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No. 274298

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

previous threads:

No. 274301

What about when, presented with a situation invoving gay men (in media, on the street), the straight man being tested or observed makes lame ass awkward jokes like a teenager in the 90s? Is he covering for his own gay feelings or is he just an asshole?

I have a straight (?) acquaintance that does his. The “jokes” border on offensive and I always roll my eyes or lecture him on why its cringingly not funny or offensive.

Why are men so cringy?

No. 274304

Anyone else had male friends get really mad and rude when you mentioned you like x type of man, or x celebrity ONCE despite them talking about fuckable women around you all the time?

No. 274312

File: 1533049959772.png (305.84 KB, 908x727, Disgusted.png)


Oh my god yes. I used to be in this discord where 95% of the users were male and they would have extremely specific standards for women. Girls had to be Asian, smol uwu and only wear cutesy clothes. It was actually insane seeing them have regular circle jerks about the ultimate gf and stalk random Korean girls on IG all the time. They would also rate them and trash their looks because they had minor flaws, even though this was against the rules.

This stuff was going on for ages, so some of the girls decided to post pictures of the same male model and hype him up just to see how they reacted. And holy shit, they became so irritated and bitter, it was kinda scary.

I ended up leaving the discord and stopped talking to most of the friends I made through it because the way they spoke about women almost made me have an ED relapse.

No. 274318

Vid related, I want to strangle him…

I feel like you can't win with (these type of) men; no matter how you react, you're always just going to be an emotional, hysteric female. I guess violence is the only real and manly enough answer.

No. 274322


>trash their looks because they had minor flaws

Women also do this, see: lolcow.farm

No. 274325

He’s gross. Also his bare asshole is posted on the internet. Also gross.

No. 274326

Shit like this is why I laugh when I hear mgtows rant about all women being hypergamous ie just being open about being attracted to men that aren't them

They want their cake and eat it, they want to run around demanding perfect asian sex doll waifus, tear womens flaws apart and just straight up be cruel when women aren't fuckable, but then cry when women even dare show signs shes attracted to a man that isn't them

I just wish they'd one day open their eyes and realize that their entire movement are complete contradictions but they have 0 self awareness and stikl believe they're oppressed

No. 274327

Yeah, but lolcow shits on men's flaws as well where do you think we are lol. The point of anon's post was the males in the discord who hype up random girls getting big mad when some girls started hyping up some dude.

Which male model?

No. 274328

We should make a mgtow thread in snow starting with sandman

No. 274330

That should be widened to include the entire "manosphere" as well. Like PUAs, incels, red pill etc. The incel thread in /snow/ was kind of dead last time I checked.

No. 274334

Yeah but anon mgtow is different from incels

Aka mgtows think women are chasing them and that they're hot shit, incels know they're ugly and shitty

No. 274335

Hence the term "manosphere" which loosely encompasses all of these misogynistic, whiney bitch male groups across the internet. I know they differ a bit in their outlook on women.

No. 274337

Yeah. I'm >>274304 and my situation was similar. They became aggressive. It's like they didn't like that I was allowed to be attracted to an actually attractive person instead of worshipping them, or thought that because the attraction wasn't towards features that they had it needed to be culled, very weird reaction.

No. 274342

I would love a thread like this.

No. 274346

No. 274348

Should we add handmaidens as well? I think a handmaiden thread would be nice for the ones who don't bring enough milk for their own /snow/ thread.

No. 274349

File: 1533055583057.png (1.95 MB, 1458x993, 1511650525044.png)

>using discord in the first place

No. 274350

That would be funny.

No. 274352

so basically people who think the world should revolve around men?
who should we include?
I think sandman definitely, nollagirl504, LFA, cassie jaye, red pill wisdom

these dudes definitely need to pay the consequences for acting like insane paranoid loons about women, sometimes I wonder if these men are even able to be in the same room as a woman without screeching internally about how she's probably a gold digging whore who cries rape

No. 274355

File: 1533058576341.jpg (27.15 KB, 567x576, 1511882868066.jpg)

>these dudes definitely need to pay the consequences
What consequences?
I mean they are already lonely losers?

No. 274357

Can I just rant about Teen Titans right now? I, like many others was a critic of the outfit Starfire was wearing on the street. Hers and both BB and Rae looked cheap as hell. But, holy fuck that does /not/ excuse all the bleeding racism the actress is being subjected to. Even worse because they keep gaslighting her and strawmanning people into saying all Starfire detractors are racists. No, it's because you're being an actually racist asshat! All over because she isn't how they pictured Starfire in their heads and they find her hard to Waifu. All because they don't find black women fappable. Why is it everytime a man finds a woman unattractive he finds an excuse to harass her. Since when do women harass men they deem unattractive? The entitlement is palatable.

It's so sad how black women are seen (especially if dark), they are deemed an 'easy target'.

No. 274360

Is there context for that??

No. 274361

A bit offtopic but some people may not like changes of canon in general, which includes racebending, among other things. It feels like a headcanon and not something official. The "Teen Titans" story is old and people got used to it in a certain way

No. 274362


No. 274363

He shoved a buttplug in his ass to "own the libs" or something and later flashed his penis and asshole during his show for similar reasons I suppose.
Buttplug time at 1:45 in the twitter vid.

No. 274364

He's, what you call, a degenerate.

No. 274367

For what purpose???

Personally I'm into guy buttstuff, but…No.

No. 274369

>For what purpose???
He’s into guy buttstuff?

No. 274370

But, Starfire is an alien. An orange-skinned alien. Last time I checked they aren't 'species-bending' her. We only saw stills, but notice how the majority of the ire goes towards her way. It's like Ghostbusters all over again. I'm glad this time a white cast mate stuck up for her, not like Leslie that was left on a ledge.

No. 274371

I've male white supremacists and PUAs call mgtows cucks and betas so much. Not even other men like them. Maybe there will come a point when they all fight each other

No. 274372

Actually doesn't need a question mark.

No. 274374

RagingGoldenEagle needs to be there, too. Just look up his Youtube channel and Kiwi farms thread.

No. 274375

File: 1533062556014.jpg (80.36 KB, 535x802, ARIANA-GRANDE-at-Creative-Arts…)

Fake tan is the closest to orange, if not orange-orange

No. 274376

This guy's youtube intro has got to be "ironic"… R-Right?

No. 274399

None of those guys like each other. The ones who think they're all going to unite under one banner are really dumb.

White supremacists want the "traditional" values of decades ago when they could control their white wives like cattle. PUA's think they can become "alpha males" by reading dating manuals written by autists. MGTOW's think any interaction with women is bad, even the old style marriage white supremacists defend. Incels think the world is doomed and that there's nothing they can do because they're too ugly.

No. 274401

File: 1533068469431.jpg (68.85 KB, 620x930, epe6p.jpg)

i hate the act that they cast starfire as a black girl for all the reasons above. it doesn't fit the character's original canon look because she's supposed to be "orange". if they wanted a diversity character they could have cast a latina >>274375, asian, or even lighter skinned black/mixed girl with a spray tan.
also i think anytime a black woman is cast for a role, whether the character was race-bent or not, it only hardens the hateboners of angry white boys who think the only female characters they have the status to look at are curvy but fit white girls and smol pale asian waifus.

like i hate tokenism in general, but i also feel most white men (and men in general) think they're too good to enjoy anything anymore unless it fits their specific standards. this is the man hating thread so i wouldn't mind discussing this topic further.

No. 274403

where to MRA's and RedPill dudes fall? are they within the categories listed, or do they have their own unique perspective of what to do about women?

No. 274404

MRA's claim that they most care about divorce laws, child custody, disparity of prison time between men and women and such things, but it's hard to believe them.

Red Pill is PUA on steroids. Their whole ideology is to manipulate, exploit, and subjugate women for their sexual gain. They'll defend any sort of abuse against women.

No. 274406


She could still be dark sinned but bronze. Beast Boy isn't green yet I don't see people chewing Ryan Potter's head off.

No. 274407

aren't most RPers MRAS?

No. 274408

Not really. Red Pill is mostly about sex. Politics aren't their focus.

No. 274409

but most MRAs don't even focus on the actual 'politics' either, because they don't actually care about any of these 'issues' anyways. they're just used as a cudgel against women. i'm pretty sure a lot of them believe the same dumbass shit as MRAs

No. 274411

They don't actually care about men who are raped, men fighting in divorce courts, men in abusive relationships etc. They don't care about the victims, they just hate women and don't want to see them "win" in any capability. The whole movement is about not wanting change, not equality.

No. 274412

Men really have a bizarre and malicious compulsion to police, judge and fucking constantly discuss women's looks. They spend a significant amount of their time just arguing with other men about which woman/race/body type/etc is hottest. Even disregarding how cruel they are, it's such a waste of time and I cannot fathom why they enjoy it so much. Perhaps because male bonding often revolves around hating women together and it makes them feel good to make their all important preferences in a woman known to the world.

We talk about boys occasionally and say we find them qt or ugly but we almost never go into detail or get invested in the discussion. I discuss men's looks even less with irl women. The saddest part is that lolcow does nitpicks women's looks all the time, we've so thoroughly internalized the idea that looks are everything for us.

No. 274419

this is true, starfire could still be dark but glazed in a sparkly orange sheen. plus the other characters weren't super true to their original designs either.
but i still think that guys have an excessive hate boner for black female characters and are too picky. casting could have avoided creating the hate but hey, they're going to do whatever they want to do.

No. 274430

This is so true. They’re very quick to interrupt discussions with “but what about male victims?” but this is the full extent of their activism. I’ve personally never encountered a single MRA who was actually involved with counselling, support groups, education, men’s shelters or anything else that could be considered remotely productive. They’re using male abuse victims to shut women up. That’s it.

No. 274431

speaking of men being too hard on women's looks, does anyone else here think it's unfair that men criticize women for wearing make up? despite the fact that they dedicate entire threads to glorifying images of women and girls who clearly enhance themselves with some form of cosmetics, or even photoshop? and make memes and filters dedicated to highlighting how ugly we supposedly look without make-up?

i've had guy friends and my ex judge me for even wearing the tiniest bit of make up. i literally only wear minimal makeup, mainly to cover dark spots on my face. but one time i had a guy friend, who was over at MY apartment on MY birthday, bust into my bathroom while i was getting ready JUST to tell me that he didn't think i should wear makeup that night. my ex also had the nerve to take his hand and rub my concealer of my face while we were in public, because it triggered him to much. same ex also told me that i could be his physical ideal had it not been for the fact that i wear make-up. (even though he'd seen me without make-up countless times at home.)

"oh well women look better without makeup!" so if that's the case, then what are we supposed to do? show the world our blemishes and other flaws and take on the bullying? or enhance ourselves to heighten our self esteem, only to be called fake? seriously nothing makes these fuckers happy anymore.

No. 274434


Boss Logic made her look so good! When I saw the BTS snaps I literally said 'Oh no.' OT, but this make me howl. https://dcfeed.tumblr.com/post/176154697490/titans-2018

They definitely do, and what even sadder is even guys that are their mirror image are affected. Yet, they hate when it happens to them.

No. 274436

File: 1533072947070.jpg (67.52 KB, 527x720, AnnaStarfire.jpg)

Pic didn't post.

No. 274444

It's just a white male thing, anything backk that doesn't fit their stereotype of that is a threat; actually the mere existence of a black female drives them mad

No. 274449

File: 1533075567469.png (120.41 KB, 841x395, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.18…)

I really hate when I do this to myself but I somehow ended up on TRP and read through some of the comments…this dude and the things he says legitimately worry me.

>punishing female ambition

No. 274450

File: 1533075587231.png (75.87 KB, 809x219, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.18…)

>surrender their agency
>lizard brains

No. 274451

File: 1533075714744.png (118.37 KB, 846x370, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.19…)

And in my opinion the worst one…I had to tap out after this.

I know I shouldn't put stock in anything said on reddit but what do you guys think are the chances of something like this happening? I have no doubt that 99% of men in the country would support this and desire it and that is scary. I mean I know that half the workforce can't be axed overnight but what if they start taking steps to do some shit like this…? Normal people would be powerless to stop it. I know I sound crazy rn, I blame it on staring into the abyss for too long.

No. 274453

In a way it's nice to have them admit to being aware of what's been happening for pretty much forever until recently, and of wanting it too.
It makes it easier to hate them when they don't try to gaslight.

No. 274454

File: 1533075771683.png (100.61 KB, 754x299, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.22…)

One more, less threatening but still shitty. Not like we didn't already know that men view women as incompetent whores.

No. 274455


Also this entire thread is pretty bad save for one comment. Basically blaming certain men's less than ideal career situations on women. Because when men are succeeding it's just nature but when women are succeeding it must be totally artificial and they must not work hard or deserve to be where they are because of that work! It can't possibly be because some women are working harder and are more ambitious than some men, or that these men aren't as talented, intelligent, or hardworking as they believe themselves to be or anything like that…nope, women took their jobs!!1

It's ridiculous. it reminds me of the school argument. When men do better than women in school, they say it's because men are smarter than girls. Period. No room for discussion. But when women are doing better than men, it's because of quotas and preferential treatment and gynocentric conspiracies. They'll never entertain the possibility that MAYBE women can also be intelligent, capable, and hardworking and more than just worthless holes. Like they really cannot even comprehend that or consider it.

No. 274456

this shit is just pure evil to me. why can't they leave us the fuck alone? you don't see women going after men, abusing, raping, harming them half as much as you see men doing it to women - why exactly do they hate us so much? Does a woman having a job that she enjoys, studying something she's passionate about, does that really fucking hurt them?

how is a woman trying to make her own way in life so that she doesn't have to spend it under the boot of some misogynist and can open up opportunities for herself such a fucking crime to men?

No. 274457

File: 1533076651947.png (145.51 KB, 768x473, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.36…)

One more. Can't resist this one. This was in response to a single father of a daughter asking how to raise her within redpill doctrine. It truly makes me want to eat a bullet.

No. 274459

At least it's at -11.

No. 274460

Yeah but most of his other ones aren't….

I'll just link this one because it's huge.

>little girls are now for the first time able to legitimately compete and keep up with men.

He sees that as a problem.
>Unfortunately until federal laws catch up to the crisis, her agency and self sufficiency can only be cut down by woke men willing to hobble ambition in their female children and partners.
This shit is fucking terrifying. Why are men like this? Why can't women just live their lives without their every action being turned into some life-ruining sin that they shouldn't be allowed to pursue?

No. 274461

Why do you go on TRP? Are you unable to stop emotionally self-harming yourself through reading their posts?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should start going on TBP (this is not a good subreddit either, though, as majority of users are male, and while they disagree with the level of misogyny displayed by TRP, they are still sexist and it shows.) to see the more rational responses catered specifically to posts like the ones you've been posting.

The best advice I can give to you or anyone else unable to stop browsing hateful places however is to look for older posts and realize that they've been saying the same thing for years.
I was surprised to see that the screenshots you posted were recent, 7 hours ago recent, because I remember seeing those same words half a year ago, a year ago, and then two years ago. It even goes for as far as 5.

They've been doing the same thing for so long, and they don't plan on stopping. Whether you're reading it or not, nothing will change, so you should probably focus on your own happiness.

When you stop taking this shit at face value, the response to >>274457 becomes "this makes me want to put a bullet through HIS head" instead of yours.

No. 274464

>Why do you go on TRP? Are you unable to stop emotionally self-harming yourself through reading their posts?
Yeah honestly this exactly why. I try to avoid it but sometimes the one subreddit I do visit links to one of their posts to make fun of them and then it sends me down the rabbithole. And then I always end up depressed. I used to go on TBP, actually. But there isn't much difference imo because they still link to TRP posts and you still have to read them.

>They've been doing the same thing for so long, and they don't plan on stopping. Whether you're reading it or not, nothing will change, so you should probably focus on your own happiness.

This is really good advice that I should already be following anon, and I appreciate it. I usually do pretty good avoiding it but sometimes I fall off the wagon and can't help myself.

And sorry if I pissed anyone off by posting these screenshots, it just shocked me so I wanted to share. I know TRP/MGTOW/etc say bad shit but this dude is on a whole other level.

No. 274467

>I was surprised to see that the screenshots you posted were recent, 7 hours ago recent, because I remember seeing those same words half a year ago, a year ago, and then two years ago. It even goes for as far as 5.
Also I forgot to say that I know they've been at it for a long ass time, I guess the reason it seems like it's getting worse to me is because it all feels plausible now. I feel like the misogyny has really been ramped up in mainstream conversation in the past year or two, and it starts to freak me out. These communities and the number of men who want to take women's rights away seems to be growing and growing with no sign of slowing down.

No. 274468

Almost like feminists who have never raised a finger to help women the middle East who get acid thrown in their face over wanting an education, and just use the movement to mob bully and ruin people's lives over "offensive" jokes they made on the internet 10 years ago.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274476

MRAs call the patriarchy a conspiracy theory but at the same time believe there's a worldwide conspiracy against boys in every school system on the planet. Girls outperform boys in almost every country from Africa to America to Europe. East Asia is the only exception. And men think it's all somehow women's fault.

So go ahead men, pour billions of dollars into programs trying to improve boys performance. At the end of the day girls will still outperform boys.

No. 274499

I used to have a problem with compulsively visiting sites like Return of Kings, /r9k/, and subreddits where men would defend their porn addictions tooth and nail and shit on women who weren't comfortable with their partners using it.
I noticed I would usually visit these sites when I was in a bad mental state to begin with and of course reading the rhetoric would only make me feel worse and take the things being said to heart. Particularly when men talked about sexually abused women being 'damaged goods' and that they should be avoided because I was raped as a four year old. You have to try not to give any of the vitriol and things they say any weight. Many of them I believe speak in hyperbole and they are just using women as a beating bag for their frustrations because they are failing in their own lives. I realise the irony of saying this on a man hate thread as I couldn't resist reading through what anons had to say myself, but it is important to not fixate on the bowels of the internet and instead try to spend your time doing things that improve your own quality of life and mental state.

No. 274511

Anything men will do to cut down womens esteem and agency so they can point and scream at other men to say, "see!!! Women can't do anything!! Shes so lowly and inferior!!" …after years of being told how worthless and weak you are for being born female. Then men continue to try and push for the whole barefoot and pregnant chained to a stove agenda.

What makes me sick and cringe at them is how every time incels/mgtows and the like will bring up that women 'love' being told they're weak, they 'love' rape/violence and being a slave a man's dick. How the fuck do they think like that?

No. 274520

File: 1533092874805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.13 KB, 480x567, 6a00d8341c730253ef017c3871ed8e…)

I miss the discussion about gay men in the last thread, I thought it was very interesting. I for one love how they bother shit-tier men, they should get a taste of their own medicine (being treated like a piece of meat just like they treat us). I remember when one of my female friends got asked out by a girl in front of me, all she said was 'sorry, i already have a bf' in a polite manner. I think men would lose their shit if the same thing were to happen to them, given how fragile male ego is. We're not the ones beating and killing lesbians out there.

No. 274523

Tfw we ran through the last thread in only ten days

No. 274528

50 Shades of Grey changed the male perception of women's sexualities.

No. 274532

I wonder if he was beat up by a Muslim or a native French man. I always considered the French society pretty sexually open.

No. 274536

This was in Paris, so definitely Muslim

No. 274538

The "all women secretly fantasize about rape" was a thing far before 50 Shades of Grey popped off. It's been a narrative in malecentric porn (especially hentai) for a very long time.

No. 274547

What makes me angrier than men is the pathetic women who cape/White Knight for them. Like 'all men watch porn lol get over it' 'teehee yeah I'm totally cool with my bf fucking other women it's just natural xD' etc etc
They put so much effort into it and it's sad because men still hate them/don't give a fuck about them

No. 274555

I know exactly how you feel but I still think we need to try be less harsh on women with internalized misogyny, and remind ourselves to have empathy for other women instead of blaming them over the real enemy (men).

But yeah it's easier said than done, handmaidens are infuriating because it's being thrown under the bus by fellow women for the sake of men who hate them. Feels a bit more personal and it fuels male bullshit. One thing I've started to really hate is women shilling shit like old men/'daddys', dad bods, and bdsm with sub women. It's one thing if some fat old man thinks women want him to dom them, it's another if a woman tells him so.

No. 274568

You HAVE to hate yourself if anything this creep is saying turns you on. This is so cringe.
This just sound like a misogynist's dream life.

No. 274573

but plenty of women do enjoy old men and dad bods. it's just idiot men who think one woman liking something means we all do. doesn't mean women should keep their preferences a secret out of fear that some man will misinterpret it. that's gonna happen no matter what.
or do you think women who don't have the same taste as you are all just lying and shilling?

No. 274580

Of course you're right, patriarchy/men are the real enemy here. Radfem ideas are confronting, hard to admit and painful to think about. I can understand rationalizing that 'things aren't so bad' and defending the status quo because that way they will be rewarded, rather than wondering if this is how it has to be. It makes me more sad than angry at the end of the day, I start hoping those women grow a spine for their own sake. I think having a 'cool girl' phase and eventually growing out of it is a rite of passage for many women, myself included haha

No. 274581

>I always considered the French society pretty sexually open.
You wish. You should have seen how people were shitting in each others' mouths when same sex marriage was about to be a thing. Don't forget there are some crazy yet influential Catholics over here too.

It's definitely not impossible.

No. 274582

Nope, nothing makes them happy. They expect women to be perfect pornstars with huge boobs but cute babyface completely free of blemishes and all of it 100% natural. They wanna bitch about our appearance all day but if we care enough to take care of our looks, we're vain bitches who should lighten up and stop worrying (while remaining pretty).

When confronted with the fact that their ideals are insane, their response is to call all women ugly because there's no way it's their standards that are too high and warped. Nope. Reality is the wrong one.

No. 274583

why are you so butthurt about the makeup-filter? it equalises those who use makeup and those who don't.

No. 274584

By shilling I mean actively promoting, not quietly having a preference. But frankly I think that most girls with those preferences have been socialized to lower their standards to appease men. They are FAR too commonly cited as attractive traits when they are objectively not compared to youth and fitness. Men are obsessed with women being younger and smaller so it's unsurprising women would subconsciously aim low to maintain a little power/leverage in the relationship by being the younger, thinner, more attractive one.

No. 274586

Honestly? I sorta love these. I don't give a shit if they hate us and think that we should be kept under their boot, so long as they stop denying the objective fact that we are capable.

I mean, read these again. See that tone? That's not a dismissive tone. That's not a patronizing tone. That's the threatened, terrified tone of someone who knows he's up against a strong foe.

No. 274598

The issue is not that they casted a black woman, it's that they casted a black woman for a character that is NOT a black woman.

If they cast a white girl playing a latino/asian character, it's cultural appropriation, if they cast a black girl for a…alien character that has NOTHING to do with black culture, it's being a racist asshat :^)

They can create a black female character, no problem with that, just don't turn already stablished caracters into blacks for no reason.

No. 274604

Hopefully in the next inevitable live-action reboot, the casting director asks for aliens, preferaby Tamaraneans.

No. 274609

OP here. You guys have been doing a great job of not replying to obvious male bait, I am very proud of you and hope we can continue to keep this clean.

No. 274611

this is exactly right. years and years of having the "hot professor, hot boss, hot older guy" meme shoved in our faces obviously affects women, plus, we're told we need to accept lower and lower standards CONSTANTLY. when i was single, i was discerning but was told by EVERY guy i knew that "i need to lower my standards", when my standards were not unreasonable and were totally achievable, they just want women to believe there aren't any men better than them that would go for us, or that we don't deserve better/won't ever be able to find it. it's untrue.

tl;dr most women who have these old guy kinks are conditioned into it the same way men are conditioned into teen shit, even when teens don't look mature enough to reproduce/don't really have notable secondary sex characteristics that would indicate that they are very fertile. it's all conditioning.

i hate this more than anything tbh. like, i know men will defend porn to their deaths, but to hear crazymaking bullshit from other women? like, really? what the fuck do other women's boundaries wrt porn in relationships matter to you? they will die on that porn hill for men. it pisses me off more than anything tbqh

No. 274620

Just curious but why does the people on lolcow hate MGTOW?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274621

Because they don't go their own way, all they really do is bitch and moan about women.

No. 274628

That sounds pretty cool.

No. 274634

File: 1533127964216.png (413.15 KB, 750x1334, 3376AD74-A659-467F-AD35-7A3E53…)

Why are we being conditioned like this and by whom?
I feel like I’ve definitely fallen into this trap. I’ve always throught it was insecurity on my part because of what I’ve seen in movies and tv, all of which I was far too exposed to growing up.
There’s always the man leaving the wife for someone younger eventually. Or the man married to the overweight woman who ogles the hot, thin chick walking by. And, I know it’s all fiction but, he would cheat on his wife given the chance (or by force if he could get away with it).
So here I am, always dating lower than myself. I’m nkt trying to be conceited but it’s true. I work out to stay fit and date overweight men. I seem to always date 9+ years older. I date criminals over men educated like myself. I’m far too insecure from everything that’s been put out there culturally to date a guy my own age. Maybe it’s deeper than that but the bullshit media we’re given doesn’t help.

No. 274637

I didn't even know about this live action show being a thing. None of them look like the characters at all but Starfire REALLY sticks out as unnecessary and trying way too hard to fit diversity on a character that isn't black. It looks rather sad and pathetic forcing something like this more than a righteous political statement. Especially hilarious considering the fact that Starfire has orange skin and could've been very well suited to even a hispanic, mixed, native american, polynesian, or asian actress which still would've been nice and diverse since they wanted that so bad.

No. 274647

Men have always put huge effort into reminding us how worthless we are if we aren't hot and young, it's ubiquitous. Unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that you either bite the bullet and date down if a lasting relationship and low risk is your main goal, or you Work up some confience, take a chance on a decent guy, and cross your fingers that he doesn't think he's too good for you. Or there's the third option, staying single forever. That is my choice tbh I am way too pessimistic to take risks and way too repulsed by old men and too happy on my own to ever settle.

No. 274668

What's the problem with dating down? There's a good chance that he won't leave or cheat on you if he's dependent on you.

No. 274670

>thinking ugly men don't possess insane sexual entitlement that rivals that of attractive men
lol, i wish life worked that way. that generally only works for women.

No. 274671

File: 1533133863676.jpg (30.15 KB, 500x753, 972462.jpg)

Francisco Lachowski. It went like this:

>girl 1: posts pic

>girl 2: he's so handsome!
>girl 3: ikr, he has the nicest eyes
>girl 4: i've had a crush on him for years

There were only a few messages about him before guys started to passive aggressively ree.

And these guys would spend hours trashing women's looks. They would zoom in on pictures and attack literally every body type out there. Either she was too thin or she was too fat, her boobs were either too small or too saggy etc. They literally viewed women as objects. Ironically, discussions like the ones they had were prohibited, yet it was one male mod that would start them most of the time.

Some of the guys acted like I was their gf and owed them something, it was very uncomfortable. One time I sent a heart emoticon to some people, and this guy DM'd me asking why I didn't send him one. Very weird.

No. 274672

Holy shit I hate those 24/7 BDSM relationships, especially with male dom and female sub. Yeah nothing says respectful, balanced and equal adult relationship than treating your girlfriend like a toddler that has to ask a permission for everything while you borderline abuse her. It's nothing but "women should be submissive, obedient and only speak when spoken to" ideas disguised as something kinky, romantic and desirable.

No. 274675

File: 1533134310812.png (33.87 KB, 806x300, bde.PNG)


No. 274676

File: 1533134326485.png (39.91 KB, 828x439, bd.PNG)

No. 274679

Maybe they cast the best actress for the role. Considering she's not even human it looks like they did an open casting call to actress of other ethnicities. People are just reeeing because she's dark-skinned. It's not her fault her skin colour triggers racists.

No. 274681

You're just as stupid as the people that will vehemently proclaim Kory is black just because some artist used Naomi Campell as a reference model. She fictional. From a fictional extrasterial race with no human analogue. It does not matter who plays her.

There should be more anger over the DaRk aNd EdGy~ tone, the cheap costumes and weak CGI, than over Kory's race. I pictured her lighter too, but once again at the end of the day she's fictional and a human race isn't revelent for her.

>The colourism is so obvious. People are flipping the shit out of Anna's casting, and yet Ryan is a Hapa and fucking… Crickets.

No. 274683

Are you kidding me? I know the people in this thread are a bit delusional, but are you seriously blaming men for your preference for dating CRIMINALS?
Take some fucking responsibility for your actions, you're a grown ass woman.

No. 274685

The people in these threads are all female incels, don't be surprised by their way of thinking.

No. 274687

>female incels
>Have bf, diplomas, jobs and a social life

Try using your brain.

No. 274688

If there's one thing incels might be right about is that women can't be incels.

No. 274690

All that and no personal responsibility.

No. 274693

I have never met a woman in my life who didn't have personal responsibility, but what I have met is men who don't have a drop of responsibility, what are you trying to say

No. 274698

File: 1533137490682.jpg (38.02 KB, 650x381, 1rl2pb.jpg)

>only dates fat old criminals
>iT's tHe MeDiA aNd MeN's fAuLt

No. 274700

As a woman who did "date down"some of the WORST experiences I've ever had is with ugly men. And yes they cheat, act entitled, even sexually harassed other women in front of me, the only thing you can get from them is that they feel lucky to have you but don't act on it since they still go behind your back and pull the >tfw gf doesnt have H tits,a 23 inch waist and beanbag ass, type shit.

The best I've experienced is the big bad chads bots claim will break your heart, from my experience they appreciate and feel lucky to have you, even behind your back, most are loyal and respect boundaries, most will support you if you choose to traditional or not and they don't feel intimidated if you make more

No. 274702

I'm not even the anon who you are talking about who supposedly dates fat criminals (??)
You sound mentally ill, get a grip, or at least know what youre talking about before sperging

No. 274705

Here you go >>274634
Now you sound delusional as well, but I know what to expect from the people in this thread.
The same incel mentality where you just can't do some introspection and see your own flaws and shortcomings.

No. 274708

fyi, what anon is talking about is called "fidelity insurance" and it's practiced by both males and females, i don't think it's the result of anything patriarchal as higher-value men will often date low-value women in order to facilitate a more stable romantic partnership as well (the assumption being that a higher-value partner has more options and is therefore more liable to leave/cheat on them).

also, i agree with >>274700 ugly =! better personality, some of the nicest men i've met are turbochads whilst some of the most vile are physically repulsive so don't intentionally date men who are fat, ugly, old or criminals, you are squandering your youth.

No. 274711

>everyone here is a female incel reeeee
>spergs out over some comment

You can simply leave the thread if the content triggers you.

No. 274712

I did NOT make that post
Again, YOU are the one that's delusional and start attacking me when I just came here and accusing me of making other posts

Mods pls ban this delusional ass incel

No. 274713

Yeah I was OP lol.
And I do take some personal responsibility but I also will stand by the fact that the media influences us and our viewpoints.
Too bad that anon had to embarrass itself even worse than my own personal anecdote. Makes me feel a little better through.

No. 274714

Girl, you date fat old criminals. Nothing that happens here can make you look good in comparison.

No. 274716

If the criminals you've dated were noble swashbuckling buccaneers I would understand, but in no fucking movie or media does anyone ever portray dating criminals as positive. Dating some scumbag isn't exactly as Sopranos.

No. 274719


Not OP of the post but intentionally dating ugly criminals to secure a stable relationship sounds like a major issue with self-confidence as well as disturbed view of relationships with men. Please love yourself, anon. As other anons pointed out, just cause they have major flaws that are red flags for people looking for quality relationships doesn't mean they will not cheat on you.
Dating shit people so you can keep then in your life and cause media told you to (???) does sound crazy.
Pls seek therapy if you are serious.

No. 274720

File: 1533140201073.jpg (76.23 KB, 420x420, bait.jpg)

The fuck you talking about?

>9+ years older overweight criminal
>getting these many replies
Why are you people this easy to troll

No. 274724

There are women so insecure it doesn't even come across as bait at first. Especially on this website.

No. 274730

Completely agree. I’m dating “down” right now and he’s a possessive psychopath that feels entitled to everything, yet can’t even pick up after himself or make the fucking bed in the morning.

My goal is to find a chad bot, at least he’ll be able to swing a hammer. I’m so over dealing with pussyboys that sit on the computer all day and surf /pol.

No. 274731

I was thinking of this video, and what he said about women being happier when they're at home taking care of kids. The thing about that statistic is that it may not be all wrong, BUT it has been really misinterpreted by all these guys who refer to it the most. They usually say that it means women are happier when they stay at home, cooking and cleaning for their man and popping out babies, when it actually meant that both women AND MEN are happier when they don't have to get up every morning and spend eight hours at work, but instead they can stay home and spend time with their family and friends, do chores and have hobbies. It's not about being an obedient little 50's housewife, it's about having more time with your family and yourself, and men enjoy it more or less equally. But of course it's more convenient to twist it to sound like women want to support the traditional lifestyle where they do nothing but cook, clean, take care of kids, say "yes sir, right away sir" and fetch their head-of-the-house husbands his slippers and pipe when he snaps his fingers.

No. 274733

What gets me is back then women HAD to find a guy that could support them, now most women dont care if a guy is rich or not and men complain, if men believe they're oppressed now they'd blow their brains out if they lived in the 50s

No. 274736

ive been cheated on by so many men and every FUCKNG time its with skinny short twig bitches
i snooped on their phones seeing them degrade me to their friends and one shared pics with his friends of cute thin 20 year old girls with perky butts saying how hot she was… im so mad
i want to kill all of them for their retarded preference

No. 274739

These males who want things to go back to the 1950's are so delusional. They would not be able to play their role. Recently I went camping with a large group of people and our tire busted and lo and behold 0 out of 6 of the men knew how to change a tire. I I had to do it. How pathetic.

men just aren't men anymore!

No. 274740

Those women aren't bitches because your sorry excuses for boyfriends cheated on you with them. These disgusting men betrayed these "skinny short twig bitches" just as much as you were betrayed. Men are trash.

No. 274742

They sure aren’t, they’re eunuchs. They act like toddlers and are completely dumbfounded when women aren’t groveling by their feet or even remotely attracted to someone that throws tantrums and can’t even provide a woman with a sense of security. They don’t even know how to mow a fucking lawn. Absolutely useless.

No. 274745

I don't have a problem with people watching porn, I used to get quite jealous when I was younger but then I changed. What I don't like is how it's normalized for guys to watch it, but I'm made to feel dirty or skanky if I watch it myself.
I have been teased for being caught watching porn. If you walked in and a male partner was jerking off to porn 90 percent of them would get mad if you playfully teased them about it.
Men have the same attitude to drugs. One of my exes used to say only girls that are sluts do drugs even though he smoked weed all the time.

No. 274749

This. I've dated hot and ugly and the ugly men are super insecure and think you are cheating especially if you are a lot more attractive or younger than they are.
The hot ones can be insecure and possessive too, but they do it in a different way, the uglier guys tend to use a lot of emotional blackmail.

No. 274750

women can do everything men can
these changing tire and mowing lawn arguments are redundant in 2018

No. 274753

Right, women can do everything and we’re still treated with disrespect. At one point do we continue to tolerate soyboys that demand so much but offer so little in return? If a man isn’t a man, then what purpose does he have for me? I can just find a female roommate then that won’t expect sex in exchange for everything.

No. 274754

and the arguments they make about women are redundant too but that doesn't stop them

anyway literally kys if you're a male and don't know the most basic shit like changing a tire. Fucking pussies.

No. 274755

Eh I wouldn't whiteknight gay men too much, a lot of them are toxic as fuck to women.

No. 274756

I kekked.

No. 274760

girls who look ideal only make men worse and continue the cycle

No. 274763

LARP harder, incel.

No. 274770

'Look ideal'
Just because someone is short and skinny, doesn't mean they perpetuate this shit behaviour in men. It's the men.

I'm basically a thin extremely tall tree and although I get sometimes envious of shorter little dainty chicks, I wouldn't blame the way they look if a partner cheated. I'd chalk it down to the partner being apiece of shit.

Like I get having a weird complex about redheads for a short time if you were cheated on by a redhead, but ya can't blame all redheads for infidelity.

But I could be wrong. Could you elaborate on what you mean by they are continuing the cycle? Not trying to argue, just wanna understand what you mean.

No. 274773

Weird, I've always been cheated on with entitled fat girls men gawk over just because they have big saggy boobs or a butt yet no other decent features

You can always tell how men are from how much they project, I find it funny, as mentioned in the last thread, how they date women of different races and instead of enjoying it they just fetishize them the entire time and insist women of other races are fighting over cheeto neckbeard dick, or when r9k makes nude threads and talk about how they only did it to piss off women and make them jealous, meanwhile its them getting pissy if women dare like a man that aint them, meanwhile they critique women like its their fucking job and insist all women are jealous bitches at each others throats, you can really tell how a man is by how much he projects

No. 274776

This. I got cheated on once with the ugliest girl with horse teeth just because my ex wanted 'variety'. He purely just wanted to cheat.

The other time I got cheated on was with a girl who had eyes too close together and giant cuts on her wrists.

No. 274777

>I can just find a female roommate then that won’t expect sex in exchange for everything

preferable tbh. can we bring back the all-female society thread? I can't find it

No. 274778

I saw that my bf watches some videos of korean girls dancing. They aren't nude or anything but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Videos likes this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xiFgfWnOzE

No. 274779

>I don't have a problem with people watching porn
Why not? I do. Porn is harmful as fuck and nobody should watch it.

No. 274780

Eh… It's kinda bad, he clearly isn't watching this video for the dancing since it's extremely mediocre, only for the cute sexy girl.

No. 274781

If I want a boyfriend I don't want him to watch porn. Thats seriously a deal breaker for me if we're not on the same page about the harmful effects of porn. I feel like I'm going to be forever single in this climate though if I don't let up on it. People make it out like its such a serious over the top demand, too Its insane! but I refuse to date cumbrains.

No. 274784

>men just aren't men anymore!
>If a man isn’t a man, then what purpose does he have for me?
>kys if you're a male and don't know the most basic shit like changing a tire. Fucking pussies.
Kek, are you an inconvenienced tradthot or a are you a male LARPing?

No. 274785

Lol. Everyone can make their own choices but the majority of people don't seem to think about what they are watching and how that is affecting them, or simply don't care in some instances. I remember there was a dark side of the of porn thread here some months ago. We should bring it back. The porn industry is fucking disgusting.

No. 274788

I think those anons are just giving the men who cry about how women ~just aren't how they used to be~ a taste of their own medicine tbh. Its pretty funny cos majority of men do not hold up to their gender stereotypes from the 1950's but expect women to.

No. 274790

I’m neither. I’m a woman that’s become jaded by guys acting like PUSSIES, problem?

No. 274792

>I think those anons are just giving the men who cry about how women ~just aren't how they used to be~ a taste of their own medicine tbh.
Oh, when you say it like that I understand. She still seems batshit, but I get the point.

No. 274793

I'm aware it's harmful, I've just been conditioned to like it.
Like, when I was younger I always found it gross, and like I said before, I used to get quite jealous of it, but I just don't care about it, since I watch it myself and I'd feel like a hypocrite if I told my partner not to watch it.

As long as it's not magazines and films laying aroundor search history coming up with shit or it's overtaking my own sex life or they watch it obsessively, I'm okay with it in a relationship. I'd rather them just keep it private, I'm not really into watching it with partners, i get embarrassed.

Mind you I was groomed with pornographic films by my older brother as a child, and later my first boyfriend who was quite older. I always hated it until I started watching it on my own. So I have a weird like/hate relationship with it.

I feel like I'm quite a sexual person with masturbation ect, but when I'm with someone irl, i get extremely shy and deer in the headlights and feel yucky about sex, even though I'm a somewhat attractive female in my 20's.
So my preference is that if either of us masturbate, it's treated as going to the toilet. You know, done discreetly.

tldr-I know porn is bad but my view is skewed and as long as they aren't a total pig about it, it's whatever to me.

No. 274802

Begone tradthot

No. 274805

i am the anon that >>274583 was replying to, and they didn't bring up the no-makeup filter app, i did (sort of). i'm not butt-hurt about the filter though, cause i know it's just computer generated assumption nonsense. we were just discussing how men have a double standard about women's appearances; make fun of the way we look when we don't fix our flaws, but call us fake over even the most minimal amount of cosmetics.

No. 274808

File: 1533152533374.png (286.35 KB, 921x686, 1533063939489.png)

>my goal is to find a chad bot, at least he’ll be able to swing a hammer. i’m so over dealing with pussyboys that sit on the computer all day and surf /pol.
damn, if only a chad bot actually existed. that could go over really well or really bad kek.
tbh i just want a guy who is a productive member of society, isn't physically repulsive, & doesn't treat me like shit.

No. 274809

Women are expected to look perfect and show no proof they put effort into it

Or even better, men who give shit, none working suggestions to women with their flaws

"Butt not big enough? Do squats" as if doing a few squats will magically turn your butt into an ig model butt
"Acne? Just wash your face!" As if women with acne don't take better care of their skin then they do
Not skinny enough? Eat, too skinny? Eat more
Boobs not big enough? Do push ups and massage them

Its like they think that any minor thing you do to your body can adjust it greatly, no wonder a lot of men sell magic skin whitneing or butt and boob enhancing pills, they think minor adjustments are fucking magic wands

No. 274810

i mean't that i was replying to >>274582, my bad.

>"Acne? Just wash your face!"

this pisses me the fuck off. i got acne before i even started wearing make up. i wear concealer to cover up my dark spots because my skins scars really easily. otherwise i take wonderful care of my skin (removing makeup, washing, full routine, etc). lol they think everything is so simple.

meanwhile, there are incels with the worst quality skin possible complaining about girls not having flawless, pale korean waifu 12-step routine tier faces.

No. 274839

Please fuck off with this "real macho men" shit. It's just as bad as the "muh women are all masculine career-harpies nowadays!! not real women!!"

No. 274850

Why are there virtually no unwilling female virgins yet an ever growing number of unwlling male virgins then if it's supposedly mens standards that are too high?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274852

Where's le proof because I've never met an adult male virgin

No. 274854

Why? You like your men to act like babies? Wtf is wrong with you no wonder guys have more interest in playing video games and eating cheetos nowadays

No. 274855

Have you asked every single adult man you've ever met if he's had sex, and also been able to prove it?

If not, then how can you claim you've never met one?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274859

Thats not proof first of all, second it goes both ways, I assume they arent virgins because almost all men I've known have been in long term relationships or are in one currently, hell I even knew an ugly (acne, glasses, chubby, bowl cut) autistic weeb who got laid and the girl who did it with him confirmed it

I'm sorry but if even that dude and men like tj kirk and all that can get pus, it aint womens fault some men can't get laid

No. 274861

Yeah i like feminine guys, shoot me. Not babies, but i dont like macho tradguys either.

No. 274863

Have you aksed all girls if they're virgins or do you just willinglyl deepthroat everything theredpill tells you and think all girls are riding the "cock carousel"?

No. 274865

'Fidelty insurance' based on age is clearly one sided though. True, men sometimes feel they should settle down with a homely girl to prevent cheating. But they never, ever consider dating an older woman for that sake. It's only ever women who are expected to go for middle aged men, and the disparity in financial security, perceived maturity, etc creates a particularly nasty power imbalance that I find worse than just dating down in looks. God forbid a woman marry an equal in life so they can grow together at the same time, we must be with men who are older and therefore richer, smarter, more authoritative and experienced because we're dumb little girls who need to be told what to do. Apparently.

No. 274873

And that’s your preference. I’m not saying all guys need to be a Chad or Brad appearance wise but what I am saying is I’m coming across more and more guys that scream “cuck” yet can’t manage simple daily household tasks, adult responsibility and even basic hygiene. It’s hard to even find a guy that’s willing to be geniuinely interested in hobbies that don’t revolve around video games or drinking or getting high. It’s frustrating when you’re in your mid 20’s and guys are still acting like they’re children. If I wanted to be a mother, I’d just adopt a fucking kid.

No. 274880

You just said yourself she's orange, a non-naturalistic human colour, therefore she could be played by a black person, too. It's sad that you seem to think any black person cast is a "diversity hire".

No. 274881

So do you believe men who CAN change a tire are therefore justified in looking down on women who can't? That they can say "God women are such helpless babies" when the situation happens in reverse?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274889

Pretty sure the guy that’s capable of changing a tire isn’t going to be looking down on anyone, he’s literally changing a tire because he’s a dude and knows how. I’m not sure what you want me to say? Do you know you’re on the man-hate thread or are you the one LARPing?

No. 274890

he's not changing it BECAUSE he's a dude

No. 274894

so many guys are fucking disgusting, what else is new. its interesting hearing this perspective though. a lot of the bumfucks on discord prefer the bimbo types. they complain the cutesy types are too juvenile for their tastes. god forbid personalities exist outside of appearance lol

No. 274904

Ntayrt but she has caucasian features. Maybe asian, if we count the cartoons which were inspired by anime. I can see her either white or half white half asian

No. 274940

Teen titans already had a black character. Now even that's not enough? They're inserting token black characters into groups that already had natural black characters?

This won't end until entire casts are completely done with black people I swear.(racebaiting)

No. 274943

This is a man-hating thread, not a racist thread.

No. 274971

Cat calling was discussed in an old thread, but it baffles me that men think it's perfectly fine to flirt and creep on women and girls in retail. Women rarely if ever do this to random men/boys in retail, why do so many men think this is okay? I have had my number asked for several times in my workplace, (not humble bragging, I'm average) my friend gets harrassed by a married customer daily. It's so creepy and weird. I've tried speaking about how this annoys me and the reaction from male friends is usually 'i bet you wouldn't be upset if the guy was hot'
It makes no difference how old or attractive they are, it's disgusting and weird to me.
The older men that have daughters and insist on hitting on the teenage cashiers gross me out even more.
Like I get if you have a regular that you hit it off with, but the ones that don't even know you and try that shit creep me out.
I'm at my job, what the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 274979

I work in a restaurant and our one waitress has this old man who's obsessed with her. He comes in every. single. day. before we officially open, he'll wait in the parking lot and watch her walk in. He won't get seated until she comes in if he gets there before her. His daughter had to tell him to stop tipping her so much. He also makes gross comments about all the younger female employees or manages to ""accidentally"" bump into some of us sometimes. Our one hostess is 50 and feisty and she yelled at him the first time he ever tried with her, but he still comes in every day and keeps at it. It's so crazy. Men are so gross.

No. 275006

when worked in retail as a teen i had multiple men flirt with me and compliment me in front of their wives and underage daughters. never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

No. 275080

this is 50% of the reason i’ll never work in retail ever again. the other 50% is that retail managers are almost always miserable middle aged assholes willing to abuse naivety. there were so many fucked up things said to me and my other young female coworkers that managers/bosses couldn’t give a single fuck about. imo working retail is a great way to kill any ounce of joy you could hope to get out of work, unless you’re the kind of person who can soullessly peddle shit and also not care about the fact that creeps see you as subhuman

No. 275133

Anon I thought I'd never meet a man who wouldn't watch porn after my ex turned out to be a porn addict who got off on rape and tranny porn but I am married now to a man who is as disgusted by porn as me. They are rare but I wanted to at least give you hope they exist. So many men are defensive over porn use and act like it's totally normal in a monogamous relationship.

No. 275138

Sort of related to this but when I worked as a supermarket cashier as a teen I served a group of (four) Indian men who were talking to each other in their language while staring at me the whole time. One of them seemed to be translating to the others while asking me questions like how old I was, what school I went to, where I lived, when I got off work, really intrusive personal questions that I tried to either answer vaguely or lie because I was really uncomfortable. When my shift was finished (around 10pm at night) and I walked to the car park to get picked up by my step father I saw them still there loitering around the car park. It makes me wonder what exactly they had planned on doing had I been alone? I had many experiences with being cat-called/asked out while I was at work but this was the worst experience.

No. 275142

No. 275143

File: 1533203799437.png (124.47 KB, 1440x1182, 20180802_115542.png)

No. 275144

That's terrifying anon.
I have an usual name and have had dudes remember it and try and add me on social media.

I also know of a young underage cashier at my workplace that was offered a grand to come home with one of the customers. She wasn't dumb enough to do it luckily.

I have had multiple job offers. Some seemed legit, 3 seemed dodgy as fuck.
Honestly it's disgusting how women and teenage girls get treated in retail. You wouldn't do it to an office worker, so what makes them think they can pull this shit?
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 275145

I worked a couple of seasons in a christmas themed holiday resort where all the employees in contact with customers had to be dressed in costumes and in character as christmas elves. We all had to speak with childish, high pitched voices and always be overly perky and happy, which was fun with the children, but horrible with the parents.

Families would take pictures with us, and several times I experienced the fathers placing themselves next to me or one of my colleagues in an attempt to secretly grope us while the picture was taken. A colleague of mine was pulled aside by a father asking if he could record her elf voice on his phone, because he wanted to "use it for himself later, wink wink".

Our costumes were baggy and shapeless. We had big glue-on noses and looked anything but sexy or appealing. Still these creeps would take it as a challenge to see how far they could go before we broke character.

The fact that some of them were blatantly turned on by grownups acting and talking like children was disgusting. Especially considering how many of them had children themselves.

No. 275153

>be a 10th grader from Bavaria on a trip to Berlin
>wear dirndl for fun
>Chinese tourists take pictures (without asking)
>one old guy poses next to my friend and suddenly grabs her boob while his wife is photographing them

No. 275158

File: 1533206390078.jpg (28.31 KB, 437x431, 1515536342001.jpg)

You should have known better.
Wearing a dirndl turns off the brain of every man and especially in big cities man are pigs.
On the other hand if you come from the country side and never lived in a big city I can't blame you.

No. 275160

I would direct this preverted, old lech to the nearest strip club where he can get all his socializing in (at a cost of course).
I hate when lonely ass men force innocent bystanders into becoming characters in their life for their amusement. He sounds like a strip club customer already. He may have been banned by his daughter for spending too much. Had to find a place with lots of women to be social with. Fucking old pervert.

No. 275164

>grabs her boob
I wish a man would. I would probably go blind with rage and black-out attack.
What did the poor girl do?

No. 275179

I remember when I worked at a supermarket and the boss, some coked up, roided up fucking dickhead cornered me in the back of store and basically just told me I'm ugly cos I don't wear make-up to work and don't do my hair "right". I work as a cashier at a piece of shit place, fuck off I'm not slaving away in the mirror for you people, the audacity. You can bet he would of never done that to any of the male cashiers. Most of them came in looking stank, chewed and busted as fuck and they actually thought they were better than me. Amazing.

No. 275182

I saw an asian man grope his girlfriend in public. She looked really uncomfortable, poor thing. The man was just laughing like it was the most hilarious thing ever. I swear 99% of men are sociopath passing.

No. 275197

Holy shit. We are encouraged to wear purple bras over our uniform on purple bra day (even the men) to raise money for cancer. The comments every year we recieve are disgusting despite being a charity thing with posters everywhere explaining why we wear the purple bras. so every year I just donate and refuse to wear the bra. Same goes for easter. I refuse to wear the bunny ears because of the retarded playboy comments.

I have noticed a change in the way men customers treat me when I wear makeup and do my hair. It makes me mad because I get told I look tired if i dont. Not only that, I work in a store that sells items for predominantly men anyway, I need to have the advice and knowledge. My job has nothing to do with aesthetics. So when I wear makeup and do my hair, I'm treated like eye candy or a bimbo they don't want to ask for help (even though I have over 7 years experience in the field) OR I get called tired or they ask if I'm sick or they think I'm a dyke.

So I can't win.

No. 275208

>the reaction from male friends is usually 'i bet you wouldn't be upset if the guy was hot'
What do they even mean when they say this? Literally no one wants to be bothered sexually/romantically by people they're not even attracted to. Are they saying women should just offer themselves up equally and let any guy slide in because "iT's OnLy fAiR"? Lmao.

No. 275215

That argument is honestly so fucking stupid. No shit people determine their boundaries based on their interest in, or lack thereof, that specific person. If a man lacks the self awareness to judge whether or not he's not attractive enough to get a positive reaction, that's his problem and a risk he chooses to take. When in doubt, don't, but men think women owe them their bodies, time and attention so they always do.

No. 275219

>woman cares for man, despite him being a landwhale with a deformed dick

Meanwhile men are dumping and cheating on women if they're sick, why the hell do men always have to bring gender debates into every single thing ever

No. 275233


Yes they do kek. I had an acquaintance blow up at me all "why do you let other guys touch you and flirt with you but not me? I'm a guy too!"

No. 275250

It's laughable when men say it's good there are so many gay men so 'there'll be more women for us'. As if that suddenly made them attractive.

Guys have this weird sense of entitlement, they think because some guy can get it, he can too. No self awareness.

No. 275272

This reminds me of many men will pretend to support breast cancer research buy only support those 'save the boobies' campaign. Its dehumanizing knowing they support only for tits and not for the women suffering. But then again, just another subtle sign that men all around loathe women even when they're fighting cancer.

>13 yrs of marriage taught me that women cant be trusted
>13 yrs
Over a decade. Just. Dont. Marry. If. You. Dont. Like. The. Idea. How hard is that? Why do they insist on acting like they HAVE to marry someone and thr marriage will be dreadful like this is still early 20th century with arranged marriages. I feel bad for his wife if theyre still together. She should gtfo.

No. 275273

Ot but why can’t they just cut his balls off??? What the hell its not like he’s using them anyways??

No. 275287

stop treating women who are "cool" with those things as stupid naive girls who aren't aware of internalized misogyny. some people put more importance on different things than you.

No. 275302

on that note, wanting all women to be less like themselves and more like you, in hopes that it'll make men treat us better, is both incredibly controlling and once again blames women for men's shitty actions. it's infuriating and it never works anyway.

No. 275314

You can't just cut testicles and be done, he'd need a lifelong hormonal treatment and he'd become infertile. Of course it might have been better to cut them immediately than suffer through 7 years of pain, but they didn't expect the scrotum to become that large, and when it did they thought he'd be able to go through surgery earlier than when he finally did. On top of that they might have wanted their own children down the road.
Plus, it's not easy to permanently remove a part of yourself when you know it can be saved.
Imagine if you have a uterus problem that limits your movements, but you are given the choice between removing it immediately or waiting 1 year for an organ-saving surgery that will save your natural hormone production and make it possible to have children. A lot of women would take the second choice.

No. 275317

If my uterus ballooned to the size of a watermelon with no signs of stopping I would get it removed after the 1 year mark maybe even sooner depending on the rate it was growing. I wouldn’t wait for a miracle surgery and make myself suffer to the point of not being able to live a normal life anymore. I can’t imagne watching your health and quality of life deteriorate for YEARS and choosing to not stop it because “what if”. I’m not trying to be argumentative I just cannot grasp that idea. I’d rather do it and live with the consequences and hormone treatments after if it meant I could go back to functioning to some kind of normal degree. Plus they could save his sperm before doing it/during surgery so he could still have children.

No. 275323

I understand your point of view, I was just trying to explain why he didn't directly go for a complete removal. I think it would be hard for me to go for a uterus removal if I expect a miracle surgery relatively soon (like in 1 year). Of course I don't think it's worth it to waste several years though.

No. 275325

>For all of those wondering, he had an operation to remove it and he can finally wear shorts now and he is so happy. God bless his soul and his wife
Comment from the video. Seems like he's alright now.

I feel like a bad person tbh, I wouldn't be able to support someone like this.

No. 275428

did i take one too many kratom or are you completely incoherent

No. 275435

It's a bot generating comments by using all the comments made in the thread. Kind of like /r/subredditsimulator. It's been doing it in many threads for the past 20 minutes or so.

No. 275467

I used to edit pics of myself for gerard way.

This store is actually quite nice https://imgur.com/gallery/ynkv8 here's a few years from now on.

No. 275499

It's replies like these and with the all female society thread, that if that was the case white women would just replace white men and other races of women especially black women could be out in the lurch.(racebait)

No. 275501

I don't like using my phone's gallery and saw my thousands of screenshots before i reach halfway of it.Pepsi feels more refreshing and has his way with you.

No. 275508

It's creeping me the hell out

No. 275518

Or nah Since the game appears quite popular on the Tod's when I speak to them from their OS.

No. 275530

So we need to wait until it stops? How did this even happen?

No. 275545

>Self-described involuntary celibates, or incels, have been tied to a handful of mass shootings in the past few years. Blaming women and society in general, they feel that their sex-less lives are a direct result of social progress. Joey is 23 and lives in West Palm Beach. He’s identified as an "incel" since late high school, and, for three years, has moderated an incel chatroom tied to the 4chan board /r9k/. Elle Reeve visits him to learn more about this bizarre, and potentially dangerous, subculture

No. 275548

>He’s identified as an "incel" since late high school, and, for three years, has moderated an incel chatroom tied to the 4chan board /r9k/.
>tied to the 4chan board /r9k/.
Putting this on a video that will get a lot of views… Good. I hope the children that'll come ruin that place for good.

No. 275553

I loved reading the Facebook comments for this video. Kek

No. 275563

Anon don't lose hope, it is hard but they do exist! Whatever you do, don't put up with it from any guy, dump them or don't date them and move on. Especially don't take shit from handmaidens who try to tell you it's inevitable. I wish you luck!

No. 275564



>incel since late high school

I'm always amazed by how young many incels are. They just fucking give up and start screeching about killing femoids at 17-18 years old. This shit makes me miss ~le forever alone~ 2011 dweebs.

No. 275565

Samefag but I forgot to say that I am also sick of the attitude that having boundaries in a relationship wrt porn is some kind of crazy high standard/unrealistic expectation. Women need to start standing up to this and make it shameful like it was in the 70s or so.

No. 275570

ily, anon. i support you 100% in this. even on here idk if it's the incel faggots raiding the boards but i've gotten attacked countless times on here for making that one of my non-negotiable dealbreakers and it's unbelievable, let alone irl or other places online. it's a completely reasonable standard/boundary.

it's so funny because you can have literally any like literal padded cell insane preference and people will be like "that's totally your right", but drawing the line at male porn consumption is "soooo crazy and you will be alone forever, you conservative/amish freak! you can't control your boyfriend!!!". anyways, it's totally realistic and doable. i've found a guy like this too, and so have other anons here. for some reason, everyone (women included) want us to believe it's a totally unachievable standard, like we're asking for a winged trillionaire bf that will whisk us up to his cloud castle.

it just kills me that the male entitlement meme is so fucking strong that other women will attack us for even questioning it and for us to have any standards in our relationship that defy disgustingly normalized male sexual entitlement

No. 275592

This. So many young dudes on those incel forums. Crying about being entitled to sex. I have thoroughly been through the forums and their whole attitude pisses me off.
You are in your 20s. Go to a party or try a dating app, fuck!
They sit around on a woman hating forum all day and complain that it's all about looks and that women won't even look their way.
Maybe if they took a shower and actually put in effort like the so called 'stacys' that they want, or for fucks sake, go for someone on their level!
Maybe if you are the wallflower don't pine for the outgoing cheerleader types if you know it is unrealistic. They want what they can't have. Even then, they are young and with hard work could attempt it, but instead they'd rather hate on women for not liking them. Any average or ugly looking woman is no good to them either because apparently the ugly ones are 'used up'
So then maybe…just maybe…if you would rather date the fitness model, perhaps you should either pick up some weights, or get a personality. It's like they want hotties to fall into their lap without any attempt of trying.
Women put in effort to look cute, or at least try to make conversation with the person they are attempting to date.

So many of them hate their own races for lack of sex. I've seen guys on the forums give up on finding sex or a gf because they are indian or black or asian. They seem to think THAT'S the reason they can't get women. Not the toxic fucking negative attitude they have.

Another thing that annoys me…. So sick of guys wanting extremely attractive or way younger women when they aren't rich or attractive or young themselves. I've seen documentaries trying to make out that 50 year old dudes are preyed on by russian dating sites and scammed due to their 'loneliness'

If you are so lonely, I'm sure there are some nice ladies your own age who would like some company, BUT NOOO you need an 18 year old girl from another country.
They don't want an equal, they want a fucktoy.

I once stupidly dated an older man when I was younger. He was ugly and not rich, but intially I liked his sense of humour. I was way out of his league and way younger but at the time, I didn't think of it like that back then. Was that good enough for him? No. He wanted younger. I was 22.
He would constantly look at porn and chat to random girls on tumblr/whatever social media.
I had more money than him. I was better looking. But it was still not good enough. So hypothetically, even IF these incels found the 'ideal' girl, they'd still cheat and want better because women are partners to those types, they don't want a partner. They want a slave. An attractive slave.

I was so naive and stupid back then. I don't hate all men by any means, but the ones that want girls way out of their league that don't have anything to offer in return but entitlement can go die. I was never a superficial person, but now if a man has something like shit breath or something major that is easily fixable and still tries to hit on a younger or more attractive girl, I get so annoyed and instantly judge.
Maybe my experience has turned me into a bitter asshole but hey if I look after my body, my partner should try to look after themselves too. And I'm not talking like a patrick bateman level routine, but for godssake put some fucking effort in.

No. 275610

I really wish I didn’t hate men, I really do, I wish I could GENUINELY believe that men can be as good as women on all levels but the longer I live the more I’m resigning to the proof that men, especially in this latest generation, are just willingly dumbasses.
And I don’t get it at all
I don’t understand and it’s frustrating
How do they have one end of the spectrum claiming men are superior on all fronts then spend an uninterrupted five hours on a sofa covered in Cheeto dust being crusty and blame their disgustingness on what THEY think are better looking guys?
They’re generating their own issues and I am so desperately trying to believe that guys are not blanket-statement-stupid but they just keep sapping my hope in them.
Not only that but I’m finding it more and more true that there’s this huge array of wonderful beautiful women in all shapes and sizes and men just… don’t seem to have a parallel range of beauty
I don’t get it
Why are they so stupid, so lacking in basic common sense and empathy? Why is it so god damn hard for men as a whole to function? Why is there something wrong with even the best of them? Why do such stupid things come out of their mouths?
I don’t get it. I’m frustrated with men, not even for romantic reasons or sexual reasons just in general they are becoming more and more useless

No. 275614

It's because all they care about is sex.

No. 275634

does anyone else want a jordan b peterson thread? he's so milky and embarrassing

No. 275640

>we must be with men who are older and therefore richer, smarter, more authoritative and experienced because we're dumb little girls who need to be told what to do

>we must be with men who are older and therefore on our level because men are retarded and need 60 years to get anywhere near the same level of maturity as a 30 yo woman

No but seriously now, I think a lot of ridiculous one-sided shit men pull fly while the same thing doesn't happen for women because they revolve around things we don't much care about. I've seen plenty of older woman/younger boy couples, but there's nobody saying this dynamic is good and desirable because… well, because nobody really cares. Older men do push the yw/om as desirable, because most men do feel particularly attracted to younger women and think that's desirable. But the opposite is not true for women - we don't have a majority of us lusting after young guys. Or we don't care enough to voice our preferences.

It bothers me that there are so many instances where women could take action and improve their situation, and instead of doing that we just point at reality, pout, and say "see? That's like super unfair. We should not be in that situation."

We shouldn't, but we are, and men don't care - quite the opposite, they like it. Feminism is currently shite because it's based on a female perspective and expects others to respond the same way someone with a female perspective would: with concern for others, empathy, and participation to cater to their needs in order to improve general well-being.

But men don't do that, that's not how they respond. And we know that's not how they respond, it's the thing we're complaining about to begin with. The whole thing becomes absurdly schizophrenic as we keep telling them about our subservient position hoping that they will step out of their dominant position in order to… step out of their dominant position.

It's a catch-22.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I just really hate men and I've been trying to find an effective strategy to deal with it outside the familiar notions of feminism. No success so far. We need a better strategy.

No. 275674

I don't actually mind Jordan Peterson. Gavin mcguiness on the other hand…ugh

No. 275687

It would be very very hard.

No. 275710

File: 1533290145221.png (280.9 KB, 1440x1719, 20180803_114304.png)

Why do black women shit on white women but defend their men?

No. 275712

File: 1533290244914.png (312.44 KB, 1440x1292, 20180803_114356.png)

No. 275719

File: 1533290701951.png (54.45 KB, 304x540, snapchat.png)

I play a lot of Overwatch, was hanging out in custom hangout games chatting on voice. A chill guy friended me from one and later whispered me asking to join in my games, so I said sure. As we play, he asks if I have Snapchat. I immediately expect a dick pic but decide to humor him since I can easily sever ties. He sends me a normal photo of himself. Looks average but forgettable.
He asks me of a pic of me. I send a picture of a screaming possum, then an actual normal photo that I've shared with plenty of people. He says I'm cute. I tell him I'm old and that I'm 30. He says it's not old and he is 24. (I mainly said this in case he was underage or something because I do not sound nor look 30 and tons of kids are on these games.)

Anyway, I get bored of talking and he had disconnected from the game. He asks what I'm doing and I lie and say "about to sleep". Pic related is literally how he IMMEDIATELY RESPONDS.
After what's shown he said "At least", I said "I'm going to sleep" and he said like "awh ok bye" or something. I quickly screenshot and removed him from everything.

It's sad when you think "at LEAST he didn't send me a dick pic.." like that shouldn't be the standard for interacting with men online. Nor should it be the expectation that they will.

I have a lot of other bad experiences with other guys recently (some guy who knows I was in multiple abusive relationships claimed ragequitting a game is similar to leaving an abusive relationship - out of fuckin nowhere), but this is probably the only "amusing" one that comes to mind. Had to share.

No. 275720

Samefag but I feel like I said "sorry" as a way to really convey the message that I was indeed saying No in case he misread or still had the wrong idea.
I know there is no reason for me to have apologized and I honestly shouldn't have.

No. 275735

This annoys me too. Every single time I’ve ever brought up that my fiancé and I don’t watch porn I got swarmed by people insisting that yes he does, he just hides it from me. I explain that he “came out” to me as having no interest in porn at all before I ever even expressed my opinion on it. They insist he’s lying to appease me (and could apparently read my mind on the subject). I point out that we spent 3 years living in a tiny one-room apartment with basically no privacy, they insist he must have watched it on the toilet. He never spends more than a few minutes on the toilet. Well then he must have been watching it while I was in the shower, or at his work. It’s apparently easier for people to believe that a 28-year-old man in a stable relationship watches porn at work than that he doesn’t have an interest in porn at all. That’s just depressing.

Men who don’t care for porn are definitely out there and it’s not an unreasonable standard at all. One problem with finding them might be that, since porn is so normalised, a lack of interest is often interpreted as them being gay or in some other way “dysfunctional”, so they might not be very open about it, especially when there are other men in the room.

No. 275743


Tfw I'm frequently called "faggot" on online games because guys can't comprehend that I'm female. I also get hit on a lot. It sucks, but I actually prefer it from being attacked because I'm female, which happens often as well.

No. 275750

God men on snapchat are neanderthals. Some get extremely mad if you say you aren't into nudes or swapping nudes. Some try the whole 'why not? U might like it' winky face emoji bullshit.

One tried to call me boring because he kept insisting on nudes and I kept refusing. Then when I jokingly said 'nah mate, you're a bit rapey'
he got SOOOO fucking butthurt and started screeching that he's not a rapist ect. I laughed after that and blocked him.

Like I know it's not rape, it's over snap, but I trolled him about it because dudes will be the seediest, most insistent assholes and you call them 'creep' or 'rapey' they get so triggered.

Guys HATE being called creeps. Even if they warrant being called one.

No. 275755

Yeah I hate that stupid monkey emoji he used (he was using it earlier on too which was another red flag - i can't stand guys who try to play innocent like that).

Also I agree and love calling guys creeps or creepy. It legit feels the only "slur" against men (that they actually give two shits about). They get so defensive and act so wounded.

No. 275789

I feel you anon, they always call me boring or prude for not sending nudes. I just want to have a conversation but I guess that doesn't exist for men. Fun things is I always tell them that I'm in a relationship but they don't care. They always come up with the same shitty argument "oh he doesn't need to know" It's ok if you cheat with them but if they ever get cheated on they scream women are worthless cunts.

No. 275796


When did asking for nudes or sending dick pics become so common anyway? I don't remember people talking about that in the mid to late 00s and we already had cameras in phones then.


They tried to make "creep-shaming" a thing in like 2012 or 2013 but it didn't stick like fat-shaming or slut-shaming

No. 275838

Even if I was single, swapping nudes is just not my thing. Not that I'm above it or a prude, it just doesn't stimulate me. Even light sexting could happen with the right conversation, but they are so impatient and fucking weird. It's always age and location, then what you do doing? Then just constant begging for pics.
Like getting a penis snap does absolutely nothing for me. I always ask dudes that send unsolicited dick pics after 'does this approach even work for you?'
It's not that I'm trying to chat with them or reason with them, I just legitimately want to know why they even attempt this because every girl I know hates dick pictures.
I remember some guy added me and kept trying to talk to me and straight off the bat wanted photos. The way he typed seemed incredibly stupid and he was irritating so I ignored him. I thought nothing of it and went to work. After my shift opened his conversation which said bitch you will suck it. No joke he sent me a photo of me with his dick pasted on the picture near my mouth. He had used my photo from my snap story. Needless to say, I blocked him.

No. 275842

I don't understand nudes either. I can't imagine wanking to a picture of a dick. Does absolutely nothing. Dudes will jerk off to a picture of a damn shoulder blade though.

No. 275855

You don't need to justify why you don't send nude photos. To me it's a really dumb decision to make if you're not comfortable with the possible repercussions of it and the popularity of revenge porn is a testament to that. Men can get very vindictive or simply don't respect privacy and will blast your photos to their friends/the internet/whoever if they think they can get away with it. I don't want to sends nudes and I never will even If I'm in a relationship. A simple "no," should suffice and be the end of it without any need for further explanation.

No. 275875

Can we have a thread on the whole "intellectual dark web"incl. JBP? I feel there is a lot of milk to go around

No. 275877

I don’t think they actually believe unsolicited dick pics are a good icebreaker, I think they get off on the act itself, like flashers. The woman doesn’t get a choice in the matter, he’s forcing her to look at his erect genitals and thereby interact with him sexually, and that makes him feel powerful for some fucked up reason. The guy you mentioned clearly used it as a punishment for rejecting him.

No. 275910

Yes and no. Most are creepy exhibitionists, but some other men are purely just dumb selfish dickheads who can't understand why you wouldn't want nudes or want to bat off to them. They can't see past their own desires and don't care to try and find out what actually turns you on, instead just assuming that you will like the same thing that they do.

No. 275921

I would've replied with a castration picture before blocking him, tbh. Fuck people like that.

No. 275939

Like a wise, piss-drinking, wife-beating pedophile once said: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

No. 275959

I would tell him his dick looked weird and that he should get it looked at by a medical professional.

No. 275966

>posts truth

No. 275968

Well pictures of vaginas aren’t very enticing either. Genitalia by itself is generally pretty disgusting. Dudes only want pussy pics as a trophy, vaginas are just as strange looking as dicks.

No. 275972

Because a quick, 2 word google search "feminist volunteering" could have easily proved you very very wrong, but you dont bother because even if every feminist in America shoveled money to help Muslim women people would still insist all feminists are just dumb roasties who want to fuck in public or whatever

You CHOOSE to stay blinded and brainwashed by the bandwagon, not actually think and research for yourself

No. 275974

File: 1533334762190.jpg (260.78 KB, 720x982, 20180803_151738.jpg)

No. 275977

Kind of like how you refuse to acknowledge anything MRAs do and just choose to believe they all just complain online and harass women.

No. 275980

File: 1533335820241.png (Spoiler Image, 264.36 KB, 790x661, the absolute state of men in 2…)

(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 275981

This is…pretty annoying. I have heard of this happening in other places too. Most annoying because those test scores are then used as "evidence" against our intelligence


No. 275986

Recently there has been a lot of talk in my country about how girls have surpassed boys in literally every subject in school and people are absolutely panicking over it, blaming everything from the school system being built "in favor of girls" to biological reasons to "feminist ideologies rotting the system". Despite it very clearly being that boys aren't encouraged to perform well in school and the "boys will be boys" mentality is still in great health, while in turn girls will be scolded and reprimanded for getting bad marks.

Nobody was this invested when girls were still behind of boys, and nobody's interested about the fact that a lot of girls lose interest in STEM fields in their teens despite excelling at the subjects before and being interested in them. Nobody gives a fuck about that. It's just being passed off as a "well girl brains just can't comprehend science!" phenomenon DESPITE surveys proving that the main reason girls abandon science is that they don't have any role models and therefore think they won't make it as girls in STEM. They don't trust their own skills enough. Think back to that chess study, women performed just as well as men when they thought they were having an anonymous match against women who were actually men, and then performing worse when they were having a match against what they thought was male. Women are still suffering of a low self-esteem and an inferiority complex but nobody bats an eye at that. But boys being outnumbered by girls in universities and girls being better at math?! Feminism is ruining the society! We must do something!

No. 275988

tell us what they do - the one rule is you can't mention anything material or related to divorce payments or madeup stories about battered men

No. 275992

The first male philophers and scientists didn't need models to tell them they could or should do it. They simply did it for the sake of thinking and learning.

Many of them faced mockery, threats, imprisonment, exile, or even death for daring to challenge the status quo and conventional knowledge, but they persisted anyways purely out of passion for learning.

But women can't do it because there arent enough female role models? Pfffttt.

No. 275995

Because they dont, and its almost as if the world doesnt hate men and men actually have privilege and now even more since how many are crying oppression


No. 275996

There are female philosophers, a lot of them, history just hates to acknowlege womens achievements unless they're absolutely huge but asspat men for saying nonsensical things

And no, male, you're nothing like male philosophers

No. 276000


Facing resistance towards your novel ideas as an adult male that benefited from rigorous education isn't the same as growing up being told you're innately less intelligent because of your sex.

No. 276001

You bring up a good point, even if you didin't necessarily intend to, though.
I think the problem is not that there are no role models (this is just a symptom), but rather, the problem is the same that is CAUSING the lack of role models. Throughout my life, it has, at least consciously, affected me much more to be constantly put down and told that women are stupid and incompetent. That I shouldn't dare try because if I do and even dare fail once I'll be destroyed, because if I failed it would not be proof that women are human as well, but rather that women are all retarded and I should not have tried in the first place.
I know you won't understand because this doesn't happen to you (not saying individual men don't deal with these things, just that they won't be told they're wrong or bad FOR being male. They'll be judged for their own personal mistakes) but it really leads to eventually resigning and following the path that will at least ensure that you don't get harassed for the rest of your short life, a path with the least amount of males.

No. 276015

Dudes don't even want pussy pics straight up. It has to be pussy plus the rest of you/your face/sexy pose etc.

Next time a dude asks for nudes/sends an unsolicited dick pic, try sending him a close up of a vagina (get one off google or sth) and see what he has to say lmao

No. 276020

..and then once you do make a mistake or fail something, those me couldt wait to point out how useless women are, how retarded they are etc. Its tiring.
Whats the end game in their minds? Have all women admit that men are all grand and better at everything, how women arent good at anything then we all live miserable short lives being reminded of how stupid, worthless and weak we are? Thats just fucking depressing

No. 276021

I was talking to my male friend about bad experiences and he said he's already been forcefully hit on by a gay men, is it bad I thought 'Good, now you know what we have to deal with on a daily basis'?

No. 276032

Unless you're a lesbian getting hit on by dudes, it's not the same thing.

No. 276038

A gay man merely has to look in the direction of a straight man and they think they're been hit on

No. 276045

"Forcefully" in most cases is just a compliment and the dude freaking out about teh gays.

No. 276053


No. 276061

It doesn’t matter whether you’re technically attracted to the sex of the person harassing you, it matters whether they have power over you in that situation. Being straight doesn’t mean all male attention is automatically welcome. I’m a straight woman and in my experience, attractive men are even less willing to back off and just as likely to lash out when rejected.

This is why those buzzfeed videos of women catcalling men don’t make the point they intended to make - men can very easily laugh off unwanted attention from women regardless of attraction level because they know they have nothing to fear. Gay men catcalling straight men is a much better equivalent, because men only feel threatened by other men.

No. 276069

File: 1533372619765.jpg (24.51 KB, 261x320, 1482466996117.jpg)

No. 276070

how are we treated worse in society?

No. 276074

File: 1533373593307.png (128.07 KB, 768x543, 2B4F1639-601B-4539-B113-DADC61…)

but girls don’t outperform boys
more studious, more dedicated to the work

honestly sounds more like they’re right in that the current educational system is more situated around feminine needs when girls get higher grades, but boys ultimately have higher scores to show for it when it matters.

how else could female performance be better than males, yet they have lower scores, unless guys literally just are not trying as hard?

No. 276077

File: 1533373925162.png (265.51 KB, 750x1334, C9EAE310-DB15-403E-AE09-2C99E8…)


Just read this entire article, very interesting. Even as female students take more honors and AP classes and have higher grades, the gap still persists. One would think it would be smaller, and if male students actually deigned to take these extra classes, or study for the higher grades, then their SAT output would be even greater.

some guy in my debate class last year had actually argued this. Male students also outperform females in the reading portion of the SAT, and are only slightly beaten in the writing portion.

and, seeing as how females study and read more, it would again make sense that we’re at least better at that

No. 276079


and all of this information combined with higher education statistics.- where men achieve much more in all but total degree count - reveals an ugly truth

No. 276083

chicken or the egg

are women less intelligent because they are told they are, or are they told they are less intelligent because they are less intelligent?

the correct answer isn’t a part of acceptable modern discourse, contrary to the claims of male oppression rampant here.(How do you do my fellow womyn)

No. 276087

>Whats the end game in their minds? Have all women admit that men are all grand and better at everything, how women arent good at anything then we all live miserable short lives being reminded of how stupid, worthless and weak we are?
That's exactly their goal. They want women to know they're inferior to them. I work in a male-dominated STEM field and every time I make a mistake, it's a "proof" that ALL women are dumb and shouldn't be hired. When I perform well, it's a "proof" that I'm an "exception". It's very tiring to carry the responsibility of my whole gender on my shoulders. I hope girls in the future will get more into STEM and even out the gender imbalance.

This is exactly why straight men hate gay men. They're horrified of the thought of being put into the position where women are on a daily basis, being vulnerable to someone who can overpower them physically and treats them as the receiving/submissive part of sexual interaction. They absolutely can't deal with that which is why they freak the fuck out over anything that can be seen as "gay".

No. 276092

The correct answer is that there are more male geniuses and heroes and more male morons and serial killers, while women and most men are comfortably in the middle with no particular advantage over the other. Men are risk takers and more ambitious, traits which can go very right or very wrong, and that's why they sit at either side of a bell graph more often than women.

No. 276093

I don't get the assertion that education has become more feminized, do people think educational systems were ever favorable to little boys? They were even stricter and meted out harsher punishment like physical abuse.

No. 276095

Therr are only "more male geniuses" because through hisyory, intelligent women were discredited/had their theories stolen (Hedy Lamarr for example) or werr outright slapped down or even killed for their intelligence. Famous women in history ususlly had a father or husband to protect them from too much bullshit like that, and without that penis shield they would have been written out of history too.

No. 276098

Because black men gaslight black women into thinking they don't face sexism and that their only true enemy is racism. A black feminist, or even a womanist, is still kind of a taboo.
Black women are actually more successful and educated than black men on average, on top of doing most of the child-raising on their own (in the US), but the concept that blackness is male-centric and that the only way to be anti-racist is to uplift even the shittiest black men because he's "one of us" is extremely pervasive.
Luckily, not all black women are handmaidens like this, but it's a very widespread, backward train of thought.
At least a white woman can relate to the basic subjugation that comes with being a woman. A black man sees only his struggle as a black man. Just like all other races of men (and people as a whole, to varying degrees on an individual level), to them, everyone else's issues are secondary or even non-existent.

No. 276101

I'll probably be banned for race baiting but I've seen and experienced firsthand racism from woc. And we don't have statistics and what I say is only anecdotal but woc seem to have a strong hard on for bashing white women. I wasn't aware of it until I got into uni. Yet they desperately chase after white guys kek

Hell, even here there are posts with low key white women bashing and they're rarely banned for race baiting.

Plus woc don't consider white women's issues as real which in return made me unsympathetic to any general feminism and also made me associate the spread of misogyny something done by other women, not men.

Sage for off topic.

No. 276109

Because we are told we are black first and women second. Also, a lot of women get off on being "better than" black women and enjoy all the compliments etc which kind of makes you bitter towards other races of women and not give a shit about them. Because at the end of the day most white women enjoy being the standard of beauty even if they won't admit it. You can tell most of them really don't care when black women are getting shat on for being called "ugly" etc they only get mad when people are praising Asian women and start screeching about fetishism even though they have no problem with guys making a fetish out of blonde hair, white skin and light eyes.

No. 276114

Honestly, agreed. I don't ever bash women for being another race, but the amount of times I've seen black women get bashed, completely unprovoked, both online and offline, has made me kind of jaded. Also, whenever anyone has anything nice to say about black girls/women specifically, there's always at least one woman of another race who goes "Umm don't you mean ALL girls?!" even though they're usually quiet whenever we get singled out for negative comments. Wasn't there an entire Twitter hashtag that was like "#RuinABlackGirlsDay" or something? Pretty much no other race of women seems to get specially targeted this way, and no one ever stands up for us, but we're the "bad" ones, I guess.

No. 276122

From recent experience, the white-bashing came from white poc, as in not just white-passing but actually look Caucasian. Never been attacked by a black woman to date.
I don't speak for my race(s) nor do I try and speak for others, but sometimes people just wanna attack a stranger I guess

No. 276123

Yeah like I'd look stupid defending someone who is in the back ground giggling and blushing while guys are calling me a nappy headed masculine man lol
I have nothing against white women though but they really should just use common sense when they wonder why most black women aren't feminists.

No. 276124

Men are definitely less intelligent due to the bloodflow constantly redirected to their loin sausage

No. 276126

lol, i've seen the argument that the problem is that today's education system coddles children too much, while boys need a strong hand.

No. 276128

> Because at the end of the day most white women enjoy being the standard of beauty

Yeah, it's totally white women that set these beauty standards and these standards are absolutely easy to achieve, right? Besides, current beauty standards a la Kim Kardashian are in favour of woc, if anything.

But sure, continue to shit on white women on something they had no control of.

At this point, you're no better than incelshit. But it's easier to be a racist, so you do you.

> they only get mad when people are praising Asian women and start screeching about fetishism

This is something that I'd expect an incel to write but ok. Maybe next time you could post a cherry-picked screenshot of a "mad white roastie" when she sees a wmaf couple or something.

No. 276131

I don't shit on white women but most of them do like being the standard of beauty and enjoy other races of women being shat on in favor of them. Even though they didn't choose to be the standard, they obviously don't want to change it…..Especially the white women who like to date outside their race and weeaboos. No one said white women are angry, it's just they never seem to care about race fetishism unless the fetishism portrays another race of women as better than them. I've never seen a white woman freak out about an Asian guy fetishizing their pale skin and hair.

No. 276135

NAYRT, but maybe if you want black women to see things your way, you shouldn't accuse them of "shitting on you" just for pointing out white women don't exactly have a track record of supporting or defending women of other races (like, let's face it, you just don't, and the fact that you didn't even bother to deny that much and essentially just went "Ok but Kim Kardashian" is kind of telling, lmao) and call them incels.
Even in this thread, no one brought up "[x] women" except a (presumably) non-black anon claiming that black women shit on white women using cherrypicked screenshots (the same thing you're accusing anon of being liable to do).

No. 276139

The standard of beauty is to currently look like a literal sex doll. Huge lips, glossy shiny skin, wigs, unnatural body proportions, spend all time looking pretty wearing pretty dresses, don't say much. It's no race in particular because no live woman looks like she's made of plastic

No. 276140

Who? I've ONLY ever seen woc shit on white women, in fact I've seen the big evil white women stand up when people do shit on woc, the fuck are you talking about, maybe if you live in the 50s but sure as fuck not in 2018

Laci green, the girl who talked about "I'm not the Caucasian for you" when black men shat on black women, even white women I know in real life stood up for woc being called ugly, this.is.not.the.50s.

You think its out of jealous then explain why even other asian women get mad? Praising asian beauty is completely different from "IM GOING TO ENSLAVE ALL THE KPOP WAIFUS THEY ALL CHASE MY WHITE COCK LIKE THE DUMB AIRHEAD THEY ARE IN REVENGE OF WHITE WOMEN!" Most these dudes cant even praise asians without bashing whites along the way,ever think about that and nothing to do with ~le mad white roasties~

No. 276149

Not sure if this is the right thread for this but I'm so tired of how I constantly have to defend myself to men and also women for not having tradthot interests… I'm tired inside

No. 276150

You really want to do this?
The fact that you racked your mind to think of a white woman defending black women, and could only think of Laci Green speaks volumes, too.
I could fill the thread with this shit, and it's obviously not touching all the white women who stay quiet on anti-BW posts or even laugh at them, but mysteriously pop up on "Black girls are so beautiful <3" posts talking about unity.

No. 276151

Those women just hated blacks, not that they're mad they're not the beauty standards, in fact what speaks volumes is the amount of women that spoke out against those racist white girls, but you chose to ignore that
So much for all white women being jealous bitches or whatever

No. 276155

Show me all the white women who spoke out against these things. You also didn't ask for examples about beauty standards (if that was your real point, you worked against yourself by bringing up that you think WoC are favored because of Kim Kardashian - you outed yourself as an example against your own argument of something never happening), you claimed you never saw white women shit on black women, only the other way around. Now you have, and you've even read a news article on a white woman literally trying to poison her black college roommate and shitting on her for how she does her hair. No need to thank me.
If you're only interested in the "beauty standards" side of things, if you like, you can go ahead and show me examples of white women speaking out against whiteness being a main, fetishized beauty standard and black women being shit on. I'm sure they're numerous /s.
Also, "just hated blacks" - Like white women hating their entire race is totally something black women should just ignore and take in stride like it's nothing. Fucking hell.
>So much for all white women being jealous bitches or whatever
Literally who said this?

No. 276157

Women have more in common with other women than with a man of their own race.

We have the same anatomy and emotion styles. We need to all work together to hold all men accountable for their bad behavior and shortcomings.

It’s no coincidence that keeping women down has been in every country and religion’s history. Doesn’t matter the color.

No. 276158

I’m not even that non-gender conforming but even those minor differences feel like a rift when I have to interact in real life. But wonder how much of that is because I’m not cute enough to wave away those differences as “quirks”.

No. 276160

>my personal circle of white women I see irl and online represent all of the white women in the world.

No. 276166

I was the one that made that post, I'm not the one that you're currently arguing with. There may be different anons that share the same experience you know.

I'm not going to post ITT anymore, one reason is that of derailing the thread, the second being that none of us is going to agree to disagree.

But you can freely continue to bash on/hate on white women and justify it due to a few examples that you find on the internet. It's completely healthy to hate an entire group or discard their issues because of what few individuals did.

You'd think that in a man hating thread what MEN consider attractive shouldn't be a dividing tool between women, but alas. Let's hate women for how men think and discard their opinion because some of us are apparently privileged and enjoying these beauty standards.

Any note of sisterhood is such a joke and I'm really bitter about it.

No. 276170

Jesus fuck off with your bitter sperging, this is not the race thread. This is a goddamn man-hating thread.

No. 276171

No one has bashed white women ITT. We actually now have several examples of white women talking negatively about black women (one of them going as far as trying to poison a black woman for no reason), and still neither me or the other anon have attacked white women or said anything negative about them. Have a good day.

No. 276172

Yeah but you never see other women, especially black saying shit about black men. You might be preaching this nonsense here but in real life black women first see themselves as "black" and only then as "women", hence why the black community is way shittier for women than the white one, and if a white woman tries to say anything she's "racist" or this or that because she's white and can't have a saying about that issue.

No. 276174

Tell that to
and their accusations, they started this mess by randomly attacking all black women and using a cherrypicked Twitter screencap.
The thread does need to move on, though, I'm done.

No. 276178

>Any note of sisterhood is such a joke and I'm really bitter about it.

Race always trumps gender. Always. Especially for black women who often times have a complete opposite experience when it comes to female oppression seen as masculine, strong etc when other women are seen as meek, submissive, dainty.

You don't hang around many black women, do you? The black community is pretty fractured because of black women dismissing black men as completely worthless and black men and their handmaidens being mad about that.

Black women see themselves as black first and women second, because that's how the world sees them. Many are just trying to be realistic about themselves.

No. 276182

>But you can freely continue to bash on/hate on white women and justify it due to a few examples that you find on the internet. It's completely healthy to hate an entire group or discard their issues because of what few individuals did.
Do you not realize the irony of someone saying this in a thread like this? Also considering that no one has even said that. The white anons here always get up in arms when women of other races talk about what they experience as if it's really that personal. Reminds me of another group of people…

No. 276183

Are Ankh/Hotep men comparable to the Eurocentric trad movement?

No. 276189

Big yes.
>objectification and dehumanization of women as baby-making machines and wives, under the guise of "tradition" and "cultural pride"
>cheesy, shitty aesthetics that could only come from Amerimutts with little to no grasp of actual culture or history (eg Eurocentric "trads" smashing together all European cultures with a special focus on Nordic culture, Hoteps smashing together all African cultures with a special focus on Egyptian culture)
>both preoccupied with blaming the respective women of their races for the "fall of the [__] race", because we're slutty/gold-diggers/feminists/not God-fearing/too assertive/date outside their race/etc
>both function using insane leaps of logic to justify their racism
>both often make "special exceptions" for women outside their race, but would lose their shit if women did the same
Their objective is to conquer what they view as the "enemy" race(s) to heal their own insecurity and personal shortcomings, and (most importantly) control women.

No. 276202

File: 1533405987046.png (96.34 KB, 903x780, VmhsZuT (1).png)

What do you guys think about this?

No. 276205

Utterly retarded.

No. 276206

He is a retard, men fawn over hot women even if she is a criminal, if more women were criminals/serial killers/murderers men wouldn't give a fuck and would write bllions of jokes saying "she killed a baby but she is hot lolz", this happened with Casey Anthony, and happens every single time a female teacher who had sex with a male student is arrested. His assertion that female sexuality is destructive and evil is the dumbest shit I have ever heard, men are the overwhelming majority of sexual offenders, rapists and pedophiles THIS is destructive, not to mention their gross obsession for girls who are "jailbait".

No. 276209

But that doesn't count because they are destructive toward women, and women aren't human so it doesn't matter. Only crimes and abuse against men is immoral and must be stopped, don't you get it?

No. 276229

There's a thread on /g/ right now called "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" and it's like half criminals, serial killers, nazis, etc.

No. 276230

What other type of men would merit shame? You expect them to say gandhi or some shit?

No. 276231

How does feeling shame excuse it?
Ed Kemper murdered his own mother, his grandparents, and 7 other women. He strangled them, cut off their heads and fucked the exposed neck holes.
And several women's responses to this is "oh yeah, I gotta have sex with him. those are the genes I need to get impregnated with"

No. 276233

I didn't say that it excused it, but what exactly were you expecting to see when you opened that thread?

No. 276234

Idk, some ugly men who aren't actual serial killers maybe?

No. 276236

Between a serial killer and a regular guy with a regular life who do you think that an average woman would choose?

No. 276237

Because it's only us balck people against the world. Mind your business

No. 276241

Well considering the OP pic of that thread is Jeffery Dahmer, another serial killer, just that.

Considering you treat it as perfectly normal and predictable that women want to have sex with serial killers so much I just don't see why you're disagreeing with that guy from the Reddit screencap.

No. 276243

Yup keep up that attitude. This is exactly why black women will always be at an arms length from you and side-eye your feminist shit. We know how you treat black men. Race before sex for us.

No. 276247

If we can't agree then how can you be for black women? This is why feminism in America is a "white" women thing.

No. 276248

Thank you

No. 276249

I didn't say it was normal, it's actually quite abnormal amongst most average women I know. That shit is more common with women who are mentally ill in some way. You should mind what website you're on. :^)

No. 276250

Maybe for you but for us black women thst was never the case.

No. 276256

If any of you want to hate men even more, just look at the comments they leave on accounts like totalfratmove or oldrowoffical instagram. I would post screenshots but I blocked all of the accounts lmao.

No. 276258

You keep thinking its about getting fucking men and it's not. Any black women knows that. If you didn't hate black men you would still hate us. This is why race before gender is important to us. We only had each other and history is our evidence. The only time black women are supported are when we are lumped in with other WOC but keep being blind of your assumptions of us saying "i just want a man's attention/ i want men to see me as pretty too uwu"

No. 276260

I’m happy to hear that black men don’t hold black women inferior to them.

No. 276261

That dude is acting as if women are having sex and dating murderers in droves, how many women do you know who have dated a criminal? I live in a crime ridden third world country and I know exactly 0 women who did, and ones who do (they show up on the news sometimes) are mostly poor women who knew the guy before ge had commited any crime.

No. 276263

Imagine making being single/nobody wanting to touch your junk your whole identity.

I knew of a guy online ten years ago who was like this. When he finally got a girlfriend be tried to escalate the sexual stuff really quickly. The other guys on the board were very sympathetic to him, even though he was famous for writing creepy comments to girls and generally all woe is me stuff.
A pre incel incel, he actually seems not so bad in contrast to the updated version

No. 276266

File: 1533417043881.png (501.26 KB, 971x425, 1528296052128.png)

There just aren't enough criminals to go around so only the top women can afford to get them. All the other women can only admire from a far.

No. 276267

Really? I live in a 3rd world country as well and criminals usually have zero problems getting women. I have men in my family who went to prison and none of them stay single for long.

No. 276268

What women really want

>winged trillionaire bf that will whisk us up to his cloud castle.

Anything less, don't waste your time.

No. 276270

I think criminals are very manipulative and charming, the two main traits that dictate whether a man is single or not. I can't imagine overlooking crimes because of charm which other women seem able to. I think it's the
>It won't happen to me
Thing. You're special and exempt. What people miss in the weird crushes thread is that the same anons post in the fetish thread that they want to do some extremely dominant and violent stuff to their criminal crush. The idea is not that you are abused by him, but that he makes an exception for you or that you can control him.

Idk just adding context to this topic

No. 276272

See: Twilight, where the whole plot is that she's special and he resists temptation to hurt her

No. 276273

Women have no morality or empathy. That's not really adding anything new to the topic, that was common knowledge.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276276

That still sounds very destructive, don't you agree?
Recently I watched a documentary on women with prison boyfriends and even though the women seemed like good and loving people, they were still were with the biggest scum of society. How can a mother of a young daughter go on national TV and say that her child rapist boyfriend is actually a good person and innocent?

No. 276279

I'm not saying that they have trouble getting girlfriends, I'm saying that most women don't date criminals, there is always going to be ones who do.
That guy got viral because he has a nice face (I personally don't find him attractive, especially since he robbed some people) do you see random 42 year old ugly joe who murdered his mother dating a billionaire? It's disgusting but some people are willing to throw out their morals for good looking people.

No. 276287

File: 1533420446746.jpg (169.16 KB, 715x536, 9382726282929.jpg)

Well, it's a paraphilia. People with normal desires don't generally understand why people with scat fetishes love to eat shit but they still do what they do…
It's a similar case here.
The fact that only women can be hybristopholiac is a meme though. The man Jodia Arias married while she was in prison swore up and down that she was innocent and a good woman too.

No. 276289

>men are rapists and murderers
>some women are romanticaly involved with them
>therefore it's women who lack empathy and morality
>not the rapists and murderers
You can't make this shit up.

No. 276290

Uhhhh, what do these guys even want? A society where only one man reproduces for every 17 women? But no, they whine because Chad gets all the girls. Well Neolithic Chad got all the girls too, and Neolithcels had to deal with it. Do they think if women had no say in choosing their partners, and it all came down to inter-male competition, that they could outcompete Chad? No, so maybe they should just learn their place as non-reproducing men, in the proud tradition of the folk who built our great civilization 10k years ago.

No. 276291

Very few men are rapists and murderers but most women are attracted by a man being violent.

No. 276292

Very few men are rapists and murderers
Good one retard

No. 276296

Oh I forgot looking at a woman is rape nowadays. So sorry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276299

don't reply to retards like him, they're beyond help

No. 276300

kek, is this an incel or are you mocking them?

No. 276307


the math gender gap isn't universal. math is stigmatized and girls are taught they cannot compete with boys and are mathematically handicapped from day 1 in US. one shitty graph about one specific US test doesn't mean anything and is so ignorant of the whole truth.

No. 276314

Where exactly are girls being stigmatized against math? Where in any media do you see things that would stigmatize you against math? Because all I ever see is boys being depicted as stupid and girls as smart. Where is anyone publicly saying girls are bad at math and shouldn't learn it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276320


I got curious and skimmed through his reddit history. He basically wants a society where ugly men are systematically rewarded with sex and love in exchange for good behavior (his words not mine) and criminals/sociopaths gets zero poon ever even if they're chad male model-tier. Rejecting a nice ugly man for sex is robbing him of his full potential, and sending him the message that he's subhuman; we're driving them to despair and turning them into monsters with our amoral bad-boy loving ways. I think rather than women having no choices he'd rather have us strictly police each other not to fuck chad thugs, for the good of society. Claims he's a former feminist and would be okay living in a female-lead society in those conditions.

No. 276326

W4ell , I'd be ok with ridding the population of all men (and women) who digress from humanity (e.g. murderers, rapists, child molesters), regardless of their physical attractivity. We can give it a try and see how it turns out. Guys who write diatribes about the evil of womankind are however excluded as "nice guys" and don't get rewarded. Them's the rules.

No. 276327

That's what I meant further up the thread. Even if their was an all female society, there would still be racism.

No. 276329

They pick those women that send love letters/get married to criminals and extrapolate that to the whole female population.

No. 276331

Aww gee I dunno. Ruling society sounds nice, but having to give up fucking Chads? I don't think anything is worth that.

No. 276333

>The fact that only women can be hybristopholiac is a meme though.
It is mostly women.

No. 276335

It's fucking stupid how they always bemoan the fact that they're 17-21 year old virgins. Jesus guys, you're still fucking young. Why do you need to ride yourself off and put so much unneeded pressure on yourself?

No. 276339

Maybe stop shaming it so hard and men would be less obsessed with trying to lose it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276340

Kill yourself virgin.

No. 276341

I don't. It's usually other men that do that. I would only be concerned by a 'late' virgin if they were incel or incel-adjacent.

No. 276346

File: 1533428053784.jpg (203.68 KB, 720x1108, bittermen.jpg)

Is anyone seriously scared by all this woman hate that has increased in the past few years? I feel like it really increased from 2015 onward if not before. I'm so fearful of it, I feel like it's part of my everyday life now. I can't think of it as just being on the internet. A lot of people keep telling me that it's just some assholes on the internet being bitter men and that I don't need to worry IRL but I'm fucking scared. I can't even watch a fucking youtube video without seeing comments like pic related. I don't bat an eye at seeing woman hate on places like 4chan but it's actually everywhere now. Everywhere. There's youtube videos with millions of views talking about how shit women are and how we destroy civilizations. And these videos have massive support. It may just "be on the internet" but these people on the internet have influence. I'm scared for the future generations of girls.
How do we coexist with a male generation that says this stuff freely with no remorse and has such a strong vendetta against us?

No. 276349

Women don't "shame" virgins. When we avoid them it's not out of malice. Male virgins are usually fucked up.

Many male virgins are mentally ill. Dating one if a big chore and often they will try to bring you down as well. They think they're much better than all the "Chad's" but when they get a chance with a girl they usually fuck it up even worse than a normal guy would.

Sex is more complicated for women. You can't blame women for picking a guy who knows what he's doing over a guy who doesn't. Men can orgasm pretty much every time, for women it's harder.

They're often misogynistic and entitled. Porn messes with their brains and they have impossible standards for women. Now that groups like incels can show their claws online, you see that they aren't just a group of socially awkward guys. They hate women.

No. 276353

And most criminals are men, seems proportional

No. 276354

My male Lyft driver asked if he could step out to get something to eat, but I said no.

Eat off the clock, scrotoid.

How did you all inconvenience a male today?

No. 276358

Who does that? It’s not like you’re going on a 6 hour drive where he would be entitled to a lunch. Bring snacks in your fucking car, dude.
I hope you gave hime a shit rating if thats a thing. Inexcusable frankly.

No. 276359

Have you considered you might just be getting more hateable, and not that the world is just hating you more for no reason?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276360

>work a job where you pick your own hours on demand
>decide you should eat when you are working hours you chose with a customer present
Maybe he was making an overture/flirting though. Even worse.

Also, remember not to reply to men ladies. There seem to be some hanging around now.

No. 276372

>emotion styles
ehh idk about that

No. 276376

there are at least as many rapist/killer males as there are hybristophiliac women

No. 276377

This is what I don't get, these men want good, "nice", "moral" behavior to be the #1 standard for reproduction, but they… want an insane, cruel, absolutely immoral system to enforce it?

Do they even listen to themselves? Their objective is clearly not to make things better or enforce a good moral code, their wish is to stay exactly the way they are and get rewarded for it just because they didn't do something they'd never do anyway.

Imagine being so bitter and jealous and so absolutely pathetic you expect all of society to change so that the people who don't deserve the thing you want get deprived of it

No. 276378

tell that to your fellow men

No. 276379

immorality only counts when it inconvenieces men. if women are being treated like second class citizens, that's completely moral and just because women aren't fully human. /s obviously but i bet it's been written without a trace of irony before.

No. 276382

It's insanely cruel to want women to not exclusively want to fuck violent bullies and criminals?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276389

>we're so logical and smart. our thought is so complex and elevated. our mental faculties are so deep and sophisticated, women absolutely cannot compete.

Also men:
>this one piece of data (that I'm biased towards due to my being emotionally compelled to favor it - since it confirms my previously established beliefs and all) is enough proof that all of my beliefs are true. No other factors need considering. The exact link between correlation and causation needs no examining. The other shit I believe in that isn't directly related to this particular subject are chain-confirmed as well.

>Yup. Us males. Very logical and complex.

No. 276390

Women don't exclusively go for that type of man though, you're just a shut-in and only consider evidence that confirms your bias. Also stop ban evading you fucking faggot.

No. 276393

Yes, indeed it is. Just the fact that you can even ask that question is enough proof that you see women as objects. The fuck makes you think you should have a say on what people do to themselves and their lives? Let alone force them to live the exact way you think they should?

When women ask men not to support porn because it's directly harmful for us they flip their shit because reeee how dare you tell me what to do. But forcing women to do/not do what men want even though it doesn't even directly affect them? A-ok. Women aren't even people, why would it be wrong or cruel to control them?

No. 276400

Fucking bullies and criminals directly encourages more violent behavior because they learn "wow so not only can I hurt and steal and murder people but women throw themselves at me? Awesome". On top of also spreading their violent genes.
Don't get me wrong, from an evolutionary perspective I can understand why you just want the most violent men you can get your hands on. But we aren't cavemen fighting just to survive everyday so maybe if women's brains could catch up a couple thousand years that'd be nice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276404

don't feed the scrot

No. 276406

>all women are the same they all are hybristophiliacs
I want the weakest, tiniest, most beta man your gender can offer, but I also can't stop some women from fucking criminals. What's your recommendation? Some ideas I have are banning any communication with the outside world from prison, as well as having a law in place to stop violent criminals from having any relationships if they get probation. This seems fair to me and is not overbearing towards women in a way that infantalizes us.
This is all useless hypothetical, of course. I have as much of a chance of getting this idea to any government as you do. And I also can't order fellow women to stop getting crushes on murderers, just as you can't stop those men from murdering.

No. 276408

>having sex with immoral men encourages men to be immoral
>women are responsible for men's actions
You do realize that the underlying reasoning here is that the pursuit of sex is more important than being a good person, yes? That if you're committing crimes because it will get your peepee wet you have no room to accuse anyone of being uncivilized?

Because if you want to put the blame for violent crime on women you necessarily need to believe women are the ones in charge of men's actions, and men are nothing but slaves to the their cocks. I mean, if you want the "irrational animal slave to his instincts and unable to act civilized" status, by all means, go ahead. Because that's what you're claiming you are when you say women are to blame for men's actions: we're the rational ones, not you.

No. 276410

Well I'd say it's the men who don't let their lives be ruled by pussy, the Nikola Teslas of the world, who are mostly responsible for all the innovations that have lead us to our modern society.

But for the others, yeah you're right, all the bad shit in the world is mostly women's fault. Ever read Macbeth? Good example of this.(bait)

No. 276413

Fuck you're dumb. You can't assign blame to women then in the same breath say we fuck Chads because we're ruled by our instincts and in the exact same breath also say men are ruled by their instincts except we're at fault but they're not.

You're literally saying both men and women pull the same shit but only one of them is to blame. That's either
>1. illogical and retarded, proving that men's "logic" is nothing but an attempt to sooth their feefees
>2. based on some belief that women are capable of overcoming their instincts but men are not

Whichever you choose, you're making men look bad. I suggest you take that last ban as an opportunity to contemplate how utterly stupid you are.

No. 276414

The good things in the world are from men who could rise above their instincts.
The bad things in the world come from women, encouraging and breeding the violent men.

Basically it's that at least a chunk of men can overcome their instincts, but basically no women can.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276417

Number 1, then? Good choice. May your feefees be at ease, brainlet

No. 276418

Are you implying that women who marry/mate with law abiding men are a statistical minority? Sauce, please.
You also haven't offered any solutions yourself or replied to my idea to ban criminals from relationships and children.

No. 276419

The scrot has such a hard-on for Tesla but Tesla didn't "overcome his instincts", he was just a megasperg. Just be gay if you hate women so much. It's fine.

No. 276420

File: 1533445760438.jpeg (39.38 KB, 600x600, 302CC049-1A07-489E-9A9F-5932B6…)

It’s funny. This’s argument is the closest thing you’ll ever get to sex with a woman.

No. 276422

Why do you guys waste your time arguing with males, specifically incels? They're defective, irredeemably stupid, and worthless. If you must interact with them, you should be reminding them of that, not trying to smack sense into them.

No. 276423

Maybe I should just go murder and cannibalize 17 people. Then the ladies would just be throwing themselves at me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276424

he was literally severely mentally ill, but actually a good person, unlike these retards, who he couldn't have less in common with.

right, and most normie men have relationships, are married w children, etc. so which is it, that male criminals are so uncommon and that males who offend are so rare, or that all of these men in relationships are criminals, because that's all women want and mate with? kek

No. 276426

I've been receiving messages from a childhood friend since my grandpa passed away this morning. I haven't talked to him in a long long time, we barely see each other. At first he seemed like he was being just thoughtful asking if I was okay but I can't shake off this feeling he wants me to go cry on his shoulder so he can comfort me or something. I told him I'm fine, that I'm with my family now and he keeps being so persistent to the point I'm getting annoyed at him. Maybe I'm being paranoid but something similar happened to a friend of mine, she dated the greasiest motherfucker after getting dumped by her chad bf. It all started with him being kind and thoughtful and 'comforting' her. His intentions were pretty clear to me and everyone else except her due to her bad mental state at the time. Besides being an incel and disgusting weeb he didn't even let his sister wear shorts or skirts when going out, that's how bad he was. I seriously hope my friend isn't preying on me in the same way.

No. 276428

>Don't get me wrong, from an evolutionary perspective I can understand why you just want the most violent men you can get your hands on. But we aren't cavemen fighting just to survive everyday so maybe if women's brains could catch up a couple thousand years that'd be nice.
This is why a female controlled society would regress back to stone age LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276429


Even if we successfully clamjam the entire population of hybristophiliacs, that won't automatically make anon desirable, which is what he really wants.

He specifically believes that the male world is divided between sexy Chad scum and quasimodo tier nice men, and that looks are all that women care about and that's why they make amoral choices in dating. Removing the chads does fuck all for his supposedly hideous looks, especially if women's preferences are actually hardwired into their brains. Women loathe ugly men so much they'd rather fuck criminals and throw the world into ruin, but ruining that same world through ceasing all reproduction instead is too implausible, so they'll magically learn to love uggos for the sake of maintaining the species? Not by his logic.

Which he realises so now he's abandonned his retarded chad/uggo dichotomy and is arguing that it's purely about violence and that if he kills a bunch of people he'll suddenly become attractive and get pussy. I don't think he's gonna answer your question.

No. 276431

I'm the anon who was arguing with him and tbh I was trying to see if the little vermin was even able to reason at all - notice I didn't disagree with anything he said, I just analyzed it and spelled out what's implicit in what he thinks.

Not surprised to find that your average incel is dumber than a brick and incapable of coming up with arguments. He just kept parroting the same shit over and over kek

No. 276441

As tedious as arguing with incels is, you just know that they leave the board thinking they've blown our tiny feminine minds with their superior logic and infallible arguments if we don't respond. And when we ban them, they think we've been so btfo we can't even handle their truth bombs. In reality we just find them tiresome and repetitive, and we know perfectly well they will never, ever change their minds or try to see things from a different perspective.

Anyway I try my best not to respond but I'm sure many of us find it hard to resist at times out of pride and being amazed at the retarded shit they spew.

No. 276452

This is why I'm a little bit scared of living with two men in my uni flat. I don't know if they're women haters. People might think its silly, but it's dampening my excitement.

No. 276466

File: 1533466351814.jpg (92.44 KB, 1200x630, tmg-facebook_social.jpg)

Look at their faces at 2:50
How self absorbed do you have to be to think ou have "super sperm". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px-Lm3meF_w

No. 276471

Most men are nutheads full of themselves and think the world revolves around them, just look at mgtow, I assume spoiling as a kid has a lot to do with it

Don't, almost every time I've seen a woman room with males its always blew into flames

No. 276472

This tbh, I knew men that specifically found women hot if she was a criminal, isn't it funny how men insist all women like criminals but ignore how many men want "crazy bitches" and fetishize mentally ill women? Or those posts on twitter about how its fun to date crazy girls because "you might wake up dead might wake up with head", the amount of dudes that fetishize lilth for being psychotic

But the best part is. When a woman gets hurt by her SO, everyone goes into a rant about how she "probably" liked bad boys, and had it coming, some even talk about how she "gets herself murdered" but when a man experiences first hand with a crazy girl, he gets all the sympathy and asspats in the world, even if he himself purposely wanted a crazy girl

What boggles my mind is men insisting they're oppressed and screaming "if the roles were reversed!" Any chance they get despite when the roles were reversed, the results were 100% opposite of what they claim

No. 276480

Men place 100% of the blame and responsibility on women in a relationship. If she is with a shitty guy who cheats, she's a dumb slut who made bad choices and deserves what she gets. If a guy is with a shitty girl who cheats, she's an evil slut and he's a victim.

Really, it's just their mental gymnastics to justify being butthurt that any girl dated any guy but him, the specific indiviual who is complaining. Every man thinks he is the best and should be the only correct choice, and they are extremely resentful and bitter when a woman chooses otherwise.

No. 276499

Isn't it funny how men can justify their fucked up fetishes and behaviors (attraction to young girls, rape, violence, etc.) with evolution and caveman instincts, and it's always the same "that's just how nature intended, we can't help it but that doesn't mean we're any less intelligent!". But somehow the same doesn't apply to women. The moment a handful of women want to fuck violent criminals or something it makes us all just dumb animals, driven by nothing but desires and monkey brains.

No. 276503

File: 1533481277579.jpg (36.25 KB, 580x435, zhmbq.jpg)

>that's just how nature intended, we can't help it but that doesn't mean we're any less intelligent!

mfw they actually believe this

No. 276513

i never got how some men think that women get off on violent, misogynistic, macho assholes. maybe if they're under 18 and trying to be rebellious, otherwise i've never met a single woman who willfully got into a relationship with a dude they previously knew was problematic.

like i have a coworker who is a proper chad, looks-wise. he is 6'4' , very beefy and athletic, blonde hair, huge penis (that dick outline doesn't lie gurlz). very attractive overall. he's quite smart, educated, owns a house, financially stable, is an artist etc… i used to have a huge crush on him and he would constantly flirt with me and become progressively more and more touchy-feely with me as time went on, even though i didn't initiate any of it. once i got to know him more, i completely lost interest in him because i figured out his weird stances on women. the way he talks about them sometimes is disgusting. he always talks about alpha-ness and you can see he tries so hard to be percieved as dominant. he said how he thinks girls shouldn't swear at all while i always hear him raging and using every single swear word in the book literally every day at work. he also insinuated how single mothers are 'meh whatever' but single fathers should be congratulated and put on a pedestal bc BrAvErY~. us coworkers went out one time and got super drunk and i cried for like 30 seconds for whatever reason and he just asked me later 'what kind of female type shit was that' and tried to make out with me afterwards lol. i'm 21 and he always makes comments on how i look 17 and calls me 'kid' and 'typical millennial' which completely creeped me out being that he's 30 and still making sexual advances every day at work. not to mention he's also borderline racist which goes hand in hand with hating women seems like. he never looks a woman in the eye while conversing with one. constant subtle objectification. constantly joking about PMS and periods and how women are 'too emotinal and bipolar'. sometimes ignores me even though i clearly ask 3 times (and stand right next to him) just to show 'dominance'. just complete disrespect always. we are both 3D modelers and texture artists and he feels a bit threatened so he often tries to subtly insult my art while showing off his projects as if they're hot shit. insinuates how he's gonna fuck a bunch of poor prostitutes while traveling but then says 'haha im joking why would i want someone who has had the entirety of europe run through her' and then says he'll fuck virgins in indonesia instead.

if TRP and incel theories about women were correct then i should be head over heels with this guy? as i said i used to have a major crush before i saw this 'macho testosterone chad' side. such a waste of perfectly good penis tbh.

on the other side he isn't really mean spirited, just backwards i guess. i owe a lot of my success in this industry to him because he helped me tremendously while i was interning, although i doubt he would have been so helpful had he not found me attractive. i just don't wanna sound like an ungrateful bitch because he's not evil or even mean. just that incredibly annoying ReDpiLlEd manchild type. its just such a shame that women don't actually like assholes cuz this guy would be a dream come true lemme tell ya.
sage for blog

No. 276517

Its part of their fantasy that they treat women badly and have them chase them, so they pretty much wanna keep repeating a lie until its true

Reality is most women(yes trps, even your waifus) will run far if a dude was some batshit crazy misogynist, at least the quality ones will run anyway

No. 276520

Sorry, I'm going to go a bit off topic if you don't mind.

How did you get to become 3d modeller? Which tools or software do you use? Any general advice?

It's my dream to work in that field. I've been taking some courses on Udemy and following tutorials.

No. 276523

A coworker of mine knowingly got into a relationship with an asshole, but apparently he’d have these moments of being super sweet and loving when they were alone together which made her feel special and believe she could change him. Now they have a child together and another one on the way and she keeps insisting that while yeah okay he’s still kind of a douche right now, he'll totally change once she gives birth to his son! I doubt it, to be honest. They remind me of Lainey and Onion.

No. 276524

File: 1533484523502.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454 (1).png)

Why do men hate womens bodies so much? I know men have always been awful,but at least back then they didnt have a long list of demands for womens bodies before they can actually appreciate the womans body

Men are dumping women for not having large butts or boobs, and women are creaming over dadbods and averagesque dudes, but its apparently us who have insane standards for men

No. 276530

File: 1533486885340.jpg (116.63 KB, 470x750, 2866167-0155201349-tumbl.jpg)


Like women don't pull that shit, get off your fucking high horse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276531

k e k begone, you smelly little manlet

No. 276533

File: 1533487179818.jpg (66.44 KB, 356x374, girl.jpg)

>believe she could change him

Right there, that is exactly the reason why some women stick around and I find it so upsetting.
They're never gonna change, EVER. Like, girl you're better than that, just leave.

No. 276541

Just a few posts up a female was lamenting how a "huge penis" went to waste because it was on a person with bad personality. Not like both genders aren't objectifying one another.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276544

As if women do that nearly as often as men. So often men's response to criticisms of their behavior is just to point out a few examples of women doing it. Never mind that men do that shit like that 10x as much. Deflect deflect deflect

No. 276545

I'm actually looking forward to the so called "robot girlfriends". Men will finally leave women alone.
Too bad it won't happen anytime soon.

No. 276546


Same so I don't have to deal with you vapid cunts just for pussy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276547

And? How about the dozens of other women he's fucked? How many of your co-workers alone has he fucked? So what exactly are you trying to prove by saying you only KINDA wanted to fuck him too? Hell the way you talk about him you clearly still want to fuck him deep down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276554

Why does your kind even bother coming here?
Hire a prostitute or jerk it off, but fuck off from this site, you winy bitch.

No. 276558

It has gotten especially bad this year. Gender relations in the West are so fucked these days, and it's only going to get worse.

No. 276563

Not liking short guys =/= demanding your SO to undergo dangerous procedures under means of ghosting her and threatening to break up if she didnt "get bigger boobs"

No. 276565

I would want a robot bf tbh, but he has to have a personality, I don't think that type of technology will be available in my lifetime.
Also, why the fuck do these males keep coming here?

No. 276577

I wouldnt. If ever youre off the grid bc of emergency or it breaks down, youre fucked and out your life partner. Plus, trying to replace human companionship with that kind of stuff just sounds super icky to me. The issue, of course, is that in general men are about as useful and emotionally dependable as a long dead salamander, but a robot couldnt beat a mostly ideal human partner, imo. Not that it matters to men, but robot movement isnt great yet, and and even in future, im sure the first shitty sexbot companions will have the gracefulness of a Parkinson's afflicted duck. I cant get wet to that shit. The bf bot would have to do more than be able to mamage a few movements with considerable fluidity. Otherwise I'd just be hyper reminded of how pathetic, disgusting, and just generally depressing, it is to be fucking a robot.

No. 276579

men would LOVE it if we objectified them as often as they do

No. 276601

They'll never leave women alone. Look at Kenya. Women had their own village and they were still harassed by men simply for being on their own. Its power men get off of. They could all buy a sexdoll right this moment and not bother any woman for the rest of their lives yet nope. It doesnt happen because they cant get the same reaction out of a doll than a human being. Best thing to do is just ignore them and do things that make you happy.

No. 276606

yeah i have openly said he is attractive. i'd 100% be down to fuck if he wasn't such a misogynist weirdo. i don't know about the other woman he's had relations with, as far as i know there haven't been many because of his conservative stance. he is just saying dumb objectifying shit to seem more masculine. and he hasn't fucked anyone at my job because we only have 2 more females, one is married with children, the other one is quite hated in the studio and doesn't hang with us a lot. but it would make more sense for him to hit on them (they're 30+) rather than someone he calls a 'kid'. why are men so masochistic to keep coming back to a man-hating thread lmao

i was always into 3d art because of gaming. however because i was pressured to go to college for something on the completely opposite side of the spectrum (politics) i wasn't able to do much else except for cry and pull all nighters. so when i dropped out i started training for CGI on my own, and after acquiring enough skill, i started to intern for my dad's VFX studio and collab with other post-production studios. i'm transitioning into the gaming industry by the end of the year. i recommend you pay for the membership at pluralsight (also i heard lynda is good too but havent tried it). there's literally everything you need there, so many in depth tutorials on pretty much every program you'd need in the biz.
i work in 3d Maya and ZBrush, and am independently learning to work with unreal engine (also on pluralsight). just a small tip from me- dont use blender. hope i helped!:)

No. 276607

Because those men still want sex from them. I hope that one day most men would rather have sex with a robot than with a woman. That should do the trick.

No. 276611

> however because i was pressured to go to college for something on the completely opposite side of the spectrum (politics)

Exactly the same story. It felt so wrong wasting time there when I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do, even for the sake of just getting a degree.

I'm currently working as a web dev but I've been doing 3d modelling in my spare time.

> dont use blender

kek, kind of too late but I'll follow your advice, I'm getting myself a Pluralsight subscription after this post and thanks for all the tips.

Your story is inspirational, I hope I make it too minus the misogynistic coworker of course.

No. 276615


Yes we get it already Kenya has a women only village, you've been parroting this shit for months Jesus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276621

>western women with 0 survival, farming and hunting experience think they can create a women only village and prosper while they can't even function together in a small company


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1168182/Catfights-handbags-tears-toilets-When-producer-launched-women-TV-company-thought-shed-kissed-goodbye-conflict-.html(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276622

are you the same anon from the murica thread with the hateboner for americans? congrats for living in a house made of dirt. now chill out

No. 276624

Reach harder. The whole world is laughing about Muricans, that's got nothing to do with the post you're replying to lol

No. 276625

> dailymail
lel kys pleb brainlet

No. 276627


>I-if i attack the source it'll make it less true


No. 276628

Only because the whole world is watching. can’t say the same about the insignificant speck your country probably is

No. 276629

Lol nice cope

No. 276630


fucking kek, I recognize the writer. Samantha Brick is a narc that thinks all women loathe her for her ~extraordinary beauty~, I'd take anything said in that article with a grain of salt. She got relentlessly mocked for this article back in 2012.


No. 276631

I'd usually agree but the dailymail is unregulated garbage and actively hurts your argument.

No. 276635

Keep telling yourself that. We're not watching, you just can't stop pushing it in our faces.

No. 276636

Yeah, it's more like fantasy, and also because I'm worried at the number of men who are misogynists now.

No. 276674

Don't have much of a choice. :/ Just hope they're chill. At least it's only for 1year.

No. 276679

The point isn't the village itself, it's how it proves that men can't "go their own way" and leave us alone. They insist we need them and can't fend for ourselves, but as soon as we succeed they do their damnest to sabotage us. As soon as we're good at anything whatsoever, they make sure to destroy it and tell us we're incompetent (see: japanese test scores rigging that just came out).

No. 276694

Man, I LOVE Samantha Brick. A+ trolling on the DM's part

No. 276780

>comparing an african shithole to anywhere else
Go and have a commune in the middle of nowhere (granted if you buy the land) and no one will bother you. This idea that sub-saharans doing something is equivalent to westerners doing something is both nonsensical and based only on pure speculation.

No. 276786

You can't even leave women alone in a thread on a chan board, but you're seriously sitting here trying to argue against your own nature with "Le african shithole" insistence.

No. 276789

File: 1533549901399.jpg (89.16 KB, 400x533, Briana-Sandy-x400d.jpg)

>Go and have a commune in the middle of nowhere

lmao, women in the west do have their own spaces and guess what happens?

men dress up as women and demand to be let in

No. 276796

Oftentimes it's women themselves who argue to let in these freaks into their spaces as not to appear "transphobic".

No. 276805

>the point
>your head

Are you retarded?
The point is you attention whores can't leave us the fuck alone. Not there, not here, not even on our own fucking imageboard. We get it, if you leave women alone you don't get to fulfill your desperate biological need, but maybe you could, you know, do what you claim men are so good at - get the fuck over your instincts, you filthy animal.

No. 276806

That article was amazing thank you.
I only have Brenda Dickson to add.

No. 276807

I hope all goes well anon. Hopefully they’re clean ones. Some men can be so nasty and lazy.

No. 276814

File: 1533561138855.png (140.75 KB, 500x522, source-is-mentioned-in-our-blo…)

Daily reminder

No. 276853

No. 276962

No, there's really no difference.

No. 276972

That's not nice

No. 276973

Please, learn how to sage. Thank you.

No. 276975

No. i didnt like that post so i said so no need to sage

No. 276977

well, good job exposing yourself
you're not doing a job if you want to show us how hard men have it by claiming stranger women making fun of short dudes is equal to men treating their girlfriends like trash, demanding them to get surgery, threatening to break up, simply because their body part isn't big enough to their liking

as a woman with body dysphoria, I'd MUCH rather have strangers make fun of small boobs than to have my boyfriend pull this shit and demand me to get surgery and ghost me if I don't
this is literally proof men will blow their brains out if they ever lasted a day as a woman

No. 276980

>Just a few posts up a female was lamenting how a "huge penis" went to waste because it was on a person with bad personality.

good, men and women both need to pay consequences of being horrible people vs things they can't help
but, if you really think a woman being turned off by an attractive man being a shitty guy is objectifying and men breaking up with women for their breast size is okay then…

No. 276981

Lurking this thread and also having actual exposure to feminist (esp radfem) circles it is always hilarious to see this stuff being seen as the "equal" as the stuff that comes out of the manboobosphere by scrots and handmaidens. Last time I checked, women complain about men like this not because we aren't getting laid and because we think we deserve some kind of hot chad while being landwhales. Instead, we are (rightfully) angry about the status of women in our society and worldwide.

No. 276982

Well in my experience 23+ virgins are so damn damaged cause they watched so much porn and when they get a gf they expect her to do all kinds of weird shit, claim watching porn everyday is normal and having a collection of all sorts of naked woman is just a boys thing. That's why most avoid that kind of dudes.

Anyway! Today i saw this and had a great laugh, one dude ended up paraplegic because he tried to suck his own dick
Shared with one of my friends and he said he tried it and most men have tried sucking their own dick kek, such an advanced gender! Hope we can catch to that level someday!, (mentioned by some incel above)

No. 276984

I’m bad at summarizing. I suggest reading the whole thing. I just wanted to bury some recent shitty comments with some actually relevant shit.

>The recent crackdown on women's rights activists began just weeks ahead of the much-anticipated lifting of the driving ban on women on June 24, a cause for which many of the detained activists had campaigned. While some have been released, others remain detained without charge.

>Dr. al-Fassi, a renowned scholar and associate professor of women’s history at King Saud University, was one of the first women to acquire a Saudi driver’s license. Saudi authorities arrested her just days before lifting the ban. Numerous other women’s rights activists have since been placed under travel bans.


Saudi has ordered the Canadian ambassador out because of a critical tweet. And are generally butthurt at Canada.

No. 276989

File: 1533604548261.jpg (40.77 KB, 512x512, 1503248690792.jpg)

No. 276997

Theres no difference in the treatment though is all im saying im not trying to diminish your feelings, its just there are a lot of things for everyone to be self conscious and sad about. saying short men should die is hurtful just like saying youll break up with a girl with small boobs.

No. 276999

All men deserve to suffer eternally

No. 277001

i disagree, that seems really messed up. there needs to be changes for sure though

No. 277015

Girl you're laughing at a young man who's gonna be paralyzed for life. What makes you think you're better than anybody else? jesus

No. 277017

Reminder this is the man-hating thread. Don’t be surprised if you read some man-hating here. There are many other threads you can participate in if you don’t like the content of this one.

No. 277019

>Theres no difference in the treatment thoug
Yes.there is.
One is just throwing random shit out there, another is targetting a specific person who loves and cares for them enough to give them their body, which most people are very insecure about. God i pray everyday you never get in a relationship, it took me YEARS to be okay with showing my boyfriend my body completely, if he ever did this shit to me I'd literally kill myself, not even exaggerating, if I can't please one person I thought cared about me I wouldn't have any reason to live

None of these women demanded men get height surgery under the means of ghosting them, none of these women bragged about how they were going to break up with their boyfriend for being short, none of these women said short men need to die like you claim

You have no fucking empathy, I swear to fucking god, its the internet, strangers say rude shit, you should fucking kill yourself or at least never get in a fucking relationship if you think that strangers saying mean things is the equivalent of fucking around with peoples feelings you are supposed to care about and they care and love you… You clearly dont understand the value of it

No. 277026

Im not trying to diminish anyones feelings no one should treat their partner that way i never implied that it is okay. Im just saying that the two things are comparable between the height and breast size or any other feature like that.

They never said those things but the concept is the same, its insulting people for these innate traits that cause them to feel hurt and insecure, it's not right in either case especially to a partner I didn't say otherwise.

No. 277028



You acknowledge that it feels very different but insisting its comparable, are you gonna tell me random girls who say they dont like short guys is just like guys shitting all over their poor girlfriends self esteem? THIS IS WHY ITS NOT COMPARABLE, can you get that through your stupid fucking brain?

Lets look at the thought process of these two
A girl who calls short men ugly: she knows she doesn't know any short men personally, she doesnt think a short guy will read it and take it to heart
A guy who shits on his girlfriend's breasts: he "cares" about her, she cares about and loves him, most women with small breasts struggle with self esteem issues, makes her undergo dangerous procedures and emotionally abuses her if she doesnt, breaks up with her over her fucking boob size

How the FUCK are they alike?

>its insulting people for these innate traits that cause them to feel hurt and insecure, it's not right in either case especially to a partner I didn't say otherwise

Yes, people insult each other all the time, but it takes a god damn monster to do that horrible of shit to their fucking SOs who care about them vs people who just throw shit around on twitter without thinking

Like I said, you don't seem to grasp the concepts of relationships and how insulting short men in twitter vs specifically targeting 1 person who care about and love you

Yes its both insulting, but you have to have no empathy at all and be a really god awful person to do that, i literally rather be cheated on or have my face drowned in acid than have my boyfriend pull this shit to me…

No. 277033

You're saying im the one with no empathy yet youre also saying that the only way things can be hurtful is if theyre done specifically and personally to you/a person. Thats bullshit. Having people post thousands of things insulting you for something like your height or race or breast size or anything else is hurtful and will cause insecurities and the very body dismorphia that youre talking about in the first place. Even more so when its something that seems to be universally hated that you cant control.

How do you know that a girl who calls short guys ugly doesnt know short guys? are guys that insult tall girls or fat girls dont know any of them? more likely they insult them because they do know them. I see only a difference in the scope of it, the pain and the insecurities that grow are the same.

You seem to think im saying that theyre okay, im saying theyre both bad and you shouldnt do either of them.

No. 277037

>Having people post thousands of things insulting you for something like your height or race or breast size or anything else is hurtful and will cause insecurities and the very body dismorphia that youre talking about in the first place.

No it will not,most people aren't affected by what strangers say, most people KNOW that others wont be bothered by what strangers say, if you knew anything about body dyspmorphia, it almost always sprouts from people who the individual cares about

>even more so when its something that seems to be universally hated that you cant control.

You realize most short guys wouldnt even have seen these tweets right? Chances are short men would never be affected by strangers saying things about short guys, and say someone feels that way, they find an SO, in their head they get excitied that they can finally feel attractive just to have it be crushed

>im saying theyre both bad and you shouldnt do either of them.

Well no shit, but it takes a monster of a person to do that to their SO than just people making jabs at a group of people without thinking how it will hurt strangers feefees

No. 277041

I think youre underselling the hurtful effects these things have on people. strangers can and do say hurtful things all the time and when its so common to hear it both from strangers and people in your life its going to cause super insecurities in people and make them feel worthless.

spraying randomly vs targeting a specific target are both going to hurt people, in different ways yes, yes one is targeted and more damaging to one individual person but the other is spread randomly out and hits and hurts many people a smaller amount. It all builds up in a persons life in many ways, both have effects and they shouldnt be done

No. 277044

>people shouldn't care about what others say about them online
>90% of this thread is complaining about shit men say online

No. 277046

If women saying "lol i dont like short guys" caused body dyspmorphia, not only does it prove my point men are weak and cant last a day if they were a woman, but there would also be a wave of body dysmorphia amoung short men, most short men dont have insecurity issues and easily get girlfriends, and my brother is 5'3 so im speaking from experience, where as me, a woman with small breasts get insane amounts of shit for it that is barely comparable to girls on Twitter.

And like I said, it takes two completely different mindsets to make a joke about short men vs completely bashing any self esteem your SO had, which is why its not comparable, you're an adult, I don't need to keep repeating this, or should I take a megaphone and scream it in your ear? Because you're completely missing that part on why it aint comparable.

Making fun of short men and pointing out most men arent going to be affected by this =/= discussing men who literally want to kill and rape women

No. 277050

short men are super insecure about their height, your brother too even if he hides it. small boobs aren't nearly as unattractive a feature as short men are, dont pretend like it is. the equivalent would be tall girls who get picked on for it, called giraffes, but even that isn't really the same.

i just dont think theres a difference in anything but he scope of it. Would a short guy who was bashed by a girl in real life be allowed to feel like you do about it? would a girl who only saw hateful tweets about small breasted women have less of a right to feel bad? I dont understand why youre acting like hurtful things arent hurtful. Yes like I already said when its done targeted at you its more hurtful but thats just the scope of it, its not different in its quality.

No. 277063

I don't know most guys like bigger breasts but there's plenty of forums and subreddits dedicated to small ones as well. Meanwhile I don't see anybody glorifying short men except men themselves with giantess/amazon fetishes.

No. 277065

>None of these women demanded men get height surgery under the means of ghosting them, none of these women bragged about how they were going to break up with their boyfriend for being short, none of these women said short men need to die like you claim
I'm gonna use this to segue into another thing I hate about men. What you said is true, and a big reason is that women don't enter relationships with men they don't find attractive (unless it's a conscious choice with some other compensation, like gold diggers etc). Women reject men they consider too short, ugly, fat, whatever.

Men, on the other hand, constantly date women they find unattractive or who have features they don't like. You always see men on the internet talking about it, they choose to do this because they use unattractive women as 'practice girlfriends' and can have easy access to sex while simultaneously searching for an upgrade. It's so fucking cruel and the fact that you can't even be sure the guy you're dating is attracted to you or likes you as a person is depressing. The irony is that men always complain about women's standards being too high, but at least they can feel confident their gf actually likes them and finds them attractive. If not, she'd just reject them rather than keep them around for convenient sex the way men do with women.

No. 277069

So you'd rather almost every single man in the world just refused to date you to begin with because you're naturally flat chested? That you spend your entire life alone over something you have no control over, and be mocked by men and other women alike your entire life?

That's the LESS cruel situation to you?

No. 277070

Can a mod ban the little man shitting up this thread? Please?

No. 277072

Uh, yes? I would indeed rather be single forever than be with someone who secretly found me repulsive and was trying to find a hotter woman behind my back. It's literally my life plan, actually.

I have never endorsed anyone mocking people for anything so fuck off with your moronic strawman.

No. 277073

Get plastic surgery if it bothers you so much.

No. 277076

What the fuck is wrong with your reading comprehension? I was repying to the flat chested anon and clearly stated I was seguing into another topic. I have no problem with my small boobs, I'm not talking about any specific flaw. Every man has their own demands and ideals we cannot live up to.

No. 277082

I'd honestly love if it could actually be changed to be that way.

So I could hear women everywhere cry as they experience what it's like to deal with themselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 277092

>Tfw all literal models are flat chested
>trying to validate wasting women's time for years

Like sorry young women don't all have saggy tits like your aunt Jemima*

*All boobs are pretty but imagine being this virginal. Only breasts he's seen are his relatives

No. 277120

It is, short men make this fantasy that the world hates them, meanwhile I have yet to see this, if you wanna make conspiracy theories about how all short men actually struggles and dismiss what women go through just to victimize short men, it proves my point

I still have yet to see women demanding short men to get height surgery or threatening to break up with their short boyfriends, but yep, short men must have it hard unlike those evil women

Yaoi? Twinks? Fucking bruno mars has girls chasing them ffs,even then short men arent treated as badly as women with small breasts are, if a man being short was really the hands down, end to it all for men then soooo many celebrity men wouldn't be there today

Did you not see the picture? It IS changed to that way, men are the ones crying despite nothing even happening to them except strangers saying men things that arent even directed towards them directly

No. 277122

I'd rather not be dated than to have a man make me spend time emotion, love, and trust on him when he didnt feel a thing in the first place.

You probably dont get this, but to most people relationships are very valuable and some people invest a lot into them, They're not to be played and toyed with just because your girlfriend didnt look like kim k

No. 277124

Nice defense, troll

You ask them a question, they answer and explain how it actually ia cruel, you completely dismiss it and tell them to get surgery,its clear you just want everything to fall in your male victim fantasy

How are we supposed to take a word you say serious when this is the shit you do?

No. 277125

I didn't ask any question, sperg. I saw a woman say her life plan was to be "single forever" because apparently all men find her "repulsive" so I told her to get PS if the problem is actually this huge.

No. 277131


>So you'd rather almost every single man in the world just refused to date you to begin with because you're naturally flat chested? That you spend your entire life alone over something you have no control over, and be mocked by men and other women alike your entire life?

>i didnt ask any question tho!!!

If that wasnt your post then what the anon said wasnt for you, dumbass

And no, she didnt say its her life plan, dumbass
She said she'd rather be single than to have men play her while secretly finding her repulsive and find another girl behind her back

You're an adult, you can READ
I don't need to spoonfeed it to you
You want me to scream this in your ear so you can actually understand? I'd be happy to

The situation was hypothetical
Actually no, you're a big boy, you can scroll up and read what she replied to before sperging while knowing fuck-all what you're talking about and just blindly attacking an anon about a post you didnt even bother reading to understand why an anon replied that way


No. 277134

You seem to be upset, but I'll admit that my reading comprehension is poor and my IQ is only 2 digits. I'll give you that.

No. 277152

there is no fantasy though short men are stigmatized and seen as less attractive and less manly. There is no stigma at all against women with small breasts, I have literally never once had anyone tell me by breasts were too small, I have never seen a girl be seen as less attractive because of her breasts, models all have small breasts, what areyou even talking about anymore.

You keep separating hurtful comments as though they're less hurtful just because they're spoken on twitter. That's just not how it works.

No. 277158

I like giantess/amazon fetishes though…

No. 277160

Uninvolved anon here.
I have, on many occasions, heard men say that a woman’s breasts were too small. It’s a common trope even. More so than anything about short men.

No. 277163

Also an uninvolved anon, I disagree. I'm the furthest thing from a handmaid and love man hating but small boobs are really nowhere near as universally derided as short men. I feel like when people claim otherwise, our man hating as a whole loses credibility because it's such obvious, extreme projection from a few anons with very specific, personal insecurities.

There are so many girls with small boobs widely considered attractive and so many men who openly like them that I just dont buy it. Focusing on the minority who really take issue with it doesn't change that, and neither does the popularity of big boobs.

No. 277165

Exactly, it's really odd that anyone would claim otherwise to be honest.

Its also weird to me because all the problems with men and the reason they suck would go away if they were small and gentle instead of big and aggressive. Its a catch 22

No. 277172

I'd have to agree with this. Most women may date short men/men shorter than them, but I don't know many personally who prefer it. However, in my experience, most normie-tier men like all breasts pretty equally. This is probably due to women weighing physical attractiveness as slightly less important (opposed to what incels think) and overlooking ""flaws,"" while men weigh physical attractiveness high but generally have low standards. Exceptions apply, of course. These are generalizations, and neither is particularly better or worse than the other.

I wish men were small, cute, and gentle every single day. Life would be so much better.
As it is now, the only problem I have with short men is that they act obnoxiously masculine/extroverted to compensate. Makes me sad. Really ruins the future tiny husband fantasy I have.

No. 277173

>there is no fantasy though short men are stigmatized and seen as less attractive and less manly. There is no stigma at all against women with small breasts, I have literally never once had anyone tell me by breasts were too small, I have never seen a girl be seen as less attractive because of her breasts, models all have small breasts, what areyou even talking about anymore.

Nice larp, incel
I'm "on about" the picture, you can't just say "it never happened to me therefore it doesn't happen" when just scrolling up would have proved you wrong, not that youd be asked to find evidence anyway that proves anything over than all women have it easy and men are poor oppressed babies

No. 277174

>short men is that they act obnoxiously masculine/extroverted to compensate
Napoleon complex is real, oftentimes a larger man will act more docile than a small man.

No. 277176

Not from my experience, I grew up with short men, the most they'd get is jokes, I was treated as a subhuman, kept getting told to undergo procedures (which is short men have it sooo hard theyd be told to get heightening surgery), i was treated as subhuman, people stripped my femininity from me and any man that showed even slight interest in me was regarded as gay, but women who show interest in short men dont get regarded as lesbians

So please, tell me where all this is happening other than short men being called short and 0.01% of women saying it's unattractive

No. 277181

>I wish men were small, cute, and gentle every single day. Life would be so much better.
Well it certainly would make life less anxious.

okay well Im just telling you my experience I dont see why my anecdotal evidence is less than yours.

Not in my experience, there's no difference in the size and aggression all men are equally aggressive and ready to do violence. short men are still men they're still strong as hell and have all those dumb hormones and socialization that makes them pieces of shit. Theres no winning.

Im sorry for your experience but don't pretend like there really is an equivalence, like anon said it diminishes the man hate.

No. 277184

File: 1533651843214.jpg (100.37 KB, 736x981, aa7e0079c5576accbcfc310e33b456…)

>Im sorry for your experience but don't pretend like there really is an equivalence
refer to
compare to
most of these comments are from other men first of all, but the most women say is "I hate short men: and move on, some of them aren't even rude, like "why are short guys everywhere"
with the boob one, men threaten to break up and cheat if a womans breasts aren't enough, force her to undego plastic surgery, completely dismiss any other good features she has and focuses on her boobs not being big enough, and this is their girlfriends, writing paragraphs just because they dont like her boobs of someone they care about vs stranger girls making fun of men of a certain height, not the same
I'm not saying men don't get shit for it, but it ain't nearly as harsh as what women get for having small breasts

No. 277186

>short men are strong as hell
>not having known little 100 lbs men who can't even lift boxes that you can easily
That is sad for you to have not experienced that.

So as not to derail with my weird fetish, I really hate how most men are unhygienic as fuck. Women can be gross, don't get me wrong, but men are overwhelmingly more likely to smell bad, go without showering, wear the same clothes without washing them, piss on the toilet seat and not wipe it (happens all the time at my job), etc.
It serves them right to suddenly be aware that women care about looks, too. We're raised to be neurotic about how we smell and look, and men should get a taste of that. For the good of everyone.

No. 277187

Aren’t MOST men short? At least in US. Maybe some anons here are posting from Holland idk. The only time I ever hear comments on hight IRL is when a dude is like <5’ or >6’4”

I’m sitting outside across from a auto repair shop, and most of the men I see are <5’9” (whites and latinos), there’s one black guy, close to 6’.

No. 277191

I personally consider men 5'6" and under to be short. I work with one 5'3" guy and he stands out.
iirc 5'9" is the US average, and most men I know are around that height (I live in Canada).

No. 277193

maybe under 5'5 or 5'6, which isn't the majority so it's not like the vast majority of men are being oppressed because of evil wimminz
I've only ever seen women get bashed for their bodies, never men

No. 277195

It doesn't matter that in a given country men are 5'5" if the women are 4'10", there is still a size and muscles difference between men and women whether you're in the Netherlands or in Thailand.

No. 277200

There is no stigma against small breasts anon. Not anywhere close to the stigma against short men. That girl has a fine body, men would drool over her hips. stop playing a victim.

No that's super tiny I dont know any men that tiny. Sounds cute though.

No. 277203

>There is no stigma against small breasts anon. Not anywhere close to the stigma against short men.

t. triggered beta manlet. kys.

No. 277204

Nope. See though this is just the proof in the pudding. Thank you for admitting it.

No. 277205

You're LARPing is retarded as is your victim complex.

No. 277206

I agree victim complexes over things that dont matter like breast size is retarded.

No. 277207

So then stop shitting up this thread, manlet. Short men are so fucking annoying.

No. 277208

I love how you beat around the bush and keep insisting theres no stigma around women with small breasts but dont even pay mind to the amount of evidence given, like i said, dont expect be taken seriously when you keep repeating the same thing after evidence proves you wrong

No. 277210

>the proof is in the pudding
You mean like the evidence I directed you to that proved how harsh people treat women with small breasts
Vs all you showed is strangers saying they hate short men and someone calling you a manlet on an anonymous image board
Oh wait…

No. 277212

Im a woman. I'm not even defending short men I'm jsut saying that the assertion is clearly ludicrous, small breasted women aren't stigmatized at all in society.

But there isn't proof, there's just some post of some asshole dudes but that doesnt mean anything.

No one treats small breasted women poorly you sound insane. A post from people on some forum is equivalent to the post of some random people on twitter. In real life I have never once experienced any stigma against it at all. Comparing these things is crazy like the other anon said.

No. 277213

>theres no stigma against small breasts
>actually yes there is and here's proof
>there's no stigma against small breasts

Again, if powr wittle short mens have it as hard as women, show me where all the women are demanding their boyfriends to get height surgery and cheating on them/breaking up with them for being short and I'd take you more seriously

No. 277215

> small breasted women aren't stigmatized at all in society.
Yes they are, any woman with small breasts know this

>oh that proof of how much of a stigma small boobs are? Those are just assholes, not proof, but 3 women saying they hate short men is proof all men are poor oppressed babies and you're just a big fat victim complexed twat if you think that society isnt anything but positive towards small breasts!!

No. 277216

Manlet are annoying as fuck but I don't think having small breast is as unattractive as being short, I think a nice face can save a shapeless body but being a short man is extremely unattractive to the majority of women no matter how nice your face is.

No. 277217

short men are stuck in a constant state of trigger, rage and paranoia kek.

I always just tell them women preferring taller men is purely biological (yes two can play that game) and they rage so hard. Its hilarious.

No. 277218

Demanding men be a certain height to be in a relationship in the first place is the comparable behavior.

I dont see it anywhere

That's my point.

That's my point.

No. 277219


Just search "small boob stigma" and MILLIONS of results prove you very very wrong, its just straight retarded to claim there's no stigma at all when a few second google search could have shown you otherwise


No. 277220

>I dont see it anywhere
Because you're a man or extremely extremely retarded.

No. 277221

>i dont see it anywhere
Then you're purposely blinding yourself because several evidence have been posted, do you want me to print it out and scream it into your ear for you to understand? Because that sounds like what you're asking for

>Demanding men be a certain height to be in a relationship in the first place is the comparable behavior.

At least women choose who they date and dont waste a poor guys time just to shit on his self esteem throughout the relationship like men do, women can date who they want, men can date who they want, when you emotionally abuse someone and blame their body parts thats the issue and a million times worse than just not dating someone

No. 277222

The stigma is very small, there are guys who prefer small breasts just find one of them.

No it's because it's not even close to stigmas against something like large noses or big hands or something.

No. 277223

>Demanding men be a certain height to be in a relationship in the first place is the comparable behavior.

Oh no, women have preferences just like men!

No. 277224

>I don't see it anywhere
Your life is not the experience of everyone, it's clear you're sheltered.

No. 277226

I see women with small breasts who are attractive and have men going for them all the time. Almost all models have small breasts, there are many men who prefer it.
A trait that's more comparable is a big nose, I've seen a lot of women get insulted for having big noses.

When did I say people can't have preferences?

I live in nyc I see women with small breasts in relationships every minute I'm outside. Almost never do I see a shorter man with taller woman. I've never been insulted for my breast size. This is not comparable and you all know it.

No. 277229

>I live in nyc I see women with small breasts in relationships every minute I'm outside. Almost never do I see a shorter man with taller woman.

Am I meant to care? Wow. This is such a stupid thing to care about or cape for. Is your husbando a manlet?

No. 277230

NTA, but it's not about caring for short men, you're making us sound retarded by claiming that small breast are on the same level as being a manlet. Plenty of extremely popular and attractive women have tiny breast.

No. 277231

Its just to point out that I'm not sheltered and the reason I'm saying these things is just because It's not true.

This is basically what I'm trying to say.

No. 277232

>Plenty of extremely popular and attractive women have tiny breast

what exactly am I meant to be outraged about

No. 277233

Also yes the guy I like is shorter than me and it's annoying to hear people tell me I shouldnt date him because of it

No. 277237

>Also yes the guy I like is shorter than me and it's annoying to hear people tell me I shouldnt date him because of it

lmaaaaooooooooo. knew it

No. 277238

So does that somehow vindicate what youre saying?

No. 277239

no one cares about you or your manlet love interest or what people think about it. This is the man hate thread. Go write about it in your diary and stop shitting up the thread with your autism.

No. 277241

Anon you just shot yourself in the leg,
you need to cape crusade on an online forum because your BF is a fucking manlet?
First denying the small breasted stigma, then admitting its there but 'small', while also saying you have 'never seen it' which dictates in your world it doesn't exist but because you have personally experienced someone joking or rudely saying you shouldn't date your manlet bf is grounds for him being on the same level as those in relationships with men and faced with a society that continuously produces retarded standards for us that people feel we should abide to if we want a good life?
I can list of dozens of manlets who are accomplished actors, modles and other bs directly vanity related medias so by your own logic the stigma isn't there and you're just bringing up moot points then.

No. 277242

Just like women who prefer short men
Oh wait it only works when you want it to

Those women get hate for it too anon, i remember people were saying hayley williams deserved to die for having small boobs, just look at how many people were outraged because of angelina jolies mastectomy or when they casted a small breasted woman to play laura croft and guess what theres tons of short male celebrities women fawn over, by your logic theres no stigma against them either

It happens, just because some people like it doesnt mean you should dismiss the millions of instances and just claim it doesn't happen

No. 277245

No. Im right and if men were small and gentle in the first place there would be no need for man hate anyway.

I can say the same thing about women with small breasts as models, actresses, other vanity related medias. The difference is they aren't attacked for breast size while people joke about bruno mars or tom cruise or other small men even when they are intelligent and talented and successful.

It's not as big though.

No. 277246

Riley reid and Elsa Jean are easily the most popular porn stars right now and they are almost completely flat chested.

No. 277247

yes because pedophillia

No. 277251

Sure anon, only pedophiles could be attracted to flat chested women, great.

No. 277253

The only ones who made fun of my breast size were girls at school, mostly fat ones, and my brother. All the men I've been with never cared about it. Also never saw it happening to anyone else.

I'm all for man hate but I don't like the way this thread is going, there's worse to talk about.

No. 277257

>(which is short men have it sooo hard theyd be told to get heightening surgery)
Do you have any idea how extreme that surgery is? If it was just like getting a boob job you can be sure many short men would do it.

No. 277260

yes flat chesty representation in porn is so empowering, its great the two most popular women in porn are flat boards!

Can this thread seriously stop being derailed.

No. 277265

The subject wasn't empowerment, it was sexual attraction.

No. 277268

no one cares what pornsick retards find sexually attractive. You sound so desperate.

No. 277269

Idgaf I don't have flat chest, I just think its fucked up to tell girls with small breast that only pedophile find them attractive, but whatever.
Stopping the derailing now.

No. 277270

But I thought pretty much all men looked at porn?

No. 277272

Can we change the subject now?
Both sides get hated on.

No. 277273

It's just my experience, but I have only seen men joking about Tom Cruise's height.

No. 277274

Congrats on perpetrating the stigma against small breast you fucking idiot

No. 277287

They do it to themselves. men don't care about it. They deserve to feel insecure about it though

No. 277291

File: 1533665622128.jpg (219.34 KB, 1200x843, Di89wMXX0AA392j.jpg)

This is a small rant, but I've been watching "Amazing interiors" on Netflix and holy shit some of the men in it are insufferable. It showcases some houses with particularly nice/special (and expensive) interiors.

Basically a lot of them made a crazy "man cave" or rooms to show off their hobby (like sci-fi or horror movies). Whenever their wife gets interviewed, she always says something in the lines of "I don't want to know how much it cost" or about how they don't understand it at all. One even says she's "afraid she'll break something when cleaning", why can't your husband fucking take care of dusting off his expensive toys himself?
In one episode a couple buys a church so that the husband can make it a "steampunk capital" and he literally says he tries to avoid telling his wife how much it costs and she tells how upset she is when she finds out some of the associated costs, mentions they won't be able to buy fucking insulation to go through the winter (it's a CHURCH you're going to freeze if you don't)…

In the end it all seems "innocent" because the people in this show are probably pretty rich anyways but it's still baffling to me.

No. 277292

I hate when women kowtow to their husbands because they are husbands. My mother did this shit with her husband. He would do the dumbest shit but it was totally fine because he’s “the man”.
Wrong is wrong, I don’t care if you are a man.

No. 277297

I've seen both sexes mock short male celebrities. Anecdotes don't count.

No. 277299

You're saying small breasted women deserve to feel insecure or short men deserve to feel insecure?

No. 277302

Neither, but I am saying these women deserve to be insecure for their breast size because of what they were saying about my bf and his height.

No. 277303

Get outta here, kid.

Can we get back to talking about idiot men and their dumbass mancaves?

No. 277318

You keep obsessing over this point that women don't ask their short boyfriends to get height extending surgery, and that somehow prove there's no Stigma against short men. But how can you seriously not realize the obvious difference between breast implants and height surgery? In that height surgery is incredibly expensive, dangerous, and difficult? You don't think if it was as easy as getting implants that men wouldn't be doing it all the time? Also, how can you not see that most women refusing to date short men to begin with is a stigma in itself? Like, yeah of course nobody can tell her boyfriend to get height surgery if she never dated him over that problem to begin with.

No. 277325

That's why I said it was only my experience.

No. 277333

I hate when they call my bf a manlet and insult him for being small. This whole thread is complaining about men and their violence and how they rape women but then they attack the small gentle guys who dont do that? It makes no sense and in some ways it makes me less sympathetic to what everyone is saying.

Yes and in my experience, like even this thread, men get way more shit for being short than any other trait in anyone.

No. 277335

No1curr about you and your bf. Stop sperging out about your manlet lover.

No. 277338

Then stop complaining about men causing problems when you call the men who dont beta manlets. My bf isn't a beta hes smart and wonderful but you think he's less because he's small and im tired of it. If all men were like him the world would be a paradise.

No. 277339

short men don't get half as much shit as girls 5'10" and up, who also end up with back problems from slouching to hide their height. plus i see plenty of short men with equally short girlfriends.

No. 277352


No. 277353

Maybe it's because… most men are taller than women on average?

No. 277356

Tall women also get shit and it's not right.

You're stupid. I'm a woman I'm not larping.

No. 277357

Seconding this. But instead of acting up and overcompensating like most short guys, tall girls usually just hate themselves and try to stay as invisible as possible.

No. 277364

File: 1533672904560.jpeg (45.57 KB, 1024x689, 9BABC1D5-77D6-4581-B371-745450…)

Sex robots when? I love when the silly men think we rage or get jealous of an inanimate object.
Imagine the number of rapes per year will plummet when the sexbots become widespread.

No. 277368

idk if i buy that, i guess it depends on the region. I'm 5'11 and a woman and I've really only gotten compliments about it irl. I didn't even realize other tall women were really insecure about it until pretty recently. I slouch but it's not because uwu gotta take up less space it's because a lot of work surfaces are too low to stand up straight at.

i dont' care about being replaced or some farfetched shit like that, but looking at them makes me immediately feel sad. combination of literal objectification and the fact that they're so realistic it gives my brain a similar reaction to if i saw a living woman being treated that way.

No. 277371

I find it funny, because not only do male and female robots have about the same sales meanwhile it's men who run around screaming how they don't need dumb roasties and they'll wonder were all the good men gone, it's also men who are the ones bitching about male sex bots and getting offended and threatened over it

No. 277374

They're only a replacement for waifu pillows, in other words, designed for incels.

No. 277375

> This whole thread is complaining about men and their violence and how they rape women but then they attack the small gentle guys who dont do that?
who? you'd have a better point if you didn't make shit up

>You keep obsessing over this point that women don't ask their short boyfriends to get height extending surgery, and that somehow prove there's no Stigma against short men
never said there was no stigma against short men, but if it was as bad as you claim, there would be a huge demand for height surgeries, hell I don't see any men buying "grow taller pills" and shit

>most women refusing to date short men to begin with is a stigm

never said it wasn't a stigma, again, people are allowed to date who they want, most men at any height get gfs easily, there are even midget porn stars ffs, yes male ones

No. 277377

>literal objectification and the fact that they're so realistic it gives my brain a similar reaction to if i saw a living woman being treated that way.
Great point. What if they start blurring glines between live women and dolls. Look what they do with porn and reality.

No. 277380

>those poor wittle short mens have it so hard! you're all just victims

>meanwhile you find millions of videos like this, but never one directed towards short men

No. 277381

jfc you can literally hear the autism

No. 277382

File: 1533674310830.png (75.16 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20180807-233728.png)

Is this a troll? I hope it is.

No. 277386

>What if they start blurring glines between live women and dolls

That would mean they're retarded.

No. 277388

You took that a bit too literal. And you seem to give men a lot of credit.

Lol that’s hilarious. Sounds like some weird mylie cyrus illuminati shit.

No. 277392

>women can date who they want, men can date who they want, when you emotionally abuse someone and blame their body parts thats the issue and a million times worse than just not dating someone


No. 277394

What makes you think it's not mostly gay men buying male sex dolls?

No. 277399

File: 1533675045096.jpg (247.65 KB, 1562x1148, alba-jessica-height-weight-age…)

I love how you can hear the insecure manlet screeching from his comment
>a cute girl? taller than me? she must be trans and actually a dude!!

it's like they think women are aliens from another planet or something, no wonder they lose their shit anytime they're around one, thats why I laugh anytime a mgtow claims to have slept with a bunch of women

MGTOW - Hating women out of paranoia they'll treat you like how you treat women

No. 277400

what makes you think lesbains aren't buying female sex dolls, what makes you think rando scizos aren't buying them to have tea parties with? point and blank, it's not a way to "replace women"

No. 277401

File: 1533675135344.png (493.76 KB, 503x817, wp_ss_20180807_0008 (2).png)

I brought up this conspiracy in another gender critical thread and I still love it

What gender is this person? This photo was shared in a Reddit thread that was linked here

No. 277402

woman? second guess intersex

No. 277406

Kek dream on with your "sensitive and wonderful" manlet bf, he's probably a snake readying to bite, and either way a guy being sensitive does not derive from his height so stop perpetuating this lie that "uh manlets are good", manlets as just as bad if not worse than regular sized men.

No. 277407

>who? you'd have a better point if you didn't make shit up
Im not making anything up.
MGTOW guys are retarded. Are you saying you want to be like them?

No. 277408

File: 1533675437331.jpg (2.45 MB, 3840x3840, 4udYI63.jpg)

Yup, such manliness, especially her body…. and nowadays young guys are forced to be attracted to this?! Unbelievable!

No. 277409

File: 1533675449871.png (642.49 KB, 610x734, wp_ss_20180807_0006 (2).png)

No. 277411

Hes not a snake you're the snake for saying that and saying he's worse because he's short. The world would be much better if every guy was like him and you cant stop that from being true just because you hate short men!!(No1Curr)

No. 277415

>not falling into the deep end of conspiracy theories
>not believing that every single person in hollywood is a satanic trans-person that praises the devil

No. 277417

Looks male to me. I know it's possible, but the chances of a girl having that shoulder/waist/hip ratio with that amount of muscle is low…and super unfortunate…

No. 277418

how am i trying to be like mgtow?

No. 277419

Anon, maybe playing a role like Tomb Raider requires beefing up…? Doesn't matter anyways, since her face is super cute and unmistakingly female.

No. 277420

You mean "like him" personality wise, not "like him" in his lilliputian stature I hope.

No. 277422

Ffs what are the mods doing? Get this fucking manlet sperg out of the man hate thread.

No. 277426

His height doesn't matter to me at all

Why do you keep saying I'm not a woman?

No. 277429

File: 1533676412600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.66 KB, 480x519, Ddqi_qSVQAAWlex[1].jpg)

>what are the mods doing?
are you?

No. 277430

this is my new pet conspiracy. do they think everyone in hollywood is a tranny? what would be the point of that?

No. 277431

Notice that all the celebrities listed have faces and bodies that especially girls like, slim and fit?
They're just salty that they don't confirm to their retarded incel beauty standards for women, which is either being some tiny underaged waifu or literally having Z cip tits and an ass like a hippo…

No. 277434

OMG she doesn't have a 0.5 waist-hip ratio and baby-sized shoulders, definitively a man!

Well, apparently you didn't get the memo that your spergy shit was unwelcome here.

Anyway, here is Alicia Vikander when she isn't beefed up. Obviously she doesn't have a super feminine body but her face is very feminine and some women are just like that.
She has narrow hips and worked her lats/abs/shoulder which made her upper body look even bigger next to her hips and thighs. She doesn't look masculine normally.

No. 277435

Exactly. That's what I think too.

No. 277438

File: 1533676792729.jpg (660 KB, 767x900, __ayase_eli_toujou_nozomi_and_…)

Chestlets, when will they learn?

No. 277439

File: 1533676889767.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, 14COhR2.png)

Aren't you supposed to spoiler posts like these?

No. 277440

File: 1533676925344.jpg (156 KB, 1918x1034, alicia2.jpg)

Another pic of her.

In another vid posted by spergy anon, some of the comments were women saying shit like "now I feel better about my cellulite/flabby thighs because all these 'beautiful women' are actually men!" kek

No. 277444

According to these vids I must be 100% male too kek

Looking at the top comments justifies the world making fun of retard Americans yet again…

No. 277445

File: 1533677056584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.93 KB, 640x360, alicia.jpg)

Woops, sorry. Here is the spoilered pic.

No. 277447

>this is the woman mgtows/incels think they're too good for

yet it's us who have high standards

isn't it also funny how they regard kpop stars to be a million times better than those nasty american roasties because they're more feminine, but call women who have similar bodies to kpop stars masculine…

No. 277453

They also can't look as pretty as Brad Pitt and Co., because - they are actually women!!

And yes, the irony of always perfect, feminine kpop girls relying heavily on hip paddings and fake tits lol
As a western women you just can't win: womanly body - obese, old, disgusting, "gonna travel to Asia and get myself a tight boddied 18 yo!" And if we're actually thin, we must be men.

No. 277458

I'd imagine none of these wmaf supremacists would not like asians at all if they held them to the same standard they hold western women to

No. 277464

Are you asking if I'm a gay man? I'm not.

No. 277466

notice how it's always men making these videos and indulging these conspiracy theories. most likely because they have never seen a naked woman outside of porn

No. 277474

Um? A long neck is a feminine trait. I wish I had a long neck. This videos is so dumb

No. 277479

you have to have the face and skin of a kpop star, eyes of an italian model, lips like beyonce, tits like missalice, marilyn monroes waist and nicki minajs hips and ass before they'll finally consider you feminine, even then they'd probably call you a trap

No. 277487

it's funny because asian ladyboys make more convincing trannies so their conspiracy logic would apply better to kpop stars

No. 277490

it's 2030
the only women that exist are ugu waifus and mgtows female family members
all other babies are giant conspiracies made in labs by feminists so everyone can worship trannies
any womans vaginas they've ever seen(kek) are neovaginas and porn is all neo vaginas too
the only reason why tampons, birth control, period supplies, vaginal supplies is sold is to make trannies more convincing
people are chosen since birth to look and act feminine, they start pumping chosen male babies with estrogen since 6 years old
pregnancies are all fake

women don't exist in their minds, but they also think the world is ran and catering to women, the fuck kinda mental gymnastics is that

No. 277496

I really don't understand when men say women have an easy time with dating. I've been rejected by fat neck beards for being black lol
And I'm in shape and young.

I guess when they say women they only mean upper middle class white and Asian teenage girls?im pretty sure I don't even exist to them.

No. 277497


>going for them in the first place

Jesus christ love yourself

No. 277499

This is back in the early 2000s. I was young, low self esteem and just went for the ugliest men on dating sites because I was desperate and didn't think I could get my better.

No. 277500

>I guess when they say women they only mean upper middle class white and Asian teenage girls?im pretty sure I don't even exist to them.

yep, I'm asian, you'd think with all the supposed asian worshipping they claim it would be easy, but nope, I'm poor, don't dress well and have acne, I've been rejected, cheated on, etc

I've noticed it's always the men who shouldn't be talking are the ones that are doing all the bashing and rejecting, then turn around and claim how easy women have it
men are disgusted when women don't have perfect skin, you can always tell what a neckbeard is by how much he projects

No. 277614

File: 1533722780988.png (184.78 KB, 400x602, toxicmanchild.png)

So a guy I got bored of (spontaneously but very fortunately - story for another time maybe, suffice to say he got very pathetic and annoying) who plays Overwatch with me and is more experienced and has a higher rank asked if I wanted to do competitive games with him (I've already been doing them a lot a lot with other people as an aside).
I decided sure. He is superficially charming and knowledgeable regarding the game, what could go wrong? I only stood to gain from grouping with him, surely!

I could only stand playing 4 games with him.
From the very beginning, he was bitching and snapping at our team like a gigantic entitled asshole. I don't know if he was already in a bad mood and tbh I don't care.
1st game was kinda all over the place. 2nd game went fine because it was a very easy win.

3rd and 4th were the problems. 3rd game he was snapping at people and then was extremely derisive over voice to our team after we lost and were watching an enemy's play of the game ("oh there's genji killing our entire backline AS USUAL…").
I messaged him asking if he was tilted. He responded with something completely unrelated. I said "That's not what I'm talking about," and he said "ignore me i'm a moron" and I said "what" but that's all he said.
4th game he was an ass from the beginning, first because someone didn't have a microphone, then because they swapped to a hero he didn't like ("Oh, we don't have a Symmetra anymore, now we have a useless." - KNOWING that I love the hero that the person swapped to). At that point I said on voice "oh my god, stop being so toxic." I hate the fact people could see I was grouped with this guy and potentially feel like I was condoning his behavior.

He was playing a healer (Zenyatta) and after we took the first objective on the map, the conversation in pic related occurs in his chat with me (he's red, I'm pink, randoms on our team are the other color). He never said anything after I stated "I'm not stupid" but then a minute later started chiming in with obviously fake sugary optimistic useless bullshit, but thankfully he quickly stopped after no one acknowledged it. I definitely didn't appreciate that sarcasm and potential jab at me being more pleasant than him. Then he was silent the entire rest of the game, and we actually did better, except when he didn't call an enemy who snuck past and I ended up dying after him when he clearly knew where that person was hiding.

Thankfully I made a new competitive player friend in one of these games and this new guy was messaging me asking to join in after my game ended; I explained the situation briefly and gladly agreed. After the game, I told the first guy that one of my duo partners wanted to play together, and he's like "Ok" and then adds "I'd be fine with trio, or is it duo only?" or something and I say "Duo only" and he just goes "Hmmmmmmm" and leaves the group.

I'm never playing with this guy again. And for the record, I could stand to potentially have a lot to gain from grouping with him. His behavior was repulsive and unwarranted and STUCK me in a situation that made me so uncomfortable that I felt uneasy in my stomach. Not just that but that he at least 3 times ignored my asking him to stop being a jerk, as well as the fact he thought I was stupid enough to believe the shitty backpedal in pic related. Aaaand as always with men, he never apologized.

I fucking hate that never apologizing shit.

Sorry for length and gamersperg but I wanted to make the situation a bit understandable for both those who are and are not familiar with the game.

Silver lining: Made a new friend and went 2-0 with him, whereas the know-it-all grand master "friend" showed even more of his true colors and our games went 2-2 kek

I'm going to make a follow up post about this jerk's personal interaction with me because I have some things I'm curious on.

No. 277621

Yeah, the majority of the time these guys are only talking about healthy, young, usually white middle class and up women of above average attractiveness who do well in social situations. They don’t notice minority, old, ugly, fat, disabled, etc. women because they’re not attracted to us. I’ve actually been told that I “don’t count” as a woman who’s been rejected and made fun of because I have aspergers, like that makes me not a woman somehow. It’s bizarre.

No. 277623

Samefag from >>277614

So originally this guy was very charming and funny. Met him on the game through friends. Idk what sparked it but I had some feelings for him. My reasoning may have been affected by a depressive episode.

Anyway he remained interesting for a while after I told him I liked him. Maybe it was lust for him. It probably was. He started pushing for me to come visit him, which would basically require a plane trip, which I had casually said I'd be willing to do sometime. But he meant soon, which meant over $300 of my own money (he said he'd pay for everything else and I could stay a week).
Oh I almost forgot. He is into really misogynistic sex stuff, like legit rape scenarios, inflicting pain, slapping women in the face, stepping on their heads, calling them "cum dumpsters" etc. I have a taste for the bdsm but a lot of this was eyeroll content for me. I should have seen it much worse and not humor him at all.

Anyway I had a severe feeling of dread and I wasn't certain if it was related or not, but around the same time, I got bored of him - very suddenly. He wasted my time on things, wasn't as clever as I thought he was (this is a BIG one for me), and I was honestly never attracted to him physically (I only saw his face though). I put off buying the ticket and eventually he asked me about it and was acting all pathetic and apologetic about random unrelated shit out of nowhere. Then he went on a rant about how this has happened to him before (things fell apart in the "planning stage" twice prior) and how he went on like 36 first dates without any follow up and so on and said obviously something is wrong with HIM. I was just like wtf don't lump me in with other people, I'm me, whatever. Like I care to hear about his dating history in this manner. It's just an attempt at emotional manipulation but it's such a bad one because it only drives me away.

Since then most interactions are either brief and boring, legit upsetting and argumentative, or pathetic spontaneous pity parties. Oh and his charm is gone, his voice sounds whiny, and he's never funny despite repeatedly trying.

It's harder for me to read a situation when I'm in it, but I'm certain these are many red flags of an abuser (not even factoring in his many pornsick interests). I have my own mental problems I deal with, like BPD which I have improved regarding - but it probably made me a bit impulsive here and willing to disregard red flags for something "new and exciting."

Fortunately all interactions since have only reaffirmed my disinterest in him (and have since, obviously, turned into dislike), and I never did anything with him or gave him anything.

I just have no idea where that feeling of dread came from, which preceded my interest waning to a flatline. But I'm so glad I had it, even though the stress was so severe that I experienced legit physical pains.

Ultimately I just feel like I dodged one hell of a bullet. Idk has anyone been in a sort of situation like this? I'm considering removing him from everything especially after what he did in >>277614
. Seem like a good idea?

No. 277668

I hate guys that idealise girls.
I have had this happen before but at the moment, I am getting stalked by some kid thats like 10 years younger than me. I have tried to be nice and tell him several times I am not interested, in a relationship and every other fucking excuse under the sun but he keeps trying to creep on me. He insists I am 'perfect' because I like a cartoon that he does. No joke.

I have had enough life and dating experience to know that he likes me purely for the way I look and the fact we both like one tv show. Apart from that, we have nothing in common and I avoid him like the plague.

I hate dudes that latch on purely because you like certain things like video games and pop culture ect. Liking the same things can be good in a relationship, but don't just obsess over someone because they like something that you do.

This makes me annoyed because there is probably thousands of girls his age on discord who play more games than I, are far more skilled than I, more attractive ect, but this moron has it in his head that I am the one. He seems to have this attitude that I am 'nOt LiKe THe OTher girlzzz' because I am attractive, but he's a fucking moron, there are so many attractive women that are into video games and anime.

No. 277688

isn't this the tomb raider girl?

No. 277693

To usher the new satanic illuminati androgynous world order and to destroy us, the non-satanic children of god. Or something along those lines

No. 277709

>sets extreme standards for femininity that most womem arent able to meet naturally
>call women fake superficial whores if they do get surgery,whiten skin, wear makeup, etc
>waaahh no women are feminine

No. 277714

There has to be something seriously mentally wrong with these men. The entire clip is just obsessive rambling and he's literally seeing things that aren't even there. I can't believe there are people actually agreeing with him like what the fuck?

No. 277718

Mommy issues uwu

No. 277719

File: 1533738946755.jpg (130.59 KB, 1125x1047, 0119149b-7a31-4899-bf2e-4903c3…)

men will fuck and rape anything on free will, dont ever feel bad you arent fuckable to them

No. 277721

of course implying you dont meet the standard, they will have sex with a chicken but dare a woman have cellulite!

No. 277724

There is, just like most mgtows suffer from narcissism, claiming we live in a feminist dominated world where men are oppressed, I just wish people were forced to get therapy by what they post on the internet

No. 277725

Men would fuck children, goats, chickens, cows and horses but refuse to sleep with a tall slim women because muh reputation lmfao

No. 277727

File: 1533739477690.jpeg (198.96 KB, 1280x720, 52C29022-AE8C-4306-AB13-A96B04…)

I hate men!

No. 277728

The poor goat and lil goat babies. I don't know how men dare to say but women do this too when they do all manner of disgusting, inhumane shit that women would never dream of. There should be a law that you can shoot a man dead with no recompense if you see them fucking an animal or a child.

No. 277734

He probably does have mommy issues. He's a homeschooled religious freak and complained once after I told him to stop being irritating and passive aggressive because he wasn't getting his way and he told me 'i get enough shit at home from my mom' basically 'stop telling me what i don't wanna hear'
His mom probably told him to get off his game early or wash his dish or stop being a little faggot. Boooohoooooo.

No. 277740

That must be a troll, I've never heard any guy in real life say anything remotely bad about Margot Robbie. I feel like men are obsessed with women by default if they play a character Harley Quinn or Lara Croft. (With the exception of the new Lara, she's not as tits out as Angelina)

Also, that reminds me, I feel alone in this opinion, but did anyone else find the wonder woman movie still sexist as fuck? Like I don't care that she is beautiful, that's fine, but her supposed badass amazonian character was super naive and not in a fish out of water way like Thor, more like a flutter my lashes Uwu kind of way.

Everyone went on about that movie being a girl power movie and I just felt like she was like Ariel in a way.

No. 277741

Something that irritates me so much about being a woman, is that our success is constantly degraded. You'll never hear of a man being questioned as to why he hasn't got a family, but is instead focusing on his career. With women people search for something wrong with her for making this choice and it's fucking ridiculous. People cannot fathom that not all women strive just to be a housewife, and dress it up as "concern" for women's happiness, rather than just admitting they don't like women working.

Also men's egos are out of control, a fucking 18 year old said to me today he deserved credit for just being male as he "built the roads I walk on" no you didn't do that, and most young men can't even change a fucking tire these days. Honestly I am so sick of it.

No. 277742

Well the trans-theorists believe that every single famous person is, as a matter of fact, a tranny. You cannot become famous if you're not trans or something wacky like that, I think it has less to do with mgtows and what not and more with general lunacy.

No. 277744

Rest in peace, goat

No. 277748

Yeah and when you do achieve something it's always 'that's pretty good for a girl'

No. 277749

It’s insane the ratio of men to women who for disgusting, weird shit like this. All the raping and philias. Can you imagine, having so little control of your vagina that you commit these crimes, these sins?

ffs just be normal, men. Show some goddamn self control.

No. 277751

I did not even know what that meant until my mid teens, which is pretty strange considering how many times I'd heard it by then.

It was a weird and disappointing realization. "Oh, so they've always seen me as inferior. Is this forever?" It sadly is.

No. 277754

>gang rape pregnant goat until it dies

le superior gender, folks.

No. 277766

This is extremely sad.

No. 277768

File: 1533742623828.png (1.22 MB, 1178x1364, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.2…)

A part of it translated:

>Interviewer: What if you forbid her, and she decides to do it anyway? (work, go outside) Because you have your opinion, but in the end she's free to make her own choice.

>Man: I will shoot her. I would do it.

>Interviewer: What do you mean you would 'shoot' her?

>Man: I mean I would kill her.

>Interviewer: What gives you the right?

>Man: My father, my uncles, and my relatives.

Interviewer: You don't think that's wrong? How can you kill a person?

>Man: No, it's not wrong! It's our honor.

Interviewer: Are you serious? Or are you joking?

>Man: I am very serious.

>Interviewer: But how is that funny? She's a person and she has the right to do what she wants.

>Man: No… she's a girl.

Men are so fucking weak, retarded and a disease on this planet. Holy shit.

No. 277769

all because of muh manhood and muh honour

No. 277771

File: 1533743015403.jpg (58.21 KB, 605x320, 1152601_cms2image-fixed-605x32…)

No. 277773

File: 1533743296684.gif (663.47 KB, 480x324, 1490222035913.gif)

I hope that sister gets the fuck outta there safely and escapes all those psychos.

No. 277774

This. It's mostly ugly and stupid men that are the pickiest.

At 16, I had started modelling with an agency, yet my 20 something boyfriend at the time with extremely bad scar tissue in his lip, hairy moles all over his body and horribly gelled hair would comment on my sometimes prominent blackheads (to the point where he would try and squeeze and suck them out of my nose despite me telling me it made me uncomfortable)
He would watch that awful girls next door show and beg me to bleach my hair blonde (I'm a dark brunette) He would show me porn and tell me later that even if I was the most attractive girl in the world he would still want to fuck other women.
He did and said so many horrible things to me and I endured it because I lost my virginity to him and knew nothing about what a healthy relationship was.

I still cringe to this day about him. But yeah, to go back to your point, it's usually ugly motherfuckers that will be the pickiest.

No. 277781

I hope the refugees are their sisters.

No. 277784

A lot of cringe "doms" are in ow now more than ever after that healsluts discord blew up, seen lots of dudes like this around in the past year presumably thanks to it spreading. You should definitely cut him off, he seems like a real tool and isn't worth your time, let alone a potential $300 ticket.

No. 277787

I work in retail and I have like zero tolerance for some of the muslim and middle eastern men that come in with their wives. I've heard them say to be quiet or shhh on more than a few occasions when the woman is just asking a question about a product.
Also once a middle aged white woman came in asking for help to fix her cupboard. I gave her the tool to fix it and she said the weirdest thing. She said 'It's not a permanent fix but I just need it to make it look neat, my husband is super fussy, he's muslim you see, if he sees it broken, he will flip'

I have nothing against anyone choosing a religion but why would someone say this and still choose to marry someone knowing they are a sexist pig and follow such a sexist religion?

Also, No joke I went to see a doctor about birth control after getting an abortion earlier that year, (he was middle eastern) and he started flipping his lid and saying I was too young for sex. I was 23.

I didn't mean to derail about religion, but I truly believe that any muslim woman claiming to be a feminist, is a fucking liar.
It's such a horrid sexist religion, they just sound brainwashed.

No. 277789

He hit the jackpot with you. Young, naive, beautiful. He took advantage of all of that. I’d bet you wouldn’t look twice at someone like him now.
It really sucks being a teenager, you just don’t realize the mistakes you could be making and time wasting.

Is he a huge loser now?

No. 277790

>Also, No joke I went to see a doctor about birth control after getting an abortion earlier that year, (he was middle eastern) and he started flipping his lid and saying I was too young for sex. I was 23.
And what country do you live in?
I’m a bit critical of this part of the story.

No. 277796

I'd completely ignore them and ask the wife all the questions/what she's looking for/what she needs help for.

No. 277797

He played on all my insecurities. Last time I ever heard of him, he was still living with his mother. He'd be in his 30's now. I think he's a real estate agent now even though he would boast constantly about having completed a carpentery trade. I try not to look him or up or dwell on him because I just think about all the shit things he put me through and it makes me so mad!
Sadly I didn't learn my lesson and dated 2 extremely abusive men for years after, I look back now and think fuck…so many red flags.

I am superrr fucking weary now of any man. I mean he was blatantly horrible and I had my virgin goggles on but there are so many that seem normal and nice until something happens. Another dude I went out with seemed okay until he drank then he would destroy everything and the other one I found pre teen porn searches in his computer.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong because I'm extremely empathetic and try so hard to be a good partner, I put everything I can into the relationship. I just think it's hard to find a man that isn't selfish or a bad person.

I guess if anything, these relationships weren't in vain because I am nowhere near as naive as I was, but at the same time I curse these men for stealing my youth when I should have been making friends and going out.

No. 277798

>interviewer: but how is that funny? She's a person and she has the right to do what she wants.
>Man: No… she's a girl.

and there it is.

No. 277815

nice cherrypicking

No. 277823

File: 1533746563748.png (109.99 KB, 720x759, chickens.png)

majority of offenders claim they rape animals because they cannot get a woman kek
watch as the people who defend these men whine about how women are evil for not giving men sex
yet they go out of their way to traumatize other living beings

No. 277858

Ngl christianity is just as sexist (even Buddhism is sexist) I find it alittle annoying to label certain religions sexist when mostly ALL of them are.
theres mormon towns in the US (a supposedly 1st world country) where police can't even intervene with sister wiveshood, refusal to see any medical staff and child labour happening at every corner. An anon came to LC who was stuck in one of these situations and I still remember reading how horrible her situation was.
I understand the feelings and I am just as disgusted when I experience these things but i have experienced both sides equally frequently. (In terms of sexism that has ties to religion. Cause personally i feel no amount of spiritual belief can excuse how you treat others ngl)
Wont religion sperg any further, but I do believe that there just isn't a religion that holds both genders to the same standards and even if there was society twists it until you have some sort of buildable hierarchy.

No. 277865

I absolutely hate how common this is, especially with shit like horses. How can anyone go on about how women don’t have empathy and are emotional whores!!1!! when men go around pulling shit like this.
It’s fucking baffling

No. 277875

Ngl sometimes I wish we could only admit the women and children. I live in a largely Muslim neighbourhood with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants and some refugee families, and while the women tend to be quiet and hardworking most men are openly sexist douchebags. The second generations are actually worse than the first because they grew up with extreme entitlement and none of the adversity their parents faced. They are raised to believe they’re princes and kings, that they deserve everything and don’t need to work for anything, that white women are sluts to fuck and discard while Muslim women are property to bully around, cheat on and treat as servants. It’s fine and expected for them to go drinking and partying until the early hours of the morning but when a woman is seen outside after like 9 pm she’s a whore who deserves to have bad things happen to her. They style themselves after African-American rappers yet simultaneously look down on and use derogatory terms for black people, including fellow Muslims. They run around in shorts and flip flops while the women are expected to wear full body hijab or niqab year round.
Women in my building refuse to share an elevator with my fiancé because it’s considered indecent for them to be alone in an enclosed space with a strange man, even for a few seconds. I’ve heard neighbours scream at their wives because said wives dared to talk on the phone to someone the husband didn’t know. We’ve called the police on our upstairs neighbours twice, once because the man was actually threatening to kill the woman and once because he was throwing furniture around and a small child was screaming. In both cases it was brushed off as “domestic” and “cultural differences”. I worry that calling the police only makes things worse, but I’m not sure what else to do. They are very closed off to outsiders.

I can’t say any of this with my name attached because I’d be accused of Islamophobia and racism. Most of these guys don’t even really practice Islam, they just practice the most patriarchal and misogynist aspects and only use the rest when it’s convenient as a shield against criticism. They’ll wax poetic about how much better their country of origin is than our country but (with the exception of those fucks who go off to murder people in Syria and then expect to be welcomed back with open arms) they’d never actually consider going there for anything more than a holiday because deep down they know that our “degenerate” Western culture suits them better than any other.

I agree with this too. My worst experiences are all with Muslim men because of the neighbourhood I live in and the fact that most people are largely non-religious otherwise, but I don’t doubt that there are Christians living in our version of the bible belt who are equally as shitty. The biggest difference is that nobody will call you a racist/bigot/nazi for calling out Christian misogyny.

No. 277897

>they just practice the most patriarchal and misogynist aspects and only use the rest when it’s convenient as a shield against criticism
Can be said of all religions really. They brainwash the women or keep them uneducated so they won’t liberate themselves.
Fuck men and their manipulative “religions”.

No. 277901

Oh wow, I haven't heard about healsluts in like a year. The only place I'd heard of it was in a REALLY bad community of catfishers/blackmailers (I didn't find this out until later and GTFO'd immediately). Some of them thought it was funny or something to go to healsluts - I have no idea because I never looked into it myself.

I'm disgusted it still exists but what is its deal exactly, anyway? Just a lot of attention pandering to men or? That's never been my cup of tea.

Thanks for your response though. The crappy thing is that we have mutual friends and I'm worried I might be invited to group with someone and he'll already be in the group.

Anyway I recorded some of our games together (unfortunately forgot to record the one where he was super derisive during the play of the game) because I try to record all my competitive games. And he should know that I do that, but he probably forgot. I might send the video of the last game to some close people and explain my need to stay away from him going forward.
I really wish more people knew he was such a shitbag, just in the toxicity department alone. He does some semi-professional scrim/tournament casting and has such a charming facade but now I realize it's all a facade and he's a very weak and hateful manchild.
I really needed to vent all this lol

No. 277904

This sounds a lot like my dating history. I feel the same way about it, too. I've lost a lot of time and mental health to these men. The only consolation is that I have "learned" from experience… but it is extremely common for abused/neglected women to find themselves in similar relationships again. Maybe because the superficial charm and "lovebombing" type behavior seems like such a breath of fresh air, until they show their true colors.
I've ignored so many obvious red flags at points in my life when I really should have known better.

All I can say is don't let these scum destroy you. You are stronger and always have been.

No. 277905

I still feel Islam is worse overall. Christians from the Middle East don't seem as outrageously sexist as Muslim ones generally. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the impression I got.

No. 277910

Because they play mental gymnastics to convince themselves the poor little mens can never do wrong and when they do its because evil women pushed them to, look at how many bring up single mom and criminal stats, they'll blame millions of women before ever blaming a man for anything

No. 277911

Oh for sure.

No. 277948

Thanks anon, I wish the best for you also. I believe that men like that can sense vulnerability, and that's why I (and other women like yourself) found myself in repeat situations. I am a lot more guarded these days but for the best.

No. 277950

I'm from Australia. That's the crazy thing. I've never had such a bad doctor. I asked about implanon because my sister had success with it (my accidental pregnancy had occured with condoms) and he started getting mad and screeching 'is your sister a doctor? No!'
Thrn he reluctantly gave me a script for the pill which made me depressed and not want sex anyway.
On top of that, he complained I was too young to be sexually active even though it's perfectly normal.
I swear on my life I am not even exaggerating.

On second thoughts, perhaps the fact he was middle eastern had nothing to do with it, he could have just been really conservative. But why be a doctor if you are likely to get offended over young females asking about contraception?

No. 277955

Weird because the muslim men I have been in contact with from Singapore are mostly respectful and sweet to their wives and family, but the muslim men that come from the middle east tend to be the horribly sexist ones.
I feel that way about both genders though, chinese/malay or singaporean muslims are fine, but the middle eastern ones always seem to have a horrible quirk I don't like.
I have extended family that are muslim although I am not, just for context.

Like another anon said, majority of all religions are sexist as fuck.
I remember reading about Confucius and although I liked some of his teachings, the man was extremely sexist.

No. 277963

they're worse, they think women have periods because of their "diet" unlike those pure innocent african waifus

No. 277970

>Ngl sometimes I wish we could only admit the women and children.
I really wish this was possible. Any time I think something racist I've realized it EXCLUSIVELY applies to the men and I have no problem with women of any race, and would happily welcome them into my country. I don't feel bad, I think all men are shit and just use racism to categorize the different ways in which they are shit. Women are not evil so most racism towards them feels petty and trivial, it's usually about superficial things like looks rather than real flaws like aggression and bigotry.

No. 277978

Do you really believe that? I hate men but I don't go around defending every woman because I've met a lot of awful ones.

No. 277990

acknowledging the fact it's mostly men who do bad things =/= all women are perfect angels

No. 278006

much morals, such self control, very civilized, wow

No. 278011

I feel sick when I see these animal rape articles. Who the hell thinks to do that to an innocent animal minding it's own business? It's like those awful men that kick and torture quokkas, when they are the most helpless, harmless, cutest little animals around. Fucking animals is completely sick and those men don't deserve to live.
What the fuck was wrong with them? Being drunk or horny isn't an excuse. We've all been through dry spells before, it's called masturbation for goddsake, not torturing some poor little animal by sticking your greasy dick in it.
The pregnant goat one made me feel especially sick.

No. 278024

How many of these awful women raped or abused someone? How many of them are criminals?

Even when women are "awful" the worst thing they do is socially bully others.

No. 278027

Indian muslims that's who. The article headline intentionally avoids mentioning the race of the goat rapists.

No. 278029

It's been around for a long time, Chinese men used to rape ducks while drowning them and in some parts of my country there's still people raping goats, cows and hens. There's literally nothing a man can't do when he's horny, they become animals. And the worst cases always happen when they're in groups, notice how men turn retarded when they're with their 'bros'

No. 278030

Uh, okay? I'm not trying to compare both genders, just saying women can be evil too. I'm not gonna go around defending someone who doesn't deserve it. And funnily enough the women I had problems with were the type to throw fellow women under the bus to get themselves a man.

No. 278031

I'm sorry, are you actually stating right now that you believe that not once in all of human history has a woman murdered or raped or stolen from or injured or otherwise harmed another living thing besides "social bullying"?

No. 278037

Nta but I'm gonna say that no gangs of women have gone around raping defenceless animals before.

No. 278038

Don't think any of us here in the literal man hate thread are throwing women under buses to get a man, like wut. Most crimes are done by men. "What about the meanie woman" is tired

No. 278039

Cause when women have sex with animals nobody considers it rape.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278040

I agree that men are by far more evil (antisocial personality disorder which is also called psychopathy is more common in men), but yeah. Easily off the top of my head:
That's way worse than bestiality (which is still abhorrent of course).
More recently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marybeth_Tinning

The thing is, it's a lot easier to think of exponentially more horrible men.

People are generally fucked up, just often in different ways. Men do think with their dicks more than we think with our vaginas though, for sure. It's also no argument that most religions are misogynist. But I think this "women do bad things too" conversation is a bit derailing.
In my life, I've met a shitton of abusive and/or pornsick pieces of shit men, but to my knowledge no women that I would regard in any manner like that.

No. 278049

File: 1533789187828.jpg (100.71 KB, 600x854, 1528136058932.jpg)

No. 278052

Believe what? Nothing you said has anything to do with my point, which is that my racism is always based on evil things men do (eg middle eastern men straight up oppressing women, japanese men and their lolis, black men being criminals, white men being the most privileged assholes ever but acting victimized), but I cannot generalize women of any race the same way. They aren't perfect but there's no racially/culturally based evil that I can pinpoint, it's just evil individual women on occasion.

No. 278055

This thread took a turn.


No. 278056

No. 278061

>Men who kill their partners serve less than one-third the prison time of women who kill their partners: two to six years, compared with an average of 15 years for women. Eighty percent of women convicted for murdering a man state that they have been physically and/or sexually abused by that man.

Meanwhile men
>bawwwww women are so favoured by the legal system!!

No. 278063

File: 1533793495066.png (115.17 KB, 599x491, 1b7[1].png)

No. 278081

Thanks, what's giving me hope is they're mature/post-grad students. So, hopefully that will minimise problems. One of the male students in his bio said he was clean, so I hope that's the truth. Fingers crossed.

No. 278130

I believe you. It’s just so weird to me, why be a gyno and then lose so much business by being archaic?

You should leave a review or something so other women won’t waste their time.

No. 278146


Um, someone tell them it's men would buy the male sex robots too. And the child ones.
Tbh, on the surface it seems like an easy solution to provide them with robots to leave us alone, but in reality that has a pretty profound effect on the psyche and only serves to further dehumanise women (and children and the human body in general) in the eyes of men

No. 278147

many women are bad individually but for example middle eastern women aren't aggressive, violet idiots stuck in their ways. female refugees usually always integrate and make an effort to become a part of the community they join instead of spreading their toxic ideals from back home.

No. 278148

they sure showed us that women are the emotional, impulsive animallike-gender.

No. 278150

And to make matters worse, the only way these types of men will stop raping animals is by "getting a woman", aka marrying a wife to rape. You see basically all these men saying "if i had a woman i wouldnt NEED to rape this cow", implying they would just rape the woman instead. There is no way of civilizing these men.

No. 278151

That literally has nothing to do with it omg. We were talking about men of different races being different types of bad when this doesnt apply to the women. INDIVIDUAL women of every race can be bullies, abusive, perverted, violent, but not on the same GROUP level men are.

No. 278152

You're so fucking dumb. No one has claimed all women are good. Just that ALMOST all really bad people are male, those female outliers don't mean shit. And you can put a slightly racist twist on it and classify the type of things bad men do by race.

No. 278162

There's no point in arguing with the "b-but women rape and kill too!!!!" anons, they will never shut up. Because some female corner case raped a kid they think it invalidates the statistics. Men still commit 99% of rapes, one woman doing it doesn't make women "just as bad as men".

No. 278164

Why is there so much gang raping in India?

No. 278165

Anyone that clueless must be a troll.

No. 278166

Because it’s India anon.

No. 278171

File: 1533826983630.jpeg (155.48 KB, 730x410, B956EAFD-051A-4779-B0D1-D57E04…)

>Because it’s India anon.
Is it for any of the following:
>holi holiday
>kashmiri tensions
>lack of plumbing
>caste system
>british empire
>smelly men
>pretty ladies
>nice hair
>princess jasmine

That’s a list of stuff I associate with India. What about any of that makes the men gang rape? I may be missing something.
(I dont mean to offend anyone. India seems wonderful in theory)

No. 278172

>Princess Jasmine
>Star watching Aladdin
>First song literally shouts out "ARABIAN NIGHTS LIKE ARABIAN DAYS"
Back to topic indian men rape because there is a shortage of women and also because it's a backwards patriarchal society it's almost like asking why african men rape or why muslims rape.

No. 278183

>I'm disgusted it still exists but what is its deal exactly, anyway? Just a lot of attention pandering to men or?
Yeah it's like 75% neckbeard men and troons with abuse fetishes and 25% women competing with each other for male asspats. Also I'm not surprised it came up in a catfish-filled community lol. I used to lurk it and a lot of the guys got catfished by troons pretending to be asian girls and instead of keeping their humiliating stupidity to themselves would fly off the handle in public channels.

No. 278197

That one for a start

I don't know if it was this or last thread, but anon posted a link to an article about the woman/girl deficit in India and China. It's a big problem when men don't have the possibility to pair off with women and have offspring. They don't learn social responsibility.

Thank God our saviour Elon Musk is working on a space program to shoot all the incels out of the Stratosphere.

No. 278257

Let's keep it real, the actual reason behind all this rape frenzy is not patriarchy. Learn more how patriarchy organizes society, instead of listening to bitter universtiry gender professors, to know how irrelevant it is to this problem.

You need to take into account the main contributing factor: development of people. It so happens all this gang raping being done by people from undeveloped or developing countries, where people aren't that much developed themselves, and therefore are very much like feral animals.
Let's take Syria: it's muslim country but people there are quite educated and developed so women are treated there with dignity. Now take Turkey, its people are less developed, and they treat women not as good as Syrians do. Now let's take america: it's developed state but it still has some small undeveloped communities within big cities, where crime rates are sky high including violent rapes. And finaly whole Afrika: it has rape epidemic going, and i don't need to explain how far back in development it falls behind the rest of the world.

No. 278264

Is education, or rather a lack of, the cause of all problems in the world?

I’m not trying to sound sarcastic, I am srs.

No. 278267

>finaly whole Afrika
Not all countries have a "rape epidemic", but I bet you couldn't name a country off the top of your head, so you just said "Ehh the whole continent I guess idk". Pretty uneducated.

No. 278269

Super OT, but Arabian Nights (the 1001 stories) has a bunch of origins:
>The work was collected over many centuries by various authors, translators, and scholars across West, Central, and South Asia and North Africa.
>The tales themselves trace their roots back to ancient and medieval Arabic, Greek, Indian, Jewish, Persian and Turkish folklore and literature.
Aladdin was added in pretty late by a French guy and the titular character was supposed to Chinese or from "the Orient". And Disney's Aladdin cobbles together South Asian, Persian, and Middle Eastern imagery. Hell, the live action version's Princess Jasmine is being played by an actress of Indian descent.
You were probably making a joke about the anachronism, though, my bad.

>Syria developed
>Turkey not developed
Are they really that different? My familiarity with Syria is heavily affected by the civil war, so maybe that's why I think they're pretty comparable.

No. 278273

I’m not that anon, but I decided to look up some of the available statistics and it’s not looking good for the continent of Africa, comparatively speaking.

No. 278278


> it's muslim country but people there are quite educated and developed so women are treated there with dignity. Now take Turkey, its people are less developed, and they treat women not as good as Syrians do

Stop pulling shit out of your ass, I'm Turkish and we have almost 3 million Syrians here. We are not the best people on how we treat women but we are miles apart from them on how we act. They treat women like trash, harass them all the time and they act like bunch of caveman. I can't wait for them to go back to their country(they probably won't)

No. 278282

because they low key want as many irreparable psychopaths on the street as possible
the chinese incels are all over africa running havoc at this moment

No. 278287

I was reading about that case in NM of the kids being neglected and shit. This is a little fucked up on our legal system’s part:
>Ramzi [the mother of a kid] has not been charged in the case. She reported her son missing to Clayton County, Georgia, authorities in December after the younger Wahhaj took their son to the park and never returned, according to a police report.

>Police initially didn't file a child abduction report because Wahhaj and Ramzi were married; she filed for divorce in December, Clayton County court documents show. But a juvenile court judge in January issued an arrest warrant for Wahhaj for failing to let Ramzi know where he'd taken their son.

Can a married woman not claim her child missing if he’s suspected to be with her husband? That’s stupid.
And legal anons here?

No. 278311

File: 1533859748171.jpg (73.15 KB, 500x689, tumblr_pd6h8rtZ6A1vrzlpr_500.j…)

these men are a waste of oxygen they should just die

No. 278312

Did any of you anons watch American experience: Tesla? It's a documentary about, well, Tesla.

A scrotoid upthread mentioned him and even though I wasn't even paying much attention to the documentary, something stood out: his father was a Greek orthodox priest and wanted Tesla to do the same. If le superior male had gotten it his way, fucking Nikola Tesla would have rotted away in a religious life.

Who was responsible for his path as an inventor? His fucking mom, who was herself an inventor and created devices for farming and housekeeping.

This isn't the only case where something like this happens. Historically, men have always been narcissistic fucks who wanted their sons to take over their business and do the exact same thing they did. The fathers of great men so often disapproved of what their sons pursued, and way too often it was their mothers who wanted them to receive proper education and seek higher achievements.

Men are such ungrateful little fucks. Women literally give them life, raise them, teach them, show them the right path to follow… but because we had no choice or time to do anything but this (sexist laws and customs, lack of birth control, men stealing their ideas) that means we're stupid and useless. Fuck men.

No. 278325

So you're angry his father wanted Tesla to follow in his footsteps when he ended up following his mother?

No. 278329

God this made my blood boil.
Men are fucking trash.

No. 278331

Are you a male? I don't think a woman would miss the point this bad.

No. 278338

The thing is that the entire continent of Africa isn't on the same developmental level across the board, which you would have to take into account if you want to make a tight correlation between the developmental level of a region and the prevalence of rape instead of making a sweeping generalization about a variable continent. South Africa and Botswana have the highest rates of rape in the continent but they are among some of the most developed countries in Africa.

No. 278340

File: 1533875046936.png (567.13 KB, 847x767, rincel[1].png)


No. 278343

Shouldn't that wolf be smiling if it's an incel?

No. 278345

Lol these fuckers are such shitheads, men should be cancelled.

No. 278346

Refusing to believe this actually happened to protect my sanity.

No. 278350

we can take dozens of your mockeries while one man laughing about a rape victim is triggering the fuck out of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278356

I think you can take it because deep down, you know you're a worthless piece of trash who deserves to be mocked. Rape victims, however, aren't. They don't deserve to be mocked.

No. 278357

Lol. Incels get triggered into tantrums by hearing the word "no," and seeing other people happier than them. Your weak bitch ass definitely wouldn't make it as a woman if you think this is just "one man" perpetuating the same negative outlook against owmen.

No. 278358

How are they incel if they're getting raped that much tho

No. 278359

That isn't….

>breathes in

No. 278360

Bro why are you so mad at incels? 90% of rape victims are raped by men women bring into their own lives.
If anybody is gonna rape you, it's probably gonna be the abusive boyfriend you picked or the abusive dad your mom picked.

Start focusing on the men who actually hurt women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278361


No. 278362

This is kinda on topic to what you're saying, but I hate how liberal feminists tend to do the whole "found the incel" or "you're probably a virgin" thing whenever a man says something sexist. No, literally any man can be sexist. Attractive, successful men can be sexist pieces of shit, abusive and rapists. It's not only ugly basement dwellers.

No. 278364

>blaming women for 'picking' rapists
>implying we don't constantly hate on non incel men, and most of these threads focus on abuse and violence towards women

Ok incel. We have plenty of room in our hearts to hate on your type of misogyny as well, don't worry.

No. 278365

..how can men continue to claim that women are 'evil' when they literally go out of their way to harass rape victims for fun? How are they this psychotic? God fucking damn.Then again these are the same types of trash whove mocked the Ariana Grande bombing victims (actual children) because "they were going to grow up to be stacies anyway".
Hopefully nine people called this shit out

No. 278366

Incels post the foulest shit online and then have the audacity to turn around and cry over not being able to get their peepee wet and how female companionship would save their life, so not sucking their dick is literally killing them. I wish they just dropped dead right now.

No. 278367

>blaming women for 'picking' rapists
I mean, women can see right through incels' terrible personalities so how come they can't see a rapist until he's deep inside her?
Something doesn't add up.

No. 278369

>ugly basement dwellers
Typical laboid lashout.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278372

Do incels have the ultimate 1st world problem? People out there are worried about not having a shelter, feeding themselves and their family, getting raped, abused, domestic violence, etc. Their only worry is not being able to put their dick in a vagina…

No. 278374

Pretty much except, its not even that they are worried about putting their dick in a vagina its that "stacy" will not give them the time of day they want a 12/10 gf but cant even be bothered to shower its hilarious.

No. 278377

Do you feel victimised by that post :^)

No. 278378

Sex is the most basic thing in life so no. But their reaction to it is definitely too much.

No. 278379

Sex isn't the most basic thing in life.

No. 278380

We exist just to reproduce.

No. 278381

File: 1533883934493.jpg (75.34 KB, 540x667, tumblr_pcpqkpAIZM1r0jzp4_540.j…)

What is it with men and raping anything with a hole? This (literal) poor cow was put to death because apparently she "seduced" this man into raping her like wtf they say men are animals but they are fucking worse how can men complain about anything when their fucking sex goes around doing shit like this?!

No. 278384

True, but human have the possibility to have an extremely fulfilling life without sex. More than an animal without complex thoughts at least.

No. 278385

>all of Africa

Great another non-black speaking for an entire continent

No. 278386

Man you must be boring as fuck if thats all your life is about.

No. 278387

Sorry but I think thats just something with certain mentally fucked people. And what your referring to isn't modern.

>how can men complain about anything when their fucking sex goes around doing shit like this

I mean seeing as a woman raped her baby once, should that apply as well? I'm all with this thread. But that seems a little yikes.

No. 278388

I'm not even going to reproduce. I know it's hard to accept but that's literally the only reason we're here.

No. 278389

Yes, but actually reproducing isn't given. Typically only the male that the female deems worthy of mating with her gets to reproduce. With other animals, no weak male would ever get to have offspring.

Women not fucking incels is just natural selection.

No. 278391

We also have things like sperm banks in this day and age.

No. 278393

Exactly, but a lot of things in society has been constructed to stop women from having this choice, a lot of incels (and non incels) are angry women have more freedoms which is why they are pushing for pedophilia to be normalised so they can legally go after girls before they have a chance to form opinions and see the world for what it really is.

No. 278394

There is nothing wrong with not reproducing. It's kinda great actually, shitty incels DNA have to be kicked out of the gene pool.

No. 278396

Yep, ironically i have spoken to a lot of incels who argue darwinism yet also try and argue why its ok for them to be mad at attractive women dating"dumb but hot" attractive men and not their asses.

No. 278398

We can't? They expose themselves on the internet.

No. 278400

File: 1533885656101.jpg (186.89 KB, 1078x709, ahaha.jpg)

Sorry some of it is small but hopefully you can make out most of the posts

No. 278411

lol if women had their way we would go back to stone age. Female sexuality rewards the worst traits in the human race and is incompatible with civilization.

[Women like "jerkish" men, men like nice girls.] (http://www.newsweek.com/study-finds-men-nice-women-not-other-way-around-261269)

[Why Do Men Prefer Nice Women? Gender Typicality Mediates the Effect of Responsiveness on Perceived Attractiveness in Initial Acquaintanceships.] (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/263424760_Why_Do_Men_Prefer_Nice_Women_Gender_Typicality_Mediates_the_Effect_of_Responsiveness_on_Perceived_Attractiveness_in_Initial_Acquaintanceships)

[Manipulative, asympathetic, arrogant bullies have higher numbers of sexual partners and have sex more often.] (https://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/sex-and-relationship/161217/dominance-may-make-bullies-more-attractive-leading-to-more-sex-study.html)

[Same thing as the previous one.] (https://rd.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs40806-017-0126-4)

[Same thing too.] (http://archive.is/ZGvcF)

[Bullies have more sex and higher self-esteem.] (http://www.wdish.com/life/bullies-sex-study)

[When child bullies grow up they are sexier, more popular and have more dates than their victims.] (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3177486/Child-bullies-sexier-popular-dates-victims-grow-new-research-suggests.html)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278415

>Women like "jerkish" men, men like nice girls.

Men are pussies.

Also, when I try to be nice and say "lol men aren't that bad after all", I find something like this and it feels like a slap in the face. Back to the hate…

No. 278421

First study they state themselves that responsiveness (what you call being nice) is an elusive concept and that it could mean anything to anyone.

Second study state that men like feminine women and women like masculine men, wew, fucking roasties amirite?
>Moreover, because this study did not assess perceptions of mate value, it cannot indicate when and why partner responsiveness will motivate the pursuit of short-term versus long-term mating opportunities

Third "study" (it's a shitty article) is about teenagers… Yes bullies get more sex in middle and high school, nothing to see here.

Fourth five and sixth study is again about teenagers, you're probably a neet, so I doubt you're aware of that but people do a lot of growing up once they leave highschool.

Last link is a shit article by the dailymail who claim that Gordon Ramsay is popular with women because he's a bully lmao.

No. 278429

I’ve noticed for myself that my first instinct with men who act like jerks is to be extra nice and submissive, because I don’t want to get yelled at and it’s the safest way to get out of the situation. It’s something I’m trying to change but half the time I don’t even realise it myself. Of course men see this behaviour and assume that “oh she’s smiling at him, she must want his dick”. It’s a self-defence mechanism that has nothing to do with attraction. I’m only attracted to people who are kind to me and don’t make me feel like I need to placate them all the time.

No. 278441

Ah yes, the problem is race. A black African American who can't name a single African country would, like, be totally qualified to talk about it!!!
God I hope this is bait

Nope, it's the other way around - we reproduce just to exist. The goal is to keep the species alive, reproduction is only one of the many ways we secure continued existence. Playing a role in the system that ensures human survival (society) is just as important as reproducing. Your life isn't suddenly biologically meaningless just because you didn't make a direct contribution to the gene pool.

Not even surprised that people can't understand this lmao men are notorious for being greedy narcissists who'll rape, murder, and sacrifice thousands of people just to have a shot at passing on his shitty genes.

No. 278442

So this is the new incel copypasta? Y'all really tryin to back up your autistic screeching with daily mail articles?

No. 278444


>My cherrypicks are more legit than yours

No. 278448

>>Sex sex sex sex they have more seeeexx than me!! A nice guy!!
>>women have sex with guys who go out more so that somehow means we destroy society!

Your fucking retarded

No. 278456

>be bullied
>self esteem in shambles
>less confident
>go out less, less confident talking to people
>leads to a person having less sex
wow really

No. 278461


Nta but point is not being nice or not. Point is women find the traits they complain about attractive in majority.

No. 278462

No. Women just find being physically attractive an attractive trait, like men. Men hide those traits you think women complain about but find attractive. They don't even know their man has them until the animal can't maintain the human facade anymore, let alone be attracted to them.

No. 278464

Did you even read those studies?
The only reason women end up with asshole abusive men is because men are so fucking sociopathic they can hide their shittiness almost perfectly, plus most incels would be abusive too if they could get into a relationship.

No. 278466

File: 1533896946183.png (571.65 KB, 1280x720, c696460.png)

No. 278468

This confirm the theory that most incels are severely autistic, they can only understand life through over simplified comics…
>women chose to be abused!!
>But I'm a victim and my shitty life isn't a consequence of my poor life choices and bad personality

No. 278472

>poor life choices
like what?
>bad personality
no one dates incels because they have bad personality because they're incels because no one dates incels.jpg

No. 278473

Bottom left frame has a woman wearing a latex one-piece dress. What kind of party is this?

No. 278478

Yeah not to mention she looks like a loli

No. 278480

If this is what men imagine we really think, no wonder they think we’re all retarded kek
I cant belive an adult male made this, this is why our planet is dying

No. 278481

Just imagine if a woman was doing something like this. Men would be thrown off so badly and cry and yell like babies, calling for the hanging of the woman. Yet this is something women have to endure on a daily basis, sociopathic men trying to fuck with their psyche. Reminds me of that one guy who posted about deliberately scaring girls for a powertrip by running after them on a dark street.

No. 278482

I bet a wholesome nice guy like yourself would go with a socially awkward, unnattractive 4/10 girl and not 10/10 stacy for a quick bang, but thats different right, because muh dick

No. 278483

>Like what

Being born ugly.

No. 278484


My last girlfriend was like that and she cheated on me with a Chad-lite from her college on a one night stand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278486

um… are u a man

No. 278489

>notice how the women in the comic is a Stacy

No. 278490

Maybe she wouldn't have cheated if you fucked her right.

No. 278492

Why is it so awful for women to want a good looking man? Even the beta in the comic is after a good looking woman. Instead of looking for autistic cat ladies like himself, he's at some night club trying to hook up with college stacys. He won't lower his standards so why should she?

No. 278493

Because women should be accepting of men regardless of their looks and men only deserve the best looking women/ an incel commandment

No. 278494

You probably deserved it

No. 278495

I don't understand why they think some blonde Stacy who would wear a latex dress in public would want an incel kek

Let's try this same comic with a average/below average female autist with acne.

>incels gets with her out of desperation because he really wanted a Stacy

>treats the girl like shit and cheats on her with cam girls and porn
>verbally abuses her
>one day for some odd reason Stacy gives him the time of day and he cheats without hesitation

No. 278496

File: 1533905768486.jpeg (85.99 KB, 562x780, B8AAB3A8-FF15-4044-9132-5C620A…)

Lol pretty underrated

No. 278497

I wish men who down play rape/molestation as just sex would get raped in the ass by a huge man with a big dick. They should enjoy it since sex is just sex.

No. 278499


Weren't you guys the ones complaining about "muh dik" shit. Man you guys are really retarded.


Oh yeah supporting my partner in bad times, making her go to college instead of rotting in retail and restoring her non-existant self esteem. Got it, I'm a bad person that deserved it.

No. 278500

You only went out with her because she was weak and desperate at the time. If Stacy would have offered you some pussy you would have cheated as well.

No. 278501

>they're both misogynists
At least that part's right. What a choice.

No. 278503


I had girls interested in me but I've gone for her because of her love for astronomy, never abused her in any way, she rejected me at first and I didn't pushed her to go out at all she was the one who asked me out later.

No. 278504

>nothing is ever mens fault, when its the mans fault its because evil women brought it upon themselves
>but men who have shit taste in women, fetishize women being psychotic, and wonder why they get hurt are all poor oppressed babies who need to be coddled!

No. 278505

And? Ive been cheated on by "nice guys", nerdy, 5/10 dude with skin cancer who played gta all day, cheated on me with 4 girls and left me for some girl he cheated on, spent over 600+ dollars on him and paid his rent several times as well as hooking him up with a job after uni. you see me running around screaming how men are blinded by looks and only want stacy? No, if i did it would make me an evil feminist

Funny how women can be abused by several men (even though you probably think its their fault for inviting men in their life but men are poor babies when they get hurt by women) but men will hold grudges against all women because they met 1 bad one after getting cheated on once, if women even dare beware of men shes a "bitter feminazi whos gonna hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone"

No. 278507

Because, men are allowed to be ugly and awful and expect stacies who give them money and its okay, if a woman goes for Chad she deserves anything bad that happens to her despite most chads being respectful and sweet and ugly ones being horrible, sexist and crazy (like the dude in here)
From my experience anyway, even others agree its always ugly men treating good women awfully and wondering why they cant get a girl so just cling to "W-W WOMEN ONLY WANT CHAD!!! UR FAULT IF YOU GET RAPED AND ABUSED YOU SHOULD'VE GONE FOR A NICE GUY LIKE ME YOU DUMB WHORE I HOPE YOU GET RAPED!"

No. 278508

So if you went to a bar for just sex, you would sleep with the “uglier” girl with a less appealing personality?
Be real

No. 278511

File: 1533909540388.jpeg (40.2 KB, 500x565, 9F1E5E99-268E-4B38-8E18-48125A…)

Can this man please leave? And can the women quit entertaining him. He’s a distraction.
I hate men.

No. 278513

Maybe she cheated because she didnt want a boyfriend who called her "4/10" and claimed women who get abused or raped is their fault

Sounds like you're leaving out a fuck load of details,and considering your mental stability and view on women now, chances are you werent the perfect loving uwu bf you claim to bf

No. 278517


I wasn't like this before tbqh, more like a recent thing.


Bars and clubs are icky, I hate them.

No. 278518

File: 1533910350465.jpg (32.39 KB, 563x542, 857[1].jpg)

>things not in my echo chamber are distractions (robot)

No. 278524

LMAO I hit a nerve.

If women just liked physically attractive men, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The problem is that women are attracted to evil. Female sexuality never evolved past the stone age. You’re still lusting over destructive and violent cavemen. This place is full of white women from the most developed and safest places in the world and yet you go on /g/ and see a half of you posting about how you wanna have sex with the most degenerate serial killers. There's no advanced female led society in the history of mankind because we would still be animals under that system.

>it doesn’t count because the study was focused on teenagers

>it doesn’t count because the attraction may be only for “short term relationships”
>it doesn’t count because we can never see the red flags, men are just so good at hiding their issues

Very few women can leave behind their lust for cavemen. I have a lot of respect for a woman I know, she doesn’t hide the fact that she likes good looking men, but she always says she doesn’t like bad men and she actually dates a good (and good looking) guy. On the other hand I know a bunch of women who love saying they don’t care about looks (they do) and yet they always end up with the worst types of men, one of them was even violently raped by a boyfriend. The other one is about to throw her life away for an old man with a criminal record. Both of them keep picking those men over and over, they just can’t help it.
I wish it was just a matter of women picking the most good looking men.(bait)

No. 278528

rapes goat
>female sexuality never evolved past the stone age
kek, the retardation of these scrotoids. didn't even bother reading the rest, MALE. die

No. 278529

these males just aren't thinkers.

No. 278531

If we're going with his "majority is all" nonsense then male sexuality is based in rape and violence which is equally if not more degenerate. Just look at how much violence and degradation is in "vanilla" porn.

I hate how unevolved some people are too, but it's far from one-sided. Humans are disgusting, but men are more actively aggressive and vile.

No. 278532

Can't read a single paragraph?

No. 278533

File: 1533912086366.jpg (128.3 KB, 1456x1061, zL0OueMr.jpg)

No. 278534

I also love how they claim to hate us but can't help trying to get our attention even on a thread dedicated to hating them. What a sad life lmao.

No. 278536

that proves our minds are more creative than yours
>you have a sad life
2nd most common argument after "you're an ugly neckbeard"

No. 278538

So you put a fake face on, she saw through it and now you're crying when your true ugly self came out and now just blame because youre not ~chad~

No. 278539

>male sexuality is so violent and rapey

Fetishes with strong female interest:
- Female submitting
- Spanking
- Male dominating
- Choking
- Masochism
- Heavy bondage
- Sadism
- Cutting
- Rapeplay

You can post in this thread all day, yet you still want to submit to a caveman who will choke you.

No. 278540

necrophilia, pedophilia and bestiality is what men call creativity. let that sink in, ladies.

is one of these creatures someone you want to spend even an hour of your time with? it's not worth it, and since we aren't forced to anymore, my decision is a big no.

No. 278541

>bestiality, pedophila, and necrophilia are all strong male interests
What are you disproving here?
Most popular porn is not femdom, last time I checked. I wish it was. I really do.

>the same women who hate doms are subs
It's not an insult if it doesn't apply to me at all.

No. 278542

Fucking barf the most degenerate kink women are into is cutting while at the same level males are into pedophilia, necrophilia, inanimate objects (????), vore, monters / alien, piss, lactation, futa…
What a bunch of degenerate beasts.

No. 278543

dude you replied to me, not her.

No. 278545


I didn't disliked women before this event.

No. 278546

lol male sexuality is a meme. You literally lop your own dicks off for a fetish. When I learnt that at age 14 I knew I would never respect these over hyped dildos with baggage, aka males.

No. 278553

Who cares, go away

No. 278556


No :^)

No. 278557

found this a while back, this is probably the first time i've seen a man openly state the obvious like this in women's favor. its also a weird change of pace when every fucking comedian has a crazy ex story or bits on how absolutely evil and different women are. you can taste the discomfort in the room too lel.
just felt like sharing, theres some even on the male side that "get it" to some extent.

donald glover seems like a good lad too, too bad he stole that "this is america" beat.
jump to 2:20 if lazy

No. 278560

>What are you disproving here?
The notion that it's men who like "rapey" shit. It's women.

No. 278563

fetishes =/= sex people are having IRL.

No. 278564

Please stop replying to the bot. he's boring and getting off on our attention.

No. 278565


No. 278570

Using all caps won't invalidate our arguments.

No. 278571

Why are some men so absolutely disgusting?

I won’t date a man who can’t keep a clean apartment. No excuses.

No. 278575

If you were a worthy guy in the first place, then meeting one bad girl wouldn't change that
Male fragility at its finest, gets cheated on once and now hates women
Meanwhile women are expected to endure misogyny like so
Nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine

No. 278576

>implying incel arguments have any validation to begin with

No. 278577

>stupid womens wanna be tied up and get spanked, disgusting degenerate femoids!!!
>men wanting to fuck dogs and kids is creativity tho

No. 278583


Not really, you're free to hate man.

No. 278585

File: 1533916110983.png (2.13 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2037.PNG)

>women's desirability peaked at 18
>men's desirability peaked at 50

No. 278586

I'll admit that degeneracy is mostly male interest, although extremely uncommon. On the other hand all the rapey shit you blame men for are actually super popular among women.

If you take a random group of normies, chances are the women will be into rape and them men will be into uniforms or threesomes.

No. 278587

>men wanting to dismember women
>men wanting to fuck dead bodies
>men literally eating shit and piss
>just creativity bro femoids r more fukk'd xDD

No. 278588

ot but as someone who works in survey research this is a hilariously bad survey

No. 278589

Men can't be bothered to learn basic housekeeping because it's the woman's job, duh! They'll just have their moms, girlfriends or wives to do all the cooking and cleaning, while they relax on the couch after doing their "man chores" (aka mowing the lawn every two weeks or changing one light bulb).

Men also get applauded for doing the bare minimum of the most basic stuff. I was browsing Imgur and there was a post on the front page about a dad who braided his daughter's hair. That's it. Just a picture of a fishtail braid and a description that said something like "hey I'm a dad and this took me 40 minutes". All of the comments were praising him and sucking his dick like he had just saved five orphans from a fire. How often do women get called awesome and best moms ever for doing that?

No. 278593

Little late and OT but I agree with this. I've always believed that life is what you make of it. It's something that actually requires a good deal of introspection & effort to come out with any kind of "meaning" in all of this.

Saying things like "our purpose is to reproduce" imo is a classic example of a thought-terminating cliche, it's just an attempt to reduce something amazingly large and complex into a bite-sized easy to digest platitude.

No. 278594

File: 1533917275549.jpg (173.11 KB, 800x876, sexualfantasiesagain.jpg)

Here's another set of data.
>Only 5% less maledoms than there are femsubs
>More men want to spank than women want to be spanked
>22.6% of men want to molest an unconscious person
Also kek because men almost evenly want to be raped. It's only degen when women like rapeplay, though.

(As a disclaimer I'm not caping for rapeplay, I actually think it's sad.)

No. 278596

I dont blame men for it, however
Lets take a look at erotica, which is mostly popular among women
Its not ~horrid~, they dont almost kill the woman, its a lot more gentle and loving just with some kinky stuff involved, and lets not forget how hard men push kinks on women, literally cheating on women and claiming its because theyre not kinky enough
Anyway, erotica, vs porn, consumed by men
In porn, no foreplay,just shoving in dry holes, they wrap womens breasts in rope until they turn purple, literally almost killing the woman just for men to cum, which is a HUGE difference

No. 278597

>reading this thread and mfw

Yikes! You female incels have some serious issues. Maybe you all should just chill out and realise that not all men are like this. Or go see a therapist because you all have issues!

No. 278598

This tbh, im a woman with a dangerous job, men get asspated so much for it and act like they just came home from war after digging holes or driving, if i dare even complain a bit,men start screaming "THIS IS EQUALITY SUCK IT UP DUMB BITCH MEN DO IT ALL THE TIME"

No. 278600

no one said all men, in fact in several threads we made it clear it wasnt all men, go chew out actual incels who cant even be in the presence of a woman and be mentally stable about it

Also incels? I thought us privileged dumb women can just open our legs and a man will fuck us, which one is it?

No. 278602

it's really telling that you havent been in a relationship. people change, they manipulate. sometimes the seemingly sweetest guy will just flip a switch.

No. 278604

men are attention whores and want applause for doing normal things millions of women do everyday.
Ever notice how low the bar is set for men? Women have to basically invent the cure for cancer to be seen as worthy but men can comb their daughter's hair and people will fall down to their knees and sing songs of praise.

No. 278605

The responses in this thread suggests otherwise. Besides, you could open up your legs but I doubt any man would want to be with you because of your piss poor attitude.

No. 278607

So, you admit that personality matters.

No. 278608

lol men fuck dead chickens and shove insects into their urethra but a woman being mean is just too much for them

No. 278609

Of course it does. Would you want to hang out with a attractive dude with a shitty, pissy attitude or a ugly guy with a normal and outgoing personality?

No. 278610

I've been black pilled by my own mother.
A sweet middle aged woman. She's a computer illiterate and always asks me to download Disney movies for her. The only time she didn't ask for a Disney movie, she asked me to download 50 Shades of Grey for her. I felt so disgusted she could see it on my face. I quickly dismissed the idea and she didn't ask again. I seriously couldn't look at her for a while.
That's the truth about women. Even the nice moms out there still wanna submit to a high status caveman.(no1curr)

No. 278611

File: 1533918440335.gif (2.02 MB, 343x200, 200.gif)

Holy mother of mommy issues.

No. 278612

You don't seem like a "normal guy with an outgoing personality", more like the opposite of it. Aka incel.

No. 278616

>No u, the post

This is why you will never have a husband, let alone a boyfriend anon. Your toxicity permeates through your very being. Just learn to love people and others will love you in return.

No. 278619

lol i love her

No. 278620

>This is why you will never have a husband, let alone a boyfriend anon.

>scrotes think this is a good insult because the worst for them is not having a gf

Try again sweetie, that's a blessing. I'll leave all the "love" men are capable of giving out all for you to delight yourself with.

No. 278621

all men hate women, might as well pick those who look good.

No. 278622

Nta, but what are you talking about? Males are whores with literally no standards. I'm sure anon could find a decent husband even if she was the ugliest girl in the world. Females cannot be incels, only volcels.

No. 278623

yeah women prefer men who arent ugly. such civilization destroying whores right? fuck off.

No. 278624

men coming into the MAN HATE THREAD and btfoing us with their supreme male logic is in fact a distraction yes. go be "superior" somewhere else.

No. 278626

If it was only that it'd be fine. Women do their best to make sure the most destructive men pass their genes.
Even the worst serial killers out there get dozens of marriage offers from women.

No. 278627

I can only speak for myself but as a regular on the man-hate threads since 2017, I never had any issues with getting men, I've had men chase me and fall for me, I can easily get a steady relationship if I choose to, I hate men because of men like you, not because they dont fuck me. Which is why men like you hate women

No. 278628

Most farmers are in relationship anyways, that's why the whole femcel argument can't hold itself.

No. 278629

And? As mentioned before its a fetish. And yes men do it to, look at lilth who has men chasing her soley because shes crazy, or when the jodi aries thing came and how many men wanted to fuck her, it goes both ways, it always does, but women are expected to pay for actions of other women, men will scream "not all men" all day if they even get a slight taste of what women go through

No. 278630

>men in this thread
>giving fucks about the content of the thread

Who are they and why they have time on their hands to post here of all places???

No. 278631

>Just learn to love people and others will love you in return.

Come back when there's anything to love about you.

No. 278632

Boo fucking hoo, how dare women have sexual fantasies with attractive men, imagine hating women for that but mock women who hate men who fuck children, animals and dead bodies

No. 278633

Lol, I remembered I read once about an "experiment" (it was on vice, that site's full of lolcow-ish stuff) where a guy would fuck a sandwich. He made a hole in the bread and put ketch up in it. He also fucked other objects, like a pillow, but I don't remember well.

No. 278634

They probably think that its femoid privilege when men chase crazy women but when women chase psychotic men its proof all women deserve whats coming to them for chasing bad men, but if men get hurt they're babies who deserve coddling!

No. 278637

If men would stick to fucking sandwiches and pillows instead of creating a multi million dollar industry based on raping enslaved kids I wouldn't hate them so much

No. 278638

If only it was just about "attractive men". There's something much more sinister about female sexuality.
No romance with just a "hot man" got anywhere as popular as 50 Shades of Grey. 50 Shades really nailed what women actually want. This is why female sexuality is incompatible with the advancement of human civilization.

It doesn't even come as close. No violent criminal has a problem getting a woman to support him.

Even in this place full of sheltered women you see them going crazy for serial killers and wishing they'd choke them.

No. 278639

> going crazy for serial killers and wishing they'd choke them.
if you actually read the threads you'd find that most of us want to choke ted bundy and dahmer and make them cry, not the other way around

No. 278640

Women don't like kinky stuff = boring prude
Women like kinky stuff =proof all women are animals who deserve to be abused

No. 278641

Nobody is gonna call you a prude for not masturbating to Ted Bundy.

No. 278643

If we're being fair, this place is also filled with lesbians and dommes.

No. 278653

File: 1533923200890.png (404.78 KB, 640x480, GG863ES.png)

What's going on here?? Why are y'all talking to the robot?

No. 278660

Sure, but let's not pretend men have a big part in conditioning and guilting women into liking weird things so they feel the need to out kink each other

No. 278665

>Incel ironically makes the argument for feminism

Fucking kek

No. 278666

The truth is, incel, that you guys are just as shitty as "chads" and from a womans point of view who should she date-an ugly incel who has a shitty personality or an attractive guy who has a shitty personality but can at least get her wet? Also this >>278462

No. 278668

They been feeding the trolls all day.

No. 278670

Why women hate men: abuse, rape, pedophilia, war, blackmailing, sex trafficking, etc
Why men hate women:1 woman cheated on him in high school and 0.000000000000001% of women want to fuck serial killers so that means they deserve to get abused no exceptions

No. 278672

Actually between a good Chad and a caveman Chad most women will pick the caveman Chad.(bait)

No. 278673

Day of the grill soon roasties

No. 278676

Wheres the proof its all women? You can't come in and scream all women like douchebags and the only proof you have is women with serial killer fetishes (which is also common amoung men as well)


Even then, women getting wet over serial killers is nothing compared to the amount of shit men do

No. 278679

Wow, you wear your insecurities on your sleeve, don’t you? Sorry you’ll never get laid. I’d fuck a chad over a “nice guy” like you any day.

No. 278681

i'm sure somebody's said this already but how the fuck do women get shit for a few women wanting to fuck serial killers more than men get shit for the overwhelming majority of serial killers being men?

No. 278682

Men lack depth.

No. 278684

File: 1533931420569.jpg (251.41 KB, 645x863, Untitled.jpg)

No. 278691

Maybe this doesn't belong here since it's perhaps more of a personal issue, but I hate what men have turned me into. I used to be able to develop genuine affection for them and enjoyed the idea of things like GFD, but now that I've swallowed the truth (which I knew was there but had naive hopes about finding a unicorn man) I can no longer love or respect them.
Men are all sadistic, impulsive degenerates ranging from just cheating on you to raping animals and children. How can I devote my life, money, and heart to a person like that? How can I settle down and trust him to treat our children well? Knowing this, almost in retaliation, the only sexual fantasies I have involve severe mistreatment of males through violence and extreme control. The only romantic relationship I could put up with now would involve forcing him to quit his job and stay in the house unless accompanied by myself. He would have to be monitored constantly and have every aspect of his life micromanaged for me to be comfortable at all, which saddens me. I have become the monster now, all due to my constant disappointment in men.

Most of the time it's fine. I still get off to the idea mutilating and abusing a guy, so it's not as if I'm forcing myself or anything. It's just awful that I can no longer experience the pure passion I once had for wanting to protect, provide for, and adore a male. I want to love them gently again, but they've made it impossible.

No. 278692


Don't worry feeling is mutual roast(bait)

No. 278694

Anon, have you been at therapist?

I get impression there is something going on with your personality, that needs professional help, if anything you have wrote is sincere.

No. 278695

My hero

No. 278697

samefagging much?

No. 278699

I've only posted one of those. Are you okay?

No. 278701

Sage for blogposting, but I think it belongs here? The only reason I'm a sub, at least how I interpret it, is to get used to male authority in a safe space, somehow. My impulse irl is to be rebellious and I always try to find a way to convince myself that males are dominant and to go with the flow and idk

No. 278702

I've considered it, but I'm not sure it would actually help and my schedule is too full anyway. Although the reason my schedule is so full is because I'm working towards my goal of making enough money to support the husband I thought I'd have. So he could experience my love for him and live a happy and stress-free life.
But that's not happening.

What would be the point of that?

No. 278703

I agree, unfortunately

No. 278704

>incels come into this thread calling out girls on bullshit
>wrights sadistic narcissistic bullshit

WTF, you need to stop, this is not cool!

No. 278706


No. 278708

Yeah I should've posted in the vent thread. Ignore that

No. 278711

no, it's really clumsily formulated. what do you mean? you're a sub because you actually want to be rebellious and dominant? i didnt understand.

No. 278774

Oh god, I mentioned I like taller guys and three different dude friends of mine just stopped talking to me. It was wild.

No. 278779

Honestly, men fucking suck. My mom got cancer and my stepdad cheated on her.

Then when she found out he blamed HER for getting cancer!

Men are scum.

No. 278804

want proof men are privileged? take note of the fact their worse problems is that one of their high school girlfriends cheated and women wanting to be dommed and 0.001% of women liking bad men is their worse problems (despite the fact many men have shit taste in women but thats because theyre poor oppressed babies)

when women get raped, in their minds "hur dur she PROBABLY liked bad bois she deserved it!"
but when they get cheated "ooooo woe is me all females are trash!! fuck women!! I'll never look at them the same again they live for chad cock!!"

he's literally so fucking obsessed and triggered over womens sexual tastes it caused him to come back and fight for DAYS insisting all women like bad boys, and when anons came in proving they don't like bad boys he jumps through hoops to prove they do

I've known tons of people, male and female equally, who have both been cheated and guess what? none of them get so fucking triggered over the opposite sexes existence while coming to forums dominated by them just to scream, bitch and cry about how guys only like stacy thots or women only like cavemen chad, you dude have serious mental issues if you're having this much of a god damn mental breakdown, over being cheated on, of all fucking things in their world, grow the fuck up and get over it

No. 278805

flawed study
first of all
>128 women
there are what, 3 bil women? yeah 128 aint gonna prove shit dude
>what they define as a dark triad
this isn't "women chasing serial killers", just men full of themselves, which is bad yeah, but not bad enough to run around screaming how women deserve to be raped and abused for
>no male group
as repeating my point you should have read the first time, lets not act like this ain't common in men and men are all pure angels who deserve nothing to happen to them,my point was both women and men have shit taste among the same rate, which you have yet to prove so

your point is invalid, sorry.

No. 278808

>women like used car salesman
>OMG women chase serial killers and go for manipulative narcissist psychopaths, all women deserve to be raped and have their daughter's raped because they invited a rapist in their bed no exceptions!

Men are so dumb, do they even read studies before posting them as ~le proof~

No. 278810

It was discussed in the other thread to. Men are more likely to divorce sick women and there were tons of stories of men dumping and walking out on their wives if she had pcos or breast cancer and had her breasts removed

Meanwhile men are having a god damn mental breakdown because their high school gf cheated and they probably think we deserved it "for chasing wrong men" since we didnt look into a magic crystal ball

No. 278811

Why are so many men prolifers? Ive noticed that most of the time when the topic arises, those who want to force women to carry and give birth to a child are men. So is this just another power move for them to control women? A breeding fetish? Wtf is it with them being so pro-forced birth. Ive seen them dismiss rape victims too as exceptions

No. 278812

Because, women are expected to pay for the actions of other men, even when all it is a few women wanting to fuck serial killers so that means we all fuck serial killers and deserve to be raped, if you dare even hint men may be the issue you get bombared with "NOT ALL MEN!" in your face because all men are pure innocent angels and if they do wrong its because evil women deserved it and pushed them to

I never understood the logic why men always scream about reversed roles, reality is world hates women and loves men, so much they jump through hoops and blame millions of women before ever blaming a man for anything

No. 278813

I once saw a guy claim women are evil if they get an abortion without the man knowing and you're a raging sexist cunt who hates men if you support abortion, just for the same group of men to turn around and start blaming women for not getting abortions when men had to pay child support

Its a breeder fetish for sure, hence why they jump through hoops to claim everything women stand for should be for fertiltiy, meanwhile despite men shoving baby making down our throats you'd think these men must love kids right? Nope, these men couldnt give two shits about kids, a lot of them even begin hating their kids after begging for them from women, then turn around and claim its actually women who beg for kids to divorce and cheat with tyrone or whatever mgtow fan fiction is claiming what married life is like

No. 278814

File: 1533957943732.jpg (98.57 KB, 424x500, xdd.jpg)

>there are trannies ITT who think they aren't men

No. 278818

>so much they jump through hoops and blame millions of women before ever blaming a man for anything
So much that they actually take bigger issue with women fucking bad guys, than THE FUCKING BAD GUYS. God forbid a serial killer ever get laid, because that is far worse than serial killing. The real evil is women who aren't mind readers and can't instinctively tell when a man is bad despite the fact that sociopathy and charm/manipulative behavior go hand in hand. Or the tiny, vanishing minority of women with a fetish for serial killers.

Irony is that we all know without a doubt, that men would flock in droves to a suitably hot woman regardless of what crimes she's committed. Women just aren't as likely to murder anyone so they don't get the chance outside of teachers who molest students (something men are all openly, vocally jealous of).

No. 278820

This tbh
I'm a shitty girl, I've been involved with gangs, threatened people with a gun before, stole lots, broke into places, and when men I've been with find out, their first instinct isn't to run but to fetishize it, if i tell stories their reaction will be shit like "that's hot". Meanwhile if I ever did anything bad to these men and it ended up on the news everyone would know damn well people would flock to how horrible I am, and of course the "if the roles were reversed" argument that for some reason spoilt brat men keeping bringing up anywhere they possibly can despite it easily being proved wrong
I've even sent videos about female gang members to male friends and they will write paragraphs about how they'd fuck and marry the gang members. Yet its only us chasing the bad ones right?

No. 278828

>women are interested in rape and rough sex too! that proves women like to be submissive!

Typical male thought. Simple, straightforward, unsophisticated.

>What, more than a single variable? Y-you saying there might be more complex reasons? N-no, that isn't possible, one piece of data is enough to validate all my beliefs!

And they say we are unintelligent.

No. 278830

File: 1533961624412.jpg (181.48 KB, 664x895, good riddance.jpg)

No. 278832

That's the only solace I have with these child murderers ending up in prison is that they'll most likely experience inmate justice. Also for rapis