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File: 1570397239525.png (1.35 MB, 876x978, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 2.27…)

No. 877173

A deathfat is anyone who could try out for my 600 lb life and can easily make the cut. With the bodyposi trend going strong, some gluttonous fucks take it too far and eat their way to the size of a small whale, some even using the term "infinitifat" to define themselves on instagram, a word coined by @fatlippodcast on ig, who celebrates being 500+ pounds. Deathfats identify so much with their weight that they gatekeep other "fats" and categorize them into "small fats" and "large fats", pressuring "small fats" into gaining more to fit in with their obese peers

Notable deathfat traits:
>jelly of "straight sized" people but hide it under the guise of self love for themselves
>view being fat as being just as oppressed as being black
>constant complaining about clothes not fitting them, companies are fatphobic if they don't provide up to XXXXXXXXXXXL
>muh hypothyroidism
>screeching about how doctors can't find out what's wrong with them because they focus on their weight (i wonder why)

Some other deathfats:
>https://www.instagram.com/thefatposipunk/ (thread image)

>Basically anyone fatvegfemme follows

plz do not use this thread to fatshame a slightly chubby girl on instagram you don't like, this is for the discussion of fatvegfemme tier attention seekers who identify with their many folds

No. 877175

Oh my lord hahahaha I know the girl you used as the cover image! She's semi-milky and I have screens from Facebook groups we're both in if anyone is interested?

No. 877177

Quality thread but could use a few more examples. Maybe fatgirlflow?

No. 877178

i genuinely cannot wait for the fat girl sperg outs this will cause.

No. 877181

There were a few in Phoebe's early threads I remember being brought up that fit this catagory, anyone remember?

I'm sure I can just look at whatever IG she's using currently and see which heifers are cows, lmao.

No. 877183

File: 1570398131461.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20191006-164129(1).…)

Holy shit, I feel secondhand embarrassment reading this post. Half of these assumptions are strawmen.

No. 877193

File: 1570399396643.png (406.38 KB, 744x746, thefatsextherapist.PNG)

thefatsextherapist has been a cow for quite a while, with outlandish takes such as these

No. 877194

File: 1570399469159.png (528.16 KB, 750x729, thefatsextherapist2electricboo…)

No. 877198

File: 1570399588948.jpeg (425.01 KB, 750x2073, A6EC6435-C4C0-4749-BEE2-6C071A…)

Hell yeah, do it anon

Yeah I always see these whales and never file them away for further use, I was regretting that when I made this thread haha. Just checked out fatgirlflow; whole IG is centered around being rotund, but don’t ask about my body type!!!

No. 877203

This is actually seriously offensive to people who have had to have amputee surgery to live. like wtf!

No. 877204

File: 1570400411904.jpg (142.25 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

semi-vintage cow but i knew randomlancila/amber sarah (the girl who started the man vs food drama back in 2014 and got him fired off food network) years ago and she was one of the most insufferable people in the world, sadly shes gone off the radar after she got called out for having FOUR gofundmes in a row to pay her bills, all while living in a hovel layered in cat piss and snack food wrappers. last i heard she lives with her feeder boyfriend (despite being TOTALLY ANTI FEEDER GUYS MY BODY ISNT A FETISH) and is now eating two cakes a day and trying to crowdfund a mobility scooter. i miss her drama, sucks she went mostly private.

No. 877207

woah that sounds legendary, I didn't even know this existed.
that's wild
does she really have a mobility scooter?

No. 877210

her drama was a time and a half five or so years ago, one of the first "body positive" people to go down, pre-amberlynn reid. i dont know if she ever got the mobility scooter, she blocked me once she figured out i was only being friendly with her to laugh at her with my friends.

the shittiest thing i remember her doing personally was begging for paypal donations saying THEY REPOSSESSED MY CAR and on the very same night, she'd drag us all in tinychat and showed off a HAUL of NYX makeup she got with said money.

oh, and when the adam richman/man vs food drama went down - which tl:dr was essentially, he lost weight and got in shape, misused a hashtag and didnt know the meaning of it (#thinspo), and she went off on a long rant on his IG and brought her fatty army and got him taken off the air - she told the group that she wished SHE had been paid for giving interviews about what happened.

No. 877219

I am wholeheartedly disgusted.
Of COURSE you can be fat and pretty; beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
And you CANNOT be fat and healthy.
That‘s not an opinion, your body is not meant to carry that much extra weight. At all.

No. 877305

I remember Amber Sarah!! The very last thing I remember was her feeder bf was allegedly lurking the fat fetish site they met on talking to other girls then she went MIA. Mobility scooter milk is news to me. Any links on this?

No. 877322

File: 1570426728709.jpeg (1.17 MB, 750x6412, CBC339E8-3885-4C4D-845F-22F1E8…)

This is a doozy. @reframeyourstory under the fat liberation tag, had weight loss surgery, failed, is now militant fat positive who takes pictures of herself crying and talks about her failed surgery. Potentially very milky

No. 877327

File: 1570429158573.jpg (201.07 KB, 1080x1080, 53416973_182061139423570_85176…)

Jesus christ.

Does infinifat come from the way their gigantic two pronged fupas vaguely resemble the infinity symbol?

No. 877331

And she has kids?! What the fuck. I wonder how they feel knowing their mom has pictures of them on her instagram, along with photos of her gelatinous blobby body half naked.

No. 877338

File: 1570433502267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.84 KB, 1080x1312, 59973467_609399522891101_65636…)

if you want insight into how her bellybutton is holding up

No. 877342

Her belly button is bigger than her mouth?! I had no idea human bodies worked that way. TIL.

No. 877347

this is horrifying. i can't tell if her comments are weird bots or feed-fetish orbiters

No. 877351

How can they be okay with this?! They must at least be aware of the pain from the fupa pulling down and stretching the skin? There is no way they can claim it’s not related to their goddamn weight

No. 877358

File: 1570441702666.jpg (806.27 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_10-07-10.45.10.jpg)

Ask and ye shall receive, anon.

Here's her sperging about dress code in work and how she's being targeted for being fat.

Sorry for my shite collage skills.

No. 877359


>As a fat women


Well, she's got that much right at least, she's definitely large enough to be at least two people…

No. 877361

File: 1570444330254.jpg (644.57 KB, 1080x1160, rfff.jpg)

It's kind of bizarre how relatively normal her face looks by comparison. She's got a bit of a double chin but it's nowhere near the level of most fatties her size. Imagine matching to someone who looked like this and then seeing the rest of her. You'd feel extremely catfished kek

No. 877385


>it's a "people don't want to see my legs" thing

Well yes I wouldn't want to see her legs either holy shit

No. 877401

Wtf is that supposed to mean? Is she seriously equating fatness with being racially discriminated?

No. 877406

She actually looks deformed. This is nightmarish.

No. 877409

She's implying that non-white cultures totally think morbid obesity is attractive, and only white people (and white supremacists) prefer thinness or "small fat bodies".
It's the same logic that leads certain people to claim that the notion of gender/sex is a Eurocentric invention. Basically "You're actually racist if you don't agree with and pander to me (even though we're both white, and I have no actual idea what I'm talking about. Just believe me, I'm closer to The Ethnics than you are.)".

No. 877452

I wish there was more recorded drama about fatgirlflow.
She's FULL of milk.
>She quit her job to sell bbw porn pics
>She regularly attacks other fat women who choose to lose weight and claims they aren't body positive (see video)

No. 877468

File: 1570465080160.jpeg (104.38 KB, 1080x1033, EBADA197-9D58-4161-B7E1-69B6EF…)

She’s a foster mom how is that legal?

No. 877473

File: 1570465470649.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2038, 136EEA86-C849-42C6-8D0E-B1A00B…)

No. 877583

File: 1570475153026.jpeg (90.04 KB, 685x1024, 464697B2-936F-4EFA-9496-EA004C…)

this is what fatgirlflow used to look like (2011)

No. 877590

Seeing that legit makes me wonder what the fuck happened. Tumblr social justice is a hell of a drug.

No. 877592

i'd put money on the fact she's convinced she was sooper anorexic back then

No. 877594

So do we all agree that this level of fat acceptance comes from actually hating their body so much that they have to constantly display their fatness and how much they love themselves? Or is it a fetish to be so big for these people? Trying to wrap my brain around the concept of getting to death fat level with shit like fatgirlflow >>877583

No. 877616

they've gotten so fat that they either feel it's irreversible or too much work and they have to live like this and accept it, rather than put in the effort to lose weight. it's just a self made delusion, deep down none of them are okay with looking like that.

No. 878011


> living with CHF

Well no fucking shit.
(CHF stands for Congestive Heart Failure)

No. 878017

File: 1570561248899.jpg (668.38 KB, 750x1105, IMG_3884.jpg)

Finally a thread for this person. I've had her bookmarked for a while but couldn't find anywhere she fit (lol).

Here she is stuffed into a double-wide wheelchair. Half her posts are labelled AD or GIFTED so she's literally being paid to promote being so fat you can't walk properly. The best thing you can do for most conditions inlcuding hers is stay a healthy weight.

No. 878058

File: 1570568817852.jpeg (616.45 KB, 1280x905, 5F7075F0-63F9-4F49-B577-E71F8A…)

Fucking hell, infinifats are straight out the pages of 2000AD

No. 878071

She looks so young and already has heart failure? Jesus.

No. 878108

File: 1570584764512.png (705.41 KB, 918x801, thussy.png)

no one at work wants to see your thigh pussy…

No. 878125

>intersection representation
girl… please shut your mouth

Those wrinkles scare me, how is her face so slim? She looks like she's no bigger than 250 lbs in this pic.

Maybe OT because I don't know if she has social media, but my boyfriend works with an infinifat who literally cannot sit for too long. He once walked in on her laying on the floor in the command center because she said her back started hurting. The icing on the cake is this girl wants to be a police officer, she's not even fit to be a security officer, which is what she is now. Definitely unsure how she even passed going through training, where we just sit for 7 hours straight for a week and learn about common sense topics.

No. 878239

Im waiting with a mix of anticipation and dread or the day when the govt and private insurance just runs out of money to pay for infinifat health problems, society riots and gastric bypass will be the only option available as it's cheaper then a lifetime medical care that these people end up needing. I do feel sorry for people who never had a chance and where just fed a junk diet from birth by their lazy/fat parents and I highly blame corporate food as well, but idk how society is supposed to deal with this shitshow. Just looking at this thread is overwhelming for me.

No. 878243

File: 1570621525142.png (383 KB, 458x589, gandl.PNG)

Glitterandlazers comes to mind.

She's been scamming and ebegging for years so she can be a "fashion influencer" and "author" while wasting whatever money she's gotten since quitting her day job on shitty Amazon hauls. The toll her weight is taking on her health is pretty apparent in her YT videos, she develops sores on her skin that seem to never heal.

She's in the bopo influencer group with bodyposipanda and yourstruelymelly on IG.

No. 878244

I don’t feel sorry for these whales at all. They choose to be like this, and all I see is a physical representation of greed and overindulgence. I know this is OT but like there are plenty of people starving in the world while these privileged fucks sit on their asses whining about health problems or fat shaming. They’re not oppressed just a drain on others

No. 878261

i would rather die than be this fat. if i got this fat i’d want to kill myself. i don’t know how these people can live like this, i truly don’t understand them(no1curr, fatty chan)

No. 878449


she looks like she ATE bodyposipanda.

No. 878904

File: 1570754081995.jpeg (285.83 KB, 750x2202, 3CEF4310-6B2A-493E-98A0-435244…)

Love how fats are completely oblivious to the fact that companies are capitalizing on them the same way as ~thins

No. 878905

File: 1570754307165.png (424.72 KB, 750x1334, B76EEA8F-0520-4140-89B3-439162…)

35 fucking dollars for a crop top, bodyposipunk is of course an ambassador

No. 879003

It's strange to me that having CHF which is basically a death sentence doesn't make a person evaluate their choices and try living healthier.

No. 879005

so punk, lol

why do they all have the same face? and they all pull that over the top grin as well

No. 879024

Love how that Dani Adriana chick used to sperg all the time about how she eats totally healthy for every meal and eats barely any calories, but got obese due to whichever genetic condition she has that makes her facial features like that. Now she's just moved on to "fuck your diet, watch me eat pizza"

It's definitely those genetics tho

No. 879027

There's nothing wrong with being a little overweight, but deathfats go way beyond body-positivity into straight-up endorsement of self-harm. I'm kind of excited to see what kind of milk we'll get in this thread.

No. 879062

File: 1570801119568.jpg (1.23 MB, 1439x2265, Screenshot_20191011-093133.jpg)

Fatgirlflow's "nonbinary" girlfriend comfyfattravels does the most to annoy the hell out of me.

"I'm doing work to take the blame off of my body".

They all love talking about their bodies as if it's a separate entity. Like they're dissociative because they can't handle what they've done to themselves.

She's a big fucking toddler and dresses like one.


No. 879110

I think even when people get to this size they shouldn't be judge because who knows what kind of shit is going on in their lives and every person has the right to feel pretty. However you can't make this into a good thing. You can't make being this ill into positivity. They can make their fight against it inspirational and then kudos to those who do, but this gloryfication of morbid obesity is just, I'm lacking words. Pretending like this is normal and nothing is wrong just boggles the mind.

No. 879209

File: 1570822501174.jpeg (193.67 KB, 1012x1800, FB3F1408-C9E9-4042-8477-3D1A0E…)

not to sperg 'reee animal abuse' but holy shit i feel so sorry for these poor cats.

No. 879232

Useful tip for all uwu enbies and genderspecials: become ultra super morbidly obese and no one will be able to tell what gender you are anymore because you will just look like an amorphous blob!

No. 879235

i'm always thrown for a loop when deathfats who've already posted tons of self pics post something like "i was nervous to post this because of my double chin, gut, etc" like bruh…it is way too late to care…it's basically physically impossible to hide your fatness at this point.

No. 879268

Lets not forget the fucking foot drop which is caused by nerve damage due to compression, jfc

No. 879355

File: 1570863627758.jpeg (453.56 KB, 750x3005, 3739178B-F4E8-4143-8E73-673850…)

Holy shot anon, thanks for bestowing this beached whale upon us. Ig is full of pictures like this. She’s doing yoga, isn’t exercise fatphobic?

No. 879356

doesn't count if she has to stay seated for the entire session

No. 879364

not if it's sponsored, which I believe this session was. the point she's trying to prove here is that even people whose gunts have gunts can do yoga. we can be she was fucking dying even after getting into her work out gear.

No. 879381

you should because shit, these cats are obese. they are literally meowballs with legs.

No. 879382

jesus christ the poor babies. it’s so uncomfortable and awful for a kitty’s joints to be so overweight. guaranteed she doesn’t take them to the vet regularly bc they would’ve tried to interfere with her overfeeding and she’d probably take it as a personal attack rather than a humanitarian act

No. 879392

she'd probably call the vet fatphobic lol

No. 879409

File: 1570898172794.jpg (125.27 KB, 1080x1080, 69022261_2466146360287015_4175…)

My fave thing about the fat activist movement is the fact they regularly attack others for not being "fat enough" and call smaller fat people "fragile" and "oppressive". This girl sparklejams is always posting some bullshit like this.

No. 879506

Gross how they can't just be content with fighting for their own personal rights, they need others to be as fat (as "less privileged" in their words) as them. They legitimately want to make people feel like they're doing something wrong by being moderately-sized and not obese.

No. 879511

Oh my god, it's one thing to destroy your own body, but making your pets and kids fat just seems like an act of narcissistic jealousy. It's like they're applying their own stupid HAES ideology to animals, yikes.

No. 879512

Isn't the real "privilege" having a privilege that you could change yourself over time with diet and exercise and therapy, not one you were born into like race or sexuality???

No. 879526

File: 1570925275769.jpg (615.14 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3883.jpg)

More of this multi-sponsored chick, this time walking because she doesn't need the wheelchair to pose in, it's only to remind you she's disabled which is her whole identity aside from fat. GIFTED, of course because brands love hitting those minority points. Obese AND disabled! Ironically, losing weight would help her mobility.

No. 879618

File: 1570963986622.jpg (61.33 KB, 1124x1124, 69988210_707263356421520_45918…)

This girl is a cow

Thinks the word obese is a dehumanising slur and promotes eugenics
Got a fitness blogger called Every Day Damn Fitness kicked off IG cos she's offended by his posts
Went to a protest and when she got arrested, said that the police tried to asphyxiate her because they cuffed her arms behind her back and it made her lose her breath cos she so damn fat she can't handle her arms behind her back for any length of time. But you know, all the police fault. They even offered her medical attention but she refused, and still said that police harmed her. She also couldn't stand up without help when asked to cos of her weight.
Complains that doctors are fatphobic and that being fat should be a protected class because she was too heavy for the table at the gynaecologist
Thinks that she deserves to be promoted from understudy to principal (she's an opera singer) just because she is fat
Calls herself queer and uses terms like "folx" cos ofc she does
Promotes the idea that you can change your sexual preferences, calls having a "type" shallow and a social construct, so basically the same line of thought as conversion therapy
Thinks that thin people should only consume media by fat people otherwise they are fatphobic
Thinks that thin women are constantly out to get her with micro-aggressions and "enforcing the body hierarchy" because they put the armrest down on a plan because her fat is spilling into the other women's seat.

I could go on and on but basically every post of hers is "I'm fat and oppressed but I am also a beautiful goddess but also everyone is out to get me and my pain is on par with what LGBT/POC get in their everyday lives"

No. 879630

File: 1570971330004.jpg (2.16 MB, 2560x2560, sparklejamsisobese.jpg)

I checked her out and holy shit she's fucking dense. Obese totally become obese through no fault of their own, it has NOTHING to do with eating, oh no.

No. 879632

>literally wages war on fat people
holy kek
if this were true we'd need guided missiles to hit her with all the mental gymnastics she's doing

No. 879633

Lmao ikr. Fat people are the majority in the US (where she is from), how is someone oppressing and waging war on the majority? How is society causing harm to fat people when they far outnumber thin people? The mental gymnastics are amazing.

No. 879634

Like you said it's the other way around. Fat people are actually oppressing us normal fats. They need to stop throwing their weight around.

No. 879638

I'd love to hear more positives from having a high BMI. While reading this I honestly thought she was gonna say "those with a higher BMI are more likely to survive longer than 30 days without food"
Top kek. But seriously. What doctors is this bitch going to where people are dying on the reg as a result of general and vascular surgeries.

No. 879639

Yeah that just doesn't make sense, and if something like that is true, it probably refers to people with slightly higher than normal BMI. It's extremely dangerous to operate on people with high BMI and I'm sure she absolutely knows that.

No. 879641

> It's extremely dangerous to operate on people with high BMI and I'm sure she absolutely knows that.

Oh I bet she does, but she's called anything to do with denying procedures or medication failing cos of BMI fatphobia.

No. 879643

File: 1570976262701.png (95.94 KB, 767x653, inififat.png)

If you ever wanted to know why the term "infinitfat" exists then I believe it was made by a woman called Ash who runs a blog called thefatlip. I don't know how anyone can read this and not be absolutely grossed out at how fat this person/some people actually are. She claims to be 500+ pounds and has "no idea" what she size even is.

No. 879653

Wow, I never thought it possible, but these people are actually worse and more toxic than the anorexic snowflakes in the other thread.

As an oldfag, I remember the pro-ana "webrings" that used to flourish at the turn of the millenium. They were a platform that reinforced their denial and enabled them to spread it. Not only that, it enabled them to celebrate it. "It" being the thing that KILLS.

Since the crackdown on such websites, pro-ana stances never got to be openly shared on the surface web without repercussion.

I'm generally against censorship, but it did a good thing back then, and it would do a good thing now. Infinifats celebrating and propagating their dangerous unhealthy delusions need to be stopped in the same way.

No. 879830

Since when did the body positivity movement go from "a person's weight shouldn't define who they are" to "literally every aspect of who i am is defined by my weight and if others don't acknowledge it they're oppressing me"

No. 880038

File: 1571086186905.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 750x1334, 2900EF7C-4E69-407F-91C4-469867…)

It seems like every deathfat follows this fat fetishist photographer on ig, not realizing how this is exploitive to their giant bodies in any way

No. 880039

File: 1571086322701.png (Spoiler Image, 3.9 MB, 750x1334, F8DD8A95-C136-477A-AB09-F33386…)

This didn’t really need a spoiler, but this post does

I honestly can’t even tell it this is female nudity or not because this person could be any gender or no gender with how much of an amorphous blob it is

No. 880085

File: 1571090504597.png (2.54 MB, 1876x1204, luhshawnay.png)

rest of the caption:
>and agree with some shitty comments made towards me on how i don’t have “model qualities”, i’m still here. like REALLY here still trying. my time hasn’t fully came yet but i know it’s bound to. don’t let anyone take anything away from you and make you feel like a burden or not worthy.

does luhshawnay fit in here? i know she's not as much of a deathfat as the rest but she is annoying and part of the bopo influencer scene.
>eternal victim (note the subtle dig in this caption at her "friends" who didn't give her their money) who constantly complains that the only reason she's not doing well in the modeling industry is because she's fat
>acts like moving out of her mom's place is some big accomplishment despite her being in her mid 20s
>sells her pr at very high prices on her depop, has reviews stating she never sent out certain items
>thinks the world owes her everything because she ate herself into an amorphous blob

No. 880092

A lot of the same shitty behaviors pervade both cultures. They're both forms of body dismorphia. I'm also tempted to include parts of the trans community under that umbrella, too.

No. 880285

I’m not surprised, since many #bopo activists seem to think that being sexually objectified is a human right and somehow empowering.

No. 880312

Holy fuck, this is the best thinspo I've ever seen.

Are we sure this isn't some subversive anachan propaganda done by clueless fatties?

No. 880338

File: 1571148993559.jpg (602.01 KB, 2048x1188, jude.jpg)

she sounds just like Jude Valentin, absolute whiner and feels entitled to crowdfund her rent.

No. 880473

What word would they prefer people use instead, then? Seriously. Because it seems like it’s fine and dandy when they themselves ~~reclaim~~ the word “fat” but you just know how much they’d chimp out if a doctor dared use it as a descriptor lol. Obesity is legit medical fucking terminology. I don’t get it. Any of it.

No. 880517

File: 1571177231932.jpeg (147.69 KB, 640x1136, 76DFE54F-5CF3-4189-8254-71B4D6…)

You guys ready for some bullshit? These will be slightly out of order but you’ll get the point

No. 880519

File: 1571177329022.jpeg (122.85 KB, 640x812, D6A204BE-29D2-4EC6-9008-D4CDCF…)

Damn flood detection

No. 880520

File: 1571177352834.png (126.46 KB, 640x1136, 0BA18958-5E78-425B-8030-6D11B9…)

No. 880522

File: 1571177456097.jpeg (175.44 KB, 640x1136, E67A16AF-03CB-47CB-9384-8E8D3F…)

No. 880523

File: 1571177605633.jpeg (107.76 KB, 640x476, 8D34F998-95EC-4AA7-99C5-FB23BF…)

No. 880524

File: 1571177654682.jpeg (86.78 KB, 640x552, 89DE0A07-886F-42F2-9544-E6114A…)

The self victimization is wild

No. 880551

Oh no the fattie got her fees fees hurt. Stay off the fucking internet if you’re gonna sperg this hard. She should get banned for showing off her incel basement dweller body shape

No. 880584


oh christ I have friends who share Shooglet posts and they're universally disgusting and quasi pornographic as if obese bodies can only be positive in a sexual way

No. 880587


Jude has her very own thread on the other farms now, it's worth a look (originally she was in the fat acceptance thread but she's enough of a cow to merit her own one)

No. 880842

Why the fuck she even in just a bra anyway. Literally put clothes on bitch. I don't care if you're 100 or 400lbs, some people just don't wanna see that,

No. 880878

File: 1571244469045.jpeg (290.1 KB, 750x1881, F9B5B63B-89F4-4A8B-A6E7-D3B8AB…)


“Programmed to hate fate people”
Jfc why are deathfats so dramatic of course people are ~programmed to not want to look like a small whale

No. 881649

Why are deathfats always so angry if they love their body so much and are so emotionally elevated over normal thins?

No. 881849

CHF’ers have about a 50% chance of dying within 5 years of their diagnosis. That’s fucking MIND BOGGLING considering how young she looks and how much life she could have left to live. Married and everything. But here she is, literally celebrating her own protracted and painful suicide on Instagram.

No. 881875

File: 1571436367430.jpg (58.76 KB, 768x562, IMG_20191018_230617_554.jpg)

I've seen deathfats say that diabetes stuff like pic related before so it really doesn't surprise me when they revel in their own self made life threatening conditions. As long as they aren't skinny and fatphobic right?

No. 881928

>the way you all fear a lifelong chronic condition with debilitating complications that will eventually end in your extremities being amputated, blindness and heart attacks unless carefully and meticulously managed is weird

wow, haes has reached new levels of retardation

No. 882101

There was a new Australian study that showed obese people had fat IN THEIR LUNGS, but I'm sure that's just fatphobic propaganda as well.

No. 882119

Gotta hand it to her, she's picked the perfect name to keep literally anyone from engaging in a counterargument.

No. 882318

Jesus Christ, not every person who has diabetes is fat or got diabetes from being fat. Poor diet is all it takes.

No. 883366

File: 1571773967390.jpeg (42.28 KB, 437x374, B9EB8CBD-2F9B-443A-ACD2-B4D678…)

I’m tired of deathfats saying I hate them because they’re morbidly obese.
But I will say that I’m repulsed by their lifestyle and how one could be so delusional about their health and lifestyle that they mask it with “body positivity”.
Sure, love yourself but damn don’t fucking lie to yourself.
Shit, over feeding pets is considered animal abuse but deathfats somehow aren’t abusing themselves? Fucking please.

No. 883367

File: 1571774119782.png (1.43 MB, 778x1486, scaryboobs.png)

i hate this woman and her disgusting boobs.

No. 883371

Obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Poor diet isn’t.

No. 883377

are you retarded thin people get diabetes

No. 883382


I actually feel sorry for her, she seems different to the rest of the “infinifats” (dear lord, that word). She posts relatively little and often about her struggling with depression. Don’t know if I’m overlooking something but she gives off this air of deep sadness. Kinda hope she’ll turn away from that horrendous fat acceptance shit.

No. 883522

at first i wondered why she put emojis there. then i actually recoiled from the screen in horror when my brain made sense of her shape. what kind of demon possesses someone to put this on the internet?

No. 883614

Found the fatty
Stop defending these gluttonous hambeasts, you’re outing yourself

No. 883623

Not trying to defend, just the fact she tweeted "the way y'all fear diabetes is weird" was just incorrect. Of course being obese is a factor, but only one in three fatties is diabetic. For how fat most of these people are, it doesn't seem like majority of them have diabetes. If they did, they wouldn't be spamming their "intersectional representation" shit.

No. 883631

Imagine not knowing the difference between Type 1 and Type 2. Hint, Type 2 is the type you'll get while you're too busy spouting FA shit on whatever accounts you have.

No. 883634

I don't think those are her cats? she has pictures of her with a black and white cat, and an orange kitten. I think she posted this for the song in the background.

No. 883648

Lettuce, crouton and ranch isn't salad lmao

No. 883650

Oh man, ive been waiting for a thread like this to pop up.

Maybe this girl doesn't fit here (or anywhere amirite kek) she doesn't actually identify as "fat positive" that i know of but she has videos about being fat and why she doesn't want to lose weight. Shw also had videos in the past about instagram "choosing" what she ate for the day but the choices she gave were all fast food.

No. 883703

I think most of them don't get to live enough to actually get type 2 diabetes, since they tend to be relatively young, and if it's not diabetes, they suffer joint pains, elevated estrogen levels and elevated blood pressure besides other consecuences… no morbidly obese person can be considered healthy

This whole "fat aceptance" movement is just they way they try to not loathe themselves so much, truly sad

No. 883706

How can anyone take this seriously? This video feels like a parody.

No. 883708

i cant tell which are men or women. they're all so disgusting

No. 883716

surprised there aren't more Sonalee (THE FAT SEX THERAPIST) related posts in this thread. she's pure cringe.

the linked video is a takedown of Sonalee for claiming that making your child eat healthy = sexual abuse.

No. 883758

File: 1571854881660.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, 3BEEEF39-3A46-4FBA-A8B1-8C62CE…)

I wish this one was a bit milkier. So far all she does is post these horrendous close-ups of her deathfat face and complain about life. No e-begging yet I think…

No. 883763

File: 1571855754665.jpeg (311.44 KB, 750x2340, 8AD56E20-6EC2-4042-BC03-A95163…)

Welcome to the deathfat sw side of ig

No. 883767

File: 1571855911099.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 417.89 KB, 750x3370, BA14558D-A140-41F5-9B65-834B92…)

No. 883778

Type 1 is all genetics and stays with you your whole life.
Type 2 is all about fat, if you lose weight it gets easier to manage or cured.

No. 883784

Omg her videos are pure cringe. She constantly makes excuses for herself. Did you see the one where she broke a bunch of beds and then complained that its the fault of the manufacturer? Not because she is nearly 400lbs.

No. 883822

What is it with people who are this fat and getting gratuitously naked and being 'free'?

'There's all kinds of queer things in nature, animals and trees that switch gender' you're right on about it being too stereotypically SJW to be true.

I wonder if the gender gimmick for these people is just to cover up their deep despair at never being able to look the way they really want to. Get unnaturally fat to the point where sex is indistinguishable, throw your toys out of the pram and claim that you never wanted to look like a woman anyway like all those basic skinny bitches, you're on a deeper level and in touch with your queer soul.

It's like with every titty tattoo and unfortunate dye and shaved patch they try to make themselves look as bad as possible. Perhaps it's the same psychological problem that creates the conditions of maintaining a body like this.

No. 883859

I assume it's because clothes are very uncomfortable once you get that big.

No. 883867

True. You don't necessarily have to be fat to have type 2 though. My dad has type 2 but isn't fat.(derailing)

No. 883878

Yeah type 2 can absolutely also happen to normal weight people, both my skinny ass grandparents who only ate fish and cauliflower got type 2 diabetes and now my dad is being monitored for it. Sorry for pointless diabetes sperg.

I didn't even read the text at first because I was so grossed out by the pic and now I feel even worse.

No. 883953

yes but how is his hip-to-waist ratio? skinnyfats are vulnerable to it too if they have visceral fat, yes, and also genetics can play a part.

it doesn't erase what obesity is known to do to the body it just means skinnyfats need to get more awareness. obese people cannot escape biological fact by shouting "skinny people get it too" from the rooftops.(derailing)

No. 883960

I dont know what his waist to hip ratio is but he has a bad diet which is probably what caused it. No one said that being fat isn't a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, just that you don't HAVE to be obese to get it.

No. 884079

Oh yeah, I remember fat girl flow. She comes off as super defensive. She also has a video about all of the things she has to do to have sex (like propping each leg up on a chair).

Honestly having sex is so much work for people this big, you'd think losing a bit of weight would be less work/effort.

No. 884270

File: 1571950237807.jpg (5.37 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20191024_16305380…)

Don't mind the shitty collage.

This is someone who has been inserting herself into the TND drama who I've kept an eye on and didn't know where to post her. Her name is Angel (cosmixhoney) and she runs the turtlemom_ account on Twitter. She and her equally obsessive minions are bound to show up to try to derail the thread and defend her, which is what happened everytime she was mentioned in TND's thread. She's not SUPER milky, she mostly just posts stuff like this and is unhealthily obsessed with Jonny Craig's exes and Taylor, but someone to watch out for. She's a SW, her Twitter for that is FelicityFawnBBW where she posts naked mukbangs, among other things. All of her posts are about fat positivity and she constantly complains about IG taking down her naked photos.

No. 884273

File: 1571950445212.jpg (908.95 KB, 1064x1784, Screenshot_20191024-162303_Ins…)

No. 884333

If only her graphics budget was as large as her food budget…

No. 884340

>There is no nipples, gentiles, buttocks


No. 884496

She's complaining that this was taken down for no reason, but you CAN see nipple, the strawberries aren't covering them. Also entertained by the idea that the perfume bottle was necessary to cover her gentiles, the fupa is covering them just fine.

No. 884551

File: 1572023473829.jpg (818.09 KB, 1080x1251, faterpillar.jpg)

I like her Hungry Caterpillar cosplay

P sure that's just her nail

No. 884635

where the fuck are her stretch marks? am i just blind? surely someone this big has deep marks

No. 884657

If you look closely, she has tons of them all over her stomach, but they're all faded by now since stretchmarks are only dark when they're fresh. She had a pic of her at 14 or something on her IG and she's always been obese.

No. 884673

Is this the girl who was on the barcroft superfat doc? Cant tell if so or if her face just has the same amoeba shape and features from the weight

No. 884918

>Sure, love yourself but damn don’t fucking lie to yourself.

If they truly loved their bodies they would try to take care of their bodies. Eating yourself into an early grave is not "body positivity" or "self love".

No. 885399

File: 1572192660510.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1572192518563.jpg)

Some cow I know irl shared this

No. 885403

the only thing that's correct is the body composition part…

No. 885405

Lmao the Angelic Pretty logo

No. 885413

I love it when fat people point that out as though they’re athletes and incredible amounts of muscle mass are skewing their results.

No. 885417

right? they are also missing the fact that BMI isn't used to diagnose anything really anymore and that doctors will follow up with other tests if it seems off.

No. 885439

File: 1572198880098.jpg (92.34 KB, 1421x894, 36620c0.jpg)

Deathfat logic

No. 885441

What subreddit is this?

No. 885446

Idk where OP is from, but I got it from r/fatlogic

No. 885561

it always amazes me that deathfats are so clueless. you still have a fucking eating disorder, you dumb bitch!

No. 885562

honestly, when people write using this many buzzwords, i read/hear it in my head like the teachers in charlie brown. i zone out completely. it's always the same goddamn story and it's so tedious. it has the opposite effect to what's intended.

No. 885678

Is she actually a "SW" or does the fat bitch just sell nudes? I struggle to believe anyone this obese can do anything remotely resembling work of any kind… actual SW would be impossible lmfao

No. 885703

Didnt you know activism was whinging online about oppressive thin or small fat people and clinging to actual systemoc opressions like racism!?

No. 885756

File: 1572275815241.jpg (158.49 KB, 828x1454, 765319f.jpg)

Oh yeah, all that visceral fat choking your organs to death is doing a great job

No. 885757

File: 1572275932718.png (777.73 KB, 1024x1820, a06f299.png)

All these mental gymnastics to say "I like eating a lot and I can't be bothered to fix my eating habits or work out because it's too much effort"

No. 885784

So is lung cancer a slur against people who smoke? If you treat your body like shit you're going to sick and die. I can't believe the type of stuff people will say to avoid blame.

No. 885916

I know she’s not an infinitfat but this right here is peak entertainment. Sierra Schultzie is the trendy body positive lolcow at the moment on YouTube she basically recreates magazine covers or photo shoots but “body positive” meanwhile putting down thin women and implying they’re unhealthy. I hope she gets fatter kek because she’s only going to keep getting more manic. She’s already way heavier than when she first started YouTube.

No. 885919

Where does she put down thin people in the video?

No. 885926

I kind of side-eye Sierra because while she's definitely not even close to a deathfat, she reminds me a bit of Loey Lane. I have a hard time believing she is a 12-14 at this point, and she's constantly buying size L stuff and being surprised when it looks like shit or is too tight but insists it's her normal size everywhere else. She also used to talk about how she was "mid size" and not plus size and get really defensive over it, even though midsize isn't even a thing and 12 and up is largely considered plus size.

No. 886052

>fat people have existed for as long as humans have been alive
Top kek. I'd love to see the source for that.
Deathfats are so delusional it's not even funny. Some anon mentioned it before, but it's hilarious how these people are ree'ing that obesity is a slur but feeding an animal to the point of obesity is considered cruelty. They're lumping themselves in with dogs and cats who don't have the intelligence to control their food intake.

But keep telling yourself weight science is eugenics, fatty. I'm sure your joints love it

No. 886171

File: 1572355779986.jpg (195.28 KB, 720x829, 20191029_132240.jpg)

No. 886176

I lurk through her thread on GuruGossip. I didnt bother watching this video but in so many of these photoshoot recreation videos she and her yes man/editor/best friend put down thin women and say that "no one's bodies" look like theirs. So much for body positivity.

Sierra has ballooned in just a few years. She is also bipolar and drinks a lot of alcohol, screeches about being "vegetarian" and pretends that she eats healthy when she eats a lot of shit food but hey because it's vegetarian it's "healthy". She is delusional about her weight and lied about her size even when she was a size 12, and wears clothing that is too tight and not the right size and instead of actually saying that she should go up a size or more she usually says the clothing is too loose and she "could've gone down a size." She tells herself and her fans that she is "mid-sized" when she is definitely not that anymore. She's delusional.

No. 886181

yes, acknowledging and celebrating someone's decision to choose a healthy LIFE is soooo phobic and discriminatory!

No. 886265

i know i'm falling for her bait but its so infuriating to do that with someone who obviously works very hard to be fit through exercise.
at least if it was a runway model or something she could argue that the model probably looks like that from dieting/luck but wtf is the objection to a woman being fit through exercise? and being muscular despite the fact that women are still often discouraged from it? just that it's mean to get lean because what about muh fat?

No. 886266

File: 1572374496448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.16 KB, 564x935, 00d267557ae2b249a433b2e584cea8…)

deathfats don't want to remember that back in the day people their size were in the freak shows.

Yes, fat people have always existed. But not on their levels of fat. Even then most of these people in the thread are even fatter than the freak show ones.

No. 886267

I wonder if these people gather information for like, ana recovery and think it applies to them. these types of arguments only make sense if they apply to being just SLIGHTLY fat or chubby, not obese. Chubby people have been around for as long as it's been possible to eat a little too much and exercise a little too little. Your body needs some fat to protect your organs. Your body does not need layers and layers of fat to protect you from surgeons trying to save your life.

No. 886367

> she basically recreates magazine covers or photo shoots but “body positive” meanwhile putting down thin women and implying they’re unhealthy.
Never heard her do that, when?

The only problem I have with Sierra is that she lies about her weight and never buys her size while claiming she's "body positivity", she's clearly very insecure about her weight.

No. 886416

It’s in the title itself. Women who work out are not body positive to her. That’s putting down thin, fit women by implying they’re not body positive. Women who eat right and are dedicated to fitness don’t fit the body positive mood. It’s patronizing and passive aggressive at best.

No. 886512

File: 1572402112318.jpg (235.6 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20191029_222027.jpg)


I remember her, she looks like she's lost weight. She was on buzzfeed two yrs ago because people le epic 'TROLLED' her about her thrasher shirt.

No. 886636

File: 1572441466599.png (73.74 KB, 804x190, lunnanana.png)

Oh dear god, Luna Slater is friends with this cow.
Snagged this off her KF thread, but definitely relevant.
I guess good for her for losing some weight.

No. 886709

I like Every Damn Day Fitness' (youtuber) reply to bullshit like this. He doesn't care if it's muscle, fat or jello, your bones and joints aren't meant to cary 300 lbs. A body builder and a fat person with a BMI above 40 are both unhealthy.

No. 886770

File: 1572461906276.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, A493921D-FFEC-4808-8EEE-23706F…)

My god. Sorry not really milky but I felt compelled to share.

No. 886771

File: 1572461939029.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, F5754706-3268-479A-80F9-D505F2…)


No. 886772

File: 1572462189711.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, 33D1CED5-9917-4125-B96D-A11B60…)


No. 886786

vote for next thread pic.

No. 886843

i-is this supposed to be satirical? Please say yes… She looks like the kid from Matilda who ate the chocolate cake, who wants her nudes?

No. 886850

I wish it was. She’s mentioned sugar daddies before and she’s dead serious. My stomach is turning

No. 886866

File: 1572477538196.jpg (49.9 KB, 574x359, ddeeeaf8cdf5cd837bf014bcf5d23a…)

>your organs needs space, sometimes this makes your stomach look different

Good thing she provided reliable sources from healthcare professionals to back up this claim, oh wait…

No. 886925

God she really thinks anybody can do sex work? KEK
There's plenty of chubby chasers out there who'd gladly buy nudes, but you need to be attractive. They got standards too.

No. 886991

How did someone get “it’s okay for me to be fat-obese” from this? Women have big organs stored in their bodies like a womb that makes the stomach look bigger. It’s natural for that, having layers of useless fatty buildup in your muscles and skin around your stomach organs isn’t natural. And protection from what exactly? Cushioning a fall? Having layers of fat as protection from a stabbing? Sure but good luck getting up and running away if your weight doesn’t get in the way of that.

Maybe the protection is from the ability to bitch on the internet about people telling you to lose weight and disguising it as “body positivity” so no one can call you out for being a cunt.

No. 887085

Ew has anyone watched the new British show Who are you Calling Fat? Theres like 8 fat assets and 3 are these cringy ass "you can be morbidly obease and healthy" and its so painful to watch, one girl had a panic attack over someone trying to talk about diabetes and how they are more at risk

Idk if I can post links to where I watched it but I just used DailyMotion

No. 887126

Just started watching it and I love how in the first two minutes one of the fat women says the body positive people behave like a cult in her eyes
I mean she's absolutely right so

No. 887169

Danielle complaining about her life. In the video she says she broke a bed after 1 week lol.

I have to play her videos at 1.25x speed because she is so fat she can't even speak normally, she's so breathy and slow

No. 887180

Was anyone else shocked when they found out Sierra was 23?! I thought she was 30-35. Yikesss

No. 887215

I really like this show so far because you see both the delusional "body-positive" deathfats who glorify being close to death, and rational people who actually want to change and live a longer life. Also shows that not all fatties are disgusting tumblr-like idiots. Those people who want to lose weight and and want to get better are the ACTUAL body-positive ones imho

No. 887225

Omfg same I hate how breathy she talks like bitch breathe in between complete sentences at least or edit out you catching up with every other word

No. 887314

I've just started watching it, and oh my christ, how delusional that short-haired blonde chick is! 'Health is a social construct'. I think the fuck not.
She was asked later in the episode whether she would rather be able to walk, or if she'd rather have mobility issues due to her weight and she came back with exactly what you'd expect from a ~uwu body posi~ tumblrina; that being 'that's an ableist question'. Obvious, obvious scapegoat answer to deflect shame. She disgusts me immediately.
One bloke was quite affected by a Type II diabetes sufferer coming in to talk about having lost his leg, but the three body positive morons who fled the room were talking about how the don't want the man to go on a diet.
The quote about body positivity being seen as a cult is absolutely right. Imagine not wanting someone to better their life?
Definitely a recommend to watch if you can control your rational rage. Buckwild.

No. 887325

Okay, sorry for samefagging and mild raging, but I'm onto the second episode and this tumblr-grade thundercunt is now inciting drama drama within the house by spreading gossip and taking a private conversation out of context.

No. 887369

File: 1572613610712.jpg (72.29 KB, 1074x1245, 6bcde4d.jpg)

I'm about 15 minutes into the first episode and I already want to strangle her.

No. 887420

>says three words
Jesus Christ.

No. 887500

Here's a link to the first episode of "Who Are You Calling Fat?" for those who are interested in watching it.


No. 887569

The tumblr blonde is insufferable, really wanted to see this but had to turn it off cause she was too embarrassing. Then just that she's targeting Babs with her weird instagram cult shit when Babs seems like a sweet insecure lady who kind of acknowledges that glorifying obesity sets a bad example.

No. 887604

Ah, yes, science has no place in body positivity. Strokes, Pulmonary embolisms, CVAs caused by blood clots, infertility, cholecystitis, liver failure etc etc is not relevant when it comes to positivity about one's body. It's not about loving oneself and body, but about laziness, let's be honest.

No. 887647

When you're so fucking fat that you can't say a full sentence without needing to stop to catch your breath, it might be time to consider that you might be making the wrong choices.

No. 887686

The UK has the best fat people shows lmao

No. 887695

I actually like Loey, I really wish she would lose some weight though

No. 889387

File: 1572981371335.png (650.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191105-201035.png)

No. 889388

File: 1572981540771.png (242.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191105-201045.png)

The mental gymnastics it takes to be this retarded

No. 889456

to get this triggered over people saying they've cut out sugar in their diets you HAVE to be retarded

No. 889464

does this bitch even have friends

No. 889475

I can’t imagine her having skinny friends, she’d be demonizing them so hard

No. 889543

I'm reminded of how Amberlynn, well-off (and probably by now 600lb) Youtuber only eats canned green beans. When she recently cooked and tried a mal with fresh green beans, she couldn't deal. Capitalism though amirite? Sonalee is toxic as hell.

No. 889566

File: 1573010685444.jpg (318.05 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20191106-052159_Ins…)

Holy shit is she ever. Like OK, fine, no weightloss doesn't CURE cancer or infertility, but it helps PREVENT or REDUCE risk of cancer. Also obese women run higher risk of fertility issues and overall have riskier pregnancies. This shit just makes me mad.

No. 889586

I can see why, because any comment like that reminds a deathfat that they can control their diet and improve their health if they were willing to try at all. Must make you feel pretty guilty and pathetic if even skinny people are putting in effort they never would.

Losing weight won't cure athletic talent, tf?

No. 889596

>weight loss won't cure clothes that don't fit


No. 889598

File: 1573017367567.jpg (566.22 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20191106-053129_Ins…)

What does this retarded word salad even mean?

No. 889637

I swear to God how is it racist? Majority of the milkiest infinifats are…. pasty as fuck LMAO

No. 889640

File: 1573024598354.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1067x1998, Screenshot_20191106-010942(1).…)

I can't fucking handle this, he's just leaning to the right and keeping his leg stiff.
He wrote a novel just to complain about being in denial his body "broke" twice because he was fat and didn't work on getting healthier lmao.
>at 13 I stopped growing upwards and only grew outwards
It's called eating healthier holy shit

No. 889646

Ah, yes. It's the racism making them fat now.

No. 889687

I don't get it. What "broke"? Is he talking about the usual issues fat people go through + he can't bend his knee? lmao

No. 889693

I'm thinking spinal issues from being so chunky as a kid

No. 889694


Report this - it's disgusting and against the instagram TOS

No. 889696

File: 1573036522990.jpg (484.96 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20191106-103509_Ins…)

lol at fat studies and the bitch thinking b/p is just a normal thing he does

No. 889724

Nah, it's common for fat people to dislocate their knee caps. He was running around like the child he should have been and dislocated his knees. He got too fat because of "the food of his people".

No. 889748

5 foot 6 is inhibited growth?

No. 889760

He was clearly destined to be 6'5", anon, but the racist transphobic doctors and white imperialists denied him his true height.

No. 889816


.. Avoiding sugar and processed food is an eating disorder, but b/p is healthy and you are a racist if you think there's something wrong with it

Imagine being so arrogant that you come up with the most bullshit excuses instead of admitting your faults and weaknesses and trying to better yourself. Darwin award to HAES when?

No. 890404

I thought I had a stroke when I saw "Interfility" - how hard is it to spellcheck a fucking picture before posting it?
Also, losing weight doesn't make you more athletically talented, but it's definitely easier to run a mile when you're not carrying 50+lbs of excess fat.

No. 890579

Holy shit he really thinks he stayed short because of surgery? I'm pretty sure he's Mexican, and the average Mexican male is 5'7". KEK a manlet actually fuming at the fact he's not taller and blaming the the medical field. If this man lost weight, he'd actually get shorter LMAO.

No. 891076

File: 1573321817903.png (286.34 KB, 930x598, g5z4vucw3jx31.png)

What kind of actual bullshit is this

No. 891141

File: 1573331665416.jpg (38.64 KB, 561x471, 1445160497659.jpg)

Why is being fat this fucking complicated to these people? How much time and effort do they take finding ways of taking just carrying extra weight on your body and turning it into racism, transphobia, misogyny, and social politics?

I worked with a woman who was definitely a bigger girl, not obese but big, who said 'I'd rather be fat and happy and eat cake than thin and miserable.' I fucking hate everything about what she said because it's retarded to think for a second that fat people are happy with themselves, that the cake isn't a temporary way of feeling good for like five minutes while you eat it, and that if a genie could grant a wish to have a perfect, thin, healthy body without having to put in any effort, work, or commitment, that they wouldn't take it without hesitation. Thin people probably don't think about their weight nonstop like you and desperately try to convince themselves that they're actually happy, or are really proud of themselves for keeping themselves thin when there is so much unhealthy, cheap, convenient food around us.

I hate everything that she said but at least it was simple, that her gluttony is actually her being free and happy, not that her being fat is actually some incredible social statement and she's sooo brave and fighting society for women everywhere.

The idea that being thin is only considered sexy because it's some submission thing that men get off to is insane because I don't think I've ever seen something as degrading and humiliating as feeder fetish porn where sloppy chicks burp up a liter of soda and have food funneled into their mouths like a fucking pig.

No. 891228

File: 1573344415144.jpg (146.05 KB, 927x547, sierra.jpg)

I don't know how anyone can stand to watch Sierra, I find her insufferable. Her voice is annoyingly high pitched, the way she talks is annoying, everything about her is just annoying to me.

Also in this video she says that the magazine with the very fit woman on the cover is "body shaming". It just says stuff about building muscle/losing weight. Idk how that's even body shaming but okay. It's not like "lose weight you fucking fatass" or something like that. I'm getting a lot of insecurity vibes from her.

She also says she's really into fitness…. sure Jan.

No. 892203

File: 1573538525468.png (1.38 MB, 1261x1596, sierra_obese.png)

Her latest video was very cringe. I found some of her past video topics interesting, a lot were similar to Safiya like "buying stuff from wish" and other fashion/beauty fun stuff. But I always felt so off put by the way she spoke, like she was overly fake and just super annoying. Glad I'm not the only one.

I know she's not deathfat like this thread is intended for, but she's definitely reaching obesity at this point. These photos are from her latest "body positive" video.

Is she still claiming to be size 12 and "mid sized" cause this is definitely not size 12 or mid sized…

No. 892216

File: 1573539815576.jpg (324.7 KB, 480x720, lizzie-4.jpg)

She has admitted she's a 14 in the last few months but I'm pretty sure she's still claiming to be midsize, whatever that means. There's straight size and plus, I'm pretty sure the term "midsize" isn't even a thing.

Honestly she looks way bigger than a 14 to me. Pic related is a size 14 model. I guess Sierra is an apple so maybe that's why?

No. 892227

File: 1573542618054.jpg (50.59 KB, 609x594, Screenshot_20191112-174903_You…)

Agreed. I thought maybe it's because she's short, but she does collabs with Lisbug fairly regularly where they try on clothes and she absolutely towers over her in every video. Lisa is 5'5" and Sierra is half a head taller, so maybe 5'8"?

No. 892272

I don’t understand why people measure themself with clothing size. Every clothing brand has it’s own size chart. Maybe she is buying from brand with bigger sizing to feel smaller.

No. 892356

Because it feeds into the delusion that they're still a healthy size. If you don't fit into one shop's 14, keep wandering around until you find vanity sizing to suit your body, and boom, you're a size 14! Maybe even a 12 if you decide that if it zips it fits!

No. 892451

She'd still be a 12 if she was like 5/5'1

No. 892921

So Tess Holliday walked the runway at NY fashion week. I feel out of breath just watching her walk…

No. 893006

she could feed botswana with her upper arms

I think they're as big around as my thighs but HAES right? And I'm not anachan I def have a gut

No. 893016

I forgot Tess existed but I love the extremely flattering thumbnail they picked.

No. 893021

Her face is finally catching up with her body. The thing with her was that she used to have a relatively skinny and relatively classically beautiful face, so even if her body was grotesque her face was still palatable to the general public. It was inevitable it was going to get fat if she kept going.

No. 893022

i haven't seen her in a few years–has she really gotten that fat?

No. 893025

File: 1573681367175.png (492.45 KB, 1192x1060, Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 4.42…)

samefag but looking for pictures, i found this really funny headline under one… do we know for sure it was her weight? no–but do we assume it is? absolutely.

No. 893038

File: 1573682337701.jpg (380.38 KB, 970x1500, instyle-and-warner-bros-golden…)

I just don't understand how anyone can be comfortable in a body this big. Does eating everything you want make up for constantly being in pain and struggling with even the smallest things?

No. 893061

What else can she do? She's eaten herself into a corner at this point. She has built her entire brand and livelihood on the idea that being fat is a good thing. If she loses weight, not only will she lose her only gimmick, she will also be admitting that obesity is, in fact, bad. And there is nothing that HAEStards hate more than when a fat person loses weight.

No. 893068

This thumbnail is hilarious.
Seriously, I thought Tess lost weight, or maybe it was a different model.

No. 893075

File: 1573685491498.jpg (84.38 KB, 683x1024, Tess-Holliday-Chromat-Show-NYF…)

Her arms are beyond horrifying. She's deformed.

No. 893083

She's really huge compared to even just a year ago, and all the definition her face had left is really gone. Holy shit.

No. 893084

She's really huge compared to even just a year ago, and all the definition her face had left is really gone. Holy shit.

No. 893085

She's really huge compared to even just a year ago, and all the definition her face had left is really gone. Holy shit.

No. 893086

She's really huge compared to even just a year ago, and all the definition her face had left is really gone. Holy shit.

No. 893087

That is uh…some interesting fat distribution. Can't really tell with the dress but it almost looks like her arms are bigger than her thighs.

No. 893328

File: 1573708174565.png (732.24 KB, 634x670, tess_holliday.png)

Kek she definitely had a jaw line at some point but it's been gone for years. Technically if she wanted to keep her "fat brand" or whatever you want to call it, couldn't she have even tried to maintain? Why am I even asking, whales don't understand self control at all.

No. 893330

File: 1573709317778.jpeg (74.81 KB, 800x430, DCFC0CAB-037F-4EA0-BD75-111B81…)

No. 893336

File: 1573711988554.gif (1.05 MB, 480x360, PotableSoupyIbadanmalimbe-size…)

Pfffpt the center shot reminds me of pic related. Why do people think playing with their tits like that looks sexy?

No. 893342

I'm surprised the tattoos don't look more distorted, I don't really know how they work but they definitely look fresher. She probably touches them up every few months.

No. 893344

File: 1573715229080.jpg (110.86 KB, 634x807, 5897234-6364513-image-m-10_154…)

They obviously aren't, but it's really bizarre how fat just her upper arms are.

No. 893346

She looks like she’s wearing a fatsuit.

No. 893348

She looks like a new species. Her arms don't look like arms.
Her food addiction is out of control but HAES forbids intentional weight management and encourages addicts to balloon until it cripples them. Obesity doesn't only lead you to an early grave, it also adds 10-15 extra years of sickness to your life before your early death, and it's no wonder when this is what many cases look like. Oops, I mean yas queen, slay.

No. 893353

Genuine question, how in the hell does she manage to find clothes in her size

No. 893375

There's a lot of plus brands now and most of them go up to 5x or whatever the fuck she wears now.

No. 893379

She only has those tattoos to hide her disgusting stretchmarks. Yes, fat people have stretchmarks on arms as well as stomach and legs.

No. 893380

Plenty of nonfat people do as well, it can happen from muscle and even just a growth spurt

No. 893408

I'm 120 lbs and have stretch marks on my legs and ass, what's your point?

No. 893431

HAES but tattos a normal sized woman on her leg.

No. 893559

Stretch marks can be caused by things like growth spurs- like during puberty. I think it's not only because of size. (Had them on chest during puberty and I have AA-AAA) Probably also depends on one's skin elasticity.

No. 896215

>copyright Snorlax

No. 896981

Michelle McDaniel addressing Sierra's weight gain story.

No. 897002

If she's so torn up about not being able to conceive she should be working her ass off to lose weight. Some people with PCOS are never able to conceive even when they lose weight, but your chances go up exponentially if you do. Also, yknow, not getting diabetes/fatty liver is a plus too.

No. 897592

Oh yeah, I saw Sierra's new video. I almost posted it here, but since she's not really an infinifat I didn't know if anyone would care. But anyway something that no one seems to mention (and something I thought Michelle would mention) is that while having PCOS can make it difficult to lose weight, being obese and having a bad diet can give you PCOS.

No. 898116

>>but since she's not really an infinifat I didn't know if anyone would care
I feel like a "fat positive" people thread would be great. This is for infinifats but some of the people in the fat positive movement aren't at that level yet but are still milky. What do other anons think?

No. 898546

I think I general HAES thread would be good cos it'll cover the deathfats, other fats and the weird ass non fats that white knight and virtue signal for them.

No. 898731

I agree with the other anon, there would be too much overlap for deathfats and fat positive to be two different threads. Instead the next thread could include HAES/fat positive/deathfat general.

No. 899082

In this video Virgie Tovar complains that "body positivity" has eclipsed fat activism…

No. 899185

HAES stuff fits in pretty well with this thread, infinifats are just the far end of this shit anyway so it could probably fit in here fine.

No. 899356

What the fuck is fat activism.

Most HAESers wind up becoming deathfats eventually.

No. 899610

She looks like she’s in her 50’s and she’s 37 lmao obesity is a helluva drug

No. 900210

File: 1575235572192.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1080x930, 123.png)

It's #infinfirst on Instagram, so @fatlippodcast is showcasing herself in complete nudity to honor it. Whether it's to attract feeders or because she's literally outgrown all of her clothes, we can't say for sure.

No. 900224

Like i can understand being 20 pounds overweight…heck i can understand even being 100 pounds overweight.

No. 900229

Mental illness.

No. 900231

She is literally 4 asscheeks and a head

No. 900241

that dust or crusty skin on her asscheeks…

looks like an opening scene for my600lb life and someone's about to come in and give her sponge bath.

No. 900509

Her skin is so dirty. Does she not have someone to wash her if she can't reach around and wash herself. Fucking disgusting

No. 900522

More like my 1200lb life.

No. 900532

Honestly (often undiagnosed) mental illness. People will freak the fuck out on you if you become even close to underweight but when you're 300lbs+ everyone will walk an eggshells and not even address it. They are both dangerous and both need medical intervention. But now even some "doctors" are preaching HAES so this will just continue until they all start dying in their midlife.

If more people realised food addiction is a mental illness and actually needs help then there would be less of this trying to make it into a social justice movement bullshit.

No. 900614

File: 1575310837437.png (Spoiler Image, 783.26 KB, 1122x699, Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 19.2…)

http://ash.bigcuties.com shes a fat/feeding fetish model, so take that with what you will

No. 900638

File: 1575316161903.png (55.41 KB, 314x357, Screenshot_10.png)

I know threadpic irl! I've known Lilly since middle school. She's always been pretty lulzy. She has a band called Deathgender, is in a polygamous relationship (that I recall), identifies as nonbinary and is obsessed with people being fatphobic in any capacity. Basically, if you call her fat, you're a jealous hater. If you point out how it's unhealthy for someone to have that much fat on their body, you're just mad.

Pic related, she made merch because someone called her fat. She took screenshots and it went "viral". Then she wouldn't stop posting about it for a while on Facebook.

No. 900664

tinfoil: she's had lipo a few times secretly and when she inevitably gains new weight afterwards, it goes to a new place: her arms

No. 901030

>Got EDDF kicked off instagram
Dude that sucks. Alan is fucking based.

No. 901119

She gains weight in such an unfortunate way, like an extremely obese apple body type.

No. 901237

Jesus Christ his fucking floor is disgusting. Not that I would expect him to clean that when by the looks of it he can't be bothered to clean his hair.

No. 902433

File: 1575624956705.png (499.83 KB, 720x1145, Screenshot_2019-12-06-00-32-12…)

Fatgirlflow advertising a 'fat mattress' that fixes all her sleep problems that are probably caused by her obesity. You know, instead of just losing some weight

No. 902451

The fucking CPAP machine…… yeah, the issue was totally her old mattress.

No. 902488

Fucking hell, I can't believe how casually she mentions sleep apnea and poses in a CPAP mask. These people are literally destroying their lives, for what?? Istg this wouldn't be such a widespread thing without social media, they would just be fat recluses with no one to give them asspats and compliments.

No. 902490

File: 1575644822542.jpg (728.18 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191206-170052_Ins…)

Sorry for samefag but I just looked at her "Healthcare" instagram story and boy does the dramaqueen resort to histrionics. Some doctor did some epic fatshaming and fatty lost her mind. The whole thing is pretty hilarious, this was my fave part, her sooper serious anorexic past means she can't even count a single calorie or she'll drop dead.

No. 902528

She could stop eating for a few weeks and sustain herself off her blubber alone. Maybe even months.

That’s horrible but at least she shows it and doesn’t hide the fact that she needs an oxygen machine just to sleep. If more fat influencers did this, maybe it will turn others off from body positivity.

No. 902627

She said if she counted her daily caloric intake, she'd die. Incredible. If anything though I think her Dr only sat her down and explained that having such a large overhang of fat around your stomach will cause serious issues. She's in her 30s now and her 40s and 50s will be 100x worse for her. She doesn't care how long she'll live but her quality of life will be poor that's not what she's understanding. I don't believe in anything else she said about her Dr. It's just her imagination trying to paint her as a victim.

If tess holliday dropped dead right now, I doubt FAs would care and just rage against the fat phobic healthcare system for not treating fat people right

No. 902802


…. she has a "healthcare" instagram? what does she even post there?

No. 902887

No, it's a story archive on her Instagram.

No. 903649

I just accidentally came across this video of whitney thore belly dancing and ahhh my eyes…

No. 903965


>Mom: That was not a pretty sight.

No. 904437

I'm fully encouraging of letting fat people dance and have fun moving their bodies, it's good exercise for anyone, but that was just obnoxious. Especially in front of her parents, what even… why.

No. 904541

Whitney needs to get her act together and lose weight. She's honestly got the makings of a quite talented dancer but her weight holds her back at least as much as her obnoxious attitude does and she knows it.
She actually tried to lose weight at one point but her fitness coach fired her because he found evidence that she wasn't trying at all (her car was littered with food wrappers). No idea if she's done more than that one coach or what as I'm not a watcher of the show but I'm guessing all her diets have been her cheating and lying while crying that she wishes she were thin

No. 904589

File: 1576104359548.jpeg (500.51 KB, 2048x2048, D27BF345-6D49-41A0-BB08-F7FE15…)

ErikaLipps on Instagram has gone from cute chunky girl to full on belly fetish model in less than 2 years. It’s too bad, she’s pretty but clearly catering to an audience that is turning her into a blob.

No. 906980

File: 1576666776640.png (8.23 MB, 2963x2285, muh ed.png)

luhshawnay popped up on my explore page so i tapped on her profile to see what she'd been up to. saw this recent post of her being bitter and throwing herself a pity party per usual despite her comment section always being full of asspats for no reason. fucking kek at
>overcame an eating disorder

No. 906984

File: 1576668282903.png (145.18 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2019-12-08-14-58-36…)

Love how she just says false and doesn't try to refute it.

No. 907026

File: 1576679903211.png (354.12 KB, 580x433, frompull.png)


You say "cute" but she had a huge history of photo shopping the shit out of herself, was also the type to claim to be ~*Body positive*~ while also slimming herself down massively through ps

No. 907052

File: 1576685499553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1920x2560, ew.jpg)

I fucking love this cow, what a blast from the past. Her face shoop has got more consistent tho, but her body is a fucking wreck.

No. 907749

File: 1576815046381.png (666.1 KB, 586x585, Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 04.0…)

most of this girl's posts are "ads" so companies are sending her free shit and encouraging her to stay fat so she can "model" their disposable fashion. she's not just a fat chick she's an 'influencer' lol

she also has a massive wheelchair to accommodate her bulk, i've worked with wheelchair users includin electric ones and this is a bariatric chair. it's so dumb coz the worst thing you can do for joint problems is stay this overweight

No. 911246


It’s actually sad because thinness is protective at least where I live. Really thin women I know never get sexually harassed by losers on the street, only respectfully complimented like having men open door for them.

No. 911270

What the fuck anon
You sound like a pro ana blogger who has some fantasies about how everyone will treat you like a princess when you lose weight.

Thin women get harassed too

No. 911297

Found the fatty.

No. 911317

You know what's sad, the fact that I am not surprised that this obese capitalist hell-hole would have such a product on the market.
It's so bad that people fail to cringe internally. How can one be that fat, be aware they are that fat, willingly humiliate themselves, then cry that people are laughing at them / looking at them in disgust.
I just love how her mom doesn't give a fuck.

No. 911423

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned already, but TLC is back at it with this new tv show about "mixed weight relationships" which translates as infinifats and their "totally not feeder-fetish" boyfriends. This is the shortest youtube clip I could find that has the whole trailer, if you just skip through this insufferable guys' rambling. Looks like some pretty lulzy content.

No. 911434

It’s on Hulu, I’ve been watching it a bit. So far every couple is a train wreck, I don’t feel bad for any of them except for maybe one of them. All the husbands /partners clearly are fetishists and they don’t want their partners losing any weight.

No. 912025

File: 1577800861805.jpg (46.01 KB, 780x438, hothea.jpg)

i started watching this on TLC. I'm half way through episode 2 and there's only 1 couple I kinda like. The block head/body woman I believe her husband likes fat girls but he obviously likes her fucking stash of cash more, Mr. 3 kids air-conditioning sales man lol. Also the fact he doesn't want her to lose weight… ALL her weight is in her torso and she already has type 2. He's looking to cash in on that life insurance and get himself a pretty face fat girl.

Couple in pic are a mess. He's so deep in his fetish it's like some AGP shit. He's fucking up relationships with his family so he can be with this immobile woman and get her to sit on him on national TV then declare it's totally not a fetish. Had to look away when he was waxing her legs and she couldn't even roll over for him to do the back.

No. 912030

So many men have fetishes for immobile and completely helpless women. Its a special kind of thrill for them to know that the woman is 100% dependent on them to the poinz where they can't even move. I once read this account from a woman who used to be with a dude like this and his fetish got so out of control that he told her that, for him, the perfect woman would be an amputee without arms or legs. That shits crazy as fuck and I do feel pretty bad for immobile or obese women who are involved with men like this.

No. 912105

There has to be a thrill in the shock it gives people, too. There has to be a part of him that likes that people don't understand why he's with her. I feel bad for his Mom because she had a gastric band and her concern was he would stop hiking etc as much if he married her and would become obese himself or her full time carer, which are valid concerns given this woman is easily 500lbs.

No. 912296

Mr. a/c salesman is sooooooo insecure it’s gross. I like his wife though. She’s funny and isn’t an idiot/ignorant about her weight issues and health. She wants to get healthy and have a baby and he’s freaking out and unsupportive about her even working out.
She’s crying and saying she wants to start and family and not die young and he’s throwing a fit because she’s going on a diet. Ugh.

No. 912373

"My fetish is more important than your health/happiness"

No. 913227

You should see the husbands on My 600lb life. The moment you hear a guy say "I'm into bigger girls" you know that girl is fucked. The guys either leave partway through (sometimes right after surgery) or totally sabotage their wife/gf over the course of their treatment. Hearing these women bargain with their lives saying "don't worry, I don't plan on becoming skinny" when they're over 600lbs and dying is infuriating and heartbreaking. I cannot stand the people who put their partners wellbeing below their own sexual interests

No. 913895

File: 1578219884142.png (4.53 MB, 828x1792, E0D65087-3E15-4BC5-81EA-5061C3…)

I thought I’d grace this feed with this being. I’m at a loss for words. Sadly no real milk, but her selfies are priceless.

No. 913901

File: 1578220940023.png (31.82 KB, 334x526, hbp.png)

Holy shit this caption is so cringe

No. 913907

>our bodies are (…) vast plush meadows
I want to die

No. 913927

>no real milk
accurate, i went and lurked her and she actually seems to have a pretty likeable personality. was hoping for another feebs. oh well

No. 913937


I know her, and she's actually really nice, sweet, and funny tbh, unlike all of the really nasty Phoebe tier women posted here

No. 913948

This is painful to read

No. 914060

File: 1578270015048.png (811.64 KB, 552x736, Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 00.1…)

Ophelia Brown (who you may remember from the Munchies threads) is now a genderless fat activist. I guess this is what refusing to walk does to you.

No. 914072

It's really fine to want to be desired sexually regardless of your physical appearance or flaws or whatever but I always wonder why not just drop the weight? Clearly they're not happy if they have to create these manifestos about how much they deserve to be loved. People don't want to be with you because you're miserable, not because you're fat.

No. 914085

Ophelia brown (AKA @bandaidknees (her old twittter handle) is pathetic. she’s definitely my favorite cow. I’ve watched her go from normal human to tubby “they”.

No. 914414

hi aj(hi cow)

No. 914534

File: 1578356455877.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20200106-182046(1).…)

Of course someone who calls themselves "your neighborhood dad" would selfpost KEK

No. 914535

her face is milk enough lol

No. 914771

I'm only one of those anons, and I'm not her, for fucks sake. The hI CoW in every thread these days is eye rollable

No. 914844

File: 1578424919818.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 3FBC0F61-6481-44AC-803E-993D44…)


In the absence of beloved Phoebe we clearly must do with this then

No. 914848

File: 1578424991438.png (4.45 MB, 828x1792, 7667DA2D-F4C0-4A17-B3B8-3BA78C…)


One more…man I wonder where that knee injury is from?! Probably running or cycling orrrrr

No. 914924

Forgive me for my ignorance anons, but is that much hair on your chin(s) normal?? I mean I get a few strays on my chin here and there, but what causes a light beard to grow?

No. 914935

i feel like the reason it looks so much hairier is because its not directly under your chin like a normal person. she doesnt have a chin to hider her hair under

No. 914939


It's most likely from hormone imbalance due to the extreme weight tbh, or the PCOS most of cows this size claim to have kek

No. 915070

we all know the knee injury is from holding her up.

No. 917362

File: 1578918851805.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 433400C4-764B-41EB-AFE3-208328…)

Fuck me…this is….yeah, I’m speechless.

Honestly curious: why take deliberately awful pics? To “protect” yourself from critique by getting in before them??

No. 917363


Samefag, but has she shaved? Gasp.

No. 917364

File: 1578919346697.jpeg (425.21 KB, 828x1615, 3D3403A2-A6C4-4096-9F0A-CE2EB4…)

I think the whole world is happy you didn’t buy that dress. Praise the lord.

No. 917372

File: 1578920904756.png (3.5 MB, 828x1792, E8BE8019-B762-4595-8AD9-EE296B…)

No. 917376

It's flattering tho

No. 917385

Not on her.

No. 917411

File: 1578929009475.jpg (598.18 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20200113-172321_Ins…)

She doesn't even look human, this looks like it was taken in a funhouse mirror

No. 917417

File: 1578929473714.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 2090F684-66D6-47E7-B6FC-470418…)

Just why

No. 917418

In short: yes.
"You can't make fun of me for how I look if _I_ beat you to it! Look at this unflattering photo _I_ voluntarily took and shared online!"

No. 917419


Anon needs her eyes checked ASAP

No. 917424

Was her Barcroft video ever posted? The thumbnail… his face says it all

No. 917461

File: 1578936129716.png (641.24 KB, 1230x636, wobbly.png)

What the fuck am I looking at
Even her voice sounds fat

No. 917463

I see so many super morbidly obese people with knees like that, are they literally buckling under all that weight??

No. 917468

File: 1578936915066.jpeg (68.01 KB, 605x550, 2E882199-3673-4BD5-92F3-62C435…)

yes. the angles of the bones literally change to accommodate the serious amount of extra force. one pound of weight equals more than one pound of force, so the more overweight you become the more knock kneed you’ll be.

No. 917497

Was the embedded video available to play when Anon posted it?? I see screen grabs but it seems to be private/unavailable rn.. I definitely remember it being playable before.

Is it possible aj is lurking and got the vid removed?

Sage for tinfoil(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 917498

I posted it and yeah it still works for me, Idk

No. 917501

It works for me

No. 917506


Anon from before! I looked up the YouTube video in a different window and it's still unplayable. It's probably just been banned in my country. My mistake.

No. 917641

Owww looks painful

No. 918148

File: 1579028096146.jpeg (84.46 KB, 492x960, infinifat.jpeg)

Fat, spiteful cunt

No. 918159


what a disgusting cow

No. 918160

Imagine being this much of an asshole and then posting this like you’re the good guy and having people rally around you. This is so sad. He even accommodated her by leaving it at the front desk and she still rips into him and calls him ableist.

No. 918229

She could have gotten her own damn foodif she wasn't so fucking disgustingly fat to begin with
What a waste of space and oxygen

No. 918233

Wow what an oppressed victim. Living in an era where she is entitled enough to have take out delivered at 40% markup by a guy who earns less than minimum wage. Who could potentially lose his job for not obeying your commands for $6 payout on your $46 McDonald's order he wasted a gallon of gas to pick up for your lazy ass. Learn to cook, fuck.

No. 918240

Her "What I Eat In A Day" video is really something

No. 918246

'Whole milk hurts my stomach' 60g of sugar for breakfast, with no nutrients. Go on then

No. 918261

Lol, some "disabled" dethfats I follow even think her behavior was entitled and gave the rest of them a bad name.

No. 918296


I thnk she's trying to be Lizzo, who publicly called for her delivery driver to be fired after she "ate my food" when she couldn't find the hotel, and no one picked up the phone with the number provided. Another fat bitch shitting on people with precarious jobs.

No. 918320

apparently the understandable backlash to C&S trying to get some gig economy slave fired is not just ableist but racist too. of course.


No. 918334

I did the math and her breakfast alone is just shy of 1k calories. She eats over 3k calories just in one day alone, and this is what she is showing you. Someone her age and gender SHOULD be eating around 1200-1600 at the high end. She eats more than double what she should be intaking and then has the gaul to say she doesnt over eat. You do. You eat fat and sugar ALL DAY

No. 918335

Really does a lot to enforce the "sterotype" of fat people being selfish and greedy.

No. 918340

This land whale can't even eat carrots without them being coated in sugar. No wonder you're that size.

No. 918344

Aren't you lowballing it just a bit there?

No. 918345

1200, 1600? Where did you get such low numbers at the "high end"? At least in the US, the average woman is 5'4" and 168 pounds. A TDEE for a completely sedentary woman at, say, 35 years old(no idea how old the lady in the video is) is around 1750 calories. Light exercise 1-2 days a week and/or a job that requires some walking around bumps it up to 2,000ish.

3k calories is obviously ridiculous, but to be honest she could probably eat 2k daily and lose weight steadily until that becomes her maintenance, and then go down a little from there.

No. 918359

That's literally what sedentary means though. As in, you sit around all day. Like an office job at the most. The basic metabolic rate for the average woman above (absolutely no activity I.e. like in a coma or laying in bed 24/7) is still 1450. Moderate to heavy exercise like you describe would have a TDEE of 2300-2500 calories.

Granted, the shorter, lighter, and less active a person is the lower their TDEE. But 1200 maintenance is incredibly low unless they're under 100 lbs.

No. 918360

Replying to >>918351 my bad.

No. 918370

i like how that anon said you need to select couch potato even if you do some regular workouts but didn't explain why. i see 1200 cals floating around once in a while on this site. is it just anas finding the lowest possible amount cited that it's safe to eat without taking into account exercise, metabolism, or height?

No. 918373

They deleted the post about selecting couch potato. Obviously every individual is different but TDEE and BMI is pretty easy to calculate. It sounds like they're pulling 1200 out of their butt because it sounds low.

Speaking of BMI, anytime I see a post about it on social media it's swarmed by women claiming how it is always inaccurate or they are somehow an exception to the rule (as opposed to real outliers like perhaps serious bodybuilders, etc.).

No. 918379

oh god yeah people have no sense of nuance when it comes to BMI. On one side you get anas striving to get the exact BMI they want and then you have people acting like it's 100% worthless because it doesn't take into account muscle or body fat percentage. Like ffs just take it for what it is, an estimation based on two factors. It's less accurate than a body fat percentage but it takes a lot less time to calculate, and it's more informative than weight alone, which is why it can be useful to take into consideration WITH other measuring tools including your fucking eyeballs.

No. 918452

File: 1579079222434.png (68.29 KB, 620x524, Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 9.06.…)

to be protected from what? from evil wageslave delivery drivers who wont bend to your command for a meagre $6. i need a fucking break from radlibs/fat people larping as disabled

No. 918485

Gotta jump on the trains, queer, "womxn" train for those sweet internet validation points as usual

No. 918621


There’s so much wrong with this but am I becoming old and soft bc she actually seems…nice?! I even felt bad for her at the end when she said she wanted to lose some weight in the future. Despite her insisting she was happy the way she is I can’t help but feel like she’s really sad and hopeless.

No. 918643

She is nice. Especially when compared to the behaviour just a few posts above. Speaking of the barcroft docs, there was also that lady who opened the salon catered to obese women? I can't find it rn but that made me sad too bc she seemed nice even though she literally couldn't stand

No. 918659

not a very good example considering the average american woman has a BMI of 28, and 30 and up is obese.
to maintain 120 lbs at 5'4 is 1500 cal if you're sedentary. eating 1200 to lose weight isn't dangerous as long as the macros and micros are met

No. 918792

This. If you're on the shorter end, like I am 1200 is perfectly acceptable. Blogpost but I eat 1400 and am active and and weight 115lbs and maintain that weight on that amount of calories. The cope of secret fatties on here is real.(Ana blog)

No. 918866

Thanks for the input, ana-chan.

No. 918867

They aren't wrong

No. 918878

What the fuck is a womxn?

No. 918879

File: 1579148155937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 353.55 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20200115_231255.jpg)

At this point I don't know whose super close up selfies are worse: AJ's or Phoebe's.

No. 918880

This woman's face makes me want to vomit. This isn't milk, it's just gross at this point.

No. 918881

I mean they look identical. Also makes me wanna vomit it’s so gross.

No. 919141


samefagging but yep, looks like a lot of people here are fatties. I'm 5'5 and ate 1000 calories to lose weight, then moved up to around 1,600 to maintain my weight at 130 lbs.(nobody cares)

No. 919166

File: 1579199286695.jpeg (13.24 KB, 195x144, 8AA320D0-2E7E-4F19-A473-67D480…)

Ew she looks like fat bastard

No. 919202

Can we not sperg about how many calories you eat everyday and instead focus on actual cows?

No. 919657

Thing is he might actually lose his job, he’s possibly even an immigrant trying to support a family like a lot of people that do that, and she so callously tells him “get another gig” as if it’s the easiest thing in the world? I mean if they could just see the bitch they’d understand, but she manipulatively only says “disabled” not “too fat to walk”
Heart attack when

No. 919760

Fatgirlflow listing off the reasons why she isn't dieting this year.

She says "diets don't work" and that she has seen countless nutritionists who could never help her lose weight. And one of her reasons is that "fake sugar tastes worse than real sugar".

Then EveryDamnDayFitness made a disappointing a response to this video where he just went on a tangent about how obesity kills you (wow no shit) and only addressed one of the points she made.

No. 919766

She has a story on her ig of her sobbing about her doctor visit and her doctor telling her she won't live long because "if she counted calories she'll die"

No. 919772

I remember that. She also said she would rather die early and be fat than live long and have to diet.

No. 920040

Okay but like. That's not anachan. Like at all. 3k calories is a LOT to be consuming.

her TDEE is likely around 2,300 given her size, age and gender. To lose weight she'd need to eat below that, and to just not gain anymore, she'd have to only eat that much.

If she eats more than 3k a day (which is likely) then she' going to gain at a huge rate

No. 920075


Jesus fucking christ shut up about calories no one gives a fuck.

We know a behemoth like that gotta be eating a fuckton. Everyone knows.

Number don’t fucking matter.

No. 920082

Idk if this has been mentioned but if you think about it, it must be such a luxury to be this fat.

Imagine how much these fat bitches are paying for food to maintain such an absurd weight. I pay maybe £100-£150 a month for food. These women are like, 2-4 times my weight, that's about £500 on food per month, probably more than their housing beenfit/section 8.

I wish the state would stop doling out these retards and just let them starve. They could probably survive months with no food with this much fat

No. 920160

Sorry to burst your bubble but im a fatty myself not as big as these women but large and I live on $200 a month horrible fatty food is super cheap and with no excercise its super easy to maintain a large size on that

Sage for useless fatty knowledge

No. 920167

Maybe the US but in my country it's way way more expensive to eat unhealthy or junk food. I think the fact of the matter is you're either too lazy or can't cook or both.

No. 920181

In the US literally almost all foods aside from fresh produce/meat have added sugar in them to make them addictive, even ones that are marketed as "healthy"

(Sorry for derailing)

No. 920591

No. 920660

The US food and health industry just hates Americans as much as they hate themselves

Americans get fast food because it's cheap and fast, most Americans are busy and have little time and energy to meal prep, or work jobs that don't allow them to have premade food, because of the economy most Americans have to work two or more jobs and also go to school or do something else on the side. Nothing would be wrong with fast food if it was regulated better but they'll just overfill everything with unnecessary amounts of grease, hormones, salt and sugar

Put that on top of regulating car usage everywhere and less urbanization, and fat acceptance/fat fetishising, no time to work out, and the thing about "comfort food" in America. I also believe a lot of yoyo dieting like keto and vegan keeps the obese obese because it's hard to commit too and it makes people just give up out of frustration and binge

No. 920690

Serious question from a European:

Does this mean that an effective "cure" for deathfats would be just simply moving to another continent? Where we have less of those bad food additives?

And I don't mean making them magically thin, but would it at least help them not be so insanely dangerous-for-life fat, but "normal" fat at worst?

No. 920718


I think it would help, to an extent. Just giving them sidewalks and closer farmer's markets/quality grocery shops on top of cheaper healthcare could do wonders for them. Of course, there are mega fatties in every country and continent, but I still think it would help them.

(The fact that in so many cities in america you need a car to move around because there are not enough sidewalks is horrifiying to me btw to walk around is such a basic human activity )

No. 920810

my friend went to USA for a month and she gained weight there, but when she came back home she lost it all. i don't know if she was just eating more there or why she gained but that's what happened.

No. 921101

One thing a few overseas friends have mentioned to me is that portion sizes here are HUGE. Like twice as much as other countries. That definitely has a lot to do with it.

No. 921339

File: 1579625659856.jpg (44.95 KB, 960x545, https___blogs-images.forbes.co…)

most Americans do not work "two jobs or more", that's a bullshit stat. the multiple job holding rate hovers around five percent…

No. 921715

I'm afraid to click this, what is it?

No. 922269

chubby chaser and his gf

No. 923064

File: 1579846972956.jpeg (557.87 KB, 1125x1674, 6497E59D-672C-4172-8A6C-9B552F…)

I know she‘s not death fat yet, but it‘s gonna be soon.
Used to be friends until she leashed off at me for dieting. Says Body Positivity is just for fat folks and that I can not claim to be body positive while being at a healthy weight and/or dieting.

No. 923083

This is what happens when people get too comfortable in their echo chambers, they rather lose the relationships with the people around them than make any actual change in their own lives

No. 923209

What a dumb thing to say. Is choosing to put better, more high-quality food into your body not an aspect of body positivity?

No. 924479

does anyone remember that one girl who got super famous for her like… insanely huge thighs/hips (hyperthryoid i think?) i cant fucking remember her name but her posts sent me into fucking orbit

No. 924481

File: 1580113647154.jpg (111.82 KB, 1080x1080, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)


No. 924657

>i totally wanted to take a picture of how "dirty" my kid got the mirror, not of myself showing off

No. 924708

gahh. she looks like some kind of human/monster hybrid

No. 924818

looking at her now i almost feel bad for her. Her upper body looks almost normal then her lower is just. That.

She has like a million videos of her making her ass and thighs do waves or jiggle. its so… weird

No. 924836

I'm literally laughing
This is proof big doesn't always mean better, looks like she put on a diaper and ate nothing but curry and prunes
Who finds this attractive?

No. 924843

i'm guessing men who are so pornsick that they need extremes

No. 924985

what a fucking nasty karen to post a pic of themselves barking orders at a service person, thinking it makes the delivery driver look bad and not her. "i need you to do xyz" instead of, i don't know, /asking/ if they could please come upstairs. in fact if she had the courtesy to text ahead of time maybe the driver could've found parking in order to accommodate her. let me guess, she was in so much pain she could barely even lift her finger to place the order.

do you think she's taller when she sits?

No. 925047

> do you think she's taller when she sits?
Anon my sides are in orbit

There's no way her ankles don't snap under all the pressure. How is this even possible? I'm sure she sees this as a blessing. Can't sit in most chairs, probably can't wipe her ass properly, but thank goodness she'll get likes and asspats from body extremist weirdos.

No. 925602

File: 1580333506683.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x375, Cy98SxIWgAEzPgO.jpg)

No. 927451

she has lipedema, it's a chronic condition which basically means that her legs retain fat cells in such a way that they can't be gotten rid of through normal weight-loss methods like dieting and exercise. that's why the top half of her body looks normal, bc it usually only affects the legs. even though she's technically "overweight" she's not actually obese, and she probably won't have any auxiliary health problems as long as she stays active.

tbh I think she's pretty much making the best of it, considering there's no 100% effective treatment, she might as well make some money off it.

No. 928308

i feel super bad for her, i have lipedema as well and there's no real treatment other than lipo. once you control your weight as much as you can there's not much else you can do, and she's about as good as she is going to get

plus i've seen women who have it who got lipo, then just gained a bunch of weight in their face and arms instead. gross lol

No. 932307

Danielle ranting for 10 minutes about how brands only going up to 3x is not inclusive/body positive.

No. 932313

It makes me angry to see any fatties ranting to clothing companies (esp small businesses) about clothing sizes. Having 1x is normal for most places, but how big fo you want clothing to be?? it's a waste of both fabric and money.

No. 932323

Yeah and she also complains about being charged more money for bigger clothes at the end.

No. 932364

There used to be a Korean indie brand that had fatties complain about sizes (They already went up to 2xl). But the moment they made a batch of bigger sizes after getting complaints the fatties didn’t purchase anything anyway and made up more excuses to why they couldn’t buy so the brand lost a lot of money on trying to accommodate to those fat fucks.
These obese idiots aren’t “calling out” businesses, they just want something to complain about.

No. 932385

Better to just ask a bed sheet company to start making clothing than a clothing company to start making bed sheets.

No. 933141

File: 1581967058318.png (4.63 MB, 828x1792, F9AA2303-CB28-432D-A978-ABF114…)

Should you? Hell yeah.

No. 933177

File: 1581975732195.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 828x1792, 23E96BA5-7C59-4612-B61D-CA8CDC…)


No. 933191

File: 1581977945980.png (13.44 KB, 647x503, ClipartKey_92149.png)

Very ot but why did she flip the z's? they look s's

No. 933291

very few people can provoke such instant revulsion as this woman

No. 933497

File: 1582065415355.jpeg (851.61 KB, 1125x2202, 691F81DA-4FA4-4009-881E-4B5C70…)

Not sure if she belongs in the nymphet thread or not (is there an active one around btw?) but when fatties photoshop themselves and/or do special angles it looks worse than when skinnies do so, 'cause their heads will look even smaller than the fit/anachan girls.

No. 933501

Hahaha where did you fucking find that picture?? I'll reverse it no worries, but is THIS what she meant with suffering from dieting when she's in this picture just fat? She was so beautiful…Sad, what a waste!

No. 933561

this is a painfully obvious corset ontop of possibly shoop, how can anyone think this is real

No. 933790

What does "straight size" mean? Are they implying straight people can't be fat? Or they're "straight" because they don't have curves?

No. 933893


straight size means not plus sized

No. 935186

I know, I'm asking why it means that.

No. 935495

probably because you can get those sizes straight from any store and don't have to shop online at specialized fatty stores. it's seriously not that deep.

No. 935499

They refuse to acknowledge those normal sizes as "normal" because of deeply-rooted denial, so they came up with something else. And this is the same community that coined "infinifat", do not expect intuitive terms at all.

No. 935657

“Straight size” has been the clothing industry term in the US since the 20th century. The fat fandom didn’t make it up. Petite sizes (meaning under 5’4”), straight sizes, tall sizes, plus sizes, junior sizes are the industry categories. “Straight” here means “with no additions,” like in “whiskey, straight.”

No. 935792

Thank you.

I never said it was deep? it was just a question.

No. 942532

File: 1583617257723.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, 4D070785-27FA-433E-B584-9B1D44…)

Phoebe face twin incoming with an accessibility rant.

Can anyone explain to me why you claim to be truly truly truly happy with your “infinifat” body whilst admitting to struggle with the most basic hygiene? Can a person really be THAT delusional to think external forces are to blame here (the disabled toilets were too small uwu)? I…just can’t.


No. 942533

File: 1583617289875.png (1.26 MB, 828x1792, DE991FAD-E6E6-4329-AC44-9434C9…)


No. 942534

File: 1583617391377.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 956876D4-5564-41D7-B7F6-9A4A9E…)


No. 942536

File: 1583617533301.png (1.18 MB, 828x1792, FFFE45C2-A7B7-468B-8F99-19C4A4…)


No. 942537

File: 1583617657107.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, F6CE7766-05FC-4127-8174-12E01E…)


No. 942538

Jfc this is not okay. Neither the writing nor the entitled sentiment. I feel sick.

No. 942539

It’s truly revolting.

No. 942546

File: 1583619080058.png (4.76 MB, 828x1792, F51EE567-E081-4AB2-B76D-69B022…)

Oh and cherry on top: this is the slide right after the last one. I’m dying.

No. 942562

The cognitive dissonance. Maybe you could use the roomy disabled bathrooms, which are supposed to be able to fit a whole ass wheelchair AND a person, a little better if you cut down on the fucking fries and burgers. I don’t get how these people treat their bodies like absolute garbage and don’t connect the dots on why they feel and look that way too.

No. 942568

Christ the entitlement, things are close together at the disabled bathrooms for disabled people to reach.. Not for someone that big to fit. How tf is someone missing an arm or leg supposed to reach shit if it's all a mile apart??

No. 942572

File: 1583623988935.jpg (34.59 KB, 604x453, 19066_106510536031587_10000017…)

My god this big bitch looks exactly like DemoniusX

No. 942586

File: 1583627979512.jpg (609.06 KB, 1068x2119, Screenshot_20200308_003843.jpg)

Diet culture is similar to fascism.

Truly Incredible

No. 942589

File: 1583628085086.jpg (539.08 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20200308_003858.jpg)

Fat girl Flo being an utter cretin, I do not know how you can claim to be so happy in your body when you literally abuse it?
Her partner is even larger and looks as though they may become immobile soon, I have no idea how you could just sit around and say nothing as that happened?

No. 942739

>Obesity isn't an epidemic
So she's that delusional, huh?

No. 943237

File: 1583793932465.png (3.69 MB, 828x1792, 14E0F5D9-9B23-4F3B-BB70-7E527F…)

I can tell you’ve had a whole lotta muffins…

No. 943240

Why does she look like Christine Sydelko

No. 943270

I don’t follow this thread and I thought that’s who it was

No. 944594

Once fat starts to store in the face all fatasses start to look the same, the fat begins to cover their defining features which is why alot of babies look the same too

No. 948652

File: 1584911385596.jpeg (206.71 KB, 1024x1024, 36997850-6724-43E3-B667-4F5DA0…)

Ok I can’t bear this utter fucktard any longer. Rant ahead, I apologise in advance.

According to her she’s from Denmark and has lived in England for a year (because of her “husbean”. Yes, you read that correctly.) She “can’t work” due to mysterious disabilities that are never revealed (it’s morbid obesity, babe) and has now started fucking e-begging for her birthday.

Today she’s cursing the fact she’s living in the UK. A country in which she doesn’t have to lift a finger to maintain her 600lbs frame, receives free healthcare and has a personal husbean slave to do virtually all work for her. Go the fuck home, I beg you. And yes, I’m allowed to say that - I’m an extremely appreciative non-UK born person who is very aware of the privileges we enjoy here. And I pay my fucking taxes to keep cows like her alive.

No. 948698

Denmark also has free healthcare for all residents, it's not as if she's from some third world country. She'd be getting all the same privileges she has in the UK in Denmark but she'd still probably be bitching about it in the same way.

No. 950503

How do you guys think COVID is going to go over with any of these people?

No. 950518

File: 1585411515414.jpg (88.93 KB, 971x767, kxr7b656qnn41.jpg)

They are complaining that obesity is classed as a pre existing condition and that's fatphobic lmaooooooo

No. 950901

File: 1585500658458.png (4.27 MB, 828x1792, 977E2D67-4E66-4D91-B414-20415A…)

How does one sleep at night or even just lie down with that monster chin?

How odd that you never hear talk about sleep apnoea…it’s probably fatphobic.

No. 950906

That empty eyed vacant look on her face says it all. She wants all the ass pats for eating those delicious cookies.

No. 950924

So covid-19 is technically fatphobic then? What a world we live in.

No. 950949

She has little black hairs growing on her giant chin if you look closely…

No. 952368

File: 1585687195843.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, 752C61C5-5729-4D65-9524-89C900…)

Oh bless her heart, her husbean (shoot me) wasn’t an attentive enough slave and now she has to seriously get up and do some cleaning.
Please consider PayPaling her for this enormous effort.

No. 952507


She shits on her husband on her IG stories a lot. I don't get it. She hates living in the UK. She nitpicks her husband for like no reason, and she frequently posts that she doesn't like/can't sleep in the same bed with him. Why hasn't she divorced him and moved back to Denmark with her family already?

No. 952545

Because only a fetishist would put up with this giant fucking waste of matter. Her family is probably very happy without this whale.

No. 952952

File: 1585794830757.png (128.23 KB, 606x761, Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 21.0…)

this fucking hot take. i thought they didn't want obestiy/fat to be a disability and insisted they were all HAES.

No. 952996

HOLY SHIT she's MARRIED?! what the FUCK. give that man an award for having to stand looking at that face day in and out.

No. 953011

File: 1585811341339.jpeg (224.82 KB, 1020x1249, 24BFBBC6-05BF-4A92-8381-0671B4…)

how can anyone find this attractive

No. 953046

I feel like she's using words she doesn't understand.

Also if fat is as healthy as they claim, then why would a BMI number matter?

No. 953071

i looked at that account and now i wish i didnt because im filled with rage.
Bunch of fat privileged fucks with big houses and cars talking about how oppressed they are meanwhile there are people in this world struggling to pay their rent because their wage.
I only wish bad things on these priveleged fucks.
You know i know poor fat people and most of them are fat because they dont have the money for a healthier lifestyle and i sympathize with them and understand them…..but these privileged fucks who have everything have no excuse to be fat.

No. 953323

i havent seen fatgirlflows content in a long time…and what happened to her she got even more fat ans she looks sick.

No. 953611

She looks really ill, her face says it all.

No. 953700


but HAES y'all

No. 956623

File: 1586474114415.png (636.47 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200410-000434.png)


I guess France's chief epidemiologist is "fat phobic AF"

No. 956721

Danielle says she only goes out once a week now due to isolation and going to McDonald's makes her tear up…

No. 956824

Man, she is getting thicker and thicker…

No. 956852

I didn't realize til just now @thefatbombus is the same girl who was in a barcroft video that has now been taken down. I wonder why it was taken down.

No. 956853

fatgirlflow has sleep apnea and has complained about having to sleep with a cpap machine on her channel before.
She gets very strong periods of depression consistantly throughout the year.
She has chronic pains that doctors cannot explain.

But yea shes not gonna diet or loose weight because thats clearly not the cause of any of that

No. 956956

File: 1586560757078.jpg (138.78 KB, 1056x528, Pandemic Chippies.jpg)

>we got pandemic chips.
>we take a WHOLE WEEK to eat them

5 bags of chips, another giant bag of chips off camera, an empty cinnamon bun container, and two bags of chocolate eggs.

i wonder what the rest of her family looks like…

No. 957062

No. 957136


Yes, and intubation is the ultimate act of discrimination.

No. 957137

sometimes i wonder how many of these deathfats are mentally disabled.
Like look at that face that the face of someone with retardadtion.
Kind of feel sorry for death fats who are mentally retarded tbh.

No. 957160

I'm sure she has some type of developmental disability, given the fact her glasses are so thick and she has a lazy eye.

No. 957295

ive noticed that alot of people who have that mentally handicapped look also tend to be fat/obese.
I wonder if there is a pattern.

No. 957299

Well a lot of them have metabolic/genetic issues which makes them gain and retain weight, also lower IQ people don't understand nutrition/package labels on food. There's definitely several links.

No. 957339

File: 1586653242032.jpeg (340.79 KB, 1125x2042, 12AC9ED9-3CEC-4AF9-AB85-FB3F93…)

I wonder how many times she’s ordered from Denny’s like this. It make sense she looks the way she does. That peanut butter milkshake is ridiculous.

No. 958090

File: 1586796352078.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2530.PNG)

Lord help me.

No. 958091

File: 1586796398626.png (3.14 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2529.PNG)

Lord help me even harder.

No. 958093

That chin looks like a cyst that's about to pop

No. 958142

there is no face on earth i hate more than this bitches. i don't even know anything about her but holy shit, kill it with fire.

No. 960599

File: 1587148264545.png (4.43 MB, 828x1792, 3E66BFFC-35C5-42A6-B5F1-47AD5A…)

Well, how can a person sleep with that “chin” (for lack of a better word), at least without a BiPAP machine or similar?

Sorry for lack of milk, I miss Phoebe.

No. 960603

File: 1587149179534.jpeg (551.67 KB, 750x1156, 9AA30134-106C-443E-BB98-D37D89…)

I don’t understand.

I mean, in theory I understand kinks and not all attraction is the same but still…

I just cannot get my head round this. I feel sad thinking about this tub of lard.

I hate the phrase “take up space”, and the people who use it are like ten levels down from this. So this…it just…argh.

No. 960612


Same, anon. I’m always curious how these lard ladies found their boyfriends/husbands. I wish I knew details…like, it must be a fetish thing?!

No. 960620

wait, this is a woman??? what’s with her hairy chinny chin chin? holy fuck

No. 960634


If I took a guess it’s hormonal imbalance that’s quite typical at that weight. Prob PCOS, god only knows…why you’d not get rid of it is beyond me.

No. 960637

File: 1587153319856.png (3.84 MB, 828x1792, 63351189-8418-44E5-B8ED-00D11F…)

Yummy and healthy, and so lovingly presented. Fucking hell.

And is it really necessary to capture her fucking citalopram in that already awful display of shit? Needing brownie points for muh depreshun?

No. 960640

Obesity can easily cause hirsutism in women by fucking up the way the body produces estrogen.

No. 960646

Either there’s something massively wrong with him, it’s a fetish, he’s a true wk, or has some weird munchausen by proxy thing going on. In all cases, it’s fucked.

No. 960647

I read this thread with a fully depressed frown on my face. I swear this thread is the root cause of my frown lines.

No. 960788

I bet you a $100 bucks that room smells like a combination of ass and yeast.

No. 960836

It looks like she was literally eating this in pitch black darkness and had to turn flash on to get a picture.

No. 960934

As someone who was once 300 pounds, it's possible for someone to fall in love with the person and look beyond their bodies. Thankfully I am 130 now and have been for over a decade, but it is definitely possible to love someone despite appearances. Though it is definitely harder to get to that point because of superficial judgement.

No. 961152

Didn't you watch the barcroft video? They met on an online game and he didn't care that she's fat. At least that's according to them, who knows, maybe it's a fetish after all

No. 961267

Speaking if the barcroft vid, do you know why it got taken down?

No. 961648


It didn't, Barcroft TV rebranded I think

No. 961817

File: 1587326862210.jpg (154.78 KB, 750x1333, 1587198236815 (1).jpg)

I think Georgie deserves to be on this thread
(She is a fat girl with Munchhausen who fetishizes anorexia and pretends to be anorexic despite being obese and eating all the time)

No. 961834

Just felt really sad watching this. She is an articulate, intelligent human who clearly understands and is capable of talking about being morbidly obese. Her husband is pretty much the same. So why the fuck can’t they just admit she is not healthy at all, and actually just fucking massive and it’s nuts. Is it because they think it would take too much effort to get the weight off? By the time she’s done it they would have missed out on years? I mean…I could walk around with a bag of shit on my head and say it’s a thing, and get lots of other shit bag heads to do and say the same. But we’d still be idiots with bags of shit on our heads.

No. 961999

that's weird, I literally couldn't find it no matter what keywords I used. thanks.

No. 962076

>>960612 I wish there was more info about these two or like they had a youtube channel haha, i'm curious about them. Honestly it might not be a fetish thing, not to blog but when i first started dating my partner he must have been 350lbs and I didn't give a shit

No. 962143

When it’s a thin GIRL with a fat guy I don’t get fetish vibes, but I always get fetish vibes when it’s a thin GUY with a fat girl.

No. 962192

Same. Im pretty sure it's a safe bet.

No. 962205

File: 1587386691124.jpeg (32.23 KB, 420x414, 9C937A60-9B4E-4C45-A1A0-A1D155…)

man this really comes off as a grimace, rather than a happy smile. don’t worry mate she’ll go the way of chance very soon

No. 964046

If you watch shows like my 600 pound life, you almost never see a thin woman with an obese man. The wives and girlfriends are usually all fat too. But you see plenty of thin men with female land whales. I think it’s because most men will stick their dick in anything that moves (or barely moves, in some cases) whereas even fat or ugly women have options.

No. 966106

File: 1588025904221.png (1.84 MB, 1918x1306, anorexia.png)

>You can technically be anorexic while still being fat.
>I have atypical anorexia, a subclinical disordered eating behavior, which means I fast for days on end ― barely consuming anything, even water.
>I tend to do this as a knee-jerk reaction to stress, often with no conscious awareness that I am parched and starving until I feel faint on day three or four.
>Anorexia nervosa has a higher estimated mortality rate than the coronavirus. Gee, isn’t that “hilarious”?
>We need to #FlattentheCurve, instead of worrying about flattening our curves.

Of course there is absolutely no mention of the high mortality rates for obese people, which would logically be the real thing people "shouldn't" joke about.



No. 968001

File: 1588420105526.png (2.43 MB, 828x1792, 849066B3-B9CC-4784-B4B7-E3856B…)

Worship my morbid obesity whilst I casually contribute to the decline of my health even further by smoking.

No. 968014

What I don’t get about these whales is they expect to be worshipped and given space just because they ingested too much lard. How can they believe their own delusions?

No. 968023

File: 1588425846100.png (2.86 MB, 828x1792, 6DCE067C-F27C-4166-9F7F-50EFA1…)

Dear Lord Jesus…and this is with a filter.

No. 968043

How the fuck doesn't she just die in her sleep every night? She has to have some serious sleep apnea.

No. 968045

File: 1588429903618.png (3.56 MB, 828x1792, A9359C41-9A4B-4815-9EE0-35D665…)


Context is irrelevant, I just can’t get the fuck over that face.

No. 968046


This made me sad to watch; she seems intelligent and kind. I don’t get why her insta presence is so different (and even less why she’s not trying to lose at least some weight). I wish cow tipping was allowed, I’d like to ask her if she’s ever thought about psychological support. I do think she’s mentioned depression/anxiety before.

God this is depresssing

No. 968625

File: 1588548753785.jpeg (1.29 MB, 828x1102, AE11A0FF-6FC0-4F36-9C88-A6E37E…)

>Already fat before quarantine, die mad about it

No. 968649

I feel suffocated looking at this

No. 968660

File: 1588554695959.jpg (403.98 KB, 1376x1376, download.jpg)

Sea sload looking ass.

No. 968678

File: 1588559950151.jpg (3.77 MB, 3000x2000, cunt.jpg)

This one's practically a smallfat compared to some of the girls on here but she's committed so much to unhealthiness that she's got it tattooed on her stomach. Also displaying hormone imbalance body hair (PCOS gets worse the fatter you are). I think she's English, googling her gets you articles by her about body image and I think she's designed some clothes for fatties too.

No. 968717


Bethany Rutter: she’s turned being fat into a profession.

No. 968819

File: 1588608781301.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1125x1549, E2AF62D8-1657-446A-A749-FBC754…)

This woman talks so much about how her size doesn’t stop her from participating in life but it’s such a self delusion. She lives in my city and I see her around sometimes. I laughed when she posted about how her body is so capable, she does yoga and everything. She rarely makes an appearance at a restorative class and she spends most of it lying flat on her back on the mat, if we do any leg lifting the instructor has to come support her leg for her because she can’t keep it in the air by herself. I would feel a little bad for posting this because she’s nice, but it’s a superficial kindness. She’s pretentious and a snob even though she acts so down to earth. I haven’t talked to her because she only approaches you if you have some amount of local clout, but I overheard her telling someone she’s a “plus size fashion designer” too. Design where?

No. 968820

File: 1588608856092.jpeg (592.89 KB, 1125x1062, D1F84E81-45CB-4249-9944-D48BB8…)

The caption.

Sorry didn’t mean to spoiler the last one.

No. 968854

File: 1588613716815.jpeg (301.87 KB, 750x1150, 1E6BD588-3D57-4426-9FA1-000827…)

I’m sorry, but that’s not weight gain, that’s a human fatberg mutation.

No. 968999

What a hypocrite. If she feels that way she can fuck off about people wanting to lose weight to feel good about themselves.

No. 969199


it's a lucrative market at the moment

No. 969201

File: 1588648716367.jpg (102.6 KB, 1280x853, jesusjay.jpg)


also her girlfriend is a BEAST
(thou at least she has a job unlike Corissa)

No. 969565

File: 1588716426281.png (281.73 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_2020-05-05-14-06-35…)

This is what I get when I click the video. I wonder if its banned in my country or something

No. 969811

File: 1588768108701.png (3.32 MB, 828x1792, A2B9AA1D-2927-4B94-89EE-0080F9…)

No idea what the text is supposed to say, she didn’t manage to fit it in the pic….ha.

I have trouble breathing just looking at this.

No. 969812

File: 1588768205411.png (4.52 MB, 828x1792, D6AA3DDA-0CD4-4B45-96C6-D53D9F…)


No babe, ALWAYS. And it’s fucking abnormal and needs treatment. How can someone be so totally in denial?

No. 969827

It really irks me when I hear these people say "I turn to food because it gives me comfort/control/happiness" and stuff like that. There's such a disparity between people realising its a mental problem and actually then doing something about it. It feels like they wanna slap a binge eating disorder or mental health label on just so they have an excuse to continue their bad behaviour because mental health isnt an instant fix.

Binge eating disorders are real - but I feel a large portion of fat people were just raised in a lifestyle of overeating and laziness to the point they think its normal, and then just deny deny deny because of the emerging body positivity trend.

No. 969858

you are confusing fat people with obese people.
Yeah most fat people DO NOT have binge eating disorder BUT most Obese people DO have it.
No one lets themselves get to 600lb unless they have a severe mental illness.
You cant just get to that insane weight by ''overreating'' or being ''lazy'' instead you have to binge like crazy over 6000+ calories a day.
These people are addicts anon.

No. 969876

nah fat and obese are the same things. and no you cant predict someones binge eating disorder based on "mostly fat" and "fat", lots of non obese fatties binge too.

No. 969889

>I have control over food
no you don't bitch, you have an ed

No. 970034

No. 970053

LOL. Someone driving down the road calls this bitch a cow n goes “moo” while her n her man are eating ice cream walking down the sidewalk, her man says “don’t worry they’re uneducated” kek wtf your bitch is a planet. That may have been undeserved but you don’t need education to see she’s obese.

No. 970085

you don't need an education to not be a dick, either. you wouldn't shriek at someone out of your car if they were visibly disfigured just to be an ass. hamplanet or not, there's absolutely no point in it; the negative reinforcement doesn't work, and it just fuels annoying HAES types' victim complexes.

the boyfriend seems like he genuinely loves her compared to most of these guys that are on these shows who are clearly only in these relationships for fetishistic reasons, but that isn't saying much. the clip doesn't show if he's a feeder or not, but nonetheless, if he really cared about her, he'd help her lose weight for her own sake and for the sake of their child.

No. 970103

Ok your comment is an and??? I never said it was justified. I stated it was undeserved.. let me add 100% u(probably fat)tumblrina. I just thought it was funny as fuck he said they’re uneducated

No. 970114

Sf he justified it as* they’re uneducated. Kek and it was probably staged, it’s TLC bb. Fuck u, that fat bitch, & her gross bf.

No. 970148

It is definitely a fetish

No. 970310

You sound like a retarded scrote or like one of those cokehead druggies ana's.

No. 970584

Some anons on here really are cows

No. 970996


That bike taxi guy deserves a gold medal

No. 971288

File: 1589019178298.jpg (204.64 KB, 876x855, Capture.JPG)

She's so fucking disgusting. I can't imagine what it must be like to have a wife that sits at home all day whinging about everything. She's practically nocturnal at this point, I had limited time to take screenshots but she also posted about eating a massive cheese and meat bagel at 5am and then went to bed at 8am because she apparently can't sleep while her husband sleeps.

A few days ago she also posted about how her husband bought her a nintendo switch, and animal crossing, only for the next story to be her complaining about him messing up her island. Bitch he spent £350 on you, be more fucking grateful.

I think this cow could be a (inferior) successor to Pheebs. If her life wasn't so boring in lockdown she'd be quite milky imo

No. 971292

Yes that’s me I thought something was fucking funny. Sue me sluts

No. 971355


She seems have got even bigger after they got married. In her wedding photo she looks smaller.
Also it’s super sad that the husband does everything fun and exciting like goes scuba diving but she obliviously can’t

No. 971430

File: 1589048271450.jpg (510.48 KB, 720x1262, 20200509_201701.jpg)

Kek look at who posted in the hugbox of a group i am in. deep down she knows she is grossbut as long as people pity-yasskween her she wont do anything about it

No. 971461

File: 1589052942546.gif (197.33 KB, 220x165, yousuredidthat.gif)

I cant imagine being so fat that you have no facial features. Like.. damn, that's so disgusting shit right there.

No. 971617

God she is repulsive. I feel uncomfortable just looking at her

No. 972000

File: 1589149265941.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, DA12BD7F-7243-4C85-926D-31B316…)

KEK literally just came here to share her post from another group. She must be crossposting for all the asspats.
Also has this bitch ever mentioned being a POC on any of her soc before or is it something she made up just for this Facebook group (that tends to favor POC lmfao).
Bc uh, looking at her I have some doubts that she’s anything but paper white.

No. 972012

Lmao she looks 100% white in this photo and in the OP photo. Calling herself “latinx” makes her sound even more white. Unrelated but her face is so fat that it gives her these fish-like lips that sag on both sides.

No. 972022

Can she not sleep while her husband sleeps because they both can’t fit in the bed?

No. 972031

Or maybe he can’t fall asleep with her CPAP machine on

No. 972054

How can she sleep? She looks like she'd struggle to stay alive sleeping. I'd feel bad for her if she didnt seem like such a selfish whiney person

No. 972065


all these lazy fucks are using quarantine as an excuse not to "create content". damn, use your imagination, this is the time you can get away with lacklustre backdrops and makeshift sets.

or is all the reeeeing about people worried about weight gain their contribution?

No. 972068


CPAPs are surprisingly quiet, I reckon she needs a whole double bed just to be comfortable thouh

No. 972458

File: 1589225712524.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, A8B600FE-BBC6-40D8-B9A3-9A548F…)

No. 972470

why does she make such stupid annoying faces in every picture..?

No. 972474

It’s an ugly people tactic. People can’t say you’re gross when you’re making an ugly face on purpose!

No. 972609

File: 1589242053789.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, 01E82B3A-BE0E-4086-BB58-36ECA8…)

I’m taking bets.

No. 972631


I'll put 200 on "should have made her own out of a tablecloth".

No. 972756

fuck she looks like a slaton sister here… if thats not a wakeup call i dont think anything will be…

No. 972870


I find the deep indentations at the corners of her mouth so disturbing. People aren't meant to carry so much fat you stupid cow

No. 973160

File: 1589332864121.png (4.24 MB, 828x1792, 521A0D08-014F-4671-A7A3-266CB2…)

Fatbombus spam incoming…she was rather generous today.

No. 973161

File: 1589332927475.png (4.99 MB, 828x1792, D2DAFB37-48FC-425C-AC7C-E620A0…)

gReaSe bOi. I’m dead.

No. 973162

File: 1589333011163.png (3.15 MB, 828x1792, 63DBA0B5-2729-4457-81E6-C31759…)

Imagine you’re so huge that you barely clean a small fridge without a panic attack (and prob a small stroke). Fucking sad

No. 973163

File: 1589333051918.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, D0244589-41C1-46F6-86E2-1374A7…)

No words

No. 973169

Her eyes are basically hooded by fat too. It is disturbing

No. 973224


Is she claiming this is bad because she's one of those "I used to be anorexic" deathfats or because she is so committed to overeating it feels wrong not to?

No. 973360

File: 1589380366100.jpeg (218.36 KB, 828x1357, 4F59EF83-9FC0-4834-8FD2-7EB791…)

I’ll pray to the Saint of Aesthetics that this won’t stay up for long.

No. 973386

It barely looks human so I'd be surprised if an algorithm could flag this as nudity.

No. 973553

How would anyone be able to stand sharing a bed with her? just imagining how slanted the whole mattress would be from her weight is gonna throw out my back.

No. 973694

amazing how at a certain point they stop looking human and start looking like some kind of spherical cartoon baby. hard to believe there's a skeleton languishing underneath all that

No. 973748

this is extremely depressing god

No. 973752

is that wallpaper made to look like books?
confirmed for jenny any dots ala cats the musical

No. 973809

Lmao she wishes. Jennyanydots can tap dance.

No. 974297


She definitely needs that reinforced mattress fatgirlflow endorses lol

No. 974394

File: 1589539294806.png (766.15 KB, 828x1792, 90E22402-C98A-4421-92AE-08F90B…)

Now she’s e-begging for a fucking sex toy. I have mental images I won’t ever get rid of.

Btw why isn’t she working from home? Surely even she could deal with some telemarketing job??!

No. 974416

Buy her a sex toy because her fucking horoscope said so? Can she even reach her vagina?

No. 975302

File: 1589730061845.png (4.82 MB, 828x1792, ED60CA0F-77BF-4D5F-86E9-E5E678…)

Why do this to poor nature? Also I’m amazed she left her apartment

No. 975310

I just knew there’d be a neck beard. I knew it.

No. 975328


Probably has to tie it to a broom handle. Gross.

No. 975418

Im surprised she can walk. She probably gets winded easily though.

No. 975470


her entire head and neck (whatever that’s left of it I guess) looks like it’s been morphed into a whole ass thumb jfc

why would anyone let themselves be this humongous

No. 975484


It's pretty mental. We don't really have people this fat over here, they literally turn heads when they go out. No doubt this happens to her so she thinks it's "fatphobia" but it's just people being amazed that in a country where healthy food isn't that expensive and gym subscriptions can be obtained on fucking prescription that anyone could get that huge.

No. 975557

File: 1589773439670.png (717.49 KB, 978x546, parachute.png)

danielle unboxing massive underwear in one of her latest vids. then she tries them on over her clothes (thank god) and is out of breath saying it was a ton of work to get them on

No. 975806

File: 1589832091269.png (421.46 KB, 976x921, st.png)

sage for no milk, i guess, just absurd fat logic

No. 976142

File: 1589889972292.jpeg (150.91 KB, 1024x1024, 01C32680-0E68-445B-8AC2-0555D3…)

I’m eagerly awaiting for her to grow a second chin/face balls a la Peter Griffiths.

That’d make this year a whole lot better

No. 976232

File: 1589908507546.png (4.5 MB, 828x1792, 40ACC761-3468-451D-8239-5AFC8B…)

It’s 23 Celsius in London and she lives north of the city, so likely cooler. How does it not occur to her that the massive fatsuit she’s carrying around might make her feel hot? Fucking hell

No. 976358

Kenzie Brenna is an overdramatic fat chick who still clings to her old pronana tendencies by announcing to the internet whenever she's "struggling to eat," (aka bragging about eating little for a day or two) of course she would post this.

No. 976489

Saged because it isn't milk, but YouTube recommended this to me, and it made me wonder what those HAES dumb fucks would think of it. The made bloke is 65 stone, which translates roughly to 410kg or 910lb. The lad seemed nice enough, he did sadly die before he turned it around. The men in this documentary are actually likeable, and recognise their problem, which obviously sets them miles apart from the shit heads in this thread.

But I do wonder what the HAES threshold is? At what point, if any, do even they consider too much?

No. 976857

File: 1590020392079.png (4.33 MB, 828x1792, BD5F726F-3EAE-4931-871C-7FFD80…)

Sage for rant

She’s earlier complained about having a Zoom meeting with a therapist after being referred in December. In the NHS the average wait time for face-to-face CBT is anywhere between 8 and 14 months at least (Zoom means she gets face to face, not phone therapy). How dare this fucking waste of air complain about FREE therapy?? If everything is sooo much better in Denmark, please can you fuck back off there and stop wasting resources?

Btw…it’s still around 22/23 degrees C. It’s not hot.

No. 976898

Appreciate the rant. She came across as vulnerable and semi-intelligent in that YouTube video. In everything else I’ve seen of her she appears to be a moaning twat who I have zero sympathy for.

No. 977160


1. buy a fucking fan

2. appreciate how you can still have therapy while so many people can't due to the lockdown

No. 977586

File: 1590133314293.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 767BB4A2-7728-4BED-A6EB-371F8F…)


Same, it’s like two different characters if you compare that documentary and her actual daily ramblings.

Here’s the latest issue: she didn’t get a warning for construction work (daytime during the week). I can’t get over the fact she put a fucking content warning on there (the post has some construction noise in the background). What a spoilt cow.

No. 977589

File: 1590133564737.jpeg (280.04 KB, 1024x1024, E786C52A-31F4-46D3-9419-F7731E…)

Can anyone tell me how a person can let themselves get to this level?

I just can’t get over how the face mask covers not even half of what it’s supposed to…

No. 977593

I hate her face. She looks like an earthworm.

No. 977596

I feel like her selfies need to be spoilered, the sheer volume of face and chin fat is horrifying. And it's depressing seeing fat girls do those intentionally ugly selfies because they're so insecure they don't want anyone to think they're trying to look decent. Phoebe did the same thing.

No. 977598


God I miss Pheebs, she’s truly disappeared. That was one constant flow of milk…sad face

No. 977607

That mask is folding her ear like a pretzel because it's too small.
What does she mean by ear savers?

No. 977652

Same. We really didn't know what we had until she was gone.

No. 977655

File: 1590156543799.jpg (148.78 KB, 768x1024, eVXFBCW.jpg)

No. 977807

She's starting to remind me so much of Phoebe in personality as well as looks with all her entitlement. Guess it shouldn't be shocking that literal massive gluttons have entitlement problems, but still.

No. 977829

Ah thank you. It doesn't seem to be helping her.

No. 979042

File: 1590447117560.png (3.43 MB, 828x1792, E7ABBB21-15EF-4659-B22A-7D9BDB…)

No. 979044

File: 1590447174250.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, 8F46DE41-4B2F-4029-8845-2C7B35…)

I think she thinks she’s cute in a non-ironic way…

No. 979079

Soon she will no longer be able to see. Blinded by fat.

No. 979083

every time i wanna eat even though i'm out of calories for the day i look at her and my hunger is gone. at least she's useful for fatspo, i guess.(blog)

No. 979119

here's your asspats for being marginally less fat than her anon

No. 979266

File: 1590502848311.jpg (136.6 KB, 1015x754, Capture.JPG)

I truly don't know which thread this cow should go into, she's fat posi so I've posted her here (and is clearly friends with fatbombus) but she's a lardo, a troon, a munchie, a furry and more from what little I've seen of her feed. Seems like a few years ago she was a normal enough dyke but she's fully drunk the koolaid and turned into whatever the fuck this is. Potential new cow?

No. 979273

She looks like some sort of fat leprechaun. What a mess.

No. 979276

File: 1590504830628.jpg (98.38 KB, 1155x713, Capture.JPG)


5 years ago she was cute and normal, wtf happened?

No. 979280

I need to add: I didn't even notice her fingernails. Wtf.

No. 979283

If that’s “cute” you need to raise your standards exponentially, anon.

No. 979284


Comparatively, I'll grant you. She had potential to be perfectly normal.

No. 979305

Whatever made her come to this conclusion. It’s a disaster.

No. 979308

Even if women let themselves go and ate whatever they wanted, growing that kind of beard and getting those extreme stretchmarks and lower belly hormonal gain isn't normal.
Clearly it's some kind of hormonal problem.

No. 979312


She's a tranny, she's had a full mastectomy and is probably on T.

No. 979329

Imagine your kid turning this way. Damn.

No. 979379

File: 1590514765201.png (3.9 MB, 828x1792, E7109CE7-9B04-45E7-9028-67E51D…)


Fuck me, now that’s something else. She describes herself as a “disabled asexual alien” and I think she’s fully serious.

No. 979380

File: 1590514853982.png (4.61 MB, 828x1792, 9E4E6BBE-8F15-49F8-A9DF-7A7A6E…)

Where tf does “fat positivity” stop when you need a fucking cpap to breathe at night? She’s not the only one but it baffles me every time

No. 979392


It's from other weirdos in a hugbox taking part in the delusion with you. It's all fun and games until you have a fucking stroke.

No. 979468

File: 1590526754172.png (4.42 MB, 828x1792, 6B4B976F-3EF4-4034-8A36-04A924…)


That’s her “husbean” btw. Am I imagining a silent cry for help in these eyes?

No. 979477

Stupid haircut and crazy eyes aside, she looks fine here anon. Imagine getting hung up on someone calling >>979276 "cute" when you have a whole >>979266 in thread now. kek.

It's crazy because their place looks pretty nice even though she's basically come out to say her routine is laying around all night online, sleeping all day, and crying over spilling things because she can't reach the floor. What level of fat fetishism is it to marry a human blob that you have to completely care for?

No. 979490

The fat positive set is delusional and don’t understand how statistics or risk factors work re: disease. They think that because there are thin people with sleep apnea it has nothing to with weight. I’ve seen shit like this all the time. “Thin people can get diabetes/joint problems/high blood pressure too!!”

Marrying someone you have to care for completely IS the fetish for some of these guys. They get off on the women being immobile and helpless.

No. 979586

Did that strike a nerve? Sure, she doesn’t look like an amorphous blob yet, but not all of us find the dyke haircut and ear plugs charming, anon.
Does she admit to it anywhere? Not that I doubt what you’re saying. I just can’t tell if she’s the type to talk about it all the time or hide it in order to make her identity more “ambiguous” or whatever.

No. 979605

she’s literally tagged herself as trans in the fat leprechaun post you retard

No. 979637

ok retard, didn't see that. stop getting triggered

No. 979645

>They get off on the women being immobile and helpless.
It's crazy to me that a fetish like this would outweigh (kek) the opportunity of living a happier life with a partner that isn't constantly complaining and useless, not to mention the whole hygiene issue. Makes you wonder if this guy has the same issues that good ol Henry from Pheebs thread had or if he's really just that much of a sick fuck.

I mean, you were the one that seemed triggered by someone calling her cute in the first place, but ok. Nitpick away, anon.

No. 979656

File: 1590544965212.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, A356E7D5-45AA-4A98-9422-EDF696…)

>calls someone out for nitpicking
>continues to nitpick

Kek at this story post from today. “Uninspired,” as if she does anything other than sit around and complain on what might be considered a “good day.”

No. 979667


Whether or not she's on T, she has very little in the chest area to start with. But considering that facial hair growth, I think she probably is.

No. 979673

Nice coke nail

No. 979674

nawwwwwww anon that's the type of crazy that needs no drugs

No. 979679

>calls someone out for nitpicking
>continues to nitpick
It's almost as if you don't know what that word means.

No. 979686

Stop sperging so hard, jesus. She looked like a normal dyke that you wouldn't look twice at on the street. Perfectly normal looking lesbian that plenty might like, others might not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what have you, different people have different tastes. But now… Fucking yikes. Absolute gremlin ass looking, this is straight up mental illness and fucking sad. Seems milky, too. >>979266
Original anon, please tell us if there are any good stories from her, like what made her switch her switch this fucking hard, this is straight head trauma.

No. 979687

>stop sperging
>posts are from 12 hours ago, anons have since been banned

No. 979704

File: 1590552919187.png (1.99 MB, 800x1130, multii.png)

And yet here you are still. Incredible.

Anyways back on topic. Crazy how one fakeboi phase can be be a turning point for some cows. Testosterone really did a number on this one.

No. 979724

She was busty AF before trooning, double mastectomies tend to give you less chest…

No. 979738


I guess in most of the pre-pictures she's wearing a binder then.

No. 979739

I'm speechless, how depressing. Giving up and becoming obese is bad enough, becoming obese and also covering yourself in neon, growing a neckbeard and cutting off bodyparts is utterly miserable.

I want to know what sort of mental illness prompts this, like do they get fat then decide to double down on being unattractive, or do they have problems that make them get fat while also making them choose to fuck up their body with unnecessary medical intervention and hair dye?

No. 979748

File: 1590559318673.png (887.76 KB, 965x400, spacechannelfat.png)

No. 979751

Do NOT disrespect Ulala like this anon

No. 979778

I think her hair’s thinning. that’s something they don’t tell you about taking testosterone kek, somebody on my college course has only got wisps left on the crown of his head at 23. being bald could only improve her look tbh

No. 979837

File: 1590585341321.png (684.81 KB, 809x594, Capture.PNG)

No. 979840

holy fuck I used to know her!!! she was a friend of a friend back around 2011/2012 and she was ABSOLUTE cringe. always wore those terrible cyber loc things, platform shoes, would say she liked girls but flirted with every guy. fuck I wish I remembered those times better, but all I can say is that people didn't really like her because she was loud and would try to one-up you. she was always bragging and even when I was a pick-me weeb at the time I still couldn't stand her. I thought she was pretty, but holy god was she SO loud and annoying. idk how she is now because I distanced myself.

No. 979876

holy shit, she went from cutting her tits off to growing moobs because she won't even attempt to control her weight. amazing. imagine undergoing unnecessary surgery only to reverse the results solely because you're a pig. reminds me of moo.

No. 979915

You just unlocked memories I forgot I had

No. 979927

Haha love this reminiscence of alienfat. Brilliant. Thanks anon.

No. 980097

Yeah, scrolling all the way back to the start of her IG, she seemed like the typical, sorta cute but annoying, alternative weeb girl. Then she became a fakeboi furry? Then a dragqueen? And now some kind of agender space leprechaun? What a wild ride.

No. 980741

File: 1590755727633.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, C678FF37-455A-4819-92CB-B6529F…)

Husbean had the audacity to eat her food!

No. 980816

I wonder if, when she gets into a rage, Husbean sees her as she really is.

No. 980818


I don't believe she's getting as little sleep as she says she is. I'm sure her quality of sleep is awful because she needs a CPAP and probably can't get comfortable under the sheer weight she's putting on her joints and spine, but that could all be aided by trying to lose weight and exercising. She's a total self inflicted martyr.

No. 981250

File: 1590870878096.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, 48EEB761-C9B3-4C2B-B02E-3E68E9…)

God she grosses me out

No. 981309

Real life spoiler needed. She is beyond ridiculous. I think I’ve said it before.

No. 981328


Nah, that doesn’t warrant a spoiler, it’s just an immensely huge face. Toughen up

No. 981680

No, I mean she needs a spoiler in real life. It was a joke.

No. 983110

Gross. She prob has diabetes, no wonder she is using the toilet all the time

No. 983542


It's hard to tell, you can't see her neck any more to check for the dark skin patches.

No. 984858

File: 1591639634143.jpeg (169.43 KB, 1024x1024, 75C52BCA-3D7B-4B65-A8EF-E2B68E…)

I’ll never get over the sheer vastness of that face/chin/neck blob. Please tell me to stop/sage as it’s not milky, but man…I just can’t stop staring

No. 984874

she looks like a long lost slaton sister in the first image … seriously when you can fill the whole front camera with your face maybe it’s time to eat less

No. 984889


Her mouth always fighting to stay topside and not get sucked into her fat abyss of a face always fascinates me.

No. 984913

I hate the fact that she is so infantile. "Oh, I NEED to watch Hannah Montana and HSM2 to care for my inner child! Oh no I split rice and it's hard to clean up, time to get free therapy!"

Is there anymore depth to this person? Are they just a consumer of "nostalgic" media and frozen food? Slightly upset. Especially since she can just have her escapism and get fatter. Keep it up though, it won't last forever.

No. 984932

Imagine if lips could gain fat.

No. 985857


The dumbfuckery of girls becoming guys so they can parade around as pastiches of women never fails to astound me.

leave drag to the real queens

No. 986116

File: 1591906095477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.32 KB, 453x862, Capture.JPG)

No. 986137

Chopped tits off only to gain at all back. What a waste. Look at that breast fat hanging on the sides. This is so gross

No. 986153

Imagine ruining your body this completely. It would almost be better for her to remain delusional forever, cause at this rate if she ever realizes what she's done to herself it would be more than most people could handle.

No. 986169

This is unbelievably depressing

No. 986920

File: 1592072134477.png (4.02 MB, 828x1792, C84B3406-A875-438B-BCAE-3EDC9A…)

Please don’t come back

No. 987111

What even is that?!

No. 987117


wait she's not English?

No. 987371

>and the headline tonight: england has mysteriously raised around 2 inches higher above sea level

No. 987587

Ha - did her husband finally get sick of her ungrateful fat ass?

No. 987648

Honestly this picture is perfect for body positivity. I was just standing in front of the mirror moaning to myself about my waist, then this monstrosity popped up into my head and I immediately felt better and more positive about my body!

No. 988250

Her constant whining and the way she frames her home country as her "real" home despite living in the UK for so long by CHOICE honestly just makes me angry. You're an adult, no one forced you here and you can leave at any time.

No. 988255

she showers once a month and wonders why her wife won't have sex with her

No. 988287

File: 1592389001478.png (Spoiler Image, 3.51 MB, 750x1334, 0DDFB6CC-8B9B-4E60-977A-CC9428…)

No. 988303

she unironically looks like one of those tumblr SJW OCs where every character has stretch marks, a binder, a visible gut, horrendous neon hair, and just looks unforgivably ugly

No. 988305

Peak tumblr. That gut. The disgusting confident hugbox smile… I’m glad I got out of being a SJW. Tumblr folks really convince you that being fat and gross is ~beautiful!!!~ this bitch is past a point of no return. Just end it.

No. 988331


Drinking from the fountain of SJW/tumblr koolaid long enough.

The biggest trick is that it tries to hide the fact that it's a cult, like a well adapated social contagion.

No. 988439

old and OT but i'll never understand why sjws are always team Sharpey? Is it because of the token gay friend? Realistically both would of bullied the sjw blobs mercilessly.

No. 988547

Would she even fit on a plane? I feel like she’d get stuck in the door and blame the plane for being fatphobic

No. 988577

File: 1592430639685.jpg (306.78 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20200617_224936.jpg)

No. 988581

File: 1592430808336.jpg (328.6 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20200617_225220.jpg)

Why even where these clothes if they don't even fit?

No. 988593

File: 1592432566173.jpg (367.75 KB, 719x1092, Screenshot_20200618-011859_Ins…)

Jesus she's horrifying, you can't even tell what all those rolls of fat are supposed to be. I like the irony of this caption, she feels free but doesn't look like she's even capable of standing up without help.

No. 988764


I know those are fashionably ripped jeans but it honestly looks like her fat is trying to escape.

No. 988861

she looks so anatomically incorrect i’m surprised she’s even able to stand on those pork sausage legs

No. 989748

Honestly, aside from the repulsive alien crop top, this person wouldn’t look horrible if they didn’t have that horrible facial hair. The ginger pube mutton chops physically repulse me. I’ve seen troons with bad facial hair but this is absolutely the worst by far. somehow exsenuates it’s jowl-y double chin.

No. 990126

File: 1592676992451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.15 KB, 1080x1776, 3363A8C2-FC10-42E5-A53F-232FC0…)

Doesn’t really help your HAES/‘celebrate every body type’ narrative when you’re admitting your so fat you’re creating mushroom pockets. Spoiler because … there’s just so much flesh

No. 990127

This is what I just do not get and will never accept about HAES. Their own bodies start rotting. How the fuck is that happy or healthy on any level?
I also detest it when medium sized tubs do yoga or ‘work out’ in some minimal way then swear blind that their excess lard does not put any strain on their buckled bones. Twats.

No. 990136

File: 1592678609712.jpeg (952.45 KB, 1242x1638, DEA2E5FC-EB3F-40A1-9E79-C03558…)

I sincerely don’t understand her body. I’ve never seen fat like this.

No. 990295

Holy fuck, that is revolting… she has no shame

No. 990363

Looks like big fat bastard from Austin Powers


No. 990437

I-wh-…what. Is this person a female? I think so but it's honestly the most ambiguous picture I've ever seen.

No. 990458

You can hear the pants ripping in this photo

No. 990484

She’s a woman who’s taking testosterone and had her breasts surgically removed.

No. 990612

see >>979704

i can't get over how completely this girl fucked herself up.

No. 990788

File: 1592770062370.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, E33D3111-8C13-44CE-8A7F-49B426…)


I’m almost brought up my dinner. She’s so revolting

No. 990805

that’s fucking mould - the fungus has spread from her armpits kek grotty bitch.

No. 991179


I was wondering what the weird protrusion in the seam was and then I realised it's the clit. jfc it looks so much like a thumb that my brain is struggling to accept it.

No. 991206

that sentence should only exist in the context of talking about a corpse not a living human being wtf

No. 991267

It’s not the clit kek. She’s wearing a jockstrap, which is men’s underwear and so is shaped to accommodate a penis she doesn’t have.

No. 991633

File: 1592845802238.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, FAE67F57-4FEC-4428-BF6E-EAA330…)

It baffles me how women will take testosterone and slice off their breasts and then wear pink dresses… she’s really a crossover cow for the transtrenders thread but since she was originally posted here I guess she should stay in this thread

No. 999176

File: 1593521218559.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, BE845D9D-1E0A-4B3C-91BF-F36ACA…)

Too fat and lazy to even walk through to a different room of her flat to speak to her husband

No. 999192

Why would she post something so embarrassing? Or the mould?

No. 999195

Not really deathfat though. Would do better in the other thread I think.

No. 999222

Does she have clothes? I feel like shes always naked.
Omg no WHY how long have those sheets been sitting damp
She thinks this is cute but it's fucking disgusting

No. 1000580

File: 1593633781695.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, 870E8166-7F2F-4705-B93A-A10F8C…)

Here’s a little fatbombus tongue action to bless your midweek.

No. 1001447

File: 1593776881444.png (2.64 MB, 828x1792, AEF8D4E4-A1A1-4B5E-9409-BF0B7A…)

Saged for lack of milk but I had to share my sorrows. This is a piece of “art”, supported of course by the death fat community (you should see the comments).

I present to you: a dimply, fat ass replica with the additional perk of ass pimples ready to explode.

No. 1001509

File: 1593787626164.png (4.51 MB, 828x1792, 73659200-F207-4620-A97E-4A9C1F…)


No. 1001515

Actual visual content aside, this woman is an incredible fabric sculpter. I hated the disgusting theme of her works but it's still creative as hell. Sage for OT, I just really appreciated her weird shit while still having to unfollow for seeing unsightly asses on my feed. She herself isn't fat or unsightly, just an older seamstress.

No. 1001524

Never noticed her chin hair before. Or is that stretch marks/cracked skin on her fucking chin?

No. 1001534

Agree with >>1001515, I was sure this is a weird artsy photo of someones ass in a round mirror until I noticed the "pimples" are actually beads. She could do so much more with her talent, what a shame.

No. 1001565

That’s chin hair all right. She’s growing a similar beard to most teenage boys who’re just about to start shaving now…

No. 1002647

File: 1593976116629.png (348.54 KB, 775x767, ixofyn3czy851.png)

Do words even mean anything any more

No. 1003513

File: 1594115999229.png (4.4 MB, 828x1792, FDAA8124-8CA4-4559-BDAF-678567…)

Is she trying to prove that she’s not just eating utter shit all day? How backward and fatphobic!

No. 1003523

is this satire

No. 1003583

It's so funny how they always need to flex every time they eat a single fruit or vegetable like "see I eat healthy, health at every size!"

No. 1003738

File: 1594155092066.png (743.56 KB, 1000x995, 57e3b7caf8363cda6020e7468716b6…)

It's Virgie Tovar so, no she's generally fucking like this 24/7. Here she is giving the finger to an HP laptop advert cos she thought them describing their laptops as thin is "microagression""fatphobia" and "misogyny" http://archive.is/s6k76#selection-4243.26-4243.34

No. 1004262

File: 1594250886769.jpeg (187.55 KB, 1024x1024, 32D0651F-B694-40E1-B74A-4DBEED…)

The look of sheer desperation. Is this masochism?!

No. 1004263


Sorry shit resolution: it’s their 3rd year wedding anniversary.

No. 1004271

He always has that pained grimace on his face, makes me wonder if he's on the spectrum like our old friend Pheebs' slave.

No. 1004366

I want a body positive laptop computer lol

No. 1004402

Eating half a watermelon with a spoon isn't exactly normal eating habits to begin with, a whole watermelon is like 1300 calories.

No. 1004481

File: 1594261182841.png (8.43 KB, 652x249, biggains.png)

kek well she tried

No. 1004635

probably both on the spectrum and a fetishit

No. 1004739

This is still probably a light breakfast for her lmao

No. 1005559

File: 1594493562992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 825x1391, Tina Rex IRL 1.jpg)

Ten Ton Tess celebrated her 35th busting out all over. The modeling well has long dried up, which has Farmers speculating about (likely) feeder fetish outlets and hotel trips.

No. 1005560

File: 1594493615746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.1 KB, 828x1022, Tina Rex IRL 2.jpg)

No. 1005562

File: 1594493918264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 797.98 KB, 828x1278, AF6E51AC-D61F-4392-BBDA-43C284…)

And a recent pic while potato, does show the reality of looking super rough.

No. 1005569

That material makes her tit look like a full plastic garbage bag

No. 1005595

That mattress is never gonna recover.

No. 1005609

File: 1594504468509.jpeg (450.49 KB, 1936x2091, C92B9D1A-CD37-4AF8-A356-126BDE…)

This was on r/instagramreality a couple of days ago with someone calling her out on editing it and her excuse was pretty lame. The sub has a policy on no identifying info so I don’t have the source.

No. 1005616

No. 1005919

File: 1594570948485.jpeg (199.2 KB, 1024x1024, DF2243EF-6710-4DE1-A5CB-9282D2…)

She’s the actual “if Monday was a person” meme.

No. 1005920

File: 1594571025550.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, 77F8E41F-DE2F-411B-8DD7-B45003…)

“We”…someone tell me she’s not claiming to have DID?!

No. 1005938

she has a british spouse and lived in the UK for years, some places in the UK people say "we" instead of "I" or "us" instead of "me"

No. 1005953

Anon that's only the royals lmao. It's called the "royal we". No normal person uses it

No. 1005956

? tons of brits and aussies use us/we instead of I dude

No. 1005976

half retarded and reaching for nothing
her weight counts as 2 grown adults anyway, let her say 'We' lmfao

No. 1005981

you sound like a southerner or a yank. either way you’re thick as shit

No. 1006037

File: 1594587416565.jpg (734.67 KB, 828x1474, Corm on the cod.jpg)

Have you ever felt so hot your boobs melted off your body?

No. 1006040

File: 1594587738418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.61 KB, 1072x1463, Mega beef flaps.jpg)

Apparently she can't feel her lower gunt.

No. 1006054

This is so sad to look at, I honestly would be suicidal if I looked like this. What are those pink blotches on her stomach?

No. 1006062

why are you so pressed over literally nothing? you need help. >>1005953 is right. ive lived in the uk for all my life and no one uses we like this.

this looks painful

No. 1006073

she looks like shed hit you with her handbag at the busstop and then screech at you
This is upsetting. Is she autistic or something as well? Things are not right there.
Im a manc and youre full of shit. Not all English fags talk like they do in your tv shows, anon.

No. 1006081

File: 1594591913939.jpg (1.31 MB, 828x1677, Lardgerie.jpg)

Bed sores, my dear.

No. 1006082

File: 1594592018320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.14 KB, 828x1485, Eye of sore-on.jpg)

She is, but uses it to get attention and personal gain for her slacktivism.

No. 1006105

if lipids pendulum tits get any lower she’s going to start tripping over them

No. 1006109

>vulva gape

Is that the death fat version of a moose knuckle?

No. 1006119

wht the fuck is vulva gape??

No. 1006136

That’s it; I’m never looking at this thread again. Fucking puke.

No. 1006144

Or maybe people should be more scared of dying from morbid obesity? This particular part of the HAES mantra, about rejecting health being the only scary part, is retarded.

Is that all bruising on her legs and ass? What the fuck?

No. 1006528

Toilet seat bruising?

No. 1006579


British summers are often pretty humid, I expect she's very sweaty (hence the moldy armpits she's too fat to wash) and doesn't wear many clothes at home in the heat.

No. 1006584


They're scars from a laparoscopic surgery. I'm 90% sure appendectomy from trying to remember when someone posted her IG about it on the other farms.

No. 1007873

File: 1594857272020.jpg (1.73 MB, 1673x1457, Fat space pinup.jpg)

No. 1007874

File: 1594857371583.jpg (485.31 KB, 1586x1311, Fat space pinup 2.jpg)

No. 1007876

File: 1594857528584.jpg (182.23 KB, 828x1463, You're a big guy.jpg)

Gotta air that fupa out somehow. She's probably talking about an extreme version a puffy vulva with fat rolls that hang off the sides.

No. 1007894

File: 1594860210136.jpg (43.09 KB, 470x313, unnamed (1).jpg)

I never used this pic in my life to describe something, because I think it's overused. But I don't think it's ever been so applicable to my suffering.

No. 1007903

File: 1594860768482.jpg (1011.43 KB, 955x1368, But not as defiant as that sto…)

Literally one shift away from bursting at the seams.

No. 1007948

This is so horrifyingly sad. Her legs look so deformed.

No. 1007973

Im just imagining all the huffing and puffing it takes to get those jeans around all those lumps damn

No. 1008021

they really should just stop producing jeans higher than xl in size, not that i want these mongrels to sit around naked or anything, but why should they have the ability to clothe such a horrifying figure? markets are perpetuating and allowing this shit to happen

No. 1008032

File: 1594879256942.png (799.79 KB, 1087x688, Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 06.5…)

Not sure if the Slatons ever had their own thread, but here's a new video still of Tammy trying out her new juicer before it's consigned to the cupboard full of shit she got sent, tried for a video, and binned in favour of sodie and chips.

No. 1008046

God Tammy bums me the fuck out. I know she's a shitty person but after seeing their mother? It all makes sense.

No. 1008067


they never stood a chance

No. 1008071

Even her EAR is fat. Whoah

No. 1008104

This is depressing, she even looks miserable.

No. 1008475

Kelly is what I imagine Phoebe would be if she was married with children in her forties.

Was she sewn into those jeans? How is she able to walk with those thighs? Is she even able to walk at all?

No. 1008522


I feel like I'm over the worst of the Feebs withdrawal but I'd honestly pay good money to access current milk.

No. 1009160

File: 1595053986297.jpg (1.5 MB, 1662x1459, Fatgirlflow bikini.jpg)

No. 1009161

File: 1595054187775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 1663x1452, Fatgirlflow bikini 2.jpg)

But wait, there's more!

No. 1009162

File: 1595054245839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.59 KB, 828x1474, Fatgirlflow bikini 3.jpg)

And a bikini horror show isn't complete without blackheads and skin tags!

No. 1009165

File: 1595054491061.jpg (771.39 KB, 828x1362, Fatgirlflow bikini angle.jpg)

The last thing a French fry sees

No. 1009192


Looked up this set. The biggest size, which she claims to have gotten, is a 6x. How delusional do you have to be to have to buy clothes in a size XXXXXXL and go about your life like nothing is wrong.

No. 1009599


but anon, things are wrong! fatphobia, fatphobia everywhere! airports are too big to walk around, wah!

No. 1009790


Alright, hear me out, I'm not trying to bullshit anyone here but I specifically remember seeing a skinny wife on this show or a similar show. She was skinny (no fat at all) and took care of the kids and I felt awful for her. I just tried to find the episode but of course internet is full of infinifats. Also sorry to bump old thread…

Newfag here.

No. 1009851

There are a lot of infinifat families that look like that, usually with the fatty dad abusing the wife from his (death)bed.

But if we are going to ask for episodes of any show, anyone know where to find the James K episode from 600lb life? Been looking for a while but it seems the internet is scrubbed clean of that specific episode

No. 1009970


Looks like he died this year which is probably why the episode disappeared.


No. 1010134

File: 1595229792518.jpg (201.13 KB, 828x1477, C446388F-88C4-4B72-B5D9-31DA12…)

Had to censor out a kid with no shirt on (why would you post that on SM without cropping?)- I believe she is a niece or a cousin.

No. 1010136

File: 1595230097038.jpg (1.28 MB, 827x1662, The poop emoji position.jpg)

Imagine being proud of sitting like a baby because your gut forcibly splays out your legs.

No. 1010137

File: 1595230222670.jpg (120.17 KB, 828x1465, Fatgirlflow butch.jpg)

No. 1010182

Imagine the tiny Chinese kids in factories making these extra wide chairs for the deathly morbidly obese people of America. It’s just funny to me, not tryna make a social commentary

No. 1010215


They probably try not to get distracted thinking about it in case they get sucked into a swirling machine.

No. 1011581

Just having to have to worry about the weight limit of chairs would be enough for me to want to loose weight.

No. 1011831

File: 1595551731495.png (741.01 KB, 578x724, Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 01.4…)

Fakeboi thread crossover. 'Hugo' shows us how not to wear a mask. They're meant to cover your chin(s).

No. 1011927

Imagine seeing this out in the wild
How can you not stare with morbid curiosity?

No. 1012410

File: 1595656987168.jpg (1.28 MB, 828x1660, Living poop emoji.jpg)

Notice this is how babies usually sit.

No. 1012412

File: 1595657138864.png (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 2484x1780, Thefatbombus.png)

Obese enough to probably need 2 CPAP machines to sleep with at night.

No. 1012415

File: 1595657668748.jpg (489.98 KB, 1014x721, Curdy_thighs71.jpg)

No. 1012422

File: 1595658891647.jpg (117.24 KB, 828x1427, Salty.jpg)

Are they saltier than those chocolate-covered pretzels you vacuum up?

No. 1012469

I hate this goddamn fat blob

No. 1012470

Why do these bitches have to be as vulgar as they are gross? Freakin’ t-shirt made me gag.

No. 1012471

Is 500 lb. enough for this one?

No. 1012600


Must be interesting trying to explain it to your kid when they ask. It's not even a good argument because her SIZE is my concern if I'm having to sit next to her and her gunt is flopped over my thigh.

No. 1012651


Who/what in the actual fuck is this? Do we know an @?

No. 1013054

I was there for the recent breakdown of the plus size goff group and got to see fatposipunk popping off at anyone not morbidly obese. Whole bunch of absolute whales whining at anyone not a size 30 and saying they needed a safe space, whilst also posting photos constantly for comments like yaaaaas queen(imageboard)

No. 1013080

Post caps

No. 1013127

Sadly the group has been killed now, a former admin went batshit and posted everything the infinitifat admins had been saying about other group members, so they took the whole group down.

No. 1013196

she's making BANK off of them, If i had this skill, i fucking would pump out so many of these.

No. 1013249

I see why there's a hate for certain fat people…

No. 1013334



No. 1013400

I know its difficult to identify but is that a bit of under boob(?) at the bottom of that t-shirt? I’m not even sure i can call that under boob lol

No. 1013416

Another fat roll

No. 1013672

File: 1595902702222.jpeg (556.68 KB, 1539x2048, EdyKoKeXkAgmTuL.jpeg)

Oh my god this doesn't even look human

No. 1013678

I come onto Lolcow right the minute this is on the front page why would you show me this creature from the depths

No. 1013709

File: 1595907318945.png (Spoiler Image, 815.93 KB, 934x601, 1590791537373.png)

No. 1013710

File: 1595907403187.jpg (1.59 MB, 826x2111, Anything but comfyfat.jpg)

No. 1013745

She’d do a lot more “living” if she shut the fuck up and stop eating.

No. 1013754

File: 1595911744857.jpg (1.5 MB, 1450x1278, bekah.jpg)

Don't you hate that stupid SJW "you're actually the one with the problem" smirk?

No. 1013758

>if you don’t think stretch marks are cute you’re fatphobic

When will these insecure fatties get that everyone that has a different preference isn’t fatphobic? I got stretch marks on my tits and hips and I definitely don’t think they are cute. Go cry to Sonalee if you want a delusional buddy to pat you on the back

No. 1013759


Acne around the jaw is a hormone thing, excess fat produces oestrogen. SO CUTE!

No. 1013774

File: 1595915803753.jpg (1.69 MB, 1466x1304, snackincbus1.jpg)

Elizabeth Chinn (aptly named for someone with so many). Gotta love how an anti-capitalist shills Torrid and other brand clothing in the same sentence.

No. 1013776

File: 1595915887661.jpg (1.59 MB, 1464x1313, snackincbus2.jpg)

No. 1013784

>bodies that are not productive in the capitalist way
Fat people are like the personification of capitalism, lol

No. 1013859

Truly a snowflake.

No. 1013913

Her co-workers must hate her, if she's working. Also, Employers cannot discriminate her based on her body, because of capitalism.

No. 1014310

not even that hot in the UK at the moment. it's all because of your fat, love

No. 1014354

File: 1596035746486.jpg (433.55 KB, 1539x2048, IMG_20200729_161544.jpg)

What is this abomination?

No. 1014355


Tumblr personified.

No. 1014356

someone send chumlee some help pls

No. 1014364


I'd like to see a before transition pic of this now 28 year old senior citizen.

No. 1014378

Disappointed to check their profile and not see fibromyalgia/invisible illness mentioned on there. These types nearly always have fibromyalgia.

No. 1014435

oh my god…sage for possible irrelevancy but does anyone remember this one tumblr woman who was claiming to have like a billion gastrointestinal illnesses and non-verbal autism, and actually wrote like scarily eloquently posts? she looked exactly like this, super fat with a beard, only she managed to somehow be even more grotesque, like her mouth was permanently hanging open like she was actually retarded. i can't for the life of me remember her handle but it was genuinely something out of a fucking horror movie, like ashley isaac levels of terrifying

No. 1014453

Amanda Baggs. She died

No. 1014459

File: 1596052431510.jpg (1.89 MB, 1507x1950, VHKNLNEKMII6VAG72JFTLJLIVY.jpg)

Did she die of coronavirus?

Anyways, this pic is horrifying

No. 1014462

she was one of my all time favourite cows, she claimed to have had a massive regression from a being normal child to a mute autistic when she went to a prep college - but she actually went on a months long drug bender that she seemingly never recovered from. She was still functioning, and much more functioning than she pretended to be, but you have to wonder what sort of mental defect you have to have to pretend to be a low functioning mute autistic…

No. 1014464

I think she died because she was fucking around with a feeding tube or am i thinking someone else

No. 1014473

Her Wikipedia says her mum said she died of respiratory failure.

No. 1014477

Good riddance. One less drain on the social security system.

No. 1014482

Someone that used to be in the same home for disabled as her posted a lot of milk about her on Kiwifarms and got confirmed as a reliable source. Some of the issues she had was apparently straight up copied from other disabled living there iirc.

No. 1014486

are you thinking of chronically jaquie?

No. 1014524


TBH with a clusterfuck of issues like Amanda Baggs had it's pick your favourite option. Massively obese, poor hygiene, apartment probably moldy from lack of cleaning, unnecessary feeding tube or the Covid.

No. 1014571

She had a thread here didn’t she?

No. 1014593


a long time ago

the kf thread was more active after her death, someone even posted an in the wild video showing her perfectly mobile!

No. 1014631

Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 1014666

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Yes that's her. That's sad that she died, but I can't say I'm surprised to hear it.

Dude yes these are the sorts of cows I live for. People who are so grotesque and eccentric that they're completely fucking deranged. Images of them haunt your dreams at night and you physically shudder just reading about some of the things they've said or done. I just can't wrap my head around how people like Amanda Baggs get to the point she was at. It just defies all logic.

No. 1014721

We should've let the little piggies have fat oppression as their serious soc jus idpol shield that excuses them for them for being upper middle class white women; trannies aside, the whole "you don't need dysphoria or to want to transition to be trans" is completely braindead and something they clearly glommed onto to come off as more oppressed. I think a lot of fatties confuse plain ol' hating your disgusting medical monstrosity of a body and being trans.
Wanting a to be functional and able-bodied instead of eating your way into disability is all because of capitalism just like Daddy Marx said. What the hell do these morons think living under communism like?

No. 1014890

File: 1596140142264.jpeg (414.84 KB, 640x743, 23C48FA5-1B69-4B3F-A86F-405736…)

may be the wrong threat to post but… i'm sorry if you can afford custom creepyeha then you can definitely afford a personal trainer. what a waste of material.

No. 1015295

going on a drug bender, no matter how bad, doesn't make you into a munchie. i'm pretty sure she was a faker before that - she faked DID and schizophrenia before picking autism

No. 1015468


Definitely a munchie though. Imagine getting a feeding tube and claiming it's totally necessary guise then becoming more and more obese.

No. 1016683

File: 1596464907415.jpeg (224.52 KB, 1024x1024, CCB36EB3-A318-4C24-8621-0881A8…)

I just can’t with this cow anymore. Isn’t she in her mid-20s? Zero work experience? Shame she’s so quiet about what “husbean” does so he can support her massive binge habit and general existence

No. 1016687

I just don't understand how she and other deathfats manage to convince themselves that their weight is a problem when they literally struggle with the most basic things like cleaning their house or finding a job. They seriously don't think things would be even a little easier on them if they weren't carrying around the equivalent of a baby elephant in excess weight?

No. 1016689

Oops, I meant "isn't a problem", obviously

No. 1016690

she was dropping acid on the daily in highschool. She went to some exclusive high school for smart kids because when her classmates outed her for the acid etc they were basically all Doctors and shit. It totally fried her brain in a terrifying way. I'm not excusing her, she was definitely "there" enough to know she was faking, but yeah drug benders can fuck you up for life. She probably did have longterm damage from the acid and used autism etc to cover it.

She's living in England right? lmao a work advisor is who they make you talk to when you're claiming JSA (jobseeker's allowance) and haven't found a job after X amount of time. They're not meant to be counselors you talk to about how bad your life is, they're there to help you put together a CV, help you prep for interviews etc. She better be careful because one letter from this guy and they will cut her off kek

Isn't she Danish? Sad that her being married will stop her fat ass being deported after Brexit. I'm pro-immigration but she literally moved to another country just to sit on her ass, claim benefits and fucking complain.

No. 1016715

It bothers me so much that the size of her doublechin is twice her forehead. She is deformed by fat

No. 1016731

>writing a CV when you’re used to another format is hard
lolwat I want to see what her version of a CV looks like

No. 1017379

I creeped their pf how the fuck are they a horse rider that’s so awful those poor animals

No. 1017834




working horse? those things are sturdy

No. 1018516

File: 1596736051313.png (3.85 MB, 828x1792, 6FFDB808-6FEC-40C7-A99F-8A038C…)

I’ve never seen more than a couple of days go by without her complaining about being in the UK. The fucking audacity kills me: she’s clearly applying for, if not already in receipt of, state benefits and lives 100% off of her husband. She never ever leaves the flat, has zero friends and seems to do nothing but eat herself to death.

Babe, you’re physically hurting bc you’re a deathfat. Anything else: please book 2-3 plane seats and fuck off to Denmark.

No. 1018531

10%-13% obesity rate in Denmark compared to UKs 31%. She wants to be with her herd, anon.

No. 1018599

What poor undeserving shithole does this cow reside in? I’m going to roll her into the ocean so she can float back to her precious Denmark myself

No. 1018848

She's from Denmark? Holy shit. I thought the major fat fucks like this only came from the states.

No. 1019554


Just like irritating humorless "comedian" Sofie Hagen!

No. 1019862

>western beauty standards
bitch, show me a culture where being a fat, hairy piece of shit is seen as desirable. And no, leblouh doesn't count.

No. 1020414

did the thumb delete her insta?

No. 1020429


Think so, I can't find it on my sock follow

No. 1020514

File: 1597015196578.jpg (644.41 KB, 810x1658, Screenshot_20200810-001715_Ins…)

She looks white to me…

No. 1020543

Despite her stubbornness, something tells me she's not going to live to 85 unless she loses some weight..

No. 1020560


Well no, expecially not considering she's supposed to be terminally ill. Only when she can milk it for pity points of course.

No. 1020705

I bet you it’s a condition due to her fatness kek

No. 1020720

File: 1597046307776.jpg (1.14 MB, 809x2646, Screenshot_20200810-085745_Ins…)

The amount of labels she had decided to use is insane

No. 1020731

I thought she meant size 85 lmao

No. 1020735

File: 1597049651830.jpeg (143.2 KB, 670x461, F900A7CD-7878-411B-8D27-050B87…)


Holy fuckin kek that chest piece

No. 1020744

>dietician and personal trainer
I read this and thought, there is nothing less likely than this woman suffering anorexia, and then she got to
>died multiple times

No. 1020746

this bitch has every sad backstory at once apparently. i think anyone else would be dead by now but that extra 400 pounds of weight must’ve kept her afloat during all these hard time

No. 1020753

File: 1597057802420.jpg (717.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200810-120956_Ins…)

These people always want money

No. 1020761

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that level of obesity be putting her life at severe risk if she really does have cirrhosis? I know hepatitis which she also claims to have is a cause of cirrhosis, so it was probably caused by the hepatitis rather than her weight, but surely she must be putting unnecessary strain on her liver at this size.

No. 1020762

yeah being obese is as dangerous to the liver as being an alcoholic

No. 1020775

All the conditions listed are either a direct result of her obesity and/or would be made more manageable by losing weight. In other words, she's disabled because she's morbidly obese.

>bUt iM mOrE tHaN a SiZe 28 AnOn

Yet the consequences of being a size 28 dictate her quality of life and disability, interesting…

No. 1020783


Samefagging to add that the three liver issues are most likely a result of non-alcoholic fatty liver (unless she's also a heavy drinker). PCOS, lipedema and hypothyroidism aren't inherently a result of obesity (example: Marilyn Monroe had PCOS and was never fat) but obesity definitely makes them worse. Fibromyalgia is the only one that isn't a direct result of obesity but regular exercise can make it easier to manage… which she obviously isn't getting as a deathfat.

No. 1020799

File: 1597075482619.jpg (667.51 KB, 810x2057, Screenshot_20200810-170437_Ins…)

Obesity is a slur

No. 1020806

Well, since she already does extreme stuff like fire breathing and sword swallowing, she could put her fat to good use and expand her repertoire by also becoming a pin cushion.

No. 1020829

it's always completely non-oppressed white people crying about how random words they don't like are slurs. like girl just because you grew up on tumblr, get dirty looks from strangers for taking up fifteen seats on any form of transportation, and have a fragile ego doesn't mean any words you choose can become 'slurs'

No. 1020874

the waist shoop is…I have no words

No. 1020877

Proof that Marilyn had PCOs?

No. 1020889


Got mixed up with her endometriosis diagnosis, sorry. Point still stands in that losing weight helps with PCOS.

No. 1020942

File: 1597097674040.jpg (1 MB, 810x1933, Screenshot_20200810-170302_Ins…)

No. 1020970

this literally looks like a deep fried meme

No. 1020971

I know that sometimes disability helps people become obese, but I just don't get loving yourself when you're too fat to walk or stand. Life is so much better being thin enough to exist healthily. Just stop eating so much!

No. 1020979

I thought she was missing her right leg. I'm not skinny and I'm working to lose weight, but I can't imagine letting myself get this bad just because.

No. 1021019


She's dying of some liver condition. She's supposed to be dead by now according to her own calculations.


Also claims to have been anorexic for most of her life. Sure Jan.

No. 1021020


Fibro is also generally given as a diagnosis of last resort when there's no obvious physical cause for the pain reported. Guess what causes pain but Lilith doesn't want to acknowledge? Being massively overweight.

No. 1021021


From the lack of anything mentioned or tagged, I think her disability IS her obesity. She's literally eaten herself into being mobility impaired and still thinks you can be "healthy at every size".

No. 1021099

File: 1597123042931.jpg (108.12 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20200811_011557.jpg)


apparently instagram suspended them without an explanation

No. 1021111

When she posted that one story with her sitting naked on the bed, for safety since Instagram couldn’t tell what was a genital or nipple they nuked her kek

Tho tbh I’m shocked I have no idea why she’d be banned

No. 1021140

File: 1597132591163.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x2741, Screenshot_20200811-085639_Ins…)

No. 1021142

File: 1597133435015.jpg (454.54 KB, 810x1241, Screenshot_20200811-091049_Ins…)

Guess the body part

No. 1021145

Holy shit, spoiler this please.

No. 1021171

Wait so she's from Portugal? What the hell was the "indigenous" thing about here >>1020514 then? Indigenous Portuguese?

No. 1021173

>ED death rates are higher than obesity death rates
Is that even true, though? Heart disease is the #1 cause of death globally, and obesity is a huge risk factor for it.

Is it.. an armpit? Please tell me anon, I’ve been staring at this picture for too long and can’t tell,

No. 1021188

Trick question, is blobfish.

No. 1021211


Tbf I don't have an answer, she just labelled it "flesh".
When you're that fat, all the rolls look the same

No. 1021212

File: 1597151960930.jpg (307.01 KB, 1037x1567, Screenshot_20200811-141920_Ins…)


No. 1021292


ED death rates are probably a lot higher for killing younger people so it depends on your point of view. I'd rathe croak as a fatass at 50 than starve myself to death before 30.

No. 1021300



No. 1021369


Tell that to the 28 year olds dying of heart attacks and diabetes complications as a result of childhood obesity continuing into adulthood.

No. 1021410

File: 1597180384604.jpg (479.13 KB, 810x1550, Screenshot_20200811-142403_Ins…)

Mystery body part round two

No. 1021424

hey every fold is an ass crack if you look hard enough

No. 1021433

Might be basque

No. 1021434

File: 1597182313442.jpg (29.28 KB, 981x775, L3-bibendum-the-michelin-man-7…)

Same energy.
I still can't wrap my head around why people would do this to themselves. Being fat is one thing but being a morbidly obese burden to society takes some money and time.

No. 1021456

Nah according to the article she's from the Azores, very far from Basque country (which afaik only covers parts of Spain and France anyway?). I think she's just trying to claim every oppression point she thinks she can get away with.

No. 1021510

I can’t unsee this lol

No. 1021604


Is the answer "David Cronenberg"?



No. 1021838

File: 1597250992215.jpg (873.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200812-171921_Ins…)

She claims to be a successful model but yet begs for money

No. 1022464

Lmfao French/Spanish people are white

No. 1022471

And Basque people aren't French/Spanish (well, I guess there are arguments to be had there but this is in no way the place for them), they're Basque. Still white, but they are an indigenous group within the region.

But anyway, this is totally irrelevant because the girl in question clearly isn't Basque or any other sort of indigenous. Discounting the very small chance that she's the child of South American immigrants to Portugal, she's a Portuguese woman who knew that nobody in America would question her using the label of "indigenous" alongside the technically correct "Latinx". Which is pretty fucking gross if you ask me.

No. 1022493

kek always the way.

are you american? because only yanks talk about redundancies like this with ethnicity. Basque people are white and from western europe, namely france/spain. Stop.

No. 1022690

File: 1597374459076.png (386.14 KB, 654x460, Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 04.0…)

Here's unfunny comedian and unhappy "Happy Fat" activist Sofie Hagen explaining why you should engage more with her social media over non fat peoples' while also comparing being fat online to being black. A classy move from Sofie, like the previous classy move where she got a major cancer charity to pull their campaign about obesity increasing cancer risk. Facts Bad! Promoting Sofie Good!

No. 1022719


This white woman is not only comparing being fat with being Black as if her weight alone made her an oppressed minority based on an immutable characteristic like race, she also is saying her followers should follow more Black people because they are not "conventionally attractive".

No. 1022743


Look who I found complaining about her own fat self being censored by Instagram in the comments!


No. 1022744


I love covert racism from online activists. Like when they mix in the issue of poverty and obesity with race and obesity and say some hilariously offensive shit under the guise of wokeness.

For example, we have this:
>Rich people oppress poor people by causing them to be fat!
And this:
>White people oppress black people!
And we mix them together to make this:
>White people are rich and black people are poor and fat!

But it's okay because they truly think they're helping. They honestly thing that saying, 'hey, it's okay that you're poor. And fat. And ugly. And too stupid to understand nutrition. You can't help it. Eating fried chicken and drinking soda by the gallon is your culture. Being fit and rich and beautiful is just a thing for white people. What's that, you don't think you're ugly? Sure you are, you deviate from something we call eurocentric beauty norms. But it's okay, so do I! I'm fat! Sure, I could just lose the weight and go back to being somewhat normal looking, and you don't have that option since you'll always be black, but we're the same thing! Fight the power!'

Obesity really does make your brain smaller, holy shit.

No. 1022812

Oh god this SJW timeline has really made me hate the word “folks”

No. 1022918

god, this fat cunt has been doing this shit for YEARS. ever since she got a blue tick on twitter she thinks she's hot shit. she also does the whole 'fatphobia is just as bad if not worse than racism/homophobia/etc' shit CONSTANTLY, despite being a white woman who lives comfortably and faces no form of oppression other than the bullying she gets for being a giant pile of lard. she's the fucking worst tbh

No. 1022931

File: 1597427854174.jpg (882.11 KB, 1079x1809, Screenshot_20200814-181846_Ins…)


So dramatic

No. 1022969

man I thought this was some ironic shitpost of >>1021838

No. 1023151

Another garden variety Deathfat


> Tess Holiday inspired me!

Lots of fatter girls I know were also inspired by Tess Holiday, but weren't inspired to become as fat as her, just to stop feeling down about their bodies.

> trolls say I'm going to die early

You doctor will say the exact same thing, is he a troll? Oh, no just a fatphobe I guess.

No. 1023184

File: 1597462537599.png (282.1 KB, 828x733, Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 04.3…)

You can't get your ear infection treated because you're 200lbs over the weight limit on the hospital table? That doesn't sound very COMFY to me, ComfyFat.

(Apologies for double post!)

No. 1023241

But it's the medical industry being fatphobic by not providing reinforced tables!


Maybe our fatty can go to the zoo vet and use the large animal facilities?

No. 1023248

File: 1597478205543.jpg (454.62 KB, 810x2168, 20200815_085643.jpg)

No. 1023250

File: 1597478362065.jpg (636.92 KB, 810x2406, Screenshot_20200815-085922_Sam…)

So the Matheson article doesn't even claim that. Fatties will do anything to justify their way of life

No. 1023273

Anyone who uses the "BMI isn't accurate" excuse (which they will inevitably drag muscular people into if questioned) is just massively coping. Just because BMI isn't accurate for The Rock doesn't mean it isn't a good indicator that most bopo instagrammers are unhealthily overweight

No. 1023360

sorry for BMI sperg but it’s accurate when measuring under and overweight. It does not tell anything about the average weighted person’s health.

No. 1023368


None of the people arguing against BMI are average

No. 1023435

Honestly this is pretty fucked up.

No. 1023496

it's fucked up when people have to pay thousands out of pocket for things like insulin with the other alternative being to slip into a coma and die, or to have to choose between chemotherapy and lifelong debt. on the other hand, you can't complain about how you have to pay your local hospital to find a way to accommodate you and your immense load of body fat after not only choosing to be so overwhelmingly obese, but making your obesity your entire personality. this shit is on her and her alone

No. 1023559


Indeed. Paraplegic people often can't get onto the exam table either because the hospital doesn't accommodate them but the difference is Jay could choose to change her situation but won't because she's drunk the FA Kool Aid.

No. 1023995

Honestly you should have so many health problems as an adult. Also their size isn’t normalized for a reason. Being morbidly obese is a death sentence.

No. 1024218

They are fucking idiots aren’t they? They will outright admit that a persons race affects their physical attractiveness. Like no if someone’s in peak physical fitness or even just average they are of course far more attractive to someone who struggles to get off their back. Even a racist would think so. The only people who want to fuck death fats Over anyone else are honestly borderline psychopaths, they enjoy seeing A person helpless and struggling.

No. 1024219

Just give up and perish already

No. 1024221

Why are fat bitches Like this so mean and aggressive and stupid? Ob*sity really does rot your brain huh.

No. 1024223

is tess holiday allowed to be posted here?

No. 1024346

Im pretty sure BED (binge eating disorder) is considered an ED. 2/3 of people with BED are clinically obese. (Though most people who are obese arent diagosed with BED).
Also with quick google it says 2% of people in america have BED, that this number is more than the number of people with annorexia and bulimia combined making it the most common type of ED.
(according to waldeneatingdisorders)

No. 1024525

Yes of course

No. 1024799


There's a huge difference between a 30 year old woman with multiple health problems who weighs 150lbs and a 30 year old woman with multiple health problems who weighs 300lbs.

Most likely the latter woman could stabilise her health by losing weight. T2 Diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, high cholesterol, all become more manageable or disappear entirely with weight loss.

No. 1025032

File: 1597743150877.png (477.86 KB, 1289x1122, lyinghippo.png)

small drama surrounding the strawberry dress. she lied about being on any worst dressed list.
it's crazy that she needs to find anyway to victimize herself for being a fat lazy bitch.

No. 1025169

she probably used that stolen charity money to buy the strawberry dress lol

No. 1025245

Being fat is her only victim card. She's gotta use it until she loses a limb or has a heart attack. I mean she's 35 now

No. 1025251

why is she acting as if the 3 people who wrote those lists = people on instagram

also yes, tess, you were badly dressed because this dress doesnt compliment your body type. its like a good dress can look like shit if it's worn by someone whose body proportions arent fit for that dress.

midi skirts are cute but if a girl with long torso/short leg wore them it would look bad. same thing but with this she can cry fatphobia.

No. 1025352

ot, but now I see that dress trending everywhere. Anyone know what's going on?

No. 1025373

Sage but the Nytimes did a piece on the dress, allegedly it falls into the cutesy “cottage core” trend that a lot of girls are into now: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/18/style/strawberry-dress-tiktok-instagram-who-designed-where-to-get.html

Not my personal jam but I do think the dress is cute and has a nice cut. It didn’t fit properly on Tess though.

No. 1025441

Tess looks like a pincushion in it

No. 1026255

File: 1597956499256.jpeg (172.97 KB, 1024x1024, 5C6C0B31-4FDE-4E5A-BCF2-4191E8…)

The now even fatter bombus has resurrected and I couldn’t be happier! (only if Feebs came back of course)

No. 1026258

File: 1597956622566.png (3.15 MB, 828x1792, 82DC0EDE-7091-4CB6-BA0F-C49337…)

Excuse the double post but I must share her ~TRIGGER WARNING~ struggles with food. Stay away from it if you don’t “feel safe”, that’ll do you a world of good.

No. 1026427


Somehow I'm sure she's "safe" with a multipack of crisps and a 2L bottle of pop. She's just scared of vegetables.

No. 1026739

File: 1598038680668.jpeg (708.49 KB, 861x1274, 67532570-7447-42B3-93A2-3BCD16…)

No. 1026740

File: 1598038707187.jpeg (664.63 KB, 893x1307, 1F67C317-5521-4173-B7D4-F9BBE1…)

No. 1026746

File: 1598039311042.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 1E57087B-FD32-45D2-8A89-800DFA…)

You shouldn’t like your body like this bc you’re fucking killing it

No. 1026749

I wonder if that's how husbean feels about her

No. 1026777

lmao at this old lady getting this fat bitch to waddle down the stairs several times a day. I bet she's trying to help her get some exercise. based granny

No. 1026822

I hadn't noticed before now and I might be wrong, but have we ever even seen this bitch wear clothing? All of her pics are either super zoomed in on her face, or show her laying around naked?

Also did I miss a pic of her husband or does she legit never post him? I need to know what sort of man is enabling this shit.

Its not like other deathfats where you're like "maybe they're attractive under all the weight, their face isn't completely ruined yet" - this bombus bitch would be grotesque no matter what the fuck she tried.

Legit one of the ugliest bio women I've ever seen, and her personality seems just as ugly? How the fuck was there a guy willing to date her long distance then move her to the US when they married?

No. 1026825

Being kind to yourself would be losing weight and not killing yourself.

No. 1026826

i swear i've seen him posted somewhere and he looks normal and he's average size (probably a feeder). i'd go for a deep dive through her ig to post a pic but i can't stomach her posts

No. 1026841

He's in this thread a few times, definitely normal looking. But still nerdy enough that you can't be sure if it's a fetish or just desperation.

No. 1026890


Yes her body does need kindness, especially her heart, joints, and liver which are undoubtedly working overtime. FA encourages platitudes like this which mean the person needs to do no work whatsoever, so being kind = just accepting yourself as you are no matter how terribly you are harming yourself by remaining so fat.

No. 1026950

Forget clothing, her face takes up so much space you can't even tell she has hair most of the time.

No. 1026976

Her husband is from the UK not US. But yes, the sentiment still remains…If she stays in the UK, her Self inflicted obsesity and health problems will be putting more pressure on the national health service which is funded by taxes, I believe she’s also on benefits (state support) even though she clearly chooses not to work