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No. 582039

The latest escapades of:

Adora BatBrat
Drac Makens
Jake Munro
Kat Von D
Erin Micklow
Jimmy Mercy
Sebastian Columbine

Etc, etc

Last thread >>517712

No. 582056

Will the Kat von D drama escalate I wonder? Or will it ever be revealed why she made such a bitchy retort to that girl yet invited a spiky nobody instead?

No. 582059

I'm glad we can talk about kat in this thread

always thought she looked and sounded like a tranny

No. 582074

File: 1526267785548.jpg (913.59 KB, 1080x1857, 20180513_231535.jpg)

>>580594 this chick >>581693

yea, have seen ppl talk shit about her on ig and put her in a meme about being store bought punk, will have to try to find it again.

in the meantime, who wants to critic this thing she made?

erin describes herself as a model, actress and wardrobe stylist; she's one of those 'made by me' ppl when she puts patches and studs on something. when she's not dressing ~punker than thou~ she does shoots in a rockabilly/pinup style and it's pretty bland.

No. 582083

Well after seeing her in real life nearly 10 years ago, the plastic surgery really fucked her over in the looks department
It didn't help her personality though evidently

No. 582089


Some of the cows dating back to the earliest threads have never been included in the list.

Avelina de Moray
ReeRee Phillips

No. 582107

File: 1526269337675.jpg (54.05 KB, 493x677, katvindictive.JPG)

Looks like some people still aren't getting their Kat Von D special collections still.
Not very good at directing customer relations either, is she?

No. 582111

File: 1526269614114.jpg (137.29 KB, 894x652, seb.JPG)

Meanwhile Sebastian is having an identity crisis and gained at least 10 pounds in the process of deciding to buy this monstrosity

No. 582115

File: 1526269766731.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1242x1886, 51C8979C-570D-4BF5-8A65-8C5A64…)

Not much info but I did find this post suggesting they were friendly last year August. There is a girl tagged as taking this photo who did go to the party, looks like she works with the brand. Whatever happened was between ppl who worked with Kat so I don’t think they are going to be public about it.

No. 582116

File: 1526270051268.jpg (352.41 KB, 1640x886, shade.JPG)

Kat's getting called the fuck out
Also sauce on death threats from Kitty's post?

No. 582122

File: 1526270494717.jpg (70.72 KB, 529x714, excuses.JPG)

Kaya trying to make more excuses to delay making videos
She's looks utterly miserable having to record herself doing anything

No. 582162


oh noes! my life is so hard because I had to wear makeup products I don't really like for one day!" guess what, kaya, people wear makeup products that they didn't really wanted to wear everyday because we don't get to skip work or get a day off unhappy hiding in our house because we can't have that eyeshadow palette from that nice brand that we always wanted to or a good foundation that actually leaves our skin with a decent color and appearance. Most of us have to play with the cards we are dealt, most girls have only drugstore brands and some nicer items we get as treats. Some girls never get nice items and - you might be shocked but it's trus - they survive!

kaya, I know you're reading this so: you live completely out of reality girl. The best that could happen to you was to live in reality but I think that you are too far gone. Just start by going to therapy, man, really, this shitty is not normal. Your whole life is not normal, wake the fuck up

No. 582245

Well those 10 pounds suit her at least. But who didn't had a crisis around their 25th year of life?

Well I see Kat is a mix of stereotypes about Germans and Latinos same time.

Kek, UK shoe brand the Gothic Shoe Company also is causing same problems recently. Is this becoming a trend in alternative fashion industry?

No. 582396

I mean picking a gender might help but then she wouldn't be edgy enough

No. 582402

Her whole brand and image is based on stereotypes so it's not surprising, just disappointing.

No. 582412

File: 1526303808035.png (16.28 KB, 734x103, jj.png)

is this guy for real

No. 582415

File: 1526304069981.png (21.21 KB, 731x151, part2.png)

how long until he starts vlogging with no shirt on?

No. 582438

I wonder how Kaya feels about this? kek. Though if it was true you'd just get on with it, there wouldn't be any need to brag

No. 582439

File: 1526306387898.png (851.23 KB, 1080x1234, IMG_20180514_145828.png)

Freyja has a skinwalker.

No. 582440


First tweet - As he claims to have anorexia in his teens, he should realise how fucked up this tweet was. He's not a funny person, so it doesn't come across as a joke, he just sounds like a douchebag.

Second - Maybe don't post stuff like that when you have a gf who has problems with her weight, not very compassionate.

No. 582441

File: 1526306506050.jpg (63.87 KB, 840x585, image001 (6).jpg)

she was still repping the brand at the start of the year

No. 582444


Wtf. I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt as there is only so much variance you can have with gothic make up, but she even does the horrid eyebrows exactly the same.

No. 582445

Shredded? More like pulled pork. For someone so into their fitness and looking good, he looks neither fit or good.>>582412

No. 582478

holy crap

kek he's a delusional fat fuck

No. 582483

File: 1526309765471.jpg (56.89 KB, 466x578, wtf.jpg)

Impressive that someone could actually make IBF's makeup look even worse

No. 582489

She tags all her shit as 'itsblackfriday' so it's definitely intentional

No. 582490

Her brows look like Parenthesis

No. 582616

He was probably dehydrated for fuck sake

No. 582624


that'ts the kind of person that when questioned will say "it's not like IBF invented goth makeup, it's a traditional goth look, have you ever heard of siouxsie sioux? people liketo create trouble where there is none…" and act nonchalantly but secretly being super happy that people actually are comparing her with IBF because that was the whole point. In her head she can now think "yeah, I'm original like Freyja, we are birds of a feather"

When bitch, no! So tired of people who try to pull this shit off. One thing is trad goth makeup, siouxsie inspired makeup or even (to go back further) silent movie inspired makeup, it's a whole completely different thing to completely rip off one's particular way of interpreting these influences and even their fucking face shape! She's trying to mimic the shape the girl contours her face, how she overdraws her lips and even the huge mistake that are Freyja's eyebrows. FFS, even the face expressions! where did you see all of these exact things together, honey? Because if you have the guts to tell anyone that it wasn't on IBF's face it's so absurd…

I'm a goth woman (I guess most of us here are goths) and I do the trad goth makeup look: there is infinite ways you can do it that won't resemble freyja'a makeup remotely. Even when I'm like "i'll go full siouxsie today!" I NEVER looked nothing like IBF, this girl, if I saw her on the street (as I never saw IBF in person before) I would think it was IBF.

No. 582640

samefag becuse I forgot to add: To me, we have a new cow, I absolutely love to follow obsessive copycats antics, it's funny how they get desperate over being called out, having to desperately make something new that the person they obssess over do but trying to find a way thet it doesn't seems obvious in their head…
When Patsy was still queen of the got- How dare you? she's a deathrocker! -hs there was a super obsessive copycat who did everything exacly the same as her, she even had the exact same instagram bio as Patsy, but she substituted things like her star sign for her own and instead of "Ian astbury worshiper" (patsy's) it said "Roony moorings worshiper", it even had the exact same emoticons! hahaha I wish I had screencaped this shit!
Today, Patsy is a boring ass new age hippie who only listens to george harrison and likes tarot stuff, she seems happy, good for her, bla bla bla but SO tacky dressed! While the girl stayed Patsy like and developed her style further and looks super cool… life's ironies…

No. 582649

I was browsing this girls IG and she says she is "influenced" by IBF kek, there's influenced and then there's straight up ripping off. I thought creativity was a big part of the subculture for fucks sake…

No. 582654

kinda new here, so- who's patsy?

No. 582828

Patsy was a teenager that until like 2016 thought of herself as the epithome of goth (all the while describing herself as a deathrocker because she was from LA). Patsy was super young, not even 20 but she had a very cool look, knew her shit musically and was seen as "true" by people because well… she was. BUT she was insufferable, a reeeeeeal little cunt. She was so snotty, proclaimed around that she never had a shitty phase because according to her she was always a goth because of her parents that she claimed her mom was a deathrocker in the 80s and the father a glamrocker when the truth is a little far off from that: her mother was a regular goth (not very out there look etc) in the early 90s and her father is a rockabilly guitarrist (has a glam look for a hot second in the late 80s). She dated an older guy who was a trad goth too since she was like 16 and they both thought of themselves as THE SHIT, were rude to almost everyone. In reality, Patsy left a small but existing trail of her past cringe online, she was a fan of katy perry as a pre-teen (theres a twitter of hers) which is normal but she always claimed that her favorite band has been The Cult (she used to have an obssession with them, specially with the lead singer, ian astbury) since she was 7. There's some scene style pics of her, super mystpace style but in like 2012. She was an indie girl with waist long pink hair who liked the strokes etc, then a super quirky indie girl kinda retro who liked post punk, then she got like darker until she went full goth and she was good at that style. She used to bully other goths on instagram and tumblr when she deemed them inferior to her either because of their taste in music or style choices or because they liked something else other than goth that was a little bit cringey… Mind you, I'm not telling that she was mean because she told people that marilyn manson wasn't goth, no, inside """proper goth""" stuff she was insufferable, she was the true Elitist. She was so outrageous that she was funny as fuck. She also threw fits of rage on tumblr because of that psycho that copied her obsessively. I loved the Patsy drama, I could talk about this forever, she was a true cow, idk if lolcow was around the same time as she was but she never had a thread here. If she was active she would be altcows indisputable star, she was outrageous. But one thing you cannot deny: that girl had style. She was frenemies with Sebastian Columbine, if you knew "trad goth" sebastian that was all a poor man's Patsy, Sebastian wanted to be Patsy so fucking much.

Patsy used to post things like reblogging those "everybody has bad eyebrows days" or something with shit added like "not me, my eyebrows are perfect". She used to post vague things in response to people very aggresively on tumblr, etc.

This is just a teeny tiny summary of Patsy drama, but to wrap it up: at some point she broke up with her "soulamte" bf of like 5 years whom she lived with, disappeared for a while and turned into first a soft hipster and then she went gradually more hippie-ish, new age-ish and now she is like 23/24 and isn't a cow at all, looks like a chill girl and is left alone because she seemed not to be that person anymore

No. 582863

Thanks for all this info!
Just googled her, she looks very pretty
what are her social media accounts now?

No. 583291

People get a life bye and much love(k)

No. 583296


She works for shitty Milani now so probs did something stupid and got fired or had to leave

No. 583338

I wonder what was Freyja's reaction.

Well at least she looks creepy which is mostly the point of this type of makeup.

No. 583343

File: 1526375225236.jpg (10.2 KB, 220x172, 220px-Strawberry_Switchblade.J…)


Like Freyja is anything original to begin with… seriously…

No. 583364

File: 1526375826199.jpg (50.09 KB, 411x540, 8e0feb00ddbe7fb9743e99f52282c7…)

No. 583376

File: 1526376296038.jpg (17.42 KB, 480x360, mana_sama.jpg)

And if you wonder why they look so similar to gothic lolita - they are the source material that Japanese started ripping off as they went pretty popular in Japan.

No. 583385


Google "Patsy Tradgoth"

and satysfy your eyes with headlines like:

>FUCK YEAH TRAD GOTH Patsy is so perfect.

No. 583387

Plus a lot more about Patsy in the thread number 3:

No. 583390

and obviously our 1st ever thread about altcows that is as old as 2015 >>>/snow/36266

No. 583397

She has mentioned Mana being her hair influence so I wouldn't be surprised if he was her makeup inspiration too. She isn't well versed enough in music to know who Strawberry Switchblade are I don't think, she has like 4 bands she listens to

No. 583406

Did anyone catch Drac's Instagram story? It was showing off the PR eyebrow pomade from KVD and PR from Sugarpill along with some collection of KVD 25th anniversary makeup she got from the party.

She also did a bit of a rant about how people got to her by saying she'd be nothing without her makeup videos, how her art wouldn't be shit without her videos, and how it made her worry that these people were right and how she was legitimately worried that makeup brands would cut ties with her.

She tried to follow it up with how, she didn't really care about the free makeup, it was really about the people behind the brand and how everyone at Sugar Pill was so sweet and caring and how nice everyone at KVD is and how she feels at home there. How she's still be buying them even if they weren't sent to her like she used to do.

There was also something about how she probably sounded bitchy but it was "just her Latina attitude.

It's so blatant she's only worried about losing the freebies. Like the mean comments have a point. She wouldn't have been noticed by these brands without people viewing her videos? And why should brands send you free stuff when you aren't promoting them to others?

No. 583413

Didn't catch that but that's really interesting. Does anyone have caps? She just doesn't try anymore, she's not interested in makeup but still wants special treatment

No. 583427

>She isn't well versed enough in music to know who Strawberry Switchblade are I don't think, she has like 4 bands she listens to

I wonder where statements like this came from? And how much are they based in the reality? She does attend concerts and in her videos from like 4 years ago she was discussing goth bands. Nothing in depth however. She is certainly aware of many goth bands and some other alternative acts. Seriously to be so long in the goth thing as she is and to not hear about Strawbery Switchblade even considering the fact that those girls were bublegum pop in sounding more than goff rock would be a real achievement. I also have seen her with my own eyes on at least Sex Gang Children concert during last WGT. And she met Matias in the same venue where goth rock concerts always take place during WGT. OK, I get she may attract criticism because of certain aspects of her life but to say that she has no clue about certain genre of music is IMHO too far.

No. 583429

No one said she had no idea, they said that her actual record collection i.e bands she listens to is limited, she doesn't branch out often. But then many people don't. I don't know her so I can't say really

No. 583478

File: 1526387568950.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1515, IMG_20180515_133029.png)

Victoria's shoops are looking less and less like her. I understand that there's contouring and posing and everyones face fluctuates but she edits her bone structure in pretty much every photo. This shit only started when she went to LA and she's thinner than ever. I hope her new boyfriend is a positive influence

No. 583503


Total shame, you don't notice the amazing make up or the pretty necklace as you're distracted by which parts are shooped or not.

No. 583518

Her neck is also shooped about as thin as my wrist here

No. 583521

She has strong features but her actual face is unique. I personally think she's gorgeous without shoop and for the longest time was fine with her appearance but recently she's going for the praying mantis look

No. 583545

What's the point in doing this? We all know what she looks like and if someone met her having not seen her un-shooped pics they'd be in for a shock. She doesn't even look human

No. 583578

File: 1526395111566.jpeg (491.51 KB, 750x853, 897ECA77-A9F5-4905-9111-8E4DF2…)

Probably a reach but has anyone else noticed this? Mister Owl wearing a coin skirt that looks exactly like one of the ones his ex wears. Does Freya have one like it? I can’t check since I blocked her on instagram after she showed up on my explore feed too many times.

No. 583580

File: 1526395157808.jpeg (447.79 KB, 750x810, 6A37C481-8D80-40E4-A8D2-006256…)

Sage for double posting but here’s a recent pic that his ex took with it.

No. 583599

Is Drac engaged? She was wearing a ring in her insta story.

No. 583600

Never seen Freyja wear one, thought it was his friend that visited or something, that it belonged to her. I don't think the long distance is going to work honestly, she felt like Barnaby was holding her back so if she felt that way before she'll feel that way again.

No. 583655

She does audio only so she can't be screencapped. I don't want to listen to her voice to transcribe.

No. 583760

File: 1526405661826.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1474, IMG_20180515_183052.png)

Is this the fucking twilight zone? Someone actually got a real ass fucking tattoo of IBF and it's exactly what you'd imagined it'd be.

No. 583780

At least they could pass it off as just a shitty random Goff Girl if they ever get sick of IBF. As to why they would get a tattoo of her in the first place is beyond me. Tbh anyone who gets youtuber related tattoos probably shouldn't be getting tattoos.

No. 583787

Some people here likes to say that Freyja doesn't know anything about goth music with absolutely no reason as she indeed likes goth music, several subgenres in fact. If you do know goth music and watch her videos you'd hear songs from a lot of actual goth bands in her videos. There's a special weird anon here who has the biggest hateboner for her that claims that she is a poser and not even a goth hahahah
In my opinion, we can say whatever we want about IBF but she is not a poser by any means


hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm interesting…


and these prove that point: these people don't look like IBF, they wear similar "goth" makeup, none of these are emulating the exact same shapes the girl pain on her face. do you understand now?

No. 583788

shit, forgot to sage

No. 583918

She is saying "oh sugarpill and katvond actually likes me as a person and an artist and don't care if I make makeup videos or pictures" it's like well thats all fine and dandy for you Drac, but do you really think these brands would even know who you are if you didn't do makeup? Why is she trying SO hard to discredit her makeup like it really isn't a big deal of why she even has followers or met all these cool people.
Drac hates when people "demand" something from her, and it immediatly makes her hate something she used to love out of nowhere.. when people are like make more makeup videos because we freaking love them, she is suddenly not interested in it anymore. She acts like people are screaming and pulling her to make more videos when in reality, people are fully supportive of her and ask her because they love her stuff.
Drac only wants attention from cool brand people, she couldn't give less of a shit of all the normal people who like her stuff. Actually she seems like she finds everyone super annoying for no reason.
She truly is Katvonds little clone, a stuck up person who only likes cool people who kiss her ass and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

Btw notice how many times she said "I dont have normal eyebrows" in that unboxing, about 50 times. We know Drac, it's not really that special not to have eyebrows. We KNOW!

No. 584149

Thank you so much for taking the time to summarise! You're a life saver anon because I cannot sit through her droning whine

No. 584157

I seem to have missed the hateboner, I know a lot of people think she's shallow and fake which she is, and maybe her record collection isn't massive or varied but people forget that you can be really in to something then put it on the back burner. I know she used to have a lot of She Past Away in her videos which was a nice change as I love them but I don't watch her anymore so I don't know what she's using now. I vaguely remember her being a bit snotty about anyone listening to anything outside of Goth or Deathrock actually, so on the contrary to what that anon said. I feel like it doesn't really matter what is in your record collection so long as you do listen to Goth bands or at the very very bare minimum have listened to and have respect for them. It's been said a million times over but I don't know anyone in or out of the scene who listens to one genre of music and nothing else so yeah it's a stupid thing to attack someone over. I do believe Goth is about the music and not the fashion but that doesn't mean you need to be blasting Eyeless in Gaza all day every day.

No. 584197

Erin Micklow is NOTORIOUS in the punk scene for being super cringy and try-hard.

No. 584206

please do spill, I'm really curious about her

No. 584224

File: 1526431290638.jpg (449.5 KB, 1440x2062, Screenshot_20180516-013923.jpg)

Why does she want to copy someone who is uglier and in worse shape? If she got her own style she would look much better.

No. 584235

Because freezer is 'famous' and if you copy a famous bitch you'll become infamous by proxy

No. 584237

Basically, it boils down to the fact that she kinda treats punk like a costume. Like yeah, she has these huge liberty spikes but her boyfriend styles it for her and she switches right back into pin-up looks and normal looks when she isn't at a huge music festival. And while she does go to a lot of shows, which LA is a super privileged punk scene anyway, she's a huge fan of really shallow, surface-level bands like Rancid or Bad Religion. Which not to knock them, but most people grow out of bands like Rancid once they aren't teenagers anymore. And her overall attitude just sucks. She's a huge snob and acts like she is suuuper edgy but she's honestly just your basic rich white girl deep down.

No. 584252

She honestly gives off that impression to a T on a surface level of just her look, so I totally believe she's like that. She's not too good at hiding her lack of knowledge. That's pretty sad that she can't even do her hair though, like that's a pretty fucking basic thing. Then again she can't dress herself and is apparently a seamstress and 'stylist'. Speaking of which, how do you be a Stylist which is very mainstream dressing regular people and then also maintain that you're so underground and you're rebelling against society? Her narrative is both and they just don't make sense together

No. 584263

Gotta love when she didn’t know any of the more obscure OG goth bands.

No. 584267

Love when you can tell they've been lurking and all the criticism has finally got through the Kaya

No. 584307

File: 1526434546929.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1354, IMG_20180516_023309.png)

She doesn't look remotely like herself anymore, she changes her face and body so much on a picture by picture basis. Her face looks shooped on here.

No. 584634

I cannot stand this girl. Always used to pop up in my suggested follows on Insta until I blocked it to stop it suggesting her. I get wanting to look punk, especially some of the older styles, but this girl is literally what you think of in your head when you think 'punk', which is the antithesis of punk itself, really. Cookie cutter down to the last detail. Which can be alright if you're willing to admit 'yeah, I just like the image and I'm not about the music/idealogy/etc' But it really rubs people up the wrong way if you've got the 'look' but not the balls or knowledge to back up the legitimate interest in the scene.

And that's what annoys me the most about her. There is a video of her covering perhaps one of the better known punk songs (Wild in the Streets by the Circle Jerks) - the equivalent of the scene's ABC's for basic music - and she only jumps in to sing at the line 'Wild in the streets!' after botching the intro and realising she doesn't know the words. She then goes on to do awkward 'punk' moves on stage and rips her skirt off towards the end to save face.

No. 584674

WTF is this shit? From the thumbnail I was expecting a genuine discussion about the different subtypes, the music and how she fits into it, but lmao obviously not it's just a retarded video of doing DUMB ONLINE QUIZZES. You can't make this shit up.

Gotta love how she purposely picks the choices that would give her the more "goth" result, or openly admitting to not knowing a single of the OG bands but then adding that she likes The Virgin Prunes after listening to them kekk bitch please yeah right.

The editing is cringy af, she's not funny and she may "joke" about being a poser but fyi kaya, YOU ARE and you know it.

No. 584678

is it just me that finds it cringy that a 27 year old woman still talks about being goth. she has literally nothing else going for her so she's grabbed onto this and never let go

No. 584692

Yes! Everyone I know who falls into the goth category have so many more interests and things going on for them - and even if it is goth related - music, art, film - they're really into it…not this surface level BS

No. 584694

dafaq, Victoria is having 30 yo crisis? Dang, she looks great without shops.to be honest her bone structure was making here look somewhat unique.

No. 584922

No wonder Kaya and Jake's relationship is so strained. He is a raging narcissist with an obnoxious shallow personality and she has absolutely no personality at all. Not a scrap of intellect or knowledge outside of "I like Hufflepuff colours uwu" and the fact she used to model and talks about how popular she is. She has nothing but knick knacks and makeup, and that's pretty sad. But also extremely dull and I can see why no one can hold a conversation with her. It frustrates me how self righteous she is while having the depth of a teaspoon.

No. 584956

I completely agree, Kaya is one of those people who haven't grown or changed as a person since she was a teenager because of her depression and being held down by living with a narcissist. Jake completely takes up all the space and energy in their daily envoriment.
If she got rid of Jake and actually took care of her own mental health by going to a therapist + actually trying to be healthy in her daily life, she would finally have space to delevop her long lost personality.
I'm not saying none of it is her own fault, she is clearly her own worst enabler, but when you're depressed it can be really hard to manage anything in your life.

No. 585003

File: 1526492256724.png (614 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-16-12-32-34…)

Apparently Drac is considering returning to YT but without comments open

No. 585337

OH wow, thanks for all that info. I have actually seen photos of Patsy back in the day but I had no idea who she was as I didn't have Tumblr back then and the only place I looked for Goth content was YouTube and that was back in the day when people like Sebastian Columbine, KillNatalie, Leah Mouse, Dumpster Dollie, Kazlovesbats (Goblin Queen), and Joji Grey / Vulture Prince were the known names.

Looking at more photos of Patsy, I can definitely see how Sebastian tried to rip off her style to a "T". Just wow, I never knew lol

No. 585343


Yeah it's pretty obvious that Freya took her hair inspiration from Malice Mizer's Mana with the birds-nest hair.

No. 585344

File: 1526506894989.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1366, IMG_20180516_223821.png)

This potato lookin ass bitch went out like this and she's buying more antique tat to put in place of her personality. Isn't this a man's jacket? It's extremely unflattering either way.

No. 585348

She's also shooped her face to look like Ngaire, I hope she doesn't start trying to copy her and leech off her as I think she's pretty and relatively chill; the exact opposite of Kaya

No. 585351

hahaha she looks she sophie from peepshow

No. 585356


Haha won't lie, I actually still listen to Bad Religion on occasion for nostalgia purposes but I get what you mean. It sounds like she only likes Punk because she thinks it makes her more interesting than she actually is.

No. 585358

Because she's so fragile that she can't handle the big meanie pants asking her to film more than twice a year.

No. 585361

I think everyone listens to their 'starter bands' every now and again for nostalgia but this bitch probably wouldn't even recognise Minor Threat

No. 585365

"I hope I get something dumb like Mallgoth"
Haha funny because that's pretty much what she is. And of course, those quizzes were terrible but you know she'd fail if there was an actual Goth quiz. I'm so tempted to make a Goth quiz and do it right lol

No. 585370

True lol There are still a few bands I listen to that would be seen as lame but yet, they make me feel nostalgic listening to like Blink-182 or The Offspring or The Spice Girls but yeah, if you're claiming to be into a subculture like Punk or Goth, it's best to dive in and explore it and not just sit on the superficial side of it. I remember when I went through a "I'm a punk" phase and I still cringe at it and I'm glad someone put me on blast and made me feel like an idiot for it haha.

No. 585373

Exactly and this is why people can't stand Kaya or Jake (who just lol). They are not Goths, they are just posers and only into it because of the fashion which fine, wear what you like but don't dance around the bush claiming to be Goth when it's clear to most people in the scene that they're not and no amount of crying Elitist is going to change that. It's already bad enough when she puts obvious Goth music in some of her videos just to help with her non-existent Goth cred.

No. 585382

I feel like Kaya is the definition of a washed up has-been. She had her time being a model until she lost her looks to her own ignorance. And don't get it twisted, I understand that people's bodies change when they get older but it's annoying when some of these people bring up all kinds of excuses for it and Kaya is a big example of this, never-mind the fact she eats a lot of junk food and sits on her butt most of the day anyway. If it was anyone else, I'd let it slide but considering how she always complained about her weight, I just had to let out.

But you're right, lady has no personality and is boring af with a narcissistic, self-absorbed potato of a boyfriend who's only claim to fame is being with an ex model who would otherwise be a big nobody.

No. 585414

Her only fans are 13 year olds who act like rabid dogs when she's criticised even slightly, just like IBF. If Freyja was allowed back in to the UK I reckon they'd probably team up against the big meanie haters

No. 585742

File: 1526524043486.jpeg (339.42 KB, 465x898, D915B169-5CFD-4A34-AFCF-D97508…)

for those that didn't get a good look

No. 585746

This is awful. It might not have been AS bad without the ridiculous sleeves, but geezus, this looks insane.

No. 585750

oh. wow. I am never lost for words but this Latina-Pennywise-Vampire look is just beyond all words

No. 585755

OMG. YES. Pennywise was the exact thing I was seeing, but I just couldn't place it.

No. 585756

She has said she wants to fuck him before. Like the new pennywise, for some reason she had a crush on him. Unfortunately it was on her story forever ago so I can't post caps

No. 585778

File: 1526527885825.jpg (144.54 KB, 439x500, ronald-mcdonald.jpg)

This is more like Ronald McDonald in drag.

No. 585782

I know looks are subjective and this is just my own opinion but ye-gads, she looks like a hot mess. And what is going on with that dress? I feel like this would be a better look if her makeup wasn't so unappealing. Like why couldn't she just do red eye shadow, elaborate black eyeliner like she usually does, and actually draw on some eyebrows. The only nice thing about her makeup is the lips, that's it. Just wow, what was she thinking with this look… .__.

No. 585877

Haha is there more?

No. 585967

File: 1526554652240.jpg (702.21 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20180517-115702.jpg)

Found this one.

No. 585977

File: 1526555120028.jpg (660.75 KB, 1440x1450, Screenshot_20180517-120440.jpg)


No. 585983

Aww giving her little uncomfortable self a hug <3

No. 585987

Drac does good makeup - except when she paints stupid stuff on her brows. She just has very poor taste levels, especially when it goes to clothes. Gold is a pretty unforgiving colour for bigger girls, but this dress is horribly made.

No. 585993

Surely there has to have been something that was a bit more flattering and a little less cheap looking. She really does look awkward and uncomfortable as fuck, and going there has to have been an event that she really looked forward to.

No. 585999

File: 1526558110533.jpg (78.93 KB, 592x594, jTf6cWa.jpg)

jesus. compare that to the pictures she posts on her IG

No. 586018

I have legit never seen her full photo before. Only terrible eye photos. She looks awful. That dress wouldn't flatter anyone, but looks especially bad on a bigger person.

No. 586020

This is why i love seeing candids. No filters, lighting, or other camera tricks.

No. 586075

Speaking of Drac's jewellery video, further up, I just watched it and in the first one she is so pleasant compared to now. It's like night and day!

No. 586231

I don't understand this. If you're a heavy weight person, why the fuck would you get puffball sleeves which make you look wider…. This is an utter monstrosity of gowns - especially on her figure.

No. 586252

Pffft the only reason freezer isn’t looking as big as drac is because her chin is tilted up and she’s wearing black

No. 586275

What is the kat von d drama T?

No. 586385

File: 1526582678987.jpg (17.24 KB, 300x300, goth farts.jpg)

She looks like Emilia fart

No. 586410

She has a butt chin which I hadn't noticed at all til this picture. She always has her chin more or less attached to her collarbone in photos to hide it

No. 586411

It's all up thread or in the last one

No. 586454

File: 1526585353661.jpg (65.6 KB, 400x600, Kat Von Beauty 10th Anniversar…)

No. 586455

File: 1526585533011.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180517-203115.png)

Kat doesn't look all that great herself, in fact the majority of them there looked rough.

No. 586489

Tbf to Kat, she's pregnant and this was her event so her looking rough is understandable considering she was probably under a lot of stress (the dress was woeful though). I don't know what the excuse was of those who attended though…

No. 586522

She's wearing barely any gold… Why?

No. 586570

Didn't know she was pregnant, she doesn't look awful it's just that dress and gloves.

No. 586628

Because she's too special anon, the world must bend to Freyja's whim. Her wearing gold would result in the Goth Cabal revoking her snowflake card

No. 586629

The main thing that irks me is when she doesn't draw on eyebrows. Like seriously, does anyone actually find the no eyebrows look appealing? It's just grotesque in my opinion…

No. 586633

She's not special enough if she has brows so she throws a meltdown pity party every time someone suggests she tries a look with brows

No. 586638

Well that is just annoying lol I mean fine, do what you want but I seriously doubt majority people find her no eyebrows look that appealing and it does her no favors. >_>

No. 586639

She couldn't even wear a gold headpiece or rings, even a shawl. She didn't even smile for the photos, makes them all look a miserable lot at that party. >>586455 If she'd worn plain gold it'd have been fine but with the floral it's just bizarre

No. 586645

Oh no I agree with you, she looked good in her Angela recreation where she had brows but she always goes on about how much she doesn't care about what others think and doesn't want to look pretty…whilst desperately vying for attention and reassurance that she's pretty from her fans. Ironic really.

No. 586657

Going all the fucking way to America for a night and she still didn't bother her arse with the theme.

No. 586790

Holy shit she's fucking huge. I see veganism isnt going well for her.

No. 586828

File: 1526598957969.jpg (724.89 KB, 1080x1713, 20180517_201308.jpg)

She's so desperate for attention.

No. 586833

Ah okay, I guess that makes sense (her not wanting to look pretty, she succeeds at that if that's her goal). But yeah, if she really is vying for attention from her fans, she probably cares more than she thinks.

No. 586834

Oookay… And? She always has black nails, is she serious? lol

No. 586835

Is she 12

No. 586844

Ah yes I forgot about those freak outs. Who would be so triggered by people saying they look better with eyebrows? Not like it's the norm or anything. She looks like a potato without.

No. 586856

She gets butthurt because she wants to be the only one who looks special and doesn't have brows, she doesn't want to 'subscribe to beauty standards' and when people tell her she'd look nice with a little facial definition she feels like they're attacking her personally since she doesn't have much personality outside of looking weird and wanting to fuck imaginary clowns while having a ~magical model boyfriendo~ who we never see and who she never supports.

No. 586857

She's pretending to be Hitler, with the moustache, in Germany. She has the tact and class of an atomic bomb

No. 586860

Definitely, she's very concerned with what the public think; that's why she flounced from Youtube because she got constructive criticism. She succeeds in looking like what everyone thinks when they think 'Goth', a fat pasty miserable basement dweller. Unfortunately we got that stereotype in the 90's and she perpetuates it. At least she used to til she decided she was the supreme and ultimate Latina

No. 586881

The one True and honest Chola Goth

No. 586936

Holy shit it’s worse than I imagined. She needs to put more effort into finding what fits and suits her body. She is too heavy so anything like puff sleeves are hard to pull off, it could only work if the bottom half of the dress had big volume to balance if out. The material is thin and she should have put a supportive undergarment to help give her shape, although really she should have gotten a better dress all together.

It’s a shame that she seemed excited for this trash bag of a dress, she is hopeless.

No. 586995

Eugh you're so right and it's a bad image at that lol And oh man the Latina. The funny thing is she is not even the "first" on YouTube. I'm sure there are others but one that comes to mind is Victoria Fashen, another Goth Youtuber who lives in Los Angeles and is Hispanic. Only difference between her and Drac is she's not a cow and she has a more pleasing to the eye style.

No. 587024

How dare you anon dont disrespect Emilia Fart like this

No. 587090

Drac just did another literally 20 part instagram story again, man she has alot to say about nothing.

No. 587153

Yeah, in her early videos, she was quite nice. Not the most charismatic person for sure, but nice. I feel like she didn't start becoming a cow until she started with her creepy Kat Von D worship.

No. 587213

I feel like she's shoving her recently adopted culture in to her fashion for no other reason other than attention and to show how 'special' she is. It's not out of love for the thing, I don't wear black Sarafan daily because it just doesn't go and there's no point. Anyone comfortable with their nationality and culture doesn't feel the need to shoehorn.If she's so uncomfortable with her heritage she should work on that instead of showing so publicly how she's the most Latina Latina there ever was. I've also noticed she'd taken on a selective Mexican accent which is just hilariously bad

No. 587228

It's probably because KVD is married to a Hispanic man

No. 587243

Kat von D is mexican

No. 587246


Here's your answer. it's another pathetic attempt to get Kat to admire her

No. 587271

oh I had no idea lmao. jfc Drac is even more pathetic than I thought

No. 587341

This is going to be long so apologies in advance…

A few months back I saw a comment on one of Drac's instagram pics from a fan of hers saying something along the lines of how they miss getting her notifications on YouTube etc. Drac replied with her usual attitude something about ppl expecting too much from her and if she wants to come back to YouTube she will and blah blah. I found that response surprising because the fan was sending a positive message, but Bianca somehow saw it as an attack.

I follow a few of these cows on IG but have never commented, I mostly just lurk, but for some reason that day I commented(politely)back to Bianca saying something about how I think she took the message the wrong way and that she has a lot of fans that don't care if she's back on YT they just support her either way, she wouldn't have a following without them and whatever else. I'm not sure why I even bothered.

I didn't read her full response back because it was am extremely long rant…but from skimming she(Drac)was screaming about how she's a "nobody" and she doesn't get why ppl want her to upload videos and that a lot of small companies "outside of the internet" ask her to do work for them and blah blah blah. First of all, she puts herself on the internet to show her "talents" and starts to get a following. As her following grows she starts to do q&a vids etc. so her fans can get to know her but then she complains that there are ppl that like her or want to see her videos. Okay? I also highly doubt many companies "outside the internet" ask her to do work for them, if any at all. Her style of work is pretty abstract.

Another funny bit to this story is that within a couple days before me commenting to Drac I saw Kaya complaining about basically the same thing and how she deletes and blocks "rude comments". The same day I comment to Drac Kaya blocks me on IG, kek! I assume she saw my comment and realized I follow her too and was anticipating me commenting on her nearly identical posts.

These girls cannot take any comments that are not over the top ass kissing. I don't understand how they keep these followers.

No. 587372

Who the actual fuck other than Bianca would whine about getting work in their dream job? That bitch is delusional. She wants to sit on her ass and be handed praise and fame for just being ugly and standing still. Fuck sake girl, you're getting work thrown at you and you're not taking it just to complain about being broke?! I know she's insane but I didn't know just how dumb she was.

No. 587377

"Look at me I'm so special, pay attention to meee (posts 95 selfies and a heartfelt crying video in a row)"
"Ew, how dare you want me to post, fucking stalker. Blocked"
That's how both of them are in a nutshell

No. 587867

Who could be arsed listening to her ig story jesus kek

No. 587878

File: 1526683613957.png (724.17 KB, 1080x1016, IMG_20180518_234417.png)

So she crimped and backcombed the ever loving fuck out of this wig…just to flatten any volume it had, smooth it out and put it in pigtails? Great logic Kaya ya fucking genius.

No. 587891


I'm sure she could have found a pink wig already styled similarly?

No. 587893

It's weird what she puts her time into. Losing weight, fixing computer issues, decorating and cleaning? Nah, lets fuck around with a wig.

No. 587986

True lol She probably could lose weight if she put some time into it because if she can make time for fiddling with a wig, she can make time to go for at least a 15 minute walk which would probably do her some good. Get out of the house for awhile to think.

No. 588005

Walking is pleasant and gives you an endorphin boost so she could fix her depression and her fat ass at the same time but then what would she get pity points for?

No. 588033

Celebrity comes in all shapes these days. Even potato. Seriously shows that everyday tattoo artists that become popular can invite other camera whores to promote their shit just to make money. Freya is a nobody. Get invited to dinner with someone of importance and I'll be impressed. The Royal wedding makes this shindig look like a dive.

No. 588037

Getting on the gold wagon? She only has that punk Rave coat because ReeRee does. And it looks awful on her. Get over yourself Kaya.

No. 588045

File: 1526697204551.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-05-19-12-26-11…)

Why the fuck do people copy this clown? The fact that Freta can't see herself as positive without makeup so ridiculous. No wonder her relationships never lsst. Any normal person would think that wearing that face permanently has major issues. She will grow old and never be able to function in society as anything because how could you be a youtuber forever? It's not a job.. its a short term ego trip. Her fans don't pay her. Youtube us chump change. And by the way the way she says Yassss anf daaaaamn like an American is so Jeffrey Star. He wouldn't dream of being seen with her. So much cringe!

No. 588066

The original wig looked nice. She wrecked it. Imagine being so spoiled you wreck a 400 dollar wig and then turn around and basically e-beg on your social media.

No. 588127

I'm genuinely confused here. What's her saying 'yas' and 'damn' like an american got to do with Jeffrey Star never dreaming of being seen with her? I just… that's a helluva leap.

No. 588160

I have to agree a bit. Until the day Freya gets invited to have dinner with someone like Andrew Eldritch or Peter Murphy or something (you know, someone famous within the Goth scene outside of just being a run of the mill vlogger), then we'll see but for now, she's just another vlogger who happens to have a Gothic aesthetic and more of them are becoming common.

I think the sad thing is that if she didn't make her skin so pasty pale like that of a ghost and just kept the eye stuff, it'd look a lot better. Like seriously, why does she make herself so fucking pale? That can't be good for the skin in the long run. And I'd hope she's saving some of her earnings for the future but something tells me she isn't. And I dunno, I could see Jefferee Star hanging out with her as he's a fame whore himself.

No. 588227

Not really. She tags Jeffrey Star all the time. When you used to be able to see the tags. She aches to be as famous. Her using the same quips is not a reach. Read between the lines. Again she's too sloppy to be associated with Js. She has said on more than one occasion how she wishes she could collab. Do your homework.

No. 588228

Andrew Eldritch? How about the dalai lama. She's hollow as fuck. It's all surface.

No. 588229

Let's not forget Freya has scammed her way to Germany to be the ultimate 'just add water' goth. She's a baby bat. Hard.

No. 588268

I'm sure Jeffree has space for a new 'Best Friend' Thursday of next week once he falls out with James Charles, maybe she can jam her swollen foot in the door

No. 588269

Because she's not a religious person and not everyone needs to be having tea with the pope every weekend to be worth something? Andrew Eldritch is someone Freyja has personally talked shit about very publicly and is, whether people like it or not, an innovator and idol within Goth music. He also speaks fluent German despite having never lived there to the best of my knowledge, so basically he's what Freyja wants to be (famous, talented and able to understand locals in the country she lives in) and she just can't handle supporting someone who is technically better than her. I'd love to see them sit down together just for their snark and shitty attitudes to bounce off each other.

No. 588270

Jeffrey doesn't have any fat friends. He's too gay and bitchy to think she'd even come close. Her eyebrows are enough to safely say she'd be an embarrassment to him.

No. 588271

File: 1526725394433.jpg (98.28 KB, 970x582, 3dd097b6-eb90-4fed-be18-76a6fd…)

Need it be said that he used to look like this, so he's not much better, he's just stopped wearing eyebrows 99% of the time instead

No. 588272

Dare I say his brown look refined in comparison to her sharpie texta numberrs. Besides were in the now.

No. 588273

File: 1526725711378.jpg (121.46 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

One of his best friends is fat and they've just announced a tour together.

No. 588289

Jake has started wearing coloured bright blue contacts as part of his "new look"
so cringe seeing him wearing them at the hairdressers. those poor people must hate when h walks through their door

No. 588294

No. 588297

'best friend' basically she does makeup when he can't be arsed and does it better than him so she does his complicated, refined shit for shoots. So he uses her basically.

No. 588301

Is it gonna be any more put together than his 'goth ninja' look?

No. 588306

I can't see freya adding any value to his brand other than shadowing that bottom lip of hers.. he makeup is gross. As if he would collab with her.

No. 588362

jesus. sorry i don't obsessively read and watch everything she does. calm your tits.

No. 588398

File: 1526742105331.jpg (113.95 KB, 937x450, Clipboard01.jpg)

he "changed as a person, emerged as a creator"…. oh boy…

No. 588425

God they're both ageing SO badly, he's morphing in to a creepy old car salesman look

No. 588450

File: 1526746164347.jpg (44.3 KB, 462x555, wpYtfM0.jpg)

Changed as a person? Does that mean he'll stop pointing his grubby fat sausage fingers at people? I doubt it

No. 588461

File: 1526747393362.jpg (581.14 KB, 1080x1555, 20180519_122648.jpg)

yup, there's plenty of affordable ones on amazon that have a lot more texture and volume than this. i like how she mentioned that the wig looked "super cute" on the foam head but not on her and this is the style she settled on lol.

thanks to the anon who posted those drac pix, am dying that she paid $75+ for that dress and hyped up her look for the event only to show up like…that.

this isn't the original meme i found on ig and there wasn't much in the comments worth capping, but imagine enough ppl knowing you're a poser that they making something like this.

No. 588464

He looks pretty campy with those knock off ~Vampyr~ contacts

No. 588466

She hyped up and teased her look then bit the face off anyone who was excited to see it, Classic Bianca

No. 588474

File: 1526748275759.jpg (572.27 KB, 1080x1849, 20180519_124017.jpg)

samefag but i love that the outfit in the meme is similar to something she made. the t-shirt to body suit and plastic pleated skirt is like the only thing she does. she credits herself as mua and stylist for her own pix when her makeup is basic as fuck.

she's making more of these ~outfits~ for an upcoming event. like, how many times do you have to post about doing the same thing?

No. 588484

Wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if she just bought her shit and lied to be unique

No. 588502

wtf is punk about this look?

No. 588505

But she has liberty spikes and studded bracelets Anon! That's all you need, right?

No. 588544

Yeah because there aren't 10000000 other make up bimbos or gays he could use, right? It has to be the fat girl. You're dumb.

No. 588633

The point was that she's talented and he uses her talent. They don't seem to hang out outside of that. Reading comprehension would do you a world of favours.

No. 588658

File: 1526760003756.jpg (16.53 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

that´s what I thought!
Kaya will never reach that level of class ReeRee has

No. 588666

Ugh what is he, why does anyone like his videos? Can't see any appeal.

No. 588680

File: 1526761361676.jpg (101.72 KB, 1080x732, tumblr_p67wceXpyO1sn8o3fo1_128…)

Random but is there actually any tea about those three graces here?
I see them all over my feed and they model for brands that I follow… anything milky?

No. 588723

File: 1526764243015.jpg (962.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180519-220723_Ins…)

Gross update on Kaya wig

No. 588729

Actually looks less awful than I imagined. I'm glad she flattened some of the volume as it made her look like a drag queen before

No. 588732

There was drama when Mara left her best friend who she usually went to Castlefest with, behind for Mai because she was thinner and matched Mara's aesthetic better. Everyone thought it was pretty fucking harsh despite her saying they're still friends, she used to take photos with her all the time but sudden boom cut contact other than one or two photos.

No. 588738

Senn! yeah, she modeled with her February but they used to be pretty close and they seem to have lost that which is a shame. Senn has really ballooned which is a shame because she was doing well at losing weight, she's really sweet though in personality and honestly Mara is a little cold but she's not a cow and she seems ok too

No. 588743

she has videos of her sewing this stuff, but she also claims that she 'made' something like a jacket or vest when she just added studs or whatever. also i don't know a lot about sewing but the leg holes of the bodysuit thing look wonky to me.

the ramones shirt she used, duh.

No. 588756

I mean, they all seem pretty vain and the whole "witchy pagan viking uwu" aesthetic seems extremely forced at least to me. It's like they've never visited an actual forest in their lives. All of the "pagan" shit seems to focus on drawing runes on their foreheads and listening to Omnia, which is so hilariously try-hard that I don't understand how anyone could take them seriously.

No. 588760

Mara even has a bunch of sacred symbols tattooed or painted on her at all times, yet doesn't practice anything to do with it. Ironically I'm pretty sure her parents place is relatively rural

No. 588808

File: 1526772819398.png (718.01 KB, 1440x1981, 20180519_193304.png)

Could she be trying any harder to copy Black Friday?

No. 588825

>The point was that she's talented and he uses her talent.

And my point is that he doesn't need to use a fat girls talent if he had an issue to be seen with fatties because there's an abundance of other talented make up artists. She's obviously his friend and he said it a million times.

No. 588829

Oh my god the cringe, Even more about her boyfriend(?) than her

No. 588834

She's even wearing her fucking headdress. Did she do his makeup or? Because it looks fucking awful with his hair and everything, looks like she slapped corpse paint on him

No. 588847

Literally thought it was IBF until I read your caption

No. 588930

Freezer's vanity combined with her depression is seriously starting to show, as in she spends time doing her hair and makeup but then doesn't take her hair down for days and doesn't take her makeup off at night. She only takes it off properly when she's filming and the giant lumps under her foundation are getting worse. It's very noticeable in some pictures, her skin must be very dry too. She has potential and her makeup does suit her more than her old makeup style did but she's just too arrogant and vain to fix anything and just keeps going in the circle of piling on makeup and hair and sitting alone in her flat with the curtains half closed and everything painted black. Ironic that she wants her style to seem out of the ordinary when she literally boxes herself in mentally and physically. But the bitch is 30, so it's really not a good look to not have your shit together by then.

No. 589154

Maybe she left her friend because she was not *~witchy pagan so viking ~*
I really do not know how to take all this behaviour. I remember watching a Witch Casket unboxing and she said ppl complained before that she is no real witch and she was talking a little about her magick but yea… idk in my personal opinion it´s something very private and definately not a style choice but oh well

No. 589204

>definately not a style choice but oh well

it is if you're kaya, kek

No. 589375

File: 1526835762375.jpg (68.99 KB, 580x384, HL8ElfV.jpg)

kek he's wearing the coat now

No. 589394

why the heck is it with this jacket now lmao
(I low key want it since I saw it on Reeree but those two…ugh)

No. 589429

same I think they way Reeree wears it is very pretty, but on Kaya it makes her look like a Yeoman warden (beefeaters) and if thats the only pic/footage of Jake wearing it I bet its because its too feminine/weird looking on his stocky little bod for a full length image.

He looks like how every lesbian
on tumblr wanted to look back in 2014.

No. 589434

ReeRee suits it because she's thin and wears a size that is a little big so the gold isn't so curved and more flows with her body, Kaya squeezed in to one and looks like she's wearing a costume

No. 589435

Freyja took until 8pm to actually get out of the house today, see she's really making good use of her time at WGT. People would kill just to go to WGT once in their life and take a break from work and life to have fun with other alternative people, but nah she just sleeps and drinks and goes for a wander in the evening.

No. 589452

isn't it a mans jacket too? it should be big already, jfc just how big is kaya?

No. 589464

At least a UK 14/16

No. 589513

The middle one is quite boring in real life. She lives in my home city and sometimes attends the partys. Its quite a giggle insta girls squad. All in Nu Goth fashion. Army of similar looking girls. In real life very plain characters make themselves looking more interesting in photos. But they are ok to nice because they all are more on the shy side and stick to their giggle fashion friends. Cannot give personal info they just where there on some partys i attended. (My man always rants when he see s manic moth how he hates that they talk so individual but all look the same and are so akward in reality)

No. 589520

Met Adora at WGT and she was very nice. Looked very extravagant you should google her pictures. But a bit plastered the makeup and was in company with her new boyfriend this thin youtube interview video guy.
For her age she is quite a party mouse. Always happy energetic when i saw her(you can t miss her because of the outfits, hair and makeup) -sorry googled no wgt outfits of her for you.

No. 589523

At 4:45 you see Adora. All the insta goth were at the "victorian" picknick to get seen and photographed.

No. 589530

I was going to comment this! did he get sent one too or did he take it off Kaya?
why do they keep visiting that boat dressed as pirates? This is Kaya's third time I think and always wears the same pirate outfit

No. 589549

its a maritime festival in belfast, its a once a year thing, they went last year and she wore a really similar outfit

No. 589556

File: 1526845616813.jpeg (367.31 KB, 1125x1692, 5132413E-05FD-41F3-95B5-AD8153…)

Is her right arm shopped here? What’s with the weird bulge above her elbow?

No. 589559

it´s old fat and skin hanging from her bone

No. 589560

she is wearing the exact same outfit except for her shawl, dress is the exact same style and length but looks like a different material, exact same jewelry, tights, boots, bag, head scarf. only reason i noticed a difference is her makeups darker and her new tattoo

No. 589565

Oh wow interesting to hear! I live in her Town as well lmao that´s why I´m a lil´ interested how she actually behaves in real life. Never seen her though since I´m more in the metal scene.

I have the impression out of all three that Mai is the most vain though

No. 589572

The amount of shitty lace I saw in that made me feel so itchy

No. 589597

Oh is he officially her bf now?

No. 589608

I've never noticed an arm do that before, looks like she's an alien wearing a skin suit.

No. 589610

File: 1526848393628.jpg (240.04 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

One of her old tutorials, Angela from Night of the Demons, she drew on eyebrows and I couldn't believe what a difference it made. She looked so much better and sperged repeatedly in the video 'I'm never drawing eyebrows again!' 'Don't tell me they look good, I don't want them' 'Don't get used to them, you'll never see them again' Like okay Drac jfc God forbid someone trigger you with compliments. She can't take anything with grace.

No. 589613

https://www.instagram.com/p/BjANKFbFQIV/?hl=en&taken-by=adora_batbrat Seems she has moved her eternity ring to her middle finger, I'm relatively sure she was given these when her children were born that's why she had such a stack of rings on her finger but they've moved. They look the same as those anyway, unless the photo is flipped.

No. 589624

File: 1526849524000.jpg (943.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180520-215035_Sam…)


This is an image board.

No. 589627

File: 1526849773645.jpg (12.87 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I'd forgotten how horrendously thin she used to be. Not that she's big now, she was just extreme before. I wonder why she decided not to be so obsessed with it anymore?

No. 589654


That would pretty much disappear in as little as 6 months if she did some weights and changed her eating habits just a little bit. But we all know that's too much effort for Kaya.

No. 589738

She looks like Gollum

No. 589874

Remember how Freyja said she doesn't 'do' Skype or messaging? How does she intend to make a long distance relationship work if she can't even make her friendships back home because she won't message people back?

No. 590048

She wants to be Kelly Eden so badly lmao

No. 590098

I don't understand why. If I were stuck with a thumb-headed twonk like Jake as a boyfriend and noticed he was thirsting big time over Kelly like he obviously is, I'd be thrilled! Let him tear on and get shut of him! Stop trying so desperately to be what you think he wants you to be, Kaya. If anyone in this world is not worth that effort, it's Jake.

No. 590118

also I think he is not after her pink hair …lmao

No. 590189


psychara was posted like, once in previous threads. She looks like a massive ana-chan to me.

No. 590198

I actually quite like Manic Moth's personality - she's calm and seems like a kind person. She also interacts with her viewers and is just nice overall. She also seems to like nature and I think her style suits her well. I don't think there's any milk on her. Yeah, she may be shy, but she seems to be that way in her videos too, so not really a surprise.

No. 590199

Mai always seems like such a self absorbed bitch, her friendship don't really seem to mean anything and she kinda just parades them around for attention. Much like Mara but just the colder, more calculating version. That's just the impression from outside, I have no idea what she's actually like in person

No. 590222

File: 1526913641515.jpeg (273.86 KB, 750x1138, 32A55674-4CE3-414D-A3F1-8AF29E…)

I just saw this now. What was ge thinking? Everything seems to be off in this picture

No. 590227

He looks like a little goblin. Stuff inspired by J-fashion is just not for him

No. 590327

I thought I was in fakeboi thread for a second.

No. 590430

File: 1526934459126.jpeg (313.56 KB, 1242x1222, B82EF08A-5F41-4581-A874-4F9ACF…)

Reeree just posted this and it made me remember when she broke up with her husband and I’m just being nosy but does anyone know why they broke up exactly?

I remember it getting mentioned in a previous altcow thread but only that she was apparently in sole custody of their daughter for that time or something. I’m glad they worked things out but just curious does anyone know why?

No. 590485

No. 590497

A 1 hour video…? That bitch just blabs,and blabs, and blabs. Aint nobody got time for her BS

No. 590505

She used being a "south texas latina" as an excuse as to why she's so bitchy, because "a lot of them have an attitude" at 10:44.

No. 590516

"I'm going to start trying to lose weight"
I thought she tried to claim that she was losing weight when she went vegan

No. 590523

God I can't watch a video this long by hers, you know she is just repeating the same shit she has repeated over and over on instagram.. and even so, she should be able to cut down on time instead of talking about so little for a full hour. I don't mind her explaining things to her youtube audience, but there is no way in hell this needs to be an actual hour long.

No. 590555

There's nothing really definitive, but it's assumed that it had to do with her mental health. She made a few allusions to that in a video or two…or maybe they were Instagram stories. I don't recall exactly. Essentially, I think she had a bit of a break down and just didn't handle it well. They weren't separated for long.

No. 590562

They were separated a couple of days I think, I did really feel for her during that time as while Ol' dead eyes has no personality he's been there for her through knocking her up and her mental health issues so he seems a decent guy and she's pretty non controversial so I hope it goes well for them and their daughter's sake.

No. 590563

His eyes look really empty and lifeless, it's kind of disturbing.

No. 590566

>gets angry about racism and stereotypes
>is racist and stereotypes

Never change Bianca

No. 590577

cbf to watch the entire video, what did she say that was racist?

my favorite part is when she was talking about how much she hated being in that house and then sighed really loudly.

No. 590580

I just meant how she describes herself with racial stereotypes, like being a loud abrasive bitchy Mexican, kinda not the way most Latina's want to be viewed

No. 590586

She said in the Voltaire video that she attempted suicide

No. 590589

Wow, that's pretty heavy when she has a child. I know mental health problems aren't something you choose but surely with her husband knowing what she's like and how fragile her emotional state is and her being a mother she'd have sought help or had help offered to her.

No. 590606

Can you imagine being tethered to someone like that? If they break up for good there is the looming threat of her committing suicide or harming herself. Reeree is not milky in the least bit, but that is a huge responsibility to put on someone else. Especially since it seems he has his own mental health issues as well.

I really hope those two are going to counseling.

No. 590608

It isn't fair. Doesn't mean that those who are suicidal don't deserve love or can't be in relationships, of course they can, but I don't think she's getting therapy and isn't medicated so that's a hell of a lot of pressure to put on someone as you say. You can't love the depression out of someone, you can't love someone enough they're gonna stop being suicidal so no wonder he's dead in the eyes if he's on edge waiting for the next suicide attempt. My boyfriend is clinically depressed and it's a hell of a strain on our relationship, I'm constantly terrified of what he's gonna do or how he's doing, often I just don't want to ask for fear that he's feeling suicidal again; but her husband has dealt with this for what, 10 years now? Maybe he's just stronger than I am, but yeah, it's not fair on him at all and it's no surprise he looks much older than her with the stress.

No. 590630

She's bawwing about losing over 100,000 subscribers now. And is apparently 'on the fence' about being back on youtube. Fuck sake Bianca, no one wants you back that desperately. You overestimate your appeal and reputation, if you don't enjoy Youtube just fuck off like everyone is hoping Kaya will. I don't even watch her and she just doesn't have any kind of presence or likability.

No. 590721

You would that think she would not want to attach negative stereotypes to being Latina since she'so proud to be one. Being Latina isn't an excuse to be a huge bitch and instead of whining about it she should try to work on her personality.

No. 590740

File: 1526955971913.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x1873, A173AC2D-C29C-47ED-BAE7-BCA174…)

I Feel like this person is who Bianca aspires to be. She’s way better at the no eyebrow look. Drac isn’t the special snowflake she wants to be.

No. 590751

At first glance I thought this was Bianca, they do very similar looks

No. 590843

Interesting. Who is she?

No. 590897

Natural.b0rn.l0ser I think. She pops on my explore a lot. I follow a few makeup goths.

No. 590912

Could have sworn someone said he cheated. Maybe I hallucinated that? Or anyone remembers it?

No. 590914

Her crappy background has always annoyed me - if you want to be known for your artistry at least put up a colored sheet or lights instead of sitting in front of some pissy pictures in the corner of your bedroom…

No. 590921

Thanks, her looks are pretty cool and definitely very similar to Drac's

No. 590960

In the new video she mentioned she's going to be more "laid back" about her videos I.e she's too lazy to produce decent quality videos so the videos will look more carp than before

No. 590974

ah, yea like others have said, it seems she's just using that as an excuse for her attitude.

right, a room has four walls and she doesn't have a single one that she can film in front of? and then bitching about how her mom took over the one she was using to show off outfits. is there no outside space she can use? seems like she was trying to blame everything but herself for lack of videos.

No. 591063

kinda weird that Kaya and Jake haven't tweeted anything about it being World Goth day considering being "goth" makes up their entire personality! you'd think they'd milk the hell out of it

No. 591064

Or maybe she could do something supportive of her boyfriend for a change and help him move out with her like they initially planned. She has a job and was making money from youtube for a while, can afford ridiculous hideous dresses and travel for KVD but yet she's 26 and still living at home complaining about her parents.Most people stop with the angst and petulance by that age and don't throw a fit at their parents just trying to live their lives

No. 591202

I'm not tryng to defend Drac being a brat, but she does have BPD and I think it's hard for her to look beyond herself sometimes.. im not sure how she would handle living without her parents who help her with everything, im sure her boyfriend would quickly become her new parent

No. 591206

She isn't getting any help for her BPD, she's just using it as an excuse to be a cunt for the rest of her life to everyone around her then cry for sympathy. People can have BPD and live relatively normal lives although I know most just let it consume them, some friends of mine included and it makes them almost impossible to be around. It just puts my nose out of joint when she bitches about her parents and how controlling they are but yet cannot survive without them and won't move out.

No. 591234

The thing I don't understand about it is that Kaya isn't happy being the way she is. Goth fashion or music doesn't make her happy, nothing she does makes her happy and she clearly isn't invested in the subculture so why try? There are lots of other things that would give her the attention she craves, so why Goth when she's just putting a faint veneer of it on and continuing to be miserable? Maybe she missed the part where you don't need to be a miserable git to be in to Goth.

No. 591295

because it's the it thing rn

No. 591312

She's been that way for years though, and goth isn't really trendy anymore as it was in like 2016 when 'nu goth' was a thing. Think she just wants to be different, since she goes for harry potter and shit too that's popular and will get her attention

No. 591317

I understand that mental illnesses can be hard to deal with but she doesn't seem to be doing anything about it and puts zero effort to improve herself. At the end of the day mental ill or not she's still being lazy, acts rude, complains and acts like a victim so she's not exempt from criticism.

No. 591377

Oh I'm not disagreeing with you, I know plenty of people with BPD who doesn't act as immature as Drac does… she sits around at home doing nothing, I think her parents pay for a ton of her shit and generally enable her alot, and that is the opposite of helping anyone with a mental illness

No. 591404

File: 1527026232620.jpg (78.35 KB, 953x1191, why.JPG)

I don't get it, why would she put on something that makes her shoulders so much broader and hips narrower? She could wear something puffy on the bottom, that would make her look so much better and less like a log. Pencilskirts just don't suit everyone, especially with that type of figure of hers. All this wardrobe - and what for?

No. 591476

I don’t see what’s wrong with this at all. Nit picking at its finest.

No. 591487

you really are nit picking. this is a rare occasion she actually looks good

No. 591490


I mean, I can kinda see the point of >>591404 in that she is a triangle so emphasising that isn't good but she does actually look lovely for once. Although someone posted a photo with her and called her a goddess which is stretching the use of that word juuuust a little

No. 591564

Well, yeah, maybe this time she does look better than usual, but she always dresses this way, and, sorry, I just don't get it, why would she still emphasize flaws of her figure after years of being out of shape and dressing the same

IDK I suppose I can only wish her to lose this weight at last

No. 591674

File: 1527047422603.png (654.08 KB, 715x834, Capture _2018-05-22-22-48-50-1…)

She looks nice, it seems she really lose some weight not much but stil

No. 591754

Not even, she literally only lost about 200 subscribers but she acts like she lost half of her following.

No. 591858

Yeah, she's obviously older than Valentin but they look nice, her makeup is ironically toned down for it being WGT, I thought she would go full Siouxsie Sioux but she looks nice and his beauty kinda outshines her unfortunate side

No. 591898

All this wardrobe because it was Wave Gothic Treffen in Germany

No. 591901

I think that anon meant she has a huge wardrobe but only wears things that don't flatter her or wears the same things? Not why she was wearing it

No. 591973

I don't see anything unflattering with her outfit, at least on this photo? I think the anon who posted the photo is reaching, she doesn't look fat there to me at all (the reality is probably different, but oh well). There's a ton of much worse things she could be wearing.

No. 591976

So, apparently LeahMouse had a falling out with a male friend whom she's known for over a decade… Does anyone know some details about what happened? She really seems to get into a lot of conflicts with friends in general…
Her rant stars around the 3:30 mark.

No. 591977

Freyja is a triangle, she's emphasising her masculine shape which is something she usuallly tries not to do. I like the outfit, but I can see why someone wouldn't

No. 591980

Her hair is so pretty now! She's improved a lot and I hope she's doing better overall, she has had a hard time. She seems to be a little more mature than others posted here.

No. 591986

Hmm, I don't see any radical change (except for her hair and her experimenting with makeup a little bit more) - other than that, she seems to be the same personality-wise (I used to watch her vlogs in the past, but her latest boyfriend really doesn't sit well with me for some reason… there's something unsettling about him).

No. 591989

You can really see the stress on her face these days, it's a shame. I used to always ways her videos but I haven't kept up with her for a while so it's crazy to see the toll things have taken on her. She's well spoken, I like her. Really curious about what happened with the friend. >>591985 I suppose you're right, I just think her hair looks healthier, she's styling it more mature and her makeup is better. I don't like her boyfriend either, what happened with her and the guy with longer her? He was kinda attractive and they seemed good together

No. 592037

File: 1527096981300.png (2.31 MB, 1080x1271, IMG_20180523_183016.png)

I don't know what Battybooty is like but her makeup is always really bad, her outfits aren't much better and don't suit her shape or size at all. Claims her makeup is art, and while I know art is subjective this is just straight up badly done.

No. 592038

File: 1527097135672.png (666.46 KB, 1080x1363, IMG_20180523_182943.png)

This is why Freyja thinks a lot of herself, because a handful of people speak about her like this. Her ego needs no encouragement.

No. 592056

what a butterface

No. 592062


They look like a really bad Goth Magic act "Black Delusion".

No. 592065

It's a terribly fitting name for her, maybe she should consider joining to use her delusion

No. 592089

She only has a few thousand followers on ig and while her makeup isn’t fantastically applied, at least it’s creative and she’s not trying to be an ibf clone. Not cow material at all.

No. 592094

Hmm I do not know what do you mean by "really bad". She just need to work on applying techniques like precision of line and blending shadows. If she is going for more "precision". Other than that I feel her makeup design is OK. I feel like scene is missing this kind of makeup as nowadays people went very minimalistic with it compared to 80s. when there were even more elaborated designs than what she is doing. Other than that her makeup is very OK for Goth type of makeup. So people in the scene are even doing imperfect makeup on purpose for ghoulish scrufy scary look. This is goth baby, not some school for charming girls from rich neighborhood.

No. 592095

>She looks nice, it seems she really lose some weight not much but stil

To be honest I was shocked how much she lost since the last WGT. She did an effort without a doubt. It was visible.

No. 592097

most probably. i also barely see any evidence to support a breakup theory. even if was just temporary

No. 592098

No one ever said it was meant to be precise, just like you, people are entitled to opinions and honestly people plaster too many 'musts' on Goth fashion and makeup these days. And no one makes their shit anymore, so things change I guess.

No. 592100

If it is not about the precision then i have no fucking idea what that person is refering to as "really bad". It is a very in a style of 80s goth/grufti/deathrock/coldwave makeup.

No. 592107

No idea, maybe just not their thing. Like I like Freyja's regular makeup but most people hate it, even though I think here >>592038
It was pretty bad just a black oval yet I'm sure lots of people liked it

No. 592110

File: 1527102042747.jpg (12.66 KB, 236x218, 80sgothmakeup.jpg)

Could be it's not in their taste. But I must say I feel like there is general shift toward more normie makeup and look. Yet I feel it really strange if someone tries to "attack" a goth because of weird look. Seriously? What do they expect? Selene from the Underworld or Snow White? Goth is a god damn punk descendant. Triggering look is a very part of it and by attacking it such people are actually taking the bite.

No. 592111

I think things have just become more refined in time because it doesn't scare people anymore and it doesn't cause controversy the way it used to so people have started becoming more interested in blending things out and not just using a regular eye crayon. I'm from the generation of using eyeliner on your lips and everywhere too so I'm not disagreeing with you I'm just saying I can see why people wouldn't like it and I can see why they would. Doesn't make them less of a goth if they try different styles, just different things. The diversity we have now is a good thing I think. Again, off topic and no1curr so sorry about that.

No. 592115

And not everyone is confident enough to do extreme makeup, some just enjoy darker 'regular' makeup like Drac does or ReeRee. Tastes change, people change and taste is very subjective

No. 592126

File: 1527103038171.jpg (12.58 KB, 236x329, 80s-goth-makeup-goth.jpg)

>I think things have just become more refined in time because it doesn't scare people anymore and it doesn't cause controversy the way it used to so people have started becoming more interested in blending

To be honest I think it still stirs controversy but in different way. And comments like we have here about that type of makeup only illustrates that point.


>And not everyone is confident enough to do extreme makeup,

Thats a good point I have seen nowadays this type of makeup only on people with extremely "I don't give a fuck" attitude. Like Mattias - if you have even seen him in real life you would know what I mean. He is just emanating that attitude with every movement of single muscle.

> some just enjoy darker 'regular' makeup like Drac does or ReeRee. Tastes change, people change and taste is very subjective

Well I didn't was alive for too long in the 80s to actually remember them, but I would not say that such makeup was that much mainstream. It was popular among popstars to some extent but to say it was more acceptable isn't like going kinda over the board? I may of course be mistaken I remember only most of the 90s.

But whatever my point is still that not liking someones makeup is not a milk material.

No. 592145

I love Matthias makeup, he's a friend of a friend and has always seemed nice and indeed very confident if a bit of a flirt. That makeup was more common on musicians and otherwise famous people and people well known in the club scene, we didn't have the money in the 80's to look that extreme all the time honestly. I dyed what I could find in the thrift stores of old night gowns and grandma clothing then cut up and sewed it, had one eyeliner in black, one blue and one green and pan stick in the lightest; that was what I did my face with. Not everyone was in the same position of course, just my experience. I know no one cares but yeah, the scene was more spread out and focused in cities at least in Europe but who was in it was really in it. Maybe it's more popular today and that's why we have such diversity in makeup. I think it's good to see evolution as not everyone has done so, people still wear extreme makeup and people are also free to do whatever they want to their face. Even in the 80's not everyone wore crazy makeup or makeup at all, clubs weren't specifically goth and played other new wave so we had people like cureheads and punks too. No one is making fun of that girl, or even really talking about her anymore. Someone posted a photo, people thought she looked fine, we moved on and it devolved in to a what is goth makeup and what isn't conversation. Carrying on talking about it draws negative attention to her which is not a good thing, so I don't disagree with you on anything I just think dropping the topic would turn attention back to actually milky things. I know I'm not helping by giving my experience and that's hypocritical of me.

No. 592150

I'm really surprised she's still in to it to be honest with all her pink and the whole drama with the patsy skinwalking and dumb shit she says. She's more just in to fetish now isn't she?

No. 592192

What patsy skinwalking?
honestly I don´t know what he is trying to be nowadays, and I don´t get the fetish fashion either plus it´s not really pleasant to see on her…

No. 592214

Don't think it was cheating, personally, but I don't get how you say there was "barely any evidence" of a breakup?? If a woman who is married with a child says she is learning to be a single parent then I would think that's evidence enough.

Although she technically wasn't ever going to be a single parent considering she would be co-parenting with her husband obviously. I just think she overreacted the situation because they had just gotten married a couple of months or so prior and maybe they were going through emotional changes and life changes and it just got overwhelming. Just my theory. Either way, they definitely were separated for a short amount of time and it's not speculation.

No. 592224

>and I don´t get the fetish fashion either plus it´s not really pleasant to see on her…

With proper makeup she is actually pulling it off quiet OK considering her natural shape.

>What patsy skinwalking?

a reference to her tradgoth era I assume

No. 592227

> If a woman who is married with a child says she is learning to be a single parent then I would think that's evidence enough.

how so? it may mean many things

No. 592243


Your statement is true. There is more than one reason as to why someone becomes a single parent. It was apparent from her husbands social media that he was alive and well physically(should have included that in my prior post). So if someone who is married one day and a "single parent" the next, I would assume either their partner had died or the two had separated. We know he didn't die. We know they were living separately for an unknown period of time. We know that she was mentally broken and suicidal at the time, per ReeRee's own words. One would think all signs point to a temporary split. He could have been in jail/prison also, but I highly doubt she would put up such posts if that were the case and they were still together and, as stated before, the split was very short.

No. 592245

So i have a friend who used to hang out with jake and kaya, and while they havent provided any new milk, from the stories theyve told me it just solidifies that jake is just conceited and irksome. they said that apparently he is woeful at keeping plans like will plan to do something and then when it comes to like the day before will just ghost and not reply, has a habit of using people when their useful, they said notice how vox got a job and couldnt edit for them or drive them around anymore so they stopped hanging out with her, same happened with jon apparently and anyone else who couldnt give them free shit, oh and apparently any girl that was remotely pretty, theyd always find something negative to say about them.

No. 592252

If you have any more info please do post, they have more ex friends than friends so I don't think it'll come back to you. I know a lot of people worry about that. They're booth too self absorbed to care

No. 592255

She copied her a lot back in the day and that was how she started with the Trad, because Patsy was obnoxious she became obnoxious and was trying hard to be liked. It's all in the other threads basically. I like the fetish stuff on her, even though I don't think wearing it all day every day is a good thing and I don't like her body; it's not for me so my opinion doesn't really matter. I would never wear just a pvc thong body suit in the day outside around the general public though but that's just me

No. 592258

I think people just thought it was cheating because of how she reacted, you know the knee jerk freak out "I'm gonna be a single parent", she was clearly either really angry or really scared. I'd say scared to lose him to her suicidal urges honestly because I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't cope sometimes.

No. 592270

yeah i dont want to get them into shit with their little minions and we all know they lurk, so anything i get from them ill be sure to report, they dont seem to dislike kaya seemed a little sad saying they didnt hang out anymore so i dont wanna burn bridges for them. they said jake leaves smelly socks everywhere and makes lots of dirty jokes about other women but its mostly just stuff we know, they really are just how they come off in videos apparently

No. 592278

Don't feel pressured to give any info if it'll ruin friendships, but even the ambiguous stuff from before is hilarious frankly. Is Jake as much of a self centered cunt in real life? How tall is he? Kaya always seems around his height if not a little taller but probably because of her boots. Does he have any contact with people back in England or did he cut ties because he was gonna move to Belfast and 'make it'?

No. 592287

from what theyve told me, he talks over people a lot, is just really rude like would tell people to shut up a lot. i would say 5'5 5'6 but thats only compared to my friend but theyre very short. jake and kaya are the same height, she just wears platforms 99.9% of the time. as far as im aware completely cut ties, hates his family and his old 'friends' but that was because his family were abusive mentally i think? like just not nice people and his friends were all 'fake'

and i asked about the foot rumour thing about a stranger cleaning their house and theyd get to lick/smell kayas feet, from a few threads ago. to my friend it seems like unfeasible, as kaya seems to not like touchy feely things, let alone a stranger touching her

No. 592311

I use to hang out with a dude that knew him and he would say all this shit too. I've heard numerous stories about them and when I spot them about Belfast I can't help but smirk every time. They're a known joke it's probably why they're so bitter about Belfast and slag it every chance they get.

No. 592313

oh just read your last paragraph. It was actually my mate told me about the foot stuff. I don't want to say who he is because they're still active with his ex.

No. 592326

how is Jimmy Mercy drama going?

No. 592368

Thanks for all the info anon! Although I am pretty sure Kaya has mentioned previously that she is somewhere around 5 ft. 10 in. give or take. We are the same height and build!

Jake doesn't surprise me in the least. The way he acts on camera just seems like the way he would be in real life. I'm anxious to see the types of ppl they are in 5 years or so. They're the type that think their lives are over at 30. They can barely handle mid 20s.

No. 592374

Haven't heard much about him in a month or so, still a giant cunt like but I don't think he's actively being a piece of shit

No. 592385

She seems pretty prudish indeed, so that feet thing always seemed slightly strange. But then Freyja is prudish but fucked her way to her goal, asexual only when it's convenient, so hopefully Kaya's a bit less like that

No. 592430

File: 1527125027533.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1328, IMG_20180524_022100.png)

I don't know why I thought she would make a better job of this, but this outfit is at least 10x worse than I thought it'd be. Bitch looks like Crystal Tipps

No. 592434

File: 1527125241342.jpg (134.4 KB, 665x925, sameshit.jpg)


I know I'm talking about a 70's cartoon that no one gives a fuck about anymore but it's all that comes to mind for me

No. 592439

She had that wig and the ability to do a wealth of amazing hairstyles, colours and cuts and she did this. Why did this basic bitch clip the front, it's a wig! They'll have ideal hairlines and framing. I can't.

No. 592450

She basically made her own hairstyle but in pink, so creative. It was a gorgeous wig too. She looks like she's lost weight though.

No. 592482

From what I gathered between her Instagram posts, video comments, and his Instagram posts at the time, it seems that they were both having some mental breakdowns.

Right around the time that the whole split happened, he made an Instagram post with pics of him looking really gaunt. The entire posts was talking about depression.

So, it seems really likely that the two of them just went through a really low point around the same time and one of them snapped, causing a dramatic temporary breakup.

No. 592489

Ah that really sucks. I hope they're doing a little better now. I know ReeRee freaked out at someone calling her sister fat yesterday because her sister was gonna commit suicide over it ( is the tldr, there's more to it I'm sure).

No. 592494

File: 1527130242018.png (686 KB, 747x1056, altered.png)

Found the Instagram post.

No. 592497

Same. They seem like decent people and I hope they get appropriate treatment so they can avoid anything like this in the future.

No. 592500

I really worry about their daughter sometimes, if her father will starve himself and plan his suicide, her mother attempts suicide and has breakdowns somewhat regularly…it just doesn't seem that much of a stable environment. Although I'm sure they're great parents and she always seems super happy but I do worry about all three of them honestly as Ngaire is a really sweet person. Her heart is in the right place, I just hope she gets her mind in the right place

No. 592535

the black brows don't work and overall the wig already looks old due to the shitty excessive styling.

jake's new vlog is super cringey, doing the same shit as he was before, terrible editing and those gross contacts do nothing for whatever aesthetic he's trying to do.

No. 592638

Good point on black brows - I knew a girl who always dyed her hair pink, shaved her eyebrows, drew them with dark pink lipliner and it looked fantastic. Kaya could do the same since her eyebrows are shaven too.

No. 592666

So many people have come forward about them although it's fairly obvious from his shitty vlogs he's an insufferable, self absorbed cunt. He actually said in one of his story time school videos he didn't have friends because they were, and I quote, "jealous" of him. topkek he's so deluded. Also not surprised they slag off anyone better looking than them, they used to fat shame after all (karma, they're both fucking fatties now). I wonder how much they slagged off the girls they hung around with at London Edge?

Didn't at least two people confirm the feet thing? From what I gathered they weren't "feeling" her feet just taking pictures of them and smelling them, so not too much touching involved. It's not like she prostituted herself so I reckon she would've been ok with it as it would've be an easy way for her to get money and have the house cleaned for her (the guy would clean her house and her feet was his reward apparently). Jake probably put her up to it, foot pimp kek.

No. 592679

File: 1527155523436.png (1.57 MB, 1321x931, fatty.png)

"please keep sending me money and free stuff so I can continue to be a leech on society"

No. 592686

File: 1527156494213.png (866.8 KB, 868x519, ggg.png)

oh god the start of Jake's new vlog when he's holding a box cutter and starts talking Japanese.

and then there's the 50 different shots around his room in the space of 4 seconds. He only has one camera which means he had to stop recording, move and set up his camera, go back to unboxing for a second, stop recording again, move his camera etc etc. fucking terrible.

"I really need a maid but I don't think anyone does that in Belfast" clean up after yourself. there's only two of you living in that house. why do you need everything to be done for you

if Jake is so concerned with losing weight why doesn't he just get a bike and cycle into town? what's the point of being on a skateboard that does all the work?

how many times does he get his hair cut? how much money goes towards that every time?!

he payed £39 for a hideous faded rug. more money well spent.

I don't know why I continue to watch his vlogs. he makes me so angry. he's such a fucking waster

No. 592714

jesus christ though did anyone get screen shots of that? It was a trip. She spilled all this personal information about her sister up to the very bus line she was on and the time she was on it. Like what the fuck? There’s a reason a lot of people don’t report bullying and it’s because it’s fucking humiliating to admit. But here’s ree ree spilling about her fatty little sister and all of her mental health issues to 178k strangers. And then she had to go and put a name and a face on the poor girls humiliation.
You know what would probably be better for her self esteem? If beloved big sister got some damn help and didn’t have a mental breakdown every time she gained an ounce. I’m sure thats sending her some good messages.

No. 592730


ReeRee is very touchy about weight and I remember reading she said she'd had anorexia. Has she ever spoke about it?

No. 592731

File: 1527166307669.png (740.19 KB, 1178x924, Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 13.5…)


Didn't get a shot of the story as I didn't watch it but I just saw the aftermath when apparently she lost a bunch of followers for calling the girl bullying her sister a 'cow'. Which to be is kinda silly as if they knew how much weight ReeRee has lost and how much she struggles with her own self confidence, and maybe thought outside of America for a second and realised that over there Cow doesn't mean fat it means Bitch basically.

No. 592732

Remember when Kaya begged for a bike and someone bought her a really expensive one? She used it for a couple of Jake's video and it's never been seen again.

Reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross tells Phoebe that if the bike isn't ridden it's soul is dying. I feel like inanimate objects had souls Jake and Kaya's house is where they'd go to die.

No. 592734


if inanimate objects had souls* ffs

No. 592735

I mean, at least he tries a bit harder than Kaya in his videos, like it isn't just sitting on his bed whinging. Seems like after meeting Kelly he's changing his style and hoping to find someone else to latch on to instead of or as well as Kaya.

No. 592745

Had? That girl is in deep denial. She still has an eating disorder and relies too much on strangers for validation.
Holy shit, she went into that much detail? Reeree, that does not make you look like a hero…

No. 592746

Honestly I was wondering why she was getting unfollowed like that. The guy deserves to be called a lot of things. That’s a really shitty situation with her sister and I feel bad for her. What is bothering me is how getting teased about something that’s as touchy as weight is a really terrible situation and i would be pissed as hell someone I trust gushed about it to an assload of strangers on the internet.
Did her sister give permission to say all that? She could have easily ranted without giving all her personal information like that. Lord knows ree is ambiguous as fuck when it comes to her own problems.

No. 592747

When I heard her talk about her eating disorders and struggles with self image, the whole vegan thing started to make sense. I really think she only does it to keep a lower weight.

The IG story was just a shitshow. Going on a rant and insulting someone for insulting her sister. She went too into it with her little sis and her problems. Now we know what bus route she takes, she has been bullied for weight and eczema and she has also tried to kill herself a few times. I couldn't imagine even considering putting my sister on blast like that.

No. 592750

Her sister was in that photo but I just didn't think it was fair to post her here even if it's a public photo. Everyone gets bullied at some point but her sister is 23 and still attempts suicide over one incident of someone calling her fat. I think they both have some serious issues and I wish them the best but posting it on instagram is never the answer. I respect her for standing up for her sister but this anon >>592747 is right, it was a bit extreme and she went on this big rant while taking her daughter to school about how she's nearly lost her sister so many times and how no one deserves to go through what she goes through. I'm kinda of the opinion that that's just life and everyone goes through some kind of shit like that. No one goes through life being liked by everyone. In her early-mid 20's she should have a better handle on it frankly.

No. 592754

>what's the point of being on a skateboard that does all the work?

Right? He could actually get fit properly and lose weight if he got an actual skateboard and learnt how to ride it. I find it highly amusing he calls himself a skater when he rides that electric board or whatever it's called. Learn some actual skateboarding tricks fatty.

No. 592761


Bitch, Batty booty looks amazing, what the fuck are you talking about?
Goth was never about "edgy" looks applied perfectly, this is an instagram invention. DIY and ragged looks are very much a part of true goth look. A goth sure doesn't need to look properly done in any way to look amazing, the overall image is what counts. Are you a teen or not involved with a real scene? Choose one

No. 592767

I noticed. That was a good call. Though if anyone sees the picture on insta, look into that girls eyes and tell me she doesn’t look deeply uncomfortable. She probably didn’t want her picture taken and plastered on social media.
This kind of makes me wonder if ReeRee has a narcissistic disorder. I mean we don’t know how her sister feels about this situation at all. We’ve only heard about how ree feels about this situation. For all we know her sister might just be like it was a shitty bus ride and shrugged it off. We only know about how she has felt in the past. Ree is definitely making this her own problem. That topped with how obsessed with her appearance to the point of an eating disorder and CONSTANTLY victimizing herself, she seems like a narcissist.
It would make sense why her and her husband would get into a tift and she would immediately start talking about being a single parent. She needs people to feel bad for her.
It’s actually really sad considering most narcissists come from abuse or broken households and we know that about her.

Saged for long speculation

No. 592774

I wonder if the photo was taken after or before all that happened, because fair enough if it was an older photo and she just wanted to post something of them together but to take one specifically to talk about the situation is pretty narcissistic and not fair to her sister at all. True, we've only heard secondhand that she's suicidal over it and that she gets that kind of shit all the time, we don't actually know if that's true and there's literally nothing remarkable about her sister positively or negatively. I think that's why some people worry about their daughter, their behaviour is very focused on themselves and is often self destructive which isn't really that healthy. I know they stick around each other because they don't want to be like their parents but sometimes it's not for the best. They seem very hot and cold with each other, as in she was posting about how amazing he is a few days back but before that she rarely mentioned him other than to gush about him now and again. Kinda feel like the best place for a relationship is not online.

No. 592775

This has already been discussed. Don't feed it more.

No. 592785


Her sister does look a lot younger than her age, so maybe people pick on her because they presume she's the same age. I can't imagine anyone over the age of 20 calling someone names on a bus tbh. I think it was a good thing that they kept their marriage/relationship mostly off of social media, but she posts stuff at literally the worst times. i.e she won't talk about her relationship at all then when things go slightly wrong she freaks out and posts about it everywhere

No. 592822

I agree. It's obvious she doesn't really care about Goth but just does it for the attention of normies (because let's be real here, most real Goths don't like her content and only mallgoths or emo kids will find it interesting) she needs to just let it go and do some soul searching to find what really makes her happy. (Dropping that douche of a boyfriend would be a start)

No. 592827

I'm sure she does want to drop the "goth thing" and become a pink kawaii Kelly clone but her identity and channel are built around the goth(ic) aesthetic so she'd probably lose a lot of subs. and to her that would mean less attention, money and fans to exploit. Give it a few years, her channel won't be around for much longer

No. 592829

I'm sorry but what does she expect? She's not active on her channel and she uploads mostly months at a time if that. People are going to get bored and move on. There are like 100s of makeup channels these days, she's not that special, especially for someone ehobrarepy uploads

No. 592830

*who rarely uploads, my bad

No. 592831

I just don't see the point you know? She's going to be in her 30s soon and people may not want to watch her anymore at that time because her content is shallow and soulless. IBF is eh but she at least does a few things to stick out like when she travels. The one time Kaya traveled, she spent most of that time whinging and didn't go anywhere unlike Freya who actually goes out and sightsees. Kaya is just wasting her time.

No. 592859

Is she really that old? I thought she was like 24

No. 592862

She could drop her image easily and get a whole new 'fanbase', she doesn't care about those who currently watch her she's just too lazy to actively change. I mean she even got a wig so she wouldn't have to bother with dry shampooing her greasy mop to film.

No. 592876

I think she's 25? If I remember correctly her birthday is in June so she'll be 26 soon. I could be wrong, but I know Jake is 27 and he is older but I'm unsure by how much

No. 592945

Well she is 45. Around that age being walking skeleton is not that easy as it was in late 30s.

No. 592956

30s is "that old" to you? kek. Get out more, honey.

No. 593012

If you had any kind of reading comprehension you'd have read the rest of the posts and realised people were speculating on her age and whether or not she is 'approaching 30'. Not everyone keeps up with her, so not everyone knows how old she is. Your insecurity over being a tired, old slut is showing.

No. 593129

Oh my bad, I was assuming she was 26 or 27 so I mean, she has time but like another person said, she could easily drop this visage and get into something she really is interested in

No. 593221

when he's out and has shots of him walking or whatever up to the camera, he has to do the same thing and i wonder if ppl are looking at him like 'wtf' is this guy doing.

if he's going to put this much effort onto a vlog, at least he could do something new once in a while. what happened to the drone? that was probably the only thing i liked.

No. 593572

I just saw jake and kaya in the city and she's wearing that God awful wig and and an entire bright pink outfit, it just looks weird with her towering over everyone

No. 593670

Sounds like quite the sight lol
Just go Kawaii style Kaya, we know that s what you really want to do lol

No. 593806

You can see the outfit in jakes insta story id take a screenshot but it apparently notifies them if you do

No. 594090

it really sounds like her family has some kind of genetic mental disorder? sometimes those things can really run in families. I'd imagine with both parents facing mental health problems, they'd voice some concern for their child. :/

No. 594237

That fake septum though kek

No. 594245

Honestly reeree is the only pretty goth yt i know,they all look so …unfortunate?

No. 594276

What has that got to do with anything? kek

No. 594307

Uh really? I think she's kinda odd looking personally

No. 594372

I think Freya is pretty, not a work of art but her face pleases my eyes, even without make up on. Kaya is just plain from the front and kinda weird from the side but nothing hideous, she's average. Adora has a weird angular face in a good way for me. Sebastian looks retarded because of her mouth, she should really look into lip fillers plus braces. Avelina would be average to pretty if it was not for whatever the hell went wrong with her face and stretched it for her to look like a fucking horse, it's extremely weird! ReeRee looks like a pig, her face disturbs me, makeup does help her a lot tho… Jake looks like he has light down syndrome and of course, looks like a thumb… or a big toe! Drac makens is another that looks retarded because of her mouth, she's extremely average but the way she NEVER moves her top lip when speaking + her dead eyes makes her look like napoleon dynamite gothified.

Am I forgetting anyone? kek

No. 594396

Do Avelina, kek!

No. 594429

thought this was someone doing abby brown at first glance, but no, it's just drac back with the greasy white face. that heart necklace looks like a used tampon and working those angles even though we've seen her true face shape >>585967

No. 594431

File: 1527352400112.jpg (696.69 KB, 1080x1858, 20180526_122734.jpg)

forgot the pic, sorry

No. 594433

lol I realise that opinions on looks are subjective, but come on. You have to admit that out of the YouTube "goth" community, ReeRee is probably the most attractive one.

I personally think she's very striking even without makeup. Everyone else looks like they have body odor and don't know how to wash between their fat folds.

No. 594435

I'm laughing at her commenting about people getting salty over her not knowing anything about the items she pulls out of these unboxings. She's going on about how they're made for people to learn about witchcraft, etc…and people can't expect her to know anything. And I feel her on that. However this is unboxing number 11. She's done TEN before this. If she were actually interested in this sort of stuff the boxes she'd gotten previously would have spurred her on to read and study more OUTSIDE of the boxes. Which she clearly hasn't done. She didn't even know that the little rose quartz in the box was a freaking palm stone or that the other flower in that dried bundle was Lily of the Valley - and I think those are pretty non-witchy things to know. It's just obvious she does it for the "aesthetic" and spoop factor and doesn't really care about any of it.

No. 594445

Sweet zombie Jesus, this is awful. Also, it irritates me to no end that she peppers her descriptions with spanish words(we fucking get it!! You’re a proud Latina, now fuck off!!)And I’m latina as well.

No. 594450

TheGoblinQueen, TheGothicAlice, AdoraBatBrat are pretty as well.

No. 594455

Thegothicalice is so pretentious ohmygod

No. 594456

Angela bendick or something like that is also pretty

No. 594462

Dude she is. Her whole schtick of "I've never repeated an outfit in over 10 years" (or some similarly long time span) is so uhh…who cares? It's a weird thing to take pride in. If you have that many clothes that you can accomplish that (even with mixing and matching), then you have WAY too many clothes. I can't bear that type or hoarderism.

No. 594473

Agree,just check out her tumblr she always talk down on people and gets triggerd easily on the dumbest questions even compliments trigger her

No. 594499

Psychara said before on her Instagram that she was never buying new clothes to help the environment and only make clothes in the future (this was last year) a month or two later she then posted a Killstar or Iron Fist dress with some New Rocks

No one seems to have called her out on this though and has recently stated she only collabs with Attitude Holland, but she never states her new dresses etc. being sent by Attitude Holland only except in hauls and when posting promo pics

No. 594502

What's the point in posting here looking for milk? If you have to do that then there really isn't anything milky - do the digging yourself. A lot of the replies are just talking about how they seem try-hard in their "aesthetic" but are just boring, shy people in real life. Okay? Who cares. Most people are nothing like their online social media personas. It's not like they're begging the internet for money and whinging about their fat bodies while gorging themselves on KFC.

No. 594508

Then why dont we talk about snowy and her only elitist take music seriously bullshit

No. 594512

cool makeup

No. 594513

>You have to admit that out of the YouTube "goth" community, ReeRee is probably the most attractive one.

nope, we don't have

No. 594529

I'm glad i'm not the only one allowed at her tossing in random spanish that can be easily translated to english. Also, her photoshopping out her double chin is laughable

No. 594531

What about some smaller people like LigeiaResurrected, TheLuciferFallen / LVCI, Coalcandy etc.

I agree so much about Sebastian in particular, her face is so unfortunate, especially when she’s talking. Her mouth is so weird.

No. 594533

Cmon name one chick that is prettier than her in goth yt scene
I know you know she is fine as hell just because you dont like her personality you dont have to lie lol
I mean her facial structure is almost perfect?

No. 594534

Sounds about right lol the only legitimate goth YouTube I find pretty is Angela Benedict and she's not a cow. For someone pushing 40, she looks dang good. I'd not think Drac is pretty at all and its even worse when she does the no eyebrow look, she just can't pull it off at all.

Oh you forgot Ofherbsandaltars. I think that some of her looks are rather nice and creative. I'd rather look at her than Drac to be honest.

And Sebastian is one that always shocked me. She looks good with makeup but without it, she looks like a completely different person. I think she pulls off her current look just fine, just kinda cringe wearing the BDSM harness out in public, a choker is fine enough lol

No. 594535


I remember she mentioned she can't even speak Spanish

No. 594538

She looks like she lived in Chernobyl her whole life just no..
Even drac is cuter than her

No. 594542

Eh I suppose. ReeRee doesn't look that bad and I like when she does more romantic style makeup, it works for her. I just don't consider her a goth but just darkly inclined but yeah, her look isn't the worst. I just think Angela Benedict has the most refined look. Allison (Goblin Queen) also has some pretty striking looks as well.

Jake and Kaya look average at best but their personalities make them even more unattractive.

And Freya, I really don't like her all that much anymore but I do think she has a pleasant face and makeup style now compared to 3 years ago. Makeup is subject and I know a lot find her look unpleasant but I actually think the opposite. Her problem is that she doesn't experiment much like with the Kat Von D event. But aside from that, I'd rather look at her face than that Mansonite gutter look that Drac sports, eugh…

Avelina looks odd because of her Sarah Jessica Parker length face but I can't stand her because she represents everything I hate about pseudo Goths.

No. 594547

Haha I just can't get behind Drac's no eyebrows, it's so detracting to me. When she does eyebrows, she looks a little better but she looks like she smells. Sebastian and her are on equal footing in terms of personality but I just find Sebastian's pseudo glamour bdsm look more appealing on the eyes

No. 594550

Is that you ReeRee? kek

ReeRee looks weird without makeup. I think Angela, Amy Nekrotique and LigeiaResurrected are the "prettiest" I've come across, and Freyja looked pretty in her early videos with the more toned down gothic makeup looks. now she just looks like a caricature

More to the point though, why are we even discussing their looks? Who gives a shit?

No. 594555

Ligeatheresurrected, I've watched her since she was a senior in high school. I think her look has come a long way since then (she used to do mallgoth type makeup but has cleaned up since then)

Snowylowther, ever since the music thing, I don't much care for her but I can admit that she is pretty, her makeup goes quite nice with her hair color, very striking.

Coalcandy, he looks okay.

Sara Monster, don't consider her goth but darkly inclined. She is quite pretty, beautiful makeup style imo

Amy Nekrotique, for another person pushing 40, she looks rather nice.

Victoria Fashen, love her makeup burbi biased since I like the more refined, romantic look.

VulturePrince, never was a fan of his look, it always looked so tryhard to me.

No. 594557

Maybe because we are on gossip site?

No. 594582

By normie standards it would be Angela Benedict. And I think you exactly mean normie standars. Don't you? Plus I hardly see too much goth in her look. Just darkly inclinedd generic look.

Drac is pulling no brows OK per goth standards.

Whatever, goth look is not attractive to normies, so who cares for your perception?

tl;dr; some samefag is trying to show us that they do not get at all the point of goth makeup. And succeed at that.

No. 594625

File: 1527370443495.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1885, 20180526_172441.jpg)

anyone else find it weird that erin wears white laces in her boots?

for those that don't know, it's a thing racist/white power/no nazi scumbags do. like yea, not everyone will take it that way but why even go there when she could've just kept them black?

also that mohawk tag is killing me.

No. 594629

No. 594663


I dont think anyone ever thinks "racist" when they see white laces on black boots….even if it is a nazi thing. Thats just reaching.

No. 594673


In the UK, the racist laces were red or green, depending on the decade. I don't think it really matters anymore since the strong 70's/early 80's skinhead era.

No. 594675


That hair just makes me think nu-metal Good Charlotte, not punk at all.

No. 594678

File: 1527374314708.jpg (40.16 KB, 436x593, lol.jpg)

No. 594679

File: 1527374337073.jpg (162.55 KB, 736x375, Untitled 1.jpg)

No. 594684

Kristiana Oneandonly looks great, but she doesn't really makes videos anymore. Alien Queen Of Darkness is pretty too, I don't like her neon green hair but her face is fab. And also Ligeia, someone already mentioned her.

No. 594689

and the point is?

No. 594691

To show off her beautiful outfit. Stop being a newfag, idiot.

No. 594692

No. That's not really a thing these days. I would be a little more worried if they were red because every genuinely racist, nazi pos punk that I've met dons red.

No. 594694

>Stop being a newfag, idiot.

said someone who does not even sage

No. 594696

even when it was a thing the only who cared were kids up to age of 21 at best. Plus different areas used different colors and styles of lacing.

No. 594699

Oh I forgot about Kristiana. I agree, she looks awesome but yeah she hasn't been active in months on YouTube.

I also agree with Alien Queen of Darkness. I think she looks pretty cool too though I liked her look better with black hair instead of the neon green.

No. 594728

>I'm not a newfag because someone else might be a newfag too.

Profound low IQ logic.

No. 594742

I second the other anon about sageing. You don't even need to read the rules to learn how to sage since it's mentioned numerous times in every thread to you newfags.

Also, why the fuck are we rating who the prettiest cow is?! Nobody gives a fuck. Let's try to stay on topic here, can we?

No. 594770

Maybe the point is that she looks beyond awful.

No. 594829

the point is to talk shit about altcows, which we are doing. we are more than allowed to thrash people's looks on lolcow, read up the rules. let people rank their prettiness or uglyness, why do you care? Once someone provides any milk we talk about the milk but it has been pretty slow milk wise in this thread…

No. 594860

File: 1527390982766.jpg (851.77 KB, 1080x1470, 20180526_231616.jpg)

got it, tho not a reach like someone suggested since a quick google search brings up a bunch of pages that discuss the meaning of white laces in boots. definitely wasn't trying to suggest she was racist or anything.

it might be b/c her hair is so long, but a lot of ppl who have liberty spikes usually have small sections like in this pic.

No. 594913

Kat is pregnant. That coat dress does nothing for her.

No. 594914

Avelina is trash. IBF is a train wreck. Angela is naturally pretty and so is Ligiea. Referee is gorgeous. Adora is also pretty it's just a shame she dresses like a child. But yea Greta without the makeup is verging on butch Ranga.

No. 594921

I've always had a soft spot for Adora because she's beautiful but her personality is awful, yet she totally owns it and doesn't hide the fact. Which in a world of Kaya's is nice.

No. 594926

She made a big thing of having filmed a tutorial for this. It's one of her simplest looks, I don't understand people filming looks that are basically two or three eyeshadows blended over each other and that's it. Do they think their fanbase so dumb they can't figure that out? I use the term fanbase loosely

No. 594939


She's so fake it's actually painful. It's like someone dressing up as 'a punk' for Halloween. Like the most basic cookie cutter soulless dead eyed shit with nothing behind it at all. But yeah, I've always seen red on skins here in Europe honestly, she's probably just changed it for fashion reasons.

No. 594940

I saw a youtube clip of the gothic picnic thing (WGT?) and Adora was the only one having fun, 90% of people sitting awkwardly and looking like shit against the green background of wherever it was held. Gothic people should consider wearing white, cream or red instead of head to toe black when attending an event, they look unironically identical in convergence

No. 594947

I HATE Ligeia’s personality so much, she’s so up herself and pretentious.
I find ReeRee, Lvci and Adora to be really pretty…I can see why they all model professionally.
I agree so much that some of the cows like IBF, Drac and TT all seem like they’d smell really bad. Drac especially, she really looks like she stinks all the time and doesn’t wash properly.

No. 594973

IBF has been recently flashing her acrylic nails around lately, probably because she has to promote her own wallets and bags…. her nails and general look has always been shady - like filthy…. even on her wedding day they were chipped and disgusting. Then again, she didn't really care about her ex husband enough to give a shit. I agree, her house and details even modelling clothes is dodgy af. Cat fur is one thing but put some effort in. The white flakes in her hair look revolting… not to mention that grill.

No. 594993

>Maybe the point is that she looks beyond awful.

Gosh, she is goth. What's so strange and unusal in such looks among them? What next? Being surprised punks look dirty and scruffy? Ranting about skinheads shaving heads? Making fun of emo hairstyles? Laughing at beatnik's slang? You are beyond awful honey.

No. 594997

I think it's not about how awful she looks gothwise, it's about her hideous outfit (that is no way a goth one btw) and 23 chins.

No. 594998

>got it, tho not a reach like someone suggested since a quick google search brings up a bunch of pages that discuss the meaning of white laces in boots. definitely wasn't trying to suggest she was racist or anything.

Keep in mind the white leader lacing in at least few place were typically worn by punks as generic punk thing there. So color and style says us nothing without any context.

No. 594999

Someone please ban that cow. No one fucking cares who is prettiest spoon in the kitchen. And judging goth makeup and clothing by normie standards is like judging roman architecture by standards of redneck.

No. 595002

>Gothic people should consider wearing white, cream or red instead of head to toe black when attending an event, they look unironically identical in convergence

facpalming inrensifies

gosh we are at lolcows, not at "normies giving makeup and fashion tips and advices".

No. 595012

Yeah, her sister had her face posted, her mental afflictions which doesn't just mean her depression etc. just for Ree to feel smug about it
Yeah, way to go for "supporting" your sister, Ree you complete and incompetent buffoon

No. 595018

I really dislike ReeRee Phillips and sometimes feel like I'm the only one. The way she puts on some fake upper class English accent in some videos really grates and I don't think she's pretty? She reminds me of a poor man's young Thora Birch.

No. 595027


There was this one British woman called something "doll" but she put on this glamorous burlesque gothic look but only pretending to be goth like ReeRee, in her videos she even stated how "goth is whatever you want it to be" and all that crap
Even she was subjectively better looking than Ree, and she was so condescending and annoying to boot

No. 595032

File: 1527411431873.jpg (24.75 KB, 366x360, 1444826235984.jpg)

No. 595044

You're not the only one. She's average at best, she wouldn't be in the modelling scene if it wasn't for the existence of makeup kek. Looks truly tragic without it. Can't stand that fake posh accent either, watch her earlier videos she used to sound more upbeat and lively, then with the pseudo goth look (because she's darkly inclined at best) came this fake, pretentious solemn voice.

No. 595065

File: 1527419061795.png (806.11 KB, 1099x633, Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 12.0…)

is BF a fucking lobster?

No. 595066

are you a fucking nitpicker?

No. 595090

that hurts to look at

No. 595091

Cringing so hard at the people here debating how goth or not goth some of these cows are based on their appearance. The look is part of it, but it's not the core. Someone was whinging over Snowy's video about the music like that's not the root of goth or something. Kaya and Dre are two that are just 100% not goth because of their lack of involvement, affinity for, or even knowledge of goth music. And they're two who a lot of people would instantly point at and go "yes, they're goth!" But no. Just no.

No. 595102


I remember that one, her channel name was Synthetic Doll. She ended up getting dumped by her "goth" boyfriend, had a meltdown, and within a few months she was a generic strawberry blonde Jersey girl. She renamed her channel to her name, Eva Miere, and stripped it of all content.

No. 595103

That's not nitpicking, >>595065
Genuinely looks like a hand of satan wth
How does one even get burned on the palms of ones hands?!

No. 595107

IBF actually goes to gigs and seems passionate about her favorite artists. Dre's favorite bands are MCR and Queen so yes, absolutely not a goth.
Adora goes to gigs and is a fan of various bands, more 80s and synth but from her short-lived (because of copyright issues) "TV show" about her favorite music, she has good taste.

Goth is absolutely about the music, anyone who says otherwise is pandering. A lot of IG Goth types don't seem to even listen to music. There's one called postpunkspunk who is a IBF influenced girl and her music taste is, surprise, post punk which is a different genre entirely. With some overlap (Siouxsie for example, but a band like Gang of Four would hardly be considered Goth)

Quite a few of these goths use captions of basically pop songs under their IG posts, the whitehaired elf dude does that

No. 595154

nitpicking intesifies

No. 595205

I thought she did them herself with just plastic tips and polish? Or has she moved on from that, that was certainly how she used to do them

No. 595213

Adora has always considered herself Synthare too so she does recognise that her taste is not strictly goth. It always seems like people pull out "SHE'S NOT EVEN GOTH" when they dislike someone, not because they're not in to the music or culture but simply because they don't like them and don't consider them 'good enough'.
>>595102 That was a crazy 180 transformation too, clearly only doing it for her boyfriend. Who ended up leaving her for a way prettier trans girl and Eva then slagged them both off for months out of bitterness.

No. 595242

Anyone else here hate the Youtuber Emily Boo? She's a good mum (although she's already dying her little girls hair colors and the kid isn't even school aged yet)but I find her so annoying. She's a pig. She burps in her videos and prides herself in being gross. All she does is shop and mostly do haul videos. Her makeup is horrible and she's a chubby thing, but her attitude is what irks me the most.

No. 595244

She kinda acts like a teenager that never grew up.
I can't stand half of her tattoos she's seems to get either really good ones or super shit ones.

No. 595290

She seems like a nice and sweet person but it drives me nuts the way she calls everything goth. I'm probably just nitpicking but whatever. She calls herself a goth (or "gothic mermaid" whatever that is) but she has no interest in goth music at all. Anything dark or black? She calls it goth. I just find it irritating.

Her tattoos seem to be well done but they're quite childish and random

No. 595299

Honestly I thought I was in the momokun thread and this was her in the majin android 21 cosplay. Does IBF have bad circulation or something?

No. 595387

Oh I remember her. Her name was Synthetic Doll lol Yeah, I always wondered what happened to her because she completely fell off the face of the internet and then she came back with a Taylor Momsen looking style. I had a feeling she was a pseudo Goth.

No. 595398

File: 1527457141928.jpg (99 KB, 770x1169, 54884409c6e24ac1bc09fb4a2e51e0…)

It's not really the looks though yes, they're subjective as yeah, I can tell that Drac is Goth, she's just a pretentious asshat who thinks she's more important than she actually is (her drop in YouTube subscribers are a testament of that). Same with IBF, I know she's Goth because hate or her not, she actually does get involved with the scene and has some Goth bands she likes. So despite her being a bit grating and insufferable at times, she's a Goth.

But you're right on the money with Kaya and Dre (And Jake), they're obviously poseurs who are only relevant because of clueless Babybats or fellow Mallgoths like themselves.


No. 595406

File: 1527457614748.jpg (22.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Honestly I've only watched a handful of her videos outside of the Snog, Marry, Avoid segment she was featured on. From what I've seen, she seems nice and all but I have to agree with >>595290 , I've noticed she labels everything "Goth" and it's just fucking irksome and triggers me lol I also have noticed she doesn't seem to listen to Goth music but plenty of Metal (why am I not surprised). I put her in the same camp I do ReeRee, just darkly inclined Metalheads.

No. 595464

File: 1527461774081.jpg (109.86 KB, 1200x612, collage.jpg)

I know it's Kaya's wig and she can do whatever she wants with it but I can't help but find it disrespectful that a company would send her a very expensive wig for free and she would completely change it and make it look cheap.
I wouldn't work for her again if I was a part of that company

No. 595468

File: 1527462024610.png (23.08 KB, 725x149, pic.png)

Jake probably takes ugly pictures of her on purpose

No. 595472

Just came here to post about this. She took a wig that looked realistic and beautiful and made it look like a wig from the costume shop that's made out of felt fibres. So fucking ugly and what a waste of an expensive wig. She's trying way too hard to push this "pastel goth" thing without looking either pastel or goth.

No. 595476

Kaya just drop the weight and be a pastel girl, you can also drop the stress of pretending to be goth 24/7. Wonder if she only sticks with goth fashion because you get attention with it even if youre ugly or fat

No. 595478

File: 1527462618797.png (365.22 KB, 634x516, Untitled.png)

do you think Jake and Kaya lurk here?

No. 595543

frankly, i think goths are so fucking insecure and constantly looking for validity in their goth-ness. it's so fucking irritating!!! if they were really ~dark and deep~, they wouldn't constantly worry about what others think or put on airs acting their the gothest thing to ever goth gothily. JUst live your life and wear what you like and use what labels you feel comfortable with and it's FINE. the only thing killing the "goth scene" is the rampant insecurity and need for validation ya'll have.

No. 595574

Yeah, like fair enough you don't need to ONLY listen to goth or deathrock but having no interest in the music, art, history or culture is very superficial and just comes from the evolution of the culture/style and it becoming watered down for some people. What happened to her ex Carl? apparently he was a dick? he was a hideous rivethead who seemed to use the metal in his face as a replacement for personality.

No. 595578

File: 1527472610437.jpg (290.91 KB, 688x529, twits.jpg)

He knows the angles she hates and so deliberately goes for those just to upset her. I wouldn't be remotely surprised as the only thing they get out of their relationship is hating each other these days. They're like the fucking Twits, they live to make the other miserable.

No. 595591

This is true of literally all subcultures, and mainstream cultures that are largely made up of young people, because this is a feature of young people who are figuring out their identity. Goth at least has the conceit of "come as you are if you like this shit" as part of its philosophy, which not many subcultures do. Obviously that part of it is not perfect.

No. 595592

File: 1527473671087.jpg (143.42 KB, 665x665, syntheticeva.jpg)

Ironic that she used Synthetic Doll when she was so fake at her core. From pseudo goth to christian bridal makeup artist in just a couple of years. Quite amazing how much she changed honestly

No. 595598

she looks better goth tbh, then again most people look better goth

No. 595603

File: 1527474827141.png (329.58 KB, 656x381, doing nothing with your life.p…)

Freya, watching the Kardashians and admitting she has done nothing to be famous for or liked for. Aint that the truth. She does nothing…. i'd be pretty embarrassed. WHEN are these projects happening? It's quite hilarious. What a nobody.

No. 595606

File: 1527474925297.png (500.72 KB, 661x630, followers lie.png)

KVD - I don't invite people based on how many followers they have! HA! ARE YOU JOKING? Such lies.

No. 595608

She was also a lesbian for like 10 minutes after the break up when she had red hair and leached off of Synestra for attention before she passed away.

No. 595679

I think that's the truth of it. I mean, IBF is considered plus size and she's arguably the most popular of the Goth YouTubers.

No. 595683

IBF is not goth. She's a poseur. She created her character and is now left with a pretty boring person really.

No. 595687

Well uh you're on a gossip site, what did you expect to see here? lol As far as the comments on their looks, it's entirely subjective at the end of the day but as far as Kaya and Jake, it's obvious they aren't Goth because Goth is not just about looking spoopy, it's music-based first and foremost and in order to be Goth, you have to at least listen or like the music. No you don't have to listen to it every day but just you know, have some likeness for it and it's obvious these two jokers don't.

Exactly, you don't have to only listen to Goth music and frankly, I have not met anyone who has thought this but just that you have to have likeness or enjoyment for it. And I think Carl is living with another girlfriend no? I think Emily talked about him in a followup video but I don't remember.

Whoa no kidding lol I had no idea she changed so drastically because like I mentioned, last I saw was when she changed her YouTube name and came back looking like Taylor Momsen's long-lost sister or something. Just wow… Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was only into Goth for the look and to impress her boyfriend at the time. I will say one nice thing about her though, she did look good all Gothic. Just too bad it was shallow.

Yeah I mean I get it but still, it really speaks volumes when you notice you've done nothing of actual substance or merit. Vlogging is nothing special and everyone does it these days. I completely forgot that she went to film school. I seriously wonder if her work or ideas would be any good.

Bullshit, so much so you can see the crap spewing from the corners of her mouth when she said that.

Well poseur or not, at least she actually does something mildly interesting (travels to interesting places) instead of sitting in her room moping about her weight (Even when traveling) and can feign some interest in the music (playing it in the background).

No. 595730

No Jake, your retarded version of an elitist would be saying "you need to like goth music to be a goth" which is true, you can't twist the facts of a MUSIC-BASED subculture to suit yourself. You're not a goth, you never were and never will be. Stick to stuffing your face and riding your ugly electric board - further proof you are a lazy fat fuck kek

No. 595771

File: 1527500144852.jpg (63.18 KB, 480x480, alison.jpg)


No. 595783

Personally I see nothing poseur about her, she's in to the music, she knows her shit and her makeup and look are pretty traditional even when she ventures in to more victorian looks. However I would love to see her attempts at film since she apparently went to a pretty good school.

No. 595788

so Jake is doing/is a guest on a "Best of Belfast" podcast even though he's ripping on Belfast and saying how shitty it is constantly?

No. 595793

Ah so this is who she's latched on to now! I was wondering what nationality she was gonna fake for snowflake points. I guess Germany didn't suit her new "I wear faux fur and braids because that's what you need to be a Viking and I think Viking's were a race" look. Well, at least she's using our sister countries and I won't have to see her prancing around here trying to draw attention to how amazing she is. I hope she realises we don't all dress in historical costume in Scandinavia, because I'm sure she'll be seriously disappointed otherwise.

No. 595795

She invited Freyja;She of absolutely no makeup skill, creativity or talent, it was clearly about clout.

No. 595828

File: 1527509170126.jpg (232.06 KB, 468x592, Screenshot_13.jpg)

What the hell is a "Gothic Mermaid" supposed to be anyway? Having blue hair doesn't make you a mermaid hun, and wearing black doesn't make you goth. She always takes these unflattering photos and makes the same faces in her vids, but people fawn over her piggishness as she burps, shows her hairy legs, talks about farting and generally being a disgusting human being. I don't see the appeal.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 595837

I've been watching Leah for over 8 years now and every time she gets a new boyfriend she starts acting differently. It's really clear when you watch vlogs of her with Kevin then with Derek now with her new bf I don't remember the name. Her content is so boring now, she doesn't even try anymore.
I haven't watched the video, but I guess the friend is Kevin. She always tries to be friends with her exes, but she's so different when she finds a new boyfriend that I don't think it works.

No. 595868

Why do bland white girls hang onto these ancestry sites and tests so hard these days, is this the new trend to fake having an actual personality?
Having ancestry all over the world doesn't make you special, everyone in the entire world does! Having ancestry in a country within the last 200 years doesn't mean shit, it doesn't make you a part of that countrys culture!
God i'm so tired of these bland girls being like "omg im totally 17% german and 1% west african on ancestry.com im actually mixed race" stfu!!

sage for rant

No. 595876

The friend is someone named "Forrest". Never heard of him before. The fight they got into must have been pretty bad from what she said in her video.
And I totally agree with you that she changes her personality for her boyfriends, I noticed the same thing too. Maybe there's some trouble in paradise with her current boyfriend too, as she suddenly started changing her hair and makeup and has never done that before to that extent.

No. 595878

Seems like there's some misunderstanding about what Snowy Lowther said in her video. She basically said that music is not that important and you can call yourself goth without liking the music, so she expressed the same opinions as someone like Toxic Tears. Which pissed Angela Benedict off (and rightly so) and she reacted to that in her video.
It seems that Snowy felt a need to appease her fans and didn't want to look like an "elitist". But it was really disappointing to hear her saying that, because she actually listens to the music and therefore isn't someone who's in it just for the looks.

No. 595880

And here's the video I'm talking about - sorry, forgot to link it in my original post.

No. 595886

glad someone else mentioned this, but yes, some ppl can't do makeup at all and could find this helpful. tez does tutorials for simple looks all the time and the comments act like it's a super complex avant garde look.

this was hard to watch, but it was funny that she didn't seem to realize why the wig looked different on the foam head vs her own. the best part is she ruined it to make a transformation video and i'm sure we won't see it at all in a few months.

No. 595887

Nope. White laces don't mean shit. I understand where you're coming from, but this isn't the 1960s anymore when some of the original skins used laces to 'mean' something. Loads of SHARP skins wear white laces because it looks good, and this is probably 99.9% the reason why Erin is wearing white laces. It contrasts nicely with a black polished boot. I would however consider her a nazi if she started wearing white power tees and started skinning her head and outwardly said 'btw i'm racist'.

No. 595899

I'm that anon..I gotta admit my mistake. It's been a while since that shit went down, and I do remember Angela posting a really good video and forgot it was in response to Snowy's video saying basically "eh don't need the music" woops!

And I think some people misunderstood me thinking I meant you have to ONLY listen to goth to be goth and I def never said that.

No. 595910


Sorry Allison but you're just another regular white American mutt.

Emily Boo is OK to me - she's cute and seems genuinely sweet. But I agree with anon who said she is basically like a teenager, she's also an emormous shopaholic - where does she keep all that stuff she buys in her hauls? There's tonnes of it. I know she works retail and I don't imagine her or her husband are loaded when they have a child, their house must just be packed to the rafters with all her shite.

No. 595972

yeah and would wear red laces because those are considered nazi laces. but as you mentioned a lot of people dgaf anymore about the meaning of colours

No. 595982

I do like that Emily Boo interacts with her fans and as you say she seems sweet, but she's just not goth at all and it's annoying that she keeps labeling herself as such. In one of her videos she says she hates "upper class goths" (that's a new one), aka real goths that say you have to like the music? She's basically another Kaya/Jake that screams elitist, she's a metalhead at most. I'm also fairly certain she works in a bar, not in retail?

No. 596020

It's especially bullshit because she said 'It's all people who believe in the same stuff, animal activists etc' and only seconds later in IBF's video she's going to eat burger. When did she ever do anything activist or was critical about stuff

No. 596062

File: 1527536910705.jpg (565.29 KB, 1920x894, Untitled-1.jpg)

The only thing cute about this fat bitch is her daughter. I don't know how somebody can revel in how gross they are, and her husband looks like he's never bathed a day in his life. They both look like they stink. Lots of Youtubers respond to their fans. She's not special in that respect. This is also the person who made a whole video on suffering from anxiety if she thinks she isn't the most alternative person in the room or freaking out if people can't look at her and think to themselves how utterly alternative and Gothic she looks. She also bases her entire identity on her blue hair, because of course she wouldn't be a "mermaid" without it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 596124

Postpunkspunk is not a pretty girl. Yikes.

But post-punk is always what goth was. Those bands that bridged 77 punk to post-punk don't always seem goth, so i see what you mean. No one is going to call wire or pil goth. Kinda like no one is going to call post-punk revival goth, like preoccupations or editors. But they all have the same sound. More "goth" than goofy fucking spooky 90s darkwave imo like Incubus Succubus.
Hi jake. You're not goth. Quit listening to pussy metalcore and listen to black metal (not cof) like an adult.

No. 596126

Kaya says she hopes she gets sent another blonde wig because she's going to miss having it.
as if that company is going to send her another wig after the pink mess she turned hers into.

No. 596130

That…apparently is a gothic mermaid. Very loose definition of both to say the least

No. 596135

She can't look good in regular photos so pulling stupid faces is meant to make her seem 'cute' and 'funny' in a 'dorky and adorable' way but in reality just uh, yeah, that face happens. >>595982 Fucks sake , UCG is literally a joke Adora made and now calls her and her friends that people have run with to make themselves seem more important and 'more goth' while doing precisely nothing but labelling themselves and think she's being totally serious. That's pretty embarrassing that she's insecure enough to make a video offended over a joke.

No. 596152

Good christ the entitlement of that girl is physically painful to read, I'm irrationally angry that she destroyed their wig and expects more hand outs from them whilst not understanding that if you style a wig on a tiny foam head it's not gonna look good on her fucking giantess worthy melon.

No. 596165

Kaya actually looks quite nice in the kawaii style

No. 596172

I really hope you are joking. Kaya looks horrendously clownish in kawaii clothing. Not only because of her height…but because of her height, width and greasiness. Not cute in the slightest.

No. 596175

She says she wants to make more videos like this. Surprise surprise. Why doesn't she just admit that she doesn't like being goth anymore?

No. 596177


Literally can't listen to her speak. Her personality is so fake and her voice is fucking grating

No. 596181


It's fine to want to change your style eventually, there's a reason why all the older goths you meet aren't covered in white greasepaint, huge hair and platforms, they're more into band tees and a plain leather jacket and saving the big outfits for gigs. You do yourself no favours clinging to something you aren't into anymore.

No. 596182

She didn't make a whole video dedicated to UCG but in one video of her "hates" she mentions it, still fuckin dumb

Oh jeez she actually went out in public like that? I'm sorry but if I saw her I'd think she was legit mental. Was that the only reason she got the wig, to do this transformation video? I'm sure once she's bored of the wig she'll toss it aside and it'll never been seen again, kek

No. 596187

she couldn't put her mic in a decent position prior to recording?
it's painful aside from the pastel puke in the video

if she didn't ruin that gorgeous blond wig and just adorned her head with some cute silver chain adornments then she actually could have done something quite cute. too bad its kaya here

No. 596189

samefag but if she actually contoured her nose with some ashen shades. she could have worn that bandaid on her nose a lot easier as a result
especially if she is as self conscious about her nose as she makes it appear

i feel so sorry about that wig
i hope it was a nightmare for her to remove after tbh

No. 596191

why don't more pastel goth / kawaii looking wannabe pastel goths just go shop at claire's accessories for the bubblegum and cupcake scented perfumes? they ten times cheaper than black phoenix alchemy lab and you won't need to wait 3 weeks on it either just to smell the same

No. 596193

She's another one that tries to 'posh up' her accent and it just sounds so dumb when she slips back in to proper Northern Irish

No. 596194

Ah, I don't watch her enough to really know what she does but it is still ridiculous to get offended then do such little research you don't realise it was a bunch of Swede's dicking around.

No. 596195

>everyone is staring at me

bitch, don't act like you don't bask in your 'oh so weird ~uwu~' gawks by those 5 peope who cared

>if i was smaller and less chunky

then go and start walking for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and run up some stairs/lift some low tier weights for some resistance training
she could see some fucing result by now in the 2 years she's been complaining about it

i mean even IBf and her keto shit, if kayay did such bullshit but bothered to work out at the same time as low carb then she'd see some results (regardless of how short term that may be) she might just shut up about it for a while

maybe she can beg some skinny tea companies to sponsor her instead, bts being placed on whether she would even complete stage 2 tho

/rant over this lazy bitch

No. 596197

File: 1527547137045.png (6.57 KB, 259x194, baito.png)


No. 596198

That's the only reason she wears what she wears these days is for attention then to bitch about how people stare to get yet more attention online because "This is just how she naturally looks and dresses uwu~"

No. 596199

File: 1527547276546.jpg (84.59 KB, 1221x1080, 33895758_10215139635579312_110…)

Unrelated as it's not milk but I think Freyja looks stunning here

No. 596215

Holy shit if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have known it was her. She pulls off Angelica's Morticia so well.

No. 596216

Looks like a shoop pic to me.

No. 596217

Honestly, I think the blonde actually suits her better than her greasy looking black hair, shamed she ruined such a stunning wig.

No. 596218

She looks hot af here, she did a good job.

No. 596223

That's really nice. I actually like the way she looks with her hair down.

No. 596249

When is this from? Who did her brows and makeup? Doesn't even look like her…

No. 596251

Today, she just posted it on facebook. She says it's a spoiler for something, probably video so I doubt she did her own makeup

No. 596258

I'm betting it's a transformation video. she always does her own make up for those, ya?

No. 596295

I just speculated it may be a collab because She's never been skilled enough to make it look this good before though. Even her lip line is much better and Freyja can't draw a straight line to save her life.

No. 596319

Eugh… I want to like Allison and she seems like a pleasant person but why does she do this?? Just why? It's just embarrassing. It's okay to be into other cultures but what she's doing is equivalent to what Anime fans do with Japan and become Weeaboos. Like seriously, she just needs to chill on the "I identify with this and that" nonsense.

I think the only reason she has appeal is because she's known as "That goth girl who got on tv". Had she not been on Snog, Marry, Avoid, she wouldn't have near the fanbase she does now considering nothing really sticks out about her. She'd just be like Kaya in the sense that real Goths will see through her BS and the only people who'd watch are Baby Bats, Mall Goths, Normies who don't follow subcultures, and Scene/Emo kids. Hell, I'm pretty sure that's what makes up her audience right now.

I miss when she did more active videos back when she was with her ex-husband. Her vlogs are just not that interesting in my opinion. I can't comment much on her content now because I stopped watching her back last year when she started doing nothing but vlog videos and it doesn't seem like she's branched out since then.

The truth is real here. At this point in history, most people are mixed with something and it's not as special as it once was.

Eugh I was hoping I'd never have to see that video again LOL Snowy was just being a gross panderer to appease her young MallGoth fans.I agree, it was so disappointing to see her sell out like that because she actually listened to the music and was nothing like Kaya or Jake. I'm glad that Angela called her out and stood her ground on the matter along with the other smaller Goth YouTubers supporting her.

Doesn't Emily get sponsors?

LOL I didn't even think to notice that. Freya's not even a Vegan and I never heard her talk about Animal rights activism. Kat Von D is just eugh… I'd have more respect for her if she kept it real and said something "I like the looks all of you do" or something like that.

LOL I actually like 90s darkwave like Switchblade Symphony and The Frozen Autumn haha But I get what you're saying.

I seriously hope they don't send her shit. She totally destroyed that wig and she'd be lucky to get another one that she'll end up destroying anyway.

Pretty sure she's trying to copy IBF and Of Herbs and Altars when they did their transformation videos. But yeah, she should just come out and stop being a poser Goth.

Fair enough. True that as we alternative people age, we tend to either adapt our styles for comfort or we stay the same.

Okay LOL. Still not a big fan of hers but yes, she does look quite nice here. She should try more looks with her hair down. I actually do like her Birds nest hairstyle but she's done it for so long that I think she should try changing it up a bit.

No. 596349


She has a few anon fans solely because of Raven's skinwalking and Cj's cheating.

No. 596360


I haven't kept up with her at all after I unfollowed her for her fake "i'm so goth" persona busllhit
but damn she went full obese and gappy toothed after everything. she aged about 20 years and I didn't expect that
Thanks for giving me a close on what the heck happened to her
She's a trainwreck

No. 596375

yea i feel dumb for posting it now but live and learn.

when she shows the rights and talks about the cute print that includes needles, wtf. also low key mentioning how she doesn't have a lot of clothes in that style, like stop hinting for free shit already.

No. 596495

Off topic but does anyone know what brand is the gold lipstick? Freya didnt say in the video. Saged

No. 596520


Adoras former husband recently switched his Facebook status to divorced.
She not only spent valentines day, but also new year and her birthday away from home.

Really wonder what happened to this magical forever love and who takes care for the kids, now that she travels so much. Would be unfair if her former husband now makes the money AND takes care for them.

No. 596521

Shes been online a few years. So what? She BECAME goth to get a life. Its that simple. She's bullshitted her way into a marriage and a scene. Please bitch. She's hellbent on attention. No class.

No. 596524

Up close shes still a butt ugly ranga with overlined lips. Get a life…

No. 596527

Anonymous 43 seconds ago No. 596522
I mean, I get it. Marriages can end. But going from "we never had a fight in our relationship, flirt all the time and have sex every day" to divorce in such a short time is so weird.

No. 596534

So, a true Goth is born that way? None of them see a scene and think "I like THAT,I like the aesthetic, I like the music, those people seem cool, I want to join it"?

OK then.

No. 596535

she's harmless - has a loving relationship with her family - i don't think she's cow material. i think her tattoos and taste level are pretty rank, but i don't think she's worth ragging on.

No. 596538

I wish she'd get off her arse and make some art/ write/ whtever she purports to do…she would genuinely be interesting to watch. Also found it funny she was talking about getting disgusting chicken to eat at the end of a Kat Von D party promo video - that fits with Kat's compassionate vegan brand. Also annoyed she has barely tried any KVD makeup - not even the most obvious tattoo liner…no idea she was invited…

No. 596595

Anybody who says that they have major anxiety over not being the most alternative person in the room, and who literally has a nervous breakdown over changing their hair color deserves to be ragged on.

No. 596603

uugh Jake's new vlog is painful.
It's his friends Lee's birthday and as a surprise his long distance girlfriend comes over for it.
Jake takes all the credit because I guess he messaged her saying to come over??
I'm guessing she payed for the flights and everything herself though.

the entire vlog is jake congratulating himself

No. 596634

Yay pink eyebrows, much better than black ones
And tbh pastel aesthetic suits her better than dark, her face is too round to paint it white

No. 596657


>But post-punk is always what goth was.

A subset of post-punk indeed. In the early days.

No. 596661

IBF is neither vegan nor animal activist. She also uses makeup products from major animal tester brands like L'Oréal.

Also ReeRee who claims to be against animal testing could have been seen with color contact lenses on numerous occasions. AFAIK all color lenses are animal tested. And most of "normal" lenses too. Only 1 UK brand of one day opaque lenses is not animal tested AFAIK.

No. 596664

>Kek, UK shoe brand the Gothic Shoe Company also is causing same problems recently. Is this becoming a trend in alternative fashion industry?

BTW information about scam of the Gothic Shoe Company was published to instagram accounts of at least ReeRee, It's Black Friday and few others. Also other "casual" instagram goths using hastag #thegothicshoeco. Only "casual" goths reacted, all "major youtube stars" didn't give a fuck even tho they promoted them in their videos. This is how much they "care" for the scene or others.

No. 596672

Did she really say that? That's pretty fucking pathetic. I find it funny too that she makes a big deal about changing her hair colour, even uploading multiple videos of the process, then almost immediately goes back to blue. You know you have issues if something like a HAIR COLOUR defines who you are.

No. 596673

The background in the first shot is so ratty, she could have sat a little further back and not caught the edges of the tooth fabric behind her. And as always the music is horrendous,, she kinda does suit the sickly look I think because she literally does look sickly most of the time as she never eats right

No. 596676

That's such a shame. Especially after so long. Now I see why she moved her eternity rings despite keeping them on, they have great sentimental value due to the children so I'm glad she wasn't callous enough to just remove it. They've been through a lot together and it's not like they jumped in to marriage. Genuinely wish them both the best, he seemed like a nice person but maybe got sick of always being the one staying home and looking after the kids while she seemed more preoccupied with what strangers on the internet thought. She always seemed annoyed when the kids were sick and had to stay home because it got in the way of her fucking around and hanging out in the town.

No. 596680

Your newness to both this board and the scene as a whole is glaringly obvious. Please get a grip because your typing style is very noticeable and you're embarrassing yourself. Also if you're gonna spew nonsense please sage, I know it's hard to resist replying when you're a veritable Aristotle but we don't need to be notified. It sure is summer in here already.

No. 596691

Top kek at Kaya being able to hide an entire person behind her not only from a distance but pretty much in eyeshot

No. 596735

the amount of times he pointed a people was rage inducing and the ending was so lame. i like how he's pushing patreon with the incentive of having access to vlog music like it's something interesting people are just dying to have it.

No. 596741

>the amount of times he pointed a people

Is it considered to be rude in Ireland? Different European nations have different opinions on that subject.

No. 596756


tbh I've purchased from them and my pikes are probably the best pair of shoes i've ever owned in my life. idk why they're being called out so much lately.

No. 596763

Not from Ireland but have family there and like most of Europe/ and I assume the rest of the world, YES, pointing is a bit rude,

No. 596783

Yes, her entire part one mental health video is about how she just has to be noticeably alternative or else she won't leave her home. She hates other mums and is stressing about being judged by them but at the same time can't function unless she is over the top. Then she has a video where she went from a very lovely purple color back to blue and was talking about how she can't keep other hair colors because she's "Emily with the blue hair" and a "tattooed mermaid" needs blue hair and she lost who she was when she changed it.

No. 596824

Bacause they scammed people like 4th time in their history (earlier under names like Retroshu and Fantasyshoes (trough Pennangalan) and few other).

No. 596871

I'm from Ireland and yes it's considered to be rude, especially when the person isn't even looking at you, but looking at themselves in the camera while pointing.
I'd love to snap his sausage finger off!

No. 596901

Kaya seems happier in the pastel outfits but god she can't colour cordiatnte to save her life. An outfit on her Insta stories was bad. Match pinks with other tones of pink doesn't always work. Jesus

No. 596942

No. 596958

She’s from my town and I go into her work a lot and what u see is what u get. She’s really nice though her makeup is awful. Don’t really think she’s a cow

No. 596959

Sounds like she has body dysmorphia

No. 596961

I do think she's annoying, everyone seems to love her.

No. 596974

No. 596982

At least she’s up for a laugh

No. 596990

File: 1527625472971.jpg (271.12 KB, 786x716, Screenshot_7.jpg)

Are you stupid? That sounds nothing like body dysmorphia. She's said many times in her videos how good she thinks she looks. She just needs all of the attention. She's so cocky on cam and loves waving her arms around so her bewbs jiggle, and she just posted a picture on her insta where she's outside, wearing a jacket unzipped all the way showing that she's topless. She's a showoff, plain and simple.

No. 596991

Now dracs turned off commenting it makes her look so up herself. Why would she not want to interact with fans?

No. 596993

Nothing wrong with body positivity. Jealous much? Kek

No. 596996

I’m now even a fan and still think ur reaching jan

No. 597003

I don't think ibf is a cow because she's never acted like she's hot shit. She's always very humble and sweet. I don't approve of what she did to Mr. Owl and then going right back with him, and I always felt that her "wanderlust" excuse was a load of bullshit but that's her business. She isn't a poser and is happy with her life but so many people hate her. Emily is a stuck up, delusional, chubby pig whose only redeeming quality is her little girl. She's awful to look at and generally seems like she'd be extremely obnoxious to know in person. Actually, I can guarantee she is and she's said it herself that she's obnoxious and proud of it. She claims to be in this loving and wonderful marriage but she doesn't spend hardly any time with her husband, and he seems not to know her at all. He only just recently (within the last few years) learned of her anxiety and still dared to ask her to go into a store to choose the correct contact lenses when he bought the wrong ones. How DARE he when he should have known that she had no makeup on and wasn't visibly the most alternative person there at the time because she wasn't dressed up? Poor widdle Emily almost broke down at the thought of being seen by a mall full of strangers as just another person.

No. 597006

I'm not jealous of chubs. I was just responding to the comment that this was in any way body dysmorphia, which it isn't.

No. 597007

Guess you’ve never had mental health problems then. Lucky u. Why’d u watch her if ur so anti em? She’s a sweet person who actually works unlike other alternative youtubers who live off the fandom. That’s my 2 cents

No. 597035

Body pos? She's fat.

No. 597039

You can be fat and comfortable dipshit

No. 597042

How’s a 12 fat? I’m a 14 and don’t consider myself fat

No. 597045

Because she's like 4 feet tall.

No. 597060

that's extremely sad. she doesn't have anything wrong with her as is speculated she just has never developed an identity or sense of self outside of her physical appearance. At her age, she should have dug a bit deeper in to who she is, really just sad as well as embarrassing.

No. 597061

Because they're big meanies who have opinions she hasn't force fed them sometimes and they ask her to do horrible impossible things like make videos or keep up with the store she's opened, sometimes they even give her compliments. I'd imagine she's inconsolable over it.

No. 597063

Sweet in your opinion anyway. Someone, somewhere probs likes one of the other cows itt don't know what makes her immune to criticism lol.

No. 597067

Exactly! People can be super hypocritical and what flies with one person is attacked in another so you can't win if you're a whiteknight, no one is perfect and everyone can and will be criticised.

No. 597069

are you ok, emily's style is a bit questionable but overall she's a sweet person lol. Also, she and her husband don't spend much time together because he works during the day, she works at night. It's pretty common for a lot of couples, it doesn't mean they're unhappy.

No. 597070

samefag but I hope Emily grows the fuck up for the sake of her daughter. Bringing her up with a mother who is so vain and looks obsessed combined with her desire to be the most special person in the room is gonna crush any hope of that girl having any self confidence. When your mother won't let you steal her limelight it's never a good outcome. She's maybe better than ReeRee though as at least Emily doesn't regularly threaten or attempt suicide with no thought to getting help.

No. 597072

agreed, even though I think that one anon is going too far, I think she needs to learn her appearance shouldn't be the defining factor of who she is. She did say she knows it's stupid and vain though, it's not like she's trying to justify it.

No. 597091


Hi Raven, so this is what you've decided to do with your time 'away' from the internet. You really can't stay away from this site.

No. 597094

Ah! I never even considered that, I thought it was just someone else equally as incoherent

No. 597097

File: 1527634221598.jpeg (236.56 KB, 750x1132, 8F22681C-67A3-496A-9E8A-4870B8…)

No one was ever going to lose your behemoth ass Kaya.

No. 597098

She can cover an entire other person wearing a big ass backpack behind her, I think Jake hopes he'll lose her some day but alas he must just live in hope.She is a mountain of a woman, especially in the distance shots. She never thinks that maybe people just stare usually because she's fucking tall? Tall people catch the eye?

No. 597099

Imagine seeing that in Belfast, I'd die.

No. 597113

it's always a funny sight. I've never seen them alone, always together skulking about looking insecure.

No. 597133

Nice try, but people can dislike someone and not be her

No. 597140

Maybe that's partially why they never walk side by side, the vain hope she'll stop to check her phone and he can 'break free' and leg it to the life he always tells himself he deserves; Full of Kelly Eden, fame, fortune and rockstar status for being a boring POS and doing precisely nothing.

No. 597210

Same. It's getting old seeing her only do makeup and clothing hauls. Her trip vlogging is mildly entertaining as the viewer can look around and see all the things surrounding her but since she's "so creative", why not show some creative things that aren't tied to makeup or modeling clothing. Share a short story you may have written or do a short fun film project. Something to get the creative juices flowing.

That really is pathetic indeed. I mean I understand that being a parent, it sucks to be judged solely on how you look and not on your parenting skills but for all she knows, some of the other mums would be accepting if she gave them a chance. But the fact that she feels she has to be the most OTT alternative looking person in a place is just… Wow. who thinks like that?

Yeah I noticed something looked off in her outfit. She should've coordinated some creams in there to help mesh with the pink. Then again she says she doesn't have that many bright colors and if that's the case, just buy or ahem… Beg for some more lol

Other than the mental health stuff, I think the thing that makes her a Alternative cow is in the same way for Kaya with her misappropriating Goth to looking spoopy and wearing black.

At this point, the thing with IBF is she's freaking boring. When you've been watching her for years and have gotten used to how she looks, you start to see that she really doesn't have anything else going for her.

Eh good riddance, just another nail in the coffin where she'll become irrelevant just like Raven before her. She is rude, she gets defensive and butt-hurt when people comment or even compliment her… I mean for real lol

Lol Accurate. Jake is such a funny case because he thinks he's this big ole' Goffick rockstar when he's just a complete joke and he's lucky Kaya has such low self-esteem because had she not, she would've seen him for the pig he is and dumped his sorry ass long ago.

No. 597258

"Professional Life Liver" according to his Twitter bio.

…his achievement is literally just being alive. And poorly ripping off some other guy's video production style.

No. 597266

Hey nice mocking of people with anxiety Anon.

Uk/Irish here - pointing is something I consider children to do, and maybe adults when they're abroad and being a dumb tourist. Jake is actually Welsh so he's technically abroad in NI

No. 597309

Everyone is mocked for everything here. Are you new?

No. 597374

Can he say a bit more often how great the thing is he did for his friend? Kek. He needs to learn that you are a good person by doing good things and only that and not by praising yourself for the good things you do. What an idiot.

No. 597415

She got triggered by people rightfully calling he out on her rude behaviour because she's not actually rude she's just a latina from Texas so it's totally justified. In her defense, she has the community tab of YouTube where people can go comment/interact with her I guess.

No. 597421

File: 1527674735898.png (1014.99 KB, 970x613, date.png)

why do Kaya and Jake need £500 to go on a graveyard date??

do they actually need the push of a ton of money to make them go on dates with each other

No. 597424

In regards to all the emily boo posts I can't help but imagine raven sitting on her laptop giggling away to herself because Emily is getting shit on for the first time in her life.

Would not put it past her to contribute or have started talking about her on this thread. I find it too convenient that Emily boo pops up in a negative way, when we stopped talking about gravy.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 597447

More scamming their fans, disgusting

I thought this too, Raven must be rubbing her fat hands and sausage fingers together happy that Emily is being bashed on now.

No. 597462

>hi cow
U ok Raven? We can restart your thread anytime, just produce the milk.

No. 597466

Kaya looks like she is about to burst into tears at any given second and Jake looks like the reason she is upset lol

No. 597476

I watched a bit of the stream and honestly I think something did happen, like they had a fight or something before the stream. She seems really upset and he's so cold towards her. Really awkward viewing

No. 597483

Stop giving this cow so much attention. Let her fade into obscurity and stop making her relevant. You're just feeding into what she wants by bringing her up. The only way to hurt her is to ignore her. She'll come back on her own

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 597498

I got that impression too. There was this awkward, tense atmosphere and Kaya just looked miserable. Why exactly do they remain together? Kaya is clearly unhappy with him and Jake is a self absorbed jerk that would fuck himself if he could

No. 597521

Wouldn't surprise me if Jake thought Kaya would have to come up with $500 first before having the "privilege" of him taking her out for a date. Scumbag.

No. 597706

I think that the reason Kaya stays with him is because she doesn't want to be alone. It doesn't look like she has many friends in Belfast nor is she close to her family and Jake is all she has.

Without Jake, she would be alone and depression may consume her (more?) because she has no one to talk to. Jake I'm sure wouldn't be bothered if Kaya broke up with him because seeing how he is, he'll think he can easily find someone new because he's a spoopy goff celebrity lol

It's sad that I could see this being a possibility. I mean does it really cost that much to have a picnic in a graveyard?

No. 597729

I think it's not about what it costs to do this stuff, they rather consider it as a reward for their paying fans to film it kek. This is how I understand it without having watched their streams. I could be wrong tho and they really do have excuses why they need to much money to go on a date.

No. 597810

I think kaya (at least back when she was thinner, alienqueenofdarkness, angela and thegothicalice are all very pretty, they have mature, but soft symmetrical features. Adora is also good looking, especially for her age even tho i feel there is something off about her face? I think its her forehead being quite large yet she still can pull it off

>Amy Nekrotique, for another person pushing 40

Wow I assumed she was mid/late-20s at most, maybe its her webcam quality but she looks good

I just wanna know what her hair looks like at the end of the day kek ive never seen spikes that large outside of photoshoots

No. 597826

The Gothic Alice has a very masculine face somehow, it's the cleft chin probably, but she can make it work. It's her attitude that needs to be changed IMO, the entire "stoic and monotone and always detached from everything and snarky for no reason"

No. 597832

Ntayrt but get over it, how many times are you going to ask if someone is ok because they don't like Emily? She's not immune just because you like her.

No. 597964

File: 1527719298750.png (472.55 KB, 527x502, picss.png)

No. 597997

Seconding this sentiment, literally no1curr if she's your friend or you're so far up her ass you can't see how dull she is. Everyone is fair game if they're doing dumb cringey shit and Emily does said dumb shit pretty much daily

No. 598021

Adora is pretty proud of her forehead actually and likes to enhance it with the short bangs. She reminds me of Elizabethan paintings; pale and strange looking with a plucked back hairline and jewels everywhere. Not that she has a plucked back hairline, just a big forehead. I think the fact she doesn't have major wrinkles there makes her even more youthful. Up close of course her skin is pretty poor quality but she does wear heavy makeup every day. It's nowhere near as crepey without makeup, she just looks her age if not a little younger and very tired without it. It's good she feels comfortable to be seen without it now as I remember years ago she would never ever dare to be bare faced in front of other people, even for most of the time at home from what she said.

No. 598040

I think she looks pretty here but the shoop is kinda obvious. You wish your face looked that dainty kaya

No. 598042

doesn't help that claires is bankrupt yo

No. 598114

I don't know who her dad is, but I know she looks like him.

No. 598260

File: 1527739543976.jpeg (11.19 KB, 220x229, red.jpeg)

No. 598317

File: 1527746933301.jpg (86.27 KB, 794x432, fatty.jpg)

"muscular build" eh Jake? lmao

No. 598339

Holy mother lol It feels like Jake is one of those guys who only mainly focuses on his arms because damn

No. 598343

Only one time and I did it as a joke. I am not a follower or fan of Emily.

No. 598355

File: 1527752938198.jpg (76.97 KB, 1080x830, _20180531_094534.JPG)

Found this comment under the "What an absolute mess" video and kek'd. Jake's body is like a "self sustaining machine"!? What? Have these people ever seen a real bodybuilder? He is still a fatty with some muscles. he hasn't achieved as much as he likes to make people believe in his fitness journey.

No. 598384

I don't get it. This person has a new job so their first thought is to give some of their wage to a pair of lazy fat scammers who make boring videos? What is wrong with people

No. 598385

In Jake's new vlog they go to Ikea and Kaya wanted a plant so he brought over a trolley and said "you push the trolley since you wanted the plant"
how about you be a fucking gentleman for once and push the trolley. especially since you spend so much of her youtube money on your own ikea crap

No. 598392

File: 1527760877266.jpg (253.87 KB, 1200x960, collage.jpg)

what they consumed in the space of an hour.

Jake's vlogs just prove how much junk food they eat on a daily basis

No. 598395

I saw that too and was shocked, he's such a rude cunt to everyone. If I were Kaya I would've rammed the trolley into the back of his chubby legs

They both eat shit yet one complains they can't lose weight no matter what they do (kek) whilst the other is oblivious and thinks they're muscular (topkek)

No. 598406

How many calories you think they consumed in that hour?

An average human should eat 2,500 or less calories a day. That's got to be most of their calories in that time frame. For fuck sake have some restraint. Super food addiction. No wonder they can't loose weight. They eat like little kids.

Here's some advice k and j. Eating sugar just makes you more hungry. You shouldn't eat sugar earlier in the day also. Just makes you hungry all day. Eat a full meal, don't graze.

No. 598423

File: 1527768332736.jpg (51.57 KB, 496x418, quasi.jpg)

Seriously though what is that weird bulge on his back? Fat or is he wearing a bra?

No. 598448

the thing about Leah is that she acts like she doesn't care about stuff like aging, never being in a stable situation and always changing houses/degrees/boyfriends. she always said it didn't bother her but at the same time she'd constantly make long videos ranting about those things. her changing her makeup style is probably her going nuts about aging again (like when she cut her hair really short) or trying desperate to get some new content for her dried cow of a channel.

No. 598452

It's weird to me that they take a taxi wherever they go, at least if they don't go by that stupid electric skateboard and scooter. I don't know about Belfast but when I've been to the UK taxis weren't that cheap. So I guess they make a ton of money from YouTube and Twitch cause I don't know anyone who would prefer the luxury of taxis that often… even if you find public traffic annoying (I so too), you'd still choose that option since it's much cheaper in most cases. Sorry this has probably been discussed several times. If they weren't such e-beggers I wouldn't even care.

Also kek at their love for IKEA, the most basic ass store in the world. It fits in with their whole wannabe alternative image.

No. 598457

Jake was saying he can get across Belfast from one side to the other in 10 minutes on his board yet he takes taxis everywhere? If it's so small why don't they use their stupid app and walk about, work up a sweat before buying a load of sweeties. And the taxis around Belfast are not cheap, they could get the bus but they're most likely scared of being heckled lol.

Or one of them could learn to drive and stop scrounging lifts off of people and using them for their ability to drive.

No. 598482

He's just talking out of his arse as usual. Any excuse to bash Belfast.

>they could get the bus but they're most likely scared of being heckled lol.

That and they probably don't want to be around people, they seem to think they're above everyone

No. 598497

I could understand Jake boasting about being in better shape if he actually looked it. It's not even like he looks to be in a bulking phase. Other than his biceps (which are easy to get big), he looks soft, which is also fine, but don't brag about being mr musclezzz if you're quite obviously not.
And damn right, they should be walking everywhere if they're eating all of the shit posted above. They seem like the kind of people who would eat a lettuce leaf and assume it counters anything else shit they put into their mouth an hour later.

No. 598525

>They seem like the kind of people who would eat a lettuce leaf and assume it counters anything else shit they put into their mouth an hour later.

I think so too. Jake actually said in a recent video his work outs are "going well" but his diet isn't. He said he still eats junk like pizza but after working out he's a "pound lighter" kek the guy is fucking clueless, he just keeps bulking up on top of the fat

No. 598561


I could shit a pound. I mean fair enough eat a bloody pizza after you've worked out if you want and you're doing a dirty bulk, but don't expect to get ripped as fuck by lifting weights a few times a week and eating junk food. I'd take him far more seriously if he was just like 'yeah, i'm doing a dirty junk food bulk and don't give a fuck' instead of pretending to be some sort of buff fitness guru. My fella is doing a junk bulk at the minute but he's also lifting competition weights at the moment and he is proud of his gut he has going on at the moment because it's enabling him to lift more and build more muscle. But that fat can easily be stripped back in a few weeks.
There's a massive difference between Jake and what professional lifters do, not to say Jake is saying he is one, but don't act like you're fitness goals personified when you're just average gym goer levels of chub/muscle.

No. 598623

I'm from ROI and 10 mins in a taxi here is about €15 so it's probably around the same in pounds.
I walk 25 minutes to and from work to save on spending on taxis but I guess Kaya and Jake have money to throw away instead of walking

No. 598643

I'm not sure who I find more infuriating, Kaya and Jake, or their ridiculous fans. The person with a new job that wanted to immediately give money to them just blew me away. WHY THO??!! Say what you will about IBF, she at least, with the clothing haul videos, makes an effort to showcase the clothing. She's walking around, she's posing, there's edits, she's showcasing the items. Kaya throws them on, stands with them on and that's it. I assume they disappear to the ever-growing pile of discarded free clothes she gets sent.

No. 598851

Kaya and Jake are the most boring people ever. Why do they think people are interested in their laundry pick ups? They always eat at coffee chains like costa coffee or patisserie valerie when I am sure Belfast has some decent independent coffee shops, they could explore that side of Belfast it would make for better content and be helpful if any of their viewers ever visited Belfast.

No. 598852

Oh my gosh is this comment serious? Maybe it's because I follow a lot fitness men and women on Instagram and Youtube but man do I wish this post was satire because Jake doesn't look as fit as he claims at all. The only "muscly" thing on him is his arms but he looks completely doughy on the rest. I know we all have to start somewhere but come on, come back down to reality please.

I know right? There are plenty more deserving people who they could support. Kaya and Jake don't do anything exciting or worth the patronage at all. I'm guessing this fan is probably young and overtime, she'll see just how much of a waste it is to support their "content"

Well that explains how Jake lost his muscle mass and became more doughy looking.

Yep it's like two ends of delusion on the weight gain thing. Because Kaya was blaming her weight gain on medication but yet seeing pics like that as well as her food posts, it's pretty clear what really happened but she can't admit it or doesn't want to admit it. And Jake… He's pretty much Steven Seagal lol

The sad thing is that if they continue this and don't learn to cut down, by the time they reach their 30s, it's going to be even harder to lose the weight.

Haha he is far past the bulking stage, he's pretty much in "storaging" (yeah I know, not a real word) mode lol And yeah, I wouldn't say this if he didn't act like he was Mr. Muscles which he clearly isn't, at least not anymore.

Considering how much they e-beg and the money they get from Twitch, that could be the reason.

I'll begrudgingly agree with you lol IBF is not much better but at least she tries to make her videos interesting. I know people think her moving around and doing weird things while she's showing off clothes is cringe but I think it does good showing the clothes in motion. I mean FFS, Kaya doesn't even wear the clothes she gets all that much anymore.

No. 598875

I wonder if its to do with the fact she did have (or maybe still) has an aversion to pastel goth and yet…kinda dresses like that now? (I know how she dresses isnt pastel goth but some would make that mistake)

I remember her huge rants about how pastel goth isnt goth. Personally if she prefers to dress like this now she should just go with it-especially if it will make her happier in the long run.

No. 598903

File: 1527808566840.png (913.02 KB, 914x512, kek.png)

a woman stopped Kaya to compliment her.

IN THAT WIG?? is she for real
she looks insane

No. 598905

Gothic alice is a child

No. 598907

Both IBF and TT are internet blobs with no future

No. 598910

Jake in his latest vlog
"I've been keeping off the weight because my workouts are so intense! I burn off 1000 calories each time"
so why are you still so tubby? hmm

No. 598911

samefag but
"the reason my cheeks are so puffy is because of dehydration!"

like we literally see all the junk you eat in your vlogs! stop blaming everything else!

No. 598912

Seriously? Kaya no one cares about your hair or your attempt to be cute. Youre not asian or petite or even a teenager. Grow up a d get a job.

No. 598915

File: 1527809414127.jpg (197.35 KB, 1176x1200, collage.jpg)

his face says it all really

No. 598926

Kaya in side profile always looks so much like Gru I can’t even stand it lol

No. 598942

He just looks like a tumblr snowflake here

No. 598962

File: 1527813385163.jpg (259.67 KB, 1120x722, 86d3ea2494.jpg)

I can't watch any of her videos without staring at her chin/jaw area. It's so flabby and like a turkeys neck. You'd think she would be much fatter just from her face, but her body is decent in my opinion.

But that turkey flab… just.

No. 599076

Ngl I got the app after Kaya talked about it (Didn't use her promo code tho lol) and it's so fucking effortless. On an easy day at work I make about $1 in sweatcoins. It takes a lot of them to be worth anything like any app like this but even just tracking your normal every day walking can pay off eventually.

No. 599080

Her body isn't decent (Look at Jakes' vlogs where she's walking around with him but is dressed extremely casually, she looks fucking awful) that dress is just styled well to flatter her bodytype. As a former fatty, it's a good silhouette and helps cinch the waist, especially with how she's holding the sides of the dress out.


This comment was me sorry I actually didn't mean to post it (laptop is being utterly retarded on imageboards lately sorry) I was gonna shorten it to "The app's kinda worth it just on your normal daily walking so I don't get why she doesn't use it for what little walking she DOES do and earn some cash overtime. It's effortless AF)

No. 599210

I've noticed some recent shade thrown at The Gothic Alice and was wondering if anyone would elaborate. Her attitude doesn't bother me because as an old-goth - I graduated from high school in the 80s - I got so fucking sick of being told to smile or being chastised because my clothing looked grim that I became surly and distant for years. When I see snotty goth girls I always assume they are sick of being told to behave according to the prevailing consensus regarding female charm. But maybe there's more at play with The Gothic Alice?

I also recall all my friends and I had similar attitudes towards clothes - we made and altered so much of what we wore and we did our best not to wear the same outfit twice in a month. We didn't have the thrift store options available now or we might have tried to never wear the same outfit twice.

Is there is some serious stank attitude beyond just her distant and icy persona? I compare her to untalented, begging, dollskill behemoths like Kaya and it's hard to really find much to judge. But I only see her on so am curious if there's more behind some of the dislike for her.

No. 599212

only see her on Instagram

No. 599279

File: 1527837717212.jpg (148.04 KB, 1080x1080, 31036124_455456128241851_52977…)

I followed her on Tumblr some years back and had to unsubcribe from her youtube. She's very snotty and pretentious and holier-than-thou. I get that, compared to a 'normie', she's got alright movie/book taste, and she's not terrible at art. But her attitude, how she comes across when she talks about movies and music and books, is like she is deigning to speak to a peasant, not simply sharing something cool she knows about. There is no enthusiasm. She just -expects- that you 'wouldn't know this movie'. It's "Condescending, The Person".

No. 599299

"keeping off the weight"??? What world is he living in? He's fat and instead of losing the fat he's just bulked up on top of it. Even if he did burn off 1000 calories from his workouts, the food here >>598392 is definitely a lot more than that, and if he's eating shit like pizza he'll hardly be dropping any weight. I don't understand how the pair of them can't grasp the simple concept of calories

I was just going to say this. The style of the dress (halter neck skater dress?) flatters almost everyone and is slimming. She doesn't have a decent body at all no offence.

No. 599304

I agree regarding snotty "the gothic Alice"..She is Drac with family money and a fancy pants art degree.Alice has mild autism so perhaps that explains her flat cold tone..her film recommendations are sound I'll give her that.. I don't personally like her or dracs dark gothic art(it's stereotypical) but they have worked to develop drawing skills..Of course Drac has borderline personality/anxiety etc..im not into extreme make up but she does have an actual skill/talent..Unlike kaya/Jake who do big fat nothing.. Shopahaulic Emily boos latest videos on mental health topic are well embarrassing she come off like a spoiled teen..it isn't the fact that ppl have issues it's the self pitying attitude that grinds my gears..do any goth/alt you tubers NOT make videos mentioning their psychological issues? They all seem to really identify with these disorders as a way to feel special/get attention…Drac has a new video out of the rubbish avelina handbag..Not watched it.

No. 599383

It's not about her not smiling and being cold and distant (which is most definitely an act IMO, just a "Don't touch me!!!" facade to scare bullies off), it's mostly the fact that she's a know-it-all. The way she talks is always like she's about to eyeroll any second and every question/ person that talks to her annoys her. Yes Alex, we get it, you're very introverted and don't like people or attention…. then why have a bunch of social media? Just to preach about anything that comes to mind, and show off your superior fashion skills? She says it's to "inspire" people, which I guess means "they need to worship me" since she doesn't like people talking to her. She portrays the "icy and mysterious" goth stereotype that makes ME roll my eyes at her. Has she ever been happy or enthusiastic in her life? Doesn't seem so to me when all of her "My favourite stuff!" videos are in complete monotone and she seems annoyed and bored that she has to do them. Not to mention that most of her videos are about "Don't do this and that"

No. 599389

I don't see any milk material in her. Just an introvert with social media showing effects of more or less creative activity.

>She is Drac with family money

Citation needed. How do you know if she lives by family money? Alice has a job AFAIK and pays own bills. At least that's what she said in videos.

No. 599391

Ahh goth and alt means having constantly damaged hair xD(xD)

No. 599404

Seeing her argue with people is hilarious, she's almost always saying "I knew there would be people who wouldn't understand" and "I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain this to you, I have more important things to do", trying to act like she's on the moral high ground in EVERY argument. There is some milk in her, but not much, since no one is paying her "snarky" replies much attention.

No. 599427

Hmm I didn't notice anything like that.

No. 599510

??? Nothing about what you're replying to was about hair?
There seems to be a majority who think Alice is an obnoxious self congratulating holier than thou arsehole but her handful of fans are rather amusing to watch defend her as they all act and sound like her, defending what is being criticised by being exactly what is being criticised.

No. 599544

I always thought Alice was autistic. She comes off snotty because she doesn’t know how to communicate with people, she thinks she doesn’t like people because she can’t understand them and they don’t understand her, and she has a bunch of social media because she’s actually just really lonely. That’s why she prefers Instagram to youtube because she can express herself visually better than verbally.
I guess that’s why her snottiness never bothered me. I assumed she was just autistic.

No. 599699

No. 599706

IMHO most of what was written about her here is absurd nitpicking due to someones inferiority complex. Same with "the beautiest goff utuba" annon. Probably both cases is the same person.

No. 599714

Your comment feels like baiting, but I'll bite: "absurd nitpicking" because people don't like being looked down upon? An inferiority complex for what, her superior intellect or her amazing fashion skills?

No. 599751

>Your comment feels like baiting, but I'll bite: "absurd nitpicking" because people don't like being looked down upon?

Rather seeing looking upon where there is none looking upon.

> An inferiority complex for what, her superior intellect or her amazing fashion skills?

For her being able to overcome part of her introvert psyche.

IMHO to get triggered by her behavior one have to be a really hard case of shut in NEET basement dweller.

No. 599759

I can't believe she did her own makeup.

No. 599774

I'm the anon who asked about various opinions on The Gothic Alice - thanks for sharing why some of you find her tiresome.

I guess in the absence of really gross behavior - like Kaya's continual begging or basically Raven's entire existence - it's just personal tastes and not an overarching moral or ethical reaction that guides us here. Like I can't stomach even looking at Adora's emaciated, overdecorated carcass, but that's not really a flaw with her, per se. Just my perspective.

Eh, I still think The Gothic Alice, keeping in mind any pompous or condescending behavior, is good example of reinvigorated old-school goth interests and she has relatively little drama around her as she creates her outfits and art. But even being relative here, she's still way low on the shitty, shady, dramatic, batshit crazy meter.

But still, thanks for sharing opinons with me.

No. 599787

IBF looks soooo much better without the rat nest hair like omg

No. 599798

You seem awfully invested in defending Alex, are you by any chance a fan of hers? No one insulted you directly to take it so personally?

No. 599821

The Gothic Alice ain't really a cow. Condescending and pretentious, maybe, but not a cow. We've seen worse.

No. 599882

She looks good.
Agreed, especially with this shitty little bangs she's had with that hair lately. I don't know what possessed her to do that.

No. 599900

File: 1527913573378.png (161.24 KB, 750x1334, CC1817B6-E160-493A-A48D-A2F5E4…)

No. 599901

File: 1527913617635.png (570.25 KB, 750x1334, 7BAFBD0E-C215-41B7-8ACB-A351E2…)

No. 599924

OMG I love those bangs. Eh, I like IBF and cannot lie.

The straight hair Morticia look is good though.

No. 599929

wow she looks really beautiful. the long straight hair is really flattering.

No. 599947

I like IBF too, but I just can't get into those hideous bangs. Looks like a 2 year old got a hold of her hair and snipped em.

No. 599998

pointing out lack of a milk is not defending our dear summer newfag friend

No. 600028

Of course he doesn't sign on, that requires actual effort. At least we know why he's still with Kaya - to scrounge off her YT cash

No. 600033

File: 1527933024169.png (222.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180602-114724.png)

From thegothicalice's tumblr

No. 600035

Kek that's so fucking good!!
Kaya herself said they signed on up to a little while ago.
They somehow make enough money from twitch and YouTube but they are for sure getting help by the government to pay most of their rent every month

No. 600052

Which only supports what was already written how senseless is nitpicking here.

No. 600098

No. 600111

didn't miss anything. all the high angles were funny but the bag is just the same as the red one, but apparently there's a new collaboration in the works, whoopee.

hair and brows is such an improvement, but her skin looked terrible before she put on the makeup.

No. 600220

How so?

No. 600234

LMAO love the irony: a lurker trying to be a pure messenger "and just letting her know"….. this was basically the FIRST time that TGA was mentioned here negatively (and almost immediately defended, "absurd nitpicking" "being able to overcome her introvert psyche" Her fans really do talk like her) What, did they just happen to Google her just now and saw the forum completely by chance? They were lurking and maybe even participating, LOL

No. 600239

Yeah right kaya…….

No. 600291

When cows collide….
What the fuck is Lvci doing hanging out with Coalcandy and Adora? That’s so bizarre.

No. 600448

File: 1527985207147.jpg (325.23 KB, 1080x1553, corkie.jpg)

he's self sustaining in that he won't need food for the next few months

i found the IBF skinwalker commenting on the Audible advert where she fed the 'nothing good ever came out of Cork' troll
did it hit a soft spot hon?

No. 600539

Found this cringefest of a channel while searching for alternative shoe collection videos. Her style and fake voice are hilarious. Not that big of a channel tho


No. 600638

Well Pastel Goth isn't Goth but she probably only said that to keep her non-existent goth cred. But I agree, if she enjoys it, no harm in wearing it.

I believe we call this denial kek

I'm personally indifferent to her and I don't love nor hate her but I think it's just how she comes off with a somewhat "I'm better than you" attitude. She comes off like the stereotypical hipster artist who's a know-it-all and comes off pretentious in the process. Though to be fair, she may not be doing that intentionally but you never really know. The only controversy I remember was that she took part in saying no one should from some lady's Gothic clothing store when she called out IBF and Kaya. I can't remember exactly what but it was a long while back in 2017.

I think GothicAlice has some rather cool art designs and I'd rather look at them over Drac's to be honest lol And for real, she's still trying to push those hideous bags?

Yep pretty much this lol

I mean damn, I'm autistic too but even I try to make sure I come off reasonable. I know everyone is different and for all we know, Alice may not understand why the way she comes off can be off-putting so I can give her that. But it truly makes me annoyed when people come off like they don't care about whatever it is they are talking about even if unintentional. I mean why bother?

No. 600642

NGL, she killed it in my opinion. She looks quite nice with her hair down and even if she didn't copy the Angelica Huston look to a perfect "T", it was actually a pretty good attempt, I give her props and I'm not even a big fan of hers to begin with lol. She makes for a good Morticia Addams.

Does Kaya really make that much to live on? Her views barely scratch 20,000 compared to the likes of IBF.

Well gee, maybe if they actually read what the people were saying, they'd see that not all of it is "Lol wacky haters".

Oh lordy lol She actually does have a pretty near shoe collection but that voice… Just use your real voice dear.

No. 600660

ground breaking….

No. 600666

that would indicate moving toward a sense of class. she will always be a scrubber unless she can imitate someone else. no individuality at all. its opium for the masses. getting realllllly boring as well btw. another transformation? another bag? she's not interesting at all.

No. 600672

this is old but goth YT related… a whole rant on the gothic alice making excuses that people are allowed to do whatever they want or just fob off whatever happens because - 'its the internet'. she's so blahsay… i think the main issue here is her way of being non-committal to whatever is being criticised online. if makeup or other issues are part of someones content, fine, but if it's something that is considered key to the subculture, that to me is so vapid. so yea, she's not a bad person, i just think he's just defending idiots like toxic tears to get brownies. not that deep. if anyone is bashing youtubers, probably take a look at this entire website and there's plenty of reasons to because most of them are just sad individuals with no real contribution to society. perhaps crimping your hair or a shoe haul to get views is a future. they need to wake up.

No. 600681

No. 600705

File: 1528017612626.jpg (47.54 KB, 722x722, 17626415_1519546011397616_3391…)

What's really sad is that she's actually exactly the kind of goth girl I'd love to hang out with: she actually brings something to the table. She's a creator. That puts her levels above IBF, TT, all the others we complain about here.
If she'd understand how these posers negatively affect the goth community, she'd probably not be so blase.
I say that as someone who is seeing baby bats come to the goth clubs and events unnecessarily nervous, OTT, and uneducated because their only glimpses of goth come from these big youtubers making goth seem like a runway, which is just no fun at all. They don't dance when they get there, they're primping the whole time, they don't know any of the music and they don't have any fun outside of taking selfies. I've struck up conversations with them and put out feelers about YT once it became obvious they weren't real goths. They all loved these fake goth youtubers.
So yes, Alice, these 'goth is my job' types do have a real world impact on the scene you and I love.

No. 600708

That was pretty hilarious. I do hope it was a fan and not just her, someone who obsessively waits around to jump to her defence like she can't herself. Nothing even particularly bad was said about her and it was all personal opinions.

No. 600709

'emoXkadjhaXxpink' Kinda glad to see what was made in 2009 and not this recently

Are you the one who wrote >>598852 , >>600642
and >>597210?
if so can you please sage? It goes in the email field, you just write sage, not being mean it's just your writing style is pretty noticeable (if they're not you then I do apologise and ignore this as you're just similar sounding people) but it's all opinion and not adding anything new to the thread so it'd be really helpful if it was saged. Again, not nitpicking just saying incase you're newish around here it'll save someone finally snapping at you.

No. 600716

I think sometimes the insecurity of these younger ones comes from these big youtubers calling us all 'elitists' and telling everyone who will listen that we'll all be super judgy and mean and cliquey if you don't recognise bands like Rudimentary Peni or Virgin Prunes and your hair isn't 2ft tall. We know not everyone likes the same things. We change and become interested in different things at different intensities and hell growing up I learnt everything I knew from older goths and deathrockers, I didn't come in to the scene a genius and there were times when I was more concerned with my makeup than the art for example. No one but Patsy ever came in a genius. But yeah, I feel like youtubers are so desperate to appeal to the masses for their various different reasons that they throw the whole scene and community/culture/history under the bus in order to do that.

No. 600781


The video was uploaded on 2016

No. 601108

Kat von D just got married, how long has she known that dude exactly? And she's also pregnant.
Does this mean that Drac is gonna have to be pregnant and get married soon? she is falling behind!!

No. 601222

Oh man I totally forgot about that video. Yeah I pretty much agree with >>600705 that unlike Toxic Tears, Jake, and IBF, she actually contributes to the scene with her creativity and it's so obvious she loves the music and it helps fuel her creative side.

I mean fine, I can see how she may not think IBF is all that bad for the scene but Toxic Tears & Jake are like the worst (never-mind they aren't Goth, just stating facts), it's just completely sad. I too have ran into the confused baby bats & mallgoths though granted, on the internet primarily as I have a YouTube channel where I talk about Goth and I get some comments that really shouldn't be a thing.

I think you're right on the money with this as well, especially when you take into account how Toxic Tears and Jake always whine about "elitists" (who aren't actually elitists). The young people watching them will get this preconceived notion that real goths are going to be judgy and standoffish but that couldn't be further from the truth and that's why when newcomers or young ones come to me with questions and advice, I make sure to be patient, understanding, and friendly. I want them to know that we all start out somewhere and it's not a race.

>>I feel like youtubers are so desperate to appeal to the masses for their various different reasons that they throw the whole scene and community/culture/history under the bus in order to do that.

This especially. This is why Snowy's video pissed me off because she totally mirrored this gross mentality you highlighted.

Oh my bad, sorry. Yeah that was me and I'll remember to use "Sage" from now on, thank you.

No. 601223

File: 1528061973519.png (779.36 KB, 1008x528, hh.png)

Jake goes on a couples dinner date with some friends and doesn't sit beside Kaya….??

also see at 2:38 on his vlog when his "friend" sees him and rolls his eyes

No. 601234

Samefag but Jake just admitted to being obsessed with looking at himself in shop windows, car windows etc and thinking "damn son you been working out?"

No. 601261

Afaik they’re a couple since 2015
She will get a lot of controversy with her raising the child vegan I’m really curious to see how that works

No. 601271

Really? I thought she was seeing Steve-O around that time, and then there was that fat guy before Rafael(I refuse to use his stupid stage name)

No. 601278

Yeah I was about to say, she was definitely dating Steve-O sometime in 2016, so her and Tryhard McMexican must have had some on and off times if they really dated since 2015

No. 601286

File: 1528066183828.png (658.17 KB, 521x566, 89wer7rwe.png)

You gotta hand it to Kat, finding somebody who looks more tryhard than she does seemed impossible, but she somehow managed to do it

No. 601294

No, they’ve known each other since making that “black leather” song but they’ve only been involved romantically since the start of this year.

No. 601297

File: 1528066646374.jpeg (218.71 KB, 740x910, 3080E245-69D8-44DE-9259-B14AF3…)

Their whole wedding looks so tacky and try-hard. Also, she looks so much further along than she says she is which is 4 almost 5 months

No. 601306

File: 1528067313948.png (247.08 KB, 390x578, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 19.2…)


why is this making me laugh so much?

No. 601317

Because it's bloody awful. Holy shit that's bad. Kat, please go back to that grubby biker look you had in the early aughts-it suited you much better.
And the other anon is right, she looks much, much further along.

No. 601339

Shot gun wedding. Classy. Her bride of frankenstein hairstyle is nice… but i find that her style has always looked trashy. Kat was the first celebrity female heavily tattooed. Take away the aesthetic shes pretty ordinary… she always sounds like rocky balboa… dumb. I got tattooed by someone who knew kat and she used to give blowjobs for coke. Her marriage wont last because its about saving face.

No. 601346

File: 1528069285150.jpeg (135.88 KB, 730x415, FCF2D479-BD85-4FCB-B2BB-C8B8DC…)

Another cringe inducing pic. A wedding is supposed to be a social event but they were up on their thrones looking down on everybody and who gets married in sunglasses while indoors?

No. 601358

So fucking sad and hilarious at the same time. Not even Freya and Matthias were like that when they were together lol

No. 601398

Freya like kat is all for show. Kaya and jake have nothing to gain lol.

No. 601399

File: 1528073196283.jpeg (199.3 KB, 742x1041, C1EC4517-465B-4FE7-805A-1F59C0…)

Mr.Owl is on his way to see IBF in Germany and that’s great ‘n all but it seems like a super awkward situation if they’re gonna stay in the IBF’s apartment right next to Matthias.

No. 601401

Oh to be a fly on the wall. Shes a fucking bitch.

No. 601403

She met him around that time but they only started dating recently. She said that he was going to be a muse for her 10 year stuff even before they started dating (I assume it’s a project that took at least a year with the different items and videos made), and she was linked to Cody Carlson last year.

Also note they got married in Feb, the wedding was just what happened now. It does sound like a shotgun wedding since she legally married him a bit before showing off that she is pregnant and did it quietly.

No. 601407

The channel name, is emoXkadjhaXxpink and it was made in 2009.

No. 601415

Lmfao what is the point of the pose?! I would understand more if it was a person in that suit standing up there just holding the veil because oh so eccentric and different…but the pose is what truly makes it too tryhard and "wtf is going on here".

No. 601419

No worries about the sage, you're good now! Your insight is valuable.
I was >>600716 and I feel like a lot of these youtubers (not IBF, she's in to the music and her style does still reflect a lot of trad aspects so I give her a bit of a pass as she isn't forcing negative stereotypes like Kaya) don't believe in 'real goth'. Like when the whole 'Pastel Goth' thing came around I had people asking me "Well what's the problem?! people are allowed to wear what they like when they like" Yes, they are, but you don't call a spade a sock do you? Hypothetically I'm not going to wear sweet lolita and listen exclusively to candy pop music and still call myself a goth because my interests do not clearly lie in goth anything anymore. Outfits are superficial in a way yes but wearing pastels and ~spOoOoOoky~ jewellery while listening to babymetal does not a goth make. Kaya, are you listening to why 'real goth' isn't a big meanie slur against you? So it baffled me when people defended it as a legit 'substyle'. This is the attitude we have here on social media where we're considered elitists if we'd prefer you at least read a fucking book before proclaiming you're the gothest goth that ever gothed and we're bitches who only want to be cliquey and judgy and not let you do what you want, You don't have to like trad or deathrock to be goth and you don't have to like the music etc etc all of that they preach which is just not true. No matter how much it hurts their feelings, there are things that are goth and there are things that aren't. That doesn't make us elitists, it means we have reading comprehension and respect for a concept. You don't have to be a carbon copy of Siouxsie fucking Sioux like they always try to make out; that's exactly what you shouldn't do. But when you spend your career forcing yourself to be someone you're not to virtue signal in a way that makes you holier than thou about how talking to any goth that isn't your 'belfry bat goth mom' is gonna result in a fucking identity crisis, I can see why they think you have to be something precise, you have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, do certain things. Because that's what their influencers have told them. We're all evil and will mould them to fit our fucking cult outline apparently. Which is a strawman they've made and is somehow worse than IBF's sea of clones? Oh well, All hail Rozz Williams my fellow evil meanie pants big goffs, lets go sacrifice a babybat in his name.

No. 601421

None of her other marriages or relationships lasted a bang so I don't know what she expects of this. Maybe the sticking plaster baby will help but she's always like this; 1000000% completely creepily obsessed with a guy, they date, they have a bust up, it's all done in a year max. This will be the same. It's still embarrassing that they plan to name the kid after his stage name…which is just his name spelled backwards. I think I just cut myself on the edge

No. 601423

That eye roll looked like “oh great, he’s pointing that camera at me and his fat finger too”

Does Jake think that we don’t have eyeballs in our skulls? We can see how chubby he is. Just cause he says it enough times, it isn’t going to be true that he’s this super muscular fit guy.

No. 601424

21 hours on a plane, for someone who won't put out. I really hope Mr Owl is asexual too. Maybe I'm too sex driven but it just seems such a disappointment as she's not even affectionate either.

No. 601425

I noticed that as well-the moment Rafael doesn't kiss her ass or slightly disagrees with her the marriage will be over.
That fucking wedding is the epitome of nouveau riche

No. 601427

100% agree with you. Once he does or says something that she doesn’t approve of, he’ll be out on his ass.
I wish there was more milk about her past relationships. How does one have about 5 boyfriends in a spec of a year and not have something wrong with them.

No. 601511

I don't think her sexuality should be an issue. if 2 people want to be together, sex doesn't quantify a relationship - there are lots of asexual couples and most of they time they are the ones that last. BUT whoever gets involved with her should know this. If they didn't then they only have themselves to blame. pretty poor judgement either way imho. Sex is not a weapon. Who gets married that quickly anyway? I feel sorry for Mattius not because they broke up or he got accused for whatever, but for the fact she used him point blank. Now she has residency for her GAWTH festivals and content, Mr Owl is 'allowed' to come back into her life. She's one sick individual. Her fans are soooooooo naive. What goes around comes around. Still waiting for the epic fall.

No. 601547

Haha thanks and yep, agree with everything you said here. IBF may be boring with her content but at least from her look, you can tell she clearly took some inspiration from 80s trad and she always plays Goth music in the background (no metal or rock) and I appreciate that as that's actually how I discovered the band Merciful Nuns whom I really enjoy.

But this is exactly why I'm not afraid to say what is what and call out Kaya and Jake's bullshit. I remember last year during a Cemetery Confessions podcast, they talked about the goths of Youtube and when they got to Kaya, they pretty much said what we've all been saying and it was so flipping hilarious to see that she really isn't fooling real Goths. Maybe "normies" but not actual Goths who know what the subculture truly is about and it was just oh so satisfying.

And I'm sorry but if steering Baby Bats to actual Goth music and helping them discover some Goth bands they may end up liking and adding them to their growing Goth library makes people like us Elitists, so be it.

Because let's be real. If Kaya stopped raking in the views with her videos, she would definitely drop the pseudo Goth thing and move onto the next trendy thing.

No. 601647

File: 1528114051597.jpg (782.07 KB, 1079x1350, Screenshot_20180604-080444_OGI…)

Has anyone heard of casperblaise on Instagram? She looks like a clown/drag queen/hobo and she seems to favor attaching random things to her head and body. She hurts to look at.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 601651

honey, you are screaming


with such posts

No. 601655

File: 1528115876989.png (351 KB, 423x474, metal.png)

seriously she's a metal head. some things never change. either that or she's missing another nail and can't be arsed fixing it again. no frills freya. she's not goth…. 4 years of youtube doesn't cut it.

No. 601656

Kaya is so fucking desperate to be a big pink cotton candy balloon that I think if they were left to their own devices Jake would actually be more alternatively inclined ironically

No. 601662

Oh no, being Asexual isn't a bad thing at all, she just uses her sex appeal to snag guys and will put out, she's not sex repulsed, she just as you say uses it as a tool to get her way then will go cold on them. It's not fair and it's a poor representation of actually asexual people but she did once say on her blog (lost to the posts of time probably) that she would be asexual if she didn't feel that intimacy so important in a relationship, so she did have a physical relationship with him of some kind in order to have a 'stronger bond' by her standards. I just hope Mr Owl is happy and isn't gonna get Matthias'd into a shit situation. I'm friends with a couple, she is asexual, he isn't, and they've been married years and while he respects and adores her and they've never been physically affectionate, it has been a strain at times because he finds her physically attractive and she's sex repulsed. So I guess the point I'm trying to make is it's not always about whether or not someone respects the others sexuality, they can, but it does make it very much all about them in that they get what they want and the other doesn't and even when you love the bones of someone that can be hard just because you show affection in different ways. That couple worked it out though, so I'm not saying they won't, just there needs to be some kind of give and take and we all know Freyja is all about take and take. But I wasn't the anon to originally mention it so I have no fucking idea I'm just talking out my ass.

No. 601682

With Matthias she fucked him to start with and they were affectionate then when she got what she wanted she used the whole "Well I stopped wanting you because I don't like your personality" like with her ex prior to Barnaby. So it's not Mr Owl who would be using it as a weapon, you kinda have it backwards.
Just because you don't like her and she pulled a stupid pose for fun (something that is clearly not allowed with you) doesn't mean she's not a goth. She's in to the music, she takes part in the culture, she's influenced by the style. Slag her for shit she actually is not just because you don't want to share your chosen subculture with someone you dislike.

No. 601690

I completely agree with you, Freya is definitely goth, actually she is one of the few bigger e-famous alternative people who actually seem to have a pretty large understanding and appriciation for goth music and the subculture in general… nobody is saying that just because you're goth, you're not allowed to like anything metal or any other music genre for that sake.
Just because you're taking part of a subculture it doesn't mean you can't enjoy other things outside of it either.
There is plenty of shit to dislike Freya for, but not being goth while claiming to be is not one of them.
If anyone here wants somebody claiming to be goth but knows absolutely 0 about it, they can always focus on Kaya.

No. 601697

Speaking of Kaya, I was bored and watched her Spin Doctor haul. My god this woman cannot describe things for shit. It's not even just the descriptions themselves but the way she talks, it's like her speech is slurred and she can't enunciate to save her damn life. And what is the point of being so close to the camera holding up the clothes when you can't see them properly. How hard would it be to just stand back and hold them up at least?

sage for rant

No. 601801

Been away for the week and missed all the WK for TGA and other people's input. I definitely agree she's not a cow. She doesn't do anything milky. I like that she actually creates stuff - although I'm not a fan of her work at all. It is a huge cringefest for me how much she loves Manic Panic hairdye - that stuff is legitimately awful. And I 200% cannot stand her attitude and personality. She reminds me of how I used to be when I was younger. Just looking down on everyone who wasn't as "enlightened" as I was and making sure I liked all the most obscure things I could. It's just a useless waste of time because no 1 cur.

No. 601850

holy shit I feel so bad for Matthias. how could she do this?

personally from what I've watched Mr Owl sexualizes her more in videos and seems generally more aggressive. you can see it in videos with him from before Germany. honestly I feel so bad for Matthias. he's genuinely very good looking (even without makeup), talented, great taste in pretty much everything, seems nice/sweet…. I feel secondhand discomfort just knowing the situation

No. 601852

Where are y'all getting this from? Has IBF said she's asexual? I've been following her for years and I don't remember her saying anything about her sexuality

No. 601868

Haha so true though with Jake, he sealed his fate as an insufferable twat.

I have to agree. At the most IBF doesn't try to distort what Goth is unlike Kaya and I feel that someone like Kaya is more damaging to Goth than Freya is.

Oh and on that note, you forgot Emily Boo as she's another person who is most definitely not a Goth, just darkly-inclined.

Eh that's really all it came down with TGA. Her main drawback is her attitude and personality. The snarky "Enlightened", "I'm better than you" tone she gives which just makes you think of those snobby art students from places like Seattle lol

It's been awhile but I recall in one of her previous Q&A videos, she described herself as Asexual.

No. 601875

TGA is something of a contradiction. On the one hand, she constantly mentions how super introverted she is, how much she DOESN'T LIKE PEOPLE, and how often she has a "Don't talk to me" expression in public (like an edgy teenager that HATES EVERYONE) And yet she constantly and regularly posts her shit online. I don't understand, why would one even post online if they DIDN'T want attention (positive and negative, they go hand in hand)? I agree with the person that said she's actually really lonely. She probably just wants compliments and a place to show off just how icy and (supposedly) unapproachable she is.

I agree that I'd love to have a serious conversation with her too. I don't like her art at all (not into fantasy) but she's still a creator.

No. 601882

File: 1528138542672.png (29.34 KB, 530x152, tga.png)

And people wonder why "haters" think that The Gothic Alice is pretentious

No. 601932

On her blog (one of them) and in a Q&A she said that if she "didn't believe it to be an important part of a relationship for the physical bond, she would be asexual" she's also had issues with it being painful apparently but I can't say that's true or not as I can't remember where I heard it, maybe in her defence against the Edinburgh guy before Mr Owl who said a bunch of shit about her IRL. So I can see why she'd be less inclined, but she has so many contradictions

No. 601942

I actually have a similar feeling towards food but I have a history with ED; not sure if it's the same for her but it's not necessarily a pretentious thing.

No. 601991

I feel like she fantasizes about a person, until she feels she needs to be with them. but then it doesn't live up to the fantasy. worship and then devaluation. the whole "surprising Mr Owl" video was so creepy to me. she is looking at what everyone else is saying and then obviously fantasizing about the possibilities. she rushed into it with (poor) Matthias and it didn't turn out like she hoped. and so she escaped by thinking about the happiness she could have with Owl.

obviously there's no hard evidence but imho it can be assumed. plus if you're not truly attracted to someone, it can cause sexual intercourse to be quite painful. sage for tinfoil

No. 602010

it really fucking bothers me that all these people only ever reply to people who are negative, or criticizing or asking a question that implies something mean, but they never seem to reply to the people that pay their bills

No. 602014

She is not that sexual but i dont think she is asexual , she also has endiometrosys wich causes her pain when she have sex, also i don't think her ex is bothered with the situation ,they are friends again , or at least in good termns . i really believe she is one of the true goth youtubers , she contributes to the scene , i mean she goes to concerts, buys from indie goth shops etc. I understand why some people dislike her tho.

No. 602022

IBF has sold the concept of her being goth. Ive been got for a loooong time and her taste in music was not the reason she is what she is. She clearly answered in the hoth tag video on How long have you been goth? To which she replued AS LING AS I COULD BUY MY OWN CLOTHES. That is called a poser my friends…. so sick of people saying ooooh but she plays the music on her videos and goes to concerts. Comparing her to TT doesn't mean shit. She appeared 4 years ago and thats it. Internet fame wearing white clown makeup is a joke. Speaking of white clown makeup wtf is with Mr Owls KISS fetish? Is he some kind of Gene Simmons hangover? More like the crow meets deadpool…. not a good look. Theyre both metal. Get over it.

No. 602044

So she's not goth because she's only been into it for 4 years? What?

No. 602046

IBFs Tips for baby bats video is sooo hypocritical. She says that clown makeup is a bad look… ummm hello grease paint queen. She says bands like BVB are not goth… yet she reviews their music… because its ok now shes efamous. She says at least try to look like you know what you're talking about so you dont look like a total newb. Everything she says in this video she has done herself! Which makes her a baby bat. Gathering normie fans doesnt rate. Her views are pretty low vs the amount of subs anyway. Maybe Mr Owl as the new shiny toy will resurrect her bad press with Mattius… afterall the fans love the concept.

No. 602047

Looool come on now man, you can't be serious with this shit! If you're not goth by listening to goth music, going to concert with bands from the genres or wearing goth style clothing, then when the fuck are you goth?? Never??
Tons of young people start out wearing alternative clothing to be a bit rebellious and stand out, then later they begin falling into the subculture of alternative lifestyle they enjoy the most, including the music.. I don't really think theres anything wrong with that.

No. 602090

Man you must be new. she’s been on YouTube for 4 years, tumblr and vampirefreaks much before YouTube even existed s maybe it’s too old for you to know what it is? Vampirefreaks was a social network long before MySpace even existed. So sit down dickhead and do some research

No. 602097

You're right enough I think about most of it, really interesting way of looking at it. Matthias could get literally anyone, he's gorgeous, but I still feel sorry for him. He is a friend of a friend and is very flirtatious but doesn't date around as much so it was a very serious relationship for him I think, he seemed so happy at the time. I however am not close with him so I have only speculation

No. 602098

It's been the same person the whole thread throwing their toys out the pram because they don't like Freyja so therefore by some backswamp logic Freyja isn't goth anymore and because ZOMG SHE PULLED A SILLY POSE>>601655
It sure is summer in here. They could at least try and not sound like the same person kek

No. 602099

He has a kiss fetish because…? He paints half his face black, I'm not sure if you've ever seen kiss but they're closer to corpse paint than what Mr Owl does. I think what he does is ugly but it's certainly not kiss inspired.

No. 602158

dick head? I used to use icq around 1990…. so i know what these sites are asshole. pfftttt…. she's not that special.

No. 602163

File: 1528165442284.jpg (101.37 KB, 960x960, corpse paint.jpg)

it was supposed to be sarcasm. and yes, corpse white is the same thing as what he uses… its hilarious. he's stupid enough to want to be with her - no sympathy.

No. 602190

literally has mounds around her piercings b/c of the amount of makeup she wears. wtf does she even do besides post pix and try to get ppl to buy shit she's already worn?

can't remember if it was that video or another recent one where kaya makes a comment about her shitty camera, again. like, sell some of the stuff you don't wear and fix it or get a new one already ffs.

ibf has no room to talk about anyone's makeup when she paints her fucking neck and face, and is capable of doing good brows like on the morticia transformation video but chooses to make them look like they're drawn on in sharpie.

No. 602204


Wtf you are talking about you sound insane

No. 602217

this makeup borders or really bad crow makeup that newbies wear at goth clubs. it's so hilarious. they make the perfect couple.

No. 602219

the only pretentious thing here is your trying hard

No. 602231

Honey, take your medications, keep calm and stop being a massive newfag to both goth subculture and this board.

No. 602241

File: 1528179292602.png (61.84 KB, 586x213, meds.png)

lol yeah i'm a newfag. you're dreaming. i don't do meds. I'll leave that to IBF and the awesomeness that people think she is. awesome!! hahaha…. wait, i'll just get my facts straight next time i spout things that are completely untrue… if you paint your face like a clown, i'm sorry, people are just laughing so hard. it's not about being PC on this board, so just accept that it's true. go for it.(infighting)

No. 602242

why is IBF taking meds? I have never seen any mention on this board of her having a mental illness. Does she have some physical health problem? Hope it's nothing serious.

No. 602279

I think she's mentioned taking anti anxiety meds in the past

No. 602286


She started taking meds for anxiety and PTSD after breaking up with Matthias.

Thinking that she needs to vomit and take charcoal is OTT.

No. 602294

must be tough inviting someone who you're currently engaged to and having your current husband across the hallway - dumb bitch - she's made her bed now she has to lie in it.

No. 602297

She's talked about having anxiety and taking meds for years. I don't think it's new.
>> 602286
Didn't she say he was dating again already? Maybe he's had special friends staying in the other flat for ages for all we know.

No. 602300

Damn, a simple "Not particularly" or "I do but I don't have the time" would've suffice. What a long, drawn out way to answer a simple question lol

No. 602302

>lol yeah i'm a newfag. you're dreaming. i don't do meds.

The fact you do not sage your posts alone is a remark of being a newfag. You are not gonna cheat anyone here into thinking otherwise.

No. 602309


le wild newfag appears

No. 602318

Not to WK, but I think if she responded like that people would still say she comes across as pretentious

No. 602322

Yes, because you know, reading longer sentence is so tiring for intellectually challenged people. And if someone is intellectually challenged they receive everything that requires more intellectual effort then they are capable off as "pretentious" and "offensive". Yes, this post contains sentences longer then necessary. Yes, it's very much intentional.

No. 602352

her taking meds has NOTHING to do with Matthias or PTSD. quit bashing him. in multiple videos she explains she gets anxiety and sometimes panic attacks and takes benzos for them as needed. and iirc she said it's been happening for a very long time

No. 602544

Hi, Alice's WK! Nice to see you back!

No. 602621

I'm assuming she means she's on benzos. Max kpin dosage is 20mg (usually doctors prescribe 1mg to 2mg a day), xanax is usually stopped at 4mg (but 8mg isn't going to kill you), valium is extremely difficult to OD on, and ativan I'm not sure but I took 2mg/6hrs for 5 days for DTs. If she took too much xanax, she'd be too incoherent to make herself vomit.

I'm assuming she's on xanax or ativan as an "as needed" med. If she's on a daily dose of kpin or valium, she shouldn't be touching alcohol. That's just asking to wake up in jail with no recollection of the last 8 hours.

No. 602636

First, everyone who didn't like Alice was a basement dwelling triggered NEET. Now, those people are also intellectually challenged. Everyone who doesn't like Alice's attitude MUST be stupid, right? You're taking this real personal, friend (nice "snarky" comment, BTW, she'd be proud of you)

No. 602678

File: 1528233714409.png (608.57 KB, 605x805, yyyyy.png)

oof girl…

No. 602698

File: 1528234430940.png (343.92 KB, 746x443, mm.png)

No. 602699

I legit thought that was marilyn manson

No. 602712

File: 1528234829272.jpg (77.18 KB, 728x640, 152.jpg)

Aw nah but she's totally an oldfag, a true expert on who is and isn't goth guize. You listen to the music, read gothic literature and have a trad goth influence in your style? Well actually bitch you had a pink nail in 3rd grade, you're SUCH a fake and a poseur doing this for attention. She doesn't need to sage because everything she says is a god given gift to us that we must nevarrr question.

No. 602717

Man them fake Prada glasses.

No. 602729

no one is bashing him. In the last thread her mother posted that she had PTSD from the end of the relationship. You're right that she has had anxiety issues but she and her mother were very open about how 'damaged' she was from the relationship and divorce.
One day I hope you realise that literally no one, no other human being, cares what your IQ is or what you think it is as I doubt you've got any kind of grasp of your own intellect. How intelligent you think you are or the useless accomplishments such as writing long winded flowery responses such as this I am writing for illustrative purposes will mean absolutely nothing as you continue your life; as a vague concept of a person that is so ephemeral in the memory of your 'friends' that in 5 years time no one will remember your name because you shut yourself away to be dark and brooding and oh so terribly romantic in your homemade ramshackle 'library' puffing yourself up on anonymous image boards and tumblr and furiously trying to be the greatest linguist on a pointless anonymous image board. To be ephemeral, forgotten, known only for being so far up your own arse you can wave out your mouth. Does that sound like a life you want? Then stop trying to be like Alice. No one wants that dull existence, no one over the age of 19 is interested in her fantasy land of a life. Also just a heads up, if one must call others 'Intellectually challenged' (then precede and follow that with incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes, absolutely scarlet for you frankly darling, one in your position should really run it past a proofreader) , one can usually be found to be not quite the sharpest crayon in the box; and it's mostly compensating. In short: Do better bitch, do better, for your own sake. Alice couldn't care less about your whiteknighting and will never notice you if that's what you want. I've seen so much pointless WK nonsense it deserved a little reply in the stolen words and wistful descriptive language so heavily influenced by Poe that your type is ever so fond of.

No. 602734

File: 1528236277321.jpg (110.72 KB, 665x665, bitchstolemylook.jpg)

No. 602775


at least marilyn manson bothers to put on makeup and make an effort when he leaves the house

No. 602815


From her description in a video it is a medication that takes time to begin working, not a medication that is immediate in effect such as a benzo.

No. 602910

File: 1528250268202.jpg (36.35 KB, 634x628, 4CF1664900000578-0-image-m-11_…)


This article is likely more to do with the Mail's penchant for stirring up drama, but peep the pics.

Did they really have jumbotron size projections of themselves on the wall at their reception?

Kat Von D hit back at critics of her elaborate Heaven and Hell inspired wedding to partner Leafar Seyer this weekend.

The tattoo artist, 36, made a point of responding to comments about an upside-down crucifix covered in white carnations decorating the wedding.

The expecting mom gave a commenter who called the post 'demonic' a piece of her mind, writing back: 'Your judging ways are not Christ-like at all.'


No. 602918

Has no one ever heard of a Saint Peter's cross? While the application is cringy here, it is in itself a Catholic symbol. sage for off topic.

No. 602951

I'll never understand how a "successful" tattoo artist, make-up mogul, media personality and IG whore has so much free time on her hands to clap back at people on social media. She cares too much what people think of her. Kek.

No. 603046

File: 1528260499263.jpeg (323.61 KB, 749x1117, 3F389278-C90C-448E-8FEA-596E6A…)

Yes they had a video of themselves waving and kissing at their guests. They also had a video insert in the cake doing awkward dances and waves. Cringe all around.

No. 603054

this would actually be cute if it wasnt red and didnt have that animation thing. who do they think they are? the king and queen of transylvania or some shit?

No. 603079


Apparently they are the rulers of heaven and hell!

No. 603082

edgiest shotgun wedding ever
funny how shes tried so hard to cover up that fact too with the rushed ceremony a few months ago, lying about how far along she is, etc

No. 603121


Hi newfag (both to this board and goth subculture) nitpicker! Nice to see you learned how to sage. Now time to learn few things about this board, life and the subculture. Enjoy your time!

No. 603123

so much this, lol

No. 603158

Hasn’t she been married like 4 times before this dude?
Who wears sunglasses inside to their wedding. Fucking weird.

No. 603164

He and his band are like goth cholos believe or not he is kinda well know in that escene , i understand if it is not the thing most goth people will like but he is not as tryhard as kat, cholos usually wear glasses everywhere so

No. 603170

She has anxiety and depression i believe she say it gets worse from time to time, like when her friend killed himself,or when she broke up with matthias , she was triying to quit taking the pills but in the end she couldn't.

No. 603195

usually lurk, was gone a while, just finished catching up with the thread. surprised no one pointed out that kaya in her pink wig makes her look like a real life lalaloopsy doll. how goff!

No. 603201

…..Now stop derailing the thread with your personal arguments that no one cares about.

No. 603213

SaraSyn was crying all over her last ig story about her ex fiancé and posting his pictures, she posts too much trash, but the guy was kinda cute, she was saying he bewitched her and he is a male witch wonder what the guy is doing now , I used to see her around with him

No. 603216

How come Kvd gets married with Leafar Seyer he looks like he was fat and got slim lol also he looks like those guys who has his cock tattooed too

No. 603217

Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit

No. 603231

ot but why the fuck is yoshiki in the bg

No. 603237

Please anon, sage your bullshit

So how long are you guys guessing Kat von D and sunglasses douche is gonna stay married? I mean she DID once manage to stay married for a total of 4 years, but that is also her personal relationship record… Lets hope the baby sparks a bit of effort in both of them to not immediatly call it quits the moment the newly-in-love spark fades.

No. 603245

File: 1528284812230.jpeg (270.82 KB, 725x1069, DABD468B-F181-43A0-8F13-17FB48…)

Apparently, Leafar/Rafael already has a daughter and he doesn’t speak to her anymore. I hope he doesn’t mess this kid up.

No. 603246

File: 1528284931632.jpeg (218.91 KB, 750x1015, AC3732E2-D1BA-48C6-A552-F9F432…)

Here’s an excerpt from an article with him talking about her.
Father of the year here; Kat really knows how to pick ‘em.

No. 603253

wait, what happened? did the daughter get involved in gang related shit?

No. 603256

File: 1528286907490.png (799.4 KB, 750x1334, CEB054C1-FBDE-485A-8167-0005A0…)

I’ve been trying to avoid this physical manifestation of kats bloated ego but that’s basically impossible
Did she go out of her way to get things that are usually not vegan just so she could talk about how vegan she is? She didn’t have to have leather or fur or candles but there they are. All for that vegan hashtag.

No. 603257

piaf, poe, and nietzsche. just the worst.

No. 603264


One year tops. I find it super weird that she's saying she's only 4 months pregnant when it's clear she's like 6. isn't she so modern and do whatever the fuck she wants? why lie and have a shotgun wedding, really? in 2018? weird

No. 603268

disclaimer: I don't like kat von d at all but: 1- I actually like her cats name.
and 2- I found it very cool that she has had all this effort to have an all vegan effort, it's just commitment to her lifestyle and it doesn't hurt the animals, support vegan companies, etc, it's a nice thing to do and at least she's not being a hypocrite who forgets all of her values for a luxury wedding. I saw somewhere that she said that she wanted to show that's possible to have a big and luxurious wedding while using all vegan alternatives

No. 603269

samefag. an all vegan wedding*, not effort, sorry

No. 603271

File: 1528289182226.jpeg (288.19 KB, 750x1255, 2402078B-85DD-4DA0-A2A1-11022B…)

He doesn’t give specific information about the cause of their estrangement but from this article I assume that his friend had an intimate relationship with Rafael’s daughter and then the friend wanted to kill him because of it. That sounds really crazy.

No. 603273


The production and disposal of synthetic leather and faux fur are not without their negative effects on the environment.

No. 603274


She hasn’t been honest about many things concerning her marriage and pregnancy. She used to be staunchly childfree and now that she’s pregnant, it’s the best thing that ever happened?
Why did they elope and then have a big wedding? Why not wait?
I’m definitely not optimistic about this marriage because of her track record. Baby or not. She falls head over heels way too fast, builds it up as the most perfect relationship ever on social media, and before we know it; it’s over!

No. 603275

Exactly, when she was dating Steve-O she acted like it was beautiful amazing true love and she had never loved anyone more in her entire life, it was just soooo perfect; they lasted what 3 months? Absolutely laughable.. she falls so hard in love with people and then the moment she isnt feeling that first-in-love spark anymore she just bails. She only lasted 4 years with Oliver Peck because it was one of the few people she actually knew well and had a real connection to beforehand… also back then all Kat cared about was drugs in various forms. Kat ONLY cares about herself.
She is a narcissist, and I kinda get the feeling that Rafael is also pretty narc (I don't know him well though so I'm just assuming), and we all know how a relationship between 2 narcs is gonna go down… there isn't gonna be enough space for both of their egos.

No. 603334

I agree. I'd also say I'm somewhat biased also being vegan. But I do think she's way OTT in literally everything she does. I used to really like her - once she got clean and was working more on her makeup line she got pretty chill. But I'd say in the past few years she's gotten super flighty and catty and it's a trainwreck to watch her life.

No. 603338

Green newfag triggered again. What a surprise. LOL.


>The production and disposal of synthetic leather and faux fur are not without their negative effects on the environment.

Not to mention that not killing an animal for purpose of using it is not inherently meaning you are saving more lives then actually killing it. For example The most ethic source of prteins in total sum of deaths is eating insects:


No. 603397


No. 603425

What’s a cholo goth? Lol That name is so trashy! What kind of father talks shit about his daughter on social media no matter what she did to him? The level of unclassines in that guy it’s just extreme

No. 603428

This kvd party and wedding it’s nothing but desperate attempt to get media attention that’s why she’s so quick to respond to what people are saying about it, sad.

No. 603480

Are you sure Coalcandy is Adoras new boyfriend? I think she always said they were only friends. But, to be honest, she also always said her marriage was perfect and two seconds later shes divorced.

No. 603509


Wow this man is fucking trash. I wonder how old he was when his daughter was born and how old her and these "friends" were when this happened. Also, were they friends that knew her growing up? I don't get the situation that's just fucking bizarre. A quick google search would prob give me some of those answers, but I can't be fucked right now. Also, it's very cowardly of him to say "what she did to me" when she is apparently old enough to make those types of decisions for herself. He should really be more focused on these apparently more than on men that she slept with. He's talking as if she is his ex-gf and she turned around and fucked with the homies. How are you able to air out your daughters dirty laundry and then proceed to admit you cut her off because of the incident and feel justified in doing so. That is a shit father. Sorry for the rant but holy fuck.

No. 603653

I can’t believe Kat would give this man another child to fuck up. I hope she made him sign a pre-nup at least.

No. 603685

Yeah, I don't think Coalcandy is her boyfriend. I think she's still with that Raz guy whom she showed in several of her recent videos.

No. 603718

File: 1528331464338.jpg (75.45 KB, 468x584, GofficGuru.jpg)

She's never been known for picking the best men, she seems to levitate towards tawdry "bad boys". Anyone remember Jesse James? and fucking has been Nikki Sixx?
Unfortunately she's now dragging a child into her shitty partner making decisions.

I'm also trying to wrap my head around when the fuck she transitioned into goffic guru queen when she used to look like this. Was it when she noticed how marketable the whole goth "look" is?

No. 603763

She’s not even goth , she looks like more of a late 90’s punk rock chick who dates all the rocker guys

No. 603886

File: 1528349915651.jpg (820.83 KB, 1439x1715, Screenshot_20180607-013008_OGI…)

"Look at me! I'm a "famous" YouTuber! Look at me! Give me attention! Look at me! Fangirling attention whore!Let me piggyback on somebody else's name if it gets me moar views!"
All bow down to the goffic mermaid queen in her horrible pink wig! Bewbies!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 603905


um, where's the beef? She's literally just doing a giveaway and trying to promote it and create excitement by saying another youtuber has worn a similar dress. Granted the wig doesn't look great but I don't see what the issue is here with this girl.

No. 603909

lol anon youre sounding like raven

No. 603910

she's white trash gravitating to other white trash, simple as. no matter how much money she makes she will still always be trash.

No. 603913

There's a few of his songs I like
It's not that bad in small doses

No. 603915

My apologies. Now you've ruined my week

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 603916

Oh raven, sweetie, honey….no, just no.

>Fangirling attention whore!

….what the fuck…..


bitch where?

No. 603925


I would honestly like to know how you take issue with EB? I've watched her once or twice before and could see why she wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but she doesn't seem the lolcow type unlike raven/kaya/micklow/drac etc.
Also learn to sage please.

No. 603944

Correct me if I'm wrong but last I heard Raven doesn't have any issues with Emily? I personally don't care for either of them, and there's enough that they both do that's laughable without having to reach.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 603959


Raven = easy to see why she's lolcow material. She's done enough to fill countless threads across various websites.

Emily = occasionally talks about farting/belching/having hairy legs and calls herself a mermaid but otherwise hasn't done anything particularly extra or ridiculous.


No. 603975

File: 1528362678073.jpg (18.91 KB, 283x442, full.jpg)


Don't forget Oliver peck, her first husband

No. 603978

She's metal - but loves the goth aesthetic

No. 603999

>I kinda get the feeling that Rafael is also pretty narc
He is. He dated a friend of a friend years ago and was apparently a pain in the ass. I avoided them because I never liked the guys vibe, but this was a bit before his Prayers shit got popular. I doubt him and Kat Von Dumb will last very long, but good luck to them anyway.

No. 604337

Ras' Facebook-page says "Single".

Do you have any idea what happened between Adora and her sister/daughter Jenny? Adora mentioned that Jenny moved away and they have no longer contact.

No. 604392

Didn't she date deadmau5 as well? I think the also got matching tattoos kek

No. 604394

She gets tattoos for almost every partner and then lasers it off when they break up. The worst one I can remember is when she had Jesse James’s portrait as a kid done on her.
Right now, she has her husband’s lips tattooed on her neck.

No. 604426

File: 1528397414077.jpeg (68.04 KB, 634x556, 1FD333B3-EF3C-4574-B369-4EC85C…)

I found the aforementioned tattoo. It was uglier than I remembered, I’m glad Kat got it lasered off.

No. 604432

I don't even have words for this

No. 604449

And greennewfagnitpicker fails again. You are lolcow among anons sweatheart.

No. 604457

I'm guessing he's not supposed to be looking like he's biting his lip? That's honestly all I see

No. 604458

Matthias Dates/use Woman a lot! Was bf with the girl he fucked before ibf and he dumped her in a really cruel way. All he had to say about her was "She was good for fucking but she's to dumb and i hate cyber." Thats what he said to a friend about the breakup im my presence. If you take a look at who he is liking and commenting on fb ( hes picky with personal comments or compliments on fb) you can clearly tell who he has interest in.

No. 604467

File: 1528400907737.jpg (38.63 KB, 600x450, matthias.jpg)

>Matthias could get literally anyone, he's gorgeous
He looks like a goth Mr. potato head tbh.

No. 604478

She asked three days before the event on fb where she can get gold clothes and jewellery, but instead of being smart or listen to her follower who suggested some good alternatives, she decides to shop some tacky gold things and stand out like a moron 😅 for someone claiming to be special and individual she is really uninspired and insecure. The only thing thats safe her fame is a audience who is either under 16, has no clue about goth or likes to fangirl hard. She has a nice personality in her videos to be fair, but her content is mostly made of plain timefiller Videos about random shit. Its angry that someone with such a huge audience don't bother to give real inside of what being goth means.

No. 604486

Made my Day don't get whats so exciting about him, he is nice looking and… like a goth kardashian, famous and liked for nothing.(don't use emojis)

No. 604490

He knows that many think he s handsome and he uses that for his favor. I think you hear that when he speaks. Likes to show himself like a snobby goth royal.
I saw him at WGT and he seemed relaxed but not very interested in other people then his clique. Think he s a typical elitist trad

No. 604505

Met him too and he clearly has this "to cool to care" vibe on him but besides this the only thing he was talking about was how to get more booze and why the DJ wouldn't play his wishes. A typical Bad Boy Crush for all the needy Goth Woman out there.

No. 604550

IBF never leaves her comfort zone and her "signature look" Even when she did her white girl transformation she whined all the way about doing so

No. 604559

Ibf dates guys like him alot it surprised me so many people defending her ex
She is so strange , like she has very low self-esteem but at the same time is very vain

No. 604654

She said in one Video that she finds it hard to recognize her face as her own without her signature makeup.
Often get the feeling that all this dressing up and makeup are like a protecting cover for her actual Self. It's more like a mental fixation help for her insecurity, like she seems so unsure about all the other things beside being Goth ( the relationship to her mother and her boyfriends, her staying in Germany or elsewhere, no secure job or income ). Sad that the spotlight lies on such a person and not on the musicians, artists and all the people who actually work to keep the goth community alive and entertained.

No. 604657

So Jake bought himself a Mac Book Pro for editing his vlogs.
Aren't those things over £1000?
Kaya has been complaining about her broken camera for months now.
He really couldn't have used that money to buy her a new camera.
He even said himself he didn't know what to get her for her birthday in two weeks

No. 604686

Haha he just looks stupid to me, he might look better without the make up but probably not much more.

No. 604732

File: 1528418123712.png (319.73 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-06-07-20-34-58.p…)

>she's not fucking vaccinating

No. 604735

File: 1528418236880.png (256.21 KB, 1071x1579, IMG_20180608_013557.png)

She sounds like she's lost her damn mind

No. 604736

holy shit shes so stupid. she seems like one of those people thats only vegan for clout tho tbh

No. 604739

The thing that bothers me the most about the "my body, my child" argument is it's valid when you're talking about your birth plan to an extent. It's not valid if you're willingly putting your child's life in danger by not vaccinating. That child will grow up to have a life and mind of their own and they will have to deal with the repercussions of their mother's stupidity. When will it become their body and their choice?

No. 604741

Oh my fucking God!!!!!! I hate anti-vaxxers so much! I can’t believe this; does she want her child to die? Compromise others with low or autoimmune issues? She so fucking dumb! Ugh! This is rage inducing. This is the nail in the coffin and Kat von D is officially the worst cow to me.

No. 604744

There's been a handful of people just fucking chimping out about her most of the thread like she's not the most mediocre white bread dull ass irrelevant bitch.

No. 604749

I've always wondered that. Pretty sure it was her sister but who knows with Adora. She could be single, she could be with Ras, hell she could even still be married and they're just opening up their marriage. Jenni moved away to America to study hair and toned her style way down. Became a bit of a hipster hair artist, her stuff is good though. No idea why she has no contact anymore but I think it's a shame if they are related.

No. 604755

Welp. I hope she enjoys paying for the treatment to prevent her child dying of a preventable disease. So Rafael lets one of his kids get fucked by his gang clique bastard friends and lets the other die of measles or the common fucking cold. Top notch parent, nice one Kat you utter moron. Her life is just a consistent sequence of 'why?!' Moments.

No. 604765

File: 1528420073925.jpeg (168.5 KB, 747x1184, 0D2A5E76-DE94-4E81-B9F8-B50757…)

I wish I could respond to this comment without getting massive backlash from their fans on my personal ig. I can’t believe their stans are supporting this anti-vax decision. How many stupid people are out there in the world?

I’d comment to-Hope you’re also proud you’re getting another child to fuck up with your life choices. How’s your daughter btw?

No. 604774

is she really trying to claim that being a vegan causes people to discriminate and oppress her???

like sorry if you obviously want to have an unhealthy child, clearly going to an actual doctor for prenatal and birth care instead of going to an overpaid hippie is some kind of discrimination. Never mind the gays, it's the vegans who are truly oppressed!

fucking hell get a get grip bitch.

No. 604780

People who say shit like "not vaccinating my kids is my personal choice and won't affect anyone" really piss me off. Not vaccinating your children is an issue that doesn't just involve you anymore. For some people the vaccine does not stick and that's where herd immunity comes into play so if the majority is vaccinated then there's a less chance of that person catching an illness.

She's not only putting her own child at risk but everyone else who comes into contact with her child. This is why you hear about those sudden measles outbreaks popping up.

No. 604794

Those same people go around spewing uninformed ideas, spreading misinformation and introducing others to pseudoscience. If you try to actually show them credible and factual data, they call you sheep.

Seeing that 85% of people in the comments are supporting Kat Von D’s decision is scary.

No. 604796

As a vegan myself this shit fucking infuriates me. I hate and despise anti-vax in general but when ppl use “it’s not vegan!!!” I get even more enraged about it , it’s not fucking vegan to let your own and others children die slow agonizing deaths from preventable diseases either. Your ass is alive and well today to give birth because of vaccines in the first place. Vegans know full well a lot of life saving medicine today is still not vegan but they take it if they need it because your not going to help the cause if your dead because your ass had to be so “vegan-er then thou”

No. 604799

She’s not the first vegan to have a fuckin baby. She’s also not the first person to have an at home birth. She’s so fucking pretentious. She thinks she’s the only person like that.
I don’t understand this forcing your child to be vegan and not letting it be vaccinated. At least get the baby vaccines if you don’t want any.

No. 604814

Like fucking fair enough get a midwife, get a doula, get a satanic priestess to tie your hair back when you're screaming in pain as you go through one of the most physically traumatic things a human can go through without painkillers or any kind of relief but for the love of your poor child, get medical advice Kat. She's gone even further off the deep end since marrying him, not that she wasn't agonisingly pretentious before of course.

No. 604819

Can't agree with you more, so frustrating to see. They only support her for the same reason Drac is constantly kissing her ass, they see her as this magical unique mastermind and feel like they might get a little bit of the financial gain or the attention if they praise her enough that she notices she has another barnacle sucking at her side.

No. 604822

She's looking at it from such a poor perspective. She and her husband are most likely vaccinated, yet they feel they're knowledgable enough and important enough to override medical progress and science to take away from their child something that saved them from suffering in their childhoods. I really hope she enjoys sacrificing her career to care for a child so fragile he can't be around other children for fear of catching something, with a diet so lacking that he has no immune system and grows up riddled with the lasting affects of things like Measles, Mumps, Polio, Meningitis. Lord knows she's not a dietary expert despite deciding she is, so she doesn't know what a child needs growing up vegan, what she survives on as a grown adult vegan isn't the same as what a child needs, so she's gonna raise another tortured, feeble artist who she can mould in to someone just as edgy as them. I know that's all speculation but the whole situation, especially knowing now how Rafael was with his Daughter, is rather worrying.

No. 604828

Since when are midwives considered crazy hippies lmfao?! Also, sorry to blog post, but I gave birth with my midwife and doula but chose to do it with them at the hospital. Many women do this and ppl assume that because you give birth in a hospital then you had a doctor when that's not true a lot of the time. Widwives do work at the hospitals too. Also, giving birth without pain meds 100% naturally is highly over exaggerated. Yes it's painful and exhausting, duh, but it's nowhere near impossible to do if you realize your body is meant to do it and you trust that. So many women don't even give natural birth a chance and it gives narcs like Kat a platform to feel special for doing something the way your body is actually supposed to do it.

No. 604835

Can you make a throwaway account on insta and actually say this to her on that post?? Or someone, anyone. It's all fine and well her being all of a sudden Gother than thou and just so much more special with her perfect goff wedding and husband with a penchant for long acrylic nails and basking in the limelight but when it comes to her fucking diet getting in the way of healthy lives, it's going a bit far.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604840

No one ever said it was impossible. It's just been made a lot easier these days than it was thousands of years ago when we had no pain relief, so most people choose to have an easier birth and to be in less discomfort. Your body is also not gonna do what it's supposed to all the time as that's just how bodies are. I don't know Kat's medical history so I don't know how her body will handle it and overall no one does but her, however from experience having your first child at home is a bit of a poor decision as midwives can't perform C-sections for example in an emergency and doula's are there to help you before, during and after and isn't a medical professional. So I just hope it goes as smoothly as she envisioned.

No. 604851

I was saying anyone here was saying that natural is impossible, necessarily, I think that is just the general tone given to natural childbirth in general. I mean, a large percentage of women plan on using an epidural etc. before they even get pregnant which is pretty selfish in my opinion. I definitely do not think it's a great idea for her to be having a home birth which is why I mentioned midwives in the hospital, it's pretty much the best of both worlds for natural childbirth. I think her wanting to do a homebirth is just her way of being extra "edgy" and not the norm.

No. 604852

I meant I wasn't saying** my bad!

No. 604859

Nice blog post.

No. 604881

Freyja even posted a video where she said she took a benzo to calm down after her crocodile "I'm having PTSD" tears
I can't remember which video though but she was headed off to the Cradle of Filth gig iirc

No. 604883

>try being a pregannt vegan

Because spina bifida is totally on trend right now, Kat
Not to mention all of the other health repercussions that child will have to endure
That's without being vaccinated against easily preventable diseases

I hope the child doesn't come out looking like spaghetti by aged 12 if it lives that long

This stupid bitch infuriates me. It's not your body, it is your child's body and you are compromising their health and safety you dumb cunt
I fucking hate these complete morons

No. 604896

looks like we got our new alt Jenny McCarthy on our hands, folks. Fuck Kat Von D. I will always side eye that nasty bitch for dating a renowned Neo-Nazi. Anyway, I'm gonna drop a tip to a few gossip blogs to report on Kat Von D. so then maybe she'll face a huge backlash from the public.

No. 604898

Good to know I only bought her shitty eyeliner a year ago. I refuse to support her dumbass anymore. She is really uneducated. To openly state you won't vaccinate your kid because MUH VEGANISM sounds like the most uneducated thing in the world. She is putting other people's kids/babies at risk.

Holy shit.. I mean, she never seemed smart to begin with. Also, the people defending her are just as bad, if not worse.

No. 604899

I honestly hope she faces enormous backlash for this. You do not promote anti-vaccines. Like, wtf. She deserves all the hate she'll get on social media and i hope it affects her sales.

No. 604901

>is famous for injecting people with ink for aesthetics


No. 604905

b-but, anon. it's vegan ink

Honestly though, she sounds like someone who got lucky by doing tats and that's all she is good at. I don't use her makeup line, so i can't judge its quality. However, she sounds like some dumb bitch who is using her vegan/cruelty free platform for all the wrong reasons.

No. 604907

her makeup line is eh. vegans are all kind of dumb because people who put fish and smart animals like cows and pigs in the same category are dumb automatically. but anti-vaxxers take the cake for me. vaccines are proven 100% fine, they don't cause any mental stress and they literally save lives.

i bet if she has a son she'll still get him circumcised though because cosmetic surgery with very few known benefits that causes a visible scar is a-okay!

No. 604913

>pregnant at 36
>not vaccinating him
>raising him vegan

press F for this baby holy shit

No. 604922

her kid will probably turn out fine, but she’s in for a rude awakening when she finds out that motherhood isn’t a dreamy holistic vegan experience 100% of the time. i hope for the child’s sake nothing goes wrong. not fond of kids at all but nobody wants to see another hartley hooligan situation

No. 604924

Yes please! The public needs to know about this ignorant choice she’s making. I, personally am never supporting her brand ever again since she’s using her platform to spread such dangerous ideas.

No. 604932

idk the fact that his immune system will be weak from being vegan and not getting access to vaccations is an alarming combo imo. also poor kid being raised by these delusional asshole narcs in general

No. 604948

Just don’t buy her products.

That kid is going to suffer horribly, if it doesn’t die within the first 8 months of its existence

No. 604960

when is the US going to make not vaccinating illegal? in my country your kids can't go to school if they aren't vaccinated, but you get fined if you don't enroll your kid, which means a very tiny percentage of kids are unvaccinated. it's fucking absurd that you're just allowed to make a shitty decision that not only affects your kid but others as well because it's ~ethical~. make this shit illegal already. why are hippies so afraid anyway when 99.9% of the vaccinated population is healthy?

shame I gotta boycott this dumbfuck, anyone know a comparable eyeliner to kvd? lol.

No. 604966

I’ve heard Nyx Epic Ink Liner is comparable to KVD’s.

No. 604967


A few of the 24hr liquid eye liners from Japanese brands are just as good, cost less and have been around a lot longer.
I believe one brand is called Kate 24hr.

I’m not buying her crap to support her. Money goes to her dumb ass family. Read on reddit that she is getting a “bloodline” logo designed. It’s a 3 headed dragon with crowns on its head. Something to do with her last name meaning dragons and his last name meaning king?

That child is so fucked

No. 604969

Leafar/ Rafael is currently promoting antivax documentaries on his insta stories such as “Vaxxed”

He’s a terrible dad to his first kid and now he’s making bad decisions regarding this new one.

No. 604971

I wonder if IBF and drac will continue to support her after her anti vaccination statement.

No. 604987

Tbh I would be really curious to see how many people unfollowed her and/or her brand pages due to this whole antivaxx deal

No. 604993

In the US it is illegal to send children to public schools without certain vaccinations so these antivax people will need to homeschool their children which is all fine and dandy for the rich and celebrities, but average everyday joes will have a difficult time doing that.

No. 604999

Homeschooling would make sense, so she can breastfeed him till he is older. Kids need the nutrients found in milk and if he isn't allowed formula/cows milk he needs mothers milk for at least a couple of years.
I saw that her midwife breastfed her own kids for 4 years or something, so maybe thats what Kat is going for.

I had to unfollow her and will stop buying her make-up due to her anti-vaxxing decision.

Homebirthing is actually not that uncommon in many parts of europe. Also birth without medication is really nothing special here. as long as you don't risk your or the babys health go for it.

I cannot believe that they want to name him Leafar. Why don't they call him Prayers? :D

No. 605001

Fat chance they’ll disavow her cause they’ll lose the free makeup, party invites, and fans by extension.

No. 605005

I've seen the article where he references troubles with his daughter - but where's the info on her getting involved with gangs?

No. 605006


Check here

And here

No. 605007

Stila Stay All Day is the best eyeliner, just saying

No. 605009

>Why don't they call him Prayers?
Don't you mean Sreyarp?

No. 605011

File: 1528449064843.jpg (25.93 KB, 640x640, 11049580_1719876924897858_6288…)


It's frustrating as hell. Usually i try to empathize with vegans, but they're usually so damn extreme, like holyshit. And i try not to judge people who raise kids their own way, but they might as well be in the same category as idiots who pray the sick away/dont believe in medical science.

Kat von d is anti relgious, so it's more fucking ironic. I can't tell if she's this insane or her husband is egging her on. They deserve each other, but doing this to an innocent child and other children who will be affected by their shitty decision is criminal tbh.

36 isn't a death age for having kids, but it is certainly gonna fuck him up for not vaccinating and raising him vegan. He's going to be malnourished af. She's literally raising a soy boy at this point.

i fucking love you, anon. You seriously made my morning. kek

No. 605012

Kat literally dated a white trash neo nazi type openly. I figured this dude wasn't exempt just because he was hispanic. Kat is gross herself and uses her 'i'm hispanic, i cant be racist' card a lot. It makes me mad when two shitty people get together and have a kid. This is why we still have hatred in the world because more shitty people are having kids than actual loving , sane parents. ugh

Yes. Literally all she does is mention how vegan she is. She mentioned on her epic honeymoon that all they did was be vegan and eat vegan food and look at the vegan sun.

No. 605030

Her one-day honeymoon on which she had to post multiple times on her social media and read her comment section - totally epic. And very romantic. I hope that she takes more private time for her kid than for her honeymoon.

No. 605040


Fuck yes. I have a relatively easy going 9 week old and it's still the hardest thing I've ever done. Motherhood is not a hippy dippy heavenly experience. Sure, there's the love and bonding, but there's the shit, piss, puke, tears, sleep deprivation, hormones gone crazy…

Add to that the fact she'll have no meds to help with the pain after birth, she's in for a shock.

No. 605048

I have a 7 month old at home and didn't have any meds after birth either, because afterwards I had no pain. I am not sure for what you would need meds afterwards, except there were complications?(blogposting)

No. 605053


I'm thinking if you tear badly enough to need painkillers.

Also, what if she and baby have different blood groups and they need anti-D injections? Will she refuse that? And I don't know about America, but in the UK babies have a dose of Vitamin K via a jab after they're born - would she refuse that too? I have so many questions.

No. 605059

Nice sage newfag.

No. 605060


And what if she has problems nursing him? It's not that often, but some women just can't produce enough milk. Formula is not vegan and she wouldn't let him starve, would she? But, if you are rich enough, you can probably hire someone to breastfeed your baby.

No. 605064

Undoubtedly she'd find an ~vegan~ wet nurse as earthy-crunchy (read: retarded) as she is.

No. 605066

Saged for blogposting, but I'm making a point.

I have an aunt who had mumps as a kid (this was before proper vaccination programs). She caught meningitis right after since her immune system was compromised from dealing with the prior infection, which left her with permanent brain damage. As a result, she's still mentally at the level of a 12-15-year-old, and she's currently in her 50s.

Kat is a selfish cunt. She's purposefully putting her child at risk of permanent damage and even death just because she can't let go of her militant veganism to ensure her child's safety. I feel so sorry for that kid already.

No. 605074

You know I kinda want Kat Von D's kid to get super ill from something that could have been prevented with a vaccination just to show her she isn't always right on her IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE pedestal… but in the end, I can't wish that for a kid, it's not the kids fault her/his mommy is batshit insane. I just wish her awful actions had more consequences.

I am also boycotting her brand, I can't support somebody like this anymore. One thing is just being a narc bitch on your own, another thing is bringing other peoples safety into it just because you wanna be a special snowflake so bad. The fact she has such a victim mentality because "everyone is out to get her" because she is vegan and dangerous to her own child is so fucking stupid and snowflaky I can't even describe how I feel. Without drugs in her life she needs something else to constantly fill in that empty hole in her soul, and now it's being a vegan hipster.
I know boycotting her brand won't do much because of how many people are buying it, but I hope more people do it from now on.

No. 605075

I made a comment under Kat’s antivaxx post about the Rafael and daughter situation (how it seems like he’s already a terrible father and continues to make terrible parental decisions) and it got deleted so fast that I wonder if I posted it at all.

No. 605079

I'm loving catching all the backlash throughout today before it's rapidly deleted. The audacity to say that being openly vegan is a struggle - for a wealthy woman in LA. Who is going to need to spend her money on medical bills for her un-vaccinated child.

No. 605094

I just checked and it seems that Kat stopped following her father on ig. Her dad is a retired physician I believe so she’s probably going to cut him out of her life since he is pro modern medicine.
Rafael still follows and likes his stuff tho.

That’s really sad. To not communicate with your elderly dad and probably prevent him from having and relationship with his first grandchild is tragic.

Kat will have many regrets if she continues on this path.

No. 605100

I'm not surprised. Kat is narc, the moment somebody goes against the narc wishes and doesn't kiss their ass, they're out! Even their own family or long term friends.
Kat has done this her entire life and it's only gotten worse now… the marriage won't last more than a year, trust.

No. 605111

how teenage and lame to unfollow your dad on social media…

No. 605116

I got an EM cosmetics eyeliner and it was the EXACT same as kvds liner. The only difference was logo stamped on the identical tubes. So there goes the illusion of kvd in a lab coat surrounded by scientists coming up with the most unique and special formulas for her unique and special makeup brand. She just says she wants purble and draws a logo, then pulls down her pants and waits for the ass kissing to start flying in.

She gets all of her food delivered to her. She doesn’t have to think about anything she eats at all. Being vegan is so hard for the wealthy white passing woman from la. She’s so disconnected from reality if she was let loose in a grocery store she probably wouldn’t even know which type of lettuce is vegan.

No. 605121

>I got an EM cosmetics eyeliner

what EM stands for?