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No. 270158

MOD DISCLAIMER: There has been demand for the man hating outlet to be revived since the last thread was killed 3 months ago. Lately the subject is spilling all over the other threads (secret sharing is the most recent, vent is also plagued by this theme). This is needed. IT is NOT the same as the gendercritical thread, this encompasses all males, gender non conforming or not.

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

previous threads:

No. 270159

To start off:

Do you believe the stats in the OP pic come from a difference in socialization or an innate thing?

I believe it is the latter, though I am hopeful that with time the majority of men will be able to overcome their urges and evolve from their ape status.

No. 270160

I think it's a bit of both.
One thing that baffles me with men is when they pretend like they act upon logic and not their feeling, getting angry and violent is absolutely acting upon your feeling dude! Anger is a feeling!

I think they just convinced themselves that every thing that goes through their head is logical and every thing that goes through a woman's head is a worthless dumb girl feeling.

No. 270176

This. "Women are emotional and men are logical therefore superior!!1" is the biggest and longest lasting grift in human history. You can see evidence to the contrary every single day. And yet somehow the entire world believes that, so men getting angry and losing their shit over literally nothing is somehow seen as logical and justified because men are so ~logical~ so he must have a valid reason to act like an animal.

>I think they just convinced themselves that every thing that goes through their head is logical and every thing that goes through a woman's head is a worthless dumb girl feeling.

You are spot on here. It's also why they automatically devalue and write off all literature/art made by women, or any ideas coming from women. Because nothing a woman says or thinks can be considered good to them, since they see women as inferior by default so we are not even given a chance to prove those things wrong. It doesn't matter what we do, they will never see us as capable humans.

No. 270180

I agree lol. Also when a woman is not emotional, she's called a robot or even a psychopath ("y u don't have empathy uwu")

No. 270189

My favorite thing is now a lot of men are practically begging for women to go back into the home and be ~tradwives and mothers~ after they spent decades shitting on anything traditionally feminine and women being too emotional and weak. Now that's what they WANT us to be, and they try to dress it up by saying motherhood is the most beautiful thing and the most important job and it's just as important as doctors and engineers. When you KNOW they don't believe that themselves. But they need control over women somehow, so instead of mocking femininity now they are trying to pretend like they value it higher than anything in the world. Most of the time they turn right around and talk about how femininity is inferior in every way. It's so transparent.

No. 270190

Don’t forget cold, ice queen, bitch, even arrogant. I saw this a lot with a female professor of mine whenever she would calmly and rationally explain why certain answers on a test were considered incorrect. People actually expected her to give them extra points because they were like, sooo sad about getting a lower grade than expected, and then called her an arrogant bitch (behind her back) when she refused to bend the rules for them. Nobody ever tried to pull that shit with the male professors.

No. 270199

A piece of shit male raped a 16 month old baby girl and then hung himself right in front of her while she was bleeding out.

Why couldn't he just kill himself before hurting her? I wish every single pedo on earth decided to take a bullet to their head right now.


No. 270200

On a lighter note, what really helps me when I feel down due to an overdose of reality as shaped by men is thinking about the men that are ruining their chances at personal achievments because they believe they've already won due to being born male. (While this does hold to some degree even here, for men still make it considerably more difficult for a woman to make it in the professional world than for their bros, it is mostly in countries governed by religion and our own past where this rang true).

What makes me happy is the cases I have seen so far of men being satisfied by this reality, but not taking any advantage of it. Think lazy NEET men losing all ambition after mandatory high school, while women actually try to make something of themselves. It makes me incredibly giddy to see them waste their privileged lives and become depressed just because we have a bit more of a chance now.

And, while of course, they might just get so angry that their peepees aren't worshipped anymore to try to forcefully get us back into the kitchen, I personally do not waste any energy thinking about this, as it won't happen while I am still alive, if it does.

No. 270204

I find it ironic men often use these statistics to go on rampages and foam at the mouth about "men are oppressed! women get away with everything! take men out of prisons and put women in them since u skanks want equality!" these exact same men infact, when it shows blacks are incarcerated more and given unfair sentences they screech about "lol stop committing crimes you niggers"

it's like they only want to use it when it benefits them and god forbid anyone else have issues that aren't white males since that means it's their fault now

No. 270208

They can't reward it if they're dead.

No. 270211

I also notice men LOVE using the male suicide stat to prove all mens are oppressed and they're all killing themselves because evil women force them to, but fail to acknowledge how many of those men kill themselves after killing others or molesting children and whatnot


just look up "man kills himself after being caught" and it's sick shit, they'll never acknowledge their own faults and want to take asspats for advancements of other men, but expect anyone who isn't them to take the fault for women/blacks/etc

No. 270212

I also notice men LOVE using the male suicide stat to prove all mens are oppressed and they're all killing themselves because evil women force them to, but fail to acknowledge how many of those men kill themselves after killing others or molesting children and whatnot


just look up "man kills himself after being caught" and it's sick shit, they'll never acknowledge their own faults and want to take asspats for advancements of other men, but expect anyone who isn't them to take the fault for women/blacks/etc

No. 270214

>I personally do not waste any energy thinking about this, as it won't happen while I am still alive, if it does.
I wish I could feel this way too, but it still makes me angry to think about the women born after me who may have to face this reality. It may not happen two generations from now, or ten, but what if it happens eventually? The injustice makes me so sad. But I know it's useless to be sad about things you have no power in changing and you can't prevent. You're right, it's a waste of energy and life. But I still can't stop feeling this way.

I hate the way that women are seen in society and how we are treated just because we are women. Of course things are better than they used to be. But not in the long run. And the backlash will be extreme. A backlash against women just wanting to live their lives and have choices and not be considered worthless breeding factories. That's all most of us want. I don't know why that makes men so angry to try to sabotage it.

No. 270216

>it's like they only want to use it when it benefits them
You see this a lot with men. They pick and choose when they decide that one man's actions reflects on them. Like, if a man shoots up a school it's "not all men!11!" If a man 200 years ago invented something, or changed society for the better, suddenly all men alive today should be thanked for that simply because they share the same gender as that great man. All of the men who brag about how they "created the modern world" haven't actually created shit in their lives, but want to take credit. It's hilarious

No. 270217

No. It's because they are sociopathic pieces of shit. Why would men give a fuck what women reward? They despise women and don't give a fuck about anything we say or do.

No. 270218

>Every bad thing that we do is because of FEEEMALES! Can't you see we love you and are at your complete mercy?

If men acted the way women wanted the earth would be a fucking heavenly place.

No. 270219

But even if you tell them how you REALLY want them to act and what you wished they would do, they don't listen to you because women can't POSSIBLY know what they really want. They must be lying! Men know better than women about what women want! Those whores!

It's fucking pathetic. I NEVER hated men or avoided them unitl I discovered how much they hate women. It's insane. And there is no changing it.

No. 270220

Just another man blaming women for men's shitty actions. Tale as old as time. Men are poor manipulated babies who can't take responsibility for any damn thing and at the same time are completely LOGICAL and SUPERIOR to women in every single way. How convenient.

No. 270221

Sex is in the minds of men 24/7 and many women sexually reward sociopathic men.

>Adolescents who are willing to exploit others for personal gain are more likely to bully and have sex than those who score higher on a measure of honesty and humility. This is according to a study in Springer’s journal Evolutionary Psychological Science which was led by Daniel Provenzano of the University of Windsor in Canada.

No. 270224

Here we go, this is why we can't have a man hating thread on here.

Can we agree to not engage with robots / incels / males? I think we're going to be autosaged again if we do.

No. 270225

So you're saying men are weak and will simply do what women want them to do, even if it means renouncing morals and decency? Hilarious.

And then they go on to hate us and blame us for all the worlds problems after they willingly CHOSE to act that way. Nobody is forcing you to act that way. If you can't control yourself and will treat others like trash just to get some pussy, which men will tell you is worth nothing and isn't even that great and can easily be replaced by a sex doll, then that's your problem dude. Take some personal responsibility.

No. 270226

Friendly reminder not to talk with the male. Our experiences and, to be honest, fucking objective reality, aren't up for deabte. If anything, he's proving our point by trying to blame women for abuse inflicted by men with no mental retardation, unless he's willing to admit testosterone makes you retarded.

No. 270228

it's funny that women have to deal with entire sites, movements, boards, real life men that hate women but men can't even handle one thread without barging in and bitching. Every single time.

No. 270229

Please read >>270226. If you want to address males' points in this thread, do not directly engage with them, rather create a different post discussing it from your perspective.

We are now aware that the mods making an expection with this thread, and will fuck it up at the slightest offense, so refrain yourselves.

Also, reply and validation of his sociopathy is what this scrotoid desires, pay him no mind and let him lurk and hate himself.

No. 270231

Someone suggested we call this the Misogyny thread, rather than the Man-hating thread. Maybe they could try that.

No. 270233

File: 1532191455209.gif (1.85 MB, 480x270, OIEOIFH8H.gif)

If the world went from being misogynistic to misandrist tomorrow they would probably kill themselves on the spot. They literally can't take the slightest criticism.

No. 270234

I've noticed this too, or they'll mock womens achievements, mock women who speak about doing typically male things or having dangerous jobs, then turn around and expect men to be worshipped for the thing they were mocking women for

Sage for ot and blog but I'm a woman and have one of the most dangerous jobs, I don't get asspats for it, if I do speak about it men come in reeing about "hur you want equality here it is you dumb bitch men do this shit all the time", a lot of women are chased out the field, men replace them with out men then cry about oppression, if it really mattered to them they'd encourage women to go in the field more, not alienate them
Comments in this video explain perfectly
Basically to them
Man works a dangerous job = poor little angel!he deserves the world!
Woman works a dangerous job = STFU and suck it up buttercup its equality!

No. 270235

This, and god forbid you ever discuss their misogyny or theyll scream triggered feminist

No. 270237

Damn the comments on that video. I'm just so fucking tired of men like that. Don't even know what to say at this point.

Here is another article dealing with that issue. I think about this a lot.
> "Women don't want to work hard jobs in factories!!11 Useless whores!!1"
> Woman works hard job in factory
> Woman gets harassed and treated like shit.
> Men scream suck it up, this is equality, even though I guarantee you the men in these factories don't treat each other anywhere near this and treat them like worthless sex dolls.

And then they wonder why women don't want to work male dominated jobs. Because even if we do, like you said, we're treated like complete trash. Treated worse than women who constantly get mocked for working 'easy' jobs or office jobs.

The lesson to be learned here is that no matter what women do, men will hate us. There is no 'right' choice if you are trying not to be hated because you're a woman, you are wasting your time. Everything we do is evil, wrong, inferior in this world.

No. 270240

I'm not that anon. I'm just saying that it's a fact that socipathic men are rewarded by women and enjoy a higher social status and more active sex life. Denying it doesn't make it less true.

No. 270242

the comments on this video are funny because a lot of them say things like "men have been dealing with this for years and you don't hear them complaining! shut the fuck up and stop whining!"

Meanwhile there have been articles in the past week or so about how men are worried that paternity leave will affect their futures when they go back to work, and they expect everyone to shed a tear for them and have sympathy when that is something that women have been dealing with since we entered the workforce.

So basically, all of men's problems and complaints are valid and we should all drop everything and coddle them, but all of women's problems and complaints are just women being overemotional and whining like entitled little princesses and they should be mocked and ridiculed. As usual.

No. 270244

So the new thing of the men right's movement is financial "abortions", those fuckers hate women and the idea that they might leave them so much that they want to be able to deprive a child from the financial support he needs to live a decent life. Being deadbeat father is not enough for them anymore!

No. 270246

Good thread, I just want to hate men without feminist autism.

Objective truth is beyond ideology.

No. 270247

And the same dudes scream about actual abortion. They want men to have all the choices and benefits in the world, and women to have nothing. No choices, no opportunities, no life that can't be controlled by them.

If they hate us so much, why not leave us the fuck alone? For real. Like actually do it.

No. 270255

Whether or not women reward sociopathic men is irrelevant. You don't get to blame your own actions on others' encouragement.

No. 270261

It's not like I chose to be born, dumbass. And I certainly didn't choose to be born a woman so I could be shat on and told I'm a worthless piece of shit my entire life when I haven't even done anything and I keep to myself.

If a woman's existence bothers men so much that they're frothing with hatred why don't they just fucking kill us all then? They'd love that. They already do it frequently. All for the crime of being born a woman.

No. 270263

you can't stop women from being born but you CAN leave us the fuck alone since you all hate us so much. it's not that hard.

No. 270265

File: 1532194050398.jpg (16.95 KB, 400x300, hufvm.jpg)

I get a kick out of reading all the sperging out of mediocre young dude online who thought their life was going to be amazing just for being born with a penis.

>Tfw nobody will ever love them like mommy did cause only a mother could love such mediocrity and nothing will ever live up to their fairytale expectation so they'll never know what happiness and satisfaction is

No. 270267

Because male hatred of women is borne out of inadequacy, anon. They hate you because they can't have you or be you. That's not the kind of hatred that implies avoidance.

No. 270268

its gonna be ours soon anyway

No. 270271

Tfw Freud was partially right and every moment of a scrot's existence is driven by his desire to crawl back into the womb.

No. 270273

Stop. Engaging. The scrotoid.

No. 270279

I really don't think that's true. Why would they want to be something that they deem so inferior and worthless? Why would they want to be a woman when they see how they feel about us and treat us? Then they would be on the receiving end of it. And why would they "want us" when we are apparently so useless, only good for sex. Why don't they just buy sex dolls and leave us alone?

Men fucking hate women and think we're all useless whores, there's no way they want to be that when they are seen as superior, capable, and worthy by default. They would be stupid to give that up. And if all women are the same like they say, and we're all just a hole for them, why would they care if they don't get the one they want the most? They would just find another.

I've never bought into the "men hate women because they're afraid of them" thing. They hate us because they hate everything we are and think we are worthless. Not because they want us or want to be us.

No. 270282

Gotta love how men claim they "made society". I assume all the people who make up this society of theirs were also made by them? Shat from their assholes? Shot out as fully formed adults from their penises?

No. 270283

Implying they actually deem you inferior. Issa coping fantasy, nothing more. Stop taking what scrots say at face value.

It's kind of like when /pol/yps and incels hate "subhuman" Tyrones and Chads while still making it clear that they're superior males that they'd kill to become.

No. 270284

I genuinely think men hate women because they desire them so much. They probably hate that we are the "guardian" of what they want most ; to fuck. And I'm not even going to elaborate on how pathetic it must feel to be obsessed by your sexual thought. I think we've all seen what a men desperate to get laid look like, pathetic, it's must a sad existence.

I also think womb-envy is a big component of misogyny.

No. 270285

I don't know, how can you honestly think they don't see us as inferior? Almost all of history and the treatment of women stems from them thinking we are inferior and below them and should be treated as such. I want to believe what you are saying but I can't.

Men have entire movements and spaces where they talk about how inferior they think women are. Even philosophers have talked about how inferior they think women are. Every man I know has outright said they view women as lesser and inferior and incapable. And that's why tehy hate us.

No. 270287

Scrots made society, that's why every all-male space is a trainwreck of Sierra-Leone tier civility. Surely a gender with such brilliant reasoning would be responsible for building civilization.

No. 270289

>I'm not even going to elaborate on how pathetic it must feel to be obsessed by your sexual thought.
I was just going to comment on this. I think men genuinely hate their obesession with sex and high libidos, EVEN if they can get laid. It's telling that most of the men that "built society" first had to get over that drive. Most men however aren't capable of it (even if they mask it as "rational" and "logic" like nofap) so they are just that, animals, wondering what it is like to feel free of the urge to blow their load every minute.

No. 270291

How can you honestly believe what males say? You're on lolcow, surely you understand the concept of being vocally and obsessively salty about someone who's better than you.

If anything, their persistence further demonstrates that they're asshurt and coping.

No. 270292

Forgot to add, you can see this to some degree in agp mtf who get so happy when their sexual drive goes a bit down.

No. 270294

Because what they say is completely backed up by how they act. They believe women are inferior and worthless, they fucking DESPISE us, and the way they treat women confirms that. For the entirety of human existenece.

No. 270296

>Whether or not women reward sociopathic men is irrelevant. You don't get to blame your own actions on others' encouragement.
Why are you complaining about sociopathic men then? Society in general should take responsibility for encouraging them.

No. 270297

I think they are scared if what we might accomplish without them. You see it all throughout history, the second women build something for themselves and get power, men have to come and ruin it out of anger and jealousy. Like that all women village in Kenya, the men there are constantly trying to destroy it, when the women just want to live in peace in their superior village.

No. 270298

If you believe "i want to get laid" is an appropriate excuse for sociopathic behavior, you need to be locked the fuck up until you can demonstrate a modicum of self control and baseline human decency.

And we know that by "society in general" you mean women. Because men can't possibly be held responsible for their actions and they always try to pin it on women in some way or another. Men choose how they act, and they choose how they treat other people. If I was told that the man I was in love with only dated women who abused animals, I would not start abusing animals in order to gain his admiration and love. Because I'm not a sociopath to begin with. And if I did do that, it is my fault because that is the choice I made to get what I want. I can't blame him for it. That's how it works. Stop blaming women for men's lack of self control or empathy.

No. 270299

I mean, that's been acknowledged by males many times. They see gender disparity in sexual motivation as leverage on your part. Everything a male says or does to you us an attempt to "get even" over your ability to "control" him. He loathes you because you're not at the mercy of your genitals.

They hate you because you have something they don't, and because you want sex less than they do, all by design because of the male role in sexual reproduction. Hence the pitiful projection about women being the more animalistic/sexual gender that's only good for reproduction (and why incels constantly talk to themselves about how they've "transcended" human desire).

If you start seeing everything scrots do as poor coping, you'll understand them better.

No. 270300

Yup. Men cannot allow women to do the things they do and excel at them, because that would mean women are objectively superior. They can't accept that we can give birth to both flesh and thought, whereas they have nothing but thought.

No. 270301

I think they deem women as inferior as a mean of self protection, if you really think about it the only good men would be described as highly feminine (soft, caring, emotionally intelligent, can control their sexual urges, etc). I think deep down they're painfully aware of how morally and ethically superior women are.

No. 270303

>thinking their actions are showing anything other than feeling threatened

So did you actually read any of those philosophers fam?

No. 270304

No one but men reward sociopathy, because they are all sociopaths. If a woman is going to get into a relationship she will pick in this order
1- Attractive and hiding his sociopathy
1- Unattractive and hiding his sociopathy
1- Attractive and blatantly sociopathic
1- Unattractive and blatantly sociopathic

And I say "hiding his sociopathy" instead of non sociopathic only because the latter does not exist. If a man says he doesn't hate women or acts like it, it is only a ruse to get into a relationship, because he knows how valued it is, even if it's not instristic to the male kind.

No. 270311

Yes I've read what philosophers have said about women. I didn't say all of them, but a lot of them have talked about how women are intellectually and morally inferior. Schopenhauer, Neitzsche, even Aristotle said some shit. I'm supposed to believe they were just 'threatened' and not that they genuinely hated women as saw us as inferior?

No. 270313


>Hence the pitiful projection about women being the more animalistic/sexual gender that's only good for reproduction

This, my god. Ask any guy, he will tell you he would be okay with fucking most of the women he know, even the least attractive ones, that's because they are SLAVES to their urges, they're obsessed with vaginas and getting access to them, ANY vagina will do. They are the animals, not us.

No. 270314

Bullies do what they do because it feels good for them. They enjoy higher levels of self-esteem, peer approval, and sex frequency. I disagree with the first anon who said men are sociopathic solely because of women, but I still say women take a role in validating those toxic men.

Also it's not a matter of men turning sociopathic to get laid. They were sociopaths to begin with and saw that they got more benefits than backlash from their behavior.

No. 270315

>if you really think about it the only good men would be described as highly feminine (soft, caring, emotionally intelligent, can control their sexual urges, etc).

This is exactly what I mean. Men have to pretend to act like this to get into a relationship, but the act quickly falls of because it's just that, an act. They are such violent animals.

No. 270316

Do you have any study backing that up? Because every study I've seen shows that sociopathic men are the most successful.

No. 270317


I mean, even Freud basically stated that everything a man creates is an attempt to compensate over inability to give birth. That, and rebelling against the mother figure for "rejecting" him by birthing him. Make of that what you will.

Deep down a male understands that there's nothing indispensable about him, and most of his actions are driven by anxiety over his obsolescence. Strict labor division has allowed men to pretend that creating objects is a male only niche, one that finally allowed men to say that there's something they can do that women can't. Once again, it's their attempt at "getting even" with you.

No. 270319

>Strict labor division has allowed men to pretend that creating objects is a male only niche,

Do you think maybe this is why they are getting angrier and why misogyny is now more socially acceptable and widespread than ever? Because women have no left their 'sphere' and have the opportunity to enter the workforce and prove that wrong?

No. 270320

They hate women and want to believe we are inferior, thats why they spend so much time trying to convince themselves and us that we are inferior, and go on rampages when we shatter that illusion. If they truly thought women were inferior, they wouldn't feel the need to prove it constantly.

No. 270321

Did you even really read Schopenhauer? His entire being is consumed with hatred for his sexual urges.

They deem us as inferior because they associate their own immoral, lower, animalistic thoughts, actions and desires to the object that causes such thoughts, actions, and desires - us. If we cause them to be evil, then surely we must be evil too.

They do hate us, but that's because of the effect we have on them and how powerless they are over themselves when it comes to sex. Everything ever said by men about women is projection, projection, projection.

No. 270323

File: 1532196558675.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1488976425322.jpg)

>current year
>still not seeing through scrotal coping fantasies
You do realize that neetche was a scorned incel and his entire "career" basically revolved around coping over his unrequited crush and lack of acknowledgement during his prime years, right? If he existed today he'd be a nofap mgtow flapping his cheesy chode about how he totally ubermensched himself into no longer requiring the roasties.

I don't know what to tell you fam, how do you explain most of men's statements about women being pure and objectively proven projection?

No. 270326

Another fact is that males tend to externalize instead of internalizing. Ergo, it's your fault for being appealing to them, not their fault for being mindless subhumans.

No. 270328

Men cannot cope with the idea that they want to fuck the shit out of women and degrade us like animals (and omg… Maybe some of us dirty whore will want sex too…!) but that a the same time the person who love them the most protected them, gave them life (mommy) is one of those females (Did… Did mommy suck someone's peepee? Did she take a peepee up her vag? No mommy :'( ) . The Madonna / whore complex is not joke guys.

No. 270329

It absolutely is why. You're gaining economic independence, which in turn diminishes male sexual access, so the means of harassing you into submission have changed. It's something they acknowledge pretty bluntly among each other.

Males know that no one would put up with them if they hadn't forcibly created a parasitic niche for themselves. It's partially why they're so butthurt, they know that no woman would love them like mommy did and economic blackmail is their only way to secure female companionship.

No. 270330

Which is something they created to cope with being mindless sexually dirty beasts in the first place, something they all start realizing at puberty.
Again, adds to the theme of "getting even" with women.

>Y-you're a whore just like me!

No. 270334

Sometimes it's impressive to me how a mans sex drive can determine his life choices and goals. People might look at trannys and think "how can people think a person would go this far for a fetish?"…they don't understand that a horny man will go that far for a fetish kek

No. 270338

It actually makes sense if you consider that in an evolutionary sense males only exist as a tool to maintain genetic diversity. In every species they're mere female adjacent units.

Scientifically speaking, they truly have no purpose outside of nutting and dying.

No. 270349

I've always wondered, when did the whole "female as the inferior sex" idea start?

It definitely wasn't an idea that has existed forever, if you look at the ancient history of some civilizations, some of them were matriarchal. (see Japan and China before Buddhism and Confucianism for example)

I know that misogynists love throwing the "men were those who built everything including society, that's why they were on top. Women were just baby-making machines." argument but that's bullshit too.

Studies show that it while the ancient man was hunting wild animals for food, ancient women invented agriculture. And with the invention agriculture came the raise of civilization as we know it. So definitely women had a large part in it- and not just by child-birthing.

This also raises not only a question of how sexism came to be, but also the invention of social differences.

Take one tribe of humans for example. In the earliest ages a tribe would share all their resources together.
But then someone managed to convince others that they have a "higher standing" than than everyone else and therefore they are entitled to more than everyone else. I'm guessing this is how sexism started too, in a way?
Did ancient humans get fooled by some kind early narcissist/sociopath?

Does anyone know any literature that explores this question?

(Sorry if all of this sounds over-simplified, English is my second language.)

No. 270356

I was 14 when I found out men chopped their dicks off for a fetish and I thought to myself "these are the people who are considered to be above you in the world." Kek. I have never respected them. They are the lolcow of gender.

Misogyny is literally jealously. Men made religion and themselves god, to cope. They are so mad we are the judge jury and executioner. Women decide who stays and who goes. Their obsession with trying to control abortion shows that exact insecurity, they wanna play god so bad and are asssmad they never will.

>when did the whole "female as the inferior sex" idea start?

I believe it started as a means of of coping through projection. I'm amazed just how easily they've been able to spin degeneracy in their favour. When you actually look at males, they are completely controlled by their hormones. Testosterone makes you un-stable, impulsive and irrational. Totally the type you want to run a country. Fucking kek.

No. 270358

It most likely started when plant agriculture started offsetting hunting, thus "devaluing" males. Women contributed more to the tribe's sustenance. It's more probable that women were the first ones to observe that planting seeds let's you grow more plants. Maybe it affected women's willingness to put up with males, hence the backlash.

When men see the slightest indication that women might abandon them, they proceed with frantic attempts at trapping them through material means. You can attribute this to them needing a mother figure, being "incomplete" humans or trying to secure reproductive access, that much is uncertain. But it happens every time.

No. 270361

Men will turn anything into a fetish because of how their brains are built. Forget castration, women could actually meme them into wanting to die under the pretense of it being a hot sexy fetish (and some already do). I can guarantee that there's a male with a male inferiority fetish jerking off to this thread at this very moment.


Tl;dr males are more sexually malleable and prone to paraphilias as a side effect of being built to recognize the slightest reproductive opportunity. They basically sexualize every form of human affection and any objects/circumstances surrounding it because sex is their primary purpose by design. I kind of see why they're born butthurt about being this way.

No. 270364

Yeah I'll definitely take the periods (can even stop them with bc) over being so sex obsessed until I'm old and shriveled.

No. 270367

>women could actually meme them into wanting to die under the pretense of it being a hot sexy fetish

I like this idea, where do we start?

No. 270371

Hilarious talking about god and religion, because the only reason for why satan is pictured as a snake, was because snakes were associated with female and healing. They literally changed satan to a snake because they were buttmad female priestesses/healers who worshipped a snake goddess were getting more power and respect than them(rabbis).

Literally everything women do and are successful at, men mock and destroy.

No. 270372

File: 1532203042501.jpg (122.65 KB, 487x1000, CNmKqkGUsAAkzLU.jpg)

Step one: make them nut to the idea of dying by exposing them to sexualized anti-male violence;

Step two: watch these cumbrains actually harm themselves because they've been Pavlov-cucked into nutting to it. Not even memeing bro.

Kind of shows why males are shilling this idea that women become more "tainted" by being exposed to eroticism. Men literally can't help becoming progressively more degenerate as they're exposed to more stuff, hence why their "project on mommy" reflex kicks in.

No. 270377

File: 1532203494329.gif (2.02 MB, 343x200, 200.gif)


Thanks for the laughs anon.

No. 270379

Do you retards realize you're the reason the threads got saged in the first place? Lower your autism and stop taking the bait. You just make yourself look like an idiot arguing with them.

No. 270380

I mean, they even let it slip that everything man made is wretched and imperfect, unlike God's creations which are faultless. But funnily enough, when they started shilling the idea of male divinity, God's creations became flawed as well. God is pitiful, vindictive and jealous - just like human men, because they can't even conceptualize being any other way. Everything men ever wrote is soaked with their anxieties and deep seated desire to avenge being born the way they are. It's like a futile struggle, a perpetual and pointless desire to "triumph" over nature and finally show mommy who's boss.

No. 270381

File: 1532203843260.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.07 KB, 337x300, 980x.jpg)

Youre welcome anon. Look no further than based PoisonIvyLUL to see this cucking technique un action.

No. 270387

I remember example of this when boys were picking which high school/gymnasium they were going to enroll and compete for. Some of them were picking ones which had been rumored to have the hottest girls.

No. 270401

The rolee of agriculture in fomenting misogyny and creating patriarchal structures isn't well settled. Its likewise theorized that pre agricultural societies were more egalitarian and that agriculture created stricter concepts of property and paternity.

No. 270404

Anon you replied to literally put sociopathic men on the number one spot (and in all other spots). Hiding sociopathic tendencies is key, and manipulation is part of sociopathic behaviour. High-functioning, i.e. not blatantly sociopathic men do achieve success in a lot of cases. If you only think of sociopathy in terms of torturing animals and raping kinds, then no, those are not getting rewarded by women…

No. 270411

A personal anegdote, but a guy I know was thinking between majoring mechanical engineering (something he had interest in) and accounting (no interest at all). He chose the latter because supposedly accounting major was filled with hot girls while only uglies majored in STEM in his opinion.

Now he is 24 and still hasn't completed his undergraduate study because he hates his major…

No. 270412

>ancient women invented agriculture

our mistake… agriculture enabled humans to accumulate and hoard, and to go from hand-to-mouth subsistence to a more reliable survival strategy, something that was never possible before. It also freed up time for both men and women and probably meant they were around each other more often. Childbirth became more frequent, and consequently children themselves became less valuable.
The concept of wealth accumulation and land possession expanded to other people, children became possessions as well, and women became the means of production. Men had to control "their" women, so they would only "produce" for them.

No. 270413

There's that male logic you always hear about!

No. 270420

childbirth was always frequent you laboid. you wanted to say that more children survived infancy.

No. 270426

File: 1532210037826.jpg (379.13 KB, 789x1246, FireShot Capture 294 - Former …)

I was looking for a case I heard of in the uk of a man killing his daughter-but just putting that in the search bar brings back many results including pic related

men truly are a disease

No. 270432

Nope. prolonged breastfeeding decreases fertility in women. In foraging societies the period between childbirth is something around 3 years average, that way you can also have one child moving around relatively independently, and one kid on your person. Weaning happened earlier with cereal based diet.

No. 270435

File: 1532210422062.jpg (244.83 KB, 702x988, FireShot Capture 295 - Dad kil…)

OK samefag but WHAT. THE. FUCK

No. 270437

Not the point, but how do you marry your own daughter, that seems illegal.

No. 270439

File: 1532210686529.jpg (101.36 KB, 1280x720, ayako_mayo_chiki_-_06_h264720p…)

>thread about scrots being butthurt and unoriginal
>butthurt scrot appears
>immediately attempts to steal the scrotoid meme, thus further proving that scrots are unoriginal

No. 270444

I dunno, maybe an American anon can help us out here?

No. 270446

Looks like he was the bio dad and she had an adoptive father.

No. 270448

Why do men take it out on their families when they are suicidal? Just off yourself, why do they feel like their family has to die with them? Why are they so entitled and self absorbed that they feel like their family shouldn't live without them?

No. 270451

File: 1532211851400.jpg (98.6 KB, 800x533, 5ad6729dc0ab4.image.jpg)

He also murdered her adoptive father and their incest baby.

It wasn't a legally binding ceremony. The weird thing is that her adoptive parents and her bio father's mom attended.

No. 270453

Here in Italy it happens all the time, I'm so fucking tired of it, wish they could all drop dead instead.

No. 270458

This may be to do with media reporting than actual truth. They report this as depression but most women I know who are depressed dont plan on killing their kids.

There was one story I remember from years back because I think it inspired a coronation street storyline-this one guy took his 3 kids in a car, filled it with gas and phoned his ex wife-he wanted her to hear them die and said this was her fault.

When men do this-kill their kids before killing/trying to kill themselves, they do it to get back at their ex partners, they are fucking spiteful.

No. 270461

Fuck, I missed this thread so much.
Also love some of these conclusions so far:
>men are wired only to be useful for sex; literally semen-dispensers and sex dolls themselves
>envious that they can't create life
>that's why they're so bitter

Definitely something I'll keep in my head when dealing with misogynists and when dating these subhumans (I'll think of it more like animal care, poor things).

Love you girls.

No. 270463

File: 1532214020682.jpg (598.98 KB, 674x1536, spiteful cunt murders kids.jpg)

What angers me about this shit is how the media goes the extra mile to make out these murdering men are really "nice" and try to excuse their actions. I mean look at this shit-the TL;DR version

>man takes kids, all under 8yrs old

>calls wife, soon to be ex- threatening to kill them because hes bitter shes moved on with her life

How hes referred to in the article
>"Keith idolised those children - he used to take them around the fields on his tractor while he was at work," said Tom Challoner, a family friend. "He was a kind and loving father. But he took the break-up of his marriage really hard and it changed him.

>"He sank into a fog of depression. He loved his kids so much and couldn't cope not seeing them every day.


No. 270464

If they don't they get guilt tripped, also white women in general have always been the default face of feminism, so they have more 'power' in a sense.

No. 270468

I was going to say it was probably the sedentary lifestyle but then I remembered the ancient mythology book I read said stationary civilizations tended to worship female fertility goddesses. The sky male gods were characteristic of wandering (there's a proper name which i forgot) groups. How the fuck we came to have a male sky god in such a completely stationary civilization is beyond me

No. 270471

File: 1532218087273.jpg (273.94 KB, 930x740, 1522438022841.jpg)

men literally fucktoys confirmed by science
Everyone, don't feel bad about using and abusing boys, it's the natural order!
PS. I am so glad this thread is back I missed it

No. 270473

Every fucking time
We can't have ONE thread on the OFF TOPIC section of a Mongolian women's knitting board without scrots coming in to bitch and whine, meanwhile there's literally hundreds of websites and forums dedicated solely to misogyny that we're just supposed to put up with.

No. 270474

I love how when men try to prove their superiority they use their physical strength and the work they do as examples.

I suppose horses are also superior, since they're big and strong and have worked hard to serve us for years!
In the end the one being "served" will always be better, and that will always be women because we raise the children. Men are just glorified workhorses and sex toys, that's why they've tried to make us believe we are the lesser beings for so long. They know they're disposable.

No. 270476

Proto-Indo-Europeans were pastoralist, patriarchal and basically a bunch of incels that swamped out of the Steppe into Europe 5kya.

No. 270484

why does it feel like mens tastes are so limited?they say we have limited tastes and dont try new things. for example my bf cant understand how i can like a trashy trap song and a metal or classical song at the same time. they can only like one thing.

No. 270487

I've noticed this too. I think most men have an obsession with ranking things "objectively" in their heads and have trouble processing anything existing outside of that.

They do it with everything: success, looks, ideologies, race. Something always has to be the best.
Things being different but equal? Unheard of! And here's the Science™ to prove it.

To be fair I have witnessed women doing the same, but most of us aren't like that. About a 30/70 split and reversed for the sexes.

No. 270488


Because all men tend to be extremistic. So they like for example only one type of music, one type of clothing style etcetera. They often see either black or white and there is no nuancing. Giving in or changing their minds just a little bit, even if they are wrong, is a sign of weakness to them.

Here is an interesting article but it is more about violence and politics in relation to extremistic behaviour:

No. 270489

Men are just innately autistic

No. 270492

File: 1532226751807.png (111.55 KB, 628x654, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 9.31…)

In response to the Trader Joe's hostage situation in LA. Another poor logical baby who can't be held responsible for his actions because the mean old women drove him to it :(

No. 270493

File: 1532226781159.png (28.17 KB, 622x137, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 9.32…)

No. 270494

It's both.
Men love to babble on about how they're more logical than women and not guided by emotions, yet they're the ones all over the chans and social media getting triggered every time some new dumb fucking movie or tv show casts a woman.

No. 270495

I know they're being serious, but my brain won't believe it.
That's fucking insane.

They can't possibly believe a world without women would be less violent despite men being the overwhelmingly violent sex (and male-on-male homicide being the most prevalent). They can't. They must know the truth deep down.

And funny how men are more human and have supposedly superior cognitive abilities, yet they are never responsible for crimes. They are suddenly malleable blobs when it comes to that.

No. 270496

Men are completely superior and logical yet at the same time at the whim of whatever women (the inferior sex) want them to do. They make everything convenient for them, so they always come out on top and women are always seen as evil and subhuman. Always.

They constantly go on about how a world without women would be preferable because women are so emotional and mentally unstable and worthless. Yet THEY seek US out, to abuse us and remind us how much the hate us, and they refuse to leave us alone. They love pouring salt in the wound. They get off on it.

Men hate women. This is a fact. There is no evidence to the contrary, and mountains of evidence to support this.

No. 270498

I've noticed that too. I see them bitching about how feminism has made women "ashamed of femininity" and how feminism makes women "want to be men". And they try to spin this "women should embrace their bodies (but only hot bodies with big boobs and nice asses, no fatties allowed) and should embrace femininity/motherhood" now.

They're doing it with that new She-Ra cartoon that is coming out. The new show has her as a 15 year old, with smaller boobs and some muscle definition, so the men are pulling the whole "this is what feminism has done, women aren't allowed to be women anymore" horseshit. When, in reality, it's just loser men who are mad they can't jack off to a cartoon. Not to mention male writers are the ones who often force women into "men with tits" roles because anything feminine is either hypersexualized for them or is considered too weak for them in general.

No. 270499

Also, to men, women 'nagging' men or making fun of men is somehow worse than men murdering women. It's a worse offense to them, period. Like a while ago when a woman was murdered by her husband on a cruise ship because she laughed at him. And men made excuses for that all over the place. As if murder is an equivalent response to someone laughing at you. A perfectly logical and justified response.

Men laugh at women and mock us and how inferior and worthless they believe us to be all the time. Constantly. You think if a woman murdered a man because he laughed at her or called her a worthless whore people would be defending her and saying it's justified? No. They wouldn't. It would rightfully be her fault. But when it's a man….excuses must be made for him. She MUST have been asking for it. Because he's a man and he can't do anything wrong.

Why do they find laughing worse than murder? Because they hate women, so anything women do is worse than anything men do. The man was a poor victim of laughter. The bitch deserved it because how DARE you make a man feel bad about himself for even a second. He's a MAN.

No. 270500

>feminism has made women "ashamed of femininity" and how feminism makes women "want to be men".
And even if this were true, they will never ask themselves why that is. Almost like they have been glorifying men and masculinity since the beginning of time and shitting on anything women do, anything feminine, any accomplishments women have are somehow 'lesser.' Is it really that big of a mystery why women would want to break free of that and try to be more 'masculine' (which really just means try to get out from under the male boot and make their own way in life.)

Women internalize from a young age that anything feminine and anything they love is wrong and inferior. So then, some grow to want to separate themselves from those things so that they aren't despised. And because of that, they become even more despised.

Almost like women can't do anything right and we will be hated regardless. Once again, very convenient. Men just want a clean cut excuse for why they hate women, when the truth is they hated us when we were popping out their babies and slaving away in the kitchen, they hated us when we were secretaries, they hated us when we were side by side with them in the workplace, they hated us when we were single and getting an education, they hated us when we were married and staying at home.

They hate us. Period. Nothing you can do. Don't waste your time trying to fit into the mold of what men say they want, because once you do they will find a new excuse to try to justify why they hate you. Every single fucking time.

No. 270503

>And even if this were true, they will never ask themselves why that is. Almost like they have been glorifying men and masculinity since the beginning of time and shitting on anything women do, anything feminine, any accomplishments women have are somehow 'lesser.' Is it really that big of a mystery why women would want to break free of that and try to be more 'masculine' (which really just means try to get out from under the male boot and make their own way in life.)

Exactly. It's why things almost always default to the male when they become "gender neutral". You even see it in sci-fi tv shows and shit, written by "enlightened liberal" men in enlgihtened liberal egalitarian futures. Women will be called sir, not ma'am, because ma'am is gross and for old women.

They just can never grasp that the penis, "male" qualities and such will always be valued over the vagina or "female" qualities. Made all the sadder by the fact that they're the ones who force the bullshit "masculine/feminine" roles in the first fucking place.

No. 270505

Right? I'm honestly surprised there seem to be more MTF transgender people as opposed to FTM (correct me if I'm wrong.) Men are automatically seen as superior, capable, and better than women in every single way. Why the fuck would they want to regress to something that society hates? Meanwhile it would make sense for me for women to want to transition in to men just to escape the pure hate, vicious misogyny, and constant scapegoating of women. Of course then they have to deal with a different breed of hatred for being trans but that's a whole other infuriating issue.

I mean come the fuck on. If I could have been born male and not once had to deal with someone tell me I'm inferior and will never amount to anything because of muh vagina and girlbrain, I would have done it in a fucking heartbeat. Fuck being a woman and having to deal with this shit in a daily basis. Surprised the female suicide rate isn't higher because we are taught we should hate ourselves for all these sins we didn't even commit.

No. 270506

Uh the stuff that you're describing turns them on which is why they do it.

No. 270507

File: 1532230085760.png (67.58 KB, 612x307, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 10.2…)


No. 270508

> Meanwhile it would make sense for me for women to want to transition in to men just to escape the pure hate, vicious misogyny, and constant scapegoating of women.

i mean this is one of the reasons for the uptick in young fakebois imo. when it's not yaoi larpers or butch lesbians who don't want to be butch lesbians, it's often female-presenting nonbinary ftms, aka young women who want the world to see them as anything but young women.

No. 270509

>he's black
So who's going to tell him?

No. 270510

This stuff gets talked about in the gender critical thread a lot. A number of FtMs have internalized misogyny and a number of MtFs are AGP who like being a woman because of their sissification kink.
Yep. A lot of them are also fujos who self-insert into fics/art of gay men written and drawn by women. So they start to think "Maybe I'm a gay man".

No. 270511

Men sticking with men regardless of race, as they tend to do. No matter how racist they are to one another, they will always unite over shitting on women.

No. 270512

Someone in the replies did and they got piled on for being racist. Because I guess only racism is wrong but misogyny is fine. Fuck women, am I right? They are the world's punching bag. Even gay men, black men, asian men, white men - they can all come together and bond in their mutual hatred of women.

No. 270515

No. 270516

Shit dude, if we really want to list everyone out, even some women hate other women. Everything is bleak and terrible. I really don't see an upside or a silver lining anywhere. It's crazy to me that most women just go about their days all over the world without letting the realization that the whole world hates them and we are literally seen as WORTHLESS fucking break them and drive them to suicide. I hope that I can be that strong one day but for now it just ruins me and makes me want to die.

No. 270517

I was tempted to post this too. It's absolutely right. What's hilarious is there's old videos you can find on Youtube of John Lennon having to explain on tv shows that the song isn't racist because it uses the word nigger. People were, and still are, so concerned over a word, that they miss the whole point of the song, that no matter where you are in the world, women will be treated worse than men.

No. 270518

I love putting men in their place, be it friends or strangers. The sooner they start to undestand where they belong the better.

No. 270519

Women in general are stronger willed and just pull through no matter what. Might be evolutionary as well, men are expendable.

No. 270520

No. 270524

>People now assume I have logic, advice and seniority. They look at me and assume I know the answer, even when I don’t. I’ve been in meetings where everyone else in the room was a woman and more senior, yet I still got asked, “Alex, what do you think? We thought you would know.”
Wow dude, tough fucking life. You mean people DON'T think you're a dumb worthless bimbo? Must be nice.

>What continues to strike me is the significant reduction in friendliness and kindness now extended to me in public spaces. It now feels as though I am on my own: No one, outside of family and close friends, is paying any attention to my well-being.

And who gives a single fuck about women's well being? Nobody. And it goes beyond that. If something bad happens to a woman when she is outside of her home, it's her fault. So yeah maybe people do care, but only so they can attack her and tell her how stupid and slutty she was for daring to walk around outside. They really think people value women AT ALL? And care about our well being? That everyone is sweet to us and treats us nice because they just care SO MUCH? No. Not even close. But you'll never see them ask women about this. Because they don't want to hear the reality of it, they just want to shit on women and make it seem like everything is peachy for us so they don't have to address their behavior and admit that hey, maybe society has a misogyny problem. Because they don't want that problem to go away. Society thrives off it. Men thrive off it.

> because it violates a foundational belief I carry, which is that women are fully capable human beings who do not need men to acquiesce or concede to them.

Love that they slip this in here to subtly suggest that women aren't fully capable human beings.

>I felt like as a guy, I was not taken seriously. I had experienced harassment as a female person at another university and they had reacted immediately, sending a police escort with me to and from campus. I felt like if I had still been in my old body I would have gotten a lot more support.

Lmao does this motherfucker really think women are taken seriously? They really people give a fuck if women are assaulted and raped? Wow dude you got a secuity escort so that your school could avoid lawsuits? Real impresive. How did your peers treat you? How did your family treat you? Did they laugh and call you a stupid slut? Sounds real familiar to me. They really think people don't just write women off as lying whores who probably deserved it anyway? Fuck off.

This is another article to whine about how men have it so hard while demonizing women and talking about how women are all evil and the real cause of every issue in society. They even admit they are seen as more capable and superior in society and the workplace and they're STILL bitching about how women have it better, when we are mocked and called worthless whores and stupid holes and told we don't matter and everything men do to us we deserve. This shit is so exhausting.

No. 270527

Sage for blogpost, but fuck that's literally one town over from where I live. How have I not heard about this case?

No. 270530

It's the white browbeating victim complex combined with the fact that women, in general, try to be more sympathetic to other people in general, to a fault. We know how it feels to be treated like crap, so we're willing to ally with people who, quite frankly, fucking hate us (see: self-flagellating white women allying with black women and other non-whites who fucking hate them, and women who ally with transwomen, who also hate them and want to take over their positions). It's fucked, basically.

No. 270532

I always find people who jump through hoops to blame anything on women to be insane, like how many people blame single moms for raising killers, how many women get blamed for "pushing men to the edge", the people who blame millions of women before ever blaming a man for anything, I can make a list all day

Despite mens delusions about how they're oppressed, its like society thinks men are retarded children who don't know how consequences work and its always the responsibility of women to serve men and their special little world so no man can do crazy things

No. 270533

File: 1532235019630.jpg (114.76 KB, 806x1080, 1530116089319.jpg)

>Bunch of white middle class american girls acting like they're jews in nazi germany

No. 270534

Nice strawman, now, tell me how you see race, and somehow their financial class through an anonymous board?

No. 270535

File: 1532235610249.jpg (21.69 KB, 477x201, 1521403219362.jpg)

>denying this place is full of white middle class american girls
This isn't my first day here.

No. 270536

Refute the things that have been talked about in this thread or shut the fuck up.

And nobody here has compared their situation to Jews in nazi Germany or anything even close to that.

No. 270537

Well, I don't know any "middle class white girls" who even knew what lolcow was, most girls here are working class, not to mention a large amount of poc here

And say, if it was true, and magically.everyone including myself morphed into a middle class white girl, how the hell are they "acting like jews in nazi Germany" are people not allowed to talk about problems now? Or only men can but god forbid women do anything remotely close to it

No. 270538

Only men's problems are real, duh. We should all know that by now. Misogyny definitely doesn't exist and men definitely don't hate women, they love us so we should stop complaining about the constant, ever increasing level of misogyny in society it's no big deal uwu

No. 270539

>bunch of young white middle class american girls

Please, like I've said before. This isn't my first day here. I've been around since /cgl/ for about a DECADE. I know very well the userbase of this place. And it's not like /g/ isn't full of threads where the users mention they're a bunch of middle class white girls.
You're free to complain about your problems. I just find it a bit ridiculous the level of persecution complex yo see here.

No. 270540

The world does hate women. Evidence of that is everywhere, all of the time. Exactly what problem do you have with women commiserating about it?

No. 270541

>several threads discussing poc, many users talk about their issues as people of color, in fact in the past man hating threads, a lot of the users stated being woc
>middle class (??) Dont even know why you threw that in there, white is one thing but you can't tell peoples financial status, hell look at the vent thread, its obvious plenty of people here are poor

Again, what are you on about? You are a strawman

No. 270542

Stop responding to the scrotoid, jesus.

No. 270543

It's one thread. On one board. It won't kill you.

No. 270544

In places like africa or the middle east women are treated like cattle, but not where most people here live. You must be schizophrenic to believe the world hates you, a young white girl in a rich country.

Either way, I'll leave you guys to it. Have fun.

No. 270545

Because masculinity is all about posturing. Men shove themselves into roles and want to maintain that they are "cool". My ex would sometimes rib me about some of the music I liked in high school, and still like. At first, it made me not want to talk about it. Then I started throwing his own pleb high school tastes in his face.

No. 270547

File: 1532238164961.jpg (7.64 KB, 493x402, 7782881.jpg)

After reading all of the misogyny online I've really become wary of men and just don't want to have any relationships with them, platonic or romantic. The sheer amount of it everywhere online just makes me wonder what the average man I meet on a daily basis really thinks about me and other women. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

No. 270548

I think it's hilarious that exposing men's shittiness is like playing the victim to them. It's so crazy to think that there isn't a single place in the public sphere where you can freely complain about the people who are literally ruining this planet and committing the large majority of the crimes in every single society. They're aware that they need to keep those conversation hidden and even come into some tiny girls-only imageboard to try and police us.

No. 270549

Not really, because I don't consider most of them to have any fully fledged meaningful thoughts at all. Most of them run on pure base instincts. In ye olden times an expectation of chivalry might have reigned some of them in, but that's completely out of the window now.
Mostly I just low-key assess which one of them might actually become violent.

No. 270550

Most of the people here feel this way, I'm sure. Internet men have definitely caused a lot of us to be jaded about them as a whole.
I follow a chick who Tweets political stuff, and recently a bunch of men jumped on her because she brought up the very real statistics of men committing rape and murder at much higher rates than women. It was all the old classics, "not all men", "there's female criminals too", "women are no saints", etc.

No. 270552

Remember we do things much worse than rape, pedophilia and murder. We

>reject guys for sex

>divorce men and sometimes get our money back plus a pittance maintenance to make up for the fact he lied when he said "death do us part" and we did decades of free work
>We get the kids who they didn't want anyway and are famous for horribly neglecting and refusing to take part in childcare when you're together
>Sometimes other women stand up for us
>We are not sex-slaves attached to chains which SUCKS
>We expect basic decorum and cleanliness before we want to be friends with or have sex with a man. Crazy high standards!
>We fail to take heed of "the wall" which we only gently bounce off, where they go bald, fat and everything else with great haste past their late twenties
>sexual market place value!!! Which is only relevant if we are actual prostitutes which most of us aren't

Thanks to mods for bringing back this thread btw

No. 270553

We truly are an evil sex. The best part is no woman denies that there are shitty women too. There's female murderers, pedos, liars, cheats. We all know this. But the statistics just don't lie. Men do that shit at much higher rates than we do. I don't think I've ever heard of a woman shooting a place up or running over people for being rejected by a man.

No. 270554

They didn't.

No. 270555

File: 1532240948236.jpg (77.68 KB, 490x490, DebraLafave.jpg)

The funny thing about that is how many sperg out about women rewarding sociopathic behaviors and being slaves to their sexual urges when some of us meme about a sexy convict, but…

When some hot blonde bimbo rape a child men unironically post shit like
>I wish she were my teacher lol!
>Good for him! He won't become an incel
>she's too hot to go to prison

Fucking beasts.

No. 270556

Shut the fuck up and be thankful admin didn't kill the thread again. It's like you dumbasses want it put on auto sage.

No. 270557

And then they'll bring up those same exact cases when they want to hijack a topic about women/girls being raped.

>boys get raped too!

No. 270559

Actually there's girls from all over the world here, not all white, and plenty from poorer backgrounds (otherwise men being assholes would be less of a problem as they had means to avoid them) but go off. Are you the kind of poster who just posts your thing and leaves, without ever reading anyone else's stories?

No. 270561

>I'll leave you guys to it. Have fun

Nailed it. Wow I guess I have those great powers of deduction that you also share, and all from reading only one post by you. Drive-by comment from someone trying to police a thread they are not even reading, amazing stuff.

I misread the first words as being written by a Mod, but they so far have let us manhate in peace. And it is needed because nothing we post here ever touches the extremes of the mental stuff men write about us online

No. 270562

>smug anime reaction images
>butthurt over women listing bad facts about men such as crime statistics
>typical "b-but white middle class women shouldn't complain" argument
>quickly leaves to protect ego

Yup, it's a scrote.

No. 270566


>there's female criminals too"
I love when misogynists spew this shit and dig up some single corner case of a woman molesting a kid while saying "See, women are JUST AS BAD" while completely forgetting about the fact that men are responsible for 99% of all rapes.

All of this.

No. 270567

File: 1532246663437.png (251.91 KB, 1000x836, 1430540641157[1].png)

This whole thread is shit-bait, don't lie to yourself laboid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 270573

File: 1532248223231.gif (854.88 KB, 428x240, eevl.gif)

>Go on sexxit
>There is a thread asking for women to share their favorite NSFW subreddits
>Post stuff like /r/massivecocks and /r/thickdick
>Watch men self esteem go on self destruct mode in the comments and baiting for tiny dick love

No. 270574

File: 1532249025022.gif (413.19 KB, 500x271, 1493875481872.gif)

this is so mean, I love it

No. 270584

>In a couple of group chats with my friends from school (we are now 25+).
>One of my close male friends constantly disagrees or argues with me in the chat.
>This is so blatant that my other friends (male and female) comment on it.
>If I bring it up with male friend he just doubles down and says he's not arguing with me.
>Fucking annoying as fuck, so glad I'm not his poor gf.

Our group chats are male dominated and it's crazy how obvious it is that womens contributions are ignored/disagreed with/made fun of by the guys more than the mens contributions in general.

No. 270586

The BBC put out a documentary about vigilantes burning rapists in Johannesburg, South Africa. The vigilantes seem to all be women (no shock there) or at least mostly women. The filmmaker is a man, and he interviews multiple men who admit to being rapists on camera. This is a real gem:

>Mtika then probes David for clues as to what might’ve caused him to engage in such barbaric behavior. David reveals that as a teen he was sodomized by police, and he’s now acting out the violence he was subjected to as a child.

Of course. A boy gets raped by a man, so he decided to rape women.

Anyway, here's an article about it, with links to the documentary on Youtube. I'll embed a five minute clip of the doc. The full length one is linked in the article too.


No. 270587

So this is clearly about power. Rape isn't about being so deprived of sex you go insane as some incel claim, it's about feeling good about yourself by being able to hurt and overpower someone else, and obviously getting forceful access to the most intimate part of their body. Fucking barf.

No. 270588

I'm gonna watch the doc right now, instead of going to sleep like I should, but in that clip, the rapist being interviewed says he "can't go three days without sex" and that he likes to spread HIV so he won't "die alone". It's so fucked up. But yeah, I think it's safe to say it's about men and their sickness for power.

Also, note the comments are disabled on the five minute clip. I bet some asspained men found the video and started disliking it and bitching in the comments.

No. 270592

You practically always hear this about serial killers, too. “He rapes and kills others because he was abused as a child”. No, he rapes and kills others because he likes how it makes him feel. The overwhelming majority of csa victims don’t grow up to victimise others. Can you imagine if all the girls who were sexually abused as children turned into violent rapists? Instead, women tend to internalise their hurt and exhibit self-destructive behaviour.

Exactly. He was hurt by a man but he’s not taking revenge on men because this isn’t about revenge, it’s about hurting people weaker than himself to make himself feel better.

No. 270599

The point of male "activism" is never to change how things are. It's perfectly reasonable for them to both say "lucky bastard!" and "boys get raped too", because the point is not to make us worry about the raped boys. The point is to make us shut up about the raping of girls. For them rape is just "sex you don't want", no biggie. Sex is all they want, how could anyone not be glad to get it?

No. 270603

File: 1532258218622.png (220.56 KB, 454x444, D0ED2C7A-C33D-4F7B-9212-A0AEA6…)

Source on that comic please

No. 270615

This is my theory too. We hold the power to literally create life, as well as all the power of being sexy ladies who are "withholding" our bodies from them.

They are like the USB stick of information that you plug into the computer. We are life itself and creation, but adoring us is too painful (for some) so their lust and jealousy turns to hate. If we were worthless they wouldn't bother hating us. The worth is what sets them off. This is exemplified on a low level by fuckbois who get kicks out of hurting women's feelings
>Oh you want me huh?!!! Now you see how it feels!!!?
Which obviously is just baffling and unnecessary for the women who are just tryna live their life and not be punished for threatening them with their beauty and biological power.

No. 270617


They're quite attractive, it's like someone's shitty fanfic come to life. I'm assuming that's her legal family all smiling happily and proudly around them.
insanity should never congregate

No. 270624

I wonder where this stereotype of women being promiscuous and overly sexual came from?from what I've seen most women are very selective about who they fuck.

No. 270628

No. 270630

I'm confused. This is India where women are seen as literal animals for breeding…what rights?

No. 270631

Odd how being a victim of rape doesn't make men more empathic towards rape victims. Instead he uses it as an excuse to rape. I've noticed men who commit DV try to blame their behavior on being abused as children too.

No. 270632

Most women I know have been raped or molested and ya doing seeing them killing and raping little boys.

No. 270635

The right to continue to rape their wives, for one. There’s been an ongoing battle to keep marital rape legal there.

Men are evil. To them, losing another way to abuse us is losing a right. They want the right to treat us like chattel.

No. 270636

This is just a way to control women. Because women are whores, they need to be controlled and oppressed by the smart and glorious male population. Otherwise we wouldn't live in a civilization but like animals in poo and dirt.

No. 270639

I think it's because media is getting more open to talk about stuff such as sexual life of women, which was a taboo to talk about in the past.
It was always allowed and normalized for men to go through multiple partners but with women it wasn't, women had to be virginal and only have experience with their husband.

Now when they see a woman discussing experiences in her sexuality, scrotoids go angry mad and jealous thinking just because some women enjoys one night stands that must mean women are promiscuous by nature.

Look at yourselves you projecting retards. No amount of retarded excuses will make your hypocrisy disappear.

No. 270647

Well, im not a rich white girl and none of the women ive met here are rich white girls, via discord anyway

Are we not allowed to talk about issues that affect us or rant about shitty men without you pulling the 'STUPID RICH WHITE BITCHES!!!!!!!" Card? We HATE men, worldwide, nothing about how we're all treated like cattle, and yes we hate men who treat women like cattle to, it sounds like you don't know shit you're talking about, if you wanna rant to people who pretend to be oppressed to to mgtow and mra forums of men who think that the second something isnt about them theyre oppressed

No. 270661

Arent men crying about women being selective to? Theres literally no winning, god knows what they want, chances are if even they lived in their perfect little world of women all being virgins but willing to fuck every guy they see they'd still find something to cry about

No. 270662

A man hating thread and a white woman hating thread in one.
I wish you could also make a dedicated white girl hating thread so you don't spread your racist bullshit in other threads but I guess that would be too much to ask for.

No. 270667

They're bitching because women now have the choice of fucking only the men they actually like. A woman who has her own job doesn't have to marry some guy she doesn't like. In the old days when women couldn't work that was different.

No. 270669

That explains the screeching and crying about women who work too, or how they're trying to convince themselves that women ruined the workforce

They act oppressed over paying for dinner, even after insisting to pay for it just to turn around and act oppressed for it, if it hurts their feefees paying for dinner by choice just imagine how hurt they'd be over having to pay for a wife and kids, what the hell do they want women to do? They're walking contradictions

No. 270675

I had a conversation with a guy a while ago and it really opened my eyes. He said he cheated on his girlfriend because she had been promiscuous in the past, because as a woman who had one night stands she didn't deserve a guy who was faithful and never slept around.
"If she was that cheap with other guys, don't expect me to treat her like a princess".

No. 270678

If one day he dates a woman who cheats on him and she used the excuse that he had fucked around on previous girlfriends so it doesn't matter he would be screeching and crying and saying all women are whores and he deserves the best!!11

Men are insane. Imagine thinking this way.

No. 270684

>Why aren't you fighting for us? Use your privileged position to help, if not you're no good than white, cishet men.
>How DARE you speak for us, you don't know what it's like to live in our shoes.

It just seems to go back and forth, they can't decide anything other than being mad.

No. 270689

Western MRAs are bad enough, but it makes literally no sense for there to be MRmovements in highly overt patriarchal countries like India and Korea. You already have it all.

No. 270692

Right? It's like a group of hundreds of thousands of people have differing opinions on an issue!

No. 270694

They want their cake and eat it, they want the privilege but go out of their way to twist things and make themselves seem oppressed, they realize when they are superior they'll have to actually take responsibility for their actions (even then they dont do that 99% of the time)
They want to be entitled spoiled children pretty much
What an insecure little guy,why be with someone if they're gonna cheat and not treat them right? How the hell is someone having sex with men who arent them in the past equate to cheating? What an entitled piss baby

No. 270698

Why are dudes so obsessed with women having past lovers?i get if we are both like 14 but if we are 24+ it seems unreasonable for them to expect us to be virgins lol

No. 270699

They're shitting themselves at the tought you might compare them to your past lovers. Instead of working on their shit tier self esteem they lash out on more experience women.

That's honestly the only reason so many dudes are obsessed with having a pure virgin waifu, they don't want to risk being the most mediocre cock of your life. Also some weird homophobia "if she had a dick up her vag and I put my dick up her vag then I'll be a gay!!!".

No. 270700

I think it's only fucked when the men themselves aren't virginal. I can see the romance in being someone's only one and them being yours, but otherwise it's just a weird, hypocritical, and controlling ego thing.

No. 270702

I mean, that dude would have cheated in any case, and just found a different "excuse".

No. 270710

It's because many men are stuck with the idea that women who have casual sex don't respect themselves. They feel insulted if an "easy" woman decides to take things slowly with them.

I've had plenty of casual sex and most of the time I didn't really care about pursuing anything more than sex with the guy. When I want to date for real I take longer to have sex because everything feels more complicated.

No. 270723

Now at age of 23 I have a 6 year old brother, our father (a narc, one of the main reasons I hate men) had kicked the bucket 2 years ago, and I kind of have to step up and be the father figure to my brother. Can't hate him since he's still young and would still listen to me, I respect him he respects me, I've only yelled at him once when he threw a tantrum and swept all of our food off the table, other times he's managable, obedient even, but I'm sure once he starts going to primary school this September he'd have all this misogynistic ideas stuffed into his head, or the male ape instinct to be a total ass to girls would kick in, and I'm not sure if I can wipe them off his brain. Also I've been bullied since young by boys so I would slap myself so hard if I end up raising a bully. How do I not end up raising a bully or an incel? Or should I just give up and let nature takes its course, and I'll start to hate him as well?

No. 270725

The most respectable men I know who respected women the most were often raised with mostly women, the types with mostly sisters, would often experience bad things with men on first hand

Be a good figure pretty much, because at least then if he does become an incel he wont take the "but but x women in my life were evil so that must mean all women are!" Route, and if he did he would be lying

Teach him to deal with rejection, DO NOT spoil him, most of these entitled little shits are from privileged families who spoilt their sons to hell and back

No. 270726

One of the biggest assholes I knew was raised in an all-female household. All that did was teach him to manipulate women better before he discarded them.

No. 270727

Start teaching him empathy early. Teach him to notice and think about the suffering of others, even in simple terms.
Getting an animal can help with this, as well as monitoring his play dates. Encourage him to befriend girls, too. IIRC in one of the last threads someone mentioned that men who were accustomed to being close to women their own age (sisters or friends) saw women as more "human," as grim as that sounds.

Are you raising him with your mom? If so, being raised by two women is a step in the right direction. I believe you can be a great "Dad" anon!

No. 270733

I was raised by and around women, my dad didn't contribute with anything to my education - I don't see myself ever listening to a man. My mother was the authority in our house and I naturally tend to respect women. It's not that I'm a feminist or anything, they just don't inspire respect to me. I try my best not to hate men, but sometimes I do. (Though I admit I respect my dad because he's smart, but overall he's a shitty parent)

Sage for blogpost

No. 270760

Exactly, it's a no-win situation. They just want to screech about every little thing. Just like the men we talk about in these threads, really.
The had a massive protest in South Korea recently about men filming women in bathrooms and in public. And in a country like SK, those women are putting their jobs, and possibly even lives, on the line by protesting publicly.

Naturally, some dude who wasn't from Korea butted in on the topic with his western MRA view, going "Why don't they care like this about North Koreans and how they are oppressed?" Like bruh, first of all, people there could have family in NK, and they could care. People there do want to help NK. And people can care about more than one fucking thing. And, most of all, it wasn't a protest about North Korea.

Stupid fucking MRAs will undermine the slightest bit of womens rights movements in any possible way by playing the whataboutism bullshit. There's always gonna be something worse in the world. It doesn't mean people have to put up with bullshit, just because others have it worse.

No. 270764

Why is there so much anger in this thread? Who hurt you fellow girls?

No. 270767

I personally don't dislike all men (I know a handful of nice ones), but this is a good place to vent about the assholes.
And other anons have known no good men, so they've lost all hope.

No. 270768

File: 1532300857962.jpg (19.27 KB, 500x332, DUE1MSQWAAAPrY6.jpg)

>fellow girls

Don't engage, just report.

No. 270773

What are the red flags when looking for a bf?

Some I've noticed:
- violent outbursts
- untreated mental illness
- incel types, adult virgins
- believes all women are subs who need men to tell them what to do
- manchildren who spend 10 hours a day play videogames
- believes all traditionally female interests are dumb

No. 270776

What's wrong with virgins?

No. 270778

Men can't handle being virgins without going crazy. See incels.

No. 270779

>expects women to be feminine & submissive, below men
>considers traditionally feminine hobbies to be inferior and meek
lol i will never understand this

nothing is wrong with a guy still being a virgin. it becomes a problem when he is so insecure about his virginity that he targets his frustration at women, calls women who are even slightly more experienced than him roastie whores, sees sexual violence or pedophilia as a solution to getting laid, etc…

No. 270780

The virgins one doesn't necessarily work outside the west.

No. 270781

what do you mean?

No. 270782

Are you talking about muslims and asians? Those men have even bigger red flags, especially muslims.

No. 270784

File: 1532302931277.jpg (260.44 KB, 900x583, femns_goodwife19551.jpg)

>guy I went on like 2 dates with messages my pic related
>huh wtf?
>"lol jk isn't it funny"
>"but seriously i think some of these are quite nice and i want them for my relationship"

The list is supposedly from a 50s housewife mag but I'm pretty sure it's a hoax.

No. 270785

Adult virgins isn't automatically a redflag. There's plenty of women who are adult virgins too. The emphasis on losing your virginity young in the west is fucking stupid anyway. However, if it's a virgin coupled with other incel-tier behaviors, it's someone to avoid.

>porn addiction, or a love of porn. Even if they claim they aren't addicted, if they love porn, they most likely are.

>excessive dirty jokes about women. Shits just gross and gives insight into their fucked up minds.
>whining about nothingburger issues like women in movies and comics.

No. 270786

Women don't turn into crazy incels when they're virgins. Stop being a handmaiden and defending men when we're seeing a huge rise of frustrated male virgins going around KILLING people. It is definitely a red flag.

No. 270787

it looks shooped af. i've heard this list somewhere else before, but it doesn't look like a genuine vintage article.

i know this doesn't apply to all men's situations, but how the fuck is a woman supposed to do some of what's mentioned in pic related, if a guy isn't employed and sits at home all day playing viya?
a lot of this trad '50s stuff men desire was a reward for men who came home to their wives after a hard day of work. not men who sit inside and can very well make their own food and pick up after themselves.

No. 270789

It's true, men complain about women not wanting to fulfill the traditional roles they expect of us (traditional as of 70 years ago in Northamerica lel). But neither do they.
First of all, they should be hustling all day to be able to provide for a family of four.
Preferably they should also all be drafted to fight in a big war sometime soon.

No. 270791

Lol wtf? And these are the men who call women weak the second they ever even dare act like everything isnt jolly and dandy? Little shits be acting like they came home from war after working at an office job 9-5 and think they deserve to get away with anything because sitting on your ass and typing all day is SO HARD, but lazy privileged women who take care of screaming crotch spawns and teach them everything about everything, cook, clean and everything else, all the while having to take care of a big, ugly, emotional, entitled manbaby,have it so easy so the world should revolve around them apparantly

No. 270792

Same men who cry about draft and supporting women demand all women to be trad housewives, as said before, they're walking contradictions who want to be treated like spoiled kids

No. 270793

I know this post is off topic now, but I remember when this story happened guys on 4chan were defending the father because the girl was (apparently?) a hapa, and thus less genetically related to him, therefore it technically wasn't incest(???)
Incels will literally defend anything if it appeals to their submissive Asian loli waifu fantasies.

No. 270796

File: 1532307144064.jpg (89.62 KB, 634x712, 48FAE64200000578-5369461-Alyss…)

This is fucking disgusting and just plain wrong but I can see them giving that excuse. The girl wasn't even a hapa, pic related is her mum.

No. 270798

Ot but why do they always claim women they find attractive who aren't asian hapa? They did the same with katya lischina, claimed she was half jap until she posted her family on IG, I think they did it with other waifus to, is this the basement dweller equivalent to racist white and black dudes trying to claim black women they're attracted to are mixed?

No. 270802

>is this the basement dweller equivalent to racist white and black dudes trying to claim black women they're attracted to are mixed?

Yes. Incels are all about east Asian submissive waifufaggotry and fetishization and spiting the ebul western white women who have been corrupted by feminism. So when they see an attractive chick, they'll rationalize that she must be hapa.

No. 270805

This, and in their heads, they deluded themselves to believe asian women will "chase them down the streets and beg for sex for being born white" where as white women will reject their advances for everything because stacy told him not to grab her ass in 10th grade, they try to convince themselves they're too good for evil white women so when they see an attractive one they convince themselves shes mixed, or claim attractive white girls "look asian" even when they dont look remotely asian at all, they even claimed emily Browning looked asian, emily browning lmao

Also notice how when these dudes happen to get an asian girlfriend, they'll never shut up about "asian gf", like even if they tell a story that has nothing to do with race they'll randomly mention asian gf, its like they arent even in love with the girl they're inlove with her race, the brownie points they get from it anyway, the worse types are the ones who have girlfriends and pretend their life is miserable because she isn't asian

No. 270811

>Also notice how when these dudes happen to get an asian girlfriend, they'll never shut up about "asian gf"

This is so goddamn creepy. I think in a past thread, I posted a video of one of these losers where his "Chinese wife tries American Chinese food". And she was comparing it to authentic food in her part of China. When she said something actually tasted very accurate, her loser white husband HAD to step in, eat it, then claim "I don't know what she's talking about. I lived in China for seven years, blah blah…"

Fucking pathetic white dudes and their shitty Asian fetishes. As a white chick, it doesn't make me jealous at all. It just makes me feel bad for the Asian women who have to deal with this gross shit.

No. 270818

>As a white chick, it doesn't make me jealous at all. It just makes me feel bad for the Asian women who have to deal with this gross shit.
Same here, but you'll find that yellow fever white dudes are OBSESSED with making white women jealous over asian girls. They circle jerk to the idea that we're going to regret not being their perfect waifus and immediately jumping on their dicks just for existing, and gloat amongst each other about how how butthurt white women must be about asian women. They particularly get off on the idea that white girls are shunned in asia (based off this one article written by a frumpy near middle aged woman who didn't have much luck in Japan). It's like revenge for them, except it's all in their imaginations.

Your typical Stacey doesn't give a shit and wants to look like a Kardashian, asian girls won't even register. And white weeb girls who may actually be jealous of asian girls just want asian bfs. Absolutely nobody except some small minority of poor or status seeking foreign girls want neckbeard incel bfs.

No. 270819

I think its because its part of their revenge fantasy, that and men who dont have luck with women blame women of their own race, as mentioned in previous threads men will claim women of their race are all entitled, gold digging, feminazi, sluts then cling to another and claim they're all gentle, loving, feminine goddesses, and its always different to, sometimes its white men and asians, sometimes, its arabs or latinos to whites, sometimes its black men to latina women, etc etc

The difference I noticed with yellow fevers is that they're extremely stuck on getting revenge on white women, they will write novels about how all white roasties are jealous fat neckbeards getting stds in thailand and how thats what they get for being feminists, etc etc, the second you ask for an example of even just 1 white girl doing that they're out, its even ironic when they try to compare cultures and all it does it prove they know nothing about the culture "you white western bitches treat men like ATMs unlike japanese waifus who pay for everything uwu" "you white bitches cheat unlike my thai waifus who come from a country with the highest cheating rate in the world uwu"

Its like they want attention from white women, if you love asian women so much then why the fuck everytime you speak of them you just rage about white girls?

No. 270822

If you really wanna see revenge fantasies you should look up the Red Pill places. They all think when they turn 40 they'll have a legion of 18 year old models lusting for their dicks.
Incels are fucking stupid but at least they know it's over for them and call the Red Pill revenge fantasies "cope".

No. 270823

>and gloat amongst each other about how how butthurt white women must be about asian women.

It's hilarious, because we wind up just feeling bad for Asian women. At the end of the day, racial differences be damned, we're all women, and I don't like seeing any women be the lust-object of disgusting men.

> Absolutely nobody except some small minority of poor or status seeking foreign girls want neckbeard incel bfs.

That's the saddest part. Those women deserve so much better.
>Its like they want attention from white women, if you love asian women so much then why the fuck everytime you speak of them you just rage about white girls?

Because it's all about getting attention from white women. That's ultimately the root of everything. They're pissed white women aren't like their shitty animu submissive moeblob loli fantasies. Everything these men do it out of pettiness.

No. 270824

And as an Asian girl, I would like to say thank you. Also you hit the nail on the head with the neckbeard bfs.

One guy at my college went to Osaka and came back pretty quickly-very upset he wasn't worshipped by the locals and drowning in pussy. Got very angry when I informed him that being white alone isnt gonna make girls want you. If you are considered attractive over here, aka "chad" as these incels like to quack-its THOSE guys who get chased. If you are a neckbeard incel with no personal hygiene who can't get laid here, why the hell do you think you'll have more chance there? This guy was also a pencil neck skinny nerd-he really thought Osaka had a shortage of them. Also a lot of these guys seem especially ignorant to Japan's attitude towards foreigners. And its not just white guys, also had black guys come back from Japan deluded into thinking they would also be worshipped for being different-were shocked at the blantent racism.

I find it laughable that the guys complain I have been brainwashed by "white feminism" because im not their small submissive waifu and didnt fall for the time they were trying to pit me against my white female friends. We all just laughed at them, they are so pathetic-and I'm glad other girls are not falling for their shitty tricks.

No. 270825

This mentality from white men towards white women and Asian women has really fucked me in the head. I'm not someone who's prejudice against interracial couples at all, but every time I see a white man with a Asian woman I can't help but assume it's due to yellow fever. If I see any other pairing of races I don't even think about what the intentions behind it were (not even black men + white women), but there's just something about white guys with Asian women that throws me off. And I feel bad because I have no vendetta towards Asian girls, they're wonderful, but I know what's usually going on in those white guys' heads and it makes me so uneasy.

No. 270826

>One guy at my college went to Osaka and came back pretty quickly-very upset he wasn't worshipped by the locals and drowning in pussy.

I love when this happens. Dumb fucking weebs think being "exotic" in a majority Asian country will make women drape all over them. In reality, those countries tend to be xenophobic as fuck.

No. 270828

They are always trying to pit women against each other, like they think we're gonna compete for their approval. Even if we do sometimes envy another race's features it's sure as fuck not because we want loser race fetishists to like us.

No. 270829

Because it usually is. Sadly, it's like the other anon mentioned, where a lot of the Asian women married for status to get out of shithole countries or situations. And the white men are yellow fever fetishists. It's also funny how kids from Asian male/white female relationships seem to turn out better than the ones from white male/Asian female ones. Most of those hapa incels you see whining online come from WMAF relationships.
I love when men try to say women hate other women the most of all. And sure, women fight and some hate one another. Any group does that. But on the grand scale of things, women will never hate women the way men hate women.

No. 270830

The female suicide rate isn't high despite the shit we endure because women can actually handle difficult emotional situations and just keep going and do the work to get through.

We don't just snap under the slightest pressure or insecurity and start strangling our babies or shoot up schools.

Men are pathetic, they cannot handle their shit and for some reason have to harm innocent people when they snap, and it always ends up getting blamed on women in the end.

No. 270831

Same fag here but >>270823 is fucking spot on thank you!

The worst thing is they get super pissed at us too when we don't succumb to their backward fantasies. Some naurto fucking weeb told me hes more Japanese than me because "he respects the culture" and said because i'm not buddist and don't want to get married and be a housewife I am disrespecting my culture like fuck off!

Seriously sis its the greatest feeling-and its even funnier when they used to come to me expecting me to be sympathetic to their shitty asses. Like they dont even make an effort they are all like davido-kun (I'm assuming you guys have seen the youtube video) they are creepy ass stalking nerds who think japanese girls are real life anime, they are so stupid. I also laugh at the ones who complain about white women caring about status-they really have no idea in japan most girls are actually like that-many will not date a man unless hes earning a certain wage-some will not if he does not have his own house. Like its even harder over there and most foreigners there end up marrying other foreigners. Being a basement dweller in japan really does not help your dating prospects-these losers clearly get all their info from anime not realising most of it is made by men for men who have no idea how women really are, its fucking hilarious!

Yep! And I'm glad women are not buying this shit-how quickly they turned on me and called me racist slurs when I sided with my female friends over them.

No. 270833

File: 1532313808076.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, clap.gif)

No. 270834

>Some naurto fucking weeb told me hes more Japanese than me because "he respects the culture" and said because i'm not buddist and don't want to get married and be a housewife I am disrespecting my culture like fuck off!

If the culture involves treating women like objects, then the culture doesn't deserve respect and it deserves to fucking die. Weebs have brainrot, I swear.

No. 270835

Also another reason they hate me, I said I'm glad I'm in europe (not saying everything here is perfect) but I think, secretly, another reason they love japan is because how openly misogynistic it is. Weebs are the stupidist people going, and many other fellow japanese people think the same and openly mock them for example: sodom from street fighter is a weeb and there are many references to him being pathetic. Weebs hate when you point this out though kek

No. 270837

Oh, they absolutely idolize Japan, and South Korea too, for how openly misogynistic those countries are compared to North America and Europe. Those countries are still stuck in a 1950's mindset, culturally, compared to the west, so they get to do a lot of shit to women that won't fly here. Weebs love that, because women in the west have been "corrupted by feminism". You see it with how they bitch about the evil west fucking with how women look in video games and cartoons. They want balloon tit bikini armor broken spine weeaboo shit.

I love that Japanese people openly mock them though. It's what weebs deserve.

No. 270839

>Weebs love that, because women in the west have been "corrupted by feminism"
I get this all the time, I was the "waifu who got brainwashed by those white bitches" at my college-if only they knew how much south asian girls really dispised them. I mean look at kpop boybands and the like-are they made up of sweaty ugly pathetic neckbeards? No of course not! White guys who end up with wives in south asia are the kinds of guys who would also get partners in their own countries-the only time I have seen asian women with ugly white men tends to be in america and hmm…I wonder why coughgreencardcough

No. 270840

File: 1532315892794.jpg (38.27 KB, 554x424, 1388539358708.jpg)

I bet pic related is you.

No. 270841

Looks like we pissed off the yellow fever
Its okay greg from 4chan, you can pretend all asian women secretly prefer greasy acne covered chodes, whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 270843

Damn, I really wish I was a good artist because I would start to work on this immediately.

As long as you draw it in a hentai kind of style and make it look aesthetically pleasing, they will brainwash themselves into going 'oh shit! A new fetish I never thought I had!' like that sexy tooth brushing scene in that anime. I think it was supposed to be a joke but I remember guys on 4chan freaking out about it and it was suddenly fetish of the year just because someone would post tfw no qt to brush teeth why even live or some shit.

It's insane how easily you can trick their cocks into reacting to something and these dumb fucks buy into it. Remember when cucking was the new thing guys were pressuring their gfs into getting into because it was the fetish fad? And now it's eating ass. If I had the skill I would make a ton of hentai like fetish comics of guys getting killed, spam it on 4 chan, and sperg about how it's the new fetish and I guarantee those dumbasses will agree with me. They can be tricked with their sexuality so easily, just look at trap and tranny fetishists who fuck their bodies up irreparably. But no, women are the ones who are too irrational and easily manipulated.

No. 270844

You neckbeard is showing triggered kun.

No. 270845

Another wild scrote makes an appearance.

>"waifu who got brainwashed by those white bitches"

So unbelievably creepy, and of course it's white womens fault, haha. White women are like the final boss for both incels and SJW racebaiters.

The colossal asshurt these men feel at the knowledge that women can pick and choose who they want in the west, and that those women will never pick nasty sexist neckbeards, is amazing.

No. 270846

Hilariously enough, it was with traps to
One minute men are disgusted when women don't look like feminine goddesses, then when hentai made traps a thing, the "le dick made it better" meme, how many men are chasing trannies, imagine the amount of 4chin troons that would have never transitioned if they never discovered hentai, amazing, you can really make them do anything with porn to their puny little brains

No. 270847

I find it especially weird because women I work with, women I encounter for work, and couples I've known as friends throughout the years that are a white guy and asian woman, the woman is completely in charge of everything. Not even second generation, I work with women from Thailand and Cambodia and they completely call the shots in their homes, especially financially.

The whole submissive asian wife is so weird to me based on all of my real life experiences, even just friends the girlfriend was always in charge, where they were hanging out, who they were going to meet, and the boyfriend could come or just stay home. I've never met a submissive asian wife/girlfriend.

No. 270848

I really dislike 'daddy doms' and dom men in general. They're usually narcissistic idiots.
NOW, sub men, I can appreciate. All sub men I've met were OK.

No. 270849

File: 1532316996627.jpg (666.74 KB, 1600x1200, 1457582317806.jpg)

>imagine the amount of 4chin troons that would have never transitioned if they never discovered hentai

Holy shit, I know, that was the first time I realized how easily men can be manipulated with porn. Like out of nowhere there were tons of threads on how superior anime traps were, then real life traps, then trannys, and it was like you could see the responses going from 'yeah thats hot' to some kind of weird jealousy and desire to be that object of obsession and fetishization. Male sex drive + male fragile ego + male insecurity + porn = fucking up their bodies permanently for the satisfaction and pleasure of anonymous strangers on the Internet. It's wild.

Men also come up with the weirdest freak shit you can imagine, like blowing up into blueberries or vore. I hope male humiliation and degradation becomes the new meme fetish.

No. 270850

This. Although some are pretty pushy, most are decent, put effort into their appearence and are polite. Doms on the whole are just cunts.

No. 270851

I hate how men act like woman are frail helpless creatures.
Stuff like having to be the one to open a jar, even when the woman says she can do it by her self, behaving like they are experts in a field they understand nothing about and generaly using every little opportunity to feed thei ego while despising women that don`t fit the smol uwu princess model or the dumb sexy semendemon model.
Also, the women that enable that kind of behaviour should be ashamed of themselves.

No. 270854

>I hope male humiliation and degradation becomes the new meme fetish
femdom does seem to be gaining popularity on /r9k/ from what I've seen.

I hope men meme themselves into second class citizenship. I would like them a lot better if they were obedient to us.
Although maybe I'm just as bed since I have a fetish for male submission. Oof.

No. 270855

Most men are so bad at porn art in general too. They draw in a way that you can tell they obviously never tried to learn how to draw a human body doing mundane things. Everything is always fucked up, distorted fetish style drawings. Tits bigger than a womans head, gross shiny plastic looking skin, overly red faces and genitals, buckets of cum, assholes that look prolapsed. I like looking in the bad/hideous art threads and just seeing images where I can immediately tell the artist was a man.

No. 270857

File: 1532318782076.png (110.84 KB, 462x488, 3lDnNpv.png)

I like male submission and humiliation but I'm not sure if it really turns me on or it's just nice seeing guys be in that role instead of a girl being sexually humiliated and treated like trash.

Shad is the first person I think of with that. The fact that he is well known and successful is baffling to me, his art is so childish in a way. Like how I think a horny 13 year old boy looks at women. I remember seeing his stuff on /co/ years ago and people being like 'I feel guilty because it's bad art and I know it's bad but but I can't stop jacking off to it' Can't stop. Can't. I don't think you know what that word means.

I think of erotic content from women (I love to read sexy romance books) it's all about the emotion, the story, the intensity, the mutual pleasure, and a male lover that's considerate and takes pleasure in the woman being satisfied himself. With men it's either ridiculous bimbo rubber skin and insane proportions or fetish shit that borders on frightening.

No. 270859

File: 1532319230577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.11 KB, 700x1085, IMG_4048.JPG)

Hentai like that already exists anon(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 270862

I know weird stuff like this exists, don't get me wrong, but I'd want to do it in a kind of romanticized way and make it so similar to the hentai they jack off to that their brains mix the two and become indiscernible and see what happens.

The pathetic 4chan breed of men are such whiners about porn and sexuality. Like they find weird/disturbing shit and instead of just thinking to themselves 'That turns me on. That shouldn't turn me on. I should stop looking at it' they have to make a post whining about how they don't have some gf to chop their dick off and eat it and it makes them so sad and too detailed descriptions to other men about how hard they are.

No. 270876

Read this today. Thought it was fitting for this thread.https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-44918795?

No. 270877

>erotic content from women is all about the emotion, the story, the intensity, the mutual pleasure, and a male lover that's considerate and takes pleasure in the woman being satisfied himself.

Yes. I remember when me and one my male friend wanted to exchange our favorite porn videos, he straight up sent me a video of a girl choking on a dick, tears on her eyes and receiving what looked like very painful anal (no lube). I was so disgusted that I didn't even sent him my favorite video and just completely dropped our sexting.

I think so many men are shitty lovers that they don't even realize that a porn actress screaming "OOOOH YEAH… fffff.. FUCK YEAH FUCK THAT PINK HOLE" while being jackhammered isn't really enjoying what's happening, they think (or wish?) they can make a girl scream like that without any skills, just by pounding away like a retard.

Which is why they don't like porn videos with some skilled males. Every time a guy eat a girl out, is considerate, every time you hear the male porn actor communicating with the girl asking her what she wants, what she likes, you'll see a bunch of extremely butthurt men in the comment, crying that their porn is ruined! Ruined because the guy is trying to pleasure the girl and make it a moment of mutual enjoyment instead of just fucking her like a piece of meat.

Sorry for blogpost I just think mainstream porn really show how fucked male sexuality is.

No. 270880

Probably because men believe the world revolves around them, and the one place were women are worshipped and loved men ruined too because they had to make it about them

I honestly can't enjoy sex anymore, I feel like if i enjoy sex im a boring pillow princess who should spend every last second begging for dick and cum, this is why lesbian sex is a million times better, 10/10 would recommend

No. 270882

File: 1532326915005.png (97.83 KB, 1056x666, d37b6491811e50d1ec5d690d329016…)

>"high quality" male parenting

No. 270885

I don't think a man can truly respect a woman who isn't his relative or his lover.

This is something I've always thought and it always proves itself right.

No. 270887

File: 1532329556131.jpg (41.95 KB, 599x433, e823b7f3797c704626d037d9f79fe0…)

Could you imagine the backlash a woman would receive for saying things like this? And yet when it's a male he's just too confident or a true legend. Men aspire to be like this guy so they can fuck women and say shit like that.

Also, as a football lover it's so tiresome dealing with the men in the fanbase.

No. 270888

Zlatan is such an ugly fucker and he behaves how a 13 yrs old think a powerful men does. With all this money he could have bought himself a new chin seriously, he's a fucking eyesore.

No. 270890

I think what he said is just Bosnian humor (it better be), but yeah, usually he is quite an egomaniac.

No. 270892

File: 1532331411773.png (21.74 KB, 755x235, weww.PNG)

>Go to /meta/ to issue a complaint
>see this bullshit staring me in the face
Imagine being this triggered over "femcels".

No. 270902

If the kid has any sense, he'll reject what his shitty dad is telling him, like most kids do.
That person could simply hide the thread, but that'd take self-restraint on their part, and we can't have that, now can we?

No. 270914

that comparison is just stupid tho, "Birthday sex" is loved by all men but how many guys can get away with "dicking her for her birthday"?

If a woman had said that, nothing would have happened.

No. 270915

>see an entire thread about Man-hating

Imagine being this triggered over "males"

No. 270916

Lol why would incels post 250+ messages about how stupid psychopathic and sex obsessed men are? That anon sounds retarded.

No. 270918

File: 1532339900333.png (42.21 KB, 500x399, file-1525405428181-ipg-54-kb-9…)

No. 270950

File: 1532349931577.png (68.93 KB, 1256x688, erw.png)

lmao, the state of these bootlickers. they want 'offenders' and "the topic" (you better love men!!!) banned from the site (permanently, i guess?) if it's not kept to the thread. i love the "YOU'RE JUST LIKE INCELS" argument that's so completely oblivious of context and reality, as if any of us make these criticisms because we can't get laid, lmfaooooo.

i love that they can't handle being called 'handmaidens' when they're seriously out here getting offended on behalf of men and rabidly responding with 66 page manifestos to 'femcel dyke' posters about how much they love their male dentist and their yuppie dads. there's a pretty simple solution: just don't whine at all women who don't share your similarly rose colored views and who don't have as much faith in men as you do?

shitass posters that can't just hide threads or just scroll over like 8 posts without pissing their pants are so embarrassing.

No. 270954

>They particularly get off on the idea that white girls are shunned in asia (based off this one article written by a frumpy near middle aged woman who didn't have much luck in Japan). It's like revenge for them, except it's all in their imaginations.
I remember reading a thread on r/china asking female expats about their love lives. One white woman said that she was young and overweight but had no trouble finding chinese men who were interested in her. She got downvoted to oblivion. Men can't stand having their fantasies crushed.

No. 270956

File: 1532351121373.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, 0e9[1].jpg)

>on behalf of men
How do you know they aren't men?

No. 270958

They don't like when women shatter their revenge fantasies.
>in Asia nobody would like you western feminists!
>when you hit The Wall at 30 no man will want you while 30yo men will be swimming in younger pussy

No. 270960

>Women can't be lonely! Women can't be incel! Women can get any man they want!
>Once you're past 30 no man will want you
Male "logic" lol

A Korean woman told me korean men say the exact same things about korean women that white men say about white women. That Korean women are too feminist and don't appreciate korean men enough and that korean men are gonna marry foreign women instead of koreans.
All men think they're so special and have a unique genius even though they sound the same as all other men around the world.

No. 270962

lmao @ the posters who want this thread gone. I'd say most girls who spend a lot of time on imageboards are familiar with how awful men are, why shouldn't we talk about it?

No. 270964

>you just need a good dicking sweetie

No. 270965

Incels say women can't be lonely no matter what and that any super ugly girl can get a male model if she just installs Tinder. Red Pillers on other hand say it's over for women past 25 and that it will be their turn to shine and swim in pussy.

Both types are dumb.

No. 270967

Jesus.. read through that load of shit and all I saw was
>this thread is an eyesore!
>femcel this, femcel that
But they're clearly not men or trannies, yeah right…

No. 270969


>countless places on the internet purely dedicated to hating women

>one man "hate" thread on lolcow and they lose their minds

No. 270970

honestly it's the man-hate stuff on /ot/ that really contributes to the overall enjoyable no boys allowed/Girls Online feel of the board for me. Is that strange to say?

No. 270972

Same, I love having a community were completely shitting on men is accepted. IRL you just can't bitch about them without most women protecting their little feefees, too many girls are dickwhipped.

No. 270975

It helps that this is all on anon, women are bought up to consider other peoples feelings but here we can say what we really think. Men don't fuckin care, they'll hate women aggressively on facebook or something

No. 270978

One of those have to be the retards who cried that when we criticize men it's like saying her grandpa and her brother are rapist and it upsets her. Kek.
Autism is no joke.

No. 270979

>this is what femcels really believe

No. 270980


>women hide on anonymous forums

>Men don't care and hate women aggressively on facebook or something


kek I'll always laugh how men think its so socially acceptable to hate men but you can't say a thing about women.

No. 270983

90% of this male crying is the result of private companies trying to distance themselves from incels/misogynists and the obvious bad optics they give their companies. these are the same men that whine nonstop about how companies should have the right to do whatever they want/whatever the market demands but they literally claim their free speech/their first amendment rights are being suppressed by private companies, kek.

No. 270986

So, given these posts and the /meta/ thread, it is safe to say that the men on lolcow do not want this thread thread to exist, nor its users to post about this topic outside of it.

Since the last thread was autosaged, the possibility of this one, and man-hating itself, getting banned is out there.

Where should we go if this isn't allowed on /ot/? I personally propose a discord server (you should NOT join with your regular account if this is to happen) that will be strictly moderated and kept on topic.

No. 270987

I wonder who are those people who will tolerate literally any topic BUT man hating. I can't believe it's not a bunch of incels and trannies LARPing.

No. 270989

That video is old, but absolutely awful, the comments as well. Why are things like this allowed on youtube?

No. 270990

This guy is known for saying shit like this so I just saved the first pic I found on Google. Take a look at his quotes or the way he behaves in general, his personality is also one of the reasons he's considered a 'legend'. My point was he's allowed to act like an asshole and be praised for it because he's male. Like imagine a woman having the same attitude as him, she'd be torned to shreds.

No. 270991

It is obviously men, perhaps even r9k denizens that have remained on this board from previous raids.

No. 270994

File: 1532358010527.png (46.06 KB, 1252x339, dfrr.PNG)

most recent whiny dispatch from /meta/

honestly, i can. i know there are trannies and shrimpdicked men on here, but some of these really do read like young women deep in the throes of hapless dick defending. whenever you speak to these women, they always say shit like "well, I'VE never had that experience. men have always been fine to ME!", they can't possibly grasp that not everyone has the same experiences as them. the thing is that plenty/most of these 'man-hate' offenders have been ritually abused and are angry and resentful, and rightfully so, so of course women want to talk about it with each other and be frank about how horrible men are with each other.

>inb4 "b-but I'VE BEEN ABUSED AND I DON'T HATE ALL MEN!" as if we all need to roll over and pretend the things we see on a daily basis and the experiences we've had aren't something to still be enraged by

No. 270996

The second the angry anon used the word femcel and said this thread is like r9k, thats when it was obvious it is a man. No women would call another woman an incel and no women would even think that talking about why men abuse women is the same as "reee 10/10 virgins wont suck my penis"

No. 270999

not true, anon. coolgirls do that shit all of the time and try to draw parallels where none exist. it's probable that it's a dude, but there are definitely women out there like this, and they definitely would be the type to frequent imageboards

No. 271001

Is the last post a male troon? anons usually only tell someone to go back to c.c. when they're reeing bout anons being gendercrit.

>saying we're as bad as 4chan males when 4chan males come into these threads and bait with gore art like just above.


No. 271004

File: 1532360486106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.42 KB, 1920x386, assholes.jpg)

on /pol/ on any given day there are at least 4 live threads about how all women are race traitors, complaining about single mothers (no crit for the absent fathers) laughing at girls who get beat up and raped, saying they need their rights removed and posting child porn which the mods need reminding to remove.

Its funny they do all that yet get triggered at this one thread which is no where near as bad, more reason men are nothing more than stupid whiny cunts.

No. 271007

How can the anons in /meta/ know things like pic related exist yet be so against a place to talk about it?

No. 271010

Don't you understand anon? Criticizing men's shitty behaviors and entitlement is the same exact thing as relishing in the rape of a 13 yrs old girl!

No. 271014

File: 1532361383158.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.86 KB, 245x329, FireShot Capture 299 - _pol_ -…)

I assumed its because they dont want to attract these assholes here but its clear they are already here so I dont see reason not to personally-the stuff here is really tame compared to the shit they post on the daily.

No. 271016

>men on lolcow
>only men think this thread is ridiculous
lel because no woman would ever think this thread goes ott

No. 271017

Don't these same men scream about reversed roles any possible chance they get? I remember that one video of women drawing penises, men were triggered to hell and back screaming their heads off about how "IF A MAN DID IT!!!" Turns out, the same channel made a video a men drawing vaginas and women were laughing, the only negative comment was 1 woman naking fun of goofy drawn hips, 99% of the time when they scream about reversed roles its almost never true

Oh not to mention how much shit amy s got for making a rape joke. Meanwhile if you get upset over shadman drawing actual children being molested you're a triggered feminazi

No. 271018

What's soOoOo over the top about it, anon? Specifically?

No. 271020

Only because the statistics in OP pic are over the top

No. 271021

Numbers are numbers, they can't be ott.

No. 271023

male virgins tend to be insecure, angry, and have completely unrealistic expectations of sex and relationships

No. 271029

i doubt they respect their lovers/gfs/wives as well tbh

No. 271030

Honestly, a male being a virgin in adulthood is a red flag to me. Men are socialize to want sex and to charm/manipulate women to get it. So if they're adults virgins, they're either incels who expect sex to be give to them with no work; fixated on one woman, who probably rejected them and they refuse to move on; or they're really religious

No. 271031

I hate how angry and volatile some men get when a woman has a different opinion than them and I especially hate how it increases when a woman ends up being right.

No. 271035

It sadly became a red flag for me to me. It's too bad because I find the idea of taking a leading role and teaching everything about sex to a virgin a turn on but I have yet to met an adult male virgin who's completely right in his head.

No. 271038

Its true, anytime someone posts a picture of an attractive woman they cry that their gf doesnt have big boobs and how their ex did and they need to cheat on her shit, stuff like that, its not always about boobs but you'd think men who cry about how high womens standards are all day wouldn't be such hypocrites, especially as a woman who struggled with extreme body dyspmorphia, I don't know what I'd do if I found out my boyfriend was saying stuff like that behind my back

I wanna find the collage again of men complaining their gfs tits are small, threatening to break up and cheat, one men even said he was going to ghost his wife until she gets implants and how hard his life must be because her boobs arent the size he wants them to be, the dude on 4chan who told a guy who was talking about his small chested girlfriend he should cheat on her with bigger boobed friends and tell her he broke up with her because of her boobs, etc
Honestly, after seeing how cruel men can be towards something like boob size. I laugh anytime men insist its actually women making poor men feel insecure

No. 271039

One of the grossest forms of gaslighting women I see is men trying to insist women are the ones responsible for the beauty standards that make us insecure.

No. 271040

Or they try to insist that was their opinion all along and the woman magically misunderstood them

No. 271047

File: 1532365430559.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

Found it
The worst part is that these aren't even the worse I've seen
I wanna make an imgur album of men pulling this shit, they don't even like womens bodies they like bashing the ever loving shit out of them>>271038

No. 271049

you can't deny that women have a lot to do with it too, I've seen and heard many other women in my life judging others and making them feel bad based on looks only, not just men, both genders do it.

No. 271051

Well yeah,but how many times have you seen women be this insanely cruel over one flaw?

No. 271053

Also alot of a cultures beauty standards are heavily influenced by the fashion, cosmetic and media industries, which men heavily controlled since most companies have male CEOs.
Young girls are the majority of the females who judge and belittle each other based off of looks because their entire life they were told women acted catty and bitchy towards one another, on top of having the beauty standards pushed on them.

No. 271055

It's true that women enforce those hurtful body standards and compete with each other for male approval. We have to break free of this desire to be validated by males, our literal oppressors, every time I see a woman shaming another women for her look / body I'm absolutely disgusted and disappointed.

No. 271061

Check your looks privilege, I spent hell in school as soon as the head bitches hit puberty.

No. 271062

File: 1532367888583.png (97.78 KB, 1027x427, Screenshot1034.png)

Some 15 yrs old have big milkers, it's a clear sign that she's ready to make babies, it isn't pedophilia.

No. 271068

>talks about how underdeveloped girls should be forced to get married, pump out kids and serve husband until they die at 21
>tries to promote the idea fucking under developed girls is ok
>WhY DoNt WoMeN WaNt KiDs AnYmOrE

These dudes legit need a history lesson, 15 yr olds dont birth "healthy strong sons", in fact most of the 15 yr olds were sold off to abusive pedophiles, I'm guessing they wanna shit in the ground too since they love Victorian times so much? Do they wanna be shunned for not making enough to support their family? Or do they only like victorian times when it pertains to forcefully fucking 15 yr olds and making them have fucked up kids?

No. 271073

File: 1532370397242.png (178.01 KB, 855x412, Midogynynotreal.png)

Misogyny is not a real thing.

No. 271077

TRP, right?

No. 271078

No. 271080

I visited the TRP subreddit and it's hilarious how those losers try to pass their bullshit as science.

No. 271081

They love to claim that it was totally normal for 14-15 year olds to get married because we know about historical women who got married at that age, but the fact is that those were primarily political marriages that in many cases didn’t produce children until years later. It wasn’t that long ago that girls only started menstruating in their late teens. Where do they get this idea that young teenagers are more fertile than women in their early 20’s? It’s verifiably untrue.

No. 271082

"Hey isnt is kinda misogynist how you screech all day about how awful women are?"
"Yeah Well i want to fuck women you stupid feminazi and your madeup words youre a martian klepto in a skin suit!!!"
Who even takes them seriously other then themselves?

No. 271083

Nope, because I feel the exact same way. Imageboards are dominated by anons shitting on women all the time, and if you criticize men anywhere where you have a name attached, they'll come running and dogpile you. Having one thread on one board where we can vent is fucking nice.

No. 271084


Do you realize which imageboard you are in right now?

No. 271085

i really don't see all that much female nitpicking unless it's a horrible person. generally the nitpicking is in reference to stuff like styling, hygiene, etc, anyways. all things that can be changed.

No. 271086

>Who even takes them seriously other then themselves?
Lemme introduce you to these handmaidens: https://www.reddit.com/r/RedPillWomen/

No. 271087

they always jump through hoops to claim anything they like or don't like is because of fertility, even when it's complete bullshit, /pol/ users even made bullshit up that the reason why men prefer pale skin is because it adsorbs calcium for making babies and thats why women of color aren't desirable

that one dude who claimed a slightly muscular woman is attractive and unsuitable because "there's a reason not lots of people look like her" which makes absolutely no sense because she worked to get the way and most people don't workout

one minute its fat girls, next minute it's muh fertile 10 yr olds, the minute after its double H tits, 20 inch waists and 50 inch hips, next minute it's slim small women

they even once claimed lauren southern had low estrogen and will have trouble having babies because her voice is deep, these dudes are insane, god forbid they have female family members since anytime they see a woman the first thing they think about is her fertility, I wonder how these dudes would react if their wife had endometriosis or something that caused infertility, how the hell do these dudes even work? what if their boss was a woman? would they go up to her and say "hmmmm you're old you're infertile and gross, wasted eggs"

the only times I've seen it happen is to genuinely awful girls like june who deserve it after shitting on other women to hell and back, even then I don't see women threatening to break up with men if they don't get bicep surgery

No. 271088

Are you aware that the nitpicking here pales in comparison to what is done on the actual male counterpart to this board?

No. 271089

Women used to get married at 15 and start shitting out one useless failure of a son after another partially because people lived such short lives. They also lived hard lives, so people would procreate as much as possible, in case, you know, their other kids died due to shitty living standards. It's why birth rates have declined in advanced countries, yet continue in shitty ones. It's why, for a lot of the families in the west, your grandparents and great grandparents probably had assloads of sibling, while you only have one or two.

No. 271097

yeah seriously. i've said it before but i'd way rather be called dumpy and haggard a million times than be called a worthless cunt. farmers for the most part still see their cows as humans (kek) who aren't completely one dimensional and always have the opportunity to change their ways. the male counterpart tend to equate the way women appear with their entire selves and dehumanize and degrade them accordingly.

No. 271108

How many of these are larping trannies?

No. 271111

I've always thought it was 50% women who are already married and with kids to one of those RP guys so they feel trapped and like all they can do is at least paint it as their own desires and swallow it up, and 50% guys from TRP that are there to reassure and further indoctrinate the actual women.

No. 271112

>50% women who are already married and with kids to one of those RP guys so they feel trapped and like all they can do is at least paint it as their own desires and swallow it up

That's actually really sad, especially if their husband got into red pill shit after they got married and had kids (that seems to be a lot of cases).
Whatever these women do, those scrotes will try their best to cheat on them and treat them like shit.

No. 271117

Oh, I love when they borrow terms for concepts they don't understand and apply them to their own bullshit. Like "females are solipsistic!". Seeing them acting that stupid then circlejerking about how smarter than women they are is delicious.

No. 271122

Both do it but only one is damaged by it. I don't know what point people who say "b-but women do it too!", yes, they do, they are taught to, they gain nothing from it. What the fuck do you expect anyone to do with the information "both do it"?

No. 271126

File: 1532382566085.jpg (252.64 KB, 500x696, 7fc383fa24a4929a.jpg)

>that image tho

I wish there were more artists like Kaneoya Sachiko, who put men in situations that women are usually put into. It's really refreshing to see.
I've thought about doing art like that but I'd be terrified of the backlash and possible death threats lmao

No. 271128

Man this guy….I don't really remember much but about a year ago he put this video out, and when you searched the title of the video (which was just a basic couple of words, I think it was tick tock or something, nothing outright misogynist), his video was the FIRST to pop up and it only had a few thousand views….it was very creepy to me. Not to get all conspiratorial but it feels like Youtube and other sites put this shit at the top to promote misogyny. I mean it certainly works. Look how many people have been indoctrinated with this shit because it's recommended if you watch any type of political video. And then you go down the rabbit hole of it because it's all that is recommended to you from then on out, even if you clear your recommendations.

I know I sound crazy. But sometimes Youtube freaks me out. They leave up the most vitriolic misogyny and take down videos from harmless youtubers who like to debunk far-right stuff. Not attacking them or anything…but just discussing.

I mean I'm not surprised they let misogyny run wild because the people at Youtube probably support it. But the algorithm works very strangely in regards to this topic. There was no reason for this guy's barely viewed video to be the first result. and I tried it incognito on my phone as well and it still was.

No. 271129

So this was just a long winded way to say "If Chad did it you'd like it" Goddamn men talk too much.

No. 271133

File: 1532385366698.png (21.9 KB, 1046x106, 5aa9a72c231a450a9302db72dc0125…)

A gem I found there.

No. 271134

I kinda want to do that too, but with gay couples so it won't be obvious. Maybe one of them could wear a dress and heels

No. 271136

In my opinion, Redpillwomen is either

a) full of men larping as women for god knows what purpose

b) full of women who assume every single woman is exactly like them, acts like them, wants the same things as them, has the same fetishes/sexual proclivities as them, has the same interests/goals (or lack thereof) as them. Because to men (and women like these) women are all inhuman robots who are interchangeable and don't have individual thoughts/feelings/personalities.

Women couldn't POSSIBLY be all different from each other. Only men are complex, fully human creatures.

No. 271140

File: 1532388759961.jpg (8.63 KB, 281x293, blackdragon.jpg)

Has anyone ever heard of Black Dragon/Caleb Jones? He is a self proclaimed relationship expert who writes about how alpha men can never be in long term monogamous relationships and all women are brainwashed harpies who want to suck the joy out of men and are only good for sex. TRP and r/incels LOVE him and support him by buying his books and guides. He doesn't believe in marriage (he has been married and is currently married), he has grown children, and he gives the women in his life nicknames for his blog like "Pink Butterfly".

Here are a few gems from his site
>Why You Should Never Hold Her Purse (Yes, I’m Serious)
>To clarify what I’m saying, you should never hold a woman’s purse. Never. Even if it’s “just for a second.” I am only referring to a woman’s purse here. I am not referring to things like shopping bags or other generic bags, as I’ll explain in a moment. I’m only talking about a woman’s purse.
>I have a 94% return rate for women who leave me. 94% come back, and all of these women think I’m a “dick” sometimes by not adhering to their feminine agenda. That’s why they left. If I was never a “dick,” this return rate would be 5%, not 94%. Being a “dick” sometimes is what works.
>Wrong. Of course it matters. Men and women both wear jeans, but wearing a dress is something only women do. News flash, holding a purse is something only women do. Hell, even gay men don’t hold purses! If you’re saying that holding a purse for her for just a minute is no different than holding a shopping bag, then you need to explain the difference between wearing jeans and wearing a dress.
>Holding a purse for her is not only betaization, but also emasculation, again, even if it’s “just for a second” and even if no one else sees you besides her. Her attraction will drop, at least a little. The context under why you’re holding the purse doesn’t matter. Neither does the duration. What matters is that she asked, and you complied.

Imagine thinking you're such a self proclaimed "Alpha male" who is full of strength, confidence, and masculinity,and all that strength and power is threatened by holding a purse for just ONE second. Look at the fucking comments. Men are asking if its okay to get a drink fora woman if she asks, if it is okay to do anything for a woman ever. I cannot even begin to understand this viewpoint. Why get into a relationship if you can't find joy in doing things for the person you're dating? When I like a guy I want to be able to help him and make him happy, as long as he does the same for me.

There is a lot more on his blog but I can't even stomach going through the rest, the purse article made me that angry.

Pic related is what this guy looks like.

No. 271143

I can't wait to get into a relationship with a smaller, weaker man and convince him to trust me. I'll make a good amount of money at my job then tell him it's okay for him to quit his and hang out at home.
With this full control over him, I will begin beating the shit out of him everyday because I know what he does in secret. He will have cheated and he will have violent sexual fantasies. Men deserve this.

I used to treasure men and wanted a sweet husband to care for, but I know now that it's impossible.

No. 271144

The thing that makes me most depressed about this is that you would NEVER, and I mean NEVER, see a man walk into like a redpill or incel/mgtow space and tell them that they're wrong or try to shut them down. They would never ever defend women or even disagree with what is discussed there. But even women will defend these men at the expense of other women and make it so that the women who are venting about abuse/misogyny/terrible things men do are the bad guys for daring to speak about it.

Women really are on their own in life. People will pile on with the misogyny forever and tell call you stupid and evil for wanting to discuss it with others who have experienced the same things and are depressed about it and want someone to talk to.

No. 271146

That's kind of fucked up but okay.

No. 271147

>The thing that makes me most depressed about this is that you would NEVER, and I mean NEVER, see a man walk into like a redpill or incel/mgtow space and tell them that they're wrong or try to shut them down.

No. 271148

i want this except the abuse. just a relationship (not marriage since it's just a dumb sexist traditon) with a smaller weaker man who takes on the """female""" role of making less money and spending more time with eventual kids and homemaking.

No. 271149

File: 1532394234934.jpg (83.76 KB, 540x720, 1527554062470.jpg)

cool up until the physical abuse

Most porn artists keep a low profile

No. 271150

Before the industrial revolution most men spent more time with the children and were involved in homemaking because most people were farmers.

No. 271152

lmao why do men ruin everything, they come here and RP as girls and try and get the manhate threads kicked. They do to c.c and constantly attention seek and cause trouble all Hur Hur Look At Me I Have A Penis … tragic.. why do it

No. 271159

yeah i come from a farmer family and the women still did most the labor both in and out of the house, at least nowadays we have machines.

No. 271160

cant you just draw anonymously? i've drawn abused boys and i get no hate. im not popular either though lol i have like 100 followers.

No. 271162

What is that supposed to prove? Guarantee you that sub is 99% women since that's one of the rare places on reddit where women can go and won't get bombarded by misogyny that is completely irrelevant to the sub topic.

No. 271167

>Before the industrial revolution
Reading comprehension ftw

No. 271172

Honestly, MGTOW/MRAS/incels are pretty much almost all the same, when you compare their posts its almost always the same shit, same wording, same rants, same reading incomprehension skills, same crying, same mental tantrums, etc
The only difference is that MGTOWs delude themselves to believe even if they're fat, ugly, and mentally insane that means theyre too good for any woman and thats totally why they MGTOWed

Video related of what an average MGTOW looks like, meanwhile the second a woman talks about misogynistic situations where men are coddled to hell and back and shitty men, men cry about it, scream triggered feminist, scream that its equality, etc

No. 271175

These MGTOW dudes make hating women their entire personality and purpose of being. It's fucking insane.

And then whenever you see people bring this up to them on their subreddit, they come up with some lame ass excuse and try to pretend that the sub contains more than just posts about hating women when…it really doesn't. Once in a blue moon there will be a post that isn't about how all women are worthless whores. And then they say they don't HATE women, they aren't misogynists, they just understand their nature or some fuckery. How can you really lack that much self awareness?

No. 271177

File: 1532398972755.png (23.04 KB, 704x92, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.22…)

Hell yeah dude…that's why women commit the majority of violent crime, murder, rape, etc….oh wait.

No. 271181

Sage for blogpost, but my friend has a relationship like this. She works in a funeral home, doing mortician work. Her boyfriend stays at home and looks after the kids. He does a little bit of art stuff on the side to make a little bit of money, but he's basically a stay at home dad.

No. 271182

"But anon! That's just because of female privilege and women get away with everything, except when it shows blacks have uneven incarcination rates then that just means those dumb niggers need to stop committing crime!! But when it shows for men it means men are oppressed babies!!"

No. 271185

They literally act like women making their own choices, including choosing not to fuck them, is a worse crime than murder. Hell, they even think cheating* is worse than murder, but ONLY when a woman does it. It's unbelievable. I can't even imagine thinking like this.

*Cheating is horrible obviously. But not murder horrible, like these dudes act like it is when a woman cheats.

No. 271186

I can only take so much of these retards, so I only skimmed over that article, but holy shit. It says he has 20,000 subscribers on his site, and then there's all those comments from men below the shitty article.

>Can I get a glass of water for her?

>Dude you can't hold the purse even for a second
>some retard posting a quote about how you can either love women or understand them, but never both
>the token woman (or LARPing man) talking about the purse thing

No. 271189

They're all so damn ugly and low t

Women talking about rape=stupid triggered nazi who hates men
Men screaming about how women are ruining them by holding a purse for a second = reasonable

Do they even stop for a second to think about the fact they're contracting themselves? Or i wonder what hoops they jump through to justify it, if they even acknowlege it and just scream about feminists hitting the wall or whatever

No. 271203

The double standards men have when it comes to statistics and generalizations for men vs men of a certain race is so blatant and hilarious. Of course, it's just being logical and rational to be racist because black men commit crimes but it's evil feminism to claim the same about men overall, even though the data is similarly damning.

/pol/ types feel that women have a moral responsibility to avoid black men because they're statistically likely to beat women, leave them, etc. But any smart woman would apply that same logic to men in general, and realize that our chances of domestic violence, being murdered or left alone with a kid drops to nearly zero if we avoid relationships. It's #notallmen in that case, but you'll never be able to defend being a ~coal burner~ with #notallblackmen.

No. 271205

File: 1532406640615.jpg (86.47 KB, 500x333, Roosh-V.jpg)

>1. She must be between 18-25 years old
>2. She must have less than three prior sexual partners, though I prefer a virgin

>It is ideal to have a girl who is clean both physically and emotionally, without any lingering baggage that can hurt your future family. Only a virgin can provide this.


No. 271206

File: 1532407220475.gif (982.5 KB, 500x280, 1530907866355.gif)

Yeah sure. I hope he goes even more off the deep-end so he doesn't reproduce. When these scrotoids are average or a bit above they attract handmaidens but I love seeing guys that look like literal ape-man subhumans spew out this shit because they're just confirming their lineage dying out. It's natural selection.

Also, you can totally tell his salty tears are caused by being rejected as a teen so now he thinks he needs to be full ~chad~ to cover his damaged ego, kek

No. 271209

My favorite thing about this loser is the way he specifies 18 to 25. Because you know the piece of shit wants to go younger, but he doesn't have the balls to say it out loud.

No. 271210

This dude got beer thrown in his face and since people online got a good laugh out of it, it triggered the shit out of redpillers / MGTOW.

>REEEEE, so violence is okay as long a you donc't like the dude? Reeee women on male violence!

It's like those guys who were offended when some men punched a the nazi wearing an armband. I don't believe that you're not a little on his side if you get upset about it.

No. 271212

I bet it'd be 14-17.

No. 271217

Imagine thinking a girl between 18-25 who doesn't have casual sex would want to settle down and have children with a man that spends all day reading pick up artist shit because he doesn't know how to talk to women, LOL

No. 271225

File: 1532414601378.jpg (28.92 KB, 531x508, f7d[1].jpg)

natural selection is none of you ever birthing kids

No. 271226

Got a 4 yr old and a 10 month old, wbu

No. 271227

>ape-man subhuman detected

No. 271231

What is the meme that women don't like young and handsome men?i don't understand why men act like we don't like attractive men as well. The men they promote as hot( the rock for example) I have never seen a woman in real life say he's attractive. Most women seem to like boyishly handsome men.

No. 271233

Because with the rock, he had a fucked face but he's fit now which signals t so to men it means all the ladies must be on his cock, they think we're as obsessed with fertility as they are and will BS biology and disregard actual attractive men just because another men is "fit" similar to what they do with women

Basically in their minds "because I want to fuck huge tits curvy 16 yr olds that must men women want to fuck steroid filled beefheads" since in their minds, their world revolves around fertility, as mentioned earlier men like so can't have normal social contact with women without thinking about how fertile they are

With women, we like attractive features, nice voices, good hygiene, good personality, decent body and that's it, its a plus if he has some muscle or whatever his gf would consider attractive, but most women arent running around demanding all men to look like t filled hunks and screeching about wall hitting when they lose muscle

No. 271234

They tell themselves whatever helps them sleep at night, dreaming of a day when they hit 40 and get to fuck all the 18 yr old models who rejected when they were younger and at their most attractive. So they spread memes around about how men age like fine wine, and claim that girls are the ones who pretend they only care about personality no matter how much they spend their lives openly frothing over qt young celebs.

In particular they are incredibly threatened by the appeal of twinks, because it contradicts their world view that being an alpha chad is the only way to get girls. Hence the universal male rage over the popularity of, for example, Bieber when he was younger.

No. 271237

Yeah seriously, some of these are just obnoxious in how forced they are. This one sounds like a bad romance novel including the comments. https://www.reddit.com/r/RedPillWomen/comments/901aiq/how_can_i_show_my_appreciation/

Yep, even though there's an influx on "male feminists" you still never see them actually doing shit for women except scream in their twitter safe space. They're never gonna go into the belly of the beast and actually tell the misogynists off. And most of them are in it just to get female admiration anyway, they don't actually give two shits about defending them. Yet at the same time we have a massive amount of handmaidens who would throw the whole female population under the bus just to get some good girl points in the eyes of men.

Case in point: EVERY imageboard out there has rampant misogyny in it and women are just told to suck it up because it's "part of the board culture". But here, on the only female-centric imageboard, we have a ton of incels/trannies and a handful of coolgirls crying over one goddamn anti-misogyny thread and a few posts in the vent/shitty boyfriend thread. Jesus christ.

No. 271238

Apparently this cave dweller is banned from entering the UK: http://www.rooshv.com/i-was-detained-by-icelandic-police-after-my-london-bound-flight-redirected-to-keflavik-airport
As a UK citizen I am fucking laffing

No. 271239

File: 1532418741028.png (401.4 KB, 350x511, Nikolai_Valuev.png)


Very true. When women complain about men losing physical qualities with aging the one I see the most frequently is about losing their hair, not their muscle. I've looked at incel, red pill, and alt-right forums out of curiosity and very few of the men they insist are irresistible to women look attractive to me. Most of them look like Neanderthal cavemen who were recently defrosted. When they discuss the men women frequently write about as being attractive, they claim they look "effeminate", "gay", or "soyboy".

Pic related. This is Nikolai Valuev, a boxer I've seen touted as undeniably sexy to all women ever because he's fit, a fighter, and has high testosterone facial features.

No. 271240

Finally, teresa may did something right
Now I wish the rest of these screaming spoiled mankids can face consequences for their actions

No. 271241

File: 1532419066216.jpg (64.98 KB, 540x800, cbe3bb3586fe763949cb1313786ab9…)

Lol. It's like women saying Angela White is the perfect woman because she has gigantic breasts. Women aren't into hyper masculine beast, they like pretty dudes with some nice masculine features.

But I'm talking about people who believe young Johnny Depp was soyboy-tier because of his soft "beta" eyes, so I shouldn't be surprised at their retardation kek.

Seriously women have always been into pretty dudes, very few women are really into big gross meathead.

No. 271246

They really come off as if being male comes with a dose of autism, in a sense that if its not big, exaggerated yet simplified and visually stimulating then they do everything in their power to denounce.
men with a holy trinity look of being soft skinned with sharp jaws and big eyes get shat on and reee'd at as soyboys, yet they will 'call out' misandry in women like aiight.

No. 271252

They should ban the fucker from the entire EU.

No. 271256

No. 271263

The huge steroid looking hyper masculine over compensating male archetype that is apparently what all women want is not attractive at all. Like very few women like that. The most attractive men have "feminine" qualities. Funny that. These men are so damn stupid.

No. 271264

It's funny because the virginal teens who they love so much have posters of bts and other young celebrities on their wall and not big bald headed trolls. Those girls would only marry men like that if they're being forced.

No. 271265

And I'd like to ass a lot of men think they're getting rejected because they're thin…no it's just because you're ugly brah.

No. 271266

File: 1532432598956.png (751.37 KB, 594x596, 81b80b88706dad8bd1d1d1318ba924…)

The weirdest thing is the fucking wristcel meme. I never ever heard anyone comment on a man's wrist before browsing incels forums.

>Some incels actually believe having tiny wrist is why no women wants to fuck them

No. 271267

There's a lie that men don't get jealous of other men and only women hate beautiful women. Has anyone seen how jelly and bitter they are towards men who are better looking then them?" He looks gay!" "Women who like men like that can't handle real men and are immature". Imagine a woman making comments like that, people would rip her to shreds for being a hater.

No. 271270

I have, actually, women can be extremely mean and offensive, just like men.
I mean, just read on any pt thread?

No. 271273

Men project what they find attractive in men/what they’re jealous of in other men and what they want to be onto women. And then say it’s universal.

The truth is, of course, is that women have a wide range of preferences. Some women prefer the Kpop star look, some of us just like normal semi-fit men with kind faces, some of us like tall fitness model types. But then men would have to admit women are individuals who vary….and they can’t step outside themselves to even consider that.

No. 271277

I've given that exact argument on /r9k/ before (mistake, I know) and his response was basically "no those all look exactly the same! They are all Chad, just with different accessories! Women's taste has no variation!!! But men's does!"

I guess he thought a skinny soft kpop boy looks just like a chiselled male model, who also looks just like a hairy dadbod guy. Wild.

No. 271279

I reported this by accident earlier, sorry. I thought you were posting it as if you believed it. Didn't realize you were just quoting them. Mods pls don't delete their post

No. 271281

File: 1532436277330.png (185.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180724-081216.png)

The wristcel, eyebrowcel etc memes crack me up, they get so autistic about it. I would suggest infiltration to give them more things to be insecure about, but they're doing such a good job on their own

No. 271300

It really is a big meme created by butthurt Red Pill types. I'm 29 dating a 21yo guy and I love telling those bitter 30+ assholes that they're too old for me.

No. 271313

imagine being this fucking retarded

No. 271316

God I love these threads. Fuck incels.

No. 271327

File: 1532459950209.png (434.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2384.PNG)

No. 271332

File: 1532461956735.png (9.36 KB, 495x421, 1531815156231.png)

It's kind of pathetic they waited until after the flight took off to say something to him. It's also incredibly fucking stupid that a whiny incel on the internet gets banned because hurt feefees, but the government lets migrant rapists go free. I hope the entire UK burns. What an absolute shithole.

No. 271336

File: 1532464306467.png (1.36 MB, 1804x1015, womanoftradition.png)

No. 271343

There was a short article on Yahoo about how some women preferred to be with their dogs than partners. Comments had the typical men trying to say "us too!!!" "women are only good for sex anyway" (and if the roles were reversed, men would just be highfiving each other for calling women worthless) it seems you cant just live your life without men REEEEing that youre not begging for their dick 24/7. If women were vocal as wgtow, theyd lose their collective shit.

Maybe its because of their libido? If men had lower libidos, would things be better or at least easier for women?

No. 271344

>If men had lower libidos, would things be better or at least easier for women?
Yes. The only worthwhile men have low libidos or have, through whatever means, managed to put their rabid animal minds under control. Majority of men are inferior to us, almost mentally challenged even, because they cannot think clearly at all until andropause.

This is only starting to show now, and will continue to do so in the future because we do not need their physical strength anymore, which is kind of what made them "rule" for so long.

No. 271350

Its about their ego more, I've straight had men tell me they've hooked up just to inflate their ego, hence why men hate womens bodies so much and jump through hoops to nitpick them, if their libido was as high as they claim they wouldnt run around screaming about walls and demanding women to look like sex dolls

No. 271354

i think this is bullshit and lets them get away with a fuckton. i think it's possible for them, like women, to have a high sex drive, but control themselves and not be gross. i think it's mostly down to habit/conditioning. it's difficult to act like a normal, sane, accountable human being after having been molded by shitty male conditioning. boys and men get hooked on porn and sex and their entire social sphere revolves around it, so of course it's difficult to drop the habit, on top of the fact that men literally don't want to stop being disgusting

my fiance always wants to have sex and generally has a high sex drive, but doesn't want or need to touch himself, he rarely touched himself before dating, isn't gross, his behavior doesn't change if he hasn't cum in literally almost half a year, etc.

i once had a friend who said he'd get irritable and angry if he hadn't cum in 2 weeks. i asked my fiance if that's a thing, and he said "no, he's just disgusting and using it as an excuse to be gross. it doesn't affect your mood like that."

i do think he's right. i think plenty of men will JUMP at the opportunity to say they're sooo victimized by their libidos and can't control it, etc.

No. 271358

File: 1532468149284.png (249.56 KB, 360x594, 1527331294368.png)

scrot here
women say they want the same job and salary as men
but then go around and say they want men who make more money than them
there simply is not enough men to go around in this system
unless of course women step up and start paying for the dinner and paying for the children and husbands and go to work while the men stay at home, cook, take care of the kids etc
ball is in your court(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 271360


>women say they want the same job and salary as men

but then go around and say they want men who make more money than them

Women want a man who's a bit above average imo. If he makes more money, that should mean it's because he earned that money through his effort, not because of other reasons. So yeah, that means more effort for men

No. 271361

You realize 99% of the time the homemaking type women arent saying this right? In fact I'm around trad women and I never in my life heard women demanding their partners make more than them, but you know who I have heard it from? Insecure little boys, I've even seen men cheat then claim its because his wife makes more than him, its ALWAYS men who are insecure when women make more, never the men

Now lets look at the comments on lolcow and cc, plenty of women would love to be the breadwinners, and they even discuss that in this very thread, so unless you can prove its the same people saying this then gtfo


No. 271364

Why would anyone go 2 weeks or even 6 months without orgasming? It sounds like you just have a problem with sexuality.

No. 271365

No. 271366

low libido or maybe things are busy or stressfull in their life so they cant focus on their genitals? i have low libido, fap once a month and im in tip top shape, no problem with sexuality.

No. 271368


wtf? do you not realize not everyone is a neet and some people have shit to do like internships, school, uni, jobs, missionships, etc? I think there's a problem with YOU if you think it's weird to go periods of time without getting your peepee touched

No. 271371

Yeah you guys definitely have a problem with sex.

No. 271373

Sorry if you felt attacked, nothing wrong with having a high sex drive, but normal people can go a while without sexual release and survive

No. 271374

Men are all about facts and studies until the studies show that single women are happier than single men, and married women live less and are less happy than married men. Guess it doesn't fit the narrative of women being succubus whores.

No. 271375

So say, I go on a business trip, neither me or my boyfriend cheat while I'm away
Are you claiming people who can remain sane without sex have issues but people who lose their minds without 2 weeks of sex are fine? Do you hear yourself?

No. 271376

Its funny they'll take studies that they can use to make men to be victims at face value, but demand 300 pages of research or twist anything they possibly could that makes men look bad

No. 271378

I meant I don't see why anyone would go 2 weeks without orgasming without good reason, I'm not talking about being super busy.

The first poster praising her boyfriend for not touching himself (what adult even says "touch yourself"?) and going 6 months without orgasming just sounds like one of those religious freaks with major hangups about sex.

No. 271380

Some people dont get horny (or horny enough to masturbate) in the span of two weeks. Is that reason good enough? It doesn't mean one has problems with sex if their libido is low. You have to admit 6 months is impressive and worthy of praise, i doubt she's a religious nut.

No. 271382

Why would going 6 months without orgasming be worthy of praise?

No. 271383

Have you all noticed that it's one thing if a woman is more successful, but they go apeshit if the woman is non-white? I've been witnessing this more at school and in the workplace, especially if they're black? It's fucking insane.

No. 271386

Not everyone has a high libido, and not everyone takes part in sex in the same way. The narrative is men are sex mad, but plenty of men have low libidos or even low fertility, and they are made to feel like weirdos because they're not bros pounding every woman that they have a chance to.
There is no "normal" libido and someone can be otherwise healthy and not masturbating like a caged chimp every few hours. Sexuality is also psychological, so of course those with different characters behave differently around sex.

We are often only exposed to the horny men because they pursue sex most aggressively, doesn't mean there aren't nofap types existing in harmony. Summarily, it's dumb to paint someone who doesn't want to masturbate for two weeks as a freak, and that kinda thinking leads people to declare themselves asexual just for having a non-high libido

No. 271388

it shows a lot of self control and discipline

No. 271394

Holy shit you're insane.

No. 271398

Lol, we have sex every day, 2-3 times a day. There's nothing wrong with his sex drive. He refrained from for months it at my insistence and I put him in a chastity belt for reassurance, though he's gone months without it when his life was busy anyways, so I knew the belt wasn't necessary. He has no problem controlling it. But plenty of people do have busy lives where cumming isn't a huge priority and can easily go without. I don't think having a high sex drive means you will turn into a nut job or that you NEED to have it, you just desire it often.

No. 271399

great argument

No. 271400

Roosh? You shouldn't be posting here - you have a mandatory flight home to catch!

No. 271403

Yea the white male suicide rates I've heard have been spiking in the past decade because their life hasn't been on easy mode for the first time ever. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

No. 271410

I think there's also some arbitrary bullshit assumption that a high sex drive means you MUST rub one out all of the time or fuck or else you lose your mind or act like a raging dickwad. The definition of a high sex drive doesn't mean that you MUST fuck or rub one out. Just that you frequently want to have sex. I really want to have sex very often, but it doesn't mean I turn into a prick without it, or that i MUST rub one out. The anons in this thread whining about how it's abnormal to not chimp out or that you must have a really low libido if so are Def batshit scrots

No. 271411

You lost me at chastity belt, I thought those things were just jokes? Why is him masturbating a crime to you?

No. 271412

Because he has to save his "seed" for her. This weirdo already posted about this before.

No. 271413

It isn't. When he was living at home and he didn't have a lock on his door, he'd frequently go months without it and didn't necessarily mind much. It's not a crime. He just likes being controlled by me. Either way, the point is that he can go without it with ease, it doesn't affect his behavior, and we still have sex all of the time. Men don't NEED to fuck or masturbate and those that can go without it can still have perfectly healthy, if not high, sex drives.

No. 271414

Umm, no? Different anon. Some men like being controlled?

No. 271416


Really want to film a docu-drama about you guys, eventually the film crew catch him masturbating daily and then there's a 6-hour argument between you two

No. 271418

It's not a crime, as I said. Just wanted to see if he could/how he would handle it. He can masturbate, it was purely borne out of curiosity.

No. 271421

File: 1532476485613.jpg (56.29 KB, 720x531, disgusting.jpg)

Fucking lol at the anons in this thread acting like submissive men are great. They're far more disgusting than normal men or even dom men. Here's my male friend:

>loves futanari (girls with dicks) art and feminine trannies, wants to get dicked by them

>wanted to be born as a woman but apparently changed his mind since having a dick is great
>has two folders with 3000+ fetish pics (a lot of them are disturbing)
>told me about his "women's society" fantasy where all men become slaves
>said he 'felt' like a woman and wanted to be raped and beat up by another woman
>wants to crossdress and wear makeup
>wants to be controlled by a woman therefore not deciding anything for himself
>is a fan of orgasm control/wear chastity belts
>wants to be forced to wear a vibrator and then go out
>makes his gf do all kinds of things to please him (asked her to choke him and made her cry)
>talks about perverted things all the time, talks about sex related stuff even when I don't ask for it

Idk, I just find it all so disturbing and unnatural. I'd never imagine he was like this before so just imagine what men are capable of hiding from you. I personally think sub men are problematic, full of paraphilias and weird. I got to admit it's fun to hear his degeneracy tho.

No. 271425

Well duh, if you make you're sexual preference your identity then for sure your a depraved cretin in some way. Same goes for doms.

No. 271426

wouldn't you say the same for submissive women then anon? especially the kind that like rapeplay/getting beaten/locked in cages/other freaky shit?

No. 271430

first off
>it's disgusting and full of paraphilias
>as if 'dom' men don't have a million fucked fetishes
>as if almost all men don't have a million fucked fetishes

it's obvious you're a scrot. this 'IT'S UNNATURAL!!' meme wouldn't typically be in this thread and i doubt you'll find much sympathy for this idea.

sub men don't have a fuckton of paraphilias unless they're those creepy fetish guys. wanting to be controlled doesn't necessarily = more weird fetishes. there are guys that want to be controlled without being one of those creepy sub men that trawl fetish sites. there are normal guys that like gentle femdom that aren't obsessed with it, they just prefer to be controlled in a relationship. you act like there are no sub men that are just naturally submissive without making it their entire personality.

No. 271433

File: 1532477502962.jpg (57.51 KB, 1685x145, WeirdAFanon.jpg)

It's you stop denying it. You even repeated "touch himself". Stop abusing your bf you weirdo.

No. 271434

Jesus christ you sex nerds are weirdos.

No. 271435

i agree with you anon, they skeeve me out. and the exact same goes for sub women. 'subs' ask their partners to do such gross depraved things

No. 271440

you're painting with a very broad brush. and dom men ask for depraved shit? almost all normal 'dom', not even ones on fetish sites, want to choke the women they sleep with. it's incredibly common and vanilla rn. that's fucking sick. almost all normie dom men want to choke their partners when they fuck them. normie dom men want women to scream and cry and pretend to be raped, dom men have literally killed women from asphyxiation or beatdowns. you're really messed up in the head if you think even the most extreme of sub guys are more depraved than regular male dom faggots. dom daddy bullshit has become so normalized that normie men are into abusing their partners.

No. 271446

Of course. That's why I said they aren't any better than 'normal' men like it's been said here.

This thread is wild. Everytime someone speaks against the hive mind they get called a scrot/reee male. My point is they're not better than anyone as I've seen anons here saying it over and over how 'sub men are the best', no they're not.

They're literally the same in the sense they're abnormal. There's no 'better than'. Are you a dom/sub by any chance? Why are you getting so worked up about it?

No. 271449

>They're literally the same in the sense they're abnormal. There's no 'better than'.
lmfao, so casual sub men that just want to be cared for or lovingly controlled by their gfs are the same as the 100% of casual dom guys that eroticize asyphyxiation and physical abuse.

>they're abnormal

what's normal? porno has turned almost all men into 'doms' that eroticize violence. most men consider themselves dominant, even if they're not in like, a bdsm community or anything. violent/aggressive sex is incredibly normal now. idk how you're trying to demonize casual sub men when almost all men are into porn that is abusive to women now.

you sound dumb, honestly.

No. 271453

People who are "sub" tend to be dominant in real life (and vice versa), it's quite a red flag. I prefer someone with a choking fetish but who's a nice person in daily life

No. 271456

>not all sub men are fetishy like that!1!!
>every dom guy no exceptions just want to choke you and abuse you to death!1!

No. 271461

nice strawman. i never said all of them want to choke you to death. choking is the most common, vanilla dom shit right now, along with spanking and rape play. why do you think 'choke me daddy' is a thing? the majority of normie men i met were into choking, rape play, etc, because it's incredibly popular in porn.

submissive male porn isn't nearly as popular or commonplace. men have a serious machismo problem right now, especially.

>People who are "sub" tend to be dominant in real life (and vice versa)
that hasn't been my experience, and that hasn't been the experience of other women in this thread lamenting normie dom men, but okay.

>I prefer someone with a choking fetish but who's a nice person in daily life
>sub men are degenerates with weird paraphilias, but a fetish for choking females isn't nearly as degenerate and being literally physically abused isn't nearly as weird
good luck with your abusive boyfriend, anon

No. 271466

If you're going to ever get me to protest in the streets it would be about exactly what anons are complaining about in the thread. Casual dom normie guys who don't care about the well-being of the women they sleep with. The more subs the better, please God

No. 271468

exactly. they make up the majority of men. they're the majority of men i've encountered irl and dating sites, etc. they're like, all indoctrinated by porn into it and most men irl or on dating sites have fucked fetishes, so idk what these anons are even talking about with weird fetishes being so specific to only sub men.

No. 271470

>men have a serious machismo problem, right now especially
but where are you seeing this? I personally think men are nicer than they've ever been, angry incels on the internet excluded.

No. 271471

men can be nice to women and still have a fixation on masculinity. there are outwardly nice men that i've met that are still fixated on being dominant that would be terrible relationship partners, but i can still work alongside them. and are you serious? with all the reactionarism now, men are obsessed, even normies. most normie men are pretty reactionary.

No. 271473

From a different thread, someone posted about a guy that pretends to be submissive yet acts rude >>>/ot/271194

No. 271475

okay? so if he's pretending, there's your issue? he's not a real sub. again, that isn't my experience. you can call yourself an environmentalist all day long but if you pollute, you're not? actions matter, not self declarations.

No. 271506

File: 1532486722619.png (699.25 KB, 599x858, 28kx9wsutxr01.png)

Funny how men make pics like this when they're the ones who think about sex 24/7

No. 271507

Holy shit, you're still going on about it? Just let it go already, no1 curr if you like guys with mommy issues.

>acting like controlling someone when in a relationship is any good regardless of gender


No. 271520

File: 1532490305097.jpg (4.43 KB, 250x146, thesaurus.jpg)


No. 271524

I love how you can tell this was made by someone who doesn’t know anything about women beyond surface level

No. 271536

Was this made in 2007? Might as well put brittney spears and paris hilton on there too

Depends on the dude, they're not as macho sure, but many men choose to play victim in todays world where they're coddled to hell back, they alwyas flip flop to
One minute
"I dont want marriage all women are stupid annoying cunts show tits and bring me a beer!"
Next minute
"Reee why dont women want marriage and trad life anymore? The west ruined women! Us poor men!"

One minute
"Lol stupid bitches who want kids are crazy, I'd never date a girl who wants kids"
Next minute
"Where have all the good women gone!! Muh fertiltiy and eggs!! Pop out babies now"

Those are just a few example, some include whining about women who don't give out too easily, next minute whining about how all women are skanks, the sad part is its the same men

Men, are the biggest hypocrites to walk the planet and I pray every night they one day have self awareness

No. 271542


>Inside a man's mind, vast expanses of darkness with only a few sparks of light.

Was this pic supposed to offend women or not?

No. 271574


So some Finnish female athletes were sexually assaulted multiple times by Russian male athletes in the EU championships. The governing organisation EUSA blames it on the girls for drinking and acting "provocative". They also deny anything happened or that the police were involved after an attempted rape. They also refused to investigate the matter, the sexual assaults continued after EUSA was notified and they just told the guys to chill lol. Eventually the girls own organisation paid new hotel's for them to get away from the guys.

The guys got to compete and go home, although a criminal investigation by police was launched.

>"President of EUSA, Adam Roczek, even told us, that they cannot believe all possible stories that are told.

No. 271606

Shit like this is why I always laugh when men think they get blamed for everything
Everything is womens fault, whether she gets murdered, raped, assaulted, gets her nudes exposed her fault
If a guy does anything bad its because a woman pushed him to
In mens minds, nothing is ever their fault and its always womens

No. 271621

I don't believe men who said they have been abused/sexually assaulted by women out of spite. I will ALWAYS play devils advocate for the woman. kek. Its funny. Men don't care, why should I? I don't exert energy or even really care for men who aren't my immediate male family members.

Now watch men reeeeee when I'm just mirroring their own logic and behaviour.

No. 271630

Nah I agree, I don't buy their sob stories about "my mom and her female friends anally raped me and my girlfriend beat me up and anytime I tried to tell the police they laughed and told me i liked it!" Sob stories, just look how everyone, especially women react over male abuse stories, even when all the woman did was slap him, or in cases where men think almost killing a woman is what she gets for slapping him once, people coddle men more than ever and for whatever reason,the more you coddle them the bigger victims they are, or even better, men who scream liar when women didnt go straight to the police but put the "you women laugh at abused men!" Card when men don't go straight to the police, how when men go through this peoples first reactions are to believe and baby them, when women go through it they jump through hoops to explain why shes lying, she deserved it, she had it coming, etc and that the powr wittle mens will never lie about anything for attention and is only evul womininz

No. 271632

In why does he do that Lundy Bancroft say that a men claiming he has been abused / raped by a woman is actually a red flag for a possible abuser. So I'm very cautious when some dude claims to have been abused too. It's sad but true.

No. 271634

Men on the internet are fucking loons, like on reddit when feminists were asked about male rape and a feminist mentioned it was men who made the laws that men can't be raped, men came in screeching and claiming she said its always mens faults when they get raped, or when the 18 yr old girl went missing after being gang raped (and everyone claimed she "cried rape" when all she said is she told ONLY her friend she felt forced into it) and there were comments screaming about how she was a slut, she deserved it, its better for her to be dead because men "dont want a daughter thats been fucked by thousands of men", one of the top comments were people talking about how sick the comments are, the response was "TRIGGERED FEMINAZI!!" And one dude straight started writing novels about how she was a lying manipulative feminist making stuff up to play victim for a whore because he couldn't be asked to scroll down and see the comments for himself

Men are fucking disgusting, isnt it funny how they want to be seen as victims and women deserve full punishment of the law if they slap a man, but blame women for crimes men committed to them

No. 271635

Watch me get triggered over that too

I also find men who cry a lot are abusive, I've noticed a pattern of when women tell stories about abusive men, a lot of it involves crying, when men cry, people see it as "real" crying, when women cry, shes hysterical and manipulative, so not only can men use it to manipulate more,but most of them do

And no 4chan, before you screencap and say "THESE ROASTIES THINK RAPE VICTIMS AND MEN WHO CRY ARE ABUSIVE!!!" We are talking about PATTERNS, not that all men who do this are abusive, Im sick and tired of the fact they need to strawman to create arguments

No. 271638

Yeah, honestly I couldn't give one shit about male 'domestic violence' majority of the time they fucking deserve it. I'm not even joking either, when women attack men it's statically out of self defence more than anything else.

I was reading this story about this serbian woman who killed her husband and buried him in the back yard cos she said he'd routinely come home drunk trying to bash her. All the comments were calling her a heartless bitch, psycho etc condemning her but it just made me lol

Women have really gotta start mirroring males indifference. Stop caring. They certainly don't.

No. 271641

Truth, they clearly don't give a shit about female MRAs or the feminists who try to promote things they try to promote, so why waste or time? The best effect, is giving men a taste of their own medicine

No. 271642

Men are never about studies and empirical proof, they're about confirmation for their beliefs. ~Studies~ are brought up just for the power they hold on their appeal to authority.

No. 271646

serbian/bosnian women are ruthless lmao. Not to derail/blogpost but I grew up with a Bosnian family as my good friends, all women, their dad beat their mum and left them, their brother a deadbeat junkie with 3 kids to 3 different women. All the women were making something of themselves though and were super tough and would fight anyone, male or female. lol when the oldest sister got pregnant she said she'd abort if it was a boy cos there "too much trouble". We all had a good cackle.

No. 271649

If they're gonna be sex-crazed chimp degenerates (which they are, since they're biologically wired to) they might as well have fantasies where women have the power. I have no concern for how they personally feel about us ruling over them so long as we do rule over them.

No. 271652

>tell suicidal people that they can't kill themselves because it's selfish and their family would feel bad
>why do they kill their family before killing themselves???

No. 271653

It's not the same people saying both of those things, you retard.

No. 271655

File: 1532510385521.png (611.27 KB, 598x858, 9000.png)

>over 9000 hours on paint

No. 271657

and that changes what?

No. 271660

Hilariously accurate

No. 271671

I sometimes lurk on abuse support communities, and ngl it's made me lose a lot of sympathy for men who claim to be abused. In any given "Why did you stay?" thread, men will readily admit it was because their gf/spouse was hot. Can you imagine the shit a woman would get if she said such things?

No. 271675

Regarding this, how the fuck can a woman "force to penetrate" if the man isn't terribly drugged or or she's threatening with a firearm?

No. 271678

you made it seem like it was a hypocritical statement made by the same person

No. 271681

Yeah I've never understood how a woman can actually rape a man

No. 271682

how many threads of history this chan has? how many of philosophy? literature? politics? scientific theory? your interests are trivial.

No. 271683

Even if the woman is an authority figure like a teacher or caretaker, a teeanged boy can still overpower most adult women, so can an adult man. It's kind of the reason why women get raped in the first place…
How does this work in MRA heads?

No. 271689

Men can definitely be raped, I don't think it's very intelligent to pretend like they can't.
Saying shit like "why didn't they fight their rapist off or run away" is 100% victim blaming and it's the same shit that trash men say to women.

No. 271690

But it's not the same. Most men can fight off most women. This is not a choice for women.

No. 271692

>men can definitely be raped
Yeah. by other men.

Seriously explain how a woman can actually rape a man. As that other anon said even teenage boys can easily overpower a woman. You just can't weaponise a vagina like you can a penis.

No. 271693

eh teenagers arent that strong
source: i have a 15 year old brother and i can still overpower him. you're right about those older than that though.

No. 271694

She can force him to penetrate her, she can penetrate him with an object or her fingers, she can forcefully go down on him.

I agree that it's a weird spot but I doesn't sit well with me to pretend like they just CAN'T be raped.

No. 271696

>forceful blowjob rape
are you serious

No. 271697

Yeah. There is quite a few stories of men who passed out drunk and woke up to a woman sucking their dick, I would be pretty disturbed if I woke up to guy liking me while I was completely drunk.

No. 271699

Naw diddims for them. Maybe they shouldn't of drank that much and put themselves into that situation. lemme know when a vagina can actually kill you like a penis can. LOl. you can get literally raped to death a penis.

I just don't care enough. Sorry, males. Support your own brethren to these horrific free blowjobs! Oh, wait, no? You don't care? Ok. Neither will I.

No. 271702

4chan frantically creating a strawman as we speak

No. 271703

When I first saw this I read it as these are things that make said genders need a cold shower

I just now see it's supposed to be "shower thoughts". Prior reading suggested that war, famine, naked children and astronomy that resembles peni makes men want a cold shower, which made perfect sense. Nice self-own lads

No. 271704

Do you have to redistribute videos like this?

No. 271706

Yeah, it's the reality of the porn industry and what plenty of men would do if they had enough power to get away with it. It also goes to show that rape can be "non violent".

No. 271707

Is this a dude RPing?

No. 271708

I don't know what you're on about but I deleted the video because I agree that it's too shocking.

No. 271713

When it comes to male children and teenagers, I do believe they can be raped though by coercion and manipulation- that way they are forced to have sexual relations.

Example: A recent case of a female teacher raping a male student. She manipulated him and threatened him with bad grades and his parents found out when he suddenly burst out crying while they were having a casual discussion about school. Obviously that kid didn't want to have sex but was forced to not through physical but a psychological manipilation and abuse of power (teacher-student relation).

Now here is something: While women had empathy for that boy and condemned the teacher, men (adult men) called him a little faggot for crying because he got to have sex with a hot babe teacher, no empathy for the victim at all.
When men bring women raping men issue, it's always to mask their own shit, they don't care for that at all and it's actually women who do.

No. 271726

Yeah but that's children and teenagers being sexually abused, not men. It's not "men getting raped". It is obvious vulnerable people are open to abuse, including sexual abuse. But at a large scale, men are not the ones vulnerable to women, not even if all but the most basic of our nature is equal (like economic status, this is starting to even out, but rape persists). It's why I hate when MRA bring it up and it's starting to make me want to not care about male victims to spite those retards, like yeah, it exists, but it's not because they are MALE the way women are raped because they are FEMALE.

No. 271727

>Report: Sonny Chiba’s son fathered child with married woman at age 14
>the child is a five year old girl that live with her mother in Los Angeles. Given that the actor would have been 14, his fans are in shock.
>“She was in her late 30s,” says a person with knowledge of the matter. “Now she’s beyond 40. Of course, Chiba knows. He was furious, claiming, ‘My boy was raped!'”


It's nice you don't care but don't pretend like it doesn't happen. God why does this thread attract so many awful people.

No. 271728

I've seen women blamed for getting murdered, raped,kidnapped, even a 16 yr old got accused of lying about being raped by her dad and when the rape test came out they started accusing her have willingly having sex with her dad

People get absolutely disgusting and sick with trying to pin things on women, even when its as far as getting murdered, I've seen men rant about how she deserved it for riding the cock carsoule, and how because she liked bad boys "she got herself murdered" by completely avoid shaming the MURDERER, people get absolutely god damn disgusting and sick when it comes to this, but men, even when they purposely talk about how they like "crazy bitches" and "stay because shes hot" they still get asspats and sympathy, any man and claims vice versa needs to be institutionalised for being extremely delusional imo

No. 271729

>farmers defending pedophilia
This is why everybody hates these threads. It attracts the worst people.

No. 271737

File: 1532536591078.png (1.72 MB, 3884x2500, 1512493524573.png)

This is how people react to a girl going missing
Vs how people react to when men have a crime committed to them by a woman, even if the dude openly talks about "liking crazy bitches" and shit

Note: she didn't "cry rape" like comments are insisting, the only thing she did is tell her friend she felt forced into it, I guess to men nowadays that's "crying rape"

No. 271738

Are you the 4chin strawmanners they discussed? When did acknowledging most teenage boys can easily overpower a woman = "defending pedophilia" God forbid you work in law enforcement

No. 271742

Man hating is one thing but the "UWU women can do no wrong" is a level of retardation too high for me to accept some people genuinely believe it.

No. 271744

Who is doing this though? Not even a few days and the strawmanners are already here

No. 271745

they were already upthread like a day ago

No. 271746

People saying that men can't be raped is absolutely retarded sorry tu burst your bubble.

No. 271750

This is the men hate thread…

An adult male can't be raped or "made to penetrate" by an adult female unless he is being pointed at with a gun or drugged. Change my mind.

No. 271751

Literally nowhere in the thread did anyone say this
There are people that mention they doubt a lot of things men say, or the closest thing to what you're saying is the anon who acknowledged most teenage boys can overpower a woman (which is true, dont know wht it triggers you)

Comes to show women, if they ever come out with their rape stories, get liar screamed at them, get accused of consentually doing it even when its by their dad, but god forbid someone even vaguely suggest tbat a lot of teen boys can overpower a woman who is trying to rape them

No. 271752

Also strawman, emphasis on the fact they said "UNLESS", not that 100% men can never be raped ever like you claim
Acknowledged men can be raped, by in certain situations. Most grown men or even teenage boys can overpower women unless shes a Russian body builder raping a 5'5 twink or something

No. 271754

How are you so sure that most teenage boys can overpower a woman? Either way, there can NEVER be consent in cases of pedophilia because children can't consent. Just because there isn't violence it doesn't mean it's not rape.

No. 271755

You don't have to do the same shitty things men do.

No. 271757

How many teenage boys workout? How many lift? How tall are a lot of teenage boys, lets take an average teenage boy, about 5'11, football player, are you really trying to claim he can easily be overpowered by a say 5'3 120 lb woman?
They ARENT children, the same applies for girls who are 16+ and fuck a man in their early 20s, ita definitely not the same as pedophilia, even then a lot of places vary in age of consent from 16-18

No. 271758

And the capers are here again doing their due duty. God. kill yourself out the thread if it triggers you.

No. 271759

Lol are you guys saying that if the person doesn't fight back it's not rape?

No. 271760

well thats what men, say anon, we're just applying their same logic and giving those poor women who are accused of the rape the benefit of the doubt. their LIVES could be ruined!

No. 271761

They have more muscle mass than women. Have you never seen shitty online men boast about how they overpowered their 20+ sister/friend that was messing with them at 14-15-16 and since that the sister or friend never teased them anymore?

Who said there is consent or that it is not rape because there is no violence? I am >>271683 and although in hindsight my post sounds sketchy what I meant is that at least teenage boys still have the option to overpower their female assailant when they're getting raped, women don't.

I am genuinely curious of how you can justify a man not simply overpowering the woman if he's not sedated or threatened with a weapon. (Teenage is a gray area, they CAN overpower, but their mind is not fully developed, so they might not see it as an option. I think this should put a stop to the teenage discussion)

No. 271762

LMAO @ this post. Uggo scrots are something else

No. 271763

>How many teenage boys workout? How many lift?
wtf? I don't remember any teenage boy working out when I was underage.

>lets take an average teenage boy, about 5'11, football player

Average 5'11"? The average height for ADULT males is 5'9" in the USA. The actual average teenager boy is short and weak, not a huge football player.

>what I meant is that at least teenage boys still have the option to overpower their female assailant when they're getting raped, women don't.
You're literally blaming the victim. Coercion of a 14yo or 15yo for sex is still rape. Doesn't matter if they could fight back or not.

No. 271764

>Coercion of a 14yo or 15yo for sex is still rape
I am not denying this.

>at least teenage boys still have the option to overpower their female assailant when they're getting raped, women don't.

Are you denying this?

No. 271765

What does it change that they might have the option if they don't use because they're scared / frozen ?
This is seriously weirding me out, I want rape to be taken very seriously by EVERYONE.

No. 271766

>Are you denying this?
It doesn't matter. The problem is that "they have the option" is blaming the victim. People will come up with a million ways to blame women for their sexual abuse, saying "she could have done this and that to avoid it". It's the same thing you're doing.

No. 271767

>What does it change that they might have the option if they don't use because they're scared / frozen ?
It doesn't really change anything in the way you think. I just wanted it to be acknowledged, since this isn't really talked about outside of this thread.

Another facet of this is with girls that don't have authority to coerce them, say a teenager's teenage girlfriend. He just has the option of really saying "no" and having it be listened to, because he can back that up with physical force. I just wish we had this option against men.

No. 271768

>this anon doesn't believe a lot of teenage boys workout
And 5'9 is still a lot bigger than most women, they arent poor little weaklings

No. 271770

>Another facet of this is with girls that don't have authority to coerce them, say a teenager's teenage girlfriend.
This argument started with teenage boys and adult women. Now you're shifting the narrative.

Maybe I'm too old. I didn't know teenagers were all gym rats these days. Most teenagers I see are pretty frail looking too.

No. 271771

File: 1532539923790.png (1.17 MB, 1302x724, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 1.23…)

Recently a young woman was raped and murdered in Melbourne and this semen dispenser defaced her public mural where she died by graffitiing a massive penis on the grass near it.

The reason? To defy feminism and to send message to men that it isn't their fault! He Also said he did it "because I was upset that vaccines caused the killers autism.”

Top fucking Kek.

Just like a scrot to make a womans rape and murder all about how men are actually oppressed. Amazing.

No. 271772

Yeah I might've contributed to this derailing by adding "teenage" in there. My post was initially about adult non incapacitated men. I just remembered all the posts where men talked about the moment they realized they could overpower older women being in their teenage years. I thought, if this is true, why don't they use it? And while some may, it makes sense if they don't since they are still not fully mature and might freeze up like girls do.

No. 271773

I agree with you, but hey thanks for deleting it.

No. 271774

ugh, i heard about that poor girl. fucking sick. male self-victimization knows no bounds

No. 271775

whats the point in coddling men who accuse girls of "wanting it", lying, or whatever they can come up with when a girl gets raped?

No. 271779

I don't think it's coddling men to accept that rape can happen to both genders.

No. 271781

fair enough

No. 271786

strawmanning again. No one ever said rape doesn't happen to both genders. I, and some other anons here simply just don't care enough about male victims just like men don't care about female victims. Now stop derailing.

No. 271790

When did you lose your humanity, anon?

No. 271793

NTA but ometimes it happens when you get relentlessly abused by someone you can't even defend yourself against

No. 271798

>just like men don't care about female victims.
Did you came to that conclusion after seeing a few incel posts on the internet? Just admit you're a shitty person already, you're no better than those men you talk about.

No. 271800


But anon it's okay because men post their hate on internet and all of them hate women because of this, you don't understand we're not like them because we are always right and can do no wrong!

No. 271805

>a few incel posts instead of all of human history
Just say you're no better than "us" instead of "those men"

>mythical "can do no wrong" phrase
Yep, that's a male.

What are you guys doing in this thread?

No. 271806

Reading those comments and what happened to that poor girl.. Fuck. Gender segregated society when. Not to mention, how anytime violence against women is brought up and women have legit concerns and fears of men, men are triggered and offended, calling women paranoid etc. If they want to hold how they're so much physically stronger and faster than women to high esteem, why be so angry when some women want to stay away from them?

No. 271808

fuck off, no one has said women are perfect

No. 271809

yeah just a few amiright? it's not like anytime a woman is ever assaulted or abused millions of men come out to scream liar, slut, she deserved it, she lied, it she doesn't deserve care, etc etc
oh wait…

No. 271810

this, no clue why the anon thinks acknowledging men deserve a taste of their own medicine for once means "women are perfect and can never do no wrong" despite the fact anons here said several times women can do wrong

I wish strawmanning was bannable

No. 271815

an anon literally just posted an example of many of a man mocking a female rape and murder victim and they still think we should give a shit about them.

No. 271820

Men:you stupid bitches will hit the wall and you'll wonder where all the good man gone!!!the second you gain a pound you hit the wall and no man wants you entitled slut!!!all men deserve 18 yr old pussy for being born men and nothing less!!! wall!! wall!!1! wall1!!1

also men:rapes old ladies who are well past "the wall"

No. 271824

NTA but are you for real? Did you see >>271737? Did you see >>271771? Have you ever looked around you? Because let's be real, with the way men treat women it's nothing short of a miracle that so many of us still care about men at all.

Women are fucking saints. Males can't even have a little bit of power over women taken away without going apeshit MGTOW/TRP/incels reeing about how they want to rape us and dreaming of a world where we're treated like the objects they think we are. And that's just for having the power they feel entitled to denied.
Meanwhile, women get abused every single day and you still expect us to care about men? Empathize with men? Feel sorry for men?

No. 271834

whats with mens paranoia about cheating?
there's this guy in my class and he use to always rant about how his ex gf cheated on him, turn it into sob stories, constantly bring it up, make her seem like some horrible skank etc etc
then one day when discussing it, apparently the only reason why he came to the conclusion she cheated is because she got a new boyfriend weeks after they broke up, meanwhile he admitted he fucked other girls but claimed it didn't count because he was drunk, that's just one of the many insane stories

you can always tell what a man is like from how much he projects onto women

No. 271848

probably some biological chimp-brain stuff (man cheating = alpha male, woman cheating = possibility of raising another man's kid)

No. 271852

Ugh, it's the projection that worries me. Current boyfriend early on in our relationship was always getting paranoid about my whereabouts, or if I was somehow seeing other guys while we were together. Would get anxious when I'd go out of town to visit family. I am not positive, but when I was over there, he reccommended Snapchat to me so we used it a little. Later I realized it apparently shows your location with your snaps? I suspect he had me use it to make sure I was in the city I said I'd be in. He's gotten better about the paranoia since then but it was extreme at the beginning. He told me a lot of his exes cheated on him.

Anyways sorry for going slightly off topic but all the paranoia he's had made me worried it's because he's projecting… Like maybe he's actually the one cheating? I don't want to fear or hate men but I always seem to end up disappointed by the ones I get close to.

No. 271854

Stop having a shitty boyfriend anon. Also you're in the man-hate thread. They justify being hated daily.

No. 271858

history of exes having cheated on him and him getting better are good signs. After he was cheated on the first time he probably tried to make sure the next ones didn't do the same but in his mind maybe he didn't go far enough. Sad world.
Making you install a tracking thing on your phone is pretty fucked up, I think the default setting is that your snapmap is in ghost mode (it only shows your location to yourself) but check to be sure.

No. 271859

File: 1532558171261.png (796.47 KB, 1011x769, 1529058015307944729.png)

Cherry picking the thread.
This thread is proof women are retarded. You just throw some random ideas and articles without any statistical or good evidence nor logical thought.

If they weren't, men wouldn't rule over them for all of human history. Who granted you rights? Who protects you? Who builds houses you live in, who manages sewers, streets, electricity, who designs and builds everything you do, including the monitor you're looking at and the keyboard you're about to sperg at me with?

Men do. But of course, you're a woman, so you think it appears magically by magic of oppression from the evil males. I haven't seen that much brainletism in a long time.

pic related, even animals are above women

No. 271860

Men want all the double standards in the world but only when it caters to them, theyll scream double standards anytime a woman isnt stoned to death if she steals 20 dollars worth of lipgloss from walmart or if a 21 yr old woman has sex with a 17 yr old who was turning 18 the next week, but insist its womens fault they get raped and play victim any possible chance ever

No. 271863

It’s okay Robot. One day you’ll get your dick sucked. And if you’re a girl, get your head checked.

No. 271864

Remember to ignore the bait anon

No. 271868

A woman made the first computer, retard. Kill yourself.

what do ya'll put as a reason for reporting posts?

No. 271869

Truth hurts huh?
Women are parasites and it's an objective fact. Most GDP is made by men and women spend more money than they make. You could be an exception but you cannot deny a statistical truth.

It should really make you think.

No. 271870

No, she didn't you idiot. Kill yourself first you dumb bitch. Hurrdurr men are so evil!! No, you're just a piece of shit.

No. 271871

Yes. Ada Lovelace you complete and utter mongoloid.

Kill yourself and stream it or gtfo out, phalloid.

No. 271873

>despite the stats you posted you didnt post any stats just articles he says as he posts one articles
>rages about how women didnt create computers while posting an article that proves women made the first computer
>MEN CREATED EVERYTHING, forgetting the evul womyn that raised and made those men, most of the men didnt even make those, having a terrible grasp of history, all while never doing anything youself, just believing you deserve to be worshiped for things men did 100+ years ago
>women spend money so they're parasites! How dare women enjoy things they like with money they make!! All men should mgtow you stupid cunts stop denying facts

Yawn, go discuss it with your therapist, we've seen the same dumb, poorly constructed arguments and entitlement

No. 271874

Stop taking bait from some teenage boy spending his first summer on an imageboard. Seriously.

No. 271876

Keep mashing those keyboard buttons made and designed by a man, on furniture made and designed by a man and getting angry at words displayed at a monitor made and designed by a man through internet made and designed by men. Also your whole computer, its system, its programming, its design etc. One woman 150 years ago made a computational machine. Bravo. Finally at least some contribution to the world.

I was parodying your retardation.
Quoute the article where it says that.
Men did create a vast majority of humanity's inventions. Men are also needed to create children. It's an objective fact that mothers rising children alone are worse than a pair.
I never said that. Strawman. I said women spend more money than they make (they use male money).

I am not even a boy, but whatever makes you sleep at night, double-digit IQ bitch.

No. 271877

So long as we're linking wikipedia pages.

No. 271878

not to racebait the thread at all but does anyone else hate how if you cross the street to avoid a man or group of men as we all do for self preservation and the man happens to be black, you're called a racist? I remember watching this video this black man made of him chasing this asian girl down an alleyway who crossed the street he was walking on screaming "WHY ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME WHY ARE AFRAID OF ME" umm maybe because your chasing her down an alleyway? Black men refuse to acknowledge just how entitled they are. They don't want liberation from the white man they just want to be the white man. Funny to watch men all just kill each other for the top spot. I don't know how black women deal with their bullshit.

No. 271880

and all men in general like how can you claim men can't help but rape then get mad when women avoid you.

No. 271882

File: 1532560883119.png (528.81 KB, 765x990, privilege.png)

I wonder how much longer the "Men in computing" page would be. About 10000x?
I wonder why "women in X" pages even exist. Probably so you don't have to feel like complete worthless shit that you in fact are, parasite. I never said no woman ever had coontributed to something. Some did, you didn't. It's mostly men who build and create (98%+) and it's an undeniable fact.

He wasn't doing anything before chasing her you stupid bitch.
Muh white males, you'd kill yourself 1 minute into being an average white man. You don't understand the privilege you bear, just like fish in the water can't see the water.

No. 271884

File: 1532561012547.jpg (77.08 KB, 471x487, youmeanthechaosemeralds.jpg)

I just want to say that calling men out on their shit doesn't mean you hate all men or are out to get them. #notallfarmers thanks
But uh anyway, robot bfs when?

No. 271885

>you'd kill yourself 1 minute into being an average white man

I know. White men just kill themselves when life gets even just a little too hard. While women soldier on.

much superior gender. kek.

No. 271886

> I never said no woman ever had coontributed to something. Some did, you didn't.
And… you did? Are you brain damaged, you fucking retard? Go jerk off and sleep, your little brain is too antiquated for self awareness.

No. 271887

File: 1532561354109.gif (1.04 MB, 245x185, 27A470DE-806B-41E9-B01D-BFA411…)

A man incapable of handling criticism? Shocking.

No. 271889

why do they come in here dragging themselves. Its almost like they have a humiliation fetish.

No. 271890

Reba is fucking iconic
how can men even compete

No. 271895

It's crazy how it 1 scrote invents something suddenly all men are superior, but if another rapes/murders/etc suddenly it's "not all men!111!!!!!"
1 scrote inventing something decades ago has 0 relation to any other men. Stop piggybacking off other's success to make yourself feel like your life is worthwhile kek.

No. 271897

>have everything handed down to you in life by everybody around you
>pretend you're a soldier who marches on
I cringed at the idea.

I am waiting for that quote then.

What criticism? I just see a bunch of vapid cunts having a spergout at some truth bombs. Quite amusing


I want a cute girl in pantyhoses to step on me and tell me I am worthless. Any touch from a girl will do at this point.

It's crazy how 1 woman invents somethign suddenly all women are inferior, but if all other women don't suddenly it doesn't count.
Most male violence is male-on-violence, why do you care? Shouldn't you be happy they suffer by each other's hand?
You also stop piggybacking off some woman's shitty invention. And I build stuff for a living, so there's that.

No. 271899

My body can create and sustain life. Yours can bust a nut after seeing a little side boob. Have fun with your inventions, they'll never compensate for the fact you lack the natural ability to create life itself. Die mad about it lmao

No. 271900

pls stop replying to the scrote and mods please put the cow out to pasture already

No. 271901

Its almosy always the same sperging too
>men invented everything!!!!! So stop complaining that men hate women and rape and kill them all the time!!
Its tiring.

How can men do shit like that? Ah right, they dont think women are human. Everything is about them. Fuck, thats tragic.

No. 271905

Why would I care? I don't consider it important at all. "Creating life", all you do is get fucked by a man, impregnated by his seed and a baby comes out 9 months later. You didn't create or design shit. You should thank evolution here, rather.

If men hated women they wouldn't protect them or always treat them like victims in case of, for example, domestic violence. Women are always put first, including when evacuating from ships for example. "Women and children first". You're talking about like 0.1% or less of male population who are just crooks killing and raping also males. Especially in prison. But who'd care about men, right? I am treated like disposable trash if I am not in the top 20% of males.

>women not treated like humans

What was the last time you gurlz watched some news or went through some articles on the internet? Everyone is protecting you, everyone is treating you like princesses, a typical average woman is hailed as some kind of a fucking deity nowadays.
Meanwhile me, as a male that is not top of the top, is treated like I am not even a human. I don't know which world do you live in but definitely not mine.

No. 271907

>Meanwhile me, as a male that is not top of the top, is treated like I am not even a human.

No. 271910

File: 1532563295726.png (776.69 KB, 1686x2385, Men_deserve_ads.png)

here, a simple google search comparison. It's even a good thing women are entitled.
You're not unique. The whole world wants to portray men as evil. But even when you feminize men, you don't want them either.

No. 271912

File: 1532563479340.jpg (22.01 KB, 444x322, 1432418377132.jpg)

>her public mural where she died by graffitiing a massive penis on the grass near it.
>The reason? To defy feminism and to send message to men that it isn't their fault! He Also said he did it "because I was upset that vaccines caused the killers autism

This has got to be a special strain of retarded, I swear. The only thing he proved was that he's a fucking idiot.

No. 271914

It's the only way to make people notice.
To hurt women. That's all society pretty much cares.
No one would listen or care if he claimed things he did peacefully.

She died because of you. That's what happens when you hate men and tell them it's "good they are not treated like humans".
Men have the true power in the world, and the only true power in the world is firepower. Keep pushing males and see what happens.

No. 271916

I hope the white male suicide rate keeps going up.

No. 271917

I hope white women rape keeps going up.

No. 271918

ot but I only tip my female drivers/servers/etc lol

No. 271920

I also tip only male drivers/servers/etc.
I double tip if they are ugly.

I usually troll/get angry/fuck with pretty female waiters etc. There's truly balance in the world!

No. 271921

>men have all the true power
>waaaah society won't listen to us poor oppressed baby boys unless we target murdered women!!!
You sound hideous. You're a failure, just admit it. It's not women or feminism, you, personally, are a dud, dude. You'll never create anything important or meaningful, you aren't intelligent or useful, so you need to piggyback off historical male figures that you have nothing in common with except for the fact that you have a dick, to feel special. That's an exceptional kind of sad and it only emphasizes how fucking embarrassing you are

No. 271922

Neither are you, trash. We both know that either of us wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case.

No. 271923

theyre so easily triggered KEK. you cant say anything without a man thinking its opinion or stance about it matters.

No. 271924

Why do you feel I am angry about voicing my opinion, if you do the same?

No. 271926

>its opinion
This is a good one anon. I'll be using it in the future, thanks.

No. 271929

If a homeless woman asks for money sometimes I'll give a little to her. If a homeless man asks? never. They'll just follow you then and I don't really care about them.


>I also tip only male drivers/servers/etc.

>I double tip if they are ugly.

LMFAO. This male market failure is supplying all the milk. Thank you, anoncel.

No. 271930

The girl was raped and murdered and apparentlys its womens fault for not being forced as sex slaves to men that this happened. Women dont cater their entire lives to men, and actually can choose not to fuck them that rape and murder is justified in a mans mind.

You cant even live peacefully away from them. That all womens village that is harassed by men outside of it proved that.

No. 271931

it's where youre saying it. you, as a scrote, cant handle an all female userbase and feel the need to rub your balls all over it. there's thousands of threads on male dominated boards you could be posting the nonsense all you flops agree with, but nOOoooOOOoooo, no no no, nothing for the girls!!!!! you need to be important HERE!!!!

No. 271935

Imagine if we chimped out like they do here

No. 271936

Women wouldn't survive even a month if they were left alone in any place on Earth to themselves. You all deserve rape and everything that's coming to you. Maybe it will make some women think twice when they decide to fuck handsome chads while bullying lonely nerds at school and then complaining were all da good man gon!! once they hit 30 and the nerd spits in their faces. All women want is just a handsome man with a square jaw who acts like a monkey to plow their holes. You're primitives who want Jungle in society, and jungle you get.

anyway I got better shit to do than to talk to walking meatholes, see ya (cock)suckers

No. 271940

>homeless woman
I mean I get he's a retard but come on, this was way too obvious.

No. 271942

I tip female and male waiters, I like to give male waiters a big tip because they get these weird complexes and feel threatened at the fact i pretty much just paid their rent

Men are truly only useful for sex, modern men anyway, and no, lurking bots, just because a man did something a few years ago doesnt mean you should take credit, especially with how undereducated men are

No. 271944

File: 1532566540785.jpg (54.24 KB, 698x300, N9vrOS9.jpg)

>I got better shit to do than to talk to walking meatholes

You were posting here for two hours straight. We all know you don't

No. 271945

Sometimes I talk about this topic with actual people irl social settings. I might have a bit of a feminazi reputation.
But what really surprised me is that basically all men agree that a sustainable and likely improved society would be achieved if we would cull the male population, focusing the efforts of course on low-quality men, such as rapists, pedos, murderers, incels etc. Most of the men discussing these hypothetical scenarios of course are fond of the fantasy that the surplus women would be so cock starved that they as remaining men could build their own harem lol.
Now the man in my social sphere are arguably all highly educated, productive members of society. The only ones to be slightly uncomfortable with the scenario are bleeding-heart, overly PC types and women.
Point being, there is an exploitable rift between Chad and incels. We need to play our cards right, ladies.

No. 271948

My brother admits most men are fucked. And no, he's not a self identified "male feminist" (lel) just trying to get pussy. I'm basically the only woman he interacts with plus a couple of female friends. He tells me that the boys are always on his case about why he's not trying to fuck said female friends. The idea that he could just be there friend was a radical notion to them.

No. 271949

I don't even know where to start about how wrong all this is. The homeless, drug addicted, mentally ill and poor women just don't exist i guess. So many points on this list are based in total fantasy. The police don't prioritize women, not at all. I've been homeless, bloody, beaten and bruised and all I got was a ticket for loitering. I really had it all!!!

No. 271952

So Jews aren't white? How about Armenians?

No. 271953

This, I've known men who had bad experiences with women but still respect them and think men are worse
Same, I've been homeless before, I didn't get no man to welcome me into his apartment and pay for everything, I didn't get coddled or picked up on the streets and brought warm meals or any of the shit MRAs claim homeless women get. i noticed however most of the homeless women vs men I know actually try to make it out of homelessness, men tend to be shit at money, I remember this one guy, the second he got 40 dollars, he could have saved it, brought food, brought a tend or blankets, a light or heater, but NOPE he brought overpriced sunglasses and a cigar, but most women I've known spent their days job hunting, interviewing and just trying to survive, from what I've seen men are terrible at money management, no wonder so many are homeless

No. 271954

He got triggered when mentioning that women want to be left alone kek. Dont know how men can both despise women living among them while simultaneously despise women for wanting to be on their own

No. 271958

Don't you get it anon? They love to hate us, they describe us like we're all borderline monsters, you'd think they stay away from us if they thought we are this horrible but nope, they keep begging for attention

No. 271972

File: 1532570240580.jpg (195.09 KB, 750x1124, C7LD1qI.jpg)

The truth is that men and women will never be in harmony. The richest, safest, and most advanced societies were created with the traditional family as foundation. Unfortunately women don’t value the traditional family because it goes against their sexuality. They aren’t happy with societies where most men get to pass their genes, they’d rather share the most attractive men or just live alone as a single mother with the support of the government. You can’t even blame them. Forcing them to accept a below average beta male as the father of their children is like trying to beat a wild animal into submission.

I believe in the far future men and women will split and go their own way. With the advance of medicine, robotics, and artificial intelligence men will finally be able to give life to their own children through artificial wombs and create female robots for companionship and sex. The desire for such things is the main reason women hold so much power over men, but men will be free of those chains in the future. When that happens men will stop killing themselves in droves and will be able to do the most amazing things, maybe even colonize other planets.

Women will run their own societies. Probably primitive socialist paradises where their sexual hypergamy can go unchecked. Both men and women will be happier in the end.

No. 271975

File: 1532570653521.png (1.66 MB, 1282x912, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.42…)

No. 271976

Oh shit, a smug anime girl reaction image, that sure put us in our place

No. 271977

Oh shit, an angry walking meathole getting buttblasted over a reaction image! Quickly, fetch the pads!

No. 271980

i love that these incels come here (admittedly, this poster isn't as batshit retarded as the others ITT rn) and say shit like this, but then spend literally hours complaining and shitting on passive men when we say we like sweet submissive men

No. 271981

>Women will run their own societies

kek. Look at male prisons. Your primitive chimp brains can't help but immediately start to rape and kill each other.

y chromosome is degenerate.

No. 271982

>we like sweet submissive men

No. 271983

i can't speak for all women, obviously, but yes, i do, and plenty of women that frequent the 'manhate' threads do, but whenever it's brought up, you faggots chimp out and literally raid the threads because the men we like want to be controlled and you refuse to accept anything but your house of cards lobster brain evo-psych bullshit

No. 271984

We already have societies with very little crime. I hope in a futuristic male society we will have even lower rates of crime.

That's great, I know some women like "sweet submissive men" but I'd say that number is very low.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 271985

>Anons here constantly posting about how much they love sub men
>Fetishes about sub men
>Man we just really love sub men

No. 271988

No. You are controlled by your degenerate biology. They have studied how males socialise in male segregated spaces, put men in a male only community and you immediately start raping and killing each other. Look at your prisons. Kek. They have also studied female only spaces and they PROSPER. Like that female only village in Kenya. The only violence they have there are the retarded reeeemales who are constantly trying to destroy it.

No. 271990

Prisons are places for the most degenerate human beings. It's no wonder they behave like animals.

No. 271991

aww so optimistic

No. 271994

>n-no true scotsman!!

No. 271995

This testerical scrot further up has got to be making fun of men with his posts lol. It's basically textbook incel-rethoric. Funny how they claim women are unoriginal when literally all of them (incels) have the same opinions worded the exact same way. Probably copy-pasted from returnofkings lol.

No. 271996

TRP is snake oil. I'd never believe in it.

No. 271997

I hate to say it but I'd wager you have a 0.1% chance of having a realistic perspective on the interactions of men in prisons Becky.

No. 271998

File: 1532573532746.jpg (9.49 KB, 200x219, d33.jpg)


>How do you even plan on killing men? By using other men?

As if that hasn't been the MO for millennia. Who were the men sending out to war, not the women and children…

Male solidarity is a meme only the lowliest of men that could never entertain the hope of spreading their seed through other means than rape desperately cling to.

No. 272005

File: 1532575871390.png (89.19 KB, 766x551, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 10.31…)

No. 272012

>women hate rape
>women still vote to bring millions of muslims into europe even thouh they rape 100x more than european natives

No. 272018

You should look up Tenda Lung-Spencer, he's the guy who created that comic, you could learn a lot from an alpha male like him:^)

No. 272021

Why are you talking to the incel? Can't you control yourselves?

No. 272023

Oh my God, someone other than myself actually uses that term. I coined that shit back in 2015, I was so fucking crushed when it didn't take off. Thank you, that made my day.

No. 272025

I don't care about becoming an alpha male. That's red pill bs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272027

I'm absolutely disgusted by how porny the average men needs a woman to be in bed. There is a "10 commandments of giving blowjob" on the front page of /r/sex right now and it's full of disgusting shit straight outta violent porn videos.

>Spit on his dick

>Gag on his dick
>Eat his ass
>Moan loudly even thought you get no pleasure out of having a dick in your mouth (actually it hurts)
>Worship his dick
>You must deepthroat
>You NEED to swallow

Seriously the post is gilded and men in the comment are like "URR DUUUR how do you show that to a wife / gf without offending her?? xDDD LOL! I wish I had a woman like you in my life".
I wish I could go back in time were 99% of men were vanilla.

No. 272028

File: 1532585174076.jpg (53.74 KB, 627x414, IMG_20180726_160516.jpg)

Oh my fucking God guys seriously have some restraint and stop replying to the scrots
Pic related

No. 272029

same anon. I wish sex was more about mutual pleasure. Why isn't making each other feel really good enough? There are some guys who aren't disgusting and porn sick but it's really rare :(

No. 272030

it's disgusting. and we're expected to put up with their increasingly uncomfortable and abusive demands. the worst thing are women enabling their ridiculousness (not that it's strictly their faults, but i can't tell you how many times i've been chided by women for not accepting this disgusting porn culture)

No. 272031

Never understood why men need blowjobs in the first place. They cum during sex. They don't need all that smh.

No. 272032

True, on the other hand many women can't cum from PIV and should be the one receiving oral sex, but you don't get advices likes "suffocate yourself in her cunt, literally until you can't breathe" kek.

No. 272033

There's girls who like doing all this stuff.

There's guys who want to be submissive to a woman, but there's almost no such thing as a woman who wants to be sexually dominant to a man, like making him lick her pussy/ass, and spitting on him.

Tons of guys want that but you just call that gross.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272034

I like to suffocate myself in her cunt till the squirming get's too intensive.

No. 272040

File: 1532588540843.jpg (26.02 KB, 360x360, 1522900892776.jpg)

>You must deepthroat
>Moan loudly even thought you get no pleasure out of having a dick in your mouth (actually it hurts)

what why on earth would you fake shit like that, this is so ridiculous
>also ass eating is on the list but sucking his tiddies ins't
fucking weak

>You NEED to swallow

Swallowing that battery acid is not worth it ladies

>the worst thing are women enabling their ridiculousness
this needs to end, also the women who do this specifically for the attention and to be the ~cool girl~ are especially pathetic
Enabling stuff like that is not only damaging to women but it also sets men up into thinking all women are into it/and other misconceptions about sex.

No. 272046

what do you guys think of the girls that stroll into conversations about how things like this largely hurt women and girls, or how anal is painful and, especially, dangerous, just to claim "I LOVE ALL OF THIS STUFF!! soooo many women love being choked!"? i honestly don't buy most if it. i see them all of the fucking time, even when i try to very, very, VERY subtly critique these actions, they go rabid, and their psychotic defense of these things really leads me to believe they don't enjoy any of it. they try to liken it to a "you're calling me a gamer girl!!" situation, but there's really no actual parallel there.

i just fail to see how any of this stuff can be pleasurable, especially things like anal sex, and those that do 'genuinely enjoy' any of these things need to re-evaluate themselves and try to separate themselves from male desires and the potential deleterious effects these actions could have on them, psychologically and especially physiologically.

the female anal defenders make me so sad for the world, esp. they ALWAYS get irrationally defensive and borderline belligerent about anyone criticizing it or bringing up the possibility that male pressure is responsible for it. i've seen a lot of bonified cool girls claim anal is the only thing that makes them cum, and while we all are different, i just feel like 95% of the time it's male pandering

No. 272047

right??? it's incredibly convenient that you have all of these craaazy uncommon extra-sensory abilities that relate specifically only to orgasm, and specifically happen to fit your boyfriend's fetishes, smh

No. 272048

So many women are acting like they can cum from being choked by their bf, like wtf? So the new hot thing is to pretend that you're such a huge cerebral slut that just having a dude put his hand around your throat can send you over the edge? Lol I don't believe it for a second, women are known for need quite a bit of clitoral stimulation to be able to come. I think they just fake it to please their partner.

Also genuine anal sex hurts a lot! Just having your anus licked, played with or putting a small plug in it to feel fuller can be nice but I don't believe anyone truly enjoys having a dick come in and out of their butt it HURTS.

Also I hate that porn has normalized licking a butthole and going straight for licking the vagina, it's a good recipe for getting a UTI.

No. 272049

File: 1532589887031.jpg (128.3 KB, 1456x1061, zL0OueMr.jpg)

>"I LOVE ALL OF THIS STUFF!! soooo many women love being choked!"?
I mean, women are the biggest fans of BDSM crap. How is that surprising?

No. 272051

because they're told to be submissive and our feedback from men suggests that this is the way men want us to be, especially with more and more porn that involves this kind of gross shit that has changed men's expectations

No. 272053

But you see things like 50 Shades of Grey being created by women and consumed almost exclusively by women. You need to accept a good number of women are into these things.

No. 272055

Are you aware that 50 Shades sold over a hundred million copies? Is that all men's influence?

No. 272056

The biggest fantasy of 50 shades of grey is having a super rich man who could chose any super hot accomplished woman pick a good ol plain jane and go crazy for her. Plenty of people have disclaimed the book for being full of shitty sexist trope and being a good example of how to practice BDSM in a very abusive way.
And fantasy =/= reality.

No. 272057

as society is, there's very, very, very, very little chance most girls will come out unaffected by the impositions placed on girls/women by porn culture and men. i don't believe these women, and especially normie women, have developed these interests without the influence of male culture

if the norm and expectation was that women are dominant, then yes, i'd concede that women probably do truly enjoy these things, but until then, no dice

No. 272058

you're not understanding. i'm not saying men are LITERALLY FORCING WOMEN TO GO OUT AND BUY 50 SHADES OF GRAY, i'm saying the impositions placed on women shape their sexual tastes and they might begin to find it hot, but even so, the reason why women bought 50 shades wasn't for all the sexy bdsm sex sex. it was for the same reasons girls loved twilight.

No. 272069

Why do almost anytime people come in here to criticize this thread, they almost ALWAYS have to make shit up and strawman "hurrr you bitches wanna kill other men??? Well youre probably gonna use men!!!","you bitches dont like sub men and think its gross""you all like being choked and like high t hunks!!" its so eyeroll worthy, are they even capable of making a legit critique of this thread and use things we actually said without making it up?

No. 272070


>making it up

Reality isn't a lie anon.

No. 272071

File: 1532594144134.png (69.66 KB, 475x497, rcp86sylt4c11.png)

What we do here is nothing compared to what men do to us IRL.

No. 272072

File: 1532594259662.jpeg (23.46 KB, 316x465, images.jpeg)

>Falling for (((their))) propaganda

Yes goyim hate each other

No. 272073


Holy mother of hyperbole, majority of men didn't do any of that shit.

No. 272075

Then find quotes in the man hating threads to prove the points of these lying ass critics and we'll see how much of reality it is, go on, I'll wait.

No. 272077

emotionally and physically abusive men are incredibly common and they often aren't put away, and definitely not put away for long enough, if they even are. men that ruin women's lives, harass them, and abuse them often aren't punished. punishment is only for the most public or severe. most men i know are abusive in relationships, even if they don't intend to be. they've been raised and indoctrinated into violating women's boundaries and mistreating women, plenty without necessarily realizing the scope of their actions

No. 272078

Reality is, majority of men are much harsher to women than the "man hating" woman supposedly is to men, This thread proves that and for whatever reason, women get the most shit for hating men after the amount of shit they did and choosing to leave them alone, but most people dont even lift a finger for men who scream their damn heads off about how much they hate women

No. 272079


Public lynchings are a huge thing in my country for pedos, rapists and women abusers. Couple of days ago some guy was arguing with his gf or something and he started beating her then he got the shit beated out of him by the local shop owners. Pedos and rapists also don't live long in prisons here unless they're in solitary confinement, they get killed usually.

No. 272080

where are you from? i sincerely doubt that to be the case, tbh, and as i said, most abuse is not severe enough by most people to be publicly or legally noted, on top of the fact that victims are too trauma bonded, too afraid, or brainwashed to do anything about it.

No. 272081


Maybe in 3rd world but in the West you literally get fired from your job or socially ostracized for mysogyny from what I see on internet or am I wrong? Situation in my country is quite shitty in my country but it should be much better in West, no?

No. 272082

Public lynching always happen in hyper patriarchal countries and the reason why is because men get angry that another man has degraded or hurt what they think belongs to them (the poor victim).

No. 272083


It's just a ME shithole, the government in power are corrupt as fuck and it's seeping in to society and law don't do much either but people mostly try to punish it by themselves because law enforcement won't do shit about it most of the time.

No. 272087

Like the feminist who got fired because she told people men were making sick jokes or the women who got fired for having periods and meanwhile theres men who still easily get jobs after being charged with sexually harassing women and pedophilia? Such a feminist society we live in huh

No. 272089

In fact I WISH that was the case, all those MGTOWs and incels who stalk, creep, and harass women and scream about them all day, making whole ass presentations about how all men are poor wittle victims that women arent sucking their dicks and they need to learn to accept the fact women are all these awful people, even claiming all guys in school should have to watch this presentation mandatory, but yeah such a feminist society, right?

No. 272090

File: 1532597424341.png (642.36 KB, 564x755, kNgoXQ11py.png)

I worry about some of you. Honestly some of you desperately need to take some time away from browsing certain parts of the internet, especially misogynistic, manospherean spaces. Like it's one thing to stay informed about these issues, and then it's another to subject yourself to a constant stream of information that deteriorates your outlook on life and mental health.
There comes a point when stewing in anger and fear isn't going to do anything positive for your life, and re-focusing some of that energy on building up your self-esteem and livelihood will be more beneficial in the long run. Don't know why you put so much stock into what these men say in the first place. Assaulting and harrassing women is a more serious matter but listening to them bitch and moan on the internet just gets old after awhile.
Pic unrelated.

No. 272093

Because, they think everything is owned to them as a white man, and a black woman by being successful has scammed the system. Somehow.

They'll make up any excuse for how she did it, including minimising her accomplishments.

No. 272095

I'm the one who posted this
When I first found the video, I didn't even watch it because ai knew it would be cringe worthy, I don't go purposely dig into incel and mgtow forums to find this shit, it was on the first page of youtube, you're really underestimating how wide spread this is becoming, just watch any news channel ever and when they do a story about either a woman doing a crime or a woman having a crime done to her people make sick, disgusting, misogynistic comments, play victim to hell and back,to them, there's no such thing as a man ever being at fault, only womens fault, I just want to be able to enjoy things I like without men and handmaidens turning it into a goddamn gender war about how all women are evil and all the worlds fault is because of them and a man can never do no wrong ever

No. 272096

File: 1532599088506.gif (3.8 MB, 480x561, giphy (12).gif)

>see post in meta about nutjob being in here
>unhide thread

No. 272101

I didn't say that misogyny wasn't widespread, but you can still choose what to focus on and personally I'd ather focus on things that benefit me. If I see something that pisses me off I don't put my energy into it and let it affect me any further. Getting overly worked up about things that you can't control is useless.

No. 272103

No offence, but why am I not surprised they were Russian? Erugh.

No. 272104

Couldn't agree more. I got happy when this thread appeared and still am, but some anons here need to take a break. I know it because I was starting to get hyper critical about men and distancing myself from them without noticing, even lumping them together like many anons do here. I for one don't want to become a cat lady.

No. 272105

Then why are you here if you don't care so much? Why not let us VENT about it? Go to incel forums and talk about how they shouldn't waste their time, is there ONE, just one god damn place on the fucking internet we can vent about this awful shit with no backlash ? Please, just let us vent for once

No. 272107

>pretending like hating men still means you have trouble getting them

No. 272109

Uh.. no? I never said that. But it's weird getting together with someone from a gender you hate, makes no sense at all.

No. 272110

I didn't say you couldn't vent about it either. I just said that some anons are obviously letting it affect their mental health and should take a fucking break from focusing on misogyny stuff. If you want to keep letting it break you down, you're completely free to make that choice too.

No. 272111

Weird, yes, but both misogynist and misandrist do it
I "hate" men and I've never had any trouble getting with them nor am i a "bitter cat lady" like mgtows like to say

No. 272113

I don't hate men, I like to shit on them on lolcow because it's cathartic. In real life I have plenty of males friends and plenty of good male figures in my family. I'm just disgusted by all the shit I read online and I want to be able to do the same thing.

No. 272118

So you are doing what disgusts you? Great.

No. 272120

why do women always have to be the better person? I want to talk shit about men, I dont give a fuck.

No. 272121

Why is it disgusting when they do it, but not when you do it?

Also, are you 12?

No. 272122

Why do you want to police us? Just fucking hide the threads if they upset you.

No. 272124

>police us

Oh boy

No. 272125

Its one thing men hate their owm medicine, but women hate it to
Clearly helping men isnt enough, since they bash june and Lauren, and considering how much of hoops they jump through to be victims its clear they're asking for it

No. 272128

The same reason when someone punches you, you want to punch back and if the teacher comes up and says "uwu dont bully anon he can punch you and you come to me dont punch back" its dumb as shit and popping in and pulling the reverse sexism shit is dumb as hell

We're observing their behavior, plain and simple

No. 272131

Same anons complaining that the "misandry" is leaking into other threads is the same anons shitting up the actual threads to WK and trollshield lmfao.
Be more upset.

No. 272134

>You wan't to punch back

As if any man cares what you are doing here.

No. 272137

It's a man-vent thread, people. Let the hate flow. It's cathartic for many.

No. 272138

Something to piss off bot lurkers

Has anyone else noticed a difference between wmaf couples and amwf couples? I find that amwf couples are more lovey dovey and whatnot, as in they seem to really appreciate and love each other, but are also with each other out of their own endearment and coming from a good place, what I've noticed in wmaf couples is that it tends to be very race and insecurity motivated, most of the time neither of them seem to appreciate or be happy with each other, it just seems very miserable, similar to what >>270819 said.

The reason bots get so angry when they see couples like in the video is out of bitterness and jealousy, they're upset they've been brainwashed and can never see relationships anything outside of what 4channers think

Not saying all, of course, its just what I've noticed

No. 272139

>wmaf couples and amwf couples

Call me dumb but I've never heard these terms before

No. 272141

This was so wholesome and relaxing, and the cats were so adorable!

Completely out of place in the man-hate thread lol

No. 272143

i'm in a amwf relationship right now and there is a huge difference with me and my bf and one of my other friends and his asian girlfriend. They both run purely on fetishism, she has to be submissive and "loli" for him. Luckily i'm not associated with that scrot anymore.
I've known other amwf couples that have been more or less the same. Asian men seem to put mountains of effort into their partners compared wmaf.

No. 272148

They have more realistic expectations and respect each other more as people, obviously if a man doesn't see a woman as anything more than an uwu waifu sub loli to parade around, all he is going to expect of her is to look like a kpop idol with an anime body ""naturally"" and to serve and worship him,and since thats an impossible expectation, neither of them will fall in love, this applies to any couple whos relationship revolves around fetishism. I know people mock women when they talk about objectification and don't take it seriously but it's definitely coming into effect

It's also why men in amwf relationships seem a lot happier and satisfied, where as in wmaf the men and women both seem miserable, angry and bitter all the time, and hence why you see a lot of wmaf cheat on each other a lot as well

No. 272149

amwf = Asian Male/White Female
wmaf = White Male/Asian Female

No. 272157

lol as if insecure asian boys are any better

No. 272159

File: 1532613710083.jpg (130.98 KB, 1080x1349, 1525451165410.jpg)

The reason why wfam relationships seem normal is quite simple: they usually don't consist of a rich old creep and a younger prettier golddigger.

No. 272160

what if the woman is a weeb

No. 272162

From what I've seen, they are
>tfw no qt asian bf who rides his bike with cats and makes you lipstick and massage oil

No. 272163

Still pretty normal, venus is a weeb and her and manaki seem pretty happy and cute

No. 272168

are we talking about asian american or east/south asian men here?

No. 272171

Depends, my boyfriend is west asian and Im white, he's definitely millions better, respectful, happier,gentle, caring and loving than any white guy I've met, I can only speak for myself though

No. 272172

>doesn't like women
>is so obsessed with them still that he can't help but use reaction images of idealized women
Imagine if all the misandrist anons used nothing but anime twink/fujobait/otome character reaction images, lmao.

No. 272174


No. 272175

File: 1532615316565.png (44.14 KB, 707x420, d6eb4ac1fa101452b475e1b449f487…)

No. 272177

So true it hurt.

No. 272178

strawmen arent reality anon

No. 272180

women and men have hated eachother for millennia. men more than women though.

No. 272183


I certainly don't.

No. 272184

men seem to manage that just fine

No. 272187

Sure seems like it when they come here to sperg for hours about how women should "know their place" and get raped.

No. 272193

Mods pls ban the delusional bot

No. 272199

engage with reality, bucko

No. 272201

Me? Whenever I see a public comment publicly endorsing/excusing/defending rape or abuse against women, I go to their profile and show their employer and or family. About 7 men fired so far.

I advise you all do the same.

Make men afraid.

No. 272202

File: 1532622220923.png (146.43 KB, 473x516, Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 17.1…)

So I made the argument today that I wouldn't be interested in dating a gamer because:

1) an adult playing a kids game is fucking childish and inconceivable to me
2) its just an excuse not to help with housework, most women do it all themselves. bitch wash your own damn clothes
3) im not your fucking mom im not trying to raise you

And he responds with the incredible retort and by using greentext on Facebook and therefore outing himself as an autist

No. 272203

Same, or I told their moms, female friends, potential girlfriends, etc

No. 272205

Doing the Lord's work

No. 272206

I once wrote an entire ED dissertation on this one asshole because what he said was particularly horrendous and his work refused to fire him and his manager gave the information of those who complained to the perverted employee so he could harass them.

Anyway, any time you google 'Dan Rabot' his disgustingness comes up for all to see. There was actually a lolcow thread on him, but I guess he begged the mods to take it down.

No. 272211

When you are so full of rage you forget which website you are on

No. 272214

I'm not full of rage at all, I just thought this would be a good example of male BS to share

No. 272215

Whoops, I misread this, apologies

No. 272223

This thread is a bait magnet.

No. 272246

I remember that

>but I guess he begged the mods to take it down

Mods would comply, after what he did? For shame.

No. 272266

No. 272267

Do you know why women don't have as many "contributions to society" as men you fucking retard? Because men stopped them from being relevant, didn't let them get education not related to housework and erased their achievements for thousands of years. By the way, the first computer programmers were women: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/computer-programming-used-to-be-womens-work-718061/

No. 272268

File: 1532634165769.jpg (33.71 KB, 435x719, C7HfRWQXUAAZ3wj.jpg)

>Whenever I see a public comment publicly endorsing/excusing/defending rape or abuse against women, I go to their profile and show their employer and or family.

These posts are great

>saving your children while starring the reaper in the face
This shit is so metal

No. 272270

File: 1532634421234.jpg (12.89 KB, 249x249, 1523388600482.jpg)

>Male solidarity is a meme only the lowliest of men that could never entertain the hope of spreading their seed through other means than rape desperately cling to.
wth this makes so much sense

No. 272280

Top kek, alright there Asian Masculinity.

No. 272302

>They don't want liberation from the white man they just want to be the white man. Funny to watch men all just kill each other for the top spot. I don't know how black women deal with their bullshit.

There's a current phenomena in the black community called hoteps that is exactly this. "Woke" black men who really just want a sexist society with black men in charge. Perhaps a black woman here may be able to give more insight into this shit, but you can find plenty of articles about these types online. Remember, no matter how racist men may be to one another, misogyny is a constant.

No. 272362

Holy shit, you cunts are really trying to get us back on autosage, aren't you? What the fuck is the point of arguing with a male about how important you think having this place to vent is, considering that by responding to them you're just shitting all over the place (the place you supposedly want to protect) and giving them what they want (getting rid of this thread)?

Maybe the males are correct and you cunts really are too stupid and emotional, incapable of controlling yourselves and getting into a reeing fit the minute a male shows up.

No. 272371


We shouldn't debate with incels simply because it's a waste of time. They just repeat the same talking points like a parrot, and if you pick the argument apart it just descends into "but you just want our money!" Or some other accusation. Whatever gets them through the day but remember you're talking to the hive mind and not to an individual so debating with them is pointless.

ignore the incels girls

No. 272374

I occasionally reply to males because the only time I can directly call them retarded without backlash is anonymously. I seldom reply to their bullshit on other public forums or irl because I don’t want to be doxxed or sent death threats. I don’t engage with them for too long but it feels freeing to be able to say exactly what I want to them so I take the opportunity when given. It’s not necessarily about self control.

No. 272377

When I had facebook I noticed how comfortable alot of men were in saying that shit where they list their employers and names right out in public. Theyll say how women are only useful for sex, cooking and cleaning (the whole 'keep women barefoot and pregnan) then wonder why theyre single and alone despite having a house, a 'good job' and a car.

Do men seriously think theyre doing women a favor by treating us like shit? Whats appealing about being treated like a sex slave and being noted as weak and worthless all the time?

No. 272387

Calm your autism down. All you succeed in is shitting up the thread. This goes for all you idiots replying to scrotoids.

No. 272404

One minute they cry women only like douche bags and use it as an excuse, they think all women should be on their cock, and that's why they cant get women to like them

Men are so use to taking the "blame women" approach, they don't even think for a second that anything could ever be their fault and that they're all little victims

No. 272410

>sperging about 'stupid emotional cunts'
yeah nice attempt to integrate scrotoid

No. 272435

I just want everyone to know I hate 99% of men and I hope both my rapists die alone and miserable

No. 272436

File: 1532669578726.png (141.13 KB, 826x513, Srcreenshotsexbfuncle.png)

Men will fetishize and get off to anything. But they seem to especially like women's pain.

No. 272438

that's fine, anon. i completely understand and those feelings are totally understandable.

so fucking sick. what'd the comments say? /r/relationships is a disgusting pit of women and men both demonizing women and excusing men's bullshit

No. 272441

Jesus fucking christ.
Just. Leave. His. Ass

No. 272442

It's on /r/sex and the majority of the comment are telling her to GTFO and that she's been raped by her bf.

A few comments are telling her to have a conversation with him and learn about safewords smh.

No. 272445

He ignored the crying, of course he will ignore the safe words. She should leave him. What a disgusting PoS

No. 272446

>A few comments are telling her to have a conversation with him and learn about safewords smh.
The sex positivity movememnt strikes again.

No. 272460

B-but my fellow tumblrinas told me we live in an oppressive patriarchy?!


Women should all be hanged.

No. 272461

Lol men do this shit everyday and actually don't go to jail. Look up statistics, retard.

No. 272463

lol women do this shit every hour and actually don't go to jail. Look up statistics, roastie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272464

File: 1532675847748.jpg (23.74 KB, 333x400, 3f391ff2336134b4f6ee90bb537137…)

Don't engage ladies.

No. 272465

Can you guys control your autism and not reply to scrots? They get overjoyed to be acknowledged by a woman not matter what she says to them.

No. 272466

File: 1532676147108.jpg (39.03 KB, 705x264, 9atz7po0cozy.jpg)

I hope all incels realize they're actually gay and leave women alone.

No. 272467

File: 1532676374470.jpg (167.16 KB, 777x777, IMG_20180727_092537.jpg)

one day…

No. 272469

For normal men, tears are enough of a safeword.

Oh my, can't imagine what we'd do.

No. 272472

File: 1532679648806.png (180.84 KB, 960x719, RhhbqQViAj-cfCMHw0F32ABSaJjCBE…)

This guy prob unironically think he's an ubermensch kek.

No. 272474

Is he basically saying that women are trying to get equal rights/recognition because we're jealous? Hell yes I am jealous of men who will never have to carry maze to protect themselves from other men when going home late, who never get catcalled, and who will never be underestimated because they are fathers.
But these retards seriously thinking that all we ever think about is mundane shit should maybe look at what they spend their time with. Because vidya and being on image boards are such a worthy use of your time lol

No. 272477

You're on an imageboard yourself though.

No. 272478

He's clearly projecting and speaking about his own shitty life.

No. 272479

its not a good use of time but it contradicts his image hence the irony

No. 272480

Hell yes

No. 272485

You don't say. I know it's a waste of time though and don't pretend that I was somehow better than other people. Seriously, the only guys who spew shit like this do not have goals, do not make crafts, and do not have any projects. If they did, they wouldn't have so much energy to spend on shit like that post or sperging out on reddit.

No. 272486

If women are so horrible, stupid, inferior and men are so much smarter, superior and better at everything then why don't these males just date men?

No. 272489

It's a classic case of sourgrape. They're frustrated they can't get a gf so they act like women are shitty people that they wouldn't want in their life in the first place.

No. 272492

these males don't understand how gay they sound though.

No. 272494

Physical attraction to women. You don't chose to be homosexual.

No. 272495

Yeah, gotta love it when they talk about women's behavior on social media or imageboards as if men are any better.
>where are your threads about deep important subjects with calm reasonable discussion being carried out by educated people???
Shit man i don't know, where's yours?

No. 272498

black women on lipstick alley just tell the male sperg outs to date men if women are so horrible. Major kek.

These MGTOWS/incels/misogynists are but a degree way from being gay. JUST LIVE YOUR TRUTH!

No. 272499

Most women get more horny from gentle four play but most guys want to be Daddy doms these days and it makes me instantly dry. I feel bad for girls from the younger generation because they have a group of males who will be raised by porn.

No. 272508

File: 1532689540474.png (308.35 KB, 1280x1147, d2f8e02a-1856-4ec8-b4eb-a902a9…)

Found this on tumblr. The reactions of handmaidens are nearly worse than men:
>boys are always told to 'man up'
>my father/uncle/whatever died because he never went to the doctor
>there are women who only pretend to be in pain to get opiates
>can we please bring back female hysteria as diagnosis?

No. 272509

File: 1532689570445.png (326.51 KB, 1280x1155, 6403bb09-d171-498d-a890-d854fe…)

No. 272511

File: 1532689624431.png (106.76 KB, 1440x624, 20180727_130644.png)

No. 272536

lol I bet both of your "rapists" were dudes you messed around with. When I was a kid I thought rape was only done by random men who grabbed poor women in the streets, but then I realized women invite those rapists into their own beds.

lol men only get into BDSM because women love it so much. See >>272049(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272538

All these porn damaged dudes who claim "I would never pressure a woman into sex" until you won't give them oral or anal.

No. 272539

Imagine going to a women's-only board and getting offended at what you read there. This is a private conversation not for male ears. Go back to your male spaces.

No. 272541

This place is funny as shit, sorry hun.

No. 272547

another wild walking dildo appears.

No. 272549

Stop responding to retarded incels who come here parroting the same shit we've heard a million times. It's pointless, they're incapable of thinking for themselves letalone employing logic or empathy.

And dildo is too high praise for them, we may actually see the appeal in and enjoy dildos.

No. 272550

>lurks around women listening to their conversations
>"If I may interject, madam-"

Get a life bruh

No. 272555

Not just porn, but its progressively getting farther away from sensuality and into just violence. Even if you like vanilla, soft stuff, thats becoming more rough.

They can be gay and still not hate women to the caliber they do though?

No. 272556

>dildo is too high praise for them, we may actually see the appeal in and enjoy dildos

Kek. True. Dildos can actually make you cum. Woah. Plastic has more purpose than an incel.

No. 272564

Hun I actually lost my vcard to a girl from /cgl/, a feminist cosplayer/lolita who was already in an "open" relationship with some other nerd. You guys love dissing incels but you're the group of women most likely to end up fucking one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272578

Thanks for the blogpost, fam. We don't hate femcels, just the male kind.

No. 272599

Idk if you guys have heard of wettdiamond, she's a camgirl who put some sort of white substance in her vagina and expulse it out during "orgasm" in her cam shows and the fact that men genuinely believe this weird fake goo is "girlcum" prove how fucking retarded they are.

No. 272602

Lol that shit looks like she has a bad infection brah

No. 272603

we're not the ones going around claiming intellectual superiority over the other sex though

No. 272616

That's because when incels come in here they cant use arguments that are based on the truth or make sense
Notice how each one of their posts are very unlikely, almost impossible, speculations, then just plain woman-hate

No. 272731

Why are men such fucking trash? I didn't use to mind them and I was actually kinda boy crazy until I actually started hanging out with them. I know us women aren't saints and we can be incredibly difficult to deal with (hence why I initially strted hanging out with guys) but I swear to god we at least aren't that bad. I finally lost my shit last week, for at least 2 years I hanged out with 3 different set of male friend and they all were more or less the same. They would often make really unnerving and sexual comments about most women, would say misogynistic shit without even noticing, hell even the gay guys were complete trash. I have many lesbian friends and while they have made comments about not liking dicks they never go in depth about it, they can even agree about some guys being good looking. Gay dudes? They must always make it clear how disgusting vaginas are (as if fucking penises were any better), how bitches are disgusting, and god forbid if you ever mention certain woman is pretty because they seem to be incapable of appreciating female beauty.

No. 272742

>They must always make it clear how disgusting vaginas are (as if fucking penises were any better), how bitches are disgusting, and god forbid if you ever mention certain woman is pretty because they seem to be incapable of appreciating female beauty.

most "Straight" men do that to, or the only time they're capable of appreciating womens beauty is if she's an ig thot with gallons of fat sucked from her stomach and injected into her ass and tits, or if she's a stick thin kpop stars whose face was completely beaten by plastic surgeons

the internet fucked up mens minds, a lot of men nowadays will be ugly as shit and think they're too good for timeless sex icons like marilyn monroe and dita von teese

it's funny to me, how men always talk about how high womens standards because of dating apps, yet you see some of the ugliest fattest men running around with girlfriends, meanwhile women struggle with getting a date if they don't have D tits and the ass the size of a mattress, women will sperg about how handsome an average guy is but men will flip if anyone even dare think a woman that isn't an ig thot or whatever is pretty, it's gotten to a point where men can't even watch normal videos of women without making comments about their looks and if the woman is ugly or not, when have you ever seen women do that even though it's supposedly us hypergamous sluts only going for top 10% of chads?

I'm convinced men in todays world like judging womens bodies tons more than they actually like womens bodies

No. 272745

None of that is really new, though, men have always been hypercritical of women’s appearances. Early female scientists and even earlier female writers would constantly get shit on as “haha she’s only doing this because she’s ugly and no man wants her” (regardless of her actual marital status). When searching for brides in political marriages the “scouts” would send back letters nitpicking the appearance of the potential bride if they weren’t entirely in favour of the match. I don’t have any of my sources on hand atm but I’ve one across some
>4/10 elbows too pointy
type of shit.

The biggest difference is that nowadays, every asshole has access to the internet and therefore the ability to make his opinions heard.

No. 272748

>ig thot with gallons of fat sucked from her stomach and injected into her ass and tits, or if she's a stick thin kpop stars whose face was completely beaten by plastic surgeons
>timeless sex icons like marilyn monroe and dita von teese
God forbid men want some variety and not only the "timeless" white girls you wish they'd worship to death.

No. 272753

Ah yes anon, clearly the world only consists of white girls and extreme unnatural ig thots or kpop hoes

I love how thats your first assumption when people call out how much men enjoy fake shit
Ps, if you really want this so called white worship to stop, you aren't really doing good when you defend the idea the only woc that can be beautiful are ones that gone under the knife

No. 272758

Also, you stretched my point when i mentioned dita and marilyn, so many men think they're hideous or think they're too good for them, not that "i wish white girls were worshipped" what a stretch

No. 272762

File: 1532722377059.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_oi0hsr4B8v1r4q18…)

No. 272763

I can't help but laugh every time I see this scrawny little dude, I could seriously kick his ass and I'm not even that strong.

No. 272765

me when there's a fly in my room

No. 272766

That's really true especially for blowjobs. It's fucked that blowjobs have become basically as standard and expected as making out, try saying you're a woman who doesn't do oral and see how fucking mad men and women alike get. "You dont care about your man!", "enjoy dying alone ugly bitch, "omg girl blowjobs are so empowering tho!" But a man who doesnt eat pussy? No one bats an eye.

No. 272769

lmao anon

No. 272813

Who is this?

No. 272815

Christian gay

sorry I had to

No. 272820

He looks like he quotes the Joker from The Dark Knight a lot.

No. 272916

File: 1532735107113.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, tumblr_msgca1t0Wu1rqwhzro1_400…)

the original daddy dom gif that i believe started this wasn't even that great, and this is such a huge spiral downward from even that. as well as some of the other copycat gifs that came after.

No. 272918

File: 1532735174666.gif (973.04 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mv7iyaKElP1sqlg4ko1_400…)

exhibit A

No. 272920

File: 1532735313661.gif (976.01 KB, 320x240, VigorousEvergreenAmericanindia…)

but wait, there's more!
god these guys are pathetic

No. 272955

File: 1532744180323.jpg (16.3 KB, 265x275, 1526687852059.jpg)

no gusta

I'd rather these gifs be gone!

I miss the girl society thread, that was fucking comfy. It hurts that I will never live in a comfy, safe community of women.

No. 272956

File: 1532744885370.jpg (13.59 KB, 332x319, 184846.jpg)

No. 272966

not a hoax, my dad put this on the fridge for my mum to see when she got home back in the 90s. I'm actually not kidding.

No. 272979

How did your mum react?

No. 272989

File: 1532753187521.jpg (89.13 KB, 473x448, 1369196939367.jpg)

>in the meanwhile /g/ is full of threads where women talk about how they wanna fuck serial killers and violent men

No. 272990

That's part of the reason why I quit going on /g/. Too many weird straight/bihet girls with daddy issues.

No. 272992

>purple dinner jacket
he learned what women want from jessica jones season 1 I see

No. 272995

>boring 9-5 job

Isnt it funny how women are expected to have jobs, not bitch, the second you act like it aint all puppies and rainbows men scream "SUCK IT UP FEMINIST MEN DONT COMPLAIN" but think they deserve the world for having a normal job? No wonder men have these entitlement complexes
Men are weak minded, shit like this proves my point, acting like they just got home from war for working a 9-5, amazing

No. 272996

Maybe in next life they could be the perfect man hating bulldyke that you are anon.

No. 272998

most of it is wanting to choke and spit on them so i dont really see your big "gotcha" here

No. 273000

Excellent original insult bro. I know i'd rather be a "man hating bulldyke" than a submissive whacko with daddy issues though.

No. 273001

Or maybe they could just be born with dads who love and care about them idk

No. 273004

Nta but you sound like the sub men loving anon.

No. 273010

File: 1532759185002.gif (189.57 KB, 480x360, 3oEjHAUOqG3lSS0f1C.gif)

>go on /g/
>one of the first posts I see is of an anon saying they want Sam Hyde the goblin to strangle them to death
Yeah, you totally convinced me that being a "man-hating bull dyke" is the worse option of the two.

No. 273011

Pretty sure theres more than one person liking sub men.

No. 273024

Why do men whine about women being emotional when:
1. They are as well, they just express only the shitty emotions like anger and lust
2. The so considered "female emotions" like empathy are what's actually advanced civilization

So why are they shit when women express them but the pinnacle of human above beast when a man does?

No. 273025

because men think they can do no wrong and we can't do right, ever

No. 273035

File: 1532769817516.jpg (120.82 KB, 520x588, bjcejxl1acpy.jpg)

I see this image used a lot but men do the exact same thing, insult you instead of your argument. Disagree with them and they call you fat, a dyke, a cat lady, a roastie, a cunt, or whatever. Also I think they RP as women more than women RP as men.

No. 273038

I hate it when men act like not wanting to have sex with them right after an argument is withholding sex to punish them and a disgusting roastie manipulation tactic. It's not difficult to understand why someone wouldn't want to have sex right after an upsetting conversation, but they feel so entitled to our body and are so self centered that they think it's a punishment, smh.

No. 273045

>muh survival

Bitch you are not capable of cleaning your room and doing your own dishes by yourself. Men are incapable of doing any kind of housework and would starve to death if women didn't cook or clean.

No. 273049

Whoever wrote that is in strong denial. You can feel how hideous they are just through their writing. When women insult him it's because they pick up on how revolting his body and mind are.

No. 273050

Woman- only settlements actually thrive.

Example: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2015/aug/16/village-where-men-are-banned-womens-rights-kenya

And are getting attacked by jealous scotroids.

Why do men pretend they are these big rational thinkers when they are violent and ruin everything out of insecurity and jealousy?

No. 273053

File: 1532775234587.jpg (70.51 KB, 670x440, science-vs-fiction-world-war-z…)

We have come to the point in civilization where having men in leadership and deciding positions has become very dangerous not only for humanity, but for planet earth itself.

So much money is going into the development of destructive weapons, nuclear bombs are 100x more destructive than the ones that were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It gets used once- and all is over.

Look around yourself - your belongings, your pet, your beloved family members and friends…all of that could disappear because some impotent egomaniac decided to push a button.
Retarded men would praise this idiot as some kind of a hero, because he was entitled enough to destroy everyone else's lives.

Human men are literally the virus of this planet.

No. 273077

Men did not get to rule society by being rational thinkers. They got there by being violent and bloodthirsty.

Men's whole identity revolves around feeling superior to women.
Men constantly bash women and bring them down, calling women unintelligent, incompetent etc in order to keep control over them. Kinda like what an abusive husband does.
If women figure out they can live on their own without men it's over for men. Men would have to find a sense of worth on their own without constantly comparing themselves to women and viewing them as lesser. Men know women can survive without men and they fucking hate it.
Men love to claim women can't survive without men when it's actually the opposite. That's why unmarried men die earlier.

There are also studies showing that girls do better in all girls schools and boys do worse in all boys schools. Look it up.

No. 273079

>girls do better in all girls schools and boys do worse in all boys schools

that's the real tea

No. 273090

Its always 100% of the time old bitter uggos, or the type to blame womens standards that they aren't getting women to worship them

They're bitter and think they deserve the world for being born a man, they cry bloody murder when women like attractive men, but then demand sex and wonder why they can't get women to have volunteer sex with them

Theyll blame billions of women for their issues before ever sitting down and taking a look at themselves

No. 273096

>just saw a mini doc on Soylent
>the CEO is just a man child that don't like to eat his vegetables
>watch new Netflix doc
>medical devices killing and make people sick
>but hey, it's inovation(aka. money)
Silicon Valley is such a scam, men shouldn't be allowed to make decisions. Making the world a better place my ass.

No. 273100

And how many men own rip off sweatshops that produce cheap knock offs od whatever's in fashion, the fact thought it would be good to put millions of hormones and shit in foods thus making everyone fat and prone to medical issues, then turn around and mocking women who take care of themselves by watching their diet, next minute demanding all women to religiously care for themselves
Even better, in their minds they believe women should all silent and never speak bad of men ever no matter what horrid sbit they do because of what a few men did centuries ago, but wanna foam at the mouth about "NOT ALL MEN!!!!" when you show him stats like the op picture, or even better when they use it to prove men are oppressed then turn around and claim racial incarnation stats mean those dumb niggers should stop committing crime

They mock women for making achievements or jump through hoops to discredit it, but then demamd women to take blame for cheating,hypergamy, and everything else despite the stats they love so much saying otherwise, or how every single statistic said men abuse more but one claimed women do it more so they disregard millions of studies and just cling to that one, and the fact men are statistically more manipulative, lie more, cheat more and are more hypergamous, but then they'll make huge ass deals that women are merely doing the exact same as them

Tl;dr - men just hate their own medicine

No. 273113

Men's biggest fear is to be treated (by women, or anyone) the same way they treat, or want to treat women.

That's why porn gets more and more violent, porn of a submissive man isn't what they want to see. Sex is a good avenue for even the weakest man to exert power over another.

No. 273116


Also this comment reminds me - some seemingly very intelligent man who would write literal books in response to my messages - like 2000 word responses, thought that the manufacture of product does not "count" as part of the creative process, meaning he minimized the role the people who physically make the items play, and the business only becomes valid when it's in his hands.

Even very intelligent men will happily minimize the work of mostly young female workers in foreign countries.
The male brain seems to think all things that he doesn't do or can't do have no worth. They refuse to humanize or appreciate what occurs outside of their physical sphere. That's why I think trying to impress them is pointless, we should only try to please other woman. We could be a multi-millionaire actress and director and the man would just say we got there because of who we slept with, or for our looks. Their modus operandi is to be in power, or convince themselves they are by any means necessary. Power never means responsibility, only control over others.

No. 273140

File: 1532798152314.jpg (87.74 KB, 734x710, DfeM_WZVAAA1nEs.jpg)

>try to convince others they argue on the same level as men by insisting they are mean

KEK I've never seen a woman do this, only men do this when they rp as women.
Also most guys on image boards can't tell the difference between a man or woman posting, it's painful
The guy who wrote this definitely has some deep insecurity issues

No. 273142

>that image
New aesthetic tbh. Thanks anon.

No. 273147

File: 1532799290789.jpg (15.13 KB, 400x300, girl and goodboy.jpg)

you're welcome, surf's up anon

No. 273179

I got rejected by a guy I asked out yesterday, and while it did sting it made me even less understanding of when men lose their shit about being rejected.
They even go so far as to rage when a woman says "I have a bf," since she must be lying. This is what the guy who rejected me said (he had a gf), and while the thought of him lying did cross my head…wouldn't that be more polite anyway? I'd rather a stranger I approached try and spare my feelings than say I'm unattractive to them.

Maybe I just need to be rejected 10 more times or something, idk. At that point I think you'd realize you either need to improve yourself or approach people in your league, though.

No. 273207

>starting with guy here
Haha holy shit, RIP soon.
But anyway, from what you describe it does seem like you just have shit luck. Unless you're being really fucking weird/making these girls you approach uncomfortable.

Or perhaps they feel you're out of their league, so they won't risk it. If you're legit chad-lite tier girls may think you'll just cheat.

No. 273208

>to the point where I've been on the edge of committing suicide
I sincerely mean it when I say this: please, please do it and stream it. Don't burden the world more than you already have, just end it while you're ahead.

No. 273209

Maybe you have a shitty personality, or your overhypeing yourself and those girls are in your league.
Maybe you should worry less about appearance and date a girl with a good personality, compatibility and common interests.

No. 273214

I rejected a male friend in my school years and for some reason he mentions his gf all the time even when it's ot.
Also shares their sexual life with me. I'm starting to think he's doing it out of spite and bitterness, I doubt he's being just unself aware.

No. 273215

At the risk of being called male, you're fucking disgusting.

No. 273218

File: 1532816173824.jpg (93.35 KB, 480x720, p7882856_e_v7_aa.jpg)

Kek, he's "demonstrating value". Dontcha see what you're missing out on, anon?

No. 273223



see >>273208

No. 273225

File: 1532816487019.jpg (81.31 KB, 500x675, tumblr_inline_p8zfbguDcR1v1stn…)

>would starve to death if women didn't cook or clean.
Also pic related, rural men would die from the lack of water

No. 273232

Telling them you have a bf is never the end. If you tell them you have a bf they usually turn it into "oh, what, he doesn't let you have any friends?"

No. 273255

I actually like men very much, maybe I'm just lucky.

My dad works extremely hard to support his family and treats me very well, we have never fought even once in my whole life. My grandpa was super kind and hard working as well. My boyfriend treats me as an equal and we are super happy together. Most of my male friends have been amazing to me, even my 4chan "robot" friends support me.
I'm very glad for all of those men.

No. 273260


At least sage your completely off-topic post

No. 273263

>being friends with robots
why don't handmaidens love themselves?

No. 273264

something I've noticed, but really male-identified women always seem to be super pathetic in their lives. see: sh0e or even idubbbz gf.

No. 273265

>tfw used to be a handmaiden when I was pathetic, anxious, and hated myself
>now that I like myself I'm harsher when questioning their morals

I'm not on the level of telling-men-to-kill-themselves-chan, but it's undeniable that anti-feminist/incel/robot men are shit and men in general are more likely to be violent.

No. 273266

I've browsed imageboards for many years and I ended up relating to those guys. I've struggled with depression, loneliness, and other issues. I've been an angry person who said bad things I didn't necessarily mean and I believe many of them are like this.

No. 273267

File: 1532827000581.jpg (52.35 KB, 500x307, 1531942364603.jpg)

No. 273268

File: 1532827421487.png (677.2 KB, 877x675, 3712.PNG)

Here's an interesting article I just read; https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/world/too-many-men/?utm_term=.c660301bcd4f

It's about the fucked up male to female ratio in China/India from years of aborting female babies and the consequences of that, like sex crimes/harassment/sex trafficking.
(Sorry if it's been posted before.)

There are plenty of women who have dealt with those issues that you can relate to as well. You don't have to identify with a group of men who don't like you. They'd likely say that your struggle isn't even the same anyway, because female privilege.

No. 273270

>There are plenty of women who have dealt with those issues that you can relate to as well. You don't have to identify with a group of men who don't like you.
I just meant that those men came in my life I ended up liking them. I've been friends with some of them for years and they've treated me well and supported me when I needed.

I can say that the men in my life definitely care about me.

No. 273273

>in India males outnumber femals by 36 million
Holy shit, that's more than the population of Canada.

It's wild that these societies are so backward despite technology, it's almost sad. Imagine hating women so much that you unintentionally start wiping out your race.

No. 273274

I've been angry, lonely, and depressed too but that doesn't make lashing out at other people justifiable.

No. 273276

well i believe that your older male relatives genuinely do care about you, and that's wonderful. but you're also basking in the attention of a group of men that are famous for misogyny & you should be careful of them.

when i was younger i used to be a very shy, insecure girl and attracted a lot of beta orbiters and incel type male friends. i thought they genuinely wanted to be my friend, until i realized they were sticking around in case i put out for their desperate asses.

don't assume that because these guys are "nice" to you that it's solely for friendship and that they actually care about their feelings. they could very well be using you because they're desperate for female attention and want to get in your pants, and figure that if you are also lonely and everything else that you'll be easy to manipulate. the moment you disagree with something they say or reject them they could get very verbally and emotionally ugly with you, force themselves on you, etc.. i can speak from personal experience.

but hey if the robot friends you made are genuine and respect you boundaries and beliefs then good for you i guess.

No. 273277

I know. I'm deeply ashamed of what I've done and nowadays I don't do it anymore.

Well I'm in a long term relationship and my male friends supported and helped me when I started dating. They've done the same for other girls we know too.
I understand where you're coming from though. I know I'm luckier than most.

No. 273278

File: 1532829249793.png (113.4 KB, 540x495, Screenshot_2018-07-24-16-24-46…)

I was browsing Ask Reddit when I saw this post, the OP is a 'tiny little lady', in her words.

It's not fair something like this had to happen to her. Still, I'm happy she managed to save herself and kill the bastard. I wish all women could defend themselves in the same manner.

No. 273279

Wow, I guess she got the good end of the fight-flight-freeze reaction.
Glad he's gone.

No. 273280

Idk anon, never underestimate a mans lack of self awareness.

No. 273281

>my male friends supported and helped me when I started dating
>they've done the same for other girls we know too
dang, what alternate reality are these robots from? with every incel guy friend i've had, the moment i started pursuing a guy or going out with him, they would get really jealous and try to cockblock or sabotage the situation. and if they failed to win me over, i wouldn't hear the end of how ashamed they were that i was now ruined because i was longer (or never was) their property.
i've been in a serious relationship for 3 years and had to cut out one of my /r9k/ tier guy friends because he threatened to hurt my boyfriend when we started dating, then started harassing me.
it's nice that you didn't have to deal with that.

No. 273282

This is literally my experience with any male friend I had. Once they realize you won't put out they'd stop being friends with me.
For the longest time I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me since clearly I wasn't worth more than my sex appeal. Clearly I was wrong and men are just incapable of seeing women and people

No. 273286

I have loads of male friends who know that I'm not interested in them, and they haven't made any moves on me. You probably don't actually have that compelling of a personality.

No. 273288

>men are sexually interested in you because your personality is bland
Hmmmm, what an interesting way to put other women down while propping yourself up. strokes chin

No. 273289

Men are ONLY sexually interested in you because you provide no value otherwise.

No. 273291

Wait, is this an attempt at defending men or are you trying to make them look worse? Not sure.

No. 273293

That must have sucked, I don't doubt it. Thankfully I've never had those problems. When I started pursuing a relationship my friends gave me advice and encouraged me when I was feeling hopeless. Even the ones I rejected before.

No. 273295

>I'm so cool and interesting that even the men who spend their days fantasizing about a world where women are property see me for who i am and treat me like an equal!
>Men are right to treat women as mere sex objects, most women really are less than human and men's assessments are accurate, you're all bland fuckholes. If you were a snowflake like I am they would respect and support you

Yeah, naw. Stop responding to the roleplaying male, girls.

No. 273296

>Telling women their only value is sex
>In the man-hate thread

Are you another dude LARPing?

No. 273303

I didn't make the posts talking about
"bland personalities". It's a different anon, I didn't come here to insult anybody.

These are my posts: >>273255 >>273293 >>273277 >>273274 >>273270 >>273266

No. 273305

This is the man hate thread, you're completely off topic. Go make a mal appreciation thread if you want to gush about the cool dudes in your life and stop derailing.

No. 273377

File: 1532864314687.png (337.99 KB, 1133x937, 1525975736529.png)

>Most of my male friends have been amazing to me, even my 4chan "robot" friends support me.

how are you this lucky?


No. 273391

>I was so brainwashed by feminism in junior high. So much that I believed women could be as strong as men. Now I’m graduating from high school and could not be more disgusted by it. It has ruined family structure, is openly sexist towards men, ignores basic biology and is actually very demeaning to women.
Just as sad as the handmaidens on lc, whose first instinct upon hearing that something bad happened to a woman because of a man is: "But all my male relatives are super nice! Maybe it's your own fault."

>I worked at geotechnics practics, we used hand-held drill bits. Normal girls patiently stood by and admired our work also noting the results.

Yeah right, as if.

>I got kicked out of the library for putting all of the feminism books in the fiction section.

>Women DO NOT deserve to be payed the same for doing less, less well……

>I think golf best example of how terrible women are at sport. Golf doesn’t require huge strength. It requires timing and concentration. Yet, they are just terrible golf players compared to men. They can’t play at the same level as a man.

>What a brilliant video to expose the delusion of feminism! Women are the destroyer of nations.. Just look at Sweden, Denmark and Norway. All the result of feminist dogma. Look at what Merkel has done to Deutschland. Wonderful Werk..

>In a different context to Tennis - Inspite of the feminazi's thrusting forced equality into corporate world, it is glaringly visible how Men just out do most of women at their work through hard hours, innovation, focus and leadership. Women tend to lose focus at offices in the quest to be doing the same men do, instead of bringing their unique best qualities to the table. I have seen Women go bob cut the day they are promoted as Managers and start wearing shirts/trousers for the first time just to look manly.

>In chess only men have been world champions. So in a game that involves no muscular strength advantage men are still better than women.

THEY never invented anything (besides imaginary "misandry"), THEY never fought in wars, THEY never worked in coal mines, THEY don't commit suicide more often and
aren't more likely to get murded. They are just some keyboard warriors contributing absolutely nothing to society.
Why is it that men alwas think in collectives? One men invented cars - all of us must be geniuses. One women lied about getting raped - all of us are stupid roastie whores. But at the same time they claim that women are naturally prone to be more social, always in groups, because of their sensitive and nurturing nature.

No. 273396

File: 1532866307498.jpg (52.32 KB, 403x260, good-women-quote-by-germaine-g…)

she probably isn't. these women that cape hopelessly for men often don't realize how often their boundaries are disrespected or crossed, or how disrespectful the men around them really are, because they're always so flushed and flattered by losers telling them they're some kind of unicorn and that every other woman sucks but her, etc. she's caping for robots, for fuck's sake.

No. 273400

Yeah me, I never caped for men online but I had the
>they're all nice to me
Experience. Seeing how other women were treated opened my eyes AND helped me to see all the boundary-crossing, disrespect and demeaning I missed. If all men are nice it's because you are taking the role of a subjugate

No. 273407

I was that woman not too long ago. It's all true.

No. 273410

Fuck I lol'd hard.
Some of you anons have the wittiest kind of humor I've ever seen.

No. 273412

men look so dumb in business or formal clothes. you can tell this guy works at Kinko's and voluntarily wears more formal clothing than what is required

No. 273417


wow you are blessedly sheltered. just wait until a man rapes or abuses you. it will happen to you, too

No. 273429

File: 1532871730426.jpg (118.81 KB, 800x450, xEWAUjxlkCRbEXy-800x450-noPad[…)

all (wo)men are ebil and will (mentally and monetarily) rape you if only they can. where did I hear that before?

No. 273444

stating your iq is like a calling card for autistics

No. 273445

File: 1532873188373.gif (547.23 KB, 250x250, 1454857395646.gif)

>Posting on incels
>Using r*ddit at all
>Not being actually successful in finances, business, relationships
>145 IQ

Poe's law is real

No. 273473

">In chess only men have been world champions. So in a game that involves no muscular strength advantage men are still better than women."
Holy Shit, this makes me so fucking angry
>Forty‐two male–female pairs, matched for ability, played two chess games via Internet. When players were unaware of the sex of opponent, females played approximately as well as males.
>When the gender stereotype was activated, women showed a drastic performance drop, but only when they were aware that they were playing against a male opponent. When they (falsely) believed to be playing against a woman, they performed as well as their male opponents.
>In addition, our findings suggest that women show lower chess‐specific self‐esteem and a weaker promotion focus, which are predictive of poorer chess performance.

No. 273474

>this makes me so fucking angry
I knew about the study you posted too. Their opinions and videos don't make me angry anymore, it's the fact that we've gotten to this point, just, this reality where women perform worse if they know the opponent is male.
The breaking down of our self esteem since we are born because of male insecurity. This reality makes me suicidal.

No. 273475

I feel the same way,I used to be a handmaiden to cope, but now I feel like there is no way out, how do we fix this?

No. 273476

>its a well known fact men cry their eyes out if a woman is ever better at them in anything
>women, in response, let men win, for their self esteen

What do these men want? Men are such spoiled brats I swear, I wish women didn't have such shitty nature as men

No. 273480

Well, think of the suffragettes asking the same question. I don't think they did, or that we should, expect an immediate solution, or even one within our lifetimes. I do believe that things will eventually get better for women, even if it takes a couple more hundred years, I guess that should give us some hope.
As for the now I just get my happiness from mostly not getting my head bashed by the animals that men are if I try to do what I love, so I just do it.

No. 273481

When things get even slightly better for women men act like the world just took their power away and jump through hoops to prove how oppressed they are and say gross shit like how if their wife doesn't have sex with him "the cunt should starve to death"

Men are big fucking babies, can't stand one second not being on top of the world, pathetic

No. 273482

To add to my previous reply
>I used to be a handmaiden to cope
I used to do this too, and other women here as well. It seems there are various phases one must go through upon finding about men's malice. I think during the last one you lose your sense of self preservation, an example being, you know there's a big chance a man will blow up and hurt you if you as much as talk back, but you end up doing it anyway because you know this is the way that needs to be taken to improve this society for women. It doesn't matter if you get killed in the process, because it is still miles better than being a handmaiden and living in anxiety forever.

No. 273483