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File: 1597908491189.jpg (192.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 105134

Previous thread: >>20688

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 105136

File: 1597909006797.png (197.99 KB, 1194x744, 1593497908818.jpg.png)

Reposting this from the old thread because it deserves preservation.

No. 105143

I like bl but shit like this comes across as were just coping, it's alright to acknowledge that the "males" in most yaoi are not at all close to makes IRL while still acknowledging Boys love

No. 105147

File: 1597914613597.webm (15.1 MB, 1280x720, jay_tgcf_3_-_i_think_about_xia…)

>Can any anons answer my question in regards to the CCP's censorship of BL? I specifically want to know how the Untamed was even released and adapted without the author being sent to one of those re-education camps.
Some people actually spread a rumor that she's in prison but it's fake. Most BL authors stay anonymous, she never shows her face, her only interviews are via audio and the novels are released on private blogs, meaning she isn't spreading her fujo propaganda on public sites lol
I honestly think that The Untamed was just super lucky. I guess it helped that they mentioned that they're bestest friends a couple times (and there are some blokes who enjoyed it and now unironically try to make themselves believe that they're really just bros kek), though you can see in the BTS that they did refer to them as boyfriends meaning the actors know what they're supposed to portray. And with that series being such a big success (the actors went from no names to the best selling in entire China thanks to only that) of course other BL works are to be adapted as well.
However I read that censorship got even stricter last year, e.g. zombies are no longer allowed (because zombies are dead humans and the dead are to be respected) and seeing as many chinese novels are set in fantasy settings, that only means even more difficulties, in addition to try and make the romance as subtle as possible, they also need to change up the plot. I hope that it'll work out nevertheless, seeing as many of the actors confirmed are quite big names already and work of top celebrities can't be banned that easily. Interestingly, for one of the actors this is already his 2nd BL role, so that's quite risky of him.

I don't get it either, most people hating on BL are uber woke fakebois. Normal girls and women usually just don't care at all, they don't even know what exactly it is other than "weirdos who like gay anime boys".

No. 105148

I think that's the whole point of the image, anon. This bait anon was having a spergout over something most fujoshis are well aware of and thinking she's being a big brain claiming all fujos are lesbians in denial who simp for men without realizing that most male characters in BL are very female-coded and fujo anons made fun of her for lacking perception skills.

No. 105150

The only thing China loves more than throwing its own people in jail is foreign money. As long as Untamed keeps raking in fujobux the government is willing to look the other way. It's sad but I take comfort in thinking that maybe it helps normalize gay relationships in China in the future.

No. 105153

Oh shit I guess that was my false assumption, I don't want to make this a radfem discussion but the other radfem spaces I do lurk in seem hostile towards bl and yaoi, they see it much less harmful then IRL porn or typical straight hentai but they do believe liking bl stems from interlized misogony

No. 105157

I've noticed a lot of normie-leaning radfem spaces blaming BL of "brainwashing" girls into trooning out which is plain ignorant because they're dodging the real issue altogether by reducing the complexity to "girl fetishizes gay ppl and tries to live out her fetish duuhh!!!!". Not denying that it's a factor at all, but if girls were more comfortable being GNC lesbians without the extra steps of living the aiden LARP dating other female fakebois it wouldn't happen, but I think this is just the aftermath of fujos constantly being made fun of for "self-inserting" into the characters despite being women so they went the opposite direction of "b-but I'm actually a man you know, that makes it less cringe!".

It's not the genre's fault for giving a private space for women to express their sexual needs while being detached from the expectations placed upon them in other female-featuring stories. Sure helped me to come to terms with my lesbianism because I used it as a proxy to interact with other women sexually if that makes any sense.

No. 105160

does it help that close male friendships aren't as looked down on as in the west? You can see old guys holding hands and nobody care, don't get me started on 'no homo' girl friendships.

I started watching 'Winter Begonia' lately, manly bc of the 1920/30s aestethic, but I immediatly realised it's based on BL.

No. 105166

Um anon I think you have it backwards, if men so as hug each other their considered gay, eastern cultures don't seem to have this much problem with male friendships though

No. 105168

I don't think so. Same sex friendships in other asian countries (like in S.Korea) might be more touchy touchy than in the West, but that's not really the case in China or at least not to that big extent. For example, chinese kpop idols often say that they're weirded out by how uncomfortably physically close same sex friends in Korea are, stuff like carrying another man is definitely not seen as a normal thing. But no matter where, people (men) who don't want to see gay content will always find a way to make themselves believe it's straight.
In the case of The Untamed maybe the fact that it was so low budget contributed to whoever is responsible for censoring not paying that close attention to it because they thought it'll flop and thus not reach many people anyway.

No. 105169

I don't have any comment on the Chinese BL shows storytelling but why are the wigs so bad

No. 105171

Low budget, the CGI effects are subpar too. In The Untamed they also wanted the shorter actor to be taller than the other one, so they just piled up his hair as high as possible.

No. 105178

Yoi movie when

No. 105179

i thought it was going to be released this year, anon or even a teaser or trailer of it. it's weird they released the poster years ago but never the news or progress after that tbh.

No. 105190

It could be that the 'rona messed up their schedule for the release, it was originally coming in 2019 but got bumped to 2020 for some reason. They were working on the 2nd season of the anime simultaneously which was supposed to come out this fall but was postponed to the virus outbreak.

No. 105416

File: 1598045666807.png (586.76 KB, 2029x1374, EdnbcH5VAAAX1JR.png)

tfw I wish there was more bad boy/delinquent stuff
Can't get enough of those yankii boyz

No. 105449

They’re hot anon, what is this from please?

No. 105466

Any good boy’s love recommendations? I’m not into the usual cliches of the genre.

No. 105489

Is The Untamed worth watching? I'm like 3 episodes in and it's sooo slow. Is there actually any BL content in it?

No. 105518

It's hard to recommend anything if you don't give a few pointers on what you're looking for. Nobody knows what you mean by "cliches of the genre".

No. 105523


To keep it short, just wholesome and funny stuff. Comedies and fantasy tend to my favs half the time.

No. 105546

>wholesome fantasy
>no cliches
Pick one

No. 105552

File: 1598160742179.jpeg (89.55 KB, 700x910, 5214c03c211618b303a2dcdbf4d8ef…)

Only 3 chapters in and I'm excited to see how this webtoon 'Semantic Error' will develop. It's been a while since I felt this way about anything yaoi related. I liked how the characters felt like real ppl, being in uni, majoring in design and computer science, having strong personalities etc. From what I've been told this one is shounen ai but the author plans on making extras with smut scenes. Idc about that, I just loved the characters and hope I don't get disappointed later on

No. 105555

They look like Yusuke and Kazuma from YuYu Hakushu lol

No. 105576

File: 1598190828225.gif (2.96 MB, 268x230, 6e061f881e7a31ce1030da32625de9…)

If you're looking for kisses etc then sorry to disappoint you, as mentioned before it's all very subtle, they only say things like them being best friends/soulmates and this is the most intimate they get.
I personally never found it slow at all, so maybe it just isn't for you? You need to look for thai, taiwanese (I really liked Formula 17) and japanese movies if you want to see actual boy love, that stuff is forbidden in China.

No. 105604


Might as well just pick wholesome.

No. 105611

Oooh the art looks really nice, im gonna check it out.

The kind of yaoi i like, i guess would be descirbed as vanille? I really dont like rape or incesty things same with the yuri i read. I like fluf with good art but i dont mind some drama. It's hard sometimes to find good yaoi that dont have the rapey tropes.

No. 105635

Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai Vs Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko is pretty funny

No. 105661

File: 1598265434298.png (339.13 KB, 600x398, Gohatto-HQ-photo-05.png)

Man, I remember watching the movie Gohatto/Taboo 10years ago, because its Japanese only to be surprised by the gay. Good times

No. 105662

Holy shit we watched this in one of my college classes once lmaooooo. My professor couldn’t show all of it (obviously) but since I was close to him, he gave me and my friend a full copy to watch ourselves hahahah. Truly good times.

No. 105669

File: 1598279060756.jpeg (297.63 KB, 1000x1421, 6F87C053-75CE-4940-BD09-A9333F…)

I don’t even remember why I clicked on this manga this morning, but I saw the tags “guro/gore” and “vore” and even though I’m not into that shit, my stupid monkey brain decided to keep reading anyway and I shamefully really like it… I love the art and the characters and I really want to see what happens lol.


No. 105670

Damn, this is just ridiculously pretty. Thanks for posting

No. 105699

Read the book

No. 105700

File: 1598299965839.png (4.6 MB, 2760x1964, image0.png)

You have fine taste anon! Suzuri Ryo's MADK is excellent, I'm glad you weren't discouraged by the gore/vore tags. Actually, the guro isn't that strong despite what many people say.
If you search for other BL stories from them there's Wembe (which features big cats centaur people?) and The Hunter and the Beast, but beware of semi-bestiality in that one.
You may enjoy their other non-BL works as well, like Magnolia, Toruso no Bokura (picrelated) and Jimba.

No. 105704

Clearly ppl have different tastes… tried reading this and found it disturbing as fuck, disgusting as well

No. 105706

It totally is but the art is gorgeous. Unfortunately for some reason volume 2 is not as well drawn as volume 1, especially two first chapters.

No. 105734

Aside from the Edgy gore, I think the art is really beautiful. You can tell that the mangaka has done a lot of research and worldbuilding
It's a shame how the quality has lowered a bit for other chapters, but I guess they gotta meet a deadline

No. 106132

File: 1598647914405.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 830x1050, 1592340000871.png)

Anons what is your favorite BL/Yaoi pic?

>as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime
Hetalia was aimed at fujos?? I mean I guess it makes sense but wow

No. 106306

Reading the "Characters you hate" thread and anons hating on Kasumi reminded me of how much autistic anger it gives me that Persona 5 gave us a horrible Mary Sue waifu that did nothing of value instead of making Akechi a romanceable option. I know it was never going to happen and realistically I wasn't expecting it at all but they did a male love interest once before in Persona 2 so it's not entirely impossible. Why aren't there any games without canon M/M romances? Anyone else just having the pettiest fucking gripe with this? Any time companies want to pander with same-sex relations it's always female on female simply because it's easier to get greenlit as it's not as "offensive" and I'm so tired.

No. 106328

Persona changed a lot since persona 2 unfortunately
The new fire emblem has some m/m romance options I think ? not sure because I dont care about fire emblem but I remember reading this somewhere

No. 106330

akechi is trash but even i thought they were really leading up to him being an option, esp some of the dialogue if you take him out to the jazz club. atlus has been teasing bi/lez characters in the mobile game (Dx2, it jumped the shark with pay to win, don't bother), particularly kangaroo boxer saying "well, if he was into me, then i yeah" re: another male character. i was hoping that this was foreshadowing to the bisexual persona of my hopes and dreams but not yet i guess.

No. 106332

File: 1598835565679.png (66.38 KB, 225x337, thumbnail.png)

I found this Manhwa called 호형호제 Our Companionship and it's so cute

I'm a total sucker for mmorpg+BL+catfishing stories lol

No. 106378

So many little details hint to a very deep connection between Akechi and the protagonist. Gameplay-wise, an example is that he even learns protect (protects you from fatal attack) before endure (resists from a fatal attack aimed at himself) as opposed to the entire fucking cast, and I refuse to believe it was a mistake. Kasumi's relationship with you feels like a joke and is very forced in comparison to any other in the game, and she's supposed to be the main girl for some reason. The people at Atlus are cowards and coomer-pleasing bitches. Also do not trash talk worst-but-best boy like that!

No. 106381

Persona 1 and 2 were developed by another team so they're not really comparable to P3 and the rest. I think the weirdest thing here is that the developers actually plan for Yosuke in P4 to be a love interest and to this day even straight guys who are allergic to gay shit think he's the most believable option and obviously in the closet, Akechi is very obviously fujobait but he's never gonna be a gay option, but Vincent can fall in love with and marry a guy in Catherine Fullbody of all games. Given that P4 was so successful and was developed super fast after P3's release, and how in sequels and spinoffs the developers kept adding blatant fanservice between Yu and Yosuke I'm gonna guess the developers don't want to experiment too much with Persona because it's the most successful series from Atlus and they'd rather experiment and do whatever they want in smaller projects that are marketed towards a different audience. They know that they don't need to confirm any gay character or couple to attract a female audience anyway.

No. 106382

Speaking of the Persona series…

Adachi Tohru - yeah or nah?

No. 106409

This is so fuckin good!

No. 106410

>akechi is trash
you shut your MOUTH

The main difference between Akechi and the other confidants (in Royal) is that with everyone else's storylines it's all about Joker helping them out with whatever personal problem they're dealing with in their lives and become stronger people, but with Akechi his confidant events are all about creating a deep bond between them and learning more about his character by just hanging around and talking. In addition to that there's a possiblity to hang out with him at the aquarium which is considered a very usual dating spot for couples.

There's no way it was unintentional for the development team to make it so intimate but bitches chickened out. Dating your adoptive little sister and teacher is fine but apparently a gay option crossed the line. Fuck media for creating deep, meaningful bonds between male characters and never following through.

No. 106422

I don't get how or why people ship him with Yu, in P4G and the anime it's obvious Adachi doesn't give a shit about Yu and Yu tries way too hard. There should be more Dojima/Adachi content instead.

No. 106454

Hell yeah old men

I think the appeal of Yu/Adachi is the toxicity love/hate? Like tom and jerry lol

No. 106476

File: 1598935650098.jpeg (93.62 KB, 750x750, C7865D7B-9E61-4534-958B-1F0481…)

Anons I just read this and it was so vanilla and fluffy I teared up a bit…

No. 106501

File: 1598940815185.jpg (300.67 KB, 892x1300, 04e1fd72e2c37da9cd0c00135caab2…)

Im a rotten degenerate and loved this so much i bought a physical copy to keep on my self

Also im not sure if this is off topic because its gender/bender but has anyone else read Boku-girl?

No. 106503

Yes it's so good! I'm so glad they went with the ending it did, most series cop out because "no homo", but the author really said fuck it.

I wish there were more chapters, the MC's love interest looked like Kuroo from HQlol

No. 106504

File: 1598945079018.jpg (43.47 KB, 683x263, 5.JPG)

You got me curious and looked at the ending then first chapter but it somehow rubs me the wrong way, I feel like this is one of those stories where the MC goes "Since I'm an super effeminate guy and it's hard to deal with it in society I'm obviously a girl then!" instead of just being that effeminate guy. That being said I wished I read this type of manga before because it's hard to keep an open mind about it now that the trannies ruined this theme for me, that being said I think it's off-topic since the MC chooses to remains female so "no homo".

No. 106509

Boku-o.p. I am a bi, and personally love the awkward flipping back and forth between genders at the worst time, its like a humiliation thing. But yeah i totally get this isnt really BL/yaoi, but if you are interested in general ecchi its a fun read, great art, and hilarious.

I loved the corny plot of Loki messing with mortals, my ecchi doesnt need to be complicated. And Takeru is just my type. I love the cat eyed, spikey haired tough guy delinquent look. Any suggestions with boys like him, i would love some!
I want to read boku-girl again, rip mangarock

No. 106510

>rip mangarock
You have mangakalot it's in there

No. 106524

Holy shit anon thank you so much for posting this, I had no idea what to expect but this is sooo pretty. I wish there was more of it!

Side note, I'm usually the type that prefers vanilla nonsexual BL because porn is off-putting to me, but apparently degenerate edgy fantasy shit doesn't register the same way and I love it, wtf is that?

No. 106527

Regarding Boku-girl I have a huge boner for femboys but I hate straight out trans/trap shit because it only reminds me of male coomers and degenerate discord trannies. Does anyone have recommendations (NSFW or not, series or doujinshi, idc) for something that features boys that are extremely effeminate but not trying to be girls?

No. 106529

I was really considering buying myself a physical copy too lmaoo. Maybe I will now.

I'm glad others like it!! I'm still thinking about it to this day…

No. 106532

File: 1598972671787.jpg (210.78 KB, 1200x628, Persona-4-Manga.jpg)

>Yu tries way too hard
That's why it's fun.

No. 106575

I feel the same, I hate overtly feminine acting BL. It usually comes off as cringe. As for recs, I think "Boy meets Maria" kind of fits? The MC looks like a girl but is very boyish.

No. 106671

File: 1599073767700.png (1.13 MB, 1369x860, holyshit.PNG)

Holy shit, anon. I've been laughing at this panel for 5 minutes. Great rec, thanks.

No. 106854

I don't hate Kasumi because there's nothing to hate, she's a non character who's just there to look cute but I absolutely agree about how Goro should have been dateable. In general Atlus's choices are so fucking weird since in persona 5 you can literally date your pedophile teacher (among other full grown women) but you can't date a guys who are the same age as the protagonist.

No. 106856

i would pay as much as a full priced game just for DLC that lets maruki be romanced. LET ME BANG BOTH DOCTORS DAMMIT

No. 106863

It would be better of she was just a character there to be cute tbh. The fact that she's shoehorned in and made to be important when there isn't a lot in her character is what many people dislike.

I always kind of laugh at the excuse, that is that "the characters are just not gay", that many (coomers) use when justifying Atlus's choice of making the male characters non-dateable. Like sure, none of the male characters are gay despite some obvious hints, but all the female adults happen to be pedophiles. That's good, right?

No. 106864

>"the characters are just not gay"
In other games, series or circumstances I wouldn't disagree with this argument and would just settle for fanfics but the developers know what they're doing, they're the same ones who made Yosuke a love interest until last minute in P4, then added so much fanservice in the spinoffs and the anime that the MC is just as obsessed with Yosuke once he gets his own personality and even one of the girls in P4D thinks they're dating, Erika is a HSTS transwoman in the original Catherine and then they made Vincent bisexual in Catherine Fullbody and his new love interest is a turbo twink who crossdresses but won't stop confirming he's a guy. And I'm just talking about these specific developers here, don't even get me started on the other Megaten games and the Digital Devil Saga novels that were meant to be the original story.

No. 106914

atlus is just largely anti-gay, their interviews are really telling.

sidenote about p5 though - Does anyone else dislike fandom portrayals of Ryuji? They make him an uwu soft boy next door when he's a huge dick for no reason. What made me dislike him was right after a dungeon, the victim is traumatized/homeless and he just burps in their face for no reason? Like did no one else play the game or are they just ignoring this scene? It drives me insane.

No. 107042

File: 1599369708197.jpg (98.61 KB, 516x731, 2.jpg)

Anons… Reading this hurt me… :'(

No. 107052

Is there any yaoi manga or anime that doesn’t have the semi/yuke dynamic? I only really like yaoi when it doesn’t feature the stereotypical relationship that’s usually depicted

No. 107058

If you mean the top/bottom thing, no, most of the times the couples don't switch roles or if they do it's off camera. But if you mean the more traditional roles in a dominant/submissive aspect, a lot of modern BL have relationship dynamics that are even in power dynamics. Traditional seme/uke is pretty rare these days.

No. 107077

>I always kind of laugh at the excuse, that is that "the characters are just not gay", that many (coomers) use when justifying Atlus's choice of making the male characters non-dateable.
It's such a bullshit excuse. Doesn't help that there's consistent fujobait with Goro who they hate on for being 'gay' yet they still say he's not despite that, the protagonist of persona is meant to be a self insert protagonist anyway so the game should allow him to be bisexual by default.

No. 107078

I especially hate it since the fandom puts more of the blame on Morgana who's a fucking cat half the time yet despite that he's somehow 'abusing the babby Ryuji uwu'. I think it's because people generally latch onto the 'bro' characters personally though I only liked Junpei (who was the least bro of them since most of his character centered around a slight rival angle with the protagonist and his thing with Chidori) while Yosuke is just homophobic half the time which could have been fine if they left him in as a romance option but they didn't so it just felt kind of mean at times? Honestly making Yosuke bi/gay would have fixed a lot of shit.

No. 107083

Ironically enough when you play as the femc in P3P Junpei becomes the best bro of all the series, P1 and P2 included. I didn't care about him more than the other characters at first when playing when playing as the male MC but his social link with the FEMC is a really nice addition.

>Honestly making Yosuke bi/gay would have fixed a lot of shit.

Given how he acts in the sequels/spinoffs I like to think he is and he's just in denial because come on, Atlus just won't stop adding more and more hints/fanservice with Yu to the point where I'm wondering if the developers didn't regret not leaving his romance option in the original game at some point.

No. 107882

File: 1599996968052.jpeg (388.38 KB, 855x505, AA0B4F39-6CB6-4485-86FE-586722…)

Anyone reading room no 9? I got it because it looks like the persona 4 characters and it reads well, but man some scenes had me queasy.

No. 108448

File: 1600498998842.png (201.26 KB, 957x537, 78844652_p0.png)

No. 108465

Anyone else really hate when stuff like cross-dressing is an element in yaoi, like in every nagisa x karma doujin crossdressing was featured like 9/10 times, abd just ruined the mood for me

No. 108489

I don't know, I'm kind of into doujins of guys in maid outfits. But I can see how it could get repetitive when it comes to Nagisa because of that one episode…

No. 108494

Nagisa x Karma just seems such classic self-inserty baby”s first yaoi couple
I like cross dressing in BL but it’s very a case to case thing

No. 108498

Anon do you have any fic recs for these two?

No. 108499

I am not reading it but I plan to, do you like it so far ? i kind of expect some sort of BL euphoria but less extreme i guess, i haven't read euphoria but the idea of something similar with BL elements sounds perfect to me

no you're not alone i dislike it most of the time too, i dont know why

No. 108508

>I like cross dressing in BL but it’s very a case to case thing
Why ? It just literally makes the uke a female

No. 108512

File: 1600572239925.jpg (109.69 KB, 600x886, 767967818.jpg)

No. 108514

Tbf I don't look at stereotypical hyperfeminine uke content, lost its allure when I stopped being 15

No. 108519

Cross-dressing in BL makes one character basically the woman in all but name, like the pic you posted is an exception not the rule

It basically makes it straight genderbend doujin

No. 108520

Clothes = woman? Ok pal

No. 108521

Come on anon, I'm not some anti-fujo and I like bl but some uke characters especially when their cross-dressing are drawn and function as girls just with a dick at the end, which never comes into play, critiquing a genre doesn't mean you are against it

No. 108522

The Titan's Bride is super cute and Caius is so sweet. refreshing dynamic.

No. 108579

I was bored these days and I went on a binge and read Bj Alex and Painter of the night because tik tok is obsessed with both and… Why is yaoi obsessed with rape? It's sick. Why does this get advertised to teenagers as "hot omg daddy"? I also read "a guy like you" and it was the most awful badly drawn cringy shit I've ever seen and I just want to forget kek

No. 108584

HOW DARE YOU, quit being a moralfag let us enjoy underage characters getting gang raped, you're probably just a scrote anyway /s

Yeah the frequency of rapes yaoi sends a problematic message for younger readers and might get some of them into ddlg shit

No. 108588

most people into ddlg shit consume het content tho

No. 108589

To be honest I like crossdressing as a doujinshi fetish when it's done as a strictly a bedroom thing, like wearing a maid dress for sex or something like that. But when it's an integral part of the story and the person crossdressing is taking it seriously and legitimately trying to appear as a woman it puts me off. I guess it just feels like a cheap effort to make the story appeal to a larger crowd because "they're not really gays see this other one is practically a woman uwu" and it reminds me of the chaser dudebros who think they're super woke because they like that one crossdressing anime boy or something.

No. 108590

Don't start this stupid tired twitterfag discourse again. Where's Gangrape-chan when you need her?

No. 108591

>To be honest I like crossdressing as a doujinshi fetish when it's done as a strictly a bedroom thing, like wearing a maid dress

I feel this type of this thing is kinda offensive to women, it's like drag for me, sure it's done by gay men but it still mocks the female form, so maid dresses and wearing womens clothes in bed, even if it's being done by 2 males, it still reinforces misogyny
both can perpetuate ddlg shit, especially if the Uke is super female coded, like nagisa is literally just a girl, meant for self insert

No. 108592

Anon were not anti-BL and I like some rereading some kinda rough stuff now then, but this shit is not healthy, it can mess with a young girls psyche

No. 108593

Fucking leave already, this reads like a weak bait. Why does this thread constantly get raided by people who want to tell us dumb fujos how problematic and "misogynistic" we are based on some surface level observations that have been discoursed to death already? Take it to your twitter fandom tag or something.

No. 108594

Some people just think the dresses look hot. It's not that deep.

No. 108595

It's not hot, it's agp tier fetishism

No. 108596

This spergery is so forced that I hope other anons don't bite. Fuck off and don't come back.

No. 108602

>I think the fact that so many yaoi have some sort of rape into them is fucked up
>wow ok did you really say fujoshis are dumb and should be killed? I can't believe this. Also I hate how porn objectifies women and normalizes violence, but normalizing and fetishizing rape and other fucked up kinky shit between two dudes to teenage girls? that's fine. Damn I almost forgot smh it's time for my daily go back to twitter to an anon who doesn't agree with me

No. 108603

>The dubious consent ravishment in mid 00's BL stereotypes is literally the exact same thing as IRL human trafficking and porn abusing women and LITERALLY the gateway drug to DDLG for young girls who will end up groomed and taken advantage of older men because they saw cartoon boys fucking each other raw, will someone PLEASE think of the children!!!!!! we need to talk more about the RAPE of fictional men!!!!

No. 108607

I did not even for one moment compare yaoi to IRL porn, IRL porn is much much worse and yaoi is a fantasy, but you have to admit that fantasy has power, if Scrotes can be broken by the fantasy of hentai and traps to become knee high sock wearing AGPs then yaoi has power as well, in certain yaoi it's clear to everyone who the female stand in-is and we get shit like fakebois or r/ftmpunishment, my God no is saying this is the worst shit ever, this criticism is coming from people who like BLs and yaoi and want to remove certain toxic elements

No. 108608

>Rape in BL makes fakebois
>Not the rampant troon activism and gaslighting of lesbians brainwashing young women into believing they should be Not Women in order for them to be able to date other women
Take this sperging to the fakeboi thread for crying out loud.

No. 108613

Look at the fakeboi thread for like one second, they are all former fujos who want to become soft uke yaoi boys and you're telling me BL doesn't play a role into that delusion

No. 108616

I mean, yeah, there are lots of retarded teens thinking they’re men because they have a mix of troons grooming them into thinking they’re that perfect anime guy they saw once, AND anime porn, but it’s not just the anime porn as how you think.

Also, the people posting here are not those retarded teens, if it bothers you so much, stop posting in this thread your fucking takes and go to twitter to help the poor kids you’re so worried about, retard.

No. 108618

>Where's Gangrape-chan when you need her?
I'm here. Got any good recs? Been in the mood for, like, abuse and really nasty dirty talk.

It's good, I recommend it. (Especially because they look like Persona 4 characters.) I posted a bit about it in the last thread. It's fap-worthy, lots of good scenes, and anything gross can be switched off in the settings.

No. 108632

File: 1600723194357.png (406.53 KB, 823x588, Capture.PNG)

Just felt the need to share this

No. 108633

I love you and your degeneracy gangrape-chan, never leave us at the mercy of the twitter moralfags

No. 108636

to be fair nagisa has cake and woman bearing hips, it's easy for artists just to make him a girl.

But no I agree with you, sometimes crossdressing becomes too much. If I wanted pussy I'd read hentai lol

No. 108641


Damn it, I enjoyed this manga. I like troll semes.

No. 108642

I played through it out of sickening curiosity, honestly it wasn’t for me! Like you said, it also made me queasy and after I finished reading through it I felt kind of guilty lol. The art is beautiful though and some of the CGs were nice too. I think I’m just too vanilla to fully enjoy it…

No. 108645

What's this from? Looks cute.

Thanks friend.

No. 108658

File: 1600756893843.jpg (44.63 KB, 350x470, Caius.jpg)

100% agree!
At first I started reading it because of the curiosity, but the story is quite decent.
Caius is an amazing husbando material.

No. 108659

No. 108662

the mini anime series was cute too, but the manga has all the fluffy stuff i crave.

No. 108666

Sage for off topic, not really into fujo stuff but this pic reminded me of something, we actually have a people group in Pakistan who have these features IRL, brown skin and naturally light colored hair and eyes, Seraikis and Niazis in southern Punjab

No. 108671

No. 108713

>compare beautiful anime boys with 3DPD
ewWe you fucking wish

No. 109505

File: 1601439964728.jpg (87.5 KB, 1280x720, comic relief.jpg)

On top of that he crossdresses a lot in the actual anime.
I like it though so I have no problem with it.

No. 109508

File: 1601444375605.gif (1.72 MB, 500x269, EC01F04B-2887-4080-A287-85BA44…)

It was so hot when Karma and Nagisa were beating the shit out of each other btw

No. 109509

Current content is so bad I don't get how ppl still care about yaoi. Aside from a few gems, it's just bad.

No. 109571

Don’t you have anything better to do?

No. 109590

I agree anon, although I'm just waiting for Umibe no étranger. Honestly all yaoi just turned sour to me, old and new, when I hit my 20's.

No. 109591

I’m excited for that one too! I actually rediscovered my enjoyment in my 20’s. I had an overcompensating normie phase.

No. 109596

File: 1601510071515.jpg (415.34 KB, 950x1348, 17.jpg)

I ran across this the other day and it was the hottest shit I've seen in a long while so I thought I'd recommend it. It's called "Junai Drop Out" by Misaka Niumu.

No. 109605

Holy shit. I've just read this weeks ago. Even though it's not my taste, I still found it pretty hot.

No. 109609

>Body writing, nip piercing
Help me I’m bleeding out

No. 109770

What part of
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
don't you dumb shits understand?

I didn't know I had a body writing kink but this image made me realize it.

No. 109913

File: 1601782889802.jpg (36.89 KB, 680x463, 765.jpg)

TFW you have mild fujo tendencies but are disgusted by anything anal related but also butt stuff seems to be unavoidable in NSFW BL media

Can someone please recommend something with as little anal stuff as possible, because BJs and frotting >>>>>>>

No. 109914

File: 1601783992004.jpg (171.82 KB, 1280x1807, well are you.jpg)

No. 109915


That was actually really hot and sweet as well, thank you, anon!

No. 109986

File: 1601855081167.png (506.24 KB, 960x807, 1601807515093.png)

Hell, even most old yaoi is bad. Worse even because of all the pointless rape lmao. You're better off seeking content from twitter artists these days.
Also, I get people like size difference but this looks so ridiculous.

was the discord deleted?or was there a purge?

No. 110080

File: 1601918222386.png (Spoiler Image, 455.09 KB, 883x512, GG0hNwX.png)

this is one of my faves! good taste, anon.

pic related, i really like that sweet spot between not extremely lanky but also not extremely muscular men in bl. maki masaki is really good at this. her bottoms are always super cute, needy and slutty. i especially recommend koisuru hypnotic therapy (a guy gets erotic massages to get rid of his tendency to fall in love easily) and yasashii pantsu no nugasekata (a high school boy starts wearing panties because he fantasies about his best friend taking them off for him)!

No. 111180

Anyone else watching hypnosis mic this season?

No. 111207

File: 1602339904006.webm (2.45 MB, 1280x720, 1602262703023.webm)

No. 111226


No. 111233

Wtf. I don't even like BL, I just saw this as I scrolled past, but this looks so insane that I need to watch it now

No. 111268

Wtf I'm a Hypnosis Mic fan now.

No. 111652

File: 1602644405799.png (619.57 KB, 900x1200, 1602126165943.png)

i love red/blue from pokemon so fucking much. i shipped it in the anime as a child and i'm decades older now and still ship it. i love that we've gotten to see them grow into adults

No. 111700

File: 1602692760167.jpg (743.83 KB, 1518x1075, 63233168_p34.jpg)

Personally I prefer isshushipping but Red and Blue are cute as well.

No. 111701

I adore this scene because you could probably convince someone it's some weird censorship despite it being the main aspect of the show/music.

No. 112122

Did the discord get deleted?

No. 112135

I'm reading Boy Meets Maria, and all the scans I found end really suddenly. Is that just how it ends? Or am I missing something?

No. 112136

File: 1603044939039.jpg (141.41 KB, 569x600, Hajime.no.Ippo.600.1720235.jpg)

So I don't usually ship m/m characters even in traditional Shonen, but I really want to talk about Hajime no Ippo, which I will proudly say that I love to death and also that it's super fucking gay that its almost ridiculous

Ippo(the MC) legit lusts after brooding rival Miyata and waits for the day to fight him, then there's sendo who is brash aggressive character and he has so many gay moments with ippo and even excluding the MC all the male characters have so many intimate gay moments, like Mashiba(a frighting brooding sorta anti-hero boxer)and Itagaki(a young upstart at ippo's gym) going basically on a date shopping for clothes

and the female characters are also something else, like if there was a category for least developed female characters then hajime no ippo would easily rank in the top 5, cause every female character is either bland no personality supportive mother or bland no personality supportive sister and the exception to this archetype does nothing for the plot but give out exposition to the readers

No. 112168

You're not alone, Anon. I really wish HnI was more popular so we could get more anime seasons, but it'll probably never happen.

Seconding how surprisingly gay the show is.

No. 112182

EVERYONE should read Sign if you have time to spare. You can complain about anything else in the story except the main pairing. I’ve never shipped anything harder.

I had no intention of falling down the fujo rabbit hole but whenever I look up fanart for one series, I see another and just start reading away. What are you all reading currently?

My reading list at the moment:
No way, vampires don’t exist (tappytoon)
Vampire Heart (lezhin)
Red Candy (rosesquad scans)
Mr. 100% Perfect (tapas)
Fate Makes No Mistakes (lezhin)

And I was reading ANTI P.T. (lezhin) but it seems like there’s going to be some tragedy for the second lead soon.
Cherry Blossom Bloom After Winter (tappytoon) and Semantic Error (chili tangerine scans) are on my list to start reading soon.

I hate the titan’s bride for that very reason. It feels uncomfortable to look at them and the way he constantly refers to their size differences as cute even when fucking when he’s the average size for a human.

No. 112210

File: 1603072950996.jpg (146.06 KB, 691x1100, 7lMmhWY.jpg)

one of my favorite moments in the manga

I never even thought about shipping these 2 cause they'd never interacted but he gave these two a heartfelt moment and friendship out of nowhere, the author does this with every one one of the major and minor characters

No. 112375

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but where the fuck do you guys get scans these days? I'm so lost on how to find BL scanlation groups and their scanlations because they're scattered all over and abruptly disappear. Are there any groups that have lasted for more than 6 months and push out regular updates? Please help a dumbass out.

No. 112378

try myreadingmanga?

No. 112513

For stuff with an actual plot, if I already know the title I just google '[title] manga read online' or something similar. Lots of sites host scanlations.

If it's not a popular/well known enough manga you might be SOL.

For PWP I just browse myreadingmanga like the other Anon said.

No. 112548

MRM is already on my watchlist but like mentioned I only go there for smut. I'm so lost on how to follow current releases and where to read them so I barely even know any titles. At the moment I mostly just hear about them through the grapevine or by lucky chance so I just don't understand how people can be so aware of every single title coming out. I mean I follow Japanese publications so I know about the new ones but the scanlations/international releases can take up to 2 years so it's really hard to keep track.

Guess I'll just have to learn more Japanese to actually read the originals lmao

No. 112553

There’s another chapter or two, it ends well.

No. 112557

baka-manga updates. You can’t read manga on there, but it tells you who scanlated what, and usually where you can find more by that team (website links).

Otherwise, I procure tags on regular hosting sites and if I find something I like, I’ll look up the team and see what else they’ve worked on. On instagram it’s especially popular for people to purchase officially translated chapters of manga/manhua/webtoons and repost them there or on aggregators, the same thing happens on facebook. Usually one person or a group is reposting multiple works from similar genres (in this case, BL) so that’s how you can get introduced to new series and more scan teams too (because of general discussion about BL.)

No. 112558

I don’t follow Japanese BL so if this isn’t what you were looking for, I’m sorry anon! But BL webtoons are pretty popular these days, you can visit lezhin or tappytoon or tapas and search through the BL series to see what’s trending. Lezhin is definitely the most popular out of the three sites, though. They churn out interesting series consistently. Painter of the Night is afaik the most popular BL webtoon atm (smut), if you can find somewhere to read it for free then you can probably find anything there. You should also be able to search on most aggregators with a “sort by most popular” function, and/or see what’s most recently viewed on the homepage.

The Keystone Romantic Combination looks very sweet. It’s completed though, I don’t want to start reading it only to get to the end and be left knowing that there’s no more.

No. 112648

There's a discord?

No. 112686

>the "males" in most yaoi are not at all close to makes IRL
That's the best part.

No. 112692

Agreed. If they were like real men I would hate the genre kek

No. 112693

Seconding this question. Can we get a link if it exists?

No. 112751

File: 1603447194291.jpg (62.67 KB, 256x362, 28359.jpg)

Since quarantine has been spiraling me back into being a fujo - what are anons' favourite visual novels?

I finished Room No.9 yesterday and while it was fucked up as expected from Clockup I strangely enjoyed it. The artwork was also beautiful. I don't think however I could play anything like this again.

I don't think I ever found a perfect visual novel for me but I enjoyed Dramatical Murder and Togainu no Chi. Back in the day I liked playing fanmade vns but they quickly went to shit with Steam's woke crap and western art style.

No. 112752

I think Nitro+Chiral's novels are always very nice. Have you tried sweet pool or Lamento?

Other than that I don't really know any other well done BL visual novels. The amateur stuff tends to be bad.

No. 112774

File: 1603468209517.jpg (43.05 KB, 400x225, fujo.jpg)

Out of curiosity, what kind of discussion/content/fandoms etc would you guys want out of a fujo server?

No. 112790

Nta but i would like stuff like anime discussion separated from manga discussion since sometimes a manga has stuff the anime doesn’t have and the other way around.
Husbandofagging, ship loving and ship bashing channels.
Maybe a channel to discuss authors. Fanart posting, porn fanart posting and parody posting channels.
Music, because sometimes an anime could have some nice songs and whatnot, maybe someone has a sick mixtape they want to show to everyone so we can enjoy reading to the max.
Yaoi memes, because why not, maybe regular memes as well to keep the cancer at bay.
RP request channels for whoever is into that stuff.
Fanfic sharing and fanfic discussion channels.
Random yaoi pictures sharing, sfw and porn channels.
Maybe furry yaoi stuff for the furries to keep the furry cancer at bay as well.
I think that’s basically it.

No. 112792

I have nothing to add I just want it to be for 20+ Fujoshis

No. 112796

Agree except for the ship hating, unless we have good moding the discord is going to become shit fast
Yes please, +22 would be amazing

I think trying to keep it as simple as possible at first would be better and keep adding stuff according to the needs

No. 112818

I agree, but I think this discord might be too slow (maybe that's why the old one apparently died) unless we get people from other places as well.

It would be best if we could ban ~discourse

No. 112835

Please email me if you want to join the discord. Thanks! fujo.discord.throwaway@gmail.com

I LOVED Room No. 9. I've mentioned several times in the last thread, probably - I've lost track. It's just delicious. Depressing, but hits a lot of my kinks, so. Unfortunately, some of the best scenes happen after you give Seiji the enema, lmao. DAICHI RUBBING HIS FOOT ON SEIJI'S DICK IN THE SHOWER?? AND the ending where Seiji basically becomes a whore to old men while Daichi watches?? Sign me up.

Did you play Hashihime? (Assuming you did based on the image.) Another depressing game, but insanely beautiful art.

No. 112884

>Maybe furry yaoi stuff for the furries to keep the furry cancer at bay as well.
Hell no. Furries need to be kept out at all costs. Most furry gay porn is made by male cumbrains and have all those sick anal prolapse style fetishes included. Like regular fudanshis sometimes like some weird shit in their bara stuff but gay furries are unbearable with their degeneracy because they're all sex-crazed druggies. Wouldn't share a space with them, ever. Even with a containment channel.

Honestly the best BL discord would be 20+, no discourse, no ship shaming, female only, no kink policing except for graphic gore and snuff (and furries) and everything else goes.

No. 112919


If you can read Japanese try Pil/SLASH's Shingakkou ~Noli me tangere~. It's an occult mystery with reversible options for the MC too. Some grotesque imagery is involved and some characters come from really depressing circumstances, but it's good if you like dark stuff.

And agreed on recent western VNs being too…woke. It reminds me of that "Office Type" game with loads and loads of characters of ~all genders uwu~ but i bet they'll all suffer paper thin character/plot development from overambition.

No. 113489

File: 1604011786159.png (377.95 KB, 701x921, ibjn.png)

A kind and precious anon in the previous thread linked to a massive dump of In these words, but unfortunately the site got deleted and reading the archived one has made me partially blind. I've searched around for hours now, does anyone have any tips to where I can find it online?

No. 113498

It’s on goddess but the site has been closed for new registrants for a couple years

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