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File: 1647631975587.jpg (84.93 KB, 600x424, enjo.jpg)

No. 190376

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 190381

Thread pic is really cute!

No. 190417

File: 1647635924874.png (882.27 KB, 1048x589, 164577557266036_P13882073.png)

I'm playing this taiwanese ? bl game right now called like an angel and it has really pretty art. In terms of plot i'm not sure what to say lol it's about a succubus living in the human world

No. 190419

File: 1647636007669.jpg (95.1 KB, 900x506, nu-carnival-download-2-900x506…)

So Nu:Carnival came out and it's pretty good to me, the art's nice too.

No. 190420

i'm glad to hear a bl game is so popular

No. 190427

File: 1647638054081.jpg (55.92 KB, 640x629, eiden.jpg)

Yeah, the art for this one is super pretty!
One of my buddies on Instagram posts about this game a lot. I don't know much about it, but Eiden is cute and I'd like to see him get destroyed. Does that happen at all in the game?

No. 190435

File: 1647639190227.jpg (263.55 KB, 1448x1566, 20220318_125402.jpg)

Really loving the memes lol

No. 190452

haven’t played it but yeah he does i was so disappointed that he bottoms for the blonde guy because I wanted for once a yaoi game to have a big buff guy as a bottom but no, and i hate the switching shit tbh so i haven’t bothered playing it

No. 190461

Nta, but when I saw that I lost all interest kek. I wanted him to be a bottom so bad… But the constant moving the characters do is very annoying, so maybe it's better not to play

No. 190463

fucking weak, what's with fujos being so anal about top/bottom positions

No. 190467

Im glad i’m not the only one kek and yeah the ugly Live2D animation is uncanny
Because it’s boring to always get the same dynamic of big guy on top little guy on bottom, im so tired of it. I want to see big muscular dudes take it instead, also it would make sense for the protag to have a “fixed position” like in most games. Also a bit of fujotism.

No. 190478

File: 1647647646591.jpg (43.73 KB, 558x960, hade.jpg)

any other anons reading ennead? I really hated the anubis chapter. anuseth was the one ship I didn't want
to happen.

No. 190479

i love this. will say that even as someone who generally likes dub/noncon the dub/noncon scenes in this are way too serious for me to kyaa over (which is cool in its own way)

No. 190483

I stopped reading it awhile ago but isnt seth anubis’ dad? am i misremembering?

No. 190490

no you're right. anubis just went to osiris and became a god and forgot everything about who he used to me. and then seth saw him and was crying about how much he missed him and he just thought "oh i mustve been fucking this guy" and then he kisses him and seth is all grossed out and more sad its very convoluted

No. 190491

samefagging because i forgot but seth is technically his adoptive dad bc anubis is biologically osiris's son i dont think it makes it any better though

No. 190495

Anubis was such a fucking dumbass to go zero to the fucking moon assuming he was lovers with Seth. then again Anubis was always an idiot

No. 190505

okay yes thank you that’s what I thought, still very gross tbh but at least i’m glad that it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated by seth? at least i hope not because that would be gross even if it’s just “adoptive” i vividly remember scenes of them interacting when anubis was a literal child so yeah

No. 190510

File: 1647664861114.png (56.84 KB, 1094x548, Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry T…)

not defending the fucked aspect of this, but in Ancient Egyptian context this wouldn't be considered too weird, Incest was widely practiced in ancient Egyptian and I'm not talking about cousin marriage Incest, no Egypt full on brother and sister Incest and marriages, as well aunt and nephew marriages

>Very often the king married his own sister ”occasionally his own daughter” to preserve the purity of the royal blood. It is difficult to say whether this weakened the stock. Certainly Egypt did not think so, after several thousand years of experiment; the institution of sister-marriage spread among the people, and as late as the second century after Christ two-thirds of the citizens of Arsinoรซ were found to be practicing the custom. The words brother and sister, in Egyptian poetry, have the same significance as lover and beloved among ourselves.

marriage and the status of women
>For the most part the common people, like persons of moderate income everywhere, contented themselves with monogamy. Family life was apparently as well ordered, as wholesome in moral tone and influence, as in the highest civilizations of our time. Divorce was rare until the decadent dynasties. The husband could dismiss his sister-wife without compensation if he detected her in adultery; if he divorced her for other reasons he was required to turn over to her a substantial share of his property. The fidelity of the husband ”so far as we can fathom such arcana” was as painstaking as in any later culture, and the position of woman was more advanced than in most countries today. "No people, ancient or modern" said Max Mller, has given women so high a legal status as did the inhabitants of the Nile Valley. The monuments picture them eating and drinking in public, going about their affairs in the streets unattended and unharmed, and freely engaging in industry and trade. Greek travelers, accustomed to confine their Xanthippes narrowly, were amazed at this liberty; they jibed at the henpecked husbands of Egypt,

how this practice came to arist
>It is likely that this high status of woman arose from the mildly matriarchal character of Egyptian society. Not only was woman full mistress in the house, but all estates descended in the female line;
>even in late times, says Petrie, the husband made over all his property and future earnings to his wife in his marriage settlement. Men married their sisters not because familiarity had bred romance, but because they wished to enjoy the family inheritance, which passed down from mother to daughter, and they did not care to see this wealth give aid and comfort to strangers. The powers of the wife underwent a slow diminution in the course of time, perhaps through contact with the patriarchal customs of the Hyksos, and through the transit of Egypt from agricultural isolation and peace to imperialism and war; under the Ptolemies the influence of the Greeks was so great that freedom of divorce, claimed in earlier times by the wife, became the exclusive privilege of the husband.

so yeah in ancient Egyptian context, the Incest would have been considered completely normal

No. 190511

Not to be that person, but the ancient Egyptians used to call their wives "sister" and they weren't related to them. As for the marrying the daughters, I can only speak for Ramesses II, but he married his daughters for political reasons and didn't have sex with them.

Outside of nobility and royalty, the average ancient Egyptian fucked their cousins at best.

No. 190512

Yeah i’m aware of this anon, incest is usually very common among mythological gods too look at the gods in Greek mythology, I still just don’t want to see a father figure having sex with his adoptive son though no matter how accurate it is to the mythos, especially when you consider how inaccurate ennead tends to be at times.

No. 190517

I wish threadpic was still good, the last couple of chapters have been shitty and the manga took a fucking nosedive around volume 3. What'd I buy the first volume for? Fuck.

No. 190518

File: 1647670246586.jpg (142.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Cleopatra was literally married to her younger brother before hooking up with Caeser, I'm not sure to the extent it was practiced among the lower classes but among the upper classes it was way more common
King Tut's family tree even worse

No. 190539

>they don't like fictional sonhusband incest
stop complaining it's hot

No. 190552

ew get help

No. 190553

you never shipped bl incest? get out of there

No. 190555

the main ship in ennead is basically nephew x uncle so …..

No. 190560

The main ship is gross too

No. 190617

"Ewwww wahh, these drawings are so gwoss and icky!!! They make me feel uncomfy!!!! People should only post what I personally like!!" good for you. Go back to Twitter.

No. 190620

File: 1647701675863.jpg (35.65 KB, 352x500, #51LCQYh6vJL.jpg)

>read this thinking it will be fun and depraved
>mc gets assaulted like 20 pages in
>this gon b gud
>vol 1 is nice, keep reading
>vol 2 turns into one of the most vanilla things I have ever read, they did not even have sex, just got the most unappealing masturbation scene I have ever seen
Now I am not sure if I should read more stuff by Asada Nemui. This bitch really tricked me.

No. 190626

File: 1647705061488.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.78 KB, 724x697, 20220319_104814.jpg)

i don't know what you mean by basically, they are lol
i'm not normally one that ships incest but i can accept the main ship. they didn't have a familial relationship at all before hand. plus theyre gods so i like to think it just doesn't matter to them. i do wish horus hadn't raped him but oh well

also a new korean chaptor came out seth gets cuddled

No. 190629

I liked even the second part. The mc clearly has issues and a full sex scene would have been kind of out of character imo. Idk I thought it was nice to see something that's more awkward than the usual scenes in BL.
Most of Asada's works are very good, so I think you should keep reading! I also really dislike one of her works (the one with the zombie guy and the manlet scientist) but the rest as wonderful to me, so maybe you disliked My Little Inferno but will enjoy the rest.

No. 190631

This is the only Asada Nemui work I actually like, because MC is cute and feel real.

No. 190664

I liked MIL but it definitely felt like the mangaka didn’t really know what they were doing with it (which she confirmed anyway lol). Hitoshi was cute and I liked that Ma-kun ran off from his ex because he liked the bland domesticated life more than being a terrorist.

There is a lot of variety with her other manga so I would suggest checking them out, the only one I didn’t really like involved a guy trying to get revenge on a groomer, it didn’t really have an ending

No. 190670

stay mad foreign god shill

No. 190672

I was mainly referring to commoners calling their wives "sister" not the royals. Royals literally fucked their siblings, that's no secret kek

No. 190686

>the one with the zombie guy
At least with that one I like that the MC is still not interested in having sex with the scientist. Doesn’t matter that they were classmates over a decade ago, he still doesn’t consider him to be a friend and even started giving him some attitude for his behavior.

No. 190689

oh fuck, for real? i've been waiting for the third volume to be published so have only read up to volume 2. i've enjoyed the story and art a lot, sucks to hear it's not going well.

No. 190746

sage for being so off topic but that cake in the main pic looks so good to me, I wonder what type of cake it would be called and I want to eat one so bad

No. 190754

File: 1647750860804.jpeg (17.95 KB, 275x183, 6C114EDE-585C-4C8A-9C68-AD5F3C…)

It could be a mudcake

No. 190861

Yeah, the characters and the quality of their dialogue took a really bizarre turn (downwards, specifically), and I'm not sure the author knows what she's doing with tamaki and his mommy issues. Just read the scans and see if it's up to your standards anon, I dropped it despite really liking Shii in the first volume and a half.

No. 191040

File: 1647850627803.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 2cec71161268a2ef69288b5a4a2105…)

>Migrate to Fujochan after /m/ is destroyed
>Think it's a pretty nice place albeit slow
>There's some obvious edgy ESL-chan with a very distinct typing style using racial slurs and bragging about being into degenerate scrote fetish shit not limited to BL like it was an accomplishment
>People keep replying "based" to genuine sociopath behavior that sounds like a moid making shit up to take screenshots and post to /r9k/ and KF as proof of fujos being demented schizos
>Notice there's a /fujo/ temporary thread back up and come back to LC with your tail between the legs
When lolcow gets shut down my life will be over nonnies, I will never find another place with a perfect balance between not being a retarded moralfag but also not a full on 4chan brainlet.

No. 191050

a couple months back I would have recommend using google translate extension and going to some Russian BL discussion spaces, they were pretty chill and knew how to mind their business and not behave like spergs, but with everything going on right now that's not an option

No. 191052

Be the change you want to see instead of just leaving fujochan if you're so worried.

No. 191053

Don’t browse the extreme board? The normal one seems pretty dead

No. 191055

i wanted to browse yume board there but its full of parasocial anons that are obsessed with 19yos behind anime avatars. its weird.

No. 191057

You mean vtubers? I don't get the appeal either.

No. 191063

nta but i feel like vtubers have to be attractive, or above average to some degree despite only showing their avatar because if their face ever get leaked nobody would be disappointed about it.

No. 191064

they’re all probably hideous so they have to resort to hiding behind overdesigned avatars

No. 191066

true. their fans always say they separate the avatar from the person behind it but I'm sure they def leave if their face gets leaked, ugly or maybe average. because their fans are brainwashed to think they're anime or kpop-esque looking guys irl too.

No. 191077

I don’t mind it, it’s a space for weird women to be unhinged and degenerate as they like and i wholeheartedly encourage it

No. 191078

yeah exactly just look at corpse husband and cryotic and other content creators who rely on their voice and don’t show their faces

No. 191079

I don't personally see it that way, condoning an environment where you can act like a demented /pol/faggot is like an open invitation for all the scrotes to flood in, even now you have plenty of male-aligned posters there that are only into shota rape with no interest in other fujo content. There's also a reason why racebaiting and a-logging is banned on Lolcow, both immediately derail threads into shit. I wouldn't mind anons there talking about deranged, pwobwematic fetishes they like in BL, in fact I encourage it, but shit like "I once baited a tranny to suicide epic kek" isn't really that funny even if you hate troons and unapologetic racism just completely ruins the atmosphere. Some of the posts actually do sound like planted stories about how sociopathic incels think women are. Anons should save the degeneracy for talking about anime men being abused instead of channeling moid energy.

This is what I believe. Even their voices are ugly.

No. 191080

nta but there's two group of male vtubers that became a somewhat mini-boyband, prob arranged by their company, and they don't know how to sing.

the music is louder than their voices

there's another group that's called luxiem and it's their rival group.

No. 191081

This one sounds a bit decent but their voices can't be heard properly.

No. 191082

Good lord this is awkward. I would accept this as a Vocaloid arrangement or a virtual music act like Hypmic or Paradox Live or something but these are some 3DPD nerds being shilled as an unholy cross between anime characters and IRL male streamers. I can't take them seriously, they're the same as real person fiction to me.

No. 191083

not gonna lie i'd rather watch pewdiepie, jacksepticeye and markiplier all day than vtubers

No. 191092

damn, that's really disappointing, especially considering the long stretches of time between releases. do you know if there are any raw scans floating around of the vol 3 chapters? or have you been reading the scanlations?

No. 191093

one word: cringe.

they're unironically funnier and more genuine. vtubers wholly rely on their anime masks and shilling from their companies to make up for what they lack in every other department.

No. 191094

Same, my friends are obsessed with them but they just come off as really boring. At most some of the highlight vids can be cute but I have no idea how people watch entire streams of V tubers.

No. 191095

I was weirded out by vtubers but I assumed they must be at least self-employed, like most actual streamers but apparently they're backed by a company?? they're almost like… kpop idols…

No. 191096

Some are self employed but the ones who actually make money are backed by a company. I just don’t get why they decide to hire the most boring people possible, doesn’t help that they all kind of talk with a marble mouth like they’re full of spit or in a fake cutesy accent?

No. 191106

What do vtubers have to do with BL?

No. 191107

male vtubers often get shipped together

No. 191111

This, vtubers are the current cancer in fujo circles and I hate it. Especially because a lot of pretend to be gay (but not too much in order not to piss off husbandofags kek) with some really tacked on fujopandering.

No. 191114

Anyone here read the MXTX novels? Which one is your fave? I recently started reading them, and I like SVSSS the best. And since I am a contrarian, I find myself liking the side couple Moshang better than BingQiu

No. 191122

I read them forever ago but I still really like them. Tgcf is my fave, mostly because of fengqing.

Honestly now that I think about it while I do like the main couples, I like her books more for the side couples and characters. She makes her main couple too boring. I legitimately do not think I've read a single hualian fanfic, but I have read almost every single fengqing fanfic on ao3. does anyone else feel this way? I always see people sperging for hualian.

No. 191147

MDZS is the best imo, but SVSSS has my favourite fics (i love Feynite's works), specially Moshang centered. I couldn't finish TGCF because the translantion was fucking awful and confusing, and honestly the story was a bit messy and convulted.

No. 191157

My fucking queen with impeccable taste! I love those two so much!
I do like Hualian, but there is something about them that is much more appealing than Hualian. Maybe because it was a total simpfest with Hua Cheng.

I think TGCF suffers from the webnovel culture that cultivated after she wrote SVSSS and MDZS in that the longer the book, the more audience and money you get. But longer doesn't mean it's a better book.

Also bless you for being a fellow Moshang fan.

No. 191179

Still need to read MDZS but TGCF is my favorite so far. I love Hua Cheng so fucking much.

No. 191180

yes tgcf has some low points and i agree that she could haven given more spice to hualian, but it's also by far the most romantic book mxtx has written. and idk how you'd read it and think it's all about hua cheng simping as if xie lian has no feelings at all kek. at least it doesn't feel as onesided as bingqiu. and in comparison to mdzs the black water arc absolutely beats the yi city arc

No. 191188

Nothing wrong with saying that Hua Cheng was a simp, because that's what he is, but at least it was nice to see Xie Lian reciprocate the feelings in a nice way.
And I'll take Hualian over BingQiu any day. BingQiu feels like a one-sided chore for SQQ.

No. 191190

nah I complytly disagree, for me the yi city arc was way more impactful then the black water arc - probobly bc the noval was way longer overall so I found myself skim reading and not investing myself that much.

No. 191192

i couldn't care about the characters in yi city arc, at least we knew the other two (to avoid spoilers) beforehand so it had more impact. you definetly didn't read the novel properly

No. 191194

NTA but I still really like the newer chapters as well. But I really enjoy how awkward they are, so maybe that's why?

No. 191217

Her posts are completely uninteligible. I wish she would at least run her posts through a grammar checker.

No. 191281

This is insanity, what’s appealing about real people? Unless fujos and husbandofags are 13

No. 191282

File: 1647931624555.jpg (556.67 KB, 1480x1000, IMG_20220124_001441.jpg)

do lc fujos read? recommend me some novels.
already read/in the process of reading:
>captive prince
>the winter prince
>song of achilles
>mxtx whatever novels
>mysterious skin
>anne rice novels
i'm good with just about anything. baity works are fine. incest that isn't gay moid erotica is a plus. dead dove stuff, even better.

No. 191290

Dont know if you’ll like it and I read it forever ago and don’t remember much but My Loose Thread has a bunch of the stuff you said mainly incest, rape, murder and other pretty dark themes. It’s written by a moid, and like I said I read it as a dumb teen when I didn’t really care about the gender of the author.

No. 191292

It feels like this is some sort of cope for not being able to speak Japanese. They can't understand the characters in their original language so they flock to this inferior version of an anime boy who speaks their language. Honestly you'd have to be a mega normie to be into this.

No. 191303

I realized that hualian is pretty similar to madohomu, but way less toxic

No. 191307

we are the ants by Shaun David Hutchinson.

another one is a duology by Alex London. The first book is called Proxy and the second is Guardian. I am not a fan of YA sci-fi dystopia but the books were an okay read, iirc.

No. 191322

If you don't mind historical fiction, one of my all time favourites is 'As Meat Loves Salt' by Maria McCann. It has explicit content, and is very dark and heavy throughout, so only read it if you don't mind feeling like shit. Perfect if you have a tragedy fetish. I'm still trying (and failing) to find something else that hits like this did…

No. 191336

File: 1647962839619.jpg (726.69 KB, 1046x1717, gurennlagann.jpg)

from one of the most heterosexual anime shows and yet i want to see them fuck

No. 191338

I watched it like 2 or 3 years ago? On netflix I mean. I thought the second half of the show was boring, I only really remember the first half and I thought I was going to have a heart attack in the first episode when Kamina has handcuffs, there's a earthquake and he hugs Simon to make him feel safe, it was so adorable.

No. 191344

I know exactly what you're talking about, did "she" come from /trash/ or something? It reads like a scrote larp

No. 191346

Seriously. Her spergposts read like they were written by a fujo romanianon but with completely broken grammar to the point I feel like going insane if I even make an attempt at reading her rants.

Someone tell me what the fuck is /trash/, I keep hearing people there referencing it yet I have no idea what that place is, but I'm guessing it must be the source of a lot of the unhinged energy I see on Fujochan.

No. 191349

Funny how this is the same studio that created Promare which is ultra gay

No. 191353

honestly i always thought they had some gay staff, their male characters are drawn with the same horny energy female characters have

No. 191365

that's a little encouraging at least! i think i'm still going to buy volume 3 when it's released in japan, so i'll avoid spoilers for now and just hope for the best

No. 191403

>Someone tell me what the fuck is /trash/
NTA but it's a NSFW board on 4chan that was added like 5 years ago. It was meant for moving off-topic threads on the hobby boards, and expired threads there are automatically deleted instead of archived, but it has basically no rules like /b/ and you can make threads there, so of course it became a de facto porn dump board, with furries claiming it as it's the only board that allows furry porn. It's also where a lot of cancerous generals end up moving, like the Steven Universe, Danganronpa and The Loud House generals.
It also happens to be where fujochan comes from. A while ago, some fujos made a general on /trash/ (presumably because they were fed up with the aggressive gays on /y/ and/or /cm/), and someone from there made a new fujo imageboard that would supposedly be free of males. And that's how Fujochan was born.
Similarly, the Vtuber thread on their yumejo board might be the most active because the Vtuber board on 4chan is full of scrotes too and they wanted someplace to discuss without moids ruining their threads, but this is just speculation.

No. 191421

>Fujochan was birthed by a 4chan garbage board
Well this explains the concentrated amount of homophobic, terminally online anons who unironically think feminists ruined western civilizations and that their perverted discord troon friends are actually based for letting them call them trannies. Not to mention the shotacons who also admit to being into lolis. What a shame, I was really looking forward to having a girls-only imageboard for fujos but it just seems to be for unisex coomers whose libido got bored with straight porn and they need a new taboo to become aroused again.

No. 191451

Yeeep, it just seems to be a general mix of actually retarded girls here and there (like the girl who shoved deodorant up her ass) and scrotes into shota.

Number 1 complaint would probably be how many pointless boards there are though, seriously why is there 11 boards when it could easily be condensed into 3-5 at max?

No. 191465

It used to be even more, some were merged after some anons reasonably asked for it, like the manly dudes board.
I like going to fujochan now and again, but honestly there are some stuff there (aside from the slowness) that kinda scares me.

No. 191505

i'm disappointed that the most activity they've seen is that spergy i-heart-dudebros anon. it was entertaining at first, but now it's just sad

No. 191535

no imageboard is without its fair share of crazies. i personally enjoy going there. also (i assume we've seen the same thread) there were plenty of people yelling down the ESL feminist-hating "fujo".

No. 191546

I thought it was started by someone from here since anons talked about wanting to have something just for fujoshi before fujochan existed. Unless the anons who started fujochan use both lc and /trash/?

No. 191550

how did i manage to miss all this, which boards do i find the homophobic feminism haters on

No. 191552

That's an exaggeration imo, some anons say that radfems had an indirect influence on the current state on western online fandoms (because of discourses on LJ way back), other anons say they don't care about real gay guys despite being into BL, someone brought up the indirect influence of gamergate in official releases of video games and manga and anime in the west, it's a bunch of different anons each time.

No. 191579

The admin of fujochan was shilling the board here when it opened so some of them are at least familiar with lolcow. In fact the anons here were telling them to remove the shota board because it attracts pedo scrotes and turns out they were right.

It's telling when they're ready to pin it on anyone but men and the societal hatred and suppression of female sexuality influencing the current anti-fujo climate, 4chan brainrot really does a number on a bitch. I have zero patience for dudebro dick worshippers, imagine bringing up fucking gamergate of all things to try to gaslight people into blaming le feminist boogeymen.

No. 191589

Yeah I remembered that and I remember being against the shota board. I still am.

As for the anons blaming radfems for the current state of western fandoms, I think the reasoning is good but they came to the wrong conclusion. You can argue that radfems have very indirectly influenced fandoms, but at the end of the day it Western SJW slacktivists who were inspired by feminist discourse without understanding any of it and decided to harass teenage girls and young women online for liking pretty anime guys holding hands and kissing. And I wouldn't call a slacktivist a radfem, especially one who thinks feminism is about forcing girls and women to accept trannies in women restrooms and changing rooms and who think being sex trafficked and forced to have sex with strangers or to masturbate on camera for money is empowering. Anyway, I'll leave it at that, I still go on fujochan sometimes, we'll see how it will evolve.

No. 191597

that fujochan board is quite literally infested by yumes that hate fujo ships and in that shota thread they only post oneshota garbage. i don't think the board is even created by an actual fujo…
it was supposed to be a safe space for fujo but all i can see is weeb pick mes

No. 191598

Friends with the creator who is a fujo, I think she just tried to please everyone too much and ended up driving away actual fujos.

No. 191599

File: 1648050248471.jpg (228.35 KB, 1035x543, fujochan.jpg)

I mean look at this shit, "liking f!byleth ships is good because she's a woman and you can self insert but only a fakeboi would like m!byleth". Typical yume argument

No. 191610

Can you guys stop whining about "fujochan" here? Either post there and make it better or keep this thread clear of complaints, seriously. It's annoying as hell.

No. 191611

I also want to say that you guys are literally going to the board dedicated to containing fandom autism and complaining about it? Just don't go there.

No. 191614

because it was literally advertised as a fujo board? and the lc fujo thread disappeared for a while

No. 191617

I meant /ffs/.

No. 191622

I'm the one who posted this and I'm not even into yume shit kek. Did I word this incorrectly or do you have bad reading comprehension?

No. 191626

you're so obsessed with the tiny minority of aydens liking m!byleth that you're willing to ignore the huge amount of obnoxious yume f!byleth fans like come on

No. 191630

I find the f!Byleth self-inserters easier to avoid online so yes, I am biased.

No. 191757

I'm not sure this is the right place since it's western media related, but I've been reading The Wheel of Time and… I want to read some gay shit about it.

I looked through AO3 and didn't see much m/m. Also im only on book 5, so I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

Does anyone have any recs?

No. 191811

Honestly we need some fresh younger fujos in the anime/manga industry. Tired of boomers like yana toboso and hiroko utsumi who only know how to deliver homophobic stereotypical portrayals and hardcore bait
I don't like the idea that i'm supposed to support them just because they're female content creators when their stuff is based on toxic old school yaoi (i know some nonas here like it but personally i'm tired of those old tropes). Or maybe the whole japanese BL community needs a wake up call because chinese and korean fujos are coming up with better content lately. They should be ashamed, I know there are japanese fujos who are trying to be original but when the rest of their community ignores them to shill more scrote shounen ships like bakudeku, what else can they do?

No. 191813

Also I think the prevalance of joseimuke games have killed the BL market (and the otome market at the same time!). Companies are greedy and trying to market to both audiences> games became very popular> actual bl/otome games are losing steam. Something like nucarnival would never come out of japan at this rate

No. 191815

Japanese yaoi manga should go digital and maybe adapt a mobile format. Have more chapters and volumes than just a single volume per story, which sucks since some, if not more, stories get underwhelming endings and execution because of the limitation. I think it's one of the reasons why many are preferring to read manhua and manhwas these days.

Some popular korean manhwa are getting live action adaptions while chinese manhua have great success with their anime. Even thai bl is leading the bl live action market.

Unfortunate or not, making doujinshis of shounen ships sells and could aid a mangaka if they ever want to make an original story. Like the mangaka for given started out making haikyuu doujinshis.

Japan is slowly following the trend but, in a way, they are a bit behind.

No. 191818

It's already kind of happening though. Not for anime for very obvious reasons, but for manga.

No. 191820

it's ironic that japanese yaoi inspired this whole craze and now they're behind other asian markets. i feel like a lot of doujinshi creators just flock to whatever series is the most popular at the moment (and usually it's a shounen series) and manga companies with their very strict rules make it even harder to publish original content
another thing that kinda baffles me, manga like jujutsu kaisen can thank fujos for their early sales (before the anime was released) but of course the creator will never throw them any crumbs. it's kinda pathetic in a way, bulkbuying a scrote's manga to keep it alive and he won't even acknowledge you, meanwhile other fujos who would actually need the support are starving. maybe that's related to the lack of feminism in japan

No. 191824

What are you going on about? A lot of Japanese BL has already been made into wholesome reversible couples schoolboy dating shit and who the hell even cares about Kuroshitsuji, nobody would be interested in Yana Toboso if it wasn't for Twisted Wonderland being relevant. If anything it's Korean BL webtoons that are rehashing the "abusive seme raping the bottom" trope over and over again but with worse art.

Something like NU:Carnival would never come out of anywhere else in Asia than Taiwan, period. It's literally the only country there that even allows gay marriage. I honestly have my doubts about that game being meant as joseimuke to begin with, it has a sizable gay male audience.

There are tons of manga subscription services with mobile support? Also I personally hate the webtoon format of scrolling an endless page on mobile for 15 minutes straight, I hope the Japanese never end up adopting that in full.

Sometimes I wonder if the anons in this thread even read BL or is it one samefag constantly complaining about Japanese stuff to be a contrarian. While I do agree that fujos need to be recognized more as a profitable demographic, I still fail to see how Japan has gotten "behind" of other countries just because a few Chinese dramas made it big abroad despite the whole country banning the portrayal of gay relationships in media. It sucks everywhere else just the same so debating which country hates fujos the least sounds like a waste of time.

No. 191826

You know not every fujo is the same at all, right? Some don't care at all if they're not directly pandered to for supporting a series, some do even if they don't expect a Shonen Jump manga to lake their favorite pairing canon, some only care about derivative works, some only care about original BL stories, etc

No. 191827

yeah we know japanese fujos are cucks. chinese fujos will fight for their ships, meanwhile japanese fujos allow scrotes and yumes to shit on them
name one relevant BL manga or anime that came from japan in the last 10 yrs other than yuri on ice and given

No. 191829

If you go head first shipping shounenshit characters then you seriously have only yourself to blame if you're throwing a tantrum over gay ships not being made canon. Most fujos who ship from something like My Hero Academia know that their OTPs will never be canon and don't care. It would be more appropriate to be mad over something more sophisticated fujobaiting and then bailing but Jujutsu Kaisen? You brought it upon yourself nonnie.

Yes, we know both Chinese fujos and yumes are schizos who would burn down a building or send an artist to the gulags for not making their ship canon or giving their husbando a girlfriend.
>name one relevant BL manga or anime that came from japan in the last 10 yrs other than yuri on ice and given
I don't know, name one relevant Danmei donghua that came from China that isn't Heaven's official blessing or Mo Dao Zu Shi?

No. 191831

first of all i don't even watch mha or jjk, i find it ridiculous that fujos support these scrote series when they could support other fujos
and second, there are plenty of popular danmei series like word of honor, guardian (or pretty much anything written by priest), 2ha, saye, 19 days etc. as for japanese BL, i can't name anything other than harada being a well known artist

No. 191834

File: 1648127995665.png (164.12 KB, 1080x942, hffhj.png)

i find the current discussion unproductive but the mention of jjk reminded me that the author mentioned being a fan of some bl works which i find interesting. if there are any jjk fans here, is the influence noticeable?

No. 191835

all i know is that he has a few troon characters and two gross gay stereotypes like most shounens

No. 191837

Troons and two gay men?
Which characters are you talkig about?

No. 191840

kirara, uraume, haruta, eso, there's also this guy with pigtails
honestly most of the villains look troonish

No. 191841

that reggie guy also gives troon vibea

No. 191842

oh, i didn't know this. interesting.
i haven't read these mangas so i don't know about direct influence, but i wouldn't say there's much. the most overtly gay coded characters are nobara and the zenin twins, but i'm practically sure gege has read omegaverse works. there's an almost creepy insistence on pregnancy and wombs throughout the whole manga (the cursed womb death paintings, the relation between kenjaku and itadori, itadori having to 'give birth' to sukuna), and also weird smell-related stuff like gojo recognizing geto was in a place because of his smell. panda says itadori has 'freaky pheromones' because in more than one occasion other male characters feel compelled to protect him.


i think the troon op is referring to is kirara hoshi, who i still hope is just a crossdresser. there's also uraume who doens't have a confirmed gender.
the two gay stereotypes i think are eso and larue.

No. 191843

i mean dude is clearly obsessed if he needs to have so many weird troons and gay stereotypes in his manga while characters like gojo, yuji and megumi are ultra straight

No. 191846

>i'm practically sure gege has read omegaverse works
Ew, thanks for ruining JJK for me.

No. 191859

Still lowkey pissed that Feng Xin got with a woman

No. 191863

that subplot was so unnecessary and i absolutely despise that baby devil spawn, i have a bad feeling the shitty live action will try to make it in an implied weird love triangle with xie lian since jiang lan was supposed to be his concubine ew

No. 191867

Disgusting and I can see that happening. Feng Xin should have had his womanphobia cured but remained single. FengQing is a great pair

No. 191979

There are BL manga that are getting a lot of attention online too, like Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu. I think BL manga is doing fine in the digital age

Damn, the realization that Ma-kun and Mamiya are the same age just got me.

No. 191980

File: 1648175910814.png (654.22 KB, 800x569, 006018506_c6BB3inm9.png)

I'm a huge JJK fag and I don't think so. Unless of course Itadori and Fushiguro end up together which is what the universe has pre-ordained.
However, I find Gege's a lot more modern when it comes to gender than most other shonen mangaka. Like he addresses that female sorcerers need to be perfect all the time to get any recognition, when that isn't true for males.

Does anyone need recommendations? I'm too lazy to write up short reviews, but I can recommend you shit…

No. 192003

File: 1648183915139.jpg (584.16 KB, 2048x1793, ExFkmlfVcAA-7hJ.jpg)

I honestly prefer that the stories are short and to the point. Manhua/Manhwa just go on and on and on without shit happening. Good manga get second/third/etc. volumes if they sell well.

>meanwhile other fujos who would actually need the support are starving.
I don't get your point. If a fujo draws BL, why would doujinshi artists need to draw BL of her characters? Or did you mean that fujos need to buy more BL drawn by fujos? Because they already do. I can buy both JJK and BL and doujins. It's not mutually exclusive.
Plus of course shonen series are going to get the most doujins:
1. Lots of single guys
2. Not romance-centered (usually)
3. Super-bromance everywhere
Like you brought up JJK, please re-read chapter 143 and tell me this is a normal heterosexual friendship lol
Idk if you can read Japanese but pic rel is all shit that happens in the manga.

No. 192020

these two are quite literally the most bland, boring and nothing ship to come out of any shounen in recent times, mostly because itadori is a boring gary stu.

No. 192037

>lots of single guys
this is bullshit, they all get a female love interest in shounen
>not romance centered
until the last chapter when they all get married
>super-bromance everywhere
that's a cope

No. 192049

this is why sports shounen > battle shounen

No. 192050

NTA but for me the ships not being canon is part of the fun of being a fujo. Don't really mind those things.

No. 192053

If you can't see the appeal of a himbo, I can't help you, bonny.

I think we both read very different shonen. Just wondering - what Manga do you think deserve doujins to be made of them instead?

No. 192054

>If you can't see the appeal of a himbo, I can't help you, bonny.
Himbos are great, Yuji is an annoying and boring idiot.

No. 192062

Japanese BL are have live action adaptations, too

No. 192063

none, just create a new shounen with BL elements instead

No. 192102

Shonen is a demographic, not a genre, and straight Japanese teenage boys don't want that kind of gay stuff in their manga at all.

No. 192116

From what I know the categorization of a series as shonen can be pretty fast and loose, there are a bunch of manga that are technically shonen, but clearly aimed at women and girls(Jibaku Shonen Hanako-kun, Kuroshitsuji, Vanitas no Carte, etc)

No. 192161

I… I never knew

No. 192177

If it’s
>Square Enix
there’s a 80% chance it’s fujo “shounen” manga

No. 192204

Well, now you know. If Black Butler started being published in the 90s it would have been published in a shojo magazine, I'm sure of this.

No. 192205

Agreed. I don't want my ships to become canon but it would ruin canon, and it would never be as good as I personally can imagine it.

No. 192206

>only gay ships ruin canon but hetships are totally fine uwu

No. 192207

This. Even Hanako kun which is shoujo as fuck gets the shounen label there.

No. 192212

I don't ship hetships? I don't want any romance in my video games/anime/manga. Just fanservice, so I can imagine my preferred scenario in my head.

No. 192273

I used to get my fujo fix from tumblr, but I haven't used it in years. I really liked that I could just mindlessly scroll through and look at cool pics, maybe discover some new artist or yaoi, etc. It was very effortless.
Is tumblr still like that after the porn exodus? Or is there anywhere else?

No. 192351

ymmv, but in my experience tumblr is full of mediocre fanart made by aidens who'll bitch constantly at fujos for "fetishizing mlm"

No. 192934

i hate them because i've been tainted by the western fandom. these two are the flagship "uwu safe n wholesome" pairing

No. 192939

File: 1648502410579.png (192.54 KB, 768x412, 25B02ADF-650A-4449-A954-F7C139…)

fudans, gay guys and aidens have poor taste, what else is new?

No. 192949

I like the fujos on here a lot but at least on /fujochan/ you don't have to deal with the constant moralfagging. People literally come into the fujo thread on lolcow to bait and be retarded all the time. Random ass politics because they just can't help themselves. /fujochan/ is just pure media and content.

No. 192957

The options for the BL games are just VNs from 10+ years ago and includes options like Dream Daddy and Coming out on top, I don't know what to think about this. It feels unnecessary to include a western joke dating sim and a game obviously meant for gay men in a questionnaire about media included in the BL genre, and the fact that you have to dig up Enzai and Hadaka Shitsuji to add to the list makes it seem overall a sloppy effort and depressing because of the tiny selection. But that said, it's an interesting look into how the preferences are divided between male and female respondents.

>I think there is something interesting to be said about people who self-insert “sometimes” or “most of the times” while apparently identifying as cis women, but that would be for an entirely other debate.

Gotta love the little tranny shill there though.

>/fujochan/ is just pure media and content.
Tell that to the sperg who can't shut up about radfems being the bane of her existence in every thread and the terminal moid ass kissers who need to bring up how much they hate other women. I thought the obsessed anti-fujo anons on this site were crazy for calling fujos misogynist, homophobic pickmes but apparently they've met these nutjobs and based their opinion on them.

It was already brought up there but the site has too many anons who aren't really fujos by lifestyle (as lame as that sounds) but more akin to pornsick, edgy /b/tards who just want to coom to everything as long as it has graphic porn in it. The media threads are pretty good, I'll admit that, and it's nice to read anons' takes on fujo fandom sperging.

No. 193005

File: 1648525212369.png (24.92 KB, 275x204, 1648519988197.png)

Any good yaoi set in a medieval fantasy type world? I love knights, mages, prince's, all that jazz.

No. 193018

File: 1648530831811.jpeg (121.87 KB, 1200x842, FMwGZZfaUAc4Sa1.jpeg)

I'm slowly coming to terms that I will probably not witness the YoI movie within my lifetime.

No. 193022

I straight up forget it exists well, it doesn't but you know what I mean unless someone mentions it. Movie never ever I guess.

No. 193048

>Tell that to the sperg who can't shut up about radfems being the bane of her existence in every thread and the terminal moid ass kissers who need to bring up how much they hate other women. I thought the obsessed anti-fujo anons on this site were crazy for calling fujos misogynist, homophobic pickmes but apparently they've met these nutjobs and based their opinion on them.

Can you post screencap or something because I've been scrolling through fujochan for hours trying to find what you're talking about lol

No. 193050

nta but we had a big discussion in a thread on /ffs/ and one anon kept blaming radfems for the current state of fujoshi fandoms in the West, even though radfems' influence on fandoms in general is very indirect.

No. 193052

It's in the "What do you think of the modern BL scene?" thread in /ffs/.
It's seems like the mods finally put a stop to it. Hopefully she takes the hint and quits with the radfem shitflinging.

No. 193059

I can't wait for an interview as to why it keeps on getting delayed. I find it more interesting than the actual movie itself now.

No. 193067

I haven’t read it, but maybe Barbarities?

And this one’s not BL but Usamaru Furuya made a manga about the crusades

No. 193068

I'm really curious too but I doubt we'll know anything any time soon. iirc Kubo stopped being active on social media because of people asking her non-stop about Yuri on Ice when she actually used instagram and twitter for personal posts on top of posting her art and promoting her manga and Yoi. I was going to say maybe the movie is still being made but it's been so long since it was announced. It better have a scene where Yuuri explicitely fucks Viktor in the ass just to shut up all the fakebois complaining about queerbaiting before.

No. 193071

while the radfem sperg needs to chill out, I don't get what's the big deal about disliking gay scrotes, you can enjoy BL and still find IRL gay moids disgusting

No. 193075

nta but barbarities is great. there's no fantasy though, iirc. Just a slow-paced romance with a nice plot about politics.

I think she doesn't have much control over the movie so it's being remade or change a couple of times in certain areas. on top of getting asked about it by fans, i guess kubo got tired that her idea didn't get the attention or care that it needed but idk i'm just tinfoiling at this point.

It'd be great if the sex scene was a complete stranger and viktor together. idk, it's a petty thought. It's not like i'm expecting much obvious romance on yoi. I only hope there's better quality on the skating and maybe reference on real life skaters and such.

No. 193084

File: 1648551482621.jpg (553.62 KB, 1200x1711, crimson-spell-vol-1-yaoi-manga…)

Crimson Spell is a classic one at least, it's a teeny bit dated especially with the artstyle but in the end you can't go wrong with anything created by goddess Yamane. Fantasy settings in BL are depressingly rare though, I'd like to take recommendations myself as well.

Even besides the edgy "hurr I just hate gay scrotes nothing wrong with based manhate right" gaslighting the speds at fujochan openly hate lesbians too. They're just degens from /trash/ who yell moralfags at everyone who thinks their edgy 4chin faggotry is cringe.

No. 193085

I don't hate lesbians and I don't think there's anything with a man being gay, its just the way they act and talk is so fucking annoying and infuriating at times

No. 193120

to be fair most gays hate stereotypical gays too, why do you think there are so many men on dating apps like grindr rejecting fems? truth is no one can really stand them and their catty humour outside of comedy drag shows

No. 193130

I feel more straight(mostly) white women are more into this type of behavior then gay men themselves

No. 193137

Basically, you see the stereotypical catty feminine gays bitching about everyone using the "no fems" disclaimer on grindr all the time which is exactly why HSTSs are born, they're not accepted in their own community. Only unironic straight fag hags (not the ones the faghag-chan is always sperging about) like them because they wish they could pull that ~sassy yaas gurl~ attitude without being judged for it. IRL twinky femmes are only popular with abusive, bisexual sugar daddies who want a substitute for women.

I have no reason to cape for gay men just for their sake but it's annoying when someone needs to bring up how they love BL but "hate actual faggots" when nobody fucking asked, you don't have an audience to impress. As if it would be the worst imaginable fate for people to think that you might not want gay people gassed in a community with a large lesbian/bisexual subset. It's just all around embarrassing, especially because the people touting this are usually yumecucks who only read BL smut because straight porn makes them jealous of the girl.

No. 193152

>It'd be great if the sex scene was a complete stranger and viktor together.
What, like a former bf/gf or something? It's about his youth so it could make sense in that context AND it'll make absolutely everyone seethe, which would be pure entertainment by itself so I'm ok with that.

No. 193154

>yes i want to see victor with a woman to make the fujocucks seethe
??? did you somehow mistake this thread for the yume one??

No. 193155

I need to know why do non-fujos post in the fujo thread like some of you are weird lol

No. 193158

We just live rent free in their heads kek

No. 193159

NTA but she said bf/gf and make "everyone" seethe, not fujos in particular. Still dumb to think Victor would ever fuck a woman though kek

No. 193167

Yeah I said "bf/gf" just because his past is way more vague than Yuuri's, not because I believe he would even have one. The anime a self-contained story so if there's an abundance of straight stuff involving either Yuuri or Viktor in the movie I can just pretend it's its own continuity and unrelated to the anime. Not like the movie will ever exist anyway.

No. 193168

Sorry, I wanted to reply to >>193159

No. 193176

no you just wanted fujos to seethe
if you were a fujo you'd know how important yuri on ice and victuuri were for our community back in 2016

No. 193178

>if you were a fujo you'd know how important yuri on ice and victuuri were for our community back in 2016
I'm a fujoshi but more importantly, this is sarcasm, right? No offense but you sound like one of these stupid ayydens who would spam spoilers of brand new episodes everywhere online to prove how Yoi is full of queerbait or muh true and accurate gay rep. Glad I enjoyed the anime with my rl fujo friends only.

No. 193185

the fuck are you talking about? sounds like you are obsessed with what aidens say

No. 193187

File: 1648582705535.jpeg (48.91 KB, 477x643, images.jpeg)

Just finished reading this, and it's really good. Starts a bit boring, but it gets super interesting as it goes.

Warning for some light gore!

No. 193188

Forgot to say the name, it's The Black Mirror

No. 193193

Why is the brunette guys back so big? Quasimodo vibes but it looks hot tho ngl

No. 193196

kek korean manhwa

No. 193200

You're the one talking about a community. We might both like BL and some specific TV shows and anime or manga but that's just what we have in common, calm down instead of thinking all fujoshi automatically sperg, cry and shit their pants at the idea that their favorite male anime characters could have a hypothetical previous relationship in a flashback scene.

No. 193206

They're both shaped like this lmao. Huge torsos all around. You get used to it after a while

No. 193218

File: 1648591365757.jpeg (268.87 KB, 1280x960, 642353FB-7469-4F93-881B-FCC8C2…)

What’s a good bl story (vn, manga, light novel are all ok with me) with really dark themes and content? I read Killing Stalking and played Sweet Pool so far and I’ve really enjoyed both.

No. 193221

File: 1648593057700.jpg (194.94 KB, 700x1592, 1621c4426ad6_11.jpg)

The most fucked up thing I have read so far is sadistic beauty bl sidestory which if im honest feels like it wants to be killing stalking but edgier. Tbh i dont think its a good bl story BUT I love the artwork and character design and still read because i want to see where it will go. The worst thing about this is the spergy translator who writes whole diatribes about feminism and womens pussies inbetween panels (seriously this translator is a fucking lolcow in their own right) and defending the captive character Minho like hes a real person. Even if you end up not liking the story you may get a laugh from the obsessed translators notes and personal fanfiction they shill at the end of each chapter.

No. 193222

Color Recipe (And Harada in general) is great

No. 193227

I know exactly what you're talking about. Why does she even translate the story since she seems to hate it so much? I'm so confused about her, who is she and why. Literally I remember reading Sadistic Beauty and she would just write entire long monologues on how much she hates all the characters and the themes portrayed in the manwha.

No. 193228

Related to the discussion above I love Harada's stories because they're the good type of fucked up, she clearly puts thought and imagination into the scenarios while so many "dark" Korean webtoons just pull a Killing Stalking and make some generic "deranged psycho kidnaps someone he's obsessed with and abuses him and beats him up like a violent maniac" setting. I prefer the type with subtle manipulation, mind games and preferably both parties being in the moral grey area. If anyone can recommend something like Niichan I'd be glad to check it out.

No. 193232

Mantis Cage, Litchi Hikari Club, like other anons said a few of Harada’s manga, and Asada Nemui has a couple like To the Sea, Dear My God, and Living Dead

No. 193236

File: 1648599127818.jpg (53.31 KB, 350x494, warehousee.jpg)


>An uncomfortable truth

really cute art style, a brother has an obsessive love towards his older brother, and it kinda escalates from there, no horny though

>Twittering birds never fly

not really a abusive relationship but very much has dark themes and touches on childhood trauma

>Fruit of the Tongue

Only 7 chapters, priest gets raped, crazy seme I just found it horny the story isn't that great literally just fucking and sucking

>The warehouse

MC gets kidnapped and subjected to abuse, really nice and interesting plot, unique art

>Obey me

MC gets kidnapped and raped, completely retarded but I enjoyed and it was funny

>Color recipe

like the other anon said, top notch

No. 193259

>Living Dead
Oops, I mean Sleeping Dead. The name got changed so now in Japanese it’s スリーピングデッド

No. 193307

蟷螂の檻 Mantis Cage has been recently completed and is properly fucked up.

No. 193314

File: 1648629620581.jpg (321.28 KB, 1000x1444, 255BTamekou255D2BDeichuu2Bno2B…)

Niichan and Harada's work lean more extreme in comparison, but I like Tamekou's older works for the fucked up characters and mind games, specifically Kakkou no Yume and Deichuu no Hasu.

No. 193320

God I hate weird, clunky translations like that. It's like whoever translated this used google translate and called it a day.

No. 193323

If you can translate a sentence back into Japanese in your head without any difficulty, you know the translation is bad.

No. 193342

Smooches nonna, looks promising enough to check out!

I know Japanese well enough to sort of see this as some bastardized form of Japanese instead of English translation so it doesn't even bother me kek, I feel like the worst are the English translations made by ESL-chans who understand Japanese but aren't proficient in English. Reading those makes me feel like I'm turning dyslexic.

No. 193354

I read it last year and felt kinda bad for everyone following it during its publication, I wouldn’t want to spend years waiting for another chapter

No. 193356

kek I literally sperged about this somewhere on ot a few weeks ago. Thanks for the translation but if it makes you seethe that much, just drop it…

No. 193399

for those of you guys annoyed by the sadistic beauty translator, theres another one who uploads to mrm whos chill, just switch to that one

No. 193474

what does self-inserting even feel like? i've always taken a voyeuristic approach to ships

No. 193496

i love sadistic beauty so much, bl manhwas for me are something cheap and cute to read while waiting for my favorite mangas but i genuinely enjoy their dynamic kek

No. 193510

same anon. Self-inserting myself into a ship sounds weird, won't that make the existing ship redundant because a character has been erase by their canon personality and history to align with yours?

But I guess people are insecure enough to pretend they're a character in order to self-insert themselves with their husbandos to make the attraction logical?

idk. it's more cringe than a simple y/n or reader/character ship.

No. 193544

I never even self inserted into games like pokemon and animal crossing. Self inserting into a ship and a character with a personality is so unimaginable to me.

No. 193565

narcissism the "she/he is just like me fr" meme
afaik moids self-insert more though

No. 193606

No idea, I don't self-insert so it's such a foreign thought to me. It feels silly because they're fictional characters and it's kind of narcissistic too, I'd much prefer to daydream on my own than insert myself into someone else's story. Like >>193565 said it sounds more like a male thing to me, especially because they project all the time by thinking that fujos "want to be the girly uke being fucked" because their defective brains literally can't comprehend someone enjoying fiction that isn't a self-indulgent, masturbatory power fantasy. I do often relate to characters I feel a connection to but I'm not attempting to skinwalk or replace them.

No. 193614

Agree, self-inserting in yaoi is a meme made up by moids because they can't comprehend enjoying a piece of fiction without making it all about themselves. You can see this with a lot of media pandering to them too (hentais, harem mangas and animes, games), there's always the plain/nameless/faceless/dull dude they can see themselves into. Then they project into fujos because they hate women enjoying things without being narcissists like them.

No. 193754

I would've liked that within the first 4 years. I remember when fans kept speculating they're going to release info on victor's birthdays, and when that didn't happen on the Olympics, and when that also didn't happen on MAPPA's anniversary exhibition, but nothing. Denis Ten's death and Corona probably also didn't help.

>It'd be great if the sex scene was a complete stranger and viktor together
kek nonna you're evil

No. 193784

File: 1648777283835.png (Spoiler Image,914.67 KB, 940x770, Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.4…)

If I wanted to self-insert into the uke I'd just read TL and self-insert into the woman. I enjoy sex-heavy BL because it puts men in situations they usually aren't in, aka I enjoy them tearing up as they get pounded.

No. 193785

File: 1648777405790.png (136.7 KB, 801x1139, awa.png)

Just finished reading pic related, it's called Awairo Emaki. Very cute and cozy shounen ai, there's one fade-to-black sex scene in the last chapter.

No. 193787

i hope someone does spill about what's going on within production but they might be waiting after the movie actually premiered.

afaik the movie is about viktor's past so it wouldn't be farfetched if there's a former lover that's heavily emphasized in the story, that likely made viktor the way he is now.

That, and I don't like how aydens made yoi as this game changer for anime. which it could for presenting bl as the second genre in a sport's anime but it puts yoi in a heavy pedestal of expectation despite being underwhelming in certain aspects. if fakebois get angry about another man, or woman, smooching with viktor then argue about them being against representation or smth.

No. 193838

>if fakebois get angry about another man, or woman, smooching with viktor then
>the fakeboi boogieman shit again
I'm a fujo and i don't want to see viktor smooching a woman either now what? why are you so obsessed with heterofying yuri on ice just to spite some random aydens on twitter?

No. 193839

it's so obvious some of you are yumefujos, the type who only wants to see fujoshit in porn but prefers their media to be squeaky clean het stuff and is scared of muh fakebois because they want to see actual canon gays

No. 193847

post what you want to see, nothing changes from complaining over and over again

No. 193960

Anon we all know Viktor is completely obsessed by Yuuri, a flashback of him having an ex bf or gf doesn't change the fact that in the present Yuuri is fucking Viktor everyday.

No. 194022

File: 1648846504008.png (11.38 KB, 307x82, asgdjsa.png)

Someone's fudan uncle used his facebook to comment this on a manga website…

No. 194085

im not. I'm just saying a woman as a suggestion and it wouldn't be unlikely for viktor to swing the other way as well. im sure people are expecting hardcore yuuri x viktor in the movie but im curious if we could get to see viktor with someone else from his past too.

yeah, it was kinda implied that viktor has many lovers. with how desperate he is to chase yuuri because he felt something other than what was causing him to hate skating and his life back in russia. im sure a former lover or two affected his perspective of himself. maybe his family as well. every main characters and a few side ones have shown to have family and relatives. i'm sure there's a reason why viktor only has his dog, yuri and his skating pals for now.

No. 194128

Incredibly based.

No. 194172

do you guys know any hakuoki/touken ranbu-inspired BL? i want something in a more ancient traditional setting, similar to wuxia and painter of the night but in japan

No. 194235

File: 1648930862064.jpeg (298.18 KB, 500x749, resize_image.jpeg)

Any anons here playing/played Uuultra C? What are your thoughts?

The setting is fun but the storytelling is kind of crazy. Also I'm kinda put off by how super homophobic the second route is, this goes even beyond the standard BL "but we're both boys" shit. One of the MCs is straight up calling his love interest slurs.

No. 194236

File: 1648930982149.jpg (115.27 KB, 1857x609, 20220402_171730.jpg)

Apparently it's even worse in the original Japanese, you can clearly hear him call one of the characters "okama" but it's localized as "drag queen" for some reason.

This one made me kek, in the original Japanese he calls him "okama yarou gay homo" but the English text just says this.

No. 194238

File: 1648931237811.jpg (487.73 KB, 900x342, 20220402_172554.jpg)

Here too, in Japanese he calls okama "defects" and doesn't understand how anyone could be scared of them. Also "sister boy" got localized as femboy which is just hilarious, I can see the translator's struggle.

This route is so homophobic you can really tell the localization team felt a pressure to censor half of the shit this character says, on top of making his LI a "nonbinary man". I don't blame them though cause the author of the game is unhinged as fuck

No. 194241

File: 1648931288628.jpg (58.68 KB, 1015x1005, 20220401_002943.jpg)

For those who played Hashihime of the Old Book Town, when asked about genderbending the main couple she basically said they can't be together cause they're both women and that lesbian sex isn't real sex.

I really get low-key internalized homophobia from her from Uuultra C. All of the main characters wish they were straight and there's actual hetero sex scenes in the game. Like if I wanted to see that I'd just play some otome, get that shit out of my BL games.

No. 194258

>カマ野郎. ゲイ. ホモ.
kek my god, I can imagine the translator's struggle with this trying to translate the line without using slurs. Why the fuck did they even translate this out of all the possible VNs if they knew they had to basically censor it?

>on top of making his LI a "nonbinary man".
Why? Why did they have to do this? Literally no reason for it, what the fuck. I hate the gender brainrot so much, everyone who's the least bit GNC gets trooned no questions asked.

No. 194263

not the adelta bl games having weird shit again. it was annoying when i played hashihime and tamamori was like "surely w-we're platonic best friends even though we clearly fucked" all the time
did you guys knows she has another upcoming game? apparently she said that all the characters of that game are straight, really makes you wonder how the hell are they supposed to fuck in that situation. i think she is an old fujo who grew up with late 90s yaoi but it's still ridiculous

No. 194267

I thought the games looked interesting but this really puts me off them, despite being an oldfag fujo myself I still hate this homophobia shit you find in 90's BL. If there's something I really like about the current state of the genre it's that new wave fujos have gotten rid of both the "bury the gays" and "homos don't deserve love" tropes that riddled the stories 20-30 years ago. The older I get the more I grow to hate it.

No. 194273

what baffles me is that her stuff ranges from well written and supportive like minakami's route to wildly homophobic, why can't she just write a normal BL romance without going in too deep about their sexualities

No. 194275

i had no interest in this until now but this makes it look pretty funny ngl

No. 194288

Minakami's route looks supportive at a first glance but now I can understand why he was killing himself all the time for being gay. Judging from Uuultra C, that's what the author thinks.

No. 194381

Didn't he kill himself because he found out that Tamamori was timetravelling? I never got the impresion that he killed himself for being gay.

No. 194407

He did kill himself also because he was gay! At one point you can read Minakami's suicide note and he clearly says he can't live because he's in love with another man. The only time he stops wanting to die is when Tamamori reciprocates his feelings. From what I garnered from the game, it was both factors.

No. 194548

File: 1649026679507.jpg (26 KB, 300x427, 00120316_XL.jpg)

Chil Chil BL Award 2022 Results

1. 夜明けの唄 Yoake no Uta
2. 幼馴染じゃ我慢できない Osanajimi ja Gaman dekinai
3. 神様なんか信じない僕らのエデン Kamisama nanka shinjinai bokura no eden
4. フェイクファクトリップス Fake Fact Lips
5. 世界でいちばん遠い恋 Sekai de ichiban tooi koi
6. メロンの味 Melon no Aji
7. ごちそうΩはチュウと鳴く Gochisou Omega wa chuu to naku
8. 寄宿舎の黒猫は夜をしらない Kishukusha no kuroneko wa yoru o shiranai
9. 拒まない男 Kobamanai otoko
10. 放課後のエチュード Houkago no Etude

Japanese list here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2022/mode/comic/

No. 194552

File: 1649026922211.jpg (26.19 KB, 300x426, 00113735_XL.jpg)

1. 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Saezuru tori wa habatakanai (Twittering Birds never fly)
2. オールドファッションカップケーキ with カプチーノ Old Fashion Cupcake with Capuccino
3. ギヴン Given
4. 25時、赤坂で 25-ji, Akasaka de
5. セラピーゲーム リスタート Therapy Game Restart
6. ブルースカイコンプレックス Blue Sky Complex
7. 嫌いでいさせて Kirai de isasete
8. 明けても暮れても -続 いつか恋になるまで- Akete mo kurete mo - zoku itsuka koi ni naru made-
9.コヨーテ Coyote
10. 鬼と天国 Oni to Tengoku

Japanese list here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2022/mode/series/

No. 194555

File: 1649027272114.jpg (41.14 KB, 300x427, 00115146_XL.jpg)

Erotic BL
1. 僕の番はサラブレットΩ Boku no zukai wa thoroughbred omega
2. ワリキリ Warikiri
3. ヒーリングパラドックス コミック Healing Paradox
4. アフター・ミッドナイト・スキン After Midnight Skin
5. ドラスティック f ロマンス Drastic f Romance
6. 甘くて熱くて息もできない Amakute atsukute iki mo dekinai
7. 僕は君だけのもの Boku wa kimi dake no mono
8. キスで溶かしたそのあとに Kiss de tokashita sono ato ni
9. 羽賀くんは噛まれたい Hagakun wa kamaretai
10. カリギュラの恋 Caligula's Love

Japanese list here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2022/mode/ero/

No. 194556

File: 1649027526231.jpg (35.8 KB, 300x425, 00117084_XL.jpg)

Next Generation
1. ショタおに Shota-Oni
2. 高良くんと天城くん Takarakun to Amagikun
3. 息できないのは君のせい Iki dekinai no wa kimi no sei
4. キスは番にひざまずく Kiss wa zukai ni hizamazuku
5. 遥か遠き家 Haruka tooki ie
6. ハツコイノオト Hatsukoi no oto
7. 失恋ジャンキー Shitsuren junky
8. シュガードラッグ Sugar drug
9. カットオーバー・クライテリア Cut-over criteria
10. リーマンラブホ男子会 Riman rabuho danshikai

Japanese list here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2022/mode/tsugini/

Picture is not first place because shota. Also Takarakun to Amagikun is seriously good.

No. 194557

File: 1649027800916.jpg (30.52 KB, 300x427, 00119121_XL.jpg)

Best Deep BL
1. ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド Happy of the End
2. 手を伸ばしたら、つばさ Te o nobashitara, Tsubasa
3. 夜画帳 Yogacho (originally Korean, don't know the Korean title)
4. 踊る阿呆と腐れ外道 Odoru aho to kusare gaidou
5. ジェラシー Jealousy
6. さよなら共犯者 Sayonara Kyouhansha
7. 何でもいいから消えてくれ Nandemo ii kara kiete kure
8. 秘め婿 Hime Muko
9. 錆のゆめ Sabi no Yume
10. 午前2時まで君のもの Gozen 2-ji made kimi no mono

Japanese list here: https://www.chil-chil.net/blAwardRank/y/2022/mode/deep/

There are other categories but I don't think they're very interesting for foreign fujos, so I won't translate them. You can check them on the site linked above.

No. 194582

Started reading Yoake no Uta, it's cute and tge art is great, but there are only 7 chapters translated out of 11 so beware!

No. 194800

File: 1649113548584.png (359.58 KB, 964x685, Untitled.png)

apparently I don't have autism, yet I made this

No. 194802


No. 194810

This also is something that only seems to happen in the West.

No. 194812

Is that link from botw kek

No. 194813

You should add the lolicons who think they're literally oppressed the same way fujos are

No. 194817

well I wouldn't say fujos are oppressed either we just put up with a lot, it's to be expected but has amplified recently. I tried to sneak in what you said though with the moid

No. 194818

I think it's the aspie girl

No. 194819

Yeah it is

No. 194847

me on the right because makoharu is shit

No. 194867

File: 1649143284823.png (684.29 KB, 693x577, CKaAnv-UsAAZ0QW.png)

yeah, makoharu is the shit

No. 194871

You're right, and makoharu shippers don't deserve rights.

No. 194899

I hate the "minor-coded" shit. Most main teen characters behave like adults, they even look like they could be adults. If anything most of them are adult-coded. You can really tell if a character in media is meant to be interpreted as a child because of how they act and how they're drawn. And honestly who gives a shit if two fictional teenagers fictionally fuck.

No. 195000

Kek that's okay, I didn't even watch free! just picked ships I thought were popular

No. 195012

kek nona you should've chosen some shounen fujo ships like yuji/gojo for the maximum seething

No. 195046

I think this idea of "omg they're two teenagers you pedo" is so weird, if the couple is age appropriate (and I do think there is more leeway because as you said they all behave and look like adults anyways) idgaf. Some of my favourite commercial BL couples are minors, so what?

No. 195101

even better if its bakugo/midoriya, midoriya/shouto and kiribaku.

No. 195150

File: 1649237715990.png (476.66 KB, 1271x720, Screenshot_20220405-214732.png)

Did you guys watch the new horse racing anime?
Mc got princess carried by another dude and everything turned pink with flower petals flying everywhere. He blushed too of course.

No. 195157

nope, what's the title?

No. 195175

Gunjou no fanfare.

No. 195288


No. 195308

Is fujochan dead?

No. 195380

>shota oni first
god i hope lc fujos stop claiming fujoshi "hate shotacon! i-it's all shit made up by MOIDS" now

No. 195381

i'm still reading uuultra c but the main gay couple seems pretty fluffy?

No. 195420

shota oni isn't even BL, it shouldn't be in this category. it's just about a kid's onesided love for his older friend

No. 195424

File: 1649310049730.jpg (115.78 KB, 700x891, 6-o.jpg)

however i wouldn't mind if it gets a timeskip, the older guy needs to get his insides destroyed by this younger chad asap

No. 195467

File: 1649317179378.jpg (76.69 KB, 352x160, 20220403_013000.jpg)

Just wait till you get on the second route nona. That's when the real funny shit starts.

No. 195477

It IS made for moids. It's just that some younger and degenerate fujos love it, that doesn't mean all of them like shota.

No. 195496

Anyone have any good bakudeku fic recs where they’re adults? I’ve been scouring ao3 and only find badly written/omegaverse fics rehashed over and over again.

No. 195578

Genuinely curious, do you remember where she said that first part?

No. 195625

you’d find better fics if you got better taste in ships

No. 195682

I'm like whatever about the ship lol but I find the bully trying to redeem himself to the victim an interesting trope that I can't find anywhere else. And like you said, this ship kind of sucks.

No. 195794

File: 1649420366771.jpg (1020.68 KB, 1800x2700, 50160417.jpg)

i wanted to give heartstopper a read because i was curious around the hype and its netflix adaptation. but finding out that one of the main or side character is a tranny made me remove it from my reading list. they're dating an asian dude that proclaims himself as straight. the author is an themby too, i found that out before knowing the troon character so that should've been a warning.

No. 195796

I'm seeing SO MANY people shipping those 6 yr olds from spy x family but if they were both boys they'd call you a pedo forcing homosexuality on kids. the double standards are insane

No. 195828

File: 1649428068492.jpeg (30.42 KB, 250x250, DD25C560-621E-49B2-A07F-57CE30…)

The story isn’t bad, but it honestly isn’t amazing nor groundbreaking. When it’s revealed that MC is an anachan it’s a kind of moment that makes you think “…so what?” The tranny got transed literally because being gay in Egypt (the place he is from) is illegal, so now he’s a “girl” and therefore it’s okay for him to date the gay Asian dude, or at least that’s how I interpret that, making his story more palatable since it’s about how unfair is life for gay people. And I know he says that he moved out of Egypt because being a tranny is also illegal, but if I remember correctly he used the LGB as a crutch so I’m seeing him as a gay dude who wanted to have a bf like a normal gay dude but his family won’t accept it so they transed him.
I mostly kept reading because my best friend told me to read it with her so she could sperg about it and because the lesbian couple reminded me of us

No. 195857

File: 1649433548654.png (58.67 KB, 795x489, fujochan tranny jannys.PNG)

Sorry to bring up Fujochan because I'm sure people are sick of hearing about it but is this true or some schizo tinfoiling or a scrote trying to spin the rumor mill? It would make sense why they allowed the shota board to stay tbh

No. 195859

OT but that bg is so cute, where is that from the screenshot?

No. 195861

I personally think it's just some retard sperging about supposed tranny mods but who knows.

No. 195887

its not true lol, spergs will sperg

No. 195895

Sounds like a wreck. Instead of facing and critiquing the places that are extremely anti gay, they wanna troon out? Yawn. the west is so boring

No. 195928


No. 195939

I get the feeling it's just a worse version of BFFcomic (rip)

No. 196181

That anon is probably the seething fag from /blog/ lmao he kept bringing up trannies after seeing the no maleposting rule

No. 196198

I think the older guy is a little boring, the shota is the main appeal

No. 196199

I want to know why the author of 'Stranger Than Friends' decided to ruin things with the Sanho/Tak side-story? Not only was it dragged out for too long but the rape/sexual assault felt like it came out of nowhere. The fact that she went on to romanticise it just… idk. I know that's hardly a rare thing in BL works but I was really disappointed to see it here. Then again, the boss in the main story was also a creep so I guess I should've seen it coming.

No. 196208

yeah but i wish it felt more like an actual BL since they advertise it as such. due to the nature of the work obviously it won't have any actual romantic scenes, which is the main point of BL

No. 197116

>want to play uuultra c
>but right now i can't use a PC
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck is there really no way to play it on my phone or tablet

No. 197218

File: 1649919927984.jpg (11.12 KB, 200x269, rROHYYKHa8Hlmiu8mmW4eWJB5Wkc_V…)

I finally got my wish of an esports-centered bl. story-wise, it's okay. characters are also meh. but it's something i always wanted so i'm not going to be picky.


what's something you want to read about in yaoi/bl?

No. 197877

The sheer amount of trans Shang Qinghua fics I run into is fucking disgusting. Get your hetero shit "disguised" as tranny bullshit out of my fucking BL. Mobei Jun will never fuck you and is married to a biological man. Go write your own goddamn novel and make your ideal man like SQH did, retards. Sage for ranting

No. 197952

kek isn't this the case for all ships nowadays tho?
beefleaf is obviously even worse

No. 197965

Beefleaf has the excuse of He Xuan and Wind Master turning into women in canon. Even so, I'd rather just read He Xuan (male) fuck Wind Master's woman form than tranny shit.

No. 197976

I was into beefleaf from the beginning, and the tranny shit has gotten so bad I don't even try to find fics for them anymore. It's always Shi Qingxuan being turned nonbinary or TIM. The English translation including that shitty character profile that uses he/she/they just made it worse.

No. 197992

I recently played Togainu no Chi and I'm fucking depressed. It's an old BL game so the fandom is pretty much dead. It doesn't help that the game finally got an official English translation only two years ago, but I guess it's too old for anyone to care anymore. The anime is shit and the manga never got translated into English past volume 6. It's just depressing getting into a fandom way past its prime. The tumblr blogs are no longer active and the twitter users are mostly he/they TIFs. There are some Japanese twitter artists who still produce content for my ship (bless them), but they're few and far between.

On a side note, I found some old forum for discussing BL while searching for content of TnC and it honestly takes me back. It's surprising how people were able to freely talk about liking problematic content and BL without getting policed by people in their own community. Nowadays you can't do that at all without someone whining about people liking dark fictional shit.

No. 198019

i had to see a shit ton of art of hua cheng lusting after female xie lian's massive tits because starember has old school uke seme fujo brainrot and gave him big tits as a gag (and did nothing for hua cheng who canonically has a female form!!)
the danmei fandom has a lot of normies who are usually mostly into hetshit and it shows. i remember i followed a lot of popular danmei accounts in 2020 and when genshin was released they started to spam guizhong x zhongli and lumine harem all over my tl. rough times

No. 198042

Sorry for hijacking your post to rant but
>guizhong x zhongli
This ship is so offensive to me because first of all it's based simply on fan interpretation of a very small tidbit of vaguely worded lore that describes them as friends or business partners rather than lovers, secondly because guizhong is fucking dead, and thirdly people are trying to "resurrect" her as headcanoning Ningguang as her "reborn" form which makes no fucking sense at all and even if she was she's heavily implied to be in a lesbian relationship with Beidou which makes this a double whammy of conversion therapy. The Genshin fandom has seriously made me realize how fucking annoying and entitled hetfags are, fujos are treated as punching bags everywhere online while people ship a straight couple that never spoke to each other and get to throw a tantrum about muh heterophobia at everyone who doesn't want to see it.

As for them ruining Danmei, I will never understand the amount of narcissism you have to have in order to read it just to self-insert into a heterosexual relationship. Aren't there a billion better novels centered around straight romances?

No. 198049

>As for them ruining Danmei, I will never understand the amount of narcissism you have to have in order to read it just to self-insert into a heterosexual relationship. Aren't there a billion better novels centered around straight romances?
the thing is they just hop on whatever is the most popular/trending fandom at the moment. i've seen people asking for female characters in nu carnival even though the mc is, like, explicitly gay, it's literally a yaoi game. there are more yumefujos/multi-shippers than you'd realize… also it's hard for them to brag about how bisexual/lesbian they are and how much they wish they were stepped on by a girlboss milf mommy gf in fandoms with a full male cast kek

No. 198050

>i've seen people asking for female characters in nu carnival
What the fuck, really? We get one fujo game that has a gay all-male cast and hetshits can't just accept it? They really just live in a reality where they're so used to everything pandering to them their minds are blown when a popular thing excludes them.

No. 198053

they were probably the zoomer "wlw" kind wanting to see a milf getting banged which is still weird cause i know plenty of fujo lesbians who have no issue with a full male cast
honestly they should just drop the fujo fandoms and go to the spy x family one they have a milf and they can even ship the 6 yr olds with each other

No. 198066

Nonnie, unless you're a gay man, you're a hetshit as well.

No. 198068

nta but we were talking about hetshit in terms of not wanting to see m/f couples
lemme guess, yumefujo?

No. 198070

Nope, just a normalfag dating 3D seeing this from the front page, kek. It's still hilarious to me when lesbians call themselves fujos or fujos call people hetfags.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198071

>I-I j-just s-saw this on the f-f-front page!!! I-I t-totally d-don't hatestalk this thread t-to s-seethe at the fujos living rent f-free in my head!!!

No. 198072

I don't give a shit about real life couples, this was related to fiction, fujo fiction in particular so mind your own business and get out of this thread

No. 198075

Are you retarded?

No. 198139

File: 1650215733503.jpg (388.75 KB, 1283x1838, FQZeisoXMAIPupV.jpg)

Speaking of starember, a lot of retards unironically thought she was a man. What male hands draws like this? I fucking hate these newfags coming into the general BL scene

Then the Genshin hetfags act as if they're being oppressed by the evil fujos. It's hilarious how they cry about it in twitter and in the genshin thread here.

And those troons and yumejos getting into danmei need to fucking leave. This is not their genre and the male character they are lusting for will never bat an eye to them. You never be Xie Lian. Hua Cheng won't look at you. Seriously, just go find a het romance book and self-insert. They just can't accept that something isn't for them so they twist it into their own thing.

No. 198142

This kek
>i-i'm totally a lesbian schlicking it to dicks mashing into anuses!!

No. 198150

Plenty of fujos are lesbians, anon. U autistic?

No. 198154

It’s the same old baiter that keeps shitting any thread talking about fictional guys.

No. 198164

has starember's anatomy got worse lately? i think the character proportions look weird lately… maybe because she's being overworked?

No. 198168

I think her anatomy has gotten worse, too. I'm hoping the break before the next volume will help her relax and get her anatomy back on track. The first volume's art got edited later, so maybe this volume will also get some touchups.

No. 198172

hetfags are the worst. I hate how bad it's getting in the genshin impact fandom. Almost everything that was mostly or strictly bl is getting invaded by self inserts who could just as easily play otome games. god damn

No. 198182

speaking of games does anyone here have any experience with kirikiroid2? can you play uuultra c on it?

No. 198196

>Mobei Jun will never fuck you and is married to a biological man.
>You never be Xie Lian.
>Hua Cheng won't look at you.
…are you joking or genuinely a retard?

No. 198199

are you dumb? we were poking fun at the girlies who troonify male characters in order to project

No. 198213

You're genuinely the retard here, nonnie

No. 198342

rant about fujo games ahead

otomate has released hundreds of games, with a full cast of famous seiyuus and absolutely gorgeous art, many of them are even getting official translations and 90% of the female-oriented games on play store are otome. meanwhile we get one or two BL games a year, and we get attacked by yumejos for the lack of female protagonists and by TIFs for not being a "mlm". and the funniest argument against games like nu:c are that they are "scrote-pandering not for women". personally i don't care if a gay man wants to play it, i'm not gonna gatekeep it from them but the facts are that the large majority of BL players are female (regardless if they identify as a "man" or not). weeb gay moids prefer bara games like camp buddy and honestly most of the time they're very chill and don't attack fujos

No. 198394

To be fair most of the otome content released is money grubbing garbage and only based on cheap pussy pandering like slapping on the most popular husbando seiyuus and about 10 minutes worth of gameplay per route with practically no plot. BL games are usually done with much more commitment and love by independent developers who actually give a shit about what they're doing.

Also agree about gay fudanshis, I'm not going to gatekeep fujoshit from them because 99.9% of the time they leave me alone and create content for themselves, I wish all scrotes were like that. Now straight/bi fudanshis are an entirely different story because all of them are manipulative coomers who don't even read BL but shill themselves in fujo circles only in hopes of getting female orbitors just for having a dick.

No. 198748

It's so weird to go through my OTP's aO3 postings and see "vaginal sex" pop up as one of the tags on smut fics right next to male/male. Wish these girls would just commit to writing het instead of infesting gay pairings with their titchop nonsense.

No. 198758

I'm right there with you, anon. Here are the tags I always filter out:
>Trans male character
>Trans character
>Trans [character name]

And after all that, I still sometimes end up with tranny shit in the results (typically posted by dirtfucks who don't properly tag their fics.) It especially sucks when a fic has a good style or premise that's ruined by a character talking about binders out of nowhere.

No. 198760

File: 1650369010839.jpg (101.21 KB, 500x558, tumblr_366e8636f1e6b67e33e7bb5…)

It's not anime, but if you like redemption arcs for bully characters, try Harringrove. There's tons of good fic for it (I have recommendations if you'd like.) It's also got lots of enemies-with-benefits smut if that's what you're into.

No. 198761

How gay is the new Fantastic Beasts movie? No spoilers please, I just want opinions coming fellow experts.

No. 198802

Pretty gay. Jude law and Mads do a good job and work well together.

No. 198967

File: 1650409687925.jpg (690.85 KB, 1393x1697, Tumblr_l_161901536775998.jpg)

is anyone else into historical rpf? Particularly ancient romans. I feel sorta weird about it but they're long dead so.

Also I am of the firm opinion that Brutus would be a uke.

No. 198981

>Also I am of the firm opinion that Brutus would be a uke.
Definitely felt that way while watching HBO’s Rome

No. 199137

I just saw the movie, 11/10, extremely gay, would rewatch.

No. 199223

I love Cesare Borgia/Micheletto Corella. And i agree anon, Brutus is a power bottom
I think for figures who are centuries old it feels less like RPF and more like straight up fanfiction, no? Not different than those harlequin semi-historical fiction novels

No. 199239

Anyone seen Our Flag Means Death? Is it worth watching? I just saw the pilot and think its kind of funny but the ending where he left his wife and children to pirate was a little fucked up. thanks!

No. 199257

I've binged it recently and I think it's fun! So ridiculous it kinda feels like watching a pirate AU fanfiction come to life. The situation with the wife is messed up but if you want to know she ends up being SO much happier without him, has a new partner that actually supports her in expressing herself and children love him; in the end there are no bad feelings between her and Stede

No. 199297

Oh That's really sweet. Thanks nonnie I'll give it a go.

No. 199503

lemme guess, the new fire emblem game is the same as the others right? the big badonkers female mc can date everyone, male or female but the male mc can only date girls and one or two flaming faggots with long hair

No. 199520

Three Hopes(the spinoff coming this summer) or Three Houses? If the latter, the male MC has three male LIs; Linhardt(sleepy genius twink), Yuri(DLC underground mob boss/former prostitute twink), and Jeritza(literal schizo murderer, Mercedes' little brother, only availble on Edelgard's route). Female MC has five female LIs; Dorothea(gold digger who wants to marry well because she's poor), Mercedes(soft-spoken cleric), Sothis(the loli dragon spirit in her head; yes it's weird), Edelgard(only available one route, is in love with Byleth in all four), and Rhea (who is both her grandmother AND daughter somehow, on top of being batshit crazy. is only available on one route). Overall male MC should've gotten a few more male LIs(why not Claude, IS?), but the selection we got wasn't terrible.

Interestingly, there are a few endings with implied M/M relationships that involve guys Byleth can't get with, like Caspar's ending with Linhardt or Felix's ending with Sylvain in the Blue Lions route. So perhaps there are more bi guys, it's just that some of them aren't into Byleth. kek

As for Three Hopes, if it's anything like the previous FEW then there won't be any pairing off at all. Though we might get a few spicy support conversations if we're lucky.

No. 199521

File: 1650637326056.jpeg (34.29 KB, 715x429, 87104B8B-DFBC-4491-A146-A1C0FD…)

guys i just finished watching heartstopper and it was so cute and adorable. pretty run of the mill in terms of teen drama/coming out etc but it was genuinely so wholesome and cute. it is simultaneously melodramatic but also not? it’s like the show is allergic to the miscommunication trope so if it set up anything to do with miscommunication it would get resolved very quickly but i can’t complain because it’s just supposed to be cheesy and not serious. i thought it would go harder on the troon shit but it kept it surprisingly lowkey so i barely noticed it. anyway i hope western BL becomes a trend

No. 199525

i wonder if netflix ever get ambitious, or someone else with money for that matter, and either make the song of achilles, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe or we are the ants (not bl-centric but i think it's a great book).

i think aristole and dante would have a high chance of getting adapted than the rest i have mentioned.

No. 199530

ari dante would for sure do well as an adaptation but perhaps it would work better as a movie? i was quite mad about the sequel book i think it sucked but the first book was perfect in my opinion. they might have some trouble with the trans woman murder storyline though and twitter genderfags have attempted to cancel the author for transphobia so it would be interesting to see how a potential adaptation would pan out

i would love a hbo miniseries for the song of achilles but it would require a massive budget to be good. it would be popular though

i’ve heard rumours of a potential adaptation of captive prince by cs pacat but it’s definitely a project that would need a lot of money and good production value. it’s edgy enough (especially the first book) to be potentially appealing to the game of thrones fanbase too

not quite BL but i always hoped the raven cycle would get adapted as a tv show but i know nothing they could do could compare to the vision i have in my head of it so i don’t know if i could bear to watch even if they did make it

No. 199532

i hope so but i feel like genderspecials will find a way to complain and cancel these series cause they're obsessed with shitting on any queer series with flaws. it can be anything ranging from "why no trans mlm rep??" to "ackshully their relationship is problematic"

No. 199537

oh, wow. i forgot there's even a sequel to the book. what's the summary about it?

they keep yapping about protecting transwomen and all that, won't the murder be a good representation to the horror trannies faced. i guess it depends on how its handled or smth.

i was hoping for hbo songs of achilles than netflix. they'd probaby do the action scenes and visuals right.

i haven't read the captive prince but heard a lot about its supposed 'problematic' themes. but wouldn't mind if it gets an adaptation, i always wanted to read it anyways.

they always complain but read far worse in terms of 'problematic themes'. there are also alot of trans mlm comics and novels (from tranny creators as well) out there too and yet they stick to bl and yaoi related stuff. they rarely hype their own unless it's to prove a point or smth.

No. 199547

They already started shitting on Neil Gaiman because Our Flag Means Death has more qweer representation than Good Omens’ homobait

No. 199554

i really don't wanna see more haikyuu updates based on the current years because at some point the mangaka will just marry them off and it will break my heart
so i hope they let this series end for good

No. 199555

> yet they stick to bl and yaoi related stuff. they rarely hype their own unless it's to prove a point or smth.
Because trannies and queers are shitty writers and their ilk will never admit that.

No. 199634

honestly i don't really like song of achilles. prose wise it's nice, but she waters it down so much and makes patroclus a softboy when he was also a capable warrior? I understand changing myths obviously for modern audiences but I felt like she refused to portray any grey morality.

definitely am not hoping it gets a tv series. it would just create a new type of fake greek mythology in the cultural zeitgeist.

No. 199668

>it would just create a new type of fake greek mythology in the cultural zeitgeist.
As much as I like Hades from SuperGiant Games, it brought a new wave of autism and troonery into the Greek myth sphere. The new Percy Jackson is going to make it worse

No. 199691

its a bargain bin YA book i dont get the hype

No. 199702

File: 1650697754231.jpeg (290.21 KB, 828x889, 4C6A72FE-F8E6-46F2-8966-FB9ACA…)

i told myself i wouldn’t do it but i started reading the heartstopper comic after bingeing the tv show. it’s quite cute but there’s a surprising amount of swearing that they definitely toned down the swearing and themes in the show which i don’t think is a bad thing. younger teenagers deserve age appropriate shows that aren’t like sex education or euphoria. overall a cute comic and i’ve been in a reading slump this month so it feels nice to easily mark things as read on goodreads. the show also toned down the more yaoi-ish fanfic elements of the comic that dont really translate well to live action kek

No. 199735

tbh I just can't get over how… not cute they are, plus they actually look like teens. I don't really see the point in BL where I'm not at least somewhat attracted to the characters. But idk maybe it's better that it's totally innocent viewing? The reviews seem really positive.

No. 199736

I'm gonna say something really controversial but hear me out
I miss the days when fujos were hating on female characters that got in between their ships. Back then, they'd only stick to fujo ships but nowadays? I swear to god i can't follow one single western fujos without seeing the following
>claiming to be ~sapphic~
>always a multshipper, even if she'll mostly focus on one ship, she'll still entertain other ship combos ESPECIALLY m/f combos something that was a blasphemy back then
>unironically into pegging memes, constantly posts "mommy milkers" art, gross genderbend art, obviously troon shit too, a lot of penis in vagina porn
>will often side with the m/f shippers and are suspiciously allergic to f/f (yes even when they claim to be sapphic, they only enjoy dudebro coomer art)
>always defend horrible people like abbystea
At this point even aidens are more tolerable than them. I'd genuinely rather see cringe trans headcanons than genderbend art with inflated boobs and pegging on my timeline

No. 199752

well i think it’s aimed at teenagers and the characters are played by 18 year olds. i think it’s an age appropriate show and heaps better than euphoria or something. really i just found it to be very sweet and a feel good show. also im a lesbian so i wasn’t really watching it to ogle any of the characters lol. i’m not really into BL but i thought this would be the appropriate thread to put it in seeing as it’s kind of a western attempt at BL ? idk though. sorry if this is the wrong place

No. 199757

my god they really casted the most british looking dudes they could find didn’t they?

No. 199773

I can’t get over how ugly is the main actor but honestly? It’s a good thing, nobody should be expected to look like a 25 years old model with years of training at 16. I still don’t want to watch the show though, unless my best friend makes me do so with her, I already read the comic and it was fine, but nothing remarkable.

No. 199777

you mean the blonde dude or the brown haired dude? i agree though.. i think these types of shows are good for teenagers

No. 199782

I don't miss the female-character bashing era, but I go get what you mean. Nowadays it's like most fujos feel like they have to pander to moids/woketards to repent for the awful crime of liking to ship two dudes together or are trying to "make up" for all the shitty behavior attributed to late aughts-early 10's fujos. Pretending to like bland female characters to avoid accusations of hating her because she gets between their ship, halfheartedly shipping m/f or f/f so they don't get accused of being fetishistist, performative bihet lusting over women for LGBT cred, the works. It's all so tiresome, just draw dudes fucking and tell the moids and ayydens to fuck off

No. 199792

The brown haired guy, his eyebrows are seriously distracting, they’re like two huge caterpillars trying to kiss.

No. 199809

Yaoi is a product of feminism and the goal is to denigrate men.
Like it or not, in a male-female sexual relationship, there's no way a female would be on top.
So the only way a male could be dominated is with another male, that's why women like yaoi, they hate men and want to see them emasculated so they feel better about themselves. That's why so many are into men getting rape.
Homosexuality always existed(as all degeneracy has) but it has recently been weaponized by the jews, homosexuals only reproduce by rape.
It's not a coincidence yaoi fans are mostly misandrist feminists.
You're all sick

No. 199812

>Mostly misandrist feminists

No. 199814

expression created by men.
Let's see how your "based" feminist society is going to turn out when Islam takes over europe. Let's see how strong your feminism is when the faggot trannies win every olympic medal and there's not place for women in sports. Let's see who will defend you when all men turn into faggots(take your meds)

No. 199816

File: 1650733652432.jpeg (126.42 KB, 600x800, 6BD57A78-12B2-4EEE-8512-43887F…)

What you said has literally nothing to do with Yaoi.

No. 199817

we get it you're desperate for fujo pussy now go back

No. 199824

Ignore the baiter and enjoy the pretty boys, ladies.

No. 199829

I love when moids come here and think we LIKE trannies kek

Speaking of trannies, god I hate seeing ftm shit in muh AO3 yaoi fanfics RRREEE

No. 199830

I use an extension when on PC, but it's awful when reading through my phone. I miss the Rule 63 day, hell even shipping the guy character with the Mary Sue OC is better than the trans shit that assaults me. I don't get why is prevalent in BL fanfics either. Why? This is not your fucking genre to appropriate into heterosexual fantasy

No. 199831

Why is the moid pwning himself by posting self-portraits, kek

No. 199833

a lot of the proshippers that i've seen are way over the top too, they always pick up fights with antis, meddling in other ships business to prove a point like it's seriously getting annoying to see people spite ship couples they don't even care about just to get on the nerves of a few 14 yr olds and to win a stupid war. like just mind your own business and focus on the fujo ships instead of trying to defend whatever gross hetshipper is being oppressed right now. outsiders aren't supposed to get in a ship war that doesn't concern them
not gonna start with how a lot of proshippers get progressively degenerate in terms of fetishes, i've seen some shit

No. 199834

To be fair I don't really see fujos doing most of the things you're listing, must depend on the fandom you're into. The people who shill for PIV sex in BL and sperg about mommy milkers and whiteknight abbystea don't sound like fujos to me anyway, Fujos are the ones who are mainly into BL and m/m ships, not some multishipper coomers who like all options equally because they have no standards. The MtF genderbends with gigantic boobs are really disgusting though and that I have actually seen happen.

That said, I absolutely don't miss the "hating female characters just for the sake of hating them" era because it was undeniably misogynistic and legitimately a-logging reasonably harmless characters but it went from the other extreme straight to the other instead of reaching a middle ground, now you need to unconditionally adore every female character no matter how shitty their writing is. And of course, like >>199782 said, you need to come up with one forced f/f or m/f ship to keep the muhluhmuh fetishization accusations off your back, even if you're a certified lesbian yourself.

No. 199837

nah i've seen a ton of kaeluc shippers whiteknight abbystea early on even though none of them shipped venlisa

No. 199843

Worst thing is that the people screeching about mlems are handmaidens, enbies, and troons. It's never actual gay men.

No. 199844

Very curious, why the hell would any dignified kaeluc shipper cape for abbystea? She got outed for being an actual homophobe and talking about fujos in a very misogynist and hateful way. I heard about the drama from seeing genshinfujos talk about it and the only people I saw defending her were oneeshota degenerates and hetshippers who obviously have homophobic tendencies.

Personally I don't care if proshippers have fucked up fetishes but what I do hate is that they feel obligated to defend lolicon and other moidshit since it's an "all or nothing" issue for them. Everyone knows that a crusty adult moid liking watching toddlers and prepubescent kids being raped and calling them his waifus is a big ass red flag compared to a woman liking teenage boy characters but they're forced to act like it's a unisex issue because of the "if the genders were reversed" whataboutism.

No. 199847

Where? Abbystea is a degenerate oneeshota artist, why would KaeLuc shippers like her?

No. 199852

it was last year when people still thought she's being harassed only for liking venlisa so some of them capped for her

No. 199853

no? Aren't the majority of people here misandrists? feminists? Some are even lesbians, deep down you just hate men

No. 199855

>deep down you just hate men
Yep, I completely admit it and I'm proud of it. Now leave.

No. 199856

trust me i've seen some creepy shotafags

No. 199857

I heard a lot of hype about this show and I was disappointed when I saw how ugly the guys are, it’s like Good Omens all over again. The Terror is still my #1 for guys doing gay things together

No. 199860

File: 1650739326829.jpeg (454.17 KB, 1077x888, 62A54DDA-752D-48FE-B7BC-C91967…)

Based, ilu anon.

No. 199861

File: 1650739430830.jpeg (54.86 KB, 712x468, E2018224-5A8C-4B7C-8C45-C62117…)

So? Lolcow is a place where we can hate men as much as we want, just because I like to see anime guys fucking each other doesn’t mean I give a fuck about real scrotes.
So fuck off already, stop detailing the thread.

No. 199862

>The Terror is still my #1 for guys doing gay things together
huh never heard of that show, mind telling more about it? I'm starved for good western fujo content

No. 199863

>nooooo you can't like pretty guys you f-fujos are evil and hate men that is a crime!!! You can't like something made for you y-you're all ugly and fat!1! D-date me instead reeeee

No. 199867

File: 1650740274181.jpg (258.98 KB, 1280x1536, S.jpg)

y-you don't like my cute girldick, femanon?… creams panties

No. 199868

>let’s see who will defend you when all men turn into faggots
When all men turn into faggots they will leave us alone and they will rape feeble beta twinks like you. Let’s see who will defend you then?

No. 199871

File: 1650740339401.jpg (188.63 KB, 1100x1560, 0a-Hikaru-ga-Shinda-Natsu.jpg)

wtf is going on in this thread

anyway, Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu is pretty neat, I love how well the art compliments the concept, but I'm still kinda missing the more BL aspects and hope to see their relationship develop in vol 2 when it gets translated. I want more cool horror BL like this.

No. 199872

Men are a worthless subspecies of human being.

No. 199875

The first season is about a British voyage in the Arctic to navigate a trade route called the northwest passage and everything goes horribly wrong. Since it’s about the navy there are hardly any women and all the guys are very close to each other. The story is based off a novel (same name) inspired by the real Franklin expedition and the crew of the show went completely over the top with the sets and costumes because they were all history nerds.

No. 199882

its hot when men get raped by other men

No. 199885

why are anons so bad at not responding to men

No. 199889

File: 1650744208585.png (716.41 KB, 1211x631, nick fortnight.png)

ok incel

No. 199905

I'm actually in the middle of reading this but in JP so it's a snails pace for now

No. 199909

>he doesn't know about Islamic fujos
What do you think those women who can't leave home without a man are doing inside all day? Literally nothing can stop us. Cope, seethe, etc

No. 199922

kek i had the exact same thought watching it but i still found him cute in a platonic way. his character is very insecure and is only 14 when the tv show begins so i felt very protective over this character and couldn’t help but view him as like a younger brother and i felt bad for him being bullied and stuff. one thing that surprised me is this story does the “love interest rescues MC from sexual assault” scenario. a classic trope

No. 199926

>Like it or not, in a male-female sexual relationship, there's no way a female would be on top.

he doesn’t know about pegging

No. 199986

its great

No. 200016

File: 1650791680363.jpg (128.18 KB, 1024x512, IMG_20220423_233304.jpg)

so i've been playing tokyo onmyoji and having a lot of fun with it
>the pros
an actual slutty gay mc, no "b-b-but we're both boys!!" bullshit, the romance actually makes sense and it flows very naturally, the characters are pretty entertaining and well written (even the side characters), there is some vague dubcon but no rape scenes if you make the good choices
>the cons
the route system is kinda annoying and you need to save a lot, sadly the art is kinda ugly, there are some plotholes, it's a bit of a drag until you get to the main story
i only played two routes (meguro and yotsuya) and i enjoyed how comfy the romance is, very heart fluttering kek

No. 200103

>deep down you just hate men
No one here denied this. Lol

No. 200119

2D boys have nothing to do with 3D men so.

No. 200173

File: 1650837073866.jpeg (254.78 KB, 1542x2048, FQ4Z1IzX0AE2xZr.jpeg)

I don't even ship tenma x johan but columbo's art makes me insane

No. 200418

Nonas, what do you think about BL stories where sexual abuse is a theme? I've seen people associate fujos with lolicon pedos because some older BL/yaoi mangas were about SA and even had young characters (like Kaze to Ki no Uta), but personally I enjoy those kind of stories because, as stupid as this might sound, they help me go through my own trauma and let me re-imagine it in different and even beautiful ways. I don't think those themes are a problem if they're habdled seriously instead of being the usual comedic or misery porn (or the shota mangas where it's obvious that the author is a male).
Putting gross male pedos who drool after little girls on the same level as fujos is absolutely retarded tbh.

This looks amazing!

No. 200439

Were you in the fakeboi thread? Don't pay attention to them falsely equivalating being a fujo with a mentally ill troon. There is a time and a place for series with sexual abuse, and for me it all depends on how the writer/artist depicts it and its resolution. I don't believe all BL needs to be happy coffeeshop shit in order for it to be considered acceptable in the eyes of others. If the hets get to have their violence and sex, so can the fujos

No. 200486

Days late but I got you if you wanna talk about it nona, I played it years ago but still remember most of it because it made quite an impression on me we didn't have many quality bl games then…kek
Who was your favorite route? I personally loved Keisuke even though he's a fucking nuisance in literally any route that is not his own. Shiki was probably the most popular route but no happy endings…Rin is also much cuter grown up. I didn't care for anybody else, maybe gunji and the other guy? They were TnC's equivalent of Virus and Trip now that I think about it, kek.

No. 200492

File: 1650914340865.png (66.94 KB, 779x574, pedoscrotes.png)

First of all, people trying to play the whataboutism game when it comes to gender are either acting in bad faith (moids and pickmes trying to co-opt the narrative) or straight out ignorant (the useful fools who legitimately buy into it). Even Blanchard's studies say that a female equivalent of autogynephilia doesn't exist or is very rare, and no, yaoi-brained Aidens motivated by escaping female societal roles aren't genderbent AGPs. They don't get off on being a "male" in the same sense AGPs are turned on by being degraded as a woman, they're fascinated by gaining the sexual liberation by becoming a male. Female pedophiles don't exist either and the ones who have abused children have vastly different reasoning from male pedos, which naturally doesn't make being involved with minors acceptable under any conditions but it's a litmus test for illustrating how female and male sexualities differ. Male pedophiles want the power over victims weaker than them by abusing them sexually while female child abusers (who aren't just pimps working for male pedos and instead acting on their own accord) are often traumatized and abused women who want to be "in love" with or more like "in charge of" someone who can't hurt them. That's why all the female child abuser cases you hear are shit like a high school teacher dating an underage student in secret and male pedophile cases are straight out raping and abusing kids.

So setting up this framework, I know that the proshipper "I-I'm just coping with my abuse trauma!" claim has become a meme but it's true. It's an actual psychologically approved way to break down and process the trauma you've experienced by living it again, observing what happened as an outsider completely disconnected from the situation. You feel less alone when you see the same terrible shit (or worse) happen to someone else. And seeing how around 80% of all women have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lives and 1 in 6 women (US statistics) have been raped it's no wonder why we gravitate towards darker themes in BL. It helps us regain the control of the situation where we once lost it. Even the people who try to be cool about it and say "I just like it it's not that deep lol!" have some psychological reason behind consuming it whether they like addressing it or not. For women it's not just getting off on sexual violence like it is for men.

tl;dr: scrotes are sociopaths with 5-10% of them having pedophilic fantasies and women couldn't reach their degeneracy no matter how depraved their BL is.

No. 200497

nta but keisuke's route was really shocking for me and i think it's still one of the most shocking bl routes i've done

No. 200500

I noticed that a lot of people get skeeved by the content of A Cruel God Reigns but I think it’s a pretty good tragedy series. As for Kazeki I started reading it in highschool, so kind of like Loveless I didn’t really think about the characters ages because I was young. I would just call it a series I liked when I was a teen to avoid getting flack for it I guess. It’s really too bad that zoomers want to throw Takemiya under a bus.

No. 200631

god bless you nona, I've been dying to talk to someone about TnC

TnC was my first "professional" BL game I'd say. I played mobile ones of BL games before, but they were the really shitty, 5 tickets a day to read only three lines of dialogue or something kek.

Unfortunately I am trash and Shiki is my favorite. I did Keisuke's route first, and he was alright, but his screwdriver scene kind of fucked me up ngl. I guess I'm a bit sensitive since I'm new to N+C games, I know that's kind of their schtick, but I almost wanted to cry for Akira. I couldn't perceive Keisuke in a good light after that. The other thing that made me a little uncomfortable with Keisuke was during their second sex scene where he promises to take it slow because he knew he traumatized Akira, but when Akira tells him to stop midway, he keeps going because it "feels too good". Idk if it was meant to be portrayed as sweet but it just made me sad for Akira.

irrelevant but I also dislike Keisuke because he reminded me a lot of my insecure abusive ex kek, so his route hit a little too close to home. I'm also not particuarly a fan of the childhood friend and yandere trope.

I know Shiki has the stereotypical goth edgy design, but something about him makes me shamelessly unleash my inner 13 year old fangirl. Don't wanna get too yumejo in the fujo thread, but I think he's incredibly hot, and he gets bonus points for being voiced by my favorite seiyuu. I feel guilty for enjoying his route/character so much even though he's objectively an abusive rapist, but I love his dynamic with Akira and how he actually ends up showing a bit of affection to him, especially toward the end. I like how his feelings for Akira are ambiguous but I think it's pretty clear he became fond of Akira, and the writers did a good job keeping it subtle. I melt for that kind of romance where it's not really clear how the characters feel about each other, but they never verbalize it or talk it out either, and their feelings are conveyed through the subtlety of their actions. Sorry for the sperg kek I like Shiki and Akira together a lot.

Shiki's good ending killed me, I totally wasn't expecting something like that. Honestly I have no idea why they advertise Shiki so much as the poster of the game when they give him the worst good ending. It's still my favorite, but if it weren't for the drama CD where it shows he wakes up at the end and says Akira's name it definitely would've been the worst ending for me. The creators even know Shiki is the most popular because they gave him an extended ending to his PS2 version one. It's still the wheelchair end, but it adds more to the scene and Akira and Shiki have a conversation together. Honestly I don't know why they didn't just give him an happy end if they were gonna do all this to appease the Shiki fans.

His bad endings are extremely hot though. Damn I love slutty Akira and how clingy he is for Shiki. The military ending is great too, especially with the outfits. I would kill to get the Shiki and Akira military figures.

Thank you for indulging me nona, I hope this wasn't too much to read.

No. 200633

Claiming that fujos enjoying stories like "Kaze to Ki no Uta" is similar to lolicons enjoying hentai of lolis is ridiculous, wtf. At least for Kaze to Ki, I believe the mangaka wanted to write about the sexual abuse of underaged boys because it was a problem that wasn't often discussed in society. There is nothing titillating about Kaze to Ki anyway. It's a sad and poignant story with beautiful artwork, and the focus is more on the trauma of the sexual abuse than the sex itself.

Don't mind them, nona. Read what you enjoy. As long as you're not harming anybody in real life, there's nothing wrong with consuming "problematic" content of fictional characters.

No. 200643

File: 1650948704611.jpg (428.32 KB, 2048x1858, FIb6vvdUYAIVABg.jpg)

been another month, so i'm bumping my own question again: >>191282. if it helps – i'm good with just about anything (barring ya), but i especially love vampires, eldritch stuff, dark high fantasy, etc.

i'm not strong enough to read another dennis cooper novel (the sluts is still haunting me) but thank you nona.

i'm not much of a ya person, but thanks for the recs.

this one seems promising. i'm going to give it a go tonight.

No. 200652

the fujos from this thread who post in the "gaywashing" thread are a fucking disappointment and the main reason why people despise straight fujos

No. 200660

What are you talking about? You need some context for this claim because I had to go check it out and I'm just not seeing it. Fujos from this thread posting what? What does this have to do with straight fujos? Elaborate. All I see is people there saying that it's just the Fujo cringe thread in a new packaging and that's honestly what it looks like.

No. 200661

the gay washing thread wishes it had what the transwashing thread has

No. 200666

If you're talking about the people there going "I'm sort of a fujo but I agree gaywashing is bad!" I doubt they post in this thread, these people are usually the kind of "fujos" who like watching gay porn but not reading emotional stories about gay relationships like most anons ITT do.

That said I understand the annoyance over spergs saying "nooo you can't draw him/her straight he/she's gay" and harassing creators over ships but that's just basic unhinged ship wars shit not exclusive to fujos or himes, I have plenty of examples of hetshippers and self-inserters losing their minds over either the character being gay or romantically involved with someone else than the self-insert. Transwashing is condemnable because it's supporting a misogynist and a homophobic narrative and outright denying the truth seeing how you'd have to explicitly state someone's gender identity compared to sexuality/sexual behavior being more fluid so it's reasonable to be upset about it, but having a thread for "gaywashing" in particular seems pretty suspicious.

No. 200674

File: 1650964567125.jpg (60.16 KB, 943x562, 51w63w.jpg)

Fuck man this is why I started to hate the lolcow fujo threads, can't go more than a few posts without some kind of baity political discussion or moralfagging. Holy fucking shit talk about 2D gays more

No. 200675

You're free to leave then, go to Fujochan with the rest of the "REEEE DANGERHAIRED FEMINIST MORALFAGS GET OUT I JUST WANT TO SEE HAWT GUYZ FUCKING I HATE HOMOS1!!!!" scene. You have the option, take it.

No. 200677

This site has been infested with twitter tards with a savior complex for gays, it’s so annoying, it’s very apparent within the genshin thread that we have a lot of twitter fujos here. I’m glad that thread is making so many of them mad kek.

No. 200687

>tfw the resident /m/ scrote camping the Genshin thread to sperg about fujos and taking meds migrated here after everyone grew wise to his retarded bait antics there
I often wonder if it's also the same person shilling my dress up darling and isekaishit in the anime thread saying how people who dislike coomershit are femcels

No. 200690

File: 1650967791853.jpeg (Spoiler Image,438.99 KB, 1158x2020, AE6405F8-516A-41D6-841A-80FD0C…)

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a scrote or the same person
This is who you’re defending, you guys forget gay scrotes are still scrotes.

No. 200699

right because methheads are totally representative of a whole demographic of people

No. 200709

Yep, these are absolutely things that actually happened and not just the coom fantasies of a couple of terminally online drug addicts.

Scrotes are all cut from the same cloth, but I have nothing against gay scrotes specifically.

No. 200710

>thinking that these scrotes haven’t actually abused kids
Dream on I guess. Gay scrotes are still scrotes who are degenerates and you shouldn’t make an exception for them just because they’re gay, they’re still men and they’re not like your yaoi boys at all.

No. 200714

You're shit ban evading bait but just before anyone else bites, I'll make it clear. The fact that you're so fucking obsessed with raging at women for being "faghags defending fags" because they don't want to be involved with unhinged spergs who have to make everything about their compulsive homophobia rather than, I don't know, going to twoX to talk about it and leaving fujoshit out of it, is a telling part about your actual agenda. Posting cherrypicked /pol/ tier screengrabs about gay pedos specifically (as if straight moids weren't pedophilic like proven in >>200492 and much more inherently dangerous to women) around the site instead of intelligent discussion of misogyny in the gay community and lack of solidarity with lesbians based on empiric evidence and your personal experiences that would make much more sense than the scrotebrained "gays are degenerate pedo rapists" rhetoric makes it even more apparent when nobody's even defending gay men for being male with their male-specific vices but homosexuality as a trait and that includes lesbians. Men are men, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

Just imagine continuously crawling back to the fujo thread and replying to every fujopost on the site just to bitch about gay people, to people involved with community with a high concentration of non-straight participants being invested in stories about same-sex relationships. This thread isn't even just for smutty picture spam of these "hot 2D guys fucking" but talking about media involving their stories and relationships and headcanoned ships based on character dynamics. I don't know if it's a scrotoid accommodating fujos rent free in his head or some self-hating fujo who has a guilty conscience for liking BL overdosing on the "but I actually hate irl gays" cope but either way it's pathetic.

No. 200717

well put. i mean we live in a society that allowed brain dead pedo scrotes to romanticize and sexualise lolita and produce 2 movies and various stage plays defending and sympathizing with humbert humbert. i think all men can be degenerate but scapegoating gay men specifically is stupid

No. 200720

I’m not reading all that i don’t know who you think I am but I am most certainly not ban evading or whoever you’re directing all of this rage at kek, im a fujo myself I just can differentiate between 2D and real life.

No. 200722

>compulsive homophobia
Literally what? Go back to twitter im not even straight and I hate all men.

No. 200723

File: 1650980160794.jpg (222.21 KB, 828x518, 774jfhw4.jpg)

Honestly anon, it kind of sounds like the one who feels guilty for consuming BL is you and you feel a need to make up for it by caping for moids this hard.

Anyways, has anyone read Terano-kun to Kumazaki-kun? I didn't see it mentioned iit, its really cute. Does anyone have any similar recs with delinquent characters?

No. 200724

Jesus it’s 6:30 in the morning

No. 200738

Kek you couldn’t make it more obvious that you’re a faggot homocuck. Was lurking and pretending to be a fujo/woman too much for you to bear? Unironically go back to /y/ faggot.

No. 200741

File: 1650985067859.jpg (246.11 KB, 589x850, 77442875_p39_master1200~2.jpg)

God can't we just talk about our favorite BL mangas or ships? Why do we have to rehash this neurotic navel-gazing on gender politics every thread?

No. 200769

I wish Studio Trigger would make an omake or OVA about those two…

No. 200878

Is this shit good?
I watched a bit and the dumb firefighter thing was really boring. Does it get better or.

No. 200948

It's mediocre but it's based because the moid pandering studio Trigger made it and it's aesthetically pleasing

No. 201051

File: 1651026129588.png (557.51 KB, 691x691, 20200709181448.png)

Who here ships their villagers

No. 201083


No. 201085

I couldn't get into it either tbh. Thought it was bad, but I know no one likes it for the plot. The blue haired guy's design is ugly too in my opinion.
No but that's adorable anon.

No. 201136

File: 1651043061795.png (256.32 KB, 814x543, 265.png)

No. 201317

File: 1651061608562.jpg (402.45 KB, 1920x1080, andrew-wk-face-emotions-teeth-…)

I ate the first brick at Stonewall

No. 201367

i was already expecting my disappointment. i read two shounen (or seinen) romances between a trap and a guy. I watched one from the 80s as well because trannies praises it for its great representation of a 'transgirl', also known as hibari-kun.

All are obviously drawn anatomically female, dubbed more feminine-like and perfect. But two of the traps are perverted with one proclaiming they always get a boner whenever the guy does something supposedly romantic for him. even tho the guy didn't even do it intentionally.

i don't get this weird niche of ecchi romance. especially when the guy is always characterized as disinterested and disgusted by the traps that falls for him even near the end when he realizes, even a tiny bit, that the trap isn't a bad choice after all or smth. the gag is very boring and the traps are always unlikeable and the mangaka always writes most women as the antagonist.

idk why i read all of those and waste my time but i guess my curiosity couldn't help but read each chapter anticipating for an inch of genuine attraction between the two character without any sort of disturbance caused by cheap humor.

will i continue to read? nope. read another? nope. my curiosity is fed but the food isn't delicious.

No. 201374

God I fucking hate traps so much, they literally just draw a woman, if it’s animated they’re voiced by a woman, but they add a penis and oh wow totally a trans girl/man as if any adult male could look like that ever, it’s honestly so gross. I don’t think a lot of fujos are even into traps it’s mostly a scrote thing, like I like feminine men but they’re still obviously men but traps are just flat chested girls with dicks because ??? fetish I guess. And they always have a moeblob anime girl personality too to top it off.

No. 201386

NTA but
Keisuke is the best route but Rin is my favorite. The other routes that aren’t Keisuke or Rin are pretty trash sadly.

No. 201391

i think the reason why i read those was because i remember reading a romance between between a trap and guy years ago and the romance is actually okay. the main conflict is the guy realizing that he loves the trap no matter what he looks like. and they end up becoming a couple. no female antagonist, no cheap humor. i was expecting a second volume since the trap transferred to the guy's school to be closer to him.

in some little way, i was shock with how the trope was handled and thought others would do the same afterwards but i guess i managed to pick a shiny penny out of the turds people make and moids consume. if only i could remember the title and see if there's any updates or differences between the actual story and the this idealistic plot i have instilled in my head.

honestly, i won't be surprise if it's a woman that made the manga. i don't think a moid would make the story serious and cute without inserting disgusting and perverted humor in between.

No. 201392

I hope you can find it one day anon it doesn’t sound as bad as the usual shit. I mean women do make a lot of yaoi with traps, and something like that does sound like it was written by a woman but overall a lot of trapfag shit is very obviously made by or for men, and even when women draw/write traps you can still differentiate them from the ones made by males. Good luck finding the story, i’ll keep an eye out in case I come across it.

No. 201410

Based. Keisuke is my favorite route as well.

No. 201411

File: 1651069559976.jpg (44.46 KB, 500x413, kurama1.jpg)

As an oldfag, i feel like traps used to be very obviously feminine men until scrotes and trannies took over and just made them literal female bodies with a dick. it's frustrating because i love fem men and traditional bishonen like Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

No. 201442

File: 1651073189523.jpg (360.16 KB, 1280x1365, tumblr_oatewfJ43e1sx4oc5o2_128…)

Kurama was a bishounen, not a trap adjacent, and the trope coexisted with crossdressers. Actually before Yu Yu Hakusho its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, tried to coin an idea about a sports manga with a male character falling in love with a male crossdresser but it was rejected. Interestingly enough the crossdressing character looked just like Keiko, the main character's love interest from YYH kek.

Traps aren't a new trend at all and coomer men have always loved them. The male concubines of high-ranking nobles in feudal Japan dressed up as women because women were only good for birthing kids and doing housework and not worthy of being adored so in that cultural context they definitely rub me the wrong way. I don't mind cute, effeminate ukes but traps make me uncomfortable.

No. 201445

Togashi is such a pervert I didn’t know about this manga but it should’ve been obvious with how many “traps” he forced into HxH. Traps make me uncomfortable too especially when you consider in that historical context and similarly in other parts of the world those being dressed up as women for men to have sex with were usually younger boys, and that’s another reason traps are gross to me because no grown man can look like that so they just look like little boys. It sucks too because I feel like now when you talk about liking cute “bishie” or more effeminate men people just assumed you mean traps since they’ve become so popular in mainstream media.

No. 201466

>Deep down
No, I make my hatred of them clear as day. It's surface level.

No. 201473

kek of course togashi is obsessed with traps

No. 201478

The fuck is that picture? That's literally just Keiko.

No. 201483

Guess he couldn't just ditch the character design he had already done, though he did give her longer pigtails in the very beginning before saying fuck it and just making her the crossdressing trap waifu of his dreams by remodeling her hair.

Honestly though Yusuke always had more feelings for Kuwabara than he ever had for Keiko kek

No. 201497

To be fair, how can you not love Kuwabara?

No. 201516

can one of the nonas here help me with some files for a bl game? i want to make it work on kirikiroid2 but i have no pc

No. 201527

istg Togashi and Takeuchi got into a lavender marriage. No one can convince me otherwise, not even the fact that they had a son

No. 201585

I'm honestly leaning towards that tinfoil too, especially seeing how disinterested and passive he seems to be in the comics Takeuchi drew about their marriage. The first published manga he did was an ecchi romcom that he considered a failure and a huge drag to create because in his own words he had no idea how to write a romcom. After that he tried to shill the crossdresser thing but went straight into Yu Yu Hakusho which is just gay all around with barely any female characters, and the rare relevant female ones were quite anti-malegaze and based like Atsuko, Genkai, Botan and Mukuro.

No. 201631

File: 1651114522350.jpeg (2.55 MB, 2828x2828, 8B680A90-15F0-4940-BD8E-D3EF31…)

Ended up doing some en mass doujin buying since I’m scared of surugaya banning proxies after they banned FJ
Already wanting to hoard more (probably going to check and see if there’s any Hashihime doujins if I can get the current lot over to me).

No. 201644

One thing is saying that female pedophiles are a small minority, but saying that female pedos "don't exist" is extremely stupid. Pedophilia is about feeling attracted to children, it doesn't have to be caused by a need of wanting power over someone. I'm sure no psychologist will say that women can't feel sexually attracted to children.

No. 201712

Sperg vent but I seriously can't understand how people keep bitching about mentally ill fujo strawmen while I keep seeing hetshippers and self-inserters throw their Ls at me at maximum speed.
>Join a fandom discord
>Several fujos who happen to be the most active users of the server talk about their favourite ships in their dedicated containment channel
>Obsessive yume gets so fucking mad about the sheer presence of these fujos that she starts writing long, passive-aggressive walls of texts about feeling being oppressed for being straight and liking straight ships and how her love for her husband is unironic and real
>Ragequits entirely when people aren't sympathetic to her and struggles as a heterosexual enjoying heterosexual ships and instead choose to ignore her vents
>Not without leaving a big ass "fuck you" post accusing people of bullying her
I always keep this in mind whenever people on Lolcow accuse fujos of harassing and "forcing their gay headcanons" on people.

No. 201731

>Obsessive yume gets so fucking mad about the sheer presence of these fujos that she starts writing long, passive-aggressive walls of texts about feeling being oppressed for being straight and liking straight ships and how her love for her husband is unironic and real
what discord you were on? if she was really in love with her husband she would self-ship not ship him with a female character at least that's what i did during my yume days, i hated the female characters kek

No. 201750

Careful about saying you hate female characters, anon. Some sperg might come out of the woodwork to accuse us of hating women, even though there's a big difference between the two-dimensional sexy lamps that infest mainstream media and actual women in real life.

I love female characters when they're well-written (typically by women) and serve a purpose outside of being a token female love interest to assure the audience that the protagonist is Not Gay.

No. 201755

It's a server for a semi-niche fandom, what I meant by her liking "hetships" was her self-ships (her husbando x her) in particular. I don't think she ever mentioned liking the female characters.

No. 201797

Totally get what you mean, I got a kick out of all the self-victimizing anons in the gaywashing thread who were bitching about gay headcanons being shoved down their throat. Aside from a few cases where that actually is the case(i.e. Voltron, but most of the worst offenders were troons anyway) the fandom-enforced gay headcanons they're bitching about are just popular interpretations of a character and how he could be gay/bi since they like him with another male character. I've never seen anyone aside from aggressively autistic gaydens bitch at someone for not thinking a character could be gay/bi unless the hetshipper in question is deliberately trying to erase a character's canon attraction to the same sex(see: the butthurt hetshipping Eva fanboys/fangirls who try to deny Shinji likes guys too)

Sorry you had to deal with that yume, but kek her meltdown sounds like it waas funny a fuck to witness

No. 201810

i wasn't hating on them because they were girls, just because my husbandos liked them, in the same way you'd feel jealous and frustrated because your irl crush is dating someone else. in fact most of the time i enjoyed female characters more than the male ones, but once i fell for a husbando my jealousy was taking over
i was a very immature kid, still i never hurt someone else over matters like these cause i was too embarassed to admit i had feelings for fictional characters kek

No. 201836

The most obnoxious ones are the self-shippers in BL. What the fuck are you doing trying to hetship/self-ship into a canon homosexual pair?
I dislike self-shippers on principle, but the ones who are bold enough to invade BL spaces and self-ship are truly worthy of ridicule and hate.

No. 201839

i'd say that easily 50% of fujos selfinsert anon…

No. 201841

Nta but relating is different from self-inserting and self-inserting is different from self-shipping. No fujo self-ships herself because then she'd be a yume.

No. 201844

Self-inserting is not the same as self-ship

No. 201860

projecting onto a character ≠ self insert ≠ selfshipping hth

No. 201891

the eva fanboys are something else, the amount of mental gymnastics i've seen trying to prove shinji only liked kaworu ~platonically~ when he was literally blushing around him multiple times

No. 201894

I understand the point about Kaworu being a male bangmaid who could understand Shinji's pain and their love being more of a codependency and whatnot but saying "t-they're just bros!!" and then shipping Shinji with Rei or Asuka is hilarious. Of course, him fucking a catatonic clone of his own mother or masturbating over a BPD-chan's comatose body is way less degenerate than him having a stable and warm relationship with another boy kek. Out of all the romantic options Kaworu was the best one by a longshot.

No. 201896

File: 1651169845482.png (297.4 KB, 585x448, Evngelion 24 - shinji - kaworu…)

wish my other shounen ships were this brotherly

No. 201899

File: 1651170455394.png (437.54 KB, 661x752, gayest man alive.png)

It's coming up on 30 years and they're still arguing on whether or not the "suki" Kaworu and Shinji said to each other can be interpreted as romantic(duh, jp fans confirmed this decades ago) and whether the "hikareta" in the manga/movies means "attracted to"(romantically) or the more ambiguous "drawn to". Eva fanboys are so insane it's unreal
>male bangmaid
Holy shit my sides, I ship KawoShin but you're not wrong kek. Though I still do love their relationship, flaws and all

No. 201903

I'm finally playing uuultra c and I already had to see 3 scenes of boobs in my face ma'am this a BL game not an eroge wtf
i really didn't want to know that shirou's moe assistant was pegging an underage kid thank you

No. 201908

hold up i realized that kid was an aiden

No. 201927

What are you talking about all best bros hold hands in the shower while looking at each other (while blushing)!!! Ugh they're clearly just ~friends~ you fujo, Shinji's so much better off with his mother's clone and the unstable girl he strangles at some point.

No. 201989

nonette, i'm high af and this had me howling

No. 202358

> no grown man can look like that
who is thinking of real men when they look at manga characters kek

No. 202491

File: 1651341651043.png (340.52 KB, 640x360, y0kvfx2ejsi41.png)

idk what has possessed me but i am so into this ship. unfortunately the fandom is fucking dead though

No. 202513


No. 202692

hybrid child's ed, syncretism, is such a good song. i still keep on listening to it years after watching the ova. i don't remember much of the plot of hybrid child but have a blurry recollection of important scenes that left me crying.

No. 203448

I hope the yuri on ice movie remains in a limbo forever and that's for the best, you know why? because i'm certain they will heterowash it. they'll give teen victor an ex-gf that broke his heart or some dramatic shit and regress victuuri's relationship to be entirely platonic
I just don't trust mappa would allow anything close to BL to come out of their company. look at all their recent releases, they're avoiding anything with strong fujo undertones. yuri on ice was released when mappa was smaller, now they're too greedy for shounens

No. 203450

I doubt that after fighting the producers for the right to show half of the gay shit and the show becoming a runaway success they would just heterowash it, especially seeing how the scarce promo material has been focused on Yuuri and Victor and 6 years later gays have become more and more normalized in anime.

Also Victor is most definitely not bi, he's gay as fuck and it's been made pretty clear.

No. 203459

>and 6 years later gays have become more and more normalized in anime.
I don't think it's a big difference? at least i haven't seen much in recent anime?
idk i just don't trust them, both mappa for being very "only hetero stuff allowed" and the producers (yes i can see her pulling the ex-gf scenario for the ~oooh drama~ cause that's a thing in some fujo works). maybe i'm just too negative, i hope they don't fumble the series

No. 203462

samefag but to add on, if they wanted their relationship to be 100% canon, the producers could have said in an interview that yes, they're in a romantic relationship instead of being like "well umm well you know"
it seems fucking ridiculous to interpret victuuri as platonic (because honestly they're as gay as it gets in subtext) but it's a red flag that they never confirmed the kiss. like sure maybe mappa wanted to censor it because they're a bunch of cowards, but the producers could still confirm in an interview that yes, they kissed, are they really not allowed to say that? it's not like everyone reads the interviews from producers

No. 203468

File: 1651613904459.png (99.62 KB, 644x656, 1483613205078.png)

Mappa aren't writing the movie sis, they might have veto powers over any obvious gay moments but they aren't likely to force based Sayo and Kubo to shoehorn an ex gf in. I am placing all my bets on it being a serious figure skating focused movie with no romance at all, people forget that YOI was a passion project for skating as much as or even more so the romance.

No. 203474

As long as we don't have QUALITY animation just like most of the skating scenes in the anime I'm ok with the movie.

No. 203476

it's not about romance yet she still managed to shoehorn yuuri's crush on that childhood female friend who inspired him to skate…

No. 203478

Honestly, how many times are you going to post this same "they're going to give victor a gf!!!!" theory here? Literally no proof of this ever happening, it's a waste of time to try and force it. They made Victor and Yuuri get engaged and share an intimate skate program together in the end, exactly what would give you the idea that they're going to trash it all besides "mappa bad"?

No. 203482

>with no romance at all
honestly, big doubt because all the recent manga Kubo made besides working on YoI were romance series

No. 203501

File: 1651620968003.jpg (417.98 KB, 1388x860, 1476330252331.jpg)

Giving me /a/ copium vibes there anon

No. 203502

did she write anything recent?
i think sayo yamamoto was the one who pushed more for victuuri anyway, not kubo

No. 203575

Yeah the anon who keeps bringing this up is starting to come off as one of those /a/fags who insist that Yuri on Ice wasn't gay and that Victor and Yuuri are both straight and the series is just fujobait than a fujo who's actually concerned with the movie not being gay enough kek.

No. 203651

what i want in yoi is a cameo of yuzuru hanyu but knowing what early yoi fans had done like change yuzu's wiki to include yuuri's bio and claim yuzu is like yuuri irl made me wary for newer, and younger fans, to do the same. if not worse. although, what yuzu faces from yoi fans is mild compared to what isu in general have done to him.

at the very least, they're enthusiasm to consume more or less yoi related have somewhat popularize figure skating again, even if their attention solely focuses on yuzu.

No. 203653

what i want in yoi is a cameo of yuzuru hanyu but knowing what early yoi fans had done like change yuzu's wiki to include yuuri's bio and claim yuzu is like yuuri irl made me wary for newer, and younger fans, to do the same. if not worse. although, what yuzu faces from yoi fans is mild compared to what isu in general have done to him.

at the very least, they're enthusiasm to consume more or less yoi related have somewhat popularize figure skating again, even if their attention solely focuses on yuzu.

No. 203661

File: 1651671529829.png (3.38 MB, 1786x4419, 527192AF-0A0A-4556-A8E4-24F3DC…)

Nevar forget

No. 203687

The /a/ threads were such a wild ride. Unforgettable. The movie better be good so I can see even more butthurt, seething male anons in denial.

No. 203833

File: 1651706568069.jpeg (246.69 KB, 1479x2048, AA36C5C7-1563-4132-9B70-1CA85C…)

Fujoshi discord invite!

No. 203847

File: 1651710612793.jpg (1.31 MB, 2126x1500, 1477548957770.jpg)

The absolute wildest ride

No. 203848

File: 1651710641714.jpg (839.94 KB, 2068x986, 1481603974282.jpg)

No. 204126

I recently made an art account on twitter for my silly fujo ships and already one of the people interacting with my tweets is a "boypussy" appreciator. I'm so scared I'll eventually be asked to draw that kind of thing, why do we fujos have to walk on eggshells nowadays.

No. 204165

twitter has made it so easy for hetshippers with mediocre art to go viral and gain 100k+ likes or even 200k+ likes, meanwhile even the best fujo art will rarely gain more than 60k and that's being very very generous in a genshin fandom (even het crackships can gain 100k), in other fandoms it's more like 30k max
if it's oc art then you won't expect more than 10k at most (and that's if you get very popular), while random oc hetships can get 100k. i miss tumblr, back in those times gay ships were dominating

No. 204172

It's obvious why it's like that. On average more people are straight than gay and this will reflect in what they will like when they randomly see it on twitter. But tbh I don't think the numbers were much higher on tumblr, art will almost always gain more attention on twitter just because there are way more people on there.

No. 204176

Lmao why does that matter? Who cares about Twitter popularity? What a weird thing to notice.

No. 204191

Their popularity doesn't bother me because I scroll past hetshit myself but what does bother me is these same het artists throwing pity parties about how they feel about hetships doesn't get them enough clout because "everyone in this fandom prefers same sex ships!". It's so goddamn tonedeaf and disrespectful. Het artists in the Genshin fandom in particular are notorious for doing this shit, they vent out their insecurities about these being bullied by these imaginary fujo strawmen and everyone immediately gathers around to coddle them because they're looking for any opportunities to talk shit about fujos.

There will always be a bigger market and audience for heterosexual relationships so whining about not being "appreciated" enough compared to fujo artists is the adjacent of men claiming being oppressed by women for not getting enough headpats. It's just all around ridiculous.

No. 204193

they don't understand that fujo communities are simply louder and more invested in their ships, hence the large amount of fanart and fanfics. it's like a small but very active community who constantly produces content because no one else would. it's so stupid too because het ships actually get a lot of traction, you can't claim the fandom prefers same sex relationships when even niche ships like kazuyaka and albemona can get you tons of likes and followers and every shounen hetship of the month is trending

No. 204194

File: 1651842305619.png (17.08 KB, 552x464, 1484117257407.png)

I seriously miss the absolute autism and retarded shitposting of these threads so, so much. I will never forgive MAPPA/whoever is responsible for dropping the ball so hard.
The fact that images from that time are broken now on the archives also breaks my kokoro.

No. 204195

yuri on ice must have shifted the reality or something cause it's the only anime that had all the communities going so bonkers, i wasn't on 4chan back then so i wasn't aware it was crazy there too

No. 204204

heaven official's blessings/tgcf

No. 204399

File: 1651931851630.jpg (225.8 KB, 1200x866, kamisama_no_iutoori_ii_163_16.…)

No. 6, the novels in particular, but the manga and anime are still enjoyable for a more condensed experience.

Following up with a related question, has anyone read Kamisama no Iutoori? I started reading for these two because I heard about some gay shit but I only got through part 1 and don't actually know if anything substantially gay is in it besides this panel.

No. 204566

>Kamisama no Iutoori
Kek, this shit. I read the whole thing because I like the death game genre and can confirm that this one character has an unrequited gay crush but nothing substantially gay happens. The ending is either genius or absolute dogshit depending on what kind of person you are, I think most people would think it's dogshit, but the reasoning behind the ending is quite gay. I'll post a summary of the ending, don't unspoiler if you don't want to know:
In the end, 3 of them survives and become the new gods of the world. Akashi and Amaya started fighting due to ideological differences and they basically fought each other until they both died and only this long hair dude (who has been really gay for akashi the whole time) remained. He chose to restart the ENTIRE TIMELINE to witness Akashi's growth again, only this time instead of the old god, he will take the old god's role in the story. That's how it ends. It's a fucking reset everything to chapter 1 ending.

Honestly kind of based they went ahead with this gay shit in this heavily moid-populated genre, but reading it for the gay is unsatisfying, and enjoying it for the death game genre alone is also lackluster due to the shitty pacing towards the end and the actual ending itself. Imawa no kuni no Alice had better writing and a surprisingly well rounded ending and explanation for the death games despite being somewhat cliche and cheesy, if you want to read some good death game stuff. For gay shit with plot, try Chinese novels that were good enough to be translated into English.

No. 204994

>cause it's the only anime that had all the communities going so bonkers
ot but i miss when anime had this reach. shows like code geass, k return of kings, etc. were all good omni-pandering shows

No. 204996

Sorry but no, it's clearly oriented to women

No. 205005

NTA but the big titted semi retarded catgirl is clearly aimed at a moid audience. I don't think they really tried too hard with the omni pandering though, they obviously knew only women were enjoying it and doubled down on the male characters with further content.

No. 205007

>Plenty of fujos are lesbians
Still the stupidest shit I've ever heard on LC no matter how many times it gets reposted. Literally transtrender levels of mental gymnastics.

No. 205009

Don't scroll, another raid.

No. 205012

Literally just block image loading with your adblocker: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Dynamic-filtering:-quick-guide

Phoneposters lose again kek

No. 205036

how is the truth mental gymnastics lmao

No. 205046

gotta tell my girlfriend i aint a lesbian no more and neither is she, nonnie replying to a month old post to bait told me so

No. 205047

NTA but I can't ever see a scrote enjoying K even if it did have the cringe big titty catgirl, it was gay as hell and focusing only on pretty boy characters. The catgirl most likely was a afterthought to make the show not entirely pass for a BL.

No. 205133

No. 205134

File: 1652213018434.png (114.96 KB, 792x253, 1614664644726.png)

No. 205264

not all of them are lesbians or bi, like i'm a very hetero fujo but the statistics show many fujos are indeed somewhere on the spectrum. obviously these days everyone claims to be "bisexual" but in comparison to otome media it makes more sense for bl to have actual lesbians fans at least?

No. 205273

File: 1652273845454.png (1.75 MB, 1200x1600, Full_Volume_cover (1) (1).png)

i love men with muscles irl and im glad bl is starting to draw more of it. but manhuas have taken it too far with the pectorals to the point men, usually ukes or bottoms, have breasts instead of muscled chests. i know that it's now a trend to fond over muscled and defined and big chests especially with fujos but the way how its drawn just turns me off. it's expected with bara but they never only emphasize the chest and neither were they drawn more like boobs.

it's the reason why i stopped reading full volume, i was there for the smut but the bottom's boobs was annoying to look at.

No. 205274

I noticed too, korean fujos are obsessed with this type of anatomy and boob-pectorals

No. 205275

don't bother replying, people like this exist in every fandom space. my best friend is a lesbian with a gf who also enjoys m/m and… holy shit… she loves f/f/ stuff too. crazy.

my theory is that the people raging about how you cant be a lesbian if you like m/m media are super jealous of their own insecurities (and lack of a gf lol)

No. 205284

File: 1652280436056.png (369.68 KB, 515x713, 208AA8B2-B368-477D-9767-50DDE1…)

No. 205299

I love muscular guys too but yeah, some korean comics really take it too far. Though I think it's a combination of a fetish taken to the extreme and the author not being able to draw male anatomy very well. I often notice a lot of men in manhwas have huge asses and hips too (not in a male way, they look like women's asses).

Are we going to keep posting these comics over and over again? This is their pov anyway, everyone has their own reason to read BL/yaoi. Some lesbians may have these exact reasons, some like fluffy stories with male characters, some straight or bi girls are into it because it's hot and some because they're insecure/autistic/whatever. I'm so tired of people (moids) psychoanalyzing fujos as if they're licherally criminals for liking drawings of hot guys. Also, reminder that the fujohate discussion thread is right there in /ot/.

No. 205300

File: 1652287156060.jpg (71.38 KB, 735x561, b691965e66d679b04375c4863516d5…)

I completely agree with you. I really like the general proportions of buff man with a bit of fat that make them softer and the big pecs are nice, but sometimes those Korean fujos take it too far and it ends up looking like some RCDArt monstrosity.
Korea is now doing some live action BL stuff, I hope they do with a hot guy with those Shohei Ohtani proportions someday kek Bonus points if they're in the military. unless they already did and I'm unaware, I don't follow it super closely

No. 205301

>my theory is that the people raging about how you cant be a lesbian if you like m/m media are super jealous of their own insecurities
For real. It's weird how they go into full damage control mode yelling about how they're super straight and just want to see hot guys fucking to the point it's almost like a cope or some immense fear of being mistaken for a lesbian and how everyone should just stop discussing the psychology of fujos before the disgusting dykes take over. Like straight men being terrified of becoming figure skaters or ballet dancers because of the high concentration of gay people in that particular area.

No. 205304

You're kinda projecting though

No. 205306

Projecting how? I'm okay with sharing a space with lesbians kek.

No. 205330

File: 1652294662182.jpg (318.93 KB, 1760x2000, IMG_20220510_212342.jpg)

I LOVE nu carnival so much, just wish it wasn't a fucking gacha… but at this point I can't hope for more since 90% of anime games are gacha auto-battlers. Gacha with stupid rates aside, I think the game would benefit of going a bit more in depth with the writing because it feels very barebones. Since only the sex scenes are voiced they could put in as much dialogue as they want in the story chapters. I'm really grateful the game exists though, I never thought someone would release a BL gacha with such incredibly lewd characters and with an actual cute gay horny MC

No. 205390

Same, the characters are all very likable and even though the story is barebones, the writing is pretty good in my opinion. It did a good job at making the characters and their dynamics very endearing and the overall story is easy to understand while still being kind of interesting (I genuinely care about Eiden's relation to Huey and who that mysterious purple masked guy is.) And of course, the sexy outfits on the cards are super fun and the H scenes are varied and well drawn and animated.

Eiden is also the perfect BL game mc. Openly gay, horny, a switch, and still very sweet towards all the boys. Love this game.

No. 205448

File: 1652334219637.png (Spoiler Image,120.5 KB, 1899x874, fujohart.png)

i forgot about this thread for a second (so if you saw me post this elsewhere don't laugh but)
i'm working on a "types of fujoshi" chart. how does this look so far

No. 205450

kek i love this
you can add yumefujo (likes both bl and otome, projects on one guy and has a crush on the other one, most likely obsessed with the bottom) and the homophobic fujo (only likes gay in fiction, thinks gay people aren't real, usually from a conservative country) and at degen you can add "yana toboso is her idol" and probably likes het porn too

No. 205451

Normie would be
>casual reader
>discovered yaoi because of Naruto
>mostly into yaoi for the romance but can handle smut
>never engages in fujo discussions
>likes manga with detailed art

No. 205484

>Degen is down perfectly to the point of her wearing frilly cute clothes to hide that she’s a degen
Perfect I love her.

No. 205487

File: 1652362010009.png (447.22 KB, 2839x1004, D1BBAC76-9631-4B30-AEAD-BD8A70…)

I feel like these two would fit in nicely to it

western fujo
>Obsessed with South Park, TF2, TF, capeshit ships, etc
>Posts Squidbob shitposts while also shipping it
>probably was into Shiro from VLD
>Likes jpn doujins but definitely does not know jpn
>basically just pic

buyfag fujo
>owns those ten count bunny figures
>and the edgy aoba figure
>and the sexy office worker figure
>probably owns a couple of BJDs that she dresses as her husbando/favorite ship as well
>carries around an itabag
>either very into expensive J fashion or looks like a homeless person

No. 205495

You could group western fujoshi and westboo fujoshi together because they have the exact same tastes and tendencies. I've seen so many Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, etc. fujoshi who are obsessed with very mainstream western franchises and actors on social media that I saw how similar they are to the western ones on tumblr and twitter who sperg hard over Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, Grindeldore and Drarry, anything from Supernatural and Doctor Who, South Park and Voltron, these two guys from the Good Omens, and don't even get me started with BBC Sherlock and Hannibal, etc. It's a universal form of autism.

No. 205497

That’s a good point, add in
>if East Asian writes English in her Twitter bio despite probably not knowing English

No. 205504

kek yes. The reverse is when Western girls who barely know Japanese have 日本語OK in their twitter bio. It's like we're on the same wavelength or something, regardless of nationalities or the language barrier.

No. 205505

File: 1652366534747.png (2.97 MB, 2480x3508, 9D7D9A1A-3651-4FBE-9645-8A3D08…)

It’s pretty sweet in a way, shipping guys goes past language barriers and unites girls the world over (at least in countries without censored internet).

No. 205508

The not a fujo-fujo and Aiden are the same for me imo (kweer)

No. 205509

Damn, do people really live like this?

No. 205511

I feel like normie can either go in the direction of this >>205451 or like a girl who was into superwholock and posted on tumblr a lot.

No. 205512

File: 1652367171545.jpeg (678.6 KB, 2048x1536, 7151B0AE-E52B-4E0B-A9B2-F33CB6…)

Yes, I know several people who do.

No. 205517

You could probably sell all that shit and get enough money to buy a car

No. 205527

Doubt it, in total it’s probably worth about 5k on the generous side.

No. 205537

>That Ren statue
Ugh, he's so beautiful. I have only one video game/VN statue and that shit was so expensive that i opted out of ever buying more.

No. 205549

It's a hobby for people who are already well off

No. 205554

Don't know where you live but most people I know bought second hand cars for way less than 5000€ to avoid getting fucked over by insurance.

No. 205625

I bought the kurose tencount bunnyboy figure and both eng and jp versions of the manga among other things. Quite happy with the little BL collection I have going maybe I'll post a pic of it some time

No. 205662

can I suggest the 'lesbian fujo'
>everyone claims she's not one
>loves BL for romance
>usually not into porn unless the men get hurt
>just wants to see a relationship without mxf power imbalance

No. 205707

I've dropped probably over $500 in merch for a series I got into like three-ish months ago. I'm planning on building a custom display case for everything.

It's not like that anymore in most places, used cars are as much as new cars nowadays. Besides, denying yourself small luxuries (of which typically become more expensive and harder to find over time (late tax)) just because there's something else you need to save for is no way to live. There will always be something; why not save for the car, the house, retirement, this, that, blah blah blah. Example: years ago, I passed on buying a $5 CD with four tracks on it because I was being a cheap ass and "I needed to save up". Now it's selling for like $300 used and I can't justify a purchase like that. Enjoy life while you're here and just buy that dumb plastic shit. If you regret buying it that much just resell it later…

No. 205725

i mean i used to be a dirty degenerate and after bills/savings etc i would buy so much it would cover my entire room. tl;dr its mental illness and after reading mari kondo i fucking sold everything lol

No. 205838

Anons what are your favorite non canon pairings… i love those the most

No. 205912

My current ones are:
FengQing in TGCF
AyaItto from Genshin
MoShang from SVSSS (I know they are canon but I really love them, way more than BingQiu)

I used to ship:
GladIgnis from FFXV
KisaIta from Naruto
GanLink from the Zelda games

No. 205966

nta, GanLink is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. sucks they don't have a lot of fics though, unless ganon was portrayed as this abusive ex or enemy obsessed with Link that Sidon had to fight against or smth. KisaIta, ugh, I wish there's more materials for this ship. it's so weird that despite how old the naruto franchise is there's barely any fanart or fics about these two, i thought they'd be the most obvious aside from deidara and itachi together which is a pairing i don't ship at all.

i have a lot especially years ago iirc. from what i can remember i used to love austria x prussia in hetalia and went down the rabbit hole with eggsy x harry hart from the kingsman. it was one of the few live action characters i actively ship in high school. oh and credence and the original or real percival from the first fantastic beast movie.

i had a weird phase where i ship kaname x zero from vampire knight despite not knowing anything about the manga and show. and read more lance x kolivan fics from voltron despite having sheith as my favorite ship in the series.

these days whenever i have the urge to read a fic of any kind, i just read about james potter x severus snape. and maybe a bit of hawks x endeavor from bnha. it depends i guess although i can't say they're my favorite non-canon ships, just the ones i find interesting at the moment.

No. 206001

octavinelle polyamory

No. 206014

Genos/Saitama. I don't even read OPM, I just think their designs are hot and they seem to have crazy chemistry on every manga panel/page I see

No. 206028

I just read Sadistic Beauty BL sidestory and damn… I feel guilty but it's kinda hot.

No. 206140

>GL story is about a cute pairing having consensual, cute and fun sex experiences
>BL is a story about the endless suffering of a toxic man
I think the author is extremely based, and it's hilarious how mad people get at the her for making Minho suffer.

No. 206142

File: 1652564051464.png (577.49 KB, 693x560, Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 5.33…)

I checked out a few chapters of this because of your post and I think people already talked about it upthread, but KEK the translator's notes. it's a fucked up BL, don't like don't read (or don't fucking translate in this case)

No. 206224

I've been so obsessed with TGCF lately that I've forgotten everything. I liked Mello/Near, Sasodei, and Soriku when I was younger.

No. 206237


No. 206244

File: 1652577417593.png (532.92 KB, 862x732, Screenshot_3.png)

>KEK the translator's notes. it's a fucked up BL, don't like don't read (or don't fucking translate in this case)
Honestly, the translator is such a whiny baby sometimes.

No. 206258

That is what undiagnosed autism looks like

No. 206285

Imagine equating dangerous misogyny to a guy telling another guy that his dick is small in a fucking smut comic that is fucked up on purpose. These translators should stick to translating kpop lyrics if they're so sensitive.

No. 206292

Lmao what the fuck. How can someone do this? This is so bizarre, why would you translate it if it gets you so upset.

No. 206315

LOL beats me..

No. 206371

why translate at all if you're gonna be this much of a stupid pick me bitch?

No. 206372

>GanLink from the Zelda games

Based, esp Hyrule Warriors and twilight princess ver. I really wish there was more fanart/doujins.

No. 206376

KEK why the fuck is this person even translating this comic? Are they afraid of being cancelled so they have to take precautions or something?

No. 206407

That translator needs to calm the fuck down, holy shit. Why even make commentary?

No. 206410

all these korean manhwas look the same i can't tell them apart

No. 206411

It's the cheap coloring and bad anatomy

No. 206464

That damn cheap digital paint

No. 206500

That's my biggest issue with danmei. All these protags look the exact fucking same. White robes, long brown hair, nothing else about them. I can usually tell Xie Lian apart from the others because of the bandages/scars, but that's about it.

No. 206507

that's a thing that bothers me a lot too. it's not a problem only in wuxia danmei, modern danmei fanart has everyone looking like a basic kpop idol. i guess because they want to be realistic and give everyone black/brown hair? at least don't give them white robes all the time ffs or idk they need a trait that makes them instantly recognizable
i think mxtx usually puts more effort into making her protags different because she grew up as a shounen manga fujo

No. 206509

you can at least give them an unique animal motif but it's always "bottom bunny or cat" and "top dog or fox" like please other animals exist too and it would make your character more interesting. andni'm sure chinese mythology is way more diverse than that, they should have a lot of inspiration

No. 206512

File: 1652677032303.jpg (268.29 KB, 811x868, snake'd.jpg)

Not only noncanon, but also total crack: Snake/Ike

Others: Alfonse/Bruno (FEH)
Sylvain/Felix (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Aki/Angel (Chainsaw Man)
Kaji/Kaworu (Evangelion)… I feel bad for this one. Sorry Shinji
Yu/Yousuke (P4)

Past: I was a big SasuNaru fan back in the day(who wasn't) kek

No. 206604

i remember a concept from a oneshot manga where people are monsters or animal-like looking that only turns human during their birthdays. with a few exception that are born as humans. i was weirded out at first since the monsters were hardly considered hot or were anthropomorphize animals with abs and etc. but weren't borderline eldritch looking either.

i wish more creators have more freedom about their beasts just like that one-shot manga. im getting tired with wolf-beasts and half humans with just ears and tails.

No. 207054

File: 1652818948096.jpeg (1.59 MB, 2553x1915, 6489D520-CE93-46F9-A89B-145DAE…)


No. 207055

File: 1652818986347.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1914x2001, B3A2FFBF-510F-48EB-8989-7F1884…)

I’ve lost it…

No. 208769

>reading ennead
>seth gets forced upon by horus
>'ok let's see how this develops our character'
>it doesn't, he acts exactly the same
>seth gets brutally tortured and raped as comeuppance
>'ok lets see how this develops our character'
>it doesn't, hes acting the exact same

No. 208851

Are we reading the same story? Seth pretty much lost the will to live in the current chapter. Horus just has a knack to get him mad because Seth is a spoiled little bitch

No. 208916

He was literally back to being 'bratty' and joking around with the Jesus looking guy and Horus just after he was brutalized. Barely any introspection.

No. 208940

>see bad take on twt
>it's someone with a heaven official blessing pfp
EVERY. SINGLE. TIME can these losers stay the fuck away from hualian and danmei? shit like this make me want to never interact with fandoms ever again

No. 209002

Did you even see the timeline of events? It's one thing after another without any respite and he didn't have the time to introspect. He wasn't even "joking" around, he was asking Horus questions because he's concerned about Nephthys and Anubis. Hell half the time of that chapter was spent him passed out then woke up to get some answers. It just so happened that Horus telling him about Anubis got him to have a breakdown.
Now that he's in the temple with Horus, he has all the time to wallow, which is he right now. He even said he doesn't deserve to have any help to get better.

And you can't take the brat out of a spoiled character that easily.

No. 209075

Come on, he was literally like, oh these dudes are fighting over me like I'm some female! and other little jokey things which didn't really feel right. And being seemingly ony mildly annoyed with having your personal space invaded after that, same as before by the two guys.
>he didn't have the time to introspect.
You're right, it's been a whammy for him, so perhaps there'll be more time dedicated to it when things are a little relaxed. I haven't read the part he's with Horus, only saw the good old 'feeding the person medicine with my mouth because they refuse to'-trope. Which is pretty annoying again, but I haven't read it to see how Seth reacts to being done that to so I can't be a judge.

No. 209153

Rookie numbers, anon. Most of my fujo friends have a r18 doujin collection of at least 10 times this, including myself.

This is my exact reaction every time I see some braindead take from a Genshin Impact pfp.

No. 209201

>Rookie numbers, anon. Most of my fujo friends have a r18 doujin collection of at least 10 times this, including myself.
Hahaha! Don’t doubt that, this was just one haul that I did because I was worried about surugaya banning proxy sellers (seems like they’re fine with it now again though? So I guess the issue got sorted) despite that I’m pretty happy with were I’m at (most of the ones I was super desperate for I already owned (mainly choco lily stuff) only thing I’m thinking about getting currently is tetsu sabi stuff due to her being my favorite doujin artist to the point were I vastly prefer her version of Kawoshin to the canon one these days.

I was also thinking about getting some hashihime doujins, but I don’t want to spend 30 bucks on a Kawase doujin even though he’s my fave.

No. 209491

File: 1653736507708.jpeg (213.22 KB, 1200x1171, 78669E26-BE36-4BB3-98ED-40BD5A…)

Very nice

No. 209520

Nice statue of most boring ass husbando Kojaku

No. 209538

I want a statue with aoba and bestboy noiz or just lewd noiz is cool too

No. 209542

I want one with Clear

No. 209546

Same. Clear a best.

No. 209564

I always wondered why people considered him boring. He loves Aoba the most by far so that's an automatic best boy in my book.
I guess it's because in comparison to the others he's really vanilla?

No. 209565

No. 209596

dmmd has such a cool concept and worldbuilding, if only they polished the story more…

No. 209604

File: 1653771158446.jpeg (33.76 KB, 640x363, DBA23FA5-BEEE-41FF-86A6-78D1CD…)

>game still not out in English
>Two figures announced/out

Also I’ll be so annoyed if they don’t include the toilet.

No. 209609

jast is an incompetent company

No. 209614

BLVNs in general only started being seen a as a lucrative market by dipshit western companies like last year or so, I presume they just really caught onto it because of that one mobile game.

No. 209623

He used to be my least favorite because I hate womanizer types who try to act suave, but replaying it recently I found him a lot more endearing. His love for Aoba is the sweetest and they have the most positive post-story life.

No. 209624

They said last year they won't localize and release Lamento, fuck them, I was looking forward to it the most out of all the Nitro Chiral VNs

No. 209630

>They said last year they won't localize and release Lamento
Damn, I didn’t know about this. Even though Lamento is old and kinda forgotten it’s my favorite BL game, the lore and music was so cool

No. 209746

the womanizer part was annoying for me because they pulled the "gay only for you" trope with it and because of the age gap and being childhood friends it felt like his affection for aoba was more in a big bro way

No. 209770

Could have learned Japanese during the time it takes for these idiots to get anything done

No. 209771

They're too busy posting stupid takes on why rewriting entire characters in video games instead of just translating games normally is good on twitter to do their job, apparently.

No. 209773

Even more reason to learn. I get that translating 1 to 1 makes English sound weird and unnatural and some changes will have to be made in that regard but how anyone doesn't get put off by companies completely changing characters for whatever piss poor excuse they give goes beyond my comprehension. If that isn't a good reason to learn the language of the media you consume then I don't know what is at that point.

No. 209774

File: 1653823231463.jpg (121.76 KB, 1124x1089, FQK8rvkXIAYpGbA.jpg)

They're too incompetent or have no work ethics to do technical translations that actually matter and pay well, so they shit post online, say that butchering JRPGs from the 90s is fine and translating is soooo hard, and then they announce that projects they've been supposedly working on for a few years like Lamento and that new Nitro+Chiral game will be canceled or severely delayed. You're right, learning yourself is a solution, but it is difficult, especially when you lack free time. I think about pirating VNs and games in Japanese to practice sometimes. I wish I could find one of the translators' tweets about how FE Fates' localization is ok when the story is character-driven but the main characters are basically rewritten to make them spawn unfunny American memes. Have this instead (the guy talking about something being creepy is referencing a gay couple or gay character in Sky of Arcadia): https://t.co/E5myrhN72R

No. 209782

The art/worldbuilding/story of dmmd really stood out from the rest imo. I wish they would do something like that again but Slow Damage doesn't seem to be it.

This is so unprofessional, fuck them honestly.

No. 209806

jfc, so lazy and unprofessional. Why are americans like this?

No. 209807

This. Basic Japanese and kanji/katakana isnt even that hard. At this point, I'd encourage others to learn instead of relying on shitty ass translators that butcher shit. I learned my lesson immediately after the whole 'donut/onigiri' thing in dubbed 4kids Pokemon years ago.

No. 209808

Good. Zoomers are already lazy and insufferable. There's been an eng patch out for lamento for over 10 years and the Japanese isnt even hard to learn to play it.

No. 209815

I'm ESL so when the patch got released I wasn't sure my English would be good enough yet. Just in case I decide to play it in Japanese, I'm already guessing it's like BL manga and there's no or almost no furigana, but what about the vocabulary? Are they a lot of made up fantasy words? Because I like scifi and fantasy stories but they can be hard to get into in Japanese because of all the made up words and super long Western words and names in katakana.

No. 209817

lol wussy

No. 209834


No. 210094

File: 1653906233142.jpg (456.83 KB, 1562x2048, EHEq6wfUEAAnSi5.jpeg.jpg)

I Just adore KoyasuYasuko Ash x Eiji art

No. 210117

Oh my..that's huge but ok let's go :D
Jotaro/Kakyoin, Jonathan/Dio, Joseph.Caesar Dazai/Chuuya, Akutagawa/Atsushi, Guts/Griffith, Ash/Eiji, Thor/Loki.
I like this comic, It's very cute but this is giving me vibe, of creator/fanbase whining about THOSE NASTY FUJOS TOUCHING THIER PRECIOUS GAY STORIES
Oh wow, I didn't knew that comunity, who would go even into series like Berserk, or Naoki's Urusawa Monster would be interested in series, which looks like thier paradise

>>195828 I didn't knew about that, interesting

No. 210120

Japanese isn’t hard to learn? Lol

No. 210121

it's not

No. 210122

It depends on a lot of things, it can be hard if you don't have access to good resources to learn by yourself and you have no free time and nobody to practice with. If you have plenty of free time for that and you have opportunities to learn in Japan or with Japanese speakers you'll have an easier time.

No. 210124

there's plenty of free resources online to learn japanese, if you have access to the internet it's just an excuse

No. 210126

>just learn japanese!
listen it's gonna take me at least 3 yrs to be able to read one manga

No. 210127

I believe anon was referring to the way the VN is written, the language is not as complicated as trying to read an actual book

No. 210128

reading BL manga isn't like reading the newspaper kek, it's not that hard

No. 210130

even if it's not like that, learning a new language takes quite a lot of time. you won't be able to read it in just one year unless you're a super fast learner

No. 210131

no, but making it sound like it's some impossible mission is just ridiculous lmao

No. 210132

When I started learning over a decade ago it was hard because the resources online were in English and I'm ESL so it gets confusing quite fast, AND I didn't have a smartphone until much later, and I was too poor to buy any of the good textbooks for people who have my 1st language. Google translate didn't have that feature yet where you could draw a kanji with your mouse to looo it up, and getting an electronic dictionary was too expensive for me. I had classes in high school with a very incompetent teacher who was way more interested in talking about her personal life and giving us terrible studying habits, and her textbook was absolute trash and had no furigana whatsoever despite being for beginners. It would have been way easier for me to learn it much later I guess. I couldn't go to Japan until MUCH later, meanwhile, rich kids from my uni and high school had classes in Japan tailored for them specifically because they could afford it in great Tokyo universities so they improved way faster. But yeah, as I said, it really depends on the conditions you have to learn.

No. 210133

with your logic someone could say I couldn't learn a language because books didn't exist, in this day and age saying they can't find free sources is fucking stupid since they are everywhere

No. 210134

I don't think it's worth to put so much effort to learn a new language just for weeb purposes

No. 210135

no one said it's necessary to do it just for weeb purposes kek (I do agree it's a dumb idea to do it just for that though)

No. 210137

I wish i started learning japanese when I was 9 because i was already interested in the language back then but there were no classes in my town and then i was kinda forced by my parents to not watch anime anymore because "it's a bad influence"

No. 210141

Yes, they're everywhere. In English mostly, which isn't ideal at all for someone who's ESL.

No. 210142

right but for people in the online communities it likely isn't that big of an issue (me included kek)

No. 210143

I dont know. As I said, even if my English was already better than average at the time, I didn't feel comfortable with using jp-eng dictionaries yet to learn new words.

No. 210144

Same for me, I'm ESL and Japanese study material in my language is very rare and never goes past JPLT N5. So whenever I study online I first have to translate everything from my own language to English and then to Japanese and vice versa. It's much harder and time consuming than to learn straight from my native language to Japanese. People who speak major languages like English, French, German etc. on a native level have a massive upper hand with studying other languages compared to people like me who speak an obscure one that barely relates to any others, it's exhausting to try and get a hang of the language when nobody's there to teach it to you in the context that you're more familiar with.
>I had classes in high school with a very incompetent teacher who was way more interested in talking about her personal life and giving us terrible studying habits, and her textbook was absolute trash and had no furigana whatsoever despite being for beginners.
Kek this sounds too familiar. And of course the study material is awkward garbage that doesn't really teach you anything.

No. 210156

Nayrt, but couldn't you just search up the summary beforehand? Baka updates even has it tagged underneath mpreg.

No. 210158

My own example with the incompetent teacher was with a major language. But that was like a decade ago so now there are way better materials than back then. For example one of my teachers in uni published a textbook not long ago because the one she wrote before that one was good but the publishing company didn't print any new copy in years so you had to buy trash until then. Or the minna no nihongo, fuck these books. No but seriously if she didn't give me shitty learning methods and habits I would have been better off later when learning in university, I still don't get how she got that job. I'll stop now.

No. 210404

Does anyone here self-insert as the top

No. 210413

I never self-insert. You have to be mentally ill to do that.

No. 210422

>getting uppity about her mental health
>in a thread dedicated to gay rape mpreg etc. porn
lmao even

No. 210424

This is not what this thread is about you fucking retard. That's like saying otome is about violent gangrapes and bdsm because a few works are like that. You're the mentally ill one.

No. 210427

Clearly you didn't read the thread then. Not to mention there are literally posts here bragging about their porn stashes, totally what most well adjusted members of the society do. But self-inserting is where the line needs to be drawn. Right.

Do you even realize how defensive and mentally fragile your bizarrely vehement reaction makes you seem lmao

No. 210438

Kek you're retarded. Did you get all pissy because someone said that self-inserting is cringe and for mentally ill people? Did that hit a nerve?

No. 210502

NTA but isn't it obvious that the one seething is the one crudely insulting the other party in every single post

No. 210542

>crudely insulting
Do you know where you are? And the one seething is the one bringing up rape after feeling offended by someone talking about self-inserting.

No. 210607

File: 1654047104810.jpeg (134.05 KB, 673x1000, D6pxa0SWkAELnyZ.jpeg)

The constant autistic hatred people have for us is exhausting to deal with. I don't know what those people are trying to accomplish. Screaming at us is not going to make us quit the hobby, so at this point I think they just enjoy treating other women like shit so they can feel superior (which tracks, since this is lolcow after all.)

I just don't understand why they care so much about what we do, whether we're lesbians, whether we "admit" to being "pornsick," etc. What does it matter to them, seriously? If we self-flagellate in the way they expect, what changes?

No. 210652

Sounds like you need a group of other fujos to be with. I think we are a social breed by nature, a lonely fujo will suffer. Most of the time I forget about the haters because I'm having too much fun with my fellow fujos.

No. 210677

feeling unmotivated to check for updates on mangas and manhuas and i don't want to bother with reading fics of my ships atm. i'm frustrated, bored. i guess i want something new to enjoy for a short while…

i have this weird craving of wanting to read western gay novels, the ones with a man's torso on the cover with erotic-like title. idk what i'm saying tbh, it's like a vague want that i couldn't pinpoint honestly.

i guess i want to read about jocks in general. can someone suggest me, it could be a fic or a manga or manhua even a novel.

No. 210717

Self inserting is cringe! CRINGE!

No. 210921

I don't really understand self-inserting in general but I agree with other anons, in BL it just seems like an entirely next level of mental illness. The entire appeal of BL to me is that I don't have to self insert and I can enjoy it as-is. Bringing it up in a fujo thread seems like a weird agenda (probably looking for infighting) since the absolute majority of fujos that I know don't want to do it, contrary to the male "fujos self insert into the girly uke" cope.

It's also weird that self inserters get so defensive about their behavior. Okay, you want to sniff your husbando's armpits and have him bend you over and forcibly impregnate you and whatever elaborate horny fantasies all the husbandofags here write but some people just don't find fucking cartoons personally that appealing.

No. 212139

I fucking hate that MRM has been invaded by non-stop furry shit. Bara/gei komi is one thing, but furry is another.

No. 212145

>a lonely fujo will suffer.
I disagree, I am intensely private and personal about being a fujo. I made 1 (one) irl fujo friend by accident and I want to die every time she makes a reference to our interest in shipping or fanfic or fanart or whatever. She's not a sperg or anything I just find it embarrassing to discuss with platonic friends. Though I guess anons are kinda like friends I can talk to.

>The entire appeal of BL to me is that I don't have to self insert and I can enjoy it as-is.
Yeah. I don't know why it's so hard to understand - if I like a ship it means I'm attracted to both characters, I like both their personalities and I like their relationship dynamic. I don't want one half of the couple to be watered down into something bland and relatable that I could project on.

No. 212148

same, apparently theres a chance wont upload actual yaoi (happened to me and a few people ive talked to) but all the gross scrotey furry and trap shit goes through no problem. pretty sure the site mustve changed hands because it didnt use to be like this

No. 212156

Yeah as if they don't have enough places to post their porn in. Furryshit should be removed from there altogether.

No. 212212

I'm not a fujotranny so no. Usually I try to be as 3rd party as possible when I'm shipping dudes.

No. 212250

File: 1654532976079.jpeg (36.13 KB, 640x480, images (87).jpeg)

Does gay live action count as BL? I've never been much into the genre but I'll be dammed if Beautiful Thing is not one of the best films I've seen. If anyone knows something as warm as it please share.
I hope Hettie Macdonald makes another film someday.

No. 212254

Gross, anon.

No. 212261

File: 1654535594135.jpg (Spoiler Image,573.79 KB, 1280x720, mubicdnWeAreAnimals.jpg)

A bit of gross makes it cuter.

No. 212299

File: 1654547431876.jpg (956.01 KB, 1050x1500, 84037c86334bb0dc014f73da6bb04d…)

MADK has updated with a second volume and I am so happy

No. 212301

Holy shit yes! I love MADK, I thought it was abandoned!

No. 212318

The second volume came out last year or 2020, didn’t it? It’s been on my bookshelf for a while

The last chapter comes out at the end of this month.

No. 212320

What's this from?

No. 212322

Definitely sounds like a case of new ownership. Furry was there once in a while but now it easily outnumbers even bara on the front page

No. 212330

I don’t like live action shows unless it’s reality tv like 90 day fiancé. Never got the appeal for live action BL because of that.

No. 212527

No. Get that nasty 3DPD out of here.

No. 213322

Anyone here who can point me in the direction of a download to Lamento with the ENG patch without needing to make an account on some forum?

No. 213552

I'm a staunch believer in the concept of complete separation of BL and real life gay men. This includes opposing the injection of any kind of real life alphabet soup politics in BL, particularly the ~representation~ kind. I believe most, if not all of the fujo-related shitflinging could be avoided or at least greatly reduced if everyone, fujos and non-fujos alike, abode by this principle. On another note I am also a staunch believer in the separation of 2D and 3DPD(-adjacent) male/male shipping.

No. 213793

can someone rec sol with fujo undertones? i'm in my "wish i were japanese" state of mind again and want something comfy to enjoy

No. 213898

Stop being spergs. It's two fictional guys, she's fine to be here.

No. 214047

File: 1655163288808.jpg (57.72 KB, 765x475, kimi-to-boku-anime-wallpaper.j…)

Cute boys doing cute things with sometimes shippy undertones: Kimi to Boku, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, Tsurune, StarMyu, Uchitama. There is some hetbaiting in these but iirc none of it really goes anywhere, but homo milage will vary.

Not quite SOL but very character driven and shipbaity: Free!, Big Windup, Haikyuu, Natsume Yuujinchou

Is actually gay and is also SOL: Sasaki and Miyano, Mimi Ga Mieteru Yo

No. 214089

>Calling normal film acting "LARPing"
Jesus Christ, when was the last time you left the house?

No. 214829

File: 1655370816627.jpg (197.7 KB, 1200x1200, babyeiden.jpg)

I love nucarnival so much… cutest BL harem protagonist I've ever seen

No. 214831


No. 214840

Try some works by Misaka Nyumu or Niyama. Scarlet Beriko also plays with looks and roles sometimes.

No. 214849

File: 1655379799768.jpg (119.53 KB, 722x1024, 16-94.jpg)

Those are really good! I'd also recommend Midnight Rain by CTK or really any of her beautifully drawn works. Mangago also has tags for that trope, just look up "Seme-like Uke" or "Though Uke" in the tag search

No. 214875

Eiden is so precious

No. 214916

I died at how adorable he looked there. I'm glad they went all out for his birthday, this event is so cute.

No. 215108

File: 1655476453355.jpg (18.49 KB, 300x422, pgrf.jpg)

Here you go nonna. I'm not sure if it works, haven't tried it myself yet.
Download > https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ADadm6bSEY1%5FYxQ&id=B89E30D1992C4557%21582&cid=B89E30D1992C4557
Patch > https://www.mediafire.com/folder/10czp31cnhd8b/lamento_patch_files
Instructions > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzxVm_cqNgI


I'm not well-versed in live-action BL but a while back I decided to watch this series called Pornographer completely on a whim and it was way better than I expected. It's about a kind of fucked in the head porn author manipulating broke uni student-kun into helping with his work, pretty spicy.

No. 215111

Fuck off minimod, no one wants to use the dead thread you made out of spite.

No. 215151

I read the manga for this a while ago, I wonder if the show is better because the plot got kinda shit when it started focusing on the writer’s backstory

No. 215289

Well a lot of people here don't want to see your 3DPD shit so why not be civil and post this in the other thread? Then people can hide the one they don't want to see and we can all avoid the nasty comments.

No. 215321

File: 1655529704143.jpg (181.2 KB, 2048x2048, E6it_YtUcAM0Spp - mogutofuoes.…)

True, sorry nonna it missed my eye! It's an acquired taste I suppose…

No. 215431

File: 1655598390079.jpg (201.66 KB, 1076x2067, 1655596491420.jpg)

Nonnie who posted these pics on a moid's stupid thread that got deleted, please tell me you are here and please tell me the artist/sources of the pics you posted!!! help a girlie out

No. 215524

File: 1655655082936.png (494.97 KB, 596x519, Control-V.png)

Why can't drawfags draw faster I need the rest of this I need it I need it

No. 215542

I thought I was on the bad art thread for a sec

No. 215562

You just don't get it

No. 215567

This looks like if calvin and hobbes went aideny and adult

No. 215573

Well no, we aren't trannies

No. 215578

No. 215583

If this is the girl I'm thinking of, she was in an "lgbt" comic artist server I'm in. I can't find her intro to see what pronouns she listed, but the server is mostly Aidens and she went by Fritz. Very few LGB, mostly TQ+++, and full of jealous hissy fits to the point where they had to start vague posting because stuff from the server leaked and some of them got in trouble on an associated forum.
Also seconding thinking I was in the bad art thread for a sec.

No. 215598

Can you tell the thing to update her horny comics already please

No. 215615

Never understood why some americans or whatever liked comics with ugly art, specially lgbt comics with ugly art.

No. 215620

do they even draw anything aside from fat stubby comic characters? you can tell when an 'artist' grew up on tumblr

No. 215637

She's no longer on the server, but this is the only style she ever posted in. It stood out in that it was its own brand of ugly with a feel of editorial illustration.

Not just an American thing. This girl's German, and it seems like most of the active people on the server are in and around Europe. Bad taste is worldwide.

No. 215684

File: 1655691503033.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.85 KB, 1080x5951, 04.jpg)

for the anons who are curious since that thread got deleted.

the pale blachaired guy x the white heaired tan guy are from a story called ''dear door''

The tan buff guy vs the long white haired guy with amber eyes is from a story called plaything.

No. 215714

Oh you're gonna tell me I'm twansphobic uwu too? The comic's ugly as fuck and I doubt anyone knows when it's going to update

No. 216327

File: 1655945718346.jpeg (511.6 KB, 1622x2270, FUi-6xcWQAIt3B4.jpeg)

Not into NTR but a friend of mine jokingly mentioned ntr where yuri and loid go from enemies to lovers and it's suddenly scratching an itch I didn't even know I had. AO3 has nothing for me though. fuck.

No. 216384

this show is offensively straight

No. 216499

>offensively straight
kekk you put it into words

No. 216538

I'm sorry but also kekkkkkk

No. 216547

Lmao, was this Ai no Kusabi?

No. 216558

I was going to ask that as well. I heard about it a lot but never watched it because of the exploding cock ring or something like that? idk it's just a bit too much for me kek

No. 216563

…exploding cock ring? I watched pieces of the original and all the OVA remakes and I didn't see an exploding cock ring. There was a regular cock ring though.

No. 216565

But doesn't the MC get his dick cut off or ripped off of him because of it? It's been so long since I read that summary maybe I'm mixing different things together in my head.

No. 216592

Someone gets their dick cut off in the Legend of the Blue Wolves anime

No. 216604

MCs dick gets cut off by his ex partner, who did it in an attempt to get MC away from the blondie

No. 217232

File: 1656277672100.jpg (849.38 KB, 1326x2076, 878374-1.jpg)

Not a fujo as much as an oldschool shoujo fan, but gonna finally read this since the whole comic got translated. Enjoyed the OAV 10 years ago or so, so probably will love the manga as well.

No. 217233

Anons i'm not a fujo but i wanted to ask if it's common for you guys like the "average" lolcow fujo i guess to ship ugly men from irl media. Because to the fujos i've talked that do that usually end up as weird tifs and being annoying but the fujos here don't seem that retarded

No. 217235

Real people are disgusting, I only ship cute anime boys. You truly have to be sick to do this with real people.
Once as a teenager I went to a con and a friend invited her weird guy friends. The weird friends knew we were fujos and started making out at some point. Some days later I told her that was fucking weird and uncomfortable assuming she felt the same but instead told me she pretty much plotted the whole thing for us. Gross.

No. 217236

IRL as in 3D fiction or like real people i. e. Larry? If its the latter, that's always gross and even the ones that aren't troons are fucked in the head. For the former I only ship when the chemistry is seriously good. Watching 1917 with fujo goggles on changed my life permanently.

No. 217247

what is this called? the art looks super pretty

No. 217255

kaze to ki no uta / the poem of wind and trees

No. 217257

I don't like shipping from live-action shows and I full out hate real person shipping. I feel like this is a weeb vs non-weeb thing, if you prefer 2D over 3D in general then you probably won't like 3D shipping. All of the fujos I am friends with are long time weebs and mostly watch 2D and none of us are into 3D shipping to the same extent. idk why tifs are more likely to be into 3D shipping but I used to know a tif that literally drew yaoi art of her real life teachers before trooning.

No. 217263

It was a pop-up ad

No. 217282

Stop fucking spamming. It isn't that serious. Just pretend it never happened and move on. You sound underaged. Go back to twt.

No. 217336

I do sometimes but it's rare though. I shipped Johnlock from Sherlock BBC and from the RDJ and Jude Law movies when they started not because they were hot but because I already liked the pairing from the original novels and short stories and there was fanservice and gay jokes here and there. Spoiler for the Ace Attorney spinoff/prequel I like Sherlock/Mikotoba way more, they're the gayest iteration of Johnlock by far. I shipped Thorki when the MCU barely started to be a thing and I remember that at the time nobody gave a fuck that they were brothers, even people who didn't care were like "Loki is adopted so it's not incest, grow up" a decade ago but now it'd be considered abusive and problematic. I liked Grindeldore a lot in the new Fantiastic Beasts movie, but that's also because it was already a thing in the books and I will always feel smug that I guessed they were a couple before JKR confirmed it. I really wanted to see them on screen, and Johnny Depp got kicked out at the right time. Besides that I don't know. It's way more of an exception that the rule for me.

No. 217352

I don't. The fujos who do this shit are memed into thinking that shipping beautiful anime men is shallow, pretentious and above all fetishizing homosexuality so the only "real" way is to ship ugly IRL moids because it's "more realistic". I literally do not understand how all the twitter aidens can stomach looking, much less shipping, the hideous, pudgy, middle-aged goblins most of the popular ships are now. It must take a ton of self-deception especially seeing how often they cope by having a superiority complex over weeb fujos only into anime men.

I actually want to die every time people think fujos are degenerate creeps equal to the male lesbian fetishists. I don't want to see people making out next to me no matter what gender, and even less if they're moids putting on a performance thinking they can ever be comparable to 2D.

No. 217355

If they're into 3D media then yeah, they're probably into 3D shipping as well.

No. 217359

I ship characters from live actions, but I tend to anime-fy the actors in my mind. Like, most of my shipping is just reading fanfic so the image I have in my head is the most important aspect of a pairing. And I rarely vividly imagine real life people unless they're exceptionally attractive, I always kinda gloss over their features like 2D does.

idk but I have a much higher standard for guys I want to see bang other guys vs guys I want to bang. Maybe because there's a bit of an ick element to gay sex, my tolerance for flaws is much lower in that context.

No. 217421

I personally have never been able to get into ships from live action media, it's hard for me to enjoy fanart/fics of characters portrayed by real people. I'll watch the show and enjoy it, but shipping or making material for it just feels too weird to me.

No. 217432

Fatties need to stay away from danmei

No. 217442

apparently now it's racist to like thin waists on asian men kek

No. 217526

It's always the fat+white ones with the worst takes. If they want to see chunky characters, then make your own work. Adding racism into that argument was retarded and she's retarded for doubling down on her take

No. 217529

this thread is hilarious AND sad!

No. 217540

And you're retarded.

No. 217605

why are they projecting on those men in the first place? you can be fat and like skinny men

No. 217629

File: 1656437010123.jpg (86.23 KB, 785x203, projectionist.jpg)

They're attention seeking and cannot distinguish fiction from realty and like to lecture Asians about their beauty standards.

Look at this retard talking about "it gives me dysphoria!"

This thread is a trove of people who can't seem to stop reading what hurts their feefees.

No. 217668

File: 1656446874751.jpg (45.62 KB, 420x546, orufrey.jpg)

I know these two aren't canon but it amuses me that the creator likes art of them kissing and just being gay kek

No. 217671

Fuck off with constantly attacking lesbian fujos lmao, we're either faking it or somehow the ones trying to ruin BL now? That's just what young people in fandom are like right now it has nothing to do with her being a lesbian. Don't lump us in with aidens.

No. 217677

NTA but I don't think she means all lesbians, just idiots like the one in that screenshot that start to have panic attacks over skinny men in Asian BL

No. 217688

leave lesbian fujos alone

No. 217751

Does liking gay fanfiction on AO3, but not interacting with BL much at all, mean you're Fujo? The only BL I'm into are Doujinshi of ships from series I already like, and I seek after those only if the AO3 tags are barren.

Fujoshis have such a lively community compared to the quiet Female majority of AO3, it's very joinable. The women on AO3 all seem to be into 3D shows made in the west, and if they do like more manga/anime, they're quiet. I'm tempted to say Fujoshi should be expanded upon to include more AO3-specific attributes or a whole 'nother word created. Maybe there's a community out there that exists? Dreamwidth is a meme sadly and not nearly active enough.

No. 217754

Fujos are just m/m shippers at heart, I don't see any reason to split hairs over the definition. idk what you mean about women on ao3 being quiet about liking anime and manga, there's plenty of content even if it's not as much as western stuff. And their community is like, the entirety of tumblr.

No. 217764

Thank you for your reply nonna. It's a good mindset to have. Being a Fujoshi and content about it seems so underground it's worrying sometimes.

No. 217782


No. 218080

She used to draw Tiger & Bunny doujins so that's not a surprise

No. 218160

Again nonnie, don't reply to the shit bait, the "ree western wokies ruining muh pure azn yaoi" should be a telltale sign already. Literally a lot of active BL mangakas are lesbian (which is why they're super quiet about their personal life, use pen names and hide their faces at all times) so they can keep seething about muh fake lesbians all they want while consuming the material they create kek.

No. 218320

File: 1656683414029.jpeg (547.78 KB, 750x1106, 63EB93B9-3308-4E29-BB20-46D617…)

I always see Dear Door on the front page of mangago but never bothered to look into it but I finally picked it up and kek it’s kinda good. Sometimes the art gets kinda jank but I like the shameless smut and the plot is good enough that I haven’t skipped any it just to get to the smut like I do for other series.

No. 218352

The sex scenes make me kek, they're so smutty and exaggerated sometimes. I still love them a lot though, every time one comes up I wonder how it's gonna top the previous one. I like all the couples and multiple love triangles.
Sid best boy

No. 218448

NTA but western wokies ARE trying to ruin eastern BL

No. 218606

File: 1656778508731.jpeg (470.23 KB, 890x1489, 4F599F31-2A99-4919-9FA7-6E4B2C…)

I can’t wait for Wednesday to read the last chapters for Sleeping Dead and MADK, I’m literally counting down the days. Even though the physical magazine already came out the fujos on twitter are so tight-lipped about spoilers and not saying anything besides “it was so good!” I’m not going to know what to hyperfixate on once they’re over.

No. 218608

My stupid ass thought this was Baldi, im sorry nonna

No. 218636

File: 1656784001520.jpeg (259.35 KB, 1097x918, F53B74FF-B84A-4D6A-AD5A-45D90F…)

peak 30yo millennial physique provided by alcoholism and anxiety attacks

No. 218742

How do I befriend other fujos?

No. 218743

it used to be so easy on livejournal

No. 218744

are you reading official releases or raws, or is there a scanlation group working on it? I only found 2 chapters in english online

No. 218757

I buy the magazine chapters, but a group just started translating it again. They’re using the tankoban so the image quality is better than the first translation.

No. 218793

File: 1656841395591.jpg (116.67 KB, 638x679, FVtag-0aQAE0EPT.jpg)

Are you sure you are not thinking of someone else?

She put a gay couple in the last chapters so hold on hope

No. 218794

This show is so straight I have no idea how people can even get anything gay from it

No. 218795

Holy shit I feel like I know some twitter personality who was this to a T.

No. 218796

>but the selection we got wasn't terrible.
At release M/M shippers only had one love interest. On the top of it all the current LI for men all fit the same box, while lesbians get a diverse range of women and all of them are super plot important

No. 218807

File: 1656850246428.jpg (235.35 KB, 1100x1100, LE22.jpg)

Eren/Levi getting (unofficial) merch like this gives me life, partly because the seethe this pairing still elicits is great.

No. 218809

Why do you think fujochan failed?

No. 218846

The shota board.

No. 218859

This >>218846 and people would rather post on discords.

No. 218860

I don't like the Levi mold, but that Eren is wow. Would buy just for him.

No. 218861

This. And it's gotten worse.

No. 218866

Based though they don't look like themselves imho

No. 218877

Glad for the pandering, but Levi is WAY too tall.

No. 218880

Does it? It feels I barely hear about it nowdays

No. 218895

Why is Levi so tall

No. 218911

Too much focus on female identity, it defeats the point chans and attracts a bunch of posters focused on talking about their personal lives more than anymore.

Most of the topics there are complains about moids and trannies, it's definitely not that.

No. 218919

>Too much focus on female identity
>it defeats the point [of] chans
like most chans aren't focused on male identity? "tits or gtfo" etc etc

No. 218931

Women aren't banned from 4chan, and most anime boards dissuade anyone from talking about their personal life. Even women in fujo/otome threads would tell you off if you started talking about your personal life, the whole point of anon is that everyone is the same anonymous person, it's a place where people get away from twitter permanent online and fixation of gender.

Making a BL chan but by focusing on identity politics you already failed and behold the place is just lolcow but worse. Their BL board is dead but their 3d talking topics are in full force.

No. 218936

I see your point now, I made a few threads there some time ago but left because it was so dead it got boring. If it were up to me I would discourage blogposting and ban stuff that is too blatantly gay male gaze-y rather than fujo.

No. 218952

I always thought they planned to make claude and dimitri bisexual too but they decided not to in the end. Claude asks male byleth for a dance, has a design that appeals to gay men and dimitri has the same exact relationship with male byleth and is as much of a simp. The reason why they didn't make them official wasn't because of male players but to not trigger yumes cause apparently they're allergic to bisexual men and any sort of fujo pandering

No. 218957

Because they advertised itself as a chan for girls but allowed moid-adjacent fetishes like traps, toddlershota and oneeshota so mentally ill fujoyume NLOGs and actual scrotes hover around having meltdowns at any anons trying to have intelligent discussion about fujoshi as a subculture because it's "political derailment" (the reduntant "western wokies ruining yaoi" threads naturally aren't) and they "just want to look at hot guys so fuck off dykes and faghags". Most fujos aren't too keen on fraternizing with homophobes who bitch and moan about muh imageboard culture when being told not to use the N word so in the end they didn't really stick around. The "traps are allowed and belong in the same thread with effeminate ukes" decision killed it off for me for good, I guess the mods are mostly yumes who aren't too familiar with fujos and their preferences.

No. 218958

Dimitri, sure, I can see that, he's also really gay for Dedue and I'm still not over their paired ending, but people only started saying Claude would be bisexual until FE3H got released only because he wears one earring and has a 90s boys band haircut. That's literally it. Claude dragging Byleth to dance wasn't especially cute or romantic imo.

No. 218971

What the fuck is a "fujoyume"? Sounds like No True Scotsman "everyone I don't like is actually a yume and not a REAL fujo" shit

No. 218972

the toddlerdshota and oneeshota spamming was absolute cancer
it's a yume who is also a fujo. most fujos would rather talk about the ship dynamic, not about how much they want to fuck them personally

No. 218974

I'm pretty sure it just means being both a fujo and a yume.

No. 218975

What about the fujos who mostly talk about how they want the characters to bang each other and less about "ship dynamics"? Don't just say "those do not exist" or "those are not real fujos"

No. 218981

they're fujos, it's the same thing

No. 218994

A bunch of basic trad schizos got mad because moids on chan boards were calling them fujos everytime they mentioned male characters so they stole the term "yume" from the selfship community (that very explicitly selfships using their own OCs and DOESN'T self-insert on established characters). These women are literally just your run of the mill hetero shippers who hate seeing anything fujo related and they use the term yume incorrectly in order to distance themselves from fujos. They think that makes them appear more "normal" when in reality the selfship community is seen as way more mentally ill than the fujo one kekk I'm pretty sure they're not legitimate selfshippers, those people are emotionally crippled and genuinely in love with their fictional husbando
So basically, a fujo can't be a yume. Anyone who seriously selfships won't enjoy seeing gay content of their husbando, they tend to dislike anything that breaks their selfship, that includes a potential female love interest. Liking otome content doesn't make you a yume, wanting to bang a fictional character because you're feeling horny doesn't make you a yume, you're just a regular basic girl so stop using that term! A fujo can't be a yume, words have meaning!

No. 219058

Fujoyumes are technically just yumejos, they like watching two guys together only because they want to imagine themselves between them or fucking either both or one of them. They're usually the notorious "I hate all female characters because I'm jealous" type or the "one of these has to be FTM" Aiden since self inserting is an essential part of the experience for them. Regular fujos are interested in the relationship of those two characters instead with no self-inserting besides in maybe the "god I wish I had what they have" sense.

Being interested in the characters' sexual dynamic i.e. wanting to see them fuck because their personalities have great sexual chemistry playing off of each other is still being interested in ship dynamic.

No. 219062

Love how both of you gave completely different definitions for yume. Just drop the act and admit that at this point yume is just a buzzword for women who get off to cartoon men in a way you don't like.

No. 219064

How are they different definitions? Both say that yumes specifically self-insert be it via a "3rd party viewer" or an actual physical OC they create and that they're just yumes instead of fujos. Sure the "one of them has to be a FTM" part can be read as self-inserting into an already established character but trooning out one is essentially creating a new OC since it's far detached from the original role for self-inserting purposes.

No. 219065

Because the other anon says OCs are required to be a real yume while you argue that any kind of self insertion counts.

No. 219066

Huh? In order to self-insert you do need an OC, I never argued against that. The OC can just be you offscreen though, not a physical being you manifest into reality with a design and a full on character history. Hetshippers self-inserting into already established are a different type of cancer but distinct from yumes. Don't know about the gatekeeping yumes who argue that you have to write a 50 000 word essay about how much you love your husbando and make period blood tributes to him to be a real yume or whatever but self inserting into the story as yourself or as your avatar is pretty much the definition of yume and I don't think anyone here was claiming otherwise.

No. 219067

>Liking otome content doesn't make you a yume
>wanting to bang a fictional character because you're feeling horny doesn't make you a yume
Except >>218994 literally is claiming otherwise.

No. 219068

She's not though. "Wanting to bang a fictional character because you're horny" is just regular online degeneracy, not the definition of yume. Like she said about self-shippers
>those people are emotionally crippled and genuinely in love with their fictional husbando
Now that's the definition right there. A lot of anons on lolcow think they're "yumes" because they're just regular horny straight husbandofags who think the male character of the week is hot but yumes legitimately are often emotionally crippled and genuinely love their husbandos.

No. 219069

So if some woman wants to see cartoon men shagging but would also want to shag them herself but is not actually in love with them what would that count as?

No. 219070

Generally speaking fujos don't self-insert or self-ship like yumes do, some might say "that guy is so hot" recognizing his attractiveness but lack the parasocial devotion and possessiveness yumes have. If you like watching male characters perform in smutty situations because you're personally attracted to either one or both of them but aren't interested in their stories or relationships besides the eyecandy part I'd say you're just a husbandofag or more broadly a female otaku.

No. 219071

Then why do some call them "fujoyumes" if they're neither fujos nor yumes?

No. 219072

Jesus christ, are you dyslexic? People here traditionally call them "fujoyumes" as an ironic term because they're yumes who like BL for the specific reason that there aren't female characters who would make them jealous so they can self-ship in peace while often being blatantly homophobic and hating IRL gay people and not considering gay love as genuine, similar to men who allow their girlfriends to cheat with other women because it's not "real love". Seriously, why do you come to this thread just to pick a fight when you obviously have absolutely no idea about the semantics and just demand people to spoonfeed you just so you can get mad over your own obtuseness again and again?

No. 219074

Because you are the one insisting the women you describe are somehow not "real fujos" because you do not like them.

No. 219076

Fine, if you're this insistent on mean fujos just bullying you and intentionally misunderstanding everything being said then there's nothing anyone in this thread can tell you. Cry about it ig.

No. 219077

I'm the OP and for the first point the thing is, otome games aren't always marketed to yumes. Majority of otome fans aren't yume, they just like to see reverse harem. You can see they made multiple polls and most otome players admit they don't self-insert and they often complain about the MCs "lack of personality". Not saying yumes don't play otome games, but their experience is wildly different from the average player.
As for the second, who wouldn't want to bang a super idealized man or woman? But are you like, legitimately in love with them and selfship? I doubt that's the case for the average otaku, male or female. Even among men, there's a distinct difference between average waifufags lewding every girl they see and the diehard dakimakura owner who is loyal only to his one and only waifu.

No. 219078

Why are you so obsessed with caping for real life gay men? They're literally not even the least bit affected by "fujoyume" "homophobia"

No. 219079

that levi is hideous

No. 219131

>which is why they're super quiet about their personal life, use pen names and hide their faces at all times
That doesn't mean anything tho. Every author does that including those helming large franchises. Japanese are very private people.

No. 219132

Its trying to fill up the spot /cm/, /y/, /hm/ and other similar boards on 4chan already filled.

No. 219153

Nta but it's not about them hating real gay men, its about them hating gay women and other women in general. Homophobia is just irritating pickme shit.


No. 219175

This. They wanted a label to latch on to in order to not be "one of those disgusting fujos" that moids call every woman who's not a waifufag pickme and took yumejo without even realizing what it means. Most of them are just plain jane hetshippers and female fangirls who just like attractive male characters like any other woman who's not memed into simping for male gaze waifus. Yumejoshi is a fangirl different from fujoshi but not the direct polar alternative like you're forced to be either fujo or a yume.

Why do you fucks always try to be so slick about your homophobia by making it about gay men? Being homophobic means you hate both male and female gays and homosexuality in general because you're a small-minded bigot, not hating the misogyny of gay men or men in general. Your attempt at wearing "homophobic" as some new edgy cool badge of honor is so cringe and gay it rivals teenage altrighter discords.

No. 219177

NTA, yeah I was shocked at how romantic his relationship with MByleth was even though they couldn't get together. Though even if they were canon I'd still prefer him with Dedue, Byleth in general is such a letdown and Dedue/Dimitri is leagues better

No. 219178

Yumes in the BL fandom are the absolute worst. They've started to get into danmei and infected the tags with their OC and/or aiden crap

No. 219194

There was drama regarding these figurines bc another company stole the design and produced a lower quality version (which got the initial spotlight on social media) that included an Erwin head that could replace Eren's. So, when people found out the original and better design was actually just Eren/Levi, there was a lot of seething from Erwin/Levi shippers. People also still see anything involving Eren and Levi as paedophilia, even tho Eren is 19 canonically, idk.

No. 219203

are we even surprised hetshippers hate lesbians? they think gay stuff should be entirely fictional

No. 219204

the fuck? you need to make characters like xie lian, hua cheng or lan wangji extremely ooc to justify shipping them with yourself

No. 219211

they think its immoral even in fiction kek yet they're more than capable to turning a blind eye towards hetships with ddlg tier age gaps

No. 219262

I mean, lesbians don't get the same hate as BL no matter how much you slice it

No. 219281

because they make men horny, anon. it's as simple as that.

No. 219290

Not really, not anymore these days.

No. 219343

oh of course, they call us degenerate but they love straight incest, sesshomaru/rin type of ships or gross shota/onee-san doujins. they're sometimes okay with yuri for the /aesthetic/ but they hate real lesbians

No. 219348

also if you try to tell them that being a shotacon is straight up degenerate they'll find a way to twist it that it's actually based and that fujo have a worse fetish. acting exactly like lolicons when you call them pedos, they do the same thing where they call gay men pedos but are completely okay with lolishit

No. 219379

Kek reminds me how any kind of age gap gets you cancelled, meanwhile anime is full force with the daugther wife shit and shitters always make sure you know it's not pedo because "she groomed him"

No. 219513

File: 1657079122428.jpeg (30.09 KB, 430x713, images (4).jpeg)

Picrel is my fave guilty pleasure. Do you guys think there's going to be any real development at some point? I know there was a kiss between Jian yi and Zahn zheng ji way back, but story-wise it went nowhere.

No. 219520

I used to read that, I like the artist and it has some cute moments. lighthearted best friends homo/no-homo stuff…

no, I don't think it's ever going to go anywhere. the longer it goes on like this the better for the author. if they got together the story would change too much and maybe even lose readers. characters getting together isn't the point, keeping readers on the edge of their seat for each drop is the point.

is it self-published by the author on their weibo? if that's the case at least she(?) won't be fired and lose the right to the story like some webcomics. I think if there's any serious development it will happen when the author decides to end the series and wrap it all up, so that will be a bittersweet pill if it's what you want to see.

No. 219528

File: 1657083927577.jpeg (54.41 KB, 554x554, Download.jpeg)

Just started reading this, I'm only on chapter 5 but it's pretty entertaining so far. The art is serviceable and there's some smut, but there's been quite a few moments so far that made me genuinely laugh. The name is Highschool Boys Trapped in a Fantasy World

No. 219598

this story kinda ass

No. 219773

I decided to finally read Ennead. I'm right at the end of season one and man, what a ride. I can't stop myself from gasping and saying stuff out loud. It's not perfect, but it's a damn good soap opera.

Sage bc irrelevant.

No. 219796

File: 1657160122725.jpeg (168.62 KB, 1066x1080, FW88Z3jaMAEqfls.jpeg)

Kyoani are the only mainstream creators who know how to lewd boys properly. It's not that hard.

No. 219803

File: 1657162656358.jpg (72.52 KB, 670x896, y6ddga02mu991.jpg)

Pic unrelated

Nonas, what's your favorite enemies-to-lovers pairing? Canon or otherwise.

No. 219812

Snake and Ocelot.

No. 219830

I still can't believe Ocelot and Big Boss are a canon couple, thanks Kojima!

No. 219890

If only they drew the nipples…

No. 219891

File: 1657190700360.jpg (40.89 KB, 460x654, bx138603-j0gcshf7PVkN.jpg)


No. 219895

Love it so far, I want to know where the story goes. I like how the mc's grief over the loss of his friend is portrayed.

No. 219902

I hate fujos like lyoo_lyoo who gain popularity by drawing fujo fanart then they completely ditch it in order to appeal to a "wider" audience, like don't use as your stepping tool to fame you dumbfuck

No. 219912

File: 1657202597931.jpeg (306.51 KB, 1792x2048, 5669BFF0-A6FA-4423-8765-C0D54E…)

It started when I saw this on twitter then couldn’t stop thinking about loid/yuri ntr kek. I know the show is straight as fuck but that’s never stopped me from shipping crazy shit before. They’d probably hate fuck or go from enemies to lovers or if one of them caught feelings they’d never have a happy ending. It’s great.

No. 219921

I'm okay with this, all het ships should be ntr'ed

No. 219922

Who is the artist, nonnie?

No. 219924

File: 1657205606518.jpg (356 KB, 2480x3508, FWaz8EqVUAApjqD.jpg)

it's from acupofbreadowo on twitter!

While trying to find that pic I happened upon picrel by kiyoomiyaa__ who mainly draws genshin but drew some yuri/loid for a bit. I'm so desperate for content I hope this crack ship takes off kek. I hate ntr otherwise but I'm starting to get why some people are into it (not really but lol)

No. 220010

File: 1657244587283.jpeg (25.39 KB, 500x393, 6E158B63-F7CF-4921-9AA8-28DA67…)

just remembered this scene fuck me. ive never found anything sexy since

No. 220017

It’s good. I hope he goes full kthulu one day. I’m having trouble seeing a happy ending

No. 220030

File: 1657254402228.jpeg (318.68 KB, 1200x1694, all out.jpeg)

I feel like the faces don't match the bodies at all

All Out did it well. a woman did the manga but there must have been gay men on the anime staff.

No. 220069

I am shocked how this anime flew under the radar for porn artists. It's full of muscular boys of every variety and everyone has muscular chests too.

Its an enjoyable anime as well! I pray for another season!

No. 220086

The characters are pretty ugly tbh.

No. 220087

The art style isn't great (some of them look like kids in a muscular body) and it looks too shonen-y? Like what's up with the weird hair? The only one that looks right is the black haired man in blue.

No. 220101

the writer sucks ass
>uhmm ackshually it's not BL it's horror
hate this superior mentality, they always see BL as the lowest of the lowest genre of mangas

No. 220115

It's not necessarily them having a superiority complex but because publishers refuse to take in their work if they explicitly call it BL. A lot of BL mangakas emigrate to making a manga without explicit BL elements just to put food on the table and to be a renounced manga artist but then leave in various tropes that make it clear that the characters are gay as fuck.

No. 220152

Exactly. It's the misogynistic and homophobic double standards at work since malegaze yuri and hentai is socially accepted to be featured in mainstream media. Yuri on Ice was exceptional (anti-YoI sperg don't interact) because they managed to slip in so many gay elements and even an on-screen kiss which they had to "censor" with the hand placement as a compromise to avoid being dropped like a bag of bricks for making just "BL". There's a certain line you can't cross when it comes to portraying gay relationships or the scrote executives would rather give the money and resources to bullshit isekai LN adaptation number 85458 than allow a gay couple in an anime.

No. 220344

File: 1657362917506.jpg (178.17 KB, 1024x768, d9bee6bfa708fd6609d38f67fb3eb3…)

I'm reading these for the first time, specifically I just finished volume 2 of the official published translation of Grandmaster, and I am a few chapters into Scum Villain. This is the most fun I've had with asian-translated novels, even if the translation feels a bit "fanficy" at times, it's a fun read and it's heaps and miles better than japanese light novels at least. I've yet to read Heaven's Official Blessing, but I am saving it for last. Any other fans?

No. 220371

File: 1657382339216.jpeg (603.88 KB, 2618x2308, D64993DD-221D-4996-970D-71B896…)

I'm also a fan! I'm glad you're enjoying them so far; they are really fun books with good stories. HOB is my favorite of the three, but each series has its own strengths, weaknesses, and niche.

No. 220404

File: 1657394535548.jpg (214.63 KB, 1200x835, EyVU-gFVgAMP7AM (1).jpg)

I haven't read them yet but I'm obsessed with MDZS so I guess I will eventually, I'm just not super enthusiastic about the translations from the few chapters I have read. They're just long ass books to read considering they're a bit awkwardly written you know? Actual fanfic has better prose half the time.

No. 220684

File: 1657489222045.jpg (281.91 KB, 844x1200, Makai_Ouji_Devils_and_Realist_…)

Finally finishing Makai Ouji just to see best boy Dantalion win the Williambowl hopefully. Still have 1 more volume to go.
I know it's not BL but I will be mad if they don't at least end as platonic life partners.

No. 220707

File: 1657501769601.jpg (349.37 KB, 1500x2129, 456.jpg)

Scum Villain is my favorite out of all of them for the comedy alone, but it doesn't get as much love as much as the others media wise. Desperately waiting for the second season of the donghua. HOB is soo long, I've opted out of buying the books since it's my least favorite and there will be so many volumes. But the art is gorgeous in the manhua and donghua.

No. 221038

what's wrong with oneeshota? some yumes do like straight shota and it's only contained to one thread.

No. 221040

>liking oneeshota
girl what, do you lack braincells? oneeshota is a fetish for people (mostly men) who want to see little boys getting breastfed by ara ara women with MASSIVE udders. you don't even see them with a normal girl, they're all straight out of a coomer's wet dream

No. 221044

File: 1657607856591.jpg (301.72 KB, 1440x2065, 225641_web.jpg)

>what's wrong with actively fantasizing about fucking a child?

No. 221045

it's funny because most oneeshota is made by moids who wanted to be raped by some busty thick chick when they were kids

No. 221047

Donghua Shang Qinghua WHEN!? It's been two years!

No. 221055

This. It's a male pampering fetish first and foremost, but the rare yumes who like oneeshota are the mentally ill kind who are obsessed with the thought of having a helpless young child depend on them and being entirely at their mercy. Nobody wants to share a space with them, much less somewhere that's supposedly fujo-centric.

No. 221065

A lot of shota and a good deal of oneeshota are genuinely made by women. Guys are still the greater consumers of it sure, but a ridiculously large amount are made by weird women.

No. 221066

Your not wrong that on the surface it is a moid fetish but there's a surprising amount made by women with weird focus on the kid

No. 221067

There's a gigantic difference in tone between mostly gay teenage shota made by women and the male-centric ara-ara mommy oneeshota or the most degenerate toddlercon&prepubescent bara shota men create.

No. 221070

For the sake of this hobby can we stop equalizing fiction to real life? Nobody here into shota is into real kids, just like nobody here thinks BL is equal to real life gay relationships, or how nobody thinks the teenage boys in BL are real teenagers.
Just stop bringing real life into anime/manga.

No. 221075

>toddlercon&prepubescent bara shota men create.

No. 221078

wonen draw trashy pandering hentai to make money out of moids

No. 221084

True, but doesn't explain the weird focus on the kid though.

No. 221089

Do you seriously believe that no woman out there is genuinely into said trashy pandering hentai?

No. 221096

File: 1657629131056.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 2685x4096, garbage art.jpg)

listen i don't care if you're a moid or a pick me if you find pic related attractive you should hang yourself
also this is a fujo thread don't come here with your shotacon degeneracy go to the yume thread if you self-insert as a sex doll with freaky proportions who molests little boys and leave us alone

No. 221112

also true, oneeshota and autopedo milf porn is huge in aspiring male suicide statistic scrote circles. it's repulsive. a fetish for men who never learned how to wipe their asses properly and long for a sexy pedobear onee-san to do it for them.

imagining yourself specifically fucking a child crosses a pedo line

No. 221115

I don't think that shit would be welcome anywhere on this site.

No. 221117

you sure about that? they were spamming shit like that on fujochan

No. 221131

Nobody said oneeshota (or shota itself) was approved, especially in a fujo thread. Stop being aggressive.

No. 221133

nta but that’s a completely different site kek and fujochan is filled to the brim with degenerates and males

No. 221170

I don't think fujochan is filled with males, there might be a few but it's definitely filled with degenerates.

No. 221172

And the source of that is your ass, of course.

No. 221176

what makes you think it's filled with males?

No. 221178

also late but i think i'd post on fujochan more if it weren't so ugly. i wish the site resembled choachan.cafe in design (or crystal.cafe) because as it is now it's just not a neat place to post on

No. 221179

No. 221180

>this is a fujo thread
>don't come here with your shotacon degeneracy
>go to the yume thread if you self-insert

people like this are what's wrong with modern, western fujo spaces. i can tell you're probably a relative normalfag who got into anime like a year ago and knows basically nothing about it outside of what series are currently popular.

you have people like this rubbing against the small % of folks who have been into weeb stuff for a while and it's a total mess for discussion. i wish there was a way to prise relative normalfags from fandom spaces

No. 221181

>filled to the brim with degenerates
She said while posting in a fujo thread.

No. 221183

Same could be said for you

No. 221185

are you joking or..?

No. 221186

Good thing nobody is imagining that they are having sex with a real child, just like nobody is imagining themselves watching two underage teenage boys have sex.

No. 221187

Except that there are objectively more male shotacons than females, so it is safe to assume that at least the shota board is made up of mostly males (who lurked and posted on other imageboards before). It's all assuming of course. Plus if you look at a lot of the drawings posted there you can see that they're made by males to appeal to males.

No. 221196

> you can see that they're made by males to appeal to males.
Retarded statement

No. 221200

Stop interacting with the scrote, it's the same stupid faggot who keeps baiting the Genshin thread with his unfiltered autism.

No. 221213

The only retarded thing here is you. Go back to the shota board to jerk off to little boys being molested and blame women for your degeneracy.

No. 221215

File: 1657654131876.png (3.9 MB, 1776x2548, Imgur Album Makai Ouji devils…)

Oh shit sisters can't believe this actually happened.
Good ending even if Dantalian didn't explicitly win. Love confession is good enough for me.

No. 221328

Stop projecting

No. 221331

This post is nothing but assumption lol. Like what >>221196 said, that's pure retardation.

No. 221632

I'm glad you're enjoying it, nonnie! Season 2 is nearing its 50th chapter. I'm really hoping we get to see Horus' face soon!

No. 221784

File: 1657814913064.jpg (157.62 KB, 1200x800, EBV3XKqVUAEi9ub.jpg)

I'm so obsessed with them…
I first watched The Untamed, loved it, read the novel, loved it, then read HOB and loved it even more.
At first I liked SVSSS the least but now it's my fav, I would wish for a live action of it so badly. But I guess nobody is cute and hot enough to portray Binghe lol

No. 222378

nonnies please recommend me some stuff where the submissive guy doesn't look like a fucking child/ is very innocent and agrees to everything their partner says I'm tired of seeing that kind of shit

No. 222394

There are literally so many works where that doesn't happen. Try anything where the characters both look like adults and with the drama tag. Off the top of my head I can think of works by Niyama, CTK, Asada Nemui, Suzuri Ryo or webtoons like Perfect Buddy, Momentum or Wolf in the House where there's a bit of a struggle between the characters. Most of the works in the horror genre also have that, but I don't know if that's your kind of thing.

No. 223286

I know this is from three months ago, but I thought I had some webtoons to recommend but there were none in my subscribed list. So I checked through the fantasy genre tab in webtoon looking for anything labelled BL. If it is BL, the author will almost always label the series thumbnail that way as it ups the views, but I searched for like an hour, and only found two series with anything like knights, medieval europe, etc. The two series were nearly unreadable though. I had no idea there was such a dirth of content of this type, I assumed Medieval Fantasy BL would be oversaturated if anything. I'd be interested in any theories as to why that's the case?

No. 223331

It's going to be yaoi day soon. How will you celebrate this blessed day?

No. 223343

I'll pour myself a glass of cool lemon water and pretend they're moid tears (and paki-chan's).

No. 223362

Because that setting is boring as fuck and requires more set up and research than a highschool or office romance? If it's webtoons you should also consider that most people working on quick releases wouldn't want to bother drawing shit like knightly armour. If anything you should be searching for D&D comics that also include gay characters. The only BL webtoon in that direction that I can think of is Rix Vanus. The art is nice, it's about a prince fighting a curse with the help of a magical being but there's not much attention put on the medieval aspect and the constant abuse the main character gets put through became a bit too much imo

No. 223365

I totally get what you mean, Rix and Nuah should've just started a relationship instead of all that back and forth. Nuah's naive side is really cute to me, but it became too much. I also generally prefer sweet lovestories and Rix kept getting into bad situations and got fucked by so many random guys that it started to feel pointless, I couldn't keep reading it. If the author ever makes another comic I'll make sure to check it out though, they have a really nice style and I love how they draw muscular bodies

No. 223367

Bless. I want to properly celebrate now that I have money. I'll go shopping at my favorite comicbook shop or buy more BL online and get myself a nice cake.

No. 223374

File: 1658332250848.jpg (300.68 KB, 1400x2000, EZo-S8bVcAE1xgt.jpg)

Anyone else read this? I just finished it and I fucking love it. Minato is the perfect BL character.

No. 223533

The latest chapter of Blue Sky Complex translated on futekiya has me very excited. I've been a fan of this manga for years and I'm so happy we're finally getting Motochika coming out to his family, I've been wanting this since the beginning because his family was always so prevalent and likable. I want them to think of Natsuki as their family too. Also Ichikawa Kei's art has improved so much in the past few years. I've always loved the way she writes characters despite the wonky art, but her style has really smoothed out over time.

No. 223804

IDK about webtoon (can't stand the format) but ancient/high fantasy BL is a huge thing. Look at all the danmei upthread lmao. I don't know that I've seen a lot of comics written in that setting because it takes some history knowledge to write about well, and most people don't bother. It's kind of a problem with modern fantasy in general nonny, it's hard to find good fantasy like that even in regular non BL spaces.

No. 224790

File: 1658883481559.png (112.51 KB, 900x1300, Coponicus no Kokyuu ch 2.png)

hmm, maybe something by Nakamura Asumiko. Her characters are usually a lot more fleshed out and complex than typical pairs. A lot of her stories have a psychological drama slant and are pretty interesting on their own. The art is really interesting too.

I also like:
Liquor & Cigarette

To the Sea

Yume Miru Vampire (kind of)


No. 224797

File: 1658886255743.jpg (355 KB, 1055x1500, 87587917aaea4cac070f13b9c11bd9…)

MADK? There's some vore but the art is very beautiful (though quality drops a bit after vol 1 but I still think it's gorgeous nonetheless).

No. 224814

File: 1658892227327.jpeg (766.92 KB, 1660x1200, barairo no hoo no koro.jpeg)

samefag. remembering nakamura exists made me go read some. the art really is good lol

No. 224957

you also reminded me nakamura exists and i went and read some. i had read it a few years ago, but doukyuusei definitely holds up

No. 224958

File: 1658938945850.jpg (363.16 KB, 705x1000, so cute.jpg)

the newest volume of the series is also so cute. the art is beautiful

No. 224960

I know some of her newer stuff is a bit meh but I hate when people talk like she’s overrated just because Doukyuusei got an anime movie.

No. 224965

File: 1658941517674.jpeg (421.47 KB, 844x1200, Tales of the Kingdom vol 2.jpe…)

I love her stuff. am bummed that the Tales of the Kingdom scanlation stalled at two volumes. apparently it's getting an official english release this year but that's also just the first two volumes so far lol

No. 225146

File: 1659019138346.jpg (124.61 KB, 720x1480, 1110223726.jpg)

nucarnival the gift that keeps giving
i didn't expect they'll introduce a yandere brocon lmao please give us the twincest

No. 225678

Is this dmmd? What scene?

No. 225679


No. 226141

File: 1659401003135.png (126.23 KB, 879x592, yaoi day.PNG)

Happy yaoi day everyone!

No. 226145

Where do you live? It's already over where I am. I didn't celebrate properly, fuck.

No. 226208

Didn't get why fujos liked Promare but then I watched it and wew now I get it. I was pleasantly surprised ngl. It's still not very good tho.

No. 226211

I don't get the criticism. It doesn't really have depth in terms of writing, but does it really need it? It can be good without having deep writing.

No. 226221

I just thought it was boring. Took me 3 attempts to finally finish it. Was ok I guess.

No. 226241

I think it's a fun watch! Very light hearted and silly, and really fun visuals. I've seen it multiple times in theatres just because of this kek.

No. 226285

California timezone but I don’t live in California

No. 226286

I thought it was okay, nothing super amazing though.
However art of Lio riding Galo’s cock is pretty great.

No. 227066

File: 1659646084121.png (561.01 KB, 576x390, seacreaturehead.PNG)

I know this post is a month old but I can't get over this guy's hair

No. 227246

This was pretty cool, but I can't root for the monster. Would be ok if he wasn't so aggressive.
I'm glad this is posted online for free. I wish publishers did more web published manga.

No. 227459

File: 1659741881643.jpeg (382.45 KB, 844x1200, Rumspringa.jpeg)

dropping in to suggest Rumspringa no Joukei. it's what is sounds like - Rumspringa BL. kind of an interesting setting.

No. 227659

Back when Promare came out and all the dudebros thought Galo and Aina would be the main couple and they would be in for your regular Trigger programming with sexy shots they were slapped in the face with a gay couple and a gay kiss instead, so they scrambled to make up this "it was pointless and had no plot!!!" cope. It was supposed to be a visual Imaishi splendor with a secondary, thin plotline to tie it together and that was clear to everyone in the audience. You can bet that if Lio was a girl they would be singing the movie's praises.

No. 227741

File: 1659814932075.jpg (78.83 KB, 600x548, scbsclzf57291.jpg)

Just saw this, why is No.6 get nendos after 11 years? Are they making another animated project? Would be really neat if they did.

No. 227757

Nah, GSC is just fucking crazy, they do whatever they want when they want. They also announced Sesame Street nendos, Daisy nendo, ARIA nendos, a really sketchy manga called Takopii Genzai nendos, fucking Chobits' Chii nendo and some other random stuff.

No. 227758

The 10 year anniversary of the anime was last year and they had a bunch of merch and an event to celebrate, they're probably piggybacking off of that.

No. 227905

File: 1659877000822.jpg (22.42 KB, 215x128, Tumblr_l_96087268886405.jpg)

God 2008 DeviantArt yaoi culture was cringe (affectionate)

No. 227906

GSC has just started to make nendos of absolutely anything in the last few years I feel.

No. 228242

i always have to laugh when american sjw types brush up against average korean or other non western artists

No. 228284

Damn those authors need to chill, translated comics don't hurt them at all and actually create foreign fanbases.

No. 228285

YD is off her rocker but people have to stop provoking her and trying to justify themselves. Just read comics illegally quietly like the rest of us lol.

No. 228312

Maybe so, but it's still illegal and when a comic has an official English translation available it's straight out stealing, no excuses. She's definitely leaning towards unhinged territory but the people trying to call her out for being angry at people pirating her comics as a relatively small creator is absolute bullshit. She has every right to be mad at them for literally stealing bread from her mouth, companies like lehzin pay their creators pennies but they have no other choice until they move up the publishing ladder. The comics cost almost nothing as a digital version too, these people are just cheapskates.

No. 228427

both sides of this seem retarded

No. 228479

I miss talking about homolust on /a/.

No. 229210

So I was thinking about creating my own BL manhua. I already have a bunch of ideas and I can draw pretty well, although I don't have much experience with writing but everyone has to start somewhere lol. Do you guys think I can make a living out of this? Or is BL not lucrative enough?

No. 229214

It probably won't pay the bills but I say just do it! Not everything has to be a huge success or make a profit, I just like drawing fujoshit for my own pleasure and it's a cheesy thing to say but it's more important than money to me.

No. 230761

Can anyone rec me a BL with a overly proud/cocky tsun tsun uke and a sweet/shy/flustered seme? Hate the usual Stoic Seme × Innocent Twink uwuwu dynamic I see in a lot of BLs and want more variety in how relationships are presented. No high school stuff please I want the characters to be of a young adult age range.

No. 230765

This was posted four months ago and I'm still salty as fuck over The Warehouse's ending. It started off as a perfectly good psychological thriller (think of it as like a less gorier version of Killing Stalking with a more assertive protagonist to those uninformed) before it dissolved into the typical lovey dovey ~~love can conquer can anything~~ crap. The fuck??

No. 230773

This reminds me…,I miss the male yandere thread.

No. 230780

File: 1660497643653.png (36.34 KB, 565x538, DBDFFEB9-73EE-4465-952D-6F1E51…)

I wish it was easier to discuss Sleeping Dead without spoiling it for anyone who only read the first half. I found out the translation group is going by the tankoban release, so they haven’t read the chapters from the second volume yet.

No. 230782

Does anyone know where I can find a rip of summer festival Edmond's room 5? I see so many people talking about how good it was but he didn't come home and MRM doesn't have it either…

No. 230793

File: 1660502615078.jpg (83.34 KB, 318x447, 29908922._SX318_.jpg)

Off the top of my head
Pink Heart Jam - inexperienced top x emo kuudere sex worker, college band setting.
Moratte Kudasai - short virgin "straight guy" x tall experienced bottom, college slice of life.
Sukina Hito Hodo - stressed officeworker x tsundere bully boss, its Harada but it's surprisingly sweet at times.
Honto Yajuu - sweet cop x cute yakuza, it's been a long time since I've read it so I don't know how well it holds up but I remember it being funny and very smutty. Aki is one of the most charming ukes in BL manga to me, he still stands out in my memory even though it's been ages.

No. 230812

Wait, did it got deleted? Why?

No. 233383

File: 1661371514369.jpg (71.5 KB, 300x450, 58353650.jpg)

Found this, "Avle" and picked it up because the sex scenes looked decent… but after the 2nd chapter I got so fucking confused as to what the fuck was happening because of medicore translations and just the weird, confusing storyline so I dropped it. Has anyone else read this?

No. 233912

File: 1661547330277.jpg (46.25 KB, 736x570, 6723677ee4471ab97bab36db9b79d5…)

I stumbled online upon some GTA shipping art, im not complaining though.

No. 233913

anon..the art looks horrible.

No. 233931

File: 1661553236852.jpg (46.98 KB, 406x720, VideoCapture_20220813-030438.j…)

Whats the name of this bl, is saw a tiktok edit about this but I didn't see the name

No. 233932

File: 1661553271456.jpg (57.89 KB, 406x720, VideoCapture_20220813-030428.j…)

No. 234120

File: 1661622510182.jpg (314.2 KB, 2048x1480, DcmbclBVAAYHQ_7.jpg)

Anons, I'm dying. I still can't get over the fact that Asada Nemui had a personal twitter account a few years ago where she posted a shit ton of Xenoblade 2 art with Malos being dicked down by either Amalthus or Jin. It's too much for my poor heart. She has excellent taste in husbandos.

No. 234127

File: 1661624368576.png (389.16 KB, 626x1023, 7E815BB8-8302-4327-A5EE-A5D636…)

I’m sad I never got access to it, seems she removed that account and all her pixiv stuff earlier this year. Do you have a folder of her secret twitter art?

No. 234132

File: 1661625128005.jpg (216.72 KB, 1646x1572, 1661451228070690.jpg)

Someone on /v/ posted this link after I managed to guess who the artist was for pic related: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vlpurbua5uh54ar/life_iki.zip?dl=0

It's only XC2 related art, there are entire doujinshi, but I have no idea if she ever posted fanart for other games or series.

No. 234177

Damn nona, that’s way more art than I was expecting. Thanks! As far as I know she made fanart for these series:
>Tiger & Bunny
>Kekkai Sensen
>Metal Gear Solid
>Granblue Fantasy
>Suikoden Tierkries
>Pokemon Sword and Shield

No. 234179

I'm curious, which pairings from MGS does she like? I wish she didn't delete her fanart accounts. I found her old pixiv and she didn't delete it but it's totally empty now.

No. 234190

File: 1661639555770.jpeg (155.06 KB, 565x702, D4858D4D-11EC-40D2-82E2-AD7893…)

I only saw this fanart of The End unfortunately.

No. 234222

File: 1661645009253.jpeg (186.6 KB, 987x629, 770D4A0E-2C9C-4403-99F0-4D2300…)

I found the thread in the /v/ archive and it’s crazy some random anon managed to save all that art without knowing who she is, they deserve a Steam gift card or something. Even though I follow her normal twitter account there must have been two more for fanart because I didn’t recognize that url.

No. 234287

I just saw someone post a page from Pink Heart Jam and while looking for the sauce I ran into a news article on ANN about how the author held back the release of the 2nd chapter because of the English scanlations lmao. Anybody know the full story? Mangaupdates says it's fully scanlated so I guess the author just gave in? Did it ever get that official English release?

No. 234361

I think this is pushing and pulling? Or push and pull somewhere along those lines..sorry nona

No. 234367

Futekiya picked it up in the middle of the drama, it was never 'scanlated' or translated by a fan group after the first chapter. Futekiya did a simultaneous release with the japanese edition (which is honestly the only way to stop fan translations and publishers should take note). It only ever got that official translation- which was promptly shared on piracy sites.

No. 234598

File: 1661795295759.jpg (110.53 KB, 762x1024, 8ddeac74bcf757c55768ff87325f62…)

Speaking of futekiya, I'm sad/confused on volume 2 of Ookami he Yomeiri. The scanlation group dropped it after uploading 1 chapter from the second volume, saying futekiya picked it up so readers should just go there to read it… but there's not a single thing on futekiya about a second volume. I just want to read more of these two.

No. 234623

File: 1661799247060.jpeg (53.77 KB, 513x720, rosesandchampagne.jpeg)

i hate shithole storys like this that get ruined near the end, im okay with abusive but what i hate is surprise abusive storys like this one.

spoiler. the story starts of okay but near the middle-end the seme almost shoots the uke to death then rapes him for over a week while the uke is still in bandages from getting shot, then the seme and his brother orchestrate a fake show where everyone thinks the seme is dead and none of them tell the uke that it was fake, the seme's brother tries to kill the uke, the uke immediately forgives the seme, the seme does not reflect on anything he does and just says ''im sorry'' once, the ending is extremely rushed too

No. 234633

it is that manhwa, thanks.

No. 234653

Fr I see this shit time and time again. I don't understand why some bl writers have to make the other half of a pair so assholish AND force us to root for them.

No. 235438

Oh it's finally done? I was reading this but dropped it around halfway because it just got so fucking boring for me kek.

No. 235562

File: 1662074041849.jpg (44.66 KB, 680x422, tumblr_c60c2ae33378588707fb8cb…)

No. 235916

The thing that sucks the most about being a fujoshi is the feeling of alienation. Here we gotta fight with yumes, on male-centric communities it's plain hatred and homophobia and on twt you have genderspecials/bihets finding faults in every single fujo ship cause none of them will ever live up to their standards (or my favorite, arguing that their "bi4bi t4t" straight ships are superior and woke). How is one harmless hobby so despised? I'm not crying oppression or some shit like that, but you have to admit fujo ships get way more flack and multiple fujo artists have been harrassed off platforms even when they were just minding their own business, in their own fandom corner

No. 235921

See the straight girl sperging about bis and lesbians in the comic thread? Self-hating women hate other women who confidently identify as something without apologizing for it. It’s all projection.

No. 235922

>Here we gotta fight with yumes
Says who? Just chill and don't infight with other farmers.

No. 235951

older fujos need to step up and take their community back from the retard zoomers ruining shared bl spaces

No. 235952

I feel this way a lot recently too. People just see fujos as low hanging fruit for being women into weird erotic media so every group finds a way to make fun of us somehow. I'm glad that I have other fujo friends I can turn to, if there's an upside to being a fujo it's coming across other fujos who have the same tastes as you and forming lifelong bonds lmao.

No. 235955

I feel this but at the same time, never forget your power. Your mere existence as a fujo makes men seethe instantaneously along with the rest of them. Let them be buttmad, I understand feeling tired at times but don't ever cave. Remember they're the ones malding over us just doing our thing. I love being a fujo tbh it's a power move

No. 235958

agree! i love happily partaking in a thing i like and making males and insecure girls rage. rent free

No. 235964

I will always enjoy seeing pretty boys fucking and beating each other up and no amount of seething from handmaidens and retarded ugly males will change that kek. I don't give a shit about aidens screeching about the poor homos and I don't give a fuck about the stupid ass girls who call me a pEdO for shipping two adult beautiful men.
I actually don't mind yumes at all, I like objectifying men along with them. I have a problem with the ones who are obviously mentally ill and want everybody else to play along their delusion that they're totally married to their husbando and he can't be shipped with anyone ever.
Remember that yaoi is a genre made by women for women and you shouldn't be ashamed to consume it. It made men seethe to much that they decided to be openly pedophiles by making a shit ton of loli porn.