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File: 1518669942532.jpg (81.43 KB, 600x907, moo50.jpg)

No. 503384

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>496075

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body. Resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, etc. rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college

>OhNips, artist who designed "punk!Mei" etc. for Moo, decided to provide milk and "no longer associates"
>decided to """""redesign"""" her OC Moomoo and released Moomoo sets.
>Moo's Red Riding Hood Set was stolen from French artist MyOppa, MyOppa calls this out
>Mariah possibly spergs on Vamp's account after MyOppa copyright theft (typing is suspiciously similar to Moo's style)
>debuts RoadHo that's very similar to Nigiri's, further confirming Moo wants to wear her beloved cosplay mom's skin
>confirmed as a guest for a Mexican con
>still trying to take credit for KBBQ's work on her Saber cosplay
>does a bunch of awful lewd sets for February including a stuffing herself into a "forest" that shows off her labia and latex she's spilling out of
>new cooking set shows off Moo's laughably poor acting skills, accidentally look like slavery/domestic abuse shots

No. 503397

File: 1518670807623.jpeg (356.48 KB, 1080x812, 1518051222059.jpeg)

Let's not forget Moo's totally new, totally original design for Moomoo!

No. 503403

File: 1518671065770.png (125.75 KB, 471x413, Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 9.04.…)

No. 503404

Oh god, worst girl reporting to worst fandom inc

No. 503405

Once again she misses the bandwagon on a thing by a margin as wide as her shoulders.

No. 503406

icr who the anon on the last thread was who was saying she looks like shes lost weight - there's no way in hell she's lost any weight since roadho, not with 3 gym visits and nightly sushi binges. only difference is you're comparing candids to posed shoop'd and flatteringly-clothed pics.

No. 503407

also inb4 “I totally played it!!” she’s never mentioned undertale once

No. 503410

File: 1518671587266.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.46 KB, 600x586, CjzLIIsUUAA2U5T.jpg)

Methinks she's been scoping Doxyonta (artist who did Susu's merchandise art) ever since she discovered him. He has a Undertale game with this character. She will most likely lewd her.

No. 503418

File: 1518671884146.jpeg (96.2 KB, 750x660, 23C59A05-C81D-4209-8A5D-E67DE3…)

can confirm, she’s been liking his stuff

No. 503419

Can this bitch be any more blatant with her desire to wear the skins of more successful girls?

No. 503428

File: 1518672557186.gif (3.7 MB, 421x750, 5236EB45-A006-461D-B1FA-E9D894…)

No. 503431

File: 1518672893226.png (95.62 KB, 439x437, jesus christ how horrifying.pn…)

No. 503441

File: 1518673753347.jpg (320.86 KB, 1333x2000, 27913174_1261718993973047_7075…)

No. 503442

File: 1518673766485.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180214-214715.png)

No. 503443

File: 1518673781194.jpg (284.2 KB, 1333x2000, 27983331_1261718953973051_7041…)

No. 503444

File: 1518673808534.jpg (255.71 KB, 1333x2000, 27907554_1261718863973060_7135…)

No. 503447

O-oh god.
will it be one of those c-strings or forever censored in an attempt to get more patreon subscribers?

No. 503448

so what’s she actually censoring with under the paw? I’m as curious as I am horrified

No. 503451

File: 1518674072180.gif (544.53 KB, 275x154, 1497329314288.gif)


oh wait mb,

'''''''''''''''''''oc cosplay'''''''''''''''''''

men will never cease to amaze me that they can fap to even the frumpiest of things.

No. 503453

File: 1518674473113.png (15.68 KB, 480x118, Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 10.00…)

No. 503455

File: 1518674687024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 195.83 KB, 1080x1846, 303A8504-FB9F-4BC5-BA53-571091…)

the uncensored version is disgusting

No. 503456

Lewds before nudes guys.

No. 503457

and so it begins

No. 503464

File: 1518675400754.jpeg (212.23 KB, 750x1088, 1CE3B03C-2D7B-4691-8F1A-6606FE…)

She posted this in the katsucon 21+ group
Dropped my pic in original comment

No. 503466

File: 1518675507866.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, 1485972270811.gif)

To the anons who predicted that she would get naked because of her patrons leaving, can you tell me the winning lottery numbers?

No. 503467

anything interesting in those comments?

No. 503468


is this what she meant by "implied nude"?

No. 503469

well yeah first lewds then nudes

No. 503470

Any so the nudes begin?
Also I just honestly don't understand why she didn't get lipo on her arms. Does she just not see the huge arm slabs in the mirror?

No. 503480

This isn't "implied nude". It's a straight up nude with pasties.
How long until she's doing literal porn?

No. 503484

File: 1518677507321.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1149x1359, 4812DEE6-BD9F-4C68-BAE7-56877B…)

That wig is already falling apart, it's gonna be in pieces by the time she gets there.
I can't wait. Is anyone going?
Also I fucked up posting sorry please forgive

No. 503487

Looks like with each dip in patrons she'll go up (down?) a level of porn. She'll play the nude game for a while though because even as dumb as Mariah is she has to know once there is penetration there is no real going back.

No. 503495


I was one of the ones who predicted it, but holy hell I didn’t think she would actually go through with it. Maybe I should buy a ticket.

For all her kicking and screaming about how she “doesn’t have to take her clothes off for attention”, it sure is nice seeing how much of a hypocritical cunt she has become.

No. 503523

I'll be honest, this doesn't look as horrifying as I thought it would.

No. 503528

It's all photoshop tbh. It's super obvious off mobile.

No. 503535

whose torso and hips are they though; they sure aren't Moo's >>503444

No. 503551

This is fucking amazing lmao

God I was puzzling my head sore thinking why she's suddenly into Undertale and Toriel of all characters but this explains everything. I swear every fucking time she picks up something that's not casual mainstream flavour of the month stuff (Undertale's bandwagon passed almost 2 years ago) you know it's to suck up to someone she can profit from.

Guess she has been noticing the Patreon dip as well! But oh yeah it's not nude because her nipples and vajayjay has been covered with eensy teensy stickers uwu

To be honest Mariah is way too predictable. She's following the generic behavioral patterns of an online attention whore. But at this point she's way too malicious, crusty and unlikable to appeal to neckbeards to win them back, when she was still gaining them she still had this certain cute chubby geek girl appeal. If neckbeards want the sexy slut type they go for Nigri and other chicks, not some doped up starfish-shaped landwhale who starts twitter fights.

No. 503570

File: 1518691702794.png (128.87 KB, 1440x805, Screenshot_20180215-054449~2.p…)

Mariah you really shouldn't be patting yourself on the back for buying damn near 35K followers and counting.

No. 503571

File: 1518691724567.jpeg (182.99 KB, 750x696, BDABD397-537C-44A8-8543-0818CB…)

while momo has totally finished her katsu crunch my dudes, the person who was actually working on her cosplays has finally finished

No. 503575

File: 1518692090022.png (951.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180215-044108.png)

I can't fucking stand her facial expressions in any of her shoots. Did you guys notice her licking her fangs in every second shot? We get it. You have fangs. Next pose dumbass.

Thanks to the anon who sends these drop boxes btw.

No. 503576

File: 1518692279784.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180215-045646.png)

@ the anon who was stressed about her nipple im pretty sure you can see her areola a little bit here if you zoom in.

No. 503577

File: 1518692770853.jpeg (119.45 KB, 584x783, 06D86D0E-C4F2-42FF-8FE5-860CC4…)

>$700 sword

No. 503582

They could likely get that cheaper at a local weeb store.

No. 503590

File: 1518695225224.jpg (174.14 KB, 632x874, 324cea01d02efa2c285f8d7a11f422…)

Her Lucoa set is just her with her mouth open in 7 different angles

No. 503594

As far as I know the painted version is this much. There is also a version for around 150 I think (I hope I don't mistake them for another guy who makes these) which contains the different 3D printed part and you still need to sand and paint it.

No. 503599

File: 1518696144883.png (616.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180215-125950.png)

So 115€ is around 140/50 $.
Anyways Moomoo is lazy af if she is willing to pay 700 instead of 150 so she doesn't need to put some work into it.

No. 503601

File: 1518696297989.jpeg (127.77 KB, 750x581, 83972FE4-E88D-4FB4-9F59-3E65AE…)

never forget “they aren’t gay!!!”

No. 503616


No. 503620

File: 1518699368295.gif (4.56 MB, 275x207, 1517103442431.gif)

Next thread pic please

No. 503639

does she not know that you use different needles for satin..?

No. 503659

No. 503660


can you post some screencaps? it's a closed group

No. 503680

File: 1518706139685.png (328 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-15-06-45-01…)

They accept anyone that wants to join. Most people praising her cow "forest" but there were a few comments worth saving.

No. 503681

File: 1518706164377.png (393.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-15-06-45-11…)

No. 503682

File: 1518706182444.png (335.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-15-06-47-45…)

No. 503717

>Please DM me the price

She's so transparent.

No. 503729

Did no one teach Moo flaunting her money like this is trashy? Disgusting.

No. 503735

She learned it in business school duh

No. 503751

I'm still waiting for her public statement on her theft of MyOppa's design.

No. 503763


Not happening. She's a coward. She can't find a good excuse. She's going to stay quiet until people forget about it. Mark my words.

No. 503777


Let's also not forget that in her little brain she thinks this whole thing with MyOppa is not her fault at all and it's just her ~haterz~ trying to bring her down. She already made her statement when she responded to BunnyAyu and OhNips's accusations. She kept defending herself and didn't admit fault. She kept saying that she tried to order from MyOppa and didn't hear a response and asked CC to make her one like it but "different". There's no other statement to make. She just uses the "I'm going to make a statement" excuse hoping it would get people off her ass. That's why after 2 weeks she hasn't said shit.

No. 503868


I hope this situation won't end with people forgetting about it and I hope MyOppa won't just let this slide, cause moomoo is earning money off of that shoot.

No. 503871

She's reached that level of desperate it seems. How sad, more sadder she thinks she'll be respected as such a talented cosplayer just like her idols. Haha oh boy…

No. 503879

Hoping the same. MyOppa can't let Moo win, she gets away with far too much and just thinks it is perfectly okay because nobody dares to stand up to her in her eyes.

No. 503892

File: 1518717585363.jpg (87.99 KB, 1056x976, IMG_7216.JPG)


As sad as it is to admit, I don't think MyOppa will do anything about this. I hope this screenshot is real. Not sure how real it is. If it is, I'm hoping she really does pay for what she did.

The only way Mariah will bring the issue up again is if well known people bring it to her attention. Think about it. Mariah stayed VERY silent until SSS, Ohnips, and Bunny joined in on it. Even when the tweet had over 2k retweets she ignored it. I hope more well known people call her out on this because I'm sick of her getting away with lies and stealing. All it does is give her a bigger ego and make her think she's untouchable.

No. 503903

Sadly a French anon debunked it but you never know!

No. 503912

She's going to issue the statement anons. It's just that she has been so busy with dual major 3.8 gpa final semester of fourth year at UNLV that she has not had time to finish it yet.

No. 503913


Wouldn't debunk it so quickly. This is an anon site so it could be someone trying to derail the situation. I'm skeptical about it being debunked because of how professional the wording on all of this is. If it was riddled with typos and grammar errors, yeah I would say it's fake but it's not and even went as far as adding a legal disclaimer at the end.

No. 503914


Oh, sorry. My uneducated basic ass is too stupid to realize how busy our multitasking goddess is.

No. 503950

…just being french doesn't automatically mean you know shit about copyright stuff.

No. 503952

it was the address of the company they were debunking, not the actual law lol

No. 503954

oh so google search not pulling anything up means it's fake?

No. 503957

piana aux re isnt correct french

No. 503999

File: 1518723579140.gif (748.44 KB, 220x183, nope.gif)

This is fucking disgusting. wtf.

I'm not even shocked Mooriah would like this utter trash.

She always has to hold up her nasty cow tits with her arms otherwise they'd be at her belly button.

No. 504016

>goes topless
>goes full nude

No. 504024

the towns used in the address don't exist

No. 504042

She really needs to do something about her fat arms. Also lol, if you follow the line past the part her arm is covering, you'll see her lack of a waist. Girl is a walking lumpy stump.

No. 504117

File: 1518728739774.jpeg (164.85 KB, 900x1200, DWGnHPoVoAAkfVu.jpeg)

LOL someone just accidentally doxxed her on twitter.

No. 504120

for the last fucking time. this is her PO box. she's done this a dozen times already.

No. 504121

My bad just looked it up and realized that. Tried to delete it but can't for some reason. Shit. Sorry.

No. 504150

mariah brought a needle, respect her effort anon

No. 504167

File: 1518731608512.png (531.8 KB, 975x847, you card.png)

I am honored you used my pic for thread 50.

This needed like 346346 spoiler and warnings. Fucking ugly stoned bitch.

No. 504171

leak my own nudes, sell you lewds, give up and start selling nudes

No. 504181

>sewing by me

No. 504187

Question are there any 'big name' cosplayers at Katsu she can suck up to?

No. 504215

Her entire pussy lip is hanging out

No. 504245

File: 1518735299846.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 05E0A70C-A66B-4A70-9599-1B73BB…)

the cow has arrived on the east coast

No. 504263

So does the cow go in the cargo bay or

No. 504277

File: 1518736849788.jpeg (1.67 MB, 3444x1815, 4788BCFB-1015-43F4-ABD4-905439…)

Art anon here.
Keychains finally came in, and they look great. I might make the text on the side that you can feel the drawing on, rather than behind the clear side like pictured. I can do double sided but I’m pretty sure both sides would just end up looking like the lighter gloss side, and in reality I liked the darker vibrant non gloss side.
Also they sent me three of them instead of one for some reason.

No. 504286

A lot of more well known cosplayers and some of her "friends" are at Anime Milwaukee over Katsu this weekend…and as invited guests lmfao

No. 504288

File: 1518737377093.jpeg (113.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Nigri posted this and there's very few mentions of moo thankfully

No. 504291

Ultrosuh anon here. Very sad we don't have any new milk to circulate on the account for this con :( I'm pretty confident that the post which circulated during ALA and the aftermath with SSS and BunnyAyu will definitely have some impact on her for this con. I feel like I can confidently say the cosplay community hates her.

No. 504311

File: 1518738179215.png (80.62 KB, 641x629, ddf.png)

No. 504314

Someone post this on twitter and tag momo and see what she says.

No. 504317


I’m interested in seeing how she’ll act now that she knows the cosplay community hates her. I’m expecting her usual bullshit, over the top, saccharine “Omg I’m literally crying right now. I love you guys and this community so much and feel so inspired now” posts.

Maybe she might actually play nice knowing that her reputation is the shitter and that saying the wrong thing will only make things worse. But who am I kidding. She’ll just play the victim as usual and whine about the mean bullies who make up lies about her.

No. 504320

Moo will just ignore anything to get out of crediting artists

No. 504326


Or she’ll say she is off the hook because she credited them once. In an instastory. And spelled their name wrong purposefully.

It’s disgusting how she blatantly tries to take credit for other people’s work and then gets all pissy when she gets called out for it.

No. 504334

she already "changed her oc" tho

No. 504337

That’s why she just re-shot the same hentai cow cosplay two days ago?

No. 504339

you just dont have the same attention to detail ok, first the horns are BIG now and not just cause she didnt wanna buy two pairs for the different sets and TWO her hair was UP in a ponytail god

No. 504375

i want one those look so well made too

No. 504384

These are super cute anon. I’d take one if I could. Hope someone does mention this on Twitter so the bitch can see it.

No. 504386


Info on how to make these?!?!?

No. 504396

Looks like she's fount someone to asslick at Katsu, Hollytwolf.

No. 504401


Moo: Omg I'm a sex worker just like you!!!
Holly: Ummm, I'm an actual paid model.
Moo: Omg I'm a professional lewd model! We have so much in common!!!!
Holly: /internally screams

No. 504402

File: 1518743072254.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1484, EE37DB1A-C5AE-437A-85F4-D04FAE…)

I’ll post the link to the PSD file to use to make them so anyone can have them, but which side should I put the text on? Any suggestions? Or leave it as is?

Actually, I’ll probably post both options so anyone can choose. Does Dropbox work with PSD files, anyone know?

No. 504406

i think you can always zip them and put up mega

No. 504409

Yes, they do work.

No. 504418

File: 1518743971114.gif (10.33 MB, 421x750, BBC26AA3-FCDA-4CD4-B9DF-E173FE…)

tfw you’re in the middle of a conversation and some bitch shoves a chip in your face

No. 504422

All Moo does is film every single time at a con meal. Fucking let people eat their food and socialise instead of streaming their every move you fat cunt.

No. 504425

Does she wear like 15 pounds of makeup for her photoshoots? She looks so ugly here

No. 504430

Moo doesn't take care of herself at all she likely hasn't showered since that shoot. Can't imagine flying in from Vegas and not immediately showering

No. 504432

No. 504439

make up and photoshop make her neckbeards dream girl, yes

somehow shes even more obnoxious in gif form

No. 504448

She wears 15 lbs of Photoshop.

No. 504469

She opens her mouth with each chew… fucking revolting. Shut your mouth, pig.

No. 504476

The sad thing is I think she does this shit to validate her existence. Look my dudes, I have friends! I am totally having a good time at this con with my friends! Party party party! With my friends!

No. 504478

at least gifs don’t have sound so you can’t hear her smacking

No. 504526

Whats really sad I that I think these are super cute, but momo's look so plain without the BG. Damn anon you should have made the charms for her

No. 504530

File: 1518750465219.jpeg (30.56 KB, 393x491, 3B54BDAC-DFD9-4D68-92CC-053966…)

I always think Moo looks like Judd Nelson. It’s not a good thing.

No. 504532


People must really be sick of her constantly shoving her camera into their face try to be “Lol so random”. It’s so fucking obnoxious.

No. 504535

These are awesome, anon! Great job!

No. 504548

lmao did hollytwolf sigh and roll her eyes right as the camera moved onto her? I might be projecting, but she looks kinda of annoyed and looks like she's just bearing moomoo's presence.

No. 504550

I see it, anon lol

No. 504555

we don't even know if she ate it

No. 504563

I'm at Katsu, I'll try to find her and sneak pics/tell y'all any milky happenings

No. 504564

she didn't, you can see her taking it off her mouth

No. 504565

Cracks me up every time, she should cosplay as Bender from The Breakfast Club, but how could she lewd it? She’s so fucking fug kekkekek

No. 504567


Much cosplay, so impress.

This dumb fat bitch, how long till she starts doing softcore porn?

No. 504569

you mean she's not??? POV is softcore porn…

No. 504572

File: 1518752442251.png (146.27 KB, 301x247, 1.png)

Basically if Momo lost weight.

No. 504576


The look on her face screams “Oh my god will this bitch please just shut the fuck up and leave me the fuck alone”

No. 504577

Funny how Holly has no selfies with Moo yet, but does with PhilMilzuno. This happens often with other bigger cosplayers who she gives the impression she's good buddies with. They never feature her on their own social media, can't imagine why…

No. 504593


I can’t help but laugh when that happens. She always tries to act like she is best friends with all the big names and that she hangs out with them regularly when really she is the fat, cringey loser who is always bothering everyone for selfies and is constantly making the same tired ass jokes that everyone laughed at that one time.

No. 504594

Fucking disgusting how she wipes her nose with the same hand she shoves the chip at the girls month.

No. 504598

File: 1518754327231.jpeg (250.67 KB, 750x1089, D0388755-CAA2-4423-99A2-0ADC33…)

No. 504605

>11pm on the first day

No. 504606

She really looks like she's pushing a rough 40.

No. 504610

Anon what site did you order from? They look amaziiing

No. 504611

Another update of dinner at Katsu on Holly's IG with no sign of Moo at the table either. She's in such denial of who her friends and close acquaintances are. Nobody wants to spend time with her, they tolerate her presence and that's it.

No. 504613

hopefully the only one you fucking get, cow

No. 504621


She is the least self aware person that I have ever met. She's the type who is quick to bring down others and point out their flaws and the last to realize her own. This is why people think she's such a cunt. I have no doubt that Holly dislikes her.

No. 504623

I'm so glad the East Coast hates her as much as the West, here is to another miserable, lonely con for you, Moomoo!

No. 504626

moo is probably already blitzed out of her mind i mean DOING HOMEWORK AND PLAYING CATAN

No. 504627


Jesus fucking Christ her face. Her eyes look so sunken in.

No. 504632

I wouldn't be surprised Moo stalked her and just happened to eat at the same place gracing the table she was at. Didn't look like a friendly get together of pals before a con kick off, more like 'omg can I sit here and eat with you guys?' thing.

No. 504638

where are her fucking knees as far as I'm concerned that's just a bend in the leg

No. 504642


Yeah. No doubt she stalked her and was looking to “accidentally” bump into her and was like “Omg can I sit with you guys?!” I can just tell by the look on the other girls’ face that she wasn’t invited to sit with them and weaseled her way into sitting with her.

No. 504662

Why does she always wear the same fucking thing????
Is it that hard to wear a nice shirt or skirt every once in awhile

No. 504663


Somebody forgot their grandmother.
How old is moomoo again?

No. 504668

Yep yep yep. That’s Moo!

No. 504670

throw away the obvious
Our beautiful dedicated Muslim girl Mariah who was totally bullied for wearing hijab obviously appreciates fine art

No. 504671

File: 1518759424218.jpeg (86.08 KB, 747x671, FFE65CE4-6EF8-41B4-B705-1ABA59…)

Dropped my pic whoops

No. 504672

I'm so glad you're following through, I'm the anon from one of the previous thread who was excited for this

No. 504677

No one knows or cares about Swimsuit or her fat ugly gf. I think it’s funny these bitches always have to interject there names on cosdrama threads. Like they really think they are famous for sticking their asses in the air and looking like they smell farts.(no1curr)

No. 504678


momo aren't you supposed to be hanging with your 'friends' right now?

No. 504679

Holly is a pornstar not a cosplayer

No. 504680

She’s a fucking escort for rich Arabs you dumb cucks

No. 504681

Shut up you jealous twat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 504682

I know it’s been a while and some people might not even remember her but this seems like the kind of spergy shit Luna Lanie would say and she always lurked Moo threads.

No. 504683

yeah my first thought was "Lunie Time"

No. 504684

Loonie time again already? Damn she needs a hobby

No. 504687

someone always comes and pops off with ot shit during cons

No. 504703

fucking lmfao. the acne scars around the corners of her mouth. the fatness of her turtle face.

No. 504734

Man even wearing black doesn't help her arms look any less big. Also her skin is so so bad for 22, this bitch probably washes her face with bath and body works hand soap and thinks binge using face masks is enough exfoliation.

No. 504752

most likely moo herself is stomping around the con and telling every new person she meets about all these people lying about her on the internet and they come in to white knight

No. 504778

This gazebo is so pretty, it would be great to take cute outfit pics but there's moo with her leggings and hoodie… plus size girls can look cute too, why doesn't she take care of herself

No. 504786

Idk, loonie hates Mariah so unless the loonie thread has also been bumped recently I'd say it's moo herself or vamp

No. 504857


Yeah. This shit only seems to happen whenever she is off at a con. Gotta believe it’s her shitting up the thread for a distraction.

No. 504860

I always think its her bitching to her friends about the thread and then she "subtly" encourages them to come here. Same thing seemed to happen at Colossal Con

No. 504862

i doubt it. it's probably always her, she'd want us to think it's randos. she probably just tries typing differently each time, but then devolves into 'bitch boy' mode.

No. 504898

She probably has nothing else to do. This is her "homework" because no one likes her enough to invite her to the cosplay parties. Sad and alone in her hotel room.

No. 504981

https://gonewild.co/83638/momokun-moomoo-milk-studio-video/ The penis pop video You have to click play twice on it to load.

Warning NSFL

No. 504983

wtf?? did someone upload this???

No. 504985

File: 1518801877009.png (1.59 MB, 1730x1318, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.2…)

All her stuff is on gonewild now.

No. 504992

File: 1518802111674.png (1.81 MB, 2254x1408, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.2…)

Who tipped over Bessie the cow?

No. 504993

File: 1518802154909.png (2.86 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.2…)

this video was probably the least sexy thing ever. The candy sucking made me think of a fat/feeder fetish.

No. 505004

I cannot think of hardly anything more embarrassing than having a video like this of myself on the internet.

No. 505005

she's going for the right audience, that's for sure.

>53 meh


No. 505007

File: 1518802672679.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 910x1406, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.3…)

Vamp and moo having a video together from this shoot.

No. 505008

Why is her butt in goosebumbs

No. 505009

This CANNOT be real.

No one could possibly think this pose and lack of smoothing in post is in any way flattering. Oh my goddddddddddd

No. 505013

File: 1518802874505.png (223.23 KB, 579x643, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.41…)

holy shit those stretchmarks

No. 505015

>mariah mallad
>value $0.00

No. 505016

Holy shit for a second I thought her vag was out

No. 505017

File: 1518803012626.jpg (10.55 KB, 250x145, Screenshot_20180216-114015.jpg)

so embarrassing

lmao i don't even have the words

No. 505020

girl calm down, stretch marks happen to the best of us.
you need to fuckin zoom to see what you talkin about. take a break

No. 505023

I know, I know I have them in a lot of places and mega self-conscious about them but I've never seen them here on the side butt so fresh. She doesn't even have an ass it's just all… width

No. 505025

https://gonewild.co/47042/momokun-bikini/ So cringey…No friends and sticking dirty things in her mouth like the heifer she is.

No. 505032

veinchan was about to pop in the last few seconds of the vid

No. 505034

That texture looks dead. Her ass looks deceased. Who knew she'd be pandering to necrophiliacs as well.

No. 505046

The butt makeup looks like poop dirt.

No. 505047

File: 1518804193701.gif (3.51 MB, 264x434, svinja-u-tangama.gif)

No. 505049

I understand the confusion due to the busted face, but that is Vamp 2.0, elizabethrage.

Happy Friday everyone, here is to another milky weekend from our milkiest cow!

No. 505056

File: 1518804375160.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, E9FE8C37-4EA1-4134-811B-CE1AD8…)

What was the point of this video it made me so uncomfortable

No. 505058

File: 1518804495751.gif (7.07 MB, 421x750, 59CD6C39-DE0F-4A72-A9B9-6A538C…)

ready to go whole hog

No. 505063

File: 1518804728355.gif (8.63 MB, 421x750, 2F4EA8BB-EF58-4E05-A276-1DD100…)

I hope she’s ready for another massive chin break out

No. 505065

when i see pics like this it reminds me why her neckbeards like her. she looks so gross and obtainable. they must think they could fuck her without any difficulty.

No. 505066

her makeup looks so bad.

No. 505073

Why does her top look like its falling apart? I predict a nip slip later

No. 505074

>svinja u tangama
lolario im losing it

No. 505082

File: 1518805445699.gif (10.76 MB, 421x750, E1158643-F821-4420-954E-79BD39…)

cosplay queen is heading down to the gazebo

No. 505089

Somebody's hoping to photobomb more successful people again!

No. 505100

basically it'll be this:

>moo goes to gazebo

>photobombs x cosplayer
>"omg me and x hung out like all afternoon and took pics together! i'm so blessed, what lovely people! i'm gonna cry cause people are so beautiful and happy and amazing!!!"

No. 505105

It seems that Leonchiro is going to "LaMole" too (the mexican con where she's gonna be too), this is gonna be a massive cringefest.

No. 505114

it's in peru

No. 505118


She's going to another con besides the one in peru. This one is gonna be in mexico.

No. 505149

File: 1518808109462.png (1.46 MB, 1532x951, thethristiscoming.png)

No. 505168

No to kiss Leon’s ass but if I were him I’d be mad to be put on the same level as someone so gross.

No. 505172

Samefagging to add that his photo looks cool and like the character and Moo is just sitting on a hotel bed with a poorly made mess of a costume, fucked up looking wig and flapping her tongue out like a retard. Is this what Mexicans think is on par with actualy professionals?

No. 505174

the con is run by men so of course
>buff dude
>sextoy woman

No. 505182


>said cosplayer takes selfies with other cosplayers and mentions them on social media

>no mention of Moo

No. 505202

Momo ruined the photo vamp surprisingly looking look good

No. 505216

Can you read? It was already stated that it's not vamp, but another busted face cosplayer

No. 505225

File: 1518810612780.jpg (102.5 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20180216_114921.jpg)

No. 505244

File: 1518811196513.png (800.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8245.PNG)


No. 505248

File: 1518811268264.png (460.78 KB, 369x718, Screenshot_2018-02-16-11-54-55…)

No. 505251

File: 1518811299544.png (386.31 KB, 314x716, Screenshot_2018-02-16-11-55-08…)

No. 505255

I feel like she should get that vein looked at.

No. 505256

moo looks like a dude with drag titties.

No. 505260

Did she STILL not bother to make the license plate even though she had a few weeks to scrap one together? Professional Cosplayer, my dudes!

No. 505273

Probably the only place she'll hang out at the entire con so she snaps up every tog loitering around and acts like a twat to get noticed.

No. 505274

File: 1518811850736.png (471.6 KB, 1136x640, IMG_8248.PNG)

She's so fucking huge.
She thinks she can fool people with lipo and over editing, but those arms don't lie.

No. 505279

she is busted as fuck

No. 505284


Then comes the essay of tweets bitching about how “elitist” cosplay is and how everyone just wants to use her and “learning who my true friends are”.

No. 505285

File: 1518812082048.png (613.71 KB, 371x900, Screenshot_2018-02-16-12-13-34…)

No. 505287


looks like down sydrome

No. 505288

File: 1518812160495.png (632.01 KB, 1136x640, IMG_8250.PNG)

Seriously, she thinks she's so sexy

No. 505295

bitch is delusional.

No. 505297

She's still udderly incapable of putting that tattoo on properly, I see.

No. 505311

what is she even doing here? it looks like a super villain 'i'll get you' pose.

No. 505314

File: 1518813238552.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.65 KB, 1920x2880, ewewew.jpeg)

From her cooking v day set, spoilered for her gross ass

No. 505315

File: 1518813296207.jpeg (200.57 KB, 1920x2880, gma tits.jpeg)

No. 505316

She's got that Onision droop eye.

No. 505318

File: 1518813383696.jpeg (137.86 KB, 1920x2880, backfat.jpeg)

No. 505321

i still don't get why she took off part of the apron…

No. 505322

these were already posted anon

No. 505323

File: 1518813444333.jpeg (113.36 KB, 1920x2880, malformed playdough.jpeg)

No. 505324


"""sex appeal"""

No. 505326

File: 1518813602532.gif (876.63 KB, 400x251, alyssa.gif)

No. 505329

So she can claim she worked on it

(base apron bought from etsy)

No. 505330

haha, i like that interpretation.

our moo's so clever she altered it for the shoot!

No. 505334

File: 1518813964537.gif (12.69 MB, 421x750, 890ECC04-80FC-4FC9-BD67-9167A3…)

you literally can’t hear a word she’s saying because of the mask and the wind. vamps shooting, momo says something about her nipple, a huge chunk of paint has come off of her roadhog mask near the front exposing green

No. 505337

is that her hijab? kek.

No. 505345

jesus clean your feet

No. 505349

File: 1518814576695.gif (19.32 MB, 421x750, 3C749CEB-9B00-4CD6-A721-083ADF…)

a beacon of love and light to her fans

No. 505352

File: 1518814658074.gif (6.81 MB, 421x750, 233FE045-EE5B-439D-B9F5-BFDF52…)

But don’t forget what you’re really at the con for, rubbin Asian boys

No. 505354


That fake "gotta look loving and kind for cameras"

..and dang that's a big bitch

No. 505371

File: 1518815652473.gif (8.4 MB, 421x750, C7E55094-000F-454A-9B81-781E4F…)

No. 505376

I would absolutely hate if someone was up in my face like momo is even as a fan. their faces are like 5 inches apart.

Also that awkward moment when your 'fan's' costume is better than yours and more accurate.

No. 505380

File: 1518816197415.gif (9.9 MB, 421x750, B8660653-AB15-4F76-9C0E-C9B5CB…)

I’m starting to think she can’t NOT be right in someone’s face all the time

No. 505396

I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to get on her ass for fetishizing Asian people. Isn't Tumblr all up in arms over race fetishization right now?

No. 505397

File: 1518816842179.gif (18.23 MB, 421x750, D42B275C-877C-4EE6-AB6F-84E87A…)

see that hog watch that scene it’s the emote dancing queen

No. 505399

>when you're trying to do damage control cause you copied a lot of shit from other cosplayers and designers

No. 505400

I'd punch her right in the snout doing nasty shit like this.

No. 505404

But anon! Moo is obviously so POC! Those Italian/Lebanese genes make her an exotic unicorn. And we all know POCs can do no wrong!

No. 505409

white girl mariah? i thought you were poc

No. 505415


Anyone else think Holly Wolf only tagged her because Mariah was like "Holly people online are saying we aren't friends because you don't tag me. Tag me or I'll throw a fit!!"

No. 505420

File: 1518817798597.jpg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024, 20180216_142300.jpg)

First time posting. Enjoy

No. 505426

she has one of her keychains attached to the pants

No. 505430

… but these look like fanart in support of her, and she will take it that way, as will anyone else looking at it. When the fuck ever has this shit been a part of chan culture? Making charms of and profiting off a cow's image? This shit is bizarre, I'm getting way too fucking old for this shit.

No. 505433


She does this shit all the time. Big name cosplayer giving praise to other cosplayers, conveniently leaving Moomoo out. Moomoo or her fans harass them screaming “BUT WHAT ABOUT MOMOKUN”. Said cosplayer is forced to give a “Oh yeah, her too” shout out as to not appear as being exclusionary or some shit. She does it all the time to Nigri.

No. 505435


No. 505438

It says, "Support Milk Party" which is a hentai. It even has the original artist's name on it.

No. 505441

File: 1518818983889.jpeg (254.9 KB, 750x1071, EAD18BD8-8F2E-4552-8C65-E036C8…)

No. 505445

The dipshits that follow mariah wont know that. >>505430 has a point

No. 505448

I know ot but is that a slutty sonic in the back

No. 505450

it says support "the" milk party which is fucking stupid

No. 505455

Eh I don't care, I'm desperate for any merch that looks like my favorite character, and I think the art is cute. I prefer to buy it without giving mooriah any money.

No. 505456

eww no. this is not for that purpose…

No. 505457

The original hentai was called Milk party, hence support the Milk party.
Momo is selling her keychains for $30 each, and these are going to be free to use and make and whatever else you want with the design, aka relatively cheaper and nobody profits.
Also it was supposed to be a “how does it feel to have your design stolen and not given any credit” sort of feel, and the fact we made a few small changes like “momo did to the original hentai cow girl and called it “her original creation.” (Aka, just changed the size of the horns.)

No. 505460

saying "support the milk party" instead of support milk party was fucking stupid tbh. i think these are fucking dumb because the idea is ruined by poor design.

No. 505467

>learn to sage
>learn to get your panties out of a bunch.

If you dont like it then just dont participate. Simple. No one's making money, If people want it they can make and pay for it themselves. It doesnt matter if you like it or not and since the files will be downloadable it could always be editted to say 'Support Milk Party'

No. 505469

Why does she seem to have to sexualize every pic she takes with another cosplayer?

No. 505473

Why the "eww no"? In just trying to get some cute keychains while screwing over my favorite cow the same way she did to myoppa.
And sage your shit, don't bump the thread if you're not contributing anything useful.

No. 505476

Does it really matter if I left out "the"? Who cares.

I was giving background on the charm, I'm not the one who made it. I also don't disagree with that anon.

No. 505478

File: 1518821169722.jpeg (64.67 KB, 640x360, A650F2C8-5F0A-4A18-9E44-93599F…)

She does but to be fair that is actually how it works in the anime

No. 505484

File: 1518821450576.jpg (123.25 KB, 720x1173, DWDs0QCWAAA8Pc5.jpg)

Saw on my twitter feed, enjoy a nice throwback

No. 505501

Not a momokun lerker, but my impression seeing these better keychains is that Mariah stole the design of this art and simplified it for her OC
It honestly makes her look worse with all these allegations going around

No. 505511

22 years old, my dudes! Bitch needs to learn how to take care of herself in ways that aren't stuffing her face, drinking like a fish, and getting high off her ass.

No. 505534

Is it just me or have her eyes significantly changed shape over the past year? It's like some weird muscle paralysis, or perhaps the weight of her fat or the constant taping maybe, too, but they're notably more droopy than they used to be.

No. 505540

File: 1518824889119.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 934x1402, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 6.47…)

No. 505543

Weight gain + shit lifestyle choices

No. 505552

Sodium Intake on top of those two factors

No. 505567

I'm gonna legit buy two of these. Great work

She dresses like a fucking hobo. she looks like she smells bad here

No. 505570

all of these were posted already

No. 505583

File: 1518826598206.gif (14.25 MB, 421x750, 58691777-F400-4A0D-BCB7-C3DA6B…)

a bunny suit and a cow suit coming atcha

No. 505590

Vamp is cute here. Mariah's going to be her ugly friend that tags along because the cute friend pities her.

No. 505593

File: 1518826896379.png (367.57 KB, 1080x616, 20180216_212028.png)

i hate this

No. 505634

Ganbare, forest-kun!

No. 505635

I feel major secondhand embarrassment from her how cringe

No. 505641

darling in the franxx is basically porn.

No. 505642

kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 505646

what goes through her head?

No. 505651

Stop samefagging, it's incredibly obvious when you're not saging.
Either contribute, or stop shitting the thread up.

What is with the influx of newfags every time she goes to a con? It's like she's telling everyone about it or something, trying to garner pity and get more white knights.

No. 505652

Just report and ignore

No. 505670


It's obvious. We know she lurks here. She is always looking for pity points. It's no surprise she is telling her friends about this site. I'm sure it's to the point they're tired of hearing her talking about it. It's like when she was on Twitch one time and spent most of the stream talking about this website and tried to debunk all the "rumors". It was funny when people in the stream told her to shut up about lolcow and just play the game.

And yet… still no statement about the MyOppa scandal. That's how you know she knows she fucked up.

No. 505671

File: 1518830906406.png (1.2 MB, 1773x1866, 1517009507418.png)


Charm download link Here:

Should be ready to go and I attached some instructions on how to order from Zap Creatives! Do whatever you guys like.

No. 505672

it's probably just her. tho edgy-chan didn't seem to even be talking bout moo…

No. 505692

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

No. 505695

The editing is sooooo bad. I know he had to try to shine a turd but why the fuck are you going to leave her ass so bumpy and think all of those blurred areas are going to look alright? They're just around the area randomly and do absolutely nothing for her butt.

No. 505699

File: 1518833501647.jpeg (217.2 KB, 750x1051, 191B0A22-12E6-49E3-B392-22A2CC…)

No. 505701

File: 1518833842375.png (107.69 KB, 743x723, IMG_1761.PNG)

You think it's related?

No. 505703

File: 1518833896884.png (1.17 MB, 1427x1075, bitchbeencaught.png)

when you get caught stealing designs and original content

No. 505706

I see she found the dude she was molesting earlier. The thirst is becoming evident.

No. 505707

File: 1518833972686.jpg (16.89 KB, 256x256, IMG_1130.JPG)

She's clinging onto Holly because Jess isn't there.
Holly has always been known as discount Nigri I guess.

No. 505708

why didn't she get plain solid tights? does she not know they make them without control top???

No. 505709


Safe to say she is walking around with her vagina flaps out. Nasty

No. 505710

I remember someone in an earlier thread saying he has a girlfriend so that means he’s a prime target for nasty lardo moo.

No. 505715

Yep, she loves to pretend that she's an irresistible temptress because she can't hold a steady relationship to save her sorry life.

Being an easy lay around guys as trashy as she is means that sometimes she succeeds.

No. 505728

File: 1518835689780.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180216-184253.png)

I guess the girl started crying because she met her cosplay idol…

No. 505729

File: 1518835726648.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180216-184240.png)

Huge up close

No. 505732

File: 1518835849304.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180216-184930.png)

The translation?

No. 505734

Thanks for feeding her ego more ya sperg

No. 505738

the fact she multiple people to record this just shows how not genuine she is about it. like another anon said, it just feeds her ego and makes her think she's a legit ~cos-mom~ now

No. 505743

…yeah why are there so many shots of this? That’s pretty weird and unnatural.

No. 505744

I feel bad for this girl as she doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

No. 505746


Scrolling through her IG explains a lot as to why she idolizes Mariah… Ew.

No. 505747

we found pigs of the third kind? i guess its some dumb scifi references cause the third kind is some kind of alien reference

No. 505749

The thing that's concerning about Moo's fans is some of them (it seems mostly young female fans), genuinely look up to her and have fallen for her false loving persona. They see her as a cosplayer who embraces being body positive and being herself, completely blind to how she truly is.

No. 505751

Something like "Pig encounters of the third kind", like the movie.

No. 505755

hope she sees the video of that fake ass hair stroking moo did or whatever it was

No. 505756

Mucho thanks to the Anon making gifs of her stories so that we don't have to go to her insta. Its seriously appreciated.

No. 505762

File: 1518838971805.png (423.21 KB, 463x1067, what.png)

While the production quality was actually pretty good… what even was this video?

No. 505766

No. 505770

The mating dance of the retard turtle thot.

No. 505772

You can tell she didn't have someone who knew how to cinch up corsets there with her, as she looks larger than before-god it's still doing weird things around her vag, too.

No. 505782

File: 1518840572158.jpeg (383.87 KB, 2048x2048, C81D0D04-BA7E-49C5-B79B-32C4B1…)

Look who's back!!

No. 505785

File: 1518840662579.jpeg (507.03 KB, 1242x1682, 2403146B-5EDF-4741-8C3C-B6E90C…)

The fat squished underneath her pit… She has to be in pain all the time.

No. 505786

File: 1518840718513.jpeg (560.77 KB, 1242x1853, 1B1841E1-A9A9-437F-845C-DCB1A3…)

Her fans know what they really care about lmao. Also this caption is low-key creepy.

No. 505787

nah, that shit is migrated. shit's fucked yo.

No. 505788

even with thickass padding they're still so flat…

No. 505790

>still wearing cosplay shit
>puts ratty old flannel-kun on overtop

No. 505794

she is super self conscious about both fupa-chan and hankhill-kun.
flannel-kun is a two for one solution that hides both.

No. 505796

im pretty sure she still has the corset on tho so what is the point

No. 505802

oh diclonious, honey, you could do so much better

No. 505803

File: 1518841662980.png (9.82 MB, 1242x2208, 6712CDB1-6C74-43D0-9084-479478…)

Hard to see but the hard says “surgery can help”

She zooms In on it and makes a face before stuttering a half cut off “I already got it though”

No. 505809

Forest-kun does nothing for your lardy thighs and your extra-thiccccccccccccccc bacon arms though, Moo. God, neckbeards are so dumb when it comes to the human body.

No. 505813


Ugh, katsu is such a joke of a con. More than half the attendees there use it as a giant frat/party con. Mooriah must be right at home with these losers.

No. 505818

They both look like massive attention whores.

No. 505827

When your tiddys are both squished and saggy but still triple this poor dudes head…

No. 505829

File: 1518843911522.gif (4.32 MB, 421x750, 3CE5706D-C5AF-4713-B232-FF5E12…)

Yw anon I was hoping people appreciated it and hoped it was annoying, plus she’s so hard to cap sometimes and some of her stuff is more horrific in motion so it all helps.

No. 505834

she looks like a legit ape.

No. 505835

i both love and hate you for posting these

No. 505837

Seems like vein chan is working overtime at this year’s Katsu con

No. 505840

File: 1518844972161.gif (8.55 MB, 421x750, 9656AE57-03A4-4BA4-B419-FDAC07…)

No. 505845

Did she ask to slap his ass that's what I'm wondering because we all know she likes to put her hands on people without permission

No. 505847

The hiked up skirt and the underwear tells me that she had permission for a change.

No. 505854


Such second hand embarrassment..

No. 505855

File: 1518846541376.gif (5.3 MB, 421x750, 6E8AADAA-8D44-43EE-A02C-D26FCA…)

I already got it tho gif

No. 505880

She's probably high as fuck right now. That wig is going to be ratty as fuck by the end of the night.

These leaked videos really show how against her body she is. Her photos look nothing like this. We can all accept that some photoshop is acceptable even if it's bad, but she's having her entire body manipulated whenever she can.

No. 505882

she looks like a different person, and i dont mean that as a compliment
even in her face alone

No. 505883

File: 1518848839487.gif (9.46 MB, 421x750, 43B6F35A-4ED8-4D4B-B551-153D78…)

Carrying the girl she usually shoots her pochaco/sonico sets with

No. 505889

If she does something and doesn’t take video of it

Did it really happen at all

No. 505896

is she doing that in heels? they're both gonna die.

No. 505897

File: 1518849910234.jpg (65.74 KB, 506x928, 894914894189.jpg)

is this really a con? what the actual fuck

No. 505898

She is, at the end she says “I almost dropped her that would have been a bad time”

No. 505899

she's been working out SOOO hard doing all those tire flips while studying her double major and feeding the poor but she cant piggy back a tiny asian girl without faltering? Yeah she's in heels but you can tell her faltering is just cause she can barely carry the girl.

No. 505901

no, and this is how we know shes lying about school kekekekeke

No. 505904

its like 1am, this isnt con shit, just weeb partying

No. 505905

no it's cause she's in fucking heels. moo's fat too she probably can't balance in them normally.

No. 505912

And to think I wanted to go to this con and party with these people..oh how naive my 17 year old self was….sigh

No. 505919

"Weeb Partying" = Acting like a bunch of immature grade A+ autists

No. 505922

I was told they look like massive Squidward noses hanging from her chest and I'm nearly crying lol. How is this a good look?

No. 505923

I'm just wondering why doesn't she just get a facelift at this point? It would save time from having to tape her face up, it looks so painful compared to how her face usually sags
also, kek how she stopped pretending she's studying hard

No. 505924

File: 1518852586820.jpeg (106.35 KB, 750x644, F3412EAF-3F59-4A62-B059-A5D7E8…)

blah blah more sabah project hype, and a lolworthy retweet.

thanks for reminding us how ~highly you think of yourself momo. sometimes begone thot just means you want the damn thot gone

No. 505926

Oh god…this guy!

He's pretty creepy and white knights. A lot.

No. 505930

File: 1518853206386.png (837.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180217-094003.png)

those arms are HAMMY

No. 505931

Photo was already posted, try to read back before reposting.

No. 505932


I don't! That's what you get for being a gullible,easily manipulated moron! Her "teen" fans are old enough to know between right and wrong

No. 505936


She looks like Immortan Joe from this angle

No. 505937

File: 1518853955263.jpg (215.45 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 505938

File: 1518854054738.png (380.83 KB, 528x553, creepass.PNG)

Honestly I was wondering about him, he's in a few RT's she's done and he just seems so cringey.

No. 505940


Yeah,his insta is just pics of him with these girls and creepy cringeworthy captions

No. 505942

File: 1518854247463.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1870, 55068A67-5AF6-478B-9978-6ECB77…)

We all learn anon lol. I love going to local cons, but god knows I would never fly out for… this. It's nothing different from any other con except you pay an assload to go. Would rather shell out the money for Mag if I was really that desperate to sperg at Gaylord.

OT but I looked thru his IG a bit and he genuinely seems unstable. It's entirely devoted to talked about female cosplayers and how in love with them he is, how much he "misses" the ones that he's taken pictures with at cons, and how much they care about him. And gives them fanart and stuff. It's really spooky.

No. 505945


Leave the kid alone. He just lost his dad.

No. 505948


Yeah,I've moved on to other things anyways,I didn't have many friends in high school since I went to school with a lot of dicks,so I felt isolated,these people in this community took me under their wing,I was so happy to find out people who were just like me,but as I got older I realized these people were so fucking shallow and fake,I cut all ties with them,I'm glad I did it(blogposting)

No. 505951

At least sage your shit James

No. 505955

You mean second hand cringe

No. 505956


Not james

No. 505959

Then he should get therapy, not obsessing over women who will most likely get a restraining order on him.

No. 505961

Nah they seem to love it

But that kind of "out of pity" love

But let's not throw the thread OT,k?

No. 505964

File: 1518858100855.gif (1.65 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

footage of momo loving her "fans"…

No. 505966

You guys are free to take your traced re-stolen art project out of here, bans are being issued on counts of derailing, encouragement of cowtipping >>504314, and failure to adhere to board culture. This is a final warning.
Stay on topic.

No. 505971

Why did she contour her nose with dark makeup? It makes her look like she has a broken nose.

No. 505977

Yeah,a lot are there,like Byndo Gehk,Bindi Smalls,Stella Chuu,Kaybear,Danielle Bagle or whatever her fucking last name is!

So yeah..practically a big chunk of her "idols are there

No. 505978

The whole reason I started following her on IG was to watch the stories everyone talks about (I've used that one site where IG stories get stored so you can watch them without following her and with how many stories she posts a day it was a serious chore). So, anyway, your work isn't going unappreciated here!

No. 505987

Because Jess does it for her Roahog makeup

No. 506010

i think thot is a really fucking stupid term, but if theres a better word for mariah mallad ive yet to read it.

No. 506023

Kaybear's at AnimeMilwaukee, but yeah there's plenty of other people for her to harass this weekend no worries.

No. 506024

File: 1518869549171.png (2.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180217-040835.png)

Found this from ALA though

She's really lucky she had her stomach shaped and sucked because her natural overhang would be disgusting

No. 506044

Yeah for a hard-studying college student who doesn't party, Katsucon is probably the last con you'd want to go to. The room rule list is a mile long, people trash the hotels, there are obnoxious overly drunk people everywhere, and you can't trust any giveaway tub of gummy bears outside someone's hotel room.

No. 506046

For anyone not familiar with Katsucon, think of it this way.
Imagine the dumbest college frat party you can with unlimited alcohol and each room in the house is hosting its own mini-party with even more alcohol.
Now add cosplay to that and there's Katsucon.

It's like Momo's heaven on Earth and odds are we're never going to be rid of her after this.

No. 506085

File: 1518880622789.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, ADDC3ADD-634F-43C3-B9BC-D0057E…)

She’s going to look like a football player wearing all of saber, I can’t wait.

No. 506087

If I can find her later Ill try and get pictures for here

No. 506093

haha yes!

No. 506098

File: 1518882199783.jpeg (145.11 KB, 1200x800, 04948DDB-9F2C-4788-A1A5-0ACB83…)

No. 506116

Pretty much this. I've attended Katsu since its old location in DC and it never got this bad until certain types of cosplayers started attending. Now it's been synonymous with being a party con. It's basically the same cancer killing Magfest prime. Imagine lots of drunk people and half dressed cosplay thots, all fighting for attention. That's katsu now.

Very excited to see this disaster. Hope there are some candid shots.

No. 506119

File: 1518883333833.gif (2.07 MB, 320x179, 1338903936523707793.gif)

Please, and thank you.

No. 506129

Same for Dragon Con imo

No. 506154

cons in general are becoming like this. it's like nerds trying to relive college/hs days they didn't get to party during.

No. 506161

At least at D*C they still have a bunch of panels and events going on if you want to avoid the partiers. Plus Momo will never go because she'd be a nobody there, just another pig in a crap costume milling about drunkenly.

No. 506164

Let me tell you guys about Colossalcon…
We've got Nigri and Momo and other costhots flying out here to bumfuck Ohio because "waterpark con".
A few years back it was fun and laid back, now us locals can't even get a fucking room because it's overrun with people like them. It's the worst.

No. 506165

You anons sound like some boring fucks tbh. Alcohol and party cons are absolutely fine and are fun as fuck with the right people. It's the shitty cosplayers that are buying shit from China and spreading STD's that are the problem. Like Moo!

Let's keep trashing Moo instead of looking like a bunch of beta-cucks who need to get back home before 10pm so mommy can warm our milk for us.

No. 506197

>beta cucks
Found the 4chan pseudo alpha

Most of us go to cons to enjoy fandoms and costumes, not slog through crowds of drunken normies. I don’t want to pay hundreds for the same experience I could get going to a bar or club at a fraction of the cost. Momo is one cow but her mentality isn’t hers alone and is poison to the community.

No. 506202


This, yall sound lame Af. Dont knock the partiers, focus on moo. What, yall dont like fun? Lol

No. 506204

Half the amazing no-drama cosplayers are drunk af during the cons. Stop shaming people for having a good time when there are a small amount of people who can't handle their alcohol. That's every event held everywhere btw not just cons(nobody cares )

No. 506216

no one's shaming people you child. drinking=/getting drunk. and even if """drama free""" people are drunk no one is talking about them, we're talking about the frat party idiots who are trying to act like being a sloppy drunk slut is cool.

No. 506221

Lol child confirmed, you sound like a butthurt kid whos mad at people having fun at your precious cons. Have a Drink, mate.

No. 506225

File: 1518889995591.jpeg (109.43 KB, 488x516, 41FF569C-5317-4386-9A80-4AE627…)


No. 506227


this petty derailing shit is how we got demoted to snow, get the fuck out of here with this stupid shit. it gives us a chance to see moomo acting like a damn fool, so appreciate it for that.

more on topic, did anyone else find the candid roadhog pics not as bad as they expected? especially the videos, her back looks pretty smooth - filter magic or surgical smoothing?

No. 506233

We won't know how we got demoted till the townhall tmrw. Too much speculation.

BUT YES. It's weird. But not consistent all the time. She probably holds most of her fat in her arms or stomach so while her back has rolls it's not where her fat goes first.

No. 506236

I can't believe she would buy surgical smoothing but not lipo on her arms, so considering this time around the bra isn't in the middle of her tits she likely just loosened up the bra.

No. 506241

you're right, but looking again at the snapchat vids, she's stiff as FUCK. even in the dance one where she rotates a full 360 (thanks for that), everything from shoulder to hip is pulled straight and tight. she's gotta be sucking in with all the power she has

No. 506256

i think we have an idea…

No. 506318

spanish anon here, it means dirty encounters of the third kind
marranos means pigs but its also adjective for dirty and nasty

No. 506322

I wish Moo's Katsu fangirl would wake up and realise she's just being used by her and Vamp so they portray as kind cosmoms who love the community.

No. 506345

Still no pictures of her Sabre?
Wonder if she didn't get a chance to try it on before con because she rushed it so bad, and now that she has it looks terrible.

It didn't look like it would flatter her body type at all from the mannequin pictures

No. 506351

That’s honestly what I’m wondering, like does it just look like shit and she hyped it up too much or is she slurking around the room still? All the tweets of how ~this is the day~ and it’s nearly 3. Vamps already out with other fate cosplayers and she didn’t even accidentally show moo

No. 506352

File: 1518896745024.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Found a tagged photo in IG

No. 506353

Woah, for a sec, I thought that was Mariah in the Mei costume

No. 506357

This costume covers her huge arms and shoulders and the big skirt hides her massive legs and disproportionate midsection. I dont think she looks awful here. This costume seems like a decent choice for her body.

No. 506358

Saber has some dark ass brows huh

No. 506359

Moo's been Saber for at least two hours now, well according to Diclonious's Instagram who has been given the opportunity to spend time with her cosplay gods.

No. 506364

File: 1518897241118.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 6807FAC1-BDE8-4F0D-940F-C18D1D…)

No. 506368

Cheers anon forgot to attach a pic. This girl is clueless asf it seems.

No. 506369

Thats probably why she isn't showing it off like her more revealing cosplays, even though this is suppose to be her DREAM COSPLAY.

Reminds me of her Camilla 2.0 tbh. Rushed it while at the same time hyping it up, but it was PURE GARBAGE and literally held up by binder clips.

No. 506375

hiding to the side again?

No. 506376

File: 1518897880152.jpeg (147.55 KB, 960x720, 752039ED-7767-4DDA-AC34-4F1460…)

Oh boy

No. 506377


Exactly. She can’t slosh around her flapjack tits and pancake ass to distract from how shitty her craftsmanship is, so she will try to avoid showing it off as much as possible. Right up until she comes here, sees what we say, and then will beg people to take photos with her and will constantly go on about how many people complimented and begged her to get a photo off her.

No. 506379

Ewww is that Alex Rose? She used to post about moo on facebook all the time, funny that she's sucking up to her in person.

No. 506381


the girl on the right is actually somehow more terrifying than moo

No. 506385

Her sword is Excalibur inside of the sheathe WHY is it so fucking tiny. Avalon (the sheathe) is huge and almost as wide as the hilt this looks AWFUL

No. 506388

File: 1518898764600.jpeg (200.57 KB, 750x1020, 64407693-76AB-4D66-AB1A-BD3B05…)

No. 506391

File: 1518898865201.jpeg (204.58 KB, 750x1012, E4F9196F-B2B2-419B-B5F6-495D64…)

No. 506392

File: 1518898885610.jpeg (69.37 KB, 750x338, 887E9F03-3970-4EA1-876D-D2D37F…)

No. 506393

File: 1518898892825.jpeg (157.07 KB, 960x720, 1518897880152.jpeg)

No. 506394

File: 1518898967444.jpg (55.09 KB, 720x960, 1518585635247[1].jpg)


i'm not seeing that side armor she worked so hard on…

No. 506399

Proof? I wonder how moo feels knowing 75% of the people who take pics with her at cons are just doing it to post here

No. 506400

maybe it couldn't fit in her bag? remember she said she was having a hard time packing

No. 506401

Bingo,that's what I'm saying to all the people who are like "I feel so sorry for her,she doesn't know what she's getting herself involved in"

Like,NOPE,I don't feel sorry for her,these naive teen fans of hers are old enough to know between right and wrong,and when this fangirl of hers comes to realize momo is a scumbag and it's too late,that's on her ass

No. 506404

File: 1518899326038.png (131.11 KB, 750x1291, IMG_6568.PNG)

Did she cut the bangs with a nail clipper

No. 506405

File: 1518899398651.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1993, 1DF2D201-A4EC-456E-8E46-7BA78F…)

No. 506409

File: 1518899488243.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 67E16448-ECC0-480B-9339-FF30F8…)

No. 506410

samefag, okay nvm an anon posted a picture where you can see them (kinda)

No. 506411

File: 1518899642135.png (78.43 KB, 274x320, 409.png)


Vamplette's future cosplay

No. 506412

Dude there’s really nothing left once she covers her skin. Pity.

No. 506413

File: 1518899707794.png (882.26 KB, 1020x1040, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 3.34…)

No. 506415

File: 1518899849158.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, C71E98CE-2101-46CD-96C8-D9A63B…)

I took this pic yesterday but forgot to upload it. Look at her fucking belly

No. 506416


mariah stuffin her face with candy. nobody's surprised.
and vamp drinking something with heavy cream. no wonder she's gaining weight

No. 506417

Cosplay Granny.

This profile view of Vamp looks like Luna Slater's boyfriend Lurch with blonde hair.

No. 506420

Its a soy hot chocolate with whip cream at Starbucks, clam down

No. 506421

They don't even look interested in this girl! lmao!

No. 506426

File: 1518900782490.jpg (138.22 KB, 900x1200, DWQ3_DVW0AANUwh.jpg)

No. 506427

File: 1518900977473.jpg (123.84 KB, 675x1200, DWQsXPgXcAAny9e.jpg)

When you see it..

No. 506428

File: 1518901096197.jpg (60.35 KB, 360x480, IMG_1035.JPG)

The blues are different shades and oh god I can't get over those damn bangs.

No. 506431

why, whyyyyy wouldn't she have someone just hold the phone, why did this seem like a good idea

No. 506434

That waist cincher is just grotesque. How the hell do her organs endure the pressure?

No. 506438

Such caring cosplayers for their newfound fan friend.

No. 506454

She cares so much for her fans!

No. 506466

File: 1518903579896.gif (9.74 MB, 421x750, 058DBC93-498F-4E27-B8CB-0CC606…)

No. 506468

File: 1518903673368.gif (4.11 MB, 421x750, A15EA65D-9C73-4418-AE6E-43FFE8…)

No. 506469

Can someone explain to me how her tits look relatively small in >>505318 but like huge hanging cow udders in >>505323? I can't wrap my head around that difference. Are they all length and no volume?

No. 506470

I'm actually not trying to be an asshole here but is that chest peice supposed to be so pulled away from her neck? Maybe it is but it really doesn't look right.

No. 506472

This bitch is so self-absorbed holy shit.

No. 506473

She can't bring a small shoulder bag or handbag to the con?? Why stuff it into your gross forest??

No. 506474

File: 1518903958163.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's gonna shoot in SF next month

No. 506477

File: 1518904023876.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

How pathetic is this cow to take such pride in a costume she had almost zero to do with making??

No. 506478

File: 1518904055298.gif (17.38 MB, 421x750, 7D1EB1A6-BF1A-467D-BE8F-984325…)

No. 506479

File: 1518904154646.jpg (86.7 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-006243.jpg)


The whole chest piece should be smaller, but it seems that kbbq was afraid to make it too small for her considering how fast she gains weight (or maybe just on purpose) and at the end made a massive chest plate.

No. 506494

It shouldn't be pulled away from the neck, no. Seems it was made ill-fitting, or Mariah doesn't care how stupid it looks when it's sticking out like that

No. 506501

Such a stiff dress. She's like all those cheap knock off figures she buys

No. 506507

You shouldn't see her hoops sticking out/stiff like they are. She didn't get a long enough hoop skirt/should have just gone with petticoats.

No. 506509

The issue is that it was commissioned probably 2 lipo sessions ago. She's had that chest piece for months (around when she first got Guzma I believe) so with how much her weight/size fluctuates it probably would have fit perfectly if she wasnt addicted to lipo.

Also I'm triggered by the extremely visible hoop skirt.
>>506405 Once again her 'fan' outdoes her from the neck down. Just get like a thin bridal petti to go over the hoops. Also GET AN IRON I'm so triggered

No. 506515

File: 1518905349433.jpg (93.48 KB, 600x450, 82873_jose_3_0.jpg)

No. 506518

why is she wearing the side armor here but not

No. 506524


I think it looks weird because the part where the cape comes together it behind her chest piece. Making it pop out more.

It looks fine here >>506405
when she is wearing the cape over the chest plate like the actual art.

It looks like Mariah's lack of attention to detail was the culprit once again (what a surprise).

Although, I also wouldn't be surprised if she gave him measurements of her body without a waist trainer and she's probably wearing a corset or something under the dress making her waist tinier than it actually is.

No. 506526

two options:
>it fell off because it's something she herself made and of course it would
>it's moved behind her because she couldnt attach it in a way that it wouldnt shift and she hasnt noticed it

No. 506541

File: 1518906388018.jpg (2.13 MB, 2560x2560, 18-02-17-16-59-30-788_deco.jpg)

I'm just going to list off some things Mariah would have benefited from when "making" and wearing this cosplay.

>Binding her chest before putting on her armor.

It would help with not only making the chest piece lay better but it would be accurate to the character.

>Letting someone else make all her armor.

She would have been better off letting KBBQ make all of the armor because as it is, it doesn't look uniform.

>NOT doing that dumb "weathering" shit to the armor.

She made her armor look far worse buy "weathering" it. It looks cheap and is inaccurate to how Saber's armor looks in official works.

>Clasping the cape over the chest piece.

I have no idea why she thought it went beneath when it's show to go over it. Pic related.

>Using a not so poofy petticoat instead of a hoopskirt.

The white fabric seems thin, so it would definitely look better with a petti than a hoop skirt. Also, again, it would be more accurate considering that Saber's dress isn't all that poofy in the first place.

>Buying a prestyled wig from a decent seller.

She needs to do this in general but especially with Saber. It looks sloppy and drags the quality of her already mediocre cosplay down.

>Pay more attention to certain details.

Like how the cloth part of that black leather belt goes over the dress and not underneath. Nor is it attached to the base dress.

>Appropriate makeup

Light foundation, natural looking, short falsies, tightlining her eyes, softer brows and some carmex for her ashy ass lips would have been much better. It fits Saber better than what she had currently going on.

That's all I could think of from the top of my head.

No. 506547

She looks incredibly average in a modest costume. Just goes to show the only thing she has going for her is showing off her vag. This more 'dream build' side of her is too weak, the damage is done with diving too quick into lewds and this won't bring in money.

No. 506552

File: 1518906903580.jpeg (297.78 KB, 747x1082, E6ADA283-A8D7-40DC-8315-00AE44…)

No. 506558

that lil moustache

No. 506571

yeah nah it's definitely not supposed to pop out like that and I don't know why she thinks it's ok. it looks like it's falling apart like her shitty Mei boots.

this could've been an ok cosplay -not amazing, but ok - but in typical Mariah fashion she has to terminally fuck it up. not just with the chest armor, but neglecting to pack the rest of the fucking costume….

No. 506576

God, those bangs look way too straight for the character, what a disaster

>Amazing wig styling entirely made by me, my dudes!

No. 506577

always nice when her fans look 100x better than her

No. 506593

Lol probably because when she went in for the fitting the first time her chest and arms and shoulder area were about 13 to 14 inches smaller. It was made by David, so I guess after their little falling out she never went back to have it reshaped around her body.

>Inb4 Mariah claims her massive ham arms and shoulders are because of all her gym gainz my dudes

No. 506632

is that a girl or a dude?

No. 506638

chest armour looks fucked up from that angle

No. 506640

all of these are terrible

No. 506656

she wants to look like some bad bitch so bad but its like we just saw a video of you doing a t-rex dance in a bikini and suckin on dick shaped lolipops like

No. 506662

The chest piece is hanging out in front of her in every other photo lol

No. 506665

Isn't that the sword she paid $700 for too? If so that is sad as fuck.

No. 506668

File: 1518915242528.jpeg (261.61 KB, 731x868, 098C4370-DB9D-483C-A13E-96F78C…)

No she paid $700 for mordred which is another sword from the fate series

No. 506678

the fangirl is so much cuter than the professional thot

No. 506694

File: 1518917613467.jpg (6.02 KB, 268x188, images.jpg)


Ah, that's what she was reminding me of

No. 506698

the fangirl looks like she could be her little sister or cousin

in before mariah starts calling her that

No. 506723

File: 1518920081346.gif (5.39 MB, 421x750, 3A614F0A-EC17-4578-8664-F88E9A…)

if no one takes a picture of you taking pictures are you even a photographer?

No. 506729

File: 1518920277481.gif (7.93 MB, 421x750, 7BF34BCD-B5B2-4B97-B8BB-37BA96…)

Blowing smoke and grabbing Asians faces, typical momo stuff nbd

No. 506745

i actually feel like vamp looked better than mariah this entire con and that's really not saying much. theyre like thotty bert and ernie.

No. 506746

Those. Fucking. Loafers. Does she own more than two pairs of shoes? Holy shit.

And why is her fucking neck as thick as her head?!

No. 506750

Hell a petticoat over the hoop skirt would help even just to hide the boning

No. 506751

File: 1518921588264.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, B474393C-524A-4CFE-9EC3-67B08B…)

Y’all know this is going to her head

No. 506752

File: 1518921684185.jpg (77.55 KB, 500x393, tumblr_nk6n6ogfhi1tqf4lio1_500…)

>That dab at the end.

No. 506756

Called it on that wig from Vamp's Junkrat being for something else entirely. Even if she's just using for every day wear currently. Anyway back on subject judging by this picture how often did they acknowledge this poor fangirl outside of picture taking?? I feel bad for her. This is the highlight of her con adventure. Her idol not even acknowledging her probably checking in here to see what's being said.

No. 506760

Guess she doesn’t know/care that you aren’t supposed to vape in the gaylord

No. 506776

Her makeup just looks dirty and I don't know why. Probably because her skin is so dry and she didn't bother to try to make her eyebrows paler. The wig also looks crusty as hell.

No. 506830

I re downloaded IG just to watch her stories, and her and vamp are baked out of their mind in yesterday's stories. It's them giggling nonstop like idiots and saying stupid shit loudly in a hotel hallway for like 8 stories straight.
They're so immature and annoying. I can't imagine dealing with them irl.

No. 506835

File: 1518927796529.png (935.45 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8276.PNG)

Okay but why her tiddy falling out.

Probably so she can take "sexy" shots.
She really can't do a cosplay without finding a way to slut it up.

No. 506858

i'm no butt scientist, but i thought it was jennalynnmeowri for a hot second

No. 506862

There's something about her Saber makeup that's majorly grossing me out, it looks soooo dry. Somebody get this cow a moisturizer.

No. 506891

I wonder if the fan who hung out with Momo and Vamp is a field agent who pretends to be a fan and just went undercover…

No. 506896

File: 1518930855350.png (1.36 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2018-02-17-21-11-17…)

No. 506897

File: 1518930885680.png (613.33 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-02-17-21-11-22…)

No. 506903

File: 1518931525068.png (1.13 MB, 720x834, Screenshot_2018-02-17-21-19-40…)

No. 506912

those crusty eyebags are horrifying. and she went way too short on the bangs. she looks special needs.

No. 506915

Her hoop skirt is too short. Surely such a pro cosplayer would know how to pick a suitable hoop skirt?

No. 506917

I bet she’s going to shoot at Palace of Fine Arts. Every fate cosplayer and their mom always shoot there. I also live near that area and will snap pics if i see our cow

No. 506935

photos like this proves that she's a nobody. You think yaya, jnig or even lesser known cosplayers like Steff, or Phil Mizuno could stand in the middle of a busy con hallway and have literally NO ONE even looking in her direction? If there were a bunch of people taking pictures in front of her there would also be glances because people are nosy. it just shows how little people care about her cosplay and her as a person.

So much for having 'totemo legit' 100k followers

Also her prop isnt peace bonded so she's breaking those con rules as well since i'm pretty sure Katsucon has a rule that all large/weapon props need to be checked.

No. 506937

her bangs are so uneven it’s killing me, you’d think her “attention to detail” would’ve kicked in while styling her “dream cosplay”….. I’ve literally bought multiple wigs for a character because I was unhappy with the way I’d styled it, this just screams lazy to me

No. 506941

File: 1518934553196.png (327.34 KB, 357x626, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.14…)

did fupachan break a boning channel already?

No. 506942

Nah, Moo just shoved her phone up there like the sexy bombshell that she is. No wonder all the neckbeards fall for her.

No. 506944

I don't know why she doesn't just stick her phone in her bra like a normal thot.

No. 506946

File: 1518934815688.png (119.16 KB, 154x434, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.20…)

i dunno if this was posted yet got jfc

No. 506948

File: 1518935095910.gif (393.75 KB, 540x299, 1506346876262.gif)

22 and so busted.

No. 506950

File: 1518935129577.png (325.64 KB, 595x622, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.24…)

I knew that chick seemed familiar. She's a girl who tags Moo in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

No. 506951

File: 1518935216271.png (239.92 KB, 599x623, Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.27…)

No. 506954

Posts like this make me wonder if she’s a munchie too

No. 506960

oh shit she tagged victorina and amanda too. she looks super creepy now ew.

No. 506964

File: 1518935980922.jpg (129.55 KB, 921x867, 894948489.jpg)

ok this is way too much

No. 506965

This is such old milk of course it's been seen dude

No. 506971

File: 1518936336547.jpg (20.02 KB, 544x370, dPlzTty.jpg)

So Mariah wants to wear Nigiri's skin, and this girl wants to wear Mariah's skin. Amazing.

No. 507002

>too-big chestplate is falling off
>She's not even wearing anything under the chestplate
> No side armor
> All armor pieces look clunky
> Wig looks like a dead rat
> Fabric looks cheap
> Hoop skirt is awkward and makes the white dress hang funny

I am alive and living anons. I've never seen so much "effort" put into something that looks so mediocre.

No. 507005

Her face is so dry and crusty compared to girl on the left… yikes

No. 507013

Yeah seriously every time she does a "bigger build" like this she acts like it's a huge accomplishment that she made a costume that's not based on sex appeal and how "hard" she worked for a cosplay that's 90% commissioned.

I don't get why she can throw $700 on a fucking sword but insists on ruining her wigs herself. They always look awful with straight-chopped strands of hair, ratty look due to excessive product being used and the wrong color almost every time.

To be honest this person seems to be pretty unstable/socially impaired judging by her social media.

No. 507015

The chest piece looks like it's about to fall off, I'm cringing. Nice attention to detail Moo.

No. 507016

What's scarier is that Moo likely will use her unstable state for her own gain. This is a new groupie after all. And one with medical issues to boot? I can already see it now. Her making a huge deal about being there for one fan as a "See guys not all my fans are neckbeards! Lookit this precious girl!! I'm helping her!!"

No. 507019


She also wore the chestplate wrong it looks like and it triggers me. Like why is the cape behind it instead of in front of it like the official art? It makes the chest piece look chunkier than it actually is.

I don't know how this girl could ever be proud of her "big builds" when she makes barely anything for them. Where's the fun and joy in that? The worst part is she acts like she's doing the actual cosplayers a favor by wearing what she commissioned from them. Thinking she's some walking advertisement yet she continues to take credit for other people's work.

She calls herself a "weeb with a sewing machine" but she never even uses her fucking sewing machine. The irony.

No. 507020

This is exactly what Moo's plans are. Fangirl is nothing more than a pawn in this game. This fan is clearly not mentally well and is quite obsessed, which could only end on disaster at some point.

No. 507027

File: 1518942764549.jpg (308.53 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180218_033136.jpg)

Those bangs are atrocious.

Endo is diagnosed only with surgery. She's playing it up for attention.

No. 507031

I feel like this could have been ok if she had not worn the cape, secured the chestplate correctly and had a hoopskirt that actually fit correctly. This one is way too big and to get the right shape for Saber you pretty much have to custom make it.
I still think she wore the cape to cover up the fact that she didn't make the back armor.
Basically moo took what could have been a mildly decent costume and turned it into a shitshow

No. 507038

But you not only watch all those stories but waste your life posting about it here.(you're still here)

No. 507049

I feel a little bad that this was her “dream” Cosplay and yet it doesn’t look anything special… the dark eyebrows, ten uneven bangs, the plainness of it all.

I know it sounds just like general levels of mean that we always are when I say it but I genuinely feel a smidge bad for her. It’s a such a huge let down of a costume.

No. 507053

No, you're not wrong. It's just average at best, nor is she improving whatsoever. Plus, she made what…20% of it? None of it is her own work.

No. 507063

i just realized she hasn’t posted about her sponsorship with grrl clothing or whatever in a while. have i just missed her posts or do you think they finally noticed all the backlash surrounding her and dropped her?

No. 507077


i can't decide if this girl needs her own thread or if she belongs in the momokun calves thread or munchies thread

No. 507161

Because grrrl clothing is terrible with codes moos code still works she occasionally orders from them and shows off on ig that she got a new package from grrl and shows off the code but she never ever wears any of the clothes from them when she “works out” just the same smelly Nike pants and hoodies even though grrrl sent her at least every bottom style they had in stock months ago.

No. 507255

I think the cape is to hide a mix of not having to make back armor AND not having to make the top/sleeves. They’re not easy, she couldn’t even make the skirt part herself.

No. 507264

Just passed her in Nando's. Flannel tied at the waist and all

No. 507266

File: 1518973184108.gif (6.95 MB, 421x750, 953135E4-E980-4AB8-8FD2-0B6BF1…)

day three has started

No. 507268

File: 1518973326720.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, FA7F5E3F-76B2-431C-B4CD-ED486C…)

No. 507274

So much for 1200 calories max a day. Food from Nando's is full of calories, she's just gonna keep piling on the pounds at this rate

No. 507275

File: 1518973656307.gif (7.02 MB, 421x750, 62020978-7BF9-4E42-82F5-21C8E2…)

“When your friend is a low key celebrity so you have to wait”

No. 507278


Oh god…when did Marvin become such a leech? If I'm being honest I am not surprised. He always gave me a weird vibe when I used to shoot with him years back.

No. 507285

File: 1518974199814.gif (7.6 MB, 421x750, 3B899431-85D1-4F70-89A4-9D6A8E…)

No. 507292

File: 1518974657852.png (179.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180218-091711.png)

caps taken from a group with her saber cosplay posted. kek

No. 507296

File: 1518974821113.gif (1.35 MB, 500x433, 1516335626163.gif)

The epitome of class, ladies and gentlemen.

No. 507311

So… No Mion cosplay with roller skates?

No. 507318

asian fuckboys, it's all she knows.

No. 507347

Probably too 'thicc' to wear it as it looked nothing her actual size on the mannequin.

No. 507349

Agreed, especially since the majority of this costume was made by other people. She doesn't stick out at all at a place like Katsu where Saber builds are a dime a dozen and can look a lot nicer. It's strange, because she looks so mediocre for a costume that's supposed to be really glam.

No. 507386

File: 1518980935883.gif (5.91 MB, 421x750, AD73630C-9769-434A-AC7F-8F30D2…)

here she comes

No. 507414

File: 1518982279898.png (30.42 KB, 245x210, knuckles.png)

No. 507447

File: 1518983854310.jpeg (240.65 KB, 750x1061, DCF18A02-2F37-49C1-88D9-53AC84…)

> stop bullying
> under a momokun picture

No. 507493

File: 1518985797514.jpg (17.48 KB, 344x383, 04f973717a839fe5a25fc5f35c93f6…)

I saw her Saber and her makeup made her look gray. It was weird.

No. 507500

do you think her and noodles are boning? i'm surprised she hasn't jumped on it yet tbh

No. 507523

the calves thread still exists?

No. 507557


yup, found here:

looks like someone has already been posting about moo's munchie stalker in this thread too

No. 507572

File: 1518990088677.jpg (187.84 KB, 900x1200, prof.jpg)

No. 507584

File: 1518990703189.png (54.55 KB, 659x497, facebook comments.png)

No. 507589

This cosplay is so incredibly sad looking. It really highlights her actual lack of talent as a cosplayer. If someone showed me this picture with me knowing nothing of Moo, you couldn't pay me enough to believe this girl has 100k following for her COSPLAY. She looks … exactly like what she doesn't want her followers to believe. A girl with beginning level sewing and armor making skills who just made her first gown and armor set. Even with the majority of the pieces commissioned/ made by friends for her, the cosplay looks mediocre at best. The design is beautiful but on Moo it just falls flat. I'm even dumb founded on how she managed to muck up the chest piece (it looks like she repainted the entire thing) so much since KBBQ does do some solid armor work.

No. 507590

Ew, why does she insist on these unattractive close ups of her mouth??

No. 507594

File: 1518991282106.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

That breast plate just hovering above her tits will forever trigger me. Nothing is fitted right. Her wig is sloppy and the bangs are fucked. It's hilariously plain and bad. It's literally a novice's first big cosplay; ill-fitted hoop skirt and all. It's BAD.

No. 507608

File: 1518992070305.png (382.17 KB, 480x472, 53516637373.png)

I know that there's a calves thread. But is still laughable the comparations between them in the quality aspect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 507611

but houseki cosplayers with normal wigs are just shitty too

No. 507622

Her Lunafreya cosplay was held together with pins, she's just as shit in quality as Moo.

No. 507629

Nah noodles is boning miso Tokki that Sonico she took pictures with

No. 507635

since when this kind of stuff stopped her?

No. 507658


What's with these above average looking cosplayers dating below average guys who are also their photographers? I guess it kills two birds with one stone?

But like anon said I don't think Mariah cares whether or not he's taken. Plus he's a fuckboy himself. He tried to chase after some of my friends by using photo shoots as an excuse to be near them.

No. 507671


Put the cape over the chest plate!!! Why is she so dumb? The chest plate is clearly sticking out because the cape is right behind it.


Why does she keep insisting she "works hard" on her cosplays. Oh honey… you barely made anything on it! I'm sorry that you think making 15% of your own cosplay is "hard work." Yeah, maybe that's a lot more than you're used to doing but many of us cosplayers work on more than half of our cosplays!

Honestly, she can just say that she commissions everything and doesn't do any work. Hell, she could've used it as a way to talk about how she commissions because she's SOOOO busy taking so many classes. No one would care if she didn't do any work. It's when she pretends to be a hard worker when she clearly isn't is when people have a problem.

Just stop Moo.

No. 507696


I feel like it's not the cape, it looks like the plate isn't big enough for her chest. Which is why her boobs are spilling out the side from that other video.

No. 507699


Leave it to Moo to lie about her size. But then again she probably thinks she's still what she used to be 3 years ago. Her Pochaco and Roahog bras were so ill fitting that she's either terrible at choosing clothes or is delusional and thinks she a size small.

No. 507702

Doesn't help judging by the side spillage her dumb ass is wearing a push up bra rather than a sports bra to pull it in.

No. 507713

She could have added a strap or something to push it back. Its just so lazy to leave it as is.

No. 507724


Hey anon, according to her she worked VERY hard on it already. She doesn't have time to do any more work especially with all the classes she's taking to dual major.

No. 507725

Didn't she talk about shirt sizes recently and said she's like a medium or whatever?

No. 507728

Probably a Unisex/Mens medium

No. 507732

Cuz he closet hates her but is nice to her because of his gf, he kinda avoided her til toki convinced him to keep shooting with her. Pussy whipped so of course he does the shoots.

No. 507736

what the fuck is wrong with her skirt. she is standing right!?!? someone explain this to me, i dont cosplay or wear skirts

and that fucking plate, god its like her whole cosplay is running away to the left side of the photo

No. 507750

She's wearing a shitty hoopskirt so the shape is all wrong and it's too short for the actual skirt so it hangs awkwardly off the hoopskirt

No. 507753

File: 1518998646391.jpeg (205.34 KB, 750x1155, 2BCC79E7-B925-4089-A483-C61E05…)

Time to delete this guy from my page

No. 507754

File: 1518998662319.jpeg (142.18 KB, 669x1073, 6F5FD18C-19B9-494C-BED0-C16CA4…)

No. 507760

you should anyway, I watched this guy put his hands all over a very drunk girl in the hotel lobby of AWA, he never stopped even though she continuously pushed him away.

Even alerted staff and they did nothing.

No. 507761

thats just her regular face kris

No. 507762

why do you even follow kawaiibro, he is 100% a male thot. like nigri of the males since he is sort of starting it or making it 'famous' now

No. 507764


Proof ??

No. 507771

File: 1518999248279.jpeg (226.87 KB, 750x832, 9BBE5D55-3B96-43AA-87BB-BA6525…)

roblox oof

No. 507774

Omar touched someone or Kawaiibro? I don’t follow KB, I follow Omar.

No. 507776


Omar did.

No. 507777

The armor is trying to escape from her

No. 507779

oh ok, they are all shitty tho. also omar is so so so fucking ugly he looks like a 40 years old jesus lord

ok sage for ot

No. 507780

Wonder how long Moo loitered around near the infamous gazebo during the entire weekend to get noticed and stalk all the other high tier cosplayers. She's not really ventured too far apart from going outside for photoshoots.

No. 507802

File: 1519000468778.jpg (211.35 KB, 1107x832, 541651489.jpg)

such attention to details my dudes

No. 507814

also I wish she would give someone her correct measurements for once because god knows those ham hocks she calls arms can’t breathe

No. 507818

The wig hurts me so bad

No. 507831

The elf in the backround is thinking about jumping off because she Moo in that outfit

No. 507834


No. 507835

holy shit that blouse is so fucking tight!! not sure if shitty craftsmanship or if its just too small, but the fact the buttons and the ruffles are all over the place is just….

No. 507836

Black heels and not white and orange sneakers? Like I get that heels give the illusion of being slightly slimmer but that accuracy tho

No. 507842

this is so laughably bad

No. 507844

so much for rollerblades

>adds wrist items for no fucking reason

No. 507845

I never understood her ROLLERBLADES angle because…shion isn’t even the one wearing rollerblades?

No. 507848

I seriously think this is literally the worst we've ever seen her so far. She looks 40 years old, bloated, ans high/drunk/has downs syndrome.

How does she allow shit like this to get posted on the internet???

No. 507849

someone said they arent allowed anyways, but im just amused its another thing shes screwed up

what a fucking joke of an existance.

No. 507851

My guesses? She had them but most cons don't allow skates of any kind. So was told to put them away. Or the more likely she really couldn't even be upright without falling on her ass (the likely 1 time she wore them) so left them.

No. 507857

She has to know it’s rough, she only wore it for a short amount of time (is already back into her pink wig, flannelchan combo on vamps story) and she hasn’t posted any pictures of it besides the one on her instastory and that’s not even full body. The picture that was posted she’s only tagged in

No. 507864

File: 1519002377169.gif (5.69 MB, 421x750, 57A9488A-6C7B-4E8C-BA78-935D5E…)

No. 507872

This is so sad to look at. A few years ago she was actually flesh colored. Now she looks like an unhealthy shade of grayish yellow. She aged 15 years in just 2. She's the poster child of why a healthy diet, sleep and a drug-free diet is important.

No. 507876

Princess Zelda would never do such a thing anon lol.

No. 507880

She doesn't look her age at all. Every normal costume she does that doesn't include tits and pussy hanging out with Photoshop editing looks bad on her.

No. 507906


Fucking lord she is haunting to look at.

No. 507923

File: 1519004542390.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1232x2134, 72EDB0B3-2420-4A17-B822-829A8B…)

No. 507925

Her lazy eye is REALLY OBVIOUS in this one

No. 507927

File: 1519004632292.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, stopit.gif)

>wearing that ratty pink wig every single day

No. 507929

Christ, I like Higurashi a lot and if I saw her at a con in that I would have absolutely know idea who she was. I don't understand how you can fuck up the simplest wig. This is like beginner level styling.

No. 507949

She legitimately looks like she’s on hard drugs here. She’s so…grey and dead looking.
But she’s still fat so idk.

No. 507956

Seriously. I mean I’m sure we all have had some pretty bad candid photos at cons. But god damn, she looks bad in ALL of them.
Poor moo. Her ugly personality is taking over. She used to be so cute.

No. 507961

File: 1519005641472.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 8F0EEA66-D138-414D-BD24-1402DB…)

The ripples in her stomach

No. 507968

you mean whats left of her abs she bought?

No. 507969

File: 1519006046654.gif (7.39 MB, 421x750, D7890228-F0AC-452B-BA4A-F203C9…)

birthday dinner for vamp, was a good friend and brought cupcakes, lead an annoying rendition of happy birthday (always annoying) and still with new bff holly

No. 507974

Good one. I applaud you

No. 507975

Is it just me or does she make her videos of her friends look so bad so she can be the only cute one?

No. 507988

File: 1519006790466.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, 54A17138-A6D4-4BDF-A453-2679FE…)

No. 507990

she's so gross omg.

No. 507991

surprised this isn't another "i showed you my x pls respond" pic

No. 507992

I showed u my plot answer me

No. 507995

File: 1519007041427.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, 191BCFDA-0899-4159-9EA8-2BC06F…)

the “plotting” is continued from vamps insta, I’m assuming the plotting was actually while momo was getting the cupcakes…but momo with the late response as usual

No. 507996

She could have worn sneakers and been so much Moreno comfortable jfc

No. 508018

is it "plotting" when you buy your friend some cupcakes?? wow what a surprise. vamps prolly wanted to hear "i'm moving out monday"

No. 508026

If it weren't for the dorito chips I wouldn't even guess it's Lapis, the bangs are wack, Lapis's eyes are supposed to be a mich deeper blue, and why isn't she binding her goddamn chest? I'm not asking her to pull a Nana but the gems are supposed to be flat.

No. 508027

if she flexes her arms those sleeves are going to literally explode

No. 508043

File: 1519008907626.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 00638DB3-CF7F-481C-9595-A597B1…)

No. 508045

>@mariahmallad is paying me off so i dont air all of her bullshit after I move by buying me a bunch of furniture. I love you Mariah's money!!!

sorry that's all i could read

No. 508047

doing the bare minimum of what a friend/roommate should do, what’s with all the praise??

No. 508051

No no you’ve got it all wrong, this is showing what a wonderful selfless friend she is! Mariah doesn’t have any furniture herself so she wants to make sure her best friend does!

No. 508053

i calling it now, she will give her a super cheap bed and a tv stand and call it a day because she is such a great friend

No. 508054

So what kind of shapewear is she wearing to hide stomach-chan and fupa-chan? Or is this shooped?

No. 508061

File: 1519009733515.jpeg (114.32 KB, 1200x630, ugly.jpeg)

Pic related.

No. 508067

look at it closer

Her stomach is almost as far out as her boobs and she just has her arm pressed to her side, there's still a lot of her that's hidden behind her hammy arms. It just looks a bit like she's smaller because she's wearing something with an open back so where that seem is almost looks like where her waist ends. Where he
r stomach roll is is also where her (probably control top) tights/leggings starts so it pulls her in but only there.

I'm also laughing cause now that i'm looking at the picture, that dude had perkier tits than momo

No. 508070

I'm guessing it's a mix of standing sideways, sucking in, and hiding behind the other guy's beer-belly san. The top is so tight it's forming tied ham lines.

No. 508082

i think shes been wearing forest chan

No. 508088

File: 1519010850566.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, DB848DEA-DEF3-4C49-9BB3-A53DB2…)

look how tame her party is my guys! just a few friends! I’m sure she’s about to break out her laptop and start studying! See this totally isn’t a crazy party like the other nights of the con!

No. 508093

This is after the con right?

No. 508096

she really looks like a blobfish here lmaooo

No. 508097

Yeah the cons over but it looks like they’re still at the hotel and everything.

>vamp said she wasn’t really into devilman despite momos pushing
>makes everyone watch devilman on vamps birthday

No. 508103

File: 1519011554726.jpg (41.38 KB, 600x626, DEP0ck1V0AAez-o.jpg)

Cat, if you can't take measurements and complete something for someone WHO WAS JUST AT YOUR FUCKING HOUSE you shouldn't be taking commissions.
I know this is Moo but holy shit, if she breathes her top will pop. She had to have someone lube her up for this blouse.

No. 508107

Ah okay!

But yeah,this weekend at Katsu for Momo looked very milky

Anyone know if her munchie fangirl stalker still around there?

No. 508123

File: 1519012848896.jpeg (187.31 KB, 743x744, 696BA0AC-63FF-4A45-A8F7-1BB09B…)

seams holding on for dear life

No. 508125

She's finally found a man that looks just as bad and crusty as she does.

No. 508126


God damn, Cat does her no favors with her commissions, does she?

No. 508130

Her neckbeard fan is exactly how i pictured her fanbase

No. 508135

Same, this is a pretty lackluster Lapis cos. I don't like the messy cellophane… and the bangs are completely wrong too.

No. 508136

File: 1519013847897.png (181.72 KB, 269x471, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.17.…)

No. 508140

kek, i follow the cosplayer behind moo on insta, i thought i saw her and vamp lurking in the background in one of her stories

No. 508142

File: 1519014267057.png (264.31 KB, 289x599, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.24.…)

No. 508144

File: 1519014393043.png (236.75 KB, 289x588, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.26.…)

No. 508145

Her face is looking especially horrifying here… christ

No. 508147

File: 1519014439692.png (221.26 KB, 324x461, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.27.…)

No. 508148


how is her face even more busted in this cosplay than usual

No. 508154

File: 1519014814164.png (429.18 KB, 534x577, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.33.…)

No. 508155

File: 1519014851262.png (136 KB, 199x464, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 8.34.…)

No. 508160

Bless you vein-chan, not even filters can stop you from taking center stage!

No. 508162

She looks like a dead fish

No. 508165


Ironically enough there was that exact character shooting outside near Momokun on Saturday

No. 508169

File: 1519016152370.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1200x1200, CD04DAC0-09C2-4002-8BC5-805985…)

do you think she needed help back up?

No. 508170

Bet you anything those were vamps cupcakes. She probably just bought them as a prop and thought "oh mai gawd~ I can totally give her the dried out cupcakes and look like a good friend!"

No. 508174

File: 1519016818507.gif (5.73 MB, 421x750, AEE71355-A881-4DF6-9AE7-BF51B1…)

Godspeed pinku wiggu you’ve held on this long

No. 508176

File: 1519017149391.gif (13.17 MB, 421x750, 333C9F39-2212-40E9-A3BD-A162EE…)

“Happy birthday Collette, I’m the first”
“Well actually everyone else was but THANKS!”
“No no, I’m the first, I’m the first bitch”

No. 508177

Dat snaggle tooth

No. 508178

"quirky just like my mama nigri!"

No. 508182

Vamp needs to invest in braces and a nose job. She has so much potential tbh

No. 508191

Lol I saw moomoo in that cosplayer's instastory (you can kinda see her in the backgoround taking pics). OT but she is really good.

No. 508196

File: 1519019736151.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-18-21-49-59…)

From what I can kinda tell, her wig looked like a ratty mess from the back.

No. 508198

it looks like damaged barbie doll hair lol

No. 508201

File: 1519020421284.png (582.49 KB, 599x599, Screenshot 2018-02-18 at 10.07…)

vamp's face is how i feel

No. 508202

its like she doesn't know what a wig brush is.

No. 508204

File: 1519020549535.png (24.51 KB, 83x140, god why.png)

No. 508210

File: 1519021117409.jpg (26.55 KB, 225x350, 337781.jpg)

That isn't SU cosplay, she's cosplaying Alexandrite from Houseki no Kuni.

No. 508211

High and hungover with crusty makeup on top from the night before, probably.

No. 508217

She's cosplaying Lapis from Houseki no Kuni. The wig is dark blue like Lapis with gold in the bangs, not aqua like Alexandrite.

No. 508218

File: 1519021627977.jpg (689.4 KB, 2200x3500, Lapis.Lazuli.(Houseki.no.Kuni)…)


nobody mentioned SU. she is dressed as Lapis from Houseki no Kuni, not Alexandrite

No. 508220

The wig looks slightly more like Alexandrite than Lapis, either way it's wrong.

No. 508226

are you visually impaired? alex has teal hair

anyway her wig sucks

No. 508229

File: 1519023487477.jpeg (123.79 KB, 635x957, image.jpeg)

Aside from the bangs not even being cut properly and the wig being the wrong color, it's still obvious that it's fucking Lapis.

No. 508236

The wig itself isn't too off in color, but she probably should have gone with a deeper blue or even purple colored cellophane for the "highlight". The one she used is definitely making her wig look very teal instead of the deeper blue it actually is.

Otherwise it's a "meh" cosplay. The construction of the suit seems okay enough and it's flattering on her, I guess. Not nearly as awful as Mariah's recent shitshow of cosplays like >>507771 or Vamp's poorly pinned together Lunafreya. Sage for off topic.

No. 508248

no I remember
she said she's a small size mens and then medium womens

No. 508254

File: 1519026693741.png (1.23 MB, 1424x1726, Screenshot_20180219-024229~2.p…)

Well, she's lying on Twitter and saying that's Saturday night.

No. 508261

just going off of when it was uploaded to her story

No. 508301

File: 1519034948410.png (102.91 KB, 520x393, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.05…)

Got this from a friend's Facebook post during Katsucon and figured it was relevant.

No. 508303

By accent probably stereotypical Indian welcome to the call center accent. What a cunt seriously…

No. 508308

File: 1519036468290.png (330.71 KB, 512x724, Karna1.png)

i was curious so i googled the character

No. 508314

Did she expect Collette to speak fucking French for her Jeanne cosplay??? She's so damn socially awkward.

No. 508324

Damn Momo, back with the sterotypes again.

No. 508325

But she’s not racist anon!!! She’s a poc with Lebanese and Italian blood in her!!!!!!!

No. 508328

Pizza? When she's supposed to be dieting with only 1200 calories each day's? After Nandos earlier? Like even if everyone else gets the junk food, you still stick to your diet, not potentially ruin it by eating a ton of crap. Whatever happened to those convention box lunches she'd made?

No. 508343

Can anyone from the town hall last night or an admin give a recap of the whole snow/pt minimum situation? For those of us who couldn’t attend.

No. 508344

*momokun, not minimum

No. 508346

Must be making up for the fact that she ditched Vamp the entire con last year cuz her head was so far up Nigri's ass the whole weekend…and how sad that last year was Vamp's birthday weekend, too!

No. 508352

She seriously taped that face back holy shit

No. 508370

Somebody asked and they said she is staying in snow because of the auto sage here. Or at least that’s what I understood

No. 508371

*sage feature sorry I’m half sleep also sorry for not saging.

No. 508394


Her eyebrows bug the shit out of me. Saber has eyebrows that match her hair. Why did she darken them in so much and make them so thick? She cannot make up for shit.

No. 508403

File: 1519053325907.png (502.24 KB, 1080x1920, 20180219_171520.png)

This came up in a random Fire Emblem group. Hate for moo is truly widespread.

No. 508405

It wasn't addressed.

No. 508409

File: 1519054360212.jpeg (456.39 KB, 750x1004, DF0F9790-6A46-48AC-B44B-C8C633…)

No. 508427

There is no autosage in Snow, that's a PT thing.

No. 508429

Jesus, Whoriah, could you possibly be any further up your own non-existent asshole?

No. 508433

File: 1519055941786.png (665.41 KB, 620x834, Sheena_Heroes.png)


A truly, truly astounding similarity

No. 508442

>uses hideous pic of vamps
thanks friend

No. 508444

No. 508454


that person should be ashamed of doing sheena dirty like this

No. 508456


Holy damn is her face busted. And people here really say she is “cute”?

No. 508457

File: 1519057579559.jpg (3.99 MB, 4656x3492, 20180218_131654_HDR.jpg)

She was walking around in street clothes yesterday and hanging around Phil a lot while he was doing his meetup with fans. I was too close so sorry the picture wasnt the best

No. 508465

everytime i see those damn shoes i lose more faith in the world

No. 508466

Sage for nitpick but it drives me crazy that her nails always look like cheap press on nails. She can afford to go somewhere better than the crappy 30$ a set shop, but lol expecting momokun to spend money

No. 508468

File: 1519058385429.jpeg (47.61 KB, 586x527, C3F374C7-DCC2-44AF-B927-CDC369…)

Are those her damn toes

No. 508469

File: 1519058440792.jpeg (29.46 KB, 411x321, ECB79A8A-C6E1-431E-A542-C4E0B1…)

thanks I hate it

No. 508470

It was.

Long story short, admin said that /pt/ is meant more for legendary cows and both her and the rest of the staff consider Momo /snow/ material so she's staying here.

No. 508476

File: 1519058887952.png (332.09 KB, 512x498, Dragée_portrait.png)

Candace is a closer fit

No. 508483

Her nails and her overall appearance drive me insane too. She makes the money to at least polish the turd that she is but she does the bare minimum on literally everything in her life.

No. 508485


What is this person smoking? Even if momo lost 100 pounds she would look nothing like Sheena. The eyes, the nose, the lips… all different from her!!!

On the other hand I would love to see her try making this. But wait, she's not going to make it. She will probably have her Asian fuckboy a make it for her. I can almost guarantee she will start asking Greatwallofwu for commissions now that kbbq wants nothing to do with her.

No. 508490


Samefag but what ever happened to Charlie (castle cosplay). Is he finally done with her too?

No. 508493

File: 1519059729756.png (986.37 KB, 1136x640, 189DBE7B-2683-4BED-851F-54C47B…)

No. 508516

He was at katsucon took pictures with vamp but not moo so it makes you wonder

No. 508530

I would not be mad if she took initiative with this but it won't happen.

No. 508534

File: 1519063074757.png (510.51 KB, 506x628, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 9.57.…)

jesus more crust than a loaf of bread

No. 508544

She desperately needs a consistent skin routine. Those bangs also look atrocious, like babby's first wig.

No. 508546

File: 1519063719022.png (815.65 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-02-19-10-03-50…)


No. 508547

File: 1519063732218.gif (1.64 MB, 400x300, 1516041960190.gif)

So staff confirmed there's no reason except for their bias. Thanks staff.

No. 508549

File: 1519063829213.png (1.08 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-02-19-09-59-34…)

No. 508556


Wouldn't be surprised if he's keeping his distance after she was thirsty for his cock.

No. 508558

File: 1519064539401.png (170.17 KB, 314x419, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 10.22…)

No. 508559

File: 1519064681998.png (1.62 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-02-19-10-23-15…)

No. 508561


I can believe this. I knew Noodles because he's within the SoCal photography circle. He wanted to keep her at a distance because he doesn't really think she's that great of a person and because of what she did to Nomisphotos who was his friend. He doesn't find value in her besides the fact she has a following but his photos of Tokki are a lot more popular now. And anon is right, he only works with her because Tokki really likes her for some reason. It's really not fair for him.

I don't have screenshots of him explicitly saying this but he hinted at it and other photographers confirmed this with me in our group chat.

No. 508564

File: 1519064826209.png (1.01 MB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2018-02-19-10-25-47…)

No. 508565

post caps of the group chat then?

No. 508569

File: 1519064971116.png (5.25 KB, 386x73, snow.PNG)


encyclopedia dramatica was right all along

No. 508572

omg this is so embarrassing. she's not even doing anything cutesy wtf?

No. 508574

no shit. we've never had room for actual board culture on the site.

No. 508577


this pic is could have been so cute!

No. 508591

I think they’re saying she’s built like sheena - huge boulders on her arms and legs but weirdly small waist that looks jarring

No. 508593

File: 1519066065553.jpg (68.88 KB, 300x300, IMG_1783.JPG)

Lookin like a blonde version of Agnes

No. 508594

File: 1519066243843.jpg (12.01 KB, 240x240, VJecM_vc[1].jpg)

i think she looks more like simple jack

No. 508597

File: 1519066383405.jpg (271.53 KB, 1920x1080, TropicThunder_SimpleJack[1].jp…)


especially from this scene with her crusty-ass makeup and shitty wig

No. 508609


This is why I cringe whenever I see her try and give anybody advice on cosplaying and make up. She simply isn't good at either and is in no way qualified to give anyone advice. I've seen her comment on people's stuff and tell them stuff like "why don't you do this" or "why don't you do that". Like stfu Moo. What do you even know? The only REAL advice she could give to anyone is "buy all of your cosplays and be a thot."

She probably thinks because she has 100K followers it makes her some sort of genius. Wrong. Anyone can get to her level by being a thot and pandering to a market. She fits the chubby chaser niche and that's why she has a following. It's not because she's some cosplay genius.

No. 508620

File: 1519067673993.png (1.45 KB, 96x77, Gheb.png)

either her or this guy, honestly

No. 508625

File: 1519068029489.png (598.43 KB, 720x1108, disaster.png)

No. 508642

File: 1519068673993.jpeg (205.46 KB, 649x1242, 0420C880-E64C-4D3E-A57B-A6CFE2…)

Good fucking god. Her face…

No. 508664


Hey, at least Candace is kinda cute in a way. Mariah is just nasty and a total bitch.

No. 508676

you guys are kind of twisting the story here. it was said that moo would be pt material indeed, but the thread quality is shitty, thus her placement in snow.

No. 508680

File: 1519070338483.jpg (88.94 KB, 649x649, IMG_7273.JPG)


Can't do caps of group chat out of respect for the group since I don't want them to all get attacked. This is just between me and another photog from before ALA. Sorry for the crappy edits. I wanted to cut out any name drops of other people and cut out the person's photo.

No. 508682


OT but most of the thread quality in pt is shit

No. 508706

Apparently when choosing to buy food or buy shoes, she'd go for food. They're just rags hanging on for dear life now.

Throwing all that bs about watermarked images and nitpicking to justify bias, wew. They could've said so earlier but nope, they have to show us the atrocious backpedaling and dodging before sticking the landing.

>implying current pt threads other than Onion and maybe Raven aren't shit
Didn't we try to change after the first move back to snow? And the admin team and farmhands never give their input for how to improve the threads other than "no watermarked images" and "stop derailing", even though we watermarked to stop Moo from posting the pics in the first place. They just don't like Moo threads, end of story.

No. 508728

ah sure vicky shingles is totally legendary and the fact that moo is the cow with most threads is irrelevant. nice go admins

No. 508729

the retarded avatar and drawfagging started when we were moved back to /pt/ and i'm sure it wouldn't have happened if the newfags had followed the rules

No. 508731

No. 508741

I can tell that she secretly wants him but is pissed that his GF is in the way.

No. 508764

File: 1519074999836.gif (19.33 MB, 421x750, ED87294A-C257-4C18-8D40-EF6CBC…)

No. 508768

Is she wearing the hate because her hair is so greasy and she’s trying to cover it?

No. 508775

But don't you know that she is an expert at simply everything anon? Momo will never let her ignorance and stupidity stop her from expressing an opinion on a subject of which she knows nothing. It's kind of her trademark.

No. 508777

Why is she under the illusion that anyone wants to be that close to her dried out, crusty, busted ass face?(namefagging)

No. 508785

What is it with her always trying to shove something into someones mouth? It's weird.

No. 508787


She just loves to feel important. That's what it is. That why she made claims that people at Starbucks threw a huuugeee party for her even though she was fired because she was such a ~great~ worker. That's why she claims to this day that she was a ~great~ lacrosse player and she got kicked out of the team because everyone was jealous of her cosplaying. Her life simply cannot be fulfilling unless she's the center of attention. She's the most delusional person I have ever seen. The day she loses all of her followers and patreon money is the day she will have the craziest mental breakdown.

No. 508805

Is Facebook friend anon still here? Has she posted any of her usual cringe shit recently?

No. 508811

It was all addressed briefly before ending the chat, but I clearly remember admin saying that Momo "belongs to snow", only a farmhand said that they consider Mariah pt worthy. It was still unsatisfying and inconsistent as an answer, and at first admin even seemed to be ignoring anons asking about Momo threads, since they had to repeat the question some other times. Plus as others said, Vicky Shingles and Raven threads are milkless and shitty and yet they're staying on the cow board, while Moo had to be moved because "nitpicking" while farmers already changed their behavior after the first move.
So yeah, it's clearly a bias issue, but as long as we still have a place to discuss Mariah eh, it's not that bad

It must've been a busy day, not enough instastories

No. 508813


Better yet, where's her MyOppa statement? We have all been waiting. I knew it was bullshit. She just wanted BunnAyu off her case because she knew that Bunny would ruin her!

Also, did she even do her 'homework' at all at Katsu? What's her excuse this time? "I was busy shooting my dudes!" ??? Or is she going to say she didn't bring her laptop because she had to go by plane?

She's so full of shit

No. 508826

oh lol there’s the gf.
too bad, moo. you fat slut.

No. 508833

That’s probably why moo didn’t post a ton of selfies with him.

Id like to know this as well. I wish more high profile people would put pressure on her to say something. I hope this whole thing doesn’t get swept under the rug like she wants it to..

No. 508850

She's such a racist fucking cunt. I really wish more people would call her out on it and shun her. She is actual trash (Momo, that is.)

No. 508859

Her hair a bird's nest. rofl. She really should have worn wigs until it grows out. Looks like shit and she is a damn hobo. thanks for the pic, anon

No. 508862


For someone who always plays the POC card she is so insensitive. How is she so oblivious?

People this is the person that people outside of the cosplay scene see as our representative!!! I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a problem with that.

No. 508868

but anon remember she “can’t be homophobic” because she claims to be bi

probably “can’t be racist” because IM LEBANESE!!!111 never been there but you know.

No. 508904

People who are genuinely stupid tend to be oblivious.

No. 508905


Can't be a professional cosplayer because she's just a weeb with a sewing machine

Can't be a liar because she never specifically denied lipo

Can't be a thief because she asked the original source first and then commissioned one "slightly different"

Can't be a bully because people bully her

Can't be a lazy person because she is a dual major

Can't be a bad person because she is always surrounded by leeches

No. 508973

holy shit, that girl was diclonious? that girl is a fucking psycho. mariah complimented my costume and she just about lost her shit that she was talking to me. unreal

No. 508975

more deets please

No. 508982

File: 1519086013090.gif (777.19 KB, 400x166, sipping my tea.gif)

go ahead, give us that milk

No. 509083

please go on, anon. Expand.

No. 509087

>ask me about my weathering on my cosplays my dudes

No. 509088


mariah took a second to tell me that she liked my costume and i thanked her & chatted with her for a second cause i wasn't about to start shit.
this girl was standing next to her, and her expression completely changed when she looked at me. she looked absolutely rip shit pissed when mariah turned to talk to me.
when i walked away, both friends that were with me asked me what the fuck her problem was and what i did, and i said i had no idea.
it's actually hilarious that it's this girl, it explains why she nearly went batshit on me just for being talked to by mariah.

No. 509089

>and vamp i guess whatever

No. 509091

on top of that, my boyfriend came by after and asked her where i went (describing me by my costume) and when he found me, he asked me if i knew her because she seemed totally pissed when he asked about me. i said she had been totally weird to me too and i had no idea who she was.

No. 509094

i think you should put this on the calves thread as well. i think it milk worthy (since others started posting that crazy girl on there)

No. 509120

you already kicked us to snow dude, who cares.

i think thats why she has a sour face in some pics. maybe didnt expect the gf to be there

No. 509122

trying to fatten up her friends too kek

No. 509140

File: 1519094998965.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, D0C9476B-45A7-4981-B6AA-D89B93…)

Stay the FUCK out of my state you PoS.

No. 509165

File: 1519096565983.jpeg (113.12 KB, 750x490, 9C1772FA-CE08-4265-8229-B0E263…)

No. 509166

File: 1519096579291.jpeg (119.42 KB, 750x496, C0BB4A78-834F-4FD7-B795-262538…)

No. 509167

File: 1519096593520.jpeg (153.4 KB, 586x910, CF37E828-DC92-49EF-B5A7-CE2C34…)

No. 509168

File: 1519096616186.jpeg (157.08 KB, 608x902, 9689F70F-B74D-4F13-95A9-789795…)

No. 509170


I know it's like beating a dead horse, but I don't think her face has ever looked this busted. I know people have said it before that she doesn't look her age and it is so apparent in these newest photos.

No. 509173

She REALLY doesn’t look like herself in any of these. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s really, really bad.

No. 509177

I think it has a little bit to do with the color combo of the cosplay. the green of the wig is a washed out sicky green and then the traffic cone orange it’s rough on anyone but momo needs all the help she can get

No. 509181

She looks like she's dying. Like a bloated corpse walking

No. 509192

File: 1519098391491.gif (768.34 KB, 620x348, shion.gif)

She should have picked a brighter green and fluffied up those bangs. It could be the same shitty job she did on her Shampoo wig, but at least wouldn't look so flat.

No. 509196

The colour just brings out the grey in her face. Add in the eyebags, the bloating and the sagging and yeah, she really does just look terrible here.

Also, I can’t tell if it’s the lighting or my crappy eyesight, but does her teeth look a little yellow to anybody else?

No. 509197

they probably are, but since the photos arent shopped to shit i dunno why it makes a difference

No. 509211

File: 1519100380931.png (242.48 KB, 474x598, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 8.19.…)

it HAS to be sleep deprivation more than anything else. Eyebags are unreal on her..

No. 509212

File: 1519100848247.png (23.2 KB, 592x140, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 8.27.…)

No. 509213

that blouse is an ill fitting disaster. its so tight in her arms/ bust but seems super loose in the chest/ neck area. makes no goddamn sense

No. 509215

This wig really doesn't help with the face that she looks like Cindy Lou Who, nose and all. She should recycle this wig and do a cosplay of her.

No. 509227

ughhh fucking nooo

No. 509228

>Grand Order

Post your supports, Moo. Go on. I'll be waiting.

No. 509230

I skipped through it an hour ago because I noticed it was up and it was complete trash. No surprising she thinks it's good considering she doesn't know what good anything is.

No. 509243

File: 1519104390219.gif (9.25 MB, 421x750, AB54630D-F353-487B-810E-30C2DE…)

she loves it

No. 509245

File: 1519104639939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1200x1598, IMG_1103.JPG)


She would look so much better without those ugly eye bags….honestly quit with the lipo and get some fillers or something

No. 509246

She actually plays but not well, she played forever without knowing how to ascend her servants until vamp/someone else taught her how

No. 509247

She needs sleep, not fillers.

No. 509249

File: 1519104908713.jpeg (140.25 KB, 574x1001, 618635D8-F56C-4EBA-858D-FFC1E1…)

didn’t someone say Nicolette doesn’t like her? kek

No. 509251

That shoop just makes her look even more creepy. She needs to take the time to actually lose weight, take care of her skin, and sleep more.

No. 509253

File: 1519105091614.png (234.12 KB, 1049x1254, 28312806_1862398600439344_1062…)

My friend was very artistically inspired by this post and allowed me to share their finished product here

No. 509255

Anon shooped her to hell & back and she still looks horrifying
Can‘t tell if it‘s the photo or her face that‘s just unsalvageable or if it‘s just a shitty edit

No. 509256

It's both, a quick shitty edit and her horrible face
I believe she's past the point of getting sleep to make those bags go away

No. 509258

For real, fuck off, we're full of shitty internet personalities already. CWC, Brian Silva, and Shmorky too. Isn't that enough?

No. 509261

lmao moo please, everyone knows this movie is a travesty. by more of a try hard plz.

No. 509269

i hope she writes 359734069396 tweets explaining it to us

No. 509285

I'snt this the red riding hood blouse?

No. 509288

Her contour is down to her cheeks. She needs a makeup artist. No one will work with her even tho she posted a ad

No. 509290

As predicted, she's got serious issues. Maybe this is Moo's karma, she's got an obsessive fan on her hands now, can't upset this one.

No. 509298

File: 1519110756273.jpg (463.4 KB, 512x768, 39944961722_66922b73cb_o.jpg)

No. 509299

File: 1519110776715.jpg (252.98 KB, 1024x683, 26103987458_367a407488_b.jpg)

No. 509303

"im glad youre enjoying it!" when everyone knows she'd bitch anyone else out

brown nose harder please yirico

No. 509304

File: 1519111272242.png (449.08 KB, 601x600, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 11.21…)

two blurry pics and then this lmao

No. 509306

File: 1519111379085.png (461.9 KB, 599x595, Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 11.22…)

if you remember this dude, he's the security guard she took a pic with in New York this past December

No. 509308

you know how you can just look at someone and tell they're unhealthy? not just that they're fat, but the pallor of their skin, the texture and quality, etc. that's moo. she looks sick inside and out.

No. 509316

File: 1519114426010.jpeg (316.5 KB, 640x752, 762AA71D-EBB7-45B5-A74E-72752E…)

Swissfag here; thought i‘d share this random momokun that popped up on my feed

It says: „At an American cosplayphoto contest the pic on the right scored first place while the one on the left only second. Wtf“

OP got called out for not posting sources/receipts but the comment section also showed that momokun is considered a joke in the Swiss cosplay community

No. 509318

File: 1519114614818.jpeg (239.79 KB, 640x700, DE9C9B12-D50C-4902-AB15-D11AB2…)

No. 509330

File: 1519117796626.png (772.42 KB, 750x1334, A7776130-E045-4E1E-9D50-E4DC0E…)

This was originally posted on the FNN Facebook page. It’s a fake news/satire page.

No. 509361

File: 1519125381975.jpeg (41.82 KB, 249x324, 90CCA7D3-CE3A-4A81-8628-BD7F9C…)

It's like a hunched back but on her arm

No. 509414

I wish she would have made her eyebrows a much lighter colour for Saber.
It looks so bad because of her bangs and the wig in general. I just feel like, if she had made them blonde her whole face would look better.

Swissgerman is so funny to read kek
But thanks for the receipts! Good to know my neighbours hate her as well.

No. 509426

File: 1519137039424.jpeg (170.11 KB, 640x486, 47E5A1EC-0336-4A93-A6E2-8CF550…)


Haha welcome! Forgot to add these:

It reads: „i respect momo for what she‘s doing but she‘s just so ugly and not all of her pics belong on instagram.“

„She also has some good stuff but 90% is just nasty. Wouldn‘t want a woman like that.“ (<< that‘s a grossass poster tho since they already admitted earlier they fap to her so fuck that one.)

No. 509436

It's hilarious to me when she pretends like her wide shoulders are "bodybuilder genetics", because in pics like this it's obvious that she doesn't actually have such a large frame. You can see the shoulder joint which isn't too far from her neck and you can see the huge sagging lump of fat and skin that's hanging off it. It's purely the excess fat that makes her look as wide as she does.

No. 509488

File: 1519144361550.jpg (127.06 KB, 800x600, 8-F12-06-10.jpg)

Saber's eyebrows are dark brown to black. Mariah would have benefitted from not filling her eyebrows in some heavily and making them a bit thinner.

No. 509499

tbh compared to the shit death note they released a few months ago, its not that bad. but now i'm expecting mariah to go on multiple twitter tirads about FMA and pretend she knows… anything

No. 509530

She's gonna bring back her Lust cosplay. I can feel it. Ugh.

No. 509534

God, I hope she does! I wanna see her desperately try to squeeze her rolls back into a cosplay she wore 50 pounds ago.

No. 509582

It was my first thought tbh, she’s mentioned wanting to redo it fairly recently? (within the past few months I think idk time flies)

No. 509586

She’ll probably buy a new one, silly anon.

No. 509607

With the success of forest-kun and that fact that Mooriah and friends still support Castle Corestry after CC threw Moo under a bus to try and save her own fat hide, I'm thinking we'll be seeing a corset-based costume of Lust very soon.

No. 509611

Ah, your right! What was I thinking? The days of badly self-sewen cosplays are over. Why even bother when you can commission it or buy it off Aliexpress and take the credit for yourself? She is way too busy being the perfect human being anyway.

No. 509649

you know, with moo’s shit lifestyle and piss poor hygiene, how did she not get the flu this season? Unless she’s so vile that not even the flu virus wants to hang with her

No. 509666

It's been about two weeks and she hasn't made that statement about MyOppa yet. She is such a coward. I knew she would NEVER make a statement. She only said she would so big names would get off of her case. Someone needs to call her out on it. She's blocked 2 of my throwaway account already….(We aren't a army to "take down" anyone.)

No. 509673

She is never gonna make a statement like she is never gonna make that Monana cosplay she hyped everyone about. This cunt just wants to hide away from everything because she is a fucking coward.

No. 509685

it's cause it's harder to get the flu in areas with less actual seasons.

No. 509721

Speaking of hygiene, did she smell at all during Katsucon? Because I doubt she washed the Roadhog costume and she only had two outfits, if that.

No. 509739

a friend of mine said she smells like old BO. she was in her roadhag so it's likely she couldn't was the bikini without ruining it.

No. 509742


I've seen people call her out on it here and there on twitter about it but no response. I'm not surprised. When has she ever kept her word? I know her fans are always saying it's not her obligation to prove herself to people, but in this situation she is obligated. She is the only who claims to not have stolen the designs and keeps backtracking. She stole someone else's intellectual property but insists she didn't. If someone committed a crime and claimed to be innocent, you have to provide proof!

No. 509743

Looks like a fat shmegeh

No. 509748


sage bc super ot but wow i can't believe there's another swissfag here

hilarious that moomoo is considered to be shitty even in a small ass country like switzerland lol

No. 509776

I thought it was ok but I wasn't expecting much out of it because there was no way they were going to be able to fit the whole storyline into a 2 hour movie. The direction they went was kind of weird but it could have been a lot worse.

Since she's now obsessed with latex, she'll probably try to get a latex Lust costume. Everyone loses when Lust is a literal stuffed sausage.

No. 509786

File: 1519162511978.gif (3.78 MB, 421x750, C74EE964-D3D9-423E-A8E3-7DCAA9…)

>when con was so hard you have to go to the spa the next day

No. 509816

They both look awful. Vamp's dirty ass makeup makes her stomach look lumpy.

No. 509826


Nicolette is a well documented leech. She will jump on anything that gets her attention. She will jump on hate bandwagons, cosplayers, drama, you name it. Bitch went on for a whole year about how men are terrible and that she's into "cute little girls" and did a whole 180 once she found her own fuckboy. She was toxic towards Brinni and probably jealous Brinni is better off without her.

No. 509863

I legitimately feel bad for the poor soul who has to tend to Mariah’s post con body

No. 509884

I just recently ‘found’ Nicole. But don’t want to follow her if this is the case. If anyone has proof, could you please post it in the cosplayer thread?

Still amazes me how she blows through money. Was A spa really needed Moo? I understand needing a day to recover after a con. Can be tiring. But a spa?

No. 509887


Probably taking tips from potential cosplay pal HollyTWolf, who also had a classy spa day today. Interesting.

No. 509893

swissfag here too. if she steps anywhere near polymanga i'll pray for her to fall in the lake.

Had some friends fly over for katsu, been looking at the people in the background of their pics to see if i can spot mariah… haven't managed to spot her yet

No. 509908

Jesus she's just so punchable here

No. 509917

Vamp is at home doing videos with guzma. Why not take your friend with you for your birthday jeez.

No. 509926


She probably paid for Vamp's Katsucon ticket and expenses as a birthday gift. Last Katsu she was way too far up Nigri's ass to give a shit about her bestie, she doted on her more this year. That guilt my dudes.

No. 509929

Honestly I wouldn’t blame her for wanting to stay home, a day without momo is probably a spa day for her.

No. 509936


I don't think Holly likes Mooriah much. Holly is an actual professional model who does nudes while Mooriah is a wannabe model who does trashy porn. Holly is likely only around Mooriah because Kerowiz is around Mooriah and I heard Holly and him are good friends.
Because Holly is already a working professional in the modeling industry I'm sure seeing a poser like Mooriah triggers her. It's like if you're a professional chef and some kid comes along thinking they're a chef too just because they watch Gordon Ramsay videos all day.

No. 509939

File: 1519169681579.jpeg (386.07 KB, 750x940, 1F0C0917-086B-42A2-9428-A23219…)

No. 509941

File: 1519169697534.jpeg (154.03 KB, 750x254, F0174F38-6EAB-4E95-8BE0-ED52A3…)

No. 509942

samefag but assuming the set she “can’t post much of” is probably chocolate moo

No. 509943


Back to work? Work on what exactly? More flimsy rushed armor that falls apart and throwing money at commissions? Such a hard career!

No. 509947

When doesn't she look punchable?

No. 509953

holly is the cheaper nigri, please shut up
professional model? really now

No. 509957

holy shit she finally wrote corset i'm so happy for her

No. 509965

File: 1519170704704.gif (12.98 MB, 421x750, 0573112E-E782-432E-A031-D53522…)

“So I went to get a Thai massage today and it was so good, loved it. But at one point she started stepping on me and I was like whathaveisignesmyselfupfor”

No. 509970

>>509939 idk if it's just me but i don't get why the forest lacing needs to go down into the crotch?? it looks ugly as fuck
i've made boned bunny suits before and i stop in the mid back

No. 509975

File: 1519171192611.gif (13.03 MB, 421x750, 96F2D218-B548-4E09-9EA9-D8F817…)

Guzma was supposed to get neutered today but they (vet) switched it. close up is her saying “no help me he’s crazy”

No. 509979

File: 1519171355140.gif (14.76 MB, 421x750, 79965BCA-8FF5-4141-B234-B4B2DA…)

Getting a facial tomorrow because “my skin is dead” “it always freaks out when I’m traveling” yeah nothing to do with caked makeup and roadhog mask ok

No. 509986

Or the constant face touching with those dirty hands

No. 510010

And in spite of all this she still manages to keep her 3.8 GPA dual major in the last semester of senior year. Amazing.

No. 510013

i wonder if she realizes the damage she's doing isn't fixable

No. 510014

Do not mess with cows and do not encourage others to either. This site was not made for moralfags to go on a crusade. Any posts that are attentionwhoring "look what I did guys!!" will be included in this.

No. 510017

Honestly can you imagine, needing a face lift at 22 just to counter some of the damage done

No. 510021


No. 510026

I'm sure someone's going to point it out sooner or later. My guess is by the end of the week.

There's so much work that needs to be done to her. She's like the whoopty car of cosplayers.

No. 510071

Got to admit her RoadHog is accurate because of her size. Probably the most accurate costume yet because of the gut. And fugly face. and pig like appearance

No. 510075


No. 510076

I said it in a previous thread but had she gone full out, done an accurate cosplay with high quality pieces she would have been one of the best female Roadhogs cosplayers because of her size. But she just wants to be sexy and the whole cosplay came off as the wrong sort of gross.

No. 510089

File: 1519176441701.png (23.53 KB, 92x102, ofuck.PNG)

No. 510104

What is this pose supposed to be? Stretching while dumping ass? She seriously needs to work on her poses during her Skype acting classes… And her legs look so stumpy jfc midget proportions.

No. 510127

File: 1519179482941.jpeg (305.99 KB, 750x608, 036BE2F4-E547-4544-ACC3-10A8AE…)

No. 510131

You forgot shooped me, Moomoo

No. 510132

File: 1519179592644.jpeg (371.05 KB, 750x967, ED28B9ED-AF8C-4700-AC68-788FA3…)

more Nicolette sucking up also I too have the damn lion king song stuck in my head now

No. 510157


Omg this Office reference made me realize Mariah is literally Kelly Kapoor of cosplay.

No. 510165

holy shit, the cat isn't even neutered yet?? and she's only doing it because she thinks it'll calm him down? why is she such a terrible pet owner

No. 510174

Shes probably getting her face moist finally.

No. 510177

File: 1519182012046.png (221.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2129.PNG)

Just saw this

No. 510186

What a useless bitch, hard to feel bad for the guy though considering what a creepy asslicker he is

No. 510215

She doesn't reply? just keep asking and keep paying obviously

No. 510224


Doesn't she get paid by the month? She'll probably miraculously reply just before the end of feb.

No. 510225

Actually, she'll lurk the thread and respond lickity-split…watch.

No. 510228


You right.

Like, yes, he sounds like a creep, but that's the kind of customer she draws in with her content. A PAYING customer, I might add. I hope he unsubs.

No. 510233

whats that meme moo loves?

>i gave you my money answer me

No. 510257

If she posted more content she’d definitely deserve her own thread in snow

No. 510263

i guess its supposed to lace up her spongebob ass and make it look like she actually has a butt.

No. 510269

For one, LOL what the fuck is going on with the butt area on that corset? It looks like a diaper

Secondly, notice how high the back comes? That style is made to hide any back fat spillage , I can't imagine what she would look like in a regular corset that didn't ride up her back so high

And lastly, is nobody going to talk about how she tweeked an older look here? I distinctly remember her wearing a bunny outfit exactly like this, it was a black corset with green-ish tights iirc. Just recently the old photo made its rounds on one of moo's posts where everyone was using it to compare her drastic weight gain. Coincidence? I think not. I guess she figured she would recreate the look since people liked it so much, despite the fact that it only looked good then because she was in better shape

No. 510273

File: 1519188270519.jpg (109.72 KB, 700x1048, aq5351L_700b.jpg)

I stand corrected, it was a black corset with blue tights and green hair
Still though, she basically just revamped and tweeked this look for her weird cow cosplay

No. 510275


Can't believe I used to think she looked fat here.

No. 510277

To be fair anon, bunny suits are generic as hell and in the case of the Bulma cosplay there, something the character actually wore at one point. We can absolutely expect to see the forest reused for other bunny suit shit, like I think she originally intended it to do Lucoa.

No. 510280

File: 1519188852846.png (797.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-174642.png)

Never even made the shitty Camille corset?

No. 510284

File: 1519189241629.jpg (234.65 KB, 1215x717, bbr.jpg)

she could reuse it for riven and i'm calling it now before she does her

No. 510300

only that it obviously doesn't fit her anymore

No. 510316

File: 1519190977930.jpeg (92.77 KB, 750x425, 54737DFE-3321-4975-B2B7-A4F2F6…)

I'm still pretty new to Instagram, but I saw this today and thought I'd share. Not sure if everyone just screenshots her stories through the archives are does so directly in the app.

No. 510361

nicolette is a shady bitch and everyone around her knows it, idk why people continue to be surprised that she's two-faced about mariah too lol

No. 510364


That's why you screenshot in a browser without logging in.

No. 510386

File: 1519197111914.jpeg (326.21 KB, 750x917, 52FEA39E-2846-460F-8EDB-EC01F6…)

I know she won’t, but still

No. 510387

File: 1519197187872.jpeg (244.14 KB, 750x623, 526D33E7-8CDE-4D3C-B192-07F06F…)

No. 510388

File: 1519197522448.jpg (112.39 KB, 572x303, 1506272929585.jpg)

So is Moo colourblind and retarded now? This kind of shit doesn't just happen unintentionally.

No. 510397

I think it’s because everyone keeps saying she’s shady but like no one really posts anything about it and the search option just brings up mf and pp/monchichitanuki and how toxic that whole crew is w/ nicolette included so some anons are curious
Sage for not being about moo
But is it normal for the lacing to go that low??? Maybe that’s why her fucking vagina lips kept hanging out in the photo shoots and katsu because she probably laced that shit so tight

No. 510399

File: 1519199006333.png (385.69 KB, 599x448, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 11.43…)

No. 510400

File: 1519199048766.png (224.32 KB, 327x387, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 11.44…)

No. 510404

File: 1519199444476.jpeg (153.23 KB, 750x424, 53BD7843-1146-4C45-934C-EF4952…)

THANKS I fucking hate it.

No. 510408


No. 510409

Did her social media numbers drop again? Between showing her tights gusset, selling her well worn cosplay and other things, she might as well cam since she wants to be inappropriate for money all the fucking time. Not a prude or anything but this is pure attention seeking…

No. 510415

Hahaha oh my god
Mariah you fucking loser. This makes me giddy. She’s realizing how irrelevant she is.

No. 510416

She legit looks inbred here

No. 510419

File: 1519200543691.jpg (31.43 KB, 600x600, 1509670636084.jpg)

What an unnecessary mental image. Stay classy, Moo.

No. 510423

thats because you were totes not mad and used your nickname from here but keep deluding yourself and making a fool of yourself. this is disgraceful and disgusting.

No. 510424

File: 1519201144126.png (391.53 KB, 346x747, Screenshot_2018-02-21-00-17-10…)

No. 510432

moo will never lose followers because she keeps buying more. she was losing a few followers when bunny called her out but she immediately went out and bought more.

The only proof i need for this is that I have less than a third of her followers but my average likes and retweets are higher than hers.

No. 510443


underrated comment.

No. 510451


I hope she does so I can drag her publicly for the shit she is

No. 510464

Why would you ever say this publicly

No. 510466

File: 1519204970963.png (846.64 KB, 477x1565, momo milk.png)


No. 510479

This pic is so unflattering did someone shoop her face from here to make it more fucked up than it actually is? She looks like a fucking potato with no neck kek. And her tits are a lot smaller here. Angles and Photoshop queen honestly.

No. 510520

need the mars curiosity rover to get over that terrain holy fuck

No. 510609

File: 1519226198928.png (272.75 KB, 750x1334, 81341149-8AA5-4C6B-9F8D-7E9F87…)

No. 510611

File: 1519226269479.png (182.16 KB, 750x1334, 837B675D-5766-46A6-96B0-77A925…)

Even her friends are like wow this bitch needs to fucking chill

No. 510614

File: 1519226474082.jpg (17.59 KB, 504x270, um okayyy.jpg)

No. 510630

Have some dignity, Momo… I know you want to do EVERYTHING to get more followers, but this… just stop.

No. 510653

Why has she been trying so hard to get shad’s attention? Is it because that cow chel hellbunny was on his dick and moo is trying to stick it to her?

No. 510655

File: 1519230051141.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 96BC14F2-E892-4D1F-BC83-87EC83…)

>concert for guy you lewded who didn’t acknowledge you but acknowledged your skinnier friend also it says tickets are almost sold out

>going to a con to cosplay bc that’s your job or whatever

No. 510671

Because Shad's gross fans love to dump money on gross women like Moo. Attention from him equals more cash in the bank for these lewd cows.

He's never going to notice or pork you, Moo.

No. 510679

I don’t see that. All I see is them liking his porn drawings that he makes for free anyway so what could moo possibly get in terms of money? Seems like a desperate grabfor attention just because he has a big following.

No. 510683

Stay thirsty, moo

No. 510715

she probably knows all she's good for is extreme fetish shit now. after she turned her body into a bag of manure she can't really cater to the 'thicc' crowd.

No. 510771

That hand to arm fat ratio though..

No. 510797


Not really. If anything, they laugh at and roast cringey fat landwhales like Moomoo and Chel. They aren’t throwing money at them.

No. 510873

Please take any Vamp discussion to the Momo's calf thread.

No. 510913

File: 1519248169753.gif (3.75 MB, 421x750, 4ADC1CBD-DEE4-48D7-AD72-934A6E…)

back to uhh whatever she does

No. 510917

Taking pics at the gym burns a lot of calories anon.

No. 510922

well duh, she must be working up a (nervous) sweat at the prospect of people seeing through her lies. obviously being a lying piece of shit is part of her weight loss routine, then she'll be too worried sick over being outed to eat!

No. 510924

I'd love to see how other gym members react to this lumpy lardo coming in. Flipping tires muttering to herself for a few minutes taking a selfie and leaving. It's gotta be quite the sight to see.

No. 510928

The sad thing is that she could easily afford a stationary bike or eliptical or treadmill and just do that for an hour a day while watching tv/going online and probably be in a lot better shape. No gym required. Cardio doesn't do everything but it would sure help a lot.

No. 510931

>>510913 Nothing annoys me more than this behavior. People who feel they need to validate themselves by filming at the gym, don't really care about being there in the first place. It makes them feel like theyre actually doing the work when in reality, they just dont care. People who are serious about working out go in, do what they need to do, then leave. She can fuck right off with being a gym rat attention whore.

No. 510934

Idunno,most people I know who've taken off a fair amount of weight enjoy doing a selfie though most times do a side by side.

No. 510938

please stop posting those 20MB gif, the thread takes a lot load and eats 500 MB of RAM only this tab(mini-modding)

No. 510946

File: 1519250885591.jpg (325.65 KB, 1074x1110, Screenshot_20180221-140601.jpg)

I seriously cannot get over this wig. It's so bad! And she looks absolutely bonkers in this.

No. 510953

File: 1519251482599.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 99410192-ED18-457F-B5F0-75EAD3…)

back to uhh..eating

No. 510955


I think anon probably means full on filming themselves the way moomoo does. I will film myself but it’s to check my form for squats and such. This is just moomoo TOTES WORKING OUT. I don’t think there’s any harm in a quick selfie if you’re feelin yourself or taking a progress pic, but moo absolutely does bc she NEEDS people to believe she actually works out

No. 510957

She still doesn’t even film herself working out minus the one tire flip video. she always takes a shot that looks like she’s sitting on the floor in that same room. given she could be stretching whatever but still she never even films herself…just the gym lmao

No. 510961

Hm yes a salad with dressing and fried rice noodles is super clean, my dude. Keep on rocking the lard bod, Moo!

No. 510973

but she was eating like garbage for over 2 weeks. She can't just eat one "healthy meal" per month, sit at a gym once a week and think she can be as thin as she was a few years ago. We literally saw her eating at a restaurant just the other day

No. 510985

The only thing that burns off more fat than selfies at the gym is taking photos of "healthy" meals.

No. 510986

She lives in a fantasy world full of fantasy workouts and fantasy meals. And fantasy college degrees too.

No. 510987

I heard breastfeeding can help you lose weight too

No. 510988

>back to..
You never even started.

No. 510996

yeah but moo doesn't even work out. others taking gym selfies stay for a session rather than going for 5 mins then leaving.

No. 511001

File: 1519256468590.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

No. 511020

File: 1519258483717.png (17.14 KB, 660x139, Untitled.png)

I didn't think this post would be relevant 3 days later but she just tweeted this.

No. 511034

How would she even be able tell they have an accent if they are speaking Japanese… a language she doesn't know.

No. 511036

She watches dubs.

No. 511038

I didn't even take that into consideration. she sure is the ultimate Fate fan…

No. 511049

File: 1519261760291.gif (12.03 MB, 421x750, B5B1E926-3226-46B6-9914-051E4A…)

she went and got an ~extraction facial which she said removed whiteheads from around her eyes which had been there like 10 years. Momo thinks facials are amazing now and everyone should get one once in awhile to “treat themselves.” she’s going back every four weeks and back again tomorrow for another thing. Forehead zoom in is “look at my skin, who is she?? Oh no those are my roots please don’t look”

No. 511052

i wish you would spoiler these so i dont have to look at this dumb bitch in motion lol(no one cares)

No. 511055

maybe stop touching your fat face with your fat hands

No. 511061

File: 1519262424973.jpeg (198.43 KB, 750x556, 1DE85CE9-6743-40B5-99DA-079249…)

she can’t believe how much attention came from a tweet about wanting your titties sucked on!

No. 511062

whiteheads? she means those milias? she is so dumb

No. 511068

File: 1519262857337.jpeg (323.26 KB, 491x1027, 167D968A-AABF-490E-90A8-33F04B…)

> but what if they got a native speaker for each person in the dub?

No. 511092

That rumbling sensation you are feeling is not an earthquake. It's a vibration in the earths crust from thousands of neckbeards simultaneously fapping to the image of being breast fed by momothot.

No. 511096

I bet the replies to this are disgusting

No. 511105

Don't worry, they are.

No. 511129

Considering how servants are summoned with a knowledge/understanding of the year/age they are summoned into, and the fact that they automatically are able to speak Japanese (since they’re summoned in Japan), it wouldn’t really make any sense for them to have an accent imo. Certain servants at least speak with very archaic vocabulary which makes sense but accents… no that’s stupid.

Sage for fate faggotry

No. 511140

Omfg how is she even driving???

No. 511141

she’s parked, those two trees outside the window don’t move and you can see the reflection of the building in front of her in her glasses. not that she doesn’t snap while driving tho

No. 511143

File: 1519270614798.png (8.29 MB, 1242x2208, 2DD09318-8C32-40D4-9864-CB30C0…)



No. 511144

Thank fucking Christ. I can't even imagine the disaster she would be while flailing her arms around like a monkey all while driving.

No. 511145

File: 1519270822676.jpeg (41.92 KB, 405x405, B8B8D218-16B3-40E1-BB3C-223579…)

>$10000 a month

No. 511162

did she get lipo 'abs' on her face as well? wtf?

No. 511164

File: 1519271815556.jpg (42.59 KB, 480x408, lime-cat[1].jpg)

No. 511173

That ahoge lmao. I know the clear rubber band is a common technique, but usually they're at the base where you can't see it… Hers rolled up or something, it's looks so goofy.

No. 511177

File: 1519273778253.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180221-225545.png)

I still can't get over the shitty bang. Lmao I can't believe people pay for this shit.

No. 511179

nah, this cat has a straight cut vs moos slant >>511177

No. 511180

File: 1519274054212.jpeg (527.06 KB, 750x826, 3A8F4D73-D720-40D6-A0C2-487959…)

>honorable saber’s

honorable saber’s what?

No. 511183

Why is she carrying around Avalon? I don't think Saber is ever seen with Avalon because it's inside Shirou and Iri.
So much for your Fate knowledge Miss Superfan

No. 511189

For a sec I thought moo was cosplaying Cindy loo-who from the grinch who stole Christmas. But with the hair of Cindy and the face of the grinch. Just take a second look and tell me you don’t see it too.

No. 511216

Moo with a neck beard fan. Too perfect. This is who jacks off to your photos be proud

No. 511218

File: 1519278867564.jpeg (353.29 KB, 550x1050, 5CFE4789-BA2A-4935-A0A5-46F1C3…)

please stop her neckbeards

No. 511219

File: 1519278997142.jpeg (378.23 KB, 750x1130, 7CB696C7-F769-4975-BE85-CE0D42…)

samefag but now she’s breastfeeding sperging why

No. 511221

File: 1519279150698.jpeg (327.71 KB, 750x861, 00D918FC-826C-43F1-A2C0-371571…)

No. 511222

>How can someone's sexual desire be nasty

Is she seriously this retarded? Pedophilia? Shit? Watersports? Inflation? Rape? DDLG? There are many sexual desires that are nasty as fuck wtf.

I'm just going to assume that she's trying to cater to her dumb ass fans.

No. 511223

mariah is such a dumb bitch how is it that someone who is “ALL FOR EMPOWERING WOMEN MY DUDEZ” so fucking ignorant about this topic?? lmao “they’re being criticized for being indecent!!!” STUPID ASS

No. 511225

I haven’t seen this posted yet, but if it has then I apologize. But the commentators at EVO Japan fucking roasted Moomoo in the beginning of this clip. Love seeing people outside of Lolcow roast her too lol, glad to see the FGC hates her ass as much as we do.

No. 511226

File: 1519280006356.png (263.61 KB, 416x462, sorry dad.png)

shes in to almost all you listed kek

No. 511227

I'm trying my hardest to be surprised but I can't.

She's ignorant about 90% of what she talks about.

No. 511230

File: 1519280290986.jpeg (293.96 KB, 750x988, 597CC48E-F181-4A50-B2D8-951BA0…)

>Look at how popular I am!
How could anyone with any amount of following have a conversation with her when they know she is going to flaunt it for popularity points?
She wants to run with this crowd so hard but she spergs the fuck out about it instead of being cool.

No. 511232

is this bitch trying to imply shes blocking a spoiler, or is that some weird personal shit she censored

cause she posts spoilers all the time, and it pisses me off

No. 511235

File: 1519281039107.jpeg (220.85 KB, 550x728, DC7E28BD-242E-44A5-A6DE-3C2C69…)

YOURE fetishizing breastfeeding because you said you wanted to BREASTFEED in a sexual manner god

No. 511238

of course she is done she doesn't have any solid arguments

No. 511239

Ok I know moo’s gross desperation and posting attention whoring tweets is laughable but can you not go full tumblretard right now with your crying about lactation fetish?
We can laugh at moo without this kind of SJW buffoonery.

No. 511240

She's such a sad person i dont understand how her tiny brain thinks.

Breasts as food for babies is not sexual because it is being used for food. Saying you want someone to suck your boobs is inherently sexual because they are not your child and are not using it for food. It's real damn simple.

She could have gotten far by simply replying 'dont kinkshame me bro' with some joking anime reaction image but no she had to try and prove how 'totally smart double major genius' she is.

I think they're more upset at her flip flopping than the kink itself. She made an inherently tweet, and then tried to sperg and defend herself rather than saying 'i dont have to explain myself to you'

No. 511245

I’m not sperging just sharing her tweets?
she constantly frustrates with her flip flops. The only comment I’ve maid on the tweets themselves was that yes, she did want to breastfeed someone sexually or whatever but is now acting like lol I just like my tits sucked ur weird! sorry though

No. 511246

>i want to breastfeed a man
>i never sexualized breastfeeding
>sucking on tits feels good!

her stupidity continues to somehow be astounding. WHICH ONE IS IT MOO

No. 511257

It's funny because moo is the biggest virgin I've ever seen. I take all her posts about sexual stuff even less seriously than the others because I know she gets it from hentai since she's too much of a damn garbage dump to actually get laid.

>it feels good
It doesn't count if you read it in a manga, moo

No. 511259

File: 1519283845813.gif (2.94 MB, 421x750, 5437649B-68B2-4DF1-9570-7FB486…)

I know a lot of you avoid her ig but you should truly watch this one, gif related is her smacking her stomach and saying “get out of meee”

Tldw - she (looking pretty stoned) ate too much cake

No. 511260

I remember when during one of the first threads when Momo was making the Chun Li and trying to court the FGC some anon dropped in to say that the FGC hates sluts like her and really don't play around. How right she was, they seem to roast her during commentaries a ton of times. They're constantly fucking with DSP, why would a female version of him be any different?

>Calls it a sexual desire and how it makes them feel sexually empowered i.e. a fetish