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File: 1439996038490.jpg (81.58 KB, 426x640, ginny5.jpg)

No. 17028

I really wanted to talk about this, but I didn't think it warranted being in /pt/, because she is lulsy but I don't know if she can really be considered a cow.

What on earth happened to Ginny? I used to love her back in the day, but literally all she seems to do now is talk about feminism and mental health issues. Some of her arguments are just really hard to take seriously and it's made worse by the fact she always deletes a lot of comments that disagree with her.

She has also been constantly asking people to contribute to her Patreon because she's been out of work. I thought she was making money as a social media consultant or whatever since she stopped cosplaying? I don't know if I feel sorry for her or whether I think she's really full of it.

No. 17029

No. 17380

Is she an oldfag cosplayer? she's pretty cute

No. 17628

She's basically only known for being a /cgl/ tripfag before the great purge of 2012.

No. 17631

I knew her a long time ago and even roomed with her a few times at a few different cons. I don't think she's gained the maturity of having to actually work. She's been a huge drama queen since I met her, she does tend to leech off of her SO for money.

She's cute, but she isn't the popular cosplayer she once was.

No. 52117

She was married at one point but her husband couldn't take it anymore and divorced her. She hasn't had an actual job in years and doesn't even cosplay anymore. Would feel sorry for her if she wasn't a huge bitch.

No. 52224

people who ask for money online are assholes

No. 52261



No. 52267

I disagree. Sometimes it is necessary, like when someone needs an operation such as an organ transplant and insurance doesn't cover it all. It's not like you have to donate anyway.

No. 52417

according to her patreon
>"Where does this money go?" Probably to the same place your money goes. Bills, rent, food. The basics that everyone needs to stay alive and (more importantly) thrive.I have no family and live alone, so every $1 helps me to continue working at what I love.

sounds pretty pathetic to me

No. 52430

I concur.

No. 52557

She has a mostly male audience (due to her cosplay history), and she whines about mental issues and feminazi propaganda (much of it insulting to most of her fanbase) constantly. And then she cries that no one wants to pay for her content. It is literally the most retarded thing I've ever seen.

No. 52558

Didn't she cheat on him too? And then he ended up cheating on her and then leaving her? Lol, guess you reap what you sow.

No. 53705


Yep they both cheated on each other.

No. 54451

She sounds like a giant cunt. Glad she's not relevant anymore.

No. 54452

Looking at her Facebook though, in the last few weeks, it looks like she's trying to be. Now everything she posts is cosplay related, after years of nothing. I guess she finally realized that debbie downer whining about mental issues and feminism isn't going to pay her bills. She needs to make some money, so that means back to skimpy costumes and half naked pics for her male fans. Watch, her Patreon will skyrocket in the near future (it's been sitting at a pathetic $350-ish since she started it).

No. 68168

Anyone have any recent dirt on this bitch? She's been going crazy on her FB fans lately, seems like a total psycho.

No. 124165

File: 1461586665470.jpg (355.33 KB, 974x1543, 1461428881546.jpg)

No. 124365


>Through a series of unfortunate events I find myself without any family.

That's what happens when you cheat and alienate your fans. And Ginny only has herself to blame. I also find it ironic that she claims Facebook is so toxic yet she keeps plugging her shit on it.

No. 124375

There should be a thread for all the washed up cosplayers who use gofundme instead of getting a job.

No. 124680

I used to like Ginny as a person but then she turned into a massive bitch toward me because of my views on that Anita Sarkeesian or whatever her name is. I really don't get why she didn't get a fucking job after her nasty divorce. I didn't know she was also cheating on her husband the way she played victim about the whole thing.

What's even dumber is that she moved from Las Vegas to California. Yes, Las Vegas is a shithole with shit jobs, but Ginny still doesn't even have a job in California. She kept begging for people to donate to her and what did she do with the money? Take multiple trips to the UK. Great use of funds when you're an unemployed broke ass.

Ginny is in her 30s. She should know how to manage money better than this but then again, her ex-husband is a lawyer that made all the money in that relationship. I'm guessing she thought she'd be set for life. Lol

No. 124701

No. 124830


Nah she was definitely above trip status. She was a very well known and pretty good cosplayer back in the day, she had Yaya tier respect and notoriety (not Yaya today but was actively featured as a guest at cons and even though she's a huge bitch you can't deny her costume quality was really good).

She then disappeared after she got married, partially because I believe she was trying to go professional in some sort of media position/was trying to milk her nerd cred for a decent nerd type job and wisely disappeared even more after the cheating came out. There was definite dramu at the time but it was a lot of friends/cod players coming forward nothing much from her.

She came back a little bit ago as a youtuber and was starting to gain a following but I'm not sure what happened. It could be that she premiered during a huge influx of vloggers so she got drowned in the masses or it just didn't really take off.

The only two things I'll admit I'm jelly of is her sewing skills and how fast her fucking hair grows.

No. 124835

you were right. It's 1k now. She only has 10k YT subscribers so that's a very good number.

No. 318234

she is transitioning to mastodon right now and is known for being very heavy with the banhammer at https://kitty.town


No. 424312

My main problem with Ginny McQueen these days isn't that she has trouble making ends meet in LA and has mental health issues and needs to ask for help – I've lived through that before and it sucks. My problem is that she makes everything about herself and fucking guilt-trips people into supporting her financially.

Can't provide links because she's taken all her YouTube stuff down, but right after the San Bernardino shooting she posted a video saying "If you feel angry and scared, maybe now you'll understand how I feel all the time because I have depression! Support me on Patreon!" Hurricane Harvey tears through Houston and she immediately posts to Mastadon, "SO INTERESTING how people will donate money to homeowners in Texas because YAY CAPITALISM, but they won't donate to women with anxiety! Support me on Patreon!"

Now that she's been driven off Twitter, she likes to declare that anyone still using Twitter is actively supporting Nazis and "seriously needs to re-evaluate their moral integrity" (paraphrasing but only slightly) – and then turn right around and say "If you're going back to Twitter will you at least share my Patreon page to your followers?" Last week or so, she even encouraged her Mastodon followers to donate to a GoFundMe for a kitten that needed surgery, and then went "LOL so funny how people donate more to kittens than they do to women who need money to live!" My favorite move is when she gets into fights with trolls and then complains that her followers aren't flooding her with support to balance out all the negativity – and then when people do offer sympathy and kind words, she's like "Women creators can't pay their rent with COMPLIMENTS!" She's constantly targeting people's sense of pity and compassion and then uses that to make them feel like hypocrites for not giving her money.

She even pulls this "Pretty soon I'll be dead and then you'll all be sorry" routine when donations run low, like she's the internet's emotionally manipulative mother – which must be working out okay for her, because she has no job, plays video games on Twitch all day, lives alone in a nice two-bedroom apartment and goes out for brunch every weekend, which is a lot more than most unemployed mentally-ill people have going for them.

Not saying she's getting rich off this scheme of hers, but I'll believe she's moments away from death and needs my $1 a month to survive when she starts looking for a roommate or a job, let's put it that way.

No. 426136

God that's sad as fuck. Isn't she like in her mid to late 30s at this point? I know she was a big name cosplayer in the early days of /cgl/ so that definitely puts her on the older scale of the trips. She was so skilled too, it's a shame.

No. 428422


She had a video (now deleted) on YouTube where she complained about chivalry and why it was bullshit. Ironically enough, she currently scorns men for not sticking up for her whenever she gets 'trolled' on Mastodon. It's also interesting how she couples a sob story with revealing pictures of herself in an attempt to get men to give her money while she constantly makes denigrating comments about men in general.

She refuses to take accountability for any of the failures in her life; she even goes as far to blame nazis for her empty pocketbook. The truth of the matter is that her life was always shit & had been on a downward spiral ever since her husband had the good sense to divorce her – all of this was documented by her on youtube. She was having money issues well before the "nazis took away her ability to make money".

No. 429462


Yeah her claims about money never made much sense to me. She says Twitter Nazis cost her at least $30,000 in six months by shutting down her social media consulting – so the freelance work she was doing out of her apartment was pulling in up to $60K a year before Nazi-gate? And yet she was always broke and begging for donations? Why would every single one of her clients ditch her for being bullied off Twitter when she never used her personal account to work with them? It doesn't quite add up, but asking her for transparency is ~*~harassment~*~ apparently, so w/e.

No. 429619

Why was she booted from twitter?
Do you have any links to her Mastodon drama, or however that works with Mastodon? Sounds bretty juicy

No. 429909

She wasn't booted from twitter; she claimed she had to leave because nazis were harassing her. In reality, people were only calling her out on the feminist bs drivel that she constantly vomited out on her keyboard. She joined twitter thinking that she could attract clients & make money as a "social media director". Soon after she realized that this strategy wasn't producing anything, she left twitter & employed a new, yet old, strategy of pretending to be a victim to guilt beta men into giving her money.

Her Mastodon link is https://kitty.town/@GinnyMcQueen

Her account is just more of the same feminist bs, as she only talks about 4 things:

1. White people are terrible.
2. Men are terrible.
3. White men are terrible.
4. Give me money.

No. 430639

I'm pretty sure she did work for SOME company as a social media director for like six months? But then it went south with everything else.

No. 430651


I agree. Get a real job like the rest of us do. People live in third world countries and work multiple jobs to survive. Some bitch in Winconsin goes on gofundme and asks you to pay for her trip to Japan. Can't support that shit, its gross.

and this >>124165 yeah… your head hurts and you have asthma… i think you'll fucking make it, dude. She's not even cute anymore so its dumb that she thought she could get 9,000.

>I m a Youtuber, host, podcaster, and model

literally never seen her mug ever and i doubt i ever will see it again. see, that's the problem imo. they really do think they're important and that we owe them something but nah.


>she claimed she had to leave because nazis were harassing her. In reality, people were only calling her out on the feminist bs drivel that she constantly vomited out on her keyboard

so… people were harassing her because they were angry at her opinions? got it then. god, and you just kept going and going about this. jesus, unfollow her man.

If you disagree with her idology unfollow, no need to tweet her calling her a dumbass till she changes. she won't. not everyone has to think the way you do anon.

idk if you got screenshots of her saying some misguided onion twitter sperg then i get you. but it seems like you just don't like her and that she's not milky at all.

not trying to whiteknight it just seems like theres no milk whatsoever. jill has a thread and no milk either but at least she's a legit snowflake. none of the things posted about this Ginny here seem outrageous.

No. 450624

I am long-time friends with a lot of those popular cosplayers from back in the day, and G-Chan is one of them. I never said anything to her specifically, but I got a lot of flack from my group of friends for calling her an attention whore.

When I first met her, she was very off-putting and treated me kind of like I did not belong. If it wasn't what she wanted to do? No one did it. If it wasn't her place to eat? No, we didn't go there.

I pretended to think she was so amazing because that's how my group of friends treated her. I frequently saw her treat her bf like shit, but I didn't say anything.

Something bad happened to me and I needed some help. Her bf and my friend helped me out a bit, and she ended up making it about how it was everyone's fault that she had to be alone for like an hour.

I also remember how there was this 'semi-nudes' cosplay site that used to go up. She would post this nearly nude pics of herself back when it was more taboo to do that, and that launched her cosplay appearance.

I used to watch her youtube videos, and she has ALWAYS ebegged for help. She is an orphan, which is true, but she has done little in order to get herself situated.

The fact that she was so loved because she was like a baby that needed caring for was always annoying because she was technically the oldest. I think about those people, including her, and every. single. one. is a well-adjusted adult with exception of her.

No. 458675


Sounds about right — sorry to hear she excluded you. Kinda reminds me of how she said in a video that any of her friends still going to Vid-Con after she could no longer afford to go was an “asshole.” If you’re not including her and treating her as the queen bee she thinks she is, she assumes you suck as a person.

No. 487545

The bravery of the anonymous poster is quite astound :/(no one cares)

No. 1041313

File: 1600470467523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1800x2292, 49c2cb9ec3452 (1) C2.jpg)

I gotta say, Ginny looks pretty good without her clothing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1041316

File: 1600470530748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 243.37 KB, 1800x1941, e86ac78af8e8c6c7 C.jpg)

No. 1041317

File: 1600470592941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 665.25 KB, 864x1310, 132452892946 4.jpg)

No. 1041319

this pic is photoshopped like most professional full body nudes, she looks ok though

No. 1041320

File: 1600470662178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 2025x3069, original_17918081 C.jpg)

No. 1041321

File: 1600470696502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 894.21 KB, 1050x1270, 5276ee0ea07a9 C.jpg)

No. 1041322

File: 1600470745748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.5 KB, 575x842, original_17918051.jpg)


No. 1041506

Shitty thread full of masturbating scrotes. fuck off.

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