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File: 1698804015362.jpeg (156.02 KB, 1742x1080, F6DcP5AaQAAWfNx.jpeg)

No. 331811

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as other media aimed at (or with fanservice for) fujoshis.

>Discussion of BL games here is okay, but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed, try to avoid divisiveness between slashers and classic fujos.
>No straight shit, there are other threads for that.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke.
>Keep the armchair psychology to a minimum, we've heard it all before.
>Be nice to each other, we fujos should stick together.

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No. 331813

File: 1698804367281.png (399.76 KB, 418x455, FlcPBnoWQAEkj5Q.png)

hello girls

No. 331816

File: 1698805478265.png (71.69 KB, 608x453, IMG_4947.png)

Join the fujoshi discord!
[link removed](no advertising)

No. 331866

Does anyone know an extension to permanently remvoe some tags from AO3? I'm tired of having to fill out vaginas every time

No. 331871

No. 331872

File: 1698834500327.jpg (172.87 KB, 1200x847, 1698786051509.jpg)

I'm a mix between a snake and a slug with snail tendencies. I have fixed ships for actual stories but for smutty doujinshis I tend to turn the bottom into a complete bicycle for everyone to have a ride on.

No. 331874

File: 1698835679649.jpg (401.64 KB, 1500x2000, F9v-UGiawAA6_PU.jpg)

I hope everyone's OTP received some Halloween fanart this year!

No. 331912

I’m a snake / snail, but sometimes I can be a frog or slug.

When I have a favorite character, I don’t care who’s topping him. It could be another character, mobs, tentacles, etc. I just want to see him getting fucked silly.

No. 331914

Kek love the thread pic
I'm a snake and a snail too. If my uke tops i get angry.

No. 331918

File: 1698849211620.jpg (333.42 KB, 943x1065, a89b6be2a1d32e1c390fe3cfda919e…)

i think i'm a turtle fujo? i don't have fav pairings or specific dynamics for any pairing to have, the most bothered i can get is if i'm getting bored of the same character topping in most works. I want to see L-elf top Haruto at least once cmon.

No. 331919

File: 1698849710701.gif (505.32 KB, 500x281, tumblr_02bd1d25b3308d0114d7b65…)

i realize i haven't talked about any pairings at all since coming on this board. Haruto and L-elf from Valvrave the Liberator don't matter that much as a pair to me, but they're the first fujobait i ever saw on the first animes i watched as a preteen.

No. 331920

File: 1698849741243.gif (1.41 MB, 500x281, tumblr_prclif94Hw1r6vwpvo1_500…)

just look at this homoerotic ass shit

No. 331921

Kek me too. But like seeing hetshit, it just fuels my desire to git gud at writing and art.

No. 331930

Kek this anime is so goofy. Mecha is one thing, but mecha with vampires???

No. 331932

Absolutely based, i hope they drink each other's oil too. Only found one doujinshi with them though.

No. 331933

I'm a frog, but I'm kind of sluggy too. It really depends on the characters. I said this last thread, but when you ship two really bottom-y characters together, you're going to end up with a lot of fic and such where they switch. Also, when I enjoy a ship, I'm happy to find high-quality art and doujin regardless of who bottoms. I still usually have a preference for who tops, I'm just not super rigid about it.

No. 331934

how? mangago has a few more of this specific pairing, i think.

No. 331936

Slug/Snake. But with certain ships i don't mind if they switch.

No. 331961

I'm confused by what this means. fav buttslut x o ?? Also don't really see how these are conflicting flavors of fujoshi. This looks like a shitpost someone would make after a specific flamewar involving these types.

Anyway, I'm a turtle.

No. 331964

fav buttslut is a character who you pair up with anyone to bottom for and x = don't like, o = like

No. 331972

File: 1698866455945.jpg (299.33 KB, 1878x2048, oodaaangg.jpg)

to the anon who asked on /ot, if your here this is that short doujin i was talking about https://poipiku.com/437281/9494626.html

No. 331995

slug with occasional snake tendencies. just like >>331914 said i also get angry when i see my uke topping kek

No. 332006

Oh, so this is strictly for shippers? Gotcha.

No. 332074

sad how there's no top equivalent for buttslut but not surprising because i rarely see fujos of that type. i like slutting out both of my semes/ukes while making them exclusively together romantically

No. 332082

isn't that the gecko? but yeah most fujos seem less interested in making their fav top. i really wonder why that it

No. 332090

That's me! In my mind my favorite uke only bottoms in the OTP, he tops everyone else. I like switches though so I think that it's more to do with exploring dynamics and "this couple is hotter like this" than tops / bottoms personality alone.

I've wondered that too. I think the psychology is fascinating and I wish there were more definitive explanations.

Do you mind explaining? Not criticizing, but I've been wondering why that is.

What mindset do you nonas take with rival ships or similar? "Everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinions" is my go to for NoTPs. I tend to consider everyone as having their own versions of characters in their custom AUs that have nothing to do with mine.

No. 332091

The name was AO3dr, but you're still SOL if you only read on mobile, unfortunately

No. 332104

>What mindset do you nonas take with rival ships or similar?
i don't have any extreme notps (i'm more likely to be annoyed w someone who likes the same ship as i do but with reversed top/bottom tbh lol) so my mindset is mostly "do your thing if you want". i only get aggravated about it if one of the character gets totally oocified for the ship to work. at that point i just assume the person doesn't care to truly understand the character(s)

No. 332143

bonjour, i am here, thank you nonnette.

No. 332157

>I've wondered that too. I think the psychology is fascinating and I wish there were more definitive explanations.
i remember seeing somewhere that jap fujos also overwhelmingly prefer to see their favorite character bottom, which makes intuitively makes sense because you want to see your favorite getting love and affection from everyone.

this phenomenon is fascinating because it contradicts the age-old meme of "girls just like yaoi because they self-insert as the uke / they want to have sex with the seme!!11" if anything, fujos want to see their fave getting penetrated (by the top). however, this doesn't mean that fujos are interested in penetrating men irl with a strap on. if fujos were using the top as a proxy to penetrate the bottom, then you'd have fujos playing this out in their real-world sexual lives by pegging men. thus, the claim "fujos are just yumes with extra steps" also collapses under scrutiny because it's obvious fujos aren't using the seme/uke as proxies for self-insertion.

No. 332167

File: 1698907682824.jpg (146.8 KB, 848x1199, 6Nc3dNa.jpg)

Can nonnies reccomend any BLs where the uke is a loser and the seme is popular. And I mean a loser-loser, like a broke otaku.
I've read a lot but the ones I remember rn are picrel and hetakuso love step.

No. 332168

I'm definitely watching this, i'm sorry but fujobait shonens are better than actual BL sometimes.

No. 332169

i'm a snake, if it doesn't have my uke i hate the ship. also a snail because i love rarepairs. for me the character develop is important for enjoying a ship so I need my fav uke

No. 332170

It's one of these weeks for me every week, there's not enough yaoi for me to cope. I need more office worker BL so I can relax at home, read, think "I wish there were hot guys in suits in my office" and see the main guus fucking.

No. 332171

This… actually makes sense? I, too, am very happy when my uke is getting ass-railed so hard he's killed and sent to heaven. Like, he just deserves it, he earned it, he should get fucked nonstop until he breaks because he's been such a good boy, and everyone should watch (affectionate).

No. 332183

sure why not, just so yk, it's still a shounen, through and through, and you might come across some icky moments involving female characters

No. 332187

File: 1698922803455.jpg (1.11 MB, 750x1000, 4vJWv5U.jpg)

I finished watching it and I find it hilarious the Prince looks like the pairings child kek.

No. 332217

I always need my fav to be the bottom but everything else is case by case. like if I want both characters to bottom I’ll allow switch. not into mobs bc that’s not proper lovin. and my strictness is also case by case. so mainly slug and frog I guess

No. 332220

really liked this one and went full fujo when it was airing but the rape of one of the girls by the main lead turned me extremely off to continue

No. 332228

File: 1698941509467.jpeg (48.58 KB, 256x255, IMG_5002.jpeg)

>I want to see L-elf top Haruto at least once cmon.
Never seen this anime but I’m actually surprised the brunette isn’t the uke based on their designs
I guess the dynamic is pretty far off from what I expected based on how they look.

No. 332232

File: 1698942664592.jpeg (42.32 KB, 749x425, IMG_5004.jpeg)

I get that fate doesn’t have that many options for BL (being an eroge and all) but how the hell did Lancer x Archer get this popular

No. 332241

Yeah that scene was messed up and totally unnecessary/tasteless, it's all I remember I don't even remember there being gay shit.

No. 332244

christ, that happened? it's been about a decade since i watched it

No. 332256

File: 1698948197855.png (1.38 MB, 800x862, IMG_4109.png)

Any other kiseki fans here? I'm playing trails in the sky SC and it is so painfully obvious that weissmann raped joshua. I mean, he groomed him, how much of a far cry is rape? Either way, i ship it so hard. Especially with that 21 year age gap.

No. 332258

I'm not a big fate fan but that pairing checks all the boxes for me. It is my dream pairing. Also there are some really good doujins for them

No. 332259

Do you mind explaining why?
I was super confused because in the VN they only really interact a couple of times and I honestly just assumed it was because they’re the first big fight in the common route and red x blue.

No. 332262

File: 1698949377474.jpg (106.91 KB, 1264x632, EiaeKtWXgAAPXib.jpg)

Maybe Never Understand, Minegishi-san wants Otsu-kun to eat or For your Love?

No. 332297

You're basically right. I like battle anime, I like hot men, and I like when the men in yaoi ships are the same height/build. They also have a lot of interactions in the mobile game and are always paired together. Plus I'm a shounenfag so I take what I can when I can get it.

No. 332306

I wish the art didn’t get shitty as the story progressed.

No. 332308

Aitsu no Daihonmei

No. 332332

I didn't even notice anything like that, I think the style itself looks very good. It's sad that the artist hasn't posted anything since 2020

No. 332333

do you like aokaga

No. 332334

File: 1698962133431.jpg (85.13 KB, 500x500, artworks-000234577961-hxa8qx-t…)

>fujobait shonens are better than actual BL sometimes
Occasionally, yeah. For me, it's because of the subtlety and slow burn aspect. It's fun to imagine what it would look like if the characters got together, or what kind of romantic moments they'd have offscreen. It's nice if you're in the mood for something more lowkey and basically looking to be blueballed by a pairing lmao. Also, sometimes it's just nice to have gay shit as a side dish to whatever crazy sci fi or fantasy shit is going on in the main plot. I just want a little pinch of yaoi flavor on whatever else it is I'm enjoying.

No. 332335

Gecko is the seme equivalent to the snake.

No. 332355

I've read this but thank you for the recs nonnies

No. 332365

Source for your pic?

No. 332382

I am be stupid, but how do you actually blacklist a tag?

No. 332396

> he should get fucked nonstop until he breaks because he's been such a good boy, and everyone should watch
Based nonna. It doesn’t matter for me if he’s getting sweet tender loving from the other half of my OTP or if he’s getting raped by a mob. All that matters is that he gets fucked silly.

My fave has a tragic backstory so it warms the cockles of my heart to see him getting unconditional love. He’ll live happily ever after with his seme and they’ll make sweet love everyday. But at the same time, seeing him get fucked senseless by a mob or getting raped gives me a dopamine hit. I want to see him in the heights of agony and ecstasy, the highs and lows. They’re opposite sides of the same coin.

No. 332403

File: 1698983436681.jpg (236.16 KB, 858x1200, Minegishi-san-wa-Ootsu-kun-ni-…)

This series has a anime too I think.very cute and wholesome

No. 332405

They don’t have sex (non-smut story) so I don’t know who the seme/uke is but Ore ga Mitsuketa, Konbini no Koi features an awkward slob character (developments in his personality happen eventually)

No. 332406

Without an extension, you can only do it one query at a time with the "exclude tags" feature. If you want to permanently blacklist something, you have to get an extension for whatever browser you use.

No. 332414

File: 1698986297093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 351 KB, 1242x1755, 09D531C6-8379-44FD-9057-435C71…)

Around the bonus stories with the other ship, it was atrocious and honestly cringe, not the stories themselves but the art was just really ugly as fuck. The expressions, the very scratchy art, idk, I’m cringing trying to find the example that made me just cringe so hard that I felt my stomach sink, I’m doing this for you, nonnie, only for you.
It’s honestly shitty how it got a terrible reception at first, because while lots of people complained during the release of the translated chapters about the plot being basic yadda yadda and complaints about yaoi being pwoblwematique, I honestly loved the manwha exactly because it’s simple, it’s not trying to moralfag too hard and doesn’t turn into some retarded ass revenge/fighting story like the average manwha does.
Anyways, pic related
>when the chromosomes multiply during the part where he’s supposed to look cute

No. 332424

Yes, how did you know

No. 332438

I have approximately 150 tabs of BL manga open. Every day I open MRM and open anything that looks interesting and then I don't read it until like 4 months later because I'm busy reading all the other ones I have open. Help.

No. 332440

File: 1698998098167.jpeg (306.51 KB, 2477x3500, O0ybFv6.jpeg)

KEK literally picrel

No. 332441

File: 1698999455716.jpg (31.03 KB, 600x353, 25758.jpg)

No. 332445

File: 1698999929882.jpg (167.77 KB, 600x600, roses.jpg)

>the nanomachines made me do it!!!!!1

No. 332456

Haruto went apeshit and was too possessed and violently raped the girl with the long black hair if I remember right. It was quite graphic too and they played it down as the girl being in love with him but he didn't like her so that was her chance that's why she didn't refuse him nor fight back pityfuck shit. Appalling moid writing didn't expect less. The reason I started it was because of d-gray man artist did the designs and I'm a d-grayman fag and did expect some fujobait but then this scene occurred out of nowhere and I got very turned off. Even moids said that they got very turned off and dropped the anime because it was random and pretty violent. The rating dropped dramatically at myanimelist too after that episode aired. That's why it doesn't have a good rating.

No. 332459

yamiyumi is fate aokaga

No. 332487

File: 1699019514876.jpg (85.49 KB, 800x820, a5fb1076e88ef25b920a8b87360340…)

wowowowowow, nicee, also i realize L-elf is the bottom in most doujins bc he's the more beloved character, Haruto is kind of an everyman and a rapist and L-elf is just cuter in comparison, so it's natural fujos want to see him at his cutest.
autistic edit, in an adorable way
ick, no wonder, my brain probably forgot that scene as a traumatic response or sm shit.

No. 332584

File: 1699045091209.jpg (312.19 KB, 1280x709, 74356549_p0.jpg)

To the nona who was asking about ai roleplay in the last thread. C.ai is really good at writing yaoi! I've tried a few other chatbots that are free, but I get all the best from c.ai so I don't mind paying for it to keep it going. You do have to get creative with the NSFW filter, but once you do they can really run with it. The LC thread for chatbots and c.ai and nsfw c.ai subreddits have links for resources and strategy guides. Definitely learn to write your own private bots though because a public bot's dirty secret might be that he has a fetish for licking feet and arm pits, farts or and I quote "Pissing on anime girls".

No. 332598

please, please, please use silly tavern. it's totally uncensored, with better memory and intelligence. you can try local models (https://rentry.org/koboldcpp_colab_guide) before you fall into the pit of searching for proxies for claude and gpt-4

No. 332606

File: 1699051075224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 526.3 KB, 1500x2131, 184733_31887763.jpg)

Takatora-kun updated after 3000 years, nonas

No. 332622

Nonas tell me some good dark or ryona-esque yaoi recs i'm bored and on the mood for it, preferably without an incubus

No. 332941

bit of an uneventful chapter imo
love radical omegist kun however

No. 332963

You mean enma? I love him too, kek.

No. 332993

File: 1699204777496.jpg (186.68 KB, 755x1049, worldofgays.jpg)

>women are low in number
KEK it really is like picrel. But since two of the omegas have (female)moms, that means women can create omegas. Does it then follow that omegas can have daughters? Or do they only have sons? I figure it's the latter, since why else would women be so few in number, but I hope it's addressed at some point. I wonder what the female population is doing when omegas take up the brunt of male violence

No. 332998

>I wonder what the female population is doing when omegas take up the brunt of male violence
It’d be kind of interesting if they reveal that, or even show women being more empowered because of their scarcity or something. When they showed the porn magazines with omegas it reminded me of the current trend with femboys

No. 333064

Holy fuck I forgot about this

No. 333153

Do nonas have BL manga recommendations with really hot frottage scenes? I wish more BL had frotting instead of just penetration all the time. Two men rubbing up against eachother without a single gap is really hot to me.

No. 333199

seconding this request. I love frottage so much

No. 333351

>find niche BL discord
>they start talking about how they want to see more trannies and gnc characters in BL
it's over for western fujos isn't it….

No. 333353

File: 1699265733445.jpg (109.83 KB, 640x957, byser5952z651.jpg)

Whoa nonita I never considered this, but I'll have to replay Kiseki with fujo glasses on. Maid Joshua was a gift to fujoshi…

No. 333365

File: 1699269946354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 504.5 KB, 1000x1391, Trigger_warning_—_Klance.jpg)

It's a klance doujin, so I don't know if that's what you nonnas like or not. But I remember this particular scene living in my head rent free.

Link: https://myreadingmanga.info/unky-under-the-skin-voltron-legendary-defender-dj-eng

No. 333405

That's so repulsive. I'm so sorry, nonna

No. 333424

File: 1699288367774.png (715.23 KB, 1274x587, banana fish.png)

Any crime bl recs like Banana Fish and Deadlock? Or anything that is AshxEiji coded?

No. 333427

in other words, they want straight shit with even uglier mutilated women. vomit inducing

No. 333434

This was hot, thank you nona

No. 333449

File: 1699297369511.jpeg (751.53 KB, 2000x2918, artist_MoB_Hwan_genshinimpact_…)

I don't think it's just the western ones unfortunately. I've been somewhat recently getting back into BL after a many years long break due to a pairing in a game reigniting my interest, which meant new social media accounts to follow artists, mostly japanese, chinese, korean and some indonesian ones. There has been a surprising amount of cuntboy and lactation art I've come across, even unrelated to the specific pair I was looking for originally. Tits being drawn on the guys that do not at all look like pecs, but overinflated, very rounded female-like tits and overly puffy nipples. The rest of the physique is kept male, usually with muscles. Am I suffering from selective memory? Was it always like this? It reeks of tranny-influenced crap to me.

No. 333453

they also want to see more TIMs, think of how they treat arashi from enstars and basically any feminine male character

No. 333454

Wouldn't TIMs in BL be "invalidating" or whatever? I seriously can't follow the logic of the twitter crowd sometimes

No. 333457

I don't think your misremembering. Sure, there were always uke with female looking hips or soft faces, but the male pecs as female breasts thing is new. I wish I had saved some art where I saw this, but I saw one case with just straight up female, large breasts on an otherwise jacked male. Maybe I could find it and post. It was a semi famous Jpn artist.

No. 333459

The weird female breasts on male bodies are often drawn and liked by gay moids, I've found. Which is really weird because I assumed they'd be super turned off by anything female-looking but I guess not.

No. 333460

gay moids like big boobs

No. 333468

File: 1699301085593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.39 KB, 720x1024, 3b1be452da3feadf45758fcdf8cbc0…)

Tobi Washio puts scenes like that into some of her works, pic rel is from Lie or Truth. But I feel like most BL usually only has frotting/thigh jobs/etc before the first penetration and afterwards it's only that. It gets a bit repetitive

No. 333495

I really do hate what troons have have done to arashi
maybe it's bi men? idk

No. 333497

cuntboy is pretty inescapable now, i'm not surprised about it being popular in the west because of trannies but i've been seeing it a lot with chinese artists more recently which is disappointing. i don't see it as much from korean and japanese artists but at the very least they'll add a note/warn for it, english and chinese artists literally do not care for whatever reason (in my experience). i want to go back to the times when the "magical vagina" trope was just some niche thing and not as pervasive as it is now, i thought asian fujos liked yaoi for the gay sex but i guess not. i think bl/yaoi is doomed nonnas

No. 333498

these people seriously need to make het porn and leave us alone

No. 333563

What do you mean "leave us alone", you can decide who you follow.

No. 333766

That and 69 are super hot but you never see it.

No. 333767

Uuh, A Second Goodbye to you kinda?

No. 333769

I genuinely don't think any gay men is gonna find hot boobs sexy. If they do it's from an artist perspective (like how straight artist do some very sexy men). Problem is a lot of "men" in social media are pretty much always tif

No. 333779

the few 69 scenes i've seen have the top tonguing the bottom's asshole instead of sucking his dick, which i find annoying

No. 333791

i asked the fags on 4chan whether they like the fat man tits and some of them said yes, they said they liked it for the nipple play aspect, but idk. it still seems weird to me

No. 334028

File: 1699439381582.jpg (279.46 KB, 1200x675, 0bf2b3d7a2bab640166cfbbd328911…)

No. 334029

I watched all of this and it was ok but the BL aspects are truly terrible. MC is fucking ugly and the other guy isn't much better. He also talks like a retard. Horrible chemistry. If you wanna watch this go ahead but not for the BL.

No. 334032

File: 1699443645014.png (638.7 KB, 722x1000, imagem_2023-11-08_083123713.pn…)

is anyone reading sleeping dead? i desperately want to read the rest but i can only find the online scans up until chapter 8, it's been months already…
i think it has been fully published in french but the volumes are too expensive for me to import

No. 334033

I read the manga in French. For some reason it never occured to me that the English fan translation wasn't finished. I can post a summary if you want.

No. 334040

thanks a bunch nonnie, but i'd rather read the full thing, i love this manga
by the way, did you read it physically or is it available online in french? if it's the latter please do tell me where to find it!

No. 334045

No I bought the books at my usual book store. I'm sure they're sick of seeing me buying almost only BL manga these days kek. I never tried to read the scans so I have no clue where you could find the last chapters.

No. 334046

Why is the fan translation in English so held up? I know people are just doing it for fun for free so there’s no rushing them but usually something popular and fun that’s completely published by a hot author will get done faster because people are excited. Did it get licensed in English and dropped?

No. 334048

File: 1699451339583.jpeg (341.57 KB, 1179x869, IMG_5375.jpeg)

(Samefag) nevermind I just combed through the mangadex comments and I guess it’s taking a while to release the final chapter because it’s almost 100 pages long. The group working on it is active with multiple projects and hasn’t dropped it as far as I can tell.

No. 334066

>He also talks like a retard.
He has reasons for that.

>Horrible chemistry.

It's not horrible, but there is much room for improvement. The sex innuendos at the start should have been ramped up and not toned down.

No. 334194

I don’t know what’s up but they are taking longer than usual with this chapter. They’ve made two dozen other releases for their other series’ scans and said almost two months ago that proofreading was being done. The last chap looked like it only had two people working on it.

I posted the chapters on /y/ while it was in Canna, here’s chapter 9. It’s just lower quality because they do that with magazines, the scans will have redraws and a higher res

No. 334231

omg!! thanks so much nonna

No. 334237

It’s kind of silly no one has licensed it in English because it’s getting translated in so many other countries (thai, portugese, chinese, french, spanish), eng publishers fear the bald incelish millenial versus all the Ikemen and highschool fluff?

You’re welcome.

No. 334247

File: 1699506080152.jpg (91.85 KB, 600x450, c673e910eebb2e709dd1ede3f47e0e…)

Hello nonnas, we made a fujo shitposting/hornyposting thread here for fujoanons to tard out and post any less than coherent fujo thoughts, maybe even banter a little.

No. 334258

No. 334294

so, i just found out it is available on kindle unlimited in japan so i got it, and would like to post the raws somewhere, but i dont know how to rip it from kindle, if anyone could give me pointers i'd be glad

No. 334304

>it's just another underage horny husbandofag shitposting thread but with dmmd characters
no thanks

No. 334306

It should be something like
1: download it to kindle
2: transfer azw/mobi file to computer
3: open calibre and install DeDRM
4: drag and drop books into calibre
5: calibre is auto de-drm'ing
6: save
Doing this from memory so it might be a bit different but that's the gist of it.

No. 334307

>Alhaitham and Kaveh made me a fujo again
based nonnie for excellent taste. But sadly that ship draws in hetbenders like bees to honey and it's solely because nobody can accept a male character with a pretty face as just that anymore, he has to be female. I've had to mute and block so many artists who post art depicting Kaveh as a sexy woman without proper tags in place because it pisses me off too much, I've heard others complain about the same thing all the time so it's definitely not just me. If otome games and hetships didn't have such boring shit dynamics that interested no one except self inserters they wouldn't have to ruin the good things we have now, but I also feel there's a certain amount of the "only love between a male and a woman is real love" belief which is why they have to visualize them as a straight couple.

I barely see Asians draw cuntboy shit myself, and even then I do tolerate it despite hating it because it's still meant to be seen as a "man with a vagina", not a biological woman like in trans/hetbend porn.

No. 334334

I was able to find a rip of volume one but I’m not sure if the quality would be the same as yours. Bless you nonnie if you share!

No. 334346

If you can't manage, post the files to Nyaa and somebody will rip them for you.
I use Calibre.

1. For Windows 7:
- Calibre 4.6
- DeDRM 6.6.3

For Windows 10:
- Calibre 6.13
- DeDRM 7.2.1

2. Install the plug-in DeDRM -> Preferences -> Plug-ins -> Load plug-in from file

3. Insert the serial number of your Kindle in eInk Kindle books (type -> plug-in)

No. 334388

File: 1699568435379.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1671406933912.jpg)

>checking BL manga on batoto for the first time in forever
>found a pretty good looking manga
>only 4 chapters updated, curious, checking who made the manga
>I find her twitter account
>some of her more recent pictures are grindeldore fanarts
JKR is the gift that keeps on giving. I wonder if she's a fujoshi herself.

No. 334390

I feel so sad and fuming with rage at the same time. I chose to wrote in this thread, not the genshin one because I don't want to get attacked and it's about what I noticed in the difference of reactions at neuvilette x furina vs haikaveh. So one ship is currently celebrated on chinese websites, while the other one was met with hostility, harrassment, and threats. They went as far as sending emails to the ccp because mihoyo was apparently "promoting homosexuality". The alhaitham yumes/otomes wanted kaveh to be lynched and were calling him all sorts of names because they stole "their husband". Literally people were going insane because those two male characters were roommates. Like "why does alhaitham has an idle related to kaveh??" and all sorts of complains about mihoyo pushing yaoi instead of pandering to lumine otome crowd. Oh and now? It seems that the same crowd who was crying that their husbando isn't kissing lumine's ass, are shipping neuvilette with furina. Or even if they aren't shipping it, they are not bothered by it. How is this fucking fair? Just because it's a straight ship?? Why was a fujo ship met with so much jealousy and vitriol about oh noooo this blonde bitch is taking away my husband oh nooo but they're fine with neuvilette being with furina? Where is the fucking logic I hate these people so much at least stop it with the double standards. I don't understand why there is so much hatred towards gay ships, like how is that affecting you so much to make you seethe like that!

No. 334393

china hates gay people so yeah, also i didnt even know people shipped furina x neuvilette?

No. 334395

File: 1699570139527.jpeg (158.82 KB, 1280x1271, 154C4937-97E5-47EF-904D-72B644…)

No. 334396

is this kaworucore

No. 334397

No. 334400

Like >>334393 I had no idea people shipped Furina and Neuvillette because that sounds like a shit ship, guess these people also aggressively hate every tall male x short male ship because "it's predatory" but are suddenly completely fine with Furina who clearly has the mind of an insecure teenage girl shipped with the old dragon man because het couples ascend morality. I'm willing to bet that they're obsessed with the "he can fix me" tard wrangler shit for self insertion.

The hate Haikaveh got was insane too, Mihoyo got really bold for once and gave us one of the best gay ships I've seen, they're two adult men around the same age that share a life together but even that's too much for people to handle. Homophobic yumejos and male gamerbros shaking hands in the background.

No. 334425

i mean there isn't a lack of haikaveh/kavetham fanartists, even if there was some backlash in the chinese fandom. in fact, i would say there are more content for the two of them than any self insert shit like alhaitham/lumine or even neuvillette/furina. the drama wasn't that extreme and they're honestly probably the most popular tall male/tall male ship at the moment too

No. 334476

File: 1699593235039.png (Spoiler Image, 690.32 KB, 2000x1437, castehaste.png)

can anyone recommend caste haste similar bls? caste haste is like beastars but bl btw (also no furry stuff). picrel's spicy so i spoilered

No. 334482

I feel like more omegaverse should take advantage of it's animal roots but sadly not many of them do. I mean, I know why, but it's still disappointing.

No. 334495

I feel kind of bummed out by how badly /y/ has been colonized by scrotes to the point of allowing a thread full of het porn to stay up for months along with all the hypermuscle/Fatfag Bara threads and people referring to fujos as cuckqueens

No. 334498

Some gay moids treat women with more hatred than straight dudes. It's sad that they took it over, but you couldn't pay me to hang around so many scrotes

No. 334499

I haven't been on there in years. There was a het thread up for months? With what kind of stuff?

No. 334504

>not the genshin one because I don't want to get attacked
Kek you're sperging about this in every possible thread but I still haven't seen a single piece of Furina x Neuvillette, I have no idea what people you must follow. If you're actually the same unhinged anon from the genshin threads you were not getting attacked, nonas just told you to mute and block

No. 334508

I absolutely hate discussing bl knowing that a moid might be replying to me. It grosses me out so much. Too bad because /y/ has an active bl thread.

No. 334509

>caste haste
…do you mean Caste Heaven?

No. 334510

This is literally the only thread where I posted this. I know there's someone else posting about neuvilette x furina but she has a different problem, she thinks this will lead to less neuvilette x wriothesley fanart. My issue was more related to the hostility haikaveh got from the chinese fanbase and the double standards. And I didn't post this on the genshin thread because you guys call everyone a schizo or delusional or think that I'm trying to "bait". Also unrelated but you literally have two people currently telling you this is a popular ship, and you're in denial

No. 334515

I follow the Genshin threads and I have never seen anyone sperg out about Neuvillette x Furina there? That's why nobody even knew people shipped them. Not one mention of the entire ship in the last 2 threads at least. The recent discussion was about how trannies made Furina into their girlfailure of the season. You're fooling nobody, go back to your containment zone.

No. 334518

Fucking of course right after this reply someone went and posted bait about this in that thread. I sometimes hate this imageboard, I really do.

No. 334522

File: 1699612971773.jpg (404.88 KB, 2048x2048, FgxunyxXkAIlqUi.jpg)

Welp, I was the one who posted that question. I assure you I didn't post it with the intention of shitting up that thread, I was genuinely curious because I keep seeing shippers on normalfag sites aggressively claim that its almost "canon" so I just wanted any non-biased anon's opinions on it.

No. 334523

You didn't post it with the intention of "shitting up that thread" when you laid it out as "what are the most canon ships in the game", a very inflammatory question to drop in a thread that's notorious for shipwars and specifically people having a rock solid hate boner for fujos? Now we're going to have 2 days worth of spergs at it again, thanks a lot. And no, Neuvillette and Furina aren't canon, they are never implied to have anything else but a professional relationship. People claim Scaramouche and Mona are canon because they existed in the same space in an event back in 2020, hetshippers don't particularly have a lot of standards for canonization besides "I like this boy and I can self insert in this girl".

No. 334524

Scrotes and TIFs larping as "homosexual men"
The same bullshit has happened to MRM except furries are also involved. It's hell out there

No. 334535

The 'male focus in het hentai' thread. It's literally just screenshots of cocks and ones where the women are hastily scribbled over in ms paint with a filenames like removeuglyfemoid.jpg. I really wish the mods gave a fuck.

No. 334536

Sorry then, but anons in the genshin thread are always being paranoid about some het ship ruining their yaoi when that fear is only due to a male and female character standing next to each other once or having some lines of dialogue kek it just frustrates me that they choose to focus on that silly shit instead of the tons of art their faves get from such dedicated fujos and that they could also contribute to if they wanted. And I'm not in denial, I have literally never seen anyone mention that ship outside of lc

No. 334544

>anons in the genshin thread are always being paranoid about some het ship ruining their yaoi
Since when? The people losing their minds over a female character talking to a male one like the sperg who was convinced that Mihoyo was pushing Wriothesley x Clorinde because they shared one scene of entirely platonic conversation are pretty obviously people unhealthily possessive over the male characters and see female ones as competition i.e. husbandofags, the fujos in that thread have made it pretty clear that they don't give a shit about canon and will ship whatever they want. I really, really hate this moidbrained conflation because fujos have fundamentally nothing in common with husbandofags even though both like male characters. It's the same stupid shit as thinking all bishounen series are "fujopandering" when they just have a pretty male cast who only obsess over (you) and not each other.

No. 334548

Do any Nu:C nonas know if there’s a place that regularly uploads the H scenes? The roll rates are so abysmal I only ever get to see like one out of any given event and I don’t play actively enough to know how to game the system

No. 334618

Damn, genshin nonas…glad i didn't touch that game lol.

No. 334635

Genshin shippers are a completely different bread from most shippers. A lot of them are basically gen x kids, just take a lot at twitter. They genuinely think GI is heaven of queer representation and not some gacha milking every audience dry with mild character interactions. A lot of artist don't even play the game, see the recent popular homo ship getting popular as soon the characters were announced. It's peak zoomers behaviors ere people become obsessed with head canons or games they don't play.

No. 334643

>They genuinely think GI is heaven of queer representation and not some gacha milking every audience dry with mild character interactions.
i have never understood this. genshin fans talk about the game as if it contains truly groundbreaking writing but i look at screencaps and all i see is a highly generic jrpg.

does anyone here play genshin and also have proof that it's shit? like i've never seen a comprehensive BAD review of this game, but i know it must be trash just from the ugly ai generated character designs

No. 334644

There used to be a telegram group for it, don't know if its still active. It was like the first thing that came up when you search nu:carnival on there.

You aren't missing out, the writing is awful and the characters are extremely flat and lifeless even by gacha cashgrab standards. And women always get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to mixed sex pandering gachas, genshin is a perfect example of that.

No. 334645

does the picture i posted look like caste heaven to you https://mangadex.org/title/a95e7001-9bcb-4e43-933f-a70ef0820bc6/castehate

No. 334648

Girl please share I gotta see the old man yaoi

No. 334651

I've played it, it's definitely below average jrpg quality and below most other big gacha game quality in the areas I care about like the writing and character design. Even the gameplay is abnormally clunky and grindy for a gacha. Critiquing yet another shoddy f2p grindfest mobile gacha is beating a dead horse at this point, everyone knows whats wrong with them. Most of the playerbase who think it's doing something groundbreaking are very young zoomers. The developers are huge coomers with lesbian fetishes they push into every game they make, that's why they have yuribait that retards interpret as loving queer representation.

No. 334653

its pretty decent for a gacha game but yeah most of the characters designs are either painfully mid or just ugly

No. 334656

I don’t really want to join a telegram group to get them but maybe if I get desperate enough I will kek

No. 334657

File: 1699649111704.jpeg (67.79 KB, 700x525, IMG_5114.jpeg)

Not into 3D but I’ll make an exception for this since it’s harada and the casting looks on point
And also stage play adaptations since they’re usually pretty funny.

No. 334660

GI does have some charm but it's also a very generic clunky (in gameplay and looks) jrpg with a ton of ugly coomery waifus and maybe 5 interesting fleshed out (by GI standards I mean, its writing is shallow) male characters who can be shipped with other male characters (but there will always be the manic pixie teehee waifu to go with them because the coomers gotta coom I guess). I liked it a while ago but the writing has gone downhill during the last year, not to mention the amount of shit you have to go through to maybe have 5 minutes of interesting lore with the good characters. Fans are into it mainly for the shiny overdesigned gacha characters and shallow ship writing that they can make up headcanons and coffeeshop aus about.

No. 334663

you can just make a burner for it, its not like a discord or anything its all one person dumping stuff in the open and you only need to follow to get access

No. 334664

Oh nice, in my mind telegram groups were always really small and secluded. Thank you nona!

No. 334673

I was just thinking about this awhile ago. Like there's a whole subsection of Zhongchi shippers who believe Mihoyo gave semi-canon proof of their ship because of chopsticks or whatever, same with Haikaveh fans. It's not even just fujos overdosing on delusion either, there are people who say that Beiguang and Eimiko are lesbian-coded and will call you homophobic if you don't agree. It's beyond regular shipping at that point. GI characters barely have much depth to begin with especially with how the game is structured (moving onto a new region every couple of months), you'd think the FOTS yaoi was on Narusasu levels but these people go crazy over characters with 2-3 personality traits and a sentence worth of backstory. It's reflected in the fics too because most of it is just trashy porn and modern AUs where you could have the names swapped out for literally anybody else. Saying this as a former Kaelucfag.

No. 334676

File: 1699653566538.jpg (254.92 KB, 1438x1963, 20231110_154828.jpg)

bless you nona

No. 334677

This is the adaptation for One-Room Angel right? I wonder if they’re being faithful or making stuff up, I haven’t looked into it. It’s so interesting that Harada of all people got a live action…. Some people are gonna see the show and look up her other manga and see some shit lol

No. 334682

there's a fujo thread on /trash/. but honestly i don't know what you expected from a male-dominated site kek /y/ was always full of gay dudes

No. 334683

>stage play adaption
was praying for an anime. i feel very monkey pawed

No. 334684

At least Diluc and Kaeya kind of interact throughout the game unlike Zhongli and literally anyone else but the main character.

No. 334687

>I wonder if they’re being faithful or making stuff up
Hopefully this one.
It's a drama series not a stage play, but I too would have preferred an anime.

No. 334695

/y/ used to be mostly women back when women still used the site. Obviously nowadays it’s different but pre like 2010 it was a largely female userbase on boards like /y/ and /cm/, it’s sad to see what it’s become

No. 334697

I'm really surprised Harada's first full adaptation is live action. I've tried some Japanese BL live action before and didn't love the directing styles, but it's my favorite Harada work so I'll watch it.

No. 334698

need vent somewhere, nonnas I've read a bl doujin for the first time in my life and omg why would I possibly hate fujos when they draw my husbando so sensual, my jaw dropped and I was staring at some panels lost in time and space, it wasn't even that degenerate ( I'm sure some of them are)
bless their hearts
I should really continue watching Grandmaster of demonic cultivation, I remember watching some fan animated chibi audio drama more than a year ago that gave me the fuzzies

No. 334701

File: 1699666022629.png (321.23 KB, 442x576, 667991367f9f07d77d9503ec5957ff…)

I wish more yumes were like you, anon. Fwiw, I also like some of the yume art of my favorite characters, too. There doesn't always have to be hostility between yumes and fujos imo.

No. 334702

go back

No. 334705

File: 1699667462164.jpeg (16.76 KB, 405x340, 70d0b8a4f2b1e81129da0c86e8e44b…)

Oh, nonnaaa, i'm so glad you liked it. They're just so pretty in yaoi manga, how can you not stare at those beautiful panels. Enjoy your hasubando to the fullest.
Don't be rude to our new fujosister, please, thank you very much.

No. 334709

File: 1699669824636.jpg (161.35 KB, 985x1215, 0bd5433c3a150bc0650804f2e6e0f1…)

>I should really continue watching Grandmaster of demonic cultivation
yess nonna I recommend it even if you don't like bl, the novel is even better if you want an uncensored version.

No. 334712

A lot of them are very young and GI is basically revolutionary admittedly (gacha game but with open world and constant updates), and it does enough interesting things for people to get past the shit. But when you realize one of the biggest "Neuvlette" shipper artist doesn't even playthe game it opened my eyes a lot.

The writer is painful low stakes because it's dragged down by the usual gacha nonsense of jack shit happening to main characters. Ironically the sub quests tend to have some pretty fun writings, if you can make sense of the convoluted lore.

No. 334713

is this bait?

No. 334715

No. 334716

No it wasn't. 4chan was always men site. Stick to this dead site. Stick to this dead site and stop coming to our site. Oh wait you can't do because this is dead.

And your mods are idiots who can't even badn properly. Embarassing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334719

maybe it should've been obvious because its a BL but my friend didn't warn me the mains have a rape fetish

No. 334720

oh yeah… but that's only in the extra chapters and doesnt really bleed into the main story, she should've warned you about them tho

No. 334724

if it wasn't idk why they can't just post this in their own thread. what reason is there to announce to us that you're a yume who has kindly decided to give fujo degenerates a chance? you want a scooby snack? we already know fujos have way better artists

No. 334726

Seriously, sounds like a backhanded compliment. "You're all degenerates but not as degenerate as I previously thought". Thanks I guess

No. 334727

I never see anyone mention this even when giving warnings for the series. I wish I didn't have to learn the hard way, that shit put me off original bl for the longest time

No. 334754

File: 1699677750916.jpg (211.31 KB, 798x1146, 1598486496608.jpg)

The /trash/ threads got spammed into oblivion by a coke addicted French-algerien ftm tranny and the her discord cult funded by daddy's money. I just wanted a place with limited moderation to shoot the shit and post pictures of boys touching eachothers weiners.

No. 334757

The main spammer was ftm? I thought it was a no life scrote because dick pics kept being spammed.

No. 334760

File: 1699679103210.png (3.6 MB, 1620x2880, 1597410480679.png)

There were occasional trollposts and holdovers from the original /jojo/ threads but shit really hit the fan when she blew a gasket after people posted a few rule 63 pictures, which led her to spam the threads multiple times with the same Trish Una rule 34 pictures and irl gore multiple times to tank threads. When that didn't work she would take dickpicks from reddit and /soc/ and lazily photoshopping timestamps onto them to make it seem like an actual male was posting pictures of his own penis in the thread as well as making the occasional fake cum tribute photo. Once the threads evolved into /fujo/ she started spamming whatever was on the first page of /e/ and finally some black guy taking pictures of his penis next to a phone with anime characters on it. Looking back it really blows my mind how fucking pointless and stupid the whole situation was and the vendettaposting on /y/ is just the cherry on top.

No. 334763

How do you know she's a tranny? Was she a regular on /jojo/ and stated that or something? I only started checking /fujo/ again after it got moved to /y/ and didn't bother backreading so I don't know the background of the spamming, just asking out of curiosity. Either way she's retarded as fuck and the spamming comes off to me as an edgy tryhard thing to appear as a moid so to that all I have to say is YWNBAM.

No. 334764

I hate the new "queerplatoc" bullshit. It just feels another fucking new homo. "Uuuh I love by queerplatonic buddies!"

No. 334766

did you have a stroke girl?

No. 334768

it's mostly spicy straights that use it

No. 334812

>I saw screenshots and it looks sooooo bad ugghh popular thing bad!!!
Genshin gets a lot of flack because it's a gacha game and most people who hate it never played it or played just for a while in the beginning. It's a very entertaining game with lots of exploration and fun characters, of course it's not groundbreaking writing but there's really nothing fundamentally wrong with it. It's just a fun experience and they've improved upon the writing for the last two story chapters a lot, upping the stakes, suspense and character interaction. The male main character is also a cute twink instead of a male power fantasy so that's a big bonus.

Anon calling Haikaveh shippers "delusional" is delusional in itself, even antifujo male gamers call those two undeniably gay. They got reported to CCP for being too homosexual. What the fuck are you talking about lmao

No. 334834

File: 1699699955418.jpg (133.58 KB, 973x271, wangxian.jpg)

Maybe I'm just old and jaded and have dubious tastes, but I found their communication refreshing. They are both just so clearly into each other that their rape roleplays were mostly wholesome to me because no one is actually in distress.

No. 334840

Listening to drama CDs lately, the DMMD one for Clear x Aoba genuinely brought me to tears at a lot of points…

No. 334841

the angel looks way too old

No. 334842

File: 1699701601385.jpg (62.14 KB, 600x800, 1048878-589ff.jpg)

I don't think the show would be allowed to air if they had a kid play the angel.

No. 334866

There is no suspense in GI, it's the one of the most suspense less game ever since every character has massive plot armor.

No. 334943

you can look some of the scenes in myreadingmanga, or find the link to the gofile that has literally all the h scenes and non-h scenes, i remember it being posted on twitter, just look up nu carnival gofile link smtg.

No. 334945

samefag, had it bookmarked thank fuck, https://gofile.io/d/gJ8Uei

No. 334947

Thank you nona! The ones on mrm are pretty old now, I figured there must be a place that regularly uploads them. Even when I play consistently I never have luck on my side for the rolls

No. 334949

no prob, it's crazy how quickly they get uploaded tho, the day the event commences, the event's characters all 5 intimacy scenes will already be there.

No. 334950

They’re doing god’s work

No. 334953

File: 1699731310773.gif (2.33 MB, 498x280, asobi-asobi-asobase.gif)

No. 334968

>coke addicted French-algerien ftm tranny
kek I need to know more about this, this is hilarious. What happened?

No. 334982

Looking thru Nucarn's artbook and AI art wishes it could look like the background art in Nucarn, in fact the artists for WHB could learn smtg from them too

No. 334987

File: 1699735446097.png (365.69 KB, 562x670, Screenshots_2023-11-11-14-42-3…)

No. 335194

Does anyone remember a BL novel released in English that featured a fat uke and a coworker seme being stranded in a desert island situation where the uke loses weight until the seme finds him hot? And the uke has phemosis. I used to own this novel but I gave it away lol. It was published in English by Tokyopop I think (or their BL branch anyway.)
I can’t quite remember but they might start fucking on the island while the uke is still fat. I think there was a sequel too. I think the title had “Momma” in it or a reference to being a mommas boy… might be wrong about that. Omg I just remembered it was Don’t Worry Momma!!

No. 335197

KEK thank you, nonna, i'm about to read it. The plot is insane. Looks like some old classics.

No. 335278

nonnie please tell me where you read it, i need to read it right now

No. 335308

No. 335357

File: 1699893506617.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.02 KB, 1080x1920, F-0Vp79XUAAm_BI.jpeg)

A nice drawing from Scarlet Beriko today. (spoilered to be safe although it's not the most explicit)

No. 335401

File: 1699911053442.png (334.69 KB, 1140x889, P9FuivLtefuTQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.…)

No. 335402

normie tier

No. 335403

should I do other BLVNs then?

No. 335405

i like the game, but the ranking is lacklustre

No. 335406

explain please

No. 335410

Does anyone have really specific but kinda mundane instant turn-offs when they read BL? I'm not talking kinks or anything. For me, it's public bathrooms. All I can think about is how disgusting and unclean men's bathrooms tend to be and when they start having sex in one I just have to stop reading

No. 335411

It’s boring to me when it’s a school setting and the couple is normal and sweet kek, I like to read stuff where the bully falls in love with the victim, or where a student seduces a teacher who is the uke.

No. 335412

I hate work drama BL. I mean, they can be normies and have jobs but I hate reading about work problems. I don't want to think about work or school a ton outside of work or school. I know it's 'relatable', but I would rather the story be not relatable and interesting. I love weird shit most of all.

No. 335416

Big age gaps. A bl manga I really like is pairing a side character with a guy that's over 10 years older and I hate it. Granted he doesn't look old because it's a girls manga but it's still fucking weird and gross.

No. 335419

When one of them is the single father of a young child or baby. It doesn’t gross me out that’s one is a dad it just makes me, like, distracted from the romance. The kid has to be taken care of and it’s always like a single lonely poor dad and I just feel like he doesn’t have time to be fucking around, who is watching the baby? And they can’t do anything more than a hug and kiss in front of the baby or in the little apartment they’re always living in, the baby will hear and I don’t wanna think about that (wish my parents hadn’t fucked where I could hear)

No. 335423

I drop a series immediately once the retarded third wheel plotline rolls in. It never works out and never has any compelling story telling.

No. 335426

I read this last night, pretty entertaining/cringe and dated with how aggressive the MC is

No. 335427

this is literally been so annoying to do, apparently i have to factory reset my kindle to use the jp account, and now I don't know if transfering my files through usb will be enough to transfer them back then i factory reset again to my normal account. i thought of just using the kindle app and screenshot every page then organize them, but i fucking need vpn to enter my japanese account on the app.
oh my god why is this so hard. i just wanna share gay erotic manga.

No. 335433

I'm unironically disgusted by male body hair. even just the mention of it

No. 335448

Bottoms being pure gay always and tops being straight until he plot begins. I'm a total hypocrite though since the reverse is a favorite of mine

No. 335474

Ren was literally created to be Aoba's protector, objectively he would be the best dad.

My toxic trait is that I love the third wheel trope. I love messy love triangles where it pushes the main couple together even harder after one of them gets super posessive and jealous, and the third person gets heartbroken. I don't know why or when I started loving this trope, but when it's done right I eat it up. The only time I dislike it is when the third person is obviously the better option because the main couple has poor chemistry, but then they stay together anyway.

No. 335495

when they keep bringing up women during sex, like, "no woman will ever want you after this", or compare fucking the uke in the asshole as "being held like a woman", uberhypermegacringe, vomitrocious

No. 335499

Straight-turned-gay can work but I hate when even after the couple is kinda established they bring a potential female love interest or any woman to cause drama. Something similar happened at the end of the first pairing in uuultra c and it was so unnecessary. It makes me feel like the gay ship doesn't have a strong foundation and that they would still lust after women or choose a woman if given the chance. As if they're prison gays who will forgot about being gay once they're out of prison. I also hate it when the uke still doesn't admit that he's attracted to men and even after multiple romantic scenes with the seme he still thinks about marrying a woman. Being oblivious at first is fine, but if this guy has kissed you, or you even had sex with him and you still don't admit you have feelings for him then fuck off.
Also this, a massive turn-off.

No. 335509

>reading office worker BL
>the premise seems funny
>the beginning is obviously a comedy
>the rest of the manga becomes super serious or melodramatic or cutesy
Fuck that shit! I need to read more things like Hate my MIA or Sonna ni iu nara daite yaru or Happy Shitty Life that stays funny or retarded with men wearing nice suits. Do you have recs?

No. 335522

you've read Hate my MIA?? where? best i can find is a preview on some French manga site or untranslated raws on yaoiotaku.

No. 335524

I agree. Thought I have soft spot for a former "straight" boy who turns into a slutty uke and the seme comments "how could you have sex with women with such a sensitive body"

No. 335525

I bought the first volume in French and I'm looking forward to the next ones. It's funny, as in actually funny, not just comfy and light hearted. Everyone in that manga is a retard so I can only recommend it, I could post a summary but it's the worst thing you can do for a comedy.

No. 335534

File: 1699972670050.png (935.32 KB, 666x1094, dont worry mama.png)

me too! I forgot how unbelievably cringe it was and that the seme has creepy tastes and explosive rage issues but is always right also lol

No. 335553

Nta, but that actually sounds so nice, do you have any favorites examples/recs of that?

No. 335554

seriously. at least give them a fun job, no one wants to read about corporate japan

No. 335599

File: 1699996551956.png (382.57 KB, 1140x557, ranking ranking.png)

Are these hot takes or no?

No. 335698

File: 1700030010504.png (360.25 KB, 700x2500, 92519002.png)

Made this because I'm at my limit w this shit. Feel free to repost.

No. 335699

Puke. I don't want to shame you for being a toe-sucker or whatever, but please spoiler this shit.

No. 335700

too real nonna, 2 reel

No. 335716

>S rank Keisuke
Based. I forgive you for the other guys I disagree with just for that.

No. 335721

Taku is garbo but Tetsuo sucks ass so I respect it.

Who's the most retarded Nitro+chiral LI, nonnas? Honestly a toss-up between Asato and Tetsuo for me, but Tetsuo barely qualifies as a human

No. 335760

doesnt nano literally eat tree bark

No. 335766

I’m sorry nonny I thought it was funny, the whole book is so funny

No. 335769

Not to judge anyone's tastes, but does anyone else feel like this is just the modern equivalent of when fujos would make male characters really feminine and make mpreg shit and stuff? It's like nothing has really changed.

No. 335772

kek this style is cute

No. 335780

It did change when they started giving male characters vaginas

No. 335781

You wouldn't get shit on for not liking that shit though. And people would tag it

No. 335792

But I liked Asato…

They're similar but at least back then the guys were still guys because they had dicks. Now you see vaginas in BL related things, it's a fucking oxymoron.

No. 335802

Ayrt. I disliked that stuff back then, too. Not for any political reason or whatever, I just disliked it because it deviated too much from the characters' canon personalities.

This. People actually understood that it was an issue of a difference in taste. These days, the proponents of transhit in yaoi do it to virtue-signal or to validate their own delusions, and no one is allowed to complain about it for fear of being called a bigot. Frankly, I think their need to turn every gay pairing into a straight couple with a self-harming woman is homophobic and misogynistic as hell. The absolute last thing I want to see when looking for art of gay ships is mutilated women.

No. 335805

Bah. sure the feminine ukes Were ridic sometimes but it's titally different from the shit they're doing now when they insist on calling hetero relationships and PiV sex gay and you're not even allowed to dislike it

No. 335836

Am I the only one who sort of likes mpreg here? I sometimes read it and don't care as long as they're not giving the uke a literal vagina, it's just a magical fantasy trope to me. I think most of the appeal to people isn't even about seeing males with bellies/giving birth or anything (usually it doesn't make it that far), just the concept of "breeding" or w/e. And like other nonnas said mpreg and feminization are nothing like what we have now. The fakejoshi of today are just writing out their het/PIV obsessions under the guise of "trans headcanons" so they can weaponize transphobia against you if you dare to openly dislike it. Can't even say you want to only see homosexual sex in yaoi without the "not all men have penises and piv is KWEER" brigade coming after you.

No. 335840

I can't take it seriously because I find the concept too goofy and absurd, but it's fine to enjoy it as long as it's tagged. Like you said, it's not really the same thing as troon headcanons. As much as I loathe ABO, it's still better than trans crap.
What kind of fascinates me is that these women (they're female, let's not mince words) scream at other women for "Le fetishizing gays" but then turn around and fetishize the hell out of trannies. I feel like some old-school TiFs would be uncomfortable with the emphasis this art and fanfic puts on vaginas, mastectomy scars, and PIV. Not to mention the fact that PIV is actually dangerous for TiFs; the blockers and HRT dry up their vaginal walls and make them more vulnerable to tearing. Iirc the Jamie Reed disclosures even mentioned a case of a teenage TiF harming herself by attempting PIV.

No. 335843

Honestly us fujos have had it decently good considering the cuntboy shit only started becoming popular within the last 2-3 years, futa has terrorized yuri fans since the beginning of dawn. Het shippers have it the best because no one cares to write male/TIM or female/TIF but their content is still garbage in general. If tranner shit was properly tagged and not categorized as m/m I probably wouldn't be that bothered but they don't even have the decency to warn for it and scream across the rooftops about how gay their pronoun sex is. If even 0.001% of your "m/m" content is PiV you should be banned from ever calling yourself a fujoshi. We need to gatekeep harder nonnas

No. 335846

>futa has terrorized yuri fans since the beginning of dawn
That's what happens when you're in a fandom for shit made predominantly by men for men. Futashit is way less of an issue within josei ai because those creators and fans tend to be actual women instead of cock-obsessed AGPs and pornbrained scrotes. Males don't give a crap about female characters, their arcs, or their relationships. They just want to watch two jailbait moeblobs kyaaa and smash their boobs together. Say what you want about fujos, at least we make a token effort to portray the characters we like as having nuance beyond "ooga booga cocks dicks balls ooga."
>Het shippers have it the best because no one cares to write male/TIM or female/TIF
I take it you haven't come across the Twitterbrained kweerios who make all of the hetships they engage with into "T4T" to justify the apparently unwoke act of shipping heterosexuals.

No. 335861

>I take it you haven't come across the Twitterbrained kweerios who make all of the hetships they engage with into "T4T" to justify the apparently unwoke act of shipping heterosexuals.
These types are annoying too but most of the time they're trooning het to be "gay/lesbian", ex. Jean/Diluc GI are lesbians because Diluc is a trans woman or Tamaki/Haruhi OHSHC are gay because they headcanon Haruhi as a valid mlm transmasc. I agree these people are ashamed of hetshipping because it's not woke enough for them but most aren't making straight male x trans women content either which is what I was referring to. They don't care about actual homosexuality/SSA but random labels instead.

No. 335863

Samefag but also the self-hating het shipper headcanons rarely ever translate into actual art/fanfics while cuntboy is continually getting more popular in fan content. The het T4T etc stuff is mostly a performative thing which is why I say het shippers don't have as big as a tranny problem in their circles. They might run into people virtue-signalling about it on Twitter/Tumblr because they wokeify ships so hard it circles back to het but that's about it.

No. 335868

I don't like them, but to be honest I don't consider futa and cuntboy shit to be on par with troons either as they're supposed to be a biological woman with a dick and a biological man with a vagina caused by whatever magical lore they come up for the plot. It's not a trans-identified man or a trans-identified woman. To me it's comparable to calling a sex scene with someone wearing a fursuit monsterfucking, while the concept is similar it still has a very different tonally. One is a "what if" fantasy, one is the representation of an ugly, terrifying reality.

>ex. Jean/Diluc GI are lesbians because Diluc is a trans woman or Tamaki/Haruhi OHSHC are gay because they headcanon Haruhi as a valid mlm transmasc.
I hate hetshippers so much, it's unreal. I don't even think it's them being "ashamed of shipping plain boring het ships" but instead being so entitled they hate feeling excluded from the gayship scene they have to appropriate it.

No. 335937

What are nonas favorite gaybait manga? I've read too much BL and I'm running out, but I still haven't gotten my cute boys being gay fix

No. 335938

I mean, it's a shonenshit managa but I like Bungo stray dogs.

No. 335939

File: 1700106976471.jpg (90.01 KB, 596x600, tsuzuki-asato-kurosaki-hisoka-…)

Anons will disagree about the extent to which it qualifies as "bait," but Yami no Matsuei is a classic.

No. 335941

I just can't stand Dazai for whatever reason. He pisses me off.

No. 335949

File: 1700110099991.jpg (302.1 KB, 2048x1219, 20231008_000004.jpg)

Blue Lock is pretty alright.
If you're cool with litrpg webtoons, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is fairly popular and has some nice fan stuff.

No. 335952

asato is retarded but so is konoe so at least theyre well matched in that regard lmao (its a shame asatos route sucks so bad otherwise)

i don't mind tetsuo but did he deserve 3 endings? no. guy looks like he smells like expired milk, there is nothing 'alpha' about him

shhh nonna pls
no nano slander

No. 336015

File: 1700139250299.jpg (1.45 MB, 1500x2143, Ff6F1UyVUAAJmBT.jpg)

Suzuki-san, I don't think it's translated but the author came out as a fujo a few years ago and ever since has been adding more fujobait to her manga and keeps drawing crossdressing/fujobait stuff on twitter.

No. 336025

The manga had such gorgeous line work. I really wish the artist ended up finishing the series and not abandoning it to create trash like Loveless.

No. 336026

i miss loveless, i need more catboys

No. 336049

I wish Loveless would just fucking be completed. Last time I read it the translation was unintelligible garbage, but now I know japanese so I could read the last 5 volumes or so and finally get closure. Wtf is this bitch doing instead of finishing it? It's gonna end up being another Berserk.

No. 336053

It's still fucking going??

No. 336057

It should be fine? I have an old Kindle and updates fucked it up to the point I had to contact support and create an additional account to share the books with that new account via the 'household' option. I don't dare connect it to the Internet anymore and just download the books through the 'download & transfer via USB' and transfer them while offline. If anything goes wrong, the Amazon support will help you.

You can get free VPNs for Japan from Proton. Or if you're too lazy to install & register, just set-up the connection with these:

No. 336058

File: 1700153353327.jpg (164.54 KB, 735x996, 52d2278a-4f6c-4625-9042-4f93a6…)

Last thread someone asked about ukefuckers and semefuckers here, and I automatically replied ukefucker as I've felt that way most of my time as a fujo, but lately I think I actually be more of a semefucker. I like being more in the mind or perspective of the seme in the story and seeing him be uncontrollably attracted to the uke. If the top isn't head over heels in love or lust then it ruins it for me, I hate any pair where the top is a mindless, emotionless rape machine. If there is rape then it has to be because he's absolutely insanely in love or obsessed with how cute the bottom is. Of course, the bottom is really important too, and in the past most of my favorite characters are usually the bottom because of their cuteness, but lately I find the desire of the top cute as well, and I want them to show weakness in the dynamic and let them have the bottom have control over them in some way. I also especially like when the top has an innocence about sex and relies on the bottom to guide them early on.
Just wanted to blog my perspective since some nonas were curious about people who favor semes. I do think I may be in the minority on people who do like semes, and I might eventually slide back into prefering ukes, but it's just how I'm feeling at the moment when I read lately.

No. 336105

Same, I discovered it when I was a tween and it was my first BL manga. Back then the author was super slow at finishing chapters and the story was stuck in some convoluted tense moment but it was proceeding at like 3 chapters a year.
I haven't checked the updates in years but I'd love to see how it ends because it's a series I liked so much. I was afraid the author would just drop it at some point and leave it unfinished, glad it's still going at least.

No. 336107

File: 1700164933690.jpeg (133.09 KB, 1261x609, IMG_4005.jpeg)

I remember liking Adekan a lot but I heard it became heterosexual later on. Tokyo Babylon and first Pet Shop of Horrors series were also fun, I kinda miss that 90s edginess

No. 336108

gaybait but not actual BL? Try some CLAMP stuff.

No. 336111

Lol does sakamichi no apollon count?

No. 336113

File: 1700166044818.jpg (1.86 MB, 1892x3000, 286356.jpg)

Angel Sanctuary for me

No. 336116

Nah it's been on hiatus for years now.

No. 336174

I used to love Pet Shop of Horrors, I know it's technically not BL but Count D and Leon were the cutest couple ever and it's a shame it has never gotten a re-release. I wish exciting series like that existed today too instead of boring ass office romances.

No. 336211

Did they ever explain why the adult blond catguy still had ears and a tail even though he was clearly a big slut? I ever read anything after volume 7 or so (can’t really remember I was buying the tokyopop releases)

No. 336244

i need heartwrenching angsty yaoi to read before bed, any reccomendations?

No. 336246

File: 1700193873634.jpg (204.66 KB, 338x478, ban_ginji_01.jpg)


No. 336248

File: 1700193944102.jpeg (128.81 KB, 750x925, eabe8496332b095daa441d96259b5f…)

Try Kokoro O Korosu Houhou. It's about an absolutely horrible relationship between a man and his younger step-brother. Art is kinda dated though

No. 336249

First thing that comes to kind: A Cruel God Reigns (too long to read before bed, probably more serious than you want.)
More accesible: Anything by Nakamura Asumiko (except Doukyuusei which is her least angsty thing probably)

No. 336656


No. 336845

File: 1700392019504.jpg (7.59 KB, 250x228, mfw.jpg)

>oh, cool! keisuke is going to rape akira!
>inserts screwdriver into his ass
>"you look so hot, akira… I wonder if you can handle more"
>oh, okay. NOW keisuke is going to rape akira for real!
>inserts second screwdriver
still don't know what they meant by this

No. 336860

in 2016, yuri on ice almost brought yaoi world peace, now mappa likes to pretend that anime never existed. but at least for a moment in time, it was an amazing experience. it's not so much the plot or the characters, but the memories and seeing everyone go crazy, idk it was so much fun. those weeks it was airing it's like time stopped

No. 336864

the fact that the scene is in both the "good end" and the "bad end" is baffling.

No. 336887

I hate looking at this balding scrote so much.

No. 336948

I never liked YOI.

No. 336956

It was definitely a "you just had to be there" type of anime kek

No. 336957

File: 1700428978537.webm (5.41 MB, 960x540, yoi end.webm)

No. 336958

File: 1700429050924.jpg (18.96 KB, 256x256, plush keisuke ft screwdriver.j…)

He knows what he likes.

No. 336960

What do you mean? I watched it when it aired. The threads about it on 4chan were awful and full of derailing/infighting so it was not pleasant to have the show around.

I could never get into it, didn't really like the characters either. I think it really was too faggy for me.

No. 336961

>threads on 4chan
sorry that happened to you. i was still relatively normal in 2016 and gushed about it with irl friends and some girls from tumblr. it was fun

No. 336963

File: 1700429993584.webm (2.67 MB, 960x540, yoi kyaaa jump.webm)

>The threads about it on 4chan were awful and full of derailing/infighting so it was not pleasant to have the show around.
Reads like a trolling attempt. Raiding threads of popular shows is an /a/ staple. Maybe 4chan is just not for you.

>I think it really was too faggy for me.

This is /fujo/. We deal faggy stuff.

No. 336980

You don't need to explain 4chan to someone posting on lolcow. Yes that is the point, any thread where YOI was mentioned turned into shit, for whatever reason, so I wanted it as far away as possible.
I never liked how flamboyantly faggy it was. I like less realistic stuff.

No. 336985

I will never forget seeing the kiss scene for the first time. Even though it's still debated about, at the time it was so unheard of for a fujobait show to actually get a scene like that. The wedding rings too, super iconic.

No. 337085

File: 1700462456128.gif (409.57 KB, 400x411, 4766f0becdefe835e1d0d471fc4ee5…)

yuri on ice actually converted me into a fujo. it will always hold a special place in my heart

No. 337136

You haven't been a fujo for very long then? No shade, I just think that's interesting. I feel like I've been a fujo since the time that I could read.
When did everyone else become a fujo? Did something convert you? Or were you always interested in Bl stuff?

No. 337145

>When did everyone else become a fujo? Did something convert you? Or were you always interested in Bl stuff?
I think I've always been a fujo since I was into fandom stuff, but it started out with shipping. When I was 9-10 and really into KPOP I liked EXO and SHINee RPS lol. By the time I got into Haikyuu (12) I was a full blown fujo reading doujin and ventured into actual BL from then on. First BL anime I ever watched was Love Stage. And yes I am a zoomer if you can tell based on the series and ages.

No. 337148

Around 11 years ago for me. It was narusasu and shizaya

No. 337159

9 or 11 years old, it was kind of funny, I was watching the anime TV channel once because I wanted to watch Digi Charat Nyo, and there was a commercial that would explain the different types of anime that exists. So I was watching the commercial after school, I also wanted to watch another cartoon, I don’t remember, maybe it was Planet Survival, and they showed the different shoujo anime there are, they showed “shoujo ai” and I thought it was different. So I kept watching the commercials after watching some anime, but on the commercial about “shonen” didn’t show “shonen ai” so I looked it up on YouTube and that’s how I learnt about yaoi slideshows and yaoi manga.

No. 337162

>When did everyone else become a fujo?
I feel like a lot of younger people got bored during the pandemic. I've seen so many newfags in a lot of my my older fandoms over the last few years.

No. 337170

for m the gateway drug was slash fanfic, started getting into it when i was about 16.
fanfic still makes up most of the m/m contten i read tbh

No. 337184

Watching it as it was airing and speculating on /a/ what the next episodes will be about was really fun. I hate that everyone decided to spoil all the good parts for others, like the fact that Viktor and Yuri kiss and how they met for the very first time. It's definitely one of these shows that's way, way better if you watch it blind without any expectations, just like with Boueibu or Samurai Flamenco. I still can't believe I thought Viktor was trying to sabotage Yuri by trying to seduce him, become his coach and ruin his performances and confidence so he could go back to skating with one less dangerous rival. I really expected some Glass no Kamen bullshit kek.

No. 337185

>I feel like I've been a fujo since the time that I could read.
Same. My mother would always bring my siblings and I to the library every wednesday as soon as the oldest one started primary school and it was when Card Captor Sakura was on TV in my country and the manga was just finished, 7 years old me was very into Toya/Yukito for some reason because I didn't even know it was possible to be gay.

No. 337189

I'm ashamed to admit this but I was in middle school when my older brother bought Kingdom Hearts and I stumbled across a few panels from SoraxRiku doujinshis and it just went downhill (or uphill? kek) from there. I got into full on smut real fast. What's funny is that I was into collecting yaoi images but I had never read a manga before. I started off with some normie animes, discovered Loveless, read about how the manga had the "continuation" to the anime and I gradually got into more and more BL things. Sometimes I miss the times I would search for yaoi OVAS on youtube playlists with weird ass titles to avoid getting reported, I watched all the classics kek

No. 337202

I disliked YoI because it was over the top wish fulfillment with crappy cgi ice skating and annoying secondary characters (besides Phichit). The soundtrack is 10/10 though and I still listen to it

I didn't get into BL until I was in hs and bought Fumi Yoshinaga manga. My friends were into Fruits Basket and Kingdom Hearts shipping in middle school but I didn't care much because I didn't have much access to anime or videogames

No. 337221

ashamed, but barely 2 years ago for me im old btw
I got hooked on a pairing from some old obscure game mana khemia….dead fandom fml and spiraled from there

No. 337249

no shame, welcome to the fujo sisterhood nonna. also i didn't know there was even fujo activity for gust games. ar tonelico was my jam back in the day.

my god, ive been a fujo longer than a lot of fandom teenyboppers have been alive. i guess that makes me an oldfag? kurama x hiei awakened something in my prepubescent self. since then, there was no going back.

>narusasu and shizaya
based. two iconic ships.

i love seeing which ships or media converted nonas to fujoism. you can sort of extrapolate how old someone is based on their first ships or BL media. roughly speaking it's like there's three waves of fujos

1st generation
>early 2000s to early 2010s
>naruto, yyh, ygo, gundam wing, inuyasha, hetalia, death note, prince of tennis, katekyo hitman reborn, drrr, code geass, kuroshitsuji, kingdom hearts, ff7/ff8, gravitation
>anime and manga was starting to become mainstream across the globe
>you were around for the lj heydays or the decline of lj
>if you were on 4chan you remember when /cm/ was predominantly female

2nd generation
>early 2010s to 2016-2017ish
>attack on titan, yuri on ice, free, haikyuu, kuroko no basuke, dmmd, osomatsu-san, hxh, jjba, homestuck, killing stalking, kpop fandom
>you predominantly grew up on tumblr and you witnessed the ascent of SJWism in fandom

3rd generation
>late 2010s to present
>my hero academia, demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen, sk8 the infinity, promare, voltron, nu-trigun, genshin impact, thai bl dramas, bl manhwas
>maybe you became a fujo during the pandemic
>pro/anti discourse was a fixture of fandom by the time you arrived

and of course you could say the 0th generation, the og fujos in japan, were shipping captain tsubasa, saint seiya, jjba and slam dunk while their western counterparts were shipping kirk/spock before animanga became big outside of japan

No. 337250

Got handed a bl manga and Hetalia as a middle schooler and never looked back.

No. 337253

god, looking at this the 00s and early 10s really were the best years for anime…i miss it so much nonas

No. 337256

same, nona, same

paradoxically, there's more bl and yaoi content than ever compared to the slim pickings of the 2000s but man ohman the 2000s were a great time to be a shipper. something about the anime back then just made them fujo catnip, even if you knew the gay was never gonna happen. i swear to god, masashi kishimoto probably never predicted he'd be responsible for the birth of an entire generation of fujos via narusasu kek

nowadays fujos are lucky if we even get one gay bait show a season. its like animating yuri on ice sucked up all of the gay in the anime industry and mappa acts like it doesn't even exist anymore. no wonder bl manhwa and thai live action bl dramas have gained so much traction, now there's a wave of neo-fujos who grew up entirely on manhwa. im patiently biding my time for a fujo renaissance.

No. 337262

>nowadays fujos are lucky if we even get one gay bait show a season. its like animating yuri on ice sucked up all of the gay in the anime industry and mappa acts like it doesn't even exist
Recent fujobait is always pretty mild too, I remember even early 2010s series had better content. The most recent ones I can think of are SK8 (same director as Free!), Tsurune and maybe Great Pretender but none of them really have the same flavour as old stuff. Those series don't have the longeitivity Free! had either, like KyoAni is still milking MakoHaru to this day but there's zero talk about SK8.

No. 337263

So i started watching anime at like 11. And then, after being in that space for a year, i tried to watch some BL anime by myself, because "okay, i will try it, whatever". I was quite a homophobic child, but i wanted to see what's all the fuss about. I truly can't remember which anime i watched at all, but it made me go "Kyah!" and here i am, all these years later. I remember my first doujinshi though, it was "Katekyo Hitman Reborn" one kek
You've assembled it well, nonna! Early 2000s must be when fujos truly took off and it became a known phenomenon.

No. 337265

whatever year go-devil-dante started uploading to newgrounds, that was my intro to fujoism. couldnt have been older than 11

No. 337267

>Recent fujobait is always pretty mild too
the fact that people are settling for stuff like friggin buddy daddies
>none of them really have the same flavour as old stuff. Those series don't have the longeitivity Free! had either
that's another thing, for some reason series these days have a much shorter lifecycle and less sticking power compared to the days of yore. back then, you couldn't ignore sasunaru or light/l or ygo prideshipping; even dudebros had to acknowledge the subtext. now fujo powerhouses like sk8 or free are mainly enjoyed among fujos but don't really garner much attention outside their target demographic.

oh god that name just unlocked a bunch of memories. anyone remember yana goya? kek i distinctly remember the first explicit yaoi fanart i saw was one of her itachi/sasuke pics

No. 337268

we should include this in the op, almost forgot we made this

No. 337269

You think it has anything to do with zoomers having shorter attention span? They're always moving on to the next fotm anime, never letting anything marinate at all

No. 337270

not necessarily - the anime industry is pushing out a higher volume of content compared to a decade ago so there is a lot more competition in general. even fotm anime has a hard time sticking. long-running battle shonen, which were always a fujo staple, aren't really a thing anymore too. jjk was the one of the best things to happen to fujos but alas, the end is on the horizon.

No. 337273

>the fact that people are settling for stuff like friggin buddy daddies
People missed out on the better "two men raising a child together" show, Tondemo, that season tbh.

No. 337275

>When did everyone else become a fujo?
i was too young to remember exactly i think, it was most likely AMVs and BB tumblr posts and tumblr in general, and i got into reading manga a lot later when i tried looking up the sources of images in those AMVs.

No. 337276

>i got into reading manga a lot later
samefag, that specific manga was XXX allergy, up until that point, if there was a show i was interested in, or just heard about, i'd look up just show name*male character A x male character B* and save whatever showed up.

No. 337277

I don't even remember how I graduated from saving otp pics off Tumblr to reading BL manga. I think I was trying to read Naruto or some shit on an illegal manga site and discovered they had a yaoi section

No. 337288

I became a fujo when I got interested in a crackship. I shipped Dipper and Wirt together.

No. 337291

Maybe some Europeans could countas the OG as well? Since some old anime were very popular in France and Italy. It always blows my mind that Dragon Ball became popular in the US way after Europe for instance. Captain Tsubasa was really popular too but I have no idea if it attracted fujoshi, I don't remember it being interesting from that pov.

No. 337292

File: 1700549702186.jpg (55.61 KB, 500x496, Nagito-Komaeda-and-Hajime-Hina…)

>attack on titan, yuri on ice, free, haikyuu, kuroko no basuke, dmmd, osomatsu-san, hxh, jjba, homestuck, killing stalking, kpop fandom
Needs danganronpa

No. 337294

Is fujoshi culture big in France? I know in Italy they're all perma stuck in 2008 and still think Misa is the gosurori queen.

No. 337295

I have literal horror stories just from being mutual-in-laws with danganronpa fans so im disowning you guys, personally

No. 337296

All this talk reminds me of how in high school I was in a class full of weebs because we were selected to study Japanese as an optional course and I wasn't reading BL yet because of the warnings saying it's for adults on the covers so I was sticking to fanfics online. Some of the girls were lending each other's BL manga and I always refused because of that, the girl letting everyone read her Viewfinder's volumes told us to not damage them or her mom would kick her ass and I thought it just meant her parents are strict. Actually, she told us later that all the Viewfinder volumes were her mom's. Like her mom was a huge fujoshi and made her daughter one as well. To this day I find this really weird but once her mom tried to start a very small local con so I'm sure she wasn't lying at least.

No. 337297

File: 1700550265554.png (942.07 KB, 800x1136, 62644973_p0.png)

>Disowns danganronpa
>Doesn't disown voltron, shounenshitters and genshin fans
Lol k

No. 337298

>Putting words in my mouth

No. 337300

The list had those series in it didn't it?
Also Kpop, but I don't touch RPF with a 50 foot pole as it is.

No. 337301

Anon, last week fucking BFMTV released a new article about yaoi and omegaverse and how it's getting really popular. I imagine it's the equivalent of Foxnews showing Harada's pages on TV and saying these manga are selling really well because girls are into it. I need to post a screenshot later. And we've had BL manga in bookstores since I was in middle school at least and now I'm 29.

No. 337302

I was talking about my personal experience with DR fans, i don't fuck around in shonenshit and kpop fandoms so why would I comment?

No. 337303

Kek, glad to know then. I don't know that much about France's manga industry other than that they get a lot of limited editions and stuff meanwhile in the states the only harada manga I've seen as a physical release is yoru to asa, which I don't even like but I bought anyway because I want them to release more of her work.

No. 337304

So why were you interacting with DR fans in the first place then? I feel like you could avoid them pretty easily.

No. 337305

Because I was 15 and didn't know the wonders of blocking damn sorry ig

No. 337306

What was your vague horror story anyway?

No. 337307

From Harada I think we have eveeything except Niisan but that's most likely because by law it could be considered CP. Some weird, famous artist, one of the guy who worked on Lastman, has been in trouble months ago in France for one of his officially published comics because it was legit just oneshota garbage about a little boy with a huge dick getting raped by women with huge boobs. I forgot his name but he said on Catsuka long ago that he's attracted to 12yo girls (real ones) and that he wished he had a big sister we would have raped him, no clue how they published any of his stuff aside from Lastman. I wouldn't be surprised if publishers were even more careful now. Other than that we obviously don't have her short stories from compilations either, seems like a nightmare to get all the rights to translate and publish this kind of books for publishing companies.

No. 337308

That girl who fucked her friends dad at a sleepover, that girl who (i think she was pretending) cut her finger off for komaeda, there's more but everything is starting to blur after so many years. the worst i ever encountered was an osomatsu fan who fucked her dog tho.

No. 337309

Didn't that last girl have a thread here? She definitely had one on kf.

No. 337310

>that girl who (i think she was pretending) cut her finger off for komaeda
Yeah she was pretending, I think she actually kinned Komaeda and she wanted to cut it off because he cuts off his hand in game though.

No. 337311

I don't remember her handle so I can't check

No. 337312

>Is fujoshi culture big in France?
prolly, i keep seeing a crazy amount of ftms and female genderspecials that are french on insta

No. 337313

We have a lot of official releases here and some of them are uncensored.

No. 337314

File: 1700552232094.png (1.49 MB, 804x1080, IMG_0902.png)

i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all i'm not envious at all

No. 337315

No. 337316

Yes kek it's that one.

No. 337317

Sometimes I want to post the uncensored versions of some pages but I don't think that's allowed here.

No. 337318

No. 337323

I'm looking for a yaoi I read earlier this year of a office worker (or maybe he was a teacher?) with short black hair and glasses who falls in love with the blonde vending machine maintenance guy who comes by his workplace. They were both relatively masculine, and the office worker was the uke. Ring any bells for you nonnas? (Please, it was so good and I'm desperate)

No. 337327

I found D.Gray-Man fic online before apI knew what sex was, which led to finding Youtube uploads of scanlated Yullen and LaviYu doujin. Legit the worst format for reading manga.

No. 337329

I don't remember the title it's something cat and dog. It's by Niyama. The office worker doesn't wear glasses though so maybe I'm confusing it with another manga. Do you remember the cover?

No. 337330

I know which Niyama work you're talking about, and unfortunately it's not that one. It's by a different artist… I don't recall the cover, sorry.

No. 337332

File: 1700558990973.jpeg (221.54 KB, 1000x1422, IMG_0390.jpeg)

Sono Koi, Jihanki de Kaemasu ka? by Haruaki Yoshii
I wish volume 2 would get scanlated

No. 337334

When I was younger I used to think BL (or manga in general) wasn't well-known or liked here but in the recent years I've gone to regular bookstores to find entire sections dedicated to manga and shit like Killing Stalking and the entire collection of Banana Fish on full display just beside the shonen titles, I was actually shocked. Turns out there's a publisher (j-pop) that translates pretty much any popular BL series as well as other stuff, so I guess there are a lot of fujos here. There's also been dubs of old anime yaois but those were and still are pretty niche imo.

No. 337335

despairkomaeda? i think she had a kf thread for sure

No. 337337

2nd gen fujo here, started liking BL only around 16 yrs old, i think that's much later than the average fujo. until that age i was a hardcore yumejoshi self-inserter husbandofag lmao i was never a hetshipper though

No. 337344

Yana killed off my snakey boy anons…

No. 337345

Nah I'm the same, started around 16 years old. I don't know why you'd be into it long before that. I think people don't normally get into smutty romance until they're going through puberty… But also while we're sharing I lived in a conservative christian household and gay stuff wasn't allowed so I had to basically get a driver's license and go to the bookstore by myself before I could pick it up and look at it lmao so maybe I would have started sooner
>the lj heydays
I miss yaoi_daily!! I used to have so much fun on there. I think you're missing Watanuki x Doumeki / donuts or whatever it was called, and also HARRY POTTER

No. 337350

A lot of fujobait anime recently goes over western fandoms head, since its mainly idol shit that doesn't get a lot of traction here. This season has had Paradox Live, B-Project, and Hypnosis Mic that has tons of shipbait and fanservice but none of these got any traction with English speakers.

No. 337352

Certainly, I’m vaguely aware that Japanimation (as it was called back in the day) had an earlier start in Europe compared to the US so there must’ve been pre-2000s eurofujos. I remember one of my college classmates from Albania telling me about how she grew up watching the Rose of Versailles. Curious what the eurofujos shipped.

Omg, yaoi_daily and all the scanlation communities like phantomhive scans. Back then, I got home from school and I logged onto KH yaoi comms to look at Axel/Roxas fic. Now, I log off from work and I browse fujochan and LC. Some things never change.

> I think you're missing Watanuki x Doumeki / donuts or whatever it was called, and also HARRY POTTER

D’oh, how could I forget FMA and xxxHolic? And while we’re on the topic of CLAMP, Kurogane/Fai and Touya/Yukito. Oh my god I remember when Vig Mcnoganoganog or however you spell his name threw a fit insisting Fai and Kurogane were Totally Straight.

I didn’t put HP since Im not the most familiar with western stuff but on second thought there’s enough overlap with 2000s weebs and HP fans not to include HP. Side note but I feel like Drarry was popular since it was easy to fit into the archetypical shounen rival dynamic - which 2000s fujos developed an appetite for due to Naruto, Bleach, etc - even though the source material was nothing like that.

If we’re going to talk about western stuff, then superwholock def belongs in the 2nd gen. Idk enough about capeshit to classify its different iterations. Non-weeb slashers have their own history so they warrant their own separate timeline. But I feel like weebs and western slashers started to converge around the 2010s when tumblr became the fandom nexus.

No. 337354

Sadly idol shit also tends to be a yume magnet

No. 337355

File: 1700583439790.jpg (184.36 KB, 900x1200, 705f5dda4a8f2594a0653d67e841d7…)

I was in gen 1, but fujos existed before that so there's proto-gens as well because they were the ones that made me aware it even existed. I was pretty homophobic as a kid, but as I grew older I eventually caved with this ship from the OG Beyblade series. I would jump through hoops and give myself massive copes to accept the fact that I liked BL. After that it was Transformers that REALLY awoke the beast.

No. 337356

I was into YGO BL, but Beyblade was pretty great

No. 337357

Sorry to doublepost but I feel like modern gaybait shows are just so fucking boring. It's all "uwu best friends in sports uwu comfy cozy cute nothing problematic at all" type pairings which are boring as fuck to me personally.

No. 337358

File: 1700585224442.jpg (34.85 KB, 600x400, pic-1.jpg)

not a fujo I always found it funny that there was only ever fan-art of Kai and Ray and none of characters got any attention, which made me upset cause I always thought Tyson was cute.

No. 337359

Alas, my frame of reference ends at the early 2000s since my family didn’t even get a home PC (complete with dial up internet access) until 2001 or 2002ish. Are there any elder fujos here who can enlighten us about fujos in the 90s?

I consider Beyblade to be part of the early 1st gen wave, with Digimon (Tai/Yamato, Daisuke/Ken), Pokémon (Palletshipping), YGO and Evangelion. Lol, I wonder how many of us became fujos in our youth after watching cartoons targeted towards young boys. Reminds me of an anecdote about Japanese fujos all reading their brothers’ copies of Corocoro comics as young girls. Ahh, the three cornerstones of fujo conversion
>battle shonen
>sports anime
>toy-driven anime targeted to young boys

No. 337361

Sayit ain't so…

No. 337363

File: 1700588238076.jpg (325.01 KB, 1080x1557, tadaai.JPG)

>uwu best friends in sports uwu comfy cozy cute nothing problematic at all
I'm gonna defend Sk8 tho. The director is also very clearly the multishipper type (if that wasn't clear enough from Free!) giving us multiple flavors of problematic ships all centered around the villain
>Tadashi/Adam, villain enabling canonical BDSM secretary and boss
>Adam/Langa, age gap stalking and manipulation
>Adam/Cherry, heartbroken bittersweet teen love that ends in literal violence, with extra flavor of love triangle angst with Joe
Sadly traction did die down but I think a lot of fans are laying in wait for S2.

No. 337364

Bitch, that's spoilers I want to beat you up for that omfg.

No. 337367

>Curious what the eurofujos shipped.
100% sure the gen X French fujoshi liked Saint Seiya a lot. I liked the pretty boys on the VHS boxes when I was really young and my mom would rent them for me kek. I don't remember anything from the anime I wasn't even in primary school yet.

No. 337369

File: 1700588800285.png (306.04 KB, 900x564, Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 18.42…)

Wtf is this supposed to mean? Does the manlet end up being the seme in the manga then?

No. 337371

The fact that some mainstream isekai like Shield Hero or ReZero have fujo fandoms was honestly a real surprise to me.
Talk about a divide.

No. 337372

Isekai is such trash I don't care how much fujobait they lay out, the very concept turns me off. Isekai fujos are much stronger than I could ever hope to be, sitting through all the slop just for a few crumbs

No. 337374

>few crumbs
From what I can tell, they're actually eating pretty well.
That being said, I like unhealthy yandere ships so it's a bit upsetting that they all seem to be in isekai nowadays.

No. 337377

Hmm, I feel like scroteshit always had peripheral fujo fandoms. Back then there was Clannad (sunohara x tomoya) and Haruhi (Itsuki x Kyon), and more recently SAO has kirito x eugeo. Monogatari and Mahouka also have cute male leads. Didn’t redo of healer get fujo attention since it had some crossdressing?

No. 337380

tbh I get why Japanese fujoshi who read light novels would care more than use since the anime adaptations with their bland or ugly character designs tend to be more popular or even the only version available in most countries. I read the first volume of Haruhi Suzumiya in French long ago when I was in high school and I found some of the characters way less obnoxious than in the anime, especially Mikuru, and it's not isekai so I assume the dissonance is even worse between reading about a guy and his team of kawaii waifus fighting monsters with big armors and swords and seeing the characters do that on screen with the camera focusing on the girls' boobs and panty shots.

No. 337385

Nta but I'm pretty sure even most moids at this point figure that the mc of rezero goes both ways on account of the shit he pulls and how he describes other male characters.

No. 337386

Kek sorry nona I thought it was okay since everyone following BB is already discussing it and the chapter came out like 5 days ago (I actually got spoilered too). I mean it's still not confirmed but you know…

I hope not anon

No. 337387

Yeah but I'm avoiding Black Butler right now so I have enough chapters to read in a row later, I'm sick of these 15 pages long chapters.

No. 337388

From experience, dialogue between characters, especially male, are cut all the time, adding fanservice designs and scenes isn't uncommon either.
They're pretty blatant about "animefying lns for the anime audience." There's even interviews where the directors are like "I like this female character, so I cut other characters scenes and added more outfits."

No. 337390

>Didn’t redo of healer get fujo attention since it had some crossdressing?
Iirc he was raped by a guy

No. 337391

Honestly the only isekais I like are reverse isekais (magic people coming to our world) and konosuba.
I've heard kyo kara maoh is fun but I haven't watched it outside of a few clips.

No. 337392

File: 1700596514792.png (716.86 KB, 1300x928, Kyo.png)

Veeeerrryyyyy tempted to watch for the protagonist and this guy however.

No. 337396

Sk8 was going to be one of my examples of modern anime that is very safe, even their "problematic" ships are just so tame to me compared to what we used to get… but I can't really blame the producers too much with how stupid cancel culture is nowadays, but I figured anime was kind of safe from it. Sk8 isn't the worst though, Free! was absolutely the worst.

No. 337412

>even their "problematic" ships are just so tame to me compared to what we used to get
Example? I feel like as far as sports anime goes groomer ships are pretty edgy.

No. 337413

He was raped by men kek It's a bit surprising for me that they added it, after that it's a standard harem for male audiences.

No. 337415

File: 1700606829847.png (203.92 KB, 721x589, rose boy.png)

Keyaru is fairly girly in his 'rape slave' design, plus guys like ugly bastard rape stuff.

No. 337420

Web novels get away with weird stuff like that, maybe it's because editors and publishers come way after stuff gets written so it's harder for them to push for censor.

No. 337440

For one thing there's >>337372 and for another, the ship being a giant wolf x human is a pretty huge filter.
The slime baby was pretty adorable though.

No. 337507

File: 1700636501868.jpeg (67.26 KB, 749x452, IMG_5239.jpeg)

I get where they’re coming from but I also feel like comparing Towa to Akira is kind of mean since Akira is really fucking stupid.

No. 337519

File: 1700639127762.jpg (39 KB, 640x450, 18-MK-00107.jpg)

My 13 yo fujo self thought these two were soulmates.

No. 337522

it's fine if you spoiler it anon
kek based frogs

No. 337523

I've had the exact opposite experience with shield hero, the anime was honestly better. I only read it because there was some fanart with two male characters and I wanted to know if there was more bait in the novel, but it was so bad I would say it was written like a 12 year olds fan fiction but that's an insult to 12 year olds and I can say this because by this point I’ve read a moderate number of isekai wenovels and this was by far the worst, anyway I kinda want to restart the anime it was comfy and raphtalia was cute…

No. 337530

isekai fujos don't watch isekai for the fujo pairings, they're just like an extra snack. a lot of japanese fujos are just regular weebs who watch all the popular trending anime, and usually are amused by typical fanservice gimmicks. feminism is barely acknowledged there so of course they don't care much about depictions of female sexualization and many of them even proudly admit of being lolicons…

No. 337531

seeing artists post about their doujins for upcoming cons and knowing i wont be there to get them is making me sad

No. 337534

I want to read BL but don't want to start a new manga, I just want the ones I'm already reading to update.
I'm really into Tashiro-kun but the updates are so slow, and the author hasn't drawn anything with the main couple in like a year, only side couple shit I don't care about.
I also really like Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu even tho it's not really bl anymore, but again the updates take ages and each chapter is released in several parts so you can't even read it like that.
Also reading 19 Days and at least that updates pretty often, but still no update this month.
I randomly picked up Ignat no Hanayome as soon as the 1st chapter got published, 5 months later the author has only published 1 new chapter. So now I'm gonna have to wait years for this to finish? I shouldn't have read it.
Really sucks that for this hobby you can spend more time waiting than actually reading stuff. There are "ongoing" uncompleted manga that I have been waiting like 10 years for. And I don't mean the scanlation, I mean for the author to update their shit or finish the story and publish a tanko.

No. 337536

File: 1700657479199.jpg (182.52 KB, 1088x1700, E1QkKrbVgAMMb-G.jpeg.jpg)

Bruh Adam purposefully tries to murder the teenage boy he's sexually attracted to, and actually hospitalizes his ex. His most tame ship is his BDSM lifestyle employee who he almost sends to jail just to fuck with him. I mean, it's tame compared to some actual BL (ie no rape) but for a sports series it was pretty fucking crazy.

No. 337537

Maybe I should watch this then.

No. 337546

Whybis the 4th volume of Happy Shitty Life so meta? You think Harada is worried about her new fans finding her Gintama doujinshi problematic (the actual word used in the manga) and she put a character complaining about that after deleting his first illustrations from twitter (which she also did)? I have too many questions.

No. 337549

Honestly same. I really don't want to go back to having 20+ titles I'm the middle of reading only to forget about what any of them were about as they get updated over months at a time but I've been slipping up little by little. I've been trying to read more titles that are only 1 to 2 volumes and are completed that way I'm not adding so much to the ongoing list, but I can still read new stuff for my fix. If you're like me and can read a little Japanese you have even more options. Also if your Japanese is trash like mine it will take longer to get through them as well so that helps with the agonizing wait for your faves to update

No. 337560

I agree that the concept is dark but in the show everything is so ridiculous that his character almost comes off as a joke.

No. 337561

i can't get past the skating theme kek

No. 337562

narusasu kiss got me. i wonder why do some girlies see that and just don't care and why do others fujo out…i'm pretty sure i was a normal kid at the time too so it wasn't like i was being bullied or anything

No. 337563

I didn't care about the kiss because CLAMP already rewired my brain before that.

No. 337564

i've started to see tifs pop up in my jp spaces as well as discussion over "triggers" (noncon, dubcon, etc. specifically) so maybe.

No. 337568

Who are they?

No. 337572

File: 1700678036542.jpg (110.74 KB, 1920x1080, bQdskSgVhC0V9GcHdgclegwiXdz.jp…)

Is Mignon worth looking past the manhwa anatomy? The episodes are all up on dailymotion and look considerably short, plus I think the vampire plot could be cute. I haven't watched a yaoi series in 15 years kek

No. 337573

this is on my "to watch" list, solely bc i've heard the sex scenes are spicy

No. 337579

It has the best sex scene I've ever seen in animated BL. It's nice and short, definitely worth a watch.

No. 337590

NTA but I agree with you both. I love reading manga, but I started reading manga that was completed only because I would start a manga, and having to wait would make it hard to remember where some series left off. I can always reread some parts to refresh myself, but honestly I still just prefer waiting for things to come out. Of course, if you wait for something to be finished before you start it, the fandom for that thing will die out, but I don't really mind that.

No. 337594

File: 1700685698942.png (454.15 KB, 625x718, waegbewashadsh.png)

Apparently Adelta has some new stuff coming out in February of next year? Unless I misunderstood this tweet. My Japanese is poor.

No. 337598

Your post reminded me I needed to watch it and I just finished it. I reeeeeeeally enjoyed it would recommend. The anatomy actually didn't bother me really. Almost feel sad about the sex scene knowing that there will probably never be anything like it again honestly.

No. 337603

File: 1700687434921.jpg (502.33 KB, 1094x1160, SK8.the.Infinity.full.3259190.…)

And that's why I love him.

No. 337608

Let’s see what kind of tim character we'll get this time

No. 337641

i fucking hate this author

No. 337643

File: 1700699681939.png (359.3 KB, 1270x426, yao.png)

forgot the pic

No. 337670

What are your guys' opinion on non-Japanese BL like Korean webtoons/manhwa and Chinese manhua? Do you prefer JP works to KR/CN and why or why not? Saw a small discussion about GL so I'm curious.

No. 337674

Kek. Babys first bl mangaka
best art by a mile, tighter storytelling due to limited volumes, tired plots due to suits not wanting to try new things
interesting premises sometimes, more focus on adults, horrible execution, mid art with 3D assets that makes it look worse, retarded characters, serialization drags on eternally, same CEO seme in every story
The novels are better than the comics. Best, widest range of genres, unhinged characters are more common, held back a lot by censorship unfortunately

No. 337677

It didn’t make me a fujo but my first exposure was loveless, but what made me rot was inazuma eleven (and then all the following sports anime) and hetalia during middle school

No. 337678

File: 1700712313109.jpg (108.18 KB, 640x480, EVK01.jpg)

I wish Gakuen Heaven had an english patch. I know they were working on one, but the project seems like it was cancelled in 2020. It's the only BL vn that has a cute glasses wearing uke.

No. 337679

File: 1700713079416.jpg (822.22 KB, 4000x3000, 20231011_011415.jpg)

Only BLVN I know is being fan translated right now is barahana, and that's only because my friend is translating it.

No. 337681

the birthplace of yaoi so as expected, the industry is most mature of all the nations. the bar for quality (art, storytelling, characters) is overall higher. however, innovation is stagnant so the industry is in desperate need of shaking up or else korea/china will leave japan in their dust. Good balance of story and smut.


BL manhwa is going through an awkward puberty growing phase, its like yaoi during the 90s. Give a couple more years for the genre to become more adolescent. Then Koreans love their smut, which is ironic considering how chaste their dramas are.


imo the most innovative so far - wider range of genres and settings beyond tired school or workplace romances. chinese fujos are trying their very best in spite of censorship so perhaps they're incentivized to be more creative.

No. 337682

gakuen heaven 2 is translated, but the only torrent doesnt have seeders. I struggle getting into otome/BL vns because i cant find any with cute male characters with glasses. I also want to be the seme, not the uke, lol.

No. 337688

File: 1700720562220.jpeg (284.61 KB, 1000x1415, IMG_7201.jpeg)

>Gakuen heaven
FUCK I’m old. I haven’t thought about these bastards since 2008

No. 337692

this post makes me happy bless u nona

No. 337699

Oh lord, are they westboos? Do you see them on twitter or another website? Nobody is safe from TRAs and normies I guess.

No. 337700

I liked Honto Yajuu but stopped caring when it started focusing on other less funny couples.

No. 337719

When I stopped reading scanlations, I had close to 100 titles in my reading list. Now I'm probably never going to finish those series because it's been years and I lost interest.
I also read a lot of 1-2 vol manga but right now I don't want to get emotionally invested in new series. I wish more publishers would sell ebooks of individual chapters, at least that would kinda solve the issue of having to wait years between volume releases. I'm looking at some of the stuff I'm reading and there's 2-3 year gaps between volumes. So you either get fucked and wait, or buy the magazine, which I honestly never do because it's not worth it. How do nip fujos support this industry without losing interest or going crazy.

No. 337720

I think this is a really good breakdown of all the regions' differences and aligns to my own perception as well. None of them is perfect because I love the maturity of Japanese BL narrative- and artwork wise but am bored to tears with office romances, Korean manhwas have more edge to them but are like baby's first yaoi manga in 2005 and the Chinese BL tends to be unhinged as fuck as they're throwing any genre to the wall in a good way but are severely stunted by the totalitarian government. I'm surprised that even despite the popularity of Harada Japanese BL mangakas still are pretty wary about pushing the envelope towards more dramatic stories.

Agree, I really can't take Adam seriously because of how over the top he is. It's like being diddled by an evil clown.

No. 337773


Isshiki was a transvestite and Tamamori called the little boy trans without any input from him and actually knowing because he's a stupid, unreliable narrator. The TIF in Uuultra C has been the most annoying the author has gotten, so I don't see the TIM issue?

No. 337791

Choutsugai’s route in general had a lot of weird troon stuff though (it’s also not a good route in general, even ignoring that).
Like there’s that girl who’s a futanari, that scene of Choutsugai getting turned into a woman and being molested by the Kaiju, Isshiki who’s like the Japanese version of non-binary and the before mentioned FTM character who has sex with the futa.
I wish Choutsugai got a less shitty route because I honestly like him as a character and I thought the other two routes were well done (though the final one was a bit rushed)

No. 337816

File: 1700777922039.jpg (73.8 KB, 600x812, 3205090_32267028.jpg)

Someone picked up Sonna ni iu Nara Daiteyaru vol 2 for scanlation!

No. 337818

Finally, there's still no announcement for the official French translation besides the publisher always replying "soon teehee" to whoever asks about it on twitter so that's pretty good news.

No. 337835

Isshiki is a old fashioned transvestite, not nonbinary. His Japanese bio calls him third sex, which is basically just an okama. The sex change kaiju was weird, but he was a rapist troon, so realistic I guess? I don't think that woman was a futa either, I'm pretty sure it was a strap-on?

No. 337880

File: 1700810534315.jpeg (141.44 KB, 1148x597, IMG_5266.jpeg)

>I don't think that woman was a futa either, I'm pretty sure it was a strap-on?
She insisted it was a strap on but it was pretty clearly meant to be a dick.

No. 337888

File: 1700811961760.png (1.76 MB, 3496x4961, IMG_5269.png)

>bought my first doujin in like a year (pic)
Feels nice
You guys buy any doujins recently?

No. 337910

Late but I just finished this. It's amazing, some scenes are really well-animated and thought out. The sex scene is one of the best I've ever seen animated.The sex scene's obviously the best but the part where the doctor turns the boxer into a vampire in the bathtub was super cool. The music with the visuals jumping back and forth between him dreaming/hallucinating and him in reality bleeding and spasming is great. Voices are nice too.

No. 337914

i hate vndb editors

No. 337919

Yeah I was surprised at that scene too. Very cool way of showing the transformation.
I would actually encourage people to spend money on this in hopes of getting more things like it in the future. Right now you can't buy it because of legal issues, but it was available on Vimeo.

No. 337930

File: 1700843082121.jpeg (50.63 KB, 452x678, images (17).jpeg)

Is it any good?

No. 337933

File: 1700843903199.jpg (357.72 KB, 1100x1100, FnbJu0MX0AEQ5XE.jpg)

In middle school kek, Sasunaru was my first real ship. Vidya ships are what cemented my fujo-ness (Ikesoren, Dimidue, SoreyMikleo, SouYo, etc) along with Kawoshin. I never liked "traditional" romance since most of it is garbage, so maybe I was primed to gravitate towards fujo stuff. Though I do really like yuri and the occasional well-done het too

No. 337945

File: 1700845192244.png (3.1 MB, 1329x3951, 1700811961760.png)

The way the bottom panel is lines with the top right makes that dude look like he has short legs, kek.

No. 337950

nah, just watch the favourite

No. 337967

File: 1700853840555.png (672.31 KB, 3496x4961, IMG_5289.png)

Short legs and broken feet

No. 337974

File: 1700856711028.jpg (11.2 KB, 250x138, tumblr_f9460e0db91a58c9735e638…)

So non-fujoshi here with a question, does anyone here or any fujo you know like the sentimental "sad gay boy" development for the characters in Helluva Boss?

No. 337979

Don't know don't care. Vivziepop's chara design is too vomit inducing for me to even check it out

No. 337983

I don't watch westshit

No. 337984

ntayrt, but i do and still i'd rather eat my toenails than watch fucking Helluva Boss

No. 337985

is this bait? are you going to ask us about our favorite fortnite ships next? no one above age 13 likes helluva boss or hazbin hotel

No. 337986

we arent furfags

No. 337989

No I hate both of them and the chain smoker clown Viv is obsessed with right now.
People often say that BL characters are just written as het characters, which isn’t always true but for Vic’s characters it 100% is.

No. 337993

I think they're from the animation cows thread since viv and her retarded show get discussed a lot there, don't think they realize the fujos on lc are gigaweebs

No. 338005

It's annoying and laced with misogyny + furryshit.

No. 338012

Props to Viv for standing her ground against retarded fantis but western fujo-derivative shit is a watered-down simulacrum. Their sad gay boys and bland inoffensive “muh mlm representation!!1” is a pale imitation of the original.

Side note but speaking of bland inoffensive MLM crap it’s kind of hilarious seeing Heartstopper getting discussed on the Datalounge (basically 4chan for gay boomers). It’s not often actual gay moids interact with the fujosphere.

No. 338073

honestly I don’t think lc fujo opinions/taste can be taken as the majority or be representative of anything

No. 338080

Yeah. We're pretty homogeneous, wish we'd get more variety of tastes in here not furshit tho. But I think that might just cause fights kek

No. 338082

I know someone who likes the show and liked the owl man early on but said that the ship itself was really fucking bad, especially with the backstory reveal. I only watched the ep where they showed the backstory with her and found their gay fanservice scenes fun but the ship itself seems really unappealing.

No. 338092

what's most bizarre is vivziepop claiming that anyone who doesn't like the direction of Stolitz is homophobic, when the very first episode had vidrel.

No. 338183

I think she said the pilot isn't canon anymore. Still though pretty much every male character gets woobie'd eventually.

No. 338188

what type of fujo does this appeal to? I do think this show has cool character designs (i know i know, it's an unpopular opinion) but i don't find them attractive. I'm vain and I want at least one hot guy in my ships. I can't see furries being Into this either since they dont look animalesque

No. 338190

young zoomers with shit taste from being raised on a diet of fnaf, undertale, dangan ronpa, roblox, and shane dawson videos

No. 338205

I would’ve appreciated watching more stuff like this tbh, not because of ship reasons because the characters are ugly as fuck, but more jokes about the owl man being a fucking degenerate and making the red guy feel uncomfortable would’ve been kind of funny.

No. 338206

Pretty much just a younger version of invader zim fans I suppose.
Danganronpa doesn't have furries though? Unless you mean the mascot characters.

No. 338210

>Danganronpa doesn't have furries though?
what makes you think liking this shit is a furry thing? they just like ugly cartoony tumblr characters with edgy designs, doesn't matter what they are. characters like angel dust and blitz don't even look like animals, they're some sort of demons and they look like foster's home rejects. the type of people who like that would be more into fugly dangan ronpa characters than basic furshit, and the amount of overlap between the fanbases proves it.

No. 338211

Christ anon calm the fuck down. Dangan designs are just pretty typical VN designs of the era. If it wasn't a eroge for dudes most things were pretty flashy from like 2010 to 2015 just look at DMMD.

No. 338213

File: 1700967761916.png (466.89 KB, 960x835, togami's just a bishounen in a…)

Though to spread a hot take I honestly don't think most DR characters look THAT weird, particularly in the first game (especially when you compare them to other VN characters from that era).

No. 338216

you calm down, that was a genuine question. i didn't sound angry in my post…

> Dangan designs are just pretty typical VN designs of the era.

no way. they stick out like a sore thumb among normal vn designs. the infamous edgy tumblr art style was heavily influenced by them.

No. 338217

Telling a completely non-aggressive poster to calm down…someone got offended kek

No. 338218

File: 1700968626737.jpg (27.89 KB, 400x394, oqgkhsy6aaaa.jpg)

>they stick out like a sore thumb among normal vn designs
Clearly you haven't played a VN from that era, I honestly think DMMD characters look pretty equally flashy but I also like the designs from DMMD so I suppose that just speaks to my taste.

No. 338220

i've been playing vns since i got my first psp in 2009 and i've only played one DR game, but i would never in a million years mistake a DR character with one from anything else. and i'm very confused as to why you're bringing dmmd into this when they look nothing alike. them being flashy is irrelevant, it's the DR art style that's ugly in a very distinct way that is like catnip to tumblroids.

No. 338221

I didn't say they looked alike, I said they both look flashy since designs from that era were pretty loud in general.
>it's the DR art style that's ugly in a very distinct way that is like catnip to tumblroids
I think it's pretty nice, the main issue comes from that they stopped using 3D models (which they did for the first game) so the CG art got worse as the games went on.
DMMD was also popular on tumblr anyway, so it's pretty clearly a design philosophy people just liked in general in that era but I really don't think it looks anything like Helluva boss.

No. 338223

>I said they both look flashy since designs from that era were pretty loud in general.
and what did that have to do with anything? it isn't the flashiness that makes them stand out, it's the ugliness. dmmd has somewhat ugly designs itself but in a completely unrelated way.
>DMMD was also popular on tumblr anyway
just leave dmmd out of this. DR has had tumblr in a chokehold for over half a decade because of its art and subject matter, and it contributed heavily to the notorious tumblr edgelord art style popular with the helluva boss, undertale, etc crowd. dmmd did not.

No. 338251

File: 1701001072908.jpg (174.85 KB, 1024x1365, ef6a25948f828c1308f16f13ecd8cf…)

I remember hating Tyson as a teenager because he was the typical shonen protagonist and he wasn't dark and mysterious enough for me. At the time I was pretty homophobic too so I hated Kai/Ray because it was so popular and I wanted Kai to be straight (but then later on went back on my own word to ship him with Tala and then later Brooklyn kek).
Beyblade was my gateway drug into rp, erp, yaoi, BL, self-shipping, ocs and everything else.

Didn't mean to start an argument or anything; yes you are right, for a sports anime Adam was pretty crazy, but when I want dark content I want things like murder, dubcon/noncon, incest, self-harm and shit like that to be present. Of course you're not gonna get that from a run of the mill sports anime, so I was really just whining for nothing.

No. 338252

sorry for doubleposting

Like the other anon said, best art by a mile, but sometimes the stories get a bit overdramatic for me. Overall it's my favourite though.


I don't think I like anything that is produced here. I hate the stiff, uninspiring, copy-paste art, their stories are always hilariously convenient and stereotypical, and their characters fall flat for me too, sadly.


I have never cared for Chinese culture or history so anything they make about their ancient periods bore me to tears sadly, but they have pretty good art and I really like whatever they make in modern settings. The censorship really ruins a lot of it though.

No. 338257

>Beyblade was my gateway drug into rp, erp, yaoi, BL, self-shipping, ocs and everything else.
damn nonna, are you me? i was 11 when i first stumbled over a website that catered to all things japanese and that's where i read my first fanfiction. it was kai/ray and i was like "oh, that's cool" and just went with it, guess my mind was that impressionable. those 16 year old beyblade fujos made me into a fujo too kek.

best art but very repetitive and boring at times
hit or miss re: art, storylines and characters. you either get stuff that is incredibly hot/interesting (wet sand, dangerous convenience store, painter of the night) or flaming hot garbage with ugly art, tired tropes (abo/mpreg) and character art that is obviously traced from male kpop idols.
censorship ruins everything, i'm not into chinese historical fiction and i don't care for a male cast that looks entirely the same, but weirdly enough the novels are enjoyable to read.

kek anon i'm curious, were you also part of the i11 fandom on tumblr ca 2010-2014?

No. 338260

>When did everyone else become a fujo? Did something convert you? Or were you always interested in Bl stuff?
I'm a lesbian and was always more into f/f (being a butch I hated yuri though), in my late teens I started dating a girl who was a huge oldschool fujoshi obsessed with BL and she fully converted me into one. Still with her a decade later. However I think the interest was always there, I always liked male characters but not in a husbandofag way, I was never interested in straight romances and never wanted to imagine myself dating them but I wanted to see them date each other and see how it works. Being so young I just found fujos so cringe and annoying at the time that I never wanted to explore the thought further, when that barrier was passed there was no going back for me. I think the appeal is that I don't have any emotional strings attached to two male characters so I get to enjoy the couple as they are.

No. 338261

Togami needs to be corrected

No. 338264

I started shipping yaoi pairings at 11. Previously I only shipped het pairings.
I ship everything now but the only romance manga I read are BL and het usually because they're written by women, while yuri is moidland (I do love Onii-sama E though but that's written by a woman).
As a teen I also used to read bara due to its availability on myreadingmanga and liking some of the artstyles but I stopped after a year or less lmao. The stories were always shit and the art got boring fast.

No. 338291

I like Japanese BL for the art and I find the stories to be well done. I like it when the story is interesting and we’ll written , and if the art is beautiful it’s a plus.

Korean BL is hit and miss for me. A lot of it is very repetitive and cringe. But there are a lot of good psychological BLs that I really enjoy. I preferred it a few years ago when the art was simple and more like Japanese manga. The stories were better written. Now the art is so detailed and intense the artists are getting burnt out and the writing is taking a hit. The fans just seem to want to see monster sized dicks and pretty art.

I enjoy modern day setting Chinese bl manhua , the art is often good and the stories are great. I know the censorship is annoying, but I also think it’s what makes the writing so well done. They have to find ways to work around it and I think that’s why it works for them. Even though you don’t get to see anything explicit, they write it in a way that’s almost more exciting than seeing. Like the build up and anticipation but never seeing it. Idk if that makes sense.

No. 338292

Issue is the only person there who could maybe correct him is a woman (Syo)

No. 338296

File: 1701026457642.png (337.18 KB, 488x776, tyson.png)

I actually liked Tyson, but in a little brother sorta way, he was too much of a kid for me and Ray and Kai seemed older, cooler and more mature. which is kind of stupid to think back considering the characters are in a beyblade anime.

No. 338298

Kinda OT but butch fujos seem so rare to come across. One of my friends said being a fujo was a femme thing kek

No. 338303

Really? That's weird, I know a lot of butch fujos. Coincidentally a lot of them also transitioned kek but that's another can of worms. My girlfriend is high femme though and I do know more femme fujos than butch so I guess there's some truth to it. I wonder why.

No. 338313

I agree with the Chinese BL thing. I feel like some of the stuff danmei authors come up with is so creative. Like, it's extremely fucked their writing is censored, but on the other hand it really forces them to work with a different dynamic than Japanese authors. Although danmei is not everyone's cup of tea, I like a lot of Chinese bl novels, especially for the novelty of the content. But then again, I've been a JPN only fan for years and years, so maybe that's why I feel the way I do?

No. 338370

Kek it's not like M/M ship aren't censored in Japan come on

No. 338371

>That's weird, I know a lot of butch fujos. Coincidentally a lot of them also transitioned kek
RIP. And yeah I mean butches who still embrace being lesbian women I guess. If including gaydens and other TIFs then the number of masculine women into yaoi isn't that low but none of them consider themselves women so kek. I only know one butch fujo (not personally) active in fandom and she seems rf-adjacent so it's pretty rare to come across any that aren't gendies.

No. 338375

Nta but Chinese bl doesn’t really even allow kissing kek so you can’t really compare the censorship

No. 338473

Fuck, i forgot about this too, you guys feel free to send in more series if you feel like, i'll update the site whenever I'm free

No. 338496

>the stuff danmei authors come up with is so creative.
can you elaborate? i've always been interested in danmei but when i first started years ago it was machine translated and hard to read. how does it differ nowadays?

No. 338504

I was 11 years old and I was looking for death note extracts on YouTube after reading the manga then I came across THIS video and from there everything went dark

No. 338527

I figure "extracts" is just your ESL way of saying "clips" but it is so funny nonna. Looking for Death Note essential oils and instead finding eau de yaoi. Kudos for remembering the exact video too.

No. 338532

File: 1701144234462.jpeg (53.3 KB, 640x532, 700091B2-CE55-4C62-B68E-6C8937…)

Fuck I knew that wasn't the right word, why can I read English but can't articulate anything properly lmao

No. 338538

I honestly thought it was gen z slang for “scans” or something cause I’m an old fag kek

No. 338806

ngl I don't think I was that into it since 3 or 2 years ago. However, I've been a weeb since elementary school and I remember my first contact with it being a scene in Cardcaptor Sakura where I thought Yukito and Toya were way too fruity (I was like 9 years old lmao) and I searched for them on google images and found some… interesting pics.
I always liked shoujo so I lingered more towards het ships and yuri, I'd occasionally dab into yaoi since a lot of things pandered to weeb girls at that time were BL.
In middle school I innocently talked about some gay ship to a girl in my school and the little shit told that to lame ass otaku dude from my class and he started mocking me about liking yaoi when I didn't even was into it. Traumatizing.

No. 338809

File: 1701276767401.jpeg (232.62 KB, 2290x1600, IMG_1547.jpeg)

I’ve already looked at the raw volumes but I can’t wait to see all the comments hehe

No. 338810

>lame ass otaku dude from my class and he started mocking me about liking yaoi when I didn't even was into it.
inshallah a japanese girl robs him of all he has without giving up her pussy and his hairline recedes back to his neck.

No. 338813

I guess it's finally time to catch up on this

No. 338843

File: 1701280844445.jpg (830.26 KB, 1520x2160, EiCfxxLXgAAhSzj.jpg)

Nta but a lot of danmei was officially translated to English (and a lot of other languages, picrel is from the russain edition of mdzs). Like other anons mentioned there is a plot outside of romance (evidently by how some danmei gets adapted to the screen censured but still succeed), a lot of series are also long without getting boring which is a fault I find with a lot of manhwas… The ones I read are mostly fantasy or historical but there are sci fi and contemporary books too. I would recommend Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation as a starter since it’s my fav and it has all the qualities I just described.

No. 338866

File: 1701293625031.gif (9.94 MB, 540x540, tumblr_eaec3c41d981167db0c4527…)

>there is a plot outside of romance (evidently by how some danmei gets adapted to the screen censured but still succeed), a lot of series are also long without getting boring
kek you know there really is plot when you can turn a single novel into a 50 episode series and still have to cut out a lot
I'm heartbroken that we'll likely never ever see chinese bl filmed again, it's conpletely banned now. Those ladies still writing/drawing are brave as hell.
Other stuff becoming boring in comparison is sadly true too, I still like some japanese slice of life if it's really cute and well-written but most stuff became bland compared to chinese works with huge storylines and tons of interesting characters in beautiful settings.

No. 338870

Omg are we gonna get the last 100-page chapter soon???

No. 338929

File: 1701319145498.jpeg (271.49 KB, 828x464, IMG_4835.jpeg)

>see that a mobile app version of ld1 has been released
>download it on the app store
>open the game only to not hear tattsun as gian and realize that the voices have been scrapped from this version
>I uninstall the game

I already got most of the endings for the original game sans Luchino’s so it’s fine, it’s nice to see that luckydog is getting more recognition. An anime adaptation would be very unlikely but I would love to see one. Also has anyone here played badegg before?

No. 338948

The way he (both Wei Wuxian and Xiao Zhan) changed the BL landscape forever.
>Was the reason AO3 started limiting tags
>Was the reason AO3 got banned in China
>Was likely the reason why the author got arrested and why Chinese sites that hosted BL are now gone
Much like in the story itself, he causes issues wherever he goes. I'm happy MDZS/MXTX's stories ended up becoming so popular, but it's sad that it got tied up in controversy.

No. 338950

>Was likely the reason why the author got arrested
Absolutely wild, kek wtf China

No. 338951

To summarize, from my understanding
>MXTX writes gay romance novels online that includes gay porn
>Became super popular so people wanted physical copies, including translations to other languages
>Can't publish gay porn in China so find a way to do some underground self-publishing
>Get so popular that the works are being made into live action and anime and comics
>Govt catches wind on This Gay Shit that's suddenly really popular
>Cracks down on authors for not only writing porn, but also for self publishing and making profit
>Go to jail for a year(?) for yaoi crimes (and yet still continue to write yaoi after getting out)
Chinese fujos are genuinely badass. Now MXTX and I'm assuming other danmei authors go through Taiwanese publishers, idk about the legality of it for mainland Chinese people, but I wish her and other authors safety as they continue to pursue their passions.

No. 338955

Self-publishing (print) is illegal in China. Some authors took that risk to earn extra money that they wouldn't have to share with the online publishing platform because they wanted to imitate the Japanese doujin culture. Didn't work out.

No. 338990

>Was the reason AO3 got banned in China
Wasn't the background for this was that fujos were writing trans fic of one of the actors and yumes got mad about it so they started complaining about it everywhere and reporting it to the government? That's the story told about it but I still have no idea if it was true or exaggerated because it seems extremely retarded.

No. 338993

File: 1701358526733.jpg (112.53 KB, 720x1225, Screenshot_20231130-122620.jpg)

yeah, it literally happened because some idiots were so butthurt about their husbando that they couldn't stop sending complains to the government.


No. 338996

>one fanfic
It was worse than I presumed

No. 339021

Chinese fans are wild…

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