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File: 1545074506968.jpg (210.17 KB, 673x1024, 1495803099649.jpg)

No. 103439

Old thread seems to have reached it's limit.

>Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.

No. 103440

I've been trying to style my hair into big loose curls with foam rollers (because I don't wanna use heat on my hair) but they're such a pain in the ass to sleep with, I always end up removing them during the night. Has anyone had success with foam rollers?

No. 103441

Does anyone know an affordable dupe for Olaplex? I bleached all the black dye out of my (natural dishwater blonde) hair and I'm now growing it out in my natural color and the ends are frieddddddddd. Coconut oil weekly helps but after my next trim I want something better to help with my puffy split ends!

No. 103443

File: 1545075112811.jpg (168 KB, 1136x1136, e8e9f5534ebf715e470026dfbf512d…)

So… I'm wondering if clarifying shampoo and crushed up vitamin C tablets would actually make permanent hair dye fade? Is it damaging?

I want to go lighter but don't want to go straight to bleaching.

Have you tried using a bandana or similar? That's sort of the only thing that comes to mind

No. 103444

File: 1545075764834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1022.58 KB, 1512x3052, PicsArt_12-17-01.39.24.jpg)

I also have a question about lightening. This is my current color. I dyed it very dark brown in June and haven't touched it up since. My natural color is an ash dark blonde. Would bleaching it right now get it to a light blonde in one go? I want an ombre/balayage/whatever where my roots are left alone so it can grow out healthier.

No. 103453

Yeah I think so, your hair is pretty light.

No. 103456

Not those dark spots, it's going to come out patchy even if you used a 40-50.

No. 103464

File: 1545087264389.jpeg (570.76 KB, 1125x1155, 438550C0-33FE-464A-B0FA-7FE2F5…)

Buy this, it should remove everything

No. 103465

I planned on going to a salon, so idk how they're going to deal with the patchiness. That's one of the things I was pretty worried about.

No. 103468

They can't unless you're in LA or NY or something and can afford an appointment with a renowned hair stylist. If it's just your local joe shmoe "fancy" salon, it's going to come out patchy until you can get it lightened completely and dyed with a light colour to make it even.

No. 103470

Has anyone had good results with olaplex? I haven't had natural hair for a good 10 years and my hair is getting pretty sad. $30 is pretty steep for something that seems too good to be true.

No. 103471

Yeah, I'm not near any major city like that. Shit. So, if I use the color remover like >>103464 mentioned before I go, would that help it come out more evenly?

No. 103475

I bleached my hair and a couple months later started having insane breakage. Now I’ve just got all these short frizzy hairs at the top of my head. I’m so depressed about it. If I could pull off a pixie cut I would start from fresh but I can’t.

Any tips for growing out damaged hair? Right now I’m sticking to 1 trim a month. Cut everything to my shoulders.

No. 103476

I've had bad breakage for a while now, even though I stopped bleaching and colouring my hair to try to prevent it. I don't have tips for growing it out (except wait? lol). But my hairdresser taught me a trick for the short frizzies. Spray a teasing comb with hairspray and lightly brush your roots down. Also, try not to wear hats if you can avoid it, especially wooly ones, because that will create static and make the hairs stand up.

No. 103514


When I destroyed my hair from bleaching and cutting wasn't an option, I focused on trying to create optimum conditions for it to grow out which worked:

1. If your hair is bad enough for it to be breaking off, it's probably hellfire dry so don't wash it for at a week. It made my hair look way better as it allowed my hair oils to get to the ends of my hair by brushing it from root to end daily. Also in general, don't wash it too much. Cornstarch is your best friend if the roots are too oily.

2. This Moroccan oil double pack was great: https://m.feelunique.com/p/Moroccanoil-Hair-and-Body-Duo-Special-Edition?url=Moroccanoil-Hair-and-Body-Duo-Special-Edition&slang=EN&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnk4eub7QaHgwLu2t72SQIZsZzj_gwhIARNfkmW2OP_xID_aXzXq0QxBoCt3sQAvD_BwE

I've just included the first link I saw but it's cheapest at salon supply stores.

3. Deep treatments improve the look of the hair. L'oreal professionel absolut repair lipidum is a really good product but it is a tad pricey.

3. (a) I saw this hack on YouTube where you put your straightener on low heat, wrap aluminium foil around it and "straighten" your hair with a treatment mask on it and it had a visible effect on my ends especially. (Here's a video: https://youtu.be/TthHf4zIJWU)

4. As soon as your hair grows even if that shit is like 0.000000001cm CUT IT OFF otherwise the breakage will continue up the length of the hair.

No. 103526

I've heard that protein packs are almost the same thing as Olaplex. I've used the Palmer's brand before and it worked really well on my hair.

No. 103533

Farmers I need a lot of help with my hair. I’m so lost with what to do with it and it’s so ugly and unflattering. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It’s all one layer now essentially and I know I need some sort of cut to make it look decent instead of flat and limp. Any cut suggestions? I kind of want to grow it out but I’m not sure what long style to have since I feel like it always makes my hair limp.

It’s a few inches below my shoulders and a mix of black and brown. I meant to dye it a dark brown but it ended up black ugh. I’m trying to wash out the black with a head and shoulders shampoo I use everyday. I also condition every day (mostly the mid park and the ends).

I have eye length straight bangs and they are just so lifeless! I have super straight hair so they just kind of hang there. I need bangs though because I have an 8 head sadly. Is there any way to style them and give them some volume without calling too much attention to my big nose?

Last question , anyone else have flat, limp, super straight hair styling tips? I’ve noticed it looks nice wavy but I have 0 idea how to wave. I’ve tried to use a straightener to make waves but they look super crimped, and have never managed to use a curler. Should I just try harder to learn one of these hair stylers or is there an easy waver?

No. 103561

I am currently growing my hair out. Any tips for taking care of long hair and any idea of hairstyles I could use at work (Hair needs to be out of my face for health and safety reasons)

No. 103576

Sorry I can't really help you with texture, I have the opposite problem(won't lay flat how I want it to, a bit too thick).Perhaps switching away from sulfates and silicone-enhanced conditioners would help. The cones in most conditioners are probably really weighing down your hair. I would recommend nixing that.
BUT one good way to get waves is to braid your hair when it is a little damp(not wet, too damaging). I have also had success with making rag curls and then combing through them, it looks fancier to me. But YMMV.
For the texture, if I were you I would visit a salon or even just a mid range place if youre on a budget.
Personally, I didn't believe the stylist a month ago when she said she could getmy hair to settle down. She did, because that's what pros are paid to do.

No. 103592

File: 1545270323643.jpg (50.18 KB, 459x610, 06b702823c1454886888ece3c30b01…)


Every single damn natural color i've tried isn't as flattering as unnatural colors
I have pale neutral grey ish skin and very very dark brown eyes and havent be able to find a natural looking match since ive ditched unnatural hair colors, my natural ashy black makes me look diseased so do blondes a redhead copper looked the best but but i couldn't make it look natural with my bushy black brows

Ive stopped dying my hair since finishing school to ~blend in~ more since i was probably going to have to look for a job or something but i just feel less-attractive than what i could be and looking at old pictures makes me miss the old look and how good it made me look in general

No. 103595

I'd also recommend the generic advice of doing protein treatments and avoiding shampoos/conditioners with sulfates. Regular masks are designed to add in moisture, but super damaged hair from bleach is porous and needs structure. Don't do the protein on your non damaged hair though, it'll make your healthy hair dependent on the treatments. I gave up and dyed my hair as closely to my natural color as I could and just had to deal with nasty feeling hair for a long time. It's been about a year and a half and my hair is finally looking good.

No. 103597


Saw you on /fa/ anon !
I have dark brown eyes and is greyish pale as well, so blonde made me look dead without make up as well as black.

If you want to have a natural hair colour, I recommend a chocolate brown, it gave life to my face without makeup but it's boring. (Changing back to unnatural for the exact same reasons)

Have you tried lightening your eyebrows a bit? There are lightening kits for facial hair that I use for my eyebrows. Even if you do it too long, as long as you wear makeup you'll be able to make them a colour that works with your hair.

No. 103619

File: 1545283669590.jpeg (42.24 KB, 535x575, hair.jpeg)

is it possible for someone with super thick straight hair to have hair like this?

even with straightening a blunt cut, i get triangle hair or when i get layers, it gets too voluminous. and no, i'm not getting an undercut.

No. 103627

Japanese hair straightening

No. 103632

This will sound weird, but hypothetically can women pull off the caesar haircut? I've seen some photos of black women who look pretty good but I wonder if it would still work on typical white features. I haven't been able to find good reference photos of this cut on women and it's making me even more curious. I have long and boring hair and it's driving me towards extreme hair thoughts lol but I don't want to give up the growth so I can't take the plunge

No. 103635

Even Caesar couldn't pull off the Caesar haircut, or am I thinking of something completely different
Is be very curious to see some reference

No. 103651

Unless you've got a particularly striking face, I wouldn't go for the full structured Caesar cut, but maybe a softened more feminine version of it. Get it textured on top and have the fringe thinned a bit so if you get sick of it, you can sweep it to the side more easily.

No. 103660

If you want to look like Halsey go for it.

No. 103678

Coconut oil on the ends and after washing.

Use a silk cap or silk pillowcase when sleeping, it helps stop breakage and helps your natural oil to moisturise your hair shaft. I guarantee those frizzes will be smoothed down if you use one.

My damaged hair has grown out and improved so much since doing this.

No. 103686

File: 1545335487013.jpg (21.25 KB, 600x600, UK300051959_COLOR_WOW.jpg)

Get a Brazilian blowout. Lasts ages and your hair goes pin straight with just a hairdryer for months. Or for something cheaper get Colourwow Dream Coat.

No. 103700

File: 1545353790635.jpg (144.67 KB, 848x1200, DsCzIFZWoAAUGqn.jpg:large.jpg)

I've never dyed my hair before. I am really pale due to being hikiko with cool-ish undertones (erring on the side of neutral I guess) and I have dark brown hair. What colors would look good? I am totally new to this sort of thing, sorry for the far-reaching question.

No. 103701

Ah, I should add that I have blue eyes that are sort of grey-ish.

No. 103702

File: 1545354214738.png (114.68 KB, 750x652, Image-9.png)

does anyone know what kind of curling iron can give you this kind of curl?

No. 103703


1 1/2 inch curling wand. Wrap the hair flat against the barrel making sure it doesn’t twist. Finger comb then you’re good to go!

No. 103704

Curl where? It's barely wavey. Fast curl your hair with any sized wand and let it fall out throughout the day or make subtle waves with a straightener.

No. 103707

why are you dying your hair then? no one's gonna see it.

No. 103710

File: 1545360623743.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)

i kekd

No. 103713

File: 1545361272929.jpg (49.67 KB, 607x675, DtWBjB5U4AAlfsR.jpg:large.jpg)

I don't understand. I would bleach it first.

No. 103714

don't waste someone else's money on changing your hair color if no one will see it.

No. 103719

File: 1545363324523.jpg (14.8 KB, 249x238, DZaFx1oVQAAu_zA.jpg:large.jpg)

What is this meme

No. 103729

Maybe don't self-identify as a hikkikomori and people won't tell you to fuck off.

No. 103733

What's wrong with not being able to go outside most of the time, I have hypochrondiasis/agoraphobia : (

No. 103735

File: 1545378251927.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1125x1425, AE900A62-3F49-4DD3-A790-D32BFC…)

Bc we all know you are a tumour retard with no willingness to move forward in life spending someone else’s money on internet so you can brag about being a tumor retard.

Using 4chan memes in lolcow & emojis when is frowned upon on the board, and bragging about being a shut in retard like half the cows displayed here doesn’t make you shpeshul UWU.

1)use the money for a doctor
2)Medicare yourself
3) get your own money instead of being a leach
4) die your hair the spesul OWO colours you want.

No. 103745

Any anons dealing with thinning hair? My hair has a little texture and is curly so I have some illusion of volume but my crown/part is getting kinda sparse. I got a PRP treatment done which sort of helped but it's too expensive to keep up with long term. Any advice? Might just shave my head and wear wigs if it keeps getting worse.

No. 103772

I bet there are "mature-hair" tutorials that are aimed at older people that focus on thinning hair that you could cherry-pick for yourself, since it's a big problem with getting older. Generally, I hear that darker roots makes hair look thicker close to the scalp. Also, have you tried changing the way you part your hair? A deep side-part would put more volume on top of your hair, or if you're already doing that, change the part to the other side. Probably want to see a specialist eventually though.

No. 103793


Ah nice tip on the mature hair vids, I've never thought of that before. Thanks! I might as well go to a specialist soon too, while my hair is still salvageable…

No. 103893

File: 1545574140589.jpeg (208.7 KB, 1140x932, C74480A3-2007-4ABC-9026-CC44DA…)

Yes, Olaplex is definitely the business anon (I assume you’re specifically asking about Step 3). For the best results, ignore the 10 minute suggestion on the back and saturate your dirty hair in it before bed. Then wrap it in plastic and a towel, and shampoo it out in the morning. It’s not a protein treatment so leaving on for an extended period isn’t going to cause harm.

Olaplex is what saved me a few years back when my hair was platinum (and for the subsequent following years when my hair was still super damaged and just covered up with brown dye).

This is my hair during both colors, using Olaplex every now and then, and investing in a high quality shampoo. Olaplex isn’t going to save your hair if your using shit shampoo/conditioner regularly btw.

Protein packs are absolutely NOT a the same. Olaplex helps remind the hair. This is not what protein does. Also, beware of over proteinizing your hair. If you leave it too long and it’s not what your hair needs, the protein will dry out and damage your hair and you’ll get a bunch of breakage.

First off, throw that head and shoulders into the trash. The amount of silicone in that shampoo is probably adding a crazy amount of weight to your (I’m assuming) fine and straight hair. It’ll be really hard to nicely style your hair until you strip the silicone out of your hair.

If you want something harsh to pull out the black dye in your hair, once a week wash your hair with Dawn dish soap and use a good (i.e. non-silicone) hair mask afterwards. The dawn will probably help strip the build up in your hair at the same time so it’s a win-win.

After you’ve switched to a sulfate free (your dyed hair needs the moisture) shampoo and silicone free conditioner, pick up a medium sized round blow dry brush and learn how to do a proper blow out. As long as the round brush isn’t too small, you should be able to use it on your bangs as well to give them a little shape without making them puffy and round. A little volumizing powder rubbed into your roots will go a LONG way to helping your hair appear more voluminous overall. They can be a little expensive, and there’s a slightly tacky/dry feeling on the scalp, but I find that a results override any temporary discomfort.

Sorry for hair sperging btw. I miss working at a salon lol.

No. 103894

Any recommendations for tick dry hair? I use Pantene but it's too greasy and my hair just feels dirty… Idk what to do or what to use, when i straighten my hair it gets so fuzzy and dull looking, also i get dandruff easily because it's so dry… Ugh

No. 103899

File: 1545582701386.jpg (10.54 KB, 187x270, download (1).jpg)

Actually, Jerome Russell does a dupe called JPlex if you're UK. It's decent!

No. 103905

Got any other tips for stripping black dye?

No. 103912

not the same anon, but I use shea moisture products. They have all-natural ingredients and don't contain sulphates or parabens which most normal shampoo's have that dry out your hair. Their conditioner also doesn't contain silicon (which adds a shit ton of weight and feels greasy like previous anon said) I have curly hair and I use the curl & shine range but they have other stuff for non-curly hair

No. 103913

forgot to mention, but I also get quite bad dandruff, it's reduced significantly since using their products but I still get it from time to time. Thinking of trying out their hair mask to see if that helps

No. 103920

My scalp has been flaky for a long ass time. I do not dye or heat style it. I tried dandruff shampoos which dried my skin out and caused more flakiness. I then thought it was fungal bc I was letting my hair air dry. So, I mixed a little tea tree oil in my shampoo and started to dry the roots with a blow dryer, which I thought worked, but alas, my scalp got flaky again a day or so later. I also use coconut oil once or twice per week to moisturize my hair and scalp.

I'm starting to think it's the minerals and whatever else in the water here. We have hard water in my region and I can feel the flakiness of the mineral deposits on my skin and scalp.
Has anyone dealt with this before? I will be buying a hard water filter for my shower head but that may take a few weeks. Please tell me my diagnosis is correct and it gets better anons!

Ty anon(s?) I'm in the USA but am happy to hear there are options!

No. 103923

could it be psoriasis? buy t-gel and a salicylic shampoo and use those interchangeably for a few weeks and see how that works.

No. 103943

The crushed vitamin C tablet thing does actually help too, although if you’ve used a box dye from the store you’re still going to have a tough time. The tablet trick works better with stained semi permanents in my experience.

Definitely stop using the Patene as soon as you’re able. Regardless of your hair type, that stuff is just gonna make your hair heavy and dry feeling from the silicone build up. Do you have a photo of your own hair, or at least someone with similar hair? “Thick” means so many different things to different people it’s hard for me to give you decent advice.

Although I agree with the other anon that replied to you. As some really basic/general advice, Shea Moisture is a pretty decent budget line for thicker hair types.

If you can find it, Giovanni’s 2chic line is another budget friendly option that’s fairly good. I live overseas and found some in a “western hair care” import store. It’s not my first choice, but it’s definitely good enough to tide me over until I can pick up my regular stuff on my next trip home.

No. 103945

File: 1545628332445.jpg (3.18 MB, 1761x2485, 67_d.jpg)

Thank you anons!
The shea moisture is available in my local Walmart, Will buy asap, i hate using Pantene kek but I got lazy searching for a shampoo…

I'll add a picture (my hair is dirty and curled cause i was working out wearing breads). I checked for that 2chic product and it's available in a kinda shifty website for my country so I'll search more, my hair is a total mess and gets split ends all the time,I started using that argain oil from OGX, but doesn't really work..
Thanks again!

Also I'm not the one for giving advice but when i get dandruff i use that vinegar with water trick, it works most of the time

No. 103946

Apple cider vinegar. Three or four times and it got rid of my flaky dry ass scalp.

No. 103947

Apple cider vinegar. Three or four times and it got rid of my flaky dry ass scalp.

No. 103948

My hair was very thin from my birth (think Dakota Rose level of thin) and very limp.
Is there anything I could do to promote heir growth?
By this point only hair transplants would probably help, but I'm too poor for that. I just have a buzzcut so nobody notices how thin my hair is. And I like buzzcuts, but I hope to pull off a pixie one day.

No. 103954

no, those are your genetics.

No. 103962

File: 1545666628336.jpg (76.33 KB, 1000x1000, SBS-140605.jpg)

Curse you, BTZ, for changing the formula of the Spike It Cement!

And I'm stuck with 3 because I bought 2 to get 1 free online. The last time I bought any was when I stocked up a year ago, so no chance of finding the old formula in a store to exchange.

The new formula dries dry, holds poorly, and doesn't add body.

I hate having to trial and error products, even if a lot of stores allow returns because ultimately it's wasteful.

No. 103995

It's probably been asked before but does anyone have issues/solutions for gray hair? I'm 26 and this year alone my gray hair has gotten ridiculous. I feel like a goddamn hag.

No. 104061

If you can't be bothered to keep dyeing all the time try l'oreal root coverup spray in any colour except the dark brown or black, because those transfer, the other lighter browns are fine. It lasts a couple of days and covers well.

I'm going through the same thing. The only way to reverse it is by getting a hair transplant like elon musk. You can derma roll and eat flavonoids for prevention. I've also heard people experiencing reversal of grays through intermittent fasting and keto diet.

No. 104208

File: 1546027488201.jpg (67.78 KB, 564x562, Hidden-Undercut-Glory.jpg)

Anybody have any experience with partial/hidden undercuts like in pic related?

I have medium length, curly/wavy hair that is super dense and thick. I love my natural hair texture but it is so thick and heavy that I have to tie it back 99% of the time so I don't overheat. It sucks because I look way cuter with my hair down but it's just so heavy and makes my neck so sweaty that I inevitably always give up and put it in a ponytail.
I feel like getting an undercut like this would help a lot - my hair wouldn't be so thick, heavy, and unmanageable, it'd be so much easier to wash and dry… plus the hairs there have a weird curl pattern and I wouldn't miss them at all if I were to shave them off. But I'm very anxious and not at all adventurous when it comes to doing anything to my hair so I'm hesitant. Any advice? Should I just bite the bullet?

No. 104209

I had one for years for the same reason and definitely recommend it. Just keep in mind that if you have a layered haircut, you will probably lose your longest layer.

No. 104263

File: 1546063002830.jpg (113.6 KB, 1080x1080, 19761872_1929000110652455_8566…)

I'm having my hair cut short in a few days but I'm clueless, idk what to pick

Can you guys recommend more cute short hairstyles like pic related?

No. 104264

i'm of no help because that is not a cute hairstyle

No. 104270

I got an undercut for the same reason, and it was great…until I decided to grow it out. It looks and feels so dumb rn. Hey, you'll never know until you do it, but I'm just sayin' that it's cool until you're over it. I can tell you that growing it out sucks because it gets poofy while being too short to tie.

No. 104271

This. I also had one for the same reason, but decided to grow it out because I'm pretty sure older me will appreciate not having to deal with that. It took about 4 years to grow out to something that blends nicely with the rest of my hair(lower back length)

No. 104272

Like the other anon said, sorry but that haircut looks awful! Specially the fringe…

No. 104290

i have a nap undercut like in your pic and i love it. it's great for keeping your neck cool in warm weather. like you, i have really thick and plentiful hair, though my hair is wavy and not curly. i got the undercut because i prefer shorter (bob/lob) styles but with thick hair you can end up with triangle head. it also lets you put your hair up without random pieces falling out. also my hair used to get tangled at the nape a lot

No. 104293

File: 1546101678735.jpg (28.01 KB, 405x607, Jenna-Coleman-25oct17-rexfeatu…)

This looks much less retarded

No. 104331

File: 1546132836504.jpg (75.57 KB, 564x846, cda090ee34aaf9c086afd3e4652e31…)

Does anyone know any good shampoos and conditioners that are $15 tops for type 2B/C hair? I've tried Maui Moisture but the coconut oil in the line I got from them broke me out. I'm considering trying the Fruit Fusion line from Shea Moisture. The only thing holding me back is the very mixed reviews.

No. 104335

Kevin Murphy shampoo

No. 104339

I have about the same curl type and I really like the Not Your Mother's Naturals line. I use the one with the pink and yellow bottle but I think they're all basically the same. Plus there's usually a BOGO 50% off coupon at Ulta/Walgreens etc. so you can get the shampoo and conditioner set for only $12 or so!

No. 104844

Every now and then I get this intense urge to shave all of my hair off.
It sucks, because I know I‘d look extremely ugly and growing it out is a huge pain in the ass. But I feel like I want to make this experience at least once in a lifetime.
I got a pixie cut once but regretted it so much that I immediately grew it out again and didn’t get my hair cut after this for years. Even though many people told me it looked so good on me, I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

But anyways… I just want to do it so badly. Closest to it was me giving mysef a sidecut the other night and it felt amazing. But I only like it because I can hide it fairly easily. But man, the thought of shaving it all off…
Does anyone else have this?

No. 104845

Ever since the first time I decided to cut my hair short, I've had this ongoing craving to do it again as soon as my hair has grown out. It's a vicious cycle, if you ask me.

The struggle for me is that while I look better with long hair, short hair (anything from a pixie to a buzzcut) is much more practical and comfortable. When I have long hair it's mostly in a ponytail anyway, and it's very fine and thin which means it gets oily and stringy within a day without proper washing.

Right now my hair has grown to just beneath my shoulders, and I'm having those intense shaving urges at least once a week, kek. I feel you, anon.

No. 104848


I love short hair too, mostly long bobs, but I’ve had to admit to myself that my hair type isn’t suited for anything shorter than shoulder length. I’m the polar opposite with thick, coarse, brown hair, so anything too blunt it tends to overpower my face. I want to cut my hair badly mainly because I want to grow out some of my dead ends, and because I don’t really like the attention long hair gets, even though I like the way it looks now that I’ve been taking care of it and conditioning/toning the blonde in it. I think my whole psychological complex around short hair stems from the fact that I hate how men think long hair is like some sort of sex signal. I love my hair for me, not because I’m in interested in other people or want to be bothered with idiot men.

No. 104849

Fuck, yeah I've wanted to do that sort of thing for years because I think girls with really short or buzzed hair look cool and cute, but I know it would look bad with my features. I also had a pixie once but it just made me look unbalanced, idk. I'm also growing my hair to braid it so I don't look so ethnically ambiguous lol.

What do you think specifically looked bad about super short on you? I don't think a dark buzz or even pixie would be "overpowering."

No. 104853

>When I have long hair it's mostly in a ponytail anyway, and it's very fine and thin which means it gets oily and stringy within a day without proper washing.

This is exactly the same for me.
The thing with short hair though is that it usually (imo at least) only looks good if you style it properly and you have to get it cut regularly or it gets to this this strange in-between length at which it looks terrible no matter what you do.

Funny thing: I‘m quite the opposite about the sex signal stuff.
Back when I cut my hair super short I was seeing a guy I was really into and we‘ve had this weird hot and cold relationship going on for a year (never officially dated or had sex, but we always would get super close and emotional and then not talk to each other for weeks). So after a long period of not talking to each other we finally were getting closer again but then when I got my hair cut he totally rejected me. Like, straight up told me he wasn’t attracted to me anymore because of it. Which is another huge reason why I‘m afraid to do it. I‘ll just think I won’t be attractive anymore. (I know I shouldn’t care.)

I don‘t and didn’t even think it looked genuinely bad. It just didn’t feel… right? Idk.

No. 104854

Are there any anons who actually work in a salon here?

No. 104866

File: 1546645220844.png (9.4 KB, 348x265, hair.png)

i made the mistake of getting my haircut a bit shorter than my shoulders and now i have to deal with my hair swooping to the left. it's like a giant cowlick. i don't know how to exactly describe it so it drew a interpretation of it. i'm not even trying to exaggerate it looks super nice on one side, and the other just flips outward. straightening my hair can only do so much too.

No. 104869

My hair used to do that at that length too, I found the only thing that kept it down was using a round brush and hair dryer to curl the ends inwards

No. 104878

File: 1546650229787.jpg (591.34 KB, 1112x1460, 12.jpg)

Hey anons, so I used to dye my hair black a lot (only the ends though), but recently it started to fade very quickly and I decided to bleach it, which made it orange.
I was going for a lighter brown to match my roots but bleaching dried off the hair, I'm taking care of split ends and all.
Do you guys think it is worth it to try to bleach again and dye or is this orange socially acceptable? I like it but I'm ashamed that the stains make me look like a 10 year old decided to play with bleach.

No. 104880

Use the colour remover kit listed in this thread, do weekly masks of coconut oil + raw egg for 3months minimum and then re dye it or deal with dead hair.
My hair used to look like that when I was 16 so I know how to fix this clusterfuck.

No. 104883

If you have the money for a stylist, I would recommend having them restore your hair to its original color over the course of the next several months. They'll be able to make your hair look presentable and won't destroy it in the process. That's how I went from black back to my original mousy blonde.

No. 104890

I bought umberto gianni or whatever caffeinated shampoo
Tfw I know it won't work but my new years resolution is to continue growing out my hair and I need it to grow faster and this makes me feel proactive at least

Tbh it smells really good and makes my hair soft so whatever

No. 104894

Nothing is gonna make your hair grow faster as it’s genetically determined at what speed your hair grows. You can make it grow healthier, but not faster.

No. 104904

I totally got you. I want to do an undercut and cut it much shorter. I have bleach damage and feel like just cutting it and letting it grow out while investing in one or two human hair wigs.

I think cutting it can be liberating, since it will grow back, after all.

No. 104922

File: 1546686164949.jpg (41.16 KB, 960x648, pik.jpg)

I got split bangs on a whim. I used to have bangs all the way through school but it's been quite a time and I forgot how much trouble they are. It's been a one day and I already regret getting them lol.

Are they too long to be styled like bardot bangs? Should I style them with a hairdryer or an iron flat or some product? As you can see on the pic, they have quite strong growing pattern to the sides. It's hard to get it to stay on my forehead.
Any advice appreciated

No. 104925

I kind have the same problem, comb them when wet onto the center(where you want them) and let them dry by themselves

No. 104934

You need to get a roller set and either let them air dry with the roller in or blow dry them with it in

No. 104958

File: 1546722557787.jpg (63.78 KB, 727x727, 13597574_1938560696370232_1158…)

Hey anons has anyone with super hyper oily hair noticed that your hair got better with bleaching?

My hair is just plain nasty, naturally so, went alot of times to the dermatologist, used expensive pharmacy shampoos, still have to wash it everyday or its impossible.
I tried not washing it as often to see if my scalp would calm down but still nothing.

I bleached it to a 9 to dye it soft pink and voilá, my hair was shiny, fluffy and i didn't have to wash it nearly as much. I guess since it was short my natural oils fixed the bleach damage very quick.

Now my hair is all natural again and planning on going for a platinum blonde this year.

No. 104960

eh, i just blow dry my hair and it fixes it.

No. 104961


Blow drying actually makes mine worse sadly, my dermatologist said to lay out All Styling tools

No. 104962

she's probably going to be more upset over bleaching it.

No. 104990

idk if this is more hair or skincare advice, but I seem to have a lot of dandruff or soap buildup (not sure which) and it is really annoying me. does anyone have something they find helps with this?
Also, for anons with long hair, do you have a routine to get big hair (e.g. 80s big) that isn't too intensive? I want to do it more but I have pretty long hair, don't like spending a ton of time on styling, and the buildup problem.

No. 105011

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse or use a clarifying shampoo

No. 105034

Hi, I'm that anon you replied to. After considering this for a while I finally looked up photos and symptoms of psoriasis to compare with what I'm dealing with. Holy shit I wasn't prepared. Those pics were fucking gross. I don't think that's what's going on with me bc there is no redness or pus(?). Also, I tried T-gel way in the beginning of this issue to no avail. It made my scalp very very dry and itchy. I'm fairly certain the calcium and magnesium in the hard water is the culprit, so I'll report back hopefully with good results whenever I acquire a filter for my showerhead! Ty for your reply

No. 105035

Ooo, I just saw this! I'm the hard water anon, will try this today! Tytyty

No. 105040

I'm >>104331 and I went out and bought the Not Your Mother's naturals shampoo & conditioner. I don't hate it, but I think it dries my hair out. The shampoo and conditioner I was using before (with coconut oil that broke me out) made my hair the softest it's ever been so I'm wondering if my hair is just trying to deal with the change in product?

No. 105126

I have incredibly frizzy Italian hair that I've never known how to tame as well as bangs I don't want to give up, I wondered what was the best way to care for and wash my hair

I.e, is it true conditioning bangs is a terrible idea, and how can I get my hair to look more together?

No. 105131

I have no idea about the bangs, but for the frizz, I know it's kind of a meme at this point but have you considered trying out the curly girl method? You don't have to follow every step to a T, like some people still use sulfates/silicones in their products and are fine. But it's a really good starting point to figure out how to tame hair with any kind of texture (I'm assuming your hair has some kind of curl/wave if it's super frizzy?). There's also a lot of good dirt cheap drugstore products available, at least if you're American. My conditioner is literally 78 cents and it works great, and my hair gel is like $3 for a huge bottle.

I'd definitely recommend not using terrycloth/regular towels to dry your hair, get a microfiber towel or just use an old cotton T shirt, and scrunch your hair to dry instead of rubbing it. One thing that also helped me a lot with my frizz was using a lot of conditioner, like WAY more than you think you'd need. My hair is super dry, though, so YMMV.

No. 105135

I just shaved my head to rid myself of all my incredibly dead hair. (Like bleached + dyed 20+ times)I don't necessarily regret it but are there any supplements that actually work to make hair grow back faster? I'm eager to have a pixie in my natural color. I haven't seen it in years. Would be thankful for advice :^)

No. 105137

Aside from meeting your normal micronutrient needs, supplements won’t make your hair grow faster or any better. Just being healthy is enough.

Kudos for doing the full shave, and enjoy the silky new growth!

No. 105166

i wish i had the courage to do that. i want to shave so bad and start all over, my hair is pretty damaged from a decade of dying but it's pretty long, and i have an ugly head shape and a double chin that i hide with my hair so i think i'd regret it.

No. 105175

yeast is amazing for hair growth. I'm using a mask for scalp, it's a Russian product so there's probably no point in recommending it to you, but really just use any good yeast mask (just google thoroughly if the ingredients are natural, try to find something the most "organic") OR yeast supplements. Girls drink it but honestly it's a pain to make it and the taste is fucking awful, so I'd go for the tablets.

My hair sped up with the growth so much that the hairdresser was so shook she searched for my last visit in her planner, coz she wouldn't believe me so little time had passed since my last visit. I have a lot of sudden baby hairs, too.

No. 105176

>it's a Russian product so there's probably no point in recommending it to you
tell us you selfish weeb

No. 105221

File: 1546976172401.jpg (157.27 KB, 271x256, masksksk.jpg)

lol anon why bully
it's called, idk, maybe Grandma Agafia (yeast mask). Sorry for being a knob if it's like widely avaiable in the US or wherever, I just don't know

No. 105222

Thanks anon! I have never heard of this brand but it seems to be available outside of Russia


No. 105274

Thanks I just ordered it on ebay (just search beer yeast hair mask and you can find it) for 14$! I hope it will works well. How long did it take to see results?

No. 105322

I think a month or two of regular usage. I have very long hair already so I didn't notice the faster growth, just realized at the hairdresser's when she told me (and it was 2 months since my last visit). But the growth of baby hair I've realized earlier by myself.

Some tips, I think the instructions say to use it for the full lenght of hair or something, but most girls use it for scalp only. This way it's more efficient. It's not anything special for hair but great for the scalp.
I use it every time I wash my hair (so around every 2-3 days), I damp my hair and scalp, massage the mask in, make a bun and leave it for like 5-10 mins, then just wash my hair like I normally would. So it doesn't require much effort and time which is great for lazy fucks like myself.

No. 105335

Thank you, anon!

btw does anyone have perhaps some tips for dry hair?
My hair is dry and stringy and I've never even dyed my hair nor do I expose myself to the sun.
My diet is sugarfree and I don't eat junk food. Sunflower oil and coconut oil didn't help.

No. 105343

im kinda skeptical about this since everyone shills siberica as natural~ but i thought agaf is meh
gotta try one day

No. 105355

it could be too much protein. try a clarifying shampoo.

No. 105368

Have had pretty bad symptoms of trichotillomania for over 10 years now, so i'm coming to terms with the fact i probably won't ever have cute natural hair and that regrowth won't happen. Was thinking of shaving my head and turning to wigs again but hesitant about it. Had pretty traumatic experiences wearing wigs/hats to school as a teen and i don't really wanna revisit that.

Is there hope for realistic wigs? Any company name drops? I'm aware of the variety of wigs but i'm not too trusting on the quality i'm finding. I don't care about price, so long as it's really, really realistic (being quoted 1-2k for a custom human hair wig really sucks, but i resigned myself to the high cost.)

No. 105379

Full lace wigs or 360 lace wigs. There’s tons of videos on bleaching the knots,tinting the lace, and customizing them to look more realistic on YouTube. There’s a bunch of companies everywhere you just have to research and look around.

No. 105398

File: 1547080903050.png (145.79 KB, 940x788, 116a3fcb0bbf9e1da6dccbaf4fdbcf…)

I know it's pretty divisive at this point, but has anyone tried following the Curly Girl Method?

My hair is currently a mix of 2b and 2c. It used to be 3a when I was a kid, before I went through an emo phase in my teens and religiously straightened my hair. Lately I've been trying to take better care of my waves by not using sulfates etc, but I find that my hair is either bone-dry or weighed down and oily. I'm considering switching to co-washing in place of shampoo, specifically the "As I Am Coconut Co-Wash".

If anyone has tried it and has product recs, please let me know!

No. 105399

i’ve followed the CGM for two months now and i really like it. what has helped me is joining a CGM group on facebook. as far as products, i’m a cheap ass so all my faves are USA drugstore stuff.
not your mother’s naturals yellow shampoo, conditioner (mix to make a DIY co-wash), and leave in spray
herbal essences totally twisted mousse
LA looks blue gel
black orchid diffuser
shea moisture manuka honey deep conditioner
i’m 2b/c, low porosity, fine

No. 105400

I have the Not Your Mother's shampoo and conditioner in the hot pink bottle and it's a line that's made my hair horribly dry, so I'm wary of their products. I have heard decent things about their Curl Talk line though. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Maui Moisture's Curl Quench shampoo + conditioner made me break out, possibly from the coconut. I haven't tried any other curly-approved lines yet, but I'm also cheap too. I've heard good things about Shea Moisture but I don't know if they've got any cleansing conditioners.

No. 105401

Samefag but do you mind telling me what CGM FB group you're in? I just looked and there's tons, it's a bit intimidating.

No. 105415

it’s called curly girl (method) support group international. it’s the one with 109k members.

i haven’t personally used it bc i’m too cheap to buy a real co-wash but the as i am that was mentioned up thread is the most universally loved curly girl product i’ve ever seen.

No. 105473

all my hair is falling out on the top of my head
i don't know if it's female pattern balding at 26 or if it's telogen effluvium
it'll either grow back or it won't and i don't think i can bear to go to the gp and find out which it's going to be
i'm really sad anons. is anyone else out there dealing with this?

No. 105496

me!! i may have posted this somewhere else but honestly, go to a doctor. hair loss could be due to anemia, thyroid issues, or some vitamin deficiencies. i'm going through it rn and ended up going to a dermatologist and found out its just genetics (kms). in the meantime, checkout the hair loss subreddit as well- there's one or two posts for females.

secondly, you'll find out that it's much more common than you think! we're in this together!

No. 105502

Me, not sure what type it is either. Over the last year my hair's been thinning all over, I know it's not in my head because a few people have commented on it. Recently it has stopped shedding so much which I'm grateful for, but I'm unsure if it'll ever grow back.

No. 105510

File: 1547162748262.jpg (421.3 KB, 1000x666, feelsgrossman.jpg)

i know this is similar to a question that an anon asked previously, but i need some advice specifically for eczema and dry climates. i have eczema that i think has spread to my scalp and the fact i live in a very dry and cold environment means that my scalp is super flaky/scabby/itchy and i even have patches of blood in some areas because i've scratched so hard. i'm thinking of making an appointment with a doctor to get some advice, though last time i went they just gave me a prescription serum that didn't really help that much. anyway, i know that it's super gross, but i'm hoping that maybe one of you has had a similar experience and could give me some advice on how to treat it? i'm thinking of maybe switching to a gentler shampoo or something, but i don't know what would be a good brand.

No. 105511

salicylic acid shampoo and t-gel. also, try to get a Betaderm 0.1% scalp lotion prescription with many refills if you can. go hard on that for a few months.

No. 105512

genuinely, thank you so much for responding. have felt so alone and shite over this. i'm sorry to hear you're both going through it, too. hope you're doing ok and wishing you both a happy and hairy 2019.
thanks for the reddit rec, i'll check it out. will try to pluck up the courage to see the doc too. just scared to have my fears confirmed.

No. 105589

I follow an altered version of it. Basically, I'm not no-poo.

But, the last time I got my hair cut at a salon, I went to one that specialized in curly hair and the stylist told me that I should avoid heavy oils, and I have 3b hair. Maybe for type 2 hair try finding something that's less oil-based.

What is your routine like? All these products shouldn't add hydration to your hair, but keep the moisture inside it. I really like the Love Ur Curls leave in conditioner because you're supposed to use it while your hair is soaking wet and it locks in that moisture. They're a Canadian brand (Toronto) and I think only available through their website https://lusbrands.ca/

I use:
OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Shampoo
OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner (dye/soft bleach damage)
LUS All-in-One Curly Leave in Conditioner
DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

I put all this shit in whilst my hair is wet, scrunch out the excess water, wrap it up in a microfiber towel to keep it out of the way while I do my morning routine, then let it down and let it air dry. Hasn't failed me yet.

No. 105597


what does your hair look like after you do this? i'm also interested in trying the CGM but i hate the look of like crunchy/ghetto curls

No. 105608

How do I style boy-like hair with putty? In the summer I just let it grow (imagine jbiebs hairstyle but longer) but recently had to cut it short because I fucked up my bangs. Basically I have no idea how to make my hair look "cool". My hair is typically East Asian – thick and straight. Any tips or videos?? Any time I use putty I just make my hair look oily or dumb because I use too much.

No. 105610

File: 1547244949247.png (Spoiler Image, 867.25 KB, 877x1256, 2019-01-11 17.15.40.png)

Pic for reference ;-;

No. 105635

I cut my hair this short too, i reccomend investing in a mini straightener to make waves in your hair! it takes like 10 min and looks adorable

No. 105644

Hey anon what do you define as cool? like can you find any pics of what you want it to look like?

No. 105646


late, but yes anon! i was dealing with horrific grease with a grown out ombre. i wanted to grow out my natural hair for so long! then i found myself having to wash it so frequently. it tried 'no poo' but i hated how it looked styled, as my hair is naturally fine and loves to get stringy. i went back to platinum a couple months ago and now it takes about 7-10 days for my hair to get properly greasy like it did. the only downside is spending a bit more on revitalising products because your hair really does struggle being so dry, and most it really sucks every bit of moisture up quite quickly. but yeah, i'm happy i don't have to wash it all the time now. good luck!!

No. 105657

File: 1547290319218.jpg (16.38 KB, 450x682, 20-Pretty-Short-Asian-Hairstyl…)

anon, not to be mean but it's an awkward haircut. Either cut the sides for a "total" pixie or cut the sides a bit while letting the fringe grow out, so you can do a "messy" voluminous short style. Then you could style it just by tousling the hair with product covered fingers.

No. 105668

Uhh like normal curls? The gel is really light so it only holds my curls together and doesn't give off that "wet" type of gelled look.

No. 105701

File: 1547327279883.jpg (26.04 KB, 475x700, pixie-10[1].jpg)

Unfortunately my hair can't hold a curl to save a life… but perhaps when my hair is a bit longer, I will consider it.

Oh I know ;_; I think I'll have to live in a hat for a month until it grows out… It never used to look this awkward until my most recent haircut.

I might get flack for this, but I genuinely liked Emma Watson's hair – sleek, clean. However, I don't think our hair types are similar at all, and my hair at the moment is too short right now.
Something textured and wavy is something I would consider "cool", though I don't think I used the right adjective. Instead, I meant something that is a bit low-maintenance, still looks good and has texture. This is probably contradictory, but that's the gist of it.
Pic related

No. 105765

This is really embarrassing but I have psoriasis that’s spread to my scalp. It’s gotten to a point where I’m always shedding skin and can’t even wear my hair up anymore for fear of looking like a snowy mountainside. The problem is that most treatments for regular dry, flaky scalps don’t work on psoriasis and in some cases make it worse. Do any farmers have a solution for this problem? I used to be on medication that helped a lot, but I can’t afford it anymore. I’m just so sick of looking like a snake constantly shedding it’s skin.

No. 105770

solutions have been posted several times itt

No. 105795

late response, but have hope! i'm having some growth back after like a year lol
in the meantime, avoid really tight hairstyles. wishing you the best as well :)

No. 105816

what percent of people do you guys think have fine (not thin hair, i'm talking hair diameter) vs thicker hair diameter? (note: not talking about HOW MUCH hair, just hair diameter)

do you guys think more people have thicker hair strands or finer hair strands? i'm getting really depressed about how fine my hair strands are. i have so much hair but they're so fine and i can't keep any body in my hair, fml. any suggestions for more body/volume?

No. 105831

i noticed that most northern europeans have mad fine hair, and if you look around you see lots of celebs with it. emma stone for example.
but you don't really want coarse hair anon, my friend has mediterranean heritage and she's living in a land of frizz-eaze and straighteners 24/7. it's a case of grass is greener.

No. 105832

I think most people have something in between. Rarely do I see someone with super fine or super thick hair strands.

No. 105838

So damn many really thin strands.
I get best results using organiccare shampoo and conditioner (no parabens, sulfatea, etc etc) and coconut and Argan oils. Pantene makes a dry shampoo that gives a fair bit of body without much weight.

No. 105847

Is it possible to fuck up your hair with a hairbrush?

I recently changed my old hairbrush to a new one with sturdier, longer bristles and in a matter of a week my hair went to complete shit. It's incredibly frizzy but it feels like it lost half of the volume at the same time. It also feels weirdly shorter.


No. 105852


yes, hard bristles can really fuck up your hair. get a wet brush or boar bristle.

No. 105980

so wet brushes are not a meme and they DO work? I am considering getting one… Could you please tell me more?

No. 105982

would brushing your damp hair with a wide tooth comb work just as good in the meantime? i've heard that works.

No. 105991

Does anyone have recs for a good hairdyer? Preferably under $30. Is ion and ceramic and all that stuff bs or what? I've got thin/fine hair. Thanks in advance!

No. 105994


i just use this, it's the best hair dryer ive ever owned and dries my thick wavy hair really fast. use it with the nozzle.

No. 105997

Wet bamboo brushes are better than wet brushes

No. 106017


I don't have a hair dryer rec cause i've never been picky about hair dryers, but when i do dry my hair, i use the Wet brush brand "blowout professional" hair brush (i think that's what it's called.) i live in the US, so i found mine at TJmaxx. ive used this brush with my boyfriend's cheap hair dryer and my hair looked really nice. for reference my hair is mildly wavy and frizzy, and i have a lot of it. whenever i use this brush to dry my hair, it looks pretty damn good!

No. 106019

I'm going to the hairdresser in a couple days. I've cut my hair pixie short (think Rosemary's Baby short) in the past and now it's grown almost chin-lenght but it's so patchy and uneven. I'm gonna get that cut so it looks better but i'm sad it will be shorter because I've missed so much tying it up into a small bun.

Also for fine-hair people looking for a leightweight conditionner, i heavily reccomand Yes To Cucumbers Fine Hair conditionner. Love the shine.

No. 106029

File: 1547848762621.jpg (146.17 KB, 480x640, photo-17-copy-8[1].jpg)

Is heat styling that bad? I have frizzy, mousy hair and I want non-frizzy, nice-looking hair. I used to straighten it, which made it easier to wear down, but it was really flat and I think that might look a little dated now. I stopped a couple years ago because I lost my straightener and have just been wearing it air-dried out of the shower and it ends up looking like google-pic related, or like the Princess Diaries girl before the makeover, but with a Lord Farquad-length bob.

Should I just get a new straightener? Does blow-drying help? I'd just like to look less sloppy.

No. 106031

if you want volume but still want it to seem sleek and styled id recommend practicing blowouts! maybe switch to a shampoo and conditioner meant for "sleek" hair and using a sleek/straightening serum too and then blow dry with a nice round brush. you can get the styled look you want and it'll be smooth but you won't have it be so flat and limp like you would if you use a straightener. also i like those powders for volume you can get to put in your roots because they really make your hair look big and luxe.

No. 106205

How often should I get my hair styled at the salon? I just got my hair done last week (just a simple wash, blowout trim). How often should I go for just a simple wash and blowout?(I try doing this at home but I honestly can never get it as straight as they do and it never last as long..)

No. 106206

Thanks for the suggestion, my hair looks a lot more tame. I remember blow drying being more of a hassle when I was a teenager, so it's surprising how low-maintenance it is. It holds up relatively well after a night of sleeping too.

No. 106335

File: 1548248138776.jpg (211.02 KB, 820x820, 67XZIlX.jpg)

Anyone have experience with permanent hair straightening/keratin treatments/magic perms etc?

I just can't with my hair anymore, it's so time consuming because it's long, thick and curly. For a week with nice hair, it's a 3 day process with washing, drying(no heat) and styling

No. 106355

All those "perm" treatments do is slightly take away your frizz which I haven't even noticed it doing that. I've had keratin treatments and brazilian blowouts many times before I realized I was wasting my time and damaging my hair. I mean, once you hit the shower, your hair's going to be curly again. It's not even worth the money.

No. 106358

I got one yesterday, a friend works in a salon and so I got it for free as a stylist needed training. I have hagrid like hair, thick, frizzy and wavy. Myhair still has its wave and some thickness but the frizz is totally gone. I will keep you informed on how it turns out post wash. I think the they for preserving it is to not use sulphate shampoos

No. 106396

do you want permanent straightening results or just temporary so you can keep your hair curly? If you don't want any chemicals and just want it straight for temporary, look into a silk press. They do wonders and its just the technique of some oil products, blow drying and flat ironing. My hair comes out looking like I got it chemically straightened. it will revert to curly once it hits moisture or gets wet and wrapping it in a scarf is crucial to keeping it straighter for longer. Keratin treatments are temporary but they supposedly last a month or so. I hear they're very damaging though, so i think its better to just do silk presses. I did have my hair permanently straightened with a relaxer in the past. Its too drying and it doesn't get it bone straight. I stopped doing that and switched to thermal reconditioning/Japanese straightening which gets my hair permanently straight and its more healthy. it saves me a lot of time after washing it, and easier to keep from tangling. it still holds a curl if i use a curling iron.

No. 106398

Curly hair people who think they could never look beautiful if their hair isn't straight make me so sad.

No. 106403

No one said that. Do you know how hard it is to maintain nice curls?

No. 106404


I don't agree with what you said, but I definitely have a soft spot for girls with curly hair. I feel really sad they have to do so much maintenance.

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