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No. 44689

i haven't seen a thread on him yet but anyway here's a video of him sucking someone's dick [video removed due to potentially being underage at time it was filmed]

No. 44690

Nothing surprising considering he is gay.

No. 44691

yeah or when he was in Norway with his "friend" and he posted on tumblr how they took showers together

No. 44692

Background information? Not sure what point you're trying to make. What makes him a lolcow?

No. 44693

I remember once he pretended to commit suicide and didn't come back to his Tumblr for a while, then came back and deleted the post as if nothing happened. This was shortly after Frank Wolf's alleged suicide.
I used to like him aesthetically, but that made me lose respect for him.

No. 44694

Wouldn't be the first time that he failed at suicide and ended in a hospital.

No. 44695

That video was made during his scene days, which was around 2008/2009. If he was 21 then, that would make him like 27 now, which means either he's an ageless alien who's eternally 14, or that "21yo Youtube star" shit is suspicious.

No. 44696

Speaking of Frank Wolf, I know I've seen a lot of rumors that he didn't really kill himself, but was any evidence ever produced? Seems to me like he really did do it…

No. 44697

In his scene days he always had that fugly black teased hairstyle, this was his hair starting from february 2012 according to his YouTube videos until he went for that ugly brown undercut that later turned green and blue.

No. 44698

He was born March 29, 1992 so the video is correct regarding his age that he had in 2013.

No. 44699

Huh. Guess I was wrong, then. Thanks for the clarification, anons.

No. 44700

But why is this person considered a lolcow?

No. 44701

He looks bored, and who the fuck is he?

No. 44702

No. 44703

Apparently his sister and mother have posted about going shopping with him on FB after he supposedly died, then deleted the posts as soon as they got called out.
Not sure if that's true, but one thing's for sure, the "Frank Wolf" persona is long gone.

No. 44704

Wait a fucking second. All the videos of him with brown hair are from 2009.
He changed it to blue and 2011 is when he got the undercut.
So I was right. Not that the BJ video is going to get removed from the porn site anytime soon, of course.

No. 44705

He looks bored and unhappy about that blowjob.

No. 44706

what was his excuse for wanting to kill himself?

No. 44707

He acts like he's superior. He's openly racist, particularly to western Asians although he's a huge weaboo in love with eastern Asians and anything to do with Japan. Although recently he's become obsessed with Norway and Russia etc.

Denies being in some kind of relationship with his 'friend' yet constantly makes posts about the things they're doing including showering and sleeping together.

Thinks girls are pretty but doesn't like being friends with them because he's gay, and too good for any girl.

Posts half naked pictures all the time, purposely showing his ass/crotch and then gets mad when he gets creeps talking to him.

Talks about how special and unique he is compared to everyone else in London.

Gets everything he wants, lives in a huge house with his parents, doesn't go to work - they pay for anything he wants. Frequently goes on vacations and still he complains about how shit his life is and how he hates everything.

Acts like a sassy bitch online but irl he's basic and awkward as fuck, I met him at MCM expo and wanted to punch his face. I really cannot stand him and his shitty attitude and outfits.

No. 44708

I heard rumors he really isn't hot shit without all the make up. That and he use to weigh a bit more which made him your average dude. He just got an eating disorder at one point and basically starved himself kawaii

No. 44709

File: 1427598426667.jpg (27.58 KB, 360x480, chris1.jpg)

No. 44710

File: 1427604081538.png (574.88 KB, 612x534, he is planet.PNG)

that hair is giving me adhmed angel vibes

No. 44711

moor deetz plz?

No. 44712

File: 1427612992368.jpg (69.58 KB, 707x342, nakedshowers.jpg)

here's where he talks about showering with his friend after he arrived in norway (he deleted these posts) also a picture of his friend from norway [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/dljptv.jpg[/IMG]

No. 44713

is chris dating the guy he stayed with or sam?

No. 44714

But why would Frank wolf fake his suicide tho? I think the post about him and his sister shopping after its death is preeetty suspicious tho.
Do you thnk he'll come back one day?
He was considered the perfect kawaii uke animu boi trap why would he stop?
Also his fans could see him on the street and recognize him if he faked it.

No. 44715

^ doubt it. he abused Photoshop to no end.

No. 44716

I could totally recognize him in unshooped vids or pics… so it would be hard to hide if even a moron like me can recognize him

No. 44717

>why would he stop?
He was being "cyberbullied". He took photos of his self-harm and posted them on Tumblr at least once.
Another thing that could have contributed to it is the fact that someone found his amateur camwhore videos.

No. 44718

any links to frank's camwhore videos? i always assumed chris is dating sam just because they're always together and because of the pictures chris posts, but now i'm not sure if he's dating his friend in norway because of chris showering with him and because chris is saying he's going to move to norway some time this year i remember chris posting on tumblr that no one has ever made his body feel that way (showering with his norway friend) but deleted it

No. 44719

File: 1427644458122.jpg (20.4 KB, 312x400, Added by Frank Wolf 2.jpg)


Right after Frank Wolf "died" all of his accounts had mysterious activity in it. It showed him logging in and deleting all of his videos. Hell even his vampire freaks had activity after his death where he deleted some of his pictures. Which is strange unless he told his sister the password for even his camwhore sites. But I don't think he killed himself over that. His fucking screen name for porn was Frank Wolf. He obviously wanted those to be found.

And honestly when he reached 20 he looked like your average dude. I think he didn't want to age and photoshopped himself more like pedo bait and put in the squirrel cheeks. But he couldn't keep up with the persona as he started to physically mature (Like Cris he starved himself, but he lost the baby fat because of it) he realized he couldn't keep up with this persona anymore and killed himself.

He and his sister decided to be bigger dicks and scam his dumb fans for a funeral service. Even when on Facebook his parents were arguing with the sister in French that Frank was still alive. This was also the time Frank was active on all his accounts deleting shit. All in all I think his whole family figured out his uke gay boy persona and decided that at least online they can pretend he is dead since I'm sure they want that dumb ass persona dead as well.

Sadly the picture below is like all that remains after his deleting spree. Even then this picture was edited by him, so no doubt he edited in some way.

As you can see he isn't as delicate as he looks, has obvious body hair, does not look like a chick.

So if he just cut his hair, let his facial hair grow, and stopped starving yuh I can understand people not noticing who he was in Canada.

No. 44720

No, they are not, the videos you mean are when he had orange teased scene hair with darkbrown stripes.

No. 44721

That photo is from he was like 13.

No. 44722

Can't you guys keep the Frank Wolf shit to his own thread? It's not like if there wasn't one.

No. 44723

You can see the stripe in his hair and the spiky, teased bits in the porn video.

No. 44724

It isn't the right color, it is the one he had after he bleached it into dead white and later got cut shorter.

No. 44725

File: 1427650040041.jpg (23.29 KB, 360x480, chris2.jpg)

how old was he here? he still looks like this kind of it's like he doesn't age

No. 44726

Considering he started to get longer her and his piecings in 2006 and he is 23 now, 13 just like >>44709

No. 44727

*longer hair

No. 44728

shit he looks cute tho and that body on the pic is cute imo. Chris' super stick thin body scares me on some pics and vids tbh this is too much. Frank wolf was always super kawaii to my eyes…i wish he would come back. i had a gender identity crisis and became a fakeboi years ago when i first saw him ("baww i feel so ugly and even this boy is prettier than me as a girl i'll be a kawaii uke boi then i'll be less uggo maybe"), all the lulz and shame. Personal shit no one cares about apart, he was fucking stupid to name his camwhore stuff with his kawaii persona's name jfc. i wonder what persona he got this time if he is still alive and if he miss being a kawaii internet uke.
he seemed to love having emo hair and dye them so would he really stop all of a sudden and grow facial hair and stuff? or maybe he really was sick and tired of being a kawaii uke emo boi and kept doing it for his retarded pedo fujoshit fanbase to see only.
Now i really want to investiguate that shit and see if he still is somewhere out there. I speak french as first language so i could translate.

No. 44729

How did Frank Wolf even became famous on facebook anyway? all he did was posting a status/pic/video every once a while. and he had like 11000+ likes per pic when your normal shooped-to-death somewhat attractive person don't get near that much. He also had a Umii chuu account that got baleeted after his "death". I wonder if he still has an account somewhere and under which name

No. 44730

He was already quite known from his scene kid these on Vampirefreaks and YouTube but he deleted almost everything after he started that bishie persona.

And like said before, keep that shit to his thread >>44096

No. 44731

any nudes of chris or sexy videos? besides that boring blowjob

No. 44732

>>Thinks girls are pretty but doesn't like being friends with them because he's gay, and too good for any girl.
A friend of mine, who's a girl, is a friend of his. And they talk almost everyday.

No. 44733

And he got quite a lot of female friends just judging by the ones he hangs out with in some of his videos.

No. 44734

what a hot faggot

No. 44735

I wonder how sam feels about that.

No. 44736

I actually thought he was a fakeboi for like, quite some time until I saw dick pix honestly.

No. 44737

File: 1427734827547.jpg (151.53 KB, 853x603, lul.jpg)

i wonder if this anon is the girl in leopard

No. 44738

idk if he ever dated Emilia or what even happened to her but I remember her pics from back in the day.


No. 44739

Wow, i feel like I took a trip in a time machine.

No. 44740

and where did you find said pics? you know just… curious >.>

No. 44741

Can you guys learn how to make a proper intro for new lolcows. this thread is such a mess OP.

No. 44742

No. 44743

This is an old thread, but yeah- I have no idea what's going on and who this dude is. This this kid Frank wolf that 'killed himself' but didn't?

No. 44744

Apparently he did fake it but I've never seen any proof.
He did it because he got a lot of shit from guys who thought he was a girl (he cross dressed a lot and posted pictures). Just in case anyone's wondering

No. 44745

>This this kid Frank wolf that 'killed himself' but didn't?
No, it's a former scene fag that was popular around the same time as Kiki.

No. 44746


Yeah, idk what happened to him. He HAD tumblr and used to post nasty ass comments on there about his day thus the boy with the huge pool, never worked and went milan every five minutes.

No. 44747

Actually he did "commit suicide" right after people found out that he actually worked as janitor in the house he had an appartment at. How it was found out? Because that fucker had the geo tagging? on at all his photos and Google maps quickly showed that he was at locations only the janitor of the building could visit.

No. 44748

Fucking wot
Caps? Deets?
Are you sure it's Chris Dakota we're talking about and not Frank Wolf?

No. 44749

The posts were about Frank, hence the crossdressing.

No. 44750

they're getting sidetracked by frank. casper is alive and kawaii as ever. did casper have any naughty pics?

No. 44751


I was refering to casper u idiot

No. 44752

>mfw I thought this tab is halfchan's fit and I see another emo fairy in a diaper.

Farmers, are we sure this isn't kiddie porn? It makes me a mite uncomfortable having this up and front.

No. 44753

That was the laziest, most poor excuse of a blowjob I've ever seen.

No. 44754

i appreciate the concern, anon - but casper is older than i am, which puts him at 18&over when that vid was made.

No. 44755

He obviously just doesn't give a shit. "Fuck it, i'll give you a BJ. Whatever."

No. 44756

>Apparently he did fake it but I've never seen any proof.
>He did it because he got a lot of shit from guys who thought he was a girl (he cross dressed a lot and posted pictures). >Just in case anyone's wondering
Umn…Dakota never did that.

No. 44757




It's been so many years since I've heard or thought of these 2 OP. Chris Dakota and Sam….wow. I remember they used to be quite popular on stickam just like Kiki was. It was kiki/koti, chris/sam, and some other boy that I cant remember. Stickydrama used to harp on him for being jewish and even had some sort of jewcam or something on the side for when he was streaming. I wonder whatever happened to that kid too. Last I heard, he went to some sort of camp and was filming himself talking to the other little campers. Anyone know who he was?

As for Chris, well. He's a pretty little thing. But as other have said, very self obsessed. Arrogant little shit, he is. That blowjob was miserable looking. Even when he sucks dick he's too concerned about how he looks, making stupid faces looking all around the fucking room. Either look up or look down, christ. I hope that's not his best work. For his dick sucking rep that BETTER be because he wasn't really interested or just too worried about it being recorded, because if that's him truly having at it I can see why he never maintained any real relationships.

No. 44758

That is a REALLY nice dick. I fucking hate how every dude I've dated is circumcised, that shit needs to be illegal.
I would have a one night stand if I knew the dudes dick looked that good.

No. 58810

He back

No. 58811


truly dont think he's ever worked a day in his life tbh

No. 60328

How old is he in that vid of him sucking?

No. 60467

Worst blowjob ever

Put some effort in! Go deeper faggot

No. 60719

Every single time I scroll past this image, I always think he is wearing a diaper.

No. 60720

same i thought i was the only one

No. 63307

File: 1448258231384.jpg (66.09 KB, 500x572, Daesh.jpg)

No. 63379

Why does the blue one have hole on his ass cheek omg

No. 73441

Had a couple electronic chats with Chris recently

No. 73467


and are you gonna post deets or nah

No. 73471

i don't know, He's definitely rather self-obsessed. I didn't know who he was before

No. 73472

File: 1450406355358.jpg (133.73 KB, 736x577, Chris 4.jpg)


Also, don't see why people are fawning over this Frank Wolf guy in a Chris thread when Chris has pics like this

No. 78764

File: 1452237649467.jpg (77.43 KB, 354x409, chris4.jpg)

He posted this on>>73471
his instagram but took it down later. The full version is still available on his blog which is now password protected

No. 82738

File: 1453174150456.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.02 KB, 537x624, IMG_20160119_122517.jpg)

Is he gay? His name Koitsu Danieru. Hosto in Japan.

No. 82769

It's illegal to work as host

No. 82807

Depends on the visa he is on. Also no one cares, I unfortunately have yet to hear of a case where someone was actually kicked out for working at a host or hostess club.

No. 83004

Oh my God this is my best friend's ex boyfriend…

No. 83011

Out of curiosity, why is that? as far as I understand, there's nothing sexual allowed by the host or hostess.

No. 83423

He is gay crazy about dick

No. 554476

I know this thread is old, but I can't help it.
Does anyone know why Chris denies his relationship with Sam? it seems they are still together, after aaall this time.
Also, apparently Chris deleted all information about him on google with the privacy thing. And Sam barely post anything online.

No. 784244

apparently he posts lewds here now

No. 1617243

So if a person isn't behaving how someone wants he is a lolcow? Perhaps that persons was being abusive. Just saying. Or it could be something worse, which it's difficult to be much worse than that.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1896268


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