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File: 1695816540375.jpg (130.19 KB, 850x1023, 382898965_1104197733892028_726…)

No. 1905129

Previous four threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband.

A few examples are:

Estee Williams
>stay at home gf queen of trads
>Tried to make a reality tv show of family, model and be an influencer to get as much attention as possible but all else failed because of her stupidity and lack of talent so she became a trad and makes sure her breast implants are in the center of her videos in order to get views on tiktok
>Has an army of incel orbiters who get off at her sexualized trad larping
>dresses like a 1950s housewife and
>Tries to have an aesthetic 1950s love story like the Notebook or something pathetic along those lines, aesthetic posts and moids eat it up
>actually can’t cook and pretends to, moids eat it up anyway
>Constantly sperges about trad living and tries to one up everyone

Megha Verma
>Racially insecure indian girl
>Posts unhinged angry rants on twitter about burning women on sticks
>White worshipping pick me
>Married a white pasty 40 year old scrote who's never around with a huge following list of tiktok teens in bikinis
>Got knocked up recently her husband didn't even attend the baby shower
>Takes out her anger on random women online
Social media links:

Lauren Elise Chen
>Formerly known as 'Roaming Millennial', is a mixed race white worshipping YouTuber who fancies herself as an Asian Lauren Southern
>Believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
>Interviewed and defended several white supremacist, neo nazi moids such as Richard Spencer ,Nick Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux
>Is against feminism (obviously) writes articles for Evie Magazin seething over more successful liberal women aka tradthot daily
>Her content recently is mostly just red-pilled incels and MGTOW pandering made several videos calling women with a body count "sluts"
>Focuses her rage on women who chose not to have kids mostly made more than 6 or 7 videos seething over them
>Defended mass shooter incels like the UK virgin killer and Rodgers blaming the existence of incels on women and feminism
>Is an Andrew tate stan
>Has a patreon where she coaches incels by repeating Jordan Peterson's advices to them
>Her mug looks uncanny from all the botox and filler when she's not heavily filtering it despite claiming to be a 'traditional woman' kek
>Married to an ugly fuck 'producer' who lusts over big titted insta thots
>Has a useless shit degree in politics and middle eastern studies
Social media links:

Sarah Doe
>Extremely autistic and low IQ
>publicly tweets her husband is abusive
>husband beat up cat to near death and threatened to beat up the baby
>Doesn’t leave, thinks Bible can fix him and says he’s his #1 fan in her bio

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary
>Ended up a single mom living in a trailor

Hannah Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings)
>Below average unfortunately shaped woman in her late 20s who constantly larps on the internet as a trad who shits on modern working women despite contradicting her many statements to her scrote orbiters
>Comes from a rich family, mother is a modern working woman who literally owns the family company
>Pearl used to date a black man (imagine what the scrotes would say) who is also a content creator, he left her because of her high body count apparently
>Pearl claims outrageous things like women shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t have to sign up for the draft, women are unhappy when working and are all medicated despite men being the gender that is more likely to commit suicide, just selective research and bias (etc.)
>sperges about statistics even though she’s selective about the data and flat out lies while making overarching generalizations that feed her stupid shock value statements
>humiliated on the H3 podcast somehow, see more below:
Ethan brings up Pearl stating America was built on good relationships between slaves and their owners, when asked for a source cites “a book I read by Thomas Sowell” and doesn’t follow up
Brings up Pearl’s rich family and mother who owns the family business and is a career woman, despite Pearl claiming to hate career women… this throws Pearly off
Ethan brings up her multiple claims but she gets fussy and starts throwing statistics that aren’t cited and when Ethan actually brings up credible information she looks to the side of her monitor while sighing and stalling, clearly flustered and embarrassed and says “they’re saying the numbers are inflated”
admits to having information spoon fed to her by a group chat on discord during the interview
it’s painfully awkward and Pearl calls the interview “not in good faith” and runs away, abruptly ending the call
>Dwindling views on yt despite spamming algorithm, more views on TikTok

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit
>Went off the deep end with her sexism and attention whoring and made tweets saying 16 year old girls are hotter than adult women only to delete it when the rage got too much for her

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3gE7rTDzFDG3tW8-iOn62w(ignoring farmhand post)

No. 1905166

File: 1695822228449.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1091x1228, DBD09397-2CED-444A-946E-8143DF…)

Self hating Megha’s baby came out brown with black hair like herself so I bet she is malding lol.

No. 1905172

File: 1695822418152.jpeg (546.73 KB, 1930x2893, 6546EDCA-7667-4E86-956B-09962E…)

Another self hating Indian cow, Kanika Batra, whose claim to fame is her ‘What it’s like being a diagnosed sociopath’ youtube videos. She bleaches her hair and wears blue contacts to skinwalk white women. Currently beginning her anti feminist arc. Let the milk flow.

No. 1905178

Even the most pasty ginger looking moid couldn't cancel out her shit colored eyes and skin lmao she must be seething.God help that child.(racebait)

No. 1905198

File: 1695825826499.jpg (422.41 KB, 861x610, Screenshot_20230927_104320_Fir…)

i can't tell if she looks more like michael or latoya jackson

No. 1905221

pretty sure she used to go by hedonisticparadise on tumblr and she was pretty well known on radblr in the early 2010s and was quite insufferable even then… small world huh

No. 1905224

Isn't she a massive racist too? Crazy she was active on radblr.

No. 1905237

yeah she is and was but back then she was trying to pretend not to be racist and so she just used her own race as an uno reverse card towards any criticism. also she was pro-ana too as well as "fiscally conservative but socially liberal" but also insisted she was a radical feminist as well and also totally not a hypocrite. pretty sure she also tried to nudge nudge wink wink imply that she was "actually bi" too at some point lmao. she was actually surprisingly popular on radblr back in like 2010-2014. she really is the south asian version of another tumblr-radfem-turned-tradthot cow celestia

No. 1905241

There is a subreddit about her called snarkkanikabatra. She made a group chat with a young girls and groomed a 18 year old transgender whom she later dumped and demonized. She also defended Jeffrey Epstein and claimed to have been to his island. I am surprised she doesn't have a thread on here because her antics are quite milky.

No. 1905247

forgot to add that said group chat was behind a paywall (the highest tier available iirc) in her scam website called Cinderella's Revenge but it is no longer available because she deleted it after drama with the members

No. 1905254

She looks…preserved ? The first two-pictures look like the weirdest before/after in existence. Like the first picture is the one on her obituary and the second was taken to try and cancel the mortician for yassifying the corpse

No. 1905265

>try and cancel the mortician for yassifying the corpse

No. 1905284

File: 1695836329259.jpeg (16.64 KB, 212x195, 06CE0FBD-D0B3-4F6D-81B8-E68542…)

thank you for this comment anon. brought me to tears lmao

No. 1905285

Got blocked by realfemsapien (before contributing here so it wasn't breaking the no contact rule) for telling her she wasn't being very Christ-like by insulting working mothers. Anyone else see the irony in the fact she calls herself a Christian but refuses to follow the same values? Notice how none of these trads have done something such as start a charity to help working moms be able to stay at home more (since they want women to be at home so badly). They just name call them instead. I genuinely don't understand why they think insults are going to convert women to tradwives.

No. 1905301

They name call cause they're bitter af that most women don't want to touch their doormat lifestyle (use the term lifestyle lightly) with a 10 foot stick. They have an inferiority complex and love to take out their failure in life out on other women is they were so happy they wouldn't be on social media trying to convince others. That's all.

No. 1905302

Do tradthots really believe Jesus would go around whipping women for trying to make a living or feed their kids? It’s funny how most fundies and trads are the least Christlike people on the planet.

No. 1905303

Perfect examples of why letting Indians access the internet was a mistake.(racebait)

No. 1905304

The only reason why some of them got popular is cause of the backlash they get like Pearl and Estee people hate watch them only to get disgusted/outraged and roast them in the comments all the videos about Estee on youtube are incel moids and pick me's going "waaahhh meanie feminists bullying tradwife they're obviously soooo jealous". Their entire online presence is based off of how much normal people are grossed out by them.

No. 1905307

File: 1695839421188.jpg (7.81 KB, 254x198, images.jpg)

>it's feminists that are the most threatened by women like me..and notice how it's not the other way around.

Sure Jan

No. 1905326

>yassifying the corpse
Lmaoooooo. I bet all these trashy looking instathots have it written in their will that they want false eyelashes and toofaced matte lipstick applied while they’re in their casket

No. 1905330

I remember her tweets a few years back writing about her ideal type of moid and she used brunette men for reference. She blatantly got with that lily white ginger soulless scrote so her kids would be bleached as possible and it still didn’t work even with a ‘high caste indian’ supposedly descended from Brahmin royalty like herself kek. When will self loathing ethnic women learn.

No. 1905379

I hate her weird high pitched nasal fake baby voice so much. She looked much prettier natural too, now she looks like a gross bogged Rupaul contestant.

No. 1905380

I feel like the insults toward other women are almost entirely for men. Women aren't their audience and aren't going to see it, and if they did why would tradthots want to change them and create more competition for the most not-like-the-other-girls? Other women being trad is their worst nightmare, then they'd have nothing special or notable about them to appeal to moids. But if they insult women men will see it and praise her for having the same beliefs as him. They really are so pathetically desperate for male validation, not very loyal or pure of them huh?

No. 1905387

Kek so true nona. Can you imagine how horrified tradthots would be if countless attractive liberal woman became right wing tradthots overnight? The market would become totally flooded and our OG tradwhores would have absolutely nothing to fish for simps with, they’d be seething because there would be no scrote betabux crumbs left for them to latch onto. It’s pure virtue signalling and dog whistling to moids (who are dogs). The right wing is just cope for bitter mid Beckies who can’t compete in a world full of hot women.

No. 1905389

Low self esteem is a bitch anon.

No. 1905395

Good thread OP thanks for remaking it

No. 1905404

A lot of pickmes are submissive low self esteem masochists, so they probably think screeching misogynistic insults at other women and trying to tear them down is going to make other women join their team, simply because thats their own personal kink lol.

Men absolutely love seeing women acting catty towards each other because it makes women appear insecure and makes scrotes feel high value, like they are the object that the women are fighting with each other over. Men also just generally like seeing women divided, its easier to conquer and dominate a group when they’re pitted against one another. Tradthots play into that and know men get off to it.

No. 1905406

Ive seen moids say they masturbate to women fighting with one another. Moids get horny seeing ultra liberal onlyfans thots fighting with right wing broodmares, because both sides have dedicated themselves to male pleasure anyway, just in different forms. It feeds directly into the moid ego.

No. 1905484

In Christ's time all women worked, only the very rich could afford to stay in all day. Everyone else was in the fields, raising livestock, weaving cloth, etc. Funny how the lifestyle they believe to be the ultimate natural state of women is less than 100 years old kek
They're whores, everything they do is a form of fetish play meant to titillate their incel audience.

No. 1905552

>the ultimate natural state of women is less than 100 years old kek
This is what helped snap me out of “trad” retardation. They don’t realize what they are “retvrning” to is a failed modern American social experiment, and the women of most, if not all, cultures traditionally worked (and managed the finances).

No. 1905574

File: 1695872322658.jpeg (197.29 KB, 1251x433, E6A2174D-2045-4023-8C07-A2D11F…)

Yup women hating women is moid copium

No. 1905629

so glad she got rid of that retarded triple bra combo

No. 1905670

True.All tradthots have a mostly male audience so they gotta keep throwing other women under the bus since that's what their audience wants to see they also get a kick out of it given how jealous and insecure they are over attractive confident women.There's something especially sad about a grown ass woman acting like a deeply insecure 14 year old pick me shitting on other girls to appeal to boys.

No. 1905681

File: 1695899249264.gif (817.09 KB, 640x564, plankton-angry.gif)

I just realised that Elon Musk often replies to the tweets of that blue eyed blonde dutch tradthot but always ignores the many tweets of Lauren Chen tagging him lmao That's the internet's way of reminding her that she will always be an asian tradthot that can never compete with the stacy type for that right wing white scrote validation seeth harder that muskrat will never pick you Lauren kek

No. 1905707

I wouldn’t be surprised if Eva becomes his latest broodmare. She’s just Elon’s type and he’s perfect for a gold digging status seeing grifter like her.

No. 1905712

Lauren Chen and her scrote Liam are both so disgusting. Her shamelessly tweeting at billionaire men hoping to get picked so she can run off with Elon, Liam wanking to chess thots a decade younger than Lauren while they’re supposed to be married and have a kid together. Both vile disloyal whores.
Also good luck Lauren, Elon is a blonde/white supremacist and famously doesn’t like women with previous children. Tradthots have to learn the hard way that right wing scrotes will always hold them to impossible standards.

No. 1905730

It's so weird to push a trad lifestyle in a post-covid world. We had to sit in a lockdown for 2 years and everyone suffered mental health effects. So what do these trads expect when they're telling women to sit at home all day but for the rest of their life?

No. 1905745

They just really enjoyed baking bread and not going into work. They think that’s all it is. If it was I’d be trad as fuck.

No. 1905756

She's married but we all know that's no issue as long as she doesn't have kids Chen likes dunking on childless women a lot so it's just amusingly ironic that Elon simps for childless arian looking women only Oof this makes me laugh my ass off

No. 1905764

Also just checked out Eva's twitter and she mostly talks about dutch farmers rights and Holland's politics no constant petty insecure comments putting other women under the bus or sperging on muh feminists and how women can't code like lauren chen's entire youtube channel and wtitter kek i guess when you're actually conventionally attractive and picked by right wing scrotes you don't need to shit on other women 24/7 for attention even as a tradthot.

No. 1905783

File: 1695914345701.png (388.96 KB, 781x712, pickmemusk.png)

she really riding his cock for an uwu happily married tradwaifu isn't she KEK pathetic

No. 1905784

File: 1695914531289.png (724.91 KB, 863x671, ai.png)

How's an ai finding Eva hotter than an obese troon a win for HER exactly ? Someone needs to tell her that she looks like a tanned field working asian with bad filler and not some pale blue eyed blonde barbie.This level of self loathing is just insane kek

No. 1905993

Since some people clearly can’t read, this topic is under a moratorium until further notice. Do not make new threads.

No. 1926950

We are re-opening this thread on a trial basis! Please report any rulebreaking posts, particularly those that do not appear to be from genuine users.

No. 1926965

File: 1699725159921.png (1.1 MB, 1345x1104, image.png)

RealFemSapien announced her retirement from being a YouTuber.

No. 1927009

File: 1699733281130.jpeg (302.66 KB, 1170x951, IMG_7251.jpeg)

Looks like things are going great in for Sarah

No. 1927028

>Conservative women such as all models, actresses and musicians

Y-yeah, conservatives are also the coolest and it's the new punk, y-you know!

No. 1927052

Lol okay RFS, see you tomorrow. The tradthot need for attention will always override any other priority in their life.

No. 1927053

Most conservative women are over 35, therefore by pedophilic tradthot standards they’re all ‘worthless empty egg cartons bitter hags’ anyway.

No. 1927054

I’ve always found it funny how openly flirty and thirsty tradthots act towards men who aren’t their husbands. Not even the democrat women I know irl do that.

No. 1927058

Omfg I see this bitch everywhere. Its insane how she talks about seducing men and how good she looks, shes in serious denial. She looked great before, genuinely had a nice face. She looks awful now kek

No. 1927059

I wonder how conservative the OF thots their husbands are fapping to are.
Cheating (yes, even for women) is literally trad. These people are city LARPers. Go to any inbred bumfuck flyover community and you will find that everyone has fucked each other behind each other's backs, in fact they all LIVE for this kind of shit.

No. 1927061

It’s sad when insecure ethnic women try to skinwalk blonde white Stacy but just end up looking like uncanny bogged melted plastic hot messes. Lauren is another self hating ethnic woman who ruined her face with botox and fillers and looks like a nasty 40 something real housewife now.(racebait)

No. 1927067

I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if conservative and tradthot types are more predisposed to cheating than liberal women.

They seem to lack empathy for others, act purely based on ego and try to justify all their toxic behaviors and preferences with redpill scrotespeak evopsych terms like ‘hypergamy’ and ‘female submissiveness’. So if a richer, more dominant guy than your husband comes along its perfectly natural to try and fuck him, right? Tradthot logic…

No. 1927278

Being vehemently and earnestly against infidelity is a liberal (typically female) thing. A lot of liberal feminists think they can buy points with men by lambasting cheating women and outing them to their boyfriends, as part of equality performance. Those women also never cheat themselves and will police their own extrapair attractions, thinking their moid will reciprocate. In their minds, male infidelity will be impossible if every woman behaves this way.

Conservative women are similar yet different. In a normal conservative fashion, it's rules for thee but not for me. Every single tradthot will cheat (because women who want male validation by definition want it from every male), but boy will you get an earful about whores and temptresses from them.

No. 1927396

hold up, isn't that gorlock on the upper right, who appeared in a lot of redpill podcasts in the past month or so? using a right-wing tranny and calling him leftist is cheating kek

No. 1927406

Using a tranny while comparing between liberal and conservative women is cheating since they don't think trannies are real women also kek at cherry picking while there many hot liberal women like Megan Fox,Amber Heard,Victoria's secret models, Angelina jolie and many more.This bitch is grasping at straws.

No. 1927420

File: 1699807482351.jpg (90.84 KB, 640x941, 9ufvvlmo1mvb1.jpg)

Apparently your man totally won't cheat if you become a doormat

No. 1927423

i refuse to believe anyone is retarded enough to believe this advice.

No. 1927480

>you can’t completely foolproof your marriage
I like that even in her ‘how to stop scrotes from cheating’ instruction manual she’s admitting it’s basically impossible to stop moids from cheating. Kek. Come to the radfem sis. You’re almost there.

No. 1927482

Yeah isnt wife swapping and swinging super common in those rural country areas? It makes sense when people are bored and have less stuff to do except fuck.

No. 1927497

They use such old timey words I have no idea what this advice even means, what the fuck does "contentious, quarrelsome and nagging" mean in 2023? Literally some shit from 1923 repackaged

No. 1927785

Would you say all the lambasting about 'cheating whores' from women is basically serving men's interests? (monogamy for women but not for them)

No. 1927873

Yes. It's women performing men's mate guarding for them, thanklessly. There is a reason why a mutual male friend won't rat out a woman's cheating husband in a million years, no matter how much reddit Beckies snitch on their friends in an attempt to "buy" themselves similar consideration. For conservative women it's just straight up torching competition while also hoping to be the one special snowflake that gets away with it - same way they approach being a girlboss.

No. 1928448

They’re just mad they have to settle for once a year starfish sex with their hubbies dead chode and wash his skids out of his undies while he goes out and does whatever he wants. They never had a fun wild party phase, most tradthots are allergic to fun. All their pent up sexual frustration and anger towards other women is just jealousy that they’re too cowardly and dependent to do whatever the fuck they want like those women.

The entire Middle East’s women are trying to fight against this oppressive housewife dynamic, these dumb cunts might as well move to Iran and give up all their rights if they like being a voteless scrote dependent shutin bangmaid so much.

No. 1928449

Everyone knows liberal women are more attractive kek. The only reason women vote right wing is either to crow about it for attention and grift simpbux from men, or stop Consuela and Lingling from emigrating to the US and potentially stealing their fat hambeast hubbies.

No. 1928456

Women also vote right wing when they're married, to avoid rocking the boat with the balls and chain. Republicans have long understood that single women lean Democrat. Marrying them off, even if it's not to an overtly batshit right wing male, will ensure more red votes. Women are inherently more prosocial and will typically defer to their husband's self-interest (which will be penile in nature, and therefore mostly conservative).

Also, even if you were blind you could deduce that liberal women are more attractive simply by the amount of malding directed at them by males.

No. 1928457

embarrassing zoomer binary-brain

No. 1928460

Getting knocked up and realizing I’ve got to be on best behavior for a shitty coomer scrote, otherwise he’ll cut off my gravy train is my worst nightmare, can’t blame these tradthots for permaseething about women who are free and don’t have any responsibilities tbh. They can’t even leave their betabux because most of them are so stupid and egotistical that they could never get a good job let alone hold one down. And they’re also terrified of the shame of being single moms. What a life. Imagine wanting to return to that hellscape kek.

No. 1928461

Since I found out that Android Raptor from KF posts in this thread I finally understand why this thread is so insane lmao. Literally a fat autistic lesbians who lives in section 8 housing and breeds cockroaches with a weird prosecution complex about conservative people cause her mom abused her as a child. That's the kind of sperg who LARPs as a career stacy in this thread.(hi cow)

No. 1928464

kek reminds me of that thread where some malding tradthots and trannies argued that slaving for a wagie in exchange for food and shelter is better than being a wagie yourself

No. 1928465

wash dishes

No. 1928466

Don't you have to go flick your bean to aborted fetuses or whatever you do all day when you're not posting your tits on KF and petting your pet cockroaches?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1928472

File: 1699996928669.png (147.14 KB, 1080x550, 1000006985.png)

Android Raptor admitted several times she posts here, she's probably the one constantly shitting up this thread with non-milk pretending like her life is a million times better than a woman who is married and has kids despite not working and living entirely off government support due to her autism. She also supports trannies and freaks out about "transphobia" frequently if she's not getting banned on KF for once again derailing a thread into an abortion debate cause that's her autistic fixation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1928475

>knowing random kiwidditors by name and repulsive trivia
Shouldn't you be busy beta orbiting whoever you're talking about from that cumswap hugbox? Heard that's what Null uses it for.(infighting)

No. 1928478

Seethe about it, I knew I was right when I said the deranged bitches in this thread hating on other women are all loser NEETs who are just mad that they have no chance at any sort of normal life ever so they cope about how marriage is ALWAYS literal slavery. Cause you're all nonfunctioning autistics like Android Raptor. Lmfao. It's good to be right is all.(infighting)

No. 1928486

So basically
>malding kiwiddit bangmaid vs malding kiwiddit NEET having world's least sexy mudfight
Sounds like a lot of laundry for you, get crackin'

No. 1928487

File: 1699997901791.jpg (85.42 KB, 1170x1094, v6884iv4bln91.jpg)

No. 1928490

WOW anon was right on the money

No. 1928499

>angry tradtard scrotes, tradthots and troons trying to get the thread locked again
Reminder to ignore and report all bait posts

No. 1928501

It explains everything, she derails every single thread she posts in on KF about the same things she does here. I feel a bit bad for her cause she obviously got serious childhood trauma, but she is just so utterly annoying. I don't think a single person on earth likes her and she takes it out by fantasizing about smashing fetuses into the concrete and all that other unhinged shit she always talks about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1928502

The most ironic thing ofc is that Android Raptor lives off the attention from tradmoids on KF the same way tradthots do, except she likes negative attention. I felt bad for her until she started bragging about her tits and posting cosplay pictures of her dressed as slave leia on KF to try and proof how attractive she is to KF moids. She is utterly embarrassing.

No. 1928503

Nobody cares about KF drama everyone on there is a scrote anyway, stop trying to get the thread locked you annoying troon.

No. 1928504

She's admitted to being a poster in this thread.

No. 1928505

File: 1699999828956.jpeg (2 MB, 1299x1982, 95F3905D-FDFC-4413-A37D-35C4BF…)

Megha the Indian cow got called out by a white nationalist cow.

No. 1928508

File: 1700000041680.jpeg (498.47 KB, 1309x1009, F4C89ABB-F50A-4C29-874B-0730DD…)

Smegma’s response is to accuse her of being a jealous Indian man.

Still trying to larp that she isn’t a single mother and is ‘living her best life’ in sandy shithole Dubai that hates Christians, with her sperm donor.

No. 1928513

The Annika account was actually outed a while ago as a 33 year old Jewish transvestite male running the account. He talked about trying to kill himself on his 32nd birthday. Not that Megha is any better.

No. 1928517

Explains his racist sperging and hatred of tradthots.

No. 1928537

absolutely based intra-bovine violence

No. 1928684

The tranny is right tho kek.

Megha deeply wishes she was a white girl. She married a 40 year old white scrote with autism baby sperm who is never around and became a single mother by proxy, just so that her kids would look as white and unlike her as possible (but her baby still came out black haired and brown, kek those Indian genes are too strong)

She takes absolutely nothing to do with her own culture except swirling a saree around occasionally, and obsesses over art and stories and culture written by white people.

When Megha, a brown woman, is drawing art for her brown baby daughter’s room, she draws white women. She lives in a country and society built by white people. She joined a conservative society for ‘preserving the white race’ even though she’s helping to make the white race extinct. She sperges out over ugly brown female characters in kids movies because they remind her of all her own ethnic traits. She bleaches her skin. She reeeees whenever a white woman pops up in her mentions and reminds her that she’s not white.

Megha needs to accept that she’s obsessed with white people and desperately wants to be a white woman. And funnily enough, that makes her more stereotypically Indian than any other trait.

No. 1928686

She even has two white children as her twitter account banner. Her obsession with white girls is creepy, she’s truly one of those stunted autistic brown girls who never got over their 4th grade disney obsession and wanting to look like Ariel. She was probably hoping that her daughters would come out blonde and blue eyed and white like the girls in her twitter banner lol. A true creepy Indian skinwalker.

No. 1928688

I won’t be surprised if her barely there hubby starts becoming even more distant because the kid came out looking more Indian than white. White moids usually disown kids that don’t look like them, either cut them off irl or just psychologically distance themselves. It all comes down to male reproductive insecurity. All moids are primitive brained chimps who sperg out of their kid isn’t a carbon copy of them because they’re so terrified of being genetically cucked. Male mammals are well known for killing or abandoning offspring they suspect might not be theirs.

No. 1928689

All moids**

No. 1928694

Men generally don’t give a fuck about their daughters especially if they’re tradtard scrotes. When men are given control over IVF sex selection they almost always choose boys.

No. 1928697

Males are more likely to abandon their families if the children are female. They are also more likely to marry single moms and adopt their kids if they're male. Just your daily reminder that you should never feel bad about only wanting daughters.

No. 1928701

I’m not surprised in the slightest. Conservative men definitely don’t give a single fuck about their daughters. The only time they seem to show interest in their female offspring is when they hit puberty, and only then do their fathers develop a creepily obsessive and possessive interest in their daughter’s sex lives, and obsession with feeling ‘cucked’.

No. 1928821

>my colonizer
Ew bitch keep your 2017 meme fetish to yourself.

No. 1928850

File: 1700062655338.png (11.45 KB, 594x328, kaaqql0isywb1.png)

Less KF scrotes trying to derail the thread w/seething about random female users they don't like, more tradthots

No. 1928852

File: 1700062693346.png (6.39 KB, 611x139, z1su5648o6ub1.png)

No. 1928858

Reminder that women from trad religious upbringings are more likely to be sexually abused by their biological fathers https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/009164718801600203

Trad men only care about their daughters when they're being fucking creepy towards them.

No. 1928873

Late but this cow really needs a thread. Her "ask a sociopath" YT videos are so fucking weird, I had no idea she had such a long history of milky antics. Was she really a Miss Universe finalist? I'm just…not seeing it. She's way too bogged.

No. 1928878

Like… how many men are there out there than can even support a woman on one income? That’s also a pretty tiny percentage to fight over.

No. 1928880

What kind of life is she having relaxing in a hammock? She obviously doesn't have young children. I'm blogging here but I have 3 who are 5 and under and I don't get to relax until they all go to bed. I can't even use the toilet or cook a meal in peace. I spend a reasonable portion of my day just cleaning up crumbs and bits of food and spilt drinks and picking things up off of the floor. Cooking takes hours, because convenience food is expensive and not widely available where I live. It's hard work, it's constant manual labor. I'm not saying that it isn't rewarding, but I'm hardly spending the day relaxing. I have a full time job.

Also, how many women work with the goal of being a CEO? So a woman who is a nurse, a doctor, a physiotherapist, a social worker helping homeless or disabled people, are they hoping to be a CEO? What world do these tradtards live in?

No. 1928883

I know this is a blog post but my husband supports us on one income, me, himself, his elderly father and our 3 children. He works very long hours, is a workaholic and has his own business and he invests. We don't exactly live a life of luxury. We cut corners wherever we can. I certainly don't have the time to sit in a hammock relaxing all day. I personally feel like a CEO in my house.

No. 1928888

Yeah. Tradthots think that doesn’t count as work, probably because they don’t engage in it.

No. 1928898

Yeah tradthots and their fundiewife ancestors just shove all the work on their eldest daughters, that's how they can have such a relaxing life as a SAHM

No. 1928914

Trad and religious upbringings also produce the highest rates of inbreeding and consanguinity because they were designed to benefit the dysgenic male mating strategy. The Gulf countries are an extreme example.

No. 1928916

Don't forget all the child marriage, which the GOP is fighting to keep legal

No. 1928920

This is actually true. Some curious context for the "le babby murder" anti-abortion cows: human infants evolved to look more like their fathers phenotypically as an adaptation against male infanticide. Low IQ tradthots are invited to ponder how much male perpetrated baby murder had to happen in order to produce something like this. Your child is anticipating being memed out of existence by your moid on a genetic level.

It's also plausible that son preference could be a maladaptive culmination of anti-cuckoldry strategies (dysgenic moids requiring as much phenotypical similarity as possible, gender including), since an excess of males is bad for the species.

No. 1928926

Projection. Reminder that bangmaids literally pay money to MLMs so they can LARP as girlboss careerstacy CEOs.

Logic is by definition hard for the average tradthot, but splitting the income of a wagie husband (assuming you're even getting any cash) is still less money with more steps than being a wagie directly - even an underpaid female one.

No. 1928939

It’s really sick that they lie to impressionable girls that it’s going to be just eating bonbons in a hammock all day. I don’t care if they ruin their own lives but they should stay away from other women.

No. 1928948

Are you saying men are supposed to be cucked? Isn’t that bad, evolutionarily speaking?

No. 1928965

Sounds exactly like one of those retards who talk about how BDSM helps them let go and zone out.

No. 1928967

For the species, not really. Female driven mate selection benefits both sexes due to high reproductive costs, while male selection is inherently dysgenic and opportunistic.

For example, few incels would be incels if they didn't descend from a line of unattractive or old males who weren't intended to reproduce. The male niche as a sole source of resources has collapsed. So, in a spectacular display of male "fuck you, got mine" nature, the trad males of old frauded their way into pussy and left their sons holding the bag. Societies where males rely on consanguinity and parental help to secure a wife (China, India, etc) are currently reeling from this.

No. 1928968

I talked about this before but I’ve seen male chimps and male zebras killing offspring they suspected weren’t theirs and it’s fucking sad and scary to see. Human moids are no different imo. You have to remember that all male species are basically a pathology that exists, like a virus, to attach itself to a host and replicate clones of itself. Any offspring that doesn’t look like them, scrotes start to chimp out because it triggers their biggest existential fear aka being cucked.

There’s even evolutionary psychologists that theorize the blonde, blue eyed type woman is archetypal as the ideal feminine mate for men, because they are basically a genetic ‘blank slate’ and it’s easier for men to tell if they’ve been cucked when their wife’s genes are like that.

No. 1928972

Hypergamy and ‘dual mating strategy’ that incels theorize evolved in women is unironically good for the species. Incels bitch about it, but if women practiced it more, incels practically wouldn’t exist. Having a Chad biological father and a rich beta stepfather is extremely advantageous for the child (optimum genes and upbringing) and society (less single moms, means less criminal moids, less ugly men etc) in general. Unfortunately paternity tests means it’s harder for women to engage in this perfectly natural behavior (women literally become more attracted to handsome masculine men during ovulation)

No. 1928988

If marriage and child rearing was nothing but having dinner made and house cleaned by 9 am then spending the day relaxing then everyone would want it.This bitch is goofy as hell.
Some women rather make 4 times what your useless wagie blue collar scrote makes in some high end STEM career and take annual trips to the bahamas while you wash dishes and clean the cum stains off your scrote's boxers after he's done beating it to younger insta thots.Seeth harder that you lack the intelligence and work ethic to be anything but a maid and babysitter in exchange for some groceries and a country pumpkin house in the suburb kek.

No. 1928990

The natural consequence of this is the inevitable creation of blonde, blue eyed males who will have a harder time establishing paternity. Same goes for choosing weak, short (feminine) females that can be easily overpowered - the result will be weak and short sons. Personally, I find the whole hapa-moid drama to be the most absolutely fucking hilarious example of this effect in the lolcow sphere.It's possible that by their self deceiving and solipsistic nature, moids are biased towards believing that this won't happen because the female is an "empty vessel" of sorts. They, of course, always get fucked by the cold hard biological fact that all humans are more genetically related to their mothers than their fathers. (Yes, even patrilineality is a hilarious pussy envy cope.)

Just another example of male driven mate choice being the equivalent of kicking the can down the road.

No. 1928992

>Reminder that bangmaids literally pay money to MLMs so they can LARP as girlboss careerstacy CEOs.
Kek so true i can't tell you how many of them tried selling me their funky makeup and skin care products so they can get their sad 10%.

No. 1929152

It’s more that moids overestimate their own looks and genetic quality. Women tend to underrate themselves whereas studies have found that men overrate their own physical attractiveness.

There are plenty of attractive hapas out there but their parents are usually attractive athletic types themselves. When ugly birdboned incel white moids have failed to secure an attractive white woman and pick the first short unattractive Asian woman who gives them attention (which lets be honest is the majority of hapa parents) then yeah no shit the kids are gonna come out dysgenic because their parents were dysgenic. And that’s not even accounting for the fact most incels have extreme mental illness, most yellow fever moids have extreme mommy issues and hate their white mothers, as well as the self hating Asian women with low enough self esteem to agree to date such losers. It’s not surprising most hapas are fucked because their White dads and Asian moms usually come together out of desperation, opportunism, spite for their own races, and from feeling rejected by their own people, rather than out of love or genuine physical attraction for each other.(racebaiting)

No. 1929158

Aren’t these all incel terms though, alpha and beta and hypergamy? Like isn’t feminism about not seeing men this way?

No. 1929399

Why are trad thots obsessed with raw milk? Can someone please explain ?

No. 1929739

lactation fetish

No. 1929771

They’re just mimicking fundie moids, who like raw milk because something something government, mistrust of modern science, some weird correlation to raw food being “manlier,” and also yeah >>1929739 they almost always relate it back to human breast milk.

No. 1929779

>some weird correlation to raw food being “manlier,”
carnivore shit i get like okay you're pretending to be some sort of predator, ooh so scary etc. but the unprocessed dairy and breastmilk being more masculine and increasing muh gainz makes no sense to me. in general drinking breastmilk is baby behaviour and feels like the opposite of the carnivore raw meat philosophy. it's gotten quite popular in nazi twitter circles though and i guess it also ties in with all the speculative broscience which mainly draws its conclusions from psychotic conspiracy theories.

No. 1929783

I drink raw milk all the time but haven’t noticed any health effects. I also eat a lot of red meat but it doesn’t do much except help keep my anemia at bay. I’m also not any taller or more muscular than average for a woman.

No. 1929849

Even in monogamous or otherwise pair bonding species, there is no female animal that dispenses care to her male partner. If nothing else, the reverse is more common.

In human pairs, the male is the definition of a brood parasite - an eternal infant that expects to be cared for like he's the woman's actual offspring. Since tradcels represent male brood parasitism best, there's nothing surprising about their fetish for actual infant food.

No. 1929929

so women caretaking males isn't natural and neither is monogamy really? why do tradtards say they're retvrning to nature then?

No. 1929936

>contentious, quarrelsome and nagging
None of these words are ‘old-timey’ lol

No. 1929957

This is actually a good point. I can’t think of any other species of mammal where it’s the female’s job to dispense care and asspats to the male.

No. 1929959

File: 1700231003965.png (192.58 KB, 1080x676, 1000007051.png)

Android Raptor is now trying to drive Kiwifarmers to this thread in hopes they will help defend her against the "tradthots" that post in this thread calling out her mental illness and mommy issues, lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929961

They aren’t returning to nature kek they’re returning to a modern lifestyle that only came about after the industrial revolution in the late 19th century, where a very small number of families could afford to live off a single income and the wives stayed at home all day (and also developed ‘female hysteria’ aka depression anxiety and anger issues)

No. 1929963

No one cares about kiwifag drama or namedrops, stop derailing.

No. 1929964

File: 1700231346553.png (185.09 KB, 1080x645, 1000007052.png)

Reminder that the posters ITT seething about tradthots cooking actually edible meals for their families eat like this.

Android Raptor is of course on government gibs for her autism, which somehow makes her better than a tradthot cause she takes handouts from taxpayers instead of from a single moid.

No. 1929965

File: 1700231436511.png (568.15 KB, 1080x1558, 1000007053.png)

I think it's important to get some perspective that the anons in this thread who hate women for baking cakes on Instagram eat ramen noodles and breed cockroaches for a hobby.

No. 1929968

File: 1700231636407.png (117.5 KB, 1080x469, 1000007054.png)

No. 1929969

File: 1700231844811.png (407.81 KB, 1080x1296, 1000007055.png)

Having a husband and children is a bad choice, you should instead live like while pretending to be a career Stacy on lolcow.farm!(constant derailing about a kiwifag vendetta nobody cares about)

No. 1929971

It’s a form of autism where they obsess over conspiracy theories that the food industry is trying to murder them by putting chemicals in their food and that raw natural and organic automatically means good (even though there’s endless extremely toxic ‘organic, natural’ chemicals, plants and substances out there and also foods that can kill you when consumed raw

No. 1929975

Living off ramen noodles is obviously much better for you than living off organic homemade food. What a cope, lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929978

Having your own money and being in charge of your own life is a bad choice. You should instead enslave yourself to intellectually inferior beings that can't even wash their own butts properly, who will spent all your money on hookers and drugs and then dump you once you're outside their preferred age range.

No. 1929979

File: 1700234533594.jpg (233.26 KB, 1200x1600, cr4k0uw4w6c61.jpg)

This is what Android Raptor looks like btw, in case you were curious she also posts cosplay pics of herself in skimpy outfits on her reddit account under the same username she uses on KF cause she is retarded.

I wonder why this jobless greasy NEET seethes at the thought of women getting betabuxxed for life?(constant ban evasion)

No. 1929981

File: 1700234716627.png (106.48 KB, 1488x354, android.png)

"Having your own money is so great! I love going on vacation to Bali every year drinking champagne cause I am totally a career Stacy unlike these rich middle class trad thots!" - jobless NEET who lives in government housing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929984

File: 1700234937667.jpg (721.62 KB, 2448x3264, android2.jpg)

Don't ever get married of have children, instead you should spend your days arguing about abortion with KF moids while you eat taco shells cause you can't afford real food!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929998

Where’s the milk? We already know all know kiwis are losers and thinking she’s representative of posters here is a cope. Go to the kiwi thread if you want to sperg about some nobody.

No. 1930027

She is a self admitted frequent poster in this thread and complained on KF earlier today about being called out for it, posting screenshots on this thread. She is a deranged NEET loser who has a seething hatred for women who chose to get married and live normie lifes and calls everyone who hasn't at least had 10 abortions a "tradthot". That's the kind of loser who obsessively posts in this thread. Other KF users also admit to posting here in reply to her so idk why you pretend that lolcow and KF users are entirely different people. There is obviously lots of overlap and personally I think it's very interesting to see who is behind the anon posts.(gossip about kiwifarms users belongs in the kiwifarms thread you illiterate retard)

No. 1930032

Where am I 'seething' about these women who have a career? Good for them I guess? I'm glad that women have more choices than they used to have and they don't have to have children, be with a man or be a SAHM if they don't want to. Being a SAHM doesn't mean I'm some kind of rabid antifeminst.

No. 1930034

She looks like a 12 year old working class British boy from the 1990s whose parents for whatever reason haven't taken him for a haircut.(don't respond to bait/derailing)

No. 1930035

Are you ok? that post was directed at the tradthot's tweet not anons who are moms.

No. 1930036

Ok apologies for the misunderstanding.

No. 1930038

Ok? And I'm a married normie woman who also thinks tradthots are fetishistic weirdos. There are lots of diverse people who post here. The only obsessive ban-evading creep I see here is you.

No. 1930043

File: 1700242835650.jpg (24.19 KB, 450x299, 6108-06166571en_Masterfile.jpg)

>I think it's very interesting to see who is behind the anon posts
Yes everyone on this thread is 100% ugly autistic neets with 20 abortions NEVER EVER attractive stacy types who are in STEM careers or study in college in order to have STEM careers and are in long term relationships with men who respect their ambitions.ALL pretty sane women want to get out of sucking dick cheese less than what a crack whore could get by spending their prime years cooking, cleaning and giving birth to some bottom of the barrel scrote's retarded kids who has 60% chance of fucking them over if a younger woman smiled at him.You win (kek).>>1930027

No. 1930045

I feel bad for the farmhands having to deal with all this kiwifag autism.

No. 1930046

no she doesn't. you sound like you're trying to sound like posters here but are too young to know what you're talking about.

No. 1930047

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1930049

I feel bad for remaking this thread thinking that unhinged retard who went berzerk over the other op's shitty thread pic wouldn't be autistic enough to stalk lolcow for new threads to try to ruin.Never underestimate the level of insanity of an autistic kiwifarm's moid.

No. 1930052

Yeah keep up the LARP that you are a based career Stacy earning millions of dollars and just like to spend your downtime being a permanent online autismo obsessing over other people on lolcow farm. Very believable. Totally don't think that you're more likely to be a cockroach farming NEET.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930061

File: 1700244975567.jpg (131.24 KB, 884x425, Screenshot_20231108_192300_Ope…)

Pickme woman or larping moid?

No. 1930067

File: 1700245673477.png (52.94 KB, 863x409, 2023-11-17 (1).png)

>Was sad until i started working out
I thought being a divorced single mom with a mixed kid living in a trailor and being torn to shreds and sent gore online by your angry incel audience when your statements aren't mysogynistic enough was what women needed to be happy not working out or spending any time on self care.Is Lauren Southern a feminist now ?

No. 1930068

surprisingly not as horrific as those screenshots made it seem. she should get some IT certs and power level / become apolitical. politics and impressing moids on forums is a waste of time, you can only ever change yourself or make a small impact locally. wanting to be honest with everyone around you, even if it's sharing bad stuff about yourself, is an autist's sincere desire to connect with other people. sucks that she gives troids a pass, autistic and gender nonconforming women always have misplaced empathy for these men because they think they are as big of horrorshows as them. but overall i think she can make it

No. 1930069

If you think that I am PaladinBoo you are wrong, I hate her also for being a pick-me cunt constantly begging for attention from men. But you're also a pick-me since you are a handmaiden for trannies and actually think that women who chose to be SAHM are worse than men in dresses peeping on kids in changing rooms. Both of you suck the sweat off men's nuts in different way and shit up every thread on KF with your attentionwhoring. You should both log off forever.

No. 1930070

File: 1700245845666.jpg (35.46 KB, 480x640, android3.jpg)

>surprisingly not as horrific as those screenshots made it seem

No. 1930072

not being able to have an abortion leads to poverty and all the others, why can't men who care about poverty and homelessness compromise and understand that abortion is necessary to eliminate the number one factor that leads to downward mobility, children you can't afford.

No. 1930073

Here we go, she's going to turn this thread into another abortion debate like she does in every single thread on KF. Actual mental illness.(sage your shit)

No. 1930074

she's nerdy and has bare minimum grooming, she's probably at the same level of everyone else at the anime convention and far above the yellow teethed, greasy haired and mangy skinned autistic men in skirts. she reminds me of the women i've encountered in biology/lab type fields. i'd feel comfortable talking to this person and would actually prefer it rather than interacting with someone who is bimbo-maxxing and wearing a lot of designer.

No. 1930078

File: 1700246796704.png (395.75 KB, 794x598, arroach.png)

Here she is kissing a cockroach, she also lets them crawl around freely in her apartment.


No. 1930079

File: 1700247085543.png (149.22 KB, 250x314, android5.png)

What's worse, being a Instagram model who bakes cakes while wearing sundresses or being an autistic cockroach breeder that posts her tits on KF for incel attention after they berated you all day for your opinions on abortion?

No. 1930082

Much like "rationalists", tradtards are casualties of American education. They have no clue what "natural" or "rational" looks like, and they don't have the reading level to find out. It's no wonder that both are usually the same people at different stages in life.

Not only is it not natural, it would be directly harmful to the species. The female has limited resources between somatic maintenance and multiple offspring. Dispensing care to a male (whose genes in the form of his offspring are already fighting for the biggest chunk of the female's resources) would directly steal from his own children. Therefore, something like this could not have been specifically selected for, and could only be a maladaptive expression of normal male sexual strategy - going from parasitizing on the female to advance his genes to some sort of adult brood parasitism. Kind of like beetles fucking bottle caps, but a lot more retarded.

No. 1930083

while having a bug terrarium is off-beat, this is off-putting behavior for sure, and unsanitary. it could lead to an out of control colony that wrecks the apartment and spreads to other peoples homes. it's bad that she was able to find a place with similar people who encourage this behavior. it's also from 2007, so i hope she figured it out.

trying to fit in with autistic men on a forum is always a losing game. but she's on the level with men in that forum. tradthots are "cosplaying" for a different type of man and really vary in attractiveness. it's a business model for them at the end of the day, and none of it is real. while access to abortion is offline, and has very real consequences. it's actually kind of sad how much male autists despise their female counterparts and pedestal they type of women who are happy to take your money and views while being disgusted with you.

No. 1930084

>Kind of like beetles fucking bottle caps, but a lot more retarded.
You just had to add in the bug spergery to make sure we know it's you, kek. Literally so desperate for attention you are absolutely basking in it right now cause once again a thread about a different topic has become all about Android Raptor instead.

No. 1930085

top kek, the bangmaid thought it was about her because it applies

No. 1930087

you've character assassinated one individual, wow guess you've won.

No. 1930089

Dear bangmaid-chan,

Not every mention of insects has to do with your special interest. I believe you, you're very happy and better than that other bottom of the barrel kiwifag. I would assume that you even have more positive "reaction" emoji thingies than she does, so you're definitely the Stacy here. Pop a xanny and do some light reading:


No. 1930093

File: 1700248396623.jpg (38.7 KB, 500x500, artworks-000457715517-8b515m-t…)

You're trying your best to get this thread locked up by sperging and accusing anons of being some deranged kiwifarms user nobody heard of on multiple vpn's even after you were banned several times and called a ban evading moid retard by the admins.
Why do you care so much that people are hating on tradthots like Estee on here while she got famous from the backlash she recieves outside of anon forums from all kinds of people ?
You're so fucking pathetic and mentally ill,sir.

No. 1930099

Nobody is trying to get this thread locked, schizo. It was only locked in the first place because you keep sperging out like a retard and infighting with other users instead of actually posting tradthot milk because every time someone doesn't call for total death of all women who dare to even date a man you lose your fucking mind and blogpost about your life. You do the same derailing on KF cause you are MENTALLY ILL.

No. 1930100

Imagine trying to blend in here by using boomer tier reaction images, it's really embarrassing. Cockroach hands typed those posts.

No. 1930107

>No u
I never had a kiwifarms account in my life and never lashed out on women who date men on here.You're the one spamming the thread with posts about some degenerate bitch that posts on your cum dumpster fire of a website even after anons and admins kept telling you that they don't fucking care and banned you.You're the definition of mental illness and going on your unhinged rants about how everyone calling you out has a farm of roaches and posts thirst traps on incel sites are proof.I'm done.If you reply to this then you're beyond pathetic.

No. 1930109

You seem extremely mad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930114

Stop fucking sperging and shitting up the thread you retards. I just wanna laugh at retarded tradthots but you fucking autists keep schizoposting about some kiwi user.

No. 1930118

File: 1700251635810.png (683.52 KB, 625x1072, HAHAHHAHAHA.png)

estee williams using crusty ass dead flowers as home decor

No. 1930139

Everyone please ignore the cockroach who can't read, we keep banning it. Continue talking about relevant topics and report offtopic posts without responding. Thank you

No. 1930146

Because they literally masturbate to our suffering. Also they want more impoverished unprotected children to rape.

No. 1930148

Can narcs even feel sadness? Genuine question.

No. 1930150

This is true. I’ve worked in an orphanage and it’s heartbreaking to see so many unwanted children. 80% of them will never be adopted either, especially the ones with more complex needs. It’s insane to me that breeders think the world needs more humans when we can’t even look after the children that already exist.

No. 1930170

Single? Wait, what did I miss?

No. 1930175

Ah yes, a dead and half rotted grocery store bouquet is just like an intentional dry floral arrangement.

No. 1930188

Damn this thread is the real cockroach. It attracts the same triggered retards trying to shut it down over and over and it keeps on surviving. Good job nonnas.

No. 1930198

Kek, your late. Months ago her moid ditched her and her child and was apparently a deadbeat.

No. 1930199

Common tradthot L, I dunno what I expected

No. 1930230

I would have ditched her too if I was married to her. She’s so annoying.

No. 1930245

My husband supports our family on one income but we own a business together and mostly he works from home and he is fully hands on with both childcare and housework. I do bookkeeping for him so I suppose I “work” but it’s for our family. It’s definitely a dying thing.(blogpost)

No. 1930248

It does frankly taste much better. We buy it because it’s easier to digest but tbh it’s creamier and fresher tasting.(blogpost)

No. 1930276

Being a "narc" is about constant low-grade butthurt gnawing at your core sense of self, so yes?

No. 1930279

Reminder that every time a gaggle of smeglets has a "model government" at school, literally the first thing they do is repeal the 19th.

If there's a gender wholly incapable of compartmentalizing their reproductive interests from policy, it (unfortunately) ain't women.

No. 1930281

I'm pretty sure some of the less insane people who drink raw milk do so because they believe break outs in disease were due to the conditions in which the milk was farmed and extracted, not the milk itself. Pasturisation kills some of the nutrients so in order to prevent that they source milk from a fresher/cleaner smaller scale source as oppose to industrial scale milk. I don't personally drink raw milk, but I can see the logic behind it. And if you're apprehensive about the risks you can always just stick to pasturised milk. I don't think there's anything inherently conspiratorial about it personally.

No. 1930350

That’s not sadness tho. Narcs can feel externally directed emotions like rage, shame, anger, jealousy etc. But they can’t feel personal/private emotions like sadness, grief, guilt, love etc. I can see why an emotionally stunted narc might confuse jealousy and shame for sadness tho.

No. 1930467

You also need raw milk to make cheese and some people like to make their own cheese instead of buying Kraft singles at Walmart, but apparently being self sufficient and not eating highly processed garbage makes you a "tradthot".

No. 1930705

Nobody make their own cheese lol shut up

No. 1930706

Lol this thread attracts the worst autists on the internet, who tf gets this defensive about cheese

No. 1930711


Who aren't making cheese or any other appealing food since they suck at cooking.

No. 1930716

you don’t need raw milk to make cheese, pasteurized whole milk works fine

No. 1930721

>raw milk
Already refuted >>1930716
Do you have a cow? Or a goat?
>highly processed garbage
I hate that processing they do when they encase the mouldy blooming cheese in wax. Disgusting. What next? Mould IN the cheese?
People do make their own cheese. Soft cheeses are simpler than hard cheeses (cottage cheese can be made on the stove easily without rennet).
This is lolcow, home of the female autist.
I think we are supposed to report derails but >>1930118 non-milk like this gets posted so I'm not sure what I expected scrolling past. Fuck them dried flowers.

No. 1930739

99.9% of people do not make their own cheese ffs much less lazy tradthots who shop at costco kek

No. 1930760

>This is lolcow, home of the female autist.
Not everyone here is an autist some of us just like lurking sometimes and laughing at internet losers.
For real lol imagine getting pressed about something like that.Only tradthots are that autistic over muh homemade cooking

No. 1930778

Because the trad men are next question.

No. 1930855

Men oppose abortion primarily to make sure women suffer "consequences" for having sex. That's literally their only real goal, and why forced birthers are so uninterested in making birth control more available or sex ed mandatory, even though these things are proven to significantly lower abortion rates. As far as they're concerned, poverty and a lifetime of suffering is what a woman deserves for touching a penis other than his.

No. 1930867

Men also oppose it because it makes it harder for them to babytrap a woman/child bride in a relationship with his nasty ass. Abortion makes it much easier for women to leave abusive relationships than having a kid does.

No. 1930881

File: 1700416784390.jpg (80.77 KB, 640x1083, m01cnt0jlc0c1.jpg)

Estee confirmed as pro-forcing 10 y/os to give birth

No. 1930882

File: 1700416809567.jpg (78.7 KB, 640x949, jwho62so9y0c1.jpg)

No. 1930887

>I don’t believe you can make a traumatic experience better with another traumatic experience
Raising a child you don’t want for years is a much more traumatic experience than one medical procedure

No. 1930890

Plus is traumatic for the child since it spends its formative years dependent on someone that doesn't want and resents it

Not that trads are known for giving a single fuck about not traumatizing and abusing their children.

No. 1930893

File: 1700419025849.jpg (92.37 KB, 640x887, 7q8hh9ugng0c1.jpg)


No. 1930894

Do they also support gouging the eyes out of leering men?

No. 1930897

I love watching the audiences of these women seethe when there is emphasis on them also wanting a "trad" husband.

No. 1930899

Tradthots are pedos of the "helpmeet" type.
Women who have been pregnant resent hearing this, which is why it's generally impossible to discuss this in any circles, but pregnancy will permanently change your health and lifespan trajectory. The consequences of fast life history in girls are well known and particularly devastating. It seems like these typhoid, sponge-brained hags just want to spread their own kind of poz to healthy hosts.

No. 1930904

Some of them, like Lori, strongly give the impression they want all women to be as miserable as she is. These women barely hide how much they resent their children.

No. 1930905

File: 1700421424161.jpg (122.49 KB, 640x1126, psu8j1l37j0c1.jpg)

Who wants to bet her kid(s) cut contact they second they leave home?

No. 1930910

Oh god she’s illiterate

No. 1930911

Boy is she gonna love watching her kids dye their hair blue, take out 300k in student loans and spend them on rent in NYC.

No. 1930915

File: 1700423050068.jpg (175.78 KB, 640x1088, gkqiooafco0c1.jpg)

No. 1930917

File: 1700423124927.png (12.57 KB, 625x359, kpwf8pvxsqzb1.png)

Pearl your entire existence has been from handouts.

No. 1930918

>Nagging, proselytizing TL;DR

Every time

No. 1930921

I'd be very surprised if microchimerism didn't play a part in this, at least evolutionary origin wise. It could be a simple case of social crabbing, but it seems a lot more visceral than that.

When your body is colonized by what's essentially a pathogen, it's not unheard of to alter your behavior and beliefs around advancing the interests of said pathogen.

No. 1930922

File: 1700423475282.png (40.09 KB, 709x332, something a wicked witch would…)

Is it living in Dubai that makes her so openly psycho now? It's funny how she obsesses over Disney princesses while saying the most villainous shit imaginable. Megha's idolization of the "perfect woman" portrayed in fairy tales is skin deep because that's her biggest insecurity.

No. 1930923

This but with men

No. 1930929

How many abortions do you think she's had?

No. 1930930

Pregnancy and birth are also way more traumatic than a 15 minute D&C or an induced period, especially for a fucking child. Even planned, wanted pregnancies of well-prepared adult women with loving partners cause a massive amount of pain and damage.
This is just a part of her tradwife fetish play for the moids she debases herself for, she hasn't really thought this through. I have no doubt Estee would have zero issues getting an abortion if she felt like having one, if she hasn't had one already. Considering how often "prolife" bimbos get abortions, she might have multiple under her belt at this point kek

No. 1930940

I wish she would commit to her anti-woman pro-patriarchy larp and stop having opinions

No. 1930944

No. 1930975

Real talk? Like, without meme assumptions about her no doubt sky high body count? Given what we know about how human reproduction works, probably hundreds. Exposure to seminal plasma and multiple aborted conceptions (chemical pregnancies) are necessary to deplete the female immune system enough for pregnancy.

It's the rationale behind the common doctor's advice to do raw dog cohabitation for a year before worrying about infertility.

No. 1930983

Sure,carrying the spawn of the scrote who raped you for 9 months and tearing your genitals to give birth to them is wayyyy less traumatic than getting a an abortion.Fuck this retarded bitch.She will say anything to pander to her incel orbiters.

No. 1930986

I see it being connected to flexing being able to digest lactose, especially if it's naziposters. Either that or it's because if you keep your own cow or goat, you can be "self sufficient" by producing this food yourself. Kinda like eggs from your own chickens.

No. 1930993

>Liberals aren't retarded enough to pop out kids in this economy and want to live their best life instead without the burden of kids while conservative retards who lack critical thinking have kids they can't afford then homeschool them hoping they won't rebel against them once they're teenagers and adopt liberal views ignoring the fact that a lot of liberals had conservative parents

There fixed it.

No. 1930999

>Making a woman give birth to her rapist's baby is unfair but guess what life isn't fair
>Aborting a baby just cause their father was a bad man is unfair
Pure retardation.Her parents are related.
>The purpose of sex is children if you don't like it keep your clothes on
She's gonna be thrilled to know about those childfree couples where the guy gets the snip so they can raw dog all the time lmfao

No. 1931001

These threads always end up being too much.Knowing there are women with such low self esteem and disgusting sexist takes is just sad.

No. 1931017

because we all know teens always agree with their parents politics.

No. 1931030

This isn’t true at all lol.

No. 1931032

I have never heard of a single good person ever living in Dubai. It’s where every other country sends its nouveau riche scum.

No. 1931034

I agree nona, these tradthots are horrorcows.

It’s like watching a mentally ill person self mutilating for attention and sexual gratification. The trad lifestyle is the horseshoe equivalent of the bdsm lifestyle, both are disgusting fetish movements for the lowest of the low misogynistic men and self hating mentally unhinged weirdo women with no self esteem.

No. 1931038

File: 1700441545715.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x2008, IMG_1198.jpeg)

this has to be the most embarrassing shit ever. she’s filming herself fake cleaning a toilet for an insta reel. does anyone else find this kind of trad content attention seeking?

No. 1931066

If pretending to clean a toilet for IG is the most free she's ever felt, that's not exactly something that will sell her lifestyle to other women.

No. 1931075


Oh you know she’s getting roasted to death in the comments

No. 1931084

This looks like it was written by moid hands, especially how little they care about rapists being fathers, forcing women to be mothers and rape just being something for women to tough it out. Either she had multiple abortions and needs to overcompensate online for clout or it’s a moid with a fetish

No. 1931091

my fucking sides this picture should be an automatic reply to every tardthot posting here

No. 1931133

Imagine hating yourself that much fucking yikes

No. 1931142

I've seen tradthots oppose abortions even in cases of tween girls being raped because "you're still killing an innocent baby uwu", I would not be surprised if she wrote it.

No. 1931191

Elon musk still publicly thirsting over his hot blonde feminist ex who dumped him must really hurt his fangirl Lauren chen kek
Moids don't care about your opinions they care about how hot you are and when you're hot you don't need to pander to them or shit on other women like you and Pearl do.You never got as big as Southern cause you're not as attractive even with all that filler.That's the ugly truth.She'll never be white or simped for like Southern no wonder she's such a seething failed pick me who results to extreme sexist statements to stay relevant.

No. 1931192

Oliveoilqueen (Mia Arena) never used to be very milky, she was kind of a harmless health nut but she went full Trad, got married to a guy who calls himself Tan Man and owns a tortilla chip brand, is now pregnant, her posts have begun to REEK of 'I'm better than you'.

The crunchy to barefoot and chained to the stove pipeline is real. Depressing. She used to look full of life, now she just looks dirty.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1931197

post screencaps

No. 1931208

It's a fetish account, isn't it?

No. 1931209

More on this?

No. 1931216

File: 1700498069331.jpg (90.1 KB, 640x640, f7pqyhf9jf0c1.jpg)


No. 1931217

File: 1700499421582.gif (3.28 MB, 640x476, oh-god-its-pathetic.gif)

No. 1931218

Surely this is a parody.

No. 1931221

>frowns (needs to smile more)
>wants less than 12 children
>has too many plants
>knows what a twerk is
>owns pants
>bought into #metoo
this cannot be real

No. 1931225

How is any of this supposed to be appealing? Tradtards really suck at marketing their lifestyle.

No. 1931226

an incel wrote it

No. 1931227

I mean tradcels are basically a form of incel but even conservatards try to shill some abstract ‘benefits’, trads are like you’ll be under my foot, that’s my offer. Sort of nice of them to be so honest, in a way.

No. 1931232

Based, more moids joining the male loneliness epidoomic.
Some tradtards have been trying to shill it as a "designer clad trophy wife" thing, forgetting that women like that have a utilitarian view of men and would see any normal online tradthot as a mentally ill dumpster diving L taker.

No. 1931247

File: 1700509262494.gif (1.25 MB, 220x393, 1631572052391.gif)

>wanted to free Britney
>owns pants
>has student debt
KEK It has to be satire there's no way

No. 1931255

How to get a low value slave for a wife. Lol, no sororities, really? Is marrying into wealthy conservative families a no-no too because then her dad would be the “true” patriarch?

No. 1931257

>won't veil during mass
>social media profile pic supports a cause (any)
>sings at mass

it's a good shitpost tbh

No. 1931282

I would say that the profile pic should only be with their 18 children, but he's made it clear that Mommy isn't allowed a phone in her dungeon.

No. 1931296

>correcting me in public
as misogynistic as the average normie scrote is i think even they would agree whoever wrote this was a whiny insecure little faggot kek. not very alpha to throw a mantrum after being corrected.

No. 1931334

Humans naturally have an embryo death rate of like 70%. All women "murder" embryos, and religious breeding cows kill the most of all, simply by having the most attempted conceptions. This was almost certainly written by moid hands but it does crack me up how the forced birth bimbos who claim to believe embryos are holy and innocent kill way more than the average "sexually immoral" woman, kek

No. 1931351

"Got fat" better date one of those "bitter childfree women" because look at what having those 12 kids is gonna do to anyone's body….

No. 1931354

"We want a higher birthrate! Have kids even if you don't want them!"

Like if people raise your precious birthrate you have zero right to complain about how they raise the kid. I thought it didn't matter to these people if a 10 year old births a rape baby that doesn't have a father as long as their birthrate is going up? Why care if a kid is in daycare?

No. 1931472

kek so true.They almost always cheat on their 'self sacrificing' wives with a carefree childless woman if one smiles their way but would also shit on childfree women cause they won't let scrotes burden them with their inferior genes.They like having their cake and eating too.I feel bad for mothers in hetero couples.

No. 1931474

I can’t find the post but one of these trad lunatics was arguing that you’re never too poor to birth a ton of kids. Just feed them beans and give them cardboard to play with. Don’t worry about feeding the toddlers and babies, just give them some from your plate.

No. 1931475

>other options for women who can’t be a mother
She’s barren. I fucking knew it. Either that or her fag husband can’t even get it up enough to thumb it in.

No. 1931476

Which one would you rather go for a drink with? I’ll take the autistic cockroach breeder.

No. 1931530

I lost a friend recently and everytime I see this dumb cunt I wonder why the world is so unfair and it couldn't have been a evil bitch like her that dropped dead instead.(alogging)

No. 1931626

You're onto something.
This bitch is claiming they plan on having their first child in 2024 (she posted it all over her account) which is kinda sus cause real trad women just let it happen and get pregnant almost right after marriage cause children are a blessing and you need to have them as soon as possible uwu.
She's probably struggling with getting knocked up cause she's a bitter infertile hag with no eggs left barren women are some of the most bitter nasty bitches out there their seething hatred of other women who can get pregnant easy is just massive especially if said women abort or just choose to not have any kids at all.
No wonder she thinks 10 year olds should be forced to give birth.

No. 1931628

Pearl has very low self esteem cause she's ugly and shaped like a brick wall she hates other women cause she'll never look like a real woman and will always resemble a troon.
Her karma will get her eventually.You can't be this much of an awful person and end up happy.
You get what you put out in the world.

No. 1931634

I still believe that Pearl is 100% a troll. You can't be as young, educated and stemming from such a good and rather privileged family as her and genuinely believe all that. If she was a moid sure, but not as a young woman.
Imo sometimes you even see that she get's a little nervous or even scared when telling particularly provoking takes during interviews or podcasts, because she of course knows it's wrong. I just wonder how her parents deal with this.

No. 1931656

pretending to be a shitty misogynist for clout is probably the only thing as bad as actually being a shitty misogynist

No. 1931692

This. There’s no difference. Tinfoil nonas saying ‘NO PEARL IS ACTUALLY BASED SHES JUST AN EXPERT TROLL, ITS PERFORMANCE ART’ need to stfu, troll or not she’s actively harming women and encouraging moid violence

No. 1931694

Well said nona. 1 in 6 pregnancies spontaneously abort during the first 10 weeks and most women don’t even realize.

No. 1931745

File: 1700606916444.jpg (56.69 KB, 320x448, 7x76w6qqvk1c1.jpg)

No. 1931775

This shit is so dumb and ungrateful that I can't believe I read until the end. Cool, she could be a preachy housewife after all, so it didn't make her an unmarriageable shrew. College doesn't make women less skilled at the intrinsic art of cuddling, either. She should be roasting her mother for not sending her to geisha concubine school if she really wants to get that paypig attention.

No. 1931792

Not reading that entire retarded post i cringed so hard at the user name alone.It's rich that this bitch is complaining about having the chance to attend college and have her own agency while women in third world countries would kill for that chance to not have to slave for some ugly moid and his mom in order to eat.

No. 1931809

Any bets on how long until we get a random update from this account saying how her scrote beat her and her children so had to leave but is now homeless and can’t provide for her kids because she believes she wouldn’t need money or a back up plan. It happens all the time but until it happens to her, I doubt she cares about that

No. 1931826

If she's like ComfySarah she'll just end up going back to the scrote, who will probably eventually murder her and the kids

No. 1931844

Tradthots confirmed as mommy issues havers who hate women. Just as suspected. They’re the equivalent of incels.

No. 1931938

Yikes. I can see the future 20 years from now, when she’s complaining on the internet that her ungrateful daughters somehow never call or visit

No. 1931964

Reminds me of a nona in a previous thread who pointed out that most tradthots deeply hate and resent their moms, and that only a woman who hates her own mother could wish a life of being a bangmaid broodmare domestic slave on other women. Women who actually love their moms and came from a trad background can empathize better with their mothers struggles and usually don’t want such a servitudal life for other women, let alone themselves.

Even the tradthots who don’t blatantly hate their moms seem to have very overbearing narc moms with whom they have a weird codependent relationship and crave approval. These are the type of girls who couldn’t keep female friendships in their youth because they were such unpleasant obnoxious NLOGs, despite screeching about how ‘agreeable’ and ‘docile’ and sweet and pleasant the ideal women should be.

No. 1931969

Weird how these cunts claim to be counterculture, yet all their posts and usernames seem like they were written by AI, prompted to sound like a creepy handmaiden placenta cult propaganda pamphlet.

No. 1931970

I’ve seen her pictures and she’s a whale, her scrote probably already uses that as an excuse to cheat on her/watch porn. All tradthots husbands are coomers who Jesus would have said need their eyes gouged out.(screenshots)

No. 1931974

Kek, Megha is just a typical edgy antisocial aspie femcel trying to larp as a hyperfeminine coquette Stacy Disney housewife.

Have you seen her interviews? She has flat affect and looks totally dead inside, talks like an awkward school shooter incel, 100%. If she hadn’t been sucked into the tradthot cult and become so desperate to lock down a white paypig, she definitely would have ended up another autistic goffick wattpad girl sitting in Starbucks, hair over one eye, writing extensive Superwholock fanfiction while trying to look all mysterious, or lurking r/historyporn and r/bookporn.

No. 1931979

Is Peter Thiel a funder of Evie Magazine by any chance? It’s an extremely boring tradthot adjacent online zine that feels like it was written by AI, with a dose of pickme shit and conspiracy theories thrown in. I’ve been seeing a lot of tradthots plugging it recently and it all seems very forced, super obvious advertising they got paid to shill. Bit strange that such a shitty web zine is getting astroturfed even by bigger alt right trad cows like Eva.

No. 1931980

Shes retarded lol. Conservative American women have, on average, only 0.25 more children than liberal women. That also includes older conservative women who had WAY more kids in the past than younger conservative women do nowadays. Even Mormons, who are supposed to be literal broodmares from puberty, only have 2.8 kids on average.

Millennial tradthots are a hoot! They can’t even fulfil their vow of promising to become baby factory cumdumps. At most nu gen tradthots shit out 1-2 kids max by their thirties. If they’re not lifting the balls of their barely there hubby who wanks to 14 year old tiktok thots, they’re screeching erreday on social media about how fulfilling motherhood is and how evil feminists are just jealous that they get to mop up puke and shit all day.

No. 1931981

>is someone who posts on tiktok just trying to seek attentio-
Yes. The answer is always yes, nona. Tradthots stop existing when they aren’t being observed.

No. 1931983

>there is one single simple issue women are not willing to compromise on because of how directly it affects them and refuse to discuss other issues until that one is addressed
>very rational thinkers who care about the economy, crime, homelessness etc choose to whine and continue to lose votes instead of doing basic political calculus and ceding on that so they can move on
whatever it is, it's retarded.

No. 1931985

File: 1700648451620.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1879, IMG_0761.jpeg)


You weren’t kidding. I thought trad wives were supposed to be in shape?

She had a baby, but her scene doesn’t believe in excuses.

No. 1931986

Horse girl to femcel edgelord to anachan to crunchy to holistic quack to tradthot to placenta cult to trailer park single mom victim pipeline seems to be almost comically common life path for these women.

Could it be to do with the fact all those groups have cluster B personality disorders as a strong comorbidity?

No. 1931988

File: 1700648667860.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_0760.jpeg)

No. 1931989

chat is this real?(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1931991

Lmfao. Oh well, at least you’ll have your paypig to rely on, right BAS? Nothing better for a marriage than moids being pressured to support their wife and household on a single income in the 2023 economy. That won’t increase tension or resentment in your marriage at all!

Also hearty kek @
>go full retard on public forum
>surprised when you get booted from your job

Gotta love how tradthots are all guns n freedums but reee when their company decides to exercise their right to fire them for violating their policies. Tradwhores bash us and claim modern women can’t take responsibility for their own actions, but cry and play victim when their mouth gets them into something their ass can’t handle. Karma is a bitch!

No. 1931992

I lost it when I saw one of the replies to said tweet that just said ’you were working?’ Kek.

No. 1931993

Girl child is wearing pants, how untrad of her! She also seems to have short masculine hair… Seems like someone bent to the liberal genderbent propaganda.

No. 1931995

kekkkk, they are always super ugly and/or insecure about something else (like education). this is just like on nazi viking larper twitter where the ugliest men and women are often the loudest and most aggressive about how inferior other "races" are and they're always coming up with new copes to explain how their flaws and shortcomings are akshually based features of muh germanic aryan ancestry and lifestyle. the same way tradthots are all fat ugly dropouts and failed girlbosses who couldn't compete with the normies and therefore have to cope by trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are somehow better because of what they're lacking.

No. 1931996

Maybe I’m thinking of a different chick but wasn’t BAS the one financially supporting her deadbeat bf?

No. 1931999

Tradthots seemed to have missed the memo that moids are innately disgusted by women who act subserviently towards them because it makes the woman seem lower value than himself, which repulses men on a biological and psychological level. Hypergamy is just as much if not moreso a scrotal trait.

Moids are inclined to chase trophies that are out of their reach and once they attain it or that previous trophy gets dinged it loses value and they start getting bored and wanting a new one. Which is why smart women don’t bother to engage in such a stupid, rigged game unless they are the ones fully in control and the moid worships her.

Look at the kind of woman who mindbreaks ‘high status’ scrotes and destroys them and has them yearning for years or a lifetime after. It’s never the obedient asslicker pickmes, it’s always the self respecting, take no shit, ‘cunt’ women who asserted their boundaries and left the scrotes hanging.

You see it all the time with famous scrotes for example. It wasn’t pickme Claire or Shivon or Talulah who mindbroke Elon, it was the untameable rebellious ‘shrew’ aka Amber.

No. 1932000

Kek, so true. Everyone in trad twt circlejerk is a massive loser. Same level of mental illness as ed twt and other e-cults, except binging and purging on haplogroups, race theory, evopsych and other garbage moid astrology woowoo.

What’s worse is most of these men and women are in their 30s and 40s or even older and should be old enough to know better, yet somehow dont.(3 back-to-back redditspaced waffling posts + spoonfeeding request)

No. 1932002

File: 1700651606685.png (252.11 KB, 589x617, bas.png)

I'm unsure if it's better to post a screenshot and risk a "no doxxing family members" ban or not post one and risk a "this is an imageboard" ban kek but I'm procrastinating work scrolling her media tab keeping your job - just one small perk of not being unhinged online and it always cracks me up that RW men are constantly whining about "ugly" brownish women in media and calling them "mystery meat" while the girls going "yaaasss king" all tend to be racially ambiguous themselves. She posted pictures of her own mother, and… https://twitter.com/bronzeageshawty/status/1603962458992828416 She also posted nothing but "ironically" heavily edited selfies until recently

No. 1932004

LOL the polcels who spout that racist garbage would drag their balls through broken glass to have a woman, ANY WOMAN, show interest in them, even if she was black as night. Even the most jaded self hating ethnic tradthots know deep down that all these men are losers who are desperate for a whiff of vagina and would immediately put all their ‘scientific racism’ to the side for a crumb of pussy of ANY color or description.

Typical moid cognitive dissonance to bitch about the ‘muttifying’ of the white race and try to get women who racemix fired from their jobs, while making mental exceptions for themselves and their own inability to secure an attractive white woman and ‘carry on the white race’. As much as a tradthot as women like Eva are, she’s nowhere near as desperate and self denigrating or bitter and angry as the brown girls, because she knows she’s attractive and valuable and that 99% of men would lay over hot coals for her to walk on.

No. 1932006

still keking at the fact megha’s sperm donor is a 40 year old creep who was stalking and dm’ing potentially hundreds of girls, yet megha was the only one desperate enough to reply to his ass

No. 1932014

Eva is not that beautiful to me, she has pretty eyes and nice coloring, but her face is kind of British and piggy looking imo. Mogs all the other tradwhores lookswise for sure, but let’s face it, that isn’t exactly a hard feat since they’re all a bunch of dead eyed plain jane hags.

Still, I bet it really cuts Disney reject ethnic wannabe wignat chicks like Lauren Chen and Megha deep, when they see a pretty blonde girl ‘Disney princess’ like Eva being simped for infinitely more than they ever will, simply for existing and being white and pretty. When Megha said ‘girls shouldn’t follow pretty girls on social media because it just inspires envy’ we all know she’s projecting that she will never be the blonde and white Stacy like she so desperately wishes kek.

Eva is legitimately just a grifter imo and on the Thiel payroll too, but at least she doesn’t film herself scrubbing toilet bowls or hornypost on main about how much she loves being subjugated by men! Unlike how pathetic brown tradthots have to resort to in order to get any attention. Their tryhardness in attempting to overcome their ethnic handicap when appealing to Nazis just makes them come across even lower value.

No. 1932015

Reminds me of when BAP bitched out what he called, ‘dead eyed mutt beigeoids’ when his gf/beard Dasha is literally that exact description kek.

The more men complain about something the more they usually harbor a latent attraction to that trait which they are ashamed of and try to deflect by aggressively hating on it. Just typical moid reverse psychology 101. They’re very predictable creatures.(Again posting 4 times in a row. This isn't your chatroom)

No. 1932022

100% of the comments I saw were roasting her for the toilet scrubbing post, one said “your hair is hanging over the toilet, you need to submit to a scrunchie or a hair clip” kek

No. 1932024

For all of their rants about being uwu sweet & submissive, tradthots are some of the most bitter abrasive women on the internet. Berating strangers about their lifestyle choices is a masculine trait if anything. A normie woman who lives in the burbs, works as a nurse, has 2 kids and posts “live laugh love” memes is unironically more pleasant and feminine than these freaks, even though they’d mock her for being an evil career hag.

No. 1932043

>implying she can actually get pregnant

No. 1932050

BAP is a Romanian which is literally beigeoid gypsyoid mystery meat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1932052

File: 1700662155606.gif (4.89 MB, 442x246, ezgif.com-gif-maker(4).gif)

She's supposedly a TRUE and HONEST woman who looks like this

No. 1932065

File: 1700663437465.gif (503.67 KB, 318x213, 3bf66ee5214cbd361855f0c79c1d7d…)

Where's the feminine ?? this bitch looks like Danny Devito in a wig LMAOOOOOO

I said it once and i'll say it again only ugly bicthes have to go to such extremes to get picked by bottom men.That's why beautiful women get away with being mean/evil.

No. 1932068

100% agree lol They seeth haaard at women like eva getting simped for based off their looks only they need to shit out retarded takes online that incels would agree with and they barely get any attention and if they do it's never famous right wing moids like Musk or Walsh it's always broke fat ugly neckbeards.Bottom of the barrel women for bottom of the barrel men.

No. 1932070

I've seen troons more woman-looking than her kek(nitpick + unsaged)

No. 1932077

If it makes you feel better her life is probably a fate worse than death. A fat, masculine ogre that no one will ever love. Even the homeless man dumped her for being a desperate whore with high body count.

No. 1932091

She should be happy she gets to live out her submissive tradwife fantasy now! No more godless girlboss career for you. But hey, I’ve heard scrubbing toilets alone all day feels remarkably freeing.

No. 1932094

File: 1700668162832.jpg (95.87 KB, 561x768, ueyuslvrmt1c1.jpg)

No. 1932097

Here’s what she would be missing out on

- Having brutal amounts of STDs from the hookers her cheated on her with
- Having an unhealthy model of a relationship for her children considering in her Bible infidelity is considered a grave sin
- Possibly being murdered by a mistress so she can run off with her husband
- A life full of drama from homewreckers trying to break apart her marriage

No. 1932101

File: 1700669234693.jpg (40.56 KB, 640x987, 69qfuigcrz0c1.jpg)

Can't say I've ever felt that feminine urge

No. 1932103

File: 1700669483571.jpeg (18.2 KB, 298x298, IMG_2127.jpeg)

Riddle me this, tardthots. You claim that ‘women are naturally subservient’ but if women were naturally submissive, you wouldn’t need laws to keep them out of education and public life, they would do so willingly. If a woman’s natural state is chained to the stove broodmare why aren’t all women doing so right now?

No. 1932110

nonna don't you know its da joos who're peddling cultural marxist postmodernist feminism to them through the media and the education system to destroy the family and western civilization?? the power of dangerous commie sjw woke ideas have obviously melted their brains. or maybe it's full android mind control through bill gates' vaxx chips. they all need alpha males to deprogram them bcs women can't be trusted to think for themselves or act in their own best interests.

No. 1932128

Yes, there was more info about it in a past leftcows thread

No. 1932145

File: 1700675876425.jpg (79.98 KB, 640x1384, 58etha54rs1c1.jpg)

No. 1932154

Riddle me another thing, tradthots. If your lifestyle is so desirable, why does it need to be pitched so hard? No one needs to be convinced to have money or a lot of fun, people just kind of want those things naturally. If anything, a message against fun and money exists so people wouldn't pursue them recklessly.

So why is it that you need this much effort to sell your "blessed" existence of washing toilets with your hair, ripping ass to clit from 3 kids, never having one orgasm and instead being content with eating smegma from an uncut sewer pipe dick that's been in 50 hookers? Maybe if you went to girlboss university and got a marketing degree you'd be better at it, kek

No. 1932155

forgot sage, don't behead me

No. 1932165

File: 1700678138415.jpg (94.9 KB, 1200x675, covered.jpg)

>ripping ass to clit from 3 kids, never having one orgasm and instead being content with eating smegma from an uncut sewer pipe dick that's been in 50 hookers

No. 1932209

They direct all their narcissistic rage and resentment and jealousy they feel towards their hubbies jerking off to porn and e-thots towards other women instead of their moid. They’re like those battered women that start lashing out at everyone besides their abuser.

No. 1932214

Kek tradthots confirmed cucks. Pathetic.

Good point

>this culture doesn’t need career women
Actually it needs career women more than ever because the average moid is such a lazy failmale that’s he’s living in his moms basement and jerking off to anime girls all day at 35 nowadays. Governments are literally panicking because so many lazy coomer moid parasites have dropped out of the workforce and taxes aren’t being paid. But somehow men naturally being inclined to parasitism is women’s fault.

They can’t even LARP their own lifestyle right, honestly. Poser noob level spoiled firstie retard brats who would start screeching and run away crying if their anthropologie dress got muddy or if they had to prepare meat that wasn’t already prepackaged and cut up for them.

No. 1932215

Why are Indians so white worshipping? Both the men and women are like this, although I’d say the men are worse for it. They’d literally worship a packet of chips if it had a picture of someone with blonde hair and blue eyes on the front. Do they not realize how pathetic it makes them seem? You can’t claim to be proud of your heritage when you spend every waking moment trying to erase it.

No. 1932216

>Kek tradthots confirmed cucks. Pathetic.
Gotta let your hubby get away with beating it to younger e-thots and cheating or else he'll cut the gravy train and send you to single mom galore kek not saying they won't do that even if they let them cheat.All tradthots have below zero self worth.

No. 1932219

Tinfoil but I genuinely think tradthots like Megha and Lauren are cuckqueans who allow their scrotes to openly cheat on them. It would explain why they’re fine with their partners being shameless coomers and how they also tend to attention seek and flirt with other men on Twitter and such.

No. 1932221

Tradthots will tolerate a lot in their relationships cause to them ending up as a single mom is taking a huge L and getting humbled their narcissim and delusions of grandeur could never allow it so they let their moids walk all over them.Surprised Lauren southern got divorced and became a single mom tho her moid must have been really awful kek

No. 1932226

She legit looks depressed as fuck sometimes. Either she’s infertile or her husband is a fag who won’t give her a kid, I almost feel bad for Estee at times. But then she tries to justify forced pregnancy for rape and incest victims and I go back to hating her. Good luck telling your hypothetical 10 year old daughter who was gangraped by a pack of feral moids that she needs to birth her rape baby for Jesus or else she’ll burn in hell.

No. 1932233

She's get her daughter an abortion 100% lol pro life retards are only pro life when it's not them,their daughters or their husbands side chick.

No. 1932239

This, you can tell tradthots don’t believe a word of their own bullshit and if her daughter was raped she’d be straight down the abortion clinic no problem, these cunts just parrot whatever they know will get their audience of horny Christian coomers off most, in this case moids who get their jollies from imagining little girls being raped and forced to give birth. It’s literally just paypig fetish content at this point, no different to an onlyfans whore taking requests and feigning responses.

No. 1932240

Did Lauren not get a bag in divorce? Oh wait, tardthots are too retarded to at least marry for money. Their pitch is literally "be a slave for free" followed by malding about nobody falling for it.

No. 1932242

Lauren is an awful person, only right that she attracted awful men. I imagine she must be very narcissistic and difficult to live with, her husband was probably a narc too and he probably just thought getting married was the right thing to do and never really loved her. Tradthots are huge proponents of loveless shotgun marriages because being a single mom is the most evil and worst thing a woman can possibly be.

No. 1932245

And even worse that she admits she was FIGHTING to keep this marriage with a man who didn’t really love or want her and thought of her as an annoying adhd idiot. She desperately wanted THAT option rather than the public L of becoming a single mom. So sad and pathetic. Pickmes truly never prosper.

Men should provide for and protect BUT women who demand alimony are evil gold digging harpies who need to be humbled and should know that they can be replaced by an 18 year old any minute! Gotta sign that zero sum prenup agreement for your manz to show him you really love him, even if it fucks you over when you get divorced after 3 years. At least she still has her army of right wing simps and paypigs.

No. 1932248

If these tradthots were getting with rich hot moids (or at least rich) and getting vacations,clothes and gifts for simply birthing and raising the moid's kid at home i'd kinda understand how the deal would be attractive to some women however they do all that free labor and get almost nothing in return kek they're delusional as fuck.

No. 1932249

There’s literally women dousing themselves in petrol and setting themselves alight today, because death is a better option to them than becoming a bangmaid broodmare for an abusive scrote. Crazy that tradthots shill a lifestyle that many women would literally rather die than live out. No wonder they need to work overtime to sell their garbage. They blatantly just want other women to be as miserable and dick-trapped/baby-trapped as they are.

No. 1932261

It genuinely puzzles me how many tradthots are paying their mans way. I still think the majority of their hubbies are either gay, or just ageing haggots who realized this is their last chance to have a baby, before their telomeres shrink and shrivel up to nothing. Probably realized they need to secure a rent a womb and nanny before it was too late.

Many moids are happy to throw a bit of money at a woman if it means they’ll never have to change a diaper or put an iota of physical or emotional effort into actually being a father and raising their spawn (faggots and old scrotes literally do this all the time kek, tradthots are no different to surrogates and nannies and beards for ageing gay men, their marriages are probably just as sexless and passionless as old lavender marriages too kek)

No. 1932262

Wait, both Lauren Southern and Lauren Chen are divorced single moms now..? At under 30, wow congrats

No. 1932266

Only Lauren southern is so far lurk more

No. 1932268

I wonder why Pearl’s brand of tradthottery is so much more misogynist and aggressive than many of the other thots (even though they’re all deeply woman hating and bitter, Pearl seems to be the nastiest) when she brought up Thomas Sowell it became kinda obvious to me that she’s been brainwashed by black MRAs. Black MRAs seem to be the nastiest and most hateful of all and I’ve heard Pearl quote shit black mras said almost word for word, I genuinely think Pearl just parrots their misogyny word for word to appeal to sexist black men because she has some kind of fetish for them.

No. 1932271

Lauren and Liam are still together but I give their marriage a year or two tops. Lauren seems to be getting angrier and more bitter about something every single day and is trying to slide into Muskrat’s DMs, her husband follows titty streamers who are almost a decade younger than her and they’re never together except for the occasional photo op, something is obviously very wrong in their marriage and I think Lauren is just keeping it together for appearances right now, before she can monkey branch to some richer higher status scrote (not like that’s happening kek)

No. 1932282


Also it's easy to notice how Trad Thots are pretty bad debaters or for making rational arguments. You notice instantly instead of showing any form of data or source, they rely on logical fallacies. Such as arguing from personal incredulity, "I can't believe a woman wouldn't want a cute baby in their arms instead of a job" (Because they're not going to know what it's like to be in the brain of an autistic scientist woman like Temple Grandin)

Or attacking strawmans of non-existent "miserable feminists". Or the false dilemma fallacy of either you're a happy pregnant housewife or a "bitter corporate cat lady" (as if people who are childfree teachers/nannies who work with kids don't exist)

I am very curious if beyond the typical bandwagon arguments, ad hominems towards feminists, and appeals to emotion about "muh squishy baby toes" if they actually have any rational arguments. Oh wait they don't. They're just angry and bored attention whores.

No. 1932283

The women you're describing are trophy wives, not tradthots. They're rarely even conservative, let alone cryptofash. Additionally, if tradthots overheard what those women think of men and how they see them, their vag stitches would come apart from sheer shock and indignation.

Same goes for the actually trad women in the third world - limp wristed first world tradthots wouldn't survive having to hear a couple takes from some village babushka in bumfuck Russia.

No. 1932287

Even her broke ass neckbeard 4 chan followers wouldn't get with her since she's a mom and she just attracts the most extreme misogynists to her social media openly talking about beating women into submission in her comments kek she's a pump and dump even to the lowest form of scrotes.As for for her thirst for Elon it's the most pathetic shit i ever saw a tradthot do and that says a lot there's just something especially pathetic about a mixed race woman simping for a known white supremacist with a fetish for blonde blue eyed women with no kids who thinks she shouldn't even reproduce or exist amongst white people.

No. 1932290

Totally, which is why they almost never agree to actually debate people who are intelligent or informed. The only people you’ll see tradthots doing videos with are either other tardthots or tardscrotes where they just jerk each other off the whole time, OR rope in a bunch of drunk 20 year old girls to one of those retarded youtube short booths to try and paint the opposition as retarded. It’s actually crazy, I barely ever see tradthots using fact or logic to justify their worldviews, and most of their statements can be easily disproven false with a single search. They rely on pretty much every logical fallacy in the book that you can commit. Everything they argue for is an appeal to emotion, appeal to authority (their scrotes/their god) or some other idiotic take. It’s wild. More proof their ‘women are stupid and incapable of logic’ rhetoric is just projection of their own stupidity and lack of rationality.

No. 1932291

Because they grew up in a world nicely bubble wrapped for them by feminists. A world where they don't have to witness the true extent of moid savagery, and can thus afford to presume some sort of innate scrotal goodwill.

Being racist also helps. The existence of moids moiding in countries with no moid control measures flies over their empty heads - they legitimately believe that Pajeet gang rapes orangutans in his spare time and Josh doesn't because they're biologically different.

No. 1932297

Excellent point nona. There’s a reason the tradthot movement is primarily a first world movement. Because they have the luxury of living in a cushy civil society with laws that treat women as equals and not cattle. Good luck trying to express your tradthot views and love for patriarchy and flirting with your twitter simps in actual trad patriarchal countries, where women are stoned to death for using social media or talking to other men than their husband, and girls over 15 are seen as ancient hags.

No. 1932301

Meh, even the most diehard nazi moids don’t genuinely care about racemixing tbh. A large part of it being that those types of moids are usually ugly loser beggars who can’t afford to be choosers. Its just their scrotey jealous way of trying to limit womens mate choices and gatekeep, because they’re so terrified of being genetically cucked.

Most white wignats are married to Asian or black women. Elon had two kids with a half Indian woman, albeit a white passing one. Racemixing, having more than 1 sexual partner in their lifetime, wanting a career, refusing to have kids etc is only bad when women do it. One rule for me another for thee. You don’t see poltard armies trying to cancel men for being childfree, sleeping around, wanting to be a CEO, or having a different race gf. If anything these ‘trad’ scrotes congratulate and celebrate such behavior in men.

No. 1932302

Their brains are pozzed with microchimerism so "squishy baby toes" does actually work on them on a visceral level. Due to being pozzed for a while and not remembering what it was like to be nulliparous, they also can't grasp that this doesn't work on women who don't have an infested sponge in their skull - which frustrates and angers them even further. Same goes for the endless projection about cats/dogs/plants/generally needing to care for something and "filling the void" - this is undoubtedly a perspective of an organism whose brain was altered and colonized for the sole purpose of dispensing care.

In many mammals (mice for example), virgin females are hostile to infants by default. Iirc there was a paper somewhere about altering that natural behavior by inoculating them with something from parous mice. It's truly horrifying once you grasp the full extent of it.

No. 1932305

A frequent argument I've heard from debating trads is the "oxytocin" argument. Where they use it to fill in the gaps. You don't like screaming? The oxytocin released during childbirth makes it sound like harp music according to them. And claims about how this "magical oxytocin release" from birth and motherhood is the best feeling ever.

Creepily enough if you look up accounts of people describing their first high on heroin, and people describing the "childbirth oxytocin high" it sounds similar…yet once it wears off the hell begins. Tradthots are basically just dope pushers.

No. 1932308

lol and what about women who get postpartum psychosis they never recover from? they argue like they have the worldview of a preschooler who watches too many disney movies

No. 1932310

Doublepost and semi blogpost but I just remembered a video I saw a couple weeks ago, where an incel decided, as a dare, that he was going to sexually harass every single woman he saw, and stream it for his viewers. He had an Australian guy on the live with him, and the Aussie male was telling him to approach teen girls who were clearly 13-14 or younger and calling them ‘cunny’ (ew).

So the incel was going up to underage girls and telling them they had beautiful tits, making V licking and slurping signs at them, touching them, filming women’s butts and breasts as they walked past him and making sexual comments etc. Afaik the incel was American but he was doing it in Europe, so many of the girls couldn’t fully understand the slang he was saying. One schoolgirl in a skirt did and when he started making remarks about her ass and breasts she got visibly scared and started trying to run away from him.

Bear in mind this incel was quite a big intimidating guy. It made me realize this is literally how scrotes would behave 24/7 if not for feminism and this is literally how men in countries without feminism behave all the time but worse. How you can think moids are inherently good by default is absolute tradthot delusion, men are rapey scum, it’s not about race, it’s embedded in their Y chromosome and literally their genetics.

Ive even seen men online talk about how they have to use every bit of willpower in their bodies to not rape every attractive girl they see. Pedo phrases like ‘grass on the field, play ball’ which alludes to sex with barely pubescent girls are literally normalized and mainstream even in the west. And thinking back to that case in the UK (my country) this year where a girl was raped, raped and killed, then also molested and raped after death by 3 different scrotes (all white btw) It’s kinda horrifying. Tradthots literally want a world where the terminally horny sexual deviant pedophiles of the genders are solely in charge.

(I would link the video but it was on 4chan and I can’t find the thread. Also red text me and ban me all you want janny some of us like waffling and find Reddit spacing easier on the eye, I’m exercising my western feminist won right to free speech and you can’t silence me lol)

No. 1932313

Tradthots don’t love heir kids lol, narcs literally can’t love their children. Everything is just an object or source of narcissistic supply for them, and babies and young kids are great for that because they get a lot of attention and asspats from other women for having a baby, and young children have no real autonomy which narcs love. As their daughters start to get older you see the narcmom rage tradthots have towards their daughters for being younger and getting more attention than them growing, which is why they try to saddle their eldest daughter with all the housework and keep her away from their husband because they’re terrified she’ll usurp her as daddy’s number 1 lady in his life. Tradthots/narcmoms are very strange and have a perverse Electra complex way of thinking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1932315

File: 1700690488011.jpeg (742.55 KB, 1620x1021, D2FAB336-FD39-417B-8592-948F30…)

Wow so moids really are parasites in the literal sense of the word, huh. Literally need to pozz womens brains with their microchimerisms to stop the hostesses natural repulsion and aversion to having a parasite infect her body and her womb trying to kill it. True zombie fungus bodysnatchers shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1932325

>le love hormone! Buzzfeed and reedit told me so!
Kek, tradthot endocrinology. For any GED tradthot reading - like many others, oxytocin is a pleiotropic hormone. Yes, in some context it facilitates social bonding and enjoyment of your infant's feces. It also creates anxiety, fear of exploration and increases in/out group division, which is something your moids are banking on big time. Its friends prolactin and relaxin, respectively, BTFO your bone mineral density and collagen - it's why you suddenly grow a hag nose and size 15 feet after pregnancy, among other subtly uglyfying changes you can't quite put your finger on. And don't even get me started on what they do to your dopamine, so you're guaranteed to be a miserable weeping cow loathing your udders no matter how much oxytocin you have. No amount of recruiting other women into this hideous body horror will unpreg you.

No. 1932326

Based reality checker nona. Tradthots and their broscience tier understanding of biology will never fail to amuse me.

No. 1932328

Unironically the viewpoint of many (male) evolutionary biologists. By the way, the moid is by far the most successful parasite of all sexually dimorphic mammals. Some researchers remark that they have reached their optima, while women didn't - everything about the human male is perfected for maximum resource extraction from the female, while female defenses haven't caught up. It's why we can't resorb embryos, for example.

No. 1932331

Didn’t Southern’s husband dump her because she was constantly getting arrested and b&d for her Proud Boy publicity stunts and it was interfering with his glowie ops? She’s not a trailer park single mom by choice.

No. 1932334

Pearl only dates fugly inbred-looking black moids. She’s just trying to get her husbandos to notice her and even that doesn’t work bc she’s too ugly kek. All tradthottery is just a coping strategy for ugly & dumb women who can’t get male attention otherwise.(spamming comments)

No. 1932342

Yes, partly that, but she also constantly alluded to him being cold and distant and wanting to get away from her, which makes me wonder how/why she even got involved with a fed in the first place or why she wanted to stay in such a marriage, and how nobody questioned that. I mean I knew most right wing women are shills on the glowie or Thiel payroll, but it’s really strange that she admitted being in with feds and nobody thought that was the weirdest part of the story.

Yeah she probably wishes she could get a handsome black kang but she has no ass and can only get fat albert tier basement dweller mras, and they STILL dump her, kek.

Figures tbh, opportunism, leeching and hypergamy are moid traits, not female ones. Men just project that onto us to deflect their own shallowness and parasitism.

Another way they are comparable to the BDSM movement. Tradthots and Fet-thots fetishize male oppression, dominance, violence and control. Women who actually have to live that lifestyle are killing themselves irl just to escape it. Same reason most neo nazis and tankies are firsties who never had to live under fascist or commie regimes.

Also interesting how feminist countries are the happiest and wealthiest in the world meanwhile patriarchal countries are all corrupt impoverished shitholes. I thought men make better leaders and are the only ones who can run everything well? How come all their patriarchal countries are so shit then? Everyone wants to leave. Men can’t even do their assigned role right, even when riding on the coattails of female slave labour lmao.

No. 1932345

Hannah is the worst culprit in the tradthot world because she already admitted that she was very insecure for being ugly with a box shaped body and no prospects for a quality relationship because she’s so chronically online. Can’t get a normie moid and none of the incels that praise her online will claim her either. The moid she dated before was that obese one who left her after she had her rich family move him in. No matter what she says, her own successful mother is proof that Hannah’s trad shit is bs. How embarrassing it is to have raised a daughter and have her end up like Pearl

No. 1932353

I can only imagine Pearl really hates her mom for some reason and maybe resents not getting enough attention growing up because her mom was working.

No. 1932369

She was malding that some rich white man got married to a black woman, and posted a photo of the wife where she was fat. It turned out that was an old photo, and the woman she was mocking was significantly thinner and better-looking than Pearl despite being in her 40s or 50s.
It really must chafe P that she's losing in life. Not even the black incels she panders to want her.

No. 1932376

>How come all their patriarchal countries are so shit then?

Different optima in males and females.
To avoid making this a giant boring textwall: male adaptations are of use to males, whereas female adaptations are of use to their offspring. Due to sexual antagonism, when an individual male wins, females and offspring (with males amongst them, naturally) lose. Because all behavior can be expected to be derived from sexual mal/adaptations (as observed in multiple model organisms, who exhibit behavioral biases in line with their reproductive strategy), this results in a prosocial bias in females and a pro-male bias in males.

Tl;dr society ruled by unrestrained male interest is hell for everyone including moids, "female dominated" societies are objectively better for moids and women alike.

No. 1932387

>Exposure to seminal plasma and multiple aborted conceptions (chemical pregnancies) are necessary to deplete the female immune system enough for pregnancy.
None of this is true, there are women who get pregnant while having sex for the first time.
Whether you get pregnant or not is based on where you are in your menstrual cycle (if the egg has been released or not) not about if your immune system has been sufficiently weakened.

No. 1932394

NTA but first pregnancies often do abort because the woman's body rejects the embryo, it's not necessary but it does make it easier to get pregnant. That's part of the reason why women who've already had kids can usually get pregnant easily in their 40's, but nulliparous women have a harder time

No. 1932398

In very broad terms yes. At a higher level, no. Ovulation is also when a woman's immune system is at its lowest point.

No. 1932424

This, the immune system literally has to weaken in order for a woman’s body not to kill the sperm/embryo

No. 1932442

It’s so creepy how you can tell the difference between a parous and nulliparous woman using only an MRI with a 100% accuracy. Forget stretch marks or getting fat or whatever, that’s the real body horror.
(For those who don’t know, it permanently reduces gray matter).

No. 1932443

That’s so gross, literally like some kind of bimbofication procedure, I bet tradthots have this fetish.

No. 1932455

Reminder women can love and pair bond endlessly in multiple relationships because we produce so much more oxytocin when in love than men do. It’s moids who can never move on from a single heartbreak. Meanwhile we can move on endlessly and fall in love deeply hundreds of times over if we can to, this makes scrotes seethe is part of why they try to keep us chained to the stove because they know deep down they’re completely replaceable.

No. 1932456

Care to**(Instead of making 3 posts in a row, delete and repost)

No. 1932468

Literally like a chemical lobotomy. Fucking nightmare fuel.

No. 1932552

Attention Kiwitourists and other newfags: This thread is not an invitation to blogpost about your personal views on race and politics. Many users in this thread comment 3-6 times in a row. This isn't your chatroom. If you need to correct yourself, delete your post and make a new one instead of commenting again. If you feel the urge to respond to every other statement made ITT, reconsider. If you can't integrate, then either post milk or don't post at all.

No. 1932555

If you want the thread to die then sure.(ban evading retard still doesn't get it)

No. 1932566

This part is so true lmao.
>moids in female-dominated gynocracy:
get to eat tendies all day crying about le evil foids from the safety of muh emasculating comfy tech job
>moids in male-dominated grorious patriarchy desu
get to die at the age of 19 in some scrotal conflict or get castrated/their brains bashed out by ChadWarlord420

No. 1932634

Women are born with 40% more grey matter than men so it wouldn't matter much if the loose some after pregnancy. I'm childfree but the theory that women become dumb and ugly after pregnancy is pseudoscientific and sounds like incel cope.

No. 1932644

I don't want to derail the thread with more pregnancy sperging but pregnancy is proven to take a huge toll on your body/mental health.Those are facts.
Not saying all women who had kids become ugly hags it depends on the number of kids and genetics plus how much self care is involved.
That was health/looks wise as for the opportunities of finding partners and freedom pregnancy will completely tank them unless you're rich lol recognizing things for what they are is not 'pseudoscientific' or an incel even honest mums will tell you how it ruined them and usually follow it with how worth it their spawn was.Motherhood disadvantages women who aren't filthy rich it's ok to admit it.

No. 1932662

IQ doesn't decrease after pregnancy, and IIRC gray matter returns to nulliparous levels in about 2 years. But brain structure does change noticeably I believe

No. 1932750

Dumb and ugly, no. Definitely not worse than moids, since your baseline is better to begin with.

Some extent of dumber and uglier than before, objectively? Yes. I'm sorry, but disposable soma is a fact. Feminists do women no favors by convincing them that reproduction bears no costs. It's exactly the same betrayal you can expect from tradthot shills.

No. 1932879

Megha posted something on her Insta story about how eye colour inheritance works. What are the chances she was furiously researching this to figure out why her baby got her brown eyes and not her husband's light ones?(no screenshots, no sage)

No. 1932882

I can't even believe how trivial and silly the things these trads focus on are in the grand scheme of things. Especially if you believe in something beyond this existence or something bigger, I can't imagine how such a shallow focus on plastic surgery, genetic modifying, and wearing painful heels is healthy when it's so earthly and you don't even take it with you when you die. My tinfoil hat theory is most of them must be pretty atheistic/nihilistic with no spirituality and just follow religion for the misogynist aspects and control aspects.

No. 1932885

If megha wasn't a concave brained tradthot she'd know that any given person inherits more from their mother than their father kek

No. 1932920

File: 1700805301891.jpg (113.69 KB, 640x911, v2remtsm942c1.jpg)

No. 1932923

>women can't write hymms
>uses a hymm written by a woman who's notable for writing 7000+ hymms and are used by many in the background
Holy shit she cannot be this retarded.

No. 1932929

The women can't teach shit isn't even in the bible. Many things practiced by catholics aren't. Priests aren't even supposed to call themselves father. Scrotes just declared their own rules and forced everyone to go along with it even when it's against what is written or unspecified to the degree it is enforced.

No. 1932937

the bible in it's entirety is literally what you just said. it's by moids, for moids so they move the goalposts infinitely and people won't question it if it lines up with their values and if it doesn't they just ignore it.

No. 1932941

File: 1700810028016.jpeg (695.87 KB, 1069x1812, 7A26E51D-DE6A-42A1-AFF6-FC094C…)

Just looked it up and holy fuck nona you weren’t kidding lmao.
Bitch really went on a 9 different instagram story long defensive rant about why her baby inherited her poop eyes and black hair instead of her husbands. She’s so pathetic, god.

Protip Smegma: I know you hate being Indian and stereotyped as Indian, but hating yourself and desperately wanting to erase and whitewash your features makes you more of an Indian stereotype than anything else. Just stop already ffs.

No. 1932942

No you’re correct nona. They worship materialism and superficiality and are purely into Christianity for the aesthetics and the ‘make tradmoids pps hard’ clout.

The tradcath or orthodoxy LARP where they take selfies of themselves veiling is just another facet of their shallowness. Modest godly women don’t beg for attention and validation on social media 24/7 like tradthots do.

No. 1932946

File: 1700811075182.jpeg (48.78 KB, 500x500, 332CC916-814D-4A89-9443-8D86B7…)

>Megha malding that her baby didn’t come out blonde and blue eyed like her idol Eva Vlaardingerbroek
>Megha seething that her 1% Steppe and 5% Punjabi DNA didn’t match with her husbands inbred Bong DNA to make their baby whiter than an albino
>Megha coping knowing that she’ll never have the blonde Aurora Disney princess daughter that her self hating racist ass really wanted
>Megha crying that now everyone will ask her daughter what race she is growing up because she’s clearly mixed/brown and reeeeing because she couldn’t cheat nature and fuck her way to whiteness


Megha in damage control meltdown mode rn:(race sperging)

No. 1932977

She's clearly trying to cope hard as hell about her children not inheriting more of their white dad's features. Odd behavior but I laugh a bit when I imagine how mad she gets when she sees other interracial couples have the white passing children of her dreams.

No. 1932993

File: 1700821403400.jpg (92.86 KB, 686x258, 048.jpg)

Interesting. One of my father's work colleagues is a Scandinavian man who converted to Islam and is married to a Pakistani woman. Their children look well mixed. Two of them look like very light-skinned and tall Pakistani's with with dark brown hair and brown eyes, while one looks fully Scandinavian, so how does that that work?

No. 1932996

Sarah Doe has been posting more liberaly stuff and job postings wages. I hope she is able to leave her husband soon(endless newfaggotry)

No. 1933056

Are you the anon constantly sperging about brown people and claiming white people are effortlessly beautiful? Because you sound like a moid.

No. 1933062

>it has poop eyes but is 100% a carrier of superior blue!!!
what the fuck this is an entirely new level of pathetic(stop with the eye/racesperging)

No. 1933067

With genes, it really is luck of the draw. You inherit more from your mother(males especially) but genes from your father as less likely to be methylated, so they're more likely to be expressed. Hence why some studies link antisocial/criminal behavior in fathers to their offspring having the same traits, but offspring of antisocial/criminal women are not as likely to inherit these traits from her
She needed to leave her ape moid yesterday. I'm shocked she, her baby and her cat haven't been family annihilated yet. It's only a matter of time.

No. 1933103

Every mixed kid I know has dark eyes and hair. I don’t know where poltards and self hating ethnic people get the idea that your kids magically come out white when you fuck a white person, if anything that seems to happen like less than 1% of the time. It seems to be wishful thinking on their part.

I think there’s a lot of stuff about genetics that scientists still don’t understand. If it were true that fathers genes are more dominant then all of Latin America should be white since most of their white ancestry is from the fathers side, yet it’s extremely rare for Latinos to have blonde hair or blue eyes unless they’re like 95% Spanish castiza or you’re talking about an area of LatAm with heavy German white populations.

No. 1933106

That’s I’m saying. Every mixed kid I know looks clearly mixed. Even the ones who are supposed to have more caucasian or European ancestry. Even when white European people with dark eyes have babies with a white person with blue eyes, the kids eyes usually come out dark. So I imagine with ethnic people it’s even rarer. Genetic recombination where a recessive allele overrides a dominant one definitely happens sometimes but it’s super rare. Seems to be a weird cope for white polcels who want to pretend their kids with their mail order Thai brides are ~totes gonna be Aryan.~

No. 1933108

File: 1700851388937.jpg (223.55 KB, 788x928, Retrato_de_Hernán_Cortés.jpg)

They'll be mixed(who would have thought), the vast majority of the time they'll look like southern europeans, maybe a bit taller and lighter, also most Spaniards weren't/aren't tall, blond haired and blue eyed either, picrel is what Hernán Cortés looked like for example.(race sperging)

No. 1933116

File: 1700851920946.jpeg (106.21 KB, 1140x641, 5F4141DA-99FF-4919-9668-D09D02…)

Even if Mediterraneans tend to have darker hair and eyes on average, pretty much 100% of them still carry light alleles because all Europeans share the same parent bloodlines. They contributed so much white paternal DNA to the LatAm gene pool that by tradthot broscience poltard logic, plenty of Latino/as should be Nordic looking yet hardly any of them are, unless like I said they’re 90% European castizo or something like Alexis Bledel (Bledels mom was the fully white parent. Megha wishes her daughter looked like her kek)

No. 1933119

File: 1700852403175.png (451.21 KB, 510x550, n7YMKPj.png)

Also, they're in for a rude surprise if they try to marry Asian women. Asian genes are a different breed of strong. For example, I have a friend whose great grandfather was from China, and to this day, he and his brothers still have epicanthic folds in their eyes and look mixed as hell(race sperging)

No. 1933120

True. Asian genes are very strong, but I’ve seen many poltards trying to cope that their kids will be blonde blue eyed ~100% Aryan pure Prussian ethnicity~ lol. It’s just the racist male ego tbh, they’re upset that an Asian or brown woman’s genes managed to dominate their ‘superior’ white ones.

No. 1933130

He’s very cute but yeah still looks almost fully Asian.(race sperging)

No. 1933136

your forgetting that half of these moids are asian and brown themselves or the most below of the barrel white guys, who have nothing going for them. that said half middle eastern/half white kids usually come out more white passing looking then half asian kids, I've seen it myself with my cousins.

No. 1933149

Last warning to stop sperging about race and eye colors. Bans from here on out will be permanent.

No. 1933169

I kinda feel bad for Sarah Doe even tho she stayed with her moid after his violent threats to hurt her and the baby can't help but notice that she has some kind of mental illness and was raised in anabusive household which made her too scared to leave her dead eyed moid,she doesn't seeth over other women and calls them names like Lauren chen which makes her less hateable her posts are just random over sharing.I hope she gets out of that marriage unharmed and put the trad bullshit behind.

No. 1933170

File: 1700860153054.jpg (93.2 KB, 400x325, 1joc8h.jpg)

Omg lol this is so fucking sad and pathetic.
She made sure to get with the most ginger pasty scrote she can find but even that didn't work.This level of self hatred is super disturbing.

No. 1933325

>poltards are brown and Asian
No. Also brown guys love white women, not Asian women.

No. 1933326

True I do feel kinda bad for Sarah. Even if she wasn’t a tradthot she’d still be in an abusive relationship I think. She just has really low self esteem.

Right? It’s so pathetic. Imagine your brown mom secretly resenting you the whole time because you didn’t come out looking like a blonde barbie like she hoped and calling little brown girls in Disney movies ugly, I feel bad for her daughters psyche growing up, having an insane narc mom like that must be awful.

No. 1933390

I am reading Lauren Southern divorce post on Twitter and oh man

>I feel because he accepted the risk involved, he would never leave our marriage citing career reasons - but he did eventually find a variety of lesser reasons to propose divorce. His final one being my ADHD. When I say there was truly no deeper complaint, I mean it. It was always very vague, with all who heard it equally perplexed by what steps could even be taken. I suppose if you don’t wish to stay married, picking something someone cannot change about themselves is a surefire way to do it.

>Although I certainly did try as I can sympathize with the frustration of dealing with an ADHD partner in any scenario. I spent nearly all day cleaning, cooking, caring for our child, laundry, ironing, whatever I could do to help. I even split bills until my bank account was empty, while no one is perfect I truly don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard at anything in my life as being a good wife. I also began going to a specialized ADHD clinic and taking Vyvanse daily to see if that would satisfy his growing demands that I manage it at threat of divorce.

>Sadly, it did not work, and whether it be genuinely due to my ADHD or his resentment towards me being a career deadweight - my husband left me and our child.

>…To this day, I receive no alimony, child support, or anything like that. I could’ve pushed harder for it initially, but while still hoping he would return I certainly didn’t have it in me to fight over money.

This is what happends when you take the redpill, you wake up as a single mom in a trailer park with a deadbeat ex husband who does not give a shit about your child.

No. 1933394

I think she’s just coping and making excuses for the fact her husband just didn’t love her. Lauren is more of a narc than adhdfag, although there’s quite strong comorbidity between the two. And I guess a man falling out of love with her really hurt her ego. I don’t think it was the adhd or his job that made him want to divorce her, that sounds like pure excuse. He just wasn’t into her and it was a shotgun marriage. Of course it was doomed. I do feel bad for her in a way, but she’s always been so insufferable and misogynistic and smug, so not really.

No. 1933397

The schadenfreude i feel is strong when tradthots get fucked over by ugly loser moids who treat them like shit despite tearing their crotch for their spawn and being their maid while some women out there (hot ones with high self esteem) get their pussy ate everyday, don't have to slave away in the kitchen nor give birth, openly state men are shit and still their moids are head over heals for them kekekekeke
Moids have no respect for pick me's and low self esteem women despite encouraging women to turn on each other.

No. 1933400

Yet tradthots will still insist it could never happen to them, and will probably blame Lauren for not cooking dinner well enough or not doing anal often enough.

No. 1933402

How much longer till Estee's orbiters start sending her empty egg cartoons ? kek seems like they tottaly ate up her "planning to start our family in 2024"

No. 1933432

She’s 25. Give it 2 years. Thing is, her orbiters don’t care. She’s basically an AI waifu at this point. As long as she’s breasting boobily about the kitchen then she will get views.

No. 1933454

If that's the case then she might actually lose views once if she had a baby and started including it in her videos since her audience is mostly male she can't pull the mom influencer bs since she started out as an E-thot

No. 1933463

She can’t pull the perfect tradwife act for much longer without a baby. You know what they’re like to women over 25. She’s between a rock and a hard place. Eventually people will ask “why haven’t you given him children?”

No. 1933464

kek yeah she gotta choose between the tradwife persona and fetish E-thot one

No. 1933521

Does she even have legit orbiters? I've seen men defend her and then back out once you pull up the fact she has a past of attention whoring. Most of her followers seem to be women who are either pickmes or just like the 50s aesthetic/larp

No. 1933532

Most og her audience are scrotes who get off tp her breast implants being in the center of every single video she makes and the submissive and breedable larp kek

No. 1933544

Lauren Southern had to publicly defend not being a married mother of 7 at the ancient age of 22, so Estee is long overdo. Though her fanbase seems more interested in her ditzy housewife fetish roleplay than her pumping out white babies for muh demographics, so maybe she has a few years left

No. 1933545

i feel bad for her in a way too, mainly because i remember 2016 and how she was literally everywhere. how she rode that trad/white supremacist frenzy wave, had people putting her on a pedestal for being white and “based”, the constant gushing over hair (why were men so obsessed with her hair?), that doc she made, being banned from the uk. these people acted like they were invincible and that it was just up from there. i guess it is true that pride comes before the fall and all that.

she’s the perfect example of reaping what you sow. she planted all these negatives seeds and profited off of hate and division, and now is eating from her own plate and can’t admit it. all that time wasted attacking others online for being liberals and rolling around in racist filth, only to end up broke and nothing to show for it.

No. 1933566

No she’s posted really disgusting things about other women and minorities, she’s just as hateful as any other tradtard out there. Still hope she escapes the deranged rape ape though, if only for the sake of her innocent daughter and cat (both of whom he’s abused and threatened to kill before.)

No. 1933577

Most tradthot paypigs actually lose interest after the kid is born. Because it ruins the illusion of availability to them.

Lauren lost all her /pol/ simps a few years back when she admitted to having a small amount of Jewish ancestry and that her grandparents escaped the nazis. Also when they found out she was orbiting a half black man in her teens. She lost the remainder after she got married and had a kid but now she’s divorced she has some more 50 year old paypigs trying to slide in her dms. My tinfoil is she’s going to start dating an old balding scrote next.

No. 1933582

Idk why but I see estee ending up the same way as MrsMidwest who started out as a low tier e tradthot on YouTube. She always made content for men despite trying to be a channel “for women.” But having two babies back to back that ruined her health was when she started to see how fucked up it is. She still tried to defend moids and reclaim being a pick me but the last time I heard of her she also got attacked by a dog. So maybe karma is catching to her

No. 1933589

Here is Laruen's experience with her ex boyfriend

>Boisterous diners were enjoying one of summer’s first long evenings on the restaurant’s patio, but Southern and Hutcheson mostly sat in silence, scrolling on their phones. Southern dipped into a red sauce next to Hutcheson’s burger. “That tastes non-European, are you allowed to eat that?” she asked sardonically. “Yeah, tastes non-European,” he confirmed, without a hint of irony.

>After a drink, the couple loosened up a bit. Southern told Hutcheson that she dreamed of graduating from short videos to feature-length films. Sure, her direct-to-camera videos offered strong arguments and reached a lot of people, she said, but they were starting to feel derivative. If she could pursue longer narrative projects—brought to life with Hollywood-level soundtracks, sweeping drone shots, and high-resolution cameras—she thought she could tell more powerful stories.

>Hutcheson looked uneasy as his girlfriend continued to talk about her career ambitions. “All of us Europeans have the responsibility to reproduce,” he interjected.

>Southern looked down at her plate. “That’s a very cold way of putting it,” she responded. “Do you want to have a family for the sake of love or just because it’s a duty thing?”

>“Motherhood is to women as war is to men,” her boyfriend replied stolidly. “I want to serve my nation.”

>Southern’s eyes glazed over as Hutcheson kept talking. Finally, the waitress arrived with the bill. Hutcheson gestured for Southern to grab it. “Okay, cool. I’ll make it a business expense,” she whispered. Earlier, she’d told me that her boyfriend leaned on her financially. (Hutcheson did not respond to our request for comment.)

Kek, truly a role model for women.Don't you want to have a great tradwife life like Lauren?

No. 1933593

Jesus that’s so depressing, how can she be such a bad judge of character? You can really pick em Lauren. Now I’m not surprised she got left a single mom. She has no character assessment ability whatsoever, I think she’s genuinely retarded kek.

No. 1933595

>He can't pay a bill but thinks he's ready to die in a war

No. 1933597

But nona, caracter assessment would require her to be a materialistic feminist whore that sees men in utilitarian terms instead of what men tell her to think of them.

No. 1933599

File: 1700940817545.jpeg (106.87 KB, 828x678, B2474B7B-F34C-4E17-9D81-642CCE…)

Her ex refused to eat ketchup because he’s against non European foods and tomatoes came from America. Unprecedented levels of autism.

No. 1933600

File: 1700940866558.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1620x979, AA5AC0A5-F1C9-4F64-99D9-B9574B…)

And this is him, 1950s looking twink. Complete with ketchup bottle kek.

No. 1933601

literally like dating your own special needs son

No. 1933602

is that his girly drink? Doesn't look very European to me

No. 1933603

I noticed that too. Raging faggot vibes from all these tradthots bfs and hubbies tbh. Might explain the misogyny.

No. 1933608

Cop/fed vibes too. Apparently he was very close to that other (literal) fag Richard Spencer who now defends tranny storytimes for kids and had a personal assistant who was a gay pedophile.

No. 1933617

You guys called Meghas husband gay too even though he was caught following teenage girls tho

No. 1933621

Male sexuality is opportunistic and fluid.

No. 1933622

Megha obviously followed those girls for him so we would stop bullying her husband and calling him gay. Use your brain nona.

No. 1933635

Because she has low self esteem and nothing to bring to the table that would make her appealing to any decent man, same with majority of tradthots. If they did they wouldn’t be online seeking validation from the bottom feeders of society.

No. 1933641

Mrs Midwest's second son's birth nearly killed her, and the doctor who saved them was a woman. I think that along with the exhaustion that comes with having two babies in such a short time was a real wake up call for her
I know ketchup technically has roots an Asian condiment, but that was more like fish sauce than the tomato ketchup we know and love, which was made by white people. Does he not eat spaghetti either since the Italians got the idea of noodles from China? kek

No. 1933694

I bet he's one of those speds who won't eat tomatoes because they taste like blood to them or some shit. Believe it or not, there is a specific anti-tomato type of sped and they feel VERY strongly about it.

No. 1933793

weirdly enough I thought of mrs midwests old content more women-friendly, it was like watching a semi-religious young home eco teacher, and her recipes were actually decent, estee straight up makes fetish content and throws together TV dinners with extra steps and that's it.

No. 1933805

I remember reading a while ago that paternal investment in a child is actually quite a modern phenomenon in human evolution. Before then, humans were more like animals in that men would impregnate a woman then bounce and it was the females who would act as sole caretaker. It was theorized that cavemen were just simply too violent and aggressive to be around their own or other peoples offspring and were at risk of murdering their own babies too much which would have nerfed the human population too hard. You still see these cavemen type moids who murder or shake their babies to death on the news quite often.(derailing, unsaged)

No. 1933806

File: 1700982252552.jpeg (126.17 KB, 1400x1050, 6F5F8BA5-269D-403C-A1FA-4974F2…)

Spencer is such a lolcow I can’t believe there was a time when millions of poltards worshipped this man as their daddy figure. The same moid who said ‘homosexuality is the last bastion of true whiteness’.

No. 1933812

Yet people always blame the mother for the actions of the violent, monkey brained, killer, knuckle dragging moid when if the moid didn't kill the child the child would still be very much alive. It's true that some of these mothers are not that smart or are abusing substances and they failed in their responsibility to the child in that sense but the moid is still the killer and the violent one regardless.

I see cases in the news where some single celled moid shakes a baby to death and the mom didn't predict it and wasn't even aware of any violence towards the baby and if she's poor or black she gets locked away too and labelled a child abuser and loads of other women will go after her more than they will the un-evolved moid.

The whole fiasco of blaming mothers for everything that can ever happen to a child bleeds into every aspect of society, even more so if a woman doesn't fit societies idea of the perfect conventionally attractive and formally educated middle class white woman and the judgement you get from others can be shit even then.

I am a parent myself and I'm happy with my decision but I can understand why some women don't want kids. Having kids makes a woman even more hated in our society.(derailing)

No. 1933824

That's retarded. 'Cave men' didn't exist and there's thousands of years of history that definitively refute this before modern times.(derailing)

No. 1933856

you know how babies look more like their fathers at the beginning of their lives? now imagine how many babies had to be murdered by males for that evolutionary trait to develop(derailing)

No. 1933859

This. The only reason there aren’t millions more children killed by their fathers every year is because men know they can bounce at any time (and do) if all parents were two parent households there would be wayyy more baby murders per year than there already are(derailing)

No. 1933893

Estee got shat on, hope this gets more views

No. 1933907

Just listening to that big forheaded bitch talk about how serving some ugly moid and his worthless kids should be my priority made me sick to my stomach.She's mad as hell that none of her attempts at having a succesful career worked so she had to settle for a humiliating life of servitude.Go for it by all means just don't try to bring the rest of us down to your level.

No. 1933910

Stop derailing the thread with your sperging nobody cares.Talk tradthots or stfu.

No. 1933927

File: 1701016231429.jpg (80.61 KB, 598x692, kek.jpg)

this style of video is super pointless and silly but this made me kek

No. 1933951

Knew a guy who was 1/4 Japanese, his grandma full blooded Japanese lady, his hafu dad looked like a Native American and had kinda dark skin and dark eyes. Meanwhile he had green eyes and light skin and light brown hair and only looked vaguely Asian when smiling. I thought he was a delusional weeb when he told me he was 1/4 Japanese until I met his nana kek. Race sperging is weird(Race sperging)

No. 1933968

hes a LARPing faggot like the rest of his ilk. kek'd at the "trad" moid making her pay the dinner bill

No. 1933995

Seems to be a common theme with tradthots that they are all lazy burnouts who had big dreams that flopped. And now their full time job is permaseething from their armchair at women who actually had the determination and giftedness to accomplish and hold down a high status, well paying career all by themselves.

People like Lauren S, Lauren C, etc probably would have loved a job as a Fox female news anchor or something but they weren’t hardworking, charismatic or driven enough to get such a position and have to stick to making shite YouTube videos where their audience are mostly watching out of morbid curiosity to see how they fucked over their life.

No. 1933996

if this brave soldier ever became a POW all they'd need to do to make him sing is put ketchup on his tendies

No. 1933997

>can’t have ketchup touching his fries without reeeing, but thinks he’s ready to be a father or die in a war

No. 1933999

Is there even a single one that isn't a failure to launch girlboss? Like, specifically chose to clean toilets for food and shelter despite a multitude of other options? Serious question.

No. 1934004

Kek all tradthots are literally FTL faildaughters. They at one point had major ambitions that they either fell short of and lacked the talent and drive, or fucked up their chances by being too edgy on twitter and self-sabotaged. As a way to cope and feel control over the situation they pretend the bangmaid lifestyle is what they chose, rather than admitting they are simply flopped career girls seething at the women who got ahead.

No. 1934010

So it's all a case of trying to prove that all women are as worthless and mediocre as they are.

No. 1934013

Most tradthots are simply cowards who are too afraid to push themselves. They’re all shutin scared terminally online little bitches who can only gossip from behind the safety of their phone screen. The only tradthot I have an iota of respect for is Lauren Southen because she genuinely was quite fearless and brave in standing up for her beliefs (however retarded they were) at the time and travelling around the world to dangerous places like SA, getting banned from the UK for being too outspoken. The rest of the tardthots are just lame hiki pussies with dependent personality disorder who latched onto the first paypig they could find.

No. 1934016

Pretty much. Bucket of crabs.

No. 1934019

File: 1701031406485.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1347x1836, 656460E8-E094-4EE2-A337-09F7B8…)

Megha forgetting she’s Indian and an immigrant again.

Why are Indians like this? Genuinely asking as a white British person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934020

File: 1701031526452.jpeg (722.22 KB, 1317x1404, 37EB8724-3A4A-4A91-88F5-B78AFE…)

Didn’t know Britaboos were a thing, now I know how normal Japanese people when they see a white weeb defending Japan’s war crimes.

No. 1934023

File: 1701031874548.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1309x1606, D7322046-CA2C-42F7-A91D-ADFC2F…)

She’s losing it more by the day, maybe the theory about women’s grey matter atrophying after birth is true after all.

No. 1934025

File: 1701032352038.jpeg (422.02 KB, 1285x1852, 7D6C5C6C-269E-458C-8450-622BE6…)

TIL Megha was a rejected Miss World contestant…kek.

No. 1934026

File: 1701032432176.png (201.25 KB, 398x397, Screenshot 2023-11-26 130054.p…)

>Jumps off cliffs with a knife in his mouth

No. 1934027

File: 1701032478775.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1256x1900, 9BBDE0DD-7725-4890-AA4B-B4630B…)

Still seething at white women who are in better shape than her, all day everyday. I guess knowing your white hubby jerks off to underage blonde tittythots does this to a self hating brown bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934029

File: 1701033069859.jpeg (95.24 KB, 1146x272, 70B84827-E262-49BB-80CD-FB2C2E…)

Her attempts to be one of the guys are so cringe. I still maintain my tinfoil that she’s a self hating lesbian.

No. 1934031

And her husband looks like an ageing lesbian.

No. 1934032

I have to agree with her on this. Most moms are completely on their own and have to breastfeed every 1-3 hours, change diapers and do other baby duties between the very little time they get to themselves. It's not healthy for breastfeeding moms to restrict and use the little time they get to themselves to do 2-6 hour weight lifting routines especially since a lot of the muscley moms typically don't breastfeed and have helpers. It's not realistic for moms who have little to no help and have constant hunger/low blood sugar via breastfeeding

No. 1934035

the woman in OP said there’s 5 years difference between both those pics, shes not advocating for bodybuilding a month after childbirth ffs, you and megha both need to learn to read lmao

No. 1934038

based. all men should do this.

No. 1934039

Can you read? Yes the woman on IG said it was a 5 yr difference but the man who screenshotted called postpartum women lazy and fat for not staying super fit. You also know damn well the reply section are lazy husbands their wife doesn't look like the body builder with bolt ons freshly postpartum when the husbands offer zero help and probably won't pay for formula

No. 1934049

those are some great leg genetics, damn girl

No. 1934052

Postpartum simply means after pregnancy.

No. 1934149

It doesn’t last indefinitely, anon. It’s a medical term referring to the period 6-8 weeks after birth where the body returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Most women aren’t even medically cleared for anything more than light exercise until 8-12 weeks. That scrote is a retard, don’t be like him.

No. 1934168

You know damn well this man and men who support this expect their wives to have abs directly after birth. Come on now, this is a tradthot shaming thread not "let trad men have free passes to say dumb shit because someone you don't like disagreed with him" thread

No. 1934234

>muh seed oils

Every fucking time

No. 1934235

She seeths at white women period.Kek she's like Buffalo Bill only she wants to wear another woman's skin to look white.Her obsession with white women and seething jealousy make me uncomfortable.

No. 1934237

Fidt of all fuck scrotes and their selfish shallow ass for thinking women who sacrificed their bodies to give birth to their shitty spawn should also work out to stay hot for them.That being said i can't help but point the blame on women who sell themselves so cheap too i have no respect for women who let their moids get away with doing fuck all to raise their spawn.Doormats deserve no respect that's why these moids have so much audacity.Make your worthless moid change diapers,bottle feed,wake up to sooth the baby and pay for everything you already did the physical labor.If you let moids walk all over they will.

No. 1934239

The person in the pic isn't a troon they were just rumors.

No. 1934248

No, post partum simply means the period after pregnancy. The timeframe of it isnt concrete and is arbitrary and changeable, I'm seeing estimates on google from 6 weeks to 3 years, either way it's clearly not set in concrete in medical terms.

No. 1934249

This isn't true at all, you can exercise as soon as you feel up to it and the risk is basically non existent after 6 weeks. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to be a slob afterwards. Being a fit mom doesn't make a woman a scrote.

No. 1934250

File: 1701076551007.jpg (107.15 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20231127_091531_Chr…)

Meant for

No. 1934297

File: 1701090612499.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x206, sgi3qyurtr2c1.jpg)

No. 1934305

Why do you keep denying for the first few months of babys life women have to breastfeed every few hours and then sleep or eat between feeds? Are you or anyone else complaining about moms "turning into slobs" going to crowd fund formula so she doesn't get cravings or low blood sugar, baby sitters so she can have energy to work out as intensely as body builders do, etc? Didn't think so

And let's be honest now, I'd bet you look at a fairly fittish postpartum women and still scream about how fat and slobby she is for looking like a woman and not a body fat % of 5 and 50 lbs of pure muscle. Or the red pill dudes paying you to scream about how disgusting moms are without offering any help or..?

No. 1934312

>telling women who have the most risk of suicide than any other point of their life and as little time/energy as possible than any other point of their life that they're a slob and need to work out freshly postpartum
I swear to God some people here are worse than tradthots

No. 1934316

File: 1701093487872.jpg (13.02 KB, 277x182, tradthotsareretarded.jpg)

No. 1934321

this is just a fetish post

No. 1934323

It's a baiting scrote.
>Women are lazy for not working out after tearing their genitals open and going through hardcore body horror and trauma and lack of sleep plus a screaming scrote fruit
No woman with half a brain actually thinks this only scrotes and retarded pick me's.

No. 1934334

Human infants evolved to receive care from something like 15 people besides their mother, so it's possible to be active soon after birth. Of course the implications are unsavory for the tradthots, because the evidence plainly shows that the nuclear family is unnatural.

No. 1934349

Where are the 15+ people then? Majority of new moms are lucky if even 1 other person helps for even an hour. Also how on earth are the 15 other people going to feed the baby when Mom is the only one producing milk? You can barely acknowledge moms need to be the baby every 1-3 hours it's suspicious

No. 1934353

Nothing says sticking it to tradthots like demanding them look like Arnie after birth and then insulting them if they don't and then trying to debunk it even further by claiming humans were taken care of by multiple people even though traditionally no one fucking cared of postpartum women had abs

No. 1934358

Gone because beta moids had to create a little lonely microcosm of feudal lordship in their homes, mostly. Also, camping the pussy to make sure they're not cucked.

No. 1934363

Yeah, a bunch of people came to help out so mom can eat, rest properly to heal, have clean stuff, bond with baby, etc. Not so mom can ignore her baby so she can lose her milk supply to appeal to scrotes who demand women be bikini competitors after childbirth

No. 1934429

>2-6 hour weight lifting routines
Either you've never tried to maintain a weightlifting routine or you've been scammed kek it shouldn't take more than an hour, one and a half at the absolute most

>how on earth are the 15 other people going to feed the baby when Mom is the only one producing milk
Nonnie have you heard of a wet nurse? My mom didn't produce any milk after her first pregnancy so my sister was nursed by a friendly neighbor who was still lactating, this was very common

The "submissive" really gives it away

No. 1934453

You do realise humans used to live in close knit tribal communities right? However that anon is dead wrong that women should exercise right after childbirth to avoid being flabby wtf. No woman in those communites exercise after childbirth, she is to relax and breastfeed, getting help so she can do stuff like take care of herself and eat. Not to exercise and starve become hot and loose all her milk supply so she can post brag pics on instagram og how she bounced back immediately..

Its crazy that in the west a woman is supposed to be with the baby 24/7, if she takes time to eat she is a bad mom, she has to bounce back immediately, go to work and is expected to do all of this all by herself or she is a selfish entitled bitch. Insane logic.

No. 1934463

Well said

No. 1934475

>my sister was nursed by a friendly neighbor who was still lactating, this was very common
Sis grew up in the unga bunga era, based Dinosaur-chan

No. 1934486

>Get a wet nurse so you can be a body builder or else you're a lazy slob
Seek therapy so you have a healthy view on women at least once in your life

No. 1934488

You don't know what you're talking about, female body builders take longer and need more intensity to build muscle, to build the muscle that you would likely deem as "acceptable and anything less is a slob", you'd have to spend multiple hours at a gym. If a mom just did 30 minutes of cardio every other day she would just lose a few lbs of fat and gain maybe 5 lbs of muscle in the legs. Youd probably still call her a lazy slob

No. 1934489

File: 1701114749841.png (210.24 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_20231127-135111.png)

Sage for samefag but forgot to include this pic

No. 1934505

It heavily depends on what kind of exercise and the intensity. There's definitely risk involved considering the heavy strain put on the pelvic floor muscles while giving birth and the risk of making diastasis recti worse when performing the wrong movements post partum. Muscles need rest and and even powerlifting women take a couple weeks off and slowly build up, maybe just taking a couple walks the first week, then doing some light bodyweight movements etc.
Plus routines can easily take two hours for powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders etc. Maybe if you just lift weights here and there you can fit it in an hour, but for weightlifting (it's an Olympic sport) or powerlifting the warm-up alone can take 20-30 minutes to safely lift the amounts they do.

No. 1934537

Nah that part is true. Women had way more time to rest and recuperate (probably not to work out) when children were raised in a communal setting. It is deeply unnatural that a new mother has to do literally everything for the kid 24/7 when she’s so depleted and literally injured.

No. 1934544

I have no idea how you even wrangled that I remotely agree with the moid from my post or would consider any woman a "slob" for not looking any particular way. Cardio is good for you but weightlifting, resistance training (not body building, that's a whole different thing) is what will build muscle in a shorter time period. It's good for you and helps you stop hallucinating opinions that people haven't expressed, you two should try it.

Kek I might as well have, people have gotten a lot more atomized where I'm from so it's not common anymore. Even grandparents looking after grandchildren are becoming less common, having kids is becoming a shittier and shittier deal for women everywhere

No. 1934576

>having kids is becoming a shittier and shittier deal for women everywhere
It was always a shit deal.Only women who don't use logic (or simply are self loathing) fall for it now since it's a choice.I would feel sorry for them if they weren't so smug about making such poor life destroying decisions kek

No. 1934581

File: 1701125464012.png (63.99 KB, 846x533, 2023-11-27.png)

>Hot women have control over ugly men
Pearl can be based sometimes kek

No. 1934635

The barefoot and pregnant reference gave it away for me. Either a scrote with a fetish (most likely) or a tradthot with a fucked up past trying to redeem herself online and build up an audience so she can sell courses or books

Im surprised the term “ugly men” belong in her vocabulary

No. 1934671

This post was about female body builders as the ideal. Not to mention your way of calling women slobs for not exercise and dieting hard postpartum is that they should "shut up, hire a wet nurse, give up breastfeeding, and have 15 helpers" even though that will never be reality for most women nowadays. You call women slobs for not having he conviences they had back then it's insane

No. 1934695

File: 1701143856564.jpg (3.3 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231128_115209022.j…)

Estee is really pretty but the haircut and styling in most of her videos is painful to look at. She has ugly hair that makes her look like the pokemon flaafy or a poodle. I found some media of her with straight, longer hair dressed in a casual tank top and sweatpants with modern makeup and jewelry and she looked 100 times better. She was outside. I don't think she styles herself the same way when she's outside and the granny sheep hair is probably a wig or she's made it look shorter by curling it and possibly pinning it. I like the ultra feminine girly look myself but it doesn't suit her at all. She definitely looks better in clean lines, neutral colors and modern styles. This is more evidence that she's a grifter and dresses normally in some settings. She looks like a completely different person.


No. 1934696

File: 1701144076180.png (409.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231128-120155.png)

No. 1934698

File: 1701144671438.jpg (3.77 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231128_121009132.j…)

It's like being a tradwife ages you by at least 10 years.

The picture where she looks normal is only 3 years old.

No. 1934700

dealing with a scrote does give you some serious wrinkles

No. 1934722

File: 1701151054592.jpeg (375.46 KB, 1284x1703, IMG_1771.jpeg)

> voyeuristic tradthot serves you her breastmilk

No. 1934725

No way this isn't fetish shit

No. 1934727

no one wants to see her sad tits. spoiler this

No. 1934735

Trads are basically selling men the fetish of “look I’m a girl and I agree with your retarded opinions”. Kind of like mental prostitution.

No. 1934737

the whole dedicated public tradwife thing is basically having a slavemaid fetish in plain sight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934762

She's in the running for top 10 nlogs of all time

No. 1934769

>Estee is really pretty
Hard disagree she has amegamind forhead and a fucked up hairline she's average at best the only thing she has going for her are the big titts but then again those are fake.Lauren Southern is the prettiest tradthot by far hence why she got big.

No. 1934773

File: 1701173351363.png (473.77 KB, 713x1093, Screenshot_20231128-200912~2.p…)

She has such a punchable face

No. 1934921

shes pretty but she just looks uncanny and artificial. I can easily spot the fake teeth, fillers and bolt ons, but she probably has a lot more done. did she do something to her nose or get a liplift too? there's scarring under her nose

No. 1934927

>Lauren Southern is the prettiest tradthot by far hence why she got big.
Nice try Lauren, your little pointy rat-face is only attractive to 50-year old divorced white men.(hi cow)

No. 1934960

Kek i'm not Lauren you retard.Southern is the most attractive tradthot (before filler) if you don't count Eva not like there's much competition going on.
She did get tons of work done and cakes on makeup and filters only to look like a fat marilyn munro from wish kek tradthots are queens of hypocritical views they preach muh natural beauty and modesty while abusing filers,frying their hair and getting breast implants.

No. 1934967

That fried to crisp hair looks disgusting this bitch does fuck all with her life yet can't even do a hair care routine.

No. 1935014

File: 1701213434802.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3637x1875, 76A8CBBF-BCEE-4696-85B1-82CB14…)

Its funny, because even though these women claim to be a man’s ideal, I’ve never actually seen any men who buy into it. Even the idiot moids on /pol/ realize it’s all an act to secure that sweet paypig dough.

No. 1935017

File: 1701213773473.jpeg (710.87 KB, 1529x1109, 240049DF-6286-4DE7-A68B-A2A880…)

And she’s getting roasted for not being able to hold down a marriage. Imagine these kinds of ‘redpilled’ moids being your target audience and trying to appeal to them. Yuck.

No. 1935024

Megha was literally a chronic anachan who starved herself until the point she passed out and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Safe to say she was never smart to begin with.

No. 1935030

it's the dated styling and peroxide blonde hair with no dimension.

No. 1935052

>trying to cater to moids who exclusively like unattainable white teenagers

No. 1935067

>Trying to look like a trad homestead wife
>Involves a baby in her fetish porn
Some people should be punched in the face

No. 1935086

>b-brood parasite-kun, don't you wish this were you desu wink wink?

She knows exactly what she's doing because the average trad moid is a geriatric infant with a sex drive. They don't want to be men or partake in whatever roman empire BAP nietzcshe faggotry they tweet about, they just want to be cooed and breastfed by something they just nutted into. Just a brainless indoor meat slab whose needs must be met like a baby, except the baby went through puberty 30 years ago.

No. 1935099

"eyebrow too arched" is infinite times more nitpicky than our "i hate her nasolabial folds", how are moids this fucking petty

No. 1935116

File: 1701230549860.jpg (48.39 KB, 504x591, FuqYnlYWcAAQsSZ.jpg)

It's a meme

No. 1935126

Wonder if Just Pearly things would fit into this thread. Trad thot who says modern women are a problem, says women who had sex before marriage are destroying society despite having had sex, never had a boyfriend or husband and recently got her youtube demonitized because she asked teenaged girls about their sex life and how dumb they are for being "whores".(learn to read)

No. 1935135

>let me guess, 30?
>she's actually 45

Even a fast aging microchimeric pickme tradwhore ages better than any moid topkek

No. 1935166

I fucked up my life too, but I would never start a tradthot twitter to throw other women under the bus and I look up to successful women & try to pull myself together in any capacity. Depends on one’s character anon.(blog)

No. 1935168

Acknowledging India as the shithole that it is is not being a “britaboo” you fucking weirdo.

No. 1935169

This is soulless. Imagine appealing to scrotes who base their corn preference on whatever war is going on in the world. Palestinian women are leaving behind their infants in hospitals to escape death. Women who spend too much time with soulless scrotes lose their soul(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935182

She is literally in the thread description, would it kill you to read before you comment?

No. 1935190

Yes and that’s why we don’t want any Indians in our country, especially ones like Megha.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935191

Are you on the blob today nona? Calm your tits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935258

a person like this does not exist. It would literally be impossible to find a woman who doesn't do any of these things. scrotes are so stupid.(dangerous autism levels + lack of sage)

No. 1935279

I know this bitch is a crusty tradthot pick me but the way these worthless scrotes talk about her is disgusting i wish these women realized that every woman is too good for scrotes and that we sould never pander to the violent subhuman gender.Too bad they have low self esteem and are attention whores.

No. 1935282

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this is straight up child porn.What a deranged whore.

No. 1935345

why exactly is there a cheese grater on the table? is she making breast milk cheese?

No. 1935399

I mean that's exactly what makes tradthots so disgusting, that they pander to the worst scum of the earth males and berate other women for not doing so. Even the vilest most misogynistic tradthot can't hold a candle to the men she caters to.

No. 1935427

she's probably a closeted lesbian

No. 1935467

It was her decision to side with the gender that commits 97% of violent crime, she’s made her bed and can lie in it. A few harsh words are the least pushback she deserves for pandering to the gender that commits millions of rape and child molestation cases each year. I have no sympathy for her.

No. 1935483

File: 1701312962238.jpg (71.22 KB, 640x1028, 0sifk3zy663c1.jpg)

No. 1935484

>it’s careerwomens fault I’m an insufferable bore who never leaves the house except to go to the grocery store and has nothing to talk about except the color of my baby’s stools that day or what I cooked for my scrote’s dinner again

Uh huh. Also wtf is that picture with all the baloney and ham all over the table lol, gross.

No. 1935487

>chucking food all over the table so your kids can eat like pigs from a trough instead of like civilized humans from a plate
>all so you can just wipe it down afterwards & repeat and get out of washing a few dishes afterwards
Who said tradthots aren’t lazy?

No. 1935488

But I thought having a husband and kids was automatically fulfilling and the only possible way for a woman to avoid loneliness, hmmmm

No. 1935490

Yeah, strange. I thought it was the career women crying into their wine glass alone, not the tradwives. Arent children and a husband supposed to fulfil every woman’s emotional and psychological needs? Why do they still crave female company so much then? Are they admitting their moids and kids aren’t really so fulfilling or interesting after all? Hmm.

No. 1935492

>I wish more women were dead end bangmaids so I wouldn't be so lonely and miserable

Every time

No. 1935517

Maybe she needs to realize that maybe this hateful, angry, “us vs them” mentality they have towards careerwomen and working moms is precisely why she doesn’t have any friends. Even most housewives would be like “calm down, it’s what the childfree woman/working mom chose to do, none of my business”. Negativity is so unpleasant in friendships.

No. 1935527

>Misery loves company
At least thi sbitch is honest kek

No. 1935533

Tradthots are inherently lazy parasites.

No. 1935815

Nonnie…I get you’re trying to make it über based to have a harem of moids or whatever but considering they are literal STD infested rape apes why the fuck would you want to kek

No. 1935818

Nona, nazi men absolutely chastise each other for being child free and for racemixing. There are way more racist chan sites than 4chan where this goes down. I suggest you do some digging to see how they really are and what they really want to do to childfree white women

No. 1935830

File: 1701379496410.jpg (58.22 KB, 640x430, 18vve0wfcy2c1.jpg)

No. 1935836

Saying that women are still beautiful and fertile over 30, instead of eggless old hags? That's an outrageously feminist take coming from her.

No. 1935856

That's the saddest charcuterie board I've ever seen.

No. 1935861

Tell me about it kek it's even worse when you're actually french and can spot the sad croissant and bologna thrown all over instead of actual charcuterie

No. 1935868

>Who doesn't want women marrying and having children
Women, by their own choice. Most men suck and the cost of living makes it difficult to support children.

No. 1935869

File: 1701384857308.jpg (30.22 KB, 600x347, try-me-bitch-arv3v1.jpg)

>what they really want to do to childfree white women
Let me guess…rape them and force them to have their inferior worthless scrotelings? kek their sad ramen munching incel asses can't even talk to women without shitting themselves not to mention risk jail time and registering as a sex offender for their delusional views.

No. 1935872

Not to mention some of us happen to have self worth and wouldn't fuck over our bodies dignity and freedom to spread some mediocre moid's shitty genes.

No. 1935873

Yeah lol I don't think there's anything on there that isn't anti-nutritional ultraprocessed american garbage food with fucked up additives. such a good mother/tradwife!

No. 1935877

You'd think being a 24/7 domestic servant would give them enough time to excel at cooking and making everything from scratch but they can't even do that kek Estee's "meals" make me want to vomit and look like dog shit as if she never owned a cook book in her life.Tradthots are truly worthless even when it comes to basic shit like preparing a well put together meal.

No. 1935883

File: 1701385978130.jpg (32.94 KB, 320x692, dqyzd48b9j3c1.jpg)

No. 1935884

I'm not like other girls sweaty, I do domestic, trad homemaking work like pulling pepperoni and precut processed cheese product out of plastic pouches. Not a single fruit or fresh vegetable in sight, dreamy sigh

No. 1935888

Hands down my favorite thing about tardthots is how dykes absolutely BTFO them at everything they define themselves by. Self reliance, organic farming and home improvement especially.

No. 1935928

this has to be AI generated. no one can be making these unironically and be this braindead

No. 1935929

>not a single homemade item
>clearly cheap, low-quality deli meat
>not arranged artfully on a board, just chucked all over the entire table
>piles of the same thing scattered around instead of pooled together
>random (full, unsliced, untoasted) store-bought croissants for some reason
>didn't even buy blocks of cheese to cut herself, just ones straight from the plastic
Literally even the average moid could make a more appealing assortment. It kills me how tradthots make homemaking their entire lives, but somehow still manage to be so fucking bad at it.

No. 1935950

>subpar charcuterie board display
KEK oh you poor thing, you're actually proud of that?

No. 1935971

This is true.

Lauren Chen: parents wanted her to be a doctor or lawyer, got a worthless degree instead and now makes YouTube videos with less than 50K views on average
Megha: parents also wanted her to be a doctor, got kicked out of her PhD for being a twitter edgelord, got jilted on her wedding day by her first fiancé, now seethes on twitter all day and wishes her brown baby came out blonde
>Bronze Age Shawty: had a good well paying job, also lost it for being a twitter edgelord, now can’t financially support her scrote leech
>Estee Williams: wanted to be many things, including a TV weather girl, failed at all of them and became a bangmaid who can’t even get pregnant
>Lauren Southern: had a ton of ambitions for the future, was actually probably the most successful and well known out of all young women in the right wing sphere at the time. Got cucked by her ex and her husband, aka two idiot scrotes in her life who wanted to hold her down and didn’t like her having any media or financial success of her own, and ended up a divorced single mom

All tradthots are just flopped careergirls who sour grape maxxed, and pretend that scrubbing skidmarks from the toilet bowl and and cleaning up baby sick was always their life’s ambition anyway. Sad!

No. 1935972

The tradthot path is actually a pretty common gambit for women who are naturally unmotivated, lazy and dependent. There’s unironically quite a few girls on sites like 4chan who do something similar. They’re too lazy, dumb and mentally ill to hold down a job, so they find (ideally) some STEMcel paypig (or just any random scrote from an imageboard who wants a wife) and she moves in with him and gets knocked up. An example is Bee, the teenage girl from 4chan who got pregnant by Sosa the Mexican pedophile, and now talks about wanting to be a housewife/homemaker. Tahlia did the same, after being groomed a few times by online predators and had her nudes leaked, found an orbiter and then got married and had a baby at 19.

No. 1935980

File: 1701405880604.png (2.1 MB, 968x1330, HRH.PNG)

Sage cause not really a thot but I find it funny how men in this sphere are about as feminine as you can get.

No. 1935984

Cigars are so so soooo bad for you, hope he still feels badass with cheek and throat cancer eating away half his head.

No. 1935995

Literally born to throat.

No. 1936027

Men are most high T, aggressive and athletic in their 20s, maybe we should send them all to war to die as they were meant to instead of letting them bum around in their moms basement smoking weed and sharing sexist memes on twitter all day.

God I literally can’t imagine anything more boring than listening to a pickme housewife rant about her boring ass day and which knot style she decided to tie her apron in that morning or what meat she decided to cook for her scrote that day. I’d rather listen to my female paramedic friend talking about saving multiple peoples lives that day or my surfer friend showing me videos of herself catching massive waves in Oahu personally, no offense to boring housewives everywhere. You might believe women were put on earth to pop out babies then rot at home in the kitchen for the next 60 years, but not I.

No. 1936038

Men are also the most attractive between 18 and 25. Especially if you consider the fact that most start losing hair as early as 20.

No. 1936040

I don't know why I thought this was Mac from always sunny.

No. 1936060

Men from ages 18 - 30 should be assigned to women who want them for reproductive purposes. Their only job during this period is to service the woman they’re assigned to in whatever way she sees fit. Once they hit 30, they should be sent to factories or off to war and the woman gets a fresh new moid assigned to them. Once they get to 45 they should be sent off to the mincing factory and ground down into cat food.(derailing)

No. 1936073

India is a shithole precisely BECAUSE of what tradthots are advocating for, dumbass. A society where men make all the decisions and women are treated as second class citizens who have to marry whatever scrote their father picked out for them and live a life of drudgery and domestic servitude until they die. That’s what tradthots want, and India is a patriarchy.

Tradthots only have a problem with patriarchy when it’s not the race they fetishize doing it. For Megha it’s white guys, for Pearl it’s black guys etc.

India is a perfect example of how all patriarchal countries are shitholes and how wealth and standard of living only becomes better once feminism starts being introduced and women are given more autonomy over their lives.

No. 1936086

I’m AYRT and you’re spot on actually. Tradthots like Megha don’t see it but that’s the case. If we let moids make all the decisions you get absolute shitholes with enormous wealth disparity where the majority of people are poor and starving. That’s REAL patriarchy and it’s always been that way. Megha thinks that a proper patriarchy will afford her the comfort of the democratic western country she lives in but pure patriarchal values actively work against it. First they keep the women down, then they keep the majority of other men down in order to serve and work for the ones at the top of the food chain.

No. 1936087

Also I’m not sure why you’re calling me a dumbass. Are you the one I called a weirdo? It is a bit weird to call her a “britaboo”. It’s not the same as some fat American moving to Korea, people genuinely want to escape India because it’s a fucking shithole.

No. 1936116

America is a shithole too stop kidding yourself. Their homicide rate is even higher than India. No wonder so many white people are moving to east Asia now.

No. 1936123

The correct answer is that they're both shitholes

No. 1936166

THIS 100% you nailed it anon.Tradthots all failed as career women cause of their lack of work ethic and intelligence which made them seeth over women who actually made something out of themselves and be like "Um akshually a woman's purpose is to slave in the kitchen and pop out kids" projecting their failure onto an entire gender instead of admitting that they are the ones who failed and can't even be good at houskeping and making food that doesn't look like cold horse shit kek notice how the asian/brown tradthots are the saltiest ? their parents put so much pressure on getting high end careers such as becoming a doctor they must get compared all the times to their cousins who actually made their parents proud and got rich lmao

No. 1936170

>God I literally can’t imagine anything more boring than listening to a pickme housewife
True lol they have no hobbies or anything personal in their lives all they talk about is their retarded kids and broke ass husbands.They're depressing as fuck.

No. 1936223

Lori is notorious for making these comments, even though she has never been a “help meet”. She just pushes this shit onto others so other women are as miserable and stuck as she is.

No. 1936411

Being failed girlbosses, tradthots use the militant submission rhetoric to (paradoxically) satisfy their need for brutal social dominance. I will say this without a hint of irony: tradthots are incredibly argumentative and domineering compared to libleft women. They just lack dignity and intelligence, hence why their dominant personalities amount to nagging and scolding online instead of owning male execs with fax and logix in the boardroom. A cautionary tale on how a few missing IQ points and caring too much about what boys think will lay waste to your potential.

No. 1936428

Kek tradwhores take out all their anger at other more successful women cuz they’re all failure to launch faildaughters who are a disappointment to their parents and they know it. Kek.

No. 1936435

Yup they’re all insecure raging control freak narcissists who view the home as their personal sandbox where they can exercise dominion and boss their children around because the have no control or authority in any other sphere of life and get mogged constantly in the real world by women who are outpacing them at everything. Interesting how tradthots go on and on about how their scrote is the head of the household, yet their scrote is never there. Tradthots rule the roost, 100% and they know it. The ‘my husband is my daddy and he makes all the rules’ is cope and manipulation to keep getting supply from their husbands and orbiters. Tradthots are actually most grasping and domineering women on the planet.

No. 1936464

File: 1701493574898.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x949, 8bjstgb1jq3c1.jpg)

No. 1936468

Women like this are so beyond retarded and I feel bad for her mother/sister/other family that is inevitably going to have to step up once her husband leaves her and the kids kek

No. 1936507

>perma-dependent breeding sow before hitting 25
she sure…owned us? kek what did she think she was doing here

No. 1936543

This picture and text is so nauseating lol. Congrats on living out your dream of being a fat lazy slampig I guess? Her life is literally no different to that of a barnyard animal. Yuck. This isn’t the W she thinks it is.

No. 1936544

File: 1701504040669.jpeg (915.4 KB, 1620x1040, BC71E6D6-6816-41C2-9499-6851EA…)

She’s another one like Megha who suffered a frontal lobe injury. Noticing a pattern here?

No. 1936546

File: 1701504418481.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1447x2453, EA16EDAE-C4DE-49DD-AC7B-5AF59D…)

At least she’s not obsessed with forcing her future daughters into a breeding sow lifestyle like herself. One tradcow who isn’t completely insane.

No. 1936556

Almost all jobs are way easier than raising children unless she's neglecting them. Even moms who were construction workers, welders, etc even admit having multiple kids is harder. Does she hide in the bathroom majority of the day?

No. 1936580

Isn't over exemption of caffeine and no exercise bad for the baby? I hope all her pregnancies went well but its weird that unhealthy and most likely autistic NEETs are now calling themselves trad-women.

No. 1936588

I've never seen the phrase "my husband's helpmeet" before but I already hate it, it sounds way too close to "helpmeat" and uh
However considering the tradthot christian shit she is working within this is quite a powerful statement, good for her

No. 1936589

I've seen a few reels like this get recommended and basically it's women intentionally posting ragebait about being deadbeat unemployed young mothers of several kids, knowing it will piss people off and getting paid for all the engagement.

No. 1936600

File: 1701519263446.jpeg (49.58 KB, 744x167, IMG_3961.jpeg)

’helpmeet’ is unfortunately a very common word in evangelical trad circles. it’s from the King James Version of the Bible.

No. 1936603

And which country has an issue with murdering female babies over dowries? Because that sounds way worse than scrotes killing each other with guns.(derailing)

No. 1936623

India has a population of 1.4 billion and had 32,000 reported rapes in 2021.

US has a population more than 4x smaller (332 million) and had 140,000 reported rapes in 2021.

Stop pretending the US is any better for women.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1936631

When Estee said she planned on having a baby in 2024 she actually meant she was going to start fertility treatment in 2024 lmao

No. 1936632

File: 1701525912536.png (66.34 KB, 496x322, Screenshot_20231202-140535.png)

nta but why do you trust India to have accurate reporting on this topic?(derailing)

No. 1936634

The USA is better for women than india you fucking retard.Indian women would kill to be able to migrate to a first world country where they won't be forced to marry some scrote and serve his entire family of 3 generations.This is why people hate white feminism y'all bitches are privileged and ignorant on what it's like to live in a third world country as a woman af.The USA has it's problems but it's still 10 times better than India.

No. 1936636

Ignore this retard."She" would shit her pants if "she" woke up one day in india where scrotes throw acide at middle school female students for not talking to them kek(infighting/derailing)

No. 1936638

"tradthots are literally brain damaged" was not on my bingo card

How is she a cow? This is very normal and reasonable, being a regular ass religious housewife does not a cow make

No. 1936682

Any further infighting about India/USA will result in week long ban. Don't make us lock this thread again.

No. 1936688

File: 1701532792937.jpeg (699.79 KB, 1170x2015, IMG_3992.jpeg)

Sorry sorry mods ot but seeing the word britboo reminded me of seeing many articles how many celebs including Johnny depp are well known as an ‘Anglophiles’(derailing)

No. 1936694

Why do they always frame being a wife and mother as something you can only be as a brainless bangmaid? The vast majority of married women, mothers, and married mothers have careers. Do they just not go outside and fail to see all the female doctors/nurses/teachers/retail workers/whatever that have a husband and/or kids?

No. 1936791

My main takeaway from "an help meet" is that The Lord God speaks with a Cockney accent. It Is Canon
>Oi, I'll make 'im an 'elp meet for 'im, ey guv?

No. 1936792

File: 1701545215403.jpg (29.32 KB, 320x692, c2ahh38b9j3c1.jpg)

No. 1936819

she's describing modern women as infinitely more based than they really are

No. 1936837

Literally though. Also
>hawking the feminine helpmeet skills as arcane important knowledge that women simply aren't prepared to develop in relationships
>"They haven't been taught to smile warmly"

No. 1936855

>today young people live for themselves instead of being a slave to someone else
Is that a bad thing?..

No. 1936963

Why does any grown ass, able bodied male need ‘care’ from a woman anyway? Who said women exist to give moids dinner and asspats? This behavior literally doesn’t exist in any other species on earth. There is no other species where the female is expected to provide care for a male sexual partner as if he were another oversize dependent offspring. If men are so superior to women then how come they crumble and blow their brains out when they’re expected to take care of themselves and their feefees and egos aren’t being coddled every waking moment by some poor long suffering woman?

Moids are pathetic parasitic leeches and absolutely no woman owes them care or babying. A woman needs a 200lb impulsive aggressive violent bratty oversize toddler as a dependent like she needs a hole in the head. If you claimed any other species of females has to take care of the male that are statistically most likely to murder her then you’d think nature was an absolute joke.

No. 1937919

File: 1701718782591.jpg (33.35 KB, 320x570, zq1ma6mkg04c1.jpg)

Can't wait to see the waterhead abomination this creates

No. 1937936

what? A deformity that wasn't there isn't going to magically appear just because she didn't get an ultrasound kek.

Although I can't imagine being that careless. I guess when you reproduce just for aesthetic purposes the safety and wellness of your future child doesn't matter

No. 1937968

>trust god!
>megalomaniacal deity that specifically cursed women with childbirth as a punishment and kills fetuses and babies for fun
kek what could go wrong

No. 1937971

You must not know about EmpathicNutritionist

No. 1937976

I can´t believe she´s my age holy shit(unsaged uninterated newfag)

No. 1938058

File: 1701738948588.png (313.74 KB, 750x556, IMG_8371.png)

tradthots when stay at home dads enter the chat

No. 1938123

>sit at home and drink Starbucks all day
Both terrible for a healthy pregnancy. Also sounds boring & depressing for anyone who isn’t a lazy shit. I feel bad for the kids in these situations, they’re literally just props for their deranged parents’ fetishes.

No. 1938141

That's sure gonna be amazing when he divorces you and you'll have to get a job with no marketable skills or a resume kek

No. 1938199

I see this all the time and it sucks. Women who got married fresh out of high school and think they’re gonna be comfortable housewives for the rest of their life. Then the marriage goes south and they end up having to work at Walmart in their 40s and 50s because they have no higher education or relevant degree and their resume gap is 20 years long and no man really wants to seriously commit to an older woman with children. Men getting out of paying alimony is extremely common btw. All the stuff about how ‘I don’t wanna get married because that bitch will just take all my money’ is redpill scrote nonsense.

From Reuters:
>Alimony payments are becoming rarer, dropping from 25% of all divorce cases in the 1960s to just 10% as of 2015.

No. 1938241

File: 1701771961043.gif (601.39 KB, 320x240, naw-mike-epps.gif)

This is just as much of an L as being a tradthot kek fucking over your body and health to give birth to the scrote's spawn then pay for it.Best case scenario for being a wife/mother is sitting pretty while your moid hires maids and nannies for you and buys you gifts and vacations.

No. 1938262

Yes because trusting god always works. No christian woman has ever had a stillbirth or died herself from having a baby.

No. 1938265

Reminder that men’s testosterone literally falls after they have a child, specifically to prevent them from being too aggressive and murdering their offspring. Moids have to be chemically castrated by nature to stop them from committing infanticide (and it still doesn’t always work).

No. 1938313

Thats scary as shit. Imagine going into labor not knowing that your baby is breech. That could almost kill you.

No. 1938386

Natural selection at work.Thr dumbest most worthless people sure breed the most kek

No. 1938388

That's not even the worst thing that could happen, you can actually deliver a breech vaginally most of the time, especially with medical personnel present, she could go into labor with placenta previa, the baby could have a heart condition ect.

No. 1938389

As much as i think men are violent sociopaths the cause of the decline after kids is the stress and lack of sleep kids tend to suck the life out their parents mostly the mom but moids get affected too that's why you see them leaving their famillies.

No. 1938429

She's said she plans of having an unassisted homebirth Ala EmpathicNutritionist

No. 1938440

File: 1701803815389.jpg (50.19 KB, 640x845, dlwazs65xe4c1.jpg)

No. 1938441

Bullshit, even men who don’t live with their kids experience a drop in T.

No. 1938442

Ruining your daughter's life because it's already too late for you. Evilest thing I've seen in my life. She doesn't deserve to call herself a mother, abandoning her daughter to the wolvesfor online attention. I've seen chickens with more love for their offspring

No. 1938444

Like building your house on sand. Think their bible mentioned something like this.

No. 1938445

File: 1701804080763.jpg (25.52 KB, 320x692, hzwggt65xe4c1.jpg)

It gets worse

No. 1938447

File: 1701804110142.jpg (52.16 KB, 640x835, 4yrprt65xe4c1.jpg)

No. 1938450

LIES. The stress of what exactly? Cooking, the changing of diapers, playtime, mealtime, breastfeeding time, toilet time, bath time, study time, literacy training, potty training, searching for nannies, looking up schools, purchasing toys, clothes shopping and dress up are ALL done by mothers. Women actually deserve to be pieces of shit but only men act the way they do.
The REAL reason is because he already got what he wanted from you. You already made him a father and it's not like you can un-father him if he cheats on you too much or whatever. The average woman doesn't have the guts to file for a divorce for being cucked. There's no reason to play "mister nice guy" anymore because he already achieved his ultimate goal. Changing diapers with a miserable woman isn't fun. Just play video games all day and blame ~stress~ when she gets mad. What's she gonna do, kill her own child to make a point?

No. 1938453

Ok but how does the body "know" they had a child? Not doubting this but the reason behind it, since you later claimed this happens in absent baby daddies too. Whatever the cause may be, this further explains why men become such ugly effeminate fat whores once they become dads. They blow up like pufferfish once they trap a woman in marriage. Scariest booby trap in the world.

No. 1938464

Trads not sexualizing their children challenge

No. 1938467

This is a bigger L than being a tradwife. The only way women can get a true W is by either really wanting kids and having them in spite of moid fuckery because she's actually independent and doesn't have to rim a low T tradhusband for her Starbucks allowance, or not engaging in reproduction and marriage at all. Basically the only true W comes from not interacting with moids at all.

No. 1938477

the most based women actually just divorce and give up custody, leaving the moid a single dad kek

No. 1938573

File: 1701815597531.jpeg (250.26 KB, 1620x376, 9451546B-6BF4-4EFF-A5C6-9F2770…)

Newsflash tradthots, your husbands become flabby low T effeminate soibois after they have kids and their body literally starts chemically castrating them so he won’t chimp out and murder your sprog (if they aren’t already)

No. 1938629

How is telling a toddler that being impregnated will be her greatest joy not considered grooming

No. 1938681

File: 1701830134254.jpg (29.83 KB, 320x693, zpzskqtvjy3c1.jpg)

No. 1938717

File: 1701833256675.jpg (56.03 KB, 640x734, 1ukaw0twcj4c1.jpg)

No. 1938751

>not interested in gossip sessions
Will someone please tell this to my boss? He needs to know this information so he will stop holding me in his office doing this for an hour and a half a day.

No. 1938771


stably batshit, maybe

No. 1938803

Reading this thinking about the rape and murder stats which are nearly 100% dominated by male violence, stable my ass. However there is a little cry for help in that line about men not feeling responsible for their children.

No. 1938824

>no need to recover from birth
Oh no, what a very ignorant thing to say! Poor kings need paternity leave from their jobs in order to adjust to a new babu! /s
>don't feel as much responsibility towards caring for children
Translation: "My husband doesn't help me with shit."

And the rest of the post is basically her confession of never having worked a single day alongside men without saying she has never worked a single day alongside men.

No. 1938838

This is basically a long drawn out way to say “ouch my period, women are so inept!” As if moms don’t work themselves into the ground to be good parents, somehow that means you have less energy than men. What a joke. I’m sure this girl had a mom who was disconnected and unable to show her what real motherhood was like.

Also less responsibility caring for kids??? Why do these women let their men off the hook for caring for THEIR OWN child?? That’s not even historically true, just in the most recent sense because of the advent of the Industrial Revolution, both parents have less responsibility because they both have to work. Men are biologically designed to real kids, differently, but teaching men their contribution ends at the end of their orgasm is so fucking goofball and not even traditional.

No. 1938860

File: 1701865174190.jpg (57.07 KB, 620x363, nkqp1.jpg)

This is disgusting.

No. 1938866

Stop derailing the thread with your sperging.Don't have kids if you're smart enough to realize that motherhood is a miserable existence.

No. 1938877

It’s completely on topic. Tradthots chastize the husbands of women who don’t want to have children as unmanly, when their own sperm dispenser moids are slowly turning into trannies from lack of testosterone, which is hilariously ironic.

No. 1938928

>hormones are more stable
it doesn’t really matter if their hormones don’t fluctuate if they’re still this violent and impulsive
>handles stress far better
agreed, my favorite male problem solving strategy is ‘kill my entire family and then myself’
>don’t feel responsible for their moidspawn
okay this one is true I’ll give it to her
>not interested in gossip
Excuse me? have you seen breadtube or male drama whores like keemstar? lmao
also side note but why do some women act like you’re literally a different person at different points in your cycle?

No. 1939033

I genuinely believe men enjoy gossiping more than women do. All those ‘exposing x person’ youtubers/streamers are just bitchy moids with more moids gossiping in the comments.

No. 1939039

> I’m sure this girl had a mom who was disconnected and unable to show her what real motherhood was like.
> girl
This woman is 65, a mother of 4, and a grandmother of 13. She's just a boomer nostalgic for the "good ol' days"

No. 1939173

>not interested in gossip
The biggest shit stirrer at my old workplace was a 50 year old man

No. 1939187

Biblical gender roles is a divorced scrote who doesn’t even live the life he tries to sell to other scrotes online and is obsessed with talking about raping women in a “biblical” marriage

>doesn’t care about their kids to focus on work
I thought absent fathers in the house was a problem?

No. 1939226

File: 1701923098527.jpg (12.1 KB, 598x398, gamergates-silver-lining-14184…)

The notion that front poles don't gossip has to be a societal mass delusion on par with "men aren't allowed to have emotions". Literally all they do, 24/7, is run their mouths+engage in petty plotting and vendettas in pursuit of fucking someone and/or fucking someone over. I've never once seen a woman recruit the public into a witch hunt against someone who dumped her, whereas for a moid it's just Tuesday. Woman joins the workplace, guess what the moid employees will be cumswapping about that day (and every day henceforth). What is the favorite moid pastime these days? A video of a bunch of moids giggling and gossiping into a microphone, the "podcast".

Frankly, you don't get this far in society without constant machinations, since violence alone most certainly wouldn't cut it. I've been friends with some women who could easily be at the very least /snow/ tier cows, and the average moid would still absolutely BTFO them at smearing, plotting and backstabbing. That's the real sport women can never beat men at.

No. 1939251

Yeah. What do you call the scrotal preoccupation with who women have slept with that’s been around since biblical times if not gossip?

No. 1939270

>podcast bros
Gossiping/talking shit
Gossiping/talking shit/beefing with people
Gossiping/talking shit/fighting with each other
>Internet daddies like Tate, Musk, Peterson
Do nothing except gossiping/talking shit
Gossiping/talking shit
More moids talking shit about each other
99% spectator sports with men gossiping and talking shit about players
Talking shit about ‘sinners’ and about how they’re all going to hell, write whole ass books about this crap
Moids LOVE gossiping and talking shit, it’s literally their number one pastime, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

No. 1939276

File: 1701934802271.jpeg (29.4 KB, 735x417, IMG_1649.jpeg)

I’ve listened to male coworkers communally salivate over the social media pages of their classmates, female coworkers, even their good friends partners, making horrific comments about their appearance and speculating on their sexual history. Meanwhile the most I ever “gossip” about any of the men in my life is to background check them and get a better sense of their character and trustworthiness. Picrel will live in the back of my mind forever.

No. 1939286

I love how the subhuman gender insists that women love drama and gossip while 99.9% of the wars and conflicts in history were started by them.

No. 1939302

>front pole

No. 1939304

The subhuman gender is incapable of successful self reflection that isn't immediately followed by suicidal ideation. One can assume massive fitness consequences for self reflection in moids, so that trait can't really exist in them. A moid who truly knows what he is is unlikely to be able to live with that, let alone continue his parasitic reproductive program.

Because of this, their to-go coping mechanism for when they confront their own nature is "a-aktually it's the WOMEN who are this way, and it is in fact a feminine trait even! Y-yeah!"

No. 1939333

this. just look at for example revenge porn as a phenomenon, it proves that men are the nastiest shit talkers ever and worse than even the most unhinged bpd women. and pickmes will still argue the silliest points like "women are so catty and fake and untrustworthy, men are at least honest and upfront about stuff and know how to be real friends!!" meanwhile their hubbies are sharing creepshots and nudes of them and their teen daughters online to all their friends, coworkers and complete strangers. all the men i know irl have drama with each other constantly yet will seriously say bs like men don't gossip or talk shit etc. completely in denial of reality.

No. 1939336

A small part of me feels sorry for pickmes and tradthots, and heterosexual women in general. It’s got to be rough realizing the opposite sex who you’ve been raised from birth to “love, honor and obey” are actually parasites running the biggest protection racket in history with the sole purpose of enslaving you and keeping you down. It’s got to suck realizing you can give everything to a moid, cook and clean for him and put your body through Lovecraftian horrors to bear his spawn, only to have him hate you and talk shit about you to his friends and listen to shitty podcasts degrading you and jerk off to teenage OF thots. I almost don’t blame them for all the desperate cope they spew. The only thing that makes me hate them is the way they shit on other women who choose not to play the game and live independently. But I still hate moids more.

No. 1939347

Anon, are you from somewhere outside of the West? Only asking because your insights make me think you’ve been exposed to the worst of moid nature.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939356

Are you claiming western moids don't do these things?

No. 1939369

Eastern moids are usually somehow even worse, but western ones are also terrible pieces of shit who do this

No. 1939377

That's because western WOMEN fought tirelessly for centuries to gain legal personhood. Unmarried American women still weren't allowed bank accounts or credit lines until 1974. Western moids would still be oppressing women today if they could, and they complain bitterly all day on their alpha male podcasts that women are "too independent" and don't want to be their bangmaids anymore. The "passport bro" movement is all about importing women from oppressive cultures to be their bangmaids since they can't trick as many western women into doing so. And they STILL treat their wives like utter shit, which is why divorce rates are sky high in western cultures. Eastern moids are worse because their laws and cultures allow them to be worse, and women don't have as many legal options to escape them.

"The worst" of moid nature = moid nature, deal with it.

No. 1939384

True.Moids will walk all over you as mcuh as you allow them too.Western women are by far the ones who fought the hardest for their rights and they're continuing to curb stomp moids even more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939621

Having sex with 7 or 10 year old girls (depending on state) was legal in the US until the 1880s. Child prostitution was so rife in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Britain and the US that it led to an age of consent reform because the hospitals couldn’t keep up with the number of children needing treatment for syphilis and other STDs. All men are trash stop pretending otherwise, their scrotums and lust for underage girls are the thing that unites them all regardless of geographic location.

No. 1939623

In Delaware the age of consent was 7 years old right up until 1895.

No. 1939641

There’s a misperception that western moids are more peaceful & enlightened, and benevolently “gave” women our rights. That’s bullshit they gaslit the world into believing. Our grandmothers fought for them. The suffragettes were attacked by the media, tortured & institutionalized. Western men hate the feminist movement. They see empowered women as a threat to their jobs and their masculinity. They still rape & murder women at high rates, do mass murders in public places because women won’t date them. They import mail order brides and sex slaves from poorer countries, they wage ruinous wars where they can brutalize women & girls in other parts of the world. They rant on podcasts 24/7 that women are evil hags for not devoting our lives to scrubbing out their skid marks. They wage billion-dollar political campaigns to roll back the reproductive rights we earned.

Eastern men are worse because their cultures allow them to be worse. But scrotes are scrotes everywhere. This goes back to too many women maintaining delusions about male nature for their own safety and sanity.

No. 1939648

Can we get this thread back on topic, I’m tired of talking about frontpoles.

No. 1939707

We all yearn for the man hating threads back so it bleeds out in here and the Reddit thread

No. 1939721

File: 1702014403287.jpeg (97.85 KB, 724x900, GAcE5nzWgAAXAsi.jpeg)

No. 1939722

Gwen the milk maid, you really can’t make this shit up.

No. 1939729

Lol why is this board full of r/femaledatingstrategy femcels? You're literally the genderswapped version of poltards/black pilled incels

No. 1939730

Tick riddled in her sundress, Gwen gets a concussion when a cow kicks her in the head as she tries to milk it.

No. 1939731

Milking cows is physical labor. If her husband owned dairy cows she would be doing hard, dirty, smelly, brutal work with large animals. She would hardly be 'frolicking' around. You can tell that all these women are fantasists.

No. 1939732

I don't personally like cats but I would rather live with 100 of them than wake up next to any of the men that these women are married to.

No. 1939733

Enjoy being mogged by cats lul

No. 1939738

File: 1702018091511.jpg (3.03 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231208_144638856.j…)


Mrs Midwest's husband is literally adult Caillou irl

Living the dream isn't she?

I'm fat and ugly and nowhere near as attractive as she is and my husband 100% mogs hers appearance wise and earns more money.

No. 1939740

I love when men or handmaidens threaten us with ~cats~ as if having some small fluffy companions is a worse fate than being abused by an ugly rape monkey and tirelessly and thanklessly raising his kids. And clearly the threat isn't working if you look at marriage and pregnancy stats for women, they keep dropping kek

No. 1939742

Even for those of us who are married SAHMs, I wouldn't sell myself short with such a nasty moid. These women aren't picky AT ALL despite being physically attractive. They end up with the ugliest losers who look like gorillas and have horrible personalities. Often these men are years older. If they just had any self love at all they could do a million times better.

No. 1939744

File: 1702018573681.png (371.95 KB, 700x525, 5cc9cd7093a15230084de752.png)

Martin Sellner is literally the only trad scrote that doesn't look like an ugly gorilla

No. 1939746

It's crazy that there isn't a single thing even remotely attractive about him. Prematurely bald, no jawline, narrow bite, double chin, beady eyes, neck beard? How low are the tradthots aiming?

If you unfocus your eyes he's kind of alright, but there's something about his face that makes him look like he was poorly constructed by AI. kek.

No. 1939747

File: 1702018913692.jpg (4.43 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231208_150126138.j…)

Imagine these specimens flapping around on top of you?(sage your shit)

No. 1939753

File: 1702019353716.jpg (12.36 KB, 274x380, depositphotos_11444905-stock-p…)

I love how those affected by teh ronery ebidemic LARP as if they have any control over the inevitable outcome. Kind of like when an obese baldlet on tinder opens his profile with >SWIPE LEFT IF!

You WILL lose to a cat. You will also lose to a dog, plant, aquarium fish, air fryer or nothing at all, because you have negative value. All women you have ever tried to pursue eagerly chose any possible scenario over you. You'll remember that at night, when you go back to discord to poast about how foids have it easy.

No. 1939937

Imagine not even being able to compete with cats, kek. The sad desperate biologically meaningless and replaceable existence of a scrote.

No. 1939945

Why are they all overweight? Girl stop feeding your man such disgusting carby slop (or don’t, if it means they die quicker lul)

No. 1939958

File: 1702028305742.jpg (337.57 KB, 1080x1204, 1701552000413(1).jpg)

Aktually carby vegan slop is inadvisable because it makes them live longer. A tip for all my fellow married straightoids: appeal to moid redmeat idpol from podcasts and feed him burger bacon lard steaks for dinner - or, better yet, psyop him into full keto. Guaranteed reduction in life expectancy unless he's some kind of an mtorc1 ko long living mutant made in a lab.

ROIDPIG-chan has it all figured out, pic related.(derailing)

No. 1939966

You can always tell these tradthot memes are made by city slickers who’ve never lived in the countryside in their life kek. Milking cows is gross and messy, take it from someone who knows. Most of the reality of living on a farm or homesteading in a rural area is just manual labor, getting splinters in your fingers and wading around in animal shit, your cute little side split shein floral dress would be ruined in a hot minute, and you need steel toed work boots, wellingtons or gaiters, not barefoot and dancing around unless you wanna tread in cowpats or contract Lyme disease from all the insect bites.

No. 1939973

This doesn’t apply to Estee because her husband is too gay to get hard for her and it doesn’t apply to Mrs Midwest either because her husband is a porn addict.

No. 1939976

File: 1702029345918.jpg (104.62 KB, 500x750, 44a78885df65d65186d8cf943de0d5…)


No. 1939984

Same here. I have actually witnessed low tech farming in bumfuck Evropa, as in brought up next to it until I was about 5. Not nice American barns or modern farms that receive subsidies. The "trad" homestead shit, complete with no running water. Wood and coal for heating, an outhouse, -25C winters.

The average tradwhore would literally fucking drop dead from the stench of a cow/pig barn alone. I suppose it doesn't even need to be mentioned that every girl growing up in that environment wanted nothing more than to be a desk jockey girlboss in anything that resembled a city.

No. 1939986

Go to somewhere like Switzerland and you can see lots of young tourists taking pictures frolicking around barefoot in milkmaid dresses on the mountain or pretending to milk cows for the gram. While passing them with my hiking group we would usually hear screams of ‘MY DRESS!!!’ and ‘ewwwww’ after they had stepped in all the goat/cow shit lmao. Poop and tiredness is pretty much the only constant factor in rural life.

No. 1939998

Uhhh nona he looks exactly like an ugly gorilla kek. He’s also 5ft6.

No. 1940004

Samefag but I actually forgot about Brittney because she was so boring and forgettable kek. Now I remember watching her videos with Lauren Southern and them being besties for about 5 minutes, Lauren was incredibly overbearing and domineering in their friendship and it just seemed to make Brittney act even more quiet and dull. Her husband is kinda sus, he got donations from the Christchurch shooter who killed 51 people and had invited him to Austria to make a video together. Another ‘we must secure a future for white children and outbreed our enemies’ tradthot with a grand total of 1 child at the ripe old age of 31. The only non boomer tradthot I can think of who actually fulfilled her vow to shit out a ton of kids is Varg’s long suffering wife Marie, and even her takes on womens roles and her daughters future path are strangely feminist sometimes.

No. 1940034

You don’t have to have kids to sit at home all day..

No. 1940072

It must hurt to know a little animal that licks its own arsehole and shits in a box is still a better life companion than you kek

No. 1940079

Source on her husband being a porn addict? Eww

No. 1940120

daily reminder that moids don't wash their hands after pissing or shitting, don't wipe or wash their dicks, don't clean their asses and can't aim their piss in the toilet, resulting in a ureaplasma infested urine mist slathered over everything in your bathroom

No. 1940130

Right. Cats are cleaner, quieter, more loyal, don't leave your house a mess, don't demand you cook & clean for them, don't jerk off to porn all day. We have our own money now and don't need moids to survive. We don't need them for protection since we can buy guns. We don't even need them to have kids anymore. Why would anyone pick a moid over a cat?

No. 1940148

File: 1702060474795.jpg (71.93 KB, 933x916, EW_NZrmWAAAgy9-.jpg)

>He’s also 5ft6
>Is a fucking midget
So much for muh masculine manly man protekteeer and provaiderrr kekekekeke

No. 1940149

The only need we have for men is to do risky shitty jobs since their lives are worthless kek
>moids can cum in a cup then die and humanity would go on just fine
>less than 30% of women not having kids and population collapse happens

No. 1940169

NTA but she constantly talked about it on her deleted reddit account

No. 1940258

File: 1702079116691.jpg (93.17 KB, 719x888, how-many-hours-do-you-work-you…)

No. 1940261

God, tradthots are truly business geniuses. Why be a wage slave when you can be a serf to another wage slave? The lower you are on the pyramid the better, everyone knows that.

No. 1940268

File: 1702081392326.jpeg (24.5 KB, 498x456, 5c9d054924070.jpeg)

True, why study and get a career doing only one kind of skilled work with no physical labor and make six figures when you can depend on a man who makes less than that and work at home multiple full time pysical labor jobs cooking,cleaning doing groceries and taking care of multiple kids ? Feminists are obviouslly the ones takine a huge L.

No. 1940269

>working 60 hours a week for a boss who doesn’t care about them
Is this not just being married to a moid?

No. 1940277

Let's see
>you work for him and his spawn for 24 hours 7 days a week
>you don't get paid
>no paid vacations or any vacations at all
>is a thankless job
>can't quit or else end up a single mom working 3 shifts at walmart to make ends meet
>could cheat on you and replace you
>has a chance of beating and or killing you
>zero retirement plans


>can't work you more than 8 hours a day
>every single hour is paid
>can get paid time off,switch jobs and 400K retirement plans
>get 6 months pay in case you were replaced
>you don't have to bang him or stroke his ego to keep a roof over your head just do your job
>can get promoted and get raises and rewards for your work
>can start your own business using the money and experience you earned
>can find another job if replaced

No. 1940279

no, being married to a moid is doing that but getting paid in food, shelter and nagging (until he divorces you for getting cancer)

No. 1940295

Why do they always go on about the boss that doesn't care about us? I don't have an intimate personal relationship with my boss, I just work for her. Beyond being on good terms and her being competent/fulfilling her role, I have no expectations from her or our relationship. Have these tradthots ever held a job?

No. 1940301

Right? And personally my job is lax so I slack off at work completely guilt free because I don't owe my boss shit. If you have kids, you owe them everything and should be working hard to give them a good life. Maybe even getting a job for additional income if you can't afford everything you want for them, or if your husband loses his job or gets sick or something.

Anyway they're so stuck on the sahm-girlboss dichotomy that they fail to recognise the true winners - unambitious women who live comfortably with no responsibility and no stress. Mothers and career women both have it much harder.

No. 1940302

I'm guessing they get $0 from their moids but cope by telling themselves "at least they CARE"

No. 1940303

Keep in mind most tradthots are lazy leeches who’ve never held down a job and have no idea what they’re talking about. Look at how many of them flopped at every career they tried before “choosing” to be a housewife. Some of us work for ourselves, enjoy what we do and don’t have to answer to a moid OR a boss. But if I had to pick one, I’d still pick a boss because 1) they have to pay you for your labour, and 2) you can clock out and enjoy your free time when you’re done working.

No. 1940347

Allie just needs to stfu. She will say this shit but cry that conservative men are hating the wrong women when they force them to stay home and not work. Allie only loves her money and power above anything else. Despite being married with kids she won’t ever delete social media to stay home like a good trad wife. Because she knows she’d be accused of being a lazy leech on her husband if she gave up any work she has.

No. 1940391

Don't forget the most important one: the first one literally renders you more worthless and less re-employable the more experience you acquire.

There's only one other job that works this way, no prizes for guessing which.

No. 1940404

Which is by design obviously

No. 1940443

File: 1702114851241.png (900.57 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231209-174009.png)

Estee is so dumb

Imagine if every woman in the world just blindly trusted their husband? What percentage of men are actually trustworthy? Remember, these are people who waffle on about arranged marriage and enforced monogamy so every man has a wife.

No. 1940445

She's a grifter, she does social media as her career. Not for me but for thee.

No. 1940447

File: 1702115316597.jpg (3.58 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231209_174859541.j…)

No. 1940448

She doesn't want you to think that social media is her career. She wants you to think that she bakes burnt bread and heats up some processed meat for her gay looking scrote all day.

No. 1940449

File: 1702115699544.png (983.24 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231209-175431.png)

Apparently she doesn't have enough money to buy a comfortable couch to sit on.

Her house just looks… dusty. I wouldn't generally judge someone for this but she's trying to sell us her amazing lifestyle.


No. 1940451

If she did have kids that couch and carpet would become disgusting and because they are old I doubt they can be bleached and she would have to take down all the doileys and crusty dried flowers. Kids touch everything and make everything gross and if it isn't easy to clean then you might as well throw it away.

No. 1940452

File: 1702116246424.png (647.76 KB, 720x1248, Screenshot_20231209-180033~2.p…)

Eating on fabric chairs is so unhygienic. If you drop any food at all on those old chairs crumbs ECT will get caught in any gaps and it will be really difficult to remove. You also can't use bleach otherwise you will discolor the fabric. There really is a reason why today we have wooden, plastic or metal chairs to eat food on.

No. 1940455

File: 1702116943841.png (476.28 KB, 720x1268, Screenshot_20231209-181348~2.p…)

Scrotes are triggered when trad thots say that they wouldn't get with a man who is broke. Omg this is hilarious.

No. 1940458

File: 1702117068865.png (247.11 KB, 720x1289, Screenshot_20231209-181832~2.p…)

No. 1940461

>grooming your daughter into tearing open her vagina for a man
How is this not grooming? Arent trads the ones always complaining that liberals want to mutilate their kids genitals but they have no problem encouraging their little daughters to do the same asap?

No. 1940462

That’s the most pathetic thing, a lot of tradthots are financially supporting their moid or even if he’s wealthy, barely get anything out of him. Btw there are extremely few men on this earth who are happy to spend a good chunk of their money on a woman or let her access his bank account, even if she’s his domestic servant and pops out his kids.the only men who are cool with that are literal paypigs, and as you can imagine most of them aren’t right wing. Tradthots are retarded, they think that you have to be a bangmaid and broodmare to secure a tiny bag from a moid when there’s liberal women on twitter and twitch with an army of paypigs and getting 100x what tradthots get simply for existing and doing nothing kek.

No. 1940467

>Cook three meals a days, clean the whole house often, birth and take care of multiple kids. Somehow also work a full time job 9-5 that is high paying enough to support multiple kids and a lazy scrote.

Well, as we all know rational thinking isn't men's strength.

And what else do they have to offer other than cash? It's certainly not looks, emotional support or sexual satisfaction.

No. 1940469

I can see his tiny penis from here, "shut the fuck up! Bitch!" cry louder, scrote. So funny they want a trad woman who also works full time. And she even paid for herself so she got zero from this guy and he's still crying, pissing and screaming

No. 1940470

>work 60 hours a week and get paid
>work 60 hours a week for a man for free (and with no proof of your work to add to your CV, nor no further career prospects)
and somehow they figure the second one is better, can't fault the logic

No. 1940474

I think anon means there is a happy medium. Not to be unambitious but hit that happy medium of contentedness, work/life/family/friends balance.
Tradthots use the tired extreme of the fictional girlboss with no free time to try and make the barefoot and pregnant side seem like less work/more satisfying, as if there are only two options. I don't think anon is saying to be a deadbeat but to seek balance, which is good advice.

No. 1940476

File: 1702121993457.png (850.02 KB, 1080x950, ddghoum-31ece28c-a991-47e4-a93…)

>the true winners - unambitious women who live comfortably with no responsibility and no stress.
Sorry to burst your bubble but nah an unambitious loser that accomplished nothing in their lives is not "winning" over a wealthy educated career woman kek you might be winning over bangmaids but you'll never be on the level of someone with more intelligence ambition and work ethic than you.Successful women will always be role models little girls can look up to and realise that women can be more than incubators and servants for moids and actually hold positions of power.I'd respect your choice of living a minimalistic life in a hut if you weren't delusional enough to think that makes you superior to successful high status women kek.

No. 1940477

>I think anon means there is a happy medium
No they didn't.They said the true winner are women with no ambition or aspirations here
>the true winners - unambitious women who live comfortably with no responsibility and no stress.
Which is very laughable even children have more respect for women with money and power over some lazy bitch with no direction in life.
>Not to be unambitious but hit that happy medium of contentedness, work/life/family/friends balance.
Some women are happy spending most of their time doing what they love then have occasional vacations and cruises and couldn't give two shits about spending time with friends or family it's called being self sufficient and not needing others to be happy.

No. 1940479

File: 1702122919519.jpg (47.55 KB, 500x500, be9063fb7ad77ebd6dc7dbc91bd588…)

Remember ladies dediacte your life to some blue color broke ass man who can't even afford a new couch that doesn't have a colony of bed bugs in it and a modern new carpet that doesn't look like it has layers of dust from 30 years of use.Mmmmmmm thriving !!! (kek)

No. 1940481

>Nooo being a good bangmaid servant are basic female traits
>Being a protector and provider are not basic male traits FUCK YOU
Kekekeke i need to stope feeling bad for tradthots when they choose to lower their worth by talking to these ugly ass poor moids.

>i'm not looking for a 500k house or anything

this is actually really fucking sad it made me die inside a little a 500K house is a barn in today's economy and decent houses are all 1m and above she has REALLY low standards and scrotes are still demanding she settles for less.The fruits of being a pick me.

No. 1940484

Women don’t owe anyone their hard work. Not a boss, or a husband.

No. 1940485

Of course an unambitious loser went straight to the working hard and slaving for a boss at a desk situation kek your little narrow mind couldn't haddle the thought of women doing free lance having their own businesses, law firms,agencies or clinics.Stay unambitious.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1940514

Women don’t owe you labor, moid.

No. 1940519

File: 1702133624249.jpg (4.07 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231209_225421111.j…)

No. 1940520

Less than 2% of women in the US are self employed. 60% of businesses fail in the first 3 years. Keep LARPing as a career Stacy who owns a law firm when we all know you’re the same kiwifag sperg Android Raptor who breeds roaches for a living and spends all day posting on imageboards.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1940523

I hate tradthots as much as anyone else but this is a bit unhinged and also badly made.

No. 1940525

Not sure if it’s the bad outdated 90s decor with the creepy shadow from the chandelier on the wall, the empty chairs and foodless table, the fact Estee looks miserable and can’t even conjure up a smile, and seems like a blowup doll dressed up to look like a frumpy middle aged woman, but this picture is very depressing.

No. 1940528

I challenge you to make a better one or at least bring some milk to this thread.

No. 1940530

File: 1702134608174.png (1.25 MB, 720x1125, Screenshot_20231209-230907~2.p…)

Mr Midwest looks like a family annihilator. I'm legit scared of him.

No. 1940531

File: 1702134668385.png (151.25 KB, 385x434, Screenshot_20231209-231155~2.p…)

No. 1940532

File: 1702134825764.png (1.09 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231209-231439.png)

No. 1940533

>even children have more respect for women with money and power
I mean children specifically just like people who are friendly and seem like fun, I don't think little Sammy cares about your money and power kek. Also who cares if some strangers respect you or not?
>it's called being self sufficient and not needing others to be happy.
I mean sure but caring what strangers think about your money and power kinda sounds like needing others to be happy. And humans are social creatures, life is better shared.
Thinking in extremes is how they get ya.

No. 1940539

>500k house
These hoes will have you believe they're multimillionaire trophy wives luxuriating all day with their husband's money but this is an aspirational price point for them top kek. What meth lab flyover state is she in?

No. 1940546

fucking hell what happened, growing in the 90s everyone's grandmas, many who were abused when young, and moms were constantly pushing girls into education, be independent, have a job and not an unemployed housewife. The only ones who were preparing and pushed toddlers into motherhood were the religious freaks like Mormons and shit. I bet that little girl will be homeschooled and her mom will ruin her life.

No. 1940564

trippy picture in general, the lighting is so weird. where the wheat field or w/e starts it looks like it's actually a wall with a fake background like it's an old movie set or something kek

No. 1940569

File: 1702142782704.png (323.8 KB, 720x1347, Screenshot_20231210-012306~2.p…)

If there is anything that tradthots have taught me it's that chronically low self esteem and a scarcity mentality ultimately leads to poor outcomes. It sounds corny but confidence and believing you deserve something will get you there. That's why you see ugly and obese women with husbands that tradthots would be scared to talk to. The key to success in women is how much love they have for themselves, not how you look which is what scrotes would have you believe.

No. 1940571

File: 1702142864553.jpg (79.06 KB, 614x640, e3645efa0e5918d8dbaa8e03315571…)

Cope and seeth that you don't have what it takes to be a successful/wealthy woman even tho you were born in a first world country while daughters of immigrants who came from humble backgrounds are doctors and engineers who have status and money cause of their intelligence and hard work.The fact that i praise and look up to women in positions of power doesn't mean that i'm trying to convince anyone that i'm rich or own a law firm y'all are some really sad bitches coming onto a feminist board to moan about successful career women being deemed superior to your lazy asses and throwing the basless "Nooo you're a moid for thinking successful women are better than me REEEE" as if any scrote would admire independent women who make more than them.
Not gonna derail the thread any more cause of you failures but just remeber you're not even worth licking the dog shit from a successful
woman's lawn.(infighting)

No. 1940572

Get a job, loser.

No. 1940574

Don't listen to them anon i lol while reading it tho you could lose the weird emogies on the sides.

No. 1940575

File: 1702143217749.png (676.86 KB, 720x1428, Screenshot_20231210-013230~2.p…)

Imagine crying over a new couch.

Fucking bleak.

No. 1940577

She's really pretty which makes it sadder she could do so much better than porn addicted uncle fester

No. 1940584

Kaitlyn is quite literally supermodel level beautiful. Pretty is an understatement. If she just had some fucking self esteem she could get an attractive, wealthy moid that worships the ground she walks on and have a life of luxury. Instead she's living in michigan with Caillou who makes around 50k a year. Sage for blog but I'm a dumpy obese troll (also a sahm) and I am doing better than she is in the husband department. Being the 'cool girl' gets you nowhere.

No. 1940588

Bet your moid jerks off to more attractive thots online while you slave away in the kitchen.Make sure to pray every single evening an average/pretty woman doesn't give him the light of the day or respond to his DM's. kek(lack of integration)

No. 1940594

Personally IDGAF

I only care about me and my kids. As long as I have his money I'm happy. I mean it's nice to be able to have sex with a good looking man and he knows how to fix things. Thank God for child support and alimony.(not your personal blog/sage your shit)

No. 1940595

File: 1702144780546.png (757.07 KB, 827x844, Coasting2.png.b81608f8356b13f1…)

You're ok with being a cuck queen bangmaid for some food and a roof over your head? damn girl child support and alimony are nothing when you're a single mom.Get some self esteem.
what happened to her face?

No. 1940596

who cares

No. 1940598

Being a single mom isn't bad if you have money coming in. Maybe you need to learn to decenter men. You seem really focused on them. You should think about what men can do you for you and put in the least amount of effort possible.

No. 1940602

Wow, her house really does look dusty and grimy. Is that a plastic picnic cloth on the table?! I work full time and I keep my house cleaner and my furniture in nicer condition. Her cooking also looks like awful slop. Every career woman I know has better housekeeping skills than this Tiktok titty larper. The moids who gas her up in the comments must live in utter filth, if this is their idea of a “trad housewife” and a nice living situation.

No. 1940610

You can't have a clean house with a moid. They generate filth at astounding speeds.

No. 1940624

Omg the $500k house thing stuck out to me too. Like this moid must be really stupid if he thinks that's the higher end of a house cost, enough to use it as an example of women demanding too much. $500k will barely get you an undeveloped dirt lot in any US city these days

No. 1940630

File: 1702150546277.jpeg (303.77 KB, 1170x856, IMG_4833.jpeg)

Popper the cat makes a fucking good point.

No. 1940634

Uh I wouldn’t go that far but yeah she’s a solid 7 and way better looking than her bald scrotum.

No. 1940640

Are you not aware of the additional board where those threads are..?

No. 1940652

Employeed by Langley, perhaps? kek
Are you retarded or just male? Money coming in doesn’t mean shit if it’s not deposited into your solo owned bank account, and if you and your moid hate each other the kids are going to know and are going to grow up fucked in the head, you’re gonna end up raising a future BPD daughter and violent mother-hating porn addict son

No. 1940660

File: 1702154581895.jpg (5.22 KB, 229x220, images.jpg)

I find it very ironic how Estee bought a botched looking raggedy couch and carpet then was like "follow me for more housekeeping tips uWu" the equivalent of this:

No. 1940662

>Every career woman I know has better housekeeping skills than this
THIS also having money allows you to buy nice modern furniture,cleaning products and fresh ingredients for nice meals it's only her and her scrote and he still can't provide for shit kek seems like they're spending their money on fertility treatments

No. 1940665

I'm late but that was a tongue in cheek comment, I'm terminally lazy so I consider it winning from my perspective. It wasn't a judgement of successful women who love their work, but lbr most people hate working so I was thinking of your average wagey rather than doctors or freelancers or whatever. You didn't have to go off calling people losers, be more secure in your choices.

No. 1940687

Even though her moid is a confirmed brokie, I’m surprised her Tiktok career doesn’t net her enough to upgrade her home decor. Imagine jiggling your boobs and degrading yourself on camera for coomers every day, only to still be sitting on scuffed dirty charity shop furniture. BLEAK.

No. 1940715

Wasn’t her husband in trouble at work for using excessive force? Since he’s a cop

No. 1940726

Yeah I was about to ask, isn't Calliou a cop? I'm sure he lives up to the statistics about cops beating their wives.

No. 1940737

File: 1702166474440.jpg (120.67 KB, 640x1121, the-transformed-wife-v0-z37dqg…)

No. 1940739

Her handwriting looks like a 12 year old girls kek.

No. 1940799

I think this tradfag in particular is worse than all of them. She’s genuinely mentally ill and even retweeted some deranged tweet about how if your husband abuses you, it’s your duty to bear it to not tear the family apart or some shit. I hate her so much.

No. 1940812

Tinfoil but I feel like she got pressured into the traditional life by her family, and now she's stuck there she hates it and is acting as obnoxious as possible as a "warning" to other women or to make other housewives look bad. This would explain why the entire "feminist" list is all pretty positive stuff like going to college, being open about your thoughts, etc

No. 1940816

The Christian side sounds like shit, I think anon is right >>1940812
And the
>single and has abortions
bit is nonsensical (most abortions are within couples, since they are the ones having the most sex) and conflicts with the next line
>uses birth control
Sunk cost fallacy I guess, there's a certain point you can't turn back from your bad life choices so why not double down in a transparently obnoxious way

No. 1940841

All of the shit on the left seems normal or even based to me kek

No. 1940848

>her moid is a confirmed brokie
How do you know? Sorry I know I need to lurk moar but I must of missed this.

No. 1940888

Check the fundie thread. She’s VILE. Husband cheated on her with a colleague so now she thinks every working woman is a threat to society

No. 1940928

Love how she literally has to bend backwards to not appear taller than her caillou husband

No. 1940934

Isn’t she another bitch with a brain tumour or some shit? Genuinely concerning how prevalent brain damage seems to be in the tradthot circles. Does getting brain damage or hit around the head as a woman turn you trad because your body assumes the person doing it is your moid gorilla and the brain decides you should become a handmaiden as a self preservation tactic? There should be studies done on this.

No. 1940940

old post but not only is this larp stupid it is disgusting, she's not even wearing any rubber gloves. dirty. shit toilet water droplet covered. disgusting.

No. 1940945

File: 1702219313258.png (361.04 KB, 720x479, Screenshot_20231210-224037~2.p…)

Connor is an electrician. Median salary for an electrician where he lives is around 48k a year.


I wonder if he actually does have a gay face? Estee seems to have a girly filter on all her pictures so she doesn't look haggard.

No. 1940947

File: 1702219561287.png (984.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231210-224404.png)

Here's a more candid photo without a filter

Estee looks like a barmaid in a rough dive bar from the 1990s

The one all the loser alcoholics think is a 10/10 in their small broke town because every other woman is missing all her teeth or weighs 300lbs.

No. 1940949

She could be cute and pretty with the right styling, I’m not sure why she picks this ugly 90s Dixie Chicks drip and short hair, it ages her by 15-20 years.

No. 1940955

Apparently her scrote likes it. If you scroll back to her early Instagram days she looks normal.

No. 1940957

File: 1702221663570.png (1.14 MB, 720x1379, Screenshot_20231210-231954~2.p…)

Her hairstyle is just so ugly.

No. 1940973

File: 1702223989501.jpg (3.77 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231210_235907661.j…)

If she just ditched the fried/cotton candy hair and grew out her sandy blonde color she would look normal/pretty.

No. 1940974

File: 1702224122941.png (502.87 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231128-114324.png)

The styling also looks bad on her. She makes all those twee outfits look cheap and frumpy and she can't pull it off without it looking like a costume. Picrel is of her in a tank top and she looks much better.

No. 1940976

what subreddit is this?

No. 1941003



No. 1941021

File: 1702230234762.jpg (33.83 KB, 612x594, 3136cd9f6846615d78ff921cea4a15…)

Well girlies turns out having a massive forhead doesn't mean someone is smart and not a complete mentally challenged retard.

No. 1941022

File: 1702230352658.jpg (55.89 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa_ca44…)

>Family focused over worldly success
No Estee,you didn't choose to put family first you got humbled into settling for a broke ass mf who can't afford a couch cause you're a complete failure when it comes to everything,establishing a career,being good at cooking/housekeeping or having the looks and charm to lock down a wealthy man and compete with gold diggers.(fan letter, lack of integration)

No. 1941023

She looked way better before the fried hair and fake boobs kek also why does her hair look like it was bleached by cat piss and washed with dish soap? Is her manlet too broke to buy her conditionnaire or a hair mask ? kek

No. 1941039

curious for any that's used them, do any of these subreddits allow or feature Islamic criticism?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941089

she looks lobotomized

No. 1941356

What do we know about Megha’s husband? Turns out it wasn’t an e-relationship after all and they are finally living together in Dubai. Megha now takes any opportunity she can to gush about how amazing and wealthy her husband is. What does he even do?

No. 1941370

She literally has a wealthy family so she doesn’t need a backup plan. Many women don’t have the same luxury.

No. 1941404

He’s some advisor to Arab scrotes in the Middle East. My guess is her scrote isn’t that wealthy because actually wealthy people don’t need to work and even if they do if they’re job is high paying enough they can retire very early, meanwhile he’s 40+ and still working daily.

No. 1941411

Yeah, and an actually wealthy man would be able to take time off to spend with his newborn rather than his wife living in a separate continent for the first 2 months of their daughter’s life. I’ve always thought it odd that he is in his 40s and this is presumably his first wife and first child. What was he doing all that time before he met her? Whatever it was, I don’t think it was very trad. And the fact that he messaged Megha on Twitter offering to show her round Oxford while she was there…no woman would take up a random man on Twitter on that offer unless she was desperate. It just comes across as so creepy.

No. 1941414

Megha is going to end up a single mum it's just a matter of time

No. 1941599

European moids are like that, they don’t think they should have to settle down until they’re like 45 and their telomeres are even shorter than their pp, and piss out one autism kid at most.

No. 1941631

File: 1702338523905.jpeg (619.45 KB, 861x1587, BE2BA77A-B263-4C7E-89D1-FE7C2B…)

Saw this on a post where moids were talking about sex tourism/dating foreign women and damn I had no idea British women were so based. Even when they’re mean, overweight, and bullying moids they can still get handsome Chads who worship them kek. Meanwhile tradthots and conservative women try to eat the shit directly out of their bald overweight husbands flabby ass and still get treated like dirt by him lmao.

No. 1941697

Huh? Every single British guy I've met preferred chubby girls and one even would pressure women he's with to gain weight (unhealthy and I'm not for it.. but still) and now they're shocked British women adjust their body types to what most British men prefer?

No. 1941701

Definitely. At least other tradthots try to give decent advice towards women that isn't just cooking videos zoomed in on her bolt ons and Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume. Estee so far has to be the most useless one if not the most blatant fetish channel. The fact that tradthots that value modesty/focusing on family and being loyal don't call this out is astounding to me. I have seen smaller housewives pages call her out though

No. 1941742

>moid whose entire cranium was blown the fuck off by a beam looking for a speck in a woman's eye

Many such cases. Is being a tryhard rude faggot for muh skulinity points not what all front poles aspire towards? Is this not what "game" is about to you? Are you not more bratty the more objectively fugly and jobless you are? They're just joking wurstie, maybe if you weren't so joyless you wouldn't need to shop for a wife that will ditch you the moment she gets her papers.

No. 1941743

also, t. eastern yuro

No. 1941746

That Redditor is clearly lying because I’ve almost never seen a British man who was a “handsome Chad” or a “catch”, they’re mostly rude and fat with terrible fashion sense as well. British men and women are looksmatched and personality-matched. If foreigners are nicer to them, it’s usually financially motivated. British tourists are globally seen as loud drunk nuisances.

No. 1941748

One of the biggest issues with passport bros is that they can't see that all complains about women are just consequences of their own actions?
They're fat? Probably because British moids prioritize fat tits and ass over health
They're rude? Probably just reacting to moids rudeness
Unemployed? Idk about this one? I never met any British women that were unemployed unless it was very clear they were housewives

They go to countries where women are encouraged to be skinny and boob and butt size isn't prioritized over skinniness, they're also more willing to spend more and give more attention to women in foreign countries and are shocked when they have more luck because they actually put in effort. I even met other brits brag about how easy it is to get a lay just for buying a girl a drink or something.

No. 1941749

So either they're as much of a "catch" as him, or men vastly hotter than him are lucky to bag an abusive overweight hag. Either way, men posting Ls.

No. 1941750

This is very delusional about British men, I'm a non-Brit living in the UK and both British men and women are the same in terms of "banter" and having zero personality but the moids are way worse. Like unbearably nasty and boring. Definitely no chads either, the moid who wrote this is hard for British guys and is hallucinating these fat nagging wives because he wants that Brit chode.
Preferring chubby girls is not a thing either, moids are moids everywhere, they all prefer that fit and curvy body.

No. 1941753

There are definitely some handsome, fit office bros under the age of 30 but I've never seen a handsome Brit male over that age.

No. 1941755

Maybe in posh areas of London, but they’re dating equally posh attractive office girls. Rude overweight verbally abusive British women nearly always pair off with their male counterparts, and they scream at each other until he runs away to the pub to scream at other rude fat men over football and blow beer farts at each other.

No. 1941756

The moid who wrote this is a mouthy, bald middle aged passportpig. He considers himself a "catch", instead of a perfect match for his exact female counterpart. Therefore, the other obese nagging front poles are "catches" too, and it's deeply unfair that they're with women who look and act exactly like them.

The most hilarious part of this is how despite being "happy" with their mail order brides, they never really do stop malding about the western women they claim not to be interested in - in fact, the malding intensifies as time goes by. I suppose the feeling that your wife would be banging someone much hotter than you had it not been for her economic circumstances really does never stop pressing on that prostate.

No. 1941758

Yeah, they can’t enjoy their uwu submissive waifu in peace without imagining some evil first world roastie getting mad about it even though none of them were offering to begin with.

No. 1941761

Idk, I met a few British moids and all of them preferred fatties and even talked about how common it was in friend groups to brag about fucking fat girls. Maybe it's a more underground thing? I also have seen studies before of British men admitting to preferring bigger girls and those street interviews things of men finding it sexy when women have stretch marks and a belly

No. 1941771

That's because it's being done with the hope that Stacy who rejected him in 10th grade sees it, bitterly regrets her choices and even crawls back. It's part of moid rapture mythology, the whole "when I'm old I'LL be the one with all the bargaining power, just you wait!" cope.

When it predictably never happens, the sole appeal of buying yourself a reminder that you're only good for a passport rapidly dissipates and turns into 24/7 seething.

No. 1941804

File: 1702368670120.jpeg (164.97 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0022.jpeg)

Here’s another one on the rise.

>Extremely self-righteous hack who calls herself a cringy pseudonym “Peachy Keenan”

>Wrote a book Domestic Extremist where she tries to inflict her “all men are marriageable and good despite their bad behaviour or what the red pill manosphere says” and baby fever lies onto every woman as natural female instinct, and how much men love women with less education, no career and lots of babies from a ruined, aged post-preg body.
>Never acknowledges how the girlbosses she malds over are made from heartbroken women who were kind and perfect and submissive but got used, abused and left by men as their reward instead
>Rumoured to have sock accounts and lurk certain male-based forums to be her sardonic and venomous self, though she claims to be busy and domestic and women should always be kind and not witty like her, right
>Claims her RW husband is her “soulmate”, radicalised her and how she loves his “toxic masculinity”. (Is he really her soulmate then or just forced her to be emotionally attached to him?)
>Had 5 kids claiming her domestic work is fulfilling, but also has maidservants to clean house because she made her RICH husband hire them for her
>Straight up stopped eating actual meals after pregnancy just to lose weight
>Uses the same filters and facechanging apps as the thots she claims to hate so much. Actually below-mid IRL, 2.5/10. Husband’s definitely cheating on downlow.
>May have had plastic surgery and weight loss paid for husband over the years. But her face’s still asymmetrical especially when she smiles as right side is higher and not as slanty as the left, weak thinning jawline, huge rectangular forehead and lengthy face shape, horse-like.

It’s always the ones who seem to churn out advice with themes of “Women should still submit to cruel men” types of tradturds which are most jealous and biggest antifeminists.

No. 1941816

looks like shayna

No. 1941832

More like a troon with that male pattern baldness hailine kek

No. 1941833

File: 1702374079122.jpg (40.24 KB, 747x420, maam.jpg)


No. 1941834

I've long noticed that simping for moids makes you look like a moid. Must be the male microchimerism.

No. 1941847

Kek maybe it is a troon roleplaying as a tradmom. Really makes you wonder how many infamous trad “women” in online rightwing circles are natural-born males with a feminine or submission fetish.

No. 1941854

The thin lanky hair, receding hairline,crusty bad skin, man shoulders and horse face make it very sus gotta love it when these tranny passing bitches try preaching us about what's feminine and what's not.
>Never acknowledges how the girlbosses she malds over are made from heartbroken women who were kind and perfect and submissive but got used, abused and left by men as their reward instead

More like educated women with agency are just smart women who saw the fruits of being a doormat to men and their spawn and ran away screaming from it.It takes a special kind of retard to touch fire after seeing those who touched first burn.

No. 1941860


(Saging for blog and OT)

I have actually found British scrotes really rude and horrible on average. I'm an ugly fat ass and spent most of my life in the UK. I lost weight for a time and it was the first time britfaggots were 'nice' to me but not in a way that felt genuine. Suddenly doors weren't being slammed in my face and I wasn't given a death stare just for looking in their direction. If I was just a little friendly at all it meant I was interested. It's very common for scrotes to hate children to an irrational degree and frequently act as if they shouldn't have to share the same space as one.

I have since lived in Turkey and China and moids are friendly, they make eye contact, they open doors, they offer me help in public, they always go above and beyond when providing customer service and they smile and say hi to my kids ect. They don't look at me like I shouldn't be allowed to exist. I'm still obese and ugly.

I think western scrotes are engrossed in violent, perverted and sadistic porn and are on average just more selfish and irresponsible. They view women as public property and they feel entitled to every woman they see.

No. 1941865

More and more I'm convinced that this is a fetish for them.

No. 1941871

These scrotes don't realize that a lot of women want to have kids. Living in the UK is expensive and being poor is shit, both socially and economically. Of course they want a husband with a good job. DUH.

Scrotes also have an advantage over women when it comes to maintaining a healthy BMI. They get 500-1000 extra calories a day and they can build muscle much more easily thus increasing their metabolism even more . Women also get pregnant and they breastfeed and take birth control, which often makes the body predisposed to weight gain. yet there are just as many overweight scrotes as there are women despite them having it way easier to be slim/fit. I'm not saying that I am judging a scrote for being fat, but it's pot calling the kettle black when they complain about obese women and men don't even have the same excuses. Most overweight women are also happy enough to date and marry overweight men.

They think that women from more conservative countries are sweet and submissive, but they would not look twice at a British scrote if he didn't live in a first world country. Many of these marriages also fail once said woman lands in the UK. A lot of these women are also single mothers and they are looking for a better life for their child. Once they have citizenship it often ends in divorce.

No. 1941875

I'm tinfoiling but Megha's scrote probably has a second family that he's spending time with. It wouldn't go down well with all her wigger nationalist buddies if they found out that she was with a scrote who collects brown women and has multiple wives. Megha sometimes does work with the lotus eaters. I could imagine Sargon seething that he doesn't have his own harem of brown women.

No. 1941884

>ruined, aged post-preg body
>below-mid IRL, 2.5/10
>asymmetrical face

Are you anons capable of criticizing women who promote extremely stupid ideas without sounding like r/truerateme moids for once? She’d be just as retarded if she met your attractiveness standards.

No. 1941894

Agree, some people ITT talk about women’s appearances just like scrotes do. It’s kinda vile.

No. 1941898

I always noticed that too. No matter how ‘happy’ they are with their mail order bangmaid, white western women still live in these moids heads and mouths rent-free 24/7. Obsessed doesn’t even come close. If I was in a happy relationship with a foreign moid the absolute last thing I’d do is spend any mental energy on the scrotes back home, so not sure why passportpigs are still so butthurt about and hung up on western women despite supposedly being surrounded by superior specimens. It’s honestly hilarious.

No. 1941915

NTA but both of y'all need to kick rocks.These bitches are advocating for our hard earned rights to be taken away they are just as bad if not worse than moids and they deserve getting picked apart.I noticed there's plenty of ugly fat mommy anons who post on here so her description might have hit hard for some of you fat uggos kek hot girls don't care about ugly bitches getting bullied cause they can't relate.(infighting)

No. 1941919

File: 1702392254849.jpg (39.52 KB, 640x427, 2ceb28aa076eff8935cd424412bb05…)

She has the same crusty smile and dead blank eyes as colleen ballinger ew

No. 1941929

Yeah FR. Maybe if they get insulted enough they’ll take their own advice, go back on the kitchen and stop polluting the political climate with their shit takes.

No. 1941937

>other tradthots try to give decent advice towards women
>tradthots that value modesty/focusing on family and being loyal
I hate how this thread attracts handmaidens who buy into the trad bullshit

No. 1941940

"Hot girls" are treated well their entire lives so they have empathy for basically everyone, sorry you're so bitter and ugly inside. They're not worse than the moids, and if you want to act like one there are better places to do that. Reddit might be more up your alley

No. 1941941

there are a lot of autistic femcels on this site who don't go outside or get attention from anyone and ig picking at women's appearances to a ridiculous degree makes them feel better. that woman isn't hideously ugly, she's just an average woman who you wouldn't think about either positively or negatively if you randomly saw her on the street, but trust nonnies to make out like she's shayna-ugly just because they don't like her.

"lol fat" "lol ugly" is also just very lazy lmao. attacking women over perceived physical flaws on the internet, how original

No. 1941961

>"Hot girls" are treated well their entire lives so they have empathy for basically everyone
Yes that's exactly why mean girls are usually skinny blonde barbie types lmao sorry queen hot girls don't have to be nice to get treated well and crying about some mysoginistic pick me getting torn apart on here doesn't make you come off as kind it makes come off as a trigerred bangmaid with gross post preg body.Wash dishes.

No. 1941965

File: 1702399838256.gif (14.14 KB, 220x272, looking-so-serious.gif)

Femcels don't exist any bio woman can get laid since moids would fuck a chicken sandwich.Men are never the prize.
It's cute how you're seething over tradthots getting shat on a gossip forum while they love calling anyone that has enough self asteem to not sumbit to some worthless scrote checks notes "ugly fat feminist hags cat".
>that woman isn't hideously ugly, she's just an average woman
This just gives it away kek you must be an obese ugly bitch if you think troon colleen ballinger is average.If you wanna defend your fellow bangmaids then you go on reddit because nobody has any respect for pick me's on here and we all think they're just as bad as scrotes for enabling them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941967

you can sperg out all you want and accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being obese and ugly but it won't make acting like a misogynist to own the internalised misogynists any less hypocritical and scrote brained kek

No. 1942017

Aktually there are more fat moids than there are fat women
>The percentage of men who are overweight (34.1%) is higher than the percentage of women who are overweight (27.5%).
Every time a moid singles out women over something, you can assume it to be pure projection. Every. Single. Time.

No. 1942020

I mean this in the least hostile way possible: do you know where you are

No. 1942035

File: 1702412053519.jpg (20.48 KB, 240x240, channels4_profilen.jpg)

colleen ballinger has the same physiognomy as realfemsapien kek

No. 1942070

"Hot girls" don't post identical-sounding autistic moid rants on imageboards all day. The Stacy larp is fooling no one, troon. Cope, seethe & dilate over the fact that you'll never be a "hot girl" OR an "uggo fat mommy", even 1/10 women will mog you forever until you accept reality and rope.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1942106

Y’all are way too hard on Shayna. I know you’re trying to make her kill herself or whatever but the vendetta posting about her by one absolutely obsessed troon with a hateboner needs to stop.

No. 1942111

not a troon and not trying to make shayna kill herself, i honestly hope she wakes up one day and takes her parents offer to go to college instead of living her current lifestyle. but shayna is objectively quite below average mostly due to her own terrible lifestyle choices (eating like shit, not exercising, alcoholism, drugs, not bathing for weeks, dressing in cheap clothes in an aesthetic that doesn't suit her, badly done nails and outdated makeup, lack of basic skincare routine, and so on. she really does so many things that drag down her looks).
whereas that woman posted above just looks like any other random white blonde woman

No. 1942112

Why are you wking a random woman so hard? Do you look like her?

No. 1942129

Kek I thought this thread was a few anons (or maybe one troon?) arguing with themselves to get the thread locked again. Now that it’s devolved into off-topic Shayposting, I KNOW it is.

No. 1942131

no, I'm not even white so nothing like her. I just think that anon pretending she's hideously ugly when she's average just because she disagrees with her shit opinions is retarded and hypocritical considering the reason she dislikes her in the first place is because of her internalised misogyny

No. 1942140

Lol this is how most men rate women factually. If all the hot Stacies and models got their rights removed overnight and had to marry, fuglies like Peachy and you would be lumped in with all the fat femcels on lolcow, either spinsters, nuns or marrying poor men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1942142

Who gives a fuck about how moids rate women though, except other moids?

No. 1942148

the only women I've ever seen acting like this anon losing her mind over how ugly she thinks this random trad is are super objectively ugly/fat women. nitpicking at women who are more attractive than them even if they're just basic looking women helps them cope with their own dissatisfaction about their appearances because they think they've knocked the woman they're critiquing down a peg. this chick could have looked like amber heard as opposed to being merely plain and nonnie still would have found something to insult.

I'm leaning towards this anon being a moid trying to stir shit though, based on the typical male move of calling women ugly just for finding them disagreeable and that weird sperg about how women on lolcow who disagree with him will never find a good man and are doomed to be spinsters (seriously? what year is it that you're still using the word "spinster," did you manage to get an internet connection from 1940?)
21st century women who aren't trads know that men are no prize, but since men overestimate how important they are to our lives of course they'd think that not having a man is a bad thing and a sign of ugliness/obesity/blahblahblah

No. 1942159

Don’t take the triggered troon bait ladies, just report his retardation and keep it moving.

No. 1942164

>t. fugly

No hot woman on this planet has to do this gay shit, and the dumb ones who do immediately cease being perceived as hot. See also: tradthots.

No. 1942209

If he does that I’ll just move on to a new cockwallet.

No. 1942217

Lol watch out femcel, you'll also keep half his money! And some other chick will get to give him obligation head!(infighting)