life one was white, cheated, blamed me for his cheating, lied to me a lot, bragged to me about how he fucked his ex, then talked shit about me to all his friends after dumping me because my boobs were apparently too small

the guy I'm with is asian, has respect for me, knows that no means no and doesn't throw a bitchfit if I say no, loves my body, is loyal to me, likes being with me and appreciates things I do for him, is honest to me and is extremely loyal, like so loyal to the point where at the beginning of the relationship he asked me if it was okay for him to hug female friends, not that I expect that from all men but I thought it was sweet he respected me enough to ask that. He's beyond handsome, tall, fit, and is amazing in bed and has perfect hygiene

basically white men: not even once

No. 221504

File: 1515463594668.png (286.11 KB, 1242x1434, IMG_2227.PNG)

Men want women they don't find attractive dead and they don't see them as human.

No. 221505

good, it's about time they got a taste of their own medicine

No. 221506

Don't need to imagine. Men already do write this about women.

No. 221507

That was the point. Men who say stuff like that are creepy and dumb and if you say stuff like that but instead about Asian MEN and not Asian WOMEN then you're still creepy and dumb. I get the whole "fight fire with fire" idea but you're not "fighting" anything, and eve if you were', you'd be fighting retardation with retardation, not fire.

No. 221508

Men literally do write that. All the time. There's 1000s of videos about how western women are a lost cause and Asian women are better in every way.

Is it weird and dumb when they do it as well? Do you call them out when you see them doing it?

No. 221511

dumb? maybe, but after all the shit white men have been doing to women with the MGTOW and incel stuff, rape and molestation, pedophilia, incest, bashing women to hell and back and having to bring feminism into everything just to scream and cry about it, then whining about western women, all the while they're greasey out of shape disgusting cheating idiots

women at least deserve to be able to gloat about how the men who are more likely not to do this are better than the men who are more likely to do it, given I'm sure there's some good white men somewhere, and we actually admit that unlike greg for 4chan who insists all women that aren't of a race he likes are bad

also praising the men who actually are decent and bashing the ones who aren't isn't "creepy"
it would be creepy if we post their nudes, go out of our way to let white men know we're leaving them for asians and they're just jealous, if we sex trafficked asian men went to their countries and brought them then screamed jealous manlet at anyone who thought it was wrong, abused the men and said they were better for the sole reason that they didn't leave when we abused them, we're praising them because they treat us better and actually fucking take care of themselves and deserve all the respect, praise, and submission we're giving them, gregs from 4chin however, don't

No. 221512

>Men literally do write that. All the time
That was the point.
>Is it weird and dumb when they do it as well?
Of course? How is this a question?
>Do you call them out when you see them doing it?
Yes, but often those men are so far up their own yellow fever ass they just block out anything anyone says to them that isn't about Asian women.

No. 221513

Hmm I'm not fighting fire with fire? That would imply I'm using this guy for ulterior motives and not for genuine reasons out of love and attraction which is not true at all. I simply vocalised my findings which I have experienced through my personal relationships and instances. Although it is bias to my life, as an individual, it can be seen other anons have experienced the same contrasting behaviours.
Hardly retarded. Simply an observation and pattern noted.
I don't care for these losers that my relationship is in any way, a method to "get back" at them. They are negligible to me.

No. 221514

exactly, we went for asian men because they actually take care of themselves and have some respect

they go for asian women because of kpop and plastic jav stars and because they want to abuse them and treat them like shit, we actually love our men, they don't, they just love what they say about them

No. 221515

I'm not sure if you even recognize it or not but I could flip this entire post from the perspective of a deluded yellow fever man. Here, I'll give you some examples
>maybe, but after all the shit white men have been doing to women with the MGTOW and incel stuff, rape and molestation, pedophilia, incest, bashing women to hell and back and having to bring feminism into everything just to scream and cry about it, then whining about western women, all the while they're greasey out of shape disgusting cheating idiots
After all the shit white women have been doing to men with the rad-feminism and false rape claims and virgin shaming bashing men to hell and back and having to bring up "gender inequality" into everything just to scream and cry about it, then whining about western men, all the while they're greasy out of shape hambeasts

See? I can keep going
>women at least deserve to be able to gloat about how the men who are more likely not to do this are better than the men who are more likely to do it, given I'm sure there's some good white men somewhere, and we actually admit that unlike greg for 4chan who insists all women that aren't of a race he likes are bad
Men at least deserve to be able to gloat about how the women who are more likely not to do this are better than the women who are more likely to do it, given I'm sure there's some good white women somewhere, and we actually admit that unlike Stacy for tumblr who insists all white men are bad
>also praising the men who actually are decent and bashing the ones who aren't isn't "creepy"
Also praising the women who actually are decent and bashing the ones who aren't isn't "creepy"

I'm not making these comparisons because I want to excuse men for that behavior or think they're right for feeling that way. I'm making these comparisons because I think both men and women who think like that are fucking mentally ill and need some kinda help. A little bit of consistency is all I'm asking for.

No. 221518


I get that, but that's not the same as being "anti-trans", or is it? Or did the user above mean anti-trans only in the context of who gets to post in this board?

No. 221519

>After all the shit white women have been doing to men with the rad-feminism and false rape claims and virgin shaming bashing men to hell and back and having to bring up "gender inequality" into everything just to scream and cry about it, then whining about western men, all the while they're greasy out of shape hambeasts

one is true, one isn't, the men who act as if women are ruining their life with feminism when most women nowadays aren't even feminist then act as if the tiny amount of rape accusations that happened have anything to do with anything (ironically a lot of the faux rape accusations happen in east asia as well as some of the faux rape accusations here came from asian women before) and virgin shaming is a meme, men shame other men then point the finger at women, also none of us are "greasy hambeats", we have fitness and diet threads, not to mention a lot of women that go here are thin, hygenic and in good shape, including myself

>Men at least deserve to be able to gloat about how the women who are more likely not to do this are better than the women who are more likely to do it, given I'm sure there's some good white women somewhere, and we actually admit that unlike Stacy for tumblr who insists all white men are bad

that's the thing, maybe there's stacy from tumblr who yells at white men, but that's not nearly as prevalent as the insane amount of men on yt, reddit, etc etc etc that yell at western women, and because that wasn't enough they come here to make sure we know they hate us despite the fact not all of us are western, and there's no pattern between asian women not doing what they don't like vs white women not doing what they don't like, in fact thailand has the highest cheating rate in the world, as well as women in japan who make business and give other women tips on cheating, not to mention the woman who cut off her boyfriends dick, she was from east asia, so they can say how western women do this this and that but asian women don't but it won't be true at all

>Also praising the women who actually are decent and bashing the ones who aren't isn't "creepy"

this is true though, they can bash batshit crazy SJWs from tumblr who look for the next thing to be mad about constantly and I'll cheer them on, they can bash random hoes on tinder and IG who just want to talk to them for a week pump and dump and leave and I'll agree with them, they can bash women who fuck anything that walks throughout their life and at last minute want to settle down and have kids and I'll agree, however, grouping these women with "western women" when in reality, it's probably not even more than 1 or 2% of western women who are doing this though, that's the thing, and it's not even something you see everywhere since most women nowadays are jumping on the ~submissive virginal qt housewife~ train or ~virgin bookworm nerdy grl~ train
the thing is you see these trends with men, with men pretty much committing most rapes, murders, molestations, fueling the loli industry and sexualizing children and teens, abusing women then calling it bdsm, bashing women to hell and back if they don't get what they want, cheating on women then having paranoia about girls cheating on them and going through their phone and shit and invading their privacy despite the fact men have higher cheating rates, that's the fucking problem you see

No. 221520

My point isn't whether the points are true or not. I personally do not think they are but that's not what I was trying to get across. What I was trying to say is that it's REALLY EASY to draw similarities between what she said and what white men suffering from yellow fever say.

No. 221521

Please read the fucking thread. Please. Read some of the shit that men say, do, and think about women. And please stop comparing women 'whining about gender inequality' to men who talk about wanting women to be obsolete, reducing us to holes, and treating us like chattel. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but fucking please.

You aren't the first poster to come in here and say "hey i can flip things around and you sound just like MGTOW!1! you're mentally ill1!" But read the thread and see why we think these things. If you don't agree, just let us have this one space where we can talk about misogyny and how men treat us. Fucking PLEASE.

No. 221522

Again, you're missing my point. I'm not saying that the men who say that shit are in the right, what I'm saying is that in that particular instance it's easy to flip it and make the points sound valid to your own gender. Is really a difficult concept to grasp? I personally don't think so but I guess it is.

No. 221523

similar? maybe
but one is true, one isn't, that's why our "yellow fever" (idk if it counts as yellow fever because I prefer south asian/middle eastern men, which, my boyfriend I talked about earlier, is) is justified and fueled by the truth, theirs is fueled by delusion

No. 221524

similar? maybe
but one is true, one isn't, that's why our "yellow fever" (idk if it counts as yellow fever because I prefer south asian/middle eastern men, which, my boyfriend I talked about earlier, is) is justified and fueled by the truth, theirs is fueled by delusion

No. 221525

Ok well come back when there are multiple subreddits, youtube channels, and movements with thousands upon thousands of women talking like this, and men start getting treated like subhuman trash as a result. Then maybe we'll give a shit.

No. 221526

No the same does not apply as there is different behaviour, reasoning and attitude, motive behind the interracial relationship with women vs men.
Men involved in their interracial relationships particularly wmaf, have an unhealthy attitude to their involvement with the Asian woman. Firstly, they fetishise the woman, rather than seeing her as human to be treated with respect, they view her as property, an accessory, a possession.
What makes them more creepy is they will post publicly their festishing of their Asian partner through YouTube etc making retarded videos.
And it's always the undesirable loser white male of western society that travels to Japan, China sex to land himself an Asian woman. He wasn't wanted by women in his own country and the unfortunate Asian women that fall victim to him have no awareness of the western standard that qualifies a white male as legitimately attractive since they are not exposed to white men so much to have a good selection anyway.
AMWW however, often does not revolve around fetish, or is it constructed so that it can allow the white woman to outlive creepy fantasies that your typical white male in WMAF harbour. It's usually for genuine, legit reasons and is taken seriously with respect and care reciprocated.

I guess you wouldn't understand because this is not something you have expereienced yourself and for you to formulate a legit opinion on the matter, knowing what you're talking about, you would need to experience it for yourself and reflect upon that.

Thanks for calling me and >>221503
>>221514 "fucking mentally ill" though kek on a subject you are not even well versed in.

No. 221527

>but one is true, one isn't, that's why our "yellow fever" is justified and fueled by the truth
And that's exactly what a man would say. OF COURSE your own view feels like the truth to yourself. If it didn't feel like the truth, you probably wouldn't feel that way. Do you see what I'm trying to say here? I just really don't like this concept of saying the exact shit that men say but then go and turn it around and say "Well it's different because actually I am correct in feeling this way because western men really are shit"…because that's exactly what a man would say about western women. I guess there's no way to really come to an agreement in this case because you're experiences are your own and if you think that all western men are shit but eastern men aren't then whatever I'm wasting my time because I for one do not think all western men are shit and I think it's creepy and wrong to put one ethnicity of men on a silver platter and demonize the rest.

I implore you to reread my posts and really think about what I'm trying to say here. I'm going to try and put this simply as possible: I do not agree with men who put down women, I do not agree with men who fetishize asian women. I also do not agree with women using the same shit mentality men use towards western women against western men. If you cannot understand this basic ass concept, just turn the computer off and read a book.

No. 221528

I love how whenever men have complaints and generalizations of women they’re considered totally valid and they are allowed multiple spaces online and off where they can bitch and fantasize about hurting and punishing women.

But if women have complaints about men? Such as the way men view and treat us? SHUT IT DOWN. we must be mentally ill! How dare we question the pure angelic men? How dare we not worship those that rape, abuse, and dehumanize is?

Sure, maybe I am mentally ill. But I didn’t start out that way. It’s taken years of “harmless” misogynistic comments and attitudes, belittlement, abuse, and dehumanization for me to get to the point where I just can’t take it anymore and need a place to vent about it. I mean fuck. With how society thinks that women are worthless whores I’m surprised I have just ended it all already. I mean what’s the point? All we have to offer are our holes, and there’s plenty of those, what’s a few less?

No. 221529

You’re right, it’s not just western men who hate women and treat women like shit. It’s all of them. Regardless of geographical location and culture.

No. 221530

Good. That line of thinking is at the very least consistent so I can actually get behind that. All I'm asking for is some logical consistency.

No. 221532

The defender of shitty men has logged on.

I’m sure they appreciate your contributions and consider you “one of the good ones.”

No. 221533

he can think it's the truth but it won't actually be the truth that's the thing, there's no denying men have been putting women through hell since the beginning of time, now that it's not as intense as it use to be but now that a lot of women can easily ditch stinky pedophilic misogynist white men for handsome, hygienic, gentlemanly and respectable asian men or whatever taste in men they have, you bet your ass we will, we don't work our asses off to please men who don't respect us

No. 221534

Exactly. This is why I’d rather just keep to myself and not even bother interacting with men. Even though they still try to infest women spaces. There’s nothing good that can come from it considering how vitriolic they are towards women entirely. What’s the point in even engaging when they only tolerate you and your existence as a hole to be used? Then hate and blame you for everything that’s wrong with the world?

No. 221536

I'm not defending anyone and you keep insisting I am. I have l i t e r a l l y one gripe, I just want people to be consistent in their beliefs. If you think all men are shitty then that's consistent ideology so that belief doesn't really bother me. Do I agree with it? No. But I understand it.

No. 221537

Has anyone ever looked on /r/rateme on reddit? I don't recommend doing it, women there are given really fucking harsh feedback, even really attractive women. If the same was done to men they'd freak the fuck out. Literally can just go on the first page, click an attractive women's post and it'll be full of "6/10 lose weight" when she's a perfectly healthy weight, they also complain if the woman wears make-up….but if she doesn't they'll call her plain. It's not exactly shocking but annoys me, as they're so harsh on women but then will complain if women have sort of preferences at all.

No. 221540

I agree that would be hilarious anon, but then I don't want to sink to their level and I'd feel bad if I actually upset them as they're likely insecure. Ugh, I can't even bring myself to be as shitty as men.

No. 221541

You've just set a task to carry out; Give as harsh criticism men give women, on mens' posts throughout /r/rateme Kek
Post screen caps of the reactions here. This thread needs some good kek at the expense of men.

No. 221542

If you don't agree with it, maybe this isn't the thread for you and you can stop derailing it calling people mentally ill for being fed up and whining that women aren't being fair to men here.

Why don't you head on over to mgtow or /pol/ and tell them how inconsistent their ideology is and they're wrong for shitting on women all the time? However something tells me that doesn't bother you that much.

No. 221543

I don't think you understand but this thread is called the man hating thread. Not the male lifeline sympathisers thread.

No. 221544

true, I don't think men willing to be rated by reddit would have a fragile ego though unless they're just fucking idiots

but yeah, I get what you mean, I don't like making perfectly fine men feel like shit about themselves, men however will bash and hurt innocent women and make them feel ugly even if they're above average looking, and most women here most likely never bashed mens looks in their life unless they were morbidly obese

No. 221545

>If you don't agree with it, maybe this isn't the thread for you
It isn't, but I don't have a problem with anyone hating all men. I completely understand (or at least, I think I do) why people ITT feel that way, hence why I'm arguing about logical consistency not about the actual beliefs themselves.
>can stop derailing it
Nothing I have said has derailed the thread. It has all been on topic discussion.
>it calling people mentally ill
I have not called a single person ITT mentally ill and I'm completely against trivializing mental illness.
>whining that women aren't being fair to men here.
I haven't.
>Why don't you head on over to mgtow or /pol/ and tell them how inconsistent their ideology is and they're wrong for shitting on women all the time?
I do. Not at reddit or /pol/ because I can't tolerate both of those shitholes but I definitely do call out men on their shit. You don't see that because there's no men posting right now. You're really assuming a lot about me with very, very little info. I'm not sure why you're so upset at me when I have not insulted you or done anything like that.

No. 221547

Feminism is being shat on by extremist groups such as mgtow led by losers because it affords a woman freedom to choose her mate rather than being forced into a marriage or relations with the undesirables of society out of desperation, for social mobility (ugly guy and a total cunt but rich and family forcing the woman to marry him) or simply to just survive instead of living.
Feminism affords women to live.
Not just survive.
And women are picking the men who are a good investment to mix their genes with to produce good offspring and outbreed the neckbeards that reside in mgtow, thus leading us closer to a civilised society.

No. 221548

This is a robot. Report and ban.

No. 221549

This >>221515 was you, no?
>I think both men and women who think like that are fucking mentally ill and need some kinda help. A little bit of consistency is all I'm asking for.
>mentally ill

If it wasn't, then I apologize and retract what I'm saying here. But both posts have the same grievance, and it seems like it's one poster. You.

No. 221551

I haven't insulted anyone, derailed the thread or anything like that and yet you assume I'm a robot simply because I called out the fact that thinking western men are "more prone to mental illness" is similar to what creepy MGTOWs say about western women. You don't even know my gender. You only assume it because I have a different opinion.

>This was was you, no?
Actually it was, I'm not going to lie. I don't remember typing that but it was me and it was wrong to type and for someone who complains about consistency yet did trivialize mental illness even though I'm against that 100% that was not okay of me and I can admit that. I do apologize for that and can take the L on that one. I don't think people who think like that are "mentally ill". My partner had mild psychosis so I know what real mental illness is like and it's not that and it wasn't right to use that terminology. However, I still do stand by the belief that people who fetishize Asians while hating the opposite gender of their own race do have some kind of emotional baggage of some sort. And for the record, I don't think anyone here is mentally ill for distrusting men. I can empathize very much with that belief.

No. 221552

The user is not a robot.

No. 221557

>mild psychosis
There are many facets to mental illness. “Mild” psychosis is just one.

I’m not any of the anons you’ve replied to, but I want to add my input. You’re here for a “logical” debate, but you’re missing the point of this thread. We are women who have been scorned by men, physically or emotionally abused, had our lives or wellbeing threatened/ruined by men. We live in a society where by law, we have equal rights, yet women aren’t taken seriously. We have to live in fear of being kidnapped for sex trafficking, being raped/assaulted by strangers (or friends or family members), or being mugged and robbed. You can say,
>“oh men/boys have that risk too!!”
But not in the same way. Men can at least defend themselves. Men are strong, strong enough to hold women down, strong enough to manipulate women into sex, strong enough to intimidate women into silence. Men aren’t seen as easy targets, they aren’t seen as weak.

We come here to vent about our frustrations. Most of us actually don’t hate men, we just hate the power that men have over us. We hate the physical abuse and emotional abuse that men do to us. There is confusing logic to our reasoning to hate men (including men of certain races) because we have been affected by men on such a deep and personal level that we cannot separate our experiences from the argument. The difference between us and men talking about how much they hate women? We aren’t the ones with the power.

I do agree that I don’t understand the fetishization over Asian men. They’re just as likely to be sexist as any other man, no matter what culture or race they are.

No. 221558

that's a good thing though
everywhere else people would say "oh, you are beautiful, bla bla bla"
i want some actual criticism, thank you (whether I think that the criticism is valid is up to me though).

No. 221560

>You’re here for a “logical” debate, but you’re missing the point of this thread
Perhaps I have not explained myself as well as I could have considering how many people seem to get my point confused. I am not arguing that the women here are wrong to be weary of men or whatever. I wouldn't argue that at all. If a dog bites your hand you're going to be more weary around dogs, you know? What I was trying to say was that I think it's silly to use arguments that men make against western women but flip them and make them against western men. I was specifically talking about that one woman who said that western men, in her experience, seem to be more prone to mental illness. That just really rubbed me the wrong way because I can easily see a MGTOW say something like that about western women but nobody else seemed weirded out by her saying that if it's about western men instead. I hope I have made my point clearer. As for this thread overall I have no problem with it and can completely empathize to the fullest of my abilities and experiences with the women here who feel disrespected and endangered by men in a male dominated society.

No. 221563

File: 1515488846391.png (1.72 MB, 3884x2500, 1512493524573.png)


there's some comments at least who are as disgusted as we are thankfully, but I also want to mention why are so many youtube videos like this one being raided by incels and MGTOWs who have to twist and turn everything to fit their agenda or just to bitch and circlejerk about how horrible women are?

No. 221566

Ning Zetao

No. 221572

they do it because they see women as fashion accessories rather than people, why do you think a lot of them will hype up over women solely for their race and nothing else? Races of women to them are like brand names to hypebeasts, most of them secretly don't give a shit if their 1000 dollar supreme shirt is made with quality materials or is just a walmart shirt with an iron on, they literally only buy it for the designer name, not if it looks good or is of quality, and for poorfags who want to be the same coolrichboi but can't blow his money on a rip off tshirt can resort to aliexpress or wish and pretends like he cares about the brand or likes the shirt, when he actually doesn't at all, he like the cred it gives him

No. 221574

No one is more obsessed with dick size than other men.

No. 221577

Who is "us"? You and your friends? Because claiming that no white women are attracted to black men is pretty presumptuous.

That's the thing though, people from one race don't look the same, they don't even have the same skin tone in case of black people. You can find every feature in every race, the frequency is just different.

There is no equivalence. There can be no consistency because the field isn't level in the first place. A lot of things that are said about men are said as a reaction to constant disrespect and harassment irl and online, if someone says "white men are trash and mentally ill", it usually means "I was fucked over by numerous white men who treated me like shit therefore I avoid them", not "white women are ugly and won't fuck me, I just want a submissive asian gf reee".

No. 221607

Anyone here not Asian and have a bf with yellow fever? There's a man at my job who is married to a white women but still obsesses over Asian women.

No. 221611

>wmaf, amww
This is a male r/aznidentity troll from Reddit lol.

No. 221620

Does his wife know? If so what a doormat

No. 221622

No it's not. That is my post and I don't bother to involve myself with that reddit. Try harder next time when you're jumping to conclusions from your poorly formed assumptions. The paranoia is getting tedious, from anons falsely labelling each other robots, to this.
If you haven't got anything to say related to man hating via your experiences, observations etc then gtfo.

No. 221640

I was browsing chans from my country and found them full of misogynistic, homophobic and recist men. Everyone that suggest something else is banned. But anyway, what I noticed, is that all of them had a board for traps/shota. Like one chan was exclusively created by an anti-feminist guy that sent death threats to famous feminists and sued them; but the forum had two boards. /b/ and trap.

Why are these men obssessed with dick still calling themselves heterosexual, and more, talking shit about gay men and lesbians??

Anyway, it was a wild ride. I forgot men were this shitty.

No. 221644

File: 1515524103460.jpg (51.58 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1515523990800.jpg)

This has been making the rounds on my facebook. What do you anons think?

No. 221645

I know this is just my subjective experience but i don't know any guys who lost their virginity to mature women and i've never witnessed sexualised comments about little boys from other women either. I think it happens more often towards little girls.

No. 221649

It's a super twisted evil version of "What about men !!"

No. 221652

Young guys brag about sleeping with older girls and women. If they don't call it rape and aren't complaining about it, who cares.

No. 221655

File: 1515525365471.jpg (248.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1498709774047.jpg)

>I feel like most of the men who claim to have lost their vcard to a grown woman when they were teenagers are just BSing
also I've only seen a number of women who lust over boys maturing bodies and everytime they did they got called it, see the ig model who said "call me when you turn 18" or some shit like that to the strangers things kid and had a media uproar

IMO if we want to focus on female pedophiles we should focus on the disgusting boobnazis who are lusting after actual small children and babies and using breastfeeding as a shield, but most people who talk about female pedophilia won't even bring it up

No. 221660


ugh yes let's talk about these freaks, this is a massive nope for me.

i wonder if people like this are also into lactating/breastfeeding fetish

No. 221666

moat female "pedo" experiences are with boys in their teens and women in their 20s. Idk why people try to compare this to men going after little girls. Both situations are shitty but they're not comparable.

No. 221669

How do people feel about a social media moms in general thread? Obviously in a bit of a different realm but a lot of these people fall into that category

No. 221675

>female "pedo" experiences are with boys in their teens and women in their 20s
but people scream pedo when guys in their 20s date/have sex with teenage girls

No. 221676


I'd discuss it here or there, these women are really deranged. I know there was an attempt at a thread already because of Onision derails?

No. 221677

Lena Dunham just sayin'.

No. 221680

Tell that to my single mom who molested her daughter, these assholes are out there.

My mom was politically active af too, see also lauded by feminists: Bradley, Marion Zimmer. I'm sorry but I see a connection. If people are telling you how good they are, then they aren't. I'm out.

No. 221681

No one denies that there are female child molesters and rapists, it is just more common in men. Most of the time if women have sexual relationships with children they're teenagers.

No. 221686

Ugh, who is that woman on the picture and where is the screenshot from? Also, are you talking about women who are pushing the public breastfeeding agenda, or do you mean something else?

No. 221694

I really can't remember her name but we had a thread in /snow/ on her, though IIRC she's dead now. I think other anon was more meaning the women who make their walking talking capable children still drink from the teat.

No. 221698

Sophia joy
And both kinda, its one thing to push their agenda but I'm mostly talking about the obvious pedophiles, boobnazi general is still on /snow/

No. 221702

This makes me physically ill that there are breastfeeding pedos. Please say this is not a for real thing?

No. 221703

I hate admitting it but yeah
You'd think MGTOWs will talk about this since they always look for something to hate women for but most men are enabling them, its ironic that we're the ones to speak up against these disgusting women meanwhile MGTOWs are too worried about calling all women gold diggers

No. 221711


Maybe we need a thread to keep an eye on them. How fucking nasty.

No. 221713

This. Of course we need to address pedophilia in all forms, but lets not pretend like whenever there is a crime that is perpetuated by men the majority of the time, people bring up that women also commit this crime in order to direct attention away from the fact that it's MOSTLY men. They can't accept the fact that maybe there is something wrong with a LOT of men, more than we would like to admit, and they aren't all perfect angels.

Yes, women molest. Women rape. There are women pedophiles. Yes, we need to be open and honest about that fact. If people deny that, then they are willfully insane or blind. But they only bring these things up when people are discussing men that rape, assault, and molest. A news story about a woman opening up about her rape? A news story about how a lot of men in Hollywood abuse their positions of power and have abused and harrassed women for decades? "Oh well women rape too!!11" Yes, we know. Nobody said they didn't. But that's not what the discussion was about at that time. They only bring it up to direct attention away from the problems that women face and make it about men.

No. 221716


If y'all know that women rape then you need to talk about it. Same thing with feminists defending pedophiles. Needs to stop.

No. 221717

Does anyone have a quick link to the discussion on /snow?

No. 221718

No. 221719

But everyone talks about it. Almost everytime there is a story about rape, people bring up that women rape. Who isn't talking about it?

And who is "y'all" in this instance?

No. 221720

Also this is the fucking man hate thread. For the last time. This isn't a woman hate thread. Why would we discuss that here?

We get it, women and bad and wrong and even if they do the same exact shit that men do, it's worse when women do it. For reasons.

No. 221724

>"Bro, I banged this chick when I was 16 and she was like 20!!"
>Conclusion: Women are pedophiles too :(
Granted, the fact that men are basically considered sex-drones who can't control their urges makes it harder for men to come out about sexual assault so some of those may just be trying to convince themselves that they totally smashed and it was great, but I don't know who this chick hangs out with because I'd still be poor.

Everyone knows that women rape. There are also female serial killers and women who abuse their partner. Doesn't mean that the majority aren't men or there isn't a drastically higher risk of being molested by your uncle than your aunt. I've legitimately never seen a feminist defend a female pedophile either.

No. 221728

>Most of the time if women have sexual relationships with children they're teenagers.
The same can be said about guys, but that's not the point. Are you trying to claim teen sex is normal or acceptable here?

No. 221729

Most men don't see it as rape when an older woman fucks some teenage boy. Just look at male comments when a story comes out about some teacher banging her student.

>was she hot?

>dude, he smashed that pussy, rad!

It's all backslapping and talking about how alpha the boy is.

If you want to talk about how women "be" pedophiles, then you need to talk about the women who sexually abuse girls too. But I guess that'd get in the way of her "wut about duh menz" spiel.

No. 221730

well, Lena Dunham did and is a pedophile herself, but she's peak libfem. And yeah, men literally commit 90% of violent crime and around 99% of rape. If they committed as much as women do this wouldn't be an epidemic, so I wouldn't get so hung up on that 10% or 1% before taking care of the majority.

No. 221731

>Are you trying to claim teen sex is normal or acceptable here?
not that anon but I can agree to an extent, if we spend too much time worrying about 17 yr olds who fuck 21 yr olds, it's the type of stuff why people label us as "pedo witchhunters"
teen sex IS normal, no not 13, 14 or 15 yr olds, but most people lose their vcard as teenagers, 16, 17 and 18, you may not agree with it but IMO it's nothing worth worrying about as long as if they aren't fucking their teacher or old fucks to get money, not to mention age of consent ranges around 16-18

I'm more worried about almost 30 yr olds who hit up 12-14 yr olds on the internet, I'm worried about the creeps that follow preteen girls around the mall, I'm more worried about disgusting fucks looking for kiddos to touch at mcdonalds, I'm more worried about people who go to school for years to become pediatricians and teachers just so they can touch kids, not 17 yr olds who want to fuck 21 yr olds and 21 yr olds fuck them and they do so and there's no problem

No. 221732

>If you want to talk about how women "be" pedophiles, then you need to talk about the women who sexually abuse girls too

true, most actual pedophilic women, ie women who are attracted to small children, not late teens, are going for the girls, given there are some that go for boys, like the women in the boobnazi threads who got arrested for molesting their sons, but most cases are grown women molesting little girls

No. 221733

This is just personal anecdotal stuff, but my grandmother sexually abused her children, two girls and one boy. My mom got the worst of it, and wound up with PTSD and all sorts of stuff as a result. So did her brother and sister.

Thankfully, my grandmother got breast cancer that went into bone cancer and caused her to rot from the inside out before dying. Bitch deserved it.

sage for blogpost

No. 221734

Lena Dunham isn't even liked by feminists anymore though tbh, I never see anyone praising her.

I get what people are saying women can definitely be paedophiles/rapists and there have been cases of that, nobody is denying that. However, the problem is every time women talk about their experiences people say "EXCUSE YOU WHAT ABOUT MEN? MEN CAN GET RAPED TOO" yes we all know that and nobody is denying that but that's not what the conversation is about. Say women who had survived breast cancer were talking about their experiences with breast cancer would people pop up to say "EXCUSE ME, MEN GET CANCER TOO" I doubt it, it's just rude to try to hijack someone else's discussion about their experience to make it about you.

Why don't men make their own hashtags etc about male rape? There's plenty of men popular and powerful enough to do it. Oh yes, because the only time they bring up male rape is to try shut women up.

No. 221735

>Why don't men make their own hashtags etc about male rape
Because most of them don't actually care as much as they claim they do. Like you said, they just want to hijack and make sure nobody talks about problems that affect women disproportionally. They don't want to admit that women face problems whatsoever, they want everything to be about men and they absolutely CAN'T admit or accept that men do bad things, like sexual assault or rape.

No. 221736

>Why don't men make their own hashtags etc about male rape?

Because they'd rather raid ours. They don't give a shit about male rape or homelessness. Like you said, it's only about shutting women up.

No. 221737

I don't know any feminists who still support Lena Dunham after all her shit, I think everyone hates her at this point. But yeah, she's trash.

MRA's and co only talk about male rape in a reactionary way, they don't actually give a shit about male rape victims. It's 100% about derailing the conversation.

Not to mention that a good portion of male victims are also raped by men so uh. Shaky argument.

No. 221738

Another great MRA argument is "40% of men are domestic abuse victims!" um so still more women are domestic abuse victims…..?

Not that DV don't matter if they're male and they shouldn't be taken seriously, but they're trying to use it to one up women….while it proves it's still more women who are victims of DV.

No. 221740

Clients who present as victims of maternal molestation are in bad shape, comparatively, and therapy sessions aren't pretty.
t. social worker

No. 221741

Okay…? Go make a thread about that instead of derailing this one.

No. 221743

Yes, but it needs its own separate discussion. Not as a vehicle to redirect attention away from male perpetrators.

No. 221744

All the stuff I'm read on Durham is people twisting the words she said in her autobiography so her relationship to her sister looked 100% worst. Not a fan, but it's really shitty people do that.

No. 221746

Yes, that's what I wanted to get into. Let's not accuse people of being pedophiles (male or female, whatever) for dating 16 year olds. It ends up doing no good.

No. 221747

People are directly quoting stuff she said from her books, how she bribed her sister to kiss her, compared herself to a predator trying to woo a small suburban girl, how she dug into her sisters vagina when she was a baby and how she use to "experiment" with her sisters genitals when she was little, I know theres accusations about how she did it until she was 17 which I havent found but if you're in the 2nd or 3rd, maybe 4th grade you should know better and not to do it, and she is way too old to pass this off as "just kids playing doctor" or some shit


No. 221748

She described masturbating next to her kid sister when she herself was 17 and paying her to kiss her and stuff, then brushed it off as ~quirky, funny things about her~. She also defended the rapist who worked on Girls…

No. 221749

Make a woman-hate thread then. I'm sure it will have plenty of traffic because the majority of society agrees, but this is not the thread for that.

The fact that you decided to put this in the man-hate thread is funny actually, and it really reveals your motives. No matter how you twist it, men are still the perpetrators of most violent crime and sexual crime. But it's still women who are pure evil, right?

No. 221750

>Make a woman-hate thread then. I'm sure it will have plenty of traffic because the majority of society agrees, but this is not the thread for that.

why make a woman hate thread when you can just go on most places on the internet? hell unless you live in a liberal city or the middle of nowhere you can just go outside and see the same results

I feel like the fact maternal molestation does more damage is due to attachment, with paternal, a lot of people are use to fathers walking out on them, beating the shit out of them, being inappropriate, abusing them and just molestation in general, where as with how little maternal molestation happens, the victim most likely get bombarded with "liar" or have their experience sexualized and the victim will find it hard to relate to others because of how little it happens
I was molested by a female, it was difficult for me to cope and it scared me a lot because of how easily she had access to me in vulnerable situations for her to do so because "you're both girls nothing will happen" and if it was public stuff she did people wiped it off as normal or laughed, it always made me paranoid to be around her and just other women in general in dressing rooms, lockers, pools, bathrooms, etc

No. 221751

>No matter how you twist it, men are still the perpetrators of most violent crime and sexual crime. But it's still women who are pure evil, right?

sage for samefagging but we aren't saying women are pure evil, we are just talking about what women do as well, I get it, it's a man hating thread, we are only allowed to mention shit men do, but there's no denying women can be sick as well but there's no denying men do it so much more

No. 221752

Except that when women do it, people act like it's SO MUCH WORSE even though men do it on a larger scale and the crimes are the exact same. Why? Because society hates women and views everything we do as wrong and evil.

Everyone knows women can rape, molest, exc. But the ONLY time those things are brought up is when people point out a specific case or a few cases of men molesting, raping, exc and they can't STAND that people point out that men can do wrong. So they have to come correct the record and point out that actually women are worse and we should stop whining about the abuse we face and how men are largely the perpetrators. "Oh you got raped? Well men get raped too!" Like yeah no shit. Why don't you go make a new thread about it and stop derailing and minimizing what women face?

So yes, people do deny that men are just as bad. Constantly.

>why make a woman hate thread
Because some of us are sick of people coming into the MAN HATING THREAD to shit on women just like everybody else does, so obviously we need one so everyone can have a specific place to talk about how evil and worthless women are. I mean fuck. It's no coincidence that they brought this to THIS thread. It was very intentional, to point the attention away from men and the shitty things they do and say "well women also do it and it's worse!!11! fuck women!!1"

No. 221754

Do men even really like shy/submissive women?i noticed that women who are in the most successful/healthy relationships are the loud mouth "sluts" that guys claim to hate, mean while the "submissive" girls get shat on and treated like retards by their partners (take yumi and June for example). They constantly say they want pure virgins then the moment they get one they do their best to make her feel like shit.

No. 221757

They don't "like" any women. They hate women, but will take any one they can get, whether she meets the standards they claim to have or not.

They see women as holes. And a hole is a hole to them, doesn't matter if she's a loudmouth slut or not. They just want power over women because they think they deserve to have power over women just on the basis that they were born men, that's why they try to advocate for women to be submissive and traditional.

No. 221758

I just find it interesting that it usually is the women who act like Loud and assertive who end up with wealthy husbands, while women who are submissive end up with the worst of the worst men.

No. 221760

Oh I see what you're saying. Well I kind of have a theory about that, but it does generalize a little bit. Obviously it doesn't fit every single relationship or woman. But, in my opinion and in my experience, the loud and assertive women usually have a lot of confidence and therefore a fair amount of self worth, and they project that outwards. They believe they deserve 'better' and won't settle for someone who treats them like shit, so they never do. SOME submissive women take the submission a little bit too far, and don't allow themselves to develop confidence, self worth, or the backbone to stand up for themselves. Therefore they can occasionally end up with assholes who treat them like shit, because they don't believe they deserve better, and their personality is sort of meek, so men view them as easier to control and walk all over. Which is very sad.

Like I said, this is generalizing. I know a lot of "submissive" women who have tons of confidence and stand up for themselves when men treat them like trash. And I know a lot of loud mouth, promiscuous, and confident girls who aren't as confident as they try to seem and can also end up falling victim to a shitty, emotionally abusive relationship. But what I stated above is a trend I've noticed.

No. 221764

Smart men want smart women who call them out on their bullshit and can think for herself, insecure tryhard bitches who are desperate for any community dick they can get and will just panter to whoever gives her attention no matter how crappy he treats her, smart women don't take bullshit from a man and don't settle for the first asshole to give her attention, think of sh0eonhead and lainey vs Victoria Beckham and Abigail Johnson, and its always these same loser men and women who are going to end up in a ripoff shitty apartment together always talking shit about women who dare not accept the first guy who gives them attention to be their everlasting husbands. Thats why those women and men end up actually fucking happy and successful, those "teehee im so submissive" girls, don't.

No. 221771

No, this may be the man hating thread but there is really no way to defend what she said even if you only quote her directly, she pretended that touching her kid sister was some sort of cute ~quirky~ thing.

Again, what is the point here? "Women can be sick too", yes and? No one denied it, the fact that men do it so much more is the issue.

No. 221772

File: 1515594790839.png (382.12 KB, 1241x2032, IMG_2237.PNG)

Yeah the sad truth is that it is men who usually don't give a shit about boys being molested. Women are the ones who get outraged about it while men call it hot or make jokes about it, they only bring it up when they want to use it as a defense against women.

No. 221782

Men are kinda backwards when it comes to porn. They can fantasize about other women but if their wife or gf does the same they act like total man babies. It's the same with looks, they can compare you to other women and give their honest opinion but if their gf was to tell them they look less attractive than other men they can't handle it. I really don't understand why they think this way.

No. 221785

I don’t believe this, because in my experience men do not like being called out on their shit. Smart men, dumb men, it doesn’t matter. Men don’t like assertive girls or girls who can form their own opinion because that means they can’t control that girl. Men want control, they want to be in charge, it doesn’t matter what their level of intelligence is.

Idk, maybe I am stupid, because I stayed with a guy who was emotionally abusive to me and ruined my self-worth and self-esteem. But he was a smart guy, so your logic still doesn’t add up from my experience.

No. 221797


I found this thread on a catfish epsiode. In the episode the guy is disabled and it implies he is dying, the girl tells him before meeting him she's not the girl in the pictures she was sending he says he doesn't care what she looks like. While Nev and Max look her up, they find a murderer with the same name and age as her - he still says he'd be willing to give her a chance as everyone is deserving of a second chance.

He meets her, it turns out she was abused by her mother, is crippling shy and insecure. She's fat and he decides he's not interested based on that alone, he was willing to go for a murderer as long as she was hot - but a fat girl who loves him, is willing to look after him? Fuck her! Also in the thread people say he messages underage girls, scams women etc and is a pos in general.

I get physical attraction is a thing, but he was ugly as sin himself but wanted some hot girl. It's women who have high standards tho and go for douchebags if they're good looking obviously.

No. 221799

saged for samefagging just wanna clarify she wasn't a murderer lol, the only thing she lied about was her appearance.

No. 221806

People were making it sound like went into her sister's room and made her touch her, and that when she was 17 she shoved pebbles up her vagina. I read what it said and it turned out her sister always looked for comfort so kept sleeping in her big sister's room even when Lena wanted her to leave, and when she was 13 she "discovered herself", so when her sister went to sleep she would masterbate. Really, she should have gone to the bathroom or something. 7 year old Lena was curious after being told about vaginas, and decided to take a peak at her sister's, where she found pebbles that slipped down towards her sister's vulva. (I'm not gonna say she did it and not her sister, because I've know small children put things in their nappies. ) Child Psychologists have said this is the equivalent of touching a dog's tail from the POV of a child. I can understand that, but her mother should have used that as a teaching moment regarding keeping your hands to yourself and respecting other people's boundaries, which she seems like she doesn't because she outed her sister to her parents??? And, the distasteful "joke" describing how she wanted to get close to her sister like a child molester. I know that maybe her style of writing, but there are something's you just don't do.

She's fucking weird, has done and said some shitty things and seems to love making others uncomfortable, I don't think it was abuse, but I can understand why it's so contentious.

I'm pretty much with Roxane Gay on this one. http://roxanegay.tumblr.com/post/101801523290/on-lena-dunham-and-all-that

No. 221807

She did it 'til she was 17? Doesn't she have no awareness? Didnt she find that weird or uncomfortable and feel it more appropriate to use the bathroom??

Didnt know about the rapist thing.

No. 221810

I watched the episode and while yes, she was fat and plain in the face I felt really bad for her because she seemed to legitimately care about this below-average looking dude who was also paralyzed and dying, yet the only thing he thought about was whether she was hot or not, then tried to string her along as his "friend", and told her to fuck off the minute he met another girl. Disgusting.

No. 221820

File: 1515614696929.png (266.5 KB, 500x500, Disgust.png.png)

>fat albeit sweet woman who has a lot of kindness is second rate to a hot drug-abusing murderer
Sorry, but there's nothing human or moralistic about that. He's a gimp animal who's willing to bullshit about "living life to the fullest/muh personality/muh hurt" if it's a means to an end. He's the type of person to lie to get what he wants.

Apparently people have come forward with screenshots of him going after underage girls too.
Society PAYS for this scumbag to live.

No. 221887

File: 1515646818307.png (28.31 KB, 1148x142, iknowcatslike.png)


Is there ANYTHING that can exist without men being bitchy little cunts on it? are men just evil by nature?

No. 221889

>i know cats like men more than women
Wat. I've noticed the complete opposite throughout my life. All the cats I know are much closer to their female owners and don't really give a shit about the man in the house. In contrast, a lot of larger dog breeds that I've known seem to prefer men. Don't know why.

One thing I do know is that having a pet, regardless of type, IS a preferable alternative to having a misogynist boyfriend/husband/fuck buddy. Cat ladies get a lot of shit from guys like this, but honestly nothing relieves stress and restores your will to live more than just watching a cat live its life and not giving a fuck. They're great.

>women are equal to men

Gee, why would he shove that in there? It's almost like he knows people can easily tell that he doesn't believe that at all.

No. 221899

File: 1515659821806.png (61.84 KB, 1074x178, Untitled.png)

whats wrong with men

No. 221901

File: 1515660232018.png (50.72 KB, 746x190, Untitled.png)

No. 221902

File: 1515660400239.png (7.66 KB, 1208x60, 3.png)

jesus christ

No. 221903

This is what they call "negging" I guess, it's such a bullshit thing to do, and incredibly nasty. Basically they believe if they lower a girl's self esteem enough it'll make her think she doesn't deserve anyone better than him, it may work for a bit but eventually, women do leave them and they cry about how they got dumped. Never ending cycle cause men can't just treat us as humans.

No. 221904

I hate that I find him mildly attractive facially but what a piece of shit. Supposedly he's been harrassing women over FB and hitting on underage girls. And a juggalo to boot. The girl was so sweet, she dodged a bullet.

No. 221905

He's nowhere near the "chad" men proclaim all women demand, he's pretty much bed bound and below average….yet is shallow as fuck. If that girl lost weight and made some better hair/style choices she'd be even more above his league than she already is, I truly hope she found someone who loves her. Let's keep pretending women all have insanely high standards though, seriously men like this have sweet women willing to be with them yet men pretend they can't get dates because they're not 6ft and rich.

No. 221907

File: 1515663007517.jpg (59.35 KB, 750x437, hmm.jpg)

at this point, i can't tell whether or not this is a troll

No. 221908

>men who don't want women to eat don't date women
thank fucking god

but I wouldn't doubt it, I always thought it was ridiculous since the beginning of time women had to go out of their way to pretend like they don't do these things but now I know why, is there something in mens minds that make them unattracted to human beings? is that why they can't treat us like them?

I swear knowing men like the men in this thread exists makes me so damn thankful my boyfriend isn't like them, I wonder if women they're with even know how mentally ill they are

No. 221909

Thats it, I'm rejecting every guy I see
Working your fucking ass off spending thousands in the process to get a perfect body, when I finally blossom into a D cup even thats probably not good enough for a guy to appreciate the slightest, anytime a guy even flirts with me the slightest I'll send him the pictures from these threads of men being fucking disgusting, Im a lesbian now. At least women will appreciate me. I didnt save myself just for men to turn around and do this shit fuck that im done, tired of putting so much fucking time and effort for a perfect body, money and education, skills, hygiene, social skills, being chastised forever and for what? For this? No thanks, Don't enable these sick, disgusting men.

No. 221911

I've known guys that will talk about how disgusting women are because of their bodily functions… but then complain about girls being grossed out when a guy farts near them. Men think they should be entitled to be as disgusting around women as they please, but are horrified just by the knowledge that women also have bodily functions. Also note how he calls us "animals" instead of "humans"?

I'm curious how this user would respond to a woman saying the exact same thing about men.

>I wonder if women they're with even know how mentally ill they are

You'd be amazed/horrified by how many women suffer from extreme enough internalized misogyny to drink the kool aid

No. 221915

i don't know if this is the right thread to talk about this but today i was browsing Twitter and this was the second time i noticed something i find a bit odd; for the second time i noticed a Twitter account, with a profile picture showing a 'beautiful woman' (according to standards at least) and it's always the same: openly alt-right, anti-feminist and they post pics of everything BUT selfies or random pics of themselves. i was wondering if those people could be men pretending to be women to get a large following? is this a thing? they spend their time shitting on feminists calling them feminazi…etc. idk why but they just don't sound like women to me

No. 221920

Girls, if your boyfriend ever does this to you, PLEASE for godsake leave him. You are worth more than an abusive shit.

No. 221923

If it makes you feel better, there's a 98% chance these posts are just made up fantasies.

No. 221924

Whether the posters were just pulling shit out of their ass or not makes no difference. Bullying/abuse like this still happens in real relationships.

No. 221931

Literally two days into dating a guy he told me I should consider implants and that he was only dating me instead of my friend because she was a bit too crazy even if she had bigger tits.

He was extremely surprised when I dumped him, and went on to stalk me and send me essay long letters about how I should date him again and how I misunderstood.

No. 221946

Oh god, I'm so happy you dumped that loser. I have a lot of friends who have been heavily disrespected by guys they've gone on dates with in similar ways.

>told they needed to lose weight

>told their other friend was the first choice, but she had a boyfriend already
>quizzed on their knowledge of certain fandoms and told point blank it was because they're female and girls never genuinely like stuff
>"Wow, you're not like other girls, you're really smart and interesting!"

And that's just some of the shit I've heard. The guys pretty much never get why they don't get called back either. One guys was like "guess next time I need to make sure the girl isn't a radical feminist before I waste my money on her". The girl he said that to didn't even identify as a feminist at the time and paid for her own food.

No. 221958

Wtf lol. I kind of understand pee and shit but eat?

No. 221959

I will never ever believe the lie "men don't care about small breasts or they like them" bots will try to put in our heads when ~surprise~ even women with large breasts wouldn't date men this god damn awful when it comes to womens breast size, why are they so damn obsessed? They will happily put women through literal hell if she doesn't have at least a D but the second women turn around and say "fuck these men, lets find someone worthwhile" all the sudden all men magically like smaller breasts? I don't buy it for a second

No. 221960

Why do you guys think men hate women so much? Where do you think misogyny comes from exactly?

Can it really just be mommy issues, rejection, and not being able to get laid…? I feel like for the amount of misogyny we see, those things can't amount for all of it. Maybe for the younger men, they explain things…but for adult men? Do you think there could be something in their biology that makes them despise women so much?

I just feel like there has to be something more. If I'm going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, I want to understand better. I want to know what we did to deserve shit like this, and why it will never change no matter how much we acknowledge it.

No. 221963

I think in general men are biologically driven to want to control women and so they dehumanize us to justify this compulsion. I know many men are not like this, but a very disturbing number are.

No. 221966

>I know many men are not like this

No. 221967

>I know many men are not like this
they are just hiding it

No. 223253

I have big breasts, and men still feel the need to tell me if they prefer smaller breasts or they're an ass man when I didn't ask. If you have big breasts you're not off the hook either.

No. 223254

File: 1515705853365.png (75.8 KB, 579x219, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 3.21…)

Whenever men try to come in here and say that ~~men don't hate women everything they do is for women~~ just show them this. THIS is how men see women. Stop fucking denying it. STOP pretending like we are crazy for thinking this. This is the fucking truth, and men are telling it to us right here.

This was, at one point, stickied and upvoted on the menrights subreddit. One of the supposedly less misogynistic subreddits in the "manosphere." And by less misogynistic, I mean still fucking despise and can't hide their pure frothing hatred for women.

No. 223255

Also, I should mention that back when this was posted, the only men who were bothered by it and "disagreed" with it were the ones who were worried about THEIR image and the image of MRAs. They didn't care about the misogyny, they just cared that it might make them look bad.

No. 223260

File: 1515708795064.jpeg (248.08 KB, 785x523, silver-tea-3a771cf4.jpeg)

>where work is looked down upon and something to get out of and good deeds are for suckers and all evil you do it not just punished but rewarded by society, the government and the legal system?

what is this guy even talking about? is he forgetting the internet applauds when men rape or kill a woman that isn't a perfect little fairy who is innocent all her life? seriously, I can't find one video on the news where a teenage or grown woman was raped and killed without men trying to justify it and claim she had it coming, and of course the all famous "hur dur if he was a woman then he could just say they raped her and walk away" or some shit like that despite the fact most of these little boys can't find one case of women actually getting away with rape or murder that isnt jodi or casey anthony, and what's even funnier is the fact men get away with rape daily, in fact most male rapists are never punished at all, if they are they will get anywhere from a few months to at most a few years, hell subway dude only got 1 yr for each child he raped but yep it's apparently women who get away with everything

>You know, like women today

… yeah, that's why women are more calmer, nurturing, and caring by nature, that's why when you see CSA support groups or just kind-hearted deeds in general it's mostly done by women, that's why churches are filled with women that's why mosts anti animal abuse people are in fact women, most social workers, autism coaches, etc, are women, it's always women who want to help people, it's always women who are kind hearted and want to make the world a better place after men destroyed it
men will rape children, women will help protect the children, help them with social skills and help them cope and protect themselves, just for men to turn around and say"B-BUT IT'S ACTUALLY YOU WOMYN THAT ARE EVIL!!!"

pic related, it's the people who run a anti child abuse charity

No. 223280

>women are evil because they want their own rights and want to be seen as more than something to look hot

No. 223281

>my ideal woman is a woman who doesn’t eat or breathe or reminds me that they’re human/an animal
then? Get? A ? Doll???
Seriously. Sex dolls and gtfo. They’ll leave us well enough alone since they’ll have their dolls to entertain them and we won’t have to interact with men anymore and can lives our lives in peace. Win/Win.

No. 223293

Does anyone actually know when the "advanced sex dolls" that they always claim to be waiting for are set to arrive? As far as I know there are already reasonably realistic sex dolls, right? Seriously why do these men still act like they don't already exist and aren't already available to purchase? Hurry up please.

No. 223311

>incredibly stupid
Et al.

Men already possess all of these traits more so than women. They just admitted that they're behavior can get far worse.

No. 223324

Biggest obstacle I'd imagine is price, the current models already run up a couple thousand at least. There was a festival last year where a sex bot was present to give the public a look and feel of the technology and it went about as well as you might think something like that would.

>The randy robot is programmed with artificial intelligence so that she responds to gentle seduction. Samantha seemingly gets more aroused the more she’s “romanced.” That didn’t happen at the festival. Instead, “Samantha” was molested and seriously damaged by attendees.

>“The people mounted Samantha’s breasts, her legs and arms. Two fingers were broken. She was heavily soiled,” he said, according to Britain’s Metro news site. ”People can be bad. Because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it, they treated the doll like barbarians.”


No. 223331

File: 1515768312702.jpg (38.39 KB, 503x644, 1515627251784.jpg)

>men have high standards

now I'm laffing



No. 223333

Men whining about wanting sex dolls to replace women, but then disrespects the companies that try to create them by destroying sex doll tech worth thousands of dollars. Men literally are barbaric children

No. 223334

I’m glad it was just a doll and not some girl, an actually person. I wish they can just shell out the cash and then they’ll fuck off. But then again, what’s stopping men from not tolerating women any longer afterward? If they can fuck their doll at home - they have sex, the only thing they tolerate women’s existence for.

No. 223335

Oh no men on a vague study of a dating site got a low rating, you sure showed us and all the shit men will do to women for the sole reason they're not perfect 10s vs men on a dating site whom we didn't even see got a low rating, wow I guess women are shallow

No. 223339


No. 223340


But you're basing your whole narrative on things men do on internet about this issue too. Show me a study about how men rate women like I did then it'll be legit. I have never seen men berating women for her looks around me but I see plenty of women making fun of short guys, bald guys etc.

No. 223341

They wouldn't be satisfied. Men desperately crave love, whether they want to admit it or not. Even Roosh V has a video where he's going on about how useless women are besides sex and babies, but then by the end of the video he's sperging about how he doesn't understand why he can't find someone to love him and marry him (I know, the lack of self-awareness is amazing). There's a direct connection between misogyny and feeling unloved, it's not just about sex. Even a guy who had countless sex partners wants a wife more than anything at the end of the day.

No. 223342

File: 1515774763352.webm (2.57 MB, 400x224, 1515773877592.webm)


No. 223343

>I have never seen men berating women for her looks around me but I see plenty of women making fun of short guys, bald guys etc.
Jesus, anon. If you're not gonna bother reading the thread then don't post in it. Just scroll up and you'll see examples.

No. 223346

I personally think a lot of woman put way more effort in appearance, eating healthy, make-up, flattering clothes, learning how to take pictures of yourself. I don't see (straight) men doing that a whole lot. Also, some guys take such horrible photos of themself, low angles, bad lighting, looking like they are on the toilet. That has an effect on the rating too.

No. 223350

Men want ''love'' from women yet they refuse to see us as as human, hate that we have rights as one, believes we're all useless besides sex and making kids; they scream, harass, abuse, assault and wish rape and death to women. I don't think its love they want anon - they want a wife, yeah, but a wife to them is someone who isn't human but is a submissive sex bot that never talks, only opens her legs and make them food whenever they want.

No. 223352

Men want a mommy they can fuck. Someone who babies them, cooks for them, cleans up after them, never yells or complains about her precious baby, and fucks them.

No. 223354

Oh no is that the biggest problem you have to deal with? Women don't think you're pretty :( :( :(

That must be so hard, but I'm sure being seen as more competent, intelligent, and capable by society at large softens the blow a little bit, right? You'll fucking live.

No. 223356

File: 1515777905641.png (50.86 KB, 264x603, the y stands for yuck.png)

Behold the mistake of nature

No. 223357

>Show me a study about how men rate women like I did then it'll be legit
you're not understanding, dumbass, how do we know fat hideous men aren't just being shown to these women for them to rate just so men like you can scream "B-BUT WOMEN HAVE HIGH STANDARDS" men have already had to make up shit about women to trash them so it wouldn't be a surprise if they altered this too

> I have never seen men berating women for her looks around me but I see plenty of women making fun of short guys, bald guys etc.

sweetie the last three threads and the teen threads include women venting for having the everloving shit bashed out of them by men if they don't look like literal sex dolls, men even have the nerve to call rihannas tits saggy and tell her she has no ass

>see plenty of women making fun of short guys, bald guys etc.

of course you do that's why fuck hideous short bald men can make videos without a single person bashing him meanwhile a girl can't even show herself on the internet unless she looks exactly like a sex doll without being shit on to hell and back, you probably can't even give me a single example of this happening meanwhile women can write novels telling their experiences about how awfully they are treated by men, even if they're not ugly, they just have some flaws

No. 223360

>meanwhile a girl can't even show herself on the internet unless she looks exactly like a sex doll
Even then, you can bet your ass there's gonna be a guy in the comments talking about how ugly she is. And chances are that guy is probably gonna be pretty hideous. I lurk the IG accounts of people like Sssniperwolf and Sommer Ray and there's always a guy saying they're unattractive. I always check the profile and they're either private or the guy is terrible looking.

No. 223367

have you ever considered the fact that most men are fucking ugly and repulsive? especially on okc

No. 223372

this is grossing me out so much, holy shit

No. 223379

This. Men aren’t taught to give as much of a fuck about their looks as women do, so of course women care more about looks. Men don’t want an unkempt slob who looks like they sit on their couch all day, and neither do women. The difference is, women internalize their shame, while men blame it on women who care too much about how men look. Meanwhile, any time a man is in control of a female lead character design you can guarantee she’s gonna be skinny, pretty, and scantily clothed.

No. 223386

>any time a man is in control of a female lead character design you can guarantee she’s gonna be skinny, pretty, and scantily clothed.
To be fair, that's pretty much expected from any industry. Any protagonist (male or female) is going to fit with what's considered to attractive (with very few exceptions). It's not really a sexist issue.

No. 223409

>to be expected from the industry
>not a sexist issue

Kek. Most female lead character designs are based on how horny they can make male gamers. How is that not sexist? If you can’t design a female character without having most of her exposed compared to the male characters, there’s probably some ingrained mysoginy going on. Otherwise you could have a strong, interetesting female lead who wears actual clothes/armor and doesn’t have mega milk tits.

No. 223410

Women may talk in private with each other about what they find unattractive, but I have legitimately never seen a woman viciously attack a man for his looks.

Men on the other hand? Both on the internet and irl I have seen men straight up tell girls who did nothing to them but exist that they're fat, ugly and point any tiny flaw they may have. Guys literally hate women they're not attracted too even existing, hell even if they are attracted to them they'll "neg" them aka emotionally abuse them to lower their self esteem.

No. 223523

men are drawn the same in games and media is what the anon meant

No. 223524

File: 1515800952830.jpg (72.75 KB, 350x500, residentevil4_ps2box_usa_org_0…)

I agree with this over all, but I feel like video games are more equal than other forms of media when it comes to objectifying both genders. Male video game leads are often incredibly attractive and wear clothing that really shows off their physique. There's more female protags this applies to, but it's a lot more even than like comic books for example. Women make up a lot more of video game customers than people realize and developers cater to us pretty heavily.

Pic very much related

No. 223556

File: 1515803942679.jpg (43.59 KB, 583x596, vidya.jpg)

Potagonists? Sometimes, but look at literally any GTA protag or, like, God of war, Yakuza, or the male characters vs the females in Overwatch or MK, etc. No shade to kratos, all shade to junkrat: women don't get to be ugly in video games.

The objectification is very different too, females usually design more realistic and less ofensive chars (i.e… Alucard? Idk any other examples now) while men go for a Bayonetta or something.

No. 223599

File: 1515807190289.jpg (6.73 KB, 200x200, 2038623533.jpg)

>menrights subreddit
>less misogynistic

No. 223601

Meant to tag >>223254

No. 223628

They said 'supposedly' less misogynistic, because /r/mensrights loves to go on about how they aren't misogynists but then you scroll down a few comments and there's some dude saying shit like in that picture.

Everyone knows they are misogynists, but they love to act like they aren't and apparently don't see how saying "women are worthless subhuman filth" is misogynistic.

Swear to god I'm done even dealing with men. I'm done smiling and laughing trying to make them feel ~comfortable~ and trying not to hurt their feelings when they come up to me even though I'm not interested, I'm done laughing and gritting my teeth every time they say something misogynistic towards me and pretending it's a ~super funny~ joke when we both know it isn't, I'm done listening to them and genuinely trying to help them and give them advice, and I'm sure as fuck done tiptoeing around them trying not to bruise their extremely fragile ego. Done. Why should I give a fuck about them when they despise me and would hurt me and spit in my face the first chance they got?

Fuck men.

No. 223658

>I'd say over 95% of people who play video games are male.
only about 60 percent of male, according to EA at least
>You're the kind of girl that likes men who pay you zero attention, who pretend like you don't exist, like they want nothing to do with you
not that anon but I was listening to what you said until you brought that up. confirmed brainwashed retard, you don't know that anon nor anything about that anon despite their venting and frustration with misogyny, she could be the most beautiful woman you've ever seen for all we know. but you don't, you have to lie and make up shit when someone says something you don't like

No. 223660

>Male video game leads are often incredibly attractive and wear clothing that really shows off their physique.
This is the reason why I play only Japanese games (like the one you posted). The guys get just as objectified, sometimes even more so and especially if the game is directed at women. Western games feature space marines or fully armored knights as male protagonists and the female characters are bland as fuck wizards in a bikini or a leather bodysuit. And because the video game development scene in the US is run by retarded "male feminists", they think characters like that are empowering to women.

No. 223661

>all men are misogynistic
you say this as if it's news

No. 223662

File: 1515861707152.jpg (70.04 KB, 847x943, elizabeth_comstock_by_evilpown…)

I agree, what do you think of elizabeth comstock from bioshock? I know they drew the typical pretty slim white girl and all but she's one of the only character I could find that are attractive but aren't in bikinis/scantily clad clothing and given attention drawn to their ass or tits, then again I understand because it fits the time period and she was bookers daughter so it would be weird to make her scantly clad, I like how they focus on her personality and storyline as well instead of just pretty much saying "here's a characters ass in a body suit"

No. 223667

Yeah, that's because male aren't objectified. You bet men would be whining if games were filled with burly men in g-strings perfectly outlining their giant pixels dicks bouncing around.

No. 223674

>"video games" like The Sims.

So what makes The Sims and the like not video games?

No. 223675

File: 1515865880129.jpg (62.95 KB, 443x448, Capture.JPG)

>Men don’t want an unkempt slob who looks like they sit on their couch all day,
>You have no clue what men want.

He says that as he posts a picture of an anime girl.

This is how an unkept slob woman looks in real life. It's a stock photo, but closest I could find on google. Is this attractive to men? Nope, most will say it's disgusting.

No. 223677

This is true, once me and a female friend were making jokes about how we should open a male version of hooters of fit men walking around in nothing but tight shorts and serve chocolate and ice cream and stuff and men came in bitching and screaming about how all women are pigs and how they want to objectify men etc etc

No. 223678

>believing the whole women don't have sex drives myth
What because women dont cream themselves over pictures they dont have sex drives now?

No. 223679

File: 1515866711079.jpg (74.75 KB, 636x954, 1253261446875761736.jpg)

I have once shown some of my male friends this story about muscle cafe in Japan


I thought they would laugh and find it amusing but they were acting so uncomfortable with the idea of it.

No. 223681

File: 1515867169211.jpg (120.47 KB, 1374x1031, Mgf72t0r.jpg)

>men who come to this thread to blame women on how they look and act

No. 223682

A fit shop has opened in the nearest mall and all the guys that work there are so in shape. Tall, muscley, handsome and they all seem super nice, working and doing what they like since they know pretty much everything about all the foods and regimens, etc.

I wish there was a cafe like that in europe, strong, good-looking and tall men are such a pleasure to look at, I wouldn't mind paying for such thing. And during summer I go crazy when I see young guys with an Adonis belt.

No. 223685

>Your friends are metrosexual soyboys.

No, they're not.

>No other type of guy would be platonic friends with female lolcow posters.

Why? Can you explain this further?

>She could still easily get a boyfriend, countless guys would pay her for sex.

There are men who are willing to fuck anything but most men would be disgusted by an unhygienic, disheveled woman. Also fucking doesn't equal love or respect.

>I could work at one of these places.

If you don't mind being turned into object, sure. It's telling that these places are very rare while there are tons of hookers, strip clubs etc.

No. 223689

>If women had the same sex drives as men, then civilization would have never advanced, nothing would have ever been invented or built by men, because they would have gotten sex for free without having to offer something in exchange to get it.

Why would women having same sex drive hinder men from inventing? Do you mean like since both sexes would have huge sex drive, they would do nothing but constantly fuck each other?
So women having lower sex drive and denying men from sex is a good thing in your opinion?

Also historically, women would stay at home and give birth to children because infant mortality was high, along with other factors such as wars. Birthing children was needed to sustain.

In modern times, when there is already 7 billion humans on this planet, high natal rates are not needed. Women don't need to birth children and more and more women are getting into scientific fields, doing just as good if not better.

>they can get it for free, or men PAY THEM money.

Isn't that men's fault? It's like that huge sex drive you all have is making you do irrational decisions and gets you fucked in the head. See how many men pay hundreds of dollars to a camgirl just so she flashes her tits on camera? That's really sad.

No. 223693

>Evolutionary psychology bullshit. This is how the Abrahamic God designed the sexual balance.

Seriously now, you can disagree with evolutionary psychology, but there is no point in bringing Abrahamic God into this.

>If men don't "succeed" in society, then they don't get any sex. Men have to offer something in exchange for sex, in the form of financial and social status.

>The primary competitive urge to invent and build was driven by men wanting sex.

>Still to this day, the main reason most men even compete against each other in capitalism, is because they wouldn't get access to females otherwise.

>Women having low sex drives, and withholding sex from men unless they're financially/socially successful, is a fundamental building block of civilization.

>Many men are not financially/socially successful enough to get sex. These are incels.

>They're obviously angry and bitter about it. They are forced to be alone because of their socioeconomic status. They can't even get a female to have sex with them, let alone start a family. They will die alone with no offspring unless they can increase their socioeconomic status to a level that females find acceptable.

>Combined with other factors, the pressure is too much for many men. They end up snapping, killing/raping other people or themselves, largely because female sexual access is too expensive, and they can't afford it in the current economy.

So, lets say your argument is correct- then the problem obviously lies in incels, not in women.

As you said:
>Women having low sex drives, and withholding sex from men unless they're financially/socially successful, is a fundamental building block of civilization.

So who women choose is an important factor in furthering our civilization, since they choose those who are successful enough, according to your theory.

Yet incels, instead of taking responsibility like an adult human beings to better themselves and become more successful to be chosen, decide to get emotional and force themselves upon those women or kill those who are successful out of spite? Shouldn't they either 1)Take responsibility and better themselves or 2)Accept their place instead of using violence to force unstable selves onto others.

No. 223696

File: 1515871937793.jpg (226.09 KB, 1669x876, Mobius-FF-Shot-03.jpg)

>"Men don't think like this. Men will never complain that they're being "objectified" by attractive male characters."
>Completely ignores the landslide of butthurt from triggered men that caused Square to change the sexy, revealing outfit for the male character in Mevius Final Fantasy

No. 223700

File: 1515872343599.jpg (118.92 KB, 600x816, 4.jpg)

Stop replying to the robot you idiots.

I like this character a lot but I kind of felt like her story in the game was just centered around the male protagonist, even though the devs refer to it as her story. It's a bunch of hot air. Also, I'm glad they eventually went with the disney princess type design in the final game because some of the early designs for her are… problematic.

No. 223706

File: 1515873205085.jpg (43.49 KB, 350x206, 46a37ad7ac9ac998701eebc458f626…)

Never played the game but I gotta say that JRPGs have a ton of amazing female characters that are just as strong as the male characters, rarely rely on males to have a complete character history and a development arc, have their own distinct personalities etc. Just look at Chrono Trigger for example, Marle is strong-willed and can stand up for herself without being cold and cynical, Lucca is intelligent and upstanding without being a sexy sultry scientist or a ditzy cute nerd girl made for male approval. I hate how the discussion around JRPGs always revolve around the more sexualized characters when there are so many more well-written, strong female characters around.

No. 223709

>You're the kind of girl that likes men who pay you zero attention
I don't like any men, actually. Which was the point of my post.

>all men are misogynists

no shit dude. Once again, that's the point of my post and this thread as a whole. We already know that.

No. 223710

If all men see women as "inferior and petty" as you said, why the fuck do you care about them? Why care what they do, or if they're fucking other men who aren't you? Just purchase some time with a prostitute, or buy a sex doll/bot, and there. Problem solved. If women are so worthless and inferior, men can just as easily live without them and be happy, can they not?

Why would you want anything to do with the thing you hate that fucking much? Talk about irrational.

No. 223711

I don't understand how men can murder, assault, and rape both us and eachother on a daily, have significantly higher mental illness rates and less impulse control, have higher homlessness rates because they all hate eachother, let their sex drives control them, literally ruin the world, and still think they're superior. They're broken.

No. 223712

Because apparently all of those things are women's fault, somehow. Anything men do is automatically seen as superior, anything women do is automatically seen as inferior. Just look at how men talk about women when they are successful in things like math and science. They say shit like "oh they must have lowered the standards for her!" despite there being no evidence to support that. Anything a woman does will never be good enough, they'll just do some mental gymnastics and find some way where she doesn't count and she didn't actually achieve anything and she's not worth anything.

Plus anything women do is held against them. And by "them" I mean all women. Take Donald Trump for instance. Just look at his Twitter - he is clearly overemotional and and behaves immaturely. Are people going to start saying that men are too hysterical to run countries now? Is anyone going to say "men are literally children and therefore shouldn't work outside the home", even though a lot of them act like it? No, they aren't. If a woman had been elected and she acted the same way, she would be used as evidence for how ALL women are unfit to run countries. Same thing in other fields. The director David O'Russell has had multiple outbursts and tantrums on set, but he still gets work and he's respected. He isn't seen as "emotional" or childish. A female director recently came out and said a producer pulled a significant amount of funding for her film, all because he said "women are too emotional" and therefore couldn't be relied upon. This director has no history of the kind of childish emotional fuckery that O'Russell is.

And that's just an example. But it is certainly a visible trend.

No. 223713

Not the anon you're replying to but tbh I think men just hate and want to hurt women anyway they can. They could easily buy themselves a doll, fuck it until their dick falls off and be happy, but that wouldn't satisfy their need in making sure women know they're inferior and worthless besides making babies and sex.

No. 223715

>I'd say over 95% of people who play video games are male.
Well, your personal opinion doesn't trump sales data. Look up video games sales by gender, the gap isn't anywhere near that high, in fact it's not high at all.

>completely forgetting Ada Wong

And not all men are misogynistic, regardless what robots and farmers think this simply isn't true. There are plenty of men who aren't willfully ignorant enough to seriously delude themselves into believing women are useless. But go ahead and continue to rant about how we're good for nothing when you wouldn't even have the internet if it weren't for a woman (Ada Lovelace) at least until you get banned.

No. 223717

It would be nice for a man to actually admit this. Just once. Men, incels in particular, always hide behind "well it's about being desired! Prostitutes don't count because she isn't choosing to fuck me and that doesn't validate me!" Like, fuck off with that shit already. They have made it very clear that they hate women, view us as inferior, don't care about us - what we think, what we say. Why do they care about being "desired" by something they have no respect for? Why do you need to be validated by a creature you hate and view as lower than a fucking dog?

Like you hinted at, the only reason they won't actually go be happy with a sexdoll and shut the fuck up is because they can't hurt it. They can't abuse it. Other than those two reasons, a sexdoll fulfills are their requirements. It provides the only thing they view women as useful for.

>And not all men are misogynistic, regardless what robots and farmers think this simply isn't true.
No offense anon, but how can you honestly expect women to still believe this? Evidence to the contrary is provided on a near hourly basis. Trust me, I would like to still believe this and still have a shred of hope. But come on.

No. 223719


Why don't you show the other half of the study which shows that despite finding them ugly women message men on an almost perfect bellcurvre while all these fugly men only message the top 1/3 of women? Because it shows how shitty and entitled men are?

No. 223720

Men are pathetic pussies these men wouldn't last one damn day of going through what women have been going through for centuries and yet they mock us when we had enough

No. 223722

>Evidence to the contrary is provided on a near hourly basis
The evidence is that many men are misogynistic, not all. It truly saddens me that so many farmers have never known men who aren't misogynistic. I wonder if it has something to do with where some of you guys live? I would definitely say the majority of men are, but there are definitely exceptions out there. I've been close to several men who were genuinely not misogynists and my husband is… radical to say the least in his hatred of men due to how terrible they are. Like, this thread is very tame compared to the shit he says.

No. 223724

What country are you from anon?

No. 223725

>Is anyone going to say "men are literally children and therefore shouldn't work outside the home", even though a lot of them act like it?
I am, but not just because of Trump. Look at this garbage planet and tell me it was a good idea to let men run it. Men deserve to be treated like the breeders they are.

No. 223727

Just watch men throw their little tantrums and get all petulant when they get rejected. Even violent or angry. And it's women who are too emotional?

For a while I've been wondering if every single criticism and thing that men hate about women is just them projecting. Because it seems like all of those things actually apply to men even more than women.

No. 223732

Everything men bitch about in regards to sexism against them is all either really trivial, shit they do to women, or the direct result of the logic they've used to oppress women.


lolwut are you fucking kidding me?


It's almost like judges think women will automatically be better caretakers for children. I wonder where they could have possibly gotten that idea? I mean, it's not like men have been using that logic to forcefully keep women in the home and making babies throughout all of history or anything…


No. 223734

A progressive part of the USA

Men are incredibly overemotional. They loooove using estrogen against women as "scientific evidence" we're inherently irrational, but completely ignore the effects of testosterone… which makes you fucking crazy. How anyone could deny men's hormones make them crazy is beyond what I'm capable of computing, but men do. I've actually had conversations with men who REFUSE TO BELIEVE TESTOSTERONE HAS ANY EMOTIONAL EFFECTS.

No. 223736

We should just engineer better men and let current ones die out.

No. 223738

The weird thing about men is they actually hate women they don't find attractive….it's deeper than just not wanting to date them. For example if they like cute girl next door types, they will blindly hate women who look "slutty" or if they have racial preferences they will hate women of said race they're not attracted to. In men's mind they're thinking "how dare this woman I don't find attractive exist?womens only purpose is looking good for me so if she doesn't look good I hate her"

No. 223739

Yeah, like in the previous discussion, when men have racial preferences they cant just leave at "___ women are cute" they have to base it on sterotype and hysterically scream how other races of women are disgusting, manly or roasties

No. 223770

They also only see the bad things a girl does as representative of all women, never the good. They will look for literally anything they can use to justify their hatred of women, but dismiss anything positive. They also see things men also do just as much, if not more, as female things. Basically, anything bad is a female trait.

But when you bring up how men almost exclusively make up serial killers, mass shooters, and violent rapists… well, those are just sick sick people, not representative of men at all.

No. 223772

I believe very strongly the world would vastly improve if we allow the minority of quality ones in society and put the rest in labor camps. We will also rid society of the women who are against their own gender too, like Lauren Southern.

No. 223779

I remember I stumbled on a YouTube video of a podcast. They were talking about an article that was written on women’s strength. And I remember the conversation leading to how men are just superior at everything and the article is bullshit. So many guys are ready to jump and pounce on women for being mediocre and inferior at everything. They’re incapable of acknowledging positive attributes associated with women other than hold bearing. It’s like a struggle for them.

But one thing is true, like strength, so then, why are they so angry when women acknowledge this, are intimidated and want to stay away from them altogether? I’ve been thinking, who would want to be in a room with a man that has the potential to hurt and kill you?

No. 223780

File: 1515896736391.png (298.48 KB, 1242x1600, IMG_2271.PNG)

Men straight up disregard women they don't find attractive. At least women try to be nice about it.

No. 223790

>have you ever considered the fact that most men are fucking ugly and repulsive?

aren't you just providing another tally to the claim that women are more selective about male attractiveness on average, then?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223792

File: 1515898207260.png (737.05 KB, 1440x734, a lot of them don't even wipe …)

It is a fact that males are less hygienic than females and put less work into their appearances, plus their bone structures are generally unappealing

i might be biased though, as a lesbian :^)

No. 223794

>women are more selective about male attractiveness on average, then?
Even if this were true, who the fuck cares? Men act like this is the worst crime that could ever possibly be committed. This isn't a fucking problem, nor a reason to have a seething hatred for all women. If it's true, it's just a fact of life. Men love telling us to suck it up and accept that we are worthless and inferior and just get over it - well they should take their own advice on that one. They should accept that women aren't attracted to them and get over it.

No. 223847

Men are uglier on average, whether men like it or not. They could be decent looking if they didnt treat themselves like shit, you can have a hideous face, assuming you dont have deformities, a good haircut, facial hair, some working out and a suit can do wonders but men scream oppression if you dare ask these things, yet we're supposed to stay young, small, pretty, curvy, healthy, dress and eat well and smell good, etc etc

Meanwhile us women are supposed to just suck it up and date them, spoil them, marry them, fuck them, etc etc and then men spread the lie "hur dur us uggos have good personalities" which is easily proven wrong since most of the guys running around screaming how they hate women, how all women are like this, calling men who women like soyboys, saying women should be like this, tearing women apart so even attractive womem are ugly now and having standards so damn high even attractive and good looking celebrities arent good enough then act as if we are insane for pointing this out and when you call them out and show proof all they do is scream cherry picking and not all men yet they do this shit themselves, its like "not all men, not me, but not all" then completely ignore the fact so many very attractive women are dating hideous men and constantly uplifting and spoiling them and talking about them in good deeds, if men even date average looking women you can guarantee it wont last because of how miserable they become even if the woman was perfect personality wise, hell like the boob collage in the first thread, men will mention how their gf is pretty and smart and sweet and slim and its still not enough for them all because she has "small" boobs, bothers them to the point of shitting on them behind her back meanwhile like many women with small breasts, have struggled with insecurity for years then when they find a man to expose them to something theyre very sensitive about in hopes they'd appreciate and love it even if they're no playboy bunny what do these men do? Talk shit behind their back. Bitch to the internet talk about how they might break up, etc etc, meanwhile women can happily date shitty douchebags who are fat and greasy and only complain anonymously when they are emotionally abused, and we've seen more than enough proof.

No. 223917

Uh this girl should feel lucky. What a creep

No. 223918

File: 1515919205682.jpeg (72.56 KB, 1024x615, 1_iC0UjKDxFViE3XZuk6MMUw[1].jp…)

No. 223919

this chart is confusing, what's it even supposed to mean? pls explain

No. 223920

who has the advantage (likability) in male vs female attractiveness according to tinder's surveies.

No. 223921

if that's the case then the chart is crappily made and structured, they should have used a bargraph or double line graph

also where is the "likability" part? vertical is male attractiveness, horizontal is female, there is no likability part

what are they trying to get from this as well? are females supposed to be shallow or are males supposed to be shallow?

No. 223922


okay, this study makes no sense to begin with, they assume they're liking the most attractive out of the attractive men, but how do they know that? do they ask the women? they give no examples of how they know these women only want top 20 percent of men, meanwhile if you ask around most women will tell you they prefer average or slightly above average men


men won't mention this because like incels, they're always twisting and turning for any reason to be oppressed meanwhile average looking men are out there dating beautiful lovely women and men are out how screaming how women are shitty and judgemental yet they literally have privilege, most average looking women wouldn't even dare get a chance with an attractive man unless he had a fetish.

assuming this study is true and not bullshit, they're forgetting the fact so many women just swipe right to anything on tinder, which is another reason to believe it's bullshit, how many men have you seen say "oh I swipe right on everyone" ? right
now that that's aside, let's look into the reason this maybe so, are men just putting up shitty troll pics? are there just a bunch of fake profiles making women swipe left? are men putting in repealing bios? are is this area tinder got their study from filled with ugly men or lesbians?

now let's look what the weirdo who took the study said
"First, the sample size is small (only 27 females were interviewed). Second, all data is self reported. The females who responded to my questions could have lied about the percentage of guys they “like” in order to impress me (fake super hot Tinder me) or make themselves seem more selective. "

this isn't legit tinder shit, this is some faggot who made fake profiles and interviewed women, then accused them of lying about how many guys they like, but still used it in the study
again, how do WE know what he considers average? how do we know what he considers hot? exactly

"As I stated previously the average female “likes” 12% of men on Tinder. This doesn't mean though that most males will get “liked” back by 12% of all the women they “like” on Tinder. This would only be the case if “likes” were equally distributed."

this is what he said from a legit study, but then continued to turn around and scream "HUR DUR YOU WOMYN ARE FIGHTING OVER HOT MEN AND LEAVING OUT UGLY GUYS FUCK YOU WOMEN" because of his bullshit study that proves absolutely nothing

No. 223923

let's not get into halo/horn effect, it's just stupid

No. 223924

how was that the halo/horn effect? it was an observation

No. 223925

if you apply bad characteristics to people you find unattractive it is literally horn effect

No. 223926

>if you apply bad characteristics to people you find unattractive it is literally horn effect
I never did, in fact I use to be against it, I just find that usually men who are obnoxious incel shitheads who nitpicks others looks are in fact ugly, incels themselves even admit they're ugly

it would be the horn effect if I said all ugly men are shitty, but I'm saying all shitty men are ugly

No. 223927

so your logic is that as long as it's #NotAllUggos you are not biased?

No. 223928

Oh my fucking GOD what a joke. I hope this guy isn't in college, I've seen freshmen write better research assignments than this retarded "paper". And that's not taking the content into account.

No. 223929

am I biased? sure, but there's no denying a lot of the men who enjoy shitting on women all the time are ugly

agreed, he literally didn't do shit but make a bunch of fake accounts based on something that is subjective, then ask girls how many guys they like and take it in as the truth but try to translate it to fit his narrative

No. 223932

>I'm biased, but muh anecdotal evidence, so it's ok I guess

Tinder study is shit, but let's dissect those women like average men articles in order:

>women prefer guys that are not too tall and not to short, but "his wealth and status ultimately trump all physical characteristics"

>doesn't load for me so can't tell
>beautiful women are attracted to average men, if they are already succesful other beautiful women
>women that are insecure about their looks prefer average men
>women prefer average looking men, because they don't have to face so much competition

No. 223934

Its an observation, even incels admit they're hideous. No its not 10 pages of research for whatever reason, it's just what I think,meb who are prone to hating women are also ugly or obnoxious, no its not scientifically supported which idk why you even need that to say a POS group, who often admit they're ugly, are ugly.

No. 223946

File: 1515932674948.png (202.95 KB, 861x534, 1515907232036.png)

No comment.

No. 223964

Women have to be more selective about attractiveness because men generally dislike it when women have a lot of exes and tend to call them easy or slutty based on an arbitrary number they have no context for.

No. 223965

I hate how they never ask why women might swipe left too, personally I swipe left if they've not got a bio that wipes off a lot of men, it has nothing to do with looks but men are too stupid to understand there's other reasons the may not be getting matches so just throw a tantrum.

No. 223966

I should expand a little on this:

Women might be more inclined to play the field and give guys a chance who aren’t as well off/conventionally attractive IF having a lot of exes wasn’t so taboo and they wouldn’t jump to be called easy sluts by all the lonely, bitter guys they didn’t get a chance to try out.

No. 223967

Woo boy, I’ve seen some shitty bios on tinder for sure. Best is when they’re < 5 sentences of shit like >hit me up if you like to chill and vibe lol I’m into living my best life and making every day count

Like, gee, what girl isn’t wooed by that??

No. 223986

I think women might be more selective on these sites because they're actually looking for a long term partner, while men in these sites are just looking for any chick they can stick their dick in and they don't care if they find the woman attractive or not.

No. 224001

File: 1515952848417.png (282.95 KB, 1242x1421, IMG_2276.PNG)

>everything I'd want in a girl

No. 224009

True, I can guarantee if women had more of variety and liked more men then men would use the studies to run around and scream how women are cheap easy sluts, hell they're doing it right now

One second we're sluts with no morals, next second we're greedy bitches who's expectations for mwn are too high and we dont date those poor "average" men even though there's proof more women date them

No. 224025

least they’re honest
>everything I want in a girl
>just a fuck toy that I can do whatever I want to without consequences or objections

Wish more guys not only are open like this but will actually leave women alone forever after they get their dolls.
But do you think a majority of guys will follow through?

No. 224031

I honestly doubt it. Whenever I see men talking about sex dolls it's always about how women feel about them, like they really want women to get angry and jealous when the vast majority of us don't give a fuck. I feel like men would probably be satisfied with sex dolls for a while but then would start craving companionship and harassing women again. But I really hope I'm wrong and that men will finally start leaving us alone once sex dolls become more of a thing.

No. 224036

men who actually spend thousands of dollars on sex dolls are writing themselves out of the dating pool (and gene pool) for life. I think even incels know that and they're not willing to give up on the notion of sex with a real live woman just yet, no matter how much they bitch. (That and the cost.) I wish they would, though.

No. 224038

File: 1515966898602.jpg (12.58 KB, 130x275, 1512341366843.jpg)

>Whenever I see men talking about sex dolls it's always about how women feel about them, like they really want women to get angry and jealous when the vast majority of us don't give a fuck.
ikr. they are talking like we will even notice that they're not interested in us anymore. we're just happy to have less creeps around us, and we're happy that their inferior genes will die out. its just natural selection

No. 224058

File: 1515975016085.png (25.37 KB, 193x261, woj.png)

f-fuck where did you find that picture of the slightly fatter verrsion of me?

No. 224066

men are more obsessed with wanting women to be mad and jealous than they are with the actual thing

take mail order brides for example, most of the time it has nothing to do with the men liking the actual brides rather than them just screaming and crying about how women are going to be jealous roasties that they didn't get forced to marry some greaseball for money

No. 224071


My mom showed me this new story earlier of a guy who beat his wife into a fucking coma, took pictures and videos to brag to his friends, and no one did shit. I'm not screenshotting the article because it shows some pretty graphic photos of the abuse. Where's the #NotAllMen brigade to screech how it's only a small portion of men who enable this shit, hmm?

No. 224073

meanwhile women are calling other women out for cheating and being gold diggers and men don't do shit when other men kill their wife, and yet men want to act as if THEY'RE being oppressed and how hur dur no ones cares about men

No. 224081

He's getting 15 years for beating her to death. Why do men scream that men always get life for harming women? They rarely do, especially rapists. Hell I remember watching a documentary on child rapists, a guy had been abusing kids for 30+ years, there was video evidence etc and he got 6 years.

No. 224089

As a Russian speaking girl, I'm sadly not surprised that men like this exist in Russia. Russian men are one of the most entitled pricks ever (among with Arabic men, trust me), they have this fragile macho ego and easily lash out on women. They expect women to be full on trad, and god forbid she wants freedom, they'll call her selfish, disgusting and a horrible wife/gf. Most of them have shitty jobs and drink alot, thus have even more fragile egos cuz they suck as a providers. Be careful around Russian/Eastern European men, ladies.

No. 224094

File: 1515991749319.png (51.18 KB, 627x320, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.3…)

This is kind of random but I thought it was…interesting and wanted to see what you guys thought. Personally I find it infuriating. I can't even wrap my head around this line of thinking. If the liberation of certain demopraphics results in widespread hatred of those demographics, why? Does that say more about those demographics, or the demographic that is doing the hating?

And does that mean if we go back to subjugating and restricting the freedoms of women and racial minorities, everything will be just fine and dandy? I highly doubt that. I mean this whole thought process falls apart when you consider that black people in America for instance were despised and treated like shit (maybe even more so) prior to emancipation. The entire system of slavery has to be built off of racism - "these people are lesser/not my equals and so therefore they exist to serve me, and I'm doing nothing wrong by oppressing them." As for misogyny, well, I think that is ingrained in men. I really do. I think all men hate women, and have always hated women, and some can find ways to manage that hatred or hide it very well.

I mean what does this suggest about men, then? That they can only restrain their hatred if they have control over you, your choices are limited, and you are always kept below them? Why? The only acceptable societal model for them is one where they are on top and everyone else is at the bottom, but they need to repress others to keep them at the bottom. Again, why? And what does it say about them that they wish to stifle the freedoms of others to maintain their sense of superiority and control?

*I want to note that I'm not entirely positive if this specific tweet is a joke or not, but I have seen this exact sentiment expressed numerous times where it was completely serious. Also sorry if this makes little to no sense, I've had some wine.

No. 224095

Non Russian speaker but my mom watched some Rus reality show on basically reforming bad guys in a kind of bootcamp. And it was crazy cause on top of individual issues, literally every guy beat his gf at some point while she did most of work in the relationship. I know it's a biased sample but to take domestic abusers trying to make them into reality stars left a bad taste in my mouth. What has your experience with Arab men been like? I've never been close to any so I wonder how they're similar or different from East Euros.

No. 224118

I agree with you girl. They have extreme expectations for women, but many are nothing at all. I've had fat, short alcoholic slobs try to boss me around, and jesus fucking christ my ex-boyfriend.

I'd also recommend that everyone stay clear of French and Italian men. Yes many are charming and nice, but they have a certain view of women.

No. 224121

I wonder where these mythical men who view women as human beings that some farmers insist are real exist, then? Because some of you have said Eastern European, Arab, and now French and Italian men are misogynistic? And I know from living here my entire life that American men are raging misogynists….so I really wonder. It just seems like every culture of men hates women. Has anyone been to a country where they really felt that the men didn’t despise women?

But I’m just a non believer too so I admit I’m jaded. I’ve seen too much misogyny from too many men to ever buy that some of them magically don’t hate women. If there is some it’s like 1 in a million and that’s not enough to be significant.

No. 224123

I live in northern europe and it is not half bad here. Older generation is pretty sexist, but men around 20 are usually alright. They are at least not misogynistic public.

However we do have an influx of arab and muslim africans, and they make even the most woman hating man here seem like a feminist icon.

No. 224124

Yeah I figured if anyone had a decent experience with men they would be from northern Europe/Scandiland. I’ve always heard that Scandinavian countries measure highest when it comes to gender equality and positive attitudes in regards to it….and perhaps not so coincidentally they all routinely are at the top of the ‘happiest countries in the world’ lists. I know there are plenty of factors, but I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

America is a fucking hellhole crawling with misogynists honestly. I know women in other counties have it undeniably worse, but with America it’s just…disappointing because You would expect a developed country in the west to not be such a fucking hostile regressive mess.

No. 224125

>Has anyone been to a country where they really felt that the men didn’t despise women?
I've travelled many places in the world. So in my experience Arab (I lived in Egypt for a while) men are by far the scariest and most dangerous ones. I would not dare to date one ever.
Eastern Euro and even far Northern Euros are are pretty much like >>224089 said.
Italian and French men are like the stereotype that we all hear. They're romantic and all that shit, but also extremely sexist and old fashioned.
Aussie men are pretty much the bogan stereotype.
So yeah you are right. To me it is a pick your own poison type of situation, if a woman decides to date a man.
In my experience men of all cultures treat women as inferior but in different ways.

>>224123 >>224123
In my experience, the qender equality in Scandinavia is a meme. However my only experience with Scandi men have been those from the arctic, so there might a cultural difference from those in the south.

No. 224128

Pretty depressing tbh. There really is no hope for women to ever be seen as equal human beings. I try not to care, but it still makes me sad. Can’t really explain why.

I don’t know if any other women can relate to this, but for me there’s this weird apathy you get when you realIze most of the world hates you for something you can’t control. Like there’s nothing you can do about it except wait to die so you are no longer a woman. In the meantime you just have to pretend it’s all fine and pretend it doesn’t bother you in order to stay sane.

Being a woman really is a curse. It feels like one big joke. I feel bad saying that because there’s so many women I love and admire. It’s nothing against them, it’s iust the whole experience of being a woman is one nonstop shitfest of the world reinforcing that you’re worthless and inferior over and over again in every medium. I don’t have dysphoria or anything, I just really hate that I had to be born a woman and I wish there was something I could do to erase myself. For some reason I started wearing oversized clothing and not wearing makeup to hide the things that are considered ~womanly~ has helped me feel a little better because I feel like people don’t register me as female anymore and they just kind of ignore me as some kind of unattractive blob, which is honestly preferable than being belittled and mocked.

No. 224129

>Aussie men are pretty much the bogan stereotype.
I had the displeasure of being involved with a smart "liberal" aus guy who even stressed communication and balance in relationships. He turned into an emotionally abusive psycho after I stopped humoring his sexual advances, like most men do.

No. 224130


found this and thought I'd share it. Its not against women. But I have a feeling that loser guys like this are the ones that sulks on 4chan about how girls rejects them and how anime girls are much better and hotter than roasties.

But yeah, girls don't want you. Its totally not because you're murderous psycopath and a social outcast that is extremely unattractive.

Also, reading some of the stuff that he wrote on 4chan gives me cancer.
>To produce the wound, to keep the victim from defending. To give the mortal blow and wait for the victim to be dazed
this is written like some fedora tipping faggot

No. 224134

Yeah, northeren scandi men are scum. Wife beating, acoholic, incestious rapist fuckers. There are extreme isolated christian sects up there where almost all women are raped and men are rapists. Luckily I live in the south, so I don't experience that.

No. 224138

Where do you live? Western women don't have it perfect but that sounds like an extreme experience. Why would most of the world hate us if only half are men? Most women are not internalized misogynists and rpw shills. I understand it hurts to be judged, and I hate being belittled too, but you can't claim to have a sense of apathy but say you "wait to die" and dress androgynous not because you enjoy it but because you don't want to be ticked as a woman. I feel like you bought into redpill notions of what most women are ("basic bitches, boring, brainless") and you think your life loses value because of gender. Being a woman has its problems but it's not a condemnation to crippling disability. Every woman you see has her own life, preferences, interests, hobbies, likes, preferences etc. You think they are all waiting to die? If men they come across are shit, they chill and do their own thing too. Their lives have worth, yours does too, independent of anyone.

No. 224144

File: 1516013271372.png (20.06 KB, 376x395, wwww.png)

>Most women are not internalized misogynists and rpw shills
White women sure as fuck are, have you even met any? Non-whites typically are too, black women for example have a different type of internalized misogyny but it's just as bad if not worse than whites.

No. 224147

Does anyone else ever just pause in amazement at how deeply fucked they are?
Just what the fuck is wrong with them? Has anyone ever successfully answered that? Sometimes I wonder if it's really just socialization that plays the largest part in their behavior, or if it's a biological defect that causes so many men to be this soulless and narcissistic.

I've never felt more perplexed by any other question. None of what they do makes sense logically or emotionally. It's almost unreal. What the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 224148

It isn't socialization. No one's telling men to rape, and if someone was, it would be another man.

No. 224149

I think its biological. Most men have sexual urges to dominate women, even those men that claim to be all for equality still have a fantasy of seeing women being forcefully raped or something.

I saw an interesting interview of female soldiers in north korea. they said that rape is so common, but nothing happenes to them because rape has no consequenses there. I believe that most men would rape if there were no consequenses.

No. 224150

>In his handbook, there were also Japanese words from the world of anime and video games.

No. 224158

Not just to sexually dominate, but in every aspect of life. They want women to be completely dependent on them then mock and complain at how infantilized women are. It’s telling when so much of today’s porn involves violence and rape scenarios. It’s what they want the most. I laugh whenever they say they want love or companionship, it’s such bullshit.

I wish there was an island or something women could escape to, away from men.

No. 224160

I feel like I've never dated a man and truly enjoyed being with them. When I'm with them it feels like it's a relationship where they just treat me like a retarded child….even playing a video game with one becomes completely insufferable. God forbid there is a day you don't feel like having sex and then a temper tantrum ensues.

No. 224169

ikr. I hate when boyfriends or men in general make us shut up by putting their hands over your mouth, restrict us from going places by standing in your way, or drag us with them. Its not always extremely forceful (even though I have gotten bruises from shit like that), its just for them to show how they dont respect us and our wishes

>I wish there was an island or something women could escape to
same girl, same

No. 224173

I don't get why they can't just let loose and have fun. Why does every little mistake I make like tripping on a rock, accidentally spilling my drink or dropping a napkin on the floor have to make them pissed off?

No. 224174

I don't think voting for trump is internalized misogyny, but you have to look into reasons why, maybe they didn't want hillary, whom defended a child molester that she knew he was guilty then laughed about it winning? maybe they support some of his stances but don't like him as a person? I agree that white women are more likely to be insecure handmaidens looking for the next man to cater to and worship even if he is a POS, but let's be honest, white women voting for trump really isn't proof of that, I'd be more convinced if you asked the women why they voted for him

No. 224181

>maybe they didn't want hillary, whom defended a child molester that she knew he was guilty then laughed about it winning?
So they vote for someone who bragged about sexually assaulting women and was accused of raping his wife and 13 year old traffic victims? That logic is fucking retarded.

No. 224184

you overestimate the intelligence of americans.

No. 224188

Accused =/= having the thing videoed and easily accessed to see what hillary did
Not to mention the fact you never know what is real and fake news anymore without any legit proof and just accusations
I know i know im gonna get a lot of hate back,but you don't have to have internalized misogyny to vote for trump

No. 224190

Also I'd like to add why are whites confirmed internalized misogynist for voting for someone who had accusations vs someone who did the real deal and had it all on video, we aren't accusing POC of being pedophile defenders. So why claim whites of being misogynists

No. 224197

what's with MGTOWs hate boner with #MeToo, all it literally is people sharing their sexual assault stories

No. 224203

I wish all men just died. They have no empathy. I don't have empathy for them anymore. I don't like that they abuse their strength. I don't like that they exist. I wish I was dead. I wish I wasn't a woman. I wish I was born a thousand years into the future.

No. 224207

File: 1516045123790.jpg (308.28 KB, 816x2221, IMG_2287.JPG)

>women can get fucked easily so there's no reason for them to ever be unhappy!

I'm tired of this argument

No. 224208

why are men extremely into gaming massive douche bags? I'd say stay away from them but that leaves chads and rednecks

No. 224209


yeah. plus, men can get just as easily if they'd just lower their standards to the ground like they expect women to do

No. 224210

Men are in this weird spot right now where they want to control women and treat them like dogs but they also don't want to lead or provide for women. They want women to pay their own way and give them money but they also want women to act like 1950s house wives.

No. 224211

Probably. Because they have a false sense of superiority because they "aren't like other boys" and think they're smarter than everyone else.

No. 224213

>they also don't want to lead or provide for women
a lot of them want women to provide for them then run around screaming how women who have jobs are gold diggers and whores and feminists, like srs what do you want from us?

No. 224214

File: 1516045895788.jpg (80.27 KB, 864x864, IMG_2288.JPG)

but men actually do believe their standards are low. It's just the women who they think are in their league actually arent. That's why they cry so much about women in their league not wanting them…no it's just because the women you think are in your league arent. For example men look at pic related and think she's average. That's why men on r9k fawn over women like pic related because they believe she's an average girl next door who they have a chance with.

No. 224215

What they want is all the benefits of having a submissive waifu but none of the cons. They want a submissive waifu who works and has her own money so he doesn't have to do anything and listens to whatever he says.

No. 224216

they spend all day looking at beautiful and fake women who have had plastic surgery, they don't actually go outside, agatha is beautiful, but because she isn't an IG model or kpop celeb or camgirl, neckbeards think she's the girl next door, it's disgusting how much the internet fucked them up

No. 224217

File: 1516046039635.jpg (12.26 KB, 258x245, 1500811831555.jpg)

>men think their dicks are the key to happiness

No. 224218

>They want a submissive waifu who works
>who works
that's the problem, they want women to be financially independent so badly but scream how women who have jobs are shitty or gold diggers and whores, that's why it's confusing

No. 224219

>you've been raped, you're poor, you had abusive parents?how can you be sad about all that when you just had a cock in your mouth last night?

No. 224221

The want a slave who gives them all their money and is submissive. They want to sit around all day playing video games while their wife is at work and then she comes home and cooks, cleans, babies him. The problem is if a woman has her own cash she's most likely not going to live like that….So they either have to deal with weak women who are broke or they have to deal with independent career women. They want both. They want a wealthy woman who is also a submissive sex slave but they don't realize they will never get that.

No. 224222

also let's not forget they expect WESTERN women to juggle getting money and being financially independent somehow but not having a job all the while being a perfect little submissive housewife who looks like a kpop star with missalice tits and kardashians ass naturally and never talk to any other man except for them and make dinner perfectly and have perfect skin and do housework and be a kissless virgin and having no history with anyone else besides them, if they don't do these things they scream and foam at the mouth about how western women are tarnished by feminism and how all men should leave them

and then they go by thailand sex traffick- I mean prostitutes and then buy russian or east asian brides and the only expectations they have for them is to be submissive, slimish, and have housework done and allow them to fuck them whenever, meanwhile they don't care much and are willing to provide for these women, not to mention the countries they buy them from have higher rates of cheating, then scream how their mail order brides are better but fail to realize the reason why they're better is because their expectation for western women is impossible to meet and constantly contradictory and they have little to no standards for their mail orders

No. 224223

Yeah so when we hear men talking about how they can't get "average" women they have a completely different idea in their head. In their mind average is a young, model thin girl with perfect skin and perfect hair.

No. 224234

File: 1516049466270.jpg (261.16 KB, 720x1132, 20180115_124833.jpg)

I'm in a discord server that's women only. Earlier this sketchy girl came in and asked everyone if it was a good idea to leave her current boyfriend who treats her well for his better looking friend. All the ladies tried to knock some sense into "her" but it turns out it was just a dude running some whack ass social experiment for another server. Men are a fucking meme holy shit.

No. 224236

Imagine only getting attention from elderly old obese women. Would you feel flattered about that?thats the life of a woman who isn't a 10/10. Most decent men don't even hit on women. I can't remeber the last time a man younger than 50 flirted with me.

No. 224244

I thought there was no way you could get more repulsive, but you actually managed to by spouting that racist bullshit. Wow.


>but if he was a NEET, no girl would want him.
Nah. My ex was a NEET for most of our relationship and things only got bad because he found a job and refused to share the bills now that he could afford to because they were "my bills". You men are literal babies who want a mommy to baby you and provide for you and also have sex with you.

I almost wish the stay at home husband trend picks up and men learn how shit it is to be financially dependent. You'll come running back to the workforce and never tell another woman about how good an idea it is to stay at home

No. 224250

You know I used to wonder where all these “free ___” is that men keep screaming about. How easy it is for women to do xyz and free shit everywhere but really, it’s their own whoreish projections into women. Men want to be gold diggers, the sluts and whores they hate so much and find rich women to marry and never do anything but play video games and make memes all day.

Seriously why don’t men, like incels, look into getting neutered. Their libido will decrease and then they can finally be able to concentrate on other things other than sex. No worries about rejection because they wouldn’t be interested in the first place. They’d finally stop and leave women alone. It’s a thought.

No. 224251

>How easy it is for women to do xyz and free shit everywhere but really, it’s their own whoreish projections into women. Men want to be gold diggers, the sluts and whores they hate so much and find rich women to marry and never do anything but play video games and make memes all day.
Of course it's projection. How many times have you heard of a woman turning down some random guy's offer for sex and he clapbacks by calling her a slut or a whore or whatever? Meanwhile he was the one who thought it was a good idea to offer meaningless sex to a stranger. It's always been projection.

No. 224253

Idk why men even bring up the sex topic because most women don't actually want to have one night stands with filthy men. Yeah we can easily get some std infested bum we meet on Craigslist to Fuck us but we don't want that.

No. 224255

How's the relationship with your dads?
My dad is amazing. He's a good man.

No. 224257

I would believe the "men don't have high standards" meme if I haven't been rejected by men less attractive than me. I'm thin, in shape and care a lot about makeup and I've been rejected by 1/10s.
I'm half black half white and I had a obese neck beard tell me he's not attracted to me because "my hair is too frizzy and I looked cuter with straight hair", I was also rejected by a neckbeard on plentyoffish once. He was a total weeaboo with pictures of himself with samurai swords…he was a total meme, when I messaged him he bluntly replied "no black girls". These things happened in the past when I use to date ugly/nerdy men under the impression that they'd be nicer and relate to me better(I was 18 at the time and now I'm in my late 20s), I really realized that Incels are even more delusional, picky and mean than normie men. Even though normie men are assholes in their own way incels take it to a whole new level.

No. 224258

>Men want to be gold diggers, the sluts and whores they hate so much and find rich women to marry and never do anything but play video games and make memes all day.
You ever have an incel tell you shit like "damn I wish I could be a housewife, why would dumb feminists ever want to work? Women really fucked up, all they had to do was cook and clean and fuck and they would have been supported by men "

It is totally and truly projection. That's how THEY want to live, and they assume all women are like them. We aren't. Independence, especially of the financial kind, is a necessity. You won't fall into half of the life traps you would if you were depending on some bitch ass man to "support" you. You have choices, you have options.

No. 224259

The worst part about trying to depend on a man is they have no loyalty. They will cheat on women for things a sister small as not liking the same video game or hobby as them.

No. 224260

Depending on a man for money sounds good on paper but it's not. Since they're giving you money they will expect sex even when you don't want it, they will even justify raping you, it just feels good to buy things with the money you earned, you can buy whatever clothes and makeup you want without someone trying to stop you. I would never want to live off a man. When you depend on a man for money you are pretty much signing up to be his slave…he cheats on you?o well Bitch you better suck it up because if you leave him you're on your own.

No. 224261

exactly, when I was in HS the fattest shortest little bald guy that straight use to look like stewie from family guy was my biggest bully

he made fun of me for being flatchest at fucking 14 yrs old, made fun of my hair for not being straight, told me to "LOOK AT ANONS HAIR THAT HAIR IS STRAIGHT YOUR HAIR IS NOT STRAIGHT" the day I decided to wear my hair natural and not straighten it like I usually do, given I never talked about my hair so not sure why he would bring it up, when I would stretch in class he told me to stop because "I had nothing to show off', told me I couldn't put on chapstick because "it wasn't working with making me look prettier", tell me how I need to go get a tan, whiten my teeth, fix my gap, etc and he himself look like a big fat baby
etc etc, it's always the ugly men to, never the good looking ones, the few attractive guys there would tell me how good I looked without makeup, how they liked my hair and body frame, etc etc, why the fuck is it always the ugly ones

No. 224262

EXactly. There’s a couple types of men. Those projecting their fantasies of being gold diggers for a rich woman and those who want women to depend on them as a power exchange considering how many men are willing to rape someone if they could get away with it. Those types are always likely the types that also consider martial rape to not be actual rape too. A wife, a woman who is completely dependent on them is nothing but an accessory for their arm and a sex toy in men’s eyes

No. 224289

I feel ya anon, I got bullied for not being flat chested though, I'd get called a slut for the size of my chest even tho I didn't wear low cut things or anything. It was always the ugly guys that'd say shit about my appearance and still is, I know people say "it's cause they like you!" but I honestly think men think they're way more attractive than they actually are, I always see the most hideous guys with high self esteem telling girls who are way better looking than them that they're ugly.

No. 224296

That's probably why trannys always claim being a woman is easier for them because they finally get to be the gold digging sluts that they think all women are

No. 224311

The Russian speaking anon here, Arabic men also have huge macho problems. They expect women to essentially be their second mom, and women have to be pure pure virgins in order to qualify for marriage. They are extremely bossy, and demand constantly to be listened to and followed. Some more "progressive" or city Arabs will pretend like they don't care about woman's past relationships, but will only wife virgins.
I stay clear of them, especially if they are in a group. When they are in a group, they feel emboldened to catcall or very creepily leer at a girl (happened to me multiple times in US). Nothing is more unsettling then multiple guys coming over to you and creepily making comments.

No. 224313

One thing that has been bothering me about men lately is their completely inability to take a joke. They will throw out sexist and misogynistic jokes all day, and if you even have the AUDACITY to not crack a smile they will start bitching that you're emotional and an uptight bitch who can't take a joke!!1! But if you turn the tables and make a joke at the expense of men? Wooo boy.

As an example, look at the replies to this tweet. Keep scrolling. Look at all the butthurt men. And this isn't even that offensive of a joke to men. Do you think they complain about sexism when people make much worse jokes and generalizations of women? No, of course not. I've never seen a man complain about a gender-based/negatively sexist joke if it's directed at women. But as soon as it's directed at men they're ready to launch into some big lecture about how these negative stereotypes aren't limited to one gender how dare you you fucking sexist feminazis blah blah blah. I mean come the fuck on…in any given week most women probably have to hear some bullshit comment or joke shitting on women and most of us probably don't have the energy to truly care anymore because if you even try to explain why that comment is shitty, men get all defensive and accuse you of being an uptight cunt who just needs to get some dick. But here come the men to lecture us about sexist jokes directed at men and how they are bad and mean :( :( :(, and we are expected to listen to them and take it seriously after they mock women and encourage negative stereotypes of women? Nah. You've lost me.

Men really think, and have always thought, that they can abuse, humiliate, mistreat, and hate women, and after all of that, we should still care for them, comfort them, and appreciate any form of attention they so generously bestow upon us. The joke thing is a minor example of course, but it is telling. They expect us to grovel at their feet and worship them, and never dare call them out on their shit. They still expect us to defend them and treat them with perfect kindness and civility, despite them never returning the favor. If we give them a taste of their own medicine, we're bitches/sluts/whores. They see absolutely nothing wrong about that.

No. 224314

Agreed 100% any slight joke made about men, they launch into a big rant about how sexist it is and how if they made jokes about women they'd be put in prison or lose their jobs. Which rarely fucking happens, and often jokes towards women are a lot harsher they make light out of women being raped etc but that's all just jokes and you're an uptight bitch if you don't find it funny.

No. 224320

Trump was the one who had the "grab them in the pussy" thing on record, though. Not to mention all the other misogynistic, racist, and gross he and the people he surrounded himself said regularly. Don't play dumb, retard. If a white woman voted for trump it was most likely because A. she's a stupid bitch or B. her husband (or another man in her life) convinced her too.

No. 224376

Reminded by the retarded robot in the vent thread, has anyone become increasingly defensive against males in order to keep them an arm's length away and not seem too polite to them? A lot of women have experienced the same thing, they were nice to a man and the man took that as an invitation to start hovering them and doing services expecting to be rewarded with a relationship and/or sex. It happened to me as well.
>Meet a guy through mutual friends, think he's fun, chat shit with him every now and then
>I was a broke student at that point, couldn't afford nice things, just the essentials, but tried saving to buy them myself
>The guy starts buying the things I was looking forward to as gifts without me ever asking him to
>The first one I thought was a sweet gesture and didn't think much of it, I like buying presents to my friends too
>Then he did it again.. and again, started getting uncomfortable, he seemed to think our casual friendship was way deeper than I did
>He also started being slimy and sexual and made vague remarks about wanting to fuck me
>Told him I'm not okay with these things, he flips, calls me a slut and other derogatory things and even mentioned how many gifts he got me
Where the hell do men even learn that women are some sort of vending machines where the more gifts and services you put in the more points you get?

No. 224381

Narcissism 101. I'm starting to think most men are cluster B. Funny how women never do shit rarely this (I've never even seen one case of a woman doing it), yet these cynical "nice guy" creeps are so common.

No. 224393

File: 1516121670478.png (197.82 KB, 1024x1044, IMG_2297.PNG)

>man looks in my direction
>my bfs response when I tell him he's being paranoid for thinking he's looking at me

I understand him being irritated but I don't understand why they have to give such agressive responses

No. 224394

File: 1516121866231.png (65.32 KB, 1087x426, IMG_2298.PNG)

It's all very frustrating and every bf I have ever had acts this way. Maybe it is just me.

No. 224398


He's hiding his low self-esteem behind semantics and projection.

No. 224402

>I've never even seen one case of a woman doing it)

Neither have I. Welcome to Earth, men have to pay for sex, and women get paid for sex.

I know women don't take responsibility for anything, but maybe it's women's fault that most men see you as whores?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224414

>maybe it's women's fault that most men see you as whores?
Not really. Men hate women regardless of what they do or how they act. Plenty of women don't act like "whores" and still are seen as whores by men. There is nothing we can do to make men hate us less except hate ourselves and give them everything they want at the expense of our ourselves. It's a fact of life. Men despise women. Men can't see women as individuals separate from other women because they barely register women as human. To them, if some women act a certain way, all women act that way.

Simple as that. Maybe men should stop spending money on women in order to get sex and then crying when they don't get what they want. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't be an easily manipulated dumbass and you won't have that problem. It goes both ways. If all you want is sex, go to an actual prostitute, you are guaranteed to get what you pay for 99% of the time.

No. 224419

Literally, men are the reason the sex industry exists, they're the ones who buy into it which is why it keeps going. Yet they bitch and whine about gold diggers….yet go pay for cam girls and whatever else. They keep this system alive, women who are desperate for money will go into the sex industry, gold diggers exist because men literally fucking seek them. There's the financial domination fetish men have, there are sugar daddies who are older rich men who want a pretty young girl on their arm they're fully aware they're paying her to be around them….yet they still complain that women will trade sex for money. Men are the ones who regularly go to strip clubs and keep the business alive. You need money to survive, sometimes women end up in shitty situations so end up in the sex industry they're doing it to make a living, men are paying for it to get their dick hard we're the whores though apparently. I don't know but I think the men who keep buying into the sex industry are the bigger whores as their only reason for it is for sexual release, women in the sex industry mostly do it to keep a roof over their heads.

No. 224423

>If all you want is sex, go to an actual prostitute, you are guaranteed to get what you pay for 99% of the time.
This. Even if we take the "women are whores" thing as truth, just giving gifts and expecting it to work is retarded.
Say you have a merchant who only sells one kind of product. You wouldn't give him money out of the blue and expect him to give you the product despite no contract saying he has to. Or a servant - you wouldn't give a rando money and expect him to work on your household just because he's a servant and you gave him free something.

If you're giving someone free shit and hoping your intentions are clear and hoping they'll meet your expectations and give you what you want instead of walking away (which they're perfectly allowed to do since you had no agreement)… you're fucking dumb and deserve to be used and scammed. Even if you're a redpiller "AWALT uwu", that's some retarded shit. Go to a prostitute and make clear what you're giving and what you want in return you retarded shit.

If you give someone money then cry because they didn't give you anything in return, you deserve to be scammed. By everyone, not just women.

No. 224424

we have sex with them volunterrarly, they complain and scream and judge our bodies and shit on us if we aren't sex dolls, shit on us to their friends and on their internet (see the boob collage), call us whore
they trap us into sex trafficking, shit on us for doing what we're forced to do, or if women HAVE to do it in order to get money to survive they still judge us despite the fact women are willing to pretty much get raped and abused just so they can have enough money to not starve to death, they still call us whores and scream how we're useless
if we don't fuck them on command just because "hur dur i brought you a 1 dollar teddy bear now you have to put up with shit-tier sex that you won't even enjoy because I'm mentally ill and force you into sex and guilt trip you instead of letting it happen naturally for us to both enjoy", we're still whores, and bitches, some men even go as far as blaming all the crime, shootings, etc, done by men because us women didn't have sex with them when they wanted to, the same men will also demand pure virgins, like wtf do you want do you want sex on command or do you want women to be pure little virgins to never have sex with anyone else besides you

No. 224450

I love my bf and never had any problems with men, but I would not care if they all disappeared tomorrow

No. 224452

Yes. I avoid eye contact and never smile at men just to avoid any possible "misunderstanding". Like legitimately the minute you even glance in their direction some dudes think it means you want to fuck them.

No. 224453

This also reminds me of a story of an ex-friend of mine who dated a dude who would always get her expensive gifts and re-assure her it was totally fine and he loved spoiling her…when they broke it off he basically handed her a bill for all the things he got, and ended up in front of her door banging and screaming until she called the police and just gave him back some of the stuff so he had no reason to stay around anymore. These dudes are fucked up.

No. 224460

this is why I do not nor did I ever accept gifts or money from men, some demand that you take that shit but that's the thing, if it's such a burden to buy women gits then why even do it in the first place? don't throw a fit if she doesn't give you exactly what you want just because you brought her chocolates, lingerie and wine, I knew a girl who spent over 600$ for a guy who left her for an obese druggie who cheats on him and left him for drugs several times, she didn't bitch about it, she grew up and got over it like an adults

No. 224461

is that the girl from buzzfeed in his pic?

anyway this isn't the first, men will roleplay as gold-digging women or women who only go for looks, roleplay as whatever fits their "ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES AND GOLD DIGGERS!!" agenda in their head

No. 224462

Incels/robots/MGTOW, what have you, piss off and take your Sh0erena Joy-esque Handmaidens with you. This is what The Red Pill used to link to as required reading: Woman, The Most Responsible Teenager In The House.

No. 224463

File: 1516144737947.png (335.7 KB, 700x899, Untitled.png)