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No. 270825

It is UNREAL how excited I am for Lackadaisy

No. 270830

I'm excited for it too! It seems very well-produced by the snippets you can see around.

No. 270838

No. 270844

No. 271836

No. 271906

I used to watch this a lot when I was younger

No. 272116

that was beautiful

No. 272167

No. 272206

No. 272207

that was sweet

No. 273113

No. 273164

No. 273165

anyone remember watching this as a kid

No. 273182


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No. 274073

No. 274875

We will be hosting an animation shorts night on cytube this Saturday, the runtime cap will be 15 minutes and submissions are encouraged!

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No. 278278

No. 278301

This was nice. Like having a nightmare.

No. 279112

This made me depressed

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No. 279289

No. 279291

No. 279293

Wish anime studios would do more experimental stuff like this. This is just a commercial though sadly.

No. 279295

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No. 279310

No. 279774

The trailer.

No. 279778

Always thought this was cute.

No. 282839

No. 283649

File: 1679113623427.webm (1.54 MB, 320x568, Natural Habitat Shorts.webm)

No. 283990

No. 285846

No. 285847

Would this be more appropriate here or in the short film thread ? Also what about short films that are animated ?

No. 285861

anything animated belongs here

No. 285864

Thank you.

No. 285868

No. 285869

No. 285870

No. 285872

No. 286389

No. 287348

I watch a lot of Redpilot's stuff, but for some reason Burners is the one I revisit the most. It feels like the characters are trapped in hell reliving the same scenarios of burning the house down over and over

No. 288487

It's here!

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No. 292930

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No. 293924

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No. 294195

No. 295099

Heavily underrated short.

No. 295556

Although I'm not a fan of Mickey Mouse as a character (kek), I really loved these as a child and I still find them quite satisfying to watch because of all the little details. Especially the part with a mama whirlwind and with a giant where he eats, drinks, and smokes in the second video. They're just neat. I've also always wanted these cartoon bouncy cakes with a pink cream and a cherry on top.

No. 295557

No. 296602

No. 296603

No. 296813

No. 296827

Stop motion samurai short using lots of wood, really unique style

No. 296888

I know this kind of counts as a "music video" but it was animated by just one lady and she just has the most beautiful art style. The music is by Toby Fox and is also very good, I only know his music from Undertale and this is so different and suits her art and story telling very well. I wish it had English subtitles

No. 296964

Yoshitaka Amano is strong with this one

No. 297560

Love this animation

No. 298195

No. 302729

Soviet Alice in the Wonderland
Technically not a short, but I don't know where else to post this.

No. 302826

so fucking good

No. 302847

The ending made me sad, but it's true to life.

No. 302857

File: 1687042790336.png (24.96 KB, 247x216, marioxsonic.png)

Fairly sure that the animator frequents imageboards and I'm quite glad that a lot of comments are like >>302847

No. 310689

No. 310704

Currently obsessed

No. 310759

It's a pity this guy draws nasty coomer porn.

No. 316804

>Russian Winnie the Pooh

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