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No. 233664

previous threads:

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

No. 233667

File: 1521004752479.png (236.45 KB, 479x646, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.1…)

Tried to fit this all in one screenshot but…

Man sees link to article about waitstaff discussing the shit they deal with in the restaurant industry. How they pretty much have to grin and bear it as customers grab at them or make sexually charged comments. He goes on to admit that THE SAME SHIT happened to him, yet then says that these women are lying.

He KNOWS that this thing happens, because it fucking happened to him, but if women say it happened to them all of a sudden it's unbelievable and there's no way they aren't lying for money or attention.

The funniest part is that in the replies he says he's just assblasted that women victims get more attention than male victims, which proves he didn't read the article because it literally includes the story of a male waiter experiencing this shit.

He's literally experienced the same shit and STILL can't find it within himself to experience empathy for these women. Not only that, but he goes out of his way to say that all women are liars and later on in the thread starts with the "well women didn't fight in wars or create anything meaningful so they don't deserve power!1" schtick.

I just can't stand dealing with men anymore. They are so, so horrible to women. And always will be.

No. 233669


oh and here is the dumpster fire of a thread. gets worse later.

No. 233670

Regarding the abusive ftm:
FTM. I thought the thread was meant for all men. Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

No. 233671

Men make up over 90% of the prison population lol, I swear males are barbarians

No. 233672

>or create anything meaningful

It's true, he was created by a woman and is obviously a meaningless sack of shit

No. 233674

I'm continually flabbergasted by men glossing over the fact every human on the earth was grown/made and nurtured to adulthood by a woman (not always the same woman, but men generally are not given sole custody unless there's big problems)

Like if men were the sole parents of every child, the human race would be extinct. It's like guys who never buy food/clean/do housework and expect the magic fairy to do it. Anything they don't do, regardless of value, DOESN'T EXIST. The ultimate fantasists

No. 233677

The whiny men who cry about women usually getting custody can barely take care of themselves and are on a steady diet of tendies.

No. 233678

My experiences with men haven't been super great but they equal up with women.

No. 233680

Got invited to dances just to find out that the guys was joking and had other dates. My family wasn't made of money either so we'd wasted money on a dress, ticket, and shoes. ever went to dances again after some dude said he'd dance with me if I let him have my sunglasses.

Older guy I liked would always be so nice to me and I would confide my secrets in him. I even made him a bunch of art to have of some of his favorite things. Eventually found out that when I messaged him, he'd make one of his friends chat with me. All his friend's knew my secrets. A lot of his friends tried to date me for this reason, which at the time I didn't know. One day HE actually messaged me and sent me a pic of his "hot cosplay girlfriend" saying something like "You look like trash in comparison. When your body looks this good, let me know, because I don't settle for fat chicks".

I started dating a guy who liked a lot of Feminine shit and after a few years dating, he became M2F. Cheated on me with a guy because I didn't want to be Trans also.

When I moved back home, I rode on a Grey Hound bus and I had to sit next to this guy who was obese. Basically, anytime I stood up, my chest was close to his face or my body was touching him because he was taking up my seat also. He started to dig his fingers in my pants when he thought I fell asleep. I was terrified and no one would switch me seats.

I ended up dating a new guy who side-chick'd me and that shit wrecked me for well over a year, even into my next relationship because I never felt like someone's first choice.

Some guy on Discord that I talked to would constantly try to get me to masturbate with him there even though I made it very clear I had a boyfriend. He ended our friendship because I couldn't give him "something kinda essential".

No. 233687

My new bf farts all the time. I find it disgusting but I can't help laughing and this encourages him to fart harder and louder. Can this be classifed as rape?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 233690

tbf romulus and remus were raised by a non-human woman ayy.

Also single parent households in which the mother is the sole parent are statistically cancer of family formats. Single father households aren't too far behind. As far as childrearing is concerned, both parties need to tough it out and deal with one another or not have kids at all really.

No. 233693

Came across this older thread on spreadit the other day. Essentially some asshole was in a 3 year relationship with this poor woman's uterus. Cheated her out of 3 years of her romantic life. Fucking scum of the Earth.


No. 233704

The boys in my class made a list of girls they wouldn't dance with (because too ugly) and surprise, there was more than half of all girls on it…
We were 26 girls and only 9 boys, so even after excluding that many there were still enough left for them

No. 233731

File: 1521027800421.jpg (164.32 KB, 552x584, ss (2015-12-23 at 07.31.13).jp…)


This seems to be a depressing common experience for a lot of women;

A guy I knew over the internet (lives in different country to me) and was friends with went really insane after a while. He would vent to me about all of his problems which I didn't mind at first, eventually he found out what I looked like and got a crush on me. He would also pester for nudes which I played off as a joke at the time (which was very autistic of me). I'm sure you already know how this goes.
I said no and that started this tirade of shit like calling me a cunt constantly (to the point where the word doesn't have much of an impact on me any more) telling me he hoped I would die and wishing my worst fear (which I had confessed to him, privately) on me. Like this immense amount of venom and hatred that left me just bewildered, I wasn't even angry, just really confused. After a while I was like I'm done and he didn't understand why I didn't want to speak to him.

Also tried to blame me for him still being a virgin because I 'gave him bad tinder advice' and so obviously it the fault of a girl not even on the same continent as him he couldn't get laid lmao

tldr Men are pathetic by definition :)

No. 233732


samefag but I made a small folder of pics I have saved that may be useful as reaction images/generally poke fun at why men are shit so I'm sharing in case anyone wants


No. 233735

File: 1521029037365.jpg (145.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1510768391892.jpg)

>there you go, an F for wasting my time. go away
>can't you tell how sexy i find a guy who complains about video games on the internet all day?

No. 233742

File: 1521035312458.png (524.26 KB, 712x2517, FireShot Capture 065 - Teacher…)

Very disheartening to see women bend over backwards to defend men like this.

No. 233743

Ty for these!


No. 233749

I feel like internet and video games were one of the worst things that could have happen to this generation of men. They're literally useless. In the past men at least could take care of a family and themselves. They spend 50% of their time watching porn/playing video games and they other 50% at some dead end job then they act shocked that no woman wants them and of course if they do get a wife, she has to put up with his hobbies 24/7 or she's a selfish roastie bitch, meanwhile he can disregard all her hobbies and call them stupid. What is attractive about a man whose mom still cooks all his meals and cleans up after him?what is attractive about a man who is envious of little anime girls and wants to be one?maybe it is just the men Ive date me but what is the real difference between a 30 year old man and a 12 year old?

I went into these relationships thinking "well he's having a hard time and I can help", by the truth is they don't want any help. Even asking them to fill out an application is too much work and they always blame it on depression. If I were to tell them I want a future with children and a home, then Ima roastie Bitch who is a gold digger. There is a reason why any woman worth a damn wouldn't look at most dudes. I always had to be the understanding one when they don't want to find work or move out because "they're depressed" but when I'm depressed and I don't feel like opening my legs?then I'm a selfish Bitch!

No. 233750

Stop dating men. Get your own job and live on your own.

No. 233751

I do have my own job and place but I would like to have a family and someone to come home to.

No. 233752

Is like to add I do have a bf but he still lives at home and it took him a year to find a job because is was afraid of filling out applications so I'm just frustrated.

No. 233753

Stop dating manchildren.

No. 233754

all of that makes my blood boil! I am sorry you had to go through that

No. 233755

Are there many men who aren't man children?even at my job most of the guys under the age of 36 are always talking about video games etc

No. 233756

The girl is pregnant now and a child is going to make it a hell of a lot harder to study and go to work. She may have been at the age of consent but she'll likely regret this relationship in a few years because 1) our brains haven't stopped maturing at that age 2) if he's going to take advantage of one of his students he doesn't sound like a great guy to be in a relationship with in the first place. I know I made some dumbass decisions when I was 17.

Yep, it's sad that there are women sticking up for him.

No. 233757

It is, its just kinda confusing since a lot of people refer to trans as their bio gender

No. 233758

Whats with mens entitlement?
Once I had a bf for 3 yrs, he asked me for nudes and I was with my parents at the moment and i wasn't comfortable with my body enough yet (I was also 16 at the time so yeah)
I told him I couldn't send him nudes and apologized, he went off on a tangent about how "he can easily look at anyone naked and even better can fuck somebody else right now" then told me he loved me, next second said it wasn't about the nudes it was about trust or whatever, then ignored me and the next day called me emotional and hard to deal with for freaking out over that

No. 233761

File: 1521042520210.jpg (46.03 KB, 632x524, f317d3b388a736de88dce0b2d71cf0…)

I'm glad I'm not the only one but I'm sad at the same time.
My ex would constantly yell at me for not sucking his dick or wanting to have sex because I have an issue with dryness down there and I also didn't feel comfortable having sex with someone who called me a bitch a bunch for not wanting to have sex.
Like, even masturbating made me feel anxious because he would make me feel bad about it.

There was one day he blamed me because I never taught him how to use his penis.
In his own words said it was my fault for not wanting sex and for him being bad at it.

Shouldn't a guy know how to use their penis without the assistance of a woman? It's needless blame.

No. 233769

I was reading the incels website and I was amazed by how men of all types and races band together to hate women. In most of these online groups with extreme ideologies you only see a subgroup, but it looks like hating women can bring all men together.

No. 233770

They should understand that women are more likely to give them sex if they're not feeling forced or obligated to do it. Sometimes Theres that anxious feeling "I know if I don't have sex he's going to have a temper tantrum", which makes women just avoid the sex all together. It's funny that men pretty much feel obligated to sex, even if they don't know you but scream gold digger if you ask them for anything.

No. 233783

oh no women dont go for short, fat, ugly, poor guys? how heartbreaking

No. 233784

>This is just another piece of anti-male hatred and propaganda.
Lmao please stop with the whining. You're all going to be just fine. It's not like large swaths of people want to take your rights away and shove you back into the home and remove you from the workplace like they want to do to women. It's not like over half the world things you're worthless and only exist as breeding fodder and you're too useless to contribute anything else.

Until the entire world starts telling men they're only good for their dicks and need to have their rights revoked and need to be subjugated "for their own good", stop whining.

No. 233785

Fuck off, robot. I like average looking men, even manlets and I don't give a shit shit about money. Stop projecting your dumbass insecurities because I think some old ass forty something year old going after someone less than half his age and experience level is iffy.

No. 233790

Here comes the copypasta. Lmao. When will this faggot learn that no one gives a shit?

No. 233791

The funny part is that they do. But men refuse to admit that.

Most people aren't flawless supermodels, and men even less so because half of them don't take care of themselves or invest in their appearance very much. Tons of short guys get laid, get married, have kids, exc. Same with ugly and overweight.

But, they literally expect that they can sit in their dingy room all day playing video games and not bothering to eat healthy, throw a bit of cardio in their routine, or invest in a nicer wardrobe and still have Gal Gadot lookalikes on their knees trying to suck their dick. It doesn't work that way. Ugly men can still get dates, but those dates most likely won't be with a 10/10 super model. But those types of women are all that men see, so they think they shouldn't have to settle for less. But if you don't put in the work, why would you expect someone to settle for you? Most women are "attractive" and "dateable" because we know if we don't make an effort and take care of our appearance, the world will spit in our face.

Ugly girls hate themselves, they blame themselves and not literally all men for not being able to get a date. Ugly men hate women and blame them for all the evil in the world.


> in the western world women have MORE rights than men
Yes, rights that men CONSTANTLY complain should be taken away. And they probably will be eventually, because an increasing number of powerful people advocate for things like repealing the 19th, removing women from the workforce, and spread propaganda that all women are intellectually inept and inferior in every possible way, and therefore shouldn't be employed or allowed any influence outside of the home.

Once again, cry me a fucking river. You will never be hated JUST for being a man. Your rights will never be called into question JUST for being a man. Men will always be fine. And you can always fuck over women with little to no consequence like you all enjoy so much.

No. 233792

File: 1521054070943.jpg (74.93 KB, 720x617, QHgr3JB.jpg)

Get the fuck out of the thread, dumbass. Women have to hear shit like pic related all the fucking time, come back and talk to us when half the world says the same shit about men. Until then, no one cares about your little incel tirade. You can't despise and belittle people and constantly beat them over the head calling them inferior and then expect them to still care about your problems.

No. 233793

>They will still pay you for sex.
And on the flipside, YOU can still pay a woman for sex. A professional. So go do that and shut the fuck up. Problem solved.

No. 233794

Is it not funny how men want to portray how big and strong they are but whines about anti-male hatred and propaganda?


>- Over 80% of the homeless are men
>- Over 80% of suicides are men
>- Over 90% of workplace fatalities are men
maybe you should stop killing yourself and stop putting yourself in dangerous work situations where you can lose you money or die?

>- Women don't have to sign up for the draft

you would not want us there either way. besides there are countries in 'the west' as you call it, where women can and HAVE to serve.

>- Millions of young men died in wars they were drafted into

and they were killed by other men. good job there.

>- 100% of incels are men

none of us here feel sympathy for incels

Most of the pain men feel is put on them by other men.

No. 233796

Also I forgot. Men like you don't really care about male victims. You just care about the statistics that you can use to cry and whine about how much of a victim you are, when in reality you've never been drafted, never been homeless, and never worked hard and in dangerous situations.

No. 233798

When I was in my early teens a boy I very much trusted and I stayed in a class after school.He started chasing me around the classroom, pinned me down, & started touching me all over my chest. Told me with a very disappointed voice that my chest was flat. He let go of me, I was completely terrified on the verge of tears. As I tried to walk away from class he kept trying to touch me. I lied saying my dad was coming to pick me up very soon. The harassment didn't end there, everyday at school several boys would try to touch me even when I resisted or said no. This went on for years, I was very afraid of speaking out. Eventually, touching became bullying, I was always bullied for being skinny & flat. They'd always try to touch everything, but of course my body wasn't good enough after they got what they wanted. This led me to hate my female body, every night I'd pray to God to make me a man. I lost even more weight, constantly on the underweight scale. I'd always hide in layers of clothing. I'd dress and style myself very boyish, hoping if I made myself as unappealing as possible, the harassment would stop. It didn't, I ended failing the school year, got kicked out from this good school because I missed too many days from trying to avoid boys. Transferred to the worst school of the district, dropped out due to strong suicidal thoughts. I became shut in, crying & self harming myself nearly everyday. All of these boys grew up of course, theyre currently going to the best colleges out there. Me? I'm currently trying to get myself out of an eating disorder & from relapsing. Sometimes I wonder, do they remember the shy girl they'd constantly sexually harassed? Do boys/men realize the harm they do? I resent men now, not only was my childhood stolen from me due to sexual abuse by an older man who I trusted, but so were my teen years. I feel taken advantaged of throughout my entire life because of male entitlement. So if I want to say I don't trust men, I think I have every right to say it. I absolutely hate men.
Sage for semi-blog post

No. 233801

Why would you need female companionship if we're so retarded? I think you deserve to die a virgin and alone.

No. 233804

>women really are retarded compared to men?
womp there it is. Poor little incel comes here for attention and sympathy even though we're inferior and our opinion doesn't matter :( :( :(
but feel bad for him guys he can't get his dick wet.

>doesn't fill the need for female companionship

Why would you want a companion that you hate so much and view as so inferior and retarded? They would only drag you down, I'm sure. They have dolls for what you're looking for now. Fleshlights. Porn. Leave women alone and let us be retarded in peace, thanks.

God damn men are all the same lmao. Every single time one of you comes in here, you regurgitate the same tired shit in almost the exact same wording. You write these long ass screeds but can't even bother to keep it interesting.

No. 233806

i'm sure you're one of those truly intelligent men, sweetie. everything is going to be ok. you're amazing and worth it. those dumb feminist whores just don't know what they're missing. you're so much better than them<3

is that what you want us to tell you? feel better now?

No. 233807

Fucking kek, aren't you being stupid and arrogant right now? You're clearly the retarded one here.

No. 233808

I am so so sorry. I have also gone through something similar, however not as bad. I hope you learn to appreciate yourself and get over these horrible things that have happened to you <3

No. 233809

Is your autistic ass going to keep coming here whining about your dick until someone takes pity on you? Never gonna happen, bitch. Fuck off.

No. 233811

Don't you understand, anon? He's literally better than us JUST because he has a dick. Never mind the fact that he is so insufferable that no woman wants to let him use it on them. It MUST be because we are retarded and worthless, not because he's a whiny misogynist bitch. Of course.

We should all be grateful this true alpha is here to impart his wisdom on male/female dynamics, despite the fact that he would have to pay a female to be anywhere near him. This dude doesn't fuck.

No. 233812

imagine thinking that being like this is gonna get you laid. you're not a dominic sheerwood when it comes to looks so you should really work on having a better personality and respect women

No. 233814

Just keep telling yourself that all of your problems are somebody else's fault and everything will be okay, honey. Don't even bother taking responsibility for yourself or anything like that. Don't do any self reflection. It's literally every single woman on earth who is wrong. You're perfect just the way you are and any retarded roastie whore would be lucky to have you.

(Is your ego stroked enough? Can you get the fuck out now?)

No. 233815

I'll hatefuck you if you let me push you out of a 30 story window afterwards.

wouldn't be surprised if your retarded ass unironically took this offer.

No. 233816

>Financial status
Yes you must show you're not a literal piece of trash by having a job and making enough money to live decently

>Social status

Yes you need to be a normal human being and have a social life
fucking hell


Only insecure women give a fuck about heigh, but incels only want stacies so yeah you need to be tall


Incels aren't even able to by a decent blue jean at white t shirt to look at least a bit put together, you guys want to wear your hot topic naruto gears and be able to fuck a stacy, come on.

No. 233817

what I get out of interacting with men like this is that I should stay away from ugly guys even just as friends because they are often the ones that are the most dangerous.


No. 233819

Why don't you try not being a NEET, then? If you want your life to change you can stop by being so lazy and entitled, I mean for fucks sake.

No. 233821

I think maybe you ending your own existence would be the best for both you, other men and us women.


cry somewhere else. nobody here has sympathy for you and incels considering your views on us. also coming to a thread made to discuss our bad experiences with men and complaining about how horrible women are does not really help you.

No. 233822

>I'm more attracted to ugly girls with low self-esteem.
Then here comes the inevitable whinging about how women are so cruel and he would literally worship any woman that takes interest in him and do whatever they want. You want a girl with low self-esteem so you can abuse her and treat her like a fucking doormat. You may try to play the victim but you're just a piece of shit and that's why no woman in her right mind would ever want you.

No. 233823

Damn it's interesting how literally nothing is YOUR fault.

No. 233824

>45yr old married man cheated on his wife to knock up a 17yr old student
>This is demonising male sexuality
If this is male sexuality it has every right to be demonised, all you are doing is confirming you are disgusting creeps and you're dumb enough to think your triggered whining is somehow convincing people otherwise.

No. 233825

Can you idiots stop replying to the literal incel? They're nothing more than something to be made fun of, don't treat them like they're anything else.

No. 233826

Nobody said everything is your fault. But you are in control of your attitude and behavior. You literally think women are worthless whores but still expect one to fall into your lap and worship your dick. Life doesn't work that way.

Instead of blaming all of your problems on literally ALL women, 99% of whom you've never interacted with in your life, do some self reflection and try to get your shit together to the best of your ability. I can smell your fucking entitlement oozing from my screen dude.

Your problems are YOUR problems, not women's. You can either try to solve them or you can continue to whine about roasties on the internet while we continue not to care. The economy sucks and the job market is rough and has been for years, and EVERYONE is faced with that. But not everyone turns into such a hateful cunt like you have.


Even a job at McDonald's is more productive than doing nothing at all. It will hold you over while you work on finding a better job. Go to a temp agency and get temp work, sometimes it turns into permanent work.

If you think literally sitting on your ass screaming at women on the internet is doing you more good than making $7.50 an hour while you figure things out you're a dumbass. Don't even know why I'm wasting my time giving you advice, I'm just a retarded roastie whore what do I know anyway amirite.

No. 233827

File: 1521057064419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.82 KB, 520x588, incel screaming.jpg)

Worse is they get pic related does anyone know if some online generator was made to make this? Would like to make an incel version kek

No. 233828

>You would NEVER start dating a male NEET, lying bitch.

Not that poster, but I have, and he was the absolute worst guy I ever dated. Lazy, no interests, dumb yet entitled and arrogant. I thought he was good-looking and stuck with him due to my own insecurities for years.

No. 233829

>dumb yet entitled and arrogant.
Sounds exactly like our little male friend in this thread lmao.

No. 233830

File: 1521057209966.png (21.97 KB, 259x224, sticker.png)

Here's my credentials for men and feel free to roast me if you're a manlet with woman issues:

>They must be a virgin because I don't want to risk STDs.

>I must find them attractive which, no, I don't find buff macho men attractive.
>They must be nice to me and caring
>They must have a job and/or a goal for the future.
>Must not have any mental illnesses.
>Must be be passionate about a hobby of some sort.
>Must have other healthy relationships i.e. with his mother or friends.
>Physically must be taller than me tho.

No. 233832

>They must be a virgin because I don't want to risk STDs.
Incels wouldn't believe you want a virgin.

No. 233833

File: 1521057454842.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, clap.gif)

No. 233834

File: 1521057526648.gif (1.93 MB, 400x223, tumblr_ngjxxiumoh1u3w4uoo1_400…)

Ok ignore all advice and continue to whine and play the victim then.

>It's in men's best interest to keep females self-esteem low. The lower their self-esteem, the less chance that they will cheat, leave, complain, etc.

They're just openly admitting it now. Hilarious.

No. 233835

Is your definition of a whore literally any woman who wants a man that can support himself like an ADULT? Jesus fuck grow up. We all have to work at some point.

No. 233836

>I didn't know he already had a wife and cheated on her. He should kill himself.

Its right fucking there dude >>233742 congrats for proving you dont read a damn thing your trolling needs work son.

No. 233837

First of all, last relationship that had me with low self esteem, I left because it was not worth being around some trashy dude.

Secondly, asking that a guy have values, pursue his passions and have healthy relationships does not make me a whore, it makes you WEAK.

I've never had sex with someone who's had sex before and I still get STD checks because I would like everyone to be safe.

No. 233838

Men are so entitled these days. For most of the human history only 40% of them reproduced, now they think they're all entitled to it.

No. 233839

>This was obviously a relationship started before he was a NEET.

No, you fucking idiot. He was a NEET, older than me, I was at school at that time and he had just dropped out of uni. I just had impressively low esteem and was amazed anyone could be into me.

No. 233840

Can confirm this is true, they also dont believe you are a virgin, every woman to them is a "roastie", its also a way to excuse their pedophillia.

No. 233841

Wait, where do women get free money online for simply existing? Sign me the fuck up!

No. 233843

Pornhub or camming sites.
Or just be trans and start a go fund me.

No. 233844

>Secondly, asking that a guy have values, pursue his passions and have healthy relationships does not make me a whore, it makes you WEAK.
There's this disease of entitlement with men. The whole world smiles down upon them, tells them how great and strong and intelligent they are (even when they aren't) and how there are entire demographics of people that they are superior to. They internalize this, but the problem is that not all of them are that great and there comes a time when they realize this and can't deal with the truth that maybe they're just average. They aren't special and the world doesn't revolve around them. This dude is a NEET with no intent to change that, he can't "compete" and doesn't want to put in the work to improve his life and thus his chances of dating, so everyone else needs to change to accommodate him.

This dude really needs to self reflect and consider what he likes about himself. And if he can't come up with anything, he needs to understand that most other people can't either. He's hateful, he's angry, he's lazy, he's entitled. It's the absolute worst combination of shit.

The good news is that those things aren't permanent states of being. The bad news is that he absolutely refuses to acknowledge these things about himself and therefore sees no reason to change. So he will continue to make excuses and blame everyone else for his problems, and nothing will ever change for him.

Sort of tragic, but he IS a misogynistic twat so my sympathy has limits.

No. 233845

dude you won't even put in the effort to get a job at fucking Burger King but you think you're going to get off your ass to fight in a civil war? Stop larping. This is getting sad.

No. 233846

File: 1521058290407.jpg (289.56 KB, 1280x960, f wolf.jpg)

Twinks and traps are in more demand so technically you could also make the same if not more.

But you sound to bitter and pathetic to make the effort kek

No. 233847

Hey guess what, you little bitch? You're absolutely right. My husband has a good job (because he studied hard), he is liked by everyone who knows him (because he's an interesting and nice guy), he's tall and gorgeous, and has the body of a god (because he plays sport). On top of that, we get on great because he has a wonderful personality (and isn't a bitter little cunt like you). As a result, he has a wife who has given him children and looks after a beautiful home for him. We're so happy… unlike you, because you're going to waste your life crying that everything wasn't handed to you because WHORE ROASTIES AND IMMIGRUNTZ.

What do you actually do to change anything? It sounds like sweet FA. Fucking retard.

No. 233848


You do know that men do porn and cam also… right? Def not free money. Have you ever jerked your dick for hours? That shit sounds exhausting.

No. 233849

Have you ever taken a bad dragon dildo for hours while hearing people talk about raping you?
Thought so.

No. 233851

Neck yourself or change everything about you, that's the only solution.

No. 233852

>I can't find my flatchested, asian, lolita gf who fucks my cock 24/7 so I would gladly take away someone else's happiness and make fun of their financial situation even though I get autism money from the government and haven't worked a day in my life.

No. 233853

>At a certain level of intelligence, you're more likely to be homeless or NEET than an average person, e.g. Ted Kaczynski
Yes, this is why the vast majority of all the great people in history we laud were NEETs who never pursued higher education, a field of work, or literally anything at all ever.
I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you're fucking retarded.

No. 233854

The "point" of working at Burger King is that you would be occupying your time and making more of a contribution to your bank account than you currently are. So that one day you can move out of your mom's basement and be self sufficient. You'll have less time to screech about roastie whores and civil war, which is a win for both you and everyone in this thread.

There is no Civil War right now, and so you will continue sitting on your ass blaming other people for your problems until there is one. You aren't too good to work for minimum wage. A job is a job. Your parents won't be around to support you forever.

You are not more intelligent than 99% of the population. And you know that. You have to accept that. You can continue to bitch about how everyone else is bad and you are good, but for fucks sake take it somewhere else. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish here. All your doing is bitching and saying the same thing over and over. Do you want a solution to your problems or do you just want to whine?

No. 233856

>I am more intelligent than 100% of women.

>I'd rather have no money or resources than have SOME money

Okay buddy.

No. 233857

Smart people don't just lay down and let themselves die you retard. You've fallen for the smart = depressed and apathetic meme.

No. 233859

File: 1521059776858.jpg (92.79 KB, 1199x666, stephen_hawking_on_iq_by_ameri…)

Goddamn dude I've been trying to be nice and give you advice from a former NEET, but you're a lost cause.

Good luck with…whatever it is you plan to do. Just know that nothing will change for you unless you change it. Nobody else cares. You just aren't that important and nobody is coming to magically make things better for you. We all come to that realization eventually, too bad you just flat out refuse to.

Also, smart people don't need to constantly advertise it. Pic related, RIP.

No. 233862

File: 1521059969141.gif (1.78 MB, 300x168, giphy.gif)

If you aren't doing these jobs homeless people do now, you won't survive being homeless. It also makes no fucking sense. You're just an actual loser and you becoming homeless and falling off because you don't know real life skill will be an improvement to society.

No. 233864

Don't delude yourself you'd be the village idiot if you were born in the 16th century.

No. 233865

You're not a man.

No. 233866

You sound like a tranny.

No. 233868

It's true for EVERYBODY except maybe the son and daughter of super rich and influential people which are a minority.
I don't expect you to understand since you're a bitter virgin but being fucked doesn't make your life better in any meaningful way.

No. 233870

ACTUALLY, from the perspective of my boyfriend, fucking is great.
You feel more happy when you have sex and your relationships grow closer and happier without having to degrade a woman.

I hope he's upset that he can't drain his dick in a woman because he's repulsive from the inside out.

No. 233871

If your definition of "man" is a toddler with a fake mustache on then, yes. You're such a man.

No. 233872

It is true for females. I'm a female and I'm telling you. You seem to think you can continue to stall and do nothing, not even make the tiniest effort to fix your situation, so are you okay with being this miserable and angry? You don't seem to want to change things at all, you just seem to want to whine and get attention. A lot of people, including me, were NEETs at one point. It ruins your self esteem and makes you miserable, but you can fix it. I'll say it again, go to a temp agency. Some of those gigs pay above minimum wage, since you're ~too intelligent~ to do some honest work at McDonald's apparently. Temporary jobs frequently turn into permanent jobs if you impress the employer, which I'm sure will be easy for you since you're sooooo intelligent and superior. Guaranteed to get a permanent job. If you choose not to do these things to improve your situation, at least have the dignity to stop whining. It's pathetic. You're blatantly saying you just want to bitch and do nothing.

>there's a never-ending supply of men who care and will make things better for you

Men like you to constantly tell me how retarded and worthless I am for being a woman? Sure, what a treat. Dying alone is preferable.

No. 233873

He would have to be able to form any kind of meaningful connexion before wishing to have that kind of sex. Fucking someone you don't love is very empty tbh.

No. 233874

My husband would fuck you up, you basement-dwelling wankgoblin.

No. 233875

There is nothing more humbling than walking into a thread full of whiny incels. Sure, sometimes life can be shit but at least I'm not THAT delusional.

No. 233877


they are their own worst enemy.

No. 233878

>The boy inside me is dead.
Nah, you're over here playing Peter Pan instead of supporting yourself like all self-respecting people have to. You're going to get a rude awaking when your parents decide to stop funding your tendie addiction and throw your ass on the street.

No. 233880

Trust me, I know. My ex boyfriend would publicly shame me for not "making love" to him so I'd fuck him and take a 40 minute shower just so he'd leave me alone.

No. 233881

Right? Imagine thinking you're more intelligent than 99% of the population and you still can't find anything more captivating than bitching about how women won't touch your measly dick on an image board.

Imagine being so privileged that you can claim you'd rather be homeless than do simple work and try to change your shitty circumstances. I guarantee you this dude has opportunities. Plenty of them. He's never been homeless before or he wouldn't be able to say that shit.

No. 233883

>Plenty of men killed themselves or other people because no females would fuck them.

Even more reason these guys need to be taught how others are human beings, not puppets that they can butcher when they dont do what they want them to do.

No. 233884

How would you become any of those things, even in the 1700s? They require intelligence and ambition, neither of which you possess. Or do you honestly believe you’d get them solely by virtue of (barely) having a penis?

This is how trannies are made.

No. 233887

If you're so intelligent and capable, why wouldn't they give you a job? If you are what you claim, any employer would be lucky to have you.

That is, unless you are more worthless than you accuse women of being, and all this "I'd be a doctor if I was born in a different era1!1" shit is a cope so that you don't go insane and kill yourself once you realize how truly bottom feeding you are. You know this shit isn't true. Stop lying to yourself, accept what you are and what your capabilities are, and then do your best with what you have and change your fucking life.

Claiming you would rape someone already makes you a worthless cunt, so we all know the answer to the question in my second paragraph.

No. 233888

Anon bitches that women can just fuck for room and board, but he literally doesn't even work nor does he fuck for his room and board. Who has it easy in this situation??

No. 233889

You don't need to look good to have a job, plenty of ugly people are hard working citizens, you do need connections because you need to be a human being, nepotism only for some high ranking jobs, an even poorfags manage to get themselves degrees by having a job on the side… No excuses.

No. 233891

File: 1521061242026.gif (791.02 KB, 275x207, 1520077146457.gif)

>"If I can't get the woman, I'll just become the woman"

No. 233892

>I'd rape you if given the chance.
And this is why women don't want you. I wish a bitch you like would even try anything. I'd punt you in the face then laugh as I watch you run home crying to mommy.

No. 233893

You are actually fucking delusional. The only real (and sane) requirement there is needing a degree for architecture or medicine, because you’re actually responsible for people’s lives. Would you want an intelligent but completely clueless doctor operating on you? Because I wouldn’t. Other than that… I’ve never seen an attractive doctor or govt official…

No. 233894

This dude honestly probably believes he contributes more to society and is more valuable to the species than a female doctor just based off the fact that he is male. Despite the fact that he just sits on his ass all day.

He is nothing and he knows it. He even admitted in >>233831 that the only way he could have a relationship with a woman is if he wore down her self esteem so much that she thought she was worthless and deserves nothing. You know, like he is. He has to level the playing field because he knows what he is.

No. 233895

No because as I said plenty of ugly people have jobs.

No. 233896

You already have free room and board with your broke ass. Why are you whining that women get free shit when you're literally doing the same thing, but without the sex earning it?

No. 233897

Honestly, my dad fucked this lady to get room and board.
At least he was earning that money.

No. 233898

Do you do your own laundry? Do you cook for yourself? Does your mother do those things for you, because you're too lazy to get off your ass and even do those simple adult tasks?

And you repay her by sitting on the internet whining that women are whores. Man she got a shit deal. The least you can do is blend her a margarita every once in a while for having to deal with your shitty ass literally forever since you refuse to get a job.

No. 233900

Sex won't change your life, you'll still be a miserable piece of trash after losing your virginity. You're issues are WAY DEEPER.

No. 233901

Stop making excuses and purchase time with a prostitute if this is that big of a deal for you. Like you said, women are dumb retarded whores. Why would you even want one anywhere near you?

You're ready to kill yourself over people that you view as so inferior and worthless that we don't even deserve basic rights. Really think about that. Makes no fucking sense. You need to get over it.

No. 233902

Most women who fuck for money are literally on the same boat as you. Low self esteem and want to die.
They're just desperate enough to risk getting an STD or pregnant for some money to survive.

No. 233903


Sounds like you live a delusional life, but okay. Learn about actual hardships that aren't simply "I can't get laid". Then you are allowed to bitch and whine about life.

No. 233904

You can even pay camgirls to pretend to like you. I mean come on dude. You have the internet at your fingertips. Get a fucking job so you aren't such a dredge on your parents and so that you can buy a prostitute. Then throw some coins at camgirls and they will smile and pretend to give a shit about your problems.

Killing yourself because you can't stick your dick in what you view as a literal hole and nothing else? Weak.

No. 233905

Just become a tranny already

No. 233907

Honestly, if you're so ugly and beta that this is how you act, your genes are poison and shouldn't be passed on.

No. 233908

File: 1521062094184.gif (218.14 KB, 300x181, giphy.gif)

what the fuck happened ITT

No. 233909

>absolute cliche of an incel comes into thread ranting and raging about how he hates women, we're all retarded, how its better for women to have low self esteem, that he'd rape us, etc etc
>anons respond with tough but fair advice on how to improve his life and better himself to make girls like him
It's funny when incels join us and prove everything we hate about men completely 100% correct but the idiot is just repeating the same party lines every other incel does, we get nothing out of engaging with it.

No. 233910

File: 1521062162812.jpg (24.13 KB, 300x300, 1422730101526.jpg)

God, it's like they're all reading from the exact same playbook (which I guess they literally are lmao). Has our incel buddy ever had an original thought in his life? Reading this thread I have gained absolutely nothing that I didn't gleam from the Red Pill subreddit. What's the point of you being more intelligent than 99% of people when evidently the only thing you're capable of is copy-pasting incel.me?

No. 233911

I mean it sounds like you don't have any hardships in life if you can live in your parents house while doing jackshit and not intending to ever change that. You're coddled like a fucking baby and you expect shit to be handed to you. I'm not surprised you're so entitled.

>women are inferior whores who ruin everything

>wahh they won't fuck me time to end it all

Your genes should not be passed on. You aren't what you think you are. Accept it, move on.

No. 233912

Why are you sharing your enlightenment with retarded females? Fuck off back to your little dark corner of the internet.

No. 233913

>Incel shows up complaining about how women are whores and shit.
>Literally doesn't want to improve his life in the simplest ways possible like getting a job.
>Wants to kill himself.
>Possible future tranny.

No. 233914

>see potential
What potential? You aren’t willing to do menial tasks, you can’t problem-solve, you have no drive or determination, you’re a whining professional victim, and you’re a horrible person. Who the fuck would want to work alongside that? I wouldn’t hire you to do my garden, let alone work on my patients or serve on my cabinet.

>no demand for labour

Yes there is, tons of demand. It’s just for low-wage unskilled positions, which you are apparently too good for.

So your choice is: accept the life you made for yourself (which is sitting on the Internet becoming too fact-saturated to do menial work kek) as you’ll never be in the 1700s, or just fucking end it. No one feels sorry for you, and they never will.

No. 233915

Dude this. I honestly question if it's the same dude every single time. There's been two or three before who came in here and said some dumb shit and then claimed to be smarter than everyone else on Earth. There can't be that many incels with unwarranted self importance, right? Has to be the same guy taking a few months break before flipping a bitch again.

No. 233918

Go on then, I dare you. Become homeless. Go and live in a war-torn country. Give up the comfy fucking life you have and prove what a man you are.

No. 233920

File: 1521062473339.png (143.62 KB, 300x300, EXO-KAI-01_0.png)

Why do I think that this person is planted in this thread to further a specific agenda? Like, his actions seem SO typical that they aren't genuine.

No. 233921

Retard confirmed
You litteraly blamed ugliness for being jobless here >>233890 and here >>233886

No. 233922

>I am not beta
But don't alpha Chads get to fuck?
>I'd fight in a civil war
Go and fucking enlist already. You only say this shit because you know there isn't going to be a civil war. If you really are that happy to serve your country, DO IT.
>hate feminism
That's beta af.
>I'm high T
Stats or it didn't happen
You obviously aren't though.

>My genes should be passed on, they're highly valuable. They're the kind of genes that advance society in hard times.

Hahaha, by sitting on your ass all day long complaining about how hard your life is when it literally isn't? By only talking big but failing to back it up? You and your genes are worthless.

No. 233923

How will you survive being homeless without your precious internet connection, anon? We all know you'd be too coward to spew these thoughts in real life.

No. 233924

File: 1521063113392.gif (945.79 KB, 245x220, tumblr_inline_nxij4r1DMh1tz4qg…)


>The only time feeemales give him attention and meaningful interaction is when he provokes them in a literal Man-hating thread which is why he keeps coming back

>A whole year and nothing's changed in his life

It'd almost be cute if it wasn't so sad

No. 233925

>Trannies are delusional creeps who have a warped view of the world


No. 233929

>I want to fight in a war that isn’t happening
How convenient kek


You won’t find many of those here pal.

No. 233930

Can we stop replying to this delusional freak fr now? I hate to back seat mod, but it's really derailing the thread. The only advice you should be giving him is to self kill.

No. 233931

Oh yeah man nothing gets my panties wetter than a man who thinks I don’t deserve the same rights as him and have the mental capacity of a child.

I’m surprised you’re not slaying pussy left and right. A real mystery.

No. 233934

Whining and telling women all your woes in life while also hating us and tellling is how worthless and inferior we are is the most beta shit I can think of. You’d think someone so intelligent and ubermensch would have better shit to do.

Why have you been coming here for over a year? What does this actually do for you?

No. 233936

Why do you want to speak to inferior whores? You aren’t going to fuck any of us, and that’s all we’re good for isn’t it? So again, what good does this do you? Unless you get off on being annoying and sad.

No. 233937

I am joking. I think you’re pathetic. But now you’ll just tell me you know what I want more than I do because ~women are all the same~ and can’t be trusted to think for themselves. You’ll tell me all women love being treated like inferior trash and secretly want it, even though there are now six threads that tell you otherwise. But you don’t listen because we’re retarded, right?

Follow the script.

No. 233938

Chad would get out of the broke NEET cycle. You just don't have the drive of a normal person and that's why no one wants to be around you or jump on your dick. There's nothing less panty-wetting than a person without ambition.

No. 233942

Lets not associate panty wetting with earning capability. I'm sick of guys thinking of us as gold diggers and you're only proving them right.

Of course, having a job and supporting yourself is a necessity for any responsible adult (unless they're a stay at home parent), but that doesn't require ambition.

No. 233945

Thoughts on this video? From my experience the "adorkable misogynist" isn't just a tv trope(except irl sexist nerds are never 'adorkable). Probably my worst experience with men were from my programing/computer science classes in community college. All of them were such ugly pathetic losers who assumed that I was totally cool with their inappropriate behavior because I guess that's the stereotype women in IT get since we're usually just as socially awkward but, we know fucking boundaries and don't find the men we work with attractive at all.

So much sexual harassment from these types of men and they're always the ones who become mras or mgtow.

No. 233947

I've watched this video before. It perfectly puts into words everything that put me off about this show, but couldn't express.

No. 233948

I personally never gave it a chance because I hate modern sitcoms but, damn I had no idea they make that many sexist jokes on the show and try to play it off as "hahaha typical awkward nerd!".

No. 233950

I love this video but what annoys me is that this guy gets nothing but praise in the comments while people like Anita Sarkeesian, who has similar videos, gets a shocking amount of hate and abuse.

No. 233953

Didn't word it right, I just meant people with enough ambition to not LDAR and actually behave like an adult. I once had a guy who wanted to date, but he was a NEET and just sat around at home. Not attractive.

No. 233954

File: 1521071485909.jpg (84.87 KB, 1060x672, ue9zb8tmwgoz.jpg)


this is what mgtows think "the wall" is
like lmao, she looks better at 35 than most men look throughout all their life, why do men think this is a female only thing? they're obsessed with "the wall" being revenge for women not catering to them and mommying them

what's next from them, infertility is natures revenge for not having mens babies, they already made periods out to be natures revenge of not getting pregnant
women who get acne? should've have anthony some bucks and sucked his dick
get more hair than usual? should have had sex with that one particular guy that thinks the world revolves around him
must be because you're a gold digger

No. 233963

This is just unflattering hair, makeup, and lighting. Incels/wizards are dumb as fuck.

No. 233964

Obviously she's not as attractive as she once was, that's how all people work. Not like most men look any better at that age, especially if they don't live a healthy lifestyle.

No. 233965

can we please have one man-hating thread that doesn't get overrun with scrotes reeeeeeeeing about stupid shit? this is why we hate you

No. 233969

Her wrinkles are slightly deeper obviously but it's mostly the godawful makeup and lighting like >>233963 said. What did people expect after 20 years. Men start to look crusty as fuck at the ripe age of 28 because they dont wash their face or moisturize.

No. 233977

Dating apps have made it SO obvious how poorly men age, since you can know their age unlike irl. You scroll through hundreds of photos and glance at their age and every time they're younger than expected. They get wrinkles and go bald so fucking young, receeding hairlines are just about the least attractive thing ever. The beard trend makes them look even older again. At least SOME women wear sunscreen, men think it's faggy to take care of your skin and it shows.

The greatest trick men ever pulled was convincing the world they age like fine wine. What a meme.

No. 233978

File: 1521076814922.jpg (108.33 KB, 662x993, IMG_2802.JPG)

Very hard to find a man who looks this good at 26 let alone mid 30s

No. 233981

I actually disagree. Most couples I see who are the same age, often the woman shows age YEARS before the men.

No. 233995

Fuck off incel, I've only ever seen this once and only because she was a smoker

No. 234000

File: 1521085887388.jpg (75.06 KB, 500x747, bananaboy.jpg)

Its always guys who are like pic related who tend to complain about women having too high standards and blame that on feminism and then pretend the reason women don't want to date them is because women only want "teh chad" and not because women see how shitty they are and thats the reason they stay well clear. (Before anyone says it yeah I know hes divorced, glad the woman came to her senses)

No. 234002

Thats probably due to the fact wives are expected to do everything especially when it comes to children so are tired and stressed while the men do fuck all so do not look exhausted.

No. 234003

Sorry but I'll have to agree with him on this one case. I grew up playing Tomb Raider and I hate how they put a flat chested woman to play her. The Jolie movies were pretty mediocre but at least she looked like the Lara.

No. 234005

File: 1521086316789.png (103.53 KB, 548x700, selena.png)

Speaking of which…

No. 234008

Remember to sage if its not relevant to the post or thread.

No. 234015

Theamazingatheist is just angry that his titties are bigger

No. 234017

I'm not surprised at all by that. Men may hate other men of different races for whatever stupid reason, but at the end of the day, they're still men. They can always bond over shitting on women together.

If anything, women need to learn by example, and stop letting dumb shit get in our way. We need to stop shitting on one another, and focus on getting rid of the shitty men in our lives instead.

No. 234023

Man this actually gives me throwback feels thinking back to the YT era of 2009-2012 when he was somewhat relevant, he still hasn't changed his attitude. Last time I checked he pulls in just fraction of views and attention he once did.

It just makes me think what will be of those ironybros personalities on YT whose whole trick is to make a "femanazis pwned!" video/commentary and the whole PUA types (the former somewhat fading in relevance) years from now once those views fade. Same goes for those lauren southern types who throw around the word "traditionalist"; wonder how their fans would react once she finds a partner.

No. 234025

Man here. This is the only post I'll make so go ahead and ban me, but I want to say, holy shit I did not realize how fucked up men were. The worst thing is I used to be one of those little shits until I lurked here and was forced to look through at things from another perspective. I feel terrible at the cognitive dissonance and harm men do, and they even fucking feel victimized when they don't go through half the shit women have to. It even worse my Mum and sister probably go through all this bullshit everyday and then have to listen to me bitch about my problems.

No. 234026

This; my all soy diet made me grow breasts and cry all the time because men are so brutal and smelly amirite

No. 234027

It's obviously not based on the old Core Design games. Lara hasn't sported the polygon boobs since ages and now looks nothing like her old self, you'd know that if you were an actual fan of the series. She's been completely reworked, even her bio is different. I did prefer the original backstory because now she's too damn whiny and pussified but cmon it's really obvious.

No. 234031

I can't wait for Jordan Peterson to fade away. His sycophants have to be some of the most annoying ones online right now.

No. 234036

boo hoo big deal they didn't give a character a boob size you wanted, there's more important things to worry about

No. 234037

you are welcome here <3

No. 234043

This, but unironically.

No. 234045

Totally agree. I think anon was correct that Angelina made a good 90's Lara when she was basically just videogame eye candy, but all the recent games have showcased a younger Lara with a less buxom figure and the game is more about her character. Even though I liked the old games and the current ones for different reasons, I think the casting was great and I'm actually glad the focus is less on how hot she is. The guy who commented about the actresses chest size is a fucking ape. If you are so concerned about Lara having big tits and don't give a shit about her character development, then go watch some hentai or Lara croft themed porn. I can understand someone kicking up a fuss about a if Jessica Rabbit was played in a live action by an anorexic with no breasts, but her character is that of a vixen and there's a need in the story for her to look a certain way. Lara on the other hand has a very interesting back story and it triggers me that such a minor detail like breast size (especially when she doesn't even have giant knockers in the later games) is enough for someone to critique the movie without even seeing it.

sorry for my rant…it just really grinds my gears

No. 234049

She's at least a C cup in the new games. I've played them but yeah I'm not a fan of the series anymore since it has turned into garbage nowhere as good as the originals.
I'm just mad that people like erasing women with big breasts because of men.

No. 234051

More like people keep erasing big boobs cause of women.

No. 234053

>people like erasing women with big breasts

No. 234054

I'm not an incel, I'm actually a woman and I've had sex. If I have a different opinion than you does that make me an enemy? I think, honestly, because women deal with a lot more that fucks with their skin (i.e. obesity, stressful mental illness, etc…) that they end up looking older. All these celeb women don't look old because they get surgery and wear makeup. The men end up looking older because they embrace getting old. Most guys normally do. Women try to avoid age as much as possible.

No. 234055

Feminists have this theory that big breasts on a woman is sexist.

No. 234056

If the character was flat and the movie made her with big boobs people would go crazy, but since it's the other way around it's perfectly fine and you're a bad person for caring. It's like women with big breasts must be punished for daring to have a body some men find sexy.

No. 234060

File: 1521118115560.jpg (108.05 KB, 1200x520, Evolution-of-Lara-Croft.jpg)

I should elaborate actually.
They think that a specific body type similar to Lara Croft's, Bayonetta or a Disney character's is "appealing to the male fantasy" thus it's sexist.

Especially with video games, Feminists think a small waist and big boobs are "unrealistic" because most feminists are obese with pancake tits or beta males.

People think it's progressive to minimize boob size and remove sex appeal while also parading around with your tits out.

No. 234064

I don't care if she has big breasts or not. There are 2 different adaptions of the character. I have no problem with tiny waisted and big titted characters or unrealistic body shapes. There's nothing wrong with sexualised characters. What I don't like is that ugly neck beard's twitter bashing that actress for not being able to play Lara because her tits are too small EVEN though the new Lara has smaller breasts anyway. Also, I'm aware that Lara is just eyecandy to some, but she's actually an inspirational character to others that don't give a shit about her tits and to see that garbage tweet makes us annoyed. Like I know she is sexualised, but way to boil her character down to purely the lumps of meat on her chest.

No. 234066

The new lara isn't flat chested. She always had bigger than average boobs.
And Lara was an inspiration to me as a teenager ALSO because of her looks. As a teenager who would wear sweaters during summer to hide my boobs I hate seeing Lara's body type erased in the movies.

And again, this shit wouldn't fly if it was the other way around. NO FREAKING WAY it would.

No. 234067

Can you stop talking about your huge udders?

No. 234070

I mean, people will be like that, they want accuracy.
Irrelevant but a friend of mine bitched that a black guy was gonna play Kristof in the Frozen musical and that it would "ruin the whole show" because "black people wouldn't have been there at that time".
Some people are skin deep when it comes to criticism towards media.

No. 234073

Why was Lara's boob size such an inspiration to you? Why is it so important she had a different body type in the movie? She still looked attractive. Also, this shit would fly if it was the other way round and it still flies to this day.

No. 234075

It's not her breast size. It has more to do with the fact that a lady can be sexy and bad ass at the same time and you feel like you can put yourself in those shoes.

No. 234077

So don't complain about the actress smaller boobs if it's not the problem? She is strong and sexy.

No. 234078

Because I was growing up while playing the original games and liked seeing a woman with big boobs doing what she did. In real life I was just hiding myself.

>Also, this shit would fly if it was the other way round and it still flies to this day.

I don't know about that. Examples?

No. 234079

Exactly! Anons keep saying they've 'taken away the sexy' but the new one is super attractive

No. 234080

I'm not complaining.
Removal of her breasts is kinda gay though. Like, why not just shave her head, too? Throw a Hijab on her.

No. 234081

>Say that small chested women = men
>In the man hating thread

I understand you have virtually zero self esteem but you don't have to abide with everything men believe in.

No. 234082

It's hard to pin point any specific examples of this, but I'm an artist and get a whole lot of flack for making some characters with small breasts have bigger breasts (Mostly has to do with trying to translate an anime character to someone with irl proportions) but they consider it "sexualizing" a character.

No. 234083

Actually didn't say that but you can spin what I say however you want. I said they removed a part of her femininity. Breasts are kinda the staple thing of a woman aside from a vagina.
(Btw, I love women with small tits more than women with big ones)

No. 234084

Oh, poor baby. Maybe you should try watching pretty much any other action movie with a female lead instead of bitching about this one :/

No. 234085

You are acting like they gave Lara Croft a full mastectomy and made her flat chested. She still has breasts, just small ones (which you claim to like more) so your reasoning that they removed her femininity is retarded.

No. 234086

If they made a movie about me and for no reason made my tits small, I'd be kinda like… wtf?
It's political.

No. 234087

I've been playing her games for over 20 years. I wish they'd just stop with the hate for big boobs.

No. 234088

But you're not Lara Croft are you? Did you complain when they picked Angelina Jolie who has an apple body shape when Lara is an hourglass?

No one hate big boobs, they're everywhere.

No. 234089

Fuck I just remembered they REMOVED MRS. KEEN'S BOOBS in the new PPG.
They removed Mrs. Bellum entirely.

No. 234090

I never watch the movie tbh. I've never even played a tomb raider game. I'm a Sega/Nintendo baby.

No. 234091

File: 1521122873288.png (207.27 KB, 355x323, ZVcbOIk.png)

I'm shook.
But apparently no one hates boobs.

No. 234095

Where is all of this "boob hate" coming from? Growing up with small tits, I was constantly made to feel ashamed that I didn't have huge breasts. My mother constantly expressing her insecurities about her own small breasts affected me a lot also. It seemed like the world only valued women with bigger ones.

No. 234096

There's hate for all sorts of women. I just wish they'd leave all women alone.

No. 234099

Women make women feel insecure, though. Most of my insecurities came from other women around me.
Sorry to blog post but my mom once asked me if I wear a hoodie all the time because my arms are fat, which was her projecting onto me.

I had an old girlfriend who said she dated me because she was doing me a "favor".

Lots of shit like that. Woman often blame men for this, too and I don't get it.

No. 234100

I know this is the man hate thread, but this is so true. No man I've ever dated or talked to has made me feel bad about having small tits. My own mother and other girls that bullied me in school ALWAYS pointed it out. It's very unfortunate that male fantasies/preferences have had this effect on us.

No. 234101

I have huge tits and my mom and sister would comment that they were saggy all the time. Hell, my step mom made me wear a "ass smoother corsetty thing" to my graduation because "your ass looks lumpy.
No dude who's seen me naked with my bra off has complained ONCE about any of this shit.

No. 234102

Man I don't care about her tits. The real tragedy is that at the time, it was really cool to have a female main character who isn't a scared damsel, going on adventures and kicking ass. Yeah, she was an ice queen, but that's what was cool about her. The new Lara is way too… vulnerable, idk. You still don't see male video game characters show that much vulnerability, even when they're supposed to be regular "everymen".

No. 234103

That comes down to which one you are referring to. If you are talking about the 90's one then yeah I get what you mean, but the new one is vunerable because she's younger and more naive.

No. 234104

File: 1521127725263.png (95.13 KB, 639x2031, FireShot Capture 078 - Teenage…)

Ok would like to bring the thread back on topic if possible

Sort of related and maybe farmers can enlighten me but-I hear boys who do pic related go onto be serial killers. Its just shocking that they just got a slap on the wrist. I removed the pictures of what they did to the rabbit because it was very graphic.

No. 234106

Okay? My mom made me feel shitty about my body too, and so did her ex-boyfriend, boys and girls my age growing up…
Generally a lot of people tend to be overly fixated on appearance. It's no wonder why women would project their insecurities because the standards for female beauty are high.

No. 234109

The 90s core design games up to and including angel of darkness, compared to… Everything afterwards.
I mean we've played as teenage Lara in the old games (Last Revelation, Chronicles) and she was noticeably younger and more naive but still not as whiny.

No. 234111

"But but women do it to!!"
God i wish mod would ban people who come in and do this
Yes women do it to but men do it more and more intense, as in going out of their way to insult women just because they dont like their body

No. 234114

I was talking from personal experience and in my experience, no, men do not "do it more and more intense".
Women have ALWAYS done it because they feel "comfortable" judging other women like that.
Also hop out of your tunnel vision, people everywhere are equally shitty.

No. 234120

Not that anon. In my experience they do go out of their way to make people they don't find attractive feel like shit. When I was bullied usually the girls would just say something if I pissed them off in some way or they would avoid me, but boys would literally come up to me just to say that they think I'm disgusting.
Agree to disagree and move on. This isn't the thread to start derailing about women, and you know it.

No. 234121

Sure, it's just hard to avoid. Ya'll act worse than radical feminists sometimes on here. It's actually gross.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234122

Then hide the thread. No one is forcing you to read it.

No. 234123

I was having a decent convo but seeing someone come in and say I'm brainwashed by men and should be banned for having a different opinion is literally shit an SJW would do.

No. 234124

This is not your diary, the theme is "man hating" if you need to cry about how women bullied you for your big tits and fat arms go to the vent thread.

No. 234125

How about you go get dicked.

No. 234126

Sorry I'm telling you guys that not everything can be blamed on half the population and that on a lot of things, you're either wrong or it's just common assumption.

No. 234128

Because it's kind of unnecessary? Sure you can say that women are insecure and criticize appearances too, but then why did you have to publicize that in your experience men are perf angels who have never been over-critical or made anyone feel insecure? Your experiences are yours alone.
For some anons it's tiring always seeing women get shit on. What do you think the point of this thread is for?

No. 234129

this is true, when girls insult they do it then go on with their day, guys act like you personally offended them if you didn't meet their standards, seriously, I had a guy straight up scream at me because my nose was too big in fucking college to the point where the professor had to kick him out, it wasn't even the first time men have SCREAMED at me and threw tantrums because I didn't look a certain way

No. 234130

I just see more women shit on women and blame it on men.
Men are not angels, no, and I've definitely heard them say terrible shit and do terrible shit but it's a two way street, dude.
This thread was made to degrade your sense of being, give you false ideas of the world around you.

No. 234131

>I was talking from personal experience and in my experience, no, men do not "do it more and more intense".
look through the past few threads, there's more than enough evidence of how extreme men will go just because they don't like a girls body, even taking creepshots

>Women have ALWAYS done it because they feel "comfortable" judging other women like that.

I'm not denying women do it, but lets not play pretend here
>Also hop out of your tunnel vision, people everywhere are equally shitty.
and men do it mpre

No. 234132

Should screamed at how small his dick was.

No. 234133

This thread is titled man hating thread and you have spent the whole thread defending men. We aren't crazy feminists, the thread is to purely vent about dislikeable men. Anon posted a tweet about the lara croft atheist guy and you defended him basically the whole time. Other anons call you out on it and you complain that we are generalising ect. Now you are just arguing.

No. 234134

>I just see more women shit on women and blame it on men.
and where is this happening exactly and how?
>This thread was made to degrade your sense of being, give you false ideas of the world around you.
again more than enough evidence proves you wrong, and no, your tales from magic fairyland doesn't prove anything

No. 234135

Everyone's generalizing though. I wrote about my bad experiences with men and I thought that's what it was. You guys literally act like women don't rape or beat their kids or "look younger than men" (tf who cares). It's gross generalizing to poison how people function and think irl.

No. 234137

Literally 3rd wave feminism.

No. 234141

So then this thread shouldn't exist because it's 'gross'? Fuck off

No. 234142

yawn, is that you june? what handmaiden are you?
"it feminism!!!! that's it!!"
men bash everloving shit out of women and there's a huge problem with men making huge deals if women don't look the way they want, and no being around 3 shitty women doesn't prove anything, it doesn't take a 3rd wave feminist to point this out, even june lapine the fucking handmaiden pointed this out before if thats not enough proof then

No. 234143

>You guys literally act like women don't rape or beat their kids
They do, and crime statistics prove men rape, murder, and abuse people far more often than women do.

No. 234145

No, the people in the thread generalizing a whole gender are gross.
Crime statistics also say women get assaulted more but that's not correct for many reasons.

You know that social stigmas play a huge part in statistics and what isn't recorded.

No. 234146

This girl believe feminism is the reason why she feel bad about her cow tits, don't expect any kind of logic from her.

No. 234147

Feminist logic is saying women in video games are just sex objects and aren't realistic.
So what does that mean for the women who look like those characters? Are THEY just a sex item?

No. 234149

Are you saying you're oppressed by feminist because your body fit the standard of beauty? Try to put yourself in the shoes of the vast majority of women who are treated like worthless garbages because they dare to exist and be ugly / fat.

No. 234151

The thread is called man hating thread. Of course there will be some generalisation in opinions, but why post in the thread if you think it is so toxic? The whole theme of the thread is something you don't agree with, then why post?

No. 234152

>Crime statistics also say women get assaulted more but that's not correct for many reasons
and what are those reasons?
>No, the people in the thread generalizing a whole gender are gross
we aren't, just most, for the MILLIONTH fucking time, no we aren't saying "literally all men"
I can't believe I have to say this
>Feminist logic is saying women in video games are just sex objects and aren't realistic.
no not all of us are anita s
>So what does that mean for the women who look like those characters? Are THEY just a sex item?
oh kekaroni, talk about a stretch "u bitches said men drawings female characters to have tig o bitties and ass is sexist and making them sex items therefore you're saying I am a sex item!!!!! sexist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

ugh, are you that handmaiden from IG that went on a rampage about how those dumb feminists said sagging is natural and "having perfect tits is a reality for some women so stfu!!"


No. 234153

My body actually doesn't fit the standard of beauty. I'm roughly 350lbs. I got made fun of by everyone, not exclusively men. If a guy made fun of me, it was at least to my face, whereas most of the ladies in my life left mentally damaging comments.

No. 234159

>that's not correct for many reasons.
>You know that social stigmas play a huge part in statistics and what isn't recorded.
Okay? So do you have any evidence that backs that up? You know that in the case of sexual assault, the vast majority of women don't report their assaults too? So it does nothing to prove that women aren't still the primary targets of assault because men don't also report their assaults more often. In the case of murder, men kill both men and women far more often and that's just a fact. Violent crime is a predominantly male problem.

No. 234161

>Men often don't hit back because even if a woman started a fight and is the same weight as them, they will get arrested.
>Men often don't know if they've been raped because "a woman forcing herself on you should be a blessing" and a boner apparently means that you wanted it.
>I've seen police laugh at men for calling in an assault by a woman.

No. 234164

Oh wow. Both males and females bullied you but females are somehow worse because they didn't do it to your face. That's pathetic. Quit posting here if you are just going to defend men the whole time just for the sake of it and not actually listing reasonable points. As another anon said it's not ALL men. Just ones that we hate. Make a thread about feminazis or woman hating if you want to discuss it.

No. 234166

Use your brain and you'll quickly realize that the people making light of males being raped are other males.

No. 234168

I'm the original anon who complained about erasing women with big boobs. I personally just wish they'd leave the characters with big boobs alone and stop shaming them and changing them for political reasons. It's sad when a character over 20 years old is drastically changed like that.

No. 234169

No. 234170

>Men often don't hit back because even if a woman started a fight and is the same weight as them, they will get arrested.
proven untrue throughout the thread, there are literal men obsessing everything women get hurt, even the video where a man attacks his wife, she lightly hit him and he falcon punches her and men were saying she deserved it

>Men often don't know if they've been raped because "a woman forcing herself on you should be a blessing" and a boner apparently means that you wanted it.

haven't seen this in years
>I've seen police laugh at men for calling in an assault by a woman.
yeah, no. find me one case where this happened meanwhile police laughed when an ugly woman was raped by an attractive man

No. 234173

Actually my dad has a police report of domestic violence where my mom rammed him into a call and beat him up and he pushed her to get her off and HE got arrested. Police literally didn't care that she'd bloodied him up while she was fine.

Also if a woman hits a guy, why wouldn't she expect a punch back?

No. 234175

I can understand why they do it in cartoons like the ppg. It's been years and there is a new generation of younger kids watching it so there's no need to sexualise it even since ita such a simple looking cartoon. Removing the outline doesn't really make a difference.

No. 234176

> mom rammed him into a call and beat him up and he pushed her to get her off and HE got arrested.
I seriously doubt that

>Also if a woman hits a guy, why wouldn't she expect a punch back?

the man in the video was getting up in her face, overpowering her, screaming, if you are a 200 lb man and feel the need to falcon punch a 90 pound woman for lightly hitting you after YOU are the one that started raising your tone and overpowering her, you have issues and deserve to be in prison

No. 234179

Noone should hit anyone. Especially if one person regardless of gender is bigger.

No. 234181

I watched it happen, dude. He got arrested for literally pushing my mom because she was beating the shit out of him.

It should at least be an even fight, so yeah, that's kinda fucked.

No. 234183

What's your point? Anecdotal evidence have zero weight.

No. 234184

Don't dude peoplea it doesn't make it sound anymore real

No. 234185

Why can't people just accept that boobs are part of women's bodies and stop making such a big deal about them? It's not wrong for a kid's show to have fully dressed woman with boobs.
This is one of the reasons so many young girls are ashamed of their boobs.

No. 234186

>I watched it happen, dude. He got arrested for literally pushing my mom because she was beating the shit out of him.
again, I DOUBT this, I can easily say my dad beat up my mom and she got arrested

but when I was in high school I knew a girl who punched a guy who stuck his hand up her shirt and guess what she got in trouble, not him, where's the feminism you claim exists when that happened where was the female privilege

No. 234187

What's your point? All the other shit on the thread is personal experiences, too, so why reference it trying to invalidate someone elses personal experience?

No. 234189

because it's unrealistic that a police arrested a bloodied man who was attacked by a woman just because he defended himself and the woman totally didn't get anything

No. 234191

It happened.
It may also have to do with him being black, but still.

No. 234192

considering all the other lazy animation in the PPG reboot, I wouldn't be surprised if they just left off her boobs because they forgot/didn't want to draw it.

No. 234194

No anon, they clearly left off her boobs because society hate tits, don't you get it?

No. 234195

>It may also have to do with him being black
uhh that's probably 100% why…

No. 234196

I feel bad for him. He's crying and everything and his friend just laughs at him? It doesn't even sound like nervous laughter at least, he sounds like he genuinely thought it was funny.

No. 234198

Society has a love hate relationship with boobs. They'll sell beer with boobs but they'll also remove a character entirely because she has boobs.

No. 234200

Fucking RIGHT? I was so sad seeing that, and that shit happens a lot to guys.

No. 234201

lmao is this another raysist sexist police story?

No. 234203

We lived in buttfuck nowhere and he was the only black guy around.

No. 234204

and where is this "buttfuck nowhere"
I live in a religious white rural town and even they wouldn't do something like that

No. 234206

use the youtube field when you link videos

No. 234207

Like, the closest grocery was almost an hour away.

No. 234208

Thank you

No. 234212

and? there's nothing but fields miles from here, and again where is this buttfuck nowhere town? even small rural towns have mom and pop stores not to mention even dollar general made it to where they put one in every single rural town in america, you literally just exposed yourself by saying that, unless you don't consider dollar generals grocery stores

No. 234214

I don't consider it a grocery store no. DG is more like a gas station without the gas.
So a general store. I don't live there anymore but I don't really wanna say where it is. I'm in Ohio, tho.

No. 234216

Regardless of gender, how can someone's first instinct be to laugh when someone comes to you in earnest and says they've been assaulted? I don't get it. I remember in high school once a guy told me a girl basically molested him at a party and I was immediately shocked, asked him if he was okay and all that (he shrugged it off a moment later which I thought was weird…)

No. 234218

> DG is more like a gas station without the gas.
anyone who's ever lived in a rural town wouldn't say that considering they sell fucking guns there, vitamins, food staples, clothing, most of my childhood toys were from there, anyone who lived in a rural town would know it's a make do grocery store without fruits and veggies

No. 234219

I've heard guys tell other guys "It's not rape if you were hard" or "You should be happy a girl was all over you"

No. 234220

no one hates men more than men

No. 234221

I was a kid when I lived there but I will never consider such a trashy store a place to buy food.

No. 234222

No one hates women more than women.

No. 234223

The fact that men are the ones raping, murdering, and abusing us the most says otherwise

No. 234225

How so?

No. 234226

Men rape, mug and kill more men than women, to be fair.
Men are also more likely to kill men of their own race, however black men will kill white men more often as well.

No. 234227

Many instances of women putting each other down to feel superior. Both genders do it.

No. 234228

Women being catty to each other is the equivalent of men violently raping and killing both men and women?

No. 234229

Can you read?

No. 234230

Yeah, no one hates men more than men and no one hates women more than men. They're hateful little pieces of shit.

No. 234231

That's just some shit men say to excuse their awful, violent misogyny. It means nothing.

No. 234232

File: 1521136055832.gif (250.08 KB, 320x180, L4Mf3Q.gif)

Healthy and rational thoughts in this thread, I see.

No. 234233

Can YOU read? How is women putting each other down the proof that "no one hates women more than women" when men literally kill and rape us on a daily basis?

No. 234234

Don't forget children. There are more male pedophile sex offenders than women.

No. 234235

I'm not gonna defend this but motive tbh. Also people who normally rape women don't hate women but they don't really consider their well-being in committing those actions, though a good sum do want to hurt somebody.

No. 234236

More *that get caught.

No. 234237

File: 1521136405351.png (48.82 KB, 207x284, 71557.png)

>Men often don't know if they've been raped because "a woman forcing herself on you should be a blessing" and a boner apparently means that you wanted it.
>I've seen police laugh at men for calling in an assault by a woman
>What about meeeeen? :(((
And who's doing this shit? Other men.
MRA gtfo.

No. 234238

mods pls ban handmaidens/larping incels

No. 234240

>People who normally rape women don't hate women.

DidI just read that?

No. 234241

It's normally that they like women but women don't like them. Like, it's fucked up to rape but why would you fuck someone you don't like?
It's all motive.

No. 234242

File: 1521136693665.png (57.6 KB, 874x153, rapist.png)

No. 234243

File: 1521136735463.jpg (32.08 KB, 568x335, 17rmhj.jpg)

No. 234244

And that's one guy's experience.

No. 234245

>why would they fuck someone they don't like?

Uh because it's not all about attraction and ooh teehee going to rape this girl because I like her!
It's about power and getting what they want. Little old ladies get their homes broken into, bashed and raped. Do you think it's because the rapist LOVES women?

No. 234246

That does make sense.
You've changed my perspective.

No. 234247

I mean, it's true. Nice egoraptor reaction gif btw, faggot. Go back to reddit.

No. 234248

I've never been on reddit once in my whole life.

No. 234250

For the last fucking time, majority in this thread are not talking about ALL men. Even if some are… READ THE TITLE OF THE THREAD. Why mods haven't banned these neckbeard/neckbeard defenders I'm not sure.

No. 234251

Then go back to 9gag or facebook or wherever the fuck you came from because it's clear you're not from here.

No. 234252

Is this the point that society has come to? Now people are saying that men literally can't possibly know when they're hurting someone just to defend them? Bullshit. They rape because they feel entitled to women's bodies and want to play out their little revenge fantasies on the Stacies who rejected them. They hate women for being unavailable. That's all it is.
>If I were actually desperate enough to rape somebody it would be from wanting that person, but also it would be a very spiteful thing, just being able to say ‘I have power over you and I can do anything I want with you’ because really I feel that they have power over me just by their presence. Just the fact that they can come up to me and just melt me makes me feel like a dummy, makes me want revenge.

No. 234253

Have fun living a spiteful, disgusting life not trusting anyone because people online told you not to.

No. 234254

this has nothing to do with rape. people rape for power. it may have everything or nothing to do with how they feel about women.

No. 234256

don't even try with them. the girls ITT don't even go outside. this is just like r9k for women. everyone is obtuse on purpose so they can go "tee hee, even though i didn't specify only an idiot would think i meant literally every man" while simultaneously saying 'all men do x' i'd feel bad for them since they've obviously met so many shit men, but they don't want to understand others, just hate.

No. 234257

>Lives a disgusting spiteful life purely for posting opinions and facts in a thread with a specific purpose.

No. 234258

>Rape motives have nothing to do with rape
Uhh, okay then. If you say so.

No. 234260

It's because we go outside and are exposed to men's shitty behaviors that we need to vent here.

No. 234264

>someone says something mean about men on the interent
>this is how you respond
Imagine being this autistic. You guys should unironically kill yourselves.

No. 234265

Or maybe your points are understood and they disagree with them because they are stupid points? Now you are trying to state the users in this thread are all bitter cat lady types which isn't the case, they just all happen to agree you are making stupid points and probably shouldn't be in a thread which you disagree with on all points. I understand if you'd made some good arguments but it seems every point brought up you argue. I'd say it's you not understanding it. Not the other way round.

No. 234267

>while simultaneously saying 'all men do x'
Very few people have worded it exactly that way. I know it's not all men, do you? Maybe not, since you have to project whatever you want on to the statements we make. If the shoe fits, wear it then.

No. 234268

Fuck off or make a thread for the retarded things you are trying to argue. You have been derailing the whole goddamned time.

No. 234277

I can't fucking believe that the mods haven't banned the dumb bitch/ incel that was so bothered that Lara Croft doesn't have big udders. I don't understand how that matters? Do people go and watch movies just to look at the actresses tits? It's not a porn movie who cares about her breasts. I didn't even notice her breast size until I came in this thread. People nowadays focus more on the actors/actresses looks than the fucking movie itself and it's really sad.
I though this thread was to shit on men, not on other women.
Sorry for derailing.

No. 234278

Yeah I'm also wondering why this thread have gone completely off topic given the incel has gone.


No. 234279

Can confirm.
I remember when that story about that female teacher who was fucking a 14 yr old student got posted on chan boards. Rather than calling her a pedo most of the posts say he was a lucky fucker and wish their school had some hot teacher to fuck. On the same day there was a thread complaining women make light of male rape. I know its not quite the same as the kid wasnt raped but it showed they dont care about boys being taken advantage of but will try and find any excuse to blame this on feminists.

No. 234281

mens problems are always caused by other men and the only problems they can find women actually do are gold digging and issues with custody, even then men easily get custody and they changed the definition of gold digger so much to fit their victim complex

No. 234282

I see the incel is back.


No. 234285

And even then its projection with women as they claim all women like this to excuse their attitude towards them, then wonder why women are suspicious of most men.

Like I know its very off what we were talking about but speaking to men on okcupid-it became clear why most of them were single. They wouldnt listen to a woman try to give them constructive feedback oh no-its because women are "impossible creatures to understand" or something.

Certainly a case of sour grapes with these men. Also funny the same men who complain about women being gold diggers are also the guys to complain about women wanting to work-not staying at home to raise kids like how out of touch with reality are they-do they think raising a child is easy? That women live on thin air? Its clear these men are still living in their parents basement.

No. 234317

It's amazing how you've got legions of 20-30 something men who have never gotten through their heads such basic concepts on how to behave and just plain basic how-to life overall, and who after just see that guy and after hearing his basic ass life-tips even a pre-teen can comprehend treat him as a life-guru and a father figure.

That itself really speaks volume on the low quality of manchilden these days. What next? Some youtube guru making more patreon money telling NEETS the benefits of showering and brushing daily?

No. 234337

so you went an hour away as you claim the nearest store was to buy the exact same thing you can buy anywhere else? You literally have no clue about rural living, a can of beans and bag of flour is still beans and flour, just more efficient, you clearly don't know much about rural living

No. 234349

Holy shit. I don't even bother with 4chan anymore. So many threads of men posting nudes of their wives and girlfriends without their permission, porn swapping where they say disgusting things about the appearance of women's breasts and genitalia and countless threads of complaining about women's behavior and crying that they don't get blown enough. There used to be interesting threads amongst the junk but 99% threads now are garbage. It's hilarious how rare it is to see a woman or feminist try and defend herself on those numerous 4chan woman hating threads, yet there's incels here instantly because they have to make it all about men and can't leave a thread alone without getting offended.

No. 234351

what do you mean by "forcibly feminized"? I didn't know that sloth, laziness, poor-hygiene, self-esteem issues and childish nihilism were all considered fundamentally feminine attributes. Or do you mean JP's war against the "ess jay dobyuus" and their stance on "toxic masculinity" somehow being related to the state of manchildren?

My point is that the fact that this deadwood academic nobody even heard/cared about until appearing in a viral video "pwning feminazis" managed to not only become a cult figure but scam his same legion of manchildren into giving him money is amazing and not in a good way. One can say that "well his fanboys will eventually mature and improve their ways being that this old-man's life advice ain't that bad" but don't count on it. Not only due to assuming that a grown ass 25 year old who didn't know you should get rid of cum-socks until now, is a normal healthy good person on the inside but also because JP changes his views when it is convenient to him to get more money out of his fanboys. For instance he barely makes a peep about video games these days; understanding since he would alienate a large portion of his fanbase if he started sounding like a grandpa. Recently he got mired into a-bit of controversy with his herd over his stance on white identity, but that's only the pol section of his fanboys. I would say his time in the spotlight is waning due to the mentioned controversy with alt-right and just fatigue with hyper overall (i've seen some degrading memes of him since his Zizek spat).

I apologize if I went on a tangent from the topic; i'm just sick of that guy and the vain hope that his basic advice will make all those manchildren's lives and most importantly the people they interact with much better. At-least it's better to have him in sporlight than that PUA period of 2014-2016

No. 234352

I downloaded snapchat and a few other apps to make friends and my god the absolute dregs of mankind are using that app. I've seen it all. Pet peeves include-

Dudes that call you babe who don't even know you.(then get shitty when you ask not to be called that)

Guys that beg for nudes even though you state you'll never send them.

Weirdos who start off the convo flirting but get defensive and claim they just wanna be friends if you tell them you aren't interested.

Absolute psychos that get angry if you don't reply straightaway or give them the response you wanted.

Worst ones were this guy who got mad I wouldn't sext and edited all of these pictures of his penis near my mouth. He used the photos from my story. Another one was this little fat kid who looked 15. He claimed my friend looked like a crackwhore yet proceeded to beg for nudes and NO JOKE claimed he had depression and he would kill himself because noone sends him nudes.
I've had some go from 1 to 100 in anger even after politely declining to sext. Start calling me all the names under the sun.
One guy got so frustrated he said 'you aren't impressive anyway, you don't wear girly outfits or try to make yourself look hot, who'd want to hang with you anyway'

I just laugh about it but yeah, snapchat is for dropkick men for sure.

No. 234355

Have you tried bumble?

No. 234361

No but if it filters out the thirsty men and there's actually people who want to make friends on there, then I'm down for it.

No. 234365

Exactly.Against my better judgement I visited a few days ago after seeing the posts on here saying these incels are coming from 4chan. One guy make a thread saying can you stop with the constant woman hating threads, theres like at least 8 every day. How do anons respond? By posting a video of a woman being beaten by a group of guys and posting mgtow memes about how "all women are holes."

Felt weird going back as I stopped a year ago when someone posted stills from a child porn video, never seen that shit before in my life and was so fucking angry-will never forget the dead eyes on the 6yr old girls, reported to internet child protection. Of course a lot of channers just thought it was funny, and assume the reason a lot of women think they are shit is because they are ~crazy feminazis~

No. 234367


I'm sure I've seen this post somewhere else on the internet word for word. Don't y'all ever have any new shit to say?
>a good example of how men resist when they're forcibly feminized
You think being a human being with the ability to tell men "no" is forcibly feminizing them?

No. 234369

>forcibly feminized by the education system which blatantly tries to warp males into sjw's, indoctrinating them into thinking equality of outcome is desirable,
is it not?
obviously 100% extreme versions of equality will never happen nor is it good but come on, is it really sooo bad to want equal opportunity regardless of what's in your pants? seriously tell me whats so bad about equality, and no don't say making pregnant women stand up and beating the shit out of a woman for dumb reasons is "equality"

also what school is doing this? most schools still favor males and everyone knows it

>Feminism tries to twist reality and reality snaps back. President trump is evidence of that.

only cherry picked feminist memes and shit liberal towns, the rest of the world is still stuck in the 50s sucking mens dicks but now because of those things men now have this massive victim complex and justify their shit even more over something that almost never happens

>is also a good example of how men resist when they're forcibly feminized.

not wanting to be creeped on is men being forcibly feminized, and you are trying to make it out to be a bad thing because? it's like those retards who screamed how lauren southern was siding with feminism because she wanted to be with someone she actually liked instead of marrying the first man that comes on to her to be "Traditional"
you aren't really spreading a good message by associating feminism with things that are desirable aka not being creeped on

No. 234370

How was I forcibly feminizing them though? I've always been really delicate but transparent in my approach to telling them I'm not interested. I even go as far as to explain I'm just looking for friends instead of blocking some of them straight away. I don't call them pigs or scum, how can you defend these creeps?

No. 234371

don't even bother, he claims not wanting men to throw tantrums and have """panic attacks""" because you didn't send nudes on command is forcibly feminized, that literally proves his so-called forible feminization is a good thing and more men should be feminized

No. 234372

Apparently men's true nature is to act like creepy apes, so any expectation of them acting like decent people is forced feminization.

No. 234373

>woman on snapchat says she's looking for purely platonic friendship in a non-aggressive manner.
>waaaah 'forced feminization'


So I guess that entitles you to nudes then. 'What a feminazi bitch' lol you idiot.

No. 234375

You hit the nail on the head with creepy apes.

'Not all men are like that'
>proceeds to blame girl who tells men their behaviour is unwarranted politely that she is forcing feminization.

No. 234376

So now it's the education system? Tbh if the education system is telling men not to be creepy to strangers who've asked them to stop harrassing them,then I think that's great.

No. 234377

>look up equality of outcome vs equality of opportunity.
doesn't prove anything. men can easily get into school more they just don't want to, and no you didn't get denied harvard with straight Ds and a 10 on the ACT because you are a man and women have affirmative action, women get better grades and work harder in school, don't expect the world to suck your dick and cry when you don't get free shit handed to you and claim its because you're a man

>Not you, the education system.

then why tag her post? how exactly is the education system feminizing men?

No. 234378

'Not you the education system'
Like another anon said why did you tag her post then? You literally just called her post a good example of forced feminization. Now you are trying to backtrack because you have been called out on how stupid that point is. You claim we are being one sided, but we've already said we aren't referring to ALL men. I think YOU are the one who is one sided, you disagree with every single point even if it is valid eg-woman being harrassed on snapchat/proven stats about men being more violent in general.
How about you quit trying to pick a side and actually just listen to the points being conveyed instead of arguing for the sake of it with extremely stupid retorts?

No. 234382

Or make a seperate thread on toxic women/whatever else you want to bitch about. There's millions of threads and boards that have conversation about how women are evil cunts, why come here to prove your point when the title of the thread clearly explains it's purpose? Man-hating thread. Not man defending thread. Fuck.

No. 234386

Haha he deleted his post because he realised he was wrong as fuck. Anywhoo, continuing on… I have a lot of gay friends and obviously I am not referring to ALL homosexual men, but does anyone get tired of how misogynistic they can be? I have so many self esteem issues from a few of my gay friends growing up. Azelia Banks has made some comments on those types of homosexual men as well, although her comments were not very well received.

No. 234387

Nitpicking on what you are wearing or the state of your hair or outfit.

I find a lot of them hide behind the- 'I'm a sassy gay guy, therefore I am entitled to tell women they look like shit thing.

Same with a lot of drag queens or trannies 'I'm just one of the girls so let me tell you under the guise of humour or constructive advice how ugly your outfit is or that your makeup is tragic hunnnny'

No. 234388

Exactly. I thought the reason this thread was made was because on almost every fucking forum there is some thread bitching about women. Its pretty hard to avoid-yet this one thread which can be avoided is triggering the incels.

No. 234389

I feel like the toxic gay men described usually have one fag hag in particular that takes their abuse constantly. There was one female in my friend group who was the brunt of all his fat jokes ect…yet she would always be seen with him and did everything he asked. Sorry if noone knows who I am referring to- but there's a gay australian kid called Callum on youtube that talks about dressing as a woman and having sugar daddies. He has a chubby blonde girl called Abi that he puts down in EVERY video. It's sad because she always refers to herself as the fat loud blonde slut and I feel like she's only playing it off because Calum has reinforced that character on her.

No. 234390

Funny, because they claim feminists get triggered about everything but the second there is one thread talking about toxic men, they get butthurt and cry about forced feminization hahaha

No. 234391

Cluam sutherland is the youtuber's name. I spelt it wrong.

No. 234392

I get the toxic gay guy vibe from him. He seems like one of those I'm more attractive than most biological woman types. He seems to take pride in this especially since he isn't even trans anymore. He does the women outfits and makeup for his sugar daddy dates. He likes to think he's super beautiful and androgynous without transitioning and he's basically a mini Gigi Gorgeous. They even look the same. That Abi girl gets mad at anyone telling him in the video comments that he should be nicer to Abi. The sad thing is when he eventually does ditch her for a boyfriend or new bestie, only then will she realise what he's done to her self esteem.

No. 234394

I actually like Jordan Peterson and watch a lot of his stuff. What I don't like is little neckbeards who twist a lot of his logic to fuel their hate for women because they won't suck their smelly peens.

No. 234395

And okay…your posts were deleted and you were mysteriously banned (despite there being no red font down the bottom saying so) Can you please explain why you said that that snapchat girl's polite requests to not be harassed is a good example of forced feminization? I know you also blamed the education system, but I'd like to know why in reference to the example of the snapchat girl. Very curious to see how you will twist it and victim blame.

No. 234398

And I don't want to hear 'it's not rape or real harassment, it's just over snapchat lol use the block button' because underaged teenage women get unsolicited pictures of cocks ALL THE TIME. Without even starting the conversation sometimes they are sent pictures of dicks. Please explain how that shit isn't damaging, especially when a child or teen girl who may have not even seen a penis before sees that shit? I know it's online through a device but in my opinion it's just as bad as someone flashing their junk in real life. Noone asks for that shit.

No. 234399

Does anyone follow exoticcancer on Instagram? She's a stripper and an artist and a lot of her cartoons depict the cavemen types that I fucking hate. Obviously it comes with the territory of being a sex worker unfortunately but holy shit the entitlement and reasoning that some of these filthy cavetrolls to treat women like shit is unbelievable!

No. 234407

Boo-fucking-hoo,nice humble brag, complaining about winning the genetic lottery. Small chested women are seen as incomplete and children, but oh no it's terrible that a character is reimagined with a smaller chest. You complain about being erased, but how many small chested women in the media are portrayed as strong compared to naive and weak?

No. 234409

I was just on /r9k/ (because why not torture myself) and I'm seriously feeling murderous about me. If you don't know, a kid killed himself on livestream and a female friend who was watching it screamed and started crying. Guess who /r9k/ is laying the blame for his suicide on? Fucking women. They're all talking about how her crying before he did it made him do it, its all fault and even tried to find her so they could harass her.

You know what, I'm done with men. I don't give a single fuck how many say "oh but I'm a nice guy" FUCK THEM. They're a fucking plague. I seriously feel like going out right now, buying a gun and fucking killing them.

No. 234410

anons have tried saying this already but how deliberately obtuse / self defeating do you have to be to go on literally /r9k/ with the WORST, most heinously bad examples of men you can find, and use that to work yourself into despair (nominally about men). I'm not even defending men it's just
>why not torture myself
you think you're joking but you aren't. It's the same as if a man went to a women's prison and interviewed the most evil woman there who killed her kids, and walks away like man, I fucking hate WOMEN! …and then cut his arm because he wanted to torture himself because of some guilt or something I dunno but he's yelling "fucking women!!" ha ha

No. 234418

it's ridiculous. nothing of value was lost and they know it, they're only using this to cry about women.

for anyone curious: http://s1.vod-share.com/watch-5aaa59aab5507.mp4

No. 234419

samefag, just wanted to point out how popular searches like "girl commits suicide liveleak" and "girl livestream suicide liveleak" are. it would appear a lot of men get off to this. unsurprising, but sad.

No. 234429

>I seriously feel like going out right now, buying a gun and fucking killing them.

You are actually mentally ill.

Thank you for breathing some intelligence into this thread. These women act like fucking neanderthals.

No. 234430

the only good robot is a dead one. take a lesson from the one who just became an hero.

No. 234431

>These women act like fucking neanderthals.
can't really blame them at this point, imagine what men would do if they read half the stuff r9k said about women but to men, and no I don't mean men being responsible for their actions

men can barely take free shit not getting handed to them or not getting laid, just imagine going onto every corner of the internet and having everyone scream how everything is mens faults, everything men could ever do is for attention, men are worthless, people going out of their way to blame women for anything bad that happens etc etc

it fucks with peoples sanity, always have and always will, and oddly enough I'd rather her want to kill bots instead of herself

No. 234435

i dunno. when you say every corner of the internet, that's not really true. you are getting over exposed to men's worst sides because actually the corners of the internet that you frequent happen to be edgy men's safe spaces for their edgiest (cruelest) thoughts.

No. 234436

>you are getting over exposed to men's worst sides because actually the corners of the internet that you frequent happen to be edgy men's safe spaces for their edgiest (cruelest) thoughts.

it doesn't even stay within 4chin anymore, youtube, IG, twitter, even tumblr, you can barely even say the word sexist, feminism, misogyny, or stuff like that without it being turned into a joke, and even handmaidens are doing it to, to the point where if there's a woman with a small butt in the background of the video almost everyone will be too focused on whining about the woman with the small butt than the video itself, obviously that's not as bad as 4chan but if men went though that shit they'd kill themselves as well

No. 234439

>yeah roastie dont get angry at males for treating you like shit thats not ladiee like u w u
Fucking kill yourself. Go back to tumblr if you can't handle some angry people on an anon internet board. There are thousands of these fuckers spitting all kinds of sick shit about the other fucking half of the population right now and you can't stand some women finally waking up and having a natural reaction towards these vile scum.

To the girls lurking who are not fucking retarded: one big redflag for the most self-hating, misogynistic kind of females you'll encounter in your lives are the ones who just can't grasp their minds around the idea of other women actively getting angry and being outraged towards stuff that's outright intolerable; the worst part is that when they'll try to censor you they will try to guiltrip you, they usually are as lowkey and passive-aggressive as possible about it; remember this.

No. 234441

agreed, if they really cared that much they'd go to incels who are causing the biggest problems and not blame us for having natural reactions to things

No. 234442

File: 1521204958701.gif (3.59 MB, 480x360, pussinboots.gif)

This thread in a nutshell:
>"These incel's are SO triggered"


>No one listens to logic

>Everyone makes generalizations and says they don't even though "I seriously feel like going out right now, buying a gun and fucking killing them"

>Majority of these girls are likely financially supported by their boyfriends.

No. 234443

My boyfriend is financially supported by me. Sorry you couldn't be so lucky.

No. 234445

>Majority of these girls are likely financially supported by their boyfriends.
kek you wish, I make 2 times as much as my bf, in fact it's actually really rare for women to be supported by their husbands or bfs these days but whatever shit you have to make up

for the others, you take 3 posts and generalize the entire thread, you are biased and need to twist stretch and turn, we could have been posting cold hard facts for months but the second you see a few posts of some crazies you wanna scream as if the entire thread is like that then make up shit about how we're probably supported by our bfs when if you read through the career thread, we clearly aren't sorry hunny, sorry women are woke and aren't hypocrites

No. 234447

I'm a woman and your boyfriend's a beta.

>women are woke and aren't hypocrites
So I was making up you guys generalizing, right?

No. 234449

>I'm a woman and your boyfriend's a beta.
"lol u bitches r prob supported by ur bfs and ur all hating men lol""actually I support him""LOL WHAT A BETA"

go back to sucking off greasy neckbeards

>So I was making up you guys generalizing, right?

yep, it was said literally more than 20 times "not all men" but nope you have to make it up that that we're generalizing, do you even know what generalizing means? I don't think you do

No. 234450

Your boyfriend sounds like a loser because you support him when you should be making equal.

And just because other people specify, doesn't mean all people believe that as again, someone just said they want to gun down men.

No. 234451

Handmaidens always shit themaelves when confronted with someone who is actually in some sort of control of her own life. I'm not mad, just disappointed.

No. 234454

I'm not supported by my boyfriend and I don't agree with what anon said about getting a gun (although I'd like to think they were venting, not serious)
Also, what logic? Everything spouted here earlier was stupid.
>Not accepting nudes is forced feminization
>women who rape women actually love them

I'm not saying there aren't a couple extreme views here but do you really think there has been any real logic behind those arguments against women? Logic? Really?

No. 234455

>Your boyfriend sounds like a loser because you support him when you should be making equal.

and you were just assuming we are supported by our bfs, with no evidence whatsoever but suddenly when we support our bfs they're losers, ok

>someone just said they want to gun down men.

hunny you acted like every single person in the thread did when only one did despite the fact others called her out for it but NOPE not good enough for you to twist and make up shit about so you have to cherry pick and act like nothing but that one person said that, also they said they wanted to gun down bots, not men

>And just because other people specify, doesn't mean all people believe that as again

then.dont.generalize.the.fucking.thread when you clearly haven't read through and have been desperately waiting for one crazy to say something like that just so you can scream "LOL THIS IS THE THREAD IN A NUTSHELL"

No. 234456

Correction- men who rape women dont hate women. Either way it was said, it was a fucking stupid argument

No. 234457


Control of their lives with a leash on their manlet boyfriends.

No. 234458

It's pretty fair, he does work, but I just make way more money than him so I control most of our assets. He did support me for a full year when I couldn't find a job, though.

No. 234459

Just get a dog if you can support yourself well enough to support a grown man.

No. 234460

handmaidens only wanna defend men and never women, she had to makeup about how we're supported by our bfs as defense, this is how pathetic she is, I wouldn't pay mind

she KNOWS most of us support ourselves and don't actually believe this shit she just needs to lie and twist for her retarded narrative to stroke neckbeards, notice how all handmaidens go silent when men come in and say "huurrr we don't hate women just because we rape them everything is womens faults hurr u should send them nudes or men are being forcefully feminized" then the second only 2 fucking people wanna kill bots handmaidens come in screaming and lying about how we're supported by boyfriends and act as if everyone in the thread is doing that

No. 234461

you wish, he's 6'3, but hey whatever shit you need to makeup
yep you're worse than the gun girl

No. 234462

Actually, I apparently don't know shit about anyone on here but I kinda assume you're all some new breed of SJW that doesn't like trannies.

No. 234463

Why are we even acknowledging the handmaiden/robot ? That person sound retarded tbh.

No. 234464

My boyfriend is 6'4.

No. 234465

Seriously why are you even arguing? A lot, I'd say the majority in this thread have explained it's not all men. Almost everyone disagrees with the anon who posted about the gun thing. You defend men every second, yet insult those who claim to support their boyfriends. Honestly, it sounds like you just want to argue and derail.

No. 234466

>Your boyfriend sounds like a loser because you support him when you should be making equal.
I make 2x more than my bf too. Sometimes couples are at different points in their professional lives. It's not a problem.

No. 234467

Oh boy, ya caught me.
I just think this thread is cancer.

No. 234468

Then hide it dumbass.

No. 234470

Nope, would rather just ruin the thread and waste a bunch of space with my comments.

No. 234471

because you desperately waited for one psycho thing to happen to scream "SEE LOL UR ALL CRAZIES AND SUPPORTED BY YOUR BFS"

the fact you come in until now literally debunks your entire point

No. 234472

I've literally been here for days, but okay.

No. 234473

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say women SHOULD make more than their husband/boyfriend. Men don't know how to control finances (or fucking anything else) and if you send them to the store to get groceries they'll either confuse the grocery store with their ps4 or come back with a bag of dog food because it claimed to make its own gravy.

No. 234474

HA you're dumber than I thought, you think "wasting space" bothers us? because we totally can't make a new thread and ban your ass or anything

No. 234475

>defends men whole thread
>likens the experience of having a boyfriend to that of owning a dog, even though an adult relationship is miles different from having a pet.

Who's side are you even on amymore? You realise you just insulted men's intelligence yourself just now?

No. 234476

Also everytime you mention what I wrote, you go farther and farther from what I actually said.

No. 234477

If you're on a man hating thread and have a beta boyfriend, it'd just be smarter to get a dog.

No. 234478

Enlighten us on why this thread is cancer and why we are wrong.

No. 234479

I'm not gonna go topic by topic roasting your complaining.

No. 234480

My guess is you're too autistic to have good relationship with women and you love and defend men because you think them fucking you is a sign of love.

No. 234481

whitney wisconsin is that you?
>claiming a man is beta over money
lol you're mens biggest enemy more than we are
can't find a real defense, just as I thought
so what? were you not just crying about the thread over what 3 out of the thousands of people that go here wrote or?

No. 234482

I love women, just not autist women who complain and generalize stupid shit about men.

No. 234483


Its a man HATE thread, not a man nuance thread. As if men deserve any nuance at this point.

No. 234484

Just reverse men and women in this amd you have the point of the thread, dipshit.

No. 234485

I've been commenting and talking on this thread for days, once again. I've already said my pieces, I actually have a life and don't have time to go through hundreds of comments to defend points I already defended.

No. 234486

Noone here has a beta boyfriend though? My boyfriend works and there's a few here that support their boyfriends but you don't even know their circumstances. During fishing season my boyfriend pays for things a lot more, and when the season slows down, I pay a lot more for bills/food. It's about helping each other out whether the other is sick or unemployed (within reason of course, noone likes being actually used) But yeah if my partner was in a financial pickle of course I would pay and help them out.

You sound like you just wanna fight.

No. 234487

for someone who claims that you sure are going out of your way to prove how we are all autistics who generalize men , because us defending men since forever wasn't good enough you had to wait for what, 2 people to generalize, not even men, fucking bots, to cry about it

No. 234488

You'd be right.

No. 234489

oh no names are scary
of course you do that's why you scream beta at women who are financially stable enough to support their own bfs unlike you

No. 234490

Why can't we have a space to vent and complain about shitty men?
Can you say you love women when you're asking them to shut up because the subject bother you?

No. 234492

Once again, stop replying to the handmaidens/robots. They're attention whores.

No. 234493

because anon obviously we're supposed to deal with misogyny on every corner of the planet and we can't say anything about it

those handmaidens and bots must defend men getting a taste of their own medicine

No. 234496

Because we are all feminazis who are ugly and unappealing yet at the same time have manlet boyfriends we support apparently. Of course ALL of us are like this, not GENERALISING of course. sarcasm

No. 234497

anon generalizing is only ok if she does it because 0.00002% of people here generalized so that means we all did so she can to

No. 234498

comments are cancer, the video is about why women cheat, and people are whining about muh men like lmao women are blamed for cheating so much to if women are killed and it was found she cheats everyone screams she deserves it, everyone wants to play victim for men then every other moment justify everything they do and blame women

No. 234501

I don't justify cheating but I think in a lot cases women cheat because they are unhappy in a relationship (some men as well, god the fact I have to even mention that just so people wont get triggered annoys me) and most of the time the men just cheat so they can put their dick in something new.

Sorry for the blogpost, but my first boyfriend and the one who took my virginity tried to groom me and tell me this behaviour was normal. He would say things like 'Even if you were the hottest woman on earth, I'd still want to have sex with other women, I like variety'

No. 234507

This. Men laugh and stereotype women as extreme consumers and portray us as these constantly spending, money burning bimbos yet when they buy big purchases whether it be a fridge, sound system or vehicle they spend so much money so they can compare dick sizes with their mates.

No. 234510

File: 1521210029465.jpg (881.97 KB, 704x4186, FireShot Capture 092 - Aldi 'p…)

And its stuff like this that makes me lose sympathy for men, because no matter how horrid the crime there is always a man making an excuse because according to them no man ever is to blame for his actions, no man has an inflated ego nope-its always the womans fault, even in death. Like this shit makes me so angry ffs.

No. 234512

Dont be sorry, I'm sorry you had to have such a shitty bf anon, this is actually what this thread is for.

No. 234514

Because they just think women are cheating whores and that's why he must of stabbed her. Not because he's a psycho at all! I cant believe those comments. It's like a lot of those Oscar Pistorious white knights. Unbelievable.

No. 234516

Thankyou, I appreciate the concern. It's something that truly messed up my self esteem.

No. 234517

Don't some women cut off guys dicks when they cheat and it's super funny to some people even though it's kinda inhumane?

No. 234519

Oh god. You are back.

I can tell you now, I certainly don't find it funny at all when there is any violent crime committed, when it happens to any gender. I was talking about the link anon posted and mentioned Oscar pistorious white knights. I wasn't talking about people laughing at anything. Quit trying to argue.

No. 234522

Men beating women is a constant theme on family guy. There's also a joke that references Lorena bobbitt, (the woman who cut off her husband's penis, the case you were referring to) There is negative stereotypes and harmful jokes put out about BOTH genders, but this thread is only focusing on the men. If you want to hate or point out the bad things women do, then you should probably make a thread for it.

No. 234524

Don't some men throw acid in their wive's face when they cheat and it's super funny to some people even though it's kinda inhumane?

No. 234526

File: 1521211435694.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.26 KB, 233x216, riri.jpeg)

People joke about Chris Brown beating the shit out of Rihanna on a daily basis.

No. 234528

>14 year old kid
>wasn’t raped

Pretty sure that an adult having sex with a child under the age of consent, especially when they have authority, would be seen as sex with a minor (ie rape as consent cannot legally be given).

No. 234530

Bad as it sounds, a dick can be reattached (bobbit abused his wife, i don't blame her, he later became a pornstar after dick surgery), you can't put the life back into a child's shot up body. How is this the same thing to you?

No. 234531

No. 234534

That's literally the only example of that.

No. 234535

>Makes a post about a woman being brutally butchered by a guy who was pissed off with someone else about feeling bad for mens dicks

Like its ironic that you've proved yet again all you think about is your dicks and how they are more important than a womans life. I hope no woman has to put up with your shitty oxygen thieving ass.

No. 234536

Not sure why that anon said the kid wasn't raped.(I'm not sure about the age of consent in the particular case they were referring to) I agree with you there, but they made a lot of other good points about how men were normalising his rape yet complaining like hypocrites about women not taking male rape seriously.

It seems that you have just been reading furiously through old posts trying to find slip ups or bad posts and using them as ways to generalise all the posters on this thread. Once again, you should make a thread on sexist women if you want to explore those points.

No. 234539

>some women
Yes, not MOST women thought.

But most men will find excuses for rapist, killers and violent men.

No. 234540

LOL do you live under a rock? There are countless memes and jokes online about Chris Brown and Rihanna's domestic abuse. Some anon posted proof and instead of noting it logically, you squeal 'reee that's only one example'

You don't care if people provide proof or actually have good counters to your retarded arguments. You just hate women.

No. 234541

Anon I agree, I was talking about this video of women making fun of a man getting his penis cut off.

No. 234542


I made that post, personally I would classify it as rape as I thought it was pretty fucking clear from my reply but as the report said it wasnt as he consented I thought if I had said rape I would have gotten shit for that too for overexaggerating. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

No. 234543

to who? other men? people justify mens abuse for fucks sake, and their cheating
even when the johnny depp accusation came out people were saying "oh well she probably wasn't the easiest person to live with"
men cheat and most of the time no one cares, hell when dylan sprouse, or cole, whatever one it was cheating accusation came out people were blaming the girl to hell and back or screaming lying attention whore, others were saying "oh well it's his business"
shandi from antm cheats she gets hell for years despite the fact she apologised and her and her bf agreed to work things out

obviously there's jokes centered around "hur this banana slicer is what my bf gets if he cheats" but come on, if the situation actually happens no ones laughing except for a few crazy misandrists and if they do laugh about it wanna know what happens? men scream for fucking years about it, do anything in their power to play victim over that one woman

No. 234544

Exactly. Womens hatred of men mostly comes from a place of self-preservation as a response to mens hatred of women which is to kill them.

No. 234546

agreed, men LOVE hurting women and will laugh and cheer about it since forever

women make penis cutting off jokes and the world goes nuts, fuck off

No. 234547

My apologies, I misread haha

No. 234549

Yeah guys always make jokes about their wives being shit. The old ball and chain gag. They always make jokes about their wives being annoying and wanting strangle them. I know a lot of people who laugh and quote the movie 'we once were warriors' They always say 'woman cook me some fucken eggs' (if noone gets what I'm talking about its a really intense new Zealand movie about an abusive husband, its super violent)
I hear that joke a lot. I don't get why the incel is crying about penis cutting jokes when there are waaay more depictions of women being abused that is supposed to be funny.

No. 234558

Talking about depictions in media, look at American Psycho. Ask most guys and almost ALL of them will claim that Patrick Bateman is a legend. I enjoyed the movie and book, but I am disgusted at Patrick's character. He's an awful person. Yet you have all these Patrick Bateman/Barney Stinson womanizing wanna bes worshipping Bateman like he's a god.

One of my exe's used to brag he was like Patrick Bateman. It made me cringe because apart from being horribly sexist and occasionally using lotion (like not even a full blown everyday routine like bateman did, he literally used moisturizer like once a month) he was a tradesman and didn't work in a high powered white collar job like Bateman. No you aren't Patrick Bateman, you are just a pig who likes to justify the way you treat women by comparing yourself to an edgy, 'alpha male'.

No. 234563

They aren't making jokes, they're laughing at someone being mutilated.

No. 234564

When women cheat, they can end up making the man raise another man's child not knowing he's not the father. Women don't have to worry about that.
This is why men are so paranoid about cheating.

No. 234565

who? and your point? honestly it's just men getting a taste of their own medicine, I could show empathy if men didn't spend the past few centuries entertaining themselves by beating the shit out of women and having literal cultures revolving around cutting womens clits off and breaking their ribs in a corset because our natural waists are ugly

No. 234566

It's a droplet in an ocean of women being humiliated and made fun of for every single thing that they do and are victim of.

No. 234568

this rarely happens even when women do cheat, men LOVE playing victim so they use the only few times this has happened to justify it despite the fact there's more than enough science to prove if the child is his if he is this paranoid about cheating

No. 234572

So…making jokes then?

Why are you so focused on the penis cutting jokes and yet conveniently ignore all the other examples of violence against women normalised or joked about in media?
People have explained that violence of both genders is joked about commonly in the media. The reason we are focusing on the violent men is because that is the purpose of the thread. People are more than welcome to make a woman hating thread if they want, or hey maybe go over to reddit or 4chan and I'm sure there are lots of threads about evil women where you can voice your opinion.

No. 234573

I remember seeing that about 4% of "fathers" are unknowingly raising another man's child.

>there's more than enough science to prove if the child is his if he is this paranoid about cheating

These tests have only been around for a few decades and many people still don't have access to them.

No. 234578

This gives men the rights to be more insecure about cheating in a relationship? As anon said, this isn't the norm and you are using a minority as an example. You know a lot of people wear condoms or are on birth control when they cheat, right? This actually proves how sexist you are because you clearly just think women are baby carriers and nothing else.
>Men are allowed to be paranoid insecure assholes about cheating because women COULD get pregnant! gasp

Are you serious?

No. 234579

>Imagine being such a piece of shit that even thought you're literally part of the most privileged group in the whole planet you believe you're oppressed.

No. 234580

Lol 4% is an absolutely minority. You are trying to find minor cases to suit your agenda just for the sake of arguing. And dna tests are actually quite easy to obtain, just expensive, but you act like they don't exist. I'm starting to think you truly are trolling, because noone with any sign of intelligence would make stupid points like these.

No. 234582

4% is actually huge when you're being lied to and raising someone else's child for at least 2 decades. Imagine the financial and emotional investment. Don't you agree?

>And dna tests are actually quite easy to obtain, just expensive

In poor countries many people can't afford them. In certain rich european countries you aren't allowed to test the child without the mother's approval.

No. 234583

>Imagine being such a piece of shit that you sit on a message board shitting up a thread that you disagree with and being such a pig that you can't even read women's proof and statements that actually prove they truly are NOT the most privileged group in the world.

No. 234584

It's insane how many Y-chromosoids legitimately think that. I guess narcissism is a side effect of being male.

No. 234585

you realize these are taken from men who got tested right? thats like saying 10% of people have breast cancer because you took stats from people who got tested for it, not 4% of men all together, it literally debunks your own point and proves men to be more paranoid

No. 234586

Even if the number is just 1%, it's still a big problem.

No. 234587

1 in 4 women will be a victim of severe violence at the hand of a partner during their lifetime. We have more important things to take care of than some men raising another man's child.

No. 234588

don't talk like you actually care about the kids and father's situation lol. You just wanna use it to get oppression points for yourself to complain about how horrible you have it.

It's still not worse than domestic violence, and rape.

No. 234589

In the United States, 83% of single parents are mothers. I'm sure a lot of those were cases where the man left her to raise the child on her own. To quote your stupid logic- 83% sure is a large number when you are being lied to!

You are an absolute bell end.

No. 234590

Am I saying it's better or worse? I'm just explaining why men are paranoid about cheating.

No. 234592

uhh no it's not lmao
notice how you conveniently didn't link the article… I wonder why hmm

>Even if the number is just 1%, it's still a big problem.

and? tell me how many women get sexually assaulted, raped, abused, cheated on, etc and if you speak out about it or are paranoid about it people like you scream feminazi and mock women for being paranoid but yeah the below 1% of men who are raising a child that isn't theirs is totally a huge problem and something to be paranoid about

No. 234593

well men are fucking idiots, especially considering they cheat more

No. 234594

No that's why YOU are paranoid about cheating.

If you're not aware of it there is plenty of well balanced men out there who don't think 24/7 about their gf cheating on them.

No. 234595

Lol no… 1% is a minor problem. 4% is also minor as fuck.
It's still a problem and sure it's not a nice thing, the women here aren't condoning that men should raise someone else's kid if they aren't aware of the truth but for the last time men's rights are not the topic of this thread.

No. 234596

Not even close to the points >>234589 brought up.
And it's not like men has cheated on women since the dawn of time and still. Men getting a taste of their own medicine is just good. But noo, most men are too weak, so they ''go their own way''.

You just expect women to be quiet little dolls sitting in a corner when you don't use her. While men can abuse, rape, murder, and cheat as much as they wish. But when women do it, one/tenth (or even less that that) the time of men, you get paranoid. what the fuck

No. 234597

It's really sick how our society treats animal abuse. People who abuse animals are given very short sentences and in some cases do go on to abuse children or murder. But it's like nobody gives a shit until a human is injured and then what they did to animals is treated as ~a sign nobody noticed~. I felt sick reading that article, I wish I hadn't.

I even hate how eating meat is considered "macho" and "cool" by a lot of men. I think the gross "oink oink I love bacon" attitude is really aggressive and has a lot of similarities to how men treat women. They see both as objects there for their satisfaction and can't sympathise with either.

No. 234599


>men are paranoid about women cheating because they could carry someone else's baby

>goes on about this being an issue because it happens to 4% of men

> Constantly defends men's behaviour in a thread despite it not being the thread's topic

>Am I saying it's better or worse? I'm just saying it happens.

NOONE is saying it doesn't fucking happen you knob.

No. 234601

I only posted to explain why men are paranoid about it. Don't blame me for the other posts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234602

I cannot think of ONE woman in my life that has not been either raped, sexually harrassed verbally and/or phycically, touched without consent, intimidated by a man or something.

Also knowing that men have deep wished to violently dominate women makes me scared.

>I even hate how eating meat is considered "macho" and "cool" by a lot of men.
I can only speak for Europe/my own culture which is a fisherman/herder/peasant culture. but I think it might have deep historical ties. Because back (even just 30 years ago where I live) in the day when men had to work hard to provide for their family they probably emphasised the fact that they needed to eat lots of meat to be strong or whatever.
HOWEVER, fat disgusting American men that just sit infront of their PC with their bacon, doritos, and paper towels for wanking while hating on women, and saying shit like ''oink oink I love bacon'', is disgusting ffs.

No. 234606

I would say a lot of men are paranoid about cheating in general but I would say that is due to them being controlling insecure assholes. I don't agree that your example is a major example.

No. 234610

Same. Every female friend or family member I've ever spoken to has had either been raped or abused physically and even the ones who haven't, have still had very creepy encounters with men.

No. 234611

I hate how men always use the "hurr durr women are more valuable than men, thats why they shouldn't fight in wars. We need women to repopulate when men die in wars, one man can impregnate 20 women".

Like, do they really think women will be okay with being used as birthing machines after a war? Or that 20 women will be fine and dandy with being impregnated by the same man? They can't even force us, because if most of them die in a war, they no longer have the majority to force us to do it.

Also it has literally never happened in modern wars. In ww1 and ww2, millions of men died, yet multiple women didn't fuck the same guy to increase the population.

No. 234613

women don't have emotions or opinions to them. we dont own our own bodies. we have nothing we should say to about situations like this according to them.

No. 234614

Even in one of the few place were we can freely complain about their shittiness we should include a "NOT ALL MEN" in every single message otherwise they come here and cry about how mean we are lmao.

No. 234615

Tbh she was a legit scam

No. 234616

I hate retail creeper men. I have worked in retail for years and I CANNOT believe the comments that mem think are okay to say. They mistake politeness or friendly service as flirting, many of them hit on young register girls, sometimes 3 times younger than themselves. Not that I condone a man of any age flirting with a shop keep because it's creepy. Often I see the young register girls giggle nervously as them because they are uncomfortable and don't want to seem rude. I used to do that too as a defence mechanism until I realised that although it feels uncomfortable to not laugh along because you feel like a bitch, by laughing at their joke, you are enabling their behaviour. When I get seedy comments,my friendly smile immediately fades and I just stare and give cold yet professional service and it usually makes them uncomfortable. You sometimes get an asshole who tries to keep pushing, but I still maintain that I don't smile or laugh. It's my job and I'm here to help but not to stroke your fucking ego and give you mental wank material later.

Oh the stories I could tell you about uncomfortable situations with these shop girl poaching freaks.

No. 234618

There's an old creep that uses the same joke everytime. If you ask 'what would you like?' He replies with 'hmmm blonde…brunette..redhead…not sure today!'
He is super old and has tried to use this 3 times on me. The last 2 times I tried to ask him if he needed help but in a way he wouldn't be able to use that joke. The veey last time I gave him the cold shoulder when he tried the flirting and he was visibly hurt and proceeded to turn into a slightly rude passive aggressive customer. He obviously uses this same joke because he didn't remember repeating it to me and I've actually witnessed him do it to other young girls and cringed. I hate the logic of he's just an old guy having a joke and probably thinks he's funny and harmless but as far as I can tell he doesn't have a mental illness or a brain disorder. He's just a pig.

No. 234619

I've had men in their 50s honestly confessing, a 70 yo saying the thing he wants to buy the most is me and a 101 yo (yes, he told me multiple times that he was born january 1917) saying he would be still single…

No. 234621

That sucks anon. I've experienced some younger ones too as well as the old farts. I hate when men try to defend this by saying 'they are just trying to compliment you' or even worse, 'I bet you wouldn't have complained if he was your type'
Sorry, but no. Even if a Brad Pitt lookalike with a 10 inch cock came in and flirted with me, I'd still find it fucking creepy because you really have to question the motives of some loser that tries to pick up a girl at her job. Men think women are bitchy and frigid for not wanting to be harrassed at their jobs but I can tell you now how many fathers would be annoyed if they met their daughter's date and found out that he met her by picking her up at her job.

No. 234622

So, men?

No. 234623

That reminds me of another point about how fathers and older brothers try to 'protect' their daughters/sisters from being promiscuous yet it's fine for the sons to fuck around. My own father is horribly sexist in this way as he cares about his sons furthering their careers while he always complains that his daughters need to marry guys that will look after them. I also hate when (because he claims to follow buddhism) that he says shit like 'it's harder for women to achieve enlightment because they are too emotional'
I love my dad but sometimes I'm speechless at his sexism.

No. 234624

When i didn't laugh after that 'buying' joke he immediately said nowadays people have no humour and an older women next to him agreed, making me look like a complete douche ugh

No. 234627

I could understand a girl dating a customer who comes in regularly and they chat a lot and eventually swap numbers, but what is especially creepy about men asking for numbers from shop keeps, is that they are purely doing it because they like the look of the girl. I'm sorry but no! Just because you think she's cute there's no reason to try and pick her up. That is what night clubs and bars are for. In a club setting I think if you like the look of someone, then it's free game because most club hookups are one night stands anyway and it's all just shallow sexual attraction. But someone's job is not your place to objectify them!

No. 234631

You still did the right thing by not laughing. I know those situations make you feel like a bitch, and salty guys sometimes project because they couldn't get what they wanted. It's purely his ego got hurt.
Those women were assholes for not standing up for you or even protecting you as you were a lot younger.

No. 234635

I bet that older woman and the creepy guy wouldn't have laughed if it was their own daughter or grandaughter being creeped on like that. I'm sorry you had to deal with those assholes anon

No. 234649

Something that irritates me is how moody and defensive men can be. They always bitch that women are too passive aggressive, and that they give the silent treatment instead of telling the man what the problem is but as soon as a woman tells the man what the problem is he complains that she is nagging.

This is why women compile those mental lists of examples of retarded and shitty things their boyfriends are doing and use them in one massive argument when they explode, because honestly if a woman had to tell a man EVERY time he pissed her off or said something stupid, it would literally be every other day.

No. 234658

>They always bitch that women are too passive aggressive, and that they give the silent treatment instead of telling the man what the problem is but as soon as a woman tells the man what the problem is he complains that she is nagging.

really? I've only ever seen men give women the silent treatment, not just from past boyfriends but most women I know have had men do it to them as well
once I even had a male roommate who stole my car on several occasions (ik I posted this before) he got tickets in it, when I tried talking to him about it he made him, his gf and everyone else ignore me just because I was upset he got tickets in my car, then uses rent as an excuse despite the fact he told me I could stay until I found a job and I could get the money the next day, and he makes more than me and claims to be super rich from bitcoin (but I ended up finding out he was a compulsive liar) and would make a "pay rent" jab in any convo I could have with him despite the fact I filled out more than 900 applications according to my indeed and had several interviews when I came back to town, anytime I got mad about something he would get passive aggressive, I've never seen a woman do this before, not to mention he kicked me out because I asked someone else where he was and made up all kinds of shit, when I told him where can I sleep he said "it's not for me to figure out" then when I pointed out how careless they're being, when he even said himself it's dangerous to sleep in cars but it's okay if he makes me do it, he screamed manipulation at anything I said, accused me of lying and being manipulative then when I ask for example of how he completely ignored it and told me to "Stop being a piece of shit"
he would lie about anything and everything for no apparent reason, I should have seen it as a redflag when I found out he lied about stupid shit but he would start lying about me, friends, claim to have done all kinds of shit, if I mentioned a new thing he would claim he done it, like I could mention getting assistance or something with living he would make up a BS story about how he already did it with and it was actually shit and how it's stupid I would even consider that and how I should pay rent, then once when he stole my car, he claimed I let him take it despite the fact I didn't even say a word to him that day in question, he claimed I went to his friends house on several occasions looking for him which makes no sense because I was out of town for the past weeks and I only went over once and called in advance to explain why (I needed internet to fill out job applications and the AC was broke) and I have never done it before

anyway, sage for splerging, but I ONLY ever see men being big babies and storming off and being passive aggressive and giving silent treatments, never women

No. 234662

>neither side should make jokes about the other side because it hurts muh feelings

No. 234669

I'm >>234546
I never said they can't make jokes or it "hurts my feelings"
I said men love hurting women and desperately look for any reason to hurt them or watch them get hurt, because well it's true
Idc about jokes as long as people making them know there's a time and place for that and don't evolve into actual sexism and wanting to hurt women like a lot of the chan jokes did, whether people like to admit it or not there's a slipperly slope, remember when nazi jokes were just jokes and then it turned into a lot of people becoming actual fucking nazis? same with pedophilia?

No. 234671

I'm not saying men don't do it too, I was more saying how men accuse women of doing it all the time and call them too emotional ect when they are sometimes the most unstable angry assholes around and even passive aggressive themselves like you say. I was explaining how they like to think women are sneaky passive manipulators and that they 'don't speak up' when there's a problem yet if you follow their advice and actually tell them your annoyances,they call it nagging.

No. 234673

ik I was agreeing with you, I was saying the only times i've ever seen people ignore others in arguments or be passive aggressive is men

No. 234679

Ah okay. I disagree with you on the other point only because as a woman myself, I've found I've personally had to be passive aggressive in situations or half-joke/half-lecture male partners in the past to call them out on their shit in a gentler way, because communicating like a straightfoward adult normally hurts their feelings and damages their fragile ego.
Same as how I've had to tell them white lies about hanging with a female friend rather than going out for a walk by myself because they get so paranoid about cheating.

>straight forward
Hey, could you please not put the empty milk carton back in the fridge if it's empty?

>passive aggressive approach

fake laugh haha! I totally went to go pour the milk haha and nothing came out
Hahaha that's so funny. Yeah I need to get more. goes back to doing whatever because this conversation seems like a casual joke

No. 234680

I feel like we've both encountered toxic men. You have seen the passive aggressive assholes and I have witnessed the straightout angry ones. Either way, they both suck

No. 234683

I have dated many oversensitive men who hate being told they are wrong in a situation. I feel like because I'm quite a submissive person who doesn't like to cause a fuss or hurt feelings, these types try to date me because they feel they won't be challenged. They often get very mad when I do voice my concerns directly, so I have learnt to walk on eggshells and say things differently so they won't get annoyed with me. I've dated so many of these types that I'm literally psychic in a way that I know what responses to avoid that will hurt their feelings so I often joke or mention it casually. Or if it's something that realllly upsets me,I wait till we have a 'proper fight' and actually say it directly with passion.

I should really grow a spine but my self esteem is shot.

No. 234686

>hurr im breaking up with my girlfriend because she has small tits
>don't get surgery though that makes me mad
WHAT do men want from us

No. 234690

>Girlfriend states: Boyfriend’s penis too small, thinking of breaking up…
>My boyfriend’s penis very small, practically not much different from an embroidery needle. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like a needle is constantly poking me, and now when we do it, we generally don’t need to take off our pants, he can just poke into me right through the seams. I’m truly thinking of breaking up.

>we generally don’t need to take off our pants, he can just poke into me right through the seams

My fucking sides

No. 234691

I use to work in retail, this one guy stood by my register for a fucking HOUR winked at me twice and the manager told him to leave, who even does that? it was fucking creepy

No. 234695

>'I bet you wouldn't have complained if he was your type'
I know this isn't something that applies to you, but honestly if that was true, I don't see the problem. Men ree like crazy over the idea that women would be more accepting of certain behaviour if 'Chad' was doing it, because women are attracted to Chad. But isn't it just completely normal to base your romantic advances on your respective looks? A good looking guy can't necessarily assume that a random woman will be receptive, but at least he has the self awareness to know his chances are better that she will be interested and is in his 'league'. It's less of a risk. Being ugly and trying it with hot girls just shows a lack of self awareness or tact. And when it comes to situations that are more up close and personal, finding someone attractive or not can easily be the difference between consent and non consent. But men hate women expecting the right to consent to sex, so they rage that women accept the advances of men they find appealing and are critical of the advances of men they find repulsive. Repulsive men could just moderate their behaviour to match the possibility of success with certain women, but no, they just get mad women find their total lack of self awareness creepy.

No. 234697

How are they going whether they're repulsive or not? What if they're repulsive for one woman but not repulsive to the next one?

No. 234704

File: 1521234732999.png (156.93 KB, 908x605, kurt.png)

In which a 50 year old brave conservative patriot reduces a group of protesting high schools to their look and attractiveness to men.

No. 234705

And yet these creepy old men are so arrogant they fail to realise how creepy they are coming across.

No. 234709

File: 1521236219871.png (432.98 KB, 600x724, statue.png)

And can you blame them? Women can't have any fun without some incel crying about it.

No. 234711

honestly I would rather eat the ass of a statue, fuck a crazy serial killer, break my arm, shave off my hair and a lot of other shit just so I would not have to talk to an incel.

No. 234713

I would rather just never touch another person again

No. 234714

Men are so obsessed with degrading sex act it disgust me. Facials are considerer a normal part of people's sex life now, to the point where refusing to get jizz on your face makes you a PRUDE.
Wtf? Facials are an extreme form of degradation, you're basically putting your disgusting slimy sperm all over someone's being / identity.

No. 234715

lol I know. its totally disgusting. many of the things men want to do just makes them a light version of a rapist. a guy i was seeing last year said he thought it was hot when i actually fought against whatever he wanted to do because he had a rape fetish.

No. 234722

File: 1521239605519.jpg (45.3 KB, 500x281, 51kbkzUxy L.jpg)

men are disgusted at vaginas too, pleasurable sex for women doesn't exist anymore except in eroticas written by women

No. 234725

File: 1521240056960.png (184.76 KB, 686x1134, 1500647921059.png)

someone (kinda) beat you to it

No. 234726

Anon, thank you for this! Got any more?

No. 234727

stop projecting

No. 234728

june ? is that you?

No. 234729

Wouldn’t be surprised. She was a mod on this board from the start just so she could collect ips of people who telll the truth about her.

No. 234731

Fuck thats funny, shes so pathetic.

No. 234732

File: 1521347423766.png (73.6 KB, 361x327, men is the same.png)

Hopefully some will get a titter out of this even tho its kinda depressing when you think about it.

No. 234733

Anon, I love you for this

No. 234735

I get there's different types of men everywhere but it's funny how when you complain about a certain problem men do, everyone turns around and claims they would never, like there HAS to be a fuck ton of men contradicting themselves
there's no men on the face of the planet who hasn't done several misogynistic things, and that's sad

No. 234743

File: 1521350730735.png (202.02 KB, 569x554, men are idiots.png)

Aw thank you anon, I hope this one makes you chuckle too if you haven't already seen it.

Its denial and guilt, which leads to, as you rightly pointed out, them doing at least several misogynistic things they will not admit to.

No. 234747

Kyle sounds like he's talking about an entirely different species like what the fuck.
>Do women actually orgasm?
Does this bitch think we've never talked or written about our own orgasms before? I just… he's so stupid.

No. 234749

Its been pointed out hes self-dragging because hes basically admitting hes never given a woman an orgasm therefore, as a common point in this thread, hes making out the problem is every woman on the planet, not himself. The fact hes so proud of his "revelation" just shows how stupid he is.

No. 234750

File: 1521352343853.png (201.51 KB, 530x517, idiots the lot of em.png)

Looks like his male friends are just as dumb kek

No. 234767

I fucking love this movie, didn't realize people missed the satire so completely

No. 234789

cringe. good that he's you ex now.

No. 234792

>men are disgusted at vaginas too
I've noticed how straight and gay men are united in their disgust of vaginas.

No. 234796

Hetero sex to me seems really disgusting and animalistic, its not something that I want to participate in. I've been in ''sexual'' situations before, and it really just made me realise how much I hate the thought of having sex with a man. Mostly because ALL of the situations I have been in has been without my consent and worth taken into consideration. Even when I screamed for a guy to stop he didn't. When I asked a guy to stop calling me different slurs he didn't. They just continue to intimidate, physically and mentally abuse women.

I'm just stuck with these memories in my head that gets triggered each time I see anything heterosexual, from couples kissing, music video, films, ESPECIALLY porn. It's every-fucking-where.

I used to be bisexual, but their hatred and violence towards us has made me scared of the thought of being with a man. Most of my male friends that used to be normal has said shit like they'd rape a woman, how we should shut up, not vote, and all the other classic things. Most men say that either as a joke, or don't say it. But we know that they want to do horrible things to us, just by looking at the porn they watch.

I'm just sad that no hot lesbian women exist where I live..

sorry for rant.

No. 234802

men think going out of their way to make sex painful and unenjoyable for women is sexy and women love it when they don't even enjoy it themselves most of the time, they're just mindlessly bandwagoning from what they see in porn and think "oh well I saw it in porn so it MUST be good"
if you're a girl and don't enjoy having your asshole rammed dry then being forced to deepthroat his shit tasting dick since most men don't know how anal works then you're just a boring prude and should except to get cheated on by a girl who's better at pretending she likes it and doesn't care about feeling good during sex

>Most men say that either as a joke, or don't say it. But we know that they want to do horrible things to us, just by looking at the porn they watch.

yep, even the on thing they say women supposedly good for according to them they had to ruin and go out of their way to make women uncomfortable and in pain during it
most men even hate foreplay that isn't catered to them for fucks sake, hell most men get more pleasure out of undressing women and judging their bodies so they can tell their buds later about her stretchmarks and big nipples or whatever than they actually enjoy womens bodies at this point

I'd say we should bandwagon sex until men learn to fucking enjoy it instead of pretending like slapping vaginas and dry anal is sexy and enjoyable for men and women, but there will always be handmaidens pretending to be into this shit to impress men which will only make men want to do worse

>I've noticed how straight and gay men are united in their disgust of vaginas.
exactly and then they make up this fantasy that women are obsessed with cocks and want women to be addicted to dick and make all these weird memes and videos and shit of women begging to see mens dicks and getting off from sucking them and stuff but are hesitant to even finger women

like your dick is ugly, smelly, weird and deformed and most women barely get pleasure out of it, at least some vaginas can be appealing and there's more you can do to it and most women give a shit enough about their partner to wash, shave, take care of the skin, have a diet to where it smells nice, and men will not shower for days and eat microwave ravioli and keep their pubes unshaved and expect women to worship their cock

ot and blog but my bf is into sadomasochism sexually and not the pretentious june and greg type since he was into it before everyone started jumping into the bdsm bandwagon and even he doesn't turn bitchy and play victim or want to cheat if I ask him not to do anal or if I'm just not in the mood to be pushed around or whatever, he just accepts it and is more gentle and soft with me and both of us still enjoy it, people have perpetuated this idea that the only good sex is hard painful sex and softcore, romantic stuff is boring and laughable because how dare people enjoy sex emotionally and without pain!

No. 234804

>there will always be handmaidens pretending to be into this shit to impress men which will only make men want to do worse
Stop calling women handmaidens just because they have kinks different than yours. You do BDSM ffs.

>Facials are an extreme form of degradation, you're basically putting your disgusting slimy sperm all over someone's being / identity.
Just because you think an act is degrading it doesn't mean every woman thinks the same.

No. 234805

Getting jizzed on your face is degrading tho, men even admit it.

No. 234806

>Stop calling women handmaidens just because they have kinks different than yours.
I call them handmaidens because it's more than obvious they're bullshitting and pretending to have a kink and jumping on the bdsm bandwagon, no not all women into bdsm are handmaidens but lets not pretend a huge deal of newcomers aren't just pretentious hoes who wanna be ~kinky~ when you can tell most aren't actually into it
>You do BDSM ffs.
I have limits, do it safely, sanely, don't feel the need to scream "LOL GUYS I DO BDSM I LIKE BEING SLAPPED XD" everywhere, it's just what I like doing with my partner and nothing more than that

>Just because you think an act is degrading it doesn't mean every woman thinks the same.

let me guess, you're not like other girls because you like having smelly jizz on your face because it's totally hot and pleasurable to have smelly fluids on your face for some reason, it is, by definition, degrading, men have this weird thing about women being obsessed with cum, like lolno it smells fucking disgusting, no one wants it on them or near them

No. 234808

>my daddy choking me is fine but your kink is disgusting!

No. 234809

Wtf are you talking about? Who said their daddy is choking them?

No. 234810

me apparently even though nothing I said even closely related to daddy kinks, choking, or calling people kinks gross

I don't like choking, daddy kink is gross, and I never called anyone kinks disgusting besides the ones who are more than obvious into it because they have true intentions and bdsm just enables them

I just pointed out there's a huge deal of people mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon and pretending to be into it and trying to make it as worse as possible but you have to enjoy it somehow, I mention my own kinks as an example since there's no denying that most people into it are pretending and don't give a shit about the other person into it

No. 234811

>no conclusive physiological evidence
Um, yes there is. Is he getting orgasms mixed up with female ejaculation, which I believe is still debated?

Men will legit take sex tips from anywhere and anyone but their sex partner. It'd be simple just to ask the person what they're into (especially since everyone is different and a new partner may hate what an old partner liked) but they'd rather just assume everybody likes what they see in porn and not gaf about their partner.

No. 234812

>guy at work shows me his instagram feed full of girls in bikinis, twerking, poledancing, etc
>"You're not like these sluts, anon! They're ALWAYS doing things like this!"
>I tell they're on his feed because he follows every single one of them

Ugh, it was like all of my pet peeves rolled into one. "Not like other girls" bullshit, hypocrisy, the "I can have sexuality but you can't" mentality, the assumption that I'd side with him over something that he CHOSE to have in his life. UGH.

What makes people like this?

No. 234839

File: 1521386153312.png (31.72 KB, 210x220, epic-jackie-chan-template.png)

Yeah the hypocrisy irritates me. Some guy I knew who used to brag about banging strippers with his ex gf, got very posessive of me when he found out I was a virgin. Said I would be perfect marriage material, his parents would love me etc. When I asked why he didn't feel the same about his ex he said bc she was a whore who banged strippers….WITH HIM.

He then tried to stop me talking to other guys saying they just want to take my virginity and they wouldn't appreciate me etc. And lets be clear here is not people who are like this its mostly men because of double standards, as you said they think they can have a sexuality but women are somehow less for being the same.

No. 234842

"Men want to be her first. Women want to be his last.">>234839

No. 234850

Wars decimate the gene pool and society as a whole. The healthy young men go to war and get killed, the old and/or unhealthy guys stay home and have multiple kids (sometimes with multiple women). The healthy young men who survive are mentally fucked, creating a generation raised in dysfunctional families.

No. 234855

File: 1521387747934.jpg (33.65 KB, 432x392, tumblr_nn7je8joP71usjgioo1_500…)

No one likes trannies lol

No. 234856

In Paraguay they had a war that killed so many men that the women started having children with 10yo boys.

No. 234857

I completely agree with this. The image of a man eating meat making me feel unwell because >objects there for their satisfaction.

There’s no compassion for anything, just a need for their own desire to be sated. Disgusting.

No. 234858


No. 234860

In Germany so many men died during the wars that they had to send out preteens to fight and then they died as well - they simply didn't have children for the next few years, but waited for the next generation to be old enough?! Wtf i can't believe that…

No. 234864

I’m looking for any mention of these Paraguayan paedo women and can’t find it..?

No. 234873

Woah anon, think you think I’m another anon ITT. I’ve only made that one comment, as it surprised me to see someone saying an adult having sex with a child wasn’t rape. I didn’t disagree with the comment as a whole.

No. 234894

File: 1521391467995.gif (961.77 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

er, no. I dont want some used up man whore.


No. 234899

i just found out a guy i work with is a convicted pedo who violated parole by moving back to the city to contact his victim. i told my boss and he doesn't seem to care despite having a daughter the same age as the victim. no further details, i don't want to reveal where i live, but damn if i don't hate men a little more after this.

No. 234901

File: 1521394691636.jpg (70.87 KB, 803x688, 1428654634785.jpg)

well meme'd

No. 234905

Men love playing victim and screaming women get away with every thing because of how many men are incarcerated(using the same logic as the wage gap but its okay if it victimizes men right) but never take a look at themselves

Pedophiles get away with everything, most sentence they'll get is 2 years at most, even subway dude got 1 yr for each child, ruin a childs life get one year, but cry about how "women get away with raping little boys if she was a man she would get life in prison!" Because a 24 yr old teacher slept with an 18 yr old high schooler with consent

Men want to get away with everything so they cry and play victim when they can't, I think pedophiles should be excutated yes even lolicon and cp hackers

Especially military men, they're the worse and act horrible and always get away with it
I use to work in a military town and theyre always fucking horrible and want freeshit here and there and the world worships them, they get away with murder and abuse to the point people scream and tell women to expect to be abused if they marry a military man

No. 234909

you nailed it, he was totally in the military too. the very second he walked into the place i could tell he had the pedo stare.

No. 234911

Yep, I knew a guy who got caught looking at 13 yr old girls naked while he was at base, when it first came out all his friends and family emphasized "ALLEGEDLY HE DID IT!!! ALLEGEDLY!!" When he admitted to it they all defended him saying 13 wasn't bad they could have been 5yr olds, blaming the 13 yr old girl and her parents, saying he didnt ACTUALLY do anything outside of look at a pair of tits despite the girl talked about being in middle school, then claimed the big bad law system hated men because he wasnt allowed to be in the military and his 1 month in jail and probation was totally way too harsh

No. 234913


I never understand why men makeup lies like that are completely and easily untrue. They want to play victim so badly and just want to get away with everything

No. 234915

Lemme guess you're the incel who wont go away. But seriously I dont, I've never understood the attraction to men who cant keep it in their pants.


No. 234916

me either not to mention how many men bitch about if their exes body is better than their currents or whatever, I'd never date a guy who has had more than 3 partners and I pity women who do

not to mention higher chance of cheating

No. 234920

And STDs or HPV

No. 234923

True and 90% of men have HPV
They cheat more, men are degenerates

At least women are happy and fufilled fucking other women and they dont suck and bed and get off by making women uncomfortable, unlike men who go insane when they dont get their precious dick wet all while screaming about how awful women are despite them being worse than women

No. 234927

File: 1521404975754.jpg (132.47 KB, 594x310, 20180318_132306.jpg)

Dumbass, you know the facial cumshot starting being featured in porn primarily because it is degrading? Men like it because it is degrading and "marking their territory." What you think about it doesn't even matter at that point.

No. 234950

Same with anal.

No. 234965

This makes me so mad

No. 234967

they hate women so much they had to "get revenge" by making sex bad for women
and what's it for? for not having sex with them of course!

men are fucking children, it's all or nothing because obviously the entire world has to be in their dating pool or should get stabbed

No. 234985

OK but men like that also have said shit like "women squat to pee, that proves they're inferior," they think being a woman is inherently degrading and pathetic, so of course they're going to color any sex act in a degrading way. They have an unhealthy, vitriolic perception of sex and nothing is sacred to them. You're right that those particular men are doing it to be degrading, but that doesn't mean it's going to feel that way for everyone outside of porn. You could color anything in a negative degrading light, and your feelings are valid, but there's not much that's inherent to these acts. It just depends on the intentions and feelings of the people involved, so it's totally possible for people to engage in these acts without there being anything really degrading about it, if there's no malice or shame between them.

I really don't want to come off super sex posi or muh kinkshaming because I realize how gross and manipulative that ideology is, but at the same time I hate to see people put off of inherently meaningless acts just because some porno jerk has interpreted it in a fucked up way with his idiotic sociopathic perception. If I dont like something I want it to be because I really don't like it, not just because some sad creep I don't know thinks of it as narcissistic supply.

No. 234987

samefag but couldn't you say the same thing about face sitting? you're smothering someones whole being and identity with your vag!!! it's only as negative as the people involved think it is. and as positive. it's obviously reasonable not to like it but it's not reasonable to think it's inherently degrading for everyone just because you've attached negative qualities to body parts and fluids that are inherently devoid of meaning.

No. 234988

tbh I've never seen a woman talk about sitting on a mans face. its always the guy talking about it. Not saying it doe not happen, but its mostly men that seem to want it.

No. 234992

what is a positive representation of a facial?

No. 234994

>samefag but couldn't you say the same thing about face sitting? you're smothering someones whole being and identity with your vag!!!
most men want women to sit on their face, even dominant guys I knew loved face sitting, it's more of a sex position used for sex than it is for degrading

>it's only as negative as the people involved think it is. and as positive.

the entire point of face sitting wasn't to degrade, I wouldn't even compare the two, what's the pleasure out of having someones yeasty nasty smelling jizz on your face?

>you've attached negative qualities to body parts and fluids that are inherently devoid of meaning.

we didn't, the entire point of facials was to degrade, the reason why it even became a thing is to degrade, there's no benefits to it for either party though

>I hate to see people put off of inherently meaningless acts just because some porno jerk
most men get their ideas and fetishes and what they wanna do during sex because of porn, because it was made to degrade and if we're being honest most men wouldn't give two shits about facials if it wasn't for porn, do yes, 99% of the time it's use to degrade

No. 234995

For me facesitting is definitely a power move, but I can only speak for myself.

No. 234996

power =/= degradation

No. 234998

Tbqh my bf didn’t like it till other guys told him it was hot.

No. 235000

Men cant think for themselves so they choose whats hot by hearing what other guys find hot

No. 235001

>most men get their ideas and fetishes and what they wanna do during sex because of porn

I'm very porn criticical but this just isn't true. Oral sex, anal sex are as old as sex itself. Pornography on video didn't invent degrading sex it fetishes. Unless you count literature erotica and paintings or texts like the Kama Sutra as pornography.

No. 235002

>Oral sex, anal sex are as old as sex itself.
but guess why it gained popularity? you think men went from going from "ew buttholes" to "i wanna stick my tongue nose and dick in there dry" without any help from porn? just because things are invented doesn't invalidate the fact men are easily influenced by porn

>Pornography on video didn't invent degrading sex it fetishes.

again, invention =/= popularity
not a good point

>Unless you count literature erotica and paintings or texts like the Kama Sutra as pornography.

they do have influence but peoples cultures also influence their sex lifes, and in todays world men are heavily and negatively influenced by porn and there's no denying it

No. 235007

My point is men have always been influenced by sexual material and sexual fiction, but the only reason they act out is due to male socialization. Women watch porn, women write most of the fucked up fanfic you see on the internet but you don't see women begging their boyfriends to have threesomes, or to be pegged like how men bet their girlfriends into doing anal.

No. 235008

>My point is men have always been influenced by sexual material and sexual fiction,
then why disagree? it's only been getting worse and more violent and uncomfortable and women are supposed to like it because enjoying having your asshole torn is so hot

>Women watch porn, women write most of the fucked up fanfic you see on the internet

most women don't like porn either and I don't blame them, there's barely any foreplay
for the fucked up fanfic, I don't see this. and I read tons of ero,a lot of ero written by women tends to be gentle even when it's on the harder side they still care about womens pleasure
but I don't know what you would consider fucked up, and there are edge lords on tumblr who pretend like being stabbed makes them orgasm when it's more than obvious no one would enjoy that

>you don't see women begging their boyfriends to have threesomes, or to be pegged like how men bet their girlfriends into doing anal.

because women actually give a shit about their partner and want good sex lifes that aren't soley catered and revolved around them

No. 235009

>male socialization maymay
Their lack of self control is not socialization, that's just how they are naturally.

No. 235010

Idk, I love facials and cum. I'm pretty dominant in bed too. It doesn't have to be degrading.

No. 235011

Are you a tranny by any chance?

No. 235013

Is that your go-to answer when someone disagrees with your world view? Thankfully for me I picked a good bf and don't have to worry about every little thing we do.

No. 235025

File: 1521439520524.jpg (78.61 KB, 598x598, its ok he has a daughter.jpg)

These are amazing.

No. 235027

Keep that shit to yourself anon, I'm gagging.
You're demented if you think it has nothing to do with degradation. Men describe it as "marking my territory" "being turned on by being with such a filthy whore" "wanting her to accept to do something humiliating" a lot of them even admit to feeling kinda bad and disgusted after the act! Who wouldn't? just google facial cumshot and see how repulsive it looks.

No. 235028

Do you girls ever just feel tired and disappointed with men?

It would be interesting to go on dates and talk to men, but most of the guys I’ve talked to were lame fuckbois so I’ll just avoid them

No. 235029

How could it be inherently meaningless when it all started going mainstream with porn? Ask older people around you they will all tell you how weird and kinky it was to see that for the first time in a porno. During the seventies men were all about cumming deep into a woman's pussy, that's what's natural and arousing for most men in a normal non porn influenced state. Slowly they started mimicking everything they see in porn and here we are, with a bunch of retard pounding away women's pussy, only being able to cum by calling them whores and slut, and on the other side handmaiden who act like being fucked dry is awesome and like facial cumshot are not degrading and a normal part of sex kek.

No. 235030

>Oral sex, anal sex are as old as sex itself. Pornography on video didn't invent degrading sex it fetishes
Oral sex, hell even anal seems different from kinks and fetishes though. The latter at least makes sense, it doesn't take much thought to put mouth + genitals together because it feels good and makes sex better. Kinks and fetishes though? How do things like scat or extremely dangerous acts make sense? Our far off ancestors probably weren't pissing on each other to obtain sexual gratification from it. That's definitely not how babies are made. BDSM seems counter-intuitive to a successful mating process as well.
Idk. I think if it wasn't for modern porn those things would be much more rare and isolated, but since this shit is so widely available now and it escalates sexual tastes we have to put up with it gaining traction.

No. 235034

I agree with this. There’s like a spectrum of understandability when it comes to sexual preferences/fetishes… I feel like anything involving body fluids that aren’t conducive to sex is a major mental fuck-up. Who actually finds vomit arousing?!

No. 235058

File: 1521462752004.png (210.66 KB, 750x1254, IMG_1400.PNG)

Men are mad again because their perfect qt waifu Irene has been corruputed by the feminist agenda and isn't a subservient woman. Also, what a bunch of fucking retards. Even if you burn her selfies (which, by the way, is a totally sane reaction to someone reading a book) you've already paid for it. Another case of men pushing the fantasy of a subservient asian gf and getting mad when she dare educates herself.

No. 235059

File: 1521462872047.jpg (102.01 KB, 500x700, IMG_2825.JPG)

In the old days guys got excited seeing a woman show a bit of leg or her skirt being blown up by a gust of wind…Now a days they need to see a woman near death during sex(choking, gagging, slapping).

No. 235062

Isn't she known for being good at/or liking to do chores?
Not even that is enough for them, they even wnat to dictate what a women does in her free time (or they'd probably prefer she doesn't/couldn't read at all…)

No. 235066

Agreed. I feel like men has watched so many fucked up things in the last decades from they were children to adults, that even things like slapping, choking.. bla bla bla.. is not enough anymore. So they have to go for even sicker things, such as loli, scat, knifes and whatever else sick comes to mind just to get their dick hard.

I guess for some guys it will not be enough to watch role play rape porn or even actual rape porn, so they'll go out and rape women in their area.

No. 235067

men call feminists triggered then turn around and do this? whatever happened to "good feminists and bad feminists!!! it's not anti woman!!"
I swear the anti fems have been exposing themselves every step of the way and they wonder why everyone is leaving them

not to mention you have to have a perfect body for men to be able to get off,if a girl today looked like marilyn body wise her bf would be begging her to get ass and boob implants and waist train more, men back then just wanted healthy look women with good proportions

No. 235072


this makes me genuinely concerned about a future where all the current fetishes women are expected to "enjoy" are considered too tame.

No. 235073

Choking, slapping and spitting in the face/mouth is already considerer vanilla by a lot of young adult, there is plenty of report of women getting choked or slapped without being asked for their consent because it's supposed to be standard. Plenty of people have also adopted the disgusting habit of spitting on genitals and on people.

No. 235074

Speaking of men being selfish lovers, I totally think this is the case when it comes to oral sex. Women normally suck dick until the man comes, but men complain that women are too hard to please and that they need a fucking map. MAYBE if they ate pussy for a little more than 5 minutes they would actually be effective? I've only ever had one or two men enthusiastic about going down on me. I've never had a complaint or 'no I don't want to' but they literally lick it for 2 minutes before they either jam their dick or fingers in there. I also hate the men that say 'did you cum?'EVERY fucking time after sex. No I didn't, can I not just enjoy the intimacy without being harrassed about coming? I know my two points kind of contradict, but I hate it when you just have a quickie for fun and they get so insecure and squawk didja cum didja cum. My first boyfriend would accuse me of faking my orgasms all the time,it was fucking annoying. I also hate how they instantly put fingers inside it instead of just playing around the outside or warming up to it. They seem to think 'touch inside vagina=good'
I don't know why but this annoys me. I'd rather have someone kiss around my neck ect then shove their fingers directly inside me within a second of intercourse.

No. 235075

>I hate how they put a flat chested woman to play her
she's not flat, she has tits, they're just small
>I'm just mad that people like erasing women with big breasts because of men.
they're not, they just choose a small breasted woman to play lara,you act like it's a world wide thing thats happening
>More like people keep erasing big boobs cause of women.
>Feminists have this theory that big breasts on a woman is sexist.
they don't the only time I ever seen this is with anita sarkesian, which feminists disagree with but whatever you need to stretch to play victim
>It's like women with big breasts must be punished for daring to have a body some men find sexy.
oh boo hoo, no one thinks this, big breasts have been in since the dawn of time and now because one fucking movie chose a small breasted woman to play a character whos body has always been changing you wanna play victim and claim "women with big boobs are being punished because im sexy!!!" are you an egotistical 12 yr old?
>They think that a specific body type similar to Lara Croft's, Bayonetta or a Disney character's is "appealing to the male fantasy" thus it's sexist.
>Especially with video games, Feminists think a small waist and big boobs are "unrealistic" because most feminists are obese with pancake tits or beta males.
"hurr feminists are fat!!! that's why the shit I'm stretching and exaggerating is happening!! even though the one feminist that does stay stuff like this isn't fat or has pancake tits"
>People think it's progressive to minimize boob size and remove sex appeal while also parading around with your tits out.
no.one.thinks.this also what feminist is "parading around with their tits out" being the same one to want to "minimize boobs" sounds like you're talking about two different people but as you proven earlier you love stretching and making shit up
>Lara was an inspiration to me as a teenager ALSO because of her looks. As a teenager who would wear sweaters during summer to hide my boobs I hate seeing Lara's body type erased in the movies.
the only behavior I've ever seen this from is from fat girls with big tits because they're fat, slim women with big breasts love their body, you're butthurt because they casted a girl with a boob size you didn't like to play lara meanwhile big tits are everywhere and women are spending billions a year to get big boobs but oh no youre being oppressed for having cowtits somehow
>It's not her breast size. It has more to do with the fact that a lady can be sexy and bad ass at the same time
another lie if this was true you wouldnt by making shit up about evil feminists are reacting to her tits
> liked seeing a woman with big boobs doing what she did. In real life I was just hiding myself.
you just said it was about being sexy and badass, fuck off, you're contradicting yourself every step of the way, don't blame other for insecurity issues despite the feature you claim to have is more than desirable to the point where men break up with women for not having big boobs but boo fucking hoo poor you 1 feminist didn't like hentai bodies in video games and they casted a woman with a boob size you didn't like so that means you're being oppressed and punished
>Removal of her breasts is kinda gay though. Like, why not just shave her head, too? Throw a Hijab on her.
that makes no sense, I've seen small breasts look feminine sometimes even more feminine than big boobs, why is it such a big deal
> I said they removed a part of her femininity. Breasts are kinda the staple thing of a woman aside from a vagina.
(Btw, I love women with small tits more than women with big ones)
you love women with small tits but make a huge fucking deal about how you don't like laras tit size, claiming they "might as well shave her head and put a hijab on her" all over her fucking boobs, you need to seek help for your compulsive lying

No. 235077

men hate foreplay

No. 235078

So ridiculous though! They will stare at a vagina for ages in porn, but in real life only care about being inside it.

No. 235080

I'm the one you are replying to, I totally get your points about chads maybe having some self awareness over beta males, but I think honestly if a guy hits on a girl at her job, with no previous interactions with her, then it's creepy af and shows a lack of self awareness anyway. I agree, there's nothing wrong with being physically attracted to someone, but that's where you go to clubs or tinder. Not someone's job.

No. 235083

I know, I'm addicted. When you read the comments, you'll notice that strippers and women all over the world have the exact same experiences with the same types of men.

No. 235086

I can sympathise. When I was in highschool, my boyfriend was out of school and older. He was the first person to show me porn and would try and get me to do absolutely everything under the sun. He bought me alcohol and when I vomited and passed out, he had anal sex with me. He wanted me to bleach my hair blonde and wear clothes I wasn't comfortable with. He knew i loved to draw and paint and asked me to draw him people having sex. He literally made me think that my only worth was sex and my looks.

Anyway, he was giving up weed kind of when I met him. He was smoking it one night and I really wanted to try it. He wouldn't let me and told me 'only sluts smoke weed and take drugs'

No. 235088

> My first boyfriend would accuse me of faking my orgasms all the time,it was fucking annoying.
How did you end up with that asshole? Any tips for avoiding these type of guys?

No. 235089

Do you know what's weird? Incels cry about women's vaginas being turned into roast if they have too much sex but they watch so much porn that you would think they would notice that some really famous pornstars have small peach looking vaginas as well as the ones that have the large inner lips that they reee about. Does that point ever cross their minds? Look at sasha grey. She's done so much different genres and gangbangs, probably the worst slut in their eyes but her vagina is enclosed and small. These incels are crazy and don't even believe that colour and shape of a vagina is genetics not promiscuity.

Sorry if this is common knowledge,I've only started reading the incel message board and I could not believe how much these guys let sex rule their life.

No. 235090

He was my first and older and combined with a low self esteem, I was very easy to manipulate. These days I am way more guarded and non accepting of shit when i date. Call me picky but it's a lot better than dealing with shit men.

No. 235091

With so many men today being shitty doms because it's trendy, is there any chance of finding a masosub for me? How can you tell?

I've already somewhat accepted that I'll have to hit up a weaklings so I can easily overpower and intimidate them regardless. You know, if he tries anything I can just break his nose. It's fine because I hate muscles anyway, I was just hoping for there to be some sub men out there.

Fuck, if only men weren't so dumb. They accuse us of always caving to social pressures and yet they're like this.

No. 235092

they suck at sex so they fantasize that the only reason why womens vaginas get that way is from sex so they don't feel insecure
not to mention they love blaming womens "flaws" on them, anything they can twist, turn and pin on women, they will even if it's a lie, they will tell themselves a lie just to give themselves comfort

men blame womens acne on women, if you're a woman and gain weight there must be no other possible reason than because you sit around and eat like shit, boobs/curves get smaller? your fault, dont get surgery though everything is womens fault

No. 235093

>they don't the only time I ever seen this is with anita sarkesian, which feminists disagree with but whatever you need to stretch to play victim
Tons of games, especially Japanese games, get censored in the west to appease people who think like that.

No. 235094

>Tons of games, especially Japanese games, get censored in the west to appease people who think like that.
then give me one proof since is apparently happens o so often then right?
people, especially on the big bad tumblr you complain about so much draw extreme proportions all the fucking time, you have to be BEYOND delusional if you think things are being censored because those big fat feminists are upset over being "sexy"

No. 235096

No. 235097

File: 1521481433991.png (199.65 KB, 800x450, t7fclf25um6nvtqrlcpr.png)

holy shit you are ridiculous if you think this has anything to do with "BIG FAT FEMINISTS HARPIES GETTING MAD AND PUNISHING WOMEN FOR BEING SEXY"

you don't even take in mind that it could be the fact she 13 YEARS OLD and people don't think kids should be sexualized ?

No. 235098

No. 235100

again, is it because they are fucking children running around in lingerie? it is it "THE BAD FEMINIST HARPIES REMOVING FEMININITY AND PUNISHING WOMEN FOR HAVING BOOBS!!!"

if they are censoring children, then any non-pedo would support them 100%

No. 235101

the article says nothing about womens bodies either so whats your point?

No. 235102

>They put shorts on a character who was wearing a thong in smash, a game played mostly by children! M-muh censorship!!

No. 235103

lol also, their original point they were debating is that feminists are punishing women for being sexy

No. 235114

Bet the people who kicked off about censorship are also the sort of people who hate Islam because ”encourages paedophilia”.

No. 235117

Why is encourages paedophilia in quotes? And that barely scratches the surface of all the other disgusting shit that garbage religion encourages.

No. 235118

File: 1521487552321.png (57.09 KB, 880x186, Capture d’écran 2018-03-19 à…)

>Women are women's worst enemies because they criticize their clothe not men who rape and murder them, believe me!


Thread titled : what are you tired of explaining to women?
Full on treasures.

No. 235119

Because I’m quoting, surprisingly enough. Not getting into a debate about religion, I’m just highlighting hypocrisy.

No. 235121

In my experience, sub men tend to not be very open about their kinks due to the stigma attached to them. It doesn't help that a lot of self proclaimed male subs aren't actually submissive and make the rest of them look bad. I've only met one other guy I would say is truly submissive, but guys with sub tendencies are more common than you might think.

You gotta understand that a lot of men fall for the 'you have to be a domineering alpha at all times' shtick. The ones that don't are more likely to be submissive, or at least be okay with submitting to you occasionally.

You could try fetlife, but sub men seem to not be held in high regard there. The people there are mostly middle aged swinger types it seems.

No. 235122

Oh, alright. Sorry if I came off as dickish.

No. 235129

Sounds weird, but although I disagree with the cow tit anon on most of her views, and I also hate the fact breasts are sexualised, I do understand why certain things are censored to some degree for little kids.I know a lot of kids wouldn't notice or care but there's always that kid that knows a little bit too much in that area and will discuss it with classmates anyway. For example, there was a segment where Katy Perry and Elmo sang on sesame street and I saw nothing wrong with it, but some parents were outraged at Katy's cleavage. Now, in my view, I thought Katy's outfit was a lot similar to Tinkerbell. That's because I wasn't focused on her breasts.
After working at a daycare and meeting all types of parents and kids, I noticed there are some that raise their kids correctly. For example let's say that a mother and child are watching Katy Perry and Elmo. Let's just say the child says or asks about Katy's boobs. Let's say said child exclaimed 'she has booobies'
A good parent will say something like 'Yes she does' or 'yes, women have boobies'
Unfortunately because our society is so sexually charged, a lot of parents would be uncomfortable at that question and either change the question or some even scold the child for talking about it. I understand that sexuality, although nothing to be ashamed of, does need to remain in the realm of adults and parents should inform their kids when asked these things BUT in an age appropriate manner. And unfortunately some people just dont want to explain that stuff to kids or are too weird about it and that's why I understand that they censor stuff like cartoons or kid's shows. It's nothing to do with giant tits, but breasts and women's bodies in general and while I don't agree with it, I get the parents view to SOME degree.

No. 235130

Those parents that scold their children when they ask about sexual things are damaging and often the kid gets issues. I wish people would educate their kids. Like obviously if they are 5,don't go into major detail, but there's a way to tell them that there's a time and a place without being damaging to the child's view on sexuality or women. Like tell them that it's a private thing but don't shame a litle kid that has their hand down their pants by telling them 'only dirty girls do that'

No. 235132

America is seriously weird regarding women's breast. I'm from a mediterranean country and you can see plenty of topless women at the beach during summer, you also have children running around fully naked. The fact that some little girl are starting to wear bikini to hide their nonexistent breast is so weird to me. (a full swimsuit doesn't bother me tho)

No. 235135

Yeah I don't know how I feel about 2 piece swimming suits on babies. I don't want my child to be ashamed of their body but at the same time, other people would sexualise it, so I probably wouldn't buy one for my kid if I had one. It's a double edged sword. You don't want to slut shame your 16 year old daughter for wearing certain things if it makes her happy, but you also don't want men leering at her. My mum used to say weird shit to me as a kid but wouldn't explain it properly. I would be sitting on the couch as a litle girl with a singlet and underpants, and if males came over eg-my brother's friends, she would tell me to go put clothes on while the boys are here. She never explained why so I never understood. Fast foward to 12 when i started growing small boobs and she screamed at me one day to change the top. I asked her in a normal tone what is wrong with it and she started screeching that she could see my nipples through the shirt. She didn't really take me proper bra shopping either. Kinda but not really.

No. 235144

Has anyone heard of that incel guy that tries to catfish women and when they turn up, he films and harrasses them about only choosing the guy for his picture. It makes me rage at how unaware he is. A few women offer to sit down and eat or talk with him and he's like no i dont wanna and continues harrassing them. His YouTube is 2 catch a roastie or some nonsense.

I wish I'd matched with him because he always asks the same question and goes with the same logic. I'd be quick to point out not only did I swipe on everyone, even the ugly men, and I'd show him a photo of my overweight, bearded ex. To which he'd probably argue it was about money, to which I'd laugh and say I earned more than him.

What an absolute beta pig.

No. 235145

Confided in my boyfriend about my agoraphobia. I was sexually assaulted in the past, which he knew, but this has made me associate all the other times dudes have bothered me with "close calls". I told him that, largely due to male harassment, I had developed a fear of going outside and of men I don't know.

He responded to that with saying I was full of shit and to stop acting like I "was special." Because by me saying this apparently I'm basically claiming men just swoop in on me as soon as I leave my house.

Not only am I enraged and disappointed with his response, but it has nothing to do with "being special". It has to do with me relying on public transit to get around and I have often had problems out by myself using transit in the city.

Not only that, but he told his friend and now I'm being accused of being egotistical. Because men are so fucking twisted that they think being grabbed against my will or yelled at aggressively by men is a compliment. Or he thinks I'm lying. I know I'm not "special". A lot of my girl friends that use transit have had similar experiences. It pisses me off.

I'm not sure what this says about my relationship either. I haven't felt very attracted to my bf since this. I'm supposed to see him tonight but I don't think I want to.

No. 235150

I would ditch him. If he asks why, explain that you were simply confiding in him a fear as to why you didn't feel safe. Instead of listening or trying to understand, he made you feel like you were trying to boast and humblebrag about men harrassing you. Even if it only happened once or hell, even if guys never harrassed you in public, you have a right to have that fear and he shouldn't have shat all over your feelings like that. Not only that but he told his mate.

Sounds like a loser. Ditch him. He's trying to gaslight you.

No. 235151

Apparently his camera is in his glasses. What a creep. I'd snatch them off him and he would probably not want to get them back because he sounds so timid plus he'd know he'd be in shit with the police with all those catfish dates and compiling footage of women and uploading it. He doesn't even blur their faces.

No. 235156

>We are men of science.
>REEEE how dare you blame genetics! It's clearly from having too much sex REEEEE I want a virgin!
ignores science

No. 235209

this is funny considering men go on huge rants and act triggered if a girl with a small butt wears yoga pants or shorts

No. 235211

>little girl are starting to wear bikini to hide their nonexistent breast is so weird to me. (
there are SO many pedophiles in america it's insane, not to mention men here take creepshots, men will take creepshots of YOGA PANTS ffs so much its disturbing and disgusting, I wish I lived in an environment like that

obviously I get it'se sexualized because it turns people on -shudder- but I just wish people saw boobs as just boobs, meant to feed children, not meant to be big ol perky perfect breast to hide and perfect get their jimmies russeled if they see a girls nipple poke through her shirt

No. 235213

> I don't want my child to be ashamed of their body but at the same time, other people would sexualise it, so I probably wouldn't buy one for my kid if I had one.
I'd buy my kids one pieces, nothing is wrong with two pieces but the thought of kids being sexualized by pedophiles really urks and disturbs me, I also would only allow them to go swimming in trusted environments where I can keep my eye on them at all times, I don't mean to sound like that person or a crazy mom but I was close to someone who had been molested under pool water by a pedophile
>She didn't really take me proper bra shopping either. Kinda but not really.
it's a really weird stigma tbh, girls aren't supposed to have their nipples poke through their shirt but you aren't supposed to wear a bra unless you get big boobs
In middle school, I was told to cover up if my nipples poked through but in the locker room almost everyone would tell me I'm flat and don't need a bra
like which one is it?

No. 235219

>like which one is it?

depends on who is in front of you. that's the problem with trying to "prevent" pedo behavior like leering and creeping pics by avoiding public placeswhere they might lurk- until you start punishing the pedophile for being a fucking creep then it'll never stop, no matter what. I think playgrounds should have security guards to take notice of things like people without children hanging around playgrounds during the day when most childless adults are at work, or when a parent walks off and leaves their kid.

No. 235223

Such a weird stigma indeed! I was always told 'you don't need a bra, you have small tits' and once I grew up (still with A cup breasts) I was told by my boyfriend and mother that I should wear bras whilst in public.

I don't understand because I have long hair and often just wear my hair down over the front to cover my nips or hold my wallet and phone up to guard my chest while in public.

My bf tried to explain it nicely 'i know you aren't trying to provoke anyone sexually but be aware that men will stare' because he knows I just throw on a t shirt without a care, but I find it uncomfortable that I just want to be comfy and there are creeps checking out my barely noticable boobs.

I wear bras when I have sheer tops or at work so nips dont poke through my shirt, but somehow everyone gets butthurt about it when I'm only going to the shops.

Bras hurt my breasts no matter what style or size bra I wear for long periods of time. Why should I feel uncomfortable for other people's sake? Because they can't keep their eyes and comments to themselves?

I don't wear underwear either unless i am on my period or I'm wearing a dress/skirt and I hate when people lecture me about that after finding out in a discussion that i dont wear underwear.

I remember going to a guy's house and obviously sex was going to happen, but when he asked me to take off my pants he questioned why I had no underpants on and I just shrugged and said I dont really wear them. He told me 'no, that's a lie, you aren't wearing them because you knew what we were going to do and you are a dirty girl'
I felt really annoyed that he couldn't just accept the fact I don't like wearing undies.

I apologize if anyone thinks I'm some crazy hippie and not wearing undies is gross but I wash my jeans and shorts everyday, don't wear anything twice downstairs unless it's been washed and have a clean vagina with no issues from not wearing underwear. It hates me that everything a woman does is fucking sexualised.

No. 235229

people act so weird about it, people act like I'm appropriating and mocking women with big boobs by wearing a bra, like go protest the bra industry for making small bras if you hate women with boobs you think aren't big enough offends you, I'm not even flat, I'm a small C/B , for some reason people like acting as if women are completely missing breast tissue if you aren't at least a C, same with butts

I just don't get it, it's literally just something you wear under your clothes and strangers get so offended about it, I could understand if you are in a sport or work in an athletic field and have to change in the locker room but why would you care that much about a stranger not wearing a piece of cloth?

No. 235230

Yes! You hit the nail on the head.

>c cup and under

>wearing a bra
>other people
>why do you bother, you have no tits, unlike THESE women who actually need support.
>c cup or bigger
>decide NOT to wear a bra
>other people
>cover up your tits! Whoah she isnt even wearing a bra to cover those big knockers!

No. 235231

Uh no that’s a dumb fucking post.

Any girl who has gone out wearing less clothing than usual knows men react more to you and pay more attention to you. The issue is that they see it as hot because they think there might be a chance they can get their dicks wet and not because they actually find you more beautiful.

No. 235232

I agree. Fucking retarded. I am perfectly aware if i wear a tight short dress out, there might be one or two judgy stares by women but to be perfectly honest, I worry more about the men staring. The women are only really judging because of their own insecurities/beliefs or sometimes it's because they actually like your outfit. Men are staring because they are imagining the things they would do to you or what you look like naked.

No. 235235

>or some reason people like acting as if women are completely missing breast tissue if you aren't at least a C, same with butts
this, I can't find the video but it was titled "no ass' basically the girl was talking about how people act as if someone(women) is less of a person if their because their butts or boobs aren't a certain size or bigger, it's always changing to which is ridiculous, marilyn monroe is an example, to some people they can go on for days about how thicc she is others will think she's flat all around and is just sad skinny fat with horrible body

also notice how with men no one goes around and says "oh he has no dick""he has no balls""he has no jaw""he has no biceps
sometimes they'll say he has no butt but only on extreme like actual fucking 180 degree flat butt situations where as women with round perky but small buts are considered to have no ass

No. 235237

And I hate how men combat these complaints with 'well I'm programmed that way, I can't help it if she is wearing a low cut top and I look'
Okay maybe you are, but maybe be more discreet in your fucking perving and have some self control and not continue staring after 3 seconds? Are you not embarrassed that you look like a neanderthal gawking like that for an extended time? It's similar to people who try and touch or stare for ages at people with coloured hair. I get that coloured hair draws the eye but glaring at it for more than a minute is fucking rude. Touching it is even worse!

No. 235238

this honestly
I work at a dance studio and as I was walking to work (in dancewear) a group of men stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD to stare at me, it was so fucking uncomfortable and made me nervous, I'd rather them just catcall and keep driving but holy shit it was creepy

who even thinks to do that

No. 235240

Same as how tall women are expected to have manly personalities and seen as less feminine or not real women while short women are desired more and seen as ideal mates and called endearing terms like pocket rocket ect.

I hate how people try and classify you as less of a woman or more of a woman depending on what body type or the size of those attributes.

The men that do this are the same ones that bawww that women only care about height yet are unaware they do the same thing.

No. 235241

That's fucking disgusting. You can't even come back from your hobby wearing the clothes you use to dance in without being stared at. Men will sexualise any outfit any profession.
Dancers/nurses whatever.
When do you see women cat calling firemen and telling them to show them their 'hoses'

They are just pigs with no self control.

No. 235242

File: 1521514270366.png (50.74 KB, 780x250, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.49…)

Literally just a video about a giant squid grabbing hold of a paddle board. This comment has 41 fucking thumbs up. I didn't even go looking for this shit, this is underneath one of the top comments.

People HATE women and I can't take it anymore.

No. 235244

Also I should clarify - the man wasn't really fighting for his life. He fell in the water for one second but it doesn't appear that he was in very much danger, the squid never grabbed his legs or anything.

No. 235247

is there any typically female profession that isn't sexualized?
cashiers are sexualized
receptionists/ secretaries
even lunch ladies are

No. 235248

meanwhile men are actually laughing at women actually dying and getting hurt

No. 235249

File: 1521514640142.png (30.83 KB, 477x192, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.57…)

Oh here's some more. What the fuck?

No. 235250

I'm so annoyed that dudes (a lot of incels have this mentality) that women complain too much about being hit on or objectified. They say we are lucky to receive compliments from strangers and have sex with whoever we want and they wish they were in our shoes. Do they not realise that a lot of women care about things other than sex or being perceived as sexually desirable? That maybe being seen as a hole to the male majority is fucking uncomfortable?

Why do they just think with their cocks?

No. 235251

Lol I'd have no problem with these posts if they were saying things like 'wow his gf should of helped him' or 'she sounds mean, why isn't she helping him?' But no, they use this video as an example that ALL WOMEN ARE HEARTLESS BITCHES AND THAT'S WHY SHE'S LAUGHING AT HIM.
Had it been a shark, i doubt she would have laughed.
Had it been a man laughing the worst comment would have been 'haha your brother/friend is an asshole' with NO negative comments about his gender. It's so retarded.

No. 235252

File: 1521514996827.jpg (172.13 KB, 720x959, 20180319_195407.jpg)

Holy fuck this is funny. Someone (obviously male) left this comment on a product page for a phone case. Yep, you're wishing rape on random people you don't even know but women are the nazis for buying a phone case. Totally checks out.

No. 235253

File: 1521515017730.png (13.49 KB, 410x211, how_it_works.png)

It's just like that fucking bridge collapse that happened in Florida recently. Before the bodies were even cold men on the internet were screeching that this is why women shouldn't be allowed on construction sites or in engineering!!1! Yet tons of male-built bridges and structures have failed, but we don't use that as an excuse to say that ALL men aren't capable of doing something.

Pic related. Every fucking time.

No. 235254

Even daycare workers. I remember one dad coming in to pick up his child, he was married. He kept asking my older sister if I was in today and kept telling her 'she is really pretty'. He would say this constantly.This creeped me the fuck out and how did my sister respond? With jealousy, stating he never mentioned SHE was pretty.

Another example of a woman brainwashed to believe her looks is her only redeeming feature.

I blame porn mostly for fetishising women in the workplace.

No. 235255

>That maybe being seen as a hole to the male majority is fucking uncomfortable?

It’s really this more than anything. Being found desireable is nice, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. It means I’m going to be some dude’s j/o fantasy, and that isn’t complimentary to me. It says, “I want to use your image for my own pleasure,” and then nothing more! There’s no reward in that for most women.

No. 235256

File: 1521515354414.png (72.76 KB, 745x405, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.0…)

Sorry to spam with this, but here's some more. The thing that bothers me is this is JUST a video about marine life interacting with humans. And even that turns into a woman-hate fest. Why? Why the fuck is everyone like this? It's so depressing.

There seriously isn't a man on Earth who doesn't fucking despise women. Hell, even some women are in the comments like "yeah women are dumb lol." It's just so fucking disheartening. No matter what we do, we're hated. For the most simple fucking shit. If it was a man laughing in the video there would either be no comments pointing that out or just comments about HIM and not women as a whole.

I mean look at the thumbs up on these. This isn't fucking /r/incels. This is normal internet.

No. 235257

Exactly! And guys think these compliments are valid and we are bitches for shrugging them or saying we are uncomfortable. Like maybe you like being sent texts/snaps telling you straight off the bat how how you are, but to women chatting to potential mates/hookups it becomes boring and repetitive.

No. 235259

Not to mention lazy. Even the ones that start the conversation with something other than how you look or a cheesy compliment, will eventually try and steer the convo towards sex. Like can we not just have normal conversations online and wait till we meet in person to see if we have sexual chemistry? Why so eager? It annoys me.

No. 235260

dump. him. NOW.

No. 235261

You are absolutely right but we shouldn't be complaining because at least it's eaay for women to get sex and according to men, sex is all that matters in the world apparently. These comments are retarded. I get the empathy of 'quit laughing and help him' but seriously to lump in all women and reeee about horrible women in the comments is fucking stupid.

No. 235262

I hate Joe Rogan but he recently had Heather Heying (who speaks a lot on this subject) and her husband Brett Weinstein on his show. The way they put it is that men have 2 ways of reproducing:

1. Finding a woman, investing in her long term
2. Finding a woman, impregnating her, abandoning her

Any time a strange guy makes a sexually explicit gesture, he’s essentially communicating number 2

No. 235263

Yeah, why should I feel complimented that some stranger wants to fuck me? They just saw me and liked how I looked, they don't even know me enough to truly like me as a person. They just like the idea of me, the fantasy. The second they realize I'm an actual person who wants to be treated with respect it will all come crashing down because I'm not their perfect fantasy. What's there to like about that?

No. 235264

Yeah I mean ONE woman laughed and now we're all dumb whores. Maybe she didn't understand how dangerous they were? Not everyone knows everything about squid, doesn't make them worthless or evil.

I just really am fed up with this shit. I don't see the point in continuing on in life if everything I do is going to be seen as bad and wrong just because I have a vagina. Like people, especially men, already have these preconceived ideas and even if you do something right they will find some way to discredit it and default back to you being a stupid whore who can't contribute anything.

I just hate being a woman so much. I wish I could go back to childhood when I didn't understand any of this and didn't realize how widespread this shit is. I feel like I was fed lies growing up about how the world is so much more accepting now, ~racism and sexism are over~, and women are seen as equal. It was fucking bullshit. And having that little veil ripped away from me when I saw the truth has been so unbearably painful and depressing. I've never felt more worthless and deserving of death. And for some shit I have no control over, either. Obviously if I could have chosen I would have been born a man.

No. 235265

Its tiring and depressing realizing how much men are ready and willing to say how much they hate us and think we're inferior at everything. Then blame us for speaking out against the hate or that we deserve rape and death for just existing. There's SuperShe Island off of Finland. No men + luxury retreat. It sounds too perfect

No. 235266

Anons are right. Dump this asshole. He'll only try and make you feel bad about more things in the future when you bring them up to him.
My ex was extremely abusive to me in this way. He would say or do really hurtful things and when I tried to tell him I didn't like it or my feelings were hurt, he would accuse me of being dramatic and claim I was putting on a show.

Assholes like this have nothing but selfish needs in mind and they all they want is a compliant gf with no mental disorders or problems because it means they would then have to be emotionally supportive and they don't want to put up with that, they simply want a fun loving hole that doesn't 'paint herself as a victim' He sounds like a selfish and immature sociopath if you ask me. Like even my current bf tells me that when I go through my mental breakdowns it wears him down emotionally, but he accepts me for who I am mental problems and all. He knows that I have helped him through his depression and we help each other through the shit.
Dump this asshole. The fact he told his friend is horrible. He's probably the type to show nudes or homemade sextapes of his girlfriend or wife to his friend too. Men like that have no respect for private relationships.

No. 235267

Oh man don't even get me started on Joe Rogan. He's so hypocritical and such a meathead. I used to really like his podcasts but he's so fucking sexist and unaware of it. He claims to like Rose (can't remember her last name but she's a female fighter) because she's 'just so cool and not like the otHer GiRls because she shaved her head and doesn't care what people think' but then I watched his podcast with her and it's obvious how much he's drooling over her and sucking up to her whilst her own boyfriend is there for the interview. No joke, he spends the first 10 minutes of the podcast talking about her clothing choice.
Watch it, it's cringey as fuck. I even pointed it out to my bf who loves Rogan and can be a bit weary of feminazis and even he agreed that Joe was being unintentionally creepy.
Also Joe posted a status about how women who hate children are cunts and how he dislikes those types of women (due to his belief that they programmed to be care givers) yet when heaps of people called him out on twitter, he backtracked and said women don't HAVE to be mothers blah blah blah and had some retarded backtracking save which made no sense.

It's difficult because my bf is such a big Joe Rogan fan,(we used to listen to his podcasts together) and I used to really enjoy his open mind and approach to interviews but now I'm convinced that he is still sexist as fuck. He also comments on how beautiful looking certain ufc female fighters are yet you never hear him go on about the attractiveness of the male fighters. Joe Rogan is a knob.

No. 235268

Sounds like any other male to me.

No. 235269

It's okay anon, there are plenty of women out there that feel exactly the same, but that's no reason to hate being a woman and not continuing on living. Try and be the best woman you can be and fuck what those asshole men say. You are more than a vagina on legs and and a real person with thoughts and feelings. I know it's a man's world and that shit sucks, but by giving in to the mentality that you'll never be happy for being a woman or that you want to die is the same mentality as those negative incel basement dwellers. 'All women hate me so I might as well die'
Prove the assholes wrong and don't become self pitying like the incels that blame women for all their problems. You can do it anon, I believe in you!!!

No. 235270

>You are more than a vagina on legs and and a real person with thoughts and feelings.
We can believe that all we want, but the issue is most of society does not see women that way. I appreciate the sentiment and advice, I really do, and four years ago maybe I could have laughed this off but now it seems like it's everywhere and it really starts to drag me down. It really seems to be getting worse.

I feel so terrible for younger girls who read this shit and internalize it. If I were 12 or 13 reading this it would have ruined me, I think. Even more than it does now. I probably would have just resigned myself to being some dude's fuck puppet and incubator when I grew up.

No. 235271

Incels think like that because not even once in their lives anybody thought they were attractive lol

For them it'd be like winning the lottery.

No. 235272

I know you all like to joke about it, but has anyone personally ever had a guy pull that "uwu you're so not like the girls~" shit on them? I'm reminded of some exchange that happened months ago when some guy basically said that I don't come across like other women because I'm not an attention whore (I have a distant and aloof personality.) He probably thought he was giving me a compliment but that immediately left a bad taste in my mouth. He used to hint towards wanting to get to know me more, but I always thought he was an idiot who I needed to keep my distance from and that comment basically sealed the deal for me.

No. 235273

Oh he definitely is just like any other male, He thinks he's empowering these female fighters and validating them with his comments when really he's sexist as fuck.

Same with Onision, tries to whiteknight feminism the last few years since Lainey became this gender bending freak and to score brownie points with women, yet doesn't realise how retarded he sounds when he constantly contradicts his words with sexist behaviour. Examples include making a video of him singing in a wig about domestic abuse (apparently supposed to help domestic abuse victims or raise awareness apparently) rating women on their looks, telling them they are fine without implants yet shames women that get them. Trying out sanitary women's products and claiming how 'gross' it feels even though his whole point was like 'whoah women endure this pain? Omg they are so strong and independent'

I hate males that try not to be sexist,but are completely sexist in their approach to not being sexist.
Fucking idiots.

No. 235275

File: 1521518574129.png (204.6 KB, 670x551, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.5…)

Yeah it's pretty pathetic. They're just so either willfully or purposefully ignorant. They think "empowering women" is telling them how much they want to fuck them and how much their beauty holds value to men.

An example is a recent review of the film Tomb Raider, in which the reviewer more or less said that the new Lara wasn't "empowering women" because she didn't have a stereotypically bombshell (male approved) body and could easily be mistaken for a man.

What men don't realize, and don't care to listen to, is that what will empower women will probably have little to nothing to do with their bodies. Most women don't just want to see a pair of tits flopping around on screen, they want to see well rounded female characters with actual complex development and personalities because we KNOW that women are like that. Men refuse to believe that women have any kind of meaningful internal monologue.

Joe Rogan telling some MMA fighter how hard his dick gets when he looks at her is not empowering her, and it has nothing to do with her work. He most likely knows that, but men literally refuse to view women in any other way. They get a kick out of belittling us and reducing us to holes. It's literally "well a MAN wants to fuck you, that should empower you because a MAN assigned that value to you. You're good enough for a man, congratulations!"

No. 235276

I've had blue hair for years sometimes purple and the amount of dates or just random guys complimemting me with 'I normally hate chicks with coloured hair but you really pull it off' or 'other girls look so trashy when they dye their hair but you look like a cute anime chick haha' PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. Like no! You don't get to insult every other woman with similar features but for me you'll 'make an allowance' They expect you to find this complimentary. I dont have any tattoos but i imagine girls with lots of tatts get the same treatment.

No. 235277

File: 1521518675069.png (148.14 KB, 1080x1305, 20180319_220252.png)

Faggot gets enough hate mail so I'll just post some quality wisdom.

No. 235278


No. 235279

Yes. I was at a party, was in a bit of a foul mood because I didn't wanna be there, so I didn't drink or dance. Two guys that liked me came up and sat on each side of me, bent over and loudly -so I could hear it- said to eachother ''she is like a price. She's not a slut like the other girls. If you get to have her you've made it'' and a lot of other stupid shit.

I also once experienced something which was exactly like Belle and Gaston.

No. 235281

File: 1521518981721.jpg (5.32 KB, 190x265, download.jpg)

what the fuck, with how they described her I expected some literal box, is THIS what people are calling flat and no curves nowadays?

why are people making it out to be ~faults of feminism~ characters get changed all the time, hell half the pretty little liars cast don't even have the same hair, eyes and skin color as who they're playing yet I don't see anyone screaming about it and making crazy conclusions that it's totally the evil feminists fault

then again women enjoy their shit without worrying if they can cum to the character or not

No. 235282

So should women just kill themselves, then? Really, what's your solution? You guys bitch about women so much but what do you actually want done here?

If you hate women that fucking much, consider going back to a board that isn't populated by women so you and other men can circlejerk about how all women are worthless whores. What are you getting out of posting this shit here, aside from making people who already feel like shit feel even more like shit?

No. 235283

yeah, I'm a bit of a quiet person, once had a guy say to me "I like you, you're nice and quiet, you're not like other women"

I'm a raging dyke but im also shy and then when we (the group) started cracking dick jokes and I made violent threats he backed away and settled for some random loud girl

I don't understand the obsession with quiet shy girls, whatever happened to wanting an interesting person with a colorful personality

No. 235284

I'm the non underwear wearing anon before. The date I refered to wear he shamed me from not wearing underwear was like this. Because he met me at a gaming nightclub weeb type event he seemed to fetishsise me as not being like the other girls. When I got his number i was in cosplay and after meeting up he suggested we have sex in cosplay another time. He also made the point of telling me that he was actually going to pick up a girl dressed as sailor jupiter but she got too drunk and was throwing up so he chose me.
Because I am shy sexually and have trouble opening up instead of taking the hint, he said 'haha you are so guarded it's cute' I'm 'guarded' because I'm nervous you creep. I started ghosting him after and he was like 'it's because you want me to take you on a proper date and not just fuck…isnt it?'

No. It's because you are a creep.

No. 235285

Because shy to them equals a girl with no confidence and easy to breakdown or more obtainable.
Or neckbeards think shy=more approachable and or less of a slut.
Loud more outgoing girls=stacies apparently.

No. 235286

Typo. Sorry I'm tired.

No. 235288

Wow. That article sounds like it's conveying the same points as the cow tits anon from earlier in the thread.

>lol durr feminism is important in movies. white knighting and virtue signalling

>lol durrrr only if I get to decide what body the female has. is unintentionally sexist anyway

No. 235290

What is this and why did you post it? I really want to agree with another anon that you are just a fucking idiot, but I'd like to give you a chance to explain what you mean by that post.

No. 235291

It's a dumbass male just hopping in to remind us how inferior and worthless we are, as if some of his brethren haven't already taken care of that task earlier this week.

I just want to know what their motivation is. Do they think that one day, they will post some shit like that and we will all be like "yeah lol ur totally rite women are worthless and we're all going to start deferring to men<3"

I mean come on. Just shitting up the thread on a weekly basis with their r9k approved script.

No. 235293

Not to mention they are just proving several anons right in this thread saying that they are a bunch of crybabies since there is little to no women defending themelves in the numerous sexist pig threads on 4chan/reddit ect, yet this one thread pops up here on an obscure message board and they HAVE to have an opinion. Not even good opinions or disagreements…just bait trash like this.

No. 235294

File: 1521520726659.png (34.62 KB, 1012x226, delusion.png)

this is what men actually believe

No. 235295

Holy shit stop calling women cow tits.

No. 235297

she said it once

No. 235298

Fucking lol.
This is such a retarded sexist guy thing to say. This guy is either salty because he's paying child support or alimony in a divorce, or is salty because he never gets laud and thinks women are gets a free pass from the world.

What a loser.

No. 235299

I used to not believe this but over time I've realized that's exactly right. Just look at how men react to JOKES about men. They freak the fuck out, after years of telling women "it's just a joke you feminazi bitch, don't be so stuck up!11"

They are extremely sensitive and their egos are unbelievably fragile. They can't stand it when anyone, especially women, doesn't bow before them and kiss their ass just because they're a MAN and society has told them that they are superior in everyday and are entitled to everything they want. Men that come in here know that literally everything in this thread is true, and they prove it even more when they come screeching about feeeemales and how we're all worthless whores. They don't care to change though, because they don't care, they just hate that women are finally starting to see through their bullshit and how they aren't as special as the world would have them believe.

I mean, women somehow deal with it when literally every single area of the internet devolves into misogynistic drivel, and they don't shit up every single redpill or mgtow board whining about what is being said. We take our complaints to our one little thread on an obscure board, but men can't handle this one little thread. They come here every few days and whine and bitch about how they can't get laid because everyone is inferior to them and women are all bitches.

No. 235300

It's from some incel's blog.
If you thought I actually thought it was wisdom you need to fuck off. Do I seriously need to add "/s" on an imageboard?

No. 235301

please tell me that this was on a mgtow video or something and that this comment didn't get 800+ thumbs up on a video about a woman getting a dude's drive thru order wrong or some simple shit.

No. 235303

I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude to women with bigger breasts at all, a few others called her that for her dumb arguments and because this is all anonymous, I didn't know how to refer to her post so people would know who I was talking about. Thinking now, I probably should have just linked her post. My apologies, but also other anon is right, it's not only me.

No. 235304

men today are just pissed that they cant just pump and dump a bitch with their kids and now theyre forced to take some fucking responsibility, and like all men do when they dont get what they want, they twist it to where it is actually oppressive to them

most people would think "ok I don't/can't get custody of kids, so I have to give a little money every month for child support of my own child sounds fair" to men they have to scream how courts are oppressing them and women are privileged and all other crazy bizarre shit that is easily proven wrong

No. 235305

it was "when english men come home from the military" or something like that, idk if it was mgtow I'll see if I can find it

No. 235306

Lol,that's why I asked you to explain if you were posting it for an example or if you were trolling. The other anon was the one who got immediately angry and tbh I don't really blame them for being so defensive since so many trolls and incels have been shitting up the thread. Don't get mad when you post a sexist image in a man hating thread with no context and don't even bother to write wisdom in quotations or italics so people know you are joking. Sarcasm is sometimes hard to pick up over the internet. Maybe you should fuck off if you can't see why people would be annoyed.

No. 235307

it was mgtow
also again with "men and females"
not that youtube comments of a regular video are much different

No. 235309

You really need to get a clue. This isn't reddit.

No. 235311

Man how are these videos getting 200k+ views? We really are fucked aren't we? Hating women is the new international pastime.

No. 235312

>"men and females"
Not even human huh. More and more with those terms as commonplace, women are just an inferior species to only hurt in their eyes.

Regarding military guys, why any woman would spend time with them is beyond me. Especially infantry.

No. 235313

Ummmm I need to get a clue? I was the one who asked you to elaborate on your post before even full on attacking you. 2 other anons immediately started attacking you due to confusion. This shows that it was not only I that didn't understand your post without context. Why are you so annoyed that some here would take the post at face value, especially given the previous sexist posters here earlier? It's an easy mistake to make. Why don't you just admit that you should have put some context rather than telling everyone they are dumb and to fuck off and get a clue because they didn't understand your random post? Sorrrry!

No. 235314

Thissssss military men are some of the worrrrrrst.

No. 235315

I can't stand that fox news put that stupid ' crazy Kathy' woman on to debate feminist issues. She always makes the worst points and makes feminists look dumb.
There was one instance where they were discussing the Aziz Ansari case and she kept saying 'but the girl gave non verbal cues'
Now, I don't agree about him being a rapist although creepy but her defences were fucking stupid. When the guy combatted her with 'then why did she stay still and accept it,why didn't she leave?' Kathy proceeded to fumble and go back to repeating 'but she gave non verbal cues!' What she SHOULD have mentioned is that some abuse victims or women in uncomfortable situations freeze up and are unable to remove themselves safely from the situation. This would have wiped the floor with Tucker's arguments. I am convinced she's actually a dumbass hired by fox to make feminists look dumb.

I know I sound like Alex Jones but I really am starting to think she's not a real feminist and purely a puppet for fox.

Either that or they really need to get a better woman debater.

No. 235316

For some reason I went down a rabbit hole reading about Abu Ghraib a few days ago. The things that the military personnel did there, both to prisoners and to their fellow soldiers, is fucking appalling and pure evil. Aside from all the degradation, rape, and abuse of the prisoners, I also read stories about American male soldiers raping American female soldiers and the coverups that happened. Apparently a few women died of dehydration in their sleep because they would stop drinking in the middle of the day so that they wouldn't have to go outside to urinate in the middle of the night and risk being raped. My Lai massacre is another example of the military just losing all concept of humanity and destroying everything and everyone they saw.

Sorry, I know this is only tangentially related but it's just fucking scary what people are capable of. The disregard for human life.

No. 235318

>Regarding military guys, why any woman would spend time with them is beyond me. Especially infantry.
military men are the worse, the world sucks their dick and they do nothing but play victim and have a MASSIVE sense of entitlement, they treat anyone and everyone around them like shit, even fucking cashiers and waiters, god I hate them so much

older ones tend to be more kind and gentle though, my grandpa was in the korean war and saw his friends die but doesn't act even comparable as obnoxious and entitled and as victim complex as younger military men do who most of the time don't even see actual fucking combat

No. 235319

One of my exes told me that if you join the Australian navy as a woman, you either become a slut or a major dyke. He showed me a video of a female in the navy having sex with a 2 navy men intoxicated while the other men in the room laughed and watched. I feel like the military breeds these sexist views and instills them in the men they are training up so not only are they incredibly sexist to their wives or women in general, but also the women that are meant to be their team or comrades. It's awful.

No. 235320

Yesss and to go back to snapchat and facebook creepers, they often mention they are in the military over and over again for validation when it's like dude…okay. You aren't fucking G.I Joe, I appreciate you defending your country but no it doesn't mean you are seen as a hero to women and doesn't entitle you to all the pussy you want. At the end of the day it's a job. Maybe grow a personality and stop mentioning you are in the army numerous times in the conversation and you might get somewhere.

No. 235322

my cousin left his wife and his kid for a thai prostitude he meant and now cries about how courts are sexist against men and how theyre milking him for child support and all he pays is 150 a month god I hate men

No. 235323

Fuck that's just so depressing. And honestly why I would never want to live or work in a male dominated environment. No man sees women as equals or gives a fuck about their wellbeing and will actively harm them if given the chance. It's pretty much guaranteed you'll be shit on and treated like subhuman trash. And then it will be covered up if you try to draw attention to it and change things. The story that I mentioned about the women dying of dehydration - one of their higher ups basically said "they wanted to be in the military, they can deal with what comes with the territory." But men don't treat other men like that on a large scale. That's just an excuse.

I feel lucky that my field is about an even split between the sexes.

No. 235325

What an asshole. That reminds me (because you said thai prostitute) about how against mail order brides I am. Financial arrangements where the rich guy is offering money for services or a companion is not as bad because they both get something out of it. However buying a wife from another country especially a poor one where she can't even speak your language angers me. These fat old white men buy tiny poor thai women half their age because they claim to be lonely. Yeah okay, why not go to a dating website in your own country and talk to the countless lonely women your own age?
No. Because you are a fucking control freak and want a childlike hole to cook and have your children. Who cares if she can't speak your language.
I had an argument about this with my extremely sexist father and his argument was 'These men are often giving these poor women a better life in a new country away from poverty'
A better life how, Dad? By making them suck their old wrinkly cocks and do their laundry? They want a sex slave. Not a wife.

If anyone has watched 90 day fiance,there are a few of these beta types that are ugly and or old and feel so entitled to be with these women. It actually makes my blood boil. Nothing but control freaks in my opinion.

No. 235327

I also watched a doco where it was talking about mail order brides and it was very biased. Showing the lonely ones that end up getting taken advantage of by young russian women scamming them. It really tried to paint them as lonely old guys just wanting a companion.
Sorry old boy, but I feel no compassion for a 60 year old fuckwit sending money over to russian to meet an 18 year old girl, especially when there are lots of nice older ladies their own age in their own country and they know they could never pull this own shit in their own country because an 18 year old wouldn't look twice at them.

No. 235328

Military definitely breeds sexism and cultivates it as just means of camaraderie among comrades. Its nothing to them to shit on and hate women.

Those guys intimidate and scare me overall. Not only do they see you as just a lesser human sex toy, but they've been trained to kill people with and without weapons.

No. 235329

File: 1521525177586.jpg (52.18 KB, 476x388, he doesnt deserve mercy.jpg)

I hope this guy gets kicked in the balls repeatedly
>Inb4 the salty incel return and starts crying about this post

No. 235330

Men don't take rape seriously because they fucking hate women. Period.

And this motherfucker proves it.

No. 235332

Men don't take rape seriously because are desperate,they think with their dicks and see being creeped on as a privilege and can't understand why a girl wouldn't have sex with them and have standards or actually want a relationship unlike them who will fuck anything with a vagina. I've heard of guys boasting that they fucked an ugly or fat chick before.

No. 235333

File: 1521525802209.jpg (207.73 KB, 487x1915, hypocrites.jpg)

As I was reading your post I came across this.

Not exactly the same sentiment but I feel related.

No. 235334

Oh samefag but another thing he told me was that the navy boys often play a game called Pig Hunters. Basically they all put money in a hat and go out to pubs and clubs drinking. They all pick a realllly ugly or overweight girl and all start to hit on her or shower her in affection. The one that succeeds in fucking her,wins all the money in the hat.
Needless to say, I was horrified.

No. 235335

Yeah I feel this hard. I wish I had the courage to actually ask my own father these things. He constantly tells me how all women are whores and disparages women in front of me, saying they're only good for sex and cooking. Yet he has always encouraged me to get an education, tells me how smart and capable I am, and how he's so proud of me and all that shit.

WHY? How can you say that all women are worthless and yet somehow I'm different? How the fuck can you compartmentalize women as either fuckholes or actual human beings? So he either also thinks about me that way and is just going through the motions of being a supportive father, or men are literally incapable of feeling empathy for women who have no relation to themselves. Those women don't "belong" to them and they aren't an extension of them so they mean nothing.

It's so infinitely depressing and honestly suicide fuel.

No. 235336

Oh my god. This is so true.
One of the guys in 90 day fiance trys it with a thai girl even younger than his own daughter yet he gets mad when she plays with the car window or does things a girl her age would do.
I'm sure he wouldn't like it if his precious offspring started hooking up or fucking men his age but he's allowed to do it to other young women. Bunch of hypocrites the lot of them.

No. 235337

My dad is the same.
Says sexist things, cheated on my mum while pregnant, continues to justify his sexism, but wants 'the best for me'
Got extremely defensive when I became a stripper for a few months at 18 because I'm too delicate and the industry would 'eat me up', yet in the same sentence says he knows a few skimpy barmaids that are more equipped for the job because they are able to get through college and aren't emotionally unstable like me to deal with this type of work short term. Oh yeah? And HOW do you know these barmaids dad? Hmmmm?

No. 235338

It's interesting, because the same men who think rape is no big deal are the same sort of autists who think women should remain pure virgins until marriage and think sluts are the scum of the earth. They can't see beyond their own selfish desires (for sex with anyone and everyone they want, and also for a innocent waifu) to see the value they place on female sexuality being somewhat mirrored in women's own value of their bodily autonomy. Not that men give a fuck about our autonomy, but the different motivations have the same result of less sexual partners.

No. 235339

Anon….I'm just really sorry. Sorry that your dad is like that too.

I don't really know what to say, but I just completely understand. It's been so hard coming to terms with…the way he is and trying to reconcile that with the fact that he IS my father and he's a good father, all misogyny aside. And I love him and I looked up to him when I was a kid. And we used to be close….but now I feel like I can't talk to him at all. We'll never be close again because I just can't get the shit he's said to me out of my head and I can't confront him about it and explain the way it's affected me. It hurts so fucking bad because I wish I could go back to a time when I didn't know how he really felt, I didn't know how any man really felt or how much the world hated women, and everything seemed fine and I thought I was going to be fine.

I hope you are okay and it isn't fucking you up too much. If you haven't moved out already, just know that it does get easier once you do and you spend less time around him.

No. 235340

File: 1521527528151.jpg (32.14 KB, 500x541, kitten hug.jpg)

Anon I have no words…just really sorry you have to put up with that shit.

No. 235342

Also there are 5 boys and 3 girls in the family. He still beleives the 2 that are in jail will turn their life around. He favours the second youngest and gets him a job and basically takes his side in everything. The oldest girl in the family, he wishes she'd marry a lawyer or something, the youngest girl although she bought her own home and is the most financially well off in the family, he gives no shits about, only likes me because he claims I'm one of the most intelligent in the family yet constantly knocks anything I do because I'm 'not strong enough' and one minor argument with my bf, claims i need to find another guy that will 'look after me'
He also dislikes the youngest brother for having feminine traits and claims 'even though the first 3 older boys are in trouble with the law, at least they didnt answer back and had respet' by this he's referring to the fact he used to beat us all and we never answered back due to fear,but due to the giant age gaps in our siblings and knowing these days he can't beat the younger onea like he used to beat us or he'll get in trouble, he blames my younger brother for simply asking questions or challenging his points. As an older sister, I loathe the day my youngest brother possibly comes out of the closet because I can totally see my dad saying its nothing but a phase and getting mad at him. I will have a spare bedroom waiting for him at my house where he doesnt have to live with that fucking sexist macho nazi.

Sorry for the giant sperg. Major dad issues due to my father being a chauvanistic pig.

No. 235343

SAME! I'm also conflicted because I love him even though he has fucked up views. I want to distance myself but also get scared because he is mid 60s and I am scared of him dying. Thanks for your kind words, I wish you all the best too.

No. 235344

File: 1521527840057.jpg (69.86 KB, 600x400, india abuse campaign.jpg)

Can talk from personal experience, its apparently called the virgin/whore complex. Some men can only see women as either "mother to my child" figure aka virgin, or the whore, a woman whos not human but just there to be used. Its rife in my community where they even take dust from prostitute houses to use in praying to one of the goddesses for apparently good sexual luck but still look down on the prostitutes themselves.

No. 235345

File: 1521527977402.jpg (30.56 KB, 260x321, 51vNzfLATSL._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

No you let it out, I feel we need one of these for shitty dads.

No. 235347

Madonna/whore complex is absolutely a thing, but I don't think it really applies in this case. They're not thinking of the woman getting raped as a whore, they're just thinking she shouldn't care because no big deal, it's just sex and it's not that bad even when you don't want it right?? They're focused more on protecting male rapists and shutting victims up than vilifying women who get raped, which is why they're suddenly so chill about women taking dick when usually it sends them into fits of rage.

No. 235348

It's like the virgin whore thing not only applies to their wives but also their daughters.
It's quite narcissistic of men really. ALL Women are subhuman fucktoys…UNLESSS IT'S MY DAUGHTER! WHICH COMES FROM MEEEEE AND MMMYYYY DNA. Then they act like neanderthals who must protect their daughters from having sex or doing anything because it's their property. Same goes for weird older brothers that claim they are being overprotective of their little sisters but it's just them being territorial animals.
Blogpost but my brother had this additude. He would play women and cheat all the time yet if we ever went clubbing he would drag me away from anyone I chatted to or danced with and got angry. Last time I saw him (hadn't seen him in years) he asked if I had a new boyfriend in a mocking tone. I told him I had and he semi slut shamed me by saying 'have i met THIS one or is he a new one?' Implying I'm a slut for having a few boyfriends even though they were long term. Even if I did fuck around…I'm an adult and allowed to make decisions. Notice he never harrassed my younger brother about this shit. Always me.
Reminds of how Tony Montana treated his little sister in scarface. Like his property.

TLDR- Fathers and brothers are sexist pigs just like the men they set out to protect their daughters/sisters from and don't even realise it.

No. 235364

I know exactly who you're talking about, and no doubt they put her on to make liberals/feminists seem stupid and at the same time they get to claim to show a balanced view. Have you seen the one where she defends the transracial transwomen? Insipid.

No. 235371

Yes!!!! Or the one where she tries to say it's natural for men to breast feed even though they can't. She just keeps uttering it's natural…but it's natural. She's an idiot and a puppet for fox new's agenda.

No. 235373

The fact that they nickname her 'crazy Kathy' before they even start the interview is very telling that she is not to be taken seriously and that they are extremely bias and pushing their agenda. Like, yeah, she's a fucking idiot but calling her that in numerous interviews just shows that fox news is in no way 'balanced' or unbias like they claim. Not to mention it's pretty unprofessional of Tucker Carlson to refer to her as crazy.

No. 235376

Cathy is so out of touch and a literal caricature of a stereotypical brainless feminazi extremist and not a fair example of a true feminist. Sometimes I think she's actually an actor paid by fox. She bumbles and loses in every debate and she always makes the worse points. It would be interesting to see if her credentials and education she claims is actually on record. I originally found her through some clickbaity video on the side saying 'dumb feminist gets owned' or someshit. I was convinced she was an actress after the second or third debate with her. I noticed her character makes outrageous claims that get worse and worse every episode, making me think that fox is reallly trying to up the crazy feminists are evil game.

No. 235390

Do you have the video/documentary this is from?

No. 235399

Men have these ideas since a country is filled with misogyny then the women there must be perfect and right? And they also fetishize asian countries for having lack of feminism so women there must cook and clean and shit right? Then they cry when they're disappointed

Dont they bitch about western women cheating despite the cheating rate in thailand to be the highest in the world and America is one of the lowest? Then they try to "prove"its better but cant since most women there are feminists and not silent subservant waifus like they want them to be, so all they resort to is claiming its better because they get laid easier but forget the fact its because they have lower standards and also actually TRY to get women, where as in America they just expected beautiful women to show up to their doorstep and cried because 1 or 2 relationships didn't work out so give up and scream about "entitled western hoes!!!" Because of this

No. 235400

I wonder why most straight men hate women so much. I don't think I have ever met a straight man who didn't have animosity towards women. They only man I've ever met who didn't hate women is my brother and he's gay.

No. 235402

Incels don't realize that alimony and child support are there to protect women and their kids. Let's be real here, most men who leave their wife would leave their kids too and never see them again. My father left and didn't see me for 19 years, if not for child support we would have never gotten anything from him and he wasn't a dead beat either…he is college educated with a masters degree.

Also, a lot of men do get fucked over in divorce but that's usually because they marry someone who is an obvious gold digger. They marry some hot 18 year old then act surprised when she scams them for everything they have.

No. 235405

>implying that a man having to pay money he prospectively agreed to pay when he got married means he's getting fucked over
>refusing to hold men accountable for their decisions

He took the risk of losing some of his assets when he got married. You never know if you can trust anyone so marriage is always a gamble.

No. 235407

there are scam artists out there looking for a check. Sexy young gold diggers who are looking for a meal ticket, men marry these women and then act shocked that all they wanted was their money. They should have married a woman their own age instead of just marrying someone for being hot.

No. 235415

File: 1521550478628.jpg (2.09 MB, 3400x2000, 13-50-56-a7cc9d9cdce2699ac1349…)

No. 235417

agreed, at least men back then understood what child support is for, now men today have this insane amount of victim complex and act like they're being run over just for having to pay for their own fucking child and not just up and leave their family

like what >>235322 said
it's men crying oppression because they can't get freebies anymore, every single country has this except for ones with sharia law, yes even thailand and japan which they fetishize to hell and back has this
they are literally worse than feminists, the ones that claim who cry because they don't get free stuff except they're more widespread and almost all mgtows do this where as they probably can't even find one feminist that did this

there's a reason for this, people are being irresponsible with marriage nowadays, like in the 50s where men can just walk off when they see the next cute young girl and throw their wife out, or getting drunk and getting married to whoever you met in a bar, men who find some foreign girl and marry here then when she learns english the marriage falls apart and they divorce, hell I even knew a guy who cried about his marriage falling apart and when people asked why he married her he said "she liked anal and was cute" I think it's good marriage has risks, it should be a lesson to most people that they should be responsible and smart about who they're marrying

also if someone if being mature about divorce they don't have to risk losing "HALF THE THINGS THEY OWN!!!", just agree on what is his is his and what's hers is hers
>They should have married a woman their own age instead of just marrying someone for being hot.
I don't feel bad for them, if they marry someone solely for being hot or a dumb stereotype about them they deserve to be cheated on and divorced, they have it coming to them

No. 235418

Part of the reason the whole "pure young virgin mother to my child" thing is shit anyway is that even if guys marry or get with someone with no previous sexual partners, they'll just get bored and cheat anyway. Despite being obsessed with virginity they can't stand when virgins don't automatically turn into hypersexual porn stars in bed. They feel "trapped" unless they go bang some of those sexually experienced women they're always dehumanizing.

Dudes actually want to get with women with no sexual experience who magically become a slave to their dick and do every degrading thing women in porn do, and don't even see why that's unreasonable.

No. 235419

men think they can have whatever they want because they're spoilt little brats

notice how you'll only see this behavior from men and never from women but it's apparently women who have unrealistic expectations from their partners because fat club thots like tall guys and that somehow proves how "IT'S SO HARD TO BE A MAN YOU HAVE TO BE RICH WHITE FIT CHAD TO GET AN UGLY CHICK!!! YOU WESTERN BITCHES ARE ENTITLED!!!"

most women looking for real relationships couldn't give less of a shit if you reach 6 foot or not but men love going out of their way and desperately twisting anything and everything they can to play victim and prove how o so hard the most privileged fucking group to walk the planet have it

No. 235425


The only straight man I've ever met that was respectful would be my stepfather of the past six years. He's always been loyal to my mother and empathetic and understanding regarding emotional issues she and I experience. He still has that compulsory masculinity thing at times, but not to an alarming degree.

I wouldn't say this makes me any more optimistic about men, though. All others I've met have been shit in some way, ranging from tolerable to horrifying. My own bio dad was a sociopathic rapist and woman batterer. And honestly, were my stepfather of my generation I feel he'd be tempted by redpill bullshit at some point.

I really hope to crack the code of somewhat empathetic men someday. I agree with other girls in these threads that it has to do with female friendships when young, if girls are humanized to them early in life it's more likely to stick.

No. 235426

Damn Indian soaps are some highbrow shit

No. 235441

The disconnect these people have is insane.

If women were as sensitive as they are, we'd be called whiny bitches or feminazis or sluts. We ask for simple things like "hey don't harrass us on the street" and it's extreme, but they write comments like this and it's fine.

And it's a fucking phone case! I'd rather someone made a jokey phone case at my expensive than someone wished rape on me.

No. 235445

I've actually seen men accuse guys who shower and get haircuts of being Chads. Clearly, women's standards are unattainable.

But if that's their logic I must be a Hot Stacy just for showering and wearing decent clothes. Where's my army of Chads? Surely their worldview isn't uneralistic, biased or driven by emotions and selfishness like a WOMAN. /s

No. 235447

YUP. I consider it a red flag at this point because every guy who has ever said it to me was trash. It's on my list right next to "all my exes were crazy".

I just respond, "what's wrong with other girls?" and then mentally make a note of the moment.

Healthy, stable, normal, nice guys realise that women are all different and that "other girls" should not be used as an insult.

No. 235449

There was a news story a bit ago about pigging. A girl met a guy during the terror attacks in Barcelona, went to meet him in Amsterdam at a later date and just got a text that said "you've been pigged".

No. 235454

that humble bragging anon lol

No. 235459

I'm honestly not. I know I'm not special or different at all for having coloured hair, just pointing out that it attracts weirdos and weebs. And more than one male has claimed they don't normally like coloured hair but they like mine. I'm aware that they are just saying it to get in my pants, I was just agreeing with anon asking if anyone else had experience with guys that do the whole 'not like the other girls' and compare you to other women or say that they'll make an allowance for their preferred dating taste because 'you pull it off' I honestly have heard the anime thing, I wasn't wearing weeb clothes ot anything, it was a cringey compliment. I am aware how it seems kiki or vicky level 'you look like anime princess'level humble brag, but I promise it really wasn't. That's really how corny their lines were. Apart from the coloured hair, I don't wear anime themed anything.

No. 235460

Honestly, we are too forgiving. It's time to leave and upvote our own comments on how modern men are all useless dickbags. Tips on comments that destroy a man's ego?

No. 235461

Sorry if my original post seemed like I was boasting about men throwing themselves at me,I really didn't mean to come across so up myself. I reread it and feel a bit silly.

No. 235465

Gold digger relationships always looked to me like a trade between two equally shallow human beings. She gets the money and the ugly rich old guy gets to fuck a young attractive woman. Do the men in these relationships actually expect these women to love them for who they are, when at the same time they just want some young hot chick to stick their dick in? Are they really that oblivious?

>I've actually seen men accuse guys who shower and get haircuts of being Chads.
Yeah, outlandish shit like that is what makes me think that their problem isn't really with women at its core but their mental illness/depression. Well, when it comes to the NEET-ish incel types anyway. They just love to pin everything on other people (mostly women) without taking any responsibility for their current state of being.
Showering and personal hygiene is a standard rule of social decorum that everyone more or less is expected to adhere to. No one is going to want to be around you, much less fuck you if you smell like shit from not showering for weeks.

No. 235467


You could literally say anything and their fragile egos would shrivel up and die. Like their tiny dicks that only receive any type of moisture from their sweaty palms and mom's lotion.

No. 235470

Say anything about their penis size or how much they earn because sex and money is all they care about and an insult to either or both is an instant blow to their egos.

No. 235482

>someone who had been molested under pool water by a pedophile
I had my pre-puberty chest rubbed under pool water by the swim instructor at a YMCA with a big child population. He did it very casually, when he was teaching me to swim that I didn't really realize what was happening. I still wouldn't call it being "actually molested" because the culture around that stuff here is ridiculous.

America really is casually pedo and idk where it comes from or how to stop/prevent it if the person has no record.

No. 235487

No. 235492

Yeah, I also got a "you were cool for an 18 year old" by some older guy I dated at that age. We were long past broken up when he said that to me and it just made me cringe lol. I was exactly like other 18 year olds, dumb and naive.

the ex who said "you're not like the other girls" to me was exactly like other geeky nerd boys it was pretty painful to listen to lol. he also projected some image of what he wanted/thought I was onto me, that he actually started insulting that projection when I dumped him. which was fucking hilarious since he was pretty off the mark and therefore not actually insulting me.

No. 235493

Because in their brain shy=submissive, non threatening and more attainable.

Can confirm, military men are the worst. A friend of mine lived in a small town, near a military base. There was a curfew for women in the town, because from around 7-8 pm until all night long the military guys were around running wild. They were extremely loud, harrassed every woman and "picked up" drunk girls from bars to fuck (aka rape) them.
During the day the ones who were around formed groups and spent their time catcalling.
There was also an incident in my country where a military guy (under the eyes of his two partners in crime-buddies) raped a girl with a pipe and left her outside, under the snow, in the back of the bar, while she was unconscious and bleeding. The one who did it only got 8 years of jail.

No. 235496

I agree with >>235487 it's not new. It's just that now they have a 'excuse' cause now women all over the world are angry, useless, feminist sluts that get abortion everytime we have sex and use men for sex.

No. 235497

money* not sex lelel

No. 235498

Did anyone else see that askreddit post from 2-3 days ago directed at women who got bad reactions from men after they rejected them?

I remember there were some men in the comments who were unironically blubbering about how getting rejected is somehow just as bad as getting fucking assaulted.

No. 235499

we can't even use men for money anymore since they're not the ones making it

No. 235501

Yes plenty of stalking, beating, men having creepy meltdown, raping or attempting to rape them, one of them even said her sister was murdered by a man she rejected!

No. 235507

Lmao this. I'm in my early 20s/just out of college so this may change in the future, and it's just anecdotal anyway, but every girl I know makes more money than her boyfriend. There is only one couple I'm friends with where the man makes more. But I never see those men getting called golddiggers or lazy parasites, and quite a few of them literally sit on their ass all day and don't apply themselves.

No. 235509

I lied to my boyfriend about how much I make to protect his ego tbh, I make 40/hr and he makes a few dollars above min wag, I know he's a bit insecure about it but doesn't wanna admit it, I kinda pick it up off of him anytime I try to talk to him about advancing my career, like when I try to talk about college and uni he always tells me how worried he is about me, then almost any job I've ever gotten he complained about and bombarded me with questions

I try to help him out in advancing his career but he always makes excuses however he is considering going to uni, I hope he does because we both want kids and whatnot and I don't really trust throwing my kids over at a nanny or something and want to raise them, he doesn't understand that in todays economy it's impossible for one person to support a family without a degree

I think women today are more motivated and realistic, men tend to just expect good things to happen to them without even lifting a finger, then later cry about it because while they were in their boxers playing xbox and eating pizza, women were studying and going to college and getting internships, hell men even cry about women scholarships but don't realize there's scholarships for fucking EVERYTHING, I got a scholarship for my italian heritage but no one cried oppression and racism for it, there's even scholarships for people who have blue eyes

>But I never see those men getting called golddiggers or lazy parasites, and quite a few of them literally sit on their ass all day and don't apply themselves.

because as I said before men love going out of their way to play victim, and women are actually smart and don't assume the worst if one partner is supporting the other, maybe he's sick and can't work? maybe he has a learning or social issue? maybe he's trying but just need extra time? where as men will just see men buy or support a woman and they'll screech gold digger, they probably think if women are supporting men then it's needed because they have it in their minds women have stole millions from men throughout the centuries, next thing you know men will be demanding women to give them money for "PAYBACK FOR ALL THE MONEY YOU BITCHES STOLE FROM US!!!"
they're spoilt, lazy and only want freebies

No. 235511

I have used dating sites with blonde and dyed hair and get basically the same reaction with either.

Going on a date though and the guy tends to tell his friends he's meeting a girl with unusual_color_hair and might talk about it>>235276

I got the same kinda messages

Additional note: Guys on dating sites with dyed hair are all polygamous or reformed escorts?? I want a dyed hair lad that is not either

Slight ot but yeah they are not humblebrags, just general messages/reactions you might get

No. 235513

He sounds more like a dumb brother than a boyfriend you could have kids with…

No. 235515

I feel this on a spiritual level

No. 235517

>I make 40/hr and he makes a few dollars above min wag,

You earn more than 4x his wage…
This really seems the case even for older folk. Someone (mid thirties) I follow online split with her boyfriend after 6 years. For the past 2 years she was paying for everything, cooking, cleaning and full rent of 3-5k a month. Do guys just think we're suckers? Should anyone pay 100,000+ for 2 years of "love"?

No. 235541

File: 1521574384595.png (268.71 KB, 500x451, avfm cap.png)

Just more proof the MRM is not about helping men but just hating women.

No. 235545

My question is…how can men project so much and pretty much rewrite history? If you read MGTOW talking points, they always say how women are the ones who are insatiable sexually and violent. Women are the ones who go crazy when they can't get laid. Women are the ones who love to cause harm and watch people suffer.

Sure, there are women like this. Plenty. But overall, the majority of violence is committed by men. Most sadistic serial killers and criminals have been men. Men have gone on shooting sprees and blame it on not being able to get laid. Men are more likely to leave a sick partner, but they say that it's women who simply use men and can't feel love at all. They say that men are the peaceful, loving sex when historically men have raped, abused, and subjugated women and murdered other men. Men form entire identities and communities based on how they DEFINITELY DON'T NEED OR WANT WOMEN GUYS. NOT AT ALL. WE JUST TALK ABOUT THEM ALL THE TIME.

These are just a few examples. But have you guys noticed stuff like this? Men will literally project a behavior that is most common in men and say that women are actually the ones that do it. Not to mention they find any way they can to blame a man's actions on a woman.

It's just weird. Like walking into the fucking twilight zone.

No. 235546

Paul Elam is the literal devil. He's fucking sick in the head.

No. 235549

File: 1521575148973.png (24.74 KB, 876x65, Capture d’écran 2018-03-20 à…)

This thread on MGTOW titled "what shocked you most about women" is full of people attributing literally every shitty things about men to women.
Pic related is top comment.

No. 235550

No. 235559

whats with mgtows ideas that women always lie about rape? I swear there's not even one rape or abuse case that women can have without men screaming liar yet people will jump and baby men who claim to be raped and abused without even a hint of evidence

the only time men will believe a female who speaks about getting is if she's a literal child, then again men have accused 12 yr old girls of lying before so who knows

No. 235561

File: 1521578599072.jpeg (59.78 KB, 640x187, 6C7B849A-99AA-46D8-AFD1-19A8E9…)

The irony is strong with this one.

No. 235562

It's because men divide themselves into two different groups, the bad boys who get all the love and sex from all women and the good guys who don't get anything. This way they can see women are enablers of bad men while they remain victims.

No. 235563

men are the biggest projectors on the planet lmao, I always hated living with men for this reason

once knew a guy who lied about everything and anything, he will makeup bullshit stories that come to mind for no reason either, like I could mention a technology or something and he will make some bullshit story about how "oh me and so and so made it before" then ill later find out it wasnt true, he will make bs stories and eventually when everyone caught onto his shit and stopped falling for the "everyone is a liar except for him" shit he was called out
this kid could barely even hold convos without accusing people of lying, I could literally just talk about a street in a city and then he'll start accusing me of lying that the street even exists and makes snarky comments for 10 minutes straight about how he will "Fact check" me on that, even when talking about an autistic kid he asked me how I knew the kid was autistic and I said the kid told me, then he started accusing the kid of lying to me, biggest projector ever

then men who cheat are batshit paranoid about women cheating, it's insane, I once dated a guy who accused me of cheating on him because I fell asleep for 30 minutes…like yeah that makes sense, men are crazy and you can ALWAYS tell a lot about a guy about how much he projects

No. 235566

I have a relative who recently dumped the girl he was dating because he found out she had casual sex in the past. He said she wasn't worthy of a man like him because she gave herself away "cheaply" to other men. He said she didn't respect herself so he couldn't respect her either and he would be ashamed to be in a proper relationship with her.
He's mostly a monogamous guy but he had casual sex a few times as well, but of course when it comes to himself his casual sex doesn't matter.

Now he started dating another girl who's more of what he wants and never had casual sex. He's still a bit upset because she's not a complete virgin, but at least he doesn't treat her like his ex, at least not yet. His ex is still heartbroken, she was a good girlfriend and loved him.

No. 235569

Men hold women to standards that they themselves refuse to meet. But everything is okay when a man does it. When a woman does it, she's a useless whore who deserves nothing but suffering.

The funniest part is that when a woman DARES to have standards for men, the men who don't meet those standards scream and cry about how unfair and entitled she is and how dare a roastie whore be choosy when it comes to men. Even men who have nothing to offer still expect to get everything that they want because they 'deserve' it.

No. 235570

This is why men dont deserve us

Whats with men thinking we disrespect ourself if we "give ourselves away" to men? Does it ever occur to them women enjoy sex and desire it to just like they do but magically when women do it they disrespect thenselves? Or is this just another arbitrary rule they made up to shit on women fo

No. 235571

Fuck i've never seen an image so true

No. 235572

Some mra's argue that children can consent to sex and that "evil feminists" are stopping them fucking kids because they are jealous, not because they think kids should have a childhood and not be raped by disgusting pathetic old men.

No. 235573

Oh its annoying I saw a post but can't find it now, written by a brony saying that women don't like sex because its "in their nature" and that rape isnt such a bad thing because, as women dont like sex, its the only way to keep the population going.

I know bronies are dumb but the way he put it like hes so smug that hes apparently knows female sexuality but not things like mlp isnt real it just blows my mind.

No. 235575

>When a woman does it, she's a useless whore who deserves nothing but suffering.
And he didn't just dump her and move on, he went out of his way to make her suffer. He still feels joy when he hears she's still hurting. In his mind she deserves endless suffering for her past.

No. 235578

File: 1521580974293.jpg (165.35 KB, 496x886, mlady.jpg)

I know this is old but I wanted to lighten the mood a bit although it still shows how fucking thin skinned men are.

No. 235580

I begun hanging out on 4chan when i was 13 and im more man hating than ever. But you're probably right on a general basis.

No. 235590

File: 1521584376574.png (44.13 KB, 720x288, 20180320_191845.png)

No. 235610

I know it was brought up on here yesterday, but today was in a group discussion in class, and a guy said that slapping and choking during sex don't really count as "kinky" cause mostly everyone does them. Like slapping people (women) around during sex is just that normalized.

No. 235617

People dont even consider bondage kinky
Oh you like having the shit beat out of you? Well youre boring because everyone wants it you must like getting stabbed

Soon sex will just be men beating the shit out of women and nothing else and if you don't enjoy it youre a boring prude and will get cheated because he cant get off without almost killing women

No. 235629

nayrt but same, however i think not being aware of 4chan at all and being a dumb sarcasm and wine normie would be an even bigger blessing

No. 235639

The best thing you can do is know that just living your life happily proves these assholes wrong every second of the day. Remember that they are all just speaking shit, they say whatever they need to to make themselves feel better. Nothing they say about women is true, nothing. It's all lies because they feel so shitty about themselves, being happy and ignoring them is what makes them crazy and want to kill themselves in the first place because they hate themselves and women don't give a shit about what they think. They're only bitter because of what they're missing out on with a good, healthy, happy relationship with a woman. Don't give them what they want. Being a woman is great because we have so much more than men, so much more love, emotional depth, beauty, the ability to give life, so many things.

Don't let their butthurt pussyboy lashing out make you feel bad about yourself. If they even genuinely believe what they say it's because they've brainwashed themselves and fuck them anyway. Let them die alone and miserable while you have a great life. Never forget that there are men out there that aren't complete garbage and if you have a son don't let him become one of these shits.

No. 235645

I was talking with an older male relative who is such an annoying fucking liberal, I mean, just liberal to the extreme, too much I can't stand to talk to him sometimes because everything ends up political and he just blindly believes everything liberal media tells him on everything, and keep in mind I'm not even conservative or anything, he's just over the top and it's obnoxious.

Even this hippie faggot thinks rape cases are bullshit and women are lying. We were talking about the Harvey Weinstein thing when it was going on, and I was saying how it was crazy and sad the sheer number of women that were coming forward was so sad, but hopefully it will get some scum out of power and change things. This bastard has to have a counter argument and says, with the most smug look on his face "Yeah, well, it can definitely be a problem because who knows how many are lying just to get their names out there." Like he was a fucking genius or something for thinking such a thing. I respond "So you think it shouldn't be taken seriously because some women could be lying?" He says "I'm just saying that there could be men who didn't really exploit them, or they agreed at the time and now want to say they were."

All I could really say was something along the lines of "I really wish women could come forward about rape and sexual abuse without men immediately assuming they're lying. Men can rape and abuse women all they want as long as other men back them up instead of giving a shit about the victim." He didn't really respond just "Well, you know, yeah."

Seriously, men are so fucking self-centered they can't sympathize with a rape victim without thinking about themselves first. They are so holier-than-thou that they couldn't have done anything bad, they have to be the victims in the situation at all times. It's fucking insane.

No. 235649

it sometimes feel like men think rape against grown women doesn't even exist or can't happen without the woman being at blame

No. 235650

True, but I bet even if Dan Schnider (however the fuck its spelled) ever finally got called out for raping or sexually abusing the teen girls from his shows men would still turn it around on the girls no matter how young they are.

No. 235651

even fucking babies, I remember when the rape case of the infant popped up men blamed the mom for leaving the baby with the uncle

it's always the womens fault never mens

No. 235652

Babies. I really need to stop thinking men can get any lower.

No. 235653

>Never forget that there are men out there that aren't complete garbage
But where? Even the men who seem nice at first will end up spewing some misogynistic bullshit eventually and usually hiding behind it being ~ironic.~

I recently become more involved in leftist circles, and at the first the men in them seemed so good and refreshing and seemed to see women as equals. But then overtime you start to notice based on the way they react to certain issues and talk about women, that they aren't any different than any other dickwad man, they are just cunning enough to put up a front because it is good for their politics. It was extremely depressing to realize.

I know some men who I would consider 'good men.' But even they hate women.

No. 235655

I'm sorry but I can't tell you where. I can just say I know guys as friends, relatives, and co-workers that aren't complete scum and treat their girlfriend or wives well and genuinely love them. At least as much as a man can.

Hate is also a strong word, there are guys who aren't misogynists, they just have sexist shit programmed into their stupid fucking brains and you have to put your foot down and tell them you won't take any of that bullshit and that you run shit, and if they have a problem with that you go. Let them know that you don't need them and if they have a problem with that, they're not worth your time anyway. If he's afraid of a strong woman, he's never worth it. I think you have to break a mans mindset that he's the boss before you can have a good relationship. Some of the marriages I've seen actually work are those where the man obeys his wife and lets her be in charge, and does what he's told.

No. 235661

>some mysogynistic bullshit
>all men are garbage
it sounds kind of the same you know? Like no one probably would say that you're a misandrist monster because you wrote that. but when you heard men say something probably equivalent, you decided all men hate women. Do they hate women or do they just vent sometimes exactly like this

No. 235663

again with the "you're all just incels in reverse!"
I agree that misandry is bad but keep in mind most women have reasons to hate men as in being abused and raped, men will get cheated on in 6th grade and run huge hate blogs and run around screaming how they wanna rape all women for it

No. 235668

They 'vent' on like, a hundred different websites, have tons of youtube channels dedicated to talking shit about women, threads on reddit on female stupidity, how to manipulate women, how to gaslight them, youtube videos on nothing to do with feminisim or women have men casually throwing out 'dumb cunts', use language towards women like 'worthless holes' 'whores/sluts/cunts/etc.', love to look at picutres of girls and tear down their self-esteem, like are you fucking kidding me right now, scroll up at look at the stuff posted that men write about women, most of the time saying these things and have never even been with a woman where women who hate men use real life terrible experiences they've had with them like abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, manipulation, rape. And this is the only website I've seen women talking about it compared to the dozens if not hundreds of places men do it, where they are 100% more vile, violent, hateful, and repulsive than anything being said here. Don't even try to compare 'wow I've had such shitty experiences with men and I'm starting to think they're all just as bad' to 'they are nothing but entitled bitches who don't work for anything and use their pussy to get through life for free, I want to rape and murder a roastie whore they all deserve it.'

This fucking double standard, jfc.

No. 235675

Fucking thank you anon, I'm sick of people thinking that talking about men wanting to/actually raping torturing abusing women in different ways are in any way equivalent

No. 235676

No, men do hate women. You can call me a misandrist if you want, but I treat all men with respect. I don't belittle them, I don't physically abuse them, I listen to what they have to say, value their opinions, and treat them as my equals. I have no interest in harming them or treating them like subhuman trash, and I don't even view them as subhuman trash to begin with. Like I said, I know some good men. You must have skipped over that part. But the fact of the matter is they still hate women.

I don't know how much more proof you need than some of the shit in this thread. It isn't just men venting about some relationship troubles they had. It's men talking about how all women are worthless whores, fantasizing or trivializing about rape, advocating for taking women's rights away, comparing us to animals. In addition to men who actually DO rape, murder, and abuse and treat us like disposable objects. Men do not see us as human, and they actively dehumanize us any chance they get. I would never do any of those things to a man.

No. 235677

Yeah literally all we do is draw attention to the things men do to women. That's what man hating is, when women hate men we avoid them and talk about our experiences with what they inflict on us. When men hate women they rape them, abuse them and kill them. It is not in any way comparable.

Also, the fact that this is one of the only places a thread like this could exist- and it still gets frequently raided by robots. As opposed to the millions of forums, YouTube channels, boards, ENTIRE WEBSITES dedicated to nothing but discussion of why women are dumb holes who should die because they won't fuck me blublublu.

No. 235684

if men went through half the shit women go through they'd off themselves

No. 235685

I agree. The fact that people get upset by the extremely tame ideas in this thread is interesting….I wish those people could be a woman (or if they are themselves, listen to the ones in this thread) for one day, and see all the shit that is said about them and really FEEL it. When that much vitriol and abject hatred is directed at you, for something that you have no control over, I'm sure they'll start to get it. When you know what it feels like to be seen as worthless and inferior I think they would understand a bit better. Or, they could just listen to women who have experienced these things. But they would never want to do that.
My exasperation and disappointment with men is not the result of like, one misogynistic joke. Or one bad date. It's been years and years of having it beat into my head by my father, male friends and coworkers I've had, society in general, that I'm a worthless walking hole that has absolutely no potential and should keep my mouth shut. That I have no value outside of what I can offer men and their sexual pleasure. That, despite being a virgin, I'm a whore. I'm a slut. I'm stupid. I'm incompetent. If I step out of line or make a mistake, I deserve to be raped. I'm weak, useless, the list goes on. There is only so much of that I could take before I just became too tired. I can't do it anymore. I can't expect anything of men, because in my experience, they all view women this way. Some are better than others at suppressing it, but it always comes out eventually.

I don't consider myself a misandrist. Despite the fact that I'm posting in a thread with this title, I don't hate men. And I highly doubt most posters in here do either. I'm just sick of their hate directed at me, and at other women. I'm sick of seeing that hate manifested in violence, rape, abuse, exc. I do tend to avoid them, but I would never go out of my way to physically/mentally harm one, or tell him how worthless I think he is and how he's nothing but a sperm donor/workhorse/walking dildo or whatever the demeaning fucking evil equivalent of all the shit they say about women is. I don't view men as inferior, or useless. I just can't believe anything other than they hate women. Because I've never seen anything that indicates otherwise. It's the only thing that makes sense and explains their behavior toward women. If being upset about misogyny and desperately wanting it to end for a while makes me a misandrist, then yeah I guess so. Sorry.

No. 235688

File: 1521608416182.png (44.66 KB, 702x318, 628647815.png)

Some men will bend he'll to blame women for everything. Let's punish the women who have to raise kids on their instead of blaming the dads who abandon their kids.

No. 235689

>the dads who abandon their kids
Aren't most divorces initiated by women though?

No. 235693

File: 1521609862186.jpg (51.59 KB, 418x482, 1521419005121.jpg)

>"abloobloo don't have sex before marriage!"
>tfw you realize these are the same chucklefucks who complain about "gold diggers", "baby traps", and women not sleeping with them
There's no way to win with these kind of fuckers, they just want an excuse to blame women for their idiocy.

No. 235696

File: 1521611546828.jpg (82.01 KB, 498x715, fuck teen vogue.jpg)

No. 235697

What do you even gain from being a little bitch like that? Gay cred for being an uninformed moron?

No. 235700

no wonder their company has gone to shit, hope he gets fired

what's with men ignoring clits anyway, even in the rare case in porn they do pay attention to it they don't even rub it right and just dry rub it

No. 235702

Apparently his editor doubled down and claimed all those who rightfully called him out were being homophobic.

No. 235703

Gay men are some of the most misogynistic men I have seen. They cry homophobia but are the first to treat women like dirt and spout hate about them.

No. 235704

Yep, and whats worse is this was a magazine aimed at teen girls.

No. 235708

gay men always love to play feminine and use this for their own entertainment. But never actually do anything for women rights, safety or education about our bodies

No. 235710

File: 1521616130228.jpg (53.4 KB, 412x412, 1507330248638.jpg)

>deliberately exclude women, even from their own spaces
>b-but I'm gay HOMOPHOPIA, YOU'RE HOMOPHOBIC, only gay men can have pleasure uwu
>wonder why so many teenage girls project onto gay men and fetishize them

Shit like this boils my blood for another reason too; there seems to be a trend where people can just scream RACIST or HOMOPHOPIC and shut down dialogue they don't agree with regardless of whether race or orientation has anything to do with the topic of discussion. Our current Mayor did that shit when he was asked about his platform, just reeeed about how anyone who disagreed with him was racist.

Sage for rambling.

No. 235717

File: 1521620456251.jpg (92.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Not sure if this belongs her or in the Kpop thread: there's this one cook, who's probably the only gay korean celebrity and lately i watched a show with him and the way he treated women was so disgusting.
Of course the international fans like him for being sassy/savage, but just because you're not attracted to women doesn't mean you have to treat them like dirt.
It's as if he thinks that everbody's constantly hitting on him, because he always said, i don't like this, i'm not interested in you etc, even though she was just talking and standing next to him…?
He also had sort of an online clothing line, there the women's section was named a deragatory name and he didn't get why the other's didn't find this 'cute'…

No. 235722

Gay men love to fetishise teenage girls, so it works both ways. That’s essentially what “being camp” is.

No. 235725

>it's inexcusable for a woman to get pregnant by accident
The only form of female birth control that works 100% is a complete hysterectomy. And in case you don't want to risk making her pregnant, use a goddamn condom. Seriously, the guys who complain about baby traps are always the fuckboys who whine about not wanting to use a condom.

Teen vogue is the fucking worst. Their articles are literally Buzzfeed meets Tumblr.

No. 235726

>I think women today are more motivated and realistic, men tend to just expect good things to happen to them without even lifting a finger, then later cry about it because while they were in their boxers playing xbox and eating pizza, women were studying and going to college and getting internships
In my country there's a hot topic about how, according to recent studies, boys are underperforming in school and girls have surpassed them academically at every subject even at elementary school level and outnumbering men at universities. You know how people are approaching the issue? Buckling down and trying to make boys more motivated to work towards their future? Nah. They're blaming the school system for being more lenient towards girls and the school program being designed to give girls an advantage over boys because of m-muh brain structure and shieet.

Literally nobody's talking about how boys aren't expected to put effort into their school work and bizarrely enough insisting that girls who do well in school aren't really intelligent, just dumb enough to actually devote themselves to studying. People come up with numerous bullshit types of reasoning like "boys often excel at certain subjects while girls are just average, never reaching top scores". It's infuriating and demeaning towards girls who are often expected to get good grades and behave well unlike boys, and nobody seems to bring this up when discussing the subject. Men NEVER have to be accountable for their own flaws, it's always the society's fault. Or their mothers' for not raising them right because hey we can't expect dads to lift a fucking finger unless it's to play soccer with them or something.

No. 235727

>that they aren't any different than any other dickwad man, they are just cunning enough to put up a front because it is good for their politics.
This. I know a guy who I thought was the example of a Good Guy who genuinely cared about women and their well-being. Then he started talking about how statistically rare it is for a female to be assaulted and it's irrational to be afraid of it ever happening. Lost my faith in men right there. They seem to be completely oblivious to the privileges they have as men and how women have learned through very real personal experience to fear them. Even with small things such as walking home late alone, when choosing how to dress, the way you talk to them, avoiding certain social situations etc. Men never have to think about that so they seem to be incapable of ever truly sympathizing with women.

No. 235732

Yet in my country one of our top universities is giving women studying STEM degrees extra time in exams because they’re consistently not making the grades that guys are. It was pretty much ignored by everyone, though.

No. 235738

violence against women in italy is so high i cant watch the news without at least 2-3 women getting killed by their husbands/bf for revenge.

No. 235747

Men usually take tests faster, but get worse grades and women usually take them slower, but they are more concerned about accuracy and get better grades when given an adequate amount of time because of it.

Aren't you talking about Brittyland? That article about Oxford or w/e?

No. 235752

Because if it's not dick they don't care.

No. 235754

I am talking about Oxford. I’m not sure how your explanation fitted my example. They found men more often were getting Firsts than women when given the same amount of time… but then found the extra time just meant more women achieving Upper rather than Lower Seconds or Thirds, rather than more women achieving Firsts.

It annoyed me because it made women look dumb. I’m sure that’s why it got in the news.

No. 235759

Uk is a misandrist wonderland not a good example since most the planet still does much much worse to women than just give the opposite sex more test time

No. 235761

I really want to delete my facebook acc but I can't right now because I need it for college. It's fucking sick how much men hate us.

>All articles shared about sexual assault/violence towards women are met with laughing reactions

>"Why are white women fucking men of other races? Dumb whores."
>"Feminism is cancer!"
>"Why isn't there a national men's day? Where are the statistics about domestic violence towards men? Sexist! Men can be raped too!"
>"We shouldn't legalise abortion because women are not intelligent and they'll use it as contraception."
>"Another example of censorship in my precious games! Feminism has gone too far!"
>"Shut up and eat a fucking steak, bitch."
>"Why aren't you breastfeeding, lazy cow? Eugh breastfeeding in public, that's disgusting and children could see that!"
>Sharing videos of violence towards women and joking/laughing at them

I used to think this kind of degeneracy was only visible in imageboards where people could hide their identities. But there's something extra fucking disgusting about men posting shit like the above with their full name and face attached to the comment. For all their friends and family to see. It makes me sick how proud some of these men are to hate women and are even encouraged by 100s of likes. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

No. 235765

They do this on youtube, ig and Twitter to, I just wish feminism wasn't such a fucking laughing stock to where when you point out that what they're doing is fucked up they scream triggered fat feminist, why is it people admit that there's good and bad to every group but act as if feminism is bad as a whole when with how men been acting we sure as hell need it now

But yet this thread on a small site gets more hate than any man being blantantly misogynist
"They're both bad!!!"
Then go to the bigger fucking problem instead of a small amount of women venting about the absolute fucking shit men have been doing to us

No. 235766

Right? Honestly it's painful and just makes you want to give up.

Even random dumb videos on youtube get a slew of women-hating comments. Young girls on instagram end up ith vile coments for posting innocent teenage girl stuff. You tweet about something, some man throws his two cents in and offers a threat if you don't agree.

Tbh it's gotten to the point where the ones that do it openly are the least of the problems. You can avoid a man that is open about it.

What's scary is the anonymous accounts and the picture-less profiles that say it. How can you be sure that a guy doesn't have one of those? Imagine dating someone and then finding out they hate women through their anonymous accounts.

No. 235774

File: 1521647059826.jpg (37.92 KB, 682x630, aP9jZ0w_700b.jpg)

Hello, fellow Italianon…

No. 235780


>made the news because women got extra time and still looked dumb


OT but some anons need to learn to read.

No. 235781

I get what you mean, but I brought up that people use uk a lot to justify hate towards women despite the fact UK is NOT like most the planet

No. 235782

I'm not Italian (Croat here) but I regularly follow Italian news and the amount of women killed by their husbands/boyfriends is so high, I noticed that years ago. I always found that odd considering that the Italian society seems to value traditional family values and the stereotype of Italian men being romantic and passionate but then the murder cases are either because of money or the husband found a new woman and wants to get rid of his current pronto or the regular rape&kill case, so not even crimes of passion just coldblooded murders.

No. 235783

what do men want? Because all their vitriol for women makes me want to stay away from them all for good. But they hate women being single since we’re all just dumb children who can’t do anything without them to them. But they also hate women in relationships since we’re all just parasites too. I wish theyd leave women alone and just focus on other men but they’re incapable of that too.

No. 235786

>implying most children are born from married couples

No. 235792

Men tend to abandon women after they give birth. That's why there are more single mothers than married childless women.

No. 235795

I've seen the same type of sentiment in my country (US.) That boys are falling behind because the school system caters to the way girls learn and that's the only reason why they're doing better. That and ~affirmative action.~

If it were girls falling behind in school, they would just say "well girls just aren't as intelligent, don't blame society or the school system for their inability to succeed!!" But when it's boys, they have to come with excuses and reach for the fucking stars to find a way where it isn't their fault or their capabilities.

It's like they can't just admit that maybe they are wrong about women. Maybe we aren't dumb. Maybe we aren't worthless. Maybe we aren't adult children or whatever the fuck. Maybe, just maybe, plenty of women are intelligent, capable, talented, dedicated, and ready to excel in their studies and in the workplace.

But no, surely it can't be that because all women are dumb whores only capable of popping out babies and offering their holes to men. It's so fucking depressing.

No. 235797

like what >>235509 said
>I think women today are more motivated and realistic, men tend to just expect good things to happen to them without even lifting a finger, then later cry about it because while they were in their boxers playing xbox and eating pizza, women were studying and going to college and getting internships, hell men even cry about women scholarships but don't realize there's scholarships for fucking EVERYTHING, I got a scholarship for my italian heritage but no one cried oppression and racism for it, there's even scholarships for people who have blue eyes

men bitching how education is catered towards girls is their way of wanting the education system to give them free shit and not work for it

No. 235804

I've been seeing that claim a lot recently, but where does it come from? Does anyone have any links to articles and such talking about it so I could know the reasoning behind it? At surface level it just seems like a garbage excuse. How could the education system be skewed to accomodate one gender, when education was originally set up for men anyway before women were allowed in? They just seem pissy that they're being out-performered for no other reason than their own incompetence, but I'd rather find out for myself.

No. 235807

>That boys are falling behind because the school system caters to the way girls learn and that's the only reason why they're doing better.
I fucking hate this excuse because it basically clamis that little girls are biologically more duty-fullfilling and quiet, which is not true, it's social conditioning. Do they think little boys were allowed to be rowdy little fucks making a ruckus back in the Good Old Days when only boys could go to school?

No. 235810

Last year i took a psychology class there our professor taught us that the claim that women talk more than men is completely false.

On average boys at school talk twice as much as girls, the teachers ask them more often and let them give longer answers. Yet when asked after class who talked the most, all students and teachers perceived it as the girls talking more. And of course this is not only in school but also at your workplace.
In conclusion, "mansplaining" is definitely real.

The same for maths. Even in elementary school all students and teacher already think that girls don't perform as well as boys. They also did tests there they seperated the two genders; if there were only girls all of them did better and in the all boys group the results stayed the same as before.
So all-girls/-boys school/unis would be better for girls and also wouldn't do any harm to boys.

No. 235811

Saged for samefag; teachers and students think girls are worse at maths, but of course that's false.

No. 235818

File: 1521659325102.jpg (326.68 KB, 1280x853, 85be6f1e-22e0-11e8-b8d6-001a64…)

The same happened in my country when they made the switch from a conscription-based army (men have to go to army training for a year) to a professional, for-pay army. First they whined because "women can keep studying whilst we have to go to the army, if we didn't have to we'd be much better than them", then when they made the switch it became "the army is catering to feminists, women don't belong in the army, they are too weak, waah" after they announced that nearly 50% of the new army was female cadets and generals since many young men thought being a soldier was too dirty and too much work for too little pay, preferring instead to sit in their mother's basement, play vidya and bet on dog races whilst women went ahead and applied because unemployment is rife here and someone needs to feed the family.
Ironically we don't really have a culture of rampant sexism and gendered work thanks to muh Tito and socialism, but men in the Balkans are still entitled manchildren and the butthurt feels good.

No. 235833

Not to mention if boys get in trouble its "boys will be boys"
If girls get in trouble you bring shame amoung your family, hell sometimes even making less than average grades girls get their butts kicked til they get straight As

No. 235836


We all probably already knew this based on interactions with men, but it's still interesting.

No. 235838

We beat them at their own game and now they're pissed and in denial

No. 235842

File: 1521662105761.png (31.55 KB, 576x128, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 2.53…)

Anyway, it's funny to me that men will take any study proving women are deficient in some way at face value, but when an article or study discusses shortcomings within men, they freak out and say it's wrong.

You will never see men doubt a study that says some shit like "women are biologically worse at math." They don't need any other opinions, any other sources, any other sample groups. A study that indicates that men have less empathy? Heresy! Must be wrong! Doesn't prove men are better in every single fucking way so it must be propaganda!

I swear to god man. These people are just the fucking worst.

No. 235844

File: 1521662480513.png (59.63 KB, 580x259, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 2.56…)

And another funny thing.

Whenever the conversation surrounding the lack of women in STEM fields or high powered positions in the workplace comes up, men say it's not a problem because it's a choice they're making and there are absolutely NO other factors at play. But then they go on to complain that men work all the dangerous jobs and make up almost all workplace deaths. Why don't they use the argument that men CHOOSE to work those jobs? Technically nobody is forcing men to work those dangerous jobs, and most of the time the risks are clear, so why do they suddenly stop excusing these things by saying it's a choice and there's no problem here because men and women make different choices?

Once again, everything is women's fault. We are either so stupid and incompetent that we are powerless and have had no impact on society or contributed throughout history, or we're so cunning and evil and powerful that we are responsible for all of the evil and violence in the world. These motherfuckers need to pick one misogynistic talking point and stick with it.

No. 235847

File: 1521663390625.png (313.5 KB, 507x638, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.14…)

What the fuck is wrong with men? Ridiculing a woman on Twitter who is doing an honest day's work?

How does it affect them if a woman works outside the home? How does he know the circumstances of her life? Why do these people INSIST on women living exactly the way THEY want them to and if they don't, they deserve to be mocked and ridiculed and constantly told their choices and desires aren't valid?

Again, what the fuck is their problem?

No. 235852

Is he seriously trying to imply that a man wearing an ill-fitting uniform with a peaked cap wouldn’t look ridiculous?

No. 235856

File: 1521664887341.png (202.9 KB, 501x484, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.40…)

Probably. Since it would be a man, and all. So men can't do anything wrong. And literally all of them are more capable than women.

I've never seen this dude interact with a woman and say anything but "you'd be happier at home!!1" He's a little chinless bitch. Notice the amount of likes. Men totally don't think women are inferior <3 They love us.

No. 235857

This post really just looks like bait to me. It's a person in a too-big uniform. Also fails to take into account many women in the workforce
1) can't have children
2) don't want children
3) want to work for a living?

No. 235858

>want to work for a living
But he literally believes no woman wants to work for a living. And he also believes in a perfect world they shouldn't be "allowed" to. He thinks any woman who says she would rather be working than stay at home is brainwashed by feminism.

>can't have children

>don't want children
He doesn't acknowledge the existence of this types of women. Ever. He thinks every single woman on Earth wants children and if they don't they are lying to themselves or once again, brainwashed.

No. 235859

Ty for the replies im glad I'm not the only one pissed at this. I think this boils down to people seeing girls, especially teenage girls, being just the same as gay men. I used to have a gay friend, he and his bf would say they were girls yet they were 10x bitchier, but he would also go on how things were worse for him than anyone else. After I was diagnoised with bi-polar and told him, he went on this long rant telling me how he probably has it and a worse version too and how hes suffered etc. Felt bad but I had to let him go.
This is why I feel i hated Sex and the city (no shade to anyone who likes it) but it made sense when it was revealed the series was written and produced by gay men.

saged for kinda blog

No. 235861

This is true in the work place too. In meetings, women speak less than men but are perceived as speaking too much. It's fucking depressing.

No. 235862

Men kept women out of the work force as a way to force women into marriage.
Now men can't do that anymore so they try to shame women for working instead.

No. 235863

On a similar note visited pol yesterday-someone I suspect trolling posted the thread "Men are the global constant when it comes to violence. Do you agree" Fuck the triggered response was deafening, some even going so far as to say women give birth to men so its actually womens fault. I know it was bad to laugh but these men are so pathetic.
>Inb4 some salty anon says not every guy is pol
Just using as an example, lets be honest though these days its hard to tell the difference especially with the stuff we are seeing in the news.

No. 235864

Gavin mcinnes is a special kind of salty cuck. He kinda got internet famous after a clip of him going apeshit at a woman who had a job on a "news" programme went out-said the reason women are miserable these days is because feminism and that they are not at home popping out babies, serving their husbands and tied to the kitchen but actually trying to make a life for themselves. Hes a joke of a homosapien, wouldn't be surprised if hes the missing link.

No. 235867

Wow, admittedly I know nothing about this dude.. does he live in a cave? jesus

No. 235868

I find it ironic that the men who complains that SJWs don't want to admit black people, immigrants, muslims, etc, are disproportionally represented in some types of crimes are the same men who start reeeeeeing when you point out that the common denominator in crime is maleness and not so much race or religion.

They're the same men crying on and on about MUH FREE SPEECH, except for feminazis who should just shut up with their "hateful" statistics.

No. 235869

I told one of those guys that white men commit more crime than black women and he got really angry hahahaha

No. 235870

Lmao for real. And the excuse they use is that women are "happier at home", but you can tell they don't give a single fuck about women's happiness.

I remember a post in a previous thread on /ot/. Not a man-hating thread but everyone was discussing the "trad" men who want to push women back into the kitchen. One anon said "whenever you see a man who hates women and think's they're inferior and worthless talk about what will make women happier and improve their lives, ask yourself if the standards they're advocating for makes it easier for men to control women."

And they were right. You will notice that is always the case.

No. 235873

He's pretty fucking terrible. And he's married and has daughters, so sucks for them. I know his wife was extremely disgusted by him post-election but I don't think she's left him yet.

He's pretty terrible and definitely ground zero of the "women are only useful as wives and mothers11!" type of whiny bitch male we have these days. Look up the Proud Boys. He literally has a little army of men in polo shirts who think they're responsible for building the modern world even though they were born in 1992. Just because they share genitals and skin color with the people who actually did. And they ALL want women back in the kitchen. It's one of their main talking points. They say they don't want to ~force~ women to be wives and mothers, but then ridicule and harass any woman who isn't one and tell her they know better than her what she wants in life.

No. 235875

And even if every woman left the workforce completely, Gavin and the rest of men would still shit on women for being weak and worthless. Because raising kids to them isn’t a big deal/shouldn’t be an achievement. Men would rather ridicule pregnant women for being whores and claim that they’re trapping men. Being a SAHM is the worst, as you’re just a parasite to a man’s wallet and resources.

Do they seriously believe that they should just pump n dump any woman and she’ll magically drop everything in her life and have all the money time and energy to raise their kids on her own? meanwhile being judged every day for being a single mother??

..damn it. When’s the next bus to the Moon. I’m ready to leave this planet.

No. 235877

I'd like to remind everyone here to be a positive influence on their sisters/daughters/cousins. I grew up thinking that science, computers, sports and maths were for boys and no girl should ever feel like she doesn't "belong" in those areas. My school failed me. Even if you think you don't have much of an influence on a little girl you know, you probably do. Seeing a grown woman in a STEM field and loving life or being told something as simple as "Oh hey, you like dinosaurs too? That's so cool! You'll make a great archaeologist when you're older!" is something she'll probably remember for the rest of her life.

Instead of putting girls down like the education system is trying to do, we need to encourage them. Being better than others in their class is not a bad thing and they shouldn't feel that way. If they are working harder than boys and doing better then they deserve it. Let them surpass the boys in the class, let them aspire to have great jobs and be in high positions, they'll slowly change the culture of workplaces that are toxic towards women.

I'd love to have a younger female relative to bring to museums, to buy her a fuckload of classic books, to show her documentaries about ancient civilisations, to show how to make her own webpage or mobile game…

No. 235881

What a stupid headline. I wonder what the sex of the person was who picked out flammable fireproofing for Grenfell? Wonder who started WWI and WWII? Wonder who designed pretty much every other architectural failure? Totally nothing to do with sexism though. /s

>men: women are happier at home
>women: we want jobs
>men: shut up we’ve said you’re happier at home

No. 235883

I have a young daughter and she’s going to an all-girls school. Fuck letting her education be spoilt by boys. That being said, I took a “typical female” subject at uni (English Lit) and now have a menial job, and I do ballet. It’s her dad who does science and sport, but he can’t wait to pique her interest in both. I’m glad she’s got a positive male influence who will show her these things, and I will encourage it!

No. 235885

Not trying to troll or flame, just genuinely curious. Is there a specific reason why majority of the women go for these type of men? What I see everyday in my country is the nice(not the meme kind) and polite guys get ignored all the time and kind of men that get hate in these threads are never single.(ban evasion)

No. 235886

A lot of women don't love themselves and settle for sad sacks of shit.

No. 235887

The men who get the most hate on here are the men who hate women and write about it on the internet, so it's pretty safe to say they don't have a positive female figure in their life, e.g. are single. As they should be.

No. 235888

As someone who is married to a nice polite guy, he was a virgin until the age of 21 because he was too nice and polite to actually voice/act on his desire for any girl. Like, he literally would never tell or show a girl he fancied her, unless she said/did it first…which never happened until he met me. A lot of the time assholes have attractive qualities, like confidence, but then their true shitty personalities appear too late.

No. 235890

I think it is just because jerks are more confident and determined in hitting on women. Men think that negging etc. works because before trying it, they tried very little in general. Just by aggressively entering the dating scene, flirting with as many women as possible no matter the number of rejections and not being easily discouraged, they find more "success" than other men but of course almost always end up with very unstable and unhappy relationships from their bad attitudes. It only really works for short-term flings and hookups while as genuinely good men are the ones who have more trouble finding a partner but when they do they more often find long-term happiness with them.

No. 235891

Speaking from personal experience, it’s because I thought I didn’t deserve any better. I don’t know if that’s the case for everyone. But I settled for a man who constantly told me how worthless and inferior I was, how I need to shut the fuck up and defer to him because I’m not intelligent or logical enough to handle life on my own.

I hated myself, especially because I was a woman. I still do, but I’m a little better now. I started to believe all of the misogynistic talking points and it defeated me and made me not even want to try in life. I thought I was stupid and worthless and therefore allowed myself to be treated that way.

Now I just hate misogynists more than I hate myself and I’ll never make that mistake again.

No. 235893

is anyone else super creeped out by men who are way too interested in feminism and being allies? I knew this dude who would constantly post things about wanting to kill all rapists and how it is important to respect the boundaries of women and later I found out he was a serial rapist. I feel like all men think women are inferior to an extent. When a man talks too much about feminism it seems like he is hiding something. I forget his name but the guy who played one of the cops on OITNB is a good example of this

No. 235895

Yes, there’s been a lot of cases of “male allies” ending up being not any less misogynistic than anti-feminists. It’s depressing. I think all men are misogynistic to some extent so it’s in your best interest to watch how they treat and act towards women as opposed to what they say. Usually you will start to notice that they say and do some pretty nasty shit.

It’s depressing but it is what it is. Men have no reason to care about misogyny or sexism against women so we shouldn’t expect them to. It benefits them to not care.

No. 235896

>the nice(not the meme kind) and polite guys get ignored all the time
Where are they though??? I don't see any. How do you expect someone to acknowledge your existent when you don't even put the effort in to make yourself known?
I would love a genuinely nice guy, but where the fuck are they?

No. 235897

They’re at home posting screeds on 4chan about how women only fuck bad boys and because of that, we are worthless and deserve to have our rights restricted.

Unironically. Even men who seem sweet and nice fucking hate women. Some of them are smart enough to keep it inside, but behind our backs? Whew.

No. 235899


Mostly taken or extremely shy etc. to interact with you or just straight up bitter as fuck and gave up

No. 235900


If you think anyone on 4chan is nice or sweet irl you are naive. They are also absolutely fucking awful irl too.

No. 235902

You’re probably right. I’ve never met someone who actually admitted to frequenting there in real life. My point overall was that most men are smart enough to be nice to your face. They know how to get what they want. Only some will be willing to launch into a full blown redpill rant at a woman directly. However, most of them agree with misogynistic shit and engage in it when you’re not in front of them.

No. 235905

You're everything that's wrong in this world. Now leave.

No. 235907

No man is nice and polite with women, it's just a facade. They go for "assholes" because those men are attractive, and because they are attractive they do not have to pretend to be nice.
The "nice and polite" men are just unattractive, all they can do is pretend and see if it works, but they are not nice at all.

The real choice is between pretty assholes and ugly assholes.

No. 235908

And I suppose they never initiate divorce because maybe the man treats them or their children like shit? Abuse? Cheating?

It’s always women’s fault, eh? You’re the same type of man who says women are basically children right? But it seems like men are the ones who refuse to be held accountable or accept responsbility for their behavior.

Men who murder their wives or children are the ones who are going to burn in hell. Go fuck yourself.

No. 235909

Don't reply to robots, if you give them the attention they want they'll never leave.

It's really hard to resest with how hilariously retarded this one is, but still.

No. 235910

English and ballet are rad, anon. Proud of you and your little family xxx

No. 235911

Anon please be my older sister

No. 235912

This. Try and find one man who is genuinely disturbed by MGTOW and redpill rhetoric. You won't be able to, because they literally all agree with it even if they don't run around screaming it themselves. Men hate women. You can see that every single day.

No. 235914

>most of the time they don't
How do you know? Any evidence of this claim?

>God will forgive you for killing her

You're very badass, sweetie. Don't ever get married. Problem solved, you can stop whining.

No. 235915


I'm seriously feeling like I'm trying to argue with robots here.

No. 235916

Sorry, you're right. I reported him along with my reply but it's best to ignore them. I just get so angry sometimes and loose my cool.

No. 235917

I'm 912 and even I know what I wrote isn't real. I just need to vent from time to time.

Realistically, for a man to genuinely think that women are indeed human, they have to be raised by a feminist woman instead of a misogynistic self-hating one, and that is rare. The rest of my post remains as is.

No. 235918

I mean it's not like people are saying all men are worthless whores who deserve to be raped and have their rights taken away. All they're saying is that men hate women, which isn't that farfetched. They certainly act like it, do they not? Entire communities and ideologies dedicated to hating women. Hating women for being housewives, hating women for being in the workplace, hating women for having too much sex, hating women for not putting out, the list goes on. Men take any opportunity to talk about how much they hate women and how inferior we are, and pretty much every other man just laughs at that or agrees.

I'm really not sure how that is comparable to robots, who constantly trivialize violence against women, say that women are worthless aside from sex, women are inferior in every possible way and don't deserve basic human rights because they can't be trusted with them. Nobody here is saying that about men, we're just pointing out that men hate women.

Did you make a mistake? I'm 912. And I stand by what I wrote.

No. 235919

>implying he eved had a chance of getting married in the first place
These neo holy-rolling dickheads (aka /pol/tards who converted to Christianity because they think white men are exempt from sin) are 100% guaranteed to die alone.

No. 235920

I mean, I hope you're right because their hypothetical wife would be pretty much guaranteed to be miserable.

And I'm patiently waiting on that evidence btw, maleposter.

No. 235921

>what do men want?
You can't win no matter what. They hate you for being near them, but demand your attention. They want someone to fulfill their sexual fantasies, but sex makes you a slut. Stand up for yourself, you're a bitch. Submit to them, you're a weak leech. Work and you're ruining the family. Don't work and you're a golddigger.

This is just so deeply cruel and unnecessary. A poor woman just doing her job is an object of ridicule? And people liked and retweeted this? She's done absolutely nothing wrong! How is an il-fitting uniform any indication of somebody's value or work ethic? I've seen men in poorly fit uniforms, but it's nothing to judge. Most jobs don't bring in a tailor. If you're height, weight or shape is even slightly different, a uniform won't fit perfectly.

>he's married and has daughters
Somebdy save them.

No. 235924

do these men even give a shit if they seem retarded or crazy? what woman is "demanding" them to do soul crushing work? unless you have a dominatrix, no one

No. 235934

Yes, I am sorry. I assumed anon would quote the first and oldest post first (907), that is, mine, and so I did not bother to check.

No. 235936

Anyone else notice that pointing out "gender brain" differences is more acceptable than pointing out racial ones?

Example: James Damore mentioned in the beginning of his Google memo that google has a quota for women AND minorities… but only went on to talk about gender differences and how women are less suitable for jobs at google. Not a single mention of race.

I wonder how he would respond if someone asked him about it. Like, you can't just say "on average, black people aren't naturally suited for programming" without being disregarded as a crazy, hateful racist, but talking about gender differences is more accepted.

Not that I think there is any racial brain difference - but it's interesting how different the standards are.