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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1672500905700.jpg (57.15 KB, 467x432, feminist2.jpg)

No. 7214

This is a thread to post anything related to radical feminist merch, like pins, badges, necklaces etc that you might think looks neat. Through the ages I've seen a lot of cool stuff that might be cool to wear as a radfem that I've wanted to post in here since forever. So please feel free to join!
Examples include but are not limited to:
>Vintage feminist badges (pic rel)
>Clothes with cool quotes
>Yonic imagery
>The venus sign
>Harry Potter / JKR stuff
>Literal pink pills
>Other feminist type of merch (though please try to keep it in topic with /2X/)
Post away!

No. 7219

great thread idea nona. I want to design some TERFy printables next year so will post them here!

No. 7220

File: 1672509531679.jpg (637.05 KB, 1230x977, sick merch.jpg)

ok why not, here's my collection, most of it's from wildwomyn. the best part is rotating all the items between crypto and aggressively terfy. if any of you end up designing cool pins, i'm buying!

No. 7222

God, you have no idea how much I wish I could make and sell terfy merch! I am scared of getting doxed though, I wonder how they do it

No. 7223

That harry potter scarf is based, I want to buy one for my terfy friend too

No. 7232

File: 1672525636790.jpg (268.54 KB, 720x823, IMG_20221231_232212.jpg)

for any Spanish nonnie, this acc makes radfem related totebags and also takes commissions!

No. 7255

File: 1672556315521.png (855.06 KB, 1246x1092, Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 1.58…)

pillarsalt has a lot of cool art of invertebrates saying rf stuff, picrel is one of my fav https://www.redbubble.com/people/pillarsalt/shop?asc=u

No. 7262

aren't snails interesex though?

No. 7297

File: 1672608442123.jpg (1.06 MB, 2786x3097, I may be cringe but at least I…)

here are bracelets I have made. happy new year nonas

No. 7298

love them!! and love this idea. gonna get myself a bead set next week. thanks nona and hny

No. 7300

They're really cute, what does the cyber in cyber-gyn/hag mean though?

No. 7305

I like y2k aesthetics and old tech (not the transhumanism aspect though) and I like the idea of reclaiming the term hag, I can understand if you don’t agree though, also gyn is just an endearment term I’ve seen radfems refer to each other in place of guy or just girl

No. 7311

So cute Nona!!! ♥

No. 7314

snails are not people

No. 7329

File: 1672698876650.jpg (653.75 KB, 1070x1737, Svdv5_Etsy.jpg)

This shop has other good stuff shes just restocking right now. I plan to buy one of these and stick it in a popular spot.

No. 7330

to a normie this looks like a sticker saying that women are brainless fyi

No. 7332


No. 7352

yeah, if it said 'men are men' it would be better. or 'men are not women' I understand the message, but most normies might take it as women are stupid.

No. 7353

samefag: I showed it to someone (male schizoid) and he said he understood it to mean gender is fake
anyway just reporting back on my research lol

No. 7378

but why is the art about womanhood then? snails are intersex. Not hating just thinking

No. 7394

File: 1672835299555.jpeg (162.2 KB, 1154x1542, FliTFoVWAAMq-S0.jpeg)

slightly ot but their persecution fetish is just so hilarious sometimes. just straight up inventing a razor blade being underneath this sticker.

just because that's the kind of thing they would do and projecting their violence onto ebil terfs.

No. 7408

If you go to the shop, it's all bugs and other creepy crawlies, not just snails.

I have been seriously considering getting TERF stickers from some of the shops nonnies have shared to slap on the bathroom signs at my local mall because they recently became trans friendly; but I would never put a fucking razor blade under one. They wish we would act that fucked up, but we won't because we aren't men.

No. 7417

The guy nuked his account when the police tried to get involved in this.

No. 7428

>If you go to the shop, it's all bugs and other creepy crawlies, not just snails.
Oh alright then. Sorry I'm autistic about biology

No. 7430

>but I would never put a fucking razor blade under one.
no one, not even the craziest most blackpilled and unhinged of terves, would do this shit. Because we know we don't want to harm anyone. What if an actual woman or child cuts herself removing this? they're just projecting.

No. 7433

Wow speciesist much?

No. 7774

No. 9473

My interpretation is that snails are kind of weird and weird women or women that don't fit in can relate to them. I also think that women in radfem spaces tend to have an affinity for nature and appreciating the under-appreciated species of plants, animals and decomposers as well

No. 9503

I love tamagotchis and have started a collection, and I recently heard there may be a Harry Potter tamagotchi nano release in two variants. Of course if these release I'll be buying one in each variant! Also, ever since I learned how based JK Rowling is, I have been wearing this Gryffindor cardigan my mom got me a lot more often now. I had a Slytherin one too but no idea where it went sadly.

No. 9668

Bumping this thread to get some eyes on it. I've been looking for some subtle radfem jewelry that I can wear in public and plausibly deny is radfem if called out. My extended circle of friends is pretty pro trans so I'm not comfortable being loud and proud about it. But I do want something I can privately enjoy as even a quiet expression of my real feelings.

No. 9670

Anything with the feminism symbol but not the inclusive version or something related to the female reproductive system.

No. 9671

File: 1675363598013.jpg (770.62 KB, 1730x1666, jewellery.jpg)

It's a bit hard to give suggestions without knowing your tastes (sorry if my pics are a bit tacky, they're just ideas)
>Top left: Fluorite is a stone which can naturally come in green/white/purple tones, but would be very subtle since it's literally just a stone and nobody will read into it any further.
>Top right: Venus symbol, self explanatory
>Bottom left: Sigil of Lilith, symbol of femininity and rebellion. Probably not to your taste if you're not into witchy/occult shit, people might think you're a bit superstitious idk
>Bottom right: Bracelet in suffragette colours. I think this one is amethyst, aventurine and moonstone.

No. 9672

Thank you, both! This gives me some good ideas!

No. 9673

File: 1675365503751.jpg (579.06 KB, 2880x2880, 20230202_131620-COLLAGE.jpg)

Update! Found some super cute things on Etsy based on the recs. Sharing to add to the other pics for any future nonas looking.

No. 11223

File: 1677991336322.png (6.42 MB, 2571x1452, Untitled.png)

This is not my style but i always appreciated CreepyGals merch on etsy, aside the sexually suggestive merch.
I just regret digging deeper and finding out that she seems to hang around drag stuff…

No. 12521

File: 1680077005639.png (14.75 KB, 250x250, 184-punk.png)

This would make a good sticker. What other pokemon would you consider as terfy, nonny? I think wigglytuff is a good one.

No. 12660

File: 1680300243409.gif (581.22 KB, 640x480, chansey.gif)


No. 12979

File: 1680911032818.png (1.77 MB, 1808x1164, 775.png)

Gotta be Froslass. Let's appreciate these Pokédex entries:
>After a woman met her end on a snowy mountain, her regrets lingered on. From them, this Pokémon was born. Its favorite food is frozen souls.
>A Pokémon inhabited by the soul of a woman who died bearing a grudge in the snowy mountains. Legends of Froslass placing deathly curses on misbehaving men send shivers down my spine.
>The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokémon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.

No. 13745

File: 1681831900088.jpg (30.13 KB, 686x554, wwvsd.JPG)

does anyone know who made the patch of a witch with the word TERF on her hat? She also made a patch that says "Dworkin save us" … I can't find her store and I can't remember her name, hoping someone can help me out because she has the cutest terfy merch out there. While I'm here tho, wildwomynworkshop and duckriotclothing both make cool radfem stuff.

No. 13895

File: 1681999815164.png (39.25 KB, 570x570, 0858Hatterene-Gigantamax.png)


I would like to nominate Hatterene as well. Despite the color scheme Hatterene has, she is a female exclusive pokemon. She is also based off of witches in fairytale.

No. 14450

File: 1682724768443.gif (1.92 MB, 478x287, monsterhigh-gifs.gif)

I wish there was stuff with Abbey from MH.

No. 14533

File: 1682888990795.jpeg (70.35 KB, 680x666, twam.jpeg)

one of the best TERF signs i've ever seen. from today's Let Women Speak event

No. 19683

Since I’m making bracelets on my own recently (beads from craft shop or bought online) I want to try making one with these colors (purple-white-green).
I also have a bracelet in the making with letter beads spelling “proud TERF” kek. I live in a country where this acronym isn’t widely known I think (although the troon and pro-troon circles know it obviously). Loud for sure but I want to try. Alternatively I can make some other bracelet another day spelling only “TERF” or maybe the acronym TERF “hidden” among random letters.

No. 19741

where can i find prints of bio-chan?

No. 19744

Make your own

No. 19847

have you made them already? if so, please share, i want to get into making beaded bracelets with terfy colors too

No. 19856

Not yet, I don't have all the bead colors yet but I also thought of sharing it here! So I will surely do it when they will be complete.

No. 19867

i'll wait nona! i'm in a similar situation as you with the acronym's recognition in my country. i even remember some literal tiktok-poisoned children writing "terfs are losers" in chalk on the road

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