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gender critical and female politics
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No. 5945

A thread for music, movies, shows, books, anything created largely by and for women!

No. 5946

Thread pic is The Raincoats
> da Silva and Birch were inspired to make a band after they saw The Slits perform live earlier that year. Birch stated in an interview with She Shreds magazine, "It was as if suddenly I was given permission. It never occurred to me that I could be in a band. Girls didn’t do that. But when I saw The Slits doing it, I thought, ‘This is me. This is mine.’”

No. 5947

Kleenex/LiLiPUT, a Swiss band
sorry all I know is old music, hopefully other nonnies can help fill the thread with cool stuff

No. 5948

Poison Girls was a punk band started by a middle aged mother of two, Frances Sokolov better known as Vi Subversa. Her voice instantly captured me because it was so unexpected to hear an older woman making angry punk music, she explores politics and gender roles a lot with her music, and was a truly incredible woman. (Okay I’m done sperging)

No. 5952

File: 1655254046758.jpg (59.2 KB, 1600x900, cover4.jpg)

wow she seems cool
>look her up
>see early life section
its not even funny anymore

No. 5992

Were you sperging about "early life wahhh jewish women bad" on /ot/ too? Can you fuck off back to scrotechan?

No. 6013

Here's a song from this band I found blindly in a record store when I was like 15. It's part of a split EP with Raooul, another all girl band. Very foundational album for young me

No. 6033

Just saying its kinda funny how so many radfems(often with the worst takes) always end up belonging to a certain tribe, I'm just saiyan why aren't this many Italian, Irish or German radfems, why does such a small% of the general population 'contribute' so much

No. 6039

I'm Irish radfem, not on social media so people don't see what we do for others, stop sperging about ethnicity and sperg about class solidarity amongst women instead, thanks. If you don't see it globally it means you're not part of the action, doesn't it?

No. 6045

I mean just look up the theorists of famous radfems whose writings made feminism a literal joke into the joke it is now

No. 6049

Ayrt, I don't like waste my time reading academia. I have eyes to see how the world is, and they verify what those women have said even if you disagree with them or their view of your life, for instance. Racism won't solve your issues anon, take it from a prejudiced bigot, your issues are with the unfairness, not with the race or the women or their class. Please stop bringing them down to point out what you see as hypocritical, because you're not working actively to help women anywhere from what your posts indicate, my country and the women of my country are peacekeeping and travel a lot to help others (disproportionately compared to other countries) yet you still say "where is Ireland" because you really are out of touch with what feminism looks like today. Books are meaningless, but if they lead to action that changes things I'm happy to see that. Hope that's a fair remark in your eyes, best wishes anon.

No. 6051

If you're not going to sage at least post on topic jfc

No. 6052

Would love suggestions for books and shows nonas. I'm currently reading when women were warriors but finding good female centric fantasy is hard for some reason. Pls don't recommend Gideon the ninth to me or ya fiction

No. 6054

I'm anon who replied to her, sorry I'll stay on topic too in future. More of a lurker these days.

No. 6138

Maybe this isn't exactly suitable for this thread but artist Martha Rosler made this video back in 1982. It's called ''Martha Rosler Reads Vogue''. I used to buy Vogue some years ago. I'm lower class and by no means the kind of girl that would end up photographed on the pages of Vogue. I actually enjoyed this a lot.

No. 6140

File: 1657982051730.jpg (138.42 KB, 1200x791, bae squad.jpg)

Xena gang rise up

No. 6193

the page I had bookmarked with all the free Dworkin pdfs is no longer there.
does anyone have a link to her books in free pdf format?

No. 6194

sorry wrong thread I apologize

No. 6379

Is there anything on Netflix? I tried searching by female directors but it didn't lead me anywhere.

No. 6381

No. 6460

File: 1661537098381.jpg (833.28 KB, 972x3785, Screenshot_20220826-135728_Ins…)

This artists name is Laetitia KY. She's been getting hate from tras for not bowing down to them

No. 6461

amazing woman

No. 6476

She posts supportive messages from radfem/GC women on her IG so if you all wanna send her a message I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I'm just happy to see a woman who is showing her allyship to GC/radfem spaces, she's really brave.

No. 7014

File: 1671134256518.png (333.13 KB, 851x501, 318697318_10159314100338321_18…)

Nüshu is a syllabic script that was used exclusively by women in Hunan province of southern China and a now is the subject of a film created by an all-female group of filmmakers.

"Spanning past and present Hidden Letters follows two millennial Chinese women, connected by their fascination with the secret language of sisterhood and their desire to protect it."

I have not watched it yet but it looks great!

No. 7015

that reminds me, I saw a screening of this documentary about The Slits + a live Q&A with Tessa, Palmolive et al. a few years ago. they're all still really cool women.

they spoke a lot about the need for a re-surgance of punk + feminism and at the time I remember feeling like there wasn't a space for the same sort of movement anymore (because i felt like both punk and feminism had been co-opted). but now I'm starting to change my view on that, since peaking. I am now very much in favour of a female underground movement and can see it happening again.

No. 7607

File: 1673226096704.jpeg (161.78 KB, 1200x900, 793c167c4c87976f6a56daaeeb1846…)

Kath and Kim is the goat

No. 7609

nice. different. unusual.

No. 12333

File: 1679835454031.jpg (285.89 KB, 891x1280, 6113960-3.jpg)

Shoujo & josei manga.

No. 12340

File: 1679840507254.png (377.1 KB, 732x582, smack the pony.png)

Smack The Pony is one of my all-time favourite shows. It was on TV when I was about 10 years old and I used to tape the shows every Friday night, which became hugely influential and inspiring to me and countless other women and girls. Anyone else remember this?
For those not familiar it was a hilarious 90's all-female sketch show which was quite popular at the time. One of the ladies, Sally Phillips, went onto be in Bridget Jones and Veep.

No. 12341

it's amazing, I'm still sad that there is no complete DVD box set out there, would have bought it long ago. You also might enjoy Absolutely Fabulous or Tracey Takes On.

No. 12343

What are some good shoujo/josei written by women? I know about Princess Jellyfish, nana, Chihayafuru, and I really liked those. There's so little josei out there and I don't know a lot about shoujo.

No. 12345

No. 12346

love Ab Fab (and anything with French and Saunders) but actually haven't checked out Tracey Ullman's shows yet. Will see if I can find some stuff online

No. 12863

File: 1680691901102.jpeg (239.87 KB, 1440x1080, suffragette records.jpeg)

aussie and NZ nonas, there is a record shop selling only music made by women (they have international shipping too) https://suffragetterecords.com.au/

of course anything that is for women, especially in Australia, has attracted a bunch of TRAs demanding they stock music by TIMs. the owner has said she sometimes gets some ordered in but they are bought quickly. but because she isn't worshipping and fawning over trans people, she has been labeled a TERF. I really hope she doesn't bow down to them but in the mean time it looks like a good place to check out.

No. 12874

It's so funny how the comments are just asking "do you have SOPHIE? do you have kim petras? do you have ethel cain" over and over again because those are the only ones they can name. Even if you're the most trans inclusive person of all time, there aren't that many trans people, let alone MtF musicians famous enough to have vinyl available. And SOPHIE only ever made one album before dying, why would they have their music? I've never seen their music on CD or vinyl in any store ever. Kim Petras is another one who's a guilty pleasure for me, but once again, not a big a deal. Petras didn't even sell CDs/vinyl of their first albums, so why would this VINYL place have them?

There is 0 reason to accuse these people of being terfs, except that they dared to focus on women and didn't immediately go "and of course we stock trans music all the time." They even said they stock trans artists and people were still accusing them of being terfs, ridiculous. And none of their other posts have even close to the same engagement, these people wanted to hate on a woman-centric place on a baseless accusation of transphobia.

No. 12886

These idiotic commenters literally admit they see transwomen as men because the first thought in their mind when they hear "women artist only record shop" is but "but what about men- I MEAN trans women!!!"

No. 12909

i dont care for vinyl but i just ordered a shirt. i enjoy giving my money to women and women only.
i was surprised to get free shipping even in the US.

No. 13341

Do you have any interesting articles that cover feminism? I'm interested in feminist perspective on different issues, the topic doesn't matter as long as it's interesting and informative. Both radfem and third wave feminism (like intersectional feminism that covers colonialism and such) is fine, but no troon shit. Youtube vids are great too, just not libfem or musing about dumb shit.

No. 14227

I want to do the same but the one shirt I would like (the long sleeve one) is only in MEN's sizes. whyyyyy

No. 14228

any topics in particular?
here are a few random links I saved recently:

https://sisteroutrider.wordpress.com/ - feminist blog that covers a lot of non-troon shit (but the gender debate is a huge feminist issue right now, so expect some of that)

an article about South Korean feminists 4b movement. very interesting.

https://4w.pub/tag/self-publish/ - feminist news site. again, expect some trans coverage but plenty of other topics covered.

No. 14229

specific request: does anyone have any recommendations for humour books written by women? preferably essays or short stories.

No. 19788

File: 1694415707508.jpg (120.14 KB, 255x378, PoliteSocietyPoster.jpg)

Martial arts film about a girl, and wannabe stunts-woman, saving her older sister from her (maybe maybe not) evil fiancé
I absolutely loved this film. The sisters are written realistic and given time together being proper happy crazy sisters, the movie is the right mix of serious and OTT and the action is pretty good. Also the fiancé is not actually a big part of the movie (maybe like 15 minutes of mostly background time? cause he's not the main villain), the movie is pretty much entirely around the sisters, the younger sister's friends at her female-only school (also being girls + OTT martial arts bully fighting), and the moms of both families. There is also one dad but he's a non-character.

No. 22333

If you like Kleenex/LiLiput, The Raincoats, The Slits, I highly recommend Marine Girls, another all-girl post-punk act. The vocalist and guitarist is Tracey Thorn, later known for the duo of Everything But The Girl. She is still developing her voice here but her signature vibrato is present. It started out as a duo but later on their sisters joined.

No. 22386

I love Dorothy Parker!

No. 23389

nonnies do you have any recs for female (preferably all-female) gothic bands/artists?
would love recs for any alternative genre tbh - metal, rock, punk, noise etc.
double points if they're (rad) feminists, sing about misogyny or women (in a lesbian way or not)

No. 23409

Check out the punk/ska band Bad Cop Bad Cop. No idea if they pander to troons but they sing about misogyny.

No. 23516

No. 23517

7 Year Bitch - Dead Men Don't Rape

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