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No. 90992

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?


No. 90993

I guess it can be empowering if you're privileged enough to have only high end clients. In my personal experience it's godawful. I am a heroin addict (in recovery from everything since 1/12/2017) so I had to settle for any man willing to pay me at least $80/hr. I screened them but you can't really tell how they are from a short email conversation.

I had 3 regulars who treated me extremely well and actually cared about me. All the others were gross and mean/disrespectful. Just try to imagine having sex with someone you're not attracted to, who is frankly disgusting, when you're not horny… multiple times a day. It really destroyed my soul.

It made me feel like shit about myself. In my experience it made my addiction worse because I hated myself for doing disgusting things with multiple random men a day… so I had to get fucked up to numb myself. So I had to make more money, have more sex, hate myself more, need more heroin, and on and on… it's a horrible cycle that's REALLY hard to break. I can't even imagine how horrible it is for people who are trafficked. Or people who have a pimp.

When I see all these randoms acting like camming is somehow equal to prostitution I get seriously fucking mad. It's insulting. Tons of people act like they care about prostitutes online but I feel that they just say this stuff in order to seem "woke"…. for example when FOSTA-SESTA was in the news tons of people were trying to seem woke by posting it but now. nobody is talking about it even though it's an ongoing issue.

No. 90994

I'm an escort, and it's alright. The job itself is very up-and-down. Most of my clients are middle/upper class, and I've met some very great people through it. On the other hand, I've always had a very low sex drive and I've only ever been attracted to three clients.

I wouldn't describe it as empowering. It's not an industry you want to stay in for very long and the income is very unstable. Tumblr/twitter sex workers are really cringy and most of them exaggerate the more glamourous aspects of it. also "whorephobia" lol

No. 90995

how did things get so bad for you?

No. 90996

I'm sorry you went through this shit, I hope you get better.
>Tons of people act like they care about prostitutes online but I feel that they just say this stuff in order to seem "woke"
It must be infuriating when you read stuff like "educate yourself!" or "talk to sex-workers!".

No. 90997

I’m an escort.
It's not glamorous as people online make it seems, unless, as it was said before, you’re privileged enough to only get top clients.
I’m afraid most of the time when I’m going to meet a new client, it’s a risky job for numerous reasons and I don’t enjoy it.
I’ve found some nice, really nice and good people, but they’re the absolutely minority. There’s a lot of gross and unpleasant people, requests for all kinds of really bizarre, disturbing and disgusting fetiches, people asking discounts, people just asking nudes to masturbate, this part is really annoying, revenues are very unstable too.
This not the kind of thing I want to do for long.
I’m grateful for being psychologically and physically able to do it, otherwise I’d be on the streets. I want to change my life one day and I don’t like this job but I’ll be grateful to it forever.

No. 91013

Is sugaring even a thing anymore or is everyone successful freestyling nowadays?
I loved reading sugar baby blogs but almost everyone I used to follow is gone or deleted their tumblr (along with some really nice sources). The tags are full of people trying to search for a SD or sell their nudes and SA seems like it became unusable.

No. 91030

I used CL to find sex for funsies and eventually got the idea to start charging money. I didn't charge a crazy ton but the revenue was worth it. I screened pretty hard and got lucky with my dudes. Didn't run into sketchy situations and came out clean. Found a sugar daddy who was actually a decent guy, unfortunately he had to move away.

I've got a degree now and a very involved job so I have no need to do any of that anymore and likely never will. Overall the experience was alright and hasn't affected my life whatsoever.

No. 91044

SA seems like it became oversaturated with lazy girls looking for money tbh. 4 years ago I joined and barely had to do anything to get tons of favorites and photo requests, but I never went through with any of it. Now that I'm in a bad spot financially and need to relocate though, it's like a ghost town. I have better pics and a better bio now but all I get are guus who want to chit chat and beat around the bush re:money.

No. 91078

I’ve tried it all (sugar, escort, stripper, internet) since I got into it all about 10 years ago. I’m retiring. I have a degree and a future husband.

If anyone needs advice or wants to ask a “stupid question” feel free. I had the most questions about stripping when I started.

I did all this as a quick means to an end. I grew up white trash with no money. Not gonna sugar anything. I would say majority of girls have something going on to do this sort of thing (molestation, mania, depression, drugs). I’m classic bpd myself.

No. 91089

Did you start with stripping and then escalate or did you do a bit of everything out of order? How did you feel the first time you started sex work that made you decide it was a life you wanted? And which one did you enjoy the most/less? I'm curious.

No. 91091

What was most profitable? Any techniques or tactics you deliberately chose to maximize profits when working? How were your social skills then vs. now?

No. 91102

You did good by sharing this. You're very strong and I wish you all the best!

No. 91154

>Did you start with stripping and then escalate or did you do a bit of everything out of order? How did you feel the first time you started sex work that made you decide it was a life you wanted? And which one did you enjoy the most/less? I'm curious.

First independent sex work on Craigslist then sugar then internet stuff then escort then sugar then stripper then escort.
Usually I liked to just have on sd to help me out with bills. The stripping time was when I had a boyfriend. That was the most demeaning of any of the work. It attracts the worst men. Really changed my perspective on a lot of things. However, it was the most fun. I was never popular or hung out at parties. So it had that sort of fun party, center of attention thing sometimes. I did it for 3 years only but miss that and some of the girls.
I can compartmentalize, so I really feel no emotions from the sex or whatnot. It’s just biology. I think men are lesser for having this weakness and compulsion to get off.
It’s not a life I wanted or expected but it what it is. Like I said it’s a quick means to an end. Part of me is lazy. Life is too short. I didn’t want to work in a factory anymore or cvs. I didn’t want to date crumb bums from my neighborhood. Now I have a degree. Still need to figure out next steps.

>What was most profitable? Any techniques or tactics you deliberately chose to maximize profits when working? How were your social skills then vs. now?
The most profitable is definitely escorting. Get in get out. I live in a well off city so it’s easy to get about $1k/hr. escorting.
I was always a bad hustler, however I always had a reliable following because of that. I like to think it balanced itself out. I would say always be honest with people. You never know if they’re testing you. Think before you speak and dont speak too much. Smiling is probably the most important thing ever. Most men want to see a smiling happy girl.
My social skills are vastly improved. Pretty much all do to the stripping I would say. I can speak confidently to anyone one on one without getting nervous anymore. I can go on a stage, smile fake bs like a politician. I would say above all else this has been the best unexpected result of all this sex nonsense.

Sorry for formatting, I’m on phone in bed.

No. 91161

I was a stripper for about 2 years.
I kind of liked it at the time, but I was young.
Now I regret it, I'm always terrified of people finding out and it's been a close call many times. And I realize I only did it due to severe self-esteem issues and alcohol addiction.
I don't think anything is wrong with sex work, but for most people? Stripper = whore. They don't understand most of us aren't like that at all. They would be absolutely shocked considering I'm a shy, reserved person now. Oh well. Can't change the past.

No. 91176

but you're selling your sexuality for money as a stripper, which does make you a whore

No. 91177

Not that anon but there is a difference between selling the actual act of sex and just being sexy and entertaining with sex appeal.

No. 91182

This. "Selling your sexuality" is not a literal tangible thing and by that logic most models are whores if they pose in a way that makes them look sexy. Selling sex actually describes what prostitutes do.

No. 91187

Actual modeling, not instagram "modeling", has purposes beyond sex appeal. Stripping does not.

No. 91189

Lol okay, incel

No. 91194

Except look at victorias secret, probably the most commercial and popular models out there. While they are selling clothes, its their sex appeal that garners the attention. Same shit. It's to be pleasing to the eyes by using sexual appeal. Same shit with male models, most models, including both genders (Commercial models btw not high fashion ones) and mostly based with how attractive they are and hand in hand with that, sex appeal to sell to the mass market.

No. 91195

I was a camgirl on MFC for a couple of months, it pays well but I always fell very depressed after each session.

No. 91197

That's right. I think only penetrative sex (either on cam or in person) counts as "selling sex". Otherwise all jobs done by attractive people are suddenly selling sex. Of course women who do the various different tiers of online sex work blur the lines by their own terminology and affinity. I saw a comment earlier from a supposed sex worker (selling private Snapchats) who by her own admission, didn't even get naked. What are distinctions.

No. 91201

Pretty fucking much, like "sex appeal" can be so broad it's ridiculous. For fucks sakes, men will find FEET, sexual. Almost anything can be labeled with "sexual appeal" it's ridiculous even if the women or man in question isn't intending something to be sexual.

No. 91202

Thank you for posting this:
>When I see all these randoms acting like camming is somehow equal to prostitution I get seriously fucking mad. It's insulting.

I was beginning to think I was crazy for getting annoyed at the blurred lines from cam girls, Twitch girls, and various other things. Thanks for being honest about your experience.

No. 91205

Exact same thought process I had when I found the secret foot fetish section of eBay ("well worn" are the keywords). Men sexualize our feet, hands, hair, every body part. Our voices, clothes. Maybe it's an attitude thing but I think selling old shoes, or wearing low cut clothing on Twitch is a world away from "selling sex".

There's also another disturbing thought process if anyone ever feels like getting into a really gritty argument: If a kid is selling lemonade or scout's cookies, and unknowingly sells them to a paedophile, did they just make money from their "sex appeal"? Obviously not, outside of penetration it's all about perspective. And these blurred lines also discount the hard work of actual irl sex workers like the girls who have already responded to this thread.

No. 91209

Yeah, while sure blurred lines etc. Cam models, snapchat baddies, insta baddies etc are in no way comparable to actual women who have to live through the porn or prostitution industry. They have complete control over what they do to themselves. Versus prostitutes who are at the mercy of the customers, the issues and problems they go through are absolutely heartbreaking and horrendous.

No. 91308

“Stripper” does seem to carry the trashiest stigma imo. I think strippers are the most poorly treated as well.
Don’t worry though. Even if people found out, it will just let you know who your real friends are. And no one is without their own skeletons.

No. 91312

>secret foot fetish section of eBay ("well worn" are the keywords)

I would like to know more about this. I’d love to get into selling my used things for side money. How much would you charge for e.g. a pair of socks? What’s your profit off that?

I briefly cammed, and I totally hated it, but the money was great. At first I enjoyed the ability to set my own schedule, but like >>91195 said, I found myself super depressed after getting offline, which made it more and more difficult to force myself to go online, especially as a regular set schedule. I was going to school at the time, so it was nice to make money without having to leave my house, but I started shirking schoolwork too as I grew more depressed. Eventually I quit both school and camming and basically became a NEET. I’m okay now though; I have a normal vanilla job and I’m working on my degree again.

Sometimes I’m tempted to go back to it, because I’ve made in a single night camming what I earn in a whole week at my vanilla job, but then I remember how soul-sucking the whole thing felt. Plus I still haven’t shaken the paranoia that someone’s going to recognize or even out me, even though I was super careful with my identity then.

No. 91330

I did a bit of research on it. There must be fetish sites you can also sell from, which may be a better location, but for eBay it seems to be
-have pretty feet and ankles
-Show yourself wearing the shoes (showing feet and ankles and leg if you can)
-emphasize that they are well worn and unwashed (lol)
-claim to wash them before dispatch to abide by eBay policy

You will of course get messages from the Buyers which you need to humor, and the popular account I found she wrote in her bio that she loves shoes and thinks they're sexy (or something to that effect) so, empathizing with the buyer. Shoe sizes seem to be preferably medium size and not the smaller sizes.
not sure how much profit you can get but as long as you seem to be cute/have cute legs and feet and are enthusiastic I think you could get sales. I'm not very good at being sexy in messages which is why I discounted it. Stockings/hosiery sell too (from people pretending to be air hostesses) but I didn't look at socks. I'd try and use a PO box too for obvious reasons.

No. 91340

stripping IS trashy…(bait)

No. 91348

I disagree, I wasn't selling sex.
But yes that is the image we get, and honestly a lot of strippers do more than strip I'll give you that. The image isn't entirely without merit.
It is I guess. You get naked and grind on people for money. For me, it was a rush and a self-esteem boost, and I could get just as fucked up as I wanted doing it.
The thing is, it was all just fantasy. It's what we sold, and in my case it really WAS fantasy. I've never even slept with a man, though that's probably because I'm gay. It was like a double life, living the party girl lifestyle but earning (lots of) money doing it.
It's associated with a lot of bad things for sure. A few people do know now and support me so I'm less worried than before, thank you anon.

No. 91349

I'd say the market is a bit over saturated right now, don't expect to make bank. The girls who are successful truly do put in a lot of time into it. It's like camming, you can't just just show up and look cute and expect money to come pouring in. Not when everyone and their mom is doing it.
If you have something unique about you or your feet, that can help a lot. E.g. being in the military, trans, even a fucking fungal infection, whatever…

You have to have a lot of patience and discernment - time wasters are like 90% of the messages you will get.

No. 91376

So for US or US bound workers…

If you can, move to a city with money. San Fran, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, DC area. That goes for any IRL sex work.
Stay out of rich places that already have tons of workers already, Miami, LA.
You will also then have the appeal of being somewhat exotic as you are from another region.

No. 91377


nah fam.

No. 91379

Are you saying it’s not an affluent city?

No. 91552

I'm a normie from LA and still managed to make money. :/ Not crazy mad bank or anything, but desperate men are half the population, you will find work.

No. 91561

this month i started selling my panties on pantydeal. it was pretty good, i made like $100 on my first day off of 4 pairs.
this one dude wanted me to sell him a pair that i would wear for 5 days and send a pic every day and he would pay 150. the only issue was he wanted to pay halfway through (on the 3rd day), which was understandable because at the time i was a new account with 0 reviews. he had reviews so i trusted it. on the third day after i sent some pics and dirty talked (part of the appeal i guess) he deleted his account.. that totally ruined my motivation.
i didnt even need the money, it was just easy and you dont have to show your face.

No. 91576

the reviews about the site are bad tho and say you need a $20 membership

No. 91591

this, it's asking me for $20 memberships etc.

No. 91619

yeah, the 20 membership is worth it though if you get customers. i think its pretty helpful bc the buyers also need a membership so it gets rid of a lot of time wasters, vs on instagram or something which is basically impossible. most of the girls on there take shitty pics with bad lighting so if you have decent pics you're already a step ahead.

No. 91699

i did camming for like 7-8 months because my father became mentally unstable and cut off contact with me out of the blue, leaving me broke in a far away country where i was doing my degree. had insanely high tuition and rent to pay (for my standards) and no way of getting loans. the money was alright but not extraordinary, usually i could make between 80-130 dollars for 4 hour sessions, but there were many times i would struggle to make 10 dollars for the same amount of time. this part was extremely demotivating. at the beginning it was great and i found it fun but literally after less than 2 months it started becoming soul-crushing. i was so deeply depressed because of camming. i dont even know why. the clients ive had were all quite decent. i've never had any incidents. it should have made me more confident and happy being that i was always the number one on the site (pretty small site) and was growing the fastest. but it was such a dark time for me and i absolutely hated it. i would start going on cam less and less, borrowing money and scamming just to be able to buy food. i would spend 2+ hours getting ready for a 3-4 hour session out of fear that i wouldnt be tipped enough. evenually my dad got slightly better and started talking to me again. i moved back to my home country and dropped out of college because everything was getting too much for me. one day i broke up with my abusive ex whom i was with for 3+ years and had a breakdown, causing me to confess to my parents about camming. they were extremely disappointed and it took some time for them to be okay with me again. this was like 3-4 months ago. now i'm 21, working in IT (gaming, my dream), completely over my abusive ex and never going to do sex work again. i'm also on great terms with my parents for the first time in many years.

only a very few people can stomach any kind of sex work. never make it your income. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. i know it sounds so dramatic for something so small but if you're already mentally ill, this can destroy you.

No. 91723

No, it's not weird that it didn't make you confident. I don't know where the idea of shit like this boosting self esteem even comes from. It didn't help your confidence and it made you feel shitty because no matter how much you say the clients weren't terrible. You know instinctively that these are shitty men who no woman should trust. Men who feel okay buying sex in any capacity from women who have no choice and have fallen on hard times have no morals. You can't feel good when misogynists who would never admit to being misogynists buy sex in any form since they consider women for sale. You're not for sale so you felt like shit.
My friend is doing sex work now. She's also in a foreign country. She suffered some serious setbacks that made her do this. She has no one to support her and her family is shit. Things are looking a little up and she could end this in a few months. She loathes every man she deals with. She knows they're trash since they're okay with coming to her. They wouldn't care if she was literally trafficked. Men are mostly trash and sex work isn't empowering.

No. 91773

On the topic of men buying sex, is seeking prostitution inherently scummy?

If prostitution was something normalized and integrated into society as it has been before in history (for example young men who had no social status to marry or in arranged marriages, obviously not women since our expectation of virginity) would that make it less mysoginistic? I wonder if it would have been seen the same way as going to the barber or getting a massage.

Do all men who buy sex in 2018 see women as purely sexual objects to be used regardless if they realize it or not? Can this profession ever be something normal where no party has to suffer?

No. 91777

of course! the reason it's seen as it is and isn't a common thing in society is because historically it was terrible. many women in brothels were slaves that were sold there or victims of assault that had to whore themselves out because they didn't have a choice. it's been like this in basically every society. the reason it's fallen out of favor is because women have rights now.

No. 91788

Yes because it's been proven that Johns don't give a shit how the hooker ended up hooking as long as she does what they want her to. There've been girls straight up asking their customers for help only to be ignored and used.

No. 91800

i mean, there's a reason they can't get sex for free…

No. 91913

you do know that victoria secret fashion show is just a cover for the most high priced and exclusive escorts in the world right?

No. 91914

File: 1534079974343.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

No. 91915

File: 1534080412621.jpg (77.13 KB, 668x650, kerr.jpg)

off topic but you should probably look it up, Kerr was with a financier, but never took any photos with him, and was gifted millions in jewelry, that she had to return since he was part of a federal investigation.

If that story hadn't got out, no one would've known she was seeing him on the down low.

Think High Class pussycat dolls for reference.

No. 91917

jfc even if that's the case for one person your claim is fucking insane.

No. 91925

File: 1534083110059.jpg (151.41 KB, 1359x413, lohan.jpg)

the rich and famous are just like the regular people, just put a few more zeroes on the end.

No. 91927

you've yet to provide any real evidence other than that one person was possibly involved in that. i don't give a shit about VS but your claim makes you seem like a conspiracy theory crazed incel.

>a-all of these VS model stacies are actually just paid prostitutes!!!

No. 91931

Wait, are you saying the PCD were sugar babies? I wouldn't be surprised if so.

No. 91939

I’ve heard that before too. Maybe on lipstick alley.

No. 91945

File: 1534100077208.jpg (49.96 KB, 1005x238, pcd.jpg)

No. 91950

>even though I was super careful with my identity then

How is it possible to be careful with identity while camming? Do you not show your face at all? I've seen people track down others even from an image that didn't show face so it makes me way too paranoid.

No. 92461

File: 1534600637717.jpg (386.74 KB, 1200x627, gettyimages-pussycat-dolls.jpg)

You sound incredibly ignorant about Hollywood and modeling. Sleeping the way to the top is completely normal for a lot of women and is expected unless you know exactly the right people. Victoria's Secret and PCD absolutely have prostitution.
PCD in particular was so bad, that former member claims her manager was a Hollywood madam and the "den mother from hell", making one of the girls in a sister music group commit suicide. They were rented out all the time and given only 500 a week for both singing hit songs and selling their bodies to rich moguls.

No. 92486

>500 a week
Lol calling bullshit. There's a ton of women on tumblr getting much better cash than that for irregular meets. I know many are fabricating but 500 a week is still laughably weak, and if that includes sex and full time singing work, just lol. Who's gonna do so much work for shit money?

No. 92490

Agreed. A lot of the women who came forward from the Me Too/Time's Up movement were propositioned/had relations with the men they accused under the pretense that their careers would never advance or would get fired. It may not be literal prostitution as we know it (like, being pimped out and sent to rando dudes and given cash for sex), but it's prevalent in many industries…

No. 92491

Not the person you are replying to, but the entertainment industry isnt reflective of a cam girl setting up a profile on camsoda or something. These women join these "sex rings" mostly for fame. They want to be seen and gain fame. Why do barely legal models suck Terry Richardsons and other old men dicks? They could get more money through legit agencies right? Why do Coreys Angels sign up to live in his house and follow retarded rules for a measly allowance? Why did Hefs girls live in the house while all that horrible shit was being done to them? Why do literally ANY women sign up for the porn industry and shoot with known abusive assholes and do scenes that push them to the brink both physically and mentally? They cry about it now but why do it in the first place? Fame. Attention. Money even if its just enough to fuel a habit. Also, some of them probably make money outside of the ring. Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra were heavily involved in the events and stuff so i wouldnt be surprised if they were a part of it too and being whored out to higher profile clients.

No. 92493

File: 1534639478938.jpg (113.16 KB, 634x1129, 43ABA7AF00000578-4832268-image…)

No. 92525

>lol you could've gotten 500 on tumblr
You're showing your age, you fucking child. PCD predates tumblr and when this was going on, it was before the pathetic sugar baby patreon social media culture.

Also, you're dumb enough to think that once these girls got into a secret prostitution ring with Hollywood elites, they had the ability to just magically walk away and talk about it openly. That's the way to end up dead and one of the girls from the sister group did end up dead. Do you realize part of the "madam" manager's abuse was threatening them? They had to sleep with who they told them to, were worked relentlessly with practicing and performing, and could've been sued under contract. $500 was ironically the only thing they got out of it.
>I'm calling bullshit!!1!
Then look up the fucking testimony instead of people having to spoon feed you.

No. 92621

File: 1534723944937.png (Spoiler Image, 681.11 KB, 1434x644, ss.png)

Anyone ever sell on ManyVids? I look at people like Legendarylootz, and it seems like she's been pretty successful on Reddit and has now moved to ManyVids, and she never shows her face. Think it could be a viable way to go? Reddit seems too confusing for me.

No. 93370

….any more info on how to do this? Since the crackdown on Craigslist and that other site I’m forgetting right now, I’ve been wondering how people find their clients.

No. 93371

I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore and somehow I ended up camming for a couple of weeks. I made money but I quit and started feeling bad because if you cam on MFC all your sessions get recorded and posted on a site. Now I feel pretty stupid because there will be videos of me naked on the internet forever, at least when you are an escort you can erase everything and start your life again without the possibility of someone finding out you did it.

No. 93394

I wonder how Legendarylootz became so popular without showing her face. She does have a very nice body but then, so do many other girls who show their faces.

No. 93399

I dunno maaan, it's kind of the dream. I think she got popular selling vids on Reddit?

No. 93400

File: 1535388727740.jpg (39.57 KB, 400x439, 2m0fhhv.jpg)

You're probably thinking of Backpage.

Is there another way to escort now without the use of Craigslist or Backpage? How do you find clients or stay safe?

No. 93435

I've switched from MFC to plexstorm because i found trying to interact with customers without anything to do when no one was talking too draining/boring. Being able to game and then only having to focus on being sexy when I'm tipped is much easier. The sites still small and I quite new so I'm not making huge amounts yet at all, but that's okay. I have a regular job and I'm studying, so it's more just monetising my hobbies. Not planning to get fully nude either, and that doesn't seem to be an issue yet. obviously the girls who do are more successful but I don't begrudge them that

No. 93660

No. 93895

I sell on MV. I'm not a top model or anything but I make a lot of sales (ie. multiple sales per day). The traffic is fantastic but MV takes 40% of your earnings right off the bat, which is the norm for clipsites. Selling through Reddit I guess you'd make full commission, but it's nice selling through MV because you don't have to do as much work - they promote you and provide the traffic.

I don't know how legendarylootz is so popular either…her body is nice, but not THAT nice compared to like MissAlice_94 for instance (super jealous - her body is perfect!)

MV is definitely the best clipsite, IMO, if you're going that way - and I say that from experience because I personally sell on practically all of them (gotta diversify!) and I make like 4 times as much on MV than any others.

No. 93901

I feel sorry for all girls (and man), who do sex work.

No. 93903

Miss Alice got some plastic surgery done, tits and ass. So if you've got the cash, no need to feel jealous.

No. 93910

Good info anon, thanks!

Cool, no one cares, sage this kind of shit.

No. 93914

i cammed (like 10 years ago so luckily not much exists) and escorted a few times. i regret it immensely but i was in a bad place (obviously)

i think sex work is bad for your self esteem, personally.

i may be making less money and with a full time job but it's enough for me and i dont have that icky feeling inside

No. 93963

I used to hook but it was overall a negative experience that I don't want to go back to and left me with a lot of problems. Sometimes I get depressed and think about becoming a camwhore out of a lack of self-esteem but I know I can probably do something else if I can just get the willpower and motivation to. I don't think my PTSD would allow me to go back to sex work, though, and being off drugs for multiple years makes saying no to it a lot easier.

No. 94601

That's the reality of it, anon. I'm glad you're in a better place now, self esteem and confidence wise.

No. 94668

I knew that ass couldn't be real! Thanks anon, I feel much better now

No. 95275

File: 1536969075731.gif (8.13 KB, 645x773, lel.gif)

This is a bit of a vent, but I'm an escort and I feel that this "career" is slowly driving me insane. Some of my clients (mostly white guys) are very agreeable and I enjoy their company a lot, and actually sometimes miss them.

But there's so many bookings where I have to see men who make my skin crawl, to the point where I feel repulsed for hours and hours after work. I'm cringing right now thinking about this experience I had today. The job is very lucrative and I need the money, but I'm considering going back to downing tonnes of cheap gin before I start a shift next time so I don't have to remember.

No. 95280

Sounds like a sad life. I'm sorry anon. I hope you quit and find happiness one day. Are the men who make your skin crawl non-white guys since you said the ones who are agreeable are mostly white?

No. 95283

That's not how I read it
>most of her clients are white guys
>Some are nice
>Some are creepy

Not a sexworker but from customer service the two guys who creeped me out for hours afterwards and every time I saw them (how they acted, moved, what they said, stalker behavior) were very tall old white men. I don't think white men are exempt from being creepy.

No. 95295

>I don't think white men are exempt from being creepy.
Never said that. Any and all men who buy sex are loser creeps.

No. 95528

Can anyone tell any more about panty deal Im really considering making a profile

No. 96722

I started on mygirlfund a week ago. So far I like it! I just want extra money. Now I'm considering manyvids and pantydeal. I like the websites that allow you to block areas, it makes me feel a lot safer and so people who might know me won't find me (you can never be too sure who uses these sites). Pantydeal it seems like you can't block areas, just make your profile to friends only or members only or whatever. Not sure about manyvids.

MGF does take out 45%, then you level up after making 2,000 and they take less and less with each level up. However, I think it's fair because it's so easy to get customers on it. And there's a rating system so you already know who is a good customer, and the possibility of being banned makes everyone not dangerous or creepy. My first week and everyone has been completely nice. I think it's a good alternative to, say, tumblr, or something where you have to find your own audience, though I don't have any experience doing that on there. With my other job and full time school I made about $200 (not counting what they take out). Just some nice extra money, and if I consider my job now making $10/hr, that's more than a work day (not even counting taxes being taken out).

I'm considering wearing a mask or something for websites that aren't MGF though. I'm not sure. I just feel a lot more secure on there since it's members only who can see/talk to you and you block places.

No. 96731

I considered MGF too, but the "sending them your ID" thing just throws me off. Can you at least blur out your name? All they would need to know is that you're 18+ anyway

No. 96781

Hope you're still around. I just made an account and I'm wondering wtf top put on my profile. Do you immediately list prices or does that stuff usually happen in private? How long did it take you to get verified? Do they send you a 1099?

No. 96791

What kind of payment do you guys use? Like Paypal, but do you have different paypal than your 'normal' one that has all your information or can you block the payer from seeing your real name when paying? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm just starting to research selling panties/videos and MGF before getting into them

No. 96793

Circle Pay, Venmo

No. 96894

Here's some helpful info from a professional internet hoe:

- ManyVids DOES allow geo-blocking and pays out 60%
- Clips4sale DOES allow geo-blocking and pays out 60%
- iWantClips DOES allow geo-blocking and pays out 60%
- AmateurPorn DOESN'T allow geo-blocking and pays out 75%
- Modelhub DOES allow geo-blocking and pays out 65%

Of course it's better to show your face ngl, but if you absolutely can't then I reccomend playing it up and making it your thing. "Anonymous" is a category on these sites, and you can work the fetish with a bit of creativity!

Every site requires ID and will deny altered pics, so unfortunately you can't blur your name. At best you can submit a passport (no address) rather than ID.

They won't share your real info with anyone. I felt weird at first, too, submitting my real name and identifying info, but I figure at most some IT people see it and I'm cool with that.

Nope, there's no way to block people from seeing your name on PayPal. They're super strict and notoriously anti-SW, so avoid at all costs!

I've used circle, venmo, and google pay, but none of them are technically SW-friendly… if you do use them, keep all talk of what the payment is actually for offsite!

Tbh I'm still looking for a reliable payment platform. I haven't had problems with any that I've used, but I've heard it's usually only a matter of time… especially with paypal.

I've heard good things about cashapp, though!

**If any farmers have questions about non-camming internet-SW, drop 'em here and I'll answer to the best of my experience!

No. 96899

Oh that's risky. If there are some security breaches with those sites, your information will be leaked and everyone will know. Even big companies have had issues in the past. And those are small sites in comparison and you know they try to save money in every department.

In the end you are NEVER anonymous because you gave them your ID and they can do whatever they want with it.

No. 97031

I'm intrested in trying non sexual escorting, but I don't know how to start? Do you guys reccomend any agenies or just solo?

Bit offtopic, but do you know if there is anything besides camming to do on the web? Wondering if there is such a things as rental-internet girlfriends

No. 97063

I heard there's desperate men out there that will pay women to just cuddle with them.

No. 97072

I've heard but where to find them other than 4chan ofcourse.

No. 97099

Yes! You can absolutely be an internet-gf for money: many guys don't just want nudes but a meaningful, personal connection and if you can provide that for them, they will pay you.

You can start on a site like SextPanther which is a pay-per-message platform. You set your prices, they give you a fake phone number and then you just text with dudes. You can send pics and short videos, plus offer calling services (phone sex) if you're cool with that. It's actually pretty awesome!

However, it sounds like what you need is an online Sugar Daddy. They are very hard to find, but they do exist! My advice is don't sign up for a site (SA, sugardaddie, etc.) but instead work your social media. Create a twitter and IG for that purpose (you don't have to post your face, but include some cute, teasing pics to show you're real). Post about needing a "hero" or some shit like that, and utilize the findom/sugarbaby tags (#paypig, #sugardaddy, #humanatm, #finsub, #walletrinse, etc.). Then DM, DM, DM! You're going to have to make a genuine connection with someone, so it helps if you're a strong writer. It'll take some time and work, but you can totally catch a whale that way.

No. 97100

Dude, there are men who will pay you to make fun of them for paying you! I've done it! Findom is glorious

No. 97101

that's not what findom is.

No. 97112

Are there actually online sugar daddies that want to just chat and not get nudes? I've never met a dude like that. They always say that a part of the GFE experience is, well, getting sexy photos.

No. 97115

I checked the site, but it requires that you have already established following. And secondly I'm not from US.

No. 97117

cries in russian

No. 97150

Ask yourself this: how likely is ot that a man with decent mkney is lonely enough to pay a girl for her company without sex? Either desperately pathetic or fucking insane. If all you want is guys handing you money for being pretty, set up a blog/website with a donation link and use it to post pics of yourself done up cute with a bunch of shit on there about things you want or need. That's the closest you're gonna safely get to a sugar daddy who doesn't want sex.

No. 97196

I was thinking about doing some kind of online SW. I used to cosplay a lot before (never got a page or anything I just did it for cons) so I have sewing experience that I might use to put out some interesting and sexy costumes (I'm not sure if guys care about that tho). So my question is, should I try to build a fanbase through twitter/ig and then start offering payed content or should I go all out and open a patreon or something like that the first weeks? Is camming a better option? I'm euro and I haven't been at cons for a while so I'm not sure how's the costhot scene here.

Also, in regards of selling used panties/shoes how do you go about actually sending them to your costumers?

No. 97198

for the first thing, post on IG/tumblr to gain following then offer paid. start patreon later if at all.

for panties/shoes, just bag/box them up before you go to to the post office. put no return address or a fake one (usually just a pretend PO box) and if you need to say the contents, say it's used clothing. a lot of post office workers will usually make small talk about ebay or poshmark lmao.

No. 97252


Sorry, new mgf anon here again with an update and men have almost spent collectively a total of $1000 on me. I'll get 55% of that. Once I hit it I'm cashing out for the first time.

I haven't listed any prices on my profile, I feel like once they ask about it they're already somewhat invested. I just put a little bit of (normal stuff) about me on my profile. My interests, pets, what I'm going to school for. Plus I've been doing some custom stuff too! You can agree to do whatever you're comfortable with.
I don't know about the 1099 thing, does anyone else? Also, I'm using the skrill payment to cash out, not the mailed check.

I agree with the face thing, also. But I feel secure on this site, all of my interactions have still been nice and I'm still very happy with the site. I keep comparing it to how much I'd make a work (which is $10/hr) and it's funny.

Does anyone know how much your percentage you get to cash out with increases with each level up on mgf?

No. 97253

I just wanted to add, as far as prices for content, keep experimenting with upping what you're asking for and see if they will go for it. I didn't know how much to ask for at first. In my opinion, what the featured girls are asking for from what I see are SUPER cheap. Guys will pay more than that. And worst case, they'll try to bargain with you, which I usually still say yes to, because it's still money that adds up rather than getting nothing. Play that game and ask for more than you think it's worth, then either 1. they'll go for it or 2. they'll ask for what you thought it was worth in the first place. See what you're comfortable with getting paid for for the work you're doing/what you think your content is worth.

Also secrets for you anons but some of you obviously already know this:
I use SNOW, meitu, makeup plus, and I bought an app called clearvideo that makes your skin look perfect and all glowy in videos. You can adjust everything about your videos, crop them, etc. Guys don't know any better.

No. 97405

File: 1538580730032.png (324.02 KB, 496x575, blerg.png)

Can any escort anons give advice on how they do it safely (since places like Backpage have shut down) and their rates?

No. 97415

I sugared, I thought that I was in control and it was going to be empowering and shit. I was 16-17.
Once my daddies had paid me, the word no didn't exist anymore. This was 2 separate men who behaved exactly the same. They both beat the shit out of me, though one was kind of sexualised abuse and the other just wailed on me. They both loved to bind me and "tease" me (their horrible hands felt like sandpaper and the only way i could get them to stop was faking orgasm. If i cried or said no they'd brutilize me). They both did that "aftercare" type thing (literally grooming and forcing trauma bonds) where they'd coddle me and tell me how precious and special and beautiful I was.
When I got the courage together to ghost them I was terrified for a week that they'd find me and kidnap me.

Have not had sex in the two years since because being touched instantly makes me freeze. Couldn't hug my dad (let alone any other man) or even look him in the eyes till this year. These men were professionals with wives and one had children, like him. The horrifying realization, after so much therapy to convince me it wasn't punishment that I deserved, that these guys just live their lives totally free of consequences in a society that upholds them at every turn fucking shattered me. I feel like I'll never be the same. And I never will be. It was like they tore the last of my childhood out and spat on it.

I'm sorry for writing an essay but I just got so, so horribly hurt and abused with absolutely no justice. I feel so betrayed by the brand of liberal feminism that convinced me sugaring would be fun and sexy and safe, and the other sugar babies who told me to work through it when I was having second thoughts at first. If you're a young girl reading this thread and considering sex work- just don't. You can't ever undo what they do to you. And the fear feels like it will never ever go away.

No. 97421

16-17? What the fuck made you think a literal teenager should get into something like sugaring/escorting? What nasty ass girls knew your age and encouraged it? What the fuck

No. 97423

>16 years old
>Thought that I was in control
>I feel so betrayed by feminism

Clearly you have a plethora of issues if you thought going into sex work at age 16 was a good decision. That isn't feminism's fault - please show me feminists outside of the psychos you associate with who encourage a 16 year old to get into sex work.

No. 97441

just go on tumblr.

tbh it sounds like anon was 16-17 only a few years ago.

No. 97442

I have some tips on safe sugaring.

Know who they are:
>pay for a background check, they are cheap
>make sure to get the guy to send you a picture of his ID so you know his real name DOB and any other info
>make him get STD tests and ask for dated copies
>don't let him drive you home, take uber, if he does drive you home eventually and you're still worried, ask him to drop you off at a close by shop and go home from there after he's left

Know what/who you can handle:
I use what's your price because this allows me to scope the guy out on a paid dinner date.
>make sure if going on a paid date, he pays you first thing, or during the dinner and walk out if he refuses
>if he is creepy, pushy or makes you uncomfortable in any way ghost him, there will be others, the money is not worth it
>never let him take control, make these kinds of men know that this is your game
>if you decide to sleep with him, only do it at a hotel (not a motel) and go to a high end one, that way if anything bad starts to happen, a commotion will get you help more easily, and nicer hotels require more from the guests, even if it cuts into your pay it will be safer.

Be careful regardless:
>don't get too comfortable around him even if you think you know him, who knows, don't trust him so easily
>sugaring isn't limited to old beta men anymore like it used to be, be cautious even with men you've known across years
>protect yourself with birth control, condoms etc.
>protect your identity and life
>money is never worth being in danger

Most of the guys I've been with were short (I'm 5'10) beta older men who seemed generally harmless. If I ever got with someone who turned out to be harmful (for instance a creepy guy who gave me a huge list of "sex rules" including telling me I couldn't have any sweat on me or smell like sweat, ever) I would ghost and block everywhere immediately.

The best guy I was with took me out on dates and gave me $200+ plus gifts just for dates, and usually $1k for very short sex. He was repsectful and never did anything I didn't like, just teased and asked if he could, and was fine being denied. 4 years into it he took us to Universal Studios, which was about 2hr plane ride away, and I was fine with it. Got drunk, did karaoke, it was nice, but I only went cause it was 4 years, and he was pretty genuine. We did "couples" stuff too like going shopping for a spaghetti bowl for his sister, chilling with his older friends etc. It was actually pleasant! But he got arrested cause he was in the mob.

Worst guy is the one above, who had a creepy list of sex rules. He was a super pushy ugly indian guy. He lied about what he'd pay me and I left with $300 of his money after making him rent a fancy hotel.

No. 97738

Does anyone know the best way to market yourself online if you want to get into internet sex work, mainly sexting? Where to find men who are into this?? I've looked at arousr but they take 50% of your earnings and so does chaturbate.

No. 97759

Sad how every discussion on this topic always gets derailed by losers asking to be spoonfed basic shit.

No. 97991

Ikr? I do SW and would be so down for an actual discussion that's not just newbies asking for readily available advice…

No. 97992

Chaturbate doesn't have a paid messaging service. Arousr is legit - all sites are going to take a hefty cut, but keep in mind the benefit is that they provide you with traffic.

I'd recommend SextPanther, but you need to have a bit of a fanbase built already to really succeed.

There's also MyGirlFund, which I've never used personally, but I've heard good things about. You just make a profile and then guys message you and you can charge them per message.

If you're down for voice chatting (phone sex - it's still a thing), you could check out NiteFlirt

No. 97993

Sorry for the double post, meant to mention that the best way to market yourself and build a following (and remember, you don't need a huge following to be successful - 90% of your income will come from 2 or 3 people) is through Twitter and Snapchat.

Post lots of selfies and updates about your day, and INTERACT with others - seriously, the best way to gain quality followers is by commenting on others' posts. Follow tons of girls in your same niche and make friends with them. When guys see their favorite girls interacting with you, they'll be more likely to check you out - I'm not saying poach other girls' fans, but you know… people can like more than one person.

Snapchat's pretty similar to Twitter as far as marketing goes - again, post tons of pics of yourself and whatever cool things you're doing. You can use these platforms to create a "brand" for yourself. If you create an interesting enough brand, the followers will come.

No. 98141

I have been a successful sensual masseuse and escort/prostitute for 2 years now, since I was 19.
I need to leave. Something has changed and I need out and I realise this is the point where women either leave or are broken by the industry. It has stopped being fun for me because I woke up and realised it wasn’t fun it only was familiar for me to give people what they want from me. Every single woman I know in this industry has been sexually abused at some point. My 30 yr old still working madam is in denial about her “treated” childhood ptsd & a lifetime of selling her body. Every older madam in the business has warped perspectives on men. None of them are married or have kids, which in my madams case is something she desperately wants. Everyone is obsessed with plastic surgery and men - how to make them pay you, love you, marry you, and for both cis and lesbians I know in the industry, obsessed with hating them. My job is glamorous sometimes, but it’s a hollow existence being a body people project things on. This isn’t a healthy way to live. Validation becomes the thing that feeds you when you’re empty - compliments, MONEY, how good you can perform a sex act makes you feel like you’re in control and you’re empowered. The longer you stay the more you slip into more dangerous shit - sex with one or two clients, then unprotected sex, blowjobs, clients who have me considering anal, clients that will pay me $200 just for me to sit there clothed while they masturbate saying how much they hate me. You are an outlet and a vent for men. Married men will confide in you and tell you you’ve changed their life and they mean it, but they’ll never actually change their lives to fit you in it, even when you both feel like you’ve fallen for each other. Some men you think are sad but respectful but give them a chance and they’ll violate your boundaries and you start to trust nobody. I began to see why other escorts seem to have trouble in their personal lives when I never saw how before. You view sex as currency and your body as a commodity and something to trade - for attention and love. You get annoyed when real life men don’t want sex from you as you’ve valued yourself on that and don’t know what to offer, but the men who just want sex from you hurt you or you only date other damaged and emotionally unavailable men. The men who are okay with your work are actually not or they’re sexual deviants or both. In my case, I had little to none real life sexual experience before I got into the industry and still don’t. Real life men feel emasculated and intimidated by how you use your sexuality as control. You have to fragment your brain to accept that some things are transactional, and to force yourself to work when someone touching you makes your skin craw. Only a true narcissist or psychopath could be happy being an escort forever and there’s plenty of those women out here.

I honestly can’t wait for my body to be my own again and to be able to control who touches me. If you want to talk about any of this my discord is vienna#5035

No. 98142

File: 1539379535629.jpeg (100.02 KB, 862x768, 68EEE570-B6ED-466D-9647-D5ED63…)

Jesus fuck anon

Idk if it means shit but I’ll pray for you.

I hope it gets better

No. 98348

Thanks anon, it’s ok. Just a warning for those thinking there’s no cost to such a high stakes job. You make tons of money at a cost.

No. 98360


stay safe anon and get out of this situation. Make as many money as you can and save up in order never to go back to this again.

No. 98375

File: 1539619340278.gif (1.66 MB, 245x240, havingfun.gif)


So start a discussion here? No ones stopping you. It can be both things.

>readily available advice

what are we supposed to do? google "how to be a prostitute"?

No. 98391

Do any of you lie about your age? Curious if I should say I'm 23 instead of 27. I think I could get away with it.

There's lots of advice on reddit on the sugarlifestyleforum sub.

No. 98395

Has anyone here dabbled with the findom side of tumblr?

No. 98401

get an actual job

No. 98404

Yes, I say I'm 9 years younger than I am - gotta work that teen niche! It's the age everyone guesses I am anyway…I just don't correct them.

You can say you're whatever age you want (over 18, of course) - make a persona, or don't. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

No. 98410

No. 98432

Looking at Dakota's thread… Are there really lesbian sugar mommies or is it a myth?

No. 98460

They are very few, but they do exist.

No. 98544

I've been looking through this one and it's all SD and SB obviously. Are there other resources for actual sex work?

No. 98547

This, I’ve never heard of liberal feminists encouraging minors to get involved with old men for money. This sounds like bullshit to me.

No. 98878

Been pointed towards this thread by an anon and well, even though it's not as spectacular or even interesting here's my share of experiences:

I got into the whole sex work stuff about 5 years ago. Started off fairly innocent by selling shoes and socks to guys pretending to be girls on sites like vinted etc.
Later through a forum found out that I'm also very much into posing nude and recording myself doing sexy stuff and found out I'm really into fetish/bdsm myself. So through that I also started selling nudes.

I didn't make a noteworthy amount of money of either of those but it never was more than a hobby anyways.

About a year ago I lost my job and had to find a way to get by. A friend told me about selling panties so I got into that. Besides panties I also sell socks, shoes, videos, pics, bodily fluids and basically everything people request. The guys on the platform I'm using usually are really kind and so are the other girls. It's a nice community and I'm glad I found them. It's really not enough money to live off, though, so I also started escort. Fortunately I'm still privileged enough to have middle class men as clients and since I work for an agency I usually don't have to worry too much and I always give myself the right to just deny a client or their requests.
As for the sex stuff… I don't mind it too much tbh. Never really got much out of penetrative sex anyway so it's not much different from sex with partners, apart from the missing emotional bond, which makes it easier though.

I was happy enough to find a cash pig a few months ago but so far I didn't milk him too much.

Overall I make decent money but everyone who thinks it's less work than an actual job can suck my ass. Even though I don't mind the sex stuff, 3hrs of doing escort has me just as exhausted as working an 8hr day at my old job. If not more. So I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for anyone that actually struggles with having sex with strangers and has to do it anyway just to get by.

No. 98910

u srs?

No. 99132

I feel sorry for your dad, as weird as that sounds. He tried to bring you up right but he failed obviously. Your poor mom too.

No. 99139

US anons, I need advice on taxes? If this is the right place, idk, I thought I'd try. I might hit up a reddit, but I'll have to search around cause I'm not really into/familiar with reddit.
I'm filling out the W-9 for manyvids now. I still haven't submitted videos yet, though. But what am I supposed to do for mygirlfund? I googled and found (this info was for cam girls though) I would put self employed and put "web model" then I just record how much I make on there and make payments or whatever? I have another "normal" part time job, too.
I need help adulting.

There's literally no reason to be a cunt

No. 99141

if you're not getting any tax forms you just either don't mark it or mark as a gift.

No. 99213

No, no, no, don't do that - that's fraud.

Anon, that W-9 you're filling out now will allow you to be sent a 1099 when tax season comes around. A 1099 is basically just a form verifying your earnings for the year - you report the amount off your 1099, similar to any vanilla job.

Granted, I am not a tax expert - accountant anons, please feel free to correct me, but I think that's more or less accurate??

No. 99225

>that's fraud

yeah and so is not claiming all your tips as a waitress but everyone does it.

anon doesn't have to claim unless she makes $400+ during the year.

No. 99336

Would anyone be interested in a discord for more in depth discussion and support?

No. 99340

No. 99437

yeah, I'd be down

No. 99464

File: 1540622369825.png (193.31 KB, 348x352, b4g7jHx1nfreuasMvQNrAbwNLFcG2D…)

>Besides panties I also sell socks, shoes, videos, pics, bodily fluids and basically everything people request.
What platform did you use for this anon? I haven't seen much discussion on here about selling "bodily fluids" how did that all work?

No. 99465

Is there anyone informed enough who could come up with a "master list" of sex work resources/info? Maybe we could do a googledoc or something?

No. 99485

These are a few of the sites I've found helpful:


^granted those are mostly camming/clip selling-centric, there's a lot of great info that translates into any type of sw (ie. promo & marketing, etc.)

I know I've used other good sites, too… I'll see if I can find them again.

No. 99491

It's a German website so idk if that really helps.

>how did that all work?

The platform already offers the option to sell panties that are stained with urine, feces, period blood, spit or cum, or stuff like pads and tampons. And at some point I had people start requesting e.g. to send them several loads of cum that has been inside of me together with a slip of mine. Sometimes they want me to tell them what to do with it, sometimes they tell me the story they think about themselves.

No. 99494

So you all think it's a great idea despite hearing anons' stories?

No. 99500

Good. Can't believe others actually wanna get into it.

No. 99512

>I'd tell you to have some self-respect and find an actual job.

Ah yes, working for Mr.Goldstein at patricorp global for $20 an hour is far less respectful than working for yourself for $400 an hour.

No. 99519

I was an underage prostitute due to mental health problems and a drug addiction that made me homeless. Did one night of street-walking then got into a brothel. Moved home, got some help, and got clean for about a year…then relapsed and ended up homeless again. So went back to working at a brothel. Got clean October 2012 and have been that way ever since. Had a one-off client in May 2015 when my mental health was really bad again and I was struggling for money. Then became a stripper for a few months in 2016, again when mental health was bad, but men in strip clubs are breathtakingly bad for your self esteem so I stopped.

Pros of prostitution:
•You'll always have work
•You can make instant money (and a lot of it if you play it right)
•Doesn't have to require a lot of skill/work (as there will always be a willing client)

•It's really dangerous and brings you into contact with some seriously questionable people, no matter how well you vet them
•If you have a pimp you are literally owned by someone who isn't scared of committing serious crimes (so will happily beat you)
•Extremely draining on you physically and mentally
•Often surrounded by substance abuse
•Social stigma
•Potential for criminal record
•Risk of PTSD (which I have)

TLDR; I feel like there's way more cons than pros. Basically money and freedom of easy self-employment are the only real benefits against a huge list of potential and serious issues.

No. 99521

Completely agree about men in strip clubs being the worst. I had some awful clients as a prostitute but it didn't directly affect my self esteem, and the nice clients actually lifted my mood at work. Never got that as a stripper.

No. 99523

But will job number one involve interacting with random gross dicks?

No. 99525

> working for yourself for $400 an hour.
You're still working for Mr Goldstein. Now you're just getting fucked by him a literal sense, and you'll still have to work for him when you're too old and unattractive to get paid for sex.

Honestly I don't care what you specifically do, but encouraging other girls to get into sex work by acting like real jobs are for suckers is so fucking irresponsible. Stop prioritizing glorifying your own lifestyle and defending your own choices over other women's safety. You know damn well it's not a safe, secure job that is easy on one's mental or physical health. If a woman has other choices, like working for 'patricorp global', they should take it. Sex work is too risky to be anything but a last resort.

No. 99526

this. its not even comparable to a shitty office job. as someone who's done both (sex work for sheer survival) the office job is a million times better. especially when you only end up doing 3-4 hours of actual work per day, and fucking around the rest of the day.

the "freedom" of sexwork is not freedom.

No. 99544

I like how you took 'sex work' and boiled it all down to prostitution in a place where it's illegal.

There's mountains of sex work that does not involve getting into stranger's cars or setting foot in their houses.

>You know damn well it's not a safe, secure job that is easy on one's mental or physical health.

I absolutely 100% guarantee that my job being naked and lewd infront of a camera, and talking dirty into a microphone is safer and more secure than a whole shitload of 'normal' jobs.

Nobody warns their kids about the dangers of working in fields around industrial equipment or harmful chemicals.

Nobody warns their kids that unless they're management, they're disposable fodder who will be laid off the instant the company finances wrinkle some investors' noses.

As for mental health, I've seen way more of my 9-5 friends having breakdowns than I have my T&A friends.

No. 99546

you can't get tenure being a camwhore you idiot.

i guess you wouldn't understand how job security works seeing as you work a job where you bottom out at age 30 (or 200lbs)

No. 99547

>Nobody warns their kids about the dangers of working in fields around industrial equipment or harmful chemicals.
>Nobody warns their kids that unless they're management, they're disposable fodder who will be laid off the instant the company finances wrinkle some investors' noses.
What the hell are you talking about? Most companies have strict health and safety policies to prevent workplace accidents. Anything that involves equipment and chemicals is going to be especially strict. Any adult knows middle management is the first to go when a company is in trouble. Impressionable young girls, however, don't get a realistic perspective of sex work when it's people like you showing off online about how awesome you and your life is. If it works for you, fine, but being defensive to the point you misrepresent reality is potentially harmful to people who think it's fun, easy work.

Your job is not secure. It's a big black hole in your work history, and it's an inherently temporary job. You have no sick pay or leave allowances, you can't get redundancy payments, you can only work while you're still young and attractive, you are at risk of being doxxed or discovered by people you know, you can't put it on a resume because of the stigma, but even if you did - what skills, experience, certifications or connections have you gained? If you have had a great experience with sex work you are LUCKY, not an infallible and accurate perspective on it.

No. 99573

Hey, I make A LOT more than $400 an hour! I also have a hefty savings account, a 401k, and health insurance.

I do all my sw online and NEVER meet clients in person.

There are ways to be smart about it.

No. 99574


lmao, a 401k is specifically an employer sponsored retirement plan, not just a retirement account…

No. 99575

Double post, but I'm set up as an actual business which I administer through my website. So my actual job title right now is webmaster.

I've learned marketing and publicity skills, I've learned how to code and run a website, I've learned graphic design and video editing, I've learned how to negotiate with clients (not to mention I've developed excellent interpersonal skills), I've polished my writing skills, and I've learned personal accounting and how to manage a business.

If those aren't skills gained, then I don't know what are..?

No. 99577

Yes…that's what I have. I'm employed by actual companies..?

No. 99578

>she wants us to think camsites offer 401k

also, you sound like you copypasta'd a job listing somewhere.

No. 99580

And yet here you are, on a sunday, shitposting on a legbeard matching site.

Just because you run a porn tumblr and promote yourself on twitter, doesn't mean your publicity skills and marketing skills are very useful. I really don't see how editing porn clips and making anal closeup compilations can be counted as graphic design either.

Do you really think any employer won't actually google your company and realise you're a self-employed camgirl and not the business guru you claim to be? Negotiating a neckbeard to pay 60 tugboat bucks instead of 57 tugboat bucks for pictures of your dirty feet isn't exactly a useful skill, nor is roleplaying as his grandmother. Saying you've polished your writing skills by talking to neckbeards and writing tumblr captions is the equivalent of a fanfic writer with their CV stating they've self published over 100 short stories - useless.

Get a Grip Girl.

No. 99592

Yeah ok. In the real world a business wiz such as yourself would actually be able to transfer all that supreme knowledge and capital into a venture that would make money in other ways besides spreading your asshole on camera. But then again you're pretty funny if you think you can negotiate anyone to buy anything from you unless it's been inserted into your snatch.

No. 99595

i too am clearly a webmaster because i learned HTML to make shitty custom myspace BGs 10 years ago for all my weeb friends.

seriously tho, what the other anons said. running a tumblr porn blog isn't really a skill, and not a difficult one either. and most of your "marketing and sales" experience amounts to no more than most ebay buyers and sellers can gain.

No. 99622

anon, it doesnt take any sort of skills to find men to jerk off to your body.

No. 99623

Thirding a discord!
Cause like yeah there's probably forums and stuff for this subject but it'd be fun/helpful to have a closer group to talk to and help out. And this thread is kind of surprisingly one of the more active ones on /g/ I think? And still keep it kinda anonymous too like no need to share our usernames and pages for what sites we're on.

No. 99674

Look, I'm not trying to start a fight here. I just wanted to provide another perspective on the topic, and tbh flex a little because I'm proud of my work.

There are a lot of assumptions being made, and I'm not going to address them all because the sw community is small and I don't want to accidentally dox myself.

I dont run a "tumblr porn blog" - it's a regular ol' .com site. I am NOT a camgirl - I've never cammed in my life.

Ok, the 401k was admittedly a stretch - I do have one but it's from the job I worked prior to starting my site. I'm just holding onto it for now until I switch over to a roth-ira.

I browse lolcow when I'm bored and need a good laugh - I usually stick to snow. I dont think any amount of money would make me not want to come here once and a while for the lulz.

I'm sure this post is going to get shat on also, but it's fine. What strangers on the internet think about me has no bearing on me. I just wanted to provide an alternate experience to all the horror stories that were popping up.

Sorry for triggering so many of you! Believe what you want - I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Actually it's better for me if you don't believe me, because then it's less likely one of you will try to do the same thing I'm doing and poach my client base.

I'm happy to answer questions!

No. 99675

can you explain to me why you're such a cringy tryhard on an anonymous board? sex work or not, your claims were really pathetic, hell this reply and confession are pathetic because you don't amount to being a person on this site.

also for someone claiming to be more educated and well rounded from her "job" you certainly did no research before "flexing" blatant lies to us. i still cannot believe thought you could just lie about getting a 401k, even though professional adult entertainers don't get it. and a quick google shows you that even if you were employed through a camsite, the type of employment doesn't even qualify them to offer 401k at all.


No. 99676

I guess I'm just an idiot then! Lol it's cool. Thanks for the fun!

No. 99694

Good that you acknowledge it, good luck with stretching your asshole today for a quick buck!

Remember that not all medical insurances cover anal tears!

No. 99724

What's wrong with stretching your asshole for $$? That's a very puritanical mindset. It's just an asshole - everyone has one. It's really no different than an earlobe or an elbow, and I bet you show those for free everyday.

Would you say the same thing about somebody selling foot pics? They're still being used for sexual gratification, but feet aren't considered "private parts" the same way genitals are…is that just as despicable, or do you draw the line at assholes?

I'm really sorry I'm being so bitchy and catty - I do try to stay out of drama, but I'm just having so much fun with this argument! So thank you, truly, for the entertainment.

No. 99725

Lmao you're so embarrassing. It's really obvious how much you hate yourself and your shitty degrading job by how hard you're trying to compensate.
But keep bragging about your ability to get old nasty men to give you coins for showing them your dirty butthole, that's very impressive anon!

No. 99726

aren't you busy being a ""webmaster"" lmao. the point is that sex work is easy shit, it's simply unskilled labor like factory work or construction, only you don't really provide a valuable service like goods, and unskilled laborers generally lack intelligence. basically, anyone proud of their sex work is going to be stupid (and you're proving that point pretty well). in fact, the only thing about you that's entertaining is that you're so unintelligent, stupid enough to lie about 401k, stupid enough to then come back on anon and flex, and yet again stupid enough to reply. sex workers are basically the human version of cigarettes stupid, useless things that only satisfy stupid, useless people.

No. 99727

i really don't understand why anon is acting like it's such a big accomplishment (tho it likely is for her), i learned how to do all the shit she said plus graphic design to fuel my jewelry making hobby. anyone ITT can do what she "learned" hell, 18 year olds do the same shit, it's not special. the only real difference between us and her is that we're smart enough to know that objectifying yourself is bad for society and not worth the bullshit.

also, as for office jobs, i would much rather be yelled at by some idiot complaining about a scratch on his furniture than some idiot bitching about my boobs being too saggy or something. people paying your wages generally don't personally criticize you at regular normal jobs, and they certainly aren't criticizing your body.

No. 99730

>complaining about a scratch on his furniture than some idiot bitching about my boobs being too saggy

yeah this. what anon said in >>99724 confirms my suspicions that a lot of sex workers who claim to love it have a weird sociopathy towards themselves, like they don't have any of the feelings attached to their bodies that most people do so they can treat it like it's just a bunch of parts for sale.

No. 99752

Attachment to the body is unnatural. Your body is not you, it's just a flesh vessel to carry around your mind and soul for a limited amount of time.

Why are all you girls hanging around and posting on a sw thread if you're anti-sw? This was supposed to be a place for industry discussion, and you've all just sort of hijacked it and turned it into a morality shamefest. Rude as hell.

I fourth a dischord, but let's require some vetting so that only sw are allowed. I'm tired of these bitter, little prudes clogging up the thread.

Please, leave us alone. If you don't agree with sw, fine, but keep your opinions to yourself. Nothing you say will make us think any differently, and it's obvious none of you have any clue what actually goes into making money as a sw.

You think it's all about nudity? No - fetishes are psychological. The majority of my work is writing and roleplaying different scenarios. That's the skill not everyone can do, and it pays dividends.

I take it you've never heard of findom, or even simple online domming, or else you'd know how uninformed you sound. Educate yourselves before you talk shit about a group of strangers you've never met, you know nothing about, and whose field of work you clearly aren't familiar with even the basics of.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

No. 99753

Do you know where you are? It's a place for discussion. Your shit is gonna get discussed and no one's gonna coddle you or talk about how you prostituting yourself is healthy, real work. They're not immediately bitter or prudes if theyre smarter than you. They just recognize the damage you dumbasses do to all of us when you whore yourself out to these idiots. Findom and all this other embarrassing shit you do to catering damaged degenerates is not obscure, it's just embarrassing soul sucking shit. Have a grrrreat day.

No. 99758

Self-objectifying is not healthy and not being attached to your body is unnatural. For normal people it is a part of their identity, it's always been and is the central essence of humanity and many philosophical discussions (buddhism and namarupa, the mind–body problem, dualism, neoplatonisms emanations of the One, epiphenomenalism etc…).

I'm all for prostitution and I'm fine with it, let's just not pretend running a .com anal dilation site for fetishists requires much else than an internet connection, an access to an asshole and a camera. Again, as stated above - we have all written cringey fanfics when we were 13, let's not pretend writing cringey fanfics to a neckbeard about inflation is highbrow literature.

It does not pay dividends.
>dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits.
Or is your site now listed on an index? SP 500 maybe?

Thank you that you'll stop posting, I deep down hope you're a troll but I'm quite sure you're not based on your claims.

No. 99760

Woah you can write shitty sex roleplay? Now that's a skill most people wish they had.

And being attached to your body is absolutely natural. Healthy people don't give access to their hole to any rando who throw money at them.

No. 99761

Wait, since it pays dividend does this mean your clients are the shareholders since they all own pictures of your asshole.

Does this mean the cum is the dividends???

No. 99765

Sex workers in the thread who met clients irl/had irl sex/worked in a brothel

>Sex work is demoralizing and I don't recommend it, it caused me PTSD

Online-only sexworkers who post/take videos and post text online

>Idk the big deal about sex work! Y'all are prudes!!! It's better than a normal job!!

Everyone is seeing this, right? Online-only sex workers do not speak for irl workers/escorts et al. They are not prudes for saying they hated it. People are allowed to have different opinions. If you find it a fulfilling job, great, but disagreement doesn't mean = prude.

Also it is not necessarily normal to disassociate with your body (DID, anyone?) and it's silly to posit that.

No. 99772

again anon is proving she's just as business savvy as fucking momokun.

No. 99785

What's up with all the sw shamers posting in a sw thread? Genuinely curious…

No. 99790

Some anons are truly just fucking dense. There's a difference between getting naked in the safety of your own home (camming), getting naked irl and fondled (stripping), and getting naked and fucked (prostitution).

I've done the first two and it still haunts me today, I can't imagine what the third would've done to me. I can tell you I thought I was perfectly fine at the time when I as working and it wasn't a big deal but it is now. I'm just lucky I didn't go so far to get my body violated, or worse. I was a camgirl and a stripper and I'm still a virgin because sex and men now terrify me.

No. 99796


I'd actually rather differentiate between those that depended on the money and those that do it as a hobby or source of secondary income.

I do offline SW myself, meet with clients etc. but I don't depend on the money. I don't HAVE to do it. If I actually had to meet clients no matter what to pay my bills I would be hell of a lot more miserable.

I do, however, agree with the point that SW in general shouldn't be glorified and be seen as a possible full-time job you can do instead of a regular one.

No. 99866

My gf and i have started doing femdom stuff with randoms over tinder for $$. Its easy cash, im so new to this though. Any tips for staying safe from anyone who has done similar? There are many many creeps out there, we have refused a few already that gave us both a bad vibe

No. 99868

Oh, also double post sorry.
Anyone know where to get stripper shoes or similar platform high heels for cheap?

No. 99871

Depop is pretty good for stripper shoes. For more femdom stuff, look for demonia knockoffs.

Are you keeping it to tinder only? If not, use a separate phone number, wipe exif data from all pictures you send and do not interact with those who are closer to you. If someone was dedicated enough, they could triangulate based on location and info you've given them

No. 99882

I don't know if this counts but I pretty much have a sugar daddy. I hate it so much because he's so old and I'm so not attracted. I have to be extremely drunk to have sex with him and he said that he is in love with me. I almost threw up.

I told him that I'm sick of this, but he doesn't wanna end it.I'm fuckin trapped. What the hell do I do man…??

No. 99889

Stop seeing him. Stop accepting anything from him. Stop fucking him. Tell him you're done and then stop talking to him.

No. 99904

Are you financially dependant on him? If so you need to save your coins and bounce, asap. Him throwing out I love you’s as a sugar daddy is a huge red flag. Pls get out anon. If you’re gonna sugar at least do it with someone you find kinda, somewhat attractive

No. 99938

I…gave my experience as a sex worker, you fucking retard. I didn't realise it was only ~valid~ if you could relate literally every sex work role ever. & What I said still stands, aside from a criminal record if where you are prostitution is legal.

No. 100040

all prostitution is rape. all men who pay prostitutes are rapists.

Money isn't consent.(stop)

No. 100044

>"all prostitution is rape"

>woman offering

>man accepting offer

seems legit
all prostitution is always inevitably rape
even if the woman enjoys having sex and earning money is just a bonus and she isn't doing it in sheer desperation
it's always rape

Fuck off.(stop)

No. 100045


How is it consent if the woman is coerced into it through financial need?(stop)

No. 100048

Can't you read you fucking moron?

>earning money is just a bonus and she isn't doing it in sheer desperation

There are women that aren't doing it because they have to and it's their only way to get by. They literally do it because they like having sex with many different people and are privileged enough to be somewhat picky about their clients.
It's still sex work. It's still prostitution. It's not rape.

No. 100052

sounds like a fantasy that happens almost never but ok

No. 100053


Ack dude come on, this is embarrassing. You know you're talking pure shit.

No. 100056


Too lazy to tag all the posts, but can you shut the fuck up? This is supposed to be a thread about sw sharing their experiences, which is exactly what that one anon did. Not slutshaming and sperging all over the place with your unsaged opinions. No one gives a single fuck that you hate sex workers, you've completely derailed this thread. Go back to screaming at women on twitter if that's what floats your boat.

No. 100080

>assuming people that show the mildest disagreement with a sex worker opinion are the same person
>screeching about non-saged posts, quoting a saged one

Back to sex work advice though I guess

No. 100085

File: 1541289893858.jpg (61.92 KB, 960x896, sex work.jpg)

No. 100086

yes because girls are taught from birth to be strippers, nothing else, gtfo you freak. literally nowhere in the developed world is sex work actively encouraged from a young age.

No. 100090

Yeah I see it too, and often it's the online SW that are preaching how good and empowering it is. Even when offline SW say it it's usually because they're still active; once you quit the regret (or worse PTSD) hits you like a brick. It's messed up.

No. 100092

NTA but they didn't say that sex work was encouraged for a young age. They're basically saying that girls are encouraged into being pretty things to be used for male benefit, which can then translate into thinking SW is a great idea as an adult. Which doesn't happen to boys, and weirdly enough men are very under-represented in SW given that women make up 51% of the population. Doesn't take a lot of critical thinking really. /derail

No. 100095

>girls are taught it is empowering to dance naked for men

it literally says it right there

No. 100098

I don't know what that tweet was about specifically but girls are certainly taught about sexy barely dressed dancing from music videos early on, whether it's a female artist (who are often idolized by young girls) or random women being decorative objects in a male artists video.

No. 100134

>Him throwing out I love you’s as a sugar daddy is a huge red flag

Can you explain why?

No. 100136

They are usually guys who will push your limits and try endlessly to date you and get everything for free because it's love!
As an escort (or a sugar baby), if a client tells you he loves you, it's better to cut ties quickly before he either gets pushy or outright starts to stalk you to know the ~real you~.
A client saying I love you is showing he doesn't understand that this is a transaction with firm boundaries.

No. 100150

Yeah but he knows he's gotta pay up. I don't let him walk on me. I hate his guts and he knows it. I think he just likes abusive women.

No. 100162


that's not a SB thing tho, just an escort thing.

No. 100167

So… let's get back on track!

What's your favorite site? I just started on ELM a few weeks ago and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that I LOVE IT!! The custom request section is a goldmine once you filter out the cheapskates, and I like how quickly the buyers tend to respond - unlike straight clip sites where you upload and then wait for sales, you can actually hustle a bit more in real time. I don't know why more sites don't have that feature!

Also, a lot of the requests I've done so far are just all around cool vids that end up reselling really well on my other sites. I can't believe how much my earnings have increased since starting there!!

Anyone else have experience on ELM?

No. 100783

It was only a few years ago and it was tumble-tier libfems (asked for advice on a sex positive feminism page and got encouraged, older students at my high school encouraged it by telling me how cool it is and how empowered I must be etc). I went to a rich high school for reference full of wealthy white girls who had no idea what prostitution is like (myself included up until that point). When I bring it up in feminist circles now (I go to a very liberal art school) I get told how "but some people CHOOSE to do sex work and it IS empowering" and that I shouldn't "put down sex workers for their choice just because I had a bad experience". Radfems have been an absolute breath of fresh air lol.
do you live under a rock? sex positivity is all about this shit, constant memes about how empowering it is and how you're so strong and dominant and cool for it.
dude whats wrong with you. me: talks about how I was groomed into sex work as a teen and repeatedly abused. you: wow I feel so sorry for your parents :/ must be tough having a failure as a daughter

No. 101000


calm down edgelord, some women got forced into that lifestyle.

No. 101013

File: 1542534472517.jpg (29.19 KB, 236x201, opa_spurdo.jpg)

Wow, you guys really are fucking sluts, aren't you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101031

Its the sex work thread.

No. 103654

Lmao your poor father.

No. 103655

Would those of you in this thread tell future partners/husbands the truth about your past?

No. 103656

yep, my fiance knows i did it for a short time and he doesn't mind. he was also a huge manwhore for a while before we met, so he'd be an ass if he had any issue with it. i think it helps if he's not an insane robot that obsesses over virgins.

No. 103661

I’m a semi costhot, I have a patreon but I don’t do only lewd cosplays I also do random boudoir stuff/lewd pictures. I offer a lot of personal engagement on my patreon so I make a decent amount even though I’m not super hot.

I also do private cam shows and sexting although this is like my secret identify since I don’t show my face ever. I’m sure I could make a lot more if I showed face but I do t think it’s worth it for me personally. Started recently so not crazy money but it really helps me out.

My boyfriend encourages and supports me, he doesn’t care at all and if anything finds it hot when we do things together and record it/take pics. As long as I’m not having IRL sex with another man I don’t think he cares.

No. 103662


Forgot to add that I also work a “real” IRL job so no work history gaps like someone mentioned earlier in this thread.

I wouldn’t do all the SW stuff I do as my only job but I do make money doing it than I do my IRL job. I have a few guys who I have on a pay schedule (outside of patreon or private cam shows/sexting) who straight pay me twice a month (300-500 bucks). With these guys I pretty much just send them messages daily (like casual chat) and occasional pictures just for them.

It gets kind of exhausting for me to talk to men 24/7 and constantly take pictures of myself but I can deal with it for now. Being a college student and balancing school/work is rough, so it’s easier for me to work part time IRL but make most of my money without a set schedule. This allows me to go to classes whenever, lots of study time, time volunteer/shadow/etc. it’s liberating time wise.

I’m still in school as well so I don’t plan on doing this forever.

No. 103665

Enjoy your inevitable divorce.

Cosplay is a nasty hobby.

No. 103668

I'm >>99519 - in a long-term relationship with the father of my child, plan to get married some day, and he knows every little bit about my past. It's not something I'm ashamed of, just not something I advertise either.

No. 103669

Where were your parents when you were whoring?

No. 103670

These kinds of threads always end up being 90% “haha ur a whore ew” low tier bait… I didn’t get why robots called this the female r9k but now I can see why. The lowest quality trolling at best.

No. 103671

I think it's threads like this that give us a bad rep to be honest. Robots look at these threads and think we're all whores or whatever. Personally I think sex workers are trash and deserve to be shamed. That's just me though.

No. 103673


Robots are mentally ill scum. They think of you as a worthless whore whether or not you’re a literal whore. This thread means nothing in that sense.

Although I don’t understand when people think SW are scum/deserve to be shamed (wtf lol).

I mean I understand not liking it, thinking that it’s bad, degrading, not promoting it etc but for a lot of people it’s done as a last resort/necessity. Sure, I hate the glorification of SW but I demonize the sick men who pay for it rather than the workers who try to make ends meet by meeting a demand for a service.

I never would recommend SW to anyone as a job but I can’t blame those who do it. I just hope they get out of it fast.

No. 103675

I legit pity those who have to engage in SW, especially those who need it to survive.

Sure maybe a very small percentage enjoys it and actively chooses it, but most do it out of necessity.

A lot of SW I know have come from abusive, neglectful backgrounds and have to turn to this as a last resort. I could never shame anyone who has suffered like that.

No. 103676

>Promotes the commodification of women
>Promotes the objectification of women (along with entertainment, porn etc)
>Linked to terrible mental health, which it objectively worsens over time the longer you're in it
>Linked to massively higher suicide rates
>Linked to broken homes
>Pornifies general culture over time (porn creep)
>Fucks men's minds up for incredibly young ages, raises them on porn to think violence and degradation is a natural part of sex
>Means women have to deal with men who were raised by porn and acquiesce or even develop stockholm syndrome towards this
>Destroys the self-esteem of young girls by promoting unrealistic body image (bleached assholes etc), thereby helping to make more self-harmers
>Symbiotically tied with human trafficking
>Preys on vulnerable young women
>Promotes pimp-shit rhetoric ("you're not a whore! you're sticking it to the patriarchy by sucking Mr. Shekelberg off under the table!") to justify this
>Full of miserable halfwits who try to rope other girls into their misery by claiming every normal job is "also degrading", and comparing something like service employment fucking yourself with 10 inch dildos on cam, or meeting random old men in motels for awful sex. Just look at all the tumblr whores who tried to promote their lifestyle to other girls, providing "guides on how to perform sex work right" etc. ←— This one I particularly fucking hate
>Bullshits about money (I've never met a "sex worker" who saved a penny, or had a dependable income after 30, if they exist, they're a tiny minority)

No. 103677

File: 1545333374838.jpg (28.54 KB, 236x275, 1532249549233.jpg)

wow! you just blew my mind with this!

No. 103679

Huh? Are you a fucking idiot?

I never claimed SW is good, that I support it, that it’s good and empowering for women etc. Sex work sucks and If I could make this a world where no one has to ever engage in sex work of any kind I would.

That being said, just because SW is shit doesn’t mean I’m going to step all over the poor women coerced or forced to do SW lol.

No. 103680

Guess what idiot. It's that abandonment of the stigma of shame that helps push a lot of SWers, particularly younger ones, over the edge from contemplating it into actually doing it. It's called normalization. Same way it's considered "normal" these days for couples to do shit that's genuinely harmful to your health like anal.

No. 103684


I understand what you’re saying but I think educating people on why SW is shit is better than shaming and abusing the people doing it already.

I’d like to take people away from sex work, and a lot people get stuck into it thinking they’re not people anymore or worthy enough to do anything else/can’t do anything else. It doesn’t make sense to alienate SW, how else will they leave their shitty profession.

I wish we could have a country wide program to rehabilitate SW and give them Normal jobs and also help prevent others from starting SW. that’s my ideal.

I think we have similar end opinions but just different ways of enforcing that opinion haha.

No. 103685

We can do both anon. Shaming the thing in of itself, and educating everyone at the same time. Sex work SHOULD carry a stigma. Just like Johns visiting prostitutes SHOULD carry a stigma (a lot of nasty, handmaiden type """feminists""" were whining recently about how nice Johns are lol)

No. 103692

Probably in a number of different places, depending on what day and time it was. Idk, I wasn't keeping track of them, I was busy.

No. 104601

What's ELM? (It's not an easy acronym to google with the intended context)

No. 104603

File: 1546438502680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.05 KB, 1062x899, Capture.JPG)

It's actually stupid easy if you put a bit of effort into it

No. 104605

Yikes, no need to be such an asshole, anon. I googled something similar and extralunchmoney didn't show up like that for me. Calm down.

No. 104606

I am just pointing out it's not hard at all to google it. It took me literally a minute and two tries as the first search term was too vague and only showed me brothels. Maybe you should up you online skills if you wanna be a sw(infighting)

No. 104673

Tbh though that is a fair point: being successful at online sw DOES require excellent internet/research skills…

I say this as the anon who originally posted about ELM…which btw if anyone wants to discuss the topic of promoting oneself as an e-hoe, I'd be so down to trade tips!

No. 104681

nta, but how is this a discussion thread if you're not allowed to ask for more information or questions on SW?

>being successful at online sw DOES require excellent internet/research skills…

What does that have to do with what is probably a non-SW anon asking a question? I do SW and it's literally an industry that exists in the "shadows" by it's very nature. It's not that hard to believe that someone who doesn't know or work in the industry wouldn't automatically know all the terminology or acronyms right away.

No. 104939

So… you're not giving him sex OR nudes and you expect him to pay you? Anon this is a fantasy. Usually long last SD start with both of those options or one of the two and it slowly/possibly develops into what you're looking for. You do not start off that way.

No. 104944

>So… you're not giving him sex OR nudes and you expect him to pay you?
dude that's like the whole point of twitch lol

No. 104946

I meant sugar daddy levels of money lol

No. 104947

And it seems like anon doesn't want to show her body at all and twitch you have to at least do that to get some money

No. 104949

Ive cammed briefly, made a few custom videos, and now I’m in a long term sugaring relationship. He’s been my friend for 4 years and I’ve sent him free nudes for most of that time, until last september when he started buying me stuff, and we made a formal agreement. At first it was just nudes for anything I wanted on amazon. I found the arrangement shallow and easily materialistic so now we have altered that arrangement to be more conducive to my personal growth. He helps me keep track of good habits I build and gives me points for those habits which I can save up to choose to buy something. It’s been beneficial so far. I will send nudes too but it’s more at my leisure and if I feel like fulfilling his requests.

No. 104954

I'm NTA nor am I trying to get into SW but why is this literally always the response when someone ask a seasoned SW questions? Like I get it they could just google it sure, but is it really going to kill you to just answer the questions.
wHeN i StArTeD i DiDnT hAvE aNyOnE1111!!!
okay that's cool but I bet you wish you had? Is it really going to harm you to help another girl out lmao. Clearly other girls in this thread don't mind.

No. 105041

I use to pay cam girls five years ago when I was at the deep end of chronic depression, I was feeling bad afterwards of wasting money on nudes. Now since I'm on SSRI I have no sex drive which is great for avoiding any porn. I spend my time on Twitch instead (and no thots), it's way less toxic IMHO.

No. 105044

How much did you waste

No. 105055

2k or so. Most girls I liked retired by then.

No. 105084

My SO and I have been playing with the idea of me camming or just being an IG thot. I've never found my tits to be sexual so selling nudes isn't really an issue with me and he's okay with it.

But we haven't actually taken any steps to do anything yet.

No. 105096

Me and my SO has lowkey been thinking the same (like either maybe videos of us or just me selling panties). But I don't think we'd ever actually do it forreal. I looked into the panty thing for quite a while but I still don't know if I'd ever have the courage to jump into it

No. 105614

One thing to keep in mind if you're contemplating getting into camming is that ALL camshows are recorded and reposted on the internet - EVERY SINGLE ONE! Don't be fooled into thinking that because you're a new model you won't draw enough attention to be recorded - there are bots that automatically record every public show (yes, your first show included!) - and we all know that what happens on the internet stays on the internet…

So if you're cool with your nudes being permanently entombed on the internet, like I am, then go for it! You can make a shitload of money. But if you have any hesitation about it or if you intend to pursue a "traditional" career one day, then don't. There's no way to erase the fact that you've cammed once you have - there's no going back.

No. 105626

anon, you can most certainly pursue a "traditional" career after you just need to not add all your personal info to the camming and keep separate social media. companies that search your social media (and that's usually only large corporations anyway) don't search anything but your legal name.

No. 105632

>what are assholes that expose you for the sake of it
>what are modern developments in reverse image search and face recognition
Oh, sweet native anon

No. 105721

What sex work (if any) would you anons say is the best choice for a college student who intends to have a traditional career in the future?

No. 105725

hiding your face eliminates these issues

No. 105726

lmao that's not even how that shit works. and people can't "expose" you if you don't give your real name.

No. 105729

I signed up for Chaturbate but I didn't realize that they put you on the front page for the first week and I only bothered to start camming on the 3rd week. I make like $50 a day and I hate it. I hate having to act fake cheery and happy and only have like 12 viewers. Idk if I should make a new account to be on the front page. I'd rather just sit on my ass all day at my hotel job browsing my phone making $10 an hour.

No. 105736

Not showing your face definitely limits earning potential

No. 105741

Stick it out on your current account - it takes time to build up a loyal following. Try to be online at the same time everyday AT LEAST 3 days per week (ideally go for 5 - more than that and you'll burn yourself out), and stream for a good 4-5 hours each time. Soon you'll attract regular tippers - keep in mind ~95% of your earnings at any given time are going to be coming from 1-3 people, so it really is a matter of quality over quantity.

What are you using in terms of webcam/lighting? When you broadcast, around what FPS are you hovering? With a basic logitech setup it should be 30 - less than that and there's something eating your bandwidth (which is usually an easy fix, just takes a bit of troubleshooting). When members enter your room, do a lot of them tend to leave immediately? That could also indicate a problem with your streaming quality.

In my experience, the most important element of a good cam setup is lighting - if you haven't already, you should invest ~$50 in a professional photography light. Get the highest wattage you can find - I have a 1350W softbox from Mount Dog that I bought on Amazon and I love it! The first time I streamed with it my room count literally doubled.

I'll think if there are any other tips I can recommend, but hope this at least helps somewhat!

No. 105743

Honestly, none. I'd say you could try sugaring, but idk how or where you'd go about finding an sd without putting yourself out there on the internet.

The #1 law of sw is that it's not a matter of IF you're found out, it's WHEN - make enough $ w/ sw for it to be worth doing, and you WILL be outted. If that is a nonstarter for you, then it's just not a good idea.

Sorry, anon, I don't mean to dash your hopes! Just want any girls who read this and who happen to be thinking about getting into camming/sw to understand that it's a big, permanent decision. If you decide to do it, research as much as possible to understand exactly what you're getting into!

No. 105777

Thank you so much for the advice! The only reasons I thought to consider sex work were wanting a decently flexible schedule and potentional to earn an actually worthy amount toward tuition. I really appreciate your advice though and I admit I don't think it's for me then

No. 105937

>>The #1 law of sw is that it's not a matter of IF you're found out, it's WHEN

I think that was the first thing I've read about sw when I researched a long time ago. I saw a lot of warnings saying if you're going to have a career don't even get started. And I've been thinking about that for years

No. 105939

> poor women coerced or forced to do SW lol.

Literally none of the women in this topic fit this criteria. Needing money doesn't qualify as "forced".

No. 105941

Has anyone here actually purchased SW? Like a gigolo/escort? The positive aspect would be that it would be all about me for once, but seems shady as fuck, I'd be worried about getting assaulted.

No. 105951

Aren't any of you like worried you'd get like a STD or something? I'd be way too paranoid that I'd get aids or some shit if I ever tried escorting (both with trying it as the escort and buying one). I know there's like things in place to prevent it (you know with screening and seeing test results) but with so many bat shit crazy people nowadays I wouldn't put it past anyone to forge a document or two to make it seem like their clean.

No. 105953

Oh yes. And I imagine that he would have to use one of those dental dams if you wanted oral. Just everything about it seems unsexy and awkward. Especially the "this person doesn't actually desire you" thing.

No. 105963


Agreed. Sex work is not and will never ever be empowering.

Read this:


“Prostitution is not on par with a job, it is one expression of the sexual hierarchy called patriarchy. Does a wife who fears divorce but hates her husband consent when she has sex with him to avoid his anger or abandonment? Surely, we see this question with enough nuance to surpass the anemic legal standard of consent. What would you say to your friend if she told you this? But when the same survival dynamic underwrites prostitution, we immediately jump out of the ring where we struggle against patriarchy and position ourselves alongside liberals by shifting the issue from one of sexual hierarchy to labor-process. The field is abandoned to patriarchy, and feminism is subsumed (again) into workerism.”

No. 106207

Idk…I find my bank account balance pretty empowering!

Feminism is dumb.

No. 106208

Hows your self-esteem and self worth tho

No. 106215

Through the roof!

No. 106217

I'm sure.

No. 106232

yeah, fuck those women who want to be respected for their brains and intellect, versus using their bodies. Have fun being drugged up to forget your shitty experiences of being used by men like an onahole

No. 106241

Why "versus"? They're not exclusive. Plus, you actually can't make serious $ off looks alone (how could you? There's thousands of hot girls giving it away for free) - you can only make the big bucks by being hot AND interesting (ie. smart). A lot of non-swers assume the former.

I'm sorry you derive your entire self-worth from what men think of you! Hopefully one day you can learn to transcend that.

No. 106256

anon. you're also doing that…

No. 106257

File: 1548138943396.jpg (1.32 KB, 400x400, 6LlqCea.jpg)

>I'm sorry you derive your entire self-worth from what men think of you! Hopefully one day you can learn to transcend that.

Not getting that women using their bodies for sex is never smart and completely dependant on men's self-worth of them, but okay. I do just fine in a career where i don't degrade myself for money and actually use educational learned skills.

No. 106260

Anon why would you hate on prostituted women themselves?

Hate the industry, not the victims in it.

No. 106270

NTA but are you reading the bitch she's responding to?

No. 106280

> Hate the industry, not the victims in it.
anons here aren't victims

No. 106283


There's a difference between a young girl forced into prostitution because she has no other option (a lot of girls start underage and are forced into it by family or a pimp finds them) and anons itt, most of whom chose to be prostitutes because they have zero self worth, think that being degraded for cash is empowering, and will never understand that most girls who are prostitutes are not empowered but continuously abused, trafficked, and killed. I have nothing but sympathy for these young girls, and I actually devote a substantial portion of my time outside of school and work to bring attention to human trafficking and help victims.

For every ~empowered feminist sex workers~ anon who thinks being a hooker is empowering there are 5 underage girls who got beaten by their pimp because they didn't sleep with enough men, whose murders go unnoticed because they're invisible in the eyes of the law, who will never get to live a real childhood nor have a healthy and stable future. Any anon here bragging about her bank account is not a victim, in my opinion they're actually making it worse for the girls who are really victims

No. 106294

Fucking T H I S. I'm an ex-prostitute and I have these fucking conversations with privileged "SWers" constantly. I honestly couldn't give a fuck if all these women had to live on the dole forever, if it meant no one was ever trafficked or coerced ever again. They refuse to accept that normalising the idea that women & girls can be bought for sex - and that it's actually an empowering thing - increases trafficking exponentially, because that would mean doing something else with their life. It's pathetic and I have absolutely no respect for it. When you say that, then the sob story comes out - kicked out at 16, drug problems, poverty…and you're like congratulations, you're actually lying about fucking strangers to survive because you're so desperate to tell yourself that what you're doing is okay. Sperg but this subject is sore for me, and anons like >>106207 can fuck themselves.

No. 106299

I'm so glad you were able to get out. It's incredibly disheartening when I tell someone that I work with an organization who helps get women out of prostitution and they tell me that I'm anti-feminist and hate women - once I was told that I wanted to "erase female identity." In my opinion nothing is more erasing to an identity than basically not existing at all like so many of these girls. There's a reason why so many serial killers took prostitutes as their victims. It's always very sad to see some of the girls come into the center I work at looking to get out but they never fully do because that's all they know, and the relationship with their pimp is the closest thing to love they know. It's so hard to quit once and for all.

If you're interested in helping other girls like yourself get out (or even just providing some sort of support) you should definitely look into volunteering with an anti-trafficking organization or center near you. A lot of the girls would really benefit from hearing from someone who was once in the same place as them. A lot of them are all-female organizations made up of the best and kindest women I've ever met, they would definitely not out you or anything if you're concerned about that!

No. 106301

First off, thank you so much for doing something to bring awareness. Human trafficking and sex trafficking seems to be a subject almost never touched upon. I didnt know it was a thing until after i got out of high school and did my own research because i hated porn so much and needed to know more.

People who WILLINGLY because hookers and strippers are in such a first world mentality, that they cannot fathom a situation where other women are forced into that life style, addicted to drugs and alcohol to escape it mentality. It's so sad and i've watched only two traffically documentaries that have made me cry. It's inhumane. A Lot of those women and children die and their voices are lost because there are so many, especially in Asian and Eastern european countries.

There will never be anything ~~empowering~~ about sex work. It's sex slavery.

No. 106303

It is sad that so many of those women cannot mentality escape and that is reality of sex work and it's codependency. Most women need it for money and most are so messed up mentality that they can't get out even if they wanted.

It becomes so dangerous for them. Anyone telling you that you are anti women/feminist because you want to tell women they need to be more than sex workers is wrong

No. 106305

Human trafficking is, imo, at crisis levels around the world but especially in the US. There is little known about the exact statistical gravity of the situation; the estimates on how many people are trafficked into the US yearly range from 30k-170k, and this doesn't include citizens trafficked within the US. Most stats are really outdated. The legal definition of trafficking is very vague so the actual number is likely much larger. And the issue is incredibly severe in the Philippines.

Do the children in this video look empowered to you?

No. 106310

Liara Roux can fuck right off with her gaslighting about the sex industry and grooming wannabe prostitutes. She did a Reddit IAMA about respecting “sex workers” then answered about 3 superficial questions. She charges $1000 an hour and then claims to support the “industry” full of trafficked women. She claims all her johns treat her well then starts legal proceedings against a director for surprise surprise not treating her well in front of a group (imagine what happens in private). She and her bf claim to be trans but put zero effort in being the other sex, it’s just ~feels~. Cow long overdue her own thread /rant

No. 106342

There are tons of sites specifically for that purpose already, and it's annoying when some anon comes in with questions that have already been answered if they just read the whole thread beforehand.

No. 106619


ex sw here too.

I'd prefer women to be on welfare for the rest if their lives than ever having to work in this horrific fucking industry

No. 106660

to be honest, a lot of people online who claim to be sex workers and talk about how empowering it is sound really male to me sometimes. its always some rich 1st world woman who does cam work or an obviosly fake account pushing this bullshit.

No. 106661

File: 1548626055255.png (330 KB, 566x940, 24cz6tw36g221.png)


I wouldn't be surprised if all the "uwu sex work is so empowering" are pimps.

In seven countries, 95% of working prostitutes are looking for a way out.


No. 106669

I wish there were a word for non-prostitution sex work because there is definitely a difference. I do the online work. I would never want to be a prostitute, and it seems like girls don't do it because they want to or that it's ~empowering~, seems like most girls have done it because they've fallen on hard times.
I have a part time job so I don't rely on online sex work 100%, so I don't feel bad about myself or that it's draining the life out of me or anything. I also feel good about the fact that after guys used to use me for sex, now I can take money from other guys and use them for money instead. Basically, lol people pay me for nudes now why should I send any to anyone for free for no reason. And making money off of guys who can't even touch me, so why should I give in to sleeping with guys who don't care about me. In that way it's "empowering" for me, I guess. It's taught me to value myself and my body more. There's also a "high" from making money.
I don't really believe prostitution sex work is empowering. Maybe for a second in the beginning I can picture it being, but I'm sure it never ends well. It's too dangerous.

No. 106692

Smh how can y'all be so delusional to think you have the upper hand in these things… you're still selling your body for money. You mean nothing more to these men than your body. How is that empowering…. you're really not that different from a prostitute

No. 106745

Agree. It’s not empowering. It’s validation. People confuse the two.

No. 106753

And they mean nothing more to me than their wallet - it's mutually beneficial.

No. 106825

There is: adult entertainment. It's funny that the vast majority of voices screeching about how empowering "sex work" is never actually have any sexual contact with anyone.

No. 106857

But they’re all too quick to try and claim being paid for someone to rape you is legitimate “work”, despite the obvious lack of worker’s rights, taxes, and safety standards.

No. 106858

Not to forget sick pay, maternity leave, etc.

No. 106928

You think corporations care about their workers? They don't give a damn, you are worth as much as your skillset, just like in sex work you are worth as much as your looks.

It's just the same thing, different measuring stick.

But I have always wanted to know, does sex work screw someone up in relationships? Do people just lose interest in sex completely because they now associate it with work?

No. 106930

>You think corporations care about their workers?
They are legally obligated to 'care' in certain respects, and if they don't, you have employment lawyers to care about you instead.

And yes, a business sees employees as roles and dollar signs (like we see them as pay cheques), but people who employ you are still people. I've been lucky enough to have good managers who certainly care about us, HR and higher ups are never happy about making people redundant. The way management see their staff, or the CEO views his workforce, is completely different to the dehumanizing perspective men have on prostitutes. I'll take neutrality and focus on the bottom line over someone thinking my body is his to buy any day.

No. 106935

>but people who employ you are still people.
>I'll take neutrality and focus on the bottom line over someone thinking my body is his to buy any day.

But business do hire your body any day, just under skillset circumstances instead of sexual circumstances.

No. 106936

This tired argument. What other job requires you to put something potentially diseased in your body, sometimes painfully so?

No. 106937

people die from anaphylactic shock from tampons and die from food poisoning. And people don't even get paid to do that.

People have jobs as soldiers, and miners and divers where you can die.

I fail to see the point you are trying to make.

No. 106942

>dying from tampons
Are you fucking seriously trying to compare using a tampon to getting paid to be raped?

>People have jobs as soldiers, and miners and divers where you can die.

And you can die from STIs, being beaten, and from unintended pregnancy. Just because other jobs are bad, doesn’t excuse this one. Of all the jobs you list, prostitution is the least vital.

Again, what other JOB requires you to put something potentially diseased in your body, sometimes painfully so? What other JOB has people putting diseased things inside them FOR MONEY? J-O-B.

No. 106943

>getting paid to be raped?


>Of all the jobs you list, prostitution is the least vital.

Well get to work stopping it, you've got lots of work to do.

No. 106944

>anaphylactic shock from tampons and die from food poisoning
fucking kek anon, those are freak accidents.

people die in car crashes so what's the harm in sex work, amirite?

No. 106945

>getting paid to be raped?
Yes. If they wouldn’t consent to sex without money then they are being paid to be raped. Those who are trafficking or pimped don’t want to be in prostitution and they won’t even get the money. That is rape by definition.

>Well get to work stopping it, you've got lots of work to do.

Yes, lots of ignorant people like you to educate.

No. 106946

It comes off like your suggesting that rape is only as bad as anything you'd rather not do, but are willing to do for money. The idea here being that plenty of us can handle fucking someone unappealing without it being any more traumatic than some heavy yard-work.

Personally I don't doubt in the slightest that sex work can be one of the absolute worst choices for even a short term temp job depending on the individual and their circumstances but the way I'm seeing this being presented is that if you're willing to sell your body you're not allowed to be happy with yourself.

No. 106947

>It comes off like your suggesting that rape is only as bad as anything you'd rather not do, but are willing to do for money. The idea here being that plenty of us can handle fucking someone unappealing without it being any more traumatic than some heavy yard-work.
Not my intention. And it’s more than unappealing. Life threatening, potential for injury, etc.

>Personally I don't doubt in the slightest that sex work can be one of the absolute worst choices for even a short term temp job depending on the individual and their circumstances but the way I'm seeing this being presented is that if you're willing to sell your body you're not allowed to be happy with yourself.

Not allowed? No. But the vast majority of people in prositution are trafficked or pimped. It’s not a stretch to say they are unhappy. Don’t believe everything to read on sex worker sites, interviews, or twitter. It’s advertising. People like Liara Roux in the first pic will have you think it’s all fun and joy. From experience, I can tell you it’s definitely not.

No. 106972

Can you guys in the real sex trade (not online) detail the worst/weirdest things that have happened, and how much you were paid? I'm a lesbian so it would be 100% unenjoyable regardless but I'm still curious to know if its just a job like I've heard before.

No. 106977

yes and womens eyes are being raped when they accept a date from an ugly guy to get a free meal.

Or when the girls go for a night out and have to put up with creepers to sponge free drinks off of, thats rape too.

No. 106979

When I was 17 I had a client who was at least 60 years old. He had clearly been seriously sexually abused and used to bring bleach with him to every session. I would lie there for 30 mins every time while he inspected my vulva intensely, then he'd get up and scrub his skin with bleach. This went on for ages until one session I asked him if he'd ever had sex. He said no, and I asked if he wanted to lose it to me. He teared up and said he'd be honoured. We had very gentle slow sex…then he left and I never saw him again. Still think about him sometimes and hope he's okay. Very sad and unsettling.

No. 106980

Ignoring your stupid argument that everything has some level of risk, people who are soldiers and divers recognise that their job puts them at risk of death, PTSD, serious injury. I have yet to hear of a "sex worker" who recognises that in any other context other than when they're bleating about being oppressed. (They usually ignore where that risk comes from as well - never the clients who perpetrate it, always the people against the industry.)

No. 107039

Found the MRA.

No. 107163

I'm sure there are. But you could just link the post where their question is answered without being a cunt.

No. 107441


>does sex work screw someone up in relationships?

ex prostitute here. Yes, it does. It fucks you up hard. I cant have sex without thinking about my job.

No. 107442

You’re also extremely lucky if you can find someone who will date you knowing you’re a prostitute.

No. 107473

Wow, that sounds horrible for both parties. Sincere condolences.

No. 107483

I'm a current prostitute - how long ago did you quit and does it ever get better? I sometimes struggle to do daily activities because I feel so disgusted with what I've done with my body. I hope this doesn't continue for years after leaving.

No. 107496

Why do you do it?

No. 107574

Parting with money means nothing but selling your soul is everything. After a while that shit mentally hurts you and your body is used by other men.

No. 107575

This 100 percent. No woman wants to grow up to be a sex worker, used by men and ultimately fucking them up for life. Women need to be encouraged to use their brains and get an education. Be skillful at business and life. All this ~sex empowerment~ is taking women's rights 100 years backwards.

No. 107576

Stop calling it sex work. It’s not work, it’s exploitation.

No. 107739

File: 1549676906695.jpg (97.65 KB, 640x800, taylor_white_5.jpg)

Idk if this is the right place to ask. If not, my bad.
Is Tigerlily Taylor aka Taylor White an escort? She's always travelling and I've been curious for a while. I've been following her but there's no indication besides all the travel.

No. 107752

Doubt that. She comes from an affluent family, is a model and has lots of connections. But who really knows

No. 107756

Ohh I didn't know her family is wealthy. That explains a lot.

No. 107991

What sites should I advertise myself on? How much should I charge? How do I make sure I don't get arrested? My minimum wage job can barely pay rent

No. 108015

Is sexploitation a word? We should use it in place of "sex work" from now on.

No. 110664

I know this comment is months old but i hope you or any anon who has used manyvids can please give me a heads up on this.

I'm trying to see how much profit girls of my body type make on mv. I thought that for any video the shown number of views=buys but then i saw a girl that mentioned having "tons of views but no sales". But i don't understand what she means.

Do views=buys or does the website inflate the numbers by including rewatch/previews?

No. 110735

Views do NOT equal buys - nobody can see how many buys a vid has except the model.

Views only denote how many times people have clicked on a vid and watched its preview.

In a way, views have nothing to do with buys, HOWEVER, more views=higher MV score/MV rank=more traffic to your page, which usually results in more sales.

So if a model says that her vid has tons of views but no buys, that means lots of people click on the vid, watch the preview, and then don't decide to buy it, which could indicate that either the preview isn't very good (ie. Not converting to sales) or else the vid itself just isn't very good since nobody's buying it.

If you have any other questions, I am happy to provide advice! I check this thread regularly.

No. 110786

I want to try camming again since I don't have better options atm and I need money. But this time I wanna try hiding my face.Any models or ex models here? Do you think I could make money wearing a surgical mask ? I desperately wanna try it but I wanna keep my privacy as much as possible. I'm considering wearing a wig and contact lenses and makeup I usually don't wear to make myself look as different as possible. I know all cam sessions get recorded and uploaded on the interwebs but I wanna minimalise the chance of being caught as much as possible. I also like the idea of online sex work somewhat considering I'm a depressed NEET that spends all day inside but I don't wanna be faced with the stigma and stereotypes that sex work is associated with.

No. 110795

Maybe make your niche be something like wearing a balaclava or something. That's what I imagined myself doing if I were to get into cam work. Some people find the mystery sexy and you get to keep relative anonymity!

No. 111231

Just started out on MGF and trying to set up payment… Can I trust “Skrill”? I’m kind of sketched out. Would it be better to receive a check?

No. 111335

I have this guy who occasionally buys nudes from me but he won't shut up about meeting. I don't want to do it, considering 1.) he's cheap, and 2.) I'm too busy to be hanging out with a random internet strangers for days on end when I have to hoard all my days off from my real job. I've told him as such, and he is really thick in the head I guess. A quick $50 for photos every now and then is fine and can be kinda nice for fun money, but I don't really need it and not enough to warrant meeting him.

I should drop contact with him, right?

No. 111361

Don't meet up with him anon, he might be dangerous. It's not worth it to keep him around if he insists he wants to meet up with you and you don't want it.

No. 111446

Naaa OP should def meet up and let that guy fuck her raw for $100 since she has no boundaries but hey, money.

No. 111536

He was offering $1000 for a weekend but I don't believe him. In any case, I blocked him.

No. 111541

$1000 for a weekend is WAY too cheap, especially if you're not an escort! Don't ever consider meeting anyone for less than five digits, and even then I'd still highly caution against it.

Do you know this guy's legal name/address/occupation/family? Have you ran a background check on him? Do you have the money in your account BEFORE the meetup? If the answer to any of those questions is no, DON'T DO IT ANON!!

You can make plenty off the internet without meeting up with random guys - be smart and safe!

No. 111553

I want to be able to advertise my manyvids profile and stuff but I only want to be on websites I can geoblock on and that aren't too mainstream. Are there any websites anons can think of that would work? Meh, this might have been a dumb question.

I've also been thinking about also having an onlyfans profile as well to have more income coming in, but does that work if you don't advertise on twitter or something?

Also another thing: I got a couple emails that said I've made the top 100 in X on manyvids, is that just a common thing? Or maybe you lose it/gain it and it goes up and down? In videos alone I've only made like $200 on having like 6 videos

No. 111559

It's a Meetup, you aren't selling him a car

No. 111562

ive been a camgirl for 2 years and honestly love it. im agoraphobic so its nice to be able to support myself without leaving my apartment, and i've finally started making enough money to afford therapy to work on not being afraid of going outside.

No. 111563

i got into top 100 kink earners recently, its never happened to me before but is definitely exciting. congrats!

onlyfans is pretty much only useful if you're promoting it other places like twitter or on a camsite, if you livestream as well.

No. 111684

this is kind of a stupid question but, i'm thinking about trying out camming. I have a roof over my head and stuff but I have so much debt in student loans and they're gaining interest fast and my job currently doesn't pay enough to every logistically pay them off in my life time. Is it worth it to just try out camming just for this reason or no. I feel like it's something I could potentially be succesful at. Or is the market far to saturated to even try.

No. 111685

Fucking don’t man. If anyone finds out and you want to get a serious job you’re screwed

No. 111706

Don't do it.

No. 111720

ok, solid advice. thank you

No. 111781

>Being this naive about fucking for money
Yall stay the hell inside please

No. 111785

long ass vent coming in, don't wanna post it in the general vent thread because so many people will hate it since it has to do with sex work

>be me, using MyGirlFund

>guy approaches, runs me through his "interview" to be his "submissive"
>we decide he'll start paying me $600 a month come mid-May to maintain a landing strip, let him pick my profile picture, and for me to pretend not to be using birth control
>He will also pay me for pics/vids/private cam shows come mid-May (when I'm done with school)
>he continues to chat me every day to "build a rapport" (fine, whatever) while not contributing anything to my fund
>be me, and not want to hold hours-long conversations with some guy every day for no money, but do it anyway because it'll be worth it in May

tonight he asked me if I would dye my hair for him for $200. I told him I could do it this weekend, and he was super happy. then I asked that he pay me half up front, since I'll be buying the dye and spending hours of time and effort to dye my long-ass hair. He gets butthurt, "I thought you trusted me, we've been building a rapport, don't act like you're more important than I am, it's my time and effort too"

I said yeah I like you, but I'm not about to alter my public appearance for several months on the "promise" of $200, when you've never sent me any money before, so I have no proof that you ever will. You don't seem like that kind of guy, but again, I have NO history to go on that I can trust you other than your "word." I have to protect myself, it would be a shitty business that does the work without receiving any money beforehand just because they have talked to the client 5 times and they "seem nice." usually I wouldn't do it unless I got everything up front, but I like you so I asked for only half as a compromise

he starts saying "now I know why you never live chat me first, you don't care about having a friendly relationship, you see this as more of a business, my sincerest apologies for misunderstanding"

I'm like "Bruh if I only wanted "friendship", I would be on a site where money wasn't involved. But I'm here. And I never live chat anyone first because I'm on my phone and don't check to see who's online. and I'm always going to prioritize talking to people who are offering me money. That's the nature of this site"

he gets pissed, says "point taken. look for me come mid-May" (I won't)

I say "feel free to reach out any time you want to chat :)" (actually don't though, I'm fine with not talking to you until you're paying me)

he immediately blocks me

hoping he never unblocks me lol. seems like way more trouble than he was worth. asking me to dye my hair and keep it dyed for a month before I would see a single penny for it. Like, it'll stay dyed for MONTHS without me having to redo it. you can pay me as soon as it happens. I'm amazed he thought a down payment was me "feeling far more important than him" like no, that's literally just me not knowing you and having nothing to go on and needing a little insurance. He was pissed he was "in the same category as every other guy." like bitch until I'm receiving regular contributions from you, YOU ARE LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY. you ain't pay me shit, I ain't do shit. good riddance

No. 111795

Good for you anon, he was obviously trying to get as much out of you as he could for free and would’ve had jack shit come may

No. 111798

right? I feel a little foolish, but he has a 5-star rating and seemed genuinely excited to pay for content (I'm not making any new stuff rn so that's why he hasn't bought customs yet), so I assumed he would be good for that at the very least. But he's not going to be getting anything from me now.

If he live chats me in May asking to start our planned "arrangement", I'm debating telling him I mentioned his ideas (control over profile pic, pubic hairstyle, hair color, etc.) to someone else, they loved them, and insisted on paying me up front for the privilege to decide. petty, but if he thinks I'm gonna have any interest in doing stuff for him for a whole fuxkin month before I see a penny for it, I'm gonna throw it back in his stupid face. him pitching a fit over such a reasonable request has shown me that he really isn't as trustworthy as he claims to be.

No. 111946

Definitely cut this guy off! Don't even reconsider talking to him in May - he's a scammer. If a guy intends to pay, he'll do so right away. Guys who string you along like that never intend to spend a dollar. Exchange 3-5 messages MAX and if you haven't gotten paid by then, block/ignore them - don't waste your time on freeloaders!

No. 111965

I'm looking into selling panties, what's a reasonable price for a pair? And what should tricks do guys like to play to get free stuff? Any help would be appreciated!

No. 112000

Hey anon, if you don't mind a question, how's MGF? I was looking into it. How much do you usually make?

No. 112018

So I'm a patreon thot that shoots lewd lingerie sets and shit. I'm surprised how well it pays (2k USD minimum a month) for no nudes/no porn shit. Blows my mind for I'm not complaining.

I also speak to a few beta supporters closely, some of them daily (which is annoying because although a few a lovely, my higher paying ones are sometimes super entitled, whiny babies).

They usually send me an "allowance" monthly or weekly. This nets me around 300-800 a month from each one of them. Some of them are truly insufferable so I can understand why they need to pay a girl to speak to them but it's emotional exhausting.

I have a "real" job and also study at uni, and I've been saving most of the money I make (although a lot does go out to living expenses because I live alone)

I'd say in a "normal" month I make at least 2-3K minimum and spend around 1K on living expenses (I don't eat out EVER, cook the cheapest shit of all time, and I don't buy clothes or anything not counting new underwear or stupid thot outfits I have to "invest" in)

In 5 months I went from having under 100 dollars (shit living situation in legit poverty, alcoholic shit parents so I just left them because they were going to ruin my life If I stayed) to having 4K in my checking and 0 credit card debt or anything (I do have a credit card which I use to track expenses, totally recommend using it only if you can pay off 100% and this way you can see how much you spend).

Looking to move out of my shit place soon into a slightly better one in around a year (more so out of necessity, lease will be over then, wish I could stay in this shit hole to save money honestly).

If you're smart with your money, know how to budget, and can deal with the cancer that men are you can really make some decent money and not have to do any straight up sex things (unless you want to, your call).

I did try to do straight nude things without showing my face or normal locations I have never shown anywhere before and I did get a bunch of random money sent to me by men online and gifts, but I found it to be too much work for me to juggle e thot patreon, talking to betas daily, school full time, and working a "real" demanding full time job.

I can answer anybodies questions or whatever if you are wondering something.

No. 112037

It sucks ass tbh. It used to be a LOT better a few years ago. They take 45% of your earnings for the first $2000, and you have to "level up" to make 80% at most (after earning like 50k at least I would say. The final level takes $13k to reach from the level before it) and the guys pay at least 1.20 (at most 1.80) for one credit that sends you $1, which MGF takes their cut from. So they feel super entitled since they're paying more than they're sending to you, even though you're only making like half of what they paid originally.

I'm only on it because I have some good regulars who send me a fair amount of money and it's not worth it to leave yet. But honestly find a different website if you can. The interface is SHIT, it crashes all the time for everyone, they never fix the problems, the men are super entitled and expect you to chat with them for free forever while they jerk off to your profile pictures… just a sad place to start out nowadays. I've been on the site for like three years on and off.

No. 112058

Posts that are all just questions about stuff you can look up online are going to be ignored, nobody wants to spoonfeed an outsider, especially when it cuts into their market and might also lead to another girl getting way over her head in sex work because she thought it would be easy.
Talk about what you're already doing and then people might want to reply to you

No. 112065

I'm in a similar situation as the one you started from and damn, I'd do the same. I don't want to do nudes either, so if it worked for you that's great.
How did you start? Were you already a cosplayer? How did you get patrons?

No. 112071

How do you promote yourself anon? Is it better to hop on trends to stay relevant, or to stick to your own niche and work on that? I'm so jealous lmao You're literally what I want to be on my spare time

No. 112090

File: 1553896609524.png (359.62 KB, 600x580, pepe-transparent-laugh-1.png)

Lmfao imagine hanging out on a website bashing man and talkin about how women are superior to men while you have no skills and have to suck dicks for money.

It ain't gonna suck itself better get back to work(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 112094

File: 1553899097420.jpg (30.18 KB, 600x450, 2d2.jpg)

No. 112097

How? I don't think the same anons who are against the sex industry are working in it lmao. Maybe one or two, but far from all.
I've also seen conflict itt between radfem anons and sw in anons passing. Many anons in /ot/ even call the mh thread a containment thread for us, anons aren't all the same.

The only things we all have in common on this site are bitterness and vaginas.

No. 112099


Ok so I had a decent Instagram account already (built up to over 6K but under 12K naturally without any shoutouts or giveaways)

I decided to release “lewd” sets of some basic generic cute but sexy shit. Priced reasonably but not too cheap at first (around $25 price range)

At first I took photos myself with my iPhone, a cheap box lighting set I got online, a tripod-san/selfie stick, and a little clicker that allows me to take photos. It wasn’t anything high quality at first.

When I built up enough money and had more patrons I went and found a photographer to shoot me (who shoots me for free since he knows I’m not super rich or whatever, I know him personally now and he is a great guy, not a creep just a total professional overall. Make sure you find someone reputable with a good reputation and references if you want a photographer.

Don’t settle for a creep even if it’s for free.

he takes a lot of shots for me in high quality and fast (we shoot like over 400 photos at a time in like 2 hours max). It really helps having a professional because although I can shoot myself it is just much harder to.

Eventually I bought my own camera (refurbished/on sale) and I have my SO shoot me sometimes as well.

I do cosplay, but I never went from cosplayer to thot. I only really cosplayed for my own fun/at conventions but I do lewd sets based on cosplays. Not many people truly care about seeing great cosplays lewded unless you are incredible. You can chose a character you like and expand on a fantasy version of this character for example.

I think it is important to follow trends. You don’t have to do it all the time but it does help. Find/know what animes/games that are popular at the time and hurry up and put something together. At the very least if you have access to amazon and prime you can find a matching wig/some pieces for your “idea” very fast and for not too much money.

You can also try Etsy if you want higher quality add ons/props or want to straight buy a high quality cosplay but don’t stress about this.

I like taobao to mass purchase 5-10 outfits at a time for dollars (although the total haul with shipping usually costs me around 200 dollars, but this is for MONTHS of shit). The only downfall is shipping time is usually weeks at the very least.

You can be creative and not super canon if it’s not possible for you to do so. try to keep it interesting and offer different pictures for each tier. Post polls and interactive things for your patreon audience so they feel more likely to stay.

The most important thing in my opinion for leading a character is to have a nice wig/ hair/makeup , and to look clean. This is all fairly easy of course. If your makeup skills are not good/your skin is not perfect, then this is what photoshop is for. Don’t mass blur things out. It takes time but just remove blemish by blemish while keeping most of your skin texture if possible. If you cannot get contacts for the cosplay you can edit it in but keep it looking subtle/natural if possible.

Make your own characters too if you want! I have such a fun time doing this. It sells well too. Just make sure it’s animu like and it will probably sell once you have built up an audience

I posted earlier about having social media and networking with other girls. Usually girls are really kind and welcoming to anyone new, don’t feel scared to approach but don’t try to leech obviously. Comment on other models photos, make real connections with them and not some spam shit. They might notice you eventually and follow back and make sure to continue to build this relationship. It will help a LOT.

Try to shoot all of your photos for the month as early as possible so you can advertise. You MUST advertise a LOT or you will fail. Post daily if possible. Twitter is great, Instagram is also good but they might ban you (even if you don’t post anything dirty and just lingerie, which is annoying because I have seen straight up nudity or porn on there but whatever). If you use Instagram do not solely rely on this, due to possible removal.

I suggest selling a Snapchat as well as an incentive. I post a few times a week and post basic sexy photos. These are exclusive to Snapchats. Do not allow screenshots if you do not want your pictures shared. Scare people that purchase photos by having a legal disclaimer or something that says you can track downloads if they share. I can actually track each download because I use special links for each photoset I sell. If it is downloaded more than once or twice I can tell. Don’t be afraid to remove anyone you think will share or will share. I have never had anyone ever share my photos. I have seen requests for my photos on 4chan or other sites many times but no one has ever delivered. Have a DMCA takedown ready at all times for sites where you can get stuff removed from if you see it. Thankfully I have never had to use mine but I’m ready to do so.

Some random shit, sorry if it’s all scrambled but I’m on mobile and formatting sucks.

No. 112101


>ignore scrot posts

But anyways, I hate most men but I have no problem with the normal ones (few of them are ever normal).

Not only that, but I would say many SW I know personally (including me if you consider lewd shit SW) have actual things going on in our lives in comparison to the incels that try to harass us.

The funniest ones are the ones that tell me to “pay my taxes” when they don’t even know when the tax year begins/ends and don’t even know how to even do basic shit like their own taxes. I have paid thousands in taxes yearly and I laugh knowing that what I pay is more than their total income anyways.

They consume SW content and then bitch about it simulataniously. It seems like having a penis also makes it harder to have consistent blood flow to your brain.

No. 112104

Not everyone who hurts your feefees is male or a troon, whore. I'm a woman.

No. 112114

Most of the anons that post on here don't suck dick for money they do lewd stuff on the internet which is a big difference and you can hate men even if you do sw and even if you're not a radfem.

No. 112187

Ah I see, so you were already a cosplayer with a good following. Thanks for the reply, kind anon!

No. 112655

How do you make money as a non-nude model. I'm watching this Russian girl on MFC that's a non-nude and she makes a lot of money because she cries about being depressed and does absolutely nothing on cam and has a lot of regulars. I'm semi-nude and I don't make shit and I talk with my audience and honestly I'm even prettier than her and have the whole weeb shtick going on for me but I still make very little camming. Is there any successful marketing tactic or is it just about patience and luck?

No. 112660

gravure type stuff so people will think you'll get nude like moo.

No. 112676

Aww, do you want a cookie? Your entry-level misandry and insecure projections are adorable!

No. 114991

I started "sugaring" (I use quotes because I'll be honest that I was more of a hooker than a sugar baby) with a specific goal amount in mind and then quitting. I was screwed over by a few men due to not doing proper research ahead but managed to reach my goal within the first month.

Now, I don't want to stop. I hate it, but love it at the same time. I think I'm going to give myself a break for at least a month or so, but I wonder if I'm already in too deep.

No. 114992

How did you get screwed over? Did you give out freebies or something?
t. buttmad scrot
t. whiteknight cockwipe

No. 115368

How do y'all tackle finances and taxes

And I heard the thot audit was mostly bullshit, but it still raises a lot of good concerns about making sure the government doesn't get into your business

No. 115383

I’m a 19 year old Japanese female in the Japanese sex industry. I work as an escort (deriheru or delivery health). Does anyone have questions?

No. 115386

How are you treated within the industry? Do most woman in japan do it because they choose to or are many forced?

No. 115401

How much money do you make?

No. 115402

Since it’s legal, the industry is HUGE. Every city center has a dedicated red light street (where small children walk in the day), and there are tens of thousands of sex businesses. So nobody really has to “force” any girls into the industry, and they cannot sign any contract unless they make sure that girls are consenting to give their “manager” a phone call as soon as they feel like they’re in danger. Technically, penetration is prohibited, so you can kick your client out if he tries too hard to force a penetration, although many girls just accept extra charge to do it. Most brothels and escort agencies have dormitories too where you pay around 20USD a day to stay in, which gets subtracted from your daily pay. For escorts, you can set your own shifts, as in you’re free to work 20 days a month for a long period of time, or just work 1 day and quit it if you decide the job isn’t for you by the end of the day. I think because it’s such a big industry, the treatment of girls is quite decent. That’s a part of the reason why I made the decision to sign a job as an escort even though I make much less than when I was doing it privately.

The pay is shit tbh. As I wrote above, penetration is technically a no-no, so I’d only get paid around 8000 yen (80USD) an hour. Most of my work time gets wasted on being “delivered” from client to next client, so let’s say I work 6 hours a day, I’d only end up making around 400USD which is not much. A different story if you privately accept extra charge from your client for consenting to penetration though, you’d typically ask for 50-100USD for it. So if you let them fuck you, I’d say around 100USD is what I’d make.
Even then, I’d say I’m on the “better” side in terms of pay. I work for a “high-class” escort agency (in a not so big city though) and I never get a break between each customer, so no time is wasted on waiting for a client that would otherwise have been spent making money servicing one. However that is not the case for most girls.

I’ll probably be switching to a job in Soapland, which is a type of a brothel where penetration is allowed (legally grey). If I work for a brothel, I’d be wasting much less time on transportation, and penetration is allowed so I’d make the double amount of what I currently make working as an escort (asking for extra charge for penetration can be bothersome as fuck). That way, I’d make much more money per hour. It’ll have to be in a different city though.

No. 115404

Same anon.

When I was doing the whoring thing privately, I’d get “sugar daddies” off of an app, and ask for around 500 USD for a fuck which is quite huge, but trying to search them around was a hassle and there wasn’t really any limit on time so I just quit it. There have been multiple offers for “monthly contracts” where I’d go on a date and fuck them 3 to 4 times a month for 2000 USD a month, but I have autism and I’m not the type of person who can “go on dates” and keep them in touch over text messages so I had to decline such good offers.

No. 115406

damn this is interesting. can you tell us more about Soapland? do you know anyone personally who works there?
I remember the sheer amount of love hotels in the cities I went to and was startled at how big the industry seemed. also yeah do you frequent the love hotels much generally?
(random dumb question: do they force you to do karaoke with them and shit? and order the outfits/seifuku etc.? just curious)

No. 116049

Most empowering shit there is on the planet. You can slay every fucking one with that shit.
A guy wanted to buy me a pizza and a drink for nudes but I pussied out.

No. 116070


No. 116262

This is satire right?

No. 117288

Since I can’t really talk about this in normal life I figured I’d post here.

Today is my third day working with an escort agency and I can’t believe how well it’s going! I’ve almost made 3 grand since I got here. All my clients have been respectful and really sweet except for one that was just awkward. One guy even made me orgasm which is really rare for me in general.

I was a stripper for a year but just couldn’t handle the abusive customers anymore and men trying to sexually assault me for the paltry sum of $20 every night. It was very draining… I wish I had started escorting a lot sooner, honestly.

No. 117290

Good luck sis.. by looking at the former escorts in this thread escorting is also very draining. I hope you get what you need and get out asap.

No. 117319

>I was a stripper for a year but just couldn’t handle the abusive customers anymore and men trying to sexually assault me

I'm sorry anon, this work will be the same, maybe worse. Prostitution is never going to be safe.
Don't you have any other options?

No. 117741

What's the best cash app to use that isn't Paypal? I wanted to try Venmo but that's also owned by Paypal

No. 117743

to me it wasn't empowering. the ~work i did was via the internet. i was just addicted to getting the money whenever i'd do something. i worry a lot now about those pics, vids, and chats getting leaking. i feel embarassed about it. i thought since my gf was doing it that i should also do it. i didn't want to have a real job and was very much drinking the sex work is a real job koolaid. props to those who are empowered by it, but i think most people aren't and just want money for existing. i realized i had a lot of problems i needed to face instead of slapping a sex work bandaid over it

No. 117744

square cash. always make sure people send payments as "birthday money" or something innocent with any app you use

No. 117846

>carry pepper spray
>use phone timer
>make sure to get money before-hand
If you really want to be safe, have a friend hide in the closet

No. 117848

Also, adultsearch.com

No. 117859

>hide a friend in the closet

wtf, do not do this. go to a hotel. i cannot stress how important it is to go to a fucking hotel. even if you have to pay a little, go to a hotel, not a motel, a hotel. have him pay and have him leave first.

No. 117861

Hiding someone in the closet is how Chinese sex workers who come to America do it, in many cases. If you force someone to pay for the hotel room, you will get significantly less customers. Most legit, professional sex workers are like therapists, having back to back appointments, constantly making and cancelling ones. To do this, you will need a motel room as hotels generally do not condone this. I understand that different people do it different ways, but unless you are a Russian model, this is the way to go if your looking to make more than a couple hundred every week

No. 117862

To add onto what I said, you should also try to get repeat customers. Do this through GFE stuff, like help them button their shirts and shit. The more repeat customers, the less likely you are to get caught

No. 117863

Also, you should say that you don't accept black guys. I know this sounds racist, but generally cops pretending to be sex workers will not say this. This will single to customers that you are legit.

No. 117865

You can go to hotels, but you need to screen hard. I’ve been working from hotels throughout my entire ‘career’ and the worst I’ve had is people trying to pressure me into doing bareback. Make sure the hotel is discreet, e.g. large, populated and no key cards needed to go into the rooms. Never stay at one hotel too long, try to go for longer bookings and make sure you clean out your bin when you leave to make sure there’s a little evidence as possible.

No. 117877

Random, non-sex work anon here. Why no key cards? That seems weird.

No. 117909

Some hotels require the use of keycards to use the elevators or to access certain floors. This means you;l have to constantly accompany your client straight to your room, which is more conspicuous. Obviously keycards to access the actual room is fine.

No. 117917

File: 1561951444320.jpg (613.51 KB, 1280x3200, 0.jpg)

Who said Taylor White (tigerlilytaylor) comes from money? In her vlog she "goes home" and it def doesn't look swanky at all. I'm just super curious. I'm lowkey obsessed with her she's so cute.

No. 117918

No. 117930

video description it says “I traveled home to the rez” and she’s going to Washington state, generally Indian reservations are poor so I really doubt she comes from money

No. 117960

Right? No shade for her circumstances at all tbh but lol I wonder if the poster who said she came from money was her or one of her orbiters

No. 121465

File: 1565748745848.jpeg (456.05 KB, 750x878, BB33D30E-5765-4A77-8AE8-0A7FD0…)


No. 121466

$12,000 for 3 months of work seems decent enough to me.

No. 121469

$12,000 is decent for three months of getting your ass tortured and slapped around? Nice, scrote.

No. 121472

That seems REALLY small considering how fucking popular she is
A lot of sex industries don't let the people (women) who are the only reason it exists actually profit from it

Hell, I'm positive that only 0.05% of the people ITT have seen her videos, yet at least 30% of us can recognize her and what she does/did for a living
I want to be mad at women like Kim Kardashian just for being paid to be popular, but hell, more women should be doing that

I'm not saying she was exploited any worse than anyone else, but I mean they dressed her up as a racist fuck doll–she's probably still in the top 10 porn stars around the world, but she made $12,000 total (while the people who filmed her are probably still making money using her image)

No. 121493

Come on, it was consensual, she wasn't trafficked or anything.

No. 121525


Her name blew up AFTER she already retired after three months. She could of gone back into it at any point and banked on her name. Plus that isn’t including money made from Patreon, appearances etc

No. 121530

I don't think so. I made that much at my job (exact same amount) and I don't have to get naked or get fucked.

No. 121576

That's beyond the point because it's still her face/body that's on camera
And how is she going to go back in and capitalize on anything if there are no specific industry captains that allow the women who star in their films a significant cut of the money they make or at least a specific percentage?
The system is broken, so telling someone to make money within the system is just an answer that doesn't work

No. 121600

Consenting to have your anus held open doesn’t make it less torturous to the body.

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