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gender critical and female politics
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No. 7003

For centuries the mainstream medical industry has ignored and mistreated women; we are underrepresented in clinical trials, our complaints are more likely to be misattributed to psychological rather than physical causes or dismissed altogether, and when we ARE given treatment it is often treatment/advice intended for males and can even be dangerous for women. We are not men and our health needs/concerns are very different.

Let's discuss here how we can take better care of our health! Please include scientific articles/studies as sources whenever possible.

(This is my first thread; constructive feedback/criticism is welcome!)

No. 7004

Are you taking a magnesium supplement? You probably should be! It's estimated that 84-91% of women are magnesium deficient.

What can magnesium help with?
- stress/anxiety/depression reduction
- insulin resistance
- period pain (cramps and migraines)
- healthy estrogen clearance
- perimenopause and menopause
- osteoporosis prevention
- heart health
- sleep
- blood pressure
- asthma
- constipation


No. 7011

This during a magnesium shortage. At least that's what a doctor told me last month when she recommended it.

No. 7012

I hadn't heard about that, I use Natural Calm and haven't had any trouble getting it but then again one of those big containers of it lasts me something like six months so I haven't had to restock since last summer.

No. 7030

How much magnesium do we need? And what foods do you get it naturally from?

No. 7055

I'm not a doctor and I have not have a dedicated family doctor for 25 years because where I live there is a doctor shortage. If you have a doctor, I would discuss this with them first.

I have found it pretty much impossible to get enough of any vitamin from food, there's a reason we developed supplements, but if that's the route you prefer to take and don't have a doctor you trust to discuss this with, here's some articles with dosage and food suggestions:

Hope that helps, nonnie

No. 7188

File: 1672460695592.png (49.13 KB, 1388x290, and men.png)

>study the arguments that women and men (as partners of female users) recently put forward against hormonal contraception
>and men
>and men
>and men
Literally no reason to ask men the questions in this study. This pissed me off today, I can't stop thinking about it. I was just looking for information on why there's so much fear-mongering over birth control lately, feels like I got my answer.

No. 7191

That’s one of the dumbest headlines I’ve read but it’s not fear mongering it’s genuinely terrible for you. Suddenly everyone has woken up to it (thankfully) and hopefully that male birth control will be finished soon and the onus will finally be on them. (Probably won’t happen since birth control is a political tool though). About time we use men as lab rats instead.

No. 7192

It's not "fear mongering," birth control is extremely detrimental to both the female mind and body. It makes you weak and suicidal. I can't believe women willingly take that shit instead of just telling their scrote to use a condom or not having sex with the bastards at all.

No. 7193

It is fear mongering.

No. 7195

Kek ok scrote. You just want to keep women weak and servile so we won't be able to stand up to your bullshit. Scrotes hated birth control when they thought it was healthy for women. Now since every woman and their grandma has come out about how much it's hurt them or how depressed they were on it, they love it because it allows them risk-free sex while knowing it's still detrimental to the woman. It's also why abortion is banned now. You all want to keep us all on birth control from the moment we hit puberty so we won't have "any excuses" not to have sex with your tiny dick asses.

No. 7196

Did you seriously just say that birth control is why abortion is banned now? lol. lmao even.

No. 7198

It's a coercive threat. "Either get on birth control like we told you, or fucking deal with the consequences (pregnancy)." If anything else doesn't tell you that birth control is a torture device used to control women, let that be it.

No. 7199

Nta but how is it fear mongering? Almost everyone I've known go on hormonal bc has gotten off of it eventually because of weight gain, suicidality, depression, migraines, anxiety, IBS issues the pill was giving them etc.

No. 7201

that is delusional, nonny.

No. 7209

Reminder research into male hormonal birth control was stopped after clinical trials showed that it increased suicidality. Accutane increases suicide risk too, among a lot of other truly nasty side effects, but that didn't stop anyone. Really makes you think.

No. 7211

Anecdotally this is very the case. My doctor freaked out when I told her the litany of changes the birth control she’d recommended caused me and told me to immediately stop and that hormonal birth control will probably never be a good idea for me. Then she recommended the copper implant thing and I laughed, I’m not having a piece of metal put in my body by an industry that sees me as little more than a potential cash cow.
Which makes me curious if the increase in autoimmune disorders in women is partly because of the hormonal cocktail we’re put on the moment our periods start? If anyone knows of any studies I’d be curious to read them.

And having said all this I understand many women have their reasons for taking birth control and more power to you! I would never get in the way of another women asserting her autonomy. I just want there to be more studies and more information available and freely discussed like with any medical decision (which in recent years seems to have ceased). We deserve to make choices regarding our health without being treated like children or malfunctioning men.

No. 7217

Anecdotal but I know a lady who had a copper ring. She’s diagnosed bipolar. Ring gave her copper poisoning for over two years, she acted like a lunatic. No one thought to test her assumed her bipolar was resisting treatment. Ring eventually was discovered to be displaced and causing copper poisoning. She needed surgery and now she’s fine. I wouldn’t get a copper ring myself after that though. It was really fucked and sad.

No. 7218

File: 1672504893872.webm (2.64 MB, 576x1024, tiktokbc.webm)

I just came across this tiktok and it really hit home.

I have endo and every doctor I have seen has recommended against surgery so my only option for "treatment" has been birth control. it did help me for a few years in my teens and twenties but is now simply not helping and i'm really feeling the side effects this time around (feeling more suicidal, migraines, nausea, fatigue) so I'm gonna come off it and just deal with the excruciating pain and heavy flow instead. I have tried different pills but can't have progesterone only due to joint problems and have had family members discourage me from the coil due to their bad experiences.

No. 7230

100%. The worst part is that they're so quick to dismiss and laugh off "Karen's" for suggesting natural cures and giving better diet advice, but you know what? Those stupid "Karen's" helped me with my infertility, depression and PCOS loads more than any doctor putting me on meds that made me feel sick and tired all the time. When I did have babies the Karen's helped me again way more than doctors did who constantly dismissed my concerns. My in laws are complete doctor worshippers and one of them had her uterus completely fucked up with IVF because doctors ignored her when she had various issues and just threw her on IVF, the other had to put his baby on expensive 500/monthly formula because his wife didn't produce enough milk and he gives his kids 2 pedisures a day just because "I do whatever the doctor says and I shut up". If I ever tried to talk to the general public about this everyone is just going to say "well are they a doctor? No then shut the fuck up and listen to the doctor"

No. 7234

It sounds like I’m in a similar boat to you nonnie, do you have any recommended reading for improving fertility with pcos? I’ve read a few books and honestly the best thing I’ve done for my cycle is exercise everyday.

No. 7239

Spearmint and and myo inositol was a lifesaver for me plus spearmint relieved a lot of the physically unappealing PCOS things like acne, hair, and weight gain

No. 7240

A lot of women turn to alternative medicine because mainstream medicine doesn't listen to them or take them seriously.

No. 7244

I started using birth control about a year ago when I was 23 because my period was unbearable
>a week before period I would get insane mood swings and irritation to the point where I thought it was bpd
>a week before I'd get horrid back pain up until the 2nd day of my period where sometimes I couldn't do anything but lay in bed and wait for it to pass
>would throw up on the first day, usual bad cramps
>by 2nd or 3rd day was fine
it was so bad, didn't know what it was because it didn't seem as severe as endo or pcos and I was scared of birth control but was so desperate I said fuck it and it's been life changing.
the idea of being on birth control still makes me feel uneasy but I have no idea what else to do and I'm afraid of that pain and the mood swings. they were genuinely bad and I would sob every month because I couldn't control this anger my cycle gave me
I hate how fucking underfunded and ignored women's health is. I wish all scrotes would die or be enslaved for this world they've tainted and now we're left to suffer with medicine that's killing us slowly. I wish I could get off of it and find some miracle thing but I'm so scared. I never felt so out of control before. if nonnies have any advice or similar experiences I would love to hear it

No. 7245

File: 1672546952312.jpg (546.28 KB, 3072x3072, jhl0docfky151.jpg)

Yeah and we get gaslit hard for it all. They want us to trust doctors who are just letting us live in misery then mock us for having to rely on natural resources to help us. It's even funnier when it's someone in the US who has unarguably the worst healthcare in the first world, so bad that Americans even go to Mexico for better healthcare.

No. 7247

>birth control is why abortion is banned
You'll be real shocked when you realize the same conservatives who are against abortions are also against birth control.

No. 7248

File: 1672547625702.png (238.75 KB, 1454x734, screenshot.png)

In this study "No association was observed between ever use of oral contraceptives and all cause mortality."
Interesting points:
>Oral contraceptive use was associated with certain causes of death, including increased rates of violent or accidental death and deaths due to breast cancer, whereas deaths due to ovarian cancer were less common among women who used oral contraceptives.
I'm curious about the violent deaths here (male violence against women? I'm kind of assuming that because it's a lot of women in heterosexual relationships on the pill for obvious reasons, therefore they have men in their life). The increased rates of breast cancer is directly linked to the estrogen in the pill. Personally I'm happy to hear about the decreased risk of ovarian cancer because that runs in my family.
>These results pertain to earlier oral contraceptive formulations with higher hormone doses rather than the now more commonly used third and fourth generation formulations with lower estrogen doses.
Lowering estrogen levels in the newer generation of pills were a direct result of women's concern over the risk of breastcancer, so that was a good change. I want to see more studies on the newer generation but it will take time.

No. 7256

It's not about "conservatives" or "liberals". It's about men wanting to CONTROL WOMEN'S BODIES. Birth control allows men access to women in a way never before. Taking abortion away only heightens that. The threat is: take birth control, which destroys your mind and body, or endure pregnancy, which can kill you and/or ruin your life. If you can't see how they work in tandem then you're still brainwashed into "left wing - right wing" bullshit. When will you learn men across the aisles are the same?

No. 7257

No. 7260

>The difference between leftwing and rightwing when it comes to women is only about where exactly on our necks their boots should be placed. To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property. In either case, we are not considered to be humans: We are things.
-Andrea Dworkins

It's time to drop the Blue Good, Red Bad room temperature IQ thinking. Neither side cares about women.

No. 7261

I'm not event the anon who brought up conservatives but maybe she said that because you were regurgitating a rehashed version of a nasty ultra conservative anti-bc trope (ie. "birth control is for cumdumpsters" essentially).

In a patriarchal society with a largely heterosexual population women are at a huge disadvantage in their sexual relationships. Men want to get women pregnant. The pill lets women prevent pregnancy if they don't want it. There are a lot of men who really don't like that. There are men who think it's literally an affront to God that you would prevent their seed from taking purchase in the fertile soil of your womb. Men in power and influential people are working every day towards banning birth control. Clearly they got to you.

No. 7263

Like, literally ask yourself why you think the birth control pill makes a woman a fuck receptacle for men. You're brainwashed. Touch grass.

No. 7264

That was my first post in this thread. I never offered comment on anything else she said other than to point out that she is correct when she says that both the left and the right are bad for women. Dworkin said it decades ago and it's still as true as ever. As a woman you will always be last behind men in any political party that is not formed by women to defend and further the rights of women.

No. 7266

File: 1672575242875.jpeg (220.09 KB, 640x598, 7B4E952D-54BF-4465-B0C7-CEF5CF…)

For anyone interested it is possible to secure a sex selective abortion in the uk, as long as you don’t tell them the reason why. You can find out the gender as early as 10 weeks and get an abortion up to 24.

No. 7267

File: 1672575355254.jpeg (323.58 KB, 640x1064, 611D255A-725E-4298-8883-53EF8E…)

After the rise of manosphere scrotelings, I can honestly say there is no hell worse than having a son, but I really want to be a mother and I’m determined to have only daughters.

No. 7268

I think if more women do this then we can reduce the amount of scrotes in the world overall. If you’re thinking of becoming mothers, find out how you can get a sex selective abortion in your country. I’ve heard women say “I want to be a mum but I can’t risk it being a boy, because then I’m stuck with a smeglet probably for the rest of my life and that is hell” but it’s possible in lots of places to annihilate the ychromo in the womb.

No. 7270

>I have found it pretty much impossible to get enough of any vitamin from food
>there's a reason we developed supplements
Yeah, to make money. Exercise a lot, eat a lot of healthy food, and you'll get enough vitamins. Don't let them meme you.

No. 7272

Based take I didn't even know Dworkin said this.

No. 7276

Boys are harder to carry and don’t give a shit about mother stress levels in womb too. They take two to five years off your life over girls before they ever even get here. They’re like parasites. There’s a world of difference between a baby girl and a baby boy.

No. 7277

File: 1672590745537.png (62.04 KB, 657x260, boy pregnancies.png)

kek i thought you were joking or exaggerating but just looked it up. leaching more nutrients from the mother than she has to give.

No. 7278

I started this thread to help women, not so we can act like the mainstream medical industry and pretend we know what's best for someone else while ignoring her lived experiences. If someone has found a solution that works for her, then we should be happy for her. You don't know what another woman's life is like, what she has already tried, what she has gone through to get to the solutions that are working for her, etc.

I will spare you the blogpost I could write about my experiences but I will say that your advice is the same thing I have been told by mainstream doctors my whole life every time I had a complaint, and I have followed that advice my whole life and I have still benefited from supplements.

No. 7281

exactly. when you have an illness that majorly effects the quality of your life, and your only options are things that you have tried and do not work, then why wouldn't you try something alternative?

I get so sick of the judgement of people who give alternative things a try, as if they're dumb for believing in this stuff. what would be dumb is just lying back and doing nothing because the doctor can't be arsed to do more for you than offer a pill that doesn't work (and perhaps makes things worse).

of course there are people taking advantage of the sick and desperate (but doctors do too, let's remember). but it's not tinfoiling to say that a lot of basic health advice is suppressed and dismissed because it's non-profitable in the long run.

saying that, i am a skeptic and encourage everyone to be really careful about this stuff. but if they find something that works for them, then that's amazing. even placebo effects have been proven to be incredibly effective in the healing process, more than a lot of drugs.

No. 7282

I think many alternative treatments are also discredited by the mainstream medical industry because historically they often come from pre-industrial/colonial women or indigenous healers. Before the mainstream medical industry took over, it was predominantly women who provided medical aid to their communities, so of course the male dominated medical industry would want to discredit their cures even when they worked, which undoubtedly some did.

No. 7283

Oh, my bad. I thought you were >>7256 based on the trail of replies. Sorry. I strongly disagreed with their view on birth control not the part about both sides being shit.

No. 7284

File: 1672602070079.gif (167.52 KB, 600x450, b574f4575212595d74b23f82f29ebd…)

honest to god, I'm scared of taking birth control. I was prescribed it because there was a time period I didn't get my period for 3 months, but by the time I saw my endocrinologist, my period came back again. She was really dismissive imo, my ultrasound results came back fine and everything, but then all of a sudden says I have pcos and high testosterone. I'm a bit suspicious because the appointment I did with her the week or two before told me everything was fine, and again, I did get my period again without having to take the birth control.

I was prescribed junel, and reading about the side-effects online really scare the shit out of me. Weight gain, increased anxiety and depression, I don't want to fuck up my mental health even further because university is very hard on me.
I'm thinking of trying to mitigate my stress and go out more, exercise more, etc. I'm not sure if that's the best idea…. but I really am skeptical of what I was told.

No. 7285

At the risk of sounding not American enough, but why not just use condoms if there are no hormonal problems to treat? At the risk of sounding too autistic and/or not heterosexual enough, why even have PiV sex with men you don't trust to use condoms properly?

No. 7286

Nonna, some men don't care about if you want or not piv sex, they'll do it.
Will you give a condom to a rapist?

No. 7287

I probably sound super sheltered but like… is that normal? Just putting women and girls on lifelong hormones from their teens just in case rape happens? idk I've never heard of this happening where I live, even with all the "prevention tips" I've been given growing up

No. 7288

File: 1672603832253.png (730.12 KB, 1036x774, gynocologistchair.png)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this kind of thing but does anyone else here get panic attacks or extreme anxiety and pain during a transvaginal ultrasound and/or smear test?

I've had a lot of uncomfortable procedures in my life so it's not just squeamishness, it feels like an emotional response to the pain and discomfort. I have never been raped, but have suffered other kinds of sexual abuse before, like most women have so not sure if it's related to that or if it's just the pain. I always freak out and burst into tears. I have a tilted uterus and it's always difficult for the doctor to move around inside, which makes it last longer, more pain and discomfort.

I have to have one soon and I'm already so anxious in preparation for it. Is there anything I can do to make it less traumatic? Physically and emotionally?

No. 7289


I'm sorry you have to feel that way during smear tests, it sucks. I personally take a stuffed animal with me, silly as it might sound - it helps to hug something. I also park a distance away and walk to get my head clear rather than it all being rushed. I also have no issue about expressing pain (like saying ouch or screwing up my face), it's not embarrassing because it's an invasive procedure, of course it's going to be uncomfortable and the female medical professional knows that.

No. 7290

Multiple medicines that were lifesaving were literally taken off the market because they weren't profitable enough, these same people will probably rant for days about how fucked up the insulin industry is but God forbid anyone else call out the industry preying on other people because whatever the big think is at the time is good

No. 7292

thank you nona, the stuffed toy is a good idea. I do have one that brings me a lot of comfort. and it might help signify to the sonographer that i'm anxious too.

No. 7304

I hate it how my gyno is a man. It's obvious he hates his job too, and all he wants to do is shill birth control pills without any care in the world. No way i can change him as there are no more gynos in my area (which is dumb), but oh well.

No. 7306

If you want a drug free way to manage PCOS, look into low carb diets. There's increasing evidence that low carb diets high in meat are able to effectively manage PCOS. Increasing your intake B vitamins and myo-inositol will also help.

>I really am skeptical of what I was told

I would ask for a fasting glucose test if you haven't already had one. PCOS and insulin resistance are comorbid conditions and treating the under lying insulin resistance will help manage the weight and hormone issues associated with PCOS.

No. 7323

File: 1672671927783.jpg (31.75 KB, 400x363, 2cf5dce1b92999c756d73261ff15d2…)

I recently discovered that women on average need more sleep than men and I have no idea why I didn't know this before - because it absolutely makes sense, given our hormonal fluctuations. The older I'm getting and the more I'm actively researching into women's health differences and issues the more I'm realising most of the shit we were told is a lie. You grow up assuming that men and women need the exact same amount of sleep or react to certain medicines the same but it just isn't true and so much shit is just dismissed or brushed under the rug.

It's a minor one, but I'm glad I discovered it now tbh. Nonners, make sure to get your extra 20-60 minutes of sleep in tonight.

No. 7326

The entire system is completely built around men's needs (work schedules, meal schedules, etc) it's completely unfair, I also feel like this is why so many women seem to have health issues because we're forced to sleep for a certain amount of time instead of our natural schedules, and then women also have different dietary needs (we generally need more food on our period). Many places won't even bother hiring women of child bearing age because they expect us to pop out kids and are shocked we actually take care of them

No. 7335

How many BC pills did you try? My 1st one was horrible but the 2nd one I have zero side effects and feel 100% normal on. I feel like it's a bit of trial and error to find a good one (although some women react badly to all of them and some well to all of them also)

No. 7346

My sleep quality has always been really poor since I was little, just have never been able to fall asleep quickly or easily. I got diagnosed with ADD and put on adderall as a teenager which made me feel like shit, but it was the only way to function. Now I'm 30 and finally decided to try melatonin, assuming it was a placebo, and holy shit it works. I fall asleep fast and have deep crazy dreams and get multiple full REM cycles. And guess what… pretty sure I don't have ADD and I don't need adderall to be focused and do my job. Just needed some quality sleep for once in my life. Everybody's different but for real give melatonin a try if you have sleeping issues. The gummies taste pretty good too.

No. 7347

Based. Thanks for the info. We need to abort all male fetuses.

No. 7348

My younger sister had a daughter and then a son 10 years later. She said her son is extremely needy compared to her daughter. I just think it's pointless to have sons unless you get unlucky and cant abort.

No. 7371

I'm skeptical of the marketing for supplements yet have found it impossible to micromanage my diet so much that supplements don't make a noticeable difference. As long as you're careful about toxicity and putting undue stress on your kidneys, no harm in finding what helps, especially if you exercise (exercise increases your need for vitamins and minerals so it's weird to prescribe it as a way of avoiding deficiency).

No. 7375

Vitamin D is a good example of a supplement that you probably can't get enough of in your diet unless you want to eat eggs and fatty fish every day. Sure you can get it from sunshine but when it's been raining for 5 days and cloudy for 5 weeks you can't exactly just go touch some grass.

No. 7406

More reasons for me to abort a male child if I ever get pregnant…

No. 7650

Any info on how our diet affects the menstrual cycle? I always get those ravenous cravings a few days before my period and I'm sick of it

No. 7651

You have different nutrition needs based on your cycle and you need on average like 200 extra calories a day at the beginning of your period since it’s harder on your body and uses more energy.

No. 7652

Eat more

No. 7690

slightly ot but those vitamin d sprays you can get now work really well, in my experience. i was low in vitamin d and then a few months later (after the daily spray) my results came back "too high" kek. but my doctor said to ignore the 'too high' comment as it's only a problem if it fucks up your calcium levels too.

No. 7695

File: 1673310298952.jpeg (39.29 KB, 612x408, looking for books.jpeg)

nonnies pls recommend any books on women's health that you've read or heard good things about. or general health books written by women, that don't suck.

No. 7696

This might be a lactose intolerant specific thing but cutting dairy entirely (I used to eat a bit of hard cheeses which are ok for intolerance) reduced my cramps by like 70%

No. 7724

For real though. The scare tactic that we're constantly going to die of lack of vitamins is such a scam. I once read somewhere that you have to eat like a dozen of oranges a day to get "enough" vitamin C. How exactly do people think we survived this long if just eating regular meals isn't enough. What even defines as enough vitamins?

No. 7726

I switched to a "low carb" diet and now my menstrual cycle is monthly compared to quarterly. Also my PMDD symptoms are less intense. I also suggest eating more iron and protein and incorporate pumpkin and flax seeds in your diet.

No. 7728

if you find yourself bingeing, choose some high volume snacks like popcorn and eat bigger meals with more veggies etc. it could be habit/emotional or hormonal. it's normal to a certain degree though as we need (and burn) more energy during this time.

i saw someone suggested low carb but personally that made my periods go haywire. but everyone is different.

No. 7729

File: 1673390139351.png (113.47 KB, 1030x810, seed-cycling-1030x810-2.png)

speaking of seeds. have any of you heard of seed cycling and what do you think of it? i've not tried it myself but i'm skeptical, i don't see how seeds alone can make that much difference… I'm still intrigued though.

No. 7731

Never heard of that until recently, i personally wouldn't cycle lol, that just feels like so much work for nothing. I just eat from a nut jar containing 6 different nuts. Pumpkin seeds are good because they have nutrients that block DHT, there's definitely other foods that can do the same but it's convenient for me because I already eat 2 handfuls of nuts on a daily basis so might as well just throw them in the pile.

No. 7735

Nta but I find what works for me is making a large thing of chia pudding at the beginning of the week and eat it throughout the week plus it's delicious and easier to eat since I find nuts/seeds hard to eat

No. 7745


^ Interesting quick article about the impact of mestrual cycle on exercise performance and recovery rates.

>For those who were "naturally" cycling (i.e. not on the pill), recovery scores trended higher in the first half of their cycle (the follicular phase), before declining in the luteal phase.

>"It was really evident from that paper that women are resilient to stress during the first part of their cycle, so even from day one [of their period] right up to ovulation," says Dr Sims.

No. 7838

File: 1673626245259.jpg (894.68 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20230113-002342_Tik…)

It does suck when it's fellow female nurses and doctors also destroying women's health.

No. 7854

It’s not like it was deliberate

No. 7859

where does it say the nurse was a woman?

No. 7936

I was wondering this and also how this is relevant to women's health given that everyone has eyes and if she was in a coma when it happened it can't be a case of ignoring a female patient's complaints.

No. 9326

TIL PCOS causes alopecia. I was diagnosed when I was 13 and had struggled a lot with face and body hair before I started getting laser hair removal. All that body hair did a number on my self-esteem, then I can't even conceive losing my hair. It would be a death sentence for me. Anyway, have any of you experienced hair loss due to PCOS? If so, how did you deal with it? I'm desperate.

No. 9364

I "supposedly" had PCOS and have thick dark hair that stayed after multiple pregnancies but the only time I lost my hair was when I was a teenager in an abusive relationship. I also feel like more awareness needs to be drawn to how much an abusive relationship can damage women's health

No. 9374


Sorry nona, it sucks, but it's manageable with medication and lifestyle changes — you don't have to just accept going bald.

Medication: talk to a doctor (depending on your country a GP or a gyne / endocrinologist) about spironolactone (testosterone blocking), metformin (PCOS control). Friends of mine have done well on minoxidil (generic Rogaine, get the men's version as it's safe for women just stronger).

Lifestyle: vitamin D supplements, iron, get good exercise and good sleep. Consider losing a bit of weight if you're at all overweight. Unfortunately PCOS means that it's a good idea to be extra careful and err on the lower side of normal weight when in doubt.

You can do it!

No. 9391

I had thinning hair on the top of my head starting at the front (and a loss of eyebrows) from a different chronic condition for a while. I found dry shampoo helped with volume and avoiding flatness on the top of the head. For the same reason having hair done up or cut into a shorter bob helped it look less obvious. I also brushed hair forward into a swoopy fringe to mitigate my fivehead. I made a habit of brushing my hair before washing, being gentle with getting shampoo/conditioner into it, and that way I could let it dry without brushing it when wet (hair came out the most when detangling wet hair).

No. 12864

File: 1680699933057.png (31.71 KB, 538x640, brast pain.png)

you've got to be kidding… the mayo clinic's advice for breast pain. despite mentioning mensuration, It only gives advice specifically to men and TIMS. most of the information on this page is geared towards men.

>it can occur in men, women and transgender people.

why mention men first on an issue that overwhelmingly effects women? why not just say "it can effect anyone" if you're gonna set aside how this is a women's health issue.


No. 13116

I don't have a source right now but women do experience more anxiety and depression than men. This obviously affects our physical health as well.

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