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No. 326344

Thread >>250451 reached post limit

So here's a new one so we can continue talking about the cringe in the goth/alternative scene

Drac Makens
And any other altcow

No. 326345

I find it ironic because Freya has actively complained about Sophie's mom in public but then tried to seem all sweet

No. 326408

The only thing that happened was that Sophie's mum asked her to RT a link to the calendar. Why was it such a big deal that she couldn't just retweet it? She reblogged something someone said about the foundation but not the calendar. I reckon she's salty because she isn't in it.

No. 326925

The calendar was being run by the girl (Renee?) who made the comments about IBF and TT, so I think if anything it was out of petty bitterness. Grow the fuck up Freya, it was for a good cause. Highly ironic as well as she (literally) cries about being badly treated for being a goth, but can't RT a link for someone KILLED for that very thing.

No. 326952

idk the tattoo itself is ripping off basic clip art so the 'artistic integrity' of slapping it together is kind of questionable imo
the kerning is shit tho, the person who inked this copy ought to be ashamed

i think that part of it is maybe that she's not that fluent in the language, so it's hard for her to find a job in Germany, especially with her #aesthetic. as a result she's decided to rely solely on Youtube income which explains the constant bitching about money, because vlogging's really not all that stable of a means of income– especially if your vlogs rely on you splurging on frivolous, expensive clothes/makeup or taking trips/going to events constantly. i can't even imagine how much of a hoard she must have gathered at this point–maybe that's another reason she has the second apartment but refuses to rent it.
idk i've never really been into IBF's content so these conclusions are just reached from what I've read in the thread. but i imagine that Mattias was probably expecting her to make a lot more money than she actually does, having that sweet e-fame and all. She only has half a million subscribers and doesn't drop videos all that often; there's an article on Business Insider around 2014 which claims that even videos that earn 1,000,000 views only make about $1000 after Youtube takes the cut from ad revenue. Not only has the dollar's value gone down since then, but if the hit from the Youtube ad boycott is anywhere as severe as she claims, it probably isn't a good sign.
Also she's done 15 videos in the past month-ish, which seems to be a pretty significant jump from the number of videos she was making in previous months, but only four of them have gotten past the 100k mark.

No. 328327

File: 1496488015199.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-06-03-12-05-31…)

Kaya looks a lot better in this video

No. 328367

It baffles me how Jake is always trying to give life advice and be inspired by him how he is positive and his life choices etc. But in reality he's an overweight, jobless, vain, aggressive man who depends on begging for others for his income. There is nothing inspiring about that.

No. 328392

She really doesn't though

No. 328499

anybody remember the girl that used to run that "ultimate goth guide" blog? I wonder what happened to her…

No. 328517

She's not splurging. Everything she has is free for promotion on her videos. I don't know why she lies and says it's not sponsored.

No. 328547

No. 328550

Yeah I think her make up there actually looks really pretty. Too bad it's another boring unboxing vid.

No. 329060

her makeup looks better, her eyebrows are still unflattering af. she needs a bit more substance up there, maybe even bangs, to balance out the lower half of her face, it's looking jowly.

No. 329166

I like her "Bibliophile" pillow even though the closest she comes to reading is taking pictures of books people send her

No. 329191

I am sad she isn't goth any more. Her style was great.

No. 329283

is it just me or is making giant plastic necklaces of your online handle aND THEN WEARING IT YOURSELF kind of egotistical
like i get it when people are like 'oh my name is karen, someone gave me a necklace with a K on it' but Toxic Tears is not her real name, this is literally just merch she had made up to try to sell to fans, and then she's wearing one around to…rep herself, I guess? in her own video?

No. 329407

I saw IBF at a concert yesterday. Didn't talk to her because I was tired and leaving, but she was talking to another person and she seemed really nice and authentic and like she was having genuine fun. I wish we could see better videos again instead of sponsored garbage and clickbait.

She really does pile on dat white foundation though. She was the whitest person in a room full of goths. Literally stark white. Kek

No. 329409

Maybe. Can't say 100% yes but yea, it's weird. I mean…why would you want to sell that to anyone? Why would any person want to wear your name around their neck or face on a shirt?
Not even celebs do that kind of thing, at least with the necklaces. It's weird af. Guess it's some sort of self promo thing, would make more sense if she tried to promote Jakes band or whatever he's up to

I don't directly follow her, but is her style going more into a, uh, colorful/cute direction? At least more than usual?
I like the lipstick color

No. 329704

But I mean, even when she lived in New Zealand when she started YouTube, I don't think she worked? She was going to school though for film no?
But yeah vlogging is definitely not a stable career path so I understand she may be tight for money but maybe she could consider doing some part time gig work like dog walking (she could do vlogs while doing this) or make some money helping elders with grocery shopping. You know little things like that to help make some side money. It wouldn't be too time consuming and she could still make videos.

I guess I'm just worried is all because Ifeel like her e-fame isn't going to earn her all that much money. I mean even Reeree had to open up a Patreon to help make some money after the Youtube Ad boycott thing.

Jobless? I thought he did work?

Yeah she isn't Goth anymore and moved on but I really loved her blog, it's what helped make my move into the Goth subculture easier as she pretty much covered most of everything. From reading her story about why she moved on from Goth, it feels like she may have got stagnated in it and needed change because if you see how she looks now, it's quite a shift but as long as she's happy. :)

Yeah I feel deep down she's a cool friendly person. It's just her influx of sponsored content that kinda can be a drag to see.

Mainly her fans that are in still middle or high school?

No. 329723

What band was it?

No. 329946


Nah he stopped working to daily blog.

No. 329988

Not surprised. She seemed like the "it's not a phase mom" types (which means it usually is a phase). Her reasons are weird. Somehow people are led to believe goth cannot grow with them. It's one of the few alternative scenes besides metal that ages very well.

No. 330026

ibf said multiple times she had three jobs when she was living in new zealand. the only one i remember specifically was a pizza job.

No. 330029

She has mentioned being a nanny too whilst in Germany.

No. 330052

gotta say I feel like IBF is a sell out. In her early YouTube days she used to seem very genuine and legitimately into the goth scene (and the latter is probably still true) but nowadays it doesn't feel the same, like she's let the "e-fame" get to her head

No. 330054

I feel like this is pretty relevant to the current line of internet altgirls.

No. 330057

Worth watching tbh, thanks for posting it anon
This actually reminded me of TT and the previous discussion in the old thread on how a person just "has" to look goth to be goth etc

No. 330114

One was at a pizza shop, one was a nanny, and the other was setting up displays in stores for thing like cell phones, I believe.

No. 330278

Ah okay, I must've missed or forgot that then… I remember her saying she used to pick fruits as well but I wasn't sure if she said she was in high school doing that or if she were in college.

Ah okay thanks! Yeah okay then, I take back what I said. But I still think that that if the YouTube thing really does affect her funds, she should seriously consider doing some side gigs to help get by. I'm assuming Matthias makes enough money to support themselves to a degree so they should be comfortable.

No. 330329

What about The Goblin Queen (Alison)?

Personally, I think she's okay but could do without the fake posh accent, kinda cringey

No. 330339

nah, she's been trying to tout herself as the original 'creepycute' goth for years, literally since she was posting under the 'living doll' tags, trying to be some kind of #gothgoth dakota rose. It's one of the reasons she and peachmilky ever had the slightest reason to collaborate together on videos.

No. 330341

angela benedict is one of the few sane goth gurus that i have yet to encounter.

No. 330363

she seems cool but the way she talks is super cringy

No. 330365

Agreed, its nice to hear from someone who was really involved in the (90s) scene and she has a pretty realistic view on things. I wish her channel was more popular with those getting interested in goth rather then IBF and others, she actually talks about the important shit and not crap makeup and clothes 24/7. Im surprised she isnt more popular tbh, she gives off older-sister vibes that a younger audience could really eat up. But I think her no bullshit attitude might scare them off lmao (I personally admire her honesty)

Angela is her early 40s right? She looks really good for whatever age she anyway

No. 330375


She was trying to do the whole gothic Lolita thing (again) iirc, dunno if she's still doing that.

No. 330381

What is it with pizza delivery services and alt people. I always see oddball dominos workers with self harm scars.

No. 330454

She's 37 I think. I am super curious what she thinks of IBF, whenever she's brought up to her she seems to dodge the question. This video seems like it's about people like her and TT

No. 330456

If I worked for Domino's I'd try to kill myself too.

No. 330527

Alison's changed her look dramatically in the past few months. She posts outfits on her instagram daily and she's heading more towards nu-goth. I think it suits her much more than Lolita.

I saw her band Esoterik last month while they were on tour and I was pleasantly surprised because she actually has a good singing voice, unlike how it sounds on the albums. I didn't really see her hanging out before she went on stage, though.

No. 330547


Really? She's always seemed like the social, outgoing type. Especially with her band since they're apparently tight.

She must be shy or a loner off-camera

No. 330553

I saw her other half hanging out with the other bands and guests, but not her. Maybe I just missed her?

No. 330557

She used to be really in to clubbing and events. If you go way back on her Instagram she has a lot of older photos of her at clubs dancing and hanging out with people. She doesn't seem to be as in to that anymore. She has been more serious about her band recently than she's ever been so maybe that's been keeping her busy. It's one reason why she's not as active on youtube anymore.
But if her husband's been hanging out then I'm not really sure what's up with her.

No. 330564

No. 330568

What is the fucking point? But speaking of Social Repose, surely there's some good milk on him.

No. 330612

The devil and the universe

I guess that's the consensus here tbh

> I'm assuming Matthias makes enough money to support themselves to a degree so they should be comfortable.
I don't think so, iirc he said he was a plumber or electrician or something like that but quit his job to study graphic design or illustration or something like that. I'm really not 100% sure tbh

> tfw your e-famous wife doesn't make enough money for you to go to art school

No. 330712

I'm not sure about a plumber, but as an electrician you make enough for a small family, if you work a bit on the side at weekends (which is quite common here in germany)

No. 330734

>that one horsefaced dude
i honestly forget this guy's name but jfc he looks like he raided the halloween section of party city.
I imagine that all the feathers and greasepaint and sclera lenses are really just there to distract from how unfortunate his face is. he looks like a ryuk cosplayer.

No. 330898

probably just wants to get his attention

can't stand social repose, is straight up emo but keeps referring to himself as goth in all his dumb videos and knows nothing about the scene.

No. 330954

It pisses me off too. How has no one called him on it. Nothing about him is goth

No. 330975

Not only that but he's a absolute moronic leach.
Constantly trying to throw himself introduce drama that has nothing to do with him.

He's just a cringey emo with shit music and a terrible costume

No. 331001

Social Repose is cringe as fuck, what drama has he tried getting involved with? I only saw him and onion bitching abut each other.

No. 331033

because his fans are motionless in white emos

No. 331051

Allison is the only alt youtuber i can think of right now that doesn't belong in this thread. She always seems so cheerful and genuine in her videos and doesn't get involved in drama or put her whole life on the internet, which is smart.

i guess this is just a personal gripe, but i find that all these alt-cow youtubers tend to overcompensate because they don't have much else to offer other than GAWTH. Allison Eckfeldt and The Goth Alice both seem super cool, but they also have a wide variety of interests and also produce art and music. I suppose it also helps that they have a modicum of self-awareness and don't take themselves so seriously.

as opposed to TT and Black Friday who are just like "look at this shit i got. look at my collection of goff shit. now listen to me bitch about nothing."

No. 331073

Social Repose is another person Black Friday puts in her tags like she does with Eugenia Cooney and Graveyardgirl even though he is awful. He is just an emo who tries to ride the goth trend and nongoth who she is leaching off. She doesn't even care that she is making him famous by doing it because all of the little kids think she is goth so then he must be too.

No. 331127

I think she only talks that way to make it more inviting to the youngsters who are watching her videos. I personally don't mind her. It could be worse lol.

I have to agree. Allison is actually one of the people who actually helped me come around to Nu Goth. I like how she doesn't go to wearing nothing but Killstar with those tackcy "Edgy" symbols. Not saying that I think Wiccan/Pagan symbols are "Edgy" but when I see them used as patterns like how KillStar does them, I find them tryhard and desperate for attention.

Same here. I think Social Repose is a joke to be honest. I'm not going to diss on his look because we all have things that like (though I really do feel like it's one of the most miss-matched clashing looks I've ever seen). And he's just a scene kid/emo kid who makes generic alternative music (well at least to me, I'm not a fan of the kind of genre his music falls into) and I agree that his use of "goth" is utterly insulting. I remember when he did the "how Goth are you" video and it was just embarrassng to watch (at least for people into the subculture). His fans eat it up and consider him the "king" of Goth (vomit please). Yeah I don't like talking ill of people but I really don't like his persona all that much.

I agree, Allison is wonderful. Even with the incoming fame she's getting with her band, she still keeps a reasonable level head and open/inviting personality. I'm also loving her new look but to be honest, I've always thought she had nice choice in clothing matching. She's a gem and isn't a "lolcow" at all. But from what I've seen, no one is saying she's bad or anything, in fact in the last 2 threads, people were saying how great she is for the scene as you can see she's lived through it.

I also think you have a point. I think the reason why people like Allison (Goblin Queen), TheGothicAlice, and Angela Benedict aren't so "Lolcow" is because they have things going on in their lives. Allison has her band, Alice has her art, and Angela is going to school for skin care but even before then, she lived through the Goth scene in the 90s and is a mature rational adult. Because of their dreams/aspirations that go deeper than just fashion, I think it helps keep them have a level head.

Yeah I noticed she puts him in her tags as well, personally I don't think too much of it but I do think it can do some harm because Friday doesn't talk about "Goth" goth (she explained in a video why she doesn't) and I've seen so many youngsters thinking Social Repose as a Goth who makes Goth music (because of the music videos which aren't even close). I mean hell, at least Eugenia admits and calls herself "Emo" because she must be self aware of where she draws inspiration from. Social Repose just thinks he's "Goff" because he wears Black. He's one of those people who must've taken the "Goth is anything you want it to be" motto. >_>

Yeah I'm curious to hear what she thinks about IBF as well. I think we already got insight on how she feels about Toxic Tears and Jake when she made that "All Goths are elitists" video but I'm curious on IBF.

No. 331139

OP here!

I see what you mean now, she's one of the few goths I continued to watch for the past 4 years (besides Rob Dyke) and I'm glad there's a light to this darkness of alt-cows.

Speaking of which, how do you all feel about Rob Dyke? I personally like the "creepy portion" of his channel (true crime vids, Seriously Strange, etc.)

I rarely watch WWYPTOTI, too…meh sometimes.

No. 331145

Oh! I forgot to mention; there once was another (British) goth Youtuber whom used to go by Synthetic Doll (her name's Eva) and was another alt-model but after a few months to almost a year of no uploads (this happened a couple of years ago), she dropped her goth face altogether and dyed her hair blonde.

I think most of her goth videos are gone and she probably grew up or something…

Though I kinda miss her. As of last year I started watching IBF (I blame Onion for this) and it kinda filled the void for awhile.

No. 331146


Shit! Phase*

No. 331180

I never heard of him to be honest so I did quick look. Seems interesting!

Oh I remember Synthetic Doll, I used to watch her religiously back in the day as well. She came out a bit later after Kill Natalie I believe. I thought Synthetic Doll had an awesome look but I feel she fell more into the Gothic/Darkly inclined category like Toxic Tears (only I actually enjoyed watching Synthetic Doll's content lol) when I look back on it. She was into the Metal scene and I can't recall her ever talking about "Goth" Goth music so yeah, definitely Gothic inclined in my mind. I saw her dramatic shift as well, I was speechless to be honest because it seemed so sudden lol

And don't get me wrong IBF is okay but it's just that I much enjoy her older content more when it was more varied. I just can't sit through a string of haul and makeup videos, they just get so boring you know? But out of the all alt Lolcows, IBF doesn't really bother me too much.

I'm trying to think of some older gothic-inclined YouTubers…

We had Kill Natalie who fell off the face of the internet. Some rumor spread that she committed suicide (hope that isn't true). I thought her content was fine at the time but in fairness, I was young and kinda new to the subculture when I discovered her channel.

We also had Corpse Kitten I think her name was? Though she wasn't that active when I think about it and like Kill Natalie, she disappeared as well.

Then there was Joji "Gutterface"/"Vulture Prince", he seemed okay at first but then you learned about his habit of swindling people out of their money and constantly begging for money…

Then Dreiabat who disappeared but was later discovered to be a neo-nazi (totally surprised me because she didn't seem like someone to be into that stuff).

And one other person who comes to mind is LailaAutumn, I LOVED her channel but she disappeared as well.

No. 331190


I also watched a Swedish Youtuber going by "cutiiegirl" for the gothic aesthetic, and another Youtuber who was kinda chubby . She seemed interesting but I only watched three of her video tutorials which were a Dita Von Tease/pinup tutorial, everyday makeup and how make fishnet lips:

I'm not sure if they still active since it's been awhile (again)

No. 331193

I don't think I've heard of "Cutiegirl" and the chubby youtuber? Hm… The only one that comes to mind is Dumpster Dollie? But sadly she passed away after she committed suicide.

No. 331203

that was so sad when i saw the video her sister posted about her dying

No. 331238

I met black Friday and her husband at the sex gang children show. They were both very nice people. Matthias was really buzzed, but I had a good conversation with both of them. They were really genuine.

Her German still isn't great, but I mean it's easy to get around in Germany knowing very little German. It took me a year of language classes to get decent at German. Plus I mostly hung out with crusties who knew very little English when I first moved to Germany.

No. 331243

Her band played at a venue I work at. She's nice. I think she's a little pretentious in her online presence. But I feel like that comes with being goth in some people.
I feel the same way about social repose. But I'm an asshole about emo too. He doesn't know real goth, punk, industrial, or emo. He's more into that metalcore/genetic alternative garbage. If I criticize his videos, his fans jump down my fucking throat. But they're all kids and don't know any better, so I can't blame them. They don't know joy division from echo & the bunnymen.
I love rob dyke. His true crime videos are fantastic. He's one of the few youtubers I'm actually subscribed to.

No. 331265

Yeah it really was sad.

Glad to hear more people see Social Repose as the dolt he is when it comes to Goth and other alternative things that aren't Scene/Mallcore.

No. 331282

File: 1496920433248.jpg (105.58 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

He looks fucking ridiculous

No. 331307

I also used to watch a youtuber called Leahmouse a couple of years ago, but after a while I lost interest and I haven't seen any of her videos since. Another youtuber I used to watch (but don't anymore, same reason) is Psychara0x.
I think both of them are still active.

No. 331365

Ugly as fuck too, sorry not sorry. From what I've seen all he ever does is reaction videos, wouldn't be surprised if the dipshit has done a reaction video to himself

No. 331384

TT's darkling tag video saying she wishes there were goths near her because the only ones around aren't as "cliché" as her pmsl, in other words they see her for the poser try hard she is

No. 331392

have any of you guys thought about being goth Youtubers or making goth videos too?

No. 331422

lmao i have but im fat and cant work so i know this site would talk shit about me im prime lolcow material so im not going to make videos

No. 331424

Oh I remember Leah Mouse, I still have her on my subscription and yeah she does upload pretty frequently as she turned into a vlogging channel. Honestly I haven't watched her videos in awhile now, I kinda grew disinterested from her videos though I did watch one of her new ones where she did some baking, tested lipstick, and gave a mini rant. It actually wasn't that bad and I think that purple hair really suits her. But yeah I don't really watch her all that much.

I've heard of Psychara0x and saw one of her videos. She seems okay but her channel looks like another one that just talks about makeup and fashion.

Didn't watch the video but that is just ridiculous. "Not as a cliche", so you mean Gothic-inclined people? I'm sorry but the Goths who may come off as "cliche" in what way? Because they like and listen to actual Goth music? LOL

Thought about it. Maybe one day when I have more going on in my life lol

No. 331463

Thought about it, but I'm also fat and would get murdered in the comments. Also I don't have a proper camera or a good computer for editing videos.

No. 331472

She said that she herself is cliché and the only alternative/goth people near her are more toned down and so she assumes they don't like her because of that

No. 331479

I like Amy Nekrotique but she's more into industrial

No. 331480

I occasionally post videos. But they're all my shitty jazzy noise songs, spoken word, and DJ set lists.

I could talk about music, but I think I'd be really boring. Like, what would people want to see?

No. 331490

I've thought about it but I don't have a camera or a decent PC. I also have the personality of a bag of flour and a face like a Picasso painting so if anyone ever does watch my videos, I'll probably end up on a cringe compilation.

No. 331495


i wouldn't be surprised if black friday did an interview on him eventually

No. 331515

>>331392 I do it, but I've branched out a bit from goth videos to talking about the other stuff more.
I only have around 7000 subs so I'm not big enough and hopefully not enough of a Lolcow to be talked about on here ?

No. 331532

I'm curious who you guys are now lol

I've gone back and forth on the idea but I don't have a camera and I'm certainly no oil painting, so it probably won't happen any time soon

I remember reading her say somewhere she dislikes him now for a comment he made about her Eugenia video? It was a while ago. She probably still uses his name in tags I bet

No. 331547

File: 1496963947077.png (365.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1902.PNG)

Any of you guys on Gothic Amino? One of the leaders posted about the phony "elitism" and it makes me wonder if she's talking about the same online presences we are.

No. 333505

Hmm right right.

Amy Nekrotique is awesome but yeah, definitely more into Industrial/Rave than Goth and she has said it herself so at least she doesn't pigeonhole herself in it. But yeah I look at her like I look at Angela, older and more knowledgeable on certain things as she herself has also lived through the Industrial scene of the 90s.

LOL I wouldn't be surprised either. I mean she already interviewed that guy from Motionless in White who is very popular with the young kids so why not Social Repose? It'll give her a big increase in the views/subscribers haha.

I think as long as you have common sense and know what you're talking about, you won't be a "lolcow". Notice how most Lolcows tend to be involved in drama or say stupid inane things. If you can avoid that, you'll be fine and we have examples of people in the Goth YouTube scene who are definitely not lolcows like Angela Benedict, TheGothicAlice, & Snowy Lowther to name a few.

No I'm not a part of the Gothic Amino because I thought it was going to be swamped with young Mallcore kids who think they're Goth for liking black but I've actually seen Blond Beetlejuice in the comments section on Angela's videos and she seems knowledgeable so I may have to look into this app lol

No. 333596

Really IBF.. ANOTHER punkrave haul? She and TT are so damn predictable and beyond boring. Unsubbed to both

No. 333606


I've unsubscribed from both of them for a while. TT's Rosegal haul came up in my recommended vids though - doesn't she know it has a bad reputation for scamming or does she just not give a fuck about her viewers? Someone pointed it out in the comments but no one has actually called her out on it

No. 333612

Well in IBF defense, she did point out that her channel is a fashion one. But I hear you, very predictable.

Considering that most of TT's fans are young teenagers, they don't care if they get ripped off as long as their idol talks good of it.

No. 333618

I literally don't get it. what about TT is there to idolize? She doesn't create or accomplish anything. neither does IBF. they just have a lot of clothes and makeup. they don't have anything at all to offer. that is the entirety of their worth. I just don't get it.

No. 333623

she is so obviously sponsored by them rofl

No. 333704

Pretty much what I realised a few months after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier"

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333706

Pretty much what I realised not long after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other big channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier"

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333709

Pretty much what I realised not long after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other big channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier"

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333712

Pretty much what I realised not long after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other big channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier"

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333716

Pretty much what I realised not long after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other big channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier". Also, and not to shit on the way anyone looks, but I much preferred her in her older videos when she just had the dark hair/makeup/clothes and not the stark white foundation she sports constantly now, it screams try hard gawf to me.

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333717

Pretty much what I realised not long after discovering them, thus unsubbing.

IBF was cool in her early videos and seemed to have a much more genuine interest in the scene. Perhaps she still does, but it doesn't show in any of her recent stuff. She's basically turning into every other big channel, but just happens to look a bit "edgier". Also, and not to shit on the way anyone looks, but I much preferred her in her older videos when she just had the dark hair/makeup/clothes and not the stark white foundation she sports constantly now, it screams try hard gawf to me.

As for TT well I'm not sure about anyone else but for me, I initially liked her for her honesty about liking "non goth" things and encouraging people to not be ashamed of "stepping outside the box" - she basically came across as the complete opposite of an elitist. Then as time went on I realised she only seemed that way because she herself isn't really a goth, just gothIC/darkly inclined. Not to mention her fake sweet online persona, her (mis)use of the term elitist to describe anyone who points out to her she needs to like the music to be a goth, her arsehole of a boyfriend AND the fact she only ever churns out hauls and unboxings. Yawn.

No. 333728

Damn! Sorry for the multiple posts, the site wasn't working for me earlier. If the admin could delete all but one that'd be fine

No. 333971

IT beats me though for IBF, she originally did start out as something worthwhile. She would do a lot of travel vlogs so at the very least, she was able to show her viewers different Gothic festivals and cool tourist attractions like the Bone church. I mean it's not much but it was fun for those of us who can't travel so we get to see it under her and other than her making that big commotion at the Louvre which was just… Dumb, she did deliver some interesting touristy videos.

As for TT, I pretty much agree. She offers nothing to the table except for triying to get her fans to supplement her lifestyle with her wishlists and subtle e-begging. Not that there's anything wrong with it but it doesn't really make for someone worth idolizing but like I said, 95% of her fans are middle school to teenage girls so can you really say you're that surprised?

Definitely feels like it since they are the only brand she usually raves about.

This here. That was the same reason why I initially liked TT, she came off as a "Goth" who didn't take the scene too seriously and I fell for her sweet act but then I learned more about her like how she's a drama queen and how she isn't a "goth" because she doesn't like the music and thus calls other people elitists if they point that out. It was so awesome when Angela Benedict subtly called her out on her pathetic cries of "Elitism" a couple months back. And yeah she only ever does haul video after haul video or unboxing video after unboxing video. It's just boring.

No. 334008

IBF and Matthias being interviewed at WGT. Her whole demeanour during this is just very annoying to me. She seems offended when Matthias says he likes electronic music. Matthias doesn't have a job atm so they must be living off of her youtube earnings right now. She's contoured her neck with black to look less chubby but ends up looking dirty. Also worth mentioning is that the interviewer films Matthias belt who then discovers that his fly is open.

No. 334060

Tbh I only read the featured posts because there are a lot of younger people there who don't really belong there and post stuff like "how do I become goth" and things of that sort.

No. 334063

Agreed, there was something off-putting about her attitude but I can't put my finger on what. Also, don't wear fangs in public if you can't talk in them. It makes her look ridiculous.

No. 334075

Mattias saying his fetish is monogamy. Pretty funny giving the amount of people here who say he gropes other women in public…

No. 334077

Dorian made a new video, I'm glad to see him back to his old self. I may not agree with all the opinions in this video, but I'm happy to see him not being all over the place and sick.

No. 334170



No. 334201

He/him is Dorian's preferred pronouns, and as he's never been a snowflake about it people on the board generally respect that.

No. 334202

That's a woman, anon

No. 334238

I agree. It's very nice to see Dorian back to his old self, it's just like the good old videos again. Thank goodness he's feeling better now and got rid of that bitch who was poisoning him (I'm sorry but what she did was awful)

Yeah I understand what you mean but Dorian says she is trans and like someone else said, since he's not a royal douche about it, we generally just respect his wishes of what he prefers to be called as opposed to someone like Riley Dennis.

No. 334285

Her whole demeanor is annoying because she's trying too hard to come across super goffick, just look at the disgusted look she gives Matthias when he said he likes electronic music. "What?! Don't mention a music genre that doesn't fit into the goth box!" And the black contour or whatever looks fucking stupid.

I didn't watch it all but he actually said that? Wtf? His fly open was hilarious, was he whipping it out randomly or what?

No. 334389


Don't know enough about this woman to tell if she's a lolcow or not, but I saw this on my dash and I had to bite my tongue to not point out that it's 99% likely she sent the message to herself so she could reply and get asspats.

No. 334451

S/He never said trans they said "gender queer"?

No. 334459

he has specifically said he prefers male pronouns but wont freak out on anyone saying she/her

No. 334462

I've followed her on tumblr for a few years and I think she gives pretty good advice to baby bats. She seems pretty level-headed to me. Plus she is trained in hat-making and is studying costume design I think, so she posts cool stuff that she's made.

No. 334737

I agree. I've always been a fan of Allison.

No. 334741

I tried to watch IBF ages ago but I never liked her attitude either and unsubbed, she's too much of a know-it-all and passive aggressively shits on other goth girls, even though they look way hotter than her. I guess she has that 'what I lack in looks and likeability, I make up for in goffick expertise' thing going on which I really detest.

I guess her superiority complex has managed to fool some people some of the time. That's what I hate about the goth comm.

No. 334749

I wasn't really expecting this from her. She comes off to be quite rude since she kept interrupting Matthias. I agree the way she reacted when he mentioned he likes electronic music was off putting. Overall it was awkward. But the interview was informal…

No. 334773

If this is irrelevant, just ignore me but: What ever happened to Patsy / CorridorsOfGender? Any idea what she is currently up to? I heard she was involved in some drama some time ago (honestly can't remember how long ago) and deleted everything.

No. 334786


Oh my bad lol.

Wait what? What other Goth girls has she shit on? I've never seen/heard her shit on anyone… .__.

No. 334970

She was discussed on the original Altcows forum
Just Ctrl+F "Patsy".

No. 334996

File: 1497369842893.png (225.65 KB, 1080x1920, newpatsy.png)

I found this on a photo under #corridorsofgender. Someone shared a photo of her and these are the comments. Apparently she's still around, she's just changed her name, deleted most of her stuff and switched to private.

No. 334998

File: 1497369912419.png (194.48 KB, 1068x976, newpatsy2(cropped).png)

No. 335017

lmao she's a normie now?

No. 335139

I have but I am prime lolcow material and have very limited editing capabilities. A lot of people have tried to get me to do the YouTube thing, but right now I'm not really ready to have shit thrown at me.

No. 335377

File: 1497423421814.jpg (113.25 KB, 1023x668, rawr.jpg)


That GiGi girl is /not/ CoG. CoG is going by the instagram name @scryingoveryou. She's become a new age-y ~crystal baby angel~ type and abandoned the deathrock look.

I still have mega-laughs over her extreme and unwarranted elitism given that: a. she was raised by parents who are fans of alternative music so she had access to the music and look b. she had her own scene phase and c. she ended up dumping the whole tradgoth and death rock look in a few years despite her trolling and harassing others.

No. 335658

How much shopping and haul is she going to do?? Jesus

No. 335665

didn't she already do a drunk shopping haul like a year ago at M'era Luna? Come up with something original Freya…

No. 335870

She didn't even bother to put any of the clothing items on to show how they look. I guess that's only worth the trouble if it's a sponsored video

No. 336024

She is so vapid and boring

No. 336036

LOL You really think so? Because if so, it's freaking pointless to make a show video if you don't even show how the clothing looks when worn. :/

No. 336432

File: 1497619505646.png (865.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3586.PNG)

Guys I found out how old Kayla is.
She's 24 according to this pic on her mums fb page

No. 336438

her age was more or less pretty obvious, she said she met jake when she was doing her GCSEs and that they've been together for like 6 years? you do the math. Don't know why she wants to keep it a secret though

No. 336494

i mean the people she hangs out with in jakes vlogs seem pretty alternative maybe not goth though

No. 336500

Yeah alternative but not goth, because let's be honest the real reason she doesn't know or isn't friends with any is because any goth she has encountered has likely pointed out she needs to like the music and she got all pissy branding them an elitist

No. 336505

vox just looks generally alternative
the ginger girl that was in 2 seems metalhead maybe
jordan has a youtube channel, titles say scene
will looks generally alternative
and jakes band mates seem metalhead
other friends like melanie, sophie and their definitely not darkly inclined

No. 336721

IBF with yet another bath bomb video

No. 336741

Kaya has said she prefers hanging out with Metal heads and yeah, the people she and Jake hang with are not Goths, just simple alternative folks who I'm going to assume are metal heads since they're very fond of that genre of music it seems (at least Jake anyway).

This. She doesn't even have to come out and say that's the reason, for those of us who aren't her rabid fan girls, we can see right through her when she talks about "goth elitists".

I have to ask, what is the appeal with these Bath Bomb videos? What makes them so interesting? I watched like one of them that TT did and I didn't see the point, it was boring. Whooppee the water changes color. And? It's like some people with their fascination of fidget spinners lol

No. 336746

kayas new photo on insta looks like she lost weight and its not an old photo cause you can see her tattoo

No. 336747

and the cat pram is actually kind of hilarious

No. 336752

She's wearing a rather large drapey top so it's kinda hard to tell but it kinda seems like she did and well, good for her. Hopefully she's learning things to help with her weight loss and showed her it's not impossible to lose weight if you take the proper steps.

No. 336817

File: 1497671053095.png (800.61 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_2017-06-16-19-12-13…)

Oh no, Drac…. Noooo…

No. 336887

Drac always look so good in her own videos or her own photography, but its a different story when other people photograph her…. that sad ass hair doesnt do her any favours either, her hair was so much better when it was down the sides of her head

With that said, Drac doesnt really have any actual milk besides being a Kat von d wannabe and being ugly

No. 336890

as someone else pointed out she's wearing a baggy top, can still her chubby fingers and hands. Also bear in mind she photoshops her pictures

No. 337040


I don't really think she's ugly, just a bit fat and the shaved head is only accentuating that

No. 337130


I wouldn't say she's ugly. Like >>337040 said, it's just the shaved head combo with being a bigger girl.
Plus her lack of control on the photo just makes it very unfortunate.

No. 337168

Yeah I think she looked kind of cute in her first few videos, but she's put on weight since and stopped doing her hair so huge (which made her face look slim in comparison) but she's not a complete uggo

No. 337169

File: 1497734354586.jpg (197.37 KB, 746x1007, IMG_6021.JPG)

A 10,
Sure Jan

No. 337178

If it's on a scale where 1 is the best and 10 is the worst then sure.

No. 337194

She's a 10 in an ugliness scale

No. 337214

From a 4 to a 5 at most…

No. 337254

I asked my mom how old she thought she was when I saw this on IG. My mom said between 35 and 40. hard to believe we're so similar in age. I spent 2 years being addicted to alcohol and heroin. And I still look 20 years younger. Poor girl.

No. 337258

I actually think she's really naturally pretty. But I must say her expression in the photo on the right is a bit awkward. But I still can't say she's ugly.

No. 337335


I have to agree, I never really thought Sebastian looked ugly, I think she's pretty but I won't lie, it's very eye opening when I see her not wearing makeup but that's only because most of the time, you only saw her in makeup.

I like how she's experimenting with vintage fashion though I won't lie, I miss her black hair, it looked great on her and I'm picturing her with the victory roll hairstyle in black and I think it'd look great on her but hey, she had black hair for a long time and felt like doing something different and there's no shame in that.

No. 337366

In all fairness, I often see her post insta stories about feeling unhappy with how she looks. I think she posts stuff like this more as a confidence boost/body posi stuff than actual bragging.

No. 337460

Not familiar with Sebastian but yea I don't think she looks ugly without makeup at all, it's just the lack of eyebrows making her look a little off. In general though I'd say fairly pretty, in fact in that picture she looks worse with the makeup on but it could just be her expression.. either way at least she's trying to be confident with herself? I also don't think she looks that old as >>337254 is saying, maybe early 30s w/o makeup?

No. 337765

Why does drac makens always sound like she has a perpetually stuffed nose, tho?

No. 337768

i believe she has a deviated septum

No. 337804

Kaya has lost weight because she's eating less than 500cals a day.
It will all go back on next year

No. 337822

and you got this from where exactly?

No. 337840

lol like she has the self control to restrict that low

No. 337845

She can't lose weight though because of the medication she took 10 years ago

No. 337847


500 calories a day isn't enough for a girl her height. Surely the whole point of the 5:2 diet is that you only fast twice a week and eat normally the rest of the days. I mean, good for her if she's losing weight but that's not even remotely sustainable and she'll pile the weight back on when she stops. She has no fucking sense.

No. 337856

File: 1497868282041.png (727.88 KB, 509x601, kayad.png)

I actually think Kaya is looking slimmer going by her recent instagram photo's and videos, her face isn't looking as chubby.

No. 337886

It's on her instagram under one of her food posts. Someone said that 500cals is considered fasting and she said she's already doing that.

No. 337887

File: 1497879054555.png (221.62 KB, 750x1148, IMG_1402.PNG)

No. 337936

Well if that is current then yes, she doesn't look at big as she did when she had her black hair with blond streaks. But again, she tends to wear a lot of drapey clothing these days so it's kinda hard to tell but going by her face, is does look slimmer.

But the fasting thing, is that really the safest way to lose weight? I feel like if she stops and goes back to her usual eating habits, she's just going to pile the weight back on.

But hey, if she feels okay doing this and she likes the results, good for her. I guess I'm just concerned if fasting can give her some strange side effects that go further than nausea.

No. 337939

In what universe? Her cheekbones are way low, the distance between her eyes and mouth/the length of her nose is abysmal, her eyes curve downward on the side giving her a constant dopey sad expression, I could go on….

No. 337964

Black Friday is on Facebook posting about the SOPHIE foundation, saying they do important work. Seems a little hypocritical.

No. 337968

Yea I was thinking this too, fasting might work at first but you can't keep it up forever. You tend to go back to your old eating habits and the weight piles back on almost immediately. Sadly people always try to go for quick fixes when it comes to weight loss but the reality is it's so much better to slowly drop the weight by eating less (within a healthy calorie range) and exercising!

No. 337972

I really wish she'd actually put the effort in. She would also feel way better about herself, not just get her body back.

Post screenshots?

No. 338007

Kaya and effort, two things that don't go together. She can't even put any effort into doing videos other than hauls and unboxings (not to mention she can't be bothered trying on the clothes she shows off) so do you really expect her to put actual work into weight loss?

No. 338019

File: 1497905813878.png (416.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1932.PNG)

Her last video was actually a fun vlog of stuff from the past few weeks and I enjoyed it. I wish she would do more of those videos instead of the hauls and unboxings.

No. 338079

Black Friday just does my head in. She is selfish, hypocritocal and just using Sophie Lancaster and the foundation for her own popularity and it's grimey. Sophie's own mum asked her to do retweet for that calendar to benefit the foundation and she ignored her! And then she went on her twitter and whined about being guilted into doing things she didn't want to like a spoilt child. She only does things to benefit herself. I watched her for a while and she has never done a anything for charity it's only for herself. She is only mentioning it now because she realized it has been 10 years and it is getting a lot of attention so she can use it to get attention as well. I don't get how people can't see her for what she is. She did it to Eugenia Cooney and now to a girl who was killed. She doesn't care who she has to use and step on to get views and look all nice like she actually cares about the foundation at all.

No. 338101

thats really shitty that she eats so little (or at least, claims to…) because she has many young fans who will think it is ok to eat 500 calories a day and they'll become sick from it. :/

No. 338159

File: 1497925646997.jpg (91.72 KB, 499x351, cuttingmyselfonthatedge.jpg)

omg so edgy!!

Shut up Freyja, you're nothing but a stuck up fucking atheist. This is from the woman who when asked about "the most interesting occult/religion/witchcraft book" she's read and what she thought about the satanic bible answered

"I have read the Satanic Bible and found it a really good and thought-prokoving read - LaVey was an intelligent and articulate guy and I like his philosophies very much. I’ve had trouble finding contemporary occult books that aren’t full of dramatic poetry and (I feel) unnecessary ritual instructions, and the old ones tend to be extremely weird and abstruse"

She raves about LaVey (fucking lol) and can not name even one interesting occult book other than his satanic bible? Yet claims to read about many religions and to strive to "find knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment, and understand the balance of the Universe"?? She's an occult poseur, it triggers me so bad because I love learning about western esotericism and it's so embarrassingly obvious that she's mostly just using it for edge-points.

No. 338369

bit late here but I find it highly ironic she complains Sinister are too expensive whilst constantly promoting Punk Rave

No. 338380

Maybe bc Sinister doesn't send her free stuff

No. 338428


Yeah I thoouight so. Kaya has said in the past that whenever she'd diet, as soon as she stopped the weight would come back and she wouldn't understand why when the answer is obvious. Dieting and fasting shortcuts may get you results fast but the minute you stop them, the weight will come back on sometimes even double which I think happened during her move situation where she gained significant weight (It was the video called "Why I'm fat" I think).

No. 338512

"unnecessary ritual instructions" ok so just say you have no interest in practicing or studying magic Freyja…. I feel you Anon, it annoys me that occultism and occult symbols have become trendy lately, I kind of want it to go away. And also why is Christianity always the target for people going against "religion". She is so ignorant and her blowing her load over babbys first occult book is obvious. Plus Luciferianism is just Atheism that appropriates occult symbols, they don't believe in any of it it's all for show. it pisses me off so much. Sage for tangent

No. 338595

looks like shop

No. 338625

Does anyone here actively watch LeahMouse? She has two youtube accounts: leahmouse and leahmousevlogs . Does she irk anyone else? I hate the fact that she bashes other youtubers who take suggestions for videos from subscribers. She comes across as condescending to anyone who finds her cringey and unfunny. She just can't accept criticism and says anyone who doesn't laugh at her jokes is rude… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lzhAUmv7hE Why would this ever be funny? Side note: Her eyebrows are atrocious.

No. 338767


Pretty sure she died out and became irrelevant ages ago. Leave it burried

No. 338805

I used to watch her years ago, she seemed to move from man to man a lot, she does seem pretty cringey but yeah I haven't watched in years
She still with her fanboy?

No. 338885

I used to watch Leahmouse vlogs a lot, not sure why bc they are terribly boring and her makeup/clothes have always been those of a 13 year old baby bat, despite the fact she's like 40. I do find her sense of humour cringey and she's very socially awkward.
They went to some street art festival thing where a bunch of joker cosplayers and steampunk autists were hanging out, and started making fun of Leahmouse and her friend and they both looked really offended and upset afterwards kek.

Yeah after she dropped the fat guy she seemed to hop around from dick to dick a lot. I guess she was making up for lost time.

I mean he wasn't just fat, he was literally obese. It was hard to watch him joking around and pretending everything's okay, when she's clearly repulsed by his fatness and planning her escape route.

No. 338957

What do you guys think of adoras music? I hadnt listented to it until just now and honestly I kind of like where this song is going but her voice is awful. She says she knows she cant sing and just is doing it for fun but hasnt she preformed live before? I wouldn't pay to hear this lmao

No. 338967

this is so bad I'm laughing so hard hahaha

No. 338971

If anyone should be using autotune, it's her. The lyrics and video are just as embarrassing too.

No. 338976


I used to watch Leahmouse around like what? 2009-2012 I think and yeah, she kinda just disappeared when she started doing nothing but vlog videos. I remember when she was with her husband I think and how they split. I didn't watch her much after that because I found her videos to be a little boring but that's only because I don't really like watching vlogs. She's definitely not a Goth though, just Gothic-inclined and if she's like Kaya, she'll most likely just scream elitist for anyone saying that but now that I think about it, she never mentioned anything about Goth other than her doing fashion so in a way, I feel like she may have been the first Toxic Tears before Toxic Tears became very well known.

I'll give her this though, purple hair doesn't look bad on her, it looks quite nice.

No. 338978

Eugh… I remember that song… Instrumentally it's pretty good, very darkwave synth and I like that but man is her voice horrid and the lyrics are just… Eh, I'm not feeling them.

Yeah she did perform live a few times and her voice sounded just as monotonous and horrid live. I don't like to be mean or anything but I just feel she should've taken a few singing lessons before she started publishing songs.

No. 339100

Speaking of Adora and her cringey music video, her friend Simon/coalcandy recently assembled this masterpiece.

No. 339121

Holy shit that guy in the beginning looks like my ex. Kinda want to share his music, because it's so bad. Generic deathrock and even more generic synthwave.

These videos are so bad. (I don't like the music either, but I can see why some people would). I cringed so hard. It's like babbys first film project. That "dancing", oh god. I don't dance, but that red headed girl was so painfully hard to watch.(blog)

No. 339248


Kaya regularly uses Photoshop
Just look at any Instagram posted fan photo where they take a snap with her; you'll see the blaring difference

No. 339259

why do goth youtubers all have cringey friends, adora tt and ibf but in ibf case its her mum. s'pose she has no friends cause she cant speak german

No. 339345

Well define "cringey". I don't watch TT's videos and I never cared for watching her day vlogs. Like in what would you consider cringe?

No. 339475

How has she lived in Germany for several years without learning more German? I thought she had to go language school?

No. 339477

she was speaking a little bit of german in her latest vlog pretty sure

No. 339585

That's what I thought too, but I think someone in the last thread said they met her once and her German wasn't very good? That may have been a while ago though, maybe she's progressed since then.

No. 339586

Probably because at least 80% of people in alternative subcultures are cringey af.

No. 340360

So, the ofherbsandaltars video abour her girlfriend poisoning her got deleted - supposedly, people were "bullying" her girlfriend.
If that story's true, she should really be doing something about it, but I guess that won't happen. So the ex can freely continue to potentially harm more people. Yay!

No. 340372

I used to really like ofherbsandaltars' content and videos, his rants were never boring for me (even though his videos tend to be very long). He had a lot of relatable observations and I considered him genuinely funny, original and interesting to listen to.

But the change of his mental state in the recent months has been hard to watch. Firs,t the sexual abuse allegations (where I can sympathise, even though it doesn't look like anything was really done about them? And was it really his biological father who molested him? I know he previously mentioned that his father had some "autistic" traits and the abuser was supposed to have those too - doesn't seem like a coincidence to me). That by itself is pretty terrible issue to deal with and any depression stemming from that is understandable.

But I don't really understand him getting involved with that strange girlfriend of his and spiralling further into darkness. I felt bad vibes from that situation from the start, something felt wrong. Plus all the sudden (and cringy) sexual content (when he's supposed to be asexual) - that was just bleh. Also, he claimed alcohol was never his drug of choice, yet was suddenly drinking hard liquor in every video (and it still looks like he's drinking). Seems like he lost himself and his principles somehow.

Also, claims to be allergic to almost all types of food, yet drinking doesn't affect his health in any way? Seems pretty weird to me.

He definitely made some strange decisions. I'm glad his last "relationship" is hopefully over, but I feel like I don't really enjoy his content as used to anymore, even though he now looks to be better mentally (for now).

Something is missing, some kind of energy or drive… I guess he doesn't like to do Youtube anymore and it shows.

No. 340409

Well thank you anon for that lengthy and utterly uninteresting review of ofherbsandaltars' channel, here follows my response:

1. sage your blogging
2. no1curr

No. 340518


And thank you for your really helpful and interesting reply.

No. 340529

You do realize he's one of the main topics in this thread? This thread was made so he could be discussed.

No. 340578

>I used to..
>..for me
>..I considered..
>..to me
>But I..
>I felt..
>..to me
>I'm glad..
>..I feel like I..

Yeah but that post wasn't really about him now was it

No. 340721

Well, what do you imply here, exactly? That maybe we all have personal interpretations of the content we watch? And we talk about our personal opinions here? Is that supposed to be shocking?

No. 340783

I am not implying, I am outright telling you to SAGE YOUR SHIT. Thank you.

No. 341034

Lol @ TT's latest video subtly not so subtly hinting that if people sent her stuff in the post they'd be her "best friend". I had a glance over her ridiculously huge Amazon wish list and she even has stuff for Jake up on there.. thought it was meant to be for her only? Also even bigger lol at her saying she likes Bowling For Soup. I know people can listen to whatever the hell they want but c'mon, seriously, BFS? jfc

No. 341373

Lol even autotune cant save her she legit sounds like a bloke kek.

No. 341403


I'm very curious. Do her fans actually buy her stuff on the daily from her wish list?

No. 341612

Not sure how often Anon but they definitely send her stuff in any case. If you look at her wish list some things she wants multiple quantities of and it will say next to it "Wants: 10 Has: 2" which would imply someone has bought her said item(s) from the wish list at some point. Her and Jake constantly plug their wish lists in the hopes of people buying them shit they're too cheap and lazy to get themselves. I don't know what annoys me more, that they put cheap tat on it like brushes and combs, or very expensive items like a fucking hot tub.

No. 341984

TT about to make some witch vid soon by the looks of her new post on instagram.

No. 342023

So she jumped on the ~witch~ wagon now? Or is that old news?

No. 342062

she is still doing the unboxings of the moon boxes and not knowing what anything is, then being informed by the comments

No. 342076

lmao why does she bother receiving those particular boxes then? I know she's sponsored by them but does she not get a choice what ones she wants to receive or not?

No. 342105


This is what I hate about TT. She's so fucking lazy and greedy. Expecting people to donate to her Patreon to watch her open boxes of free stuff she gets sent, and then asks people to buy her stuff on top of that. And then she complains about how hard her life is. She's the definition of a bottom feeder.

No. 342284


For real? A fucking hot tub? How deluded are these people LOL That is just so sad… -_-

No. 342285


No. 342426

I can't begrudge anyone having a wishlist, I think for most people they're a bit of fun just to make and don't really expect anything. Maybe for someone with a following someone might get them a tshirt or a lipstick but a hot tub or a bike?!

No. 342430

sometimes people have wishlists to save stuff they would like to buy in the future so like i dont think expects someone to buy her a hot tub

No. 342436

Sorry for replying to something so far up the thread, but it's either because she's one of those people who really thinks being in your mid twenties is massively old, or she realises her fanbase is made up of those people. She had an account on PULL 1.0 and there was a general consensus over there that over 21 was so old you may as well kill yourself because it's way too old to be successful in Japan lmao.

No. 342441

kek forget jake she has stuff on there for her fucking CAT and a whole list for over priced garden shit like talk about entitled.

No. 342442

she has a £270 garden statue on her wish list, no surprises theres a hot tub on there.

No. 342499

Assuming this is Amazon we're talking about, you can have more than one wishlist and have the option of making them public or private. Technically speaking, that stuff doesn't need to be on her public wishlist unless she's hoping someone will get it for her. Either that or she's just too lazy to make a private list.

No. 342500

probably just to lazy to make a private list the cheaper stuff yeah im guessing she hopes people will buy it for her but come on a hot tub?i really dont believe she thinks someone will buy her a hot tub

No. 342602

You guys forget this is TT we're talking about. Of course she put every single one of those items on her wish list in the hopes someone will get them - including that hot tub and bike. She and Jake always mention it in videos "my wish list is in the description box if you want to send me something!" so why link to it constantly and have expensive shit on it if you're not expecting someone to potentially buy that for you?

No. 342867

File: 1498683712153.png (957.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-28-16-50-54…)

From Kaya's instagram. It looks like they never throw boxes away because I think one of those boxes are from the TV Jake got a while ago. Their entire attic is full of boxes.

No. 342897

what the fuk, just recycle that shit it's easy. why are they so LAZY?

No. 343000

Wasn't the attic going to be jakes studio room originally? And they were going to decortate it and have crap hanging off the ceiling?

No. 343343

yep she still has an "attic remodel" category on her Amazon wish list

No. 343737

File: 1498783932548.jpg (50.46 KB, 539x960, really girl.jpg)

so she can't afford to pay someone to assist her in day to day "full time" internet persona stuff, but can afford to pay for two whole flats?

No. 344046

Ughhh I don't know what's annoying me more, IBF's endless stream of hauls from the same brands or TT's boring ass videos the most recent one being "what's in my bag?" (the most pointless video concept ever created) and she keeps playing SoM "Lucretia, My Reflection" in her latest videos it's so TRIGGERING like poser please is that the only goth song you know?

No. 344114


Personally if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with IBF. Yeah the haul videos are annoying but at the very least, she has a pleasant voice (well to me anyway) and she actually tries on the clothing with closeups and everything. I hate these haul videos but I do like how she tries to show off the clothing unlike TT who is just talking about pointless stuff (I find "What's in my bag" or constant makeup or spooky hauls boring as shit).

No. 344126

I really enjoy IBF travel and meet up and festival videos. Those are really fun. But she is so obviously sponsored by the brands she claims to 'review'.

No. 344314

She's such a liar. She claims her hauls aren't sponsored but you'll see other youtubers post reviews for the same stuff at the same time so you know the companies sent stuff to them all. She lies and pretends that she paid for it. She just wants money and free stuff she is just like TT but IBF just knows how to pretend better than TT so that people will think she is a good person.

No. 344328

Sebastian is still going on about being agender. Asexual too even though she always dresses like a dominatrix.

No. 344359


Okay, I'm just.. Wow… Well I'm not going to lie, I don't believe in this non-binary, agender, pangender, trigender, "Zir" "zim", etc Tumblr nonsense. Nothing but stupiud trite that was made up to make average ordinary people feel special because in this day and age, being gay or even coming out as trans isn't seen as something special anymore.

And I can't help but feel that because it's Pride month, everyone involved in that "Proud to be" thing is just blowing smoke and acting like victims. Like the whole world is out get them when in reality, most couldn't be bothered with that nonsense.

And no I'm not being homophobic, I'm a gay myself and I'm just getting tired of this woe is me attitude a lot of gay people are using along with these Non-binary people. Like seriously?

I dunno, maybe it's just me though. I used to think I was very open-minded but then I came across this Non-binary "I'm not a girl or a boy" stuff and I just can't believe in it. :/

No. 344405


This non-binary shit is inherently sexist tbh. They validate biological sex stereotypes by basing their "gender" on their personality. And then there's this third gender nonsense, wherein they make up a new gender stereotype for a sex that doesn't even exist. Rather than saying "You can act however you want, and like whatever you want, regardless of whether you're male or female" they say "You like having short hair? That means you're a boy!" and "You like wearing makeup? That means you're a girl!" Uh, no, it means your interests aren't wholly molded by how society has told you you're supposed to act.

Plus it often indicates internalized sexism. CWC, for instance, claims to be a girl, but the reality is that he hates men so much that he doesn't want to be one.

And holy hell I wish they would stop calling themselves trans. The term is basically meaningless now because of them. Especially when it comes to people like Sebastian, who admits to being fine with her biological gender, and who is obnoxiously girly, but insists she's trans because she doesn't "feel" female.

They use the same logic as otherkin to validate their ~identity~. We shouldn't treat them any different than we treat otherkin, no matter how much they cry about MUH TRANSPHOBIA. Bitch, you're not trans in the first place.

No. 344408

afaik, IBF doesn't lie about being sponsored. she even has a "this isn't sponsored" statement in her private videos, so the videos that don't have it (her hauls) are the ones that are sponsored.

i agree that sponsored videos should be marked visibly, but it's not like she says "oh hey i just bought all of this myself with my own money" in her sponsored videos.

No. 344412

p much this, gender in general is a bs social construct. though regular trannies are just as bad if not worse.

No. 344435

Just wanted to say I agree and the reasons sebastian gives in her video certifies her as a grade A idiot and incredibly sexist.


No. 344444

did no one hear jake say that him and tt are going to be staying with dre ronayne when the got to la, i had high hopes for her but ah well

No. 344448


why are they worse? most trans people who aren't tumblr trenders transition b/c of dysphoria (discomfort with the sexed parts of their bodies/feeling as though their body should be the opposite sex) rather than because of gender roles. i agree that thinking that masculinity = men and femininity = woman is sexist but if someone born female would be more comfortable having male features and vice versa, whats wrong with having hormones and surgery to help them feel more comfortable in their bodies?

No. 344496

>>344408 She lies by putting in the description that certain videos aren't sponsored when they are. She tries to make people think she spent her own money. She uses tracking links the company who sponsored the video made for her so they can see how much traffic she brings to the companies website. If you do good the company rewards you with more free items or money. Look in the description and you can see the links to the products in the video. You can tell because the link looks different to a regular link. They are .bit. links and they are used to track performance coming from the person the link was made for. Anyone that was sent free stuff from companies and then make videos about them use them. That's how you know she is lying.

No. 344697

God, I can't stand her. I don't think anyone in the goth scene can. At least I haven't met anyone can. She might be asexual, but c'mon bitch, you're a cis female.
They're going to LA? Nice. The goth scene here is still relevant. Can't wait to hear them bitch about "elitists".

No. 344832


I'm glad to know someone sees where I'm coming so thanks for that. And I agree, these people are the people who really give real transgender people a bad name with how they appropriate their medical condition in the pursuit of being special and extraordinary when they aren't.

I remember watching Sebastion's video "Sebastion is no longer a girl" back when she first uploaded it and I thought it was nonsense. Though at the time, I didn't know much about the Tumblr Gender stuff yet so I didn't even know what she was going on about. Now that I am fully aware of the Gender stuff now, it makes it all the more annoying.

And it's even more ironic coming from Sebastian, a person who obviously loves being highly feminine and is like the stereotype of the average woman, just a darkly-inclined woman so needless to say, I don't take that serious at all.

No. 344834

I'm personally not arguing about that. I know that actual transgenderism is a thing and I'm all for transgender people taking steps to become the gender they feel they are but I don't think the same for non-binary which is just a bunch of bull crap with no scientific backing at all.

No. 344838

I don't watch TT or Jake anymore so no I didn't hear that but LOL I can't wait to hear them complain about elitists for sure because you know they most likely will just to bring in the views and get butt pats from their hardcore fans.

It's sad because I used to like Sebastian and it was interesting to see her grow and learn about the Goth scene years ago. I remember the "Sebastian is no longer a girl" video and I thought it was just dumb but because I didn't see her make videos about it after that, I thought she moved on from that nonsense but low and behold. And I agree, she clearly is a "cis" (I hate the word) female. The only good thing about that video was how she said she wasn't transgender so I'll give her that.

And yeah, I can't wait to see TT and Dre bitch about "elitists" because if they complain about "elitists" in their home areas, the L.A Goth scene is going to chew them up and spit them out.

No. 344855

I don't want to get into a yet another trans type rant, but it's so obvious when someone is going through a phase and has no idea what they're talking about and feel like they should always be called out. These fakebois and gender neutral snowflakes piggyback off of people that have real identity issues with their gender. Real trans people want to be the gender they're transitioning into and get various forms of surgery and hormones.

Agender is supposed to be "gender neutral", but what is gender neutral about her? It really is sexist like other anons have said and actually makes things more gendered. Also, I don't buy the whole "I'm asexual but panromantic". So you don't like a lot of sex and are more romantic with anyone of any gender. Got it. That's just pansexual with a low sex drive.

Also yuck at the whole "lol but I dress slutty". I hate when these social justice types have no self awareness.

I just hate these "asexual, agender" snowflakes that want to hop into LGBT without actually being LGBT or having any form of struggle. They never change their looks, lifestyle, or anything either, so it's so obviously disingenuous. I wish LGBT people would stop cowering and call out these garbage humans as trying to get victim bucks or as the lying attention seekers they are.

No. 345147

Agree so much and I'm glad more people are not buying this stuff. All I see are bisexual & pansexual (I still don't think this is real because in my mind, there are only two conclusive genders and transgender people still fall into either man or woman, just socially, not biologically) but they're just trying to make themselves off as some super special person just because they break gender norms.

No. 345231

File: 1499039992623.jpg (83.55 KB, 1046x960, 19575358_1477308752334891_8389…)

When cows collide

No. 345249

I always laugh at this nonsensical Tumblr brigade bullshit
Any non-binary/genderqueer/gender-neutral who is female dresses up like men.
And any non-binary/genderqueer/gender-neutral man just dresses up like women.

What's the fucking point? Just say you're pretending to be a man for patter-points and get over it with trying to be special.
No matter how hard they try, they're drowned out either way and the attention they may remotely receive is on ridicule.

So you know what? Fuck it, I might as well just be Klingonqueeer at this rate.
You may address with pronouns "Kling/Klinger/Klingself".

Pls no bully

No. 345274

Can you guys take your gender discussion to another thread? It's barely even relevant.

No. 345402

I like how Kaya's blinking in the thumbnail of Jake's new vlog. It's like he didn't even pay attention to her face when choosing the thumbnail.

No. 345417


Who is she?

No. 345491

Does Jake actually think his videos are interesting or entertaining? They're all the fucking same with some shitty clickbait title. He and Kaya go out, eat, walk back home. The end. They encounter one little thing and the title is named after that. YAWN.

No. 345748

File: 1499123142330.png (757.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5805.PNG)

god kaya can you be at least a little subtle here "I wish someone would clean up after my sloppy ass for free"
no one wants to fly to fucking n. Ireland just to pick up your shit. thats going to take a little more than some redecorating. I dont think shoving a bunch of furniture up there would help your mess at all.
just get a city inspector over there. They'll condemn your house for you and remove it all for free. there you go. DIY!

No. 345788


Man she is a thirsty ass begger. Even trying to drag Voltaire into it

No. 345939

Her name's Holly. She's an editor or something for Game Grumps. I don't know why that anon posted the picture of her and Kaya. Holly's pretty cool as far as I know. At least she's not fake like Kaya and Jake.

No. 345947

Sebastian just burnt herself out in the goth scene. A lot of people do that. They think they're some important goth icon who everyone should care about. But in reality it's all based on looks and everyone sees through their bullshit.

But I hope I see TT (unlikely). Not for any malicious reasons, i think she's annoying, but i don't know her. I just want to see how she is in person.
I have a friend who's asexual. She has a boyfriend and occasionally has sex with him. Maybe Sebastian is like that?

Id ask one of her exes about her sex drive, but I don't want anyone to think I'm a snake for using lolcow.

No. 346328


I know, as if he's going to take that hint!

No. 346369

Oh no I can see she clearly burnt herself on the Goth thing and I totally understand that it happens. It happened to me to be honest but I still do like the music and wear a dark style but in fairness, I was never as elaborate or over the top to begin with lol
But yeah, I don't hate Sebastian or anything, I just get annoyed of hearing about this gender nonsense you know?

Eh I'm sure TT is fine in person so long as you don't stir the conversation to Goth music or anything like that.

And I just don't understand asexuality in the way people like her use it. If Asexual people still have sex, just in small amounts; wouldn't they just be hetero/homo just with a low sex drive?

No. 346462

I think asexual people who have sex only have sex because their partner isn't asexual. I knew somebody who was asexual and he told me that he didn't have any desire to have sex at all, but he had sex with his girlfriend rarely to satisfy her needs. Maybe that's Sebastian's situation

No. 346474

Eh I suppose. But it kinda makes it feel like Asexuality is fake in a way. It's like the people just choose not to have sex (which there is nothing wrong with of course).

No. 346657

Black Friday, jfc she only offers hauls and turning food/drink black. What next, "DIY - Black Poop!" ?

No. 346676


I met Kaya in Belfast about ten years ago through a mutual friend - she seemed very quiet and shy and wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. I also knew other people who had been on the receiving end of dog's abuse from her online but in person she wouldn't say anything. That was ten years ago of course but seeing how she slipped out in response to Renee's comment about the make-up just tells me that she hasn't really grown up since then. In fact, she's just the same. A teenager in a grown ass woman's body.

No. 346677


Samefag - that was supposed to be 'flipped' out, not slipped out. Lol

No. 346961

her entire personality is just appearing as goth as possible, she just has nothing to offer

No. 346971

TT is buying cauldrons. Why can't she just stop trying to be apart of things.

No. 347007

The most she knows about witchcraft and related subjects is aesthetic boards on tumblr

No. 347084

This is why I firmly believe if she wasn't a YouTuber/big channel she would've likely drifted out of the goth scene (not that she's really a part of it now anyway…) and onto the next trend

No. 347094

Holly from GG. She's a ~quirky birb obsessed~ tumblrina. Expect some cringey collabs.

No. 347099

tbh she should do that. Or at least branch out. She could at least pretend to have nongoth or at least a bit related to goth hobbies. It would make her more interesting, rather than making boring vlogs where she takes a trip to the nearest restaurant, eats and goes home while talking a bit. And the lame unboxing, haul videos. There are a lot of interesting sub-genres of goth and other "dark" stuff that she could somehow add to her personality or whatever, but I guess that'd take effort and a bit of research.

No. 349274

I don't know why Jake thinks he's the new Casey Neistat or going to be famous from videos which are laundry, gym, food and the same shots of Belfast every single video.

No. 349613

Less than a week after Holly's visit TT's started to sculpt "creepy cute" critters. What a coincidence.

No. 350688

Kaya's back with her HP obsession again

No. 350785

It seems like Toxic Tears is dominating this thread with the amount of dislike she's seemed to garner over the years but I have to have, does anyone feel a bit "meh" with YouTuber Dre Ronanye. I just don't like her for some reason. Well not necessarily her but her content and I found her Pastel Goth makeup video totally embarrassing and I just feel like she's Toxic Tears 2.0 who just seems to be interested in looking Gothic but isn't into the Goth subculture, music and all. I mean it's cool to like Gothic aesthetic but I usually only consider people like that gothic-inclined and not Goths. Am I the only one?

No. 350816

This video screams *speshul snowflake" tbh, what an attention seeking annoying git.


No. 350821


It doesn't help that she uploaded it towards the end of the Pride Month thing… It's like really? :/

No. 350835

Im just here thinking. Since the goth scene has resulted to nothing but hauls, dark DIY, and makeup. What type of things would you rather see from these cows?

No. 350842

personally i just like vlogs like them just living their lives guess its because i dont have one lol

No. 350859

I'll piggyback off of >>350842 with the vlog thing. I feel that it would be cool to see an insight on how these people go about their lives. I'm not the biggest fan of vlogs but I'd much rather watch those than the millionth haul or unboxing video. That and I would like to see more talk about music (maybe not Toxic Tears because she doesn't like Goth music) but I'm talking in general.

Maybe a Goth band spotlight or something like that. I'm just getting tired of everything in the Goth scene being so image based. It's why I feel the Goth subculture group on Facebook is great because it's a mix of everything both music and look, rather equally at that.

The only Goths on YouTube who mention the music are Angela Benedict, This is Raven, The Gothic Alice (every now and then), and a few smaller, lesser known/obscure channels.

No. 350892

Amy Nekrotique does music vids for industrial genres, talking about their history, differences, and gives examples with bands and songs. It would be nice to have someone do that with goth music.

No. 350894

I find her really boring, shes pretty much just every basic instagram girl but with a darker/alt aesthetic, not really goth. Her pastel goth pallette video was so entitled, I actually laughed at some parts kek

No. 350905

Eh, she's ok I guess. I like her roommate Kelly a lot more. Dre seems really boring and bland to me. I don't mind her faux gothness as much as Kaya's. She claims to be goth but she doesn't scream "elitist" and make videos about how she's super goth the second somebody tells her she isn't really goth. I got the impression that she meant she was into the goth aesthetic and that she knew she wasn't a "real" goth, unlike Kaya who's like "no I'm a reel goff I promise!!!!!!!!(!!2!". Idk, Maybe her lack of personality bugs me so much that it just outweighs everything else and she's actually exactly like Kaya.

No. 351116

Eh I guess. I think one of the glaring reasons I don't particularly care for her pseudo Goth thing has to do with what she said in in her Q&A video where she explained how/why she became a Goth. I can't remember all of what she said but there was a part where she mentioned the "goth music" and listed bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Evanescence, and one or two more hard rock bands and I mentally gagged. That was the first video of hers I watched and I just didn't have a good impression of her and then I watched the Pastel Goth thing and it was just worse lol

I dunno, just too much going on there and in terms of content, it seems like she's just another TT with the constant hauls/unboxings though she does do tutorials here and there so that's something.

Sorry, I guess I can be really strange when it comes to YouTubers who claim to be Goth because the minute they talk about music and they list all the "goth" bands they like are actually not Goth in the slightest or they say things like "I've been Goth since I was a kid", I mentally tune out lol

No. 351809

Does she talk about old school industrial, power electronics, and noise? Or just ebm, aggrotech, and that shit?

I need more music based channels, because I can't stand fantano.

No. 351840

She has an aggrotech one as well as a synthpop and futurepop one. She said it's part of a series she's doing, so hopefully there will be more. They've been released pretty intermittently though.

No. 352033

File: 1499986035382.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_2017-07-13-14-47-51…)

I saw this on IG today and immediately thought of kaya and Jake.

No. 352081

ReeRee Phillips does Music Mondays as a segment and she's also doing indie designers to support the scene. She get's such a low recognition in here. She's the only one with a brain… seriously.

No. 352084

TT is just a vampire freaks kid. She's not from the scene or is into the scene… she's just spooky fucktard.

No. 352087

Frappucinos? Seriously dumbass as fuck content. Whats with the requesting 'FREE' music from artists as well for her channel… she's so dodgy… can't even be bothered replying to the band if they 'happen' to be in the video… what a lazy bitch.

No. 352089

To be fair a lot of other attention seekers have done the same thing-over in the weeb thread its been mentioned that beckii and kelsey have also made clickbaity videos about "being gay" (in quotes because when you actually watch their videos they are not gay) but hers comes off especially attention seeking. They are all trying to make bank off the back of pride month and it just shows them for the narcissistic assholes they truly are.


No. 352131


Is this you reeree? Because if you go back to the other threads, you're bland as fuck. Same monotoned videos of uninteresting material, there was nothing more to talk about.

Only recently has reeree decided to show another side besides boring. She's trying I guess?

No. 352137

No it's not ReeRee but her personality is what it is. At least she's not a money grubbing leech and has a job, is a mother and a tonne of other things that other lazy ass youtubers wouldn't even know how to deal. I see a lot of people white knight IBF and she's the scum of the earth. Perhaps the moral of the story is the more white clown makeup you wear and the less intelligent you are the more kudos you get. Pathetic.

No. 352208

I saw on ReeRee's IG that she is moving to Germany on August. Seems like shes trying to copy Freyja and become more popular, since Germany has a large goth scene? Seems kinda cliched to me…

No. 352225

As a German, I can say: The goth scene isn't SO big here. It's only wgt and a few smaller festivals. My days in UK for example were definitely a lot…gothier. Well, 80ies are over.

Does BlackFriday speak German?

No. 352230

I hope Raven Sparks someday moves to Germany too. So much milky gothy special Snowflakes

No. 352233

She is so stuck up and arrogant, and she's not even goth. she only listens to metal

No. 352264

what makes her stuck up? because she has style and doesn't use foul language? only metal? you don't know what you're talking about. pay attention, dont just make things up.

No. 352269

She only talks about Metal related music and I mean… Eh, it's fine. At least she's talking about something else for a change instead of making the 200th haul video. As for supporting "the scene", if you mean the Metal scene, sure but Goth? No, not really.

I never heard of them but that's just gross. As a gay person, I hate when people try to use the LGBT in such a way and that's why Sebastian's video truly grossed me out.

I find moving to Germany for such a thing is pointless if you're not into Goth music. It makes sense for Freya because she likes the stuff but for someone like Kaya, it would be hilarious lol

The metal thing is true. She doesn't like Goth music and she's said she wasn't a big fan of the stuff in an older video. She did a Metal music tag with her spouse for Pete's sake and goes in deep depth about her tastes.

There's nothing wrong with being a Metalhead and that is clearly what she is. Not a Goth but a Gothic-inclined Metalhead. I mean look in her Music tag video, her wall is plastered in Metal band memorabilia and every question she answered was filled with Metal bands, that's clear point blank evidence lol

No. 352275

Jesus fuck, you sound like one of her sycophant followers. Calm your tits. ReeRee is very talented with makeup, that's it. She's hypersensitive to any kind of criticism to the point that she comes off as a whiny teenager.
Let's face it, she's popular because she's gorgeous and thin.

No. 352282

I think you're the one that's focussed on her looks. The things I mentioned actually had substance. And you don't need to be rude to me…. I'm entitled to my opinion. Your last sentence just reeks of insecurity and you sound like you're about 12. So grow up.

No. 352283

whats with IBF and TT crimping their hair lately? are they trying to be 80s trad? hahaha… nice try kids.

No. 352308


I'm guessing this is all the same anon fanboy/girl who has their head stuck far up ReeRee's ass, is ReeRee herself or her husband lol.

ReeRee is extremely boring, sorry not sorry. She has this pseudo-posh monotone voice that sounds clearly put on. Watch her very earlier videos, she seemed much more livelier. She has a habit of writing walls of texts on her IG whining about her life, the ramblings are like that of a teenager. She's not even into goth music, she said it herself she's not a huge fan so that's how we know, but assuming she was then why not talk about it? All she ever discusses is metal music (she even reviewed a Motionless in White album jfc… hopping on that bandwagon like IBF to appeal to her emo fans?) Granted, at least with the "Music Mondays" thing she's trying to expand out from the never-ending stream of hauls or shoe unboxings, but it's still just metal music and therefore of no interest to someone who wants to hear about GOTH music. Honestly to me she comes across as another TT, no wonder the two are good friends. She did a video about encountering an "elitist" in an alternative shop she went to, except the woman she talked about made no elitist comments at all and was just being nasty about her weight (telling her she needed a bigger size or something) - that's not elitism, that's ReeRee being insecure as fuck about her body/weight. Like TT, it seems she cries elitist at the most pathetic of things. I second the other anon who said RR is only popular because she's thin and pretty, and a model. And no that's not me being insecure and jealous. I think it's also why TT became popular years ago(do you think she would have if she looked the way she does now?), whilst IBF is only popular because she plays up to the stereotype normies have of us. Side note: whilst it's for a good cause, I have no idea why RR was chosen to be in the Sophie Lancaster calendar…

Also no one's whiteknighting IBF? If anything other than TT, IBF is criticized the most on here.

No. 352490


All of this. I used to be into ReeRee's stuff back when I was younger, I thought she was the bees knees of Goth but then as I got older, learned more about the Goth subculture, and went back to ReeRee my views on her definitely changed (just like TT). They use the term "elitist" very loosely, think that just because they dress dark, it automatically makes them Goth (when they have no interest in the thing that Goth is centered around), and make the same old boring content of hauls and unboxings. I don't hate ReeRee but I don't enjoy her content all that much and on the music stuff, I'm not a metalhead so of course I'm not going to want to sit through her music tags but not only that, it just makes her a straight up Metalhead (Metalhead = Big fan of Metal Music. Goth = Big fan of Goth music).

And it's kinda true that the reason ReeRee found some moderate success on YouTube is because she's young and pretty. The girl knows her way around the makeup brush, I have to give her that. But the only people who watch her videos are young girls who think she's a "goth queen" (Pff lol) in the same vein of TT but actual Goths I've noticed tend to not like them or watch them but they're usually called "elitists" by them and their fangirls so eh.

Out of all the cows mentioned here, it's apparent that IBF and DracMakens are the Goths, they just have cringe moments at times (or all depending on the viewer).

No. 352853

Yeah at least IBF is a true Goth and has made videos about Goth bands, im tired of posers like Ree and Dre latching onto the goth scene when they dont even like goth music.

No. 352854

true goths don't leech. what does she do for the community? she's just a web cam whore at best. she's only just starting to recognise music for credibility. if she could make money from wigs and transformation and click bait titles that would do her just fine. she doesn't create anything interesting… oh sorry, using charcoal in drinks is about as creative as it gets.

No. 352871

File: 1500099104319.jpg (30.31 KB, 300x358, 1479303408819.jpg)

>be me
>love black friday with all my heart
>see her in lolcow threads
>tell myself not to read the thread because I know it'll ruin her for me
>happens every time I like an efamous person
>cave in and read it anyway
>lovely goth mom exposed, ruined

No. 352911

But anon… Everything we said here about black friday we know from her videos. How can you watch her videos and not already know everything? Are you blind?
The few anons who saw her irl actually painted her in better light, saying that she seems friendly and authentic. All the bad stuff is just video related or clearly visible in her videos. (getting sponsored all the time, uncreative content, saying she's poor when she has two appartements while her bf is unemployed etc)

No. 352920

Yeah, she may not make original content by any stretch of the imagination but it's apparent that she is at least into the music and with the way a lot of these cows outright don't like the music and yet still think they are totally Goth despite it, I have to give props to IBF and DracMackens for at least being into the music despite their cringe.

Well at the very least, she at least plays Goth music during her videos. I've went to a lot of Goth band songs on youTube and I'll see comments like "It's Black Friday brought me here" and well, I think it's neat that with her playing the music, it can potentially turn people onto Goth music. Yeah the charcoal drinks and black products aren't all that creative but well, you take what you can get and I'd much rather have someone who helps expose people to music than someone who will try to imply that liking metal music makes one Goth.

No. 352922

I can't get over IBF ignoring the Sophie Lancaster retweet when she literally cried for being treated badly for being a goth herself. Also the bitchiness toward the owner of Necromancy was out of line.

>I'll see comments like "It's Black Friday brought me here" and well, I think it's neat that with her playing the music, it can potentially turn people onto Goth music.

True however I feel like it's only because of IBF herself and not because they like the actual song/band if that makes sense. Like if IBF suddenly turned around and said she didn't like that song or band, her fans will follow suit. I'm sure it's not the case for all of them and she is genuinely turning them to goth music which is good, but I can't shake that feeling!

No. 353078

I remember in one video ReeRee mentioned she has autism and not to be a bitch but it makes sense why she's so stilted and monotone

No. 353167

She never used to be in her early videos, the forced solemn voice came when the gothic look kicked in

No. 353424

I actually like ReeRee.. Her "boringness" is more soothing than it is boring to me. She's like a breath of fresh air after watching YouTube videos from people who are very energetic and loud. I like her metal/music videos. It's funny how people on here complain about these 'goth girls' only doing unboxings, and then complain about the new shit they try to do(Reeree's metal vids and Drac's cooking vids)being too boring. At least they're trying to branch out.

I'm starting to not give a fuck about the whole "true goth" shit. If somebody's into the gothic look and not the music, It's a lot easier to say that you're goth(which people might assume based solely on appearance) than it is to say you're a "Gothic-inclined metalhead who enjoys goth fashion and the overall goth aesthetic but isn't really into goth music" so I can see where people like ReeRee, Dre, and Kaya are coming from. Can't really make that excuse for Jake since he looks like a chav. It would be nice if they'd acknowledge that they're not really goth but eh whatever.

No. 353468


"True however I feel like it's only because of IBF herself and not because they like the actual song/band if that makes sense. Like if IBF suddenly turned around and said she didn't like that song or band, her fans will follow suit. I'm sure it's not the case for all of them and she is genuinely turning them to goth music which is good, but I can't shake that feeling!"

I know it's not the most ideal thing but I'd rather have people being exposed to genuine Goth music over the other cows who push Metal. Sometimes you gotta take what you can get lol

Well we all have different opinions and in my opinion, it's just redundant to call yourself a "goth" when you don't like Goth music in the same way it would be redundant if someone called themselves a Metalhead but didn't like Metal music (or they considered bands like Hinder, Nickelback, and Papa Roach as their favorite Metal bands).

At the end of the day, I don't think too much about it because I don't watch any of them but if people ask for opinions on them, I'll be frank.

No. 353469

Anon, I agree even though you're probably going to have at least 3 autists replying to this screeching about muh goff music and clinging to the term "gothic-inclined" like anyone calling themselves that wouldn't make them look even more like a tryhard.

No. 353496

When I say boring I'm not referring exclusively to her voice, she just has no personality. Kaya may be annoying but at least she has some semblance of a personality.

>It's funny how people on here complain about these 'goth girls' only doing unboxings, and then complain about the new shit they try to do(Reeree's metal vids and Drac's cooking vids)being too boring.

I don't really care for Drac and wouldn't care if she only did makeup videos, but the cooking thing (which if I'm not mistaken is all vegan stuff?) comes across as "Kat Von D notice me!!! I'm vegan like you!!" As for Ree's metal videos, I don't care for them but to an actual goth they'd be of no interest because they're not about goth music.

>If somebody's into the gothic look and not the music, It's a lot easier to say that you're goth(which people might assume based solely on appearance) than it is to say you're a "Gothic-inclined metalhead who enjoys goth fashion and the overall goth aesthetic but isn't really into goth music"

Why say that though when they can just call themselves a metalhead and that's it? Or "gothic"? Goth is a music genre, therefore as another anon said it's redundant to call yourself one when you don't like the music.

No. 353663

tts been doing it for years like

No. 353669

I think someone should legit suggest the dog walking thing to her. Cute animals bring in views and if she makes it more about the animals than herself it'd be a little extra youtube money just for the cute dogs she'll get to see. I wonder how common of a thing this is in Germany though?

I know people have conflicting opinions about her aesthetic but I think she's cute most of the time (Some of her looks are awful like when she wears a red lip with black eyeshadow. With the stark white of her foundation she needs that balance of color in my opinon)

So i wouldn't mind seeing her playing with and walking dogs

No. 354225

Jake is getting fat! He looks like a fat chav

No. 354281

He's always looked like a fat chav. Now in Kaya's new video he looks like a gross queen. No amount of makeup is going to make him look appealing.

No. 354464

I think IBF had every right to make a stink about her treatment at the louvre since unless their clothing could damage the artwork (like a large accessory, a lot of museums make you buy a locker for your purse/backpack if it's too big for this reason) they shouldn't have been denied especially with how crazy the line can be.
I think her posting her crying face to social media though was a massive cry for attention. Just post your complaining vent video instead. I think her treatment at the graveyard was dumb if her husband was really allowed to keep his photos and stuff. Seems weird, especially if she's been there before without issue.

I like IBF but I don't watch her as often as I used to because she just doesn't really offer anything new. Same with TT though at least she recently started posting more than just hauls (i've been gently complaining about it on her tumblr and showed my appreciation when she did post them so i hope she's listening to fans).

No. 354475

To be fair if you have to move often it's not that crazy to save boxes if you have the space. My apartment came with a storage space we don't use so I just started putting boxes in there for our next move. Is it really that weird? I'd rather use the boxes until they can't be used anymore and then recycle them. Saves more energy in the long run, emissions, etc. >>346462
I have a really low sex drive so I don't consider myself ace but i could happily go without sex for the rest of my life and not miss it. I have sex with my husband because he has a high sex drive. The human body responds to touch so it's not really hard to get revved up when that time comes so I can see it not really being a big deal for someone who might never get sexual urges at all even with their own self. I don't think it's fake but I do think a lot of people who claim to be asexual are either like me and just don't realize that doesn't make them asexual, or are girls afraid of sex which is really common amongst tumblrinas if you know what to look for. It also explains the high rate of transboys versus transgirls that turn out to be obvious fakes.

That said, Sebastian Columbine I think could be asexual but probably isn't. She seems very "I'm DIFFERENT" in her attitude and i really got bored of her quickly. She's really not attractive and those of you who said she's pretty are being too nice. It's lolcow. You're allowed to be mean here. Even in terms of average looks she's below average. Maybe not ugly but not really pretty either.

She reblogged that one picture of her 'hufflepuff' dress like 5 fucking times on tumblr. Probably because she doesn't look like a walrus in it.

This is actually slowly coming back into style. I've seen hair crimpers becoming a more common site in stores again. It's usually done with like a few pieces though rather than a fully crimped hair. I like it :'( i'm glad it's slowly coming back.

Actually if i ONLY watched her videos I would've never known about the Sophie Lancaster thing so to be fair, that kinda made me think differently of her so I can imagine anon felt similarly.

>gross queen

No. 354523

god I just watched it, he comes across like a complete dick to be honest almost get the impression he really doesn't like Kaya, or is that just me? The full outfit at the end… not a good look on him

No. 354604

OMG, just stop trying to make Jake's "fame" happen. It's so tedious.

No. 354605

And yeah, he always seemed like a dick to me. Wouldn't watch his stupid vlog channel if you paid me for it.

No. 354609

Well, at least the latest TT's video fast the first one in a long time where she doesn't mention her Patreon and their pointless "gaming" channel. But on the other hand, it's basically a promotional video for Jake. It seems like his channel isn't doing so great ;)

No. 354637

I'm just saying, sometimes you do have to tone down when going to certain places. I mean, why couldn't she tone herself down a bit for that one day like she did when she was a guest at a radio show? I'm just saying that there is a time and place for everything and sometimes we have to tone it down a bit.
I do agree on the Graveyard thing though assuming she was being truthful about the situation.

I'm just getting bored of the hauls IBF does because it's always the same overpriced basic clothing but I give her a point over TT because she actually puts the clothing on and shows it off but yeah, hopefully she'll start making more travel vlogs again when more events happen.

Why are they surprised his channel isn't going anywhere? I've seen a few videos and there's nothing interesting about them. He comes off like a douche and has no personality worth attaching oneself to. And after he said what he said about Goth, he lost any credibility he had left and especially now that we have other Goth male YouTubers like Sweeney DeVille and This is Raven.

No. 354725

I used to watch their gaming channel anf some episodes were so uncomfortable for how rude/standoffish Jake is to Kaya. If you didn't already know they were a couple, you wouldn't be able to tell by their behavior and actions.

No. 354744

I know right. I was amazed at some of the comments on the drag video saying they have good chemistry/make a good couple… like, whaaat? On the older Altcow thread someone who claimed they used to know them said Jake once told him/her that he resented Kaya for "making him move to Ireland." You also have to wonder if he resents her more now she's gained weight because the guy hasn't made it a secret he loves very skinny, tall alt girls. I think if he was more e-famous than her he'd have dumped her long ago

No. 355048

she looks the same as always just with a shitty white wig lmao

No. 355053

I was about to post the video and ask everyone what they think. She is doing the same make-up, with thin arch eyebrows and eyeliner around the eyes and white face foundation. I mean, I think she's good at make-up but this video is nothing special considering she wears it everyday.

No. 355056

She just kind of copied Sharon's makeup look which is basically the same as hers anyway, instead of trying to look like her by copying her face shape with contouring or anything, so yeah she looks the same but with different hair

No. 355057

Didn't mean to post the video again oops

sage for idiocy

No. 355064

Do you guys think Jake has ever cheated on Kaya? He gives off that alpha male bullshit vibe and would do it without a second thought.

No. 355157

I dunno, I just personally don't get WHY she has to tone it down. It isn't her fault people are too concerned with image to just look at her once and move on. If i saw her in public I'd probably go "Oh look at that" and then move on with my life.
I think she has too low of self esteem over her appearance to allow herself to tone it down while also not-so-secretly enjoying the attention (Look at the video where she dresses "normal" for a day and laments no one wanting to take her photo).

See some videos I think they do give off the vibe that they're a good couple. The one where he does her makeup for instance I think is a look at their relationship at it's best. The gaming videos are just too telling of how rare those occasions probably are.

Then again if you heard my husband and I talk to one another you'd think we hated eachother (My mom even texted me once after hanging out with us and said "You're so mean to him he's going to leave you." I looked to him and asked him if I went too far with any of my jokes and he laughed at me for being worried because it was so far off).

It's hard to tell how bad it really is since they can edit things and all. He's definitely a shithead but i don't want to claim I know anything about their relationship based off youtube and one anon's account.

Before I realized it was a video and not a pic being posted I thought someone was posting to compare IBF and Mr. Owl's new girlfriend that looks exactly like her but with better skin and less fat. So yeah, basically, looks the exact fucking same.

If what that anon said in the other alt thread is true and he hates fat chicks, then yeah probably, if he knows anyone besides Kaya. Depends on how often the two of them aren't in the same building.

No. 355170

i think IBF's big tantrum about being rejected says more about her behaviour than it does about her 'freedom' to be 'hersself' what a crock of shit. goth has been around longer than youtube and these shitty kids making giving goth a bad name and attracting 'negativity' toward the scene. her tantrums are the problem, not the way she looks - her look is so cookie cutter anyway and there's now 'clones' of her it's like a really bad side show. so horrible for the scene. she's been on youtube 4 years? i wish we could erase her entire channel and pretend 'it never happened'.

No. 355171

kaya and jake are just kids. all i see are a pair of cyber goths trying to get famous with no other skills. it's soooooooo boring. seriously… who fucking cares.

No. 355173

she probably only did this drag video because 'drag' is trending at the moment. clearly struggling for material again… i wonder if Ru Paul's drag race is in her click bait. big fucking yawns.

No. 355179

wasn't IBF wanting new 'goth' music for her videos…. hmmmm this doesn't sound very goth to me… more like imma killer for the click bait original video views. seriously… she does not give a fuck about music - sounds like a hip hop club on steroids. KEK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL64TKAHL2k

No. 355243

This is such a disrespect towards Sharon Needles. IBF didn't even try.

No. 355385

I don't follow RPDR but I looked up Sharon Needles and IBF's transformation looks nothing like her, as you said she looked more like Mr Owl's gf if anything.

Yea I'm kinda mixed on the whole "toning down" thing. On the one hand it sucks that they'd have to tone it down to get into certain public places but on the other hand you have to accept it's necessary at times (job interviews and the like for example) her reaction and the crying was obviously for attention though

No. 355469

When you go abroad you should always be in your best behaviour. If she was stopped from going into the Louvre because she was black or gay that is different. She was wearing clown make-up and vampire fangs and causing a spectacle because she looked in costume which she said heaps of times she likes the attention and scaring the normies. People who didn't even know her kept stopping to take photos because she was more OTT than usual. If they would have allowed them inside the behaviour would have continued inside and they didn't want to take the chance. The way she handled it afterward was so embaressing. She tried to make it look like she was fighting for goths everywhere but she was just throwing her toys out of her cot and wanted people on her side to fight for her. If she really cared about goth discrimination she would have retweeted Sophies mum.

No. 355635

well he seemes way to friendly with vox xometimes and there was a livestream where him and vox were playing a game together and kaya was trying to talk and they were ignoring her

No. 355678

So, it looks like Kaya's dream of getting lipo might come true. She said she will hopefully go to S. Korea to get it done in September.

Kaya, have you done any research on some of the side-effects of getting lipo?
You know, like how fat can come back in unexpected places?
I want her to get the lipo, so I can hear her complain a year later that all of a sudden she's gained weight in her inner knees or under her chin.
I know this happens if there is any weight fluctuation, and from what we've seen, Kaya has terrible eating habits.

No. 355685

Believe me, I wouldn't be hooked on looking at IBF too as it's something I do like the look but I've seen her over 100 times already in her videos but unfortunately, her look is considered extreme to the general public, especially with the way she looked that day. Yes in the perfect world we should wear what we like but the unfortunate truth is that sometimes, we need to tone down just a bit. It's not even that bad for Gothic girls to have a dark but open look and we've seen some looks of Freya's that are moderate but still dark, I'm just saying it would've been better to go for one of those looks just for that one visit.

I think we know the answer to that lol

But come now, toning down doesn't have to be a drastic thing. Look up the vlog called Sophistique Noir. That lady showed some great ways to tone down an extreme look for something dark, sophistiqued, casual, or classy while keeping a dark allure. Just saying that it doesn't have to be totally twilight zone haha.

This here. It's because she looked way OTT for the occasion than she normally did. Of course it was going to be a bit of a problem in an establishment like that. She's done some great toned down looks that would've shown her Gothic side so I just don't understand why she couldn't sport a look like that minus the mime-like makeup.

No. 355865

Oh man, I loved Sophistique Noir! I wish she was still posting.

No. 355924

Sorry if this is OT but can you guys link her vlog? i looked up her name on youtube but all I see are make-up tutorails. I wanna see that video about how to dress classy without losing the goth appeal.

(sage for going OT)

No. 355938

What is with these cows that aren't big enough to even qualify for lipo, could easily lose it on their on terms do this?

Then they all go back to eating shit, so they get lumpy and just ugh. Wouldn't they rather suck it up and exercise than risk that shit? I don't get it.

No. 355943


No YouTube videos, just a regular blog, though she stopped a while ago.

No. 355985

Same, I loved her blog as well and I was saddened when she stopped posting but I'm grateful she kept her site up lol

Oh she didn't make videos I'm afraid, she mainly did photo posts on her blog site but seriously, take a look. :)


No. 356053

Is she getting her friend PeachMilky to pay for it? lol. I hate cows like her that can't be bothered putting the effort in to weight loss and go for a quick fix. What's even more dumb is that lipo can cause you to gain weight elsewhere, not to mention it's a dangerous operation. She might slim down her thighs or belly (not by much though) with lipo but then suddenly see weight gain in her arms. People who go for these quick fixes rarely change their eating or lifestyle habits so it ends up coming back anyway. Look at that other cow Raven Sparks, she had weight loss surgery, looked less chunky after but now she's fucking fat because she still eats like shit.

If TT actually fucking TRIED and didn't expect to see results within a week or two of dieting, she WILL lose weight and lose the fat. Bitch probably just diets (who knows what she eats when dieting, even good fats like avocado won't really help) for about 2 weeks then gives up when she doesn't see results. Also "cheat days" should be kept to a minimum but I'm willing to bet she has those very often because she has no willpower.

No. 356204


Yeah it just seems that learning to portion your food and trying not eat too much junk food along with doing some moderate exercise would pay off in the long run because yeah, liposuction doesn't guarantee you're going to stay looking slimmer if you go back to your old eating habits. It's going to be funny when Trisha Paytas piles the weight back on and she should serve as an example as why lipo can be a waste of time.

No. 356231

She's so damn deluded. Firstly moans that she doesn't want people saying she shouldn't have lipo/doesn't need it "if you don't have anything nice to say" except telling her she shouldn't have it IS being nice, they're either concerned or know this won't fix her issues. She even said it herself she knows the lipo won't make her feel better about herself but will "help" - that's a disaster waiting to happen, people like that will never be happy. Also she complains that if anyone is against her decision to get lipo they're "shallow as hell" lmao that coming from the woman who wants COSMETIC SURGERY for something she could attain on her own with work and effort. But then Kaya has never been good with those two things has she? Also fucking kek @ saying she was becoming too obsessed with the diet and decided to break off from it and now can't get back. uhmm to see results you're meant to stick to it and "being obsessed" is better than trying for a week then stuffing your face again because you have no self control.

No. 356311

obviously not its sponsored by that find a doctor thing that peach milky already posted about

No. 356340

i love how jake always says oh i was gonna go run and film it and do all this cool stuff (which it isnt its super boring)but its raining but when its not raining all he does is his laundry and goes to eat

No. 356450

I think PeachMilky is so cute and feminine and pretty, she makes TT look so fat and masculine and frumpy standing next to her

No. 357639

think you meant to put this on ravens thread

No. 357898

" (Look at the video where she dresses "normal" for a day and laments no one wanting to take her photo)."

I'm glad I'm not the only person to notice that. Lamenting of 'not' getting attention is her driving force. The Lourve and other tourist attractions were classic examples of this. The level of 'look at me' is tiring.

I'm still waiting for these 'new and exciting' projects she keeps talking about in her videos every few months. Where are these new and exciting things? Is that just a standard line in her vocabulary to keep the goldfish amused?

On the TT lipo thing - having an education on how the body works and stubborn areas is one thing… resorting to it at such a young age because she has no mental stability is quite desperate. It will all end in tears. Toxic to boot. Kaya, you're a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 358076

>Is that just a standard line…to keep the goldfish amused
Probably this tbh. If I were still a fan watching her daily I probably wouldn't question it.

In regards to Kaya, I did comment on her youtube video about lipo encouraging her to look at the side effects and what can happen if she doesn't change her habits when she gets it done (encouraged her to use it as a fresh start) but she's probably going to ignore it as just me being a hater.

I'm already excited for the aftermath though it's going to be pretty funny to watch her fuck up her body because she's so insistent that she's right and all of the doctors and nutritionists who've tried to help her are wrong.

But i'm also kinda cruel and even though I'm fat myself i really look down on people who get lipo for massive amounts of weight change.

I have a girl on facebook who tells everyone she lost her weight from diet and exercise but she got lipo. At least in Kaya's defense she's being up front and honest about getting it done but it's gonna end up in tears just like you said, anon.

No. 358100

>I'm still waiting for these 'new and exciting' projects she keeps talking about in her videos every few months. Where are these new and exciting things?

I swear she's been saying that for at least a year now and the only thing she brings out is shitty DIY black food/drinks. That's probably exciting to her lol. Unsubbed ages ago, she bores me now honestly

No. 358101

I'm still subbed but haven't watched a video of hers since she explained the situations in Paris (Which i'm still kinda on the fence about how i feel about those especially since we only have one side of the story and all).

No. 358700

The inconsistent 2 videos, 3 videos, 1 video a week thing is all over the place as well. Thrice weekly? WTF is that? Olde worlde language is so pretentious.

Those poor people paying her Patreon. What a waste of money.

No. 359382

Only Jake would take advantage of someones suicide for views. Jeez.

No. 359413

I love how Jake complains about there being so many chavs out… while looking like a chav.

No. 359415

honestly i see lots of people trying to views or selling shit in chesters name i thought jake didnt do that bad honestly

No. 359416

me sorry americans not understand english very good

No. 359448

He probably thinks because he wears black he's not a chav lol

No. 359459

File: 1500936998374.jpg (93.16 KB, 1057x354, 6C1RIdA.jpg)

Anyone else notice he always has the most unflattering shots of Kaya in his thumbnails? Does he do it on purpose?

No. 359499

I think he's so worried about what he looks like that he either doesn't care or doesn't notice when she looks like shit.

No. 359580

I'm american and even I realize he looks like a chav.

No. 359724


Ironic since he pretty much is one lol

No. 359764

Yeah they've both got that 'bottom of the gene pool' appearance. Which is fine, because the mentality is on par.

No. 359770

File: 1500972861591.jpg (13.71 KB, 213x157, fyNBKys.jpg)

This one in particular dear lord… I think you're right, he's too preoccupied with how he looks that he doesn't care if he gets an unfortunate shot of his own girlfriend.

No. 359782

Has anyone watched this video? I'm curious of what place 'sucks' but i don't want to give them revenue.

Is there a site i can go through to avoid giving youtubers revenue?

No. 359817

From the thumbnail it looks like a big post office anon, not sure how it can suck that bad tho..

No. 359837

the post office. because they had to wait for their number to be called..like everyone else

No. 359868

pmsl seriously? such clickbait, what a tosser

No. 359880

Of course Jake would vlog something as boring as going to the post office.

No. 360148

if you have such a fat potato face why would you ever wear your hair up like that. ugh

No. 360166

lol that's what makes getting lipo more dumb, she'd still have a fat face

No. 360201

Yeah that's really going to be a… Weird combination to see.

No. 360359

>tfw you have a potato face with your hair up

It's a struggle when it's hot. I have to wear something on my head (Like sunglasses) to keep my face looking balanced when my hair is up.

You automatically look like 10% more put together with sunglasses on your head somehow

I'mexcited for the heartache

No. 360364

File: 1501023769758.jpg (1.55 MB, 1280x1644, tumblr_otm93f1w5q1qikgkto1_128…)

How is this the same person???

No. 360368

Was there nowhere better for her to take a photo? The garden is overgrown and there's some old plastic chair which clearly hasn't been moved for ages because the weeds are literally growing through it.

No. 360409


Just kind of pisses me off. Not TT's fault maybe, but I'd have looked at this and felt so shitty, like I can only be goth or beautiful if I'm pretty and skinny blah blah blah. Guess it proves how much everyone, even Youtubers are photoshopping.

No. 360448

Unfortunately this seems to be an issue in the goth community (and many would argue in mainstream culture too) it was why I stopped watching ofherbsandaltars because I found him so refreshing that he called out the bs in the community…to then say he wants to die because hes gaining weight.

If it makes you feel any better I think that whole way of thinking just shows how unimaginative they are, there are quite a few youtubers who are not skinny but have made it big because they are creative and imaginative and are beautiful, and on the flip side there are youtubers who are skinny but dont have any talents and are surprised they dont have more followers.

>inb4 you so salty

I know this site is pretty bitchy and I do actually think there are more robots here who think they are slick because everyone assumed its mainly women here but I am just telling it like it is. If we're honest I think a lot of us are surprised of those who have gotten youtube famous because they are a real mixed bag if we were going on their looks and I would like to think for once we can be nice as its clear this shit really does effect younger people.

saged for mumbling.

No. 360449

Also before anyone moans not saying the cows in this thread are famous, I am talking about youtubers in general (mainly MUA'S etc)


No. 360563


Goth is just a music typing and fan of said music while Gothic is an aesthetic and it doesn't matter if the person is fat but the reality is that most people are not attracted to fat people but there are people who definitely are.

But yeah photoshopping to oblivion is just… lol

No. 360568

If you want to be fat, be fat but you can't throw a fit if not many people find it appealing because that's just how it is. Fat is not appealing to a lot of people not because society says so but because a lot of people just aren't into very big bodies.

But if you can get past that and let your personality and talents shine, you'll be perfectly fine. One overweight person who was pretty beloved in the Gothic YouTube scene was DumpsterDollie, people liked her personality and she wasn't "lolcowy", at least not to the extent of some of the others mentioned here. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago but my point still stands that if you just push yourself and show who you are without acting like an entitled twat, you'll be totally fine.

As for Ofherbsandaltars, it's normal that he felt that way. He was skinny his whole life and he genuinely liked looking skinny but when he started putting on weight, he didn't like how he looked. It's pretty normal.

No. 360610

I really did my best to carefully word my post so as hopefully make my point clear and not get an autistic response, yet here we are. Self fulfilling prophesy I guess. Not only have you missed the point I was making you are also repeating some of the points I have already made. I was trying to spare anons feelings but I guess thats gone tits up, so great job there anon.

>inb4 angry rant

No. 360762

Photoshop is an amazing thing

No. 360780

Oh no :( I followed DumpsterDollie before youtube had proper notifications and was wondering why she stopped posting. I'm really out of the loop sometimes. Do you happen to know the circumstances? That's so sad.

In regards to ofherbsandaltars, i don't watch them (and don't want to go digging for this exact quote hence why i'm just gonna ask) but for clarifications sake can you tell me if he spoke of his own personal feelings or if he acted like being fat was disgusting for ALL people?

Cause I mean, I don't care if other people are fat (I wish people wouldn't eat themselves to death but if you're fat and capable of handling life and working I don't give a shit. I don't find it attractive but i don't give a shit).

But I stress about my own weight a lot. I've always been fat my whole life and it feels like every step forward comes with 15 steps backwards for me, so I lament it a lot. My husband has no problem with it (I tease him and call him a chubby chaser sometimes but he's fine with me losing weight if i want to) and I have no problem with people i meet who are fat as long as they don't have a gross attitude (entitlement and claiming disabilities just because they're fat).

There's a distinction there that matters basically.

No. 360782

Too bad it doesn't work in real life.

No. 360788

>Do you happen to know the circumstances? That's so sad.
Unfortunately she committed suicide, I started watching her videos after this and didn't even know until I saw a bunch of "RIP" comments on her videos then came across LeahMouse's videos about it. It is very sad indeed, she seemed pretty cool to me.

No. 361130

Yeah, I was an avid watcher of her content back in the day and was shocked when this came out… The details weren't entirely clear but Leah Mouse, another Alternative Youtuber who was good friends with her and was the one who broke the news about the situation. All that was given was that Dumpster Dollie committed suicide…

On the Ofherbsandaltars situation, he didn't outright say fat people in general were disgusting, he was just saying that he himself felt gross and hated the weight he gained. In a lot of his blogs, he would lament about how he felt disgusting and hated the way he looked. I don't know if he feels that way now because at the time he was saying all that, it was when he was with his crazy ex-girlfriend who was poisoning him and making him ill and I feel that could've played into his unhealthy mental state at the time.

No. 361137

I read your comment and I still found it rather pointless. Just because OfherbsandAltars didn't/doesn't like being fat and thinks it disgusting on him doesn't mean all think that way. DumpsterDollie never put much stock into her weight and let her personality shine.

And the other reality is that not many people like being fat themselves, it's normal that people don't want to be fat, even if they are fat. Other than people maybe not finding it very appealing, they probably don't like the likeliness of health complications that can come with it. Not everyone thinks this way obviously as we have people like Tess Holiday who are trying to promote the "healthy and obese" mantra but I digress. The only YouTubers in the Alternative side who talk about weight was TT and Ofherbsandaltars, all the others don't even talk about it.

No. 361149

>Just because OfherbsandAltars didn't/doesn't like being fat and thinks it disgusting on him doesn't mean all think that way

I didnt say they did.

>And the other reality is that not many people like being fat themselves, it's normal that people don't want to be fat, even if they are fat. Other than people maybe not finding it very appealing, they probably don't like the likeliness of health complications that can come with it. Not everyone thinks this way obviously as we have people like-

please sage your autistic blogposting in future especially when it doesnt belong in the thread. This wasnt what i was saying in my comment as it was more about youtube in general (which i stressed)

My comment wasnt directed at you, and you clearly didnt read it properly so you "finding it pointless" just shows how up your own ass you are. Maybe you should take your own advice and stop acting like an entitled twat, this thread isnt your personal blog post.


No. 361150

They said they were not happy with gaining weight but as far as i know they never described themselves as disgusting, the only person who is saying fat people are disgusting is that other anon. I think threatening suicide because you have gained weight is pushing it too far which was what i was referring to.

No. 361215

I might look at the LeahMouse video. That really is sad :(
Thank you for extra insight on DumpsterDollie. RIP lil bat.

As for herbsandaltars it sounds like he was reasonable in his statements. False positivity is a problem youtubers are kinda forced to adhere to that I don't agree with and for a lot of people social media and youtube are their outlets. I hope he's better now.

I'm not the anon you're officially raging at but the only one acting autistic is you.

BACK ON TOPIC since i'm semi-responsible for derailing…

Anyone else notice Kaya seems kinda obsessed with her own legs? Like she's been reblogging this one pic of her own calves and boots (and cankles).

I get creators need to reblog their own content sometimes to stay visible but christ i swear i've seen it 5 times this week.

(this was a stretch just trying to steer us back on topic sorry yall)

No. 361380


Well on the suicide bit, remember that he was with that crazy girl who was poisoning him and I'm willing to bet that was what was screwing with his mind to think things like that.

I don't follow TT on social media so no I haven't seen it unless it was the pic posted earlier?

No. 361382

Yeah, I used to follow DumpsterDollie too and only learned just a few weeks ago about how she killed herself in response to her boyfriend killing himself.
I hope she's in a better place now.

No. 361466

Ofherbsandaltars actually spoke about finding big girls attractive in an older vlog (I don't know which one) they just don't like being fat themself.

No. 361482

Wow shockingly TT actually tried on the clothes she was sent for free, but then again they were all drapey, baggy clothing so that's not saying much.

No. 361527

Learn to post a link.

No. 362092

Yeah and that's fine, other anon is probably just not comfortable with their own weight and misinterpreted it then.

They look so damn basic to me.

There's a difference between goth clothes and clothes that are black.

No. 362117

So IBF has just been handed the mother of all KVD makeup hauls for reasons I fail to understand. Her makeup is dodgy at best…

No. 362133

Wtf? Got a pic/link to the video or some visual aid to this so I don't have to go through social media to find it?

I feel like the only makeup a IBF type goth needs are reds, blacks, and whites and anything else is a waste of fucking money to give them.

Maybe purple but i don't think I've seen IBF wear any color other than red unless she's doing a 'goth to whateverstyle" video (I kinda like those since her normal look is so extreme)

No. 362139

File: 1501232668710.png (1.54 MB, 1057x1591, IMG_20170728_095836.png)

Here it is. Completely wasted on her tbh, there's so many more talented and creative makeup artists out there who'd give their right arm for just half of what IBF has been handed…yet she'll just slap on the same look over and over again with shoddy execution. So many people on her Instagram are saying she completely deserves it all as well…

No. 362150

Sometimes I dont understand the people kat von d beauty sends packaging with free PR makeup to, it seems more like they just see a kinda goth person with some followers and go yep rather than people who actually understand makeup, but kat von ds beauty team is also filled with gothy edge lords who tries so hard

No. 362157

This is such a waste to send this t IBF when she won't use 99% of the colours here and will probably sell them off in a matter of a few months

No. 362169

>There's a difference between goth clothes and clothes that are black.

I suppose, but at the same time it's more creative to wear "basic black clothes" and add your own twist to it, accessories and shoes and "look goth" than buying what looks like a ready made costume or crazy overpriced brands like Killstar or Punk Rave. But yeah, a lot of those items look like you could just get on eBay for much cheaper…

No. 362189

Oh what the fuck? I thought a fan bought the collection for her but KVD actually gave it to her of all people? Jesus.

Man this is all making me want to start my own channel, both as an attempt to not suck as a youtuber but also to get free swag I'll put to good use. I'd donate anything to fans or whatever that didn't want to keep too. Some youtubers I follow do this and I respect them a lot for it. Even if they say something sucks they still offer and run a small giveaway for it if someone wants to try and win it to see for themselves.

Too bad TT doesn't seem to add accessories and such for her video.

Especially if you get stuff from the same brand often, showing how pieces from the same brand go together can help people with buying and styling from that brand (I've run into this issue before with a store that doesn't exist anymore. Bugg something. )

No. 362221

I still don't see the hype about KVD. It's just another brand and another tonne of packaging with another lipstick and another eyeshadow. Who cares seriously. Goth is so far from this.

No. 362232

Anon, this IS the state of goth now

No. 362235

As much as it pains me to admit it, this is accurate.

No. 362828

As much as I admire with hard work (something these new wave youtubers have yet to learn) KVD has made her own path. She's worked hard…. but unfortunately releasing products like the PASTEL GOTH palette is where it all went to hell. It's not helping. It's made the scene more and more about channels makeup and appearance based than ever. I wonder if KVD as really done her reaseach in getting IBF to promote her vegan and cruelty free legacy - being IBF is not vegan nor are these other assholes that claim that 'it's so imporant to them' but happily film themselves eating KFC or MacDonalds…. so much BULLSHIT. Sorry KVD has just lost my vote on this. Stooping to give IBF product to promote is just as bad as her accusing Jeffrey Star of 'cashing in on vegan bucks' - Kat, you've just done the exact same thing. It's so fucked.

No. 362917

Honestly Kat is really cringey with the whole vegan thing considering she wasn't vegan and neither were her products until she dated Steve-o for like a week. She's just as bad as Jeffree Star but in her own way.

No. 362970

tbh i don't think her products are actually any bit better than any other midtier brand you'd find at sephora. she's just tapped into the ~gawth~ community with her packaging. tbh I'd rather buy a better product at similar price point from someone else but with different pacakaging. most packaging is a scam anyways. very few makeup brands with fancy packaging have high quality makeup. they spend most of their time on looks, not quality.

No. 362976

I agree, KVD liquid foundation only last a couple hours, and very patchy. Yes I did set it. I feel like nyx is way better, lol. If it works for you go for it, but I'm not impressed at all.

Sage, I think.

No. 362999

Sage goes in the email field.
And idk for me most of her lipsticks are very hit or miss. I can't stand her solid formula excrpt for bauhau5 but motorhead is AWFUL and impossible to wear. For her liquid formula, Berlin and some of the berry shades I find hold up fairly well but I don't do much that could really fuck them up and it could also be because I pair them with colourpop liners. Witches is patchty as fuck and a lot of her pink shades look like crap on most skintones. I bought a few of her products when I had more disposable income and didn't know better.

Sage for lipstick sperg

No. 363067


I have to agree. It's much more exciting to see people create their own look out of basic clothing and dressing them up with accessories and shoes instead of the generic, cookie cutter stuff.

No. 363072

i actually like the clothes TT tried on i really like the post apocalyptic look i do wonder about the price on that stuff though if it cost alot then no i would rather diy something

No. 363076

You're better off DIY'ing your own post-apocalyptic clothing than buying them overpriced.

No. 363116

She's anti-semetic too and her shit is more recent than Jeffree's racist drama, just not as extreme. Say what you want about JS, his lipsticks are bomb 90% of the time (I only have 1-2 colors that are streaky which is really good in my opinion considering i own a shitload of his lipsticks)

This. You can get a lot of cool stuff from army surplus and modify it and dye it, and have it tailored to fit the way you want. In the end it won't cost as much and it'll be one of a kind.

No. 363417

Didn't she also date that Nazi wannabe or something? I find it strange how Drac Makens still supports her in spite of all this, especially after he defense for siding with KVD over JS was because of the racism

No. 363589

i havnt liked katvd since she said any non vegan deserves to feel the pain of the animals they eat like how dumb does she have to be to post that she lost a lot of fans from that i get being vegan but that is definitely not the way to get people to go vegan she acts superior at least jeffree is real about his shit

No. 363741

File: 1501460550693.png (Spoiler Image, 324.35 KB, 655x378, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.2…)

>>363589 Hmmmm

No. 363743

File: 1501460589740.png (341.6 KB, 669x412, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.2…)

No. 363748

No. 363825

Literally every person I've talked to about KVD vs JSC chooses KVD because JS is racist and they'll defend her anti-semitism as "a long time ago" or "hearsay" but JS's shit which he literally did when he was 19, "He was an ADULT he should've KNOWN BETTER he's DEFINITELY STILL RACIST"

Fucking retarded. No one can ever give me a receipt within the past five years for JSC that shows he's still racist. He's an asshole and too much of a drama queen for someone who owns a business but i think that's also part of why I enjoy it. I don't like fake sweet business models. I don't like being lied to.

People also went back to buying from Doe Deere after less than a year ofsilence because she hired a PR firm to cover social media when she LITERALLY dressed as hitler at 25.

Makeup fans are just retarded sometimes.

/rant over

I've said it once and i've said it again, you will never change the food industry by going vegan and with the way agriculture is right now, going vegan doesn't help the planet. Supporting local and humanely farmed food is the way to go if you don't want animals to suffer.



>follow me around while i eat KFC


No. 363835

I think we're getting off topic here. Fact is KVD is posting IBF stuff for the NUMBERS… not to celebrate expression and individuality. Picture this…. KVD hanging out with IBF in Cologne… hey I'm hungry, let's go to KFC. The cringe factor is so bad. Black Fri Fri… lol….

No. 363856

I wonder if that was truly on purpose or just a cruel coincidence?

No. 363893

Why does it matter if KVD gives her products to someone who isn't vegan? Who cares? The products are vegan so EVERYONE can buy them. She'll make more money if they're accessible to vegans. People who aren't vegan will buy it because it has her name attached to it, and people who are vegan will buy it partly because of her namesake and partly because it's a high end vegan brand and that's what's popular right now.

IBF liking chicken has nothing to do with this?

No. 363895

Plenty of people care and it's a complete punch in the face to the 'vegan as fuck' slogan that she shouts from the rooftop. Very hypocritical and not very well thought through. Moreso if IBF wanted to pursue further connections ti's a pretty DUMB move. Sounds like a self lurking post to me… I smell chicken.

No. 363903

So you're saying if you're not vegan and you buy a vegan brand you're in the wrong? That's dumb as fuck. You can't police people's morals, lol. KVD can be vegan and shout her vegan slogan as much as she wants. It doesn't mean everyone she does business with is going to be vegan as well. Don't be so dense. Also, not a self-post. Not everyone who disagrees with you is one of the cows.

No. 363905

This post is irrelevant. Its about receiving 'free' product and promoting it, but not just 'not' being vegan is the issue but sitting at the worst possible place to eat within a few days of receiving this brand. That's dumb as fuck.

No. 363906

the problem isnt ibf its that ktvd is holier than thou and states nonvegans should basically die but then gives ibf free makeup because shes youtube famous

No. 363909

I don't know what's worse… getting the makeup, eating at KFC or her mentioning someone offered to 'pay for her meal' to get a picture taken. wtf was that supposed to prove? you're so famous your KFC could also be free? beg for lyfe.

No. 363927

That KFC is going to do wonders for her weight loss

No. 363930

maybe she took some home to eat in the bath

No. 364127

lmao anon

No. 364181

File: 1501537457294.jpg (83.88 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n2flh0aKOw1qikgkto1_128…)

I think TT is overpunching it with the weight thing. I think this photo was around the start of the weight gain, she looks fine. She needs to be realistic that she can lose weight but she won't ever be 8 stone again like years ago.

(I'm just guessing with the 8 stone, I don't know how much she'd have weighed back then considering how tall she was)

No. 364230

It's so cringey watching IBF go through social events and sitting with others and just talking to her camera the whole time. Does she have any friends? she always goes to places alone too

No. 364239

That's not necessarily true anon. I had gained a lot of weight due to medication and health issues and I actually worked hard and got my weight below what I weighed when I graduated high school. It will take a lot of work but it IS possible as long as she exercises in addition to dieting. I may be in the minority here but I actually have a lot of hope for Kaya and her weight loss. I think we should be encouraging that rather than say she will not accomplish her goal but maybe that's because of my own feelings in regards to weight loss because I haf thought my own personal accomplishments were impossible.
Sage for blog.

No. 364240


Yeah, it seems a bit lonely. I love my own company but I think the camera just highlights the how on her own she is.

No. 364241

Yeah I get what you mean. I just think she has the idea she'll lose some weight and it'll all be perfect and back to her old self but it will take a long time potentially. I think she just thinks that a few pounds will come off and she'll be the tiny kawaii person she was 4 years ago.

No. 364254

What do you mean? She has so many people lining up to see her at meet and greets… she has friends. Just like a monkey at the zoo.

No. 364256

File: 1501546889732.jpg (66.43 KB, 518x778, 4e315d0bd22d4.jpg)


No. 364311

Honestly I don't know why Kaya is wasting her time and money on lipo when she could lose the weight naturally and then get surgery to fix any potential lose skin.

No. 364374

she is not anywhere near big enough for lose skin i really dont get why people think shes so oooo big no wonder people have such self esteem issues she got a little bit chunky thats it

No. 364471

She could just use that money and get a personal trainer. Lets face it though she would just complain and cry saying " I can't do that" "muh feets". She expects to major results in one week of dieting.(just generalizing) In all honesty it takes a couple months to see a real difference, especially to you get older. (If you lose weight fast tots jelly).If she would stop eating sweets,soda, having extra portions that would help a ton. Also if she would count her calories like 1500 aday and walk for 30mins for 5 days a week she would see a difference Then again she has no will power. Even if you get lipo and dont change your eating habits, you will gain that weight right back.

No. 364512

There's a difference - you actually worked hard to shift the weight, Kaya just tries some fad diet for about 2 weeks then gives up when she doesn't see results, she also seems to have cheat days way too often judging by the pictures she posts on her IG. Her portions are huge and she doesn't look like she's bothering to go to the gym anymore. If she actually put effort in and kept it up for months then all the best to her, but it's hard to try and support someones efforts in weight loss when they're clearly not even trying. It's also a slap in the face to anyone who is genuinely struggling with weight, when we can all see Kaya would drop the weight if she really wanted to. The lipo is just a quick fix (not even a fix at that) and a cop out.

No. 364593

I have to agree with >>364512
Those of us who feel she'll never go back to the way she was is because of all the fad diets she's been resorting to only to give up relatively quickly when she wasn't seeing the results as fast as she wanted. Couple that with her posting lots of photos of her eating all kinds of junk food (her "cheat" days which were seemingly frequent) and saying she doesn't understand why she doesn't lose weight and how she would say she get exhausted doing lots of movement. It just paints a bad picture of someone who just doesn't have self-control. It especially got bad when she mentioned a long while back during one of her weight loss stints that she was getting help from her boyfriend which was dumb to start because he's trying to bulk and that's like the opposite of what she's trying to do.

And you know what, sure medication can cause weight gain but with proper management, it's possible to lose the weight, you're proof of that and that's why people get fed up with Kaya talking about her weight because other than her die hard fans, most people are over it.

No. 364600

The body can do INCREDIBLE things. Look at shows like The Biggest Loser. Those people work their guts out. If you WANT to do something you can make it happen. She's just too fucking lazy.

No. 364615


Oh I agree. I remember The Biggest Loser and yes, if the contestants on that show can do it, so can she if she actually tried and set realistic goals.

No. 364643

File: 1501604292159.png (220.65 KB, 625x353, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.16…)

Does this just not get any worse? Complaining about acne and watching her wipe that filthy sponge over her face? Can't deal.

No. 364662

Yeah, what an "interesting" video - 24 minutes of Kaya complaining and whining about everything. Yawn.

No. 364666

Also what is up with all these "chatty videos" recently? Sebastian Columbine also did one - seriously, who's going to watch 42 minutes of her talking about random stuff?

No. 364769

how many times, its sponsored shes getting paid to get surgery

No. 364772

I dont even know why people are discussing ofherbsandalters as they are not a lolcow.

Kek, that projection, im not the one going on a triggered rant about fat people. But ok i'll edit, please keep your autism and your butthurt in check next time as you have rightly pointed out, you are derailing and shitting up the thread.

I like that she actually showed what they look like on this time. Its a step up.

From what i'm aware of KVD beauty are mostly a social media brand, so rather then big advertisements they send their items to various youtubers-not all of them goths, as their main source of advertisement. And it seems to work as I guess it comes across as more authentic.

You would most likely succeed, the amount of goth youtubers who have lots of haul videos is astounding.

Exactly this. I guess this is why now a lot of goth youtubers are putting out "goth elitism" videos.


Actually I think the real issue is that what it boils down to is just a waste of money-i mean look at momokun and trisha who both got lipo but the results didnt last.


No. 364782

I feel the same. I kind of liked her to start with and then came the video where she pulled the "pay for my lifestyle" crap because reasons. Asking her "fans" that they contact Vid Con (or some con of the kind), requesting that they invite her as a YouTube personality, so she could get there all paid for. At least she did not directly beg for cash but really, that got me thinking… TT 2.0 in the making. EGO!!!

No. 364786

Victoria Fashen does few Band Spotlight videos as well as vlogs, I quite like her.

No. 364788

Loose skin depends on a few factors
>starting size (you don't have to be massive to end up with loose skin. It's more common for people who were once skinny to come back with loose skin)
>How hydrated you are
>If you built any muscle when you lost the weight

Plus just plain old luck. Someone could do everything right and barely be overweight and still come back with loose skin.

If Kaya was smart she'd just lose weight the healthy way because she's never going to keep it off when she gets lipo.

To be honest if she wasn't such a twat I would. I used to enjoy the videos where she'd just talk instead of just hauls and shit.

Overall there seems to be some discord in the makeup community regarding makeup gurus and the like who only post hauls or only post sponsored videos so maybe the chatty thing is trying to make it more personal again.

Still a huge waste.

Nigga will you shut the fuck up about how triggered you are? Christ. No one here is triggered except you and your ego.

No. 364791

I know its been said before that she stalks the site, but i watched a bit of this video and some of the stuff she says confirms she still reads these threads. I personally dont think she would get so much flack were she not so obvious about this.

No. 364792

I've been dreading returning to Amphi Festival and other German fests since the New Year's Eve Cologne attacks. Sorry, I don't mean to start a conversation on such a sensitive issue but I saw IBF touch up on that on one of her last Amphi vlog :(

No. 364795

I dont think the biggest loser is a great example, the expose on how the weightloss was really managed (including using street drugs etc) and how most of the contestants gained the weight back after leaving. Again she looks about the same weight as IBF so I dont see the issue.

Why so mad bro? Calm the fuck down, only one triggered here is you. Also learn to sage.

saged for off topic

No. 364805

Adora has spawned few "mini-me" too, so it seems!

No. 364818

kek now shes a lolcow, i saw a thread about someone being a lolcow because they had kids but post half naked pics all over the net. adora has steadily been posting more and more topless pics to her instagram, and from what i know doesnt she have like, 3 kids? and lotf of really young followers?

No. 364842

Yes she does have kids. I get it but in another hand, she might not operate on the same principles/values as you or I. I have a child and personally, whatever I do could impact my kid so I think twice before putting myself in certain situations, especially online. Parenting is one of the most "nebulous adventures" that life will ever throw at you lol.

What I meant is that she spawned a small army of clones who seem to be just larping as Adora. One being Victoria Lovelace. Her new entourage, if you will.

No. 364855

File: 1501629545531.png (206.06 KB, 640x739, IMG_6474.PNG)

Tbh I like adora's style and her makeup a lot but since shes pretty well known I'd be embarrassed to copy her style honestly. Like this in picture she posted from amphi… I thought she had photoshopped herself into the background but nope, its a friend of hers. I'd be freaked out if I had a friend that started dressing like me, it seems victoria lovelace did the same thing; her style seems to of been way more light and colourful before she got close with adora.
I mean, I understand being inspired by your friends to dress up more especially if you're alf its pretty encouraging but like… don't just be a clone of them???

No. 364856

*alt not alf, whoops

No. 364863

Personality wise she seems very childish, self centered and attention seeking. Her news pictures, i dont just mean he nudity but just the way they are framed scream LOOK AT ME! I mean in pics with other people too. Also her body shape changes from pic to pic.

No. 364867

Hmm i dunno, its a common thing for groups of friends to copy each others styles in subculture circles, it makes them feel more unified against the "normies". I dont think its the same as when normal groups of friends copy each other. In camden where I live you see groups of people dressing in the same specific styles (one group will be all cybergoth, another group all rockabilly) many are even colour co-ordinated to each other with the same looks like in your pic.

saged for OT

No. 364888

It's kinda hard to get a grasp on her weight as she's always wearing large, oversized drapey clothing as opposed to IBF who seems more comfortable enough to wear form fitting stuff.

When TT made her "Why I'm fat" video, she looked fairly large (not morbid large but noticeable larger) and there's no sugarcoating that. But going off the latest picture, despite her wearing a large drapey top, it's totally plauaible that she did lose a small amount of weight.

I just think that the lipo is a waste because it's no guarantee that you will stay that way. Someone mentioned Trisha Paytas and her lipo thing and it's a good example as she's putting the weight back on due to going back to her Mukbang lifestyle.

No. 364900

File: 1501635477815.jpg (321.94 KB, 1648x718, tumblr_nr38n9YJwW1rwgt2yo1_128…)

I thought it was that neanderthal brow VictoriaLoveLace at first
I'm glad to see it isn't, that girl in the Amphi photo is much cuter

No. 364906

I get you mean, I coordinate outfits with my friends, but we would find it a bit weird if one person suddenly started to dress exactly like another friend. but I think its a strange case with Adora because she has a following already so people will just follow her blindly. Its one to agree with a group of friends to wear the same peices in an outfit/same colour scheme (which is really common ofc) than to just blatantly rip from someones personal style, like you want to wear their skin. Im talking more specifically about adora and her followers than just alt groups general but Im having trouble wording it right

No. 364928

>but we would find it a bit weird if one person suddenly started to dress exactly like another friend
There is a fashion called twinstyle-although not directly related to goth I have seen it replicated in goth. Basically the more extreme someones fashion is the more closely their friends mimic it, I assumed its to do with maybe not feeling alone/feeling closer to their friends.

Now Im not for one minute saying people dont copy each other (i mean we all know felice created a band of wannabe clones including she who must not be named lol) but I just know in the goth community that whole thing takes on a different meaning, especially if the person is a close friend (which seemed to be the case in the pic) so to me it could be either way, and from the looks of things adora seems down for it.


No. 364936

You're the one who won't let it die, dude, i wasn't even the person you were originally talking to you collossal retard.

I honestly can't stand her. She only recently started to finally change up her makeup looks and shit.

No. 364947

I have no idea what your problem is, I was literally asking why are you mad, I dont know who you were talking to but you keep saying people here are triggered and angry when they are not, You're the one who cant seem to let this go as you're getting pissed over an old post and are hellbent on just insulting everyone and calling them retards. Like seriously, chill the fuck out.

No. 365033

To be fair, I was a mini Razor Candi at one point. If they keep dressing goth, they'll find their own style.

No. 365337

Agreed! I love her style, always have and frankly if she doesn't care about others mirroring her look then who are we to judge. Is it starting to look a little "cultish"? There is something unique about her but now it's being lost in the see of newborn clones lol. I don't know, maybe she is frilled to have become such a style icon :)

No. 365340

Oh dear, ignore my grammar lol. Can't edit anyway.

No. 365344

Maybe she is making sure to produce all these little clones before she switches to Adora 2.0. This way, she'll still see her legacy roaming the place in the flesh. Adora is ready to shed her skin.

No. 365382

File: 1501702290150.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-02-20-29-04…)

SMH…The absolute state of IBF. That makeup looks like it was done by someone with Parkinson's and os that her gut poking out from beneath her boobs!?

No. 365388

Her foundation always looks like absolute shit. It's a shame because her actual skin is actually quite nice. She has some redness, but I think that may just be irritation from scrubbing off all the foundation/powder/setting spray. She's quite fair-skinned (I think she's said she's a natural ginger?) and I like her freckles.
She's not thin at all, but she's very good at hiding it on camera. Probably by drawing all the attention to her tits.

No. 365408

I was never under the impression she was stick thin, but I never realised her belly actually sticks out past her boobs like that! Unfortunate camera angle for her this time I think.

And I get what you mean about her skin, it's not that bad and with a bit of tlc like proper skincare, not irritating the clean shit out of it with her screwed up "skin bleaching" recipes and plastering stark white crap all over on a daily basis (seriously, all foundations out there are "too dark for her skintone and pure white is the only shade light enough for her", I'm sure she's said on numerous occasions) which is a crock of shit right there. You can see clearly where her foundation ends and her natural skin tone begins so KVD L42 would probably match her just fine and still make her pale enough for her G O T H I C A E S T H E T I C without looking like a crusty mime. She could look decent, but instead she chooses to look like a goth parody 100% of the time for reasons I can't fathom.

No. 365416

She also posted some FB status about people stealing her video ideas lmao yeah right, because black food and hauls are so original

No. 365421


Tbf, she might be referring to Linzor's "Emo to Kylie Jenner Transformation" video which the end result looks remarkable similar to IBF's transformation, albeit better executed. Can't stick Linzor's cringe worthy attention seeking and her stupid "washing my pink hair/ death hawk/ goodness.knows what else hair for the first time" videos either. Seriously…who would actually want to watch that?

No. 365461

I don't mind her makeup that much in this (I think the contour is a little harsh but that's typical with this type of gothlook sometimes so it might've been on purpose) but i do have two things to say about it
>Why the fuck can't she do her eyemakeup consistently despite doing this SAME LOOK LITERALLY EVERY DAY?
>The eyeliner meeting the eyebrow really throws it the fuck off and makes it look really bad.

As for the boob comment, no, she's standing at an angle and possibly isn't wearing a bra so that's her other boob.
Source: I also have fat tits and don't wear a bra.

No. 365613

Parodies are not authentic. She's a poser and not goth. LOOKING like a goth is not being goth. When this really sinks in we might actually get somewhere. Aesthetic is one thing - raking in numbers is not goth. It's just someone with a sever need for attention and fame. Very sad indeed. I actually feel sorry for her. I think youtube has destroyed the culture. Not made it accessible. The makeup on her looks awful. Extreme or a right to be an individual, its the whole package. Tripe. People don't hate her, they hate what she represents. Get that through your thick skull Freya.

No. 365623

If anything youtube has made the culture out to be very shallow, most goth youtubers have haul videos or have videos talking about the cool shit they own or complaining about how they are not considered goth despite ~obviously~ being goth because their face is hidden under 10 layers of white powder. Pretty sad really.

No. 365701

TBH I wouldn't call Freya a poser. She seems passionate about goth and has talked about goth bands on her videos, suggesting which bands to listen to and she goes to a lot of goth shows, unlike other fake "goth' wannabe vloggers (cough TT and Dre and Renee)

No. 365729

Has anyone watched Snowy's latest video about goth music?

No. 365896

She's so gross. The bad makeup, constantly irritated collarbone dermals and faded tattoos. Hideous.

No. 365921

Ah I see, I don't follow YouTubers really so I didn't know about it. Mainstream transformations are hardly original though anyway…

That's definitely not her other breast unless she's the three-boobed woman from Total Recall

No. 366046


Yeah I agree. I think people, especially younger people are more likely to copy someone but if they stay in the game long enough, they'll find their own style eventually.

I'm just not sure on that. To me, a goth is someone who enjoys the music and from the things I've seen of Freya's content, she actually listens to and enjoys the music quite a bit. Sure her look is very over the top and she has some questionable makeup habits but I do think she is a Goth because she enjoys the music. In fact, other than Angela Benedict, she's the only other bigger "Goth YouTuber" who has spoken about the music and doesn't shy away from it like a lot of the others have and I appreciate that immensely.

Pretty much this. Freya may be a bit of an attention seeker and may pump out some cliche content but she loves the music, takes us to shows through vlogging, and you can sense the passion in her love for it.

I watched it and I disagreed with her. I like snowy but that video… I wholeheartedly disagreed with the premise and I think she's trying to pander. The fact that she kept mentioning "elitist" this and "Elitist" that really doesn't help the case either.

No. 366090

>I watched it and I disagreed with her. I like snowy but that video… I wholeheartedly disagreed with the premise and I think she's trying to pander. The fact that she kept mentioning "elitist" this and "Elitist" that really doesn't help the case either.

Yeah I watched it and got that impression too - she probably just doesn't want to alienate her subscribers by saying outright "you have to like the music to be a goth." She has some aspects right and I do agree you shouldn't force yourself to like the music if it's not your thing and you've given it a chance, but then don't call yourself a goth. Just my thoughts.

No. 366229

Oh I'm sure that's the reason. She doesn't want to alienate or lose subscribers for sharing the truth about the subject and that is what I just couldn't stomach because that is one of the reasons how Goth became misconstrued as it is known for now.

And I agree, you shouldn't force yourself to listen to the music but the fact of the matter is that if you don't enjoy the music, the thing that Goth is about, then you're not a Goth and that is okay. If you like dark stuff, you're still darkly inclined and you have a place in the Gothic subculture, keyword being "Gothic" which is home for both Goths and Darkly-Inclined people. The only difference is that you most likely wouldn't see a strictly darkly inclined person at a Goth concert.

No. 366255

IBFs shaved head looks awful she doesn't have the right face shape at all!

No. 366289

I think it looks good

No. 366316


Fucking this! Her hair is awful now. Not the right head shape.
Personally I see her looking tacky. Her make up is somehow becoming worse and with the added new hair cut…

No. 366337

What exactly about her makeup do you find so bad? I'm not a makeup person or anything but I feel she looks okay, just very trad inspired. Is it her foundation? The way she does her dark eyes? Sorry, I just hear people complaining about her makeup and here I am thinking "I think it looks okay?" lol

No. 366371

I would call Freya a poser. Why? If you listen to her response (2 years ago) from her video the Goth Tag all of her answers are appearance based. Spooky stuff and looking goth 'since she started buying her own clothes' is just reinforcing the fact that she didn't get into it because of the music. Seriously, looking and being spooky is a bi-product of a scene kid wanting to be a goth. https://youtu.be/XPmaOchZjI4?t=28 - It's only in very recent times she has made a concerted effort to advertise bands and list a very 'predictable' interest in certain groups because she obviously knows there is more to it than that - but can only grasp at what she knows (or has experienced to date) to be taken seriously. It's never going to happen. FYI her new hair cut is atrocious. Just another scene kid aka Social Repose new wave fuckwit. https://youtu.be/XPmaOchZjI4?t=28

No. 366377

I think she's having a Britney moment. Except she didn't fully shave her whole head. But mentally, I'm sure she's at that point. What's next? Amputation? Anything for views…. hahahahahaha… so sad.

No. 366389

are you reaching for the stars here? for a public figure you would think she would at least try. I think this 'who gives a fuck' attitude works well for those who can deliver quality content or even musicianship or perhaps even credible 'net goth' status - but being on tumblr for 4 years or even present in the scene for less than that is NOT credible. the makeup is just horrid and verges on clown at a goth club for the first time. seriously take another benzo. you love to tell your audience that you're prescribed and unstable…. let's run with that.

No. 366401

I've thought about it but I wouldn't know where to start

No. 366403

replied to the wrong comment? lol

No. 366410

there is nothing flattering about this picture.
I wonder how much she used to get paid for these photoshoots

No. 366434

She even looked like a scene kid at one point, look ather MySpace profile for pics

An anon who claimed to know them (Kaya and Jake) in the previous thread said she would sometimes pay to have the photoshoots done lol. Anyway I think the anon who posted the photo meant it's depressing how skinny she once was compared to her current self.

No. 366441

Its not the style of makeup thats bad but the application. Look at >>365382, the inner corners of her eyes look muddy, her lipstick is wobbly and all her eyeliner/brows is messy and patchy

No. 366467

OT, but I see a LOT of people here saying that you just have to like the music to be goth. So, if a person dressed like a complete basic bitch or normie, but they love Bauhaus, they could say that they're goth?

No. 366472

No, I wouldn't consider them one anyway. Obviously fashion is a part of it but music is first and foremost.

No. 366522

To me, music comes first but also enjoying darker things, stuff that 'normal' would ignore or find strange. If like you like goth music and have more morbid tastes then dressing darkly just seems to go hand in hand, but I dont think its too importent. But thats just me

No. 366527

Seriously. she bases her entire personality around being goth and she the only reason she's popular is because she has a lot of clothes really. I even remember her saying in an old video she hates Christian death but went to go see them live and made a big deal about loving them. and that bit when her bf mentioned he listens to other music and since she has to project the aura of uber goth because she is so shallow she acts disgusted towards anything but goth rock. Honestly I agree with the anons saying you need a mix of the interest in dark stuff, fashion(to a lesser extent) and music, all of it together to be goth, and she seems to have no interest or identity outside of expensive clothes and whatever bands make her look goth to other people. I feel like a lot of goths are like that now. they have no interest in literature, art, or general dark stuff, only who has more expensive clothes and flaunting whatever bands to look more goth than each other. It's boring. there has to be more to talk about in goth besides fashion and the same fucking bands over and over. sorry for the ramble I hope i made some sense here

No. 366539

Well I mean… I think that it's fine if people are initially attracted to Goth from the look and then discover they like the music as well. I mean I won't lie, that's kinda how I got to the Goth scene. I was initially attracted to the look and I stayed for the music. How is that a bad thing?

I was just curious. Like I admitted beforehand, I'm not very knowledgeable with makeup as I hardly wear it myself (and I'm naturally tan). When I look at her makeup, it just makes me think Trad Goth but I decided to do a quick Google image search of trad goth makeup and I suppose I can understand the reason why hers isn't considered good. The stark white foundation she uses is definitely odd and from the photos I've seen of others doing trad inspired makeup, it looks better because they aren't using a white as fuck foundation. So okay my bad. I just wasn't sure.

Well no offense but everyone goes through a phase when they're a teenager lol I remember I looked like a bordering emo when I was in high school and those days are long behind me lol

In my opinion, if they enjoyed the music but just didn't like dressing dark, I still would think they were Goth as they are a fan of the music. But I understand some would think differently. I just think the look isn't everything because even when you look at Post-Punk bands like Joy Division, they didn't look all that theatrical.

Pretty much this

See I like all that but literature is definitely not something I'm very interested in. I used to be into reading a lot when I was younger but now, it's hard for me to really get into a book lol But I do like the other subculture celebrates. But I do agree that it gets tiring watching boring expensive haul videos and unboxings.As for bands, the only people in the YouTube scene whoever seem to mention them are Angela Benedict, Victoria Fashen, It's Black Friday, & Snowy Lother; The rest just seem to go on and on about the fashion or if they talk about music, it's always Metal bands lol

No. 366632

IBF got a haircut but there's no good views of it yet on IG or even in the video she got it cut in. From what I see it looks kinda stupid even for and old goth style. I don't think it suits her. I was hoping she'd do something really different that would work with her hair texture without 5000 hours of teasing but i guess not

No. 366663

I think I got too used to seeing her with her teased hair that I can't imagine her with anything else lol Though I've always wanted to see what she would look like with her hair down

No. 366665

File: 1501882766138.png (567.6 KB, 933x598, 7ef1c1a9f2b3fd80b535e4fd4e05ff…)

I think she naturally has pretty thin hair? Might be from years of constantly dying/teasing it. I think she mentioned before that she sleeps with it teased up, and only brushes it out to wash it.
I didn't realise she was quite so wide, you can't see her waist at all. From what I can tell though, she seems to carry most her weight around her middle.
The video was a bit boring, but her and her husband always seem like a very nice couple. Way more so than Kaya and Jake.

No. 366669

she put her hair down in the video she cut it its actually pretty long and and looks really pretty wish she would leave it like that for once and change her makeup sometimes idk why she never changes its been years

No. 366673

I think it would look better without that long side bang she left on. It just makes it look… kind of sloppy.

No. 366690

Yeah or just shaved a bit closer, but it looks ok there to me. I can agree she looks nice when her hair is down but obviously it's not about what others think - if she prefers it teased up then let her do it

No. 366699

Nope she's done videos that show her hair unteased, it's thick as fuck. Probably damaged to hell though.

No. 366704

Hm well I dunno, I think seeing it styled, it looks pretty good though I'm sure Matthias helped with it since he has the style so she was in good hands lol

I also agree on their chemistry, they do seem genuine and fond of each other.

No. 366706

Oh I know she did but I meant more of if she styled it while down. Like if she put it in a ponytail or down and parted.

No. 366756

o m g . yes, all great guitar players pose and have ridiculous nails. poser!!! what's with the cure vinyl and not even mentioning the name of the album. kek. so disturbing.

No. 366822

wow, i actually really like it. i think deathhawks look goofy when not styled on anyone, though, and it seems to make her happy.

that guitar pose is unforgivable though.

No. 366841

didnt realise you could play holding it with one finger. can't wait for the 'actual' playing. should be amusing. that's if it's one of the 'exciting things' she has planned actually happens. good for her if she actually applies herself. but honestly that pose is so laughable.

No. 367163

The way she has her hand on that guitar is making me cringe so hard. Why are all but one of her fingers BEHIND the fretboard????
Way to make it obvious that she can't play at all.

No. 367192

File: 1501968027382.jpg (1021.88 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7284.JPG)

Candid photo of Kaya from whatever event she's at right now

No. 367195

File: 1501968094212.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7285.PNG)

Actual creepy pasta nightmare fuel. Pale skin and black lips do nothing for her teeth.

No. 367443

>>367163 she's an idiot.

No. 367480

Is this what she meant by "Exciting new ideas"? Unboxing something besides clothes?

No. 367503


I actually kinda like this outfit - I think she could do something more flattering with her hair and make up though.

No. 367549

Hasn't she already done a load of dumb candy unboxings? We know you love your food Freya but come on… come up with something original for once

Yeah I don't think the outfit is too bad but she looks… off somehow? She always towers over everyone, I mean if she likes platforms fair enough but if I was her height and weight I wouldn't want to make myself even taller and look like a giant in comparison to everyone else, it only emphasises how large she really is. The shaved hair is also not particularly flattering as she has gained weight on her face

No. 367583

that lady next to her looks pretty short and kaya is pretty tall shes not even wearing platforms here she cant help being tall if she wants to wear big platforms she should. not wearing them because people will stare is dumb isnt that kinda what goth is all about?

No. 367585

Sorry anon, there's a little more to gothic style than just "being stared at".

On another note (and yes I'm sure the woman she's posing with is fairly short, but the women behind her look quite normal in height and she's still colossal in height compared to them!) I wonder how.much she actually weighs!? She's super tall as well as chubby…so I bet the numbers on her scales are staggering…

No. 367586

File: 1502026109517.jpg (7.95 KB, 210x210, dynamite-03-bpu.jpg)


> shes not even wearing platforms here

She is wearing platforms - they're Demomias. 5 inches I think.

No. 367591

no i meant dressing how you like and not caring that people dont like it(and yes im aware thats not the onlything about being goth/gothic) as for the platforms yeah they look shorter in the photo because of the angle but it doesnt matter

No. 367623

In fairness it's a kind of "top down" angle so it's going to further emphasize how tall she is, but no denying she's big

No. 367627

if you want a laugh go look at the troglodytes tt and jake are taking pictures with on twitter
the group photo with the girl clinging onto tt is hilarious

No. 367634

File: 1502034043368.png (1.73 MB, 1079x1733, IMG_20170806_163715.png)

>>367627 I'm dying!

Jake looks like he's had the comedown of the century as he realizes who his fans actually are. Look at that unbridled look of disgust!!

No. 367637

File: 1502034201717.png (876.64 KB, 1080x1733, IMG_20170806_163739.png)

Ahahah, oh Jake…gotta be a kick in the nuts for ya, hmm? Bet he imagined all his fans to be hot, tall and thin goth girls.

I don't mind Kaya…she's got issues yeah but her personality isn't entirely repulsive…but Jake? Ahaha, he's a prize cockwomble and these photos are making my day!

No. 367640

rofl post more, these are great.

No. 367642

lol he just looks like a fat chav with piercings.

No. 367652

He's absolutely revolting both physically and personality wise. How he has the audacity to call himself goth when at most, (and I'm being generous here…), he's just a half assed skate park dweller looking fool, is beyond me. I wish he'd just take himself and his boring as fuck blogs and just hide away in some unexplored corner of the earth…

No. 367654

Ahem, *vlogs.


No. 367656

Agreed anon. Besides, plenty of chavs have stretched ears and piercings nowadays, he thinks simply wearing all black clothing makes him goth. What a fucking idiot.

No. 367673

Even when he -did- "goth" it up with his makeup and such, he looked like a shit transvestite tbh. Goth makeup on men looks best when the man in question has distinguishable masculine features such as chiselled jawbones/cheekbones, a nice angled nose etc. Jake has a literal potato face where you can't even see where his face ends and his neck begins…he can't pull off goth even if he tries.

No. 367678

Sorry anon but I think it's a little …unfair? to say you have to have specific features to "pull off" goth. He never looked goth even before because he was an emo, look at all of Kaya's early vids with him - emo hair, emo look and emo music (still).

No. 367687

Call it personal preference if you will then. My point is, he still looked an absolute twat when he wasn't half assing his look (and I wholeheartedly agree with you on him being "emo" back then rather than "goth", hence me putting goth in quotation marks since he seemed to -think- he was, but that's just what Jake and TT do isn't it? Tar all alt scenes under one big G O T H umbrella!) No amount of makeup could mask that potato of a face and make it look good. He's an ugly fucker whether he's goth, emo, chav or otherwise.

No. 367697

File: 1502037340387.jpg (14.62 KB, 236x314, 7ec150d93e17bcfed6d46fd94de6cf…)


He looks cool in some of his older photos but he was a lot younger and he wasn't so bulked up.

The way he styles himself now makes him look like a complete douche. I don't know if it's the hair or the sunglasses or the piercings or the combination of the three along with his massive fucking ego.

No. 367700

Surely top down angles are more flattering in terms of making you appear thinner? Christ just how big is she then? Notice her thighs in that pic are pretty big but in all her IG photos they look average, guess she forgot to photoshop this time.


Meh he looks ok but I still see more emo there than goth

No. 367705

They weren't her images to photoshop, that's why! These are fan photos, haha!

No. 367716

Oh I see haha, such a difference from her edited IG photos eh..

No. 367737

File: 1502039243121.jpg (40.13 KB, 400x300, aiwOLgs.jpg)

I don't know what you guys are talking about, Jake's always looked crazy gothic.. not emo at all! /sarcasm

No. 367774

I'm sorry but he looks like a straight up Emo, not Goth at all. I remember seeing a lot of kids who looked like him when I was in high school lol

Lovely lol but yeah, they look very 2005-2006 here. A Mall-Goth and a Emo haha.

No. 367779

File: 1502043051835.jpg (87.11 KB, 532x510, 1501968027382 (1).jpg)

her size and her hair remind me of Hagrid from HP.

I think it's time for Kaya to stop with this goth stuff and get an actual job.

No. 367796

>I think it's time for Kaya to stop with this goth stuff and get an actual job.

Well goths can have jobs but yeah she does seem to spend more time trying to seem uber goth when she should be taking more time out to look for work instead of expecting to live on YT income and peoples gifts forever, that shit won't last.

No. 367872

File: 1502053896087.jpg (515.76 KB, 952x715, l.jpg)

No. 367873

File: 1502053906097.jpg (460.27 KB, 943x627, Untitled 1.jpg)

No. 367877

File: 1502054298798.jpg (16.56 KB, 400x300, tumblr_llnqg1xwrk1qikgkto1_400…)

Jake wasn't always a chav…

No. 367878

File: 1502054329004.jpg (45.27 KB, 310x424, tumblr_llrxyseTnH1qikgkto1_400…)

Wow, she had such a gorgeous waist

No. 367879

File: 1502054356171.jpg (47.61 KB, 400x533, tumblr_llo29u8NcO1qikgkto2_400…)

This is such a crazy look, even for goth/cyber punk haha

No. 367881

She sticks out like a sore thumb, everyone else is so casual and she looks like such a tryhard, I swear every fake internet goth like her has to be extremely OTT for every mundane thing they do

No. 367885

The girl that's holding on to Kaya for dear life looks like she has problems.

No. 367889


Yeah… don't know whether to feel sorry for her or feel sorry for Kaya

No. 367928

Yeah he was an emo

Not hating on "larger" folk but I just find it highly amusing the only alt looking people there are big, I bet Jake was hoping for super skinny, tall goth girls that we all know he loves.

No. 367937

why does everyone look so inbred

No. 367951

The UK

No. 367959

Is Jake wearing tights?

No. 368079

It's just not even funny anymore. If she does lurk here I almost think she's prepared to put out so much dross just so people continue talking about her - either way I'm sure she loves reading about herself - good or bad. She's that pathetic.

No. 368161

I hope it is.

I don't understand how he even manages to be such a huge douche/annoying. At least he makes TT look compared to him, she really deserves someone better. If they ever break up I hope it's her who will do it and it crushes his ego a bit.

No. 368172

File: 1502095195716.jpg (59.47 KB, 610x610, EoGKkIe.jpg)

I think those are the black gym leggings guys wear, like these. Totally not chavvy or anything lol…

No. 368176

speaking of rubbish i just had a vision of empty doritos bags and other waste in a gutter… along with poorly applied makeup like a washed up drag queen… maybe that's some inspiration for a new video - or even a pop music video - because you know… she plays guitar and wants to be in a band - it makes total sense! jesus christ I need a drink.

No. 368230


Yeah, they look like the uniform of either a chav or an insufferable spice boy.

No. 368249

i wonder how much he flirted with kelly on this trip

No. 368252

File: 1502114914868.jpg (33.01 KB, 410x342, teef.JPG)


At least IBF is going back to having paid promotions for whitening her teeth

No. 368276

They still look yellow as fuck in that picture lmao

No. 368321

So are these their fans? That's hilarious and depressing at the same time.

No. 368354

All that white makeup isn't helping her teeth look better. I saw a video once about goths and a guy said a good makeup rule was not to go too white because it will yellow the teeth. I guess no one ever said that to Freyja.

No. 368428

lol you guys dont even watch the videos do you shes mentions why their still yellow(she had one tooth go bad and youre not suppose to use it on a bad tooth) and she also mentions that they look more yellow because her super white makeup

No. 368451

I said "in that picture" so no, I didn't watch it. It's teeth, so I don't really care to see it.

My teeth are sorta yellow and even when I wear foundation that's a touch lighter than my own skin tone it makes them look super yellow lol, hers most be extremely yellow to look like that though…

No. 368472

Why the hell would anyone want to watch boring videos put out by some narcissist who wants to get paid?

No. 368498


Never head that but if that's the case, do you think that if IBF didn't go so extreme with mime-like foundation, her teeth wouldn't look so loud?

No. 368592

File: 1502148094686.png (778.64 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_2017-08-08-00-19-17…)

Do I suspect a little chin photoshopping going on here?

No. 368593

Yeah really badly done photoshop

No. 368668

Dre does NOT look like that, lol. Watch her in Kelly Eden's videos and you'll see how she's much larger with a rounder face. BTW I don't think she looks bad, she is T H I C C but she gotta stop shooping her pix.

No. 368895

What do you guys think of Angela's latest vid? I fully agree with her to be honest

No. 368896

Angela replied to Snowy and at one point quotes Jake and Kaya

No. 368899

Just watched it and agreed 110% I'm glad someone finally came out and told it like it is. She didn't do it in a malicious way and was polite but to the point. I'm glad she made that response as I wasn't expecting anyone to give the video an honest reply.

No. 368901

Yeah, I agreed with her but the comments section was predictable as you're seeing some people "triggered" by what she said, it's kinda hilarious lol

No. 368905

Yeah you could totally see how passionate she is about the subculture but also how fed up she is with online goths, I don't blame her. The juice and chef analogies were perfect too

No. 368908

Definitely. That's why I love her content, you can see the passion when she's talking about these things and not trying to pander.

No. 368912

you dont have to make your life about goth and you dont have to make your youtube channel about goth fuck me saying if they go to your channel and all they see is hauls, they see theyre 'personality' theres no need to make everything ou do online about how goth you ar, theres only so many times you can make a video about goth basics, 'this is the goth music i like' now what? 100 videos about which music they like if someones youtube channel is about makeup and clothes why the fuck does it matter if theyre goth? hate these cows for being hypcritical cunts not just because you personally dont like them, fuck me.

No. 368918


This video was life. The Kayak and Jake references were quite easy to find too haha

No. 368936

One of the points she was trying to make was that YT channels filled to the brim with just hauls, makeup tutorials, transformations and sponsored crap are a misrepresentation of what goth is all about. And then to have some of these same YTers come out and say not liking the music still makes you a goth is pandering in an attempt to not lose subscribers. You missed the point entirely. In any case I'd rather watch a YTer only talk about the music than just constant unboxing or hauls…

No. 368940

i knew it jake seemed to forget kaya in the new vlog hahahah

No. 368949

This here.

No. 368973


> "They make misguided, uninformed, untrue statements while openly claiming to hate us but still claiming to be part of the subculture - with their hands out, asking you to fund their lifestyle"

No way this isn't about Jake and Kaya. Lol

No. 368977

Also the "all goths are elitists, oh here's my PO box send me stuff" - another Jake/Kaya reference too I'm sure. XD (I don't think that was the exact quote but something along those lines…)

No. 368990

I agree with everything she says in this video, but I dont understand how she cannot see that being called "darkly inclined" instead of goth by goths is not something that people like, that would make me feel unwelcome as fuck!
Then I think I would prefer to just not be called anything at all.

I do love how harsh she was when talking about money grubbing youtube goths being the front runners on the goth scene online right now, its really sad that young people are going to see Kaya and BF as the first thing when they search goth online..

No. 369013

But frankly it's the truth. If you're not into Goth music like at all no matter what era then you just aren't a Goth and that's okay. You know back then people who were into things that weren't considered the norm were just called "Alternative" which was the umbrella term for all people who didn't care about the norm. So if you wanted to call yourself something that hints that you like unconventional things and don't want to be called "Darkly inclined", just go with "Alternative" because it's the true umbrella term for all people who don't fit the conventional.

But yeah I was also glad how she didn't sugarcoat the snake-like actions of the likes Kaya & Jake, two of the biggest appropriating people of the subculture who try to have their fans fund their lifestyle.

No. 369031

I really wish she was more popular…

No. 369033

>>369031 She is going to be less popular now. Did you see the comments?

No. 369042

Yeah I just took a look at the comments and it's not looking too good despite the few positive ones but you know what? Are you really surprised? For years, this topic was being avoided and we kept having cows like Toxic Tears & Jake spreading their misinformation with no one really calling them out.

I think this is what makes Angela great. She most likely has nothing to lose with YouTube in terms of ad revenue so she doesn't have to pander to people and tell them what they want to hear unlike say It's Black Friday. She can be real with her audience and it's a rude awakening for those who were blinded to the truth of it all.

No. 369043

im subscribed to angela honestly her vids are mostly boring just talking like she has the right answer to everything

No. 369085

Yes her videos are talking but if you don't like her personality or aren't interested in goth music and subculture, which is what she talks about…. Why are you subscribed to her? Not enough haul videos for you?

No. 369095

dont like haul videos either i like stuff like vlogs and diy stuff which im hoping she will do i like her style

No. 369112

Are you from the LA, Utah, or Austin goth scenes? You sound young af if you think that it matters that she dressed like a scene kid before she got into goth.

Inb4 white knighting
I used to leave my deathhawk up when I had one. It started dreading and I had to shave it all of. No wonder her hair looks so thin

No. 369136

Well then she's just not the right one for you because personally, I enjoy her content. When she does story videos, she has this way of wording things that makes it sound like I'm watching a movie. I can feel her passion when she's sharing her stories or talking about the music and to me, that's a breath of fresh air in this torrent of nothing but hauls and million makeup tutorials.

No. 369245

HAHAHA!! Her content is like hair with like dogs and their owners. It's wearing thin…. OMG LOL.

No. 369247

I'm not even from the US nor am I young, I just found it amusing she used to be quite scene looking before she transitioned to goth, someone else pointed it out too so I was just going on that. Fair enough people have phases before they find themselves but I just found it amusing is all.

I can see your point to an extent, yes it would be easier to just say "I'm a goth" when asked instead of "Oh no I'm not a goth, I'm just darkly inclined" but it's the equivalent of calling yourself a metalhead if you don't like metal at all, just because you dress like one. I think just saying you're alternative or dark would be better really.

No. 369254

File: 1502274088547.jpg (71.89 KB, 828x430, ZJnvqsx.jpg)

Saw these comments on Snowy's vid, uh oh we're getting a response video from her soon…

No. 369258

>she sounds like an elitist even though shes against elitism

Holy shit did they even watch angelas video kek

No. 369262

honestly angelas video confused me she made it sound like a personal attack against her but she also agreed with snowey but made it seem like she wasnt agreeing idk im still confused

No. 369269

I don't think it was a personal attack per se, just a much needed rant about the widely circulated myth that you don't have to like goth music to be a goth. I think Angela was just fed up and Snowy's vid was the icing on the cake. That's how I took it anyway

No. 369283

Angela's video was not a personal attack in the slightest. She was polite, reasonable and made very good points. I think some people are just getting butt-hurt because someone finally came out and said what needed to be said and didn't tell them what they wanted to hear like a lot of the lolcows mentioned here do. The fact that some of those people are calling Angela an elitist is hilarious as she's the farthest thing from.

I'm curious on what Snowy's response is going to be but eh, I already can tell what she's going to say.

Whatever the case, I still think Angela's video was one that needed to be made and if it triggers people who it may very well apply to, that's their own problem.

No. 369287

no i said said angela acted like snoweys video was a personal attack against her like she acted like snowy was calling her an elitist when she never even mentioned her name. and they're both saying the same things in their videos. i agree with with them both this is why im confused.

No. 369289

File: 1502279763027.jpg (203.43 KB, 778x1166, tumblr_lseww5epfo1qikgkto1_128…)

Sorry if this is just a random person in the end but is this TT?

No. 369293

yes thats TT

No. 369294

No. 369303

Yup that's her, weight gain has completely changed her face but it's her

No. 369347

Reading Kaya's old blogs is actually quite depressing. She actually used to have a life outside making haul videos and eating out whilst vlogging like she does these days…and it seems like she really enjoyed it. There's even blogs describing how she was hoping to get a "proper job" outside of modelling and going to gigs and such (which she says now just fill her with dread, the same as clubs) It's quite sad to see how far she's been dragged down to the point of becoming a lazy, money grabbing scrote. I think Youtube popularity has maybe taken more of a toll on her mental and physical health as well as her outlook on life than she realizes.

No. 369368

Classic example of "fame" getting to your head. Same thing with IBF, her early videos were at least varied and interesting and she seemed genuine, but now… she's just in it for the popularity.

Is it just me or do Jake and Kaya seem more like friends than bf/gf? Like, just from watching his vlogs with her and the way they interact they come across as friends more than anything (and not even good friends at that). Even their 6 (or 7?) year anniversary video he came across as uninterested and bored. I think Jake would probably like to leave her especially as I think he must hate how big she's gotten, but the chance at getting e-famous off her back is too much for him so he sticks around. Guaranteed once her YT channel eventually dies down he'll be off.

No. 369405

Found the girl clinging onto TT. That hairy chin tho.

No. 369424

Angela needs to get off her high horse and move on. Some people like got fashion and not the music, it doesn't make them not goth! I like rap but dress punky I still class myself as a punk

No. 369442

It's ok to like other music, she never said you couldn't. But if you don't enjoy goth music then you can't/shouldn't call yourself a goth. If you don't like punk music then I wouldn't call you a punk personally

No. 369462

Oh my God she looks so beautiful here. What happened? Let this be motivation to not get fat.

No. 369491

I have to agree that Jake & Kaya just seem like acquaintances/friends than boyfriend & girlfriend. Say what you want about IBF and Matthias, they clearly do have affection and genuine care for each other. I'm not trying to imply that their relationship is superior, no relationship is perfect. But if just feels like the only reason Jake is with Kaya is for her E-Fame whereas Matthias seemed to have already had a life and had something going for him (going to school for his passion) and didn't need to rely on someone's E-fame, at least that's the impression I get from how he is whenever he's featured in Freya's videos.

Pretty much what >>369442 said. Did you even watch the whole video? She wasn't saying that you only had to listen to just Goth music, you can listen to other genres as well.

No. 369513

File: 1502308226853.jpg (35.44 KB, 400x500, tumblr_lsr47b01Cy1qikgkto1_400…)


Yeah I can't imagine him ever doing this again. In old pictures they're always cuddling, kissing and she sits on his lap and stuff. They don't even hug in videos.

No. 369532

He looks like a chav in platforms. Has Jake ever been goth???

No. 369538

File: 1502310332606.jpg (90.68 KB, 400x555, tumblr_n1x5wbuyT91qikgkto1_400…)

he use to look more goth

No. 369540

No. 369541

If you mean like a mix of Mall-Goth & Visual Kei, then sure, sure he did.

Man seeing these old pics of Kaya is just haunting. How old was in these old pics? It's just such a drastic change

No. 369546


She's 18/19/20 in most of these. She's 24 now.

No. 369551


Ah okay thanks. It's really eye-opening how much a body can change in a 4-5 year span. I look at myself and I still look a tad like my old self only I have way better dress sense as back then I had no sense of coordination lol

No. 369552

He clearly hates that she's gained weight

No. 369627


Creepiest ever comment from Jake ever at 0:55. YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS STOOD RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.

No. 369644

youre pretty silly if you think complimenting a friends tattoo is creepy, hit him for being boring and annoying not for trivial shit

No. 369669

I just mean the way he said adorable. Just seems a bit weird to me.

No. 369699

Angela made a follow up video about the response to Snowy. She makes yet another reference to Kaya as well

No. 369709

then you're NOT a punk if you don't listen to punk music. I was part of a punk subculture and everyone in the scene went to punk shows, supported punk bands and would go on trips to see bands play in other towns. So yeah you're not a punk if you don't like punk music. Same with Goth.

No. 369710

She literally was right there on snowys video and she still manages to misquote here. Honestly though, who died and made her goth queen.

No. 369713

i think snowy meant about the music and elitist is that they think if you dont listen to bands like Bauhaus that youre not goth like any other type of goth subgenre like industrial doesnt count

No. 369726

Snowy literally says "elitists take music seriously more than anything else" she didn't say only elitists take music seriously or that if you take it seriously you're elitist. She just said it seems to be the biggest hot button issue in goth and people are more likely to be elitist about music more than anything else. Talk about hearing trigger words and instantly getting offended, Angela.

No. 369735

Perhaps you may be right but that's just carelessness on her end then. She should've specified more but clearly she didn't and we all know why she didn't.

And yet people are taking Angela out of context when she went as far to list to different varying sub-genres of Goth (Goth Rock, Post Punk, Darkwave, Coldwave, Ethereal, New Romantic, & some Industrial). what's your point?

You must be dense then because no one is saying Angela is the queen of anything. She just answered the question truthfully and told it like it is. some people just couldn't handle the truth and their reactions were both predictable and hilarious.

No. 369743

Posers only make the music a huge issue. Most people with a genuine interest in goth don't give a second thought to the music because that's what they're there for. The only people screaming about elitists are the ones that are fashion-only.

At this point can we just call them fashion-goths?

No. 369745

Right, I remember that self gratifying fourty second of her listing off every goth genre she know of bc she's just the oh so very gothiest of all goths!! And?

No. 369750

I like Angela but she is ironically dangerously close to sounding very self entitled and, dare I say, elitist, about goth in these videos, even when explaining why shes not. For somebody saying in her video that she doesn't really care and goths dont actually care as long as youre not an asshole to goths, she sure does seem to care alot.

No. 369757

Cyber Jeffrey Star.

No. 369763

The Give-Us-Gibz Sisters. United, at last!

No. 369765

I feel the same way. I mean I always thought she was a little bit on the elitist side tbh. Remember that flower crown tutorial she made. That was just a little bit… weird to me. I had to show my friends to make sure I wasn't going crazy. She put way too much significance in gluing some fake flowers to a headband. I liked the hair tutorial after that though but I think it could have been one video.

No. 369794

File: 1502336430483.png (944.02 KB, 801x588, IMG_6152.PNG)

No. 369796

Oh sure, she's elitist because she merely talks about the music and will defend it. Well I stand by my original sentiment that the only people throwing a hiss-fit are the people who got upset to hearing the truth and not being spoon-fed pandering garbage that usually happens whenever the topic is brought up.

No. 369809

This. One person tells the truth for once and you get all salty. You were team Angela until you realized she wasn't pandering to the masses and now she's an elitist. You just can't handle it. Go back to your pointless haul videos and feel important.

No. 369827

Did I say I'm team anything? Did I say I even disliked her? I don't so why are you getting so worked up? It's an arbitrary title honestly. Like who cares why people call themselves goth? It shouldn't be the be all end all of your personality. When people try so hard to so rigidly define it, it starts feeling silly. Childish even. A fourty-something year old woman should not be as upset as she is that Rebecca on instagram used the goth hashtag because she put a choker on. The music is the music and the subculture will always naturally orbit around that. Why does it even matter so much?

No. 369831

Hey at least hauls are fresh content. They don't just reupload old videos and proudly showcase their comments fights.

No. 369836

People were asking her the same questions that she did videos about and she reposted I think like 3 of them. It was annoying because I'm a subscriber and I already saw them but it's prob annoying to have to answer the same questions every day. She hasn't done that in a while though. It's just obvious who the snowflakes are when people go from saying that they wished more ppl knew her to making fun of her after she talked about the music.

No. 369845

I can guarantee you that I was not one of the people saying that more people should know her. I like her little stories but anything beyond that she's kind of annoying.
I'm more bugged about how she purposely misconstrued Snowy for the sake of some inconsist rambly video. Then she "apologizes" that she may have not been clear in the first video by saying that anyone who disagrees with her was just "triggered" when it's pretty clear she just got "triggered" by Snowys video first. She heard the words elitist and music and flew off the handle. I get that her teen years were the best of her life but she needs to grow out of them now.

No. 369858

>>369845 She asked Snowy what she meant before making her response to it. Why go to her first to make sure she didn't get it wrong if she planned to make a butthurt video about it? In the second one she didn't apologize about anything. She was saying that people heard trigger words and that's not the same as being triggered. If you don't like her talking about her teen years don't watch her channel because its almost all about her life in the 90's.

No. 369897

I actually think that the music marks time. I also think that ulness you are freakishly interested in music, will really play a whole album from beginning to end and know band members names. I also think that if you have no idea who certain bands are or 'identify' with the music, you're just not into the scene. The scene is about music and fashion to a much lesser degree…. but I honestly think those who choose fashion over the music - and thrive on aesthetic are just a) not as interesting b) too lazy to care about the evolution of music and music making c) shallow as shit. It much 'easier' to buy some clohthes, wear some restyle and fit in, than it is to have a conversation about music - and I mean talk about music - not just list bands or genres. Where are those videos? All I see are youtube videos about 'talking about talking about music' - but nothing indepth. Apart from goth cast, victoria fashen and badn interviews that are so rare… less talking and pointing finger, more content about bands and their music. Oh….. that's right - it's easier to watch a haul, or a rant. The scene is 75% online nowadays anyway. I'm off to read something… learn something… instead of reading about this shit.

No. 369910

I'd recommend checking out Cemetery Confessions, they talk about all sorts of things about the scene.

No. 369913

Yep know it well.

No. 369918


what do ya'll think of goth moth? something about her rubs me the wrong way but i can't say what.

No. 369927

omg CANT STAND HER. So rude. I remember joining YouTube and paid her a compliment (or IT a compliment) and she fobbed me off by saying something like good for you…. horrid. Reminds me of someone on a hoarders show.

No. 369929

She (gothmoth) seems quite up herself too. I mean, there's nothing wrong with loving yourself and in fact it's better than say, someone like TT who always complains about their every flaw, but I just find it sort of weird. I've seen people leave her comments like "you're pretty" and she'll respond "yeah I know". If that were me I'd just say thanks and move along. Maybe I'm just nitpicking lol.

No. 369932

When I look at this photo I just see TT's face looking really depressed that Dre will probably have more subs than her within a year. You're on your way out Kaya. That preppy potter vibe is just another excuse to wear a baggy cardigan. Dre is a fuckwit, but I'd rather her over Kaya any day of the week. God, I wish she'd just fuck off.

No. 369935

I know right? Phew for coming back with yet another thrilling video - I think I felt a bit of sick in the back of my throat.

No. 369950

Reminds me of someone I know. She was lacking so much confidence that the way she went about it was to take a good confidence boost injection and went to the opposite way. Makes them pretty delusional and unseverable. Nothing wrong with being confident and self-love though.

No. 369952

insufferable *

No. 369956

I lol'ed, good work anon

No. 369961

I think there is a different between throwing a hiss-fit about elitist and then just thinking somebody is one.. I think Angela IS an elitist about goth but that doesn't mean I HATE her, I feel like you have got to be a little bit elitist in order to be goth, especially because of the whole music discussion. I dont think being a bit snobby over your subculture is a bad thing as long as youre not an asshole to people, and Angela isn't.
The only thing that annoys me is that she is trying hard to say that she doesn't care when she very clearly does, you can't say I don't really care and goths don't actually really care and then spend this much time concentrating on talking about why you DO care and why goths DO care. Just be honest and say yes some parts of a subculture gotta be a bit harsh and a bit snobby, thats how it works. There IS rules.
As long as youre not a total asshat who gets triggered and bullies when a 13 year old girl in a choker from the mall calls herself goth, then I actually think being a bit elitist about your subculture is a good thing and keeps it together.

No. 369962


From her Tumblr posts it seems like she's a furry and that says a lot about her

No. 369967

I agree with you but try replacing "elitist" with "protective" and "snobby" with "purist" for example. The word "elitist" does a disservice to what Angela is trying to convey. She does not state that her opinion is above all and superior (which is what the word means really). I think that it would remove us from the antagonising nature of the word and help us focus on the subject at hand which is -how do we make sure that the subculture does not devolve into a fashion contest and dies, whilst paying some respect to the bands who made it what it is, and still is?

The word gets people so emotional, it ends up clouding the discourse.

No. 370042

so what about deaf goths? i know a group of deaf people and half of thm are goth they obviously dont listen to the music are you going to tell them they cant be goth because they dont listen to it? maybe yall should concentrate on more important thing than subgenres

No. 370045

so how many songs make you goth? likeing that one song by the cure? no, you need atleast 10 songs? but you need to know them all by heart? you have to own the songs? maybe liking only 9 songs oh boy guess you cant be goth, something so arbitrary as music isnt a mark for how goth you are

No. 370048

what i dont get is the thought process
theyre not goth they dont talk about goth music
theyre not goth they dont even use goth music in their videos
theyre not goth because they dont talk about goth
they used a goth song theyre trying too hard to show theyre goth
pick a fucking side
jesus christ never in a group of outcasts would you think youd find so many people saying you have to be like this or you cant sit with us

No. 370053

It's an age old argument. Deaf people can still experience and enjoy music in many other ways.Starting with beats and lyrics.



No. 370054

yes they can enjoy the beat but i highly doubt they can feel the difference between goth and whatever else

No. 370055

Just like the melody is a mood elevator, beats carry the same effect. And other sounds that your able ears can't perceive/ear.

No. 370056

I meant vibrations.

No. 370079

Daaamn so many butthurt people on this thread lol

No. 370120

Oh I remember GothMoth, I used to watch her back in the day when she made some discussion videos. There were some things I disagreed with like her whole "Bubblegum Goth" thing and how she said it's an actual Goth thing but aside from that, she seemed okay though recently when I went back to watch re-watch her videos, I decided to look in her comments section and yeah… She does seem to have high sense of self. I saw some replies where someone would compliment her and she'd say something like "Yeah I know."

And then I watched her recent video on Gender pronouns and I just mentally checkedo ut. Anyone who thinks that pronouns like "Ze", "Zer", or "zhey" should be respected is an absolute moron though I'm not surprised because the video she made before was about Tumblr and how great it is. Should've seen that one coming lol

No. 370124

Pretty much what >>369967 said. Angela is just being protective and purist (talking about the music) and that is not a bad thing. It was about time someone came out and said what needed to be said instead of going on and on about Gothic clothing haul this and unboxing video that. I'm not afraid to say that out of all the Lolcows mentioned here, I would only count like two of them as actual Goths (just a bit lolzy) and the rest are just Darkly Inclined but use the goth moniker for E-fame and exploits to get free shit.

Where in the video did she say anything like that? No one is saying you have to like x many songs from a particular Goth band. There are literally thousands of Goth bands and you're not going to like every song of theirs. I mean personally, I only enjoy like one song from Bauhaus and I can't really get into the rest of their music. But someone who truly wants to get into Goth music will end up finding songs they do enjoy and could build a playlist consisting of songs from all kinds of Goth bands of the varying subgenres.

As for talking about music, no one is saying that someone should only make videos on just the music and nothing else but surely something like a top 10 favorite Goth songs video or even highlighting some bands you enjoy can suffice. I mean lets look at TT for example. When have you ever seen her make at least one video about Goth music? Never. It's only hauls and unboxings or Makeup.

And sorry but contrary to popular stupid belief, Goth always had a certain foundational guideline. When people say shit like "Goth is whatever you want it to be", it's just false as that definition mainly originally applied for "Alternative". Alternative was the umbrella term for outcasts who liked being unconventional and giving the middle finger to mainstream society but deep inside the mountains of alternative you'd find certain camps of music-based subcultures (Punk, Goth, Metal, Emo, etc.) and each of them had music-based foundations.

No. 370126

a purist>???? yall soudnd like voldemort

No. 370147

>>370048(not directed at you)(sorry for my crappy writing and if it doesn't make sense)(dyslexic sorry)

Now, when I was in high school if you called your self a goth it was so cliche.


If you actually listened to a genre you earned the right to say you were a part of that subculture, if you knew your shit. (If you brought up the fact you are a part of a particular subculture lets say goth every 2 seconds you look like tryhard, very uncool at the time.)

If you didn't have a main genre of music but into dark things, music or etc.. you were just a darkly inclined, different, freak, your own thing, or just alternative.

I knew alot of people hated being labeled. Also some people hated being labeled as goth; because they were just being themselves or apart of another subculture altogether.

You can dress how you like, your just expressing your self. It just doesn't seem fair to the people who are really into the music to call your self goth. In my opinion.

From my veiw,

I'm a metalhead. If you dressed metal and didn't listen to the music. I just think your a groupie or not a metalhead at all.

No. 370149

I enjoy only the purest salt

No. 370174

lol ok

No. 370188

Her eyebrows look ridiculous as well. I like drawn on eyebrows personally but the way she does hers… just looks fucking weird, almost like she purposely wants them to look stupid.

No. 370287


But let's be real here. No one will say they're Goth 24/7 in person. I won't lie, in all my life I have never met anyone else who actually liked Goth music and the few who claimed to be "goth" were nothing but Metalheads. They could go on and on about Metal bands but when I tried to talking Goth music with them, it was crickets. I didn't hold them against it but the more I learned about Goth music, the more I started forming my own opinion on the subject as a whole.

"I'm a metalhead. If you dressed metal and didn't listen to the music. I just think your a groupie or not a metalhead at all."
Yep, it's exactly like that lol People who claim to be a music-based thing but have no interest in it at all are just like groupies.

Yeah I was always irked that she drew her eyebrows so angular and thin. I mean, I'm kinda assuming she takes her makeup inspiration from the 80s trad look but something looks very off. I'm not sure if it's just the quality of her camera or maybe it's because the makeup is so intense and the first thing my goes to is her black Septum piercing which just really throws the makeup look off in my opinion.

No. 370288

*The first thing my eye goes to is her black septum piercing

No. 370293

this whole thing is just so tiresome im honestly tired of hearing about whats goth whats not and the word elitist i dont even want to be considered goth by normies if they ask me if im goth im going to say hell no

No. 370301

People get too salty over this I swear. Sorry kiddos, you aren't goth unless you involve the music. You don't get to be a lolita just because you like the look of the fashion and to look at the dresses, you have to wear it. You can't call yourself a metalhead and not listen to metal bands. You can't call yourself a b-boy and not freaking break dance. You are literally a poser point blank. Get over it. "Hur durr thats so excluding weh weh." And? The point of the label is to describe and distinguish it from other things. If there are "no rules" then whats the point of calling it/naming a subculture anything at all?

No. 370302

>you aren't goth unless you like the music
Do I have to wear a powdered wig if I listen to classical music too? This is so stupid.

No. 370315

Besides goths and metalheads (which is CONSTANTLY brought up as an example in goth discussion, "you wouldnt dress like a metalhead either and be a metalhead if you didnt like the music) what other groups of subculture is this much into aesthetics vs music?? Like seriously

No. 370324

Classical music isn't a subculture or alternative.

No. 370329

Punks feel the same about it too, well the ones I know anyway

No. 370336

goth apparently isnt a subculture either the way ppl see it is theres is goth then everything else

No. 370337

>>369918 I can't stand her. Even looking past the dumb SJW stuff she talks about, she acts really awkward and has a really abrasive voice and personality. She really makes me cringe, I've never been able to finish a video of hers.

No. 370366

The funny thing is, Metalheads are a really bad example. Maybe it's my country, but when ask what is "Metalhead subculture?", I could count on my hands how many people thought it had a life style aspect to it.
Almost all people considered the subculture part as concert etiquettes. Of course you listen to metal whenever you can/like and maybe dress as typical stereotype, but beyond everyone agreed that it says nothing about your life or other preferences.

No. 370372


This has to be one of the most fucking retarded things I have ever read on the internet.

Goth is a music based label to be distinguished from others.
You want it to be "whatever I feel like goth is" fuck off.
It's music based. It's music roots. There isn't just one "goth" band. Everyone has said it and only the fuckwits that have gotten into goth in the last 7-10 years will list off the same damn shit.

You are goth if you listen to ANY of the goth genres.
If you do NOT listen to them, you're not goth.

How thick do you have to be to not understand that?

No. 370461

have we all seen the 'instagram' response to the snowy video angela made yet? : hey everyone!! i just want to say a huge thank you to the lovely people that have supported me in response to recent things that have happened online. it makes me so touched to hear that you know you can always trust me in being completely honest with you. I always will be. Not only have I been accused of lying to you so that I don't lose subscribers, but I've also been misquoted all for the sake of a nasty video to be made against me. Just because they disagree with my opinion. All I want to be is an open minded and accepting person, which apparently means I'm not real with you, and I just want to look nice to keep viewers. Will i respond to this with a video? They are not worth my time. My channel is about acceptance and positivity and I do not want any negativity at all on there, and I do not need to defend myself to someone who doesn't even know who I am. I could respond to the video, repeat what I actually said in the original video and how what i said was completely taken out of context. Because it was. However instead I'm not going to waste the precious time i have in my life defending myself in a video, when I know who I really am, and the people that matter to me truly know too. Just because I believe in something you don't, it's not because I'm scared to say "what I really think" it is because I genuinely have a different opinion to you, believe it or not. Anyways thank you all so much, I love you xxx PS I hear that comments defending me are being deleted, but just know I still feel so much love from you all and thank you all for everything, you're the best.———–

Seriously. This is why these fairy floss everything should be perfect wrapped in cotton wool girls should NOT be putting goth in a sentence….. video title…. GIVING ADVICE FOR BEGINNER GOTHS - fuck me. Snowy, fucking grow up - move out of your parents and that single minded single bed mentality - what a fucking BABY.

No. 370467


Agreed, fucking come on. These gawf girls are such little snowflakes. Anything that challenges their stance is a BIG MEAN NASTY PERSONAL ATTACK!

Nice to see the very valid points that Angela makes don't warrant a response. Way to slam the lid on a discussion, Snowy. Why even make the fucking video in the first place…

No. 370482

honestly the most grown up response to have im not sure how this makes her a baby? im guessing you arent a grown up lol shes ending the argument thats the adult thing to do

No. 370492

They can't even post a screen cap either, confirmed for literal baby

No. 370508

I don't follow her on Instagram but seriously what the flying fuck? Snowy really is being a baby about this. "Personal attacks?" Is she really that dense to imply that Angela and the few others who made videos on the topic are personal attacks to her? She can piss right off. For Fuck's sake.

It's not that, it's the fact that she actually believes Angela's video was a personal attack which it clearly wasn't. That's why people think Snowy is being a baby about it.

No. 370510

I know right? It's all clear now that Snowy was thinking that no one would actually challenge the topic and since she can't handle it, she's not going to even try a rebuttal. Really says quite a bit and she shouldn't have made the video if she couldn't handle disagreeing opinions.

No. 370519

well angela did use snowys name so that is personal and angela didnt even disagree with her but still sounded salty i really dont get any of it sounds like every is being a giant baby and making some huge thing out of nothing i really cant comment on this subject anymore it doesnt even make sense

No. 370551

File: 1502459136922.jpg (58.48 KB, 720x308, IMG_20170811_154329.jpg)

No. 370575

Angela doesn't pull punches. idk if I agree with her calling synthpop and ebm "goth" music but at least she is honest and not afraid to rustle some jimmies.

No. 370608

lmao you just pulled this hypothetical out of your ass

No. 370638

File: 1502469435461.png (778.97 KB, 929x594, 42324323442423.png)

I'm guessing this person didn't post a screenshot because its too long to be in one go… or well I dont use instagram so I don't know how to show the whole text in one, but im posting here just so people can see its legit and not something anon made up

No. 370641

File: 1502469561403.png (776.84 KB, 931x591, 243423243243423423.png)

No. 370645

Lmao I wrote wrong, I meant I don't use instagram that MUCH, before somebody slaps me for clearly being on instagram in the screenshot! My bad!

Saging my own stupidity

No. 370649

I remember when snowy did a shoe and sock challenge video and got raided by foot fetish nerds

No. 370650

I remember when snowy did a shoe and sock challenge video and got raided by foot fetish nerds

No. 370666

so how is this not a personal attack?

No. 370684

Oh shut up already, Angela is right in this, her video was clearly about Snowy which she even mentioned by name but its called having a DISCUSSION, something that appereantly immediatly becomes a personal attack online nowadays!
If you want to discuss things online you cant immediatly feel personally attacked if somebody disagrees with your opinion

No. 370689


No. 370713


Criticism isn't an attack

No. 370714

What makes you think that tweet is a personal attack? She's talking about herself and the people who were upset by her saying that if you don't listen to goth music she doesn't think you're goth.

I don't get why it is so important for people who aren't into the music to identify with the subculture, and why they insist on defending their "title" as goth so adamantly. When I was younger that would be like openly admitting that you're a poser, it's just embarrassing to me.

In any case she's definitely right in that the opinion of a youtuber shouldn't affect your self image to such great extent, people need to chill.

No. 370770

>I don't get why it is so important for people who aren't into the music to identify with the subculture,

holy shit, This x100

No. 370771

I want Angela to go after IBF now, she's shaded her before and it would be funny

No. 370772


Pretty much the core of the crux, people wanting something to cling on to/feed from to the point of needing to change the definition just to suit themselves.

Snowy was never goth to begin with IMO rather darkly inclined

No. 370794

Snowy is a huge fan of the trad goth music how is she not goth? Just because she doesn't dial it up to 11 everytime she leaves the house like black friday doesn't mean shes not a goth

No. 370805

Snowy is definitely goth, she is just also a tumblerina crybaby which is why other goths have a hard time taking her seriously

No. 370835

she is goth she jsut defends those you dont listen to the music or arent as big a fan of the music or those who dont going round saying look how goth i am with all the goth bands i listen to

No. 370842


No. 370846

not like but its funny you dont think anyone can agree with her

No. 370880

This thread has become such garbage with all the infighting, arguing about labels, and constant DIS IS NAWT GOFF derailing. I hope this constant bitching about goff vs goffic vs dorkly inclined bullshit stops soon because the arguments are redundant at this point.

No. 370901

A note about Angela-while others have (understandably) complained that most of the goth youtubers mentioned here in thread make haul videos, I have noticed the majority of Angela's videos are complaining about goth elitism. It just seems the problem a lot of these goth youtubers have is they are literally one trick ponies, so im not surprised if people come to the conclusion that there is not much to the goth subculture if they are going on these videos. Now I say this as someone who likes watching these youtubers, but the trouble is once you have seen one of their videos you have literally seen all of them. Which is why I am branching out and watching other (non-goth) youtubers now.


No. 370979


Drac makens is opening this store with her crafts, what do you guys think?

No. 370985

i actually like her art but that wall piece is waaaaay over priced jesus

No. 371001

Those nails are a new level of revolting.

No. 371013

I wouldn't want any of that even if I got it for free. The cat toys are kind of cute but essentially useless for entertaining a cat I think? Other than them having catnip my cat at least wouldn't be interested in a small (I'm only assuming they're small, there isn't any measurements in the descriptions) stuffed toy.

Aside from the cat toys and the wall piece (which looks like an aborted baby with boobs imo), all items are pre-order or made to order so the people who do want them could be left waiting for their things a long time. I can't imagine that this endeavour will be very successful.

No. 371020

I can hear her hair crunching from here.

No. 371021

Who would want prints of that creepy infected looking eye makeup? i don't get it.

No. 371023

Dear god girl, just soak those two hideous looking fake nails you have left off already?? She looks so crusty, that bumpy skin from wearing so much foundation every day is just ugh.

I don't get how someone who's been drawing on their eyebrows for years can still be so bad at it, same with her eyeshadow and liner. Like, maybe don't go for such an OTT look if you're not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to do it well. Her makeup looks decent from afar (if you're into a clown white face that is) but up close it's a disaster.

No. 371026

File: 1502506817623.jpg (16.11 KB, 342x232, crunchcrunch.jpg)

That product buildup

No. 371027

The hair is also a new level of hopelessness. The ginger regrowth looks awful (on the front and sides) and the shave line of the death hawk is god awful too. Mattius did a real butcher job. The nails I spotted in the video before that as well. It's not even 'chipped' nails which happens, but the missing finger nails and odd claws just look dumpster. Cringe cringe cringe.

No. 371064

File: 1502512825027.png (405.35 KB, 655x533, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 2.25…)

TT video about GETTING INTO GOTH - there's ONE link to music. She also refers to only music that is not 'new' is goth. What planet is she on? GOTH MUSIC IS ALIVE AND WELL TODAY TOO YOU MORON. She keeps saying 'respect' the music and 'try' to listen to it. In light of the recent 'Do you have to listen to goth music to be goth?' videos - this just cements it for me. She likes metal and spooky things. She DOESN'T like goth music and DOESN'T listen to it, so therefore - NOT GOTH. TT you're a bloody nightmare. Go back to your spooky box shit and talking about your weight. TT and many others are the reason the scene is SO SHIT at the moment. I really hope this new video that has come out continues others to come out and solidify this. Oh, no… that would mean there would not be a 'safe space' for people to hang out or 'elistism' is at an all time high because we PRIDE ourselves on the music and the genre. Yes, we will fight for this because it's WHAT GOTH IS. Quote: "I'm not going to get into bands on this channel because people get really snippy… and that's where the elitists come in…." Again, Your'e not goth because you CAN'T OR DON'T LIKE THE MUSIC! Get that through your thick thighs Kaya. We DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T! Just stop appropriating yourself as GOTH to be famous. Also just using ONE link to offer some music list that someone else wrote…. also cements that you are not interested int he music. "Find things that inspire you …. like TUMBLR and PINTEREST????…….It's fucking sad. You are SPOOKY - whatever. NOT GOTH. Yep I guess I'm an elitist - according to Snowy, Kaya and IBF and all their pandering clueless teenagers who look up to them. We're fucking doomed.

No. 371076

Calm down before you have an aneurysm. That vid is over a year old, this has been common knowledge about TT in this thread for a long time, but congrats for catching up I guess.

No. 371079

Congrats? I never said it was new news… Just relevant to current videos from other people. You sound like you've been here too long… how's that working for you?

No. 371083

lol yeah has she really never heard of deathrock or darkwave or anything like that. embarrassing.

No. 371090

You seem way too angry about it for it to have been something you've known for a while.

> In light of the recent 'Do you have to listen to goth music to be goth?' videos - this just cements it for me. She likes metal and spooky things. She DOESN'T like goth music and DOESN'T listen to it, so therefore - NOT GOTH.

Do you mean that after watching Angelas video you finally realized that goths have to like goth music and became furious at TT over something you knew about her all along or..? I just don't get why you're so upset.

I've been here a few months, I'm enjoying myself so it's working out well thanks

No. 371091

I'm not angry. She's incredulous. I haven't 'just' finally realised anything. Again, reiterating the point. Perhaps for those who haven't been on this thread over a year ago it is new news for them. It's not all about what you know or what other people who've been on the thread for more than a year. Who's got time to read through shit that was said a year ago on here? it's not like there's an inbuilt search button for 'old news'.

No. 371146

>Get that through your thick thighs Kaya.


No. 371157

I honestly don't care about all those tender goths online who lose their shit if someone questions their goth credibility; who gives a shit, really?

I feel like the label has lost all its meaning. Metalheads who enjoy the goth fashion and aesthetic are using the label "goth", like lilachris who does quote unquote goth videos and afaik she's a metalhead. Reeree is also a metalhead and uses the goth label.

Honestly right now they are using it less as a subgenre label (as it should be, a goth listens to goth music, a metalhead to metal etc) and more as a blanket term to cover a certain look: spooky stuff, goth clothes, tim burton, black eyeshadow, and so on. Oooo lemme guess, you like bats, dead stuff, spoopy things, vampires, SO ORIGINAL. And then they have to justify anything un-goth they like with UNGOTH CONFESSIONS like who gives a steaming pile of shit if you like disney or retro clothes or pink? Who actually gives a fuck if they are a cognitive, complex adult with a life if you like something "un"goth? This isn't vegan academy where you get three strikes and you're out. "On September 17th you knowingly watched a Disney movie" DISNEY ISN'T GOTH?

You don't see "metalhead makeup" or "metalhead lookbook", you might see something called punk/edgy but it's usually by soft "normal" people who wanna look badass and apply dark red eyeshadow and liner and wow suddenly they are bamf. Metalhead clothes is like what… band t shirts and punk influenced clothing. Goth is a lot more interesting visually and it's no surprise a lot of alternative people like to dress that way.

So yeah I don't really blame people like Angela who want to reclaim the term for its original purpose. Because the truth is it's become a blurry catch-all phrase for a huge group of people from different backgrounds but it sounds cooler and edgier to say goth, you get more followers using the #goth hashtag and you seem like a general edgelord when in reality your originality and variety is as lacking as my fucks to give about those presh gothies on the internet whose feels get hurt

No. 371176

Yeah that's probably one of the things I didn't agree with along with her citing Industrial which was never Goth music (ironically, it came from Electronic music). But she was spot on, on the rest of what she said. I like that she was not afraid to be honest even if it meant she was going to rustle some jimmies in the process.

No. 371179

Yes she did mention her. Duh, she put her name in the title "Snowy Response" but like she said in her clarification, the second she went on about the subject, it wasn't about Snowy anymore but just how she felt about where the scene was heading as a whole and even I caught that when I watched her first video.

This. All of this and more lol.

I feel she kinda did in the response video when she talked about how a lot of the YouTubers will do nothing but hauls, unboxings, and bath bomb videos lol Even if it wasn't directly to her.

Nah Snowy is a Goth in my opinion, she actually enjoys the music. I just think she was pandering the same Bullshit we hear from the typical lolcows as to not offend anyone.

Does Snowy have a Tumblr? lol

Lame rebuttal.

You don't have to read it lol

Eh… I think her art is nice but I wouldn't pay for merchandise with it plastered on it.

Oh God please don't remind me of this stupid video. It's the video that made me not take her serious anymore as I still remember when she posted that video, I did a look back to see if she ever talked about Goth music to which there was "Zelch, nadda". And when she got to "I'm not going to get into bands on this channel because people get really snippy… and that's where the elitists come in", I was done. Actual Goths would not bicker over Goth bands being discussed assuming they are actual Goth bands and not shit like Black Veil Brides & Motionless in White (No offense to people who like them, I just get tired of seeing them mentioned as Goth music). Kaya was just an idiot in that video and so transparent to someone who is not an uber fan of hers.

No. 371183

THIS. So flipping true. And I'm familiar of Lilachris, I remember in one of her Q&AS when asked if she listened or enjoyed Goth music, she pretty much said "no" or "It wasn't her cup of tea", something like that. She's a nice girl and all but I don't consider her a Goth, just another Darkly inclined person. And I've felt the same about ReeRee as well. Nothing but a Metalheand, I mean look at her background wall and she even started a Metal discussion type videos. If that's not the clear-cut definition of a Metalhead, I don't know what is lol. Seriously she can blab on forever about that stuff which is not a bad thing really but still.

It's just ironic that a lot of these people feel attacked after Angela made her video being blunt and to the point while giving context to why she believes in what she does.

This actually kinda reminds me when Sebastian Columbine made a video about Goth music back when she was obsessed with Deathrock. As lolcowy as she is, that video was actually a good one as she explained the different sounds of Goth and even went into song structure talk that she got help with from her more musically-inclined friends.

But the video had quite a big dislike ratio (Gee I wonder why?) and she ended up deleting the video.

No. 371188


I'm the person you replied to and yeah, it's become a pointless tag by now.

I'm a metalhead, and yeah I do wear goth clothes a lot and sometimes I tag it as such (if on instagram) because it's usually a lot easier to say "I like goth clothing" to someone when you're explaining your tastes rather than go "I'm actually a metalhead but I enjoy a lot of female-led bands who wear corsets and gothic inspired clothing and tim burton is cool I guess but it's not my cup of tea but I still really like the clothes and style"

If someone asks me "are you goth?" I'd say no because I don't care anymore about assigning myself a subculture label. I use the word to find clothes easier, to give a quick visual for anyone, or to look shit up on google. But, am I goth? Nah. I used to care a lot about being the ubergoth and being as dark and only black! and dressing very extra to visit an alternative store etc, and now I just don't give a damn.

However my money and freebies and followers don't exist. I don't have to use the label to promote myself or my image or to get free shit from killstar or punk rave. I have no gain to use the label when I don't belong in it, so I don't. I can imagine that on Youtube or instagram using the goth label is an instant way to garner attention from a large current of alternative people who - whether from a metal background, cyber or actually goth, will take interest in your appearance and your ~gothiness. Because I can guarantee a lot of subscribers or followers are not even darkly inclined or have any desire to be, they just like the look or the person. And a lotta other people are metalheads, or they listen to edm, or they listen to bauhaus, or they just find the person looking cool.

So people like Snowy who may have goth interests musically is trying to throw a very wide net so that none of her subs and followers feel alienated by their tastes because her perks depend on it. IBF creates tacky goth react and goth x/y videos because it's a trend piece, just like goth transformations, as if I can't imagine what they look like with "normal" clothes and makeup

So my consensus is that regular folk on the street or online are much more willing to be pliable with the label because they have nothing to gain by it, but online personalities have EVERYTHING to gain by diluting a label so much that it loses all its meaning, because the profits come from so many subcultures, genres and people

No. 371220


Well said anon.

No. 371231

File: 1502548232616.png (938.35 KB, 933x596, 558f6ba1781eb596a30918d8896b01…)

In a recent IG post she's lightened up on the foundation and I think it looks so much nicer. Still pale like her skin naturally is, but less like a costume. Hopefully she'll stick with it.

No. 371242


Yeah the white always looks too caked on. This is much better.

No. 371249

Wow she actually looks pretty here. She should keep using this shade of foundation. It's more flattering than the white.

No. 371254

this. a goth is someone who listens to goth music and is part of the subculture, it doesn't automatically translate to a likeable or knowable person.

No. 371258

I know its nitpicky af but her eyebrows pisses me off to no end, theyre just so freaking awful… whats the point of shaving off your eyebrows if you cannot draw them on better?? Those two black uneven blocks does nothing for her, I wish she would try to put in some more effort and take her time with it. In her GRWM videos it always looks like her eyebrows take her 4 seconds to do.
Sage for eyebrow rant.

No. 371264

I think they need to be closer together? In >>371001 she starts drawing them nearly halfway across her eye.

No. 371265

File: 1502552977612.png (175.89 KB, 746x1109, IMG_0344.PNG)

This is such a mess.
Between the crazy brows, shittily blended eyeshadow, disgusting nails and shameless product promo….it's so cringey.

Good to know that all that free KVD makeup went to a good home….

No. 371270

Literally looks like she got wasted last night and went to sleep with all her makeup on and just woke up

No. 371278

I seriously can't stop staring at those brows. They're wonky, spaced too far apart and they wrap nearly all the way around to her hairline. I can't even imagine how bad it all looks in real life.

No. 371342

File: 1502561655539.jpg (82.04 KB, 1080x720, IMG_2067.JPG)


Her makeup used to be much less severe–a similar style but much softer and it suited her so much better. This is from when she still lived in NZ.

No. 371343

File: 1502561682065.jpg (38.77 KB, 500x338, IMG_2068.JPG)

No. 371344

File: 1502561702084.jpg (65.37 KB, 736x650, IMG_2069.JPG)

No. 371347

She looks so much better and less like a costume with just pale foundation and simple brows, I wonder what made her change, seeing that she looks worse now? Maybe its related to her break up/moving country

No. 371365

Using it as a keyword to find clothing you like is totally fine, certain keywords help you find things you will like but at least you learned that you shouldn't label yourself something you know you're not.

"Nah. I used to care a lot about being the ubergoth and being as dark and only black! and dressing very extra to visit an alternative store etc, and now I just don't give a damn."

No offense but people who do all that burn themselves out and may not stay in the subculture long if they let it consume them. And anyway, Goth is music-based so it really doesn't need to be that complicated for one into it. Even if you don't listen to the music all the time, if it's something you like despite not trying to the nines in Goth, it doesn't make you any less Goth. That's why I'm glad Angela Benedict hit the scene because her style is way more toned down compared to IBF & Drac Makens and she's a good example of having a more practical look and that it's not about the look in general anyway.

And I'm glad someone else notices just so many people will label themselves Goth just for the attention and don't have any interest in what the subculture is mainly about. If they were just saying "Gothic" or "Darkly Inclined" or simply "Alternative", I wouldn't really care all that much but they usually don't which just leads to lowkey frustration.

"So people like Snowy who may have goth interests musically is trying to throw a very wide net so that none of her subs and followers feel alienated by their tastes because her perks depend on it. IBF creates tacky goth react and goth x/y videos because it's a trend piece, just like goth transformations, as if I can't imagine what they look like with "normal" clothes and makeup"

Good observation and I agree with what you said. They just pander though I can't be too mad at IBF because at the very least, she exposes people to Goth music by playing it in her videos instead of royalty free Metal music which only causes more confusion of what actual Goth music is (seriously, that's one of the things I got so annoyed with during old Goth videos lol).

But any case, I'm glad that there are people like you who can realize the difference between an actual Goth and someone who is just using it for trending and popularity. And even if you're not Goth, it doesn't matter. It's just nice to see non-Goths know the difference is all.

No. 371377

I agree. Though I will admit I'm not really into loud colored Lipstick (Bright Pinks, Purples, Oranges, etc), it's nice to see her trying something a tad different and not going so harsh on the pale white foundation, she should do this more because it's a really nice look and the toning down of the intense foundation may help her skin recover.

Something that always bugged me is why does she make her inner eye liner taper so below leaving a bit of her flesh available. She should just fill it in lol I dunno, it's just something that always irked me when I looked at her.

Wow it's been so long since I've seen what IBF used to look before she met Matthias and moved to Germany. I agree, she used to look much better with those kinds of looks, a good blend of dark, ethereal, and sweet. I don't have anything against Trad Goth makeup but I've always been a fan of the more simpler makeup looks. This makeup style just really made for an overall more put together look.

I'm pretty sure that maybe Matthias had something to do with it. Not saying he forced her to change her makeup or anything but maybe because Freya was so in love with him, she thought she'd show it by taking some makeup cues from him and wanted to make it match him because Matthias' makeup is pretty intense and very Trad/Deathrock. It's the only possible reason I can think off

No. 371379

* I meant why does she make her inner eyeliner taper leaving a bit of flesh exposed under her tear duct, my bad.

No. 371407

How the fuck is she still so bad at makeup??

No. 371411

I suddenly have the urge to deep condition my hair after watching this. Also, her putting in contacts after a full face of makeup made me cringe a bit.

No. 371412

watching jake vlog when hes with any girl is cringey

No. 371413

Because some people have this idea Germany is some kind of "goth kingdom" and she probably felt she had to up her game and stand out there. Also perhaps as she gained popularity/subscribers on YT the need to make her look more extreme increased.

I've seen other goths do that eyeliner thing, it just makes the eyes look bigger and gives a nicer shape

No. 371416

File: 1502570050245.jpg (17.88 KB, 270x301, oYdZVXO.jpg)

Holy crap that acne

No. 371429

I-is that reviewbrah?

No. 371448


Kaya is cringe but you can't really help acne. It's probably good she gives her skin a break from make up sometimes.

No. 371449

File: 1502573542079.png (253.51 KB, 472x410, hf8uf9gbk34z.png)

No. 371455

of course you can? don't put as much shit into your body food wise, drink more water, use benzoyl peroxide, tone, and moisturize your face, wash off your makeup entirely or avoid it until it clears up, don't touch your face. all else fails check your hormones

No. 371462

I think you're just splitting hairs here, goth/industrial are extremely close and linked together

No. 371463


Yeah you can do lots to avoid acne, but a lot of times nothing helps no matter what you try even if you drink tonnes of water, keep your skin clean and have a decent diet. Or maybe I'm just touchy about the subject haha, ignore me.

No. 371469

im sure she does most of this probably only thing is the food thing im sure this is stress or period or combined

No. 371470


Yeah, chin acne is notorious for when you're close to your period

No. 371617

No they really aren't when you really look into Industrial. It's rooted in straight up electronic music for one and the overall sound didn't have any Goth music tendencies in it. The only thing that is somewhat shared is just the black clothing though Industrial was more aggressive and Military looking.
The only reason Industrial got thrown into Goth was from the mainstream when Nine Inch Nails hit popular acclaim in the early 90s and later on, Marilyn Manson.

A good channel to check out for Industrial is Amy Nekrotique as she's really into Industrial and is currently doing an Industrial 101 type thing explaining about the music and the different subgenres of it.

No. 371787

Elvira style I guess?

No. 371793

Goth and industrial get played at the same events and festivals. She was probably thinking more of the goth "scene" instead of the goth music genre.

No. 371820


Wait people think goth and industrial is the same thing? I thought those two were two seperate entities. You can still be goth and listen to industrial though.

You're right though they do kinda slump everything together at events, I can see why people can get confused. You know what people see cybergoths and probably just tought that everyone must be goth on the industrial side as well. A theory, not a fact. (Old) Ravers got slumped in goth as well, I was like WTF that was back in the day (by people who didn't know the difference).

You know what
that I remember. You how emo is used for like anyone who is alternative by normies, well before emo everyone was a goth if you were alternative.

My friend called rivethead a goth once, they got the wtf you call me face. Lol.

(Sorry if its out of order dyslexic chan)

No. 371887

I mean, I'm a rivethead for life but it takes way too long to correct normies who automatically go for the goth label. Sometimes you have to keep the specifics for people who are actually in the scene and give a shit.

Metal though, no connection to the goth scene whatsoever and it's something normies would have actually heard of.

No. 371905

Surely this is the equivalent of an emo just rolling with being called a goth because it's easier than having to explain the difference to "normies"? I mean, I get that industrial/rivethead is a little closer to goth but still… I'd rather educate than knowingly let people mistake entirely differently subcultures/music genres….

No. 371919

Most people aren't looking to be given a history of electronic music when they're talking about a pair of stompy boots. You can be 100% exact and make the situation awkward for everyone or you can just go about your day and know they're probably not going to see another rivethead again in their life anyways.

However, branding a rivethead instagram as goth would be different since you're talking to people you're assuming actually care.

No. 371974

Oh okay, yeah that would make a little more sense I guess.

Oh no, I know that both styles are very different. You have to listen to them closely to hear the difference. Industrial is way more electronic-based because that's where the music style originated from whereas Goth originated from the Punk scene and even the synth-based Goth genre Darkwave sounds nothing like Industrial.

Well sure I guess the "normies" thing is one thing but I dunno, I guess I juist get low key annoyed because while Goths are almost non-existent where I live, whenever I run into a darkly inclined person who looks Gothic, I get excited only to learn they don't know any Goth music and just listen to Industrial Metal like Rammstein & Marilyn Manson lol

Agreed with this. I think educating about this can be a good thing hence why I'm personally not afraid to explain the differences because it's really not that complicated.

No one is saying you have to give a random stranger the 100% lowdown of where Industrial came from. you can just boil it down to..

"Goth came from Punk"
"Industrial came from Electronic"

Nothing more really needs to be said assuming we're just speaking purely about the music.

No. 372171

File: 1502693446847.jpg (92.62 KB, 590x443, 9dhJFJb.jpg)

Interesting to see the difference between Ree's legs here and in her modelling shots. Also why is she even here? She's a darkly inclined metalhead for fucks sake

No. 372214

File: 1502705292292.jpg (17.34 KB, 536x70, meraluna.jpg)

Seems to me like a fashion show at m'era luna isn't exactly a strange place for a darkly inclined alt model metalhead to be.

No. 372236

I feel like saying Jake and Kaya relationship is less genuine then IBF and Matthias because they aren't as romantic on camera is a bit of a stretch. A lot of relationships tend to look less romantic after 6/7 years, and IBF and Matthias were only married a year ago. TT is obviously not as attractive as when she was thin, but Jake is no catch either. Tbh a lot of couples get older and uglier together. Sometimes it affects their attraction to each other; however, at that point they've invested too much time in the relationship and already let themselves go way too much to rejoin the dating market.

No. 372330

because she's a somewhat famous model and videnoir is a business???

No. 372545


Yeah I have to agree with >>372214 that the M'era Luna festival doesn't seem like a "Goth" Goth event but more of a Dark Alternative place so Ree Ree would fit in in a place like that.

It's just very funny because Jake claims he's into fitness this and fitness that but he looks so dumpy and not trained at all. So in that case, him and Kaya are perfect for each other. Personally though, I really do feel that he may leave her when her popularity starts disintegrating when the next generic young Gothic / Mall-Goth girl comes out and takes the attention away from an aging TT. It sounds bad but this is why despite how try-hard I think Kaya is, she doesn't deserve someone like Jake and could do better.

No. 372549

I kind of laughed when ReeRee said she went to a goth club. Like, why?

No. 372567

No I agree, while im not a fan of kaya she so deserves someone better than jake and he looks like a fucking potato which is why i found it funny in previous threads anons were trying to say he was buff, muscular and defend his psysique.

I really dont know what goth girl would be desperate enough to date him, especially as, and dont tell jake, hes not goth kek


No. 372581

I don't think Kaya is a Goth, just alternative but yeah, agreed that it's very odd why an alternative gothic person would be desperate to date a guy like him who seems like such a wanker. Who knows? I'd hope he treats her better behind the cameras but since they vlog so much, it's kinda hard to get that feeling lol

If things don't work out between them, I hope that Kaya learns from it and picks a better guy.

No. 372664

File: 1502816211471.jpg (38.98 KB, 497x271, lashes.jpg)

Fake lashes on fleek

No. 372682

For someone with clothing haul after clothing haul video on Youtube…Kaya wears a LOT of the same clothes over and over again to the point you have to wonder if she's even doing any laundry and not just wearing yesterday's and the day before's clothes…just a thought.

No. 372683

It looks like she's been wearing that skeleton Killstar dress for a month straight

No. 372740

Looks like they're coming away at the corners of her eyes wtf

I know, right? I think she does sponsored hauls to get free shit then tosses it aside in a big pile

No. 372768

Not to mention those god awful "Hufflepuff" baggy rags she was wearing for maybe even longer.

No. 372796

Maybe she's worn it for so long that now she can't take it off…

No. 372836

How can somebody take a photo of their makeup like this and think yeup, that looks fine enough for my instagram… jesus thats bad, I know eyelashes can be a pain to glue down in the inner corner but youd think youd at least have it down for a picture.

IBF seems like that person whos makeup looks like absolute shit before they put on huge eyelashes that kinda take away the focal points of the makeup and cover everything up… if your makeup looks like utter shit before you put eyelashes on, its probably just shit.

Sage for makeup rant

No. 372842

It's not just a tiny bit in the corner not staying put either, that's understandable and forgivable, but nearly half the damn lash is coming off her eye. No one in the comments seem to notice it, they just compliment her badly blended eyeshadow.

I really don't get how anyone can think she's good at makeup, it's like they're completely blind to even the most obvious detail.

No. 372855

she needs to wash her damn face

No. 372876

Why do so many internet "famous" alternative people/goths often seem so… gross?
Theres just so many who seem like they have bad personal hygiene and doesn't wash their clothes alot.. when they arent wearing makeup they dont just look casual, they look like hobos and they dont maintain their skin or their hair at all.
I know its alot of maintenance to put on that much makeup almost everyday, but you would think if you choose that lifestyle you also know what comes with it.

No. 372939

File: 1502840992521.png (955.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0373.PNG)

Allison and Freyja

Freyja looks old next to Kaz tbh

No. 372943

Isn't Freya 30? So I mean… She's bound to look a bit older. If all else, it's probably just her makeup as I've noticed Kaz doesn't go as over the top with her makeup compared to Freya.

No. 372949

It's so disgusting.
So many of them look like they smell really bad in person.
Like, they're making goths as a whole look bad and just reinforcing the stereotype that goths stink.

No. 372964


Yeah, that could be it. I also noticed that Freya (Freyja) nowadays always wears the same damn pointy shoes and not her heels like she used to. Feet got tired or…?

No. 373010

Pikes seem to be more popular nowadays with goth inclined people. Even ReeRee has some I think. Only one I know that doesn't is Kaya who instead prefers to wear stilts.

No. 373024

I believe Allison is older than Freya. Allison mentioned being a high schooler in the 90s so she's probably my age (34). She looks really good and has a very calm relaxed personality.

No. 373032

Allison is either in her late 20's or at the most just turned 30. Freyja is 30-32 I believe-
Make-up can age you, hence why I think IBF looks so much older than Allison in this pic. She probably has to chisel that shit off at the end of the night.

No. 373049


Allison is 11 months older than me actually, she was born somewhere in September of 1990.

Source: one of her Q&A videos

No. 373059

oh shit, my bad… she would have been way too young to go to HS in the late 90s… maybe she meant she was inspired by the 90s… (sage for OT)

No. 373128

Whoa really?? I always assumed Kaz was born like in 1990-1992 bracket. If that's true then damn, she does look good for her age haha

Ah okay, I'm a year younger than her than lol Still, she does look quite nice, She's rocking the short bob-cut look as of late

Yeah I think she takes inspiration from the 90s and why not? The alternative scene during the time was pretty neat.

No. 373237

File: 1502880106334.jpg (33.57 KB, 550x181, manicure.jpg)

About time she finally did something about those ratchet ass nails.

No. 373262

Jesus, how boring must your life be that you need to make a post about buying a fucking eggplant?

No. 373607

So I don't keep up on Jake too much because hes a turd but he posted recently a video "I don't want to be here" and mentioned in the caption that visiting london reminded him that he hates where he lives.

I wonder what will happen?

I didn't watch the video because i'm not giving the turd the view minutes, so if anyone wants to summarize anything relevant that'd be pretty cool of you.

No. 373653

He says that NI is "dead", there aren't many YouTubers and that even the biggest YouTubers aren't big enough to do it full time. When he wants to hang out with his friends he has to wait until the weekend (I assume because they all have proper jobs) and even then they usually just want to go out drinking with their friends anyway.

No. 373661

and then the next day went out with friends

No. 373668

hahahah kayas friend from dublin got invited to some northern irish youtube game of thrones thing and kaya wasnt lol

No. 373691

Things like this is why I don't envy these youtubers. How boring it must be to sit around all day and try to think of a cool video idea to get more views. BF seems like a nice woman, I think she should take a class or find a hobby or join an activity group. Learn to fly a plane, go swimming, take a calligraphy class, start a band, etc… but all she does is sit around and edit her videos. So depressing. The one thing I like about Allison is that she has her own band and sings and makes music. (sage)

No. 374009

So Adora went to M'era Luna, got wasted and ended in a mobile hospital. Quality time. And so mature, as always.

What's the point of going to a festival in another country when you just get massively drunk there and basically lose most of the day?

No. 374016

You could ask this any tourist that are in their early 20's right now. Nothing new, really.

I'm only wondering if this little shock might be a wake up call for her. I mean, she's in her 40's (?), and not exactly fit to party like a teen.

No. 374154

jakes insta story go look at the way he says he wants to look good for LA, its so obvious he wants into kelly and or dre

No. 374208

Isn't Dre a bit big for his tastes? He probably just wants to get e-famous through them

No. 374236

Oh I'm sure she's his taste… For the moolah lol while people in the Goth community can see through her and don't pay attention to her, she does bring in the views and E-Fame from "normies", she's somewhat surpassing Kaya as well, I give her about another year before she passes her in terms of consistent viewership.

I guess some people just like to party their butts off but I do see what you mean, what's the point of going to a momentous place if you're not going to remember it? Then again, doesn't she go to the festival each year? IF that's the case, maybe it's not as momentous for her hence why she doesn't mind getting shit-faced drunk at it.

No. 374308

File: 1503005642610.png (40.18 KB, 898x553, ttsubs.png)

No. 374311

File: 1503005928860.png (207.03 KB, 576x607, jmsubs.png)

and this

No. 374316

oh go cry a river you stupid fucking chav.

No. 374394

File: 1503015132294.png (297.38 KB, 640x485, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.0…)

With all the clothing she is sent…. despite her probably not reading the SIZE CHART she complains that the sizing is inconsistent and not only that wants another jacket in a bigger size to fit her. How about a giveaway you greedy bitch. Didn't even cross her mind. No wonder she wasn't asked to be in the sophie calendar. she doesn't give a shit about charity or even as an influencer giving anything back…. me me me me…. come to think of it i don't think she's every given anything away unless she was asked to promote it. so selfish!!!!

No. 374395

About Adora: Yeah, I get it that many people in the 20s get plastered at festivals, but it seems strange for someone of her age, plus ending in a hospital? Sounds kind of serious…

No. 374396

LOL, what an annoying twat. "All my hard work". Seriously?

No. 374398

Jake is becoming extremely obnoxious. I hope I can avoid getting any of his content to show up in my Youtube feed. I recommend anyone who still clicks on his videos to use AdBlock or uBlock. Let's not give him any revenue.

No. 374462

he uses adblock lol

No. 374463

theres a picture of kayas nipples on her MM (idk how to include photo)

No. 374485

When Freya was doing a full body shot modeling the clothes, its more noticeable how much weight she has gained. She has the body of a 40something years old soccer mom. (Sage for weight discussion)

No. 374509

Getting her nails done doesn't even scratch the surface

No. 374684

Whaaat? So was this a glitch or something?

lmao what hard work? recording the same shit in every vlog?

No. 374892

Oh yeah, I guess you have a point, it is a bit strange for someone who's pushing 44.

No. 375001

File: 1503100238930.jpg (370.14 KB, 2000x1333, 20746287_1555973477757575_7717…)

Remember Dreeiabat and her transvestite boyfriend from a few threads ago, the ones who turned into neo-nazis? Here's a picture of him (3rd guy) guess where.

No. 375120

omg so over sensationalised…. adora got drunk and she probably just wanted to lie down because festivals there's nowhere comfortable to chill out! and to say because she's older in her 40s does NOT exclude her from partying… that is so immature…. remember this….. you are OLDER a lot longer than you are young. watch the video. it's really not a big deal…..

No. 375149

Well said… im sick of people on here acting like if you are over 25, you can't act ir dress a certain way… I like Adora and I think its awesome how shes still goth, dresses over the top, and has a good time and seems happy, unlike so many boring ass soccer moms in their 40s. Sage.

No. 375182

is this the nazi rally that happened recently? disgusting

No. 375196

looking at his and dreiiaas fb what a couple of cringey fucks im so glad they dont associate with anything goth anymore

No. 375381


Correct me if i'm wrong as I was never familiar with those two but is he not the guy who used to do those "alt live" interviews or something like that? Or am I thinking of someone else entirely? if so my bad

No. 375387

The video was supposed to be a report from M'era Luna, instead it's a report about her getting drunk and we see almost nothing from the festival itself. IMO, better not have any video at all than this type of content that supposed to be about a festival, but is just about her antics.

No. 375422

yup same guy and he had a youtube at first he talked about normal gothy stuff and then it started getting weirder and weirder he did like maybe 3 live chats with goth youtubers then he was suppose to do one with mintyoreos but for some reason isnt didnt work out and i wonder if its because shes asian

No. 375442

I never watched her boyfirend's channel (I didn't even know he had one lol) but I remember watching Dreiiabat quite consistently back in the day and she even responded to my comments a few times (and I'm not White).

She seemed like such a sweet and intrinsic person so I was very surprised to find out she actually harbored some white supremacist ideology though part of me thinks the only reason she's like that is because of her boyfriend. Could be wrong though.

No. 375510

Yep he was, I was actually on one of them and it was suuuuuuuper awkward.
I remember he wanted to talk about his political views during it whenever he could get the chance.
He also had a big schism with the people in charge of the YouTube Goth Community page and set up his own. I can't even remember why, I think he just wanted to be the leader.

Both his and Dreiaa's transformations have been so weird to witness.

No. 375560

Dont you guys just totally want this 140 AUD black friday clutch?

No. 375593

Its an okay purse, but looks like a typical mall goth purse I could find at Hot Topic. The designer Avelina DeMoray also designed purses for other alt youtubers including ReeRee, Dre and Mafasoun, so these purse colllections are less exciting less exclusive than people realize. Its just a quick money grab,

No. 375600


I did a talk with him as well! I was tipsy and it was pretty damn awkward and lame since I wasn't prepared for it and he just rambled about bizarre shit. He did make a few off-colour (kek) comments including dropping the n-bomb. I was surprised but just kinda rolled with it. This was a couple of months before he started getting deeply involved with the nazi shit. He seemed weird but mostly harmless.

I talked to Dreiiabat occasionally and we did some video collaborations together. I feel like he and his nazi buddies are responsible for converting her, she seemed a lot more chill and normal than he was.

No. 375601

>You can remove the straps and make it a clutch

How with those dumb spikes all over it? It's okay, but 140AUD..? No thanks.

No. 375651

you put your hand on the bottom of clutches…

No. 375655

$140aud isn't worth it. I have Avelinas original "vampire" one from years ago, managed to get it for $40.
They're not made well at all!

No. 375778

I only buy brands I like. I can't stand Avelina and she's only using 'big' youtubers to get social status. That's pretty obvious. If she is revealing 'the truth' about her sales then 75 bags to sell from 500K worth of followers from IBF shouldn't be that hard. I think it's all dodgy. If the sales figures are real, then it just proves that having thousands of subscribers doesn't always convert to making mega bucks. Avelina strikes me as someone very shallow and materialistic. That Haunt furniture hall was a joke as well… you can't BUY a gothic lifestyle. She's a metal head anyway. Social climber to the core.

No. 375814

meh it's average, I feel like I could buy a similar shaped purse and add some spikes myself to get the same effect. Also the sigil of lucifer symbol just makes it look tacky. Totally shameless money grabbing scheme from Avelina

No. 375822

Wasn't there supposed to be a bag for TT in the works? It was going to have some green theme to it but I wonder now if she'll change her mind and want a dumbass Hufflepuff yellow/black colour scheme now since that's her latest obsession lmao

No. 375849

God that haircut looks so bad…. she looks like a mental patient.

No. 375875

You can see her in this video at the fashion show. It's pretty shocking!

Also, check the guy at 15:12 The petfect "Killstar Kids" poster child. And a perfect illustration of what's been discussed after Angela's response video to Snowy.

No. 375878

Jesus, I'm fed up with judgemental attitudes towards age. Maybe getting older means that we are more inedented by mundanities and responsibilities but this is a festival where people make time out fond their schedule to come and party. No rules. Also, getting older does not make any of us wiser. Plus last time I checked, we are an alternative culture so no much surprise to see grown ups not giving a fuck about societal expectations. It's weird to be a GenXer and alternative in this day an age. We were judged by our elders in our 20s for being irresponsible edonists/slackers. 20 years on, we are still being judged. This time by both ends of the generational spectrum. Caught in a "Boomers/Millenials" sandwich. The struggle is real lol.

No. 375892

yea that corset isn't helping her at all is it…

No. 375940

she looks fine , not thin, but definetly not a hambeast she looked very beautiful i must say

No. 375946

15:12 is the video end card?

No. 375951

do you mean 12:52? simons facial reaction is pretty hilarious

No. 375967

Oh yes! Sorry :P


No. 375968

I guess we all have different standards.

No. 375989

I mean in the end, I don't think I'd judge her for her body because unlike Kaya, she never really complained about her weight but I guess the reason her body surprises people is because we normally only see her from the shoulders up and even in her vlog videos, she really only showed herself from the shoulders up.

I know for me that back before she showed her body more, I always pictured her with an hourglass figure because of how she her bust was the largest part on her so I never thought she was going to have a wide waist for some reason. Especially in her video where she went to the Zoo and she mentioned her weight loss journey and her body did look a tad smaller.

That aside, it's not that big a deal in my opinion because again, she doesn't really go on tirades complaining about her weight, at least that I'm aware of, I feel she just accepted it and I think it's better than complaining while not making an effort.

She certainly knows how to accessorize.

Yeah it was definitely 12:52 and yep, that is exactly what people like Angela were talking about lol

Well in your opinion, out of all the alternative/Gothic people, who do you think looks good?

No. 376005

I don't think she looks bad, and the corset and outfit clearly is tailored to fit her. I don't think its wrong to be plus size and into alternative fashion? I know most of it runs super small but as long as the clothes fit, why not???

Also Valentin von Porcelain is A++++ not on topic just sayin', he's handsome as heck. Standing next to him doesn't help anyone.

No. 376606

I thought IBF and reeree hated each other? Rees got Friday in her thumbnail?

No. 376674

Oooo, do they hate each other? What are the deets?

No. 376687

I never heard that. I don't think IBF hates anyone, at least that I'm aware of…

No. 376703

Yes, details, please. Never heard this before.

No. 376960

Could she have possibly picked a worse thumbnail?

No. 377026

I've never seen/heard anything to suggest they hated each other? In fact on the contrary I saw IBF leave a comment on one of Ree's old vids complimenting her, and they seem to be friends as far as I can tell, or get along at least…

No. 377029

I heard that too! Wasn't it over the Sophie callender drama?

No. 377035

In the previous thread there was some drama involving TT, IBF and a girl named Renee, maybe some of you confused her with ReeRee?

Something was mentioned, but never clarified

No. 377089

yeah i thought he was cringey back when he did them, but a decent person, he wore poorly applied make up n put bows in his hair but seemed like he was trying to build an online goth community for the people with not many subscribers, he'd start discussions about community issues in comment sections, etc.

then he started doing anti-sjw videos, whatever, extreme sjws are annoying but they started to get further and further right, then he mentioned being kicked out of somewherebecause they discovered his 'political views', turns out he was running a proudly fascist/white supremiscist website (united right or something) deleted most of his goth videos and started making fascism ones, then deleted them

i watched the whole trainwreck

No. 377117

Maybe I'm just reaching but in this vlog doesn't it seem like Kelly and Jake are getting closer? Like at 7.27 Kaya and Dre are hanging back while they talk.

No. 377120

I don't watch any of them but holy crap Dre without makeup… so different, amazing what makeup can do I guess.

No. 377136

I think it's the way she styles it. I've seen girls with that style so many times that look amazing but they don't tease he ever loving shit out of their hair like it's still the 80s.

No. 377148

File: 1503419611205.jpg (27.63 KB, 242x325, fat.jpg)

No. 377156

File: 1503419983547.png (442.11 KB, 627x644, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 17.3…)

No. 377157

kelly and jake are so gonna hook up

No. 377159

>Like at 7.27 Kaya and Dre are hanging back while they talk.

I mean they're getting closer but I wouldn't really think anything of Jake and Kaya being apart for a few minutes. I'm pretty conscious of not being glued to my boyfriend when we're in group situations.

Although I haven't seen anything to indicate that Kaya and Jake have a good relationship so far.

No. 377160

File: 1503420641242.png (618.59 KB, 880x636, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 17.4…)

Kaya looks like a beast next to Kelly. Why did she not even bother to do her hair if she knew every one was vlogging? Lazy TT

No. 377167

Did he buy macarons just because Kelly wanted them?

No. 377171

Damn, Kaya looks like Anna Varney here.

No. 377226

It's crazy how big she's gotten. Amusing that Kelly used an old, thinner pic of Kaya in the thumbnail too, and didn't include a pic of Jake kek

No. 377472

Doubt it, Kelly seems to reject dating or relationships. She broke up with her fiance Davey Suicide (who seemed really nice in previous videos), I wonder if shes over the heartbreak yet.

No. 377474

Yeah Dre looks really different without makeup. Im convinced she shoops her photos and videos, she makes herself look smaller but she looks bigger in Kelly's videos. She did mention that she was trying to eat more healthy so good for her.

No. 377498

Lmao this is actually perfect

No. 377710

he seemed more into dre in his own vlogs but then again he used to seem like he flirted with vox aswell, he could just be a flirty person to be fair plus jake and kaya have been together for 7 years itd be a bit weird if she said no jake your not allowed to stand near our friends by yourself you must be beside me at all times
in their new sims video jake keeps saying how hot all the sims girls are its quite cringy

No. 377995

jake saying to kelly i know what you want in her new vlog kek

No. 378291

Implying that she wants his dick?

No. 378516

Did you see him checking himself out on the camera around 11 mins into the vlog? He's so fucking up himself kek

No. 378600

Ahahahaha and here I almost fell for some of her photoshop tricks recently.

I dunno if this other girl is gonna sleep with him or not but the fact he's trying so hard might make things kinda interesting with Kaya and him. I'm a bitch but I'm excited to see if it ends badly.

No. 378717

Does TTs boyfriend jake work? He vlogs almost daily and I can't imagine that being possible/easy with a real job

No. 378720

no he doesnt work an actual job for money theyre about to start selling sim porn on patreon

No. 378752

lol he has a vlog about how to get subscribers, how the fuck would he know? he's only got the amount he does (and it's still small) because he's TT boyfriend

No. 378906


He says to get subscribers you must do something really amazing and imaginative. What has he done? He blogs doing his laundry, doing weights and sitting eating.

No. 378960

Wait what the fuck she was engaged to Davey Suicide? I'd have never guessed that. I don't watch her videos unless mentioned here but I used to listen to his music in middle school since Gold Mind Squad were a local band and he's such an edgy guy I can't really imagine him with a girl like Kelly. Shame they broke up.

No. 378966

Sim porn?? LOL Is this really a thing?

No. 378977

lol i guess they said they even muted the original sounds and added "sex sounds" with household stuff like slapping bowls of water almost pay to see one of those

No. 379014


No. 379018

they start talking about it at about 10 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oadesJDQj78&t=96s

No. 379120

So like sim sex mods have been a thing since Sims 2 but i really doubt anyone is going to buy porn made in the sims. They could sell their own mods but there's tons of free ones out there soooooo

No. 379405

thankfully they haven't started doing goth land whale vs fat chav porn. kek

No. 380031

I don't think that's even happening in real life unless he's imagining Kelly. Failing that, he probably stares at himself and poses in the mirror mid fuck, you know American Psycho style, because that's how in love with himself he seems to be…

No. 380046

File: 1503742886786.png (586.93 KB, 849x598, Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.1…)

Her makeup really is terrible! Plus with all the free stuff and gorgeous clothes she gets sent, why does she always wear the same boring cheap black top/dress? Make an effort BF with something that isnt just crappy makeup

No. 380144

It's because she's fat and can't fit into anything else. But good god her skin is absolutely horriblen

No. 380154

File: 1503760973954.jpg (228.05 KB, 1023x559, ULpBflh.jpg)

Is that supposed to be some kind of acid wash effect or what? It just makes the bag look dirty. Also what is with the "spooky GIRL" thing?

No. 380166

I can't picture them having sex, but if they do Jake probably puts a bag with a picture of his face over Kaya's head.

No. 380371

Intense closeup… But seriously though, I can't help but feel that this type of makeup is not going to have a good effect on her skin when she gets older. Doesn't she use paint? I think awhile back she said she can't find a foundation light enough to match her skin so she used matte paint or something. Correct me if I'm wrong but if that's true, she should really just stick to the lightest foundation, it would not only give her skin some rejuvenation time but I feel it would also flatter her personal makeup style more.

No. 380381

This looks so embarrassing. A 6th grader would carry it around.

No. 380409

He broke up with her bc she's bipolar she mentioned it in a FAQ video and on twitter

No. 380435


>I'm so pale I need to use paint as foundation

Jesus fucking christ if you're right, anon.

Why do some goths do this weird "I'm so pale I can't find makeup" humblebrag? Lots of companies do a white foundation for mixing but you'd think they'd at least be aware of Manic Panic selling one.

No. 380471


She used greasepaint for a while when she started seeing Mattias IIRC. In her most recent GRWM she used white concealer from KVD and a white foundation from illamasqua. Looks shit either way.

No. 380576

Ah okay. Yeah, it's just not a flattering look up close. I really do think she should try using a more simple foundation that isn't so ghost white. Pale skin is fine and all but I think there is a little much but I'm probably just speaking from my own fears as I don't like things that will cause much irritation to the skin.

No. 380606

Seriously some of these "goth" chicks really have some huge delusional problems about the color of their skin, bitch you ain't that fucking white. A normal pale foundation from the drug store would work perfect for most of them. IBF def isn't so pale she needs white grease paint its incredibly embarrassing seeing her tan ass hands paired with the white clown face

No. 380612

I dont know who is her designer but it looks like google clip art. And that font is something from da font. What a cheap ass looking design.

No. 380613

Manic Panic have dreamtone which is a mixer. It's really good actually. I'm pretty sure IBF uses drugstore pancake called essentials. It's amazing how someone who's life 'on camera' doesn't invest in decent cosmetics and ensures her presentation is not so fucking tacky. If you're reading this Freya, you look crusty af.

No. 380618

oh dear….

No. 380707


It irritates me so much that the writing isn't straight. It starts on top of the seams and ends in the middle of them. That is some shoddy design work.

No. 380835

Girl it's called moisturizer. Buy some.

No. 380916

So many of them say how they're so fucking pale and yet you can always see clear indication on their neck that they're really not that pale they need to use the whitest foundation there is. Most of the ones that say this are just really pasty and pink.

No. 380999

they are about to start streaming if anyones interested in the cringe

No. 381091

Oh Jesus, the begging for money in exchange for what basically amounts to cheap parlor tricks. The worst part is that there are idiots out there willing to donate to them.

No. 384550

In Jake's London video, Reeree seems really happy and less uptight than in her videos, was quite nice to see. I'll find the video.

No. 384553


She pops up around after 6 minutes. I wonder how Kaya feels about all these pretty goth girls.

No. 384663

File: 1505080662743.jpg (136.44 KB, 891x452, bb.jpg)


No. 384993

What event is this supposed to be? He looks like the only guy there?

Whyyyyy wouldn't you fill in that eyeliner…..

No. 385175

He hates goths so hanging around with goth girls and complimenting a goth fashion show seems hypocritical.

I think it's supposed to give the illusion of having big eyes but people aren't blind it's just a line under your eyes not connected to anything.

No. 385405

Guess it looks fine in pictures that are taken from a distance.

No. 385449

>He hates goths so hanging around with goth girls and complimenting a goth fashion show seems hypocritical.

I would've loved it if someone there said that to him, but then again the likes of ReeRee aren't actual goths anyway sooo I guess she didn't care

No. 385521


Yeah I was about to say. ReeRee is just a Gothic/Darkly-Inclined person anyway so I doubt she'd care and besides that, a lot of these YouTubers don't want to lose subscribers by doing a call out so it's probably for the best.

And besides that, that event didn't look like a "Goth" event, just another Darkly-inclined / Alternative fashion event. I don't think these people (other than It'sBlackFriday) would go to a real Goth event because "Le elitists" and the music and whatnot.

No. 385547

File: 1505239683209.jpg (96.87 KB, 678x381, Elvira1.jpg)

Goths who do this like to imitate Elvira as she was the original who did her makeup this way. Also judging buy Fridays plunging dresses, she seems to take huge inspiration from her.

No. 385560


Very true. It also brings up the fact Jake/Kaya complain about no other alternative people live in Belfast. I find this such a stupid statement, I live in a small town in the UK and we have a big alt scene, so a capital city having no other goths is laughable. Maybe if they went to gigs they'd see other people.

I bet when they see anyone in a Damned t-shirt or a Bauhaus pin they either despise them thinking they're an elitist or avoid them so they won't be caught out for being posers.

No. 385561

File: 1505242076394.jpg (102.98 KB, 736x736, ef2194b9c217315333668c2e182404…)

Freya looks so much better like this. It doesn't look so try hard. The best gothic look is when it looks natural like this is how you dress all the time, the costume look seems childish.