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File: 1487001175896.jpg (24.72 KB, 480x360, qxC9JCW.jpg)

No. 250451

This is "a thread for cringe found within the goth/alt scenes in general"
Drac Makens

No. 250674

File: 1487030302160.jpg (20.49 KB, 597x146, expensive tastes.jpg)

I wanted to say this in the other thread but its hit its limit

Is toxic tears really on benefits as some have said? Because she seems loaded.

cant lie im a bit jealous of her. She gets $144 per video, sells her own clothes AND people buy her stuff off her wish list and fuck, its the biggest one i've seen. TT's list has 10 sub categories-her CAT has its own wishlist long with "vivarium" which i am assuming is the spider someone mentioned?

Rather than spend that money on lipo she should take that money and use it to remodel the attic (another category which has its own wishlist) it would be more productive.

No. 250781

She seems loaded to me as well… I doubt she could have such a lifestyle on benefits, but I'm not from the UK so I wouldn't really know?

No. 250783

I still follow Drac Makens on social media and it doesn't really seem as if she's kissing KVD's ass any more than usual.

No. 250784

Anyone know if its true that the museum whimped out and made a attempt to apologize and offer ItsBlackFriday a tour if she was ever back in paris after her crying and bitching about it?

No. 250857

Dracs now turning vegan though like Kat - she seems weirdly obsessed

No. 250872

oh christ… she wants lipo? bad news, if you don't change your eating habits you'll pile it straight back on. why do fatties think any kind of weight loss surgery will solve all their problems and make them super thin?

No. 250873

I think her parents have a lot of money and they probably give her some since she seems really spoiled or at least her dad has money since he can afford to get his entire house remodeled. Idk how much it costs to live in Belfast but Kaya must have more money than the average person if she and Jake can move from one house to another house. Where I live all I can afford is an apartment and couples usually live in apartments as well unless they're having children, then they save up for a house. Her house isn't amazing but hey it's more than an apartment

No. 250874

Because they don't know shit about health/fitness and stuff related to it. If they did they wouldn't be constantly searching for "fast and easy" ways.

I'd actually love to see her thin again. Just so she'd learn some disciple if anything.

Sage for answering most likely rhetorical question.

No. 250875

In TT's video where she mentioned finding the other altcow post she said she googled something random that she "doesn't remember" and found it. I thought that was really weird. What the fuck could you have searched where a lolcow thread would randomly show up as one of the top results? She had to have been looking for it.

No. 250881

Pretty sure she lurks here from time to time so she had to come up with how she found it

No. 250925

but with lipo she'll look off. her face will still be round and fat but her body will be slightly slimmer

No. 250931

I don't know if it's different for N Ireland
but in Ireland if you're under 26 years old (I think) you only get 100 euros a week. I don't think she's on benefits because she wouldn't be able to pay rent or food etc and I can't imagine her standing in line for ages to collect her money, she'd probably complain of leg pain

No. 250936

There's no "standing in line for money" in England at least so I highly doubt that's what happens in N Ireland. You just have to go to meetings occasionally(where you get to sit wtf kind of world are you imagining?) and the money goes into your bank account. N Ireland is on the old system still so I know nothing else about specifics sorry.

No. 250939


LOL NIfag here.

I was on benefits years ago and every 2 weeks you go for a meeting and prove you're looking for a job. No standing in line, you go and sit and wait then sit with your assigned benefits person. Dunno what it's like in the south.

Sage for OT

No. 250956

I can't imagine she's getting liposuction on the NHS either - that shit isn't cheap.

That she's planning on getting it at all is dumbfounding. WHY can't she just cut the sweets and junk food and lose the weight like a normal person?

No. 250960

Too hard :'(

She's so damn impatient. A lot of times when you stop focusing on the scale and just EAT CLEAN, the pounds start to come off. But, no. She's too busy stressing over her weight and shoving her face full of cake. So unfair!

No. 250968


She's never worked for something before, why start now?

No. 251115

That's the same as here in England. You have to prove you've applied for 6 jobs a week. Used to keep a record with details in a book but apparently now it's online.

Here you get housing benefit and council tax benefit if you're on benefits.

However you do NOT get lipo free on the NHS. Like, lol.

No. 251127

I feel like Kaya could easily be living from the UK's benefit system. She and Jake could both be getting job seeker's allowance, their rent and bills paid for, and she could be using her "depression" and whatever fatty thyroid issue she has as an excuse to get disability benefits. Which also means Jake could be receiving money for being her "carer"

It's like of-herbs-and-alters on youtube. She's a goth tranny in her 30's who doesn't work but gets a big wad of benefits paid out for being "disabled" aka social anxiety and a thyroid issue. She's pretty milky too tbh.

No. 251460

I didn't know ofherbsandalters was on benefits. I always thought it was cringey that he/she still lived with their parents and constantly brought up how old they are. It's weird to me how (s)he is "diagnosed" with Aspergers but goes to goth clubs a lot. People with aspergers are extremely sensitive to noises and can't focus if something's too loud or if there are a lot of different noises going on at once, so you'd think they'd go insane at a club.
Also idfk what to call them. He said he was a trans dude and I was fine with calling him a guy but he said in a recent video that he is "actually agender"….yeah no.

No. 251558

She mentioned it in a video somewhere. I have no idea which vlog it was in since she makes so many and they're all so long, but she was talking about how her money was being screwed around with and then had a rant about how she's 30 and people pick on her for living at home, but she had a long list of excuses and reasons why she should be allowed to live there, and being on benefits because of "disability" was one of them. She's literally being looked after by her elderly parents, her step-father is a double amputee and she relies on him for so much.

No. 251562

Are we sure she's on JSA (or the Northern Ireland equivalent) and not some kind of disability benefit?
I find it really hard to believe she's going to meetings where someone from the Job Centre treats her like she's not even a full human (which was my experience of being on JSA and is very similar to everybody I know who has eve claimed it) without making a massive rant video or something.

Also if she is on JSA and VidIQ is accurate about how much money she makes on each video then it looks like she might not be declaring her youtube earnings on her tax forms, it's not a huge amount but given how many video she makes it would count as regular income from self employment (I'm not 100% sure on this bit but she might be able to top that up by applying for tax credits) which could cause some serious issues if the tax office find out, and she'd get a massive fine.

No. 251567

Goth clubs are full of people with Aspergers, I've never been to a goth club and not run into an Aspie.

No. 251596

Ofherbatsandalters made a huge video ranting about why she lives at home and why it's okay but her living conditions seem so strange when she's inviting her girlfriend round for sex in the family room and her bedroom looks like an episode of hoarders.
Maybe she still has drug problems - she was a drug addict, then again she made a video about how great it was and how drugs helped her.

No. 251612

File: 1487113975147.jpg (68.97 KB, 602x436, demonia haul.jpg)

>I feel like Kaya could easily be living from the UK's benefit system.

if she is she is a rarity and will clarify. I didnt want to reveal
this but i am on disabilty benefits and i do not get my rent or bills paid for because disabilty is different from housing and i live in the cheapest county in england.

I was made redundant and diagnoised with depression and bi-polar disorder which i am on heavy medication for and i have been struggling for the past few years and i am desperate to go back to work because living on these benefits is miserable. i am always short every month and as someone who doesnt drink, smoke, have a car or go out i am short because i dont qualify for full support, not because i am overspending any money i get.

This was why i initally questioned how she could be on benefits because she doesnt have any kids-and those awful tv shows that show people on benefits with loads of money living the high life are of those where the parents have had like, 5+ children.

the only way you can qualify for the top end of disability is if you are in a wheelchair or have mobility problems, you dont get it for mental health issues. so i highly doubt TT is getting a lot of money for depression. however from what i understand the benefits allocation vary from country to country so her being in NI may mean she gets substantially more than someone in england.

also you have to declare any substantial earnings if you are on benefits (in england, earning money through patreon would mean her benefits would be taken away and she would be arrested for fraud).this is why i thought its more like what >>250873 said.

I cant lie I aint even hating on her like i say i'm just totally jealous. I know its not nice to read horrible comments on you but if that would mean living in a nice house with hot running water, being able to shower and having a computer which isnt 15 years old and keeps crashing on you I would swap with her in a heartbeat.

it took me a whole year to save for a discounted pair of demonia shoes-so i would be shocked to learn if she just got by on benefits alone.

also not trying to make this a blog post but as someone who is on the system (and desperate to get off) the idea someone could live the life of riley on it is baffling.

tl;dr=a lot of us on benefits are struggling, so if she is on benefits its clear she is getting money and gifts through other means.

No. 251736

So a little off topic so will sage but has anyone heard or seen felice online? Does she count as an altcow?

No. 251748

I watched one of Ofherbsandalters's vlogs with her girlfriend and it was a cringefest. The entire vlog was 40+ minutes of just her talking about how she wants to have sex with her girlfriend but they can't because her parents will be home soon. Also she talked about how this is her first time doing it with someone as a "guy". She's not on hormones or has had any surgery, the sex is exactly the same as it was before. I don't get why they wouldn't just have sex in her room either. They were trying to do it in the living room or something… What's the point of having sex in another room when you're already in your bedroom

No. 251750

Weird, I've only met one or two people in my entire life with aspergers. I've never been to a goth club though so maybe they're all hiding there

No. 251769

Anon Felice is old news, she fell off the face of the internet. She popped up a few years back under a different alias, but deleted everything before she had time to take root as the anons found her and spooked her off by spamming the threads with her new user names and such.

No. 251780

She's been talking about how she has a strap on and a feeldoe and giving everyone lovely mental images of her trying to fuck a tall gangly trans woman (from what little I've seen of her in the vlogs she looks tall and skinny, and Dorian always talks about how her gf is a skinny bitch)

Another recent video was her responding to a hater with a lot of cringy whip cracking and talks about spanking…

In her Pretty Reckless vlog, her and her gf were being so loud and obnoxious, swearing on a public train and acting like 13 year olds. Not like fucking 30 year old adults. It was so awkward to watch.

No. 251816

Has she said how spergy she is? It might be really mild and only has a few traits. If she was full on she couldn't do clubs. Why would someone with social awkwardness seek out being surrounded by situations she can't deal with.

Conclusion: Lying or mucho exaggeration.

No. 251820

Never met an aspie in a both club during the 80s. Maybe it's a new both accessory. I'm too old for that shit now but would be tempted to go for research.

No. 251823

Goth not both. I'm a tard. A tired tard. My phone wont recognise GOTHS

No. 251871

Speaking of Felice, she removed all of her gaming videos from YouTube. Wonder what happened.

No. 251946

The Louvre museum give her a VIP pass, but the cemetery didn't give a fuck .

I don't really know how to feel about this.
The rule of the museum say that you should not where an outfit that put a lot of attention on you, and in all cemetery in France you have to ask an authorization from the city to take picture in the cemetery ( like for a photoshoot ) or if you want to make a video in it .

No. 251951


I like OfherbsandAlters in terms of his/her openness about his/her life but the thing that really annoyed me had to do with when he/she came out about how he/she was sexually abused by her uncle when she was a child but didn't want to press charges against him and the fact that he may start preying on his/her other younger female relatives because he has a mental disability and I'm sorry but it was absolutely insane to hear about that.

Like what the hell? He/she probably doesn't realize that he/she sounds like a straight up enabler if he/she insists on staying quiet about something like that. I think he/she did say that he/she tried to tell his/her mother but she didn't care about it but still, mentally disabled or not, sexual molestation is never okay.

Sorry for the mini rant, it's been on my mind ever since she made that video back in November of 2016.

No. 251957

I have aspergers and the mere thought of going to a club makes me wince. He's talked about it a lot in several videos about how he didn't get diagnosed with it until he was older. He makes it sound like it's pretty bad but then he talks about doing things that I would literally be unable to do so I think he's exaggerating. I don't get why'd he lie about having it since he's said such an elaborate life story about his aspergers struggle. There's no point in coming up with all that.

No. 251960

File: 1487159868756.png (618.08 KB, 706x1002, Screenshot_2017-02-15-11-52-37…)

I don't think she's learned anything from her experience in Paris.

No. 251968

Does anyone else find her boyfriend attractive? I like it when he's in the videos. Wish he had his own channel or got more screen time.

No. 251983

Ah I was on benefits in Ireland couple years ago and they make you stand in line outside of post offices to collect your money. I think it's a humiliation tactic.
So how much money did you get every week in NI? would it be enough for Kaya and her boyfriend to live off?

No. 252077

I kind of like ofherbsandaltars channel but that video he put up on him slapping the "slut" butt-slapper thing threatening to hit some youtuber hater was just like…. wtf man? let it go, let it go. first rule dont feed the trolls.

No. 252100


I'm a gay guy and while I didn't really think much of him when I first saw him, after watching the documentary him and BlackFriday were featured in, I found some deep hidden attraction to him after hearing about his life. He seems like a sweet guy. So yeah, I think he is attractive and I do think him and Friday make a good match. But I agree, I'd love to see him have his own channel and share his opinion on things.(blog)

No. 252104


Yeah, that was kinda too much. I know that some people are aware they're feeding the trolls and he's most likely no-exception to the rule considering how long he's been on the internet for but still I have to admit it was a little hard to watch lol

No. 252137

It's the same reason why they're fat. Anyone who gets weightloss surgery is a fucking moron and doesn't understand the concept of proper diet + working out is the key to remaining thin and healthy… It's also way cheaper and safer.

No. 252146

I don't get what she (ofherbatsandalters) does like her day to day life?
She must be on benefits? she seems to have 0 desire to get a job - so doubt she pays her parents anything? I'm a lot younger and only work part time as well as uni but I give my mum money as Im living there and obviously there's bills etc But she obviously can't? She can't even tidy her room and brings her girlfriend over to fuck in her parents home just seems she's disrespectful and ungrateful.

No. 252155

Ofherbsandalters's girlfriend must be really scummy if she'd go out with him. I can't imagine someone going for him unless they're equally as bad or worse than him.

I wouldn't be ok with my boyfriend/girlfriend talking about our relationship so openly on camera. Even if my face isn't shown its just…gross? Like do you have no respect for our privacy? And people irl know what she looks like so they could watch Dorian's vlogs and know all about their relationship

No. 252156

She sits at home with her "characters", gets drunk, sleeps whenever she wants and puts out vlogs bitching about everything.

No. 252160

She talks about how Youtube is her job and being a youtuber isn't about being lazy BUT she's not a famous youtuber. She sits in her room every day. She doesn't go out and put effort into videos, she doesn't spend money creating content. Youtube is not a job in her case. She needs to stop lying to herself and grow up.

No. 252163

File: 1487186675959.jpg (19.84 KB, 491x491, 10635962_10153132430989558_405…)

I think I found her gf. I FB searched Dorian and found an account with 2 mutual friends (two goth girls from the same city as her), but the account just had a weird photo of a dog as a profile picture. "Dorian Nothing Bridges" was the account I found so I clicked into it and it wouldn't show me photos but it did show me the friends list.

Searched thought it for a minute and then I found Phryne who's profile is open and she talks about her "boyfriend" and links to Dorian's page all the time.

So yeah. This is her girlfriend I guess.

No. 252231

Searched "Dorian Nothing Bridges" and what came up was him cussing out Lush, demanding halloween bathbombs. I promise we gothy folks are not all that rude!!!

No. 252239


Also Dorian's birthname is Jen Bridges, and he apparently has a fucking history of being a complete cunt to innocent retail workers.

No. 252263

Funny how self entitled she is when she
doesn't work or pay tax or pay bills. Also throws a tantrum anytime she gets hate because god forbid we don't lick her ass. Can't believe she's like 30? Yet acts like girls I know who are 18. I feel concerned about how she will cope in the real world but doubt she will ever actually get a job, she will probably move out if she finds a partner she can sponge off.

No. 252330

"They're"? Is Jake overweight too? Because he seems more like bulky muscular but then again, I don't think I've ever seen him with his shirt off except when he showed his recent reaction video to his older photos of when he used to be skinny. And he dresses in a pretty baggy style so it's not that easy to get a read but I just figured he'd be more on the buffer/bulky side because of how much he cares about fitness.

No. 252333

I can't judge her on that since I live at home too and I don't pay for anything but I do routine cleaning for my parents like vaccuming the whole place, taking out the trash, washing dishes, and mopping/sweeping just to give back since my folks can get a little too busy with their work.

I do agree though, if you're going to be staying with your folks, at least do something to make their lives a little easier.

No. 252408

>"They're"? Is Jake overweight too? Because he seems more like bulky muscular

Kek, thanks for the laugh anon!

No. 252487

Does anybody know what happened to BatcaveDilemma (Kill Natalie) from the op pic btw? She just totally disappeared from the internet

No. 252501

Someone claimed to have seen her around and attending events. This was stated on the original forum.

No. 252581

I haven't seen his stomach but his arms look muscular. I'd say he's more bulky than fat. It's kind of weird though because his arms look fat and muscular. It's like muscles just added to his fat without getting rid of the fat

No. 252587

File: 1487236324398.jpg (10.01 KB, 236x344, hqdefault.jpg)

Maybe he's going for the strongman look. These people sometimes look like fatties but they can lift cars and shit.

He's just lacking definition in his arms.

No. 252588

File: 1487236593905.jpg (68.52 KB, 540x540, tumblr_njtm13HN961sptjwto1_540…)

Found a few pictures of him shirtless, this one seems more recent

No. 252590

File: 1487236644653.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.29 KB, 540x720, tumblr_mvlueaY62g1sptjwto1_540…)


No. 252591

File: 1487236672185.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.08 KB, 338x600, tumblr_n2we013ZOE1sptjwto1_400…)

No. 252605

He seems to be the kind of twat who thinks liftig and munching some Whey protein powder makes you a beach bod god.
(I dont follow up on him at all but im gonna assume he doesnt count calories or do stuff like bulking / cutting considering how hes worked out for a while but still looks like a pasty potato unless he really poses /flexes his arms lmao)

No. 252612

Not sure about calories, but he does know about bulking/cutting etc., or at least he says so. He even had a fit-goth blog where he wrote what he ate, what workouts he did, etc., I think he stopped updating it after two weeks.

But yea, I agree somewhat. I know fitness/building muscle takes time and idk what he used to look like before, but the progress is a bit "eh" without a before picture.

No. 252613

kek that razor burn

No. 252616

Its funny he looks like a chav instead of a goth. In bristol where i am a lot of the guys look like this (sans the black nail varnish)

No. 252626

Oh my god I thought he was caressing his man tit at first.

I think he looks pretty fit, in the most recent picture he's obviously flexing but still he looks pretty good. He talks about his weight struggle a lot so I doubt he will ever look super ripped/not chubby at all. I wish he could've given Kaya some proper diet tips for her and not just told her to eat the same shit that he does

No. 252628

Yeah, gotta give him some appriciation for trying and seeing some effort, unlike Kaya.

No. 252656

i know, right? he looks hipster/chavvy, i'd never look at him and think "goth" in a million years

No. 252764

How is he even goth haha If you take away the piercings he really does look like a chav. I'm from the north east uk and alot of the lads in my town who used to be chavvy end up looking like him lol. He even has a gypo haircut here >>252588

No. 252799

>She's so damn impatient. A lot of times when you stop focusing on the scale and just EAT CLEAN, the pounds start to come off. But, no. She's too busy stressing over her weight and shoving her face full of cake. So unfair!

this is fucking stupid advice especially for Kaya. she's so fat because she thinks "healthy" foods can't make you gain weight and eats an entire avocado with every meal.

She needs to learn that it's just calories in/calories out.

No. 252801

>the only way you can qualify for the top end of disability is if you are in a wheelchair or have mobility problems, you dont get it for mental health issues.

anon mental issues can count as mobility issues, as long as you can prove it or have a supporting statement you can swing it. It's more complicated than just in a wheelchair or not, but they obfuscate what you're really entitled to on purpose to cut costs. It's how we swing getting my bro the high rate even though he's not in a wheelchair etc.

No. 252824

last thread hit reply limit, whoops.
anyways, re: TT

i remember seeing her post on the PULL forums all the time. iirc, she was like one or two years older than I was at the time? I'm 25 now, so I'd guess she's 27 or older. she is definitely not 22 or 23.
she really wanted to be the 'goth dakota rose' back in the day and her style has only degraded over time. she accessorizes like a halloween costume.
>newest video: 'what not to say to goth girls in 2016'
because that's the only video she ever made that went even close to viral. fuck, she's really run out of ideas completely.

i get the same feeling, kaya is not a nice person even if she tries to act sweet. i think it's a combo of the fact that i regularly saw her contributing to catty forum gossip and…she wants to say stuff like 'people are always so amazed bcuz i'm goth but i'm also kind and bubbly~*~' but then she'll also say stuff along the lines of 'if someone pisses you off, kick them to the ground and set them on fire'. she seriously does not see the discrepancy.

jake&kaya are codependent af, if i had to guess. i've seen couples like this before, neither of them are confident enough to leave the other even if they're miserable. they've both built up certain parts of their identity around the idea of being a youtube power couple, which is honestly probably never going to happen for either of them but they've invested this much time in it already so oh well
i don't think jake was this e-fame-hungry before Kaya put the idea that they could go viral and become internet ~stars~ into his head. normally i'd be like 'anyone who thinks this is a good way to support themselves is dumb as a brick' but Kaya used to actually get a decent amount of presents and money from her followers, and watching that happen probably made it seem like a viable scheme from his perspective. however, neither of them have the charisma to pull in and keep an audience; the closest thing kaya's got is her 'gothgoth' cred, which is why her life seems to revolve around her style choices. it's kind of sad.

reporting the two of them for their their misuse of welfare would be a beautiful execution of justice. the people who actually need welfare always get tarred and feathered because of people like kaya and her bf.

gothic literature is really a nebulous idea imo. like for some people it's Anne Rice or Neil Gaiman, for others it's Laird Barron and Mark Z. Danielewski, and other people will tell you that the only 'true' gothic horror is stuff you'd find in a classroom, like Poe, Shelley or du Maurier. there's really so much thing as like a quintessential goth author so much as there are gothic themes which reoccur in almost all dramatic fiction–madness, murder, secrets, etc.

No. 252826

She's younger than Jake and he's 25/26 so she can't be 27. Whenever she gets the chance to she talks about how she's younger than Jake and their friends (PeachMilky and her ex, John from their gaming channel, Melanie Murphy etc.

No. 252829

Does anyone have evidence that Kaya was on PULL? Like screenshots or archives or something? Lots of people say that she was on there but no one has any screenshots or anything to prove it. I also read somewhere that peachmilkytea was on there too but I find that hard to believe because she seems like a genuinely sweet person unlike Kaya who comes off as sorta fake.

No. 252830

Sorry anon, the original website went down ages ago.Not that it's much more but I can testify as well; she had an account openly, her user was xToxictears (Maybe with another x at the end) and she used a pic of herself.

No. 252842

i've always heard her talk about how she looks young for her age, but she never actually names a number, idk. i didn't pay too much attention to her then, so my memory's a little foggy considering it's been years, but i definitely remember thinking 'wow this girl should be a tad more mature' because she was older than me.
peachmilkytea was on there, you're not wrong. so was spoony and whatshername, the girl with the really thick castor oil eyebrows now.

peachmilkytea has been a lot smarter about cultivating her efame career than TT, though, she never said anything too bitchy & i think she was primarily there because of the whole 'dolly-style' association with cows like Venus and Dakota being primary sources of milk. a lot of the girls who tried to hop on that bandwagon (like mila, for instance…) took the approach of 'well, people don't like dakota because she's a royal cunt, so i'll just do exactly the same style as her and actually be a nice person to boot'.

No. 252860

Kaya has said multiple times she has 0 goth friends and her and Jake have both suggested they know none and they're the only alternative people in Belfast yet any time they hang out with people they're alternative? Just another special snowflake thing I've picked up from her videos…

No. 252863

They don't have goth friends but they have metalhead friends I guess. I don't see why they would complain about lack of goth friends if they don't like anything goth themselves. What could they want to talk about with actual goths? Their love for the color black? Jake is more of a metalhead than a goth but he always complained about how his metalhead friend didn't like the same metal genres as him so he had nothing to talk about with him

No. 252864

I never saw it as complaining personally, more of a statement

No. 252866

If i'm not mistaken, she said she met Jake around the time she was taking her gcses in 2010, which would make her about 16 then so I'd guess she's 23 now. i don't get why she wants to keep it a big secret?

No. 252881

Well, of course portions matter.

She gets frustrated after three days of dieting and just lets it go for a day, starting the cycle over and over again. In the cheat day, she probably consumes two days of her dieting period which obviously isn't helping her one bit.
Yes, she IS being impatient and does need to work on the whole calories in and calories out.

No. 252887

that doesn't make any sense if her reason for not wanting to reveal her age is that people will think she's 'too old' for goth.
like plenty of people wear their crazy alt-fashion shit well into their thirties or even later, man. and if goth is such a big part of your self-expression, why tf would you phase it out of your life because of your age?

No. 252888

it's worth considering that she might also have just lied about her age at that time, because I'm pretty sure she was still describing herself as a 'fetish model' during her stint on PULL. most photographers, you have to be 18+ to do that kind of work, right?

No. 252895

Maybe she was an ephebophilia fetish model

No. 252904

was she ever even a fetish model though? none of the modelling shots i've seen of her would suggest she was.

No. 252910

File: 1487283234308.jpg (137.12 KB, 1004x594, blegh.jpg)

Amber Downs, aka PastelWeebScumPrincess on instagram. Allegedly cut a snake in half and raped a man I think.

No proof on those except lulz comments on her Facebook page


No. 252931

Nice try faggot. That following/followers ratio sure is beautiful.

No. 252993

this is described as a "thread for cringe" so i thought i would share one of my favorite alt channels to cringe watch. she's not goth but is 21 and looks/acts like a 15 year old scene kid from 2009. some highlights:

-got a bunch of retarded finger tattoos when she had basically no other visible mods/tattoos, dooming her to a life of working at hot topic (featuring a pizza slice, a puzzle piece that looks like the autism speaks logo, a cupcake, a cross and an ohm symbol)
-has giant ass buck teeth, a wonky eye, and is fat so she's generally hilarious looking
-does 3edgy5me storytimes that are obviously completely made up/exaggerated (https://youtu.be/GzWLUImQFgA)
-is 21 and lives at home while working at spencer's and some newspaper job with her mom, no aspirations to go to school or do anything besides sit in her parents house trying to become a youtuber
-does pretty sizable hauls and tries to make it seem like she pays for everything herself (even mentions in a video she has "bills to pay" even though it seems pretty obvious her parents pay for everything
-has been dating her bf for 5 years but they act like they barely know each other and filmed an extremely cringey boyfriend tag (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UGUgJeJIRw)
-has old ootd videos with ugly mismatched outfits where she literally flashes her ass by accident but for some reason hasnt taken the video down

anyway there's not much milk or anything but she's just generally cringey and its kind of surreal to watch someone who is scene in 2017. i like to watch her when im bored so i thought id share. also sorry if this post is super long, i just wanted to give enough info.

No. 253014

You take your GCSEs at 16 not 13, makes her 26 anon

No. 253017

Sorry I misread read that as 13

sage for me being dumb

No. 253021

she described herself as such but that can be a really generic term i.e. goth fashion or latex rather than like straight-up sexual/pornographic content.

No. 253078

Her old net model says no nudity

No. 253209

i swear every relatively decent lookinng alternative girl has claimed to have been a "model" at some point. she has a lot of model shots on her tumblr and they're all the generic stuff like graveyard shoots, abandoned buildings etc in goth clothes. nothing fetish about them

No. 253213

Ehh not quite. It's usually the ones who are just a bit short of decent looking (like TT). Fake model and faux goth are ways for plain/average girls to get treated as if they're hot by a certain niche.

No. 253227

Goth doesn't suit Kaya at all and it's going to make it impossible for her to ever find work.
She could be actually pretty if she dressed in a way that suited her.
at some stage she will have to grow up and realize that people off the internet aren't going to support you and send you gifts forever

No. 253277

She looks pretty in her most recent video with the toned down make up and hair. I'm not normally a 'less is more' type person - Drak Makkens wears a lot of very elaborate avant-garde make up but it looks very beautiful and it suits her features. When Kaya does it, it's just too much. Her piercing/tattoo video with the contacts, lipstick, the mad eyeliner and the fishnets is the most obvious example.

No. 253344

Those white eye contacts are a joke. I don't understand how she could go out with those in and then complain about how alternative people such as herself get so much shit from normal people for the way they look. Maybe it's because you look retarded? It's not even goth or cute or stylish or whatever the fuck in any way at all

No. 253476

Some peopld don't have the noise sensitivity issue as bad as others. I have it extremely bad and it's def the most prominent and hard to deal with symptom for me but I've read it's not so bad for other blokes with aspergers.

Dorian talking loudly on busses/not being socially "polite" could be their biggest issue since they do come off as socially inept in videos even when they're just vlogging in their room. If they're going to clubs and don't have the noise sensitivity problem then that sounds like it would be pretty nice if they don't have to talk to many people and could just drown themselves in the music. I'm kind of jealous that they can go to clubs with no issues. I'm basically a shut-in because of how sensitive I am to noises.

No. 253501

it's just as easy for alternative peopl to find work as anyone else? Just cover up that tattoos, take out the piercings and just wear black 'normie' clothes. hell, in some work places, you get away with being fullblown goth (example- Jillian Venters works in computer science and she wears straight up victorian goth to work). all it takes is not being an inept jackass and having a capsule 'work wardrobe', which one can procure quite cheaply compared to how expensive goth clothes are.

No. 254081

does anyone know if sebastian columbine followed through with becoming a mortician? Seems like the thing an edgy person would try to do and then fail

No. 254358

why does ofherbsandaltars keep talking about his sex life? i'm not a prude by any means but enough is enough. stop giving us grotesque mental images

No. 254400

I remember her saying she was studying it and she's still in school? But she's also learning or has learnt film? No idea >>254358
Ugh she over shares so much she did a few months back when she went to a guys house to bang him.

No. 254443

She wrote a fucking song after she had sex with that guy and the lyrics were literally "I just had sex"

No. 254474

I just watched Kayas new video and I feel like she needs help, she sounds really unstable

No. 254540

Oh they're really trans? I always thought they looked like Razor Candi and Eden's not-as-pretty cousin. I don't watch their videos, because they're boring AF. But this one started out really cringey.

Anyone have pictures of their girlfriend?
To be fair I've been dressed up in tons of cemeteries. But I'm respectful and don't film or turn it into a fucking photoshoot. I think black Friday got kicked out mostly because she was vlogging.
My goth friends and I all have jobs. Not just bartenders like me. I have friend who are nurses, EMTs, work in office jobs, chefs, etc. You need to have some kind of skill set and if you don't just work BOH.

No. 254541

her girlfriend's picture is higher up on the thread

No. 254565

this was the cringiest of cringe. I just…. the slapping, the slapping. the slapping is so cringey.

No. 254636

Wow, yeah. She seems extremely histrionic and pathetic in this video. What made her think it was a good idea to tell this story? It kind of makes her look like a fucking nutjob.

No. 254651

What's the video about? I'm at work and don't have speakers so I can't hear a thing

No. 254653

Basically she eats a piece of her friend's sushi by mistake and when she found out she started shaking and sobbing in the middle of the restaurant. She pretty much had a massive panic attack over it.

No. 254670

Thanks anon!

Wow, an 8min video about something like this. I know she has issues, but man…

No. 254774


Eh, that's the thing with most "Story time" videos. They are mostly about something so simple that doesn't warrant a 7-8+ minute video and they usually exaggerate their stories as well lol

No. 254837

no, she gave up. she's in film school now.

No. 255551


It's not all that surprising. With the way she looks these days, it feels like she was getting more into the film-world. She looks like she's mixing in some Vintage Hollywood into her loo these days.

No. 255609

she keeps getting fatter and fatter

No. 255845

I bet she made most of this up except for stealing someone's sushi. If anybody would steal food off your plate, it would be her.

No. 255910

2:57 into the video, you're not fooling anyone…

No. 255922

what is it about?

No. 255941

He said Kaya ate way too much at the restaurant and she said that she can only manage a starter

No. 255943

Loving this anon, thank you. She reminds me so much of Harmony Flashpink or Jessi Slaughter back when they were both younger.

No. 255945

And that's the "important announcement"? I don't have sound so idk what they were talking about. Glad I didn't waste my time, thanks anon!

No. 255948

oh, no. the point at 2:57 was when they said that. the important announcement is that he's playing a metal gig soon

No. 255958

I had a giggle at this, but maybe it's a just very Irish humour idk.

People are saying she's got serious problems but it sounds like a reasonable response from someone whose socially anxious. Sounds like she didn't have contact with the other Irish youtubers since and she's trying to clear up the misunderstanding.

No. 255959

Wtf is up with his weird accent? Is he trying to suppress his northern accent and sound more british? literally nobody in the north sounds like that

No. 256062

They both say that their accents are strange because they watch so much American tv so they've developed a mixture of accents. Jake's moved around a lot so him not having a normal accent is understandable but Kaya's excuse is odd

No. 256088

File: 1487796634026.png (873.29 KB, 966x538, adad.png)

Why does he constantly walk so far ahead of Kaya?
Who leaves their girlfriend so far behind when walking home at night time

No. 256096

In fairness, it's easier to keep her in shot by walking ahead of her than if she were by his side. BUT that is quite some distance there, he could've held back and waited for her to catch up a bit at least…

No. 256418

I thought Sebastian mentioned she's working on a "psychological horror film" (lol). Wasn't there a crowdfunding page posted in the last thread? idk

but speaking of Sebastian, one of my goth friends posted this lulzy stock photo of these teenagers in black lipstick and I commented "lol is that sebastian columbine?" (the girl in the pic really did look like her) and my friend messaged me and was like "pls don't make fun of Bas, we're irl friends and she freaks out over dumb stuff and I don't wanna deal"

no caps bc it was 500 years ago but el oh el

No. 256652

A new video. I actually really like her makeup in this video but damn she has so much forehead and her lip piercings really don't suit her imo.

No. 256657

lip piercings suit everyone

No. 256659

No, they really don't. They make people look like chavs at the best of times and make "beauty gurus" like herself look dirty with lipstick on.

No. 256739

I wish there were more goth drama like there was on tumblr with Patty and all of them. We don't have much besides making fun of TT's fat histrionic ass and occasionally Black Friday acting stupid

No. 256761

Not from the North myself but know lots of young people from both Ireland and the North who occasionally sound vaguely British or straight up American due to having moved around a lot or watching foreign TV when they were young, though most of them just ermmmmm, pick up the annoying upward inflection like?

South Dubliners are notorious for having this exaggerated fake accent to show everyone how worldly and well-travelled they are. Maybe Kaya's trying to do the same.

No. 256762

I miss tumblr goth drama. The deathrockets are gone, Casey is gone, patty is a run of the mill hipster now…

No. 256993

Nah her excuse is genuine, lots of Irish people grow up watching American tv and develop a weird accent. It's just at least Kaya still sounds obviously northern. It sounds like he's actively trying to hide his accent.

No. 257020


Sorry but her accent is bizarre. No one talks like that here.

No. 257028

I don't believe that watching American television alone can make your accent change that much. Unless you watch it so much that you hear that accent more than people's accents irl. In Sweden people watch a whole lot of American television and they don't have weird Swedish/American mixed accents.

No. 257029

That's bullshit, British people watch tons of American TV and nobody here talks with a fake American accent.

No. 257030


I'm from Belfast too and I've heard SO many girls speak in that fake ass American accent. Some men too but it's definitely most common among young women. Jesus, it fucking grates. Our accent is pretty rough as it is, but to combine it with - IMO - one of the few accents that's even worse than ours? It's the equivalent of someone stabbing you in the ear with a rusty spike.

No. 257051

>In Sweden people watch a whole lot of American television and they don't have weird Swedish/American mixed accents.
This girl is Finnish, from Finland, where she's lived all her life:
OneyNG is Irish and sounds American. Always has, even when he lived in Ireland.
Yes it does happen.

Nobody mentioned British people. Stop inserting yourself into every single conversation about Ireland and the Irish.

No. 257054

>one of the few accents that's even worse than ours
Don't flatter yourself, it's an improvement

No. 257063

I didn't know Finland and Sweden were the same country.

No. 257064


Not that anon but Northern Irish people can be British so it's not totally irrelevant.

No. 257067

"Nobody mentioned British people. Stop inserting yourself into every single conversation about Ireland and the Irish."
>brings up a random Finnish chick

No. 257069

I was only saying that because people who aren't American watch American TV without developing an American accent. You don't hear British or English people sounding American because they fucking watch the Kardashians or Friends or whatever.


No. 257090

That's irrelevant. You didn't grow up with exclusively American television, you had BRITISH channels (BBC, Channel 4, ITV) and you produce a shit-tonne of British shows, documentaries, films…which have their own festivals and award shows to promote/celebrate them. You might have watched the odd American show.

Ireland has far less tv channels (and the north has even less again) and most of these channels just broadcast re-runs of American and British shows (like think The Big Bang Theory for hours). Unless your parents only allowed you to watch the only Irish language channel we have, the only Irish soap opera we have, re-runs of Father Ted or the Irish news, 95% of your entertainment came from American/British/Australian media.

It's a completely different situation altogether. Most of your media is made by people with your accent, for people with your accent. While the majority of the kids who grew up playing on the streets in Ireland have heavy accents, introverted kids here would be heavily influenced by American/British media.

A lot of Irish people speak with this faux American/British accent purely just to sound clear when talking to people outside of Ireland. Even a lot of American slang has made its way over here. But you can guarantee that people like Kaya or OneyNG as >>257051 mentioned speak in heavy accents while talking to their families.

People say Kaya speaks with an American accent and personally I don't hear it, she sounds northern to me but suppressing her accent a little to be understood, nothing abnormal. She isn't trying to sound "cool" or "well-traveled" (that's a big reach anyway), just trying to be understood from my experience. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is completely suppressing his accent which is strange and makes me think he's doing it to fit in better with the British band scene.

? what

No. 257100

Yes but you're referring to people who also speak another language and their accents would be based on the native language they speak. Irish people, for the most part, speak english in everyday life and consume media in english, part of their understanding of the english language comes from American/English media. English people watch their own media, therefore they don't adopt American english. Simple.

No. 257102

You're seriously getting this heated….over the mention of a random girl's weird accent….

No. 257109

You're clearly just mad because you're an Irish Potato-Chan with a fake American accent lmao

No. 257116

But Kaya would consume British media, the same media from the mainland UK and they don't speak with stupid fake accents. Maybe she does do it to sound clearer but doesn't change the fact that that isn't how people speak here.

No. 257125

Point is we've had this argument a million times before and it always results in 'la la la I don't believe you so that means it's fake' when there are people who speak like that and they're not doing it on purpose, both native and foreign alike. You can't police others on how they should speak because you'll just end up sounding like a butthurt BBC newscaster getting upset over people not speaking propah English like himself.

I'm getting a bit annoyed at people who refuse to accept that accents do change and not everyone will sound the same even if they do come from the same area. Just because you've personally never seen it happen doesn't mean it doesn't happen at all, and it's pointless to argue and attack a person for speaking the way they do when it has nothing to do with their personality.

For the record, I'm not >>257090, I'm >>257051 and yes I do speak with a 'fake American accent' because I was raised in mainland Europe where I went to an international school. I'm not ashamed of it, it's just literally not relevant.

No. 257135

The point is Kaya lives in Ireland, did not attend international school. Knows no Americans irl yet talks with an American accent. Of course it's fake.

No. 257146

>internatrional school in mainland Europe
>American accent
that projection would explain your rabid need to defend kaya. sounds like you have severe self acceptance issues you both need to work out. hope you fix your identity crisis soon, anon. best of luck!

No. 257204

No one said that accents can't change. We just said it's probably fake if you've never moved around and listening to a few American tv shows won't change shit. Did you sound American before you went to an international school? Probably not. You have to be mostly around people that speak a certain accent for you to adapt that accent. Living in Europe and watching American tv isn't going to make you sound American. I watch British shows all the time and most of the video game characters in the video games I play have British accents but I don't sound British at all.

I don't understand your "it sounds clearer" excuse. The accent that's used in the region/country you're in is the clearest accent for that place. I've traveled to the UK and many people misunderstood me because of my American accent. If Kaya is sounding clearer for YouTube then that doesn't explain why other people who don't do YouTube put on an American accent.

No. 257219

Not angry, anons, just trying to explain to people outside of Ireland what she's talking about.

Saying that she's trying to sound "cool" or "well-traveled" as some above have claimed is a huge reach and is boring to discuss (I thought the above post might clear it up and end the derailing, my mistake I guess). Kaya's voice is irritating but it's not unique, other Irish youtubers do it (Melanie Murphy, Riyadh, Seán Burke, Anna Saccone…check them out).

I think you might have been trying to reply to me. You only started watching British tv after your American accent had fully developed so of course you wouldn't pick the accent up. I have relatives who moved from the north and those who moved as teens still have a typical Antrim accent and those who were children when they moved developed a Dublin accent. Kaya is probably referring to watching American tv as a child. Hope that's clear for you.

No. 258020

Other goths, do you find that OTT style like a lot of goth youtubers is more costumey than fashionable? Most of them wear their extravagant outfits to just sit infront of their computers and it never seems to come across as anything but tryhard. I think there's a certain line between looking costumey but too many people straddle it and "gothic fashion" is becoming who can be more OTT

No. 258048

I'm babybat atm, and I don't actually tend to wear goth fashion all the time unless it's either a) appropriate for where I'm going, such as a concert or b) I'm going out somewhere where nobody will give a shit, like the city where you can see all kinds of subcultures. Even then, I wouldn't go nearly as OTT as most of this youtubers, especially not during the daytime. Their costumey, elaborate crap is tacky.

No. 258079

I find all of black fridays outfits to look like costumes, honestly. Like some kind of generic 'vampire queen' halloween costume. I do like it, but yeah its super try-hard looking. I really hate it even more so when paired with the ben nye clown white foundation and stark black eyeliner. Looks so weird and not in a good way

No. 258159

I think it's fine. I mean, with the exception of black friday (whose videos I love but she and her husband have no concept of time/place appropriateness) I don't think most goth youtubers go out in their gothygothiest unless its a festival/concert/party situation.

…or for the internet. Like, if you were going to show your face to the entire world, wouldn't you want to wear your best? So I can why people go all out for youtube, because they want to look their best and frankly, nobody watches goth youtube videos to be greeted by a goth wearing workout clothes or their pajamas. One exception to this is Angela Benedict whose personal style is more toned down and vlogging style is very casual.

No. 258530

As one of the Anon's said, I can understand why they got OTT as they are being viewed by anyone anywhere in the world. However, 99% of goths do NOT dress that way, most are more casual and toned down in comparison. I also think, in a way, these YouTubers are doing more harm than good. New people to the scene will think that's the standard they have to aspire to. In the comments section of one of It's Black Friday's videos where she was at a concert, someone asked why everyone was so casual and "not goth" in comparison to BF and her husband. That kind of shit annoys the fuck outta me. Just because everyone else is not as elaborately dressed as those two does not make them any less goth. I think Angela Benedict said something similar but let your accessories and boots do the talking, not your clothes. You could just wear basic black clothes but team it with some cool shoes and necklaces and you're good. No need for the costumes, stark white foundation, etc. Just my two cents.

No. 258550

I mean, wear whatever the hell you want, same with makeup

But I think anyone with a job knows that you can't go full blown goth (costume) to work, unless they allow it, obviously. I just feel like it would take too much time to put on all that makeup and get up earlier etc.
Also what >>258530 said.

No. 258587

Honestly, who cares what goth youtubers wear? People can wear what they like. If people new to the scene think you HAVE to dress like that to be goth then that's their stupid fault. They should do some research instead of blindly following the first goth person they se.

No. 259122

I find mostly younger goths (15-20) go ott most days of the week. Shit, I used to plan elaborate outfits when I'd just go to school and then go get high after school. I food this because I was too young to go clubbing and I didn't have a job.

But I really couldnt care less if they want to dress ott in their day-to-day life. Props to them for putting in the time and effort.

No. 259597

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I love Black Friday's style. I love how she's very traditional with her white face paint, pikes and crazy hair. I do find her house a little tacky though.

I suppose it's hard to have a whole creepy-looking house when your home decor only comes into shops once a year lmao.

No. 259598

File: 1488197802235.png (1.1 MB, 854x706, ttt.png)

do you think Kaya can go back to the way she was with her diet?

No. 259606

File: 1488200224841.png (286.9 KB, 543x457, tt.PNG)

Nah, you're forgetting her T H Y R O I D

No. 259612

she genuinely looks like a tired mum here

No. 259631

I actually think she looks better in the second picture.

Her problem is the extreme insecurity and lies that makes it all funny.

No. 259646

She was already insecure even when she was skinny. Look through her Tumblr pics, she ALWAYS made a comment like "oh my hair looks bad here" or "my thighs look big here but oh well" fucking ANNOYING!

No. 259656

You have to remember they don't have a normal job. They can afford to do this. Most adult goths are toned down for day to day stuff because of practical reasons. When your job is to be out there yeah of course you will ham it up.

No. 259659

Oh, I agree I like her style too! It's just that there are unfortunately people out there who think you have to look like her to be a real goth.

No. 259795

Not exactly. She's gained enough weight that if she ever loses it without taking care of her skins elasticity then she will probably end up with loose skin. She can be thin again sure but never exactly how she was.

No. 259827

File: 1488231405397.jpg (84.22 KB, 717x685, cunt.jpg)

Stuff like this pisses me off because you KNOW her fat lazy ass didn't pay for any of it and it was just handed to her.

No. 259837

the giant fucking baphomet is just…. she's not even a satanist???

No. 259952


Baphomet does not a Satanist make. Eh.

No. 260102

She's an occultist, but she has read the Satanic Bible by Anton lavey and maybe her husband is a satanist. He always wears that goat pentagram necklace

No. 260121

File: 1488268987948.jpg (216.98 KB, 730x1246, IMG_9341.JPG)

Kek didn't someone sperg out on her for this?

No. 260122

File: 1488269284030.jpg (381.05 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_9342.JPG)

then she posted this melt down sperg kek

No. 260167

Ugh, why does she jump to the worn out "ELITIST!" defense whenever someone challenges her bs? It's just as childish as calling someone a poser. What that girl said didn't come off elitist to me at all anyway and she was making a valid point. TT can't help that she will be a role model to a lot of her (especially younger) viewers, it's just inevitable. Look at all the shit Eugenia Cooney gets, as long as you're a big YouTuber you're influencing people whether you like it or not.

No. 260180

> I don't represent goth community
> My entire FUCKING life isn't dedicated to goth
> Makes me want to stay far away from the goth community as possible

YouTube videos include: Goth reacts to 40 years of men's goth style, Goth rules, Goth pool party, Goth reacts to 40 years of goth style, Goth reacts to people try gothic makeup for the first time, What not to say to goth girls, Etc. The list is endless fukin kek

No. 260242

the thing is, when you're a goth your life IS dedicated to it

No. 260363

That is absolutely pathetic. She can't handle a single lick of criticism.

I have thought about this though. She has got Patreon supporters… do they really think her content is worth their money? She posts countless Spooky Box openings which is the same boring ass video every time, free clothing hauls from expensive brands that she barely bothers to try on and what else… shitty reaction videos? God Almighty I'd be asking for a refund.

No. 260397

Goth over here. My entire life is not dedicated to being the gothiest goth that ever was to goth. It's just something I like. People who make their entire lives revolve around being goth as fuck 24/7 must lead very boring lives

No. 260413

Yes but every single video she makes is on about being goth and speaks as if she is the representative for it, but only when it suits her otherwise NO Im not 100% goth

No. 260430

>what's the fucking deal?

The big deal is that nobody likes a person who brags a lot. Especially when that person doesn't work to obtain what you do, most people work their ass off to buy things like this and they don't brag about it to people who aren't as well-off as them.

God her attitude is so shitty. If you put yourself on the internet, you have to expect some kind of criticism. You can take the constructive stuff into account or you can choose to ignore it, but stop passive-aggressively calling people out for opinions they're well within their rights to have on someone so public.

I find it fucking hilarious to read her angry rants and juxtapose it with her "hello lovelies~" voice and persona she fakes in her videos. I'd love to see a video of someone reading her aggressive posts while adding little clips of her trying to act sweet in the middle.

No. 260437

I'd consider myself fond of TT (not a fan of her but I pity her and it makes me want to see her excel) and that post pissed me off. I started trying to do the math for how much makeup is there and once I got to over a grand I quit. I can't even really express why it bothered me so badly. Maybe it's because she's on benefits or because she looks like a hoarder.

No. 260445

She doesn't work, she sits on her fat ass all day, her house isn't even clean for fucks sake, she's at home ALL day doing nothing and the house is a mess and dirty, only cleans the section of her room her camera is directed at, not that it shows much of the room with her fat ass doing the godamm solar eclipse, on top of that she won't use most of that makeup because all she seems to wear is the same colours, black black black maybe a bit of red black black black. I don't even feel bad being a bitch about her, she never kept her trap shut when she was a proud user of PULL judging everyone else then gives us the holier than thou act HELLO LOVELIESSSSSS

No. 260474

Well said!

No. 260520


I think that most every day Goths don't live "goth 24/7". But the thing that a lot of people find annoying with TT is how she just comes off as a poseur as a "goth". She never talks about the music, she doesn't go to Goth clubs (granted, there may not be many where she lives?), and the fact that she always uses the word "Elitist" to snap back at people who make little critiques on her. She just comes off as a little disingenuous with Goth. Like the only reason she calls herself one is because of her taste in fashion and for a lot, it's just an insult because Goth was never about fashion (at least not the main part of it). And after hearing what her boyfriend thinks of the Goth subculture, I wouldn't be surprised if she felt the same way.

I'm not saying that a Goth YouTuber has to talk about nothing but the music or talk about the subculture 24/7. Angela Benedict doesn't do that, she may occasionally talk about the music but she mostly shares stories of her younger days and it feels like you're listening to an older friend sharing their live story. Or even BlackFriday, she takes her viewers on occasional traveling vlogs and she at least exposes people to the music by playing it in her videos. TheGothicAlice talks about all kinds of subject matter.

All I've seen from TT is talk about makeup, 100 box openings, and the occasional reaction video and even then, she doesn't even say much.

I don't hate TT, I just feel like her content has gotten stale recently but then again, I don't care about makeup and box opening videos so I guess for the people who like that stuff, good for them. But I just feel like making nothing but those kinds of videos get rather boring and it just feels like she doesn't have all that much to say you know?

No. 260579

I don't really find toxic tears to be a poser goth, so much that I think her entire personality is built around an image that is totally different from who she is as a person and that fakeness just seeps into everything she does. I think her interest in goth is legitimate, as she's been goth for a long time now, but I think that her personality is just so… splenda.

No. 260582

I have to agree on this, well said

I wonder if she would change her style if she "could". Her following are mostly other goths (I assume) and she's been doing it for years and it's the only thing she's known for

No. 260600


I think that most every day Goths don't live "goth 24/7". But the thing that a lot of people find annoying with TT is how she just comes off as a poseur as a "goth". She never talks about the music, she doesn't go to Goth clubs (granted, there may not be many where she lives?), and the fact that she always uses the word "Elitist" to snap back at people who make little critiques on her. She just comes off as a little disingenuous with Goth. Like the only reason she calls herself one is because of her taste in fashion and for a lot, it's just an insult because Goth was never about fashion (at least not the main part of it). And after hearing what her boyfriend thinks of the Goth subculture, I wouldn't be surprised if she felt the same way.

I'm not saying that a Goth YouTuber has to talk about nothing but the music or talk about the subculture 24/7. Angela Benedict doesn't do that, she may occasionally talk about the music but she mostly shares stories of her younger days and it feels like you're listening to an older friend sharing their live story. Or even BlackFriday, she takes her viewers on occasional traveling vlogs and she at least exposes people to the music by playing it in her videos. TheGothicAlice talks about all kinds of subject matter.

All I've seen from TT is talk about makeup, 100 box openings, and the occasional reaction video and even then, she doesn't even say much.

I don't hate TT, I just feel like her content has gotten stale recently but then again, I don't care about makeup and box opening videos so I guess for the people who like that stuff, good for them. But I just feel like making nothing but those kinds of videos get rather boring and it just feels like she doesn't have all that much to say you know?

Yeah, I did discover Toxic Tears around 2014 when I watched her Goth tag video. She seemed interesting so I stuck around watched but I kind of stopped watching her regularly around the time she moved into her new house and was doing nothing but haul after haul video.

I want to believe that her interest in Goth is legitimate but I just don't get that impression from her. I know she's been into Goth for a long time but when I look back, she seemed more into Cyber Goth and I've found that to be more a part of the EBM/Industrial dance scene if that makes sense?

I dunno, this all just my opinion. Again, I have nothing against her and wish her well but it's just that when it comes to "Goth" YouTubers, she's not my go to channel as her content just isn't meant for people like me I guess haha.

No. 260605


Well, she did kind of go for Lolita for awhile when she was wearing the Lolita dresses so I think she would if she could. If all else, I could see her doing reasonably well in the Kawaii scene like her friend PeachMilkyTea I think her name was?

No. 260610

Fellow Goth here and in my usual day to day life, my outfits are more on the simplistic, minimalist side of things. I usually let my accessories and boots give me that Gothic flair. The only time I look a little more dressed up is during the Winter as that is the best time I am able to layer things but even then, it's not as OTT as some others.

I personally think BlackFriday's style looks pretty neat. I like her batnest hair and the way she uses accessories to give character to her simple outfits (when she's not wearing her brand name stuff in full). This was one of my favorite looks she's done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDdRTRCr7Vw

No. 260611

Not only that didn't she try to do the whole human barbie thing when that was a trend kek

No. 260640

File: 1488319431982.jpg (57.69 KB, 564x752, c18e292abd0232206df752b6960cc2…)

I've always really admired tradgoth for its commitment. my ma was one, but even she admitted that she could never keep up with true ethereal goth ideals, and this was back when she got spat on for having a nose ring.
I think costumes just for sitting in front of the computer showing off is fine, because dressing up is fun, like you would dress up more than usual if you were going to a show.
I always feel 'not goth enough' because I wear ulzzang makeup instead of white greasepaint and lipstick but the fact is i have no clothes that aren't black and i love goth lit/music/decor/history
If you are goth at heart you can't really escape that

No. 260920

Pretty sure I'm Jakes new vid, he threw fatty under the bus. He said the make on the floor was both of the girls make make up. Not just fatties.
Also more than certain he reads this forum as he also explained why he was walking so far in front of fatty and the potato

No. 260929

Fuck im totes jealous of all that kat von d make up especially as it isnt cheap (i dont own any but i know its real expensive)

I really hope she doesnt moan about not being able to afford stuff when she has stuff like this.

No. 260934

Hold on….

i remember watching her lipstick video when i was bored and she said how she didnt like kat von d's liquid lipstick because it was dry compared to jeffree star's lipstick which she did like. Yet shes got tons of kat von d's liquid lipstick there so am i right in assuming someone else bought all this for her?

No. 260987

Again, as stated, it's her friends make up. Go look at Jakes new vid. He even says they put all their make up on the floor and he didn't want to kick it over

No. 261001

Where is it stated? The pictures and her reply has given the idea that its all hers.

If its only stated in the video this would explain why everyone thought it was all her own.

No. 261013

Mmmm I wonder if she's lying? She says it's her own but Jake says "the girls" left their make up on the floor and I don't want to kick it.

Jake should just dump that fat cub already and be done with it.

No. 261184

Jfc! reerees new vid is so pathetic

No. 261446

what's it about? I'd watch it but I'm fed up of her forced solemn voice

No. 261460

Its about sponsorship and offers she receives to make haul videos and how she has turned some lucrative ones down.

No. 261545

It's basically her wanting to cry through the whole thing because her life is SO hard turning down sponsors

No. 261574

she seems kind of dumb and boring but its such a waste that shes straight with a kid bc shes so gorgeous

No. 261601

her nose annoys me

No. 261627


Yeah Reeree is very pretty and I like her lookbook/make up tutorials. When she does those monologue videos though… damn, its so dull. Kaya, if you want to give her some brownie points, is at least is an emotional heart on her sleeve sort of person. Reeree is the opposite - it's like she's purposefully trying to make herself boring.

No. 261655

look at her very first videos and then compare them to now - she used to be much more upbeat and now she puts on this solemn, boring monotone voice as though she thinks that's what goths should sound like

No. 261696

Does Reeree like goth music? I think she's mostly into metal. I'm not calling her a "poser", just asking

No. 261705

The more weight she lost the more uptight she got

She's only ever mentioned Opeth and Meshuggah iirc so not really?

No. 261712

in one of her haul videos she showed a Christian Death t-shirt, but as far as I'm aware she's never spoken about the music at all?

No. 261778

Yeah, Reeree seems more of a darkly inclined Metalhead than "Goth" Goth.

I think that the only notable "Goth" youtubers who's ever mentioned or talked a bit about the music is Angela Benedict, BlackFriday, TheGothicAlice (in an earlier video she did), Allison / The Goblin Queen , and Ofhersandaltars.

Toxic Tears, her boyfriend Jake Munro, and ReeRee seem more into the Metalhead scene.

No. 261946

Does TT even like metal? She's been very obscure about what sort of music she likes, except for 90s-early 2000s pop music

No. 261967

I hate all youtube goths. attentionwhoring posers

No. 261989

I don't think she ever mentioned it? But then again I almost never watch her videos

No. 262145

snowy lother is also a fan of goth music, or at least she seems to be a huge fan of the cure.

No. 262292

Why does blackfriday need TWO apartments?! She literally has a decent sized spare room at their new apartment.
And how is she even affording it?!

No. 262313

File: 1488496736711.png (1.8 MB, 1559x952, goffik_pink_lipgloss.png)

Okay so I began calculating the price of all of this but I got exhausted halfway through and I don't recognize everything. Grand total so far is $2,099.

One thing I don't understand is why she uploaded a picture of her whole makeup collection when the title is about how she bought new products. I guess so that we can't figure out what exactly the new items are, but what's the benefit of that?

Btw this is why people hate you, Kaya.

No. 262316

it's just to brag about how much money she has to waste on shit she won't even use, she's disgusting

No. 262323

There are no goth clubs in Ireland but there are a few alternative bars in Dublin (Gypsy Rose, Fibber Magee's, Bruxelles) and weekly there's Club Hell. She's in Dublin often. You'd think with such a tiny scene she'd be attending anything remotely related to her interests.

But we all know she's not genuinely interested in the goth scene so w.e

No. 262335

Ot and I know this post is old af but im in a similar situation as you except no bennies so its worse.

No. 262337

Kaya is so gross looking

No. 262339

The outfit is better but fat and goth never looks good

No. 262371


ikr???? Like, I understand renting out an artists studio to do youtube vids, but like, she rented out an entire SECOND APARTMENT. Who the fuck has that much cash to throw around??? Not to mention she doesn't work and her boyfriend was revealed to be a student/flower shop guy in that documentary so for real how can an artist and a youtuber together make enough income for two apartment????

No. 262390

Apparently it's not that hard to afford living in Germany, maybe it's that sweet revenue. The second apartment is unnecessary though, a whole other bathroom for bath bomb videos

No. 262550


I think she said she liked some metal in one of her earlier videos back when she lived in her old house (her setup was brighter back then). But yeah, I do remember her mentioning her love for 90s-early 00s pop

Oh yeah, I can't believe I forgot about her. She seems to be a big 80s fan what with the Cure and Siouxsie and Banshees haha.

No. 262581

It's cheap to live there at around 150 Euros per month (cold). I agree that the second apartment was ridiculous just for bath videos.

No. 262608

that's all she got it for? BATH videos?

No. 263078

Wow. Kaya with no make up on in jakes new vid at 6mins. Fucking looks like a pig. Legit.

No. 263084

150€ / month? Where does she/do you live? In Hintertupfingen?

No. 263089


That's cold. No heating or anything.
You can easily look up apartment prices in Leipzig. To include heat, perhaps roll it up to 250 Euro per month for a 1 bedroom apartment there.

No. 263144

File: 1488636196768.jpg (38.61 KB, 431x357, e0skcuQ.jpg)

No. 263157

Oh my god, she looks like a fat 90's Marilyn Manson.

No. 263194

No wonder she's wearing makeup wherever she goes. I mean, it's normal but the fat is what makes her look bad.

No. 263197

what is that hairline holy cow

No. 263202

that and the lack of eyebrows

No. 263232

She looks like a beautiful, well built bloke

No. 263280

aka marilyn manson now

No. 263284

Why is she ok with having Jake film her looking like that? Why is Jake okay showing off to everyone that he is literally fucking present day Marilyn Manson but with tits?

No. 263458

Does anyone know if Kaya is still asking people to send her their teeth? Or encouraging rather?

No. 263639


No. 263664

She stopped, she was only doing it because her friend collects teeth and Kaya doesn't have an original bone in her body. It's the same reason Kaya got that hideous gothic lolita dress. Her friend is a Lolita as far as I know and Kaya had to try to jump on the bandwagon but she stopped with loli too,probably because she realised she looks like beast next to a load of petite and cute beauties.

No. 264280

File: 1488820258085.jpg (12.25 KB, 589x106, lardy.jpg)

It's your heart crying out from beneath the lard caked around it, Kaya.

No. 264317

kaya and itsblackfriday went nuts on some girl and had their fans go after someone for saying something about kayas makeup post.

No. 264325


No. 264332

>>264325 you can find it on kaya lili fb page dated 27/2. you can see blackfridays responses screen shots. someone who was friends with the girl who made the comments I guess wanted to suck up and ran to Kaya and blackfriday with these screen shots of what this girl was saying about them on her page. She tweeted about it as well. blackfriday posted in a few fb communities telling ppl to boycott this girls shop since she has one but the posts in those communities were deleted for violating the terms.

No. 264337


The comments from Kaya's fans are so cringe-worthy and over dramatic. Seriously, it's like they're crawling over each other to lick her ass.

No. 264342

Can you post relevant shots, it's TLDR of fans asking Kaya to penetrate their virginal arseholes to the soundtrack of BOTDF kek

No. 264344

I'm sorry but i don't know how to post screenshots. I posted the link of where to find it tho if that helps you. I guess anyone else who knows how to do it can post it?

No. 264347

>You must be 18 years or older to use this site.

No. 264352

>You must be 18 years or older to use this site. if thats for me, i will be 20 in a fortnight. i am dyslexic so my typing does look as if im younger. I do speak better than i type. Sorry.

No. 264361

How do you internet without knowing how to print screen / screen cap, select choose file, select the image and post? It's not like asking you to upload to an extrenal image hosting website, embed the code in to the comment section with a custom made sparkle curser for when you hover the image kek

No. 264362

Lurking and Google bro

No. 264365

never had much cause to. i think i managed it tho.

No. 264367

File: 1488833525966.jpg (172.47 KB, 870x618, kaya-1.jpg)

No. 264374

that was posted above already >>260121 >>260122
i'm interested in >>264332
>you can see blackfridays responses

No. 264376

i do lurk a bit. one thing that the girl whose name is renee said about blackfriday in one of the screen shots from kayas post was that blackfriday meta tags. I checked and on youtube and your keywords are hidden but if you right click and view the page source and ctrl+f twice you can see all the keywords that she uses and she uses eugenia cooney graveyardgirl and social repose in her keywords even tho they have nothing to do with the videos. no one knows because they are hidden so you have to know how to find them. you can see all the tags on the video where she does her husbands makeup. so she has been using these bigger youtubers to get more views. the thing i found really dodgy was that she made a video about how wrong it was that onision was making money off eugenia because shes a sick girl but she was using eugena in her tags for a long time before she even made that video so she was doing the same thing he was.

No. 264379

oh shit. now THIS is some real milk.

No. 264385

after she saw that post that she was caught meta tagging she tried to get rid of all the eugenia tags. but she missed some. if you right click and page source and then ctrl+f keyword twice on this video about how she styles her hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZxwu-OcmpI you see that she forgot to take eugenias name out of her keywords on this video. she left all of the other big youtuber names in her tags tho.

No. 264425

Ew, thats literally something that happens to really fat unhealthy people

No. 264431

Blackfriday is so thirsty for views. Maybe she needs more for her two appartments so her lard ass can do bath bomb vids.
And now that she's been caught out on the meta tags, she's trying to be all high and mighty with offence. Bet the bitch was kicked out of both places in France for doing something stupid

No. 264440

Damn, that's put me right off her! Glad I unsubscribed ages ago.

No. 264659

File: 1488867779759.png (33.89 KB, 558x641, blackfriday-tags(cropped).png)

I thought I'd leave this here for the sake of convenience.

No. 264723

it was obvious shes thirsty for views when she kept reacting to onision whilst pretending to be above drama. and then the eugenia video.

No. 264724

Anyone who reacts to Buzzfeed and Onision videos are thirsty for views

No. 264856

File: 1488912320351.png (12.37 KB, 353x216, kaya_willy.png)

posting caps since the above anon wouldn't

No. 264858

File: 1488912378680.png (30.54 KB, 547x283, kaya_willy2.png)

I thought that was really ironic coming from the most hot-headed youtuber I know.

Also I'm really disappointed in Black Friday.

No. 264866

File: 1488913379769.png (27.04 KB, 570x289, kaya_willy3.png)

This Renee girl sounds insane and doesn't word herself very well but I agree with her. Kaya's really vain and snobby, the only reason why she posted it was to brag about how much money she has to spend in front of her teen fans. She backpedaled and said that the makeup was actually given to her by a friend who was throwing them out (firstly, ew and secondly it would explain why they're all really old…) but that doesn't explain why the caption is "Got new makeup today" instead of "My friend gave me some makeup today", it's purposefully to convince her fans into thinking she bought all of this herself, once again to brag about money.

Kaya only posted this in the first place because she's got a ridiculously bad temper. It's obvious in almost all of her posts on fb and insta. She knows all her teen fans are going to run to defend her and that this Renee girl has none (kind of like Onision with his shitty polls) She knows that they're going to flood this Renee girl's shop with 1 star reviews and she's rubbing her little fat claws together with the anticipation of it.

It's even more obvious what her motive is when someone in the comments suggests a boycott and she just says "I have no comment on that". Like as a fellow "business owner" as she puts it, should she not be condemning boycotting someone's income over something so petty??

God, she's such a raging bitch.

No. 264872

Yeah I agree with her (Renee) too. Shame on BF and Kaya…

No. 264875

This is kind of ironic

At least they're showing their real personality, imo. You have more than 30k fans and someones simple comment like this makes you this mad? They can't take any criticism at all.

Makes me dislike them even more.

No. 264889

Itsblackfriday is 30 years old and is whining about a girl saying bad stuff about her on her own personal page?
Absolutely ridiculous

No. 264894

Anybody starting to think drac makens doesn't have a boyfriend? How can someone as important as a boyfriend never by chance show up in her videos.

No. 264898


I wouldn't be surprised lmao

In one of the videos where she shows old looks/styles she has one at a club and she says that was the night she met "her man" as she calls him

I get not wanting to appear in her videos cuz it's not really related to him (beauty, I mean) but she makes him out to be a total hot god among men and like… nah son, not with you at least

If Kat von D said "hey gurl wanna fuck" she'd probably ditch her boyfriend in a hot beat

No. 264900

I think he's probably really introverted, I'm still disgusted how little she cared about about him being sick last year. My guess he's really shy but I'm dying to see what he looks like

No. 264911

File: 1488919653517.jpg (108.44 KB, 599x599, hhHV2PJ.jpg)

This is on her IG, supposedly of her boyfriend?

No. 264919

imo its not as bad as blackfriday using eugenia cooney's name on videos that have nothing to do with eugenia cooney. the girl is obviously dying from an eating disorder, how low do you have to be to try and leech fame from a dying kid????

No. 264928

Yeah stuff like this shows the real type of person she is
Just like all the money she kept from fans who wanted to fund her first wedding

No. 264948

this is so fucking fake wtf

No. 264956

I got some serious secondhand embarrassment from seeing this. It's fake as fuck or he's a fucking autist

No. 265283

The youtube/ instagoth community brings such shame and embrassment to the goth scene. You know it's bad when Mallgoths of the late 90s-mid 2000's were less insufferable then these girls. Even if they gave no shits about the actual music, they'd at least still show gratitude actually being able obtain (extremely poor quality) makeup, wore any goth fashion they could find until the clothing fell apart, and actually made an effort to express themselves through things like writing, art and enjoying music in some form.
Instagoths contribute nothing to the subculture outside a hedonistic / ultra materialistic lifestyle and ideal. There is no actual purpose (outside of money, bragging rights and attention) in them sharing things like hauls, the same basic makeup tutorials, reviews, tags and reaction videos over and over and over again after so many years. So few of them actually offer the scene any fresh ideas (in all creative fields. Yumi King alone makes more of an effort to share DIY ideas and tutorials), discuss anything of importance or depth, or have any degree of self awareness or at least humor about what they are doing. On top of being liars and hypocrites ("Lets shit on Nu Goth when we all have the same generic peter pan collar dresses on our wishlists!" "You can't give us constructive criticism because our art makes us special" etc)

I feel so bad for the next generation seeing these girls as role models. There is nothing admirable in watching 20 different people discuss the same brand of bathbombs.

No. 265292

Wouldn't you consider Itsblackfriday's metatags marketing though? It is desperate in a way, but I kind of see it more as a business thing.

No. 265356

Agree completely. It's why I keep away from them in social media. Does no one see they all spit out the same video about hauls, makeup and retarded stories? Oh and those dumbass bath bomb videos, wtf is the point? I'm not a fan of Nu Goth myself but I find it ironic as you said that they hate on it but wear the clothes AND do Killstar hauls, one of the biggest Nu Goth/"Hipster Goth" brands out there! What has happened to the goth scene? Such a shame…..

No. 265449


Does anyone know what app or service this messaging system is? Cause she says he doesn't have facebook or social media in general

I would break a rib laughing is this was actually her gay friend that appears in her videos lmfao

No. 265470

I thought that too lmao! The top left picture looks like it could be him

No. 265496

then why make a video calling out onision to stop trying to make money off eugenia cooney when shes been doing the same thing secretly for months? Thats not marketing thats shady and cheating.

No. 265874

Wow even using nikitutorials and guy tang in the tags. Feckin low as shit!! I used to like blackfriday but I never understood the bath bomb vids. They're utterly pointless! Could just do a bloody candle haul vid or try out, same shit.
I guess now we will be seeing more pointless bath bomb vids since she's renting an ENTIRE apartment just to do her YouTube videos. Thirsty mother fucker.

Goth online has become total shit. They crap on about the music, it never gets shown and fat ass kaya hates it. Then they crap on about do whatever you want and dress in what ever you want then turn around and say you're not a real goth because you don't listen to old as goth music. How about any of the new stuff?

Also like how Black Friday had a sMASSIVE shit fit over the emo appearing in the men's goth fashion over the years yet adds it to her tags more than once. What a cunt sack

No. 265940

I'm surprised BlackFriday has been using Eugenia's name for views. I'm not a big Eugenia fan (not that I hate her but I'm worried and I can't sit through videos watching her because it's just very unsettling) but I feel she may have been using her name for business or trying to have more people discover her videos when she pops up in Eugenia's keyword search. Scummy sure but I guess to her the ends justify the means to keep her viewership up. It wouldn't have been a big deal if she didn't call Onision out on it as shitty as he is.

I will agree that the YouTube Goth community is a bit hit or miss though mostly spiraling towards miss with all the pointless haul and bath bomb videos.

I mean, I used to be okay with clothing haul videos when the person would share things they found in thrift shops. I think The Goblin Queen used to do that during her earlier days on YouTube and I thought those were fun but I still like Goblin Queen as her music is not too shabby and has steadily improved and you can tell she does love the scene. And as far as storytime videos, I don't mind listening to Angela because she has a way with explaining things while giving out some band suggestions to listen to.

BlackFriday is okay but I only really stick around for her traveling vlogs and makeover transformations.

Really, I mainly only stick with smaller Goth YouTubers because they tend to not follow the pattern of constant haul and makeup tutorial videos and I pray they don't fall victim to it when they get bigger.

A new Goth YouTuber I discovered was Victoria Fashen who held an interview with the singer from Astrovamps and it was pretty interesting to listen to.

As for Drac Makens, I feel like that posting was fake… I mean, I've heard of doting boyfriends but that was just a bit much? Either he really really really loves her or there is some trickery afoot. But honestly, she's not really on my radar because all she ever does these days are makeup videos which is good for her and her fans but I just can't get into them.

No. 265949

Victoria's videos driving me fucking nuts. She needs to learn how to audio. Unless she's fixed it. Music is always much louder than her voice. I turn that shit off all the time

No. 266061

I give her credit for even being able to allow herself to step outside her house like that.

No. 266072

It's strange though because she's so self conscious

No. 266220

So blackfriday at thirst views again. Said motionless in white wasn't goth and now she's interviewing Chris.
The fuck is this bitch doing?

No. 266287

File: 1489093115634.jpg (119.83 KB, 939x610, antichristen.JPG)

Black Friday putting her second apartment to riveting use with her stack of free bathbombs.

No. 266305

I'm guessing she's sponsored by that company?

No. 266309

Oh and then there's fat ass kaya with her massive "haul" of make up video coming with make up spam on instagram

No. 266385

wow you guys werent kidding, she really got the apartment for bath bomb shit?

No. 266391

Yep. Oh and apparently she needed TWO rooms in here second apartment to shoot YouTube videos. Like what on earth could possibly take up two rooms?
In her "living" apartment, they already had an entire spare room that she could've used

No. 266409

I'm genuinely wondering, why is everyone SO salty about Blackfriday having two apartments? Why is it an issue? There's probably way milkier shit on her than having two apartments lol

No. 266430

Same ,she really isn't a cow ,the only drama I remember was when she left her fiancé to go to Germany and that very old old drama when she lived in Scotland,I really like black Friday video's tho

No. 266431

it just seems like a really pointless waste of resources??? like she could be renting it out through air bnb to make some extra money but noooooo she got it just to do fucking bathbomb videos.

No. 266433

Is her money she can do whatever with it, and I don't think she really is renting it for bathbomb videos only,I think she's planning to do more with it

No. 266447

They're a metal band, but his style is goth i guess? Can't she get any goth bands to interview?

No. 266549

It's more the fact she spoke down to people that think motionless is goth. And now she's all like, give me views cuz I'm interviewing someone I don't like and spoke down about

No. 266686

For real?? I mean shit, does anyone really care that much about makeup and would want to watch a long ass video about it? Considering she always talks about makeup anyway, you'd think her fans may be getting a little… Bored of it? I dunno…

I didn't hear about the Motionless thing but eh… I will say if she does this interview and asks him what some of his influences are and he mentions any legitimate Goth bands, I would consider him a Goth but yeah, his music definitely isn't.

No. 266688

And I agree, Bathbomb videos aside, Friday isn't the most "milky" thing in the scene. She has done some good and I like how she plays Goth music in her videos. I can take her more seriously lol

No. 266692

I don't think she may be able to go back to that body (on the left) because if she did lose a lot of weight, there's a good change she'd have quite a bit of loose skin. At the most, I feel like she'd have a more voluptuous (in the actual sense) type of build.

I agree with another person that I think she looked good in the second picture.

No. 266758

Because it seems completely illogical to rent another apartment solely for videos. Why was her other place not enough? What could she possibly want to make videos on that would require a whole new apartment? Like someone else said it just seems like a waste of resources. Not to mention unfair on someone else who might actually want the apartment? Sure it's her money and she can do what she wants, but then why hate on Kaya for all her hauls and makeup if it was that simple? Also there's her bitchiness toward "Renee" as shown here >>264858 She has, what, 400k+ fans but she blows up on this woman just because of a tiny negative comment about her? AND THEN reacting to Onision and claiming he's just wanting attention from Eugenia whilst the entire time using her name in metatags to get more views herself.

No. 267103

Both lard ass and blackfriday where trying to get their fans to boycott Renees store. They just didn't figure out that she's Australian and the majority of people saying I'm boycotting wouldn't have ever purchased from the store. Shipping from Aus to America is over 60$ Aud. most goths are poor or tight asses that wouldn't buy a singlet for 80$ Aus and then fork out another 60$ just for shipping.

No. 267175

I feel like a lot of goth or "alternative" youtubers are going to disappear soon. Goth and alternative or at least the bastardized versions are really popular right now and as it goes out of style people will make less videos and whoever stays will get less views. People who genuinely like the music and scene will stay, but people like TT are expressing distate with the scene ,even saying she wishes she could transition out of it (but can't because she's naturally really goff!1!), so the goth and alternative side of youtube will gradually get smaller as the next fad comes along.

No. 267217

I'm watching that video right now. Ugh, and how she said she doesn't want to talk about music on her channel because "people are annoying about it, elitism, etc." And here I thought it was because she hardly ever listens to goth music. Ugh.

No. 267232

It's a good way to avoid having to admit she doesn't listen to goth music by blaming elitists

This reminds me of how in one of her videos she said she can't stand Christian Death but went to a Christian Death show and raved about how amazing it was. So

No. 267236

New video from TT in which she mentions the recent drama. Starts around 6:21.

In summary, she paints herself as the innocent victim of the situation by saying someone had a "bitch and moan" about her online but conveniently doesn't mention the fact that she did the exact same. She claims that people are "snarky" and "nasty" but it's pretty obvious that her post was a lot more aggressive. She even makes a few jabs at the Renee girl in the video, saying it's ironic that Renee calls her "materialistic" when Renee owns a clothing store and insists she's "so over it" despite the fact that she's making a whole fucking video about it a week later and sending her rabid 13 year old fans after this poor girl.

She also says the reason why she doesn't talk about goth music in her videos (is she lurking? lol) is because the scene is "elitist" and she gets confused by the definitions of what a goth band is. She claims people will "jump down her throat" if she made a video on goth music (although somehow finds it okay to admit she likes 90s pop?) but nobody will question whether her makeup is gothic or not.

She insists that being goth is more about appearance than music (lol controversial). She mentions once again how she doesn't like the goth "scene" with many excuses (she's not involved online because she doesn't like typing, all other goths in her area are older and have "different tastes", she doesn't like clubs because she feels "on display") and tells another embarrassing story to further prove how awkward she is socially.

Dear god she's driving me mad with how hypocritical she is.

No. 267239

She's just a really really negative person
Look at her twitter and it's just her complaining constantly
She is always the victim and everybody else is the problem - bitching about that girl in the video is just pathetic why did it need to be mentioned? She has so many fans to lick her ass and will attack anybody who says anything remotely negative - I feel really bad for the girl who posted that she's probably been getting all sorts of awful messages

Also couldn't help but laugh at how exhausted she said she got from jumping on a trampoline

No. 267246

Fatty dying from being unfit… I literally don't understand how this fat try hard lump honestly thinks she's fat because of her body. Not the fact she eats like a pig and doesn't do excercise. How is she this full of herself?! HOW?!

I love how all comments she's getting are brown nosing fans. Not one comment about how she's not goth or just a fat moron

No. 267260

I dislike elitists as much as the next person but the way she (and Jake) throw about the term bothers me, like it's their way of getting out of having to explain what makes them goth. They both know deep down they aren't but just have a liking for the aesthetic (well Kaya does, Jake just looks chavvy let's be honest) Goth most definitely isn't about appearance, goth to me is first the music, the mindset and the lifestyle. Then the appearance. I actually liked TT when I first discovered her because she was encouraging newbies to the scene to do what they like regardless of "goth rules" and listen to what they want etc etc it was refreshing to hear but then as I continued to watch her I realised she was only saying it because she herself doesn't listen to it nor even like it. Jake even said he hates the subculture and thinks the music is garbage. I imagine Kaya thinks the same.

No. 267278

What was the drama from when she was living in Scotland?

No. 267413

Same here. I used to like Toxic Tears as well as she seemed like a breath of fresh air but then you continue to watch and learn more about her and her transparency when it comes to Goth and you just start to notice certain things.

And I'm sorry but her reasoning for not wanting to talk about Goth music was BS. Seriously? BlackFriday made a video about Goth music and it was fine. No one bitched at all except for the people who were insisting Emo bands should be included (which weren't many). In fact, most Goth Youtubers who've made videos about the music didn't receive any form of hostility at all so that is just a poor excuse. Even when she mentioned the Cure example, it's a bit reaching because everyone knows The Cure made a few Goth albums before moving to 80s Synth/Alternative.

I feel the main reason why her and Jake are so adamant on Goth being intrinsically about the appearance is because they don't interact with other Goths (because "elitism" on music) and so they got into an echo chamber that got/gets fueled by their young fans.

I get that she wants to make videos about what she likes but come on now, if you're not into the music, just say so and be done with it. There's no point in sugar-footing around it so if she just came out like her boyfriend did, people wouldn't ask her anymore to talk about it. >>250451

No. 267417

i read in a very old blog of her ,about some guy she was dating in scotland , who was a jerk and saying a lot of shit about her like how she have sexual problems and shit like that, let me see if i can find it

No. 267429

old blog of itsblackfriday. Music she lists is Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert. No goth music there. https://www.blogger.com/profile/03862606121132090073

also is that a marilyn manson poster behind her? https://a4-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/94/61a629b1c3cc0d705ca811d064ba2473/full.jpg

No. 267459

>>old blog of itsblackfriday. Music she lists is Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert. No goth music there.
Was she claiming to be goth then? If not, then I don't see the issue here.

A few people in this thread seem to think goths aren't allowed to like listening to non-goth music in this case of TT >>267236 . Goths (even TT) are allowed to have likes and interests outside of the subculture to be fair. And liking things outside of the subculture does not make one a lolcow on that basis alone: it doesn't even really add to a lolcows lulzyness. So why is it being pointed out on here as a way to take away from their goth cred/bullshit? These girls have done a lot of legit shit stuff to talk about on here: why grasp at straws over shit they liked before they called themselves goth or stuff they like outside of the subculture? They're not claiming that non-goth stuff is goth or makes them goth, so what is the point of bringing it up?

No. 267476

That's not what we're trying to say at all. Of course goths can like other music and have other interests outside of the subculture, as I said above ( >>267260 ) I initially liked TT because of that very thing - she wasn't ashamed to admit she had other "non-gothy" interests and encouraged others to do what they want, which was nice to hear. But as I also said as you continue to watch her you realise she doesn't seem to be into the music at all. I think she's only ever mentioned The Cure and Sisters of Mercy, pretty much the two most well known goth bands out there… Now that's fine, if she isn't hugely into the music fair enough, but why not just say that? Why does she keep skirting around it with bullshit excuses and claiming anyone who dares question her on it is an elitist? It's no different than calling someone a poser, really. Her boyfriend even openly admits to hating the subculture and the music, and she says goth is more about the look - all of which are downright insulting. I think THAT is everyones problem with her - not the fact she likes other things, but that she doesn't seem to like goth music at all.

No. 267479

Yeah no you've completely misunderstood my post. I wasn't criticizing TT for having a taste in music that isn't goth, that would be ridiculous. I was explaining how she refuses to talk about goth music in her videos (the subculture she's supposedly interested in) but is perfectly happy talking about her interest in 90s pop. Why is she more comfortable talking about one over the other? Why does she fear backlash for liking bands that are not "goth" enough but is fine talking about bands that are definitely not goth (wouldn't that attract even more criticism?)? It's pretty obvious that she doesn't like goth music at all. If she were open about it and said "yeah I just dislike goth music" instead of constantly implying that she has some kind of super secret interest in it, I'd respect her opinion more.

TT isn't a lolcow because she doesn't like goth music. She's a lolcow (imo anyway) because she's two-faced, bitchy and lazy. As you can see above, she constantly complains about her really fucking easy job, routinely bitches about people on her fb in a passive-aggressive way and her online posts are a huge contrast to her "~hello lovelies~" persona that she parades on her YouTube channel.

No. 267481

>even saying she wishes she could transition out of it

She really said that? Dayum. I'm sure someone said further up on here that she probably wants to leave the subculture but it's the only thing that defines her and it's what she's built her YT channel around.

No. 267491

To be fair, she wouldn't be criticised for talking about 90s pop or 90s pop bands, the way she would be criticised for talking about or, in this case, not talking about goth music. No one gives people shit for saying they like 90s pop bands or jumping down anyone's throat because the said Britney made good 90's pop even though she came at the tail end of it (a ridiculous comparision, but I've seen goth music discussions get this nitpicky). But if you call yourself goth and say you like a band whose music isn't goth but parts of their aesthetic is (i.e. Evanescence), you're seen as a poser even if you never said said bands were goth. I don't blame her for avoiding the topic altogether because people will jump down her throat regardless of what she says about goth/when she says it. If she all of a sudden started talking about it, she'd get shit for avoiding it this long and would get shit even if her points were well informed. Also I don't disagree with you saying TT is a lowcow for the reasons in your last paragraph. My issue was with how people were nitpicking over her handling of it: she's be damned if she attempts to talk about it and damned if she doesn't because she is widely disliked by many for other reasons.

>>I think THAT is everyones problem with her - not the fact she likes other things, but that she doesn't seem to like goth music at all.
She avoids the topic completely, but I don't think it's fair to assume (and therefore hate her) that she doesn't like the music because she refuses to talk about it.

No. 267494

>I love how all comments she's getting are brown nosing fans. Not one comment about how she's not goth or just a fat moron

This is going to sound super elitist but that's because her fans are all young most likely mall goth or emo types who think BVB and Motionless in White are the epitome of goth music. Someone had to say it.

No. 267497

Oh man, Daniel from astrovamps is a such a cunt.
She could interview local and lesser known bands. I think that would make for fresh and interesting content amongst the 101 Killstar haul videos.
No one thinks your not goth for listening to other music. I fucking love hiphop and ska. You're not goth for not listening to goth music.

No. 267517

>She avoids the topic completely, but I don't think it's fair to assume (and therefore hate her) that she doesn't like the music because she refuses to talk about it.

I don't hate her. And that's the thing, she doesn't even have to talk about it, she could do as BlackFriday does and play it in the background of her videos. How hard would it be to do that? Unless of course she doesn't know any bands beyond The Cure and SoM. Honestly, everything points to her not liking the music. It's also hard to believe she'd be in a relationship with someone who hates the subculture and music if she didn't feel the same way to some extent.

Her entire attitude toward elitism is odd too. Sure they're a pain in the ass but why would what is essentially just a select few people in a large subculture bother you so much and to the point of saying you wish you weren't goth/could transition out of it/etc? It screams insecurity.

No. 267595

goths can have interets outside of gothic much. She did a goth tag video and one of the questions was how long have you been a goth and she wouldn't answer it. she got awkward and said something like "as long as i've been dressing like this" why not be honest? its just like this eugenia thing. more lies and deceiving.

No. 267598

I remember black Friday saying she had s phase where she just wore pink and I think her hair was also pink and she was really into Japanese stuff
I would love to see old pictures of her!

No. 267622

No. 267651

File: 1489264729853.jpg (38.94 KB, 600x468, blackfriday.jpg)


Holy shit, she looks great with the white and black hair.

No. 267652

i think great is a stretch anon

No. 267655

android text messaging

No. 267659

She looks old. And a lot like spookyloop

No. 267682

She looks so much better with decent eyebrows and not those pointy drag queen ones.

No. 267724

I can't stand that spookyloop refuses to dye her hair. Yes brown hair with goth looks absolutely horrible. Glasses usually look terrible too

No. 267767

File: 1489276652948.jpg (41.64 KB, 525x700, xG2IqzS.jpg)

No. 267778

Oh wow she looks miles nicer with just a pale foundation as opposed to the stark white she uses now. Softer looks seems to really suit, it compliments her strong features way more

No. 267809

File: 1489281419541.jpg (36.3 KB, 564x600, full.jpg)

Goths are in no position to judge emos and scene kids.

No. 267877

I dont think black Friday talked bad about emos she just say they where different kind of subculture,and that selfie seems to be a joke

No. 268111

She's obviously taking the piss

No. 268117

She is honestly not hideous, just has a hideous style. Also, those chola brows don't help

No. 268122

Eh, she's an okay person and actually knows/talk about goth stuff

That's like, your personal opinion. No one HAS to dye their hair black or any other color to be goth. I admit it looks odd, but not horrible. Same with the glasses, she probably has to wear them or can't/doesn't want to wear contacts. Not everyone has to be a goth stereotype.

No. 268137

I really like Victoria's videos, I agree with pretty much everything this guy says, goth vloggers really need to stop just talking about how goth they are with their hair and makeup etc, and maybe talk about the subculture once

No. 268222

>>Video has 146 views
>>Her other videos have average of 300 views
Smells like a self-post.

No. 268253

I also wasn't saying that I hate Toxic Tear. I've never met her so why would I? My point was pretty much the same as >>267476

All I was saying is to me, it just seems like she's only into Gothic fashion and that's totally fine but I don't consider her a "Goth" because it's just obvious she doesn't like Goth music. You can be a Goth and listen to other kinds of music. Heck, I like 90s music like she does. Many Goths don't say crap like that and it's only a select few that do and no one wants to put up with them anyway so?

The issue is that if you claim to be a part of a subculture that is MUSIC-based, then you should at least enjoy the music a little otherwise what's the point of labeling yourself as such? It's claiming to be a Metalhead but you don't listen to or enjoy Metal music.

This goes back to the simple concept of Goth vs Gothic. It makes me cringe when I hear people say things like "Goth has been around forever" when that isn't true. What they mean to say is "Gothic" has been around forever. Goth as we know today really didn't become a thing until the 80s. Sure, there were snippet origins from some earlier bands like The Doors but for all intents and purposes, it was the 80s that breathed life to Goth as we know today.

Toxic Tears to me, is just Gothic-inclined at best. It's obvious she likes the makeup and Gothic/Dark look and that's fine but that's where it stops in my opinion. To me (and a lot of others), Goth isn't centered around the fashion, it's more of a secondary thing. Without the Music, there would be no Goth subculture and if people like me are going to be called elitist for thinking that, fair enough I guess.

I agree with >>267479 that if she just came out and was honest about not liking Goth music, I'd have more respect for her and I'm sure others would as well. Most people who don't care for her most other Goths and I feel like it's because of all the aforementioned above and just all around transparency.

Her excuses for not talking about Goth music is just asinine because again, it's only a small select few of people who will be all nit-picky about certain bands and even then, her fans would just berate them anyway so what's the big deal? Hell, if she wanted to subtly show her support to the music, she can do what >>267494 suggested and play the music in the background sometimes or even during her outro. I think the main issue people have with her is that she comes of as just some girl who thinks that just because she wears black and likes a few dark things, it automatically makes her "Goth" when really ,it just makes her Gothic/Darkly inclined. Not to mention her boyfriend is outright vocal about his dislike of the Goth Subculture and I know that some people can date despite having vastly opposing views but it's just kind of subtly obvious TT shares some of the same sentiments.

Notice how out of most Goth YouTubers, she's the only one who gets this particular kind of criticism. Even Sebastian Columbine didn't get this kind of criticism when she was still active in the subculture. You can tell she tried giving the subculture a shot by trying the music. I remember when she made a video about Goth music and it was pretty good but unfortunately she took it down.

Whooh, sorry for the long ramble but I hope this made a semblance of sense lol In short, I don't hate Toxic Tears but honestly, I just think of her more as a Gothic/Darkly Inclined person than "Goth".

No. 268254

I just watched it and I think they brought up some good points. The guy spoke some truth that while makeup is fine and all, there's not much substance behind it if that's all that's being talked about.

And hey? Maybe it doesn't have many views but it can always catch up but even then, I won't be surprised if it gets overlooked because it's not about makeup or hauls.

No. 268255

Ah anon, come on stop with that shit. Not talking about her specifically but of course goths can look good with brown/blond hair and glasses. It's a matter of choosing what suits you. Period. It's not like some types of Lolita fashion where you have all these rules.

No. 268257

She looks realy nice with those eyebrows but I guess I'm too used to the way she does them now and I think they go well with her style but I'm curious what she'd look like with those eyebrows and the way she does makeup now, I think it would look nice. But yeah, she looks pretty nice with white hair.

As for her old blogsite, I don't think it's really relevant because it looks old and she did admit in her earlier days, she was into Visual Kei and she listed 3 bands that are big in that scene (Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Moi, & Candy Spooky Theatre). It's not a crime to get into the music a little later in life.

No. 268267

Lmao what's with this middle school garbage. Who cares if someone doesn't want to dye their hair or wear contacts? You sound like you haven't been in the scene for very long.

No. 268328

I can see a guy not wanting to be involved in her YT beauty stuff in the least, most normal boyfriend wouldn't and she's described him as being very normal and not into goth stuff whatsoever. Except for her tag videos her channel is all about makeup so no reason to involve him.

But then I saw this >>264911 and…I'm not really sure anymore…

No. 268329

Not self post, It came up in my subscriptions and thought it fits here. Victoria has been discussed itt previously

No. 268431

Just to expand on your point, yes, if people have an issue with her its because of her definition of goth. I just watched the video without reading your comment so have now edited mine.

Her emphasis of "goth is about the look above all else and goths have always been appearence based" but she doesnt seem to understand why is probably the reason people disagree with her. She seems to think goth is to do with being pretty and "peacocking" when for a lot of goths it was about going against what society thought as acceptable and most goths actually dont want attention(irony i know). She also doesnt understand how goth looks tie into the music and how many of these looks evoled from the bands at the time (siouxsie and the banshees, the cure etc)

I know in this video she is saying she doesnt talk about about it because "elitism" but I think the real problem is that shes very inconsistent, I've seen her other videos and she does seem to have very strong opinions on what does and does not constitute "goth" (as well as in this one) which I think is why she is getting negative comments if indeed she is getting any. BTW this is coming from someone who likes her.

Also I agree with another poster that her BF looks more chav than goth which is ironic given this video.

No. 268433

*evolved, even.

No. 268490

File: 1489367494697.png (1.03 MB, 682x737, black friday.png)

Wow, ItsBlackFriday must have lost weight, assuming she isn't wearing a tight corset. She tweeted that she had lost 5 kg. Good on her.

No. 268505

She really looks so much better like this I hope she lost more weight

No. 268661

I don't really know Victoria that well but is this not slightly hypocritical of her considering a quick skim over her channel shows she has quite a few makeup tutorials herself and I spotted a review for a Kat Von D foundation?

No. 268672

So there's an Aussie goth I follow and the cunts doing a collaboration with TT.

No. 268720

No. 268795

>"goth is about the look above all else and goths have always been appearence based"

Whaaat? She said this? Totally deluded, isn't she? Appearance may play a part but the music is what defines a goth "above all else" - you can't change the facts to suit yourself, Kaya. As someone else said above, she's gothIC but not what I would consider a goth because she clearly has no interest in the music.

No. 268861

And if they know more than you about goth then they're elitists too?

Bad joke, I know. But she really needs to sort her shit out.

No. 268897

The thing I find kind of ironic is that Jake's reasoning for hating the subculture is because of elitists, but in the same breath he goes on to say "Goth is what I think it is!" which, if anything, is elitist in itself surely?

No. 268934

>Also I agree with another poster that her BF looks more chav than goth which is ironic given this video.

I wonder how TT feels about it? She was always complaining about chavs and now her boyfriend looks like one. If, as she said, "goth is about the look above all else" then by her own admission is Jake not goth?

No. 268944

They both constantly complain about chavs in the way they think they're better than anybody who isn't super goff
Then again Kaya complains about everything, constantly

No. 269070

She's fucking making a bag for TT for everyone to buy, just like she did with reeree and is doing with fatmakens

No. 269081

I bet Kaya can't wait to grab one… then toss it to the side with her piles of clothes and rubbish in her house

No. 269096

Is it so surprising? She worked with Reeree who just puts out haul after haul after haul….

No. 269103


She didn't outright say it like that but everyone knew what she meant. She says it after she talks about why she doesn't talk about Goth music which honestly was a poor excuse to begin with.

I'm starting to think that's how they think too and it's worse because it's seeping into her fans to think the same lol

I guess in layman's terms but I think she probably sees him differently because in their earlier days of their relationship, he looked more alternative both in face and clothing style whereas now the only alternative looking thing on him is his makeup and hair.

No. 269105

File: 1489447576631.jpg (52.8 KB, 590x390, yikes.jpg)

Holy shit that broad is ugly

No. 269142

Yeh her make does her no favours and she is a tad full of herself. She used to be someone back on MySpace days then went quiet. Now she's thirsty for views and efame. Just why make a fucking bag for TT and then try to sell it to everyone?

No. 269312

Totally agree

She probably doesnt see it because they probably think chavs, like goths, all look the same. They also probably believe all chavs look like jeremy kyle guests. They probably also think him having lip piercings and purple hair makes him goth
but if you asked the average person I bet you would get a mixed result.

I just think its kinda ironic as TT puts a lot of emphasis on appearence her BF cant even be arsed to make the effort.

No. 269317

Oh, I didn't see the post got deleted, just for context in case some people didn't see it;

TT said that she thinks you have to look/dress at least a bit alternative in order to be considered goth, if you dress like a "normie" and like goth music then she sees you as "someone who appreciates goth music" lol

No. 269339

that's the longest horseface i have ever seen on a person

No. 269344

File: 1489484756944.jpg (113.69 KB, 590x390, 0001.jpg)

Jesus lord, it's a shame you can't surgically raise your facial features up your face.
Still kinda uggo tho I guess.

Also goddamn, those man hands.

No. 269347

holy shit lol I didn't realize how long her faice is until you posted this

No. 269348

File: 1489486142134.jpg (58.59 KB, 336x550, Sarah_Jessica_Parker.jpg)

not that it would be much help, but those short bangs are not doing her any favors. Sarah Jessica Parker's hairstyle is sorta the only thing that could keep that face under control.

No. 269362

Pics of him? I kind of hate how accessory boyfriends are used with so many snowflakes on Youtube. I don't understand why a lot of them don't have much of a social media presence, if at all. Maybe they don't know how to handle their girlfriends fame?

No. 269369

Unless he has a brand or anything he has no reason to care? The majority of guys don't seem to care about social media because they have IRL things to do.
Maybe he knows that if they brake up he would get a lot of hate from her fans.

Idk honestly

No. 269376

File: 1489490623093.jpg (42.75 KB, 503x810, oqSaldG.jpg)

No. 269377

File: 1489490664220.jpg (27.85 KB, 323x413, LdmdPBU.jpg)

With no makeup

No. 269412

Something about her eyes really bother me.

I followed her for a while but then all of her house renovations got on my nerves. She's making her house all goffic. To the nines.

No. 269439

I like how Drac is finally starting to branch out with her channel.

No. 269463

File: 1489499386153.jpg (223.52 KB, 1080x1349, guessinggame.jpg)

i've seen them before and I still seriously can't figure out whether it's a tranny or just a really unfortunate looking woman

No. 269465

By posting cooking videos? Like the millions of food channels out there alongside "let's try" crap?
Cooking channels are pretty good when devoid of personality I suppose
but she's going to look pretty lost in the fat girl vegan post count regardless unless her goth looks can pull up for it somehow, though I'm not sure how anyone can just listen to how she speaks like that alone.

Goth cooking with chronic overbite perhaps?

No. 269470

File: 1489500379029.png (703.09 KB, 810x668, y.PNG)

Samefagging to kingdom come here
But she couldn't even be bothered to wipe off the foundation from her jumper prior to hitting the record button?
She just looks dirty.

No. 269472

I think she's just really ugly. There are a lot of pics of her baby on her IG. Though I will admit that she looks like she could be a squinty-eyed Social Repose in drag.

No. 269475

ofc she uses a picture from when kaya was 20lb lighter

No. 269477

bahaha i noticed that too. that hair looks ridiculous too

No. 269482

File: 1489501316918.png (529.28 KB, 831x462, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.15…)

fuck nvm it's all shoop
she looks like a bad cosplay of the promo image

No. 269492

File: 1489502673647.jpg (166.02 KB, 683x1024, 1111930____-de.jpg)

No. 269493

I don't Think he is her accessory boyfriend or anything like that, he does have social media ,it seems to me that he is the kind of person who is just not that into it , black Friday and her husband seems to me one of the most genuine couples of alternative youtubers

No. 269544

Man, just drawing on bigger brows would go a long way in balancing her features. Those tiny sticks just emphasize the width of her face.

No. 269563

She looks like the poor man's Juggalo

No. 269566

File: 1489511424767.jpg (29.16 KB, 320x401, bdITEOz.jpg)

yea, even these look better if they were lower

No. 269629

He is really cute, he looks better without lipstick

No. 269726

File: 1489523009941.png (38.41 KB, 570x275, itsblackfriday_twitter.png)

ItsBlackFriday's husband got a zebra skull. Isn't that illegal in Germany? Don't you at least need a permit or something like that to import/own skulls of exotic animals?

She and her husband also talk about it in this video https://youtu.be/T0_WdFQbmIc?t=9m40s

No. 269790

Horse face is female and has posted videos of her c section.
Don't know why fatmakens thought cooking would be a good thing. Wouldn't want to be eating her food in fear of getting as if as she has

No. 269816

at best he looks hipster. there's no way if I saw him I'd think "goth" lol!

No. 269866

Good on her! She looks a lot better with the weight loss

No. 269981

Boy George before his massive weight loss. Kaya should take some tips from him!

No. 270146


No. 270209

File: 1489604061985.png (210.1 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2974.PNG)

100% sure she lurks

No. 270234

Because he is thirsty af for views and fame
He's so cringey and has said multiple times how he's going to be really famous soon, he already thinks he's the shit though

No. 270275

He has absolutely no qualities to reach youtube fame. He's just one of millions of vlogging let's players, nothing special or stand out. The man is delusional.

No. 270291

They both lurk here. Everytime something is brought up, like why jake walks so far in front of lard ass, he addresses it

No. 270359

Hi Kaya, glad you saw my post <3 Next time reply directly to me instead of passive-aggressively posting on Twitter! :)

No. 270393

It's pretty much a tactic that tries to get people to click on the video. Your scrolling through videos and you notice all caps as it catches your eye and you debate whether to click on it (doubly if it's click-baity in name lol).

No. 270395

I think he feels that because he looks alternative, it'll be enough to get him YouTube famous but besides that, let's play channels are pretty much everywhere so it's definitely luck-based. It's pretty much been the trend ever since PewDiePie got famous for it and soon after, Markiplier & Jackscepticeye.

I can only recall one Goth Youtuber who does videogames who goes by the name PushingUpRoses but unlike Jake, she has this odd, quirky sense of style and she makes videos talking about the ins and outs of games which can be interesting for those into that.

No. 270397

I'm sure she does and she can make whatever she wants but I still feel she's Darkly-inclined and that's it. :/

No. 270398

Can't say it's too surprising. In the documentary they were both in, I think he said he had a fondness of collecting dark/morbid objects so something like a Zebra skull isn't that out of the ordinary. Unfortunately I don't know the laws of owning exotic animal skulls.

No. 270403

Let her, she'll out herself as the poser she is

No. 270548

File: 1489635090731.png (2.22 MB, 1204x1570, image.png)

late ass reply but i agree i love the cringey scene cows. i was just watching through her older videos and holy gingivitis batman. lol at the entirety of this video making absolutely no sense https://youtu.be/gzDebPNOg40

No. 270661

Is he really that bad? I've only followed him for maybe two days before I unfollowed because of his boring content and that was a year ago.
Has he gotten worse or something?

No. 270989

HAHAHHAA jake fucking lurks here like a motherfucker! His new video is titled I hate goth?

Hey jake!! Dumb the fat fuck already!
And kaya. Just stop. You're fat because you eat too much fat in general. Doesn't matter if it's "healthy" or not. Stop

No. 270995

I wonder if Toxic has even considered something like the Paleo diet? I've seen some success stories, all it takes is some willpower.
The Montignac is too difficult given the geographical location.

No. 270998

What's with the question mark, he said it outright that he hates it and the music.

Does it look like she has willpower?!

No. 271010

She probably has tried for week and saw no results so ditched it for jakes stupidly high in everything diet

No. 271021

Shit, I lost 20 lbs after I first went vegan 5 or 6 years ago. But I also have almost no sweet tooth and rarely go out to eat. Idk she should just cook at home and not binge on sweets.

I never had cravings for sweets, so I don't understand why people act like it's super hard to just cut down on them. Anyone here have a sweet tooth? Is it like trying to cut back on cigarettes?

No. 271027

Jesus, he goes on and on about how he hates how elitist people are when it comes to goth as if he's being forced to label himself such and has no other choice? It seems like he depends on others to confirm to him who he thinks he is in that respect and when others say he doesn't match that label, a hissyfit ensues. "I just want to wear black": he's acting as if people who don't call themselves goth can't wear black all the time if they choose to unless they use the label goth. Wearing all black doesn't make one goth, and the label isn't required by those who do wear all black so why so upset? He's legit acting like Pixielocks re: lolita before she ragequit and came up with her own snowflake fashun.

No. 271028

Same anon here: I cannot believe he's 25: he's acting less mature than a 15 year old with this shit.

No. 271034


Hilariously enough, I had an easier time cutting back on the fags than I did sweet coffees

No. 271138

Ughhh watched his video. I felt a tiny piece of my brain fall through my nose.
Like how he gets so worked up just to say elitist cunt.

No. 271190

I watched TT's and Jake's recent videos about goth elitism and weight shit and I had to come back on here to read/talk about it. They don't even try to hide the fact that they lurk on here. A few months ago I wrote on the first altcows that Kaya's meds fucked her metabolism and that they didn't just outright make her fat and that she needed to cut down on cals(others said that too) and she says that in the video word for word. Ok Kaya, you could have at least given us credit for helping you figure out your weight issue since you couldn't do it yourself. I don't understand why she didn't google dieting tips. Instead she followed her body builder wannabe bf's diet and then lurks on here to find out what to do.
I don't really care about her and Jake's faux gothness anymore. He seems to have narcissistic personality disorder or just some EXTREME ego and she's just dumb, so I just roll my eyes and sigh at it.

Also, is it just me or does she look exactly like a "goth" version of Gwen Stefani in that video? I couldn't stop thinking about that while watching it…

No. 271209

I used to have a big sweet tooth and honestly, I still have it though it isn'tnecessarily for candy or stuff like that. Mostly Ice Cream or Coffee lol It can be tough to quit though for me, I do exercise so I just do that to try to shave off the weight which works for me. I can't comment on smoking but I'd imagine it's about the same because your body gets accustomed to the sugar.

No. 271245

Are "elitists" their excuse for everything now? jfc
Both of them are trying to defend/excuse themselves so hard it's becoming really sad. I'm starting to believe they're only using "goth" to have a target audience rather than being interested in it at all. They're really acting like children.

No. 271246

If they're lying here, that means they called us elitist cunts!! Haha what fuckheads, the amount of pathetic that oozes from them now is like watching old school jerry springer

No. 271289

They have a weird definition of "elitism"

No. 271302

All they're being asked to do is to actually show interest in Goth. I can't deal.

Kaya just likes spooky things. I guess Jake is so goth by association lol

No. 271312

he could just call himself alternative and leave it at that but no, bitch about elitists instead.

No. 271332

Even YouTubers like Caligo Bastet and Amy Nekrotique call themselves alternative because they know they have no interest in the music therefore aren't goth. TT and Jake seem to think simply looking gothIC automatically makes them a goth, lulz yeah no. Jake just throws on black clothes anyway, which isn't gothic at all. Someone said it before but he looks hipster. They call anyone an elitist if they dare question them on anything about the gothic subculture other than the clothes, absolutely pathetic!

No. 271337

I think they just want to be special snowflakes who are so spooky and tough and not like any of the big bad chavs or "normies" out there

Also when are they going to tidy their house

No. 271459

Right? How hard would it be to make a video on her top 5 or 10 favourite gothic bands? Or play the music in the background of her videos? Or talk about her gothic influences? So many options but she clearly has no interest in the scene or the music - something I wish she'd just come out and admit. If she wants to look darkly inclined then that's fine, but why insist on the goth label when she doesn't like anything about it? She also has no right to moan about people thinking goth and emo are the same when she contributes nothing to the subculture she claims to be a part of.

No. 271469

Inb4 she does one of your suggestion.

No. 271519

Even if Kaya wanted to put goth music in the background of her videos she couldn't. The metal in the background of her videos is mostly, if not always, Jake's music. If it's not metal then it's some shitty generic copyright free music that's from some YouTube list. Think she used Moonlight Sonata in a video once and that one is copyright free because of how old it is. If she used like Sisters of Mercy songs or whatever the video would get copyright claimed and she'd either have to take it down or not earn any money from the video.

No. 271551

Black Friday does it.

No. 271570

Jake looks sooo hideous in that video thumbnail. I'm just like, vomit in my mouth. He's so butt ugly.


black friday also uses eugenia cooney's name as a tag to get more views. just because she does it doesn't make it right.

No. 271659

She could still put corpus delicti or smaller goth bands. It's black friday does it, and Angela Benedict plays the music like LAM sometimes in her videos but the money goes to the band rather than her.

No. 271698

The point wasn't whether it's right or not. You said because of copyright Kaya couldn't and I merely stated ItsBlackFriday (and other YouTubers) play it, so clearly copyright isn't an issue if she chooses the right artists. It's a good way to discover new bands too.

No. 271706

I bet Kaya and Jake think they're like one of the Goth communities IT couples. When let's be honest near enough everyone who mentions TT are doing so to gain favors with her followers.

No. 271714

Haha power couple hahaha jfc I actually can't stop laughing at that.
I wouldn't put it past them thinking they're a "goth YouTube" power couple. Watching them is so cringe worthy though!! Like in jakes it just seems like he is stuck with kaya. Always walks fast and away from her and omfg her walking! She walks like a retarded giraffe! She needs to stop wearing platforms! She can't walk in them properly at all

No. 271734

Her walking and posture is sooo terrible, she wobbles in those platforms like a hippo on stilts.

No. 271764

I know there are copyright issues, but I've discovered some really awesome music from Black Friday's videos–Voodoo Church, the Fair Sex, She Past Away.

No. 271767

Maybe smaller bands aren't as strong on the copyright claims as others but it's still an issue. Kaya is lazy as fuck and seems money hungry so she most likely wouldn't be fucked to put in some goth music or any other genre of music that isn't copyright-free in the video if there's a chance it will get copyrighted. Idk. That's just how YouTube works. I don't like her but I understand why she doesn't bother putting copyrighted music in her videos. I've seen YouTubers have to edit and mute parts of their videos after uploading them because a 1 second sound clip got copyrighted.

No. 271833

I would say that they think they're like the patricia morrison and dave vanian of youtube but they probably don't know who they are

No. 271853

Yeah, in Jake's new video he's always walking away from her so fast she's almost running to keep up. It looks like Jake can't stand to be near her so he's always trying to get away.

No. 271855

I can't wait for them to break up. I can't imagine that they're truly happy together considering how self obsessed and immature Jake is and how self obsessed and whiny Kaya is. They're probably not even physically attracted since Jake likes lanky girls.

No. 271905

Another poster on the old thread said they doubt they have a sexual relationship and personally I'd be surprised if they did.

Jake makes it no secret at all that he's into skinny girls. He talks about it right in front of Kaya and with her self esteem issues, she probably isn't confident around him anymore. Jake also used to be a lot thinner and had a more obvious alternative appearance. Now that he's buff and has a more chav-like style, I wonder if Kaya still finds him attractive anymore.

And considering how self absorbed they both are, they probably aren't intimate in other ways either. They really don't seem compatible with each other and they probably only use each other to try to be more popular so they're afraid of breaking up.

No. 272008

I actually remember them bragging about being called a goth power couple on their gaming channel
Which is really funny since they look and act so uncomfortable together - only thing they have in common is their whining

No. 272017

File: 1489834742289.png (419.22 KB, 538x468, boy.png)

she looks like Boy George

No. 272026

File: 1489835941895.png (163.8 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-03-18-04-17-24…)

I don't like Nazis but she's really someone to talk about "gothcards".

No. 272027

those chins tho

i think Kaya would be fine if they broke up, she has far more followers and supporters. Jake's likely the one who's afraid to break it off with her because at least with Kaya he has a very slight chance at YT fame

No. 272029

Fair sure I'd rather watch jakes videos than Maya's. Same shit. Boring. All it is cheap ass "goth" hauls and fucking god awful make up vids.

No. 272035

I noticed a few YouTubers doing a "Naked Goth" tag where you remove physical signs of goth (i.e. clothes and accessories) and discuss what makes you a goth when stripped away of the look. I imagine Kaya would fail badly at that lulz.

No. 272056

File: 1489843969084.png (654.09 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3102.PNG)

Fatty's kicking off

No. 272057

File: 1489844001308.png (95.09 KB, 1242x528, IMG_3103.PNG)

No. 272058

File: 1489844059342.png (542.14 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3104.PNG)

No. 272071

What's she talking about/who is she referring to?

No. 272075

A bunch of people responded to Jake's video and their responses got leaked to her.

No. 272094

Sounded like she was talking about herself lol

So what's the issue? Someone was mean to him and now she's pissed?

No. 272190

>sitting here with nasty name calling screenshots from people in the scene who are considered "Really nice".

lolol like you then?

No. 272193

I saw the thread. It got deleted but someone posted the video that Jake did on their fb page and people were pissed because of what he said so they were responding to his question mostly which was ''what should i call myself'' and there were a lot of answees. There was a bunch more but It aint even about her. her bf said some shitty stuff about alot of people. Defending him and blowing up about it on twitter makes her look just as bad. What did he expect peoples reponses would be to that?

No. 272216

Why does he have to call himself anything really? His fans who defend him say "don't get hung up on labels" but he clearly is, because he's such a douche.

No. 272245

It shows the kind of people they are; no substance and everything has to revolve around image and appearance. It's not surprising she has no interest in the scene and doesn't understand why people are upset with what he's said. I genuinely think she just hopped on the goth bandwagon and probably wishes she could "leave" but it's the only thing everyone knows her for now.

No. 272355

File: 1489872557566.jpg (62.72 KB, 736x922, AlHKlGy.jpg)

No. 272357

File: 1489872761128.jpg (24.9 KB, 717x242, no.jpg)

Why is she talking like this? Like she's above everyone who was bitching about her when she's exactly the same or even worse? Stop trying to get attention from Gothic Charm School too you fucking leech.

No. 272382

Jfc they're both pathetic! Jake attacked a lot of people in his video. What did they expect? Makes it worse when the fat cunt is getting worked up over it and he's doing nothing about the whole thing.
She is such an attention whore and a fucking leech! Like why try and get goth charm school involved? Pretty sure Julian will want to step far away from her as possible. Or could possible see a reboot for her attention. I hope not

No. 272387

Complete bullshit. You can't quit goth if you were never part of it in the first place. She's the one who always went out saying "goth" this and "goth" that when she never had any fucking thing to do with the real goth what so fucking ever.

Kaya, I know you or Jake will see this eventually. If you want to quit goth, then stop calling yourself goth you dumb bitch. You and Jake brought all this all on yourselves by mislabeling yourselves and getting your fucking panties in a bunch when people try to correct you. Your douchefuck boyfriend is getting back the bullshit he spewed out, he had it coming to him.

Again, if you want to quit goth, stop calling yourself goth. You only care about the fashion anyway. Keep dressing how you want, I don't care, but if you still mislabel yourselves as goth and get offended when someone says something, its your own dumbass fault.

No. 272419

I'm inclined to agree with all this. Notice how out of all the "Goth" Youtubers, she & her boyfriend are the only ones who get these kinds of reaction/comments.

BlackFriday may resort to underhanded tactics to get her views (Eugenia Cooney tags which frankly, she doesn't even need as she is the "Go to" Goth channel on YouTube) but she and her husband don't get these criticisms because whether people like it or not, you can tell they are really into the Goth subculture for more than just "Oh I like to look spooky and dark".

Angela Benedict doesn't get this because she knows her stuff and presents a more subtle Gothic look that can be relatable to others who don't go or don't want to go for an OTT look.

SebastianColumbine when she did identify as Goth may have gotten some slight trolling but you could tell she was genuinely interested in learning about the Goth subculture.

TheGothicAlice, I've heard some people call her pretentious and a bit snooty. Personally I don't think she means to come off that way but regardless, she clearly is into the Goth subculture hence why she doesn't get this kind of "hate".

I can't think of any other big or well known goth YouTubers but I digress, notice how most do not get this kind of "hate" because it's clear as day that they are legitimately into the Goth subculture unlike Kaya & Jake who as you keep looking at their videos and their freakouts on social media, they just come off as only into it for the look and that is all. Again, it doesn't make you Goth but just darkly inclined and I don't understand why that is a bad thing to say.

You don't "quit" Goth. you're either into the subculture or you aren't. It's not a personality for Pete's sake.

And I agree, Jake is reaping what he sowed. IF you're going to try to intentionally piss off people who are a part of a beloved subculture, don't complain when you get a push back.

No. 272425

>Again, if you want to quit goth, stop calling yourself goth. You only care about the fashion anyway. Keep dressing how you want, I don't care, but if you still mislabel yourselves as goth and get offended when someone says something, its your own dumbass fault.

This. Anyone who says even the slightest thing against them (or sometimes simply just asking a question) is branded an elitist by those two. It's like they're totally offended by the audacity of being questioned about their contribution and involvement in the subculture they both adamantly claim to be apart of. "What?! You're questioning ME about my involvement in the subculture!? ELITIST! I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF TO YOU! BE GONE WITH YOU!" I've never seen anyone get so worked up over "elitists" unless of course they're insecure as fuck.

"There are so many elitists in the scene" = there are so many goths who just want us to show an interest in the subculture they know and love. Bottom line: they both know they're posers (for want of a better word) and claiming "elitism" toward anyone who doubts them is their get out of jail free card, so to speak.

No. 272610

Awww she had her little spew and cleaned most of it up

I was going to respond to her gothic charm school post with this :

was going to answer her gothic charm school post with -

Make sure you read this then http://gothic-charm-school.com/charm/?p=82

No. 272664

Someone should link that to kaya hahah I would love to see her face after that

No. 272684

In case anyone is wondering when he talks about Goth, it's at the 7:04 mark here.

His talk on the music was ridiculous because for the most part, modern Goth bands of today are being accepted into Goth and it's only the few genuine 80s elitists who are being dickish about it. But something tells me he's talking more about why the "Metal" genre isn't included in the Goth scene.

The annoying thing about people like him are that their the reason why new Goth bands don't get discovered as much. They're convinced Goth music is dead and it turned into Metal when that is not the case at all.

And if he wants a word to call himself, just go with "Alternative". Alternative is the word used for unconventional people both in personal style or way of thinking. And wearing black is fine but it doesn't make on Goth and not all the Killstar in the world is going to make a difference.

No. 272714

I don't understand why people with no interest in it feel so entitled to the goth label in general. You absolutely don't see people saying "I'm a metalhead" but not listening to metal music.

No. 272733

Kaya: Waaaa people are calling me out on the fact that I'm not Goth… Come on guys give me validation and praise for my superior goffic life.

No. 272736

Because of the nostalgic circle jerk for the big boom of Goth in the 80's/90's that most current 'totally goth, look at my killstar haul.' babies missed out on.

No. 272742

I really don't have the faintest idea but it's embarrassing when there already was a word used to describe people who liked to just differently. "Alternative". As far as I'm concerned, Jake is a metalhead who likes to dress Alternative or Darkly Inclined.

But you're right, you don't see this with the Metalheads.

No. 272745

Why is killstar so popular anyway? I've gotten black dresses with white collars from F21 that are perfectly fine and the rest of their clothing isn't that special either. I don't own anything from any goth brands because I don't have to when thrift stores, DIY, F21, and ebay exist. Way to express your individuality by spending $70 to look like the next goff.

No. 272752

The only KillStar item I ever remotely liked was that Pentacle belt (BlackFriday has worn it a few times) but yeah you're right, it just makes everyone look samey, especially with the Wednesday Addams dress.

No. 272767

Aslong as you buy from a legal taxidermist who will (in case needed) provide you the right documents, you can buy any skull you want.

No. 272957

Killstar just churns out the same shit smothered in occult symbols, catering to the hipster goth / nu goth trend. Not to mention they are overpriced and bad quality. Admittedly some of their stuff is ok but for the most part it's just whatever is trendy at the moment, goth I thought was meant to be about being original not wearing the same shit as the next person.

I do own a fair few items from alt brands but they're lesser known or bought cheaply on ebay. Otherwise the rest is from typical high street stores like h&m. Almost everything I own is second hand. This has always been an issue for me - these big YouTubers shouldn't be doing sponsored hauls of overpriced brands, but encouraging their followers to look in regular stores/thrift stores/ebay etc etc for "goth clothing" - you could just be in plain black but if you add the right accessories, boots and if you want makeup and hair you'll clearly look gothic without wearing Killstar or Punk Rave…. on Kaya's IG she had a picture of her outfit (this one >>272017 I believe) where she stated almost all of it was bought on ebay for less than £15. WELL THEN - why not make a video on this more often? she only spits out haul and unboxings anyway.

No. 272988

This is why I like Angela Benedict, she fully advocates thrifting and diy for gothwear. Thinking about it she's the complete opposite of Kaya, a subtle look but so well versed in the subculture.

No. 273065

I think she also had something Kaya doesn't - confidence and comfort in her own skin and tastes
Kaya just drapes herself in everything and anything she can to be "2 spooky for u" as well as them ridiculous platforms she wires to hover over Jake and everybody

No. 273067

kaya and jake are both try hards

No. 273272

File: 1489969866550.png (613 KB, 1532x654, kayabooks.png)

So Kaya showed off some books that she'll never read. Said she has "no idea" how to talk about them. People do book related videos all the timebut of course she has to have some dumb excuse because she never knows how to talk about ANYTHING except makeup or clothes or fucking boxes of junk.

No. 273274

nah shes not on benefits

No. 273356

after the old thread ended i looked for anew one and couldnt find it so i just did a whole lot of catching up, several things i want to point out people said something about the fact that kaya was getting butt hurt over criticism when someone literally said she was a sad example of the subculture today… for posting make up?? jake strikes me as nu goth i feel like ous dont recal chavs iin their tracksuits and caps in a gaggle out side of a store smoking with a carry out but jake wears baggy pants or like leging things with shorts hows that at all chavyy? jakes not even from northern ireland why would he have a northern irish accnt - to the anon that says hes supressing it. as a northern irish person it is 100% accurate that a lot of alternative people here have more shifted accents as we tended to be outsiders esp in northern irish culture. those of us who sat in when we were kids watching american shows get that accent, we dont have northern irish tv, and someone said something about bbc channel 4 and all that? what fucking child watches the fucking bbc or other things like that all the fucking tv shows in the 90s when kaya grew up were american.look up an other northern irish youtuber whos alternative and youll here the fucking accent

theyre not on benefits or job seekers.
as you can see when jake gets naked in his video you can see hes not fat, and kaya isnt fat either like look at her compared to anyone else lol she has meat on her bones and has another chin like she looks fucking normal. i remember when this site had real milk from real lolcows and not just, oooo i hate them so much but i watch every single video to see how much i can disagree with and make up about them. frejya had euginia tags before the onision drama???? when you put your tags in if im a basic ass bitch imma put zoella in my tags caus shes a popular basic bitch if im alternative imma put some heythereimshannon, tt, leda, fucking popular tags to get me more views. gosh get some real ass factual drama people. sorry for sp im rushing to type

No. 273362

but why does Jake seem to flirt with every other girl thats in his videos :LLLLLL

No. 273379

him and vox seem weirdly close likee they always sit with each other

No. 273387

File: 1489980247875.png (510.08 KB, 961x711, jake-possibly-cheating.png)

Has anyone looked for Jake's facebook? I searched for it last night and I found this. It says he's in a relationship with some Jennifer person. If you look at other photos o the page he talks sort of flirty with another girl. It also says he's an "Escort for hire". Does anyone know if this is a legit page? I don't know why anyone would imitate him but I want to make sure and I want to know what the fuck this is about.

No. 273394

Haha so much defending there. Is that you jake? :) hmmmm?
Like a bit of "meat" cough triple chins cough on the old bones ehh?

No. 273400

I just noticed that it says (Roleplayer) in the side bar. I guess it must be fake. Still, who would want to roleplay as him? Pretty weird

No. 273516


I'm sorry but objectively, she technically is fat. Here in America where obesity is pretty average in day to day life, she looks like some of the average people here who are more on the hefty side, only difference is she wears dark makeup.

No. 273523

I agree with you on the milk part. It's been a long time since we had any milk from any other cow than Onion or Margo. I hate to say this, but you do know where you are. People nitpick constantly on others, and this thread still isn't as bad as some others.

Also, she is fat. There's no meat. If she had any she wouldn't look so chubby. As long as you're not a hamplanet it's not that bad.

No. 273556

>>as a northern irish person it is 100% accurate that a lot of alternative people here have more shifted accents as we tended to be outsiders esp in northern irish culture. those of us who sat in when we were kids watching american shows get that accent, we dont have northern irish tv, and someone said something about bbc channel 4 and all that? what fucking child watches the fucking bbc or other things like that all the fucking tv shows in the 90s when kaya grew up were american.
1) You don't speak for all Northern Irish people: your experience is not going to be the same as everyone else's and vice versa 2) Northern Irish TV is a thing: just because you didn't watch it doesn't mean it didn't exist or that Northerners didn't watch it - fuck it was easily accessible in the republic during the 90s so you're full of shit on that 3) don't assume everyone else watched what you watched as kid 4) you don't know what alternative youtubers watched as children unless you knew them personally back then and witnesses it or they told you. Honestly, anon, were you drunk when you wrote this post?

No. 273557

One of Jake and Kaya's minions?

>for posting make up??

She purposely arranged her very expensive makeup simply for a photo. That in itself was stupid, but why take a photo of makeup at all anyway?

>jake strikes me as nu goth i feel like ous dont recal chavs iin their tracksuits and caps in a gaggle out side of a store smoking with a carry out

Not all chavs look like that. In the same way not all chavs are wankers. "Nu goth" is basically hipster goth, i.e. trendy goth that has elements of chaviness to it. There's no way anyone would look at him and think goth.

>as you can see when jake gets naked in his video you can see hes not fat and kaya isnt fat either

No one's said Jake is fat? He's been described as buff here, but he does have an appearance of someone who's bulked up over the top of his "fat". Still I wouldn't necessarily call him fat. Kaya on the other hand is fat. There's no getting around that.

>frejya had euginia tags before the onision drama????

This was wrong and hypocritical of her. She claimed Onision was just trying to get attention/views from Eugenia all the while doing the same with metatags.

No. 273562

who is vox?

they think all chavs look alike so most likely they think that as long as you wear black = you're a goth

No. 273581

That's gotta be fake? If he was cheating I think he'd hide it a little better than that lol! Very strange though….

No. 273590

It says roleplayer.

No. 273599

d'oh, didn't notice that

No. 273628

Vox is their video editor for their terrible gaming channel

I've also noticed her and Jake have a weird flirt thing going on or maybe it just seems that way next to his 0 chemistry with Kaya

No. 273629

Vox edits their gaming channel.

No. 273670

Weather someone if fat or not is a stupid argument, yeah theyre on the chubby side but who gives a fuck. I think Jake is waaaay too full of himself recently in his vids it seems like he thinks he is a really interesting person and the fact hes asking for another patreon to help with his band and doesn't feel he needs to really give anything in return is disgusting. His band is something in his personal life and he thinks he can just use youtube to fuel his lifestyle and not work for his musician equipment. HA. Some of his videos are the cringiest thing I have seen in a long time, his relationship with Kaya is non-existent they look like they're sharing a house.. not a couple. She obviously has some sort of depression I would think because she is in the wrong relationship and doesn't know how to get out of it so she just eats to fill the gaping hole of vanity and she will never be happy until she comes to terms with the thing that is eating her up on the inside. Jake is a child, he needs to grow up and realise the sun doesn't shine out of his ass. And they are on youtube and choose to be, so they need to accept the fact that they are a role model for people (whether it makes sense for anyone to consider them a role model…..really?) so just being mindless and vain and showing the world that being happy is spending money on things is wrong.

No. 273703

File: 1490031464054.jpg (244.21 KB, 1302x608, a cap 01.jpg)

Here are the full screenshots from the conversation Kaya was cherry picking in her twitter meltdown.

No. 273704

File: 1490031491941.jpg (395.04 KB, 1270x621, a cap04.jpg)

No. 273705

File: 1490031593186.jpg (324.9 KB, 1303x567, a cap08.jpg)

No. 273706

File: 1490031652621.jpg (464.52 KB, 1248x614, a cap11.jpg)

No. 273707

File: 1490031769111.jpg (319.6 KB, 1284x619, a cap14.jpg)

No. 273708

I don't think anyone really cares that they're/she is fat. And in fairness calling Kaya "chubby" is a bit of an understatement. It's just kind of ironic given that she and Jake used to insult anyone larger than themselves and Kaya always bragged she could eat whatever she wanted and never put on weight.

No. 273709

File: 1490031895188.jpg (330.28 KB, 1385x584, a cap17.jpg)

No. 273710

File: 1490031963621.jpg (97.29 KB, 433x570, a cap20.jpg)

No. 273718

most people in that thread seem civil apart from light green who i assume is you because we can see you reply head. i can see why theyd get angry at the name calling but most people seemed chil

No. 273726

The person numbering their points is spot on. And I agree with someone elsewhere that he really does look emo or metalcore, even back when he and Kaya were thinner.

No. 273788

She's being picked on for being FAT as the dopey bitch keeps eating a massive amount of foods and the complaining for not losing weight. She is fat. Fat because she eats as much, if not, more than jake and does nothing to work it off.

No. 273791

I don't think people dislike Kaya because she's fat, they dislike her because of the excuses she makes for it. Granted, it's hard to know what she does offline and for all we know, she may be trying but it's hard to take that seriously when she makes posts about her going out to eat and posts pictures of unhealthy food that can contribute to weight gain. And then there's the fact that she seems to give up on exercise regimens if she doesn't see results fast enough and if I remember correctly from an older video she made, she sometimes crashes and just caves into eating which obviously will put the weight back on, especially if you're not moderately active to stave off the weight.

I generally think of Kaya stopped talking about her weight endeavors, people wouldn't bring it up that much. Some people are just annoyed when she keeps talking about her weight struggles when she's making posts that give the implication of why she is the way she is now.

As for Jake, no one thinks he's fat. He's obviously bulky and he knows his stuff on bulking though it feels like he's more of an arm guy as from what I've noticed, that's the only part of his body with clear mass and slight definition.

But anyway, at the end of the day it's not their weight that people don't like about them, it's just how they come off.

Kaya = Whiny and poseur-ish (when it comes to Goth)
Jake = Narcissistic & Arrogant

No. 273792

Oh for God's sake, Kaya. Gothic Charm School alone takes all but 20 minutes to read

No. 273799

Yeah the people seemed chill for sure. Why is it even being discussed though? It's clear as day that Jake isn't a Goth, just a Darkly inclined Metalhead. I have to agree with one of the comments in the post of why doesn't he just label himself a "Metalhead". He clearly likes Metal and has opinions on most of the sub-genres of Metal music. For fuck's sake even the name of his gaming channel is "METAL ASS GAMING" He's the clear cut definition of a Metalhead.

It's just laughable how he gets so bent out of shape when people don't think of him as a Goth when he shares no inclination of it. Oh so just because you wear black and Killstar, that automatically puts you in the Goth bracket? I know this comment comes off as elitist but I mean… For real. It just gets annoying when people like him complain and say things like Goths are arrogant pricks just because they don't include genres of music that have nothing to do with it in the first place because that's what he's upset about. That Metal music isn't put in the Goth category.

No. 273826

A far cry from "all goths are dicks" isn't it? Compare that to the way Kaya handles any criticism.. And he insulted an entire subculture, of course they're going to be annoyed and want to discuss it.

He's probably eager to be labelled as goth because it'd get him more attention on YouTube. There's plenty of alternative guys but very few goth men on YouTube, also it coincides with Kaya ("Goth power couple" and all that).

In fairness there are goth metalheads but it's a hybrid whereby BOTH genres of music are enjoyed. He clearly only likes metal and not goth music, so it's pointless insisting on being called goth (then getting pissed / crying "elitist!" when people point out he's not!)

No. 273871

That's the whole thing she was freaking out about! She only tweeted what she wanted people to see. I see now this is what she does so she can be the victim. This is whats wrong with people appropriating goth so they can make it their full time job and for popularity. You get people like this who manipulate things to try to peg the whole subculture as elitists and handpick the parts that make them out to be the victims. Then she posts it all to send her followers into a frenzy. Its just like she did to that girl who posted her makeup pic. Kaya freaked out blew it up and like posted it everywhere so people would validate her by attacking this poor girl and she would get all the sympathy she wanted. Her boyfriend made a video and insulted every goth in the subculture and shes mad that the goths he insulted had the gall to say something to say about it. Jake in his own words doesn't like goth music, he doesn't like goth clothes and he thinks that goths are all elitist cunts. Kaya doesnt listen to goth music and defends her boyfriends views. I dont understand why they are able to live off the subculture if they aren't goth and they hate it so much.

No. 273893

Right? She cherry picked one part to make it look worse.

They just don't want to admit they're only in it for the fashion. Honestly I think if Kaya didn't have a YT channel she would have hopped on the next bandwagon / next fashion trend.

The majority of their fans I believe are mall goth types likely into metal or emo music, who blindly idolize them and can't see the hypocrisy in their words, therefore won't question it.

No. 273907

Not that anon, but no child watches UTV all day, every day.

No. 273914

I literally have never heard anyone talk like her in real life though. It's a fake accent.

No. 273922

Okay well I know tonnes of people in Dublin who do? Kaya's a shitty person but her accent is not one of the reasons why she's shitty. She's a lazy, entitled, two-faced, passive-aggressive wannabe goth but whether you think Ireland is heavily influenced by American and British culture/media (surprise, it is) is completely irrelevant.

No. 274128

Of course they are. Her followers only like her for her appearance, no one really cares about "what" she really is or the (sub)culture. It's a shame that people like her are popular and then possibly give out wrong/bad advice to babybats or people who are actually interested

No. 274171

I've just watched a snippet of Jakes vlog and my god it is cringey as hell, he's walked around his gym vlogging and you can see everybody looking up at him, he thinks he is famous it's embarrassing

No. 274209

yea that was awkward as fk lol! such a narcissist walking around with a selfie stick in a gym jesus christ

No. 274220

she wants to do a video about her books even though she admits she hasn't read the majority of them?? lmao!

No. 274223

I love Kelly Eden but… Man, she is saying so much shit about Vegas and not liking parties and stuff. And you know, it's her job. Don't shit on your job.

No. 274243

>and then possibly give out wrong/bad advice to babybats or people who are actually interested

Her most recent video titled "all goths are depressed - a harmful stereotype" yeah no I think a more harmful stereotype is a wannabe goth only in it for the aesthetic claiming you don't have to like goth music to be a goth and "goth is what you make it" nonsense

No. 274259


Exactly! If you're going to go so far and piss of an entire subculture, the people in said subculture will speak up. Sorry Jake, you're not that famous to just say anything you want with no repercussions.

And you're most likely right. The only reason he's eager to be labelled as a Goth is just for more attention. There aren't many Goth guy YouTubers so he's trying to run with it but not many people are buying it because it's clear he has no interest at all and now he outright admitted it. Like >>273871 said, he doesn't like Goth music, he doesn't like goth clothes, and he hates Goth people yet he still wants people to consider him a Goth? Sod off mate and just stick with the Metal scene.

And knowing him if he ever sees this, he'll twist it around and say "This is what I was talking about, Goths are elitist cunts" and to that I say, no my friend. Goths are open and love seeing new people come to the subculture who are genuinely interested in what it's about. We love helping out Baby Bats and exposing them to awesome bands (and it's not just 80s stuff neither). We just don't like when people bastardize the subculture.

And >>273826 I know that there are genuine Goth metalheads who like both Goth music and Metal music and that's great. That's the definition of a Goth metalhead. One day you want to listen to some Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy and the next day, you want some Iron Maiden or Mastodon. Heck, some bands have legitimately fused Goth and Metal together like Paradise Lost, Moonspell (earlier work), Tiamat, and Theatre of Tragedy to name a few. It's rare when the genre actually is legitimate because most "Goth metal" bands I see are people labeling Symphonic Metal bands like Nightwish or Epica as Goth metal just because the singer (usually female) is wearing dark makeup and a corset. But I digress.

Most Goths wouldn't have a problem with Jake if he was a legitimate Goth metalhead but he isn't, he's just a Metalhead (and it's fine but don't call yourself Goth when you don't like the one thing it's centered around which is music). I just hate when people like him try so hard to push the music out as if it's nothing that important when that's not the case.

No. 274263


Exactly, if that doesn't scream "Poseur", I don't know what does lol I actually did talk a little to the girl who she lashed out at and she's actually a sweet, pleasant person. She just doesn't like how Kaya makes the subculture look like it's only about buying this, this, and this and offers nothing of value or substance for the subculture she claims to be a part of. I mean sure, there's nothing inherently wrong with buying things you like and it's natural to want to show it to others but if that's all you have going for you, it kinda says something about the person doesn't it? So I understand why that girl was annoyed with Kaya, she was just the first person to be vocally upfront with it so to me, she has guts because Kaya is pretty popular and you knew she was going to unleash her minions.

I agree. If she wasn't on YouTube, I have a feeling she would've hopped to the next alternative bandwagon as well (I'm thinking Kawaii).

And you're right, I never really looked at her comments before until a few days ago and majority of them are young, mall-goth looking girls who give her lots of praise with no rhyme or reason other than her looking "beautiful". So I'm not surprised Kaya has an inflated ego with her "Gothness", much to the point that if anyone calls her out or questions it, she'll scream and point "ELITIST! ELITIST! SHUN! SHUN!" and unleashes her minions on the nonbeliever lol

No. 274284

File: 1490116608511.jpg (116.19 KB, 903x600, JamcybA.jpg)

This is going to seem super elitist but he never really looked goth before anyway. Looks far more emo here. Long lost member of BVB…

No. 274303

>>274284 I had the exact same haircut during the emo days… I'm ashamed.

No. 274359

you're not the only one

Also, that tv lol

No. 274368

She's causing a fuss on twitter right now about 'People on Youtube' telling her that she is not goth because she doesn't like goth music. Does the drama ever stop with her? Her latest tumblr post is even worse. She and Jake are whinging about all these rules but they're too deluded to realise that they're trying to change a subculture that they has nothing to do with them to fit what they like because they don't like it as it is. You can't complain about rules when you're trying to make them yourself. I don't know if this is new and off colour behaviour for her but it's quite sad as I use to really like her.

No. 274387

God does she ever stop? Give it up. To be goth you must like the music first and foremost. Trying to change it to suit her is far more elitist anyway. She's totally pathetic

No. 274448

Are you serious? Just wow… What is "elitist" and saying if you don't like Goth music, you're not a Goth? It's the fucking truth. Goth is a music based subculture first and foremost and that will never change no matter how much they dislike it.

Literally, people are saying you can dress however you please and still be Goth as long as you enjoy the music. How is that elitist? This is just… Ugh.. I can't even lol

No. 274483

According to her it seem it's elitist because she doesn't fit into that

No. 274533

Well she needs to get over it and accept it. That or try giving goth music another chance. I notice how people who complain about Goth music always harp on about the 80s bands like The Cure, Bauhaus, Specimen, or Siouxsie and the Banshees and that's fine but what about 90s Goth music? Have you tried that? The Wake? London After Midnight? Big Electric Cat? Nosferatu? etc. I could go on. Or heck, what about modern? She Past Away? Drab Majesty? Solemn Novena?

I'm just saying, there are touches of Goth music for practically everyone if they look for it and I just get annoyed when people bitch about Goth music when they are only bitching about the 80s stuff.

No. 274594

newfag here, do we have some recommendations for good youtubers that aren't delusional, self obsessed, vapid, materialists? Smaller youtubers can be hard to find but I know there are some gems out there.

No. 274680

Didn't TT say she likes The Cure in her goth tag video? Or was she lying and that was just the most obvious choice to go for?

No. 274681

File: 1490144998369.jpg (141.51 KB, 768x768, pIsj2cvt4rWpylthRRMWWF-JIxxxu8…)

TT whenever she makes a video, or comes up with another circular argument for not making a video about music

No. 274687

>>274594 Angela Benedict for authentic tales, tips and tricks from a 90's Goth. I mentioned her earlier so it should be pretty obvious I love her videos.

No. 274820

snowy lowther seems pretty nice and genuine

No. 274844

I like thegothicalice though her attitude doesn't mesh with everyone

No. 274880

seriously I think black Friday is a ok goth youtuber , her vlogs are really interesting, the music she use is really good , and she doesn't seems to be a bad person,honestly. I don't get why she gets so much hate and also she is one of the few "Goth youtubers" that actually seems to be part of the Goth scene

No. 274886

The Goblin Queen is pretty good. She has a very pleasant personality, she knows her stuff and she's very passionate about the subculture. She used to have some DIY stuff on her channel but she deleted most of her older videos because she thought they were too "cringy" but she still has some good stuff.

No. 274900

I just watched this and thought he made some good points. He talks about the commercialism i the scene and even addresses the way some people will take any little bit of criticism as elitism and sic their fans on people.

No. 274940

You are correct that she did mention The Cure like once but I dunno, I feel like her likeness is only for the more mainstream stuff when they were moving away from the Goth sound and more to the 80s Pop sound. I dunno, it's hard to get a read on it when she never talks about the music at all and the one time she did, she was talking about her love for 90s pop which is fine, I love 90s music myself but the fact that she never once talked about Goth music, listed any bands she likes, and has piss poor excuses for not talking about said music, I just can't take her seriously and when her boyfriend came out and said what he said, I'm even more convinced. They bitch about the Goths in their area being elitist assholes but after seeing how they handle criticism on their part with their lack of "gothness", it's easy to understand why some of the Goths don't like to be around them.

No. 274941


Here are some though I most likely will be repeating some people lol

Angela Benedict - Has a way with words, tells entertaining stories from her days as a goth in the 90s, plays some nice 90s Goth music & industrial and all around just a pleasant, enthusiastic person who knows what she's talking about.

BlackFriday - Despite the meta tag thing and her Paris museum thing where she should've toned down her look, she really isn't so bad. She has a pleasant demeanor, plays all kinds of Goth music in her videos, has made a few Goth-related videos that help Baby Bats learn more about the subculture from music and general advice, & has some interesting travel vlogs.

SnowyLowther - Very sweet & genuine, knows her stuff on Goth, and she talks about all kinds of subject matter. She did start with mostly makeup videos but she branched out and is just one of the Goth youtubers who is worth a look.

TheGothicAlice - Like another person said, she may come off a little rude and aloof but you can tell she means well. She talks about a wide range of topics that would interest a Goth/Gothic-inclined person so definitely worth a look.

The Goblin Queen - Very personable and very enthusiastic. She gives of a very friendly, open demeanor and gives some good advice. Her vlogs can be pretty neat too though she doesn't upload as much as she used to since she does a lot of work with her band Esoterik these days but still worth a look.

Accumortis - He's a smaller channel but he's pretty neat guy and probably one of the first legitimate "Goth metalheads" I've ever discovered on YouTube's Goth circle. He knows his stuff on both Goth music and Metal music which is refreshing. He also is into philosophical subjects that he shares every now and then.

Amy Nekrotique - Another smaller channel. She's more rooted in Industrial (she's said herself) but she's still worth a look. Very pleasant attitude and talks about a wide range of topics.

No. 275012

I saw her wearing a SoM t-shirt on her gaming channel once, but again they're an easy, obvious choice to go for.

No. 275032

Pretty sure that was a gift from a subscriber?

No. 275069

File: 1490197985192.jpg (60.04 KB, 486x648, 3e06cf77b62cbfc90456dab9b56867…)

This must be when she was a teenager, think she looks really cool here. It must be sad for her to look back on pictures like this.

No. 275092

yea I would feel bad for her because it's clear she's miserable about the way she looks and longs to look like her old self again (explains why she keeps up all the old, outdated images of her on YT and Tumblr) but she just needs to CUT BACK ON THE CALORIES. It's insulting to people genuinely struggling with weight when she complains and gives up within a week

No. 275127

She needs to cut back on the drama. Every week it's something new.

No. 275203

No. 275224

I have to agree. I think it's the fact of her making constant excuses and being impatient when she's in the mode for exercise that gets tiring to hear.

Is it really? Other than her making small annoying complains, I don't think she's blown up as much since that one lady called her out lol

I was watching a video by another Goth YouTuber who was saying that a Goth YouTuber shouldn't feel obligated to make Goth-related videos if they don't want to and while I agree that you shouldn't make videos that you don't want to make but if you never share anything at all about the subculture you claim to love (especially if you're on social media a lot), it just comes of as fake to me. :/

No. 275229

Just 4 days ago she was throwing a complete fit on twitter. There were more tweets than what was posted here but she was really going for it. She deleted them all in the end.

No. 275326

Honestly, she protests too much. If she just IGNORED this thread and the "haters" calling her a poser and a fake, she'd be happier and we'd probably get bored of not having new to gossip about, and stop.

but she keeps on beatin' that dead horse.

No. 275388

okay so that says that the goht fashion started before goth music, so why is it essential to listen to goth music if the fashion came first? and you cant be goth if you dont like the music?

No. 275390

That video is fairly inaccurate imo, especially the postmodern bit at the end claiming kanye west is goth. "These days goth can mean anything…" Seems like that video basically sides with kaya.

No. 275401

That's the problem. No one called her anything. She wasn't even mentioned. The thread was about Jake. She just made it all about her. That makeup post wasn't about her either. The OP was using her pic as an example. It wasn't even posted anywhere other than that girls fb page which was private. Someone on her friends list screencapped it and sent it to Kaya. She's the one who posted it everywhere and made it a huge thing. She got blackfriday involved and they started reposting it everywhere telling people to boycott her shop. She ended up deleting her FB page.

No. 275403

She's got a serious persecution complex which is probably aggravated by some undiagnosed mental illness.

No. 275405

its the joke that everything tries to be goth

No. 275406

I hope so, if that's the case the sarcasm was way too dry for me to catch, that or I'm just getting old.

No. 275408

she only posted it on facebook freya got herself involved because the girl had said shit about her too, dre roynae commented on it too?? and kaya didnt tell anyone to boycott it

No. 275425

I dont know dre roynae. Kaya posted to her twitter as well when it happened and then again like a week later. I saw a few screen shots Black Friday posted in a goth group indentifying the girl and her shop and telling people to boycott it. Kaya was in the comments along with blackfriday fueling the fire and attacking anyone who disagreed with them. They are big youtubers with so many followers that love them. Why did they care so much what one girl said about them her on private facebook page that they wanted to destroy her business. what if thats her only way to make a living?

No. 275430

No. 275432

File: 1490230942877.png (209.04 KB, 540x960, 1.png)

No. 275433

File: 1490231051749.png (178.61 KB, 540x960, 2.png)

No. 275435

File: 1490231166814.png (155.53 KB, 540x960, 3.png)

No. 275437

File: 1490231276298.png (191.62 KB, 540x960, 4.png)

No. 275441

Thank you. I dont have mine anymore. Kaya and black friday are lying. They say that she was publicly shitting on them. She posted about them on her private FB page and never posted anything anywhere else that I saw. Kaya and blackfriday are the ones who made it public. They got angry and used their popularity to ruin a strangers life just to get revenge.

No. 275443

and where do either of them tell their fans not to shop there, they advise other goth youtubers not to work withthem

No. 275444

it wasnt private hence why everyone was able to comment on it, she privated her page afterwards

No. 275447

Seriously? Kaya got butthurt, ran to Black Friday and they decided it was totally okay to ruin someones business purely for having an opinion that pointed out the fact she posted a picture with the pure intent to show off a stupid amount of makeup most of us have the sense to not waste money on.

No. 275449

As someone who was on Renee's personal page, her page was always set to only be viewed by friends, then someone on her friends list sent screenshots to potato face (TT)

They did say not to shop there but I don't have screens of that. Their fans also left a bunch of 1 star reviews on the FB page as you can see mentioned, even though they've never shopped there. As of today Renee has deleted both her private and public FB page because of that.

No. 275450

clearly it wasnt friends only seeing as people, ho werent her friends, went from kayas post to hers and commented defending kaya

No. 275454

those screens were from a facebook youtube group not from her FB page

No. 275455

File: 1490232857694.png (257.35 KB, 540x960, shot.png)

No. 275457

im talking about renees personal page not being on friends only…

No. 275459

looks like renee is just trying to get drama in her life to make her relevant

No. 275465

but she did dress more goth than punk before she started the music so clearly fashion came first

No. 275477

kaya posted on her twitter twice both when people were talking to her and she replied to them and didnt even say what had happened and there is not post about a week later i looked through just under 2 weeks of tweets and theres no mention of it

No. 275480

This is part of why I say the video is inaccurate, once she started dressing goth she was getting setup for siouxsie and the banshees: https://youtu.be/9qdIlzlJ3z0
That's in 76, if you look at her style in 75 it's much more punk.
Which illustrates imo, that goth music and fashion were evolving at the same time, out of punk and into post punk. The two have always been symbiotic and fed off each other.

No. 275481

Renees page was friends only and 2 of her friends took screen shots and sent them to Kaya.

No. 275490

My post about siouxsie is even besides the point anyway because you don't have the word goth popping up until closer to the mid 80's and not really being widely used until the late 80's. Even the Batcave didn't pop up until '82.

To add on to Sioux's fashion, she was never trying to be goth really, which is why there's a good argument to be made for goth being a combination of stuff not just 1 thing. Goth has always been a culture cobbled together from other periods and aesthetics and art and literature, but it's always grown up out of the music (Bauhaus' Dracula connection for example)

In this quote, even as she's denying being goth, she implicitly links her fashion with her music.

Sioux: I've always seen these tags of convenience that journalists come up with as lazy journalism and a real cop-out, an inability to deal with something that they can't or won't understand. Call it what you like - punk, funk, new wave, goth, I don't care. I don't want anything to do with it. I would never limit myself this way, or use these terms to describe our music. Now if you're talking about people with a flock mentality and a need, that's something else. There are plenty of people like that. We're not liike that. I'm not like that. Juju was an African word for karma or luck. There's good juju and there's bad juju.

No. 275492

Renee fb IS and always has been set to friends only. She will accept other goth AUSTRALIANS who SHOP at her store.
All the 1 start reviews were from dumb cunt Americans that have never even shopped there. And if you have shopped there and are not from Aus or nz, you an idiot to pay the shipping costs on items you get cheaper in the northern hempishpere.

I highly doubt her business has been affected because we Australians have 2 online stores that are expensive as FUCK, she makes a third that's cheap!

The only drama that was created was from lard ass and the self proclaimed bat queen because they were butt hurt over screen shots from a brown nosing fan.

No. 275509

Angela Benedict, Caligo Bastet(?), Snowy Lowther (not sure if she fits the bill).

I can't think of any others off the top of my head.

No. 275540

WAS friends only. She deleted her personal and shops facebook accounts because of all the problems that Kaya and blackfriday have caused her. The brown nosing fan was Becca Dancer. She was Renees facebook friend that screen shot and leaked all of her private posts. They're big youtubers they probably get trolls all the time that say so much worse to them. Renee is one person who voiced a personal opinion on her private facebook page. They didn't care about 'Negativity' and 'making the community look bad'. If that was the case then blackfriday woulndnt be meta tagging a dying teenager for views and Kaya woudln't support a guy who shits on the gothic subculture aka the community by calling them all elitist cunts. They seemed pretty drunk with power and wanted to make an example out of her.

No. 275608

exactly what i thought just another attention seeker. is there and milk there or just an angsty girl who has an over priced shop

No. 275642

Ha! If you think she's over priced. Go look at beserk.com or tragicbeautiful
They're over priced.
Renees shop is the cheapest and has just started up. Legit all for supporting her since buying over seas is fucking retarded.
68$ in shipping for a pair of fucking stockings at cryoflesh, 40$ au for vampire freaks.
That's after paying over 200 for a dress or over 80 for a singlet

No. 275654

I think it all depends on what kind of content you're looking for but those 3 are good starts if you want something that's not the usual makeup every upload day. Rose Nocturnella is also pretty great though she doesn't upload that much since she's quite busy in her day to day life but her content is pretty good I think.

No. 275709

Whoa. As if I wasn't put off by those two already, this just cements it for me.. What a pair of bitches. Lying bitches at that. I'm curious what these "rumours" are that Freyja alludes to? The metatags things is true and her mother is racist (look at the shit she posts on her FaceBook). "She makes the community look bad" says the one who is essentially directing people to boycott someones shop hence their living!! They both have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of fans but they zero in on one persons negative comment toward them? Fuck outta here, that's BULLYING. Not everyone's going to like you, get over it. They're using their popularity and status to shit on her business, seriously disgusting behaviour on their part. Boycott those two I say…

No. 275712

see the problem right there - renee isn't ruining TT and blackfridays lives with those comments is she? Whereas kaya and blackfriday are potentially ruining her livelihood all over some negative things about them. jfc can't deal

No. 275740

Snowy Lowther is wonderful. She seems like a really good person, imo. PLus she's adorabl af.

Offtopic, but why are goths these days so obsessed over calling each others posers and tourists? Since when did it become a contest to see who was the most insecure in their appearance and taste to start calling everyone else posers. Not a dig at anyone in particular.

No. 275779

I think the more appropriate question is why are people like Kaya so insecure they cry "elitist!" to anyone who questions them?

No. 275782


Authenticity is always important in countercultures. It was always an obsession and it was devastating to be a poser. That label followed you.

"Elitist" is kind of a new one though. Back in the day, posers didn't have much of a platform to defend themselves against the gatekeepers so you had to up your authenticity or git out.

No. 275832

It's not about insecurity and exploiting it, well at least to me. If you're talking about people's comments towards Kaya/Toxic Tears & her boyfriend (because they're the only ones who get the criticism), it's just because of the way they come off. It genuinely feels like they just use Goth to make their living and naturally it's going to annoy or piss off those who are actually into the subculture. Their kind of mentality just cheapens the Goth subculture and people are going to be annoyed of it and their little outburst on Jake's "Fuck Goths" rhetoric was the least straw for a lot of actual Goths.

And on your poser bit, well think about it. What could potentially make someone be labelled as a poser. To me, all Goth is is just a word to describe the music and a fan of it while Gothic is just a word used to describe a theme, pretty much an adjective. You can be Gothic if you have a natural inclination towards darker things and this is what refers to the "Gothic mindset". I do not and will not ever think of "Goth" as a mindset because again, I just see it as a music form and it's fans.

The Gothic subculture can be home to both Goths and Gothic-Darkly inclined individuals because they can get a long for the most part. But I too am of the opinion that Kaya is just a Gothic-inclined person rather than a Goth. In the 3 years I've watched her, she just alays struck that vibe and when I heard her explanation for not wanting to talk about Goth music whatsoever, it kind of cemented that fact. Jake on the other hand, I never watched much of because he just gave off this narcissistic aura and it just turned me off. But when I heard that he hated Goth music in one of his vlogs, that made me go "Okay, so he's not a Goth, just most likely a "Gothic-inclined" person like Kaya) But then he had to take it further and generalize every single Goth as a "cunt" and well now, I don't have much of any respect for him.

I think the thing that makes these two so laughable to people in the subculture is that they can't take any criticism. I don't know about the Renee thing but after reading the above posts, it's so funny how she (Kaya) had to blow up one opinion about her and had to send her fans to destroy this girl's business. Seriously?

No. 276074

anyone seen reerees closet video yet a fucking hour

No. 276088


Yeah and it's dull as fuck. I turned off after like ten minutes.

No. 276137

I tried, I really really tried, and after about 10 - 15 I realized she literally had nothing to say other than describing the thing I was already looking at, so rather than fall asleep I turned it off.

No. 276138

it was literally not even showing us things it wasn mosrtly just naminf the brands while we stare at a mass of black didnt miss much

No. 276141

Why would Hello Batty comment on the situation? She's way more into lolita, and I might be wrong but isn't the only "goth" music she listens to stereotypical baby bat bands like HIM?

No. 276145

I'd be way more interested in a DIY video for how to build and decorate a closet like that.

No. 276162

I watched a few minutes of it and only made it to about 15 before I just clicked off. It was just too… Bland and plus (and this is my own bias), I get tired of seeing the pre-packaged uniform look of big name alternative clothing labels, especially Killstar since everyone into that brand has the same thing so I just couldn't sit through an hour of that.

When it comes to long hauls like that, I like it better when they feature obscure stuff from thrifting or even DLC. That video just felt like a big product placement of big name labels and meh, it just isn't for me.

The video probably would've been more interesting if she just did it like she does her lookbook, it's better than looking at a mass pile of black.

No. 276168

Damn, I haven't heard of Hello Batty since her "You're not a real Goth enough… Discrimination in the Subculture" video and even that one rubbed me the wrong way a bit.

I honestly haven't seen many videos from her other than that one, her "Goth Tag", and her "I'm s Hipster?… Creepy Cute vs Pastel Goth vs Nu Goth" videos.

I took a little browse through her videos and hell yes she seems more embedded in the Lolita & Kawaii subcultures than anything. I'm not surprised about the Pastel Goth thing since that usually goes hand in hand with Kawaii (seriously lol).

I also too a look at her music playlist and I will say I love her taste in music (lots of 90s Alternative) but no Goth so from that impression, I'm going to consider her Gothic-inclined like Toxic Tears.

No. 276176

No. 276184

No. 276195

I remember that video. I do think that she got most of the basis but she did the one thing that so many Goth YouTubers do when they talk about Elitism. They never actually explain ACTUAL Elitism vs Non-elitism. They make it come off that anyone who talks about the music don't know what they're talking about and it's this kind of thing that makes people throw in the whole "Anything can be Goth" mentality (kinda like what that one video made by PitchFork shown above that joked about Kanye West being Goth & Instagram Filters being Goth and all that).

Now that is what I'm talking about. He actually went in and explained the differences between Elitist/non-elitist.

No. 276199

ya I just thought it was a good video :)

No. 276261

Her video praising herself for turning down sponsors and talking about how rich she is made me dislike her, and videos like a closet tour showing how dull and lacking of substance she is only cemented it

No. 276379

Yeah, his video is probably the best on the subject of Elitism, more should follow example. I think people are too afraid of being labelled as "elitist" so they sugarcoat what real Elitism actually is.

No. 276482

I can't stand the way she talks. It sounds so forced, putting on this posh voice. Is it just me!?

No. 276494


I actually saw her sponsor video as a good thing. The fact that she actually has a job outside of Youtube means she isn't desperate enough to accept any sponsorship from companies whose ethics she doesn't agree with just so she can get money.

I would prefer hearing that someone has the opportunity/integrity to turn down easy money from a source they don't support rather than a social media person who will sponsor anything and anyone just to get cash. If people on the internet can get their panties in a bunch over cruelty free products and vegan products, then I feel it's also Reeree's right to decline sponsors and also talk about it.

No. 276505


I suppose that's true. Considering her popularity, she could easily just be the alternative version of Trisha Paytas doing anything to get money but she doesn't so I can respect that.

And it's no hate at Trisha, she too has said she'd do mostly anything for money lol

No. 276508

didn't she promote that flat tummy tea crap?

No. 276599

Yeh she did. Almost every moron promotes that and has no idea what it actually does to their GI tract

No. 276614

Tummy Tea? What is that? lol

No. 276630

some detox thing that's meant to help bloating

No. 276654

It has senna in it which makes you poop a lot. It's like a laxative.

No. 276699

for some reason I watched TT's eyebrow stencil video and she mentioned eyebrow stamps and actually said she'd put it on her wishlist. wtf? they're like £2, pay for it yourself you silly bitch.

No. 276743

Oh okay lol

No. 276783

So I just watched BlackFriday's response to why she doesn't like to talk about Goth in her videos and honestly, I think her reason is relatively justified but I don't think she realizes how much subtle help she does for the subculture?

She plays the music and she talks about the usual things that a Goth/Gothic person would be into so eh, I dunno I feel she's embellishing a little bit if she honestly doesn't realize what she has done for the subculture in her humble beginnings of YouTube.

I don't really agree with her thoughts on the "technicalities" of "Goth" because I personally have my own beliefs on what is and isn't "Goth" and reasons for why I uphold them but I will respect her honesty on the subject.

Any thoughts?

No. 276903

was a very good video , i agree with most fo what she says in the video and i believe People are allowed their own individual interests outside of what is stereotypically goth, it would be interesting to see her videos about how teens can talk to their parents about being goths

No. 276989


she did, and she even mentioned this in the video (which I'm guessing you didn't watch)

she explains why it's shit (heh) and why a lot of people who talk about it never get to phase 2: because phase 1 is just the tea which makes you lose water weight, and phase 2 is truly disgusting and nobody wants to talk about it because they feel terrible afterwards because (in her words) it makes you "crap up a storm".

Reeree is insecure about her weight and tries hard to keep it off so I'm guessing that's why she tried but she also learned her lesson, too. And she saw how much bullshit other people were saying bc omg they loved the tea!! but in reality they just avoided the second half of the process

No. 277106


That's too bad, Reeree's body looks fine so she shouldn't be hard on herself for it and okay, now it makes sense. I remember in Ofherbsandaltars Instagram makeup video, she mentioned "Bubble tea" and I didn't get that joke but it all makes sense now lol

No. 277126

she used to have an eating disorder so I think she's still recovering mentally

No. 277228

More on music that Kaya listens to: I guess Placebo and Nicole dollanganger (who has her own thread). IDK she reblogged some if their songs

No. 277282


I can't remember where she mentioned this (instagram or a video) but she's on the shorter side and she used to be quite overweight and she struggled a lot to lose the weight and become thin like she is now, so her body image is something she's still working on

ah yes, ofherbsandaltars. I find them very eloquent in a funny way a lot of times but their videos can get on the longer side. They have a certain way of talking that seems funny to me, or witty, but I understand how they aren't everyone's cup of tea

No. 277290

she also likes avenged sevenfold. bfmv could be heard in one of jake's vlogs too. Why don't they just admit they're darkly inclined metalheads and get it over with?

No. 277324

Because doing that would lose them the goth metatag.

No. 277499

Ah okay. Yeah I don't really watch ReeRee's videos to be honest. I only watched her tag videos and some of her look books so I didn't know much about her past other than her saying she grew up poor. Making a drastic change like that would put some stress on the mind so hopefully she finds some peace of mind at some point.

No. 277517

I like Placebo myself but they aren't a Goth band, they've always been a darker alternative. Think bands like Cranes, Scarling, Interpol, My Bloody Valentine, and Zola Jesus. I've never heard of Nicole Dollanger but after looking up an image of her, I'm better she's dark alternative as well.

And yeah yeah, I know if she's lurking here, she'll probably be going "This is what I'm talking about when it comes to "Goth" music" and there's nothing wrong with liking dark alternative bands or non Goth bands. Just making an observation because I have heard some of the aforementioned bands mentioned as "Goth rock" bands.

That's what I'm saying lol It's clear as day they mostly like metal so what's wrong with "metalhead", it's an accurate description for them but then again, the only reason I can think of is that there are plenty of darkly inclined metalheads already so it won't make them unique lol See this is why I like YouTuber Amy Nekromantic, she acknowledges that she fits more into the Industrial/Rivethead scene than Goth because Industrial music make up the large majority of her favorite music (she even DJs Industrial electronic music) and even if she doesn't hit the "Goth" Goth note, she's still fun to listen to and has an awesome (Imo) darkly inclined/Gothic style. At least she's honest instead of skirting around the bush.

No. 277518

*betting she's dark alternative as well. My bad lol

No. 277520

I was feeling nostalgic and went back to Ofherbsandaltars channel and watched some of her older videos from 2 years ago and it made me remember why I loved his channel in the first place. Pleasant voice and a killer style to boot. It was so weird seeing him with long hair because he's had shorter hair for quite some time now.

No. 277524

File: 1490507386798.jpg (766.34 KB, 2048x2048, F06D5FB3-D865-4E8C-925C-F5F4BA…)

No. 277603

Hahaha eat unhealthy "sometimes". Bitch, you post shit food daily -_-

Ofherbsandaltas is a fucking train wreck I can't look away from.

No. 277605

I was about to post this myself but you saved me the trouble, thanks.

My god she can hardly go a single day without fussing about something. She says other people have problems when they bring up her weight but she brings it up all the time in the first place. "Can't imagine what's gone wrong in their lives to make them so fucked in the head" Maybe you're fucked in the head. Your always throwing yourself straight into drama and bitching about pointless bullshit. Hell, you even tried to ruin a person's fucking livelihood because they said something a bit unkind about you on their own facebook. This whole post is just another histrionic attempt at making her little fangirls smother her with praise. That sounds like what someone who's "fucked in the head" would do.

No. 277615

"There are some people right now…." = I lurk here

I don't know about anyone else but I'm not trying to make her feel bad about her weight. If anything we're trying to get her to see that it's the consumption of too many calories that's causing her weight gain and in turn causing her to struggle to shift it. Sure "treat days" are fine but only when you've been strict with a diet and exercise regime the rest of the week, instead in her case it seems (at least from all the pictures she posts) that she has treat days every other day. Even on her "non-treat" days she's still not eating right, like that plate full of avocados - a good fat is still a fat. Even in some of Jake's vlogs when they go out to eat he always mentions she ate too much. Speaking of Jake, she needs to stop taking diet advice from him - he eats to BULK up, not lose weight.

No. 277620

This is such a classic lolcow response, specially the "I'm losing weight. I'll continue to lose weight" without proof.

Those are my workout lines!!

No. 277681

She basically wrote an essay about us.

Hi Kaya! Eat a salad healthy salad.

No. 277775


God she is completely obsessed with what other people think about her - it's really sad. Becoming 'Internet famous' is probably the worst thing to ever happen to her. She needs to switch her computer off and go and live a fucking normal life without posturing and ranting and acting like a child online to complete strangers. At the end of the day they don't give a fuck about her, contrary to what she believes.

No. 277852

I like how in Jake's latest vlog he walks beside Vox but Kaya's left in the back

No. 278184

Who would want to walk next to that behemoth cow? Lol

No. 278209

Same, I really don't care if she's fat or skinny or in between. I'm just getting tired of her complaining or mentioning weight at all. If you've got it under control, just stop talking about it and do it. Show everyone they're wrong by letting the results show. Look at BlackFriday, she did just that as she looked like she has lost weight in her Zoo video (kudos to her) without talking about it nonstop.

Besides that, I don't care for her not because she's bigger but just because she comes across as whiny.

And that's true. A practicing bodybuilder is not going to have the same diet as a normal person and his food consumption will be different since he's trying to gain mass.

No. 278292

Does anyone even still watch MetalAssGaming? I used to really love the channel back when John was in it and they played older games like Clocktower and Silent Hill, but since John left and they started playing newer shit and Sims constantly I noticed they only get like 1.5k views a day lol. Kinda makes me sad tbh. I liked Jake and Kaya back then but I don't know if they've changed or I didn't realize it back then but they're annoying as fuck and I mostly ignore them nowadays. Jake's vlog channel gets so many more views for some reason. I guess it's the clickbait? I'm just waiting for the day THEY DECIDE TO PUT THEIR GAMING VIDEO TITLES IN CAPS TO TRY TO GAIN MORE VIEWS!

Also, does anyone know of any good goth/alternative male YouTubers? I'm sick of femgoth YouTubers constantly making videos about spoopy makeup trying to look as edgy as possible to prove they're not normies

No. 278357

OH my god people wouldn't be making comments about her weight if she didn't start it all by constantly complaining about her 'totally unfair and because of the anti depressants' weight gain.

No. 278364

I tried giving their videos a chance back when they first started but it wasn't really my cup of tea but I'm very picky with Gameplay channels in general as it's not a niche I'm really into (I prefer video game reviews). I did take a look at their channel again and yeah, it seems they don't rake in the views and oh my Jesus The Sims lol I mean Sims are fine and all but I don't know many people who'd want to sit through those games.

I think the only reason Jake gets a lot of views is because of the click bait, especially if he puts "GOTH" in it. I used to like Kaya back then too but eventually I started noticing certain traits that just turned me off and they seemed to amplify with every time she uploaded a video so I just had to unsubscribe and move on. Luckily there were more worthwhile Goth/Alternative YouTubers to watch.

As for male Goth/Alternative youtubers… OH that's a hard one because there aren't that many but if I can name a few…

•This is Raven - He's from Israel I think and he makes some awesome Goth/Gothic themed videos and he clearly knows his stuff.

•Caligo Bastet - He's another person from Israel. I personally think he's more of a Rivethead as he's into a lot of Industrial but anyway, he's pretty cool and I've followed him for awhile now. He used to make makeup tutorials for guys but moved on and started doing typical vlogging videos.

•Kai Decadence - He's a fairly newer channel talking about Goth related subjects. Also one of the few Black guys talking about the subculture so there's that?

•Sweeney Deville - He's another fairly new Goth youtuber and you can tell he's really into Goth music. He also has his own band too!

•Accumortis - He's a pretty insightful guy for his age and he's a lover of Goth & Metal music respectively. He also makes some videos that lean more on the philosophical side.

•Zeroy Cruciatum - Like Caligo, more Industrial fan but he knows his stuff on Goth music and he's made some interesting videos though he doesn't upload all that frequently unfortunately. Still worth a look!

•Patrick SilverRose - He was admittedly like Jake at first where he was an obvious Metalhead who mainly liked the Gothic aesthetic and didn't like Goth music but he eventually moved out of Goth and now just identifies as Alternative (he made a video on this). If you like Metal music, he makes some videos talking about some of his favorites or some that he discovers and shares.

And that's all I've got. Like I said, there really aren't that many male Goth/Alternative YouTubers I've come to notice but hopefully you enjoy one of these guys, I tried to list some fairly active YouTubers.

No. 278367

Oh! Totally forgot one more male Goth YouTuber lol

•Cemetery Confessions - He's been around for awhile but he makes some interesting videos on the inner workings of Goth/Gothic and while he doesn't have many videos yet, I can definitely see him going places and it's nice to hear someone talk about things other than just fashion so yeah, I highly recommend checking him out.

No. 278371

Came across another smaller goth guy channel similar to this one too - Sweeney De Ville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ8fGv5lxCk&t

No. 278494

A channel I really like is GothCast.
He reviews a lot of gothic albums and things related to the subculture like books and movies. He's a fairly small channel and most of his content is on his podcast channel where he and his friend talk in dept about the music and a bit about fashion and other media as well. They know a great deal about the history of goth so it's worth checking out.

No. 278508

Oh I forgot about them though I haven't seen too much of his work but I'm gonna check more of him out. I saw his review for Sisters of Mercy's "Floodland" and I really enjoyed his commentary. :)

No. 278859

Holy shit, Sweeney Deville makes videos now? I used to talk to his girlfriend a lot a few years ago on tumblr and I always wanted to see more of him but he wasn't active on social media like she was. I had a mini freak out there for a second, I had completely forgotten about them. jeez. bit of a mindfuck.

Anywho, thanks I'll check out those guys. I'm more of a metalhead myself so that Partick dude sounds cool.

No. 279082

Yeah, Sweeney's content is pretty neat and Patrick's metal suggestions are fine though most are female-fronted so if you like female fronted metal, more reason to give him a look .

No. 279826

Whoever predicted the metal ass gaming re do was right. They've changed thumbnails and now they're all in caps!

No. 279830

Well they do lurk here

No. 280414

Not surprising since they weren't raking in the views to begin with so this kind of click bait can certainly help them rack them up.

No. 280625

Toxic Tears is forever talking to his Sweeney's girlfriend on twitter. I wonder if she wishes she and Jake could be like them, lol.

No. 280634

doubt the caps will help

No. 280649

probably, and also likely jealous. she's skinny, japanese and has a goth boyfriend.

No. 280655

It's even funnier that Kaya's a closet weeb. She probably wants to kill her and wear her skin.

No. 280785

File: 1490892253366.png (247.37 KB, 836x960, 17671087_10210981016434301_123…)

Translation "I can post and talk about other people's private comments, but no on can post or talk about mine."

No. 280855

Right? What a fucking hypocrite. Gone right off her.

No. 280904

Troll forum? I prefer to call us free thinkers. Anyway, if she was actually paying attention, she'd notice most of the stuff posted here is kind to her. This post was petty, whiny, hypocritical, and entitled.

No. 281062

She is very immature she's 30 and throws a tantrum anytime somebody doesn't kiss her ass

No. 281107

Right? I've defended her so much above. I love her style, I really enjoy her videos and I always thought she was really cool. I was pretty disappointed in how she reacted to the TT drama because both were asking their followers to sharpen their pitchforks over this girl Renee, trying to ruin her business. Over what? Having an opinion on two public figures? How immature! If you're reading this…get it together, Freyja!

No. 281136

I'd say that her and her boyfriend are a lot more attractive than Kaya and Jake even before the weight gain

No. 281262

What's fucking cunt of a hypocrite!! Has no probable taking someone's screen shot of someone's friends only Facebook status to have her fans ruin the girls business. But then has a cry over the same thing happening in a forum she's apart. Wtf?
Respect for her has completely gone.
She left her soon to be husband for her now husband and pretended it wasn't like that, does some shades marketing, gets fans to attack a store and now this crap?

Fucking low, freyja

No. 281374

Sweeney's girlfriend is just as whiny and annoying as Kaya is, if not more. There's a reason I stopped talking to her on tumblr. lol. There's really not much of a difference between them other than appearances. That's probably why they're Twitter besties. I hope she doesn't start making YouTube videos. I can already imagine her getting a similar fanbase as Kaya has, which is cringey as fuck to say the least.

No. 281383

Jake's face really creeps me out. They both look really "normal" in those pictures. Kaya with the subtle neutral eyeshadow and Jake without any eyeshadow or contacts(like he has in the flash Friday pictures). Not sure if that was done on purpose or not. Bit strange to use more normal looking selfies when you scream that you're goth from the rooftops.

No. 281397

I'm so bummed out and disappointed in Black Friday. I genuinely enjoyed her and her content. Thought of her as a really cool and genuine person, and looked up to her in a way.
Thought she'd be above this. Thought wrong I guess.

If she's lurking, Freyja, please reel it in. Don't let this all get to your head, make some apologies, and fix it before you've gone too far. Stuff like this can ruin your reputation in the future; having nasty and negative actions under your belt as a public figure.

Sage for blogpost and whining.

No. 281428

That photo makes me think of the three stooges.

No. 281553

Might've been done on purpose to attract a wider audience. Also pretty sure that's an old-ish picture of Kaya, but why am I surprised…

No. 281554

Idk, Sweeney's gf doesn't seem to be obsessed with being Goth or constantly talking about drama. She did get called out for being friends with Yuta Sakakibara recently after his pedo drama though. She is a bit weird though but doesn't she have issues or something? Remember her being hospitalised a while ago and disappearing from tumblr. Or was that just for being an ana-chan?

Sage for blogpost

No. 281560

I'm actually surprised he (Sweeney) who appears to be trad goth would date what looks like a pastel goth.

To be fair didn't she move to Germany and then later at WGT (I think) meet Matthias? It wasn't like she met him online, dumped Mr Owl and flew over there to be with him…?

No. 281603

Was meant for >>281262

No. 281768

The last time I looked her up was like a year and a half ago and she was hospitalized like every other week for some reason. She was already overcoming anorexia at that point so I have no clue what the deal was with that.
She's not obsessed with her subculture like Kaya but she does REALLY want to be like Emilie Autumn. I remember her all of a sudden becoming obsessed with rats and saving animals and feminism because of her.
She used to talk to me about wanting to look and be like other people, like, deliberately changing parts of her personality and makeup to be more like that person. Sometimes she would just talk about it without doing anything because she didn't want people to tell she was trying to be somebody else. it weirded me out.

But yeah, I remember her staying out of drama most of the time. Especially when friends of hers were called out on doing bad shit and she just straight up ignored it because it was ok as long as they were nice to her. She likes to whine about pointless shit most of the time. Very very nitpicky

No. 281770

I thought she visited Germany and met Mattias and when she came back home she dumped Mr. Owl and ran off to Germany and moved in with Mattias because "she had nowhere else to go" and then they hooked up like a day later.

No. 281789

Anon, you're coming across as nitpicky yourself if the only remnants of milk are from a year and a half ago. What friends of hers were called out? Do you have caps of your conversations with her?

In regards to Black Friday didn't she go to Germany, meet Matias there and then decided to move to Germany permanently, dumping Mr Owl and getting with Mattias shortly after lmao. But she insisted she fell in love with him AFTER dumping Mr Owl which is obviously a lie

No. 281855


Oh I see, I thought she met Matthias after she had already moved to Germany/broken up with Mr Owl. In that case it certainly does look dodgy…

No. 281930

I wish, she would leave Germany…does she even speak german or has a job yet? I guess not

No. 282041

She speaks German, has no job because of youtube paying her loan she got to go over there.
And yeh, she went to Germany, all photos of her trip over there had Mathias in them, so she was with him for the festival. Went back home, dumped owl who she was supposed to marry, went back to Germany to be with Mathias and got married in less than a year?

And she tries to tell everyone that the marriage wasn't for visa and that she had no feelings for Mathias at all, that they were just friends.

Pretty sure she thinks her fans are fucking retarded and to thick to put things together. Or she is that full of herself that she can play victim. She's on her way to being like TT imo. Especially with that last bs hypocrital post

No. 282116

The marriage doesn't help that much with the visa thing , I remember that old milk, she went to Germany and meet Mathias and a bunch of Goth people,then she went back to new zeland and wanted to go back to Germany because the Goth scene was bigger than in new zeland ,mr. Owl didn't like the idea so they broke up and she went to Germany , they didn't broke up badly as I remember him commenting when she posted in facebook her trip back to Germany , week's later she posted her new relationship with Matthias on facebook and I remember mr. Owl dad commenting something like "I'm not surprised"(because Matthias appeared in many photos with her) and many of her new zeland friends being just confused,some mr. Owl family members where upset obviously ,nobody seemed to know that they have broke up, after that mr owl deleted his facebook.and then make a new one
They seems to have at least a cordial relationship until this day
I don't think freiya cheated on Mr. owl but I think they didn't Have a great relationship to begin with ,because he started a relationship pretty fast as well, I believe she and Matthias really liked each other when they first meet but I don't think they fucked or something, I mean she wanted to live in Germany with mr owl, why would anybody want to live in the same place or Goth scene with the guy you fucked behind your boyfriends back. I think she married very quickly with mattiaa because he really wanted to marry her . I don't think freiya is a bad person for leaving her fiance to go to Germany you should do whatever makes you happy I don't think she is a bad person or malicious she is just very immature and insecure person,
Raising the ordinary to extraordinary
Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else

No. 282164

Not malicious? She and fatcunt had their fans go after some chips goth store because she had bad things to say on her friends only facebook post.

She is a shitty person that likes to start up drama and then step out pretending she did nothing wrong

No. 282271

please she just say to not work or with her , and honestly that chick is just an attention seeker as much as she is , i dont think she was plotting to secretly have this girls shop to close or something , it was just a very inmature thing to do to publicy say not to associate with that girl , but is very diferent to say she had their fans go after her

No. 282278

i love how tt still has the youtube profile picture from years ago, she just can't let go of when she was thin

No. 282279

not just yt, other social media too

No. 282314

why did jake photoshop the river blue in his vlog we all know that its a lovely shade of shit

No. 282348

dre ronaye said tt is sponseored by spooky box confirmedddd

No. 282351

Knew it! Besides her whiny talks that's all she uploads

No. 282405

dracs makeup in her kat lipstick video is horrifyingly bad

No. 282433

File: 1491091496607.png (36.55 KB, 589x315, kaya-sewingmachine.png)

Kaya's new phase is sewing. I wonder how long it will be before she gets fed up with this and quits.
"Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it."

No. 282451

Just watched Ofherbsandaltars' latest video and it's a shame he's feeling down. When I heard him talking about his "fat" body, I feel like his case may have been that his metabolism naturally slowed down and he said he lived off chocolate and probably at what he wanted without weight gain but once his metabolism slowed, he started putting weight on.

I mean, he is in his 30s now and that's usually when it happens. I don't get his talk about looks though, I'm guessing he has a serious case of body dysphoria because he doesn't look all that heavy?

Hopefully he feels better though his talk about sending psychotic messages to the medical place he goes to was a bit… Much.

No. 282467

He's feeling down because he ruined his metabolism by being eating disordered and drug addicted for half of his life. Now he's in his 30's and the way he lived before is catching up with him. Instead of doing something about it he exercises for a short time, makes himself puke up what he eats and then gets online to bitch and threaten with suicide when his body isn't instantly going back to how it used to be in his ana/druggie days.

Why would you feel bad for him lol?

Also, why does he always have to talk about fucking his girlfriend in the ass, and why does he have to talk in detail about the toys they use, or the piercings in his gf's dick? Dude, nobody wants the mental image of you fucking your girlfriend on a blow up bed in your parents' living room.

No. 282469

Apologies for samefagging but I forgot to say that hes not fat by normal standards, maybe a little chubby. He's mentioned before that he used to be a UK size 6/8 and now he's a 12/14 which is a pretty big jump. Its probably worse in his mind because of his past anorexia and wanting to pass as a spoopy goth boy. Can't do that when you've got a fat arse and tits and curves.

No. 282629

>>282433 Just wait until she realises you need to learn how to sew, buy a shit tonne of fabric to make basic things and that your first few crafts will look like potato sacks.

No. 282673

I would say at least she's trying to be a bit creative and make her own shit for once, but give it a few days and she'll get bored and give it up

No. 282756

why is jakes new vlog titld a bout a fucking preacher when hes not even in it and they went to the fucking aquarium his clickbait levels are not as good as i thought.youd post bout the fun hapy thing would you not with the picture of the sting ray ugghhhh bugged me

No. 282823

She's probably going to try and sell whatever crappy thing she sews. Dracmakens has been sewing catnip toys. Maybe she's just following that trend.

No. 282950

I know, when I saw that I couldn't believe it. Someone even commented that vid was PURE clickbait, the preacher appears for a millisecond and Jake acknowledges this in the comments saying ''gets views, bro''……!! Thing is, this is a catch 22 situation, he knows if he posts clickbait videos, 1: hell get more views then he would usually as his content is shit… and 2: he knows he'll anger people enough to get even more views…. Fact is, he has no talent, thinks he's amazing with no basis, is a very boring, predictable, uninteresting person with nothing valuable to offer in terms of entertainment or meaningful / insightful information. Why does he use clickbait? Hes dull af. And he leeches off Kayas fame (how??) in order to make money. It saddening to see people want to just greedily rake in cash and offer nothing positive in return, how they go to sleep every night knowing that they have had no real good and positive affect on the world, made no concerns to use their ''fame'' for a good cause… is remarkable.

I think the best way to actively give these people a life lesson is to stop watching their videos and fuelling their narcissism… though it is like watching a high speed train just about to fly off the rails.

Also, funny how Kaya had to remind Jake of their up and coming anniversary anniversary and the way he appeared to not give a crap.

No. 282980

(quote a post by either clicking on the number or manually typing in >> plus the number of the post you want to respond to, it doesn't go in the subject field)

No. 282996

It's stupid. I actually used to like his vids because they are waaaaaaaay better than TT, but now it's click bait.

No. 283028

Eh the way I see it is sure he'll get his views but eventually, his time will run out when people catch onto his tactic. Look at channels like Onision or Leafyishere, their views are starting to drop pretty drastically as of late (or not getting as many views as they once got) and the same will happen to Jake and possibly Kaya (if she keeps doing the same routine for the next say… 5 or 6 years), especially if one's fan base consist of teenagers who will most likely move on when they get older.

I really was geniunely excited for Jake when I heard he was going to do YouTube but I just wasn't feeling his videos (except for his top 10 game list). Outside of that, he's just kinda dull and their }Let's Play" Channel is just meh…

No. 283151

Aren't their views already dropping? They don't seem as popular as they used to be, especially Jake

No. 283382

Ahhh TT pathetic posts on instragram. Telling everyone how sorry she is for being a useless cunt.

No one likes your boring ass unboxing vids of cheap crap

No. 283479


TT's views are still somewhat up there but yeah, probably not as much as they were years ago but I think we all know the reason why for that. To me, Jake's views were always sort of average on a slight teeter-totter scale.

I think with other alternative YouTubers coming in and sharing some worthwhile perspectives/opinions, it's probably contributing to their loss of views.

No. 284141

File: 1491311130410.jpg (52.58 KB, 532x535, january.jpg)

Is that screenshot from the group run by the neonazis?

No. 284165

Yep, but they don't really post in the group anymore.

No. 284284

The dude used to run "alt talk live" where he interviewed goth youtubers, the girl is/was a goth youtuber. At some point they went full neo-nazi / white nationalist cuck and got kicked off everything. Basically a couple of trolls. The dude pretends to be a philosopher but he's really just a psuedointellectual who thinks having read a couple books makes him a god. If you are an actual academic or study in the field you can tell he's just a moron who tries to sound smarter than everyone in order to justify his racism, sexism, homphobia, transphobia etc.

No. 284285

Alt talk live was a fucking disaster if a show by the way, never got more than a handful of views, was basically cringe or boring as fuck.

No. 284383

Does TT have a real job?

No. 284422

YouTube is her job and getting free stuff

No. 284570

I wonder how long it'll be until Drac starts wearing Deandri

No. 284709

Lol all these goth chicks look the same, though they were trying to be different.

No. 284785

File: 1491376179548.png (797.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-16-51…)

I actually saved all those whiny ass instagram stories. If anybody wants to see the rest, let me know.

No. 284791

>BUT pity me

Geez, just say you're sorry. It's not that hard.

Honestly just dump them here? They might be useful in the future or something.

No. 284794

File: 1491377671940.png (559.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-16-53…)

Here's the second of five posts.

No. 284795

File: 1491377702796.png (839.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-17-00…)


No. 284796

File: 1491377755150.png (548.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-17-08…)


No. 284797

File: 1491377826744.png (603.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-17-20…)

I can't believe she managed to make five posts on her story just whining for sympathy.

No. 284810

I mean…it's okay that she apologized. But then again…literally no one expects her do to videos? If fans really wanted them, wouldn't they request stuff from her?

No. 284852

she's just being lazy probably

No. 285016

I don't follow her Instagram/Twitter because I couldn't be assed to but it sounds to me like she's always depressed. And her videos… Yeah if people are really bitching about her lack of spooky box hauls/openings and her millionth makeup tutorial, that's really sad lol.

No. 285019

What would they request though? I just find her channel to be a product placement channel as all she ever talks about is makeup and her spooky box hauls with the rare occasional generic bland "confidence" videos like her "what not to say to Goths" (lol) and generic stereotypes. What would someone ask from her? To review a certain product?

No. 285022

to be 100% honest I don't really know. (that's why I don't really judge her) She's popular because of her style and because she's been around for so long. Sadly she hasn't cultivated any sort of talent (that I'm aware of) that would bring her more followers or views/ideas for videos

No. 285301

It's probably things like a house tour or how her garden is going. Which we all no she won't do because she's too lazy to clean her house and all the plants will be dead because.. LAZY

No. 285399

Jake's going to make a cover of Lucretia my reflection because it's the only goth song Kaya knows:)

No. 285402

I just watched Jakes latest vlog and holy hell it's so dull. It's just him and Kaya walking around outside, that's it. I feel like his vlogs are just a way for him to showcase his music because his videos from what I've seen are just little montages with his music playing.

No. 285405

Oh, I forgot to mention, the clickbait title makes it seem like they did something interesting when literally all they did was walk around.

No. 285417

I had to stop watching him. I liked his blogs until he started CAPS AND CLICK BAIT FOR DAYS

No. 285452

Do they ever do anything interesting in their vids?

No. 285462

Ah yes, the goth "don't stop believin".

No. 285465

I like how her dweeb boyfriend appeared in the last altcow thread trying to start shit and everyone ignored him. Sorry m8, Toxic Tears' weight gain is more interesting than you.

No. 285469

I know he was discussed in the last thread but still don't know who he is lol

Are there any other interesting altcows, or are we stuck with TT & Jake?

No. 285509

>If you are an actual academic or study in the field

lmao shut the fuck up, you pretentious cunt

No. 285516

Reerees new q&a. Man she sounds like a bitch to live with.

No. 285518

Instead of trying to be the next Casey Neistat he could be working on more music which seems to be where his talent really lies. I don't really care for it myself but he seems to be very musically inclined and his ambient songs he plays in his vlogs are actually pretty good. He should just forget vlogging altogether and work on his songs.

No. 285544

I swing back and forth about how I feel about ReeRee. She sounds very snobby in her videos and 'posh goth' - I don't know if it's just the way she talks or what. Honestly I didnt find her q&a that bad (although her videos are very boring lately jfc) she does seem to talk over her partner a lot in it though but he also seems very shy. I mean compared to kaya and jake i feel like their relationship is a lot more genuine and they do love one another, both just very awkward on camera.

No. 285591

This place is basically a symptom of a lost generation with no deeper meaning in their lives.

No. 285677

I don't really judge her as a person as I've never met her, I just judge her content which has been pretty samey and dull ever since she moved to her new home. Prior then, I didn't mind the makeup because she didn't do them so much but then during the move and after, she just became a product placement channel and I just got bored because there just isn't anything to relate to. That's why when her boyfriend announced he was doing youtube, I was looking forward to it because I thought he'd have more to say but nope, along with him confirming my suspicion (Is not a Goth, just darkly inclined who hate the Goth subculture and just the overall way he comes across). I will admit his music is good though even if it's not something I prefer.

I agree with the others that he should just work on the music and make an album or something.

No. 285680


But then again, you could be right that she's been around for a long time and if you don't do anything other than things relating to your looks, you'll get stale inevitably at some point. I mean, I feel the same happened to SebastianColumbine though she doesn't upload as frequently as she used to.

And whether people find her ambitions of film as "cringe". at least she has goals and aspirations and I really like that.

No. 285722


I just want to know when TT will do shit like this

No. 285745

I only started watching TT when she moved into her new house because I really liked her moving vlogs and seeing how they were doing up their new place. Those are like the only interesting videos she has though, so I unsubbed from her ages ago.

No. 285777

Yeah her moving vlog was interesting though I won't lie, I did get annoyed when she kept complaining about being discriminated for looking Gothic. It's kind of the same deal with BlackFriday when she had the Louvre incident.

Like I get that they like looking over the top all the time but there are some situations where it's more appropriate to tune it down just a tad for a few hours.

I just remember Kaya complaining about getting turned down for how she looks and it's just… Well if that was happening you should've toned it down just a bit. No one is saying you have to stay that way, just do it for the meetings and then you can splurge back when you're done with said meeting. Obviously it all worked out in the end but still.

No. 285879

I love how she was complaining about her looks, yet go to some of jakes vlogs and she's plain as fuck without make up. Maybe they just rejected her because they could see she is a lazy slob

No. 285895

Mmm I'm not sure how the people they tried to buy from would know that unless they visited their old house?
But whatever the case, I was just thinking that all she needed to do was tone it down just a bit until they got their house. It seemed stupid to make a big deal over something like that you know?

No. 286172

yes, this. as a goth, I understand the concept of time and place. It' not even discrimination against goths, so much that is a society thing. Wearing over the top goth outfits to let's say, a historical art museum looks as ridiculous as if a 'normie' showed up to church in a swim suit.

No. 286447

kaya looks like she has actually lost weight in jakes new vlog

No. 286453

She probably has as she's eating 500 cal a day

No. 286692


Exactly. You can still look dark and Gothic-noire without looking over the top and it's a perfect compromise for those events/days where you have to tone down a bit.

No. 286767

She is! She seems so arrogant and unlikable. Like it just pisses me off watching her

No. 286786

TT was listening to in der palæstra by Anna Varney/Sopor Aeturnus on her ig story

No. 286800

how'd you guys enjoy Black Friday's ten minute sponsored video of her poorly over-lining her lips over and over

No. 286823

I did mind it because the music is good. But when she said want me to do more videos like this or more make up vids.
Stop. Fucking stop!

Can't the goths on YouTube do anything else besides shit make up "tutorials" and unboxing videos?!


No. 286943

since she obv. lurks here, i'd say that she's trying to score points
>look, look lovelies, i listen to goth music tooooooo sTOP JUDGING ME NOW ;-;

No. 287002

sopor aeturnus isn't "goth" music, though. Most of her music was made in the late 90's/2000's and it's darkwave.

No. 287033

I know. My point is that it seems kind of weird to me how she has started to play more music on her ig story after the whole "elitist thing". She said she didn't care but I think this and the Lucretia, my reflection thing is trying to subtly prove herself

No. 287037

>lit. 'a musical term used for dark, usually gothic rock-influenced music'

and the project started in 1989…

No. 287609

Yeah, she may not make Goth rock music but darkwave is still considered a Goth genre, I remember the core genres of Goth music being Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Ethereal wave, Coldwave, & Post Punk

No. 287749

It's obviously not goth rock but it still serves her purpose. I don't think you're gonna get called a poser for listening to darkwave, especially if you listen to the other genres under the goth umbrella too. I certainly never do.

No. 287809

It's Kaya's and Jake's anniversary! The supreme goth couple of ALL TIME!

No. 287925

i mean they actually seem genuinly happy in thee video and kaya has definitely loot weight

No. 288390

Can't help feeling it's put on. They clearly lurk on here and some of us have noted they don't seem into each other etc etc.

No. 288485

I feel like Jake is way too self absorbed to never interested in his partner, he would suit somebody with 0 personality that just constantly boosted his ego and blindly agreed with everything he said or did

No. 288975

Haha 0 personality is TT so that's why they work well

No. 288998

Angela's new vid steam rolls jake and TT with their elitist screaming haha

No. 289051

Oh my god she specifically references what Jake thinks about "modern goth bands not being considered goth because they weren't around in the 80s during The Cure," etc. I hope those assholes see her video.

No. 289059

Drama XD oh I can't wait!
You just know TT will see it. She won't say anything at first and it will eat at her.
Then Kaya will lose it because they were called out on their bs haha

About time!

No. 289077

I predict her ranting on twitter about other goths bullying her - completely missing the point

No. 289080

I wonder when she will start personally attack Angela hah oh man that call out was much much needed

No. 289105

She's a legit old school goth. And she's really not posh, she mentioned in a video about training her voice because she has a really strong native New York accent. Really I wish more goths were like her as opposed to as she said trying to be an uber goth.

No. 289127

She's one of the only goth youtubers I think seems nice and would want to chat to, I do also think kaya would be nice just super awkward and insecure

I think her video explained Kaya so well she has to be uber goth all the time and any comment she screams etlitist if she ever encountered a actual nasty person she would have a break down

No. 289398

I get what you mean. I watch her but I hate her "you kids have it so bad these days because of social media, let me tell you about the REAL DEAL gawf experience I had in my youth and lets bring back the old scene!!" tangents that she always seems to fucking go on.
Regardless, her video about TT whining about ~elitists~ is really good.

No. 289401

Really grasping for straws, Angela is down to earth and interesting and personable and knows her shit. ReeRee is just a boring vapid makeup girl with a fake goth cover basically.

No. 289509

This. Overall I like Angela but that does annoy me a little about her, however I'd pick that over TT's constant haul and unboxing videos any day…

No. 289510

I see it as more she's trying to show goths to stop being whiny little cunts that only want the exact same fashion whilst running around scream elitist to everyone that doesn't love them.
And to stop people who weren't even born saying "well back in the day" when they have no clue and just pulling out shit.

No. 289565

Kinda true though, all you see of goth nowadays is 1500 girls on instagram with the same makeup and killstar dress, posing all goffick. It's just a fashion trend to them that they dare not actually wear in public. I was a baby bat in 2003 and at 10 years old there were waaaay more goths around for me to learn from and befriend.

No. 289613

Whoa whoa hold the phone. You are so wrong on that claim. Have you seen her comments section? She responds to a lot of the comments and gives out friendly advice to those who ask. She's probably one of the least stuck up Goth YouTubers out there currently. Even with all her knowledge and the fact she did live through one of the pivotal eras of Goth, she still manages to be humble and helpful. I think people may think she's "elitist" just because of how she expresses her views but believe me, she really isn't.

This here. I think that's another thing about why Angela is a breath of fresh air. She doesn't feel like she has to look all over the top to prove her interest for the goth subculture. I'm not saying it's bad when people do that but for awhile now at least on YouTube, it seemed like all the bigger goth YouTubers were all over the top looking, in comes Angela who has a more down to earth, relatable subtle style but still manages to show just how much goth music means to her and it's just a breath of fresh air to break up the OTT trend. And even when she does go OTT in some of her outfit videos, it still looks so refined and simplistic. Just all around relatable.

Well going off the stories she's shared about living through the scene in the 90s, I don't blame her for feeling the way she does because in a lot of areas, the goth scene isn't as thriving which must be a culture shock feeling for her (and other older people who talk about this). That plus she's going to be pushing 40 soon so it's normal for her to reminiscence of her younger days. So I get where she's coming from as where I live, I never ever see any other Goths and there aren't any Goth events neither.

No. 289614

I loved Angela's response video. Finally someone stepped up and called them out on their Bullshit and even if it wasn't necessarily directed at Kaya & Jake, it may as well because unlike other alternative YouTubers, those two are the only ones who complain and shout "Elitist" this and "elitist" that. It got old and frankly after Jake's "I hate Goth" video, he lost all credibility to ever be taken seriously to begin with if he so mentions Goth, at least in my mind though it did confirm my assumptions.

It just got annoying when people who actually knew about the subculture or mentioned the music started getting called Elitist for so much as mentioning it.

No. 289615

LOL That is so flipping true. I just joined Instagram late last year and my word, so many "Goth" girls who look the same wearing the same makeup and especially the Killstar dresses. Though I do still manage to find a rare few who actually are genuinely interested in Goth which is always nice to see.

The guys aren't much better though because all I tend to find are Metalheads (Black Metal being the common) who just put "Goth" or "GothGoth" in their tags.

No. 289800

>I think that's another thing about why Angela is a breath of fresh air. She doesn't feel like she has to look all over the top to prove her interest for the goth subculture.

Exactly. TT is a perfect example of someone trying too hard to look OTT so no one will dare question their "goth credentials" whereas Angela still looks gothic but it's more subtle and yet she is clearly well versed in the subculture and knows her shit.

No. 289880

>289824 Like the above poster said, Just look at her comments section. She's humble and helps anyone who asks. She is always giving stuff away. Like TT or even IBF would ever stoop to respond to a comment unless it's troll or drama let alone give something away. I don't get a holier than thou vibe at all. That's all NY attitude.

No. 289888

File: 1492014007538.png (319.36 KB, 621x559, freyja.png)

Nice photoshop there, Freya.

No. 289893

Wow that's crappy editing. She is cute in her videos though and seems nice from what I've seen.

No. 289903

I enjoy watching her videos too, for her to pull this kind of bs is so unnecessary and a bit disappointing. The dress buttons up, if she took a pic like this and wasn't satisfied with how her chest turned out, why not just button it and take a new pic? This just makes her seem desperate to show skin and be a ~*~goffic sexy vampire queen~*~

No. 289963

File: 1492023084153.jpg (55.41 KB, 314x396, Elvira.jpg)

I think it's supposed to be Elvira related? At least that's what it reminds me of

No. 289995

She is kind of cute, but I think her hair and makeup don't do her any favors. I like her style and I can't put my finger on what needs improvement, but her hair and makeup don't flatter her at all

No. 290063

Yeah I get that, my point is why do a shitty shop rather than take another picture. Some people in her instacomments are asking how she gets her boobs to look so good (lol) and stay in place etc, they don't realise that the whole area is manipulated. The fakery and dishonesty just annoys me and I wouldn't have expected that from her.

No. 290095

Kaya responded to me once a couple years ago. I don't remember what I wrote but I know it wasn't a question. Something about the person she mentioned in the video I think and Kaya responded something in agreement. She doesn't respond with helpful tips or anything like that, but I've seen her reply to people a few times

No. 290169

She only respond if you are attacking her or she thinks you're attacking her.

No. 290182

>>290169 Jake is the same. Did you see the comment section on his 'I Hate Goth' video? There were so many comments and people asking questions and he ignored them all. There was one person that disagreed and of course thats the only thing Jake responded to. He called them an elitist.

No. 290337

Yeah kinda true but it only works for so long until people catch on. One has to read between the lines or in this case, her content both on YouTube & Twitter to get a grasp of what she comes across as.


Again, check out her comments section, she really does come off in a humble way and is always willing to lend a hand to newcomers or people with questions. It's just her accent that may make it sound "holier than thou".

And like another person said, she's one of the few bigger rising Goth YouTubers who actually gives the time of day to her watchers by responding when she can. That's something a lot of them don't do.

Pathetic. But who cares really? He just confirmed what we've all been thinking lol (Okay most of us who aren't mindless fangirls/fanboys of TT & Jake anyway).

No. 290339

Oh I didn't realize it was shopped lol I will admit, I'm not the best at subtle touch ups like that. But I guess I'd let it slide for artistic vision. And yeah, I'm with >>289963 that the first thing that came to mind was Elvira.

Aw I actually like her hair lol I would love to see her try subtle smokey makeup at some point in the future though, I feel she could pull it off.

No. 291728

TT finally stopped being lazy and tidy her room. I'm going to guess we will be seeing a make up draw "tour" soon

No. 291893

Good for her fans I guess lol

No. 291950

TTs new video was a joke, she got a bunch of stuff because it looked cool but she had no idea what any of it was

No. 292123

Pretty much sums her up though doesn't it? Wanting/liking stuff because it's cool and not having any genuine interest in it

No. 292125

There's no such thing as witches and Wicca is not a serious religion, just a shower of tryhard mallgoths with a tumblr account. So I'd say she fits right in.

No. 292129


Wicca is actually isn't a serious religion.
It was made up so that a dirty and masochistic old man could have sex legally outside of marriage. Gerald Gardner routinely had sex with all his "High Priestesses" yet Wicca doesn't have a stranglehold on witches or witchcraft entirely.
But it's not like a real witch would go and brag about being a witch or show it off. Especially when business is at stake and every and any religious idol or deity is robbed and held up as a novelty display.

Sage for blog post

No. 292235

You can tell almost none of the tumblr goths have any real interest outside of looking cool since they basically only started doing it after AHS: coven came out. I'm sure the same thing probably happened after the craft came out but on a smaller level since tumblr wasn't around. Allison Eckfeldt seems genuinely committed, but most of these tumblr witches really only care about the label of witch.

No. 292300

I had to unsubscribe from TT and her boring ass vids. Same things about to happen with reeree. Shits so boring!

And why the fuck would you get a witchcraft box when you' have no interest in it? Tumblr and Wicca turned it into a joke anyway.

No. 292531

Black Friday literally wears white face paint and black eyeshadow to contour it's no wonder people stare or ask for pictures most must think she's wearing a costume - I've had the "it's not Halloween" comments to me before but she takes it to another level she must look so bizzare in real life

No. 292543

I thought the exact same thing watching her latest "get ready with me", no wonder she wasn't allowed to enter the louvre, girl is a walking spectacle. She's basically in disguise every day of her life with the amount of make up she wears plus the costumey outfits, she evidently thrives on the attention it gets her.

No. 292557

I've always felt that goths who wear white foundation are trying too hard but that's just my opinion, she could just wear a very pale natural foundation as opposed to stark white.

No. 292562

I agree, it just looks ridiculous to me. When I was younger and more into the scene I'd wear stargazers white powder over a foundation and concealer that matched my face, it was subtle but still gave a nice pallor. Why anyone would want to look stark white is beyond me, and to contour that with black just makes it look dirty. I think many OTT goths are so hell-bent on expressing their gothy-ness every waking moment of their lives that the concept of dressing appropriately for the occasion is completely lost on them. I experience an overwhelming sense of second-hand embarrassment whenever I'm a witness to it. Sage for blogpost,
OT: I believe Friday has claimed that no foundation is light enough for her skintone so white is what matches it best (kek) and she's said several times that it is best to use a foundation that looks good on your skin, implying that this is what she's done with the white. SO GOTH ONLY WHITE MATCHES MY NATURAL SKINTONE yes many points for that.

No. 292566

Yeah the black contour must look ridiculous in real life, I'm very very pale and (nw10 in Mac) and even white would look dumb on me.
Drac Makens also wears the clown white and you can see in some videos like ones with her "best friend Walter" there's a clear line of colour difference she claims to be super pale but really isn't
I feel bad judging drac because she seems really insecure to me

No. 292583

That's not judgement anon, that's an observation. I agree that she seems insecure, tbh I think most people with an extravagant style are. It's like a magician gesticulating with one hand so you don't notice what's going on in the other, if the appearance is what draws the eye things you don't like about yourself becomes out of focus. Like being awkward around people or feeling like you don't fit in or thinking that other people think you're weird. If you make yourself not fit in from the start you have more control over the situation and are usually not expected to fit in in other ways, you have more room to be your awkward self because you've already separated yourself from the crowd by your own volition. I've come to realise that this has been true for me at least, I still love the styles I've had through the years (and I'm sure the altcows love putting on make up and dressing up and so on, it's fun) but as I've gotten older and accepted more aspects of my personality I no longer have the need for that kind of armour.

No. 292614

Reeree needs to leave the internet. Her instragram stories are almost mid teen cries for help before offing themselves.

"I know I'm weak"
Like really?

No. 292630

I can understand about the pale foundations if she's only referring to drugstore, however there are higher end brands that have wonderfully pale shades. I wonder though how this white as fuck mentality affects a poc goth?

No. 292644

It's just a stereotype so I don't think it'd affect them a lot?

It's kind of her "thing" so I don't think she cares. Iirc she also said she doesn't take it off and also sleeps in it?

No. 292654

There are so many flavours of goth, hyper-pale caucasian vampire is only one of them (and the one that's most cliché) so there are plenty of other types of gothic aesthetics to go for imo.

Ugh I recall her saying something like that too and it grosses me out SO MUCH

No. 292781

File: 1492380978099.jpg (74.22 KB, 601x601, 16908880_241640212964801_61365…)

Am I the only one who finds this picture funny? I am saying this as someone who usually finds reeree's fashion appealing but theres something about this picture which screams "Hi may name is ebony dark'ness dementia way"-i'm assuming its the wonky mask

saged for no contribs

No. 292790

She's like TT, in it for the fashion

No. 292846

Yep, she's so fake and annoying but she no one calls her out on not actually being goth bc she's cute

No. 292950

Drac said that she actually wears costume powder so

No. 292968

What a liar. KVD makes very pale foundation and many shades in general, and is good coverage/affordable. She's only using stark white face paint for the attention. I bet her skin can't breathe half the time.

No. 293052

It's that dead looking face she's pulling, she's trying to look sultry but is looking more like she can't make eye contact withim other ppl

No. 293053

File: 1492422305531.jpg (83.69 KB, 292x353, 1454471747861.jpg)

I find it so funny how seriously some people take this subculture, as if it were a religion or lineage or some shit..tbh I think it's ok to be "goth for the fasion" I mean who the fuck actually cares besides the little in group you hang with?
Sage for no contribution

No. 293054

I agree partially with you, but when you constantly see that kind of crap it gets annoying

No. 293056

It's just a little insulting because the music really was the forefront of the subculture and it seems like each passing year, these kinds of people are trying to push the music away when there is some seriously good stuff if given a chance.

I do agree that one shouldn't take the subculture too seriously but some of us can't help it at times as we really love what the subculture was built around.

On the whole "Goths who are only in it for the fashion", I generally don't care about that too much but I don't consider these people "Goths", just Gothic or Darkly inclined and I genuinely don't mean it in an insulting way. It's been said a million times but it's just the same as someone claiming to be metalhead but they don't actually like any metal music, just the look.

"I mean who the fuck actually cares besides the little in group you hang with?"
In the grand scheme, most likely no one. I personally don't know anyone IRL who likes Goth music but that's why the internet is great for those of us who want to talk and share it with others who like it.

No. 293058

Generally this. That and I just find that these people are boring as they have no substance with it. ItsBlackFriday, whether people like her or not, when I watch a video done by her, I just get the warm feeling that she genuinely is into the subculture and ignoring the occasional cringe she may exhibit, it's nice to see people who are genuinely into it for more than just the fashion and this also applies to others like Angela Benedict and SnowyLowther.

No. 293075

I find snowy to be boring af. Her videos remind me of TT mashed in with reeree.
Might have a happy attitude but her videos are just the same crap. Make up, "hauls" and bad diy. I had to unsubscribe ages ago when she did the vid about some random man yelling at her and her mom

No. 293110

Well what's the point in doing anything if you don't take it seriously, at least to some extent? If you like the fashion but not the music that's fine, but don't call yourself a goth then. Call yourself gothIC if you have to. Goth has always been about the music first and foremost, and as others have said it's insulting to try and push that out.

Oh god it's not just me then. I can't put my finger on it but she irritates me so much.

No. 293282

I typically find the people who are in it for the fashion give up goth. Every few years there's a new group of "posers". Like when numetal was popular, when the craft came out, and now instahoes.

TT I think feels like she's stuck being goth. But she's also more receptive to listening to different music, unlike her chav boyfriend.

No. 293495

I think snowy is more punkish than anything.
Iuno, her vids are just bland. I just can't get through her vids.

I've been into the goth fashion for the last 17 years more over the music. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to music though. Mainly because I was brought up on metal, rave and whatever odd stuff the b52s are.
That and the fact that my parents didn't want me joining the "goths" in the 90s because Mum thought I would be kidnapped and sacrificed to devil worshippers and dad thought I'd turn into a prostitute. At almost 30, they still think it's a phase.

No. 293808

why has TT put BRUSHES and COMBS on her amazon wishlist? jfc bitch they're super cheap buy them yourself

No. 294359


I understand what you mean, given that explanation it makes more sense to me now, forgive me of my ignorance on the subject lol I rarely ever go on these threads bc I find all the people (the cows) incredibly annoying and self righteous
That being said it's ok to take something seriously but idk in my honest opinion it's a little annoying to see people whos whole lives revolve around it, like theres people who treat being goth the same as being in an actual culture but I also agree with you that more people should support what actually made it a thing in the forst place which is the music.

No. 294408

File: 1492586897955.jpg (49.55 KB, 500x334, tumblr_on1kq7hbod1s310c6o1_500…)


Tbh the only thing that bothers me is that only her face and chest are white, the rest of her body is "normal". I know she can't paint herself 100% white but..yea.

No. 294425

Yeah you're situation is pretty common with people who are only into Gothic fashion but don't know much of the music. I've noticed that it's always people who are into metal and so when they finally listen to what Goth music sounds like, they are taken aback, I was the same way only I was coming from the Alt. Rock craze.

But if you're open, there are osme heavier Goth rock bands that you may like. I'd recommend

-Paralyzed Age
-Voodoo Church
-Sisters of Mercy
-Fields of the Nephilim
-The Tors of Dartmoor
-Dreadful Shadows
-Diva Destruction

No. 294430

We understand but just know that most of us who are into the Goth subculture, it doesn't rule our lives 24/7. Like a lot of have said, it's mainly just the music, we love listening to it and if we can, go out and see these bands play. That's why a lot of us get annoyed when we have those people who are only into Gothic fashion but not Goth music, the thing that the birthed Goth and calling themselves "Goth" when they aren't, they're just Gothic.

I think the only person of the YouTubers who gives off the impression that bask in the Gothic lifestyle is BlackFriday but in fairness, we don't see what she does off camera and I'm sure she's just low-maintenance as the rest of us lol

No. 294463

is that chris motionless? Why didn't she interview a GOTH band/band member at least? Not helping with the "emo and goth aren't the same thing" issue is it?

No. 294534


why does her hair have the texture of the green part of a sponge after its been used for way too long ):

No. 294624


Yeah I was also surprised she didn't interview an actual Goth band member. Well, hopefully she will explain how they aren't a Goth band or something like that so people don't get confused but seeing how she doesn't like to outright say things for fear of losing fans, she probably won't and it's most likely going to make people think Motionless in White is a Goth band… Ugh, I can only imagine what the comments section is going to be like lol

I think the only Goth youtuber who has interviewed a Goth band member on their channel is Victoria Fashen when she interviewed people like one of the members from Drab Majesty, Cemetery Whispers, and Astrovamps so there's that?

No. 294632

It is the same reason she made the video explaining why she doesn't discuss 'goth' on her channel. A large proportion of her fans are kids or people who aren't goth. To be so subjective and say goth or emo would leave out other groups and lose her subscribers. It's like that old blog of hers an anon had posted here. In her own words her ambition is "fame and fortune" and this is something that cannot be achieved with a niche audience.

No. 294636

I mean Black Friday doesnt really bother me. sometimes she's annoying but in general she's pretty chill and seems to be going her own pace/being upfront. you want fame and fortune get that hustle

No. 294643

fame and fortune? jesus christ, that's pathetic

No. 294758



I'm not saying she can't interview who she wants to but she could use her platform to give some lesser known bands some attention. I feel like instead she chose someone from a popular band to try to get some attention for herself.

No. 294857

It'd be cool if she could secure an interview with newer goth/postpunk/darkwave bands like Lebanon hanover or She past away. I bet they'd do it for promotion, but Freyja probably wouldn't because her fans probably wouldn't watch it which is fair enough considering it's her livelihood but still.

No. 295000

No I understand why she wouldn't. She wants the fame/fortune and I mean, at least she's upfront about it lol I guess I won't be too worried because if some of her fans do start thinking Motionless in White's music and others like them are Goth, there will be people who will correct them. As far as Youtubers, I don't think any of the big ones will (Angela, The Goblin Queen, Snowy, etc.) but perhaps Victoria Fashen will. One thing I've noticed about her, her boyfriend, and her one friend are they don't sugarcoat BS when it comes to Goth music so there's them.

No. 295001

Well at least she gives some newer bands some glancing mentions. I think she has mentioned She Past Away a few times. I think she has interviewed a Goth band before though. It was back when she was still with Mr. Owl before she moved to Germany I think? It was a long while back.

No. 295249

its so shitty that the fans of a person whose entire personality is just being goth, have absolutely no interest in actual goth bands. why do they even watch her

No. 295283

Rule number 1 of being a popular: Only do what will increase your popularity and platform.

No. 295333

This was an old blog from before she decided to be a goth. I think 5 years ago. It lists one of her favorite bands as Adam Lambert. I cant see her saying in one of her videos that she's only in it for fame and fortune. She would be like admitting that she doesn't care about them and only wants to get paid. She wont even talk about goth on her channel because she's scared to lose subscribers. There are a lot of people that I think are getting mad and being more honest in the videos they make. I saw one from a girl that said she unsubscribed from a lot of goth youtubers because they were only doing hauls and used names. One of them was TT. Someone might say something about Motionless In White not being a goth band.

No. 295378

I've done the same. Can't stand the majority of internet goths.

No. 295439

Who was it that made the video talking about unsubscribing?

No. 295454

The channel is Frightsummers. The last goth talk / Youtube goth community it's called.

No. 295983

I'm curious what you guys think of Emily Boo and her videos? She seems like a nice enough person but she's starting to fall into the trap of making the same video over and over (hauls and hair extensions in her case) and uses "goth" to describe anything dark or black.

No. 296015

Yeah, I saw Frightsummers video about unsubscribing from Goth channels and I don't blame her, a lot of them are becoming nothing but product placement channels to merchandise makeup or clothing and you can only watch so many of those videos before you get bored with it. That's why I unsubscribed from TT long ago. As for BlackFriday, I just give her a small benefit of the doubt as while she is one of those product placement channels in recent years, she at least breaks it up with interesting travel vlogs as well as playing the music and I will give her some props from that as opposed to a lot of other channels that drone on and on about makeup and clothes and nothing else.

No. 296017

I agree, Emily Boo seems nice but yeah, she is becoming another product placement channel with all the haul videos. In fact, I don't think I've heard her talk about anything much except for when she had that controversy with that Raven chick and her ex-husband when they were featured on that one tv show.

No. 296034

Did you see the channel gothic graveyard? They did a video about black friday and apparently she snubbed Sophie Lancasters mother who asked her to share something for her charity. Sophie was a girl who was stomped to death for being a goth. At least thats what they're talking about in the comments. Now her tweet about guilt makes sense.

No. 296036

Holy shit seriously? I'm not listening to the entire hour but wow that's really fucked up.

Watching a video of hers confirming she has a form of autism(lel) kind of explains how she comes off as haughty and snobby when really she's just awkward I guess?

No. 296039

Why did she snub her? Never liked IBF to be honest, especially when she came out and attacked that woman who owned Necromancy clothing for just having an opinion

No. 296177

who else has posted about Rosie? I think Angela, kai,Reeree, and caligo are a part of it but I don't know who else

No. 296180


Around what time in the Gothic Graveyard vid do they talk about Black Friday?

No. 296267

No. 296452

File: 1492840817557.png (145.86 KB, 1179x847, xfsfdhfgvl.png)

The comments.

No. 296474

that's fucked, I was a Goth at the time of Sophie Lancaster's murder living in a shitty chavvy UK city and I remember how horrifying it was.

No. 296532

I feel the same about IBF. the transformation videos are the worst like the Kylie Jenner one especially. She claimed to not know who she even was but then went on to make the same jokes everyone else does like "I have her OLD lips!" She's just desperate for attention. Matthias actually seems to be genuinely into the subculture so I wonder how long he'll hang around for before he gets fed up with her and the shit she pulls.

Same here, a lot of my friends started to tone their looks down in fear of being attacked.

No. 296539

I watched the video from this point for awhile and never heard anything about IBF snubbing Sophie's mother? I can't see any comments either

No. 296727

No. 296789

File: 1492892895953.png (736.41 KB, 589x592, reddrac.png)

Okay so I know Drac Makens isnt as mention worthy on this board as some of these other people, as she doesn't engage as much in drama online and keeps herself from constantly mentioning other people or hang anybody out.
But her obsession with Kat von D is pretty pathetic, she literally want to be Kat and follows her like a saint.
Kat von D doesn't like Jeffree star? Now Drac dislikes Jeffree star
Kat von D gets an obsession with red and wears full red outfits? Now Drac is obsessed with red and wears full red outfits.
Kat von D is constantly talking about vegan to an obnoxious level? Drac Makens is now vegan too!
Not to mention she thinks her art she spent 10 dollar clay on deserves to be sold for a hundred dollars on instagram.

She really needs to gain her own personality and also a spine, she cannot take any critism at all and everything about her screams adult-baby to me.
She lives with her parents who give her everything, and her boyfriend gives her stuff constantly too.. everyone in her life is basically babying her 24/7 even though she is an adult. I honestly thought Drac was 17 when I first discovered her because that is how she comes off, but she is from 91!

No. 296818

Not defending Drac or anything, but she made this art video and she breifly mentions she has borderline personality disorder and manic depression which would explain a lot.


No. 296828

Now im not trying to be that guy who immediatly says everyone is lying online, but who the hell isnt borderline and manic online nowadays?

Also people with borderline tend to make that 110% their personality and blame it for everything. They could be buying icecream and make borderline be a part of why they chose vanilla.
I'm not saying having borderline isnt hard, but im a bit tired of people milking it for all its worth

No. 296854

The woman who made the comments about TT and IBF awhile back is the one behind the Goths for Sophie calendar, I wonder if that's why Black Friday ignored the tweet? If so that's fucking petty.

Yeah it was pathetic to witness but the vegan thing really took the cake

No. 296898

she is really so ugly, she never posts full body pictures either

I wanna read these comments, but I can't find them on the video, damn I wanna see what Angela Benedict said about Black Friday lol

No. 296901

Drac is really good at making herself look slimmer in pics and her videos where you only see her face… whenever I see a full body video or pictures im like JESUS YIKES!!

No. 296907

>people with borderline tend to make that 110% their personality
>borderline PERSONALITY disorder

No. 296935

Actual diagnosed BPD anon here, one of the core symptoms of being borderline is having identity issues. She could be clinging one to KVD because its probably an identity that she likes. If Drac actually has borderline personality disorder, she'd need a specific type of therapy to help her 'identify herself.'

Basically, you don't know what it means to "be yourself"

No. 296943

Okay you got me there, my wording wasnt right… what I was trying to say is that people with borderline tend to use borderline in everything they do even when it has nothing to do with it, or they get away with everything using borderline as an excuse.. ofcourse borderline affects you ALOT but you are still a functioning human being who need to be responsible for your own life! People with borderline dont need a caretaker to help them around

No. 297019

SO Kaya put out a new punk rave haul video and her intro gave me the impression its sponsored but…she only shows herself in 1 of the items. She doesnt try on the others at all. If this is sponsored whats the point? I thought the reason companies gave people free stuff was for them to be seen in it. Even if it wasnt sponsored it would have been nice to see her wearing the items, i thought the reason people watched clothing hauls was to see what they look like on?

No. 297032

its because punk rave stuff runs small so she can't fit into any of it

No. 297096

All the comments on the video are gone now wtf
When I saw them the first time Angela's comments were already deleted

No. 297144

I actually saw the comment before they were deleted. She didn't say anything derogatory about IBF, all she said was that she was surprised that someone like her who talks about getting harassed for being Goth would act rude to a mother who lost her daughter for being Goth. It was something along those lines. Again, wasn't derogatory or drama-related, just observational. Unfortunately I don't have a screen cap, I didn't think the video would delete comments if that's what happened.

I did see where Angela was coming from though. I mean the poor girl was killed for being Gothic.

No. 297147

Came here for the drama, saw none.

No one gives a fuck about drac

No. 297174

Good thing you came here and saved us with your quality content then huh

No. 297185

I think it's a little unfair to call her ugly. She isn't ugly to me anyway. She has videos where she's shown herself fully and she does seem to be quite chunky. She is good with makeup no doubt but she does a lot of the same looks - cat eye with some detail around it.

No. 297285

The fact that she shows her boobs (albeit with censored nipples) in this video, then asks her daughter for help right afterwards just really rubs me the wrong way. She is so creepily and imposing sexual like damn we don't care that much about your friday boobs. I had to unfollow her on instagram because of that.

No. 297299

Oh, but she's eurotrash tho, so it's ok.

No. 297302

Honestly anon I'm from sweden too and we just have a different view on boobies here, I really don't find it creepy or weird in any way

No. 297306

i've always found her a bit gross to be honest, especially the way she was all over Black Friday's husband Matthias at M'era Luna (I think) weirded me out. Like, you don't do that to someone's partner.

No. 297346

In this video she's filming herself showering. Come on, she's 44 and still doing this stuff. Maybe she's having a mid-life crisis.

I'm Scandinavian too and I find it creepy. lol. Most women in their 40's don't post their boobs online.

Yeah the M'era Luna vids were… strange. It's weird and disrespectful to act like that. She's really immature.

No. 297502

Adora is married and pulls that uncomfortable stuff all the time! I never knew she was married when she's always calling her friend Simon cute names :/ she's just over sexual. I did the same thing and unsubscribed from her YouTube and instagram. Don't want to see your 40yro bolt ons lady! Go back to your old content and god awful singing!

Drac only ever does make up and oh woe is my content, she is fair boring.

If blackfriday really did say bad stuff and the Sophie campaign, wouldn't there be more drama then just a few posts here?
It's a fair shitty and disrespectful thing to do if it were true and would cause a bit of hatred towards her.
Actually, pretty cuntish thing to do

No. 297514

She said bad stuff about the Sophie campaign?

Actually now that I think of it, where does all the money from it go to?

No. 297736

I saw the tweet. It could be anything.
The only one that assumes it's about the Sophie campaign is some random replying to the tweet.

Apparently blackfriday was asked to share or retweet about the Sophie awareness and she hasn't. Then there is a tweet from blackfriday saying guilt tripping or making some angry won't do anything (something along those lines)
At first people assumed it was about her competition and she replied, no something unrelated, and one said is this about being asked to share about Sophie.

You'd think as a big "goth" online personality she would've raised awareness though. So it's propbably right.

No. 297777


I've seen her at WGT exactly the same evening she got to know her husband. That was before she moved to Germany. They were totally flirty from what i have seen and heard from a friend who talked to both. I've also heard that she slept over at his room one night back then, one of my friends stayd' there, too (rented appartemend with several rooms or smth. like that).

Also, her husband is not as sweet and intelligent as he's trying to act. When he's drunk you see his true nature. Grabbing other girls ass when she's not around etc. She's said to be always ashamed of him when hes drunk lol. On FB he used to always beg for shit like a ride to festivals etc. If someone trys to help out, no "Thank you" in sight.

I know all this shit because i had friends who live nearby and saw them from time to time. But the last time i talkd' to them about this stuff was about a year ago. Nobody believd' they would stick together for so long tbh.

No. 297796

Same, I dont think shes ugly at all tbh.

>I'm not a regular mom, i'm a cool mom wink

No. 297799

Its because she's obsessed with showing off her 'skinny body'. She had that whole saga where she supposedly gained weight and her belly was swollen and she was seeing a bunch of doctors, but then she never really shared the results which I thought was weird given how much of herself and her life Adora usually seems to share.

No. 297813

sage for off topic, Sebastian Columbine's boyfriend always looked like he was related to her and now he's dyed his hair pink like her and it's super off-putting

No. 297818

Adora flirts with random guys all the time.

I remember a while ago she and this guy on insta would dress up as albinos (wtf) and pretend to be married. I think it was supposed to be an 'alternate personality' called Adora Albino lmao

No. 297941

I noticed that too. They look very different, but there's still something. Didn't she say that he's the son of the lead singer of Gene loves jezebel? I never got into them but I think she said that in some relationship video

No. 297988

Was Black Friday still with Mr. Owl at this point? That's so fucking wrong but I guess Matthias being a pervert when drunk is karma, if you want to call it that! I wonder if she just stays with him now for her channel, or citizenship or what?

No. 298009

Reeree having a cry over companies again.
Swear all she does is cry about everything

No. 298086

>Adora flirts with random guys all the time.

sorry but so what? Doesn't make it right. I mean she's married for starters, so it's already weird. But it's one thing to flirt with a single dude and another to flirt if he's taken. She needs to learn some boundaries and respect….

No. 298117

I remember ages ago I saw her talk about her apple diet where all she eats is an apple a day for 2 weeks to loose weight if she gets too "fat"…
I think most people would agree that "diet" is what youd call an eating disorder

No. 298119

There was also a video of her talking about how she only ate something whipped-cream looking only

No. 298160

File: 1493062663805.jpg (139.75 KB, 960x960, qcIvgbr.jpg)

Latest design from TT, once again completely unoriginal and cliché…

No. 298168

God I think every single fucking internet goff have made some kind of merch with that moth on it, jesus

No. 298176

What I always hated about her was her "anorexic skinny" video. I'm a recovered Anachan, but when I followed her I was struggling with anorexia. It's fine to be skinny, but she's unintentionally pro-Ana.

No. 298203

File: 1493068303588.png (51.5 KB, 590x155, STORE_LOGO_TOXIC_TEARS.png)

Speaking of which something I wanted to ask

TT seems really against pastel goth and says its not goth which, ok, i dunno about that kinda thing. But I always thought her logo was a pastel goth design? As far as im aware pastel goth doesnt just refer to colours but a sort of creepy meets cute (which i know can be applied to other types of goth) but maybe im wrong?

Also quite a few of her YT fans are pastel goth, wonder how they feel about her views.

No. 298218

I could be wrong but I believe TT has always expressed an interest in both gothic and "kawaii" pink girly things even before pastel goth became a thing. As I say though I could be wrong. I agree though it does come off that way and I've seen her get defensive in comments when anyone calls her style pastel goth lol!

No. 298219

I think she says that because the fashion style is basically what used to be called "creepy cute" years ago rather than anything goth. I'm surprised she's concerned about what's "really" goth though!

No. 298228

right!? in one video she said she doesn't consider pastel goth part of the subculture because it "has no history" lulz does she even know the history of goth first of all? XD

No. 298237

I don't know much about Adora, never followed her as she just seemed like any other Alternative model so I didn't see the big deal but I will agree, flirting with married men when you're taken yourself is just weird. I dunno, maybe it's a Europe thing?

No. 298241

Going off that design, yes, it does look very Pastel Goth. Drew Disaster, another YouTuber who's into Kawaii alternative stuff has a logo kinda like that (I mean the type of font choice that is bubbly and cute but creepy/bloody). And I see that kind of stuff on all types of Pastel Goth blogs so yeah it's kinda ironic lol

No. 298242

Yeah it's pretty funny. I mean, she's not wrong in the sense that Pastel Goth isn't a "Goth" style as it came directly from Japanese fashion but still lol

No. 298295

A lot of what she does comes off as attention whoring, and given how many of her fans are half her age its a little creepy imo.

No. 298369

Yeah maybe you're right. I just feel it must be a cultural thing because I've never come across anyone here who thinks that would be appropriate.

No. 298370

damn those teeth jacked

No. 298372

She does this thing called the Montignac diet, it's basically just a very low GI diet with virtually no carbs allowed. I remember her going to the doctor recently because of abnormal tests and worrying that maybe her super high fat consumption could actually be a bad thing, lmao.

No. 298460

You can have carbs on that diet, she just chooses not to. The premises is you don't mix your carbs with fats. So you can have rice and veg but no butter or meats with it.
And she forever chooses to stay in phases one which is basically a crash diet that can mess up your GI tract.
Adora use to be good until she got those fake ass boobs. Now all she does is post boobs and nude crap whilst flirting with every other guy besides her husband. Feel sorry for him

No. 298545

I watched one of her videos when she was at a goth music festival in europe (she has several on her YT) where she was surrounded by other goths who also had very exaggerated looks but the difference was she was making more noise and had this very "look at me LOOK AT ME!!!" thing going on. I assume its just her persona. There was no one else being as loud and in your face as she was (least not on the video).

While there are goths who dress loud but in fact are quiet I get the impression that partly, if not completely the reason she dresses like that is because she likes attention. I mean I aint hating i'm all for goth fashion but I find her personality to grating and childish.

No. 298675

yeah and what's more annoying is us goths already get hassled for apparently "being attention seekers" with the way we dress when it's not like that all. She doesn't help that!

No. 298907

I'd watch the videos but I get annoyed too easily so I'll take your word on it and I wouldn't be surprised as anyone can be loud and obnoxious in that kind of way. I'm guessing since she has so much praise and idolization, she doesn't see it as a problem less you be a "hater" if you get annoyed by it lol

No. 299088

You have my sympathies, I know a lot of goths dress the way they do because its their personality, not because they want attention its usually the opposite its a shame shes so well known.

Yeah dont, i could only manage a few of her vids shes so fucking annoying. And you are right shes totally one of those "if you dont like me its because you're jealous!". I checked out her instagram yesterday and all her recent pictures are her with her bolt-ons out, shes upping the attention seeking schtick. She doesnt seem to get most people dont dislike her for her style, they hate her because she acts like a petulant child.

No. 299349


Honestly, I feel that the only reason she's so well known is because of her age which I mean yes, I can admit that from a glance, she looks good for her age, I will be honest there. And her avant-garde makeup skills are really good too all things considered. But if she was doing this younger in this day and age, I feel she would've just been an even bigger niche than she is now because look at Instagram, there are so many Over the top looking alternative models.

And I suppose the other reason is because of her boob pictures. I don't follow her on Instagram but I know that girls who expose their breasts on their will be drowning in followers so lol

Actually, I did watch one video of hers. It was when she was singing at some club. Her singing was… Ugh… Let's just say I wasn't a big fan, sounded way too monotonous and devoid of emotion/passion. So nah, I'm good haha.

And yeah, that's what people like her need to understand. Not everyone hates you for the sake of it, they most likely don't like people like her for obnoxiousness.

No. 299551

File: 1493271746925.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-24-03-20-45…)

I've been meaning to post these here for a while now but I keep forgetting.
Here's some pics from Kaya's story.

No. 299555

File: 1493272068593.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-24-03-20-51…)


No. 299562

lol okay now that's a bit creepy

and her hair looks mat? Or is she wearing a scarf or something?

No. 299619

think it's just crimped? does look weird tho

No. 299887

Tt just did a post insta of things she wants and tagged all the brands in it,
I can't with this girl she might as well just beg them and her followers for stuff she puts minimum effort into everything but expects and gets all sorts of gifts

No. 300168

Did anyone see Angela Benedict's Q&A video? Someone asked her what she thought of people who think Motionless in White(a metal band) is goth. Thought it was a reference to Black Friday for interviewing them? She's pretty obvious about disliking her to begin with

No. 300305

I don't think that's a dig at Black Friday because I don't think blackfriday ever said they were goth? Only that Chris looked goth?
Will have a look but I'm pretty sure blackfriday never said motionless was goth

No. 300443

wow tt has changed her picture on YouTube

No. 300512

honestly i see it as a little similar to lolita…and lolitas get super mad when people jump on the subculture without having a true understanding of the fashion and the history behind it, right?

it's ok to like goth fashion but don't try to act like you're ~~so gawff!!~~ basically. like goth is a subculture that evolved around music, so if you claim to be goth you should probably like actual goth music

No. 300564

Anybody watched tts new video? Looks like it's just a typical whiny "rant" and of course one of the subjects it 'etlitists' this girl is obsessed

No. 300586

I was going to post this when it was first uploaded but I forgot, what do you guys think of Angela's singing? I really like her but I find her voice to be awful… all the comments are praising her tho so maybe im missing something

No. 300643

File: 1493416482023.jpg (47.84 KB, 823x196, gSsV9me.jpg)

I watched a bit but got bored. Clocked this comment on the video though, the stale "you're just jealous!!" argument I see. No, we're not jealous, it's because people like TT who do constant hauls from expensive brands like Punk Rave are pushing the misconception it's expensive "to be goth", that to look goth they need to buy from those brands, and that goth is the aesthetic only. THAT'S our problem!

No. 300722

Ehh. I really love Rozz Williams and Christian Death, and I don't think she did the song justice although it served its purpose well enough as a tribute.

No. 300843


Yeah I saw her video but I don't think her comment was a dig at BlackFriday. People have been calling that band "Goth" way before even BlackFriday talked about them. I think Angela's response was totally good. "Listen to some real Goth music, then listen to Motionless in White and you'll understand the difference" or something like that.

And I did watch Friday's interview with Chris and she never considered or called them a "goth band". Heck, when she asked Chris about his musical influence, he straight up named early metalcore bands along with AFI. He did mention The Cure but uh yeah, I don't hear Cure influence in their sound but that's just me lol

No. 300847

For a tribute it wasn't that bad though I felt at some parts, she was singing a little too fast so some of the verse felt a little off when compared to the instrument but I mean, she never claimed to be a professional singer so it's understandable.

No. 300848

Of course TT agrees, that's the only video she ever does so it doesn't mean much lol

As for the original comment, it's not always because of jealousy, sometimes they genuinely just get tired of same pointless haul videos of the same thing we've already seen 50 times of that tacky Killstar dress lol I think the the "jealous" argument is just redundant because that's not always the case, especially when it comes to subjects like this.

No. 300911

Angela's voice is a god send compared to Adora. Have you heard her?! And I still love the claim she has a band. It's awful!!

No. 300927

Ok so I do wonder if TT's latest video is proof she reads here (I know a lot of people will say yes its already proved) but she goes on a "rant" (her words, not mine) about how if she stops wearing goth style make-up she will still be goth and no one can take that away from her.

I'm confused tho I dont remember anyone giving her stick for her make-up? It was more the fact she was saying "goth is mainly looks based" but now according to her goth is interests based.

Apparently people are "debating her gothness" so I guess that means she really does read here?

No. 300995

Oh, I wasn't trying to excuse her behavior, I was just trying to say that she has an extensive history of being gross, lol. sage for old post.

No. 301864

Yeah and she named the band "Asperger Synthdrome" too. I don't know if she could have picked a more stupid tasteless name than that but I gues we should expect that kind of immaturity from Adora.

No. 301959

Drac seriously instagrammed her family members casket, guess it went with the "aesthetic"

No. 302786

yea i thought that was in really poor taste. like, was she trying to prove to people that she was dealing with personal family stuff?
lmao that she was all stoked to open a 'store' to shill her shit to her ~fans~ and it's already been put on hold.

No. 302837

Eh I wouldn't say it was that big of a deal, it was just a sideview of a casket with roses and no people or anything could be seen.

Her store though, that shit is going to be insanely overpriced if she ever gets it up and running

No. 303153

So in the description of this video (I would copy and paste but it will make this comment long af lol) he says he's going to kill himself basically. I find that so fucked up to do, I hope he's doing okay and doesn't go through with it but why put that worry in people's heads? Honestly I use to really like him but his cringey attention seeking behavior is getting too much.

No. 303281

At least that will be one shitty youtuber off online. Won't have to hear about him having sex with his girlfriend in his parents lounge anymore

No. 303350

TT has her bad looking shirts out. Made jake wear one hah

No. 303356

You can reply to a post by clicking the number of the post.


No. 303376

??? Are you new? TT = toxic tears?

No. 303379

no. I asked if you have screenshots or anything of what happened in this post >>303350 since not everyone follows her

No. 303389

saged for, well whatever by why do you keep referring to this person as he? are they trans? because i visitied their channel and I dont see it mentioned?

No. 303391


They call themselves "he" there's videos of them talking about it, and if you go through the thread you'll see it mentioned.

No. 303847


He goes by the "genderqueer" gender label and prefer to be called "he". Personally, I don't buy into the GenderQueer/Non-binary thing as a gender because it's just stupid Tumblr nonsense in my opinion but because he isn't a complete ass hat/twat about it like say, Milo Stewart, I just call him by what he prefers.

No. 303848

I have to agree. I did listen to one of the songs she performed and it just sounded so monotone, lacked emotion, and was just ugh… She needs to practice a bit more.

No. 303849


TT is just fishing for reassurance from her young fans. And I still find her just Gothic-inclined and not a "Goth" for aforementioned reasons stated above and in the other thread post. And duh, of course someone would still be Gothic-inclined if they don't wear Gothic-style makeup or clothing for a day or 5, it's the interest in the macabre that will keep one tied to