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File: 1597908491189.jpg (192.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 105134

Previous thread: >>20688

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 105136

File: 1597909006797.png (197.99 KB, 1194x744, 1593497908818.jpg.png)

Reposting this from the old thread because it deserves preservation.

No. 105143

I like bl but shit like this comes across as were just coping, it's alright to acknowledge that the "males" in most yaoi are not at all close to makes IRL while still acknowledging Boys love

No. 105147

File: 1597914613597.webm (15.1 MB, 1280x720, jay_tgcf_3_-_i_think_about_xia…)

>Can any anons answer my question in regards to the CCP's censorship of BL? I specifically want to know how the Untamed was even released and adapted without the author being sent to one of those re-education camps.
Some people actually spread a rumor that she's in prison but it's fake. Most BL authors stay anonymous, she never shows her face, her only interviews are via audio and the novels are released on private blogs, meaning she isn't spreading her fujo propaganda on public sites lol
I honestly think that The Untamed was just super lucky. I guess it helped that they mentioned that they're bestest friends a couple times (and there are some blokes who enjoyed it and now unironically try to make themselves believe that they're really just bros kek), though you can see in the BTS that they did refer to them as boyfriends meaning the actors know what they're supposed to portray. And with that series being such a big success (the actors went from no names to the best selling in entire China thanks to only that) of course other BL works are to be adapted as well.
However I read that censorship got even stricter last year, e.g. zombies are no longer allowed (because zombies are dead humans and the dead are to be respected) and seeing as many chinese novels are set in fantasy settings, that only means even more difficulties, in addition to try and make the romance as subtle as possible, they also need to change up the plot. I hope that it'll work out nevertheless, seeing as many of the actors confirmed are quite big names already and work of top celebrities can't be banned that easily. Interestingly, for one of the actors this is already his 2nd BL role, so that's quite risky of him.

I don't get it either, most people hating on BL are uber woke fakebois. Normal girls and women usually just don't care at all, they don't even know what exactly it is other than "weirdos who like gay anime boys".

No. 105148

I think that's the whole point of the image, anon. This bait anon was having a spergout over something most fujoshis are well aware of and thinking she's being a big brain claiming all fujos are lesbians in denial who simp for men without realizing that most male characters in BL are very female-coded and fujo anons made fun of her for lacking perception skills.

No. 105150

The only thing China loves more than throwing its own people in jail is foreign money. As long as Untamed keeps raking in fujobux the government is willing to look the other way. It's sad but I take comfort in thinking that maybe it helps normalize gay relationships in China in the future.

No. 105153

Oh shit I guess that was my false assumption, I don't want to make this a radfem discussion but the other radfem spaces I do lurk in seem hostile towards bl and yaoi, they see it much less harmful then IRL porn or typical straight hentai but they do believe liking bl stems from interlized misogony

No. 105157

I've noticed a lot of normie-leaning radfem spaces blaming BL of "brainwashing" girls into trooning out which is plain ignorant because they're dodging the real issue altogether by reducing the complexity to "girl fetishizes gay ppl and tries to live out her fetish duuhh!!!!". Not denying that it's a factor at all, but if girls were more comfortable being GNC lesbians without the extra steps of living the aiden LARP dating other female fakebois it wouldn't happen, but I think this is just the aftermath of fujos constantly being made fun of for "self-inserting" into the characters despite being women so they went the opposite direction of "b-but I'm actually a man you know, that makes it less cringe!".

It's not the genre's fault for giving a private space for women to express their sexual needs while being detached from the expectations placed upon them in other female-featuring stories. Sure helped me to come to terms with my lesbianism because I used it as a proxy to interact with other women sexually if that makes any sense.

No. 105160

does it help that close male friendships aren't as looked down on as in the west? You can see old guys holding hands and nobody care, don't get me started on 'no homo' girl friendships.

I started watching 'Winter Begonia' lately, manly bc of the 1920/30s aestethic, but I immediatly realised it's based on BL.

No. 105166

Um anon I think you have it backwards, if men so as hug each other their considered gay, eastern cultures don't seem to have this much problem with male friendships though

No. 105168

I don't think so. Same sex friendships in other asian countries (like in S.Korea) might be more touchy touchy than in the West, but that's not really the case in China or at least not to that big extent. For example, chinese kpop idols often say that they're weirded out by how uncomfortably physically close same sex friends in Korea are, stuff like carrying another man is definitely not seen as a normal thing. But no matter where, people (men) who don't want to see gay content will always find a way to make themselves believe it's straight.
In the case of The Untamed maybe the fact that it was so low budget contributed to whoever is responsible for censoring not paying that close attention to it because they thought it'll flop and thus not reach many people anyway.

No. 105169

I don't have any comment on the Chinese BL shows storytelling but why are the wigs so bad

No. 105171

Low budget, the CGI effects are subpar too. In The Untamed they also wanted the shorter actor to be taller than the other one, so they just piled up his hair as high as possible.

No. 105178

Yoi movie when

No. 105179

i thought it was going to be released this year, anon or even a teaser or trailer of it. it's weird they released the poster years ago but never the news or progress after that tbh.

No. 105190

It could be that the 'rona messed up their schedule for the release, it was originally coming in 2019 but got bumped to 2020 for some reason. They were working on the 2nd season of the anime simultaneously which was supposed to come out this fall but was postponed to the virus outbreak.

No. 105416

File: 1598045666807.png (586.76 KB, 2029x1374, EdnbcH5VAAAX1JR.png)

tfw I wish there was more bad boy/delinquent stuff
Can't get enough of those yankii boyz

No. 105449

They’re hot anon, what is this from please?

No. 105466

Any good boy’s love recommendations? I’m not into the usual cliches of the genre.

No. 105489

Is The Untamed worth watching? I'm like 3 episodes in and it's sooo slow. Is there actually any BL content in it?

No. 105518

It's hard to recommend anything if you don't give a few pointers on what you're looking for. Nobody knows what you mean by "cliches of the genre".

No. 105523


To keep it short, just wholesome and funny stuff. Comedies and fantasy tend to my favs half the time.

No. 105546

>wholesome fantasy
>no cliches
Pick one

No. 105552

File: 1598160742179.jpeg (89.55 KB, 700x910, 5214c03c211618b303a2dcdbf4d8ef…)

Only 3 chapters in and I'm excited to see how this webtoon 'Semantic Error' will develop. It's been a while since I felt this way about anything yaoi related. I liked how the characters felt like real ppl, being in uni, majoring in design and computer science, having strong personalities etc. From what I've been told this one is shounen ai but the author plans on making extras with smut scenes. Idc about that, I just loved the characters and hope I don't get disappointed later on

No. 105555

They look like Yusuke and Kazuma from YuYu Hakushu lol

No. 105576

File: 1598190828225.gif (2.96 MB, 268x230, 6e061f881e7a31ce1030da32625de9…)

If you're looking for kisses etc then sorry to disappoint you, as mentioned before it's all very subtle, they only say things like them being best friends/soulmates and this is the most intimate they get.
I personally never found it slow at all, so maybe it just isn't for you? You need to look for thai, taiwanese (I really liked Formula 17) and japanese movies if you want to see actual boy love, that stuff is forbidden in China.

No. 105604


Might as well just pick wholesome.

No. 105611

Oooh the art looks really nice, im gonna check it out.

The kind of yaoi i like, i guess would be descirbed as vanille? I really dont like rape or incesty things same with the yuri i read. I like fluf with good art but i dont mind some drama. It's hard sometimes to find good yaoi that dont have the rapey tropes.

No. 105635

Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai Vs Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko is pretty funny

No. 105661

File: 1598265434298.png (339.13 KB, 600x398, Gohatto-HQ-photo-05.png)

Man, I remember watching the movie Gohatto/Taboo 10years ago, because its Japanese only to be surprised by the gay. Good times

No. 105662

Holy shit we watched this in one of my college classes once lmaooooo. My professor couldn’t show all of it (obviously) but since I was close to him, he gave me and my friend a full copy to watch ourselves hahahah. Truly good times.

No. 105669

File: 1598279060756.jpeg (297.63 KB, 1000x1421, 6F87C053-75CE-4940-BD09-A9333F…)

I don’t even remember why I clicked on this manga this morning, but I saw the tags “guro/gore” and “vore” and even though I’m not into that shit, my stupid monkey brain decided to keep reading anyway and I shamefully really like it… I love the art and the characters and I really want to see what happens lol.


No. 105670

Damn, this is just ridiculously pretty. Thanks for posting

No. 105699

Read the book

No. 105700

File: 1598299965839.png (4.6 MB, 2760x1964, image0.png)

You have fine taste anon! Suzuri Ryo's MADK is excellent, I'm glad you weren't discouraged by the gore/vore tags. Actually, the guro isn't that strong despite what many people say.
If you search for other BL stories from them there's Wembe (which features big cats centaur people?) and The Hunter and the Beast, but beware of semi-bestiality in that one.
You may enjoy their other non-BL works as well, like Magnolia, Toruso no Bokura (picrelated) and Jimba.

No. 105704

Clearly ppl have different tastes… tried reading this and found it disturbing as fuck, disgusting as well

No. 105706

It totally is but the art is gorgeous. Unfortunately for some reason volume 2 is not as well drawn as volume 1, especially two first chapters.

No. 105734

Aside from the Edgy gore, I think the art is really beautiful. You can tell that the mangaka has done a lot of research and worldbuilding
It's a shame how the quality has lowered a bit for other chapters, but I guess they gotta meet a deadline

No. 106132

File: 1598647914405.png (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 830x1050, 1592340000871.png)

Anons what is your favorite BL/Yaoi pic?

>as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime
Hetalia was aimed at fujos?? I mean I guess it makes sense but wow

No. 106306

Reading the "Characters you hate" thread and anons hating on Kasumi reminded me of how much autistic anger it gives me that Persona 5 gave us a horrible Mary Sue waifu that did nothing of value instead of making Akechi a romanceable option. I know it was never going to happen and realistically I wasn't expecting it at all but they did a male love interest once before in Persona 2 so it's not entirely impossible. Why aren't there any games without canon M/M romances? Anyone else just having the pettiest fucking gripe with this? Any time companies want to pander with same-sex relations it's always female on female simply because it's easier to get greenlit as it's not as "offensive" and I'm so tired.

No. 106328

Persona changed a lot since persona 2 unfortunately
The new fire emblem has some m/m romance options I think ? not sure because I dont care about fire emblem but I remember reading this somewhere

No. 106330

akechi is trash but even i thought they were really leading up to him being an option, esp some of the dialogue if you take him out to the jazz club. atlus has been teasing bi/lez characters in the mobile game (Dx2, it jumped the shark with pay to win, don't bother), particularly kangaroo boxer saying "well, if he was into me, then i yeah" re: another male character. i was hoping that this was foreshadowing to the bisexual persona of my hopes and dreams but not yet i guess.

No. 106332

File: 1598835565679.png (66.38 KB, 225x337, thumbnail.png)

I found this Manhwa called 호형호제 Our Companionship and it's so cute

I'm a total sucker for mmorpg+BL+catfishing stories lol

No. 106378

So many little details hint to a very deep connection between Akechi and the protagonist. Gameplay-wise, an example is that he even learns protect (protects you from fatal attack) before endure (resists from a fatal attack aimed at himself) as opposed to the entire fucking cast, and I refuse to believe it was a mistake. Kasumi's relationship with you feels like a joke and is very forced in comparison to any other in the game, and she's supposed to be the main girl for some reason. The people at Atlus are cowards and coomer-pleasing bitches. Also do not trash talk worst-but-best boy like that!

No. 106381

Persona 1 and 2 were developed by another team so they're not really comparable to P3 and the rest. I think the weirdest thing here is that the developers actually plan for Yosuke in P4 to be a love interest and to this day even straight guys who are allergic to gay shit think he's the most believable option and obviously in the closet, Akechi is very obviously fujobait but he's never gonna be a gay option, but Vincent can fall in love with and marry a guy in Catherine Fullbody of all games. Given that P4 was so successful and was developed super fast after P3's release, and how in sequels and spinoffs the developers kept adding blatant fanservice between Yu and Yosuke I'm gonna guess the developers don't want to experiment too much with Persona because it's the most successful series from Atlus and they'd rather experiment and do whatever they want in smaller projects that are marketed towards a different audience. They know that they don't need to confirm any gay character or couple to attract a female audience anyway.

No. 106382

Speaking of the Persona series…

Adachi Tohru - yeah or nah?

No. 106409

This is so fuckin good!

No. 106410

>akechi is trash
you shut your MOUTH

The main difference between Akechi and the other confidants (in Royal) is that with everyone else's storylines it's all about Joker helping them out with whatever personal problem they're dealing with in their lives and become stronger people, but with Akechi his confidant events are all about creating a deep bond between them and learning more about his character by just hanging around and talking. In addition to that there's a possiblity to hang out with him at the aquarium which is considered a very usual dating spot for couples.

There's no way it was unintentional for the development team to make it so intimate but bitches chickened out. Dating your adoptive little sister and teacher is fine but apparently a gay option crossed the line. Fuck media for creating deep, meaningful bonds between male characters and never following through.

No. 106422

I don't get how or why people ship him with Yu, in P4G and the anime it's obvious Adachi doesn't give a shit about Yu and Yu tries way too hard. There should be more Dojima/Adachi content instead.

No. 106454

Hell yeah old men

I think the appeal of Yu/Adachi is the toxicity love/hate? Like tom and jerry lol

No. 106476

File: 1598935650098.jpeg (93.62 KB, 750x750, C7865D7B-9E61-4534-958B-1F0481…)

Anons I just read this and it was so vanilla and fluffy I teared up a bit…

No. 106501

File: 1598940815185.jpg (300.67 KB, 892x1300, 04e1fd72e2c37da9cd0c00135caab2…)

Im a rotten degenerate and loved this so much i bought a physical copy to keep on my self

Also im not sure if this is off topic because its gender/bender but has anyone else read Boku-girl?

No. 106503

Yes it's so good! I'm so glad they went with the ending it did, most series cop out because "no homo", but the author really said fuck it.

I wish there were more chapters, the MC's love interest looked like Kuroo from HQlol

No. 106504

File: 1598945079018.jpg (43.47 KB, 683x263, 5.JPG)

You got me curious and looked at the ending then first chapter but it somehow rubs me the wrong way, I feel like this is one of those stories where the MC goes "Since I'm an super effeminate guy and it's hard to deal with it in society I'm obviously a girl then!" instead of just being that effeminate guy. That being said I wished I read this type of manga before because it's hard to keep an open mind about it now that the trannies ruined this theme for me, that being said I think it's off-topic since the MC chooses to remains female so "no homo".

No. 106509

Boku-o.p. I am a bi, and personally love the awkward flipping back and forth between genders at the worst time, its like a humiliation thing. But yeah i totally get this isnt really BL/yaoi, but if you are interested in general ecchi its a fun read, great art, and hilarious.

I loved the corny plot of Loki messing with mortals, my ecchi doesnt need to be complicated. And Takeru is just my type. I love the cat eyed, spikey haired tough guy delinquent look. Any suggestions with boys like him, i would love some!
I want to read boku-girl again, rip mangarock

No. 106510

>rip mangarock
You have mangakalot it's in there

No. 106524

Holy shit anon thank you so much for posting this, I had no idea what to expect but this is sooo pretty. I wish there was more of it!

Side note, I'm usually the type that prefers vanilla nonsexual BL because porn is off-putting to me, but apparently degenerate edgy fantasy shit doesn't register the same way and I love it, wtf is that?

No. 106527

Regarding Boku-girl I have a huge boner for femboys but I hate straight out trans/trap shit because it only reminds me of male coomers and degenerate discord trannies. Does anyone have recommendations (NSFW or not, series or doujinshi, idc) for something that features boys that are extremely effeminate but not trying to be girls?

No. 106529

I was really considering buying myself a physical copy too lmaoo. Maybe I will now.

I'm glad others like it!! I'm still thinking about it to this day…

No. 106532

File: 1598972671787.jpg (210.78 KB, 1200x628, Persona-4-Manga.jpg)

>Yu tries way too hard
That's why it's fun.

No. 106575

I feel the same, I hate overtly feminine acting BL. It usually comes off as cringe. As for recs, I think "Boy meets Maria" kind of fits? The MC looks like a girl but is very boyish.

No. 106671

File: 1599073767700.png (1.13 MB, 1369x860, holyshit.PNG)

Holy shit, anon. I've been laughing at this panel for 5 minutes. Great rec, thanks.

No. 106854

I don't hate Kasumi because there's nothing to hate, she's a non character who's just there to look cute but I absolutely agree about how Goro should have been dateable. In general Atlus's choices are so fucking weird since in persona 5 you can literally date your pedophile teacher (among other full grown women) but you can't date a guys who are the same age as the protagonist.

No. 106856

i would pay as much as a full priced game just for DLC that lets maruki be romanced. LET ME BANG BOTH DOCTORS DAMMIT

No. 106863

It would be better of she was just a character there to be cute tbh. The fact that she's shoehorned in and made to be important when there isn't a lot in her character is what many people dislike.

I always kind of laugh at the excuse, that is that "the characters are just not gay", that many (coomers) use when justifying Atlus's choice of making the male characters non-dateable. Like sure, none of the male characters are gay despite some obvious hints, but all the female adults happen to be pedophiles. That's good, right?

No. 106864

>"the characters are just not gay"
In other games, series or circumstances I wouldn't disagree with this argument and would just settle for fanfics but the developers know what they're doing, they're the same ones who made Yosuke a love interest until last minute in P4, then added so much fanservice in the spinoffs and the anime that the MC is just as obsessed with Yosuke once he gets his own personality and even one of the girls in P4D thinks they're dating, Erika is a HSTS transwoman in the original Catherine and then they made Vincent bisexual in Catherine Fullbody and his new love interest is a turbo twink who crossdresses but won't stop confirming he's a guy. And I'm just talking about these specific developers here, don't even get me started on the other Megaten games and the Digital Devil Saga novels that were meant to be the original story.

No. 106914

atlus is just largely anti-gay, their interviews are really telling.

sidenote about p5 though - Does anyone else dislike fandom portrayals of Ryuji? They make him an uwu soft boy next door when he's a huge dick for no reason. What made me dislike him was right after a dungeon, the victim is traumatized/homeless and he just burps in their face for no reason? Like did no one else play the game or are they just ignoring this scene? It drives me insane.

No. 107042

File: 1599369708197.jpg (98.61 KB, 516x731, 2.jpg)

Anons… Reading this hurt me… :'(

No. 107052

Is there any yaoi manga or anime that doesn’t have the semi/yuke dynamic? I only really like yaoi when it doesn’t feature the stereotypical relationship that’s usually depicted

No. 107058

If you mean the top/bottom thing, no, most of the times the couples don't switch roles or if they do it's off camera. But if you mean the more traditional roles in a dominant/submissive aspect, a lot of modern BL have relationship dynamics that are even in power dynamics. Traditional seme/uke is pretty rare these days.

No. 107077

>I always kind of laugh at the excuse, that is that "the characters are just not gay", that many (coomers) use when justifying Atlus's choice of making the male characters non-dateable.
It's such a bullshit excuse. Doesn't help that there's consistent fujobait with Goro who they hate on for being 'gay' yet they still say he's not despite that, the protagonist of persona is meant to be a self insert protagonist anyway so the game should allow him to be bisexual by default.

No. 107078

I especially hate it since the fandom puts more of the blame on Morgana who's a fucking cat half the time yet despite that he's somehow 'abusing the babby Ryuji uwu'. I think it's because people generally latch onto the 'bro' characters personally though I only liked Junpei (who was the least bro of them since most of his character centered around a slight rival angle with the protagonist and his thing with Chidori) while Yosuke is just homophobic half the time which could have been fine if they left him in as a romance option but they didn't so it just felt kind of mean at times? Honestly making Yosuke bi/gay would have fixed a lot of shit.

No. 107083

Ironically enough when you play as the femc in P3P Junpei becomes the best bro of all the series, P1 and P2 included. I didn't care about him more than the other characters at first when playing when playing as the male MC but his social link with the FEMC is a really nice addition.

>Honestly making Yosuke bi/gay would have fixed a lot of shit.

Given how he acts in the sequels/spinoffs I like to think he is and he's just in denial because come on, Atlus just won't stop adding more and more hints/fanservice with Yu to the point where I'm wondering if the developers didn't regret not leaving his romance option in the original game at some point.

No. 107882

File: 1599996968052.jpeg (388.38 KB, 855x505, AA0B4F39-6CB6-4485-86FE-586722…)

Anyone reading room no 9? I got it because it looks like the persona 4 characters and it reads well, but man some scenes had me queasy.

No. 108448

File: 1600498998842.png (201.26 KB, 957x537, 78844652_p0.png)

No. 108465

Anyone else really hate when stuff like cross-dressing is an element in yaoi, like in every nagisa x karma doujin crossdressing was featured like 9/10 times, abd just ruined the mood for me

No. 108489

I don't know, I'm kind of into doujins of guys in maid outfits. But I can see how it could get repetitive when it comes to Nagisa because of that one episode…

No. 108494

Nagisa x Karma just seems such classic self-inserty baby”s first yaoi couple
I like cross dressing in BL but it’s very a case to case thing

No. 108498

Anon do you have any fic recs for these two?

No. 108499

I am not reading it but I plan to, do you like it so far ? i kind of expect some sort of BL euphoria but less extreme i guess, i haven't read euphoria but the idea of something similar with BL elements sounds perfect to me

no you're not alone i dislike it most of the time too, i dont know why

No. 108508

>I like cross dressing in BL but it’s very a case to case thing
Why ? It just literally makes the uke a female

No. 108512

File: 1600572239925.jpg (109.69 KB, 600x886, 767967818.jpg)

No. 108514

Tbf I don't look at stereotypical hyperfeminine uke content, lost its allure when I stopped being 15

No. 108519

Cross-dressing in BL makes one character basically the woman in all but name, like the pic you posted is an exception not the rule

It basically makes it straight genderbend doujin

No. 108520

Clothes = woman? Ok pal

No. 108521

Come on anon, I'm not some anti-fujo and I like bl but some uke characters especially when their cross-dressing are drawn and function as girls just with a dick at the end, which never comes into play, critiquing a genre doesn't mean you are against it

No. 108522

The Titan's Bride is super cute and Caius is so sweet. refreshing dynamic.

No. 108579

I was bored these days and I went on a binge and read Bj Alex and Painter of the night because tik tok is obsessed with both and… Why is yaoi obsessed with rape? It's sick. Why does this get advertised to teenagers as "hot omg daddy"? I also read "a guy like you" and it was the most awful badly drawn cringy shit I've ever seen and I just want to forget kek

No. 108584

HOW DARE YOU, quit being a moralfag let us enjoy underage characters getting gang raped, you're probably just a scrote anyway /s

Yeah the frequency of rapes yaoi sends a problematic message for younger readers and might get some of them into ddlg shit

No. 108588

most people into ddlg shit consume het content tho

No. 108589

To be honest I like crossdressing as a doujinshi fetish when it's done as a strictly a bedroom thing, like wearing a maid dress for sex or something like that. But when it's an integral part of the story and the person crossdressing is taking it seriously and legitimately trying to appear as a woman it puts me off. I guess it just feels like a cheap effort to make the story appeal to a larger crowd because "they're not really gays see this other one is practically a woman uwu" and it reminds me of the chaser dudebros who think they're super woke because they like that one crossdressing anime boy or something.

No. 108590

Don't start this stupid tired twitterfag discourse again. Where's Gangrape-chan when you need her?

No. 108591

>To be honest I like crossdressing as a doujinshi fetish when it's done as a strictly a bedroom thing, like wearing a maid dress

I feel this type of this thing is kinda offensive to women, it's like drag for me, sure it's done by gay men but it still mocks the female form, so maid dresses and wearing womens clothes in bed, even if it's being done by 2 males, it still reinforces misogyny
both can perpetuate ddlg shit, especially if the Uke is super female coded, like nagisa is literally just a girl, meant for self insert

No. 108592

Anon were not anti-BL and I like some rereading some kinda rough stuff now then, but this shit is not healthy, it can mess with a young girls psyche

No. 108593

Fucking leave already, this reads like a weak bait. Why does this thread constantly get raided by people who want to tell us dumb fujos how problematic and "misogynistic" we are based on some surface level observations that have been discoursed to death already? Take it to your twitter fandom tag or something.

No. 108594

Some people just think the dresses look hot. It's not that deep.

No. 108595

It's not hot, it's agp tier fetishism

No. 108596

This spergery is so forced that I hope other anons don't bite. Fuck off and don't come back.

No. 108602

>I think the fact that so many yaoi have some sort of rape into them is fucked up
>wow ok did you really say fujoshis are dumb and should be killed? I can't believe this. Also I hate how porn objectifies women and normalizes violence, but normalizing and fetishizing rape and other fucked up kinky shit between two dudes to teenage girls? that's fine. Damn I almost forgot smh it's time for my daily go back to twitter to an anon who doesn't agree with me

No. 108603

>The dubious consent ravishment in mid 00's BL stereotypes is literally the exact same thing as IRL human trafficking and porn abusing women and LITERALLY the gateway drug to DDLG for young girls who will end up groomed and taken advantage of older men because they saw cartoon boys fucking each other raw, will someone PLEASE think of the children!!!!!! we need to talk more about the RAPE of fictional men!!!!

No. 108607

I did not even for one moment compare yaoi to IRL porn, IRL porn is much much worse and yaoi is a fantasy, but you have to admit that fantasy has power, if Scrotes can be broken by the fantasy of hentai and traps to become knee high sock wearing AGPs then yaoi has power as well, in certain yaoi it's clear to everyone who the female stand in-is and we get shit like fakebois or r/ftmpunishment, my God no is saying this is the worst shit ever, this criticism is coming from people who like BLs and yaoi and want to remove certain toxic elements

No. 108608

>Rape in BL makes fakebois
>Not the rampant troon activism and gaslighting of lesbians brainwashing young women into believing they should be Not Women in order for them to be able to date other women
Take this sperging to the fakeboi thread for crying out loud.

No. 108613

Look at the fakeboi thread for like one second, they are all former fujos who want to become soft uke yaoi boys and you're telling me BL doesn't play a role into that delusion

No. 108616

I mean, yeah, there are lots of retarded teens thinking they’re men because they have a mix of troons grooming them into thinking they’re that perfect anime guy they saw once, AND anime porn, but it’s not just the anime porn as how you think.

Also, the people posting here are not those retarded teens, if it bothers you so much, stop posting in this thread your fucking takes and go to twitter to help the poor kids you’re so worried about, retard.

No. 108618

>Where's Gangrape-chan when you need her?
I'm here. Got any good recs? Been in the mood for, like, abuse and really nasty dirty talk.

It's good, I recommend it. (Especially because they look like Persona 4 characters.) I posted a bit about it in the last thread. It's fap-worthy, lots of good scenes, and anything gross can be switched off in the settings.

No. 108632

File: 1600723194357.png (406.53 KB, 823x588, Capture.PNG)

Just felt the need to share this

No. 108633

I love you and your degeneracy gangrape-chan, never leave us at the mercy of the twitter moralfags

No. 108636

to be fair nagisa has cake and woman bearing hips, it's easy for artists just to make him a girl.

But no I agree with you, sometimes crossdressing becomes too much. If I wanted pussy I'd read hentai lol

No. 108641


Damn it, I enjoyed this manga. I like troll semes.

No. 108642

I played through it out of sickening curiosity, honestly it wasn’t for me! Like you said, it also made me queasy and after I finished reading through it I felt kind of guilty lol. The art is beautiful though and some of the CGs were nice too. I think I’m just too vanilla to fully enjoy it…

No. 108645

What's this from? Looks cute.

Thanks friend.

No. 108658

File: 1600756893843.jpg (44.63 KB, 350x470, Caius.jpg)

100% agree!
At first I started reading it because of the curiosity, but the story is quite decent.
Caius is an amazing husbando material.

No. 108659

No. 108662

the mini anime series was cute too, but the manga has all the fluffy stuff i crave.

No. 108666

Sage for off topic, not really into fujo stuff but this pic reminded me of something, we actually have a people group in Pakistan who have these features IRL, brown skin and naturally light colored hair and eyes, Seraikis and Niazis in southern Punjab

No. 108671

No. 108713

>compare beautiful anime boys with 3DPD
ewWe you fucking wish

No. 109505

File: 1601439964728.jpg (87.5 KB, 1280x720, comic relief.jpg)

On top of that he crossdresses a lot in the actual anime.
I like it though so I have no problem with it.

No. 109508

File: 1601444375605.gif (1.72 MB, 500x269, EC01F04B-2887-4080-A287-85BA44…)

It was so hot when Karma and Nagisa were beating the shit out of each other btw

No. 109509

Current content is so bad I don't get how ppl still care about yaoi. Aside from a few gems, it's just bad.

No. 109571

Don’t you have anything better to do?

No. 109590

I agree anon, although I'm just waiting for Umibe no étranger. Honestly all yaoi just turned sour to me, old and new, when I hit my 20's.

No. 109591

I’m excited for that one too! I actually rediscovered my enjoyment in my 20’s. I had an overcompensating normie phase.

No. 109596

File: 1601510071515.jpg (415.34 KB, 950x1348, 17.jpg)

I ran across this the other day and it was the hottest shit I've seen in a long while so I thought I'd recommend it. It's called "Junai Drop Out" by Misaka Niumu.

No. 109605

Holy shit. I've just read this weeks ago. Even though it's not my taste, I still found it pretty hot.

No. 109609

>Body writing, nip piercing
Help me I’m bleeding out

No. 109770

What part of
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
don't you dumb shits understand?

I didn't know I had a body writing kink but this image made me realize it.

No. 109913

File: 1601782889802.jpg (36.89 KB, 680x463, 765.jpg)

TFW you have mild fujo tendencies but are disgusted by anything anal related but also butt stuff seems to be unavoidable in NSFW BL media

Can someone please recommend something with as little anal stuff as possible, because BJs and frotting >>>>>>>

No. 109914

File: 1601783992004.jpg (171.82 KB, 1280x1807, well are you.jpg)

No. 109915


That was actually really hot and sweet as well, thank you, anon!

No. 109986

File: 1601855081167.png (506.24 KB, 960x807, 1601807515093.png)

Hell, even most old yaoi is bad. Worse even because of all the pointless rape lmao. You're better off seeking content from twitter artists these days.
Also, I get people like size difference but this looks so ridiculous.

was the discord deleted?or was there a purge?

No. 110080

File: 1601918222386.png (Spoiler Image,455.09 KB, 883x512, GG0hNwX.png)

this is one of my faves! good taste, anon.

pic related, i really like that sweet spot between not extremely lanky but also not extremely muscular men in bl. maki masaki is really good at this. her bottoms are always super cute, needy and slutty. i especially recommend koisuru hypnotic therapy (a guy gets erotic massages to get rid of his tendency to fall in love easily) and yasashii pantsu no nugasekata (a high school boy starts wearing panties because he fantasies about his best friend taking them off for him)!

No. 111180

Anyone else watching hypnosis mic this season?

No. 111207

File: 1602339904006.webm (2.45 MB, 1280x720, 1602262703023.webm)

No. 111226


No. 111233

Wtf. I don't even like BL, I just saw this as I scrolled past, but this looks so insane that I need to watch it now

No. 111268

Wtf I'm a Hypnosis Mic fan now.

No. 111652

File: 1602644405799.png (619.57 KB, 900x1200, 1602126165943.png)

i love red/blue from pokemon so fucking much. i shipped it in the anime as a child and i'm decades older now and still ship it. i love that we've gotten to see them grow into adults

No. 111700

File: 1602692760167.jpg (743.83 KB, 1518x1075, 63233168_p34.jpg)

Personally I prefer isshushipping but Red and Blue are cute as well.

No. 111701

I adore this scene because you could probably convince someone it's some weird censorship despite it being the main aspect of the show/music.

No. 112122

Did the discord get deleted?

No. 112135

I'm reading Boy Meets Maria, and all the scans I found end really suddenly. Is that just how it ends? Or am I missing something?

No. 112136

File: 1603044939039.jpg (141.41 KB, 569x600, Hajime.no.Ippo.600.1720235.jpg)

So I don't usually ship m/m characters even in traditional Shonen, but I really want to talk about Hajime no Ippo, which I will proudly say that I love to death and also that it's super fucking gay that its almost ridiculous

Ippo(the MC) legit lusts after brooding rival Miyata and waits for the day to fight him, then there's sendo who is brash aggressive character and he has so many gay moments with ippo and even excluding the MC all the male characters have so many intimate gay moments, like Mashiba(a frighting brooding sorta anti-hero boxer)and Itagaki(a young upstart at ippo's gym) going basically on a date shopping for clothes

and the female characters are also something else, like if there was a category for least developed female characters then hajime no ippo would easily rank in the top 5, cause every female character is either bland no personality supportive mother or bland no personality supportive sister and the exception to this archetype does nothing for the plot but give out exposition to the readers

No. 112168

You're not alone, Anon. I really wish HnI was more popular so we could get more anime seasons, but it'll probably never happen.

Seconding how surprisingly gay the show is.

No. 112182

EVERYONE should read Sign if you have time to spare. You can complain about anything else in the story except the main pairing. I’ve never shipped anything harder.

I had no intention of falling down the fujo rabbit hole but whenever I look up fanart for one series, I see another and just start reading away. What are you all reading currently?

My reading list at the moment:
No way, vampires don’t exist (tappytoon)
Vampire Heart (lezhin)
Red Candy (rosesquad scans)
Mr. 100% Perfect (tapas)
Fate Makes No Mistakes (lezhin)

And I was reading ANTI P.T. (lezhin) but it seems like there’s going to be some tragedy for the second lead soon.
Cherry Blossom Bloom After Winter (tappytoon) and Semantic Error (chili tangerine scans) are on my list to start reading soon.

I hate the titan’s bride for that very reason. It feels uncomfortable to look at them and the way he constantly refers to their size differences as cute even when fucking when he’s the average size for a human.

No. 112210

File: 1603072950996.jpg (146.06 KB, 691x1100, 7lMmhWY.jpg)

one of my favorite moments in the manga

I never even thought about shipping these 2 cause they'd never interacted but he gave these two a heartfelt moment and friendship out of nowhere, the author does this with every one one of the major and minor characters

No. 112375

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but where the fuck do you guys get scans these days? I'm so lost on how to find BL scanlation groups and their scanlations because they're scattered all over and abruptly disappear. Are there any groups that have lasted for more than 6 months and push out regular updates? Please help a dumbass out.

No. 112378

try myreadingmanga?

No. 112513

For stuff with an actual plot, if I already know the title I just google '[title] manga read online' or something similar. Lots of sites host scanlations.

If it's not a popular/well known enough manga you might be SOL.

For PWP I just browse myreadingmanga like the other Anon said.

No. 112548

MRM is already on my watchlist but like mentioned I only go there for smut. I'm so lost on how to follow current releases and where to read them so I barely even know any titles. At the moment I mostly just hear about them through the grapevine or by lucky chance so I just don't understand how people can be so aware of every single title coming out. I mean I follow Japanese publications so I know about the new ones but the scanlations/international releases can take up to 2 years so it's really hard to keep track.

Guess I'll just have to learn more Japanese to actually read the originals lmao

No. 112553

There’s another chapter or two, it ends well.

No. 112557

baka-manga updates. You can’t read manga on there, but it tells you who scanlated what, and usually where you can find more by that team (website links).

Otherwise, I procure tags on regular hosting sites and if I find something I like, I’ll look up the team and see what else they’ve worked on. On instagram it’s especially popular for people to purchase officially translated chapters of manga/manhua/webtoons and repost them there or on aggregators, the same thing happens on facebook. Usually one person or a group is reposting multiple works from similar genres (in this case, BL) so that’s how you can get introduced to new series and more scan teams too (because of general discussion about BL.)

No. 112558

I don’t follow Japanese BL so if this isn’t what you were looking for, I’m sorry anon! But BL webtoons are pretty popular these days, you can visit lezhin or tappytoon or tapas and search through the BL series to see what’s trending. Lezhin is definitely the most popular out of the three sites, though. They churn out interesting series consistently. Painter of the Night is afaik the most popular BL webtoon atm (smut), if you can find somewhere to read it for free then you can probably find anything there. You should also be able to search on most aggregators with a “sort by most popular” function, and/or see what’s most recently viewed on the homepage.

The Keystone Romantic Combination looks very sweet. It’s completed though, I don’t want to start reading it only to get to the end and be left knowing that there’s no more.

No. 112648

There's a discord?

No. 112686

>the "males" in most yaoi are not at all close to makes IRL
That's the best part.

No. 112692

Agreed. If they were like real men I would hate the genre kek

No. 112693

Seconding this question. Can we get a link if it exists?

No. 112751

File: 1603447194291.jpg (62.67 KB, 256x362, 28359.jpg)

Since quarantine has been spiraling me back into being a fujo - what are anons' favourite visual novels?

I finished Room No.9 yesterday and while it was fucked up as expected from Clockup I strangely enjoyed it. The artwork was also beautiful. I don't think however I could play anything like this again.

I don't think I ever found a perfect visual novel for me but I enjoyed Dramatical Murder and Togainu no Chi. Back in the day I liked playing fanmade vns but they quickly went to shit with Steam's woke crap and western art style.

No. 112752

I think Nitro+Chiral's novels are always very nice. Have you tried sweet pool or Lamento?

Other than that I don't really know any other well done BL visual novels. The amateur stuff tends to be bad.

No. 112774

File: 1603468209517.jpg (43.05 KB, 400x225, fujo.jpg)

Out of curiosity, what kind of discussion/content/fandoms etc would you guys want out of a fujo server?

No. 112790

Nta but i would like stuff like anime discussion separated from manga discussion since sometimes a manga has stuff the anime doesn’t have and the other way around.
Husbandofagging, ship loving and ship bashing channels.
Maybe a channel to discuss authors. Fanart posting, porn fanart posting and parody posting channels.
Music, because sometimes an anime could have some nice songs and whatnot, maybe someone has a sick mixtape they want to show to everyone so we can enjoy reading to the max.
Yaoi memes, because why not, maybe regular memes as well to keep the cancer at bay.
RP request channels for whoever is into that stuff.
Fanfic sharing and fanfic discussion channels.
Random yaoi pictures sharing, sfw and porn channels.
Maybe furry yaoi stuff for the furries to keep the furry cancer at bay as well.
I think that’s basically it.

No. 112792

I have nothing to add I just want it to be for 20+ Fujoshis

No. 112796

Agree except for the ship hating, unless we have good moding the discord is going to become shit fast
Yes please, +22 would be amazing

I think trying to keep it as simple as possible at first would be better and keep adding stuff according to the needs

No. 112818

I agree, but I think this discord might be too slow (maybe that's why the old one apparently died) unless we get people from other places as well.

It would be best if we could ban ~discourse

No. 112835

Please email me if you want to join the discord. Thanks! fujo.discord.throwaway@gmail.com

I LOVED Room No. 9. I've mentioned several times in the last thread, probably - I've lost track. It's just delicious. Depressing, but hits a lot of my kinks, so. Unfortunately, some of the best scenes happen after you give Seiji the enema, lmao. DAICHI RUBBING HIS FOOT ON SEIJI'S DICK IN THE SHOWER?? AND the ending where Seiji basically becomes a whore to old men while Daichi watches?? Sign me up.

Did you play Hashihime? (Assuming you did based on the image.) Another depressing game, but insanely beautiful art.

No. 112884

>Maybe furry yaoi stuff for the furries to keep the furry cancer at bay as well.
Hell no. Furries need to be kept out at all costs. Most furry gay porn is made by male cumbrains and have all those sick anal prolapse style fetishes included. Like regular fudanshis sometimes like some weird shit in their bara stuff but gay furries are unbearable with their degeneracy because they're all sex-crazed druggies. Wouldn't share a space with them, ever. Even with a containment channel.

Honestly the best BL discord would be 20+, no discourse, no ship shaming, female only, no kink policing except for graphic gore and snuff (and furries) and everything else goes.

No. 112919


If you can read Japanese try Pil/SLASH's Shingakkou ~Noli me tangere~. It's an occult mystery with reversible options for the MC too. Some grotesque imagery is involved and some characters come from really depressing circumstances, but it's good if you like dark stuff.

And agreed on recent western VNs being too…woke. It reminds me of that "Office Type" game with loads and loads of characters of ~all genders uwu~ but i bet they'll all suffer paper thin character/plot development from overambition.

No. 113489

File: 1604011786159.png (377.95 KB, 701x921, ibjn.png)

A kind and precious anon in the previous thread linked to a massive dump of In these words, but unfortunately the site got deleted and reading the archived one has made me partially blind. I've searched around for hours now, does anyone have any tips to where I can find it online?

No. 113498

It’s on goddess but the site has been closed for new registrants for a couple years

No. 113541

is it goddess-project.net? It was the only manga-related site I could find. Btw, what sites do people usually use for downloading mangas? Please spoon-feed me

No. 113547

No, goddess is just a nickname for a direct download website /a/ made for manga a while ago. It was created after mangatraders had a big security breach and the owner shut it down, but a couple years ago the creator of goddess went awol and stopped letting people make accounts.

There are some anons on /y/ that still use it but the thing with guilt peasure is that they send DMCAs like crazy whenever any of their stuff gets shared, so that’s probably why everything disappears so fast on public sites

No. 113619

Ty! Yeah, I´ve learned some mangalore going after this piece of work, is it common for certain creators to be such nazis or is it more rare?

No. 113812

Anons I need advice. I found a doujinshi from an artist with a style I love for pretty cheap on ebay… The issue is all this artist's work is a bit too graphic for my taste (art style is really detailed & realistic when it comes to the sex scenes, like to a nasty level) but I love their style in general and their work is pretty rare– this one is only the third thing from them I even know exists and I've never seen it before.
I'm just so curious to see the art inside, but I'd obviously have to buy it. And if i buy it, I'd want to put it on my shelf with the rest of my comic collection, but I live with friends/family and would be kind of paranoid about having that out in the open, even if only the spine is showing. Having to hide it would be stupid and I don't want to do that.
I'm really torn lol. I'm an adult so that's not the issue, but It still feels like a line that if crossed would put me in weird coomer territory lol

No. 113827

If your family and friends already know you are a fujo go ahead. It's one thing to have one explicit book on your shelf, and another thing to be a complete disgusting coomer. Just don't start humping the furniture.

No. 113844


lol anon just buy it and put it on the shelf. if you've got a comic collection i'd expect you to have a decent amount where one tiny doujin spine wouldn't draw the eye too much.

off-topic, but speaking of doujinshi, it cracks me up when the artist draws penis incorrectly. like, the art can be really good and have an interesting story, but…the penis is backwards!!!!

No. 113933

File: 1604365842447.gif (8.52 MB, 480x270, tumblr_4fa2d49f52b6a27b47239a3…)

Is anyone else here watching the Japanese bl drama that's airing atm called Cherry Magic? I've only seen two episodes so far and I really like it. The male lead (Adachi) is so cute.

No. 113982

just watched the first episode! where do you watch it?

No. 114030

lmao anon i feel this so hard. it's like, the frenulum is on the UNDERSIDE OF THE DICK you virgins omfg. and even then can't they use references?

No. 114064

File: 1604478965191.jpg (239.21 KB, 684x1269, IMG_20201104_051455.jpg)

Restrained Jotaro hits differently.

No. 114069

More often than not the shitty dicks are redraws done by the scanlation group, not the original doujinshikas who have to basically censor them to oblivion due to Japanese porn laws.

No. 114102

kek anon, the point still stands

No. 114152

Forever indebted to you for having made me look this one up, anon.

No. 114443

For those who liked The Untamed, another novel of the same author has been made into a series and the art is really pretty (and chinese scrotes are already mass downvoting and giving 1 star reviews because of course women aren't allowed to have nice things…)

Anons, where can I watch this? Looks really nice, I especially like when the characters are slighly older
>Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

No. 114455

I'm watching it over at irozukusubs

No. 114456

The video got deleted. What was the name of the show it was advertising?

No. 114463


You mean the one that I posted? Heaven Official's Blessing, but for me it's still up?

No. 114803

File: 1605100171847.jpg (139.23 KB, 800x1227, hajime-no-ippo-97475.jpg)

God I thought I was the only one who loved this hot trash so much, and you are right it is unintentionally one of the gayest series of all time even among shonen and sports anime,which is impressive

and the fight scenes are incredibly homoerotic

No. 114804

Thanks for posting this. Scrotes are on permanent no fun allowed for women. I know it's got good reviews already, so good for her.

No. 114839

Are you telling me that's not a dj?

No. 114850

File: 1605129037722.jpg (159.49 KB, 800x1164, hajime-no-ippo-1392751.jpg)

no its a semi-recurring gag, Takamura(the guy with the pompadour) despite being the best Middle weight boxer has a pencil dick, while Ippo the title name main character has a massive cock that reaches to his thighs at rest
so dick Jokes about Takamuras pencil dick and Ippos elephant dick are were semi recurring but the author seems to have toned it down much more now compared to the early years

No. 114857

the cock jokes started real early on in the series

No. 114868

Based boxing mango subverting the “grab ur bestie by the boobs from behind” trope. Fucking love male-written sports manga getting colonized by fujo women btw.

No. 114900

anyone know of a genre when a male intended series has been completely colonized by fujos, the only ones I can think of are supernatural and South Park

No. 114902

Maybe Golden Kamuy? But to be fair, although it was a run of the mill seinen for like the first 100 chapters, after that it got very uh… it started getting extremely graphic with gay fanservice out of nowhere. I wonder how much of the male reader base dropped off after the author abruptly started drawing his male characters' dicks and buttholes in every other chapter lmfao.
The comments on free manga websites when those chapters hit were funny as hell with "what the HELL is this faggot shit?!

No. 114907

>Golden Kamuy
>run of the mill seinen
Anon please, the series was/is actually a pretty big deal for the Ainu people in their depiction and the shit they revived from the Japanese state

No. 114912

I'm confused why you're trying to pick a fight over my wording here. I simply meant that for the first 100ish chapters, readers never saw spread asscheeks. Calm your tits

No. 114913

what you said is like calling To Kill a Mockingbird a run of the mill political drama, both were groundbreaking for civil rights

No. 114915

m'am this is a fujoshi thread

No. 114916

are you autistic? Must one write up a dissertation on Ainu culture every time they make a casual comment about fanservice in GK?

If we use your retarded comparison, this is like if someone said the actor who played Atticus in the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird was hot and you responded with outrage that the comment didn't cover civil rights.

No. 114921

Really? Please post some of the pages anon

No. 114922

File: 1605166163118.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 964x1474, gk.png)

well because you asked so nicely

No. 114923

File: 1605166341038.png (599.22 KB, 1036x1500, 6.png)

No. 114925

seems more Bara then Yaoi so don't know if everyone will be into that

No. 114931

I read the first two volumes when they just got officially translated in my country and the series was still very short in Japan, I liked it but was way too lazy to keep reading. I remember when the anime got released and most fanarts was super gay stuff, I wasn't too surprised until I saw that many of them were based on actual scenes from the manga. How's the story so far? Should I get back into it?

No. 114933

Lmao gonna read this now.

No. 114934

OMfg. That author is clearly a raging homosexual, deal with it fanboys. I already got that vibe from reading the early chapters.

No. 114953

If you didn't get into it by the second volume I think it's safe to say it just isn't for you, which is fine.
That's what I thought too and then I spit out my drink upon reading he has a wife

No. 114994

>Fucking love male-written sports manga getting colonized by fujo women btw.
Honestly I love when it happens with any series lmao. Male coomers have taken pretty much everything wholesome and fun women have so it's only fair for women to turn their manga into fujoshit. No greater pleasure than seeing males seethe over it.

No. 115016

File: 1605237455531.png (377.53 KB, 647x457, 47032987604376.png)

I didn't know shit about Golden Kamui I thought it was just some basic action adventure series but upon brief research it's literally just gay as fuck. I respect it and also want to read this now

>ask creator which scene he likes the most

>"I think the scene when serial killer Henmi and Sugimoto tried to kill each other (in volume 5) was romantic. I think I had a boner when I was drawing it."
>says he wants readers to pay attention "the beautiful naked bodies of men"
>character's glowing boner
>there is apparently a jack off showdown

Fuck it ladies I know bara stuff is geared toward men but I love me some big bara tiddy

No. 115022

I feel like as long as the characters still look like humans and not over inflated balloon animals it's not bara bara, kek

Also I'm about 40 chapters away from being caught up on GK and havent run across the scene you speak of yet. However I do not doubt it. Any doubt I ever had about how far the author was willing to go flew out the window upon seeing sugimoto's spread asscheeks in the hot springs chapter. That's when I realized Noda cannot and will not be stopped. The madman.

No. 115024

well Golden Kamuy I feel is a nice in between Bara and Bisonen, the characters are muscular but to a realistic proportion, other characters are beautiful and pretty but not overly feminine and female coded like the way a lot of yaoi has

overall its a nice balance

No. 115039

A wife? Maybe he is bi (I hope, for the sake of his wife) and letting out all his homolust through his manga. Araki who draws Jojo also feels like he is doing just that.
>there is apparently a jack off showdown
Holy shit which chapter?

No. 115043

Araki doesn't give me this impression at all, he just seems like a confident straight guy who loves fashion. To me all that talk about Golden Kamui reminds me more of Hideo Kojima putting a lot of canon gay shit in his games because "haha it's gay so it's funny" until it becomes plot relevant and way more serious out of nowhere.

No. 115046

File: 1605268151269.jpg (410.2 KB, 897x1014, pillarmen.jpg)

He really enjoys drawing fabulous men and the male body. I do get that vibe from him.

No. 115047

I can't see it in the first parts, even if you show me the Pillar Men, it just looks like the guy read too much Hokuto no Ken and just wanted to draw muscular guys just like in his favorite manga. Maybe you could convince me with part 5 or part 7 but even then it's definitely not as blatant as in Golden Kamui imo.

No. 115282

Starts in chapter 238.
Absolute madman, indeed. It’s amazing to me how well he maintains serious storytelling while pulling this through.
I think that stuff actually acts as a good filter, according to data the readers are evenly split between male and female and more on the mature scale.

No. 115320

anon I just wanna say thank you for recommending this, I love it so far

No. 115847

I read the first chapter and I was so satisfied with it as a one-shot. Then the little 'Next Chapter' button winked at me from the bottom of the page. I'm obsessed, does anyone know how often it updates?

No. 115859

Any anons watch Thai bl drama at all? I've gotten so obsessed with them. So far I've gone through the 2ge series, LBC series, and am currently watching s2 of SOTUS and TharnType with more planned to watch. They're a bit corny but god damn am I entertained. I'm over here supposed to be consuming Japanese media to get better at it but I'm just too addicted to these dramas to pull myself away to study

No. 115872

File: 1605930653124.jpg (243.89 KB, 570x806, 63900954_p91.jpg)

I've been fond of the tsuchigama pairing from yokai watch lately. YW feels like a hidden gem outside Japan.

No. 115925

I tried but the language is too distracting for me

No. 115927

I do. It's mostly festival of cringe and bad acting, but some stories are strangely addictive.
Philippines are making great BL shows right now. You should check Gameboys and Like in the movies A+ content.

No. 116008

I know what you mean anon, the language just sounds so goofy and it's hard to take it seriously at sometimes because of it
>It's mostly festival of cringe and bad acting
Yea it really is and not to mention the hilariously obvious product placement too! I don't know why but I just find it so charming. Thanks for the recs I'll check em out too!

No. 116012

yes i fell down a rabbit hole a few weeks back and binged all the ones you mentioned. all the plots are ridiculous (i mean they’re BL dramas) but i agree that there is something really charming and sweet about the characterizations. also i knew nothing about thai nickname culture and i just think it’s neat you have people named like Type and Gunsmile.

i’m pretty basic so 2gether is my favorite. i just found out hiromasa okujima is doing the manga adaption of the novel so i’m really curious to see if that gets translated since i love his art.

No. 116137

File: 1606168331572.jpg (40.02 KB, 500x500, hbj.jpg)

actually, I'm swallowing my words. I started watching Until we meet again and I think the language is growing on me

No. 116138

i love the bl actor bas (suradet piniwat) like i thought i was over cute boys touching but 2moons was just too good and 2 brothers broke my fujo heart

No. 116139

File: 1606169937403.png (2.23 MB, 1856x1276, fsbjk.png)

No. 116433

File: 1606430828613.jpg (217.62 KB, 705x1402, lh.jpg)

I just blasted through all 92 chapters of Love and Hate and… Wow. Just wow.

I have never read a better BL story.
The plot is incredible, the pacing is relatively slow but there's so much happening in every chapter. The MCs are not only realistic, but very mature and in a way very likeable. The author is so good at showing the dynamics and emotions between the characters, especially with her flashbacks in crucial moments. The photos on the title numbers pages on each chapter are absolutely beautiful and all of them sort of appear in the story which makes for nice foreshadowing.

Oh, and sex scenes are FANTASTIC. I regret not bookmarking the chapters with them but it only gives me an excuse to re-read it.

No. 116482


No. 116486

Cherry Magic's main couple is the purest, most adorable thing on this god forsaken planet and I would like to thank anon again for recommending it. I also watched Where Your Eyes Linger and it turned out to be less cringe than I expected. Hurray for decent PG BL series.

No. 116673

Thai still sounds goofy to me but my tolerance level for it is steadily getting higher. Also godda watch that one
I'm really liking the actors Bright (mostly cause of his looks) Singto, Krist and recently the new actor that's in Oxygen, Supanut, he has the voice of an angel

No. 116704

Is it on wattpad?

No. 116717

File: 1606624469202.jpg (69.31 KB, 500x500, takuya-sekizan-all-out-wallpap…)

Cheating since it's a sports anime about rugby but, the anime adaption of all out could be a shounen ai about big buff bara boys and nothing would change. Blonde boy on the left blushes a shit ton as a bonus. Get backers's anime adaption is also pretty gay too.

No. 116718

Really anon… I thought everyone agreed that wattpad is shit.
Not the anon you replied to but I believe you can read it on Lezhin and there are also some other not so legal sites that you can read it on.

No. 116741

Most sports anime. But especially Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket. There's also Hunter x Hunter where most of the ships are MxM due to the series having no female leads.

No. 116778

File: 1606668309168.jpg (74.29 KB, 720x1284, 1f9c6a6d3702edaa28d27c114d56e0…)

I've read it on kissmanga, but then I bought out all episodes on Lezhin because that's how good it was.

No. 116794

are you a zoomer by any chance

No. 117015

Question to fujos that remember the livejournal times: what were the most popular ships around the aughts (especially the first half)? I mean both canon and noncanon, obviously.
In my country I remember stuff like Gravitation and Yami no Matsuei being popular, as well as noncanon ships like Kira/L as well as Near/Mello, obviously Drarry, probably something from Twilight etc. I wasn't particularly involved in the community, so I am probably unaware of a lot of stuff going on at the time and I am really curious!

No. 117022

I'm an oldfag so I remember Heero/Duo being a big thing in the early to mid 00's. Gravitation wasn't that big in the circles I hung around with, I think it was deemed a bit cringey even at that point. Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru was popular too when the anime came out, Loveless was huge in 2005 and outside of anime Harry/Draco from Harry Potter was everywhere. And of course Naruto/Sasuke was popular ever since the anime first aired, not much has changed with that one.

The 00's fujo circles were quite different from nowadays, people didn't really give a shit if the ship was incest/abusive/whatever or not if the two guys had good chemistry and looked hot together. Now you got this whole fucking kangaroo court of twitter zoomers demanding human rights for cartoon characters.

No. 117024

Speaking of which, ever since DMC3 Vergil/Dante is the most popular DMC ship by far, including het ships, and nobody gave a fuck that they're twin brothers, but since DMC5 teenage newfags have been screeching at older fans who even so much joke about them or one of them and Nero. The divide is pretty amazing.

No. 117050

Gundam Wing (1x2 3x4) was huge. I don't how popular they were but I was into Saiyuki and Weiß Kreuz.

No. 117059

I remember an anon made a interesting point about this phenomenon, the more female characters in a series the more straight ships will be prevalent in the fandom

sage cause its off topic but I do think its true for the most part

No. 117074

Damn I remember the Loveless times, I was really into it too kek. I think that manga's still ongoing.
But this makes me think about the kuroshitsuji SebaCiel ship and how people used to openly ship it even if it was technically shota.

No. 117079

Thank you, anon! I completely forgot about Loveless and it was a BIG thing.
>Weiß Kreuz
I recently had the weirdest urge to watch this, since I only heard about it!

No. 117091

God I miss the kuroshit days, back when morals were a mere concept and you could ship anything with anybody. I was hugely into ViralxKamina from TTGL, and AxelxRoxas from KHII the amount of rape/"non con" fics I read was insane

No. 117097

I remember Gundam Wing and Gravitation being popular, but what got me into it was Yugioh. Yugi/Kaiba, Jou/Kaiba, Yugi/Yami, Ryou/Yami, etc.

Those were the days.

No. 117191

Also nitro+chiral novels were extremely popular in the late 00s like Togainu no Chi and Lamento before Dmmd hit big. I wasn't into them myself at all but my friends were obsessed with them.

I can't believe that in 2008 we were free to ship whatever the fuck we wanted and nobody thought of us as child porn advocates because nobody saw the characters as real people or much less "real children". If someone in the late 00s came from the future to tell me that in 2020 you'll be cancelled for being over 22 and drawing Bakugo porn because he's a "minor" despite being a muscle filled superhero I probably would've sworn off fandoms forever and taken the normie route immediately kek. I didn't even like Kuroshitsuji and thought SebaCiel fans were cringey but never in my life would I had called them pedos.

No. 117195

I reminisce about those times a lot, too. I just feel like this whole crusade of fighting fujoshi “pedos” is another way of internalized misogyny. It’s constantly girls attacking other girls, but those some girls attacking rarely go after men who enjoy mainstream loli oriented shit.

I’m hoping after 2020, by some fucking miracle, people go back to fictional things stating fictional.

No. 117196

Let's talk about this now.

No. 117204

I like BL even read my fair share of non-con and rape fics, but accusing people who are against BL or Yaoi as having internalized misogyny just feels disingenuous, I don't agree with their point of view but I understand why they have these conclusions

No. 117215

agree, think about all the shit that men watch and get away with, whilst some women who like to read about cartoon boys getting it on are attacked for it, ridiculous.

No. 117216

god I'm excited for this!

No. 117224


Excited for the fucked up shit to come

No. 117293

please have a yandere route

No. 117295

anons, there's a BL drama cd that's been wiped from soundcloud that I'm trying to find but the only seemingly alive audio file is on a sketchy looking porn site I've never heard of. Do I go to the site and risk whatever malware junk it may bring so I can get ahold of this audio? I'm not tech savvy so I don't know how I'd even fend off whatever's on there.

No. 117317

It's not BL but read Fujoshi Rumi or whatever it's called in English. It's not the typical "haha we're nerds, [insert random pop culture reference here] story like that manga by Junko or the Big Bang Theory, I'm rereading it now out of nostalgia and it was actually ahead of its time. It talks about stupid fandom drama and discourse, anime cons, fakebois who had their brain rotten by BL, girls shit talking each other's art and fanfics on imageboards.

No. 117334

File: 1607198165145.png (234.11 KB, 354x311, unknown.png)

ladies do we agree on this

No. 117336

File: 1607198440836.png (347.81 KB, 599x421, image0.png)

MMink; is shown t,to be verry cold aand hseartlevss whh,,en thee playeeR ..is; first intrroduced to him justt. Hee iss apathetcc wtaards anyoone else'.s welll-kbeing annd merciless t o th o;se jwho defy h;him ujst. Because he has had surrpresssed his emotionns fo ryyearrs and prre..eventted hiimjusst..seelf froom getttign to..o cl,,osee to oothers, MMink hass aan oddd w,ay ofe xpressng him juts;;self. iMnk is distant and ruu,,thlles s \too Aooba inn the begirnninG. He beats and oFrr,,ces hhim justsle,,f oon him ,juust numero,us ttim ju..ste .sfo,,r eeitheer ddnefying; ink,,'s orddeerss orr vtryiing;; to e,,cappee ffrom him just out o,f pure ffeaarr,, comine goff as poss.essivE aand cconntrolllii..ng.

currently playing this man's route and i hate him more than anything … ugly fivehead

No. 117342

I'm way too annoyed with the shoujo romance parts of it and the annoying male classmates creeping on the female MC to actually enjoy the fujoshi commentary, is it going to get rid of that shit at some point so I know if I should keep reading or not? It would be much more interesting if it was just the main character and the pinkpilled popular girl being lesbian fujos together kek

No. 117345

I remember all my fujo classmates and I in high school saying we wanted the girls to be an item, good times. Actually I'd say the shojo/romance side of the story and the two main girls doing stupid fandom shit are pretty 50%/50%, I'd say, just skip the parts where you see it's heading towards romantic scenes, it's pretty short anyway so it's not like it's hard to read. Once Momose is introduced there's some love triangle bullshit but for once I didn't really care because Momose becomes pretty interesting and is pretty much a farmer. How many volumes did your read so far?

No. 117347

File: 1607203073777.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.8 KB, 705x1032, 189.jpg)

I read 2 volumes and it's constantly men (especially the two classmates) acting rapey towards the two girls and the fujoshi part is barely brought up sans "oh my god a shirtless male squee" type of tacky scenes that last for one panel and are repeated ad nauseum, then being followed by numerous pages of titties, upskirt shots and retarded boy&girl shoujo romance scenes. I'm sorry anon but this is some dumb fucking material so far, I could imagine that scrotes who believe fujos would be cured by dick would enjoy this. Pic related.

No. 117348

There are better scenes later, the beginning isn't really amazing tbh and I never cared about the Matsui and the blond guy's romance. I really started loving it when the two MC try to start their own blog and doujinshi circle until one of the guy's childhood friend, a fujoshi pretending to be a total normie, see the two girls, get jealous of their friendship and tries to ruin it by linking their blog on 2ch and shit talking them behind their backs.

>I could imagine that scrotes who believe fujos would be cured by dick would enjoy this.

The mangaka is a fujoshi herself but I have no idea what type of series she draws other than that one. iirc according to her notes the manga was published in a seinen magazine, maybe that's why there's so much fanservice at the beginning.

No. 117350

Well, since I got nothing better to do on a Saturday I might as well give it another chance and see if it gets better. I hate the two male classmates so much they absolutely ruin the story for me, I have no idea why they were made so unlikable and forced into an awkward romance with the girls. I'd just like to have one relatable series about a fujoshi character that's not always about her "finding a real life man to love".

No. 117351

>I'd just like to have one relatable series about a fujoshi character that's not always about her "finding a real life man to love".
I'd love that too, maybe it exists but I can't think of any right now. The shojo manga by Junko (I just can't remember the title) and Fujoshi Kanojo seemed to be WAY more about romance than anything else, I've been told there are fujoshi characters in Genshiken but they're not the focus, maybe there are more recent series we don't know about yet.

No. 117354

bitch give us a warning before posting something like that, 10/10

No. 117368

is this a copypasta lmao

No. 117383


No. 117391

Doubtful anon reporting in after reading the whole thing and it did get loads better in the end and I wish it was like that from the beginning, I wonder why it was stuffed with outlandish male coomershit for the first two volumes. The way how they brought up BL being something personal and a thing you just have to understand to genuinely enjoy it and the shame being a fujo brings to young women for liking something so relatively innocuous was quite heartwarming to be honest and spoke to me a lot. I have a lot of friends who would rather die than out themselves as fujos because they're afraid of being judged and I wish women didn't have to hide something that makes them so happy and connect with each other on a sisterhood type level.

No. 117393

Holy shit anon

No. 117398

>I could imagine that scrotes who believe fujos would be cured by dick
I don't think that's the message, I do think it's possible to be a fujo and have a relationship with a guy, hell I'm married, have 2 children and still enjoy reading some BL's

sage for blog post

No. 117413

based fujo mom

No. 117415

I would never describe myself as a fujo mom, I keep my genre interests separate from my actual life, like I find it cringy when people make being fujoshi or liking bl a part of their identity when it shouldn't be

a man who likes action movies is just a man who happens to like action movies and I as some one who likes BL and m/m content and am just a woman who happens to like it, but it's not part of me

No. 117420

based woman who knows how to avoid giving a bad name to those who consume bl

No. 117421

moms can like romance stories, moms can like BL. I also find this based

No. 117422

samefag, romance novels*. trying to say I see no big difference between bl and het erotica in theory. the latter is seen as normal for moms to like (mom reading corny romance novel trope). the only difference is bl= gay men, but i don't think it matters. time for me to stop thinking about this now

No. 117426

I mean a parent reading fucked up shit with rape really isn't healthy whether the content is straight of gay and I've really started to avoid stuff with any underage male characters, I used to read it more often but since I had my son, just the very Idea starts disturbing to my very core

No. 117429

I don't know what you mean exactly by "making being a fujo their identity" but for many women it's not just about getting their kicks from two guys getting it on, but also about connecting with other fans who share the same background, interests and fandoms. Personally I find BL to be a good way to bond with fellow women who enjoy something truly meant for us in peace since moids won't be caught dead involved in the community. If you just read BL content because you like it but don't get into it past that then good for you but there are plenty of women who use the community as a female-only safe haven where they're allowed to exist as they are. And I'm saying this as an ex-pickme who used to be into straight hentai hanging around men without many female friends until I got into BL and I know there are a lot of people like me.

There's also someone seething and hovering around this thread again and complaining about evil nasty fujos in /ot/, I think good old gangrape-chan should come to lift up the spirits a bit kek

No. 117433

It feels similar to people who declare themselves proud otakus , I mean at the end of the day it's dumb ultimately importunate fan-fiction or drawings and some of it can honestly very disgusting and not good for the mental health of young women, it can lead to some disgusting sexual fetishes

No. 117434

>oh no my pure maidens will be stained by the evils of female-created erotica
Why are you in this thread? Go be concerned about Pornhub having milf step mom and teen step sister fisting as their most searched tags.

No. 117436

As a mother I wouldn't want my own daughter reading the hardcore stuff, porn and erotica can have very negative effects of young people's psychology anon

No. 117438

Children under 18 shouldn't be reading porn, period. That's why it's banned from minors. It's your duty as a parent to monitor what your kids consume, not the actual author's. It's dumb as hell to blame fanfic writers or doujinshikas for inadequate parenting.
>inb4 but they'll find it anyway!!!!
Yeah they probably will because every teen has a smartphone these days but fictional cartoon men are detached from reality and it's even questionable to claim that they cause "damage" compared to teenage boys ruining their psyche by developing an addiction to IRL porn, the case which all the studies are conducted upon.

No. 117439

Someone I knew in high school was reading a lot of BL and it was her mother who recommended her a bunch of shit, including Viewfinder. Her mom was such a weeb she created an anime con in their small town and it seemed to be actually very popular compared to the size of their town. Even back then I was baffled, even if the girl was way more well-ajusted than I was back then I couldn't imagine a mother doing this.

No. 117440

oh I don't think I'm ever gonna let them us the Internet, I will be a nosy parent when it comes to online content or steaming services, there's shit that legitimately traumatizes people and I'm not letting them go through that

No. 117445

if you're really desperate, you can always ask r/slavelabour for help finding it kek

No. 117499

File: 1607300798517.jpg (41.99 KB, 1024x697, 4db8c86d1dd42b1fc6f2eca32bffd5…)

scrote begone.

moids bitch about bl tainting their future pure waifus whilst spanking it to degrading violent porn of real people from the age of 11. what's new?

i support and love you anon.

No. 117519

the anti-kids-looking-at-hardcore-yaoi anons are also anti-kids-watching-porn, dumbass. and just look at the amount of girls who become fakebois from yaoi and you can see it's clearly harming some of them.

No. 117521

i've been into BL since teens and i'm the most vanilla bitch I know.
meanwhile my moid friends consuming porn since around the same age either trooned out or can't get it up without seeing a woman being gangraped while wearing a maid costume.

i'm absolutely against kids watching any sort of porn before they're adults, but don't give me that double standard bullshit implying bl destroys people nearly as much as mainstream coomerism does. go on 4chan and shit on coomers if you are such a knight in a shining armor and let us women have a space to enjoy things.
funny that all OG fujo mom said is that she'll never let her preference to bl in real life but you monkeys still found a way to turn it around and call fujos pedos.

No. 117522

Are you that one bitch who keeps coming to this thread to whine about how BL is brainwashing people to turn into fakebois and not the tranny cult preying on young and insecure girls? You've done this at least three times in this thread alone.

No. 117523

File: 1607327328206.jpeg (57.4 KB, 494x916, F5F8D7A6-5EDD-4C05-8C03-0C111B…)

Idk why we keep engaging the retard

Instead we should discuss how KS is kino af

No. 117526

At least actual human beings aren't being exploited like those in the American porn industry. Why don't you guys get morally outraged by that first since it's a way bigger problem. Charitably .5% of women like BL/gay shipping, whereas 99% of men support the corrupt porn industry in some capacity.

No. 117527

KS is kinda shit ngl but some of the panels are alright.

No. 117528

Will never understand how fujos became the boogeyman fandom.

No. 117530

Because fujos are predominantly women and liking shit scrotes can't find attractive. That's why yurifags are never guilt tripped the same, because they have a noticeable male fandom. Never forget that loli porn was created because men were so mad over comiket being overrun with female fujo doujinshikas and their fans so moids came up with the most disturbing genre to scare them out. I'm not kidding, this actually happened.

No. 117531

tbh they're an easy target. Moids hate gay shit, cute dudes, and love to shit on women. Throw sjw troon shit into the mix and you have yourself a party.

No. 117536


No. 117537

Two good articles recounting this and how it happened:


Basically scrotes were so annoyed in the early 1980's that the popularity of BL was growing so fast that they wanted to shock all the women out of the event and make them uncomfortable by making their graphic lolishit visible everywhere.

No. 117542

I can't stand their doughy faces, makes me wanna barf

No. 117543

File: 1607341762619.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1791x2560, 0AF2B81E-5CA7-4A86-984D-D24516…)

First time reading BL?

NTA but I was wondering what the 2-3 year part meant on this description of comiket attendees, and that explains it. Too bad they came back.

No. 117546

Does your hubby care about the fact you're into BL anon? Mine disapproves of it and it's a bit annoying to deal with

No. 117547

This should be common knowledge but people who did the fantranslation of this game didn't like Mink so they mistranslated stuff on his route to make him look bad. There's an account on tumblr that did more accurate translations for his route

No. 117549

He's cool with it for the most part, but he's not super into it, he primarily only ever reads image comic mini-series and is fiscally responsible so he never spends too much, the few mainstream stuff he likes is all western, while I'm into primarily Anime and Manga(I know what a shocker), so our interests never really clash together, we end up doing different stuff but we have plenty of stuff we both like, old dubbed foreign films, random documentaries or bad hour long PSA's

so we respect each other interests(with in reason) and also have mutual activities that we can enjoy together

No. 117556

what is the source? I love this lmfao

No. 117562

Looked at the articles and there's really only one word that came to mind as I was reading through them. Pathetic. How pathetic do you have to be to get so assblasted over women enjoying their gay shit? I'm actually shocked to read that women were the predominate ones showing up at the events though

No. 117571

File: 1607364473770.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1791x2560, 29B86B46-D1E3-42C4-8053-945F51…)

No. 117613

Why? Is he jealous of drawings? If he looks at any porn himself, he's in no position to criticize you. Also, "hubby" is a word to be used by middle-aged wine moms on Facebook and absolutely no one else.

No. 117615

The thing that got to me most was that the core essence of loli porn was (and still is) to take back male control of female sexuality by making the subjects helpless, innocent and small. Like the literal motivation behind creating the whole genre was to get back at women for having something they enjoyed and men didn't. It's a very, very disturbing thought.

This. I literally couldn't date a man that would disapprove me of liking gay anime shit (granted he was a weeb nerd like me) because it tells a lot about him if he's so close minded that he's uncomfortable with me enjoying something that's basically exclusive to women and can't be assed to understand that.

No. 117618

Is he into porn himself? Is he threatened by handsome anime men?
I draw gay porn and my bf doesn’t really mind. He just like “wow that’s really gay, do you want me to make you some soup?”

No. 117623

He doesn't like porn himself and considers romance stuff to be essentially emotional porn for women. Doesn't want me getting emotionally into male characters nor finding other things sexually arousing aside from him. He believes sexual energy (dunno what else to call it) should be for your partner only.
>I draw gay porn and my bf doesn’t really mind
He'd rather I not draw porn at all actually, het or gay. I've been into bl for well over 10 years though and am a pretty vanilla person (more so than him even) so whatever effect he thinks this will have/has had on me clearly isn't there. Perhaps some day I'll change his mind, but either way I'm going to read and watch my gay shit anyway. Didn't mean to turn this into a blog post, my bad

No. 117649

>He'd rather I not draw porn at all actually, het or gay.
>am a pretty vanilla person (more so than him even) so whatever effect he thinks this will have/has had on me clearly isn't there.
Ngl anon he sounds like a dick who wants to control your sexuality. The "BL will ruin your purity" bullshit scrotes spew is only based on their Madonna/Whore complex because they hate the thought of women being able to have sexual desires outside of worshipping their dicks. Not to PP sperg on everyone but this is just something I see happen all the time and it pisses me off so bad, women being fujos in secret simply because their boyfriends get assbothered by them liking anime boys and because "men find it unattractive" even if it's just very vanilla innocuous romantic stories with minimal sex, while the moids are free to enjoy all sorts of real life teenage stepsister cervix penetration fisting porn openly.

No. 117651

File: 1607421549253.jpg (45.46 KB, 369x525, 43431.jpg)

You're gonna inevitably catch him watching hentai or porn, I'm calling it. The projection is strong on this one with the "emotionally invested" crap, men just don't understand women can consume things non sexually without self inserting.

To get things back on track - Usagi no Mori has not been updated for 2 months and I am losing hope. The burn is too slow for a periodically released manga.

No. 117652

This is why I can never get into slow burn series unless it's a one shot, it feels pointless to watch them go around in circles for years and years because all BL series are released at a snail's pace. I can deal with it if there are other elements to the story but if the main course is to see the main couple simply falling in love I get way too bored and frustrated.

No. 117658

File: 1607433724908.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.98 KB, 340x207, P4AU_(Adachi_DLC_Episode,_Adac…)

I hate that I actually thought bum was gonna get with the police officer. After a few chapters of steamy sex and actually being given love and affection, we'd have a mini angst arc of him deciding to either go back or just confess. Then he'd spend the rest of his days serving time while his cop bf visits on weekends. Ala Adachi's ending in P4AU.

No. 117663

File: 1607437248221.jpg (38.54 KB, 669x502, EAuQ7i_XoAA9pAN.jpg)

i just wanted the policeman and Sangwoo to hatefuck

No. 117669

Same, it's a shame

No. 117670

wait, does bum get with the police offiser? I low-key shipped it back when I first read it, but fell off shortly after and I haven't bothered going back to finish it yet

No. 117675

No, in the end Sangwoo dies after being hospitalized when the cop set his house on fire and Bum is implied to die by getting hit by a car when he's hallucinating Sangwoo being alive and trying to run after him.

No. 117702

tfw when no supportive husband who respects my bl interests and enjoys watching dumb movies with me

No. 117704

wtf that just sound dumb. is it worth reading?

No. 117719

If the remaining chapters were just hatefucking with qt cop, I'd read it.
You read KS because of the sex scenes or because you imagine bum as Levi not for the "plot".
OP it's fine if you like anime boys suffering but, don't lie and claim this torture porn is kino. It's… ridiculously boring.

No. 117720

download adblock and ublock, and visit the site in incognito mode. If whatever you download ends in " .exe " cancel the download and exit, it's a scam. Good luck.

Or you can just post the link here and share lmao

No. 117726

Personally I didn't like KS, the characters were both horrible and ugly people both physically and mentally, the sex scenes were painful to look at and the plot dragged on and went in circles a lot only to resort into that ending. Not worth the time I sank into it imo. It all depends on if you like that sort of stuff though.

No. 117728

You are right the sex scenes looked painful, and really was difficult to get through the torture porn

No. 117734

I'm surprised to read some husbands/boyfriends are against their wife/girlfriend reading BL. If you take out the weird rapey shit and ugly drawing style that have not even been prevalent since the 90's it's a pretty harmless interest. Is it just because it's two men? Or would reading hetero romance also piss them off? Do they count it as emotional cheating? But then BL should be better in their eyes since self-inserting as a dude is less likely to happen. I refuse to believe it's because they're jealous of the characters' looks, they're either unrealistic anime aliens or aseptic placeholders with awkward acting skills. In the rare cases where they actually look and behave like normal dudes they're Asian, and men generally don't feel threatened by them for some mystic reason. Honestly unless you read stuff that has weird kinks, big age difference or consent issues in it I really don't get why it pisses them off. Just makes them sound like insecure, hypocritical douches who can't stand not being able to insert themselves into a fandom and therefore no-one can enjoy it.

No. 117735

I mean my husband is cool with it, he's fine with me reading bl but he's not into it, I think it would be weird If he was into it, but I do read mostly fan fiction and often doesn't get to rough, I mean the worst thing I ever read were some Deku x Bakugou which were non-con, but If I were to degenerate stuff from, the state, I don't think my husband would ever be with me and similarly if he was into truly degenerate stuff I don't I'd ever be with him

No. 117738

nta but adding: there's a setting on most browsers to Ask first where to download saved files. Highly recommend turning that on. it should ask every time, therefore revealing something's downloading and what it is

No. 117740

I'm guessing it's 1.) homophobia and 2.) because they're projecting and become jealous and controlling. When they watch their porn they imagine themselves to be fucking the woman, so they believe that's the case with women and their BL as well. Even though it's more about following the dynamic of the two characters from a third person's perspective. That's why scrotes try to push the annoying narrative that women self-insert into the twink to be fucked by the hot top guy, they can't comprehend the thought of simply wanting to read a good story about two characters.

Generally the men I see being fine with their girlfriend being a fujo also tend to treat women with dignity and respect, the ones who are insecure about their fujo girlfriend often have misogynistic tendencies otherwise as well. I mean it's fine if they don't enjoy it themselves but it's such a harmless girls' club hobby that there's no good reason to be so bothered over its existence.

No. 117801

File: 1607572901047.png (329.11 KB, 525x597, 30689219_162868484411081_68906…)


If we're discussing our partners opinions on fujoshi, my boyfriend thinks it's hilarious and generally doesn't mind it. I do often feel quite respected by this man so I think you're onto something, anon.

He was shocked though when I told him I don't self insert at all while reading BL. If I wanted to self insert I'd read josei smut.

No. 117841

Anon's reaction image is generally how my girlfriend treats it. She def thinks it's weird and kinda funny but, she just chalks it up to greasy weebisms.

No. 117857

File: 1607607087592.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.21 KB, 500x500, 24B91138-6DAA-499E-8724-1EE953…)

Thank you for the advice anons! I didn’t even know r/slavelabour existed (would they really be able to find the CD?) and I wouldn’t want to send a potentially harmful link to any of you either. I did use 2 different ad blockers and separate browser from the app store, unfortunately though the website reposted the image used for the soundcloud clip, not the audio. The image was a low quality jpeg screenshot of probably a random doujin, picrel. I wish I could recognize seiyuus, it was honestly a good scene! Well acted. This is where I found the audio the first time https://soundcloud.com/r18_otakus/random-yaoi-cd-drama-4-r18-headphones/recommend (both link and account are deleted)

But since my initial post, I’ve looked deeper into BLCDs and was referred to hibikiforum. It’s a wiki database for information on BLCD releases. I had to scrounge through about 15 years of CD releases to try and find it and still haven’t, but I’ve marked off some 200 BLCDs I suspect are what I’m looking for. I’m going to figure out how to sift through all of them, but this is the scene description in case an anon itt might have an idea
2 ukes and 2 semes speak for a moment then they all make out with Parisian ratatouille movie-esque music in the background. Music goes silent as setting changes to a bathroom or possibly an onsen, characters talk and then resume making out as goofy acoustic (guitar or banjo, very country) bgm begins to play. After climax the ukes talk with echo from the bathroom, make out, and the scene ends.
The audio was likely reposted to soundcloud by a random person, so it’s probable that isn’t the full track.

If I come across it, or any of the cd’s I have to sift through seem of interest, I’ll for sure write a post about them here if any of you are interested!

No. 117993

Same reason fangirls of twilight did, if women like something that’s unapologetically feminine and made for women in mind then pick me’s and men will try and shit on it every chance they get.

No. 117997

Sorry to blog here, but I wanted to share my response and maybe it could add to our insights.
I've been confused about why I like BL, but you really touched on it. I like m/m because m/f can have unpleasant power dynamics, to get that in the clear. Most of the m/m pairings I liked I didn't relate to the characters much. The ones where I did, I was a lot less likely to tolerate nsfw. I'm really not sure why, I guess the emotional connection was the most important in those cases. But what you said has cleared my mind. I assumed I was still self-inserting somehow, and maybe I am who knows, but it's true that we are at heart enjoying a story about two people. The dynamics are the most important thing to me. That's why personally I've always favored messier pairings with work to be done, it adds more to the story. I'm sure there is a selfish aspect as well, because seeing these situations turn out happily is something admirable. But it's no different to me than watching a romance movie, where you might think "Ah how nice that played out, if only things could be that way in my life." As for smut it's an added bonus but not needed. There was a time I needed it in my fics because I was emotionally numbed, but now I skip it to be honest. I still like when it's present because it adds more drama otherwise lol. Again sorry for blog but I'm hoping someone understands my experience and also thank you for helping me understand!

No. 118001

Holy shit, I didn't know this, but it makes sense. That second article is really interesting, I wasn't aware how big Castle of Cagliostro was at the time.

No. 118006

I think a lot of women buy into the self-insert meme and don't figure out "why" they like BL. Women in general have to suffer through heaps of sexualization and fetishization in their lives so watching two (female-written) male characters grow their relationship as an outsider is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the bullshit M/F dynamics that exist and force you to self-insert into an uncomfortable situation. I never got into the otome or shoujo genre because so many of them are straight out abusive towards the female MCs so I had trouble detaching myself from the situation emotionally. With BL I don't really have that problem because the characters being at least physically male help me read it as a story instead of projecting my own being.

No. 118443

File: 1608050928113.png (30.25 KB, 857x303, seethe.png)

Okay which one of you went and pissed off this hilarious sperg-chan by ruining her precious pure maid waifu thread?

..Was it you, Gangrape-chan? Please whoever it was post more here

No. 118445

fujoshis should be hyper tolerated because we're the best

No. 118447

Anon can seethe all she wants but we saved that maid thread. This is an objective truth.

No. 118448

I saw the thread when it was made and just scrolled past it rolling my eyes so I had to go back to see what happened when I saw that post, then spent like 10 minutes ugly laughing at how it got overtaken and annihilated by bishounen maids and anons telling the assblasted maidfag to cope. Fujosisters stay savage.

No. 118457


Late, but how the hell do you download/pirate this game, let alone with an English patch? I tried figuring it out a while ago and got nowhere.

No. 118459

File: 1608057341768.png (701.83 KB, 1806x2558, EhiaTTHUYAAE2WL.png)


No. 118461

No. 118485

File: 1608064270107.jpg (65.74 KB, 630x664, ba5f8f59414f9b71b4d00ea22a44b9…)

Speaking for myself, I just like the way certain BL and fanfic write male characters. Because most BL and fic is authored by women, the stories ostensibly take place in an alternate universe where most men are cuddly and emotionally intelligent. They're basically men minus all the shit women hate about many of them, i.e., poor hygiene, chauvinism, emotional retardation, etc. A lot of that stuff is why I'm more likely to date women irl despite being bisexual, so yeah, male characters written like women are definitely ideal for me. (Ironically pic rel was drawn by a guy but I included it anyway because I like it.)

I really don't feel like I "self insert" when I ship things regardless of the genders of the characters. If I ship two characters, it's because I think they have a funny/interesting dynamic. There aren't any characters in my past past or current OTPs that I would consider similar to myself in any capacity.

No. 118502

>the stories ostensibly take place in an alternate universe where most men are cuddly and emotionally intelligent. They're basically men minus all the shit women hate about many of them, i.e., poor hygiene, chauvinism, emotional retardation, etc.

Well said anon.
I just like watching two cute dudes kiss and fuck tbh. Some people can come out with neat dynamics and interesting stories too.

No. 118549

>>the stories ostensibly take place in an alternate universe where most men are cuddly and emotionally intelligent. They're basically men minus all the shit women hate about many of them, i.e., poor hygiene , chauvinism, emotional retardation, etc.

I get what you're saying but there are certain characterization cliches I sorta dislike, like with Deku most ships turn him into uber twink femboy, like he's already not traditionally masculine but I feel certain ships overboard and make him a to different of a character

No. 118559

File: 1608100615451.jpeg (154.12 KB, 1000x1311, 6CC83BB6-C32C-471B-BC2A-197FCC…)

Watching the scrotal meltdowns over the pornhub purge makes me grateful I get off to BL / fanfic instead. I don’t got to worry about shit, fujoshit porn is ethnically produce by females for females. doesn’t contribute to human trafficking or real life rape. and even the worst of the worst fans aren’t usually dangerous.

No. 118560

Meant to write ethically, not ethnically.

No. 118563

File: 1608101995612.jpg (14.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

anyone else shipped these two, Superman x Brainy from Legion of Superheroes, like my god these 2 were super gay and Brainy had such massive bottom energy for superman

No. 118565

File: 1608102401023.jpg (148.59 KB, 451x700, d196wju-231d0f6b-022f-43ed-add…)

also Kell-El(an OC created for the show) also had moments with brainy, like I imagine Superman and brainy having tender and sweet sex with cuddling afterwards, but with Kell-El I just imagine him hatefuking brainy till he can't stand straight

No. 118579

File: 1608110725971.jpg (201.9 KB, 966x591, 347587671294.jpg)

I dislike those clichés, too (and also I don't ship Deku with anyone because I think he's whiny and boring.) For instance, I don't like anything with overly-prominent seme-uke stuff. I often gravitate towards ships where both characters are verse.

I've never watched Legion of Superheros, but whatever you do, do not read the most recent comic reboot of Legion of Superheros. It's unreadable garbage and everyone is ooc.

As an aside, am I a basic bitch for shipping both Superboys with their respective best-friend Robins? The younger ones are easy to ship in a wholesome puppy love way.

No. 118580

This. Fujo porn is a thousand times more ethical and I absolutely lose my shit when people try to claim that fujos are "just as bad" as men jerking it to Pornhub's teenage stepsister double fisted while choked videos. The only "real threat" that people keep going on about (like that one sperg who constantly revisits thread) is that it "brainwashed girls to become fakebois" which is already a bullshit fallacy confusing correlation with causation as Asian fujos don't troon out en masse. And even that is a more complex societal phenomenon than men breaking their dicks and libido over unlimited access to abuse and exploitation of real, factual women who are already an extremely vulnerable demographic compared to men, especially in terms of sexual abuse.

Seriously, even the fujos with the most degen fetishes I have met are extremely vanilla IRL while there are multiple reports over how young male coomers demand anal, slapping, deepthroating and other extreme shit from their partners to get off. One look at some advice thread in /g/ or vent thread in /ot/ and you see young women complaining about their boyfriends demanding weird sex or not being attentive at all in bed because of their IRL porn addiction. Fuck "anti-fujos" who try to be all faux woke with this "umm you know you're just like pornsick scrotes" crap. I've had enough.

No. 118581

God go off anon, I fucking love you. This is exactly what I've been trying to say.

No. 118590

File: 1608114588301.jpg (146.28 KB, 1409x818, 1600716677892.jpg)

I wish there were more Dante/Vergil content, it's my guilty pleasure ship.

No. 118591

Uh oh the red one is a fakeboy isn't he/she/whatever

No. 118592

File: 1608115253909.jpg (792.89 KB, 1920x1080, wallpapersden.com_dante-vs-ver…)

He's not, at least not in canon. He just appears to be in the piece of fanart anon used. The characters are from Devil May Cry.

No. 118598

File: 1608116030994.jpg (110.38 KB, 800x1100, ùmlkjhgf.jpg)

No, if you're talking about his chest that's how his clothes are in DMC3. He's shirtless in the beginning and you can see he's 100% a guy. The character designer wanted him to look like a sexy pretty boy straight out of a jpop band with "chiseled abs" and yes that's a quote.

No. 118599

Oh thank god I thought they made him a fakeboy because of the chest wrap. Thank you both for correcting my quick assumption

No. 118602

File: 1608116957484.jpg (922.19 KB, 1119x1087, 1605479427255.jpg)

Fakebois can only wish they looked like a 1m90 tall adonis with pretty white hair. He and Vergil look older in other games though.

No. 118615

This is what Cole would look like if the Dragon Age devs weren't cowards

No. 118627

File: 1608126935934.jpeg (29.44 KB, 400x327, tumblr_757cf21bd74056497891d51…)

Wow anon, couldn't have said it better.

People love to scapegoat women for anything they like - from makeup to choice in mangas - and turn a blind eye to the extent of degeneracy in your average male. Even the name "rotten girl" is so demeaning, as if sexual independency was something that "spoils" women. We just don't want to be constantly threatened by male presence, is it really that hard to understand.

No. 118630

>the fujos with the most degen fetishes I have met are extremely vanilla IRL
Why do you think this is? Are women just better able to differentiate between reality and fiction? For me personally I think I'd find a lot of the stuff in BL to be annoying/cringe as fuck IRL

No. 118631

Come on anon no actual Incest, you know the rules, you can maybe ship cousins and definitely ship childhood friends but never brothers

No. 118632

Because it's fictional. I like BDSM in my BL porn but IRL I find it awkward and cringe. In fictional material it's portrayed to be much more attractive and scripted than it would be in real life and most women realize this due to having to deal with excessive sexualization since puberty.

No. 118633

Well yeah that's the reason why I called it my guilty pleasure. With other ships I'd find it disturbing but I can overlook it with these two. I also can't stand anything involving one of them and Nero, don't ask me why Dante/Vergil is my exception.

No. 118638

Anon Incest isn't something you can just overlook

No. 118644

They dont actually feel all that realistic aside from a few scenes in the DMC5 manga and at the very end of DMC5, what's your opinion on them? Honest question because their relationship is just too over the top for me to even see it that way. As I said, it's not like with Dante/Nero or Vergil/Nero where it just disgusts me. What's you opinion on Dante and Vergil as characters in general?

No. 118647

>can't stand anything involving one of them and Nero
Jokes aside, why are anons so hung up on fictional incest? It's not real.

No. 118651

I can't see Nero with someone who isn't Kyrie I don't even care if she's not important. But that aside regardless of characters being related I don't like big age gaps irl and in fictional pairings.

No. 118655

Y-yeah. Shame you can't talk about it on /co/ without anons going:

No. 118682

considering DMC has rape, murder, etc I think incest is the least thing to be worried about the series

No. 118687

>has rape
Since when? Are you talking about the shitty reboot that's barely part of the series?

No. 118703

File: 1608163506332.png (241.49 KB, 500x696, tumblr_80bfae716218ab422ff9e17…)

I am so angry at the latest chapter of Love or Hate, why is the MC so retarded reeee

No. 118808

not enough yakuza bara hentai in this world. or am i just not looking in the right place?

No. 118815

File: 1608249196147.jpeg (521.91 KB, 800x1135, 11D98082-6D00-46B2-905E-0F603B…)

Are you looking for the game Yakuza? Or just yakuza bara men? I’ve been reading one called Ang Ang and while he isn’t a yakuza he fits the Y0 Kiryu build if you’re into that!
Here’s the link on mangadex I’m sure there’s more updates on other sites but I found it through this scanlation group


No. 118818


preferably the former, but the latter works too. dude in your pic looks hot, checking that link out

No. 119327

File: 1608735494162.gif (2.5 MB, 268x280, 3dba81e9f211716af1ffaa628a58d0…)

So this might also belong in the general shipping thread but I'm posting here since this thread is more active and I'm hoping anons could give some insightful replies
so do any anons ship specific versions or interpretations of characters while ignoring their other more canon or well known versions, for e.g I ship Penguin and Riddler from the Gotham series, who are very different physically and lore vise from othet adapations and the mainstream comics, riddler is almost always sort of shlubby and in his 40s, while penguin is always depicted as short, fat, disfigured, ugly and arrogant
The Gotham series gave them more tumblr friendly aesthetic

No. 119332

these two made the show, thank you for reminding me of this glorious ship anon

No. 119362

Is Togainu no Chi (the anime) worth watching? I saw a bit about the male yandere and that sounds kinda hot

No. 119370

The anime is legitimately terrible, I wouldn't recomend it at all. The visual novel itself while nothing ground breaking isn't that bad but I definitely wouldn't recomend the anime.

No. 119372

Ah I see, any BL yandere recommendations? Thanks for the response btw

No. 119699

Sorry for late reply anon. I can recc manga and some chinese novels but, I will admit most will be pretty shit.

No. 120691

I just finished watching given and it was really good. It's not NSFW at all but it was a refreshing take on BL.

Any updates on this? I really hope you find it, anon.

No. 121296

File: 1609987985922.gif (2.83 MB, 301x358, 7f0bc83505c2994be0cf79dabd6226…)

Give me recs of the least shitty ones. Preferably at least some awareness of toxicity and not a total glamorization of abuse.
I have no recommendations since that show is probably the best anime BL I've seen. Afaik season 2 has been in the works but was set back by the pandemic. OT but Yuki was hot as hell, totally my type tbh.

No. 121311

>some awareness of toxicity and no glamorization of abuse
Shiet… You're outta luck then lol.

No. 121691

Re: Why women like gay anime boys kissing
Personally I'm a lesbian and the yuri scene is actually horrendous. Like besides for a few hidden gems, the most well known piece is Citrus aka Step Sister Guilt. It's easier to dig through the piles of shit in BL to try and find something good and not-straight because there's a lot more participants.

Speaking of, is Given worth reading/watching?

No. 121713

Yuri is trash and filled with loli schoolgirl scrote-pandering garbage. It's unfortunate but it's just Way easier to find decent BL than GL.

>Is Given worth reading/watching

Yes. One of the better written series and has some decent slow burn if you're into that.

No. 121731

The anime is one of the better BL anime out there and the manga isn't as good.

Given takes place on a planet where literally everyone is gay and the longer the story goes on the more annoying that is.

No. 123260

Where can I find more content with bara-looking guys that is not too obviously gay male gazey? While I like the body types, many of the kinks portrayed don't appeal to me at all. I'll also take solo beefcake stuff or even het, just give me sexy big muscle anime guys that are not obviously created by gay scrotes solely for gay scrotes

No. 123268

omg i noticed that in the manga especially. . like okay the main characters are gay because they’re the main romance but then the other two members of their band are gay and then mafuyu’s middle school friends are also gay ?? somehow having every character be gay takes away from how well i can connect to the story because it just seems unrealistic (i am a lesbian tho so my perspective on bl is probably different than a straight woman’s)

No. 123272

Whaat… I was going to read it but if it's like this I don't think I want to anymore

No. 123276

if you’ve watched the anime then i don’t think there’s any need to read the manga. i think the author is just adding a lot of unnecessary relationship drama for all the other men . the anime is a lot more grounded in reality and quite good.

No. 123277

does anyone else here unironically enjoy yarichin bitch club?

No. 123281

yes it's chaotic random but it's stopped updating for a really long time, big sad

No. 123289


It's one of my guilty pleasures. It's so raunchy and wrong on so many levels, but it's also so much fun. You can tell that the mangaka really enjoys writing/drawing it.

No. 123291

sameeee. i started reading it out of curiosity because people on tiktok were acting like it was the devil incarnate but i’m actually so invested in the storylines and relationships lol . we need an update

No. 123312

I'm currently obsessed with a manhwa called "Ennead." Anyone else here read it? It involves the Egyptian gods, specifically Set and Horus.

No. 123377

Hearing the yaribu song over and over again on tiktok and eventually watching it is actually what re-sparked my interest in BL after taking a break from it. It's genuinely fun and I'm grateful I read it despite children on tiktok making it out to be low shota cp.

No. 123441

people calling it cp absolutely grind my gears. i could understand people being uncomfortable if the characters looked like children or even if they looked like how hinata and some of the other characters in haikyuu are drawn but all the characters in yaribu look like adults ? it’s like calling shows like euphoria or sex education cp because adult actors are playing teens who have sex

No. 123594

sage cause this is 100% a blogpost, for the past 2 weeks I have blasting the Opening every chance I get front of my husband whose cool with fujo-tendecnies, but super cringes when I show my purposefully annoying fujo shit

No. 123806

File: 1611665817199.jpg (334.36 KB, 1314x1240, fqgqurcpi0e01.jpg)

Anyone else instantly started shipping these after the game

No. 123818

Dragon Ball is so macho it ends up being sickeningly homoerotic

No. 123830

File: 1611672795139.png (329.19 KB, 860x1069, 167-1670532_frieza-and-yamcha-…)

Yes but somehow Yamcha x Frieza seems almost perfect in a way, they work together
Yamcha will praise Frieza and Frieza will love it, also I picture Frieza as a total power bottom

No. 123887

File: 1611685437780.png (629.42 KB, 749x521, Screenshot_2021-01-26 5bkglctr…)

okay now anons admit your most basic ships that have been done to death but you still love, for me it's bakudeku yes I know I'm a basic bitch
I personally love reformed both Jerk-ass Bakugou, bakudeku ships where there both in a healthy lovey-dovey relationship and the more "toxic" interpretations, really depends on what mood I am

No. 123896

File: 1611687646795.jpg (365.1 KB, 1081x730, Teahouse-teahouse-comic-225417…)

does anyone know where I can read the Teahouse comic by Emirain? I haven't thought about BL in forever but I remembered how beautiful this comic art was and how much I loved the story. It's about girls and gays working in a fancy brothel with high society clients. It used to be hosted on its own website that must have been closed down. I remember the creators had to stop making the comic and just posted the rest of the story in written form which was really sad.

No. 123898

File: 1611688519284.png (892.17 KB, 633x794, teahouse.PNG)

Oh damn, you've just unlocked a long forgotten memory in me anon, I remember being so impressed by every page when I read it as it was coming out on dA! I'll be on a lookout for it too.

No. 123925

Sasunaru obviously anon

No. 123938

So I just read yarichin bitch club and I have questions:
-where can i watch the anime?
-why the fuck are there so many characters, that armin looking fuck and the one with the mini eyebrows fucking suck ass
-why does everyone hype up the op, it's not even catchy?

No. 123941

there’s only two episodes of the anime . if you google it you should be able to find links to it . it’s also hosted on porn sites
as for the song . i guess i’ve just heard snippets of it over and over on tiktok and it’s kind of wormed it’s way into my brain to the point where i genuinely enjoy listening to it and the like 7 other character versions of it. lol .
i really want more regular updates for the manga but i agree . there are too many characters. i guess the author wanted to touch on as many yaoi tropes and stock characters as she could

No. 123959

Oh okay, I thought there was more. I think it's pretty fun actually so far but yes, too many characters but maybe there'll be some plotlines where they are useful. My brain nearly fucking imploded at the vacation arc, bitch too many people doing shit I don't care about? I am shit at remembering names, so sorry but the actually brain damaged level dumb, yuri? It's almost reaching uncomfortably high levels of retarded for me, and I should dislike him but I actually enjoy the over the top stalking thing even though it feels weird to have so much about them, then kinda nothing yet about the others who would seemingly be easier to write in? I sound so negative, I really do like this silly lil series, very brain free content I craved for! Wonder when there's gonna be updates

No. 123973

i really want to know if yuri is actually like a retarded bimbo or if it’s just an act . because there was one scene where he spoke a complete sentence in a normal tone of voice to his stalker. i also find it so funny and cute that his stalker really just does not care or notice that the guy he loves is completely dick hungry and crazy . sigh i guess we have to wait for updates .

honestly i’m surprised at how many people get so offended by ybc . like it’s so completely absurd there’s no way to take it seriously . i also think it’s nothing compared to the 1837582 billion mangas and manhwas that eroticise rape/pedophilia/ etc

No. 123974

To watch, try aarinfantasy. There's other stuff there too.

No. 123980

>Sasunaru obviously anon
oh wow that's even more of a basic bitch ship, even I'm judging but you do you know

No. 123985

I think he is kinda normal, in the vacation thing and when they were banging, he did seem at least normal. The armin looking dude's bf, the zen type? Don't really get his deal, so guys keep confessing to him, he bangs them but still is very zen jelly over the ugliest of the bunch, armin dude? Make it make sense asap, i am too invested in finding them annoying haha. Who are your faves, anon? Or least faves
Thanks anon!

No. 123991

I fell deep into this ship recently lmao. I love the duality of rough toxic sex and then fluffy domestic adult roommate life. I ran out of content and started reading dekubaku which also isn’t bad. Damn am I afraid to talk about it outside of anon though.

Old people can’t ship them because it’s “Problematic and the characters are teens”

No. 123995

there are many different interpretations of bakudeku, sugarbaby deku x daddy Bakugo, bullied deku x abusive Bakugo and there's a lot deku x Bakugo but even then the sex is always portrayed rough
and yeah I know there are some top deku interpretations but like 90% of fan content shows Bakugo as the tope

No. 123996

yes i feel you. i am ashamed to admit i have read haikyuu fanfiction . i try to avoid the really explicit stuff but i really just enjoy reading smutty fanfiction but at the moment all the shows i’m watching revolve around teenagers so it’s a real struggle . i think i need to find more shows with adult ensemble casts to feel better about myself.

the problem is i’m only 21 so in my head i still feel like a teenager (and when i was a teenager i read all sorts of explicit stuff about teenage characters) but now i’m kind of like .. self aware enough to know i shouldn’t do it anymore and i don’t really have any excuses .

No. 123997

personally i’m really keen to see what happens with yacchan/kashima/toono thing and who toono ends up sleeping with first . i find it really funny how hard toono clings to his heterosexuality
and i wasn’t expecting it but yuri and fujisaki/jimmy (just googled what the stalkers name is lol) are actually kinda adorable together so i’m curious about where they go. i think it would be super funny if they end up having the most wholesome relationship.
as for my favourite character i don’t really have one but i find yacchan to be quite funny and i love when he snaps and yells at toono . also amusing that the va for hinata from haikyuu did him in the anime

No. 124124

I just read a year'sworth of Honto Yajuu and that silly little series is so cute, I love how the other policemen are getting included too!
Yacchan was a nice surprise, I love a little love triangle so it'll be fun to see! I wanna see him being mean to the minibrows dude who is kinda into him. New chapters pleaaaase.

No. 124142

File: 1611777423842.jpg (45.83 KB, 350x505, 50612.jpg)

Read Stigma if you haven't already.

No. 124199

Lmao for a sec I thought this was drawn by the despicable me incest artist

No. 124224

sorry the what

No. 124229

File: 1611801080458.jpeg (154.25 KB, 722x1024, C76789E7-B2AE-44E7-91B5-E83198…)

Have you ever read through a manga and brushed off the story, only to go back and read it and find out it was the cutest thing ever? Junai Drop Out is that yaoi for me. I randomly decided to read it even though I don’t even like smut for the sake of it being smut, but the story is so oddly sweet. The BDSM aspect is a bit weird but it’s a solid BL. The moe gap is also really cute.

I’ve decided to drop Painter of the Night. The story isn’t going anywhere anymore. I prefer ongoing BL webtoons to the occasional volume releases of manga, so I might pick up Banana Scandal now. Is it any good?

No. 124243

>Have you ever read through a manga and brushed off the story, only to go back and read it and find out it was the cutest thing ever?
Yeah, I did that with Bokura no Shokutaku/Our Dining Table and wound up liking it a lot more the second time I read it.

No. 124249

I kinda find it fascinating how very specific the dynamic of who tops and bottoms in most MHA ships is set, I mean as you said overwhelmingly Deku is the one who bottoms like 9/10 times in fan content, and while you can find top Deku content it's something you'll have to actively look for, while on other hand in most KiriBaku ships, Kirishima is the one who overwhelmingly is the one tops, I mean compare with m/m ships of previous shonen series, Fairy Tail, Naruto and One Piece, most of the top/bottom fan content between main characters were usually 50/50, I mean if even there was one character who was slightly more likely top it wasn't as completely overwhelmingly or set in stone as MHA m/m ship dynamics

you get what I'm saying ?

No. 124261

Nozmo, she has a thread here somewhere

No. 124317

The people calling BakuDeku "toxic" need a brain enema. I don't even feel like explaining myself at this point because it's so stupid, how can you read the manga and not see how much they actually care about each other?

>the problem is i’m only 21 so in my head i still feel like a teenager (and when i was a teenager i read all sorts of explicit stuff about teenage characters) but now i’m kind of like .. self aware enough to know i shouldn’t do it anymore and i don’t really have any excuses .
Lmao what the fuck, anon please love yourself and cleanse your head of this Twitterfag nonsense. I'm in my 30's and shipping the teenager characters I did when I was 15 and reading smut doujins of them because they're not real and I don't give a shit. If I like the characters and the dynamic I don't care if they're teenagers or adults, I'm going to ship it nevertheless.

No. 124319

well there's different fan cornet depending on interpretations or preferences, There are Whole baku deku ships, and one's written to deliberately be Toxic if one's into that

No. 124323


No. 124326

BakuDeku, Ereri, NaruSasu, KageHina and of course AshEiji

No. 124329

kagehina is so pure and wholesome … i love them so much

No. 124339

sage for retarded rant /

maybe this is something only i’m privy to because i choose to waste my time on tiktok (big mistake) but i hate when people try to differentiate bl into like shonen ai and yaoi , the implication being that bl is the wholesome sweet non sexual stuff which is okay to read and yaoi is porn and therefore fetishistic . obviously it depends on the story but i would rather bls have explicit sex scenes then skip it. i know bl isn’t very representative of actual gay men but .. as someone with lots of gay male friends . they be fucking . and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing that or a reader enjoying it. besides i think there’s ways of showing that a couple are sexual without showing the sex if the story is supposed to be more pg (for example given which does reference this a bit. i’ve seen people act shocked that mafuyu and yuki had sex. admittedly when that happened they would have probably been 14 but plenty of straight ppl have sex at that age too)
also on tiktok a few weeks ago this hentai video of victor and yuri from yuri on ice started circulating and people were recording their reactions and acting shocked and upset about what they saw ? hentai isn’t for everyone i get that and maybe i’m just jaded and unphased by the internet at this point but like .. do some of these shippers not realise that victor and yuri would be having sex ? like ? obviously it would never be shown in the show itself but if they were real gay men that’s what they would be doing .

i should probably stop using an app made for teenagers lmao

No. 124342

I lost brain cells reading this. Stop hanging around literal 13-year olds, I couldn't deal with all of this without going insane. Why does BL need to be some end all representation of gay men when all it is is basically a secret handshake between nerdy Japanese lesbians?

No. 124343

I have never found Tom Cruise attractive and I'm mostly indifferent to Brad Pitt, but God these 2 were absolutely perfect as Lestat and Louis, the whole movie is almost ethereal and beautiful and Lestat and Louis are also beautiful I can't help but gush about it cause this is the only 3D m/m ship I actually like

No. 124389

Got baited into reading trash of the counts family thinking it would be BL… at least it's good and the main leads have a cute dynamic though, i really thought they would end up together

No. 124450

File: 1611882207294.jpg (170.89 KB, 565x762, pogogg.jpg)

I think it's because people refuse to see past the first arc where Bakugou bullied Deku. It's ironic though because the overarching theme of MHA is that people can change(for the good/bad).

or tl;dr people have literal holes in their brains

anyways this fucking cover though am i right

No. 124475

Same. This is the only 3D anything that I enjoy shipping in. If you read the books it only gets better.

No. 124477

Uh I got no better place to ask, but does anyone know what happened to the bl webtoon Laine? I looked for updates but couldn't find any.
It's like the author dropped off the face of the earth.

That Anon didn't take you up on the toxic yandere recs but I sure as hell will! (If you're still around that is). Particularly if you have anything bara.

No. 124487

File: 1611907329468.png (459.17 KB, 524x760, Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 16.5…)

After years of not reading any BL, I've recently come back to it. I don't regret a thing.
I just wish that flat-out rape wasn't so fucking coming with BL. A lot of stuff has one person coercing the other into sex (or just flat-out rape) and then they suddenly fall in love and I know it's fantasy and shit but it still feels icky.
Any owholesome recomendations? I don't mind sex, it's just the rape that really dampens my enjoyment.
The cutest one I've read recently is Nomi x Shiba (boys in a boarding school fall in love), but they release like 1 book a year and the 2nd was only released last week…

No. 124490

I'll think of more recs, but for now Koi wa Kamen no Uchigawa ni is very pure

No. 124547

Well, I read this. There was a lot of rape. A lot. Not by the "hero" thankfully but damn, at a certain point I stopped reading for any form of plot and just kept hate-reading to get closure hoping the twink would get his happy ending and no more rape. And at the end they didn't even get to kill the evil fucker? Christ. Smut scenes between the two leads were decent but other than that just too much torture porn

No. 124578

Negative-kun to Postive-kun is short and cute

No. 124639

File: 1611966633007.jpg (120.81 KB, 640x775, tumblr_cd9c86fd58205e784710a40…)

Some of my wholesome favs that weren't mentioned in thread yet:
- Bokura no Tsuzuki
- Cupid ni Rakurai
- Path to You (stupid western names alert)
- Jazz for Two (art gets better with time, it's pretty awful in first 10 chapters)
- Sugar Dog Life
- Konbini-kun and everything by Junko

No. 124690

File: 1611985254810.jpg (7.71 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

So this is a very obscure m/m ship but it's one I'm very passionate about cause it was one of my first, there's basically no fan content regarding these two but I did write some fan fiction about on wattpad and Deviantart like a decade ago
These two are Baxter Stockman and Agent Bishop from 2004 TMNT Series

So for context Agent Bishop is a morally ambiguous ageless US Government agent/Superweapon, While Baxter Stockman was a genius scientist who worked for the shredder, throughout the series every time he would fuck up and lose against the Turtles or fail an objective, he would beaten and tortured by Shredder off screen with visible damage each time, having his one eye gouged out, having his legs sawed off, eventually mutilated to the point of being a talking brain in a Jar, he gets his body back a couple times but each time it would get destroyed and he'd go back to being Brain in a Jar

but also throughout the series Agent Bishop is the only person who shows Baxter kindness, they even refer to each other as friends and have great banter

No. 124691

idk what this is but I empathize with you and hope more ship content manifests your way

No. 124692

one of my favorite Stockman, watch this and tell me you don't want to ship them

No. 124813

File: 1612039947424.gif (810.05 KB, 500x211, ewf32.gif)

So I just watched "A roundtrip to love" because someone called the pairing toxic, but imho it just turned abusive real quick, which was very disappointing. The first part was so sweet. Anyway, I was a bit shocked that it's very clear that it's a romance between two men, but it's also Chinese? I thought china had banned every form of lgbq-representation from the media?

No. 124851

File: 1612049659351.jpeg (111.45 KB, 640x480, 51EF6AD5-0BAE-4117-BBB9-AACE7B…)

Mfw dug up some old af DVDs from the depth of my old room. Lmao I used to hide these, now I’m too nostalgic to throw them out.

No. 124871

I believe it was filmed before the ban, that's why it's incomplete. There should've been three parts iirc

No. 124877


god, no matter what I read Eiri Yuki is the perfect man(garbage, but perfect)

No. 124878

Not chinese but from what i've seen the lgbt bans seem weird and spotty. There's been mainstream tv dramas in china made based on literal m/m web novels, though the tv version does cut homo aspect out. It's wack, like the source material had explicit gay romance, so people had to be aware of this. But then a couple of years ago there's been that crackdown on gay fanfic writers and I think a few have actually went to prison? So maybe china allows gay stuff but only if it makes money lel. I don't get it.

No. 124906

These new morality laws came under Xi Jinping's leadership, since his rule there's been a state increase in Chinese nationalism and focus Chinese Confucianism cultural values

No. 124908

The buying power is of Chinese fujoshis must be insane if the govt is willing to turn a blind eye to gay content

No. 124909

plenty of non-chinese fujos buy Chinese bl content, including South East Asian Fujos and Latin American Fujos, cause Chinese BL content especially the historical c-dramas have this almost ethereal quality to them, like Chinese guys look really beautiful in c-dramas

No. 124913

File: 1612085201862.gif (35.68 KB, 320x216, cuddle.gif)

My basic bitch OTPs are Saiouma and Kawoshin.

Bakudeku is good but I don't like the actual anime much so I can't put it anywhere near OTP category sadly.

No. 124919

I meant it's a good ship anon, at least you're not the type who ships Shinji with his own dad or Shinji selfcest

No. 124926

File: 1612090386425.jpeg (104.69 KB, 850x696, A492A7A3-3111-468D-A621-AB241A…)

>Shinji with his own dad
Didn’t know this was a thing but I’m not surprised.
>or Shinji selfcest
Already knew about this one though, I’ll say this the fanart of manga Shinji marrying anime Shinji was pretty funny

No. 124933

will never ever get the appeal of selfcest, like even with something cringy like Sander Sides I can sorta get it cause the Sides have distinct looks and mannerism but this is just like I don't know what to say

No. 124934

Dunno what sander sides is but I think people just go to selfcest because there’s nothing else to ship, just look at that shitty Lorax movie and it’s fandom where they shipped the onceler with himself out of lack of choices. As for Shinji x Shinji, I think it’s just a joke about how different the anime and manga versions of the characters are (more so in Kaworu hence the Karl nagisa memes).

No. 124936

File: 1612094202369.png (366.96 KB, 704x510, Screenshot_2021-01-31 Side.png)

I thought anons here would have heard of Sander Sides, it's very cringy and kinda dumb, so there's this moderately popular gay youtuber named Thomas Sanders and around 2016 or so he started this series called Sander Sides, where he would discuss his own personal issues and experiences though the use of personifications of his personality, literally one note characters representing logic and intelligence or pride and creativity, but it quickly became his most popular series, he later added in "Dark Sides", characters representing dark emotions like "anxiety" or "intrusive thoughts" and for whatever reason people instantly started shipping his personality personifications with each other, they didn't even have names originally, he literally gave them random last minute names
overall it's kinda dumb but not offensively dumb

No. 124943

Tag yourself I am Janus

No. 124949

File: 1612102074208.png (358.66 KB, 768x768, w9qt4zxsu7961.png)

samefag, also the most popular character in the series is by Virgil, a personification of "depression" and "anxiety", which zoomer fujos love

No. 124952

I thought you guys meant Bernie Sanders but this??? Lorax started this…. the Lorax curse

No. 124958

File: 1612108290302.jpg (200.36 KB, 1136x866, beddbba920132588920d15e1812303…)

don't forget the sanses!

No. 124961

The onceler fandom died down in a few short years cause the fans grew up, I suspect a similar thing will happen with Sander Sides fandom but undertale is still growing, it will seemingly last for much longer time

No. 124978

Virgil looks like a shitty sangwoo cosplay

No. 124980

>no ness sans
I gotta say, I’m sort of impressed by how many versions of sans there are.

No. 124982

you think there are just more sans, there are tens of dozens of Undertale AU's

are just some I can think of but the there are way more, each pointlessly detailed and having fan game versions (which are just hacks of Undertale )

No. 125189

File: 1612220263175.jpg (429.33 KB, 1000x1500, 61646830_p1.jpg)

Sounds like you just need to broaden your horizons. It's appealing to look at.

No. 125192

Fuck this reminds me, p4 selfcest with their shadows is toptier.

No. 125218

File: 1612232935275.png (3.62 MB, 1262x1786, x2.png)

Am I retarded, I read a few chapters of this and I had no idea what was happening the entire time. Was the translation done by someone ESL?

This shit was lewd as fuck. Honestly wish they fucked less because their dynamic outside of fucking was pretty cute.

Honto Yajuu is based. Have you read anything else by that manga? I love picrel.

No. 125228

I mean I would like it if there's an explanation given, like Time Travel, Alternate personality, Alternate dimension, clone but when it just happens and were supposed to accept it, that's what I take an issue with

No. 125265

i’m sorry if this question has been asked before but is ten count good ? and by good i mean is there no rape between the main characters ?

No. 125280

I just read the demon gay manga and the spinoff from the same mangaka and have to say; didn't really care for it, felt extremely rushed and i hate fantasy like that but I kinda wanna see all works kek. That pic on the other hand looks cute!

No. 125281

its been really long since i read it but it sucked
dont remember if there was rape tho

No. 125323

File: 1612300621358.jpg (53.04 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-ed5d7332eeec7185a472…)

Do Transformers ship count? cause there's a lot of m/m fujo fan content, and even some m/m comic canon content

No. 125328

File: 1612301648897.jpeg (98.68 KB, 540x540, 67118299-C7CB-4BFC-B502-99A13A…)

>tfw Optimus/Jazz will never be popular enough
They were made for each other yet everyone ships Jazz with Prowl and Optimus with either Megatron or absolutely anyone else.
Pain and suffering.

No. 125423

I went crazy like a year ago trying to find Sukisho again, thinking it was a weird fever dream that just haunted my memory. I can't believe the person who sings the OP song is the VA for Mako from Free lmao.

No. 125440

File: 1612323524288.png (1.15 MB, 1280x1412, Knockout.png)

I don't know what it is but for whatever I rwason only ship Autobots with other Autobots and Decipticons with other Decipticons, except Knockout from Tansformers Prime, I ship him with pretty much eberyone

No. 125447

I liked it personally but it's definitely rapey.

No. 125700

absolutely based taste, anon. why are all shadows so horny anyway? yosuke's in particular lmao

No. 125713

honestly disappointing and rapey

No. 125719

I read everything that's released of this and jesus fucking christ, why is kirara so goddamn stupid? I would prefer reading about the older brother and his deal, actually everyone besides ken and kirara are interesting to me. I do like the art and the vibes all and all, 3/5 I guess but goddamn these boys are stupid.

No. 125728

File: 1612390583695.jpg (293.93 KB, 869x1234, bestboy.jpg)

The main couple is pretty stupid and incredibly dense. I still enjoy it but agree and wish they would focus on the other two pairings a bit more. Picrel is best boy.

No. 125735

NTA but this only makes me want to read it more

No. 125743

It's good basic stuff, but I wouldn't say it's amazing. Good for newcomers but if you've already read a lot of BL it won't be anything you haven't already seen.

No. 125744

Ah man this ship takes me back, I was really heavily into it a few years ago.

No. 126047

Started ten count because I remembered anons talking about it and it has the same icky feel to it that Loveless had, still gonna finish it but will not be enjoying much.
Best yankii boy, hands down.

No. 126078

What do you mean by that?
I don't really understand what loveless and ten count have in common.

No. 126114

The fact that they both are icky to me I guess, the art style maybe too kinda. Not that deep, b.

No. 126126

NTA, but I enjoy the premise of ten count but the feminization of male characters makes it icky for me

No. 126226

That must be one aspect of the Icky I think, yes! Is ten count really liked in the yaoi sphere these days, because it seems just boring and gross but not in a smutty way

No. 126274

File: 1612562539628.png (132.7 KB, 500x564, 1612325087658.png)

I need more yankee's who act like best boy. His relationship is godtier and I'm pissed it didn't just focus on them instead.

No. 126353

File: 1612607142419.jpg (12.45 KB, 187x269, htegrf.jpg)

Hello, Green days are a really wholesome read. It's refreshing with some normal paced relationship developments and no rape every once in awhile

No. 126926

File: 1612911231549.jpg (99.21 KB, 500x515, tumblr_o1lirsYWKE1t0oz8yo1_500…)

I'm a late bloomer fujo and got into BL only a few years ago, and I have a confession to make. I fucking live for the girly/twinky small bottom and bigger borderline abusive top ship dynamic, fucking love it and I can't get enough of that. It would've been the golden standard 10 years ago but now it's considered problematic and all of the BL I see is based on cutesy schoolboy/college student fluff and repetitive slow burn pining and I can't stand it. I hate it and I don't even know why it makes me so autistically frustrated.

I can't even look for people with similar taste since I'd be branded as a "freak" immediately in this current year twitter wasteland. Please anons someone tell me I'm not the only one and that BL like this still exists.

No. 126927

you're definitely not alone, anon. plenty of us still enjoy this sort of content. i love fem bottoms and absolutely depraved fucked up shit. don't worry too much.

have you read anything by harada?

No. 126928

I've read everything from Harada because that's exactly the kind of stuff I want but I have trouble finding similar content. Fuck all this literal coffeeshop AU shit I want depravity

No. 126929

sorry for being uncultured, which bl manga is picrel?

No. 126930

Ten Count

No. 126931

File: 1612912448233.png (31.79 KB, 1121x271, 6.png)

omg same, a classic but the dynamic is just sexy. I kinda have enough to see some random rants about how bad it is but they should stop reading straight up porn, they're fine with it when it's in a hentai but somehow BL have to be representative of gay couples and that's just wrong.

Pic is related (I'm the samefag who posted it in another thread sme days ago)

That being said I'm still a softie so if the content is fucked up this better be about two attractive hot guys

No. 126934

>tranny flag
Every. Fucking. Time.

How does this fucking logic even work? In hentai it's okay because it's "a legitimate fetish and kinkshaming is bad" but in BL content that's way tamer than your average straight porn it's suddenly brainwashing people into abusive relationships? The fuck kind of coomer scrote mental gymnastics is this?

No. 126937

File: 1612913174661.png (Spoiler Image,875.89 KB, 900x1593, 78137895_p19.png)

i feel you. i actually read through all of harada's gintama doujinshi despite not knowing a single thing about gintama just because i trust her taste, lol.

i'm trying to think of other stuff to rec you. a lot of people don't like painter of the night, but it's guilty pleasure porn if you enjoy questionable sex / dub-con / that sort of thing. caste heaven is good for that, too.

i've also been enjoying:
sex suru yori hazukashii koto (taino nikke)
kabukichou bad trip (nagisa eiji)
yankee-kun wa otosaretai (nonda)

No. 126944

File: 1612917230757.jpg (132.68 KB, 728x1047, 002-22.jpg)


If you guys like depravity and Harada, check out Caste Heaven.

No. 126949

It's the same retarded mindset that a lot of these people have towards BL where rape is okay in irl porn and hentai, fetishizing lesbian/bisexual women is okay in irl porn and hentai, age gaps/minors/high school roleplay is fine in irl porn and hentai, but if you like seeing two fictional guys kiss all of a sudden you're an evil disgusting person for fetishizing gay guys. God forbid you want to see them have sex or do anything kinky.

No. 126951

Sex suru yori hazukashii koto was great.

I'm one of the anons that doesn't like rape in BL, but I honestly hate it even more in hentai. In BL, if a story starts out with non-con but they're fine afterwards I honestly don't care as much, whereas if it involves women I'll fucking REEEEE

No. 126955

personally for me it depends what type of story it is. for example killing stalking (i know it’s not supposed to be a bl but it gets lumped in with them but i digress) the premise of the story is fucked up so i don’t care that there’s rape in it. however it kind of grosses me out when a story that’s supposed to be like normal has rape in it.

it’s not everyone’s preference and i don’t really think it’s harmful to enjoy these types of stories especially as a lot of rape is like from the bottom’s point of view so you know that secretly they kind of enjoy what’s happening (fucked up mindset but whatever) but it’s just weird when there’s rape in an otherwise fluffy and light hearted story . but if the story is intended to be more psychological or dark then i think it’s fine

anyway idk if that made any sense

No. 126972

Same anon, there’s plenty of people still with this type of taste we’re just tucked into different corners.

No. 126973

My main problem with caste heaven was exactly that, I only cared for the main abusive couple and thought the others were either annoying or forgettable especially the stupid nerd with glasses.

No. 126974

I just feel like non-con is often used as a lazy way to establish a coupling and we're just supposed to see it as some romantic starting point.
Just from some I read recently:
"Ore ga suki nado warawaseru" - bottom mounts their asleep/drunk presumed straight friend
"Cosmetic Play Lover" - Top finds out bottom is into a co-worker of theirs, threatens to tell co-worker unless bottom becomes his sex friend
"Sensei no kimochi wo kotae nasai" - Top finds out presumedly straight co-worker goes to prostitutes, blackmails him into sex

The first two would've worked totally fine without the non-con. idk, you can be smutty and have smol bottoms and still have both sides actually consent.

No. 126975

File: 1612926648573.jpeg (326.44 KB, 1536x2048, 9161E9D5-ADEC-4AD9-AF1F-8DFD18…)

>I know it’s not supposed to be a bl but it gets lumped in with them but i digress
It sort of half counts in my opinion, since on some level you’re supposed to ship Bum and Sangwoo together and the author themself ships them so I’d say it’s a mixed genre situation.

No. 126976

File: 1612927037766.png (294.07 KB, 800x1140, lovethem.png)

Same anon, the only scene that I liked with the other couple is the dubcon foursome. The comic would've been better if they just focused on the main pair. Their dynamic is just so dark and twisted but at the same time, because they're both awful people…you never feel guilty or sorry for them.

No. 126979

Apparently the author got shit on for the foursome for a stupid reason (people didn’t like the main guy topping even though he fucked a bunch of girls at the start of the manga). I agree though since both of them are huge assholes who have what’s coming to them at all times, they could have supported the manga on their own but they focused on a bunch of less interesting characters for some reason.

No. 126981

I mean c'mon did they think the glasses guy would top? Also kek at BL authors getting cancelled for top/bottom dynamics or showing the pairs switching but not for the copious amounts of rape.

No. 126983

File: 1612929150755.jpg (635.84 KB, 1700x1163, Okane Ga Nai.jpg)

I love abusive/rape dynamics in BL, I put the rotten in "rotten girl" and I will never change. There are very many of us around anon, probably not underage and white from NA though lol

No. 126998

I honestly think the reason we started getting samey looking moderate build bl content with safe sex was specially to counter scrotes who claimed that yaoi characters just replicated same sex dynamics

No. 127006

I´m with you on this one. My problem is how annoying it is when I actually want to read some fluff/cute getting-together and the story goes from cute and consensual to straight up rape and then everything continues on like nothing happened. I can't get over how unrealistic it is to me.

No. 127008

Wow I forgot how much I love all the goth uke outfits in this manga

No. 127011

Lowkey hate myself for asking this, but could anyone rec me something similar to this? Meaning sweet/clueless uke in a story that's longer than 2 volumes?

I will forever ship Ayase/Kuba

No. 127013

Can you explain the appeal of gigantic douchebag man raping someone who looks like an underage kid? When I see this the rapey guy just pisses me off. Like pick on someone your own size, asshole.

No. 127014

The Okane ga nai manga was unironically based despite the almost comedic size difference. Kanou was great.

This is probably true, even now you still see people claiming that BL is "only about rape" when you barely see noncon/dubcon themes in it these days. Sex scenes still exist but they always show safe sex stuff like prepping and condoms which doesn't really bother me but it's still a bit silly. Sometimes I tinfoil that the whole omegaverse genre was created just to go around this.

No. 127052

correct me if I´m wrong actually, don't, I don't want to know if it's not true but I remember reading that the ABO-universe was created in the supernatural kink meme prompt

No. 127054

No. 127058

File: 1612968772899.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.69 KB, 600x874, 78491_5510227.jpg)

Asada Nemui has also done some fucked up ones, plus I love the art. Not the same kind of fucked up, the couple usually gets a good ending (usually).

No. 127066

I feel you anon. It's like being an outsider even within a niche outsider hobby. It's suffering.

No. 127079

File: 1612978125447.jpeg (393.72 KB, 1000x1248, 1629408A-4E87-4373-9BAA-AD30D8…)

Not the other anon but I really like Asada Nemui too. I’ve seen a lot of comments with people calling her a guilty pleasure but there’s a lot of variety with her stories

No. 127098

File: 1612986157921.jpeg (80 KB, 804x604, 117BCC37-939A-4745-925A-765A44…)

Sometimes I sit and think about how an entire mpreg wolf cock universe has reached Japanese manga in popularity, so fujos could avoid the “logical” route of just making them ftm, kek

No. 127105

truly powerful. Are there any ftm mangas?

No. 127117

I feel like I've seen one before but I'm having trouble recalling what it was called. There are a lot of MTF manga that still get labeled BL though, kek.

No. 127155

File: 1613002765286.jpg (160.25 KB, 1200x1500, Okane.ga.Nai!.full.11537.jpg)

I wanna know too! Kubaaaa <3

No. 127156

File: 1613002924737.jpg (284.66 KB, 1004x700, Someya.Kaoruko.full.1007887.jp…)

Samefag the crossdresser was hot too lol

No. 127158

There was one in Shimanami Tasogare and there’s Boys Run the Riot (MC is more like a cross dressing lesbian)

No. 127198

I sometimes wonder how I got myself through all the volumes with that mindset. Truly hate him. Probably because I was hoping Kuba would take some serious action

No. 127239

File: 1613055657020.png (1.39 MB, 1269x698, 0105.PNG)

Anyone watching Sk8?

No. 127242

Ask Twitter.

No. 127282

i have a feeling they would burn me at the stake for asking that

No. 127292

No you'd be considered quite woke for that, I know that Kalematsuba the pedo artist is/was working on one but it looked like a parody of 90s animes like Senpai Club but slighly better drawn. (borderline deralling but tldr only western artists produce that shit)

No. 127301

oh, well in that case I´ll ask them lol

No. 127315

Any good butler x master (or vice versa) recommendations? I don’t care if it has smut or not, but I’d prefer no rape.

No. 127321

File: 1613071271150.gif (1.44 MB, 255x188, adam.gif)

YES anon! I love how touchy adam is!

No. 127325

Yes! I like Miya a lot

No. 127327

Same, the tension was so high in that last episode that I just want them to twirl around like that again

Miya is so good too!

No. 127330

File: 1613072609441.jpg (349.31 KB, 1062x1498, 1613057748012.jpg)

Shujos and Fujos unite with "I Became a Kuro-Gyaru"

>The "gender-swap romantic comedy" centers around Shion Chihara and Rui Chihaya, two tight college friends who are unrivaled in picking up women. One day, Shion is given a drug by a mysterious woman and wakes up in a woman's body. It was love at first sight for Rui, despite not initially realizing that this woman before him is actually his best friend Shion.

Not really spoilers but the guy turns back and forth from boy to girl, and he gets fucked in either form by the other guy, so its both BL and Hetro at the same time

No. 127331

Go away tranny

No. 127334

I actually really enjoyed this. The lesbian in me thought the girl version was a really cute tomboy and the fujo in me liked the BL aspect.


No. 127341

Lol are you samefagging? This is some chaser/troon tier fetish. Gringe.

No. 127345

Genderswap = Tranny shit
TIL lmao

No. 127350

I mean if the MC stayed a woman it would be fairly sus but he goes in and out between male and female form

No. 127352

File: 1613073958812.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.09 KB, 688x1093, 472698_922782_690_6011.jpg)

Yeahhhh I totally read BL to see shit like this.
>a woman's body feels about ten times better than a man's
Not AGP shit btw
Try to be more subtle with your samefagging

No. 127353

File: 1613074567400.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.27 KB, 690x1557, 2-45.jpg)

I'm not gonna go on anymore about this really, but do you really think an AGP would read this? They fuck as dudes too.

No. 127359

Yawn, these "genderswap" plots are bordering on self insert otomecuckery or some bihet scrote fantasy tbh. It's either gay or nothing anon, I'm not dealing with this "it's gay.. but straight!" plotline.

Oh yes, big anime tits and straight sex. Totally what I'm looking for. Why is this being shilled as "BL" again?

No. 127364

>goes in and out between male and female form
Liar. 27 chapters in, it’s 90% time being a big tiddy anime girl and het hentai sex. 2 measly chapters of boring ass BL action. Thanks for 10 minutes of wasted time.

No. 127375

File: 1613084544222.png (228.26 KB, 800x1147, v47.png)

I liked it, but I can get why you guys wouldn't.

I checked out Dear My God and it was really great, gave me similar vibes as Harada like you said but not quite as grim. Her art is really fantastic and the priest character was based.

No. 127456

File: 1613136966620.gif (2.14 MB, 486x364, 7b76a500078e3d3bf6fecf5a88931b…)

Hard pass.

No. 127458

No. 127476

Lmfao I can totally see a slimy moid trying to slither into some fujo's DMs under this guise.
>Look I love "I became kuro gyaru", that's BL right?! A guy fucking a big titty gyaru girl for 90% of the time? BL? Right? I'm open minded see!
It's not like there aren't a billion hentai series about some guy magically turning into a girl and being fucked as one, it's not revolutionary and doesn't belong under the BL genre. I guess otomefags would like this by self-inserting into the girl but I find it hard to believe any fujo would glance twice at something that has covers centering around grabbing the female lead's half naked tits. Flipping through the pages it's just het sex from start to finish wtf.

No. 127513

Well this got me thinking, has there ever been a BL story that had one of the characters being formally female ? like Japan has a fairly high amount of FTMs(its one of the few countries where FTMs outnumber MTFs) and you would think there'd be more Genderbent BL stories
Also anon no need to create tension with oteme readers, I mean I like both but some fujos seem to have a kinda petty hatred towards otome readers when there really shouldn't be

No. 127527

…Why would a BL story have straight romances? It would just be a heterosexual couple, not BL. Are you high?

Also otomefags are the ones who always look down their noses on fujos and flip their shit over them shipping their precious husband with another male character so get out with that

No. 127535

This is the "boys' love" thread, not the "aidens' love" thread. Cock or gtfo.

No. 127553

File: 1613173356158.jpg (93.85 KB, 674x960, 20210213_013232.jpg)

Okay, so which one of you nerds is gonna pull us up the scans for this baby

No. 127554

It’s been on mangadex for a while

No. 127555

File: 1613174748773.jpg (105.46 KB, 600x853, 867391_10873985.jpg)


Ohhhh I love this one! Buff boys in feminine clothing count me in! Tho I don't really like the mc and his friend.

It's on mangago, called Reiwa Hanamaru Gakuen.

No. 127558

Oh. My. God I love this one, muscle feminine boys are just,,, so good

No. 127560

And here i was thinking i had done proper research on this, thank you anons!

No. 127562

I love this doujin along with the one where the shota who turns into the girls has sex with the two knights. Truly I am a bad fujoshi….

No. 127568

I'm asking for gender bent transformations in

No. 127577

Any yaoi moba games?

No. 127634

I absolutely live for fucked up dynamics and love non-con anon. Most of what I consume nowadays is a/b/o shit since non-con is so rampant and the dynamics are always imbalanced, it's great. I especially love mouthy, stubborn, small bottoms who get put in their place by an equally stubborn and strong top lmao. I'm quiet about it irl because a lot of my friends strictly enjoy fluff but I'm reading BL half the time to get off, so just give me dirty smut. I don't have recs unfortunately, all the things I like have already been recommended by above anons. It's annoying when twitterfags think enjoying a fucked up relationship dynamic in fiction means I support abusive relationships irl. All I am in real life is boring and vanilla, let me enjoy some fucked up shit in the safety of fiction!

No. 127692

This so much. It’s so ironic that the people preaching this stuff ignore that most of us fujos are fairly vanilla irl and are mainly just into guys getting raped by other guys in fiction.

No. 127697

Don't get me wrong, i love to see guys in pain BUT I am so tired of seeing the plot acting as if it's cute and normal, at least make it nasty as possible. Abo shit is cringe though, but it is not a crime and I will defend your right to like cringe, sister.

No. 127724

I don't know its still a bit psychology messed up to enjoy that kind of stuff

No. 127728

What does it say about me that I'm more repulsed by your interest in A/B/O than I am by your rape fetish? Like I can deal with the dubcon but A/B/O is cringey and gross and basically just turns slash couples into heterosexual quasi-furries. What's the point of gay shipping if you're just going to ostensibly make one character into a woman anyway? Also, the wolf """science""" it's based off of has been debunked; the "alphas" are just the parents of the other wolves. You're free to like it, but people are also free to shame you for your autistic kink.

This thread is being ruined by shit like >>127330 and A/B/O. Apparently Supernatural is where A/B/O comes from, eugh. Superwholock was a crime against good taste.

No. 127729

we antis in the fujo thread now. tbh i get why people are into ABO even if i don't care for it. it's basically just further reinforcing dom/sub kink shit that is already pretty normal in BL anyway. my main issue with it is that mpreg is pretty gross.

No. 127735

nta but this a Bl thread, ABO omega ships make the characters female in all but name. also it does perpetuate inaccurate wolf science

No. 127742

They still have dicks in omegaverse though?

No. 127744

They function though as women, I mean at that point why not just have a point hae a genderbent ship if you're into that, like its not M/M

No. 127745

File: 1613281431202.png (472.2 KB, 750x1078, thumbnail.png)

They can get pregnant and self-lubricate, and that's to say nothing of all the exaggerated, negative female stereotypes you see projected on them: being overly emotional, always sexually submissive, being physically weak, being viewed as "prey," etc. Like I said, it's just an fantasy and you're entitled to liking it, but I'm also entitled to judge you and wonder if you have some sort of deep-seated psychological issues.

You're not wrong about BDSM being somewhat common in yaoi. I can't be certain because I generally try to avoid BDSM stuff, so I'm just going off on the covers I see while browsing manga sites, and I'd say about a quarter to a third of them have BDSM. However, I think BDSM is common in hentai overall.
I've definitely noticed a decline in the prevalence of seme-uke archetypes in recent years. It's still usually the case that one guy always bottoms, but the personality and design stereotypes associated with that status have fallen out of favor. Pic related is an example of that; the guy on the left is actually the bottom.

No. 127747

Other than the height, I'd say the guy on the left gives off more bottom vibes than the guy on the right. I haven't read the manga, though.

No. 127752

The one on the left is stoic and shy, and the guy on the right is tsundere, if that helps lol.
The manga is kind of meh. It's all over the place tonally. It starts off silly, gets really dark, then goes back to being silly. There's a part in the middle where the Yakuza kidnap and horrifically rape the blond one, and the brunette one rescues him? So yeah. Definitely not one of my favorites, I just wanted to use the characters as an example.

No. 127757

Back to to the original discussion, as someone who has been reading m/m content for almost 2 decades now, I can atest that A/B/O ships shouldn't consider bl material, Its a straight paring in all but name

No. 127759

Agreed, especially since A/B/O is rare outside of English stuff.

No. 127762

The only times I ever read A/B/O was when mpreg wasn't a part of the story. It's weird to read something with mpreg. Doesn't feel like bl at all. I like all other aspects of A/B/O other than the mpreg.

No. 127767

Even without with the mpreg it hetosexulizes the gay parings, the Alpha is effectively the man and the Omega the woman

No. 127768

Except they're writing about male characters with dicks. Submissiveness, magic lube and mpreg doesn't make a character female, a vagina does. If they write ABO with vaginal sex then sure, it's not BL, but that's not usually the case.

People are so OTT about ABO, it's obvious the main appeal is the scent and heat aspects rather than pseudo female biology. Writers always focus on the intensity and sexual tension of characters suddenly being desperate to fuck because the other smells good, it's hardly worth clutching your pearls over.

No. 127769

Okay you're not awful person fkr liking A/O shit, but Its not BL at all

No. 127771

Not to be pedantic, but if mpreg involves the guy getting pregnant through his butt and pushing a baby out of his butt (vomit) doesn't that just make it a vagina? Or a cloaca, I guess, since they apparently poop and give birth from the same hole.
See, this shit is why I'm not into this nonsense. Nothing about any of that is even remotely sexy to me, just horrifying and gross.

No. 127774

NTA and I don't even like ABO stuff and think mpreg shit is pretty disgusting but it's still BL, just a subgenre with fantasy elements. Plenty of BL has shit that wouldn't work with real life male bodies but it's literally not that deep. They're still considered male characters despite having a magical yaoi hole womb up their anuses. Let the girls have their feral pheromone breeding fiction.

No. 127776

Have you read many stories like that or is that just what you assume happens…? Usually the baby is born via some sort of magic, or a c-section operation, they don't shit it out jfc. Mostly it's just glossed over, nobody wants to think about the technicalities of mpreg. They just like pregnancy as a plot device or the fluffy parenting stuff.

No. 127777

Bitches in this thread screeching about ABOfags and then sleep on posts like this >>127562 and >>127568
. Where's repuchan when you need her

To be fair in the example you posted they're both qualifying as bottoms and Asa (the guy on the right) gets fucked and gangraped too.

The discourse about "ree the omega in ABO is a misogynistic stand-in for a woman" is just as retarded as the "girls self-insert into the girly uke" one. It stinks of people projecting their own insecurities into fiction.

No. 127778

They can have what they want, whatever makes them happy. I just don't know if it even counts as boys' love. Seems like we're stretching the definition of "boy" pretty far here.

Admittedly I haven't, you got me lol. I avoid that shit like the plague. Although I think I saw a drawing of a guy pushing a baby through his dickhole in the awful art thread once.

No. 127779

I literally never said it was misogynistic. I'm just wondering, at what point does a character cease to be male? At what point is it not even yaoi anymore? That's all I'm saying.

No. 127780

Honestly at some point you have to admit that this isn't right, I read doujins where Joker from Persona gets gang raped and even I think A/O is disgusting

You can't say that "Omegas" are male in any right, I don't know how much of a degenerate you have to be execuse this shit

No. 127783

>I read doujins where Joker from Persona gets gang raped
Ah yes, I too am a fan of Kirimoto's work

No. 127787

File: 1613303710602.jpeg (136.89 KB, 858x1200, ac581ffe7c0a15d2f510d696366113…)

Lol no matter how much ABO is retarded, can we all agree that dom/sub universe is much worse.

Manga is "Zettai, Fukujuu Meirei".

No. 127788

if it's not ass-babies, it's worthless

No. 127789

I think we should be grateful for having abo and not that dom/sub stuff

No. 127790

I like a/b/o because it's funny

No. 127793

File: 1613305085382.jpeg (116.35 KB, 1200x600, 7C67B4C4-4A03-442D-A9E9-195345…)

nta the only abo BL I read this is what happened looool. I don’t know if any anons here have read Love Is An Illusion, but that was some of the shittiest coparenting I’ve ever fucking seen. I hated both of them. Seme rapes uke, gets uke pregnant, uke has a breakdown because he thought he was an alpha, tried to exploit seme over the pregnancy, and fails and they end up together. I promise this isn’t even a spoiler, it’s like the first chapter KEK. I have to agree with >>127787 though, dom/sub universe somehow manages to be worse without the shat out babies.

No. 127794

They're both cringe.

That sounds incredibly stupid.

No. 127795

I was just reading that manhwa and had to put it down. The uke is so fucking obnoxious I couldn't get past the 9th chapter. What a shitty BL.

No. 127797

omg having dom/sub being like a biological trait is so funny to me . i prefer a/b/o to this shit

No. 127798

Literally when even is the need for this, Im into some very violent/kinky m/m stories that I would never keep in my home or open bookmarks(I have kids)
But this shit feels scrote tier in terms of degeneracy, I feel with men getting pregnant and the sub/Dom thing you open a can of worms that need not be opened

I mean what's wrong with seme/uke or even gang rape doujins

No. 127813

god i wasn't the only one feeling the same anon, i tried to understand the hype and only read it a couple of chapters before putting it down because everything was a clusterfuck, to the romance to the parenting, even the story, while trying to be serious, just tries to downplay it through humor and the nasty personalities of the uke and seme, even the side characters were shitty. I didn't find the chemistry between the two main characters as well. I don't know how this manhwa got even popular when older omegaverse mangas (idk about manhwa/manhua since i only began reading those last years) have somewhat better plot lines and characters. maybe when love is an illusion was posted, when the omegaverse fanbase began to rise at the same time? was it the marketing, the perfect timing, or the majority of fans have bad taste as it is their first exposure to omegaverse?

No. 127830

Ot but i like how i always can tell which posts are yours with the space before full stop. A/b/o is furry cringe though

This shit was just bad, I generally dislike korean bl, there's always just something off. Can anyone recommend a good korean bl?

No. 127836

I don't think I've ever read a good Korean BL, like you said there's always something off about it and I can't quite figure out what. The characters never feel real to me for some reason.

No. 127840

NTA but I'm currently into "Ennead" by Mojito. I read "Painter of the Night" because it's in my tl all the time and I thought it wasn't bad.

No. 127844

That and the fact there's this certain level of coldness? Not dramatic but characters are always needlessly cold or stupid, just unrealistic i understand this is bl we talking about but yano

No. 127847

The only good manhwa ABO I've seen is Dear Benjamin. All the others are just bad. I was also recommended Love is an Illusion and couldn't believe the absolute shit it was.

No. 127848

Too bad Yoru is the biggest jackass on the planet in the manga.

No. 127849

File: 1613327113520.jpeg (73.52 KB, 478x557, DFCA4DF9-DB87-4B09-A211-205273…)

I read it because I thought the baby was cute

No. 127850

I thought I was the only one, I have never enjoyed a Korean BL and Het story, they all feel kinda shallow, sex often comes across as cold and without real impact(even its supposed to be graffic) and even with interesting settings the characters and the plot if often boring

No. 127852

File: 1613328062533.jpeg (167.7 KB, 800x1100, CCD65FD6-98EB-429D-A405-1E460E…)

Does suicide boy count?
also I don’t mind killing stalking

No. 127854

File: 1613329043086.jpeg (104.96 KB, 480x681, 56819.jpeg)

I think this is korean, it is called "One Take". It's shounen-ai and there hasn't been much romance yet (17 chapters translated), but I kinda enjoy the premise and it keeps me interested enough to keep waiting for the updates.

No. 127858

Anyone have some uke x uke manga recommendations?

No. 127868

I don't think I've ever hated a character more than him in BL. He was so homophobic and rude towards the other guy.

No. 127869

Both of them are gigantic assholes, the scene where he punched the girl made me not even care when he got gang raped.

No. 127877

what the fuck would they do, cry and wiggle their asses at each other?

No. 127878

this sounds extremely harsh but every korean bl or even het romance has been like some turbo autist wrote it? actually, it's been more webtoons with shit background art, the characters don't really eminate any feelings besides disregard and they often just feel very shallow and weird, often just stretching out uncomfortable scenes and plots, no one is ever actually happy? Maybe it's kinda like with kdrama, I dislike those as well, they're usually too long and would be ok with half of the episodes cut.

No. 127881

Sorry for going off-topic, but it makes me think, maybe it's cultural thing, I always got the feeling that the whole dating culture in korea was quite superficial (couple outfits, photos, gestures, etc.). While it looks very sweet and cute at the same time gives off artificial vibe as if everything must be aesthetic and drama-like.

That said, I'm mostly talking about what is presented in social media and I might be talking complete bull-shit so take it with grain of salt.

No. 127882

That actually might be the case, I also think it's partly me not being used to that level of coldness, I mean I would guess japanese dating culture isn't all too similar to the "western" culture, but at least bl can be escapism? I am totally open to reading korean stuff if someone has actually heart warming or even cute smut to link, but i don't think that exist kek

No. 127883

They play rock, paper, scissors to decide who tops or one of them is a power bottom who forces the other to top.

No. 127884

ah, the honto yajuu method (but reversed)

No. 127885


kek, anon, I can tell which manga you are talking about.

No. 127890

That's a real manga? I was shitposting, please tell me the name!

No. 127891

File: 1613344303550.jpg (436.54 KB, 800x724, EXTQBLOUMAAC_28.jpg)

Are we finally discussing omegaverse in this thread?

I like the ones that lean into the 'fated pair' concept. My favorites were Sayonara Alpha and Shounen No Kyoukai. I can't handle the mpreg shit but there's aspects of abo that are interesting when done well.

I also enjoy Megumi and Tsugumi they're just very cute.

No. 127892

File: 1613344882327.jpg (129.41 KB, 600x867, 1078935_10660096.jpg)


Its "Happy Shitty life" by Harada, its about two straight-ish guys who like anal. It;s funny af.


Ahh! that is one of my fav couples, the parents story is so cute too!

No. 127896

>Its "Happy Shitty life" by Harada, its about two straight-ish guys who like anal. It;s funny af.
Oooh I actually already read it, I love Harada's works too!

No. 127897

File: 1613345857144.jpeg (75.43 KB, 1200x600, B3E7CB3E-F395-44D0-94DF-A4D19E…)

ata, off the top of my head I recommend Sign and Make Me Sweat/Don’t Drop The Soap. MMS is straight up pornhwa but Sign is silly and cute as fuck at the same time. My favorite Korean BL. I’ve reread it twice. It even has heartwarming moments. Uke is a broke unemployment scrub who can’t get up who lands a miracle job at the seme’s cafe. The problem? The seme is deaf, and since the uke can’t sign, when the seme has to speak his voice is so sexy it makes the uke horny KEK and for some reason the uke signing makes the seme horny LMFAO

Banana Secret is also not bad. I didn’t like it personally because the romance was between a guy and his friend’s younger brother at uni, the younger guy was the uke but also a whiny clingy loser. But it’s not bad.

No. 127906

Wait, what? How is the one with black hair an asshole. I don't recall him ever doing anything.

No. 127908

>Spends pretty much the entire manga excusing the blonde's behavior
Asshole by association

No. 127910

File: 1613353329192.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.87 KB, 753x968, DssrDgEUcAAJJff.jpeg)

as someone who has also been reading BL for almost two decades, i can attest that if two characters have penises and look like men, it's BL. i dislike A/B/O but still consider it BL. dumbass.

check out monao. i like kirimoto, but monao is even better. GELZE is pretty good, too.

god, these two are so hot. probably my favorite harada manga besides nii-chan, lol. it's so bizarre.

No. 127924

I keep coming back to stare at this pic. Thank you for the food.

No. 127934

File: 1613365394789.jpg (864.64 KB, 1438x2113, Screenshot_20210214-235908_Chr…)

Not sure why it feels like weird racebait to criticize kr webtoons for their plots but I will also be the first to say there aren't any standouts like in the jp BL industry. It's likely because it's way younger/smaller market/webtoons are already made with pocket change and prefilled backgrounds optimized for phones. Also a lot of the TLs are hideous so if you're reading them in English there's a lot of errors or awkward/stilted lines. I liked pic related though because the art was actually good for a webtoon. Love or hate is another that looks good but it's too soapy. Painter of the night started fun but now it's dragging.

No. 127944

I'm not korean myself but I have had online Korean acquaintances in the past that I have met on Gender Critical Spaces, according to all of them they said that Korean culture is very superficial and there's an obsession with image, see Korea was a 3rd world country up until 30=25 years ago and so it's an entire country with Nouveau riche mindset, which extends towards media produced as well, they cut corners and real only care to give a product which is aesthetically close to BL but doesn't have a real leg of it's own to stand on

No. 127958

Another anon but I loved Nii-chan, I could read it again and again. Harada has so many great series with amazing writing I have a hard time deciding what's my favourite, but I'd have to say Yatamomo is the most iconic one.

It's not a racebait, it's just a matter of taste. To me in Korean webtoons the characters are always more focused with looking attractive/composed than being relatable, it makes it feel very cold and artificial. But some people prefer it that way since it feels "safer" and consider Japanese BL to be full of abusive dickheads since the characters are often written to be much more emotional. Kboos just can't stand their oppa being disliked.

No. 127959

File: 1613379643746.jpeg (48.84 KB, 480x640, F54F8C8F-0471-454E-A249-E2D1CE…)

nta but this sounds kind of retarded to me. Not you, but the explanation. I think it’s probably more like these women writing these BL don’t give too much of a fuck as long as it’s sexy enough (almost every popular kr BL as far as the fujo community goes is NSFW?) at least that’s what I’ve gathered from the mementos left in the final chapters. They seem to be on crazy time crunches and trying to work out the relationships while the webtoon is being released, which is why it can be pretty to look at but lacking in substance.

This webtoon isn’t abo but it seems like they will introduce abo elements to it. My Purrrfect Boss. MC is a seme human who finds out his anal boss is some sort of feline demi-human, and also a light tsundere type of uke. Gets a crush on him, they get together. It’s cute.

Unrelated to abo, I can’t recall the title of a BL where a university student needs to find a place to stay, and by chance meets an eclectic and mysterious world renowned young novelist who lets him stay with him. The novelist is the author of his favorite book. A keep detail was that there was 1 closed room the student was not allowed to enter, it caused him great distress. Spoilers, it turns out they were childhood friends, and the student was from an orphanage but had to leave the town and never met the novelist again. It was implied the house was haunted. The house also caused the student nightmares about hands crawling out of the mystery room. I think that’s where the author’s parents used to sleep, and they were abusive.

No. 127960

>>127958 Ngl, I'd say the emotionally abusive guys (JP BL) died out for the most part. I find more of them in Korean BL than Japanese if I'm being honest. But righto, kboos really can't stand hyungie being disliked.

No. 127961

Megumi to Tsugumi was great, but after a while it started to be your typical omega/alpha story

No. 127962

Samfagging but I want to add that the photobashed BGs in Korean webtoons always look like silly minecraft buildings, the art is always subpar with severely flawed anatomy and poses that look traced from 3D models or other artwork. I get that they're under time constraints and need to cut corners with everything but it's distracting and stops me from focusing on the comic itself.

Unrelated to the actual comics but something that also affects my experience, because there aren't enough skilled Korean to English translators the English is always awkward and makes no sense. Maybe if the same writing was given to someone who would do a better job art-wise it would work better.

No. 127963

God yes, I can't stand the wierd out of place CGI that's prevalent in webtoons, like it was the main reason I stopped reading killing stalking, like it was out of place and janky that it actually gave me a headache when reading so I just gave up and stopped reading

No. 127964

this is probably a dumb nitpick but for some reason i don’t like the art style of korean bls mainly because the noses of the characters are often really pointy and big (lol)
i’ve also found that for some bls who introduce female characters a lot of the time they look vaguely mannish in their facial features. i guess the illustrators learned how to draw men and then just didn’t learn how to draw women.
also i much prefer the black and white of japanese bl mangas then the all colour korean manhwas

No. 127965

File: 1613381074638.jpeg (83.69 KB, 1080x787, 83ED3D83-11F7-4C4F-B2BE-A499B6…)

I think a good comparison to make is that Japanese BL lean towards being more emotionally indulgent while Korean BL are stronger in characters being uncaring (or caring) in a normal way. As if the Korean BL characters are being written with the idea that they could be real people, so reasonably they’d have to do this and this and this, even if that means playing games and looking autistically cold. While Japanese BL writers make adult men do retarded over emotional shit and cry while they cum. I like BL from both countries though, and I really love how you can always count on the webtoons to be nicely colored and the mangas to be full of details.

Red Candy is kind of fucked up, but it’s enjoyable. Uke is a spy who feigns being the amnesiac seme’s lover in order to get his hands on some important files. It’s fucked up because the spy wasn’t gay (or didn’t know he was) but took it up the ass for the sake of playing a character. And iirc it was actually the seme’s first time as well, but he thought they were “supposed” to have sex so he did it. So it wasn’t a typical yaoi rape thing, just an unfortunate situation lmfao

No. 127966

File: 1613381384656.jpeg (42.6 KB, 437x701, 2D1CC524-3CF5-483C-841A-595D89…)

does anyone else here not really enjoy bdsm in bl? don’t get me wrong i enjoy bdsm aspects in a story if it’s kind of like inherent to the dynamic of the couple and comes naturally but stories where one character is like actually a professional dom and all the bdsm terminology is used (safe words etc) kinda make me cringe.
i side eye a lot of bdsm in real life because i think that there’s something inherently wrong with you if you enjoy hurting other people so i guess it’s ironic that in bls i prefer it when the bdsm naturally occurs and isn’t really discussed over more scripted and planned bdsm scenes even though technically the latter is “healthier”

No. 127967

For some reason it's super creepy looking. I wish they didn't make BGs at all or had them stay monochrome, it's so weird to see this fully rendered but flat as a cardboard background that's obviously traced from a freebie 3D model scenery.

BDSM makes me physically cringe in real life and embarrasses me to no end and I would absolutely never try it but in BL I love it even when it's borderline rape. I don't really think about all that "but what if IRL" stuff because it's ultimately detached from reality and happening in a constrained, fictional space between characters that don't exist.

No. 127969

>all the bdsm terminology is used (safe words etc) kinda make me cringe.
Absolutely. I dislike BDSM in real life because it's abusive and gross, but I also hate the sanitized fictional version that women write (probably applies more to western fanfic than actual BL manga), where everything is ~safe sane and consensual~ and it's full of BDSM lingo and weird negotiation like signing contracts with kink approval lists. It's cringy and embarrassing, it's simply not hot at all to be so calculated and systematic about sex. Normal, natural sex and enjoyment of the human body without any forced kinkiness >>>>

No. 127971

>it's full of BDSM lingo and weird negotiation like signing contracts with kink approval lists.
Holy shit lmfao. This reminds me of that joke tweet someone wrote about how new gen fujos writing fanfics is all about asking for consent and long winded discussions about how the characters are absolutely in full mutual agreement about having raw rough sex. Like sis it's not that deep, just slam them together like naked Barbie dolls and let them fuck for god's sake. I guess it's because "yaoi" gets blasted for being "all about rape" and because the BDSM community autistically comes after anyone who "misrepresents" their totally deep and intellectual kink lifestyle?

No. 127972

File: 1613382713143.jpeg (217.03 KB, 1200x1200, 98CC02E7-8AE1-412A-BCF8-276255…)

It’s probably my own fault for not exploring enough, but nearly every one I’ve read felt way too extreme for me. I prefer my BL’s to be on the sweeter side, the second to last I tried to read they were pretty violent but it had the bdsm tag. The guys were getting kicked around, choked, even punched and cigarettes were put out on tongues etc. on top of the characters having massive hate boners and the main character having a shitty life. Lmfao it was just waaay too much for me. Maybe you’d like it though, it was called Legs That Won’t Walk. The art is a bit inconsistent. The last bdsm BL I read though was good, it’s called Junai Drop Out. Anon earlier itt recommended it and it was perfect tbh.

No. 127975

i’ve been wondering this for a while but why is it called legs that won’t walk? does the mc actually get his legs broken yoonbum style or what ?

No. 127976

File: 1613384269549.png (894.39 KB, 848x1200, 64761548.png)

Has anyone here read Samurai Lover (pic related)? It's a nice, short little story and it's really cute.

Generally agree, yeah. I don't hate BDSM; if it happens to be in a manga I like for other reasons, I'll tolerate it, but I don't go out of my way to find it.

I'm really vanilla and Western in terms of what I like. I prefer more naturalistic or unique art styles, minimal seme-uke clichés, and stories with little or no kink. I'll also read bara if it's tame, and I also like stuff that isn't BL genre-wise but happens to include gay characters.

It's not racebait. You're allowed to make generalizations about how different cultures depict romance. Much like with BDSM, I don't go out of my way to read manhwas, but if someone recommends one to me and I like the art or premise, I'll try it. I generally stick to Western and Japanese stuff, though.

I'm more willing to put up with weirdness in Harada's work because I like her art style. If it weren't for the art, I probably wouldn't read her stuff because it's got some kinks and writing choices that I'm not into.

No. 127980

I don't know if there's a specific term for this, I like rough sex in BL stories and I also like bondage aspect but I lose interest when tools are involved, whips, ball gags, anal beads e.t.c just doesn't feel right, maybe its cause I hate BDSM IRL

No. 127984

Yeah. His leg's fucked up from a boxing accident so you get the occassional "help! I've fallen and can't get up uwu" scenes.

No. 127985

Personally, BL content in general feels like it's written by autistic straight women who've either never had sex or are just really vanilla irl. kinda like how most ecchi/hentai screams "this was written by some crusty incel" Sometimes you get gold, but most of the time it feels like you're reading one of those trashy romance novels you find at a thrift store just with cute art.

No. 127986

Not untrue, I mean I am disgusted by Gay men IRL and really do hate gay male personalities and mannerisms, but I still read BL doujins

No. 127989

proving the sterotype of women who love bl but are homophobic irl true

No. 127991

File: 1613393801663.png (28.37 KB, 848x163, ten count review.PNG)

this is why it bothers me when people expect beautiful lgbt rep in bl. wrong place. either accept it or leave is what i feel like saying to these ppl

like this review of ten count on goodreads sigh

No. 128004

Have you ever met a IRL gay man, they are most annoying and disgusting human group in the world, even the way they talk makes me irrationally angry, the males in BL even the unlikeable ones are more tolerable and entertaining

I feel like aidens transition to yaoi boys don't have that distinction and confuse BL tropes with real life make homosexuality not realizing that real gay men are even more disgusting then straight men

No. 128006

File: 1613398160780.jpeg (13.32 KB, 226x223, 75B3F3B9-ACA4-4A1C-8B58-F660C9…)

No. 128007

Listen I swear I feel awful for the gay men in 3rd world countries who get abused, arrested and killed by the state, I do think that homosexuality is natural but I hate gay male subculture, specifically the one in west

No. 128008

>>128004 Genuinely though, not that homosexuality itself is bad but men themselves are shit. Modern gay men are even worse because they don't act like normal, genuine humans. If we wanted BL written like actual modern gay men, we'd get a language of tongue clicks, absolute degeneracy, shit filled assholes, and dollar store wigs.

>>127985 Sounds like BDSM degeneracy brainwashing

No. 128016

What the fuck, I have been thinking the same but have been afraid it sounds weeby and defensive. They usually have dead eyes weird noses

No. 128022

This really sounds like either a shitty bait or a fakeboi cope kek. Get your homophobic ass the fuck out of this thread right now.

No. 128023

How is this an unpopular opinion, we don't want gay men to be exterminated or oppressed in anyway but we know there often kinda disgusting IRL and lowkey misogynistic

No. 128024

Well take that discourse back to /ot/ or something homophobe-chan, the BL thread isn't exactly the right place for whining about gay men being degenerates. It's not even because they're homosexuals, it's the fact that they're still men and raised under male socialization.

No. 128025

I strongly get the impression you guys haven't actually had more than passing interactions with gay guys IRL, if it all. The gay and bi men I've been acquainted with were all ordinary guys. The only "sassy" one I've met was way back in high school theater. High femme gay guys are common on TV and online, but rare IRL. Most gay men are only slightly effeminate, or not effeminate at all.

Also, what gay guys do sexually with each other IRL isn't any of my business. So long as everybody's a consenting adults, I don't care what they do.

Seconding this; this probably isn't the right thread for this topic. Gay guys obviously aren't exempt from the personality problems guys often have, but that's not really a conversation we need to be having in a space where almost everything is written by and for women anyway.

No. 128029

Pretty sure it's the same sperg from various /ot/ threads who always tries to start infighting with the same "gay men are disgusting degenerates and actually even worse than straight men" bait. You can even tell by the lack of sageing their replies.

No. 128040

File: 1613411241249.jpeg (221.76 KB, 950x1351, 27781100-1637-49CF-B2E2-F6C296…)

Asa is the big jackass, Yoru is the pathetic pretty boy. I despise Asa but Yoru is really cute in the sequel series. I’m conflicted, wish he was with the gangster big brother instead.

No. 128048

You're right, anon. I don't know what it is but I never remember any of the names of the boys in the countless slew of BL manga I consume.

I always wondered what Yoru sees in Asa. He could do so much better in terms of…everything. Asa was just a gigantic turd. Usually the asshole seme has money or looks or… a good personality. Asa was none of those things.

No. 128051

Not her and I don't give a shit what gay men like or do, but the number of gay guys I've met at work or in university who wouldn't stop going into details about their weird grind dates is kinda high. I'll spare you the details. They're actually way more tame on TV and online from my personal experience. I think them being perverts has way more to do with being men than with being gay though.

No. 128053

>new gen fujos writing fanfics is all about asking for consent and long winded discussions
This is so accurate, despite the fact that endless retards are still stuck in the early 2000s and think all m/m shipping is rape and abuse. Even lc is FULL of people who believe that, it's ironic af because modern fujos are terrified of getting called out and do everything possible to stay pc.

No. 128054

>I can’t recall the title

The Black Mirror

No. 128072

Maybe he’s just really into guys who beat the shit out of groupies?

No. 128073

> how new gen fujos writing fanfics is all about asking for consent and long winded discussions about how the characters are absolutely in full mutual agreement about having raw rough sex.
Nothing turns me off more than this drivel. I have dropped fics because of it. No one IRL fucks like this and even if they did, it ain't deep. It's sex.

No. 128100

It's a man thing, not a gay guy thing. I've definitely seen straight guys overshare about hookups.

People do talk about kink in advance, but it's usually in a more passive "hey, do you want to try this sometime," way. They don't have long negotiations about it like characters sometimes do in fic kek.

No. 128168

Man that’s so sad lmao

Fujoshi: explicitly has to spell out consent multiple times and ensure language is clear. Still gets cancelled

George RR Martin: full on graphic non con violent sex scenes - best seller, adapted into live action, on the shelves of every major retailer - beloved writer

Literally can’t have shit in this house

No. 128169

File: 1613481919107.jpeg (198.2 KB, 827x1028, B2262AA3-E5C8-45C2-8A79-40261A…)

people on tiktok are actually retarded

No. 128170

File: 1613483352647.png (904.33 KB, 938x1044, cool_dudes.png)

I love Chongtak's manga, it has everything I love - older men, masculine, non-typical ukes, nice art and interesting stories. The way she draws men is so good.

No. 128171

lol who gets that mad over fiction. For exact reason I deleted tiktok, it's has the strange "if you don't agree with me then you deserve death mentality". I can't wait for the whole west bl culture to go deep underground again.

No. 128176

This seems right up my alley, anon, thanks!

No. 128185

This must be destiny, I was just about to ask for recommantions for mangekas who draw with more realistic propertions but arent like bara-tier

Thank you Athena

No. 128206

i agree with them

No. 128224

File: 1613504762264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.93 KB, 716x872, 1CD7D353-F8FC-4D40-8058-01CE28…)

I kept thinking Painter of the Night was a different manhwa (it involved a painting and something about a murder) but I couldn’t get into that one. I like POTN though. I have degenerate tastes, sorry.

No. 128234

>I have degenerate tastes, sorry.
>implying half the posters ITT don't.

No. 128236

Just gotta put it out there before the puritans come for me with their pitchforks for thinking I don't already know

No. 128243

File: 1613512215046.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.98 KB, 476x476, tumblr_4f4a7ecb2121712d7f341d1…)

i recently caught up with it and lost interest. i want more gratuitous sex, not whatever thin plot the author's conjured up lol.

nakyum has the best faces, though.

No. 128247

I tried to find fanfics while waiting for the new chapters to come out but so many writers make Seungho too nice or Nakyum too meek and it’s awful lmao.

No. 128257

File: 1613518060650.jpeg (203.08 KB, 837x620, 49886973-C721-4FCA-B62F-68224D…)

I guess it’s kind of up Harada’s alley, though. And admittedly he becomes much nicer to Yoru like protecting him from a knife and suchin the sequel but I still don’t like him.

No. 128286

At this point I'm not caring what happen to Nakyum and his bitch tears. I'm more invested in Jihwa and the assassin. Seongho is also the only guy who makes sense despite his severe mental illness.

No. 128289

Never read the series, but the art and perspective sucks

No. 128329

Devil's advocate but Ara being a jerk is kind of what makes it more rewarding when he comes around and says I love you to Yoru.

No. 128390

This. I would hate a person like Asa IRL but to be honest I don't care in the manga. He becomes pretty protective of Yoru and treats him better as the story continues. It's much more rewarding to see where it goes knowing where it started.

No. 128436

I love BL about toxic homophobic guys

No. 128571

That makes you extremely fortunate, anon

No. 129018

File: 1613975534396.jpg (661.55 KB, 2044x1533, hnngrm.jpg)

does anyone like hannigram/hannibal? i just finished watching the show and i'm obsessed.

No. 129019

Bitch, yes. That is a lustful pair.

No. 129020

I tried watching one episode but the actor who plays the cannibal—his fucking voice timbre, lisp and chin-to-mouth ratio irrationally angers me. It’s like he’s terminally plagued by mucus in his nasal cavities. Good show though.

No. 129021

they absolutely are.
i'm so glad there's so much fan content out there for them. i'm not used to this with the fandom i'm apart of

huh, i figured he sounded like that because he was danish. while i needed subtitles to understand what mads mikkelsen was saying when watching hannibal, it's a great show indeed.

No. 129025

fucking kek!

No. 129030

Yes, this couple is my OTP. I never got the allure of fangirling over “ships” until Hannigram. I don’t hang out in fandom spaces or anything but they’re just low key my everything. (And yes I know it’s abusive but like… all the BEST parts of abuse lol with the obsession and the lust and realization of one another’s darkest desires.)

No. 129033

>3D men

No. 129184

File: 1614068579500.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x369, hannibal.jpg)

Lol, Japanese fans discovered the show (it's yaoi bait) so a lot of 2D content started showing up on pixiv.

No. 129210

oh my god this is even better than the more realistic fanart

No. 129309

Girl, get on pixiv, it's a treasure trove for this ship. I think the artist may have deleted it, it was part of a set and I can't find it in their gallery, sadly.

This is the artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/176450

No. 129556

File: 1614289744364.png (532.72 KB, 1214x1394, Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 6.48…)

Lately I'm really into Sato Tsubame. Not sure her works have scans/translations available online. Her stories usually revolve around salarymen (so suits) and are pretty slow burn, I love it.

No. 130074

Why do thai bl live actions feel so undercooked compared to japanese and taiwanese? Or am i just being too judgemental

No. 130093

File: 1614574194968.jpg (59.89 KB, 608x519, 6486969c8e0f8dc50003ef77d41cbc…)

In terms of live action BL content I have only ever enjoyed Chinese historical or Chinese Fantasy ones, I feel many chinese men have this etherial beauty thats very close to the 90s bishounen aesthetic, plus the clothing and Long hair is also cool as hell

No. 130111

Attractive men in those historical Chinese wigs are truly next level gorgeous.

No. 130117

File: 1614585952388.jpg (94.08 KB, 800x619, d6igphp-15ef2d06-f4ad-4114-abd…)

Fun historical fact in aincent times pretty much all Chinese men kept their hair long and never cut it as it was considered disrespectful to your ancestors to cut your hair according to confusion teachings, there were many diverse styles and fashions that Chinese men used for their long hair, however under the Qing dynasty all men had to shave the front of their heads and tie the back portion in a ugly Queue

No. 130119

File: 1614588638742.jpeg (101.09 KB, 720x450, cmdmchdmlv.jpeg)

Damn my sympathies to the Qing dynasty ladies, that is an unfortunate style.

Could be worse though, Japan had some truly heinous looks. Assuming it was just a widespread cope for guys with receeding hairlines tbh.

No. 130133

File: 1614593587927.png (Spoiler Image,2.27 MB, 2048x1446, 1611698650320.png)

Anyone else stop reading suicide boy, it was definitely my favorite korean series but it got stale very fast, it's just the same thing over and over again and the artstyle got way more coomerish, such a shame really

No. 130176

wow, what chinese shows should I watch for hot gay bishonen IRL? I like a lot of drama too

No. 130185

depends on what you're looking for ? Chinese historical and fantasy bl stories or stories set in contemporary/near-contemporary dance (20th and 21st Century) cause these 2 are radically different

With the contemporary stories you're not gonna find anything unique that you won't in Korean or Japanese one's, I should clarify that they aren't bad some indivisiual ones can be pretty good but nothing unique, the Chinese historical and fantasy bl genre however is the far more devolped and more popular compared to the contemporary stories

No. 130189

yes, I meant historical ones! Would be thankful for the recs

No. 130191

Yeah, I thought it was really cute at first but then the author's horniness just jumped the fuck out and not in a good way

No. 130196

The artstyle changed from "I can't believe a man could draw like this" to "only a man could draw like this"
Like originally the characters had this cute slight chubbyness but now he draws them with female hentai character propeetions, it's just sad to see such a potentially great series wasted

No. 130242

No,Thai BLs are corny as hell. I've seen few and all of them were awkward, especially in terms of acting and the production value. But I haven't seen a good Japanese BL either. Cherry Magic is an exception.

No. 130248

Kawaii pigtails

No. 130307

Phew then I'm glad im not the only one who doesn't like Thai stuff. Their series always get so much attention though, I don't get it. Manner of Death is so goofy.

also, "Pornographer" was Japanese and I thought it was decent, you may wanna give the first episode a go and see if you like it. It's not fluffy like Cherry Magic though.

No. 130308

nta but I haven't seen any indication to see if Thai content it popular for any reason, pretty much everyone I know seems to agree that its kinda subpar and that the dudes aren't often that good looking

No. 130313

The untamed goat
Im also really excited for the 2ha adaption (immortality)

No. 130323

there’s actually a pretty big fan base for thai bls especially on tiktok. i’m not super familiar with live action bls but from what i can gather korean ones are usually pretty short / chinese ones are lacking in like sex and physical intimacy due to censorship and idk about japanese bls so i think people enjoy thai ones because there’s a lot of them and they are a bit more sexual ig

No. 130325

>so i think people enjoy thai ones because there’s a lot of them and they are a bit more sexual ig
Well i guess that explains it, I mean the ones I watched weren't that great story, but sex actually was present which is something I can't say for most live action bl stories of any country

No. 130355

Yeah Thai BL live action dramas sort of really suck. I watched some popular Thai GL movies before I saw the BLs and they were actually enjoyable, so the difference was really apparent. Granted, movies and dramas are bound to be different, especially webdramas. But I think the key factor is the popular formula and tropes used in the storylines. The BL dramas read like a wattpad novice crackfic that takes itself seriously if put on paper. The acting and production quality doesn’t help, like other anons pointed out. Perhaps because of the popularity of the genre, we’re seeing producers churning out whatever they can since this is a chance for many more people to get their ideas out there.

I noticed if you check on youtube there’s a lot of Korean BL webdramas these days, but a lot of it is about high schoolers and some even include the main character’s love interest in question actually being played by an actress. It’s a mixed bag, usually not that good to me but there’s some interesting ones if you look around. The only one I really like though is The Boy Next Door from Dingo studios and it’s not even a full BL, it’s more “bromance”y but really entertaining.

No. 130362

File: 1614706090395.jpeg (84.72 KB, 640x758, 937B5585-9DC9-4179-99AF-E622BD…)

samefagging dropped pic and forgot to mention my favorite BL Thai movie, The Love of Siam. Mario Maurer was so cute in it! Lol Might be nostalgia overhyping it but I recommend it to anyone here who wants to pass the time with something to watch or is interested in Thai BL. It’s better than what current BL drama trends are churning out too.

No. 130373

>include the main character’s love interest in question actually being played by an actress.
For real ? reminds me of those IRL yaoi magazines I saw one time, basically women with realistic fake strap on penises, muscle suits and wigs having sex with each other
It was absolutely cursed and I don't know who would even be into that

No. 130376

yes kek it’s super fluff, also the song at the end is a decade old meme that indicates gay romance.
This is the channel that has the same actress act in gl, bl, and hl scenarios.

No. 130386

Lol I cant take this seriously at all. I mean you can straight up tell it's a chick.

No. 130388

I don't even understand who its supposed to be appeal to ? And like what even is the point of having a woman play a random male character

No. 130449

File: 1614739909677.jpeg (367.8 KB, 828x445, 8A2004AB-07B3-473B-956D-FB47F5…)

anyone here watching sk8 the infinity? i’m so impatient for episode 9 to come out because i want to know if they’re going to make langa/reki canon. i don’t want to get my hopes up though as much as episode 8 seems to be baiting us

No. 130450

File: 1614742106375.jpg (286.1 KB, 1280x1568, tumblr_b302d827d738be50fe754eb…)

i really doubt they will explicitly say if the ship is canon, anon. maybe they'll just leave hints here and there but nowhere near to indicate that it is what most fans are hoping for, though. it'd be cool if they were.

the writer or director of the show had worked with free, yoi, and banana fish, so let's not exactly get our hopes up but we should also at least expect some kind of, idk, 'evidence' to any pairing in the show to be in some way canon.

No. 130455

this poster reminds me of genderbent dirty pair a lil. i might give this a watch then.

No. 130458

I thought there was going to be a story but it ended up being a male version watamote. The author could've made an awkward nerd story without the "haha suicide is funny" plot line.

No. 130460

what were you throught you were expecting with a Title like suicide boy, again I feel the main problem the series faces is that it should have been shorter, and even if you liked the original series the art style has degraded so much that no one but male coomers would find it pleasing to look at

No. 130465

Watched Cherry Magic and they honestly chickened out at having the main couple fucking kiss? Come on, this is ridiculous.

No. 130466

>basically women with realistic fake strap on penises, muscle suits and wigs having sex with each other

No. 130472

yes this pissed me off so fucking much . i saw some people saying that they were fine with the main couple not kissing because you could see the “deep emotional connection” the main characters have and that’s just such a cop out. the kiss between the side characters was so painfully awkward and bad though like. if that’s the standard then maybe we’re better off without it. god this makes me so mad like how do you basically get married before you even have your first kiss. that was what made me give up on live action bls

No. 130477

i keep telling myself this but my mind gets carried away. anime is so cruel

No. 130503

i've heard that they weren't allowed to film the kiss scenes with the two leads actors because it wasn't in their contract.they are quite popular and gay kiss could "ruin" their image, so yeah, basically homophobic policy.
but it's infuriating, especially since the second couple (which was awful btw)got better treatment.

No. 130513

>i've heard that they weren't allowed to film the kiss scenes with the two leads actors because it wasn't in their contract.they are quite popular and gay kiss could "ruin" their image, so yeah, basically homophobic policy.
Well fuck that sucks, but Thailand is still very much a homophobic country so I guess in that regard I do understand why they won't

No. 130579

That was about Cherry Magic so it's about Japan not Thailand. But other than that what a shame so little Japanese BL is coming out with actual erotic scenes

No. 130657

Just enjoy it for what it is and don't think too much about it.

No. 130677

Yeah, it's very unfortunate, but Japan is still stuck in the old ways in many regards.
But tbh, I read the Cherry Magic manga as well and don't get why it got popular. The story is dull and the art style is boring.

No. 130744

What do anons who buy print volumes do with unwanted yaoi/BL? I have a box of stuff that I want to get rid of but don't like the idea of just chucking it in the trash. But I can't think of a good way to unload it that wouldn't be cumbersome or leave me open to some sort of liability. Any ideas?

No. 130745

don't you have a local group on FB where you can inform you have comics to give away? With a fake account, of course. Or you coulf use a different website that allows locals to sell/buy/trade/give away.

No. 130750

Sell them online, or to bookstores that sell second hand books. I've been able to sell some of my manga, BL or not, on a website called Momox but I'm in France and I think it's only an option for Germany, France and Belgium.

No. 130765

When you sell or give away online, do you not have to worry about whether the recipient is a minor? Some of the stuff I'm trying to get rid of is rated Mature. Am I overthinking this?

No. 130767

It doesn't matter, as it's not as if you need ID to buy 18+ goods online (if you're concerned about legal troubles). 13 year old me would buy mature, and more than mature yaoi online, in book stores, at anime conventions and the library with no issues, though if you're concerned just state that you don't want to sell to minors

No. 130771

I automatically assume whoever can purchase goods online do it for themselves and have their own card and bank account, so they have to be an adult. A shit ton of teenage girls buy BL manga in book stores and nobody gives a shit anyway.

The online bookstore I mentioned just receive packages, check to see if the books are in good condition, pay the people who sent the books for what they're worth, and then put the books on their website for sale. I made a lot more money than I thought way faster than if I just sold that shit myself on Vinted or any other similar website. This one also accepts DVDs, blu-rays, CD, video games, etc. so I sold a few anime DVDs for very cheap because I don't feel like watching these 90s anime for the 10th time.

No. 130807

Thank you, anons.

No. 130809

Where I live people regularly just put out boxes with sutff (doesn't even have to be books) and some sign that says "For free!", where every passerby can just take something.

No. 130814

Trade them in for credit at a used bookstore or give them to a comic book store

No. 131145

File: 1615145986994.png (1.91 MB, 1500x1187, PASH!_April_Issue_Cover.png)

I've joined the suffering. The Sk8ffering.

No. 131184

i know we’re just getting played but in the latest episode when langa realised he needs reki to be with him to get a thrill from skating and reki realising he doesn’t want to just cheer langa on he wants to skate beside him. phew. it’s a lot

No. 131188

God I just want them to kiss. joe and cherry, too, for fucks sake.

No. 131199

File: 1615175131803.jpg (101.56 KB, 736x1104, 722a06adff08e0c1a5cb0938716e8a…)

KiriBaku is the superior MHA ship and no one can change my mind, they work better in literally every conceivable way

No. 131203

Sorry nonnie but I will never understand how people ship KiriBaku over BakuDeku. Like the latter's right there up for grabs with tons of lore while the former's basically a crack ship

No. 131204

Its about variety and aesthetic, you can't do much with deku and bakugou, the ship dynamic is always Dom daddy Bakugou with uwu soft Deku, unless you fundamentally change the characters its how their ship always ends up

Kirishima and bakugou have a more balanced relationship, more moments of bonding and aesthetically they work together better

No. 131308

File: 1615239585897.jpeg (79.41 KB, 800x450, 3875EF8A-520C-4B97-8838-DA721E…)

Bakudeku is better sorry.

No. 131341

See bakudeku fags keep saying that but you never provide any valid points or arguments

No. 131343

File: 1615254891974.gif (300.65 KB, 270x271, 1614964392864.gif)

Cringe BNHAfags thinking they're any superior to the other. Shounenshit is still shit.

No. 131344

I don't like the series so take this with a grain of salt but the only one I can see is that they are both incredibly annoying (most annoying?) and should therefore be contained in a relationship together lmao.

No. 131345

File: 1615255396556.png (931.18 KB, 940x632, Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 10.5…)

So I bought "Two sides of the same coin" because the cover looked nice.
>Top: uni student who just wanted his father's attention all his life
>Bottom: pro boxer who is into pain
Sounds good.
>Bottom also gets fucked by top's father for money.
>Turns out they're half-brothers.
Wait a –
>Bottom was getting fucked by his own father
What –
>He uses the money for his mother's mental care, the father had driven her to attempting suicide
But –
>Top fucks bottom and calls him nii-san.
Can we not.

I want cute fluff with a little smut, not half-brothers fucking and getting off to their being related.

No. 131349

Rofl anon could you have not read the summary before buying?
also did you buy hardcover or digital?

No. 131354

Digital. I actually read through the summary and read the free pages of both volumes. That shit wasn't in there.
Here's the summary translated through DeepL:
>Yuji is a university student who witnesses his dominant father having an affair. He pretends not to see it, but bumps into a beautiful silver-haired boxer named Ko. As an apology, Koh takes Yuji's lips from his. He thought he would never see him again, but ……. But when he finds himself alone with Ko in a hotel room, he is told, "I get a boner when I'm in pain. He's both strong and weak, but Yuji is inexplicably drawn to Ko. He is his father's XX, but …

No. 131356

anon im crying. "i get a boner when im in pain"
but that sucks, can you get a refund or anything? this could have been such a nice story too. boxer bl stories always end up being the weirdest/kinkiest stuff…
on a positive note the art looks pretty.

No. 131363

All of Bakugou's annoying character aspects disappear with Kirishima though

No. 131365

Honestly a lot of sports bl stories end up being weird for some reason, I think it maybe due to the fact that the writers are often unfamiliar with actual sports but like aesthetics and so the make up their own shit that they insert into the story

No. 131367

I haven't read many sports bl other than fighting ones (and technically yuri on ice?) and so many of them have some money related sex debt thing going on. It sucks cause I just want a cute fluff bl with buzzcut haired dudes.

On another note, has anyone else read Chouto to Hana? I'm still salty no one has translated the other/side volumes and its marked as complete.

No. 131369

Thats why I read fan fiction or Dojunshis of pre-existing sports anime and manga, Hajime no Ippo is one of personal favorites

No. 131371

Do you mean Chou to Hana no Kankeisei?

No. 131372

ah shiz yeah, thats the name. white haired dude's design is really unique, i think. and the pacing, and ugh idk i just love it. also i haven't read the prequel cause i dont want it to ruin my experience cause i heard its awfuul.

No. 131373

on the note of doujinshis. am i the only one who reads doujinshis of manga that i havent read the original of? (please no hate) for example, ive read bnha doujinshis but havent actually read bnha.

my thirst for buzzcut dudes cannot be satiated with fanfiction tho. do you read fanfiction of hajime no ippo or doujinshis?

No. 131375

nta but same especially bnha, doujinshis and fanctions. used to do this with naruto too but i have some knowledge since i watched the show pre-shippuden seasons. harry potter as well and others. i think i spent reading most shows that were popular years ago. as for new shounen animes and other stuff that's currently popular, meh, not really interested to be honest.

No. 131376

Read the spoilers for 3.0+1.0 I’ve always thought rebuild was hot garbage but the way Anno fucked with Kaworu and Kawoshin is just making me genuinely depressed, they put out all this Kawoshin merch and then they have Shinji comparing Kaworu to his father and saying ‘it’s been bad all along lol’ while teasing Mari and Shinji for no fucking reason

This movie made me go from not caring about Mari to wanting to destroy her.

No. 131377

>Shounenshit is still shit.
Never said it wasn’t, personally I dropped the series at the halfway point of season 2

No. 131378

>fan fiction or doujinshis
With Hajime no Ippo I read fan fiction and doujins but with bnha I stick to the doujins and official anime

No. 131379

I do that with naruto too. I've read some really good naruto fanfics and only know the basics of each character. I think some it stems from underdeveloped characters in the original series or knowing the general premise of a series but not being interested enough to watch however many episodes. I've done this with stuff like Overwatch, never played the game but know the basic lore and read a lot of fanfics. I also tend to ship characters based on features I like rather than their relationship in the original tbf.

Also, since I don't follow the originals, it's so much easier to like crackships and stuff based on good storytelling. I've read some great bakudeku, kiribaku, and yes todobaku doujinshis because the story itself was really compelling.

No. 131380

Haha, well I might have to check out Hajime no Ippo and see if there are any characters I might like enough to read fanfics/doujins of. Any recommendations? Even if I don't know the characters much, I enjoy reading good stories in general so if you got any, please do tell.

No. 131381

Nta but Hajime no Ippo is unironically one of the gayest sports series of all time, see >>112136

No. 131382

Genuinely fucked up on Anno's part. Just a hideously dick move. I'm not really surprised though. He has always had open contempt for the fans. Obviously Kaworu x Shinji wasn't going to become canon gay. But there wasn't any doubt they shared platonic love based on the writing before now. Comparing him to Gendo is just wow Mari is the most random unwanted character ever.

No. 131383

There was just genuinely no build up for the shit he was going for. It’s bad writing and I wish the movie had just never come out now. At most I’m gonna try to not let it effect my enjoyment of the original anime since I’ll always adore it and EOE.

No. 131384

Isn't the whole series sorta selfcest technically, since every main character is based on some aspect of Anno's fucked up state of mind

No. 131385

By that logic any work of fiction that has characters inspired by the creator’s experiences that wind up together are selfcest lol

No. 131386

It's just an unnecessary cash cow merch generating machine to me. I still remember when the second one came out and I randomly won a free yoghurt at my local konbini as part of a promotion lol. The sad thing is he could have actually done something interesting with it. Like EOE, which I personally loved. R.I.P KaworuShinji, cruelly murdered by Anno for apparently no reason but spite or something.

No. 131387

For my own mental health, I’m going to theorize that rebuild takes place during Shinji’s mindfuck during EOE and never actually happened. It’s just one of the scenarios he thought up in his head during instrumentality.

No. 131388

I don't want to unspoiler this because I want to see the movie myself whenever it comes out internationally but just the last sentence made me mad. Mari is a stupid waifupandering bitch that shouldn't exist, she better not be fucking with my gay mecha pilot ship.

Oh well, I didn't really like the rebuild movies anyway. Literally the only good thing about them were the KawoShin moments which didn't even last long.

No. 131389

Just be prepared for unpleasantness anon. Lol at Anno.

>I hate waifus

>Has 3 waifus in his series
>Adds another waifu nobody wanted or asked for

No. 131390

I cannot think of anyone who unironically likes Mari. She pretty much sums up everything I hate about rebuild though.

No. 131391

i feel the same way with naruto, anon. especially with how long the show has been running the amount of episode to catch up too and especially the fillers makes me turned off from indulging it. I haven't read any overwatch doujinshis and fanfics though.

also, with bnha (and applicable to anything else), i tend to gravitate character with relationship dynamics that i find interesting in the show than appearances. i usually read bakudeku and even todobaku (i really enjoy this pairing tbh, i find it funny for some reason, it sucks that it isn't really popular or don't have lots of fics and doujinshi about the pairing.)

No. 131393

I'm sorry but that sounds hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for the warning though.

No. 131394

why don't you guys just read the manga (that goes for other shounen series too). they're usually easier/quicker to go through and slightly better than anime adaptations.

No. 131395

>i tend to gravitate character with relationship dynamics that i find interesting in the show than appearances. i usually read bakudeku

I swear Im not looking for a fight or anything but can I ask what exactly you like about this ship, cause for me its very stereotypical and there's little to no variety in content, Bakugou is the dominant and aggressive Seme and Deku the passive uke, and don't get me started on western fan fiction which turns bakugou into a Dom Daddy archetype while Deku becomes almost a pseduo female, on other hand if you search up Top_Deku fics then most of the time the characters are altered so much in personality that they might as well be OC's

No. 131397

i tried reading and watching bnha but i could never get past certain episodes and chapters. there's a lot of characters i really don't care about. I'm only interested in the todoroki family drama that's going on in the manga but other than that, meh. i'd probaby read it just for endeavour and bakugo though, someday.

i was never interested in that typical dynamic anon. i usually read bakudeku fics that explore their bully and being bullied type of relationship, i really enjoy reading bakugous insecurity and how he deals with not actually being the number one in highschool when he's being treated and pampered as such from before. the fact he's been getting kidnapped, getting taken as hostage and was humiliated and that could result with more aggression in his personality or attitude. i also enjoy the twisted idolisation deku has over bakugou and how that could (for the ship) evolved into infatuation despite treated horrible throughout their years of friendship. I really, really hate that dom daddy (ew) seme and cutesy uke is so prevalent in this ship when their original dynamic is interesting to begin with and have a lot of ways to explore it.

No. 131398

I respect your determination anon, but the majority of bakudeku ships are like as you described "Dom daddy bakugou and cute uke deku" I used to be into bakudeku myself but I got so bored and tired of the ship dynamic and cliches that I began to hate it(this was during season 1 of the anime was still going on)

No. 131399

>tfw you hate rebuild movies but kind of like Mari
She's the only one who actually wants to be there. It's kinda funny to me in a meta way.

No. 131400

true, anon, true. it's kinda sad to face it upfront but it's good thing that there are times i sometimes stray away from the ship and the fandom entirely and focus on smth for a while before going back and like be picky with the things i read for the ship.

honestly, if i do explode from the lack of fics i wanted to read from bakudeku, lol. i'd prob make my own fic.

No. 131401

So started reading Hajime no Ippo and noticed that the art style reminds me of the Archie comics, specially their noses. Anyways, I need some good doujinshi/fanfics recommendations cause I'm getting hooked.

I kinda do look at relationship dynamics not just appearances, but its kinda a mix. Like todobaku was partially appearance based but also partially, "How would these 2 interact with each other based". While kiribaku is 100% canon relationship based (as in they have a good relationship in the original). Also I tend to watch a lot of youtube edits of certain ships or clips of the anime.

I don't mind reading the manga, I actually was interested at some point, read some recent chapters and then just lost interest I guess. I think I'll eventually read it but not now.

>twisted idolisation deku has over bakugou
yes thats the stuff right there. plus the bakugou fics where he's actually self aware of his actions. If i'm being completely honest, ive yet to read a dom baku fic. all the fics i've read with baku, he's the bottom. I think those fics often have the most interesting character development/interpretations.

No. 131403

>all the fics i've read with baku, he's the bottom.
With regards to bottom Baku I really can't see anyone other then kirishima topping him, like every Top_Deku Bottom_Bakugou changes their personalities and mannerisms so drastically that they basically are OC's, with kirishima however you can absolutely see him topping bakugou

He's chill and confident and really seems like he could put bakugou in his place if he wanted to

No. 131405

samefagging cause i need to clarify, only ippo reminds me of chubby archie, the rest of the manga art style does not.

I will preface with, i don't have the baku knowledge to really know what is oc or not. but the few dekubaku fics ive read, baku's character felt very canon to me (with my limited baku knowledge). The appeal for bottom baku is that he is willing to -be the bottom- for someone he loves and put down his pride, at least to me thats why i like the bottom baku dynamic. The most recent one ive read is antinomie or something like that, it has the "baku rape" and there are elements that i didnt like about it, but i felt like that doujin had (to me) an in universe bakugou.
>put bakugou in his place
I dont really see dekubaku and todobaku in that kind of dynamic. But I can see it for kiribaku. It just feels different for deku and todo and other crackships. When baku is a bottom, its not todo or deku that has the power but baku who allows them to top him. Whereas Ive read kiribaku fics that are more "putting baku in his place" kind of situation. Ive also read kiribaku fics that have the above mentioned dynamic as well and those are also good. Of course this is all the opinion of someone who hasnt read/watched much of bnha, so take it with a grain of salt. Unrelated, have you read vanished or i think its titled similarly, but to sum up, future deku goes back in time and meets i think middle school baku? That was a really nice doujin.

No. 131406

>Whereas Ive read kiribaku fics that are more "putting baku in his place" kind of situation. Ive also read kiribaku fics that have the above mentioned dynamic as well and those are also good.

And this is the main reason why I prefer kirabaku ships, there's far more variety in terms of content and relationship dynamics

No. 131408

I only ship Bakudeku but I respect anons shipping Kiribaku if they're doing it because they find the dynamic more interesting instead of that "bakudeku is abusive boohoo" faux woke twitter bullshit

No. 131409

I think wokerards actually believe the former but use wokeism as a moral justification to why their ship is OTP

No. 131415

File: 1615293048392.png (497.12 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_20210309-172950.png)

All this talk about tops and bottoms reminded of something, Its a unique little quirk I have regarding certain characters, whether or not a character tops or bottoms depends very much on what version of character were talking about, you know Pre-Timeskip or post-timeskip or a rare transformation and even a unique costume

For e.g in most ships I see Joker(from the persona series) bottoming in every scenario and form unless when he's in drag, Joker in Drag is the one giving orders and domming yusuke

No. 131622

Super late response, but thanks for these suggestions as well. I did approach a used bookstore, but they weren't interested, and none of the other stores sell manga at all.

I think I'm going to try to sell the stuff that's sorta decent but not my taste online and put the real trash in a box out on the curb (but not near where I live).

No. 131649

do what I did for misc unpopular stuff, sell it as a bundle on ebay for bid starting from $1(shipping not included ofc).

That way you don't have to throw it away, and it goes to someone who wants it.

No. 131664

You are brilliant, anon. And sexy, too!

No. 131852

File: 1615531026105.png (2.22 MB, 1580x1408, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 15.3…)

I read way too much BL in the last few months and while I have posted ITT before I thought I'd write up a few short thoughts on everything I read.
Disclaimer: I actually bought these on cmoa.jp, I have no idea whether a translation exists for all of them. If you click 無料立ち読み on the product page you should be able to read a few pages of each manga.

Sato Tsubame
GAPS: My favourite BL of all time. maladjusted good-looking dude falls in love with his boss who has erectile disfunction. The dialogues are really fun and I like their dynamic. Not very cutesy. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/101817/
Ore ga suki nado warawaseru: Recently divorced seme wakes up with co-worker uke on his dick, asks if they should just date - uke says no. Just like GAPS this isn't cutesy and feels more realistic than your usual BL fare. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/214358/
Dogs: Spin-off of GAPS. Police officer gets harassed by his superior, who is a huge dick. Didn't like this one honestly. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/124307/
Files: Dude decides to work at the detective agency that caused him to lose his job, falls in love with detective who is looking for his lost brother. Kind of meh. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/138661/
Ore ga suki nara Hizamazuke: Spin-off of Ore ga suki nado waraseru (or the other way around). Elite salaryman gets confessed to by his equally elite salaryman, isn't happy about it, gets sexually abused. Didn't like. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/154912/
Kazemachi Kyuuka: Collection of short stories, very cute but they kind of all end too soon. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/109179/
Fukuzatsu de tanjun de koufuku na jikan wo: Teacher's new co-worker is the guy he confessed to on their last day of high school. Ends before anything really happens. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/135146/

Zettai, Koukai sasemasen kara: IT guy has been involuntarily outed at his job, making his life there a mess. New guy joins his department, confesses to him. Cute, but not very memorable. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/216484/

Sex Drop: Top wants to top other top, gets topped hard. I liked this one. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/188964/
Ichi ka, Bachi ka: 4 male friends, two are dating, the other two start to experiment. Was okay but wouldn't buy again. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/174953/
Pink Heart Jam: Guy questioning his sexuality happens upon his guitar playing university senpai at a brothel, falls for him. So far I don't really see the connection between them, but there are only 3 chapters released. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/208128/

Nikke Taino
Sex suru yori hazukashii koto: Dude gets recruited into simulating sex for streaming, gets really into it. I liked this one, lots of tension. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/175972/
Taikan Yohou: Unsuccessful manga artist lives with TV weatherman in exchange for performing house work including sex. Was very rapey, didn't like. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/208562/

Tagura Tooru
Nomi x Shiba: Super cute fluffy high school boy romance. One of my favs. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/191119/

Narashima Sachi
Cosmetic Play Lover: Two make-up artists at a department store fall in love after the seme blackmails the uke into sex. After that it's very shojo manga-esque, but I like it. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/153766/

Nohana Saori
Ikemen no senpai ga jitsu ha doutei de junjou deshita: Super popular office worker lets his guard down with his new subordinate, lets it slip he's a virgin. Continued in Ikemen no senpai ga jitsu ha bukiyou de junkan deshita. Okay but forgettable. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/108448/ https://www.cmoa.jp/title/192755/
Osanajimi ga do M de tsundere desu ga: High school student has had a crush on his neighbour since forever, neighbour is M and fucks random men. High school student asks him to at least give him a chance. This one was cute. Continued in Osanajimi ga kirakira de tsuraindesu ga. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/127432/ https://www.cmoa.jp/title/188623/

Misaka Nium
Junai Dropout: M guy starts dating coffee shop employee. Very smutty, but the relationship itself is actually super wholesome and sweet. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/178274/

Momose An
Yume nara doko made yurusaremasu ka: Overworked dude confesses murder to a young cop. Turns out it was just a dream, cop tells him to come by the police station whenever he needs to. This one was really cute, plus it has a buff guy in a police uniform. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/205609/

Agata Ito
Boku ha kimi no iinari: Kohai finds out his tennis club senpai is into him, starts having a sexual relationship with him. Smutty but kind of meh. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/117515/

Bokura no Tsuzuki: Childhood friends meet again, fall in love. Cute. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/204601/

Agaretsu Tanaka
Daisy Jealousy: I do not remember anything about this one. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/211124/

Kamoburger (カモバーガー)
Sweet Our R1: Uke thinks he might be slipping into sex addiction, starts withholding sex from his bf. Was okay. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/196387/

Kon Shota
Koi wo egakeba iro ga saku: Two guys who were at the same high school, one from the football club, one into art, meet again in university. Cute but forgettable. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/209738/

Sakumoto Ayu
Hello Green Days: Kohai falls in love with senpai at university. Very cozy, but I found it a bit boring. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/200931/

Sakura Riko
Daiji ni suru kara tabete ii?: Scary guy at school suddenly confesses to classmate. The relationship wasn't very convincing. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/161443/

Suzaka Shina / Anzai Rika
Tonari no Usotsuki: Gay dude who had always hidden his sexuality falls in love with openly gay guy he meets at a coffee shop. Forgettable. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/170955/

Lonely Playground: Restaurant worker picks up office worker who has been cut off by his abusive boyfriend. Had to read the description to remember it. The art kind of sucks. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/181606/

Sensei no kimochi wo kotae nasai: Teacher's use of prostitutes is discovered by coworker who uses it to pressure him into sexual acts. Was alright. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/204848/

Hatoya Tama
Ecchi na oshiri ja dame desu ka?: Uni student is way too much into anal masturbation, looks for a guy to fuck him, meets much older dude who falls in love with him. The age difference really didn't do it for me. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/190890/

Yatamomo: Dude picks up homeless prostitute, lets him live with him. I know people tend to love Harada, but all the characters sucked. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/100243/

Machio Yu
Kono saki ha futari kiri de: High school boy secretly in love with his friend. Boring, didn't like the art. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/186317/

Miyoshi Ayato
Toshishita Kareshi ni hirowaremashita: Young adult gets drunk at the wedding of the guy he had been pining for since high school, young bar employee cares for him. Nothing great here. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/128265/
Hatsukoi katte ni owarasu na: Guy surprisingly meets gay high school friend who had cut contact with him after graduation. Gay friend gets thrown out by his boyfriend, stays at guy's house. Kind of sweet. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/216724/

No. 131854

Oh my, that was really long and my formatting didn't help. Sorry!

No. 131860

File: 1615535209887.gif (473.7 KB, 500x281, 54FB6F92-852B-4B79-862B-9538F2…)

Thank you for your contribution, nonny.

No. 131923

File: 1615602587855.png (1.15 MB, 868x864, 5644654664.PNG)

I preordered the official Western release of Dramatical Murder, I've never played this game before so I'm pretty excited ngl. Anyone else buying it too?

No. 131927

File: 1615605512342.gif (509.35 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Thanks reminding me this was a thing, now I wanna replay it

No. 131928

Apparently the fan translation purposely made mink sound worse, so the official one should make him more likeable.

No. 131931

I'm really not looking forward to the second coming of Mink discourse.

No. 131947

File: 1615618321514.jpg (57.26 KB, 500x320, ssss.jpg)

Sucks that it's only available for Windows. Only way I can enjoy the content is to find incomplete playthroughs online. My favorite route would have to be Clear's.

No. 131956

The only thing I know about this game is the ending in which the white haired guy amputates the main character's limbs and removes his eyes and vocal chords and paralyzes him from the waist down so he can hurt him all he wants or something and the thought still fucks me up bad, is it really worth trying or is it just full of shit like that?

No. 131959

14 year old me is screaming, I've always been too retarded to figure out how to get the illegally downloaded ver to work, so I'm glad I can finally play it. Annoyed that it only ships from murica though, do you think there will be anyways to buy the physical copy in the uk? I'm worried the disks wont work on my non uk laptop.

There's various routes and endings depending on what character you decide to go with. Each one has a good and bad ending, the one you described is Clear's bad ending. I'm pretty Kojaku's bad ending is the only one where Aoba doesn't get hurt or raped, so go with his route if you want to be safe.

No. 131997

File: 1615654219295.jpg (77.75 KB, 700x455, DRAMAtical.Murder.600.1066077.…)

I recall it was pretty clear whether you're steering into a direction of a bad ending or a good one? Nitro+Chiral does some brutal shit to their characters, DMMd was still much more tame than Togainu no Chi. As long as you make sure you're doing things right and getting to a good ending you'll be safe from brutality. Kinda envious that you get to experience it fresh, it's easily the best game of the genre I've ever played so I miss the excitement of discovering it for the first time

No. 131999

There are bad and good endings. Good endings are all really wholesome and cute as far as I remember, bad endings are brutal most of the time. Even Koujaku's bad ending has blood in it if the re:connect scenes are included (not sure if they will be?).
I personally like this sort of contrast and I don't think that it's too difficult to get the good endings. You should look up some walkthrough parts to see if you like it or not.

No. 132004

File: 1615659876418.jpg (171.68 KB, 844x1200, Yuki2Bto2BMatsu.V1.ch03.119-1.…)

Where does a fujo go to sperg out about original series with her fellow fans? Even on Japanese twitter there's no real conversation outside of the biggest fandoms.

No. 132009

File: 1615663596398.jpg (22.2 KB, 600x390, c97.jpg)

im screaming at that panel anon loool

No. 132018

These panels are also why Yuki to Matsu is a fucking masterpiece.

No. 132032

In actual Japan, unfortunately. The doujin stores 100% devoted to bl are the best. If you can work up your courage and ignore all of the disapproving old dudes and salarymen (sir I saw you eyeing that tenga masturbator vending machine and anime girl vagina replica). Just hanging out with all the girls in there, and sometimes a random sincere guy. And there are clubs in and out of conventions for manga and doujin sales. Obviously not very feasable though, tragically.

Also, lmao that panel.

No. 132086

It’s hard isn’t it? I’ve only one other friend who reads Japanese and likes BL but even then we only recommend things to each other. I find it hard to discuss and most BL conversation goes - this good, good story, nice art, nice butthole, end.

Now manhwa on the other hand - their BL is fucking wild and their weekly release dates open room to speculate. Blind Play is fucking insane for example

No. 132127

>experience it fresh

not that anon but god i know what you mean. i get a little sad knowing it's unlikely anything in the bl vn genre will surpass dmmd, at least not for another however-many years. like, we've reached peak yaoi and it's all down hill from here.

No. 132129

File: 1615782798550.png (219.08 KB, 960x1200, Towa_sprite.PNG.png)

don't worry, slow damage is coming out and we'll go through a similar dmmd hell once again

No. 132130

File: 1615784600313.jpg (342.28 KB, 584x584, 60599833_p3.jpg)

There's nowhere else to whine about this retarded topic so you're stuck with me here.
I've been on a Berserk kick again lately and have also rediscovered the retarded fans. I'm no Griffith apologist but it bugs me a bit when people do his character a disservice. On one side you've got the typical tumblrites that only comprehend homolust and anything else flies over their heads, and on the other you've got edgy insecure fanboys who kick and scream in denial over the intentional and rather brazen homoeroticism (and some take their brain damage further still by denying he was even capable of human emotion pre-Femto like holy crap how can one be this dense). And they argue everywhere.

Like damn why even follow this decades long deteriorating series if you're gonna close your eyes through it. And why even pick up an edgefest trying to shock you if you can't even handle a bit of homoeroticism. I hate people.

No. 132170

Ayrt. Thanks for the info.

>most BL conversation goes - this good, good story, nice art, nice butthole, end.

That exactly it.
I guess I'll just keep working on my nihongo for now.

I'll check out your rec anon.

No. 132173

Oh I hope so anon. I need another dmmd hell.

No. 132176

Oh damn, it's really is soon and hopefully will be easy to buy in english since it seems to be getting an official translation! Looking good.

No. 132257

There were actually a lot of girls who spoke English, Korean, Chinese, and a bunch of European and other Asian languages in the BL community when I have been in Japan and they were all super sweet and cool. Otome Road is famous but personally I prefer Nakano Broadway when I am looking for my preferred yaoi content. More locals and all of the girls were super chill and sweet (and shameless lmao). Of course there were still annoying tourists (a lot of French ones for some reason) you had to dodge, who were just there to gawk and screech about how weird everything was and piss off literally everyone in the vicinity. It really is awesome to just casually dish with other women about this topic in person though, I miss it.

No. 132262

File: 1615867577208.jpg (409.06 KB, 902x1300, shisseishou-oikawa.jpg)

Now that the Haikyuu manga has ended we lost one of the most unconvincing "just friends" pairings that I have ever seen in anime or manga, Oikawa and Iwaizumi. So gay. They had so much chemistry that if the mangaka ended it with them getting married I wouldn't have even blinked. At least this pairing has a lot of nice doujins floating around.

No. 132304

don't expect gay marriage from fujobait mangas

No. 132308

Of course not (explicit gay hookups in mainstream anime and manga? lmao when hell freezes over). It's just that they were the gayest supposed "just friends" I have ever seen in a sports anime/manga and those things are already ridiculously no homo! while being incredibly homoerotic.

No. 132316

was this drawn by the author of given? i heard she used to make haikyuu doujins and this looks like her art style

No. 132317

File: 1615891783944.jpg (357.62 KB, 900x1274, One-Second-Rendezvous_07.jpg)

Good eye anon, it is. She made really sweet Oikawa x Iwaizumi doujins. Also some other ships. I just read character trivia and the mangaka of Haikyuu said Oikawa was born on Alexander the Great's birthday and Iwaizumi was born on the day of his death, lol that's so gay. I actually have really depraved tastes normally (think Harada's most psychologically twisted works) but sometimes I do just want something wholesome and cute.

No. 132346

File: 1615904256211.png (939.14 KB, 988x1422, yukitotatsu.png)

lmao thanks for bringing it up. finished it recently, it was a fun read

No. 132476

As a baguette anon I'm not surprised about the French tourists lol. I don't know why they're like this but it sounds awfully familiar.
I don't know why I hadn't thought about the English-speaking fans. I'll make sure to visit Nakano Broadway when I get the chance.

No. 132480

Lol all the French dudes I met were awful. So rude. Acting like they owned the place. It's like they were competing with the Americans for most awful scrote squad (actually the Brits were the most blatant sex pests tbh). The French women were super cool though. When wild deer were twirling me around by the skirt this french woman really wanted to take photos and was really nice asking me for permission.

Nakano is great for BL. You can get all the original works in manga and bookstores (some audio readings too) and piles of doujins including rare pairings. All the girls were so chill to hang out with. Found a Taiwanese girl into my ship from Hoozuki no Reitetsu to sperg with, helped me find a FIZZCODE doujin. It's great for niche art and collecting and interests in general. Shoutout to my fave Nakano store Taco Che, not exclusively BL or anything but mostly staffed by women and dedicated to alternative and fetish manga. Adore that place.

No. 132499

NTA but I had no idea Nakano had female-centric stores or communities, I mostly go to Otome Road for BL stuff. I've been to Nakano Broadway but it seemed to be mostly scrote-centric hentai doujins and toys so maybe I just didn't know where to look.

The only tourists I've met have been Chinese (no idea if mainland or Taiwanese) though, haven't seen a lot of westerners around.

No. 132530

different anon, but do you have any other specific stores you recommend for BL? or places to hang out?

each time i manage to go to japan, i never get a chance to buy porn (i'm with family, on a school trip, whatever), but next time i get the chance to travel, whew, i'm going all out.

No. 132579

I'm pretty sure it's Mandarake that runs exclusively BL doujin stores that are absolutely packed to the brim. You could spend endless hours there. It was organized by series. And a lot of the bookstores, even the classy ones (I liked Haruya, I think) and manga shops, have large BL sections. They will ask if you want bookstore branded paper covers to go overtop to protect your dignity lol. Yeah, you will definitely see obnoxious scrotes and their shit all over, like right on the main floor there will be brazen loli art books just right in a window clear as day where regular shoppers going to food stalls and eyeglasses shops walk past. The tenga vending machines make me lol. You just have to ignore the men and go exploring. That's what I did until I found all my little niches.

You will also find loads of bishie men toys and toys from Fujo baiting sports series. They had kinbaku Gintama men keychains lol.

No. 132582

See my other comment for talking to women with niche interests like boys love in Nakano. I love Taco Che, the Mandarake run BL doujin shops, and just milling around in the BL sections of Mandarake's manga shops or standard bookstores long enough and sometimes you will find someone really into the same author.

Whenever I go I have gone alone and to meet up with Japanese female friends. Which means I don't have to worry about my family or friends judging me lol. Keep an eye out online for events exclusively for BL mangaka and fans (sometimes pixiv artists promote on there). You can make purchases at events and mill about with other fans and meet creators. They pop up pretty randomly. Otome Road is a pretty good spot to watch for events because they advertise physically there. You can pick up leaflets.

I'm a huge freak despite being shy but I have met women through places like Vibe Bar Wild One, which is a women's only bar in Tokyo where you can buy fancy vibrators and it attracts women with all kinds of sexual interests and personalities.

No. 132736

>They will ask if you want bookstore branded paper covers to go overtop to protect your dignity lol
OT, but this is not exclusive to manga stores, they ask that for any book you buy in Japan.
I was at Mandarake in Akihabara a few weeks back and while they had quite a large selection I felt a bit overwhelmed tbh
Have to kind of hide the extend of my BL sperging at home though, so I only buy digital and it kills me that (most?) doujin are paper only.

No. 132778

Oh yes, bookstores are diligent about this (they sell BL and other potentially embarrassing content too). It's just funny how fast they whip them out as soon as they see a stack of BL volumes. While maintaining a polite and neutral expression of course. Yes pretty much all doujin are hard copy only. I have pretty much all of Harada's stashed away.

No. 132931

File: 1616253035488.jpg (109.54 KB, 800x1160, 47ac07b659f933d687eff54442dabd…)

Any other fujoshits have a yaoi radar? I was trying to get into Teen Titans and I got to the episode where Slade tries to make Robin his apprentice and instantly I just KNEW there must be hundreds, thousands of fics of them online. I was right but it got me to thinking of what kind of characters/ships just attract a BL audience and why is it possible to smell fujoshit from a mile away.

No. 132936

Not to cannibalize the NSFW game general thread but anyone else playing Degrees of Lewdity here? I read the discussion in that thread and was convinced enough to try it out since you can pick the avatar's and all the NPCs' gender and set them to male. It's exactly the kind of depraved fujo smut I'm into, if other anons here are interested I'm just letting you know because most anons in that thread seem to play it on hetero mode.

No. 132938

File: 1616257148405.png (541.8 KB, 720x900, 720px-Kylar-blackberrypie_06.p…)

I thought most of the anons in that thread were also fujos? Don't see how the game would be enjoyable on hetero mode. Anyway, at first I thought he was worst boy but I actually started to really enjoy bullying Kylar. All the options to punish him are extremely hot. Second best is Winter but it's really hard to collect the antiques and romance with most of the teachers is so limited.

No. 132939

I'm playing it with everyone set to male and it's great kek. I'm trying to anger Avery to get his noncon scenes but I'm also a pussy and don't like picking the negative options on dates with him.

No. 132963

>Don't see how the game would be enjoyable on hetero mode.
Agree, I probably couldn't stomach playing with a female character due to how straight out fucked up most of the content is. But with boy characters it's just up my alley kek

I'm a Whitneyfag but I'm hoping for more romanceable options since I'd like to have Remy be a farmer daddy with his bullboy similar to Eden's route. Haven't tried Kylar yet but now I'm interested since you mentioned being able to bully him.

btw are there any good artists drawing DoL fanart like your pic related? The ones in the wiki for example look like dog shit to be honest.

No. 132964

Kylar is too needy for me but I can see his appeal. The character I dislike the most is Robin. He's too milquetoast and everyone seems to be super into him.

I really wanted Bailey to be available though. He's the one I lust for but can't have. I like Eden railing my character every day though.

No. 132965

I wish you could trigger Avery's possessiveness by other means than just being a dick to him because I'm the same as you anon, too pussy to pick the defiant options and doomed to deal with the boring dates. The noncon scenes seem much more interesting tbh

I actually like Robin but he would work better as a caring brother type instead of the spineless push-over he's made to be.

No. 132966

I think that's what turns me off about Robin. He's such a fucking pussy that it turns me off to the point where I completely ignore his ass. I like vanilla but he's a cheap imitation vanilla. I'm not taking in his debt. I mean fuck, I had to fight a fucking whale? What the hell Robin!?

No. 132970

What the fuck I totally forgot about this LOL my childhood self secretly shipped the fuck out of it but didn’t know about fanfiction/internet. Do you have any fic recs anon?

No. 132991

Same, I wanted Bailey to be an option.

No. 133069

He's the type that would start crying during sex so while I care about his problems and want to help him out I want to do so without romancing his ass.

No. 133077

Fellow fujos, I would like some recs. I really like the enemies to lovers (or enemie lovers) dynamic, but most of what I find on ao3 is petty rivalry shit (eg, different teams, rival idols). What are some pairings where they have great chemistry but really despise eachother?
(kek, this reads like an askreddit post)

No. 133089

File: 1616338892855.png (311.56 KB, 680x314, EYd5UmyU4AQhrc- (1).png)

Shizaya(Shizuo x Izaya) from DRRR is a pretty classic one. You can also try Kurapika x Chrollo.

No. 133101

File: 1616346773632.png (816.62 KB, 1050x1400, E23B8F4E-D945-4403-9179-9AAA62…)

Seconding Shizaya above. Another is Bungo Stray Dogs' Dazai and Chuuya, who develop from allied rivals into outright nemeses.

No. 133103

This one is an oldie but suzaku and lelouche from code geass

No. 133108

File: 1616350213054.jpg (90.9 KB, 800x599, c28fc4e584c066cfed9ce597c4ad0b…)

I love Suzaku x Lelouch but can't help but think of them as a poor man's Kira x Athrun. I miss Gundam slash shipping so much.

No. 133129

File: 1616362635107.jpg (164.12 KB, 500x713, 1448691064813.jpg)

Seconding Chrollo/Kurapika, that's some legit enmity.

Yata/Saruhiko from K Project is a fav of mine, though they started out friends so they aren't true enemies deep down.

No. 133139

File: 1616370296464.gif (572.43 KB, 445x250, lol.gif)

There are a lot of great Shizuo x Izaya doujins. Hurling heavy objects at your nemesis immediately on sight, lol.

No. 133141

File: 1616371842111.gif (1.84 MB, 500x281, dazaichuuya.gif)

Dazai also has Akutagawa who canonically both loves and hates him after he switches teams. The funny thing is Dazai is basically largely responsible for corrupting both of them into bad guys. Chuuya was a pretty cute ruffian before Dazai aggressively turned his friends against him and manipulated him down them path of full blown mobster and then pissed off to ostensibly join the good guys. He pushed Akutagawa to use his abilities for extreme violence and would coldly beat the hell out of him for failure. So a lot of good reasons for enmity in these pairings.

No. 133142

I never connected the two but now that you've said that, you're absolutely fucking right

No. 133143

the tension in the air is fucking palpable

No. 133299

This game is great and I love it, but I can't imagine playing in hetero mode. I made everyone male.

I got into the game without reading much about it and started romancing Kylar just because he was available in school and seemed like an emo loner, realizing only later that this character can go full fucking yandere stalker if you're not careful, kek.

I really want to play my character as a pure, sinless virgin so he could obtain the Angel transformation and then get horribly corrupted into a Demon, but I got about halfway there and decided that I wanted him to get abducted by the Black Wolf instead.

No. 133328

File: 1616504346219.jpg (91.18 KB, 571x629, welp.jpg)


No. 133365

Anyone read Harada?

No. 133393

Anons, I'm getting into bl manga again after many years. What sites do you use to read it? I'm a dinosaur and most of the ones I used are down now.

No. 133405

Harada is queen. She gets a bunch of mentions in this thread.

No. 133420

nitro+ games are known for being fucking long, I don't think we'll see translations for at least another year.

good old MRM or futekiya

No. 133436

was just gonna recommend mrm, if mrm gets shut down whew im going to really have to learn japanese. too bad mango mango got downed. inb4 "support the authors" anons.

No. 133452

Not her but MRM still exists? It's been several weeks since I tried to go there and my browsers act like nothing the website doesnt exist anymore. And this happened soon after I sold some BL manga,thinking scans are readily available anyway so I feel cheated.

No. 133469

What are your favorites from her?

No. 133471

It's blocked in France, because of the shota content I would guess. So, it's possible it's been banned in other countries too.

No. 133497

Well I'm French so that explains it. I got curious and looked it up and I've seen that other countries blocked it, like Turkey at the very least.

No. 133504

MRM or one I like to use is manhuascan. If you're into manhwa, manhuascan is great because it doesn't do that autistic "one panel per page" shit that mangago and mangadex did.

No. 133505

Harada is cool, currently reading Happy Kuso Life and I've read some of her other works but I'd say Color Recipe is by far my favorite from her

No. 133510

Welcome back

No. 133512

I never ended up making an account, but mgg had an option to toggle the one panel per page if you had one.

No. 133527

Oh im glad. Sometimes mentioning her is a hit or miss.
Man. That's tough but probably Color Theory? That shit had me on the edge of my seat. Like every page was a jump scare lol. I also cant remember the name but one had to do with a kid who's mom sold him as a prostitute and basically he had no self esteem bc of that?>>133505
Its amazing how harada can write like really scary trauma based stories and make something as funny as happy kuso life
try Manganelo ? Mangagogo

No. 133554

I ship every older daddy type with Dick, Slade being no exception.

No. 133555

She's my favorite BL mangaka <3

No. 133563

>Color Theory
Color Recipe

No. 133564

Slade/Robin is hot bruhhh he's so thirsty for older male validation. I'd get cancelled in an instant saying that in normie spaces though.

No. 133569

I love how her stories are suuuuuper unconventional. It’s a relaxing break from the usual BL tropes/storylines
My bad. It’s been awhile

No. 133616

File: 1616638588126.gif (77.15 KB, 600x440, NkpYccr.gif)

No. 133621

File: 1616642419701.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.04 KB, 919x1330, Ukatsuna2Byakusoku2Bwa2Bsuru2B…)

NTA, but basically all of them. Nobody really does twisted psychological dynamics like her. People unfamiliar with her work should be forewarned that nothing is really off limits for her (large age gaps, even occasionally shota) and psychological and physical abuse feature heavily and so does rape and every kind of taboo pretty much (you don't have to worry about feces or bestiality though.)

I own most of her Gintoki x Hijikata doujin. Strong themes of unhealthy dependence, masochism and sadism, and stockholm syndrome. She occasionally does some cute stuff but Gintoki is basically always some shade of dominant sadist. Shuukan Edo- milder than most, bit of comedy. Gintoki feigns being more upset about something than he is and Hijikata is genuinely apologetic and he seizes the opportunity to sexually torment him until he cries and passes out. Me Yami Otoko- One of the best. Hijikata is severely injured and wheelchair bound in the hospital and Gintoki is turned on by his helplessness and ruthlessly exploits it. Kabe- takes the "stuck in wall" trope and turns it against Hijikata, sadistic. Ukatsuna yakusoku wa suru na- Starts off consensual but devolves into bondage and edging torture, Gintoki gets blackmail so he can do it more presumably. Mienai Kusari- Probably the darkest of them all. Gintoki imprisons Hijikata and sexually and psychologically tortures him over a long period before strategically abandoning him and releasing him with the goal of inducing stockholm syndrome.

Yajirushi- in which an arrogant bully asshole uses the fact that a very meek classmate is in love with him to use him for petty wants. Flys into a possessive rage when meek classmate apparently has a boyfriend.

Hikizuru oto- childhood best friend fakes a long since recovered injury to exploit his best friend's severe guilt over the accident that caused it and keep him close. Sexually and emotionally possessive.

Piercing Hole- Salaryman with a piercing fetish. New bf becomes gripped with rage and jealousy over the thought of the former lovers who gave him his piercings.

Going to break up my responses because one of my other attempted posts gotten eaten and made me cry.

No. 133625

File: 1616644925260.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.82 KB, 960x1412, Aru_Otoko_no_Higeki_by_Harada_…)

Yatamomo- about Momo a submissive once child prostitute who was formerly the live in sex slave of a wealthy sadist, but flees. Ends up living with a kind but sexually aggressive guy. The former wealthy sadist gives them trouble.

Sumomo- companion piece about the relationship the aforementioned rich sadist had with Momo.

Henai- shady, no-good teacher, gets off on being the recipient of sexually aggressive role play by a reluctant student.

Messiah no Yakubi/ Messiah no Kyojitsu/ Messiah no Sentaku- Guy who only tops, mostly oral, is set up to be violated by a sadistic rapist by his obsessed best friend in the hopes that it will make him stop sleeping around and send him into his arms.

Chikan sareteru kare wo guuzen hakkenshite, teki na tenkai de- High school student is groped and then raped on a crowded train in front of a classmate. Turns out the classmate paid for it to be done to him because he gets off on it and wanted his classmate to rely on him emotionally. Twisted.

Kyousituno Hizumi/Hizumi Hajime (After School Perversion)- cold blooded and dominant teacher manipulates submissive and lonely student into adoring him and becoming his sexual plaything. Memorable scene with a paper cut.

Aru Otoko no Higeki- Super brutal one shot from her main series Yoru to Asa no Uta. Guy gets brutalized by two gangsters. And I mean really brutalized. Beat up, stepped on, stapled, burned with a cigarette, forced to drink their pee. Not for the faint hearted.

No. 133626

Call me fucked but i honestly shipped the simp with the yakuza brother and the blonde singer with the rapist. Also One Room Angel is really good by Harada too and its a sideish story of Yoru to Asa. Its actually one of the sweeter ones.

No. 133627

File: 1616645706943.gif (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 360x640, 161664500290.gif)



No. 133631

File: 1616646965631.jpg (152.4 KB, 720x1023, One-Room-Angel-c2-x19-MRM.jpg)

Lol, I feel you on both counts. I'm a total sicko. I am all for demented ships. Dark haired yakuza guy is really hot but his ability to rape on command is alarming. Like, just like that, huh? One Room Angel is really sweet but heartbreaking. I loved the character designs. I haven't disliked anything Harada has done. She's really interesting because she can write the most horrifying psychological torture stockholm syndrome stuff and then also convincingly cute roommate stories. She has the range.

No. 133633

Samefag cause i mentioned this upthread, but Chou to Hana has Harada vibes without bad scenes tho the prequel does has some. And the character design, I knew that the dude from One Room Angel HAD to be related to the dark haired yakuza. Also scruffy looking dudes are just chef's kiss. My head canon is that dkhaired yakuza has a thing for the singer which is why he could on demand but I'm 60% sure he has a thing for the yakuza boss.

No. 133637

Yakuza brother is so much sexier than the monkey, I support your ships l

No. 133642

Samefag here but sorry to burst your bubble but I ship Yakuza boss with simp precisely because simp and yakuza boss are both so bland. Monkey for the win, he has my heart and so does dark haired yakuza.
Dark Haired Yakuza >>>>>>> Yakuza Boss
Monkey >>>>>>> Simp

No. 133653

Still works, Boss and Simp can simp eachother and yakuza can bust the monkeys dickhole with rocks or what
Perfect harmony, man

No. 133654

File: 1616655349309.jpg (74.4 KB, 422x623, Yoru_to_Asa_no_Uta_c07_p29~2.j…)

>Chou to Hana
I've read that one. I like guys who look kind of tough but are actually crybabies.

>Also scruffy looking dudes are just chef's kiss

For real, for real. Especially with the disgruntled expressions.

>My head canon is that dkhaired yakuza has a thing for the singer which is why he could on demand but I'm 60% sure he has a thing for the yakuza boss.

I mean dark haired yakuza calls him Asaichi-kun right after he rapes him which is a little weird, right? But being into your violent scheming boss is such a classic villian sidekick thing. Probs a little gay, picrel.

No. 133655

Any deranged scenario you can think of works in Harada land, pretty much. That's the beauty of it. But to be fair. Yakuza boss guy was the one coming up with staplers, drinking pee, burning his dick with a cigarette, gravel up the urethra, etc. His dark haired assistant wasn't really enthusiastic about it.

No. 133660

On the topic of Harada, has anyone found any other connections in her stories? One Angel Room's scruffy dude is brothers with Yoru to Asa's black haired yakuza. Yatamomo is friends with and borrows a suit from black haired yakuza for one of his job interviews.

>being into your violent scheming boss is such a classic villian sidekick thing
doesn't help that the boss broke both of his arms, kidnapped him, did who knows what else and black haired yakuza willing went back to him. breaks my head canon, but damn if thats not love/classic harada stockholm what is.

No. 133666

File: 1616663844267.jpg (399.61 KB, 942x1345, 10en.jpg)

Probably are threaded through her original works. I'm such a lazy stan. I own basically physical copies of everything she has written but can't think of anymore right now. And I keep calling her characters like boss yakuza guy and dark haired yakuza guy instead of their names, Iori and Tomoda, lol.

>doesn't help that the boss broke both of his arms, kidnapped him, did who knows what else and black haired yakuza willing went back to him. breaks my head canon, but damn if thats not love/classic harada stockholm what is

A man beating you half to death/trying to kill you/raping you is a precursor to love or at least intense obsession in Harada land. Picrel, when you cry because you find your rapist was put up to it and didn't do it on his own volition. And to your point Iori is way to thorough, creative, and detailed with his revenge rapes, so… things happened for sure. The Yakuza would be a really good setting for Harada but maybe it would be to overwhelming because there is just way too much potential for homoerotic violence there and it would be overwhelming.

No. 133680

>One Angel Room's scruffy dude is brothers with Yoru to Asa's black haired yakuza.
Oh fuck I never noticed this

Don't know if you left out Nii-chan intentionally (wouldn't blame you kek) but that's one of my favourite Harada works. A high school student was abused by a neighborhood teen as a kid and got him jailed and institutionalized after he got caught, now he's obsessed with finding his "big brother" and rekindling their "love". It has rape and recounts of child abuse so it's "that kind of Harada" but the story was really well-written and even snuck in really good social commentary which I didn't fully realize at first.

No. 133683

Yeah there are references to his little brother being in the yakuza and how it's his fault, and they actually look a lot alike when you look side by side. But it kinda gets lost in the rest of the story.

I did leave it out on purpose, you got me. It's definitely her most controversial original work. I left out her Gintama doujins that contain shota or borderline shota stuff too, one of them is arguably more disturbing than Nii-chan actually. I agree it is well written and more realistic with the handling of certain themes- albeit pretty disturbing obvs. Art on point as usual. Not to get dark but I have very personal experience with this topic and it strangely didn't make me recoil. Almost her whole catalogue is very disturbing with the topics and themes so kinda splitting hairs…

No. 133686

File: 1616674596935.jpeg (1 MB, 2752x3719, tomokibrothers.jpeg)

>One Angel Room's scruffy dude is brothers with Yoru to Asa's black haired yakuza.
Oh fuck I never noticed this

They look very similar. The hair and narrow apathetic eyes. But one looks deader and the other a lot angrier. Anyways 10/10 would get curbstomped by or whatever.