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File: 1712251912035.jpg (670.86 KB, 1920x1080, 4510.jpg)

No. 367812

Since it's been a popular topic on /m/ lately and other gacha games have their own generals, let's give it its own too!

>favorite boys and SSRs
>favorite hscenes
>favorite ships
>favorite fanart/fanartists
>lore, events, the fandom, and hopes for upcoming content
>flex your SSRs and builds
>swap codes
And anything else nucanu related!

Discussion of other EROLABS BL gacha games such as the upcoming Noctilucent: Before Dawn is also welcome. But please keep normal BL and BL game discussion in the dedicated fujo general.
/fujo/- Yaoi and BL general: >>361298
Mobage general: >>186848
Fujo imageboard: https://fujochan.org/

No. 367816

File: 1712252579272.jpg (1020.94 KB, 1080x2408, 1000014539.jpg)

Happy to finally have a place to go fully feral with my love for this game

No. 367817

File: 1712252583727.jpg (228.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1712252503106.jpg)

I can't fucking wait nonnies

No. 367819

File: 1712252870416.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x1080, 20240404_134713.jpg)

Please have a muzzle, I beg of you

No. 367821

File: 1712253128676.jpg (340.03 KB, 973x847, 1000014935.jpg)

Maybe they can finally utilize parts of this scrapped design from Astral Duo

No. 367823

Nonnies how do I get to know the characters and enjoy the porn without actually playing the game? Is there a wikia I can read or something?

No. 367831

File: 1712255616261.png (627.32 KB, 1217x863, 04_05_24_00_31_chrome.png)

You can check out this wiki, but the porn isn't there, only character profiles, event details and porn room previews. People sometimes share porn room recordings in private messages on discord but it's discouraged to mass share recordings to prevent hurting dev revenue. You can find the free main story and event story videos on youtube though, like this channel.

No. 367872

No. 367907

Are any of the Nucani discords worth it? I heard the official ones are full of tifs asking about Aster being some tiffany. I hope they make another Aster SSR but we get to see his cock in action. While it's great that we saw the familiars fucking each other, I wish we got to see Eiden take on Aster's big vampire dick

No. 367914

I just dont interact with the actual discord much cause yeah its swarming with tifs.

No. 367915

I would recommend joining the official discord! It does have a number of TIFs, but they get overwhelmed by the regular shitposting and memes from normal posters and end up shutting up until the next TIF joins kek. Many of them have the attention span of a caterpillar and don't end up staying for long anyways. I blocked anyone who ever tried to trans the guys and/or posted gross titchop art in the fanworks channel, and now my experience there is pretty garbage free. None of the TIFs contribute in any meaningful way to the community so I only see an occasional blocked post, I hardly notice them participating in the usual stuff I go there for (sorcere trials and lost relics guides, gameplay questions, meaningful lore discussions etc).

No. 367916

I'm on two (the official Discord and the /r/NuCarnival Discord) and they're both filled with gendies. The subreddit one is worse because one of the mods gets on my nerves kek. I'm on them mostly to check the guides and stuff.

No. 367946

there's a gofile link for all the H scenes, https://gofile.io/d/gJ8Uei

No. 367967

nice, I've only seen the ones reposted on MRM

No. 367987

File: 1712311675312.jpg (383.37 KB, 1080x1080, 20240405_120551.jpg)

He looks so beautiful nonitas, this might be my new favorite Edmond even though normally I love his long hair.

No. 367988

Those pants look downright criminal kek, he's the one that needs to be jailed
Praying to RNGesus to give him to me within my pathetic 90 pulls

No. 367997

these are the pants cowboy dante deserved not whatever shitty fit pants he had

No. 368000

Begging for a dicking. Can't wait to see Quincy tomorrow

I wish the devs were kinder to Dante

No. 368007

File: 1712324589694.jpg (271.76 KB, 1079x1536, 1000014955.jpg)

Did any of you nonas get the official online nucani manga on DLsite? I found it to be a very good adaptation, the text is all true to the game but there are so many little extra visual details that it makes for a very enjoyable reading experience. Sadly there isn't any English version yet, but it's almost 98% rhe same as the game text, so you should be able to match the context.

No. 368094

This is the most masculine I've ever seen Yakumo. He looks amazing right there

No. 368178

You're an angel, nonnie, thank you!

No. 368232

Can you share nanny?

No. 368342

File: 1712398108310.jpg (111.33 KB, 680x680, 20240406_120723.jpg)

What do you think, nonnies? He looks kinda ugly to me kek but I'm not really a Quincyfag to begin with. The undercut is nice and Topper is adorable as always

No. 368343

He should be bottoming in this one. As a treat

No. 368346

yes pls prison rape Quincy when

No. 368347

topper is cute i love love love his matching outfit, i only wish Dante showed up with Sooley sometime but i guess she's too big and would be distracting.

No. 368354

I find him hot. Despite the orange color being ugly, it fits the prison jumpsuit theme, and the hairstyle is flattering him. Also boobs+abs+muzzle like thingy = awooga

No. 368371

File: 1712411890466.jpg (506.3 KB, 1080x2204, 1000014989.jpg)

I bought it but DLSite makes me read it in their exclusive reader, no pdf for me to share. Maybe if some other nona can figure out how to rip from dlsite I can give it a try.

No. 368378

I think https://github.com/xuzhengyi1995/Manga_downloader can rip from DL site but it's kinda of a pain to use.

No. 368379

I'm a Quincyfag, and he looks gorgeous. I am so happy

No. 368403

Oh my God, he looks delicious, I can't wait to see him fucking.

No. 368469

I don’t intend to play NU:Carnival since it’s hard for me to get into gacha games but I watched a handful of Edmond’s scenes and he’s super cute!

No. 368498

Even if you don't play the game, you should take a look at the main story chapter videos on YouTube that previous nonas posted for getting better context and just more fun scenes overall. Even though it starts a little wacky, the later chapters are honestly pretty interesting lore and world building wise, and the interactions between the cast are fun to watch.

No. 368502

I’ll give it a try, nona. I was mostly interested in Edmond because I saw his pictures in this thread and he reminded me of a character I like. But he’s super cute from what I’ve seen so I’d love to get more context on the story.

No. 368757

File: 1712529281032.jpg (334.71 KB, 1828x3046, 1000012377.jpg)

Got into plushie making last year and made a tiny Yakumo a few months ago. Currently making a bigger one, wish me luck.

No. 368765

How did you make this? Is there a template or something? It's soo cute I want to make one just like this

No. 368766

Great job, nonnie! I really need to learn to make my own plushies so I can make my yaoi OCs and take them everywhere for cute photos

No. 368779

Wow you did an amazing job. He's your first? I applaud you, that's so cool! Good luck with the big version! You got this

No. 368987

File: 1712561848123.jpg (561.6 KB, 1101x1560, 1000015021.jpg)

The following link has a step by step tutorial for plushie making. Step 4 links to a bunch of patterns, I used the MiNi盒子 10 cm one for Yakumo.
I also highly recommend checking out this youtube channel:
This channel basically held my hand through every single step of sewing plushies. Some of her newer tutorials assume that you already know xyz and link to previous vids, but the first few videos she added English subtitles to were super detailed. Even the Japanese only videos have subtitles so they can be easily understood with google translate's camera app. I was so grateful that I ordered the sewing book she wrote even though it was in Japanese and I already knew most of the advice there thanks to her videos.
He's my second nucani plush actually, I made a slightly uglier Eiden before that kek.
Thanks nona!

No. 369001

He looks amazing nonnie! Plushie making is super intimidating to me but I enjoy crocheting a lot and I've been thinking about making an Edmond doll for a while. I've been putting it off because I'm lazy kek, but seeing your Yakoomer gave me some much needed motivation.

No. 369032

I tried it out, it let me rip pages from my stuff on bookwalker, but nothing from dlsite worked sadly

No. 369539

Are they doing the fucking dick shadow meme with Edmond? I think I'm going insane nonitas. How am I going to survive 20 more hours until this drops

No. 369542

Oh my god his expression is so adorable in this preview! Thanks for linking nonny, I can’t wait either

No. 369557


No. 369619

File: 1712784687708.jpg (41.52 KB, 1080x752, 1000015062.jpg)

The devs already proved their gigachad meme skills with the line stickers, and now this dick shadow meme drop has me kneeling down to worship them kek
Preview looks really good, bgm not in my top favs (abo bgm supremacy) but still catchy, can't wait for tomorrow.

No. 369705

God that size difference (both body and dick) in Quincy's second room is making me feral
Also bless Eiden for being the assertive bottom I have forever wished for(do not post nsfw imagery/porn on /m/)

No. 369718

File: 1712833397070.jpg (171.85 KB, 720x1600, prisonSEXquincy.jpg)


No. 369728


No. 370385

>lore, events, the fandom, and hopes for upcoming content
Double-posting but I want to start a discussion. It's not necessarily a positive hope, but in the wake of the prison riot theme, it made me think of other scenarios they may go with and there's one I absolutely would loathe to see and that's mermaid/merman. If they ever pull this, I will unironically seethe. I am a fan of mermaids but there's something about merman and merman porn that makes me cringe hard. I hope these guys don't get the merman treatment and maybe have a sailor theme or something else nautical related.

No. 370414

File: 1713040902251.webp (Spoiler Image,182.45 KB, 950x1451, Jawbone_07 weird.png)

>but there's something about merman and merman porn that makes me cringe hard.
its the genitalia isn't it? in most BL merman stuff i've seen, they have to come up with some weird fantastical stuff, like some tongue looking "penis" coming out of some labial looking hole, or some screwdriver looking thing like in Jawbone by Hydra(picrel)

No. 370425

That looks horrendeous and vomit inducing. But yes it's the genitalia. It's disgusting and I don't want to see any of the Nucani men with that.

No. 370460

File: 1713050581337.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2408, 1000014829.jpg)

The only mermaid I want is mermaid dress kek. They need to bring back putting the boys in dresses, maid Blade was peak design

No. 370461

I love maid blade so fucking much, I want to grab him and squeeze him until his eyes pop out.

No. 370462

After watching the new rooms, I must subject nonnies to my TLDR thoughts on Eiden characterization in Edmond Rooms: I feel like Edmond got spooked at first seeing Eiden employ seemingly 'dishonorable' tactics such as threatening a guard with the power of money and framing him later, as well as putting himself in danger for reasons that didn't make sense to Edmond. But when he realized the motivations behind Eiden's actions, he gained newfound appreciation for the fact that the usual uwu nice guy Eiden is indeed real and his 'meaner' side isn't a contradiction or something brought about by him getting corrupted by the prison vibes.
Eiden has always been aware of the dark sides of society because of his struggles in life as an orphan, but he tries to always be positive and good. However, he isn't a pushover and is pragmatic enough to play dirty with assholes like that prison guard, while making sure not to hurt any innocents. (He still is reckless and puts his loved ones ahead of his own safety though, but I don't think that's something he plans to change any time soon)
Finding the answers to the 'mystery' behind Eiden's erratic behavior gives Edmond a big sense of relief, and ofc he choses to unwind with horny acts kek

No. 371058

kek nonnie now I know who you are in the NuCani discord, I remember you posting this there
I really liked Edmond's rooms this time, there was a sense of trust and mutual understanding between him and Eiden that we don't usually see. It was nice seeing Edmond getting right into the roleplay without going through the tsundere shtick (not that I don't love his tsuntsun side), it really shows how far he's come in his relationship with Eiden and how he's more comfortable with himself and his horny side now.

No. 372002

File: 1713533302683.jpg (555 KB, 1078x1949, evilmond.jpg)

The latest even was so fun, the plot was interesting and well balanced between serious stuff and hilarity. On one hand you have prison drama, poaching mystery and struggles again corruption, on the other hand you have cute Quincy and Edmond bonding moment, funny guest appearances from the rest of the clan and Eiden being herpderp in general. My favorite moment would be the scene where Edmond revealed Eiden's "crime" though, it suit so well that I kek'd super hard just like the characters did. I love how Edmond finally has reached a point where he can joke like that. It also made me happy because last week I was bitching about how it was illogical that the warden didn't suspect the grand sorcerer suddenly being jailed, I'm so glad to be wrong. Last couple of events like blood key and desert of dusk were kinda weak logic wise so I'm glad that the flow of events in this new one is so smooth.

No. 373404

File: 1713945294026.mp4 (8.6 MB, BabyEiden.mp4)

Anyone else want another no banner event like Klein Star? It was honestly so sweet and full of good vibes, I found Eiden's life advice so inspiring that I sent vidrel to a friend who was feeling down, she appreciated it kek

No. 373728

File: 1714047506476.jpg (501.42 KB, 1920x1080, 1000015435.jpg)

They announced Rin's VA and it's just another alias for Netoru (Eiden's VA) lmaoooooo

No. 373748

They were the same being all along!!

No. 376232

File: 1714751960145.jpg (210.96 KB, 1920x1080, MeganeBlade.jpg)

He's such a cutie I love him nonas, gonna go broke for him if I have to

No. 376247

Did you see his slutty garters?

No. 376251

He's so fucking cute.

No. 376285

Why did they create the cutest character in the world. What did they mean by that.

No. 376323

File: 1714770196742.png (255.32 KB, 392x458, sholmie.png)


No. 376352

File: 1714773193781.jpg (211.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1000015584.jpg)

Yes! Feeling so blessed

Kek Blade would be besties with Herlock, same chaotic energy

No. 376445

File: 1714811786957.jpeg (160.05 KB, 1080x1080, GMfDHVeaMAAneE8.jpeg)

i was hoping for Rei to have booty shorts with matching thigh garters but from the silhouette it looks like he's got full pants on sob

No. 376457

File: 1714823622741.jpg (335.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1000015612.jpg)

He looks so delicious though, not complaining (and it's not like his pants will stay on during the hscenes)

No. 376463

I love his shirtless sleeves.

No. 376465

File: 1714830100996.jpg (38.94 KB, 626x626, 1000022094.jpg)

He's wearing an autism awareness shirt.

No. 376480

Rei is too classy to have booty shorts on. He may be an unabashed cockslut, but that doesn't mean he has to look like shit.

No. 376481

File: 1714837750549.png (165.49 KB, 387x320, awooga glasses.png)

>the little peek of chest mole

No. 376497

File: 1714845308007.jpeg (230.79 KB, 1920x1080, GMpNMDXbQAAbI_Z.jpeg)


No. 376728

File: 1714922019561.jpeg (440.75 KB, 1920x1080, GMpbooiboAAcUwb.jpeg)

im crying, he's so beautiful

No. 376757

I want to bully him into tears

No. 376885

File: 1714971695048.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1169, IMG_1375.jpeg)

Did anyone catch the Drama CD that’s on Dlsite? Its basically audio of Eiden with Yakumo, Edmond, Olivine, and Aster/Morvay as they were exploring an abandon castle and each room had its own theme such as Mirrors, Flowers, Armor, and Clouds. I came for the Olivine track since it’s awesome to hear him beg and moan while Eiden is being a tease as usual.

No. 376975

File: 1714999716128.jpg (300.32 KB, 1080x1080, 1000015660.jpg)

I have it but RL is kicking my ass so haven't gone around to listening to it, sadge. I'm considering putting a summary of it on my blog, but I also might not since there is supposed to be a English translation of the CD script later.
Such a sexy design, I don't feel bad about him not being an SSR (I really hope his next SSR comes in an event with Rei and Kuya so he can be bullied to the max kek)

No. 376988

There’s already people who’s giving summary of the drama cd but not the translation, so feel free to do what you want!

No. 382126

File: 1715751812888.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.62 KB, 1080x2400, 1000015858.jpg)

How are we all doing this event, nonnies? I was very lucky with Rei, got 2 copies of him in 11 pulls #blessed Haven't unlocked r5 yet but room 2 was so hot

No. 382592

File: 1715848619185.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2408, 1000016601.jpg)

I'm legit crying, Blade bb the cutest
I love how most of the events in nucani have such sweet messages, it heals my shriveled up soul

No. 382691

Precious retarded robot. He's really such a sweetheart and must be protected!!

No. 383721

File: 1716067910218.png (1.01 MB, 1179x1314, 1000016616.png)

I'm planning to buy this plushie and get started on a little Blade shrine

No. 385484

Kek, it looks like he's wearing purple underwear for some reason.

No. 385485

File: 1716396610522.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 720x1600, 1000042080.png)

mildly interesting but if you batter up Incognito Cafe Yakumo, there's a small triangular space where it's transparent and shows the background behind him.

No. 385487

kek nonnie, when i first saw it i thought it was offering a tiny peek into his taste in underwear but no just a tiny error

No. 385488

should the devs be informed of this?

No. 385569

That’s our special edroid! This game amazes me how someone who you thought would be a bottom happens to be a top like Yakumo and Blade. Same with Olivine, a big bro character who’s a slutty bottom.

No. 385805

I recently joined a Discord server for my favorite boy and it's full of gendies. I just want to talk about his cock but they keep going off about trans headcanons (of course he's one of the bottoms, they never headcanon the tops as trans because they want to be fucked by them kek), I'm about to end it all

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