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No. 119060

Pride Rules.

No. 119061

File: 1563048970848.jpeg (67.88 KB, 792x717, A6960FAC-D6C1-4018-9115-24135D…)

might makes right

No. 119062


No. 119063

File: 1563049451027.png (821.3 KB, 1280x1047, 18FD201D-F296-4222-985A-DE1CCC…)

How do you break into the subject of this kink in a casual way?

No. 119064

File: 1563049585249.png (71.8 KB, 286x301, FC140D8D-463D-4EA1-B1EC-056664…)

The next biggest thing
Pun intended

No. 119065

File: 1563049905551.jpeg (54.61 KB, 496x296, 9FC66C36-7970-49B6-A8D2-07FD54…)

LGBT is sexual nationalism.
It’s time for feeders to rule.

I’d like to tag team an conquer like a beast.

No. 119067

File: 1563051354808.jpg (25.22 KB, 300x300, 1317486798003.jpg)

No. 119069

I feel you completely

No. 119071

with the body positive movement glorifying the morbidly obese, of course feeders are going to be the next fetish du jour. i look forward to something overtaking the daddy shit

No. 119074

File: 1563055375584.jpg (109.17 KB, 634x865, 3C142BC300000578-4113686-image…)

Femdom with smaller man and bigger lady.

No. 119075

fujoshit here. gentle femdom and wanting to watch my bf be lewd with another guy.

No. 119076

hairy bears fucking each other, choking, being manhandled by a muscular woman and dominated.

No. 119080

>Cross dressing straight men in sexy girlie lingerie who get dommed, pegged and humiliated by a woman.

I am weird but I’m not ashamed

No. 119081

The following isnt a fetish but it's just my sexuality completely changing direction. I used to be into skinny pretty boys being rough with me but after 2 years of complete loss of libido, I suddenly crave buff hunks with a ton of muscles and sharp jaws, like…typical Chads. And I want to gfd them and straddle their thighs and get off just rubbing my clit against their muscles without letting them cum while watching them just being turned on and horny without being allowed to relieve themselves.

No. 119083

And you want to feed Chad to turn him into Chunk I guess?

No. 119084

no, i havent been memed into that fetish yet

No. 119085

i like converting guys into foot fetishists. i'm not even a footfag in any other regard. i just like watching a man go from "ew footfags are degenerates i don't get it" to sucking on my toes and liking footjobs from me. especially big tough guys. seeing them go from dominating to enjoying a humiliating sensation… hngh

No. 119086

knifeplay > footfaggotry

No. 119087

innocent anon, try guns

No. 119088

wwas actualy gonna write knife/gunplay but with guns you can remove the trigger or other tricks to make it harmless

No. 119089

File: 1563062419697.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1920x1080, cow.webm)

No. 119090

unironicly this

>tfw live in a country with strict gun laws

>tfw will never be able to make a guy suck on a barrel
>why live

No. 119091

europe ?

No. 119099

I love watching hot men make out with each other. I wish there was more of it in movies etc. There is lots of woman on woman action in movies these days but not much man on man action. And I don't want to watch gay porn.

No. 119102

ever watched shameless US?

No. 119104

File: 1563103464319.jpg (28.89 KB, 640x455, louis-garrel-and-gaspard-ullie…)

In the movie Saint Laurent, there's Gaspar Ulliel and Louis Garrel making out a lot and while it's very gay as in gay mannerism/faggy queens, they're still so hot.

No. 119105

>be complete beast
>Boyfriend at the time was (most likely) bi
>Hang out with him and his best friend
>They do gay shit
>Truth or Dare
>Leads to 3sum
>We break
>Still fuck his best friend months after the break up
>Now have new boyfriend
>Him and his fight group leader take turns fucking me and going down on me

Feels great man, I'm not ashamed, but nothing I did was ever technically cheating since everything was agreed on, I really like the idea of a reverse harem as well, I think it's because I was made fun of throughout my life and always told no man would want me, now after I lost weight and learned to take care of myself having all these men flock over me and getting fucked by multiple handsome men at once and having them worship me feels great, no shame

No. 119115

Hide and watch a man fuck a pillow or something weird like a fruit with a hole on it - because he's so horny and desperate and needed the release no matter what.

No. 119132

File: 1563128726746.jpeg (92.58 KB, 654x891, AFA1C98B-F70E-4CCD-B505-93F037…)

Feederism is the best ever.
Make your boyfriend fat. He can’t escape and he’ll be yours even if you leave him.

No. 119133

Lol that’s a good way to never worry about cheating

No. 119134

File: 1563128877699.jpeg (558.75 KB, 1280x1654, 62734958-5CC9-4718-8DDF-8BAC91…)


No. 119135

No. 119137

only men and troons have this gross fetish

No. 119138

File: 1563129167631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.76 KB, 640x539, tumblr_13d3b57b74bc5594c69fbbd…)

Girl, me too

No. 119139

File: 1563129215317.jpeg (264.19 KB, 1920x1080, C07A6CAF-CF9B-4219-84BC-F81E0D…)

I’m doing that right now, starting now.
Its true love and this will only make it better.
Imagine turning The One into a glutton
I’m imagining it and now I’m going to do it

No. 119140

File: 1563129349370.jpeg (1.71 MB, 3974x2754, EB333DCB-1054-4FDE-88DB-ED7242…)

Feedee here. Represent.

No. 119141

You don't have to imagine.
Men automatically stop taking basic care of themselves when they marry you.

No. 119142

My husbands fit. I’ll do it too.

No. 119145

Are you all actually feeders or is it just that one anon who gets her posts deleted on CC for spamming it every month or so?

No. 119147

You'll be surprised but it's an emerging fad which is bringing a lot of women out of the closet, both in terms of girls who secretly want to eat all the shit they want without consequences (and there are many on Youtube doing mukbangs and similar stuff), and of girls who genuinely like chubby guys in general.

No. 119148

I mean, I enjoy a good thicc boi myself (so long as he's shorter) and love watching men eat, but I don't want to make a guy become morbidly obese.
But if you all are indeed unique anons then…interesting.

No. 119149

this, but only if the man is extremely masculine. Makes it all the sweeter.

No. 119150

eh, you've got to remember that it's a sexual fantasy. While some of these anons say now that they would happily feed their bf into obesity, actually dealing with the real world consequences of that isn't on their minds.

No. 119153

Patrician taste anon, that's a hot picture. Too bad I'll never be able to engage in this fantasy because I'm already short, and the few guys who I had a crush on that were slightly shorter than didn't like that I was taller than them.

I think about this a lot, no guy has ever been comfortable in letting me engage in this fantasy though, even just the cross dressing portion. Of course, those men asked for anal from me. I said I was comfortable with anal, just not from them. They pressured for sex a few times, and finally ghosted when I wouldn't cave in. lol

Also hot

Not into feet, but jerking a guy off with my feet and watching a guy's facial expressions as he whimpers is hot.

I like watching videos of guys jerking off to porn or using dolls/fleshlights. They look so desperate and vulnerable.

No, I'm a different anon. I've always had a thing for chubby guys. Realized I had a feeder fetish when I was just a small child because of that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

No. 119156


No. 119158

File: 1563140440634.jpg (29.3 KB, 640x480, hypno.jpg)

Hypnosis. I prefer being hypnotized more than anything, but I also enjoy watching other people get hypnotized and living vicariously through them. I like it when they have that dazed expression on their face, I think it's beautiful. I strongly prefer when it's cute boys being hypnotized, but that's not terribly common.
It's annoyingly hard to find good real life photos portraying that moment when someone is completely transfixed. Pic related is one of my favorites.
I feel like a bit of a creep digging for videos with attractive subjects and waiting for that "perfect moment", but it's so thrilling, and I don't have many other options.
Most of the caption stuff and photomanips with swirls in the eyes don't really do anything for me. Also, I hate how oversaturated the whole kink seems to be with AGP guys who want to be turned into sissies.

No. 119159

File: 1563140485682.jpg (48.88 KB, 333x500, 4225960127_3453f90e84.jpg)

Pic related, another good one. Her eyes are so glassy.

No. 119180

Why would that scene have so much effect on a child?

No. 119182

Gentle femdom for me, I guess. My bf is thinner, so there's that.

No. 119184

Literally no reason, human sexuality is weird. I also found some scene of a breast expansion to be incredibly hot. I walked in on one of my mom's horror movies and that scene made me feel really embarrassed because I didn't know what I was feeling "downstairs" at the time.

No. 119189

File: 1563151417762.jpg (235.76 KB, 746x745, image0 (7).jpg)

i agree, there's a limit to how thicc i like my men (and preferably with no beard) and pic related is only how far i would go tbh
hhhhhh yes

No. 119190

File: 1563152919188.jpg (113.53 KB, 450x800, tumblr_pd9ddgUh7O1ujzudco1_540…)

i just want a cute boy to dress in full fetish gear so i can abuse him

No. 119191

i should specify when i say boy i mean a twinky man

ain't a childfucker

No. 119192

File: 1563152963073.png (648.23 KB, 634x840, unknown (5).png)

the best way i can describe my ideal male body type is "1970s fat"

No. 119195

File: 1563154904196.png (39.29 KB, 500x300, luigi anger.png)

>the un-ironic attraction to fat men that some farmer's ITT have
I wasn't even triggered this bad by most of the shit in the shame thread.
I'm really into muscles so fatties and pencil-necks are a no-go.

No. 119197

stop being autistic, this isn't the kinkshaming thread.

No. 119198

File: 1563157070980.jpeg (72.43 KB, 630x720, 87C86ECE-AAAD-481D-BB25-C8AD71…)


No. 119200

File: 1563158249441.gif (980.68 KB, 432x247, muscles.gif)

Chill, just giving you guys guff. That's what 70% of this thread is, anyway.

I wasn't kidding about my muscle fetish either, no shame.

No. 119203

File: 1563159917928.jpg (36.4 KB, 500x667, 1485844977800.jpg)

god, this, it's such a stupid fetish but sometimes I just want to see men act like the animals they are

Personally I'm more into the noncon/embarrassment factor than the actual weight gain

No. 119205

File: 1563160330639.png (193.43 KB, 1082x576, Screen_Shot_2019-03-21_at_1.27…)

>I'm more into the noncon/embarrassment factor than the actual weight gain
this is me with watersports. i love guys pissing themselves/getting pissed on and being grossed out and humiliated by it.

No. 119208

File: 1563161035497.jpg (88.44 KB, 494x720, whizzard.jpg)

You made me think of this.
I'm also low-key into piss.

No. 119210

literally me

No. 119211

Ever seen "Call Me By Your Name"? I hated it but it's very relevant to your post.

No. 119221


oh shit me too, that's my shit right there

No. 119245

File: 1563200848698.png (3.71 MB, 2200x3450, helen.png)

This bit from Eric Andre immediately came to mind: youtu.be/jYFIAcJ40cc

I forgot I had a hypnotism fetish until I saw the Incredibles 2 last year (pic related). You are right about the fetish being oversaturated with sissies and weird/uncomfortable captions and photomanips. It's sad that when I think of hypnotism as a fetish, my mind immediately goes to those weird deviantArt photomanips. It makes it really hard to find genuinely good content. I do like the swirly eyes thing, but it really doesn't work on real people I guess? I mean, I think the reason why I have the fetish is from the Jungle Book of all things.

I guess I'll contribute: I've got a huge thing for MILFs and DILFs. There's something incredibly appealing about being with an older person. My earliest crush that I can remember was Helen from the Incredibles, and I was like 8 years old, so… and now that Stranger Things S3 is out, I'm only now realizing that Hopper is a fucking DILF, and I'm crushing on him hard. Not sure why it took 3 seasons for me to realize that.

No. 119252

Not as much of a fetish but dominating another team in sports with my SO feels great

No. 119256

File: 1563209013793.jpg (30.36 KB, 736x414, 5ec302303d8400c40ce08800a69b81…)

Obese men are the lowest form of life. Imagine having the potential to have a practical and aesthetic body, but instead choosing to be a flabby bitch of a man child. Cute cartoons can't hide the reality of flesh turned necrotic due to obesity.
Well proportioned obese women are the peak aesthetic. Don't @ me otherwise

No. 119261

sorry about your microchode, my dude

No. 119263

i’m into femdom but only with men who are taller and stronger than me. i’m not into twinks at all. there’s something really sexy about having a grown, strong man letting down his guard, worshipping me, and letting me boss them around. i love their idea of smothering boys with my boobs too lol. my boyfriend is 6”4 and i’m 5”1 so i get to live this fetish out irl and i feel so lucky!

No. 119272

Fuck yeah. I'm a switch but there's something so much hotter about a big, strong guy that can easily resist somehow being under your control. Twinks are overrated.

No. 119277

I'd love to have a huge, muscular man as a pet. Maybe a whole herd of them. A field full! They could pull a carriage I'd ride around in. I'd keep one on a leash like a dangerous dog when I wanted to walk around town, he'd look like a complete brute to everyone else but wouldn't dare even look at me funny.

No. 119288

File: 1563229217022.jpg (332.83 KB, 1200x1416, jazzmusic.jpg)

>Obese men are the lowest form of life. Imagine having the potential to have a practical and aesthetic body, but instead choosing to be a flabby bitch of a man child.
It's true and you should say it.
My sistren.
Statements like this are why you all get shat on

No. 119290

Holy shit this. The juxtaposition between their strong manly appearance and their vulnerability and complete submission to you is the hottest. I can see why other people like twinks, but twinks kinda ruin it for me especially if they're dainty and frail. There isn't that same juxtaposition that I find hot.

No. 119302

Beating a man senseless and leaving him bruised and scratched. I don't care about femdom and stay away from the thread, don't hate men either. My m friend let me slap his back once and even tho it felt good leaving marks I didn't like the fact he enjoyed getting hit.

No. 119307

It's not really the incest aspect of it that excites me, but nothing gets me wetter than a guy casually calling me "little sister" (depending on my mood, "big sis" hits the spot too). It can sound kinda stilted in English but I love hearing it in languages that employ those terms to denote familiarity, like Chinese and Korean.

No. 119309

My fetish is to take a complete mess of a man, obese, bad hygiene, neet etc but super submissive and because he is so obedient he follows my every order and I slowly turn him into a chad. He would listen to me no matter what and I would turn him into the perfect man. I love the idea of a gross man bettering himself desperately just to please me.

No. 119312

File: 1563251391766.png (131.21 KB, 500x607, find-you-someone-that-will-tak…)

im in the process of doing this rn with a skelly.

No. 119313

Mmm yes. My ex is a subby twink but I'm interested in a bear type now.. And I love switching with him

No. 119349

File: 1563292432086.jpeg (129.43 KB, 1093x743, 6C8CE46D-6526-4B36-8392-6E0D7A…)

Yes! It bums me out when I see new people at the gym that kind of stay for a couple weeks and don’t go back. I’ve seen some big guys turn themselves around and look amazing.

No. 119386

I considered posting this in the old thread before, but tbf I'm not ashamed at all.

Since I first had sex I thought for years that I was super submissive, wanted to please, wanted to be fucked well rough, and it turned out that I had my wires crossed. I dont want to be the good little girl who gets fucked very hard, as porn and my naivety had me thinking, I just knew I wanted to be fucked very hard and how I wanted things, and thought being submissive suited me. I thought femdom was obscure and unfamiliar and that partners, especially men, would be weird about it.

You know where this is going. Now I'm very much the domineering one, especially when it comes to men. Especially with mature, very intelligent, usually artsy creative types who are also into degenerate shit. I love to piss in a mans mouth or on his chest and use him as a urinal. Kicking and slapping and kneeing him in the balls. Completely tying him up and blind folding him, to fuck him as I like, use him, or pour hot wax on him or whip him. Having him act as a stool or chair, having him require my permission to speak, hand signals for him to kneel at my command. Being eaten out in full lingerie including tights and almost suffocating him, and also facesitting reverse cowgirl style so I can kick him in the balls ft my stockings if needed. Spitting in his mouth and slapping him. Generally also love knifeplay, bloodplay, needleplay, wax play, any form of pain as long as I'm the one inflicting it (on him or me, weirdly). I'm average height but slim build now with small assets and tbh I think looking like the type of woman that men picture as their submissive fuckdoll, but actually pissing on them and kicking them, gives me just as much of a buzz.

It's so normalised to hear about or envision guys who love to spank women, pull their hair, make them choke on their dick and gag, tie them up in rudimentary bondage, make their mascara run, call them mildly degrading names etc etc, like even if you arent into it, you've read or heard or experienced it. Yet turn the tables and be a woman who is the boss in the bedroom and people will side eye you so hard lmao

No. 119389

You're completely right, anon. I can absolutely see how you got your wires crossed and I'm getting angry just thinking about it. Men exerting sexual power over women is completely normalized in pop culture and even seen as vanilla. How many times have you seen implied fellatio being used as a trope or even as comic relief? If there was a depiction of implied oral sex on a woman, it would inherently be regarded as dirtier and "weirder" than oral sex on a man.

No. 119433

File: 1563371973343.jpeg (166.42 KB, 750x705, B2135E44-61C5-4FD8-B9A6-2F2AD7…)

Just dropping by to say you're engaging in the kinks of the gods, anon. I fantasize about denying a man sex then watching him act the fool by furiously jerking off in front of me, because he's no better than an animal and needs that instant relief. Also watching a guy sheepishly realize he's eaten too much and his shirt is now too tight and showcasing his weight gain.

Stripping men of their dignity is the most divine pleasure there is.

No. 119482

File: 1563404953946.png (531.64 KB, 653x466, discussion.png)

>Imagine having your hair freshly washed and styles, only for some man to ruin it with his pee.

Man? Who said anything about men?

No. 119492

Any time a woman is with a man through the rough shit and helps him get on his feet, he leaves her the second he finds "something better." Don't do this IRL.

No. 119494

There's just something incredibly hot about androgynous or even slighly feminine guys that are well hung, ESPECIALLY if they are generally shy or ashamed of the size of their junk (just like some busty girls are ashamed of the size of their boobs and hate the fact that they can't hide them at all). Unfortunately it seems that this is a very niche fetish, but after getting into K-POP it's much easier to fantasise about it.

I think it's related to what was said here >>119290 there's something very manly about them, but they are also vulnerable, fragile and submissive to me. Normally I'm the one that enjoys being submissive in bed, but thinking about having my way with a guy like that and making him obey me is the most exciting thing ever!

No. 119497

Definitely agree with this. It’s kind of like an unexpected surprise to see a big dick on a small skinny effeminate man. The opposite is also amusing too. Big beasty tall muscle man with a tiny dick that he tries so desperately to compensate with is so much more fun to humiliate

No. 119498

Sorry for the blogpost/humblebrag but this is literally my bf. He was constantly mistaken for female in his youth and was extremely shy even though he had girls more or less throwing themselves at him. He only wears skinny jeans and smiles shyly when I tell him he looks like he's bursting out of his pants.

No. 119505

>tfw no feminine bf with big dick

No. 119507

It's not only the surprise, it's also the contrast between his boyish body and his oversized cock.

>He only wears skinny jeans and smiles shyly when I tell him he looks like he's bursting out of his pants.
GOD I'm so jealous! Please, tell me that you grope his junk often and it makes him blush. And if you don't, you should really start to do so!

No. 119510

Can I just say that I like this aesthetic, but I also want him to be more aggressive? A different branch of this type of guy: big dick, more feminine aesthetic, but also physically stronger and wanting to prove it. Not necessarily a huge guy though. Just someone that I wouldn't think could overpower me, but can. Idk I just find that hot myself.

No. 119511

Sounds like you're after a twink that regularly lifts weights lol. The feminine aesthetic with the hard muscles is great

No. 119514

Humiliation in particular is such a fickle thing for me. It turns me on so much, but I'm not as turned on if it's from a place of deep insecurity? I just want them to be embarrassed at the fact that they are being dommed, and blush like crazy.

I love teasing a buff boy who is sexually innocent and/or inexperienced, despite being hot and super masculine.

No. 119540

If you're small yourself most men will have that capability anon.

No. 119601

File: 1563511879072.jpg (52.1 KB, 563x553, 607f3806fa263d3d144ac69096725d…)

They kinda get a bad rep because of serial killers but,

No. 119602

File: 1563512649525.png (1.26 MB, 1280x1740, tumblr_prtjm1ddwV1ut3qibo2_128…)

there's so many sexy characters that wear masks and you pick some scrawny troon-looking thing?

No. 119604

File: 1563514003651.jpg (107.83 KB, 864x1200, 1558717645678.jpg)

Fight me
I like scrawny grunge dudes alright
also just really didn't want to post literal serial killers but here we are

No. 119620

File: 1563540680409.jpeg (37.49 KB, 540x810, 3D399196-9FFA-4465-B3D5-39AC8A…)

Nice military uniforms. But especially goth military clothing. I despise the military as such and I am aware that a huge portion of it glorifies and fetishizes nazi symbolism. But I just can’t help it. It’ll make me submit within seconds if worn with the right attitude.

No. 119621

File: 1563541074589.png (1.67 MB, 1242x1385, d8yjs3c-780e55a8-5cbc-4df4-aa6…)


wait that's my fetish too…

it's because i'm autistic though, no eye contact please.

No. 119622

My bf is like this lmao. I'm a wimp to be fair though, although not short. We get called "ladies" sometimes when he's cleanshaven until people look closer and notice the stubble and jawline, or he talks. I love pretty men, and he's incredibly handsome in a very pretty way, so I feel like I've really lucked out. I'm not ashamed of my boyfriend being my fetish(es), living my best life here

No. 119639

File: 1563552739585.jpg (122.73 KB, 992x558, 1553940811323.jpg)

Neo-Nazi's falling in love with black women,Just something about the mental image of a skinhead with a SS Tattoo on his shoulder and Swastika T-shirt who has a beautiful black girl around his arms just makes me smile(necessaryspeed4)

No. 119643

You were right the first time when you were ashamed of it, white cuck.

No. 119645

nta but i think it's cute in a fucked up way lol

No. 119658

>I'm not ashamed of my boyfriend being my fetish(es), living my best life here
I don't think people should feel ashamed of that, as long as it's nothing very weird and there's a genuine emotional chemistry there's nothing wrong with it.

Also, I'm >>119494 and I'm jealous as fuck, enjoy your near-perfect boyfriend! And if you don't mind share some stories with us too!

No. 119664

i was thinking about some kpop/jpop guys i like when i was reading your first descriptions lol. androgynous style in men should be more popular, it's hot.

No. 119674

I feel nothing when I look at Kpop boys. Girls is a different story and I don't understand why. I know I'm straight, maybe I just like pretty girls.

No. 119686

Not really a fetish but more of a turn on. I don't have a daddy kink at all but I love being talked to in a baby voice and honestly if a man wants to get in my pants legit pretty much all he has to do is talk to me in a baby voice.

No. 119691

I have an oral fixation and have met guys from 4chan to suck them off. They were mostly from soc, but a few were from r9k.

Once I picked one of those guys up with my car and after we were done he said he wanted more and he convinced me to have full blown sex in the car.
Turned out to be amazing sex.

No. 119698

File: 1563625964372.jpg (126.85 KB, 768x511, WINNER%20group%20picture%20eve…)

lol yeah I think it's the obvious choice. I also like the fact that they are Asians, they usually have cocks that are swarthier than the rest of their skin and I find that very aesthetic.

Something that I really like is to stare at group pictures or collages like this one and think about who has the biggest one. I know it's really shallow to focus so much on size alone, but I just can't help it.

I feel the same, I enjoy looking at pretty girls but I consider myself straight.

>Turned out to be amazing sex.

No. 119699

I fucked up! The last reply was meant to be this.

>Turned out to be amazing sex.
That was a huge risk, aren't guys from 4chan basically trash?

No. 119702

Most of the guys I've met weren't relationship material, yeah. But then again they were meeting me just for that specific thing. Some of them could be virgins or very inexperienced for all I know, but I just like how they react when I'm sucking them off. Fingers through my hair, pulling my head slightly when they're ready to come, monaning, etc…

No. 119713

was this recently? why 4chan and not tinder or something like that?

No. 119714

Wow have some self respect. This is straight embarrassing. Lucky you didnt end up like that one girl.

No. 119718

I understand your oral fixation, I'm also unironicly really really really into sucking guys off but like…why 4chan? Why not tinder or guys you met at the bar

No. 119719

are you also not ashamed of sucking bottom of the barrel type dick

No. 119725

That's depressing. You girls go hang out with dudes from 4chan of all places then come here complain about hurr all men are trash. Get better taste.

No. 119760

I could try Tinder as well. With a goal of 30 days, 30 guys. Hard but doable I guess. lol

No. 119763

>implying that lolcow is any better than 4chan
lmao. Stop acting like your shit doesn't stink. You're all bottom of the barrel trash too.

No. 119765

Yeah, keep telling yourself that scrote lmfao. Most people here are pretty normal.

No. 119769

I can relate to this and would happily choose guys from image boards over tinder. In my experience they can be a lot more appreciative and are sometimes really thankful when you suck them off. Like anon said: most of them are virgins.
Tinder guys usually want to prove how great of a fuck they are. They want you to worship their cock and act like you're having the best time of your life while having average sex that lasts 5min tops. Nah, thank you.
Never had that with NEETs/Hikkis. They're happy with whatever action they're getting.

No. 119770

>Most people here are pretty normal.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that cunt lmfao.

No. 119772

lolcow still isn’t as retarded as 4chan. nice cope.

No. 119773

>lolcow still isn’t as retarded as 4chan.

No. 119774

there’s a reason those dudes are virgins lmao, and it’s because no one wants them. that’s why they’re thankful. why would you wanna fuck them?

No. 119775

Usually they’re virgins because they‘re either not conventionally attractive, nerds, weird retards or whatever. And since I don’t want to date or be friends with them that’s not really something I care about. Why should I? As long as they have basic hygiene, I don’t see the problem tbh.

No. 119777

Nice projections. Also, they don't really care that you don't want them or want to be friends with them. lmao You act like it's your decision when if wouldn't make a difference

No. 119778

Is this a LARP? If not, please love yourself.

No. 119783

these type of guys exist on dating sites too tho. just be careful!

No. 119784

so necessaryspeed is the cuckposter
not surprising at all

No. 119791

i met up with a guy from 4chan and even though i think he's autistic, he's pretty hot, he's funny and really good at domming me. it was worth it, we're probably gonna fuck again. he really loves kissing, giving head and fingering, too bad his dick wouldn't stay up for fuck or get sucked off for long.

No. 119794

not surprised that tranny hentai addicts last 5 milliseconds into a blowjob.

No. 119802

he isnt into tranny shit though and i guess he was nervous so that's why he lost his erection

No. 119803

nope, that's the porn addiction talking. the typical guy can get hard with little effort. 4channers are not typical men. their libido is ruined from over-jerking to hentai which is even more exaggerated than normal porn.

No. 119804

yup. i took my bfs virginity and he was on anti-depressants at the time and still had no issue lasting and getting hard since he doesn’t watch porn. on the contrary, i have friend who’s bf is a porn addict and can’t barely last long enough to satisfy her

No. 119805

i mean no shit lol yeah he said he's been jerking off too much so he's going to stop for a few days
i asked what he jerks off to and it isn't hentai but it is some extreme/hardcore stuff. he is into all the weird shit i like that comes with being dommed so i wasn't surprised he jerked off to a more extreme version of what we do

No. 119812

Sorry to burst your bubble but there are also guys that watch a lot of porn and can get and hold an erection without fail. On the other hand, my first boyfriend was super shy and introverted and masturbated like 3 times/year but had huge issues because he was super insecure about his dick and performance.
inb4 he just lied to me and did jerk off too much and lies like every guy does yada yada

No. 119818

NTA, i'm the other anon and yeah a lot of farmers tend to enjoy lumping men into one big pile of shit especially if they use 4chan. i used to be that way too until i got out more and got laid more.

sage for OT/possibly annoying sperging

No. 119821

I don't think it's about generalizing all men who use 4chan but more about the likelihood of you meeting someone who might actually murder you on 4chan? Surely some guys on 4chan are good guys but I still wouldn't take my chances.

No. 119832

>Men who use 4chan
Lmao. Nice one

No. 119848

I wanna tie Max G to a bed and fuck him and punch him in the fucking face
I'd make him wear red heels and a nazi officer hat
I want him to call me a nasty kike bitch and then I'd spit in his face and yank his nose ring real hard just to see him panic and cum accidentally
bald/ing fat gingers are my thing anyway, but he's the only one that inspires fuckrage in me

No. 119868

good thread because i'm not really ashamed of my sexual interests. i just really like when guys that are bigger than me treat me like a dumb slut and throw me around and use me. obviously i have limits, but i really like being surprised and scared. i actually like feeling abused or somewhat raped but i know that's controversial to say. i get into this headspace where i don't know what's going on anymore and i feel really high. i love getting marked up and slapped around and treated like shit, it just really gets me off.

the other day a guy made me do three shots out of his mouth so i got drunk then he licked my eye, made me pee while he watched, and almost made me puke in his sink. it was really hot. when i drive home i feel great and accomplished honestly.

No. 119941

That sounds super hot tbh… Ashamed because I'm a fucking repressed virgin who only wants to save for a bf plus it's 4chan. Although because it's 4chan, it appeals to me a bit more, that and I find autism to be adorable.
I'm also pretty scared too because of what happened to that girl and that it's 4chan.

No. 119960

File: 1563949388838.jpg (81.08 KB, 500x625, Power Armor.jpg)

I like masks that are more like this.
Like power armor or other futureisticness.
I guess it's the mystery of it, but there still has to be a good looking guy underneath it.

No. 119993

File: 1563989083480.jpg (36.06 KB, 599x563, 1458797193324.jpg)

That sounds really hot, anon. I also want my muscular men to call me their mistress, princess or queen/empress. And ofc kiss my hand etc.

No. 120020

very gross, bad idea, also sounds boring. sucking the dicks of strange men is top shelf pathetic

No. 120092

Do you like Warframe, my friend?

No. 120115

Yeah, but after they revealed what the frames actually are, their not sexy to me anymore, just aesthetic.

No. 120352

I totally have a breeding fetish. I don't want to be pregnant or have kids but the thought of being impregnated or having sex specifically to get pregnant is so hot to me.

No. 120426

File: 1564466398498.jpg (40.16 KB, 449x700, skeleton.jpg)

calaca facepaint

No. 120465

Degradation and getting pissed on.

No. 120469

cmnf but mostly in private, maybe at specific clubs or parties, but never out in public

There‘s a scene in Mad Men that basically captures the specific fantasy linked to that perfectly.
Being locked in a hotel room/apartment/whatever for a while just to exist for someone’s pleasure. I’m only allowed to talk or do stuff that I’m told to.
Bonus points if he tells me to masturbate while he sits on a chair and watches without showing any sign of arousal. Even better when combined with orgasm denial.

I just want some middle aged, wealthy man in a suit to (want to) own me.

No. 120474

This type of clothing looks just funny to me but I love gas masks.

I had sex with a guy once who wasnt exactly feminine but very short, a bit soft, had babyface, small hands and feet. Huge cock. Im not a size queen but I liked how weird it looked. I have always been into short guys, shorter girls too but Im taller than average so they arent rare.

I have a lot of stuff I like, I was a lonely sad teen and had a lot of time to rot ny brain with porn. I have stopped watching it almost completely as an adult but I guess the damage is done. Biggest things would be femdom related and I also love eating ass.

No. 120476

File: 1564522014866.jpg (9.28 KB, 480x360, bigjb21.jpg)

>having sex with a very short tiny babyaced man
You're so lucky, anon. What's the secret on how to get them interested? I want one in my life.

No. 120480

my crush's hands are so fucking beautiful i can't stop watching them. he has nice long fingers and often wears rings. his hands are very soft. everytime he touches me my heart starts to beat really fast. i think he is aware of it because he's been subtlely teasing me about it

No. 120556

>I had sex with a guy once who wasnt exactly feminine but very short, a bit soft, had babyface, small hands and feet. Huge cock. Im not a size queen but I liked how weird it looked.
Do tell us more kind anon.

No. 120579

File: 1564655499500.jpg (69.63 KB, 1280x720, bobbeh.jpg)

cool your jets anons she described him as

> a bit soft

so he probably looked like Bobby Hill kek

No. 120623

I dont really know, but I think some guys can be afraid of hitting on taller/same height girls so you should clearly show your interest. Showering and being confident always works lol.

What do you want to know?

Kek. He did have thick thighs and some belly but thinner than bobby.

No. 120637

>tfw clean and okay looking and have been confident enough to ask out several
Thank you anyway anon, perhaps my issue is that I'm too confident.

No. 120657

How did you meet him? Was the sex good?

No. 120781

so much bullshit online and irl turned me off of it but I'm really enjoying tapping into my submissive side.
It's always been there but it was pretty balanced and I always wanted to experiment with dominance and switching … or just plain effortless vanilla sex on the rougher side (I'd still consider myself rather vanilla as I hate most forced tryhard shit)

I'm really learning just how personal it's for me and the partner individually. Has to be someone special for sure should I ever get to live it out. I wanna tap into it more when the time is right but it's fun just fantasising and thinking about it for myself.

I even feel if I'm more in tune with and more confident in this side of me, that I will have a better time attracting the right partner that can fulfill my needs.

No. 120790

File: 1564870340837.png (167.23 KB, 500x606, DdmsIvH.png)

>all these feeders ITT

No. 120791

It's probably men. Cannot wait until summer is over.

No. 120896


I had an ex who could take a fist in his ass, in our three years of dating I only did it a handful (pun lol) of times cos it was more just something I did for him..

Now I've been single for a while and I've found a male porn star who takes fists and massive strap-ons in a bunch of scenes and I can't stop watching them all the time

No. 121030

File: 1565111583322.jpg (142.48 KB, 900x540, bowie-1.jpg)

I like teeth and eyebrows..
-and men who are manly but have softer features-

No. 121251

Only if she's not already his ideal.

No. 121338

i've seen some flop youtuber i have a crush on in my dream and we were trying to fuck and it was nice. he was gigantic, he's like 45 cm taller than me and our size difference made it really exciting. it's such a normie kink but i love men and women who have way bigger proportions than me.

No. 121471

File: 1565754861568.gif (1.85 MB, 320x240, 1565599557320.gif)

I suddenly have a huge thing for grungy or rocker guys who have long hair. They have to also be twinks to some degree.
I want to watch them fuck and/or engage in casual bondage.

No. 121540

don't try this at home, you might actually die. i have type 1 diabetes and the whole dumb "diabetic cum tastes sweeter" thing is on my mind sometimes. people say it does taste sweet if your blood sugar is really high. tfw no diabetic bf to 69 with while we are about to die from hyperglycemia

No. 121550

Whats your opinion on season 2 Billy Hargrove ?

No. 121562

File: 1565826037627.jpg (32.63 KB, 968x681, dacre-montgomery-1.jpg)

Nice eyes, but I can't deal with the facial hair. If he'd shave that and grow his hair out some more, I'd probably be into him.
I'm personally more into Rory Culkin and Jack Kilmer in their Lords of Chaos roles.

No. 121616

I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. i hate sissy hypnosis with a fucking passion. since it became a huge thing in the last like 3-4 years, every single content creator caters to them almost exclusively because they're fucking whales. I don't even like telling people I'm into hypnosis because they'll probably think it's some weird sissy shit, and I can't really blame them. The sissy hypnosis subreddit is over 2x the size of the normal erotic hypnosis one (though that one is far too redditmale to look at anyway). The 8chan hypnosis board literally has (had I guess) wars where sissy people get pissy that people are making fun of them, and they just spam the entire board to kill every other thread.

anyway… i haven't really found a good source for hypnosis content that I like. there are a couple tumblrs with gifs that have those GOOD moments, but that's really it other than youtube, and the tumblrs like barely post.

No. 121642

do you have any reccs on where I can see those really good (non sissy) ones?

No. 121644

well i'm a little hesitant because it's quite spaghetti. but ok! there's hypnogirlgifs and eyedreaming, those are both run by straight men and a little…idk sketchy energy. there's also fegerty which is all guys being hypnotized. i don't look at male content all that much, so there are probably others findable from the likes on fegerty's posts. all of those are dot tumblr dot com.

No. 121753

big dick

No. 121764

that's not a fetish that's a basic requirement lmao

No. 121842

100% this. I'm hoping in my heart they're men. I can take BDSM and mind control and femdom and all that lowkey perverted shit but feederism is one of those sick traits I have no mercy for. I opened this thread to see some relatable fetishes and instead got something I see more on Deviantart under the Sonic the Hedgehog tag.

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