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File: 1511918082093.jpg (297.4 KB, 1539x906, thread pic4.jpg)

No. 469589

Previous thread > >>>/pt/465692

-Onion continues narc tweeting and continues to spin the wheel of drama.

-Laimey says she has 0 friends coincidentally Sarah is back home, so their friendship might have ended.

-Onision posts 2 pictures dressed as Social Repose and "Shane Dawson". Despite him saying he would never talk about Shane again.

-Onion and Lamebot fight live on stream over Lamey not cleaning her work space and apparently having flies in the room.

-Lamey continues her usual E begging and has made a wish list that Onion himself is sharing for her teenage fans to buy her stuff.

-Onion uploads a video about his relationship with Laimeybot, ends up being a 75% a video about his ex girlfriend and Lames father.

-Lamey stresses about having no one to photograph her for her patreon, and talks about not letting Onion photograph her because she feels uncomfortable.

-Onion twitter rants about the time he cheated on Lame and bashes his wife Lamebot for crying and having trust issues. Which ends up witha live stream of him denouncing polyamory because there ex is irreplaceable.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking, not even saged.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute
TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nit picking.
Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



No. 469592

File: 1511918381461.png (267.29 KB, 841x430, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 8.17…)

New Onision vid about Shane Dawson. The saltiness continues…

No. 469593

File: 1511918430686.png (278.26 KB, 781x166, myhusbandhatesme.png)

Reposting from last thread but lainey is reblogging miserable shit today.

Btw has she went live at all today, I know grease has already.

No. 469594

What a sore old fart grease is.

No. 469595

Not yet.
The day is still young.

No. 469598

Report it

No. 469599

File: 1511918727904.jpg (107.58 KB, 615x428, no friend.jpg)

Sarah must not be comforting her even he is getting emo re blogged by Lame.

No. 469600

File: 1511918891921.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-28-16-48-38…)

yeah something is definitely up with sarah, she tweeted and deleted this earlier.

No. 469601

Holy shit something went down alright. Fuck.

No. 469603

My guess is Lame is depressed and needs a human tissue. Sarah is doing well and happy back in Michigan. Lame calls Sarah wants to be comforted that or expects Sarah to call her and Sarah does not. So Lame throws a tantrum and completely ends the friendship.

No. 469609

Also by "Sorry I learned my lesson" it could mean Lame called her crying and telling her how she could leave her now that Onion is being mean and she's been sobbing in the McMansion alone. Lame then ending their friendship. Sarah feels bad and guilty for going back home she tweets that.

No. 469610

File: 1511919703452.jpg (73.73 KB, 470x463, live.jpg)

Lame is live already got a balloon, she says I love that balloon its my favorite… yeah cause its the most expensive. Live blogging on Tempcow, will post any milk here.

No. 469611

It shouldn't surprise me that onion keeps making shane videos considering how unpopular they are, but jesus even his most obsessive patrons hate this shit. he's obviously so jealous of shane's fame and continued success and it's just embarassing to watch.

No. 469612

This makes sense, Sarah is Doormat's doormat after all.

No. 469620

direct link to tempcow thread

No. 469624

Thank god we are finally getting some real milk for once!

No. 469627

File: 1511923332834.jpg (84.79 KB, 1241x1032, shane.jpg)

My favorite thing about this is Shane's latest video is #1 on trending on youtube right now. I bet Onion is livid because his Shane video only has like 10,000 views right now.

No. 469628

It was super obnoxious that he tries to make fun of him with two separate characters.

No. 469657

I wouldn't bet on it, imo everything will be back to normal in a few days.

No. 469662

Shiloh removed all her tracks from soundcloud :(

No. 469665

Are you fucking kidding me?! I really hope it has nothing to do with Onion bringing her up!

No. 469672

Man Onion can fuck right off, he can't ever let any of his exes move on with their lives.
I wish they would fight back and not let him move on and ruin his life.
Shiloh should message his dumb ass and lead him on so he leaves Lainey then once he divorces her dump his ass and let him suffer through alimony and child support again. Fuck Onion

No. 469684

yeah I was so bummed about it, she really has a gorgeous voice, girl sings like an angel. I bet grease and his army of onion skanks had something to do with it, she also deleted a few pics on her insta. man forgive me mods but yeah fuck onion he is a piece of shit, he will always be envious and if he can he will find ways to destroy those that were near him once, like how he does when he talks about shane, you can tell he feels a lot of envy towards shane even when shane tried to patch things up onion continued to be a child about it, I am glad sky got away from him and is doing 100 times better than he ever will.

No. 469690


Fucking greasecuntmcshitface

No. 469703

could be if she got signed her contract might dictate she doesn't distribute her stuff online for free anymore but through something like itunes or spotify?

No. 469704

No. 469710

"… from 12 to 23 I was not a vegetarian. I even made FUN of vegetarians, I thought they were silly. But I was also a CHILD, okay? So I didn't know what the HELL i was talking about."

Billie was 19, you don't let her off the hook even though by your standards she was obviously a child.

No. 469712

also, why would you date a child, dumbass?

No. 469713

Moments from Lainey's YouNow, she went in on Greg


No. 469736

Damn, she did. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

No. 469739

No. 469750

lol she only talks about how gerg is wrong when he attacks her of course. Her "i confront him privately" goes out the window when its an attack on her. For everyone else he harasses, she sure loves to stay quiet and act high and mighty about it.

But yes lameo, you are right. You should be able to say no without him forcing a threeway upon you. We've all been saying that and saying what he did was cheating. You were the one sitting there smug and only blaming billie. You aren't going to change onion. Onion will never really care or understand your feelings. Idk what this idiot expects? This is who you married. If you don't like it, leave. There is no changing him.

Onion is right about how if she can't get over what he did in the past, she shouldn't be with him. I'll give him that.

No. 469761

Even if Taylor leaves Onion she will never LEAVE Onion. Even if she abandoned her children, he would still stalk, harass, and bad mouth her till he died.

It's depressing. No wonder she's a doormat who stays. I hope if he knocks her up again she aborts the kid. For both her and the unborn kids sake.

No. 469766

No. 469767

lol forget billie, is lainey even 23

No. 469769


I’ve said this and I’ll say it again:

I’m tinfoiling that this was because someone put her open social media here knowing the discordfags and Onion lurk here religiously.

Suspects include:
-Sarah (nah lol jk)
-Skye and Alicia

The reason for still sticking with this tinfoil is because prior to being banned, Alicia bitched at us for whiteknighting Shiloh and how she didn’t deserve to “come out of the shadows” and release her music when her and Skye are still hiding from the public eye then bitched again about her pictures being released to Lolcow because MUH PRIVACY!!! despite those pictures being from almost 10 years ago.

Oh and the old stereotype from 2004 about only hookers only wearing high heels and revealing clothes. Not sure why that was blurted out like that but yeah.

kay I’m done!

>Shiloh should message his dumb ass and lead him on so he leaves Lainey then once he divorces her dump his ass and let him suffer through alimony and child support again. Fuck Onion

Dude, no! Don’t put her through that shit again just for the sake of the onions being separated. Fuck man, it’s not worth it.

No. 469772

We are NOT fucking doing this anymore anon. Armchair psychology has been banned from here awhile ago, Please delete this.

No. 469775

File: 1511941429584.png (700.45 KB, 640x1136, 15192326-CEE1-4072-93B3-D2A864…)

He’s so obsessed with Shane it’s unreal. He disabled the comments on the video too. Kek

No. 469795

the stream doesn't seem to be working for me, it doesn't load, but the other ones do. is it working for anyone else?

No. 469800

same here, it's not working for me either. i've been checking on it for an hour

No. 469809

File: 1511945319823.png (368.65 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20171129_0001.png)

P l a t o n i c

No. 469814

You think this thread is the only possible way greg could’ve found shilohs social media? The one I found by literally googling “Shiloh twitter”? He’s a moron but he’s quite capable of stalking his exes all by himself.

No. 469818

File: 1511948231833.jpg (342.82 KB, 1038x1600, milk waterfall.jpg)

on an unrelated matter I like the fact how we there are 3 onion threads on the first two sites from /pt/ because there is so much milk that we need a new one every 10-14 days

No. 469835

Love how Shane makes these kinda videos that are full of love, like the ones with his own little family of Ryland , Uno and Cheeto and then there is Onion, posting bitter videos about Shane because of how unhappy he is in his own skin while Shane can't give him the time of the day cause he is busy living the happy life.

Video way too long for me to fully watch. Who can listen to this weirdo ramble for 18 minutes even? However from what I gathered, seems he is backstabbing another one of his 'youtube friends' istg that guy can't make any friends without turning on them and then going on a rants, making sure to use their names in as many videos as possible.That guy made so many friends over the years, not a single one left. If this isn't saying all about his personality then idk what would. He's a hateful little twat who only cares about himself. That's why karma is striking him so hard these days.

No. 469838

give it a shot now, something must have caused it to corrupt.

No. 469839

I imagine it's just finally driving him over the edge that Shane doesn't react AT ALL. Not even a little throw away joke, or cryptic tweet that same day he posts. Just nothing. One thing Onion can't handle is being ignored. Seems like he's spiraling down into a breakdown over Shane this week. Just wait, tomorrow's vid is gonna be on the trending page too.

No. 469842

I love how in his new poly video he says "I finally found someone stable"…does he actually believe his own lies?

No. 469843

same, that's how I found her twitter.

as much as I wish Shane would respond and tear him a new one, this way it's much better because Shane is pretending Onion doesn't even exist lmao

No. 469844

No. 469851

Thanks anon

No. 469858

You can hear her kids in the back, daddy onion couldn't keep them quiet.

No. 469862

Daddy onion probably wasn't even there. They probably left the kids to their own devices, or at the very least, left Troy to play on his own.

No. 469867

You can hear her kids a lot in the bg of this one. Especially at 5.05 to around 5.30. Later you can hear toys being played with. Since their babysitter Sarah is gone, I assume Taylor has to keep the kids on the floor next to her while she's filming. Pretty sad that they know not to talk to her or walk in while she's filming and that their father won't go near them even for the 30 mins max it would take to film a video.

No. 469871

Fuck anon, you’re fucking killing me.
I wonder if this is why she has so many jump cuts.
I sincerely hope that those kids get more attention than it seems.

No. 469875

Billie was 18 when they met. Don't let Onion have you forget that, he always says she was 19 but that's how old she was when they broke up

No. 469879

3:11 you can clearly hear a baby squeal

No. 469887

wow, it doesn't happen often that she speaks so open about it. don't know if she said that before so clearly but it proves that she was more gurg's gf than hers. no exclusive time with her, how fucked up when gurg & billie had so much exclusive time making videos, playing games, watching anime etc.

No. 469900

She only speaks up when gerg goes against her. If hes on her side, she wont defend herself even when he is throwing jabs at her and giving false info. Shes truly bizarre with how up gerg's ass she wants to be.

She says she can't trust him to respect her boundaries if they have a third person, and that she will probably never be fully healed from the situation, but they have "moved on" from it. She even says she probably will never know the real truth with what happened. What a healthy relationship. If I can't trust my SO to respect my boundaries, can't ever know if he told the truth about how the situation went down, and can see hes not truly sorry for what he did since hes blaming me again and getting mad at me for being upset about it, AND im still upset about it that it causes distress in the relationship I'm in….clearly EVERYTHING is okay and nothing should be done to fix this relationship. Also hilarious that someone said they should do counseling, and she said they already did that. They went once. And then scoffed at it.

No. 469901

i like how Taylor brings up the apology video he made about betraying her, because in that video it seemed as though he was actually sorry, took responsibility, knew he was in wrong, and he even said at the end or something “just because you feel like you’re right doesn’t mean that you are”.
he’s fake as fuck and is bringing up the past to upset Taylor and when Taylor gets upset he asks why they’re still together if she still feels betrayed by him

No. 469904

ikr they went ONCE and made a video about how they figured out their problems. surely the therapist was all like "hm I don't see a problem there, you are in a happy and thriving marriage and have a great sense of communicating your feelings. I don't see the need for you to two go to therapy, I wish you all the best. please recommend me"

No. 469908

They said therapy was bad and not helpful. And laughed about it. But then said after going their relationship has been the best its ever been (but not thanks to therapy which was sooo bad and terrible!). Like one hour-long therapy session is enough to fix the shitfest that is your marriage.

No. 469910

The first session is an introductory one, where the therapist gets to know them and their relationship. Is not until the third or fifth session that the therapist has an in depth knowledge on their relationship to truly help them. Going once is worthless.

No. 469913

they are the stupidest people I ever came across on the internet. one session is about 1 hour, usually they only tell you what to expect from a therapy they ask you basic questions about the problems in the relationship. I bet therapy was "bad" because there was a chance the therapist could convince lame what a shitty husband onion is

No. 469919

Yep, it was probably bad because they had to actually sit and communicate to each other and lamey couldn't just ignore the problem. The horror. Lamey should think couple therapy is a godsend. She would be able to talk to onion with a therapist there to mediate it. That way onion could not just insult her or act like shes the crazy one. The therapist would help her realize she is not crazy for thinking the way she does, etc. I mean in the end, it wouldnt help them because onion is a narc who can't be helped, but with a good therapist, it probably could have helped lamey and maybe even give her the courage to leave.

No. 469921

You can't have a successful therapy experience when one of the participants (Greg) is a dissembling, double-talking, manipulative fuck. So while they went once, and maybe Taylor might have been interested in going again or participating in an honest and straightforward manner, it was an exercise in pointlessness due to Greg thinking he is better than ~literally~ everyone.

No. 469935

fuck these narcs (like SR too) they're always the ones to go to one session where the therapist just tries to get a general idea of what you are and what your issues are, not to give you any actual help yet. and then they walk out of there like "THERAPY DOESNT WORK!!! It's bullshit! Therapy is placebo!!1" because they feel the exact same as when they walked in as if one session is supposed to make you feel as englightened as if you just took 5 tabs of LSD

No. 469939

nah, but couples therapy usually involves having individual sessions without the other partner to just talk to them, and it would benefit lameo. They know the wife/husband might not be able to say things when the other is present. A good therapist will prob realize onion's a lost cause but help to persuade him to communicate better/be less abusive towards her to alleviate some of the stress. And at the same time help build up lameo's self esteem/address her own issues that keeps her in the relationship which hopefully would lead her to thinking she should probably get out of the relationship. Thats why onion insults therapy, medication, etc. He doesn't want his gfs to fix their mental health problems, become confident and leave him.

No. 469941

I can totally see this happening

sorry for the slight blogpost but I think it's relevant, when I was young I had a onision-type abusive ex and I was going to therapy for other issues and he legit tried to stop me from attending anymore and said "what if your therapist gets the wrong idea of me and manipulates you into leaving me"

so 1000% this is what onision thought, and manipulated lame into thinking "therapy is stupid"

No. 469943

yeah I think thats what happened too. he realised fast what it could mean and he cut it in the root.

No. 469949


>tell it as it is, as always

The UnTrueman Show rolls on…

No. 469955

I think Lameo is actually psychologically unique. How in the hell can she live this ridiculous public shitfest of a life and STILL be boring as fuck?

It's truly a marvel of hubris and vapidity.

Sage for general bleeeeeh.

No. 469978

File: 1511984707447.jpeg (356.26 KB, 2048x1554, DP0LzFbVAAA0Ama.jpg-large.jpeg)

Does this mean he definitely still has $100+ monthly patreon's? How the ever loving fuck? It shouldn't be a surprise but it makes me sick to know this man gets paid to be a breathing piece of shit.

No. 469989


Is there an option to pay for both of them to just shut the fuck up?

Read "Brave New World" Grug. You epitomise it.

No. 470008

>spending christmas eve with discord faggots instead of your own children.

Dad of the year. Yeesh.

No. 470010

So he's not publicizing his stream schedule, or is that located somewhere else?

No. 470012

My opinion on Lainey is she has potential to be likeable when she’s acting like herself and talking about things she has genuine interest in. In her birth story YouTube video she seemed like a normal girl and I didn’t want to fall asleep right away. That being said, she is probably destined to be one of those “teenage forever” moms, who got preg at a young age and spend the rest of their life trying to get back what was taken from them at childbirth. (Not every young mom is like this, I just personally know a few 40 years olds still acting like teens because of this)
If she applied herself, grew her own interests and stoped trying to be some “it girl” than she would probably blend right on in with the rest of us. But she never will. Sorry if that was rambling but

No. 470016


According to his Patreon, there are 8 people signed up for the $100 tier.

No. 470021

every sane person would at least take this day off. he's all about "muh working so hard" cause of his narcissism and doesn't even realize how that looks

I agree but she'd still be too boring to be an internet personality

No. 470023

I was wondering about that too, maybe he gave up on regular streaming times and changed to going online when he's on a narc rage? just speculating

No. 470030

$30 for discord
$50 for a game
$100 for google hangouts

??? Do I get this right?

Theres nothing for his $5 Patrons. Maybe he wants to shame them into giving him more money

No. 470031


oops forgot to add

No. 470034

You'd think that by paying the most, $100 patrons would have more than one exclusive ~connection time~ a month with Grease. So insulting, he's putting in the exact same minimal effort for all tiers.

No. 470039


Anyone dumb enough to give either of them money deserves all they (don't) get.

D'you guys reckon all those like Big Bruiser Becca who effectively PAY to work for him think it's a genuine friendship? It's so weird.

No. 470040


I think that anyone who pays for higher tiers also gets access to lower tier rewards.

No. 470042


So um…

How does his patrons not realize they are being ripped off ?

Instead of paying 100$ - you could just sign up for a free account on Younow, and join him while he's streaming.

Instead of paying 50$ to play with a 30 yr old edgelord - You could just sign up to any only game and have cream of the crop when it comes to edge lords.

Instead of paying 30$ to have people to share nudes and insecurities with - You could just go on Tumblr and have hundreds of thousands of people alike.

No. 470043

Someone needs to tell her how to exfoliate her lips and to fix her Groucho Marx eyebrows. The poor thing really needs help in her aesthetics.

No. 470044

Yes I watched a stream recently of Gingerbeck and she literally (LITERALLY) said that she thinks they are friends. It's sad but at the same time, they are old enough that they should know bette right? But I do even more think that Lame and Gargamel are the worst people for taking money from people who have obvious mental problems and are lonely and depressed. they hardly ever say things like "you don't need to pay anything if you can't, we love all our fans"

that's true, higher tiers include all lower tiers rewards

No. 470052


it has been covered already, she linked her patreon on tinder and got some absolutely desperate men to donate

No. 470055

Wait what? Who did that?

No. 470056

File: 1511998464946.jpg (266.92 KB, 426x551, Autism_and_Reading_Comprehensi…)

>some absolutely desperate men

No. 470058

No. 470056

I think anon was asking if Lainey or the thirsty chick was the one who linked her patreon in her tinder

No. 470059

Kek, shit anon, the irony.

No. 470061


Thank god I'm old - I was a depressed teen too, but buying friends wasn't an option. I just got a cat.

The $$ surely must, ultimately, come from their parents? I say this in all seriousness; my mother would have stopped me. I don't mean that in a bad or interfering-type way, just money was hard-earned and respected. I left home really young so never had any bloody money anyway, but even my young, dumb 17 yr-old self wouldn't have thrown it away like this.

And yes, I sound like an old fart. But it's really desperately sad and we're all revolted and recognise it's borderline abusive. Grifters gonna grift but somehow now, this way, it's acceptable?

No. 470066


Wow, didn't Shane retire Shanaynay like… 7 years ago? What in the actual fuck? I doubt any of his viewers would even get that reference.

No. 470069

some anon said that gingerbeck even uses her students loan. I don't know about the other high paying patrons but I assume it's their parent's money

No. 470073

Students loan…for…the Onions? My fucking god, that is pathetic. Being a careless dumb teen spending your parents hard earned money because you're an idiot is one thing, dipping into your students loan is a whole another level of batshit crazy.
Sometimes it's frustrating to think people finance them so they can fucking talk to them and be their "friends" ( but even the shittiest people in prisons have their fans so this by itself isn't strange ).
What I mostly don't get is how don't they cringe themselves out to hell and back by dishing money to them.

No. 470075

Onision has tried to start a cult before, who says he's not using those tactics or trying again with all his loyal kid followers, easy targets. Their behaviour is similar to people being led by cult leaders and Onion is a massive narc which reigns true for most, if not all cult leaders who pray on the desperate and easily manipulated.

Sage 4 absolute tinfoil

No. 470078

when she's in debt and has gotten over the onions after they fuck her over, she'll get what she deserves

No. 470080

lol he probably thought sicesca (w/e) was a real cult. he has some desperate followers and he can try all he wants to be a "sociopath," but grease just does not have any charm or likability. i guess he had okay looks 10 years ago but can't really ride on that…

No. 470082

Shane uploaded a video called 'Confronting my dad'. I'd love for Gerg to try to copy that, ah.

No. 470087


That's what's so frustrating. These idiots will pay for their stupidity eventually, but the onions will just continue in their venal greed. Well, except for the IRS, which will be on Grug's back forever now.

And Lameo is much worse than him with the e-begging and carrot-on-a-stick grifting. The whole bloody bunch should disappear into a black hole of Stupid. Then seal it with Bovine Becca's great fat arse.

No. 470088

I bet either him or lame a going to jump on then bandwaggon

No. 470089

I sure hope so, because it's going to be a train wreck worth watching considering all the fucked up shit he said about his father, kek ( & it was always speculated that it was probably his mom who was the much weirder one ).

No. 470110

like either of their dads are going to agree to be in their videos. If anything lameo, will do some boring shit like "confronting my mom" and telling her about her speshul gender that she pretends her mom doesnt know even though its plastered all over the internet. Lameo should learn from shane. His dad situation is way worse than lameos and he still forgave his dad and wants a good relationship with him. Lameo just shits on her dad with onion even when he has been caring and just wanted the best for her. Maybe if she listened, she'd have a normal life with an actual loving relationship, but nope lameo knows best of course.

No. 470114

Yes of course she'd find some poor replacement like what you wrote… She did the same in her first attempt of copying his video.

Lame is completely living in a dream world where she doesn't want to hear any bad stuff that's going on in her life. She has serious issues. We just saw that in today's stream where she asked people to not bring up anything related to greg's drama or negative comments under her videos.

No. 470116

No. 470121

Have I heard that right? Did she say
>extra dysphoric
Or am I imagining autistic shit because she looks like a spaz when talking?

No. 470123

Thanks anon

No. 470125

The Onion flakes should just find some prostitutes that they can pay to go out to lunch/the mall with if they want to pretend like they have friends so badly.

No. 470184


But prostitutes wear high heels, anon, and that would be unacceptable for Gruggles.

No. 470187


No. 470198

No. 470199

holy fuck, his whole friendship video is just him projecting alllll his issues onto other people.
1. if you do something bad, you should be called out and own up to it and apologise. yep, sounds good Onion.
2. if you serially abuse and cheat on women you are a horrible person, especially if you then go on to brag about how abusive you are online. yep, agreed.
3. if you act like other people are stupid and don't agree with them, they're bad. agreed again!
4. if you make a ton of videos hating on people, you are a stalker and a shitty human. don't agree with this one, but sure, let's go with it.
5. Onision thinks that people should be telltales! wait, unless you're telling on him and telling folks they shouldn't collab with him. not then. don't do it then.

that sounds reeeeally like you. poor narcissists. they're a mess - so confused between self-hate and self-love.

two quick asides: he says his friendship with Cyr ended because Cyr asked him to take down a video they made together than had a Hitler reference. Onion (in classic manipulator fashion) goes ballistic and says "FINE, i'll take it down but i'll NEVER make a video with you again" and Cyr was fine with those conditions, and…apparently Onion wasn't, despite it being his offered solution…

second aside, he says Deefizzy likes to pick one side and stick with it no matter what. then he shows screenshots of Deefizzy saying he had fun with Onision and then another where he said he didn't like Onision. so kinda contradicting what he said he hated about Deefizzy - looks like he changed his mind about you, Onion.

thanks for these videos anon. what a fucking wreck.

No. 470205

>he says his friendship with Cyr ended because Cyr asked him to take down a video they made together than had a Hitler reference

Pretty sure Greg ended his friendship with Cyr because he wouldn't assure Greg that he would vote the way Greg wanted him to. But maybe the vote thing was just the last straw as far as Cyr was concerned.

No. 470206

Their first fall out (hitler video) was before that.
Then Onion started sucking up to Cyr again but then shat on him again after the whole "YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR THE ONE I TELL YOU TO" fiasco.

No. 470207

File: 1512050907931.jpg (80.29 KB, 1008x675, muchbigger.jpg)

Lainey said she was 'alot bigger' during her second pregnancy.
There is no way of telling how far along she was in these but this is the picture she showed compared to the last picture she showed of her first pregnancy (I am assuming she showed them in ascending order).
Different angles but very close to the same size.

No. 470209

I think she meant her weight. She was somewhat chubby during her second pregnancy and not really during her first one.

No. 470210

Ahh, I can see it now. Thanks Anon.

No. 470211

Oh I think I can't watch that one, I can't stand listening to him anymore when he thinks he's always right and is repeting himself for the 1000th time.
Also how hard he's trying to manipulate the stories of past relationships lately (the billie thing wasn't that bad and lame was exaggerating cause it was only cuddling? yeah what about the fucking that followed? then the friendship with cyr ended because of a disagreement over a video? No it was because he had a narc rage because cyr didn't vote who you voted, which is bizarre in the first place cause everyone can vote whoever he wants?!). Does he think that people forget about the shit that happened? or does he think he gets so many new naive fans he can tell theses stories to look like the better person because they don't know his past/won't watch the videos (which are all still on youtube btw)? he's so full of shit, now he disables the comments which is another desperate attempt to hide the truth. but ~muh honesty~. go fuck yourself gurg, you're the biggest liar and manipulator on the internet, but the thing is that you are too bad at it to fool anyone.

No. 470212

man his edits are so fucking cringe worthy with the whole emoji thing it just feels so out of place, not to nitpick but seriously its like some 50 year old trying to "stay hip" and "fit it" it reminds me of those meme ads about not smoking to try and fit in with the younger crowd.

No. 470213

Gotcha, thanks. Greg does so much self-sabotaging shit it's hard to keep it all straight.

No. 470218

god this bitch is dumb. not having amnio bc you'd 'love the baby regardless' at like 17 when you're married to a dude that will leave you and sign away your child at the drop of a hat, lol, ok. can you guys imagine if greg had a downs baby?? he'd either drive it to suicide or abandon it

No. 470219


why did they even have kids? none of them seem to care too much and the kids seem like a burden. plus both plainey and grease act like children themselves

No. 470220

every moron is pressured into having a kid, unfortunately. these two are a trainwreck. i know psych is pretty much a bs degree, but it still shocks me how even with her bachelors, taylor is still sooo medically and psychologically illiterate. shes a mess. these two do not need to be parents.

No. 470223

Didnt one of his 'books' have a retarded person who gurg killed off?

No. 470224

bc it really is a bullshit degree, got a friend in psych and it's literally 90% elective classes. you barely learn anything other than the history of psychology. learning about mental illness ends at something like "people with aspd have no empathy" & she probably forgot everything by now.

psychology is one of the easiest programs to get into too.

it shows a lot how she clearly had zero passion about her degree and what she was learning, otherwise she might've done some extra reading and retained information/ gone on to a grad program (does anyone know why she didnt get her masters?). if she didnt enjoy her degree she could've switched early on but nope. she clearly retained nothing and her degree really means nothing rn, the fact she passed psychology undergrad (not too hard - she could've just gotten very low marks but passed) means nothing. what a waste of money lol wow

No. 470225

4 yrs of studying and she thinks/thought bpd means bipolar disorder. literally just $$$ down the drain

No. 470226

did that happen in a video or livestream?

bpd always reminds me of that onision "had bpd" for like 4 hours for a pity vote. why is tha video not taken down yet what the fuck lol (it might be but it was there a month ago)

No. 470228

Onion has an impregnation fetish.

No. 470229

No. 470232

LOL whaaaaat. For someone with "anxiety" you'd think she'd know a bit more about mental illnesses. C'mon like when you think you may be mentally ill, you research a shit ton about mental illnesses. everyone does it.. How has she never done this holy shit. Even if I say, dont know what schizoid means, I'll fucking google it or ASK before saying something like "Oh, that means sociopath right?"

No. 470233

It's like, yeah, of course you'd love your baby no matter what, but you stupid fucking skank, you get the Amniotic test to better prepare yourself and your world in case a baby is having issues that you need to plan accordingly different lifelong medical options. Fuck me.

Honestly, they should have tossed the first baby towards the adoption bin, they weren't ready for a baby then, and they still aren't ready for a baby now. Parents make a lot of mistakes, but the important thing is that a parent is worrying and concerned for their babies, trying to do the right thing.

Greg is more concerned on what all the other youtubers do than his own son, his own mini-me, let alone his daughter.

Taylor cares more about "they/them" and what billie is doing then reading or playing or running around with her children.

They are neglectful, self-absorbed, and utterly non deserving of the life that runs through their veins. They should be referred to as the biological donators to life, because they haven't done ANYTHING to deserve the titles of mommy and daddy.

The funny thing is, if Greg were to read that last statement, I think, secretly, he would agree.

No. 470235


I think it's interesting that she mentioned the possibility of the baby having down's syndrome when that's been an actual rumor/thought regarding their son.

She says everything was "normal" in the end, but I wonder if their first actually does have it or another problem.

No. 470237

This is like over a year old

No. 470238

That's old milk anon. It was leaked here a long ass time ago during the Billie saga.

No. 470239

Thats his texts for billie discussing what her punishments should be for smoking weed when she was home, Released when billiegate blew up.

No. 470240

>it doesn't matter to us if the baby has down syndrome and we don't appreciate you pushing the tests!

But Gregma makes fun of people with problems like that. What smart parents. Neither of them should reproduce ever again or at all.

No. 470244


Not to mention, he JUST went on a spergout how he hates and thinks less of people with low IQs.

Nice to have him confirm he hates the mentally handicapped.

No. 470245

Thanks, I must have missed it, I deleted so as not to derail.
>>Be chained to our basement wall for the week with a sign around your neck that says 'I'm sorry for lying Lainey'

What a sick fuck

No. 470246

is it really that easy to get into psychology? eurofag here, you need a very good (like high school) degree over here to get in, even though I don't know why. However, I'm 99,9% convinced Lame did nearly nothing and used that shady edubirdie(?) site. we know how lazy and dumb she is and it was an online degree. Even if you forgot a lot of things you should know at least SOMETHING about psychology but she never ever talked about any related topics apart from her ~muh anxiety~ that she does nothing about

No. 470247


Didn't you read anon? That would have been hot af.
Way to be boring. /s

No. 470248

yeah where I live at least, you need the lowest minimum marks out of all the programs. Like many schools said minimum a 60 for psychology while for example you wont get into engineering without a 95+ (but it depends on the school for engineering, though in all schools psych requires one of the lowest marks)

No. 470249

i also wonder wth is going on since ive heard therapists can prescribe meds in the us? wouldnt they want to weed people like lameo out if that's the case?

saged cause im a clueless eurofag

No. 470250

She also claimed Sarah was bipolar even though Sarah never got diagnosed bipolar by a professional.

Anyone who is serious about psychology wouldn't just pull "bipolar disorder" out of nowhere, but Lainey did it to protect her own ass.

No. 470251

no they cant unless they finished psychiatry. but most psychiatrists wont be your therapist, they're just there to assess, diagnose and prescribe

was sarah diagnosed with bpd? if so, lame was literally like "i think you have bipolar too" ?? omg

No. 470252

Sarah just stated that she is not bipolar, I dont remember her mentioning anything about being bpd.

No. 470253


You have to get a PhD in psychiatry to be able to prescribe meds. The graduate level work is obviously more involved and more difficult, but undergrad psychology is a joke.

No. 470254

I am now sure that bitch just used edubirdie for all her essays, while greg would probably google answers for her while she was taking a test lol.

Even if undergrad is easy, you can't know that little and have a degree, bitch doesn't know basic shit.

No. 470255

I didnt watch the whole thing but I think she's saying she has it here? >>470229

Yeah psychiatry requires med school, psychology doesnt

No. 470257

definitely. yet she's always smug when she says "I have a psychology degree". I wanna push her into a corner with basic psychology questions so badly. sometimes she reads questions out loud before she reads them for herself when she doesn't know you are low-key trolling

No. 470258

I wonder what's Onision's stance on abortion. You'd think if he's a "feminist" he'd be prochoice, but I feel like he wouldn't allow lainey to have one because of his whole ego and pride issue among other things.

No. 470261

Ask him. Seriously, the idiot would answer.

No. 470263

File: 1512063403174.png (13.85 KB, 644x101, 300.PNG)

lame hit 300k but according to socialblade her channel has only gained around 18k subs this year. not that much if you ask me, it's more or less stagnating with a slight upwards trend. her channel only looks like it's doing well in comparison to gurg's misery.

beautybot has around 22k, which is around the same number, only a few thousand more

No. 470264

idk if this is tinfoiling but I actually find it really hard to believe that he has any of the "feminist type" opinions he has, for example how he's "accepting of gender fluid people" and shit, I rly believe he thinks it's all bullshit (like cmon he thinks you can cure an eating disorder by eating) but if he said anything he'd lose lots of his fans. He knows blunt honesty doesnt work in some cases, but he can get away for it for others

No. 470267

can't find it? maybe she deleted it?

he literally laughed his ass off when lame was in chat telling him she's not female and he's in a gay relationship. I think he takes nothing of it seriously and only does it to attract certain groups of people. I dunno maybe he stands behind some of the opinions he shits out but he's also contradicting himself all the time, sometimes I think he has no real opinion at all cause he's too stupid for that

No. 470268

In Stones to Abbifail the main character's best friend? I skimmed a pdf so I don't know if he was intentionally retarded or just written that way but he's basically Denny from The Room. All I remember is he actually says something about poopy poop poop poop to make the whiny douche character laugh.

No. 470272

samefag but for comparison, billie gained 70k subs in the same time span and she doesn't even upload regularly!

No. 470273

I can't remember if this was a tweet or if he said this in a video but he said he'd ask the mother not to have an abortion and offer to keep it himself if she didn't want it.

No. 470275

the deleted post you replied to was meant for another thread my bad lol

No. 470284

File: 1512068060538.png (312.4 KB, 506x389, preggo.PNG)

I looked at a vid from sep 2016 and she did look kinda chubby here (it's from "things you should never say to lgtb people"). still not fat or anything, she likes to emphasize how smol she got after the second child

No. 470295

I noticed this video on his patreon, but I couldn't find it on my archive. not sure if you guys want me to fetch these too, or not.


No. 470296


Lainey has a house tour video for her $25 patreons, could you fetch that?

No. 470299

oh plz get the house tour and her draw my life

No. 470300

Omg yes! I wanna see all the filth!

No. 470302

another video with him beating up women for the sake of 'comedy', color me shocked

No. 470303

What comedy is this? He can't even pretend it's satire because there is no element of sarcasm or anything, it's just him barking over the top edgy sexism and simulating violence for the entire length of the video. His Patrons truly are retarded

No. 470304

No. 470308

thank you anon!

No. 470311

the house is so messy….

No. 470312


>Clearly her son's room

>"This is no ones room, I don't know what it's for!!"

No. 470314

The thing she doesn't want non-Patrons to know in her draw my life is her music teacher frenching her. They called the police, Taylor had to go to a safe house to testify.

No. 470316

File: 1512071481319.jpg (29.57 KB, 540x271, Capture.JPG)

a description of onion by lainey. at the top it says charming and generous but it was blurry

notice all the narc traits. calm, strong, intellectual, domineering. the rest is about his looks. also notice there is no "nice, sweet, kind, gentle, understanding, caring", aside from "supportive" which probably means he supports her smol prince identity. And where the fuck is honest hmm???

No. 470317

Draw my life

>her parents got divorced when she was 3 cause her dad left with the babysitter

> her mum get remarried when she was 4/5 and split up at 6 months
> says her teacher when she was 5 french kissed her omg, they called the police and he was found to have done this loads and she had to testify
> started gymnastics at 6
> her mum got remarried again in 6th grade, and now she got a step brother. then her dad and the babysitter had a child. the babysitter didnt like lainey near her kid
> she was bullied and i think put in a year early into 1st grade (i don't understand american school system)
> she near died of mono in grade 7
> 8th grade she had to see a therapist because of cutting, but she didn't continue
> she got diagnosed with depression and her mum would get mad at her for being sad all the time
> in 9th grade she got like her first bf, some other dude she sent her underwear pictures too got jealous and leaked them all over her school, and her mum etc found out. then she started dating him on and off for years idk
> pressured into sex at 15 by dude that leaked her photos. changed her mind in the act i think? or right before it. oh fuck wait, he didnt stop. and that was her first time.
> in 11th grade same dude tried to kill himself, he was abusive verbally and physically to him. he tried to kill his brother!?
> this dude use to smoke pot behind her back.
> he would then harass and stalk her when she broke up with him, then a few months after that she started talking to greg
> greg asked her out over skype
> "shortly after this i graduated highschool"
> MARRIED NOV 14 2012
> moved to Washington for school

No. 470318

then she claims she came out in 2015 and suggested polyamory with greg. says she fell in love with a girl (billie) and they betrayed her trust etc.

we can all fill the gaps from 2012, but childhood stuff is new

No. 470319

God i cant wait to get home amd watch these mistakes. Anon you are the best

No. 470321

God, spend less time begging children for money on the internet and clean your fucking house.

No. 470322

File: 1512071876881.jpg (91.65 KB, 1114x592, greg.jpg)

From the house tour: "and here's all of Greg's makeup"

lmao this cuck, hates makeup on girls but owns more of it than a lot of women.

No. 470323

LMAO what a pussy

No. 470324

> 8th grade she had to see a therapist because of cutting, but she didn't continue
> she got diagnosed with depression and her mum would get mad at her for being sad all the time
young lainey was everything onision hates

why does she try and make her life seem so fucking dramatic and miserable, like she just haaad to insert all those super dramatic stories about sex and mental illness (and some guy smoking pot isnt very fucking interesting), meanwhile 99.9% of her life is boring as fuck. where does she talk about her hobbies other than "started gymnastics at 6"? ok you were bullied in first grade but how about your friends? what did you do in your spare time? favorite place to go with parents? ugh

her ex who was "abusive" probably wasnt even abusive and she made that crap up or exaggerated greatly. we all know what kind of person lainey is. if she can see he was abusive how is she blind to what onision is doing. like woow he smoked weed. oh no. "stalking to her" probably means one "hey whats up" text every 6 months

No. 470325

here is the remainder of the lainey exclusive vids, I can't get the patreon rewards hosted ON patreon right now, only ones that use external links so photosets and stuff are no go. I'm sorry.

EXCLUSIVE VLOG #1: https://newfag.science/patreon/laineybot/(Exclusive)%20Exclusive%20Vlog%201.mp4

EXCLUSIVE VLOG #2: https://newfag.science/patreon/laineybot/(Exclusive)%20Exclusive%20Vlog%202.mp4

EXCLUSIVE VLOG #3: https://newfag.science/patreon/laineybot/(Exclusive)%20Exclusive%20Vlog%203.mp4

No. 470326

watch the fucking video u idiot

No. 470327

yea greg pretty much got the perfect doormat to marry

No. 470328


i love you anon

No. 470330

!! Thanks!

No. 470334

she really did look so much better before with the brown hair. and she actually had some color to her

No. 470335

Their house is disgusting holy shit. Why wouldn't you even try to tidy it up?

I do feel bad for her with her music teacher though. Good for her for telling her mother and testifying.

No. 470338

Ikr that a disgusting environment for children to live in

No. 470340

File: 1512073974656.jpg (729.59 KB, 1901x2091, screenshot.jpg)

No. 470342

Ugh right? And they just let Troy game but where is the baby?! Watching their vids makes me anxious because i am concerned for their kids

No. 470343


His "little girl", huh Lamey? How's that apply to your being agender again?

And "we're each others best friends"
Bitch, your each others only friends.

No. 470344

being your "little girl" :), gag me.

No. 470349

Lames daddy kink shit really took off when they had their daughter. She's probably jelaous of her own daughter, she's that obsessed with Gargles.

No. 470350

sage for no contribution.

But at the beginning of her "Draw My Life"

"So I was born, as a little baby, to my mom and dad."

As opposed to being born an adult to complete strangers, I guess.

No. 470352

File: 1512076197515.png (816.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171201-070748.png)

I honestly thought the state of their house was am exaggeration, a half eaten sandwich for example wtf. Not to mention allll the other gross shit like dye all over the bathroom she could have easily wiped up. Fucking wow.

No. 470356

How do two adults and two small children accumulate that much fuckin laundry?

No. 470359

Can they not afford a laundry basket?

No. 470361

anon this is just a small pile, they have dirty laundry everywhere and i am not exaggerating. i was so disgusted when she showed dirty laundry stuffed inside her kid's stove wtf

No. 470362

> they way you make love to me - that you always put Troy in regular clothes for bed

couldn't have put those two separately lamo?

No. 470364

I honestly think it's because Greg married a child bride and she's stunted mentally at that time ever since. She never learned to be an independent adult which includes cleaning, cooking, not being self centered or emo 24/7. That house truly is disgusting

No. 470365


Watch the vid. She shows about 3 or 4 laundry baskets. They were all full (not a joke). The crap on the floor is excess dirty laundry

No. 470366

Ewww, no wonder they have a pest infestation.

No. 470367

i hate these two cunts, here i am working my ass off before i can even fathom about having my own family and she's got all the money she needs, two kids and a husband no job and can't even fucking clean up after herself

no wonder she is acting depressed, if i let my dishes pile up from the day before it bums me the fuck out lol

No. 470368

File: 1512077475088.png (1.33 MB, 616x2529, patron.png)

Looks like Greg got rid of another Patron

No. 470372

Yup I feel the same. Also, new foosball table in their basement but they're sooo poor and the amount of clothes, unused computer, food and random toys/gadgets around the place. These people have so much excess stuff they don't need and don't take care of any of it.

No. 470375

Lmao i hope this will open the eyes of some of these fuckers

No. 470380

There's was also laundry stuffed in Troys toys and she thought it was funny.

No. 470383

Gerg followed that meowsifer chick I guarantee she posted that picture he saw it and that's why he kept bringing Billie up and that fight with Lame happened.

No. 470385

File: 1512078836880.png (202.16 KB, 719x757, 20171130_155234.png)

Imagine being a grown ass man obsessed over another man. Also he keeps his family private? He's had to online/live streams fighting with his wife lol.

No. 470386

From her Draw my life I can tell you Lame will never divorce Onion. If everything she said was true a lot of the stuff that happened in her childhood makes her believe she's not good enough to be treated decently. She always goes for the abusive type and that won't change, but she should try for the sake of her children.

No. 470387

Or maybe it’s because there are certain members of your family that are mentally sound (unlike you and Crazy Tami) who have a sentience of decency to not be filmed on camera just for you to make a quick buck and will debunk any of your bullshit.

No. 470389

That was my thoughts exactly. The whole video reads more like an explanation, and there are so many tells to her personality. The part where she wouldn't leave the guy even after he tried to kill himself, like, no way she's leaving onion, who she has kids with, over "just" being a cheating narc.

Also, did I misunderstand, or did she imply that her (step?)brother molested her? I know I know, plain is shitty, but this whole dirty sad house, arrested development, grease life of hers is sad to watch. With how much she is trying to show that she is smart and capable, it truly is a shame that she is holding on to this life with him.

Ps. Notice how disgusted she sounds when she talks about greg, and how she only talks about loving him in the past tense.

No. 470390

The only reason she moved on from her ex was because she started talking to Onion. She's lying when she says her and Onion met months after. Her ex came out and said they were dating and even planning on moving in together when she graduated. Also when in this whole "loser, bullied" timeline did she kiss 40 guys and break up friend groups? That is not something a smol loser, bullied teen does.

No. 470391

Have you guys seen the sink next to gurg's editing station in the basement? Fucking eww! There's so much mess in this video even taking Screenshots would take hours

No. 470392

Let's not forget Onion kissed his cousin when he thought she was asleep, so if her brother is a molester for laying on top of her then so is her husband.

No. 470394

Honestly i am not willing to trust her, she probably manipulated the whole draw my life thing. Let's not forget the video is meant for her delusional fanbase, she has to pander to them to seem relatable and get that $. I think she exaggerated how "bad" her childhood was and added a lot to the story like the whole I cut myself thing or being diagnosed with depression. She has been proven to lie many times and I don't see why this time would be any different.

No. 470396

>did she imply that her (step?)brother molested her?
I bet she liked it tbh

I’m going to hell, knowing I went through the same thing but with a step-parent if it’s true.

No. 470397

anon, seriously the link to the video is there, she met her stoner abusive boyfriend thru her emo friend group and was originally dating some other boy, and the guy that essentially raped her for her virginity leaked her semi-nudes around her school and to her family etc. they were on and off. pretty sure if her underwear photos were floating about school and she was gymnast there was a few horny teens that would have wanted to get in to her (uk slang sorry)

also teenagers exaggerate and lainey is mentally stunted, i doubt 40 guys is legit. please turn your bullshit detector on and if you're going to rage at least be informed

No. 470398

again, watch the video.

she was in bunk beds on a holiday, her young sister in the bottom, her on top and her step brother in a separate bed. when her little sister went to sleep he climbed up to the top bunk and lay on her. she seemed uncomfortable explaining it, but said she told her mum who dismissed it and said she as causing trouble

lainey's mum sounds a bit cheap herself, after getting dumped for a babysitter, marries another guy less than a year after, then divorces after 6 months cuz other dude didn't want children, then got married again to her current husband.

her parent's both seem like trash, putting their sex lives first. fuck wonder where lainey got it from

No. 470400

File: 1512080946523.png (780.99 KB, 1258x685, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.27…)

They have tons of baskets. They just throw the laundry everywhere, despite having 4-5 baskets just in one room of the house.

No. 470401

lol anon, catch yourself on, depression is not an elusive illness, also her dad left the home at 3 and lainey's ma seemed keen enough to hop on any dick and get married to save face

christ i know people in their 30s that got fucked up by their parent's getting divorced in their teens. if you have a shite foundation you're fighting an uphill battle.

No. 470403

File: 1512081328717.png (862.94 KB, 1266x683, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.33…)

No wonder they have flies - look at that massive, kitchen sized garbage can in Troy's bathroom. AND there's a recycle bin - how much shit to let collect in the bathroom that you need an entire recycle bin just for a kid's bathroom?? Just take the empty bottle downstairs! Get smaller cans, and take your fucking trash out regularly. This shit is not hard.

No. 470404

File: 1512081429957.png (745.46 KB, 1251x650, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.36…)

1/2 Troy's rug is encrusted with filth. And this is definitely the kids' bathroom, because the baby nail scissors are in it (see 2/2)

No. 470405

File: 1512081459944.png (542.88 KB, 681x657, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.35…)

No. 470406

>the final straw with her ex bf was him smoking pot behind her back
>the final straw with billie was her smoking weed behind their back

Well apparently gerg can do anything and everything, but if he dares smoke weed, then maybe lameo will break up with him!

No. 470408


Thanks, anon. I saw one of her patreons talk about the house tour and saying it wasn't that messy and that Greg made it out to be worse than it really is.

Their house is an absolute pigsty and it just seems so cold and cluttered. It's not like a home at all, their stuff has no place and holy shit - the laundry in every room? wtf.


they move furniture and stuff around the house all the fucking time, those bins were in the huge room that looks like Troys with the big brown couch when Mercades was there to visit and they built a hot dog stand.

For that big of a house, they don't have much furniture other than a shit ton of beds, laundry baskets and recycling bins, kek.

No. 470409

I will never get why people are so dramatic about weed. Maybe you should try smoking, Lame. It might make you likable.

No. 470412

there was another one of these huge ass garbage cans in a different bathroom. that's not normal, they are so fucking lazy and probably only take out the trash in there once a month. fucking disgusting if you consider what kind of stuff you put in the bathroom trashcan

No. 470413

File: 1512082058563.png (1.11 MB, 1273x686, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.46…)

No wonder there's flies there's been an old plate of half eaten food in at least two separate rooms. Clean up your fucking food scraps - but wrap it and take it outside don't just toss it in an industrial size garbage can in the same room and call it good enough!

No. 470414

Yep, she would have probably stayed with her ex too if she hadn't met onion. That's also the only way I can see her ending things with onion. Finding another rich guy who will be her new sugar daddy. Another reason onion and lameo are similar. They refuse to leave each other unless they have a replacement lined up.

If her draw my life is true, her story is going to end up being her kids story. Her and onion are just as trash parents as she claims hers are. The cycle will continue.

No. 470415

File: 1512082222229.png (745.82 KB, 1200x684, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.48…)

She was making fun of how much laundry she has in literally every room of the house, most of it on the floor - but I see another piece of random half eaten food on furniture or a bed, attracting vermin. You're not just clothing hoarders, you leave food everywhere. If they don't have roaches, I would be shocked.

No. 470416

File: 1512082324415.png (1013.47 KB, 1269x685, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.51…)

"We're too broke to pay our back taxes!"

"This is my new foosball table and my gaming consoles"

No. 470417

It's as if I'm in Luna's thread.
Taylor accidentally drinking Greg's piss when?

No. 470419

how can you even have this amount of dirty laundry? I mean look at her poshmark, there's already an insane amount of clothing (not to forget the hundreds of pieces she already sold), now this truckload of laundry spread around the house - and their closets are pretty empty kek. Do they ever run the washing machine or nah? I mean maybe she only did it for showing in the video

No. 470420

File: 1512082516269.png (893.3 KB, 1259x689, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.53…)

Another full kitchen sized garbage can in a bathroom, where there's clothing strewn all over the floor.

They never go anywhere, and they never get dressed up. The amount of basic bitch target clothing they own is absolutely insane. And it just decorates the floors of a 5,000 square foot house, when it's not piled on countertops and stuffed inside her children's playsets.

No. 470421

forgot to add, imagine buying clothes off these filthy pigs. it's probably layn around dirty for months

No. 470422

File: 1512082571771.png (1.07 MB, 1244x688, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.41…)

Why, she showed us her laundry room! Here's the purportedly "clean" pile

No. 470423

File: 1512082637804.png (1.22 MB, 1334x750, E6D6287F-4B4D-4F3D-A70D-D47E1F…)

It also looks like there’s water damage near the toilet. Or like broken tile or something. So disgusting.

No. 470424

File: 1512082655872.png (753.87 KB, 996x670, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.40…)

And here's a basket AND a cardboard box full of dirty things in her laundry room. They have so much clothing, she apparently just does laundry perpetually, but has never actually completed the task of doing laundry, because they all just throw outfits on the floor and let it keep going, and they just keep shopping.

No. 470425

File: 1512082739880.png (1.63 MB, 1334x750, 29A59433-52C3-46A8-801F-5BC936…)

Absolutely filthy sink near gregs desk in the basement. Wtf. How do you let it get that dirty?!

No. 470427

File: 1512082774550.png (1.07 MB, 1278x685, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.42…)

They also have a carpet in the kitchen. I mean, all it's going to do is collect fallen food! Why on earth would you have a carpet in front of the fridge??

The kitchen is the only clean room in the house, but it's still super gross to keep a carpet in the kitchen!

No. 470428

You know what's worst? I bet those giant garbage cans are piled with their infant's dirty diapers. Those lucky flies, what a buffet for them!

No. 470429

File: 1512082850999.png (1014.17 KB, 1070x680, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.43…)

Why is their kitchen so clean when the rest of the house is a mess, you might ask? Why, because the Onions live off of a wall of cereal (pictured), bread (as seen strewn half eaten all over the house), and canned soups.

No. 470431

File: 1512082903912.png (1.13 MB, 1274x685, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.45…)

The whole basement is absolutely filthy. It's apparently Lainey's bedroom, and where Greg does all his editing. It includes that foul sink, plus this

No. 470433

At least we know where all his youtube money went - they spent it all on trash cans, burritos and clothes because Lainey is too lazy to run a washing machine.

jfc, this is worse than i thought.

No. 470434

that laundry room could be so nice actually. gosh these assholes don't deserve all what they have

yup that's what I meant, I wonder if it's all toothpaste or his makeup. either way clean this shit up it's insanely disgusting

those poor kids probably never get any fresh fruits and vegetables

No. 470435

File: 1512083079874.png (234.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171130-170016.png)

I've never met someone that has dirty laundry in every single room, and yeah she doesn't know why she has flies there's a half eaten piece of bread just sitting there.

No. 470436

ffs why won't they just hire a cleaner? they are making enough money from ebegging to afford one

No. 470438

why the fuck do they need a foosball table when they don't even have friends? I highly doubt plane and gurgles play together. was it because tomato visited 2 times?

they live worse than the laziest college students

that's a thing I was wondering too. did they never have one? he definitely had a few thousands more a month until 1 year ago

No. 470439

I think those things in the bathroom that look like garbage cans may be used as hampers? I would like to think so, anyway.

No. 470440

Maybe that is the toilet Beck clogged, and that is why there are those stains on the floor!

No. 470441

>those poor kids probably never get any fresh fruits and vegetables
So much sugary shit. But no worries, it can do no more harm - Troy's teeth already rotted away before he even got to eat solid food!

No. 470442

Oh c’mon you guys, I’m pretty sure this is not as bad as Chris-Chan’s crib; they’re clean vegans!

How long until their McMansion burns down?

No. 470443

Maybe they had a cleaner, but Greg found out she voted for Trump or Taylor found out she smoked weed so they dumped, er, I mean fired her.

No. 470444

top kek

No. 470446


And let a third party in to their inner circle, see the signs of abuse through poor feeding etc…?

No. 470447

even the fish look like they live in filth, those guinea pigs got a lucky escape

No. 470449

no wonder they don't have friends, not only do they prob invade your personal space and ask horrible intrusive questions when in their company, you'd have to be content to sit amongst their filth.

fuck, i nearly throw a shitfit anytime i go to my boyfriend's house and it stinks because he hasn't scrapped his dinner plate into the compost and put it in the dishwasher.

and how many fucking bins do they need?!

thought being a fake vegan meant you also care about the environment. wasteful sinful cunts

No. 470451

that's actually a disgrace and the room has so much potential, i live in a flat and have to make do with one clotheshorse and a couple of house plants to combat any potential damp.

No. 470452

see how much electronic stuff they keep running for no reason, wonder what their power bill looks like

No. 470453

Well, seeing as Greg won't even pay for heat, the electric bill must be huge on it's own.

No. 470454

they're fucking autistic!

No. 470455

I wouldn't be surprised if they just bought new clothes when they're too lazy to do clean laundry, and that bread bag and chewed on piece of bread is obviously from Troy I used to have custody of a 3 year old who would do the same thing, snatch the whole lot then sit and munch on bread until he got caught. These poor kids, that's gotta be super dangerous with the 1 year old around, she could easily grab some of this leftover food laying around and choke. They're just disgusting and neglectful, if Children and Youth ever got called on them and they saw the house like that they'd honest to god be in trouble.
Most importantly she probably had this video planned for a few days at least and couldn't clean one bit, she honestly just wanted to get her fans to agree with her that it's not a mess and Onion needs to stop asking her to be and adult and clean. He really screwed himself marrying and knocking her up.

No. 470456

File: 1512085028710.png (1.01 MB, 1277x687, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.44…)


Seriously, when she showed the playroom - which is filthy - she said it was freezing in the room, so she was closing the door again. They don't pay to heat their child's playroom.

"Here, Troy. All your toys are here, but you have to wear your snowsuit and mittens if you want to use them."

No. 470457

File: 1512085189900.png (357.51 KB, 573x651, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.20…)

The bread is kept well out of his reach, it's above where all that cereal is. So it that IS Troy eating the bread, they simply handed him an entire loaf and told him to feed himself. And then the adults left is all strewn about.

But I think it's Taylor and not Troy leaving the bread. Here's yet another crust, on the sideboard in what she called "her studio"

No. 470458

everyone room has a hazard in concerning young children and these wankers have the audacity to look themselves in a room and ebeg from their fans.

lainey last night was complaining her fucking dog scratched the door while she was streaming. at least someone fucking wants to see you, bitch!!

and that stream were troy walked in when she was in the guest house. horrible.

i guess money can't buy you class

No. 470459

so the playroom door gets closed because the nice windows in it let out too much heat. how wonderful that the kids are not free to go into their fucking playroom when they want

and look at the mess of it! are the children only expected to sit in the middle and not be able to move about or use their fucking imagination and creativity.

im getting flashbacks of that photo of troy with billie and ayalla and he's just sitting facing a wall playing with blocks. i bet i could give him a better life in my shitty flat

No. 470460

lmao she's telling this anal polyp that he has 'gorgeous body'??? please, bitch.

No. 470461

I agree I think it's lame with the half eaten bread

I know right, what is so hard about cleaning up before you make the video unless you don't fucking care or want pity points cause you're a mother of two that has to work all day (bitch where? what do you even do?) with an evil husband that doesn't understand you

No. 470462

a partner being domineering is not a good thing, taylor

did uni teach her nothing???

No. 470464

The whole house is a pit of lost potential. Massive kitchen to cook that one burrito Gurg barely knows how to make.

No. 470465

And notice how she's made HIM all these notes telling him how great he is in every way… yet he's never done such a thing for her. He really did find the ideal doormat, an infinite source of narc supply. It might not be the most exciting supply, which is why he gets bored and frustrated with her, but it's steady, and he needs it. He won't be able to be rid of her until he finds a replacement, and that's looking like a tall order these days.

No. 470466

File: 1512086060627.png (534.45 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171130-174137.png)

Wtf is spilled on the couch in Troys room?

No. 470467

File: 1512086159196.png (579.72 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171130-174936.png)

Also they just let the kids trash the basement? This is near what she called the dungeon so probably where they wanted to keep Billie chained up.

No. 470468

And, notice that the couch where Onion would snuggle up with Billie to play video games, is in Troy's room.

No. 470470

File: 1512086330862.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171130-174217.png)

"Its really wet in here and people kept slipping so we just threw down a blanket" Dude there's probably so much mold in there if it's always wet and also a fleece towel won't do shit to dry anything, just aid in moldy growths. If CPS saw this shit they'd have their kids taken.

No. 470471

File: 1512086407139.png (1 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171130-175114.png)

You would think the space Prince wouldn't gender her kids and give them such girly and boyish beds.

No. 470472

b-but anon she said she's too busy to clean and take care of all that properly :c

No. 470473

peep all these empty bottles on the windowsill…

No. 470475

Maybe it was a punishment for her doing something he doesn't like
>G: chain you in the basement?
>T: …again?
>G: you're right, not fun anymore. shave your eyebrows then?
>T: I need them for my beautybot vids
>G: ok, to prove your love just write a list of a hundred reasons you think I'm awesome and I'll forgive you this time

No. 470476

those kid's handprints give me some blair witch project vibes honestly

lol in last stream she claimed to raise her kids "gender neutral". Okay I give her that she doesn't forbid them to have generic ass gender stereotyped stuff but this is just hilarious for a tumblr space prince

No. 470477

The test is a choice and she's well within her rights to decline it, but acting like it was a generously accepting choice is ridiculous. Taking the test doesn't imply you'll love the baby less, it implies you want to prepare for something. If an amnio detects something incredibly serious like Patau's, parents will have to prepare for the fact that the baby is likely to be lost during pregnancy and is highly unlikely to survive past the first year if it's born. If the child makes it past that, there's a chance they'll be blind, deaf or have parts of the body that didn't form properly. I'm tired of the onions and their view on healthcare. I hope their kids are healthy forever because these two fuckups wouldn't be of any use otherwise.

She learned nothing from her degree AND she couldn't even be bothered to look up bpd after learning that one of her friends had it. I don't know how she thought she could be a therpist when she announced her friend's mental illness to the world before even double checking that she even had the terminology right.

No. 470478

They are going into full-hoarder mode.

Probably from their lives being so empty, they just go shopping random shit.

No. 470480

File: 1512086748413.png (617.51 KB, 720x720, 20171130_180250.png)

"Watching you play with dobs and taunt him"

Wtf Gerg, being mean to Dobs no wonder leelu pees when she sees him, he's an ass to animals!

No. 470481

didn't greg get mad at troy when he played with barbie dolls iirc? Though I guess it's only "her" decision to raise them gender neutral. (though the bedrooms say otherwise)

No. 470483

Also, notice how there’s a little Polaroid if lainey with the notes. Where are all the pictures of their kids??? There are no framed pictures of their family anywhere, only of them. And there’s a giant picture of dobs but none of your actual children??

No. 470484


That would truly make it a wonder drug!

No. 470485

…they probably have pictures together…she obviously wouldn’t include the pictures even if it’s an “exclusive” patron video…

No. 470486

If there house is this filthy for a video imagine how dirty it gets everyday.

No. 470487

Imagine spending 600k on a house and treating it like that… These people are fucking nasty. They both hardly leave the house too so there's no excuse for it to look like that.

No. 470489


No. 470490

half way thru the house tour and literally every fucking floor in her house is absolutely stinking.

her clothes she is wearing are even dirty.

i wouldnt be surprised if her kids and animals all have weakened immunity surrounded by the filth

like, the fact she felt comfortable to upload that video to show people confuses me. do the onions literally have no pride? how are they so oblivious!!!

i hope greg is reading all of us getting to see 'exlusive' content without paying and ripping his fucking environment apart. that environment would riddle a healthy mind to the point it would deteriorate.

their kids are probably going to grow up with a wealth of behavioural issues and OCD especially.

No. 470491

File: 1512087796309.png (693.94 KB, 1378x769, Screenshot_20171130-181557.png)

Not sure if this has been brought up, but Gerg and Plainey seem a lot like Cartman and Haley (aside from Haley started out a pretty decent human being).

I don't know how Plainey started, but Cartman ended up tainting her with manipulation and tricking her into eating unhealthy for his own selfish gains (like Gerg fucked with Plainey and her eating, malnutritioning her).

In the end, Haley ended up like Cartman, a horrible human being. Kinda like what Plainey is doing.

Anyway, sage because it's no new milk. But I couldn't shake the similarities.

No. 470492

she just called herself classy for having coats hung up on a coat rack…

aim higher taylor, you literally only get one life don't you want to be proud of it.

if i had her house i'd be so fucking house proud you have no idea.

No. 470493

Poor Lainey is so smol she can't lift empty boxes without help. It's not her fault.

No. 470494

Archive anon, we don't deserve you. Kudos man. Appreciate all the work.

No. 470495


Oh god, could you imagine Lameo as a therapist? She'd spend every session moaning about her Really Big Problems to the client while ignoring theirs, then charge them through the nose.

Oh. Just like her streams, in fact.

And whilst they live like pigs and I'm not excusing Lame's sloth, it's equally on him. Gurg the great feminist expecting the woman to do all the domestic crap? Honestly, they are almost parodic now, they're that inconsistent, dishonest and ridiculous.

No. 470499

And gurg is the one who's trying to make other people look like they're filthy. Tweeting at shane to get some self respect. Like look at your mess of a house first! At least shane has a beautiful home that's clean and is actually furnished and decorated with taste and personality.
It's all projection. Everything bad he sees in other people is himself

No. 470501

>>And whilst they live like pigs and I'm not excusing Lame's sloth, it's equally on him. Gurg the great feminist expecting the woman to do all the domestic crap?

Anon, do you not realize that Grug works LITERALLY 24/7, ~~watching hentai locked in his office~~ slaving away at an editing bay or filming?? How could he do the housework whilst he's feeding his family (cereal) via nonstop HARD WORK?

No. 470502

it's WET….? umm for the sake of their children's lives they should get this shit checked out.

btw i'm loving this torrent of milk from the patreon loophole. bet grease is loving this too :^)

No. 470503

File: 1512089141364.jpg (43.01 KB, 830x246, lol.jpg)

No. 470504


Oh, of course. Silly me. I mean, he must slave to the bone as, according to his tax returns, he has absolutely no life outside work therefore everything is deductable.

Lucky children, growing up with such marvellous parental values. Gives me the warm n fuzzies…

(Wrong expression. In Grease Towers, "the warm n fuzzies" means the mould got heated up.)

No. 470505

File: 1512089214745.jpg (49.68 KB, 600x600, 4we7j5g.jpg)

>being your "little grl" :)

No. 470507

sweet jesus LOL

No. 470510

Can we please pause for a moment to enjoy the fact that this is the exclusive content you pay for as a patron of them kek. getting to see their dirty ass mcmansion. They clearly care about their paying fans if they don't even bother to clean up before filming

No. 470512

Would you not clean everything before doing this video? Or hire someone to come in and at least put shit in the rightful place it belongs? How is she not cringing when she sees how filthy it looks and shes putting that impression out on the world? They both stay at home. If they took an hour out of their day every day to clean something or put shit away it would be clean in a week. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 470513

I'm foreseeing a twitter meltdown once he got wind of the patreon loophole/leak with his pathetic textwalls @patreon, @team patreon or whatever just like he does with youtube. Oh my god dis gonna b gud. Could happen tonight or tomorrow since his discordfags are lurking

No. 470514

File: 1512090453107.png (936.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171130-190502.png)

That girl Madison is filming with Onision today, he's dressed as social repose blowing up a doll… Yep I sense a Social repose cheating on Jaclyn parody.

No. 470516


It's actually really sad.

I wonder how much of it is true. She talks about how she's the perpetual victim for life. I do feel bad for her for a lot of the stuff she describes going through as a kid.

No. 470517

cursed image

finally, his patrons don't have a reason to keep paying for his "content." have a great time filming, grease!

No. 470518

File: 1512090817031.png (163.47 KB, 587x412, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 5.11…)

Well, right now he's too busy telling people they're wrong, and that THEY'RE the ones with black and white thinking, not him.

No. 470519

File: 1512090880413.png (72.63 KB, 586x196, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 5.11…)

And too busy saying that having sex with Jaclyn is gross (while pretending to have sex with Jaclyn as a blow up doll for a video.)

No. 470521

File: 1512091064748.jpg (150.56 KB, 720x907, IMG_20171201_021942.JPG)

Yup. Oh he's so edgy

No. 470524

they pay for the illusion of being his friend. he could stop making videos entirely and they'd still pay for him to talk to them.

No. 470526

he is such a piece of shit, that's all there is to say.

No. 470527

*kek at his short stubby legs with his feet being totally covered in pant. What a manlet.

No. 470529

The thought of the maggots makes me physically sick. She probably doesn't equate that where there are flies there are maggots. Which is even more horrific as they have young children.

No. 470531

Why doesn't he just stop making videos and turn this patreon thing into a cult? Would be less effort but same money kek

No. 470532

I can already imagine the IRS guy's face when he saw their house.

No. 470534

Lame's going to cry because shes going to stream so late! Because Gergles is busy and Sarah left, no one to watch over her kids.

No. 470535

omg, that house has the potential to be so damn beautiful (it's huge!!) but all it's used for is a giant laundry basket. i'm so annoyed at how every bedroom and room is just filled with empty water bottles, trash and dirty clothes… No wonder everyone breaks out in the grease manor.

No. 470536

I can imagine how beautiful that house was when they moved in, to let it go to shit like this shows something is fundamentally lacking in them both. Maybe Onion is too wrapped up in his self-praising narcissistic cloud of underage followers complementing him to notice the state of things or he just married Lainey before she had the chance to grow up or gain any life skills at all.

No. 470537

The carpool karaoke video, she is blaring her music with her kids in the backseat. You can actually see Troy sitting behind her briefly. Also, what a great role model to constantly be yelling fuck in front of her four year old kid, though, let's be real. It's definitely not the worst thing she is doing in front of/around them.
There's a shit ton of jump cuts, but her poor kids and dogs were just sitting in the back through the loud music, parked in the middle of nowhere.
Here's a thought Lainey.
Your puppy is shitting and pissing everywhere because you're a negligent person and care giver in general.

No. 470541

"The statuses you post about us".

>"I am REALLY sick of idiots acting like platonic cuddling & a full body massage = literally hardcore fucking someone. It's insanely stupid & I'm not going to continue to take shit for it."

>"Don't go sticking your tongue in other people's mouths and then act like I fucking ruined your life for literally cuddling that same person and rubbing their fucking back. Jesus."

>"Don't ever cuddle with someone your significant other was making out with in bed, with you, just prior. They will hold it against you forever and torture you with sobbing about it many years after.

"I made out with this chick & you cuddled her, I'm betrayed! Wah!""

No. 470542


There's a quick fix for their untidy house, if they really are both too busy to clean. Like, holy shit, that's a lot of laundry that hasn't been done. Anyway, they could hire a housekeeper once or twice a week from $13 to $15 bucks an hour for a few hours. Seriously, the Onion house can be saved and inhabitable! There's hope!

No. 470543

Why do they never mention Claire? Disturbing.

No. 470544

But why put a child in day time clothing for bed? I'm assuming that's what she means correct me if I'm wrong. Kids move around a lot in their sleep, especially very young ones, they wriggle and stretch so regular clothing would be very constricting and uncomfortable, probably waking him up through the night if he's struggling against denim or something. Minor peeve but as a mother and an aunt it's not something that I've ever chosen to do.

No. 470545

You can hear the baby cooing a lot and they keep saying "fuck" the volume is really high for a child under 1.

No. 470548

Shit, Gargamel.
I wonder if he caught wind of Daddy Donald talking about leaving too.
A $200 drop?
That's going to sting.

No. 470549

File: 1512093213970.jpg (89.17 KB, 1154x540, doggie babysitter.jpg)

When your dog dobs has to babysit the baby in the carseat because mom is busy headbanging with her 17 year old friend.

No. 470550


There's a quicker one. Remove kids and pets then strike a match…

No. 470552

this could've been given to the onion before the birth of bandaid

No. 470554

>that you understand the importance of breastfeeding

No. 470557

nitpicking but housekeepers are anywhere from $40-100 an hour…

No. 470560

Exactly this.
I honestly rage a bit at that part of her birth story. They're telling her she could be high risk and she's acting like they're just trying to inconvenience her. It's really sad. Some of these diseases are very serious and all the "love" in the world isn't going to be as great as preparing ahead of time for the different options to consider for this little baby's quality of life.
She's lucky that it ended up being nothing.

No. 470562

She likely took them down.
or maybe I'm giving her too much credit, considering she leaves half eaten pieces of bread all over the fucking place.

It always perplexed me how they don't realize that black is the worst color for either of them to wear in front of those bright lights. You can see every gross little stain they accumulated. It could be from just having kids, but all the same, look presentable for your "job".

Or water bottles and laundry, apparently.

Lame's on Younow with a girl. Not sure who it is.

No. 470563

File: 1512095222602.png (301.17 KB, 479x436, madison.png)

Apparently it's Madison. Should have guessed.

No. 470564

How would this moron react if someone made a parody of him and billie?

No. 470567

Lame is setting goals to kiss Madison and then another to do a chapstick challenge with Madison, is she going to share the earnings with Madison? Doubt it! Lame is saying she's only kissed 1 girl she said that a week ago, now shes saying shes kissed 2 Madison will be her 3rd. Someone said they thought they had only kissed 1 girl, and she said not even a month ago she kissed another girl. I'm guessing Kitten Space?

No. 470568

They make 6k a month…

No. 470570

You can actually see it in old threads. The listing for the home before they moved in is out there. It was a really beautiful home on the inside prior to them turning it into … what it is now.

No. 470571

File: 1512096775671.jpg (11.03 KB, 373x65, lmoo.jpg)

Madison just asked "wait why is everyone asking about shane, shane dawson?" Lame said he doesn't like Shane. She looked confused and said why? Lame said they have problems and well its not my beef.

She's saying she's going to ask Gerg about kissing Madison because its the right thing to do and she doesn't think it'll be a big deal. Lame better watch out, he might want to participate. She texted him and he responded with "okay I guess."

"I'm at a point in poly that if I get in another relationship, I'm going to be jealous, paranoid and awful, I don't want to push that on someone else."
She was literally poly for like 6 months on and off.

Someone in the chat said if you didn't want gerg to do anything with her then you shouldn't off. Lame got loud and said "Funny thing is I was never doing anything with her, when they did stuff, I hadn't done anything with her!"

Her and Madison are talking about being Poly.

A few highlights from this stream, it isn't as boring wit Madison there. Also lmao at this account.

No. 470572

Actually, that video IS his reaction to them doing exactly that long ago.

SR and JG first made a parody of him and Billie at the time that shit went down, see video. Greg's just having the last laugh with his vid now.

No. 470573

File: 1512097188016.jpeg (58.68 KB, 750x990, 0F7761C5-AE59-47F7-ACDE-67BE5E…)

>tfw toddler screaming next to you and spaceprince mongoloids screaming in the front
>take me out ol yeller style

No. 470574

I’m kekking at the papa-onion avatar

No. 470576

Lame is talking about being in a relationship with Billie and worrying about Gerg liking billie more because he's hetero and Billie presented more femininely and she doesn't. No shit Lame he himself said if he wanted a Masculine person he'd date a guy.

No. 470579

File: 1512097888025.jpg (48.68 KB, 476x463, leave.jpg)

Madison and Lame hit goal so they are going to kiss and of course Onion came to watch, but Lame told him to leave the stream lol.

No. 470580

So now she's this close to prostituting herself (and a friend) on the internet for money I see.. How long until she becomes a camgirl. She's basically doing what camgirls do already just without showing skin. e-begging desperate fans, but at least camgirls give something in return for ones money.

No. 470582

Lame got 2 shot glasses full of mouthwash and Madison asked do we swallow it? Lame said no just spit it back in the cup to which Madison said thats disgusting, well you're in the grease mansion Madi. Lame is being so obnoxious acting lie she's terrified saying she wants to dye, shes literally kissing a cute girl, isn't she so gay?

No. 470586

File: 1512098818346.jpg (49.93 KB, 463x451, jkis.jpg)

Lame is being so rude, she said she has a high standard for the girls she kisses, so what exactly is that saying about Madison? She also said a lot of other shit making it sound like she is going to lick the toilet or something. Madison said that is hurtful in a giggly manner but obviously it is.

Beck is really wanting to see the kiss and most of the chat is also annoyed by Lame's apparent "Anxiety" over a kiss.

No. 470591

File: 1512099292805.jpeg (111.09 KB, 750x733, A7475C7B-CBD1-4C8D-8B5B-A773D6…)

So much for a “peck”

No. 470592


No. 470594

She said someone got a hold of all her exclusive videos and that was something she wasn't ready to let everyone know… She started crying and ended the stream. We can expect a lot of narc raging by gerg tonight.

No. 470598

tbqh that wasn’t funny.

let’s be all grateful for incoming gerg sperg though.

No. 470599

Did anyone manage to record this stream?

No. 470600

Oh shit! I hope archive-anon has a vpn so Grease can’t track down the ip.

No. 470601

Fuck you cow tipping pieces of shit.

No. 470602

sure, jan. congrats for fucking it all up.

No. 470603

File: 1512099857949.jpg (76.54 KB, 565x404, otw.jpg)

No. 470604

She still bitched out, was supposed to be for 50 seconds, they barely hit 20.

No. 470605

It wasn't me, which my scree shot shows as I commented something else prior to it… I just managed to catch it before she left.

No. 470606

She doesn't really owe anyone shit.
One person suggested 50 seconds arbitrarily.
She didn't chicken out of it, she did it.

No. 470607

How does mentioning what happened constitute cow tipping?

No. 470609

After stalling a good 20 minutes… yea she did it but not without acting like a 13 year going in for a spin the bottle kiss, anyone would think Maddison had leprosy the way she acted about it.

No. 470610

i hate to agree with gerg but sexual assault isn't funny no matter who it happens to that isn't funny at all

No. 470611

Not funny dude. She was a fucking kid. I know she's an asshole now but Nobody deserves that or to be fucking teased about it.

No. 470612

I can’t agree with that joke I’m sorry sexual assault isn’t funny at all.

No. 470613

File: 1512100362000.jpg (28.96 KB, 582x204, Screenshot_85.jpg)

go comfort your spouse instead of tweeting, you absolute joke

No. 470614

Anyone that rejoices about that shit being brought up in her stream. It only encourages dumbasses to follow suit.

No. 470615

And she was so young during Troys pregnancy. They probably wanted to make sure this teenage girl understood what they were saying. I can picture Greg narc raging at them

No. 470617


Yet according to him, anyone who doesn't accept dark humor like that is an idiot. Also, he raped a blow up doll pretending it was Andy Biersack, very clearly intending it to look forceful. Oh, and let's not forget that he hs joked about rape several times, bby Greg starts whining once it's applied to him.

No. 470618

Loooool, this unbelievable moron!

His wife cried because someone leaked her childhood trauma to a wider audience, and what does Greg do? Inform an even wider audience about it! I… I have no words.

No. 470619

yeah, that's really fucked up. if it's an anon here, that shit only helps them. they love being victims.

No. 470620

Do they ever see each other in person?

No. 470623

Wouldn't put it past onion to smoke weed just to encourage her to break up with him eventually.

Wouldn't put it past lameo to not break up with him even if he did.

No. 470624

So we can’t joke about Grugly getting naked massages from momma-Onion anymore?

No. 470625

I agree, it's not something thats funny. But it's extremely naive that she shared it online and expected it to stay private and respected. I will never get why the Onions share extremely personal shit then rage when someone brings it up. Surely she realized while posting it there was a large possibility one of the 100's of 'haters' would see it?

No. 470626

This is probably what pisses me off the most about it.

He claims that shit was consensual.

No. 470627

Fucking THIS. I'm almost at the point where I don't want to follow their streams anymore cause it makes lolcow look like a bunch of psychotic morons. Her fans are kissing her ass enough already, now they have a legit reason to feel bad for her

No. 470629

If any of you actually care about her exploiting teens for money (lbr, I'm sure that not everyone cares) you wouldn't do things to make her a more sympathetic person. She will likely be showered in gifts to help her feel better for days to come.

No. 470631

BWAH HA HA HA HAA! (no but srly pedos as teachers r fukd)

Taylor chose to be a public youtuber. Taylor chose to discuss a highly private personal matter, and make a video released to the public. Nobody forced her to do so, she knew the info would be released to the general public.

If Taylor was not ready to discuss her childhood molestation at all, she should have never brought it up, nobody knew, we sure as hell didn't. She had to have known that releasing that info would have opened up the floodgates on pedo jokes, and likely drawn parallels to her becoming sexually attracted to an older adult while taylor was underaged.

I'll say this, not even Greg has ever hinted at it (although he didn't keep billie or ayalla secrets) but still he never sperged about the French kissing with the kindergarten teacher.

Taylor put herself in a position to be brutally mocked by the admission of a childhood molestation, so I'm not saying it's right, but I am saying that if she wasn't such a smug, total bitch that begs for children's allowances, people would have much more respect and sympathy for her.

But Lame has no visible redeeming qualities. She doesn't put her children first, even though it seems that her parents believed Taylor and her story even when she was scared as a child. If she can't give her children the love and protection that she herself received, then I dare say it's open season.

No. 470633

And Onion will use this to further vilify the anti O community for years to come… this is why being sublte about trolling (if you can't help but do it) is key, shit like this only makes it worse for everyone because she will be even more careful about what information she shares, it seems she isn't as aware of this thread as we all think they are as if she were she would of known straight away where it came from but she instead assumed it was a particular Patron thst pledged and unpledged today… if she finss out we (rightfully so) picked apart and scrutinized her house tour for the gross condition of her house we will probably never see any of their house again other than what they show in their backdrops for videos and streams.

No. 470634

Amen! I only laughed because of the audacity of the commenter (which wasn't me people) and the fact that, as you mentioned, SHE shared that information to the world herself and put too much trust in her Patrons and also assumed that things posted on Patreon would stay on Patreon, what a dumb bicth!
It's funny you mentioned his leaking of Ayalla and Billie's private information as he will no doubt spreg about "trusted people sharing personal information" which is exactly what he did to them!

No. 470635

Agreed, that’s something she shouldn’t be harassed for…that wasn’t her fault and is horrible to taunt someone with their abuse.

There’s LOTS of stuff she does now that’s worth cricisim but that isn’t it. There’s a difference and a line. Whoever did that also cut off the hope of getting good pareon videos in the future. Dumb.

No. 470636

She should at least be criticized for being so stupid as to trust every single one of her Patrons with such sensitive information…

No. 470639

You fuck kids, so shut the fuck up, Greg.

If she wasn't ready to let people know then she shouldn't have posted it onto Patreon while having so many patrons. If she wasn't such an attention whore, I'd feel bad for her alas, she is.


No. 470641

I'm surprised that you're the only one who noticed that. Hope she gives him hell tonight.

No. 470642

Who cares? It may not be something I’d do but end of the day the trust was well placed - thus far - the videos were hacked, not leaked by a fan.

cows putting trust in foolish places is exactly how we get our delicious milk. You have to act with some restraint to encourage more.

No. 470643

I agree with not releasing it yet if you're not ready for the public to know about it. Who's to say that eventually some ( maybe rejected ) patron wouldn't leak everything out anyway.

No. 470644

Now she gets a taste of what Billie went through when Plainey's own husband released her private information.

No. 470645

I have a feeling the person who made that comment in Laineys Younow Stream about the abuse at 5 is one of her little stalker wanna be girlfriends that Lainey has brushed off.
Lainey pissed the wannabe girlfriends off by not being responsive enough and they lashed out.
Now we just have to figure out which stalker girl it may have been.

No. 470652

Probably Beck, she's been ignoring her a lot lately after she and Greg went off at her for suggesting she credit Shane in her reunion video.

No. 470659

>that random ass ps4 controller on a shelf


also fuck them, i live in an apartment with a shared laundry and id kill for this room.

No. 470660

Lainey sympathizes with Jaclyn and apologized yet kissed the girl who played Jaclyn in a parody video of her getting cheated on while she’s still upset and recovering from it. Honestly lainey really sucks as a person. She didn’t deserve that comment on her stream obviously. It’s just like how can people feel that bad when her and Greg are so nasty to other people

No. 470661

I don’t normally feel bad for lamey but this time I can relate to her. I mean I don’t think she should’ve posted the video to people to see if she wasn’t ready but it’s her fault for trusting dumbasses on the internet but she doesn’t need to be made fun of for being an assaulted. Come on that person is making us look awful.

No. 470663

yup she didnt care one bit when it happened to Billie, and billie didn't make a video about it and put it online.

Onion can stop acting high and mighty when he did that to Billie.

No. 470666

didn’t onion say he doesn’t understand secrets? wouldn’t he want Taylor to talk about her sexual assault because if she doesn’t she’s “one of the victims to come” (he said the same thing about Ayalla and Billie with the whole SR drama)

No. 470668

They gotta wear day clothes cause no heat.

No. 470671

too busy jerking it to hentai to go to the other room and see her

No. 470672

Onion: if u put nudes on the internet and ppl see them u r dumb
: but if my wife puts her trauma in a video and ppl see them U R DUMB SHE SMART

No. 470673

No, this is what he's going to say:
"It's not the fact that people have seen it ( I don't believe in secrets ), it's the fact that someone made fun of it and it wasn't a comedy video."

No. 470674

File: 1512105660024.jpeg (411.2 KB, 640x907, D6768D55-61FB-427B-875F-0B00B3…)

Four days old but he’s doing it again…

No. 470675

Cool but why'd you like that anon.

No. 470676

Well he obviously doesn't understand secrets since he immediately jumped to blast his wife's secret to hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers that would have otherwise remained oblivious of it. Just a few minutes after Taylor said she wasn't ready to make it public. He actually did 100x more damage than the anon that posted it to the relatively small circle of people watching her on YouNow.

He did it under the pretense of whiteknighting her, but it's clear he cares nothing about her feelings otherwise he would have not tweeted that. He did it exactly to seem high and mighty - the same reason behind 99% of his other Twitter posts, all he ever does there is dit on his high horse and judge around.

No. 470677

probably so she can find it again

No. 470678

how many times does he do this a week

No. 470679

It’s also video fodder for him. Nothing beats getting those view$.

No. 470681

File: 1512107211197.jpg (88.59 KB, 573x499, deleted.jpg)

He deleted the tweet about Laimey being the best human ever.

No. 470682

She probably told him that he can't make a video about it.

No. 470684

She reveled today on YouNow that her first kiss with Billie was because she was dared to do it by Onion. With Madison she was acting as if she was about to go own on her or something, it was obnoxious there is no way she even likes girls.

No. 470685

File: 1512108260467.png (78.74 KB, 1291x714, Screenshot from 2017-11-30 20-…)

lainey is a fan

No. 470687

File: 1512108319825.png (51.92 KB, 627x634, Screenshot from 2017-11-30 20-…)

No. 470689

During carpool karaoke a song called "all my friends are gone" came on and Sarah said that would be Lainey in February, guess Sarah is leaving for a while!

No. 470690

2015- he calls younow broadcasters beggars

No. 470691

I agree with this. She choose to share her story to her public patrons. She is just playing victim now. please.

No. 470692

File: 1512109756891.png (666.33 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171201-002010.png)

I kinda see what looks like headphones maybe on Troy. Hopefully noise cancelling since she was singing a song about someone choking on cum…

Sage for speculation

No. 470693

I'll sympathise with Lameo's abuse as a child when she stops abusing children herself.

Because the kind of tactics she uses to get money out of very unstable young girls is abuse. She's a heterosexual married woman who has made it quite clear she'll hang off Grug forever, yet constantly holds out the carrot of a relationship she is not even free to get into with these girls. For money. It's coercion and that is abusive.

No. 470694

Plainey has become an abuser herself. It really is hard to empathize or sympathize with someone as putrid as herself.

No. 470695

Also this bitch made Sarah pay for their Starbucks. In the carpool vid, Sarah says they should go to Starbucks and Lainey says "are you gonna pay for Me? To which Sarah agrees and holds up her wallet. Really Lame? Making an 18 year old pay for you when you make her watch your kids and you make bank on Younow? Why does Sarah deal with that??

No. 470700

File: 1512111302638.png (1.1 MB, 1136x640, E83255D3-C794-4451-BB05-84C4E0…)

That collar is being put to work

No. 470702

File: 1512112699273.jpg (42.13 KB, 1076x193, Screenshot_20171201-143350.jpg)

I posted this on the tempcow thread but thought it would be better to post here too so more people see it, this is the user who made the comment if anyone wants to try and figure out who did it.

No. 470705

What's the point anon? I don't think there's anyway to link it to a poster here, farmhands can see our IPs but nothing identifying like that from YouNow. I imagine it's probably an empty spoof account as well?

No. 470707

It seems so, nothing on twitter, YouNow, YouTube etc but I guess it's still good for the sake of archiving it as "evidence" or whatever.

No. 470719

The first pregnancy pic is full term the second is her at 20 weeks. So she was as big at 20 weeks with Chloe as she was full term with Troy.

No. 470722

File: 1512117941620.png (39.11 KB, 588x238, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.4…)

"My spouse told 8 people about her sexual assault, and got mad when more people knew. So I told 200k+ people about it, and now I'm kind of making amends at midnight, and promising to curb my ego. Except not really, because direct promises are for chumps."

No. 470724

>Weed your garden.
Your home is your castle. There is only so much space.

Your ego is filth and grime.

Don't let the filth and grime consume your castle and eventually your skin leaving acne in its wake.

Clean your fucking house. Seriously, clean it. We've seen what disgusting, greasy pigs you are. There are people in low-income housing that are cleaner than you.

No. 470726

Bet he doesn't even notice the condition of his surroundings. Too occupied by sperging on Twitter, making cringy outdated skits, and watching hentai.

He lives online, not in his house.

No. 470736

Why does their toddler need a gigantic couch in his room? None of this makes any sense from bits of half-eaten food strewn around to months worth of dirty laundry laying in the halls.

No. 470737

Being molested is worse than rape, and it wasnt Lainey who realeased it, why should her info be released? Because she didnt cri everitime for her husbands mistress?

No. 470738

>open bottles on the window
>electric cords draped against the bed
>pathway to bed entirely blocked with mess
Fucking hell what a health hazard.

No. 470739

>being molested is worse than rape
Haha what?

No. 470740

Lainey please go. You have a house to clean.

No. 470741

I agree that her molestation should not have been made fun of or brought up in front of her at her younow .. doesn’t matter who you are that’s a really awful and shaping thing to happen to someone…. however if you truly do not know the reason why no one cares to keep Lainey’s “info” aka her videos that she willingly made and chose to publish for her 15 yr old fans that PAY her to see them, than you’re dumb and I suggest reading even just one of the many threads. It’s not like people went out and found her diary and published it lol

No. 470742

I think is quite funny that lameo 'was not ready to make it public' but when onion leaked all of Billie's private info without her knowledge that was fine lmao

No. 470743

She said she was against it. She just didn't make tweets about being against it, so there's that I guess?

No. 470744

I feel sorry for her because people are making jokes about it and she has to read it.

But then again what did she expect? As some anon already said, this video could have easily been leaked by a former patreon so…

No. 470745


I swear I did not mean to like it, I didn’t even realize I liked it until y’all pointed it out to me.

-hides in shame-

No. 470746

She never said she was against it anon. She actually started getting jealous of all the sympathy billie got, remember "wheres my fuxking sympathy?"

No. 470748

Then she went on about how both were them were in the wrong for exposing secrets. Yea, onion boy outed her traumatic experiences and ED while Billie outed him as her abuser. Totally on the same level.

No. 470749

Holy shit, Lainey and Sarah are trying so hard to be Billie and Ayallah so bad. In b4 but anyone can dye their hair anon!

No. 470751

lol I always felt like sarah wanted to be the ayalla to lamey, and thats why she sticks by her shittyiness and thinks its normal. I remember one of the onions saying that Ayalla said she would stick by Billie even if she knew she did something shitty. The difference is Ayalla actively tried to help Billie out of the situation and I bet she is able to tell her when she thinks what shes doing is wrong. Sarah just sits there and supports everything lameo does and believes she should stay in that situation and that it actually isnt bad.

It's really sad they both just dyed their hair and grew it out Billie length at the same time. I remember when sarah first obsessed over lameo, she also cut her hair short lameo style. These people just clone people they think are cool.

No. 470753


It's fucking embarrasing how hard Sarah tries to be Billie. She does the same stupid flip thing and stick out tongue thing Billie likes to do.

No. 470754

lameo released it on her patreon easily accessible by ANY RANDOM PERSON who dropped $25. Any damn one of them could have leaked the info, and she was taking that chance by putting it on the internet at all. Billie NEVER made a video ANYWHERE accessible by ANYONE. She said she told like four people ever.

lol anyone feeling soo bad for lameo, just know she wouldn't do the same for you. Calm down.

She only mentioned she was "against" it in the video after seeing everyones reaction. Prior to that she was screeching at her fangirl Lane about how she was so fake and terrible for daring feel bad for Billie after her husband did that. She threw that in there as damage control. Not because she actually believed it. Just like how she damage controlled the jaclyn thing after getting caught laughing at her.

No. 470757

onion leaked B's secret and now he's leaked lamey's to a broader audience. it's like pottery

also what is with all the laundry? is it clean and yet to be folded and dirty and stinky? and why the fuck don't they turn on their heat and get a dehumidifier for their basement rather than putting a gross moldy fleece blanket on the floor? bruh the basement really is a filthy dungeon. imagine being chained up in that filthy squalor, breathin in spores with only old bread crusts to eat. smh.

and another thing, why do they have a mile long line of fucking cereal on their counter??? looks like they buy shit in bulk. i feel bad for the kids, they don't even have a warm, clean place. i grew up in a low-income place grunk would turn his nose up at, but at least we were warm and clean.

it looks like they haven't cleaned their house in about 2 months. it's really not that hard to fold some clothes and pick up the kids' toys. then again, if i was plain i wouldn't have the mental energy to do that after giving osteoporosis the suk mi all day and feeding my teen pregnancy gremlins. and grugly obviously won't lift one of his red, stubby manlet fingers to help with "women's work" he's too busy with man's work like jerking off to hentai and scouring plain's twitter for jailbait

No. 470760

>She does the same stupid flip thing and stick out tongue thing Billie likes to do.

So does Taylor. TBH I think it is a ~trend~, and I wish people who show everyone their tongues would go die in a fire. It's disgusting.

No. 470764

None of their rooms make sense other than kitchen and bathrooms. Everything else is just random furniture and toys scattered everywhere.

No. 470765

Holy shit, having sex with your own girlfriend is disgusting. How can you support two adults having consensual sex? You pieces of shit!

No. 470766

Lame doesn't care about it being clean, she even laughed when there was dirty laundry stuffed in betweens Troys clothes. Its fucked that gerg won't turn on the heating for his family but paid Billie 13,000 to "work" now people have to pay him to work for him lmao.

No. 470768

so he ree'd blaire committed an act of sexual assault for tweeting a drawing, but having sex with a blow up doll he's pretending is jaclyn is okay?

No. 470771


It's a "joke" and for ~~~comedy~~~ and only he gets to say what is and isn't comedy anon.
That's how he tried to spin it anyways when he was called about his rape of the Andy Beirsack doll. It's different because he likes Andy and Blaire doesn't like Onion, so it's inherently assault.
Wonder how he'll spin it that's it ok for him to do it since he doesn't like Jaclyn…

No. 470775

She never said she was against, she just said 'i don't agree with it. As well as got super pissed off that people felt bad for Billie back then. Karma is a bitch lmao

No. 470779

Are you all seriously pretending to be better than the user who made the joke? It's a joke, if she didn't want to be made fun of then she should've paid attention the number one rule of the internet and kept it private.
By the end of the day we're all here on this site keeping tabs on someone you claim to not give a fuck about. So calm down, enjoy the milk, and remember: you're not any better.

No. 470782

File: 1512147635100.gif (4.63 MB, 425x266, D7qo1sh.gif)

No. 470784


I laughed because it happened to her. Sure that wasn't "funny" in general, ie. if someone did that to someone other than lame, it probably wouldn't be cool, but it's all about context. She's a shitty person who decided to trust a couple strangers over the internet with something that private, she's a PUBLIC FIGURE, this could've happened to any other public figure who did the same shit… especially those who hate as many "haters" as lainey. She knows this, and if she was so afraid of this, she wouldn't have posted it on the internet. It wasn't a mistake as if she accidentaly blurted it out, she made a pre-meditated video. She thought about this. She must've thought about potential consequences. She wanted to post it.

So I'll laugh when something bites her back in the ass. I'm not laughing at her assault, but she's not that 5 year old anymore, she's become an abuser herself, and she's what, like 23??? You think she'd know better. So no I don't feel any kind of pity, and it's humorous when she gets what she deserves. Next time she'll think twice about posting something like that on the internet.

No. 470785

Did you really need to type all this to what amounted to "I'll laugh but I'm still better than people who make jokes like these in general uwu"
You (kind of) sound like you misunderstood what I'm saying. I'm saying the joke is funny as hell, context or not. This thread was made to shit talk, not suddenly pretending to care about assault or whatever and be a 'better person' when the cow in question gets her feelies hurt.

No. 470787

gb2 2007 with that edgy sense of humour
you'll fit right there with onision

No. 470791

Does anyone have access to her side twitter?

No. 470792

Go back to tumblr if you honestly can't handle one joke. Hey, maybe you'll even become besties with plainey and be in their new poly triad like you always wanted!

No. 470793

ok edgelord

No. 470796

File: 1512149939368.png (482.07 KB, 530x808, turtlekiller.png)

sage cause irrelevant but lold about the comments.


Didnt catch the video, so why did she need to show off how messy they are?

No. 470799

>so why did she need to show off how messy they are?
Money. Believe it or not, she got money for showing people her mess and filth. And they asked for it. And they paid for it.

I was promised flying cars in the 21st century. I got this. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA

No. 470811

I didnt even mean to reply to you that was an accident lol I clicked two posts by accident & deleted the wrong one I meant to reply to >>470741

why you gotta be so edgy tho, assault isnt funny in general. no ones "suddenly pretending to care about assualt" you dont get points for saying it is funny

we all hate on onion when he makes stupid rude jokes about mental illnesses, bc they are in fact not funny to most people. you sound like him now

& Sage your stuff newfag

No. 470887

Sage for old milk but does anyone remember how Lainey started out under the username Laineybug? She changed it because people called her out on trying to be Lisbug who was Shane Dawson's long term girlfriend. I bet that really bothers onion knowing he wasn't even her first choice as a YouTube husband. She always wanted Shane more than him I mean, she didn't even know who onion was until she saw him in a video with Shane.

It really sucks that he is punishing Shane for his wife being so thirsty for him. Little dick onion is so salty about that and even more that everybody knows it. That's why he will never get over Shane. At least not until he and lame divorce.

No. 470905

lol most people didn't know who onion was until he collabed with someone else. it's why he's so bitter he can't get a collab with anyone big anymore, so he tries to get them to mention him by antagonising him.

he's an old man these days, known to other youtubers as a joke and most of the rest of youtube will never catch wind of him, he will never be trending.

onionboy will never make it big again. youtube these days is for music videos of popstars, or quirky artists that can carry a meoldy (not onion's music), celebrity gossip + news, gaming (has onion ever completed a game or had the ability to?), cute animals, panel shows, cute girls, make up tutorials etc etc, i don't know any kid looking up shit relevant to onion

like who is his intended audience what are his tags SPERGTARD? idk.

i wasn't in stream last night, but it sounded like a fun one tbh. lainey made a recording of what she said and uploaded it to the net to be made available. the joke obvz wasn't in good taste, but neither are most of the onions jokes.

No. 470907

Lame is on YouNow. Don't be weird molestation cow-tipping cunts and liveblog here: https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/20735

No. 470912

File: 1512165321088.jpg (81.21 KB, 791x268, rhDV3KK.jpg)

way to go you fucking retard(s), there's several people trying to get a rise out of her right now and at the same time leaking that there's a loophole. nice!

No. 470918

What's she going to do, fix the loophole? If she's got any brain cells she won't talk about 'private' info online anymore anyway (although she probably will lol)

No. 470921

ok i dont get some anons mentalities around here,
you guys either wanted to see the leaked patreon vids or u didn't.
whats the worse that will happen? she'll stop producing patreon only content?? oh no! who will those teenage girls parents money go towards now!

also greg is the one who publicly outted her about the molestation, probably could've flown under the radar in a few days time had he not had to swoop in and "save her" from the internet bullies

No. 470922

She confirmed she has deleted all those videos from patreon, and she won't be making any sort of personal videos like that again. She will mostly just be posting vlogs to her patreon.

No. 470926

this has to be the saddest screenshot from their video :( these babies have enough toys for an african village, but no love or attention. they're the parents who buy a stuffed animal every day hoping it'll get the kids off their back.

grease and lainey are permanently stunted teenagers who are financially well off but have no sense about how to live… lainey moved at 18 or 19 to be with grease, right? so she's never had to live alone/with roommates and her mom likely made food and did all her laundry. they need the supernanny or someone lol.

No. 470930

God you’re fucking thick.
People though it was funny to mess with PT too. Guess who grew up and finally got away from the internet?
Maybe those of you that really care about Lainey are the ones that are snickering over her tears. Or maybe you’re too fucking stupid to see that you are killing the content you claim to enjoy.

P.S. We can’t manage who comes here and sees anything that’s posted. I know summerfags can stay all year, but maybe it should be a lesson to all of you that you can’t have nice things when any idiot with Google can find this place.

No. 470936

Onion’s narc rage will skyrocket with SR at the end of that video. Well done, aldii. A++ quality.

No. 470938

thanks. not sure who posted it originally & why it's deleted but:

No. 470953

an aldii classic, i love it ♥ last time i noticed that your nickname actually spells aldlii so sorry if we all keep calling you after the german store chain

No. 470957

No. 470958

she wrote patient at least twice, and also said he was perfect

No. 470959

I know Lainey has to be in DEEP denial to still be with him after that ordeal but I wonder if she saw this it might clarify just how much he was the one screwing her over and over again without any remorse. It does a great job of really laying everything out.

No. 470962


What happened when troy walked in? did she freak out at him? is there footage of it anywhere?

No. 470963

What happened when troy came and interrupted Lamo's livestream? You said horrible, so i'm wondering, did she freak out at him? Is there footage somewhere?

No. 470964

There’s a clip floating around somewhere, but it’s nothing really. She turns the camera away and you hear his wee voice, then she signs off.

No. 470965

It’s not too late to delaet this and start over before people get pissed about namefagging.

No. 470966

Great video. This shows perfectly how he always has these moments where he admits what he does (in this case manipulating others to get what he wants) and then acts like this never happened and continues with the old versions of blaming everyone but himself

No. 470969

Disgusting. Why would anyone fucking admit to this shit non-anon???

No. 470972

How can he clean? He's as poor as your dad.

No. 470973

i didnt even see the fish lol……. shit. theyre probably dead by now.

No. 470974

>Next time she'll think twice about posting something like that on the internet.
This here is the problem… laugh all you want but keep it contained here

No. 470976

Cassie you should delete this. Just put "sage" without quotes in the email field.

No. 470987

calm down bitch, this is a public site, any pleb can do a google and find it. if you want to make an encrypted hate forum go right ahead, i'm sure it'll be fun

No. 470988

That makes no sense, anon. Lainey confessing it to the internet has nothing to do with it being contained here. If she wasn't ready to tell people, then she shouldn't have told all $25+ patrons. What if she had 400+ patrons on the $25+ tier? That's 400+ people with that knowledge and word of mouth. She especially shouldn't have told her husband about it knowing damn well that he was going to use an e-megaphone to announce it to the world. Her dumb ass husband did more damage than that one anon did.

No. 470989

Here you go.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 470991

content we enjoy? you an onion and laimey fan? we think they themselves are the joke.

u broke we woke

No. 470992

When I say that, I mean milk. You're right anon. Twelve thousand boring ass videos of Lame answering the same five questions and putting on makeup was way better than her Patreon vids.

No. 470993

plot twist: taylor did clean up before taking this video

No. 470994

no one's fucking asking you to be that involved in her life. u dream anon

sure some of u anons were even mad at the draw my life content 'huuurrrr this bitch just HAAAD to exaggerate and make stuff up' what the hell else did you think she has left to expose, a fucking strip tease?!

she's hardly going to tell the patrons that she honestly hates greg. wtf

No. 471009

Wow, you are way to aggro about this whole thing. Stop infighting, we'll get farmhand-slapped.

No. 471010

I think you only have like an hour to delete. The password doesn't mean anything. You can try to report it, a farmhand might help you out.

No. 471011

you cant delete it, it's been too late. you're not the first person to fuck up like that. ive seen this shit happen so many times it's not even funny anymore. no the mods won't take your post down. fortunately if you google search your name, this wont pop up so dont worry about employers. just change your email & make your social media private for a bit until this thread dies

No. 471017

File: 1512179903920.png (Spoiler Image,229.34 KB, 450x450, onion.png)

here's a greasy png if anyone wants to shop it on something

No. 471023

File: 1512180547103.png (806.64 KB, 1080x992, piza.png)

No. 471026

File: 1512181272583.png (499.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171201-201957.png)

No. 471028

Bravo! BRAVO!! Bravo!

What a perfectly presented video Aldii! Who cares that Taylor had shitty lessons on kissing from her teacher anyways?

This, this video, that whole situation, is the real embarrassment here. In like 3 more years Troy will be cognizant enough to Google his family name, and he's gonna find out. In 6 years Claire will find out how to stay in abusive manipulative relationships.

Fo realzies, it's humiliating enough when your partner is cheating and you have to tell your family and friends, but like, now the whole world (mini youtube/tumblr) knows.

Totes malotes would be sooo embarrassed to be Taylor right now. She let that embarrassment of a tiny dick mess with her, and for what??

No. 471034


In Onion's demented worldview, he probably resents Shane for that too. If Shane had done the right thing and taken her off the market, po lil Gurgy wouldn't have ended up lumbered with the Spastic Prinxe and her constant whining. Shane just fucks over Gurgy's life incessantly.

That's logic as filtered through Gurgy's really huge brain, passing through narcissism, resentment and thwarted ambition on the way.

No. 471040

blurry fucking shitty photo vs current year digital camera
gosh cant imagine why the one on the right looks so much better guyz

No. 471047

why the fuck would you type like that i mean fooorealziiies

No. 471048

>totes malotes

anon pls

No. 471049

>he's an old man these days, known to other youtubers as a joke and most of the rest of youtube will never catch wind of him, he will never be trending.

i saw razorfist mention him in a recent video, and was pretty surprised.

No. 471064

Saged for ot but vid.me is shutting down soon, any anon who wants to re-archive the Onion videos should do it ASAP!


No. 471083


Full-ish stream, but apparently she came back after this, I just don’t see it. Skip to the end.

No. 471085

No. 471094


This kinda makes me sad. Troy sounded so sweet trying to go see his mom and she just shoos him out and gets back on stream..

No. 471096

It's only available for downloading backups till the 15th. I know we have archive anon but whoever spent time building up their own vidme archives will want to know this.

No. 471102

Is already up the video of Onision making fun of JG and SR?

No. 471110

lol this is nice to see back to back. I realized even I forgot some of their ever-changing stories. This also shows lameo straight up lied in her side of the story by pretending she didnt know what gerg meant by "ill do what i want" since onion said after that him and billie kissed by themselves whenever they saw each other.

Also that billie did tell him lameo would be upset and he REPEATEDLY tried to convince her that everything was all fine because there were no boundaries anymore. But somehow lameo puts full and most blame on billie.

she avoids all videos that might remind her her husband is an asshole who doesnt love her, even his own videos. She is intentionally avoiding the truth. In the back of her mind, she already knows.

No. 471119

When him and lainey get divorced… people are going to have fun making parody vids!He has to know that if she divorced him that she'd clean onion out!

No. 471134

Does anyone know on which video Plainey laughs at Jaclyn Glenn?

No. 471147

Hmmm, should be able to look through streams and get the part but it wouldn’t prove what she’s laughing about because she doesn’t say she’s laughing at her. Just skim the old thread where we talked about it and look up that stream by date.

No. 471170

archiveanon, can you get this video yet?

No. 471176

File: 1512239656590.png (172.38 KB, 311x600, tumblr_inline_onx2b7E43D1uaatm…)

Sage for potential OT

stumbled on these old screenshots. The guy really is obsessed with penis size. I'm really starting to think he has a tiny dick

No. 471182

Onion just posted a new video on why he's "alone". All it is , is him rehashing old drama and why he is no longer buddies with each person he talks about. He tries to give the impression he didn't watch Jaclyn's I'm and idiot video even though he made a whole stream on. He doesn't include all the drama on the ones he would be open to being friends again. At the end of the video he talks about how he'd be able to forgive some of them and implies that they should apologize.

Saged because it really isn't new milk.

No. 471185

jfc I hate onion so much. God forbid a young person be a young person. Lainey is so weak that she allows Greg to continuously talks shit about her sister and sometimes her. I can't imagine staying married to a person who so harshly judges my younger sister. She likes the perks too much to even consider leaving.

On a side note to the anon that mentioned her belly sizes during her pregnancies. Most of the time you show faster earlier with 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc babies. It has nothing to do with you or the baby's weight or eating habits. Just sayin.

No. 471188

WTF, didn't someone just post that shit about how he dated and tolerated Billie just because of her looks? And he said it was normal, everyone is that level of superficial. He even flashed a pic of a fat girl and said if Billie looked like that, he wouldn't have taken her back 3 times. Fuck his fake "body positive" persona.

No. 471193

File: 1512244702465.png (38.08 KB, 604x159, Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 20.5…)

/womens/ /agender/ shirt

No. 471194

File: 1512244732897.png (2.14 MB, 1571x1687, onisionspeaks.png)

I'm so confused, are these screenshots I took from an actual Onision speaks video? I am watching it on newfag.science - all these "self-aware" pop-ups that come up are making me (actually, physically) cringe so hard.

No. 471195


>>Love does not = body type

>>"skinny pact" with skye

No. 471196


I watched it on youtube with ad block and they were there as well

No. 471197


I feel like this is some failed attempt to try and edit videos like Shawn. I haven't seen any of Shawn's recent videos, but Shawn does edit videos in such a way where it is professional, it feels like TV. He talks to you like it's reality television, but it's just his life. I feel like Onision is trying to replicate that, only poorly. Perhaps he's trying to ease into it so it isn't too apparent? I dunno.

I think he's trying new ways to edit to try to make his videos seem more apparent. To try to keep more views all the way to the end.

No. 471199

Who the fuck is Shawn?

No. 471202

Maybe they mean Shane? Shane makes a lot of self-aware and self-deprecating jokes.

No. 471206


I'm guessing anon wrote this on their phone and "Shane" autocorrected to "Shawn".

No. 471210

Kek he disabled the comments again
I guess someone doesn't like honesty that much

No. 471211

Can someone upload the new video of Plainey?

No. 471213

when the cows start doing your work for you kek

No. 471220

File: 1512252840307.png (707.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7939.PNG)

Apparently Madison, the girl that's been doing stuff with the two of them lately, smokes weed. She has a series on her YouTube called baked baking. Someone in the comments said something about onion and his stance on weed, and she said that she wasn't sure if he'd seen it (the video/videos) and that he only has a problem with the "illegal" use of weed.

No. 471222

File: 1512253051164.png (199.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7940.PNG)

And here is the comment. If someone else already brought this up I apologize, I don't recall seeing it on here before.

No. 471223

Hilarious. Lainey supposedly has a stronger stance against weed compared to Greg and she kissed her. Wonder if she knows.

No. 471224

Illegal use, god onion is a joke

No. 471237

She knows

No. 471239

Lol just saw on lameo's channel that she uploaded a "does onion love me" video where they take QUIZZES to see if he loves her. I didn't watch it but they are so transparent.

>get in public fight where its obvious their relationship is terrible

>immediately make video pretending they love each other and their relationship is the greatest

No. 471241

If he becomes 'self aware' then by his logic it means that others can't criticise him because he's already doing that, however, his logic doesn't work when he leaves out details and acts like these things are a joke (like the emoji crying face) so people won't take his abuse and narcissism seriously

No. 471243

In the video they look up the definition to see if Onion cheated and it was pathetic. Also he literally basically says the only reason he had that he loves her was that they still have sex? And he straight up says she loves him more. Yet she seems so happy in the video every time the test says he loves her.

No. 471244

Who is watching this kid? That building is separate from the house and to get up there you have to walk up steep stairs? Watch your kid you shitty mother

No. 471246

Definitely not Greg at least. He spends all day narc raging at his computer in the basement. Imagining them parenting is so hard for me, hopefully they have a new nanny.

No. 471248

if you have to look up definitions to determine if someone cheated, then they probably cheated. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.

Lol lameo is so pathetic. Honestly their whole relationship is a snoozefest on repeat. He does horrible shit to her, she cries, he makes one loving tweet or some other basic thing, she fawns over him again.

No. 471249

At the 6:30 mark, the quiz asks them whether they truly see their spouse has a good person. Plain responds with "That's fucked up!" They then go on to say they think Greg is a good person. With all of the fucked up shit he's said and done in public, they cosign all of it. It's never been a matter of "Well, I can't control him and because of that, he does whatever he wants." No, that behaviour doesn't strike them as immoral or wrong.

I don't feel bad anymore for laughing at the anon who asked them if her french teacher was a better kisser than Madison. Had it happened to anyone else, I'd feel terrible but they bring it out in people by not caring about anyone else but their evil grease daddy.

No. 471250

in the new laineybot video you can see her looking to greg for the answers, they have to cheat on a test to prove they love each other to their mentally stunted fans.

and greg has a boner over his grease hair lmao. what a dick

No. 471253

what are you using her preferred pronouns for, no one does that around here.

No. 471257

Who cares

No. 471260

File: 1512260825606.png (103.01 KB, 567x472, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 01.2…)

so apparently gurg "animal rights activists" jackson let his dog stick its head into a tiny peanut butter jar and is now feeling like a hero for not letting it choke to death, what a saint

No. 471262

he's wearing his gay ass striped shirt again. he always feels like a cute emo boy in that, why?

He took a dig at her cause she doens't do the laundry or doesn't tidy up the laundry room. kek. seems nothing's changed since the house tour vid. Before I watched the vid I knew it was a stupid quiz again, they are so predictable and repetitive. who wants to watch someone take a meaningless online quiz?

No. 471263

i saved the dogs life, so my wife got stuck cleaning up all his poop

the fact your dog got its head in a peanut butter jar alone is telling, gurg. but we've seen your home, so it's not surprising.

No. 471264

At 4:00 in the "Does Onision Really love Lainey" video, it sounds like Lainey is about to say "I'm sorry I'm a woman" but holds out the w and changes it to "weak human" lol…

No. 471265

i saw this early and felt like tweeting congrats for not letting your dog die?? like well done m8. i guess any normal person would have watched them die.

do you think he makes his house so hazardous so death can happen by accident? i reckon he prob murdered that turtle because they live for so long. he said it died after being left alone for HOURS. who the fuck would leave a turtle outside for hours under a container, would you not bring it in when you went in

he's prob hoping his kids die, i see no reason not to believe this

No. 471266

lol i noticed that too

No. 471268

You can tell how fucked up he is cuz he sees doing something any normal person would do, ie saving his pet's life, as something to brag about on twitter because he DIDNT monetize the death of his pet for YouTube views. Don't trust this guy to watch your kids, Lainey.

No. 471269

Normal person saves their dogs life: This will be a fun story to tell at get togethers

Narc saves their dogs life: I could have filmed it! I could have made money but oh no! I, the saint, saved the poor pup of my own volition, retweet me and forget about the other times I killed my pets!!!

No. 471270

This is SO fucked up. The dog was in so much danger it was shitting itself?! Honestly only a psychopath would even think about filming vs. saving a life in that situation. Greg always manages to make every situation about himself..there is no worry about the dog in these tweets, only about him how he felt and wanting praise.

Also why the hell is he referring to the dog as "they" instead of he/her or the dogs name.

No. 471271

dont u dare assume my dog or wifes gender anon

No. 471272

Maybe it's his subtle way of saying this didn't really happen and he just didn't know what to tweet about

No. 471273

I think Foot has admitted she is a woman in a previous video; however, she must have edited/cut that moment out.

No. 471274

does he want asspats for what most people would do in the situation? Most people dont even think "i could film this for views" when their pet could die.

No. 471275

Most people wouldn't film their gf having a mental breakdown either. I'm sure he's genuinely proud of himself having resisted his urge to pick up the camera his time.

No. 471276

He’s mentally getting worse and worse, poor kids :(

No. 471282

At the time of this video, it was supposed to be her sister who was staying with them.
Now that there is no one in the McMansion, probably don’t get watched as closely.

No. 471284

And who cares about the literal definition anyway? If a spouse felt hurt or betrayed, it was emotional cheating or manipulation at the very least. Let’s face it; the whole poly relationship being in their marriage to begin with is just a way for Greg to manipulate Lainey anyway. And he took it off the table because HE wanted to. Doesn’t mean he won’t cheat again. Might not be his year or next but ten years down the road, it’s definit in the future. You said it yourself Lainey, cheating is basically a personality flaw and if someone does it once, they’re inclined to continue.

No. 471302

Is the dog agender too? Why does he keeps referring to it as "they"?

No. 471303

that sounds indeed weird, but greg likes to overuse they pronouns cause he's a moron with a poor grasp of grammar

No. 471306

File: 1512268236430.jpg (439.42 KB, 2048x2048, BCC7442F-5D54-43F7-A2DB-D427C9…)

umm ok then

No. 471307

File: 1512268363690.jpg (101.62 KB, 900x651, sgnuqv.jpg)

In their Does Onision Really Love Laineybot? vid she keeps saying that Grugly is constantly hugging her and saying I love you.
Does he immediately stop this behavior when the camera turns on?
Because almost every single video with Lainey & Greg, Greg seems like he really wants to get out of the room, and Lainey has to beg or him to hug her… every… single… time.

No. 471308

replying to bottom pic: then why did he demonize beck cause she smoked weed in her past a couple times but admitted it in an honest way? lol he's so stupid.

No. 471310


Because nobody likes Beck in that house hold, and she clogged their toilet.

Lainey can't afford to lose anymore friends so maybe she broke a deal with Onion. If he shits on her then no more suck mi.


Maybe the bitch he's actually talking about is Lainey ? She got her head stuck up his ass and couldn't breath.. But he changed it to "the dog" and "Peanut butter jar" but forget to change the pronouns.


No. 471330

Yeah weird, he already has an agender dog.

No. 471331

Tinfoiling but I kind of thought that he referred to the dog as "they" in the same way people refer to animals as an "it" sometimes. As in, he doesn't feel emotionally connected to his pet so doesn't bother with its gender or name. Which would also explain why he also was considering videoing the dog almost dying. I'd be surprised if he felt truly connected to any of his pets tbh.

No. 471339

I also don't get why he would think it would be an "easy million views" ??? Nobody wants to watch a puppy almost die??

No. 471344

File: 1512276208341.png (278.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171202-223952.png)

Only in the Onion household do slobs leave peanut butter open long enough for a dog to get its head stuck. I'm sure he was breathing funny cause instead of trying to help right away the pup she instead ran to the Onions room to ask for help.

No. 471348

it's funny when Onion tries to act like he has normal emotions.
he thinks that what he did is good and wants praise for it, but he doesn't realise that a normal human being (not even a good human being) would not only immediately save their dog (like that's even a question), but wouldn't even THINK "oh wow, if I filmed this I would be a million views!!!".
that's not a normal response - a normal/reasonable response is "thank god my dog's okay, i really need to not leave dangerous things around in future".

No. 471349

File: 1512277060288.png (101.89 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-12-03-05-50-21…)

Offensive jokes like "who was better: your teacher or Madison", hmmm Onision?

No. 471350

i couldve gone my entire life without picturing onion grease banging someone..

god help us all if he ever releases a sex tape

No. 471356

Lol I didn't even notice his illustrative examples, my dear brain blanked them out. Why did you have to point it out, I want to under it now…

I was just focusing on his usual hypocrisy - offensive humour is only funny when done by him, but if his spouse is the butt of the joke, then it's unacceptable, "lowest of the low"

No. 471360

Now I have no doubt about wether what Sh said regarding how he degraded her in bed by calling her a slut and making her shave her head was real or not…

No. 471366

this is why taylor chopped off her hair

No. 471372

He didn't want to fuck her.
A normal person's post:
"Oh no, Caterpie almost suffocated trying to lick a peanut jar! Thank goodness we were able to get it off and he is okay! I was scared!"

"I could have made so much money off my puppy almost dying, but high five me for not doing it!"

Virtue signaling at it's finest. But he's tOtAlLy not a narc.

It ALMOST makes you wonder if he was the one lurking in the stream and posted that question. Didn't really even consider it until now, but since he's "babysitting" and pretended to log off, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 471381

>It ALMOST makes you wonder if he was the one lurking in the stream and posted that question
I can see that being the case. It's his exact brand of """comedy""", he's known to use sock puppets, he was quick to tweet it out, and none of it would have happened if Taylor was a good little slut and let daddy watch the kiss.


No. 471382

File: 1512280732843.png (1.32 MB, 1908x1072, whatamidoingwithmylife.png)

is it too soon to joke about the younow tipper?

No. 471383

Just about perfect timing.

No. 471387

Cripes I’ve never seen (or read of) Grease treating his first wife like that! Yet this is highly believable.

No. 471389

Looked up recent videos about this retard.

The Content Cop We All Want, That iDubbbzTV Should NOT Make …
▶ 21:56
3 days ago - Uploaded by Sinatra_Says

No. 471393

RIGHT? seeing people in dramatic, risky, dangerous situations or whatever might get views, but a puppy?? he said the puppy was pooping all over and breathing funny – is that what he thinks is top tier content?

No. 471396

It's more believable that he did it than one of the farmers when you take into account that nobody here endorsed such a """joke""", which is right up his lane of comedy.

And he is well known of punishing his women in ever more creative humiliating ways when they cross him. We don't know everything he did with Skye as he wasn't as cocky with blasting everything online as he is now, but we know for certain it gave her PTSD.

No. 471402

File: 1512283740634.png (714.79 KB, 1000x950, 845463432.png)

Greg fucked up by tweeting BEFORE he posted that sockpuppet comment

No. 471406

Might be alone in this but does anyone else find it weird that the troll focused on it being a "French kiss"?

No. 471407

>Onion fucking someone with his microdick, basically just dry humping

"I'm destroying you, you fucking slut."

No. 471409

Greg outted Lainey for telling him to leave the chat + possibly for showing how messy their house was.

Fucking disgusting.

No. 471414

So does this mean that grease was the one that went that low? Wew holy shit.

No. 471415

He outed Billie only after she left him. If he's doing this to Taylor now, imagine what he would do If she left him.

No. 471416

idk where that screenshot is from, but i dont think that time is accurate since you can see the timestamp on the person who commented here about it happening in the livestream and his tweet was 3 minutes later.

I would not be shocked if onion did do it himself to stir up drama though.

No. 471419

Yes but he wasn’t cruel enough to air her personal shit online while married. But you’re right, he was (probably) pretty cruel to her too while offline.

Man I’d kill to read what was censored in that AJ letter!

No. 471468

File: 1512304258062.png (310.55 KB, 511x755, epic.png)

new patreon video and description

No. 471470

>to clear confusion
I.e. to spin it in a way that will give my paying patrons hope they might end up in the trinity after all, since that's why the majority of them are throwing money at me

No. 471471

Samefag, I have no idea what is in that video actually, it's just a presumption. Someone tell me if I'm right

No. 471474

I nominate this for OP pic of the next thread.

No. 471477

The illegal thing is a red herring anyway. It's pretty clear he uses that to wiggle out of any challenging him about it, but the fact of the matter is her doesn't like weed use, period (see his treatment of GingerBeck). Also his stance on alcohol use is very similar. Anyone who thinks Greg would be fine with someone in their majority lighting up around him is delusional.

So much for his Brootal Honessty and FAX. I mean, it's one thing if he wants to lie, it's quite another for his followers to lie on his behalf and to themselves.

No. 471479

Someone should tweet the picture to him, would end in a nice sperg out I imagine

No. 471483

Oh shit lol. Busted.

Makes sense why it makes NO sense that he tweeted this, announcing something that was supposedly hush hush to alllll of his followers when the original comment on her stream reached a much smaller audience.

We knew you were low greg, but exploiting something like this about your own wife? Wow.

No. 471487

uugghh i don't even like lainey but nobody deserves to have their so treat them like that. you should be abe to trust your spouse to not use shitty events from your past that make you vulnerabe against you. and to do it anonymously too what a sick fucker

lainey is just 22, i remember how i was at 22 and i changed a Lot. she could evolve into a decent human being if she left him soon. hurry up lainey before you're a complete lost cause

No. 471489

>Lainey is just 22
>just 22
Shit son sometimes i forget that
I believe she's already a lost cause, anon.

No. 471490

As if 22 was remotely old. You're showing you're underage.

No. 471492

File: 1512318913334.jpg (131.02 KB, 1042x1071, DoJkC6L.jpg)

Funny how he looks old as fuck even in his hand picked and filtered photos (from his twitter)

(i'm a different anon)
22 is not old but it's an adult age. at the age of 22 lainey is responsible for her actions. she's not a teen anymore.

No. 471493

You're mistaken, mrs retard, I meant sometimes I forget she's that young

No. 471505

Is the patreon anon gonna post the jaclyn parody video?

No. 471506

File: 1512321654064.jpg (73.66 KB, 840x1120, nflxxm66xumz.jpg)

No. 471511

Don't compare Dennis Reynolds to this beast, he's a five star man

No. 471521

She's 23 btw

No. 471522

tf is the becca chopper video? what am i missing?

No. 471524

Yes 22 is legal adult age but it’s young adult and very young to be in an abusive marriage with 2 kids. Lainey is annoying af but let’s not act like she’s not young for her circumstances. Also she’s stunted mentally to when the abuse started

No. 471528

skeptical about the timestamp but if anyone else took caps pls post to confirm

No. 471537

File: 1512330505002.jpg (669.72 KB, 4000x2560, collage.jpg)

I didn't take caps of the stream but this timestamp is bullshit. Just scroll back and compare when an anon posted about it vs when he tweeted.

No. 471544


not the anon who posted that but: isn't it still weird that greg found out exactly what happened after like a minute? he was definetley watching the stream from a sockpuppet account then. which is still suspicious.

No. 471545

this all depends on what timezone the anon is versus the younow timestamp and gregs timestamp. I'm skeptical bc it could be an easy edit.
Now if greg did do it then holy fuck but this just seems too good to be true for me.I wish you could see timestamps on younow

No. 471547

It doesn't depend on the anon's timezone. I literally just scrolled back and hovered over their posting time in order to see when exactly they posted, and then his. Even then, timezone's don't particularly matter when it's down to the minutes.

It's only weird because of how fucked up as a couple they are. I know if my darkest secret was revealed to thousands the first person I'd report to immediately would be my partner. She probably texted him or shouted on him as soon as it happened.

Not a stan, just fed up of fake milk & tinfoil hatting.

No. 471548

nayrt but it's a valid plural, read the sentence again.

No. 471553

Reminder Greg said at 23 he was just a young child.

No. 471578

wouldn't he know just by being in the same house as her?

No. 471579

Psychopaths always start with little animals.

No. 471580


I don't know how far apart in the house they were, but instead of calming her down he would have had to immediately go to Twitter.

I think he was lurking, there's no way he'd miss getting his boner on watching them kiss.

No. 471589

idk if any of you has seen the documentary holy hell (its on netflix), its about the buddhafield cult and greg is like a low budget, dumber wannabe version of their leader michel

No. 471591

File: 1512344261266.jpg (641.29 KB, 1427x978, Onision_has_a_very_very_small_…)

Why would he be so angry to hear some chick he's not dating talk about somebody else's very small tiny dick?

Why so angry gregory?

No. 471594

Grease seems to have a thing for the forbidden fruit. In this case (and most certainly skyes) he lusts for the sister he can't have. Hearing that compLaineys sister has standards when it comes to cock size triggers him to shit because it was confirmed to him that she'd never want his teeny tiny non-pleasurable dicklet and he projectile-sperged all over twitter about it.

No. 471625

unless gerg also made the lolcow post (thinking emoji)

No. 471635

"Hey Greg are we going to get ice cream tonight?"
"Are we having dinner?"
"what are we having?"

She's so co dependent, or she takes this daddy kink serious, she acts like his child.

No. 471643

I don't buy that she has a daddy kink. Gurg may have one but for her it's more an easy way to play princess and be lazy and feel special. Oh and of course to attract the tumblr audience with their fake kinks.

No. 471644

I could just imagine a well educated therapist having to try and council gurg whilst he breaks out a pseudo science google factoid after every sentence.

No. 471646

Why do they even have to google everything that's been discussed 1000 times again? You would think that a person like greg would find the perfect definition of "cheating" that fits his agenda and memorize it so he could use it immediately if someone brings it up against him. But instead he goes on google every single time and probably picks the first result that shows up without checking the background of the site. It's all so ridiculous. I wonder where it all started. Was it some high school teacher that forbid googling shit and his narc ego went full anti mode from that point?

No. 471648

He does it so that he can claim it's unbiased. He definitely knows the Google def of cheating by now, but if he spouts it out then people will say that he chose the definition that suits his preferred outcome. Since he Googled it, it's totally not biased! Completely true fax and honest.

Never mind that, as everyone pointed out, that definition lacks the most important part of cheating - betrayal of your partner. He GOOGLED it, guys. It's fax.

No. 471658

i honestly dont think greg made that comment on younow. i hope it was him but i dont think it was. lolcow JUST found out abt the “french kiss” and the next day someone mocks her abt it on younow. i think greg wouldve mocked her by now unless like he does for sure actively lurk here and saw we were talking about it

No. 471663

>unless he does lurk here
Unlike Lamp, who probably had Sarah occasionally lurk here and there, Gregma most likely spends a good portion of his day here. Aside from narc ragging on twitter, jerking to hentai, and amusing his retarded fans, he doesn't exactly having anything else better to do.

No. 471664

File: 1512362897223.png (1.71 MB, 1608x898, Grug.PNG)


No. 471667

File: 1512363824170.gif (1.5 MB, 500x280, euugh.gif)

No. 471668

but your wife can't tattle when you're doing these things, right greggles?

No. 471671

Oh god he is so fucking unattractive and old. Damn grease, you're getting older and far more boring as every day passes.

No. 471674

I do not think Grug lurk in here, why someone who can't take criticism ( disable comments on Youtube, block users on Twitter) would be here? He definitely know about this place but I am sure as hell he and Plainey avoid this as good as possible all tho obviously Sarah and the rest of discord dont.

No. 471679

Fuck he looks like dog shit. I bet he saw his reflection in Caterpie's diarrhea.

No. 471682

Am I tripping or are his eyebrows slowly sinking over time? Two more years and they'll be on his cheeks I swear.

No. 471684

Greg is like real life painting of Dorian Gray. Except he never was necessarily good looking. His inner ugliness is just making him so much uglier.

No. 471686

Has he always had such Neanderthal eyebrows? Good fucking lord he is terrifying to look at

No. 471687

>pretending to be ESL


You're one of them or a lacky.

No. 471690

File: 1512369328739.png (15.92 KB, 637x219, 23345.PNG)

I thought the same thing.
I knew someone who would type out the post the wanted to make. Then translate it to Spanish or Chinese, then translate it back to English and it would read like a foreigner who didnt have that good of a grasp on the English language typed it out.

No. 471691

File: 1512369400958.png (36.16 KB, 1266x219, 12434.PNG)

No. 471692

We are definitely on a tab furiously being F5’d on Greg’s “work station”. No doubt in my mind. He regularly addresses almost everything we talk about.

No. 471699

I remember during one of Gruglys YouNow streams there was a huge influx of trolls. Earlier in the day anons from here had talked about hoping he would stream and if he did they would flood the stream.
During the whole stream Grugly did his whole faux ignorance… "where did all you trolls come from? You must of organize somewhere, where did you all come from"
He knew exactly where they came from he just wanted the trolls to out themselves so he could talk about it or pretend to look it up and not give himself away as a habitual lurker on lolcow. I think he was even hoping for his discordfags to give it away, the same way he pretended not to know about the Ritchie/Jaclyn break up… "oh wait, someone says there some YouTube couple broke up, oh it was Social Repose and Jaclyn?" smirks

No. 471708

hey grease time to divorce compLainey for sweet sweet views you bore.

No. 471753

I am the Anon that originally posted about the situation as it happened, my time zone is UTC+10:00 I just checked my comment and it was made at exactly 14:36:48 PM in my time zone and Greg tweeted at exactly 14:39 PM (so 2 minutes and 12 seconds apart), I made my comment I would guess no less than two minutes after Lainey reacted so that means he tweeted about it no more than 5 minutes tops from the moment it happened, take in to consideration that he also had to initially react to it then type it up as well so there is absolutely no way he wasn't watching the stream as it happened as I didn't see Lainey texting anyone between that and ending the stream and when she ended the stream I had already posted my comment… hope that helps clear it up a bit.

No. 471784

silly, anon. she has anxiety, so she's not to be trusted!

No. 471822

sage for no milk

on one of laineys recent streams she mentioned she has a dummy twitter account for if she needs to vent something on twitter, anyone find it yet?

No. 471834


No. 471837

WTH is going on with his eyebrows anyways? I don't know why but every time i see a picture of him it seems like his brows are getting lower and lower. Is this the ultimate form of frowning too much during rages?

No. 471845

Saged for no new milk.

Does anyone have a pdf or copy of his books? I've seen videos of people reading them on YouTube but they take too much time to watch. I've heard about how horrible they are and I want to read them myself for some laughs. If no one does it's all good.

No. 471848

They're on newfag.science

No. 471849

No. 471854

File: 1512413902032.png (16.02 KB, 646x120, boobs.PNG)

did he watch jaclyns stream again? why is he so obsessed with the idea that every chick who got a boob job did it for men? or that every woman with big breasts is proud/feeling more attractive? why is it so hard to accept things you don't understand gargamel?

No. 471858

What a petty sad old bore.
He must have watched her stream or her new vlog and seeing that she's moving on with her live even happier than before must make him rage.

He doesn't like that shes not stewing in her own misery like he is.

No. 471859


Why does Onion think women are trying to impress him anyways?

No one over 17 cares what you think Onion.

No. 471864

Maybe he figured jaclyn would come crying to him after SR and he'd get to play big hero for her. The fact she's moving on, Wants nothing to do with either of them makes him rage.

He is impressed by jaclyn but less impressed that she's not sucking his teeny minipeen.

No. 471868

File: 1512415210267.jpeg (202.92 KB, 675x1390, DQGgFGkVoAAW2Mk.jpg-large.jpeg)

OT but this reminded me of Lainey describing "themself" as gay all of the time, as well as writing that "their" relationship with onion is gay - while simultaneously insisting that genders are so complicated and fluid etc. that it's hard to grasp them and false to believe that there's simply two of 'em.

Meanwhile, being gay is as binary as being straight - is it not? So why not pansexual, why gay? "They" seem so hung up on that word…

sage for no milk, just thoughts.

No. 471872

Must be newfags. His brows have been a long time source of disgust. They’ve always be low and Neanderthal, but the effect is exaggerated when the outer endangered pull up. Many speculate Botox because of the Carrot Top cartoon villain resemblance.

I myself think it’s a combination of shaping (waxing/tweezing/threading) and tape that is strategically hidden behind bangs or beanies. They look very different in various videos.

No. 471873

noncon but how does he write these tweets out and go "yup, people care about this. this is relevant and relatable, and everyone will agree"? Like I actually never think about other people's decisions to get plastic surgery, ever. Get a life Gurg PLEASE, jfc

No. 471889

17 is generous, maybe 14

No. 471894

All of his tweets like this are such daydreaming projections.
>Oh you have a big dick? See that Onion there with a small dick? You and him are same to me. Go try to impress someone else. - said Skye's sister to her boyfriend, as she fell into my greasy embrace… ahh yesss hnnngh

No. 471896

Also, you know he imagines stuff like this all the time. His "book" is full of such personal fantasies.

No. 471899

File: 1512419400469.jpg (102.33 KB, 942x579, 2nd acct.jpg)

This is Lames rant account? Are you serious, is that how this Agender bullshit works? Sucked at being a girl she doesn't have a gender now? I'm still confused as to why no one has called her out on her bullshit.

No. 471902

someone said that in a younow chat once to insult her so she made it her twitter bio

No. 471921

This is exactly it. Whew never came back and stroked his ego, telling him he was right all along. He is also probably actually hurt hat their friendship was kind of broken from that but instead of just telling her that, he goes full narc mode.

No. 471926

Does anyone have access to this yet?

No. 471930

So, I've started reading one of them for keks, and holy shit - could he try to be a little more edgy? Jesus.

No. 471931

wish there were a way to be able to read her tweets… guess there's no workaround?

No. 471944

You're going to have to take her phone and accept one of the anons here requests on her account Greg

No. 471945

File: 1512431598540.jpg (61.11 KB, 820x768, OfficerItWasForAVideojpg.jpg)

How much longer do you think this ((comedy)) scene went on after the cut? Onion likes to take advantage of being on camera.

No. 471948

Could anyone with access to gurgles patreon give a recap of/link to his video about not being poly anymore?

I really want to know if he spends any time talking about B and how great she was like he did on his stream, which must have killed plainey to hear about

No. 471950

File: 1512432198421.png (230.13 KB, 2500x2250, doesFollowUglybirddResults.png)


Even though the tweets are protected and twitter prevents you from seeing who a person follows/is-followed by, I was able to do some poking using https://doesfollow.com/

And to no one's surprise, she vents to Sarah while Gurgles is left out of the fun.

No. 471951

File: 1512432242709.jpg (92.77 KB, 840x762, RENT-FREE.jpg)

>When you forgot the IRS appointment today

No. 471954

File: 1512432890412.png (421.33 KB, 1986x1360, laineysVentPeeps.png)


Additionally, found out that you can see replies made to the twitter, so based on these I'd wager Lainey hasn't been tweeting on her private one recently.

No. 471962

what i don't understand is how that madison girl who can view her private tweets that are obviously about how unloved she feels all the time and probably vents about greg himself - can read those and sympathize with lainey while also work with greg ??
none of these people who are laineys "friends" are really her friends. a true friend would tell you to leave his ass and make it obvious their dislike for him after the many many many many many chances she's given him

No. 471963

Being her friend like real friend would have to be incredibly emotionally draining. Also she ghosts ppl at the drop of a hat so really it's her fault she's so fucking friendless

No. 471964

was madison the girl who played jaclyn glenn in gurgs latest video abt social repose? i really wonder what kind of woman could step up and do something so gratuitusly mean to another woman whos probably never even talked to you let alone wronged you

No. 471966

File: 1512434278694.jpg (99.99 KB, 1552x873, 45e5c0f3013603cbe8c83d60fdb379…)

Because the blessed up fidget spin kween thinks it's a cool meme.

Nothing deeper.

No. 471967

Its astounding how easily all their problems could be avoided. They could have bought a good sized house for way less and hired a maid. Their relationship problems wouldn't have even happened with better communication. Gurg could even have a relatively large following and friends still if he kept his HONEST rants to himself… the amount of hoops someone has to jump through to stay on his good side is pure insanity.

No. 471968

>link in bio is literally her yt
>tweets protected

Bummer tho.

No. 471969

No. 471970

that madison girl is also an asshole. she was defending onion during the whole billie thing. She wants to be paid for her awful acting.

No. 471971

File: 1512435175664.jpg (49.36 KB, 451x467, lllm.jpg)

Lames on YouNow asking what to do for a video today, and shutting down EVERY SINGLE suggestion in her bitchy snob voice.

Sperge, live blog etc.

No. 472000

Thank you for the book links anon!

No. 472001

>the emoji is red just like gurg

No. 472061

Some interesting milk from the younow, Lainey accidentally admitted she started talking to Greg while he wa still dating Shiloh (in one of their high times of the relationship)
She let it slip that he had red hair when they first started talking then panicked and tried back tracking hard but there isn't really anyway she can spin it that doesn't end with her and Greg flirting while he was with Shi
Other anons also pointed out on tempcow how in A's letter or voicemails Greg said he had a friend still in school he was talking to and Shi had a diary or whatever that had insecurities and one was (she's skinnier then you)
Might not be new milk since people already had their suspicions but interesting to learn for sure. Expect lain to emo tweet and Onion to have some "I'm not a cheater" definition hunting soon.

No. 472078

Was there watching stream, Can confirm, She absolutely back-peddled once she realized she was saying the wrong thing. Hopefully archive anon can get the stream for everyone and we can check it over again.

No. 472097

I remember several boards back an anon had also managed to prove Lainey was the 'friend in school' Greg was talking to, as well. They only re-confirmed it with one of their more recent videos with Greg saying he kept Lainey on the backburner when he was repeatedly on-off with his then-girlfriend, which at the time would've been Shiloh.

No. 472108

I wonder if Greg has someone on tge backburner now..

No. 472109


Strainey needs to use her glasses more, and maybe get a nicer pair.

No. 472111

File: 1512468618416.png (85.17 KB, 371x168, oops.PNG)

I just requested to follow uglybirdd and my pictures on my profile are these… lul oops.
probably not getting added kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472113

Well done you fucking idiot, way to put up her guards more. Where are all these newfags coming from?

No. 472119

File: 1512470755949.png (37.36 KB, 586x377, loll.png)

it's a few days old and common for him to contradict himself but lol

No. 472121

Stop. Cowtipping. God damnit newfags, why? Lolcow is dying.

No. 472125

I know right? It's ridiculous. Not only has there been pretty much no milk lately but any time there is a way to find some then newfags cowtip and fuck it up. It's ridiculous atm.

No. 472129

No. 472136

Is this safe to download? I don't trust men…

No. 472150

33:25 is when she brings up the red haircolour first, just responding to someone saying she should dye his red for a video.

>I think his hair was red when I met him… Wait that's not right. It was red a little bit after, like he dyed it. … but not the bright ass red.

No. 472161

It still sounds like they started talking when he and Shiloh were still new before the head-shaving and suicide-gate.

Regardless, way to out yourself Taylor.

fuck I hate typing “regardless”, Onion’s voice keeps ringing in my mind!

No. 472167

Oh, Gregory most definitely has someone on the back burner.

Greg starts speaking with Shiloh online in summer 2010
Greg left his 1st wife for Shiloh in Dec 2010
Greg gets with Shiloh one day later in Dec 2010
Greg releases red hair dye video Feb 2 2011
Greg starts speaking with Taylor in spring of 2011 (later videos show Greg stating Taylor lied about her age)
Shiloh leaves for Canada Dec 2011
Shiloh and Greg break up in February 2012
Taylor and Greg start dating 2 days later in February 2012

Greg was so happy with Shiloh at the beginning, there were no problems or issues yet in the relationship. There was excitement and passion, and yet, for Greg, he still wanted that external validation, that extra thrill of the chase with a new girl. He had already conquered his girlfriend, so he went after a 16 year old who he thought was 17.

Greg will never be satisfied in any romantical relationship. He cheated ALLLL the time in high school, he cheated on his first wife, he cheated on his girlfriends after the divorce, he cheated on Taylor later after he married her, sooo….

When is he gonna change Taylor? Oh that's right, never! You don't tell Greg what to do.

Greg has a few girls on the back burner. Taylor will never send the children to school because then she'd have no excuse to being a stay at home mother. Taylor will never get a real job because then she'd have to leave Greg alone while he alternates between fapping to hentai and chatting up his next 16 year old girlfriend. Hell, that's the reason why he won't sleep with you at night Taylor, he uses that time to secretly chat with girls into the wee hours. Better not go to bed gurl…

No. 472171

He already attempted to get macncheese, vix and probably others we don't know about lined up. It would not surprise me in the slightest if he'll run as soon as someone new agrees to fly out there. I don't want another girl especially not a young one stuck with the onion but at the same time I am so bored of the lack of milk lately lmao.

No. 472177

In want him to get a new chick that has a horrible character like lainey so we can enjoy the milk but don't have to feel sorry for the girl. I would have felt sorry for macncheese cause she seemed nice.

It wouldn't surprise me if he was talking to girls in twitter dm's. When macncheese leaked their conversation some other anon said they had a similar experience with him. We don't know if that's true but it's likely. I think he only tried to flirt with mac in public because it was the only way to reach her since she didn't join discord and their dm's didn't end up in an ongoing conversation. So who knows if he doesn't flirt with girls behind her back. He's probably trying hard to find someone who agrees to be flown in

No. 472181


I don't think he's got any girls lined up, kek.

He would as you said run immediately into the new relationship and ditch Plainey. When he thought Billie was the new girl he broke it off with Plainey and signed away his kids in a heart beat, but then Billie fled.

For the first time ever a chick fled in the middle of his transition and his E-celeb status sank harder than the Titanic.( What was left of it atleast )

Gregma's be buttmad because Pussy isn't easy to get anymore. He's got no fame,money or dignity left. All the chicks that even bat an eye over him are ugly screw-ups that clog his toilet or share nudes for attention.


If he does by some grace find someone .. It'll probably be one of his mentally impaired Patrons.

So plenty of milk. Especially as seeing they are snakes, and willing to back stab in a heart beat.

No. 472183

I meant "lined up" in the sense he's got his eye on a few girls most likely, not that anyone has agreed to anything yet but I see your point kek.

My dreams would come true if he got with one of his patrons tbh.

No. 472185

Do we know if he actually did sign away the kids or was he "only" planning to? It was all so much back and forth during the billie saga. If he did it I'd like to know if they changed it back.

No. 472189

Gerg should just hook-up with one of these fanfiction-writing fangirls who already imagine stories where Onion divorces Lainey and starts dating them


No. 472192

Fuck lol what a great find. There is "abusivefather" amongst the tags, how accurate

No. 472194

i think it's fair to assume he got some california love

No. 472202

Even if Greg cheats on her again she'll end up going back to him …again. It's funny how all of greg's relationships end because he moved on to another girl

She's a moron and he'd probably have to threaten to kill their kid for her to leave. Like what is so wrong with her she went back to him after he cheated.. and she had a child!!?? He's obviously scum but she is cool with bringing kids in that environment. it's ridiculous

No. 472218

He only talked to Lame about her having the kids full-time and her determining how often he could see them because he was so "ashamed" or something of "betraying" (cough, cheating on, cough) Lame that he did not deserve to be the full-time parent.

No. 472223

File: 1512500773914.png (42.3 KB, 591x187, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 11.0…)

Well, it's not like she has to wake up early and take care of her kids of anything. Yes, Lainey, I am proud of your good life decision to emulate me, Onision, the greatest person ever.

Unless he had to take care of the kids in the morning. Then he would hate it.

No. 472226

File: 1512501364904.png (67.64 KB, 617x363, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.14…)

Get ready for an entire day of Melanie Martinez tweets from yours truly, grease.

No. 472243

Kind of hilarious since the friend of Melanie's story said she kept saying no until she just gave in basically so COERCED into it. Just like he did Adrienne. And probably every gf when they don't want to do something but he pressures them (lameo w/ threesome, Billie with his KINKS) so he can't be one to talk.

No. 472246

I know right? I mean this is hypocrisy #283409 with him but he's the gift that keeps on giving.

In other news he deleted the tweet in my previous screenie. Anyone have any guesses as to why?

No. 472247

File: 1512504743850.png (225.97 KB, 365x432, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 21.1…)

No. 472254

stop implying that people who post here are greg, that joke is old.

No. 472256

Man, does Taylor ever look like Ritchie (Social Repose)

No. 472259

File: 1512509317376.jpg (421.01 KB, 1029x1523, Screenshot_20171205-132618.jpg)

Man, Greg is so fucking bored. He's thirst posting at Maisy Williams and Andy Beirsack

No. 472260

File: 1512509344947.jpg (188.97 KB, 1058x632, Screenshot_20171205-132656.jpg)

No. 472265

Jesus she really does look like a man, An ugly one at that.

No. 472288

She looks like jar jar binks here lmao

No. 472292

File: 1512512996280.png (297.47 KB, 474x472, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.27…)

She's streaming right now and looking more hideous than before

No. 472298

Wow, he's still trying to win Andy back after all this time?

No. 472303

File: 1512514410956.jpg (32.08 KB, 320x320, tumblr_nj0b8n3kiL1swmo8oo2_128…)


She looks like the uggo, footfaced version of Victoria Chase.

No. 472320

AHAAAAAAA YES! I knew she reminded me of someone!

No. 472333


No. 472341

I agree but I can understand how hard it is to leave an abuser, I think a lot of people can understand that. Not defending her, because I believe she’s become an abuser herself, but she’s 99% dependent on him, and with kids? Even harder I imagine. It would probably take A LOT for her to leave him, and I don’t think he’d ever threaten his kids to achieve that, just her.

No. 472342

Maisie seems to have really bad taste so watch her become a patron.

No. 472347

if given the chance, i bet he'd try it on with her. she's the right age lol + wasn't he also lying about watching GoT, since it's the cool thing to do? I bet he'd do anything to get with that crowd.

No. 472348

theres absolutely no fucking way that hes even on her radar

No. 472349

Always. Greg's tried everything he can think of to get Andy's attention: tweets, DMs, videos of him violently raping Andy in effigy, more DMs where Greg informs Andy that they'll be collaborating while Andy is in town.

Shane and Andy both came up with a really good method to keep Greg out of their hair without Greg declaring war on either: ignoring him publicly, and being neutral and noncommittal with him in private. Dealing with Greg is like dealing with a particularly loud and ill behaved toddler in your pre-k class. You have to make him feel special while in reality knowing he's a volitile brat with no redeeming values.

No. 472362

File: 1512523352386.png (158.43 KB, 361x250, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.20…)

the botox forehead collapse in the polyamory video is even more intense than usual. it's weirdly lumpy and h has wrinkles on the side, above his eyebrows, which is fucking bizarre.
and his eyebrows, as always, are like fuzzy eyelids.

No. 472368

>wasn't he also lying about watching GoT, since it's the cool thing to do?
Yeah I remember a video with his patron people where he tried to be 'one of the cool kids' talking about Game of Thrones but didn't even know the names of some of the main characters. "uh uh..like that one guy who you now,..the big one, at the wall"

No. 472374

File: 1512524143212.jpeg (259.3 KB, 1024x1024, DD1B51C6-A696-4359-9469-B8A105…)


No. 472380

good lord talk about a cursed image. spoiler maybe?
now i'm imagining waking in the middle of the night to see this. christ

No. 472395

I hate how lainey just sits on younow waiting for her idiot fans to give her money. She has no interest in her fans at all. She acts bored.

No. 472408

She probably is bored.

No. 472424

If I had to suffer making that, yall get to suffer with me.

No. 472431

Now all Taylor has to do to keep her husband forever is find a way to simultaneously also look like Shane Dawson and Andy B. Greg will get to sex every man he's in love with.

No. 472440

File: 1512530127280.jpg (304.6 KB, 673x677, sp.jpg)

when is horseface gonna decide whether shes a man or not, i thought she was soo ~~~daddy~~~

No. 472441

She’s the worst fake trans person ever.

No. 472455

It really pisses me off that she sits there texting someone else acting disinterested most of the time. Her spoilt self is much overdue for a reality check.

No. 472464

His brows are just furled, anon, which accentuates his caveman features and wrinkles, and increases the number of video filters. He's always had a lumpy forehead.

No. 472468

New good Aldii video (it’s a short one).

No. 472478

I wish I was one of the many flies on the wall in the grease mansion to see them react in to these

No. 472480

>claims to be agender
>genders basically every single thing in her life

No. 472483

I thought she was pretending to be a guy tho.?

No. 472506

File: 1512546039163.jpg (5.23 KB, 210x240, images (1).jpg)

No. 472507

SURPRISE. He did wake up the next morning with the kids. But he woke Lainey up at 9 AM by telling her it was 10 am.

Also, Lainey only was perky and upbeat after receiving a Unicorn (13k bars, I think).

Someone in the comments mentioned Shaving/cutting/changing your hair impulsively is a common BPD sign. Lain made no comment. But I get BPD vibes from her (he spoke about how everything is dramatic to her, and whenever something bad happens, she's "I'm out, I'm done, fuck this shit, uh uh…."). Greg is so disrepectful of Lame's legitimate issues. I wonder if she's truly oblivious to her issues beyond anxiety, considering that primary psychology education.

She also spoke some about how it's hard presenting as female or something…Which included her saying the internet is really supportive of her, and says things that make her feel better, like, "Oh, you look so masculine" or, "Your voice is lower!!"(stop armchairing and start looking into your goldwater ethics)

No. 472510

So fucking perfect

No. 472511

I love that she claims Onion is in a queer relationship when she can't even look past the gender of a deodorant stick.

Sometimes I really think her chest binder is just her way of trying to seem younger (girls who don't have mom boobs) for Onion.

Anyway someone should send her men's clothing that is in small sizes so she has to wear it

No. 472515

i love u aldlii

No. 472522

I wish so badly we could get onion to publicly react to these! If any of the YouTubers he stalks retweeted a link it might work. It would be so nice to seem him face to face with his own hypocrisy.

No. 472536

Is love to see her get a shit ton of men’s stuff in the mail. Walk the fucking talk.

No. 472538

File: 1512560495617.jpg (60.9 KB, 584x452, Capture.JPG)

Saint Onision is doing it again.

We should all listen to the holy words of our pure and honest cradle robber and serial cheater.

No. 472539

Ew fucking disgusting. I hate her ugly ass face so much and how smug she is all the time. Lame, look at yourself. You look like a filthy dried up wannabe lesbian foot that has given up on life. You were never pretty but you managed to look 20 times worse than before. Now you can go put your women's deodorant on you disgusting transtrending piece of shit

No. 472540

She doesn't wear it for gurg, she just does it to prove her trans bullshit to her fans. She said she only wears it for 15 minutes, I bet she never wore them again after that one video and maybe that one photo shooting for patreon.

No. 472544

File: 1512563591712.png (1.22 MB, 1000x703, wear your glasses plainey.png)

I don't know how someone could be/look so smug while struggling to see.

No. 472548

I haven't watched Onision's Blair response video in its entirety, but he looks and acts completely unhinged in what I have seen of them. I mean, he seriously, honestly looks like he is about to have an aneurysm from rage. It's kind of frightening seeing that. Pretty glad I am not one the people around him. Wish his stupid wife would get her co-dependent ass and their innocent and helpless children away from this uncontrolled shitstain.

No. 472549

I guess Greg is too cheap to spring for contact lenses. Must have new iPhones, games and gaming equipment, and Teslas instead!

No. 472550

Or even lasik…I’d kill for that. They just waste their money on useless crap.

No. 472576

Well, he also “coerces” them to suck his dick even if he’s not horny enough or at all. Suk mi is a must-do chore for him.

No. 472580

Lmao, I was expecting Onion's unsolicited opinion on the Melanie Martinez fiasco. "Called her out for being a total fucking whack job when I first saw her" why though? Because of dd/lg? Aren't you in a dd/lg relationship yourself?

No. 472592

A+ anon

I asked her in stream and she said she tried but they were uncomfortable. I bet she tried the cheapest ones she could get and then she was done with it. The thing is I don't even want to give her tips anymore cause she's so damn ignorant to everything. She has her opinion and that's it. So annoying, how can people even be fan of her!
Also why the granny shape? Is that a tumblr thing? She could just get new ones, glasses aren't that expensive and they have enough money. EVERYTHING is better than squinting and looking angry all the time.

Oh me too anon. It's actually the first thing I'd do if I had money left over

No. 472599

That's true. So many fans ask her (serious) questions about dealing with anxiety and gay/bi/trans issues but she only answers the questions about herself. These kids come to her stream to reach out to someone they think can help them. How can they not see that she doesn't care about their problems? I often see others in chat responding to them cause lame ignores them. It's so frustrating that she even gets money to sit on her ass for an hour and only talk about herself. She is so useless and boring.

No. 472618

File: 1512583889184.jpeg (114.35 KB, 750x487, ECAE9CC9-4A67-4958-A778-C0C548…)

wow, does he forget about Adrienne? No one should’ve let him get away with what he did to her. Even if she didn’t want to call it rape, he needs to be held accountable.

No. 472620

she even said no many times.

No. 472622

No. 472625

She is just androgynous. I don’t get why she has to be, and act like what she is is so different. What is the difference between androgynous and non binary anyways? Is there one?

No. 472632

It's just her way of getting tumblr points in rl.

No. 472637

she isn't even THAT androgynous but I agree, nowadays you need to take it one step further to be special. It seems it's the worst thing for her - to be normal, average, but she IS just normal and average. that's why she needs all these labels and fake identities, and because of her lack of creativity (i. e. her constantly asking fans for video ideas even tho that's her fucking job). she's completely boring and uninteresting but too lazy and uninspired to make an effort and do things that could sum up in a personality or talent

No. 472640

File: 1512590706680.jpeg (294.93 KB, 967x1200, EC779896-6A1B-4F18-8B93-2AAEEF…)

Ah yes, let’s not forget the details of what he did to her either.

No. 472659

She's only "Androgynous" and a "boy" because people think she looks manly. She said people used to think she looked like Shane Dawson and that offends her, if she's such a boy she would be proud. She showed off her foot size next to gurgles because she was offended people thought she had bigger feet than he did. On stream she said she was jealous because Billie presented more femininely than her. She's the definition of a transtrender all the shit that she wants on Amazon is girly, she wears makeup daily, she hasn't even "came out" to her parents. If she was such a voice for the LGBT community she'd make an effort to be her "true" self with her family.

No. 472666

I suspect that androgynous would be accepting the evil gender binary and its attributes. Non-binary rejects it regardless. There is a difference, but it’s still completely pointless as who fucking cares apart from Tumblrinas

No. 472667

I don't understand how his career survived after this, he grew enough where he could afford 2 teslas and his dirty ass mansion. There's a lot of people who have gotten fired for alleged allegations.

No. 472671

File: 1512596367617.jpeg (145.34 KB, 750x796, F1D4E584-D892-4ACA-92D0-FB759A…)

This person is claiming Adrienne lied about it, but I’ve never heard that before. Anyone know anything about this?

No. 472674

Onion made a video talking about how Adrienne emailed him because she was moving up to Seattle and offered her friendship. I believe she apologized for screaming at him when he was sad and asking for affection. Someguy the Youtuber in a video said, Adrienne never apologized about that story and that he took her out of context, he says she knows Adrienne in real life and they are friends. So no his fans are fucking stupid.

No. 472676

Thanks. The closest thing I remember to the claim that she “lied” was that she didn’t want to consider it rape because she gave up on saying no or something… which sounds a lot like what Timothy said she went through with MM. I know he’s always a hypocrite but wow… how can anyone be so dense.

No. 472677

She said it in the email herself that she didn't want people to think it was rape.

No. 472680

And the Timothy girl remained best friends with Melanie's after it happened. Like that makes what happened less bad. Adrienne was trying to be the bigger person in that situation and apologized for her part of the relationship. but that's why you never apologize to onion. He makes it out like you apologize for EVERYTHING and admit you lied. She never said what she wrote wasn't the truth.

No. 472682

Grease is known to make up emails and send them to himself as well. Not only that, Back then AJ just wanted him and his huge fanbase to leave her alone.

No still means no, She didn't consent no matter how much she tried to say it wasn't rape. It was. Back then rape via coercion was unheard of unlike today. AJ is the same as timothy. She was raped.

In light of the Timothy and Hollywood elites sex scandals its about time grease finally faces his past and what he did to AJ.

Greg is a rapist. Full stop.

No means no.

No. 472697

Agreed anon. If A were to come out and say it was sexual harassment or even rape it would just give grease more attention.

No. 472705

Onision fans have always been kinda stupid, teenage girls have been a constant through his entire 'career'

No. 472706

AJ pretty sure put it out on her google+ like she did with the original letter she forgave greg.

i always thought AJ looked like a greasy tramp anyway. she was just another fangirl, she stalked him on his forums, but said it was just out of interest, but she was aware as the same milk as other farmers at that time, with Shiloh and his ex wife and she still went with him.

she also left the room to go home and came back to him several times. that's why i believe she doesn't want to call it rape, cuz she knows rightly she was into him too, but took offence about shiloh and taylor.

tl;dr - AJ has forgiven onion, offered friendship, he rejected her. or who knows, maybe they are still in contact

No. 472707

I must’ve missed something but I see this come up all the time. Why do we know greg must have his suk mi every day?

No. 472708

read the adrienne letter, think its on oniondrama.com

AJ if she felt put out by onion, why would she have went with him to get the plan b then go back to fuck with him allowing him to cum in her several times. i don't doubt the events, but believe she was omitting her feelings for him. she wanted him

No. 472710

lol, sorry onisiondrama.tumblr.com/letter

always just type onion

No. 472712

No. 472715

Doy of course! Thank you all

No. 472720

Smells like a samefagging onion in here.

I don't get how his fans are this dense. The situations are similar and Gregma is known for being a creepy manchild, yet they will still deny everything. He could molest an underage girl in front of them and they will still deny it.

No. 472721

yea im onion cause i also noticed adrienne had off putting teeth and a dumb face. also 26 and pursuing a man that left his wife for a 17 year old.

only greg could hate such an attention seeker

No. 472722


even "greasy tramps" can be raped, idiot

No. 472726

i understand the concept, but she didn't claim rape and she also left the room they were staying in together several times to go home and she always came back. also she got plan b, then proceeded to let him fuck her to the point she wrote about it wearing off and him cumming in her a few times.

she didn't seem all that traumatised

No. 472729

she also voluntarily quit her job for him!! lol

No. 472730

Just because you continue a sexual relationship with someone doesn't mean you weren't raped that one time. This isn't about Adrienne this is about the Grease micro dick no respecting the word no and forcing himself on someone while kissing them to shut them up. I'm sure Adrienne said it wasn't rape because she had sex with him several times but he still forced himself on her!

No. 472731

yea i said i don't doubt the events are real, but she isn't calling it rape so i don't think we can call greg a rapist. it's not a thing that should be spoken lightly of

No. 472737

Its still rape anon. She kept protesting until he shut her up and continued. Stop trying to frame it any other way and honestly you come off as either a fan or grease himself or the ever in denial compLainey.

No. 472743

The rape thing aside, I've always thought Greg hated Melanie because of her large teenage girl fanbase. I think he's jealous. Sara was quite the melanie fan if I remember correctly. Also, fuck him for even mentioning Idubbz in his tweet.

No. 472744

its super common for rape victims to not want to see what happened to them as rape, even though it was. what happened between them checks all the boxes to be called rape. adrienne can think what she wants if it makes her feel better but that asshole is a rapist

No. 472746

Technically she was 16, she accidentally admitted it in the second-to-last livestream she did.

No. 472749

Him cumming inside her numerous times AFTER she take the morning-after pill was the most fuck up thing of everything.

No. 472754

don't think rape allegations are helpful, think they desensitise people to the actual act.

the letter was long, detail orientated and some what braggy. she spent hours talking in the forum to catch his attention, then had this back and forth and agreed to meet him. she wasn't enticed by any means other than meeting someone she took a very keen interest in

from her letter i feel like she was in to him. she could have persisted to leave the room and him. i don't think he would have handled a hostage situation and nothing has ever came from it, apart from AJ committing to him by quitting her job and arranging for her pets to get rehomed. i wouldn't dump my pets for my boyfriend of 3 years let a lone some rando off the internet.

AJ seemed stalkerish, admitted it so and also had regrets about parts of her letter she didn't want published. she was also speaking with shiloh and her mom, very involved. she stuck her nose in after knowing everything and then published a very long letter just to some farmer/anit-o blog.

she was 26. yeah she was pressured into sex but i don't think she lost her power to stop it

No. 472756

and i say she's 26 because she knew of onion past with skye and shiloh and still pursued him out of interest. she fancied him lol(samefag)

No. 472757

blablabla even if she was into him, even if they had been married, she said no multiple times, he didn't listen to her, it's rape.
nobody is saying adrienne is a good/smart person, to go after onion you have to be somewhat disturbed tbh
but she said no and that means rape, i dont care about how she fet about him, she said no

No. 472758

methinks the lady doth protest too much

No. 472759

It was still rape.

Holy shit anon why are you excusing this while victim blaming AJ.

I know you meant to say the lady doth protest too much towards this >>472757
anon but methinks you protest too much.

Doesn't matter if she was into him, She said no, He didn't listen and continued.

Thats rape.

No. 472761

only if you believe the contents are wholly representative of the truth. onion apologised for his actions, but then when people started @'ing him on twitter about insinuating rape he lost it. she reached out to be friends and he rejected her on those terms.

No. 472763

could you faggots please take this shit to tempcow?

No. 472768

Watched this with my friend who afterwards inquired about whether onion ever publicized the video that he was recording that "required" him to have fake blood on his face during the Blaire White debate? I couldn't remember, and I know he puts out tons of violence-as-comedy vids. Sorry if my memory is bad!

Agreed, holy shit the amount of samefagging is also palpable.

This is what I believe regarding that situation.

No. 472778

Agreed anon. You can be into someone, hell you can be IN LOVE with someone, even married.. but if you say no, ITS RAPE. End of story.

No. 472779

File: 1512613205402.jpg (128.78 KB, 1045x702, 8978776.jpg)

> inquired about whether onion ever publicized the video that he was recording that "required" him to have fake blood on his face during the Blaire White debate?

This post reminded me about that question I had during the SparkleBS and Blaire White debates.
What were the videos that Grugly did that he couldnt take the time to wash his face before his debates.
I dont remember an Onision videw where he looks like Raggedy Andy, and the blood on face is not that unique since he does so many vids where he kills someone or commits suicide but I couldnt find one where the blood pattern on his face matched.

I feel like he had that shit on his face to show he wasnt taking it serious, he was a character debating other YouTubers, so when he got his ass handed to him he could feel like it was a character that got spanked, not him personally.

No. 472780

Social repose is streaming in #girls on YouNow.. what do we bet that Lainey won’t go on til he’s done.

No. 472781

reminds me of the part in Adrienne's letter where she said they both wore disguises (moustache, wig) when they first met as a way for it to be less awkward, but now I think that too was meant to make her feel uncomfortable and insecure.

she already streamed today.

No. 472783

Oh.. I’m a moron

No. 472795

Poor smol bean Lame now that her teenage babysitter, grandmother and mom aren't around you can hear her children cooing in the back. Her last video and the new silisponge you can clearly hear them. Shame Gerg won't take 20 minutes off of internet sperging and Hentai fapping to watch his kids or take them up to his work space.

No. 472798

isn't it weird how greg shamed her father for getting with their babysitter but lainey and greg try and do the same thing with every "babysitter/nanny/worker" they bring in?

sage for really random& ot

No. 472799

If we go with the coercion = rape theory with the way Gregma admits to make all his women just laid there taking the poundings and doing whatever he asks/wanted, then he may have committed marital rape as well.

Onion, you really are a rapist!

No. 472800

File: 1512618980329.jpg (33.84 KB, 528x200, patreon.jpg)

I follow other creators and some of them have Patreons and apparently their earning are going to increase to 95%. More money for the grease mansion, ugh.

No. 472801

It kinda makes me wonder, would he be a different kind of father than he is now if he had kids during his first marriage? (Throwing sekrit child conspiracies to the side)

No. 472804

And more money for the IRS.

No. 472816

I'm not sure why but these posts strike me as opinions of a certain sibling set. I've no idea why but there's one or two anons who are particularly spiteful about Shiloh and AJ, and no farmers have that much of a personal stake in ghosts of onion past.

No. 472821

>have an aneurysm from rage

god if only.

No. 472829

This wouldn't surprise me in the least. He already admits to manipulation for other shit, so hey, why not sex.

No. 472830

Becca said she knew nothing about the Billie sitation in one of the streams. But she should know now and she's still there.

No. 472832


He does it a lot. He has even admitted it himself. He uses characters and costumes so he can act like he's not personally there and it's the character taking all the shit. Watch the video where he googles himself, he can't do even that without having to act a character so his feewings don't get huwt.

It's a creative way to cope and avoid emotional distress, I give him that.

No. 472833

File: 1512625637400.jpg (348.07 KB, 959x1280, rose.jpg)

No. 472834

>>472816. (Deleted my OG post after reading the whole thing)

I don’t think any of the Patreon/Discordfags know much about AJ, they barely knew about Shiloh before they started attacking her social media.

I said the same thing about the siblings but no one believed me and dismissed it. I’m surprised Taylor hasn’t been shat on yet since she’s Onionwife 2.0. Guess certain people don’t take kindly to being replaced.

No. 472840

Samefag but if ever true…

Just…what was so great about Gregma’s tiny cock that you want to continue being down on your knees sucking it off to shit on the other girls?

Look, I’m sorry for what they’ve done to you, especially Shiloh but she and Adrienne moved on. They don’t want your man and realized how evil he is. Why can’t you do the same?

You said a long time ago that you didn’t want to be included in this drama and have removed yourself from it but years later we find out y’all have been stalking Lolcow and possibly the anti-o blogs for years? What the fuck man?!

No. 472843

I love you.

No. 472847

File: 1512628313348.jpg (173.43 KB, 2000x1922, 1512591308874.jpg)

Got a good hearty chuckle from me anon.

No. 472848

Onion just add Freelee/Vegetarianism to the Wheel of Drama. He cant stop whining cause nobody wants to collab with him but the moment someone does he cant wait to push him/her under the bus for views.

No. 472873

File: 1512640143057.png (Spoiler Image,768.3 KB, 1590x873, veg.png)

—- Screencap from the video

His new video on vegetarianism vs veganism is so bloody boring.

- It's 16 minutes long.
- Surprise! It has intense, suspenseful UFO mystery show music that intensifies as it goes on.
- Little fucking kid pictures of himself shown through a TV, like it fucking seems as if he's telling the audience about how he was kidnapped as a child, when in reality he's talking about how he was a VEGETARIAN as a child.
- And through this, there are random quotes that come up on screen, trying to be all philosophical or to present some factoid.

It's fucking weird how disassociated he is with reality and how people perceive this weird, obviously bought set of overlays (no creativity or real editing skills to speak of). They're jarring and weird, and they're only there to create more visual interest to keep the audience distracted as he fucking talks for 16 minutes about something that could take 5.

And this is from his OnisionSpeaks channel, so its supposed to be his "real, true self"… right? Just comes across as deluded and psychotic.

No. 472878

Just can't muster up the energy to keep watching his super boring, droning on speeches. Especially how when he want to make a point, he cocks one of his lazy eyes to point to the camera and says 'mkay'.

It's just so disingenuous and false, his platitudes of 'iamverysmrt' and so edgy I'm gonna fall off this flat earth. Who can stand listening to this drivel from this grandpa? Bring on the real bonified cheating, seperation, and subsequent divorce. Now that's interesting to watch, and it would make Onision relevant and the most talked about event on YouTube

No. 472895

File: 1512654554911.png (351.42 KB, 458x458, 2017-12-07_13-37-15.png)

Found him in the wild.. Buffalo Bill aka Silence of the onion killer

No. 472897

He sure looks a lot like shane with the beard and the haircut here. I thought shane was hideous now because he stopped shaving and got rid of his emo hair? Why would you want to look like him, Greg?

No. 472898

This is so great omfg

No. 472906

File: 1512667333390.jpeg (99.93 KB, 361x382, B41510CC-9FCE-4CF8-8A07-A34BEE…)

New Onion video, haven’t watched it yet.

No. 472910

It about freelee.

No. 472911


Oh it is definitely a control tactic of his to "throw off" the person he's debating - and unfortunately they did acknowledge it. But I'm also wondering if there were actually any videos at all he was wearing that makeup for.

No. 472913

I'm pretty sure he said it was for one of his patreon only videos where he kills one of his characters.

No. 472915

Shiloh's song from 2017 is such a banger, I hope she releases an album with a similar style. I miss good pop like Lady Gaga Bad Romance era.

No. 472917

Where is the best place to listen to her new music? Is it still down from Soundcloud?(off topic)

No. 472919

yep, haven't found any other source.

No. 472923

jw why anons come by and say stuff like this. tbh its not even a "protect his ~precious ex's~" thing, but more of a - completely unrelated to anything being discussed right now, adding no milk, and only going to cause the thread to derail

No. 472924


Um because I was listening to it while I was reading this thread and wanted to give her some credit in a place where people know of her? I saged my shit, move along and ignore if you're not into the discussion :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472925

Anyone mirrored it yet?

No. 472927

No. 472930


Thank you! Some anons have such a hard on for Shiloh too. This is the girl that went along with that bullshit fake crying bit with Onion, don't forget. She can try to distance herself from it all she wants but it still happened.

No. 472944

yea, but at least she is distancing herself, you know, moving on. unlike onion who's been stuck for god knows how long now, right where he was back then.

No. 472945

File: 1512675250571.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, pleasego.gif)

No. 472947

File: 1512676553106.png (319.34 KB, 1234x802, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.5…)

After it was revealed that Skye's sister still posts/lurks here I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the saltiness over Onion's exes is from one of the two. I just don't see the appeal in farmers bashing them when it's beyond relevant, it seems almost personal in a few cases. Not to sound like a stan, I don't care and don't think anyone no longer involved with him is relevant. Unless he's sperging about something directly related to them, i.e. billie and weed etc.

On another note, upload anon if you're still here could you please mirror plain's new video? I want to see what absolute drivel she feeds her fans this time.

No. 472948

upload anon said over on tempcow that they're done posting here to lolcow but will continue the uploads on their site. if a video is up it is most likely here: https://newfag.science

No. 472953

He is such a pussy, it's not so hard to be vegan, he just failed. Stupid fuck.

No. 472963

Oh fuck off, We should be happy for anyone that got away from grease. Shiloh had it the hardest after him and is now trying to get her life back on track. Good for her.

No. 472965

i was slaggin AJ last night and I'm deg not skye or the suicide girl. onion has poor choice in women and they have poor choice in men

No. 472967

fucking lol at him saying he's a grown man and knows how many calories he needs to eat.
you dumb shit gurgly, TONS of people who transition to vegan end up eating too little calorically by accident, because vegan foods tend to be less caloric in general, and it's harder to overeat.

also if you're not getting the nutrients you need from your vegan diet, you could try, idk, maybe like eating more of those nutrients? sounds totally crazy, i know, but perhaps worth a shot?

he's so salty that he's failed so many times at being vegan, despite touting it as the One True Best Perfect Lifestyle, he has to bash it now to make himself feel better. pretty pathetic, but classic gurg.

No. 472973

Lmao. How low of you making fun of this poor man's literally uncurable skin condition!(bye)

No. 472989

The thing is; these people claimed they wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Onion drama and we believed them, only to find out they’ve been lurking here or anything anti-o for who knows how long by one of them outing herself as soon as her (rated pg) pics were “leaked” to the farms and bitched about Shiloh not deserving her outlet and subsequent comeback to social media.

These people are hypocrites, they don’t mind the others and Taylor (hell, not even themselves) getting bashed for stupid shit from either us or Gregma but as soon as ~new info~ slips through, instant ~muh privacy~ spergout begins. It’s an instant cat n’ mouse game with The Gregster and the Alta’s.

No. 472990

stfu Onion-stan and go give your favorite monkey some more of your hard-earned dollars

No. 472995

I think the joke went over your head anon. They were parodying the way onion talks about himself.

No. 473004

honestly though, half the board on its own has a mysterious skye boner because she managed to escape and also continuously annoy him with the alimony. which is cool. if she married him, she in some way totally sucks. but we all know the abuse she had to endure so we feel bad and put her on a pedestal anyway. i dont doubt she lurks here, but can you blame the bitch. if your ex husband was on a continuous downward spiral, i'd probably half assedly lurk too

No. 473012

File: 1512688309040.png (27.3 KB, 696x257, gladIhaveadoormat.PNG)

Found this gem under his latest tweets

lmao that's so fantastic, A+ onion hater

I'm pretty sure archive anon integrated an automated upload system for every video so you just have to go to the archive a little while after a new video was posted

No. 473014

"how to look as unattractive as possible"

No. 473015

File: 1512688602636.png (781.18 KB, 1010x617, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 3.15…)

>>real life experiences are more HONEST than Google

>>uses google, internet polls, and dictionary.com as unarguable FAX

No. 473020

Avoid discussing exes unless they're relevant to recent events
Keep the focus on lainey and greg

No. 473021

I'm still gringing over the emoji text bubbles and I'm still trying hard to process that he's not trolling with the shit he says all the time.

No. 473022

this got banned? I read it as sarcasm. Quite obviously it is. But eh, heavy moderation is better than none
actually, why the emoji fax pop-ups? What is this, is it a new trend or just Onion trying to be hip but being cancerous?

No. 473023

Well like the other anon said, ya gotta be a little mentally disturbed to get with Onion…for the past 7-8 years (this is counting their relationship prior to marriage).

I am sure she’s laughing her ass off as we’re documenting his misadventures but is still pretty concerned for her ex-husband’s deteriorating mental health.

No. 473047

I think he thinks it adds interest and makes it so he's not just repeating the same content as usual. But as another anon pointed out, he very clearly just bought some animations and randomly pasted them in his videos. He still has no editing skills and it's tacky as shit.

No. 473076

why would she be concerned, onion's a cunt

No. 473079

Not Skye or her sister either, but Greg wasn't alone in the thing with Shiloh. They were both acting gross, and I suppose if a person loved/loves Greg, nauseating as that sounds to rational human beings, they might not feel friendly to Shiloh for being the 'reason' for the breakup. I sort of see the point.

No. 473088

It looks like she ate spaghettios and forgot to wipe her mouth before she started this video.

No. 473090

Jesus fuck it's hard to make it through a minute of her garbage. With her prancing around in men's underwear and titty crushers it's easy to see why she gets demonitized so often.

No. 473094


No. 473095


No. 473096

gonna need some context here anon

No. 473097

Pls be Vix and not fake milk

No. 473100

File: 1512704391705.jpg (232.98 KB, 387x468, 1512417381419.jpg)

Milkmas?? I am SO ready anon.

And look at gurgles trying to act like a fucking hero to the abused, The cognitive dissonance never ceases to amaze me lmao

No. 473101

File: 1512704914563.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1917x2556, EDAB538E-A248-4CE4-9B7E-42501B…)

Fuck me, it’s a blackout.

No. 473102

The milk can’t come fast enough.
Anon, spill it. We need context.

No. 473105

The hell is this??
Help you start a life away? How???

Money? A place in the grease mansion? A sugar baby arraignment?

Is this true??? This can't be true. Although, the gurb loves to cheat and start new relationships around the holidays, so…..

No. 473118


holy fuck that last look is cringy as hell holy fuuuck. i hope she never gets out of the house wearing that.

the rest is legit how some girls dress for relaxed days on college but she wants to make it seem special lmao. nothing "non binary" or "they" about it. but i mean, she doesn't have any friends and never comes out so i'm not suprised she doesn't know.

No. 473120

Had to be a place in the McMansion. How else could he truly protect her from the big bad abuser?

No. 473123

File: 1512710529663.png (153.66 KB, 839x171, patreondp.png)

is this old? this is his current patreon picture from what i can tell

No. 473126

Put two and two together

Onision is having ongoing conversations with this person and their significant other does not like it.

Its Vix

No. 473128

vix drama was so long ago though and he's already flown out at least 3 patreons

i'm voting kittenspace bc her nudes got leaked AND she was openly into ddlg

No. 473132

anon pls

get that plane ticket

No. 473137

old would make the most sense, because they wouldnt out themselves immediately like a retard

No. 473142

File: 1512715627257.png (106.64 KB, 500x487, you-dun-goofed-son-y-e-s-i-alm…)

Surely if the Onion's browse here, which we're 99% sure of

Haven't you just given away the game?

No. 473143

File: 1512715801778.jpeg (160.73 KB, 704x500, 4842C37E-F7E3-426F-A322-A56EE5…)

that anon isn’t Vix but this anon might be. wew have I seen that message before anon. If it’s real it’s hilarious because it’s further proof everyone receives the same lines. it stresses me out to even see it lmao.

No. 473144


Yikes, these outfits are awful. Also is that the shittiest binder ever? Her tits were still so visible after putting it on.

Even though her sense of style is garbage I am admittedly jealous of Lamo's metabolism. She may be skinny fat but I know my body would not take having kids without my stomach looking like a horror show. Not to buy into her "so smol" garbage I just forget what her full body looks like since she's usually huddled in a million layers crouched in front of her computer.

No. 473147

I understand the second part of the message.
Greg is offering to help this person to leave an abusive relationship with money, a plane ticket, room&board at the Onion Mansion.

What I dont understand is the first part. Is Greg saying that because he talks to this woman, the womans boyfriend got angry and has made her "disconnect"
Disconnect how, and disconnect from whom?

No. 473150

Their partner sees Onion's manipulation for what it is and is like, stop it, that dude is trying to mindfuck you and break up up. A narc haaaaates anyone who sees them as the pathetic garbage they are, rather than the handsome brilliant perfection a narc demands people view them as.

Cough up details, or piss off.

No. 473154

if you're actually planning to do anything with this why in hell are you posting it here where he can see it

No. 473169

>on the first day of milkmas
Sounds like they're sitting on more than just the one cap and probably don't give a shit if he sees it.

No. 473174

File: 1512723394312.png (113.13 KB, 361x350, 1502146572402.png)

i welcome our new milk giver. don't let the non believers scare you away.

No. 473183

aren't they're saying they're Vix and received almost the exact same message?

No. 473191

Sounds like they're giving us a gift (caps,leaks) every day until christmas, I'm pretty excited especially if it gets worse from here and causes shit for the grease family.


No. 473193

I'm pretty sure it's sarcasm because the dress is hideous.

No. 473217


This. Rude anons stop being so fucking edgy and let the milk flow, you party poopers.

No. 473228

That would be so great, like a milky belated advent calendar

If it's Vix then it's an old screencap, I doubt that it's kittenspace cause she was still far up lame's ass a few days ago (haven't watched the last few streams)

No. 473230

Who bets onion makes videos once he finds out about how he was ~betrayed~ when he only wanted to help a friend out of an abusive relationship

No. 473234

ill contribute to the pool

No. 473301

all these outfits are so basic why even make a video about it?

No. 473305

5:45 "Laundry is the pinnacle of my existence."

No. 473314

Didn't an anon last thread also claim to be Vix using some similar anime pic? Wonder if it was the same anime at that (Serial Experiments Lain) but either way, don't avatar fag and stop being an attention whore. This is anonymous for a reason and no one cares who you claim to be if you're not delivering milk.

No. 473320

His new top ten reasons he likes being a dad is surprisingly wholesome but the special effects he uses are HORRIBLE.

No. 473323

rofl every single outfit is cringe af!! It reminds me of fakebois like haku and Jay park or whatever his dumb name is now. Why do all fakebois look and dress the same?

No. 473324

im drunk and i actually thought this was a photograph of her lol

No. 473327

we know the rules don’t worry. attention whoring is a little different than saging your input on a conversation imo. nobody can say that I haven’t kept my mouth shut that’s for sure.

No. 473336



keep 'em coming, vix

No. 473339


did someone took a screenshot before it was deleted? what did it said?

No. 473344

File: 1512780791670.jpg (27.68 KB, 275x244, 1512778927797.jpg)

No. 473345


thanks <3

No. 473346

Samefag, but why is milkmass anon backtracking now?

No. 473349

Who knows, maybe they're just worried that onion is lurking and will make a bunch of videos about their betrayal lol

No. 473350

I bet Gregma threatened her.

No. 473353

Don't know if this is real milk or not, but I just burst out with laughter at 'anime'. Girl, you hardcore avoided the basement.

No. 473355

Forgot the part where she would have to take care of their kids while they go out on romantic dates to olive garden, have loud sex in the shower , etc etc etc

No. 473359

No. 473361

lmao but also

what does he DO all day his video content is terrible and so is he, i can't be bothered to type all the bad things.

and who is tony? god greg is such a GEEK

No. 473363

did anyone save it? please repost?

No. 473366


> watch anime or slip and slide the rest of the day.

Literally sounds like he's trying to market to children.


Gross. All of it.

No. 473369

Reading AJs letter theb this…
Oh, the things Lainey must have to say. I can't wait til this blows up and all this shit gets out. We'll 100% get some bonus kid drama because we all know Greg sucks as a dad.

No. 473370


grug's gruelling workaholic work day:

10am wake up, jerk to phone hentai
10:30am scalding hot shower
11am: breakfast. microwave burrito in front of the computer
11:15am - 12:15pm: work time! record self dressing up as woman and shooting self in head, apply emoji after effects. brilliant!
12:15 - 1:30: lunch. cold baked beans eaten directly from tin, in front of computer
1:30 - 2pm: quality time with the kids! put kids in freezing filthy fly-blown playroom and close the door while Lainey streams. parenting is rewarding!
2pm - 7pm: tantrum about fake boobs on twitter (or, spin the wheel for today's topic. spoiler: there are only three topics)
7pm - 7:30pm: dinner with the family! microwave burrito eaten directly from the kitchen counter without a plate
7:30 - 11pm: grug's me time. alternate between jerking to hentai and sperging out on twitter.
11pm - midnight: pound Lainey mechanically in a scalding shower, take smug post coital bathroom selfie
midnight: aaahh, bedtime. jerk to hentai.

No. 473371

Honestly, the most offensive thing in this video is the laundry (dirty? clean?) stuffed in the play kitchen. Can't a toddler enjoy his unnecessarily expensive steel kitchen in peace?

Their kids are going to think that dirty laundry can just be thrown anywhere, too. The Greases are going to have such a fun time when they get to 1st grade… Middle school…

No. 473376


The fact that you saged this masterpiece is a crime. This is probably 90% accurate. You missed the hour or two he reserves for tormenting young women on the internet/gingerbread housing them

No. 473377

who the hell is tony?

No. 473378

I always find it suspicious when anons come in with milk but say they're going to deliberately stagger the release of the milk for no reason. I know that's what some other anons theorized, and I hope it's not the case here, but if it is…

>Don't know if this is real milk or not
I'm wondering as well if it's real. Nothing in that screencap to go off of, so I'm reserving my judgment.

And no idea who you're accusing of not saging but avatar fagging (noticed you excluded that from your post) is against the rules, and is an obnoxious attention whoring thing.

Anyway back to the subject. That "text" screencap is honestly super boring to me. Though the redundant "depending on what you want to do" is a bit amusing, regardless of real or not.
Want to know this too. Greg literally doesn't have any real friends. Could Tony be that air force guy he had come on stream with him once? idk. I think it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Tony exists even if the conversation is fabricated, just to make it seem more real.

No. 473379

plot twist Tony is Troy and Onion considers his children 'friends' and not his actual offspring.
Didn't we get airforce guys name? At least his first I think, might be in one of the older threads.

No. 473380

I think Tony is the guy from blackboxtv, one of the few people Onion is still friends with.

No. 473382

Chair Force guy’s lastname is Sanders

No. 473391

does he really eat canned beans directly from the tin? that's just asking for botulism.

No. 473403

>watch anime or slip and slide

Jesus christ grease, make it more obvious.

How fucking creepy, Lol I hope plainey sees what onion has been planning.

Does that anime and slip and slide "funtimes" include lainey/kids gurgles?

No. 473421

File: 1512792752298.png (62.65 KB, 275x155, Ew Gross.png)

Well he eats canned fruit…

Old habits die hard!

No. 473424

is there a reason you are posting thumbnails to show us his eating out of cans habit?

Hard to prove a point when the photo is so small

No. 473426

Two questions….
1. Why did anon delete this post
2. HOW did anon delete this post? I thought you only had 30 minutes leeway to do so. I remember this post from hours ago

No. 473441

It's an old screenshot, I got it from two threads ago. plus I deleted the greasiness off my computer as soon as this was posted. Give me a break

No. 473471

File: 1512802179371.png (97.93 KB, 750x1111, 1512703658521.png)

lol i still had it cached

No. 473492

File: 1512811541607.png (272.13 KB, 762x504, 675667.PNG)

Why am I not surprised by her handwriting?
Most women her age write in a more fancy, "cursivey" way.
Lameo writes like a middle school boy.(nitpicking)

No. 473497

Just watched Laineys house tour. I didnt realize she had to sleep with the kids all the way down in the basement bedroom. I have the sickening feeling that Onionboy couldnt even handle the kids being on the same floor as him because they disturbed his beauty sleep, so he made them move as far away as possible. Im shocked he doesnt make Lainey and the kids sleep in that little Fonzie shack/apartment thats not attached and away from the house.

Greg: The kids are crying… I need my sleep, I have many entertaining videos to make tomorrow.
Lainey: Ill get up and take care of them, dont worry yourself about the well being of our offspring.
Greg: Great!

Greg: You getting up every couple of hours to check on the crying kids is waking me up and disturbing my sleep, I have much video editing to do in the morning and need my sleep.
Lainey: Ok, I will have sex with you right before bedtime, then go to the childrens room and sleep with them the whole night, instead of sleeping in bed with you… my husband.
Greg: Great!

Greg: Even though you're sleeping in the kids room, I can still hear the kids making noise and crying down the hall occasionally, I need my sleep since I must play video games with my Patrons tomorrow.
Lainey: OK, I will move our two small children and myself down to the basement bedroom and we shall sleep there, in hopes that two floors of distance will be enough of a sound buffer and you wont have to deal with the cries of your children.
Greg: Great!

Greg: Perfect! Now that Im alone every night in my bedroom I can masturbate to underage hentai in peace, Skype with whatever new flavor of the month is willing to mutually masturbate with me on cam, and fart to my hearts delight. Life is grand for me… The Onion King.

No. 473498

File: 1512816062045.png (588.97 KB, 789x374, lainey.png)

Just watched Lainey's hair timeline video, probably alone here but I think her face looked better with more weight on it, made it look less horse like and she 100% suits longer lighter hair.

No. 473505


I noticed this happening in other threads as well.

No. 473528

Come on, she's only 22. Stop nitpicking shit.

No. 473529

based on the drawing tho, I'd wager she's purposefully making it look that way - since grease is so into little girls lmao
for real though, are you sure that's how she always writes? might just be a dd/lg-thing she's doing

i think in her house tour, when she was showing all the stuff she wrote for onion, her writing looked more rounded etc.

No. 473534

She has potential. I think long curls would look good on her, spaghetti straight hair would only enhance her sharp features. She needs long hair, but volume as well.

No. 473542

even if she wasn't "only 22", anon's point that most women her age writes in a fancy cursive is just funny lol. Honestly, most people's handwriting doesn't improve since school days at all, it's such a petty thing to nitpick on

No. 473549

Onion just added as new video about nipples on his patreon. Is anyone able to upload it here? If not it isn't a big deal.

No. 473554


Is he sperging about nipple size ? lol.

No. 473555

Shes 23, but yeah most people's handwriting doesnt change the older you get. Also hilarious to think every girl has fancy "cursivey" handwriting. wtf. Thats something lameo would think to justify her agenderness. She can add it to her one and only point of FIREMAN NOT FIREWOMAN when she was younger.

are we surprised at this point?

No. 473559

>This computer that no one uses
>No one uses this
>I don't know what this is for

Won't Grease be mad that she's providing counter-evidence to the IRS? Brb, submitting this anonymously to their e-mail…

No. 473560

Found it, it wasn't in an onion thread but the discordfag thread. >>>/snow/433351
Apologies if this doesn't link correctly

No. 473564

Lainey’s newest video is another kissing video.

Again, Greg seems to be weirdly not horrible to her. I wonder what his angle is…

No. 473574

cmon this is such nitpicking. she clearly doesnt have to write much anymore and probably doesnt keep a diary, so it's not surprising her handwriting has stayed the same since high school and undergrad. she's still young anyways. she has messy writing, lots of adults do

No. 473595

Lol are you the Anon who upload the "leaked" house tour video in YouTube yesterday? That's why you are so late and sperging about that just now?(sage)

No. 473609

File: 1512856952467.jpg (773.63 KB, 2048x2048, 05C699E9-54CF-4D22-975F-4A230A…)

Yes, she would honestly look really nice with medium-long length hair that's blonde or light brown, no bangs, a tan, and no smug smile. And if she fixed her makeup and eyebrows ofc

Look at thiiiis. Even with her short hair she could totally look so so much better if it was this type of blonde(stop)

No. 473626

WOWWW. The blonde color on the left looks FANTASTIC on her!!! Really beautiful and gives off a Jennifer Aniston vibe.

However when she goes blonde I know she'll go with something more similar to the one on the right which sucks because I think it looks terrible and washes her out badly! the platinum blonde gives her trailer park vibes but a golden blonde could really do her justice.

Even the brows make a world of difference. It's such a shame she will have to look back on her pics when she's 30 (maybe 40/50 as with her it might take longer) and think "what was I doing??" :/(stop)

No. 473629

so much better. i just dont understand why she tries to make herself uglier. if shes so in love with greg, wtf? hes shooing her out the door for someone prettier and she still does the ugliest conceivable shit(stop)

No. 473632


I know right!!! the initial photo actually WAS platinum blonde kek, i tried to make it more golden.

The brows look incredible on her there I'm really curious as to what other makeup and hair would look nice on her, I'm too tired to play around with makeup apps anymore so if anyone wants to try and make her look pretty, please do so

No. 473637

PLEASE tell me what was posted?? lol can't believe I missed it

No. 473641

A message from Greg on patreon talking about how he would help rescue a girl from an abusive relationship. idk i probably didnt describe it well enough but it was juicy

No. 473643

>beautiful Jennifer Aniston vibe
can you take this cringe to tempcow? thx.

No. 473644

it was kindly reposted here >>473471

No. 473668

Dare I say it, Greg and Taylor are weirdly cute in that kissing video. Maybe they do have a tiny bit of chemistry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 473686

Think it's harks back to shiloh time, when Greg wanted her to shave her head like the "good slut she is" or something. She stated that he wanted it, he pushed for it, and it was incredibly defeminizing.

I think 1. Greg wanted lainey to cut her hair to prove a point. Like, prove your love to me, show me you don't need attention from other men, and cut off your hair.
2. I think Greg wanted her to cut and color her hair, because her blond hair was too similar to his mother's hair color, and that nasty oedipel complexof his was making greggles uncomfortable. Remember her rubbing her bare breasts on naked Greg with hot oil? That's a full body massage right?

Lastly 3. Post natal hair loss is a very real thing in some people. Since she had 2 babies, I'm figuring that after the prenatal vitamins wore off (which gives great nails and hair) all her hair starting falling out, and Greg yelled at her for shedding everywhere (he yelled about sanitary napkins that fell out of the trash can). I'm thinking he acted like a dick, so she cut her hair.

No. 473691

onion gonna jerk hard in fury when he sees how cute his foot wife could be