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No. 440296

Previous thread >>402749

A general thread for discussing cringe in the alternative and goth scenes.


Adora BatBrat
Drac Makens
Jake Munro

And any other altcow you would like to share!

No. 440302

File: 1512751217591.jpg (406.33 KB, 1172x752, foreber.jpg)

No. 440304

I would be embarrassed to acknowledge a divorce if it were me. Not show it off to the world..

No. 440311

Ugh IBF, what are you, 15? “Look at how dark and melancholy my life has turned out because I’m gettting DIVORCED”. Turning up the emo for more asspats and sympathy, when all it’s doing is making her look childish…smh

No. 440313

I'm just wondering who eats salad with a spoon.

No. 440324

Killstar has so many beautiful dresses and she bought the tackiest one smh


No. 440325

Wut. Most of Killstar's dresses are tacky as fuck and littered with unflattering cuts and 3edgy5me writing all over them.

No. 440327

So, what is IBF's next move anyway? Is she going to stay in Germany, head back to NZ, or go to America? A lot of her fans have been telling her to move to NYC.

No. 440328

I like their stuff that's plain - which isn't much. The ott occult symbols are so damn tacky.


No. 440329

Agreed. I don't understand why 1990s goth is overlooked, but that is probably because it isn't over the top enough. Minimalism is nice.

No. 440331

No. 440333

Sage this and take it to the /ot/ alt fashion thread, come on.

No. 440335

No. 440336

I actually used to enjoy IBF and found her right when she was breaking up with Mr. Owl. Although I hadn't watched her for very long at the time, it bothered me that she had put out a video about them being engaged and then they were suddenly parting ways with her trying to quell rumors that she had cheated on him. I'm still wondering what exactly happened with all of that, but I'll probably never know. I never liked Matthias. People would often be shouting in the comments about how he's just a German man who is uncomfortable with affection and how anybody who tells IBF that they miss Mr. Owl is such a shitty person because god forbid Matthias reads the comments.

But, the previous pair just fit so well together. Even though IBF may be the shitty one here, there is something that just rubs me the wrong way about Matthias.

Something else that began to bother me in regards to IBF is how people began to use her as a benchmark for what is truly goffick enuff.

No. 440380

kek let's be real here she's probably scoffing down more cake

No. 440414

I saw in her instagram story that day she was eating some kind of desert.

Lmfao her covering up her guilt

No. 440505

I really like it, lol. I'm a sucker for ancient Egyptian culture and history so I can see why she bought it. But I would be too shy to wear such a tight body-hugging dress. Saged.

No. 440512

No. 440513


No. 440515

Her make-up and eye contacts look really good here but I wonder if she uses Instagram filters to make her face look smooth and silky?

Also yeah major cringe at "woe is me" post… very awkward…

No. 440520


I think IBF said in an IG comment that she was applying for a visa to Scotland/the UK.

No. 440535

The fuck would she want to come here for? The UK is in a shit state of affairs at the moment.

No. 440539


I presume she would have London in her sights! Good luck with affording rental anywhere central it is a bit different to Leipzig.

No. 440543

>Her make-up and eye contacts look really good here but I wonder if she uses Instagram filters to make her face look smooth and silky?

Skip to 4:00. I suppose it depends? I've seen her in photos taken by other people such as under her tagged ones on Instagram and sometimes she looks like shit, sometimes she doesn't.

No. 440547


London is horrendously expensive. She will be living in a shoebox unless she lives in one of the wider suburbs, but then she'll be spunking her money on travel.

Her best bet is going to Scotland.

No. 440549


Can just picture her skipping around Glasgow.

No. 440554

Mattias without makeup looks really fine actually

No. 440584

#foreveralone - so fucking emo. 'Don't worry you will always have your fans' - fame must be such a pathetic life. FFS just apply at asexuals.com get over yourself.

No. 440592

File: 1512778908036.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8987.PNG)

Why does she contour her face like that? It looks dirty!

No. 440619

File: 1512781349829.png (1021.36 KB, 1165x748, big bro.png)

No. 440639

no, I don't think she's moving to the UK, I think she's just applying for a travel visa. I believe she'll probably stay in Germany for a while, she has 2 apartments and she flew her cat Moon Moon all the way to Germany from NZ.

No. 440642

I dunno, Mattias just didn't seem as into being filmed as she did. You have to wonder what their relationship was like when the camera was off. Most moments of their lives were broadcast to the world and a lot of those moments didn't really include him.

I used to be a big fan too and wasn't really sure what to think about her and Mr. Owl breaking up but I think the only part that's sketchy is the sudden marriage to Mattias, especially so soon after moving. I don't think she cheated on Mr. Owl I think she just wanted to move somewhere else and maybe Mattias was her quick escape.

When I was younger I had a bad habit of jumping into relationships to escape from an unhappy home situation rather than out of genuine like for people and based on what i've heard about her life in NZ I wonder if this was the real reason and ultimately why it didn't work out.(sage this)

No. 440664

What do you mean by most moments of their lives were broadcast to the world? Even when she uploads consistently, it's just a haul or bath bomb vid or making some black food or whatever. That doesn't take a lot of time, lol! The vlogs she does, like her travel vlogs for example, consist of few minute clips put together. And Matthias is on cam with her very little.There is so much we don't know about them.

I do agree with the relationship stuff though. I think Freyja doesn't really understand his sense of humor, for one. Their personalities don't go together and it's so strange to see. I may have mentioned this before, but every video that I watch of the 2 of them makes me feel so awkward. Like every video he's in she just awkwardly introduces him. It's never a "hey everyone, this is Matthias, my husband. She's just always struggling for words it seems.

No. 440672

IBF is completely self centred. Her whole existence is looking at herself through a lens. The people in here that defend her or make up reasons why she married, or even behaves badly, is ridiculous. Filming your own wedding at the alter is a sure sign it wasn't something 'dear to her heart'. Any idiot would realise she's an ego maniac who loves attention and will do anything for fame. Even if it embarrasses a community. All of her fans are people who are not even goth and see her as a bit of 'entertainment'. She's a joke. I'd hate to have her empty life of one sided friendships and living online to feel wanted. Really sad if you ask me.

No. 440674

lol. ummm more like ice-cream. i don't think she'd bother with a spoon for cake, she'd shovel it in with her filthy hands.

No. 440677

this forever alone shit cracks me up. maybe for christmas she should play santa and have all the kids line up to see her like they did at WGT. awwww poor freya.

No. 440851

Normoria's (Coalcandy) new video.

No. 440859

Because she paints her face white so natural coloured contours look even muddier and orange, so of course the natural reaction is not to stop painting her face white but to keep going on about how she's "faaaar too pale for normal foundation" and draw a black line on her cheek. She's also terrible at makeup and her nails, brushes and makeup space always look slightly grubby.

No. 440862

It's better than Adora's efforts (although the guy who does her beats is quite talented). I don't mind it. It's clear their singer isn't comfortable in front of the camera, but it's well shot.

No. 440874

What do you guys think about psychara? I think she is alright, but she has a history of throwing hissy fits for being "sexualized" because she is ace.

No. 440896

She seems fine, the only thing I've seen her attacked for was apparently 'ditching' one of her friends for another girl who was thinner and looked more like her, for which she now has to reassure her fans that she didn't stop being friends with that girl every few months when it erupts and people have tantrums about not seeing them together again. I didn't know she was ace or that she made a big deal about it.

No. 440955

Yeah, but then how would you make money off of it??? Duh!

No. 440961


I like Psychara, she's cute and creative. She does seem quite sensitive though. Someone asked if she really was a witch or something in one of her last videos (a 'witch box' un-boxing) and she really took it to heart. I understand why someone would ask the question because moon/witch/wicca is popular at the moment and of course it has been completely commodified to shit because 'aesthetic'. Even fucking Kaya is doing un-boxings of this stuff and that should tell you everything you need to know. Psychara is literally buying into it by promoting all these silly un-boxings, no matter whether she believed in it before it got trendy.

No. 440985

File: 1512842419230.jpg (29.94 KB, 637x254, salad.jpg)

she REALLY wants people to know she's eating a salad lol

this is toxictears level of denial.

She's been "forever alone" for, at most, 3 weeks. How sad that you can't be single for more than a month?

seeing as how I'm one of the anons that thought her marriage was a sham, I'll bet she tries to snag a goth dude in an English speaking country next

No. 440988

I don't think a divorce is anything to be ashamed of, but that kind of highschool tier post is pretty cringy

Killstar is low quality garbage.

No. 440998

File: 1512843869992.jpg (203 KB, 1293x770, whitewedding.jpg)


freezer's wedding day thoughts

I feel like this video had so many clues it wasn't legit.

No. 441002


The way she kept looking at the camera in this video made me cringe. You're getting married, look at your husband instead. It was weird. Guess it makes sense now.

No. 441030

cake Freya, cake

Very weird. How hard would it have been to just ask someone to record it for you?

No. 441068

File: 1512849604428.png (962.38 KB, 1166x751, hubris.png)

She's really desperate for some praise.. I wonder what made her this way. Her mom? She never talks about her father.

No. 441084

In her IG story, she's been hanging out with Valentin Procelain, a goth model.

No. 441152

ahahaha this is great. the kiss at the end is also so fake. its like she didnt even want to! fucking weirdo.

No. 441155

I think Valentin is off the cards for her, last I saw he was in a relationship with some other goth guy. That could have changed as he isn't very public about his relationships…but yeah I don't think Freyja is his type if anyone is insinuating that.

No. 441192

She gets off on getting so much stares and selfie requests from strangers, that's why she always dresses so OTT and of course she's going to look for a goth replacement BF. I think she should stay single for a while and just try to find some peace and acceptance. But that won't happen.

Also she's asexual as we have discussed, and I bet one reason her marriage failed is that Mattias seems to give off a sexual vibe like he probably wants to have sex all the time but they weren't sexually compatible.

No. 441225

He would be SO out of her league either way! ahahahahha

No. 441226

she's desperate for attention because she has no career prospects. oh, film making. ha! take a number honey. there's plenty of intelligent directors out there. you are not one of them. stay in youtube land, at least we have something to laugh about.

No. 441229

Valentin is definitely not an internet whore. He's got class…..

No. 441241

ummm yea. we get it. but not when it looks like advanced finger painting. she looks feral. there's nothing cool about her look from an 80s persepctive AT ALL. she didnt even use a crimper until she noticed it online. give me a break. even moreso she openly admitted her look was copied from malice mizer - a jap visual kei band - NOT GOTH. so fuck you and your defensive shitty comeback.

No. 441243

Whenever she gets any "sexual comments" for example "you are really hot" or "you look sexy" she can get really hissy and often posts in her story rants (with screenshots and ofc not censoring any names) about how apparently no one is allowed to make these kind of comments because "I am asexual and there is nothing sexual about my being". What does this even mean? Lmao. I'm not saying that it's not annoying and kinda gross to get such exaggerated comments but it feels like she thinks that just because she is ace everyone else shall not be sexually attracted to her. Another example I can remember which is not that extreme is when she had that chest tattoo, and well, read the caption:

I gotta say though I'm really digging her look.

No. 441254

This is funny to point out. She claims there is nothing sexual about her being, yet she has her best push-up on in most videos. Not to mention the pics where she clearly shops her cleavage. Give me a break, Freyja.

No. 441257

It's not about Freyja, the poster was talking about Psychara, whatever her name is. Learn to read properly before you comment.

No. 441258

Only after you learn how to not be a piece of shit. My comment about Freyja still stands.

No. 441260

File: 1512870397038.jpg (50.79 KB, 600x826, so_salty.jpg)

No. 441261

Salty about what, exactly?

No. 441292

Oh! Didn't know she was like that. I used to really like her but she moved more toward mori and strega which isn't really my scene so I stopped watching. It is ridiculous of her to claim not to be sexually attractive, you can be asexual but that doesn't mean you have no attractiveness about you anymore and that no one will look at you and find your body appealing. Being human kinda comes with that as a possibility. They don't approach telling her that well and they could just stop once she asked since it makes her uncomfortable but not everyone will read every post; seems like she's living far too much in her own world. You have to have a thick skin to be a semi-public figure especially if you're asexual or otherwise out with the norm, so you'd think she would be used to it or at least able to cope with it.

No. 441301


You replied to the wrong post and instead of correcting the error or recognising you were incorrect and your statement about Freyja was misplaced in reply to a comment about someone completely different, you called someone else a piece of shit for trying to advise you. If you want to talk about Freyja do so but do it in reply to a post about her or make your own. No need to be so petulant.

No. 441359

I was gonna call you a moron in my original post correcting you that it wasn't about Freyja >>441301
but then I decided not to be rude.

Well, You ARE a moron and also, a piece of shit. Saged.

No. 441360

Agreed. You cannot have it both ways if you wanna be a youtube star and never get any comments you don't like. Psychara or whatever her name is, sounds like an immature brat. She needs to sit down and be grateful that she even has an audience paying attention to her boring, worthless ass.

No. 441433

I think this applies to ALL youtubers. Thats the territory.

No. 441514

i dont think psychara is asexual she has a bf last i knew and i dont think it makes you asexual to not want pervy comments on your photos

No. 441526

File: 1512907760008.png (82.86 KB, 273x167, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 12.0…)

this bitch has no idea
"you can get them unicorn stuff"
no. just no

No. 441529

If you're implying that mana isn't goth Idk what to tell you.

No. 441534

why is tt literally posting all these stupid and dull unboxing videos like it's the best thing sinced sliced bread?

No. 441550

And why are people watching them? God knows.

No. 441554

she hasn't had a bf in years (unless she hides him very well) and she has mentioned not being into sex was a problem in past relationships

sage for literally whiteknighting but yeah

No. 441557

File: 1512916205051.png (229.9 KB, 1080x1046, 20171210_142846.png)

Yup definetly youtube and not the fact your content is boring an repetitive

No. 441566


Last time I have found her vlog interesting was when they were moving to their present apartment. Other than that her channel is constant unboxing, unboxing, unboxing. In general more and less gothic vlogs turned into constant unboxing, haul, makeup, unboxing, repeat.


>i dont think psychara is asexual she has a bf last i knew

You can be asexual and be in relationship. There is nothing strange about that. Sex and relationship are two separate topics.

>and i dont think it makes you asexual to not want pervy comments on your photos

I think it has more to her being into modern wave of femin(az)ism, than sexual orientation.

On the other hand Gothic Alice (declares herself as aromantic and asexual) has constantly awkward comments at her fb page from guys and she don't even bother to remove them.

No. 441569

Well Coalcandy and Adora vlogs are nowadays one of not many alt/synth/gothic vlogs that have anything to do with music and music related events.

Other turned into constant circle of hauls, unboxings, makeup or onision level drama.

Or "I am a witch because I have heard about chakras and tried to do wicca inspired ritual once so I have enough knowledge to claim that status".That's the level of ego!

No. 441572

Ho lee fuk, just saw Adora has wikipedia page


It kinda feels like it was written by Adora herself

No. 441628

Or, TT, you could go get a regular job like everyone else since your youtube 'career' is such a strain on you and you hate doing it so much. When you fail you should move on and do something productive not just throw a tantrum and blame other people for said failure.

No. 441646

Definitely written by her. The bragging in every section couldn't be anyone else. That and who else would have known her full maiden name unless it's a close friend. She's not as famous as she thinks she is after all.

No. 441652

File: 1512933742459.jpeg (438.36 KB, 1334x750, DF28A78E-00B9-4517-8704-1FF059…)

Oh my god. The KIDS, these NAMES, whyyyyy? This bitch is high off her own farts, jfc…

>named after synthesizers

No. 441666

It is pretty ridiculous,the names she has given her children. But,I have to say that Synthia is pretty cute, in my opinion.

I don't actually think Adora wrote this herself,though. The written English seems too good. Regardless, someone who is a superfan and/or someone close to her created it with her knowledge and she filled them in on details.

No. 441674

Is there a way to report it to Wikipeia and get it taken down? She is not even a celebrity, just a youtuber who gets some views.

No. 441685

That's the most silly thing I have heard all week. Why get it taken down? For what reason? Many ppl who aren't "celebrities" have wiki pages. Wikipedia isn't a credible source lmfao. It can be edited by anyone at any time. She has a following and that's all she needs, really.

No. 441687

>That and who else would have known her full maiden name unless it's a close friend.

Ummm… the whole internet? It doesn't look like she was secretive with full name, just google it.

I'm pretty surprised it didn't get nominated for deletation to be honest. Far more known people get articles about them removed, as they are not that much important according to wikipedia rules.

No. 441700

File: 1512938718527.jpg (105 KB, 631x989, thumbnail_IMG_9024.jpg)

begging bitch is begging again

No. 441714

I didn't realize that sticks and twine were what made things "whitchy", haha. Of course she links the brand and makes it known that's what she wants. That's her MO and people fall for it, unfortunately.

No. 441716

can this bitch NOT go onto the 'witchy~spooky' bandwagon please, is she gonna trample through ever trend and act as though she's genuine? bad enough she calls herself goth, now she's doing this?
also if she wants stuff from a jewellery brand maybe she should go fucking buy it herself jfc stop begging for stuff off other people you self entitled cow

No. 441724

'witchy inspired'

wasn't she all into kawaii shit a while ago? now into witch stuff, she's really trying anything isnt she?

her yt channel is literally trash and she has no motivation for anything, stop leeching off people and trends and be creative and do anything BUT unboxing vids

No. 441754

she's been into it for a while, reblogging posts about some witchy ornaments and other aesthetic related stuff like it

No. 441760

Key word: aesthetic. She's been into the aesthetic of witches and wicca,but not the actual culture. Same shit she does with goth and kawaii.

No. 441766

Exactly. she doesn't care about the witchcraft/wiccan culture and ideals, she only cares about the aesthetic and how many likes on instagram she'll get.
She's a trend whore, and doesn't care much about anything else, precisely why no one takes her seriously as a goth

No. 441786

File: 1512947838937.png (436.38 KB, 747x622, sppooky.png)

people are tired of constant unboxing.
the stuff she unboxes is so cheap too.
a lollipop, a bat on a necklace and some tea etc in every box it seems.

No. 441816

No. 441823


>I dress up daily in lolita fashion

..wut. You said that you were never into gothic lolita.

>I know how to speak Japanese

>watches anime

You.. also said you weren't interested in that stuff either.

>countries I've visited list

If you've visited that many places and didn't have a problem then why did you have such an issue at an airport in the UK?

No. 441897

Just… this has to be a fake right? Like for real what the hell I don't think IBF ever wore lolita in her life and weirdly bragging about living in her van?
I did get a kick out of the 'I'm smart I just conceal it well' part tho lol she must be really really rrreeeaaalllyyt good at concealing it

No. 441912

looking at these older pictures its now pretty obvious shes never had good eating habits. always t h i c c in a not good way. also
the word youre looking for Freezer is OUJI. nobody calls it kodona who actually wear and are invested in lolita. jfash autism sorry guys

No. 441913

>gypsyish lifestyle

nothing says trustworthiness quite like racial slurs!

No. 441916

The Rattled blog post really speaks volumes of how much a cunt she is
She talks about being in NZ when a earth quake hits and causes a bunch a devastation ppl being killed then goes on to bitch that her Amanda Palmer concert was canceled

No. 441919

I don't know, anon. It not only uses her old MySpace photos, but its her exact typing style.

No. 441961

A grown ass woman stuck in the tumblr phase

No. 442022

File: 1512979462284.png (628.33 KB, 1125x531, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 6.58…)

what's that? you want me to eat you? FFS. this is so bad. pink? didn't realise goths were into pink. didn't realise come fuck me photos were something frigid chicks were into. what a cock tease. i guess this was before she knew filming her gigantic tits would reel in the views. so gross…….

No. 442170

File: 1513013571165.jpg (104.77 KB, 877x483, lipstick.jpg)


these myspace photos are hella embarrassing..why is she like this.

literally matthias married 2 different people.

No. 442224

While she is embarrassing, I don't understand what you mean by "Matthias married two different people" because the donut pic is relatively old. Idk about you. But at 26 I'm not the same as I was when I was 20. Of course there are parts of my personality that have remained the same…but it should be easy to understand that you do not stay the same and should not be 100% the same in your early 20s compared to when you are 30. Matthias didn't know her back then in her pink phase and what not. The style of her eyebrows shows you the timeframe, kek.

No. 442226

Sage for off topic, but goths can still wear pink or lighter colors. It was actually pretty common for 90s goths to layer black lace over pink and dark blue garments. Angela Benedict did a video about this.

No. 442261

File: 1513023368359.png (64.31 KB, 625x561, lol.png)

this bitch is still tired from "travelling" such a lazy piece of shit

No. 442268

While I agree with you and what your saying is true; Freyja has claimed to have always been a 'True Goff Queen' talking about how she was in to goth and dark aesthetics from an early age,conveniently leaving out the period where she wore pink and white as seen in that photo. She has spoken about going through a phase of pink hair etc but most probably presumed she meant in the way you described, not solid pink or pink and other light colours. Nothing about her pink phase was goth.

No. 442270

*you're. Sorry, it's been a long day.

No. 442290


Yeah if anyone asks about her style, she conveniently had to wear a uniform till she was 18 and instantly became goth after that, nothing inbetween. I don't know why she'd hide it, no one is born in platforms listening to Siouxsie.

No. 442320

I am new to this and i am not sure how to link videos but TT new video is at least different. I am cringing on a whole other level though. She got sorted in slytherin. There is no reason to be mad about being that house anyway. Once again obvious she hasn't read the books.

No. 442374

Exactly. I mean, even if one looks up footage of goths in the 80s many of them wore blue jeans because brand was outrageously expensive if you're a teen/college student.

I suppose she enjoys the fact that her fans have gone round to other gothic youtubers and told them how they're not goff enuff. Many people see her as the benchmark and her whole video about terms in the gothic community didn't help. It only sought to further divide the community because god forbid someone doesn't sleep in all black, have black laundry detergent like she does, etc. Its ridiculous.

No. 442425


That or you dyed what you got from charity shops. At least in Europe that's what happened and even I did growing up because we didn't have access to what we saw in magazines or album covers but we still tried to make our own outfits. This was in the 90's and was maybe just my area of europe but we usually tried to find army surplus as it dyed darker and had more material to work with. So she could have made her own as a teenager, there are times when not in uniform etc when she could have worn what she wanted. Her parents clearly didn't mind as she had pink hair. Then again, it's easier to pretend she was always Goth queen of her belfry minions. The elitist bullshit is tiresome, especially when it's people who don't listen to the music and have no idea where it came from who proclaim themselves 'gother than thou'. Now with 'fans' going running to their idol's 'enemy' and attacking is just ridiculous. She has an army of children who wear Black Veil Brides makeup.
Side note; There have been studies that show being in an all white room can make people lose their sense of self and become insane from the isolation and neverending single colour, perhaps that can happen with black. Freyja has everything black bar I think a few red walls. She struggles constantly with depression and no matter how much you like it black can be a heavy colour in decor, so she's going back to endless darkness that cannot really be lit to be bright. That must be fucking with her head a bit especially in winter when it gets dark at 4pm. Dark jewel tones can be just as gothic but they don't have the same cold heaviness pitch black does.

No. 442474


Nice theory with the black walls. You may be onto something there. Imagine waking up in an entirely black room.

Saged for no input

No. 442487

Not only is the large amount of black a good point, but what is even better is it's said that red walls or large amounts of red with dark colored decor can have a negative impact on your emotions. I've heard this for years. I'm sure she would be mopey regardless,but I don't think the decor is helping. Why not make a special space for darkness? Like a spare bedroom? And you can hangout there whenever you'd like, but also have the option to enter a neutral room that will level out your emotions. Idk, just random rambles, but it makes sense.

No. 442554

No. 442568

Another problem for IBF imho is she has painted herself into a corner with the look etc., and that is a road to boredom. I'm sure she feels she must look like a goth panto dame everyday. Would do my head in and will hers as she gets older.

No. 442571

File: 1513067847671.png (471.84 KB, 750x1334, 2E4A135E-F630-4EB8-B1E6-33F2DD…)

Surprise surprise her having something “extreme” happen in her life has garnered sympathy patrons. She’s now making 700 bucks from patreon alone. Such a shame Freezer, you can’t pretend to be a poor broke goth gurl uwu anymore…

No. 442588

File: 1513071604494.png (167.02 KB, 802x594, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 09.3…)

Adora's facebook!

No. 442600

the token effort to talk about music was pretty lame. her life is so empty.

No. 442611

Wtf is this crap? More goth related content I see, Kaya. And it's so triggering that she's never read the books of a series she claims to love, especially when she thinks she's a book worm

No. 442629


has she actually painted freckles on her face?

No. 442631

I thought I was tinfoiling there but I'm glad others have noticed too. She mentioned sleeping for days at a time. She would be waking to blackness and darkness with shut curtains meaning she wouldn't know the time of day, so of course she's sleeping a lot. Depression and seasonal changes can make you sleep more too so overall with that she must have spent very little time with her husband or the outside world. Bright red like she chooses has been shown to cause stress, anger and depression as you say, so honestly the worst colour combination for her. The fact all the rooms are the same must be quite maddening and extremely dull.

No. 442640

she should've just painted her acne brown and called those freckles

No. 442670

ty for pointing this out. in that jewelry video she made a comment about "gypsy goth" and i was like, bitch really, but didn't think anyone else would care.

she didn't pre-film anything to have up while traveling and now "everything takes forever" when it comes to making new videos. wtf else is she doing?

too lazy to look, what do people even get on her patreon?


No. 442696


she's a completely different person out of makeup. duh. there's make-up to enhance who you are & there's make to hide who you are.

No. 442702

File: 1513097283636.jpg (201.2 KB, 1355x658, itsblackfail.jpg)


her divorce has really done wonders for her career.

I just don't get who would part with their hard earned money to see a slob put on lipstick? must be kids who dont work for it.

IBF has always complained about money, even this year when it's clear she's swimming in free clothes, make-up, youtube big bucks and endorsement deals.

No. 442720

she looks like a sausage in that corset. she has all the time in the world, why can't she work out and eat right. same goes for tt.

No. 442721


I agree with you. I think IBF's content is way better than Kaya's at least, but not good enough that she shouldn't be expected to get a part time job to support herself. Would probably help her get over her divorce and make some friends.

Kaya NEEDS to get a job. She's such a fucking waster. She needs to learn how to make her way in life without begging people on the internet to pay her to make videos unboxing free stuff. She's in her mid-twenties. This isn't going to last for much longer and no one is going to want to hire some big talentless hape with no skills or experience once her patreon supporters finally grow out of her.

No. 442753

Your opinion on Angela Benedict few last videos?

No. 442755

>there's make-up to enhance who you are & there's make to hide who you are.

And to show who you are. Question is which case we have here.

No. 442756

And your point is?

No. 442793

I like her and I don't consider her to be a cow. I know that someone in the last thread claimed that she was a snob, but she's the exact opposite considering she calls out the massive gatekeeping problem which plagues the goth community several times and doesn't give a shit if it gets her hate. She, skullgirdle, and a few other lesser known youtubers have been in the scene for longer than IBF has and their videos aren't holier than thou, but rather informative and welcoming of newcomers.

The most important thing that she noted in her video response to Snowy is that goth has become a costume contest and less about the music and meeting others who share your interest.

Its also a bit puzzling to me that Angela, who is in her mid 30s, receives hate comments telling her that she is a poser (I guess its because she looks young and they don't buy that she was around for the 1990s scene?) yet for all the years I've watched IBF, I never saw a single comment of anybody calling her a poser. That really shows me how eager people are to overlook 1990s goth, which was considerably more toned down, among other styles and place IBF up as some sort of standard.

No. 442811

It's because the majority of IBF's subscribers are "normies", and to them a goth is OTT pale face/all black clothes/black everything - aka IBF. Essentially she embodies what they believe a goth to be and look like. In reality of course we know she's a very OTT version and most goths are far more dressed down and casual…

No. 442826

Agreed. Angela even did a video about some teenager leaving her a comment telling her that she wasn't "goff enuff" and linking IBF, informing her that this is what "real goff" was and for her to try again.

Normies and newcomers don't seem to get that there are many different styles for goth and not all of them even suit each person. Some people look really good with that Siouxsie makeup and others don't. What Angela does works for her. Even in her photos from when she was a teen, she wasn't anywhere as extreme as IBF is.

Sage for ranting and sorry about that. I do enjoy Angela's videos because she is one of the few who has bothered to call out this bullshit without remorse, whereas IBF created a video with terms such as "weekender" that only further suit to cause division within the community. God forbid some people have careers where they cannot be decked out like her. We can't all sit on our arse and get YT money.

No. 442835

File: 1513109524385.png (813.17 KB, 1040x757, burtonfriday.png)

No. 442836

File: 1513109590296.png (616.94 KB, 1170x756, ragdoll.png)

Must be hard getting free shit all of the time..

No. 442843

File: 1513110594486.jpeg (289.6 KB, 2048x2048, 86245A75-C0FF-4794-A74F-35641E…)

It looks like ibf gives her patrons literally nothing except content “early” and maybe a few unlisted videos or something? Scrolling through I saw 15 posts of just her YouTube stuff and one random personal video I believe. No “handwritten notes from me”, no mention in post credits, no actual gifts whatsoever, the only perks are shit you can already get for free from YouTube. The gift is herself apparently.

No. 442849

File: 1513111171990.jpg (4.22 KB, 122x125, 1508773894620.jpg)

>The gift is herself apparently.

No. 442850

How likely is it that Freya has sockpuppets and goes around antagonizing goth vloggers about how they're not as gothy as herself?

No. 442853

The likelihood of Kaya, OfHerbsAndAltars etc doing this is likely
They're bound to get bored eventually

No. 442854

That's something I've never considered; all the free shit she gets and her already massive wardrobe, she could sell her stuff to her fans or just in general and make a fair bit if she's really struggling that much.

No. 442859

It really unsettled me how she broke down crying in her marriage video though to be honest
There was something striking the viewer that she wasn't really happy committing herself to her ex husband
But I suppose it was for the views and money either way

No. 442870


"No money for anything"

> hoardes of expensive clothing in the back ground.

This is why i fucking hate internet "celebrities"

No. 442877

Maybe she was worried he would expect things of her as a wife she wasn't willing to do, such as have a job, know how to cook or speak the language of the country she's in, socialise and become a functioning member of society.

No. 442939

She had posted things on Instagram about using DuoLingo to learn German, but in German interviews she still speaks English and they simply translate her. I doubt she knows how to cook. It truly does puzzle me how these two even met or decided it would be a good idea to be married after 5 months.

No. 442956

She uses the Manson album as a way to plug her purse lmao, I also remember in an old video of hers she made a huge deal about how Marilyn manson is pop music and she doesn't like him

No. 442961

Don't worry, all the kids listen to him again since he started dealing with Killstar clothing and made a new album
For this reason; Freyja likes him now. Money is money, right?

No. 442965

I'm pretty sure IBF has stated that she does not like to cook and/or doesn't. Just take-out, microwave food, or your basic stuff.

She also stated a while ago that she was taking classes to "learn German" haha! I actually thought I read that this was a requirement for citizenship…but maybe I am wrong? Idk, but I know that she has mentioned taking classes to learn German in the past.

No. 442970

Sage for info; After looking into it - Basic German suffices when immigrating into Germany.
You need to be a pro to apply for citizenship.
Residence permits exist for those who marry a German individual.
Normally you can apply for citizenship after 3 - 5 years from marriage (5 depending on whatever odd circumstances there may be).
EU citizens have the right to freedom of movement and merely need to declare their presence.

No. 442973

>she doesn't like MM

Really? In an older video, I think it was the one about best goths of all time or some list, they listed him and she defended him by saying that she enjoys him and so many people have tried to copy him. However, I also remember when there was heavy debate in the goth community back when he first came out about how he wasn't really goth and all this mess.

No. 443021


I get kid of strange vibes from her. What do you think about her face expressions in haul videos and on the photos?

No. 443026

That she's just a product of her time more or less. She's certainly different from the other gothic youtubers. I watched her videos about her PTSD, growing up in a home where both of her parents abused drugs, her ex boyfriend debacle, etc and she just seems like somebody who went through a lot of shit and is settling back into being confident and comfortable. I also like that with her ex video she acknowledged that what she did was wrong despite being in a dead relationship at the time, because its something that I don't see other vloggers being willing to admit.

I could be proven wrong with time, you never know.

No. 443032

Her unconditional honesty has always been something I respected about her. I suppose she has her own drama and craziness but she's not that bad.

No. 443038

File: 1513128004737.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1602, IMG_20171213_011502.png)

Did I miss Dorian changing their middle name to 'Nothing' or is it a relatively new development? I admit I try to avoid her/his/their(?)drama as much as possible but I came across that post and that name is probably the edgiest thing I've seen an adult do since IBF painted everything she owns black. Also went for a picnic in the snow because that's not attention seeking and isn't at all unusual.

No. 443060


neat idea tbh

No. 443061

That's not new, they really changed their name to Dorian Nothing few years ago, heh.

No. 443084

I wonder how much aging affects their popularity

No. 443233

I was always curious if she is making any savings or spending everything she earns. Oh darn curiosity! :D

No. 443250

Angela Benedict is a down to earth person who has her own problems but doesn't try to be this 'mascot' for goth like Kaya and Freyja. That's why she's so likable. She's just like this cool big sister in the goth scene that helps you out and lets you borrow her clothes for the concert lol.

No. 443262

dunno, girl that in every photo has the same facial expression and pose is kinda creepy. She has like 3 facial expressions that she uses interchangable. I get that she has acting background too. How can we tell if she is not psychomanipulating us into something? :D
Youtubers are just faces to us. The rest is their creation. You know. How can you tell who is who?

No. 443289

check out my gothic lifestyle i just created over a few short years off the rack. fuck off freya - people are starting to notice your shit. looks like a teenagers bedroom. don't forget your BIG PINK SLIPPERS you poseur fuck.

No. 443290

who gives a shit!

No. 443294

mansonite is just another form of mall goth. he was an american thunderstorm. then it got muddy. don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining - manson never has and never will be goth. yeah that lucifer symbol is so edgy. ROFL.

No. 443295


No. 443297

Sorry, must have just skipped over that fact on their youtube channel last I looked. Sage for accidental old news.

No. 443299

Personally I'd be more concerned if she was a revolving door of expressions, appearances and personalities like Kaya. She's probably just hyperaware of her chances of being attacked if she steps even slightly out of what people expect from her so is very controlled. She's found her good angles by her standards in photos and is maybe a bit nervous to do anything else in case it's 'ugly' or not received well. No matter how thick skinned or open you are, having people relentlessly attack you for every minor detail is stressful and tiring so avoiding the 'not goff enuff' army would be a good plan. Also maybe she just likes to look the same.

No. 443301

File: 1513163493146.jpg (92.63 KB, 589x469, pizzameltdown.jpg)

Freezer having a meltdown over no pizza…

Giant pizza for 1 ? with a spoon, too, I bet.

No. 443303

She's above a phone call now? Super mega famous Goff Youtube star of the world cannot possibly answer a phone. Her delicate hands can only handle the record button and solid silver spoons.

No. 443306

File: 1513163974769.jpg (82.04 KB, 846x471, ibf.jpg)


imagine being this stressed about a fucking pizza. you don't have sandwich stuff in your house for emergencies?

for all the anons who said she doesnt cook, yall were right!

look at how big her arms are, keep ordering those pizzas, bih

No. 443311

jfc, I thought she was trying to lose weight?

Probably because she wouldn't be able to understand them, whereas text or email she could use Google translate kek

No. 443314

If her working in a pizza place for so many years for such crap pay was true, you'd think she'd have even a miniscule portion of empathy towards the poor "pizza slaves" who're working for tuppence to feed her fat demanding lard arse. God forbid people actually work and don't scrounge off Youtube for big bucks, eh Freyja?

No. 443318

Actually you're right about not being able to understand them, I just thought she was being an entitled brat; which she was but she also kinda had a reason.

No. 443319

Doesn't she live in Germany? I imagine her German isn't good enough to talk on the phone.

People who spent years working in customer service usually have a bit more empathy though.

No. 443320

Hate to sound like a traditionalist but very few men are going to be on board with a fat, lazy, entitled, petulant, bratty, greasy goth who is a slow learner and doesn't want to learn a new language, can't/ won't cook, clean, work or do anything meaningful, collects clothes she'll never fit in to, shaves her head in to their sink and doesn't clean it then throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way and swans off to somewhere else to find a new husband then slag off the previous one to her army of adoring tweens who will forever think he's an evil bastard.

No. 443321

I was >>443303 and >>443318
didn't think about the language barrier as she's been there a fair while now and I presumed she would have been able to understand a basic phonecall. My mistake.

No. 443325

She's made that one super cringy video there she screams a few german words very hitler-esque with shitty pronunciation, so i highly doubt it…

No. 443327

Saged, since i simply forgot to add this: i've never encountered a food place here that texts or emails you (must be an american thing?), so either personally or through phone

No. 443329

I have seen ones that text you when you order through a delivery site like Lieferando, but they're just automated texts. Calls are much more efficient anyway.

No. 443336

So Adora, BF and Reeree have all broken up with their husbands this month?

No. 443337

cannot stand angela benefuck't

No. 443351

I believe she said she didn't care for TGAOG and beyond because he was moving towards 'pop' music.

No. 443355

Anon, you're reaching. Facial expressions aren't something to be this paranoid over.

No. 443391

But here poses give her such a soulless look. Like she's an empty inside extraterrestial.

No. 443407

Yeah, honestly I don't really get all the stanning. She comes off as kind of holier-than-thou and bitchy to me, but maybe others see something I don't.

No. 443428

i get that impression too. she takes the fun out of goth

No. 443436

I'd like to bring a new topic on the table for y'all, what's your opinion on influencers/alt models selling the stuff that they have recieved for free to their fans?
I have been following this girl for a while, Deathcandy. she is a model(?) even though she hasn't got any official modeling jobs, so far she has just posted non-professional pictures, but many brands have made her relevant this year because they repost her pictures a lot. Killstar, disturbia, rat baby,restyle, even LC sends her free shit all the time. At first, she seemed really dull. All she did was beauty vlogging, and some times she would host lives to speak about some personal stuff (when she was having issues with her SO etc). Now, I wouldn't like to talk about her terrible skills at co-ordinating an outfit, or the fact that she is repeatedly promoting the flat tummy tea aka laxatives in a pink bag.
She is constantly promoting that she is selling her stuff in her instagram story on depop, but there is also her FB group that is dedicated to that. I, for a fact, never have seen another influencer doing this and so openly. There was a period where she would post about it on her story every single day. Do you guys think it's ethical? Selling stuff that you have got for free to your followers? Am I making a big deal about this? I, at first, didn't think much of it and even contacted her because I found something that I really wanted, but didn't have a good experience with her so I have never actually bought something.
I'll leave links

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deathcandy/?hl=el
depop: https://www.depop.com/redmaria
FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/921555441282173/about/

No. 443440


excuse my samefagging but I'd also like to point out that she is lying for the condition of some of the stuff she sells, for example she has stated a lipstick is "sealed" even though in the picture provided she has obviously opened it to showcase it (this is kind of a big deal for cosmetics cause if you leave them for too long they expire), and in some other clothes she sells them as new with the price and also she states the condition is new and right afterwards she says that they have been worn for pictures (which clearly makes the outfit fall in the category of used, even if barely, it still isn't brand new).

No. 443442

You not liking her face isn't milk, anon. That's what you seem to be missing. And, considering only one person ever mentioned her prior to this thread you're coming off as a samefag. There are cows here with real milk and yet people choose to focus on the shit that isn't.

No. 443448


No she’s not trying to lose weight. She does the lazy person thing and says “I want to lose weight but I like food too much”.
Doesn’t work out or diet and she’s open about that.

No. 443513

Selling stuff you have been sponsored so lightheartedly means you didn't even care about it. Accepting any kind of sponsorship that you don't really stand for is being a literal sellout. I would never trust any kind of review from those kind of people since they just like getting free stuff. However, it is their stuff, so they are entitled to do what they want with it, even sell it. (unless they break a contract ofc) I just think it's disrespectful towards the brands and being a sellout is definitely not a trait that makes me admire someone.

No. 443662

File: 1513230658756.jpg (179.75 KB, 1366x768, itsbf.jpg)


>collects clothes she'll never fit in to

she's always blaming punkrave for having to buy XXL sizes, I looked at their size chart, they seem like normal sizes. even if they do run small, she has no real job, go workout and start planning your meals lol

No. 443669

txt or call? umm no, honey. People have to call you if there's an issue. You aren't special. What a spazzstick bitch.

No. 443732

that white fat neck and freckles is just gross. she looks like she's escaped.

No. 443733

I think that's just her personality, she sucks the joy out of everything including Goth.

No. 443737

Didn't notice Adora had, but she had stopped constantly talking about how good he was in bed so that should have been a telling sign. It is a shame since they've been together so long and have children together, there must have been something about her that made him stay for all those years. With Freyja and ReeRee it was more like Marriage was a sticking plaster to cover up what was lacking so no surprise it didn't work. Maybe for Adora Ronny wasn't feminine enough for her anymore as he's getting older and therefore not to her taste. We all know how extremely shallow she is.

No. 443748

File: 1513246302209.png (46.21 KB, 1080x405, IMG_20171214_101034.png)

I don't know, they may be together still and this is to stir drama among her fans, but she did post this in reply.

No. 443802

File: 1513262053833.jpg (296.73 KB, 490x706, Untitled 1.jpg)

No. 443833

Yep, legally.

No. 443840

So she worked in pizza shops, yet calls the workers "pizza slaves"? Another example of her behaving like an entitled bitch?
And why shouldn't they call her if there's a problem? Is she so anti-social now that she can't pick up her phone?

No. 443843

Oh, so she can't speak German, even basic one? But I thought she was learning. Probably another lie.

No. 443844

Has anyone read either book? I know drama starts for no reason most of the time but it'd be interesting to see what others think. I'm gonna go look them up.

No. 443847

Ok, hands down the edgiest thing I've ever seen. When you're so desperate to be different and relevant you change your name to a character from a book and literally Nothing.

No. 443848

Btw. Dorian has a new video.
Around the 5:00 mark they talk about buying a bottle of gin because it "was on sale" and rant about their addiction to sleeping pills.
Yet they are still constantly sick, "allergic to everything", etc. Apparently, hard liquor, sleeping pills, and who knows what else they regularly take, are perfectly OK though.

No. 443871

Is herbsandaltars even using that form? It's not like everyoe trans use that and I do not see point to force that form i every case.

No. 443877


Dorian prefers they, I've read that. They are a mess but I kind of find that preferable to the fake/ boring bullshit IBF and TT put out.

No. 443882

well quiet happy drug abuse in their teens had to take it's toll in case of health

Are they still doing drugs?

No. 443894

what even made you people think that she is leaving her husband in the 1st place?

She has been hanging out with other men in her videos for quiet a while, I mean like umm about 9 years?

And LOL at bluring username like we can't find it on twitter, seriously…

No. 443929

Everyone freaking out about IBF calling them pizza slaves is taking it too seriously. Maybe it's a joking way of acknowledging that those in customer service are usually a slave to their job (but is that so in Germany?)

IDK that's how I read it. Nitpicking.

Sage for semi Whiteknight (if we are this ridiculous about things people won't believe it when cows do something legitimately awful)

No. 443950


She used to work at a place called Pizza Hell or whatever and they called the workers "slaves" so I don't think that's the part that matters

the part that's relevant is that using your e-fame to rant about your pizza being late is the biggest lolcow move, omg would she fuss so much about her salad being late?

No. 443951

Her salad that she eats with a spoon.

No. 443952

I don't agree with you on the IBF thing but I do agree with you about the part about excessive nitpitcking. It was rude on Freya's part at best but the real drama about her is how twisted she is when it comes to her relationships, her narcissism, and how she is always trying to grab money from others.

No. 444048

No. 444049


This. The fact she's even talking about it is what's ridiculous but people are focusing on the wrong tidbit of information too much, yknow?

This is such a weird thumbnail. It's a nice picture (Edited to fuck but still) but damn take one of you reacting or something, it seems out of place.

No. 444065

Its been happening for ages now because we have a flood of newfags and vendettachans who don't understand:

A) What makes somebody a cow

B) What is and is not milk

No. 444075

Voltaire is actually fucked on this one. He stole it and published it 12 years after Gerry. Good one Voltaire!

No. 444077

That's not even what twitter conversations looks like, nice try though.

No. 444147

In the previous thread it was pointed out that she recently relapsed on heroin… so yeah. Also in the old videos, Dorian frequently used to mention that she "still takes opiods, just in different forms now", so probably prescription painkillers. She also takes anti-anxiety meds. Who knows what drug cocktail she regularly consumes. The constant sickness and bloat/weight gain is much less surprising in this context (I think she didn't use to drink alcohol much, now she seems to be drinking constantly).

No. 444155

I agree that she's much more relatable/interesting than these other altcows (IBF, TT). Still, her constant whining about her health and supposed "allergy to everything" is irritating when it's obvious she's using alcohol with who knows what else and is struggling with eating disorders. Yeah, no shit Sherlock that you're not feeling healthy. It's like she wants to keep it that way and doesn't even want to try to get better.

No. 444365

Sorry but its just very hard for me to take Dorian seriously.. I don't like her vlogging. Unlike alot of people on this board I genuinly don't believe she is a bad person (excuse me for using "her", it's just alot less confusing for me and considering this isn't tumblr I think everyone will survive) but she is just such a freaking mess. Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, always sick, legit mentally insane which I'm not using as a slur here, she is actually mentally ill - which the drugs and alcohol aren't really helping on either. She always has tons of excuses, some of them more indirect or subtle than others, but she always has some. She can't keep her life together, can't keep a job, can't do anything, yet she is totally fine still drinking and doing drugs. She needs help, sometimes in her videos she seems so out of it im afraid it's going to be her last video before we hear some very bad news about her. Whether she commits suicide, overdoses or is in some sort of accident, neither of those options would surprise me. And that's sad.
I know this video was one of her better ones where she seems happier, but she always comes back to another breakdown. Even in this happy video she is talking about her drug addiction like it's nothing, acting like it's normal to take sleeping meds every single day of your life.
I just wanna know how the fuck her mom can be so supportive of her and not help her. It's very clear that Dorian won't get better until she goes into ACTUAL rehab.

Excuse me for my rant. I just know people in my real life with addictions and everyone knows how it goes in the end.

No. 444785

File: 1513373823866.png (389.43 KB, 1170x566, the hard life of getting shit …)

No. 444956

From the minute I saw Dorian's youtube channel I knew she was a nutcase. She's annoying, long winded, an attention seeker and her appearance is just RIDICULOUS. She's a whinging pom who has nothing else better to do than get high and be a BUM. She might be caring for someone at home - however I'd be seriously concerned for my health if a drug addict was in charge of my well being - not to mention be paid for it by the government, or tax payers - you know people who work and pay for BUMS? She's a headcase.

No. 444961

More like, hey this company wants to COLLAB with me. I think IBF has learned her lesson there by giving all her profit to that cow avelina de moray. What a nice thing of her to do and post a pillow to promote another company.

No. 444962


No. 445088

Don't forget having regular sex, which she seems to not do for her partners.

No. 445095

File: 1513402966157.png (467.71 KB, 877x489, Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 4.41…)

There are so many people staring at me right now…. FFS you love it bitch. Ohhh look at me, look at me, and I want you to know that people are looking at me……..

No. 445108

I don't think people here (even though it's Lolcow) think Dorian's a bad person. They're just criticizing certain parts of her/their personality and presentation. And it's the same parts you're pointing out. She's obviously struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and other issues, but is trying to blame some mysterious problem as the culprit (and bothering her physicians with it). Also it doesn't seem like she wants to get better, she's just constantly whining. If you were vomiting all the time, you would probably choose to stop drinking, right? Well, not Dorian, obviously. I don't know how we're supposed to take her supposed health issues seriously if it's clear what's actually happening.
On the other hand, yeah, it's serious. But not in the aspect she's trying to present to us. She's struggling with addiction, eating disorders, mental health issues… The fact that no one in her family helps her angers me quite a lot. I know she's stubborn and it's difficult, but she really needs someone's help here. It's pretty tragic :(

No. 445118

Well, I used to find her really relatable. She spoke about some topics in a way I've never heard anyone else talk about on Youtube before (especially in the Goth community). It was refreshing and pretty cool. But in the past year (or more than a year?), the downfall has been pretty apparent, unfortunately.

No. 445125

Call it tinfoiling but it almost seems like Dorian is in major denial, they almost act like they don’t know that their substance usage and EDNOS is what makes them be constantly ill. They talk about drinking and such and than say things like “and than for some mysterious reason I get sick and colt all the time and I’m weak-“

No. 445129



It's a screencap from Instagram, they have threaded conversations now. (I'm not the Anon who submitted btw)

No. 445133

I think she might be in denial, yes. And her fanboys/fangirls who always support her no matter what don't help the situation at all.

No. 445154

It is pretty tragic, I agree! However, there is so much that friends and family can do to help their loved ones. We don’t know the full story, only as much as she tells her audience. The last resort would be to have her sectioned. It’s sad and unfortunate but, ultimately, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped (consciously or subconsciously).

No. 445193

what the hell her girlfriend looks like she is her mom?? I am waiting for this trainwreck video now

No. 445206

Oh my God, nobody cares

No. 445229

That woman is so embarrassing! Bring on the video

No. 445230

I used to listen to her longass videos while grinding in Bloodborne. I think that's the only way I could probably tolerate her, tbh. Just needed hours of someone rambling about trivial shit to get me through murdering slime men.

No. 445258


this video is also full of "woe is me i'm ALONE" moments, basically freezer saying how hard it is being separated.

No. 445263

lolcow is being raided by r9k. Report and do not reply.

No. 445307

What pissed them off?

No. 445402

Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es hath created this abomination?

No. 445408

File: 1513457301644.png (431.5 KB, 738x609, tweeter.png)

No. 445494

I know some people don't care about age at all, and as long as both parts are consenting adults you can't really say anything against it… but man it's still weird whenever people have a legit 20+ year age gap. I just can't imagine you're mentally at the same place as your partner at all.
Sage for offtopic

No. 445527

Makes you wonder if they are both really immature or mature

No. 445530

I wish my mom would help me dye my hair

I Thought her girlfriend was much younger, British, and blonde? Or is this woman a lot newer? I used to follow her a few years back.

No. 445560

In the newest Cemetery Confessions they throw some shade at TT and IBF. It's minor shade, but still pretty awesome. It starts around the 1:26:00 mark

No. 445579

She's British, just not young and blonde.

No. 445621

why bother having a show if you're afraid of losing an audience? to me that's just pathetic.

No. 445625


I don't think they're ACTUALLY afraid of losing an audience. They say a lot of things in a joking manner. TBH, I really cannot imagine anyone that is a fan of TT or IBF listening to that podcast on a regular basis because they'd be upset and screaming "elitism."

No. 445632

I think in a joking manner is another way of saying we're a bunch of pussies. I listen to the show but despite the obvious question about goth youtubers, it's never a direct assault. Which in the opening of show makes it out to be this big deal. There's too much back peddling and inuendo that warrants 'true' elitism not to mention their true opinions. Pretty weak.

No. 445638

Toxic Tears get nominated in winter tag. Would she answer?

No. 445639

"Nominated" lmfao!

No. 445692

File: 1513502133093.jpg (34.42 KB, 500x374, nosferatu.jpg)

No. 445711

I'm curious as to what you guys think of Thilda? Seems nice enough I suppose but it's just more makeup videos, also I've noticed them often commenting on the videos of bigger "goth" YTers like TT and IBF

No. 445731

I adore her, she's funny, down to earth and has a really unique style

No. 445733

if they hadn't put the "girlfriend" in the title I would have thought that was her mom. not just because of the age difference but also because of the way the act towards one another. (at least at the beginning of the video, didnt bother watching the rest)

No. 445844

File: 1513532645760.jpg (400.62 KB, 914x595, vag chest.jpg)

new art from drac has a vagina chest. she also posted ~eye art~ that looks like something else she did, just with different colored hot glue beads. comments are disabled b/c she can't deal with people being curious about what she uses, if it's comfortable, etc.

No. 445868

She always get so mad people ask the same questions over and over, and I get it, but how hard it is to just ignore it? She's so used to it by now, you'd think she knew just to ignore people lol.
She ALWAYS makes wounds that looks like vaginas and then get mad people point out they look like vaginas. Maybe just dont make your wounds like vaginas then?

No. 445873

Feud when?

No. 445876

It's pretty obvious they are supposed to be vaginas, I think she is just annoyed people have to point it out everytime like they are 12yos.

No. 445884

I have definitely seen her before being like THEYRE NOT VAGINAS!
She had a painting a pretty long time ago with bullet wounds in a womans hands, and they looked exactly like vaginas.. she got SO mad when people pointed it out.

No. 445888

ugh getting pretty bored of her videos, all the same topics… I mean I agree with her but it's getting old

No. 445892

File: 1513539200921.png (675.49 KB, 1386x749, u wot.png)

She hasn't made a video on the topic in two months and prior to that there was also a two/three month period of no videos on it. I could only see it getting old if that's all you go to watch. The video posted is just amusing because people legitimately use Freya as a standard and as evidenced by the comments people rush to defend her as if she doesn't adore being used against other gothic youtubers.

No. 445901

No. 445902

File: 1513540210473.png (32.34 KB, 739x228, o rly.png)

No. 445905

>makes video to show people Salzburg
>cannot even walk up stairs
>people older than her are walking up there just fine
>says fuck it and doesn't even try
>immediately after she gets "fresh" potato chips

Like pottery.

No. 445929

I love her and think she's gorgeous and interesting and found new bands from her. I also love drama so I like her vids like this and I agree with her. at least someone is talking about this stuff, the subculture is special and important to so many people it's ok to try to call out shit like this until it stops/is less prevalent and she's the only one doing it. People who don't like her and call her a snob are always the ones she's talking about too so lel

I also enjoy the 90s goth stories a lot, it's interesting and love the nostalgia

No. 445939

Curiously enough, I've only seen one person call her a snob and it was here though prior to this thread no one spoke of Angela because she doesn't have milk. I think we've had a influx of newfags who don't realize that them not liking somebody's face or finding a person to be boring =/= milk, but even gently reminding people of the rules around here sends their tism into overdrive.

I do enjoy the videos which call out the elitism problem and had wondered for some time now if they were aimed towards IBF. I mean, people can claim that Freyja doesn't enjoy being hailed as The Bat Queen, but we know that is bollocks. Freyja doesn't attempt to bring the community together unless its so she can collect everybody's money and dash off to make another video about how she can't afford basic living materials.

No. 445947

I can't take her seriously because at times she sounds like Ozzy.

No. 445948

Same shit different day with her. Get a life Angela and stop being jelous

No. 445949

Hi, Frejya! :^)

No. 445954

Angela definitely isn't milky and I don't dislike her, but I do find her videos extremely boring and repetitive.

No. 445957

you're right, that's another thing, the only thing goth is to IBF is literally only to get attention for how she looks and to outgoth everyone else. Angela is all about bringing the music and bringing rhe community back and had a bunch of ideas to do that, Amy Nekrotique does that too

No. 445958


No. 445996


Rather have stories than make and clothes hauls. Or watching ibf go “omg they’re looking at me!!” -_-

No. 446006

File: 1513548377719.png (387.33 KB, 580x390, unboxme.png)

Go watch another unboxing video then.

No. 446017

Lmfao, Angela does unboxing videos and hauls too. Of course she does other things…but listening to the same stories over and over is quite boring.

No. 446026

Exactly. I have nothing inherently against Angela, of all the goth YTers I'd rather watch her, but she does repeat herself with all these videos on goth elitism this and that. Also didn't she do a Punk Rave haul vid? Kinda ironic… yeah she gave the stuff away I think but it's still an odd move all things considered.

No. 446056

tbh unless your name is anna varney, the whole "ugly on purpose" shaved hair thing doesn't flatter.

No. 446114

isn't that literally the point

No. 446229

Do you genuinely think the point of shaved sides is to look "ugly"? I mean TT does look ugly but I highly doubt that's what she was going for

No. 446392

ITT so far
>she looks much better without makeup!
>why she's trying to look so extreme?
>oh my, why this makeup looks so scary and OTT
>oh my, the shaved sides!1one

It just feels like you are newfags to the topic of goths.

No. 446728

I think she's made like one or two repeat videos because she was getting an influx of people asking questions about something - so instead of directing people to backtrack in her video library she just reuploaded to make it easier.

She gives away her hauls and unboxings because she knows what it's like to be a babybat or poorkid goth who lusts after the coveted brands or whatnot and wants to help out younger goths, etc…I think it's nice of her.

I also think it's good of her to bring up elitism because according to most people these days elitism is equivalent to caring about the music or telling people they aren't goth if they aren't fans of the music (which they aren't). But elitism is more about lording how much you know over someone and trying to make them feel inferior. And modern goth has become nothing more than a consumerist fashion pissing contest because people think it's just a look not an actual sub culture with roots and history and social aspects to it.

saging for a long rant and mostly off-topic.

No. 446743

it's because everyone is sick of goth being a fashion contest and who can be the most extreme so the people who actually care about goth are scrutinizing the fashion goths even more you twat

No. 446899

We do have a socially challenged newfag itt who keeps returning with obvious samefag replies and they're likely the same one who has been starting shit in the other /snow/ threads and /ot/. Its become pretty evident by their typing style and sudden barrages that they do 5 to 15 minutes apart.

This. The gatekeeping and consumerism haven't done anything but harm the subculture. The channel in question seems to get many questions and stories from newcomers (as evidenced by a quick scroll through the comment section and screenshots provided in the latest video), so its a hotly debated topic which other vloggers have contributed their own videos on. While I'm not as old as her and I never had a goth group of friends of my own I can empathize with the feeling of once having a community which you belonged to only to have it fall apart around you. Or, in some cases vanish without rhyme or reason. This is someone who is almost 40 years old and got a chance to experience clubs, venues, the goth witch hunt in America, complete with detailed accounts and some photos from way back. I mean, for example, look at "nerdy" stuff in general and how it was co-opted by normies only when it became fashionable to be a "nerd". Now that subculture is plagued by consumerism and pseudo-intellectualism and folks thinking that wearing glasses equates to high intelligence.

No. 446900

There's a big difference between alternative fashion and looking like shit while trying to attempt alternative fashion.

TT tends to lean towards the latter especially because she's likely NOT that into the subcultures anymore and because she puts bare minimum effort into everything, which is a shame because she used to do some decent makeup videos and it's why I started to follow her in the first place.

No. 447512


Eh.. yeah, IBF.. anxiety kept you from climbing those stairs. Just like those children were shouting at YOU and not excitable because of the parade and stuff. Heifer gets to travel to a fascinating place and videos her own face drinking and eating chips. Lord save Freyja from minor cardio and happy children.

No. 447517

it looks like she's making an extra special effort with her appearance now she's 'single'. pity she still sounds like a scubber everytime she opens her NZ yellow mouth. ps. if you're feeling faint, GET OFF THE MEDS. Anxiety 'cue sympathy'.

No. 447576

File: 1513682032018.png (99.96 KB, 1180x296, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 3.11…)

Why do I get the sense that another money grab it coming…

No. 447589

Why do youtubers who legit only work with being on youtube still use shitty laptops to edit their shit on? Save some money up and get a really good quality pc, it's your freaking JOB! It's your only responsibility, maybe take it just slightly seriously. Laptops are too unpredictable when it comes to editing and uploading videos.
But I know the words "save up some money" is foreign language for Kaya. Imagine rather wanting to cry to make people give you donations instead of just saving up for shit. I can't believe she doesn't feel guilty.

No. 447593


They are all shameless modern day snake oil salesmen.

No. 447606

There's probably fuck all wrong with it, she's just using it as an excuse because she's lazy af. Jake hasn't uploaded any boring vlogs either and I'm sure they don't share a laptop/computer? They both just can't be bothered clearly, at least be honest or even just pretend you're taking a break…

No. 447615


Use your boyfriends computer? Jake is an arsehole but would he really not let her use his computer for an hour or so?

No. 447785

I also suffer from anxiety and a lot of times have a hard time simply walking up two flights of stairs while at Uni. But I will say that, unlike her? I am the correct weight for the size of my body and am in perfectly good shape.

No. 447906

So I watched PeachMilkys stream a few days ago and she said that the sponsored trip to Japan and Korea was originally hers.
She asked if she could bring Toxic Tears along and she was told she could.
when she moved to Japan she was told he couldn't have the sponsorship anymore because she already lived in Japan.
She recommended Kaya still go on the trip and vlog it.
The company allowed it and gave the sponsorship to Kaya.

so Kaya took a sponsorship that wasn't even hers and didn't actually vlog any of the trip like she was meant to and her asshole boyfriend acted the entire time like he was apart of the sponsorship because of how great his vlogs are.

sorry for the long post. I just thought it was interesting

No. 447912

Oh that's interesting. I was wondering how TT was able to get sponsored trip to Japan considering she's not well-known for kawaii aesthetics nor participate in Lolita fashion or has any interest in anime or whatever along the line. Did she meet up with PeaceMilky?

TBF I think it's fine that Jake vlogged the entire sponsored trip because at least he was doing something worthwhile for the sponsors while Kaya did nothing.

No. 447919

Nope, apparently they were "too busy" to visit PeachMilky and her boyfriend

No. 447928

I think the issue anon had with Jake's vlogging was that he was acting like they were sponsored because of his great vlogging skills.

No. 447941

File: 1513719210057.png (91.17 KB, 737x662, black twitter.png)

No. 447973

I looked at a few of his older videos. It's so cringy how hard he tries to film like casey neistat. It's so painfully obvious but executed so poorly.

No. 447975

Ffs, where do I even start with this one…

No. 447976

I don't understand how people can publicize expensive international trips and the complain about how their BUSINESS TOOLS aren't working. Maybe prioritize your needs? make compromises? maybe cut your trip down a week? It's not that complex.

No. 447980

Doesn't she have underwear or a shirt (I forget) that says "so goth I'm dead" from Killstar?

No. 447981

no they were too busy to meet with Peachmilky even though they wouldn't have even have gone on the trip without her.

Jake vlogging the trip was him pointing the camera at himself and missing out on what the tour guides were saying the entire time

No. 447998

File: 1513723250484.png (674.67 KB, 1260x786, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 2.33…)

TT insists she's a hufflepuff… but hufflepuffs are hard working… whereas slytheryns are cunning schemers….. she seems far more like a slytheryn by those standards.

I don't really care about HP but I think it's funny that she thinks she fits into such a wholesome category when she's really kind of a snake.

No. 448034

I could be wrong…but from why I understand, they weren't visiting the same area that she lives? I don't follow PeachMilky at all so I don't know if she lives in Tokyo or what. I do recall people on Kaya's Twitter someone asking if she will see her though and she mentioned how they won't be in the same area. Knowing how they are…I wouldn't be surprised at all if they didn't want to spend the few extra bucks to take a train to PeachMilky. They wanted the free stuff plus what they paid for junk food kek.

No. 448062

Even if they didn't have the money I doubt that PeachyMilky wouldn't have taken the trip to their area to meet up with them. It sounds more like they were too lazy to meet up and just wanted to eat

No. 448387

christ yes, and pointing at everyone when he addresses them like the rude motherfucker he is

No. 448420

File: 1513776950880.png (712.8 KB, 1079x1328, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-30-47…)

Not not milk but this made me laugh

No. 448430


who even draws freckles on anyway?

No. 448452

It's a thing right now. It's so cringey and idk if it came from Tumblr or Instagram, but so many ppl do it and it's just embarrassing.

No. 448468

she looks like a prepubescent hagrid here

No. 448495

File: 1513793654191.png (1020.24 KB, 1080x1461, IMG_20171220_180652.png)

Even the snakes are fed up of her shit now.

In all seriousness, and possibly going on an off topic tangent here, snakes only bite and hold on like this when they're hungry, a defensive strike is quick and they pull away. It wouldn't surprise me if TT was so lazy she couldn't even be bothered to regularly feed her animals, which is heartbreaking. She says in a comment on this post she's had this King Snake for 5 years or so…and he looks terribly small for a snake of this species and of such an age. He should be a lot chunkier than he is as seen in this picture.

No. 448500

Sad, and not surprising at all. She's so fucking lazy.

Also gross dirty fingernails…

No. 448613

In her insta story you can see the poor snake trying to eat her finger so its not just a bite.

My fiance has lots of experience with snakes and he confirmed that it seems very hungry.

I really hope she's taking care of the poor thing. Snakes have never done that in our experiences.

No. 448664

I think it came from Instagram but that trend honestly is from 2016 and has been dying for a hot minute hasn't it? Kaya's just late to the party. It can look cute depending on how you do them but if your face isn't meant to have them it looks weird.
Kaya please read up on how often to feed your poor snake :( He looks like a baby (when he's not), he needs more food.

I hate people who get certain pets (Rats, snakes) to make themselves edgier because 9 times out of 10 they don't know the first thing about them.
I love snakes but I know I couldn't handle the care for one so guess what: I DIDN'T BUY A DAMN SNAKE.
Same with the rats. I could handle them but i don't have space for them to be comfortable, so I'm not buying them yet.

No. 448671

It could be down to the size of the prey offered which seems to be a very common misinterpretation with pet snakes. She's obviously fed him enough to keep him alive for 5 years but he could need much larger prey to actually grow and thrive. As it stands now, he definitely looks stunted and this chomping down on her finger is just screaming he wants bigger meals! Kaya, give your snake bigger portions and cut down your own!

No. 448725

Haha! I guess I don't know my insta trends! pats self on back

It honestly doesn't surprise me that Kaya would go with this freckle thing. She reminds me of my sister a bit…doesn't do shit when it's a thing and scoffs at it but after the hype passes will wear it.

No. 448836


Just noticed, the snake is Hufflepuff colours but a Slytherin symbol.

No. 448897

Anyone watch this monster of a video? Any thoughts?

No. 448959

her nails are revolting. never ceases to amaze me how these cows never consider the details when they take photos. ewww. i think she's stretching for 'edgy' hahaha.

No. 448962

i've noticed my 'gothic youtuber friends'….. jesus, 'my best friends'. He is SO leeching. Depression and being gothic IS IRRELEVANT. Fuck this is so cheesy I can't put myself through watching it. Voltaire is a dick. This is so lame.

No. 448966

These questions are so staged….. bad acting… hahahaha coming from people who love to ACT is such bullshit. IBF is also reading her 'pre scripted' answers again. I seriously just felt a bit of sick in the back of my mouth.

No. 448969

IBF = there are always ways to start a new life… hahaha - trust me, I'm an expert on that.

No. 448973

double the youtube personalities, double the views. im so sick to death of social media being a big cry pen. then to make videos about it and interview celebrities about it? what about regular goths. people who don't have a following? voltaire you are a shameless sociopath.

No. 448975

if you are fucking depressed you sure as shit don't get dressed up to make a video and have a 40 min chat about it reading from a notebook. under the guise of good intentions this is so desperate for attention seeking stuff i can't deal. jfc.

No. 448980

watching this video makes me depressed. i'm depressed right now. maybe i should make a video about being depressed while reacting to a depressing video. because being goth, clearly is depressing. FUCK. OFF.

No. 448995


If it's your job you do.

No. 449001

The main problem with this whole lot is "I want" but with no effort.

No. 449005

Because she is a Slytherin masquerading as a Hufflepuff.

I used to like Voltaire but I noticed he's basically an opportunistic douche that only uses "goth" as a way to cash in. The way he leeches on pandering, soulless social media personalities like Freyja, Reeree and Adora has completely put me off of him.

No. 449009

This is bullshit, I had to stop watching after 5 minutes. Thanks for perpetuating stereotypes Voltaire.

Please kids don't play the edgy one if your skin is not thick enough to handle it. People can bully you for being goth and different only if you are insecure about it in the first place. Otherwise mean comment just mean nothing to you and, know what, if you are confident people are less likely to attack you as they won't get any benefit from it.

No. 449037

File: 1513862023516.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1770, IMG_20171221_131208.png)

Soo TT can't even walk now without feeling like she's entitled to some sort of reward or pay, pmsl!!

No. 449048

That's not true though, You can like alt fashion and still be hurt by bullying. It's unrelated. The main difference is that adults experience a lot less bullying than teenagers and children in school.

Still think his approach to this video is bullshit, this is more about being an influencer with depression, and has nothing to do with being goth.

No. 449062

kekk, next "get paid to breathe in oxygen" ?

No. 449120

how does this never get tiring for her? how can a person day after day beg for every little penny possible so she can buy new things for herself?

I think she's under the impression that her viewers should pay for things she uses in her content. She gets free stuff all the time, and then anything else is stuff she's swindled from her viewers in some way it seems. Real youtubers spend the money they've earned on making videos, not just waiting around for handouts to create more content. It's such a dishonest way to create content for fans, and she should be embarrassed about it and put a little more fucking effort into her videos other than caking on makeup and plopping her as down in the same spot for hours talking.

No. 449123

and, for the record, I've been a TT follower for about 6 years, and the way she e-begs constantly really make me disappointed in her as a person, but it's been something she's done ever since I can remember.

No. 449162

lmao!!! she doesn't even walk much, all her little twatty fans have generated £40 of referrals for her to make bank.

like how the fuck does this app make sense, who is paying for a person to walk?? i bet scammers email TT to front their scams.

"muh laptop is broke and i can't use jake's!!! there's not enough room in my house to try on clothes!!!! i have no where to film (meanwhile jake has a studio in the house lol)"


No. 449170

you can see in the background of jakes vlogs her with her camera?? she clearly vlogged it but is going to take months to upload it and they were no where near tokyo to visit her

yeah it seemed like he said about how he was going to send vlogs to travel agencies to travel vlog more and then suddenly he goes on about how he was brought there to vlog it so he made it seem like it was because of that

No. 449239

There's another app called Pact where you use either user votes to verify healthy meals or your myfitnesspal account to verify that you're eating well and if you make it to your goal (like a few days, a week) you earn money.

So the app could be legit. I've been looking at it and it seems so. It's an incentive to get people healthy and if it helps people genuinely make healthy choices it's a good thing.

That being said lmfao Kaya is gonna either learn a way to fuck with the gps/pedometer or just give up after she gets enough referrals to get some swag

sage for offtopic-ish

No. 449313

does that app actually work? surely there must be some sort of catch?

No. 449328

The catch is that it takes fucking forever. Kind of like those websites where you get gifcards for doing surveys. You gotta do like 20 surveys just to get a dollarstore type item.

We all know TT isnt walking a crazy distances to get the cash, so that 40 bucks she made is definitely and totally because of her referralfag fans.

No. 449551

I it just me or does ReeRee's voice sound very odd in this video? Sounds like she has a cold or something.

No. 449582

Everything he says is scripted and his acting is absolutely horrid. Not to mention his appearance. He's like a male version of Avelina DeMoray.

No. 449672

reeree is rocking those post-breakup bangs lmao

No. 449770

I noticed this too, I felt like I was watching some badly scripted interview from a talk show.

No. 449810

lol you ARE watching a badly scripted talk show…

No. 449812

voltaire is the male avelina de moray…. i think i just wet my pants.

No. 449839

I really don't think they suit her at all…

kek me too

No. 449925

I a fringe looks perfectly fine on her. It's finally something new. Her appearance is typically quite basic.

No. 449934

Rather a "basic" look over the OTT try hard looks of Freyja and Kaya.

No. 449985

File: 1513962012146.jpg (315.48 KB, 832x583, vag hands.jpg)

a good chunk of her fans are teens tho
damn anon, you have a good memory. had to scroll back but it was worth it b/c she really did get super defensive. maybe she could've had some references while doing the painting, or perhaps practice wounds since she's so into gory stuff.

No. 449989

File: 1513962094593.jpg (126.95 KB, 312x506, bonus comments.jpg)

samefag but here are a few more comments about the painting and some bonus ones about why she didn't want to sell art at that time [this was like a year and a half ago].

No. 450068


>>it makes me feel like shit

Oh fuck off

No. 450074

I used to like drac but she literally gets offending by every little thing and it's annoying. I remember one time she got pussy because someone told her she looked good with eyebrows on and she went on a rant about how she can do whatever she wants and another time she got mad at someone for telling her to do normal girly makeup and she told them how her makeup is girl etc etc. Those don't really look like nail wounds anyway. If she's going to be a public figure she needs to learn to get over herself and learn to take criticism.

No. 450094

These shoes are just alternative at best, hardly. Nothing goth about these.

No. 450095

All she has to do is to not make vertical oval wounds. It isn’t that hard to make sure the shape is not a vag.

No. 450096

Why exactly is this boring nobody being linked here?

No. 450154

My guess is that someone wants views lol

No. 450360

File: 1513991074831.png (902.83 KB, 1003x695, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 15.3…)

PLEASE get clothes that suit your shape Kaya. They're free to fucksake

No. 450363

Alternative is a push. They're so boring and definitely not goth. This girl thinks every thing black is goth!

No. 450376

This. Drac isn't very milky at all compared to other goth people in this thread, but she is incredibly oversensitive to critique and constantly gets offended. She really needs to take a chillpill and learn how to ignore people she doesn't agree with.

No. 450387

she has no sense of fashion or style.

No. 450479

File: 1514000668951.png (15.97 KB, 739x120, cringe.png)

No. 450501

a huge sweaty mound of blubber yes. fornicator, no. ahahaha

No. 450509

Definitely not milky, but definitely fucking annoying. Her videos are another 10x longer than they need to be because she always goes on a shit rant about something. Also I know it's supposedly some sort of congenital thing, but the way her fucking mouth doesn't close all the way is fucking gross. Saging for unnecessary rage and rant

No. 450585

Seriously… another bath video? this is kind of old, but this chick has issues. Maybe Avelina and IBF should hook up with her. Thoughts? Saged for off topic.

No. 450623


Why is this cam whore being linked?

Lately this thread is looking a whole lota self posts

No. 450651

what is seriously wrong with this statement 'cruelty free alter blood'. Surely satan or any demi gods are looking for animals not tofu. this is rubbish. definitely not a self post.

No. 450657

I hate you because I clicked around in this to see if she actually used tofu because I kept thinking about how gross that would be to pour on you.

Spoiler is mostly raspberries and chocolate I didn’t see any tofu

No. 450696

deciphering sarcasm isn't your strong point then. you're welcome!

No. 450701

File: 1514015740718.png (346.59 KB, 591x500, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 6.53…)

With all the free shit these cows get - how about a Christmas giveaway you greedy cunt.

No. 450707

What breakup ? Where is it mentioned ?

No. 450713

She posted it on an intagram picture

No. 450819

tbh it looks fly and I would so buy it, but it's too expensive

No. 450834

her wearing that shawl to cover her arms was so awkward.

yea, i get she has issues or whatever, but not everyone is going to like what she does, some people will make dumb remarks, etc. she could just laugh it off and show people she's not bothered instead of making multiple comments about how she doesn't care.

No. 450844

Was she wearing a shawl? I thought that was part of the top/cardigan/whatever she was trying on there. Quite misleading isn't it? Or did she mention it and I didn't hear? I was bored and barely paying attention to yet another haul video of hers…

No. 450891

All those clothes are so confusing to me they look hard to wear, wash and forget ironing. They also look cheap imho.

No. 450905

No offence but the heavy layered look only looks good on thinner people. She's trying to copy psychara with that jacket but she looks like a goddamn dumpling.

No. 451006

I didnt see a post like that.IMO they were a cute couple and he takes her pictures.

No. 451008

I meant that she doesn't change a lot day to day. But I agree that going OTT is a lot worse.

No. 451012

It's on her Instagram and her depop. She talks about learning to being a single mom and what not. She hasn't told the story of what happened, but she did mention in the recent Gothic Homemaking video that she tried to kill herself a couple of weeks ago due to everything going on and her head being in a bad place.

It's kind of sad really for their young daughter involved.

No. 451112

freezer did a thing and clearly wants ass pats

No. 451185

I actually kind of enjoyed this video. Way more interesting to watch than another haul

No. 451186

the worst modelling i've ever seen. she has no idea.

No. 451188

baking cakes and tra la la? this fake british accent she uses is so pretentious. you're a kiwi luv. it's still pretty obvious. stop trying to round your vowels. it's only making you sound comedic, not establishment.

No. 451219

See I think the real problem is she's used to dressing a much smaller body and smaller bodies can get away with dumb outfits more than a bigger body can. She has no idea how to dress to flatter a different shape.

Even that ugly pink hoodie would probably be forgiven more if she had a better figure to compliment it, but sadly bright pink doesn't always bring out the best in a fuller figure.

No. 451225

>be american
>notice no god damn difference

At least she's trying something new out. I could get into a "goth baking" segment or something. Making treats that speak to my goth heart without going stupid or gorey or too halloween-specific could be a good idea.

No. 451337

Does anyone know what happened between Adora and her sister/“illegitimate child” Jenni? Was having a sneaky stalk and noticed Adora doesn’t follow her back on IG anymore? Is Jenni too normie for Adora now that she has dropped the whole “she’s my daughter but I’m a cooler older sister” act and just replaced her with busted face Victoria Lovelace or did they have a fall out?

No. 451367

>Adora's illegitimate child
>"sister" rather than being able to call her mom?
>falling out

Dude I don't know much about Adora but god damn that's all sad if that's how this has played out.

No. 451428

there's a "goth" lolcow that runs some 1000+ member discord from /soc/ who reminds me of basically everyone posted here. she claims she's a sociopath and that her therapist told her she could be a serial killer. hates women. posts nudes. etc.

I'd get screengrabs but i'm permabwnnrd.

No. 451476

Whats her name

No. 451484


idk, I think she got doxxed so it's probably out there but she goes by nobody/dante online.

No. 451509

Dear this is an imageboard, post information if you are gonna ask about someone never mentioned.

No. 451668

More deets, pls? I feel like I've heard about this, but was never savvy to the details.

Also, speaking of Adora, is it confirmed that she split with her husband? In her latest video she left her birthday celebration with friends and said she was going to go back home and celebrate with her kids (no mention of her husband), and he was not there when she got back. It seems legit, but these could be coincidences. I just really wonder how she could support herself at all without him, I doubt sporadic alt modelling gigs pay the bills.

No. 451727


There are no more deets than what was posted in the last thread afaik.

No. 451740

Is this supposed to be some sort of parody? I'm afraid not.

No. 451743

Also bitch looks and acts like she's permanently on meth.

No. 451766

Well, she was mostly spending time with Ras, which is the guy she's filmed herself in bed with… So it looks like she went to hook up with him again. Not really much of a "friend's" visit.

As for her "daughter" - I think it was stated that she was faking that (to look more interesting or something, classic Adora) and the supposed daughter is actually her sister. Or am I wrong? But yep, it seems like they had a falling out and Victoria Lovelace basically replaced her.

No. 451770


She posted a pic The in Instagram with her kids and her husband at the movies for star wars though

No. 451809

Delete your other posts wtf.

No. 451824

rofl, they do look like vaginas though! Why would a nail wound be wide and more oval shaped?? she's an idiot and a snowflake bitch

No. 452142

File: 1514225354773.jpeg (336.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-25-19-15-32…)

ReeRee is so done lol

No. 452144

File: 1514225399673.jpeg (248.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-25-19-15-38…)

No. 452161

She does look better without it lol. ReeRee is also such an unfortunate name, why does she use it

No. 452171

I hate the fringe on her. But eh. Her life. Saged.

No. 452174

Not just me who thought it didn't suit her either then

No. 452258

I can kind of understand her frustration. It's such a minor change and it will grow out relatively fast unless she continues to trim them constantly.

I think it's okay to discuss that here but if anyone is DMing her or telling her in her comments that she looks better without them or anything like that, that's just plain rude and I don't really see the point except to put her down. I don't understand why so many people are commenting on her getting a fringe. It's not like she shaved her entire head ffs.

No. 452433

I just appreciate that she got these bangs and not the harsh Betty page lookin 'V' fringe all goth chicks have, she finally looks different from everyone and not a carbon copy of each other
I use to get her and Sara Monster mixed up all the damn time cuz they looked identical

No. 453949

File: 1514341526043.png (996.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2506.PNG)

on dracs story

No. 454096

This made me cringe so bad. It's like your parents talking about sex puke

No. 454225

she claims to make them that way due to what she's seen in relious imagery, but i'd like to see her post one example.

>don't judge me
why, this isn't even funny, who would want that coming at them and you posted this where anyone can see it, not all of them are going to laugh and be like 'oh that's so me'.

anyway, drac's been doing digital drawings and i like how generous she is with her face shape kek.

No. 454772

File: 1514432091751.png (1.2 MB, 1300x785, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.28…)

Can this chick get any more slutty looking? She's not fucking goth, she's metal. Check out the unmade bed in the background with all the shit on the floor. That Haunt furniture just looks so fucking cheap. It matches the fake floorboards… ugh tacky as.

No. 454781

she looks much older than 30 something. quite haggard.

No. 454789

Her bragging about talking with Freya is so desperate. Although not as desperate as her saying 'I really want a K on my IG profile'. JFC. Internet wannabe extraordinnaire. Avelina you're not that interesting luv.

No. 454832

She used to be massively popular back on MySpace. Before YouTube really kicked off and before Facebook was around.
She dropped off the net and then popped back.
I think she’s trying to get her efame back but has been left far behind.

No. 454854

everyone was popular on myspace lol. she should stick to being in a band and stop trying to be a kardashian. she doesn't have the goods.

No. 454857

mummies just aren't hot. unless you're monami frost but then again she's also annoying as fuck. stay at home mums with nothing better to do than make videos or find other people to leech from.

No. 454873

Looks like a man

No. 454907

Yeah I really love Drac's spiel by stating she doesn't sell her art because it's personal shit and then a week later she starts selling it.
At least be consistent

No. 455053

File: 1514473842495.jpg (60.32 KB, 507x281, avelina.jpg)


all I see here

who the fuck is buying these tacky, overpriced bags? Can the kiddie audience really ask mommy and daddy for $110 for a black friday purse?

also it's funny ibf changed her pinned tweet from a story about she and Matthias to a link where you can buy her new wallet. Moving on!

No. 455148

Kat Von D's let herself go a bit!

No. 455442

No. 455447

And yet she sells clothes with her YT handle.. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/itsblackfriday/

No. 455452

File: 1514501323595.png (745.25 KB, 838x926, kaya.png)

Kaya has a new video out

How much does a personal trainer cost?
Kaya said without one she would have given up working out a long time ago. she's getting weighed in a few weeks to see how much weight she's lost but I bet she will have gained a lot instead.

also Kaya could actually be cute if she didn't plaster on so much makeup

No. 455458

Her amount of makeup is fine, its part of her look… everyone here is always acting like wearing alot of makeup is bad when it has always been a big part of being alternative.. she just needs to be better at applying it, get better hair, loose weight and have better eating habits

No. 455468

Agreed, kaya’s bare face is really quite lovely, even sans eyebrows. Her skin also looks like it’s cleared up quite a bit here

No. 455519


I think this video was filmed before LA or at least Asia

No. 455531

Mine's $200 a month. Good for Kaya if she sticks with it. She clearly gets enough money/stuff that money for this isn't an issue and good for her to putting it to better use while also sending a good message to her fans by handling it.

It's a lot harder to eat badly when you work with a trainer too because they'll ask you how your eating is going and it's way nicer to be able to brag about what you've been eating rather than lie or admit you haven't been.

No. 455535

I argue she wouldn't even have to lose weight if she at least put some damn effort into her appearance. NikkiTutorials looks like a soggy cheeseburger without her makeup but she built her channel around makeup and lifestyle kinda like Kaya even if Kaya is in a different scene, and you never see her looking off or gross unless it's for the video.

but kaya doesn't TRY.

No. 455580

this is an old video filmed before korea. she's fatter now

No. 455636

Whats wrong with selling clothes with a yt handle? Curious

No. 455644

So did you not read the post that >>455447 was quoting? Nobody is going to spoonfeed you shit.

No. 455650

File: 1514510434087.png (534.9 KB, 640x1136, A317287A-7B98-4509-A95F-E2A91F…)

Or you could… you know… get a job.

No. 455686

>she wouldn't even have to lose weight if she at least put some damn effort into her appearance
Sorta this. Except not her appearance in the sense of style, but in attitude.

She looks - defeated. This has nothing to do with makeup, weight, or clothes. Defeated is never a pretty look.

No. 455692

I agree. There is a major difference between putting effort into your appereance and personal hygiene because you want to, and then because you feel like you HAVE to when you really don't feel like it.
Kaya looks like she doesn't even shower unless she absolutely has to, and I'm not saying this just to mock her, it's a symptom of depression to be lethargic about these things.
I wish she would get a job or some therapy or both, sitting at home all day just makes it worse.

No. 455839

yeah telling people what you are by a wearing a t-shirt. yet it's IBF branded? get a grip freya. what i find HILARIOUS is she complains she's never published a book which took 5 years to write and only showed it to 2 people. way to go. what a business woman.

No. 455852

a personal trainer is probably a good idea, but let's see where this video ends up in 6 months. probably the best transformation video she could market is her fucking self. now THERE's a no brainer. fuck these chicks are so stupid. be an influencer, not an inflatable cactus.

No. 455859

ahahahahah there's an app for walking? but you get loads of STUFF?! whats the motivation here? STUFF? or losing weight? Or looking into your phone for all the answers. fuck me dead. this chick is the laziest person on EARTH!

No. 456076

These pretend goths put more effort into trying to con people out of money than actually trying to get a job.Shameless!

No. 456093

in this day and age being a youtuber is in their eyes a job. it's a bit like 80s metal bands - 20 years later - where are they now files… lol.

No. 456101

I understand making money off YouTube videos can be a job.

If a person uploads a vlog recorded in October at the end of December, YOU ARE BAD AT YOUR JOB. Stop blaming YouTube Adsense for your failure as a YouTuber. God DAMN

Begging people on multiple platforms to give you money and scheme other ways to get stuff is not a job.

No. 456107

She treats youtube like one of her many hobbies not like a job at all. How she expects to make money at all is beyond me.

No. 456138

Kaya still hasnt uploaded her Summer in the City vlog from JULY! now thats a shit youtuber

No. 456309


lmfao Kaya used JUST a loop of the bass line from Sisters of Mercy's "Lucretia"

she definitely reads this. we know there's nothing "goth" about you. try harder.

No. 456330

I thought that anon meant that something might be wrong with using your yt name by some other standard. dont get your panties in a bunch.


No. 456334


Lucretia, My Reflection is like one of the top basic bitch goth songs lmao, she's gotta try harder than that

No. 456351

She could at least mix in some "Love Will Tear Us Apart" or "Bella Lugosi's Dead". Good lord.

No. 456517

She has that fucking song on loop in several videos after it was pointed out on here. It's so triggering, like poser please is it the only goth song you know? She only further proves our point kek

No. 457154

beating a dead horse but I really don't get why IBF is SO popular. she has nothing important or interesting to say, doesn't contribute anything to the community and she's just popular for having a ton of expensive clothes and too much badly applied makeup. is that all it takes. Like what is the formula here, you don't even have to be attractive or interesting, just over the top looking? That goes with TT as well but she makes no attempt to pretend she's part of the goth community at least

No. 457183

With IBF I think it's down to two things:

To her "normie" fans she represents how they see goths - i.e. OTT where everything (even fucking food) has to be black

To darkly inclined folk (who, let's be honest here, are likely Motionless in White mall "goth" / emo fans) she's what they aspire to be, to them the "ultimate" goth simply because she's OTT

No. 457199


not milk but I think the answer to that question is Clickbait titles. If you listen to the Cemetery Confessions podcast, they point out she did a reaction to the fuccin' "40 years of goth shoes" when their was absolutely NO controversy or commentary about it in the goth community. Everyone agree'd "good vid" and moved on.

IBF piggybacks off popular vids, and does a lot of "clickbait" from the "goff" angle. There's really no other explanation for why a fat middle-aged divorcee is anything to aspire to. yes I saged this

No. 457263

She used to make interesting videos where she'd talk about her life and how being goth affected it and offered good support for babybats afraid to explore and be themselves. Now it's just hauls, woe is me, and shitty transformation videoswhere she can show that 1. she'd be way more attractive with a hair color other than jet black (even "darkest brown" which is usually a more natural black would look lovely on her) 2. she's superficial she just happens to have a different standard for what makes one superior.

IBF is a disappointment in what could've been a great channel and person to watch.

>>457199 See I'd buy it if she only got negative comments but she also has a lot of genuine fans, its not all because of the clickbait (I mean Markiplier is 100% clickbait titles but he's adorable and a great guy, and one who acknowledges when his videos aren't working anymore and tries something new, even if it still kinda sucks)

No. 457453

I don't think your allowed to sell the free stuff you get in most collabs by contract like how beauty youtubers are not allowed to resell PR packages. Stores aren't going to give you stuff for you to compete with their sales.

No. 457535

I agree with this statement 100%; sometimes a large amount of idiotic opinions can really piss you off, no matter how 'strong' you are mentally.

No. 457543

It's just really tacky.

No. 457632

File: 1514685408284.png (10.09 KB, 883x120, youre a cunt sod off.png)

No. 457736

File: 1514696895425.png (824.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2615.PNG)

At it again

No. 457885

File: 1514715704826.jpg (155.05 KB, 640x826, thumbnail_FullSizeRender.jpg)

Dre looks huge! and shes still tiny compared to kaya in there videos together kaya was a beast compared to these two

No. 457904

these damn witch unboxings that kaya and IBF do are ridiculous! Neither of them are into witchcraft! just goes to show that theyll take anything thats free

No. 458754

File: 1514803915889.png (1.11 MB, 1350x760, Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.5…)

Just when you think she can't get any uglier she pulls out that outfit. WHY DO PEOPLE FOLLOW HER?

No. 458767

File: 1514808155591.png (853.21 KB, 751x650, harry.png)

it angers me so much that she pretends to be so into Harry Potter when she's never even read any of the books!
she's so lazy in everything she does.
are Hufflepuff even a big thing in the movies?

also the fact that 90% of the stuff she brought back from LA was junk food!

No. 458770

samefag but it really angers me that Kaya and Jake never once mentioned PeachMilky when it comes to their Japan/Korea trip!
They would never have had the trip without her!
I never once heard them thank her!
It was Peachmilkys trip in the first place but then she moved to Japan so she couldn't do it anymore so she practically begged the company to give it to Kaya.
I watch PM streams and thats the only way I would have known because Kaya and Jake NEVER mentioned it.

No. 458780

Jfc stop with the Hufflepuff shit already Kaya. You're not even a proper Harry Potter fan. The real fans would laugh in your face if you told them you hadn't even read the books. But it's not surprising, she's a poser goth so why wouldn't she be a poser HP fan too? Also, why does she jump from one obsession to the other? It's not cute or quirky, it just reeks of insecurity.

Wow really? What ungrateful cunts. They're probably convinced the trip was given to them because they're such "amazing" vloggers lmao

No. 458825

Kaya actually says in her new Japan vlog

something along the lines of

"It's weird to think that I picked up the camera 3 years ago and that's what lead me to going on this trip"

like no…being friends with Peackmilky who was nice enough to give you her trip is what brought you here

No. 458835

That's actually awful. I always wondered why she stayed with Jake because he's a world class jerk, but now I can see why - they're both up their own asses, both have over inflated egos and both only care about themselves.

No. 458846

Her hair is so fucking greasy, damn girl wash ffs

No. 458920

i liked this video! she seemed like she actually did enjoy her trip and her telling of the history was nice and it was nice to see her smiling and laughing in the vlog.

i liked jake's new video too lmao, maybe i am going soft for 2018

No. 459105

are Kaya and PeachMilky friends or friendly? Did they ever hang out in Belfast? I've always thought Peachmilky seems like a kind person, I really like her and her partner, they're both cool people. Has PM said anything on her social media about Kaya's trip?

No. 459111

Kaya has pictures of them hanging out on her blog, also there are a few videos of the two together so they are/were definitely friends and on good terms at one point. I also spotted a comment from PM on one of Jake's videos when he was talking about his upcoming trip to Japan, so as far as I can tell they haven't all fallen out but you never know? If I was PM I'd be more than a little peeved that neither of them thanked me for the trip…

No. 459146

File: 1514850203394.jpg (34.78 KB, 550x413, WNTYedd.jpg)

It gets worse

No. 459268

File: 1514859782141.jpeg (276.81 KB, 750x1126, 09AEC316-1936-4DB0-9AAC-6F292B…)

Good to see she finally uploaded Japan stuff. Don’t know why she thought this was a good photo thought

No. 459346

So drac is horny and has to let everyone know ? Barf.Just go ride your mans dick and shut up.

No. 459347

sorry for my ignorance but is this true? is there a video where she says it?

No. 459492

File: 1514883403556.png (576.93 KB, 871x593, Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.46…)

Where do i fucking start with this video? First of all, after 4 weeks Kaya you're probably NOT going to see instant results from a personal trainer. By the size of your ass walking up those stairs to see your hairdresser - which by the way has no personal style, is also overweight and wear a BEANIE to work - he's clearly at the top of his game in the cutting world. Next the 'adorable' beach walk - more like beached whale. Your prattlings on about a dream attic - more like flowers in the attic where we can only hope you will just keel over and never see the light of day again. I skipped through most of it because she's so fucking DUMB I can't stand listening to it. The grand finale was the SoM track at the end? Saged as I know this has already been mentioned but it sounded like the end of a BAD kareoke video. What the actual fuck? It's incredible how completely deluded this person is. She's gone from yellow bumblle bee, to pink tracksuit top scary peppa the pig impersonation to a kimono that only likens her to a pair of bad italian curtains that someone's grandmother would hang. Kaya, you've let yourself go to the point of no return. Why? Because not only are you incredibly stupid, ignorant, immature and pathetic, you're SO LAZY you will never lose weight. She has no potential.

No. 459499

File: 1514883847209.png (518.56 KB, 874x548, Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.02…)

Clean your fingernails you dirty child. This video makes me want to cringe so hard. I got, I got, I got, I got, I got… ffs. You haven't got anything. Period.

No. 459500

HUGE L.A HAUL! - Harry Potter/Goth/Kawaii Haul | Toxic Tears

GOTH? what is goth about this video? Joke!

No. 459580

Its a shame Kaya didn't vlog the japan trip properly/completely. I also noticed that she asks Jake his opinion and how he likes stuff etc and he doesn't do that in his vlogs. He didn't seem to enjoy himself with her tbh, I noticed he would dismiss or ignore her tryibg to talk to him (example in the Kimonos) Kaya can do better than that egotistical prick.

Sage for no real contribution.

No. 459606

I watch PeachMilky's twitch streams!
she said how the trip was hers first but then she moved to Japan and the company said because she lived in Japan she couldn't have it anymore
so PM begged the company to give it to Kaya and the company agreed as long as Kaya vlogged it and uploaded to her channel.

PM didn't seem angry about it but I would be so angry if I gave my friend a free trip and then the friend said the only reason she got it was because of her own doing

sorry for rant

No. 459608

File: 1514908800484.png (778.22 KB, 644x651, ugh.png)

oh fuck that's disgusting.
why can't she even bother to present herself properly in her videos and on social media.
isn't this her job?
she really doesn't deserve the following she has and everything that goes with it

No. 459622

File: 1514910981329.gif (6.74 MB, 892x416, lulz.gif)

I loved this part when Jake just started recording himself while Kaya was making a video. Can he be even more of a self-obsessed prick?

No. 459627

If she's so materialistic, she really should start with investing in a nail brush. Put some soap on that shit and CLEAN YOUR DAMN NAILS.

No. 459714

Ok so its old news I know but I watched one of kelly edens videos where shes with those two and he starts speaking in broken japanese to her camera and its so fucking cringy and…he also interupts kaya during the video and just comes off as plain rude and as you say, self-obsessed. I mean I know kaya has her faults but I feel bad for her having such a gob-shite for a bf.

No. 459718

File: 1514916839722.jpg (198.02 KB, 1343x680, tt.jpg)


..no "good" photos exist of Kaya

No. 459721

No. Hufflepuff is not big in the movies at all. I think there are a total of two times when Hufflepuff has any notable recognition.

Sorcerer's Stone: when Susan Bones is sorted into Hufflepuff.

Goblet of Fire: Cedric Diggory is a Hufflepuff.

I want to call her out so hard for acting like such a fan but never having read the books.

No. 459723

Can you link to that video where Jake's trying to speak Japanese? Sounds hilarious.

No. 459730

I tried to watch this video just to see all the cringe things you detailed in this post, but I fucking CANNOT listen to her talk. Does she not understand the concept of enunciation and diction? She slurs all her words together. It's so gross sounding. Just another testament to how fucking lazy she is.

No. 459934

No. 459935

she’s dahlya drastic friend

No. 459942

https://youtu.be/GLTh8Jy5sY8 I don’t understand how this bitch gets so many subscribers

No. 459943

I smell a self-post. Also, pretty trashy, drinking and spewing your nonsense in front of a little kid. Anyone who finishes watching this deserves a medal. At least get to the point in a reasonable time. 26 minutes? You must be kidding me.

No. 459954

She has so many subscribers because she's like 60 yrs old and has actually been in the goth scene since the 80's.

No. 459963

skull was making fun of health goths in other girl’s video , I only think she makes fun of them because she can’t ever be a health goth

No. 459980

I too hate her voice and how she talks. I hate the way she says “uhm” lol. It’s like “Ahhhm” and she says it constantly. Also when she says something after laughing she does this sharp saliva-y inhale and it grosses me out.

No. 460080

Around 3:40 minutes in for the cringe fest

No. 460131

The funniest part of that to me was Kelly responding "sou das ne"
>Tfw you act obsessed with Japanese things but can't even say one of the most basic common words

No. 460182

I finished it by speeding up the video to 1.5 speed. It was just a bunch of babbling and wishy washy comments, especially in regard to Avelina. First, the handbags are cheap and she isn't a designer, then she says Avelina is doing a good job, but she doesn't like who she is teaming up with.

Pretty sure she only made this video to stir up controversy and get views.

No. 460364

Damn, the way Kelly said “we live in the world”, walked/skipped off and then snatched the ticket came across rude to me.
Does she even like Kaya? She was obviously bored when next to her, brushed off her fear of heights/falling and then sang instead of just saying “we’ll be fine” seemed snarky and like she couldn’t keep up her ‘niceness’ anymore.

No. 460462

You made some good points. Please dont eat on camera its really off putting though

No. 460467

I think it's the 'school teacher' voice and how she tries so hard to be so nice. It makes her palatable.

No. 460470

Also spot the moment they're on the train and Jake is sat with Dre rather than his own gf, and blurts out "she's good at sex" referring to Dre I believe. Great bf material right there kek

No. 460471

Because she's not an immature twat. You could learn a thing or two.

No. 460493

Kaya and Jake's guide in Japan seemed genuinely lovely and full of interesting information about all the different areas, I'd have loved to have had the opportunity to see Japan with someone like her alongside me…shame Kaya could only muster up a lackluster "Ahh.." "Oh…" or "Mmhm" whenever she was talking to her, no curious questions or even just a "Wow! That's amazing!". She seemed either completely disinterested in everything said to her, or just so damn socially awkward that she couldn't conjure up anything a bit more than a half arsed mumble. Judging by the amount of rambling and droning on she does in her videos, I'm a bit more inclined to think she just didn't have any interest in what was being explained to her, which is such a shame and a waste of a fantastic opportunity!

No. 460516


When posting Youtube videos, could anons use the embed field and include a short description of who and what the video is about if it is not obvious from the thumbnail?

The videos will be easier to find when C+F searching for a particular cow and make clear who the ensuing conversation is about. Also, some of us do not want to contribute to lining the pockets of certain Youtubers.

No. 460574

I'm sure she was making fun of health goth because "health goth" is a fucking joke itself.

LMFAO REALLY?…"health goth"
Im fucking dead. XD

No. 460649

wtf is a health goth?

No. 460670

It's some stupid concept of goths who are health conscious and who workout etc…it's not an aesthetic or any sort of actual branch of the goth subculture. It's just stupid. I'm a goth who works out and takes care of myself and wears nothing but black to the gym but I'm just a damn goth. I don't need some asinine additional label.

No. 460752

Yea its supposed to be kinda like normcore.
Just imagine a tumblr goth with nike gear.
Its not goth.
Its all black sportswear with one accessory like a spiked collar. Fucking lame.

No. 460763

A e s t h e t i c s g o t h lol

No. 460799

Didn't Kaya and/or Dre (I get the two confused, both fat poser goths after all) wear a t shirt that said "aesthetic" or "because aesthetic"? That should be their new tag, it's all they care about within the goth scene anyway kek.

So a chav attempting to masquerade as a "goth"? A.k.a. Jake

No. 460811

Hopefully she will eat less shit.

Depends on what her goal is. Some people dont bother to change the things they eat, they just eat less of it and start losing weight. Its IS possible…
its just a matter of Kayas willpower at this point.

No. 460818

She probably does. She never talks about her diet. Most people don't realise that fitness is approximately 80% diet and 20% actual activity.


I'm pretty sure it was Dre. And I'm pretty sure it was a shirt she had mad for her own merch. Rolliest of eyerolls.

No. 460819

that school teacher voice is dire. 'now when I was a child' - PLEASE bitch. You still are.

No. 460820

because she's loud, american and offensive. her mouth needs to be washed out. perfect for trash tv.

No. 460822

she's just really uneducated and not very intelligent. at all. shudders….(read the usage info)

No. 460862

Anoooother unboxing..

No. 461246

just, why

would ask how this dude allows her to have such horrible partings for her side shave but looking at him tells me how 'skilled' he is.

kind of funny but he could've also waited. like, all the times he walks in front of her while he's vlogging and for some reason not only had to be behind her but start talking to his camera even tho he sees kaya filming herself.

No. 461359

was searching up goth forums, stumbled on this. why does everyone spent hours watching videos of people they think are so totally dumb, then picking them apart for threads over really trivial shit? you guys all seem obsessed with people you hate, its a bit sad. there's way better crap to watch on netflix anyway.(read the rules)

No. 461650

I feel this probably cost a lot and it is full of useless shit.
If real wiccans wanted herbs, candles, stones etc for their practices they would buy it specialist for much cheaper than the off chance you may get something semi decent in the boxes.

No. 461829

Its not directed at wiccans at all. These boxes started popping up when the trend and witch aesthetic really took off. Its easy money for these companies

No. 461835

Nta but exactly. Its incredibly easy to rip people off now since the new age pagan bullshit is trendy again.

No. 461897

File: 1515098153001.jpg (86.45 KB, 808x582, uK0lsd9.jpg)

Obviously Kaya would think simply wearing a leather jacket makes one a "punk"

Also spot the inverted pentagram zipper, I remember her saying she doesn't like them. Whatever's trendy though right TT?

No. 461905

if she starts pretending to be punk im going to stomp on her head

No. 461928

No. 461932

I see there Sopor Aeternus logo?

No. 461948


If Kaya's favourite music is 90's pop, there is no way she likes Sopor. I know it's not impossible but come on.

No. 462015

She has reblogged some of their stuff before

No. 462030

Yeah but what is a teenage tumblr fad girl going to do with a some herbs in a bag and one tiny crystal amongst other useless tat. Some people buy into such shit. Worse that she is promoting it on her channel as it is utter garbage.

No. 462036

>Yeah but what is a teenage tumblr fad girl going to do with a some herbs in a bag and one tiny crystal amongst other useless tat.

Selfies etc.

No. 462660

Sometimes I dont think IBF is a "complete" poser, but shes one of those "goths" who arent actually into dark things.
Theres goths that like the dark aethetic but cringe at the sight of blood, not watch much horror, dont collect taxidermy or anything like that. I feel like shes along those lines. …then again, cant really call those people goths….. just dark fashionistas perhaps.

No. 462661


It's 27 pounds!! It is way overpriced and no proper practising witch would use any of this shite. It's purely for the aesthetic crowd who just want a monthly bunch of shit they can take instagram photos of and be like "muh witchiness"

No. 462662

samefag but, checking their website, a lot of the items in each box are just repeated every month. i feel like i would build up so much useless clutter in my house if i got it regularly.

sage for sperg rant.

No. 462674

goth style comes mainly from the late 70s music scene. she looks like an old-school goth.

No. 462729

that's exactly what i was thinking, i'm sure TT is tossing the shit

No. 462741

File: 1515176735734.jpg (32.86 KB, 600x452, madameguilotinemyspace.jpg)

>Sometimes I dont think IBF is a "complete" poser,

You may tell many things about her more or less accurate but to call her poser? She listens to goth music, dresses goth, attends goth events.

>but shes one of those "goths" who arent actually into dark things.

Wut? Are you serious? She is and have been for like about a decade into macabre and grotesque.

No. 462742

>She has reblogged some of their stuff before

You mean Sopor Aeternus stuff?

No. 462763

Hi, Freya.

No. 462766

anon, I don't think you realise what goth means. A goth is someone who actually actively listens to goth music and actively participates in the goth subculture. The only crime against goth that I see IBF guilty of is furthering the idea that it's purely fashion and aesthetic based with all her unboxing, try-on, and haul videos. Liking macabre and dark things are facets of goth, but they aren't requirements.

No. 462767

But anon, how else would 1997 born Tumblr babies feel if they weren't able to exclude others for not shitting bats and owning a closet full of Killstar?

No. 462769

Too true. It's hilarious - because these baby goth-wannabes weren't around to actually be a part of the subculture as it was at its height in the late 80's-early 90's they think that anyone who talks about the music is somehow elitist. So instead of learning and trying to understand the roots and ins and outs of the subculture, they just make it more elitist by making it an OTT fashion/makeup pissing contest. Like do you even realise what youre doing, kids? Fak.

No. 462784

Hi Matias


und dat

dat uber alles

No. 462793

Anon, that's just silly. It's what all "proper" goths will tell you. It's supposed to be based on music.
I'd like to hope that IBF likes goth music. If she doesn't, her life must be really pathetic really. I mean, she can listen to anything at home, but she goes to concerts, has gothic songs in her videos, so she must listen to them a lot. I know I wouldn't be able to go to a concert of a genre I hate listening to. I hope she isn't that fake.
Also being goth doesn't prevent you from wearing color.

No. 462801

So that means All I have to do is like black clothes, go to goth clubs, and listen to more of Joy Division and then I can be considered a goth without having any appreciation of the darkness or the taboo? PFFFTTHAHA

If Black and going to the club is all I need to be a goth, then goth is a joke.

No. 462804

It's a subculture. It's not a fashion statement. It's not merely an appreciation of darkness. It's an amalgam of facets that create goth as both a subculture and an identity. I suggest checking out Cemetery Confessions' YT channel and watching The Count's video titled "The Value of Music to Goth Identity | The Homology Hypothesis" The music is 100% the roots. If you don't have that, bar-none you're not goth. But with the music usually it's natural to like the other things. But again - not a requirement. Think about it this way, can you be a metalhead if you don't like metal?

No. 462807

File: 1515183105553.jpg (796.95 KB, 2048x1536, lolcolours.jpg)

>Anon, that's just silly. It's what all "proper" goths will tell you. It's supposed to be based on music.

And that's right. That's why I say that.

>I'd like to hope that IBF likes goth music

[sarcasm]She hates it. That's why she attends goth rock concerts, why she uses goth rock in her videos and why she attends goth rock festivals. Pure masochism.[/sarcasm]

>If she doesn't, her life must be really pathetic really. I mean, she can listen to anything at home, but she goes to concerts, has gothic songs in her videos, so she must listen to them a lot. I know I wouldn't be able to go to a concert of a genre I hate listening to. I hope she isn't that fake.

Your brain sure can make truly wonderful specimen after taking it out and further neurological examination.

>Also being goth doesn't prevent you from wearing color.

O'RLLY? That's a groundbreaking news to me.

No. 462808

same fag.

Its like being an artist. You cant be considered an artist if its not in your heart. you can go to galleries, and wear shirts that say "I love art"and hang out with other artists, But does that really make you an artist if you really dont care about creativity?
This may just be an opinion but: How can you be goth without caring about dark things? lmao

Sage for blogging and "Reeeeeee"

No. 462812

yes its a subculture, but being focused on the subculture rather than the people makes the whole thing into a bullshit aesthetic.
The subculture is supposed to bring people together for whats in their hearts, which is general appreciation of darkness. The music, fashion, goth imagery, and everything else is a reflection of darkness.
If you arent into dark things, you arent goth.

No. 462813

Yes, that's all.You don't have to masturbate with inverted crucifixes while taking a shower of pig blood among the bodies of dead raped christened infants and mumbling random citations from Meinkampf and Die Kapital fantasizing about sex withe dead body of your grandma at the night of fullmoon.

No. 462817

>The music, fashion, goth imagery, and everything else is a reflection of darkness.
>If you arent into dark things, you arent goth.

we have a baddass over here.. I ment a mallgoff

No. 462819


"cut my wrists and black my eyes"

Goth af bruh

No. 462822

Ye, darg az fvcg. Muzt B goff, coz datz darg.(baiting)

No. 462827

So you can be a goth and exclusively listen to metal or psychobilly? They're dark, right?

What about if you like horror films and taxidermy and wear a lot of black but don't listen to goth music?

You sound like those lifestyle lolita girls from the early 00s who said you could be a lolita if it was in your heart even if you didn't have the clothes. All subcultures have one baseline requirement. In lolita it's the clothes, in goth it's the music. People tend to argue that the general mindset is the most important thing if that's all they have to offer.

No. 462828

File: 1515184173397.jpg (23.25 KB, 350x263, kvl.jpg)

I'm not into mass murdering whole race of people. Mass murder is dark ass fvck. That means I can't be goth, right?

No. 462830

Well, you trully are something else, aren't you? Someone says that four different posts are a selfpost, then I say something a bit whiteknighty, and then you attack me by saying something a lot more whiteknighty? Also, I'd like to say that your brain would also make a great specimen, but for that you'd have to have one.

No. 462831

I would rather attack you for not making any sense than for whiteknighting.

No. 462835

File: 1515184678911.jpg (38.99 KB, 500x348, notagoff.jpg)

>Well, you trully are something else, aren't you?
I'm a special snowflake

No. 462846

Holy shit, how triggered are you? All this because someone told you it's not just a costume contest? Jfc.

No. 462848

File: 1515185506477.jpg (34.77 KB, 460x276, McCoyTipsFedora.jpg)

>Holy shit, how triggered are you? All this because someone told you it's not just a costume contest? Jfc.

That's what I'm pointing out. That it's not a costume contest.

No. 462851

File: 1515185947125.jpg (48.31 KB, 450x450, darkstuff.jpg)


>What about if you like horror films and taxidermy and wear a lot of black but don't listen to goth music?

If that person makes any sense then prpbably is trying to imply that you have to listen to goth music and like ALL THINGS DARK™. So you have to like goth music and dark chocolate, skin colour of Ethiopians, dark crayons, darkrooms, black metal, Third Reich ideology, communism, genocides, necrophilia and My Little Pony.

No. 462869


I think the clothese/music come into play when a person claims the label. You can be goth and not claim/know it.

Kinda like stupidity, no one wants to claim stupidity but just because you didnt claim it doenst mean this isnt who you are.

No. 462870

You are making less and less sense with every post. Are you trolling us intentionally? Or just by an accident?

No. 462873

Guys…Who the fuck cares about your definition of 'goth'. Can we get back to talking about alt cows please instead of having a goth-dick measuring contest?

No. 462876

But that's actually hard to do as last month brought us nothing more that was already discussed.

No. 462880

File: 1515188108331.jpeg (6.82 KB, 400x300, 029A9D39-C746-45A9-96FA-47FF5B…)

No. 462884

File: 1515188282586.jpg (587.94 KB, 1521x835, 1515182226161-1-1.jpg)

Spot the difference.

No. 462893

File: 1515188577436.gif (1.79 MB, 268x201, niceone.gif)

No. 462901

Man it must suck to flame troll when no one gives no fucks, huh?

No. 462904

the right one is prettier and is holding bottles

No. 462906

Stop derailing over what makes goth actually goth.

No. 462952

Fucking thank you! I'm goth and I'm so tired of how this thread devolves into the argument of what is goth. It's become a massive umbrella term for many different subcultures that are related. It doesn't even make sense to try and say there's any one set of requirements and no one can even agree on what those requirements are like what even counts as goth music for the requirement? Does it stop at 1990 or do we include Marilyn Manson or is he shock horror? Where do we draw the line at how industrial something can sound to still count as goth if it still has dark wave roots? Does witch hop count? Are we still pushing the counter culture narrative hard? Are we claiming crust punks as a goth grunge hybrid or do they strictly belong to the punk movement? Who even decides this shit? It's like when Mormons and Catholics call each other fake Christians. Completely retarded. No True Scotsman fallacy everywhere.

Every youtuber on this thread is some form of goth or alternative whether it's music or just style or what the fuck ever. It's not that important. Let's talk about any of the hundreds of other issues with them and their content like how shitty it would be to have to be on a 14 hour flight to Japan with Jake. Kaya has got to drink or do drugs of some kind to spend as much time as she does around that insufferable dick.

No. 462957

omg, u must be young. in the 90s and early 2000s, people that hopped into music subcultures such as punk or goth but just with the aesthetics were called trendy bastards or posers

it is 100% to do with the music oh my fucking god(stop derailing)

No. 463007

Back on topic, new IBF video, promoting a wallet. I don't have time to watch it, could someone tell me how did she manage to spent 9 minutes talking about it?

No. 463155

Ree Ree just uploaded a photo and credited her husband as the photographer. Anyone got any more details on their alleged breakup?
Also, her bangs are actually pretty unflattering. I’m sure she would have been better suited with some side swept bangs or even just some simple face framing. But I’m glad she finally did something about it.

No. 463378

Maybe they're trying to be on good terms? I agree about the bangs I think they don't suit her but if she's happy with them then cool I guess?

No. 463379

File: 1515235363750.jpg (174.82 KB, 1309x594, ibfbag.jpg)


she's puttting out a wallet, a new bag, and a mend's wallet, ALL with the same boring bat wing design, they're gonna milk that mall-goth design until they're making backpacks I guess??

jfc who is buying this garbage, this video was just a 9 min commercial where she says it's "classy" and "uber-goth" lmfao it's so goth to blow $200 on a wallet, really non-conformist.

go put some chapstick on, you crusty lipped scam artist.

No. 463392

File: 1515238448011.png (874.72 KB, 1136x640, FA3CB709-FE95-4465-ACEA-D2267F…)

No. 463651


I understand covering some flaws if you do a self portrait, but completely changing your body type is silly.

No. 463878

right? even the drawing she did of herself as a hunched over artist was way more flattering than how she'd really look.

No. 464080

File: 1515319000122.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-07-09-54-13…)

Wishful thinking much?

No. 464169

Not all post punk is sooooO dark and macabre. Look at PiL. Rudimentary Peni lyrics include issues like veganism, religious imagery, human liberation, etc. But none of that is required to be "deathrock".
I met Freyja at a Sex Gang Children show and my boyfriend met her at i think a 45 Grave show. One of her older videos got me into bat nouveau, a current dr band. She's more into goth than half the people in this thread.
Wew, lad. Lolcow is 18+

No. 464217


Nominated for the next OP pic.

No. 464245

don't agree. That pic is just so petty. Black friday isn't even that snowflakey, most anons just seem to have a personal vendetta against her

No. 464268

any more details about this

No. 464272



Hi welcome to lolcow.farm

(I think its a funny pic, not even remotely petty by lolcow standards)

No. 464283

Maybe you should go through previous threads. Alternatively, you could just leave considering you don't seem to understand the point of the site or are an IBF white knight.

No. 464326

I think when people call IBF a "poser" they just mean she's a sell out. We don't know what she's like off camera and maybe she really is into goth as much as she claims, but what she's turned into now at least ON camera is a fucking joke and makes a mockery of goths and the subculture - boring, unoriginal mainstream videos Transformtions? Unboxings? Sponsored hauls? Reactions? YAWN. Not to mention she loves the attention dressing OTT gets her, goth isn't a fucking costume contest, she's just perpetuating the myth goths and other alternative people look that way for attention

No. 464491

Oh, but anon that isn't milky enough! For the last week and a half we've had people obsessing over every little post if it isn't up to their standards.

What you've described, however, is precisely what people mean when they refer to freya as a poser. For somebody who crows about how much she hates getting attention for being goth she sure doesn't mind walking nearly everywhere whilst filming and making comments about any mere glance in her general direction.

No. 465042

File: 1515427361102.jpg (128.19 KB, 1331x672, ibf.jpg)


Freezer confirming she got even fatter in 2k17. Although if she's already buying everything in XXL size @ punkrave wonder how she's gonna do those hauls lol

unrelated: she has a munchpack unboxing vid out now (moooooo)

No. 465204

She'll do a TT and just hold up clothes but never actually show them being worn

No. 465251

>this is the only regular subscription box I get

This shits boring.

No. 465307

She better watch out; germany might not be the thinnest country out there but still… Plus isn't alternative clothing usually geared towards a young and thinner audience so it must be even more difficult to find something now for her

No. 465312

Not in my experience. Hot Topic and some Aussie store I forget the name of that I tried to shop at have things fitting like muumuus.

No. 465371

See that's something I've never understood, people moan about how it's difficult to look alternative when you're bigger or plus size but I've seen SO many brands cater to larger folk. There are freakin' 5XL sizes but you rarely see less than an XS, if you even see XS at all. I think it's just as hard if not harder to be very thin as it is to be larger (when it comes to clothing at least, obviously ignoring the whole alt beauty standard thing which I know is geared more toward slim/white/pretty women)

No. 465510

that pic is hilarious

You nailed it anon

I see that coming

but it's still a lot easier than it was for her in new zealand

No. 465983


yeah Hot Topic has them big girl sizes for sure, I think they know who their clientele is, Freezer's a good example, fat goth hiding the the black.

Toxic Tears does wear the clothes I think, it just looks awful and she crops out her head in the vid because she can't be bothered to put on make-up.

Why do ch'all think alt-cows crop their heads out when they're doing hauls anyway? they're in denial ??

No. 465987

sage for ot but why was it difficult for her in nz?

No. 466063

That's cause Hot Topic is based in the U.S. The Land of Fatties.

No. 466085

well she often mentioned in older videos that she has to import most alternative clothing and that the shipping costs were always very high so now that she's in Europe it's easier cause a lot of brands are based there and easier to get.

No. 466088

>Why do ch'all think alt-cows crop their heads out when they're doing hauls anyway? they're in denial ??
my first thought would be cause it's easier to make close up shots? but I kek'd on your post anon.

No. 466313

I find it a bit sad that these girls have their identity as only goth. No mention of being a wife, a mother, an artist, a writer, lover of x. It's simply just goth. It's not that big of a deal.

No. 466572

And to identify as wife, mother,etc of some guy is more fulfilling or what?

No. 466599

IBF "reviewing" music she doesn't even like, and of course the video must be titled "Goth Reacts To"… She's such a shill.

No. 466604


I get what you mean, I just mean there are other aspects of life and personality to be proud of.

No. 466620

File: 1515600774524.jpg (118.19 KB, 878x503, lolcow.jpg)


watching her try to find something nice to say about Crack Veil Brides..it's so obvious she's just on that lead singer's dick because wants to interview them for content.

directly tailoring content to her 12 year old fans, lol

No. 466622


yeah she specifically tries to own the "goth does X" formula because it's the only angle she's got.

sitting in front of a keyboard? lmfao why doesn't she just hold an acoustic guitar while filming while she's at it…I'm afraid of the day when we get to hear the "music" she's making

No. 466653


At 5:52 IBF shows a bag from the company Banned, which looks suspiciously exactly like the Avelina De Moray design.

No. 466684

The video is sponsored too so shes not going to say it bad coz she doesnt want to lose the money

No. 466724

I think the point is that it comes off as one-dimensional. Don't you have anything else that you can say about yourself other than "I'm goth"?

No. 466736

File: 1515608212480.jpg (181.88 KB, 962x723, 29024B5B00000578-3094163-image…)

No. 466752

Both >>466604 and >>466724 hit the nail on the head. She is like, what? Almost forty something years old now and all she can do is define herself with a subculture? Nobody was saying that she needs to shit out kids or get married, I get that the idea of someone having kids absolutely triggers the fuck out of people on this site.

Every other video is "Goth reacts to", "How Goths take a shit", "Think you know how Goths perform CPR? THINK AGAIN!", etc. This is the same person who crowed on Twitter about others wearing shirts which label themselves yet Freya proudly profits from her label.

No. 466763

yea but anon didn't get her point across very well when she named a bunch of other one-dimensional things.

No. 466768

Identifying as only ONE thing is one dimensional. Hence "one" being in part of the term. Anything can be one dimensional if that's the only focus. Compiling a bunch of other identifiers makes one no longer one dimensional. How is that a hard concept?

No. 466773

so defining as a 'mother' is better than a 'goth'? got it.

No. 466774

my point is that it wouldn't be any less one dimensional if she was a goth mom or something instead.

No. 466776

Okay, anon, you need to return to school for reading comprehension pronto. No where was that even suggested. Fucking wow.

No. 466782

Honestly nobody cares about whatever hangups you have with children, anon. Just fucking leave lmao.

No. 466863

This isn't even the original poster who said it's wrong to claim being a mother, wife etc. is better/more fulfilling, there are more people sharing this opinion…
Just want to throw that in there


No. 466876

Demorays bat wing design was stolen from that Banned bag as its blackfridays favourite bag. Only make sense that since her red on is broken to make a “new and improved” version of it.

No. 466899

File: 1515625687359.jpeg (87.94 KB, 731x445, 3AA8F0FB-B31C-4A06-B323-36A106…)

This hypocrite.
How about making up your own bag ideas? Lazy cunt

No. 466936

File: 1515628006156.png (437.9 KB, 720x1108, Screenshot_2018-01-10-23-43-50…)

Plus the original bag is £29 whereas the IBF bag is $140

No. 467252


Quite frankly I don't see the appeal unless you're a baby BAT
They both look like something a 13 year old would buy

No. 467287

FB group:
Belfry Bats International

No. 467372

Not sure if you are being sarcastic about the "almost forty something" comment, but IBF is only 29 or 30. Not sure exact but she's far from "forty something".

This will be a rant. It's like you took certain words from the other anons post and twisted it. I am a parent, but if asked to describe myself I would never answer "I am a mother and I enjoy taking care of my children" and then proceed to live my life as ONLY a mother. As stated before, that's pretty one-dimensional. I love being a mother and it's the biggest part of my life but I'm also a sister, friend, goth, musician, I like to cook and knit and game and all that shit. You would assume that someone with a large following would want to show variety on their content and in their life, but she puts on this show of GOFF 24/7/365. Even the shitty "cooking" vids she's done are all goff black everything. Drac's cooking vids never interest me much but at least it's trying to do content completely different than her usual. Not to mention, Drac makes food that she might eat regularly. No black tortillas with black corn with black Everything. Freyja already stated she hates cooking so we won't see anything like that from her, but it's just an example of what more she could be doing. She probably IS actually one-dimensional because of the way she's built her presence. She's probably afraid to do anything that isn't considered "goth" unless it's for a video. I think that's obvious by the way she dresses every single day. I don't know what's so hard for some anons to understand.

Saged for rant.

No. 467380

I saw the discussion with black friday on avelina de moray s channel. They had a skype call. BF wasn t sure what to choose and said she liked her red bag and wanted something similar. In all design options she said to moray she compared it to bags she liked and possessed already. So no wonder "her" design bag looked like a mashup of her favorite bags. I don t think moray was very aware to make a copy. That would be very lazy.

No. 467385

No wonder she doesn't go anywhere, even at home, without makeup. So much for all her fans wailing about how she "looks 20" and has perfect skin. It's pretty rough for her age, but maybe she didn't always look after her skin or the base stage makeup she wears has taken it's toll.

No. 467418

result of all the chemical peels would be my guess

No. 467430

Dude she's almost 50, what do expect her to look like?

No. 467473

Exactly. She still looks incredible for her age. I'm 25 and shes got better skint than me kek

No. 467865

Yup considering her age her skins pretty good. No major deep wrinkles it seems. Of course her make up looks cakey tho, stage makeup does that (tho that lipstick is a triggering). Think about other women around age 40-50

No. 468041

to me she just looks like a woman in her 40s who has taken reasonable care of her skin, nothing special. you can see it's starting to get that 50s 'crepey' texture already

No. 468465

For a couple they facially look rather similar. Maybe she went for her because she reminded her of herself when she was young. I've seen people subconsciously look for people who either look like their parents or themselves. If they're happy though that's great and I don't really see her as a total cow.

No. 468485

1. she looks HUGE and 2. the video is all free shit yet she still begs for a coat from them

No. 468486

File: 1515786799007.png (385.68 KB, 835x434, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 19.5…)

No. 468489

File: 1515787155255.png (473.7 KB, 670x392, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 19.5…)

I really can't with Kaya. She's so damn lazy! She looks big in all of those dresses and she didn't even put the cardigan on properly. Egh!

No. 468543

She didn't put it on properly because it literally won't stretch over her bulk. It looks painful to even be on that far

No. 468563

File: 1515793920877.png (15.72 KB, 737x116, you arent american so why do y…)

Is she planning on becoming American? Otherwise why does she give a fuck as if she has a say?

No. 468566


The shrug does not go with the dress and detracts from it. If she wants to be a model, then she needs to suck it up and bear the cold for a few minutes.

And she is too tall for those babydoll dresses.

Her vocabulary for describing the items is paltry, and she should have better described the fabrics. When she says velvet, does she mean a cotton velvet or a polyester stretch velvet? Is the bag definitely a polyurethane leather? She should have better familiarised herself with the items before recording.

No. 468567

File: 1515793965164.png (35.01 KB, 733x251, morebs.png)

No. 468571

Looking like a massive pig in a blanket there, Kaya

No. 468635

Are you fucking kidding me with that fucking sweater?

No. 468682

I wonder if she wears it because of the cold or because she is self-conscious. She never shows her upper arms and shoulders. I recall her saying something in her old weight gain video about getting lots of stretch marks on her upper arms so maybe it's that.

Either way, it obviously does not go with the outfit. Even if it did…she's barely wearing it and it just looks weird and bunched up as if you can't get it on the proper way, which is likely the case.

One thing I will say though is that the thumbnail to that video seemed to be more "revealing" in my eyes. You can actually see some of her figure and it isn't 100% hidden by a huge black or pink blanket-hoodie. Makes it obvious that she probably lurks here since that is mentioned every time she uploads a clothing vid. The problem remains that she can't dress herself in clothing that fits her properly. In my opinion, the thumbnail outfit looks okay for the top…except her boobs look like they are binded. Being tall and thin with middle C tits, I certainly understand that struggle with clothing, it happens a lot,but it is preventable just by picking out styles that fit you well oh and a decent bra.

No. 468697


she is highkey ebegging for a really expensive killstar coat at around 2:10

No. 468736

File: 1515802709246.png (251.76 KB, 415x414, grgrgrg.png)

Jake was saying in this latest vlog that he's fatter than he's ever been.
he's been sitting on the couch for the last two months stuffing his face.
I'm guessing Kaya joined him too since she's not shifting any weight either.

No. 468937

On my own here but I don't think she looks that big in most of the clothing, pretty average to slightly big size but not as huge as she looks in other clothing (see the mr blobby-esque pink jacket she wore in LA…) but that weird shrug she wore with the dress was awful and ruined the overall look. Also begging for that jacket, bitch get a fucking job and pay for it yourself lik the rest of us

I agree, I think it was the first dress that looked more like a top on her…

both put on loads of weight thanks to stuffing their faces in LA rather than, you know, being actual tourists and doing some sight seeing

No. 468999

File: 1515862449691.jpg (45.62 KB, 844x668, kaya.JPG)

Just go up a size to an XXL, TT
You won't rip the seams that way
That or just use Killstar's new fat lady's range

No. 469186

did it only sound like it or did she actually beg killstar to send her free stuff lmao I cant with her anymore

No. 469206

I honestly didn't think that was even her in the thumbnail. Pfff.

No. 469209

It seriously infuriates me how terrified women are of the number or letter of sizing. No 1 cur. Just wear what fits. I am rather petite/slightly curvy - can get away with a S and M most of the time, but I shop from every size at the store because go by fit not size. FFS

No. 469272

you arent alone i can clearly see shes gotten smaller people here just dont like her

No. 469287

Decided to actually watch it because this anon -
>>469272 - mentioned that she's gotten smaller, and I wanted to see because all the caps posted so far just show how fat she still is - esp. the face. However her body really isn't as fat as it was. BUT the girl seriously needs to work on her posture. She wouldn't look so damn dumpy if she stood up straight and held her core tight. I also never noticed how weird her tits are in comparison to the rest of her body. If she ever loses the weight it'll look so much better. Otherwise learning how to dress her body would greatly benefit her.

No. 469323

I'm not sure she's gotten smaller as such, she just doesn't look as frumpy and big as I've seen her before such as in LA, she just needs to dress better for her weight/shape/height…

Before she got into talking about the clothes she mentioned a Killstar jacket she likes the look of and showed a picture of it on screen as a "wishful haul" or some shit, so yeah subtly not so subtly begging them for more stuff

No. 469333

Damn how tall is she? The dresses are gorgeous but they're way too short

No. 469361


Do you think she'll try to make her trek towards the US now that shes single again? Shes already lived in the UK and had a UK bf, obviously had a NZ bf/fiancé, moved to Germany and got a German bf/husband, maybe next is an American boyfriend turned husband for at least two years until she decides Canada is the holy land for goths and snags a canuck?

No. 469387

Killstar is notoriously short with their clothing
Someone who is 5'1 might look normal in their skirts and dresses but 5'5 and over; you look like a giant

No. 469482

I’m 5’9 and their long dresses hit my ankles? The only thing of theirs that is short on me is their crop jacket. But it’s literally cropped.

No. 469485

File: 1515896384995.png (710.1 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-12-46…)

The jacket she is lusting after.

No. 469487

File: 1515896460677.png (1.05 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-14-53…)

One of the three babydoll dresses. The sleeves do her no favors.

No. 469491

File: 1515896619783.png (875.79 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-13-17…)

She says that she usually does not go for bright colors, but she loves the moths in the print that coordinate with her tattoos.

No. 469492

File: 1515896733973.png (925.24 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-13-22…)

She is moving her legs in the video and she plays it back slowed down which emphasises her thigh jiggle.

No. 469493

File: 1515897137961.png (1.01 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-27-16…)

Cuz pink!

No. 469497

File: 1515897372728.png (1.03 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-18-28-51…)

The lace overlay skirt is clinging to her body and the lace is clining to the lining because of static. Modeling it without first treating the static is not flattering and not good advertising.

No. 469525

None of these screenshots are selling me the clothes at all, the opposite in fact.

No. 469730

Does anyone know that girl on Instagram "Trashybat"? Just had to unfollow that clown because the amount of cringe on her instragram story trying to be sexy and rubbing her self off was just too much. No one wants to see an weird looking anorexic trying to rub her clit while some dude is snoring in the background.

Sage incase no one knows this bitch.

No. 469767

she looks like jeffree star lmao

No. 469794

She "doesn't usually go for bright colours" yet was in pink 24/7 in LA?

Sorry but is that cellulite on her thighs? You know your cellulite is bad if it's showing through tights…

No. 469813

Obviously I'm talking about Kilstar's regular dresses, not the long ones; they're long, lass
The ones TT is wearing spare the long one is way too short because that's how Killstar operates

No. 469841


Pink is an exception.

If you asked her and if she were actually intelligent she could respond cheekily that pink is not a colour like the rest, but we all know that she is not that smart.

No. 469865

Yeah I've seen that bitch, she's annoying. She's Swedish and friends with Adora I believe. I don't understand how an anorexic shows off her body SO MUCH. Pretty sad.

No. 469895

Loooool I thought I was the only person who noticed it

No. 470015

>>469767 Honestly I thought the same thing. She has the early 2000's Jeffree Star vibe but even somehow uglier, lol.

No. 470020

Makes sense that she'd be friends with Adora, tbh. But yeah, I think maybe validation or attention? Only saying that because she had a very provocative insta story and why else would you upload that if you didnt want praise for your body (even if it is from weird creeps). Quite gross imo.

No. 470886

Did she remove that video?

No. 471130

This dude’s house is pretty cool , I hope he does more health goth related videos since he’s saying he’s into that

No. 471137

No. 471223

Don’t self post. Health goth isn’t a thing. Go back to tumblr

No. 471284

oh boy here we go. 99% of them arent eve goth, more like what a normal would think goth is based on 2 mins of scrolling through the tumblr goth tag

No. 471352

He's not actually into health goth. It's a joke.

No. 472096

She never talks at length about anything she supposedly likes, only lists off things, like she wouldnt even name a vampire book or movie she likes

No. 472143

>>471284 Why am I not surprised that not one cliche goth band was mentioned.

No. 472157

Ikr not a mention of any movie, franchise, character, band, song, person…. everything is so superficial with her, she comes off as so incredibly boring! She never goes in depth with anything she likes, she is like "I totally love this thing" and thats it.

No. 472222

Lmfao, Kaya does not read.

I think she doesn't go in depth about her "interests" because there is no depth at all. She doesn't seem very passionate about anything, therefore it would be hard to explain. I think, as mentioned, she simply likes things. Notice she never likes anything unique. She LOVES goth yet dresses stereotypical mall goth and listens to no real goth music, she talks about how she has been into vampires from a young age yet has read no Rice books and her fav vampire movie is probably Interview with the Vampire, she LOVES HP and decks herself out in Hufflepuff yet has never read the books and doesn't even understand each house. It makes me want to scream. Same thing with the "witchy" or kawaii stuff. It's never her own unique take on it…she always says "I've been really into this lately" and then shows it by doing stereotypical Tumblr fad shit. The girl has no personality or explanation to give about herself or her interests unless she can link you to it.

No. 472298

File: 1516118495411.png (33.01 KB, 805x231, dream.png)

No. 472306

wow it's almost like… she has the ability to lose it with the right diet and excise…. wow…..

No. 472485


I want to see a picture of this alleged coffin. I'd be shocked if it weren't a casket instead of a coffin (because yes, there is a difference).

Why do people insist that that finding your clothes in an all black wardrobe is hard? If you're organised it's not difficult.

Wow Kaya, I've held a real life human brain before. Who cares?

P.S. Non-flat shoes is a not a goth cliche. Get out.

No. 472488

did you expect her to know what winklepickers are?

No. 472493

That would require her to stop shopping at Hot Topic.

No. 472625


Does Kaya know what pikes and Dr Martens are?

No. 472670

This particularly amazes me about UK badgoths. We didn't have hottopic until relatively recently, I'm talking the last five or so years and even then it's only online so we're slammed with import tax when it's shipped over. Some anon correct me if I'm wrong but there are no physical hottopic shops outside of London which doesn't count. There's no other chainstore shop that fills the hottopic niche here. Usually you have the big independent gothshop in your nearest city and that's where you'd start out, and although not the best goth apparel available it was a respectable starting point, and when you did want to move on up they carry better quality brands.

Basically what I'm saying is it takes more effort and is more expensive to be a hottopic mallgoth in the UK. it just doesn't make any sense.

No. 472685

Blue Banana I'd say would be our shitty equivalent. Lots of those about…

No. 472727

I honestly like this outfit and think it flatters her well.

No. 472938

I like it too and she looks good but it's more a costume isnt it?

No. 473360

Tbh it pissed me off that IBF thinks it's glamorous to call herself a widow in the video. I lost my spouse 2 years ago and there's nothing's fucking glamorous or romantic about being a widow. Freyja can go fuck herself. Sage.

No. 473392


How bizarre for Mattias to see that too. It's a bit strange to use that kind of description when you've just left a husband, kind of makes it seem like she wishes he was dead. She obviously doesn't, it's just a poor decision.

No. 473425

I don't get how it makes it seem like she wishes he was dead in the slightest. That's a stretch, imo. I think the point she was trying to get across is that she is mourning the "loss" of her husband. She did lose him in a way, but he lives right next door lmfao.

She's disrespecting those that have truly lost and mourned a spouse/significant other. I was so confused when I saw that she had uploaded a video titled that. I don't understand how she can't see that just the title is in poor taste.

No. 473427

Well, she did say it was supposed to be her Halloween outfit. So, yeah. Although, she is extra enough to wear it daily…probably to a cemetery.

No. 473473


She's a train wreck. I've seen her complain about being fat, lots of trips to the therapist, doesn't work, etc. Would like to hear if anyone else knows this person's story.

No. 473493

She has a youtube channel. Her accent is atrocious.

No. 473502

I'd like to hear you speak a foreign language without an accent

No. 473505

apparently, according to Frejya's fb, she is banned forever from going to London

No. 473509

lmao what why

No. 473548

She's been anorexic and bulimic for 15+ years, she went through a period of being at a more healthy weight a few years ago and wasn't as OTT with her look and had a regular job as a medical secretary. She recently got divorced and I think that's part of why her content's gotten more sexual lately.
Her instagram took off after she went on sick leave for her ED, I think that getting attention for her body and style is where most of her energy went when she couldn't work. She's obviously very sick and has been for such a long time that she's a little mentally stunted because of it, not much of a cow besides that imo. I've spoken to her a bit online cause we both collect dolls and have been following her on various platforms throughout the years, she's alright but seems to need a lot of validation.

No. 473575

I'm Scandinavian too you idiot. She has this stereotypical rough Scandinavian accent that everyone makes fun of over here. Also sage your shit.

No. 474488


She tried to stay in Scotland for three months, couldn't prove that she was able to support herself, got detained and then sent back to NZ. This was just before she decided to move to Germany. Now she can't visit the UK without applying for a visa

No. 475389

File: 1516374004771.png (56.59 KB, 777x400, sponser.png)

hahaha Kaya thinks she doesn't get any sponsorships because of how she dresses!

yeah it has nothing to do with her shitty content

No. 475432

LOL! Correct me if I'm wrong, but IBF and Angela Benedict get sponsorships? IBF is even more OTT than TT. Pretty sure she's missed the mark with this claim (I mean I'm not shocked).

No. 475445

maybe it's b/c your personality is lackluster and it would take ~ages~ to film/post something for no reason other than you being lazy af. sponsorship isn't about just getting free shit but that's probably the only thing she wants out of it.

No. 475457


I watched her "went to jail" video and her ban came from the fact that she balked upon being asked where she was going to stay, what she was up to in the UK. Those border agents don't have time for idiots, if you hesitate they don't let you in.

Furthermore, a deportation (which is what happened to her) earns you a mandatory 10 year ban from the UK, 5 if you were "compliant" and paid for your own flight, but we all know the bitchfits she loves to throw.

Either way, she could flex her celebrity and appeal the process, but she's too lazy. As a citizen's adviser on immigration, I have to say, you have to be pretty fucking dumb to be from a goddamn English speaking commonwealth country and still get denied/deported from the UK.

There are people from was less fortunate situations who have to travel with a binder of papers to be let in somewhere, all she needed was a fucking address. But she blamed her "goth" look, uh no ..I'm goth, I travel to the UK, I carry my papers and don't breathe with my mouth open.

No. 475628

Yeah I'm amazed that she managed to get deported from the UK. A damn shame because I'd love to see her vlogs checking out the goth scene in London. I think she would really like London, I'm surprised she didn't try to move there (instead of Germany).

No. 475953

Maybe it's just because you don't take care of yourself?

While IBF takes bad photos once in awhile she has her "brand" on point if that makes sense. It's easy since that's how she always is sure, but TT you're a lazy sack of shit that, looking at the Japan photos, can't be fucked to shower or get dressed up most of the time. No one wants a lazy shit to represent them in a sponsorship.

No. 476175

also what do you guys think about killstars quailty?

No. 476200

im a really big killstar fan. the qualitys really good its just a bit overpriced. the sales are real good tho

No. 476237

I like some of their clothing but I only buy the things I like on sale

No. 476261

Killstar is mid-tier quality at best
Cheapest Chinese materials usually used (jersey) and sold at an overpriced rate
When more streetwear brands start circulating in the darkly inclined fast fashion category, then I'm sure they'll fall out of line quite quickly

No. 476329

I would say it's better than the regular HM or topshop stuff, but you pay more as well. The tshirts all have nice quality printing and the fabric itself is from my experience pretty thick. I recommend waiting for a sale like >>476237 said

No. 476346

I like Dre, I like her style and think she's pretty and she at least only calls her clothes and style goth but not herself(seems to only call herself emo but Can't tell if it's jokingly or not).

Anyways I have a handful of Killstar things and they're really nice imo. The shoes are good quality as well, so most of their clothes and designs are pretty. but the tacky stuff is always WAY too much. there's like no in between

No. 476467

I buy Killstar stuff on clearance. I like the batwing blouses and skater dresses, they look good on me. Black is a slimming color. Saged

No. 476555

Better quality than department stores. A little over priced but nice to buy for yourself every once in awhile.

I like Dre's reviews because she's honest without being harsh or ungrateful, seems like she actually wears the stuff she's given too.

No. 476557

agreed, most of their stuff goes on sale after a few months then I feel better about buying it

No. 477034

i cringed

No. 477792

who dresses like that after they hit 20

No. 477870

I've only ever bought one thing from them. It was the nu-war hoodie dress or something. Some long black dress with hood and distressing on the sleeves, upper thigh, and upper back area. It was not marketed as sheer. I bought it for a modern Morticia Addams Halloween costume. Took a photo of the costumer to post and had to edit the SHIT out of it because it was sheer as fuck. I was really disappointed. Paid way too much to buy a dress that was basically see through. I had to wear all sorts of weird stuff under the dress to make it wearable in public which then made it uncomfortable and dumpy. Sage for rage.

No. 479996

like 90% of altscene?

No. 480037

I hate when people spend 50% or more of their video talking about something else than what the video is actually about.. if you wanna make a lookbook video, make a lookbook video! Make another video where you do all your announcements and other shit!! She knows nobody wanna hear about that shit and nobody is interested so she gotta squeeze it in other videos so more people might hear it, yawn.

No. 480255

File: 1516818481401.png (976.61 KB, 1050x748, batcave.png)

No. 480312

dirty jaw does she not wash her old makeup off?

No. 480536

Mr Owl and his gf broke up.

No. 480563

It's a method of contouring.she uses a black or very dark contour shade.

No. 480761

Bound to happen when you go after someone that tries to be Freya

No. 480788

I've never seen her before. What does she look like? Pics?

No. 480922

File: 1516879385880.jpg (219.89 KB, 864x1296, FB_IMG_1516879226640.jpg)

Nadia is really sweet. She's not a cow or a snowflake at all. Her and Mr. Owl are still friends iirc. I don't feel like she tries to be Freyja. Other goths looked like that before ibf exploded in the scene. It's like calling every deathrock revival kid a discount jonny slut. (And Nadia doesn't look or dress like freyja???)

No. 480969


That outfit is fantastic. Only similarity is the Siouxsie eye makeup but every Goth does that.

No. 480973

No. 481103

lmao nobody's trying to look like Freya. In fact, Freya bases her hair, make-up and clothes on iconic figures like Siouxsie, Elvira, etc. and that other goth icon from a TV show who wore long black dresses and had pale white skin, but I can't freakin remember her name.

No. 481105

I don't care for Avelina. It annoys me how she never replies or interacts with people on her channel, she doesn't even have that many subs, but I've seen people w/ over 100k subs replying to their fans in comments.

No. 481160

thats why i love emily Boo she replies and interacts with so many fans

No. 481216

i thought i was going insane and experiencing auditory hallucinations at the start of the video

>daddy help me help me help me daddy help me help me help me

No. 481413

I don't get why her ugly ass purses are so expensive especially when most of the youtubers she collabs with live in different countries so shipping is probably super expensive on top of that since it's coming from australia

No. 481427

I think you mean Morticia, from Addams Family.

No. 481430


What was the actual point of this video…to show off that she can afford a pool at her house or something?

No. 481485


I don’t know why she bothers. She doesn’t reply, everything is about looking good, her kids are annoying as fuck and she spams the shit out them. She needed to have died with myspace

No. 481763

I never even heard of her until ReeRee made the video about her bag. What is she even, just a another social media twat? She's fascinatingly ugly

No. 481771

No. 481822

Social media twat ×100

Ugly? Hmmm.. not in comparison with her hubby ;)

No. 481829

Check out French Canadian You Tuber brizabat sombre and her video "mainstream within gothic subculture " from 18 months ago.She makes some great points.No this isn't a self post.Her small channel
hasn't been mentioned in the thread so I decided to do so.Thankfully..Not every goth/alternative type doing you tube is trying to make it as a f/t product placement whore.

No. 481841

File: 1516973384473.jpg (386.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180126-055857.jpg)

Here's a dumpster fire that I've been observing. She claims to be a model and everything she posts is heavily edited or features Snapchat filters. Most of her posts have some thing to do with her undying love for her husband, who she married after dating for 6 months possibly due to giving him HIV. There's a bit of a backstory to that, she's quite proud of herself for stealing him away from his ex and nearly everything she posts is in some way an attempted stab at the ex despite that they both have each other blocked and the ex doesn't seem to know about it. The best part is that her husband is equally disgusting looking and is usually shown looking like he hasn't showered in days with a full on 70s porn stache. They both live with her mom, sister, and sisters boyfriend in a two bedroom section 8 apartment with 11 cats. I also highly recommend looking for her recent post about her ghost experiences that definitely happened. This post is from her main, she also has another account (kittu.babi) for more embarrassing attempts at modeling and living the #goth life.

No. 481951

Oh god. She sounds like she's never matured past High School mentally, especially trying to 'get back' at her husbands ex. You always see 16-18 year old girls excited that they managed to steal a boy or make him cheat they then gloat in the face of the ex whilst not realising if he's gonna cheat he's gonna cheat on them too. She looks unwashed, and I feel very sorry for her mother having to deal with two failed offspring and their equally unpleasant partners in her apartment. Also I can't read "Hello Lovelies" in any other voice than Kaya's so it's double the cringe.

No. 482181

yes VAMPIRA!!! for the love of god I couldn't remember the name lol. I kept thinking it was Vampirella. Thank you. Saged.

No. 482184

Someone on here said some months ago that Avelina is so materialistic, and honestly, I agree with that person. I watched Avelina's video about her jewelry collection. My god the girl is so greedy and obsessed with owning dumb shit. I am surprised she doesn't own more fancy expensive jewelry (maybe she does and is being careful not to show off diamonds or emerald to the public). Girl is empty as hell and has no depth to her personality.

No. 482194


Oh man, that moe on her husband!
How old is she? Honestly looks like she’s in following with that other train wreck on here, raven.

No. 482242

No. 482245

Shit dropped my post but I wanted to add that a lot of what she shows in this video looks milanoo-tier.

No. 482366

does anyone else find it ironic that she goes so hard for the Elvira look when Elvira is literally a fake goth?

It's a fucking sp00py costume Cassandra Peterson put together for a tv show. Which she basically stole from Maila Nurmi anyway.

No. 482385

>shawl thing
its called a bolero god im triggered
also she said shes a uk size 14? most places are saying that 78 cm waists are 14 but I don't believe that for a second, her gut juts out waaay to much to only have a 78 cm waist imo

No. 482535

File: 1517045100672.png (448.96 KB, 889x553, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 09.2…)

hurry hurry she has ANOTHER unboxing. i know youv all be waiting patiently for her unboxing videos kek

No. 482589


she lives up to her name though, she has even linked her amazon wishlist on her ig bio (only thing there)

No. 482704

So was the point of this video just to show off her swimming pool, annoying kids and areola?
I mean she shoved that right into the camera and checked while doing so

No. 482745

File: 1517074124455.jpg (94.95 KB, 860x447, trainwreck.jpg)


size 14 my ass, that cow could eat a size 14…everything she buys is XXL, she mentions it in every clothing video, so no>

God her lipline is so fucking thin and that color makes it really obvious she looks like a dopey clown.

No. 482747


also what in the fuck is going on with those EMPTY ? picture frames ? wtf is like pictures of your friends and family would ruin the aesthetic? just pop in a few pics of merlin manson if you want to the be tru gothTM

No. 482759

This video just made me want to gag. All the self-centered shit and excess vanity of "Oh, i´ve been the poster child of your company for the last 5 years!". What an egotistic bitch! And wash your fucking sink if you're gonna film a video, cause that shit's nasty!

No. 482775

Or if afraid of colour on walls, maybe just change pics to grayscale on paint shm

No. 482818


Almost 29, I think the husband is younger

No. 482864

> what up fam!
Stopped watching right there. Idk much about kelly, but i know she has her own thread.
She doesn't seem massive like Raven and a size 14 sounds really big. Everything in double digits sounds big to me though.

No. 482866


I actually think she could be a "stretchy" UK 14
In regular fitting clothing though, she's definitely a UK 16 or more

No. 482896


>says she loves 18th century fashion when she means 19th century (Victorian era)

No. 482932

File: 1517086545056.png (274.94 KB, 2048x1176, IMG_3148.PNG)

Kaya can't even be bothered to finish painting her nails for a video which is gojng to have such a focus on her hands

No. 483188

In the video she meant roccoco and that is indead 18th century. minute 7 she talked about the dress matching it with panieres from the 18th century to achieve the right look.
I don t like all the cheap plastic fabrics all of the clothes are made of.
That must stink sooo much after one time wearing. Most of the goth brands produce with cheaper non natural fabrics, very tacky. Brrr if i see the cheap plastic velvet she is wearing in that video i cringe so hard.
Soooooo tacky cheap clothes for too much money why do all goth buy that shit.

No. 483664

File: 1517116847790.png (80.4 KB, 420x370, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.20…)


No. 483669

Because its ott and everybody knows that modern goth is about being as ott as possible so nobody questions your street cred.

No. 483671

avelina wanting to get a piece of slut pie in the bathing suit killstar dept. 'send me swimwear' hint hint… i'm so grossed out.

No. 483690

I hope to hell Mr Owl doesn't get back together with IBF. He deserves more than that poseur.

No. 483828

Her music taste summed up pretty much

No. 483869

I forget if it was part 1 or 2 but I found it funny when she said no younger pictures of herself existed.

No. 483922

Oh yeah, i was thinking of us sizes. A uk 16 makes sense.
Too bad her face is a complete boner killer. No one wants to see that while they're looking at swimwear.
Idk my bf and i have talked about this. When we first got into goth fashion (i grew up on the music, he was into hardcore) we thought that ott Victorian goth was the pinnacle of goth. As we got more into the subculture, we became more and more toned down. I still do Siouxsie-esque makeup and hair, but I'm considerably toned down from my jonny slut-carbon-copy days.

No. 484225

Ah now I kinda feel bad for shit talking her a little. She does seem kinda likable and down to earth when she's in her element i guess

No. 484423

Lol, Courtney's face when she annoying her about wanting to be Blossom… What a shitty friend.

No. 484435

I think you meant for this to go on the KE thread.

No. 484876

she said her heart was ripped to fucking shreds with the whole ex hubby thing and she might talk about it later and looked pretty sad about it. any speculation as to what mightve happened? my money says hes a cheat and/or dumped her to go be with someone else who he mightve already been seeing

No. 485097

off topic but does anyone else find it annoying the way IBF plays with her hair every ten fucking seconds? it's so distracting, just sit still for fucks sake

No. 485185

I apologise for posting her before too, but I can't with the cringe. What a trainwreck, from the look to the content.

No. 485722

It's like it's 2012 again

No. 485806

File: 1517266688606.png (418.81 KB, 576x525, tt.png)

am I going insane or does TT actually look slimmer in her new video?

No. 485831


I think its just went her hair isn't big, when it is crimped or curled it makes her look big overall. The straight hair is slimmer.

No. 485883


There are many annoying youtubers, but none as annoying as fucking Kaya. First she gets a free box of stuff, doesn't even bother to look up info about the site that has sent her said stuff, tells her subs to go and look it up for themselves. Then she aks people to download a stupid walking app so she can get money. Afterwards, she asks people to subscribe and click the notification bell. Not happy, she ends by asking people to pledge to her patreon. All this bitch does is fucking BEG and NAG! Argh!

No. 486046


I don't know how many years it has been of TT complaining of her weight or saying she's on a diet. It should be sorted by now.

No. 486150

Surprise!! Kaya has another unboxing on her channel.
How is her channel discription not “unboxing channel”

No. 486662

It's just the hair

No. 486677

Okay, sage this if I'm just being dumb, but I'm hopefully confused by Kaya right now.

So…we all know her trip to Japan was thanks to PeachyMilkTea and she's just flat out ignoring that fact and spinning her own tales about how she's so privileged to have made it there herself (thanks to Jake's {A M A Z I N G} vlogging skills) and it was the Japanese tourist board that organized their whole trip.

NOW, she gets an inhuman sized box of Gloomy Bear tat from Misaki at Samurai Buyer (yeah, not questionable at ALL, Kaya. Everyone knows how sketchy that company is. If she had any integrity at all as a person, she'd boycott any sort of association with them right away) and all of a sudden, her Japan trip was all thanks to them and not the Japanese tourist board? If it's a case of her lying again, at least get your story straight, Kaya…or you know, just tell the truth?

No. 486683


I read somewhere (probably here) that it was organized by Samurai Buyer all along. Not sure where the PeachMilky bit came from (or was her trip from SB?)

No. 486686

About TT new video-she comes across as e-begging for her attic even more.

I mean, this is coming from someone who likes TT and doesnt see an issue with her unboxing videos, I just thought it was a bit distasteful that the last few minutes of a video consisting of her getting free gifts of which some she didnt seem keen on was her constantly going on about her attic and how we can fund it.

I mean i'm not talking about her usual videos where she just says support my patreon, this video seemed like she is trying to subtley as she can push people to entirely pay for the attic updo. But hey maybe i'm just jealous, I had to move back home after the flat I was in had no heating or hot water and covered in black mold, I guess to me having a fancy attic space seems like a huge luxury rather than an essential especially after she went on a trip to Japan (although she may have gotten that for free?) and you are trying to get your viewers to fund it. I mean, good luck to her I guess? Maybe some of her fans have money to throw at her, but I imagine a lot of them are in my position too. I hope I dont sound too harsh, I dont watch many yt'ers I'm sure she is far from being the worst when it comes to this sort of thing.


No. 486691

Ok so I was typing out my reply >>486686, taking me long because fucked up keyboard so did not see

Personally, I think it would look better on her if she DID get the trip for free given the attic e-begging, I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

No. 486709

PeachMilky has said herself during one of her streams that the trip to Japan was initially offered to her, but since she moved to Japan, she could no longer utilize it. She pulled some strings and practically begged the tourist board to instead give Kaya and Jake the opportunity to go in her stead. Something that ungrateful pair haven't even mentioned once, insisting instead it was offered to them because of Jake's awesome vlogging, pmsl!

No. 487051

I was watching IBF's Q&A video (part 1 i think?) And she mentioned that she's visiting Ireland in a few weeks. I wonder if she will meet TT and Jake

No. 487133


I'd feel bad for IBF if she had to meet those two, it'd be like hanging around with two 12 year olds all day.

No. 487300

I don t think TT and Jake are people IBF would hang with. I didn t see her often with other youtubers out of festivals.

No. 487628

Yeah she was in a couple videos with Dre and it seemed kind of awkward

No. 487885

File: 1517386787611.png (249.14 KB, 512x497, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 7.18…)

whats with the lumps on her filthy skin? must be because she sleeps in clown makeup every night - silly girl.

No. 487890

File: 1517386966974.png (849.6 KB, 1312x827, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 7.21…)

freya stop presenting you're cool with a guitar. it's embarrassing to those who actually TRY. the hand formation and posing is all so very wrong.

No. 487990

Holy fuck i I didnt know shes so filthy I'd do a biopsy on this shit

No. 488094

She's gonna have spectacular wrinkles by the time she's in her mid-30's sleeping in thick, heavy foundation. She already looks older than she is thanks to pulling on her eyes when she does her makeup, and is giving herself adult acne all because she's worried someone might see her without her makeup. I hope She does realise that if she dies in her sleep at a young age they will most likely do an autopsy, and they usually have to wash her corpse so they're not going to just leave her makeup on. I know morticians won't be able to cake it on like she does but not everything has to be 100% Goff 100% of the time, even in death. Also no wonder she can't sleep if she's constantly worried about dying.

No. 488137

File: 1517413993924.jpg (118.05 KB, 992x514, guitarhero.jpg)


she bought herself this tacky guitar 6 months ago and can't even play 3 chords in a row… even 12 year olds can master "smells like teen spirit" in a week.

also comparing yourself to real musician lmfao she's fucking delusional. yeah, if patricia morrison ate a tub of butter every day and had no talent, maybe then.

she looks lumpy as fuck in this picture, even with the guitar hiding her gut

No. 488180

She did a video a long time ago on her routine. She doesn't sleep in her makeup. Its because of the quality of makeup which she uses and her moisturizer is Nivea of all things, which is shit. IBF uses grease paint to obtain that paper white look so obviously its going to clog pores on the most oily part of a person's face– the nose. It isn't rocket science.

No. 488191

I need to see her in real life, out in the wild.

No. 488207

She literally just said in the Q&A she sleeps in her makeup most of the time

No. 488261

OT but nivea isn't that bad - they have spf and are ok products. Her foundation is the thing that does her no favours.
looks like white heads or even milia (if you can get those on your nose? not sure). girl needs to cleanse her skin twice a day….

No. 488397


I bet those fucking claws have something to do with the fact that she hasn't learnt to play… lol

No. 488438

patricia morrisson…. JFC. saying she was in 3 bands and played drums - i don't know why she keeps talking about being musical. that short strum indicates no clue to me. she's such an attention whore.

Also, that hairstyle did nothing for her. mattius just butchered her head and she let that happen. i've never seen someone so popular who is so directionless being all that she has are people on the internet to fill her days responding to meaningless comments. what an empty world.

No. 488451

she calls herself a designer!? all of her thumbnails for videos look like cheap ass informercials. BAD type BAD colours and her overall look is so cheap. whats with the reclecto glasses on her husband? they look like they were bought at a gas station. not goth. totally tacky and metal. fuck i wish they would stop calling themselves goth. its pathetic.

No. 488921

Actually like her makeup here- looks like a doll.

No. 489752


Lol in her mid 30s. Isn’t she 33 now?
2 years at her age doesn’t make a difference unless she took up smoking and drinking heavily.

Have to be young to make that kinda comment

No. 489802

She's currently 30. It does make a pretty huge difference. Skin loses elasticity and in 5 years it will have caught up with her even more than it already has. Also learn to sage.

No. 489920


It does make a difference. Energy drinks, not taking make up off, caking thick stage make up on will damage the skin. It will dry out the skin and enlarge pores and make the skin heavy. As soon as you hit your twenties, everyone should begin to take care of skin as its never going to improve from then on.

No. 490868

Still guessing none of you are in your 30s. I’m 37. My skin didn’t drastically start to sag or wrinkle.

Also suck my cunt if I forget to sage when I’m at work

Saged for uptight

No. 491242

File: 1517629695926.jpg (139.79 KB, 1242x1401, jpg.jpg)

Cringiest thing i´ve seen all day

No. 491860

a tryhard and 2 fashion goths……ok

but I'm def an Angela Benedict stan, I wish she'd update more

No. 491886

Can't talk about her in here without that one sperg showing up to accuse of self post or claiming there's milk where there isn't any.

No. 492123

Who the fuck is on the right?

No. 492153

I had to look at their page to find out but that is an unflattering photo of Dre Ronayne.

No. 492556

Yea that's Dre. Also known as Toxic Tears 2.0, a fashion goth who thinks MCR is a goth band

No. 492905

idk. Dre seems to realize her music taste is in the emo category, but lists her style as goth. I'll agree that she's a fashion goth, but she definitely understands MCR is emo.

No. 492968

File: 1517778866956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.37 KB, 640x434, FB_IMG_1517778751807.jpg)

This seriously hurts to look at, prepare yourselves

No. 493049

Call me an elitist if you want but there is no way I'd consider that look goth at all

No. 493079


Yeah Dre has always described her fashion as goth but she loves emo music and describes herself jokingly as one. I've never heard her talk about goth music, but she comes across as knowing her style is goth but she is not.

No. 493083


She has such beautiful long straight her but she always messes around with it or hides it! She should leave it alone as it is too much with the make up and clothing. If the hair was plain I think it would compliment her OTT style much more.

No. 493114

I honestly wouldn’t mind if she actually dressed like this in public like she use to instead of just dressing up for videos and then looking like a schlub in everyday life outside of the house.

No. 493624

MCR is pop punk. Emocore is just hardcore punk with more emotional lyrics and more melodic. Fugazi (sorry ian mackaye) and Decendents are closer to emo than MCR ever will be. If you're not familiar Guy Picciotto and Rites of Spring, you don't listen to emo. There's midwest emo too, like American Football and Cap'n Jazz. MCR still doesnt fit that.

Sorry Dre. You're not goth and you don't listen to emo either. You're another boring alt girl devoid of real interests and personality. Just to clarify.

No. 493705

The problem with Dre is she seems to think emo and goth are one and the same, that they are interchangeable. She also thinks goth is just a look (an "aesthetic") and not a proper subculture. When she met IBF it was so awkward, like an emo teenager meeting their idol that they have nothing in common with. In fact, someone on her IG called her out on it and Dre's response was along the lines of "if goth isn't about the fashion why are you getting so mad about how I look?" …..oh dear Dre.

No. 493775


When did they meet?

No. 493828

At the American Satan premiere

No. 493913

File: 1517852464733.png (14.11 KB, 609x97, Untitled.png)

Beg harder, Kaya. I love her lowkey trying to act like she just wants someone to crack her back not some company to "sponsor" her and send her a free chair.

No. 494347

I like it, without the harness it would be really cute

No. 494542

Fair enough. I don't listen to MCR, pop punk, or emo. So, I'm unfamiliar with the nuance.

No. 494764

What bizarre argument even is that - "I don't remove my makeup when I go to bed because I could die in my sleep and someone could see me without it". Seriously? And how must her bedsheets/pillow covers look? Can't even imagine.

I think it's actually pretty sad that her self-esteem is so terrible that she feels like she has to wear heavy makeup 24/7. Even when she's home alone. Probably wore it constantly around her husband too. Not that it helped anything in the end, right. Maybe when you don't love yourself, your capability of loving anyone else also goes to shit. Just saying.

No. 494980

Oh anon, don't be silly we know she's the tru goff bat queen and everything she owns right down to toilet paper is black so her black pillows probably make her think they'll hide all the marks. Whereas they most likely look dusted in white powder and smears of white with endless hidden black streaks. She wears black pyjamas only too the collars are probably stained. I could see it being off putting for her husband seeing as he quite happily went without makeup and was more relaxed in what he wore day to day.

No. 494984

Also yeah, you hit the nail on the head there. She's so wrapped up in herself and her image, whilst also loathing both that she severely neglected any kind of depth or emotional connection in her relationship.

No. 495094

File: 1517932350827.png (662.5 KB, 640x1136, 49376FAC-66D7-4DC3-81AA-C74AB8…)

I thought she had money problems…huh

No. 495114


Yeah it is sad. Sat in your pajamas, clean face, fluffy slippers or in your leggings and old tshirt shouldn't make you feel less of a person, let alone less 'goth'. Sage but when I'm in bed with no make up or big boots I don't feel more or less goth, it's just something that wouldn't occur to most people? You are what you are. She must hate having showers and washing her hair and face haha.

No. 495645

It must be awfully uncomfortable. I look forward to pjs and big old band shirts after a long day at work. Most people in to goth probably don't criticise their perceived 'gothness' all the time. She really doesn't need any more inner turmoil living in that pitch black, dark, unrelenting apartment in which her curtains appear to always be shut from snapchat, and not sleeping or taking care of her body properly with only her cats and birds for company. Fuck that sounds much more…depressing, than I thought. I like dark stuff as much as anyone else but a pitch black apartment with all black possessions apart from one red wall,that has to fuck with you a bit. Like white rooms etc anon said further up the thread.

No. 495652


Urgh, so true. All this bitch ever does is beg, beg and then beg some more. Get that fat ass moving and go to work to be able to afford a chair, like the rest of the world.

No. 495972

File: 1517980077819.jpg (87.66 KB, 1024x654, mummy.JPG)

I'm surprised none of this was mentioned; ItsBlackFriday's mum started posting on her Instagram comments about Mathias' treatment of Freyja and him being a narcissist.
Apparently she's suffering PTSD and all from him now.
I legitimately hope she's fairing alright. Fuck abusive scum.

No. 495976

I don't feel bad for her. She up and ditched Mr. Owl prior to Matthias, who she was also engaged to, after only knowing the fuckin' dude for 5 months.

Move to another country where you don't have any friends, family, employment prospects, can't speak the language, then cry woe is me? No, dude, fuck you.

No. 495983

Samefag but not saying that she deserved the abuse, but that her stupid on the whim actions are what led her into that sort of situation.

No. 496074


Taking a chance for happiness= deserve whatever bad things happen to you?
If someone abuses someone it isn't their fault they were abused. The only point being it probably lasted longer than it should've because she had immigrated to be there.

No. 496268

This is so weird to see and at the same time makes sense? She specifically went out of her way to tell people not to attack Mattais and is basically taking the brunt of her shitty relationship problems, like myself and many other abused people in the past. I hope her mom is sensationalizing the “crappy” parts of the relationship because dating a true narcissist is. not. fun.

No. 496328

Her mum is always fighting her battles and singing her praises on facebook. At least she always used to, it was pretty cringe especially for a grown woman. So I would take that with a whole tablespoon of salt. Freyja has constantly demonised her exes from right back when she lived in Scotland so of course all of her problems are now caused by Matthias. Matthias wasn't a great person, he's a bit sleazy and overbearing but a majorly narcissistic abuser? I'm not really taking sides, they're both idiots and her mum just stirs the pot.

No. 496333

She mentioned how some site wouldn't send her the coat because it's a men's model, but this other one did.
Like get it for yourself you cheap lazy fuck

No. 496350

Cradle of Filth? Fuck off Freya you poser metal emo fake. NO GOTH likes Cradle of Filth you shitty poseur.

No. 496352

what planet are these people on? your life and sympathy pleas on social media. seriously fucked up. she's never been a goth. she's just the worst possible thing that has EVER happened to the scene. a fucking joke. i wish tumblr never existed. her mother is clearly proud of her pathetic offspring with her internet fame for being an ego maniac.

No. 496368

“MM was sooo bad in compromise to this live show” did she never seen venom live?? Also Manson was in a wheelchair!

No. 496371

How old is she again?14-16?

No. 496384

That's cool anon, you stay in your teeny little box, judging others based on the goth stereotype you've chosen to conform to. It's ironic really.

No. 496406


Hi Matthias!

No. 496409


She never demonised Mr Owl. It's an unfortunate reality that the goth scene attracts a lot of shitty people, so I don't doubt for a moment that the criticism of her exes is more than deserved.

No. 496422

PTSD means nothing anymore I see.

No. 496429

File: 1518009852332.jpeg (132.43 KB, 640x1136, 7F1F0CD6-27C9-4B06-90E5-1B91A5…)

Wow..What Matthias has done is in no way excusable (when it’s true) HOWEVER: What she is doing here is as shit (or even worse) because this is ONLINE.And this is so hypocritical… “My private lifestyle and my online lifestyle are two separate things“

No. 496439

TFW Anon's screen cap has German text and you are wondering if they are personally invested in this

No. 496444

Samefag here in Germany she is the the goth queen (for very naive and young goths)And what she is doing now is the complete opposite..

No. 496448

meh Freyja's mom seems like the type of mom who thinks their child can never do anything wrong and who knows what Freyja told her about their relationship and break up and if thats the truth. There's two sides to every story

No. 496464

File: 1518014864443.jpeg (134.45 KB, 1280x720, 1B85CA46-5A1C-41AF-8682-04B14F…)

tbh all German YouTubers are trash..besides Rainer.W

No. 496465

Drachen is best YouTuber tbh

No. 496468

Blackfriday crossover with Drachenlord!

No. 496473

Matthias' english isn't good enough to write that and have it sound natural. That's a reach, people here criticise her leaving Mr Owl all the time.

No. 496477

File: 1518016087359.jpg (41.95 KB, 556x647, v.JPG)

Sporting that low cut top there Toxi
Trying to slowly begin a titty streaming journey?

No. 496483

Great, she didn't do it for one person. Doesn't change that coincidentally she seems to manage to find 'narcissistic', evil, cruel men every time. Quite the coincidence indeed, totally not that she needs drama and attention, she loves to be the victim even when she isn't. Also the fact that she made her breakup with Mr Owl so smoke and mirrors then very public, a lot of her psychotic fans missed that they were 'still friends' and just went for his jugular anyway.

No. 496496

Or maybe it's just her usual clothes and she's wearing a top she likes? Do you think it could possibly be that? Nah let's just judge her for her clothing choices and call her a slut!

No. 496510

can we stop with the lib-fem "sex positive" meme please.

No. 496527

I don't know, can we stop with the edgy "I'm not like the other girls, fuck sluts" meme please?

No. 496532

She looks really pretty like this. Has she lost weight or is it just a good angle?

No. 496613


Black Friday's mom constantly starts fights with randos in the comment sections of her youtube vids, I would not take this woman seriously or take anything she says as truth.

A break up can be bad with out the need to label it ptsd jesus fucking christ. If Freyja said it, maybe then I'd believe, it but we all know how she ditched mr owl and married matthias for a residence permit, so even then it's suspect.

Matthias can do better than her is that not obvious, like at all? there doesn't have to be some crazy reason like "he's gay" or "abusive." If you go watch that video where they go to a GBH show, you can tell he's SUPER annoyed at her need to record everything. They had their differences, obviously.

No. 496616


yeah she goes to a lot of concerts for someone who's always "broke" ??? Also she mentions in that video that she cant zip that jacket up lmfaoooooo you know ur fat as fuck if goth clothes doesn't fit you

No. 496637

File: 1518026448656.png (1007.85 KB, 959x699, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.0…)

oh lord shes a beast

No. 496643

File: 1518026712416.png (1.22 MB, 1054x686, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 18.0…)

and the crossover into twitch porn streaming has begun

No. 496649


What is this dress? It looks like it was sewn by a child.

No. 496650

she's got really shit tits tho

No. 496725

Filth is most likely every alt kids go to band when they were first getting into goth.any goths I know that still listen ro Cradle only listen to them for nostolgia purposes.
..but still. You cant knock Cradle lol

No. 496807

her mom is fucking crazy , but she really was dating a guy who do a lot of shitty things to her , the only ex that i know she has a nice relationship is mr owl at least they din't end up badly, and are in good terms , i totaly believe matthias is some kind of sociopath , i hope she at least learn from this to not to fall in love so easily with a guy you just meet

No. 496876

Do you know her or them both in person?

No. 497205


Why is it so hard to believe that someone could meet and date more than one really bad dude? It's really not uncommon for people to end up in more than one abusive relationship when they have their own shit that they need to work out. It's no secret that Freyja has some mental health issues, so it isn't really that weird that she has made multiple bad relationship choices.

That said, none of us know what happened. So, instead of calling either of them a liar, maybe we just wait and fucking see.

Her "treatment" of Mr. Owl wasn't ideal, but what was she supposed to do? Marry him even though she didn't really want to? I've been engaged to a really nice guy I didn't want to marry anymore and I'm glad I left. She did what she thought was right. It may not have been the best way to do it, but at least she didn't just continue to live a lie.

I don't even like Freyja but feel like I have to stick up for her because some of you are ridiculous.

No. 497207


Wow. What's it like to have Go-Go Gadget arms? You are reaching far as fuck.

No. 497432

Cradle of Filth are not Goth.

No. 497457

Cradle of Filth is not goth, but goths don't have to exclusively only listen to goth. Open your minds, people.

No. 497485

thank you. they are not a 'go to' band. they are death metal. FFS! so sick to death of anyone born in the 90s thinks this is a 'branch' of goth. i'm sorry, if you do like metal, fine, but a 'goth' would never go to a metal gig. please. yes, post punk is trad goth. get over it. it's not a narrow box, it's called trying to preserve whatever is left of the fallout of tumblr kids.

No. 497495

Who voted you a representative of all goths? No one said this is a branch of goth. You are so blinded by your hatred for people who happen to be younger than you that you can't even entertain the idea that others, including "elder goths", have had a varied experience in their personal path to music discovery. Get a fucking grip.

No. 497506

Cradle is such a shitty Band.
Are there even any Youtube "Gothics" who listen to good goth Music?

No. 497513

No one gives a shit about your taste in music. Now post some milk or gtfo.

No. 497518

Actually they are goth. Extreme Gothic Metal to be exact. They use to be death metal in the beginning. Then a failed attempt at black metal. Which alot of people in BM wanted nothing to do with cradle.

No. 497536


I hope this is a joke anon. Otherwise i´m gonna assume your 13 years old.

No. 497583

I can't tell whether some of you are joking. But being goth doesn't mean you can't go to any gigs unless they're goth. Going to punk gigs or seeing local bands or seeing Marilyn Manson doesn't mean anything apart from liking that artist.

No. 497673

Exactly. Some of these commenters are absolutely ridiculous.

No. 497689

just closed minded. cookie cutter “goths”

No. 497757

Jakes new video. lord o lord!
claims hes left youtube becase they supported logan paul
when he and kaya walked into the gym kek

No. 497785

File: 1518117409252.jpg (28.29 KB, 500x242, a1b0bf12bc401ca50e35e36e1d1ea1…)

all this cradle of filth talk just reminds me of my favorite mainstream goth, Richmond

No. 497914

someone just donated £200 on their twitch stream

No. 497976

Their stream is so unbelievable awkward and boring. No talking about their game, long awkward pauses, mentioning their cat then begging for subs and unboxing mail/gifts together on stream or just Kaya.

Saged for no real contribution, honestly don't bother watching them.

They're raising £1000 so 'we' can see Jake dance around as Frankfurter.

No. 498266

where is this from? I'd like to check that out (if it's a TV show). Saged.

No. 498302

IT Crowd. I think it's still on Netflix.

No. 498585

Their gaming channel is a joke. I don't even know why Kaya is on it she even admits she's not a gamer and doesn't play many games. In the gamer tag they did she looked uncomfortable and awkward, and gave obvious answers or copied what the others said pretty much. Cringe

No. 498603

File: 1518174438946.jpg (178.17 KB, 572x866, 7826.jpg)

new killstar haul from black friday (yawn) where she "models" clothes lol. her modeling skills are just playing hide her giant stomach like she's a pregnant teenager.

No. 498627


I don't think Freya looks bad at all in this video but I cringe my non existent balls off every time she does a dance or jig when showing off the outfits. It's pixielocks levels of cringe. Stop fucking doing it please.

No. 498974

Does anyone know of cringey youtube/ig punks? Preferably hardcore douchebags.
Angela? I mean i can't stand aggrotech and 90s/modern ebm or most darkwave. But she likes SOM, she past away, lotnc, lebanon hanover. She has no idea what industrial is, but most people in the scene dont.

Probably allison eckfeldt. She's a nice girl. I just couldn't stand her "lolita" phase and im not particularly interested in her videos.

I hate to say it, because i think she is a dumb, fashion goth who copies her friends' taste in music, but Sebastian used to listen to some pretty good deathrock. I can't stand her though, so i dont know if she's still a mall goth poser.

Blackjackbones (allison) doesnt post often (she does makeup), but she's a really nice person and has a really good music taste.
Eh, i wouldn't call gothic metal "goth". It's kind of a failed crossover genre. Like, of you only listened to gothic metal, but not post-punk or darkwave, i wouldn't consider you a goth. Kind of like how i like crossover thrash and crust punk, but wouldn't consider myself a metalhead even though those are crossover genres.

No. 499024

LOL she wanted that coat because ReeRee got it first.

No. 499056


The dreadful pink coat makes another appearance, and i´m about to gag. She looks like a troll with it on.

No. 499244

She could’ve at least removed the cat fur from everything.

No. 499283

this is what happens when goth 'fashion' goes mainstream. no originality.

No. 499289

File: 1518227601862.png (564.89 KB, 952x471, Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.4…)

I almost pissed myself when I read this. 'I may have been an interior decorator in a past life' - honey every room in your house looks like a fucking brothel. you have no style. I don't know what would be more horrifying to look at - the pool, or seeing IBF in a bathing suit. Tagging e-fame people is not going to get you to your K on insta bitch. You're boring af.

No. 499317

The ticket to this gig was 28 euro. That in itself is a joke because no one would pay more than that to see them!! I guess that's why her inner metal teenage years having come from back water NZ is why she and avelina connect. Dani filth fans. So much cringe. If goth is about the music, connecting to metal is so far out of the fucking ball park. Sure listen to 'all kinds' of music - but imo it's the DNA of not what goth music and the root of 'goth' is. So yea, I live in a box. We like it here. To those who said Cradle of Filth is not goth, well done.

No. 499397

my god this "goth people don't listen to x" argument is so fucking weak. Who the hell made any one of you the gatekeeper of every single goth person? Do you have to sign a contract where you are not allowed to listen to other genres, god forbid if it's metal or metal related? is this goth or fucking scientology jfc

I have an acquaintance who dresses like a hippie with baggy harem pants and earthy colored scarves and looks like someone who smokes weed and lights incense at home, she adores Amelie and indie feelgood movies and yet if you look at her music she's absolutely the most goth person I know, like genuinely into goth music

I know another person who dresses exclusively in black clothes top to bottom, not necessarily alternative, just black clothes, and her music taste consists of metal and disco music

Another friend is super into the goth aesthetic, boots eyeliner fishnets, piercings and all, and she loves Disney, does Disney song covers and collects Disney brand mugs

Like for fucks sake people we're not 15 anymore trying to out-goth everyone and show how hardcore and tr00 g0ffs we are. We're multifaceted adults with a broad spectrum of tastes, hobbies, backgrounds and lives and it's sad that you'd sit and nitpick and argue over what a goth "would" or "should" listen to as if it makes an asslick of a difference

No. 499405

Scientology lol. That's an interesting way of putting it. In essence I suppose that's a really good analogy. Yea, harem pants and Disney does not a goth make. It is what it is. You're obviously not that goth either if you want to split hairs about what it is or isn't. I suppose I'm a purist. But you know what? If it wasn't for people like us, the scene would have never existed and you and your colourful sub cultured friends who appropriate themselves as goth have the luxury of doing so. But thanks for your 'weak' rebuttle.

No. 499430

that anon pretty much hit the nail on the head with you, you sound like an absolute retard who is painfully annoying and pretentious in real life. yawn

No. 499626

File: 1518255257368.jpg (126.02 KB, 668x421, fatfriday.jpg)


"I don't think Freya looks bad at all in this video"

No. 499627

Dear god she is shaped like an egg

No. 499638

Speaking of Avelina, she was meant to be doing a collab for bags with TT and Dre, but at some point a few months ago they all fell through and everyone stopped talking about it. The last time I heard ADM talk about it was when she gave an update about how she was showing her designs to Kaya and she kept rejecting them.

I wonder who fired who, and I wonder why the Dre collab also fell through.

No. 499656

I recall someone in the previous thread mentioning that ReeRee "fired" ADM, apparently she wasn't given any money from the bag sales. I imagine because TT is friends with ReeRee (and TT is also friends with Dre) that's why her bag suddenly ceased production too

No. 499666


Her house is so disgustingly seedy looking.

No. 499671

I'm sure she's just putting on weight but wow does she look pregnant in that photo

No. 499682

Nah she’s always been big, black just looks slimming and most of her time on camera is from a MySpace angle chest up so you never get to see the lard. I honestly wouldn’t mind her being a fatass if she didn’t whine about it/talk about losing weight and shit. It’s 2018, body positivity is all the rage. Be a fafuck and give no fucks or actually lose the weight instead of crying about it.

No. 499838

On the subject of the BF/Matthias break up, we can't know for sure what IBF's mother says is the truth. She is always commenting on her FB posts and YT videos, defending her and talking shit to people. I've seen nasty comments toward Mr Owl from her too. Like another anon said she just seems to be one of those types that believes their child can do no wrong. I have a suspicion the break up was because of her YT channel and the constant filming. I'd get sick of that shit too.

No. 499973

I heard that Dre backed out because she wasn't comfortable with the pre-order system. I don't recall where I heard this - it may have been from one of Avelina's social media accounts. So, who knows if it's true.

No. 500020

File: 1518296321043.jpeg (256.7 KB, 1536x2048, 96DCE6C5-EBF5-41F5-A6C6-825B04…)

No. 500022

File: 1518296361808.jpeg (207.42 KB, 1536x2048, 9AD8EC57-4C60-4D73-B39E-139495…)

No. 500025

From her ig when asking who she should collab with next.

No. 500069

How can she not know what happened? We all know TT wouldn't miss out on a chance of getting money for doing fuck all, so that doesn't add up

No. 500105

File: 1518301226699.png (608.77 KB, 876x539, run fatty.png)

does anyone else follow Jake on Instagram?
he uploaded and instagram story of himself wearing glasses and speaking Japanese. he was trying to be that cliche glasses wearing anime character but oh god it was so cringy I almost died.

I wonder what everyone else at the gym thinks of Jake setting up the camera and filming himself working out.

No. 500162

Thats what Ive been thinking too. Realistically, goths in general are attracted to anything seemingly "dark". That goes for all metal, emo, punk, ect. If its got skulls, screams, black clothes and spikes then its "dark" music.
Agreed, to say "goths dont listen to x" is bullshit even if it is a gimmcky band covered in obnoxious spikes like Cradle of Filth or Behemoth.
I cant tell you how many goths from the scene in my city came to a silly Gwar concert just for the blood.
To put it simply, if it scares soccer moms then goths will be attracted to it. Lol

No. 500524


No. 500585

The cringe is real, the girls are dressed like they wore together the first things they saw that tumblr advertised to them and the song is hilariously bad

No. 500591

>that anime eye crop top and skirt
Every. Fucking. Time.

No. 500650

dont get me started on this cringe fest kek

No. 500806

Between the shit lyrics, her horrendous voice and her derpy facial expressions I don't know what's worse. What a complete travesty.

No. 501088


No. 501370

Is it wrong that I think he's kinda sexy?

No. 501376

Extremely wrong

No. 501466

Is Julia Zelg's girlfriend shy or she likes to ignore Julia's love demonstrations on camera? I get a weird vibe from her.

related: their Q&A, vacation vlogs

No. 501720

File: 1518470400022.jpg (197.66 KB, 1055x1280, 6tag-245852823-171329629579039…)

Adora staying with Ras for the week. Definitely an open relationship.
"I'm Denmark's problem now"

No. 501737


Her GF is the type of stereotypical Brit who is
2)In a long marriage with a British man
3)Harasses women in the street/shop assistants/young women in general especially if they're not British

So the fact she is in a lesbian relationship with a Brazilian girl is really something. Makes U Think about all the other women who act like her and what their ulterior motive might be for harassing strange girls

Anyway it is awkward af especially as Julia's mum is more pretty than the gf. I dunno if it is a sugar-baby thing. It's very jarring and I'm most definitely pro LGBT+ but? I don't like this relationship. It ain't cute

No. 501862

wait wait wait
Julia's GF is married and racist? what did I miss? fill me in, please. was it in one of those q&a's?
and I noticed that too, that her mum was way prettier and young looking than the gf. Also, she didn't seem very comfortable with the situation

No. 501867

still don't think she looks bad, it's just a belly showing a little in a bad angle. it's not like she is TT who looks like every single article of clothing she owns squeezes her or is loose exactly at all of the wrong places, girl looks always so disgruntled it's like she's a cartoon character drawn that way. I thought that every fat girl, SPECIALLY goth ones knew that you have to squeeze the middle section of your body to end up looking hot

No. 501869


cringeworthy. wtf is this song supposed to be genre wise? will she say it is "goth" if asked like she says of herself? hahah

Her voice is okay, depending on the song she can sound decent, still waaaaaay better than Allison Eckfeldt (the goblin queen), that one CAN NOT sing at all and I'm surprised that videos with her singing are never posted here because the level of cringe is outrageous. Have you noticed that she sings basically the same melody independently of the music's melody?

No. 501889


Yeah, I have no problem with peoples weight. I just think if you have a problem with it, dress for your body and then you can't whine when you feel gross or people make comments you don't like. For TT's height you needs long skirts, slightly baggy dresses which are longer as she's too tall for dresses in most shops and don't wear tights which give the illusion of skin being pushed out or squeezed.

No. 501891

For TT's height she needs long skirts*

No. 501892

Sage as forgot to add. I think TT needs a better bra, they seem too small for her and they make her chest look crushed which enhance the broadness of her shoulders and ribcage.

No. 501934

Like this?
But really, for the most part I don't mind her voice. Some songs it sounds out of place though (like Purgatory). But this video is cringey and seems to have poor direction.

No. 501946

Sorry, she's not married or racist as far as I know, but she is the exact type of British woman who usually is. (britfag here)

Which makes it much more cringey to watch as those types of women are the worst

No. 502077

MCR is a pop emo band (only their last album is pop punk). Sure commercially accessible, but still emo.

Somewhere it's good goth hadn't made the mainstream since the 80s.
Everytime a band becomes succesful or brings out more commercial accessible music, you'll always get this fight with the "hipsters" in the genre. Who dismis a band purely because they aren't obscure enough anymore.

No. 502625

Fifty shades of black. You'd think a person with an all-black wardrobe can at least match their blacks.

No. 502640

Hey now, you know how hard that actually is.

No. 502696

I don't get it… if she never said or eluded to being married or racist, then why say she is/seems the type to be one?

No. 502734

it's just judgement because she is a white middle aged woman, and y'know, most white middle aged women are married to guys and probably racist. Pffff.
And stop putting things like "it's a british thing guys, I'm british"… It's just that you are more used to white middle aged women being straight moms who are racist or just out of touch. The is nothing that points that this woman is one.
I can't believe I'm defending Julia Zelg in any way, but it's that people have to stop making things up, we want real milk, not your assumptions.

No. 502764

Listen to this and tell me this girl can sing…

She looks awesome in this video, and this is something that confuses me about Allison: she can look super cool when she's trying her hand at a more traditional goth or deathrock look, but when she's being herself it's cringeworthy. I can't stand all the pseudo lolita fashion, and how she tries so fucking hard to be a viking. First she was THE GERMAN, I'm so german guys omg, then she watched Vikings and it went downhill, she's the vikingest viking that have ever vikinged.

Also, she totally stole "the goblin queen" thing from another goth. It was the instagram handle of Naomi von Monsta, an old school goth who looks incredible, and actually has talent and is an actual illustrator, whereas Allison's "illustrations" look like preteens' drawings, in that "quite not manga" style. Naomi's was the goblin queenE when Allison changed hers, then Naomi just changed hers to her name, I think

No. 502931

File: 1518644311669.jpeg (649.46 KB, 1600x1425, D7776581-60BE-4248-AC97-24A994…)

FINALLY! Its about time they started kicking her out for turning up to childrens theme parks in 3edGY5me bondage slave outfits kek

No. 502978

Well TheLuciferFallen has officially started her music "career". Its certainly interesting

No. 502983

What does she even do at Disney? Because I can't picture her getting onto rides in 6 inch stilettos and a vinyl minidress.

No. 502989

>for my collar

sure jan. more like you were kicked out for the bondage s&m outfit which isn't exactly child friendly

No. 502992

Oh god not another one. Awful

No. 502995

File: 1518646732984.png (179.57 KB, 1080x1232, 20180214_221115.png)

This under the video, some comments are well interesting.

No. 502996

File: 1518646761554.png (95.3 KB, 1080x645, 20180214_221156.png)

No. 502997

File: 1518646799098.png (108.3 KB, 1080x743, 20180214_221217.png)

No. 502998

File: 1518646823337.png (148.39 KB, 1080x1076, 20180214_221237.png)

No. 503044


I might just have missed the milk, but can someone update me on what happened with Avelina and the Reeeree bag? Reeree is not following Avelina on IG anymore, and she never posted anything about the bag again. Avelina keeps selling and advertising them, although much more rarely that the other ones. Also, there was a status from Reeree a couple weeks ago where she complained some people prayed on her honesty and kindness…

No. 503058


I agree that she doesn't sing well at all, but that Goblin Queen thing is just nonsense. It´s taken from the Labyrinth, for God's sake, which is one of the most popular films amongst alternative people. I bet she didn't even know Naomi was using it, and anyway, she wasn't the only one. I think thegothicalice was also using it at one point.

No. 503062

someone said that avelina didn't give any money from the bag sales to reeree, but there may be more to it than that?

No. 503069

Nothing to do with her race or age, it's her specific abrasive voice/way of speaking/mannerisms. I should have clarified. Generally if you're not from the region you will not pick up on certain nuances (like how people inexplicably are fans of Kuckian when he's obviously a creep)
It's very different from the generic British mum, who is usually quite nice. This type of person goes out of their way to be the opposite.

No. 503105

I've liked some of her illustrations. But her oracle deck she's working on right now is awful.

No. 503111

I feel bad because she seems like a genuinely nice person. But I kinda think her husband is the talent in the band. I like what I've heard of his voice. And does she play any instruments?

No. 503115

I know it's from labyrinth, but she literally copy and pasted someone else's hanfle without an E, and she did know pretty well that naomi was using it since she commented on all of her pics on instagram. It happened a long time ago but I wasn't the only one to notice that it was too much of a coincidence, specially because the other woman changed hers to another thing.

"For your collar", right… One thing is to go into disney looking alternative, other thing is to go full on ready to the BDSM night at the club, isn't it why Bats day is for? I totally get dressing up the way it makes you feel beautiful to go do an activity you enjoy, specially if you are feeling down but ffs, does she feel better only when half naked or in extremely insinuating outfits? Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude, I wear kind of the same shit as she does and not only to the club but like, I wouldn't even feel comfortable looking like a kink queen in the middle of families and little kids… Cover a little for disney or go to a more adult place like a restaurant?
Also, I wrote "she" and got confused, does she still claim to be agender or something like it?

Oh! you should have been more specific and explained yourself better, you were just making a funny commentary about her, I see now!


Yeah, I agree with you, she seems super nice and he seems like the talented one. She said that she plays the bass if I recall correctly. Maybe if she did not pushed her voice to be something it is not she could sound less cringey, not every band has a super talented, american idol/the voice style singer.
He is a hell of a husband from what I gathered from the videos, gives her a SUPER comfortable life filled with shopping cool things, travels, etc because he's a businessman and she has a super erratic job history, but I don't see her as exploiting him in any way, she always do some kind of work even if it's just being a saleswoman at hot topic or offering tarot readings. She even said in some occasions that that's why he wears that (kinda dumb) wig, because he must have normal hair for his job. I get it, but I still found it weird that he couldn't appear in their marriage (handfasting) ceremonie's video and pictures allegedly for this reason. Mayve because he works at a super conservative place and they wouldn't like to see him have a pagan wedding ceremony? idk. But yeah, I find her super cringeworthy at the same time as I find her super nice.

No. 503128

I've always wondered what he did as work outside the band. Considering they have a really nice house and get to go on lots of trips.

No. 503145

File: 1518653625679.jpeg (223.66 KB, 750x1334, 1E766F31-14D0-4177-BA9F-4504CE…)

>Also, I wrote "she" and got confused, does she still claim to be agender or something like it?
Its just a beg for attention. I don’t get how you can
>have female genitals.
>dress in female clothes.
>clothes also are very revealing showing female body.
>loves feminine color pink.
>has a hetero relationship with a man like majority of females.
>but is agender.
>’plz call me a pwink bondage pwince OK uwu’
>happens to be around the weird LGBTQWERTY internet era so is not CIS SCUM.
>pic related.
stop it.

No. 503170

why the fuck is Jessica Rabbit an "asexual queen"? She's a highly sexualized feminine stereotype. It even says so on this very picture: she is drawn to be a femme fatale stereotype and only that.

Yeah, I'm all on board with calling people their preferred pronouns and respecting people's gender identity, but I agree with you about Sebastian, she has not even one characteristic of a person being other than a regular cis hetero girl.
Still on the Sebastian topic, do any of you know if there's more to her leaving the LA goth/deathrock scene? She tried so hard to fit in among that people, that's how I came to know about her, she got me fooled for a while. Did she fight with anyone, was she not welcome? From her video "why I am not goth" I got the impression that she found it too much pressure from people but she actually hung out with some actual goth/deathrockers, including the one and only insufferable teenage deathrock princess Patsy Marian… (any news on that one, too?

No. 503173

and the fact that jessica rabbit is super into her husband and is all over his dick when hes around, like what the actual fuck? the only thing jessica ever admits to is that she didn't cheat on her husband, not that she hats sex. sorry for spergin over jessica rabbit but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

No. 503187

are you ready to be invaded by feelings and emotions all at once? are you ready to be extremely shocked at what people can come up with, want to punch who wrote this and at the same time be super happy this exists simply because it's so absurd you wouldn't feel this shock and amusement reading an actual piece of humor? ok, so I googled "asexual jessica rabbit" and this is the first thing I read.

this is truly pathetic. these are the kinds of things sebastian spends her time reading on the internet. the place where you can find information about any and everything. this is what she choose to read and go for. You couldn't make this up

(don't know if it counts as derailing the thread, as it explains the last milk sebastian provided)

No. 503205

Yeah but who marries a girl from out of country, after a few months, who does not speak the language well. I'll say they trapped each other.

No. 503234

I've worn collars similar to that at Disney, but not with a leather plunging dress, its 100 percent due to her outfit overall, they would have just asked her to take it off otherwise. They also will give you a shirt to wear if you show too much cleavage, she was most likely being stubborn.

>kicked out

more like refused entry but that doesn't sound victimizing enough right

No. 503276

Sebastian hints a lot at her sex life. it's like that Milo Stewart video with the asexual sex toys. bitch, what?

No. 503311


Saged for lack of content, but THIS. Just your general asshole trying to jump on the bandwagon. She was always like that though, I remember in her early super fucking cringe videos where she was "teaching" people about goth. Shivers.

No. 503489

IBF and Mr Owl are hanging out in Wellington together.

No. 503499

She's back in NZ?

No. 503501

Honestly Allison is probably one of my favorite Alt-Youtubers which is funny cuz when she started I couldn’t stand her videos (didn’t she go by Kazlovesbats or something back then?)
I just recently got into her again and spent like a month catching up on old videos in my free time, but one thing about her really caught my attention. She drinks in literally EVERY vlog she has (seriously if you can find one where she doesn’t good on you cuz I couldn’t) and most have a moment at the end where she talks about being intoxicated or inserts it in txt. I’ve seen you tubers go get drinks in blogs before but never to her extent and it just leaves me a bit uneasy whenever I notice it now

No. 503502

Correct, just walked past her.

No. 503506

File: 1518681337561.png (1020.39 KB, 750x1334, 0D39F646-A281-4F39-8BE6-AD6FAE…)

Here you go. Looks like they did part on good terms

No. 503507

I hope he breaks her heart. Bitch just comes and goes as she needs? She decided she didn't need him anymore and trades him for Mattias. And now she comes crawling back now that Mattias dumped her. Laughable honestly. If I were Mr.Owl I'd never take her back…

No. 503522

It's a shame, the melody in this is actually nice. If she sung on-key, it wouldn't be too bad.

No. 503555

That's Mr. Owl?? Jesus I can't tell whether Matthias or him has the more punchable face.

No. 503557

Matthias is much more punchable.

No. 503559

>Everyone in the comments on IG like: Congrats! So glad you're back together!

Just from one photo and a visit, doesn't = dating. she is still legally married to another guy. I do wish them well though but also sux to be mr Owl's gf who got the boot the minute Freyas text came through a few weeks ago

No. 503560

Idk man Matthias was pretty punchable, but this guy looks a little bit like a goth Arin Hanson with fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows to me.

No. 503562


I think her newer stuff sounds better, much improvement.

But, she still needs a vocal coach if shes go