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File: 1642102174539.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1634619511474.png)

No. 1026194

The Sonic will take your questions now

previous thread >>>/ot/942646

No. 1026258

may i smooch you, lovely sonic totem

No. 1026260

No. 1026291

Are we meant to be together?

No. 1026292

Congratz nonny!

No. 1026315

Fuckk that's so weird. Had a very similar thought today at the bus stop, that if he takes the same bus it's the universe giving me signs, as a silly joke lol, and he did which fucked me up. I'm not a very superstitious person but this and the other incident are too weird to be a coincidence

No. 1026340

Did she add me just to snoop?

No. 1026371

Is our relationship doomed?

No. 1026491

Are we gonna become best friends?

No. 1026729

Will I be able to do what I need to do?

No. 1027026

Will it feel good?

No. 1027056

will it lead me to true happiness?

No. 1027060


No. 1027062

Fuck no what about next week?

No. 1027840

sonic i love himmmmmm please give me a miracle

No. 1027951

would it be good to make an account?

No. 1028355

Should I write it?

No. 1028499

should i take a nap

No. 1028579

Will my fanfic get a following?

No. 1028580

Ok will my writing be good after post-masturbation clarity?

No. 1028610

will i lose weight finally

No. 1028611

will i get into the university i want

No. 1028612

will everything work out for me

No. 1028748

did it work?

No. 1028752

sonic will there be a point where it no longer continually gets worse? will i be able to rest soon

No. 1028753

great thansk. good to know. will prepare accordingly

No. 1028889

Will i finally get out of this cycle of eating disorders

No. 1028892

Wow thanks you piece of shit I’ll ask somebody else

No. 1028950

will I get an A or a B on my first college math test? manifesting good grades pls

No. 1028953

Will I ever get to see them

No. 1029001

No. 1029002

File: 1642284609591.jpg (42.84 KB, 933x740, 545193b8dc3e4bc3bab6ce49dd60a6…)


No. 1029012

Will I ever get married

No. 1029058

Does he like me too?

No. 1029059

No. 1029115

Am I autistic

No. 1029144

Should I kick my boyfriend off the couch so I can stretch my godddamn legs

No. 1029145

Sonic pls I know what number it's going to be next

No. 1029146

I hate this slow site

No. 1029169

Is he the one

No. 1029210

will I stop feeling pain tonight

No. 1029236

does he think i'm annoying?

No. 1029237

oh nyoooooooooooo

No. 1029246

is he… going to try to contact me again? he still sees my stories on insta but we stopped talking after our breakup… is there still hope…

No. 1029247

since you wanna play games ill ask better:

No. 1029283

is he gonna do it?

No. 1029300

Should I invite him over?

No. 1029303

File: 1642316966160.gif (775.31 KB, 220x220, 7CC3CC2D-2CA2-4F6E-BE62-3BD6A5…)

No. 1029502

Are anons okay? (ref a thread I just backed out of on /ot)

No. 1030221

Does he really feel the same way about me?

No. 1030466

should i go buy beer in this snowstorm and day drink

No. 1030471

Be safe and have fun!

No. 1030644

You could just order and not die in the snowstorm nonnie

No. 1030674

was that the sign?

No. 1030688

i live in the middle of nowhere we don't have delivery service like that. also i walked im a no license neet KEK. i'm fine and already a beer in.

No. 1030702

Am I mistaken about her?

No. 1030716

will this work the way I'm thinking it should?

No. 1030728

will I lose my job?

No. 1030732

should I just leave and go back to living with my mom?

No. 1030753

Am I wrong

No. 1030770

Is that it?

No. 1030771

fkin sanic, third time in a row I got this answer yet I'm still alone

No. 1030815

File: 1642447225370.jpg (17.2 KB, 680x665, 1642400917327.jpg)

Will I get inspiration to make a cover of a song? Thanks

No. 1030816

File: 1642447248277.jpg (60.52 KB, 563x559, 1642097299136.jpg)

Fuck YOU

No. 1030822

Will I manage to prepare everything on time AND pass all of my classes?

No. 1030824

File: 1642447868137.gif (1.81 MB, 268x210, Tumblr_l_15731060593476.gif)

No. 1030994

will i get a gf this year

No. 1030997

sonic pls will i

No. 1031315

should i even bother?

No. 1031319

Snocic, am I a loser?

No. 1031320

No. 1031347

Will we last?

No. 1032041

will it get better, sanic?

No. 1032114

Are my suspicions correct, is he going to dump me?

No. 1032118

Took me a minute to gather strength. Will he then?

No. 1032135

am i retarded

No. 1032227

Is it going to be a problem?

No. 1032348

Should I get the lime hot Cheetos?

No. 1032349

Yes I know but should I get them?

No. 1032350

No. 1033169

Does this guy like me

No. 1033417

Are my dreams coming true? Is it going to work out?

No. 1033418

Sonic what the fuck is that supposed to mean

No. 1033420

Sonic you’re such a hater. Get some help

No. 1033440

Should I drop the class?

No. 1033530

i like when anons fight with sanic kek hilarious

No. 1033532

anyway should i post him?

No. 1033534

oh c'mon sanic!!!

No. 1033535


No. 1033566

Will I make new friends this year

No. 1033568

Sonic, did I win?

No. 1033571

Kek he just doubled down

No. 1033614

should i quit my job?

No. 1033615

please answer, should i quit my job?

No. 1033622

Should I go back to school?

No. 1033655

Will things ever be like before between us

No. 1033656

Cool Time to kms

No. 1033659

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

No. 1034094

No. 1034527

No. 1035568

Should I get Chipotle?

No. 1035726

Should I smoke some weed?

No. 1035770

That's a good answer

No. 1036108

will i ever find love

No. 1036177

Was he the right one?

No. 1036183

Will we get together in the future?

No. 1036186

In the next two years?

No. 1036227

will he ever come back

No. 1036229

does he think about me

No. 1036294

Do they care?

No. 1036296

Do they care about it?

No. 1036378

Should I cut my hair shorter

No. 1036394

Sonic, will I be happy again?

No. 1036395

Will I get new friends

No. 1036397

Come on hedgehog, give it to me straight.

No. 1036443

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1036494

Are all women named Barbara cursed

No. 1036528

Ok well are they

No. 1037718

will he finally kill himself so I can be left alone?

No. 1037888

perhaps nonnie

No. 1037936

This thread is basically idolatry and tarot reading disguised as a "joke" bruh ya'll niggas really do get memed into doing everything huh(shitpost)

No. 1038810


anyways, sonic-chan, will my book become a great and almost immediate success?

No. 1038812

you always want to meet, yet we never do. reroll!

No. 1038815

Will I feel happy again?

No. 1038818


No. 1038821

Will he get better?

No. 1038849

File: 1642981759065.gif (3.72 MB, 787x586, SANIC_TOTEM.gif)

Will I have a good trip?

No. 1038893

Sonic-sama will I ever get my shit together and make my dreams reality?

No. 1038907

Will i pass all of those exams and tests ?????

No. 1038944

Am I pregnant

No. 1038945

No. 1038953

Is he the one

No. 1039122

will we get back together again as a couple?

No. 1039123

gee sanic that's harsh

No. 1039510

will they offer me a job?

No. 1039532

Should I keep trying to go to school

No. 1039620

ah, sonic-chan, we can't keep meeting like this~ my dad will protest.


No. 1039624

Am I going to stay with current bf or am I ending up with cutie n°2 ?

No. 1039644


No. 1039663

will i do good today?

No. 1039761

Will I meet a guy who looks like my husbando? He doesn't have to have the same hair and facial hair, I will force him to cut it

No. 1039774

Sanic-sama… please… Will he become my boyfriend please please

No. 1039790

I changed my mind sonic I am taking matters into my own hands. I will seduce him and he will absolutely fall in love with me. Just tell me if he is going to like the same music I like

No. 1039917

will we be together?

No. 1039951

is it worth sticking around

No. 1039965

The medical field needs good researchers! Titus Goth has been offered a position as Trauma Surgeon (job level 6) in the Medical career. Should Titus leave his current position, Carnivorous Plant Tender (job level 5)?

No. 1040072

were they all coincidences

No. 1040083

Should I go back

No. 1040087


Sanic that's not helpful, reroll

No. 1040090


Of course it's possible but I just want a yes or no

No. 1040093



No. 1040095


Ok I give up, you dang dirty troll you

No. 1040174

does he still like me that way?

No. 1040178

y or n

No. 1040190

No. 1040243

No. 1040258

Final try does he still like me that way?

No. 1040344

Hey hey sanic will I get a boyfriend this year?

No. 1040356

Is it ever gonna happen?

No. 1040391

No. 1040481

Does she know her wrongdoings?

No. 1040529

please just let us be together

No. 1040530

no you stupid hedgehog i want him

No. 1040532

Are the pills working?

No. 1041480

No. 1041682

I thought I only had one (1) beer in the house but now I've found some vodka, Sanic should I drink some of that as well?

No. 1041684

Yeah maybe that's for the better, thanks Sanic

No. 1041835

Will they?

No. 1041888

will I ever get out of here

No. 1042347

Will he find out?

No. 1042353

Did I make the right choice?

No. 1042372

will research on the prevalence of lesbian yaoi fans ever become popular so there is less infighting here

No. 1042736

Will I get converted

No. 1042737

omg six figures here I come

No. 1042741

Should I get the spongebob game on switch?

No. 1042843

i have a day off tomorrow, should i drink today

No. 1042859

maybe? i'll take that as a yes, do you want some wine too sanic?

No. 1042865

ok sanic, more for me then, cheers bro

No. 1042893

am I the loser in this story

No. 1043093

Am I actually subconsciously changing my surroundings?

No. 1043095

is he avoiding me bc he dont like me

No. 1043101

do he still like me?

No. 1043102

is it because he loooves her?

No. 1043103

well i guess that's settled, sorry nona

No. 1043111

does he still have feelings for me in that way

No. 1043160

am i pregnant?

No. 1043190

are we gonna end up together forever?

No. 1043224

Should I move back to the city?

No. 1043563

Yes or no

No. 1043700

Will it happen?

No. 1043944

asking again

No. 1043965

Will they offer me a fulltime job?

No. 1043971

Okay, will someone else in the same industry offer me one soon?

No. 1043997

are we gonna end up together?

No. 1044045

does he love me?

No. 1044049

will he?

No. 1044054

did he?

No. 1044056

will i ever get a clear response from him on how he actually feels about me or his he just gonna make things weird for the next 2 years?

No. 1044124

Will I get my libido back?

No. 1044127

So will I? Maybe it's for the better…

No. 1044458

will we be?

No. 1044463

Will he contact me again?

No. 1044464

will the visit go well?

No. 1044465

Should I keep fighting?

No. 1044467

Should I be an artist?

No. 1044468

Should I apply for that job?

No. 1044469

Will I find a girlfriend-free girl to be my gf this year

No. 1044472

Really now, it's not like I didn't do that for years already. Are you serious Sanic, will I really be alone all year again?

No. 1044473

Well that's good to hear, I'll patiently continue my love quest then

No. 1044476

Good luck!!

No. 1044484

Thank you nonnie! I sweated a little typing that question because Sonic has been brutal to me in the past, I'm so glad to hear I have a chance

No. 1044503

Will he kiss me again?

No. 1044513

Will we ever get together

No. 1044518

should i just do it again

No. 1044520

yeah i know but yes or no

No. 1044521

come on

No. 1044527

Will i ever get married to him

No. 1044530

Will i ever find the one?

No. 1044531

Fuck u

No. 1044533

am i worrying for no reason

No. 1044535

we need to be together

No. 1044536

Will we get together in 2 years

No. 1044538

Will I meet some day the cute guy I saw in one of my dreams?

No. 1044553

True love?

No. 1044674

Is this kid going to grow up okay?

No. 1044827

Sonic did I write a good essay?

No. 1044970


No. 1045022

Will I sing this year?

No. 1045506

Does he still think about me

No. 1045620

Will his buckle leave impressions on the inside of my thigh?

No. 1045632

If his name is Tyler, it’s likely.

No. 1045636

literally every single guy named Tyler is a raging closeted faggot. hope that helps

No. 1045644

Is it really possible for an emo girl and a country boy to be in a relationship?

No. 1045646

No. 1045668

Will it happen again??

No. 1045677

Am i in love with him

No. 1045692

Should I dye my hair some crazy color next month for my birthday? I kinda miss that, I don't care if people think I'm a dangerhair. What do YOU think Sonic, yes or no?

No. 1045694

Okay, so no crazy colors this time. Should I at least get a new haircut?

No. 1045698

lonely & bisexual is being unicorn worth it

No. 1045700

good looking out my man

No. 1045702

am I famous

No. 1045705

Wow thats fucking savage

No. 1045706

will i have a boyfriend soon?

No. 1045711

Ok, I'll ask again now, should I get a new haircut?

No. 1045712

if you're schizo it could be seen as a relief

No. 1045714

So no crazy colors but a haircut is fine. Thanks Sonic, will keep in mind.

No. 1045715

Oh shit, it was a "yes but at a great price". Sus but ok, I'll hope I'll be fine.

No. 1045750

Should I search for wisps now or later

No. 1045755

You playing Pokemon? I hope he doesn't show up in your game…

No. 1045769

Funny coincidence though because I was just thinking about how Golduck looks like he could be Psyduck's Sonic OC so does this mean I get a Golduck soon

No. 1045771

Will I fuck Napoleon?

No. 1045773

File: 1643453646353.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 275x155, 1643403708277.gif)

No. 1045857

He’s the artist who wrote the song lyrics anon posted.

No. 1046033

Will i find the LOML soon?

No. 1046078

will my husbando appear in another game?

No. 1046356

Are they already in my life?

No. 1046361

Is it him?

No. 1046528

am I a half-demon

No. 1046577

sanic oh sanicu should I go get the stuff rn or nah

No. 1046578

sanic knows I would buy a shit ton of stuff thank you oh great one

No. 1046598

Will I get my period today Sanic?

No. 1046599

No. 1046746

Will they accept the offer?

No. 1046785

Should I get a dumb phone Sanic?

No. 1046786

Damn OK, would a smart watch help?

No. 1046986

Is he my soulmate

No. 1047020

Should I get that classical guitar?

No. 1047059

ok I'm rerolling, you manslut

No. 1047065

one last.

No. 1047140

should i go there?

No. 1047141

guess we'll have a meetup then

No. 1047189

Should I do it

No. 1047266

Will it be all good in the end?

No. 1047303

Will we end up together

No. 1047509

will i be angrier tomorrow than i was today?

No. 1047520

Will I be accepted for either position?

No. 1047531

Is the mania going to begin tomorrow

No. 1047537

Will she be interested on me ever again

No. 1047725

Is it just me????

No. 1047728

does she miss me

No. 1047730

will i ever get married

No. 1047731

sanic you're frightening me. may or may not be reroll depending on what i get

No. 1047734

>"I'll see you both"
Clearly you are getting married and Sonic is going to be the one who hitches you guys.

No. 1047754

Will I ever be free sanic?

No. 1047755

Wow that is just like you to make me work for it.

No. 1047758

Will I ever be free???

No. 1047759

Aww fucking god damn it fuck

No. 1047763

Did I do the right thing by switching jobs?

No. 1047764

Will this job be better for me?

No. 1048058

Am i out of his league sonic..

No. 1048449

Will they be in a shuffle together?

No. 1048453

Understood. Have a nice day.

No. 1048460

Does he still like me as a friend

No. 1048537

does he love me

No. 1048565

Will we be chosen?

No. 1048611

did i make the right choice?

No. 1048769

Did she ever felt romantic love towards me

No. 1048855

Will he leave me alone now?

No. 1048858


No. 1048862

will we be together

No. 1048867

Did I pass it?

No. 1048876

Will I get either of the jobs I applied for recently?

No. 1048879

Hoping 'for all eternity' means permanent contract then!

No. 1048888

will we talk again

No. 1048890

noo, nooo, noooo
fuck you!!!!!!!!
will they suffer?

No. 1048891

do they hate me

No. 1048892

can i change that

No. 1048893

are you sure

No. 1048894

can i be his friend? can we hug just once?

No. 1048896

please, sonic, please
will i meet either of them?

No. 1048904

Are they annoying? Or am I just depressed?

No. 1048905

Sanic please its tearing me apart

No. 1048928

Will the company I'm interning at offer me a job?

No. 1048930

Well, considering the work environment, that could be either… Which is it?

No. 1048936

will everything go okay and according to plan?

No. 1048943

do they even like me?

No. 1048951

Should I buy it?

No. 1048970

am I on a watchlist?

No. 1049089

will i ever know how to have healthy relationships?

No. 1049091

kek how perfect. rolling for you i want you to be happy. fingers crossed

No. 1049169

Should I buy Elden Ring on the PS4 instead of PC?

No. 1049172

Sonic pls answer me clearly

No. 1049177

will he finally kill himself?

No. 1049180

I'll accept it

No. 1049186

was that to me

No. 1049188

what exactly?

No. 1049220

Sonic will I stop acting retarded?

No. 1049245

should i just move on and find new friends?

No. 1049387

Should I off myself

No. 1049388

It's possible? What does that mean

No. 1049389

So should I kill myself?

No. 1049391

Should I send the request?

No. 1049626

Is everything going to be okay am i freaking out

No. 1049634

Will I date someone cute in 2022?

No. 1049667

will i date in 2022

No. 1049703

Perfect answer fucking kek

No. 1049713

Would they ever find out?

No. 1049757

Will I get renewed?

No. 1049785

I am once again asking: will I date someone cute this year? Please?

No. 1049806

will it ever be released to the public

No. 1049807

is that a yes? will it be leaked?

No. 1049817

should i send that message?

No. 1049819

or should i prove it with actions instead?

No. 1049823

no jerking off isn't a good action right now

No. 1049838

Should I give up on my art twitter?

No. 1049902

lmao what are you gonna do?

No. 1049910

am I obnoxious?

No. 1049945

Should I buy a MacBook

No. 1049956

will it be released/leaked this decade

No. 1050602

Will I ever make a decent amount of money?

No. 1050603

ouch :(

No. 1050747

Should I buy the Dell laptop then?

No. 1050749

Don't listen to his bitch ass, anon. Spread your girlboss wings

No. 1050752

Really really want the MacBook…are you sure it's a bad idea?

No. 1050800

Will E. and me fuck one day?

No. 1050826

will the cookies go stale because the wrapper tore all the way open when I tried sliding the tray back inside?

No. 1050829

cursed with stale cookies, sucks

No. 1051752

Do I have feelings for him or nah

No. 1051934

Is there any chance they will ever get it back together?

No. 1051951

is he attracted to me?

No. 1051959

Is he in love with me?

No. 1051960

So he jerks off to me??

No. 1052009

will Konami get it together again????

No. 1052014

will we be together soon

No. 1052015

dont say never bitch

No. 1052055

Natural comedy happening right here, ladies

No. 1052090

will this month be successful

No. 1052142

will he dm me

No. 1052145

File: 1643996623192.jpg (17.19 KB, 400x400, 395aa92f26efd691aa380fb592294d…)

No. 1052317

shoulD I DM HIM

No. 1052568

will this keto diet just fucking give me a heart attack?

No. 1052570

will i throw up

No. 1052637

Is this bitch fucked in the head?

No. 1052639

lmfaooo I knew it

No. 1052683

will that pedo tranny neck himself?

No. 1052687

Will I get a well paying job soon?

No. 1052688

So vague mr sonic. May my demise be swift

No. 1053625

Will I be able to find it?

No. 1053656

will i get a new job quickly?

No. 1054857

Will I gain control over my depression and finally be productive this year?

No. 1055140

Will it work on me?

No. 1055146

Could I get away with 47kg and no bully over it

No. 1055152

Will it happen?

No. 1055159

Should I consider it?

No. 1055160


fair enough

No. 1055340

does he love me

No. 1055480

Should I take the day off

No. 1055509

Last time, because I always get non-answers! Will they?

No. 1055585

will i manage to move into an apartment with friends next year?

No. 1055588


No. 1055589


No. 1056459

Can something nice happen to me soon? I’d really appreciate it….

No. 1056461

Fine. If I do it then will something nice happen to me soon?

No. 1056465

Should I tell this person to go fuck themselves

No. 1056466


No. 1056486

Will i ever be in a loving relationship

No. 1056689

will i have good grades this semester?

No. 1056767

Will she cut it out with the theythem shit

No. 1056827

Will I get the job I interviewed for today??

No. 1056828

Does he have feelings for me

No. 1058299

Asking again

No. 1058376

Will they accept the testamur

No. 1058836

did that demon come back because I feel it’s presence again

No. 1058904

is it really here

No. 1058952

Will she ever be self-aware?

No. 1058953

Kek I thought as much, thank you Sanic

No. 1058994

File: 1644434243822.jpeg (41.63 KB, 600x600, 41E848FD-8283-4696-B796-4816B1…)

did I make the right choice by NOT getting another bag of these Apollo adjacent chocolates

No. 1059015


No. 1059022


No. 1059051

No. 1059082

Sanic’s trying to keep you fit, anon.

No. 1059373

should he quit his job

No. 1059375

is the new job going to work out

No. 1059545

should i masturbate tonight?

No. 1059565

No. 1059749

sonikku tottemo will we get married desu??

No. 1059753

does he love me

No. 1059880

Should I lie about that?

No. 1059915

Will I have a meaningful stable friend group in the future?

No. 1060143

Am I ugly?

No. 1060144

A fuckin knew it

No. 1060171

Should I continue pursuing med school?

No. 1060173

Should I get a mohawk?

No. 1060347

No. 1060557

Do these guys like me, because I feel narcissistic to think that they do but I feel like they do, maybe I'm paranoid but they act a little weird.

No. 1060969

if i buy new pokemon game will it bring me any amount of happiness?

No. 1061020

Is that guy into me?

No. 1061027

Do people find me attractive?

No. 1061157

does he like me too? should i stop being autistic and just be normal

No. 1061911

Will I have sex this year?

No. 1062061

Should I buy another backpack?

No. 1062068

should i do it

No. 1062402

Will my cat get better?

No. 1062433

does he like it

No. 1062435

will we be together

No. 1062462

am i too unforgiving

No. 1062574

Hey Sonic, will your next game Sonic Frontiers be good? Just asking because i want a good game from you after a decade of meh games

No. 1062576

it's a yes or no answer retard

No. 1062587

Should I go

No. 1062598

nta but will it, Sanic?

No. 1062810

Will it prosper?

No. 1062812

Oh god….

No. 1062902

Should I visit the exhibit with them?

No. 1062937

Will the job interview go well?

No. 1062958

me again, will future Yakuza and Judgment games be good without Nagoshi and Sato?

No. 1062961

>suffering awaits
so are we going to get the RGG version of Sonic '06? or Sonic Boom?

No. 1062970

Sanic, do you hate SEGA now?

No. 1062997

He should tbh
He should also hate Konami

No. 1063002

will we be together

No. 1063005

does he hate me?

No. 1063006

did i scare him off?

No. 1063230

should i kill myself

No. 1064288

Should I lie about that?

No. 1064289

Gimme a straight answer

No. 1064384

Will I get better?

No. 1064393

No. 1064426

will we be together

No. 1064969

Will it succeed?

No. 1066082

Should I buy it?

No. 1066084

But sonic I want it

No. 1066086

was it a good decision o sanic ?

No. 1066088

Will I win the contest ?

No. 1066122

Should I quit?

No. 1066138

Should I take the offer

No. 1066206

Will I get the job?

No. 1066246

Is T my M?

No. 1070656

Is anyone gonna show up to my birthday thing?

No. 1072031

will I ever get a qt boyfriend

No. 1072077

Should I reply?

No. 1072080

Reroll. Give me a clear answer sonic

No. 1072082

Last reroll

No. 1072165

Should I go tonight?

No. 1072293

Do I make coffee, Sanic?

No. 1072432

Will he go with me?

No. 1072583

Will it turn out okay?

No. 1072584

Come on now

No. 1072586

I need answers

No. 1073756

Should I get a burger

No. 1077193

you lied, Sonic. I'll stop using you now.

No. 1078568

Should I try to study both things at the same time?

No. 1078759

Is it time?

No. 1079466

Should I crash at his dad’s place with him

No. 1081160

If I reached out to her would she reply and be open to talking again?

No. 1081162

will we ever be friends again?

No. 1081169

will we ever talk again?

No. 1084515

Should I go into work on Monday even though it's my week off?

No. 1084635

Does j want me?

No. 1084637

Ouch, how about g?

No. 1084639

will we be together?

No. 1084641

does he love me?

No. 1084667

Will I ever have a british bf

No. 1084676

not to sidestep sanic here, but they are horrible boyfriends. horrible.

No. 1084712

Im sorry you've had bad experiences with britbongs anon. I just think james acaster is really hot. God I love gingers

No. 1090780

Should I do that thing for work today?

No. 1090788

will we ever get /m/ back in full?

No. 1090792

Should I go back to sleep?

No. 1091049

File: 1646773394841.gif (1.66 MB, 498x372, donald-duck-angry.gif)

dgaf I did it anyway sanic

No. 1091051


Fuck I meant to quote this one, no UK bf for me >>1090792

No. 1091572

Will it be okay in the end?

No. 1091596

Should I quit my job?

No. 1091656

And me? Should I quit my job?

No. 1091730

does he want to be with me?

No. 1091769

Is this a start of a long relationship?

No. 1091829

Will I get to go to the big mansion job?

No. 1092303

should I try it?

No. 1092305

What does maybe mean?

No. 1098497

Did it shrink?

No. 1098498

Yeah I know it's possible, but did it shrink?

No. 1098499

The suffering of waiting? That it hasn't shrunk? Aaaah

No. 1100527

Are we gonna end up together or nah

No. 1102907

You know, it is a bit too early to call it quits but you were probably right and this was a terrible idea.

No. 1103453

Should Ludwig Goth grow the Forbidden Fruit?

No. 1103456

Pffff you jerk that does not help

No. 1103468

Will I get the job

No. 1103810

Should I take up the job offer and keep working at my internship?

No. 1103826

Is he still thinking about me

No. 1103828

mwah ly sonic

No. 1103858

does she like me?

No. 1103859

No. 1105425

Will I get over my flu tomorrow?

No. 1105427

does he want me for more

No. 1105445

do i find a cute not disgusting boyfriend next year

No. 1105605

i'm not autistic, right?

No. 1106820

Sonic, should I buy those boots?

No. 1106858

Should I move to a different apartment?

No. 1106879

Am I going to be able to see a specialist within a month?

No. 1106880

uh wtf Sonic

No. 1107078

Will I get at least one of the jobs I have interviews coming up for?

No. 1112756

is that gonna come back to haunt me?

No. 1112911

Should I take up those drumming classes?

No. 1112913

I don't get it, it's not that expensive

No. 1113217

>not that expensive
Well that would depend on your income, no? nta

No. 1114540

does he still like me

No. 1116015

Haven't smoked weed in months. Should I smoke weed today?

No. 1117126

Sonic shold i finish the xanny tablet.?

No. 1117156

Should I put 300$ into Genshin to get those weapons for my two special boys?

No. 1117242

Sonic, should I buy Stardew on PC? I have it on mobile, but don't have/don't like mobile gaming

No. 1117924

will the meeting go well tomorrow?

No. 1118178

i waited a bit, reroll as per instruction. will my meeting today go well?

No. 1127240

should i make grilled cheesde

No. 1127241

what the fuck im not sharing sanic. just kidding i'll make you one too

No. 1127271

will it get better

No. 1127277

Will I be rich and famous

No. 1127342

Okay, what about on the 20th of April? Can that be an exception? I still haven't smoked in months.

No. 1128286

Should I accept the offer?

No. 1128303

Will it get better

No. 1129690

will we be together

No. 1129711

Should I finish that online course I've been pushing aside for 2 years now?

No. 1129722

Will it will be worth it to stuck in this job for 3 more months?

No. 1129723

Lmao ok should I quit this week then?

No. 1129732

Should I stop talking to everybody and live my life as a hermit?

No. 1129754

Will I ever get a job that I want and suits me ?

No. 1129755

Goddamnit sonic answer the question

No. 1129757

Well, fuck

No. 1129768

Talk about desperate
Now, me living my hermit life when?

No. 1129773

Should I just accept this, and cut my losses?

No. 1129776

will it get better

No. 1129777

Will my scrote exbf and I ever go anywhere

No. 1129807

am I alienpreggers

No. 1129818

Get tested for space stds too, just to be safe.

No. 1129823

am I going to be able to make money? please sanic

No. 1129837

am I gonna meet you soon

No. 1129845

Lost cause?

No. 1129873

should I give up?

No. 1129883

Is he coming next week?

No. 1129890

Is this temporary

No. 1129899

Should I get back with him after all?

No. 1130058

am I in the wrong?

No. 1130083

will we be together

No. 1130148

Should I forgive her?

No. 1130154

Does she think about me

No. 1130158

Okayyyy, does she think about me at least half of how I think about her

No. 1130161

If he was real would my husbando stop smoking if I asked him to, please I don't like smoke

No. 1130162

Yeah I knew he loved me more than anything thank you sonic

No. 1130174

Will I ever recover

No. 1131125

does he want to be with me

No. 1131126

why did he do all of this then

No. 1131131

Is it serious?

No. 1131133

No it isn't, you stupid fucker, you consistently lie to me why do I even bother

No. 1131150

should i cave

No. 1131152

Should I shave?

No. 1131158

Should I rave?

No. 1131159

Will I get an interview?

No. 1131200

will they love me, will they really love me?

No. 1131223


No. 1131240

Will I be there this September?

No. 1131242

Should I light up today?

No. 1131243

Damn you, Sonic.

No. 1131432


No. 1131433


No. 1132874

will I finish knitting this cardigan in 2 weeks?

No. 1132876

Will I finish knitting this cardigan in 11 days?

No. 1132880

I'm going to be knitting this cardigan for all eternity??

No. 1132882

fuck off this cardigan is not for you

No. 1132889

Should I get wasted?

No. 1132892

No, so wasted? Yay or nay?

No. 1132909

My favorite ongoing series is ending, should I make a themed dinner for the day the final chapter comes out?

No. 1132911

Sonic pls

No. 1132924

sonic am i going to get real closure with him?

No. 1132927

cmon bbg

No. 1132944

do i?

No. 1132945


No. 1132964

will i ever stop feeling pain just for existing? i hate being hypermobile

No. 1132966

No. 1132989

will i ever get to move out

No. 1133117

will he save me

No. 1133120

will i ever get better

No. 1133189

Will I get out of my self-loathing and destruction spiral or everything will get worse Sanic?

No. 1133192

Thanks you Sonic, I will.

No. 1133228

will i make new friends this year

No. 1133229

fuck you sonic

No. 1133244

Will I find a new job soon

No. 1133479

will I ever be an artist

No. 1133480


No. 1133492

Should I do it now

No. 1133556

will he fuck me really hard

No. 1133571

Will the old /m/ threads be restored?

No. 1133572

Nonas there is hope!

No. 1134127


No. 1134130

Should I go?

No. 1134719

Sonic do I buy that dress?

No. 1134740

>>1134719 roll i can't jerk off rn

No. 1135816

Am I going to do well in finals?

No. 1135818

Will she ever realise what she did to me?

No. 1136837

Will this summer be good

No. 1136861

should i trust her?

No. 1137117

Do they still think of me?

No. 1137553

Will I do good in the exam?

No. 1137564

should i study that?

No. 1137568

sonic pls

No. 1137642

will i feel like shit forever

No. 1137728

Should I keep it?

No. 1137791


No. 1137792


No. 1137840

Will I stay in this job for at least a full year?

No. 1137887


should i go fight the bell gargoyles at 15 VIT, 18 DEX, 15 END?

No. 1138121

Will everything go alright

No. 1138151

can i do it before the end of the summer

No. 1138260

Should I go get my brows waxed?

No. 1138300

Am I going to have weird cheese dreams tonight sonni?

No. 1138417

Do I have the strength to get away from here, and stay away?

No. 1138517

Will i be okay tommrow

No. 1138841

Will it happen this year?

No. 1138879

will we be together

No. 1139231

Do I have a right to be upset about it?

No. 1139423

am i gonna regret it, sonic?

No. 1139535

Is it going to go well?

No. 1139585

Should I spill the tea?

No. 1140515

Will it all work out for me?

No. 1140518

No. 1140721

Maybe I should find a boyfriend, should I what do you think sanic

No. 1140740

Will I find one to my standards

No. 1140816

Will I ever meet a guy I like again?

No. 1141111

should I prepare something?

No. 1141119

Whoah quads whoah

No. 1141142

omg does this mean you're going to date sanic

No. 1141229

Should I attempt to make it?

No. 1141233

I have it on record now. You're the one sabotaging my productivity, Sonic, you jealous cow

No. 1141234

Yes he appeared to me yesterday we've arranged a date next week ♥

No. 1141241

Should I spend my last 2$ on a croissant?

No. 1141242

will he

No. 1141293

Should I keep trying, sanic?

No. 1141305

should I buy it?

No. 1141314

am I doing the right thing?

No. 1141320


No. 1141361

will it happen to me?

No. 1141362

i love you sanic thanks

No. 1141400

does h love me

No. 1141591

do I have the right to be upset about this?

No. 1141600

Sanic, should I worry about him?

No. 1141611

is it going to happen?

No. 1141703

should i stay in this job for a year or two?

No. 1141724

will I find a job?

No. 1142007

is there any hope for me

No. 1142205

Is it even worrh it to stuck around until the end of my contract?

No. 1142209

Should I do it tonight?

No. 1142210

Give me a proper answer sonic.

No. 1142211

I'm so sorry. this exact thing happened to me before, I think sonic hates me.

No. 1142298

Will I ever be satisfied?

No. 1143155

Will it go well?

No. 1143156

Will I at least pass?

No. 1143345

If I start now, will I be able to do all the things that I've been meaning to do?

No. 1143346

Oh well, guess it's time to prioritise then

No. 1143488

am I right?

No. 1143592

should I let it go?

No. 1143615

Sanic knows pain is temporary, a good grudge is forever

No. 1143626

Do they have a gf?

No. 1143636

Are they depressed yet?

No. 1143812

Are they more delusional now

No. 1143880

Will he ever call?

No. 1143897

Did he love me

No. 1143901

Will i have a boyfriend this year

No. 1143932

Are they embarrassed

No. 1143947

Am I wasting my time?

No. 1143951

Am what I am thinking will happen, happen?

No. 1143959

I dropped the chocolate I was eating on the bathroom floor wrapper side down, do I still eat it y/n?

No. 1143960

Will I be happy?

No. 1143967

Is trauma and mental illness clouding my judgement?

No. 1144011

are they being honest?

No. 1144040

Are they still having an episode

No. 1144071

Will I be successful after if I do it

No. 1144072

Will everyone stay

No. 1144078

Should I watch Sonic 2

No. 1144083

Does someone have a crush on me

No. 1144087

Is it who I want it to be

No. 1144091

should I be upset right now?

No. 1144757

is waiting going to be worth it?

No. 1145023

should i give blonde men with blue eyes a chance?

No. 1145301

Should I ask him for more?

No. 1145375

Faggot ass sonic set me up. Did he ghost me out of shyness that I finally said it?

No. 1145378

Did he ghost me cuz he tryna be emotionally distant

No. 1145381

Sorry for the schitzoing. But you gotta be kidding me sonic what the fuck. Have I set myself back some steps

No. 1145383

This shit evil. Should I just kill myself instead of waiting?

No. 1145454

is it disrespectful?

No. 1145459

tell me

No. 1145491

Is it him?

No. 1145503

Will i find my soulmate

No. 1145524

is he stalking me

No. 1145525

tee hee very funny. is he stalking me? should I be worried

No. 1145526

well okay then not going to stop me from being worried but okay

No. 1145534

Will we meet soon

No. 1145553

Will we?

No. 1145717

Am I?

No. 1146058

Will the siagnostic come back positive?

No. 1146061

File: 1650817572712.gif (2.55 MB, 275x273, 1650755269664.gif)

No. 1146124

is it?

No. 1146404

am i delusional

No. 1146560

Will this crash soon?

No. 1146575

Will it be over within the next month?

No. 1146589

are they mad or something

No. 1146816

will he respond to me?

No. 1146938

Will I make it in time?

No. 1146972

will we?

No. 1146973

can I do it satisfactorily?

No. 1146977

should I?

No. 1146993

Will I make it??

No. 1146995

Why are you playing games with my head, yo

No. 1147023

is it going to work?

No. 1147161

Will I get things done today?

No. 1147319

Will he get better

No. 1147329


No. 1147376

will my career prospects be good this year?

No. 1147381

Will it slow down at all today

No. 1148155

Will i ever get over him

No. 1148164

Will we get together?

No. 1148168

Should i flirt with them?

No. 1148173

it's not worth it

No. 1148183

Asking again

No. 1148227

you got dubs the first time nonnie

No. 1148296

I’m a hopeless romantic ok

No. 1148321

Do I drink the beverage?

No. 1148930

Sonic can I do it

No. 1149266

Is he fucking someone else right now?

No. 1149270

Fuck. Will he get an STD then?

No. 1149331

Does he love me?

No. 1149336

Great… Does he also love this other girl?

No. 1149338

File: 1651002002520.jpg (4.8 KB, 259x194, chi.jpg)

Well fuck me I guess…

No. 1149353

Will I pass this hard shit today?
Poor nona

No. 1149365

Is he truly gone out of my life forever? (PS i dont want him back in my life ever again)

No. 1149366

No. 1149369

am I missed?

No. 1149384

Do they feel embarrassed or regret what they said

No. 1149402

Will I drink tonight? I'd like 12 white claws please! Will someone send me some money today so I can get them?

No. 1149403

Do they?

No. 1149481

Should I get bangs

No. 1149485

Ahahaha it has been spoken, I will get bangs next time I get a haircut (probably in 2 years)

No. 1149497

Will I ever be able to find/buy that dress?

No. 1149545

If what I'm thinking about will happen, will it end badly? Will it end painfully?

No. 1149567

Is she still mad?

No. 1149621

Is he still into that shit

No. 1149665

will either of them reply

No. 1149677

Sonic should I fuck around?

No. 1150036

Does he still think of me in that way

No. 1150061

will it get better

No. 1150065


thank you sonic. life has been very rough and I really, really needed to hear that.

No. 1150067

Will we ever be together

No. 1150071

Will Alexa Demi get canceled soon?

No. 1150075

does he actually have a crush on me too?

No. 1150077

File: 1651042780668.jpeg (42.99 KB, 326x298, 2F3D2EB8-F8D9-45A1-8745-491377…)

Sonic kun oh sonic kun, have I been secretly autistic the entire time?

No. 1150089

KEK I can't wait

No. 1150340

Will I ever have a large following?

No. 1150353

will i heal from this soon?

No. 1150369

will I marry my gf one day?

No. 1150401

Will I get fired from this job?

No. 1150469

Will I find what I was born to do?

No. 1150473

am i too gay..

No. 1150499

am i going to pass oet

No. 1150602

ma vr

No. 1150636

sanic will this shitshow ever end aka will there be peace for me somewhere along the road?

No. 1151221

Should I dye the under side of my hair

No. 1153077

Will we end up together, happily married?

No. 1153103

Should I break up with him?

No. 1153104

Well that just puts me in the same boat I'm already in you blue bastard

No. 1153112

Will I shit myself from the laxatives they're going to give me at the hospital today for the scan?

No. 1153114

Thank you sanic, I'll bring an extra pair of underwear with me anyway, since they did warn about it.

No. 1153122

Should I dye it purple? or just green

No. 1153442

sonic should there be a sonic containment thread we can worship u in

No. 1153444

as you wish mi lord

No. 1153450

Will I ever get COVID?

No. 1153452

S-Sanic, no, please

No. 1153889

do I come off as an idiot to people?!

No. 1154190


No. 1154732

Should I go to work?

No. 1154734

should I go to the movies tomorrow?

No. 1154735

sonic please!

No. 1154737

should i pay for a personal reading for funsies?

No. 1154738

not helpful! will the hot reader guy answer me soon?

No. 1154750

Will my scans be clean?

No. 1154751

Should I go to the slam poetry thing tonight?

No. 1155456

Should I see a movie?

No. 1155513

Did she ask to hang out because she's planning on using me for weed?

No. 1155541

Are they experiencing that lately?

No. 1161240

Should I take that job?

No. 1161246

Would I like them?

No. 1169918

w he

No. 1169919


No. 1170907

should i go start some kind of tech certification?

No. 1171079

am i passably funny

No. 1172213

Should I?

No. 1172217

No. 1172222

Sonic please, I just want to know…

No. 1174619

am i gonna regret it

No. 1176273

Are they seriously fine

No. 1176699

Will I get good news today?

No. 1176701

Okay so will he text me today?

No. 1176908


No. 1176952

Did I fuck up

No. 1177011

Will It happen if I try

No. 1177016

Will my hair stop falling off?

No. 1177198

Will I ever find my calling?

No. 1177391

Sonic, can I make it on my own?

No. 1177410

Do they actually care about me?

No. 1177438

will i drop out

No. 1177458

Is he genuinely interested in me?

No. 1177460

is she being honest?

No. 1177465

should I be worried?

No. 1177467

Should I go to the bathroom or just hold it in and stay in my comfy bed?

No. 1177468

Nevermind. I don't think this question will work out…

No. 1177497

Will i get it soon or should i give up

No. 1177815

Am I just too self-centered and pessimistic to notice?

No. 1177816

So they don't really care?

No. 1177927

Will she forgive me

No. 1178004

Will I ever hang out with her again?

No. 1178775

will the farmhands come soon?

No. 1178781

accurate. ffs

No. 1178782

Should I show him my sketches?

No. 1180084

Will I ever be happy?

No. 1180088

Sanic please, will I ever be truly happy?

No. 1180089

Will i lose those 7kg without feeling like shit?

No. 1180090

I already did that sonic that's why i'm here now !!!!

No. 1180504

Should I eat ice cream right now

No. 1180506

Okay then. Should I eat ice cream right now?

No. 1180507

Eat it now as soon as you see this

No. 1180509

is ex still living with parents

No. 1180515

I did it. thanks cutie

No. 1180548

should i get the karen haircut as a joke

No. 1180682

will it end up being okay?

No. 1180752

Should I give up chatting to this dude? Is it going nowhere?

No. 1181573

Sanic, am I a clown?

No. 1181574

I'm right?

No. 1181579

is this going to be a problem?

No. 1181621

am i gonna be ok?

No. 1181627

Am i going to get that apartment?

No. 1181689

should i take that master's degree?

No. 1181737

Will it end up fine?

No. 1181771

Will I get a bf

No. 1181805

Did the cute girl next door accidentally saw me do the most embarrassing dance of the century through my window?

No. 1181837

Should i call them today?

No. 1182001

Does she talk shit about me

No. 1182260

Did I do well?

No. 1182261

Gonna take this as a no

No. 1182277

Will it be worth it?

No. 1182306

Does she know about all these things?

No. 1182541

Are my fears about him real?

No. 1182545


No. 1182575

Am I gonna find him in 2 years

No. 1182637

should i break up with him?

No. 1182639

does my cute coworker like me?

No. 1182840

Will I finally have a good/notfullofsuffering day tomorrow?

No. 1182843

lol accurate

No. 1183028

Is this good?

No. 1183422

If I quit, will I get another job by August?

No. 1183423

Like a positive, healing breakthrough kinda price?

No. 1184062

Is he interested in me, romantically?

No. 1184263

No. 1184524

Are we going to reconcile this summer

No. 1184667

will i lose 15 more lbs this year

No. 1184669

will i get a job if i quit the internet faster

No. 1185091

God Jesus allah Mary Joseph Mother Teresa and all the saints say yes

No. 1185783

Do they currently have negative feelings towards me

No. 1185839

Will I do well tomorrow?

No. 1185840

Did he see my email

No. 1185844

No. 1185928

Will they text me before I text them?

No. 1185937

Are you schizophrenic or something?

No. 1185953

Will thing become amazing for me soon?

No. 1185996

Are they actually going to get married

No. 1186076

will it happen within the next two years?

No. 1186221

What is a joke

No. 1186507

You sounded like you were projecting yourself onto my post because you thought it was about you, but I guess that’s not the case

No. 1186536

Will the next year from now be /my/ year ?

No. 1186556

Will staying away help?

No. 1186634

Did he see me yesterday?

No. 1186636

I said, did J see me yesterday?

No. 1187344

will i gain anything from leaving the internet

No. 1187346


No. 1188912

sanic should I pick zoho mail over the other email provider I'm considering

No. 1188934

should I cancel?

No. 1188946

should I cancel?

No. 1188954

should I doodle sanic

No. 1188955

should I draw something new sanic

No. 1188958

should I try to draw something old sanic

No. 1189317

Should I off myself before 30?

No. 1189319

I was hoping for a more concrete answer, I know it's possible

No. 1189440

Should I go to their place, even though I'd like to spend the weekend with bf?

No. 1189450


No. 1189456

fuck, RE-ROLL

No. 1189472


No. 1189790

I don't even care about it turning out good, will I at least be able to write something coherent and fitting?

No. 1190022

will it get better? will he help me?

No. 1190025

why is he doing all of this then?

No. 1190039

Will we ever again?

No. 1190042

Is that a yes or no

No. 1190045

what should I do?

No. 1190048

Okay, I'm back. Please tell me it's going to be doable, I just want to sleep

No. 1190051

Okay. Will the next one be okay?

No. 1190573

Can I have another healthy one?

No. 1190576

Does maybe mean because more than one?

No. 1190748

am i still a retard

No. 1190773

Will it happen this weekend?

No. 1190806

Will I get new friends?

No. 1190827

Will I be able to find a good solution?

No. 1190870

Will I find him soon?

No. 1190880

if he doesn't want to be with me why is he doing all of this?

No. 1190881


No. 1190918

Will my current plan succeed

No. 1190919

Should I get option A and pay for it?

No. 1190935

Will my husbando ever materialize in front of me

No. 1190946

Yeah I knew it but why did you have to be such a jerk about it

No. 1191074

am i overreacting?

No. 1191078

am I overreacting/over thinking it? is it not as bad as i'm making it out to be

No. 1191204

should i take the software engineering course?

No. 1191207


No. 1191209

or should i take the data science course instead?

No. 1191269

sonic please, a serious answer

No. 1191881

Are we gonna talk this summer?

No. 1191884

Will I stay true to myself?

No. 1191891


No. 1191899

Can I eat this entire bowl of mac n cheese in one sitting?

No. 1191906

Yeah I feel kinda sick now, so I should probably stop.

No. 1191907

Will we be okay

No. 1191934

Will he leave me again?

No. 1191935

Sanic peas

No. 1191962

Will I find true love soon?

No. 1191964

is it different this time

No. 1191965

will this time be different

No. 1191982

Is not going to be different get over it omg

No. 1191984

Is he into me?

No. 1191986

Sanic please, is he into me??

No. 1191990

I am right?

No. 1191991

Should I try?

No. 1192006

Will I get a bf this year

No. 1192052

will we talk again

No. 1192053

will we ever be together again

No. 1192073

Does he like me?

No. 1192075

Does he consider me a close friend?

No. 1192087

Dear The Sonic do I exercise tonight

No. 1192244

Will my contract get extended?

No. 1192246

Okay, will I get to work on the next big project when it comes up?

No. 1192293

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1192298

will i get one of the jobs?

No. 1192336

Did he cheat

No. 1192341

Should I stop being patient and just move on from this shitshow?

No. 1192359

Should I just reach out?

No. 1192988

Should I switch my major to journalism, beautiful sonic totem

No. 1192989

Do you want to be like Kaitlyn Tiffany

No. 1193563

will the data science program be too hard for me

No. 1193623

Will I see him?

No. 1193628

am i ever going to end up moving back home

No. 1193630

well shit

No. 1193667

Hi somic

LINK REMOVED BY MODS(Do not advertise.)

No. 1193753

should I message him?

No. 1194196

Will I get my new job?

No. 1194200

will he save me

No. 1194238

will I be a good accountant?

No. 1194239

No. 1194271

Will I achieve my goals this year?

No. 1194279

should i give up on this assignment

No. 1194280

i was already doing that……..

No. 1194289

is that person gonna waste my entire today?

No. 1194292

solid advice actually sonic thank you
while i'm asking should i go shitpost about husbandos?

No. 1194347

Is t going to be okay tommrow

No. 1194390

Thank u

No. 1194408

will I get a response?

No. 1194431

Does she miss me or feel bad about ignoring me

No. 1194517

Will my life improve?

No. 1194523

Will I be able to get everything I want?

No. 1194540

Do i suck

No. 1194566

Will a career change lead to love in my life

No. 1194569

Is she two faced?

No. 1194578

Is it time?

No. 1194603

will it be here soon

No. 1194764

will my next bf be hotter

No. 1194765

cmon sonic gimmie an answer

No. 1194767

man, fuck you too.

No. 1194790

is everything gonna be okay?

No. 1195098

hey sonic should i try learning to draw?

No. 1195101

yeah i already knew that but should i try anyway

No. 1195386

Am i gonna find love

No. 1195535

Are they mad at me?

No. 1195644

Do i know my next boyfriend

No. 1195649

Ask again

No. 1195679

Kek sanic dropping facts

No. 1195692

should i ignore him?

No. 1195694

should i treat him coldly?

No. 1195696


No. 1195712

should i be upfront about it?

No. 1195804

should I break up with him

No. 1195805

Should I tell him I cheated

No. 1196789

Will I find a perfect flat/room for this coming year?

No. 1196810

Will I die soon

No. 1196811

No. 1196913

Will we ever have feelings for eatchother again?

No. 1196919

No. 1196970

Should I dye my hair blue?

No. 1196974

File: 1653533086943.jpeg (137.63 KB, 900x900, EGn9VyeX4AAusfr.jpeg)

oh shit

No. 1197468

Is it what I think it is

No. 1198196

Will I be able to fall in love

No. 1198236

Will he have feelings again for me

No. 1198238

does he want to be with me

No. 1198244

is the spark gone

No. 1198248

No. 1198251

Will we stay together?

No. 1198285

Am I cursed

No. 1198298

Should I buy it?

No. 1198299

Because I will buy it or because I won't buy it?

No. 1198310

Will I ever meet someone who meets my emotional needs & truly understand me?

No. 1198437

does she mean what she says?

No. 1199303

Oh great sonic, does the one with the political leaning like me?

No. 1199418

should i buy the tickets

No. 1199421

will i suffer if i buy them, oh great sanic?

No. 1199422

well fuck

No. 1199450

why did he do it all for me

No. 1199583

Are you sure I'll suffer?

No. 1199592

Do not go to the concert you will be trampled.

No. 1199679

am i gonna find a good job for me soon ? i havent had luck yet and i cant tell if ive become autistic or why i dont get jobs as easily as i used to… im getting real depressed about this… please help

No. 1199681

sonic i dont want to jerk off im literally in debt

No. 1199683

Sonic are you a sadist?

No. 1199684

File: 1653691513327.png (35.95 KB, 186x136, huehuehue.png)

Cheeky bastard

No. 1199697

should I just go ape shit? should I finally snap?

No. 1199700

give me a straight answer, sonic. I can't take it no more

No. 1199920

Is there any point in continuing this?

No. 1199922

Oh fuck off sanic, give me a real answer.

No. 1199975

Should I go

No. 1199977

Should I tell him?

No. 1200009

Is it going to be ok?

No. 1200033

am I gonna chill abt it?

No. 1200046

Is what I think going to happen going to happen soon?

No. 1200287

are we going to break up?

No. 1200294

Will he call?

No. 1200296

Will he ever call me

No. 1200312

Should I just check out from this?

No. 1200322

is it over

No. 1200354

Oh sonic, do I actually find him attractive? I’m worried I just enjoy the attention

No. 1200526

Good morning Sonic! Is the coffee gonna run me wild like yesterday today?

No. 1200751

Will I poop today? Please

No. 1200794

Does she still watch the nudes I sent her

No. 1200795


No. 1200799

Should I stop waiting for him and move on? Should I just say fuck it and hoe around a little bit?

No. 1200877

Do I have the motivation?

No. 1200890

LOL the answer to this one

No. 1200894

should i stay?

No. 1200898

should i stay here

No. 1200910

Will it get better

No. 1200954

am I actually going to die soon? i can feel my body fading

No. 1200956

okay again, am I gonna die soon?

No. 1200958

thank you. i have been dying for the age of an entire legal adult since I was what 8 years old so thanks for reminding me. does that mean eternal damnation, sanic

No. 1200972

Should I eat mac n cheese later

No. 1200990

Should I trust him?

No. 1200991

I don't get it.

No. 1201041

Should I get wasted?

No. 1201401

Are you always gonna give me bad answers regardless of my question?

No. 1201933

Hi Sonic. Is there any point in planning this week?

No. 1202581

Will I get money today for alcoholic drinks?

No. 1202726

Will I find him here?

No. 1204768

will he help me?

No. 1204769

did I make a huge mistake?

No. 1204866

Will I get a boyfriend

No. 1205039

Sanic should I pay for it?

No. 1207370

Should I get high?

No. 1208711

should i text him again?

No. 1208715

Does she appreciate any of what I’m doing

No. 1208888

I've already made up my mind to do it … now does that make me a total piece of shit, Sanic?

No. 1208892

jfc quadruple 8s

No. 1208995

Will it end up okay?

No. 1209507

apply preemptive leg tan?

No. 1209552

will i find an exam place for november

No. 1209561

Will i transcend my puny body unlock my inner eye and see the God at its worst?

No. 1209570

will i find an exam place for november

No. 1209636

will my new haircut look cute cuz you made me ask again

No. 1209650

Will I give anyone head this year?

No. 1210130

With some determination

No. 1210131


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1210571

Will I be lonely for ever?

No. 1210614

Will I go into a coma with this

No. 1210661

Does he still like me?

No. 1211356

am i gonna be stuck calling this faggot for two hours again today?

No. 1211357

fucking hell sonic that's bleak and true okay thank you.

No. 1211405

Howdy Sonic! Should I just give up for the day and work on my project instead?

No. 1211407

>>1211405 Yo you're giving some real conflicting advice there mate but okay gonna shitpost instead

No. 1211413

fuckass just picked up christ sonic your power is terrifying

No. 1211446

will I drive today Sonic? I want vodka or something

No. 1211461

Does he care?

No. 1211472

does he regret it?

No. 1211473

should i ghost him then?

No. 1211506

is my order going to arrive on time?

No. 1211509

Are they regretting it more?

No. 1211510

NO I WILL NOT I asked a question you bastard

No. 1211544

Sonic, does bumble guy actually like me?

No. 1211548

Okay so does bumble guy I am talking to a lot like me?

No. 1211687

is this going to come back and bite me in the ass

No. 1211925

I am once again asking if I should get high

No. 1211927

you’re not the boss of me I’m doing it anyway

No. 1212146

were those signs that I should give up on him?

No. 1212646

Good morning Sonic! Am I going to successfully die today?

No. 1212648

Sincerely, thank you friend.

No. 1213116

Last question hopefully: is he going to break up with her?

No. 1213597

Motherfucker don't jerk me around like that goddamn I fucking tried damn you.

No. 1214920

will he?

No. 1215001

Will they break up by either this or next year

No. 1215002

This year?

No. 1215084

Does she find me attractive?

No. 1215088

K here goes

No. 1215108

Will I do well in Calculus

No. 1215140

will what I think will happen happen within this year?

No. 1215142


No. 1215148

Is it okay?

No. 1215152

do i deserve to be happy

No. 1215153

Will this new path reward me?

No. 1216484

Should I buy more amazon stock?

No. 1216485


No. 1216739

will he help me

No. 1217113

Sonic BBY, will I be in a relationship with him when he finishes his exams?

No. 1217133

should I stay at home and cry tomorrow dear sonic?

No. 1217203

will i stop being so passive

No. 1217227

Will I finally kill myself this year?

No. 1217259

did this crazy bish give me the coof

No. 1217265

Am I hotter than my ex's new GF

No. 1217277

Are transwomen real women?

No. 1217278

>It's possible

No. 1217293

Will we enter WW3 this century?

No. 1217297

God dammit Sanic with his wishy-washy answers!

No. 1217350

should i regret my latest purchase

No. 1217449

Not "it's possible", the actual answer is "yes, at a great price" because of the double number

No. 1217483

Should I become a lawyer?

No. 1217555

should i order sushi today sanic (i skipped the gym)

No. 1217556

i got trips that must count for something baaaaw

No. 1217583


No. 1217747

will I get found out?

No. 1217803

Ok, so will we do it this decade?

No. 1217804

goddammit sanic just tell me what timeline we're on

No. 1217805

should we go together?

No. 1217816

is it over?

No. 1217820

Is New Jersey going to get hit with a RS-28 Sarmat?

No. 1217915

Is this ass fat and juucy

No. 1219897

should I ask them out

No. 1219943

Good morning Sonic! Am I going to be able to do work or playtest today?

No. 1219958

Okay but am I though?

No. 1219959

Sweetheart I am already there, but thanks for the honesty.

No. 1221091

Is my Intuition telling me the right thing?

No. 1223099

Will they break up? asking just cause I'm petty

No. 1225417

is this how it ends?

No. 1225515

Will our plans for abroad work out?

No. 1225518

sonic youre a whore

No. 1226039

I think he is the one for me, what do you think Sonic?

No. 1226049

Will he do something about it?

No. 1226051

Should I follow my instincts??

No. 1226052

Is he still into me?

No. 1226054

Should I just forget about it?

No. 1226055


No. 1226123

will we break up

No. 1226141

will we work out in the end?

No. 1226168

will we end up together

No. 1226188

Is he worth it?

No. 1226205

does he love me

No. 1226212

will i forever be a fatass

No. 1226213

Should I dump his ass

No. 1226214

Well that did not help, fuck you Sonic totem

No. 1226285

Is she gonna stop speaking to me after this

No. 1226654

Should I text him sanic

No. 1226656

Give me a straight answer you blue abomination. Should I text him?

No. 1226667

Time to spam this mf

No. 1226692


No. 1226693

Oh, for real? Okay then.

No. 1226697

Will I ever get over her

No. 1226724

Should I never contact him again, ever?

No. 1226737

Hey sonic just called me to tell you that he said yes.

No. 1226739

Should I distance myself and give them space?

No. 1226745

Sanic, I'm trying to. You told me to jerk off last time I asked about (him). When can I stop jerking off? Will the feelings ever stop, will it ever be normal again?

No. 1226754

IS it possible, sanic?

No. 1226760


No. 1226770

I'll ask nicely once more: Should I block and delete every trace and not see him this summer?

No. 1226771


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1227338

Will it all work out, truly?

No. 1228294

Can I stop after tonight?

No. 1228461

Am I ever going to find love again?

No. 1228593

please sanic

No. 1228931

Will the jannies ever return from the war?

No. 1243313

should i just go for it?

No. 1243652

Should I go ahead with the hand ultrasound?

No. 1271950

Did I make it worse?

No. 1283983

should i get a burrito, sanic?

No. 1294378

Should I go on a date tonight?

No. 1294379

oh fuck.

No. 1317727

should I order cheeky night snackies?

No. 1323786

Will i make friends this semester

No. 1331485

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