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File: 1437667091536.jpg (586.18 KB, 1892x1125, eye.jpg)

No. 43611

Lets post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you .

No. 43612

Please no

No. 43613

why not?

No. 43614

Because it's just going to turn into another idiotic self post thread?

No. 43615

File: 1437855091025.jpg (114.18 KB, 600x800, ye.jpg)

I'd like to see if OP will go with their promise.

No. 43616

File: 1437855162404.jpg (20.83 KB, 585x172, yeux.jpg)

Here you go. These are blue with perhaps some gray/silver-ish tint to it.

No. 43617

File: 1437867643528.jpg (84.38 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

I don't like threads like these but I need advice anyway.
Do you guys know how to make your eyelashes longer?

No. 43618

File: 1437868395913.jpg (27.96 KB, 660x492, liner.jpg)


ahh I love your eye shape! You should try eyeliner that gets thicker as it goes out (thinner in the inner corner and progressively thicker) with a slight wing. something like the picture one

No. 43619

rogaine. stop wearing mascara. dont rub your eyes.
ugly eyes.

No. 43620

Thank you. But I thought that girl had pretty eyes.

No. 43621


Someone's been diving deep in the salt mines.


Any good eyeshadow color suggestions? I heard using a color matching your eye is trashy.

No. 43622

The salt is real.

No. 43623

File: 1437922895095.jpg (8.16 KB, 186x183, image.jpg)

Yes. And if you have prominent dark circles it will make those much worse.
Pic related, my eye colour makes it impossible to use blues or greys.

No. 43624

Don't listen to the salty anon, your eyes are pretty

No. 43625

Except if you have brown eyes.

You can use navy eyeliner if you want that hint of blue. Though if you want to make your blue eyes stand out more, orange and yellow work well because they contrast blue. Light shades like gray or peachy colors are a nice choice too.

For brown eyes: green, purple, blue

For green eyes: purple, gold, bronze

There are tons of articles online, though this is what I recall reading years ago.

No. 43626

File: 1437958233918.jpg (5.07 KB, 243x136, e.jpg)

having small eyes sucks because you have to be even more careful about how you apply your makeup, making sure you don't do anything that will make them look smaller

having eyes as dark as night doesn't help either because using eyeliner on your waterline doesn't accentuate any color but rather how small and dark your eyes are, lol

the only thing that helps is how you use liner on your top lid, and becoming an expert at how to do a wing seems to be key

I didn't do it on my eye here, but I try to focus my liner on the outer corners of my eyes and line them very thinly on the rest

No. 43627

These are really pretty eyes.

No. 43628

File: 1437959662600.jpg (46.51 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Someone help me with mine?

No. 43629

File: 1437960502976.jpg (25.54 KB, 413x337, i1.jpg)

These are mine.

No. 43630

File: 1437960653723.bmp (49.38 KB, 218x77, i2.bmp)

Samefag here. Just to say no gold/brown/red makeup tones, too pale for that.
The only thing I do is line the outer side of my eyes but I'd like to play around with colors.

No. 43631

i have very similar eyes and coloring. i use golds (esp rose gold) and purples a lot. i loooove lining my eyes with the tarte smoldereyes eyeliner in rose gold for a subtle look.

No. 43632

Hmm gold sounds like a great idea, thanks anon. I'm gonna go to sephora tommorow and I'll check out that eyeliner. Gold colors look nice on my warm skin so it will prob look nice.

No. 43633

Why don't you try like an army green/dark green? I think it should be really flattering, like a smoked out green shadow that's more concentrated near lash line. Like should give definition but not harsh.

No. 43634

File: 1437976628913.jpg (17.68 KB, 507x160, image.jpg)

One eye is slightly bigger than the other and it bugs the shit out of me. Anything I can do to make them look more balanced?

No. 43635

i'm really jealous of both of you

No. 43636

you could try lining the smaller eye with a beige liner on the water line and doing a cat eye that emphasizes your outer corners (both upper and lower) may take attention away from the size and give more focus to the shape (it doesn't have to be dramatic, just focusing the shadows on the ends may work)

No. 43637

Here are my eyes + can anyone recommend makeup/tricks to reduce dark circles?

No. 43638

File: 1438024850439.jpg (44.07 KB, 368x125, IMG__201507208__013207.jpg)

Sorry accidentally click reply

No. 43639

1) Drink water. It's keep your blood circulation up which can help reduce darkness. Also just helps your skin in general.
2) Get enough sleep to be well rested. Don't over or under sleep. It sounds simple, but easier said then done. When trying to fall asleep, don't be on your phone because the blue light from the screen will make up stay up longer and hurt your eyes (causing an increase of blood flow to them, making the circles darker.)
3) Depending on your tone, use a yellow or salmon based concealer under your eyes. It will counteract any blues or purples. If you get the right shade, it should blend into your skin tone/foundation nicely. Don't just use something that's too light because it can make you look… weird if the undertone doesn't match.
4) Smoke your liner on the lower lash line. I've found this makes darkness there look like it was done on purpose rather then because you didn't get enough sleep. Not the best for a daytime/no make up make up look, but still effective. You don't have to use black liner of course, brown and even purple can look good depending on shade and technique with the right skin tone.

No. 43640

I have this same problem, but it's more that my eyes hood differently as well as have a slightly different shape. What I normally do is I will line both the same and then see which is touching my crease and where. I'll make the other match and my eyes won't look lop-sided as much. Lately I've just been doing major cat eye wings so it doesn't matter as much as getting the wing part angled the same.

Otherwise what I would suggest doing is keeping a lighter color on the mobile lid (from lash to crease) and then doing just a darker color into the crease itself, especially towards the outer corners (sometimes called a cut crease, but you can make it softer then how a cut crease usually is). I find this helps lift the eye no matter what, since you're keeping the darker tones away from the lash line.

No. 43641

File: 1438029707863.jpg (78.63 KB, 700x452, tumblr_nrgui2uXc91qllucco2_128…)

Truely the most unfortunate eye shape, which I happen to have. Always looking like a frumpy bitch and eye shadow cannot be seen.

No. 43642

Tnx so much! I'll be trying these techniques :)

No. 43643

File: 1438032673821.jpg (152.03 KB, 1280x1024, Nicole-nicole-richie-101324_12…)

>the most unfortunate
about that…
My eyes look like this without any makeup on.

No. 43644

She is so ugly

No. 43645

She's really pretty actually.

No. 43646

This. Plus she has amber eyes, rarest eye color in humans ♥

No. 43647

what is an opinion

No. 43648

i'm pretty sure her eyes are just hazel. also green eyes are actually the rarest eye color. but anyway, ia, she is really pretty. i love her with her lilac hair.

No. 43649

Are you stupid
Amber and grey are rarer than green
Green is not that uncommon

No. 43650

How many other japs are there on this board? A lot of you have Asian eyes

No. 43651

Those don't look Asian at ALL…

No. 43652

actually they looked Asian to me as well

(besides you have to remember even middle easterners are technically considered Asian, though I do get you saying that they don't look like the *stereotypical Japanese eye)

No. 43653

File: 1438099324725.jpg (258.67 KB, 602x647, MYXJ_20150728114910_save.jpg)

Makeup suggestions? Also my eyelashes are very long and go all over the place so tips to manage them would be appreciated.

No. 43654

sorry anon i have no suggestions but what color is this? is this considered green/brown? brown is generally more warm, but these are greenish

No. 43655

Lol I often ask myself that question, I think they're like the opposite of hazel, brown with a bit of green

No. 43656

thats literally what hazel is
brown with a bit of green

No. 43657


I thought it was green with brown

No. 43658

It can be both, some hazel eyed people have more green than brown and vice versa. It can also change based on hormones, so the ratio btwn green and brown can be different somedays for the same person.

No. 43659

File: 1438627977173.jpg (211.72 KB, 900x1273, 1408616887012s.jpg)


No. 43660

not true, I'm the color of freshly fallen snow and I rock brown eye makeup. I think brown really pops on cool toned skin!

No. 43661

I recognize you PULL tards.

No. 43662

>freshly fallen snow
And no, it looks like youre smeared in shit.

No. 43663

nyanners is that you


cute eyes

No. 43664

File: 1438760972848.jpg (11.4 KB, 291x198, eyeyiyi.jpg)

I hate my eyeshape because I feel like I don't know what to do with them. But then again I just suck at makeup.

No. 43665

File: 1438763654664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.65 KB, 268x149, hey.jpg)

hay what eyeshadow work best for my gorgeous dark chocolate ebony eyes

also tell me im beautiful

No. 43666

back to bed racist-chan

No. 43667

I thought so too. Nyanners is a potential lolcow.

No. 43668

Fuck. I wish admin-sama would just ban them all permanently.

No. 43669

hello bibibeauty

No. 43670

She has a thread already if you're interested, I just don't think it's wise to go dig back up with no new information
It looks more like 'LaDeathMachine's' eye too me. Though I could be wrong. Its ju at the quality reminds me of her, as there aren't much good pics of her to base off eyes to begin with.

No. 43671

Ah I cant keep up with the lolcows! I didnt mean nyannerz but Annchirisu. I doubt nyannerz lurks lolcow but I am suspecting annchirisu does. I'm this anon btw
this is offtopic but this also doesnt really deserve a thread but I found this video of Annchirisu btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PRR5w79TkU

Did I spot annchirisu or am I blind?
she complains of having dark circles so this all makes me suspicious of her being annchirisu. This gives me another reason to hate on her tbh.

No. 43672

Racist-chan has jew eyes

No. 43673

With your eye shape you can do just about any kind of liner style, so try out a bunch and see what you like. I have something similar and I like to rock a wing daily, even a small one.

As for lashes, when applying mascara just make sure to always brush in the same direction and use a lash comb after.


Did you want to pull more blue or amber from your eyes? Otherwise use a brown based for your lashes for most day looks unless your hair color is darker then your lashes, you may be able to get away with black then. If you want to pull the blue, use warmer tones in gold and orange and bronze with some shades of navy. If you want to pull the amber try tones with a more yellow base with red based browns.

No. 43674

File: 1438795885340.png (230.83 KB, 365x297, shitfuck28345834.png)


I can see it.
Maybe I'm full of shit idk but I think these look exactly like her eyes.


Anyway, I don't think your under eye area looks that bad. Photo is kind of washed out so all I'm seeing is eye bags, not dark circles. I don't think you can hide actual eye bags like that, and I think they're cute anyway… but when I have discolored skin around my eyes from not getting enough sleep, I just apply my regular liquid foundation and then some good quality, light (just a step lighter than my foundation), creamy, yellow toned matte eye shadow. It covers them up pretty good. Sometimes I use it around my whole eye area if I'm looking particularly trashed. I have some natural baggage under my eyes too. The matte powder reduces shine which makes them appear less swollen.

I only know how to do my own makeup though so who fuckin' knows what it would look like on someone else. Definitely stay hydrated like the other anon said cuz my eyes are the first thing to look like shit when I don't drink enough water.

No. 43675

File: 1438798488701.jpg (10.09 KB, 595x100, eyes.jpg)

already make up on but what makeup suits best for this eye shape?

No. 43676

That's just disgusting. I'm 98% sure this is her. It's disgusting because there are probably more known people browsing lolcow. Eewwww.

No. 43677

the eyeliner shouldn't go that far down for your eyeshape because it makes them look a bit droopy (unless you like that, then it's totally cool)

correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to have a round eye shape, if so there are tons of suggestions online for this shape:

Even though this youtube vid didn't really help me, it may be helpful to someone else

No. 43678

so the eyeliner should be like halfway or something?
okay thanks !! I will look onto it !!

No. 43679

File: 1438822057016.jpg (23.99 KB, 481x262, we.jpg)

Half way wouldn't be bad as long as it's flicked up into a wing, kind of like a cat eye. Lining the entire top lid across is fine too, it's the way you flick the wing that has the greatest effect on your eye shape imo. Flicking it up looks better.

For example, the girl in the image went for both a droopy look (which I guess was to widen her eye to make it look bigger) but by adding the flick and turning it into a cat eye it looks nice.

No. 43680

oh this looks pretty ! thank you !

No. 43681

File: 1438883710853.jpg (400.67 KB, 1000x487, share.jpg)

Could someone kindly tell me what my eyeshape is? I watched >>121410 video and still couldn't figure out which one i am.

No. 43682

Hmm … Almond, I think!

No. 43683

File: 1438977397962.jpg (109.09 KB, 1944x323, IMG_20150807_205352.JPG)

I also still can't tell from the video. Can someone help me out? Also what makeup would be the best for my eye shape?

No. 43684

File: 1438981406951.png (24.91 KB, 127x95, tete.png)

Damn. That kind of reminds me of mine. Always look half-open with a mess of uneven eyelid creases.

No. 43685

They look pretty round

No. 43686

r u me…

No. 43687

I think you're both almond

I think round eyes are for those with noticeable white space underneath the iris

No. 43688

File: 1439030735496.jpg (294.51 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1439028919881.jpg)

Kind of like mine?
I have mascara but what makeup suits best for this eye shape?
My friend told me I should really get an eyelash curler.

No. 43689

You should line your eyes on the inside to help make your sclera look smaller and draw more attention to your irises.

No. 43690

File: 1439052683782.jpg (13.05 KB, 432x76, IMG_20150808_174313_kindlephot…)

I wear glasses all the time that make my eyes look huge - not sure if that changes anything though…

No. 43691

I agree with >>121422, you have round protruding eyes, kind of like nicole richie. She is very fond of smudging shadows and liners on her lower lash line.


Also, I think that circle lenses would work well on your eyes if you want to consider that.

No. 43692

File: 1439063112671.jpg (46.65 KB, 480x541, we.jpg)

Yours have an almond shape to them because of the way they seem smaller in the inner corners when compared to the outer corners. Though you also have space beneath your iris, which is great because if you line your waterline with dark liners it won't make your eye look smaller.

Winged eyeliner would work well, though it should be thin because you seem to have a small amount of space between your lid and brow, with the thickest part of the wing being towards the outer lid.

For example, the top image would probably close of your eye and make it look as though you had black shadow on instead of liner, while the bottom would emphasize the liner and give a different shape to your eye.

No. 43693

File: 1439187451360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.94 KB, 740x206, image.jpg)

I have literally the worst eye shape and the baggiest eyelids. Also the worst skin because of years of untreated cystic acne as a teenager. I'm basically cave troll status and I've accepted this. However I would like to learn how to do more than mascara, since I'm 23 and I should damn well know better by now.

No. 43694

File: 1439204396190.jpg (133.27 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Hey Anon, I dont know how "extravagant" you dress but a smokey eye look like in the pic hides baggy eyelids pretty good

(cont because pic))

No. 43695

File: 1439205205132.jpg (21.17 KB, 567x276, 19d993d96df1b494efd7a524d0b55f…)


You can also buy yourself these double eyelid tapes , they lift your eyelids so it wont look baggy , also they are pretty cheap (you can buy them from amazon/ebay)

No. 43696

File: 1439227318347.jpg (120.84 KB, 1077x760, _20150810_181819.JPG)

Whats my eyeshape? :( I seriously have no idea. Ive had different people tell me different things. Also, I don't really wear eye makeup except for mascara so what makeup would suit my shape? Thanks in advance

No. 43697

File: 1439251806141.jpg (183.46 KB, 700x390, eyes.jpg)

My eyes are quite a challenge.. as you can see, I have 2 different eyelid types. I also have very little lid space when they're open, they're quite hooded. Any ideas on how to make them look more even?

No. 43698

Your eye shape is really versatile, you could pull off a lot of things! I think a cat eye would really suit you though and help bring out the gorgeous color of your eyes

No. 43699

File: 1439338656805.png (87.8 KB, 265x173, eyemao.png)

I have hooded lids and a lot of space between my eye and my eyebrow. When I open my eyes properly the underneath part of the eyelid is hidden.

What are your recommendations for my eye shape, and how should I contour my nose? My only solutions have been either to attach it to a crease cut like a drag queen or attach it to my eyebrow which looks wrong

No. 43700

File: 1439395214836.jpg (1.07 MB, 1584x1366, 2015-08-11 21.01.28.jpg)

Any ideas what I should do?

No. 43701

File: 1439477162311.jpg (106.22 KB, 945x825, image.jpg)

Can someone help me figure out my eye shape/what would look good on me? I don't use eyemakeup so I'm lost. Thanks

No. 43702

I would just go with a thin eyeliner line with a slight wing. would make your eyes more 'exotic' and excentuate your eye shape.


For nose countour I would get a taupe shade (not orange bronzer, look maybe even for an eyeshadow) to mimic a natural shadow. just follow the front of your eyebrows down into your nose and blend inwards. then a highlight

No. 43703

I find your eye colour weirdly soothing….

No. 43704

I think you should try some smokey eye looks (doesnt have to be a dark color)
I think eyeliner wouldnt suit you too much if its not a VERY thin line

No. 43705

Thank you, I think?

No. 43706

File: 1439511266291.jpg (108.74 KB, 711x522, image.jpg)

Tips for me?

No. 43707

File: 1439517212468.jpg (220.63 KB, 1280x1024, Picture 42.jpg)

No. 43708


No. 43709

A little mascara should do the trick. Maybe plucking that unibrow too. Nobody likes a unibrow.

No. 43710

holy shit you're so fucking fat we can tell from a tiny ass crop kek

No. 43711

Pluck your unibrow you hamplanet

No. 43712

File: 1439531479354.jpg (2.46 MB, 3648x2736, eye.JPG)

No. 43713

I'm concerned about your health. Are you ok?

No. 43714

Very nice and aryan.

No. 43715

File: 1439845761662.jpg (21.49 KB, 236x370, 958f53bdeddc54d3896e3fcd297f60…)

Stay away from lining above your water line as that can close your eyes in. Unless you want to utilize lid tape, just line on your tight and water line. Also curl your lashes before applying mascara and nice looking lashes can hide some lack of symmetry in my experience. If you are daring you can also try a cut crease depending on how much space you have between your lash and brow. does not have to be as dramatic in the pic, but you get the idea, I hope.


You could probably do anything. A simply cat eye would look nice and you would just need a decent mascara since it looks like your lashes already have a decent curl. Also get your brows groomed professionally if you are clueless about doing that. Oh and for eye color, if you want your eyes to be a warmer brighter brown stick to golden tones and if you want a cooler darker brown lean more to purples.


Post a pic where you aren't doing a o_o face.


Get your brows groomed, I can see stray hairs. Otherwise stick to a thin line above your lash or just tightlining. You don't have a hooded eye persay, but the area above the crease seems to stick out so I would avoid a cat eye (unless you like it for whatever reason.) If you want to bring out the blueness, stick to orange tones when going natural. You could even try blue mascara since your lashes aren't too dark, but it's not for everyone.

No. 43716

*Stay away from lining above your lash line
wtf self

No. 43717

File: 1439846103606.jpg (58.74 KB, 420x516, image.jpg)

Here we go.

No. 43718

That's only slightly better, but I can get a better sense of your eye shape now. Mostly you can do anything, but a line that gets thicker, if not a full cat eye, towards the outer corner would work well since your outer corners droop. I would also experiment with how much you line and you likely wouldn't need to start at the very inner corner. Stick to lengthening mascaras also and curl if you feel your lashes stick straight out too much (they look like they curl nicely but…) I can't tell if your eyes pull more blue or green, but you can always use rose gold shades either way. Same thing using bronze based colors.

No. 43719

File: 1439849081478.jpg (111.65 KB, 677x1000, eyes.jpg)

Too shy to share my own eyes, but I have deep set eyes a lot like Emilia Clarke's. It makes my under eyes look SUPER dark (but it's just shadows) and then I have those weird kind of "nasolabial folds" around my eyes/nose. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

Is there anything I can do minus a shit ton of concealer? I've found that Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage watered down with some moisturizer helps, but I want them to be less noticeable still…

No. 43720

Yeah, concealer that brightens (which is not the same has using a concealer that's a shade too light) and adding a bit of shadow to the lower lash line, to make it looks like it was done on purpose.

No. 43721

File: 1439850998753.jpg (586.32 KB, 933x1400, 20140115133533780.jpg)

oh god how I hate this kind make up, it makes you look so aged and whorey

bright and more natural make up will make you look fresh & cute

No. 43722

File: 1439851035269.jpeg (24.12 KB, 335x440, iqR4doIWVGLgfvh_CGeKJ_3.jpeg)


No. 43723

Eh, it depends more on your facial features. I've done what you've shown and what I posted before and either way I still get mistaken for at least 5 years younger then I am (and I'm approaching 30 with rapid speed.) You can still do a cut crease with more muted tones, especially when you have the space and nothing approaching a standard crease like those 2 examples (seriously anon neither of those girls have hooded eyes, at all). Not to mention you still have to be careful when using pinks since it can just make you look sickly instead of fresh faced.

No. 43724

File: 1439855954163.jpeg (20.55 KB, 420x700, make up eyeliner.jpeg)

you can make natural make that is suited for your features - different blush, eyeliner etc. I just don't like black make up, it looks good only on photos. Though maybe it's a cultural thing, here where I live it's just considered vulgar.
As for pink - it's just an example, when choosing a blush/eyeshadow you need to take in account your skin tone and only after this pick the right fleshy tone (peach, brown, yellow etc)

For hooded eyes - Aoi Yu makeups are nice, she always looks fresh & natural, almost bare even though she's always professionally done.

No. 43725

File: 1439855983435.jpeg (26.26 KB, 256x384, makeuppp.jpeg)


No. 43726

File: 1439859258818.jpg (10.24 KB, 310x333, 2ic7a4l.jpg)

Where do you live anon? I'm in the US but also South Asian so heavy eyeliner is nothing out of the ordinary for me (and much easier to wear on a daily basis as a result. My mother especially likes it when I rock a wing straight out of the 60's. Not those brows tho. Ew.) If you don't have dark hair then you should avoid black liner, but when you do have dark brown to black hair you kind of have to use black liner. Brown just looks weird (and even blue or purple looks odd if not used right.)

No. 43727

File: 1439863034217.jpg (22.94 KB, 330x490, nude makeup1.jpg)

I live in Eastern Europe. People here seem to have quite conservative idea about beauty. Many of my friends would only wear mascara and liptint. Men also prefer this kind of look. Heavy make up is unwelcomed at school/workplace and considered unattractive, it's kind of associated with white trash/chavs/however you call them.

That makeup you posted looks cool but it's hard for me to picture a person like that on a street. Here most women wear something similar to the model in my pic, brunettes often emulate Dita von Teese makeup.
My makeup is similar to what I posted earlier - thin eyeliner and pale eyeshadow. I guess I'm more into skincare than makeup.

No. 43728

File: 1439863832495.jpg (69.69 KB, 600x863, dita-von-teese.jpg)

Ah I see. I also don't give a fuck and work at a make up store so I can get away doing more extreme looks. I used to do nude make up regularly but got bored.

Dita's makeup is fairly heavy, but because it's vintage pinup inspired it's just more paired down. She's a good example of what you can do if you have smaller eyes.

No. 43729

File: 1439865345792.png (872.05 KB, 1152x720, betty draper.png)

Yes, retro makeups are usually great for smaller eyes. January Jones in Mad Men is also a good example - she looked amazing on the show, while in real life she's so plain.

No. 43730

Actually I would say she suffers from having an oddly generic face? Scrolling through google images, depending on the look she'll like a bit like Nicole Kidman to Taylor Swift to a soccer mom. In some ways having that malleable of a face is a good thing but in others ways it means it's not so distinctive.

In any case, are there no more eyes to post?

No. 43731

Any suggestions on achieving a natural look like this?

No. 43732

I would go for a foundation that has a satin/velvet finish rather then something dewy or matte. She's not either but somewhere in between. Otherwise she lacks a standard pink/peach blush so just use a bronzer instead, cream would be best but if you have a powder just blend it really well and always apply lightly and build up. You can also use it as your shadow for your eyes as well, if not a light brown with warm undertones (which seems to be the case in the pic) and use a fluffy brush to apply to keep it soft and look naturally diffused. Then apply a thin line of eye liner to the outer third of your eye and/or tightline and apply mascara. For lips the color Sable from Nyx's simply nude lip creams look like a good match for what she has, but any kind of pinky brown color would work. Urban Decay's rule 34 is basically the same but a gloss if you'd prefer and yes I got it because of the name.

Oh and if you're like the model and have blue-grey eyes that you want to pull more blue use browns with a solid orange undertone. If you want more grey choose browns that are more taupe-y in color.

No. 43733

File: 1439938916902.png (108.15 KB, 841x83, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.57…)

These are mine.
Usually I do a cat-eyed black liner and then pair with either gold/iridescent shadow on the lids or white/sparkly eyepencil on the inner corners of my eyes.
I've been told that my eyebrows are kind of out of control, though. I'd really appreciate some feedback/tips.
thank you.

No. 43734

Why do you guys hate PULL?


No. 43735

File: 1440189681806.jpg (115.31 KB, 1145x427, Photo Aug 21, 4 37 10 PM.jpg)

I usually do winged eyeliner but my uneven eyelids always fuck up my wings lol. I've always wondered if I should get eyelid surgery to even them out but I don't think it's worth it…

No. 43736

>all these chink eyes

No. 43737

I recommend getting your eyebrows threaded or at least plucking.

No. 43738

I love you bitches.

No. 43739

They're not all bad but a lot of them are annoying stereotypical tumblrinas and teenagers.

No. 43740


ching-chong you look tired

get some sleep!

No. 43741

Or she could just be malnourished. I have heavy eye bags and I sleep too much if anything.

No. 43742

i have no idea how to shape them, i just hide them under my bangs…


i had just woken up from a nap haha

No. 43743

There are tons of tutorials out there, though I recommend going to a pro for your first time. It'll be worth, it'll change your whole look.

Your under eye circles look purple, so a salmon colored concealer would look best. If they're blue, go with yellow.

A winged liner that is thick would look great.

No. 43744

thanks a bunch!!! i used to do a thicker winged eyeliner but the eyelids on my left eye are just slightly off from the ones on my right so even if i get them even, it always looks thinner/off on my left eye :( should i use eyelid tape/glue as a possible solution to even them out?

No. 43745

File: 1440267057487.jpg (174.01 KB, 1240x464, 20150822110707.jpg)

I have puffy eyes

No. 43746

File: 1440273250635.jpg (16.38 KB, 340x264, China_Gold_Eye_Mask20117261753…)

ever try these? They feel really nice and refreshing and they reduce puffiness.

No. 43747

@6237 thanks anon, I'll search in beauty stores of my city something similar

No. 43748

File: 1441078824656.jpg (6.59 KB, 425x169, P1020805_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 43749

Why are your eyes so blurry? I advise a better camera.

No. 43750

File: 1441137335522.png (60.8 KB, 333x108, eyes1.png)


No. 43751

Lose weight.

No. 43752

File: 1441146786074.png (2.18 MB, 1848x812, eyes.png)

What the hell?


You look a bit terrified and/or tired though. But greenish eyes like those are pretty beautiful.

Any coloured eyes are nice. I use circle lenses to achieve this look.

No. 43753

Lol thanks for the super helpful advice.

No. 43754

File: 1441153858264.png (93.58 KB, 371x155, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.2…)

I'd like makeup recommendations!
Normally I do some very minimal - bbcream, light eyeshadow, natural eyeliner and mascara. I'm not very neat at drawing on myself - I'll post up a second picture of my usual makeup.
How much should I pluck my eyebrows? They're very big, I normally just get rid of little straggly hairs and ones over the bridge of my nose.

No. 43755

File: 1441154153294.png (48.84 KB, 286x105, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.3…)

My god, my face looks terrible in that!
I recently hacked off all of my hair and am regretting it, so I haven't been putting much effort into appearance.
This is how I usually do my eye makeup. There isn't very much because I feel like the more I put on, the higher likelihood I will mess it up.

No. 43756

are you a boy…?

No. 43757

File: 1441155664511.png (262.04 KB, 369x438, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.5…)

My face is just kinda weird.

No. 43758

Don't ever post your face on lolcow.

No. 43759

…you look literally 12 years old.
There's a reason why your parents and teachers tell you not to post your face on the internet, you know.

No. 43760

she looks like 19/20 to me

No. 43761

Looks like an unkempt, fat autistic tween to me.

No. 43762

I don't care all that much if people know I lurk here.
Was just hoping for makeup recommendations, I'm not very good with it.

No. 43763

Well, you have an eyeliner face for one. Get one of those eyeliner felt tip things

No. 43764

File: 1441488853961.jpg (44.67 KB, 722x220, IMG_20150905_232151.jpg)

I'm kinda pleb when it comes to eye makeup. I usually do your typical winged eyeliner but I've been thinking maybe some kind of eyeshadow would fit me better. IDK where to start though.

No. 43765


I like your eyes anon and your brow idk they're just nice ;3

No. 43766

File: 1441496701034.png (29.82 KB, 203x78, Screen shot 2015-09-05 at 7.40…)

i need eyebrow shape help. i feel like mine are too thin? please keep in mind i have a round face shape. also any eyeshadow recs would be great

No. 43767

Your eyes are beautiful. I think the shape of your eyebrows is great, I would just suggest making them less bold and using a lighter shade to fill them in. Your hair looks brown, so maybe a light or dark brown.

No. 43768

File: 1458268422205.jpg (125.23 KB, 497x349, 2016-03-17 22.26.01.jpg)

I'm reviving this thread. Here is my eye. This is a pretty basic look for me, tho I don't always do the winged liner and sometimes I do more with my brows. I just need some ideas.

No. 43769

File: 1458271088377.png (57.47 KB, 257x99, brrrrrrrrr.png)

Muh eyebrows

No. 43770

I think they look super cute, have you tried eyeliner? You have the perfect shape for that.
I'm loving the eyeliner you used. Have you tried gold? That can make brown eyes really pop.
Hooded? Apply eyeshadow to to browbone, and don't shy away from lighter colours like pastels. I think those would really it you.
You should try growing your hair out.
Your eyebrows look perfect. You might want to make them a little shorter, and trim those longish stray hairs in the middle though (the ones on the side facing the nose, facing in

No. 43771

File: 1458282656977.jpg (37 KB, 426x365, FullSizeRender.jpg)

Kay here's mine. Dark brown, the most boring color. I usually just stick to lightly filling in my brows and using a little bit of eyeliner on my upper lid + curling + mascara to make my eyelashes look fuller.

No. 43772

They're too dark, and too squared off. Soften the corners.

No. 43773


No. 43774

File: 1458309821698.jpg (87.12 KB, 419x364, tmp_25700-20160229_155255-1-11…)

I feel like I'm relatively good at doing my makeup, but I good be wrong. Although, this isn't the best example.

No. 43775


No. 43776

I think it looks sorta smudgy.

No. 43777

I'm >>121501 and the good thing about having dark brown eyes is that you can do fucking anything, depending on the look you want. Like >>121503 said to me, golds are golds are great if you want to warm up your eyes, as are oranges and coppers. If you go with blues or greens, it cools them down and can even make them look deeper. Pop a bit of brown or purple in your crease for some dimension.


Take that darker color on an angled brush and apply it on the outer corner of your lower lash. When you define and wing the shadow out like that it's a bit weird when you don't define the lower lash line with a color.

No. 43778

File: 1458318536586.png (204.47 KB, 593x567, 20160318_182306.png)

Any eyeliner tips?I want to wear kawaii eyeliner but my eyelids are too hooded.Any eyeshadow tips are welcomed too

No. 43779

File: 1458322505799.jpg (34.56 KB, 633x236, IMG_20160318_123048.JPG)

Farmers pls I'm so unfortunate, please help me.
How can I work with this?

No. 43780

Thanks, anon. That's pretty solid advice. But don't apply it on the lash line specifically? Just the skin under my lower lashes? I'm >>121507

No. 43781

Try both and see which effect you like more. I generally apply to the lash line and blend in and down, because it makes my dark circles look deliberate.


Draw winged liner only at the outer corners of your eyes, instead of the full way across if you want to open your eye. Tightline the upper lash line for definition and apply mascara for a dolly kind of look. Put either white or nude in your lower waterline to open the eyes further and smudge a bit of liner/shadow to the outer corner of the lower lashes.


You have a nice eye shape, but you should get >>121512
your brows professionally shaped. Big brows are fashionable right now, but your's are nearly shapeless. Once you get them shaped, it's not hard to maintain it. Otherwise what kind of look do you want?

No. 43782

You have really cute eyes. You remind me of a puppy :)

No. 43783

File: 1458427927277.jpg (38.33 KB, 705x634, IMG_20151011_115108_060-12.jpg)

I want to experiment with heavier eye makeup on occasion but idk what shapes/styles would suit me ;_; any ideas?
Pic related, no liner vs liner

No. 43784

yall have nice eyes

No. 43785

Your eyes are really cute. I don't know why but they're my favourite. Muted brown eyeshadow would look great on you, with some gold and red undertones kinda like autumn leaves. You are the queen of autumn.

No. 43786

I'm so jelly. Almond eyes are so cute and sexy!

No. 43787

File: 1458437163818.jpg (642.52 KB, 1536x2048, CAM00139.jpg)

They're a bit big, some People say it looks like an alien.

No. 43788

it looks like an alien.

No. 43789

File: 1458441198430.jpg (2.24 KB, 202x69, index.jpg)

er. . . don't mind the bad quality and blonde wig

No. 43790

File: 1458445871959.png (73.9 KB, 255x138, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.47…)

Sorry if it's a bad pic, I'm scowling so I look more masculine than normally (I'm female)

I am really shit at makeup, so keep it simple.

No. 43791

File: 1458467230581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323 KB, 2048x1468, image.jpeg)

Here's mine. Spoiler for low self esteem/wonky eyes and super heavy lids. My nose is slightly crooked too, but idk how to fix that without surgery because I don't know the first thing about makeup. Also what are eyelashes

No. 43792

oh i think u have my favourite eye colour! its brown with a hint of green right?
everybody has wonky eyes

if u want longer natural eyelashes i suggest you get an eyelash serum and you tint your eyelashes. (really worked for me)

No. 43793

ITT: people I recognise which is hella bizarre

No. 43794


No. 43795

I swear pt is in this thread.

No. 43796

I swear
must be b8

Also maxlel at everyone opening their eyes at full capacity so they look like Steve Buscemi and saying uguuu big eyes.

No. 43797

And if their eyes weren't like that you'd be complaining that they look tired. Stop being so negative

No. 43798

I recognize most of them too

No. 43799

No I wouldn't, sorry you tried to kawaii-fy your eyes itt. Nobody can give you solid makeup advice from a zoomed in photo of your bulging, strained eye.
>stop being so negative
Bish this is lolcow. Stop.

No. 43800

This is the girl from PULL

No. 43801

There are two people here that I can name by full name, and they aren't even cows. Well, not identified cows anyway.

No. 43802

one of them even has a popularish youtube channel (if anon was not trolling)

No. 43803

I mean cows I know personally, too. Feels weird m8.
They're both shitstains kek. Now I feel like a lot of the recent cancer makes sense.

No. 43804

Which one?

No. 43805

Lol now I'm paranoid that someone recognized my eye. What do you mean by 'shitstains'?

No. 43806

Scum, cowish by nature, exhibiting ugly and rather undesirable traits that are very often observed in our beloved milk troves. Probably shelling out beauty advise when they're inbred simians.

No. 43807

I'm curious for which eyes are these cows/snowflakes.

No. 43808

i'm >>121466
why do you think that my post is bait?

>tfw the other anon called you pixyteri

o…our eyes don't really look that much alike. i think.

No. 43809

File: 1458585142597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.63 KB, 791x368, WIN_20160321_132601.JPG)

Spoiler because of my terribad dark circles. Help with those would be nice, but I don't think they're going away. I also feel like I need brow help, but I hate how dark brows look on me.

No. 43810

I like your freckles anon, they're cute. Have you tried yellow concealer to hide the purple? Or was it green? Help me anons

No. 43811

Thank you :D
I use yellow normally when I do my make up… but they still show through sometimes if I don't pile it on. I could try green, but I thought that was mainly for redness.

No. 43812

Green would actually work better for you since your dark circles are more punk in tone rather then purple.

Otherwise to make you're eyes more blue, use warm golds and coppers and oranges and stick with a warm medium brown for your crease. Use a taupe shade for your brows ad they looks bit sparce. Not sure if you need something more reddish given your hair color isn't very visable.

No. 43813

File: 1458587912145.jpg (295.35 KB, 1293x1383, WP_20160318_11_58_09_Pro_LI (2…)

Like, you can still sort of see them up near my tear duct when I have make up on. Or am I being too critical of myself?
(I had a hard time finding a picture of me wearing make up that didn't have them hella filtered out, so excuse the grainy photo)


Currently I'm a ginger, but I'll probably lighten it out some more in the coming months to dry and get back to my natural sort of dirty blonde. I'll have to try the green, though. I've always been hesitant with green concealers because I feel like they're harder to blend than yellow is.

No. 43814

File: 1458590847835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 902.35 KB, 1600x536, 12207581_899456836799506_80220…)

I have permanent baby eye wrinkles. Concealer just sinks into them and makes it crease horribly and I can't stop it from looking bad. My eyes also have different shapes and lids so lol good luck getting even eyeliner, me.

No. 43815

File: 1458593556148.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-21-16-48-39…)

I like your skin tone, you should just wear some shimmery nude shadow with a bit of tan or brown in the outer crease and some brown mascara. Pastels would look good if blended in at the corner instead of the brown

I need help, I have awfully dark eyes and olive toned skin, it's hard to find any makeup that doesn't look super dark and edgy. So far I just wear nude shadow unless it's a special occasion and then I like gold and brown

No. 43816

>I have permanent baby eye wrinkles
That's pretty par for the course for just about everyone, so I wouldn't feel too bad about that.

No. 43817


Is this actually your eye colour? Because holy shit its so cool

No. 43818

File: 1458600702348.jpg (62.41 KB, 960x355, how-to-cover-dark-circles-usin…)

The dark circles are probably caused by your skin being more translucent than other skintones. I'm pale and freckly too and the skin under my eyes is thin enough to show the blue tinge. Hydrating eye creams can plump up the skin and make them look less purple or blue. Cool metal is good at making them lighter - that's where the fridged spoon trick comes from - so applicators with a rollerball might help.

If you want to cover them, you need to use a peachy colour corrector that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin (don't worry, it blends). Apply it in a triangle shape under your eyes rather than a semicircle. Brighten under your eyes with a lighter concealer. Set it with powder.

As for your eyebrows, pluck a few strays and then use a blonde eyebrow pencil to fill them in with small, light strokes before you blend a little. You'll get more definition without getting huge dark brows.

No. 43819

It's probably you.

No. 43820

You're pixyteri's clone.

No. 43821

An eye primer would help if you really needed to apply makeup there but, unless you have really dark circles, I'd avoid makeup there all together.

No. 43822

I have really reflective eyes so they tend to take on the color of what I'm wearing/what I'm around if it's in the green or grey territory… and I'm pretty sure I was wearing a turquoise cardigan and standing in my olive green bathroom, which kind of amplified the greenishness. My normal eye color is >>121542.


I'll have to look into the peach corrector. Yellow's mainly just been my go-to because of the color wheel, so this really helps me branch out :D

No. 43823

File: 1458602687184.jpeg (97.95 KB, 971x513, image.jpeg)

Please someone help me and my bug eyes!

No. 43824

Oh please, anon. You sound so cow that it's embarrassing. Just admit it's edited and move on.

No. 43825

But it's not?
My mom's do the same thing. It's a fairly common thing in light colored eyes.

No. 43826

Anon. Your eyes do not reflect your turquoise cardigan. Christ. K Kooter.

No. 43827


Not her but the quality of the photo here >>121546 is pretty atrocious. I have blue eyes too and I've noticed under poorly lit conditions and on a shitty camera they kind of end up looking green/turquoise too. Idk why and it's pretty annoying.

Saying it's the reflection of her cardigan is bull though.

No. 43828

I knew I'd get shit on for saying this but they really do reflect color. Either greens and turquoise or grey. When I wear grey they get a more grey-blue, when I wear the other, they get like the picture I posted. Jesus christ. Don't tell me I don't know my eyes when I see them every single day.

No. 43829

Let me guess, your eyes change color in different seasons, right?

No. 43830

unfortunately I do have really bad circles right now. I've tried to color correct and I end up getting really gross granny skin under my eyes when I apply too many layers of things. But I don't care about them often, only when I need to dress up.

No. 43831

it's not the color, it's the lighting.
cool/natural light makes your eyes look more blue, warm/indoor lighting brings out the darker hues and makes them look turquoise or greenish.
it's not rocket science, jesus. clam down, ye feisty seagulls.

No. 43832

File: 1458612755043.jpeg (20.44 KB, 616x462, HGTV_Color-Wheel-Full_s4x3.jpg…)

Slightly OT but for future reference when you want to color correct, use the color opposite the imperfection on the color wheel (green for redness, etc.)

No. 43833


Okay I need to know whether or not English is your first language because if not it may just be a case of you using the wrong word, because when you wear a blue cardigan with blue eyes your eyes do not "reflect" the colour, they are "brought out" or enhanced by the tone of the garment.

Also your cardigan isn't even present in the picture of your eye so idk where you're going with this.
If your eyes are magical, reflective glass eyes then what, was the cardigan on your face with the camera underneath when you took this? Were you staring at your chest whilst wearing the cardigan? Was the cardigan hanging up to dry and you faced the cardigan when you took the photo? This makes no sense.

No. 43834

File: 1458614100365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 2456x2035, tmp_16673-20160321_212958-1188…)

I've already posted, but I don't want make up advice this time. What color would you consider my eyes? Hazel with a dark blue ring? Or should I take a picture in a different light to see? This is just my reading light shining in my face.

No. 43835

not that anon but not really. i have blue eyes and you're full of shit.

No. 43836

I always consider hazel to be green/brown, so I would say yours are blue-green or turquoise.

Definitely greenish brown amber flecks among a sea of … sea blue.

No. 43837

I agree. People with blue eyes will make any excuse to make them sound more special lel.

My eyes are the palest shade of green and they only ever look different when I'm crying, and that's because the redness makes them more pronounced. This, farmers, is not rocket science.

Inb4 all the stories of your violet eyes and no periods

No. 43838

Protip: your eyes aren't turquoise, emerald, cerulean, fucking pomegranate or kaleidoscopic or whatever. It's super simple.

They're either brown, green, blue, or hazel. I guess gray counts too but every person who says their eyes are gray that I've seen just have dull blue eyes. And if you have heterocromia, congratulations on your inbred.

No. 43839

shit brown eyes detected.


You can wear eyeshadow better than any other eyeshape. Darker colors can make them look smaller, but I would highlight it, imo.


I like warm colors on olive skin. Since you have green eyes, I would go with warm, pink/coral, shimmery shades. It isn't nude, but it isn't "too much", either.

No. 43840


I would say partial heterochromia.

No. 43841

My eyes are green anon ;^)

No. 43842

>congratulations on your inbred
I'm triggered

No. 43843

all y'all sound salty as hell over this issue.
look, if you have any kind of experience with photography, color theory, etc., it cannot be disputed that lighting/environment affects how a subject appears. Even things that you wouldn't think of as 'reflective' are affected, like your skin (which is why you can look radiant and glowy under amber light and then washed out and haggard under fluorescents 2 seconds later), and eyes aren't any different. Especially when you're taking photos with a camera, if you're in a vividly colored environment, it will alternately bring out or subdue certain complementary or contrasting shades, and that's not even taking into account how color management can vary across different types of camera.
anon above might have phrased it pretty clumsily, but the rest of you kekking over 'kaleidoscope eyes' sound even more ignorant than her. You're exactly right, it's not rocket science: all it would have taken to educate yourself is thirty seconds on google.

No. 43844

File: 1458657766049.jpg (1.19 MB, 2320x735, tmp_13044-20160322_093816-1-11…)

The power of eyelash curlers. I should probably pluck his eyebrows too, but whatev. Curled my boyfriend's right lashes. I'm so jelly, ngl.

No. 43845

Keking over narcissism is hardly condemnable, anon.

No. 43846

I feel you. My bf also got naturally really long and pretty lashes

No. 43847

How fucking unfair, right? His make my "average" eyelashes look like stumps. I can only imagine what they'd look like if I put mascara on him jfc.

No. 43848

but how is that post evidence of narcissism? you guys are acting like she was spouting off about her eyes like they were limpid mermaid's pools that turned anime red whenever she gets mad or something, jfc. lolcow needs to cool down. I understand the vitriol towards lolcows and snowflakes, but it's totally unwarranted when all another user did was make the mistake of explaining how reflected light works in less than crystalline terms.

No. 43849

People get jelly and butt hurt over the weirdest things. Maybe anon is just insecure about having brown eyes?

No. 43850

oh, Christ.
The fact that you really don't register the narcissism in spouting off bullshit about your eye color is ridiculous. You guys really went on rants over fabrics ~changing~ your eye colors. Your eyes aren't oceans ~with flecks of gold~. My eyes aren't brown (nor are they ~violet flecked emeralds~) and I'm not jelly over some mongoloids that feel the need to compare their eyes to summer breezes or wtfever.

No. 43851

Nobody here said their eyes are like breezes of summer or whatever nonsense you're spouting. Point to one instance.

No. 43852

>what is a joke
Stop being so defensive over your eyes ffs

No. 43853

File: 1458673019012.jpeg (16.79 KB, 288x163, image.jpeg)


No. 43854

nobody was talking about their eye color literally changing, they're talking about colors being tinted by their environment. which is a real, documentable effect. girl never claimed her eyes were ~cerulean oceans~ or whatever you're projecting so hard about, literally the most descriptive she got was using the word 'turquoise'. were you behind the door when they passed out reading comprehension? because it seems like you're skimming a lot and then jumping through hoops to get to your conclusion.
when people say stuff like 'my eyes change color!' usually what they mean is just that their eye is a really neutral shade that tends either towards blue or green depending on lighting. it's nothing special to brag about, but it especially isn't a good reason to get so worked up itt.

No. 43855

Jesus Christ shut up and move on

No. 43856

>anon points out the gaping chasms in your logic
>'jesus christ shut up and move on'

watching you is getting pretty embarrassing, I agree.

No. 43857

Oh, there aren't any flaws in my "logic" of wanting you to stop sperging out over all your shitty photos of your strained, bulging eyeballs cropped to useless proportions. You can scream muh projection all you want, but it's obvious this thread is an excuse to self post considering you can't give out actual makeup advice using these. /g/ is not your personal hugbox. Seriously, shut up.

No. 43858

you're the one that's getting her panties in a bunch over people having blue eyes wtf

No. 43859

File: 1458686363815.jpeg (16.23 KB, 339x149, image.jpeg)

Welp to stay on topic here's a better photo of mine :P some say they're quite big, like a special alien. Not too good with cosmetics yet, but I'm all natural.

No. 43860

I heard long lashes are a sign of high testosterone levels, don't know how true this is. If true, it's good that you don't have naturally long lashes. My husband has really long lashes too.

No. 43861

Testosterone causes more body hair, and since men have higher levels of testosterone, it makes sense that they'd have generally longer, fuller eyelashes than women.

I wouldn't assume any women with long lashes has higher testosterone levels than usual, though, unless she had more body hair in general? Genetics are weird.

No. 43862

Your eyes look so much like Charms'

No. 43863

your eyes are pretty cute, I really like this shape.



No. 43864

damn girl, that's kawaii.
Try doing something about those bags though.

(are you sure you didn't do double eyelid surgery? come on, you can tell us)

No. 43865

File: 1458773510552.jpeg (31.62 KB, 704x229, image.jpeg)

Here are my eyes, I have no idea what makeup will look nice with me. I'm half Asian so I think I have a strange eye shape.

What are some makeup styles you would recommend?

Also I got my eyebrows waxed, do they look okay or are they too bushy?

Thank you guys!

No. 43866

You have gorgeous eyes. I can't see the brows too well under the bangs, they look a bit dark and thick but I also don't know your other features, it could balance out your face nicely.

I personally would do lighter, shimmery shades on the lid (if your skin is good for that. Mine is very delicate and every tiny wrinkle/vein shows up when I use shimmer). To try and make a bit of socket depth I'd recommend starting at the outside edge and rolling the brush is small, circular patterns to get a nice, airbrushed effect with the darker shadow. With almond eyes I also recommend not to do a very deep hood colour, and not to draw it very far across the eye. At most, halfway - anything more and it looks too obviously like an artificial shadow. Pay close attention to your lashline, and try to blend some of the darker shadow against your lash line, moving outwards and every so slightly upwards, to try and meet up with the crease shadows. If you do this right it gives you a cat-eye like effect without having to use heavy liner. Eyeliner wouldn't be terribly thick but I know it's deceptive to put it on yourself, my eyes look radically different open to shut. Double check before you touch the brush to your skin, relax your face and stare straight ahead in the mirror. You'll see very quickly if what you were going to do is actually going to end up in the wrong spot.

No. 43867

File: 1458777215655.png (123.57 KB, 592x160, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.44…)

Thank you so much!
I will defiantly try out your advice. Shimmery shades are really pretty too. My skin gets a bit paler in the sun light but I dont have veins show up near my eyes. (my cheeks are awful though) But I'll buy some shimmer shades next week!

Also, here are my brows. My face is kinda round/squarish.

No. 43868

I have fairly rounded eyes too.

You need to do your eyeliner thinner over the center of your eye and keep it thick on the outer thirds.

Same basic shape you did but much thinner for most of your eye.

I actually don't even line most of the inner portion of my eye. I might tightline to help fill it in.

No. 43869

You look pretty cute

No. 43870

File: 1461413000037.jpg (105.26 KB, 960x339, image.jpg)

Sorry about my eyebrows.

No. 43871


No. 43872

Am I that ugly?

No. 43873


anon are you overweight or do you just have those hooded eyes or whatever they're called naturally

No. 43874

17.4 bmi, I just have an unfortunate face in general.

>> inbefore 32" waist-chan.

No. 43875

Tbh you aren't wearing makeup, most blonde girls look 10/10 if they would have eyebrows and/or dye their hair a bit darker (not dark like venus thats way too harsh)

No. 43876

File: 1461436465246.jpeg (16.65 KB, 236x276, image.jpeg)

Don't wanna post my eyes, but they're similar to Ariana Grande's in terms of shape and color. Also my eyebrows are small and curved and I don't wanna mess with them because every time I try, they end up looking manly. Maybe I'll get the courage to post one of my eyes later.

No. 43877

how do you guys shape your eyebrows?

No. 43878


No. 43879

Does anyone else have triple eyelids? I don't mind them, but putting on eyeliner is fucking difficult.

No. 43880

best way for me is growing them out, then getting a straight black eyeliner and filling them in in the shape i want. then I'll pluck the hairs out of the shape I made.

No. 43881

I recently gotten mine threaded and it's the first time it was a really good job (one woman barely did anything, another gave me a decent shape but nothing special yet also broke skin but, and one gave me actual rectangles for brows.) So go in with either a stylist you trust and has experience, or bring in a sample of what you want. I told this lady to not give me too much of an arch because I think I look mean and prefer a softer curve, more in line with the trend in Korea. But they look so nice and neat that I barely have to do anything now.

Otherwise I use either tweezers or a finishing touch to keep them neat. If you want practice in terms of filling them in, I suggest starting with a powder and an angled brush, it just gives better control then a pencil and easier to fix mistakes too.


Well, you can search for the millions of Ariana Grande tutorials that are on YT now that recreate her look. In that pic it looks like she's just done some tightlining, some liner in the outer corners, an inner corner and brow bone high light and a medium brown in her crease. Plus mascara. Ariana's look as never been really crazy and rather classic and simple looking for the most part and pretty easy to recreate.

No. 43882

Asians normally don't have green eyes. And hooded eyelids doesn't equal Asian, lel.

No. 43883

I think I'll try that but how do you manage to fill them in so they look identical?

for example one of mine is arched more than the other and I never notice it until I'm outside. Do I have to take a few steps back from the mirror? lmao

No. 43884

File: 1462311007096.jpg (8.12 KB, 236x272, a6425dce9617d4b222d8b174ecb8fb…)

"Your eyebrows are sisters not twins".

They don't have to be perfect identical, but as long and you don't always look like you have one eyebrow raise all the time, don't worry too much about it. If you use >>121613 method, you can get brow templates and just flip the template make sure you place it right before tracing.

No. 43885

File: 1462511491279.png (126.4 KB, 500x182, eyes.png)

Sorry for the shit quality! I over tweezed my eyebrows awhile ago and I'm kinda scared to try again even though they're way overgrown (even more so than in pic related). What shape would look best with my eyes (also what is my eye shape, if anyone knows?) My face is oval-shaped, just fyi.

No. 43886

File: 1462552394381.jpeg (54.5 KB, 726x241, image.jpeg)

please no bully

No. 43887

File: 1463006734989.jpg (44.41 KB, 400x314, 7524942_s.jpg)

I think really smooth, groomed eyebrows like pic related would work well for you. Also be sure to wear lots of purple to bring out the green in your eyes

No. 43888

I agree with this comment >>121620

Also, I would take out fringe from your forehead. You have unique eyes, and your little scar is something that can be easily rocked, it's cute, kind of a Harry Potter thing.
Move that hair away from your face, you will be 2x more attractive (it will make your facial attributes more visible plus you will look more confident, and that's sexy).

No. 43889

That bang is doing nothing for you. Please grow it out. Your eyes are beautiful.

No. 43890

You have large almond eyes with large pupils. Having the ideal eye shape means that you are the least limited when it comes to make up. You can wear nudes and your eyes will still be the center of attention or you could use heavy liner on the waterline and you wouldn't have to be worry about closing in your eyes since they're large anyways.

It seems like anons are right and you need to fix your fringe and eyebrows. I'd suggest plucking the center just a bit (do not go overboard) where you eyebrows line up with the corner of your eyes. Drawing a line straight from the start of your inner eye should match up perfectly with the where your eyebrows start.


Unlike most beauty advise, I hate purple on brown eyes, but it is perfect for hazel. Anon is right. Wear plenty of purple, even if it's lightly dusted on.

No. 43891

*large irises not pupils

No. 43892

File: 1463106902388.jpg (109.95 KB, 969x920, 20160512_223140-1.jpg)

Meh, why not.

No. 43893

File: 1463114876631.png (85.31 KB, 373x189, 20160513_004436.png)

Tips? I'm new to makeup and want to find a way to not look so tired all the time.

No. 43894

File: 1463117495946.jpg (24.99 KB, 328x115, 20160513_012521.jpg)

I need to invest in falsies but otherwise I like my eyes. They're really small and a bit hooded, but I like how dark they are and that they're a bit almond-esque.

No. 43895

Forgot to add, my biggest hurdle has been my fear of dabbling with colorful eyeshadow because my hoods fuck it up. I love seeing beautiful gradients of color on other girls lids but mine gets interrupted because of my folds; it gets mostly obscured.

Any tips for that? I've not seen many tutorials starring womem with hooded eyes but only talking ABOUT hooded eyes.

No. 43896


Why do you need falsies? The natural look is in right now. Preserve your eyelashes, go nude.

No. 43897

I've just always liked long pretty lashes!

No. 43898

File: 1463147177928.jpg (140.94 KB, 550x450, viseart_06parisnude006.jpg)

You seem to have in between round and almond eyes so there's no real "correction" needed unless you have close set or deep set eyes. For dramatic looks look into a nice matte brown to deepen the crease in your eyes and your typical smokey eye, but my favorite look for almond brown eyes with curly lashes is a simple navy eyeliner on the top lid with a light coat of black mascara.


Slightly hooded and down-turned. There's plenty of tutorials on how to correct this with make up techniques. Avoid eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, it will pull down and close up the shape. Winged and cat eyeliner should be your best friend. You seem to have sparse eyelashes so try using individual lashes to open up your eyes without having shitty fake lashes. Try Benefit "Going Solo." They're nice and fluttery. To brighten up eyes use shimmering champagne. The best palette I've seen is ViseArt's Paris Nudes although it's freaking 80 bucks.

No. 43899

File: 1463148052966.jpg (56.67 KB, 505x354, makeup.jpg)

Apply makeup with your eye open. I have deep set eyes so a lot of lid space just disappears when my eye is actually open, half the blending is gone. I keep my eye open and use a very small brush with light product to map it out.

I'd also recommend avoiding the gradients that start at the lash line, pic related for two ideas. If you do what to blend starting at the lash line, don't do it horizontally (ie, darkest colour on the line, then getting lighter as you move upwards). Try and do it vertically (darkest colour on the outside corner, either side blending to a light colour.) If you continue the blending up to your brow bone make sure you keep your eye open so it doesn't do a zig-zag pattern.

No. 43900

File: 1463150388123.jpg (26.94 KB, 505x281, xCwXcI4.jpg)

i only do eyeliner because i'm not sure how to do eyeshadow with my eyes, but i really want to do eyeshadow …

No. 43901

File: 1463172220495.jpg (74 KB, 1544x579, IMAG0556_1.jpg)

I wish my eyes weren't as round and my eyebrows weren't pointy. They're naturally formed with an arch and I hate it cos I can't fucking do anything w them.

Anyone have any eyeshadow suggestions? My eyeliner game is wicked but I'm tired of doing the same purple smokey eye all the time (not in pic related).

No. 43902

File: 1463175213876.jpg (15.24 KB, 302x205, JazR1t7.jpg)

My eyes are super hooded, do those eye magic strips work? I've seen Japanese tutorials use them too.

No. 43903

I can't answer your question but this before and after might be of a blepharoplasty, and not due to eye magic strips.

I have very hooded eyelids too, I just make my own eyelid tape and wear them overnight. I take them off when I wake up and end up with a higher crease for a couple of days.

No. 43904

How do you make your own tape? I have slightly hooded eyelids too and try to compensate that with make up. It's never working the way I want.

No. 43905

File: 1463206152612.jpg (28.09 KB, 387x357, twiggy13.jpg)

Holy shit anon you have gorgeous eyes. I can look at just your eyes and tell that the rest of your face is super pretty. You won the genetic lottery, at least for eyes…

This would not help with making your eyes look less round, but honestly I think it's a desirable shape. Maybe make your bottom lashes more dramatic, either with mascara or false individual lashes. Almost like a toned down Twiggy. I dunno, sorry if it's not the best advice but it's what I would do if I had your eye shape.

No. 43906

File: 1463220977542.jpg (79.94 KB, 519x732, _20160514_130520.JPG)

What can I do about my eyes? They're very sunken in and kind of clash with my tall nose bridge. Bad undereye circles (shooped out), any eyeshadow looks horrible.

While we're at it, any advice on what to do with my hairline? It makes me look like my middle aged brother. Eyebrows too, if it's not a problem. I just got into makeup and I'm clueless, pls help.

No. 43907

File: 1463221751386.jpg (21.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

the first thing you should do is do something about your eyebrows. they should start where your eye starts. theyre too far apart.
if you dont know how to draw them in use those eyebrow templates. google it if you dont know what that is.

it would be nice if you could get some natural falsies too.

for undereye circles use a coral/ orange concealer- it cancels out the purple

No. 43908

My lashes are actually quite long, just pin-straight. That one Clinique mascara + curler does a fairly good job.

I'll definitely fix the brows, they look like they're not on speaking terms with one another. Should I see a brow lady?

No. 43909

File: 1463239591588.jpg (111.02 KB, 1500x1280, 9OeiNdr.jpg)

A lot of advice is 'fix eyebrows' would a device like this work for that?

No. 43910

I'm screaming, I brought the same razor in the pic and I gave one to my uncle and he almost sliced his nose off, Lmao. anyways you gotta be really careful with those razors because they dont have the the little "grill"? that most of the eyebrow razors have.

To answer your question, yes, those razor really help if you wanna shape your eyebrows, I use them to make mine more straight, also its painless!

No. 43911

File: 1463245934438.jpg (354.16 KB, 1054x564, 2016-05-14 19.09.31.jpg)

Ok, I look like shit, I don't know how to make-up, I wear glasses and the fact that my eyebrows are totally asymmetrical drives me crazy. What can I do?

No. 43912

Godddd, I love this thread…

No. 43913

You have sweet eyes, I'm jealous of your high brow.

No. 43914


I found these easy to use to make a nice straight eyebrow! Just make sure to shave off a bit at a time so you don't suddenly screw up your brows.

No. 43915

File: 1463260919977.png (322.25 KB, 639x369, ayeaye.png)

Please excuse my messy eyebrow, they're usually this unkempt 70% of the time unless I go and get them waxed into some sort of shape, but because they don't have a lovely natural arch to them as most of yours do, they're pretty much straight across in appearance.

I feel it's really hard to do my eye makeup properly because of my lack of height in brow, I do kinda like the birthmark I have at the side of my eye; but I don't like how deep-set and semi-hooded my actual eyes are.

Is there a way I can make them look more alluring and less intense?

No. 43916

You have central-heterochromia too! That's awesome!

No. 43917

God no I wish my face was as pretty as my eyes. I like the lower lash idea though! Tried it today + Twiggy's big eyes sorta just by creating a "shadow". It looked cute so thanks :)

No. 43918

Your eyecolour is so nice.
I'm honestly jealous

No. 43919

What about epicanthal lids?

Fuck this I'm going back to korean makeup videos

No. 43920

File: 1463317423277.jpg (250.83 KB, 841x345, 20160515_090016-1_noexif-1.jpg)

My front facing camera is pretty shitty, sorry. Also I do have eyebrows, they're just bleached

No. 43921

File: 1463318119931.jpg (89.61 KB, 630x281, Mona-Lisa-detail-eyes-cropped.…)

Your eyes look like the Mona Lisa, I kinda love them

No. 43922

File: 1463318478202.jpeg (45.54 KB, 783x319, image.jpeg)

Is there anything you guys can recommend on my eye shape? They are very slightly hooded and my eyebrows are fucked up from over plugging in the past… I don't know what to do with my make up…

No. 43923

Stop plucking them because you have no idea what you're doing. I definitely recommene going in to get them threaded. Yeah it hurts a little but its better than plucking and waxing. It's like $12-$15 every 2 weeks or however quick the hair starts to grow back.

Make up wise just start simple. Get a nice concealor to brighten up the eye area. Benefit's Erase Paste ($22 i think) is probably the best correctional concealor out there and definitely worth the money because itll last you 1+yr. You could dot Face Studio's Master Conceal ($8?) over that, just make sure not to cake it. You just need a lil. Also its a dupe for Nars Creamy Concealor.

Tbh I like hooded eyes; you can make them look sexy and catlike if you know what you're doing. Just look up eye makeup tutorials for hooded eyes on youtube. Oh btw Rimmel's Rockin Curves mascara is unffff so nice imo. Cheap too.

inb4 shill anon

No. 43924

Forgot the pic soz :')

No. 43925

thanks for the kek, anon

No. 43926

File: 1463341203434.jpeg (155.57 KB, 1280x960, image.jpeg)

Oh god this has only made me realize how bad my makeup is today haha.

No. 43927

Also please excuse the crustiness underneath my eyes, I had an allergic reaction to a Tonymoly sheet mask that made my eyes swell up and it's only starting to go down

No. 43928

whaaat the fuck

No. 43929

File: 1463357352416.png (235.87 KB, 402x284, shoddy.png)

Why not, I lurk enough, I'm all for new things

I never quite know what is happening with my bangs also, apologies!

No. 43930

Not sure if its the angle of what, but your eyebrows seem a little too thick, and need a more defined arch. Also, just my personal opinion, but hair color and eyebrows should match look the best.

No. 43931

Yeah my biggest problem is finding a light enough shade of eyebrow pencil… I know I should probably just go get them bleached or something but yeah.

No. 43932


I can what you're trying to do here Anon, but the flat Korean brow really does only suit Asian forks because of their eye shape. You desperately need to start combing them upwards and to pluck in a small arch.

No. 43933


That's exactly what I immediately thought of, lol.

No. 43934


Your eyes are actually so pretty! You could just go out like that honestly.

No. 43935

File: 1463364070503.jpg (29.91 KB, 357x226, MYXJ_20160513105626_save (3).j…)

I never know what to do with my eyes. Sorry for the poor quality pic.

No. 43936

File: 1463370509506.jpg (41.98 KB, 300x178, 2016-05-16 04.47.26.jpg)


Fuck me those are some beautiful eyes.
Like goddamn, I never really understood it when people talked about how eyes on their own could be so aesthetically pleasing, but yours really are. Everything is so well proportioned and balanced.

No. 43937

spoony WHY

No. 43938

File: 1463386936260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 32.89 KB, 564x252, image.jpeg)

sorry for bad skin/bad quality/BAD
my hair is dyed a dark brown (also I have pretty long lashes, they're just blond-ish)
I'd like for my eyes to look bigger. do your magic guys!!

No. 43939

Wear some concealer/bb cream/foundation to make your eye area brighter

No. 43940

Crushin real hard here anon, you have amazing eyes.

put some thin winged liner at the ends
Oh and try some red/orange shadow

No. 43941


How can I make my eyes look more "slanted" like this? I already have almond shaped eyes (since I am native american, so have almondy asian-y eyes i guess?) but mine tend to look so much rounder when i put eye makeup on. idk what im doing wrong

similar eyes to mine



(shape )

No. 43942

File: 1463407226717.jpg (46.86 KB, 904x649, v5STtGf.jpg)

Sorry for the bad quality, but could someone give me advice on which eyeshadow colours would look good on me and just generally what I could do makeup-wise? I feel like eyeliner looks terrible on me :/
My hair is a medium to light brown and looks golden/reddish in the sun.

No. 43943

I envy all of you who have lower lashes lol

sage for ot

No. 43944


lol we all have lower lashes Anon, just some are more sparse than others or so light they're almost invisible. If you have the latter you should try eyelash dye.

No. 43945

File: 1463421040108.jpeg (71.41 KB, 459x612, image.jpeg)

Help guys, what should i do with my horrible eyebrows, they are thick and long like an old Mans, how do i manage them and what shape would be nice for my eyes? Also what makeup would suit my eyeshape/colour?

No. 43946

Put Oil on your eyelashes before bed! I use coconut Oil or riccinus/ricinus Oil usually, you Can use both or others aswell at the same time, Also Lay off mascara for a while or wear it as little as possible, go makeup free any time you can

No. 43947


No. 43948

like shave them off and start over?

No. 43949

You look like you belong into >>21401

No. 43950

Spoony get out

No. 43951

Oh come on, don't act like you don't know that all you have to do is brush up and lightly trim the hairs.

I s2g this self post thread is so stupid.

No. 43952



No. 43953


stop samefagging attention whore. The same kind of girl that goes into small boobs thread to complain about 'waaah it's so hard being desired'.

No. 43954


Uh, what. I'm >>121685, that's the only post I made. Nigger are you jealous of her brows kek

No. 43955

well yeah that's kind of a given….
anyone have any other suggestions?

No. 43956

I think your eyes are pretty big already. Have you tried curling your eyelashes and applying mascara to darken them? I can't help with eye makeup but curling my eyelashes really opens up my eyes. I heat the curler with a hairdryer so the curl stays for a long time.

No. 43957

File: 1463534705060.png (258 KB, 618x268, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.22…)

posting this makes me kinda iffy but i really need the advice

No. 43958

i definitely use mascara (was i not supposed to post a barefaced pic?)
thanks, ive gotten really lazy with curling my lashes and i should really start doing that again. :)

No. 43959

curl lashes, lots of mascara, tight line the top, smudge on the bottom?

No. 43960

File: 1463583032187.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.72 KB, 531x381, image.jpeg)

any advice would be awesome. my hair is red if that helps!

No. 43961

Nice to be able to concretely prove how fat and unknowledgeable our usebase is :^/

No. 43962


Yep. I've tried to lend advice to a few Anons in the thread and was hoping somebody would have a tip or two for me, but it seems like for most this is just a form of anonymised selfposting. Wish I could delete my post now.

No. 43963

File: 1463585074154.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3024x3024, image.jpeg)

What eyeliner style is best for me, fellow farmers?

No. 43964

I don't know but your eyes are beautiful, I love how long your lashes are and how dark your irises are.

No. 43965


I would forget the eyeliner for now and get some almond oil under those eyes stat. Your skin look very, very dry Anon.

No. 43966

Are you male?

No. 43967

File: 1463600469167.gif (1.84 MB, 400x300, giphy.gif)


No. 43968

File: 1464040686737.png (234.6 KB, 392x321, 1457063117227.png)

thank you guys for the eye advice!
I agree on the eyebrow management parts, but I'm a bit biased when it comes to the bangs, since I just had them done about 6 months ago and I hated my previous look, which was just a sideways parted band that made me prone to picking my forehead more

No. 43969

File: 1470453615651.jpg (496.16 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-06-05.18.17.jpg)

Sooo, this thread seems pretty dead, but I'm still gonna try lol

No. 43970

this post is from a year ago, but damn what ignorance lol

No. 43971

Wow your eyes are beautiful. I don't have any actual advice but I think you'd pull of a no-eyeliner look effortlessly or maybe brown eyeliner instead of black would give you a lovely softer look.

No. 43972


Thank you, I'll definitely try brown eyeliner :)

No. 43973

File: 1471786423290.jpg (547.63 KB, 1589x594, augen.jpg)

sorry for bringing this thread back but besides putting on mascara i never do anything with my eyes makeup-wise. I experimented with eyeliner before but it always ended up way too heavy-looking on me. any tips?

No. 43974

You have eyes similar to mine. I don't do eyeliner either, I look like trailer trash when I wear it. I like to do dark brown eyeshadow on my eyelids and a "smoky" line of eyeshadow under the lash line from the outer crease to just before the center of the lash line and fade the line out. Anymore than halfway and it starts looking trashy to me. And you did your mascara really well. My suggestion is maybe get a little more arch in your eyebrows. But maybe I'm just biased because I tend to prefer thin looking brows.

No. 43975

If you're finding eyeliner looks 'too thick' on you then you're probably applying too much. I know it sounds obvious but's a very tricky balance. Try a very thin pen liner and just fill in the upper lash line(that means drawing from under the lash/inside the lash). You can bring the line to the inner corner for more impact too if you want.

No. 43976


yea my eyebrows are a hot mess atm since i'm jobless and don't need to go out often lol. thank you for your tips!


thanks! i guess i'll just experiment some more with it

No. 43977

File: 1472841929375.jpg (112.7 KB, 1233x605, meh.jpg)

Even though no one has posted here in a couple weeks I would like some advice. I don't hate my eyes but sometimes they make me appear…man-ish? And the lines under my eyes make me look older otl; Sorry if this sounds too whiny but I'm at a dead end guys.

No. 43978

Damn anon, you high? Your pupils look huge.

No. 43979

The problem isn't your eyes anon, it's your eyebrows! Eyebrows are quite important, you don't have to make them thinner or draw them in if you don't want too. Simply just clean up the stray hairs and you should look more feminine.

No. 43980

Haha no I'm not. But I do feel a bit concerned since someone's told me that before.


Thank you! Yeah looking in the mirror now I can see that my eyebrows are unkept and make my face look a bit harsh!


No. 43981

It's hard to tell without seeing your face, but I think your eyes would look lovely paired with straighter eyebrows.

No. 43982

Love how you can tell half-asian anon is gorgeous from a crop of her eyes alone.

No. 43983

Lose the colored hair.

No. 43984

I have hooded Asian eyes and they are pretty much the worst because they just swallow up eye makeup. I finally figured out how to do a cat eye so that it actually shows up, but my eyelids are wonky in addition so my left eyelid is droopier and has less space than my right. If I do my eyeliner so that it's the same thickness on both lids then it'll get swallowed up by one eyelid. If I do it so that both lines are visible then one turns out to be pretty obviously thinner than the other. Idk what to do with it. I'd appreciate any help or advice if any anons have some.
Apologies for the dopey looking photo but it's one where you can really see how wonky my stupid eyelids are.

No. 43985

File: 1472891948895.jpeg (27.34 KB, 650x221, image.jpeg)

Dropped pic lmao

No. 43986

Southern Chinese detected.

No. 43987

>those eyes
tone down the yellow fever you weeb

No. 43988

You'll have better luck posting on websites with a sizable Asian userbase. Also, I don't think your eyes are hooded since you have obvious double eyelids?


I guessed South East Asian.

No. 43989

your eyes are so pretty, fuck

No. 43990

It's difficult to give advice with eye makeup already on. Your makeup looks good how it is already imo, although perhaps lighten up the bottom smudge to a lighter brown.

No. 43991

Your eyes would look 10x better if you curled them. Also, if you trim your eyebrows (not pluck) using eyebrow scissors I'd bet that would look awesome on you.

No. 43992

Are your eyebrows naturally that high on your face…? It looks like you are surprised, so if you are plucking under your eyebrows, I'd stop ASAP and break the rules and start plucking the eyebrows from above if you really want to pluck. An eyebrow pencil would probably do a lot more wonders at this time than eye makeup advice.

No. 43993

Your eyes are really pretty! I'd recommend just some light black mascara and perhaps some natural golden/brown tone eyeshadow along the outer edge where it is naturally kinda red/pink.

No. 43994

I know this is late, but HOLY FUCK anon, wipe that shit off your face before asking for makeup advice. You'd probably look really cute with a simpler, "western" look. This gunky makeup is doing you NO favors. Also I disagree with the anon that said you can't pull off straight brows. Just need to style them and use a comb…the hairs are pulling downward and it looks really nasty because of that. Pretty sure your hair is bleached, but blonde hair + brown eyes + pale skin is freakin gorgeous and you should really try a more natural look if that's what you're going to stick with.

No. 43995

You've got the right idea, you just need more practice to make it look better. Your eyeliner is good, but it doesn't seem to be filled out properly. And your mascara is kinda eh.. looks clumpy? Maybe you're applying too much.

No. 43996

Yeah, was going through a phase. I thought that Koreabrows looked good on me but they really don't. My mascara is clumpy as fuck, but I think I look really tired unless i pile it on, idk haha

No. 43997

File: 1473492368013.jpg (66.58 KB, 688x419, hooded eyes are suffering.jpg)

So I just went though and clipped my eyes out of a few selfies - idk how I feel about selfposting but advice would be nice. Hopefully this doesn't make me a cow lmao. I've used eyelid glue in the past, but it didn't really work for me, would tape be any different? I'm just considering going for a blepharoplasty at this point.

No. 43998

in my experience tape/stickers/fibers work a lot better than glue.
the stickers make the biggest difference, but they're also the easiest to see on your lids. fibers are the longest lasting (stickers and tape can peel pretty easily if you have oily lids).

No. 43999

File: 1473516425294.jpeg (31.27 KB, 688x208, image.jpeg)

I actually really do need help here. I'm Chinese and white and I got stuck with this horrible monolid/hooded lid combo that makes me look like a extremely bored old woman all the time. In order to look good I need to use eyelid tape, but I can't express how much I fucking hate it.

I like the results, but I'm sick of buying it, I'm sick of it sliding off, I'm sick of having to get it in precisely the right place and wasting 1000 tapes in order to do so. The thing I probably hate the most is that I can't wear eyeshadow cause it fucks up the sticker.

I can't wear normie makeup without tape (or at all really) cause it just looks like shit.

I need to have some second opinions. Should I get eyelid surgery? Would it fix my retarded eyelids? I honestly love the deep eyelids other people seem to have but I know that's unattainable.

I also have a prominent eye bag under one eye, which gives me the shits.

No. 44000

File: 1473517372518.png (550.72 KB, 672x634, makesummerdreamskinfood.png)

I don't think there is any reason to get surgery, anon.

Why not try something like pic related? She seems to have similar eyelids to yours, and the first one I think looks absolutely adorable, but they are all simple but effortlessly cute imo.

No. 44001

File: 1473517822086.jpg (175.96 KB, 1200x1727, selma-blair-at-stella-mccartne…)

Also, I just wanna say your eyes remind me of Selma Blair, who I think is beautiful. she doesn't tend to do super dramatic upper eye make up, but seems to do really heavy under eye liner a lot, which looks great on her eyes imo

picked a more flattering photo lol

No. 44002


I feel like the tape does a better job of creating a "permanent" crease on your eyes. Plus I felt safer using it long-term as it's medical grade tape. However, for me at least, it didn't create a permanent crease. It went back to normal a year later and my eyelids were more saggy lol so I always look tired. I'd recommend the surgery if you can afford it.

No. 44003

File: 1473521985615.jpg (31.16 KB, 666x239, image.jpg)

Can someone help me? I'm clueless…I think I have almond shaped eyes?

No. 44004

tsuruko is that u

No. 44005

File: 1473564185012.png (148.28 KB, 310x198, Capture.PNG)

>tfw really sunken eyes
literally the worst thing of my genetics

No. 44006

File: 1473569451917.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 44007

Your eye shape is really lovely. I think smokey and subtle would both work depending on the occasion. I would try to stay away from overly dramatic though. With the size of your eyes it would be too much.

No. 44008

wear sunscreen. i already see sunspots showing up on your skin

No. 44009

I know. Besides my dark eyebrows I'm a redhead ??. The sun just kills me ever since I was little, and I'm also 32.

No. 44010

You mean freckles?

No. 44011

Are you really such a koreaboo that you feel the need to say sunspots instead of freckles? Who cares.

No. 44012

Lol, I didn't expect to recognize people based on their eyes.

No. 44013

Ikr? There's some cow bitches itt.

No. 44014


No. 44015

Purple eyeshadows would look best on you.

No. 44016

You're a cow, Tia.

No. 44017

File: 1477610444187.jpg (44.25 KB, 385x175, eye.jpg)

Sorry to bump the thread, but shitty make-up anon who doesn't know what to do with droopy eyes. Thanks in advance to any product recommendations or advice ((Also I know my eyebrows are shit never plucked them so they are unshaped nightmares))

No. 44018

sure… people are posting their eyes for "makeup recommendations".

No. 44019

I'd genuinely like to know what to do if my eyes look tired and sunken most of the time.
A full 8 hours of sleep every night helps a little, but it's mostly due to facial structure.

No. 44020

Tired, sunken, or droppy eyes look nice with a hefty application of liquid liner in a cat-eye style.

I have the stereotypical Southern Italian 'sad eyes' and they look really nice and upturned with the perfection of that style.

No. 44021

>liquid liner in a cat eye style
Can't say I know what you mean, but looking at some pictures it looks like the kind of eyes you describe are the same as mine.

No. 44022

File: 1479878102036.jpeg (8.92 KB, 303x135, image.jpeg)


No. 44023

File: 1479878427269.jpeg (19.19 KB, 512x217, image.jpeg)

Ignore the glasses, pic that best shows the exact type of line. You have to start like right at the end of the coloured part of your eye for the best effect because then it's like the line curves up continuously. I don't have any idea what I'm talking about though.

No. 44024

That's the ugliest eyeliner I've ever seen in my life anon wtf are you doing to yourself

No. 44025

I agree.. anon fill it in to the corner and lower the wings a bit if anything.

No. 44026

It's so thick and why does it start halfway across your eyelid? Where is it going?
There's not a single redeeming thing about it and yet here they are telling other people to do it too.

No. 44027

I'm the anon which asked for the advice which led to that post, what should I do instead?

No. 44028

ahahahaha… for real? you look like you crawled out of a cave in mexico

No. 44029

File: 1479919179929.jpg (108.83 KB, 340x410, 22162053_5732.jpg)

I see what you're trying to do by extending your eye shape upwards but imo it would be better to do it with eyeshadow rather than dark eyeliner. Black, blocky eyeliner makes eyes look smaller. If you used a subtle brown eyeshadow where you put your eyeliner and maybe a smidge of eyeliner, I think your eyes would look larger and more awake.


It depends on what is making your eyes look tired or sunken. If you have shadows or eye bags, covering those and creating a good base for your eye makeup would be the first thing to do. Colour corrector and concealer can take away some of the tiredness almost straight away.

If it's just your eye shape, you need to balance it with eye makeup. A good way to work out how to do this is to find a celebrity that has a similar eye shape and find pictures of them in good styling. The good MUAs generally adjust makeup to suit the client so finding a celeb with similar eyes will give you a ton of inspiration.

One thing I would always suggest is to do your eyelashes. An eyelasher curler and a good mascara will work wonders. Sometimes your eyelashes point downwards at the outer corner of your eye and this adds to the "droopy" look.

No. 44030

fuck off. there's nothing wrong with her eyes, she just needs to learn how to apply eyeliner.

No. 44031

Don't go half as thick as the picture, go thin tight lining your upper lid until you do a little flick about 25-30 degrees upwards and don't take it past the natural socket. It will probably look best to leave the lower lid of use a lighter liner on the waterline rather than below the lashes.
The cats eye pic with the glasses is basically the exact opposite of everything that looks good so try to use it as a what not to do guide

No. 44032

File: 1479955146477.jpg (21.01 KB, 515x129, IMG_2368.JPG)

Any help with eyeliner/shadow? I always just do mascara, whenever I try anything more it just looks weird to me.

No. 44033

Do not be giving advice out to others when your own eyeliner looks like this anon what are you thinking

No. 44034

omg lmao you've got to be kidding me
are these really the people that frequent this site?
Thanks for making me feel prettier I guess.

No. 44035

File: 1479971843542.jpg (180.08 KB, 640x985, 75ba83f01d2a7266dd83fb9f2dcf55…)


No. 44036

you a dude?

No. 44037

Girl your eyebrows are a mess

What are you doing to them

No. 44038

Post more of your amazing eyeliner anon. We're on the edge of our seats.

No. 44039



Nothing, do you have any tips?

No. 44040

wow, so much bandwagoning. they look terrible, but i think she got the point after the first one.

No. 44041

ahahaha you probably have tha same eyes which is why you took that to heart. gross


i recommend lightly filling them in/shaping them with a pencil

No. 44042

File: 1480009744588.jpg (78.29 KB, 500x241, 20161124_124140.jpg)

I could legit use makeup help, to be honest. My eyelids are prominent, but so is my brow bone (neanderthal brow lol), so I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around eyeshadow and liner. :(

If it's hard to tell from this kinda shitty picture, my hair is brown and my eyes are gray. Any help is appreciated!

No. 44043

sort of looks like Johanna Herrstd-whatever's eyes

No. 44044

Johanna Herrstedt? I think she's gorgeous, so I'll take this as a compliment! Thank you :)

No. 44045

File: 1480022744943.jpg (20.03 KB, 480x480, 11137745_458035737692370_54803…)

yes, she has a very large/high crease like you do, so you may be able to copy some of her eye makeup looks

No. 44046


I can see a sort of toned-down Marilyn eye makeup look looking good on you! High creases looks so sultry with makeup.
Your eyes remind me of the women in Renaissance paintings.

No. 44048

obviously not. you need a high up eye socket bone to have a crease that high, you can't do it artificially.

No. 44049


Thank you both! I'll try to see if I can emulate them with at least some success. They're both quite lovely, so I'm excited to try.

No. 44050

File: 1480033487401.png (52.84 KB, 310x72, 23r5.PNG)

i'm trying a new eyeshadow what do you guys think?

No. 44052

protip: you can trim your eyebrows with scissors

also, people do notice your light monobrow

No. 44053

I would say shape and fill.

No. 44054

lmao yeah I've been needing to groom my brows, I'm aware. Fortunately aside from a few stray hairs that I can just pluck away they have a decent shape overall.

No. 44055

File: 1480089944303.jpg (120.41 KB, 1440x537, IMG_20161125_152549.jpg)

Pls help anons
Am aware my makeup is a bit shit, need your recommendations! My eyes are sort of small and need a bit of a boost.
Sorry I didn't fill in my brow scar, getting product to stick to it can be a pain (product recs for that would be welcome too!)

No. 44056

A bunch of seemingly young white women with blemished skin and ugly makeup. Also a significant amount of the posters seem to be overweight. None of this suprises me after reading all of the bullshit on here. Envy is a strong emotion poor girls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44057


No. 44058

File: 1480103346813.jpg (64.97 KB, 559x458, WIN_20161125_13_45_36_Pro.jpg)

i always go for rosy nude colors for eye shadow because that's all that seems to look good on me.
any different color recommendations?

No. 44059


No recs, just want to say I love your brows.

No. 44060

File: 1480116960306.jpg (20.69 KB, 640x640, faf73f3cb4764f0ba91c7012dc662b…)

I think bold colours like pale blue or coppers could look good! But worn sparingly, in liners like pic related.


Thank you anon, that's nice to hear! They only just grew back after the wax from hell back in June.

No. 44061


Thankyou! I am going to try this

No. 44062

I use eyeshadow on my brow scar, it works quite well!

No. 44063

File: 1480191807877.png (70.75 KB, 260x137, Capture.PNG)

I know my eyebrows suck, I'm still trying to work out what I'm doing there but my natural ones are even worse, pls help me look like a real girl

No. 44064

Brows should be closer together and not so roundly arched. Eyemakeup is cute!

No. 44065

They don't look terribly awful, but a softer edge (?) and half a shade darker might be nice.

No. 44066

File: 1480211742853.jpg (247.71 KB, 758x481, silk-eyebrow-extensions-toront…)

A full on picture might be better but imo >>121797 is right and I think that you need to use natural strokes when filling them in so it looks like hairs and not a solid block of colour.

If you have thin eyebrows naturally, you could try eyebrow extensions just to add a little more shape and structure. It looks less obvious than filling them in.

No. 44067

make them more straight, get brow extensions

No. 44068

I hate to pick on your hair, but anytime I see unnatural hair colors anymore, all I can assume is that they have a bad sjw personality. Please don't feel like that reflects badly on you, I'd just want you to be aware that some people may think that. I'm sure you are a lovely girl. I used to really enjoy fun hair colors even up to a few years ago, and I'm guessing you have fun with hair color too, but it is kind of becoming a bit of a dated thing. Ironically enough, funky hair these days, to me at least, makes someone kinda blend in.

No. 44069

File: 1480254108570.jpg (11.06 KB, 261x219, 1459658919246.jpg)

>I'm sure you are a lovely girl but here's my judgement and I hope you enjoy it because I can't anymore haha

Fuck off.

No. 44070

i assumed it was a wig. it doesn't look like real hair to me.

No. 44071

lol what the fuck was the point of this comment? Are you aware you may have the autism?

No. 44072

Lol this has to be a troll. Anyway thanks for the laugh anon.

No. 44073

what would it matter even if I was an sjw (I'm not)? it's an eye makeup thread you melon
no it's real, had it for three weeks before i got sick of it and dyed it back to brown bc lazy

sage for blogpost sorry

No. 44074

"you melon" haha
your hair looked cool in my opinion fwiw.
have you ever seen the eyeliner tutorial for hooded eyes that pixiwoo does? i feel like your style might suit something a bit more dramatic. i'd link but i'm on the steam browser.

No. 44075

Same type of eyes. We all have large lids, and 90% of makeup guides aren't made for us and look terrible on us…

No. 44076

File: 1480330548638.jpg (196.95 KB, 960x1280, UFDJupZ.jpg)

No. 44077

Terribly hooded eye

No. 44078

I have deep-set dark brown eyes (pic later) and an olive complexion (I'm Latina). What should I do to avoid looking like Cher? I love the dark crease look on other girls, but it doesn't seem to work on me.

No. 44079

Pretty eye!!

No. 44080

File: 1480353413495.jpg (22.24 KB, 571x147, FullSizeRender.jpg)

I'm interested what you guys have to say.

No. 44081

how many posting for help have actually offered ideas/suggestions to other posters?


your fat is showing

No. 44082

Dark round eyes are <3
Eyeliner on the top lids with a slight wing would be cute for an everyday look, but that's all I know about makeup.

No. 44083

I mean, I haven't posted yet but considering this thread is essentially for people who don't know how to makeup I really don't see how people who are asking for help could offer much useful advice to others especially if their eye shape is completely different…

No. 44084


>post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you

if we're going to argue, the basis of the thread is about what others think would look good on a poster. an exchange of opinions and ideas, not actual professional advice.

No. 44085

And what I'm saying is you shouldn't expect everyone who has posted to be capable of giving advice when they probably don't know much about makeup themselves, let alone have any idea what might be good for someone with an eye shape they aren't familiar with.

The OP doesn't imply any sort of exchange whatsoever. There's literally nothing in that sentence implying that people posting their eyes should also be giving advice.

No. 44086


if you haven't even posted why are you so mad?

there's no implication that people come here to lern 2 makeup good, just that they want some ideas from other anons.

you're right that it's not an express RULE, but that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying it's not really in the spirit to just post a pic of yourself and ask for opinions and not provide any to other posters, is it?

No. 44087

File: 1480363688608.png (110.77 KB, 381x123, 565463456.png)

I think some darker eyeshadow and liner would make your pretty eye color pop more, some copper and purple shades I think could work
Maybe some mix of a light cat eye and some highlight on the inner corner of your eyes would look nice

No. 44088

You have lovely eyes.

Check out e.l.f's brow pencil, comes in 2-3 colors. It's like $2. I love mine, it doesn't budge, sticks well, and comes off easily enough when you want it to.

I recommend e.l.f to everyone actually. Their waterproof mascara is lovely and only $3. All their products are pretty great for staples tbh. And they don't test on animals/use recyclable materials.

No. 44089

File: 1480369896003.jpg (32.32 KB, 475x305, IMG_6490.JPG)

Tell me everything I'm doing wrong. I have eyeliner, very light shadow and mascara (Also my skin is shit because the moisturizer I was using did not do me any favors.

No. 44090

Look, I'm not going to keep repeating myself and I don't want to keep derailing the thread.

You came in here with no real contribution other than to vaguely complain about people not giving advice, so I felt the need to point out that the thread isn't really intended for the people asking for advice to also be giving advice, and that a majority of people posting might not be able to give advice, yet you decided to turn it into a petty argument.

So, if that's how you want to be, have fun.

No. 44091


and still you post. shoo, angry-chan

No. 44092

File: 1480376510618.jpg (430.56 KB, 1280x720, 16-11-28-18-36-58-691_deco.jpg)

So I like hardly ever wear any makeup,and if I do it's a bit of nude eyeshadow and bbcream. I would really like to know how I should do my brows and maybe get help on a simple eyeliner style that would work best. Not really shown but I have hazel eyes and wear glasses 24/7.

No. 44093

File: 1480404274121.png (18.76 KB, 386x381, image.png)

-Eyebrow too round and too long down on the side
-Looks like you applied new makeup over old makeup (what is going on with that black under your lower lashes?)
-Your eyeliner is unflattering because it makes your eyes look even more round

I would try filling in the brows more from the inner side where they meet to make them look longer and less round.

Try a bright/neutral eyeshadow to even out the color on your eyelid. Consealer below your eye.

Try a thinner/longer catwing to make your eyes look a bit longer. Don't put a lot on the lid itself, most should be on the side. Straight line, not a wing that does upwards too much. And do it from the inner corner, don't start from the middle.

Maybe something like this photo would work for your eyeliner.

No. 44094

File: 1480406280284.jpg (97.18 KB, 500x666, tumblr_inline_mvq2hhD1EG1qbo4d…)

Anon no, those drag brows and that eyeliner look horrible on round eyes. The eye is not a flat surface so drawing an elongated line on round eyes makes it look really weird since one half of the wing will be following the eye shape and the other lying flat on the temple.

Doing makeup isn't about 'fixing' your natural features to make them look like what's desirable at the moment, it's about embracing them.
Look into softly arched brows and eye makeup that enhances your shape. Pic related is a good example.

No. 44095

Thank you anon!
Am actually a britfag and we don't have e.l.f here, but I've heard of it - it looks decent for the price. Maybe they'll roll out here soon like NYX just did?
Cheers for the tip!

No. 44096


What kind of look are you going for anon? Your eyes are kind of hooded, have you thought about a dark brown or black lid with a softer bronzy colour above the crease? You have really pretty blue eyes and I hear those look good with warm gold/bronze/brown shades because they contrast.

No. 44097


I actually tried this today with the highlight on the inner corners. It looks cute. Thanks!

No. 44098


Thank you.


I am around 18% body fat, so I am doing fine.

No. 44099

File: 1480629226666.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.5 KB, 470x435, IMG_20161201_234113.JPG)

Really shit quality

- Is this eyebrow even a eyebrow?
- How do I eyelash? Mine look like fucking tight-lining in the pic because their so small and straight.
- How do eyeliner?
- what is my eyeshape?

No. 44100

I think the front part of your eyebrow is fine, I would just create more of a arch.
Try either curling your lashes, getting a volumizing mascara, or try wearing false lashes.
Stay away from lining bottom waterline and focus on the top waterline or just below the bottom waterline. Try using brown eyeliner instead of the usual black one.
I would probably say almond eyeshape.

No. 44101

File: 1480635006527.jpg (61.62 KB, 1007x484, _20161130_170941.JPG)

I've got hereditary super dark eye circles and wrinkles under my eyes which get terrible when I smile. they're also small and beady and they look even worse on my wide as fuck face. I'm totally new to makeup and don't know shit so any help would be appreciated!

No. 44102

I think the "bags" under your eyes can look very cute with the right makeup. You should probably do something with your brows first, they're very messy. They could define your face if done right, doesn't have to be sharp or thick.

No. 44103

Orange color corrector will help you with the dark circles, I use la girl it's very pigmented and its cheap.
I also have lines under my eyes you just need to make sure not to use too much product or it will exaggerate them.
Before you do any other make up you should get your eyebrows shaped as the other anon said.

No. 44104


Agreed. If you were to go for dark, smokey eyeshadows, the dark circles will help accentuate it.

No. 44105

ugly nigger(racebaiting)

No. 44106

shut up twat

No. 44107

at least it's not as bad as >>121755

No. 44108

You need to fix those brows before focusing on eye makeup.

No. 44109

Try eyebrow scissors and your arch should be closer in. An eyelash curler and maybe some gentle gold eyeshadow is all you really need.

No. 44110

Natural eyeshadow and brown mascara would look good on you. Btw your eyes look like Chelsea's from 90 Day Fiancé.

No. 44111

File: 1480890931012.jpg (21.99 KB, 480x171, sessnn.jpg)

I feel my eyes are quite close to each other. This is how I do my makeup daily. Any recommendations how to make them look farther apart?

No. 44112

Fix your bangs first.

No. 44113

Stop farting deadly ones first

No. 44114

why are you posting here shouldn't you be driving your 5 kids to soccer practice in your minivan

No. 44115

Why are you being so mean to her? She looks fine

No. 44116

stop with the droopy eyeliner. you're going to look a lot better with thinner eyeliner that isn't pointing down. try it.

No. 44117

Get your eyebrows threaded pronto. Use some concealer with a darkness cancellor undertone (just look up concealer for dark skin w orange undertones). I'd say avoid dark eye shadows for now, just keep it simple. Maybe high light the inner corners of your eyes with some shimmer (avoid very sparkly, flaky products, though). Also, I would add a slight highlight right underneath your brows to keep the area looking fresh and bright.

No. 44118

Don't bring the side of your eyebrow so low. It drags the eyes down. Go get them waxed or threaded or something.I have similar round eyes so to make them longer, I wing them out just slightly without being too dramatic. MAC has some nice mascaras (so does Rimmel, on the cheaper side). You could always get lash extensions, just make sure they're the natural ones and not the gaudy looking ones. Maybe line your waterline with a rose gold eyeliner because it'll open your eyes up without looking too unnatural.

No. 44119

The fuck was this even supposed to mean?
You can't post here if you're fucking 11 years old.

No. 44120

File: 1480912699220.jpg (35.06 KB, 643x249, IMG_20161204_231936.jpg)

I hate my eyebrows. When I was like, 14, I started getting them done at this nail salon that would wax them super thin, and I think that messed them up permanently. I try growing them in again but I usually resort to penciling them.

But anyway, I'll take any suggestions, I suck with makeup.

No. 44121

That is exactly what happened to me too and my eyebrows look just like yours. Sigh. The eyebrow pencil is one of my best friends.

No. 44122

Aww shit I forgot

No. 44123

you should grow out your bangs, stop lining your lower waterline with white eyeliner, and flick your winged eyeliner up higher. play around with the wings if you have to just make sure you have those fuckers lifting your eyes up instead of down like you're park bom. then youll be g

No. 44124

Not with this forehead hun. It's worse than Kaka's.
Sure I do my eyeliner differently from time to time and don't always use white eyeliner but this look makes my eyes look farther apart which I like. a higher wing just accentuates my long face somehow, and a thinner shorter liner like the other anon suggested doesn't do anything for me either. But thanks for the suggestions.
It must be difficult to suggest things without seeing the whole face.

No. 44125

Whattt? I personally love your eyebrows, anon. I wish mine looked like that.

No. 44126

clueless makeup anon here, please help. I only wear mascara but I would love to know what I can do with eyeliner to make them look bigger. I hate my brows because I used to overpluck the shit out of them but idk what to do with them.


your skin tone is beautiful, play around with gold eyeshadows i think they wpuld really suit you. also seconding getting eyebrows sorted.

No. 44127

File: 1480964619406.bmp (Spoiler Image, 369.11 KB, 545x231, ugh.bmp)

dropped pic sorry

No. 44128

>asks for advice
>gets advice
>throws a tantrum because she didn't get told 'ur perf don't change anything uwu'

No. 44129

take it from someone who's not you, the white waterline doesnt make your eyes look farther apart. it makes it look like you lined your waterline white. drawing an upwards wing will make your eyes look farther apart. but ok, we're done here since multiple people already gave you advice.


i laughed my ass off at this

No. 44130

the white liner draws attention to the inner corners of your eyes and makes people realize they are so closer together. i would try as hard are possible to make that entire area matte, would even avoid mascara in the inner corners/at the nose. and focus only on up-turned wings and longer eyelashes.

also bangs usually draw attention towards the nose/center of the face, so if you did grow out your bangs as a result your eyes might seem wider set. but if you don't want to , thats fine. maybe try a side-sweep instead though.

No. 44131

Instead of that white liner, try some white shimmer in your inner corners. Make it wel blended though.

No. 44132


No. 44133

rude. Im nowhere near that crazy.

No. 44134

You call this a tantrum? ok cool.
I was pretty polite and neutral.

Also if you want to be bitchy then I shall point out that I didn't ask for general makeup advice, just for something that makes my eyes look further apart. Do you seriously think I haven't played with different eyeliner shapes already?

Does anyone have any eyeshadow advice for achieving this?

No. 44135


Thanks anon. I will try how it looks if I only put mascara on the outer corners only and no white in the inner corner either.

No. 44136

File: 1481018844818.jpg (362.17 KB, 1192x688, kju6554fhj.jpg)

How to do my makeup properly with these heavy ass lids?

No. 44137

I would allow for thicker, straighter brows. You have a beautiful eye color, and long af lashes! Not sure how i would do shadow.

No. 44138

File: 1481023262157.png (174.35 KB, 592x558, ok.png)

I'd think you get better advice if you posted your own eyes, tbh.

No. 44139

How do you know this stock photo person is not in dire need of eye make-up advices? Who are to judge?

No. 44140

>tfw you can't get makeup advice because your eyes are stock images

No. 44141

that photo was literally on wikipedia for years on the eye color article, seriously?

No. 44142

Youtuber Stephanie Lange makes great make-up tutorials for hooded eyes.

No. 44143

File: 1481125258791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 447.28 KB, 1001x732, 2016-12-07 15.21.57-1.jpg)

So I'm going out with my friends tonight and I trust you guys to give me good advice. I'm really clueless. My eyelids are hooded, my eyes are very deep and my eyebrows grow straight across and I think it all makes me look really manly and ugly.

I usually wear glasses so my eyes are rarely seen. On a normal day I'd wear gold or neutral tone eyeshadow and a little wing but lately the wing has been making my eyes look really old for some reason?

Since my eyebrows don't have an arch is the only option to shave the outter half off?

No. 44144

File: 1481125610827.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.96 KB, 167x167, Snapchat-2000236041-1.jpg)

Obviously the last image was with 0 makeup so here's one with makeup for comparison, if that makes a difference.

No. 44145

>Since my eyebrows don't have an arch is the only option to shave the outter half off?
why the fuck would you do that, you want to look like you have a thyroid disruption? just leave them be.

No. 44146

File: 1481150289877.jpg (569.27 KB, 1001x732, mspaint.jpg)


Your eyebrows don’t need an arch. Emma Watson didn’t have one as a teen and it looked fine. Just clean them up a little bit and maybe give them a tiny arch by removing the hair in the middle. Other than that use eyeshadow with a base (!) instead of winged eyeliner on the upper lid and leave your lower lid alone. Chose a color that’s not too harsh (brown, grey, ….). Anons already posted tutorials for hooded eyes.

You can use a tissue/hankie (sorry, I don’t know the english word) to create a neat line (green line on the pic) with eye shadow. Use a blending instead of an eyeshadow brush for application.

No. 44147

File: 1481150767374.jpg (1.23 MB, 1512x2268, jennifer-lawrence-eyeshadow.jp…)

Your eyes remind me of Jennifer Lawrence. Copy her.
If you can't tell, she has extremely hooded eyes and a straight eyebrow shape.

No. 44148

File: 1481150935812.jpg (175.97 KB, 500x500, jennifer-lawrence-makeup-4.jpg)


No. 44149

File: 1481151787026.jpg (60.62 KB, 590x613, Jennifer-Lawrence.jpg)


Yeah but she has full lips, a small nose and an overall attractive face shape. That's why she can pull off emphasizing her hooded eyes instead of concealing them. They are her unconventional, special feature because every other part of her face is attractive. Same with Nicole Kidman. Also, her eyes aren't as round as anon's. Not all hooded eyes are equal. They come in different shapes and stuff.

But you’re spot on about the brow.

(added pic that's more fitting for anon I think)

No. 44150

I like your eyebrows actually. I think you should try to do your eyeliner more a little bit downturned though, or even just flat. The upturned cat eye doesn't look good with a hooded lid.

No. 44151

Thanks for all your advice! I ended up following a tutorial for hooded eyes above (using matte brown eyeshadow, not my usual gold and a slightly downturned, thin eyeliner) and it came out so much more flattering!

It's good knowing what I have to search for in future when looking for inspiration. You guys rock x

No. 44152

Can I see your results? I have very hooded eyelids too and don't know how to deal with them.

No. 44153

I would start by filling in your eyebrows.

No. 44154

File: 1481317200154.png (99.21 KB, 300x598, eyebrow brush.png)

Cool! I'm >>121882 and >>121879)

I forgot to mention that you could look up tightlining on youtube. Applying eye liner this way can be very flattering on hooded lids but it takes some practice.

Also, long curled lashes open up hooded eyelids. If you have small eyes (can't tell on the picture) use one of those brushes that come with eye brow gel instead of a normal mascara brush (I mean use an eye brow gel brush with mascara for your lashes, not the actual gel). Even if your eyes are big it's easier to navigate around hooded lids with one of these instead of those huge mascara brushes.

Emphasize the lashes on the outer corner.
I really like the Benefit They're real brush for this purpose but it's rather expensive and the mascara itself isn't worth the price.

I'm glad you found a flattering look. It took me years to figure out how to do my make up.

No. 44155

File: 1481334254690.png (445.79 KB, 647x316, myeyes.png)

roast me

No. 44156

pluck your eyebrows

No. 44157

File: 1481335568484.jpg (175.53 KB, 647x316, fb.jpg)

pluck the parts in red. you don't have a good arch, so i recommend you leave the sparse hairs circled in blue, and fill them in a bit to act as your arch.

purple eyeshadow brings out the green in hazel eyes, as does black liner in waterline.

No. 44158

you have a really pretty eye color! like… there's so much stuff going on!

No. 44159

I like my eyebrows, but will totally try purple eyeshadow. Wouldn't black liner in waterline make my eyes look smaller?


Thank you! You can't really tell they have green in them unless there's bright light though, I had to use a flashlight app on my phone for that picture.

No. 44160

>Wouldn't black liner in waterline make my eyes look smaller?
unless you're going for a kawaii look, this isn't necessarily bad. imo black liner in waterline brightens up the iris by contrast

No. 44161

What about black liner in waterline + purple eye shadow combo? Also I looked it up and apparently bushy brows are in this year so I think it's okay.

No. 44162

Problem is these eyebrows aren't bushy, they're messy. The bottom strays make it look really unkempt.

No. 44163

File: 1481383219739.jpg (14.49 KB, 512x288, audrey-hepburn-1953-100~_v-var…)


What anon circled here >>121890 aren't your eyebrows. It looks kind of dirty.

Otherwise you have amazing eyes so I wouldn't do too much with them. Little bit of concealer, lashcurler, mascara, maybe some eyeliner on the upper lid and done.

Audrey Hepburn’s look would work well, too.

No. 44164

File: 1481386932929.jpg (339.52 KB, 2204x636, DSCI2051.JPG)

Can you help me with make up? I usually wear thin eyeliner and mascara

No. 44165

that's a terrible photo. try one with better lighting

No. 44166

File: 1481402015990.jpg (86.21 KB, 364x364, thick-eyebrows.jpg)

anon, there's a huge difference between aesthetically thick eyebrows, and eyebrows that are not naturally thick, just unkept and with sparse hairs everywhere. If you took out the sparse hairs, your eyebrows are actually quite thin in shape. notice how pic related's eyebrows are very neat with nothing out of place.

No. 44167

ur eyes r pretty as fucccc

No. 44168

File: 1481405979478.jpg (82.72 KB, 626x223, 2016-12-10 16.36.13.jpg)

any suggestions, farmers? it's not straight on, but you still get an idea. my eyebrows are minimally filled in today - i've done heavier ones in the past, but it seems a bit much for my face.

No. 44169

Why do you use that ugly black color below your eyes? It makes you look like a chav.

No. 44170

it's not black lmao. it's brown. either that or you're looking at my eyelashes, which, uh. can't really get rid of those

but thanks m8, noted

No. 44171

You have big eyes, that brown below really isn't doing you any favors. Your eyebrows look a bit messy, but otherwise it's fine? Maybe have your eyeliner go from corner to corner/slightly thicker on the inside.

No. 44172

File: 1481424907442.jpg (85.37 KB, 494x445, 20161210_212849.jpg)

I usually don't wear eye makeup, and never wear eyeliner because I can't see well out of my right eye, so I'm hopeless when I pull my left lid down.

No. 44173

File: 1481431657806.jpeg (234.14 KB, 2288x1088, image.jpeg)

Plz be gentle I know it's bad.
I'm hopeless tbh. Brows are grinned but not shaped and no makeup at all because I don't get it. The birthmark between my eyes doesn't help either lel.
Is there anything I can do?

No. 44174

File: 1481435137397.jpg (37.08 KB, 349x524, IMG_0281.JPG)

Looks exactly like Eva Green's eyes to me.

No. 44175

I do eyeliner without my eyes closed? So not all hope is lost, you just gotta practice. You've got nice eyes, I think a good catwing would suit you.

No. 44176

File: 1481438689394.png (103.75 KB, 719x167, 20161211_013400.png)

I usually have winged liner and want to try something else that isn't a smokey eye.

No. 44177

Nice makeup-app

No. 44178

You have beautiful and big eyes but you could probably work around the area. Lightening make-up, eyebrows etc

No. 44179

The only makeup tip I feel confident giving:
Try color-correcting under your eyes to lighten the circles. Yellow is usually used for this. There are some pretty good products out there specifically this.

No. 44180

Ha, fair enough. I guess I'm just squeamish about poking my eye with the pencil, so that's sort of been how I've dealt with it. Thanks!

No. 44181

Thanks guys!! Literally any kind of advice is awesome tbh. Plus now I feel super flattered. Is there a specific brow shape that works best with different face shapes?
Like I've got a heart shaped face so does that affect how they should be shaped?

No. 44182

File: 1481496732062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.11 KB, 1173x469, 2016-12-11 17.47.29.jpg)

How do I make my eyes look more even? Also, how can I improve my brows?

No. 44183

>All these fucking chinks

You know the ovens aren't just for jews right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44184

20 inch waist chan?

No. 44185

Too self conscious to post a pic, but if anyone else here has a lazy eye/ptosis/one drooping eyelid and want to even them out you can take some eyelid glue or tape (strong eyelash adhesive would probably do the trick too) and push some of the skin up into your crease to even them out.

No. 44186

that info can help one of my family members, thank you

No. 44188


thank you for posting this!. i've tried this with tape but it didn't work, i've also tried watching youtube vids regarding this and they didn't work either, do you happen to have like a step-by-step pic or a video or anything i could use for reference? i want to try it again!

i'm sorry if i sound like a moron for not getting how to do it, but i can't see much from my left eye so i struggle a lot doing things to my eyes.

No. 44189

The reason I put the brown below is to sort of hide the pigmentation under my bottom lashes? I have naturally dark undereyes; it's hereditary. Haven't yet been able to find an undereye concealer that doesn't make me look crazy, or crease, or flake a shit-ton. I've heard great things about Tarte Shape Tape, tried it - still creased on me. Does anyone have suggestions? I used to bake my undereye area but it still looks a bit too cakey for my taste.

My eyebrows are definitely a bit messy, I know. Right now I'm using a cheap NYX eyebrow powder just to get rid of it. I used to use the NYX eyebrow pencil, but I don't think they have enough colors to match my specific needs. I know Anastasia is supposed to be the best as far as eyebrows go - do you farmers prefer Brow Wiz or the brow pomade?

I was afraid the eyeliner going all the way into the corner would make my eyes look smaller because tbh I never considered my eyes big, but this thread has helped a lot with determining my eye shape.

No. 44190

the pomade!

No. 44191

So I'm a total newb at makeup and still getting to grips with the easy stuff.

My main problem is my eyes.
Like how do I actually make my eyes look bigger?
My eyes are pretty small naturally and I thought I could use liner to do cute flicks in the corners and that it would help make my eyes seem larger, but if anything using eyeliner makes my eyes look even more freakishly small :/

And also wtf is up with eyelash curlers??
no thanks I think I'll always pass on those fucked up looking things

No. 44192

>>And also wtf is up with eyelash curlers??
no thanks I think I'll always pass on those fucked up looking thing

They aren't that difficult to use but you only really need them if you have straight lashes.

No. 44193

File: 1481840523879.png (281.2 KB, 496x348, f4DpFfW.png)

I posted a picture yesterday then got scared and deleted. Let's try again.

Make up: Concealer set with translucent powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, eyelinerand mascara.

Eyebrows look over plugged naturally. I only plug individual stray hairs.

What I don’t like: Almost everything. I have short thin lashes, hooded lids, my eyes are small, droopy and constantly red (no allergies, got tested).

My Eyebrows seem to be too high above my eyes. I also have massive genetic under eye circles. 
My eyes combined with my small mouth give me resting bitch face. I wish I could make myself look friendlier and a little bit more open.

First pic: morning, natural light
Second: evening

No. 44194

File: 1481857152829.jpg (185.69 KB, 620x520, fb.jpg)

high eyebrows are feminine, so don't worry about the distance. your arch though is too close to the inner part. you can either fill them in thicker and make the arch closer to the outer corner.

i don't have hooded lids, but i think this might work, to create a cut-crease look like this and do it a bit higher than your natural lids. it should look good since it will rise your eyes a bit.

No. 44195

We have similar features, like hooded eyes and very high-up eyebrows. I used to be self-conscious about the eyebrow position, but you'll be happy about it when you get older. My mom has the same, and I think she's pretty, and looks better/younger than her friends because of her eyebrows. They look lifted, but not unnaturally.

No. 44196

File: 1481902052645.gif (226.69 KB, 393x521, shortywaistfat.gif)

>The eyebrows match
>the nose bridge

No. 44197

File: 1481916681660.jpg (6.88 KB, 205x149, eye.jpg)

My eye colour is grey/green. I'd like to look cute if possible.

No. 44198

File: 1481918476285.jpg (5.21 KB, 205x149, ms paint.jpg)

I like your eyes, actually. I love the little fold of skin above your eyelids (I guess what you would call the 'hood' part?). I think that it makes people look very youthful.
Honestly, the only thing I would do makeup-wise is fill in the outer parts of your eyebrows to make them fuller & less arched. Your eyes look great as is. Maybe just a small flick of eyeliner following the downturn of your upper lid. Or I also find that sheeny, sand-coloured eyeshadow works well on hooded lids.
Smokey eyes or heavy eyeshadow is not your friend though.


Not sure if the same person, but I would pretty much recommend the same as above lol. Fill in the brows (mostly on the bottom & outside) to make them less arched and fuller. Then do a small flick of eyeliner "puppy-style", ie. more downturned than upturned. Here, I even drew you a shitty diagram.

No. 44199

File: 1481920464855.jpg (20.96 KB, 311x517, _20161216_183345.JPG)

Idk what to do with my brows

No. 44200

Also, any makeup recomendations?

No. 44201

Haha no, we're not the same person. But thanks for the advice!

No. 44202

I like em tbh. A lot. I think that you should go heavy on the mascara eye-makeup-wise, but concentrate your makeup efforts more on the rest of your face. Your eyes are huge & very unique and I think it would be a shame to try to downplay them or make them look 'regular'.

So, my advice to you would be to do a light brow cleanup (no shaping, just the stray hairs), load up on the mascara, and get a good undereye concealer & a good foundation going to even out your skin tone.
If you wanna get creative then I would say to do so with lipstick or eyeliner, and not with eyeshadow. You don't have much lidspace at all, so eyeshadow will not be doing you any favours.

No. 44203

Oh, also from the limited scope of the picture, I would say to consider nose contouring.

No. 44205

File: 1481923249020.jpg (52.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think because of your downturned eyes you might be able to pull off a subtle variation of that double winged eyeliner thing that asian people do. Tread with caution though since it can look really dumb on white people, and I'm just going off of a small picture here.
Also, go for brown eye makeup all the way. Your natural hair colour is so light that black will just look hookerish and overdone.

In terms of brows, yours are a good shape, just super light.
Also, you have nice skin.

No. 44206

File: 1481923949938.jpg (19.15 KB, 311x517, double puppy liner.jpg)

Here's a shitty line diagram for you too

No. 44207

File: 1481926283847.jpg (384.66 KB, 625x824, enhanced-buzz-16984-1376321718…)

>>your arch though is too close to the inner part.

Thanks for pointing this out! This might be the main reason why my facial expression comes across as arrogant. It looks like I'm constantly raising my eyebrows, basically judging everyone.
Guess I’ll have to figure out how to fill them in without creating the instagram drawn on eyebrows look.


My mom also has similar eyes and she was in her prime during her 30s. She still looks younger than other women her age. However, her other facial features are cuter than mine. Thanks, dad.


Wow thank you. That's so nice to hear. I don't think I ever got complimented on my eyes. Though now that you confused me with >>121930 I’m questioning your judgement :D Her eyes are much cuter. Not fishing for (more) compliments, I see why you might have made the mistake but she has less excess skin and her eyes aren’t droopy which is why I think the cut-crease you recommended will work better on her.

And a big yes to sand-colored eyeshadow.

>> Smokey eyes or heavy eyeshadow is not your friend though.

When I was 13/14 I would only line my lower lash line. Thinking about it still makes me want to go back in time and slap teenage-me.

No. 44208

Yeah, I see the difference now. Just cause you guys posted one after another I thought that it might have been another angle of the same person.

I would like to point out too that I am not the anon who recommended the cut crease!! Not offense to that anon, but I would steer away from cute creases with hooded eyes since it will either get hidden in your natural crease when you blink and make your eyes look sunken-in, or it will just look like an extra drawn-on line floating between your brows and eyelids.

No. 44209

File: 1481928937107.jpg (126.84 KB, 1000x647, FOTD-Neutral-for-Hooded-Eyes-0…)

Fuck, you're right. Don't know why I got your posts mixed up, sorry.
I agree. Cut crease might work on almost hooded eyes but if there’s too much excess skin it looks weird. When I use eye shadow I apply a light shade over the entire surface and a medium shade on the outer corner, pointing upwards. Kind of like a replacement for winged eyeliner. Couldn’t find an accurate picture but this might give other anons with hooded lids an idea.

No. 44210

I should use olive oil instead of castor oilw I've read it works too.

No. 44211


No. 44212

Or you could invest in a serum (M2 Lashes, Revitalash etc). I didn't want to believe the hype but I bought it anyway because I was desperate and in does work. Your lashes won't resemble fake lashes if they are short and thin to begin with but mine did get longer and fuller after two weeks. They kept growing until week 6, since then I’m only preserving the current length. Unfortunately the long lashes start falling out if I stop using the serum so I have to keep applying it every 2-3 days. But it’s worth it. Still cheaper than lash extensions which could also be an option if you’re rich.

I heard the eye brow serum is shit though. I’d use brow gel and get them dyed professionaly in a cosmetic studio.

Or you could try the soap-trick in the youtube video. It works.

Btw. I also really like your eye color, especially combined with your hair color.

No. 44213

Slightly OT but are there any "small" eyelash curlers?

The average one is slightly too wide for mine and I have hooded eyes so they're hard to reach

No. 44214

File: 1482061332341.png (106.21 KB, 1000x1000, s_curler_1000x1000.png)

A lot of japanese drugstore brands do mini eyelash curlers, but frankly speaking, they don't do much. Though Shu Uemura came out with their S-curler and I quite like it. I always take the white rubber off the top when I use it though.

No. 44215

File: 1482062081591.jpeg (49.83 KB, 575x274, image.jpeg)

How do I curl my lower lashes? They're long and I tried a curler but it was too difficult. How does Jo do it?

No. 44216

Thank you. I'll try to find some. The average ones are just too big lol

No. 44217

File: 1482070650766.jpg (45.94 KB, 544x546, 86439871365.jpg)

No. 44218

I think there are specific curlers out there that can be used for both.

No. 44219

When I was in HS I used a warm spoon. Not the best but it works.

No. 44220

Anyone got any tips for eyeliner?

I pretty much nailed every other aspect of make up pretty quickly after starting to use it, but my eyeliner lines still always end up uneven and wonky, or smudge onto my eyelid or around my eyes, and I then have to end up redoing my whole eyes and reapplying concealer under the and at the corners of my eyes to hide all the smudge.

Also I've only ever used the liquid stuff, so maybe it's just than and pencils are easier??

No. 44221

Could you describe your eyes? (shape/big/small/hooded or not etc.)

No. 44222

File: 1482156276669.jpg (84.16 KB, 359x192, WP_20161219_13_48_11_Pro[1].jp…)

I'm pretty bad at descriptions so here's a picture of them. also sorry about the shitty lighting.

No. 44223

First: You have beautiful eyes and I’m jealous.

You need to be careful not to make your eyes look droopy by applying eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes. Either try winged eyeliner with the tissue method or do tightlining.

I find eye liner markers like this one http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/slideshows/best-eyeliner-markers/page6 to be the easiest regarding application. Liquid eyeliner is definitely the trickiest. Pencil eye liners are ok but a marker will give you a cleaner look.

Additionally you need to lengthen the outer part of your eyebrows with an eye brow pencil.

No. 44224

File: 1482198095602.jpg (14.72 KB, 516x160, 148219559121494.jpg)

I have downturned monolids that fold inwards so it always feels weird to do an inch of eyeliner just to have barely any of it show.

For eyeshadow tutorials that tell you to shade your crease, I've always shaded up to that fake crease that you can kinda see if I open my eyes wide, but it's barely more than my eye so it doesn't feel like I shaded anything at all. I try shading up to my barely-existent brow bone, but then I've basically turned my entire eye area into a shaded window. Up to where between my brow and my eye should I shade?

No. 44225

My eye,

No. 44226

File: 1482200758504.jpeg (138.71 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)


My bad, what do y'all think I should do?

No. 44227

Found the anti-white poster.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44228

File: 1482201133704.jpg (12.26 KB, 516x160, anon.jpg)

Hooded eyes don't really work well with eyeshadow for this reason. Lucky for you though, you can pile on the eyeliner without it looking too overdone. I think that your eye shape would look good with a heavy & upturned liner, which would also help to even out your eyes if shaped strategically.
You'll want to go thicker on the outer top of your left lid (assuming that the picture isn't mirrored) to make it seem higher up & on level with the right one.
If you continue your eyeliner line down to the inner corner (like a cat), this will also help to balance out any asymmetry. In your case, you would want to do a bit of a longer flick on the right side than the left to give the illusion of pulling that eye down a bit.

Also, filling in your brows a little can improve your look a lot.
Pic for you.

No. 44229

I've always gone with the puppy eye look, but I'll have to try the upturned look some more along with working into the inner eye. Thanks, anon!

I usually do some filling in to do the flat brow look since I have a teeny tiny forehead that I don't want arches to bleed into. This is just a no makeup pic for the sake of the thread, but I appreciate the advice!

No. 44230

Some sort of light eyeshadow or concealer underneath for the dark part would help. It would help if both your eyes were in the picture.

No. 44231

Just practice a bunch of times with a light brown liquid liner.
Or, if you're going for a black liquid liner as your end look, then apply light brown liner first. Then not only can you trace the shape in the darker colour, but you can fill out any unevenness that you didn't get the first time.

No. 44232

Hey Tim.

No. 44233

You're welcome, I hope that my advice ends up being something that you like on yourself and will use!

And yeah, I didn't really think about whether you were already doing your brows or not when I phrased my comment, sorry for the assumption.

Tim pics??

No. 44234

File: 1482203122082.jpeg (152.05 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)


Ah okay, here you go! Please forgive my pig-looking nose.

No. 44235

File: 1482203622630.jpeg (199.28 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)


Nvm here's a better picture. Also please forgive the weird eye twitch, it's an eye condition which I have no control over.

No. 44236

No. 44237

Definitely pluck the strays on the inside of your eyebrows & fill out the rest of them a little. Also, get a good foundation & skincare routine.
For eye makeup, I would probably keep it simple with a good dose of mascara & maybe a small eyeliner wing if it's subtle. There's not much that you can do to minimize a lazy eye, unfortunately, and harsh eye makeup will just draw more focus to it. All you can really do is own it and try to make the rest of your features as nice as possible. So yeah, eyebrows and skincare.

No. 44238


I see, thank you! Though I am not really too familiar with skincare products besides water and bb cream, anything else I should use? As I'm currently trying to fight this. Again, thanks!

No. 44239

Sage for long skincare ramble incoming.
If you're not cleansing then that's where you should start. Most people typically use one, soap-based cleanser at the end of the day before bed, which works through the soap molecules being able to dissolve both oil and water (which don't readily mix). So it strips the oil barrier off of your skin, along with any dirt dissolved in that oil, and washes it away with water. If you're just washing with water and not soap, then you're only cleaning off the things that dissolve in water.

What has recently become more popular, and something that I would recommend, is oil cleansing. So the logic here is that oil dissolves in oil, water dissolves in water, and soap-like substances can dissolve in both. So doing an initial cleanse with oil will loosen more dirt, sebum & makeup than soap alone would, especially if you massage it into your face for a while & work it into the pores.
You wash the oil off still in the end by using a regular, soap-based cleanser.
So it's effectively a two-step process for cleaning the skin. (1) Remove makeup with oil of choice & massage gently into skin for a few minutes, (2) Rinse off with regular drug store face cleanser & water.

The brand of cleanser that you use doesn't matter, since there should be none of it left on your skin once you're done rinsing. As for what oil works best, I personally use baby oil because anything meant for babies is probably going to be gentle & noncomedogenic. I've heard that mineral oil is another popular one to use.

After you wash your face, it's important to replace the oil barrier that you just removed. You do this through moisturizing. If you're pov like me then you can just use a bit of your face cleansing oil as a moisturizer. Creams tend to give the best results though.

It seems kind of counter intuitive to be taking oil off of your face, then putting it back on, but really the goal here is to get rid of the acne-causing gunk that gets suspended in the oil barrier after a day or two without getting rid of the oil barrier itself.
Hope this wasn't too drawn out.

No. 44240

Definitely pluck between your brows, but you should check out the skincare thread. You really need to get a good cleanser, exfoliate, and get some moisturiser that isn't bb cream. I'm on mobile so it's a bit if a pain to find it, but do go check out the skincare thread.

Sage for non eyes post, I just think you could benefit greatly from good skincare.

No. 44241

File: 1482774371020.jpg (79.95 KB, 781x439, IMG_0648.JPG)

what should i do differently?

No. 44242

Theres no definition to your eyebrows

No. 44243

You have a beautiful eye color!

No. 44244

Maybe a more dramatic mascara (volume/length) and fill your brows like the other anon said. Straight brows are supposedly "in" so you can leave them that way, or try giving yourself a subtle arch.

No. 44245

File: 1483126092188.jpg (228.25 KB, 1048x407, 20161230_142043.jpg)

what do

No. 44246

you have beautiful eyes but if it helps, white shimmer in the corner and some mascara

No. 44247

you look tired

No. 44248

Maybe avoid cat/winged eyeliner? It'll make your eyes look way too big.

No. 44249

I don't trust you weirdos for the life of me. I completely despise you. That being said if you weren't such genetic fuckup retards you could learn what to do with your eyes. Even I did

No. 44250

File: 1483459699325.jpg (88.84 KB, 960x388, WIN_20170103_10_06_01_Pro.jpg)

the naked3 palette is my usual go-to but i'm looking to switch it up.
still learning to perfect eyeliner because of my dumb mole on my right eye.

No. 44251

File: 1483461506201.jpg (113.44 KB, 650x650, 12EE3CAA71D2F1F0291BF3967AB83C…)

Your eyes remind me of Britney and Jaimie Lynn Spears so you could get inspiration from them…

Do something with your eyebrows. They are way too far apart.
I'd also recommend a visit to the doctor because you seem mildly cross eyed. Might be a sign for impaired vision.

No. 44252

my eyebrows have been a struggle for years. I'm half Mexican and grow a total unibrow so I'm not quite sure how to fill that gap without them looking wonky.
that and i have a slight moon-face.
and my vision is actually pretty good despite needing reading glasses (but that's more for smal deets in my emboidery). i just have unfortunately wonky eyes.

No. 44253

Why is this thread even allowed? It's literally just a self post thread.

No. 44254

File: 1483477725257.png (101.86 KB, 275x265, 1461464747801.png)

because this is /ot/ you dumb fuck. it's literally just pictures of eyes and anons looking for makeup advice.
just hide the thread or go back to /pt/.

No. 44255

Try using your point and index fingers as an measure. If they juuuust touch the inner edge of your brow you should be good.

I line mine up with my tear ducts since my hands are tiny and don't give as good of a measure. That may work for you too.

No. 44256

Agree. "makeup advice" my ass.

No. 44257

The shit it is you cockeyed cow, ITT is nothing but attention whores. You can't give makeup advice based off of these shitty photos. This is laughable at best.

No. 44258

File: 1483496752066.jpg (38.83 KB, 260x275, IMG_1003.JPG)

No. 44259

File: 1483499269785.jpg (221.11 KB, 798x1000, 1474219848155.jpg)

>being this uptight about what threads are in the /b/ of lolcow

No. 44260

Omg I agree with anon, your eyes are similar to Jamie Lynn's. Since your eyes are big but slightly droopy (those can look really cute), line your waterline with a black pencil (or dark brown during the day), do your usual wing and try with a pop of color in the inner corner of your eye.

Try with a too faced palette, it has classic browns and some cute pinks/peachy colors/purple or cute green shades that I think will suit you, your eye color is beautiful btw.

About the mole, well tbh it's not noticeable at first glance, it's small so just cover it a little with a primer.

No. 44261

I think you can rock the "no-makeup" (lol) look, and try curling your lashes. You can also use very natural looking falsies and some brown mascara/ clear mascara.

No. 44262

It has nothing to do with what / / it's in it has more to do with the fact that this is literally a bait thread where we make fun of you and identify half of you as cgl fags we've seen before.

No. 44263

Back to PULL.

No. 44264

Cry harder

No. 44265

>autism xD!
>u mad xD!
Are you not even gonna deny the attention whoring?

No. 44266

I'm saying who cares. Why are you so upset about this thread fam? It's not hurting you, it's a few girls posting photos of their eyes. There was no reason to necro the old self post thread to whinge in that one too.

Ignore it if it bothers you. Don't be the guy who can't let others enjoy a thing just because you don't like it.

No. 44267

>gee it's just selfposting why are you so upset about it
Really faggot?

I bumped it because if you're gonna selfpost, don't pretend it's anything else.

No. 44268

So salty holy shit dude.
Gonna necro more threads to continue your tantrum or keep it contained to two threads?

You are so unreasonably mad about this it's really weird.

No. 44269

>u mad
Wow. It's like you really don't have an argument or something.

No. 44270

File: 1483512641731.jpg (47.32 KB, 303x485, IMG_0872.JPG)

Stay mad fam.

No. 44271

You're only making yourself look stupid with these posts.

No. 44272

Bit rich coming from someone who had to sorry out in two seperate threads because they don't like something.

No. 44273

They aren't the only anon pointing out the pointlessness and carelessness of this thread, albeit the only angry one though.

Please refer to >>44262
You guys aren't very smart.

No. 44274

>this argument
>tfw people don't realize that the entire purpose of the thread is to laugh at the anons who selfpost

No. 44275

File: 1483569919783.jpg (23.11 KB, 639x253, IMG_4759.JPG)

The pic is potato quality but I think you can get the idea. I feel like my eyebrows look noticeably different and I don't know what shape is best. Also I'm still working on using eyeliner, not sure if winged would even be good

No. 44276

I think your brow shape is fine, just need to fill them in. The whole "sisters, not twins" adage.

No. 44277

Just brush them upwards.

No. 44278

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'll try it out.

No. 44279

File: 1484255496189.jpg (132.52 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20170112_143936.jpg)

Lol Hi Tsuruko.

No. 44280

File: 1485162088357.jpg (42.98 KB, 899x304, IMG_1244.JPG)

my eyes aren't the same, on one the upper inner corner is what i would imagine "normal" is, and the other one is creased. this makes wearing liquid liner awkward, so when i do wear it i usually only start the line at the part of my iris that's closest to my nose… and i used to wear shadows and such just below my eye but now i find that causes me to look much older than i am. most often i wear a cut crease with neutral colors, sometimes sans mascara.

i always wanted to have thin brows, but i'm not sure. this is the thinnest i have ever had them.

No. 44281

I actually really like your brows, keep 'em, no need to go thinner, imo it would look pencil-thin and awkward

No. 44282

Anyone on this thread know of any decent eye creams to prevent aging/wrinkles/drooping? I'm terrified of my eyes aging suddenly

No. 44283

just stopping by to say that your eyebrows are incredible (noticed them before I read your post)

No. 44284


what was the point of this pic exactly? i feel like this girl is glad she got those eyes to attract the weebs.

No. 44285

File: 1485285583563.png (133.21 KB, 500x192, Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 1.24…)

I've tries a lot of different stuff, but the look I like most on me is black on the outer edges and white on the opposite (tear duct) side. I put eye liner from the top where the pupil is, around the side no wings to the bottom again where the pupil is. So half on top and half on bottom.

Not sure if thats what I shoudl be doing though. Also, one eye/brow is shaped different from the other. As you can see, one brow naturally raises up and that eye is more open, where as the other one is more squinted. Not sure why. I think my eye sockets are just asymmetrical.

No. 44286


I have the same eyes and brows as you. I've found what works for me is to pluck the under/inner edges of my brows slightly so it's straighter, and I don't use eyeliner on top of my eye at all. I use a dark brown shadow to wing out from the bottom… like a standard eyeliner shape but upside down, if you understand? Then the lighter shadow in the corners.

I've been a makeup artist for years and I just don't recommend top liner to people with round/deep-set eyes, I don't think it flatters them. A nude pencil in your waterline will help them look bigger, too. :)

No. 44287


I personally think you should grow the arch of your brows in a little, make the shape a bit more uniform. Other than that, I totally agree with the other anon - your brows are great!

No. 44288


The best thing you can do for under-eye skin is using cold green teabags on them, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep! Using creams will actually make the drooping worse, as you are constantly tugging lightly on very delicate skin.

The things in creams that actually benefit your skin are all found in food - Vitamin E in sunflower seeds and healthy fats in nuts & avocados… to help avoid wrinkles, avoid refined sugars. And wear sunglasses in sunlight!

tl;dr I studied this and skin creams are (generally) a waste of money, as their effects only last as long as you use the cream. Eating a beneficial diet will last much longer.

No. 44289


Your eye shape is perfect for winged liner. A good tip is to start with the wing and work inwards, rather than the other way round.

As for your brows, if you grew the wings in so they were of a similar thickness from bridge to tip I don't think you'd notice a difference at all. Right now your eye is drawn to the centre because the weight of them is unbalanced. Hope this helps!

No. 44290

plucking my eye brows is a nightmare. It just makes it look like I'm suspicious all day because the one higher brow looks even more high. Wouldn't it make my brows look different lengths if I pluck the higher brow further back from the unibrow area?

No. 44291

also … I'm having an impossible time imagining that style of eyeliner with out looking like a shock art fashion show. Got any examples?

No. 44292

File: 1485288719903.jpg (8.27 KB, 275x106, imageedit_1_7417903233.jpg)


Sorry for the wobbly AF line but I literally just mean these few hairs here (pic related) - so you keep the length of the brow still, but it doesn't come down so far over the inner corner of your eye.

No. 44293

File: 1485289138096.jpg (5.86 KB, 276x117, imageedit_5_8314696941.jpg)


can't find what I'm looking with a quick Google, so here's what I do (pic related). So the weight of the liner is underneath, rather than on top, then brought in to blend into the edge of the upper lashline.

No. 44294

You have ptosis!
While your eyes are actually quite symmetrical, the nerve issue in your brow that causes it to remain constantly raised changes the shape of one of your eyelids and makes them appear asymmetrical.

Just thought you'd like to know.

No. 55977

File: 1488456435725.jpg (224.91 KB, 2221x976, IMG_20170302_130249_01.jpg)

Can someone help me fix the wonkiness of my eyes, please? I have no idea what to do.

No. 55981

You look fine but your left brow (my right) is slightly sparser in hairs. Pretty color eyes tho!

No. 55989

i have eyes that are kind of similar to yours, downturned, hooded lids, eyebags and all
my eye makeup routine is as follows:
swipe on some tonymoly eye brightening base under my eyes, before I apply foundation
use a light brown eyeshadow on the lower rim of my eyes & sweep it up into a small wing. blend.
use a white or peach-colored shimmer eyeshadow on the browbone/inner corner of my eye
add a slim line of dark brown pencil eyeliner to the outer 'v' of my eye & smudge it up into the eyeshadow
apply mascara. i use lengthening mascara on my lower lashes because my top ones are stick-straight and the effect of eyelash curlers never lasts through the day, plus falsies irritate the snot out of me. but by focusing on the lower lashes, you can increase the overall amount of area that your eye appears to take up on your face. the highlight on the inner corner and browbone also contribute to this, plus the wing seems to 'balance' the shape of my eyes.

No. 56014

Thank for the advice, do you have a pic with your makeup you would be comfortable to share? I'm very interested.

No. 57366

File: 1490966462370.jpg (49.09 KB, 924x294, IMG_7405.JPG)

Could someone help me with my eyes? They're uneven and super small. I'm wearing thin eyeliner and mascara in this picture

No. 57383

I'm not the best at makeup but I guess some winged eyeliner and nude eyeshadow would look pretty good on you

No. 57389

Your eyes don't look uneven and small anon lol

Anyway, I like them. Just use an eyelash curler (or a better one if you already use one), because your inner lashes are going downward and if you want larger looking eyes, that's pretty much the easiest way to get them.

Also, I still think the eyeliner is a bit thick around the corners of your eyes. Try making the line even thinner, and then creating a wing like
If you want it a bit thicker around the corners, then maybe try blending some eyeshadow in that area for a more gentle look.

Good luck anon!

No. 57397

Wing that eyeliner! Your eyes have a nice angle that would look great with a wing.

Also try eyeshadow right around the eye (not inner corner) and pull it up at the outer corners, I think it would look nice.

No. 57500

File: 1491173202527.jpg (230.54 KB, 1045x511, 20170402_184447.jpg)

What can I do to make my eyes look good? How should I do my eyebrows? (Yeah I know I have a pimple on my forehead)

No. 57501

The tails of your eyebrows are too long and hang down too low, so you should shorten them. Your eyes are very pretty btw

No. 57505

You have pretty eyes, but your eyebrows are a mess. I'd recommend going to a salon to get them shaped, and them maintaining them at home with tweezers.

For your eyes, you need to use an eyelash curler. Try some mascara too. I can't say what else to do though, because it would probably depend on your eyes/eyebrows after you make these changes. Good luck!

No. 57506

Should I get straight eyebrows? I've let my brows grow out so I can style them.

No. 57508

I personally love straight eyebrows, but your eyebrows look a bit curved and high up your forehead so straight with a small arch would probably look better on you imo.

No. 57544

File: 1491203275284.jpeg (82.91 KB, 917x389, image.jpeg)

I was growing my eyebrows out but it's clear that after like 2 years they're just gonna be sparse like this. Obvious answer is pluck the strays, problem with that is that it would leave one eyebrow way more arched/sharp than the other. My eyebrow hairs are dumb and grow in diff directions as well which makes it a bit hard. If someone could tell me where to tweeze that would help

Also, what style eyeliner? My eyes are uneven. Can't really tell here but left eye doesn't open as wide

No. 57546

use Revitabrow on your eyebrows if you want to fill in the sparse areas.

I think black eyeliner would look good on you, using it basically around your eyes, add a tint of black shimmer eyeliner in the corners and a tad of white near your inner eyes.

No. 57555

I tried that, and it never worked. The follicles are just dead there, RIP. It worked really nicely on my lashes, they were so long but ultimately I stopped using it because it's expensive.

I will give that a go with the makeup! I used to never line my bottom lid because I felt like it made my eyes a weird shape but maybe I was just doing it wrong and the eyeshadow should help. Ty

No. 57556

I have the same eyebrow issue. Just fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. It's a bit more work but eeeh, better than having bald spots lol

No. 57607

I recommend eyebrow tinting - it can look really natural if done correctly, lasts for a few weeks and isn't too costly

No. 57836

File: 1491663344585.png (21.37 KB, 495x196, IMG_0847.PNG)

not the best picture in the world but yeah. I'm having a little bit of a meltdown over how to do eyeshadow lately. I don't have large eyelids if that makes sense, but I have a lot of distance between them and my eyebrows and it makes everything I try to do look awkward or messy. I'd be eternally grateful for suggestions.

No. 57844

whats up with ur brows

No. 57848

Your brows are way too high up, and too round. Your eyes are really small and the brows aren't helping that. Use winged eyeliner.

No. 57849

Agree with these anons:
Your eyebrows look really strange. I'm not sure how you even managed to get them so high up your head. You have pretty eyes, but the eyebrows are not doing them any favor!

No. 57850

Tie em up before they fly off your face

No. 57860

They're naturally that high up, trust me I don't want them to look like that but short of shaving them off I have nothing else I can do

No. 57862

ok. thats one issue, but why are they so thin and squared off at the inner corners? are you filling them in like that? if so, stop. they look like a combination between thin 2001 brows and current. squared off filled in instagram brows. its like you combined both the things you're not supposed to do with your brows.

and please curl your lashes and get less clumpy mascara that makes them look slightly longer.

No. 57870

Shave them off and get a good microblading done

No. 57873

It looks like you pluck/wax them from the bottom like is usually recommended. In your case, you should probably let your eyebrows grow out, and reshape them from the top instead. Good luck!

No. 57885

File: 1491789738948.jpg (480.81 KB, 1432x517, 20170409_194304.jpg)

Having hooded eyes is depressing af

No. 57894

They look nice. Such a pretty color.

No. 57895

tell me about it…putting eyeshadow on the crease is the most retarded thing ever and yet the only way for us to make it visible, ugh

Filling in your brows and mascara should be some help

No. 57898

File: 1491826313465.jpg (37.35 KB, 730x262, 20170410_140533-1.jpg)

Spent my whole life overplucking my eyebrows, now I dont know what to do with them. I usually just pluck under nowdays. My face is quite manly so whenever I put on eyeshadow I end up looking like a tranny lol. Any suggestions?

No. 57899

tbh you look cute, at least from what I can see

Get your eyebrows done (shaped), use some mascara and maybe winged eyeliner

No. 58197

File: 1492290805901.jpg (5.13 KB, 260x92, ss (2017-03-16 at 11.59.43)-1.…)

I would say just give a trimmed look to your eyebrows but keep them somewhat thick. Just my personal opinion tbqh, like other anon said except the winged part of the eyeliner. Dont do the cat eye/winhed thing. Just line it. I feel it would be too much for your eye.

Ive been practicing how to do my top eyeliner but I always seem to mess it up. I do thing where you pull your eye to the side and then just do a straight line but its always either too thick or fucked up. Any tips?

No. 58213

super cute

No. 58244

File: 1492361704090.jpg (1.08 MB, 2472x818, 20170415_161911.jpg)

Sorry for my flaky skin that shit is hard to get rid of (any tips? Already use moisturizer twice a day) and I did not realize of good my phone camera is.

No. 58246

I had the same issue with flakiness lol wear mousturizer whenever you can (during the day if youre not going anywhere and at night, eventually youll need less), drink lots of water and exfoliate 2 times per week

Your eyes are gorgeous and I like your brows. I'm sure you could rock very simple (ex. winged liner and some mascara) and natural makeup (just a bit of mascara, blush/bronzer)

No. 58289

Thanks Anon ! I'll try to carry my moisturize with me now so I can use it during the day.

And thanks for the tip !

No. 58290

Regarding your eyeliner:
I practied it for years now so I can do a good looking one in a few seconds. I don't pull on my eyelid and I try to do it in a quick motion without worrying to much how it turns out. Normally for me that works best. I feel like if I think about the shape too much I will fuck up.
I don't know if this helps you but maybe you can try.

No. 58291

What >>58290 said also I use my eyelid crease as a point of reference. Don't pull on your eyelid das bad for the skin. Honestly you just gotta keep doing it until you're good lol

No. 58938

File: 1493131760426.jpg (103.49 KB, 661x372, WIN_20170426_00_45_04_Pro (2).…)

I'm not good with makeup and everything I do makes my eyes look smaller? pls help?

No. 58951

lol I didn't know you guys actually looked like this

No. 58952

like what? everyone in the thread looks different as hell. u got cows, the uggos, and the hot chicks all together up in here

No. 58968

Hot chicks where? I see none lmao

No. 58969

really just the oldfags from the beginning of the thread. the rest are pretty ugly

No. 58971

Going through the entire thread, I sa
A maybe two girls that could be pretty, but you still can't see the rest of their features. It's a no from me.

No. 58973

everyone itt basically except for maybe 5 people have visibly fat faces, sad/droopy/tired eyes and horrific eyebrows

No. 58976

File: 1493163867337.jpg (244.14 KB, 759x602, 20170407_195423-1.jpg)

Please help me learn to makeup
Also eye bags for years and no clue on getting rid of them despite solid sleep nowadays

No. 58994


post a pic then, supermodel

No. 58996

there's already a thread about me on this pos website, so I'll pass

No. 58999

jill when will you be posting your next japan vlog

No. 59007

>when ur jealous of the farmers

No. 59029

File: 1493215481564.jpg (107.39 KB, 700x275, pic.jpg)

eh, why not.

No. 59037

File: 1493221668770.jpg (28.43 KB, 543x204, IMG_20170426_183721.jpg)

i also need help badly.whatever technique or color i try,i still end up with dead looking eyes.also when i do an short-medium lenght winged eyeliner(eyelids down),either i end up with a crooked wing when i open my eyes(because of my eyelid crease?),or a low wing that makes my eyes even more droopy.any other farmers have the same problems?any suggestions?

No. 59038

ADMIN a cow is grazing…

No. 59042

File: 1493226708017.jpg (27.57 KB, 275x103, 14932216683770.jpg)

idk, looks good?
about the wings: you need to continue the line that your lower eye lid forms, hence the arrow. draw the wing with open eyes, it if goes over a fold, draw the wing over the fold and then add a line in the fold itself. i have severely hooded eyes to and it works out.

No. 59043

File: 1493227620765.jpg (32.69 KB, 275x108, 1493215481564.jpg)

and you have gorgeous eyes, anon.
I really wouldnt do much. Take a nude eyeshadow palette, use foundation, light concealer for undereyes and then enhance your lashes with mascara.

No. 59045

Yes to the winged eyeliner, just a less thick line

No. 59046

>complaining about fat people and calling other girls ugly

Kotori-chan, onegai

No. 59048

File: 1493231610045.jpg (27.17 KB, 275x103, 1493221668770.jpg)

that actually was suppossed to be some kind of eyeshadow, but youre right. without eyeshadow just a slight line of eyeliner.

also i actually realized that it would also help your eyes to take care of your eyebrows.

No. 59053

im afraid to do the wing with open eyes (i generally use liquid eyeliners and its often a mess)but i'll try what you said a lot of times,thank you anon.
indeed you are right,i should go for a better shape.but im always too lazy for that hahaha

No. 59108

Aw, thank you. Usually I just go with winged eyeliner or nude eyeshadow.

No. 59380

File: 1493588817690.jpg (402.72 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20170430_174230.jpg)

Sorry I have a potato phone, and advice?

No. 59422

Anyone else have a prominent brow bone? It's my biggest insecurity on my face and I hate it. I never see other women with them and I'm always looking for it. My face still looks really feminine and it's probably not as noticeable as it feels but it creates a slight shadow over my eyes and I can't do winged eyeliner or eye shadow or anything like that because it's not a flat surface so it just looks shit.

No. 67640

File: 1505581639410.jpg (288.98 KB, 1013x425, 20170916_095611-1-1.jpg)

Is there a way to make my eyebrow hairs grow in thicker near my nose? I used to pluck the insides before because I was delusional and convinced my eyes were too close together, but that was a few years ago now.
(It looks like I dont have any hair there in the photo, I do, but it's more visible in person.)
Am I doomed to just use makeup forever?

Pic related

No. 67662

If you've never had them ticker there, then most likely no, there's no way. If you overplucked them and they used to be thicker there, then use any eyelash conditioner, they work for eyebrows just as fine. You can apply castor oil and massage it into skin where you want thicker brows. Vaseline, aloe vera also are good for brows.
But as I said, you can't boost growth of something that was never there to begin with

No. 67700

File: 1505743432247.jpg (40.75 KB, 866x301, 20170912_014655.jpg)

I know I need to fix my damn eyebrows but I also need tips on covering dark circles. These aren't even bad compared to other times.

No. 74719

File: 1517976185465.jpg (357.97 KB, 1270x554, c.jpg)

Anons, how am I supposed to wear eyeliner?

I've put my face through all the makeup apps, and every time I come out looking even older and uglier. Please help.

No. 74729

Anon start by shaping your eyebrows and tightline your eyes

Start with brown/gray and later if you want move to a more blackish colour

I recommend eyelash extensions in a cat eye (so shortest close to the nose/ longest at the end of your eye)

We have similar eye shape so I know what you are dealing with

No. 74730

Similar eyes anon here, when I have to put on makeup I just fill in my upper waterline and fill inbetween the lashes, and use earth tone eyeshadows to fill in the inner eye corner and lower eye area. If I want to go bolder I'd also draw a really thin upper eyeline using liquid eyeliner 2/3 of the way without drawing on my inner corner. Putting on thicker eyeliners would make me look old or drag like (the bad kind), so I depend more on eyeshadow, lighten at the inner corner then gradient to darker tones from there, plus contour the eye socket.

No. 74738

Thanks for the advice. I'm not well versed on fake lashes so forgive me for a stupid question: do I need to use mascara to hold them together or an eyelash curler curl them together with my real lashes?

>earth tone eyeshadows to fill in the inner eye corner
Any reason? This contradicts the conventional wisdom of using bright and glittery colors.

Thank you too anon. Your advice is probably too sophisticated for me at this stage but I'll remember them for when I get more confident haha

No. 74743


Here is the tutorial I use anon

No. 74750

I can't use eyeliner on my inner corner without looking weird because it's too sharp, using a dark shade of brown to fill in the area is more gentle yet still make that area pop. Using bright colours as a base before adding the earth tone eyeshadows is fine, but light colours tend to make the eyes look puffier so we have to be careful.

Also I'm shit at explaining and I'm not familiar with the terms in English, the steps I described (filling in waterline and between lashes) is called tightlining as said by >>74729

No. 74751

Do you need to redo these everyday?

No. 74752

Wtf, do NOT start someone who's never worn fake lashes before on singles. Please! To answer your question, yes, unless you're getting 'permanent' lash extensions, you must remove and redo them every day or you risk eye infection. If you want to start with falsies, I'd recommend getting some japanese lashes rather than western ones because they tend to be better made, and work better on asian eye shape. D.U.P is the best brand for that if you're going to go for it.

You can also get some permanent extensions if you're up for it. They will fall out eventually with your natural lash, but they stay in for a while.

No. 74760

I hate my brown eyes. No amount of makeup will fix the ugly super boring eye color I have. It's the color of shit after all. To all farmers here with a pretty light eye color, I'm really jealous. You don't even have to wear makeup because your eyes stand out naturally.

No. 74762

File: 1518020516079.jpg (8.81 KB, 168x94, hqdefault[1].jpg)

i think you should kill yourself, anon.

No. 74763

wow rude. I plan on doing a laser eye color change surgery. If that does fail, then I will kms.

No. 74764

Why did brown color have to be the dominant one? The color is so yuck. I'm sorry I just hate my eye color. I'm yet to find a girl that would look better with brown eyes.

No. 74766

Is going blind better than just accepting a fine eye color for you? Legit question

No. 74768

I honestly wish I had brown eyes. In my opinion brown eyes really stand out from the rest of the face, while lighter coloured eyes are in heavy need of makeup for people to notice them. Otherwise they kind of just melt into the rest of your features. Ugh. Brown eyes are by far more exciting to look at.

No. 74772

File: 1518033407069.png (358.83 KB, 830x352, ocy.png)

Just recently started to use dark-brown pencil eyeliner and different eyeshadows. Wished I could make my lashes longer too. Still pretty lost with both fashion and make-up. Any tips, farmers?

No. 74773

Tbh I like my brown eyes, they look pretty under sunlight, and are the only decent facial feature I have. Brown may be the colour of shit but it's also the colour of chocolate, half empty half full.

Anon you sound like a Sarah McDaniel.

No. 74777

File: 1518047195497.jpeg (81.1 KB, 480x727, 2164A6E7-EA88-4A82-80CE-E2A7CB…)

>>Suicidal over eye color
Is this real? Get help anon lmao

No. 74784

Color contacts m8. The good ones often look better and more natural over dark eyes. Just make sure they're approved by an eye doctor and they're custom fit to your eyes and you're all set to quit your whinging.

No. 74787

Haha the last post isn't mine. I'll throw away the lashes after wearing them. I promise.

No. 74798

FX eyes is literally the best company ever and they will do custom made ones for your eye curvature.

I used to feel the same and then got ones in blue

No. 74799


Here is the ones I got for reference

No. 74805


No eye color surgery can fix if you have a fucked up face or shit personality though

No. 74806


I didn’t eat surgery lmao wtf?
Anyone that gets the implants is completely insane.
Laser destroys your retina
Implants can grow a protective layer around them and make you blind

So yes anon being blind doesn’t fix being ugly

No. 74815

Thank you so much! Firstly, it's nice that there's someone else that understands me. Secondly, the natural examples I've seen look incredible, in particular, the Honey Blue you posted, I'm so buying it!

Nah. Not after the kind anon posted a better solution. I've seen color contact lenses irl and all of them looked fake from miles away, however, the 9mmsfx lenses seem awesome.

No. 74816

Sorry, I meant to thank to >>74799

No. 74821

File: 1518138899430.png (123.19 KB, 280x320, britney eyes.png)

unpopular opinion but i'm only attracted to ppl with brown eyes. they're so warm and inviting, and make basically everyone look more youthful and more striking tbh. dark brown eyes are gorgeous. light colored eyes are usually ugly without a lot of makeup, sorry

agreed. they're so inviting. idk i'm kind of creeped out by green and blue eyes because theyre such cold colors. imo brown eyes look great w/o makeup and even better w it

No. 74824

Lol so many butthurt people with brown eyes, even one shitting on light eyes kek
No one fucking cares its just eye colour, dont let some sad fuck on the internet trigger you

No. 74827

File: 1518168500817.jpg (60.88 KB, 852x480, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

In my defense, I honestly didn't want to trigger anyone. I just happen to have a strong dislike for my natural brown eye color and that's it. If others are happy with theirs good for them. But in my case, it's not that different from someone not liking their nose or some other body part.

I don't even necessarily dislike brown eye color on other people, for example Rachael from Blade Runner. In most cases though, I do find the color bland, again it's just my opinion and I'm sorry for offending anyone.

Have a nice day everyone!

No. 74828

File: 1518170876347.jpg (41.73 KB, 564x845, Taeblue.jpg)

Colored eyes are beautiful on their own but I actually find them distracting? I forget blue/green eyed people's other features and only focus on their eyes. I will sometimes realize how boring and unattractive some of them are after a little while. Whereas brown eyes are so boring that I only notice really beautiful dark eyed people.
On the other side if you are beautiful AND you have light eyes you are going to look spectacular and if you put light eyes on an already beautiful person it's can be so divine and seductive.

No. 74829

>Coloured eyes are distracting, cold and ugly without makeup (posts pic of kpop idol with lenses)

How about traveling to europe? Here having coloured eyes is normal, nothing weird about that.
Not our fault that your born with basic brown eyes, making you all look like clones…

No. 74830

Anon posted a picture of someone with lenses and then said light eyes are distracting, forgetting the fact natural light eyes are not as bright as lenses… Anon probably lives in a 3rd world country and barely see people with light eyes on a daily basis to notice that.

No. 74831

>brown eyes are so warm, inviting and youthful
>green and blue eyes creep me out

Only 8% of the world's population has blue and just 2% green eyes - is that jealousy i sense…? kek

No. 74832

It's called taste, anon, and it's an unpopular one too.

No. 74833

Yet this 'poor' third world anon has internet access and knows kpop, yeah…should have maybe come across a picture of a white person as well

No. 74834

Why are you so upsted? You litteraly posted 4 message in under 5 minutes lmao.
I said I find them beautiful on the right person, I literally wrote that if you're beautiful you're going to look stunning with blue eyes but otherwise they're distracting and people are going to realize that you're a boring ugly person with blue eyes sooner or latter.
Sorry about it, blue eyes =/= always attractive…

No. 74835

I personally prefer green eyes, but does that mean i need to write that brown eyes are distracting, old looking and ugly without makeup? Come on anon

No. 74836

can we fucking stop replying to trolls for 5 minutes?

we already humored suicidal brown-eyed-chan. this is too much.

No. 74839

File: 1518184077899.jpg (79 KB, 500x316, hazel.jpg)


> we already humored suicidal brown-eyed-chan.

Akhtually, I have hazel eyes. It's still brown, but a slightly lighter shade of brown with a nice green hue on the edges of iris. Like pic related. If anyone has some makeup to recommend to bring out the green, that would be awesome!

And I wanted to use this opportunity to apologize for creating this mess. It was never my intention to throw this apple of discord between us here. We should all appreciate that we have healthy eyes that allow us to see and experience the world every day. While I do wish I had a different eye color, I'm also aware that it's superficial and vain of me to think that way.

Let's not fight ♥

No. 74842

To bring out the green you have to use pink, purple and plum eyeshadows.

Use purple and brown eyeliners instead of black, you might not feel like it make a huge difference but since they work better with your eye color it will look softer and more attractive to other people.

Also purple eyeliner can look really weird from super upclose (like when you are doing your makeup in front of a mirror) but from a regular distance it's really gorgeous.

No. 74843

i meant that we humored someone else and now more is happening, but thanks for toning it down!

No. 74846

File: 1518186142813.jpg (29.65 KB, 403x403, purrlove.jpg)

Great advice and all noted down, thanks!
I would have never thought of the purple eyeliner.

Yeah, I just wanted to say sorry, that's all.

No. 74850

Everyone talks all day long about how beautiful light eyes are and how boring brown eyes are in comparison, and no one cries about it. Why can't a few anons talk about how their preferences without y'all nagging about 'jealousy' just because they don't like light eyes?

If anything, all the weirdos rabidly defending light eyes are freaking out just because some people like dark eyes, not the people who are talking about their uncommon preference for brown eyes.

No. 74854

This. I like my brown eyes because they're big and round and make me look cute and innocent. I don't give a shit that light eyes are considered prettier and brown are 'boring', if you need to get mad every single time someone says they like something you don't have you need better self-esteem. I also like my big ears that people used to make fun of when I was a teenager, suck my dick.

No. 74855

Same, I have a warm hair and a warm skin but my eyes are very very dark and more "cool" toned which i think make a beautiful contrast, they are also big and if I line them with a dark eyeliner they look really seductive and sexy.

I think those anons get upset about people prefering dark eyes because they have blue/green eyes themselves but since it's their only beautiful feature it fuck with their self esteem to know that some people don't care for light eyes.

No. 74857

File: 1518198669525.jpg (9.35 KB, 225x225, 397b687455e3a2899e1bbcf29706c0…)

Yes, the thing about dark eyes is that they look constantly dilated because of the low contrast between the pupil and iris, and it ends up making the eyes look bigger as a result, so it looks a lot more innocent than light eyes where you can see the pupil tightly constricted. I don't have dark eyes, but I wish I had an eye color like this.

No. 74866

File: 1518205255683.jpg (242.7 KB, 1500x1125, wallhaven-382673.jpg)

You sound cute anon, I like you.

Btw personally I think that contrasts make your eyes stand out no matter the color. For example blonde hair with brown eyes and dark hair with blue or green eyes.
(It doesn't always work of course, like >>74857 I really wouldn't see Anne Hathaway too well with blonde hair, so she looks good this way)

No. 74878

File: 1518224552485.jpg (218.08 KB, 1672x488, IMG_4377.JPG)

my eyes are so deep, it is so hard put make up

No. 74880

Male here, best in the thread for the past year, very beautiful would fuck.

Natalia Poklonskaya?(no one cares)

No. 74895

File: 1518251227577.jpg (18.86 KB, 236x419, makeup.jpg)

your eyelids look similar to mine.
here is a good video for the general shape that is best for eyeliner:

And otherwise I've found that most elaborate eye looks are just a no-no because they get lost in my mysterious abyss of an eyelid. A simple colour gradient to lengthen my eyes works, or with this eyeliner, or just eyeliner, or a heightened halo eye like pic related cause you can bring it up past your crease.

No. 74896

(I mean obviously you can do any look up past your crease but I think it's easier to do with a halo eye and no eyeliner)

No. 74901

File: 1518255781829.jpg (93.19 KB, 1440x477, _20180210_094014.JPG)

Sorry for the spaccy looking pic, but I never know what to do with my eyes. Everytime I try something, you can't see the eyeshadow, or the eyeliner will print itself onto my eyelid crease. I can't tell if I'm just retarded at putting on makeup, or if my eyes are legitimately weird

No. 74902

File: 1518257064273.jpg (1.52 MB, 2660x1206, 20180210_105528.jpg)

I have extremely hooded eyes (and bad dark circles…) always covering half the makeup i put on.
But whenever i look up tutorials they always try to 'transform' hooded eyes into very almond looking ones e.g. smokey eyes, a lot of liner etc., but i don't want that.
How can i make my eyes look round, 'cute', just light , not sexy makeup?
I've been downright told by people that makeup doesn't suit me at all and i really do think it makes my eyes appear smaller…

No. 74903

Fix ya brows. Also try a setting spray with powdered eyeshadow

No. 74904

see my post just above this about hooded eyes! you wanna get that different eyeliner shape, find a good eyeliner brand that dries fast and is waterproof to stop it eventually smearing up onto your eyelid where it touches. I like Essence brand or Nyx. Hold your eye for ages till it's definitely dry.

You could use eyeliner across the top of your eye without creating a cat wing and line your bottom waterline with white eyeliner, then apply mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes. colour correction or concealer under your eyes helps brighten the area too. nice brows btw.

No. 74908

File: 1518265719572.jpg (251.53 KB, 1169x427, 20180210_041842.jpg)

I know my eyebrows look like shit. Usually I have permabangs that hide them, so I'm not that self-conscious of them.

I also tend to have pretty bad dark circles too, no matter how much sleep I get.

No. 74909

Use a red ish concealer then a skin toned one.

No. 74910

File: 1518268768839.jpeg (233.37 KB, 2224x623, F01FC665-7097-4A83-B18E-B80388…)

I’ll take all the help I can

No. 74914

>I know my eyebrows look like shit
You should see mine then. I wish I had your eyebrows, they look very easy to mantain. The shape is good, buy a Brow Wiz to fill the voids and you're done

No. 75398

File: 1519435587699.jpg (139.7 KB, 1636x471, IMG_3295.JPG)

Help I'm ugly and have a male brow ridge and I wanna be hot

No. 75405

What the fuck anon you look gorgeous wtf
I literally have no advice or critique on this pic you look great

No. 75409

this. she doesn't have male brows at all. unless she wants to be like a fluffy kawaii bitch she's got no issues.

No. 75413

Step away from the keyboard, Sinead O'Connor.

No. 75417

Wtf sit on my face anon

No. 75422

You're trolling, right…?

No. 75430

File: 1519500685947.jpg (22.62 KB, 432x246, 12.jpg)

She does have a prominent brow ridge, I recognize it because I have one too. It makes her eyes look deep set and from a 3/4 or side view it looks angled instead of flat. It's a generally masculine trait.
I suggest tweezing your eyebrows from the bottom to make them look a little higher and getting wispy bangs. I'm also looking into getting botox to lift my brows because raising them makes a ton of a difference. You're already on the right track with using light eye shadow and highlighting.

No. 75432

start by cleaning up ur man brows and stop wearing false lashes, theyre accentuating ur droopy eyes. get a lash curler and stop drawing fake dots with eyeliner under your eyes, it looks dumb and serves 0 purpose. dont highlight the inside of ur eyelid (near ur nose) with white eyeshadow either since u have that weird reverse eyelid thing going on. that's making them look droopier too. other than that, you'll be g

No. 75433

Very stunning and naturally too! Definitely one of the more gorgeous eyes/upper face posted here.

No. 75435

File: 1519505117138.jpg (117.52 KB, 745x329, 20180225_064354.jpg)

I don't want to wear a whole lid of makeup but I do wanna not look like shit while wearing eyeliner. Do I need to pull it out further with my eye type so it doesn't get swallowed by my eyelid?

No. 75441


If you're doing a wing I would definitely pull it out a little further just so it can be seen! You have gorgeous eyes and brows btw!

No. 75451

File: 1519533295093.jpeg (120.97 KB, 2264x425, F3161B3B-3024-44F0-9D67-FACEF7…)

Just got out of an abusive relationship where I wasn’t able to wear makeup for almost a year

Advice would be super appreciated

No. 75457

Soft brown liner on the lower lash/undereye from middle to outer, the upper lash has naturally a nice shape so just an eyeliner tick on the outer corners. Maybe light eye shadow but it's not necessary. Also you should actually go crazy on the makeup to make up for the year break but I'm just recommending a casual daily look here!
Congratulations on getting out of that relationship, sounds awful

No. 75467

how do you get that defined underside of the eyebrows if you know what i mean? the line is so straight. mine are just wispy in all directions

No. 75469

Genuinely not trolling guys. I have a lot of the visible white of my eye and it makes them look droopy and I wanna have like cool looking sexy eyes with a positive tilt but it's hard when my brow ridge is so prominent
I don't know if I have the money to alter my face right now and I'm concerned plucking my eyebrows will make them look just thinner rather than higher if that makes sense? Like my brow ridge bone will become more exposed and prominent. In an ideal world I would actually get facial feminization surgery as a cisgendered female to shave the ridge but that doesn't seem reasonable or safe idk

I actually am not wearing false eyelashes this just was my 2am eyeliner remnants. But you're right about the drippings. Maybe less mascara?

No. 75472

I'm jealous of your brows and your eye shape is cute. Is that almond? Either way, you look like you don't even need eye makeup.

Don't do anything. Your brows are perfect this way (they're normal, no idea what the "man brows" anon is talking about). Eye shape is also good. I too have visible whites and it's cool. Seriously, if you're on lolcow and 99% of anons are telling you you look good, you better believe that

No. 75716

File: 1519850466306.jpg (217.08 KB, 1775x530, eyes.jpg)

My outer right eyelid droops more than the left and it's started to become really noticeable in photos :( like I have a lazy eye.

Any makeup talented anons here that can recommend eyeshadow styles that would balance out my eye shapes? I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to eye makeup, my go to is just mascara (see picture) - eyeliner has always been a disaster for me because 1) I can't do it evenly and 2) my hooded eyelids seem to look even worse and 3) I prefer a more natural eye.

There must be a style to even out drooping eyelids! Teach me!

No. 75723

Chick in the video is a bit annoying, but some of the tips are helpful

No. 75727

I use a brow brush to comb my hairs before plucking; not completely upwards, slightly to the side, like how i want them to be afterwards.
Then i pluck all the hairs that are not part of my natural shape and then more at the ends to make them appear thinner, that's it. In the morning i just once wipe/comb over them my fingers from nose to end and the moisturizer makes it stick a bit…?
So i guess i'm just lucky with my natural shape; sorry that i can't help more.

No. 75730

I have the same issue anon, and it gets especially noticeable when I haven't slept much. I would suggest a tutorial but I haven't found any that help this issue specifically. But, anything that obscures the upper lid is great, so false lashes can be very helpful if you're going out and want to look more symmetrical for photos and such. I also wear winged liner frequently, and slightly thicken the line on the lid that has more space, which can create the illusion of better symmetry. When they're looking particularly uneven I try to avoid any elaborate eyeshadow which can draw attention to it. Matte neutrals are best on those days, or maybe a wash of shimmer.

No. 75737

File: 1519865492017.jpg (31.59 KB, 335x231, eyeeye.jpg)

I have deep-set eyes and I always look tired despite using concealer (Urban Decay Naked if it matters). Any advice? Can't tell in this pic but my eyes are blue.

No. 75742

File: 1519868591884.jpg (26.24 KB, 355x99, screenshot.335.jpg)

Whenever I do winged eyeliner it looks off and weird shaped even if I apply it really evenly and have a subtle wing. Do wings just not work with my eye type? Also I have a slight lazy eye which is annoying.

No. 75776

File: 1519926445017.jpeg (118.72 KB, 746x653, 2D7A52BE-A68C-4AAC-9D81-EE9EE3…)

You have a similar eye shape to mine and I think I see the issue. It has to do with where the crease for your kid ends. I would start by placing a mirror somewhere to that you have to look up while applying the liner. This way you can make sure you’re navigating beneath the crease in your lid. Then don’t angle the line until you’re clear of that area. Bring it out at 180° i.e. totally straight. Then flick up. Focus on the outer lid when lining and if you want to do the entire lash line, make sure is extremely thin along the inner half.

No. 75835

File: 1520036343184.png (1.21 MB, 1000x514, R4aumvX.png)

can you guys help me figure out my eye color? I think they're just dark gray but some people say they look blue. (pics are a couple years old, my eye makeup is much better now. this was just the most clear and up close pic I had)

No. 75836

File: 1520038049252.png (189.04 KB, 467x171, moar.PNG)

another. I will say that purple eyeshadow and red eyeshadow make them look more blue. This is the laura mercier artist palette btw. If you have eyes that are gray/only show colors sometimes and want to bring out their color, I would recommend this palette as well as more neutral/clear/bright colors like in UD vice 3. The last couple years haven't had many like that, but violet voss hashtag/UD afterdark (on sale atm +25% off)/any of sugarpills' regular line/TF Boudoir Eyes/maaaybe KVD's new metalmatte mini (UD sonic is my most coveted shadow and it's similar to raw power).

sage for doublepost

No. 75843

Personally, I would say your eyes are dark blue. I'm super jealous of you anon, dark blue has always been my absolute favorite eye color. I think they're so gorgeous and striking in both pictures!

No. 82486

File: 1526197115995.jpg (21.81 KB, 320x263, 1515618297891.jpg)

tbh I have light green eyes and I wish I had brown/dark eyes, they're so sexy.always wanted to have brown eyes. maybe it's bc i'm from eastern europe and blue/light grey eye color is the most common here.
Everyone wants what they don't have, trust me.

No. 84298

File: 1528214996179.jpg (157.15 KB, 998x1050, Snapchat-410784656~2.jpg)

Any tips? They're the color of baby diarrhea and I don't think they're one of my better features so I'd like to learn how to brighten them up

No. 84301

What can you do if your eyebrows go straight across and have no arch at all? Mine look really masculine. When I pluck them thinner, they look silly as a straight line. I've hooded eyes and having these ugly eyebrows on top of that really closes my eyes. I've big eyes and I want to highlight them. Is my only hope to shave them off?

I'd post a pic but I'm too embarrassed of the state they're in.

No. 84302

File: 1528217035499.jpeg (8.41 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg)

Honestly it's got a really nice golden hue to it imo, my dad and brother have eyes like this and I think it's really pretty. A gold shimmer might bring it out, or you could go with a gem tone, I really like deep blue tones on brown eyes personally.

No. 84314

I've never even thought of blue, I should give it a try. There are a lot of palettes with pops of blue, maybe I'll give them a try. Thanks anon

No. 84341

File: 1528237077132.jpg (363.78 KB, 720x720, wpid-photogrid_13614998654181.…)

your eyes are a gorgeous color.
Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, so if you wear purple it will bring out the gold/yellow of your eyes. If you want them to appear more green, then wear red. Or blue to look more brown (which is really a dark orange). You can also wear neutrals and smokey brown eyeliner for a more complementary and natural way to pop your eye color.
Your attached photo makes it seem you have plenty of lid space. This is a good thing and will let you experiment with more dramatic looks. Go darker in the crease if you want to make your eyes seem deeper/more inset. You have very nice brows, btw!

the best brow shape is your natural brow. If you try to fight it, you'll lose. There is plenty of flat brow inspiration out there. It can help elongate your eye shape and create a more intense look. It is also the beauty standard in many Asian cultures. If you have a longer face, a straight brow can be extremely complimentary. It can also make you look much more youthful, just like how severe arches can also age you.

No. 84343

File: 1528237417145.jpg (29.24 KB, 420x280, best-worst-celebrity-eyebrows-…)

Look how much better Kirsten looks on the left, bad photoshop aside. Also don't forget that many celebrities with extreme arches achieved them as a by-product of botox.
this image was actually from a "celebrities' brows improved" article, they thought the right looks better. So I guess your personal preferences come into play. I think she looks angry and clownish on the right, personally.

No. 84344

File: 1528237521941.jpg (29.95 KB, 420x280, best-worst-celebrity-eyebrows-…)

another example of their idea of an improved brow. Again, I think she looks vastly better in the before. Here is the link if you're interested
maybe try to photoshop yourself with different eyebrows on to see how you look. I have a feeling you look just fine, anon. Ignore current trends and work with your own features and natural beauty. Find looks suited to your eyebrows, instead of forcing your brows to look a certain way for certain looks.

No. 84359

File: 1528247607587.jpg (46.72 KB, 540x372, nyx-eyebrow-shaper-review-penc…)

i have big eyes too and i basically made my eyebrows go from straight to very high arched with this thing. i vastly prefer the way it looks. it lifts my face up and makes my face look a lot more sultry imo. just pluck any strays around the tail, leave the inner half alone, and then apply wax pencil and push your brow upwards into your desired shape

No. 84385

honestly? intentionally unflattering eyebrow choices on celebs hand picked for being better suited to straight brows, made by straight brow shills. Arched brows look great on plenty of people and flat thick brows are the current trend.

No. 84388

File: 1528270751917.jpeg (21.97 KB, 250x250, 71202370-71EE-482C-A20B-19E019…)

>eyebrow choices on celebs hand picked for being better suited to straight brows, made by straight brow shills.
No. It’s a legitimate article arguing for why these celebs should have arched brows. Click on it. It’s not a conspiracy. They even have a “brow expert” give their opinion.
>flat thick brows are the current trend.
In what world? Arched, thick, neat brows are most idealized outside of some Asian cultures. Attached pic of what most people try to emulate and what media encourages.

No. 84391

those are barely arched and pretty thick!

No. 84393

File: 1528272398162.jpeg (90.15 KB, 620x637, C140943B-494F-4BAA-85F1-C01AA4…)

>barely arched
Anon. What do you consider arched? Any more arched and those would be cartoonish. It’s an example of the “instabrow.” Idk why you’re surprised they’re thick, I said thick is in? Thick, arched, neat. I never claimed thin was in.

No. 84394

File: 1528272429656.jpeg (72.72 KB, 625x622, 9122C0C0-0B5A-4431-BB78-D31A4F…)

Honestly these types of brows are just so so common and held up as the standard

No. 84395

File: 1528272519901.jpeg (31.28 KB, 450x369, 7255F693-7641-41A2-AC36-DB9DBA…)

Versus a flat brow, more popular in Asian cultures, such as Korea

No. 84396

File: 1528272583748.jpeg (63.89 KB, 750x369, B6CB2914-7B09-43C0-A2C4-61791E…)

No. 84412

Thank you so much! I'm really excited to play with color now, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks again anon

No. 84447

I wish I looked as beautiful as any of those women!

Jfc though they're meant to be improvements? I can see your point that the arch mightn't suit everyone. It does make them look more youthful and approachable when they have their natural brows.

Oh yes! I've heard a lot about that product. I'll have to get it and try it out. Thanks, anon.

No. 94924

File: 1536709098560.jpg (109.2 KB, 720x405, 18-09-12-00-34-58-775_deco.jpg)

Can't remember if I posted this here before but it's on my phone camera reel cropped so I'm assuming I was going to

Please give me makeup tips for this color

No. 94957

those pics make me roll my eyes. you could do the same thing with women who look better with arched eyebrows to "prove" that they're better than flat.

No. 97525

File: 1538758483564.jpeg (15.09 KB, 323x173, CDA8A967-3EB9-4CC3-AFB3-06E5F2…)

I’m always tired

No. 97547

File: 1538781279360.jpeg (231.69 KB, 750x397, F946256D-A838-4A04-BDB3-9CE78F…)

Eye felt like joining in

No. 99058

File: 1540201890089.jpg (2.41 MB, 2664x1720, 20181022_115058.jpg)

Sorry about my eyebrow. Literally can't get it under control ever.

No. 99077

Your eyes are a really pretty color but it looks like you took some drugs before taking this pic lmao

No. 99293

File: 1540390983309.jpg (70.6 KB, 998x945, Snapchat-361304693~2.jpg)

Is this just brown?
Idk what tones would look good

No. 99294

Looks hazel to me. Dark neutrals, greens, purples, and even darker reds will look nice.

No. 99295


No. 99300

I wish I could get my eyebrows to look that nice.

No. 99319

I'm sure yours are great anon, mine look ok in the picture but I have lots of plucking to do!

No. 99430

File: 1540564221531.jpg (75.13 KB, 563x177, 20181026_072830.jpg)

Are my eyes hooded, or are my lids just small?

No. 99432

you have small double lids.

No. 99434

File: 1540569787490.png (930.25 KB, 885x400, IMG_6115-3.png)

Makeup tips would be appreciated, I posted in the other eye thread a few months back and got some advice but I'm still curious about what would suit me. Right now I use Benefit's They're Real mascara in dark brown, a dark brown pencil eyeliner, and nothing else. I'm also scared of tweezing my brows even though they're asymmetrical, so I'm wondering if it's even an obvious asymmetry without it being pointed out!

No. 99452

File: 1540598717949.jpg (187.19 KB, 2560x1440, makeup2.jpg)

You're a pale redhead so I would avoid too harsh and dark colours. Use brown mascara and eyeliner which are softer and will complement your type. Avoid to line your lower water line since you have small eyes. It's better for you to use brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line and smoke it out. Stick to natural/earthy tones for eyeshadows.

No. 99456

File: 1540606132583.jpeg (38.65 KB, 667x265, 6E24DC1A-CFB3-4CA2-8B0D-B60A13…)

i’m not a huge wearer of makeup because i’m not good at doing flattering eye makeup on myself, i don’t know why but nothing seems to look good on me. does anyone have any tips? this is the clearest photo i could find sorry rip

No. 99457

warm color tones, avoid cooler tones

No. 101397

File: 1543097155820.jpg (340.03 KB, 1081x655, 20181124_225539.jpg)

I desperately need help with my whole eye situation.
Not so much color-wise, but with everything else.

First off (even though it's not technically eye, I hope it's okay to ask here) my eyebrow. I really struggle to get it into shape, mostly because those upside down hairs in the front grow really weird, I feel? If I cut those that stand up the most down to one length there'll literally just be stubble and it looks odd.

Secondly, I feel like my eye shape is really… weird. I struggle to do a winged eye liner. The way it's shown in all the tutorials won't work for me. I can't even really put into words what exactly I'm struggling with but maybe someone can tell from the picture/eye shape.

Idk. I want to do some nice, more 'out there' eye make up from time to time but it never works out.

No. 101404

You have round, down turn eyes anon, I highly recommend watching a few yt tutorials for those eye shaped, the more you watch, the more you’ll be able to pick out techniques for eyeliner or shadow to flatter your eye shape. Something I do for my downturned eyes is contour my eye with very nuetral tones for a natural look.

No. 103409

File: 1545005796207.jpeg (375.55 KB, 1757x1739, F785552D-FB00-4DA6-8196-FD9F2E…)

No. 103410

do you have eyelash extensions

No. 103411

Nope.. just a little bit of mascara.

No. 103412

File: 1545006928241.jpg (66.44 KB, 849x1536, 54-Betty-Boop.jpg)

Not helpful but you look like Betty Boop (I mean this as a compliment)

No. 103414

Aw shucks

No. 103417

Those are wayyy short and look nothing like lash extensions, anon. They're just curled up.

No. 103424

You have such great eyes, wow. I'm always envious of how full of character large brown eyes are.

No. 103435

Ooo I'm jelly of your dark eyelashes anon!

No. 103436

she's wearing mascara retard.

No. 103442

Wow yeah idk how the fuck I missed that. Jesus

No. 103467

File: 1545092676772.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1804x901, CDDF5BA8-786C-47E8-AD51-D43ECB…)

what shape would you guys say my eyes are? i always thought they were more almond shaped but they’re kinda big so idk

No. 103469


No. 103480

All of you have nice big eyes.
I'm not even asian but I have eyes like Brock from Pokemon. They're small beady and unnoticeable. I don't give a shit about eye color, I just wish I had nice expressive eyes.

No. 103532

File: 1545204706099.jpeg (126.72 KB, 883x440, 3E611CAC-EA03-4AB0-98BF-F0650A…)

My eyes are very uneven. One of them looks droopy at the end and the other one goes upwards.

Is there any one to “lift” one so it matches the other one? Makeup wise this is my biggest eye makeup concern.

No. 103538

eyelid tape.

No. 103539

File: 1545212962223.png (393.74 KB, 711x263, eyes.PNG)

lol i had to double check to make sure you weren't one of my family members. she has very similar eyes.

i don't know what i could do with my eyes, besides clean up my brows a bit. i rarely ever wear makeup anymore because it just makes them look small.

No. 103564

Are you southeast asian

No. 103571

File: 1545241773315.jpg (27.04 KB, 596x152, 20181219.jpg)

What kind of shape would you guys say my eyes are? I'm trying to find tutorials for make-up that will suit them, because when I try regular tutorials I do all this work and then open my eyes and it all seems to disappear, but after looking at pictures of hooded eyes that doesn't seem to describe mine.

No. 103572

File: 1545242911464.jpeg (665.2 KB, 1365x2048, 43937C7B-FD3C-489C-A151-AA8C1F…)

Your eyes remind me of krysten ritter very pretty
Hard to define, eggshape? Round almond?

No. 103574

they're deep set, mine are the same way. u have to extend eyeshadow up to your browbone or no one sees it. puppy liner also works better for us than cat eye liner.

No. 103585

Only about 1/8th Southeast Asian. I'm Hispanic.

No. 103593

Almond eyes don't have white underneath the iris when looking straight forward, round eyes do. It could be the angle you took the picture at though.

They're round and deep set.

No. 103603

??? that's not how that works.

No. 103605

File: 1545280815418.jpg (44.73 KB, 625x600, 7126f5cdac0961bba60716452dac9f…)

dumping some pictures.

No. 103629

That’s funny, her and I actually look a lot alike with similar colouring and features (she’s obvi still x28736335 prettier than me). Thanks for the compliment!!

No. 103631

Lmao get out

I’m not Asian at all.

No. 103634

You're responding to the wrong anon, those are my eyes lol

No. 103652

>if lids are drooping with age
ahhhhh thats nice of them. I have these eyes and I'm not old. Fuck me

No. 103653

Don't worry anon, hooded eyes don't depend on age. See Jennifer Lawrence, Gisele Bundchen, Camilla Belle

No. 103727

File: 1545368740976.jpg (190.81 KB, 1080x521, 20181220_230205.jpg)

I really need to get better with eye makeup. Especially since I needed eye fillers to cover up the eye hallows. Unfortunately, most of my friends are minimalist or equally hopeless when it comes to makeup.

No. 103728

do not line your lower lash line with black please lol

No. 103731

I know I need to stop doing that. Would brown be a better choice or should my eyeliner privileges be revoked for even asking?

No. 103732

use a light warm toned brown eyeshadow on the outer 3rd of your bottom lash line instead

No. 103734

nta, but don't line your waterline, it looks bad most of the time. instead use a dark brown pencil or gel liner and smudge it to give it a less harsh look.

unless you wanna look like you're a tv sitcom teen from the 90s in which case please continue.

No. 103737

File: 1545381369569.jpg (186.02 KB, 806x806, iheart.jpg)

>>103727 Try this.

No. 103792

File: 1545422103883.jpg (23.8 KB, 302x352, IMG_20181221_214833.jpg)

Could someone help with my eyebrows? I have dark brown dyed hair but otherwise my features are pretty light and idk how I should match them. Should I go darker so it would seem a bit more natural?

No. 103807

File: 1545438243381.jpg (103.96 KB, 720x268, 20181221_162202.jpg)

That's exactly how it works though. Have you never read anything that instructs how to identify eye shape? Most of the stuff I've read uses that as a technique to differentiate round from almond eyes.

No. 103808

darker and stop plucking them so far back. your eyebrows should start just before your eyes.

No. 103809

Do you have a pic with both eyes? It’s hard to tell the placement of your brows

No. 103811

File: 1545439896585.jpg (22.08 KB, 480x240, landscape-1461601251-ghk-catey…)

anon, the whites underneath the eyes aren't the reason one is almond vs round. it's the shape.

No. 103814

I don't pluck them at that part at all, my natural shape is fucked up (i have no hair in the middle part and the outer corner is like a bush), so I've kinda given up with that since I'm afraid they'd look overdrawn lol. But thanks I'll try with a darker shade! I was not sure if it would look too unnatural.

I'd post a pic with both eyes but I'm too paranoid, sorry, I know this won't help me at all, but I do appreciate the thought.

No. 103815

but that isn't almond, it's upturned. and those aren't monolids wtf lol

No. 103816

NTA but are you stupid?

No. 103817

anon, the woman with the monolid is wearing eyeliner on the crease above where her eyelid is, this is pretty common among people with monolids who don't use eye tape. do you have a monolid? i wouldn't be making assumptions…

No. 103818

File: 1545444840985.jpg (335.46 KB, 1200x1200, floating-inset-1[1].jpg)

dropped my image.

No. 103819

but you can literally see her crease, brainiac.

No. 103824

where? also see >>103818

No. 103825

File: 1545449973224.png (102 KB, 340x276, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 10.3…)

i can see your pic. it's not the same as her literal crease.

No. 103829

That's a monolid eye, now stop shitting up the thread you weird sperg. It sounds like you don't understand eye shapes.

No. 103830

>it's the shape
And the shape in pic related isn't almond, so what's your point?

No. 103952

File: 1545652608365.jpg (13.66 KB, 398x246, vUgNY2vzAPuvvj1.jpg)

Not who you're replaying to, but that's not a monolid. Here, have a before-after picture of someone who got crease surgery. Monolid means that there's no crease, whereas the picture you posted had one.

No. 107650

File: 1549585901793.jpg (159.77 KB, 1162x336, 20190207_182228.jpg)

Sorry for the necro. I am just posting another photo since I am >>103727

I have been trying to not line my water line and switch out any type of black eyeliner with brown. Trying. I've been doing the black eyeliner since I was like, 16. As you can probably tell from the wrinkles under my eyes, I am definitely too old for that gothy emo look. I'm trying to relearn how to do eyeliner better, but keep snagging my bottom lashes and smearing my eyeliner.

Is this a little bit better?

No. 107653

Looks good to me also you have a really pretty eyeshape

No. 107665

Just stop lining your waterline. Stop doing white eyeshadow in your inner corners too and then you'll look great.

No. 108077

File: 1550042347583.jpeg (18.49 KB, 381x165, 388E8C3F-9503-4F19-B715-97E139…)

>tfw you’re born with wonky eyes and eyebrows

No. 108078


samefag, sans makeup

No. 108079

File: 1550042674337.jpeg (14.46 KB, 285x128, 8096F9FB-238B-4DA5-8856-247315…)

dropped pic, i’m an idiot

No. 108081

your eyes are so bright! i don't think your eyes look wonky at all, everyone has a bit of an asymmetrical face.
i think you'd look very nice with some smoky eyeshadow and a longer winged eyeliner.

No. 108086

You have beautiful eyes and good eyebrows!
In the first pic it looks like you have the brows filled in? If so, I think it looks really nice and natural. >>108081 has good advice. But if you don't wear eyeshadow or don't like it, just a nice winged liner would be beautiful. I actually like the liner in your first pic, too! Maybe do it like that and smudge it out a bit for a lil smokey effect rather than the harsh line? Either way try not to stress about it, you're good.

No. 108194

Really beautiful eyes. reminds me of eyes in The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Very Raphaelite!

No. 108218


thanks anons, y’all just have me the biggest confidence boost.

does anyone know of any tricks to make my waterline appear closer to my iris? it’s like i have an almond shaped eye and a round eye. i’d like to go for an almond shape on both eyes.

No. 108220

Try lining you waterline with a brown pencil!

No. 108225

File: 1550176274249.jpg (912.81 KB, 1635x1186, 20190214_152930.jpg)

Idk my eyes feel so hooded and all make up looks crap on them. I have bushy eyebrows that are weirdly shaped. I used to pluck them out with my fingers until they were almost bald and i just stopped plucking/touching them, but o want them to have a nice shape…

No. 108227

File: 1550176501459.png (547.9 KB, 670x406, fvghb08_n.png)

Someone please tell me how I can look less intimidating. People always say I look scary but I that's not my intention… Most of the time

No. 108230

Wow edgy. Your eye doesnt look scary, you look bored.

No. 108231

it's probably the white under the iris showing, gives you that fed up/bored out of your mind look, not sure what you can do about it but imo it's cute!

No. 108236

Get them threaded? Your eyes themselves are a nice color.

No. 108244

Is it painful? I actually passed a sign on my way home today for threading eyebrows and i really have no idea what it is or what…and thanks :)

No. 108246

Extremely painful, go for wax instead

No. 108306

File: 1550258154353.jpeg (121.06 KB, 1499x452, FD4DB993-460B-4A7F-9074-22DBAB…)

i tried to crop a pic that had natural lighting. i'm fairly certain i have hooded eyes, if i ever try to do eyeliner it smudges at the crease throughout the day. i'm really pale with cool undertones and cool dirty blonde / ash brown hair

No. 108308

Could be the lighting but your skin definitely looks warm toned.

No. 108324

nta but my skin is neutral and everything else is cool, so i still consider myself a cool color type even though my skin looks yellow/warm next to my blue eyes. This could be the case with that anon.

No. 108326

File: 1550264073785.jpeg (11.93 KB, 386x95, 6EA7DDC1-D578-44DD-835B-B232B3…)

I like your eye color. I would stick with neutrals, your eyes do look to be hooded so I don’t think I’d do anything too dark. You have close-set eyes like I do so if you are going to do eye-liner I would recommend ending the line 3/4ths from the inner corner.

I have very pale/yellowish skin (hard to tell from lighting but my veins are green), blue eyes and dark brown hair. I’m not sure what my eye shape is and I suck horribly at makeup. I think my eyes can appear very young (not in a good way either, more of a dopey young lol) and depending on how I do my makeup I look extra dopey. A.) what is my eye shape and B.) should I even attempt to wear eye makeup, or should I steer clear of it?

No. 108328

Allison Harvard, is that you?

No. 108329

Yes, the shorter and fuglier version ;-;

No. 108346

Your eyes are naturally beautiful, I don’t think you need much more than some mascara and maybe a bit of brown eyeliner. The last anon was joking but tbh you can just copy whatever you see on Allison Harvard, you have a very similar eye shape.

No. 108350

Agree with this. Thin eyeliner in the inner corners and a bit thicker on the outter part would look good. Also, may I recommend a lash curler? That would look stunning.

No. 108385

File: 1550328382980.jpeg (327.46 KB, 629x633, 0C815D85-D340-4D59-8C8E-B8BF75…)

honestly, you pretty much do have the exact same eyes as allison harvard and i am pretty jealous lol. i know nothing about makeup but i went and looked at some pics of her to see how she does her makeup, and she looks a lot less like a young waifish girl simply by putting on some mascara and eyeliner or some falsies. i think your eyes are lovely and you don't need to make up for their natural "dopey" youthful look, as you put it, but some falsies / a few layers of a nice mascara / maybe a cat eye go a long way for allison in terms of making her look more mature and elegant
attached a photo of the type of looks i'm referring to
(the third pic is probably a bad example because it's a candid with flashback so she looks kind of awkward, but i included it because it looks like she did a few layers of mascara and curled her lashes and i think that alone really plays up her eyes)
you both have a lovely eye shape and the colour of your irises is really nice too

No. 108386

my skin looks kind of warm toned in certain lighting but it's kind of a jaundiced effect, lol, my veins are blue and i have pink undertones. usually cool toned foundations with a tiny hint of pink blend in best with my skin
i have also been treating my body/skin like crap lately and have the flu, not sure if that would make it look more sallow

No. 108548

how do you know if you have sanpaku eyes? something about my eyes is just really masculine and ugly. If I wing my eyeliner down to look softer, it looks weeby and droopy. If I wing it up, it clashes with my eyelid fold and looks retarded.

No. 108550

File: 1550512736739.jpg (47.82 KB, 325x550, c5431c0922954b7199f6d739ace589…)

What you wrote describes my eyes perfectly, so when I googled what sanpaku eyes are…yup, I def have them. And I always wondered why mine aren't attractive despite not even being small

No. 108574


okay weirdo

No. 108577

Right? The people on this site are so nitpicky and weird, it's obnoxious.

No. 108578

honestly, winged eyeliner is kind of ugly and tacky. just tightline instead.

No. 108589

What makes winged eyeliner ugly and tacky, anon? Just curious, but tightlining tends to look unfinished if not done right.

No. 108621

File: 1550585818358.png (371.09 KB, 566x575, Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 8.12.…)

Ugh, I guess we're just doomed then. I think I definitely have them.
It's hard not to be nitpicky on a website dedicated to nitpicking. I hope posting my eyes illustrates what I mean better? If I do my eyeliner any thicker than pic related and point it down too far it looks like korean/japanese "puppy" style eyes. I'm sure you've seen it. If I don't wear eyeliner my face looks masculine, plus I have awful puffy eyelids/bags.

No. 108623

I have the same eye shape, but my eyelids are closer to the eye. Not enough to be hooded, but almost. Wish I could wear eyeliner like that because it looks good, but I'm a hack at makeup and my eyeshape gets overwhelmed too easily so I just stick to mascara and call it a day, lol.

No. 108635

>a website dedicated to nitpicking
Uh that's not what we're about.

No one irl is going to look at your eyeliner and think "omg korea/japan" that's just ludicrous. Your eyeliner looks fine the way it is though.

And your eyes are really gorgeous. They wouldn't look masculine at all without eyeliner or even with a thinner, more natural line. The only thing bothering me in this photo is it looks like you did the inner corner on one eye but didn't do it on the other. Get a thin liquid liner pen for that

No. 108636

You sound extremely mentally unwell. I hope you're working on that.

No. 108640

Your eyes/liner are normal and indeed very nice anon. Be kind to yourself ffs!!

No. 108642

I think you've hit a nerve lol
Eyeliner should be lifting your eye up, but of course weebs just can't accept that making your eyes look droopy on purpose is not a goood look.

No. 108644

nta but it's true. The only reason to wear eyeliner is to correct inferior droopy eyes into the ideal, upward slanted almond shape.
t. sad eyed bitch myself

No. 108648

Terrible tinfoil. It's the fact that she thinks if she did her eyeliner a certain way that people would think she's "weeby". That's fucking retarded.

No. 108649

definitely unhinged

No. 108659

>calling people ill because they don't like your weeb makeup
It's okay, anon.

No. 108669

wtf does that shit haves to do with fucking weebs? weebs don't even wear makeup.

No. 108678

nta, she sounds unwell because her eyes/eyeliner looks fine and she only has the sanpaku effect because she's angling her camera upwards

No. 108681

>anyone who calls me mental is a weeb and is the same person
you mad crazy girl take a break from this site lmao and im none of those anons

No. 108682

I'm the one who posted my eyes >>108621 and I haven't replied since. Everyone relax damn I admit I'm insecure but I didn't mean to project that onto other people's ideals of makeup/beauty. Thanks to those who replied with concrit I guess

No. 108686

>I didn't mean to project that onto other people's ideals of makeup/beauty.
still going over your head huh. i dont think anyone here said droopy eyeliner looks good lol you were the one mentioning it.

No. 108690

I think the person who keeps randomly screeching weeb is a closet weeb in denial

No. 108694

Not insecure enough to self post fishing for compliments like a child. This thread is cringey.

No. 108750

Not cringey enough for you to just ignore it like a sane person

No. 108778

Itt: triggered uggos

No. 108809

your eyes/eyeliner looks fine and you only have the sanpaku effect because you're angling your camera upwards

No. 109283

File: 1551205717888.jpeg (52.54 KB, 649x260, 1F97C549-EC85-417E-A7B0-8C8255…)

From a photo shoot.

No. 109293

Look on youtube for tutorials for protruding or prominent eyes. I have the same problem with puffy eyelids and how to draw eyeliner because my eyes protrude. I learned a lot from youtube tutorials in the past couple weeks. Before I didn't even know what my eyeshape was.

You have very pretty eyes, as a lot of people with large, prominent eyes do. I don't see anything masculine about them.

No. 109294

If I can ask, did you edit your pic, or are the whites of your eyes naturally that white. If they are, wow.

- girl with permanently low-key bloodshot eyes from contacts

No. 109299

not that anon but get the anti redness contact drops, they make a big difference. there's also some supplements u can take (eyebright)

I use lumify eyedrops. works real good

No. 109333


Is this bad for you if done all the time though?

No. 109368

thanks anon. Do you have a brand recommendation?

No. 109370

I am not sure. I know if you wear contacts, you need to use specific contact-friendly formulas. I have naturally dry eyes so I already rely heavily on eyedrops for comfort. As with most things, I imagine regular use might cause your body to stop producing enough tears, but I have not seen anything about this online.
So I pretty much exclusively use Bausch + Lomb eyedrops. They have Lumify which is for cosmetic brightness & is rather expensive, but their normal anti-redness drops seem to work just as well, and is exceptionally cheaper. If you are in the US, Walgreens, big box stores & some grocery chains have them in the pharmacy section.

Supplement wise I just use Nature's Way Eyebright. It is either with the rest of the supplements or by eye care products depending on the store.

No. 109397

thanks. I'm in Europe and there's not a huge variety of eye drops here (or maybe you have to go to the Apotheke?) but I am going to the US next month and I'll look for these.

No. 109398

File: 1551316469912.gif (973 KB, 500x280, 1512.gif)


No. 109407

might be worth investing in a lash serum

No. 109417

please don't use serums. Every lash serum is packed with steroids that will affect your vision if they get to an eye. If you want them to grow up faster/thicker, use castor oil for example and/or simple supplements for hair growth, nails etc. They do work wonders. Heard that nettle tea helps as well

No. 109419

Do you wear mascara? If so, stop. Mine are noticeably longer since I replaced mascara with getting them tinted.

No. 109428

Try using Vaseline on them before you go to bed. I find that my lashes feel a tad thicker!

No. 109429

Wait for them to grow back is all you can do which won't be long lmao. Use an eyelash primer in the mean time at night as a mask if you need it.

No. 111732

File: 1553465866548.jpg (491.04 KB, 1776x610, IMG_1009.jpg)

I hate my eyebrows. They're so uneven to the point that I brought it up to my boyfriend how one is lower than the other and how it annoys me. He said something like, "Oh, I thought you just raised one eyebrow when you posed for pictures." We'd been dating for almost two years when he said this!!! This was officially the tipping point for me tbh.

Is there a way to fix my brows so the lower one (that doesn't grow as high as the other) looks more like the one on the right? Another thing that bothers me is how the one on the right grows straight up at the front whereas the front of left brow grows to the side which also highlights how different they are.

I use Anastasia brow dip brow but even that doesn't help the fact that my eyebrows are completely different from one another.

Any advice is appreciated.

No. 112151

File: 1553979079088.jpeg (25.73 KB, 589x173, 56F33472-9638-4438-A8DE-EEBA7D…)

Please someone can help me? I always look tired in photos, I want a more awake and lively look
I try to curve my lashes but it's difficult

No. 112152

File: 1553980001447.jpeg (56.46 KB, 900x299, A3D00421-F620-40F4-8E24-4BDEB4…)

my skin looks so bad right now sorry

I mostly just use lighter colored eyeshadows, pinks and golds and mascara to accent my eyes, because my workplace is what's considered "conservative" retail and really doesn't like me wearing much darker eyeshadow

I haven't plucked or waxed my brows in awhile, i almost always get them arched when I do, they look better with an arch, but right now they're more straight across

No. 112162

To be honest I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say it - and no one's face is completely symmetrical so don't worry about it too much. If you're worried about it I would go see a really good threader/waxer and ask for their advice - maybe thin the higher one off a bit on the top to make them look more even? Or you could fill the lower one in a bit on the top. I have the same thing with the fronts of my brows - I use brow gel to fix them both growing upwards

What you're doing looks cute I think! Maybe try a mascara that's more lengthening than thickening? I like Glossier's lash slick for a thinner more lengthening look

No. 112188

Your eyeshape is cute

No. 113028

File: 1555145063507.jpg (40.41 KB, 600x395, tits-or-gtfo.jpg)


No. 114442

Damn, I really have a hard time to dox my own eyes in a place where I'm talking shit about others, yall are brave. Iirc there was this homely looking girl who was cute sorta and she posted her own pic on here and she didn't care (assuming it wasn't larping) so I guess it's the same case with you all.

No. 120815

File: 1564891353595.jpeg (29.71 KB, 504x243, 828B7227-3D89-4B96-A545-598353…)

I want to have longer eyelashes but mascaras never work for me. Also, how do I fix my eyebrows? I fucked them up a month ago.

No. 120816

File: 1564892090027.gif (Spoiler Image, 70.17 KB, 589x218, 110mem.gif)

I am terribly sorry

No. 120817

File: 1564894062294.jpeg (598.36 KB, 2048x2048, 12B74556-726E-4B80-8679-58A1CB…)

my eyelids are super fatty and have a weird droop on the outer corner so my eyeliner never quite looks right. i usually facetune them to look like the bottom pic and achieve that round almond-y shape, but it makes me feel like a catfish. any tips?

No. 120818

File: 1564894135810.jpeg (470.97 KB, 1726x1757, 8E39F917-F5FB-478E-94B5-B7E6B7…)

i’m wondering what kind of eyeliner works for my eyes. i struggle with my inner corner because that area is really easy to look hooded even if the line is super thin. i’ve resorted to just putting tiny flicks on the outer corners lmao. pic related is no eyeliner, any tips will be greatly appreciated anons!

No. 120820

honestly u don't need the facetune at all, anon. I can barely tell the difference & your eyes even look slightly bigger and brighter in the first photo. the only makeup tip I can think of is maybe try pulling some darker shadow or liner into the outer corner of your lower eyelid to balance the harsh black of the liner with your bare lower lid. the lower outer corners just seem kinda empty to me if that makes sense? idk, give it a try, see if u like how it looks

No. 120821

generic careprost should work

No. 120823

i’ve tried putting liner on the bottom but i feel like it makes my eyes look smaller and closed off, but i’ll try it with brown eyeshadow. thanks anon!

No. 120825

File: 1564899223867.png (472.56 KB, 677x474, Half-winged-eyeliner-6-landsca…)

you could get a lash lift. I can only see half of one of your brows here so idk about what to do about that.

have you tried starting the line part of way down your eye? I have the same issue and that helps. I skip the inner corner and start where my pupil lines up with my eyelid. I don't leave as much blank space as pic related, but that's the general idea.

No. 120838

File: 1564913223062.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3457x2316, 683947CB-B5AB-4E94-B99F-690CD9…)

how can i make my eyes look less droopy and beady? i feel like the way i do my make up exacerbates the problem lol

No. 120842

Cat liner and smokey eyes, and some black kohl liner only on the middle of your lower waterline

No. 120844

File: 1564918052683.jpeg (267.47 KB, 1280x1280, E63B3561-7E18-425F-AEC0-7E573E…)

Shitty before and after example attached

No. 120854

File: 1564925549956.jpg (708.06 KB, 3264x1494, moi.jpg)

I'm of the Eurasian persuasion, and I am just getting into light eye makeup, so any help and pointers would be much appreciated!

No. 120858

Definitely get liquid liner and flick up for a cat eye. Apply a darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye horizontal for a sexy cat eye or flicked upwards to make yourself look more awake. Make sure it’s > shaped (eyeshadow tapered and blended to a point)

I think you’d look good in East Asian rather than western style makeup, so softer pencil liner on top and outer corner of the lash line, fake lashes if you want to be extra, a soft pink or neutral shadow on the top lids and a little on the bottom lids. I wouldn’t do the puffy under eye thing though.

No. 120860

So gorgeous.

No. 120861

File: 1564929158316.jpg (464.61 KB, 4160x2080, 3Rv5c3m.jpg)

I want to start wearing eyeshadow but I have no idea how with my eyes.

No. 120862

Then practice or watch some youtube tutorials? The fuck are you doing asking an imageboard kek

No. 120865

Nta but it's …literally… the point of the thread? Chill the fuck out

No. 120866

Just check out asian YTers anon, cmon. You're gonna wanna paint above your actual eye instead of working the crease bc of your eyelid situation.

brush your fucking hair as well

No. 120871

It’s the Native American in you. Be thankful your eyes aren’t pitch black.

No. 120872

File: 1564932070481.png (401.39 KB, 778x324, my eyes.png)

I don't know what is the best eyeliner type for my eyes..It's kinda hard to make them less droppy since my lashes are too big.

No. 120873

thanks guys! im not bad at eyeliner so i’ll trt that out tomorrow but the only thing is sometimes i feel like it can look a little dated/2012 but maybe i’m just doing it too thick lol. do you think it would look ok using dark brown liner?

No. 120882

cat eye shape will help a lot!