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No. 73186

Is it possible to get to low bmis without being Ana and starving yourself and keeping you skin and face looking healthy?any tips? This is a thread for people who want to discuss getting to low weights in healthy ways. 5'5 at 120 but I'd like to be 100lbs. I use to be 95 lbs in my teens but it's easier to not look completely sick and haggard at low eights when you're young. I've flirted with the idea of losing weight but I don't wanna end up looking like a crack head.

No. 73187

fucking lift/thread

seriously. lifting is super easy, fat slides off and the rate that women gain muscle is so slow that you have to take steroids to get 'big'.

No. 73192

Nta, but I'd like to get into lifting. How does it cause weight loss? Have you found a good routine or tutorial for beginners online that's specifically for women?

The only woman I know who lifts has huge thighs but it'd be better than being fat tbh.

No. 73198

Muscles burn more calories a hour than fat does. So more muscle = more calories burned in a day. If you eat less calories every day than you burn you will lose weight.

Lifting/exercise is not mandatory for weight loss but I find it undoable without because of how little calories I naturally burn a day (around 1400 or so, going with a deficit of 500 means eating 900 calories a day, that is not enough to get all the nutrients to stay healthy and keep nice skin and hair)

No. 73202

i don't have a guide, but lifting doesn't cause much muscle gain in the beginning. you can stop gaining muscle by just not increasing weight on certain areas, legs, arms etc. and just uping the reps, which builds strength but doesn't affect the look. i generally just stick to my core area for more weight because it takes so long to get muscle definition there. just make sure not to only work the same area and do atleast legs, arm and core in your routine.

like others have said, it ups the amount of calories you burn in general, so it's easier to cut less without any gain. i've seen a lot of positive results while still maintaining my general shape. i usually use leg press, ab press and bench. leg press and bench firm your chest and ass muscle so it give me some perks there (lol). sometimes i'll do leg lift and thigh machine, but i have trouble with my calves.

hope that's helpful. and sorry for not having other resources, i work out with my guy friend who helped me set up a routine, but i am sure there's some resources out there.

No. 73205

Check out the /fit/ sticky, it has a lot of helpful guides with advice that applies to both men and women, plus a few links directed towards women in particular.

No. 73230

Thanks to all three of you for the info, this is all great!!! I can't wait to start.

No. 73248

There is no guarantee, because it depends on your bone structure. I've lost weight, and while I'm still chubby (5'2, 118), my face looks so gaunt and old compared to when I was heavier, and I don't like it. I like being thinner, but my face looks mature now.
You might be able to get down to a low weight and look fine, but you also might look like a skeleton, theres no way to guarantee how you'll look once the weight is off. You should just find a size that you think you look best at, instead of trying to achieve a number.

No. 73769

I'm 5'8.5'' and 122lbs and I do it by making sure I don't really eat carbs until I'm like desperate for carbs later in the day. Sometimes I kinda just eat whatever for a couple days or longer and my weight creeps up to like 126-127 but then I just cut carbs / meal size or do a little IF and I get back down.

My goal is like 110. I'll update how it goes I guess!

No. 74217

I'm at 300 pounds. At this point it would be hard to lose the weight without surgery, but I'm not taking the risk.

I have an impossible weight goal (125 lbs), but I know that if I work hard enough, I will be able to lose the weight in about 5 years.

No. 74223

I'm 5'2 and 96 lbs. I maintain by doing about an hour on my indoor bike trainer 6 days a week. I usually have it on the highest gear settings. I love it because I feel like I eat more than the average person my size cause I can burn up to 800 calories.

It took me a while to be able to do top gears. I originally was a treadmill junkie that did high interval running and some snowboarding, so my legs were kinda already strong. Biking is working way more of my muscles than running ever did and has made my stomach flatter

The only downside is all the muscles I have are in my thighs and calves and I'm jealous of girls who have dainty looking legs. I have literally no upper body. My bf nags on me cause he's a personal trainer and my interest in fitness is purely shallow(I just like being skinny)

As far as diet, I really don't do much besides I don't drink any liquids with calories and usually don't have my first meal until the afternoon. I also never eat out because fuck that.

If I could give advice, don't fall for trends and become overly obsessed with weighing and counting calories. Once you find what works with you, just make it a routine that makes you and your body happy. If you don't work out one day or as long as usually do, don't eat more than you need.

No. 74226

File: 1517125434508.jpeg (82.99 KB, 750x562, FFDB5E7F-42FC-44FC-B8C4-2D7100…)

Hey if it helps I went from 130 to 230 (Fuck pros) to 120.

Don’t give up I know larger people than you that have lost a lot of weight ( I would send you my PTs name he does stuff online but really it’s up to you)

You can do this anon
I believe in you

No. 74227

PCOS sorry**

No. 74357

You can do this anon, just set your goals a bit closer and gradually go towards your end goal.
Good for you to not go for the easy solution, losing the weight naturally is a lot better in the long run and surgery will always bring complications at some point. Also, you will be so much more proud of yourself when you've done it all by yourself.
Take it from a former fattie, once you get into a healthier lifestyle you will feel a lot better too and you won't even want to go back.

No. 74370

do you mind if i ask you how your skin coped with that weight change?
i was 88lbs at 5'8" but after all the medication and metabolism shit and five years of sitting on my arse cry-eating i'm 240. i'd love to be back at my pre-ana healthy weight of 140 but i don't know if it's a lost cause and my skin is just gonna turn into an elephant skin apron

No. 74443


not the same anon but my weight went through similar changes and all i can say is… fucking stretch marks. not loose skin, just… disgusting stretch marks. they've faded now, but they're still there. looks like i've had a fuckin child. try not to do it too fast.. take a collagen supplement of some kind. gl

No. 74447

thanks so much anon! that’s some great advice. hideous stretch marks i can just about cope with (already covered in marks and scars) but loose skin would be difficult, so feeling a lil more hopeful..
hope you’re doing ok, going through changes like that are really hard.

No. 75891

File: 1520158778647.png (1.05 MB, 743x743, Screenshot (145).png)

Pic related would be my absolute dream; thin, but not 'ana-tier'

I've always wanted to be a model and did some pretty unhealthy stuff to reach low weights when i was younger. Afterwards i gained all the weight back plus a lot more.
Now i'm 180 at 5 ft 10 (before i started the whole losing weight thing i was naturally at 135)

I absolutely need to lose that extra weight because the way i look now really fucks up my confidance…
The problem is, that i don't really know how; and i absolutely love to eat, especially sweets and fast food, huge portions etc., so when i try to start a diet, i can never keep it up for even a single day…
Please help me anons

No. 75892

Cannabis oil and cannabis cream.

I don’t have loose skin or bad treachmarks

No. 75894

File: 1520173044767.jpg (234.43 KB, 540x810, broc.jpg)

i went from 160 to my current 118 over the course of three years, and as someone who also loves food and has a massive sweet tooth, my biggest piece of advice is to just keep it out of the house until you can trust yourself to portion it wisely. also consult the internet about recipes for food you love, but healthier versions. i will never be able to eat entirely clean because i really enjoy shitty food. the key is to have it in moderation and mostly save it for special occasions, which makes it taste even better imo.

ultimately it comes down to self-control.

you're also accustomed to big portion sizes which means you'll be super hungry when dieting, and that's just a feeling you'll either need to get used to until your stomach shrinks, OR you can fill yourself up with things like broccoli which you can eat a ton of for few calories.

other tips:

1) don't drink your calories. drink way more water, which fills you up and improves your skin. win-win.

2) set a certain time at night when you don't eat anymore. this isn't because of some bullshit "whatever you eat thirty minutes before bed will turn into fat" bullshit. for me, it stops me from snacking and adding extra calories. i'm done eating for the day at 8 PM since i go to bed at 10 PM.

3) download myfitnesspal and track everything honestly. most of the time you don't realise how many calories or servings of salt you're eating. eventually you'll be able to recognise portion sizes or what foods will fit your calorie goals/fill you up without needing to input everything into the app, but to begin with it's very helpful.

No. 75895

File: 1520174001828.jpg (63.54 KB, 662x992, 3945678321.jpg)

I'm the same way anon. I used to eat like garbage basically all the time and when I hit early twenties I packed on an extra 35 pounds. Just know, you can still eat your garbage. If you can't let it go, and most people can't, don't get into the mentality of "diet, I can't eat this" or "oh I have to be healthy now I have to give it up forever". I lost all my weight and got healthier by just limiting and light exercise. I started doing cardio for half an hour, to an hour. It sucked at first but now I burn so much I can eat fast food, but not worry about it. I also feel better and look better than before.

With fast food though I started to make sure I get less than what I used to, like a single burger opposed to double. Once you get healthier and your portions get smaller it will happen naturally. At first you will want more, but it will get easier. With sweets, I still have something sweet everyday but it's like just a fun size chocolate bar or a staple of mine, oatmeal with some frozen raspberries and like a tiny bit of melting chocolate. Find healthier alternatives (with the internet it's easy, you will find tons of healthy sweet things), or make it just small treats, you will get used to it. Once you get into just a little self control, it goes a long way, so start small and grow from there. I believe in you.

No. 75896

Find new foods. I replaced sweets with turkish yoghurt with jam. It's 700kcal for 600g of this, which is a lot but it also functions as a meal. I started replacing fast food/sweets with proper meals that address the same cravings. I do gym and cardio a few times a week, but mostly I found a sustainable diet through switching things up. Occasionally I eat like shit and then even it out over the next days. Learn to say no to sweets.

No. 75939

Anon, it's not that hard to find the "right diet" if the target is just weight loss. If you can't keep a diet going for even a single day, then the issue seems to be that you just don't have enough motivation.

No. 75946

are there good websites or apps that have good fitness routines that can be done at home? can't pay membership for a gym and i have no equipment

No. 75980

A good place to start is youtube. You just have to find a channel where you enjoy the workouts. For me it's blogilates for example. I used to workout with youtube almost everyday before I became so lazy. Shame on me. However yt is a huge source for free workouts. A lot of channels also have playlists and series of routines which is quite helpful when you don't know which exercises to combine.

No. 75990

At least you could have lose skin removed though.

No. 76009

Seconding YouTube vids - Also I strongly recommend you get some looped resistance bands. You can get them for £10 - £15 on Amazon but they will greatly improve the effectiveness of your home workouts. Just YouTube workouts with bands for ideas.

No. 76015

Find out what you're intolerant to is my advice. I got a panel done and it turned out I was allergic to chicken and soy. I've never eaten a lot, but I did eat soy, and chicken - thinking they were the leaner options, but it pushed up my weight because my body was trying to compensate for the food it couldn't handle. Once you know you're not eating things that are inflammatory - you're more likely to lose weight, and keep your health under control, too.

No. 76016

I don't mean to be provocative but what's the point in aspiring to a particular low weight like that if you don't have an anachan mindset? Doesn't it make more sense to find someone with the type of body you want and whatever weight that ends up being is secondary? Especially since if you feel skinnyfat, lifting would help, but lifting could also wind you up at your original weight despite less visible fat.

No. 76021

I personally just love the 'aesthetic'; but on the other hand i also love my body enough to not want to harm it with anything extreme, but instead try and find a healthy way to achieve my goals.
People who are anorexic also don't know when to stop, they'll always want to go further; i don't.

No. 76036

That's kind of what I mean though. If it's about a certain aesthetic why not just try to figure out how to acheive that look instead of having some arbitrarily chosen low goal weight when you're not even overweight to begin with?

No. 76088

I know this is a dumb question but yesterday I was 106.5 before eating and 109 after eating. My question is which weigh should I be taking seriously?pre eating or after eating?

No. 76089

your most accurate weight is first thing in the morning before eating.

No. 76098

Damn I'm sorry for not replying to you guys earlier. Thanks for the support.

I started slow, by replacing regular milk with Almond milk and sugar with honey. Honey is more expensive, but it lasts longer.

I don't think I have PCOS, but I would love to know more about it from someone who has it.

No. 76099

I want to be at a healthy weight for my age and height. Also, my grandmother thinks that I'm trying to starve myself to death even though I'm overweight and gained more weight. I don't want to give her a heart attack.

No. 76110


There's a PCOS thread on /ot/.

No. 76499

CW: 150lbs
GW: 100lbs
I’m 5’3”, 20yo, vegetarian, poor as hell student and addicted to soda and cookies. I have no idea how to cook healthy shit that’s also cheap. Any tips appreciated!

No. 76510


This lady's books were recommended to me when I was trying to find affordable recipes. They're available to download for free.

No. 76513

Jack Monroe is a food blogger with lots of cheap mostly vegan recipes you might wanna check out :)

No. 76742

jump the rope anon, jump until you have your so desired bmi (i'm somewhere between 18,5 and 19 and YES i do look healthy)

No. 77741

I used to be a nice, skinny fat underweight. My measurements were 33" bust, 22" waist and 32" hips.

I started taking high doses of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and benzos for a number of years following a psychotic breakdown that landed me in a mental facility.

However, I'm off most of the meds and I want my old body back. MY doctor told hat once I'm off the antipsychotics, I should be able to get down close to my old weight, but I"m wondering if I"m too far gone and the skin stretch will basically mean that I'll never get my natural 22" waistline back without painful surgery that I can't afford.

In addition, I gained most of the weight in my tits. I had DD's before that were dispropotionately large but now I have disgusting inflationart tits and its deformed, I can already feel them starting to hang down as I lose weight. I have no idea what to do. My insurance will not cover a breast reduction surgery or any form of weight loss surgery.

No. 80349

I'm currently 5'6" and 105 lbs. I don't want to gain weight back. I love being 110 lbs but I can never maintain it. My natural weight always falls back to 120 lbs everytime!! Do you guys think extreme cardio would solve this? I'm tired of being anorexic…

No. 91504

I think just eating your maintenance everyday would be fine

No. 91610

I'm currently 5'2" 100ish pounds and I want to get down to around 90, I feel this is where my body looks best. I used to have a 22 inch waist and now it's 23 inches, feels bad. Tomorrow I'm leaving to visit home for like three weeks and I just know my mom isn't going to let me skip meals. I'll have to go out for runs more frequently or push food around on my plate to make it look like i've eaten more than I have, or go out for lunch and skip it.

No. 91615

I was never fat, I'd say my metabolism is pretty good actually, but I was also never really thin. I feel like I just eat way too much.
What do you skinny anons eat per day, like for each meal?

No. 91661

i want to be 100lbs, im 5'4

Almost there!

No. 91700

I eat whatever I want I just keep it to 800-1200 calories a day and I never eat before 8pm. I'm 5'5 at 104 but I use to be 95 lbs.

No. 91748

You never eat before 8pm?

No. 91753

Sometimes but rarely. 1200 calories isn't a lot of food so I'd rather to eat that before bed so I don't go to sleep hungry.

No. 91754

this is what I’m trying, my work schedule has it so I come home late and can’t eat until 8. it’s hard to maintain when on days i don’t work. im 5’2, 120 pounds trying to become 110

No. 91758

So, I've been weighing myself every day for about 2 weeks now because I noticed the scale suddenly jumped up about 10 lbs. Idk what caused this jump since my measurements are still exactly the same, but I've been really bloated and constipated lately. I bought some colon cleanse pills off Amazon because I read somewhere you can have pounds of literal shit built up in you and that can be causing the weight gain.

TLDR I've been stressing hardcore about the scale even though my measurements are still the same (34-28-35) and feel like my old ED habits are creeping back in. Do you think the colon theory is plausible though?

No. 91759

If you have a small frame and want to look thinner without looking like a crackhead, exercise and build muscle. It's a really slippery slope to want to be underweight and "aesthetic" thin. It's hard to maintain and it can become an obsession. The primary goal before any kind of weight loss should be unconditional acceptance of your body, and small attainable baby steps towards getting where you want to be. There's also no guarantee that you'll look model-esque when youre thin. I was really thin at one point because of stress and I just looked like the same skinnyfat person I was when I weighed more, just physically smaller.

No. 91760

I'm 5'4" and hover around 107– I feel chunky and fat if I'm 110. I have a thick waist so I look chubby easily.
I look/feel better if I eat low-carbs…but I like carbs and I have low discipline.

I really should start running again…

No. 91780

Anyone got any tips for water weight?its annoying how much I retain water

No. 91782

>5'2, 118

No. 91784

i have a very thick torso, no defined waist (27" waist, 35" hips), my body is very boyish and unsexy. its chubby.

No. 91785

unless you haven't shit for 5 days, it is absolute bs. colon is generally unidirectional and, assuming you're healthy, there are no mystery pockets or whatever where extra shit could get caught up in.
maybe your gain is from muscle or water weight? i have weighed the same last 5 years yet my measurements have gotten smaller bc I've toned up. also my weight generally tends to vary by like 5 pounds depending on sodium intake or where i am in my cycle

No. 92183

I’ve been underweight/petite all my life and finally got to a normal BMI this year (5’3, 105 lbs) and while at first I was happy, I’ve started to get self-concious about it as a lot of my favorite clothes suddenly don’t fit and I compared photos taken a year apart and my face is definitely more full looking. I don’t want to go anachan or anything and I couldn’t anyway cause I love eating too much, I always had a high metabolism so I’ve always eaten like crap and drank lots of sugary soda and I’m just now learning how to be concious of what I eat and how to work out at age 23. I was able to hide how out of shape I was cuz I was skinnyfat. I don’t really have a numerical weight loss goal I kinda just want to go back to how I looked when I was 21.

No. 92300

anons, what's your idea of an ideal weight for someone that's 5'1? i have chubby limbs so i look a little stupid no matter what i do, tbh. i see so many girls that look good at 100 at 5'1 or so, but i just still look like i'm on the upper end of average imo.

i keep getting skinnier but i never seem to get more lithe, and it's depressing the shit out of me. do i legit need to get to 88 lbs to not have chubby limbs?? fuck's sake

No. 97002

Just don't worry about it so much. You're already way smaller than the average person. Are you really toned? Having a lot of muscle on your body will make you look really cut and defined,and not bulky

No. 97121

i'm 5'1'' and was at about 108 pounds before i got medication for a separate issue. now i'm down to 100 pounds.

unfortunately, i think its just genetics. even at my highest weight and had skinny limbs and carried my weight around my hips. you might just have more muscle than the average person, in which case you could look into keto dieting.

No. 97151

Would you guys say that as a general rule you can be as low a weight as you want and still be healthy so long as your periods are regular?

No. 97177

i dont think so, because periods can stop being regular even when you're really healthy, so im not sure if it's a reliale measure. for example, when i started weight lifting my period stopped. for me, my weight is too low when my hair starts falling out.

No. 97257

I'm 5'2 and 125 lbs. I carry very little weight in my chest area, but have wide shoulders and no collar bones… I'm basically built like a fridge and it's kinda unflattering. The only things redeeming about my body shape is that I have wide hips, a bit of ass, really tiny wrists, and nice calves. I'm trying to loose weight and get back to my pre college weight at 107. At my current height, my lowest weight was at 102 (but that was in middle school) and highest at 132, but I've never seen my collar bones. I go to the gym 5 times a week for an hour and a half of mixed cardio and weight lifting. I use to do kickboxing in college and bike as transportation, but did eat rather unhealthy and drank a lot of alcohol, which caused the weight gain. However, I don't drink alcohol, sugary drinks, eat dairy or most process foods anymore yet my weight isn't going down. I've tried eating at a deficient, which allows me to lose weight fast, but it isn't sustainable since I'm not as sharp at work, and as soon as I let up, I gain the weight back instantly. I'm not too sure what to do except workout even more , so I've been looking into procedures such as cool sculpting and kybella. Do any of you have any experience in this? It would be nice to hear some stories.

No. 97258

It's normal to bloat at different parts of your cycle due to how water is processed in your body. I always bloat soon before my period and go back down after my period is over.

No. 97276

Don't focus purely on your weight. Sometimes the scale simply doesn't move, even if you're doing everything right. Your body fat percentage is a more important factor. I would suggest monitoring your progress by not just weighing yourself, but also by measuring various parts of your body (waist, thighs, hips, etc.) once per week.

Regarding your diet - you could try intermittent fasting. I've been doing it for a month now and have been definitely seeing results. You should probably start with 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours reserved for eating. Later, you can extend the fasting window. Don't overeat or binge during your eating window though, as that defeats the purpose. Try to limit your sugar and carb intake (but you don't have to cut out carbs entirely) and be informed about how much calories the food you consume has.
Use this calculator to find out how many calories you should consume per day in order to maintain your weight and then utilize this information: https://tdeecalculator.net. For example, if your daily maintenance amount is 2000 calories, I would suggest to consume around 1500 calories per day if you want to lose weight.

Apart from fasting, I also exercise 6 times per week. I suggest exercising during your fasting period, even though it may be difficult at first, but it gives you the best results. You don't need to exercise for a hour and a half, 40 minutes is enough. I reserve one day to train a particular section of the body (Monday: arms and shoulders, Wednesday: legs and butt, Friday: abs and core). During those days, I tend to complete 3 related exercises from Youtube (from channels such as XHIT Daily, Runtastic Fitness, BeFiT, etc.) and I end it all with one HIIT exercise (you can start with HIIT exercises for beginners, as this could be also difficult at first). On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, I only do cardio on my training bike.
So far, I've lost weight and built a lot of muscle, so I'm definitely going to continue with this regime.

I hope this helps and wish you luck!

No. 97278

I'm 6'1" and 125 lbs.
I know I am quite thin and I don't have a regular period but I still wish I was thinner. My thighs have quite a lot of fat in them and my stomach is not as flat as I would like it to be.
Am I going into the anachan territory, trying to lose weight? This is def not healthy at all, but for myself I don't think there's a problem at all since I wanted to be thinner for all my life. But I guess that's the point in anorexia, you don't see that you have a problem.
I wish I had bmi of 15 and I know getting obsessed with numbers is a sign of illness, but I just can't stop myself.

No. 97280

How are you trying to lose the weight? Are you starving yourself? Listen to your body. Instead of restricting, you should focus on building muscle to effectively change the parts of your body you're not satisfied with.

No. 97281

I am restricting. I have trouble with regular excercise so I figured that not eating would help with losing weight.
God, now writing this out I realise that I'm anachan and that I don't belong in this thread.

More on topic, what can I do to build muscle tone? I'm mostly concerned with shaping my legs and stomach. I really don't want to starve myself to get to the point I want to be at, but I'm shit at exercise and I don't even know where to start.

No. 97282

nta but restricting doesn't really work unless you make it a lifestyle.

what exercise are you bad at and why? i have asthma and i switched over to lifting. it doesn't have as many short term benefits as cardio, but it stabilizes your metabolism and intake so you don't need to restrict. I've lost a lot of fat/inches even though my weight hasn't shifted (just turned into muscle)

That's another tip I want to mention. Focus on measurements not weight. Weight is meaningless if you don't look like you lost it.

No. 97352

I'm bad at most exercise because I never really did it for all my life, I am extremely weak and short of breath in seconds.
I did yoga, but I couldn't even keep that up because I'm shit at following a schedule.
I guess I need to train myself into that, my habits will never change if I'm only crying about them.

No. 97354

i'd say try lifting, really.

No. 97420

anyone trying to recover from disordered habits like purging etc while still trying to become underweight? 5'4 128~ ish right now, i lost about 7 pounds from just eating intuitively. i don't know if i should stay on that route or begin counting again? or start IF?

No. 97465

If eating intuitively works for you I won't fuck it up by trying different stuff.

No. 97466

How do I get into it? Like, how do I start?

No. 97497

nta but this is what i used to first start. peep the sample workouts and watch the trailers


No. 98936

imo IF is such a getaway to bulimia. You basically fast for a long period and then eat a bunch all at once and go back to fasting (which can be considered a method of purging).

No. 98951

At least it's much healthier than purging.

No. 98968

It's no different if you purge trash like a bulimic and don't plan your meals and fasting in a smart way that actually benefits you.

No. 99813

File: 1540990910282.jpg (221.06 KB, 960x960, 4wOPD2Jc4FE.jpg)

No matter what I try, not being at the weight I always imagined myself in my dreams is the main thing that hinders me from truly being happy. So, I decided once again that I should try and lose weight.

Right now I'm at a BMI of 25, the lowest I ever was (long ago and achieved unhealthily) was 17-18 and my goal would be around 16 (5'10/178cm, 115 lbs/52kg).

Is it possible?
And if yes how? What should I eat? How many calories (since I'm tall, more than 1200 or not)? What exercises and how often/long?

Right now I eat mostly carbs (not really a fan of meat). I occasionally go for a run, but it doesn't seem to affect my weight in any way. My main problem is eating out of stress (and boredom). Sadly, I love anything sugary and salty way too much. The only good thing I currently do is not drinking anything other than water.

No. 99816

Depending on your activity level, you should be aiming for between 1680 to 2170. 1680 would roughly be around maintenance for you at 5'10 and 115lbs, but obviously that isn't set in stone. If you were to go to the gym 3-5 days a week and work out to a point where you are challenging yourself/can't hold a full conversation while exercising, then you'd need to aim for the top end of 2170. For that, and seeing as you prefer carbs, I'd say your macros for 2170 are 300g carbs, 123g protein (aim for your body weight in protein a day!) and 45g fat. For the lower end (1680) I'd say go for 205g carbs, 124g protein and 37g fat. If you choose to go for anything between that then just bump it all up a bit/lower it etc. Food wise, try and have a source of protein, carb and vegetable on your plate. Cottage cheese is amazing as it's low calorie but protein dense

With regards to exercise, do compound lifts as your main routine. Deadlift, bench press, squat, shoulder press. You don't have to be lifting insane weights. Start with high reps at a lighter weight if you're new to lifting until you get your form down, then start trying something a bit more challenging. A 10kg/22lb barbell should be enough for any new starter to practice the moves. You wont get massively muscular or buff by doing weight lifting, because women aren't built for that. It will, however, stop you looking thin and saggy. You will have a solid form under your fat loss and will generally look better. Keep cardio to a minimum - circuit training or sprints on the treadmill to get your heart rate up are better for you than churning out hours at 4mph. And also feel free to supplement the weights with other body weight or machine exercises. Try and build a focus for each day so you're not tiring yourself out and getting bored, for example - Monday leg day, Tuesday chest and back, Wednesday arms and abs, Thursday shoulders and bum and Friday mix it up.

That's just what I've been doing and I have seen great results. I am 5'8" and 123lbs. I want to get to 118lbs to look more cut. The scale and BMI says that is underweight, but I have a small frame and I look the best I have ever looked in my life. Hope that helps, anon.

No. 99817

Forgot to say, it gets a bad rap sometimes, but the /r/fitness subreddit has been very useful to me since trying to drop the weight. I highly suggest checking it out as they have some workout routines stickied on there. Some are aimed a big burly viking men, but they have some available for women to use.

No. 99818

It's possible to lose weight, but you might be setting yourself up for failure with such a low goal to start.
That said, just try planning your meals ahead of time and doing prep for anything that can be prepped on Sundays and in the evening. This includes snack portions. It's helpful to have a food plan for your day.

No. 100119

>>99813 52kg at 178cm seriously sounds like ana goals. Why not go for 56kg? And maybe add some muscle. (then you get the bonus of being able to eat more!)

If you get sick and can't eat you're gonna have a bad time.

No. 100126

I’m about to get clear aligners for my teeth, in part to actually straighten them, but also to keep me from snacking. I’m supposed to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, and brush & floss my teeth and clean my aligners each time I remove them. It sounds like a huge hassle. I can’t wait to simultaneously fix my smile and reach my weight goals.

No. 101756

File: 1543514909252.jpg (35.67 KB, 320x240, BeatYourGreens.jpg)

ngl anon, you inspired me to try and wear my retainers every night, instead of just when I feel guilty. I'm trying to put them in around 8pm, so I don't eat anymore after that.

For what it's worth, I'm currently 5'2, 123 lbs. I never really weighed myself back in the day, but I'd be happy anywhere in the 100-110 range. I honestly feel like exercising never did much for me weight-wise, calorie counting seems to work better for me for whatever reason. Also, I live in the freezing midwest, I love going on long walks but the weather is now making that impossible.
>tfw it's already an icy tundra outside and it's only going to get worse and all you want to do is eat comfort food/cozy carbs in ur pjs

I'm trying to not go too crazy too soon, so my goal is around 1000 calories a day.

No. 108555

I'm gonna post this here and maybe some anons have insight on this dilemma..

I had very disordered eating 2 years ago which caused my weight to fluctuate drastically. I started at 5'7 125lbs and looked healthy with no bones showing. After several fluctuations my chest bones show even now at almost 140lbs. I'd
love to go back down to 120 slowly, eating 1500-1600 calories but I'm kinda bummed that my chest might look spoopy.

Do you think over time it will redistribute? I dunno if this is temporary because of rapid weight gain or a permanent body change.

No. 108557

I'm 5'4 and 106 but feel like a fatty fat fat at this weight and am trying to get down to 89-95.

No. 108567

Taylor R has the ideal body to me but what would anon classify this workout routine as? I wanna search for more of this particular style where the focus is on creating lean muscles

No. 108580

>lean muscle

Anyway, looks like a hash of pilates + yoga + bodyweight exercises. She probably also does some cardio on the side since she looks quite slim.

No. 108581

File: 1550535469128.jpg (49.77 KB, 679x960, kiko.jpg)

Have any of you guys ever used this BMI calculator?


It's what I've been using. Makes me so depressed to be 5'3". A few pounds makes such a difference. Anyone here around the same height? I don't really believe in "healthy underweight" but right now, I'm just looking for a goal that isn't too skelly. I feel like 90 lbs might be reasonable?

Kiko Mizuhara's body is like my goal. Any guess on her weight? Supposedly she's 5'6" though I've heard she's probably closer to 5'4".

No. 108583

She looks tiny here, bmi 16 maybe.

Yeah, that obviously isn't healthy. It will be skelly depending on your build. I wouldn't go under 17.5 but I'm no one to give advice.

No. 108588

5'3" anon here, 90 lbs would put you at underweight and most likely skelly. Ofc a lot of it depends on how and where your body carries fat, but imo 105-110 lbs would be a slim but healthier weight to aim for.

No. 108593


Been fluctuating between 94-98 for the last year. Guess I'm still struggling with anachan BS thinking 90 is reasonable. Thank you both for putting things in perspective. It's hard to find a place I feel comfortable. I hate exercising so I'm definitely skinnyfat and my thighs still bother me at 94 lbs. It's a constant struggle between not wanting to lose what very little tits and ass I have and also wanting to be stick thin. So tiring.

Sage for blogpost and no contribution.

No. 108602

I've been eating 1000 cals for the past month and my weight has been going up and down 1-2 pounds I want to die

No. 108607

You should probably just work out. No one looks good as a skinnyfat. You might feel differently about yourself when you're firmer and less doughy.
Kiko Mizuhara would look shittier too at the same weight if she was flabby

No. 108611

i wish i had advice anon, im in the same boat. i think i just need to add on a couple more days of exercise on top considering im in my 30s. i regularly fluctuate between the same 4 lbs too often and its frustrating because my partner has been losing weight on the reg following the same diet im eating.

No. 108617

1000 cals is not enough, eating such a low amount slows your metabolism down as your body is trying to sustain energy, and you're going to plateau. You should eat AT LEAST 1200 calories, but preferably more. Calculate your TDEE (e.g. here: https://tdeecalculator.net) and go from there (you should consume about a 500 cal daily deficit in order to lose weight). I have been eating about 1200 cals a day and had like a 6-week plateau where nothing was happening or I was even gaining weight slightly. I now plan to eat about 1500 cals a day and have a cheat day once a week to make the weight loss sustainable. Note that I'm exercising 6 times a week, it all depends on your activity.

No. 108618

File: 1550585265793.jpg (102.18 KB, 662x993, kiko.jpg)


Actually, I think Kiko is pretty skinnyfat. Which is why I used her as a reference. She doesn't really have any muscle tone on her whatsoever.

But yeah, I should work out. I just absolutely hate it. I never get that "accomplished" feeling others feel afterwards or that "adrenaline" rush during. I don't know if it is because I'm depressed or what. I only enjoy walking and that builds no muscle tone whatsoever (and isn't really exercise). No places to hike nearby.

Have no idea how often I should be exercising anyway or what kind I should be doing. Anyone with a regular exercise routine have any suggestions for a lazy girl?

No. 108619


This is good and healthy advice, but I really doubt at 1000 calories anon has been plateauing. It just sounds like some starvation myth BS. More than likely they've been eating 1000 calories, but binge-eating at certain points (because 1000 calories is too low and is inevitably going to lead to a binge) which would allow them to gain some weight back and stay around the same weight.

No. 108624

Let me know when you find exercise that you can bear. I want to pretend that there's something wrong with my endorphin system but I know I'm just a lazy skinnyfat.
It's still less depressing than the pitiful look of an aged anachan.

No. 108641

But my weight goes up when I eat above 1000

No. 108646

File: 1550604393243.jpg (74.24 KB, 1080x1080, 54gc2bbtgpn01.jpg)

Even Dr. Now's diet for people over 600+ pounds is 1200 per day (low-carb, low-fat, high-protein.)

No. 108650

Fine, i'll try it. Wish me luck

No. 108660

Try it for a month before deciding it won't work, btw.

No. 108661


If that is truly the case, I would get to the doctor right away because that really shouldn't be possible. People often underestimate the calories in food so that might be one explanation.

No. 108667

I'm the op of this thread and yeah it's been a year. Time flys I guess. I did make it to my goal weight of 100 lbs if anyone wanted to know.

No. 108672

She doesn't look skinnyfat to me tbh. I'm sure she works out. As for workouts, I like doing the fitnessblender workouts on youtube.


Congrats anon!

No. 108677

tbh I was only basing that on the first pic you posted, where she looks pretty toned. in the second pic, she doesn't have a lot of (noticable) muscle tone, but the muscles she has is shaping her body like that.

tbh the only exercise that released endorphins (for me) was extremely hard training. you just might not be hitting that level (for your body) that starts feeling like a rush and not just tiring. that said, some people just push through the pain and discomfort because the reward of having a body they like is better than doing nothing but still hating themselves.

since you want to look thin, cardio and maybe some light strength training would help. it'll shape up your muscles so your low fat goals would look less shitty. if your low muscle tone body doesn't satisfy you, no amount of fat level would look good. personally, I used to hate how my body looked, but I spent a month doing almost daily (~4x a week) exercise and my whole perspective changed after that. I'm not even at a lower fat level than before, it just looks better because my muscles look better.

No. 108691

So did ya look like a crack head in the end? Or is 100 good on you?

No. 108697

I look thin but pretty healthy. I mostly only get compliments on my weight.

No. 108744

The body gets used to the low amount of calories and your metabolism slows down, which results in a plateau. Sometimes eating more calories jump-starts the weight loss process again, as it speeds up the metabolism again.
But the binge-eating or underestimating the amount of calories are also plausible theories, of course. Maybe anon can share what she eats daily, otherwise it's hard to suggest anything.

No. 108755

Well kind of but only because the body is overall smaller, a fat person burns more calories than an average person who burns more calories than a thin person etc (unless insane musclemass)

No. 108812

I'm 5'7/140
Last I measured myself I was 40~/30~/40~ I tend to get most fat around my stomach and I don't know the best way to lost my weight. I've gone down to 130 before but once I hit the 130 mark I tend do gain the weight back. Should I cut more cals (I usually eat under 1500)?

No. 109210

I'm 5'6", and currently at 172 lbs. I gained a shit ton of weight last year after my mother passed away and I became depressed. I wasn't thin back then, but I definitely stopped caring and ate as much garbage as possible to hide the pain. Right now, I'm working on getting my life back on track.
Is it possible/healthy to get down to 115 or 120lbs by June or July? According to https://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php this website it might be possible, but I'm not sure how accurate it is and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment and failure. Currently, I'm eating less than 800-1000 calories a day. Usually it's less than that because I rarely feel hungry. I've also been walking/jogging and doing at home HIIT workouts. I'd really like to try lifting soon too.

No. 109221

File: 1551124178381.png (228.74 KB, 517x347, Earworm_character.png)

I'm 5'4"/95-100lbs.

I don't exercise at all and I'd say my eating habits are fairly normal.

What I do:
>Drink lots of water, at least 1L daily (I don't drink water with ice.. I've heard this makes a difference)
>Start day off with a cup of green tea, sometimes coffee, also have a cup of green tea around lunchtime
>2 meals daily, (800-900 cals per) try to do high protein and fiber
>Limit processed foods as much as possible
>Daily multivitamin

What I don't do:
>No soda. Ever
>Candies, sugary foods, caloric drinks, processed foods daily (periodically as snacks)
>More than 2 meals a day

No. 109223

You just sound lucky.

No. 109224

Im a recovering ana-chan.
i weighed 87 pounds one year ago when I was at my smallest. after receiving treatment i gained a lot of weight. I do not know what the healthy way to loose weight is and i dont want to get back into my old ways. Im 5'5" and weigh 115 pounds. Is that even a healthy weight? My view of myself is so skewed I have no idea.I want to be at 98 pounds.

No. 109225

I'm an inch shorter than you anon but the same weight range and also have similar habits. I do a bit of jumping rope and yoga, though. And walk a lot as well.

Though last year I binge ate a lot of sugary stuff and my weight went up (120~ I think). I stopped eating candy (miss it so bad tho) and lost a little over 15 lbs since last october.

Btw jumping does great for my body but I've heard it fucks up the knees in the long run. Any other routine ideas? I love using my legs to walk, because you know, legs move you around and stuff.

No. 109231

hyperactive thyroid = low weight cheat mode
Ah yeah, I walk a lot too. My office is three blocks from my house so I do walk to work, lunch, meetings etc, but I don't consider it exercise. I do a lot of housework too which supposedly burns calories. Jumping rope sounds cool… do you just like, bust out a rope in a parking lot and get to it? Lol

And yeah candy is bad. Did you notice a difference in your skin at all when you cut it out?

No. 109232

Yeah, that's a healthy weight, if you're going off BMI. You probably still even look rather thin.

I'm the same height as you, also recovering ana. 98 lbs. probably isn't a good weight for you, but I don't know you. For me, I was definitely skeleton-like at that weight. I'm still even skeleton-like at my current weight of 110, if you ask my dad, my bf, his mom, my coworkers (I think I look fat). So, I get it. Are you able to look at yourself objectively? Are you still fitting into small clothes? Maybe it's fucked up, but are you still smaller than most people around you?

No. 109240


Kind of lol. My skin is super acne prone and it sucks. Candies made it worst tho, so when I cut those out, my skin went back to "normal" (a pimple here, a pimple there, rocky road on the chin).

No. 110826


Saging b/c blogpost. I'm the anon who wrote these posts. Wanna update to say I will be starting some medications soon to treat depression and disordered eating as well as some other obsessive behaviors. Have to gain some weight (at least 10 lbs, am currently 95). Very scared. Thank you to the anons who were level-headed in telling me 90 is too skelly. That is all.

No. 112267

File: 1554126052495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.96 KB, 948x638, test1.jpg)

Have you been doing your cardiovascular exercise today?

No. 112323

those fake boobs are TRAGIC

No. 113159

File: 1555340861544.jpg (20.41 KB, 640x462, 1531990035664.jpg)

i'm 5'2 and 137 pounds, i look huge. years of failed dieting have made me not care for being fit. i really just want to be small. one of my biggest goals is to lose the huge hips and get a 23' inch waist. i want to do 1200 calories for the long term cos exercising just makes me hungry but i always fail

No. 114227

File: 1556840161536.png (376.38 KB, 507x495, 5415614545.PNG)

as an update to that post i'm now 126~ lbs! this is always the point where i give up, never made it past 123 or so. 26 pounds to go. hope i can do it.

No. 114228

Congrats, anon! Just try and remind yourself that this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. It’s all about small, sustainable good choices. You can do this!

No. 114229

thank you anon :')

No. 114240

are you anorexic bro? that's a lot to lose in 2 weeks.

No. 114254

Anon, I’m worried about you. Please be healthy but you might not ever get a 23” wish unless you become emaciated. Try to be realistic, don’t look to covert pro-ana accounts like steqhs for inspiration. Her photos are heavily edited and very inconsistent.

No. 114256

File: 1556858523728.jpeg (279.54 KB, 1936x1936, 0678E241-AED0-4627-981D-C2F8A7…)

same anon but i took these screenshots from her YouTube video and her waist to hip ratio is a lot less dramatic, and based on her posing I think she stands high on her toes to slim her thighs. don’t be surprised if you reach a 23” waist and it doesn’t look dramatic like on Instagram

No. 114275

It's so hard to lose the last 5-10. I'm always so hungry. If I exercise, I'm even hungrier.

No. 114280

Eat more, ana-chans. And exercise. Be actually healthy.

No. 114336

It'll be easy to maintain the weight and start my workouts again once I get there. Exercise just makes it easier to binge. Especially cardio, dear lord.

No. 114368

anon i was in the same mindset until i actually started working out. trust me, the pounds are going nowhere by themselves and if you starve yourself you'll never be able to actually work out.

to give you a better idea of my physique, height is 5'2" and i was always under 100lbs till 3-4 years ago because of poor eating habits and work schedules. then i dunno what happened, partly age, partly food i guess. my highest weight was 120lbs, and because i'm short with a small bone structure and pear shape i just looked so frumpy it was depressing. i started to watch calories, eat clean, dream of bread and milkshakes, all of that good stuff and literally all it did was make me feel irritable and bitchy all the time PLUS miserable from lack of tasty food. to top off i'm a vegetarian due to cultural reasons so basically, FML.

i had to wake up and realize that starvation is not an option for a healthy life. i do intense cardio as dance fitness 4 days a week now and eat clean at least 5 days a week (weekends are for wine and pizza). but after 3 months of being semi-good things are looking up! i'm consistently losing weight and right now at a nice 110lbs.
i plan to keep this lifestyle up, i'm also hoping i can get down to 100lbs again but i'm not sure if that'll allow me to keep up with my cardio schedule. dance fitness is so good for shapely legs, you're missing out if you don't do cardio! but even putting aside the exact weight number, i love this lifestyle because it allows me to both eat like crap as well as still feel comfortable in my skin.

please girl, take care of yourself! tumblr might make it sound like a fantastic boon to be able to lose 6kg in one month, but there are no breaks on that train.

No. 116756

File: 1560508798903.jpg (162.18 KB, 749x1046, unnamed.jpg)

This picture is all I could think of the last few days. I hate kpop, but their bodies (especially lisa's) are so perfect, I want to look like that so badly.
She has a BMI of 16, has anybody of you managed to become that slim? What do you eat?
I'm also don't know how to work out exactly: on the one hand I really like exercising, on the other hand I build muscle very quickly, so I'm worried that they'll show too much when I no longer have a layer of fat over them. All the really skinny girls around me look different from blackpink, they all have weird, bulky muscles - which I don't want. What kind of exercises should I do and which should I avoid?

No. 116776


I managed to get that slim. I was an ana-chan. 0/10 do not recommend, try being a BMI 18, it's way better for you. To get a lean body, you should lift small weight, but with more rep. Eat a lot of protein, tone down the carb, drink A LOT, and eat in a small caloric surplus. It should do the trick.

No. 116778

Mine is 17 on the dot and I don't think I could ever get down to 16. Already I eat so little and it's probably why I feel like shit most of the time.

I eat one meal a day and drink a shitload of water. Probs around a gallon. Also lots of green tea. I don't drink alcohol, rarely eat processed or refined sugars, no soda or caloric drinks.

I lose on average one pound per month but it seems to have evened out at this point.

No. 116792

The reason their BMI is so low is because they have lower density bone mass. It's not healthy for Westerners to have such a low BMI. It'll make you feel like shit and will probably result in you losing your period and fucking up your hormones as a result.
How slim you appear when you lose weight depends on your genetics, the women you see with perfectly flat stomachs are predisposed to losing most of their fat there. Some people are more predisposed to losing fat in other areas or sometimes even muscle. You can't spot reduce so if you don't have the genetics you're kind of fucked. Not to mention all the work these celebrities get done, I wouldn't be surprised if they got fat removal surgery as well

Honestly you should just try to love and capitalize on your strong points instead of forcing yourself to fit an ideal that may not even be natural or right for your health

No. 116828

Does this mean that I can look as skinny as an asian girl, but at a higher BMI? That would be pretty nice lol
I'm not sure whether I'm a pear or an hourglass, but my waist is the slimmest part of my body, even now at a higher weight it looks pretty good, so I don't think this is that unrealistic for me.

No. 116832

nta, but more or less: asian girls have smaller bone structures on average, but they tend to look quite soft and petite, rather than boney or gaunt like very slim white women. Your frame might be a bit larger but a BMI of about 18/19 would still make you look slim.

No. 116833

They don't have smaller bone structure on average. This is only a thing when looking at famous Asian women. Most Asian women have the same bone structure as western women

No. 116835

I definitely don't look like that at a bmi of 19. I thought it's about naturally higher muscle mass? That's why Asians are more prone to obesity related diseases at a lower weight than whites or blacks, no?
And I think Lisa does look rather big-boned, she's on the taller side, has wide shoulders…

No. 116960

I get so fucking annoyed by people complaining as soon as you mention a goal weight that’s slightly underweight. Everyone is fine with „a little chub“ or a „slim thicc“ look but it’s concerning that I want to be at a BMI of 18 at a small frame? I’ve never had an ED, I was always at a healthy weight and now I simply want to look smoking hot. Sometimes I feel like people (only on the internet, not in real life though) are so brainwashed with fat logic and american standards. Here in europe so many people are skinny and no one looks like a walking skeleton just because they weight less than 150lbs. It’s so frustrating, I wish I could just talk to people with similar goals without being judged. No fatties, no ana-chans, just healthy girls with a certain aesthetic goal. At least this thread exists kek

No. 116961

Idk who complains when someone wants to be 18 BMI. Unless you are surrounded by people who might be jealous thinking of you losing more weight a non-overweight person.

No. 116962

Mostly people on Reddit in the xxfitness sub. I like that it’s an all female space but I feel like as soon as you don’t want to go for the whole „strong“ look, you’re an ana-chan to them and they won’t even answer your questions or give you any advice. Same on r/progresspics where literally every skinny person should „take care“ because they’re „way too skinny now!11!!“.

No. 116964

I guess I was thinking it was more of an IRL thing, but yeah, I am sure reddit is full of jealous fatties and other retards who get triggered by anyone who isn't fitting their thicc Amazonian goddess agenda. I don't go to those places because they are toxic in their own ways – I think it's best to keep weight loss personal.

No. 116967

I guess you’re right. It just feels good to get motivated or share success sometimes. I’m the skinniest I’ve been since 8th grade right now and really proud of myself but I really want to go all the way to my goal for once. I can always gain back in case I’ll feel uncomfortable with a lower weight. It’s just a few more pounds but those are the hardest lol. 5‘9“ and 133lbs, aiming for around 121lbs.

No. 117308

Lost 39lbs recently. Am I still fat? I don't know when to stop

No. 117309

I'm almost positive this is a girl you feel you've been 'maligned' by/probably some innocent woman who has treated you perfectly fine, and you're hoping we'll call her fat. Fuck off, loser.

No. 117310


Why you so in love with me jess? I don't fuck bitches with acne just jelly of me see coz coop still fancy me and want to be with me haha fucking dweeb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117311


Gtfo with your vendetta posts summer fag

No. 117313

You fat and whoever is obsessed with you is probably fat, football shaped with saggy tits just like you
Now leave

No. 117413

File: 1561278947322.jpg (200.37 KB, 1200x781, skinnycelebs_main_0.jpg)

plenty of asian women have that boney and gaunt structure, plenty of white women have that soft and petite structure, it has nothing to do with race, the whole "asians have a smaller bone structure" is a meme only ever sprouted by yellow fevers, not by actual research or observations

regardless of race, everyone is skin and bones, if you have no meat then your skin will cling to your bones, asians don't have some magical padding that makes them "soft" no matter how low of a weight they get, white women don't have weird ugly gaunt popping out bones usually
calm down, I understand your annoyance with fat culture but it does raise an eyebrow when you want to be underweight, it's not the big scary fattys conspiring against you, it's just concern, I'd say the same thing about people who's weight goals are slightly overweight, plus the BMI range is so wide and don't stress over it or deprive yourself in order to get that weight

No. 117444

Absolutely true. Looking at my own community, we look like every other race we live with. The same goes for that shit I’ve heard about ‘Asian women tend to have shorter/stumpier’ legs. We just look like people. There are asian girls who are curvy, flat, heavy-set, top heavy, pear shaped. Japan is shorter than average and I couldn’t tell you why but they’re ‘petite’ in that they try really hard to not be fat, simple as. There was a scan of a Japanese model magazine on a thread here about weight loss and the after pics were just sad looking women of average frame who lost enough weight to look utterly shapeless, but they were made up and posed in underwear to look like kawaii sticks. Gross.

No. 117510

I'm only 5kg underweight but my arms are really thin and not in a good way, the shape has become weird like your upper arm is supposed to be bigger than your forearm but that's not the case with me. So I guess being thing doesn't look good on everyone.

No. 117554

Please take that BMI with a very heavy grain of salt. Kpop agencies regularly lie about the height and weight of their talents to make them taller and leaner. I'm gussing her BMI is probably closer to 17.5
Looking at Lisa's ribcage area, she seems to have a very narrow bone structure, so the low weight looks good on her. But if you don't have that same frame you're going to look better with a little more weight. 18, 19 or so depending on your frame is going to be a better goal than 16

No. 117578

shorter people on average have small frames, asians on average are shorter. that's why the "small bone structure" thing.

No. 121487

In my early 40s I was in the same goal BMI range as OP and I got there via very slow dieting and exercise after I was labeled as having high cholesterol.

My friend also got down to 5 10 and 130 and he was 60 at the time, we went on the same diet. I took orlistat to control my oil intake as well and I couldn’t eat normal foods. Had to eat a can of tuna with no flavoring, cottage cheese and other stereotyped diet foods.

No. 128760

Hello anons, I was wondering if anyone knows other sources/places on the internet where this subject can be discussed more without going into Ana territory. I also want to be very thin but not very bony and I know I can do it, been there before but this time the last 6 pounds are super pesky (I am 5’2 /159 cm , 103 lbs/46 kg aiming for 97 lbs/44 kg) , been 92 lbs/42 kg some long ago and even then I wasn’t looking ana chan because of small frame so I know it’s feasible.

No. 128764

i’m 5”5, 130 pounds. i know it’s not a lot for my height, but i look very chubby and my mom keeps commenting on that every time i come back from college during the holidays and it’s been making me a lot more insecure. not to mention i’m studying abroad in an east asian country where you’re considered a fat pig if you weight more than 115 lbs no matter your height. i feel like almost every girl goes through an ana phase here at some point.

anyway, the problem with my eating habits is that i never get fucking full. i can easily eat 2 burgers with a serving a fries or a large pizza by myself and wash it all down with like a liter of diet coke.

if i try to limit myself and eat smaller portions i get so hungry that at the end of the day all i can think about is food. and of course i end up binging.

i don’t know why, but for some reason it’s much easier for me to just fast for the entire day, eat all of my calories for the day in one sitting and then [repeat cycle]. that’s the only way i can maintain my weight, but i know it’s not healthy. i wonder if there’s anyone here with similar experiences who was able to normalise their eating patterns?

No. 128768

Intermitent fasting (eating everything at once or in a short time window) is the best solution for ppl with binge eating problems. This plus calorie counting is the only thing that worked for me. I'd rather feel full and keep like that for long hours after with just a short time of mild hunger than eat small and often but never feel full. It is healthy for your average person unless you have some kind of stomach illness

No. 128812

People always make unprompted comments on how thin I am but I feel like I look huge. ~105 at 5'2", so I want to lose about 10 pounds.

No. 129087

Has anyone supplemented with P-synephrine? If so, how did it go, and what is a good brand?

No. 130616

Like some have said here, lift. I lift and do cardio + eat mostly meat and I'm 100 lbs at 5'5. Not starving. BMI ranges aren't appropriate for everyone. If I were at the "healthy weight" BMI suggests, I'd look disgustingly chubby.

No. 130617

You just described IF, or OMAD (one meal a day). It's very healthy and it makes sense. It's how people used to eat. I've been doing OMAD for over 7 years and I'm lean and healthy. I also prefer to eat one big meal over several small meals a day. If I eat small meals I feel like I'm not eating anything, it's pathetic, and I keep thinking about my next small pathetic meal.

No. 130618

>People always make unprompted comments on how thin I am but I feel like I look huge.
Sounds like textbook body dysmorphia. Do you find you look fatter in the mirror than in photos?
Don't lose weight, just get fitter.

No. 130699

Maybe it’s the style you wear ?

I’m your height but 95, I wear “bigger” clothes but I’d see this weight is a little too low.

I’m sure you are fine/Look fine . Maybe 5 pound loss if you feel like your diet is very unhealthy

No. 138130

I recently moved to a different country and stress-ate to the point of gaining 15 pounds in 6 months (going from 115 to 130 at 5'7.5"). I was shocked - I'd never weighed more than about 118 pounds in my life, and usually sat at around 110 in college, with a low weight of around 105 during periods of depression. At 24, I think my metabolism is starting to hit the wall as well, which isn't helping. I also drink a lot more than I used to. That being said, I used to eat basically whatever I wanted, though pretty sporadically because my depression and lifestyle often kept me from eating regular meals.

Over the course of 2 months, after realizing what'd happened (I was so stressed and busy that I didn't even notice the weight gain for months and months) I got back down to 118. However, my body looks different than it used to. My upper body is pretty thin, but my legs look MASSIVE. I'm so distressed. They've never looked like this before, not even at my previous high weight of 118.

I want to keep losing until my legs stop looking so gigantic compared to the rest of my body. I looked really good at 110, and it wasn't too difficult to maintain. I have a stationary bike in my room that I use for about an hour a day when I'm not too busy/depressed. Is it better to use the bike at a lower or higher resistance in this case?

No. 139925

this might be water retention. excercise isn't as important as being in a caloric deficit

No. 139935

your metabolism definitely isn't "hitting a wall" - metabolism slows only by about a percent every decade. your metabolism is fine, eating more calories than you burn is what causes weight gain.

watch your intake and choose healthier foods to make you feel full. exercise is important but don't try to use it to compensate for a poor diet. get your diet right and add in some regular exercise and you'll see the results you want

No. 139952

I'm 5'5 and only look thin at like 105 lbs. It's because i store all my fat on my thighs so it takes a very low weight to get rid of it and look slim.

I look perfect at 95-100 lbs. But by then BMI is screaming and you can't tell anyone your weight without them telling you you're anorexic.

I'm not, I just love being thin. Sorry. Not gonna look fat because BMI says I should be 125.

No. 139964

I'm 160/3 cm and want to be 47kg. I know it's a low end BMI (but still not in skelly yerritories) and I would never reallisticly be able to get there but damn, I know I looked good at that weight when I was 16.

No. 139974

A lot depends on a body type. BMI is just a general guideline but doesn't have to be the ultimate truth whether you're healthy or not. I've never even came close to my "normal" weight according to BMI but I've always been healthy and doctors never said I have to gain weight. So often it's pointless to use is as the reference, if you feel good at your current weight it means it's good for you.

No. 139975

This is what I try to tell people online but I always get REEE GAIN WEIGHT YOU'RE DYING in response.

Maybe it's because I have no boobs so that subtracts some potential weight. How much do boobs weigh anyway lol? My whole female side of the family is like this - we weigh less than we look. My doc says I'm fine and I look good so

No. 139977

actually you might be right here, it could be about the boobs! Considering D cup and more is already what could lead to back issues it really may weight quite a bit.

No. 139996

File: 1590342193255.jpg (70.63 KB, 750x743, 0PKEzMF.jpg)

You're being told you're too thin because you are too thin lmao, so mental. Quit being terrified of gaining, if you gain weight through exercise and good diet you won't look chubby at all and you'll probably gain attractive body definition.

No. 140000

I've been doing sport all my life (running, swimming, lifting weights). I'm happy with how I look so idc

No. 140005

At 5'5 and 100 pounds? I don't think so, but live your truth boo.

No. 140007

keep using bmi to justify your chub

No. 140009

File: 1590347930228.png (1.13 MB, 496x1428, Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 20.18…)

Say this girl is 5'4, how much do you think she weighs?

No. 140011

115 to 120

No. 140021

Can confirm this works. Especially the max 2 meals a day. Intermittent Fasting is magic.

t. 5'6 100 lbs

No. 140022

Ok anachan.

No. 140025

nta but lmao literally how is intermittent fasting an anachan thing

even normies are doing this now and in the original post the anon says they're eating like 1600-1800 cals a day and not exercising sooo…that's not ana lmao thats literally a healthy intake

No. 140029

NTA but this whole thread is an 'ana chan thing', the goal is to be underweight? Why is it even up?

No. 140074

Ok anachan.
Why is this up? The replies here are concerning.

No. 140103

Just imagine if we had a HAES thread where all the obesechans of the website got together to collaborate on ways to be "healthily" overweight. They'd be laughed at and rightfully so. But we coddle sick waifs, always have and always will since society still prefers sick women slowly killing themselves as long as they're not fat.

No. 140109

We're talking about being just underweight on bmi. Not severely.

There's a difference between sick waif and being on the slimmer side of normal.

And tbh there's plenty of people who want to be "thicc" which borders on overweight, and is frankly uglier.

No. 140112

anachan cope

No. 140115

fatty fat cope
how do those 150 lbs feel? i'm sure bmi justifies them though, don't worry

No. 140116

bone rattling intensifies

No. 140117

thigh chafing intensifies

No. 140118

i wasn't even the original anon but this is so funny you can not be a stick figure and also not thigh chafe like you know there's a medium there right? or has intermittently starving yourself killed your brain cells

No. 140120

go moisturise the creases between your fat rolls(infighting)

No. 140123

kek careful anon, i think you've gained weight! go weigh yourself for the 40th time today and take all your clothes off in case it puts an extra few pounds on the scales!

No. 140130

I was talking about being just overweight on bmi. Not severely.

There's a difference between being a hamplanet and being on the chunkier side of normal.

Delusional anachans still in denial that fatties use the same copes that they do…sad.

No. 140204


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