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No. 225502

previous threads:

obsession with teens thread

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

No. 225506

No. 225508

No. 225509

>Implying that this doesn't apply to 99% of men overall
I mean

No. 225511

Had a really good conversation with my boyfriend about porn. He straight up admitted it fucked up his mind in adolescence and that porn makes men hate women. He talked a lot about the scenarios you find in a lot of porn ("cheating girlfriend can't resist…", "white whore needs black dick" etc) and how they're all designed to eroticize insecurity and turn it into hate. Idea being that the women can't control themselves and cheat on their average boyfriend, and the rough, increasingly violent sex you see in modern porn is a sort of "punishment" for the girl. She may cheat, but she gets treated like an object in the process. So he said it satisfies some desire for revenge while also being arousing.

Listening to him talk openly like that, god porn is so fucked up.

No. 225512

Any asian girls still living in Asia on here? How do you deal with Asian males and their culture bullshit?

No. 225516

You don't? Who in their right mind would put up with typical Asian in-laws unless you've got no self-esteem? Unless if you've got no choice, then I understand it.

No. 225541

File: 1516751712295.png (78.46 KB, 720x719, stoptalking.png)

I get where you're coming from, but here's the thing; Black men are sexist as fuck and it hardly gets spoken of outside of the black community because people are scared of being rayciss and that isn't okay. BLM essentially translates to: Shield dusty ass Tyrese from any responsibility.



^has multiple images, click the arrows

No. 225542

I remember I came across some blog ran by a black feminist who hated third wavers for that reason, she talked about how white feminists are always prepared to defend black men - or at least ignore them - doing for shit they'd crucify white men for. I wish I'd saved it in my favorites because she gave a bunch of examples that were really interesting. I agreed with her for the most part, but I think black women are also kinda complicit, since I see them defending things from black men you'd never see a westernized asian or white woman defending their own men for.

No. 225543

File: 1516752296270.jpg (42.88 KB, 380x380, tumblr_o0p1nehfh51uz4n3po1_500…)

That is precisely why intersectional feminism exists. That is why the current wave is called "white feminism". And for reasons such as pic related.

No. 225544

I'm not so sure. I think white women asspatting of toxic black men comes from intersectional feminism, or at least their interpretation of it.

No. 225545

No. 225547

I think one of the reasons black women aren't interested in "white feminism" is because black and white women are fighting for different things. Black women are fighting for their womanhood and femininity, they don't want to be seen as strong and masculine while white women are fighting to be seen as independent and strong. This causes conflict because black women cant understand why white women don't like being treated cute and feminine and white women cant understand why black women want that.

No. 225553

The thing I find interesting about black men is they bash black women for straightening their hair, wearing makeup and getting plastic surgery then they will turn around and claim mixed women are perfect examples of black qweens.

No. 225554

Yes. White women aspire to be like white men, black women aspire to be like white women.

Black women either don't understand or don't care that even if all of them woke up tomorrow in white women's bodies they would still be second class to men and still need feminism.

I think they don't actually want to be free, they just want to be liked by white men like they imagine white women are.

No. 225558

The most womanly~ women on planet Earth, Asian women, are still brutally oppressed by men just the same. Child brides, pedo bait, femicide, global human trafficking, sex slavery.

Men abuse women they "see as women" just the same.

Black women would know this if they got their heads out of their asses and talked to other women.

No. 225560

File: 1516756277943.png (158.71 KB, 1242x725, IMG_2373.PNG)

I think it's deeper than just wanting to be white. Throughout history black women never had the option of being dainty and feminine, now that they have that option they want to try it out. This is one of the big reasons most black women have no interest in feminism. Even black women who are pro woman have no interest in weatern feminism.

No. 225561

femininity is literally submission to men as defined by men. How is that going to help them be treated better by men?

No. 225562

They want to be treated better but you also have to consider the history with feminists and black women and understand why they have every reason not to trust them. In the beginning feminism wasn't really built to help anyone but white women, they wouldn't even allow black women in meetings. Even today it is the same way, for example when that celebrity made that comment "women helped black people during the civil rights era now it is your turn to help us", it's as if she forgot there are also women who are black. the reality is white feminists tend to only focus on white western issues and ignore everyone else but then they want to scream "sisterhood" when they need numbers. Of course I'd love to see a world where all women of all races could come together against men but there are just too many issues with the feminist movement for that to be a reality right now.

No. 225564

When it comes to human rights, Japan is still stuck in roughly the 1950s.
Politicians genuinely believe that women have no sexual desire and that it all comes from males. So, women have stigma against having flings.
Women who are pregnant are told to abort the fetus and continue working as a simple OL or get laid off and work as a mother at home. If a woman is dating a man, then her boss will get ready to lay her off.
If a woman is not dating a man then she's seen as "desperate". It feels like there is no way out!
Many Japanese women do want to have kids, Japan just doesn't allow dual income households.
You can't use daycare unless you can prove that family or friends are unable in any way possible to look after your kids. You don't want to bother your friends and family, so no children.
So many Japanese women have the cut and dry choice of…working incredibly hard to pursue your passion while being lonely (no dating men) or being a housewife with kids at home with your husband. There is no compromise.
It is a situation that's stacked against you.

No. 225565

>Traits traditionally cited as feminine include gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity,[7][8][9] though traits associated with femininity vary depending on location and context, and are influenced by a variety of social and cultural factors.[10]

Damn, its almost as if femininity is really what one makes of it.

No. 225566

Are you japanese?

No. 225567

Of course white feminists focus on white women's issues, I am a lesbian - I focus on lesbian women's issues.

There are plenty of black second wave feminists for black women to follow. They share the black female experience while at the same time seeing through the shit men claim will liberate women.

No. 225568

That just makes their porn creepier.

No. 225569

This. Feminism has never had some kind of universal solidarity and I don't know why people keep looking for it. Even in the 1980s and 1990s, feminism was splintering because black women felt that the organizations in charge of campaigns and women's conventions never took black women's issues into consideration, then there were black lesbians who were cast out by other black women for having white girlfriends so that led to yet another splintering, etc.

Shit has always been a mess and there was never a sewing circle of kumbaya.

No. 225570

No, but I have done a fair amount of reading because it interests me.
The more you read and learn, the more it honestly makes sense that so much youth are being NEETs and just dropping out of society entirely because the expectations are so high.
Even men are not allowed to do anything traditionally feminine including liking sweet stuff, which is why a small social movement called Otomen - which is a group letting men embrace their feminine hobbies while still being men, become very popular.
Because the standard for a feminine woman is so high, any woman who doesn't meet this standard is seen as masculine by default. This is due to western imperialism where in response to this influence of culture, everyone had to double down on the "feminization" of culture.
It's just more proof that traditionalist views are negative for men AND women.
Japan is still stuck in first wave feminism, that is to say that masculinity is not promoted in women and many cannot access certain job fields and the men in charge have the exact same damn opinions they've had for years.

No. 225572

Do you have any citations that aren't japantimes, rocketnews, or kotaku? Genuinely asking as a second gen.

No. 225573

Well, you can't expect black women to be super excited to help white women when they don't do the same. When black men in power shit on black women you almost never see any white feminists come to their defense. That same feminist you see talking about women pride will be listening to trap/rnb music made by men who have raped and abused black women.

No. 225574

>When black men in power shit on black women you almost never see any white feminists come to their defense.

Not that I don't agree with your stance, but one of the reasons for this is that black women will openly tell people who aren't black to not have an opinion on issues which affect the black community. There isn't an "ally" position. I see this a lot on social media with pro-melanin accounts run by black girls. They do make very good points, but aren't very welcoming if you're not one of them. Even if you agree.

No. 225575

White women can't help black women against black men without black women accusing them of racism for criticizing black men.
How many white women have gotten away with criticizing hip hop and rap without black women calling them racist and damaging their career?

The same happens when white women try helping muslim women - muslim women turn on white women and call them islamophobic.

There is simply no way to help somebody who refuses help and reacts with attacks.

No. 225578

>The same happens when white women try helping muslim women - muslim women turn on white women and call them islamophobic.

This. It even happened over in the tradthot thread >>>/ot/220860 the very moment that the hijab was discussed along with pre and post revolution Iran. Some anon came in screaming about how western women "are trying to make us feel oppressed when we aren't, this is a choice, stop being triggered over hijabi".

No. 225579

lol. imagine the meltdown and anti-white women think pieces black women would write if a white feminist said rap music is misogynistic.

No. 225580

File: 1516758551059.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2375.JPG)

I agree with this as well. Black women are brain washed by black men and are raised to think that black men are perfect kings but to be fair I've never seen a white feminist go after a black celebrity unless he did something to white women. The stuff black male celebrities get away with doing to women pales in comparison to what white men get called out for. Black male celebrities can go around raping and eating women and still have successful careers.

No. 225581

That's why you gotta bump shit like Lil Kim, anon.

No. 225582

*Raping and beating women

No. 225583

No. 225584

This may be a stretch but does anyone feel like that "joking racism" has evolved to literal racism?

like back then there were nazi jokes and whatnot, but then people like evalion showed up and actual nazis were being glorified, people go out of their way to laugh at someone being racist or sexist and then anyone who points this out is a party pooper or stick in the mudd

I get that people shouldn't have to walk on egg shells to be careful of offending someone, but if people are literally going out of their way to portray themselves as racist or sexist thats a problem

No. 225586

I'm so glad black men are being brought up. So many of them legit make a career on degrading women and being sexist af. It makes no sense!! I don't know why they're not called out on it more. Are people scared of 'racist' backlash just for bringing it up?

it's the same as gay men who call women and lesbians bitches and sluts and cunts but get away with it because they're gay?? All men are pretty much sexist and some get away with more.

No. 225587

>The stuff black male celebrities get away with doing to women pales in comparison to what white men get called out for.

Because black women don't turn on black men the way white women turn on white men.

Nobody is is stopping black women to create movements against black men like white women have created against Harvey but they simply refuse to.

No. 225590

Its called polarization.

Speaking of Hollywood sex allegations, is anybody else upset that Dan Schneider hasn't been called out yet? The dude has had rumors about him for years and then that creepy reddit post by a former actress mentioned him massaging her feet still circulates. Its like only certain ones are getting exposed while others are allowed to hide in the shadows still.

>t. a Victorious fan, please don't shoot me

Same. I held back from doing so in previous threads because I didn't know if some overly sensitive asswad would report it for "racebaiting" or something even though these are real issues and simplifying complex problems down to 'rayciss' doesn't help anybody.

And, to answer your question: Yes. People are too scared to call them out nowadays for fear of being called racist. I do remember feminists going after MC Hammer back in the day and other black male celebrities, but this was the 90s and early 2000s.

No. 225592


In the section of the article where it mentions similar attacks outside of the ME:

>The events sparked a debate about sexism, racism and the European migrant crisis.

You can't mention the inherent sexism of persians, muslims, or pretty much any middle eastern man without some apologist screaming that you're a bigot.

No. 225593

> Its like only certain ones are getting exposed while others are allowed to hide in the shadows still.

Men are already saying that we ~went too far~ with the half dozen we have successfully put on blast. /eyeroll

We have to time this shit for men to not feel threatened(???) and start a backlash.

I have already noticed Daily Mail has been placing articles about poor men falsely accused of rape who had their lives destroyed by evil feminazis.

No. 225594



>In March 2013 the Muslim Brotherhood opposed the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women, arguing that it would lead to the "disintegration of society."

But yeah, fam, we're all just racists.

No. 225595

*White feminists.

No. 225596

File: 1516759741299.png (85.14 KB, 1242x658, IMG_2376.PNG)

It's funny how they never stop crying about how the "white man is putting them down" but can't stop being racist towards black women.

No. 225598

I think it's the fact that people want to segregate the internet and real life communities, if you're white/asian/non-white and speak about problems in the "black community", even if it's just talking about colorism, sexism, etc, (I once saw a black woman blast women for talking about chris brown) you get blasted for whitesplaining, have people say "not your community, not your problem", they have lists of insane specific rules that whites have to follow but it tends to push them away,hell they even think someone saying "I don't see color" is wrong as if the person is literally saying they don't see someones race, the only time they praise whites talking about racism is if whites are telling other whites to silent. I know it's not all WoC who do this but the ones who always want to make a huge deal and go on a witchhunt for whites who dare speak about racism, it pushes whites who have good intent to speaking about sexism in the black community or racism

No. 225599

>t. ashy dick hotep with holes in his boxers, the cheapest phone on the market, and rims on his car but no front door to his house

No. 225600

Wow, that's scummy as hell. this piece of shit should be thankful for any woman willing to sleep with him. And why is it okay to basically make fun of darker skinned women for something they can't change at all??

We have all this pc society with love yourself (natural hair and skin tone) but then guys get away with posting this trash publically and aren't called out. Fuck outta here with this sexist shit. I really hate men.

No. 225601

No. 225602

File: 1516760222780.png (190.97 KB, 750x750, hotep_queen.png)

No. 225604

File: 1516760342559.png (88.74 KB, 639x639, hotep woman yes they actually …)

Before anybody asks, yes, there are black men who believe this.

No. 225605

File: 1516760364903.jpg (84.36 KB, 720x960, IMG_2377.JPG)

The sad reality is most pro black men don't care about helping black women. I'm pretty sure in their ideal world they would just make every man on earth black and they'd kill off every black woman and non-black man. Even a well respect black panther went around raping black and whites women. Pic related is a page from a book he wrote.

No. 225606

No. 225607

>muh black qwaaaaan
>his example is a mixed light skinned woman

No. 225608

Yep, lots of colorism in the black community. I remember whenever Brittany Renner posts throwback photos to her Hooters days there's tons of women calling her a coon in the comments and all the black men just overlook her skin bleaching.

No. 225610

File: 1516761084561.png (411.96 KB, 1242x1766, IMG_2379.PNG)

Menstration isn't natural girls

No. 225615

Not sure if im allowed to post blogs and facebooks here but there is one that deals specifically with this type of man-they are called "ankhs" and "hoteps" and they have some really wierd fucked up beliefs about women and people in general. They believe that black women caught menstruation from white women-that its basically a disease. They also believe that the way to cure womens depression is making her give oral and that the egyptian would have been spaceships had the white egyptian kings not ruined this. But also believe those white egyptian kings were black when it suits their narrative.

After seeing the shit they gave black women i have sympathy with black women and am glad they are no longer putting up with their shit.

No. 225616

*should be pyramids instead of egyptian.

No. 225619

There were things posted upthread about them.



No. 225623

File: 1516769240337.png (577.8 KB, 460x583, IMG_2381.PNG)

They're insane

>giving black women jobs is oppressing black men

No. 225625

black men has extreme issues. its too late to blame white men or black women for their failure, there is something called taking responsibility for oneself, which black people (esp black men) never does.

i feel bad for black women

No. 225626

I feel bad for black women too. They go through a lot of self loathing and hatred. I am friends with a few black women and their men issues are always so different from me (i'm hispanic) and i try to sympathize.

I want all black ladies to love themselves. They deserve better than how most black men treat them.

No. 225627

They always find a way to blame women for every failure they have

No. 225629

I think men are good at turning women against each other. For example, black women are jealous at South American women and European women, because black men always prioritise them over their own women, saying shit like >>225596, criticising their hair texture, faces etc etc, while using for white hispanics for example as the epitome of beauty.
So I am not shocked that black women feel some type of way against light women to the point where they feel the need to put them down.

So yes, I agree. I think black women deserve better.

No. 225630

File: 1516775134788.jpg (582.59 KB, 1445x1140, da fuck.jpg)

Oh you guys want some really infuriating shit? Check this out:

This post is by a black man, pretending to be a hypothetical black woman, so he can apologise to black men on behalf of black women.

Like, I have no words to describe this I am dumbfounded.

No. 225631

Why do they feel so self important?they always talk about how they're kangs and how the world is just stopping them from being on top. It's everyone's fault but their own kek

No. 225633

>I see the king in you… Please forgive my wrongs and see your queen in me
are they serious?

ikr, doesnt seem like kings and queens to me

No. 225634

Also it just doesn't make sense. because women of other races didn't treat black men any better than black women and they still see the value in women who aren't black.

No. 225636

I think black men see value in women of other races for a few reasons, one of them being because they are obsessed with bringing black women down, especially cause black women are more succsessful than them. We can see this each time a black woman dates a man of other races, they're quick to throw verbal assults at them. But its 100% okay for a black man to date non-black women.

No. 225640

It would be nice if the majority of people recognised this, but they are too busy lumping all of Feminism together to bash it, rather than research the nuances and divisions within the movement.

I've lost count at the amount of Rektfeminist types that are surprised that "All feminists aren't the same", despite believing so.

No. 225643

That's literally every race ever though? Asian women get a lot more shit for dating non-Asian people than Asian men. White women get a lot more shit for dating non-white than white men. It's literally "women of my race are my birthright".

No. 225644

>It's literally "women of my race are my birthright".
Nah, it's "women of my race and all other races are my birthright". Men are fucking nuts about race. Aside from how crazy they get about women dating outside their race, they're obsessed with either shitting on women of specific races or proving they are the best girls (critera being looks and submissiveness, of course). Having preferences or being interested in cultural differences in dating is one thing, viciously attacking or defending entire races of women is just bizarre. It's like they see them as either their doom or their saviours and they find it easier to think of them as one big generalized mass.

No. 225651

I'm mixed and in my experience yes a lot of black men are sexist as fuck, but they're often also racist lmao. A lot of them don't tire of shitting on black women and treat light skinned girls slighly less shitty. But I think the main difference is that white/asian dudes' sexism is just less overt, in the end they're all shit.

Not gonna touch the Hotep shit, that's a whole other discussion.

White women ignoring sexism in the black community is just classic white feminism with white guilt speaking.

No. 225652

I want to projectile vomit everywhere, you know some dumbass born in 1995 wrote this.

No. 225659

These are the men black women fight for, the men who's rights they prioritize over their own. I can't even count how many times I've heard a blacktivist or just other black woman in general say shit like "I am black before I am a woman, so I'm not interested in feminism." It's insanely depressing that black women have such deeply ingrained self hatred that they work so hard for the men who hate them the most, they hardly even see them as human.

No. 225661

I'm black and it's really sickening how most black women are such hand maidens. Take a look at the blm situation, most of the activists are women and most of the people they're fighting for a men.

When that cop was arrested for raping all those black women I didn't hear anything about it from blm. I hate when they say "I'm black first and a woman second", actually no you're not because black men hate you for being a woman and other races of men will dislike like you for being black but they hate you even more for being black while having a vagina.
I realized most black women were a lost cause when I saw their response to that rapper Kodak black calling them all mean and masculine and they didn't care that he raped women in the past, most of them said they will support him anyway and his music has nothing to do with his personal life.

No. 225664

When I found I my bf takes nudes of her until I found out about it I felt disgusted. He showed me the naked pictures he took of his own sister while she was asleep when he was drunk, he also expressed that he secretly wants to fuck his own sister. It seems most women have been sexually assulated by a family member, even I have. It just really sucks to find out my own bf is one of these men, even though he says he doesn't do it anymore I know he still gets off to the thought of it and wishes I'd join in on it. If I ever have kids I hope they're all girls and if I have boys I will never leave them alone together because brothers molesting their sisters is far too common.

No. 225666

Dump him

My ex did the same to his sister and I bolted showed his mom and left.

Don’t validate his behaviour

No. 225667

What happened when you showed his mom?my bfs mom thinks she's such a perfect mother but she really fucked up in raising her kids.

No. 225668

File: 1516802491469.png (162.6 KB, 1242x613, IMG_2384.PNG)

Idk why men care so much if women don't want them to bathe their daughters. They have valid reason to be concerned, just respect that and leave the batheing to their mom.

No. 225669

>He showed me the naked pictures he took of his own sister while she was asleep when he was drunk
It's fucking disgusting that he did that in the first place, but even more so that he still has them. I agree with the other anon, but I'd say take his phone and collect evidence and receipts before you do anything. His mom might not believe you.
Personally, I'd blast him to his entire family, grandparents included.

No. 225670

>If I ever have kids I hope they're all girls and if I have boys I will never leave them alone together because brothers molesting their sisters is far too common.

come on now, anon. that has more to do with shit parents letting their little shit boys think they own the place. be the change!

No. 225675

Since boys think that on their own, it clearly takes whole-fucking-lot more time and effort to produce a non-fucked up male than it does to produce a non-fucked up female. Men are little shits by nature, dude. It would be better to just have less of them.

No. 225676

File: 1516806350397.png (212.84 KB, 432x768, SEQ0c7ftykJzxJEWBa6l9ciK-5aOVp…)

It is disrespectful to your husband, how can you marry someone and not trust them? How can you imply that the father of your children is a pedophile for no reason?

Shit like this is why red-pil land alt-right bullshitters get their way, because of crazy bitches acting crazy. Unless he has shown signs of attraction towards children, let the man interact with his kids wtf.

Picture related, incels being incels.

No. 225680

Have you heard of Tommy Sotomayor? My lord! He's probably /the/ biggest black women basher there is. He has so much hate for black women, ESPECIALLY if they're dark-skinned. This despite being dark-skinned himself, /plus/ having dark-skinned daughters. Poor girls.

No. 225682

I noticed a lot of black men have dark skin daughters and scream "all dark skin women are evil and disgusting except my daughters!". Do they not realize the world is going to see their daughters the same way they see other black women?those black women they bash have fathers who probably love them as well. The world isn't going to see the sweet little girl they see, they're going to see the evil masculine sluts he sees.

No. 225683


No. 225687

not true, they see their shit dads do it to their moms who laugh up their inter-marital assault so they mimic it. men are only shit cause their shit parents don't teach them otherwise, and they have kids who they don't teach. not everything is instinctual, socialization is learned, and we can teach them differently.

No. 225689

Huh my brother never saw my mom being abused etc but he still molested me. Actually we were raised in a pretty comfy middle class environment. What happens is when guys start going through puberty they want to molest any girl who is around them and they don't care who it is.

No. 225692

As someone who's not from th US and a former Rihanna fan, it's unbelievable to me how the public has forgiven Chris Brown.
He doesn't deserve a single cent… but sadly it seems he's more successful than ever…?
Is it because black people love him or because hip hop/r&b is very popular in general there, or what?

No. 225694

No. 225696

It's true that some socialization is learned, but men really are trash by nature. No one's telling them to abuse their wives, to rape, to murder, to hate women and their fellow men. Males do that on their own because they are defective. If they didn't have the amount of free will they do, we'd be living in a beautiful world.

so tl;dr men are inherently shit, we should eat them alive after or during sex like the scorpions do

No. 225697

Myabe because rihanna was very forgiving of him. I saw an interview after the incident where she defends him and his actions saying "people dont understand him" were she not under pressure to leave him i think they would still be together and why i dont believe her more modern image.

No. 225701

it's "disrespectful" to only allow people of the same gender to wash a child? and how exactly did she imply he's a pedophile? it's called being safe, it's not some ~crazy out there~ thing to only allow people of the same gender to bathe a child, especially with the insane amount of pedophiles outthere, I'd understand if people were going to extreme lengths but for fucks sake, it's just not being allowed to bathe a child, if you're seriously that upset about not being about to bathe a child you're probably a pedophile yourself, anyone can be a pedophile nowadays, and it's sad but guess what now people have to take precautions, even with people they love

>Unless he has shown signs of attraction towards children, let the man interact with his kids wtf.

umm it's literally just a bath, like I said, if someone gets that upset about not being able to bathe a child theyre probably a pedophile themselves, like I said, anyone can be a pedophile whether they show signs or not, hell ask most people who have been molested as children, most will say it's the least suspecting people that molest them, he CAN interact with his kids, he just can't bathe them, boo fucking hoo give me a break

alt righters have nothing to do with this as well, last time I checked it was alex jones who was exposing all the fucking pedophiles in hollywood and shit, liberals love their pedophiles

No. 225705

The fuck are you carrying on for?
You triggered that people are having an open fucking dialogue?
Lemme guess, it's rayciss to you to talk about anybody but white men?

Fuck off and don't come back to the thread. Men of all ethnicities have issues.

No. 225706

or maybe because of

No. 225709

They should learn how to quote then.

No. 225710

File: 1516816035174.png (360.75 KB, 1045x2208, IMG_2391.PNG)

Wtf is wrong with transwomen?if you're a woman why do you see so happy about women's failures….

No. 225712

Doesn't this have it's own thread?

No. 225713

>attractive white women get treated nice therefore women have easier lives

I'm really bored of this arguing trad men and women keep using

No. 225715

>hur dur racial preferences are just racial preferences
ugh, I'm asian, almost every single guy I met who "prefers" asian women expect them to look like a JAV star or loli, none of them like the natural look they claim to enjoy a lot but only prefer asians who've had their skin whitened
IE I use to date a yellow fever fag, he would buy me skin whitening pills and soap, when I used it and it didn't magically turn me into a milky white kpop idol he got mad and said it was ungrateful and unappreciative and when I told him the milky white skin women you see often go to plastic surgery clinics and photoshop, he went on a rampage and started comparing me to his ~milky white perfect ex~ and said I should have pale skin like "all the other asians", he also got mad because I wasn't as "tight" as he expected me to be

almost all of them have an idea in their head of what asian women look like and get creepily obsessed with us, they talk about dating asian women as if it's a hobby "don't date japanese, they cheat, don't date chinese they're gold diggers not filipinos they're trashy and annoying, etc etc"
given, there's completely normal men who find beauty in women of all races, but the men who "prefer" asian women are batshit crazy, a lot of the time abusive, and to stay away from

No. 225717

Hapa here and same. The alt-right is filled with those types who don't seem to comprehend that east asian women can be tan, have prominent noses, etc. But then if you show them the IG accounts of the average japanese girl they flip their shit and go


No. 225719

This is just another example of a man being a mysoginistic shithead, so I think it fits here too.

No. 225720

Went down the rabbit hole of anti feminist videos lol, he's just yelling about women not wanting guys to try hit on them when they're trying to go about their day. Nobody said anyone needs permission to say hi, then goes on to say women are emotionally weaker blah blah blah. All these videos are just men screaming about women having mostly harmless opinions, yet they act like their entire lives are being ruined by it.

No. 225724

Lol wat? I was clearly referring to the murder picture. I didn't wanna scroll up after that.
Thank you, Mods.

No. 225727

File: 1516821140614.png (16.71 KB, 636x140, Screenshot-2018-1-24 Russian s…)


> Russian student gives horrifying account of how he raped and murdered his ex-girlfriend and had sex with her corpse before apologising to her family and taking his own life

tl;dr a guy out of jealousy kills his female flatmate fucks her twice, then goes to eat a sandwich before fucking her cold corpse again. I can't imagine what her parents must be going through, to read that their only child was given a brutal death and her corpse desecrated to that extent.

Pic related is one the comments, thought it was suitable for the thread.

No. 225728

No. 225731

No. 225733

What the hell, there are loads of intelligent and able students that receive extra time for a number of reasons. Maybe they write slowly. Maybe it just takes them a moment longer to process all the information, before they want to commit to an answer. Doesn't mean they're not smart.

No. 225737

Lmfao they always compare themselves to movies and cartoons, the entire fucking red pill movement is based from a movie. How in anyway does this relate to feminism? Most anti feminist men are screaming neckbeards who yell at you for even slightly disagreeing with them. It's cute how they fantasize themselves as these calm, strong men when they're mostly screaming fat little cunts.

No. 225747


>getting free shit
>shit isn't actually free, they're expecting you to give sex in return
>don't give sex in return
>end up dead in a stinky alley somewhere

>Can exchange sex for a lifetime of free housing, food, money, and support

You speak as if this is a healthy lifestyle everyone pursues. I don't think you understand what you're talking about as much as you think you understand. This is called being a prostitute, it isn't healthy mentally or physically(seriously, most prostitutes end up at least a little fucked up) and anyone can do it, but women are seen as the default prostitutes because women are still considered public sexual objects.

Also men bring misery, suicide and homelenessness to other men. Men rule the world through violence and opression. Not a gendered issue but rather a systematic issue. If redpillers blame this crap on women, they seriously missed the entire point of like, everything.

No. 225750

>then goes on to say women are emotionally weaker blah blah blah
Whenever that's said, its more apparent to me that they just simply hate empathy &/or sympathy. Mgtows especially project this when they claim that women have none/are emotionless (yet somehow are emotional, weak children lol) vs men who are perfect sweet and excellent. Its seen as weak to be gentle or just to show some emotion to them so its obviously associated with women. There's something about being completely robotic, cold and distant that alot of men are infatuated with.

No. 225752

To be fair, many of the younger feminists in the current wave also compare themselves to fictional women they're nothing like. Or, they liken real world events to Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, etc when not only is it not similar in the least but it trivializes serious issues.

No. 225758

there's this insane guy who always comments on eugienas videos, spams her twitter and ig feed, makes videos and posts about her a lot, etc etc
basically it started with him going on channels about eugenia cooney and spamming it with shit like "ALL WOMEN ARE FAT, ALL WOMEN OVER 90 LBS ARE FAT, GIRLS UNDER 90 HAVE AMAZING BODIES, TRUE ANOREXIA IS ASHLEY ISSACS EUGIENA IS HEALTHY AND ALL WOMEN SHOULD STRIVE TO BE LIKE HER"
at first I thought it was a troll but I noticed the insane amount of effort he would put in trying to prove his "all women are fat" theory, as well as having other batshit crazy people call eugenia and pedophile and slut and everything
he called eugenia a jewish girl who is being brainwashed by illuminati because she featured POC on her show "but her body is nice" and would make cringeys videos like this just for eugiena cooney

apparently, he's been exposed by another youtuber, charles heinston or something like that, he blackmailed a 14-15 yr old girl into sending nudes that he can post on the deep web, and then when people called him out for it he screamed "oh well shes too ugly and fat and thats why no one wants her", I need to find the video but holy shit it was very fucking disturbing

No. 225759

Stop replying to the robots/incels.

No. 225762

>Dan Schneider
The thing with Schneider is that he has a lot more power, money, and influence backing him.

A key wrt the name changes:
The Protector- Sumner Redstone
The Corporation- Viacom
The Producer- Dan Schneider
The Network- Nickelodeon
The Other Network in trouble- MTV
Deceased Ex-Executive- Brad Grey
Nemesis- Rupert Murdoch
Victim 1- Amanda Bynes
Victim 2- Jamie Lynn Spears
Victim 3- Jeanette McCurdy
Victim 4- Ariana Grande
Escort- unknown
New Boss- Shari Redstone
Payoff Shows- The Amanda Show (Bynes), What I like about you (Bynes), Sam & Cat (Grande,McCurdy), Eye Candy (Justice), Zoey 101 (Cosgrove, Spears), ICarly (Justice, Grande, Cosgrove), Victorious (Justice)

No. 225764

Oh my god, I remember this blog! I used to keep up with it, but I stopped. Do people still think its run by Robert Downey Jr?

No. 225769

Yeah that's still a persistent belief, with this being sourced in discussion in relation to the first link (despite it being published five years ago) https://jezebel.com/5892565/is-robert-downey-jr-spreading-insider-celeb-gossip-on-blogs
I'm personally unfamiliar with crazydaysandnights however. Only appeared on my radar recently, lol.

No. 225771

Whoops, this isn't 2017. *Six years ago.

No. 225775

I have noticed that too now you mention it, being nurturing, caring, sympathetic etc is seen as weak to them. They also can't fathom you can be a sensitive person while also being a strong person, it's ironic as MRA's scream about male suicide rates and men's mental health not being taken seriously but will call another man a beta/cuck for crying or having empathy.

No. 225781

Why do men assume we all live easy lives and have men paying for us? Do they just watch shit like 90 day fiance and assume that's normal, everyday life for women? Majority of women support themselves now financially, most people split the bill on dates etc. Get with the fucking times moron, and if you are taken in by a gold digger it's 90% of the time entirely men's fault they knew exactly what they were signing up for. Also when men claim the sex industry is an example of female privilege and a way they're discriminated, men keep the sex industry alive, they're the ones paying for porn, prostitutes, strippers, sugar babies etc but still whine about it, you're the reason it exists. Women go into that line of work perhaps become they're facing difficulties financially and it's a quick way of making money, or maybe they just don't want anything more from men but sex/money however they exist and are in constant demand because men keep consuming it. Also male sex workers are in pretty high demand….from other men, it's like they're literally bitching because women don't pay for sex workers lmao.

No. 225782

if it's one thing I learned men are NEVER happy
fuck all the women who are literally going out of their way to ensure they don't get money from men, fuck all the women who support men, fuck all the feminists making campaigns to help men, they still wanna scream and cry that they're the ones being oppressed, even when women are telling other women not to gold dig and cheat and men are supporting other men who leech off of women and cheat, women have always done emotional labor and now when women actually give a shit about other women and make shelters and support systems they wanna scream how oppressed men are, not to men families tend to be harder on women expecting women to get a job, be in uni and her own apartment all by 18 and then are willing to by their 30 yr old son all the video games and pizza he wants

men dont care about other men, they only care when they can cry oppression and play victim because of it

No. 225784

Why did >>225778 get deleted?

No. 225785

File: 1516829862907.jpg (47.17 KB, 782x960, 1515900115617.jpg)

oh wait because it was a dupe lol silly me

No. 225798

But your asian men treat you the same.

No. 225799

They have a very narrow minded view of what a woman is and those who don't fit into that description get disregarded in their narrative. When they think of women they think of hot, rich Stacies who can afford to be housewives or do privileged sex work like camwhoring, not the fucked up kind that is basically rape and will lead to years of trauma while the pimps take all of their money. Working class or underprivileged women don't even register on their radar.

No. 225801

I'm hapa anon and I never said that asian men couldn't be shitty? I'm the one who posted links upthread and the meejmuse video interviewing Korean men. I didn't post some elaborate novel on asian men because I don't have much interaction with them and I never have. I live in Vancouver and they stare at me, but that's about it.

I'm wondering why you felt it necessary to quote myself and the other anon, as if we somehow implied that asian men were superior to white men in any way. Are you white?

No. 225807

Note the part where it highlights that polls show a majority of Egyptian women think the women who are groped and raped in these situations, like that female Australian journalist, are to blame.

Muslim women aren't our allies. Wish the constant asspatting of hijabis would stop and we'd listen to ex-muslims a bit more, but white people are so fucking deprecating and self-loathing smh

No. 225808

What's lolcow's take on the Aziz Ansari thing? I definitely don't think what he did was illegal or sexual assault, but he sounds like a complete creep. It's doubly creepy because so much of his material is about fucking white women specifically as part of some weird racial revenge fantasy.

No. 225809

On that note, any farmers ever checked out asianmasculinity, aznidentity, goldenrace and all those other asian subreddits? They're like the chinky equivalents of the hotep brothas and alt-right. Kinda funny at times, disturbing at others.

No. 225810

>The #1 Dating Bootcamp for Asian Men

There seem to be a unnervingly high number of these "PUA" types who specifically market themselves towards their own ethnic community.

No. 225812

I mean, he was predatory as fuck and anyone pulling the "not a mind reader" card is just making up excuses for him. I refuse to believe that a 30 something y/o comedian who has to read people as part of his job is so fucking retarded that he can't read simple social cues that everyone who doesn't have a learning disability can understand.

On top of that, if you have to hassle someone so much that they mentally break, it's not really consent then, is it? She lacked the experience and confidence to really stand up for herself in that encounter, but that doesn't absolve him for being a scumbag.

No. 225813

That's my take on it. He's a major creep but he didn't sexually assault her. Even my boyfriend said it's blatantly obvious from non-verbal cues when a girl doesn't want to fuck you.

Dude is just a creepy Indian with a white fetish. Woman doesn't come off as much better herself though, considering she met him while on a date with another guy and exchanged numbers. Both of them encapsulate everything wrong with modern "dating".

No. 225820

Are we being raided by /pol/?

What's up with all these posts about non-white men? The first posts about black men were fine, but now it looks like someone is trying to push an agenda.

No. 225821

No. 225823

File: 1516839673728.jpg (32.89 KB, 299x250, u8o.jpg)

>any posts addressing non-white men must be /pol/
>no woman who posts on lc could possibly be a poc who experiences sexism from her own kind

People like you are why this dialogue gets shut down. There isn't an "agenda" just because people want to discuss the problematic nature of men of all ethnicities.

And for the record many farmers also hail from lipstickalley which is a mostly black forum, so maybe some people actually feel as if they can talk about this stuff here without being lynchmobbed.

No. 225824


this man ran over his wife and three children because the wife didn't want to have sex with him what the FUCK is wrong with men? they act as if rejection is the worst possible thing women can do

No. 225825

No. 225827

The appeal of an imageboard is that you don't need to make an account and have your identity tied to things you say. We've had middle eastern anons in moo's thread, there is a half asian thread in /g/, and other anons have blogsaged about what they are in cow threads. You don't know what anybody here deals with on a regular basis. Maybe this is the only place they can vent about their brother's friends or fathers. My best friend is from mexico and she has gotten crap for years from her whole family [mother, father, three older brothers] for wanting to go to college because they think that makes her a lesbian somehow. They say she wants to compete with men and they have even COMPLAINED about her still being a virgin because they say that getting dick will make her want to behave normally. Where were you when that gangrape on a bus happened in India too? Honestly you sound gross.

No. 225829

>they act as if rejection is the worst possible thing women can do
In their mind it is, because they are not used to a world that doesnt cater to their needs, and they feel they are within their right to use violence if women do not bend to their will.

No. 225831

You should check out the gender critical thread for your answer, there is a lot of stuff there about this.


No. 225833

Because they believe their own delusions and fictional female characters (which are most of the time written by men) that men give stuff to women for just existing.

No. 225834

It's obvious when someone has an agenda when they say shit like >>225798, trying to excuse the behaviour of creepy men with "YOUR men do the same".
I can see right through it. Deny all you want.

No. 225835

>egypt women = all muslim women evar.

congrats on your autism anon.

No. 225836

Hardly as though the rest of the maghreb and gulf is any more liberal than Egypt. I'd expect even more victim blaming from gulf women.

No. 225837


>Why Women Cheat?

For women, the reason behind cheating her husband is not sex. Most women cheat for an emotional connection. This fact is quite common amongst women over the age of 30. It has been found that women can have an emotional relationship with some other person without taking it to the physical level.
When ignorance is there from their husband’s end, women choose the path of infidelity. They start a relationship with other person just for the sake of love and nothing else.When women are not satisfied emotionally they initiate an affair with some other person whom she trusts.
Why Men Cheat?
Usually, men cheat for a single primary reason that is sex. After children are born, many men do not see their wives as sex objects, but rather they just find them as maternal figures.
Men find sex in long-term relationships as routine or mechanical. Such feelings make men involved with some other partner just for the sake of physical adventure.
Many men will seek sex outside of a relationship simply to see if they can do it. It is just the male ego that leads to infidelity.

>Surveys show that 22% of married men have committed an adulterous act at least once in their life

14 percent of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives

>Statistics say that nearly 85% of the women are right when they think their partner is cheating on them while for men it is around 50%

>Men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair, regardless of whether or not they are in a married or unmarried relationship

basically men cheat more and for dumbass reasons but men are still more paranoid then women of their partner cheating despite the fact they cheat more

how will they redeem themselves?

No. 225838

Perhaps the issue is that most men, no matter their ethnic background, are shitty. I used to frequent pol and it would make me laugh at the cognitive dissonance, they would complain about non-white men raping women while they had another thread going about how because women had rape fantasies they actually wanted to be raped by their incel asses.

>All muslimas are hijabis and middle eastern
Again, congrats on your autism anon.

No. 225840

Dude, I am the hapa anon that they quoted and I wrote back right here >>225801 to them. /pol/ didn't invent the concept of being critical of cultures and sentiments expressed within this thread are ones that many women have held for years, but they aren't capable of saying anything for fear of harassment or worse. /pol/ worships East Asia as some kind of utopia for white men and yet upthread you can see myself and another farmer clearly discussing how far behind they lag in women's rights. meejmuse's video provides insight to how shallow and rude some East Asian men can be when it comes to choosing a partner, because screw personality!

Your post is catching heat because you implied that no one on this board has legitimate experiences. And, honestly? You sound like a white feminist because you're displaying apologist behavior towards genuine issues.

The only reason why I can fathom you responding in such a manner is that your s.o. isn't white. Guess what? Mine isn't either, but he's capable of acknowledging that machismo is an issue. So, can you actually contribute to the thread in a way which doesn't further derail it or just get lost?

OT: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/09/china-arrests-womens-activists_n_6832630.html

No. 225843

>Perhaps the issue is that most men, no matter their ethnic background, are shitty.

And we're still permitted to acknowledge cultural differences which contribute to the mistreatment of women.

No. 225844

I'll get lost when male raiders get lost as well. Their egos are so big that a woman can't post her experiences without them crying "well but YOUR men are the same!"
Like I said, deny all you want.

No. 225846

>And we're still permitted to acknowledge cultural differences which contribute to the mistreatment of women.

Yes, which was my point in my previous responses anon. What part confused you?

No. 225847

I remember when /gamergate/ on 8ch flipped their shit about Megalia and Womad years ago. Sadly, most of the Megalia Twitter accounts are abandoned and apparently you can be arrested if you're found to be a member of it now.

No. 225849

File: 1516845191801.png (146.88 KB, 568x1588, welp.png)

Seems like a coincidence I am browsing this thread and pic related pops up

The video is blocked in my country, can i get a quick rundown? I never heard about this.

No. 225850

No. 225851

I want to know why men across the board are developmentally stunted when it comes to rejection. Yeah, it hurts for a bit but you move on. They just can't. Women don't blame Stacie, make incel subreddits and post constantly on multiple websites about how men are the downfall of civilization because they're able to fuck freely and have the choice to say no. Is it just their general hatred of women the cause of it?

No. 225852

Have you ever lurked /r9k/? Because I used to years ago and fembots most definitely did this. I also made a Tumblr for the first time (just to collect pretty pictures) and due to certain things I like, I'll get stuff on my dash with girls complaining how they're so much not like other girls and how dare men turn them down for stuff.

No. 225853

I dont think its developmetally stunted more as bruised egos and a culture which encourages this. Men are raised very different to women.

Yeah it is, a lot of vids get blocked here for some reason. Thanks for the link!

No. 225854



>Black men have historically only had power over Black women, so you’ve made us suffer to help ease your pain. You have disrespected us, you have degraded us, you have silenced us. Yes, slavery, oppression, colonization, and dehumanization can take its toll on your psychological well-being. We get that you are in pain, we are too, and we want to support you. But being in pain is not an excuse to cause pain; we must stop the cycle of abuse.

No. 225855

They just don't think women should have the right to exercise free will. I've been rejected when being open about my feelings before. Yeah it hurts and it's embarrassing but I can respect their wishes and get over it because I don't think I'm entitled to a yes from uninterested men.

No. 225856

Thats because culturally women arn't considered human beings in the way men are.

No. 225857

There is something I've always wondered: Are French men overwhelmingly sexist like the sterotype goes?

No. 225858

in my experience they are. but the worst 'french' men, are immigrant men

No. 225859

Are you a France-based farmer?

No. 225860

File: 1516846508417.png (104.26 KB, 450x617, god forbid we like chanel.png)

No. 225862

eh, I believe some people take being materialistic way too far, both men and women, but some people amp it up so much as if even buying your own brand-name purse is materialistic

I also really doubt men who run around screaming about how "women demand expensive gifts" unless they were portraying themselves to the girl as a sugar daddy

like george from 90 day fiance and anifsa, he portrayed himself as a sugar daddy who will take care of her and buy her all she wants then gets upset when she gets frustrated and wants gifts and didn't magically become a perfect little un-materialistic fairy, even when anifsa said she will get a job he refused to let her

No. 225863

But in the case of doenjang girls they actually have their own jobs. They just choose to save up for something expensive that they really want and eat cheap soup. I don't see why they deserved an insult as if there aren't men who don't scrimp and do the same with things they want.

No. 225865

>black men throws his drink in a woman's face because she said she prefers Latino men

No. 225866

it's projection tbh, I knew a guy, anytime I would post something nice on SC he would message me and make "daddys money" jokes despite the fact I earned it myself, it would be impossible to talk to him about anything without making "daddys moneys" jabs, even if my dad gave me 20 dollars on my birthday, he was poor as shit to and sucked at decision making with no bigger plans which doesnt makes sense because he makes more than me, barely showers, lived off his gfs parents for a while etc etc and he didn't even understand why I was frustrated with the "daddys money" jokes he constantly makes over shit I earned myself

they think in their heads "oh a woman has nice things she must have had someone buy it for her!" but fail to realize most women earn for themselves, probably why they need to resort to calling anything a woman could possibly do gold digging, even having your own job is gold digging

No. 225867

File: 1516850540345.png (71.91 KB, 1062x550, women and dating.png)

funny how they spend years crying about how we're too emotional and care too much to do anything but magically turn around and start saying how we have no emotions and only desire for money and attention

No. 225869

LiveLeak is known for morbid jokes from the commenters but this is one of the times I'm baffled by all the unoriginal and stupid "stay in the kitchen" jokes
(I don't want to bother screenshotting these awful comments so I hope mods don't mind, but this is a work safe video, it's just about a woman snapping her achilles tendon during a workout)

It's really not helping with my growing hatred of men if all they can think of when seeing a woman in pain is making sexist jokes

No. 225870

I'm glad that many of the comments are standing up for the girl, but shit some of them are entitled as fuck..

No. 225871

>Men controlled women's lives 24/7
>Men don't see women as human
>Women finally have some rights and choices
>"how dare she be selfish and not think of men and only men in her life. how dare the government not provide one woman per man. she's a parasite. women are worthless. civilization is dying"

I hope in the coming years more and more women stop giving a fuck about men altogether. Let them collectively cry and wish armageddon. Their tirades are tiring after awhile

No. 225877

File: 1516853941533.jpg (573.74 KB, 1080x1080, Data_takes_the_stand.jpg)

we're gonna have robot bfs and vr bfs soon it will be great

No. 225878

File: 1516854027717.png (79.56 KB, 1066x604, jstafford.png)

jeremey stafford is batshit crazy and proven himself to be mentally unstable and delusional unless he's just a troll

I wanna form a group that tracks down MGTOWs and their supporters and contacts their family and employers and shows them what they've been writing on the internet

No. 225879

File: 1516854214857.png (102.23 KB, 1110x770, jstaff.png)

No. 225880

File: 1516854380155.png (11.54 KB, 1018x148, fattierage.png)

No. 225881

They think Chad can turn any lesbian straight.

No. 225882

File: 1516855757728.jpg (55.5 KB, 651x272, congrats, you played yourself.…)

This is how pathetic men are. This was top rated on what was supposed to be a JOKE site. Look how fucking bitter the cunt who wrote this is, unless hes saying men killing themselves is a joke.

No. 225883

Aye, pol posts a lot of threads about robot gfs saying all women will go extinct, they are useless etc.

When someone posted the news article that its likely men will be replaced with robots for real women they went apeshit, it was glorious "women want real men they would never want a robot because all they care about is money etc" like yeah yeah stay bitter boys kek.

No. 225888

>try desperately to keep women out of the workplace or the battlefield and in the home
>get mad when women don't die at work or war and are favoured for custody

Don't get me started on the utter fucking absurdity of bawwing about male murder victims when men are the ones fucking murdering each other. It's interesting, I see men bring up these sorts of statistics all the time, but only ever in response to feminism. They don't give a fuck about homeless or depressed men until they can use it to shut women up. I'm sure if they ever bothered to look more closely into the reasons for these statistics they'd realize they aren't so contradictory to feminist causes (toxic masculinity preventing men from seeking help for depression etc).

No. 225890

Exactly, and it just shows their stupidity that they blame women for this shit when all of this is a side effect of men being in charge.

No. 225894

God. what a bunch of idiots

I was on /h/ the other day and some sperg was arguing about rape and how women
enjoy it (not to mention the thread was called "Rape where the girl doesn't enjoy it")

I honestly forget how shitty people's tastes are on that board and I genuinely hope that guy didn't actually believe the bullshit "facts" he was spewing

No. 225897

What is their obsession with insisting we enjoy rape? How many times do women have to talk about how horrible rape is for them to get we don't fucking enjoy it? I don't get why they can't just listen to us and have to come up with conspiracy theories about what we really want.

No. 225898

I think it's a fundamental misunderstanding of female sexuality. Men who lack the ability to imagine that female desires differ from their own have a fixation with rape. They want to think that since they have a pathological need to fuck literally anything that women must be inferior beings for being stimulated by an emotional connection. Men will do anything no matter how sick or perverse to protect their ego, so when men feel threatened by the idea that women don't want to fuck them, they automatically construct fantasies to protect it.

No. 225899

I think its partially a misunderstanding. A hell of a lot of women claim to have rape fantasies because they like to be held down and fucked hard, without realising that rough sex =/= rape. Then men hear that and since they think women are a hive mind, they think all women like "rape", even if the women who claim to like rape do not even like rape themselves.

No. 225900

>I think it's a fundamental misunderstanding of female sexuality.

While thats true I think its specifically not that they cant understand, but they dont want to understand and not feel bad about sexually assulting women or feel bad for women they know/have heard been sexually assulted.

No. 225902

This. Rape can be getting penetrated dry in where ever and being violated by someone who doesn't care about your pleasure, doesn't care that you're in pain or if they cause you tearing, it doesn't feel good. It's not some dude choking you during sex after foreplay, it's physical violent/painful and emotionally damaging. I don't know why it's so hard to tell the difference between rough sex and rape.

No. 225904

>I think it's a fundamental misunderstanding of female sexuality
And biology. I think - besides from what other anons said - it's also a lack of education in this matter. They think it's pleasurable for us, because they have no idea how vaginas work. For some of them, it's simply a pleasure hole. They don't know how dryness can hurt, or just flexed muscles. How easy it is to tear it, to bleed. They don't know shit about female biology.

No. 225905

I remember this video was posted on fb, all the comments were cheering on the girl being knocked out. She was completely wasted so it may not have even registered to her it was police men carrying her, barely touched the officer and his first response is to punch her so hard he knocks her out? The whole police issue is another topic altogether I won't go into, but it's disturbing to me how people seem to enjoy seeing women getting hit. I don't consider this "self defense" either she barely touched him, was completely wasted and he had other guys with him….there's no way he felt threatened by her. I'm a 5'8 140lbs woman if a 5'2 manlet hit me, it probably wouldn't do much damage I wouldn't beat the shit out of him in response I'd just restrain him lol. I don't consider it self defense when someone just taps you and you beat them up.

No. 225911

Yeah, men don't understand that when women have rape fetishes, it's typically in the form of a hot guy roughly forcing pleasure on them. Not the way rape usually happens in real life.

They're the ones always sperging about the difference between fantasies and IRL when it comes to their sick fetishes, why is it so hard for them to apply the same logic to ours?

No. 225912

>the idea that women are oppressed is laughable
>in reality you're just a vagina with legs that makes sandwiches

I can't understand how men can say the most blatantly sexist shit while simultaneously insisting sexism doesn't exist. Like, how do you not realize you're doing the very thing you claim doesn't exist? Men are fucking psycho.

Also, it's pretty easy to make it look like women have nothing to complain about when you conveniently leave out all the issues that disproportionately effect women, like poverty, sexual assault, and domestic violence just to name a few.

Not to mention, most of the issues men face are the direct result of men. You can't say the woman should be in the home raising the kids then complain about women getting unfair custody. Men don't seek psychological help as much as women because they're taught they're the logical sane gender and people who need help are weak. Men are usually the ones murdering people. Men are the ones causing these fucking wars.

No. 225914

Men are lazy and don’t want to do the hard work of confronting rapists and murderers and changing male attitudes. It's easier for men to put their problems in front of women's feet. This absolves the responsibility of men and also puts the burden of solving the problem on women.
After all, in their mind women only exist to serve men so it's only natural that women should solve all of men's problems for them.

This also goes hand in hand with blaming women for everything bad a man does. If a man rapes a woman the blame is put on the rape victim for her behavior or dress. If a man beats his wife, it's because his wife is a nag or the man's mother was abusive when he was a child.

Men aren't held accountable for their actions as long as they blame women. Blaming the woman is a get out of jail for free card for men.
Men love to call women irresponsible when it is in fact men who will do anything to avoid being held responsible.

No. 225917

"Revenge not justice. We need to clear out judges like her. Everybody happy until you son is standing before her get 20 years for patting a girl on her ass."

"The only thing worse than molesting young girls is for a judge to also abuse her powers and claim "I just signed your death warrant". What an insane world we live in….she and he are the same."

"Larry Nassar is a terrible person but this judge is annoying. And why doesn't she have eyebrows?"

"Were these girls just to dumb to say no . Why wasn't anyone listening when the some of girls reported this monster? Some one else besides this doctor needs to be held responsible."

Sorry for the long post but these are comments on the video of the judge sentencing Larry Nassar, if you don't know who was a doctor who molested 200 girls, she gave him a sentence of 175 years so he'll never be free. This is how men react and these are a few, I'm fucking disgusted by this, even little girls aren't safe from them not giving a shit about rape.

Link to the video if anyone is interested in watching/reading the comments (apologies it's a fb link) https://www.facebook.com/NBCNews/videos/2318050454881638/?hc_ref=ARQ75cPnXWiMBTcb4quTUJzVJ8iRT-dY9Rn0ubyq7Dnx0dWopfAFzFO3tioAB_LSAMo&pnref=story

No. 225918

I wish we could castrate every single one pedo apologist.

No. 225919

File: 1516888344829.png (150.47 KB, 1242x572, IMG_2394.PNG)

The sad part is some of these people have daughters of their own kek

No. 225921

It breaks my heart to know that tbh, as when I tried to tell my dad I was abused he told me he didn't want to know and it was years ago so to get over it. I imagine they'll react in the exact same way if anything like that happens to their daughters. It fucks you up really badly being raped in the first place, but when one of the people in your life who is supposed to care about you and protect fail to do that…I don't even know how to put into words how that feels.

No. 225922

File: 1516888813230.png (148.7 KB, 1122x763, IMG_2396.PNG)

Because they see it as "just sex". Only boys who have been raped themselves can understand why it's a problem.

No. 225928

Men love violence, especially violence against women. They’ll be the first to say just how weak and worthless women are while they talk about hitting women as an example of ‘eqaulity’ It’s primitive caveman thinking all the while they boast about being so civilized and advanced

I noticed those comments were from Sandman’s videos? I remember one video of his where he made an open letter to women and threaten to build a rocket and leave the planet kek. I want to leave this planet because men want slaves and have fantasies of murdering us.

Pedo apologists, rape apologists.. and men still wonder why women won’t have kids with them. They’ll protect their ego and their porn better. It’s sickening.

No. 225929

It seems a lot of yellow feverfags really really want the pale skin Asian women with big eyes. They alsways call darker Asians like Filipinos and Indians ugly and claim they're not real Asians. They only want Korean, Japanese and Chinese women.

No. 225930

Talking to a man about having depressing can be frustrating. Their response is always "you can have sex anytime you want how can you be depressed?". There are so many bad things that can happen to a person that are completely unrelated to sex which make them unhappy.

No. 225931

Why do they think sex is the center of the universe? It's not that important and having loads of meaningless sex with strangers just gives temporary pleasure, it won't solve any problems.

No. 225932

>temporary pleasure

Sometimes not even that. The worse sex you can have is with someone you don't know, they hate you for being a sly and just want to get it over with.

No. 225933

I've never seen any of them want Chinese or Korean. They talk about the former being gold digging sluts and the latter being mostly plastic.

No. 225934

Hate you for being a slut*

No. 225935

It seems most of them don't really give a shit as long as they're pale skinned and have almond eyes. to them it's all the same thing anyway. I've seen plenty of Korean plastic idols being praised by men who hate western women.

No. 225936

This is how men define loneliness, or lack thereof. To them, being used as a masturbatory aid by some stranger and then thrown out like disposable tableware sounds like a great deal because that's what they wish they could do to women. They're projecting their own desires. They have no capacity to ever imagine that someone could desire anything deeper than that.

No. 225937

The reason they're paranoid is because they know they would cheat if stacy was feeling them up so they project and assume women would fuck any chad that gave her attention. It's all projection.

No. 225938

Because for them it is. Mens lives revolve around sex, and they call us superficial.

No. 225940

Life drive and death drive shit. Essentially men are broken and have an inherent obsession with sex and violence/death.

No. 225942

They assume that sex equals to having a loving boyfriend who supports you through hard times.

No. 225951

Its ironic because they hate western women for (supposedly) doing what they're praising korean idols for

No. 225953

And look at that hijab wearing Mona DeRivera:
>"The man did wrong and so did the 160 plus women that keep their mouths shut for years, which honestly I don't believe them all."

No. 225954

Uh, I googled and nothing comes up. Are you sure that is her name?

No. 225967

File: 1516903194738.png (51.01 KB, 1052x362, fattiekeepsraging.png)

No. 225968

File: 1516903220936.png (21.62 KB, 1072x212, Untitled.png)

No. 225969

French men are fucking garbage regardless of race. The creepiest, grossest dudes I've met were white.

>muh male space :((
The majority of spaces in this world are either male spaces or infiltrated by men, the level of delusion

No. 225970

File: 1516903784868.png (10.53 KB, 607x105, rape.png)

Another man on the subject of Larry Nassar, uh both judges who gave Brock Turner and the Steubenville rapists sentences were male. It's literally ONLY men I've seen defending this and trying to find justifications on why the judge is wrong, they can't even just be happy a fucking child rapist will never see the light of day again.

No. 225972

They'll never care about women or see women as people, like they are. Because the judge was a woman, the sentence is a joke. If it was a man, he'd be praised (and criticized for such a harsh punishment by apologists)

Why do so many mgtows have the delusion that they'll be great single fathers and role models? And they're obsessed with wombs they have absolute control of. Artificial womb tech leagues better than whats in hospitals already, yet men are trying to ruin another good thing solely to hurt women and make them feel obsolete. Typical.

No. 225973

File: 1516907261325.jpg (79.31 KB, 564x775, QMxo4hZ.jpg)



One of the Seasons of True Detective had stuff like this happen. Guess they had a good hint all along.

No. 225974

File: 1516907404000.png (64.13 KB, 1272x455, bring_me_cyborg_husband_ffs.pn…)

And the men who cry "SHUT UP, PATHETIC WOMB-BEARER, YOU'RE LESSER THAN ~MEN~!" are the shittiest and most deadbeat "fathers" of them all.

No. 225975

File: 1516907887680.png (58 KB, 1611x510, Untitled.png)

"I honestly thought she would bond during the pregnancy and change her mind…"

…about the abortion-turned-child this asshole talked her out of. Christ.

No. 225976

>get girl who you weren't serious with preggers
>girl doesn't want to be preggers nor want kids
>shocked when things didn't go his way and whines about what he signed up for

let me guess, is this on a subreddit that makes fun of single moms when this guy know exactly what he signed up for and is now pissed and stressed about the realities of children and not ~oh teehee i knock up a girl who i wasnt serious with and she wanted to abort but i said no bc i thought she would become a magic mommy and now im sad and call her a deadbeat when she's more responsible than I ever was"

No. 225980

File: 1516910475686.jpg (175 KB, 500x500, 1503609296300.jpg)

>>225878 I wanna form a group that tracks down MGTOWs and their supporters and contacts their family and employers and shows them what they've been writing on the internet

I don't think my meager googlefu skills can contribute much, but I'd like to see this happen.
Doxed women are sent death threads and stalked. Doxed men just lose their current job and are unable to be pigs at work too.
What do we need to get this off the ground?

No. 225981

since a lot are dumbasses and use their real name it shouldn't be impossible, I can download IP tracing devices and track them down, find their shit, etc etc

sometimes I use indeed since a lot of people use it and make their resumes public, I've tracked down classmates with it several times, we need to find a new place to do it if we are, since mods wont like us doing it

No. 225982

File: 1516910766873.jpg (381.9 KB, 1280x800, 1497843404335.jpg)

Because they know they are worthless and undesirable, they need to fantasize that someone desires them. That's why men that have sex with children and animals then talk among themselves about how they can tell that the child/animal wants it.

No. 225983

I'd really love to see this happen too.

The only thing is that I like it when assholes feel comfortable. I like it when they expose themselves so that we can avoid them. I'd also like it if we could warn more women about the signs of an abusive man because I see far too many women get into abusive relationships with people who I thought were obviously assholes, but some people manage to see past.

No. 225984

File: 1516911877904.jpg (800.92 KB, 1920x1080, forest-path-pictures-32576-333…)

Yeah, like a database of them, hosted on a website for women to consult.

I want to create a website to warn about signs of abuse.
I've been reading "Why does he do that?" since it was posted on the last thread and it is great. Any other sources?

No. 225986

like this idea anon, a girlfriend/wife or daughter especially should really know what their partner thinks of them.

No. 225987

his fragile masculinity was being threatened lmao

No. 225988

pretty sure they were referring to a person who commented on the Facebook link shared by >>225917

No. 225989

Do normal, adjusted, good men even exist?

For always saying things like "women are the more emotional gender" a good part of them sure have trouble with controlling their anger. If one little thing goes wrong, or if you happen to have an opinion they don't agree with, they yell, scream, and intimidate like the children they are. Peaceful discussion never seems to be an option with them. They talk and rant over you while you try to make a point, even when you let them say their point first. It's like you're not even there, they don't let you get any words in.

God, I wish the field I'm in had more women. Working with men fucking sucks.

No. 225990

File: 1516915433088.jpg (116.08 KB, 521x800, Black_Canary_0003.jpg)

Does anyone else feel shitty about being probably always physically weaker than men?

It just makes me depressed that no matter what i do i cant protect myself on a physical level without something like guns (very much illegal where i live, so not an option) or pepper spray (that i dont put much faith on).

It makes me depressed that i can never feel safe walking alone without a crowd of witnesses.

>tfw never will be as badass as super heroines

No. 225991

>what i do i cant protect myself on a physical level without something like guns (very much illegal where i live, so not an option

illegally get a gun, like a small pistol, or a nice sharp knife or take self defense courses, build some muscle and there you have it

the mistakes some women make is that they have too slow reflexes , they always take the "oh maybe he's not a creep" route, ALWAYS be prepared when walking home, I live in a city with high crime and when I walked home from work from my old job I would have to walk through the hood, the best thing you can do is keep a bitch face, dress and walk intimidatingly, like you're prepared to stab anyone who fucks with you, if you don't have a weapon and you get suspicious of someone, reach in your purse, even if you don't have anything, this will often scare them away, or at least most of them, for the ones that keep trying, if you do not have a weapon go to the nearest store or public area, like if there's a random gas station near run into it until they disappear

No. 225992

I do. I use to do weightlifting but got depressed realizing a man putting in the same effort could lift 2x the weight. The area I live in is kind of dangerous so I never go out alone usually, but if I have to I dress down in unisex clothes and carry a knife in my bag and pepper spray always in a pocket that's easily accessible.

No. 225993

I think this thread make me hate men and now I can't even trust my own boyfriend.

No. 225995

On topic of guns, cap&ball revolvers are really underrated. They are legal in most places and they are pretty lethal.

Victimizing people that claim to be victimized is very smart idea and will definitely not backfire. My false flag senses are tingling.

No. 225996

>Victimizing people that claim to be victimized is very smart idea and will definitely not backfire


No. 225997

take a guess

No. 225998

File: 1516917767025.jpg (132.5 KB, 820x350, 1513652426361.jpg)

>85% of homeless are men
Maybe because men tend to be unlikable fuckups, to be actually homeless you have to had have all your family/friends abandon you and no job. The vast majority of the homeless are scum, anyone who has lived in a city knows this.
>76% of suicides are men
Because men are fuckups.
>70% of murder victims are men
Maybe, because men murder more?
>7% of men get custody after a divorce
Men are more likely to abandon their families and be shittier parents in general.
>97% of war deaths are men
I'll give them that I guess.

No. 226000

>>97% of war deaths are men
>I'll give them that I guess.
I won't, men cause war, men make other men go to war, men always have bloodlust, and then they turn around and scream "WOMEN!!! YOU BITCHES AREN'T OPPRESSED" like if you're oppressed your own gender is it really oppression ?

No. 226002

File: 1516919194434.png (58.97 KB, 1253x486, 1513377903360.png)

see pic related

No. 226003

>deadbeat mom
>sacrificing her health and body AND paying 125% child support
the fucking nerve of this guy

No. 226004

Men are all spoilt brats, this guy sounds mad because he didn't get exactly what they want, there's a reason why the spoilt princess type girl is always the joke and whatnot, because it's a rarity to see spoilt women, but just about every single man to walk to planet was spoilt by mommy and now believes they're entitled to get anything they want 100% of the time

No. 226005

>plastic surgery with the slogan “spice up your wife”
Men were a mistake

No. 226006

There are other effective self-defense weapons besides guns and pepper spray. I've been fixing on getting myself a kubotan keychain, which I've heard is legal to carry in most jurisdictions in the US (check the laws in your area.) They could deliver agonizing blows without much force behind them being necessary. Pens, random pieces of wood or any such items could probably be used to the same effect if you want to go about carrying something that appears more innocuous. I've gotten in the habit of carrying a marker with me when I go out walking. Of course, training is also advised. I implore you to do more research on how to defend yourself properly with one.

No. 226007

Don't know whats worse, men who go out of their way to make their gfs/wife get plastic surgery, like the guy in the old thread who was ghosting his gf because she was too scared to get breast implants like he asked, or men who run around and fap to women who've had it, compare those women to women who didn't have it to call them ugly and belittle them and make them feel second best, insist that fake women are natural because she said so or whatever and use it as an excuse to fap to obviously fake tits and ass and hold women to these insane standards because "hurrr ___ said she was natural so it's natural so all women need to look like this why aren't there any women like this here"

No. 226024

sometimes I wish I was lesbian too, most all lesbians I have met have been super chill. I tend to be very close to the female friends I make (and I only ever have one bestie at a time) but then they get boyfriends :( Why do boys gotta be cute? They are so difficult.

No. 226027

File: 1516926087750.png (350.98 KB, 1057x2147, IMG_2401.PNG)

Not even pale skinned Korean girls are enough for a lot of men. Many idols who look above average get called fat and ugly by men.

No. 226052

the worst french men are those that are muslims (for obvious reasons), like everywhere else in europe.

No. 226057

> openly stated she didn't want to keep the fetus
> was nice enough to let the baby grow inside her and give birth to it and deal with the birth after effects
> pays 125% child support

I just hope this asshole doesn't try to brainwash his son. Kid's gonna pull a Marc Lepine with a dad like this.

God, this just infuriates me so much. Single mothers are looked down upon but people are so quick to praise single fathers. This thread makes me wish I was a lesbian but not even lesbianism is safe from men dressing up as women trying to infiltrate it.

No. 226058

Can't agree with that, but okay anon.

No. 226059

I won't give them the war deaths, women weren't even allowed to enlist for the longest time and the sexual assault rates for women in the military are abysmal.

Suicide rates are commonly down to "men aren't allowed to have feelings, that's for GAYS and WOMEN", which is a grave they dug for themselves tbh.

No. 226067

Men are also a lot weaker mentally, they're more susceptible to mental illness and can't manage their emotions nearly as well as women can and end up killing themselves (and others) over less.

And yeah, men start wars and want other men to fight them (as they should), so of course men die in them. All those statistics prove is that basically all of the problems men go through were caused by other men. What do they want feminists to do about that?

Anyways, MRAs bitching at feminists for not wanting the female draft are so disgusting. Like I said, MEN start wars, women shouldn't have to fight them. Not to mention how much physically weaker women are than men, so it's bad from a strategic standpoint aswell. They literally just want women to die.

No. 226072

This skit about sexual harassment is so true and funny. Men of course completely miss the fucking point, and they're bitching she's being condescending. Maybe you need it explained to you like a child because after years of women explaining it to you, you still don't get it.

No. 226095

I'm so conflicted regarding how I feel about this.

I know I definitely consider the guy a piece of shit. How the fuck do you have the nerve to pressure a woman into carrying a child she doesn't want, agree that you'll be the sole caretaker if she doesn't abort, then shit on her and try to find legal recourse to back out of the agreement because this whole time you expected her to change her mind about raising the kid? It's so fucking disgusting. Note how all his complaints regarding this situation are about how "being a single parent is so hard guys!" and not wellbeing of the child. There's no "I'm concerned how not knowing his mother is going to effect my son in the future" or anything like that. It's all him complaining about what he signed up for. This woman hasn't wronged him in any way, if anything she's been incredibly selfless.

However, I do firmly believe that when you choose not to abort you have a responsibility to make sure the child you're bringing into this world is well taken care of, whether by you or a nice competent couple/person worthy of parenthood. This man doesn't sound like he's a good father. Ffs he even said he resents the very son he pressured this woman to give him. She needs to be in this kid's life enough to at least see how he's being cared for even if she's not doing any real parenting. She owes the child that.

Also, why did he feel the need to point out her cosmetic procedures? Was he shading her for fixing her postpartum body?

No. 226097

I don't understand why men always bring up the draft as if it's some sort of epic "got ya!" moment. The vast majority of feminists want there to be no draft at all, but think if there is one it should be for both genders because then it's even less likely to be used. I remember it being treated like a huge feminist victory when women had to sign up for the draft.

They even still use it as a way to prove men have less rights when that's not even the case anymore.

No. 226099

the sexual assault rates for women in the military are abysmal
This. They cherry picked their statistics like crazy and left out all the Ines effecting women, including that one. Yeah, men die in the military more… there's way more men in the military and that's literally the risk they signed up for. Sexual assault was not a risk the women who've enlisted sign up for, but it's such a massive problem it may as well be by this point. I would honestly fear for a female friend's sexual safety less if she told me she was gonna become a stripper than if she told me she was gonna join the army or marines.

No. 226100

In the post he mentions that she is paying 125% of her child support, so she is making sure the child has enough financial support, it's the father than is doing none of the work, she's doing more than him. After that she has no obligation, she owes the child nothing else, considering she's giving more in child support than she's legally required to. She's his mother biologically but socially? She may as well not be related to him.

He's shading her because he's jealous and resentful, he is stuck with a kid he probably also resents and the woman he thought he could control is taking absolute control of her own life and getting rid of any signs of control he had, it's this typa guys worst nightmare.

No. 226105

>he is stuck with a kid he probably also resents
He straight up said in one of the posts that he resents the child.

I agree that she owes the father nothing, but she did CHOOSE to have that kid. Even if he pressured her not to, it was still ultimately her choice not to abort and she has some semblance of responsibility to the child. I think it's totally fair for her not to act as a parent, but I do think she owes it to the kid to be around at least enough to make sure the guy she handed him off to is doing a decent job raising him. Even mothers who give their kids up for adoption see them once in a while so they know that they're being decently cared for. She can at least just see him a couple times a year to make sure he's okay. I really don't think it's right for her to totally abandon the kid outside of paying child support.

No. 226109

She has absolutely no obligation. She's paying more than what she's supposed to, and that's far more than what a lot of men do in her same situation, for a child that she never wanted in the first place. Are you familiar with the child support meme? Personally, my half-sister's dad owed my mom tens of thousands of dollars in child support before the law finally caught up to him and made him pay.

No. 226111

It's great she's paying child support and I'm baffled the father isn't giving her credit for that, but I feel like she really should be around enough to see whether or not the father is doing a decent job raising the kid she gave him. That doesn't mean she had to play mommy at all, it just means being around the kid a handful of times a year so she knows he's okay. I'm really concerned about her son's future being raised by this man. Judging by these posts, he seems like he's a sub par father and will probably get worse down the road.

No. 226114

Not that anon but I'm sick that just because we are born female that we have to be the caring and nurturing role model. Fuck that. She didn't want the kid and she doesn't owe anyone anything. The society constantly shits on women, particularly single mothers while single fathers are being praised for every slightest thing mothers do daily.

He wanted a kid, he can have it. Don't men claim that they would make better single parents than women? Don't they want sexbots to replace women? Fine, let them have it. Let them have it all. The kid will probably blame all his problems on the mother.

I don't have any maternal instincts so I empathize with her. I want to slash the throat of the next person that says "You will change your mind". Or "when you give birth there's a magical bonding".

Sorry for the vent, but just because of my gender no I don't give a shit about babies, mine or someone elses. And that girl is doing more than he could have hoped for by paying alimony. She's better than a huge % of men that would dash into thin air.

No. 226115

Well, I agree that he's an idiot that won't raise the child correctly. If his parents were alive and willing to help with his son, that's probably a better living arrangement than a two-parent upbringing. It's still not her problem anymore. He has 100% custody and even detailed how she has no legal right to interfere or make any decisions on behalf of the child. She doesn't have to do shit if she doesn't want to.

No. 226117

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically(shit baiting)

No. 226121

it's just a copypasta dont reply to him

No. 226122

It's not a gender thing, I'd feel the same way if she were a man. In fact, men do this kind of shit way more than women and usually to a much worse degree (at least this woman is paying child support and made her intentions clear from the very beginning).

I also have no desire to spawn and want to flip a table any time someone insists I'll change my mind about having kids. Trust me, I do not blame this woman one bit for not wanting to be a mother. If she doesn't want to parent the child, that's okay given the agreement they had. What I find not okay is the fact she chose to bring this person into the world, but won't even meet him. She won't even have a minimal relationship to make sure the guy she handed him off to isn't fucking up his life.

She chose not to abort. She chose to bring that child into the world. So yeah, she has a responsibility to be in his life minimally enough to make sure he's being taken care of. Even mothers who give their kids up for adoption do this. Why is it so hard to just see the kid for a few hours a handful of times a year?

And yeah, if she refuses to do even that, the child has every right to resent her (though, he should definitely resent the dad as well). Just like how children abandoned like that by their fathers have every right to resent them.

No. 226123

This is some stale copypasta.

No. 226129

File: 1516997551900.png (7.79 KB, 1221x83, 1.png)

Why do men believe this shit when they are more susceptible to serious mental illness, commit the majority of violent crime (and crime in general), and are just more sensitive and animalistic in general?

No. 226130

because they desperately look for "scientific" reasons to treat women like shit

No. 226136

They're projecting. Some dude once showed me a shitty sexist comedian and I didn't laugh once, he then got really upset and kept saying "You need to loosen up, why are you so upset??" over and over while getting increasingly more emotional even though I was completely calm. Men have zero grip on their emotions but pretend it's the other way around.

No. 226146

Seeing the child is an instant connection to her (quite obviously) mentally abusive ex boyfriend, she obviously wants nothing to do with that past and she shouldn't have to go back, if she went back just to see the child the amount of grief this guy would give her would be immense, she doesn't deserve that.

He doesn't want her just to see the child, he wants her to take care of him, likely more than just a 50/50 split, she could easily be afraid that he's going to go to court with the info that she visited the child, to make a case that she should be forced to have custody.

It could have easily not been her real decision not to abort, we are getting one extremely biased side of the story here, this guy likely got mentally battered by this guy into not having an abortion, with her only solace being that she doesn't have to take care of the kid, it could be the only thing that helped her move on.

It sucks but that child could easily be one of those things that puts her back into that state of feeling helpless against this man, the child is just an extension of the father to her, a man she was obviously hurt by (not talking physical but who knows)

She pays her child support, some don't even do that, that's enough for me. Dads who abandon their kids physically but pay child support are enough for me, she's treated differently because she brought the child into the world, likely because she was bullied into not having an abortion.

It's up to the father to provide, not for her to protect the child and make sure he's ok while putting herself in danger, CPS is a phone call away, she doesn't need to be anywhere near the kid.

No. 226148

Yeah, I didn't really take into account the fact the guy is most likely very mentally abusive. Plus, like you said, it's totally possible his talking her out of an abortion was more forceful than he admitted to.

No. 226152

We're just getting a super biased view is all (obvious with how he thinks 125% paid childsupport = deadbeat)

We'll never get all the details of how shitty this dude truly is.

No. 226154

It's because men are such pros at gaslighting that they can even make themselves believe the crazy shit they say.

So, this was a thing that happened between me and a guy who prides himself on how logical he is (he literally says it just like that) and would put down women for being too emotional to think rationally when in conflict.

>he brutally breaks up with my best friend at the time after making it clear to me for their entire relationship that he was done with her

>she tried hooking up with sleezey guys on tindr, so I tell her she can fuck my boyfriend because I don't want her to have a traumatizing experience (one of my close friends had just told me two weeks prior to this that she was raped on a tindr date)
>he finds out, has series of extreme freak outs over it treating me like I'm Satan
>me- "dude, you complained about not wanting to be with this girl your entire relationship, made it clear you weren't gonna be with her long, then broke up with her and said you wanted nothing to do with her"

I was so shocked that he actually had the audacity to say something like that, so all I could respond with was "don't fucking bring gender into it, plus guys do this sort of shit all the time" but I really regret not pointing out that it was his male friend (who was way closer to him than me) who fucked her, and the fact this guy's two major love interests were both the very serious exes of two of his best friends. Men are so disgustingly hypocritical and lack self-awareness to an unreal degree.

I also want to point out that any time someone did something objectively terrible to me, he always considered me to be overreacting and would find a way to justify their treatment of me. Including someone saying I should kill myself. But then he would act like he was the most victimized person in the entire world over shit like his roommate wanting to pay less than half since he was getting a way smaller room.

No. 226157

Men are usually the ones doing shit like committing mass shootings, killing themselves, beating people, and murdering girls due to rejection, but yeah women are the crazy gender because we get moody when we bleed out of our genitalia.

No. 226159

>Excessive sexual intercourse and out-of-cycle sexual intercourse causes the woman to menstruate

Scary thought for those of us who started bleeding at the age of 12.

No. 226161

I started mensuration at 10, so this is troubling news to say the least.

No. 226162

>she tried hooking up with sleezey guys on tindr, so I tell her she can fuck my boyfriend


No. 226163

me too lol I don't remember having casual sex back in 4th grade.

No. 226166

I know, it's weird. Her and bf were pretty close, bf and I were in an open relationship at the time, and I didn't want her to get an std/raped/sleep with some frat bro who would treat her like shit after. So yeah, I gave her the offer and she accepted.

No. 226169

This brings back the discussion in the old thread of men leaving their wifes if they get a serious illness, what the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 226170

Men typically don't take the "in sickness and health" part of marriage as seriously as women

No. 226174

Fuck. This strikes home really hard. Men are genuinely trash.

My younger sister got into a serious auto accident a few years ago that almost required her to amputate her arm from the elbow down. She had a boyfriend who, as soon as he heard, gave her the whole bullshit about "it's not you, it's me" and fucking ran off. The doctors managed to save my sister's arm and with the exception of some nerve damage and a few scars, it looks completely normal. Guess who crawled back.

Men are just obsessed with appearances. No matter how unfortunate the circumstances, if you somehow possibly end up disfigured, they'll leave.

No. 226176

Please tell me your sister didn't accept him back.

No. 226178

Serious question, what do you guys think the chances of finding a guy who doesn't care about looks is? I wouldn't care if he was ugly, but I'd love to find someone who was utterly devoted to me no matter what and that seems really rare.

No. 226186

I knew a guy who claimed he didn't care about looks, he would date butt ugly girls and never really complained about them unless they acted bad, but he eventually made comments about how his ex "let herself go" and was kinda uptight, especially about cursing

given, he was quite handsome and wore suits a lot for no reason, he was ex emo as well which is probably why

No. 226187

I was friends and had classes with a guy who claimed he like "chubby" girls. He talked about his gf and how she was a bigger girl and that he loved her that way. I thought that was quite unusual but cute at the same time.

One day she came to our campus and our group of friends were expecting him to introduce her and show her our building but he didn't, he slipped away and went to some coffee shop really far away with her. I thought to myself he was probably ashamed of her.

A couple months later a friend of mine tells me he's all over her. Telling her that he wants to leave his girlfriend and be with her. This friend of mine is thin and conventionally attractive.

No. 226189


"Welcome to womanhood!"

My sides.

No. 226194

>>Please tell me your sister didn't accept him back.

I'd also like to know…what a cunt (the bf)

No. 226195


Reason to make sure you know who you are marrying…

No. 226196

>>throws drink in girl's face after saying she prefers Latinos

That will show her that black men are better!

No. 226199

Another fb link sorry, but the comments are eye opening. This woman touched men without their permission and the comments are full of women saying it's wrong, yet on a video with a child rapist men complained about the judge's make-up, said the judge was too emotional and blamed the kids for not saying no. MRA's keep saying women are entitled princesses who always get defended and looked after, seeing the complete opposite.


No. 226200

Yeah, make sure it isn't a man

No. 226204

It's impossible to truly know. There are women who are married to serial killers and never realize anything was off until they get caught, because their husbands were so good at conning everyone around them into thinking they were good men. With most serial killers, the people who knew them will express shock because "he was such a great guy". I read this one chilling interview where the wife said the only thing off about the guy was he would "work late" a lot, so she was kind of worried he was cheating on her.

Obviously serial killers are an extreme example, but the point is that men are amazing con artists. When you get married, you're taking a risk no matter how well you think you know the person.

Not trying to sound anti-marriage, I'm married. Just pointing out the dark reality that you never truly know a person at the end of the day.

No. 226207

You know how it is anon, all those 11-year old sluts seducing innocent males.

Reminds me of women who get breast tissue remove to prevent breast cancer but their husbands just throw their hands up and cry about the lost tits rather than the fact that their wife/gf might die otherwise.

No. 226210

oof you said it

No. 226214

>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
-If they have social media, inspect it for any red flags (misogynistic men will often have at least a few posts that give it away- "Wearing makeup is lying"/"Getting your dinner paid for is a sign you're a gold digger"/"Girls who show cleavage are sluts" to name some examples)
-Find out his views on various topics relating to women really early on. Do it in a somewhat subtle way, and make sure you keep your views to yourself so that he feels comfortable saying what's actually on his mind instead of what he think you want to hear.
-Do nice things for him often and pay attention to his reaction. Does he express appreciation?
-Is he happy to do nice, romantic things for you? Or does he think things like wanting to be taken out for dinner for your birthday or get a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day is asking too much?
-Is he weirdly uncomfortable with feminine things? Is he embarrassed getting you tampons from the store or holding your purse for a bit? If he's not okay with things like that, it means he has serious complexes regarding his own masculinity.
-How grossed out is he by your period? Does he freak out at things like if a little gets on the sheets while you're sleeping?

No. 226219

These criteria seem pretty silly. I am an incel and I would probably pass all of them.

No. 226220

Incels wouldn't pass these so ??? It's why incels are like top tier dickheads, they can't deal with these simple things.

There's more but it's really about seeing their true colours before they reveal them, which can be easy or hard, depends on the dude and how incely they are.

No. 226221

>depends on the dude and how incely they are.
I'm an adult male virgin by circumstance, that's about as incel as it gets.
>Incels wouldn't pass these so ???
I would, so you need better criteria. Just trying to help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226222

It's not about avoiding men for being virgins, it's avoiding men with incel type views.

No. 226225

I don't understand the distinction. Incel means involuntarily incelibate. Is it a world view, a political belief or a religion? I just thought it meant you were unable to have sex.

No. 226228

Yeah adult male virgin by circumstance doesn't immediately = incel, it's like a weird culture, incels use it to describe being 'involuntarily in-celibate' but now, due to incel hubs like r/incels bringing to mainstream, it's about a new culture of men who have worst tier views about women.

But being confused about it makes sense since it used to just be men who were virgins by circumstance, it's a lot more now, which is why it's a negative word that links with the woman hating culture, otherwise it would just be a normal word until context was added.

No. 226229

Man is the a male hate or a black hate thread? Like holy shit the generazation is strong here

No. 226230

Being a 20 something male virgin should be a red flag by itself.

No. 226231

Why is that? Are the problems shared by 20 something male virgins also shared by 20 something female virgins?

No. 226235

>don’t get laid due to certain reasons such religion or life choices

No. 226236

File: 1517067561883.png (59.06 KB, 586x243, 1499959403305.png)

Have you ever spent any time observing the "incel" community?

No. 226237

We focus on black and non-white men for a portion of the thread and suddenly it's a black hate thread…? There are mixed and non-white women here too, anon.

No. 226238

Male virgins tend to blame the world for their problems. Female virgins tend to blame themselves. That's why you need to be careful.

No. 226240

Men are disgusting and vile. How much of lowly human feces do you have to be to find joy in someone you don't even know and never hurt you being an acid attack victim.

And there were numerous threads where men said they fantasize about throwing acid on women to take away their only asset, the beauty. I'm glad the internet exists because you can see how the average men thinks.

And there were numerous threads where men said they fantasize about throwing acid on women to take away their only asset, the beauty. I'm glad the internet exists because you can see how the average man thinks.

No. 226241

File: 1517068348587.png (348.21 KB, 979x1160, IMG_2411.PNG)

Because they're even worse than white men and no one says anything about to because they're black

No. 226247

There's just something wrong with them. They truly, actually believe that an acid victim is better off than being incel. Not having sex is the worst, absolute worst thing to happen to anyone. They'll mock and ridicule anyone for going through the worst of the worst. I honestly have no expectations of them being somewhat of a decent human. And the fact that inslaught describes himself as a gentlemen irl, only makes me more cautious.

No. 226249

the difference is women can take being virgins until their 20s without going batshit crazy and running around screaming how much they hate men for not showing up to their front door and having sex with them, most men can't even take being single, the virgin ones make incel blogs with insane beliefs

No. 226251

Incels are typically extremely misogynistic partially as a result of their sexual frustration. If you browse the incel dominated hubs of the internet, you will quickly see what we mean and understand our hatred/aversion toward them. When we shit on incels we aren't referring to men who happen to be virgins, but have healthy views of women.

Not necessarily. Virgin males can actually make really good boyfriends. The ones who don't have a toxic view toward women tend to be very appreciative of their girlfriends when they finally get one.

No. 226252

Men care about male sexual pleasure more than female comfort

No. 226253

water is wet

No. 226254

>I'm glad the internet exists because you can see how the average men thinks.
I don't think the average man in the West is down with acid attacks. I definitely think the average man has an unhealthy view of women to some degree, but not to that extreme. Keep in mind that incels are still outliers.

I seriously can't believe how vile so many men are, though. I wish we could put men like that in camps.

No. 226255

File: 1517077738499.png (171.2 KB, 1242x1297, IMG_2416.PNG)

>post pictures of cute Asian girls but no Indians!
>only posts photos of Koreans

No. 226257

I never understand guys 4chan, they claim to love asians so much, then find white women to stalk and worship, they never even had a non-white waifu before, the closest they got was crispy who was mexican and katya who they claimed was japanese and russian but it was never confirmed, there was no proof and she posts her clearly white family on her instagram a lot

when they "like" asians, they mean the ones that look white, like whats the point of liking asians if you want only the white passing ones? I also notice that when they do date asians, they use it as more of a status symbol to brag to the chans about their asian girlfriend but never actually enjoy her company, her appearance, being with her, etc, and like most 4chin guys a lot are abusive as fuck and bitch about how their gf doesn't look like the perfect waifu they want in their head

are there any decent men?

No. 226258

Not acid attacks, but you know they’re down to hurt women. Women are only children, whores and mothers in their minds, not an individual human. And when you see someone as less of a person that yourself, it’s easier to hurt them. We can buy them hundred of sex dolls but I don’t think it won’t be enough to have them leave us alone

No. 226261

>I deserve love and affection!
>hot girls deserve acid attacks for not sleeping with me

I cannot comprehend how one can be so lacking in self-awareness.

Also, I want to point out that almost every guy I've known IRL who complains about their inability to find a woman always only go for girls light years out of their league. I've seen kissless NEET 3s consider high earning college educated 7s unworthy. They have to be 9-10 and happy to completely financially provide for the guy. And of course, if the girl in question picks a quality man instead, he will mercilessly shit on both of them.

No. 226265

>are there any decent men?
They exist, but they're hard to find and where you live makes a big difference. I was fortunate enough to find one and lock him down, it feels like finding a unicorn.

No. 226267

Oh my god, that was so fucking horrifying. This goes beyond comfort, some reported it makes sex excruciating. How the fuck is that even legal? They're giving women an extra stitch after childbirth without their consent when she's extremely vulnerable for the sake of their husband's pleasure, leading to complications down the road. This should be considered malpractice. Anyone who does this shouldn't be able to practice medicine, I don't care how "normal" it is.

I'm so disgusted right now. Hospital birth in America is already shitty enough for a first world country and then you throw in this bullshit. I'll make sure to let any pregnant friend I might ever have know about this so they can preemptively tell the doctor not to do that.

The world is so fucking sick.

No. 226268

why do american love genital mutilation so much?
First circumcision now this shit

No. 226270

I agree circumcision is wrong but lets not pretend this is an american thing when most of the world does it

No. 226272

File: 1517084826385.png (153.2 KB, 856x434, 856px-Global_Map_of_Male_Circu…)

>most of world does it

No. 226273

ermm, I'm assuming yellow means low circumcision, red means high, but it also doesn't say female or male genital mutilation either, circumcision was a thing before america was even a thing, since most jewish men are circumcised and the percentage of jewish people in american is quite low, this map is pretty divided as well as proving it's not an american thing as much as it is an african, middle eastern, and southwest asia thing

No. 226276

Adding to that, incels are obsessed with ratings. Because tbh, the numbers/scale/ratings don't matter; its part joke and really just about the chemistry between the two but that would require some self reflection on their part. And incels would rather just rely on whether she's a '7' or an '8' in looks. They're ridiculously shallow yet are offended whenever women show those same qualities.

I've heard other women say that they'd rather get a C-section so they'd stay 'tight' for their partner. Get what you feel is best - but doing that for your bf/husband?? It's disgusting. Men truly believe and have been pushing their beliefs that their sexual needs come before anything and everything else. Before women's health, safety and humanity.

No. 226277

yep, I had an ex that would randomly rate my body parts for no reason, like if I was wearing something that showed off my butt he would randomly say "7/10" or something like that
why are men so obsessed with rating women? I've seen men go out of their way and publically post shit like "send me ass or tit pics and I'll rate", it just brings back the point in the old thread men aren't obsessed with womens bodies theyre obsessed with the idea of judging them and seeing if its good enough for them

No. 226281

>only posts photos of koreans whose faces have gone to hell and back under the knife
>generalize out of this that koreans are the beacons of asian beauty

i hate that this kind of mentality actually rubs off on women such that they actually compete for what the most beautiful asian ethnicity is

fuck men

No. 226284

Map is only male circumcision.
yellow is below 20%, orange 20-80%, and red is above 80%. america is roughly in mid range of orange.
Red is muslim countries and Israel. Orange countries are large muslim minority or former british colonies. Yellow countries can't be so easily categorized.

Most of world population lives in yellow zone.

"circumcision was a thing before america was even a thing" is technically correct but it was mostly extinct in west before before some puritans brought it back in mid 19th century to "combat" masturbation.

No. 226285

The rating thing is something that has always really bothered me, if you spend any amount of time on 4chan you'll become accustomed to every single greentext story about women starting off with rating them. It's like necessary context to a story, because men cannot fathom thinking of a woman without her looks making up 90% of his opinion. The story doesn't have to relate to their looks, it doesn't have to be about romance or sex, and yet they still always feel the need to provide a rating so everyone can use it to judge their actions in the rest of the post.

I never see women rate men. We use our words to express our opinions rather than reducing them to numbers. I see men complain about women rating men's looks lower on OKC than men rate women, but I feel like women are so unused to rating that they just don't have an established idea of what each number looks like.

No. 226287

A guy I know compared a girl calling him "cute" to calling a girl a "6/10" how in anyway is that the same? The first one is actually a word and a compliment, the other is a number. A side note guys think being called "cute" is an insult, when myself and I think other women see a cute guy as being…well a good looking guy.

No. 226288

They're insane. A rating is an objective comparison of every girl to every other girl. A 6/10 doesn't sound particularly flattering, even if it might be a good number compared to 10/10 models and celebrities. But 'cute' is a compliment that demonstrates some actual attraction and appreciation for his looks from that specific person, even if he might be objectively not that high on the scale of looks.

It's probably just because of the meme that 'cute' is a word girls use for men that are ugly but nice.

No. 226290

because men are never happy and can't just appreciate a woman's beauty for what it is, they have to put it on a scale like it's the fucking olympics of looks, why do you think most women's insecurity stems from men? Men call it negging but in reality insecurity has been proven to destroy relationships or makes some women avoid men all together, most of them are sociopaths and don't realize the damage it can do to a girl to feel second best or "hur well you're hot but __,__,__ are hotter" it makes them go crazy and twist and turn looking for anything to improve themselves so they can impress the one they love and their shitlord of a dude doesn't run to 4chan and claim how his wifes tits are ruined for him because he saw another nice pair of tits and how he doesn't tell some greentext story of "hur be me, wife is 6/10, see stacy, 9/10"

they're obsessed with rating and judging something that shouldn't even have been put on a fucking scale in the first place then whine about how miserable they are because of all the so-called 8/10s walking around and they're with a 6/10, hell most girls can't even go out their day without people being obsessed with looks, once I was watching this beach video and men in the comments were whining about how a girls ass in the background of the video was "flat" (it was one of those small toned butts, she was also wearing a one piece so it's not like she was wearing some ridiculous outfit) and there was fat men dancing, but NOPE lets focus on some slim athletic girls butt because it's not big enough

men don't get off on womens bodies, men dont ask to see pics of womens bodies because they like them, they just want to judge them, nothing else, men might as well be gay

No. 226293

I hope this is okay to post here because it's the man hating thread. I just want to say it's so hard for me to trust men. Any species that has been raping and torturing women since the beginning of time is just hard to trust , you know?

I uber to work every sunday (because in my small town, the bus doesnt run on sunday)

My boss told me to be careful because a middle eastern man just got charged for sexual assault a few weeks ago near the area. Just makes me sick to my stomach that women are constantly having to worry about rape instead of men just NOT raping.

sage in case this is ot

No. 226294

Men gaslight women all the time. I think that if women were on their own, there would still insecurities, but not to the extent of how it is when you're a woman and you are judged by a man.

Men judge women by their looks 25/7 and their standards never make sense. Women are always too skinny, too fat, too muscular, boobs too small. etc

I just am so sick of men

No. 226295

not to mention the ever changing standards, one minute they want thicc plus size goddess chubs, next minute they want petite smol pixies, next they want the extreme corset look with big tits and ass, next the want pear shaped with big perfect ass and small round perky perfect barbie tits, next they want anything that has giant cow tits

I'd understand different men like different things but its the fact that they tend to have unrealistic expectations for these things and bash women who don't meet the expectation, OPs pic is a good example, thats why so many women run around with insecurities, NOTHING is good enough for men and if you dont meet all of thems expectations prepare to get bashed to hell and back

if say, a man who claims to like big boobs and small waists gets a gf who has that, chances are he will even find something wrong with that (hur her tits are too saggy, her nipples are gross, don't go under the knife though I'll just pick at your insecurities and cheat on you until you kill yourself or break up with me)

blog but I dated a man like this, he said that he liked tall slim women, thought it was great since most men nowadays expect perfect pale kawaii slim petite pears, later on in the relationship, if I sent him a nude, a lot of the time he couldn't resist but make really off comments about it
like if I gained a bit of weight he would make a comment about how I should ride my bike more to slim my thighs, he would tell me about how much he loves big tits all the while he knew of my insecurity of my small chest, if it was morning and I didn't eat breakfast yet he would say "you look to skinny", if I was wearing a different type of underwear he would say "your ass looks small but still hot"
like WHY can't you just appreciate my fucking body? why can't you just tell me you like it if you begged for nudes so much? I worked my ass off on it but nope, because apparently pointing out anything that even slightly bothers you on my body, if im so perfect you would actually appreciate the time and effort I spent to please you, not dig and twist and look for anything you don't like that doesnt meet your tip top standard

No. 226296

I'm just gonna leave this here


No. 226297

Just the url alone makes me know what to expect and i'm afraid to click on that.

men ruin women. They don't accept no for an answer, but they also want women to play coy/innocent, but also be a slut at the same time. But if a girl sleeps around, she's the worst. if a guy fucks 3 women in a night, he's a stud.

Same with marriage. An older man is a bachelor, but a woman is a spinster?? (and judged as 'used goods' by men?? It's fucked

No. 226298

Men are so fucking retarded. They shit on women for having plastic surgery, but then obsessively fetishize a race because they're too dumb to realize all the Korean women they're worshipping have had their entire faces redone. Same thing with girls that have fake ass or fits. They can't tell when women have had super obvious work done, even when they're staring at a fucking before and after comparison that shows the girl magically went up 4 cupsizes overnight.

No. 226300

>They don't accept no for an answer, but they also want women to play coy/innocent, but also be a slut at the same time.

yep, and they call even the worst of men alpha chads because of how many women they've had sex with but fail to realize so many women just give in because they're afraid to say no to avoid getting stabbed, it shouldn't even fucking count if the woman did it out of fear rather than if she actually likes you and had sex with you out of love and desire

they also fail to realize how many men are just like them, they don't want "high body counts" but demand women to have sex with them on command and cry when it doesn't happen, they don't realize how many men are just like them but worst, they don't even use logic to realize either pic a woman with a low body count or virgin to have sex with and settle down with or grow the fuck up and deal with "high body counts", they want both and live in a fantasy which they think they can have but they will never get
they're entitled enough to think they can fuck sluts for years then turn around and marry a pure qt virgin they'll cheat on but realize the pure qt virgins don't want men who have 5 stds, no job, a past of sexual harassment, hours spent on chans and are super abusive, they want trustworthy, worthwhile men who are genuine

I've also seen these same men mock women "who think they can choose" but fail to realize successful happier relationships happen when the woman actually wants to be with the man, not when the man constantly pushes and pressures the woman in a relationship until she gives in or just says yes to any guy that gives her attention (sh0e)

No. 226303

Isn't it funny how little men give a shit about male rape, abuse and murder victims?they only bring this up when they're mad at women.

No. 226304

male virgins should die tbh

and im being serious

No. 226305

I think it's important to remember that communities that are majority white have far less rape than mixed or minority communities.

No. 226307

I think it's also important to remember that women are more likely to be raped/molested by men they know. So a white woman is more likely to be raped by a white man….just sayin.

No. 226310

you sound like an incel who's going to screenshot his own post and use it to make the point that women shame male virgins!!1 there's nothing inherently wrong with male virgins, it's just that a lot of them think women are literally evil and deserve to die just because they have standards.

No. 226311

Incel, mgtow, bots, subhumans with archaic beliefs about women,fuckboys obsessed with judging womens bodies, every single male who goes to /fit/ regularly, neckbeards, males who whine about soyboys, any male who feels entitled to women

Too bad if we wiped all these men off most males would be wiped off in general, at least "soyboys" can be hot and treat you nice and make women actually desire and want to be with them, not to mention most farmers wouldn't have boyfriends anymore because I know most of yall have shit tier boyfriends

There are some nice, in shape, feminist men who will be faithful and treat you well and make you feel happy about yourself, but that's a gem to find since most males are cheaters and abusive or make you do all the emotional labor until he wants to fuck

No. 226312

File: 1517105116352.gif (2.33 MB, 320x304, 30384747388383.gif)

This is like staring into an abyss. What… is wrong with them?

No. 226313

File: 1517105529385.gif (197.33 KB, 220x165, yousuredidthat.gif)

I just finished binge watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and i'm just fucking livid right now, because even if this was based on a book. The way those jocks got away with everything is pretty much based irl when men can rape women and just move on with their lives, but women are mentally and physically hurt for life. it's horrible… Rape is the worst thing a man can do to a woman and it just happens too damn often, esp to young teens and women who don't know how to handle it, or worse, get victim blamed.

No. 226320

No. 226326

File: 1517111382787.gif (430.09 KB, 500x282, tumblr_no29oq7QvR1svxludo1_500…)

Yeah I've learned through studies of cults, specifically about cult leaders (most of them male) that they're not all weird demented people but actually really charming people. It's a social skill they learned in order to control others and to blend in.
You've gotta watch out for those overly charming types, they can easily slip past your barriers with their charm while you're busy watching out for the creeps.

No. 226327

Don't want to click it, I'm assuming its fucked up because most–all things men think of regarding treating women is fucked up.

>Too bad if we wiped all these men off most males would be wiped off in general
Its that baboon scenario. Remove all aggressive alpha males and discourage aggressive behaviors in other males, the group (society) would be much more safer and easier to live in for everyone.

That or encourage all men to date each other since they all hate women and leave us the hell alone

No. 226328

Lol I never understood the whole "women are so much more emotional than men" when there's shit like this >>226296
And like that video of that guy throwing water on that woman, it shows just how out of control they can get with emotion themselves when rejected.

No. 226331

Men are pathetic. They have fragile egos and when they are rejected or refused by women, they usually get violent. I'm lost friendships with men before even though they know i'm a lesbian, they still think they have some shot just because we got close as friends. it's the creepiest behavior.

No. 226335

Same here, I now don't accept most men as friends because I learned they just use "friendship" as a way of getting their foot in the door to later asking me out.
Felt disgusted and betrayed by that especially when they have the gall to get angry at me because I wanted to just remain as friends. Obviously a lot stopped being my friend immediately after I turned them down (or the dreaded few that stayed around and tried to guilt-trip me by being depressed and then angry when I still wouldn't budge and so I had to drop them instead)

No. 226342

File: 1517120301875.gif (4.92 MB, 350x350, 6BEFA0E0-D5C7-4F69-84AD-590289…)

It’s kind of funny but at the same time he shouldn’t have finger banged THE FUCKING PERSON READING HIS MESSAGES IN COURT.

No. 226343

No. 226345

this will piss of men screaming about how sex dolls are replacing men, male and female dolls are having equal amounts of sales, but who is screaming and crying about how sex dolls with replace the other gender? lmfao
Women keep to themselves, men can't, anything and everything they do they have to do it to bother women

No. 226346

"men getting off to give women money proves that they're subhuman and deserve to have their money taken, any man who complains about having their money taken actually enjoyed it"

I love treating men how they treat us, there's only a small amount of men into this though, just like there's an even smaller amount of men who actually did get money-leeched by women rather than just "I brought her dinner and she didnt fuck me shes a disgusting gold digger"

No. 226350

lel she's so self-hating; I just don't understand it.

No. 226354

she hated women so much she became a dyke
she goes out of her way to baby a group that victimizes itself and pretend they're poor oppressed children who need our help when they've been on top (and always beating us at everything, how they make more than us, etc which they brag about a lot) just because of the 0.000000000000000!% of women who've had rape hysteria
but fuck all the women who have been raped, molested, abused by men, fuck women in abusive relationships, fuck the fact women are victim blamed to hell and back, fuck the fact women are blamed for all of mens problems, fuck the fact men will gloat for days about how superior they are, the second women dare do anything about, MRAs coming pouring in screaming how oppressed men are and how we hurt their little feelings and now they're scared of being accused of rape -despite the fact women are literally more likely victim blamed and/or raped than men are likely to be falsely/loosely accused of rape, but fuck that lets makes entire movements bashing women to hell and back, putting excruciating time, effort and money just to bother and hurt women to prove women aren't oppressed and it's actually us big bad meanie ladies hurting mens poor wittle feefees

No. 226355

I clicked this thinking it was going to be another "kink" but thank god it wasn't. It's really eye opening but so many people would immediately dismiss it because it's on tumblr.

No. 226357

this is one of my favorite gifs, is there some backstory I wasn't aware of?

No. 226358

>Anti-Feminists Think Rape Victims Deserve It
>Literally nowhere in the video does anyone say this

No. 226359

yee, the title of the video was clickbait but they really didn't need to since the "men are victims" complexes surrounded these people would have already been enough bait

No. 226360

I dunno, I feel like as far as journalistic standards go, there's a big difference between clickbait "Number #3 will BLOW YOUR MIND" and an outright lie.

No. 226361

Feel so sorry for her daughter.

No. 226371

File: 1517142723743.jpg (106.75 KB, 817x323, male.jpg)

Pic related from that vid.

Why do men deny problems (there is no sexual objectification affecting women more than men, x is not sexual assault, rapists are few in between and are born that way, extreme porn is okay, it's just a fantasy…) despite apparently being very aware of them? This guy knows sex robots will potentially make objectification more prevalent, he admits to it and laughs at women. He probably got back to roleplaying as the opposite side (sex robots won't affect objectification, not even child ones) articles by women, or feminazis and swjs as they call us, supporting what he truly believes. Why? Because he doesn't see it as a bad thing. It doesn't affect him, that means he is free to lie despite the colateral damage.

I swear to god I thought they were genuine until very recently, after getting fed up with comments like this. I thought that they just didn't know and needed to be educated or whatever, but they just deny it because it benefits them it seems.

So scummy and manipulative. Are men the true hivemind? Is them saying women are all the same just a projection? Are they aware of how twisted they are? Have they no honor?

I'm so done with these hominids. I can't take anything a male says at face value anymore, they all lie and manipulate. I stopped caring about their problems like they do ours. I hope more women, especially liberal feminists, wake up sooner than later. They've been given too much power.

No. 226372

The thing is…there are women who are just as slutty as men, don't want families etc but they're seen as selfish bitches and men hate them too. Men could go have sex with sluts if they wanted, but they feel insecure with a sexually experienced woman, most men I see complaining they can't get laid it's because they're either going for women far above their league or women who don't want casual sex or both.

No. 226376

>guy asks for nudes
>say nah I don't trust people
>throws a fit and says I'm a bitch for giving him a boner and not doing anything about it

Why do they do this? There's so much porn out there why do they gotta ask girls they know?

No. 226377

File: 1517149754686.png (78.21 KB, 1307x561, 49.png)

>always horny but too shy to be a slag

This man is 49, fucking 49 years old and acts like this.

No. 226378

Not to mention that the same guys who bitch when you don't send nudes typically victim blame the shit out of revenge porn victims.

No. 226379

Fuck i relate to that so much, had to very carefully explain what lesbian actually means to some "friends" and they just cant comprehend a woman not lusting for the allmighty penis. It's sick how a lot of men still think they can turn lesbians straight with their magical sperm launchers.

No. 226380

The biggest reason men are so psyched for sexbots is because they think women will be "btfo", "that'll show those nasty roasties, they'll come crawling back just you see!". If they could just take their sexbots and fuck off no one would give a fuck, and women aren't collectively shitting their pants over sexbots, since there is a big market for bfbots too lmao.

No. 226381

Haven't you heard? The 1% of rape claims who are false is a much bigger issue than the 99% who are sincere (and usually never done anything with in court either), since it affects men and not women! Duh.

No. 226388

>online gossip is equivalent to creating entire movements dedicated to hating women

No. 226389

Its like men cannot be genuinely happy for themselves. Everything they do must affect someone else negatively. Have your sexbot but it HAS to make all the western roasties jealous so they'll be desperate to date you and give you everything. Their delusions are ridiculous. More so how they're convinced that women dont want sexbots as bfs because all women are gold diggers who want their wallets. But women have jobs, careers all that - why not have a nice robot bf too lol

No. 226390

When it comes to entire movements dedicated to hating one sex, women have got men beat easily with feminism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226391

Sure, gossip forum,big deal, whatever
Lets put it this way
When men gossip online they doxx, send death and rape threats, "expose" their nudes, hack, etc and a lot of the time the girls are underage

When we gossip we have specific rules NOT to dox, stalk, etc, hell its even against the rules to cow tip, our gossip is kept to ourselves and meant to discuss people who have milky behavior, their gossip spreads like wildfire and they go out of their way to ruin said persons life for no good reason

No. 226392

Feminism primarily is about helping women, not hating men. Get your head out of your ass. If mgtow actually was for helping men that would be great but 90% of their posts are "btfo stacy getting acid attacked", "remove women from the workforce", "women are literal children"

No. 226393

Then let me ask you this who was it that created the ads and campigns promoting open mindedness for male emotions,promoted male body positivity, advocated against male abuse and rape, etc
It sure as hell wasn't men, it was the big bad feminists everyone screams hates men so much, and the chances of finding a feminist who hates men in 2018 is rare where as you can literally just log on and find comments after comments of mgtows screaming how all women are abusive, evil, gold diggers, etc.

How delusuinal must you be? At least put effort into explaining an obvious lie

No. 226394

On the topic of gossip, this quote is genius.

"While gossip among women is universally ridiculed as low and trivial, gossip among men, especially if it is about women, is called theory, or idea, or fact."

No. 226404

You are literally retarded. Men have massive movements literally dedicated to stripping women of their rights, which are successfully implemented all around the world. The only "right" women want to strip men of is abusing and controlling us.

No. 226408

This is getting off topic, I just wanted to lurk this thread for cringe and betamales, but I'll respond once more.
>Men have massive movements literally dedicated to stripping women of their rights
The men's rights movement has been primarily concerned with the custody rights of fathers, the rights of male victims of domestic abuse, the rights of male rape victims and the right of the presumption of innocence in men accused of rape. Nothing here is "stripping women" of their rights. Feminism wasn't even a factor until feminists started campaigning against the MRM for doing this.
>The only "right" women want to strip men of is abusing and controlling us.
Then why do they oppose the MRM for wanting to get custody for fathers? Why did they kill Erin Pizzey's dog in the 70s when she started a shelter for male victims of domestic abuse?

No. 226412

>are you all like this?
Honey let me ask you this, this is a man hating thread not a feminist thread, none of us claimed to be feminists, some of us are against feminists because they baby men who still hate them and insist they're all misandrist

Another case of idiots lying insisting "EVERYONE I DON'T LIKE IS A FEMINIST!!!" To fit their narrative, actually read these threads instead of assuming

No. 226414

Who opposed men getting custody? Who?

This is why MRAs are joke, they scream about male abuse, custody, fair trail, etc, but leave out main points and act as if its a male problem

Look up the innocence gap, which was mentioned in the other threads, men are imprisoned more because they do most of the violent crime (even though most rapists never step foot into jail but men are being oppressed huh) but there are more innocent women in jail then there are innocent men in prison
Courts baby men, especially in America, no one will admit this because theyre obsessed with screaming and crying how they're being oppressed

For custody, the reason why more women get custody is because most men want nothing to do with their children, even if both mom and dad don't want the kids, it by default goes to the mom, this isn't male oppression, this shouldnt even be used by mras to prove men are oppressed, its proof women have to do all of mens dirty work when they give out
Men can easily get custody of their kids if they aren't abusive and are mentally stable, most of them dont want to and that's the thing, men dont want to take care of kids and scream they're being oppressed when women have to

Also have you met children with divorced parents before? Most of them will have systems where they go to one parent one week and other parent the next if the parents are in thr same area, even if one had custody or whatever, using custody is not a good excuse at all for men to scream oppression

The closest thing that actually makes sense is male abuse and rape and even then men are doing most of the abuse and women are getting abused and rape, not to mention the big bad feminists they hate so much did more for male abuse than they ever had just screaming about womens abuse ads

No. 226415

I really don't understand the meme that men are more logical and calm. It seems every day my bf is having a temper tantrum and can't handle anything stressful. Like, he gets violently angry, not just angry.

No. 226416

Yep. Same with my little brother. I've seen him grow from a happy little kid to an angry teenager who screams at the computer all day. Hes broken 2 xbox controllers already in rage. I get that teenagers are hormonal but people shit on teenage girls all the time for crying once a month when they bleed out of their genitals, but no one gets on teenage boys' cases when they have ragefits all the time. It's as if anger isn't counted as an emotion.

No. 226417

It pretty much isn't to men, this is why they scream women are shaming their "masculinity" whenever toxic masculinity is discussed, they think we should accept outbursts of rage and violence as normal behavior.

No. 226418

the mens rights movement only came about once feminism became louder, its a response movement. if feminism did not exist this movement would not, but the problems they claim would still be happening. Female abusers do not need feminism to keep abusing. women would get custody and more money under the reasoning "shes a woman, shes supposed to have the kids. the money is because she obviously cant support herself b/c shes a woman!". male rape would still happen but you would never hear it because every man would laugh at any guy claiming he got raped. and in the presumption of innocence, its more like feminism made it so wealthy men in power dont get away scot free. you better believe in a society with no feminism poorer men would still get convicted in an instant, "muh family honor" and all that.

No. 226419

All of this, not to mention how fucking tiny the amount of false rape accusations is.

MRAs look at the few men who need help, then look over at feminists and say "see? some men have it bad too, but we don't whine or need have rape shelters. you entitled cunts need to shut up!" Most of them don't want to help anyone, they just want us to grin and bear it like they do. If they really wanted to help people, they'd have to accept the fact that men are the problem, which they refuse to do.

lmao @ a woman having to start a shelter for men because they don't care enough about eachother to do it themselves.

No. 226425

>a woman having to start a shelter for men because they don't care enough about eachother to do it themselves.
That's basically the crux of the MRA, whining about issues they don't care about because they want le evil feminazis to shut up or pick up the slack for them. If they gave a fuck about some of the valid things they screech about like homelessness, or male abuse victims they'd be doing basic activism, like raising money and funding their own projects, volunteering, raising awareness etc but they choose to whinge on a computer all day. Women's domestic violence shelters and resources didn't exist until women took the initiative to make these things happen.

No. 226431

Why do MRAs think they're anything other than something to be made fun of?

No. 226437

>said who?
Well for starters, MRAs accuse anyone who hurts their feelings of being a feminist even if that person wasn't a feminist nor preach feminist ideologies

No. 226456

lmao he's acting as if girls will line up to suck his non-functioning wrinkly cock

No. 226477

File: 1517176293666.jpg (29.1 KB, 438x438, the heck.jpg)

>Like, he gets violently angry, not just angry.
Please be careful.

No. 226510

Seriously. they're pathetic af. And then they go and invent the 'friendzone' because boo hoo, men are so entitled.

No. 226512

It's hilarious the MRA movement started to catch up with feminism, since all of men's issues are still an issue because of men. Why don't men have shelters? ask your fellow men.

Angry and violent, the lot of them. And how many male rape victims were raped by men vs women?

No. 226522

What they need to ask their fellow men is "why do we need shelters in the first place?" The answer is, of course, male violence.

No. 226537

Can you explain why such person is your bf you dumbass? You enjoy his dick too much maybe?

No. 226544

>tfw starting a new semester just means fending off new beta orbiters
>tfw starting ANYTHING just means fending off new beta orbiters

how do you discourage it? if you act like a decent, normal person, they get the wrong idea and think you're down to fuck. if you're cold they take it as a challenge. dropping the boyfriend bomb never works either because they take it as an even greater challenge. it's fucking garbage, but i can't work up the gall to say "hey, leave me the fuck alone" because they'd turn and pull a nice-guy on me real quick. i hate men.

No. 226545

File: 1517205151347.jpg (103.98 KB, 1024x740, b33.jpg)

get them to hate you, become their worst nightmare of a woman and scare them off

No. 226547

grow a fucking spine

No. 226550

Straight up tell them that you aren't going to fuck them and see how they respond. I've heard of guys getting pissy and defensive "I-I wasn't trying to fuck you!!" if you call them out early enough. Then again I have no idea. Men have no concept of the meaning of the word no.

No. 226551

i'm an artist, and I'm illustrating some guy's music cover. he wants to send me a free signed copy of it when it's done, but I really don't want to give him my address. I'm not interested in having it anyway, i just want to do the job, get paid, and cut contact. how do i tell him "no thanks, i don't want it"? (and no, i can't be blunt like that, this is a job). i just know that saying i don't want it will be a sting to his ego and make things awkward.(derailing)

No. 226556

As a friend if you can use their address?

Use the address of your local post office?

Ask for a digital copy?

Stop being a wimp and just tell him you're not comfortable giving out your address?

No. 226557

PO box?

No. 226558

>Use the address of your local post office?
you can do that? thanks!

i'm definitely not gonna pay a PO box to receive something i don't want

No. 226559

if your cowardice cost you money, maybe it would teach you something

No. 226561

lmao what's wrong with you? i'm not going to pay for shit.
i don't want to give my address to a random, and i don't want to ruin a business by turning it awkward. stop interpreting that as wimping and cowardice. i just wanted a polite alternative.

No. 226564

you do realize men are fucking dangerous, right? as shitty as they are, they're even shitter because they're dangerous. maybe you're lucky and haven't experienced it yourself.

No. 226566

Hate and generalizations are common

No. 226573

File: 1517237382310.png (421.87 KB, 695x727, Screenshot_2018-01-29-08-43-38…)

I always find it funny when little white males scream and cry about how Asian women all want them(they rlly don't coming from an asian myself) and scream how bad the big white roasties are gonna be when they date asians when most white women dont give a shit who they date rather than just the creepiness and abuse that goes along with it and how they expect them to look and act a certain way

One second they're parading how they're leaving white women for asians, next second when a white woman dates an asian man they scream and cry about how they're a better bf than him, its insane projection

Also note - the white woman wasnt a feminazi or anything she was quite thin and cute, but because she dated a man of a certain race shes a big bad fat feminist

No. 226574

File: 1517237547574.png (601.66 KB, 720x706, Screenshot_2018-01-29-08-50-37…)

No. 226575

File: 1517237597762.png (195.19 KB, 353x376, Screenshot_2018-01-29-08-51-15…)

The ~ugly feminist harpie with colored hair~ he was crying about

No. 226577

I refused to date a white guy so many times. I just want an east asian bf.

They look happy, good for them. Let the white pigs screech all they want.

No. 226579


Lol what, she's really pretty

No. 226581

Three words.

White male privilege.

Their remarks say a lot about themselves, they scream insecurity.
A fine example of when white male privilege is threatened/ challenged.

I hope all of those white males festering such unhealthy views kill themselves soon.
They'd be putting themselves and others out of misery if they did.

No. 226586

I have an east asian bf and honestly he's the same if not worse than white guys in terms of sexism.

No. 226587

pls don't crush my dreams ;_;

No. 226589

Alot of white mgtows, incels, mras tend to mesh into the alt-right in terms of this shit. Its if they truly pray for Trump to give an order like Joffrey in got to kill all the minorities or ship them off to war, strip white women of rights and make it Handmaid Tale so they'd have all the power

No. 226597

>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
Farmers, what are your personal red flags for spoting terrible men?

No. 226598

yep, and they scream and cry about feminists and whine about how "YOU DUMB BITCH! WOMEN AREN'T BEING OPPRESSED MEN ARE BY WOMEN!!!"

I bet it's the same guy to whine about gold diggers but have such a loose definition any woman who walks this earth is a gold digger even if she pays her own shit all the time

they want all the benefits of their fairy tale of white women becoming perfect submissive housewives that they can use and abuse and cheat on all the time as minorities get killed in war all the while not dealing with repercussions like having to admit you aren't oppressed so women can't baby you and give you everything you want and women paying for everything all while being a housewife baby maker

they're upset they can't have that anymore because of feminism, they can't run off and cheat on their wives without consequences, they can't abuse the shit out of women and force them to be housewives and pop out babies without women leaving them and taking half and half so they dont go on the streets, they can't throw women on the streets when she gets too old and he doesnt want her anymore, they're upset women aren't their handmaidens and worship their ass no matter how pathetic they are
that's why they cry feminism, this guy was so pathetic he had to pretend some girl wants his greasy ugly ass

now white women and asian women don't want anything to do with him, hell no women do except for maybe rural girls going through their alt right anti fem phase, even then it eventually dies out, even evalion got out of her nazi anti feminist phase

No. 226599

If he's extremely anti feminist, I'm not saying he has to be feminist - I'm not but if he's constantly posting about how much he hates feminists, whines about the friendzone, calls women sluts etc chances are he'll be an abusive shit head.

No. 226604

entitlement, demanding, talks about his exes a lot whether it be good or bad
gets mad easily, goes out of his way to prove you're abusive or cheating or a gold digger or whatever
unappreciative, expects you to do all the emotional labor (expects to be texted first, expects you to hold the conversations, goes hours without texting you for no reason, when he does text back its one or two word shit,etc)
belittles you, especially over your looks even if it's a "joke"
calls you crazy over anything and everything he can, tries to look through your phone (I had a guy who i was talking through look through my texts before we even started dating to see if i was texting my ex… yeah he ended up cheating and being abusive and exposing my nudes then crying inequality when I told his mom what he did)
cries a lot, emotional, overeacts to everything, always plays victim

No. 226605

>Farmers, what are your personal red flags for spoting terrible men?

Well…being a man.

J/k to elaborate on >>226599 every man who snipes about feminists has been shit tier. While there are women who have legitimate concerns about feminism no man really has a reason, because when they do they say "because feminism wants to kill men etc" which is jut projection.

No. 226606

Sorry. Asian guys aren't like your pyurr animoo boizz-3d is always pd.

No. 226613

>49 years old man
>wants a "girl" under 35 years
wew lad

No. 226620

this anon again>>226586
I love my bf but east asian guys from what I've seen from him, his friends and family are way more superficial and "women should be at home" than white guys are. Sorry to break it to you. Don't go out of your way to date one unless you're also wildly superficial.

No. 226624

While it's true that Asians tend to be more superficial, I like them more just because they tend to not get so violently angry so easily like men of other races do. It's fucked how there are no men who are decent all around though, but I would rather take fakeness and emotional manipulation over being yelled at and hit.

No. 226625

Fuckin weebs.
East Asian men are worse than white men. I lived in Asia for three years - half of that was traveling and half was living and studying in South Korea.

Asian men are more demanding and more controlling. And Korean men have a reputation among other Asians for beating their women for a REASON. I used to exclusively date fobby East Asians. I will never again.

Western men have more respect for women than other men. But that's not saying much. They're all incredibly controlling. But at least with a white dude I don't have his entire fucking family trying to get me to do shit I don't want to do.

No. 226628

IDK how it is in your area but I found it easy enough to just ignore them and not allow any unnecessary talk outside of the classroom. I just go there and gtfo asap and if I have to wait around, I just wear headphones, play a handheld game, etc. Just be closed off from the start. If they get too pressing then just tell them to fuck off.

No. 226637

So, i was pretty annoyed today. Why is it whenever a woman mentions rape and rape statistics, a man has to bring up 'well, women lie, you know… and it happens to men too.'

Well, boo fucking hoo. And who is raping men for the most part? Even when women do rape, the numbers are vastly different. It's just so exhausting to want to bring victims the courage to step forward, but all these assholes are saying things like, 'well women lie.'

No. 226642

NTA, but what about the number of people who don't report their rapes at all? That also throws off the statistics, but you don't even consider that, just like anon isn't considering the ones who lie. You're no better than her.

Also, holy shit, your sperging and epic projection indicates if anyone here is mentally ill and obsessively thinking about these topics- it's you. Why are you even in this thread? Gtfo

No. 226645

Ntayrt but why are you getting so hostile? They're probably just aggravated because what that one dude said is now literally the go-to for a lot of dudes whenever the subject of rape or sexual assault comes up. It doesn't mean that somebody walks around in constant, crippling fear of rape if they're irritated by an entire movement (because lets be real that is what it is at this point) of dudes who rush in to play #yeahbut and #notall whenever someone tries to make a point.

Discussing women being raped doesn't automatically invalidate men who have been raped or suddenly make women who lie about it innocent. That is what people fail to understand in this dialogue.

No. 226646

Different anon.
The point is that men can't ever let women talk about their negative experiences without turning it into a game show-tier competition of "Who Suffers Most?" to disparage rape victims. I don't give a fucm about the handful of false accusations when the majority of rapists are never convicted, and the vast majority of rapes are never even reported.

>You're one of those mentally ill women that walk around constantly thinking about rape.

How is being fearful of rape a mental illness when such a threat is entirely based in reality? Men rape women a lot. That's a fact.

No. 226648

>The point is that men can't ever let women talk about their negative experiences without turning it into a game show-tier competition of "Who Suffers Most?" to disparage rape victims.

And I feel like one part of it is due to whatever weird victim complexes these dudes have and another part is the lack of coverage for male on male rape or sexual assault. I recall the Boston PD doing a workshop on it some years ago, but beyond that I don't remember reading much.

No. 226655

>Being a man that was falsely accused (and convicted) of rape is even worse than being raped

I'm 100% convinced you're an incel and you should go

No. 226657

It's the same autist who has been blowing through IPs and derailing discussions to whinge about how the poor poor man babiez are so awfully oppressed. :'((( just report and ignore the retarded fuck.

No. 226658

don't reply to obvious incels, dude

No. 226661

Alright. I apologize fellow farmers. I'll do that and ignore anymore bait

No. 226662

Late reply but just talk about Jesus.

No. 226663

God, I can't wait for this autist invasion to be over. Why can't they stick to their own containment chambers and leave ours alone?



No. 226664

I really hope you get raped, then you can reevaluate just how easy it is to get over.

I mean it.

No. 226666

Kek. Top fucking kek.

Being raped fucked up my whole life. The system failed me. And my PTSD was so bad that I couldn't work or study. For two years I went to therapy and stayed indoors with the rest of my time. I couldn't afford even my medication. Now I have assloads of debt and some of it is in collections now. I can't go back to school until I pay a majority of my debt off. This has held me back for five years. I am only now making strides to get my life back. But I've been back to work for two years.

I still have nightmares almost every night. Sometimes they are full-on night terrors. I get horrible night sweats now too. My nose still has problems because my rapist beat me so bad when I tried to fight him off.

Fuck you. Why should I suffer just because some asshole couldn't keep his dick to himself. I was violated. My BODILY AUTONOMY was denied. My right to my own body.

All rapists deserve death sentences. Fuck off incels.

No. 226669

Go to jail and get raped by a dozen inmates passing your anal cavity around for cum collection.


Fucking. Kill. Yourself.

No. 226671

It amazes me how so many people take rape so likely. The biggest victims to them of course have to be the poor males because a tiny percentage of them get falsely accused. No matter what men are always the victims and no evidence clearly pointing the contrary will ever be enough for these scumbags. Note how anon even posted the same exact few statistics where men have it worse that we made fun of people regurgitating while they conveniently leave out all the female ones. These types of people just don't accept reality and are beyond reach.

I've known people who were falsely accused and it's a massive horror show beyond what words can compute, but acting like rape is nbd compared to it is moronic and just fucking revolting.

No. 226672

Aw, did that hurt the poor incel's fee fees?

If you're so upset by a random person on an image board wishing rape upon you while you're anonymous- imagine what it's like having it actually happen to you.

No. 226674

Yeah they keep turning it into a gender attack thing.
I call it a human problem although I will say women are mostly the victims and as soon as they try to say "but women this and men that" I tell them to not turn into a gender war and that it's a problem that needs to be solved not argued about and to not try to bring the other side down because it's serious regardless.

No. 226675

I wonder what men picture in their heads when they talk about male rape. They talk about it so lightly, like comparing a violent rape of a woman is something they should just 'get over already' because 'men get raped too but no one cares.'

Do they imagine male rape as a girl on guy or some man forcing them down, beating them down until they're physically too exhausted/hurt to fight back but mentally are still panicking and fully aware of whats happening to them, forcing an erection into an unprepared cavity and the searing, tearing pain along with the humiliation and degradation they have to carry along with the shame that people won't believe them or shame them for 'not fighting back hard enough.'

I just get so baffled, like what do they see male rape as? They make it seem like it's just nothing, just sex they weren't that into or felt pressured to go along with. Not violent, degrading, nightmare inducing at all.

The only male rape I've ever seen in media that horrified me was a single clip from Oz of a young guy getting beaten and raped while sissies and a Neo-Nazi gleefully watched. It made me so fucking sick to my stomach thinking of a guy (anyone really) going through that but men talk about rape as if it's not a big deal at all.

No. 226679

I actually don't think it's easy to get over at all, nor did I say anything indicating such. I think it's one of the worst things that can happen to a person. The difference is I'm not enough of a psycho idiot to belittle the effects of rape while maintaining that position. So, unlike you, I don't deserve the karma. :^)

>I legitimately don't care if a slut/whore gets raped, she is ruining society

You know, I kinda felt bad right after I posted that and was gonna delete it until I saw you already replied, but now I definitely stand by it.

No. 226680

You already said this pretty much word for word.

Could you go now? You're wasting your time being here and there's no point in continuing. Please go back to wizardchan or whatever cesspool you crawled from.

No. 226681

They're evil and mentally ill.

That's all there is to it at the end of the day.

These people are literally evil.

No. 226684

>women are super privileged even though rape and abuse is as prevalent as it is, most men see them as inferior, it's harder to get jobs despite being more educated on average, literally every problem in a man's life was most likely caused by another man, etc.

No. 226685

>You already said this pretty much word for word.
Yeah, don't engage with the MRAutist. He hasn't had an original thought since that incident when he suffered brain damage from choking on the chicken tenders his mother laid out for him. I promise you he's already spammed his copypasta in multiple other threads.

No. 226686

The inmates I refer to have penises and are male.

Go to jail and put that to the test. A faggoty cunt like you would be an easy target.
You'll be raped someday I know that. Life will make you understand how it feels so you will change the sick views on victims of rape that you harbour.

No. 226687

I remember a conversation with a male relative where we were talking about men abusing women/sexual violence, etc. and he said to me that women shouldn't complain about getting raped because in romance books there's the fantasy of the big strong man having his way with a woman, tossing her over his shoulder, corset ripping, etc. so women obviously want violent sex against their will.

I tried explaining that the women in that scenario aren't being raped, since it's typically the result of the sexual tension and desire between them, and I've read plenty of trashy romance and never once read a sex scene where the woman was actually being forced against her will, screaming and begging and fighting back, and the sex is violent instead of passionate. He just didn't get it and kept saying that a man forcing themselves on a woman is the ultimate female fantasy otherwise it wouldn't be in so many books, not that he'd even read one so how would he even know? And yet he was telling me, who had read them, what was in them, so typical arrogant know-it-all shit men do.

So I was like okay, if that's the ultimate female fantasy, what about male fantasy? Where the women are submissive sluts like in porn letting men do whatever they want to them, whether it's violent or degrading, as long as it is for the mans pleasure, and she's not a person but some kind mindless animal. I was exaggerating to try to show him how absurd he was being but he just kept saying 'well it's different. Men and women are different. Porn isn't a good example.'

Weird conversation with a relative I know, but it just fucking drove me crazy what he was saying, that women's erotica is just rape fantasies and if they get raped they were asking for it anyway. He's such a dense fucking autist that says misogynist shit all the time and argues that it isn't. About how women who are beautiful are always stupid and shallow because they don't have to try in life and there are no standards for them to follow, I could go on and on about the stupid bullshit he's said.

No. 226688

You should have responded with "so, if I was raped, you don't think I should complain about it?"

No. 226690

Right? I should have. Like 'Or do I deserve it because I like to read romance books?' But he's kind of a bitch so would have just dismissed the whole thing with 'of course not, that would be different' that's his stupid ass argument for everything, and I'm always so exhausted and pissed off by the end I just change topic.

He's not a bad guy, it's like just being a guy inherently makes him say sexist shit and never listening to reason from a woman. He'll try to tell me I'm wrong about something he knows nothing about but I do, makes excuses for shithead men, women shouldn't complain about sexual harassment because men can't help themselves, they can't take compliments, rape will be taken seriously when women stop lying about it, and he's the ultimate 'well girls always ignore nice guys for jerks and anything that happens to them after that they have no right to complain because that's what they signed up for' bitch, like a women can't complain about being abused because she should just know the man is going to do that to her, are you fucking kidding me?

No. 226691

File: 1517284439922.jpg (33.87 KB, 704x396, 1507274517942.jpg)

All incels, or pretty much any other men visiting this thread too, should just fucking kill themselves. They should just realize already that they're vile people whose very existences are inherently flawed and entirely worthless. No one will ever love them because they're hideous and unlikeable freaks and that no amount of therapy or advice will ever change who they are or who they once were.
They all deserve to be stoned to death for daring to waste other people's oxygen lol

No. 226693

Men are actual trash who can't separate wanting a bit of rough, but consensual sex vs actual rape, which is mentally and physically damaging to take someone sexually against their will.

Men are idiots. Look how bad porn is now. There's almost no porn left that isn't violent gangbangs. I've (curiously) clicked on a porn ad that took me to a clip where 5 guys fucked this poor asian chick and were literally slapping her face and tits, hard. it was so hard to watch and believe this was supposed to be arousing when i felt sick to my stomach.

Porn and society raises violent, disconnected and emotionless men. Other men only encourage this behavior.

No. 226694

they're """beta""" and insecure about it so to cope they've convinced themselves that having traditionally manly and virile attributes means you're a horrible monster, and therefore women who are attracted to manly virile features (so average straight women) must want to be treated like shit or they wouldn't go for guys like that in the first place. they refuse to even entertain the idea that guys they would deem chads can be nice, smart, empathetic etc because that would mean facing how little they truly have going for them

No. 226695

The whole porn thing, I got really pissed when we were arguing and tried to turn around on him by asking 'what does it say about men when women generally want something emotional and immersive erotic fantasy, and men go on meathole.com where women are slapped and beaten, called dehumanizing names and are treated so brutally I don't even know if it can be called sex. If romance books make women want to get raped by big brawny men that what does porn say about men? That they're rapists that want to hurt and torture women like objects?' Of course he just denied it by saying not all men like that kind of porn but when I argued that not all women like erotica he fucking fought back saying 'it's in womens movies and tv too.' I still get pissed every time I see him thinking about that fight.

It's funny because my boyfriend looks so much like a typical chad, is into sports, typical guy stuff, and yet is more respectful towards women than any beta chad-insulting guy I've ever met. He's never said anything misogynist and is so supportive, and insecure guys like my cousin look at him and just assume he's some jock asshole.

No. 226701

>making it up
Lol okay. Enjoy your lonely basement life faggot.

No. 226702

it isn't a robot, the influx of reports is overwhelming and having a taboo opinion isn't a rule violation

No. 226703

I didn't report the post I just replied. They're still a faggot because my rape story is true

But okay. Glad my factual life is an opinion.

No. 226704

These threads are meant to be a containment for us to vent about these kinds of men, not argue with them. How is them coming in here to argue with us any different than whiteknights shitting up the threads on /snow/ and /pt/? Plus, these sorts of posts in the man-hating threads have always gotten people banned before, why stop now all of a sudden?

No. 226705

because mods are ban-thirsty and would ban harmless people over retarded reasons than mentally ill sociopaths shitting up the thread because "they're not a bot it's just taboo" aka taboo to be delusional and accuse women who have been raped to have been brainwashed to be mentally ill and totally has nothing to do with the psychological effects of rape before muh feminism was a thing

No. 226706

This is a false flag post written by some asian guy. White men only feel butthurt about black men "taking" white women.

No. 226711

Any proof of that? I've seen white men say crap like that, it's all over MRA-type boards, namely the bit about Asian women worshiping white men. They go on and on about how evil, ugly, cruel, whatever white women are but then they freak out if they see one dating a man of another race while they brag about getting Asian women all the time. Plus, they often hate and degrade Asian men too.

No. 226721

No. You need to go to self defense classes, they'll raise your confidence. Not being able to defend yourself is just some meme men promote so that you won't even make an effort to.

No. 226738

Is it true the mods are trans?


No. 226744

it doesn't seem like they are at all all things considered, I know at least one of the mods at Kiwi is though.

No. 226750

Fuck self defense. I live in a concealed carry state, have my license, and if any man fucks with me, he's going to be real sorry.

No. 226784

Why are men so fucking smug? Even the ugliest, dumbest, most unconfident low value men still have that obnoxious smugness that'll creep up once in a while. I don't know how to describe it.

No. 226785

>Why are men so fucking smug?

because they are men. its in their nature, plus they have been encouraged to be smug since they were kids

No. 226789

File: 1517363595787.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.99 KB, 503x644, BB32EAA6-864B-4D37-98F1-420B6B…)

Not baiting

No. 226790

This has been posted so many times before, you fucking idiot.

Since men think with their dicks, they have significantly lower standards. The opposite is true for women.
Women are more attractive, hygienic, and educated than men on average, which means the opposite is true for men.
Add all that to the disproportionately large amount of men with horrible personalities, beliefs, etc. (especially men on dating sites like okc) and there's your answer.

No. 226791

men are uglier on average and put more effort into "rating" women than they do with anything else, seriously, I've seen guys put more effort into rating rando womens bodies than they do with putting effort for a job
not to mention women are more genuine and will tell a man straight up if she is unattracted to him where as men lie to women then talk shit behind her back, see last few threads for proof
also take not despite more women supposedly find men ugly on average, who is it who run around screaming and crying every second a woman dare have one flaw? you can be the most beautiful woman to walk the planet but if you don't have big butt or have a zit men will crash and burn
same, I have a big ass rifle so I can't really conceal it kek, I just keep it in my apartment or car if I go somewhere, I'm saving up to get a 9mm I can carry in my purse though rn I just carry a taser, knife, and pepper spray
honestly, as of recently, I wouldn't doubt it, or they had some incels slip into the farmhand applications and are now fucking up lolcow, I've seen mods ban anyone and everyone who even hints at so-called "infighting" or "derailing" but some asshole comes in and cries about how feminism causes women to be sad about rape and not that women are actually sad about rape? it's just taboo, he's a-ok

No. 226793

That article stated women still messaged men across the board while most men only messaged the top 1/3 of women. If the women really thought that those men were ugly af, it clearly didn't matter to them.

No. 226795

File: 1517370098928.png (226.63 KB, 1519x779, typical_thread_on_pol.png)

Dunno why I bother going over to /pol/ anymore but it helps to remind me how much these losers act like scumbags
They think it's "karma" to have a man beat you if you look attractive and that you're asking for it if you go to a nightclub.

No. 226799


HAHAHA as if "attraction" has a scientific basis at all. You ask any woman what makes they attracted to a man and they all will have a different answer. Superficially, all men will mention some body part they like. I feel bad they are all programmed that way, but people are made up of more than just their bodies. It's mannerism, eye contact, the answers to their dating profile questions. Listen to your mamma dudes and stop judging a book by it's cover. Go deeper and you won't come off a a creeper.

No. 226802

>hurr durr she deserved it
Why exactly do these retards think they're better than black and muslim men in this regard?

No. 226803

because they see white women as their property. it's horrible if a non-white abuses them, but it's a-ok if a white man does it!

No. 226805

they don't see it as horrible they just use it to fuel racism then twist and stretch for any reason why the woman could have possibly deserved it or had it coming, sometimes if they don't even get the details of the story if you're an attractive teen woman and got raped? you deserved it, you had it coming, you were probably this this and that and thats why you had it coming
>because they see white women as their property.
they also claim to hate white women so much and demand all white women date white men, cry when white women date POC, brag about how they're going to go to thailand or whatever (ironically thailand has the highest cheating rate in the world, twice as much as america has, you know the thing they claim to hate western women for so much despite the fact men cheat much more like what >>225837 said)

they're flustered up and walking in circles of their own hypocrisy and delusion, one second they hate white women with a raging passion and how they're all hoes and how they should go to asian women, next second theyre screaming how all asians are impure gold digging whores and how white women should be forced to be their virgin housewifes forced to pop out babies and deal with their cheating and abuse

No. 226813

File: 1517384886675.png (733.43 KB, 861x763, 407.png)

God they're retarded
The only thing this tells me is that men are petty as fuck babies that can't control their emotions

No. 226821

Lol men always post that okcupid shit as though it means anything, they forget women in general tend to make more effort with their appearance, tend to take better pictures etc. So many guys make zero effort with their appearance, will have pictures with bad lighting and just don't try. However when a women see's a man she finds unattractive, she leaves him alone she doesn't tell him and make him feel bad, when a man see's a woman he finds unattractive he freaks the fuck out and acts like she's offended him by existing or maybe he'll sleep with her because he just wants sex but he'll treat her like shit and make fun of her afterwards.

No. 226823

Firstly, I don't think they imagine anything and that's why it's so hard for them to feel sympathy for women. I don't think they see it as a crime, just as a word and that's why they find jokes about rape funny while they make me cringe really hard.

When they say "but what about men?" they're definitely thinking about female on male attacks, at least from what I've seen. When you tell them that the majority of male rape victims were raped by other men, they try to deny it. They want to live this fantasy where they're victims too.

I think part of the reason why they don't see rape the same way as we is due to desensitisation. They can't take it seriously because they've been exposed to so many rape jokes and "lad" culture. Action films are full of rapey scenes that are framed as "romantic".

No. 226824

This is a really good response imo. Years ago, I overheard my dad and a male relative saying that women who dress a certain way are "asking for trouble". I asked them if I came back from a night out and I was raped, would it have been my fault because a magazine told me something was in fashion? Both were fucking speechless because I was still a child, they probably assumed I didn't even know what they were talking about. Never heard any talk of that shite again so I guess it worked lol.

It's disgusting how you have to bring a female relative up just to make men give a shit about what women have to put up with. It's like they see their moms/sisters/daughters as human and every other woman as a mindless sex doll. How unintelligent do you have to be to do that? Even having a female relative doesn't help at times, so many times I see nasty guys posting horrible shit about women on facebook and their profile picture is of them holding a baby girl and smiling, it's all a fucking lie.

No. 226826


This video is great, I think you should all watch it. Once you've seen this trope, you'll never un-see it, men's films are loaded with scenes that are blatantly sexual assault but we're supposed to see as "romantic". Men having this thrown at them genuinely think it's true, they think by forcing a kiss or groping someone will work out in the end. They think this is what we want from any man, not just one we're attracted to.

This guy has a bunch of other great videos about men in the media and how it's affecting both genders, I'd highly recommend his content. Side note, but his videos remind me a lot of Anita Sarkeesian's old videos and it makes me really angry that this guy's videos are met in the comments with praise and respect by other men while Anita was targeted by online hate groups just for being a woman.

No. 226828

Sorry but I absolutely hate this kind of tone that seems to be trying to express that its the fault of the media for men being scumbags and just tries to paint the kinds of men who believe this shit as being unable to help themselves because of the media they were raised with or whatever. It's just more and more shit that makes it so men don't have to take responsibility for their actions, and it needs to fuck off already.

No. 226830

I don't think the video implies that men are "unable to help themselves" just that shitty media is shitty and we should produce more where women consent to the advances of male protagonists.

I don't think it's 100% the fault of the media that men are shitty but it does play its part and when you want to know about a certain demographic/culture/era, media is the place to go because we encourage it with our wallets. Ngl, growing up watching these films affected me too and how I saw sexual assault. I thought these scenes were exciting and romantic when I first saw them. Why do you think women have rape fantasies?

No. 226839

>because they see white women as their property. they also claim to hate white women so much and demand all white women date white men.
I also want to add something to this. Since white men and men in general claim to love femininity and girly girls, yet will shit on and hate anything girly. Like in got, people hated Sansa for being a lady while rooting for Arya ‘i’m not like other girls’ then turn around and say that they love ladies and women being ladies. Does it all just come back to them hating women for everything they do and don’t do?

No. 226845

>men's films
Have you ever read a romance novel tho

No. 226853

this was already "refuted" in original article
While women on OkCupid might have unrealistic view on male attractiveness, their massaging rates formed standard bell curve unlike males which strongly favored top end of scale for females

>implying that people are as shallow dating sites as irl
>implying guys on dating sites for bell curve in terms of their attractiveness in first place

No. 226854

>not to mention women are more genuine and will tell a man straight up if she is unattracted to him
let't not create alternative reality here

most women just don't do this, mainly because they are not assertive enough

No. 226861

No, it's mainly because men are crazy and will fucking murder or assault you if you reject them

No. 226866

most bad rejection are just mean word, nothing pleasant but also nothing life threatening.

The longer you avoid confrontation the worse it will be.

No. 226867

I don't get why men cry so much if they don't get responses on dating sites, you don't know that person you message so why the fuck are you investing so much feeling into them? I don't always get replies either but I don't even think about it, I'd rather no replies than an inbox full of "you're not my type cause of x" guys freak the fuck out if you don't respond to them, imagine how much their feelings would be hurt if you told them why you don't want to talk to them. Honestly, women are doing them a favor by just not responding lmao.

No. 226869

I meant when asked to rate, especially if the results were going to be anonymous

No. 226870

you're right, notice how in romance novels both the man and woman are happy and enjoying whats happened where as in mens films only the man seems to be enjoying it

No. 226871

I'm glad this was posted, I just saw a discussion on this that wasn't even on /pol/ or /r9k/ and all the men were saying that she deserved it because she was probably 'damaged goods' anyway. I should be used to this sort of behavior from men by now but honestly my blood is boiling knowing that this is the first thing they think of when they see something awful like this.

No. 226873

>I should be used to this sort of behavior from men by now
don't ever ever accept this behavior from men, you'd think an anonymous forum would be the only place this would happen because men can say the most fucked up and vile shit all while being anonymous, whether they mean it or not
but some men are dumb enough to post their real names and faces and still do this shit especially on mgtow and youtube, I just don't understand how people are willing to doxx, spam death and rape threats, harass their family to a feminist who was having a rage fit and said "feminists dont want you to lose custody of children, the assumption women are naturally better caregivers is part of patriarchy" not to mention isn't that what they want anyway? to have custody of their children since it's one of the only few things men want to use to scream oppression over and claim divorce rape? but men who write insane shit, yell, cry, lie lie and lie, like jeremy stafford and most mgtows in general and the guy who posted the "NASTY LAZY SKANKS!" post over a woman who accidentally bled on her chair at work? they're all exempt or get cheered on and don't get bothered on bit but god forbid women open their mouths, her life deserves to be ruined if she does, but yep men sure are being oppressed and silenced and women get everything apparently!

On another topic, I'm working overseas in a few months with a field where women get raped a lot, I honestly don't know whats scarier getting raped or if I do get raped will everyone just scream liar and how I'm trying to tarnish a mans career, how I slept with him and regret it so I lied about raped, accuse me of being dumb for not being hideous and working in a place where a lot of women have gotten raped, being afraid of my boyfriend breaking up with me, the fact I even have to worry about these things because of incels and mgtow is just vile and heart breaking to think about, you'd think in todays world we would move past that and women wouldn't have to be scared of being called a liar, crazy, whore, dumb, saying they had it coming, etc just for coming out about a rape

No. 226874

>June must love being humiliated or something.
she doesn't, people who like being humiliated tend to be tough as nails, june is not, the most she's been through is light bullying (and greg but she refuses to realize that and greg is a perfect little god man angel who deserves the right to cheat and show other women more affection than he does to her)

she only pretends to for the purpose of justifying her and gregs shitty actions and to seem more desirable but it's not working since other men are just laughing and mocking her and making jokes about how they want nothing to do with her, even the greasy neckbeards from 4chan, unichan, etc that she caters to mock her for sucking neckbeard chodes but having neckbeards still hate her


made me giggle, wonder when reality will hit him with the fact most women find him repulsive(wrong thread)

No. 226875

lol wrong thread

No. 226877

delete your posts wtf, go post em in the june thread.

No. 226879

can't, got banned and I'm using a pr0xy rn, I try deleting it but it wouldn't let me

No. 226885

There is a weirdo on Reddit who is a member of MGTOW and other misogynist communities and I occasionally look at this post and comment history. He's like a trainwreck I cannot look away from.

He is
-an avoid online poker player
-admits he has no friends besides his father
-anguishes over how hes never had a highschool romance
-shoehorns in the evils of women and feminism to literally any topic he can think of
-complains about how he has only had sex with fat women
-follows countless communities for porn and nudes of barely legal teenagers and borderline anorexic thin women, and comments stuff like "so thin want to cum in your asshole", "so beautiful youll never love a guy like me"
-gets triggered anytime a guy mentions having a girlfriend in a post, or someone posts wedding photos
-hints at being suicidal

I want to feel bad, because obviously being a member of MGTOW communities isn't helping his problems, but he's so vile, misogynistic, and cruel, the world wouldn't miss him either.

No. 226896

-follows countless communities for porn and nudes of barely legal teenagers and borderline anorexic thin women, and comments stuff like "so thin want to cum in your asshole", "so beautiful youll never love a guy like me

yeah, red flags for me is when guys like extreme type looks, either extremely thin, extremely and unnaturally curvy, extremely chubby or fat, etc
chubby chasers and skinny-mini chasers almost always tend to be batshit crazy and will shit on anyone who isn't what they like or men who like the opposite of what they like

extreme curvy chaser dudes tend to be trashy hoodrats and bash women for not looking like IG models and female rappers, often obsess over definitions of thicc and whats curvy and whats not, obsess over if women are curvy enough or not, etc
seriously, I once saw one of these kids scream and cry because people were calling this somewhat chubby chick with a flattish stomach thicc and have them cry about the big bad whitties changing the definition of thicc even though the girl was latina
another time I saw this guy cry about how ashley graham wasn't sexy she was just pretty, and how she doesn't have a big butt because she's big everywhere else, and kept changing his story, like he said her butt was "huge and misshapen" then later said she doesnt have a big butt because shes big then gave example of what a big butt is and of course named celebs that had plastic surgery
one time this girl posted a picture of her butt showing and some guy ranted and ranted about how she didn't have a big butt, how she wasn't thicc (when no one asked and no one was discussing it they were just saying it's nice) then screamed how 14 yr olds have "more curvy bodies" than her supposedly, then said she had no ass, she had a flat ass, then turned around and said "she doesn't have a flat ass no ass and flat ass are two different things"
Once some guy said any boobs that weren't DD+ were small and manly, said "women with big breasts dont need to work out they can get any guy they want and they know it they know all other girls envy them" and said all girls with big boobs have giant egos, bragged about how him and his H cup gf would burst into tears laughing anytime there was a woman with a D cup or smaller in a movie that was wearing a bikini or bra and trying to be sexy, said chestlets are inferior and how they deserved to be bullied, bragged about dumping women for not having big enough breasts, said women with small breasts are starving to death and men who don't want cowtits are soyboys, etc

yeah… stay away from these men, a lot of the time they're batshit crazy, ALWAYS end up being abusive and making you miserable
given, sometimes men who prefer a variety of women can be batshit crazy as well, but the ones who go extreme always are

No. 226897

While it's cringing to see, I actually find it more favorable if they're a lonely gf-less virgin loser especially with that attitude. They self-sabotage themselves and that's good because as long as they stay in that "all women are sluts or stolen by chads therefore I won't date any bitches" is a problem that's solving itself and he'll most likely die off himself (either by suicide or just dying by himself)
You just gotta be careful if they turn into an Elliot Rodgers case.

No. 226905

what do you guys think of this? (the deepfake part). I haven't looked into the desktop app myself but supposedly it's extremely easy to use. the implications scare me a bit.

No. 226906

sage for samefag but I hit reply before finishing my thought. I went on the subreddit and someone trying to start a serious discussion about the possibilities behind the technology was called a "prude" which is just fucking typical.

No. 226909

>enjoying it
"not at first", is what I'd say was the defining aspect of all the sex in the romance novels I read. I dunno. It just seemed in that way very similar to what's in the films

No. 226912

Why are males so repulsive and deviant that they feel the need to make shit like this? Their sex obsession is so degenerate it's getting harder and harder to believe they're human.

No. 226913

oops sorry, meant to reply to >>226870
btw the "prude" thing is very "reddit". Both the men and women there tend to be unattractive charmless nerds and so switch to a compensatory sex positiveness, and they compete to signal who is the most sex positive.

No. 226914

File: 1517451186622.png (100.95 KB, 1316x623, redditdude.png)

i forgot to add that this dude tries to claim that jennifer lawrence is now haggard and "hit the wall", and he calls perfectly average sized women "fat".
he doesnt sound far off from some farmers here now that i think about it.

heres a collage of some of his greatest hits

No. 226918

File: 1517451956282.jpg (14.65 KB, 250x250, 1383696813.jpg)

He actually matches some of the meanest farmers here, it's kinda scary

I have never seen someone bleed this much insecurity lmao

No. 226927

Everyone on those asian male subreddits should be thrown in gas chambers.

No. 226934

File: 1517456135360.jpg (88.29 KB, 960x689, chestlets.jpg)

That chestlet thing is nothing new. It's the female equivalent of the manlet meme for men.

No. 226939

>hurr durr women don't have to worry about getting pregnant! crazy!
They are just so damn stupid…

No. 226940

these guys know nothing about boobs honestly, some of the nicest looking breasts I've seen were Cs and Ds

they focus more on size than shape, boob/nipple ratio, fullness, perkiness, etc but then cry about sagginess and big nipples

No. 226943

File: 1517459727159.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

>It's the female equivalent of the manlet meme for men.
except women actually do get treated horribly if men don't like their boob size, manlets get nothing except for a few mean jokes from anonymous folks
like the picture in the first thread of a collage of men crying about how their girlfriend needs to "go get bigger boobs" brag about ghosting girlfriends who refuse to get breast implants, whining about how they should cheat on their gf because of her breast size, a lot of the time it's B- small D cupped women as well so it's not like a literal plank, standards had just fucked them up so much they can't enjoy normal healthy breasts and of course it has to be kim k tits all while staying slim somehow
most women with small breasts can't even do normal things without being treated subhuman

men who talk about the "height issue" that men often only do to other men, get babied by women
if you're a woman who talks about the non-stop shit women get if she dare not have kim k tits or bigger, everyone comes in and scream "LOL YOU MAD CHESTLET GO MAKE YOUR BOOBS BIGGER SORRY NO ONE WANTS YOU LIKE THEY DO WITH BIG BOOBED WOMEN"

No. 226952

These women are dating losers who have tits sized proportionally to their bf's dicks.

No sane man will care about his GIRLFRIEND's tits because it's his girlfriend ffs and if he loves her he'll accept her however she comes.

Those mouthbreathers in your pic are just people fucking, they don't feel love.

No. 226964

>Those mouthbreathers in your pic are just people fucking, they don't feel love.
So basically, men?

No. 226987

As an enthusiastic participant in man hating, I have to say this - you are being ridiculous and projecting your insecurities. Men are so awful in so many ways, but they are pretty fucking happy with any tits and size preference genuinely does vary. You make our legit arguments lose credibility when they're alongside cherrypicked screenshots and exaggerations of something men really aren't that bad about. They are much worse about things like age, weight and race when it comes to looks.

These days men care more about ass anyway, which in a way bothers me more - they get even more demanding and entitled with the idea that we can just do a few squats every day and have an ass like an instagram model. At least most of them are realistic about tits and understand that surgery is an extreme and unlikely option, with asses they feel 100% justified in blaming women for not having a perfect one. I always see random women getting insulted on twitter, instagram etc for their flat asses, never their flat chests.

No. 226990

Yeah I'm not getting this "small boobs are always shamed and big boobs are always praised" thing either, I'm sure they are a lot but big boobs are too. Ever heard the term "cow tits"? Not to mention being assumed to be slutty if you have big boobs as almost no matter what you wear they'll stand out. Men shame pretty much all body types.

No. 227003

I agree with you that boob-anon is exaggerating and cherry picking, but instead of being equally ridiculous and saying that women never get called out on their flat chests, instead can't you just accept that it does happen? Like >>226990 says, men will shame ALL bodies
I'm a chestlette and I've had some insulting remarks like "did you leave your tits at home", but the big boobs of my friend also draw out some truly horrible behaviour even if most of it is meant to be complimentary somehow. If anything, she gets mean comments from women about her big boobs, and I get joked at by men for having none.
The flavour of body hate that men dole out also kind of depends on the general accepted tastes of where you live or what circles you travel in i.e. boob vs ass

No. 227019

I've seen celebrity fakes on tumblr a few times. Kinda bad but they weren't like this. Those deepfakes are horrid. It just makes me want to stay away from men more. And to read how so many guys are defending the app and the ai isn't shocking. They're transparent as fuck. They KNOW that thousands of revenge porn content will be uploaded by other angry men and they're all ok with that. Any girl on ig's face + porn will be for their pleasure only anyways. What this anon said >>226912 their obsession with porn and degenerate sexual fantasies are vile.

No. 227021

I mean, how do you post this creepy shit and think it's ok

No. 227025

how do you repost this creepy shit and think it's okay, anon? we all know how disgusting the men who post child porn are, please don't remind us like this.

No. 227029

Just curious, has this been getting posted on the boards other than /ot/? I tried reporting all of the links at first but the faggot behind this just keeps going. Makes me wonder if these threads triggered some degenerate fuck.

No. 227031

Yeah, it’s like someone is trying to get away with posting CP and porn by asking “how is this okay?” when obviously it’s not to begin with. I’m not sure how to combat that sort of circular logic.

No. 227038

>Makes me wonder if these threads triggered some degenerate fuck.
Looks more like a bot or something to me.
Pretty much every small imageboard gets hit by CP bots and phishing links.
Especially ones that don't use captcha.

No. 227039

I didn't say they never get called out, to cherry pick there has to be enough of it out there. But anon thinks all men want their gfs to get boob jobs, cheat on them because of it, or treat flat girls as 'subhuman', and it's just not true. I think she is extremely insecure and every negative comment she sees stands out to her and validates her feelings, but even in the most misogynistic, hateful areas of the internet attitudes like that are pretty uncommon overall.

My insecurity about my small tits took a very sharp nose dive out of my teen years, when I started actually interacting with men and reading what they say about us online (which is why I hate them now). Big tits are such a widely accepted standard of beauty but generally they're an ideal and a fantasy, and not high on the priority list unless it's specifically a fetish someone has.

No. 227043

it doesn't matter if it's ~cherry picked~ or happens not as often the matter of the fact is that it HAPPENS and that's the problem, this thread is to vent about horrible shit men do correct? point settled

>Big tits are such a widely accepted standard of beauty but generally they're an ideal and a fantasy, and not high on the priority list unless it's specifically a fetish someone has.

not sure where you live but in certain areas where big tits are a requirement pretty much, women who don't meet the standards will get bashed to hell and back and women will face literal hell from men if she doesn't have giant tits, including men begging her to get implants, cheating and being broken up with

do I think ALL men do this? of course not, but it's become an increasing problem that shouldn't even have happened in the first place

No. 227051

Because big tits are an ideal I feel like my partner can never be truly attracted to me if he doesn't have a fetish for tiny tits. I wonder if my partner fantasizes about others during sex or wishes I was different and got implants. It just fucking sucks being considered deformed for having small boobs.

No. 227052

nta, but while i know that probably happens, did you ever think that it may be the quality of people and not just men in general? there are plenty of people who don't really like large breasts or aren't assholes about it. only weirdos really give a fuck.

No. 227053

O boi, how dare I, point out shitty things that can happen to women because of their body, must mean I'm a horrible person
all the times I saw it happen to women from men who they've never even spoke to in their life? all the times men whom I never even met before made horrible comments because I dare not have giant tits? must be because I "have an extremely shitty personality and are a garbage human being" because they apparently know every aspect about me and one of the worst, god awful things I could dare is dare splurge about insane shit women have to deal with if you don't have big boobs, even if you are considered friendly, and smart, caring, etc

No. 227057

Maybe move out of your homogenous podunk shithole and get to a bigger city with more types of people that like different body types on women???? Like??

I agree with you though, it seems fucked yo to be harassed for having small tits, but that’s a problem with the people who put down small chested females. It’s insecurity and projection, also intelligent people don’t usually make sweeping generalizations about genetic traits people can’t control, so it’s not like you’d want to date them anyway right?

No. 227059

>also intelligent people don’t usually make sweeping generalizations about genetic traits people can’t control, so it’s not like you’d want to date them anyway right?

I wasn't, again, for the last time, I am not saying "literally all men"
I'm saying it's clearly a problem and should be recognized rather than just ignored and glossed over with the "not all men! cherry picking!" shit

>Maybe move out of your homogenous podunk shithole and get to a bigger city with more types of people that like different body types on women

I've been trying, but it still exists either way, the fact it even exists bothers me

No. 227064

D28 but only because pills and some other stuff I did because I got tired of constant harassment and would have rather traded for only a little bit of harassment now because of my boob size, but according to some fags nowadays that's apparently a literal board and because you're a troll you're most likely going to scream literal board as well

No. 227065

Men are so mental I can't tell if this is a blog run by a man who thinks this is a good thing or the polar opposite. Makes me glad to own a gun.

No. 227066


Again, it's not about your boobs, men avoid you because you have shit for brains.

No. 227069

>men avoid you because you have shit for brains.
yes because they apparently know every aspect of my life and the only reason why they scream and cry about my boobs despite not knowing me is because im shitty apparently even though that wasnt the focus when they bitch about me

>calls other people shit for brains
>says this
quote me where I said I don't want men paying attention to me then said I wanted attention from men and I will delete myself from the internet forever
I just don't want to be harassed for my fucking tits does that make me shit for brains, an attention whore, etc? seriously, learn to read and comprehend instead of jumping to conclusions that had 0 to do with anything I said
also reduce my boobs? are you even reading the right posts before responding?


yes male shitlord redpillfag here how are you a troll?

No. 227074

File: 1517526497710.gif (287.75 KB, 500x375, 8364683838228.gif)

>hurr women don't ever get harrased for having small boobs
I have big tits but I've seen this happen to other women who don't. My 14 y/o cousin told me that all the boys in her class like to pick on her for being flat chested (they don't even look that small, she obviously has some cushion there.)
Plus, what about all of those memes circulating these days calling small breasted girls sir or young man or some shit like that? It happens.

No. 227084

>men avoid you because you have shit for brains
tbh we all know that men dont care if a woman is stupid or smart

I second this. men love to make fun of womens bodies no matter what

No. 227086

File: 1517537388329.jpg (263.49 KB, 764x551, 85e.jpg)

Chestlets are pretty qt tbh. As well as cowtits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227088

File: 1517539132670.png (712.24 KB, 912x576, MODELSARETODDLERS.png)

reminder, fully grown athletic women with at least a C cup who are models for lingerie company are literally toddlers according to this guy

imagine the outrage if women became as brainwashed and conditioned to the point men who aren't john cena are twinks and 6 inches are toddler little boy dicks and gross

No. 227090

File: 1517541030858.gif (1.78 MB, 480x360, 654y.gif)

>toddlers have C cups

Where does this nigga live that this is a reality, what the fuck..

No. 227092

oh no! they pick on her? like they pick on a short kid for being short, or a red head kid or how the girls will pick on/bully a girl they just decided not to like. Such harassment
>Plus what about all the memes
have you seen the fuckin' manlet charts etc.? You and your cousin probably aren't going to make it through this world I'm afraid

No. 227093

Granted, most of the models are accentuated due to cutlets or smaller bras…but most men don't even have the first fucking clue about what women's breast sizes are. They think D cups are the end all, be all. They don't realize tits get much, much larger than that and a D cup can even be "small" depending on the rib cage and overall petiteness.

No. 227094

"but but muh height"
are you a man? sure, people make fun of different features but flat chests get most of it and most of the time they arent even flat to begin with
>have you seen the fuckin' manlet charts etc.? You and your cousin probably aren't going to make it through this world I'm afraid
because apparently people aren't allowed to talk about cruel things being said to them because that makes them weak apparently

>have you seen the fuckin' manlet charts etc.?

who was the chart made by? men, no one hates men more than men hate men

No. 227098

Appearance is a delicate thing with insecure young girls because they basically get it drilled into their head that it's what their worth is based on. Males don't have it the same way, they can be seen as useful for other things no matter how fugly they are
>have you seen the fuckin' manlet charts etc.?
Boohoohoo what about the men :(((( Those charts were made by asocial nerds on the internet to belittle other men, just like the chestlet chart was made by men. Women don't call each other that irl or think D cups aren't big, but small breasted women still get shit on from time to time by males who throw a hissy fit if every woman they see doesn't have a perfect body.

No. 227099

Because of all the bullying and harassment I don't believe it's possible for small breasted women to be attractive to men. We get treated like monsters so I guess we must be, and our disappointing chests don't signal enough fertility. So they can't get it up around us without fantasizing about bigger boobs.

No. 227102

I think you need to see a shrink, you live in a different universe apparently

No. 227103

>and our disappointing chests don't signal enough fertility.
just another thing men use to scream and cry about women and be little shits then scream fertility as an excuse

plenty of extremely fertile women have small breasts, plenty of infertile women have big breasts, boobs have little to nothing to do with fertility
i know there's tons of studies out there that claim big boobed women do this this and that but next second there is evidence that completely makes no sense and will completely debunk the first claim

this article is a perfect example, I don't believe a word that came out of it except "sexist men prefer larger breasts"

No. 227104

or maybe that's what they're conditioned to believe thanks to men around them? just because you were lucky enough to be born in some fairytale land where men accept breasts of all sizes without making rude comments or treating women badly for having them doesnt mean everyone else is

No. 227110

Also why do men think we can do something with the fact that we have small breasts just because they tell us? Alright you are disappointed with my chest size, but what can I do with that info? Magically grow them larger? They aren't going to fork over the money for a boob job, wait around during the recovery period, and then they just shit on you again for not being natural. So whats the point?

Like I don't tell men with small dicks that I'm disappointed and that I wish their dicks were bigger, because its not like they can do anything about it. So why is it so hard for men to show the same respect and tact in return?

No. 227111

I've heard some say they'd pay it for their wives, but at the same time would be afraid the wives would cheat on them after getting hotter.

No. 227120

Have any of you hear about this 8 month old girl in india getting raped?
Somebody must invent some universal solution to cure all men from being this violent and disgusting, otherwise this will never end…

No. 227121

I even got told in theology class in my first year at secondary school that men are only attracted to voluptuous women with big breasts. I was 12 and I already got told that I won't find a husband.
People have asked me before whether I have a disease that causes me to be underdeveloped.
People still assume I'm a young teenager because of my chest size.
I remained a virgin for a very long time, because no boyfriend was ever interested in going any further.

I would love to be seen as a sexual being, instead of an eternal child.

No. 227135

Funny, we've had similar experiences but have taken it completely different.
I hide behind my flat chest because to me, life is easier without the attraction of men or women seeing me as competition. I got to grow up slower than my friends and still fit into smaller clothes. Being mistaken for a teenager means people treat me nicer, because nobody is more ignored than a middle aged woman. Guys that are attracted to me on first looks have an image of me as being innocent etc, so they underestimate me and crumble when I tell them to get lost. Guys who genuinely like me got there by getting to know me first and liking me for who I am, so I don't worry that they're just going to move on to the next biggest pair of tits. I don't have to buy bras for anything except fashion.

People have been horrible to me about my flat chest my whole life but I just don't care and I'm secretly scared of growing breasts because even though I like hour glass shaped women, I'm happy with how life is for me. If I had been born later I probably would have ended up being a fakeboi, because being objectified is just shit

No. 227137

i'm not an incel, but i don't get this logic. we don't do this with other groups and we defend the cherry picking and distinction when that happens. like we don't make blanket statements about "black people" or "muslims" or "fat people" or "sex workers" or "trannies" even if we'd want to, because we'd get fucking chewed out. in those cases everyone jumps to say #notallblackpeople or #notallmuslims #notallfatties #notallsexworkers #notalltrannies, and that's perfectly acceptable to most people. i think just using the blanket men, ends up doing the opposite of what you think it does. i have never seen anyone but "feminist men" trying to get in bed with women say anything positive regarding that.

i know giving a fuck about the bulk of men's opinions isn't important, but people really need to understand that pointing out specific types of people, such as incels or "chads" and their specific behavior will help men who aren't jerks stop associating with them. in fact, if we want to see any progress from men at all, we need to differentiate. men are the ones who need to make a change from within and they won't do that if they feel attacked. plus, men aren't perceptive to begin with, you have to spell shit out for them. and like it or not we have to assist or no one is going to be better because there's no incentive and no one to fight. i have a bf and he's not an asshole or an incel or anything so i don't associate these behaviors with him, and he hates incels and 'chad' types, but he's almost more of a woman stereotypically than i am and has no toxic man traits.

all i'm saying is that i'd rather point out specific types of people and target them so we can get other men on our side.

No. 227138

but that's something that stupid incels created because they force ridiculous ideals on themselves to justify to themselves why women don't like them.

>it's cause i'm not 6'1

>it's cause i'm not chad
>it's cause i don't have a big neck

it's self inflicted. and only a small percent of women even care about that shit and it's not our faults they are only interested in those women.

also adding to this, women get pissed off when men refer to use as blanket "women" so i don't think we should be doing it to men. whenever negative things are said about women tons of people chime in #notallwomen #notme!

No. 227160

File: 1517595256463.jpeg (105.93 KB, 683x1024, F7D0E65D-8EE8-4E8C-BE10-791B39…)

Refute this

No. 227161

I mean its right, as learned from my experience
I use to fall for the "nice guy catering to you" meme, blew up in my face
He cheated on me several times, took nude photos of me without my consent,kept them and eventually when we broke up he sent them to everyone and bragged about how his friends dont have my nudes like his does, cried inequality when i told his mom and sister what he did, was just straight abusive when the whole "I am trying to be the one for you and make you happy" mask fell off, if you have to pretend to be the right when then you're probably not and your true colors will eventually show

No. 227171

Because the guy never understands why he ends up on that side of the door to begin with. The girl is talking to him through the door because she knows she’s not interested and the guy probably didn’t want that as an answer, and came at her with “how can I change so that you want me?” Which usually leads to the second panel.

If she doesn’t want you, you can’t make her. BUT some women will say they want a man to “convince them” and “change shitty behavior” and thats because they are interested, but the man they want is doing things that will make a relationship har and that e needs to work on (and ofc thy goes both ways).

It’s simply not enough to want to be the right man or woman for someone. You have to TRY to be the person they would want to be with. How do you know what that is? Ask them. What if they don’t know? That’s their problem, and you can either stick around as an orbiter or casual/FWB until they figure it out and hope they pick you, but a lot of times they meet someone else and it’s what they really wanted all along.

No. 227172


Adding to this: In my experience while dating as a skinny white blonde with big tits, I get this from guys a lot. Cute, smart, funny guys who say they want to be with me. The problem is, if I don’t feel a genuine connection to them, I’m not gonna waste 3-6 months having sex with him on his time while I grow to resent him, just so he can attempt to get nudes or make me do weird fetish shit or answer weirdly sexual questions over text in the mean time while being weirdly platonic and polite when we aren’t being sexual.

I can tell the difference between a guy who is legit into me and wants to be around me and get to know me and make me feel sexy and good, and those are the guys I will give all the attention and freaky sex to. Not the ones who text me at 7am to “have a good day” for the 50th time in a row and call it communicating every day.

The guys who didn’t understand why I wasn’t into their initial polite detachment always asked me what to do differently, but even when I gave specific tips like “if you’re too busy to text me often, just make sure the ones you do send aren’t generic platitudes like “have a nice day” or “thinking of you”, because waiting all day to hear the same things I can get from my family members is depressing. They were always surprised that I didn’t want to have sex with them for politely interacting with me on a regular basis.

No. 227173

>but even when I gave specific tips like “if you’re too busy to text me often, just make sure the ones you do send aren’t generic platitudes like “have a nice day” or “thinking of you”, because waiting all day to hear the same things I can get from my family members is depressing.

Woops, trailed off. Even when I told them specifically what to do they kept making excuses like “I’ve been busy” or “I don’t know what you want me to say”. All I want is a man that doesn’t have to be spoonfed platitudes he thinks he can parrot in exchange for sex points or compliments from me to feed his ego. I know how to make men feel like gods, and I know how to make them feel like peasants, but I’m not gonna waste the skill it took me 10+ years of humiliating trial and error on a guy I know isn’t worth it just because he thinks he can convince me he can change.

No. 227175

She's not physically attracted to him. She's not going to become physically attracted to him no matter how much he bangs on that door

No. 227197


Finally someone stops with the "muh personality" meme. No matter how much people say personality is more important it isn't, it's all about looks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227198

Why are men so entitled?you don't see women flipping out if someone doesn't find them attractive and then crying about the friend zone. We take out rejection and get over it.

No. 227200

I take it you're an ugly betafag who can't be bothered to work on his hideous personality.

No. 227203

You sound like a robot strawman. Obviously looks have importance, you want to be physically attracted to your partner. But personality is most important, even a 10/10 with a shitty personality like the guys posted in these threads isn't going to be desired by any self-respecting woman despite what /r9k/ always spews.

No. 227209

File: 1517616851412.png (762.11 KB, 701x640, Screenshot_2018-01-29-17-38-08…)

"But but muh war deaths"

No. 227210

75% of all homicide victims are men.

No. 227211

>What about le men :((((((((
Absolutely pathetic. You see a chart showing That women are killed more often by men they thought they should, and they did with all their heart than guys deliberately going somewhere to kill people and prepared to be killed

No. 227213

Men have more reason to be afraid of other men in regards to their own physical safety than women do. However there is obviously a heinous problem with domestic homicides regarding gender differences, I'm not denying that.

No. 227217

Men cheat more, men are more likely leave their wives if she has an illness or disease(especially cancer) men murder than partners more, not only do they murder women more but do it so often that the amount of women murdered was more than troops killed in war, men push women into suicide, men abuse women, men molest children and their daughters, men are the entire reason sex trafficking exists, men buy women off of mail order bride sites, brag about abusing them and scream about the supposed madness and jealousy women have when they really don't because western women couldn't meet the insane standards they set for them, men get women pregnant, leave them with the kids, then cry about women getting kids in custody and having to pay child support, men are often the root of most womens problems with body dysmorphia and depression, men bully women mercilessly, men make societies that revolve around hurting, abusing, kidnapping women, throwing them out and finding a little girl to molest when the wife hits 25, men have entitlement and arrogance to the point where a lot of men kill women when rejected

And now men want to go boohoo poor oppressed little men over shit they did to THEMSELVES
Don't want men to be homicide victims? Go to male dominated communties and tell men not to murder other men
No one hates men more than men hate men, and then men want to turn around and scream oppression and point the finger at women for us to fix what men do to themselves

No. 227219

And over 90% of all murderers are men :3 You guys can have all the fun you want killing eachother, just stop killing us.

No. 227220

>and then men want to turn around and scream oppression and point the finger at women for us to fix what men do to themselves
That's a lot of words you're putting in my mouth.

No. 227222

A large portion of male homicide victims are young men who are involved in organised crime, gang violence etc.
If you keep your nose clean you likely won't have anything to worry about. Women don't have the physical capabilities to protect and defend themselves as well as men can.

No. 227224

So am I 'asking for it' if I get involved with those kinds of men?

No. 227227

What a terrible attempt at an analogy. Choosing to partake in violent and criminal activity is not the same thing as going near men and getting abused and murder by a spouse or boyfriend. Though women probably would cut the risk of getting abused, assaulted, raped, murdered, and harrassed almost entirely if we never built friendships and relationships, had sex, or interacted with men in any capacity whatsoever. Too bad that's a necessary part of life.

No. 227228

File: 1517621551181.jpg (46.91 KB, 501x525, stirner.jpg)

Who's stopping you lol
You let the perceptions and convictions of others sway you too much. If you want to be a man-hating loner then go ahead, literally no one is stopping you except yourself.

No. 227230

then what exactly are you trying to get at by posting 75% of homicide victims are men on a man hating thread but leave out the fact almost all homicides are caused by men

No. 227232

yeah women get called out for having small boobs. when i was 12 i was literally sexually assaulted by some boys in my class for it.

as an adult i've had men who i didn't even know well encourage me to get implants telling me that it would be a nice thing to do for my bf or whatever.

i was a 32aa until my early 20's. it's never been an insecurity of mine since i liked going braless. but once i hit a c cup i thought the rude comments would stop. but i guess it's never enough for men.

what's kind of lame is i don't even have the energy to get mad or correct them anymore. i just like… have accepted that the vast majority of men are pigs and it's to be expected.

No. 227233

this is kinda petty but what annoys me about men is that they expect womens genitals to be bald, no bumps, no hair, no darkness, smell nice and taste nice, look like that of a sex doll, a lot of the time women will go on special diets before men go down on them so it tastes nice but what about men? their dicks will smell like rotting piss, put no effort at except sometimes they manscape but most men don't even bother, their cum will taste like oysters and laundry soap and expect women to swallow it whole and then turn around and complain about women liking slightly above average sized dicks?

the comments on this this video is a perfect example of men getting triggered about women talking about their ideal dicks, always screaming if the roles were reversed despite the fact not only do women have to deal with this shit every single day but there was also another video of men drawing ideal vaginas and no one was bitching and screaming as much as men are in this video

No. 227234

I just don't like the OP image since it compares two completely unrelated statistics. It would make more sense to just compare domestic homicide statistics between genders.
But I don't get why homicides being committed mostly by men is even relevant. Are you saying that it nullifies it? That it's just men 'digging their own graves'?

No. 227236

no I'm saying you're getting nowhere if you're taking a discussion in the wrong place
you know damn well this thread is meant to discuss problems that men cause to women, not problems that men cause to men, it's irrelevant

I assume the OP image uses the other stats to compare how large of a portion that is compared to troops and whatnot, and because men love bringing in the war deaths argument

No. 227271

Those comments lmao, men are so easily triggered by any comment regarding their manhood but they have no chill when it come to trashing our genitals. (roasties, grand canyon, beef flaps…)

No. 227289

Lol truly. Think about how many insults are directed towards women and women’s sexuality. whore, slut, thot, roast beef flaps, loose… the list goes on. What about men? There’s nothing nearly as vile nor common as what we get called.

No. 227294

Because we can’t hate them as much they hate/have hated us. We can call them an asshole or a creep but their attacks are almost always directly referencing sexuality and they hate women and sexuality that isn’t under their complete control.

No. 227300

I still had to grow up very fast due to an abusive household and having to take care of myself from a young age.
Being mistaken for a teenager means no mentally healthy men are attracted to me and getting a boyfriend is almost impossible because no healthy man is attracted to little girls. They won't ever like me because why would they ever like someone they think is a minor? Only times I've been able to get a boyfriend is by meeting them first via the internet.
I don't mind being seen as innocent, I'd just like to be seen, instead of being invisible. I don't need to be objectified.

No. 227305

File: 1517670145597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 4032x3024, F06684B1-1376-462A-85CB-79C468…)

You’re all missing the point
It’s more or less the 2nd panels phrasing that really fucking messed up the message that the comic “the right one doesn’t have to try” is the implication of the right one that women want is perfect
It’s say that the bf / former bdf who knows that he is flawed and trying to improve on himself to meet her standards but just doesn’t live up to them because he’s not perfect because if he was he’d automatically have no issues with the problems in their relationship
I get that it wasn’t trying to covey this but it’s literally there if you just take it at face value
It’s spread the belief that women will only accept perfection and nothing less
There is no way no one can not have to try without being perfect the very idea of not having to try In establishing a relationship that last a life is absurd itself. I mean being a good person is something everyone should stride but issues in relationships don’t just stem from that alone

Most of these responses where just the standard belittling like calling him entitled, assuming he’s cheated or all around terrible person when it’s supposed to be just about the struggle of trying to make a relationship based on the vagueness of the comic

Tl;dr : this comic misses the point very badly says that women only want perfection
and y’all shallow

No. 227316

No one should be forced to accept anything less than perfection just because of someone else's dick

No. 227318

It just means if she was interested he wouldn't have to try. Stop trying to overread through a stupid fucking comic and get a life or kys.

>It’s spread the belief that women will only accept perfection and nothing less

Yeah because it's the poor men that are enforced to wear makeup, do their hair, lose weight, wear fashionable clothes, put silicone implants, look and act like an angel otherwise they are just an ugly thot. Fuck off.

No. 227324

>Yeah because it's the poor men that are enforced to wear makeup, do their hair, lose weight, wear fashionable clothes, put silicone implants, look and act like an angel otherwise they are just an ugly thot.
that’s Literally other women you act like you don’t judge much harsher

No. 227327

Again that’s projecting
But that’s true in a way

The comic implies that they were in a relationship because of an issue of the bf and one he’s trying to fix the girl says that it wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t have it in the first place if she met the right one
You’re trying to imply that men are set by a beauty/fitness standard in society

No. 227328

Fuck off and die.

No. 227333

File: 1517681955450.png (32.57 KB, 642x130, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.1…)

This is man's response to women getting harrassed in the workplace. I'm just using this screenshot because it's the one I saw just now, and it's relatively tame compared to others I've seen, but this is a sentiment I've seen expressed over and over since the #metoo thing started.

WHY? Why are men like this!? The response to women being harrassed and assaulted by MEN is "limit their choices and remove them from the workplace and back to domestic slavery"? They don't want to hold men accountable for their behavior, they just want to subjugate women? It's not the man's fault for treating her like a worthless piece of trash, it's her fault for wanting to work outside the home and having the audacity to work alongisde men?
WHY? And why am I even still surprised by this? Why do I continue to expect anything more from men? God damnit, I'm sorry but this just pisses me off so much.

Why is EVERYTHING women's fault? Even men's actions? Why are we always the ones in the wrong, the ones that have to suffer for other people's actions?

I swear to god if I ever meet a man who sees women as actual human beings and doesn't blame them for their own abuse, I'll have a fucking heart attack. Men fucking hate women, they prove it everyday, and I'm fucking done.

No. 227338

spot the robot

spot the tranner

No. 227339

everyone wants perfection
but who is it thats breaking up with women over her not sending nudes, if she has small tits or a small ass, etc
and who is it thats staying with men despite them being emotionally, physically abusive, who is it that stays with men who are fat pieces of smelly shit but never complain about it one bit who is it that stays with unemployed freeloading men who scream gold digger the second you suggest they should pay bills where they leave?
but yep women sure are shallow and only want perfect huh

No. 227342

But it's ok when men do it!!11

Because men DESERVE to get everything they want. And women deserve nothing because we're all dumb whores, and how dare we ask for basic respect and a partner who fucking showers.

No. 227343

>It’s say that the bf / former bdf who knows that he is flawed and trying to improve on himself to meet her standards but just doesn’t live up to them because he’s not perfect because if he was he’d automatically have no issues with the problems in their relationship
it's two panels with no background to the story, he could be a rando guy for all we know, how you interpret it really shows the kind of person you are

>It’s spread the belief that women will only accept perfection and nothing less

interesting, studies show despite women thinking men aren't attractive, women still message all men where as men only message the most attractive women, but yeah please tell me how we all expect perfection

>There is no way no one can not have to try without being perfect the very idea of not having to try

again, we don't know the background of the story, but jumping to the conclusion "HES NOT PERFECT WOMEN ARE SHALLOW" for all we know he could have cheated or been an asshole the entire time or abused her and thats why she doesn't want him, not because he isn't ~perfect~

>Most of these responses where just the standard belittling like calling him entitled, assuming he’s cheated or all around terrible person when it’s supposed to be just about the struggle of trying to make a relationship based on the vagueness of the comic

he is entitled, he clearly can't take no for an answer, if she doesn't want you, she doesn't want you, grow up and move on
>assuming he’s cheated or all around terrible person
I'm assuming you're going by what >>227161 said, which wasn't that they assumed he cheated or is a terrible person, is that they fell for this meme and the "women are shallow the imperfect guys are the ones to actually make you happy" meme, the one you're trying to convey, and had a horrible experience with some autistic who most likely spread the same autist meme as you're doing

> when it’s supposed to be just about the struggle of trying to make a relationship based on the vagueness of the comic

wanna make a relationship? here's a hint, don't find some random chick and beg desperately to do this this and that for her to date you, if she doesn't want to date you now she probably won't wanna date you then, relationships are supposed to make both parties happy, not just the man, almost every relationship I've seen where the man had to desperately cater to the woman until she dated him almost always ends up in flames, it's almost as if that if you have to pressure women into a relationship it will turn to shit

No. 227346

File: 1517686353837.gif (361.12 KB, 320x240, karen.gif)

>said "women with big breasts dont need to work out they can get any guy they want and they know it they know all other girls envy them" and said all girls with big boobs have giant egos, bragged about how him and his H cup gf would burst into tears laughing anytime there was a woman with a D cup or smaller in a movie that was wearing a bikini or bra and trying to be sexy, said chestlets are inferior and how they deserved to be bullied, bragged about dumping women for not having big enough breasts, said women with small breasts are starving to death and men who don't want cowtits are soyboys, etc

I never understood why people laugh so hard when other people don't meet their ridiculous standards, like are they legit being humored over women not having a body they want them to have or are they so entitled they think the world revolves around them or?

Also those men are fucking obnoxious, I try to stay away from men who expect only one or two body types from women

No. 227352

File: 1517688339954.jpg (83.99 KB, 1086x646, whewlad.JPG)


Stumbled upon above link.

> is in a relationship with a 14 y/o as a 19 y/o men for months

> somehow has no idea she is not even going to high school
>apparently there is a place called Miracle Village so pedos have a place to live

what the fuck have I just read
I feel so sorry for the women but also am dumbfounded and annoyed. She seems like such a handmaiden, cause I don't buy the dude not being aware of his child bride's age.

No. 227364

this, have a korean boyfriend and his sexism is just as bad as any white guy i've dated. All men are the same.

No. 227369

Has anyone ever experience being close with your father as a kid, but then you grow up and realize he's exactly like all men??

I remember trying to discuss feminism and rape culture with my dad as a late teen and he basically laughed it off, saying it wasn't as bad as most women make it out to be .. or "well, it happens to men too."

Like, I'm so disgusted by how no man is ever empathetic to women and rape. I have yet to meet any guy who really cares about women being sexually harassed or assaulted irl. It's really scary.
I really do hate all men.


There's no way he didn't know her age. Just another vile pedo pretending he's the victim

No. 227370

File: 1517700250997.jpg (58.09 KB, 992x558, ht_feminist_father_kb_140619_1…)

my dad use to be typical trump supporter republican dad , the type that would flinch if you mention periods around him and refuse to walk in a makeup store, but he kinda was converted when I started bringing around a lot of gay and lesbian and feminist friends and whatnot and he become more accepting and had more feminist ideologies especially when I came out and told him how I wanted to be a doctor, then once when I was in the emergency room he pointed out how I had a male nurse and female doctor as a sort of encouragement for me
when I started getting into guns, cars, boats, typical guy stuff, and my mom pointed out and said those were "man things" my dad turned around and said "they aren't man things they're things anyone can do man or woman" and then got mad at my mom for making gay jokes about a male friend of mine
now he's more lax about everything

No. 227373

>refuse to walk in a makeup store

Its claires accessories for my dad lmao, he would straight out fight not going in there when i was a kid and get really pissy about it. My family jokes/ has an actual rumor (which i believe) that's he secretly gay behind him and my moms back, so i think he does it act overly masculine.

No. 227379

I talked with my dad for about an hour and a half the other day about how I'm a lot more into feminism that I once was (not extreme, just more of the societal stuff western wise, everything else anywhere else) and lo and behold he mentioned men every chance he got but his points where quite easily rebuffed, all in all it was a good discussion that was no where near as horrid as some dads can be but he still doesn't really understand that he'll never have a woman's experience as a man, it doesn't help that most of the people he goes to for his views, are loud men.

Saying that he seem confused when I talked about how women, in western culture are still seen (socially) as second class and are constantly being put down by men, and how they're often trying to hurt women politically, (planned parenthood and all that) doesn't help that whenever I hear him watching Youtube, all I can hear are men talking about how all women want to stay at home and those who don't are nasty nasty femenazi's, he doesn't agree with them 100% but it's still worrying that with an 50% male and 50% female household, he's still willing to put that on blast.

Nonetheless he's definitely not as bad as some dads I hear about, mine will buy pads for me in an instant and is comfortable talking about my personal problems such as sexuality and being childfree (more than I can talk to my mother to) so he was a good male role model growing up, thank god.

No. 227383

how do i find a kind, athletic chad bf?

No. 227384

that would make sense if he was
my friend once dated a guy who was a massive misogynist, he said clothing stores were okay but he would never walk into a sephora, ulta or any other makeup store, when loading groceries in a car he refused to pick up the bag that had pads in it
like nigga what, people KNOW you're in there with your gf, they know pads aren't for you, it's like being grossed out over holding toilet paper men are weak

No. 227387

>Like, I'm so disgusted by how no man is ever empathetic to women and rape. I have yet to meet any guy who really cares about women being sexually harassed or assaulted irl. It's really scary.
It's because men see women as the gatekeepers of relationships. If a woman is abused they just think "oh she deserved it for picking a shitty partner, she should have picked a better guy like me"
It's like when /pol/ cheers when a black guy murders his white girlfriend. Saying she paid the toll.

No. 227393

not even kids will escape it, once when I was 9 my uncle tried groping me and when I told my friends about it they said "it was because I didn't button my shirt up all the way" when I was wearing a polo that only had 3 buttons at the top and didn't even show your chest

No. 227395

Stop projecting this fucking hard

No. 227397

pretty sure they were just mocking what an incel would say

No. 227403

File: 1517729042604.png (210.59 KB, 1618x430, wat.png)

in case you forgot how high mens standards are
>look absolutely perfect and meet my impossibly ridiculous standards
>don't get plastic surgery though
>JAV stars with plastic surgery still aren't good enough for 4channers
remind me to never date a guy from /fit/

No. 227428

You shouldn't date any guy from any chan board…

No. 227429

Guys who look like Chad tend to be nicer than the incel manlets who complain about them kek

No. 227441

File: 1517760008675.jpg (94.38 KB, 768x960, females.jpg)

Why are men so obsessed with the idea of women making their food? Are they children or something?

No. 227443

Fetishization of the 1950's

No. 227444

Men fetishize the idea of having a woman to take care of them the way their mommy did, except unlike mommy the gf/wife can give them food, clean their house and have sex with them. Men raised by mothers who coddle then and protect them any time they get sad or upset about something are to blame for this.

No. 227445

File: 1517762178717.png (1.16 MB, 949x949, intelligent sexual culture.PNG)

I'm gonna blogpost for a sec because this is legit something I can't talk to anyone about without them throwing some sort of hissy fit about sexism.

Can we talk for a second how fucking selfish it is for men to have kids at like 50 with their 30-something wife. I'm one of these kids (now 22) and am functionally an orphan because I have a nutter psychopathic mom (the only kind of woman who marries men that old at 30, let's be real) and a father that could kick the bucket any day and never had the capacity to be emotionally available in the first place. My dad is a niceish man but only likes antagonistic, unstable women so I never had any role models and my older sister already kicked the bucket due to being mentally unstable. I'm not too bummed about the whole emotional side of it as much as the "holy shit I'm 22 and neither of my parents are capable of supporting me if something goes wrong" part.

Like what do they expect? That after they die the woman will just make sure their kid makes it out okay? My dad said he wanted a second chance at a family after his first one was ruined by him/his first wife, but holy fuck are they really that dense? They make fun of women for their "biological clocks" but then turn around at fucking 55 and say "PERFECT TIME FOR A DO-OVER! Let's go find some gold-digging insecure woman and start a family!" because usually they are afraid of dying alone and having to live with themselves knowing that they wasted their good years being a dick to the people who loved them.

It's so hard to wrap my head around because my dad encouraged me to do all kinds of "non-feminine" things like compsci and science, but he never thought to date a woman who wasn't "traditional" or had her own identity. It's like he sees me as a person but the women he married as "mothers". He also seems really invested in getting me to pull high-value (ie lots of material resources) men before he croaks. It's as if he fundamentally believes men are wallets and that's their only trait to women in a relationship.

It really seems that a lot of men do view women as people until they're in a relationship or have any shred of emotional vulnerability (rejection especially). As soon as a man has to trust a woman or take any sort of risk, he devalues her out of some desperate need to protect his feefees. Then she's a "slut" or a "mother" or a "bitch". I think that's why they have the capacity to actually love their mothers and daughters way more than their wives or girlfriends. Men can only love when their ego is 200% safe, and that can virtually never happen in a real relationship.

Anyway, sorry. Men are truly just the fucking masters of mental gymnastics and defense mechanisms. I really wish there was literature out there about how to sift through their bullshit and figure out what the hell is actually going on upstairs. These threads have been a help, but damn if we don't know that we're not welcome outside of anonymous boards.

No. 227447

All mysogyny boils down to is men being unable to handle their emotions and unable to accept not being the “man” in any situation because it would make them feel weak. Feelings and emotions destroy men because they’re never properly taught how to express or handle them, so instead they chimp out and starts swinging their dicks talking about how they need to be the provider and the defender for a woman. If we taught little boys how o stop giving a shit what other men think and be happy and kind, this shit would fix itself. Instead, you have men raised by asshole men and brainwashwd women with bullshit ideas about masculinity and gender roles.

No. 227449

>I really wish there was literature out there about how to sift through their bullshit and figure out what the hell is actually going on upstairs.

Psychology is a thing. Some anon in another thread rec’d a book about male psychology called Why Does He Do That? But idr the author. Start casually studying the psychology of the male ego, it’s like having all the cheat codes.

No. 227452

File: 1517763887875.png (1.1 MB, 1124x906, fuckthepolice.png)

I love "why does he do that" and am a huge psych nerd. Unfortunately a lot of psych is poisoned by men. Especially when it comes to relationships or how men view women. For example, remember the "men hate confident women" study where men rated the attractiveness of women based on poses? Taken at face value it is very easy to assume that the researchers were careful, but when you examine the actual study and actual data, it becomes clear that they went into it with an agenda to confirm their previous conclusions. The photos used in that study can be found at http://www.ubc-emotionlab.ca/emotionattraction/ but I've also attached an example of the media v. what actually happened.

Philosophy lies less and is less prone to bullshit in my experience, but fuck if I know any female philosophers with a kick-ass attitude.

I def agree with you there. Men are emotionally retarded, and that's most likely because it serves other men for them to be. Men benefit from it so they have good worker drones/people to bully women into giving up their power to society as a whole. Kinda sad, but expected since most men have the critical thinking skills of a toddler but the self-awareness of a narcissist.

No. 227453

The kind of men that have this mindset are so fucking dumb, on top of revolting. They project themselves onto other men so hard (which is probably why they think women are a hive mind, they think it of their own gender ffs) yet can't put two and two together that most Western men who maintain serious relationships don't treat their SO like a maid on top of expecting her to work… and they're the ones that are still single.

They also can't for the life of them understand that you either get a housewife or a woman who works. You do not get both. The kind of women happy to be your maid do not want to work and vice versa. You cannot expect your SO to do fucking everything.

But women are the entitled gender magically somehow.

No. 227454

File: 1517765047658.png (1.99 MB, 1557x1001, where does it start.PNG)

Since I'm already in my transmet folder, here's another thing: men are completely blind to the effects OTHER MEN have on women. In the panel before or after this is the quote:

>Bill Rose: Everyone's looking for someone to blame. Society. Culture. Hollywood. Predators. Looking everywhere but the right place. Children are very simple, Mr. Jerusalem. Very easy devices to break, or assemble wrong. You want to know who did this to these kids? Only their parents. That's the thing no one wants to hear. Every time you stop thinking about how you're treating your kid, you make one of these. It really is as simple as that. It's got nothing to do with the failure of the society or any of that. It's got everything to do with the responsibility of making a human. Why are your kids selling themselves on the streets? Because you fucked up the job of raising them. That's what no one wants to hear. That we can't blame anything outside our houses.

How can you possibly argue that it is the parents' fault and no one else's when in the same breath he says she is a prostitute because of emotional damage inflicted through rape and ruthless assault. Obviously the parents are partially to blame, but if men weren't sexually abusive and degenerate in transmet, would these children still exist in their current states?

And shame on Warren Ellis for not going there and attacking the main cause of child sexual exploitation and women who dissociate like that when being assaulted or having sex: male sexual entitlement and psychopathy

Maybe it isn't edgy enough for him to state the obvious. Maybe it was too harsh an observation for his male readers. Maybe it sounded too much like the fucking truth.

No. 227456

>Philosophy lies less and is less prone to bullshit in my experience, but fuck if I know any female philosophers with a kick-ass attitude.

Go to the source- read Aurelius, Lao Tsu, basically and old ass books you can find. Greek, Roman, Eastern, Western. Really, philosophy and psychology go hand in hand, so it’s not a great idea to exclude one for the other.

Try not to focus so much on “if a man said it” and think about how you can use it to understand men better so you can predict their moves. I love reading shit written by men to promote their agendas because even then, I can see the patterns in the text that point to a deep need to be in control and have authority over women, who most men consider smaller, weaker animals.

Get into animal psychology too, especially pack animals, predatory animals, and basically any intelligent or strong animal men love to compare themselves to like wolves, bears, horses, etc. and find out what traits they think they share with those animals. Even smart men will hand you the keys to their demise if you can disarm them the right way and pay attention.

It’s good to check sources, but don’t get hung up on “weh, male poisoned propaganda” because even that is still valuable and can tell you things about male psychology. Basically just learn and use the same strategies the FBI uses to hunt people like the zodiac killer or the Unabomber, lol.

Everything is connected, and psychology is such a broad subject that dismissing it as a possible gateway to finally fixing the imbalance of power in society would be careless. It is a lot to take in, but if you’re good at figuring out how things fit together and how people interact with each other and why, it’ll be fun anyway.

No. 227461

Well, I see your point but at the same time, shitty parenting is usually to blame in cases of people who ended up shitty and weren’t raped or addicted to drugs. Sometimes kids that everyone thought were perfectly normal and happy and had good lives grow up to be unstable, fucked up adults without necessarily being bad people. I think in that case, thenoarents might be more responsible.

>Every time you stop thinking about how you're treating your kid, you make one of these.

This is kind of true, it’s like the phrase “if you’re worried about being a bad parent, you’re a good parent” simply because you care enough to ask yourself that question. Blog, but my mom was a codependent narcissist and when our dad left, she became very inappropriately emotionally attached to my brother and started treating me like competition. After 10+ years of therapy and family counseling I realized all the things she did that had an impact on me, but to this day she insists she was a good mother (who once refused to take me to the hospital for a broken arm because she thought I was faking for attention) and that none of her fuckups like being a drunk had any effect on me or my brother because ~we’re our own people, separate from her~.

Shitty parents can ruin their kids without turning them into monsters or criminals. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, multiple suicide attempts, struggled with managing my money, you can forget about dating, shit self esteem, seeking abusive relationships that reminded me of my family, etc. It’s insane to say you can create a human life and then just expect it to develop as a well rounded, happy person on its own while you feed and water it and put a roof over it’s head. People aren’t fucking plants.

No. 227465

Broken kids are def usually due to the family, I was more commenting on this particular breed (child prostitutes that usually come from addict homes and get pimped out for drugs) because I see so many of them in rust belt cities these days. I saw one lady in the hospital have some meltdown after a nurse touched her because she had been abused so badly in a crack house that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her chest as a child because of it being sucked on. I see it all the time here and it is absolutely something perpetuated by pimps and johns out of pure greed and self-interest. I can’t imagine the level of depravity these people must have to let that happen to a child. Yes her mother was also a complicit scumbag, but it’s so rare in comparison for a woman to rape a child to that degree of physical damage.

No. 227486

I take pretty much any psychological study involving gender with a massive grain of salt. It wasn't until extremely recently in history that psychology stopped being used as a way to systematically oppress women and gay people. Even today there's still remnants of those times.

No. 227489

>Unfortunately a lot of psych is poisoned by men. Especially when it comes to relationships or how men view women.

Holy shit this, one second they'll say men think 14 yr olds are the most attractive out of every other age if they're shown rigged pictures to prove their point (ie younger girls with better facial aesthetics and older girls with mor fucked faces), next second they'll say women who signal highest fertility are most attractive aka not 14 yr olds
One second they'll say women with big tits and big butts are smart, high IQs, healthy, etc and all that, next second they'll say the race known for having big butts and boobs have the lowest IQs, then come back and say womens often match their bra size, then they'll say more fertile women who have more kids have lower IQs, these dumbass psych wannabe men rig studies so much to the point they can't even see how much they contradict themselves, like the tinder study of a guy that screamed females have privilege when it comes to dating and his proof was him asking girls how many guys they liked

One second a study will say 22 is the most fertile age, next one will say 25 fertility starts declining like what the fuck does 3 yr difference make unless you spent it shooting meth
One second bigger women are better for evolution and men feel the need to chase them next minute smaller women are better because its more feminine and men feel the need to chase them
One minute they'll do a study on how men prefer paler skin because they believe it makes a woman more pure but leave out the fact so many men are attracted to poc, one study will claim the more hip waist ratio, the more sex partners, next study will say high bmi women have more sex partners and more likely to cheat, and the list goes on and on and on, including studies that portray men as victims being oppressed by scary evil women

Chances are if the entire reason they're doing a study is to find results that allow men to jusitfy shitty actions or pretend to be victims, they will get the results, people like so aren't afraid to rig this shit hell and back

No. 227502

Men always expect the world from women in order for us to "keep them" but give little to nothing to offer, I can see where the girl on the left is coming from if it was revealed the man never put any effort into the relationship, are they even married? It would be even more pathetic cuckatry if they were short term and the man never even did shit for the relationship, not even emotional labor

They want all women to automatically be free maids but just want to sit on their ass and do nothing, hell most men nowadays don't even do emotional labor and expect women to do it, just look in vent threads about women here venting about their boyfriends or husbands they're working their ass off for will randomly ignore them for no reason, cheat, if texting they would get ignored or vague shit like "I see" after paragraphs of vent
They also are almost always way too paranoid about cheating than they should be, even studies show that despite men cheating so much more than women, they're more paranoid, if a man suspects women of cheating he has a 50% chance of being right if a woman suspects she has an 80% chance of being right despite men cheating almost twice as much as women, I even remember one anon from the vent thread who's boyfriend kept being shady, like if she asked where he was going he would say "don't worry about it" and once anon got a notification saying he was on Skype after telling her he was going to sleep, then when she asked he said "im talking to a friend then sleeping" but would get paranoid of her cheating out of nowhere, once she fell asleep and he accused her of cheating, asked for pics of her friends when she went out, suggested she get a hickey tattoo so she doesn't cheat, and uses his ex as an accuse despite the fact the girls previous bf also cheated but she isnt that paranoid to him

Men don't give two shits, they want women to act like maids and be okay with them being lazy pieces of shit not putting in any labor but at the same time want to portry themselves as victims, they don't realize they can't have both.

No. 227503

thank you. have been trying to put my finger on this succinctly.
i just think the thing is that men aren't scrutinised to the same degree, - it's this pathologising of female behaviour and treating male behaviour as a default that pisses me off. differencing women using pseudoscience as a weapon.

No. 227507

File: 1517775712264.png (59.58 KB, 716x712, 1516297208473.png)

Not to mention they're quick to investigate more than the FBI and scream lies on studies that make men look bad but will take crappily done "RESEARCH SHOWS WOMEN ARE BAD AND MEN SHOULD LIKE 12 YR OLDS WITH BIG BUTTS" type research, often with no information behind the study or how it was done, take it in as fact and use to to hold up their shit narrative

Pic related, comments from a study in the old thread that mentions how men are more likely to leave their wives if she has a serious illness

No. 227513

File: 1517779213859.jpg (84.73 KB, 637x493, getfucked.jpg)

Reference to previous posts, dont forget you need a man to tell you how to do your feminism ladies! Doesnt matter if you were verbay abused by a pedo transwomen oh no! You're still the one to blame! And before you get uppity remember hes a black sjw so you cant say anything bad! Its not like back men have a history of shitting over women especially black women, no you can totally trust their opinion.

No. 227516

File: 1517780144046.png (105.02 KB, 500x446, what-i-told-you-has-man-brows-…)

why do guys always feel the need to mention they don't find a woman, who is generally perceived as attractive to be attractive?
like seriously, if other people enjoy her so-called "man brows no tits and no ass" then let them enjoy it, no need to barge in and try to pass it off as objective that the celebrity is unattractive, they can't comprehend when people find women attractive that they don't find attractive mostly due to their ridiculous standards

I forgot what thread it was but someone literally spent hours of their time collecting unflattering pictures of ariel winter to "prove" she isn't as attractive as everyone says she is… like just let women be fucking attractive for once dammit

No. 227517

Imagine needing women to do your laundry and cook your meals when you're a grown ass man. What are you gonna do when you're single? Men live in squalor because they can't do it themselves and just need a woman to take care of the house. And they're okay with admitting that. How fucking embarrassing.

No. 227519

You’re missing the point. Psychology itself doesn’t give a fuck about gender. You can use psychology to push a sexist agenda, I’m not saying that doesn’t happen. I’m saying you need to stop saying “why bother learning bullshit men use to oppress women” because if you don’t understand how to use that weapon against them to help women, you’re playing right into the fucking scheme.

No. 227520

I never said psychology itself was bad, but people use psychology to justify sick points of views

> I’m saying you need to stop saying “why bother learning bullshit men use to oppress women”

never said that, I think psychology is a very important thing to learn, it's just easily manipulated in order to justify crappy points of views

>because if you don’t understand how to use that weapon against them to help women, you’re playing right into the fucking scheme.

thats what I was saying, men will bullshit psychology to encourage awful views, a lot of the time go as far as using it to justify pedophilia, not just being attracted to teens but actual small children, psychology has always been easily to twist and manipulate

No. 227550

Here's a question I have. Why does one or two bad women automatically represent women as a whole? Yet men will freak out and throw a fit when they are seen as a collective - like one man murdered and raped five women, so all men must be bad? You see them get mad at that all the time, but yet when a woman does something evil and wrong, all of a sudden ALL women are evil and wrong.

Is it because men don't see us as human, and therefore we're all interchangeable? Is it just classic male hypocrisy? Or do they know that they're being irrational, but just use it as another way to express their hatred for women as a whole. Boggles the mind.

Video related. A woman tricked a man into thinking she was pregnant, when she was never pregnant to begin with. He seemed very emotionally invested and is devastated that he had been lied to and led on four nine months, and was thrilled to become a father. People on /pol/ and some in the comments using this woman's actions to shit on all women and say we're all deceitful and mentally ill. Yet I can go find countless articles and videos about heinous crimes that men have committed, and if I used those to justify the view that all men are evil psychopathic rapists, I would get dragged to hell by men.

No. 227552

Yep - I've never fucking seen men question articles that paint women in a negative light, or search for more sources. They'll eat those up at face value, but a stat that paints men as less than perfect? Must be wrong! We must disprove this!

No. 227553


Also, more proof to me that all of men's problems with women are just projection. Men can't control themselves, so women must not be able to either. Let's ignore all of the rape and murder of women by men, because women choosing their own husbands and sexual partners is the real problem in society!

Fucking psychos man.

No. 227555

Men who complain about abusive relationships they're in the dumbest, most worthless trash imaginable. So fucking dumb. They deserve whatever shit they get.

No. 227556

Bot much? Just take your screenshot to prove "LOOK AT WHAT LOLCOW ROASTIES SAID THEY'RE ALL EVIL" and go, or at least try to disguise better

Notice how when men talk about being abused, everyone comes up with love and support, when women get abused, unless she was a toddler or baby people go out of their way in order to justify it and emphasize with the abuser

No. 227557

Not to mention how people are jumping to scream liar and slut anytime a young woman gets raped and people automatically believe and support men

No. 227559

>Notice how when men talk about being abused, everyone comes up with love and support, when women get abused, unless she was a toddler or baby people go out of their way in order to justify it and emphasize with the abuser
This is completely true…but I just want to know WHY. Why is society, and more specifically men, like this? Why do they hate women so much? I mean if someone is getting abused, they're being abused. They should be helped and supported regardless of gender. But when it's a woman, they get blamed. Men don't. Why does society care about men more, and furthermore, why does everyone hate women SO fucking much that they have to go out of their way to hurt and remind us how worthless we're seen as?

I can always acknowledge it, and accept it, but it will still never make sense to me why I am hated more for having a certain set of chromosomes and certain genitals. The "wrong" chromosomes and genitals, apparently. It makes me feel doomed.

No. 227561

Hope you realize that men like you are the reason why we have these threads in the first place. You guys are nothing but hateful little maggots…

No. 227562

makes sense
no one hates men more than men hate men
also benis or gtfo

No. 227563

I'm not the male anon, but do you really think this? Not to be combative, I just would like to hear your reasoning because I've noticed the opposite my entire life. Men will defend and make excuses for even the shittiest men, especially if a woman is on the other side of the dispute. They stick together even when one of them is a violent rapist/abuser/asshole/liar who is in the wrong in a certain situation. In my experience men love other men, and hate women more than anything. ANYTHING.

No. 227564

>They stick together even when one of them is a violent rapist/abuser/asshole/liar who is in the wrong in a certain situation. In my experience men love other men, and hate women more than anything. ANYTHING.
true, obviously I don;t mean men hate women more than men have men, but we clearly don't hate them as much as they hate themselves

for example, like the bait male anon in the other thread that came in talking about how his mother tried killing him and now he "can barely go to a female cashier without running off and crying" or some retarded shit like that, most other anons were supportive and tried helping him given there was one who saw through the shit bait, but imagine if a man would post about a similar experience on a male dominated board, they would be flooded with "grow up pussy" or "kill yourself faggot"

men only want to support men when they're racist, lying, cheating or abusers (but ironically act like victims and use it to justify racism or sexism when something like so happens to them), never if they are actual victims then at last second they wanna turn around and cry how no one cares about poor little men when they could't care less about other men unless they wanna play victim, women have done more to help men than men ever had, and they don't want to admit it

No. 227565

>This is completely true…but I just want to know WHY.
Because of the whole "women love assholes and bad boys" mentality.

No. 227566

Oh I see what you mean. I guess it's part of the whole "toxic masculinity hurts men too" thing, in that they are expected to, and expect other men to, be tough and resilient and not show any emotion (because emotion is a female thing and female things are bad~~).

I slowly find myself having to actively stop myself from having sympathy for men. They hate women so much that I can't allow myself to care anymore. I want to be able to remove all empathy and sympathy for them. Right now I can't say that I hate men, because they're people and we all go through shit and need help from time to time, but I hate how much men hate women to the point where I want to stop giving a fuck about them completely. Whenever I see a man talking about his problems I want to be able to laugh in his face the way men laugh in the faces of women who have been abused, raped, or hurt by men. But unfortunately that doesn't come naturally to me. If men, society, and even some women hate me for being a woman, why should I put any kind of emotional effort into life? And even if that makes me a terrible person, who cares? The world seems to be just fine with men who are terrible people.

Just fuck it. Completely. Misogyny makes me so tired and miserable and suicidal, but I hope one day I can become completely numb to it. And everything else.

No. 227567

Of course I know, why else would I post here lol

I love all people, except trash.

>racist, lying, cheating or abusers

All trash, just as much as the whining victim who thinks he is special and to be pitied lol

No. 227568

post abs and penis with timestamp

No. 227569

Men hate women so much, why the fuck would they care what women "love" or think about anything? And how does that justify abuse, rape, and murder to them? How the FUCK can they empathize with an abuser over a victim?

Are you saying that they think women love assholes and badboys and therefore women love to be abused and raped, so why should they care if we don't? Men just fucking hate women, period point blank. The sooner they can all admit it like some of them do, the better off everyone will be.

No. 227570

>Are you saying that they think women love assholes and badboys and therefore women love to be abused and raped, so why should they care if we don't?
That's pretty much it. They just think women love and reward bad boys with sex and attention and that's why they don't empathize with women.

No. 227573

Men are fucking worthless then. That's the most disgusting shit I've ever heard.

"hurr durr this bitch fucked a bad boy instead of ME, she deserves to be raped and have society fucking tear her apart again after the fact!11 fucking whores11"
Truly the rational gender.

No. 227578

I just realised it's true, literally ALL men do this. I'd have to guess it's hypocricy and men's natural lack of empathy or foresight rather than seeing women as inferior or an intentional slight, it's more them being self absorbed (i think)

No. 227580

yes, literally all men overgeneralize rather than it being a common trait in literally all humans in general

No. 227582

kill yourself

No. 227583

We’re clearly talking about this specific instance of over generalizing women that yes, only men do. Because…surprise…they hate women.

But I forgot, men are flawless little angels and no one can call them on their shit.

No. 227589

I've never talked about this anywhere, but when I was a teenager my dad sat me down and told me the reason why I've never met my aunt/his sister. Basically when they were kids he molested her in some way. I don't know the details, no idea what he did, how long he did it, how old they were, because he didn't say and I didn't really want to ask. But the thing that really creeped me out was more than feeling bad for what he did, he just seemed bothered about how she enstranged him after. "We got along just fine years after, until one day in our 20s she just decided she hated me and wanted nothing to do with me" It was like he thought she'd just selfishly changed her mind about something that shouldn't have been a big deal since they were both kids or something. He seemed to resent and disagree with whatever perspective she has about what happened. Apparently they sort of made peace but she refuses to have any contact with him unless he goes to some sort of therapy for being a pedophile, and thought he shouldn't have/be around kids (me).

While you never truly know somebody, I don't think my dad is a pedo or would/has committed any kind of sexual violence as an adult from everything I know with of him. He definitely never did anything weird to me or made me uncomfortable as a kid. He's SUPER liberal too, I really never would have expected to hear this. It's fucked up and kind of cognitive dissonance, but I just try not to think of it as to not change my relationship with my dad that I love. I don't want to know or find out the details.

No. 227591

men have trouble seeing women as humans in the way that they are human. and i think it's exactly for this reason.

>men's natural lack of empathy or foresight

unless you state very explicitly and emphatically that something bothers you with a detailed explanation of why, they won't fucking get it. they won't anticipate it either. the exceptions i've found for this are far too few.

i've had to explain why date rape is a bad thing to multiple dudes, and they respond with such deep confusion that they require basically a thought experiment of what it's like to be born into the world with a vagina. literally, i have to go to birth and ask them to imagine what it's like to be a child looking up to women, trying to learn what it's like to be one, then learning what it's REALLY like and what to expect with puberty, then developing into an adult, etc.

and even then the best you can hope for in response is, "that sounds bad, i'm glad i'm a guy."

OK. i told you this so that you could maybe appreciate how to better treat women in your life, not to better appreciate the circumstance you were born into.

No. 227592

That's a very common attitude but it doesn't explain their feelings towards abused women. Throughout history women have had very little freedom of choice when it comes to men, being able to choose any guy letalone a bad boy is a very modern thing.

Men just can't stand anything that could potentially limit their exclusive access to any women they choose. It's not enough that they demand all women be sexually attractive and sexually available, they have to be inexperienced too. So they get mad at girls they find unattractive because that's fewer women they could fuck, and they get mad at the very concept of consent because that's fewer opportunities they can take for sex, all the while being mad at women who've lost their purity whether it was voluntary or not.

No. 227593

>unless you state very explicitly and emphatically that something bothers you with a detailed explanation of why, they won't fucking get it
Yeah, and then if you do that they’ll laugh at you and tell you to stop whining because rape and abuse and misogyny isn’t that bad! They’ll tell you that Men “don’t hate” women, you see, they just belittle dehumanize and harm us any chance they get.

I’m so fucking sick of it. Imagine going through your entire life thinking that half the population is barely human and so far beneath you that you don’t need to treat them with any semblance of respect or dignity. Imagine thinking half the population is a fucking toy to be used for your amusement, and if one dare steps out of line and asks to be treated with basic human decency, SHE is in the wrong.

Imagine going through life thinking you can do whatever you want to women because we don’t have thoughts or feelings and don’t matter. Even though all evidence points to the fact that we are indeed human.

And you would think If they ever really sat down and thought about these things, they might realize how evil they’re being and maybe modify their behavior, but no. They’re just fine continuing on viewing women as less than shit. Why not, the entire rest of the world does.

No. 227594

As if any of them actually give a fuck about consent. Don’t make me laugh.

No. 227595

>I don't think my dad is a pedo or would/has committed any kind of sexual violence as an adult from everything

did he say how old he was? was it actual molestation or playing doctor type stuff? or some duggar family level stuff?
I know both things can have negative effects but if the kid was under 7 or 8 at the time, chances are they had no clue what they were doing and shouldn't be labeled as a pedophile

I hate going off topic but think of the child of rage documentary, while what she did was disgusting and inappropriate it doesn't really reflect the type of person beth is now

No. 227597

>Basically when they were kids he molested her in some way.

any idea how old they were, anon?

that's a bit of an important detail. i could see someone getting upset over that if they didn't have help framing it in a healthy way. but it's actually really common for children to "explore" in this way without them having any way of knowing what they are doing. there's actually a term for it called "sex play."

it's done in innocent curiosity, but it can definitely have unintended consequences.

if your aunt got upset about it later, definitely have some sympathy. but also, without knowing the details of what happened, i wouldn't assume that he intended to violate her. it does speak to what males are curious about from a very early age… my boyfriend used to cut out pictures of women in dresses and bathing sutits from a sears catalog when he was in kindergarten. they were supposed to be making magazine collages in class. he would pull out the cut-outs and stare at them in his bedroom. in retrospect, he has no idea what was going through his mind and he obviously wasn't aware of what compelled him to do it. he just did it because it felt good to look at those women.

No. 227598

fuck off

No. 227599

oh honey

No. 227600

Yeah? That's why I said they get mad at the whole concept of consent, because they don't give a shit about the women they want to fuck actually wanting them in return. They see things like the age of consent or laws against spousal rape or against raping people who are inebriated as an inconvenient, unfair loss of access to sex they feel entitled to.

No. 227601

>people have normal lives? NOT ON MY BOARD
fuck off

No. 227602

Yeah that's the thing, I don't know and it's not an easy topic to bring up. I think/hope it was a playing doctor thing at least. I'm pretty sure my dad sees it that way. But she's also had a pretty bad reaction to it so I can't tell. I definitely sympathize were her no matter what, and it was more his attitude towards her feelings about it that bothered me.

No. 227603

It's possible to make them care, but I don't think it's natural for them to care. Which is fucked, but we probably wouldn't be here today if men didn't have the drive to fuck everyone and everything. Most of our male ancestors were probably rapists.

Doesn't make me feel better, though. I'd be good with not existing.

No. 227604

Also they aren't super close in age, not far either, but I think at least 4 years apart if not a bit more.

No. 227606

It’s possible for them to pretend to care. They will never care.

Agreed on not existing. Personally I wish I were never born, especially as a woman. It’s a fucking curse that I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life unless I can end it pretty soon. Every single day there’s just more misogynistic shit to wade through. Being told you’re a worthless piece of shit everyday from all angles starts to take its toll eventually, I’m honestly surprised the suicide rate for girls and women isn’t higher.

No. 227607

>I’m honestly surprised the suicide rate for girls and women isn’t higher.
because women actually care about other women not to mention most of us don't want to make people who care for us miserable
>inb4 "you're so cruel!!!"
what I've noticed if men often kill themselves over dumb shit, like the man who leaped to his death because a woman he was in an LDR with wasn't as attractive in real life, men will do murder-suicides a lot of the time to avoid getting arrested, men will kill themselves over relationship issues, men will kill themselves after someone finds out that they molested or raped someone, I even knew a guy who tried killing himself because everyone bitched him out because he exposed his girlfriends nudes after cheating on her
hitler committed suicide, columbine kids committed suicide after shooting up their school because the jocks were meanie butts and hurt their feefees, men will kill themselves if they lasted even just a few days dealing with shit women have been dealing with for the last few centuries, and thats the fucking problem

if we take out all the murder-suicides, someone-found-out-i-molested-a-child- suicides, my-girlfriend-isn't-pretty suicides, just suicides over dumb shit like that and not actual depression stemming from a difficult life, then male suicide rate would be cut in half

No. 227608

I do actually think they can care. However, it's the selfish, possessive sort of 'caring' that only applies when something they consider their possession (either by their relationship or something larger like race - 'their women') is touched by someone else. White men suddenly consider rape a serious problem when it's non white men doing the raping, for example.

No. 227609


always seeing men go on shooting sprees to shoot women out of misogyny, yet never see women go on shooting sprees out of misandry and yet men want to act like they're the ones being oppressed hmm

No. 227611

There's also a really strong refusal to acknowledge misogyny no matter how obvious it is. There were people who actually tried to argue away the issue of misogyny in the Elliot Roger case, ignoring the fact that Roger wanted to kill a bunch of women, he just failed to do so. A lot of spree killers have targeted women specifically and it's ignored completely even if it's a pretty important motivation.

No. 227614

I don't know who is denying that Elliot Rodgers hated women, but it's not MGTOW, incels, MRAs, the right wing, etc.

They praise Elliot Rodgers, they glorify him, they call him "Saint Elliot".

Women aren't smart enough to form the mindset of a mass killer.

They're also so privileged that they can't form the mindset of a mass killer. There lives are too easy, and they get tons of social validation.

No. 227615

an average woman has a higher IQ than an average man

No. 227616


An intelligent woman is equivalent to an average white man.

The smartest females I've ever seen were basically on the same level as typical white men.>>227615(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227617

>women aren't smart enough to form the mindset of a mass killer
schizophrenic, antisocial incels are the most woke ppl alive huh? damn, being male really is a cognitive disability.

No. 227618

It's a fact that women have better impulse control, marginally better emotional control and mental strength, and are less prone to mental illness and general insanity. This means we are more reliable, stable, and all around just make better decisions than men. The insane amount of negative effects testosterone has on the brain deem men inferior in every way outside of physical strength. Fuck off with that pseudo-science bullshit, beta.

No. 227619

It's a fact that black people have a much lower IQ on average than white people, deeming them inferior to whites in every way.

No. 227620

went there for a few months for a study abroad program, almost all men are raging misogynist, will harass you on the street constantly, never giving up, worse than I've ever seen in the UK, and men around will laugh and joke around, play victim cards and the whole "relax love you're just a cute woman" card if you snap at them, all fucking disgusting, men laugh at other men taking creepshots of womens asses , little boys looking up womens skirts is considered funny, you can't do anything without some shitlord coming onto you, men cheat there like crazy (think kyler lmao), get away with it, get away with domestic abuse, have no manners or concept of respect and make inappropriate comments towards women all the fucking time, especially underage ones, even if she's just a cashier or waitress
girls there talk about domestic abuse or just being physically assaulted by men as if it's something normal, police often do nothing about it, the woman who shot a guy in the pinky got years and years in prison with over 300k bail and the man who swung around a machete because his wife didn't want to have sex with him barely got any time and less than 8k bail, shootings twice a week, it felt like I was on a different planet

I know different countries have problems, different states have problems of their own but fuck they need to get their shit together

No. 227623

Maybe black men, but black women are still inherently superior to white men because they are, you know, women. Your IQ isn't the only determinant of your intelligence, a man with a high IQ is still liable to be dumber than the average woman [of any race]. You can raise your IQ, but you can't undo the damage your brain undergoes from being male. Back to /pol/ you go, beta.

No. 227629

> Women aren't smart enough to form the mindset of a mass killer.
you’re a straight fuckin dumbass lmao. So eager to see women as inferior that even their lack of tendency toward murder and mayhem makes them inferior to you. Not to mention you don’t need to be “smart” to be a mass murderer, half of them fuck up and never accomplish their task on the scale they originally set out to. Columbine shooters couldn’t even get their fucking bombs to go off.

Go back to braincels and suck off your boy Elliott some more.

No. 227630

Yeah the south is a living hell. And southern conservative men are by far the worst subset of males. Just terrible.

No. 227631

>Women aren’t smart enough

Nah. You’ve probably come across Jordan Peterson’s vids by now about how the intelligence bell curve differs between genders. Women in average are smarter, but men’s intelligence is more spread out.

I have trouble believing the people performing mass shootings are on the higher end. There’s definitely exceptions with the unhinged misanthrope who despises existence. Generally speaking they are emotionally retarded men who do this. I mean, Elliott Roger was definitely not that smart. He came across as average intelligence or slightly below average intelligence privileged with a rich kid education that obviously failed him.

Feels like a very mid-IQ thing to go in a suicidal killing rampage. Smarter people generally have too much success in life to have any desire to shorten it.

No. 227632

I remember the aftermath of the Elliot Rodger shooting, people were bitching that feminists were just using it to fit their ~agenda~ when they discussed Elliot's hatred of women. Seriously, it's not even a theory that Elliot fucking hated women, he said it himself on camera and wrote about it in his manifesto. It's straight up deflection and lying to say his crimes weren't motivated by his hatred of women.

No. 227633

Really? That hasn’t been my experience, but I’m in a bigger city with nice colleges. I imagine the boonies probably suck since they’re full of mostly poor stupid people. Not to class-shame, but good education can make a huge difference in creating value systems.

No. 227634

Idk maybe it depends on the state. I live in a city in the south, and attended college there until I transferred somewhere else, and southern (especially conservative) men are by far the most misogynistic “women should be in the home because they aren’t intellectually capable of doing anything else” type guys.

No. 227641

You thought my post was serious? I was pointing out how your train of thought was akin to that of a racist, but it seems you don't have any problem with admitting that lol

No. 227645

like anon said, depends on the state, there are some nice places in texas, florida, etc, just more liberal states in general but for the main part, the deep south is shit, especially if you're a woman, not to mention a lot of the women that live there are self hating as well and brainwash their daughter into the same shit as well, it's like they never evolved from the 50s, the last thing we need is for mgtow to spread in the south since these men are pretty much living the lives they want. with women getting punished more for similar crimes, women forced to work and go to uni but at the same time maintain housewife duties and raise children, religious almost nun type women who encourage other women to do the same, almost to the point where you'll be disciplined for gossiping because it's not considered "lady like" but men can get no shit at all for going on a rampage about how he thought a girl in the class was ugly

it would blow my mind if mgtow was a big thing in the south, and if anything proves the fact even is men get exactly what they want they're still never happy, given, I once debated with an mgtow who was screaming how all women are whores by nature and I asked him why and he said "the small southern town I live in women sing I love you jesus every morning and fuck me harder every night!", his biggest problem was that women ~dare~ have good sex lives with their own husbands in the privacy of their own home and it's somehow his business and proves women are all disgusting whores, this is the type of men we'e dealing with

No. 227646

File: 1517854173965.png (Spoiler Image, 220.49 KB, 625x977, 7B327310-564D-42E6-95D3-77BB74…)

>"WE" had 100k and "YOU" didn't sell
being his gf doesn’t mean you have access to his money wtf

No. 227647

File: 1517854191601.png (Spoiler Image, 200.27 KB, 689x944, 13F6C78D-ABAD-4421-A691-CB07BE…)

No. 227649

he seems batshit crazy, leave his ass now
pretending to be humored when something doesn't go his way is a big red flag

also what is this? are you drug dealers or own a business or?

No. 227650

How are you relationships with your boyfriends? What kid of men are they?

No. 227652

I'm black, stuipid. I know black men are dumb. It's not because they're black, but they are dumb.

No. 227653

File: 1517855547430.png (Spoiler Image, 253.27 KB, 653x945, 4111A540-560F-425F-B28D-D151BB…)

No. 227655

grow some ovaries and leave his ass, pretending to be a little child "hur I just told everyone how much of a loser you are ha! jk"
he can't have a stable relationship, don't get stuck in a meaningless miserable relationship

No. 227656

Oh yes okay that makes it perfectly fine

No. 227658

Leave him, anon! Who tf humiliates their significant other like that? Take your stocks, and keep it moving.

No. 227659

This is clearly from the perspective of the bf. Why is this even being posted here?

No. 227660

You guys realize that blue is the dude, right? I assume anon posted it for the
>hurr, women are gold diggers!!

No. 227662

You worthless losers are so desperate to feel superior to women lmao. Most serial killers are not Hannibal Lecters, they're average or below average in intelligence. Men are more frequently poorly adjusted and more prone to violence due to the way they're socialized.

No. 227664

So I've noticed lately it's a thing for drag queens to hate on "bio queens" how the fuck can they hate on women for wearing make-up and dressing as women? Their entire thing is stolen from women but they some how have the nerve to stop women from joining in.

No. 227665

>due to the way they're socialized.
Nah, that's 100% biological m8

No. 227667

Why didn’t you do the same thing to the robot who came in here and said all women are dumb and inferior? The person that anon was responding to. Guess you only get mad about generalizations and people pointing out inferiority when it’s against anyone but women huh?

No. 227668

Want to tell >>227616 and >>227614 that they’re also wrong for stating that all women are inferior, much like racists do to black people? No, didn’t think so. Probably because you agree and you stupid fucks just come in here to irritate us and tell us how all women are inferior whores. We can’t even have one thread without some dumbass like you “well you sound just like r9k!!11” meanwhile you don’t have a problem with them

No. 227669

Do I have to reply to every bullshit thing I disagree with and start an argument, especially in a place where it'll be ridiculed regardless?

Here's what I would say
Are both wrong. I don't see why I have to bother pointing it out. Especially when I'm not supposed to be posting here anyway lol

Don't put words in anyone's mouth. I fucking hate robots and incels, such breeds of trash should kill themselves. So don't even think I share the same insane delusions as them, it's disgusting to even consider.

No. 227670

>Smarter people generally have too much success in life to have any desire to shorten it.
Typical female, unable to separate intelligence from financial and academic success, they are the same exact thing to you.

At a certain point, extreme intelligence will make you more likely than an average person to be homeless, or a NEET.

It will correlate with an extreme lack of motivation to participate in society.

Possibly THE biggest white knight I've ever seen on the internet, ever.

No. 227673

A delusion to sate one's own ego, obviously. This one thinks himself intelligent, and equates his lowly status to that of high intellect. Thus that which spurs forth from this sort of outlook: criminals, murderers, etc. are relatable to him, so he reflects the intellect he believes himself to have onto those people and turns them into idols to emulate and adore, because he wants to feel different and special, because he thinks he is someone special, someone enlightened.
It's how he copes with being at the bottom rung of society. It can't be his own fault! It's everyone else's! They do it because he's different, because he's better than them and they're trying to keep him down!

>white knight

If you think I want to fuck anyone, especially someone from here lol, you're mistaken. Maybe call me a moralfag instead lol
Your kind should hang.

No. 227674

incels and beta males confirmed for most woke niggas out there

born to die
society is a fuck
鬼神 Kill Em All 1999
I am soy boy
410,757,864,530 DEAD NORMIES

No. 227675

And yet you ONLY called out the post that insinuated men were inferior, just like every male who ever posts here, never caring that the original post was all about how women were inferior. We all know why, don't pretend.

No. 227676

You know that the only people you will find here are ~females~, right dumbfuck? So leave. If we're so inferior and unintelligent, THEN GET THE FUCK OUT. And go somewhere with people who you believe are on your level.

Typical fucking male, barging in somewhere he isn't wanted to remind women how much they all hate us.

No. 227679

I go all through the internet.

I go to /pol/, incels.me, AND feminist subreddits and tumblr.

A female imageboard is very enticing to me. This is one of the least censored feminist echo chambers, and I still get banned and censored on sight. Feminist echo chambers are extremely censored and moderated, because otherwise it would be too easy for men to come in and pop their delusional bubble, and show them just how stupid their views are.

This is above-average female intelligence, and they're not even smart enough to understand what they're looking at.

Just think of what average female intelligence is like. It's borderline retarded. They get lighter criminal sentences for the same reason that children and retards do, it wouldn't be fair to hold them to the same level of accountability as men.

This must be a genius female.(your post history is cute, you spent multiple days larping as female!)

No. 227680

Shut the fuck up dude. We don't want men to come in here because they act like you, WE GET IT. YOU'RE SUPERIOR. Enjoy it. Why are you here instead of going out and enjoying your superiority, honey?

Women are dumb whores, we're inferior, good for nothing, we should all kill ourselves. We get it we get it we get it. Don't need to be reminded. Your presence is unnecessary.

No. 227681

File: 1517864172162.jpg (60.11 KB, 600x397, rip.jpg)

bullshit, beta. breeders are unable to manifest their physical forms in the wired.

you are an inferior member of the inferior sex, this is why you are a NEET and no adequate Human Females will reproduce with you.(responding to a robot)

No. 227684

Not going to reply to me >>227673 ? lol

/r9k/, /pol/, incels, such communities are just as sheltered. Your delusions blind you from seeing even that obvious fact. Have you ever seen dissenting opinions on incels.me, for instance, go unpunished? No, you don't. It's an echo chamber for the bickering of diseases, rotten minds.

No. 227685

File: 1517864415069.jpg (55.57 KB, 540x303, ket.jpg)

stop responding and just report them, you eggs

No. 227686

I can't wait to fucking kill myself and fucking end it all. Being a woman is the worst fucking thing that you can possibly be born as. I literally don't understand how any of us go on in a world that fucking hates us and loves to remind us of that EVERY SINGLE SECOND of every single day. I admire women who can just not give a fuck and don't let anything hurt them. Because how the FUCK do you not just reach a breaking point when everyone tells you hwo inferior you are eveyr day and how you can enver amount to anything because you're just a stupid fucking female.

And when I tr yot kill myself imagine when I fucking fail and then people will make fun of me THEN too because 'women are too dumb to commit suicide they only do it for attention lmao'. FUCK. Fuck this world and fuck men. I'm so fucking sick of it I Want to drive my car into a fucking tree, tear all my hair out, or have someone fucking curbstomp my useless fucking face.

FUCK every man in this fucking thread. It's not enough that everyone thinks your good and superior and intelligent and the whole world smiles s down upon you, you just HAVE to come here and kick us all when we're down and remind us how much eveyrone fucking HATES us and you can't escape(calm down and eat a snickers)

No. 227688

Thanks I really needed to hear this.

It's so hard to get you to display any kind of humility, or self-awareness. I have never seen this level of humbleness from a female on the internet. I have literally never seen anything like it.

I'm gonna go jack off, thinking of fucking a woman with the same level of self-hatred as you.

No. 227689

Yeah I fucking hate myself and can't wait to fucking off myself and I wonder the fuck why? Because I have to hear shit like that EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm glad you feel so superior and you feel good about yourself now. I'm sure you're doing great, you fucking worthless piece of trash. Feel better know that women hate themselves even more?

No. 227690

>basing your self-esteem and sense of worth on the words of anonymous internet shitposters
Really makes me think lol

No. 227691

it's just natural selection

No. 227692

It's not anonymous internet shitposters you stupid fucking prick, it's EVEYRONE. The entire world thinks you, a woman, are inferior and worthless. But I guess you're fine with that, but don't be surprised when others aren't and want to kill themselves. guess i should just "calm down" even though i have to either live the rest of my life as a fucking woman or end it altogehter.

No. 227693


No. 227694

No you are just a moron who gets suicidal over dumb internet trolling

No. 227695

You're missing the fucking point on purpose. It's not assholes on the internet it's EVERYONE. THE FUCKING WORLD. SOCIETY. Every man i KNOW talks like that every FUCKING day and I have to sit and listen and pretend it doesn't bother me. Even the fucking women on this board are cool with misogyny now? I'm glad you're all strong enough to handle it but some of us are fucking SICK of it and can't fucking TAKE it anymore.

Fucking assholes on this board now. Yeah I'll calm down and eat a snickers and then blow my fucking worthless head off. You guys can go on being fine with all these people who FUCKING HATE YOU TOO.

No. 227696

If you hate being woman so much why not transition :^)

you would probably make cute boy

No. 227697

I'm glad women's pain and suffering is a fucking joke to you, like it is to the rest of the world. Fuck you.

No. 227698

I don't understand people who post their intent to commit suicide on the internet. It only shows a persisting attachment to the world they intend to leave.
Stop caring, don't leave a note behind, and kill yourself where nobody will find your body so it'll look like you've merely gone missing.

No. 227699

Such a perfect woman. I have never seen any like this self-hatred and self-awareness except from men.

I love you. I wish all women were like you.

No. 227700

>(your post history is cute, you spent multiple days larping as female!)

No. 227702

I hope you kill self after me you fucking stupid cunt. I hate people like you so fucking much. It’s not enough for you to float through life with everyone kissing your ass and defending you, you have to make sure everyone is reminded that they’re beneath you. Fucking asshole. I hope terrible shit happens to you, because I know you’ll never care about others.

I’m sorry. I will stop posting and take your advice.

No. 227704

Wow dude thanks. Is there seriously not one fucking person on here who isn't a fucking asshole who laughs at people who hate themselves? Must be real fun to be a man and not care

No. 227705

It’s clearly a guy marking this whole conversation

No. 227709

Personally I have a good relationship with my boyfriend, and we are very good friends who enjoy each other’s company. He browses this site with me sometimes lol. We had serious problems in our first year, so ofc not everything is perfect between us. But we kept growing together and liking each other more and more. Now we like doing nearly everything together.

He is basically a normalcool I guess. Likes fitness. Had a very good education. Large social circle. Huge douche when I met him which made me not interested, but proved to be not a bad guy. Now he’s very sweet and thoughtful, so it may have been a maturity issue.

No. 227713

My favorite meme is when men start to equate their autismo to having high intelligence. Like they are oh so smart therefore are disconnected from society because they shoved so many redpills up their asses. They listen to couple of tool songs, watch some Jordan B Petterson shit, and are suddenly become 'muh intelectualzz'. And then they have this need to jerk each other off about how intelligent they are while shitting on women (clearly they are not, no person who is truly smart needs to validate their intelligence by bringing other people down). I honestly thought about adopting some mice, but these incels on the internet replace them just fine.

No. 227716

and when autists use their autism to justify sexually harassing and assaulting women or just being little shits in general, it's usually aspergers too
the way women with aspergers act vs the way men with aspergers act can tell a lot about each gender, I just wish all asperger ridden males would off themselves already, I never knew one who wasn't a massive piece of shit

especially since aspergers is just mild autism but almost all aspergers ridden male are awful, horrible, pieces of shit where as women with aspergers tend to just be socially awkward and have weird interests and accident prone, think agatha

No. 227717

I have aspergers, I just want to have a girlfriend and have sex, but I've been tortured by society, particularly females. You do not understand the level of social rejection and loneliness I feel. How could I not be bitter? You don't even show me pity, no sympathy, of course I will turn into an angry homicidal psychopath eventually. Females are cruel.

I am extremely intelligent and have high testosterone levels, so a high sex drive, but I've been denied the most important part of the human experience.

Female assburgers never have to be lonely, there's no shortage of guys who want them.

No. 227718

thanks for proving everyones point now kill yourself

No. 227719

oh shut the FUCK up already.

No. 227720

>keking at guys who think just because they have a so-called "high sex drive" aka think needing their ego watered is horniness is having high t
>not realizing aspergers tend to look adron due to the fact male aspergers have low t

No. 227721

Is this someone roleplaying as a male wtf?

Thing is, what they don't understand that with such attitude they won't be able to fill the lonely void. Literally, what anons as that one are looking for is sex. It's all about sex for them. When you look for a person to have sex with, most of the time that's all you will find. You won't find companionship this way (or at least one that lasts a long time).

Nobody will help you while you insult the people who you seek help from.

No. 227722

File: 1517876404918.jpg (50.31 KB, 500x475, sthap.jpg)

Seriously, just end men.

Unsurprisingly this "map (aka pedo) ally" is of the tj/amazing atheist variety, who's also prime lolcow material.

No. 227723

it's completely up to you to learn how to fit in. you have an extra hurdle, but it's not like there aren't any options available to you for learning.

instead you choose to whine about the rest of the world. the rest of the world is not going to change to fit your needs.

No. 227724

I'm jacked, I've been gymcel for years. Definitely have high T with the amount of muscle mass I've been able to put on while natty.

I only want one female, I see no logical need for more than one. I don't even care if they're kinda fat and ugly, their holes still work the same.

It's not just about sex either, but it's a big deal to me.

Doesn't matter, I'm not a normalfag so females won't partner with me. Females just know there's something "wrong" with me, they can sense it, and it's nothing I can fix.

>you have an extra hurdle, but it's not like there aren't any options available to you for learning.
It's nothing I can fix.

>instead you choose to whine about the rest of the world

The world is really bad though, I will continue to point out everything wrong with it.

No. 227725

i don't think so, men are just like that. incels are more common than you'd think.

No. 227726

> Definitely have high T with the amount of muscle mass I've been able to put on while natty.
and yet you act like a pmsing little bitch hmm
>I only want one female, I see no logical need for more than one. I don't even care if they're kinda fat and ugly, their holes still work the same.
then you either must be that fucking awful or not even trying because even the most horrid guys I knew pulled girlfriends, I bet you're one of those guys who acts like pieces of shit then just expects women to show up at their doorstep and fuck them

>Doesn't matter, I'm not a normalfag so females won't partner with me. Females just know there's something "wrong" with me, they can sense it, and it's nothing I can fix

women are fangirling over columbine kids despite them looking inbred, how awful can you be? seriously, get off the echo chamber, women dont care about autism its how you react to it dipshit and if this is how you react dont cry when women dont want you

No. 227727


>their holes still work the same

How would you like to be reduced to something with no personality for a person to use? Do you seriously not mind when women reduce men to their valets? Instead of thinking of yourself, for once try to see how others feel.

No. 227728

Just end it, fag. No real girl will ever like you. You could score a trap from /lgbt/ though, maybe with a bit of patience you'll find one who doesn't look like Michael Cera in rainbow thigh highs.

No. 227729

>"it's not just about sex11!!! i totally see women as people11!"

No. 227730

>then you either must be that fucking awful or not even trying because even the most horrid guys I knew pulled girlfriends
>women are fangirling over columbine kids despite them looking inbred, how awful can you be?
I know women like pieces of shit. They choose all kinds of guys, but never me. Yes it makes me bitter/angry.

>women dont care about autism

I'm telling you women can sense that something is "wrong" with me. It makes them uncomfortable, I don't even have to say anything weird. There is nothing I can do to fix this, it's just who I am.

>Do you seriously not mind when women reduce men to their walets?
It's just nature, even female chimpanzess refuse to have sex unless they get food, so I'm okay with it.

>How would you like to be reduced to something with no personality for a person to use?

I wish a female would use me.

I care about personality too. For some reason I really don't care about looks, I can think about whatever I want when I'm having sex with her.

I'm less shallow than most men you know.

No. 227732

Don't bother. He sees no problem with objectify and reducing women to their "holes" but he'll probably turn around and exclaim that women who "use men as atm machines" are shallow evil whore roasties.

No. 227733

>a nice guy

you sound hot and perfect too bad about the annoying personality!

No. 227734

Yep. Dude talks about women like they're cars or fucking pokemon cards, and then wonders why women don't want anything to do with him.

If a dude continuously refers to women as 'females' in all seriousness (especially with a bitter tone of voice) or refers to women as holes, run. Ruuuuun.

No. 227735

>Females just know there's something "wrong" with me, they can sense it, and it's nothing I can fix.
Yah, they can probably sense that you're a misogynistic psychopath. I wouldn't blame them. There are men with enough ingenuity to convincingly pretend to be a decent person before they hook a woman and turn abusive. You're too retarded to even do that.

No. 227736

I kind of love it when men get asshurt by these threads and start rageposting since it's literally proving everything that we're saying about them right.

No. 227737

They start flipping out only a few posts down from where another male posted about how all women are inferior dumb whores. Which is funny. They don't ACTUALLY care about generalizations or facts, they just get their little feelings hurt because for once nobody is kissing their ass and telling them how special and smart they are because they were born male<3

Maleposters, if you are bothered by what you read here, may I suggest going outside, back to the real world where society kisses your ass and worships you. Thanks.

No. 227739

I am so sad and lonely, because of how I was born, but I've never gotten any sympathy from females, they've never even had sex with me out of pity.

They've been nothing but cruel to me.

I'd never cheat, I'd do everything I could to please them, but they just date assholes instead, and then complain about all men, while pretending I don't exist.(ban evading as usual)

No. 227740

You're exactly the type of man we're complaining about in this thread, you fuckin braindead misogynist. Go cry to some fellow males, we don't care.

Nobody owes you sympathy, and you aren't going to get any from "females" if you dehumanize them right to their face and keep whining about how they won't fuck you despite how perfect you seem to think you are.

No. 227741

I'm pretty sure this is just bait

No. 227742

>incel arguing with radical feminists about who is the least privileged
It's always fun to see the lowest order of society's subhumans flinging shit at each other.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227744

>these guys don't like how I'm shit talking them and are retaliating so clearly that means everything I've been saying is 100% true

No. 227745

You mean how men talk shit about women and screech about how inferior women are in real life and EVERYWHERE else on the internet aside from here?

How will they ever recover.

No. 227746

my aspies ex pulled the same bullshit
"id do anything to make you happy babe I'd never cheat I love you all I ever wanted was a girlfriend but all women go for assholes"
guess what the faggot did? cheat on me, abuse it, cry inequality to his friends when I told his mom when he sent everyone my nudes

fuck off, you're probably the exact same, if it's one thing I learned is to NEVER trust anything aspie guys say, one abused me and lied to me to where I ended up sleeping in a ghetto, one tried ruining my life and cheated and cried when it came back at him, the only decent aspie I met ended up being a pedophile and excusing abusive actions of others

No. 227747

Yeah, what a fair comparison. Incels are mad because they can't get laid and radfems are mad because men regularly murder, rape, and see women as subhuman. Are you shoe0nhead or a tranny or something?

No. 227748

Every man is out to rape women. Consent beyond their own does not matter to them. Every man on the streets are ogling the women passing, just waiting for their opportunity to pounce. They fucking hate everything that could possibly get in their way, that's why they murder women when they reject them, beat women when they refuse sex, abuse women when they try to act independently. They're all animals who don't have any higher functions than doing what they need to fuck as many women as possible. Every man will rape given the opportunity. Every man will cheat when given the opportunity. Every man will become violent when things don't go their way and will target the women in their life because they know they won't fight back. This is fact. No man cares about you or any other woman beyond whether or not their holes are available to him and him alone. It's just how they are wired to work. Don't fucking waste your time with animals who can't learn.

No. 227749

You callin' me a fag, mate? Now you've angered me. To burn off this anger I think I'll donate some money to Kink so they can produce some more male on female wrestling domination scenes where the women give sexual services to men upon losing each match.

No. 227751

>thread is dedicated to proving how men view women as worthless stupid fuckholes
>men come into these threads that aren't even meant for them and 'retaliate' by calling women worthless stupid fuckholes

really makes me think

No. 227752

>donating money to see other men fuck other women
why are males such natural cucks?

No. 227753

>Every man will cheat when given the opportunity. Every man will become violent when things don't go their way and will target the women in their life because they know they won't fight back. This is fact. No man cares about you or any other woman beyond whether or not their holes are available to him and him alone. It's just how they are wired to work. Don't fucking waste your time with animals who can't learn.
This portion is 100% correct. Men won't even try to refute it because they know it's true, and they don't even see anything wrong with it.

No. 227755

>Men won't even try to refute
This is a troll thread, why would they?

No. 227756

It's not a troll thread. It started out (or the previous one did) as a place where we could vent about misogyny and the shitty things men to do to women, but of course then a men have to show up every few days or so and derail with their bullshit about how all women are inferior and worthless, thus proving the point of the thread. It shouldn't be a troll thread, it should be the one tiny space on the internet where we can all talk about this shit. Can't do it anywhere else, but apparently we can't do it here either without men whining so whatever.

No. 227759

File: 1517883833572.gif (1.22 MB, 630x300, giphy.gif)

lmao shut the fuck up dude. pathetic.

No. 227761

Alright. Carry on.

No. 227776

Quality LARP

No. 227777

If you guys didn't take the fucking extremely obvious bait every goddamn time we could have had a nice thread, but no, you just have to reply to the trolls every time.

No. 227780

>roastie flaps

No. 227785

Don't think that guy was bait, and he did seem to take the Anons' advice that the "Manhating" thread wasnt the best place for him.

No. 227805

It's all the sexual tension anon, both sides claim to hate each other but what they really want to do is get together and fuck kek
There's probably a match for each one here with an incel and vice versa lmao The attraction is so strong incels keep coming back.
It's like in the playground as children scenario; Boys get girls attention by teasing and being mean, it's often the first sign of "love" or fancying someone.
It illustrates that maturity levels have not progressed in these individuals since then.

No. 227806

It isn't a larp.

No. 227813

File: 1517941303687.jpg (53 KB, 634x544, article-0-16B8D245000005DC-757…)

you're in a thread designed for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

No. 227815

It's called "othering" and it happens all the time to people of different groups. It's easy for humans to say "all X are Y" when they're not part of your gender or racial group. See remarks like "all Blacks are violent thugs" or "all Asians are passive aggressive cucks"

No. 227817

File: 1517941758703.jpg (14.75 KB, 544x266, 1512001657968.jpg)

Is anyone else here disgusted by men who talk about how they want to impregnate women? Especially during sex. That shit makes my skin crawl, it's like the fucker is trying to make you his property.

No. 227820

"all men are pigs"

No. 227821

File: 1517943271143.jpg (87.13 KB, 1024x633, 1517943194718m.jpg)

This is what yellow fever incels actually believe

No. 227822

My ex-bf wrote this shit once to me. I want to have children in the future but I felt creeped out to hell and back. Told him I'm not ready for kids and he said "oh I'm not ready for a kid either." I was like wtf, asked him if he has a impregnation fetish or some shit and he was like "nope". WHAT IS IT THEN?

No. 227823

Yup. Breeding fetishes are just gross once you realize that men hate women. They'll claim to love it since they get to fuck but then when she is pregnant, they'll call her a whore, fat, ugly, leave her as a single mother and blame her for being one while whining that all women are roasties.

No. 227825

And yet the exact same men go apeshit when they see white women dating non-white men.

No. 227829

Is this an actual thing or just wishful thinking on their part? Like a sour grapes type situation? Because personally I don't know, and have never seen, any white women get upset about white men dating outside their race. They seem to think white women get super bitter about beautiful Asian women dating white men or whatever, but I just haven't seen it. Like >>227825 mentioned, most of the Asian fetishist guys I've known get super upset about white women dating outside their race, but I just haven't seen the opposite.

Not to mention that the stereotype of Asian women that these guys hold (submissive, quiet, in love with white men) is weird and slightly disturbing. They act like Asian women aren't even people with variance, and they're all just these perfect little sex dolls who will let white men use and abuse them.

No. 227830

As a hapa, its kinda obvious only very few have "yellow fever" out of preference, a lot of the time they can't just take their asians and go, they always have to scream mad white roastie this, "they're so tight" that, whine when asians aren't tight, theyre submissive and cry when they aren't, only post pale asians that use skin whitening and go under the knife, a perfect little image that they have of us in their head, not to mention a lot of them only date us for status or stereotypes, never if they actually like us

When you call them out on this all they do is scream that youre jealous but fail to realize what kind of bullshit they're on about

No. 227842

This reads like some neckbeard's incel fanfiction. Same cancerous "no means yes" mentality that all men have.

No. 227850

Its projection, they think just because theyre fueled by sex and get horny anytime they do anything that they wanna fuck them, why do you think womens behaviors are fetishize?
Waking up and stretching, fetishized
Brushing teeth, fetishized
Showering or taking a bath is fetishzed
Beauty rituals are fetishized
Cooking is fetishized
Eating, drinking, almost any type of job women have is fetishized
Cleaning is fetishized
Sewing, crafting, baking, gardening, etc is fetishized
Womem doing typical male thinge are fetishized
Women doing anything is pretty much fetishized, even our periods are fetishized
Being nice meane we want to fuck them, being mean means we wanna fuck, if you work in hospitality or customer service not only will you get fetishized but men think just because they wanna fuck you means you want to fuck them as well when it's part of their fucking job

Why do you think men always scream attention whore anytime a woman does just about anything?
If we're modest its for attention, if we aren't its for attention, if you're girly and innocent its for attention, hell agatha is being bombared with men screaming attention whore and for what?
Being "one of the guys" is attention whoring, they don't believe a woman can be genuinely interested in something without attention being the motive, they don't think women can do anything without doing it for attention, wanna know why? Because they're the same, hence why men scream and cry when attention isn't on men

No. 227853

Its like these guys don't know the first thing about marrying into an Asian culture.

They fetishize Asian women and women from other more conservative cultures but don't know what that actually entails. I mean, do they realize they aren't just marrying her they are marrying her whole family?

No. 227854

they don't care about the woman, they don't see her as human, all they care about is telling all their buddies how their wife is asian and submissive

No. 227856

I wish I could find the post now to screenshot it…but I was being masochistic and lurking /r/MGTOW the other day, and one of the comments was like "stop doing anything for this bitches, stop fucking them, we all know they can't live without sex like we (men) can."

I was like…in what world? Men have literally gone on shooting rampages because they weren't getting any. There are entire subreddits and websites dedicated to men whining about how they aren't getting any, and getting irrationally angry/violent about it. But it's women who can't function without sex?

It's so weird, and only further confirms my theory that everything men think women do, and everything they hate about women, is just projection. Because everytime they have a complaint about women, it sounds like something men do ten times worse and more frequently. So bizarre.

No. 227857

Where exactly do yellow fever morons get the idea that white girls pay special attention to asian girls or who they date? Maybe there is some small subset of weebs who get jealous of asian girls, but that's them wanting to look like cute popteen models and date asian men. Regular normies don't find much appeal in either looking/acting like or being with asians, racism is a thing and your average basic bitch is too busy wanting to look like Kylie Jenner to even notice positive traits in asian girls.

No. 227858

they get off more on "YOU ROASTIES ARE ALL JEALOUS AND ARE GOING TO COME BACK BEGGING FOR ME YOU'LL SEE!!!!" than they actually do with enjoying their relationship

notice the vast difference between asian fetishists vs all other fetishists
yellow fevers are the most delusional about the race they're dating, they're the most abusive as well

No. 227863

men are the most spoilt little brats on the planet
they all want pure small perfect virgins with anime bodies and ulzanng faces all while being natural all while wanting to be able to fuck anyone and anything they see on demand, not realizing the same applies for guys, don't sleep around then expect a virgin to me
they all want perfect and natural women all while being ugly and fapping to unnatural camgirls and porn stars and ig models then denying them being fake when its obvious, all while being fat and hideous
one second they want to scream how men are superior and the lie of feminism hurts women, next second they're crying about being oppressed
they want to be able to judge womens bodies freely and get so obsessed with it most of them can't even converse without mentioning if a woman is hot or not, next second they cry when women like 7 inch dicks
they praise women who play video games or get into computers then next second cry about women invading male spaces
one second they want all women to not be gold diggers, next second when women get jobs, pay their own shit they twist it to the point its impossible for women not to be a gold digger unless she sits in a closet all day oh wait thats gold digging too since someone else is paying for her
Claim to hate dependent women, mock independent women
scream about their sex dolls and how this this and that will replace women and how they don't need women then cry when they can't get women and how they want a pure housewife

No. 227864

the makeup and hair lady looked so annoyed when she was doing her hair and makeup, she looked like she was biting her tongue and was just going "nod and agree"

No. 227868

>they all want pure small perfect virgins with anime bodies and ulzanng faces all while being natural all while wanting to be able to fuck anyone and anything they see on demand, not realizing the same applies for guys, don't sleep around then expect a virgin to me
Men have this idea that sleeping around will make them more attractive to women.

No. 227869

well they're wrong
it's even funnier to me when men run around and preach to fuck sluts then settle down with a virgin and shit and how "men could get anyone they want" but in the same sentence claim all women have high standards, it baffles my mind their arrogance and how entitled they are
remember when the reddit thing came out of the man who recorded all the days his wife said yes or no to him and when she went on a business trip he ghosted her like a child because he couldn't have meaningless daily sex when he demands it
a bunch of men came in saying how she deserved it for not putting out, encouraged him to cheat, ranted about how she "was only doing it to keep up her lazy bitch status" called her a piece of shit, said any woman who doesn't have sex with their partner is a piece of shit then when I told him that's dumb he cried and ranted about some "dumb religious bitch" he dated and how it was torture for him because she wanted to wait til marriage

No. 227871

/TheRedPill/ is full of men like that. I feel sorry for any woman who ends up with a man like that.
And don't forget that they also say the woman needs to be at least a decade younger and how they need to abuse her constantly to keep her in line.

No. 227872

Haven't you heard? Women need to judged on every aspect of their appearance 24/7. It's really important that we all know how men's dicks feel about our attempts to be pretty decorative dolls while they slob around.

No. 227873

Yeah, no. Somewhere along the line I've gotten the impression that men who sleep around a lot tend to treat it like a sport to compete with other men. I would be instantly turned off by a guy who treated other women like tallies on a chalkboard. If he just a had a higher number organically that'd soften my opinion, but I'd still prefer someone who exercised a bit of moderation with their sexual choices.

No. 227875

They're mixing up correlation and causation. Attractive men have the ability to sleep around, so they do. That doesn't suddenly mean the sleeping around is attractive in itself, they had to be attractive to get girls in the first place.

I don't think male and female virginity should be considered equal though. Virginity is nothing to be held in high esteem, but we all know that most male virgins are not so by choice whereas that's reasonably common for women. It's not impressive to be desperate for sex and then fail at getting it.

No. 227881

Why is it men sexualize teenage girls/kids but the moment a woman/girl shows that she likes guys who are cute/youthful, men will claim she is a lesbian or is scared of real men?its like they think being ugly as fuck and old is the key to being manly.

No. 227882

That's funny cause I would break up with any guy that would comment on my chest or any other part of my body. Don't like what you see? There's the door! No use to have whiners like that (especially when you know you are more beautiful than they are handsome, which happens way too often as men take such poor care of their looks).

No. 227884

File: 1518013392811.jpg (213.31 KB, 508x762, Tumblr_m8v9mlT6fI1rsc6mzo4_128…)

They are jealous of youthful pretty men with good fashion sense so they try to protect their ego by convincing themselves that old age, baldness and fupa are superior choices.

pic related: jelly incels tell you that you are a lesbian if you are into this.

No. 227886

File: 1518015184972.png (204.38 KB, 500x499, V.png)

I mean yours is still quite muscular, a lot of men still understand the appeal of ottermode. So many of my male friend where shocked when I told them how hot V is to me. They call me a dyke, because I enjoy prettiness I guess? He looks like a man to me, a delicate beautiful man.

No. 227898

I can see >>227884's point but oh c'mon this could literally be a butch lesbian with a pretty face.

No. 227901

>Transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter gives female opponent concussion, broken eye socket
>I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night,' said Tamikka Brents about Fallon Fox

No. 227903

Why do men obsess with virginity so much? If a guy tells me he prefers virgins I just reject him on the spot even if it's not a deal breaker for him.

No. 227904

They know they suck and don't want competition
Women have to deal with this shit daily, to the point where its normal at this point for a woman to be compared to her boyfriends past lovers, body wise and how they act
Not only that but women who don't even ask or in a relationship get compared because men always feel the need to make women feel like shit about themselves

And in typical male fashion, nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine, they're terrified of being ripped apart, compared and have their self esteem shattered out of fear women will do to them what they do to women, to avoid this they claim to prefer virgins and make up bullshit about "hurrr tight and pure" like some victorian age retard who never laid eyes on a science book in their life

No. 227906

Look's like a regular asian guy to me anon

No. 227908

Projection. The one and only redpill you need to understand about men. I'm never spitting it out.

No. 227909

I've never met a guy who said they preferred virgins who were worth dating anyway. I think I just use it as an excuse to not be interested anymore and stop talking to them.

Like they can choose to prefer something other than me but they shouldn't be surprised if I don't want anything to do with them.

No. 227914

>These threads are just as bad as the ones the mock
Just goes to say hate, projecting, etc etc.
People really are terrible(derailing)

No. 227932

I've also noticed that when it comes to crimes, men will always defend other men. Especially when guilty. For a recent example, the Larry Nassar case. I've seen so many men online say "innocent until proven guilty!" (as if the accounts of over 200 women isn't enough evidence…). But the surprising thing is that even after he was sentenced to multiple lives, there are still so many men online who dismiss the accusations of children or talk shit about the victims. Every time a celebrity was accused of sexual assault as part of the "me too" thing, these assholes were defended by hoards of men.

The exact opposite happens with women. Another recent case was of Amanda Knox (jailed for the murder of her roommate with no evidence to support it and the Italian police were too stubborn to admit they made a mistake so they tried to prove she did it using really sleazy tactics). Even though she was released and declared innocent, people (mostly men) to this day still bring up screen names she had when she was 13 and a diary entry about how many people she slept with as evidence. They genuinely think that something a 13 year old found funny and the number of guys she slept with is evidence that she killed her fucking roommate. Her boyfriend was also arrested but you never hear anything about him because he didn't have a scandalous username.

No. 227941

File: 1518040756911.jpg (145.79 KB, 1200x1194, DVX2KR2U0AAS8fm.jpg)

Males in a nutshell.

Read the quote. Missed the point of the quote. Proved the point of the quote. Made a post about a woman's murder all about himself and his feelings.

No. 227944

File: 1518041130996.png (82.29 KB, 610x376, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 4.02…)

And one of many similar responses to this story, blaming the woman for her own murder. Plus countless men chiming in to say "women are just as bad11!!"

When it becomes a fucking common everyday occurrence for women to stab men 75 times for rejected them, let me fucking know.

No. 227988

Tbh men who are overly confident/cocky seem to always fit this narrative. Dated one and liked how sociable and how much of a people person he was. He used his charm to "befriend" everyone, especially women and used being "secure in himself" to be a shitlord and not care about anyone but himself. It unfortunately took him laying hands on me to cut him out of my life. His favorite nicknames to call me were hussy and "sloot" because he knew I wasn't cool with the world slut. Oh also men in the beard community. Its fucking full of "manly men" who think facial hair=real man and just general hyper machoism. What a surprise ex was a part of that shit too.

No. 227991

File: 1518076156138.png (40.59 KB, 633x207, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 1.48…)

So men can't control themselves around lipstick and heels, apparently. Weak.

No. 227997

>Can we sue women for just existing in the same spaces as us?
Fucking weaklings.

No. 228017

nta but she's talking about the community, not beards themselves.

No. 228046

It's funny when men talk about how western women are hypergamous whores who only want Chad but then they go somewhere else where women only like them because they're white men and considered higher status than the local men.
Isn't that the same hypergamy? I guess hypergamy is ok as long as you're benefiting from it.

No. 228048

File: 1518112668683.jpg (238.15 KB, 1842x530, screenshot.jpg)

they're upset western standards mean they can't sit in a greasy basement and fart doritos all day and be considered hot, 4chan ingrained in their minds that asian women will worship them for the sole reason that they're white and no other reason then they turn into incels because now white women don't want them, asian women don't want them and no one wants them either

or if they do somehow get asian girls they get cheated on like they deserve, they warn men not to go for "western roasties because they all cheat!" but define western thots so loosely that even if you went to a bar once you're a thot then go for the first asian girl to jump at them and wonder why they get cheated on , it's almost as if starting a relationship out of lust and what 4chin ingrained in your head about their race will end in shit

like what >>226805 said

No. 228067

File: 1518124757884.jpg (49.55 KB, 592x561, 1518099391621.jpg)

No. 228072


>how to make rape the woman’s fault while making the boyfriend a victim and removing accountability from the rapist

You literally can’t “reclaim” a sexual assault. If someone else enters your body without your permission or after you told them not to, it’s rape. There’s no “technically, is not rape because” after that point.

Why do men react to be able to rape women without calling it rape? Seriously question. What do men get out of taking women’s rights and choices away from them that isn’t morally wrong as fuck? And what logic makes them think they can just bully everyone into thinking it’s okay to stick yourself into another person just because you think you should be able to??? Funny how men never think rape is okay when it’s man on man and the victim gets a hardon/comes from the assault.

No. 228077

I'm from a european country that's very, let's say 'refugee friendly' and nearly all of my professors are very liberal.
Last year while taking about the clothes of the middle ages my professor asked, since back then the church complained about women not dressing modest enough, whether it would be really that bad if all women wore hijabs…since not wearing bikinis a 1000 years ago is totally the same as covering your whole body in the 21st century…

How dare he an old men say that im front of a group of young girls? It's not his to decide, i bet he wouldn't like to cover up either…

Sorry for the vent, but such 'small things' happen so often and piss me off to no end

No. 228081

breaking news: rape fucks with peoples mind and makes people react in different ways
must mean all women are dumb worthless whores now

No. 228084

File: 1518129353755.jpeg (114.85 KB, 960x768, 4F93360B-52C0-46F1-9F30-9B24AC…)