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File: 1507852531650.jpg (83.83 KB, 474x553, ss (2017-10-12 at 07.54.27).jp…)

No. 402749

New thread

old one >>326344

Drac Makens
And any other altcow

No. 402758

File: 1507852826079.png (907.66 KB, 1350x654, angela.png)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP2fVM-Nm5o I really liked Angela Benedict's new video and talking about these kinds of things is pretty relevant and interesting, but it's also a shame at this point that it has to be a common topic

No. 402760

Her room looks fucking vile. Probably no floor space to walk on and it's covered in filth.

No. 403704

girl can't afford a pregnancy test but can buy heroin…
she genuinely scares me. mentally and physically she is fucked up. she needs to be looked after…

No. 403718

She really is fucked up, somebody needs to help her… she NEEDS therapy and she needs it ASAP, I fear she is going to die suddenly very soon with all of these freak outs and mental problems and drugs!
I'm not even joking, of herbandalter really scares me too

No. 403728

I don't disagree with everything she says but you can't deny she is definitely a huge snob

No. 403756

ngl, I'd rather watch the videos of a well-dressed snob than another haul video for someone too lazy to try on the clothes or clean their room.

No. 404103

Yeah, it's scary. It seems like the parents are sort of ignoring the situation. She had to call the ambulance herself after having a seizure, etc. I think it's pretty obvious that something is wrong with her. I don't know why someone doesn't step in, if not the parents, then the other family members. :/

No. 404104

Also her and therapy - she mentioned having been to a therapist not that long ago, but unfortunately, it wasn't a good experience (for example, the therapist sent confidential info in such a way that anyone could read it). So she doesn't trust therapists anymore and won't go voluntarily anytime soon.

No. 404182

That's just another symptom of her paranoia, showing intense distrust towards therapists and people who want to help her.
I honestly think she needs to get committed to a mental institution, I know that shit isn't nice at all, but I really don't think she can live alone at home without some serious supervision!

No. 404350

Hm, I kinda get that she distrusts therapists, especially after having a bad experience, but then she lets someone who could have killed her back into her life (OK, we don't know if that poisoning story was true or not, but something about is very suspicious at least). It makes me angry that she doesn't get the help she needs and instead surrounds herself with strange individuals :(

No. 404557

Adora BatBrat's new song and music video. OMG, what is this. It's absolutely terrible. And is she serious with those lyrics? My ears, eyes & brain are bleeding now.

No. 404620


This isn't the cam show I paid for.

No. 404800

File: 1508194986467.gif (174.02 KB, 300x300, 1506360845423.gif)

She's really the only goth youtuber i watch (i liked blackfriday when i met her and her husband at wtg, but her videos don't interest me). I think people who take "poser" seriously are extremely childish though. Like, who actually cares. If someone called me a poser, i wouldn't give it a second thought.

Can't help but think she really hates tt, judging from these videos. Which is great.
Pic related
I'd be super embarassed to let people listen to this. But of course her fans are sucking her clit.

No. 404833

Is this seriously a song about raping someone? And is she supposed to be the rapist? WTF?

No. 404837

maybe it's because I also follow the munchie thread, but dorian could just as easily be making himself sick.

No. 405027

Kaya unboxing a horror movies box when she doesn't watch horror movies. Seems legit. Free stuff whore is at it again

No. 405031

Noooooo, stop with the boxes already.

No. 405065

File: 1508251017082.jpg (14.94 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Pic related.

No. 405155

Wait does she say somewhere that she doesn't like them?

No. 405175

Oh my, this retard again.

No. 405176

Considering she has virtually no hobbies or interests outside of clothes or makeup and has never talked about anything but those things

No. 405178

She says "I'm not a huge classic horror movie buff", which I'd translate as "I watched a few horror movies once". Doesn't seem to really be a fan, so the merch in that box is wasted on her once again.

No. 405249


'I don't have any friends to watch them with' Like that's a reason for not seeing any ever.

No. 405345

Christ on a cracker… TT has NO INTEREST in anything remotely related to goth music, horror movies, or anything darkly inclined. She only likes Harry Potter (fluff shit) and teenybopper faux horror shit you see at Hot Topic. I have second hand embarrasement for her…

No. 405357

You don't have to tell me ;) Tell that to that idiot who keeps asking these same questions ("Wait, where exactly did she say that?") every time anything related to TT is brought up. It's seriously getting pathetic. I wonder what she'll transcribe for us now. Probably something that proves that TT has seen at least one horror movie in her lifetime and that means we're all lying. Except not. Yawn.

No. 405620

File: 1508361075403.png (402.18 KB, 516x488, goff.png)

I cringed so hard when Kaya said she doesn't know much about classic horror movies.
She doesn't listen to goth music or watches horror movies so what drew her to the gothic lifestyle she lives in the first place?

No. 405623

attention and those sweet, sweet youtube dollars

No. 405630

i mean does she actually really like anything besides harry potter?

No. 405652

Wasn't she originally into the whole "cyber goth" scene, yah kno back when she was actually skinny? Isn't that how she started with her internet fame?

No. 405674

Because everyone wants a "big tiddy goth gf"
It's trendy now.

No. 405778

She was cyber goth. Only reason she came back famous was from her what not to say to goths video.
Most cyber goths go on to pastel crap and call themselves goth -_-

Why can’t altnerate come back?

No. 405800

Damn she gave herself a weird head shape with the pink haircolor.

Guess she also liked it visually for a while, but that's about it? I feel like she's still keeping the "goth" image around just so she doesn't lose her popularity, otherwise I'm pretty sure she'd have ditched it a long time ago.

I don't follow her on Instagram, only on Tumblr, but seriously she never posts anything too personal? Like, it's fine she doesn't have to, but it makes her less interesting and I'm sure there are others who don't feel like going to youtube just to watch a 10min video of her talking.

No. 405885

Her head shape reminds me of Frankenstein's monster. Not a good look.

No. 406016

It's not really a waste when shes promoting it. This is the only real reason she receives shit like this… because she has a 'internet presence' which is basically… the only thing she has. lmao.

No. 406118

Cybergoth in the sense that she wore cyberlox and owned a couple of Cyberdog items. She didn't like EDM/Industrial/Electronica etc. She's never been to a rave, or festival or anything like that.
Her cybergoth persona was just as shallow as her current one, I assure you.

No. 406221

wtf then what DOES she like about goth? Or anything alternative

No. 406252

The YouTube popularity and bux it brings her.

No. 406284

honestly I could see a short haircut working on her but this poor pink fuss with those long strand of black hair make her look like a balding native american man

What the fuck is this shit, look like a parody song, and the shitty clip, it's a real trainwreck

No. 406316

File: 1508504232894.jpg (23.19 KB, 374x552, 20909ff24e37f7837903f94c0b5495…)


this is all I see from that screenshot, tbh

No. 406342


I doubt she's seen that movie too.

No. 406576

File: 1508541686436.png (284.01 KB, 571x319, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.1…)

This would have to be the biggest lol cow. Cashing in on youtubers. This chick is pathetic. Did anyone see the haunt furniture haul? She's one big steak knife commercial. Ugh and she's so LAME!!! MY bag? Another metal freak wanting to get into goth. It's so cringey. I wish these metal chicks would just fuck off. I noticed there were a few bags that haven't been made because she's a dodgy bitch.

No. 406582

OH MY GOD. And the title? Goth to Basic White Girl Transformation | Black Friday

BASIC WHITE GIRL??????????????

Freya you're a first class fuckwit. Not only is it elitist, but racist and holier than thou. Another shameful video that represents goths in a poor light.

When is she going to just fuck off!

No. 406583

What I find quite pathetic is Black Friday's latest video. Again, trying to portray herself as better than anyone else. Those pathetic Starbucks Instagram model posers, right? We're so, so much better than them. Blah blah blah. No preacher is bothering me now. What a surprise. Blah blah blah. I finally feel normal, except I miss the preacher bothering me. Blah blah blah.

No. 406584

OH MY GOD. And the title? Goth to Basic White Girl Transformation | Black Friday

BASIC WHITE GIRL??????????????

Freya you're a first class fuckwit. Not only is it elitist, but racist and holier than thou. Another shameful video that represents goths in a poor light.

When is she going to just fuck off!

No. 406585

SHe's white. Come on, don't be such a butthurt white person and learn to laugh at yourself.

No. 406587

If IBF didn't 'adapt' the goth makeup and 'look' she would be the most boring mainstream looking person on the planet. If she didn't have her makeup, she'd never leave the house. Freya you are the worst. Shallow, mean and downright egotistical. You're not that bright. Being an internet personality isn't that admirable. Shaming 'normal' looking people is really low. Yea, be nice to each other. What a bitch.

No. 406588

I don't think her video is racist, but it's quite stupid, and her "better than anyone else" card starts to get extremely irritating.

No. 406591

God she's so average. I think this video only highlights how much she loves the attention when dressed goth. It's really annoying to know that you're only dressing to get attention. The hyocrisy of someone 'being true to yourself' - then let others dress how they want. Who are you to judge if people wear blue denim or whatever else they buy in stores. The youtube thing is definitley going to her head and to be honest, hte content wasn't even that entertaining or amusing. It was just slamming other normal looking people. I'd love to meet her in person and tell her to her face what I really think. She'd probably cry and say people were picking on her or worse 'discriminating' against her because of the way she looked. Isn't that what she thrives on? Being accepted? I can only keep thinking of her crying when she got removed from places in paris. What planet is she on? Oh, people aren't looking at me… I don't feel comfortable in these clothes. Total ego maniac.

No. 406593

Another embarrassing moment for the goth community.

No. 406597

DId anyone see this video about TT being a snob to people on the street in her autumn video? Calling people junkies and filiming it. Youtubers who think their shit doesn't stink.

No. 406599

Avelina has always been like that though: well before Facebook was a thing and she was just a MySpace whore.
She left the internet for awhile and then popped back trying to bring her band back to life. Now she makes bags for “big goth” youtubers to try and boost her numbers back up again and “be someone”

No. 406602

Have you noticed she keeps changing her website info to the enth degree as well? there was at one point information like IBF gets 25% of the profit from the bags. that isn't there anymore. i bet you she got her assed kicked or freya (because she's a dumbass) probably asked for a bigger cut. the whole thing is so tacky. ugh and her instagram is so bogan!

No. 406604

anyone notice her purposely covering her gut when she revealed herself? I couldn't help but crack up.
>I look heinous
no you don't freya. you look fine. shut the fuck up. you did a better flattering makeup job than you usually do.

No. 406607

she actually looks so much smaller in this outfit than her usual over the top goth outfits

No. 406610

I think she got rid of the profit thing so people couldn’t work out how much money she was making and how much Friday was getting for doing literally nothing.
Have to remember, she sold out of the first lot and is now on a second lot. That’s quite a bit when each bag is over $130 and the first 50 bags were just the cost.
Think the first lot was over 150 and the second round is higher.

Would love someone to actually figure this out and see how much she’s made riding Friday’s fame and how much Friday made for doing nothing

No. 406611

Pissed me off too, junkies because they laughed at her… yeah OK, no it's because you look daft.

No. 406613

So you with the middle aged body, decided to buy clothes that dont even fit you size or shape.
Decided to still overline your lips in the worst 80's glamrock shape,
Decided that anyone who doesnt dress in the tackiest of 'goth' clothes, draws on their eyebrows with a sharpie or wear lashes so dense they hang off is basically a basic bitch cretin you see in the Mean Girls movie that you magically have all figured out.

All this aside you still wanna stay on that high horse.
I havent seen this much entitlement from her since she cried because security guards didnt want her in a graveyard even though she was fucking vlogging….AROUND OTHER PEOPLES DEAD RELATIVES AND LOVED ONES YET SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO CRY ABOUT IT.

(I fucking hate people in different subculters who so openly sneer at just the sight of normie culture yet has the balls to ask to be respected by the general public. Fuck off back to where you came from you twat)

No. 406617

The BF profit thing is still on the website. Not sure what or where it was changed from? It’s definitely still there though

My mistake.
They need 75 bag pre orders to cover the manufacturing costs.
Does this mean all bags after that are profit?

It’s says only 350 bags will be made at 139.95AUD each and she’s almost all sold out.
I’m bad at math, but if you take the 75 out of the 350 that are almost sold out it leaves
275 bags worth of profit and at 139.95 each she will be making a total 38.4k and lardass Friday gets 25% of that :/
She’s getting almost 28k Australian for doing nothing.
Is this right?
If so, no wonder she’s making shitty YouTube content these days, that’s IF her lazy ass can be bother to release any videos.
Whatever happened to 2 videos aweek?

No. 406629

Either way the cost of those bags that are most likely make in china might only be $20. That's still a pretty big profit margin. They both have to pay tax on that income anyway which wouid take a huge chunk. Also Even 28k as a salary in AUD is pretty low. It's all the coat tailing and social climbing that makes my stomach turn.

No. 406632

28k is a low income salary here. She’s getting a years salary for literally doing NOTHING. At all.
Her content isn’t gettin any better and she can’t even keep up with her saying of 2 videos per week!

No. 406633

This is actual milk however i had to speed up the video because this woman was taking way too long to get a sentence out.


No. 406637

The arugement would be that doing nothing comes from 'years' of making video to gain fame. It's only 4 years. It's not really a career. As you said, the content is dwindling and it will just be content about annual festivals which are the same year in year out, walking around cities which if you have traavelled is pretty dull content and making frappucinos or showing off those hideous nails in more hauls. Its probably the most money she's made in one go in her life, but life is long. it's not that impressive.

No. 406638

she's right but dang is that one cringey mallgoth outfit.

No. 406645

Avelina will advertise what she thinks people need to know. TT I see is no longer making a bag. Probably because she's friends with ReeRee and they both canned her. Ree Ree didn't get a cent from those bags and now they're on sale for 25% off. Avelina is so dodgy. She just says bags are cancelled. More like other people are dumb enough to make her social climb easier with marketing rather than being authentic. Her C section video took the cake. Extreme personalised videos doesn't make you more interesting or in touch with people. You've just given away anything thats personal. Such web whores.

No. 406722

what's this chick called again? her face freaks me the fuck out, it never ends

No. 406774

File: 1508561761696.jpeg (63.66 KB, 704x240, image.jpeg)

scrolling through the comments on Friday's transformation video I saw a lot of comments like this and if people were questioning why she was being so rude to normies when goths complain about being talked down to her followers attacked them. I swear to god, it's like they're a hive mind and if you criticize anything about IBF they need to come to mother bat's rescue.
anyways I picked this particular comment because I think it's pretty ironic that they brought up the case that IBF had the debacle with.

No. 406785

Average age group of followers and literacy - 12.

No. 406794

The whole 'mama bat' thing is just pathetic. She's a BABY bat at best. This idol worship bs is so insulting to elders. Especially those from the 80s. Just goes to show how little respect there is for the orignators.

No. 406855

those poor kid with the " if someone from this group is mean toward me, every one of them is mean !!!!!"
friday make me sad too, this ott makeup when she have this pretty face like a renaissance painting. She should do a video where she go from ott to casual goth, but her fans will say that her normal look is better because they want to lick her butt

No. 406856

Nah she sounds like a fat goth housewife in her mid 40s. They all spell like shit online and often capitalize each word in their sentences.

No. 406857

Did Ree come out and accuse Avelina of not paying her royalties? I unsubbed from Ave videos because she is so materialistic and greedy. I dont give a damn about purses, jewelry, furniture hauls. I just wanna watch goth festivals and bands, which is why I like watching IBF.

No. 406858

Also Ave said she has new purse collabs with Dre and Mahafsoun. It feels so gross to me how shes using all these youtubers to make money off their names.

No. 406860

I watched the IBF transform video last night. TBH she could have just used her own regular plain face without putting on makeup to play Basic White Girl. Im not offended by how she talked in the video, I feel like she was trying to relate to her alt viewers on that OMG I WOULD NEVER WEAR THAT shtick.. I know yall like to rag on her looks but I like her Elvira makeup and fancy goth dresses, they really suit her well. However I wonder if she feels trapped having to look and dress like this every singie day. Id rather have the freedom to switch up styles and fashion everyday wuth a variety of colors and aesthetics.

No. 406861

Genuinely wondering how IBF got so Youtube famous anyway? I've no idea how she started out and what made her so popular…

No. 406894

This is the first video of hers i saw. It's what made me sub to her. But unfortunately i dont care for her new content.

No. 406906

I miss Mister Owl

No. 407085

Can't be bothered to watch but from the thumbnail it looks like late 20's tryhard goth to early 40's mama with a drinking problem. Seriously, did she purposefully make the "basic white girl" picture look like shit or is she just not ageing well?

No. 407122

All that clown paint is fucking with her skin evidently

No. 407132

File: 1508619341372.jpg (116.88 KB, 1200x902, fucking lol.jpg)

On the topoc of TT and her Bf being goth, they always came across as emo/scene to me which is ironic as I got the impression they dont like scene/goth

I also had to double take this picture to figure out who was who kek

saged just in case

No. 407139

yea jake always looked emo whilst kaya was/is mall goth

No. 407160

jake's make up is better lol

No. 407422

Jake looks like an even trashier 2008 jeffree star here, thats an impressive feat

No. 407507

>I got thrown out of a church because the people there thought I looked disrespectful because of my clothing style, I can't believe people still stereotype goth people to be satanic and bad people cry cry I feel so discriminated against, people are so judgemental against me just because of the way I look and the way I dress! Be nice to people who don't look like you do!

>Let me make an entire video dedicated towards stereotyping and judging other people based on the way they look and the way they dress! Normie white girls are pathetic, boring and wanna be soooo special but they're so not! Haha regular people like starbucks and jeans, such basic bitches, I don't like what other people like! Stereotyping people badly is totally fun and satirical as long as it's not against me!

I feel like rule number 1 for spreading a message of not wanting to be stereotyped and discriminated against for your style, is to not stereotype and discriminate other people for their styles either!
She could easily have made this entire video without having to constantly almost make gag noises at everything "normal" white girls like. She could just have dressed up normally without trying to bring other people down just so she can sit on her special snowflake pedestal.

Sage for rant.

No. 407579

True that.

No. 407667

for some reason what got me too was she had to go out of her way to say Starbucks pumpkin spice doesn't taste good too

No. 407691

I don't know how old she is but she comes across as a try hard twelve year old with how desperate she is to prove that she's so unique and different
Eg. 'do I look like everyone else does now'
Does she not have anything else going for her other than wearing all black lol

No. 407884

No. 407997


I saw her FB post and the comments are full of people going "fucking normies reeeeeee" inbetween asspats.

You were being a cunt Freya. Own it.

No. 408045

Looks like she has fresh cum on her lips.

No. 408052


Perhaps if she had a real job and had to tone it down, she'd think otherwise.

No. 408056

I loved how she kept saying 'she doesn't know how to dress like that' or 'i don't know what a valley girl is' or 'it was just a joke' and referring to the video as 'basic girl' video. NO you called it basic bitch. Just like 'if the viewers don't know what that is, you should google it' - it's a thing…. like that justifies the condescension. THEN making it all about her having to 'deal' with negative comments in such a short period of time and how 'her' head has been in a bad place… then wrapping it up with another 'mystery' project that will never see the light of day because freya always has 'new and exciting things planned for her channel'. What a crock of shit. Face it freya you just insulted a WHOLE load of buzzfeed viewers that you have painstakingly click baited and accumulated who incidentally are NOT GOTH anyway, so you are just kissing their ass with this pathetic video to repent because you don't want to lose subscribers. My favourite was the comment 'or maybe it was because in real life i'm actually a really nice person and this video was a stark contrast to that'. OMG please feed this cow some more cud. The whole coy 'I just didn't know better' act is really lame and not convincing at all. Have a nice day Freya.

No. 408069

I actually laughed when she said "I've had real jobs before"

picking fruit and working as a glorified babysitter. sah legit

No. 408113

wait, what happened with avelina, reeree and tt?

No. 408115

yeah, she could have done the same video without the nastiness and still made it interesting by talking about the different reactions she experienced when dressed differently.

No. 408158

Back pedal much IBF!

No. 408369

kek another boring fashion haul from TT where once again she only tries on the clothes that aren't so fitted

No. 408671

File: 1508827265625.png (1010.47 KB, 1439x1265, 20171024_004007.png)

I just watched this video. This girl is super embarrassing.
> in high school we judged eachother based on looks and didn't talk about music
> edgar allan poe and flappers were goths!

No. 408689

Amy also had some words for Kaya in the comments of that video.

No. 408749

File: 1508848624009.png (1.27 MB, 1136x640, IMG_6774.PNG)

I thought they were her ears! Almost dropped my phone from laughing so hard

No. 408754

Oh god, it's HelloBatty. She went total social justice these days and talks about her race non-stop. She buys a lot of "spooky" sweet lolita prints and yet wants to be a spokesperson on goth.

No. 408767

What is with these altcows and their need to be so over the top looking to the point of looking like damn anime caricatures? TT and Hello Batty don't even look like sane people. You can be "goth" (or whatever they are…since it sure as hell ain't goth) and not look like an escapee from a mental asylum…

No. 408768

cause they want to look like uwu spooky animu goffic princesses. tbh girls who are weebs tend to look like weebs no matter what they wear.

No. 408773

Nothing about her looks goth, she looks like straight up tumblr vomit

No. 408775

esp since none of them even go to clubs or concerts or events so they just dress up to sit at their computers all day

No. 408779

Kaya's style is actually atrocious these days.

No. 408807

But she listened to the queen of the damned soundtrack!!
I don't get people that label themselves as goth, a music based subculture, then get mad when people call them out

No. 408834

People like TT who dress to the nines/OTT "goth" are insecure 99% of the time, it's like a mask or a front: "I look SO goth on the outside no one will DARE question my gothiness" it's why she's also trying to decorate her house gothic (and Avelina for that matter, who is straight up metal head) It reminds me of that retarded "so goth I'm dead" slogan Killstar were plastering on their tat, like if you're truly goth you don't need to wear something that literally says it - it just screams try hard wannabe

No. 408881


You only have to look at her terrible 'spooky girl' merchandise to know she's a try hard.

No. 408889

File: 1508867582517.jpg (344.54 KB, 1436x1365, Screenshot_20171024-114840.jpg)

Not goths, but does anyone else hate punks who worship '77 and sid and nancy? I follow this one girl on ig and she reminds me of a pogo punk luna slater.
> I'm not trying to be like nancy!
> trys to be exactly like nancy
> brags about railing coke
> brags about bpd
> ebegs
> begs for people to bring her cigarettes in exchange for whiskey
> breaks up with and gets back together with her loser boyfriends every few days
> sleeping a married man
> is 16
Pic related
I had to look up the ost, because i dont personally like Anne Rice and never had a desire to watch the film. It's almost all nu-metal, one of the objectively worst genres. Yikes.
> i cant lose weight!!
> pile of candy
At least black Friday admits her weight is due to her diet and lack of exercise.
What is her race? I know tons of mexican and black goths and punks and none of us bring up our race. We talk about music and our other interests. You know, like normal people. I'm sure racism is more prominent in other goth scenes, but not in western usa.

No. 408907

> "None of these items look cheap"

Are we watching the same video? They look like obviously cheap, crappy costumes to me (she starts showing them around the 5:10 mark). Catwoman? Seriously?

Yawn, seems like Snowy is just another sellout who's going to promote just any cheap, hideous shit. The important thing is that she got it for free.

No. 408909

I get what you mean, but if the cow is under 18 then it's not allowed

No. 408910

YES sage for off topic but I hate punks that are obsessed with sex pistols/johnny rotten/sid vicious in particular. they were never serious, the members admitted it themselves they were a joke band promoting punk fashion.

that awful hair looks cheap as fuck too

No. 409006

honestly I enjoyed this video from Kaya. it was refreshing after all the shitty unboxing and haul videos. the bag wasn't too terrible but it showed she was somewhat creative with it.

No. 409121

I'd like to mention that unlike TT, Sebastian Columbine had the guts to step away from being Goth to live her own life and become much more happy with herself. She's still a bit popular as well. But since TT basically has zero personality and no interests, her fame would completely decline.
How tragic :'(

No. 409138

No the rules state you can't post anyone in a thread or create a thread if they're under 16. But 16 & 17 year olds can be posted, you just can't say their full name until they are over 18. So you can post this annoying e-begging cow (mainly bc I want to see more whiny shit from her), but do not share her full legal name, so you probably can only take screenshots, but don't link us to her fb bc that could inadvertently give us her full name. It's under global rule #2 & #2.2

No. 409314

Same with IBF, her and TT's entire personality and being is just being goth and nothing else…. it's really boring actually even if it makes them think theyre so unique

No. 409322

Does anyone find it funny how TT hasn't read all the Harry Potter books just the movies but is so obsessed with it?

No. 409323

has she outright said that she hasn't read the books?

No. 409330


Yeah I remember in a video she must have been talking about her recent obsessions (when she first started getting into Hufflepuff) she mentioned she hadn't read all the books but she did love the movies.

No. 409333

FFS… is she a legit retard? She doesnt listen to goth, let alone to any heavy metal or alt music, she doesnt like/watch horror movies, and now ur telling me she hasnt even read all HP books even though shes obsessed with HP? What a retarded fake ass poser.

No. 409378

I understand if people get into certain things without knowing all/the original source material, but you'd think if they love it so much then they'd move on to exploring more of it?

No. 409412

in IBF's recent NYC vlog she complained about how you can get greasy food for cheap but healthier menu items are more expensive. I was thinking well just go to a grocery store.
about a min later she says she went to whole foods and bought a pre-made salad that probably cost $8
you could just go to a produce market or a cheap grocery store and get vegetables and some staple foods that you can make in your hotel room, it's not rocket science.

No. 409525

also want to point out the irony of IBF taking the piss out of "basic white girls" in her boring transformation video but she herself is basic af but in a goth costume. get over yourself freya you're not special

No. 409580

Not again, ffs.

No. 409588

always some retard with their head up TT's ass…

No. 409589

There will come a day when TT and IBF and all the others with way over the top outfits 24/7 will have to take off the fancy dress and face their insecurities and just be normal and employable!

No. 409685

not surprising since everything about her is fake.
doesn't watch horror movies
doesn't listen to gothic music
have tons of books on display in her video backgrounds that she has never read

why does she even like Hufflepuff so much? how did that obsession start?

No. 409697

I don't understand how no one has called her out on it. I'd be embarrassed to have books in the background that I know I've never read before, it just looks so pathetic and try hard…

No. 409743

Probably because it's a bit of an "underdog" house and she wants to be a special snowflake since everyone else would opt for Gryffindor or Slytherin for the edge lords.

No. 409757

I don't think they're unemployable? Or that's a even a measure of someone's worth. Maybe if they were professional artists (the goblin queen, gothic alice) I could see their look being fine at a job but they're just…. bland? LIke they have no lives outside of being goth. TT is just pathetic, she can't even be bothered to read a book series she likes. And her craft video was so cringey. all that hot glue thats gonna fall apart in a weekend. what does TT even do in her life?????

but TBF could be a professional travle blogger, like use her connection in the gothic scene and as someone who travels a lot to work connections, manage social media and other media-related things since she does have a degree in the arts.

No. 409763

Yeah, I kind of agree with you on this one. People forget how many jobs don't require you to sit a a desk in a button up and slacks nowadays. And once you're name is out there it isn't so hard to find media-related work.

No. 409903

I feel like she liked the HP movies/aesthetic and took the pottermore quiz instead of just self-analyzing and choosing a house for yourself (the quiz is total bs and asks questions like if you had to choose a pet to bring with you to Hogwarts, what would it be?)
but heaven forbids she take the time to look inward, if she even has the skills to do so.

No. 410039

File: 1509070671351.png (150.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0129.PNG)

Awww man, I missed the shitshow. Did anyone see the post she deleted? Apparently it was a picture of her boyfriend and had some caption that people said was "fetishizing."

No. 410045

I don't know what the post was but could it be related to people insulting her boyfriend? She hyped her boyfriend's looks so much but someone posted a picture of him in this thread and he looked completely different than what she made him out to look like so I wouldn't be surprised if someone said something about it. Drac seems to get triggered pretty easily though so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a minor thing.

No. 410046

File: 1509071504626.jpeg (501.34 KB, 1242x1911, ACEE61F9-1C9B-43D8-86A7-D70690…)

Yeah shes talking about her “totally real boyfriend” by posting photos of men he “totally looks like”

No. 410047

Ah shit someone got a real photo? I’ve never seen her with him and she seems to be boastful in a way about not showing him

No. 410060

File: 1509073100809.jpg (38.13 KB, 422x750, yrcsNC1.jpg)

Yeah, was in the last thread.

No. 410088

Lmfao he looks NOTHING like Rick Mora, whos a legit sex god. Most guys, Native or white or black, are basic looking and dont look like models. Drac wishes her BF looks like Rick Mora….

No. 410093

don't think she mentioned enough that he's cherokee and the lack of understanding of what fetishizing is made my head hurt.

No. 410094

Wtf I thought this was an ugly girl or trannie.

No. 410112

File: 1509080680885.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.49 KB, 1440x752, Screenshot_20171026-223356.jpg)

Sebastian left, because everyone in the la goth scene thinks she's a stupid cunt and she knows it.
Here's a recent post from her. This time she's trying to buy drugs on Facebook. I hope someone just sells her caffeine pills.
I know NY is expensive, but she could buy fresh fruit and almonds or some kind of nut for pretty cheap I'd imagine. Doesnt ny have really good bagels too? Bagels arent exactly healthy, but they're not ultra fatty, greasy food and can make for a light lunch with grilled veggies or something.
Freya is surprisingly shy in person. But i think it'd be nice to see her be a travel blogger. The goth scene varies so much from place to place.

No. 410411

Why don't any of these girls ever go to Whitby Goth Weekend? It's the OG goth festival, but I guess its not as 'cool' as Mera Luna and shit?

No. 410418

I would love to see Freya travel to gothic places like Dracula's castle in Transylvania and the gothic cathedrals in France. Also New Orleans!

No. 410461

I've always wondered why TT never goes to WGW, especially considering how close she is. Doesn't that festival tend to draw non-goths who dress over the top for the weekend? Seems perfect for her! I'm guessing IBF doesn't do WGW because she was denied entry to the U.K. a few years ago and might not be let back in if she tried again.

No. 410468


Yeah I forgot about IBF. Whitby has a lot of steam-punk everywhere on WGW but as long as it's bringing money and keeping the festival popular I don't mind. It is weird how TT has never been. She can afford to go to LA?

No. 410480

probably because some actual goths go to WGW and she's scared of being outed as the poser she is

No. 410533

There's some other goth-ish youtuber that already does Whitby Goth Weekend a lot, theluciferfallen.
I'm surprised TT or IBF haven't tried to go yet.

No. 410546

i often wonder how much these cows realise that the goth community finds them a joke? TT and her NAPPY BAG is horrendous. it must be terrible to sleep at night knowing there is another community that knows they're fake. i still think IBF is also really boring. i just dont see the appeal.

No. 410558

I really hope Freya tries to go to the UK again, I think she would enjoy London a lot and go to a few goth shows and festivals there. Hopefully since she's married to a German national, it should be easier for her to enter the UK.

No. 410559

I was also wondering how TT can afford to fly to L.A from Belfast. Does anyone know if she's using money from her Patreon to travel?

No. 410655

WGW rarely has good bands. The only good band playing this weekend is Theatre of Hate. Mera Luna sucks too imo. But yeah, there's shitloads of festivals in europe. WGT really is the best one for the goth scene though. There's something for everyone. I stick to ebm, neofolk, post-punk, deathrock, darwave, and punk. But there's synth-y, electronic stuff and aggrotech and metal too.
That'd be cool. In my experience, cathedrals are already not too keen on letting you photograph the inside. But if she was quiet and put some music over the footage, it'd be quite nice. I've been in a lot of cathedrals and I've never had a problem with getting kicked, even with my deathhawk up. Just the churches in Venice, because i only brought tank tops to Italy and catholics are prudes.

No. 410778

Has Jake cheated on Kaya yet with Kelly?

No. 410783

Jake is going to be even more insufferable while in LA. I also wonder how they can afford to go!

No. 410802

late to the party but just clocked TT in yet another punk rave haul video… my god she looks awful, the pink shaved sides look ridiculous. she sorta looks like a wannabe jillian venters. I thought kaya was all about cutesy pink goth yet she looks like an old woman there kek

No. 410841

oh she definitely is cheap and a sellout in general. she always makes these haul videos with fast fashion brands like primark, h&m etc., plus a lot of sponsored videos that are not even necessarily related to her content. That's why I stopped liking her cause she's too shallow, it doesn't fit with being goth for me, it's the opposite. Don't get me wrong, it's not about wearing cheap clothes, you can do that but it's about buying masses of cheap clothes that come from sweatshops and promoting it/not questioning it.

No. 410924

I actually can't stand Jillian Venters

Speaking of Kelly, are her and Dre extremely loaded from being makeup artists or something? Like their house is fucking insane

No. 410927

I can’t stand Jillian Venters either, she’s so obnoxious.

No. 410953

Nah, Kelly just buys a lot of yard sale stuff that she repaints into pink or whatever so it looks more expensive. This is offtopic tho, Kelly has her own thread.

No. 411102

File: 1509230010835.jpg (807.76 KB, 1437x1630, Screenshot_20171029-003214.jpg)

Of course he's not sitting next to his girlfriend lol.

No. 411108

He also doesn't know his gfs twitter handle omfg, he tagged the wrong profile. I just can't.

No. 411257

How long are they in LA for? Everyone invite them to release the bats. They can earn some goth cred.

No. 411327

Seriously what does Kaya look like with all the pink shit, teddy bears, cat ears etc? She's what… 25 at least? Grow up for christ sake

No. 411398


Not be be mean but she looks like she is on day release! With the pink ears on her hat and the diaper bag covered in shite!

No. 411799

That's really sad i don't even know why they are still together ,they don't even look like friends,

No. 411827

File: 1509345048455.png (289.64 KB, 512x333, 081219-3058693.png)

Kaya looks so retarded in LA w/ that hat and pink frilly jumper. Girl, at least try to not look so infantile.

No. 411835

File: 1509347760926.png (220.77 KB, 1080x1260, IMG_20171030_071036.png)

Found this comment on TT's IG. Funny how she lashes out like that when anyone says something remotely true that she doesn't want to hear. I agree with the OG comment, she's probably hardcore into the cutesy stuff and dying her hair pink now because of Kelly and Jake's undeniable flirting with her. Only, Kaya pulls of the kawaii look by looking like a toddler dressing itself for the day.

No. 411925

jake's only staying with her in the hopes of getting efamous off her back, since she's more well known. jakey boy it's never going to happen.

to be fair to kaya she was into "cutesy" stuff a bit before, if you look at her old pics when she was thin she wore dolly looking outfits and crap but I don't recall ever seeing her incorporate pink or the OTT shit she has now, so yeah could be trying to channel kelly there

No. 411930

File: 1509375246941.jpg (14.11 KB, 400x300, kbW4WCC.jpg)

Is it me or does Jake look like Kelly here? kek

No. 411947

File: 1509377404235.jpg (22.73 KB, 637x201, 0c2OoLY.jpg)

sure jan

No. 411996

Yeah, just to clarify, I did mean the whole WAY OTT pink stuff she's doing as of now rather than subtle incorporations of pink and stuff from the past. Before, it was more "tastefully" done, but now she's gone mental with the tacky overload, as mentioned, like Kelly.

No. 412003

i just cant believe she is several years younger than me. i see her about belfast sometimes i think to myself i should dress goff and make money i can't understand lol

No. 412094

File: 1509401152100.jpg (195.35 KB, 1204x900, OWWTHESALT.JPG)

That really hit a nerve there, didn't it?

No. 412121

fs someone tell her she needs to avoid all her textured layers so she doesn't look so goddamn frumpy and large
controlled underwear is a thing kaya, you've not got an aversion to corsets fs

No. 412152


She's such an immature child. Time to grow up Kaya, you've delayed it long enough. She needs to go out and get a real life instead of whinging to her thirteen year old fans all day on the internet.

No. 412168

kind of looks like a budget jeffree star but at least he has some facial definition unlike now.

No. 412174

Not a fan of TT but she looked cute in the photo. Sad how she's let herself go, I hope she continues to eat healthy and lose some weight, but hopefully she will be happy. She and Jake just don't seem happy together anymore.

No. 412177

TT lashing out at someone for saying she has meat on her bones now hahah

No. 412314

jake pointing how the people are large in america… so you and kaya fit right in then. see them scoff down all that fatty american food? if they lived there they'd become morbidly obese kek. Wonder how much weight they'll put on in the two (?) weeks they're there for

No. 412333

File: 1509440049876.jpg (96.04 KB, 760x529, qO0wLa6.jpg)

Compare and contrast, Kaya. Admittedly it still looked kinda tacky before but you could pull it off back then because you were younger and thinner. Not trying to fat (or age) shame but larger and older people just can't pull off that cutesy look.

No. 412375

Is it just me, or does her nose look photoshopped here? Or was she just extremely lucky with her angle? Her nose is much bigger in reality (and yes, she was younger here, but still).

No. 412390

"not trying to fat shame" then fat shames its ok to look tacky as long as youre thin lol

No. 412393

Maybe I'm daft but I don't really see a difference in the level of tacky.

No. 412420

It's not even just that she has "always" liked pink before, it's the sudden interest in it again right now as she's befriending Kelly. Bit of a coincidence? Wasn't she super into the Harry Potter hufflepuff crap like 10 seconds ago?

No. 412440

It looks better done in the old image.

She could've done something with her hair and it'd look better.

No. 412465

File: 1509466764887.png (561.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-31-16-16-19…)


No. 412507

yeah, by stuffing your gob with cakes and huge portions, not your meds

No. 412551

lol IKR?

But also I dont see this as really a change in her shes always been like this-maybe thats why she was very touchy about the goth elitism etc


No. 412561

Nah she was touchy because she knows she's a poser

No. 412616

top kek

that black dress would look so nice without the ugly pink jacket, how can you combine these things?

I'm new to this thread and just want to say I'm surprised what a cow TT is

No. 412628

Honestly I think the new picture looks nicer lol, if she got rid of that stupid pink jacket and did something better with her hair I don't think this would be a bad look.

No. 412630

So in other words, completely change the look in the new picture minus the dress? lol. Also isn't gloomy bear more of an emo thing? Not to say only emos like it, but generally it's associated with emos?

No. 412631

Pretty much, there's at least one thing I like in the new look, everything in the old look is bad.

No. 412635

File: 1509487556103.png (4 MB, 750x1334, EE3BD7C9-B45F-48A0-AD39-D6B32B…)

What the actual fuck is this?

No. 412638

what camera filters does she use to look so skinny, that's impossible.

No. 412646

Pretty sure that's just the normal snapchat filter, it just brightens and smooths it doesn't make you look thinner iirc. I honestly don't think she is as big as anons make out, I think wearing mostly baggy black clothes paired with massive platforms make her look much bigger as she's a tall woman with broad shoulders.

No. 412653

File: 1509490796589.jpg (126.25 KB, 768x960, 22852903_1511888275526337_1013…)

Wear whatever you want, but this is not goth. This is tacky sugar-coated scene trash.

No. 412661

I know everyone is like "ohmaigud elitist" whenever somebody says that something isn't goth, but you seriously can't look at Kayas clothing style 90% of the time and say "yeup looks goth to me".
She looks like a 2008 emo tumblr weaboo.

No. 412678

Is she obese irl or something? Cause she looks solid af in the “impossibly skinny” photo.
That outfit is enough to make any 14 year old mall goth cry into their gloomybear backpack with jealous rage. Idk much about goths but I didn’t think baby pink was all that popular amongst them.

No. 412681


There is just so much going on. Black tights would make her legs look slimmer, her hair just down and plain and no choker. It's just too much.

No. 412682

i think you need to learn what "obese" actually means shes a little overweight but not obese

No. 412683

Lol fair enough. Actually I just remembered something.

I remember her reacting badly to emo and scene being mentioned in relation to goth on a video. Also she went on about how pastel goth isnt really goth. Now I have seen some posters say her merch looks pastel goth style and that early pics of her and her bf look emo/scene.

Is there something wrong with being emo/scene? I dont know much about those styles but is there a reason she wouldnt want to be assiocated with them?


No. 412687

MTE I dont know why people make out shes huge or why its relevant to her being a lolcow.

No. 412688

File: 1509494508914.jpeg (24.1 KB, 355x414, 0E904FDA-1849-4646-9CA7-2DAE0C…)

I’m asking if she’s huge because in the photo where she was described as impossibly skinny looking she looked normal to me. I didn’t call her obese, I asked if she was because that’s the only thing that makes sense if she’s tiny by comparison in the photo.

Jfc when did farmers get sensitive about other people’s weight? Especially when she wasn’t even insulted or called fat.

No. 412696

File: 1509495657541.jpg (200.43 KB, 1280x850, judging you.jpg)

I think its because previous threads were derailed by fixation on her weight and how she should lose it.

Only ana chans would think shes obese. while shes not skinny shes certainly not obese.


No. 412706

Ahh, didn’t realise there were previous tantrums about her weight. I can see why anons might jump and think my saying she looks regular sized twice meant I was calling her obese. Must have been one hell of a derailment by ana-chans.

No. 412714

It’s more the fact that she’s an adult, saying she’s goth yet is starting to dress like a 12 year old. Like who’s fucking room is that? It looks like a child’s room.
Is she trying to go for that whole “daddy” look?? It’s definitely not goth and for someone with shoulders and a gut that big, this is not flattering.

No. 412722

File: 1509500565263.jpeg (156.97 KB, 750x1008, 4D694338-4889-4CBB-9A95-FD87B1…)

Way to go Freya.

No. 412725

Maybe she’s just grabbing a bit of whatever is trendy recently and chucking it on top of the goth thing in an attempt to garner as much of a fan base as possible. If she thinks she appeals or wants to appeal to goths, Eugenia Cooney fans, weebs, and ddlg degenerates all at once her outfits and room make total sense.

No. 412726

It's Kelly Eden's room

No. 412730


She has to be into ddlg then as her room looks like my 4 year olds room. That makes me sick that adults do that and it’s somehow now a trend.

No. 412736

I feel like Kaya is acting even more childish and into pink things because her bf and Kelly have been flirting hardcore in his vlogs and stories. I feel like she's incorporating this style into her fashion to be like Kelly to appeal to her bf. Just my opinion on it

No. 412867

File: 1509534254593.jpg (22.34 KB, 301x427, ThZyOV5.jpg)

It could just be the dumb pink jacket but she looks bigger than "normal" to me…

No. 412871

>jacket that's too big
>something in the pockets that weighs them down
>no bra (?)
>bad angle

This picture is a disaster. And yea, I think the jacket is making it look worse and appear as if she's a size or two larger than she really is.
She's also not wearing any makeup so I'd guess it's from a casual vlog or something?

No. 412890

What's with the frilly ruffled bits on the upper arms? They remind me of those inflatable armbands kids wear when swimming kek

No. 412894

Its really strange how TT seems to be going the way of sebastian columbine with the whole pink thing.

No. 412966


No wonder jake flirts with anyone else but her. I would not want to wake up next to that.

No. 413005

File: 1509552918213.jpg (19.79 KB, 250x374, Mr_Blobby,_2009.jpg)

Sorry…I can't unsee this image.

No. 413107

File: 1509564054929.jpg (12.61 KB, 269x359, dr10709z.jpg)

TT looks like a tacky 50's Swinger Halloween costume

No. 413138

oh lord. she needs to get rid of that jacket.

I meant impossibly skinny compared to how I remembered her from videos, which is actually more like this >>412867 kek. She's probably at a normal weight, a little chubby, but looks a bit fatter sometimes when she wears baggy clothes. I don't want to fat or skinny shame anyone, it's more fun to talk about her awful fashion choices lately

No. 413210

File: 1509574227603.jpg (112.5 KB, 897x897, tt.JPG)

Keeping up with that diet, eh TT?

No. 413218

File: 1509575009865.png (14.8 KB, 507x172, k.png)

At least she's being honest with herself :P

No. 413361

File: 1509607396239.png (132.97 KB, 1080x669, IMG_20171102_072239.png)

The comments on that post almost made me spit my drink!

No. 413364

What was Sebastian when she was in the scene?
I remember she was trying for a super death rock and tradgoth look for a year or so but she seemed to drop it really fast when she got into the pink kink aesthetic.

I think I remember some accusations about her copying other people but my memory's fuzzy.

I think those were her best years, aesthetically.

No. 413438

>The average American portions are proving too much for me

sure jan

No. 413447

TT's doing a meetup outside a Hot Topic :') You can't make this stuff up

No. 413448

File: 1509630315608.jpg (406.93 KB, 1662x838, dre.JPG)

She's not wrong, Dre.

No. 413479

I hate people who say "goth is all about self expression and individuality" bitch I could say that about ANY subculture. By that dumb ass logic we all belong to every subculture. She even admits she's emo then gets pissy when someone calls her out as a poser goth. No wonder she's friends with TT kek

No. 413513

It annoys me when TT completely disregards the alternative/goth scene in Belfast which isn't terrible yeah it's not filled with year round super goffs cause yeah they probably have jobs and shit but there is ones who actively try to organise things yeah they might have to been in a bar boohoo you work with what you've got but she discredited these people to her worldwide following as if there is no one in n.i that is alternative, I'm done with the only goth in the village! With her following and £££ from her patreon you'd think she'd try to do something positive for the alternative community in Belfast doesn't even have to be something really mega but no instead of helping she whinges about us online to the world and runs off to LA, no wonder she has no one here that wants to be around her as she constantly bashes us.

No. 413522

lmao the posers always say this, that they have social anxiety so they don't go to clubs. Why don't you go to concerts then instead? oh yeah you don't listen to goth bands

No. 413548

This. I have SAD myself and I still go to gigs and clubs only if I'm with someone I know. There's not really an excuse!

No. 413556

I had a look and all of them are just recommending food places, is that the only thing jake and kaya want to do there? don't they just eat and eat and eat in all his boring ass vlogs anyway?

No. 413619

Jake is now saying him and TT are going to move to LA or is it just him! With what neither of them work properly? Don't tell me crowd fund. As far as I know you cannot just waltz in to the USA and say I am going to live here now! He is so smug.

No. 413627

haha good riddance, they'll both become obese

No. 413761

Wtf, you can’t just move to the US without meeting some requirements, especially if you don’t work. Jesus.

No. 413796

me too i've had it all my life and i still went to concerts and clubs since my teen years. if something is important to you you can overcome your fears

I hate emo fuckers who claim to be goth, another example is social repose (even tho i don't hate him in general)

No. 413851

Honestly social repose would be nothing if people didn't get triggered over him calling himself goth even though he clearly isn't, and him wearing that native american headdress.
He would get 90% less attention if he didn't upset people nobody would care. The sclera lenses and the dumb headdress is the only reason people look at him, besides maybe his music fanbase of about a handfull of 14 year old wannabees.

I don't actually hate social repose as he is, I'm just saying he wouldn't get any attention if he wasn't a huge poser.
Negative attention is better than no attention?

No. 413889

File: 1509673341898.jpg (30.45 KB, 358x358, 7659842588643568.jpg)

Ok so sorry if this is the wrong place but is this picture old or new? Because someone is claiming to be felice fawn on tumblr but given how this has happened before not sure if real or fake as i have never seen this pic of her before.

No. 413903

I always wonder if people don't understand that you can take what's left of your food home.

No. 413925

I hate that shit too… by that logic, punk rock, goth, heavy metal, emo, rock n roll, Oi!, rave, etc… are the one and same subculture since it's all about "expressing yourself." Let's disregard the music! Ugh, fuck Dre. I wouldn't have a problem with her if she didn't call herself goth, but she proudly calls herself Goth on her youtube channel. F–kin fake ass poser!
saged for rant. lol

No. 413926

omfg what if Jake dumps TT and goes for Kelly? What if Jake pulls a Black Friday and stay in L.A and marry Kelly for the green card? think of the milk that'd be pouring out!

No. 413929

It’s old.

No. 413986

2/3 people would be getting what they wanted if that happens

No. 413987

I weirdly want this to happen or just anything to get TT broken up with Jake. She might annoy the hell outta me but Jake is a horrible fuckwit and she doesn't deserve his bullshit. Hell if she left she might even get her act together and become a better person over all

No. 413995

I agree. I feel bad for her. He's a douche who is full of himself. Kelly is too so they'd be perfect for each other

No. 414006

It would be the best for her , she may be a poseer but she deserves better, jake is a insufferable cunt she could do better

No. 414065

Glad I am not the only one that thinks that

No. 414181


I agree too, she would be better off without him.

No. 414200

pfft i think jake is better than kaya. she is annoying

also, she's in a brand new country in LA and she is still wanting to spend her time indoors, without getting ready. she looks so trampy walking about while everyone else makes an effort.

she truly looks like she doesn't care. even when she was over at summer in the city, she just looks haggard.

her appearance always appears to effect her mood, so i just don't understand how she cant even get ready for a day of filming like she does nothing else lol

jake seems bored. they missed comic con parties because the others (kaya) was tired. he seems fed up, even in her birthday blog u could see he was asking her to stay out longer, go to the zoo, and she just opted for a prob 40 min dander around a park with her cat.

her videos upset me. the room always looks stuffy, damp and messy and she's always sick. i get secondhand embarrassment all the time.

No. 414205

she literally has no style and just relies on her hair as the goth accessory. and her hair is fucking awful

No. 414285

There is nothing goth about Kelly edens goth lookbook!

No. 414518

agreed. she's just trying to be "goth" to appeal to jake, obvs.

No. 414587

File: 1509750803755.png (563.94 KB, 898x640, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 00.1…)

Ofherbsandaltars made a new video and WTH are the bruises on her hands?

No. 414589

File: 1509750869206.png (465.31 KB, 634x645, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 00.1…)

Her other hand is also bruised. Drugs?

No. 414619

On her arms? I don't see anything on her hands

No. 414624

could be drugs or self harm hes known for that

No. 414626

appealing to jake

come on nobody wants that nasty chav dick

No. 414632


New vlog by Freya. I really enjoyed this one, her visit to the Met Museum was cool abd I like that she saw CATS. Most vloggers dont care about going to museums or seeing the arts. I hope Freya will travel more so she can make more engaging travel vlogs.

No. 414643

it's pretty sad that she does everything by herself or has no one to hang out or meet up with, always think that in all of her videos

No. 414649

kelly is pretty desperate for a dude and they're both full of themselves so I wouldn't be surprised if she dropped her standards low enough for him lol. she thrives off of attention and he always is making her the center of attention in his vlogs so it could work

No. 414671

lol hi jake!


Low standards wouldnt cut it-she'd have to have no standards to want chav shrek lol.

No. 414692

File: 1509759107371.jpeg (37.14 KB, 637x128, image.jpeg)

in the vlog she sees some cops with guns and sarcastically says "oh I feel much safer now" and grimaces. pic attached pretty much sums up my feelings.
for someone who claims to be ~traveled~ she sure seems stuck in her own little world.

No. 414693

uh, did you even watch the video? Freya met up with a few goths toward later in the video. FYI there's nothing sad about going to places by yourself, I go to the movies and eat out a lot by myself and I think it's nice because I don't always need to hang out with people. I also travel a lot to other cities by myself and as a woman, I admire Freya for being brave to go travel by herself. A lot of women don't go out or travel by themselves but it's normal for men to travel and sight-see by themselves. Nothing sad about what Freya did in the video. Fuck outta here.

No. 414695

No. 414697

lol, triggered.

No. 414699

its ok to not like guns i hate being around any guns and seeing them makes feel like something could happen at any moment and thats scary i really dont know what the hate is for

No. 414706

haha, I got the vibe that jake posted that too.

No. 414722

I didn't say that it's not okay to not like guns, just pointed out that she acted so disgusted. I understand why some people may not like them, but considering the climate of America it's safer to have guards around. it just came off to me that she has no idea the state of America right now and that's weird to me considering how traveled and wise she portrays herself to be.

No. 414730

For someone who constantly talks about her weight and body image - this is not a good choice. Kaya this entire thread almost is about you and your weight. Get your shit together because this look and your mish mash of what you are still calling spooky or goth is a fucking joke. You look like a pink nightmare. And if your'e going to model clothes, fucking iron them or use a steamer. It looks trashy and amateur. Disaster.

No. 414742

LOL loved the attempt to appear healthy by choosing to eat at whole foods instead of KFC - you ain't fooling anyone Freya. I split my sides. And eating ice cream THEN whole foods? That lower lipstick encrusted in those piercings is so disgusting as well….

No. 414805

Omg shut the fuck up you are annoying always hating the smallest shit this bitch does

No. 414807

This is such a stupid shit to be mad about, some peopple don't like guns it has nothing to with bein a cult or well travelled person

No. 414812

well…. it's true - perhaps go kiss her ass on another forum like tumblr or tell her you love her on FB. why don't YOU fuck off.

No. 414890

Yep, sorry, meant to say "arms".

No. 414901

File: 1509796323425.jpg (16.81 KB, 203x406, wJwesHN.jpg)

The state of her… and those thighs jfc. Also at one point in this video Kaya swings her hair playfully into Jake's face as he's talking into the camera and he just looks totally disgusted and annoyed. C'mon man that's your girlfriend, laugh it off or at least crack a fucking smile. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but I reeeally get the impression he hates her. Saged

No. 415147

Has she ever been to Paris? The law enforcement there literally walk around with freaking submachineguns and rifles.

No. 415161

I do feel a bit sorry for Kaya especially after watching Jakes vlogs. He's clearly not that into her. The girl feeding him in the bar while kaya was opposite was cringy and he barely showed his gf either. Cant stand him putting the camera down to shop too it looks so set up and bullshit

No. 415174

I sadly think he just rides on her coattails at this stage!

No. 415190

Me too, she's kind of an idiot but she's not a bad person. She has to realize how badly he treats her, I wish she would leave him but they're both probably so complacent if they've been together so long

No. 415193

I do think he treats her like crap and I do wish she would grow a spine and leave him BUT… I honestly think the reason he doesn't film her a lot is because she doesn't want him to. I only watched a few videos of hers but I remember her saying she hates the way she looks and tbh… Look at all the screenshots you guys are posting. She just doesn't look put together. No wonder she doesn't wanna be on camera, she can't control the angles.

No. 415194

File: 1509824171560.jpg (36.65 KB, 621x290, contourfail.jpg)

now I know why that camera angle is getting higher and higher lmfao

imagine if your solution to your double chin was just painting your entire neck black??? and then thinking the whole world wont notice lolol

No. 415396

He just posted an ig story of him and Kelly hanging out lol

No. 415449

yeah I noticed that too. I think Freya is pretty and maybe she doesn't care about the weight gain but I think she would look better being slim and svelt in those black dresses.

No. 415452

I feel bad for Kaya but her fashion styling is awful. She dresses like a 6th grader. I would be too embarrassed to be seen dating a girl who dresses like that. I think Kaya and Jack need to break up already but they depend on each other for branding. They are known for being together, period.

No. 415494

without the makeup and 'goth' look she's average. still don't see the appeal. cocking an eyebrow is just a gimmick. thing is, she will have to be self made because companies wont hire her for anything else but her audience. being, just on youtube. in person, she's not professional or intelligent.

No. 415500

looks to me like a serious case of maybe trying to get rid of him. self sabotage. the sooner they grow up and realise people move on, the better. sad really. just break up and get on with your lives. it's obvious they're not into each other and would be better off starting new relationships. maturity is just not there. and that outfit…. is a low point. i dont feel sorry for people who don't help themselves. kaya just feeds off sympathy which is toxic on so many levels. see what i did there? she's a negative bitch so no fucks given.

No. 415508

painting your neck black …. lol like social repose. def an emo / scene kid thing to do. lol….

No. 415558

I don't think Jake will dump her because he depends on her name and brand awareness for his own youtube which isn't as popular. It's up to Kaya to dump him and try to find some happiness in her life.

No. 415562

she should do it - it might even improve her ratings as a strong female. but she probably doesn't think of things like that. she doesn't have the balls.

No. 415620

It reeks of Jake in this thread

No. 415660

this is kind of old, but talking about music this was so dumb… we listen to goth? wave stuff? fuck……

No. 415661

File: 1509851541313.png (56.48 KB, 611x249, Kaya.png)

No. 415666

asking for money and favours again? SMH

No. 415682

hoards of people showed up lol…. donuts seemed to be the main conversation… yep - quality content again jake…

No. 415693

Stopped watching him, started again to see the fuss. He really really looks like he’s dating everyone but TT! The fuck?

No. 415781

Being from the hood, i feel much safer with guns. I also know proper gun safety. Different people were raised differently. You cant expect everyone to feel the same
Clearly avoiding the goth scene in la. Lol

No. 415784

i don't even think they would know what the scene is or if it jumped on their head and gave them a google map. lol.

No. 415788

She's probably either retarded or think american cops are all racist. Like they're literally armed police officers… in Los Angeles…. which has one of, if not the worst, beats/patrols and gang territory in all of the country. If they weren't around LA, her vapid snowbunny ass would be robbed and raped in a hot second and half the city would be burnt down.

No. 415808

When he acted like a huge celeb and did an autograph I almost peed myself

No. 415820


No. 415867


And the way they seemed pissed off when their FANS went to the same doughnut shop afterwards as they did! Get the fuck over yourselves!

No. 415879

Maybe if you stopped spending money on all the fatty American food when you're meant to be dieting you'd have some left, jfc

No. 415890


Exactly. goth is fun, dressing up is fun, going to clubs is fun, but to think it magically imbues you with creativity or intelligence or makes you interesting … no

No. 415896

File: 1509882240694.jpg (113.77 KB, 440x860, basicgothgurl.jpg)

This was INSANE lol. First of all, she already made this video "goth goes normal" a while back. Very creative..

Secondly, the entire video is just "Oh my gosh, no one is looking at MEEEEE" which is super telling. This is exactly what non-goths think of goths, that we're needy attention whores. That's why I don't think she's really bothered when people "stare" or make comments, she needs the constant validation.

Lastly, the backlash was juicy af. She realized quick her audience is "boring/basic" or at least, non-goth and probably doesn't appreciate the condescension.

Don't bite the hand that feeds, b, lmfaoooo

No. 415930

Yep. Also when you look at her travel vlogs, she's constantly filming other people who are commenting on her looks or want to take photos with her, etc. It's starting to irritate me. Yeah, we get it, BF, your outfit and makeup brings attention to you. Get over yourself.

No. 416052

I actually think that's the most interesting thing about her, travelling alone all over the place.

No. 416093

Honestly i think it was very stupid for peopple to be mad about this i don't feel it was offensive or even funny it was just silly

No. 416111


I don't think the video was offensive, I just think it's
1) not creative content
2)literally biting the hand that feeds you

she makes bad clickbait for non-goths, that's the "pumpkin spice is bae, instagram is life" demographic. Why would you alienate your cash-cow like that?

It's black friday is a pioneer in what I can only call buzzfeed goth. She's made goth an easily consumable, non-threatening product for parents to watch with their kids. This is why many of us point out that she's not that interesting. Just your typical life-style blogger with an egdy aesthetic, here to sell you more bullshit to distract you from your boring life.

The goths I've known irl actually all share some sort of disdain for mainstream values,consumerism, are critical of mass media etc. But this kind of persona doesn't get you free shit from brands does it?

No. 416112

Kelly just posted a new video.

There is a shot with Kelly, TT and Jake and TT stops to look at the pajama she saw. Jake looks fucking annoyed. But as soon as Kelly starts looking at them, Jake comes rushing and acts interested.

No. 416131


lol if the anons on the last thread are true, he's got wandering eyes and hands.

No. 416211

Lmao at Jake having issues with security about his camera and his drone. Of course they will be on a high security alert.

No. 416236

Also funny how Jake let Kelly use his exact footage for her YouTube, lol

No. 416411

File: 1510005312656.png (144.69 KB, 892x611, pt 1.png)

wonder how long until she deletes this

No. 416413

File: 1510005334152.png (151.37 KB, 840x573, pt 2.png)


No. 416422

I thought I was the only person who noticed that. Glad it wasn't just me.

No. 416619

File: 1510020405541.jpg (227.71 KB, 1440x763, 1509995064716.jpg)

I keep checking these threads cuz I'm waiting for them to break up. esp with things like this along with how Jake is treating Kelly……Kaya dump him!

No. 416657


Her dumping jake would probably make him happy.

No. 416860

shes just an idot

No. 416862

for the first time ever I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Kaya

No. 416906

Pls move to la, pls move to la. I want to see these trainwrecks at bats day.
Same. She's an ebegging idiot, but i hate the way jake treats her.

No. 416923

I don't get this girl at all ,she is so fucking insecure but at the same time very egocentric, i feel bad for her tho her boyfriend doesn't even look at her or talk to her ,i hope for her own good they broke up

No. 416953

Genuinely starting to feel bad for TT. Jake is a prick.

No. 416960

I've noticed in some of his vlogs when he "talks to her" he'll talk into the camera and doesn't even look at her. When he talks to anyone else he'll look at them with the odd glance at the camera

No. 416962

Not to defend Kelly as I can't stand her but in situations like this I really hate when people blame the woman only (that whole "home wrecker" crap). It takes two to "ruin a relationship" and if anything Jake is far more at fault here, he's been a jerk to Kaya for years.

No. 416964

I hate that his ego is soo big.
He always looks at Kelly and listens to her.
Now that you said it I don't even remember him genuinely talking to Kaya wtf.

No. 416966

File: 1510054141851.jpg (203.06 KB, 1346x667, toxictrash.jpg)

Spot the difference because I cant!

anyone down to take this image and @ her on twitter is welcome.

This girl is straight trash.

No. 416975

kek she basically does the same but online and to impressionable young fans

No. 416987

He never seemed into her even in her earliest videos. I honestly think he just used her as a way to move away. The cunt loves himself so much he probably thought he'd have girls falling at his feet and could leave Kaya quickly. I wonder if he even cares more people are noticing how much of a prick he is to his own gf since Kelly has been putting videos up on her channel now too? wouldn't surprise me if he started to change his behaviour toward Kaya to prove the h8eerzzz wrong

No. 417023

Since when did people want to watch someone's menial vlogs of mundane chores they happen to be doing every single day

No. 417072


There's no nothing cringier than him filming himself walking around a Tesco or the gym. I get so much second hand embarrassment it makes me want to die a little. He obviously gets off on everyone looking at him wondering who the hell he thinks he is.

No. 417078

right? i'd find it hilarious if i saw someone place a camera down in the corner of a gym recording themselves working out then squatting down to talk into it. how much of a narcissist can you be? jfc

No. 417092

How come he is such a "gym head" but Kaya isn't? Why didn't she lose weight yet?
I am not very familiar with her but I remember her talking about her body image maybe 2 years ago even?
I'm not saying because your partner is like that that you should be too but… I would definitely be inspired to make myself hot if my bf is such a egoistic maniac. Why don't they go to the gym together?

No. 417101

He doesn't look buff or muscular himself. I wouldn't be surprised if he did these gym sessions just in order to vlog them. I don't think he knows much about training, gaining muscle mass and proper nutrition. From what I've read here, he's constantly munching on junk food with Kaya. If you want to lose weight/build muscle, you need to change your food habits too.

No. 417102

my guess would be she didn't see results quick enough (1 month probably…) and gave it up. She was also taking Jake's advice regarding her diet but he'd be useless as he eats to bulk up not to lose weight. I honestly think she's just given up, still eats shit and will continue piling on the weight, especially now she's in the US

No. 417103

he's an attentionfag i had mutual friends with him and he's not putting on an act he is this obnoxious

kaya is dull tho, always moans and hates being outside her comfort zone which is odd cuz she doesn't half stand out. idk why people think jake is a dick to her, he's always with her and she drags the mood down all the time haha


No. 417184

They don't seem happy together it is very weird , i think jake doesn't leave her just for her youtube fame ,and she is so insecure that maybe is codependent of him and thinks she can't do better, they seem to be the kind of couple where the woman always says things like "im so fat and ugly uwu" expecting her boyfriend to tell her "no baby you are beautiful" but instead he says "yes you are getting fatter" so she gets sad and angry

No. 417217

well tbh jake doesn't have family in ni so i think he's more with her for support + i dont personally know his circs with family etc or why he's here and not in england, but he doesn't mope all day. think u guys need to look at other signs, kaya shows no interest in jake either or what he is in too. one of their fans got him a portal gun and kaya just rudely goes 'what is that' after jake being gifted. does she not also pretend to like video games + be on a video game channel?

honestly, she is vapid and if u hang out with her you're just going to hear her apologise all night and be a yes man.

at least jake feigns all kind of interest in her shit, she can't even be fucked putting on make up for a 'jake day of filming'

No. 417256

speaking of Jake, what the fuck is with that fake voice he puts on?

No. 417329

Someone hide Kaya's pink hoodie for fuck sake, all of her outfits would vastly improved just by taking that away.

Kelly is a bitch for posting that video after Kaya said she was crying, I can imagine Jake trying to marry her just so he can live in LA. He's so mundane, does he carry a tripod just to film himself looking at shelves?

No. 417358

that hoodie really is fucking hideous. With all the money and free shit she gets you'd think she'd have something better.

No. 417396

They're just not good together period. Clearly they're both unhappy but 7+ years together now they probably don't know how they'd cope without the other, especially Jake who is quite obviously relying on Kaya's fame to get noticed himself. He'd be (more of) a nobody on YT without her and he knows it. The other thing is that Jake comes across as an arrogant, egotistical, narcissist prick regardless of Kaya. I mean, at least she seems to have some semblance of a personality and wears her heart on her sleeve. Whereas Jake? He's just a twat.

And not to defend her but Jake's "day of filming" consists of mundane tasks and chores. I mean, I know I wouldn't want to bother putting on a load of makeup just to be filmed shopping for food or taking a quick trip to the post office…

No. 417446

I can't get over the way he was with Kelly in that video. The thing with the My Little Pony toy was a bit gross considering he has a partner. He also loved pointing out how Kelly was 'tiny' in front of Kaya.

No. 417493

well, like, is her whole livelihood not based on her appearance. i have no idea what personality you speak of unless you mean she's defensive and wants brand deals

No. 417496

it literally looks like a hoodie that would have been stocked in Tamigirl back in the day

No. 417498

this was just recommended to me - what is goth about this girl at all…
Looks like Toxic Trash has paved the way for more…

No. 417499

also tbf, jake barely links kaya or features her in his uploads either by putting her in the title or thumbnail, and as other anons said, he seems to be dating everyone but her.

he seems to adapt better to the lifestyle, if anything he'll prob get a confidence boost and will maybe start to go after things better for him

like i've seen him try with tt.
even in videos he's always suggesting ideas she shoots them down. it's pretty standard

No. 417561

I thought that her intro said "TheFoodFairy" at first glance

But that's all goth is nowadays; black clothing, dark makeup, some optional drawn on eyebrows and pale makeup
It's 'darkly inclined' crap at best but these loons are just so desperate for attention

No. 417598

He's just a total dick, has anyone noticed any comments about any of his shitty behaviour towards Kaya? He must delete them all because it's so obvious.

No. 417632

Where have all these defenders of Jake come from suddenly? The few dumb fans he has or Jake himself I wonder. Even if Kaya is dull you can't deny Jake treats her like shit, he barely talks to her in vlogs even when it's just the two of them and if he does he talks into the camera not facing her at all. He never seems to show her any affection, you wouldn't even think they were friends just acquaintances or something. For fucks sake on their 7 year anniversary video he seemed bored and uninterested in her. And now the way he's flirting with Kelly even IN FRONT OF his own gf is the icing on the cake - the guy's a grade A jerk.

No. 417635

I can't stand him and I can't understand why anyone would come out in support of him. He is an actual tool.
Kaya might not be an amazing person, but she deserves better than him.

No. 417721

File: 1510094029442.jpg (51.97 KB, 517x404, u4fra2H.jpg)

I still find it hilarious the guy actually thinks he's a goth. Straight up chav

No. 417747

Yeh he deletes them. I posted one and it was gone ASAP haha what a cunt nugget

No. 417777

Kelly does the same. They're perfect for each other. /barf

No. 417779

File: 1510096247109.png (774.71 KB, 765x494, kaya.png)

so I decided to watch some of Jake's vlogs to see if he's as bad everyone says he is…
he's actually worse.
What a shitty person.
I watched that vlog where he goes to Walmart with Kelly and Kaya and he's so obviously into her.

at one point both Kaya and Kelly goes missing and he only seems worried about where kelly's gone off to.

sorry about the rant but I would be so upset looking at these vlogs if I was Kaya

No. 417811

one of his most recent vlogs he was whining about needing $150 for some silent hill figure he saw and i wanted to reach through the screen to punch him, holy fuck what an obnoxious cunt.

No. 417838

i can assure yall i am not defending jake. belfast is small and i know a few of the youtubers from NI. you guys are hung up too much on him being comfortable with his lazy gf who 9/10 doesn't want to be on camera in his vlogs.

also think it's funny someone calling jake a chav, i think so too, and kaya is essentially a big fat belfast millie with greasy goff hair. she prob didn't want to be a milly so went ultra goff.

they're both dickheads IRL but honestly well suited in that regard, except kaya wins in the laziness hands down girl doesn't want to do anything ever

No. 417846

like who the fuck goes to LA and spends all their 'work money' on fucking food instead of going out and exploring. they were buying fucking groceries on holiday. fuck me, i dont know about any of yall anons, but usually when im on a city break holiday or in a place i haven't been i usually don't eat as much because i am actively taking in what i can.

they couldn't even afford to go to disneyland. i hope the fuck they at least did the hollywood walk of fame but do they even fucking like actors or films? or just the colour black (and pink in Kaya's case -___________- )

No. 418327

They went to Santa Monica pier which looked really fun. Also to L.A comic con, and Blizzcon.

No. 418399

4:06 I almost dyed. kaya moves next to jake and he gets straight up and moves to the camera STOP BEING A DOUCHE TO YR GF!

No. 418421

right?! they eat enough as it is in ireland why the fuck would you go on holiday and spend 99% of the time trying out different restaurants and foods? I know America is known for food but not in a good way and there's so much more there to do I'm sure. Surely the money spent on shitty food that's only going to make Kaya balloon even more would've been better spent on more trips and sightseeing? For someone apparently obsessed with HP (but hasn't even read the books kek) you'd think she'd want to go to the Wizarding World of HP at Universal?

No. 418433

I recorded a parody of these stupid "goth" unboxings. And if anyone is interested I'll upload it.

And out of curiosity, if i made better quality videos about music (obscure post-punk and local/underrated current bands, my own covers of new wave), would anyone be interested? I haven't done it because i dont like attention, but i might as well if no one else will.

I won't self-post here, don't worry. Figure its gonna get a more genuine response anonymously than from my friends.
I left a comment on one of his videos where he's ranting about the mythical elitists and how he doesn't like Post-punk. It was a sentence or two and he left a fucking essay in response. I wouldn't be surprised if he came here to defend himself. I'm sure he googles himself like the narc he is.
I'm honestly jealous these entitled cunts can afford to travel and go to cons.

No. 418459

Yes please upload it! I'd also be interested in videos about obscure bands. It's your call :)

No. 418473

File: 1510141898868.png (735.98 KB, 935x527, sojjwjd.png)

Jake and Kaya are the worst couple!
they can't even sit beside each other in the car?

No. 418476

samefag but could you imagine saving for ages to go on holidays with your boyfriend and the entire time he's looking at himself in a camera while he vlogs constantly.

I've noticed the only time he talks to Kaya is when he's asking "where are we now"

No. 418516

oh wow, 2 weeks in LA and they did 3 things + hung out at a friends house. not a waste of her subscribers money at all

No. 418517

did they even visit the fucking hollywood sign?

No. 418518

tbf jake stated in a few of the vlogs there were parties that they didn't attend because someone (TT) was tired.

he's probably the most bored of her. can u imagine how much more dull she is without a fucking camera pointed at her. i can tell you, it makes you want to go home lol

No. 418575

That nose is fascinating

No. 418588

File: 1510153324069.png (320.57 KB, 606x488, kay.png)

Jake mentions in one of TT older videos that what attracted him to her in the first place was that she was a goth, thin and had long legs.
Kaya looked so uncomfortable.

No. 418608

He's a fucking goblin I'd tell him where to go. Couldn't put up with him and his fake accent.

No. 418759

he's got an english accent and lives in NI give him a break lol, i a native of NI cannot for the life of me figure out kaya's accent. it's a weird english/american/norn iron twang vibe aka the accent of a girl that doesn't seem to leave the house

No. 418848

kek can't say that's the most flattering lighting, really makes it look like her face is caked in white clown paint and she hasn't bothered doing her neck

No. 418860

I'm an English native and thought he was American!

No. 418879

Who was looking the profiles for TTs ex and the girl he cheated on her with?

No. 418966

Who is her ex?

No. 418991

File: 1510181122408.png (49.31 KB, 640x459, IMG_2140.PNG)

No. 418992

File: 1510181165030.png (67.26 KB, 640x650, IMG_2139.PNG)

That's the girl he cheated on her with

No. 419002

>i don't know what to do with my day when i don't have this camera in front of me

jake bitching about not being able to fly the drone again. going to the beach for the first [and probably only] time their trip and it's at nite b/c that makes sense. waste of a vlog.

No. 419136

Me too, annoyingly fake accent

No. 419189

New fashion haul video by Freya. Kinda boring. I wish she would get a better filming location to show the clothes under better bright lighting. I feel like all the vampiry dresses and blouses she wears are all the same, regardless of brand or style. Im getting bored with her style :-/ at least TT changes up her style so she gets a new look once in a while.

No. 419218

she's been doing the exact same hair and makeup forever, it also looks awful and trashy that she has to be having her tits out all the time

No. 419261

I dont find her style awful or trashy at all, I like it because sge reminds me of Elvira, butttttt its boring because shes done it everyday since starting her videos in 2014, it would be nice if she tries another goth style for a while.

No. 419369

How do you even know this? Not a fan of Kaya but being cheated on is awful so it seems unnecessary digging this up?

No. 419434

the funniest part is TT and Jake used to make fun of Xenia's weight…karma's a bitch

No. 419435

Not here to justify digging, but Kaya has been pretty outspoken about that relationship in the past. He broke her heart and Jake caught her on the rebound. I think this is when and where she formed a lot of her insecurities, and Jake was there to exploit them.

No. 419468

I see. I wasn't aware she had brought it up before. Jake's an even bigger jerk than I first thought then

No. 419498

Idk, I like Freya's consistency with her style. It's one of the things that doesn't bother me about her because at least she knows what she likes. I prefer that over watching people who flit from style to style trying to find an identity and never settle down.

No. 419515

This. At least IBF is comfortable in her overall look, unlike someone like Kaya who has a new obsession/style every few weeks kek.

No. 419684

Wait, wait, wait. She's never read the Harry Potter books?? I'm sorry, but you cannot call yourself a fan if you've never read the books. That's embarrassing af.

No. 419685

If I were dating Kaya and this girl fell in my lap, I'd cheat too.

No. 419701

what is peeves

No. 419709

not only that anon but she has been sent lots of books from her fans and has admitted herself she hasn't read any of them, she just sits them behind her in her videos as fucking gothic decor or some shit.

No. 419712

She has to have her tittes out, that face is plane af and her body is embarrassing.

No. 419717


Talk about cringey. I always thought the distaste I had in my mouth for Kaya was just because she pretends she's goth but doesn't like the music, but there's more to it. Damn.

Saged for dumb commentary.

No. 419721


She doesn't really show off any of the clothing because she's perpetually in some shapeless black hoodie, probably because she's insecure. I think she started wearing a corset because her waist has a lumpy, unnatural shape and the bellybutton is smoothed out. The point is that I think she finally realized how bad she looked on camera, but still doesn't want to stop honging on bacon every day.

If you only you take face selfies, you're fat. not much else to it. Also in every fashion video she says "the sizes run small! I had to buy XXL" lol sure Jan

No. 419723

>If you only you take face selfies, you're fat.

Ease up on the 'tism, anon.

No. 419776

So Jake tells us the Toxic Twosome are off to Japan in a week after arriving back from LA. DO they have a magic money tree?

No. 419805

Wtf, aren’t they going to Korea soon for Kaya’s surgery too?

No. 419813

My boyfriend and I both work full time jobs and we could never in a million years afford to go to LA and then to Japan but TT and Jake are on welfare and they can??

all the did in LA was eat too! They'll go all the way to Japan to spend all their money on food

No. 419815

What money is that? She's supposed to be broke after this LA trip to the point she's begging for handouts whilst there, pmsl! Can't imagine it'd be a very good trip to Japan given how uber expensive it is there and how "poor" she supposedly is after LA.

No. 419819

They're going to Japan for a week and then to Korea and then to Iceland for December.

Wasn't TT begging someone to hook her up with tickets to Universal Studio because she couldn't afford them?

I guess youtube and their patreons have helped them afford their holidays

No. 419823

File: 1510266505136.png (782.8 KB, 844x550, jwjdwwd.png)

>Jake and Kaya "we have no money for Universal Studios please give us free passes wah wah"
>Jake and Kaya "lets spend $153.99 on a figure"

they bought this on their last day too so they had the money for Universal all along

No. 419826

>They're going to Japan for a week and then to Korea and then to Iceland for December.

whaaaat? Holy crap. How are they affording this? WHY are people so stupid to fall for their shit and give them money?! They seriously disgust me. They (well TT anyway) loves to moan about chavs and "junkies" when she's the true chav in a gothIC pink nightmare costume.

Also, >>419776 fukin kek at toxic twosome

No. 419827


They all just love stuff. The more stuff you have the better you are. And what will this figurine do except collect cobwebs. Shame on them asking for money when they have it all along.

No. 419833

Weren't they too broke to find somewhere to live not too long ago? I know their channels haven't grown so much that they can afford to be so frivolous within just a couple of years.

No. 419841

if you literally watched 3 seconds past that part one of their fans/friends paid for it

the korea trip is sponsored and they get the flights for free so they probably asked if they could pit stop at japan for a week?

No. 419844


Hi Jake

No. 419849

It is really iffy taking gifts from so called fans.He is a grown ass man earn your keep.

No. 419855

Just what they need, more clutter to add to their shithole of a house.

No. 419856

Wow can't believe they spent $153+ on a plastic figurine with a vagina face. Money well spent. How about putting that money into your channel or organising a giveaway for fans? They could have paid for a small meal with the meet and greet folks with that money, better still. Absolutely retarded.

No. 419863

are they going to impose themselves on sophie

No. 419955

>>419863 I believe they won't be going to tokyo so I doubt it

No. 420000

If you look at anything Jake does, he is as far away from TT as possible. At any gathering, where is he? Next to whichever girl that isn't TT.
The closest I've seen him to TT recently was at the dinner gathering where TT was the one to finish all the food first.

Even in his Vlogs; he's walking ahead of TT always.
He fucking hates being with her, only longing for attention and gibs.

Jake, you are pathetic.
You want to get famous? Go get a personality, make better content, and stop pretending to be goth when you look like a filthy chav.

No. 420177

If I recall correctly didn't they beg for money to move house twice?

No. 420201

Jake even got in the front of the uber car while TT was in the back. There was more thn enough space for him next to her he really doesnt love her does he

No. 420236

Jake's behaviour towards Kaya reminds me of a primary school kid who just found out a classmate fancies them and is absolutely repulsed to the point he even refuses to be within 10 yards of her.

No. 420258

yes, yet they walk around belfast and laugh at the 'junkies' and 'chavs' as if they're oblivious to belfast's many social issues. also did someone say they are on the dole? to qualify you have to be actively showing them you are searching for work

fucking greedy cunts yet have the audacity to mock others, yet gurns if someone thinks they're too goth or not goth enough

also kaya wasting nhs resources because she can't fathom she is lethargic from her shit diet, lazy lifestyle and lack of motivation. a pill is not going to fix that

No. 420270

A long long time ago I once had a conversation with Kaya who was going through anxiety issues (before she got super big on youtube) and she said that her weight gain was affecting her relationship with Jake. She said she no longer felt he was attracted to her anymore and also was getting fed up of her depressive episodes. I really believe Jake just stays with her because shes part of the package now. There is no love or attraction between them.

No. 420274

you can't expect someone else to love you yourself do not love.. yourself.

she probably thinks her plastic surgery will fix her issues and if it does she really is a vapid cunt, but methinks it's a low self esteem and lack of motivation to change yourself for yourself. girl doesn't even dress how she feels without getting defensive, stop worrying so much about others.

No. 420281

yeah, in a way its kind of sad because i can sympathise as I struggle with self esteem too (blog post sorry) but you've got to want to change your mental state. She probably is a bit deluded and thinks if she does this this and this she will be happy. Even if she did have the willpower to lose the weight, I think mentally she would still be struggling. She needs to dump jake and become healthier in her mind.

No. 420300

File: 1510320364352.png (1.95 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-10-13-24-10…)

Hahaha! It's not enough that she gets free shit handed to her on a daily basis, but she also has to enter this crappy tryhard competition to try and get more!? And with that damn awful hoodie as her weapon no less…Christ.

No. 420329

File: 1510326087379.jpg (31.44 KB, 494x414, D I E T.JPG)

TT please just cut down already or get your lipo you look rough

No. 420337

She truly needs bangs

No. 420367

File: 1510332184776.jpg (50.97 KB, 600x902, FB_IMG_1510331900775.jpg)

She could look so cute she just needs to lose weight she doesn't even need lipo

No. 420472

She looks bad, yes. But like if she doesn't want to make the effort to work out/change her diet, she could at least dress for her damn body. She looks like a fucking sausage stuffed into that dress. This is what I don't get about fatties. They think being in denial and wearing clothes that are smaller somehow helps them. It just makes them look worse. Her posture is utter shite too. Jeez, girl. Stand up straight - that'll make a major difference on its own.

Saged for pointless advice she won't see - or won't follow if she does lurk here.

No. 420649

what are you on? like you dont pay attention? they were in dublin when the junkies were there so not belfast issues, theyre not on the dole, and the lipos sponsored by a company hence going to korea its not on the nhs…

theyre hypocritcal and self absorbed you dont need to make shit up

No. 420662

oh yea cause ireland has never faced hardships either kek
someone said they're claiming benefits, anon asked if they were and if they were that they're fradsters for claiming.

and anon never questioned who was paying for the lipo just that if kaya thinks it will fix her self esteem she is shallow and vapid hah

No. 420673

Hi Jake!!
one of his patreons gave him the $150
that still means that he had it when they were begging people for tickets to Universal. The fact someone actually gave him that much money and he wasted it on a figure makes it even worse

No. 420686

File: 1510356650507.png (217.01 KB, 403x646, Untitled.png)

if you say Hufflepuff 3 times in a mirror this will appear before you

No. 420713

No. 420723

i wonder if her skin has gotten thicker? these comments she's reading out are so lame… i hate the way she continually repeats that she wants to scare people with the way she looks. i'm sorry, since when does being goth or dressing alternative supposed to scare people? god she's a fuckwit. still waiting for the new and exciting projects…. or better the epic fall.

No. 420726

I might need .454 grade to keep such a hambeast from my haribo.

No. 420730

ha ha she is so spooky look at the tits
some of the people following in Elvira's path are really quite depressing to follow.

No. 420732

proof that all dudes with plugs look retarded

No. 420734

Ok I give up on this thread cringe is too strong.

No. 420736

her laugh is so fake…. whether or not there is or there isn't a definition for goth, she's sooooo fake. Buzzfeed and mainstream 'normies' have made her popular. Deep down she knows she's a fake.

No. 420742

bro this video is so god damn old where have you been

No. 420743


She looks like an old hag in that thumb nail. Not going to watch but can anyone tell me how high she has the camera this time?

No. 420919

even if TT gets lipo she's going to pack all the weight back on if she doesn't change her diet and exersise routine. also it'll look pretty weird if she only gets lipo on her stomach or arms and not every part of her body. even if she does get it on her whole body, her face will still be chunky.

No. 420963

Thats an old video from 2015, you retard. Post IBF's newer videos or shut up.

No. 420999

Can we talk about Jillian Venters? some of you mentioned disliking her too and I can't pinpoint what is so annoying about her but I just find her extremely obnoxious and I'm tired of seeing people always talking her up and acting like she's the big eldergoth authority. but she's relatively inoffensive, just annoying

No. 421005

It's her juvenile persona just pisses me off. Even her book's artwork and writing style is so juvenile that it pisses me off to no end

No. 421006

Honestly, her back is like that from bad posture while growing up most likely and is irreversible. The weight gain just exacerbates it

No. 421082

File: 1510425378498.png (626.09 KB, 742x726, k.png)

I can't believe how pretty TT used to be

No. 421120

Agreed. I cant stand the way age dresses either. Victorian clothing is beautiful. I own a few antique mourning pieces (not to wear). But her personal style is so cheesy and cartoon-y. Idk she reminds me of one half of the scene i avoid.

No. 421141

She is really pretty there and he looks like a potato.

No. 421170

oh wow, she's been fat for such a long time from this

No. 421177

Does anyone else find it annoying the way Jake thanks people in his vlogs? Like "hey thanks man, you're the best!" it just comes off forced and fake, like if the camera wasn't recording he'd be insulting them right after kek

likely photoshopped a bit but yea she was very pretty before. i'd argue she still has a pretty face now even with the weight gain but definitely not as much as she used to be

No. 421185

File: 1510434073427.jpg (42.57 KB, 799x414, cw2nb3H.jpg)

Can you imagine seeing this dirty hipster chav placing a camera on the ground and squatting down to talk into it every ten seconds? What must that man near him be thinking… Also these vlogs just continue to make me feel bad for Kaya and I don't even like her. They NEVER interact, he's always finding something to keep himself busy I think to avoid talking to her. At one point in his latest vlog they had two hours to wait around for their flight back and he just records himself working on his laptop with her sat next to him. Why not spend that time talking or interacting in some way?! She's your gf for christ sake. No hug or even an arm around her? He even sat in front of the Uber car instead of in the back with her. The guy is so self absorbed he'd fuck himself if he could

No. 421188

I was literally going to post about this!!
I cringed so bad at this part! that poor man having to deal with that spikey haired man child kneeling so close beside him.

No. 421189

J:"It's half 4"
TT: "hmm?"
J: "It's half 4-I'm talkingtothecamera side eye


No. 421191

File: 1510434661926.png (755.4 KB, 715x583, ttt.png)

I actually think TT used to be really beautiful.
The natural makeup look really suits her.
the crap she does to her face these days is doing her no favors

No. 421225

File: 1510437968066.png (634.29 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-11-22-04-23…)

Doesn't her husband help her vent? Must be hard if you can't talk to this closest to you.

No. 421248

Wow that's depressing, I'd be trying everything to lose the weight.

No. 421253

I think TT can still be cute but the pink kawaii or ott goth does her no favors. If she dresses classic elegant goth like Dre, she would look really good.

No. 421254

Is TT travelling somewhere? I wonder if she and Mattias are truly happy together.

No. 421256


her husband married her for e-fame we all know that's why he's always insulting her in the videos lol

No. 421263

Jake is so self absorbed, I feel like he makes her feel worse about herself she seems quite down on all his videos. Lipo is going to be disappointing unless she uses it as the start of a whole lifestyle change.

No. 421271

Dre doesn’t dress classic or elegant she’s almost as bad with the hot topic garb

No. 421316

File: 1510443546213.jpg (424.52 KB, 1280x1197, toxictears.jpg)

Agreed. I love that makeup style on her. It looks so much nicer than what shes doing now which is a hot mess.

No. 421468

I know buttt comparing with Kelly, TT, IBF, etc. Dre dresses simply by wearing cute goth dresses and tights with nice make up. She looks feminine and soft with a dark twist. She does not over-accesorize like others do. I guess thats what I meant by "elegant."

No. 421470

Wow, TT really looked gorgeous here. She needs to ditch the kawaii goth makeup, it doesn't look good on anyone.

No. 421493

>Angela Benedict

I loled as she called Death in June "Nazi".

No. 421494

In her last stream

No. 421513

>>421493 Why is that funny? They use nazi theme's in their imagery. One of their album covers is a swastika.

No. 421531

she has dealing with depression and anxiety her whole live ,even if you are living with alot of peopple that loves you ,you can still feel like. This

No. 421538

So does Laibach.
And Spielberg uses nazi symbolism and themes in his films too.

No. 421549

And Goths are devil worshiping necrofiles, just look at all that pentagrams, inverted crosses, coffins, skulls, zombies etc. Sick psychos and sexual deviants!

No. 421582

No. 421604

A few years ago Jillain Venters went to Las Vegas for a work trip and gave occasional updates on her Tumblr, and one of the was making disparaging remarks about other people's clothes. Someone called her out on it, because surely she gets snide comments about the way she dresses and she tried to back-pedal. Does anyone else remember this? I'll try to find the posts but it was years ago and I don't remember exactly when it was.

The stupid comments and tags she puts on her tumblr posts are so annoying and childish, too, I don't know how anyone can stand to follows her.

No. 421609

No. 421622

a lot of punk and post punk bands did that, it was pretty common

No. 421623

I haven't noticed that he's insulting her but their relationship always gave me weird vibes. they married so quickly and he doesn't even work but lives off her youtube money, it's all strange to me. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd break up within a few months

No. 421626

Does he really just live off her youtube money? Then what in the world does he do all day??

No. 421629

that's what i read somewhere, maybe it was in the youtube comments. sorry I'm not trying to spread false information. It's just that they never talked about him having a job or anything so i just assumed it must be true

No. 421630

samefag, this is what i found:


so this basically confirms it kek. i bet he is a longtime student, isn't he about her age?

No. 421632

File: 1510491129489.jpg (15.57 KB, 411x311, axPWQea.jpg)

I imagine he's like Bateman when/if he has sex, staring at himself the entire time kek

No. 421633

This thread makes me so glad I married a guy who likes the way I look and is always there for me and supportive. Holy hell, I actually feel bad for IBF and TT. They may be shitty at times but this shit is soul crushing and even they deserve someone who at least does a better job of pretending they care.

I'm also convinced that Jake does steroids. He's got the abnormally thick roid neck and it's the only way to explain how he has an equal amount of fat and muscle.

No. 421636

Well, apart of that what is metioned I remeber watching document about goths made by German TV - he was working in some sort of greenhouse. He also has/had etsy store with his artwork.

About age - he is few years younger than she if I am not mistaken. And he also already graduated some time ago.

No. 421637

He does have a job i have seen talking about it on Facebook recently
I never have seen him insulting her or vise versa in her vlogs ,they seem to at least like each other alot i have seem them with their friends and they are always kissing and things like that,they seem like any other couple .

No. 421638

>I'm also convinced that Jake does steroids. He's got the abnormally thick roid neck and it's the only way to explain how he has an equal amount of fat and muscle.

To be honest both he and TT are the type who want everything with little to no effort, so jake doing steroids because he's too lazy to put the work into getting a buff body without the fat wouldn't surprise me at all. Kaya expects to see substantial weight loss within a few months of exercise and jake thinks he deserves e-fame and tons of subscribers by filming the same, boring, mundane vlogs day in day out. They both expect fans to send them shit too. I hate people like this

No. 421640

I feel like it most be difficult to her to deal with mental illness and endiometrosis without family and friends (even if she chose to ) even if she has her husband .

No. 422042

>"I'm living here in Northern Ireland because it's cheap and the healthcare is free"
>said in previous video "anyone with sense would leave Northern Ireland, LA is so much better"

Can this prick actually fuck off? He acts like he's bigger and better than everyone else yet has no qualms with taking free shit from fans and the ruddy country he's living in.

Sage for non-useful rant, but the guy's such a prick

No. 422127

I bet hes just saying that shit because he realised he could never get an american visa

No. 422277

Douglas is a fag. And him and Tony used to have a far left, anti-racist punk band, Crisis, before dij.

No. 422665


Wow in this one the struggle is real! He is so self important. He is stating everything in dollars. Maybe in Universal they are security aware as there are actual nuts out there hurting people. Look up where you are going first before you turn up with all your STUFF you are not important. sage

No. 422666


Yup and he'll probably want to move to Japan after they visit too, but both of them are too lazy to bother learning the language kek

No. 422669

replace camera with gun jake.

i told the security guard i had a gun in my bag but i told him 6 times i didn't intend on using it!!!


NI is cheap. then why did these two dickheads need a gofundme to rent a property in belfast when they both worked in a call centre. guys, if bfast is so cheap surely min wage is sufficient to survive!!

No. 422742


it's 2017, toots, everyone has depression! and social media would be a lot better if people wouldn't use their legion of adoring fans as cheap therapy.

I'm not doubting her depression but venting to a fan base you know will repeat whatever you want to hear isn't healthy for anyone involved. Go get help or talk about it anonymously.

Otherwise it's a cheap grab for attention.

No. 422743

3:40 Adora sexually harass Simone xD

No. 422757

Kaya and those fucking dreads. Can she make a hair video without talking about how she has 'soooooooo much hair'. smh

No. 422764

kek @ those huge pink buttons on her head, seriously wtf is that? and double kek @ using an older, thinner pic of herself

No. 422788

I just came back from a con and saw this figure for about $60 kek

No. 422790

Holy freaking cow, 153 dollaz? I can eat for a month for such amount of money. xD

No. 422820

that's fucking glorious. granted some ~fan~ was the one who supplied the funds but still funny.

did anyone else catch how he said he was like sexual aroused by the figure or something?

also him claiming his fat face is 'water weight' from not drinking enough water during the la trip. yea, not like that's the default of your face bro.

No. 422823

Kaya always brings up dread falls when she feels like stirring up controversy for attention.

No. 423078

His vlog/travel idea. BHaaaaaaaaa. I can't imagine they'd want his stupid footage.

LOL his excuse about not having strength. I never lose strength from missing the gym for a while. I just get more sore from lifting. Gawd his form is abysmal. Hate the music? Bring headphones. Wtf. This guy does nothing but bitch. His vlogging style is boring as FUCK. I lost count of the clips that he should have simply edited out.

Why the fuck did he need his drone with him at Universal? Why didn't he leave it at the house if he wasn't planning on filming with it anyway? Jeez. Has he never been to a big name amusement park before? Even Cedar Point has scanners when you enter the park.

As everyone has basically said already, he's so self important. Saged for offering nothing new but my grumpy opinion.

No. 423102




This states the size requirements for needing to register a sUAS. I can't find any information on the type of drone he's using, but I'm pretty sure it weighs more than approximately a half pound. And if he's using it to make videos that make money - it's not purely hobby/recreational use. Dude should just register the damn thing. It's only $5 and it lasts 3 years. Gawd.

No. 423163

TT and Jake 'We hate goth music blah blah blah' but uses a Sister of Mercy instrumental as background music to seem more goth/alternative. Nah.

No. 423173

I honestly didn't know that they don't listen to goth music. like wtf? the whole subculture is primarily about music, they are a fucking joke and embarrassing. they simply reduce it to fashion or a fancy image. If they'd be around non-youtube goths they's be laughed at

No. 423255

oh christ don't get me started on that. It's so triggering when Kaya (and now Jake, jfc…) play that damn song in the background of their shit videos. First they were getting all defensive about the goth thing proclaiming the fashion is the most important aspect (even though Kaya looks more and more mall goth as she ages, and Jake looks like a fat hipster chav), but then Kaya started playing LMR (aka the only fucking goth song she knows/possibly likes) in every other video after it was brought up on here. Well the joke's on them, it only further proves what fakes they are in the goth scene.

No. 423284

I don't understand why Jake doesn't just move to London. London is awesome, active, swinging 24 hours, plenty of cons and festivals, etc. It may be an expensive city but Jake and Kaya could find an affordable flat somewhere I'm sure. Getting an American visa is too hard but Jake and Kaya, being UK citizens, could move to London and quit bitching about life in NI. I wish I live in London.

No. 423290

Coalcandy has a nice eye for shooting video and has some very comforting shots. I like him. He surfs and hikes, too, unlike most goths/altcows who are too lazy to go out into nature.

No. 423310

LMR is Don't Stop Believin for goths too. She can't even pick a lesser known SOM song.

No. 423316

File: 1510624685830.png (93.56 KB, 640x640, IMG_0147.PNG)

Kinda old but this peaked my interest, she mentions in the comments that "the internet would shit its self" if she publicly named and it isn't anyone from her local scene so I'm totally dying to kno if it's TT or IBF

No. 423345

tbh that sounds like IBF, she isnt ever seen with people that arent OTT and she's the most appearance obsessed one out of all of them with the constant costumey outfits and obsessed with getting attention in public and shocking normies more than anything else. I can definitely see it being her

No. 423357

Disagreed that it's IBF. IBF and Allison have appeared in each other's videos when they both hung out at Wave Goffik Festival (sp?) and Mera Luna. Allison and her husband flew to Europe for two summers in a row to attend either of those festivals.

I doubt it's TT, being that TT doesn't attend any goth, metal, or alt festivals.

No. 423360

Well that's the point shes saying it's someone she's spent a decent amount of time with

No. 423366

doubtful, it sounds more like Allison was venting about someone in the local?regional scene. IBF and Allison aren't friends but friendly, they made "cameos" in each other's vlogs but didn't actually hang out, if that makes sense. IBF doesn't seem stuck up to me, she's always friendly to everyone in her videos and has chatted with everyone of all sorts. Quit making up shit when there isn't any.

No. 423373

I didn't know he started uploading youtube videos so regularly now, thanks for letting me find out lol.

I like him too!

Coalcandy posted this old vlog that was previously up on the murderotic channel and damn it really makes me miss murderotic. I respect that she didn't want to be "murderotic" anymore, but I wish she would have kept the videos up somewhere.

No. 423390

While I miss Murderotic, I'm so happy to see Angelica move on and become happier with herself. Her strong sense of style was enhanced by her fun personality.

Really highlights the problem with the altcows mentioned in this thread. No originality, no integrity. Fame hungry shells who'll sell-out for just about anything.

Meanwhile Angelica just walks off in to the forest with a smile on her face :) I kind of love her all the more for it.

Saged for gushy admiration.

No. 423401

File: 1510631048136.png (13.64 KB, 445x158, ss (2017-11-13 at 10.43.11).pn…)

Allison literally says in the thread on FB that it isnt but ok

No. 423417

Yeah haha, I love her. She always felt authentic. She has always been really inspiring to me. I remember her health blog motivating me to eat healthier and exercise. Now all the alternative social media personalities just post hauls. Boring.

No. 423494

Oh man she was an amazing person and I loved reading her posts and watch her videos.

Did she leave the Internet completely or are there any active accounts of hers left?

No. 423506

Her instagram is magicalfrequencies and she has a youtube account but she's not super active. She looks so much happier now though.

No. 423596

File: 1510661672167.png (421.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171113-224624.png)

This guy is the most arrogant twat I have ever came across!! So rude to people that say anything to him!

No. 423600

Don't give him ideas anon!

Haha avoiding that question because he and Kaya are fake af. Also just watched a bit of his Q&A (that's how bored I am) and he's so far up his own arse. I nearly spat out my drink when he said his vlogs are "cinematic storytelling rather than I'm just out and happen to have the camera with me" kekkkk so going to the post office is cinematic storytelling eh Jake?? pmsl what a twat.

No. 423608


This person replied with something like 'I gave you a chance/benefit of the doubt and you really are a dick. What they say on lolcow is right'

He's deleted the tweet hahahahaha

No. 423647


The time the Toxic Twosome were in London he stated on his vlog they may move over!

No. 423656

Can we talk about Julia Zelg? She is a smaller youtuber that seems to be really into that pastel goth stuff and she has also made videos on hair/makeup etc. She is a really sweet girl. She also made points about how ridiculously expensive alternative brands are. Just what really bothers me is that this girl claims to be all goth but from other videos she is just into the whole "creepy-cute" kind of music for example shit like Melanie Martinez and such. I mean you don't have to be steretypically goth to fit into the subculture but, girl, when your whole bedroom is baby pink, when all you wear is pastel goth which is normally nothing extreme just a couple of shirts with crosses or pentagrams,when your makeup is pretty mainstream as a format and just the colours are "extreme", when you put glitter all over your face, "alternative" is a more suitable term for you. And that's fine, you don't have to be labeled goth to have fun and be yourself. Liking "spooky things" doesn't make you goth either, in the surprise of many and specially Kaya. Goth was always a pretty music and art based subculture.
sage for rant

No. 423661

Isn't she the girl Kaya went off on one about in one of her videos, claiming she copied her thumbnail and makeup and shit?

No. 423667

When did this happen? Any links?

No. 423669

not sure of any links myself but watch julia's own "what not to say to goth girls" video, it's basically a word for word copy of TTs, which wasn't even good in the first place lel

No. 423670

Most of these altcows fail to understand that goth isn't just dressing in all black, wearing black lipstick, and donning a pentagram or two. Music is the base. If you don't like goth music you aren't goth. Simple as that. Just like if you don't like metal you aren't a metalhead. That's one thing that bothers me about ReeRee Phillips. While I love her content and as a person she seems really sweet, she's really not goth. She almost exclusively listens to metal. The internet "goth scene" has totally bastardized what the subculture is about. It's become a fashion show pissing contest. Saged for rant.

No. 423681

It would be annoying but understandable if they were young and new to the subculture, but these pseudogoths (TT, ReeRee, Julia, etc) are in their 20s (I think? Old enough to know better anyway) and think listening to metal and wearing black = goth af. Um, no. It's always the ones who were emos as teenagers that are like that, I swear. Although that does bring me to another point… just what kind of music does TT like? She's only ever hinted at late 90s pop music

No. 423683

Does anyone actually know Kaya's age? I think she's around my age(25)but then I get the vibe she is more like 22ish. Just curious…

No. 423685

oh gosh, bet you mean this one. They basically say the same stuff, and I just can't get over that eyelinerrrr baby wat is u doin

No. 423694

I think she's about 24 or 25 now, definitely not 22 anyway. I believe she said she met Jake when she was doing her GCSEs in 2010, which would've made her 16 then?

yup that's the one

No. 423703

File: 1510672107647.jpg (32.99 KB, 445x426, WQDVMmb.jpg)

Does he really think he's fit? He looks like a fuckin fat ass, jake you're meant to lose fat and bulk up, not bulk up OVER the fat

Also the guy is deluded af. He said in the beginning of the vid his videos have 5-6K views. I checked and only a small handful have around that much and those are the ones featuring Dre, Kaya or Holly /Ross in the thumbnail. The other being him in drag. His shitty, boring videos of his mundane chores barely reach 3K views, so who are you trying to fool Jake? Certainly not us. He actually thinks people would pay for him to travel and vlog because of those views lmfao, so self important. Get over yourself chav boy

No. 423707


his form in his maybe 3 minutes of exercising is fucking tragic and he needs to go to a gym when there is a PT/staff member available so he can actually work in a way that will do him some good.

No. 423722

yep. I laughed out loud when he said he didn't put on any weight from America (kek who you kidding?) but is holding water weight in his face. Nice try fatty

No. 423729

he works in a garden centre or something it was in the documentary they are in

No. 423732

the fact that Jake actually genuinely thinks he could get paid to do some shitty sup par vlogging is hilarious, how self obsessed and deluded is he? does he honestly expect to travel for nothing, get paid and live the high life just because he's been doing some vlogs and has gotten a few subscribers over the past few years mainly from TT's channel? who in their right mind would hire this twat? why doesn't he get a real job like everyone else and not sponge of society and fans, my god he's deluded and obnoxious.

No. 423739

tell me about it anon. I think he said once he was inspired to vlog because of Casey Neistat. inspired meaning blatantly copying his filming style and general demeanor obviously

No. 423745

File: 1510678597498.png (151.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-14-14-19-22…)

No. 423748

she does like some goth music, 90s pop and in videos theyve been listening to like comedy music? (dont know if thats the right thing but like funny lyrics and such but still alternative not sure of the word)

No. 423749


No. 423753

lol, i'm surprised jake didn't delete that. but he seriously needs to start learning how to talk to people appropriately and nicely, but it's true, he's too much of a dick

No. 423763

Some goth music being the only song she knows by the SoM, and The Cure (or so she claims in the goth tag anyway). Otherwise I've never seen/heard her discuss any interest in goth music, in fact quite the opposite she's very open about NOT being interested in the music side of it and doesn't actively seek out new or obscure goth bands to listen to

No. 423772

I was just about to post that, what the hell honestly? This looks like it would belong in a cringe compilation with all these cringy acting and effects. Also, there is nothing remotely goth about this crap.

No. 423773

She moved from brazil to london to pursue her dream of making music and being a singer… and this is what she can do.. girl I think you might need to dream alittle smaller

No. 423776

To be fair, both TT and Jake are horrendous for giving people abuse. I just don't understand how a fat chavvy wannabe vlogger can actually be that deluded. He still doesn't mention what happened to the drone that he set up a gofundme for and he is just a little ignorant twat from Ireland that needs to get a job he can actually do and stop with this vlogging. I read somewhere he is the laughing stock in Ireland because his vlogs are so bad and self absorbed

No. 423778

She actually looks better dressed "basic". Her normal style is hideous and very cookie cutter altcow.

No. 423801

I reported their MAG kickstarter but nothing seems to have been done…did anyone actually receive any of the perks they promised?

No. 423954

Jack for sure reads this thread.
he's so up his own ass that he thinks the fact that people are talking about him at all makes him famous

No. 423993

if the two cunts read this thread tell them to stop referring to Northern Ireland as 'Ireland' in their 'we-watch-too-much-tv' accents.

Jake you're a fat english cunt and most everyone hates you. Kaya your a big fat 25 yr old emo who should grow up. You both live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Neither of you are special or interesting. It is a fucking laugh that he thinks he can travel off of his vlogs

and if they are interested in that shite, why don't they talk to their good mate sophie about it who they aren't even bothering to visit on their trip to japan, i wonder why? oh yea, cuz you two cunts are users

No. 423995


it's a fucking joke between the unis that the goths and alternatives go to queens and the 'chavs' go to ulster for fuck sake. these two cunts have just alienated themselves from the scene because they are both miserable to be around.

No. 423997

also Belfast home of fucking John Peel and The Undertones amongst many other bands. We are known for our music scene my god, they can't even represent where they are from well because they are too awkward to go anywhere or not welcomed because of how poorly they speak on others

No. 423999

Jake is definitely a dick. If anyone argues about that then they haven't dealt with him. I commented on his "what's wrong with America" vid or whatever the fuck it's called and he got all defensive. If you notice, he's mostly engaging with Americans who are calling him out in the comments. This guy cannot stand to be wrong. Even in a situation that he knows absolutely nothing about. So full of himself.

Saged for fucking ranting.

No. 424003

File: 1510694984663.jpg (507.62 KB, 1440x1306, Screenshot_20171114-212846.jpg)

I don't understand the type of people Jake appeals to, is it just Kaya's 'fan's? If so, can't they see how shit he treats her and just how embarrassing he is in general.

No. 424029

kayas obviosuly catholic and they have a hard time admitting they live in northern ireland,

but ireland is a geographical name, like saying you live in europe, the countries are northern ireland and republic of ireland, ireland is the island they live on.

No. 424036

He claims you're "not allowed to have piercings" in Japan. I'm pretty sure they're allowed. They just aren't commonplace and aren't viewed favourably.

No. 424042


for what it's worth, Allison and TT don't follow each other on Insta, but i don't really think they were ever friends to begin with.

Allison and IBF are following each other on Insta, though.

also, Allison is probably one of the more genuine people in the scene, especially on youtube, considering she's been in the scene for years and really knows her stuff, so it's funny that Mystery Goth would drop her because shes NOT GOFF ENOUGH.

anybody else kinda put off by Sebastian Columbine hopping on the Wicca bandwagon? seems like just another aesthetic for her, alongside BDSM and LGBT.

No. 424044


They are from the West I don't think the natives will worry to much about piercing as long as they promise go home.

No. 424046


Sebastian always comes across like she is battery operated.

No. 424085


I'm getting sick of hearing the two of them slag off Belfast constantly and I've never been to the place before lol. The thing is, I'd imagine most areas have at least some kind of an alt scene, even if it is just small. But let's entertain her theory that there is none, why not TRAVEL out a bit and find one then? She's obviously able to travel to YT events, to restaurants, to LA and soon Japan, Korea and potentially Iceland, yet she can't be bothered to actively seek out and participate in the scene she adamantly claims to be a part of? Oh wait sorry, I forgot the toxic twosome believe all goths are elitists anyway so there'd be no point, amirite Kaya/Jake? She'd rather do cheap tat unboxings and sponsored clothing hauls - this is exactly why there is no scene, she's part of the problem. Also just an fyi Kaya, someone telling you that you need to like goth music to be a goth is not elitism dear (sorry "lovely")

They always have a fucking excuse when it comes to this shit don't they? Uninteresting vlogs or videos are blamed on there being "nothing to do in NI" yet their LA trip has proven to us they are still total bores who put out crap videos even when they're in a place with so much shit to do and see! I mean for fucks sake they spent the majority of their trip eating junk.

No. 424091

File: 1510702047228.jpeg (7.13 KB, 230x219, 183C3DA4-341A-43AA-9B02-8CE74B…)

The irony is so thick good god I’m wheezing

No. 424104

she spends most of her time around prod areas and with prod people i would never have took her for a catholic tbh, or religious. especially dating an english guy so kind of weird she's apparently nationalist instead of trying to be 'more different than she already is'

kaya is fake af. the best NI vlogger will always be Bubzbeauty, shits all over lazy Kaya wish someone else would vlog about belfast, fuck i might put some white foundation on and do it for money to go to LA and eat like a fat king

No. 424106

I'm Belfast native and these two piss me off I always see the two wankers walking about too and they're just cunts. Belfast has an amazing live music scene and alternative clubs, but sure they don't like going out. not sure what the fuck they actually like to do.

No. 424122

File: 1510705479141.png (16.03 KB, 580x135, Untitled.png)

I was SO tempted to commented on this Tweet about her poor skin and point out to her that it's probably all the utter shit she shoved down her gullet while she was in the U.S.

No. 424123


Sage editing my post.

No. 424139

Kaya and Jake have always been deluded into thinking they’re more “famous” than they actually are. It’s pathetic to see her hanging about Q-Con (aka a Belfast anime and gaming convention) with her clothing line and being bypassed by weebs who don’t give a shit about her tacky clothes.

Link related- it’s from a few years back where supposedly she and peachmilkytea were recognised by a group of chavs as being “living dolls” and were harassed


No. 424146

File: 1510708289196.jpg (65.08 KB, 444x402, tumblr_mo0wh7D0Rk1qikgkto3_500…)

No. 424160

I am fucking dying right now. I have followed them on and off for years, but seeing this pic makes it so blatant that they have changed so fucking much. To the point that it's hard to believe that thats them in the pics. That looks like Jakes lesbian sister.

No. 424241

what is up with people constantly defending how genuine and not poserish TT and IBF are…… TT doesnt listen to the music and IBF only likes the attention, what is the point

What event is this they were at?

No. 424242

That's interesting about Belfast having an active alt scene. From the way TT and Jake talked about Belfast, I was beginning to feel sorry for them and I imagined Belfast as a shitehole. Do people in Belfast also travel to Dublin for shows and events? I would imagine that Dublin, being bigger, must have a much more active scene.


No. 424259

Most poortherners I know travel to Dublin for just about anything.

No. 424413

kek what is that stuffed down his crotch?

>what event is this they were at?

gay pride

No. 424442

peachmilky is sweet in real life and is from my neighbourhood which is mostly chavs, she doesn't turn her nose up at everyone like TT and can socialise. funny how TT and jake won't be visiting her in Japan

No. 424448


Edit don't want to give my location away too much lol

Belfast has been thru a recent civilian war and has had the city centre blown apart for decades, but in past years it has its tourism booming, major attractions, GoT filming here, the titanic area has all been done up and has film studios now.

Honestly, Belfast is becoming quite the cute continental city and NI is small enough that you can travel around. they're lack of effort in getting a car etc means they will only show where their bus route takes them

they make belfast look pathetic.

also a trip to dublin on the train takes 2 hours (also side note you can get flights to amsterdam (takes 70 mins) from the international for around the same price and spend a night or two there). They live on a beautiful island, with immense culture, but none of their 'fans' would know because they just talk shit about it so much because they are too FUCKING LAZY to go anywhere.

No. 424450

travelling to dublin for a show is what any music fan would do from here if the artist they like is not going to belfast (but loads of artists still visit belfast. marina and the diamonds played a small venue because it's known for it's history in music and ulster hall is a gorgeous venue with history too, then there's the SSE arena amongst various club venues around the city) Travelling to Dublin is not expensive or time exhausting. These two idiots tho don't appear to actually have any taste in music so i doubt they'd be willing to spend what they spend in a restaurant on a gig ticket.

i cant even imagine kaya knows how to fucking dance or react in a place so prob why she doesn't go anywhere because her whole existence is based on one big pose

No. 424451

I agree with you there completely anon, they really are a bad representation of Ireland/Belfast, when in fact all it is is that they're lazy and prefer to slag off their own area. They are privileged to live in such an interesting place, but prefer to bitch and moan and sit at home instead. The only time those two idiots ever go out is to do laundry and to stuff their faces

No. 424452

I wondered this too. I think they said they'd be too busy to visit them but that's total bs lol. Kaya and jake are probably jealous but then you'd think Jake would want PeachMilky to appear in his vids for more views?

No. 424453

also not to mention all the outdoor venues. belfast city council has been hosting music festivals in big parks, titanic area, playing fields. green day and rancid played a massive gig just this summer in the local park i always see them in, surprise surprise they never went and tickets were cheap and selling at the door too lol

No. 424454

reckon sophie doesn't want them leaving a bad taste with her new friends hah

No. 424455

also jake was closer to peachmilky ex, idk how he is with her current bf. but i saw vids of jake and her ex and they are so cringe etc, prob been distancing since

No. 424473

Agreed with all of this. Belfast and the Causeway coast was rated as the top tourist destination in the world for 2018 on Lonely Planet. It's really not that much of a shithole

I visit NI all the time (bf lives there) and there's loads of things to do outside of the alt scene. Even if their scene isn't great, I don't get why they don't do normal shit either? NI is full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. Not having a car is hardly an excuse as NI has great bus services due to lack of trains

I wish these idiots would stop acting like they live in the middle of a wasteland in bumfuck nowhere

No. 424479

File: 1510753257980.jpg (39.12 KB, 896x210, pQc4Iej.jpg)

check out his little description on IG…

>unstoppable optimist

really? because ALL he ever does it bitch and moan. I have never seen the fat cunt optimistic

>professional life liver

kek see above jakey boy. all you do is complain and spend your days stuffing your fat face with junk food and probably steroids. when you do go out it's to eat some more, film yourself like a self-centered jerk "working out" at the gym, or grocery shopping. talk about the high life

>the laughter at the party

You mean the laughter OF the party? because i can assure you you're the laughing stock of wherever you go. Besides, you and kaya hate parties and clubs and that kind of shit, right?

sage for rant. I hate this arrogant, narcissistic moron.

No. 424484

Wow I definitely wanna visit Belfast then. I was convinced that it was a dump lol. Thanks for setting the record straight.


No. 424487

it only looks a dump because they only leave the house when they assume no one else will be about. they go into the city centre on a sunday when everything is closed. jake goes out in the rain thinking everyone is as much as a dweeb as him and will be home - uh no, we just dress for the weather.

also when they film they're always on back streets of belfast i presume to avoid crowds.

No. 424489

even his drone shots are fucking awful. him and kaya probably to lazy to walk up of cavehill and get an actual skyline of belfast

No. 424491

also for kaya pretending to be so dark inclined, there are so many ruins and castles littered about where she lives, even carrickfergus is up the road. don't actually understand how she hasn't had a spoopy photoshoot at one of our many graveyards, churches, castles, monasteries, seacaves, forests etc. Antrim use to just be an ancient forest, i assure you the whole country is not construction sites and cranes

No. 424492

File: 1510754924177.jpg (36.98 KB, 746x403, K0iVeRX.jpg)

Has anyone seen TT's boyfriend tag? One of the questions was "what was the first thing you noticed about me?" cue awkwardness as Jake recounts that he first noticed Kaya was a "slim goth with long ass legs - all my favourite things" how uncomfortable Kaya must've felt, as all she could muster was "…I am lanky"

pic related, that was the exact moment Jake was saying that. Kaya's expression says it all

No. 424503


wait in that bf tag, they both confirm jake is welsh lmao. now he just reminds me of glyn from big brother. and the girl TT ex cheated on was welsh. also love the fact jake had to say in the bf tag Kaya was rebound. fuck anything is better than WALES eh

No. 424506

lmao he confirms around 4min in he was sitting him bored on MSN in Wales, and used his DOLE money to go visit Kaya in NI on the rebound. kek i can't

No. 424510

she was 16 chatting to him on the phone during her GCSE year, and he was on the dole. i don't know about his education so i presume he was 18 then. he gets a plane over on his dole money and a 16 yr old floors him at the airport.

jesus christ kaya dump him

No. 424511

kaya is june gemini, so she prob only turned 16 getting her results, therefore, she was 15 when she was chatting to jake.

so she must have been 14 or so when her heart was broken by mattmatt. this girl has no life experience are you shitting me

No. 424516


The whole thing just sounds like Jake was looking for a way to leave Wales, was bored one day and happened to chat to Kaya who was vulnerable at the time and exploited that for a quick escape route. Even when she was thin and "all his favourite things" I don't think he truly liked/loved her, it was probably more of a fetish for him than anything else. The kiss he's giving her in the thumbnail used for the tag video doesn't even look genuine or remotely loving

No. 424521

i mean really, its hard to not feel sorry for kaya. she probably knows jake used/uses her and perhaps doesn't even LIKE her as you say, i mean we only know so much. imagine what it must be like for her, she'd probably be and feel a whole lot better if she dumped jake and was by herself, he truly brings her down and doesn't help her issue with body weight. I imagine he's the type of boyfriend to make snidey or back handed remarks to her about her weight and image. kaya is a bit of an idiot, but god she could do a whole lot better

No. 424523

Not only that but tbh the way he acts around kelly and dre probably really upset TT. imagine having your boyfriend look at or be more interested in other girls. even on his IG he likes all the pics of kelly or dre, esp the ones of them wearing something a bit revealing. he's seriously gross and toxic. kaya was obviously young and naive when she met him, thought he was really into her, now realizes he was just some fuckboy who only wanted to be with someone "goth and slim with long legs" ew. she could do better than that fat faced moron

No. 424528

I knew Jake in Wales. He went to my school, he was in the year above me. He was an arrogant, boring, stuck up twat. I remember trying to befriend him because he seemed lonely and permanently miserable, but when we tried to chat to him he just looked down his nose at us and was completely rude. He kept trying to start bands with people and wondered why nobody in the school liked him… It was because he was completely up himself and seemed to think he was the next Kurt Cobain. Even at 15 he was a dick, it was so cringe.

Oh and just before he moved to Ireland he was chatting to a (female) friend of mine on MSN desperately and drunkenly trying to get her to meet up with him in the middle of the night. She was in a relationship herself and kind of confused about why he wanted to meet up because they'd literally never hung out before and she thought it was really creepy and disrespectful to his girlfriend.

No. 424533

I reckon his plan was to use Kaya as his ticket out of Wales, screw her and then dump her when someone else better came along. I imagine that around the time her YT channel took off he had already planned to leave her, but seeing her become increasingly popular made him stay believing he could achieve e-fame off her back. He's likely hoping he'll "make it big" and then he can leave her, but right now he won't because he knows he's only getting views by being "TT's bf" and it'd be too harmful to his pathetic little channel if he went through with it

No. 424547

I believe you re: drone shots of Belfast. Los Angeles is a beautiful colorful city, I've been there three times. People on here said that L.A looked drab in his drone shots. Lol.


No. 424548

That's what I don't get either! I'm not Irish or European but I find Irish/Celtic culture really interesting, I find it very darkly inclined because of the rich history of witchcraft and Druids, etc. so I'm baffled why we haven't seen any cool travel vlogs of TT visiting all those castle ruins and exploring Celtic ancestry and history. At least Black Friday has visited really interesting architectural landmarks in Prague and Paris in her vlogs.

No. 424561

>Surrounded by Gothic architecture and ruins
>Some of the most awe inspiring landscapes on the planet
>Rich history of folklore, paganism and witchcraft

"Nah, let's go to Voodoo doughnuts in LA"

No. 424600

I'm willing to bet the reason she won't disclose her music taste other than pop music is because she likes bands such as Evanescence, MCR, BFMV, Slipknot, Nightwish, Cradle of Filth etc etc basically the mall goth and emo bands. Not saying a goth can't listen to them if that's what they like, but TT admits she doesn't like actual goth music…

No. 424610


I agree, there is nothing wrong with those bands. A lot of people were introduced to that sort of alternative style at a young age from those bands, like seeing Marilyn Manson for the first time as a kid can be really exciting and lead you onto real goth styles. It's nostalgic really. I'd rather TT be honest about what she likes rather than say she doesn't have favourites, it just makes her seem like she's hiding something or ashamed.

No. 424640

I love Glyn. 'I'm cooking an egg for the very first time awoooo awooooo!'
They both look like easter eggs in that pic. Also, if he's Welsh, he sounds nothing like it. He sounds like a yank.

No. 424714

Yes and some amazing abandoned buildings too, she's boring af

No. 424735

They didn't confirm he was Welsh? They said he was living in Wales but isn't Welsh/doesn't have the accent. I've no idea where in England he's from, maybe anon >>424528 could shed some light? His accent is fucking bizarre, like a bad attempt at sounding American

No. 424737

either way he's from england or wales, the only two fucking regions in the UK that voted #leave. fuck off back to UK m8

No. 424949

I am at work so I don't have the time to link atm, but I'm pretty sure TT said that when her mum first met jake she was disappointed that he is Welsh but didn't have the accent, or something along those lines. I'm pretty sure it was in that boyfriend tag video that was posted above. I will look more into it once I am home to confirm.

No. 425074

>What the fuck is this shit, look like a parody song, and the shitty clip, it's a real trainwreck

>Is this seriously a song about raping someone? And is she supposed to be the rapist? WTF?

Little tip for you boiz


No. 425108

don't give her any ideas kek

No. 425157


scuse you nightwish isn't mall goth or emo band lol pls don't lump symphonic metal in with the rest

to be fair though there IS a huge overlap between metal and goth. Metal bands with female members often wear velvets and corsets with black hair and/or lipstick etc. And metalhead fashion isn't really feminine, either: band tees with baggy or ripped jeans and maybe a chain or choker. It's kind of blah and very centered towards guys who own like a hundred band tees and switch them out with their cropped cargo trousers that have huge pockets, with leather necklaces that have norse mythological symbols and runes on them.

Goth fashion is more fluid, flexible and, to put it bluntly, more interesting. It makes sense to like that sense of style if you enjoy metal music. Especially if you are more girly and don't want to wear a shapeless unisex band tee.

Yeah I do agree goth culture specifically is rooted in the music, nobody should argue about this it's 2017 for fucks sake. Sure there were roots in architecture and literature but goth as we know it is born through music. But I can also see the blurry line in the alternative umbrella between goth and metal and that it's possible for metalhead fans to enjoy wearing goth.

And to be mildly cynical for today, for Reeree and other metalheads who enjoy alternative music but maybe not strictly goth or so, it's much easier and more ah, commercial to use the label "goth" than metalhead. In my personal experiences I've never had anyone turn their nose up at me when I mention metal bands despite wearing goth clothes, if anything most goths are aware or fond of some metal bands so there's never a lack of conversation topics

No. 425499

There's nothing wrong with a metalhead wearing goth clothes as fashion is NOT the main point of the subculture. What’s wrong is them claiming to BE goth when they clearly are not, it just makes no sense. Fashion is for everybody who likes it but wearing it doesn’t mean you belong in the subculture, going to clubs/concerts/listening to the music does.

No. 425510

Nobody in their right mind would wear corpse paint and a slayer tshirt in public, and then be like oh yeah I don't really listen to any kind of metal at all.
Nobody in their right mind would have a huge green mohawk and a studded A vest in public, and then be like oh yeah punk music is actually not something I like, it's a bit noisy to me I don't listen to that really.

I don't understand why goth is the only alternative subculture everyone will defend to death that you can totally be a part of without listening to the music, JUST because of the clothing and the look.
Wear whatever you want. But stop acting like it's offensive people expect you to listen to a certain type of music because of how you choose to look.

No. 426114

Are Jake and Kaya in Japan yet? I checked his YT for any new videos, but nada.

No. 426120

I would be more likely to consider someone who doesn't wear black but listens to goth music "Goth" than I would someone who wears all black and has the aesthetic but doesn't listen to goth music

No. 426132

the ones who do it are the weebs cause they think that about all fashion.

No. 426282

Kaya and Jake are currently on the flight to Korea - Jake posts updates on insta stories

No. 426361

Anyone else curious how Jake is going to react to Kaya post-lipo?

sage for no contribution

No. 426378

I'm curious as to how both of them will react. I'm not sure if Kaya has said in a video the exact spots she is getting lipo, but I assume she's getting it all over or else it would look strange. The thing is, she will never be as skinny as she used to be. I would imagine the skin being a bit saggy and stretch marked after the procedure due to rapid "weight loss". She already has body image issues and I don't think the lipo will fix it. She has a lot of work to do.

No. 426389

even if she does get it all over her body her face will still look chubby and weird compared to the rest of her body.

No. 426394

Lipo doesn't work when you have yoyo-weight issues and youre generally just fat… lipo should be for those final last places the fat just wont leave you after a massive weightloss. I think Kaya is going to end up dissapointed. Especially because lipo doesn't stop you from gaining weight again after.
Alot of people seem to think lipo is this magical thing but you gotta actually work for it too

No. 426450

Is it not also true that when you have lipo the fat does not go back to those area's treated so it has to go somewhere else. Sadly I think it is a cheap fix.

No. 426454

File: 1510937293047.png (552.28 KB, 754x544, pose.png)

Can Jake PLEASE stop doing this pose!!

he does it everywhere in his videos and I cringe so much when I think of people looking at this guy kneeling like this talking into a camera!

god he is so douchy!!

No. 426457

Just so everyone's aware, I'm almost certain Kaya's not getting lipo on this trip.

She was in talks to get a sponsored/discounted lipo but I don't think that's been finalised. And considering her financial situation, I doubt she'll be spending her own money either.

So unless she's found a new sponsor or sugar daddy dupe, she's not getting any serious work done.

No. 426465


I have too agree it is super cringe to see him leaving it down and walking away and then back again.

No. 426498

Either looks like a chav about to mug you, or some wannabe rap music video attempt

Yep, I have known people who had lipo and the fat went to other places they never had much fat before such as their arms

No. 426512

it's so cringey how much he tries to be like Casey Neistat

No. 426516

What about Coalcandy?

No. 426540

File: 1510943652242.png (201.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171117-132733.png)

Kaya retweeted this. Fucking hard kek. Another example of why she is where she is with her body and happiness. Being successful and getting shit done in your life is rewarding and makes you happy and proud, Kaya. You are not doing your best, lmfao, and if you think that is your best then I feel even more sorry for you. This girl is so delusional.

No. 426543

Samefag…my apologies for not cropping. I'm at work and have limited time but I saw that and couldn't help but post.

No. 426745

File: 1510961275464.png (189.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-18-10-24-13…)

These emos are all the same. And why would an adult like IBF poll whether or not to visit someone who's entire ego is kids stuff? Cheating on girls and painting their neck bkack? Hmmmmm views? These youtubers need to get lives. SO PATHETIC.

No. 426762

what shitty circumstances? what did i miss?

No. 426766

Go check his thread. Basically he is a lying/cheating piece of shit. For her to film a collab with him would most likely result in hate from her fans.

No. 426794


She wouldn't go, she doesn't need to post this, he's just 'big' news now so she wants to get a slice of it by mentioning him. She'd probably be double the age plus a couple, of the average fan there anyway.

No. 426799

Freya noooooooo. IBF is way too good for SR, SR is a piece of shit douche-bag. Freya can be annoying at times but she seems like a sweet person and I'd lose repect for her if she did a collab with SR. Besides, I thought SR hates her?

No. 426800

Before all the drama they where supposed to collaborate also is going to divorae

No. 426801

Before all the drama they where supposed to collaborate also is going to divorae

No. 426820

I never heard of him hating her? I will say that I haven't ever heard him really talk about her as much in his vids as she talks about him, though. I don't understand why she considers him goth at all. I think she tagged him in a goth challenge vid at one point. Not sure what her obsession is.

No. 426842

I keep wondering how Simon can put up with her. And why they're constantly traveling together (while Adora's supposedly goth husband is nowhere to be seen).

No. 426898

oh sorry maybe SR doesn't hate Freya, maybe I was thinking of Onision who has ripped her videos a few times and she doesn't like him, either.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW SIMON PUTS UP WITH ADORA, EITHER! Adora seems annoying at times, I watch her videos sometimes but she acts very OTT while Simon seems more laid-back and calm and quieter. Maybe Simon likes being around OTT loud obnoxious types? BTW Adora's husband is pretty hot, I wish she would show more of him in her videos. Her husband looks so damn sexy with a death hawk whenever he dresses up for shows, but I think most of the time he dresses "normal" (maybe for his job?)

No. 426939

I know him to see but not to be friends with from the area 'scene', he was always outwardly flirtatious and kind of sexual, seeming to be a person where sex is important and I know from past blogs she has briefly spoken about how she considers herself more prudish as well as skimming over it being physically painful for her. So to see them marry was surprising. Of course a marriage can thrive without sex but for an outwardly sexual person to marry one who isn't must either be another reason or true devotion.

No. 426951

It's going to be a total disaster, I can't wait to see it.

No. 426952

He's nowhere to be seen because he's home looking after their children and working to support her being able to run around naked and make 'music'. Side note- did we ever find out if her sister was actually her daughter or not? I don't remember her name but I remember they said she was one then the other and flip flopped but never officially said. I could be wrong.

No. 426974

Adora is a fag hag I thought that was pretty obvious

No. 426976

I think it's quite fitting for IBF to consider meeting SR when you think about it. Its news and puts her in the spotlight with SR. Besides birds of a feather stick together. We all know she cheated on Mr Owl for a greencard. So blatantly obvious. She's wanting any piece of emo American audience she can. Look at when she made a video about Eugenia Cooney. All sympathetic. Total bullshit artist. Yeah Freya you're a fake……

No. 427027


Seems a bit childish and attention seeking to make a public poll about it. Freya, you're a grown ass woman who can make her own decisions.

No. 427068

Totally agree on the emo thing. She's been taking about a collab with social repose for ages. Maybe an ass kissing be nice to each other plea isa social on for IBF. Pulease bitch. You're a numbers whore. Get over convincing kiddies you're in it because you care. You couldn't give a fuck. Perhaps whine to your tumblr sycophants. Call an uber. Dial a friend. Yep. We all know you're desperate.

No. 427109

Yeah, I also think that Simon might be gay. Or maybe asexual.

No. 427110

Suspected as much. He must be extremely tolerant. And he doesn't go with her anywhere ever, it seems. At least I don't think I have ever seen him in any of her videos from concerts/events.

No. 427167


i also think that someone as attention-hungry as Adora being with the same guy since she's 16 is very, very weird. did she figure out that he's smitten with her and will provide for his ~goth martha stewart~ just to keep her with him, essentially enabling her to be a trophy wife? is he secretly/unknowingly a giant cuck or gay or just a petty idiot who got in it to be "popular" in his country's "scene" but got trapped in the relationship? sweden is very chill about casual sex and nudity, is she just using her relationship to differentiate herself from other Swedish women, in a "i never had casual sex, i was only with one guy from the beginning, i may look slutty but i'm virtuous, i'm not like other girls" way? i'd really love someone who knows her personally to spill the milk.

No. 427168

Simon hasn't said what is his sexuality but he seems gay or bisexual to me. Either way, I like him, he seems nice and calm. I think hes a professional photographer and videographer, I saw some of his works on his website, I think he filmed weddings too.

No. 427170

Well, Adora seems to love her husband. She dotes over him in a few videos I saw, but he seems camera shy. You do realize it's possible for alt people to stay in long term relationships, right?. Its also possible that Adora and her husband have an open marriage.

No. 427246

How exactly is she a snob when she's constantly putting out videos calling out her own community for being shitty towards newcomers and longtime members alike?

No. 427272

I get the feeling that he doesn't dress goth most of the time (busy doing stuff where he can't be dressed like that) and she only shows pictures with him when he does.

No. 427292

File: 1511035110417.jpg (25.51 KB, 382x423, uHTTlbX.jpg)

i'm cracking up at the dumb fucking poses this smug cunt makes. In this shot he wasn't even saying anything that would require pointing at the camera lmao

No. 427315

File: 1511036820319.jpg (54.59 KB, 750x562, c9f46586-4467-453b-bcf1-61cdaf…)

I mean 'Adora BatBrat' is kind of a character she puts on? Like the way she acts all ditzy and bubbly on social media, she could be completely different irl. I mean shes a happily (it seems) married adult with kids so she must have to switch off the persona sometimes.
I know people whose Instagram 'characters' (not sure what else to call it) are very different off camera, wouldnt surprise if adora was the same.

Speaking of characters, what do you guys think of Toshi Salvino (dollfille)? it bugs me how she shills herself out for those shitty TLC makeover shows and interviews constantly. Also how she tries to treat toshi as a living doll character (didnt she start off as a preformer?) but posts herself out of character a lot, if she was taking her ~living art~ so seriously that seems a bit dumb

And simon is for sure bisexual at least, I mean I dont know him but cmon its pretty obvious

No. 427341

I think its possible that Adora is a stage persona, there were a few videos of her interacting with her small kids and they love her and she seems like a sweet mom, the "cool mom" if you will. I commented on her videos and she always replied back and sounded friendly every time.

No. 427342

Any updates in Korea? Are Jake and TT meeting other altcows?

No. 427351

File: 1511040438735.png (999.44 KB, 752x644, food.png)

they complained the entire journey!!
yes it is a long journey but you're literally getting to go to Japan and Korea and are getting plastic surgery! why can't they ever be thankful?!

and yes all they've done so far is eat

No. 427354

samefag but holy shit I'm watching Jake's "what happened at Universal" vlog and he says he's going to send his vlogs to travel company's so they can see his "great" footage and send him around the world to capture more for them

???? is he deluded.

No. 427355


They are very important though so I understand their complaining!

They really should be treated as well to first class xxx

No. 427357


It is just super cringe!

No. 427368

Korean food is sooo yummy though. I bet they arent going to see any interesting historic sites or landmarks. They are boring people with dull minds.

No. 427540

Looks like she dropped another music vid. It cant be worse than the previous one lmfao

No. 427576

Anyone suspect IBF is going to launch a woes me story soon? Her visa or marriage must be it. I can't wait for the predictable drama that unsues.. she's been tweeting going through a hard time.

No. 427585

I think so. She has been somewhat vague on social media, but she said something last week about feeling lonely and how she will be talking about it soon or whatever. How do you feel lonely when it seems you and your husband mostly only have each other? I mean…I am sure Mattias has regular friends there since it's his home but Freyja maybe doesn't. I wonder if he is hanging out more with his friends right now and not so much her and that is making her feel "lonely". I wouldn't put it past her to feel abandoned or something because we all know she can't seem to survive without her significant others tongue in her ass at all times. Slight tinfoil? But it seems a likely scenario.

No. 427589


is she having a stroke? i think this is worse than the other one lol the other one at least had a cool beat

No. 427594

Goddamn, it seems like all those two do is piss and moan. They whine about NI, they whine about the rest of the UK, they didn't seem to whine as much in LA, but still, what they posted was mostly food stuff and just boring stuff, and they whine in Korea.

They sound miserable to be around.

No. 427621

She made this video claiming it, also implying that her current husband is Jennys' father. Although 16 years isn't too huge a difference between children.

No. 427665

filmed over the course of a washing load - kaya gets kfc and then they go fo zizi! yet she's about tp get weight loss surgery…

No. 427674

His vlogs are definitely 100% better than Jake's stupid vlogs. Sad that Simon doesn't have that many subscribers

No. 427677

Fly to Korea and instead of eating local food as much as possible, go to KFC. Wouldn't expect anything else from these two twats.

No. 427693

He thinks people in rural Japan aren't going to be used to seeing people who dress like him? How up your own arse do you need to be, Jake!? I've seen old dears at the post office who dress more "obscure" than this poser!!

No. 427700

According to Jake's story, he and Kaya are in separate hotel rooms in Japan.

No. 427712

File: 1511102226359.png (337.09 KB, 927x470, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 15.3…)

Regarding Adora - in her latest video, she's in bed with some guy. I don't know what's happening anymore? Does she have an open marriage then? Personally, even if it's an open marriage, I wouldn't be happy if my partner was boasting to random people on the internet about the guys she's slept with. Her content seems to also be getting more and more sexual (or am I the only one who noticed that)? For example, her attention-whoring where she's randomly showing her breasts (she didn't use to do that). I used to like her persona, but this is kind of off-putting.

No. 427714

I remember seeing her say she's a nymphomaniac and loves sex on her facebook page a few years back. It wouldn't surprise me if they have an open marriage. Honestly I don't know what I think of her.

No. 427716

File: 1511102628731.png (221.69 KB, 550x411, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 15.4…)

Also there's a photo of them kissing passionately, so it doesn't seem like this guy is gay and they are just sharing a bed or something.

No. 427743


What I don't understand is publicising this if it wasn't an open marriage/looking to wreck her marriage.
Her husband will obviously see it and maybe she just gets off on the idea of cuckolding
I don't think her husband would be too pleased to say the least regardless of their relationship
This sort of thing is way overboard

No. 427753

she is getting divorced i heard for someone that her(ex) husband was like manipulative and shit like that ,also many think she marry him for the visa but he was the one who pressured the wedding,she is going to talk about the breake up but i doubt she is going to talk in depth

No. 427776

Yeah, I don't get that either. And what if her kids find this (or someone in their school, etc).? Seems to me like she's only thinking about herself here :/

No. 427779

Her kids come last in all of this which obviously alludes to what kind of personality she holds
She's obviously taking care of their needs, or the father is but other than that it's all about her
Her lifestyle of partying and sex
We can only hope her kids turn out okay

No. 427792

this video is joke, right?

No. 427793

can you save it and share?

No. 427839


First impulse is she's too lazy to deal with the process and as we all have seen pretty selfish.

No. 427841

Is that Simon thats making out with Adora? Sorry im confused, you sad the guy doesnt seem "gay."

No. 427893

Whaaaat. Not that I'd be surprised, but still

No. 427902

I've followed Adora online for YEARS, I think it's about ten years now. She's always been kinda cheeky and flirty, but now she's just straight out whoring on youtube lol. She's suddenly very sexual and it's weird. I feel she's going way overboard with this.

No. 427921

This! Adora has always been flirty but nothing more. I stopped following ages ago when she started making her content only about her extremely bad bolt on boobs.
Would be surprised if we see her on some cam site soon, if she’s already not there.
She change her Instagram description ages ago saying her content was not child friendly. She’s just going to be a cam whore.

I remember seeing Simon kissing another guy on his Instagram ages back. Think they might have been dating and broke up as the pics are no longer there

No. 427934

That's very sad if true. I like Freya and Mattias together. I also wonder if because Freya doesn't speak German or has a day job, that living in Germany is getting more alienating and lonely for her. Living in a different country where you don't speak the language can be hard, but very lonely if you don't have a job to keep busy. Freya should have tried to move to London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Brussels where everyone speak English.

I hope whatever is going on with Freya, that she's okay and will be fine. I do like her a lot.

No. 427936

Could it because Adora's kids are getting older and need her less so she's feeling more bold to become more sexual online? IDK. I stopped watching her videos because I really don't care for sexual content/nudity.


No. 427942

That's actually depressing. They seemed quite happy together
Though it's the downfall of only knowing the YouTube personality here at work.

That's sad if this is true.

No. 427948


I like her alot too and is kind of weird lol because many people hate her guts for no reason here, but she is so nice and friendly irl , i feel sad for her because a breake up can be such a devastating thing to go through alone .

No. 427951

People on here have mentioned meeting Freya IRL and everyone always says how sweet and friendly she is, so I don't get the hate, either. Freya doesn't beg for money online, either. I want her to be happy. I think some people hate her because she dresses OTT, but who cares lol.

I don't see her going back to New Zealand again but if the divorce thing is true, then Freya may need to leave Germany and go somewhere new. I think she could be happy living in London. Is it easy for non-EU nationals to live in the UK? What about Brexit?


No. 427953


last time she flew to into London was she not locked up for a night or two and then deported! So I imagine London would not be the top of her list.

No. 427961

No, people don’t hate her for “no reason”. People hate her because she cheated on mr owl with her current husband and now she’s going to complain about being with him?
That just makes it worsen an adult just jumping from partner to partner and then complaining that things didn’t go her way. My kid does that. She knew what she was doing, she was just irresponsible and wants attention for it. That’s pathetic at her age.
Then there’s her making the same boring content with her ever rising camera angle

No. 427964

Why do you think Coalcandy is bisexual?

ALL we can see in his videos is he together with Adora, getting touched by her, partying in underwear together with her and even sleeping in same hotel bed or taking pictures with chicks on Instagram.

Generally most of his interactions are with women.

The fact he dresses in some clothing we used to call "female" is not a statement on sexual orientation.

No. 427968

>I remember seeing Simon kissing another guy on his Instagram ages back.

Kissing a guy without a context gives us zero information.

>Think they might have been dating and broke up as the pics are no longer there

No info, so could have been anything. You seen anything more to conclude that it was a relationship?

No. 427971


>No info, so could have been anything. You seen anything more to conclude that it was a relationship?

I mean what I said here >>427964 ad plus nowhere on his recent videos I have seen he seems to show any signs of being interested in males on at least automatic/instinctive level and I have seen quiet some men interested in guys in my life.

No. 427980

>she doesn't beg for money

What about IBF financing that trip to Disneyland, courtesy of her fans, and later decided to leave the funding on indefinitely for added donations?

$10 postcards anyone?
How about just throwing her some free money after she reached her goal as publicised in one of her videos?

No. 427982

She didn't cheat on Mr. Owl, for chrissake. She didn't want to stay in NZ anymore and wanted to move to Europe after having visited it. Mr. Owl had no interest in leaving NZ and told her to go. She wanted him to move to Europe with her but he didn't want to leave. I feel that she made the right choice because Mr. Owl was holding her back. It was for the best that they break up because they both had different goals in life.

Just because two people break up after being together, doesn't mean that one person deserves to be miserable in the next relationship. You make it sound like Freya was hopping from one guy to another, but she's been in long-term relationships that lasted for years.

However, I agree with you that Freya doesn't make as much interesting content. I do hope she will think of more ideas to make more interesting vlogs. I really enjoyed her NYC/LA trip vlogs and her being at American Satan premiere. Hopefully she gets more opportunities like that.

No. 427985

you are so full of shit because she never cheated on him , they just broke up,because he didnt want to go to germany he even say in his twitter to stop saying bad shit about freiya the only mistake that she did was to start a new relation ship too soon, you have the right to hate her for her content tho but still i think many peopple on here have a personal vendetta against her ,lol and she is like 30 there is not fucking age to stop having shit relationships

No. 427996

You are kinda acting like this online blabering on anonymous board concentrated on shaming everyone actually means anything and is in any way meaningful

No. 428000

sage your shit, moron.

No. 428006

Or what are you gonna do?
Nice get BTW.

No. 428016

At least she left her room this time.

No. 428023


>At least she left her room this time.

Something that many posters here do not achieve too often

No. 428043


anon…she has dropped an EP.

No. 428054

File: 1511139680337.jpg (45.66 KB, 620x423, IMG_9356.JPG)

Nobody has a vendetta against an overweight austrailian wearing party city costumes.
IBF is a cunt, she literally cried for getting kicked out of a graveyard and never took a SECOND to think "Hey maybe its rude to VLOG the same place people are put at rest"
Her snotty attitude is appaling, just her latest "basic bitch" transformation shows as much. She sounds like a scorn 14yr old emo on Myspace talking about normies in their ugg boots and earthy colour palettes like how fucking dare they like something doesnt look like a low budget Dracula porn parody.
Shes boring, snotty, immature and overdramatic. She milked the Onision drama; She posted a cringy video where she "raps" talking about how surprisingly good she is at it, which again shes stuck in her own little world of being 'not like other people'.
Re-read the former threads, people have plenty of reason to not like her and none has to do with some petty vendetta.
You however seem personally offended someone dissed your diabetic bat mom.

No. 428077


She moved because she thought Germany would be this magical gothic paradise where everyone would accept her and she could get a job looking as extreme as she wants purely due to having been to Mera luna and WGT, she has realised this isn't the case and while perhaps New Zealand is worse Germany is just the same as anywhere else when it comes to people looking out of the ordinary. I think maybe she has realised that her husband has survived looking the way he does because he tones down for work and is able to behave as a 'normal' human being, she is more or less incapable or refuses to tone down for any reason now despite having done so for work in the past and now wants to give up and throw in the towel just like she did with Mister Owl and will be leaving behind and bad-mouthing a whole other set of friends just like when she left New Zealand. As soon as she leaves Germany or even the city she lives in it will have been everyone elses fault, not hers and everyone around her will have been terrible and they drove her to leave. Seeking neverland has never benefitted anyone, so whilst it's sad they're divorcing I doubt it's because he stopped loving her and I think it's more that she's searching for a goth husband with no personality who will validate her (I don't think she or her fans get Matthias' sense of humour at all) and a goth paradise where she will forever be bat queen, but yet she thrives on attention for being different so I don't think she'd be happy even if she found a year round WGT.

No. 428085

Who told her she was a singer? Is this one of those Talent show situations where they lead on the terrible singers for entertainment?

No. 428089

Who knows.On the other hand no one forces us to listen.

No. 428133

Uugh he needs a slap

No. 428144

Is there any proof of IBF's divorce? I feel like this is all speculation, come on guys

No. 428148

This whole board is made for speculations about people

No. 428151

File: 1511146973922.png (510.16 KB, 841x596, lel.png)

Adora gets more and more sex obsessed in her materials online or its just my imagination?

No. 428158

New Zealand and Australia are two different countries. Don’t lob that attention seeker as an Aussie.

No. 428168

Like anyone outside Africa or whatever continent Australia is located on care if New Zealand is a part of it or not.

No. 428173

File: 1511148560866.png (911.15 KB, 1780x1222, separated.png)

This is her husbands facebook. Pretty much only 'proof' there is.

No. 428175

OMFG. So Mattias and Freya are separated. That's really sad… I hope she's okay and will be fine.


No. 428318

I read that post using teenage fan-girl voice in my head.


No. 428338


Hmmmmm lucky she signed that lease for a second apartment well in advance. Ha! For work…. bitch, we all know you planned this all along. This is so pathetic. Anyone could have seen this coming. What a pair of fakes. Fake wedding (paid for with other peoples money), Fake romance, fake 'goth' for that matter. These 2 are share the mental capacity of gerbil. Why did they even think it was a good idea? Hmmmm because Freya thinks moving from country to country and having an online job is cool? I don't get how to this day people think she's interesting or 'edgy'. It's worse than television. It's all so predictable. So are the festivals, the clothes and everything else about her. She didn't even know crimping your hair gave volume! Hand in your fucking hall pass right there you silly twat. Perhaps she'll write and read off a script like she did with the Eugenia Cooney plea. Or worse, have another cry - because she doesn't like to show her emotions on camera. So much bullshit in such a short space of time. Perhaps she'll do another fundraiser for money to fly home… or fly somewhere else. She's a leech. Never gives back, just takes everywhere she goes. I think its fucking hilarious. Calls herself GOTH. I think not. It's all emo attention seeking bullshit. Anyone who says they feel sorry for needs a lobotomy.

I wonder if is worth the views? When you think about it, it's all so empty. Empty like her black heart…. ahahahhahahahahahahaa.

PS. SHE IS NOT AUSTRALIAN. She's from NEW ZEALAND there is a BIG difference.

No. 428352

File: 1511167045635.png (354.83 KB, 514x599, kokonope.png)

At least it's not food.

No. 428353

It's funny because in previous lolcow threads, and in the comments of videos criticizing IBF, a lot of people speculated Matthias and Freya wouldn't last. Either way I could give a damn, not a fan of IBF. The comments desperately defending her on here are entertaining though, bunch of kiss asses.


No. 428354

>PS. SHE IS NOT AUSTRALIAN. She's from NEW ZEALAND there is a BIG difference.

Like people peel kiwi in the opposite direction or what?

No. 428368

First time I noticed anything negative about Matthias and IBF was in her "husband does my makeup" video. He just seemed annoyed with her throughout the video when it's supposed to just be a fun and silly vid. I, personally, actually really like Matthias. I think hes funny and I just like his personality.

Also…kek to whichever anon said "whatever continent Australia is on". Are you 3 years old or what?!

No. 428369

might be the same Anon above you

No. 428370

Nope, it's not Simon, it's someone named "Ras". Seems like he's a frontman of some band I never heard about.

No. 428373

In his videos, he doesn't seem to be sexually interested in anyone though (especially when comparing him to Adora). Yeah, he compliments some girls sometimes, but not in a "sexual" way. That's why I mentioned he might be asexual (not bisexual). Or he's just keeping these aspects to himself (which is refreshing). When I watch him interact with Adora, I don't feel like they have something going on together. But of course, I might be wrong.

No. 428375

Seems likely.

No. 428377

Btw. Adora is constantly whoring Simon out, saying that he's "single and ready to mingle". Did it in a comment under her latest video too. Bleh. I'm sure he can find someone without your cringey help, thank you very much.

No. 428409

>Or he's just keeping these aspects to himself (which is refreshing).
What do you mean by "refreshing"? The fact how over sexualized western world become and not sending message "oh hai I wanna fuck you very very much" is refreshing? Or something different?


>Also…kek to whichever anon said "whatever continent Australia is on". Are you 3 years old or what?!

Well, that anon definitely is not the one who walks upside-down. Australians do not have such a great sense of humor.

No. 428414

>Bleh. I'm sure he can find someone without your cringey help, thank you very much.

No problem.

No. 428415

I agree with you that she's a leech, I've never thought about it or her all that much but she's been floating around in my peripheral vision and from looking back on it it looks like she has used every man she's been with, used her fans, friends and family and always puts on a really good victim act. She's the classic manipulative narcissist in that every time a friendship or relationship ends they were always the evil one, the abusive one or the crazy one and she will make sure everyone knows that and pities her. That's what I've gathered through having a look at her videos and blog and reading here so it may be that I have the wrong end of the stick but from the outside that's how it seems. I also think Matthias thought he had a shot at internet fame by being the aloof and mysterious husband preening himself in the background of her videos.

No. 428419

>That's what I've gathered through having a look at her videos and blog and reading here so it may be that I have the wrong end of the stick but from the outside that's how it seems.

What exactly gives that vibe to you?

No. 428425

I can't speak for the other anon who posted that…but one example coming from me is that this girl was holding a selfie stick while getting married. There were other people there who could have recorded, if they wanted footage of the wedding for memories. She was holding a fucking selfie stick and was constantly looking at the camera to check the angle and how she looked. I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous that is.

No. 428514

I'm American and nayrt, but you're such an idiot. Sage your stupid bullshit.

No. 428718

shouldn't Toshi have her own thread?

No. 428745

>Is there something wrong with being emo/scene? I dont know much about those styles but is there a reason she wouldnt want to be assiocated with them?

Yes. The term "Scene kid" Used to be a way for people to call out poseurs - they were kids who went to shows for the scene, not the music. It was never something people called themselves to begin with. Then it morphed into emo/scene, which every goth wanted to distance themselves from because of bad press from emos cutting, having online suicide pacts and shit like that, and also because the "style" is an amalgam of every mistake you make as a young alternative person, but on purpose.

Not that it matters to kaya but the music is also completely different.

No. 428790

Oh my god that's quite milky, and I just said a few days ago that I always felt their relationship seemed kinda off. I agree with you that she's overrated, her whole channel is filled with trashy videos, there are too many sponsorships and most of the goth things she talks about are very superficial. She's shallow and self-obsessed and she's part of the problem that being goth is just a way to get attention for so many online personas. I don't hate her and even enjoy some of her content but she's nothing special and running a youtube channel about the ~goth lifestyle~ is nothing to be proud of. anyway I'm looking forward to the video where she explains all the bullshit even though I bet that she won't tell the whole story.

No. 428801

Wait what, why exactly does he have a Patreon? Seriously I'm getting sick of these idiots using that site to milk money out of people. Go out into the real world and get a fucking job like everyone else, it's embarrassing e-begging for money

No. 428812

apparently for his shitty drawings that he sells on his etsy shop, just looked at it. he is such a wannabe artsy dude it's embarrassing. I don't understand why people like him, he comes off as arrogant and his art tells me he is a walking stereotype

No. 428821

I'm not sure when he set up his Patreon, but I can only imagine it was influenced by Freyja. He probably saw that and wanted in. Matthias has a day job as well.

No. 428836

File: 1511224427830.jpg (62.2 KB, 1093x394, PX0txJO.jpg)

I must be bored out of my goddamn mind to watch this fat chavs tripe but MY GOD it's so triggering whenever he sets the camera down, walks toward it from afar and squats down to talk into it. Jake, because we all know you and your gf lurk here, you'll never be Casey Neistat

No. 428935

The selfie stick recording during the ceremony really bothered me too. Freya could have asked one of the guests to film the vows. The whole thing felt very insincere and fake.

No. 429159

File: 1511259277565.jpg (27.06 KB, 825x227, IVZRjlJ.jpg)

No. 429197

it's worse when you think about the fact that he

sets up the camera
puts it on the ground
presses record
walks around the corner
walks back again and kneels down in front of it
then later edits the part where he walks away from the camera

so much effort to look like a dickhad

plus people around can actually see him does this

No. 429200

it's almost as if he doesn't think we know he does this though, that's what's truly ridiculous.

but yeah, all those poor people around him (kaya included) having to put up with his self obsorbed dickhead ways lol

No. 429201

File: 1511266410377.png (398.29 KB, 548x475, kfc.png)

I still can't believe Kaya is getting free surgery in Korea

No. 429202

SUPER surprised that while in japan/south korea that they've actually gone and seen stuff! instead of visiting food places, like they've actually gone and visited interesting places that are historical or interesting culturally. that's what i've gathered from their ig anyhow

No. 429203

likewise. lipo is a quick and easy way out, and it doesn't get rid of ALL your fat on your body, so idk what her method is here?? she would benefit so much out of excercisng, even in her own house/garden if she doesn't want to go to the gym, and just eating less kfc for christ sakes. also, what are with the shaved sides of her head? they are not a good look for her imo

No. 429207

Is it me, or with every one of Jake's pretentious and dreary vlogs, does it seem that Jake and Kaya come across more like friends instead of a couple? I literally get no vibes from them that they are in anyway affectionate or fond of each other. In fact I cringe most of the time I see them together, they just seem off

No. 429208


OK I know this is not the most flattering shot, but she looks SO MUCH better with the simple hair and make up and the more elegant style of clothing. She has so much potential to look gorgeous but she seems obsessed with crammy as much cringey gimmicky bullshit crap onto her face and body as possible.

No. 429211

yeah they're a pretty bad couple!
Jake has insomnia so Kaya goes to bed every night without him
also I'm pretty sure they got two separate beds in their hotel in Japan
plus he walks a mile ahead of her every time he vlogs

No. 429213

pretty sure Jake and Kaya discussed in a recent vlog why she walks behind him and it's because of height difference and not fitting into the shot or some crap like that. still! you think he'd just put the DAMN camera down and let his girlfriend walk beside him and hold her hand, because isnt that what you'd want as a boyfriend or am i mistaken?

i get the impression that neither of them would mind the seperate beds tbh, they barely even touch each other as it is like as if it's some terrible thing, like i get not liking pda but good god, they show more love towards their cat

No. 429220

I agree!
She looks much better with a simplistic and elegant style, more towards a romantic goth look for sure
better than all that horrible sickly pink kawaii shit
simplistic looks are what could really do it for her

No. 429221

>kaya included

Yea you could see her looking awkwardly away and sorta smiling/cringing when Jake was talking into the camera in the "Yotel" room

I was surprised to see them eating KFC considering she's meant to be getting fucking LIPOSUCTION soon. She's just going to pile it right back on, oh dear…

Supposedly she has a personal trainer but I don't buy it. And weight loss is mostly diet anyway. jfc it's not hard to just lay off all the junk food Kaya

Me too, I wonder if it's because we were commenting on the fact all they did in LA was stuff their fat faces?

Yea and he mentioned it again in a recent vlog "I walk so fast I'm always ahead of her anyway" or some shit. They're forever lurking here. Hi Jake and Kaya!

Agreed but she's a fake so all she has is the OTT looks kek

sage, I'm bored can you tell?

No. 429232

Yeah, I basically meant that I think it's good he's keeping certain things private. I don't need to know about his sex life, really. That's not the reason I'm watching his content.
Now compare him to Adora who's randomly letting everyone know who she's sleeping with (even though she's married and has kids who are still quite small), flashing her fake tits everywhere, etc. Personally, not a fan.

No. 429238

No. 429239

Are they not on a paid tour to more or less advertise lesser known parts of Japan! They have to go out and look about.

No. 429243

Haha griefed.

No. 429258

>waah people are saying stuff on the internet that I don't care about ):

No. 429279

More like I don't understand why Adora's doing what she's doing (and has been for some time). And according to some comments here, I'm not the only one who's been wondering about that.

No. 429298

not only could she have asked a friend to film, the whole thing was filmed by the documentary crew. I've seen the doc and they didn't use a lot of footage from the wedding, probably due to time editing, but I'm sure they filmed it all. she could have asked them for the footage.

No. 429304

Does she enough milk for own thread? I hadnt seen much, she just bugs me a lot which is why i posted her in this thread but I dont really know much tbh

No. 429354

She does look soo much better more natural. Hated all the pink, especially that hoodie.

No. 429365

lmao where did she even get that hoodie, seriously. it needs to win some awful award

No. 429412

File: 1511292663079.jpg (164.01 KB, 480x640, 2g05c4G.jpg)

Yeah I think she could pull off those "cutesy" looks better when she was younger (and I hate to say, but thinner too) - it just doesn't look good on her now

No. 429438

I actually like that coat she has on. And her eyebrows are fucking hideous, but I agree with the others. She looks better with less crazy makeup. She should stick to simple black more often, instead of that ugly ass kawaii shit.

No. 429461

I imagine this process every time I actually watch one of his videos. It's not even worth the process because - as mentioned - he just looks like a dickhead.

Saged for pointless opinion.

No. 429464

It bothers me SO much that she's just opting for surgery. She makes it painfully obvious in her videos and other social media that she is just too damn lazy to change her diet and workout. Saging for personal input, but my husband likely has a thyroid issue which makes weightloss difficult for him, yet he still manages it because all it takes is freaking dedication and effort. Gawd.

No. 429555

Fuck me sideways! That's Kaya?! Good grief. She looks really cute there.

No. 429563

Was it ever even confirmed that she had a thyroid issue in the end?

No. 429566

jakes new vlog is so cringy, the way he thinks hes good at japanese, and puts it in every time he speaks, and then when they had priority queue and he acted like a fucking pompous douche "this big queue isnt moving but we are, thats good thats cool treating us right over her in japan" does he honestly think he should be treated like royalty everywhere?

No. 429571

Can someone explain how this cow is getting free surgery in the first place and WHY seriously most ppl would run in the opposite direction from the concept of "free" and "plastic surgery" because that's like 100 red flags your gunna end up botched right there.

No. 429572


As much as I want to watch just to cringe at him he is just so smug that i find it hard to get through each vlog. He really would eat himself if he could.

No. 429573

wtf is up with her upper body?

honestly she was thin and had dark hair. she is nothing special prob why her boyfriend is some welsh dickhead from the net

No. 429574

her upper bodies turned sideways and he bottom isnt…

No. 429576

its sponsored, her friend sophie already did it so they know its not a scam to get organs or anything

No. 429578

it's kinda sad that she looked like that and now feels because she's bigger that she has to compensate with all these disgusting over the top pink sparkly kawaii looks, shaved sides that does her facial shap now favours and tiny raised brows, if she dressed more simple and with a classic makeup/hair look she'd look just as nice

No. 429581

his vlogs are utterly generic and cringe worthy, the way he places his camera down and squats down to talk to it makes me have such second hand embarrassment. he just looks so idiotic and stupid
he expects to be treated like he's someone special EVERYWHERE he goes, it's why he moans so much.
because no one gives a shit, he's just some scummy self centred scrounger who expects everything and thinks of himself as above everyone else

No. 429582


but everywhere he goes is off the back of her you tube fame.

No. 429583

Wouldn't it be funny if one day when Jake was filming his vlogs, he did the whole putting his camera down and walking away from it, and someone just straight up stole it? I've always thought it'd serve him right if that happened lol

No. 429587

He's always been that way, see this >>307621 response from the second thread, the smug cunt will never change

lmao I've thought of that too, I hope it does happen

No. 429590

the way he speaks japanese in his latest vlog is so embarrassing and for show
not saying it's embarrassing because im mocking his attempt at a different language, it's just the fact that you can tell he films it and puts it on youtube to look cool and impressive because he "knows" the language, just because he's watched anime means he's an expert all of a sudden

No. 429783

Ehh I feel like I am going to semi blog, but this has been on my mind. Kaya and I are just about the same age and our build(as teens)was EXACTLY the same. I'm about 5'10 and as a teen I was wicked skinny, couldn't gain weight if my life depended on it(weighed 128)and I never ever worked out. Fast forward to now and I have to actually watch what I eat and workout regularly if I want to maintain my figure. The recommended weight for a woman our height is 132-173. That's in America so idk about anywhere else. My point is…I went from 128 to 160 due to bad choices in my diet and just age in general. Everyone's metabolism slows. I also had a child, but I still weighed no more than 130 until my kid was 3…because your body obv changes as you age. I am about 140 now but that's because I actually work hard for it.

I'm expecting to get shit about this post because I'm talking about myself a lot, but it's only because I've been following her for years and I always got shit as a teen for being naturally skinny as she was and I "connected" with her because of that and because she was alternative. My problem is that she has these delusional thoughts that you are always going to naturally look 16. It doesn't work like that,Kaya. You eventually grow up and become a woman, even if you never have children you will gain weight as you age, unless you yourself do something about it.

She is far too young to be getting lipo and she hasn't been "fat" for long enough to even consider it. Lipo is for the chunky ppl who give 200% effort into diet and exercise for years and see no difference. She's done absolutely nothing to actually lose weight.

I would so love to know her weight. I have a feeling she may not even be overweight for her height…it just looks bigger because she was so small before. She's probably just on the far end of what's considered healthy for her height. Put down the fried chicken, fries, sweets, and cut down on your portions. It's very hard for the first two weeks or so,but if you truly care about your body and it's size then it's a breeze.

Feel free to attack me. I just rambled hard, but I needed to say it here because she deletes all my comments from YouTube, insta, and Twitter if I happen to mention it ,even if it's in a more positive light.

No. 429862

Lipo is for people who have lost all the weight and still have unflattering fatty deposits hanging around, not fatties who think it's going to change their life at the flick of a switch. Kaya puts no effort at all into her diet or exercise regime as is evident in her vlogs and instagram etc. I know we don't see everything, but you'd think if she wanted to try and portray herself at least trying, she'd pose with a healthy snack or something. But she's not, because she's not trying.

No. 429879

File: 1511341831668.png (894.33 KB, 1232x735, Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 09.0…)

what a bell end

No. 429884

I can't believe Sophie got a boob job just for the sake of it. those scars are going to be under her boobs forever.
I think Sophie has some body issues for sure

No. 429885

File: 1511343712862.png (691.62 KB, 951x541, crouch.png)

hahaha Jake was trying to do his "walk and crouch" bullshit and this guy got in the way.

Jake looked so awkward!

No. 429888

uggh so cringy!
the Japanese women he's with speak perfect English!

No. 429894

omg this is soooooo good. i'm just waiting for my lipo appointment while eating fries!!! ahahaha!!!!

No. 429901

You won't get shit anon, at least not from me. I completely agree with you - she seems to think she was "meant" to be thin and can't grasp that people, ergo bodies and metabolism, CHANGE with age. She just needs to watch her diet and portion sizes consistently and she'll see progress, but she's too lazy and doesn't have the incentive to lose weight. Lipo might seem like the easiest and most appealing option to her but it won't help at all, wait and see…

At least he's 50% less ugly with the mask

I saw that too and died. Surprised he kept it in

No. 429947

Samefag here
I have no idea if she has a thyroid issue or not. I was just commenting on the fact that in the face of something that legitimately makes weightless a huge struggle it's still possible to do if you actually make a proper effort. Instead of sitting on your ass, eating KFC, and making unboxing videos.

No. 430129

I think if she had a thyroid issue, she would milk it as much as she can ("Look at poor me, my thyroid problems make it impossible for me to lose any weight! So unfair!"). She mentioned she's having some doctor appointments, but never said anything about the results (at least on Youtube). So it's probably just her lazy lifestyle and nothing else.

No. 430482

Yeah chances are she went to get tested fully assuming she'd be positive for a problem because theirs NO WAY she's fat because of her own fault but then when none of the tests proved anything and the doctors no doubt told her to eat right and exercise she had to back track and never bring it up again

No. 430593

yeah i mean, kaya sitting around all day getting tired from fast food and the absolute STRESS of doing those shitty unboxing videos must be so hard for her
No wonder she's decided to get lipo
she is thinking of an easy way out, a short term solution, which will backfire on her so bad.
when she piles the weight back on, i wonder what she'll blame it all on, because as other has already mentioned, it's NEVER her fault lmao

No. 430600

Kaya said in her last video that she had a personal trainer. I wonder how long she's had one for because I see no difference in her weight and in Jakes vlogs it shows her eating junk food all the time

also how is she affording a personal trainer??

No. 430613

That's why I don't believe she does have one, she probably just said it to get people off her back. Exercise alone won't help with weight loss much anyway…

No. 430623

read the thread


No. 430628


IBF getting divorced video is going to be the most creative content she's posted in years.

No. 430654

Maybe that's what "new and exciting projects" was alluding to after all kek!

No. 430659

Probably nobody is going to agree with me but I honestly think Kaya isn't big for her height, she's probably on the higher end of a healthy weight or slightly overweight, her legs are still nice and she's not Raven tier. She just really doesn't know how to dress for her body type, she's top heavy with broad shoulders, all the high collars and shit she wears don't flatter that.

It's ridiculous she's getting lipo, walking more and just cutting her portions down and she'd see a difference in a month.

No. 430662

i've saw kaya IRL. she is fat. she looks like a millie that had to dress up goth for a dare.

i think one anon said her ma was a glamour model? be very interested in pictures of that

No. 430663


her upperbody looks weird as fuck. she has massive shoulders

No. 430664

Her legs are still nice?! They have no shape whatsoever lol. There is a pic towards the too of the thread showing her thunder thighs.

I did post above saying that kaya and I are about the same height and the weight range in the US for our height is 132-173. I think there is a possibility she is on the far end of that or a bit over.

No. 430671

Nice legs eh anon? see >>414901

Kaya is not ha-uuuuge but she's definitely big, there's no denying that.

No. 430695

Not sure if it was confirmed whether she had anything wrong or not but I posted frequently in old threads (And old gg/mortemer threads) about how what they were claiming was complete bullshit and they obviously had nothing wrong

Summation of most of my past posts on it: if you have an underactive thyroid, they give you medication that completely fixes it. That's it. Unless you are extremely borderline - you would not have very noticeable symptoms though, perhaps some fatigue - in which case they monitor your thyroid hormone levels every three/six months until they can see whether there's a trend and they need to start treatment or whether it was a one off. I know this 'cause my mum has Graves' disease, and I'm being monitored for Hashimotos.

Muh thyroid cows are always really easy to spot. Always weight gain and tiredness but no other symptoms like scabby skin, hair falling out. kaya's eyebrow shaving is annoying because you'd be able to tell whether she really is as effected as she claims if she had real eyebrows.

No. 430701

File: 1511451882517.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.55 KB, 500x750, 8a4ae77610c51933026d60328bed9b…)

She was like a happy Felice Fawn without the scamming, drugs and animal abuse.

No. 430702

File: 1511451893368.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.52 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


No. 430774

She actually looks so beautiful there! What happened?

No. 430775

jake happened

No. 430776

food and age happened

No. 430843

her face looks like the one of a skeleton here

wow that's an extreme difference

No. 430857

I think I would be upset too if I used to look like this.
It's her own fault she put on so much weight though.
She said before that when her and Jake used to get their dole they would spend most of it on sweets and then binge while watching tv

there's only so long you can do that before it catches up to you

No. 430860

File: 1511472421149.jpg (749.5 KB, 300x225, 6lBNeWR.jpg)

yep eating this sort of shit caught up with her

No. 430875

tbh i still don't get the hype

No. 430927

Really stunning here, shame and as another anon says can see why she's so down about it. She could change but obviously lacks the motivation.

No. 430931

I was the one who mentioned that her mother used to model.
I put a small album together for those who are curious. https://imgur.com/a/jk1y2

Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but please don't talk badly about her mother. If I see anyone being harsh on here I'll remove this post and won't contribute any more information.

Kaya's mum is a lovely woman. I met her on a couple of occasions and had dinner at her house once. She's a very kind woman and seemed super supportive towards Kaya and her chosen lifestyle.

She encouraged Kaya to model from a young age and was very proud that she was following in her footsteps.

Unintentionally this lead to Kaya becoming quite superficial and vain. She invested all her efforts in to her appearance and online popularity. Sacrificing work opportunities, irl friendships etc. in the process.

This is why it upsets her so much when she gains weight or looks ugly in a photo - She has nothing else to fall back on.
And because she lacks those basic foundations she doesn't have the discipline necessary to lose weight, to ditch Jake or sort herself out.

No. 430953

File: 1511482983263.png (2.72 MB, 1600x1124, DSC_1603.png)

oh wow her mum looks a lot like Kate Bush!
I wonder if Kaya got paid well for her modeling and figured she'd make it big and never have to actually work a real job.

No. 430959

wow this video of when Jake and Kaya started dating actually shows Jake being affectionate.
He calls Kaya baby and says he loves her.
It's actually quite sweet.

they're so different now it's crazy

No. 431024

I feel incredibly sad after watching this for some reason.

No. 431027

what about the eyebrows? I've never heard this one before btw, and yes it's a shame she shaves hers bcuz of aesthetic reasons

No. 431144

Wow that's both cute and sad.
Even if it's just a 3min video of low quality footage and nothing really going on, it still feels more real (and interesting, kind of) than their current vlogs.
And Jake didn't look or act like an ass

No. 431176

Sage for more accent talk but it's interesting how much both of their accents have changed. Jake sounds like he's putting on an Australian(?) accent at times, but otherwise sounds English. Kaya sounds like any other NI girl.

There's people that have lived in other countries for decades yet still have their native accent. I really don't understand how these two have started to gain American accents during their adult lives living in NI. Watching American TV doesn't explain it as that's something many Brits do

No. 431263


Not only her accent, her whole Youtube persona is just very fake overall. She's trying to push this whole 'eeeee hello lovelies eeeeee spooky box im so excited eeeeeee' bubbly farce because that's how she thinks she'll get sponsors.

No. 431465

Saging for useless commentary, but the difference is insane. They never ever act this way anymore. It's so weird. Other YouTubers you can tell when they're into each other or care about each other. If they still actually feel anything for each other why hide it? And Jake actually looked pretty decent in that getup. Much better than the look he goes for now.

No. 431529

Jacqui Cummings? Kaya Cummings! This shit gets more tacky as it goes along. Her mother is pretty but looks quite cheap in that lingerie and poster girl photos…. ewwww… hilarious.

No. 431533

this pic makes her look like a cam whore. classy.

No. 431633

Probs because they're from the UK in 1980's. Everything looked cheap and tacky then. She looks really good for the time, I think.

No. 431640


Yeah it's just the time period + half the images look like tabloid shots which aren't exactly the epitome of high culture. She looks great though, I can imagine that put a lot of pressure on Kaya when she was growing up.

Pretty sure Kaya's surname is Brown though, not Cummings.

No. 431675

So did Kaya not get the lipo after all or what..?

No. 431687

my guess is she did. Their socail medias been a bit quiet these last few days

No. 431689

I don't think she did. she'd be talking about it constantly if she did.

she's in dublin right now doing a convention.
I don't know how long th recovery time for liposuction is but it seems very soon to be back doing conventions

No. 431731

Well, good for her if she didn't. It would do her more harm than good.
Not that I expect that she'll now suddenly change her lifestyle and start eating properly and exercising. That would be too easy.

No. 431732

IBF is still beating around the bush when it comes to her marriage crisis and is instead posting some more clothing hauls. Yawn.

No. 431740

File: 1511629837521.jpg (104.62 KB, 768x700, ibf1.jpg)


she is really avoiding the subject I almost wonder if her and Mattias splitting is a publicity stunt? why hasn't she talked about it yet, she was pretty quick to dish about leaving mr owl…

But hey! look at these great modeling skillz. Dont you want to look like a lumpy black sausage, too? buy some killstar stuff! XXXXL of course

No. 431752

Killstar is getting boring to me. IBF should seek out obscure goth labels that nobody has heard of.

Didn't Freya wait a while before announcing she left Me Owl for Mattias? I looked at her youtube vdeos, there was a gap in the video timeline when she got back to NZ and then her next video showed her back in Germany and announcing she left her fiancé.

No. 431761

File: 1511633016131.jpg (29.21 KB, 430x424, weird.jpg)

So flattering….

No. 431770


She looks fine to me? So she's not slim, who cares.

No. 431805

File: 1511638993969.png (1.45 MB, 1438x1628, Screenshot_2017-11-25-19-41-11…)

She's dyed her sides like TT but red

No. 431818

I really like the red sides, the hairstyle reminds me a lot of 80s London punks and goths I used to see as a kid. I think Freya looks really good when she adds a color accent like red or purple since she always wears all black. I like the red lens and red eye shadow she wears.

No. 431859

Right, or at least that's what her Amazon wishlist says.

No. 431871

I've seen this bitch around before. I don't find her interesting at all, but she markets herself as a living doll and even got a tattoo of ball joints on her knees recently.

Probably not enough milk but we can still post about her in the alt cow thread.

No. 431921

Definitely agree with you there…. it's almost, which country next? Which online scam can she arrange next to suit her needs? It's not that exciting because we all knew it was her plan all along… so it's kind of dead in the water news already. She thinks she's winning but she's still a joke.

No. 431923

Killstar was NEVER exciting. Pentagrams and witchy prints are the 2017 hot topic. So emo. Goth is real velvets, real lace, DIY and creating your own original looks. Not buying off the rack. When will these people get it?

No. 431965

She never said anything about not getting the lipo. She very much wants to get it. Perhaps she is wanting to see the area before she goes for the lipo?? After all, the lipo is sponsored so I am assuming they are paying for her to stay "x" amount of days. I think they were going to Asia anyways and figured maybe they would see the area beforehand. Regardless…kaya never said she was getting lipo on this trip and she never said that she was backing out of the procedure. So we never know when she's getting it. What we do know is she's getting it in Korea and she was just in Korea…doesn't mean she was getting it done now. She would be posting non-stop about it if she did. And lipo takes a few weeks to be able to walk around and do day to day shit.

She's avoiding the subject because it's awkward. I highly doubt Matthias would care to pull this type of "publicity stunt". He seems too laid back and doesn't seem to do that type of shit. He is not a youtuber…he married one..and I can't imagine he would make his marriage part of a joke for views. Absolutely not. You guys are tinfoiling hard.

Why the hell am I defending?? This is strange…

No. 432001

I get why Freya would not say anything about her marriage to Mattias. I would be embarrassed too because Freya has a lot of videos of Mattias on her youtube and made a big deal about being loved up together. She still has her original videos with Mr. Owl that's still on her youtube. Does anyone know if Freya has a visa that would let her stay in Germany if she gets a divorce or would she have to leave the EU?

No. 432051

I think you need to be married for three years to get a permanent one, so the separation could be a problem. But I don't know how they handle it when you have a job in Germany. I tried to read a bit through some texts but it's just so much information that I'm lost.
Maybe she doesn't talk about it because she got so much backlash after leaving Mr owl and jumping to a new relationship and doesn't want to rush things.

No. 432053

Marrying for a greencard is an offence. So they married illegally and tbh saying why they broke up would be just making it worse. Pretty dumb move all round.

No. 432145


A "green card"is an American permanent residency card.

Why do you say they married solely for her residency?

No. 432161


This is unbelievable. They are from BELFAST - and so ignorant of their own history, let alone anyone else's, that they have no idea they lived in a militarised zone.

Old news, I know. But I'm an original goth, before it became these idiots wafting round graveyards draped in lace, quoting execrable poetry at each other. The entire goth thing came from post-punk, ie. Angry, alienated, aware, politicised. Not flouncy fucking dresses and "me me me me me" wrapped in preciousness. Barf.

Shame on this bunch of ignorant peasants. And apologies to the US for exporting that ignorance. Didn't the stupid bitch notice all the weaponised police at her home airport?

Saged for impotent ranting by Old Person.

No. 432167

the ruc had to go over and help in Bosnia because we have militarised police lol

they are both ignorant of NI history, it's actually very interesting if you don't get all sectarian about it

No. 432173

Are you both quoting the wrong anon? IBF is not from Belfast….

No. 432179


I'm the anon who wrote the original post about the ignorance of Belfast history, relating to TT being all precious about seeing armed cops in NY.

It's really disgraceful that she know so little about her own city, a city central to a civil war and which has sectarian problems to this day. She lives in one of the most interesting, vibrant and history-rich cities in Europe and does nothing but moan about the bland bits. Go to the Peace Wall, you dumb bimbo. Just for starters.

Dunno where Bosnia or IBF came in except this thread gets confusing cos it jumps between cows. But the original was about TT and her miserably small, ignorant worldview.

No. 432181

TT never went to NY or made that post, that was IBF when she went to america. I think you probably just got mixed up anon
However you still have a point, I highly doubt TT has much knowledge at all about her country/city, and would rather ignore the rich history right at her doorstep

No. 432189

Is Brown her father's name?

No. 432234

File: 1511716750062.jpg (97.67 KB, 954x652, ibf2.jpg)


I like when we point out IBF is a lard ass and someone gets offended on a site called LOLCOW.

if you're going to model and show off clothes, make it look good. She has the easiest job in the world just looking goth and she can't even put some effort into smoothing out her rolls with a girdle.

No. 432237


you can move to germany if you have your own income and apply for the visa, I don't think IBF'll have to move.

However she seems to NEED to be in a relationship, jumping from one to another screams insecurity. How do you jump into a marriage after dating someone for years? People who don't give themselves a break are usually needy and afraid of being alone.

I really can't wait for the video where she drops the divorce bomb (with sponsored bath bomb, obv)

No. 432240


Oops, my bad. I assumed it was her cos she's the one currently schlepping around being boring.

You're absolutely right. But later comments which are TT show she is pitifully ignorant of her home country and even it's recent history. How self-absorbed are these idiots, that EVERYthing is about them, their feels and their looks? Makes you wonder if they have any idea what punk was about - they've all seemingly just put on an identity wholesale.

No. 432242


ugh seeing that reminded me of the video, I tried so hard to forget. What an awful outfit, nobody in their right mind would wear photobucket victorian wallpaper jeans with an ill fitting shamrock green tshirt, tacky gold chunky chain and Fifth Element hair. How can she make me see this mess with my own two eyeballs, in front of my salad, blegh.

No. 432245

a good few punk bands came from ireland, and i highly doubt TT even knows that. you're right there anon, it's more for aesthetic and likes, there's nothing genuine about them, there's so much more to the goth subculture and it was originally a movement, not a fashion trend.

No. 432248

i never understood why ibf, with all her body insecurites and aknowledgement of her midriff being quite big, never wears corsets or cinchers.
it would improve her figure and make her feel more confident during her try ons
and i mean, it just displays the clothes better if her figure and posture is improved

i thought corsets were also goth statement pieces?

No. 432249


the sad part is she does in some videos, you can tell how because of how structured her sides look, but it's on too tight.. so you get a bowling ball in a sock situation.

lmfao @ "photobucket victorian wallpaper jeans" what a great bandname

No. 432251


spanx or a corset will smooth out your belly button or whatever but they can only do so much. in every video she eats poorly but also I think she drinks a lot which really helps you put on weight fast

No. 432254


Residence permit, not visa. A visa is for visits under 91 days, and citizens from New Zealand do not need a visa. She would already have a residence permit to stay beyond 90 days. Germany issues several types of residence permits depending on one's purpose for staying in Germany.

No. 432268

Certainly not proof that they aren't separated, but IBF posted a pic on her Instagram story and you can see that Matthias is with her. I'm not sure where exactly she was, but it seemed like they were doing some sight seeing together.

If they were at the point of divorce I'm not sure they would be spending time together like this? Wouldn't they want their space? Just speculation obv and I've never gone through divorce or separation. I'm starting to think they have just hit a really rough patch and are trying to mend things. Still strange that his Facebook says "separated".

No. 432269

File: 1511721326631.jpg (64.73 KB, 230x393, yuuy.jpg)

No. 432276

Lmfao samefag >>432268, but just looked at Kaya's Twitter, she has a tweet about how everthing in Japan was so convenient with 24 hour stores and how stores in Belfast close early. The thread is pretty funny with her mentioning stuff that's been said on here. The best part was when she said she was upset that stores in Belfast close early because she "needs" Pepsi…

Lmfao! This girl cries so much about her weight yet she is so upset because she NEEDS a bottle of Pepsi and can't get it. I'm sorry, but any individual that is truly trying hard to diet and supposedly has a personal trainer would not be whining about how the store needs to be open later so they can buy soda. I'm not sure I know anyone who is serious about their health and diet and drinks shit like Pepsi anyways.

Try some water,Kaya.

No. 432301

NIfag, it's called walking to a garage kaya.

also it's called shopping, some people buy an amount of food/drink to be rationed over coming days. stop being such a baby.

No. 432302

garage is a convenience store, that sells fuel, food, everyday household items etc

No. 432524

for real? do you have picture of that tattoo??

No. 432594

File: 1511764214265.png (548.06 KB, 693x513, 874.png)

Google is your friend

No. 432710


Igfuckingzackly. Cities like Belfast traditionally have an awesome scene (espeshly back then) - put low employment, sectarianism, religious authoritarianism, alienated yoof and the most bastard tory government the UK has ever seen and you get a serious underground.

I think what pisses me off is they want the trappings with none of the foundations. It started with the Anne Rice mob; bunch of idiots wafting round graveyards pretending to be vampires. But all these very exotic, wafty outfits and ridiculous makeup have totally lost the punk aesthetic, which was hard and home-made. And don't even get me started on "pastel goth." Fuck off.

Of course a scene evolves and of course people interpret it differently. But if you don't like the music, don't have any idea of the original scene, de-politicise so remove the agenda….what's left?

Whilst I'm having a rant (ignore me. I'll need a nap shortly) I saw a girl on the bus the other day with a belting Dead Kennedy's t-shirt. I commented on it….and she had no idea what it was about, what the DK were/are. Just buy a DK t-shirt, or worse, a Sid 'n Nancy one
and proclaim yourself punk. Whilst all the real punks/goffs didn't look anything like that extreme cos very, very few jobs were available and virtually none of them allowed extreme looks.

Dunno. I don't get it. But I'll shut up now.

No. 432723

File: 1511796574641.png (3.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-27-15-17-22…)

Prepare yourself for another riveting Killstar haul from a goth Youtuber

No. 432737

i dont understand why youd get clothes (even if theyre free) if youre about to have weightloss surgery. surely these clothes wont fit soon

No. 432738


I wonder if she sees her 'dollification' as a fetish, I mean she says she is an artist/living art doll but dollification is also (well tbh I havent heard it used in any other context) a kink, and she must know that right? If she's using the tag she cant be oblivious

No. 432769

nitpicky but I hate that hairstyle on her in black, it's even worse in orange. I know it's her signature 'thing' but I think I'm just extremely bored of it and there's no way her hair can't be damaged from it as she claims.

No. 432816


I dont think she washes it for like, weeks, either, imagine untangling that mess

No. 432817


Shit, what a profound idea. Better stay tuned, guys!!

No. 432818

absolutely groundbreaking, no one has done this before

No. 432890

Ugh. Why is Killstar even still doing this? They're well known now enough as it is. If you're gonna be boring and do haul after haul, at least spotlight lesser known alt brands ffs

No. 433253

I watched Jake's recent vlogs.
Although it is nice to watch people do more traditional things in Japan and Korea it just seemed to me like the tour guides never gave them a free second to do anything themselves.

it's strange that they went all the way to Japan and didn't visit Harajuku or Shibuya or that they didn't spend a day with Peachymilky and Luke.

No. 433435

That's actually what she said in one of her hair vids. She just sprays some dry shampoo on it and leaves it alone.

No. 433553

File: 1511860734317.png (440.99 KB, 695x619, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 09.1…)

Kaya… trousers?.. nooooo

No. 433554

God…her head looks fucking tiny in comparison to the rest of her.

No. 433558

Does he not tell her that he's going to vlog? I mean I'd always want my SO to look good in videos and pictures

I also understand not wanting to be all dolled up 24/7 when going out, but man…

No. 433567

I think it's just laziness. She makes an effort for her videos but not his, although to be fair his videos are shite so no wonder kek

No. 433574

Out of curiosity… has Jake ever come out and defended Kaya over the comments about her appearance and weight? Because I just realized I've never seen him do it before. He sometimes won't film her at her request but he's never outright said anything in her defense. You'd think if he gave half a shit about his gf he'd have made a comment like "I don't care about her weight/she's as beautiful without makeup/etc etc." It's pretty telling

No. 433579

I noticed that, yea. You'd think he'd want her to look good so more of her fans would watch his videos, but since he has such a huge ego it probably never occurred to him.

If any anons would have any info on that I'd like to see that too, I'm curious (but don't follow him so idk)

Tbh do they even tag/mention each other in videos? Or are they keeping it all separated? (which is fine, imo, again I'm just being curious)

No. 433623


He doesn't even acknowledge her, even though she is in every blog so she is a part of it! He'll comment on random things that take up less than 5 seconds on the video but make no mention of a person who is there for the entirety of it, let alone act like they love them. They don't have to be all over each other, but if I was blogging and my partner was in it, I'd be asking them their opinions, asking them questions and talking about them, as they're STOOD RIGHT THERE.

No. 433624

The more time goes on, I like Kaya. I think I'd be insecure, unconfident and trying to wear eyecatching outfits, fuck I'd try anything to get some attention from my egotistic boyfriend who cares about nothing about from his generic, shitty band and videos of washing clothes.

No. 433650

Not to mention if there's another girl in the video he's all over here, i.e. Kelly Eden

No. 433659


Or she could just ditch him. I don't like her one bit but even I think she deserves and could do much better than him.

No. 433674

File: 1511889248003.png (567.64 KB, 1108x1020, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.0…)

Here we have it boys and girls, Freezer trying to find ways to spend christmas by herself. All the questions about hubby are being ignored outright.

No. 433678

File: 1511889725830.png (33.62 KB, 1008x178, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.1…)

Quit ignoring your fanbase, just come clean already. You guys weren't actually in love and did it for the youtubebux and a free ride into germany.

No. 433698

Does Freya not talk to her family in new zealand at all anymore? You would think with her youtube money she would have enough cash to fly home for a few days to have christmas?

No. 433720

I know when she left she ditched all of her friends there and left a bad taste in their mouths since they felt like all their love and support had been thrown back in their faces (this was all on her facebook when her and Mr Owl were newly split) so maybe she did the same to her family since she's the 'clean break' kind of girl but instead of from a man, from a whole damn country. I reckon she'll go to friends/acquaintances in Poland or elsewhere in Germany.

No. 433856


so some anons are saying they saw Mattias on her instagram story? wtf is going on. She's begging for sympathy so hard, it's pathetic

No. 433911

Someone else who was at the Marilyn Manson concert she went to posted pictures with Freyja and Matthias, but separately. So they were at least at the same concert.

No. 433934

File: 1511908072948.jpg (278.19 KB, 1296x730, freaks_1932_schlitzie_still.jp…)

Reminds me of Schlitzie from Freaks.

No. 433952

i noticed that he literally adds nothing to the video, its just look at this cool thing were doing, this is a cool thing we did, he doesnt actually tell a story its just him moaning at a camera in different locations, youd think baybe in korea hed get his guide to talk with him about cool things or show anything mildly interesting besides places and definitely gget kayas opinions and talk to her about things not just telling her to be quiet

No. 433960


Yeah, having a drone doesn't make a video good. It just means you have aerial shots, it can't make a video interesting.

No. 433961


I think Frayjjah is purposely being obtuse about Mattias that way she can get a bunch of asks online about "what's going on with you and your husband?" and then she'll be "forced" to address the questions.

It's super calculated to post "oh don't mind me, I'm going to be spending Christmas ALONE" to your thousands of followers with no explanation after making your goff marriage part of your brand. She's making people ask her so that way it doesn't come off as pathetic, it will come off like her nosy fans wouldn't stop bothering her about it.

Either way, I really wish there was a way to know if she reads this. I remember recently she posted something passive aggressive about "im a fashion blogger so don't be mad about my hauls" which we mock pretty openly on here. Yeah freezja, you're so different and weird because you buy different consumer commodities than normies, really rejecting society there, lol

No. 434046

File: 1511919181785.jpg (107.84 KB, 591x344, Untitled 1.jpg)

No. 434056

Oh. No.. baby what is you doing with your skin

No. 434061

So did Kaya and Jake stay in separate rooms whist in Japan/Korea?

No. 434064

It's probably from a combination of prolonged traveling and her eating like the living embodiment of gluttony.

No. 434069

Wow, that's just embarrassing.

I kind of don't blame Jake for not seeming interested. I mean, she seems to only try on the days she is filming her own videos, as another anon stated. She films multiple videos on a certain day and posts them within the span of a month or so. I've noticed that a lot lately. It's okay to pre-record vids, but she seems to only actually work couple of days out of the month.

When you are in a long-term relationship, I think it's especially important to put some effort into your health and looks. Not every single day of course, but show SOME effort. I can't imagine spending the day out and about town with my man of 7 years or so and not looking even remotely nice. She is putting in zero effort and it's so apparent. I can't stand jake and his personality, but at least he looks put together in his vids. Not like he just rolled out of bed and can't be bothered to look at least a little bit decent. To everyone who has seen what Kaya was before and has become now, it just screams lazy, entitled, spoiled brat. She's making ends meet and able to travel and buy large amounts of junk food all while having a bf who stays with her, regardless of his inflated ego, it's something that inflates her ego I think. That is, being with the same person for so long at such a young age.

No. 434084

Looks like she's been picking at/squeezing at it too, in hopes of making swelling go down and making it less obvious probably. Ironically it does exactly the opposite, but Kaya is the kind of person who will do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome, then whine when it still fails.

No. 434207

"today was a great day because we made it a great day"
so why were you complaining the entire time??

yeah in the first korean vlog he missed everything the guide woman was saying about the murals because he was talking into his camera

No. 434208

Jake said that they've been missing breakfast every morning so they're filling up on junk food (no surprise)
and Kaya's been living off Fanta

No. 434209

File: 1511949127267.png (940.79 KB, 1074x619, Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 09.5…)

i paused to go for a shit. looks like jake did the same

No. 434213

every hotel jake and kaya go to in Japan/Korea is a 5 star and they seem really surprised every time they get to it so they obviously didn't book it themselves so who is paying for it??

No. 434215

Does he do that stupid pose in every video? It's not doing him any favors.

You can book it yourself and still be surprised once you arrive there?
Bu seriously where do they get the money if none of them is working

No. 434217

File: 1511950719575.jpg (435.85 KB, 3994x1994, w.jpg)

makeup/lighting makes a huge difference. how does she have so many subs when she dresses up for videos? real alternative youtubers dont get a look in beucase of this wanna be goth

No. 434219


I think it is a sponsored visit to Asia therefore everything is pre-booked and they have to visit certain places everyday to promote that's why they are going to certain places.

No. 434221

her face shape from the side is so weird.
it'd be nice if she made an effort for even one day.

No. 434223

Strong nose + weak chin makes you look like a doofus in profile

I know you don't have to dress up in full makeup and make a strong effort every single day of your life, but you would think a gothic youtuber would at least do it to appear in videos.

No. 434225


In fairness it is not her video and maybe you have to leave off the make up to help the skin clear.

No. 434227

Indeed, but she also needs to lay off the junk, more than the makeup tbh. Who knows if she even has a skin care routine

btw, sage goes into the email field

No. 434247


if kaya is going to shun all other types of jobs and be a youtuber, she could at least put a bit of fucking effort into her appearance.

like how hard is it to dry shampoo your hair if you can't be bothered to wash it. hair takes the longest imo and days were i'm short of time i take a quick shower, skip shaving (tbf i only shave if it's required for an outfit or i want to make a slight effort for my guy, just feels more fresh idk), wash my face and moisturise.

also the girl gets shit given to her for free. use bb cream if your skin is shit, it will at least even out the tone and moisturise for the day. bb cream is lightweight and you can literally just slap it on like moisturiser and you look so much more put together.

like what the fuck else is she doing with her time? she doesn't appear to be up and about at normal times since she had to tweet how horrible it was she couldn't get a pepsi at 5am. what does she do? and literally complained her whole asia trip and moaning that she had to travel an hour down the road to dublin when she got back.

bitch, at least it's something to do! and buy a new pair of tights, just get some fucking opaque ones, it would improve your look by about 44%

No. 434250

it's also been pissing me off she wears sunglasses at night and inside because she's too lazy to draw on her eyebrows lmao

like, if she's a goth just for the aesthetic since she doesn't know what music is, does that not imply she takes enjoyment in putting herself together?? she's a mess and seriously makes me consider dressing myself as a fake goth and going around belfast and squatting to see if i can get some free trips.

she pisses me off.

No. 434266

I think it's self esteem issues too. She was clearly more confident when she was thinner and Jake was more into her then. Perhaps the sloppy appearance is just a symptom of the weight gain, i.e. she can't be bothered because she's unhappy with herself. I also think it's why she goes way OTT with the mall goth look, as a way to distract from her weight (as well as overcompensation for not being into the music)

No. 434310

File: 1511970449396.jpg (20.57 KB, 591x153, rs.jpg)

It's Black Friday finally admitting her and Matthias are separated.

I just don't understand how a marriage to a guy you knew for 5 minutes went wrong? I mean, really, moving across the world and turning up on some dude's doorstep that you met at a music festival, isn't that TrUe lOvE

No. 434323

I thought he actually filmed himself taking a dump, lol.

No. 434329

I think the main problem with their relationship was getting engaged during the infatuation period that you usually go through in a new relationship. I don't understand the rush to get married. I really don't think she used him to stay in Germany or whatever. She has plenty of ppl around there she knows. I wonder if she even wanted to get married that fast? In the video where they announce the engagement she just seems…idk..kind of like she's just going with it.

I think they both saw each other as the ultimate goth partner and focused a lot on their image and how they looked together, rather than actually spending time to get to know each other's personalities.

No. 434333

Sounds like she's depressed maybe. Not that I want to find excuses for her, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's happening with her. She doesn't seem to care about her appearance, neglects her body, seems constantly tired/irritated, etc.

No. 434337

I wonder if she'll finally make a video about it now.

No. 434338

She is definitely depressed and she knows it obv since she used to be on medication for it. The problem is, she is not doing one damn thing to help it. And that's fine if you are aware of your depression and choose to do nothing, but to whine constantly about it and all the side effects of depression on social media, that's not okay. That is highly annoying and immature.

No. 434342


That's exactly why I think Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson fell apart, because they weren't in love they just completed each other's outfits. Also that fool was on hella cocaine..

I think there was a lot of problems, like she wouldn't mention how Matthias didn't get her jokes and she doesn't speak German. They really had like nothing in common but being goth and getting drunk. Which are really great but not enough to make a marriage work.

No. 434344


people are asking her to address it and her fans are really something else…sending virtual hugs..jesus christ the second hand embarrassment

No. 434349

Oh, hi, KFC and American indulgence, I didn't think I'd run into you again. When will people realise that their shit diets contribute to the majority of their physical ailments?

saged for nothing new

No. 434350

Manson & Dita broke up because they didn't have time for each other and basically lost interested in spending time together. She left him and he didn't even know it. He is also a hopeless romantic.

Saged for being a Mansonite

No. 434354

The worst part is that even with the lighting and the makeup, from certain angles in her videos you can tell her skin is rough. Drink some damn water, honey.

No. 434363

Sage goes in email field.

No. 434373


kaya's face makes me feel better, I have a meltdown if I get one pimple. If i looked like that I straight up would be putting cheap mexican retinol on my face, and hiding

No. 434378

Sorry your self esteem is so low. I'm sure it's not just because of acne. Sage your blog next time, ugly.

I can't stand Freya being so passive aggressive about her relationship and fishing for questions and sympathy. Instead of just making a video about it, she's dragging it on and on because of how much attention she's getting. Ugh.

No. 434384


idk I wonder if it's because of that or because this is the second time she's going to have to have a very public break up..yikes.

I think everyone gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time. What a shit pattern to be engaged twice in 5 years.

No. 434392

even if kaya is depressed, did she not use to live at the doctors bothering them about muh weight gain etc.

a doctor will outright tell you if you go for antidepressants that you need to eat right and exercise to be healthy. it's like the fact you need to walk a dog to make sure it's getting the benefits of being alive.

and she has all the time in the world to fix herself. fucking hell she could even vlog about, get monetary gain from it while fixing herself. that would give her a massive buzz. she's lazy and entitled that is it.

No. 434393

Best thing for Kaya would be the go on her bike everywhere. Or just around the block once a day. Easy exercise and getting outside does good for depression as easy as that sounds, it really can help.


No. 434425

I can't find it now but I swear the other day I saw Kaya talking to some girl on fb or Twitter about how she was told by a woman in Korea that she looked like a doll. Now I've seen this I think we know that didn't happen.

No. 434448


This is total tinfoil; hat, suit, cape, the lot.

I don't follow IBF closely, just watch the odd vid, and started round about when she moved to Germany.

I don't know why, but in her explanatory why-I-left-that-fiance vid, I got the impression she was being really cagey. I kind of assumed she met Matthias on her first jolly to Europe and actually left NZ specifically to pursue a relationship with him, but hid it behind "I wanted to travel/ex-bf didn't."

Its probably all really obvious to those who follow properly (if so, I'm an idiot; ignore,) but that makes more sense than "left NZ cos love travelling and oh look, just happened to find perfect goth in the first country I landed in. Who'da'thunk?" which was the story she seemed to be selling. But if she did move across the world for him…fuuuurk. That's not loading a relationship with massive weight from the very start…

No. 434472

he moved from NZ because she used to have a lot of problems with her mother and because she worked alot so she and barnaby could marry but the truth is he really din't care to marry her , the relationship was already dead , so she thought moving to germany with barnaby will be great but he din't want to ,(maybe because his family idk) so they broke up, but remained friends, she moved alone , (she has moved cities a lot ) when she move to germany she was really disapointed and sad , and she was stupid enough to believe in matthias , he is not what he seems believe or not, so who knows what really happened, i think they are still friends , but i can almost tell why she left him , i doubt she is gonna talk about what really happened (because they are still friends) and i hope She has learned something from this , she really is not a bad person at all .

No. 434499

i assume you're one of the people who have claimed before that there's more to matthias. do you know him and/or ibf? what makes you say that?

No. 434501


One of her savings grace is that she won't go all Raven about her private life.

Is this his music?


No. 434517


Thank you, that clarifies some things.

Btw, I didn't mean to imply she, or any of them, was a bad person. Break-ups suck and it's much worse when it's public - she probably doesn't even know how to tell her wider audience. Maybe she should get tips off that mad fucknut Raven!

No. 434520

Late to the party but has TT seriously put out a video about her PHONE CASES? jfc she's really running out of ideas isn't she

No. 434596

File: 1511996153619.jpg (632.63 KB, 961x1646, Screenshot_20171129-225211.jpg)

saw this and thought she was finally making some kind of effort…and then I saw the Crocs…

No. 434602

Since they were visting ruins and she was more than likely wearing platforms. She would of been giving them to wear of saftey reasons probably. TT may make terrible fashion choices but crocs is not one of them

No. 434604

Ummmm what is it their posing in front of? Because they sure do look cheerful to be surrounded by urban ruins.

No. 434690

so jake finally said why they were in korea, its sponsored by samurai buyer, i suggest if you dont know what it is, you look it up, but thats pretty low and scummy i assume they must not of looked into it

No. 434692

Weren't Simon and Martina regularly sponsored by Samurai Buyer?

No. 434714

he is kinda weird idk maybe is a german thing lol
-has like 4 facebook pages
-ask for things in his facebook page
-"change your facebook status even if that means you are gonna get shit on because nobody knows that you and your ex bf broke up"
-*changes facebook status to "separated" as soon as he break up with his wife he suposedly loved very much , i think a break up with someone you lived 2 years is a very sad thing, to go trouhgh ,to even care about changing your facebook status, like idk even freiya who likes to attention whore din't say nothing , just sad posts about how alone she felt but nothing about being single again
im not saying he is a bad person because all of this , or that he din,t love her ,you can tell they really love each other at some point , but idk i think is a matter of time before he starts to date some other girl or guy

No. 434878

do you think they care about samurai buyers being scummy?
they got to travel for free
stay in 5 star hotels
and their egos are big enough that they think they deserve all this

No. 434884

Plus they're scammers themselves with all their donations and Patreon shit and doing fuck all with it that they promised to do.

No. 434896

Literally all TT does is complain

How hard is it LITERALLY to, as you say, put some fuckin dry shampoo in your hair, put on decent clothes (not that frumpy shit she wears) and put even a LITTLE bit of effort into how she looks?
it's not hard, most people can do it and by most i mean the general population of people who are busy, working full time jobs, have mental health issues, but can still take care of themselves or appearence? you dont have to do much, just look decent jfc.
she really is lazy, self entitled, and thinks that her perfect skin, weight and looks will fall from the sky, no dear you have to work for that and actually try

imo she should ditch jake, as he is a pompous narcissitc idiot who couldn't give a damn about her, but my goodness if she makes a living of her actual fucking image, why doesn't she try and maintain it and look good? i just dont get it

No. 434932

File: 1512053807485.png (764.89 KB, 827x508, bitch u nasty.png)

it's funny too because when she used to be skinny and model her skin was perfect.

her eating habits in america and japan have been awful. skipping breakfast and then filling up on junk food throughout the day

I wonder what the Japanese and Koreans locals thought when they saw this 7ft spotty goth walk towards them

jake "it shouldn't be hard to find Kaya because she's 8 feet tall and white"

No. 434935

That cunt needs to stop pointing his fucking sausage fingers at everyone! How rude and disrespectful can you possibly be to literally everyone you come across!?

No. 434941

why doesn't kaya have any fuckin eyebrows? especially if she isn't going to bother drawing them on???
it just makes you look like an alien without them and does her no favours

No. 434953

I think because she'd been pushing to marry Barnaby for so long and he seemed more relaxed about it she wanted to prove she could land a husband and in a way throw it back in the faces of those who often asked when she was getting married or didn't believe she would ever get married. Possibly with a little bit of fear of getting 'too old' for the ultimate goff wedding.

No. 434964

File: 1512059327811.png (1.4 MB, 1584x1112, DeadRoses.png)

He also posted this under a day ago on his art page titled 'Calling Dead Roses', which if this isn't signifying the death of love I don't know what it is signifying. Especially as the rose seems to be growing out of His(?) head.

No. 434979

lol im so glad this was posted, i think the korean guide was getting pissed off at him literally pointing at her to speak. rude cunt

No. 434994

File: 1512061852295.png (31.21 KB, 603x179, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 17.1…)

No. 435009

File: 1512063857464.jpg (106.86 KB, 318x439, putting things in packages is …)

>at least he looks put together in his vids
questionable imo, like if people are going to nitpick kaya for not being dressed up in every vid then might as well got at jake for not always being clean shaved, those atrocious roots, the fact his hairstyle has no variety and doesn't even look good as is, or that he seems to wear the same outfit [like what is even going on with his leg wear] all the time.

probably b/c when you shave your brows for an extended period of time, even if you let them grow back they won't be as full as they were before, if that makes sense. personally i think she could at least wear sunglasses, but someone was bitching about that too so not sure what she's expected to do since she can't please everyone

this bitch complaining that putting items in packages to ship out is difficult/time consuming. not sure if she still works but she hasn't posted a video on youtube in a while and just went on vacation [that her bf had to pay for kek] so i'm finding it really hard to believe that this is taking up so much of her time that she has to make a comment about it.

No. 435011

I don't dislike Drac the same way I dislike Kaya and Jake, but everyone can tell she is SUPER fucking lazy. She thinks everything is hard constantly. I'm surprised her shop is even still open, kudos to her for actually trying to stick with it.
I know Drac has BPD which probably isn't helping her with work or with taking care of herself, but if you didn't know any better you would definitely think Drac was 15 based on her lazy teenage personality.

No. 435027

whoever keeps nitpicking at kaya for not drawing her eyebrows on everyday cmon thats hardly milk that needs to keep being brought up. Everyone I know who shaves their brows (myself included) do not draw them on everyday its annoying af especially when travelling. Yeah she looks like a spotty egg without them, but its not a exclusive thing to her bc shes lazy most people dont bother

No. 435034


This. I have depression and I can slap on a bit of foundation in the morning, brush my hair and go to work. I'll put on false eyelashes if I have the extra time, but you can get by doing the bare minimum to hide spots/oily skin/messy hair. My depression motivates me to work out too, lost 20 lbs. TT has no excuse, sitting at home editing videos gives her way more free time than full time workers like me

No. 435047

Let's face it anon, the reason why people are pointing out her eyebrows is because she when she is doing one of her pointless generic videos she has a FULL face of makeup, even made an eyebrow vid a while back talking about how much better it is to draw them on then grow them. Yet, in almost every video she looks like an entirely different person, with next to no effort put in, contradicting herself and always hiding her face in her dumbass bf's vlogs.

It's part of the point here of how little she gives a fuck of looking presentable or at least like a decent looking human being. It's evidently all down to laziness.
Of course, I have a sister who draws on her eyebrows and she does it everyday, and others don't. Which is understandable.
But as I say, it's mainly milk for her overall lack of effort

No. 435049


most people do this, soldier on and get shit done. it proves she is just a whiny spoilt brat more than anything lmao, she really has no excuse bc everyone else can do it

No. 435082

Matthias' Facebook now went from "separated" to "single".

No. 435083

Fuck, samefag, but he also out a status staring they are no longer together, but are living as neighbors and blah blah.

No. 435088

File: 1512071153358.png (71.41 KB, 495x695, matthiasseperated.png)

No. 435092

Ty anon, I'm mobile and didn't have the time to do that.

No. 435095

File: 1512071435303.png (62.8 KB, 527x363, ibf.png)

Freyja put up an unlisted video, but it's only available for her patreon supporters. Gotta make money off that divorce

No. 435100

She will most likely post a video about it on YouTube as well, which will also make her money. My guess is that she posted to Patreon first because those are her most "loyal" fans and maybe wanted to share with them first/isn't ready to deal with hundreds of comments speculating the circumstances. Of course her patrons would only give her support.

No. 435144

No. 435152

Ily so much.

No. 435171

Why does she keep reading from a piece of paper? No eye contact is a sure sign she's full of shit. I love how she says 'I'm not that good an actor' HA! And please bitch. Don't go into your mental breakdown. Still well enough to travel and attend premieres. WOES ME POOR FREYA. God you're pathetic.

No. 435174

I love how she said said her 'relationship' is over. No bitch, it's a marriage. Ba bow. Freya fucks up again.

No. 435181


Cheers, anon. I really wonder what's gonna happen next, staying in Germany really wouldn't make any sense, I don't see how she would be able to cope with all that alone. Also, over-commit… lol, you what?

No. 435185


Seriously….. she is deluded………&hellip