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gender critical and female politics
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No. 7654

I thought this would be a fun thread
>Have you ever been to a land?
>Can separatism work?
>Stories from lands
Remember to keep locations vague! Don't doxx yourself or lands.

No. 7692

Even with
>Don't doxx yourself or lands
I don't think LC is a good place to discuss this topic, especially as /2X/ is now public. There really aren't very many separatist communities these days, and, unfortunately, separatist communities are going the way of the dodo due to increased costs to maintain the land + aging communities.

No. 7737

I don't think female separatism is a feasible idea. I'd like it to be real, but it could easily either turn culty and abusive, get invaded by moids, run out of funds or have other members smuggling their moids in. There would also be an issue with securing land and as already mentioned, security would be one of my greatest concerns.

No. 7739

It has worked well in the past (back in the 70s) because women are actually intelligent resourceful people unlike moids. The only problem they have is that the members are old now.
Also separatism isn't only about living in the woods with other women. It's also about simple things you can do in your everyday life like only reading books of female authors, music of female musicians, always choosing female doctors and female run businesses. Always believe women and support them in disputes.
Moids already do these things all the artists they like are male, all their mentors are male and they will always side with a male stranger over their own wife, mother or sister.

No. 7752

Fair enough, i probably just never gave it proper thought because i am quiet pessimistic about the progress of feminism a lot of the time.

No. 7848

if you can't visit your local women's land, I would recommend you try to volunteer your time remotely. some women's lands need webpages to be made and maintained, some might need help with photo editting and graphical components. submitting designs or patterns if the women's land sells merch or handicrafts is also a good thing to try. some women's land websites have articles and blogs you could offer to contribute to. tbh even just sending support and engaging with women on the land over an email is an emotional contribution.

No. 7855

literally every single womyns land communes failed cause they were run by complete idiots who didn't ever realize that living off the land is hardwork

No. 7857

>literally every single womyns land communes failed
did they? kys moid

No. 7864

nta but that's not even a moid belief, many of those communes failed because women were unwilling to put in the physical graft and consistent hard work it takes to keep one of those things running. that's not mocking them btw, but it's unfortunately true, and it does require a lot of physical labour - usually we would assign these menial physical tasks to xy's with retard strength but considering it's all women there's a much bigger learning curve there. so ya, the anon was right. just more reason for women to gain muscle i guess, win-win situation

No. 7865

In lots of rural parts of the rest of the world, it's the women who often do more physical labour while men sit around drinking until it's harvest time, so I can't see how this has to be the case. Seems like just fat overindulged Western women coming out of academia. If one were to train up and select capable women, especially those with work experience on farms and in construction, then that problem could be avoided.

No. 7867

I’m not gonna post about them on this moid infested tranny harboring site, but there are many womyns land locations in the usa and they are fairly easy to find if you talk to the right women, or are on radblr. there’s one I’m looking to live at for a period of time as I go through job to job

No. 7870

We have been left to suffer without admin.

No. 7871

Yeah. Scrotes have literally poisoned wells of female communes, it’s the same way they invade domestic violence shelters and chimpout about women talking about them alone/without including them. They desire access to women because they see us as a resource. It’s why communist moids still accept our oppression when communism claims to be against it in writing but not in practice.

No. 7875

my thoughts exactly. I don't think people realize how many women separatist groups have evolved over the years across the world, completely distinct from the 70s-present academic movements. Especially in indigenous communities.

Also the successful ones keep a very low profile, I have one friend on one right now. They're making some changes to make it wheelchair accessible (for me kek), but it will take some time.

No. 7880

File: 1673767315880.jpg (506.27 KB, 1686x1074, 1661177330622.jpg)

I don't think anyone here is referring to rural female communities, rather the female communes started in the 60's-80's started by separatist radical feminists in the west that failed solely due to their own incompetence, the women's commune in the past failed because they were created by upper class university students who expected a "Sapphic feminist utopia" and were surprised that rural living away from society was hard and required effort

No. 7881

samefag with all that said, there are women's only communities that have worked and currently prospering but they don't work the way most radfems imagine, Umoja village in Kenya, the Kihnu community in Estonia and Jinwar in Rojova(syria)
let's start with the oldest the Kihnu, you'll often see that claim the Kihnu are a matriarchal society(that's simply not true) cultures like the Kihnu have existed in small corners around the world, where due to harsh condition men do all the physical labor and women handle the administration, there are certain historical examples in various Nordic countries where all the able bodied men would spend months days or weeks hunting or fishing as a matter of survival for the community so the women were left to run things, Its not a perfect system but its better then what most women have historically have had to deal with
Umoja is recent example and it should serve as an example of exactly what to do if you want to establish a successful commune, they have a reliable method of income for the community(selling garments and textiles) they have relations with Kenyan government for protection if any rebel group tries to attack them, they build schools and hospitals with the income they have, they allow women with male children to be in their communities and thus they have a sustainable population growth
Jinwar was only established only in the past few years, it was created by the YPG for women and children, many of whom lost their husband's during the civil war, just like Umoja it operates on self substantiality, it has actual facilities to provide education and healthcare for the women and children living there, it has to work because these women literally have nothing else waiting for them

If a successful women's commune is ever created in the west, it has to follow these examples

No. 9261

watching a documentary called Prostitution: Behind The Veil. It's about two women who are navigating life as prostitutes in Iran. So far I've seen
>an old moid pay a 17 year old run away to be his temporary wife because she has nowhere else to go
>the chief of Islamic enforcement police has been raping teenage girls
>a moid sleep with one of the women, her child asleep in the back, and her explaining that when she was leaving the car he intentionally moved the car to smash both of them into concrete
>a moid sell one of the prostitutes actual 3 month old baby, another woman explaining that the same moid would beat the baby with a rod and the ribs were constantly broken so the moid would drug the baby to make it look like she was sleeping soundly. Nobody is freaked out for some reason
>a moid cut open one of their arms. She reveals this moid has paid her for a temporary marriage, and then shows the marks from her beatings. He is also beating her baby
>a moid tell one of the prostitutes that she's too expensive so he turns to her toddler son and says "tell mummy $5"
>In the end one of the prostitutes enters a temporary marriage with an old moid who calls her a hundred times a day
And I have to wonder how we can draw up kind of goal in the rf community to set up female only spaces in places like Iran, jesus christ. Out of anywhere in the world that needs to seperate women from scrotes it's Iran. Every single moid no matter how small their appearance in the documentary is an utter nightmare to women. Just dozens of pedophiles, abusers, borderline murderers, etc, and neither of the women are even remotely fazed by any of it.

No. 19935

Considering Marx was a raging misogynistic pig I'm inclined to call you a retard.

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